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File: 1524041714261.jpg (138.65 KB, 620x884, 1523916454368.jpg)

No. 558614

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~
>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent

>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for self-care rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to Japan and NYC, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during university
>has kept a total of five relationships in over 2 years, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; now largely just refers to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

In the last thread:
>Jill is prepping for college and continues to buy countless shit for the apartment she doesn't have yet. Also, she and her mom have agreed she needs an entire apartment (or townhouse) to herself so she can have a "work space" for herself
>Following the Youtube HQ shooting in LA, Jill posted a selfie of her at the NYC Youtube Space from her recent trip under very poor judgement; fans find it distasteful and she promptly removes it
>Lazy Oaf gets caught up in art theft drama amidst their own unethical history; Jill's stance on the debacle is as flimsy as her refusal to buy other problematic brands, but promptly breathes a sigh of relief when the brand issues an apology


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 558630

bless the thread pic
when it was originally posted it had me cackling

No. 558641

Bless you anon for cutting down the basic stuff and making a last thread summary, you are the hero Jill farmers need, but don’t deserve

No. 558646

OP here. I forgot the CC thread in the summary like a dumbass, so here it is for future reference.

No. 558705

I'm honoured you used my shitty MS paint job as the thread pic, bless you anon

No. 558732

File: 1524057142573.jpeg (277.34 KB, 750x781, 8A6CD76A-95FF-496E-8CEE-A2BA8A…)

No. 558741

>>558732 this was already posted

No. 558799

three months is typical for upfront payment though??? first + last month and the month after…she's not special for offering this lmao

No. 558805

File: 1524063948174.jpg (81.6 KB, 1080x355, Screenshot_20180418-160516.jpg)


No. 558807

hate that she airs this bs :///

No. 558810

>>558807 why? it's funny as hell

No. 558814

she literally just needs them to cosign or guarantor for her.

No. 558819

File: 1524064876525.jpeg (284.01 KB, 1350x2400, 854AA22E-1BA8-4401-88E1-3E80E7…)

Also has no credit

No. 558825

no credit is better than bad credit

No. 558856

what cosplay is she doing, out of curiosity?

No. 558858

Bless you OP for the updated description.

hehe my daughter is such a silly cute tard hehehe
I wonder how long til Jill maxes out her credit card and freaks out about it

No. 558913

Moving out saga is already hilarious.

No. 558944

File: 1524075002897.png (1.27 MB, 1083x2000, D961EC23-02ED-4438-B2EE-DF25A8…)

No. 558961

She REALLY couldn't get this fabric at mood?

No. 558964

but if she just bought the fabric she wouldn't be able to claim that she wasted over 6 hours badly dyeing it!!
bragging about how much time you put into it obviously means more than the end result looking good

No. 558987

thank you for posting the image, why the fuck has she decided to make what she's made if this is what's she's aiming for? pastel dyeing isn't that hard..

No. 558991

So this just proves that Louise has been paying for a lot of her online shopping. Sure, lots of places take Paypal, but not everywhere does.

No. 559005

You can use debit cards almost everywhere online, I don’t know a single online store where you need a credit card

No. 559046

Canadian debit cards don't work online like that.

No. 559057


You can get a "Debit Visa" which is literally a card which solely works online/connects directly to your bank account. Though I don't doubt that Louise pays for her shit anyway.

10/10 Jill will end up in credit card debt if her parents don't pay it off for her lmao.

No. 559059

Sorry, I should specify: I've seen some banks give Debit Visa's that also function as a regular debit card, and that's become the standard for them. So they can 'work like that' online, in a sense.

But I'm still leaning towards Louise paying for her crap also.

No. 559137

She looks kinda cute in her latest vid with that new wig and decently pulled together coord

No. 559142

No. 559145

At least she's showing she can follow Lolcow's advice kek

No. 559146

I guess the new swankiss release reminded her she owns a swankiss dress. Been awhile since she's worn it. At least it looks better than her neon LO stuff. However that wig is so cheap and shiny looking.

No. 559157

Jillian looks better in blonde but that wig…

No. 559160

I think it's meant for her Yumekawa Yui cosplay so that's why it looks cheaper

No. 559164

kinda looks like her usual cheap ass blonde wig, to me. think it's the same one from her painful Valentine's look book.

No. 559193

….which again, was ordered for her Yui cosplay since she's been working on it since the summer/fall.

No. 559210

File: 1524090750679.jpeg (267.98 KB, 750x1037, 36F4ECFA-F03A-4486-BBAA-8E1F12…)

Why is there still such a strong belief that her mom is paying for all her stuff? She obviously isn’t paying rent, her subs and views are on the rise again, and she even tweeted saying demonetization wasn’t an issue for her anymore and she maxes out the amount of adds you can put on a video. She has the money to spend stupidly, I really don’t think she’s saving anything though

No. 559308

File: 1524092396964.jpg (181.03 KB, 1269x579, m.jpg)

I didn't see this itt so forgive me if I'm reposting this

Why does she insist on using this fugly halloween-tier shiny fabric for everything? It's not like she's cheaping out when she's already spent $180 on LEDs for this cosplay

No. 559321

Is she colorblind?? The teal trim on the screenshot posted above is way more pastel. I'm curious how it'll pair with the already super-saturated painted rainby skirt. I'm so hyped for how much of a mess this is going to turn out.

No. 559344

Cotton sateen is a pretty common fabric in cosplays, as it's cheap, easily dyed, and readily available.

The orange and the yellowy cream colour seem out of place, too.

No. 559351


Looking at it again, it might be sheer fabric at the top of the pile, not that cheap satin she used for her birthday dress and Cure Whip, oops.


Thanks, wikipedia. Using cotton is actually pretty sensible of her imo, but I was talking about the fabric on the top.

No. 559414

File: 1524094430879.png (105.14 KB, 369x210, Screen shot 2018-04-18 at 6.33…)

This wig might be a little more flattering if the bangs were even

No. 559430

I had this wig. Honestly even if she cut the bangs perfectly it'd still be shitty. It's a shitty wig.

No. 559450

File: 1524095750282.png (78.33 KB, 477x585, shedontcareaboutyou.png)

remember to have adblock on if you can't watch through lolcow.

No. 559560

File: 1524101214759.png (496.16 KB, 495x573, Capture.PNG)

Incoming cosplay dump

No. 559564

File: 1524101243380.png (847.5 KB, 786x593, Capture2.PNG)

No. 559565

File: 1524101261160.png (706.4 KB, 792x592, Capture3.PNG)

No. 559566

File: 1524101280608.png (622.4 KB, 791x590, Capture4.PNG)

No. 559569

File: 1524101335721.png (568.2 KB, 786x587, Capture5.PNG)

No. 559570

File: 1524101351293.png (599.17 KB, 778x588, Capture6.PNG)

No. 559572

File: 1524101385065.png (551.18 KB, 786x588, Capture7.PNG)

No. 559577

File: 1524101657638.jpg (22.74 KB, 630x397, hmmmmmmmm.jpg)

>"I try and upload usually Wednesdays and Saturdays, twice a week at least"

Is that so?

No. 559581

God, that's a cute cat

No. 559613

i kind of feel bad for her cats bc they're all super fluffs and we all know jillian isnt the one taking time to groom their coats and theres really no way to have a long haired cat and not brush it on a routine basis. i feel bad for whatever cat she brings with her to college.

No. 559656

Yes she does I’m pretty sure I remember her speaking about how much she loves to groom the cats fur and brush them on the stream or something

No. 559657

I agree her cats are cute asf such fluffy fur babies!

No. 559665

No one watches her anime videos because no one cares about anime for toddlers.

No. 559667

I mean, the Pripara arcade games are fun and the anime is silly…but she doesn't have access to the arcade stuff so yeah you right…

No. 559696

File: 1524110598141.png (46.53 KB, 886x709, 7654323456.PNG)

saged but saw this on the recent sugarpill vid and kek at the comments

No. 559763

OR you could post the damn hooktube link, idk why anons post the original link giving her views and money…


No. 559834


what caught me about this pic is she has NORMAL shoes. surprised they're in frame.

No. 559899

>>559142 her french pronunciation is really off when will she drop the lie of being fluent

No. 559911

File: 1524139404810.jpg (435.72 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20180419-130215.jpg)

All Jill does is use people lmao

No. 559921

File: 1524140654573.png (532.45 KB, 766x394, zip.png)

sage bc who cares anymore but it just occurred to me that the reason her zipper looked so garbage despite her sewing a perfectly fine one before is bc she sewed it in after the fact… probably when she realised she couldnt actually squeeze herself into that green mess lol

No. 559925

Tinfoil, but I honestly think cure whip is the first cosplay she made herself, at least completely made herself without any help. Might explain why she refused to show progress videos before.

No. 559943

I'm French and I was like what kind of weird ass names are Mashallee and Amul until I realised she said ma chérie and amour. Like, shit Jillian those aren't even hard to pronounce.

No. 559945

I didn't know hooktube was a thing until yesterday.

No. 559973

the like pretend french accent is so cringey

No. 559996

Are you saying that the green dress has the zipper sewn in well? Because it's not. You sew a zipper into a seam so it's less obvious, and it doesn't help that it's white on a green dress. Yes, I get that it's covered by her hair but in fashion school that would knock you down a grade it looks so bad

No. 559997

i think they're saying that she installed a zipper just fine on a prior cosplay, but fucked it up royally here on the green monstrosity because she just crammed it in after the fact, rather than planning it.

No. 560003

I wonder what's going to happen to the green dress now

No. 560010

yeah thats exactly what I meant I probably should've put the images the opposite way round…oops

No. 560030

if you hate babies jill why do you insist on talking like one all the damn time, also why would you buy the damn toy so soon when you have low expectations, oh right, she mindlessly buys all kind of crap she doesn't really like
oh man I had no idea what she was saying until I read this

No. 560036

Jesus THATS what she was trying to say? She needs to stop bragging about ~**speaking fluent french**~ before she gets called out on it at a convention or worse. Also, most bilingual youtubers Im subscribed to will post mostly in English but still have a couple of videos dedicated to the other language for those specific viewers. I doubt jilly would ever have the balls (or the actual fluency) to do the same.

No. 560168

A CC member sent her the toy. She didn't buy it.

No. 560207

That so shapeless it's going to sit like a sack on her

No. 560354

I don't think the right side hem is finished yet on that part, but I wouldn't doubt it altogether being ill-fitting in one piece.

No. 560365

Her nails!!!!

No. 560388

Her nails are so gross holy shit lol. She has plenty of money to go get them done but here she is

No. 560391

at least her teeth are a paler shade of yellow

No. 560403

Is she really using that wig for this cosplay?? Because the character's bangs are curled inward and not a bowl cut…

I don't get any of the fabric she chose for this cosplay. It makes zero sense and will look even worse irl.

No. 560563

I feel like she doesn't know how to make something fitted if she's not working from a pattern with princess seams. And even then things still manage to look bulky.

No. 560617

She can still curl the bangs under, but they would still be too short at that point since the artwork has the bangs covering her eyebrows instead of over them. I know some of Gothic Lolita Wigs/RockStar Wigs' styles have a problem with their wigs being cut weird, but I don't know if that's where Jill's wig came from.

No. 560636

File: 1524215779931.jpg (91.47 KB, 593x463, ss (2018-04-20 at 02.16.11).jp…)

No. 560642

the pattern she used actually calls for a side zipper, i have the same one based on progress pics she posted. but it looks like she omitted it out of laziness, probably assumed that because she was using "Stretch" satin she'd be able to get it on without one, and then realized later that she needed it when she couldn't get it on.

No. 560658

File: 1524222232704.jpg (368.15 KB, 1080x1449, Screenshot_20180420-120249.jpg)

When your fans have to congratulate you for eating something nutrional because it's such a rare occurrence

No. 560659

File: 1524222299596.jpg (193.32 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_20180420-120131.jpg)

She's so spoilt it's infuriating a yard aswell??

No. 560660

Yo if she has the money for it then I don’t see why she wouldn’t wanna get a nicer place, it would help her mood and focus on work too? Like heck guys, chill

No. 560661

>>560660 learn to sage. also she doesn't have the money for it; she's draining the bank of mum and dad because she's an entitled brat.

No. 560662

Sorry you're poor I guess. If her mum agrees to it then that's her prerogative.

No. 560664

Agreed, also Universities expect your parents to help out with finances/rent ect (or at least they do here)

No. 560676

She'd never drop that kind of cash on a wig. Rockstar wigs are really thick and don't have that shine anyway. I'm guessing she got an Amazon wig and tried to cut the bangs how she used to cut her hair and messed up on one side.
She always has to brag about how much work it takes her to do things. If she actually enjoyed doing it, the amount of hours wouldn't matter.

No. 560687

Plenty of people have their parents pay for their tuition. My parents probably will pay over $200k in tuition/housing by the time I graduate, and so will a lot of other students' parents.

With the way tuition prices have been rising, you can't just work your way through college anymore. Maybe in Canada.

Why don't people understand some parents are fine with spending money on their kids?

No. 560703

it's not the fact that shes getting a house for uni, it's more that she's prioritising getting an aesthetic house over her actual education, she could have spent that money on going to a better uni, not that she'd get into one.

No. 560709

It's kind of interesting. I haven't seen her talk about being excited about school or classes at all, just buying thing for her place.

No. 560720

She isn't excited for her classes because she has to do the art foundation year, and none of that interests her.

No. 560750

Why would universities expect parents to pay for off-campus accommodations? Especially two-bedroom townhouses for a single student? You're being ridiculous. Besides, Jill isn't attending uni, it's a vocational college.

I do, in fact, know people who work their way through university or college in Canada. Most parents, especially in provinces like NB or NS, will perhaps co-sign for student loans but they don't pay for all the tuition. They co-sign simply because their child lacks credit or gross annual income and therefore can't take out the loan themselves. But the burden of repaying the loan is typically on the student post-grad, otherwise the provinces will extend their grace periods anyways.

Also, the average 4 year university degree in Canada cost around 32k ($8000 per year) if you live off campus. But again, Jill is attending a barely accredited college, so it costs $9750 for her 3 year diploma. Louise will pay that in one go i'm sure.

But 200k for tuition and expecting your parents to pay it off is a purely American thing. Also entitled as fuck. That's almost a quarter of a million dollars in the grand scheme of things that you're bragging about costing your family?

No. 560866

Thank you! I was just going to say. That type of fabric usually requires a side or under arm/armpit zipper because it always looks awful in the back (puckering, etc.)

Jill is going to school with zero basic knowledge with how garments work. It's going to be a blessed trainwreck.

No. 560870

if its anything like the art foundation year here in the UK, i imagine she will come out of it realising she doesn't want to do fashion at all. a lot of people go into foundation with an intended specialism, then realise they actually hate what they want to do. seen it happen a lot. i dont have a clue what it's like in canada, tho.

No. 560885

I think they are referring to OSAP in which they assume parents will contribute to your school/living costs.

No. 560960

Anon way to sound like a financial leech at your families expense.

Seriously what is this incessant need some anons have to boast about their financial situation? No one gives af. Poorfags or richfags no cares. This is about Jill not you. Stop derailing with this petty powerplay, classist shit.
As far a Jill moving in to her own place, I think it lends a hand in furthering the milkiness of her pseudo college saga.

No. 561009

File: 1524264142185.png (33.9 KB, 595x129, Screen shot 2018-04-20 at 5.41…)

No. 561015

But that’s just it anon she already doesn’t want to do fashion design. It’s pretty clear she hates doing it by the fact she barely ever creates anything in the first place, and when she does it’s piss poor quality with even worse quality materials

No. 561021

My parents chose for me to go to this school because they care about my education. You say you don't care but you really sound like a jealous poorfag

My parents wanted for me to go to this school. It's $50k/year here and not everyone gets financial aid, so yeah some people are definitely spending $200k for their kids college degree. I'm sure most of my parents' friends spent at least $50k on their kids educations because everyone went to schools like Ivies or Duke. It's their choice and I don't get why that makes people so upset.

Like, when it comes to people bragging online about how much money they got, she's hardly the worst of it. Ever seen Rich Kids of Instagram? Jill seems to spend as much as your average Chinese international student lol.

No. 561025

sage your shit richfag
the point she doesn't need an ENTIRE HOUSE, especially since mommy and daddy are just getting it for her straight up, no hard work involved

and not just that, the fact that shes so nonchalant about asking for an entire house for going to shitty college is disgusting, she needs to learn how to be grateful
most people are grateful with getting a room but this bitch expects an entire townhouse like its normal

No. 561031

why can't you get it through your head no one wants to read your blogposting? This thread and these opinions are not about you

Dear farmhands, please ban me for minimodding or infighting or something. Ever since shitfetti club thread came around there's been extra tardo posters in Jill's thread and I can't help but reply

No. 561040

How fucking “busy” can she be to only stream once a now. Mama Pixie is just too lazy being home doing nothing all day. You don’t have to sit there and talk on stream. You can stream you cosplay process of playing the piano, Jill. Is she so stupid that she doesn’t know that she can just stream her everyday hobbies and not “take time out her day??

No. 561050

She doesn't even have anything to be taking time out of. Pause your PreCure episodes for an hour and talk to your fans, the ones paying for the small amount of stuff your parents don't pay for.

No. 561094

Jill confirmed for absolute trash because she hates dogs

No. 561103

no one cares about your life, stop derailing with your blogs. It’s the fact Jill gets an entire HOUSE to herself but whines about “muh poor art student lyfe” and “please watch all my adds so I get money mmkay?” when mommy and daddy are paying for her ENTIRE HOUSE WITH A YARD to herself makes us salty. If she just owned up to how well off she is, we wouldn’t give a fuck.

No. 561142

it's just an apartment anon.

No. 561152


I'd say it's damn rare (unnecessary * extravagant) for a single 'college' student to rent one entirely to herself; moreso it being her first ever place away from home.

It'll probably cost her parents more per month for the bloody house than her shitty arts & crafts school; which she'll inevitable drop or flunk out of.

No. 561153

Have you not been reading the thread? She's now getting a condo/town house with a yard to herself, that's no apartment. Lots of people in Canada buy them to live in permanently as a full family house - and not as poorfags who can't do better. It's excessive for a single students needs regardless of if you think she's justified in living there or not.

No. 561192

literally this.people get townhouses/condos to permanently reside in, not as some stepping stone. The Jill stands are obviously as mature as she is thinking this type of thing is totally normal for an average person going to “college” to get.

No. 561219

Not to mention Jillybean wants 2 bedrooms: one for herself, and the other to film her videos in.

No. 561222

When you realize Jill might take a 2 bedroom place that could have gone to a starting family but nope. Sh'es so selfish. And no richfag can justify this, it's so excessive. This is why she will stay milky, she never has to grow up and face the real world.

No. 561267

Wow projecting much you moron? No I am not a jealous poor fag in the slightest. However I am not a tacky attention starved idiot who has to make shit up on the internet to validate myself. As for being wealthy no gives a shit about your made up internet delusions.

No. 561362

If Jill was smarter, I would say the lack of streams is to prevent more milk. All we have right now is people shitting themselves over a townhouse and a shit beginning to a cosplay.

No. 561369

File: 1524310577503.png (811.68 KB, 640x1136, 117B5BC9-4C38-46B2-9C38-FEE06C…)

As if Jill doesn’t have enough magical girl shit to try and move out of her house and to her townhouse. This proves that Jill isn’t even saving for the house or any house expenses, it’s just all coming out of mommy’s pocket

No. 561383

Sis we been knew that since her ~Pastel Kitsch Home Accessories Haul~.

No. 561409

shes livestreaming now. confirmed shes gonna live alone in the house to take over the place with her decor. and she said she hates it when people make it seem like shes gonna be a burden to people "because im gonna be living alone."

No. 561411

File: 1524321575643.jpg (35.23 KB, 458x433, jill.JPG)

No. 561417

She just said that her reason for only streaming once a month is that she screams a lot during her screams and she wouldn't want to annoy her future neighbors lol…

No. 561420

nonverbatim but "i havent studied japanese for like, two months. in january i was like, new years resolution! now it's just, time to just get rusty" hahaha. yeah. so much for that "bhenk-yow my dudes" huh?

No. 561423

File: 1524323039734.png (500.9 KB, 876x418, uh.png)


No. 561437

She'll have a whole house to herself just to study at that college? I wonder how long it'll take to become a filthy mess of a home, because now she already leaves her clothes on the floor and I assume her mom does all her laundry at home.

No. 561438

File: 1524324912898.png (364.69 KB, 486x443, Untitled.png)

shes talking about her move to the townhouse

The deets so far
>Hopefully moving August 1st
>The landlord is terrible with communicating and has to constantly pester them to reply
>the townhouse she wants has a walk-in closet

No. 561441

File: 1524325127106.jpg (26.32 KB, 600x315, ZHmHih5.jpg)

>claims she "saves a ridiculous amount of money"

No. 561468


I am super late but… Isn't Hugtto a playword on Hug + Gyutto? Gyutto roooughly translate as something like "Hugging tight". Yeah, she totally got 70% of that japanese movie, but can't understand baby words in japanese. Or baby playwords, for that matter.

No. 561479

>A walk in closet, 2 bedrooms, a backyard and very likely to have separate kitchen/dining room + living room

As other anons mentioned, this is already better than most starting families or young professionals in their first few apartments, all for a fucking foundation year that she didn’t even want to commit to until recently.

No. 561517

File: 1524331676639.jpg (108.81 KB, 1079x470, Screenshot_20180421-182648.jpg)

This account provides so much milk for us god bless

No. 561531

Just because She's a cat only person doesn't mean she hates dogs. I love dogs but I'm too lazy to properly take care of one. Jill definitely couldn't take care of a dog.

No. 561538

Her house is the same size of the one when I lived with my family of 5 jesus christ, rather than having a walk in closet, it had been transformed into a bedroom instead. Any one defending her situation on this is delulu, it's shocking how spolit she is

No. 561564

Such a poor starving artist and an independent business woman!

No. 561574

Maybe it's because I'm an american, but that chocolate egg shit has always looked gross to me.

No. 561699

fuck's sake i'm out here sharing a townhouse for uni with 12 other fucking students and she's having one all to her greedy little bitch self

No. 561770

File: 1524352703183.jpeg (533.54 KB, 640x916, CB1EB730-F060-4664-8674-4B3950…)

While the wig is an improvement over the shitty cheap blonde one, Jill still can’t pull together a cohesive look. She’s got pink and blue eyeshadow, with a pale yellow beret and a purple gingham dress with a sheer white top underneath, it’s just a mess

No. 561771

Why does her face also need to be in the flowers? That shit just looks weird

No. 561778

The fact that she acts like having her own house is normal too and shows no sign of being grateful, it’s so disgusting

No. 561800

Touching on Jill having her own townhouse, I think it's borderline gross how ungrateful she is, but it is also going to be amazing to see her fail at life trying to play house and be an adult. I mean in all fairness she's an entitled cunt. But then again there are some anons here that are way worse than Jill.

No. 561802

Why is it no matter how much Jill tries to come off as creative and ~*quirky and younique*~ all I see is an uncultured basic bitch dressed in cheap, tacky clothes desperate for attention. She's really pathetic and that's with her even trying.

No. 561835

How does she look so old even with a filter??

No. 561836

Who is making up everything? Look at the annual average tuition at Duke lmao


Some people would because they are jealous poorfags who would complain Jill is bragging

I think that's how the filter works(infighting; derailing)

No. 561880

It wasn't the cost of Duke that they weren't believing, you twit.

No. 561881

Once again you blithering autist, no one cares about the cost of tuition at Duke. My beloved sister is going to Harvard for law and my parents are paying for it and guess what no one cares! Not even myself. Kek seriously if you think anyone is jealous of you go do yourself a favor and grow up and get over yourself. Your are not important to anyone here. This is about Jill, yet you seem to negate that fact. If anons bitch about Jill wasting money that's probably because they know the value of a dollar and work for their money. Jill lacks sagacious judgement end of story.

Sage(infighting; derailing)

No. 561885

It's a Snow filter, you can't turn off the faces in the flowers. They have a lot of these kinds of filters and I avoid them like the plague 'cause they always seemed so creepy.

No one cares, stop shitting over college and townhouses and start talking about Jill's shit or argue elsewhere.

No. 561929

Careful Jillybean, your extreme vanity is showing.

No. 561944

File: 1524368185950.jpeg (30.97 KB, 320x320, 68C93B3E-F04C-4EF9-A0D1-DCE418…)

then that would be on them for being salty if she was being humble. The point is she’s not, stop trying to defend someone who is frivolous and irresponsible with money but pretends like she’s a ‘totes relatable I’m just like yew’ adult. Don’t bring up rich kids of insta, it’s not about them this thread is for Jill and her idiocy. Stan pls go.

No. 561954

File: 1524369655875.png (75.11 KB, 942x336, Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 12.5…)

These were her comments on a post about shots made from Peeps dissolved into vodka.

No. 561989

So grossss

No. 562028

I couldn't even imagine such sugary vodka drinks when I was her age… I get being young, having a sweet tooth, and wanting cute girly drinks because you still get excited over the fact you can drink, but god that's just a recipe for getting outrageously sick with a nasty hangover. So gross.

No. 562030

File: 1524383065446.jpg (511.14 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180422-084352.jpg)

Sounds like the stream was boring af

No. 562042

Man, she looks way fucking older than she should and not in a good way. I wonder if it triggers her to be mistaken for her mother’s sister and her friends to still look like teenagers? Congrats Jill, you’re in your overdone instathot phase.

No. 562068

She also bitched about the lazy oaf drama for awhile . She was mad about it and thought it was shitty they wouldn't compensate her until she publicly shamed them. Feels disgusting about owning the bear jacket but won't get rid of it because it's her warmest coat apparently and she paid a lot of money for it. Concluded that she wouldn't boycott them . Says they are a small brand and in no way a big corporation

No. 562086

File: 1524396569551.jpg (145.42 KB, 480x720, Ojamajo-super-groupies-Wristwa…)

She also said that she bought the Super Groupies Doremi watch so shes probably going to skip on the Liz Lisa collab

No. 562089


I…. kind of want that watch. But I guess it's sorta childish for someone over 20 to wear that.

Sage for completely OT.

No. 562114

I would say it's childish. It's colorful and cute but the shape is still feminine and elegant. Jill dresses incoherently and doesn't have a great sense of coordination or style, really, so even if she has nice pieces they will always look unflattering or childish in her outfits. But you don't have to stop wearing cute or colorful stuff as you get older, lots of women always will.

No. 562115


No. 562195


wait how tf did i miss this? lazy oaf drama?

No. 562201

>>562195 just google lazy oaf art theft or check the last thread

No. 562299

Anon, don't let Jill ruin things for you. I don't think it's childish at all, it's just a watch with a beaded chain bracelet. Just pair it with a cohesive outfit and you'll be fine.

Sage for OT as well, but whenever I incorporate something cute into my everyday outfits, there's this voice at the back of my mind that I look exactly like Jill, just somehow not seeing it.

No. 562354

Please don't let her ruin your fun anon, Super Groupies are known for quality items so you won't be wasting your money and are aimed at older woman.

Jilly will probably be throwing this watch about as soon as she gets it. I don't think she'll pass over the LizLisa collab either, she DISCOVERED Ojamajo Doremi remember!

No. 562555

No Saturday video. Just saying.

No. 562563

File: 1524434269179.jpg (492.75 KB, 1080x1483, Screenshot_20180422-225607.jpg)

Someone in the confetti club made a post about brand like lazy oaf being over priced and Jill got super pissed kek bonus Eliza comment

No. 562564

File: 1524434284158.jpg (84.46 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1524434182056.jpg)

No. 562770


I can see why Jill looks up to Lazy Oaf. Uninspired 'kawaii' designs that are made cheaply in china, yet they manage to convince their buyers they're such a genuine uwu smol brand so they can sell at inflated prices. The only way Jill will ever have a fashion business is if she can sell the same type of bullshit to her gullible audience.

No. 562826

File: 1524446446815.jpeg (215.23 KB, 750x1139, 5F7D5824-66E1-471E-A72C-30ABBF…)

No. 562828

File: 1524446499368.jpeg (102.43 KB, 639x899, 4FEF9C17-1218-44AD-8EBE-FC12BC…)

No. 562831

This is a joke… right?

No. 562838

She looks like an old lady in a Hot Topic brand cheap looking cure whip cosplay. How does she look so old at 20??

No. 562844

What in the fresh hell?

No. 562852

Are you fucking kidding me? This bitch makes one costume a year and goes to two cons (that are local ones that she only goes to compete in the costume contest and because she's a local celebrity she gets ass pats for just showing up. She'd never go to a real con because she knows that someone would actually judge her there.) and she gets fucking featured on the cover of a COSPLAY magazine. She's not a fucking cosplayer, she's a joke.

No. 562874

i am so fucking livid jesus. even if the mag was looking specifically for atlantic/less known cosplayers, fucking jill? are you serious? theres so many cosplayers in the cons she goes to alone that are better than her. what insight could she possibly give into cosplay? she can't sew. she doesn't do anything challenging. what could they possibly have "interviewed" her about? how to have random ugly white fabric sticking out from where your pink sleeves should be?

No. 562907

is this even a legit cosplay magazine or something really small…

No. 562911

I wouldn't say it's small, just relatively new, but it seems to be growing p fast.

No. 562917

does it even have a physical copy though? I'd love to read scans but would never buy this crap. The magazine seems kinda cringe based on other cover pics/content

No. 562928

Yes, it does

No. 562934

Quick google search shows it has 1.1k likes on FB and goes on sale every first of the month (their website has a link to buy physical and digital copies on another site). It looks promising, but Cosplay Culture has 22k likes and has been on sale bi-monthly since 2015, and most anyone can buy it at their local Wal-Mart if they carry it. I'd say the magazine is still finding its footing if it's barely past its first year and nailing an interview with Jill of all people.

No. 563081


I'm guessing either someone involved with the magazine is a fan of Jill or they wanted to include her because she has a following (even though I'm sure they could've easily found someone with a following for cosplay rather than 'jfashion'/lazy oaf hauls), but they might as well have fucking put Momokun or Asherbee on the cover, jesus

No. 563106

File: 1524467735137.jpg (364.55 KB, 1080x1283, Screenshot_20180423-081455.jpg)

No. 563107

File: 1524467867494.jpg (789.97 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20180423-081710.jpg)

Cosplay updates

No. 563109

>some stuff
How about all of it that you dont need

No. 563129

She's doing this to put LEDs in the skirt, but the character doesn't even have them. What a waste of money and time for something that's going to make her character less accurate.

No. 563148

File: 1524500222240.jpg (169.87 KB, 1280x720, ITPP8235.jpg)

i assume she's trying to do the cyalume change effect, in which case… lordy lord

No. 563172

No. 563174

I hope Jill spits those chunks she's been holding in all these years

No. 563193

File: 1524503618772.png (1.07 MB, 1136x640, IMG_5690.PNG)

Wow, stunning

No. 563194

File: 1524503639073.jpg (32.55 KB, 614x427, goodboy.JPG)


It's just mentally exhausting to listen to her way of speaking for more then 5 minutes. I swear she talks about eyeshadows for like 10 minutes in this video jesus. Also, still all those palettes but no proper set of make-up brushes?

No. 563196

>Complaining about wigs because she feels like "it's good to keep your brand very identifiable with your hair"
Jill you change your hair every two months. And unless you're actually proud that your "brand" is poorly dyed damaged hair with gross roots, you actually do benefit from wigs believe it or not.

Always needing to be sooooo speshul smh

No. 563197

>bought that primer for $42
>never even uses it because "it was expensive! :("


No. 563200

File: 1524503866782.png (670.86 KB, 644x407, kek.png)

i just paused on this beaut

No. 563202

She looks like momokunt in these

No. 563204

One thing I gotta say is her outfits have looked a tiny bit better recently, I definitely prefer the bonne chance and swankiss dresses over lazy oaf mishmash

No. 563205

I don't understand why she wants to be ~kawaii~ but uses such harsh makeup. It's like Kelly Eden but with her implants. People can do whatever they want, but these girls are being counterproductive imo.

No. 563206

Obviously Jill doesn't deserve the cover but I think the reason she got it is because she has so many social media fans.

No. 563209

Same. Outfit is less harsh in detail, but the colors still clash horribly. Pink hair, lavender dress, yellow beret and shocking pink lipstick don't go together

No. 563214

File: 1524504543981.jpg (386.19 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20180423-182659.jpg)

>>563172 when even the fans know her eyebrows are tragic

No. 563217

>>563172 it's so funny that she has hopefully been watching makeup tutorials (she didn't know the name of different brushes before ect) but she still hasn't really improved? Her eyeshadow was blended terribly and her blush is fucking awful.

No. 563218


Bushy ain't the problem it's those overdrawn McDonald's arches

No. 563219

not even that theyre bushy just
do them a normal color jill
and honestly she would look like a 6/10

No. 563242

I think she’s been looking better recently, still has trouble with color coordination (not sure why since she used to be a Lolita and it’s a basic factor but ok)

No. 563254

her blush application is actually the worst part, confirmed that she tries to shittily contour with it

No. 563257

i was there for the part about the calendar, she couldnt remember the charity's name at first but then after she talked about giving up it seemed like people were still praising her?? I was on YT and couldnt see comments but she was like thank you and it was like girl you literally didnt even do it isnt the thought that counts. Then she was talking about how she doesnt donate to charity but lends to her friends when they need it.

No. 563262

Is her foundation insanely yellow for her skin tone or is it just me?

No. 563268

It looks a little yellow to me but not as bad as it has been being. But I'm blinded by my hatred for her so I'll agree with you wholeheartedly.

No. 563269

File: 1524507715388.png (3.16 MB, 1334x750, 6E3E7A41-21DD-4AC7-BFF2-A02876…)

No. 563283

File: 1524508484967.jpeg (251.85 KB, 750x414, 85DEBB62-C59A-494C-878E-3179CD…)

I don’t know why she acts like she looks bad without makeup. Without makeup she looks her actual age and looks like a normal person not like a gross 65 year old grandma clown. The fact that she isn’t able to like something without fully emerging herself into the ~aesthetic~ is pathetic, if she had natural makeup and toned her face then maybe she wouldn’t look so old/crazy.

No. 563294


It really confuses me that she has clear skin yet wears such heavy, cakey makeup when a light coverage BB cream would probably do, but I guess until Too Faced comes out with a product like that it won't be kawaii enough for her.

No. 563305

>>563172 can we talk about how she says she'll never be on the sugarpill pr list like jillybean you'll never be on any makeup pr list with your unblended and haggard makeup. Her lack of self awareness is astounding.

No. 563309

Her foundation doesn't even match her skin. She is more pink toned, her foundation is more yellow toned. I hate the people like "Lolololol I am so pale, so I am just going to get the lightest shade cues lolol so pale" when the "lightest" shade could have a completely different undertone to your skin. It was driving me crazy watching how horribly matched her foundation was to her skin.

No. 563317

This, why they do typical western heavy / insta makeup, only in pink? Nothing wrong with it if that's what you're going for, but it makes everyone look older, which is kind of opposite of what you should be doing to look ~kawaii~. Jill just packs too much and I don't want to know how that looks in real life if it looks that heavy on video.

No. 563324

If I were a company, I'd never want Jill for PR. She doesn't respond in time and once she receives the product you'll be lucky if she mentions you in passing.

I'd be upset if I were cosmic brushes, she didn't respond to them in months, they had to ask her to check her email, then they send the product and she mentions them in passing in a daily makeup vid and offers no valuable review over them. I don't know the specifics of what they asked her to do, but that was no payoff for them.

Same for this magazine she's on now. It's a cosplay magazine and they're featuring her under fashion and cosplay so I imagine they squeezed her in in hopes of getting some attention from her large following. However Jill has not made mention of them on any of her social media platforms as of right now. I assume she will eventually, but if she doesn't it was a waste of the magazines time and integrity because Jill hasn't helped them get any traction at all.

No. 563375

Do you think she looks so wrinkly half the time because she cakes on SO MUCH foundation?

No. 563376

Honestly if you look at some of her old lolita coords the color matching was not great either.

No. 563477

Did anyone else notice how she mentioned getting the glitter (eyeliner?) from her PO box, but didn’t say who sent it to her, or even a thank you?

No. 563486

okay 2 things 1. she looks so much younger without makeup it's ridiculous and 2. i actually like the hat she's wearing and the idea to pair it with purple gingham print, it's so frustrating when she has a modicum of a good idea and wastes it on the ugliest tackiest clothes available

No. 563489

File: 1524518974940.png (57.87 KB, 750x964, IMG_6084.PNG)

Re: her shittu painted cosplay fabric

Joann's sells this exact fabric. I don't think they have one where she lives but she could have easily gotten a confetti club member to buy some and send it to her. This would look infinitely better than her terrible paint job.

No. 563493

man she's gonna have the weirdest fucking wrinkles when her elasticity finally gives out like a year from now

No. 563545

>$42 primer..

Legit, bitch could have gotten NYX or even the basic Sephora primer which is the same thing for under $15. I don't understand why she is always bragging about money

No. 563548

>this mug is beat
>i chose the lightest shade for my skin

It's …really hard to get through this video. She feels extra insufferable.

No. 563560

“I give him a little boop boo then I take my bloo-dee-blooder and I give him a little smick”
Why does she insist on speaking in the most insufferable way imaginable?

No. 563573

File: 1524523126627.jpg (37.17 KB, 828x774, 1524523058453.jpg)

Why couldn't she wash her hands? They had a huge blue swipe on them in the last video, but this is ridiculous.

No. 563621

File: 1524526736335.png (244.15 KB, 500x426, girlthatLINE.png)

oh jeez rick

No. 563655

I thought you meant her hair showing but goddamn that's worse.

No. 563662

I'm a trained makeup artist and I honestly wanted to vomit in this video. That knock off beauty blender was so disgusting and filled with germs. That foundation is way too yellow for her pink tone skin, literally go to a different brand if your beloved too faced doesn't sell your shade. That concealer job was so over the top. She's still using the fucking SAME POWDER PUFF THAT CAME WITH THE POWDER. Its so gross and I doubt she'd ever wash her tools if she never even washed her face. I don't care if her application is shitty but she's ruining her skin so fucking quickly. She's just 'cleaning' the colours off the brush by rubbing it on her fucking hand.

No. 563663

And don't even get me started on the Drag Race season 10 reference she made to Miss Cracker, I'm gonna throw up if she starts a drag obsession.

No. 563669

>I'm gonna throw up if she starts a drag obsession.

Where have you been? She already has one, but it solely consists of RPDR and bioqueens.

No. 563677

I haven't seen her post about it too much yet, she's totally gonna try a trixie Mattel look ugh

No. 563694

that wouldn't work for a circle skirt, it would work for a rectangle skirt though, but that's too hard for ol' jillybean.

No. 563721

A rectangle skirt is easier than a circle skirt. Also how does she expect the lights to show through that thick layer of crusty paint.

No. 563737

God, Jill has some kind of hate boner for Sugarpill. How in the fuck is their eyeshadow too "chunky" to use on your bottom lash line? Does she mean it's pigmented? Is that the word she's looking for? And I have the palette, it does not have any fallout at all? Like I've never experienced any wtf how hard is she slamming her brush into the pan??

But anon! She ~only~ used two pumps and didn't even use all of it! If it's a good foundation AND you're using concealer, you shouldn't even need an entire pump. Especially if you're not covering acne. She is so hopeless at makeup. She has all the products and still has not improved one bit.

No. 563746

it annoys me so much how much she's adopting Stef Sanjati's personality. Her expressions, the way she's talking like GIRL get a fucking personality of your own and stop trying to wear the skin of other popular youtubers it's creepy as fuck

No. 563830


Major tinfoil but maybe she's upset that her palette arrived broken, or she feels they should've asked her to represent their brand or something.

Maybe it just genuinely isn't her cup of tea, but it seems a bit strange that she dislikes the Sugarpill palette so much when she's constantly praising Too Faced.
It's not like she's just unimpressed because she's used to really great makeup, Too Faced can be quite a hit or a miss.

No. 563871

Doesn't Jill have some really shitty too faced palettes? She does not have good taste in makeup.

No. 563892


Yeah, supposedly a lot of the palettes she's bought are pretty much universally regarded as shit, but they have kawaii rainby packaging so why the fuck would she check the reviews before dropping a considerable amount of money on a makeup palette, I guess.

I'm pretty sure she just likes Too Faced because it's cutesy and generally kind of overpriced, which she thinks is the same as being high quality. It's the exact same reason why she likes Lazy Oaf so much.

No. 563943

You'd think that she would at least buy some thing more higher-end like
Natasha Denona or Makeup Forever is she was getting into more colorful eyeshadow looks. TF is OK. Not great. Even Viseart's editorial palette would do her wonders.


No. 564015


I think she's more interested in the packaging than the actual product, which is probably why she buys entire fucking eyeshadow palettes and only uses a few of the colours. It's really shooting herself in the foot since she seems to want bright, colourful eyeshadow yet uses Too Faced which often have pretty ehhh pigmentation imo.

No. 564037

This is a bullshit magazine, don't be mad anon. They contacted me via instagram even though I don't cosplay at all. I didn't respond to their messages (because like I said, i don't cosplay) but it seems like they were contacting anyone with even a small following.

No. 564244

i was thinking the same thing. Jill has very cold skin she has so much pink in her complexion.
That foundation is far too warm for her.

No. 564260

I think she also ups the contrast on her videos to make the colors brighter- that's why her skin looks weird and her teeth look really yellow in a lot of them.

No. 564283

Honestly I do get the vibe that she's salty she wasn't sent the makeup as PR. Considering the shit makeup she does like (the too faced glitter palette, anyone?) She clearly has low standards. Sugarpill is generally regarded as really high quality eyeshadow too. And she uses it a lot for her every day look so it can't really be that bad. This whole video really annoyed me tho. From her lack of knowledge to the way she was speaking she was just extra insufferable.

No. 564288

File: 1524579868398.png (2.36 MB, 1080x1071, 20180424_152157.png)

This really highlights how poor Jill's displays are

No. 564307

There's a boutique in Halifax that sold sugarpill for years and Jill visited there a lot. So I know the brand has been recommended to her for a long time but she only recently placed her very first order.

Honestly, I just don't think it's expensive or brag-worthy enough for her. She prefers to drop the big bucks at sephora so she can brag about VIB rouge status in her haul videos. There's something about sephora that makes basic bitches lose their shit.

I previously worked at the same location Jill mostly shops at, and I know first hand that the consultants dislike most Too Faced complexion products, they would not recommend them for Jill's dry af skin type, they would not recommend that alcohol peach spray with matte pressed powder to set it. That is a recipe for wrinkle galore. I know the manager would gag if I told her that was the routine of a 20 year old. They also know the difference between pink/yellow undertones so that means Jill just didn't listen during her consultation or thought she didn't need any help. They would totally want to introduce Jill to MUFE single shadows or at the very least Urban Decay single shadows which would still be a better investment than Too Faced palettes, but again I don't think Jill is capable of sensible purchases.

What I don't understand is how she continuously avoids skin care when sephora has been pushing skin products so hard in recent years. They have really cute korean brands and even Tarte came out with an ~aesthetic~ line of skin care but I think Jill just hates herself. She could easily capitalize on the 10 step k-beauty trend and make more videos about ~uwu self care for mental illness~ but she would literally rather be a slob.

No. 564316

She does have at least two Make Up For Ever shades, a purple and a pink. She used them in the slime witch tutorial. She was complaining about the cost for a single shadow. Goes to show that for her it's quantity>quality.

No. 564320

Damn. Me and a friend were hoping to one day submit our work to the magazine, but that's kind of a bummer to know they only care about social media follower count. But thank you for your explanation, it has made me a little less miffed.

No. 564326

File: 1524582980392.jpg (43.45 KB, 1440x787, 1524582966125.jpg)

Wtf her nails

No. 564338

please don't tell me that's actual work she's done for that magazine.. how can she expect to do well in any kind of design related thing when she does shit like this??

No. 564344

File: 1524583925630.jpeg (742.44 KB, 750x1243, 6C4B0468-E027-4F4B-AB8C-381500…)


No. 564347

Is she embracing her terrible root problem by doing a shadow root? …good, I guess. Not really feeling/understanding the neon, though.

No. 564350

praying that some of that neon is extensions

No. 564352

I'm not that mad about this? Its not great, but its a hell of a lot better than piss yellow and the darker roots will help it not look as garbage when her hair grows. I just hope she didn't do some weird colorblock pattern on her head, its hard to tell with it up in a ponytail

No. 564353

Sugarpill is used pretty regularly by drag queens, I'm betting once she finds that out she's gonna pretend she loved sugarpill all along and brag about how she would go to that boutique you mentioned.

No. 564386

The lash line thing wasn’t because of the eyeshadow it’s about the brush. If u use a different brush that is too fluffy it makes the bottom eyeshadow look weird causes it’s too far out,
That’s why she said she was gonna use that certain brush and do it an angle, besides that everything u said was accurate saging my shit

No. 564388

Now we wait for a photo of it down cause lord knows if she did it herself it’s gonna be splotchy and even uglier
Like what even is this who asks for this

No. 564393

File: 1524586898764.jpeg (195.6 KB, 750x940, 06843906-91CA-4203-A104-D82100…)

My dumbass spoilered this the first time oops

No. 564394

i really like that dark green i wish it was more dominant
so glad piss yellow is gone jeez

No. 564399

I'm referring to when she was putting it on her inner corner on the bottom lash line. She said the sugarpill shadow was too "chunky" for that.

No. 564418


next thread pic

No. 564447

So I like the darker green on the half of her head because, as other anns said, it'll be less noticeable when her roots grow in. BUT is no one else seeing the bright neon green on the other half of her head? She split it down the middle. Her roots will be very visible on that side making the whole thing look a mess wtf

No. 564449

I think there is only one shade of green on her head: the neon electric green color. The "darker" green that you're talking about, I think, is the color of her roots mixed with that neon blue color.

No. 564452

are we just going to ignore how she has done her eyebrows different colours to match her hair? Jill just leave your brows alone they look so much better when they're darker

No. 564466


Even with the filters on those pics you can still see the lines and wrinkles showing through. Rough.

No. 564486

Atleast they’re less arched I guess?
Ugh, the fact that they’re only slightly different colours just makes it look like she’s messed up in dying them

No. 564494

I agree. Its not dark green. Its that neon blue on her brown roots.

No. 564497

It's still going to look a mess when her roots start to grow in because they'll be far more noticeable on one side than the other. If she had made her whole head that blue color, she would actually look decent. Darker colors flatter her more.

No. 564537

>at least theyre arched

hardly though, it doesn't suit her face type at all. not all people are meant to have arched eyebrows, though it does fit her new drag obsession lmao

No. 564556

meant to quote

No. 564562

This costume breaks my fucking heart. She used a fucking rectangle skirt, when Whip obviously uses a circle skirt. It would have looked a bit better then what ever the hell she did here. And she used to be a 'lolita', she should know that a full cupcake petticoat would have made the shape so much better. The fact she thinks she can go to school to make costumes and clothes is crazy, since she already hates taking critiques.

No. 564601

I may not like Jill but I love those colors in her hair. Shame she doesn't take care of her fried ass hair.

No. 564735

I said less arched, learn to read

No. 564742

lmfao she isn't even an sjw cause they hate her too

No. 564808

i have their shadow in the sparkly white color, and it's really soft and powdery, but it's not bad??? you just have to like, not be a total slob when you apply it.

No. 564900

Looks like she actually went to a salon again, there's no way she got colors that vibrant with no brass on her own. She also never straightens her own hair so I'm sure the salon did that for her.

No. 564914

She flat irons her hair almost every day. She either puts it up into a bun/ponytail/braids, or leaves it alone.

No. 564938

Well shit, no wonder her hair looks so fried aside from the rebleaching. She could probably stand to stay away from the flat iron for a while.

No. 564985

Omfg that irks me so fucking bad. I'm so sick of literally every white girl on the internet saying "WOW I'm literally SOOOO pale, I need to buy the lightest shade and even THAT's too dark for me". I think they're all deluded into thinking caucasian=super pale when most of the time they're not. Jill's skin is bright pink, not pale.

OT but I remember when Fenty first launched, I saw one girl claiming that she bought the 'albino' shade and that was too dark for her. Idk, has anyone else noticed this? Literally every white beauty guru has 'complained' about being 'so incredibly pale' and 'how hard it is to find a shade that matches their pure, snow white skin'.

No. 564989

bitches don't wanna admit there's more than one shade of white smh

No. 565053

No. 565064

While there are different shades of white, some being paler than others. I gotta admit, the chicks that brag about being pale the most are the ones who aren't pale at all and it's pretty funny

No. 565067

holy fuck shut up

No. 565072

Sage for makeup sperging but both fenty and too faced have the same problem, which is that they oxidize on the skin and turn more yellow. If you have pink undertones, it IS actually hard to find a foundation that doesn't oxidize and go yellow on you. It's not about being pale, it's about understanding your undertones and knowing that certain foundations will oxidize becasue of their chemistry, while others won't. Jill needs to stick to cream or powder based foundations that don't oxidize. Any rep at sephora could tell her this too, but she'll never ask because she just beelines for the too faced.

No. 565086

This Anon has it. Pink-skinned people i.e. me and half the cows on this board have a hard time finding pink-toned foundation, concealer etc. It's not bragging about being pale, though that's a reasonable synonym as pink skin specifically burns INCREDIBLY easy so pink-skinned people are the epitome of cliche pale. Attractive pale is like a Kpop star with very pale cream, not pink.

No. 565089

lmao i bet i'm whiter than you? keep it to yourself freak

No. 565102

WTF you on about. You say she invest her money on a better uni, then claim she would never get into one. Sorry you're a povo anon but it is typical for parents to drop around 10000k or more on their kids.

No. 565107

She can't blend for her life, so anything with a pigment is too chunky for her. If you use pigmented shadows you HAVE to blend to make it not look like you just put chalk on your eye.

No. 565148

Oh my god you guys. This is such a stupid argument and completely derailing.

No. 565201

Redheads are usually the palest of the pale in regards to skin tone they have blue undertone to their skin. My boyfriend is redheaded and he's pale asf like a glacier.kek most girls are pink as pigs not white like a glacier.

No. 565203

Y’all seem to overestimate how knowledgeable Sephora employees actually are lmao, I’ve had them give me the wrong undertone in foundation all the time. Which could be the case with Jill. Jill just needs to get on Pinterest and look at inspiration for her style of makeup if she’s gonna keep doing it like a 5-year-old. Also, I’ve used cream foundation before and it oxidizes too.

No. 565204

Ah. So this was the long awaited hair with a “tough” look that even she had to hide.
WTFFF Jill and her family are the type of people that can easily give 10-20 bucks without it affecting their household’s quality of life. To say flat out that will not give her money to charities are kind of insane because there are so many, doing so many things and usually people will only spare a couple dollars. Even a 5 is a pretty big contribution. Usually it the people that waste their money on $45 foundation that they don’t use, keep a tight leash on their money when it comes to people in need. I shouldn’t be surprised because it’s jill, but it is disheartening. She will always be the type to go to a pride parade for aesthetic, show support with her words and because it’s a self post opportunity and not give a shit about any of their history of struggles that it took to get there.

No. 565209

This. Every sephora I've ever been in has just had the same 3 stereotypical """MUA's""" working there. None of them are actually certified in anything and just get trained to do the same shitty makeup for everyone. They also have to push certain brands, so they sometimes straight up lie to you.

No. 565213

She uses waaay too much of the product on her face. She must look so bad in real life. Like, how she gonna blend or smooth out the foundation when she covered her whole entire face in it. You don't pour the foundation on your face like that unless you wanna scrape it off at the end of the day.

No. 565216

No. 565224

>>565216 this is hands down the worst hair she has ever had

No. 565231

she looks like 6ix9ine

No. 565242


the roots aren't as bad with the blue/green, surprisingly

No. 565243

File: 1524671596301.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180425-115216.png)

No. 565247

The blue eyebrows make her look like a troll doll

No. 565248

The sound of her brushing her hair makes me seriously gag

No. 565250

Agreed. I actually liked it when it was up in a ponytail but I had a feeling it was going to be something weird and horrible when she lets her hair down. She also probably didn't go to a salon, they never would have let her walk out of there with those roots

No. 565254

woooo thats gonna fade like literal ass lmao

No. 565269

Next thread pic pls her hair is actual straw

No. 565285

Her hair is better than mine at least.

No. 565287

Actually no, pale shades are easy to find with pink undertones, because most pale people actually have pink undertones. Try being olive toned with extremely light skin. That's hell. People just love complaining.

No. 565288

She looks her actual age!!! Jill, please, do ONLY light makeup/foundation with natural colors or a bare face! You don’t look like a 30-60 year old!

No. 565294

I absolutely hate this with a passion. Why didn't she fill in her roots? It's awful.

No. 565304

Good fucking god. I seriously hope her hair starts falling out so she has to buzz it and start all over again. That hair needs a break, the poor creature…

No. 565366

Just an idea, stop fucking dying your hair! There is nothing wrong with dyeing your hair, but I feel Jill doesn't give her hair enough time to BREATHE! There is no deep conditioning or treatments. I have bright red hair and need to touch it up every month, but I do a deep conditioner and hair treatment a week before dying so my hair doesn't become a breaking mess. Her hair is literally ruined from the amount of times she bleaches and throws colours on top. ION is a really harsh dye, and can cause damage if not careful. I cant wait for the day her hair is completely destroyed and she has to shave it off.

No. 565374

Most of the his video is her responding to lolcow criticism and comments and it's kinda sad. If you really don't care what ~meanie haters~ say on the internet and care so much about your cuntfetti club members, how about making a video and talking to them instead of catering to lolcow kek
Lurk harder Jilly

No. 565378

I watch older videos by her sometimes and it's genuinely amazing how much cuter and less annoying she is in them. I don't understand how someone can downgrade so much. Her makeup, hair, outfits, and MANNER OF SPEAKING. she actually seems pretty pleasant when not doing the weird baby talk thing. and her videos were actually more informative and straight to the point.

No. 565381

Is there… a press-on nail on just one of her fingers?

No. 565383

her gels were poorly applied and coming off. you can tell from her other nails she picked them off.

No. 565388

File: 1524680920474.jpeg (14.58 KB, 254x199, 5F0316AE-48FE-4718-9687-331D33…)

whut. This literally makes me sick. As someone who didn’t brush her hair in the fourth grade this makes me want to vomit. I can’t imagine how painful it is but it makes me happy knowing that she’s destroying what little she has

No. 565392

What she’s doing is trying to just overdrive the whole “””””””kawaiii desk desk sparkle””””””” and trying to be ugu* cute because she’s aging. She’s getting old and her body is deteriorating and since she took such bad care of it the process is sped up. She’s so physically gross I bet she smells like cat piss

No. 565399

It's so good! I got one during easter. Sage but good stuff!

No. 565407

I'm side eyeing anyone who said it looked decent. It looked like a hot clashing mess in a pontytail, and down it's an even more abrasively colorful version of the pukehair with roots. AND she's either going to maintain this color nightmare until school starts or fuck up heir hair even more by completely re-dying it.

No. 565489

am i the only one who thought it was so gross when she said "my hair is so clean so its hard to work with." ??? idk if its just me but it sounds like she is just so used to her hair being disgusting.

No. 565499

i had a period when i bleached my hair regularly and i can kinda see what she means. bleached hair is dry and not malleable at all and it is easier to work with like 2 days after washing it.

it is recommended by hairdressers to wash hair every 2-3 days so it doesn't have to be gross, but we've all seen that jill lets it get way too greasy

No. 565502

File: 1524686373862.png (358.15 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180425-125236.png)

No. 565506


her eyebrows being her natural hair colour would actually mean that her roots looked less out of place as well, but looking cohesive isn’t rainby enough for her

No. 565521

Nigga indeed(samefagging)

No. 565523

>people like complaining
People like you, you mean?

No. 565533

I’m going to just infer here but I think anon was talking about how they (she?) has olive skin tone but with light skin and has trouble with makeup :)

No. 565538

File: 1524688319803.jpeg (Spoiler Image,178.23 KB, 1080x1349, 70A1A04C-3E46-45C3-B131-003CCB…)

In this photo she seems more olive and yellow (spoiler because she’s crusty)

No. 565539

What is that even?

No. 565548

File: 1524688674285.jpeg (218.49 KB, 1309x1309, 9DC526AF-E6AE-4B19-9A4D-E42A15…)

Ignore the fried hair and if it was less yellow, she would look so cute like this
Sweet fluffy white blonde hair (which she could put accessories in and shit), goes with everything, still soft pastel kawaii
Plus the eyebrows and roots work together, especially without her eyebrows being at a right angle
She looks her age and really pretty here I think, it’s painful seeing it get covered in angry neon vom

No. 565559


what a fucking waster, she could have put on a cute color if she wanted. but nooo, she had to get FOUR different colors all at the same time. when she gets bored of this hairstyle in a month or so she'll realize all her hair is uneven and can't simply do this again.

she's been doing her hair for so long and still does dumb shit like this. it's like she wants to be ugly and have damaged hair. this is worse than rainbow hair jill, somehow. i legit would have never imagined she could get uglier than that shit rainbow hair.


dude that's obviously filtered to hell and back. if you watch the video she just posted you can easily tell she has light skin and pink undertones and that's it.

No. 565570

Oof sorry bad vision on this side :p

Sage for apology

No. 565586


she made a lot of petty complaints that didn’t reflect the shadow’s quality, but her poor skills and understanding of makeup.

sugarpill shadows are really pigmented, they’re kinda like abh or colourpop, in that they’re slightly powdery and have fall out because of how pigmented & softly pressed they are.

from what i could see in the video, jill got a densely packed fluffy blending brush & just swirled it around & around in her too faced palette, after complaining about how her sugarpill shadows have fall out.

yeah, fucking obviously, jill.
if you’re as harsh on sugarpill shadows as you are too faced ones, they’re going to be a mess & that’s not sugarpill’s fault.
she doesn’t know the basics of applying makeup so i have no clue why she keeps making makeup videos & i have no idea who’s asking for them.

No. 565587

Simple. She’s shit at makeup.

No. 565592

How do I sage

No. 565595

I legit could not sit through this one. All of the noises and 'me so quirky random' bullshit she does made me want to punch my laptop. That shit is not cute. Also, she didn't even the decency to get rid of the roots and use toner BEFORE colors. Once again, how can she continue to fuck up her hair when there are tutorials online??

Also, she has the money for salons!

No. 565601

It's hilarious she uses ion. she says it's her favorite dye, but it's such shit. Even though manic panic fades easier, it's much more gentle and won't damage your hair. Ion feels like glue in someone's hair, especially if it's already damaged from bleach. She doesn't use hair masks or deep conditioner. She just bleaches and tosses color in.

No. 565634

>she would look so cute like this

but she wouldn't, at all
that'd look awful and draw attention to all the lines in her face

jill needs to get the fuck away from all these bright ass and light colors and get something darker. even dark wildly COLORED hair would look better

she literally does everything in her power to look ugly for the sake of her autism-color blind aesthetic

No. 565683

… wut?

No. 565684

Simple anon, the fame got to her head. Now she's a ~uwu full time youtuber~ with her PO Box overflowing, a whole fashion dedicated to herself, and a fanbase that may as well be the dildo mahou shoujo wands in her closet, she's obviously going to milk her personality to be the most cushy and cutesy as she can. Brings in more viewers and "confetti club" members which can only inflate her ego and make her feel more e-famous.

No. 565685

Write sage in email field.

No. 565688


No. 565693

I use Ion and it doesnt make my hair feel like that. But I go as long as I can before redying it. I think Ion is a decent brand.

No. 565696

Yeah, I've never had problems with it, either.

I think in the condition jill's hair is at, anything is going to make it feel like shit.

No. 565703

hey mods instead of just marking it as samefagging can you actually ban the dumbasses who are just posting unsaged random shit into the thread?

No. 565724

>it is typical for parents to drop around 10000k or more on their kids.
Wtf is this nonsense lmao I really hate spoiled anons because they try to excuse spoiled cows.

You definitely should not be washing your hair every day, you'll weigh it down and thin it out. Using dry shampoo is a good alternative.

No. 565738

Why do you care if anons or cows are spoiled? Some people like to spend money on their kids. Too bad.

Btw apparently dry shampoo can also cause hair breakage.

I don't blame someone for milking their fame. As long as there people who support her this much, she's not going to change, and I don't see why people should have to.

No. 565744

Because being entitled and spoiled aren't good long term traits? She won't have youtube and dumb preteen fans forever. And while she does,she sets a terrible example of being lazy about everything but shopping.

No. 565766

because nobody gives a fuck how much cash your parents drop on you. it doesn't matter. it's about Jill's raging entitlement, irresponsibility and wasteful habits. not to mention her parents (mom, at least) not only doing nothing to encourage her to be responsible with her money, but enabling it by buying her whatever the fuck she wants, and shelling out huge bucks that Jill could be spending herself if she weren't such a selfish cow.

that's why.

No. 565797

File: 1524706397527.png (228.63 KB, 592x257, Abandon ship.png)

My favorite thing is Jill's shitty heart sticker abandoning ship her face after she picks up the cat.

No. 565914

ok ya’ll do know ion is semi permanent right? no developer, ammonia, or peroxide. its not the dye ruining her hair its the constant bleaching and apparently toning that she’s doing.

No. 565997


This. Ion makes all types of dyes, but she is using the Brights.


No. 565998

It's still semi-permanent dye without anything that damages your hair. It isn't lightening it. It just sits on the outside of the follicle and doesn't absorb. That's how semi-perm dyes work.

No. 566012

Honestly anon it’s nothing to get too wound up about. Jill is the only one who will have to deal with her embarrassing spoiled attitude when she looks back on herself in the future.

No. 566016

You serious think Jill would ever look back and actually be able to realize the shitfest that is her life? I highly doubt so. She is too self absorbed to ever realize that she is spoiled especially with all those delusional asskissers in the CC.

No. 566040

chill anon, you talk like you're concerned for her future but really who cares? who cares if her followers follow after her. that's on them.

No. 566045

My sides kek

No. 566057


I was agreeing with you as indicated by my saying, "This." I used the conjunction "but" in my sentence to indicate that she is specifically using the Brights dyes. I posted the website to reiterate your point that the Ion Brights dyes are semi-permanent.

And it's the cuticle, not the follicle, that is altered during chemical processing.

No. 566065

That’s not how you wear a beret..

No. 566086

I agree! I’m olive and everything is too yellow or too pink when summer hits and I tan no matter how much spf I cake. Sage for blogpost(blogposting)

No. 566104

Why are you even in this thread if you think being Jill being spoiled and entitled is fine? Getting an online following is an accomplishment, but maintaining that brand by speaking like a toddler, pretending to be a fashion designer, and bragging about spending excessively and irresponsibly on tacky crap is sad. And all while putting on this wise, know-it-all persona when she is so sheltered from actual adult responsibility. It's obviously grating to people who actually work hard at jobs and school and have to deal with reality.

No. 566202

Thank you, I’m not a salty poorfag, I’m someone who is proud of working hard to get the stuff I have and find it difficult looking at some brat who gets everything she wants yet still complains about being “a poor art student uwu” and expecting everyone to worship her for lying in bed and refusing to even complete the stuff SHE said she’d do

She’s an entitled, spoilt child with no grip on the real world and needs to grow the fuck up

No. 566215

>I tan no matter how much spf I cake

Get better sunscreen or reapply more often.

No. 566246

This. Honestly I have no problem with rich people showing off their shit, I actually really enjoy those types of videos. But those people either a) worked hard for their money or b) know and admit that they're really well off.

Jill is constantly trying to push this ~poor starving artist~ act and it's so annoying, I also hate her constantly justifying herself. I wish she'd at least drop that much cash on actually nice luxury items, not gross overpriced fast fashion and plastic shit she'll never use.

No. 566251

On your point about her always buying plastic. In her hair dye video shes SOOOO concerned about how plastie ruins the enviwonment~ yet she never addresses how damaging the fashion industry is to the environment.
And i agree she should drop the starving artist act. Shes not starving or an artist.

No. 566268

>Telling people not to get wound up on a website for recreational outrage

You realise we're all here to get ourselves wound up on purpose, right? And that we enjoy it and it's why were here in this thread? That's kind of the point. We're all here to bitch and moan about shit that doesn't matter. If you can't stop policing people's emotions then please leave.

No. 566275

How can your roots be so disgusting after literally just dying your hair?

No. 566292

hands down the best picture in this thread

No. 566318

Because she didnt bleach them and she used really bright colors so they still look greasy. Also her hair is so damaged it holds on to any moisture that it can get so she always looks greasy.

No. 566364

>>565548 Anon no. The wig color looked good but she would've never been able to keep her actual hair like that. Blonde would definitely be a good neutral since she doesn't want any dark contrasts in her style.

Why would Jill tone her hair 4 times and not ouch her roots. Models and influencers HAVE to take care of their skin and hair super well, that's literally their job and Jill just throws it out the window. You can be plus size and have good hygiene. This is a kurebayashi try and fail.

No. 566405

File: 1524767933820.jpg (227.47 KB, 1080x933, Screenshot_20180426-193734.jpg)

Her fans are so delusional

No. 566418

Honestly it makes sense to me. She has curly hair and as do I, freshly washed hair is very hard to work with because there are no oils to tame the frizz and it can feel very dry if not taken care of like Jill. I do deep cowashes and have been trying to restore my hair’s health since I dyed it like crazy a few years ago. BUT I DO SHOWER. Unlike jilly who only uwu bathes

No. 566480

File: 1524774128417.png (324.4 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180426-131715.png)

How the hell did she fuck her foundation color up so badly? I mean really now. The yellow grease paint makes her look much paler than her natural pink skin tone. She looks like she's dying of renal failure!

No. 566485

Call me nuts I think Jill would look cute with curly hair and a natural hair color. As well as neutral makeup.

No. 566490


Well, literally everything would look better than whatever she continues to do with her hair and style.

No. 566493

File: 1524774726005.jpg (76.01 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1524774719971.jpg)

This fan art really captured Jill's beauty

No. 566501

Jesus I was just trying to make anon feel better.

No. 566546


People tend to get weirdly fired up in this thread. Try not to take it personally, anon.
Not to "police your emotions" or anything.

No. 566550

Why did they give her a massive dent in her nose?

No. 566585

File: 1524781165237.jpg (533.87 KB, 2104x1578, pixie69.jpg)

No. 566590

I love how she fucks with the color balance so the pinks in the room pop but it also makes her naturally cool toned skin extremely pink as a result.
It's like Bunny's obsession with making her eyes bluer.

No. 566607

And there, my dear farmers, is our next thread picture. This is gold.

No. 566621

Does anyone know when she started this party kei thing? When was her first mention of it?

No. 566626

No. 566627

When she started dating Colin, around winter 2016? She left lolita around June or July 2015, and had a few other minor phases between.

No. 566647

File: 1524784299528.jpg (259.33 KB, 1080x962, 20180426_200929.jpg)

~Slumbies~ cringe

No. 566650

File: 1524784418039.jpg (340.31 KB, 1080x1696, 20180426_201226.jpg)

Always fun when cows flock together. Also Kelly has never heard of a daybed? What kind of rock has she been living under?

No. 566659

Someone needs to total up how much jill is spending furnishing her town house it's gotta be hitting a thousand already

No. 566662

>are daybeds a Canadian thing?

LMAO. What a fucking moron holy shit.
But that's probably the depth of knowledge coming from someone who thinks painting furniture ugly pastels is trendy.

No. 566665

I don't know who looks worse here. Jill for buying a probably expensive, large piece of furniture online, months before moving or classic Kelly showing her ignorance.

No. 566668

>tfw i spent 7k importing crappy princess furniture from japan for my house
i honestly wonder why jill isn't doing that. she just seems to be buying all this shabby chic pottery barn stuff. you'd think she would want a bunch of uwu party kei plastic pink crap.

No. 566670

No. 566671

It's pretty cute, but costs about $500 and will be ruined within a few weeks after she moves in. Her peeps couch is nasty af and now she has another one to destroy

No. 566673

Don't let Jill ruin it for you anon. I assume everyone here has better hygiene than Jill's glitter ass

No. 566674

File: 1524785751656.jpg (410.93 KB, 1080x919, Screenshot_20180425-170019.jpg)

Old milk but Jill is shit as cosplaying

No. 566675

File: 1524785795917.jpg (829.95 KB, 1080x1038, Screenshot_20180427-003451.jpg)

Imagine thinking that this deserves to be on the cover of a cosplay magazine damn

No. 566680

Every single one of her cosplays are so inaccurate… I don't get it.

No. 566683

I wish Precure toys didn't look so phallic sometimes. Almost thought it was a dildo in her hand

No. 566685

As interpretive beginner cosplays they're okay…

…but not for someone who claims to want to be a designer.

It looks like a vibrator.

No. 566707

They don't look phallic. Every stick in the world doesn't look like a penis.

No. 566721

I'm saying if you glance at it. Looking closer it's obviously a prop toy

No. 566726

Don't forget anons, the peeps couch was a couch she originally purchased with Collin to use to furnish their apartment.

No. 566731

And here my poorfag ass has been trying to find a couch under $300 on craiglist for months now. This is after getting my first apartment - I truly don't understand her buying furniture before even getting the place. You save up all your money for an apartment then work and save for furniture but not in Jillie's world. Everything she wants, easy and fast. Not being salty it just feels like she's not even experiencing this pretty important milestone. It feels really good working for your own place, furniture, etc. and seeing your life come together. Seeing all your hard work pay off. And she's just not getting that which is why she will never grow from her sheltered mindset. And it's sad because it could really help her grow in positive ways if she had to actually work hard and budget properly. Cut the umbilical cord Mama Vessey! Please!

No. 566732

You mean how much her mom is spending

No. 566744

This isn't even going to match anything else she has. Every other thing she's bought for this apartment is rainbow-vomit bright and neon, this is going to look so out of place.

No. 566775

Anon,really now? You actually believe this selfish idiot is capable of being a responsible adult who works hard for her shit? Get real. Her parents are gross enablers who let this nimrod do as she pleases. She's like Peter Pan who will never grow up and will always live in Neverland. She's exactly like my cousin Vicky, a spoiled rich bitch who has her parents at her beck and call. How gross.
No wonder I hate Jill and my cousin too alike.


No. 566852

This. I need a couch and to upgrade my bed to a loft bed for storage and space reasons. I worked very hard to be able to live alone, but don't even dream of having the income to rent or buy a house for years. I don't feel bad about being bitter that someone as gross as Jill can just impulse buy large furniture and make her parents hang onto it for months before moving it into her new house.

Even the richest kids I went to school with were low key about their wealth and privilege. Like sometimes getting a group uber, or having a slightly larger or nicer apartment or fancy tv, but still having a roommate and not buying a ton of new furniture. Not constantly mentioning expensive purchases. How is she going to make friends being as abrasive and shamelessly spoiled as she is? She's not exactly relateable.

No. 566854

actually cringed upon reading this oh no

No. 566859

I've had richer/wealthy friends like this, too, and I think there is a key difference. If a parent is wealthy and knows their child will could become spoiled and privileged, they need to actively teach them about responsibility and the value of a dollar. They need to make them buy any frivolous things themselves and show them if they want something that isn't a necessity, they need to earn it - at least this is what I've been told as I am not a richfag.

THIS is what her mother did not do. She just let Jill have whatever she wanted, bought her anything and sheltered her beyond belief. That's how you end up with a shitty rainbow vomit, buys a $300 dress/coat/shoe/whatever just to wear it once, goes to a mediocre art school, quit her real job, no good spoiled brat like Jill. Sage for sperg but this is literally how she ended up the way she is.

No. 566932

I was curious so I checked and just fucking realised Jill doesn't even follow her 'idol' Sebastian Masuda on Instagram. She's definitely a huge fan lol

No. 566950

tbh as a graphic designer the worst part about these for me is how shittily the images are put together
did Jill do it? or someone working for the magazine? it looks like something little kiddies would create when they first discover the magic of photoshop

No. 566962

Do you think Jill's family are the type to be so frivolous and live so luxuriously that they are actually in debt

No. 566966

Why do people say that Jill's family is living luxuriously? I don't see that at all. Jill buys way too much stuff but it's not going to put her family in debt. Maybe it will eat at their retirement savings but I doubt they are in any more financial trouble than the average Canadian family.

Do you go to a state school?

No. 566972

Because you don't understand the average family of where she's from. Most people can't afford to buy new furniture at the drop of a hat, don't have a dedicated photo studio inside of their house, don't take multiple trips yearly or so, don't get their kids shiny new cars, etc. They are very much above average income where they are, and they aren't shy about flaunting it.

No. 566989

No I guess not. My family did most of those things growing up, but we were pretty typical of the town.

I don't see them as flaunting their money. Is someone supposed to not get their kid a car or go on vacation just because other people can't afford it?

I thought by living "luxuriously", you meant that the Vesseys were buying designer items all of the time or going to spas/nice restaurants. Jill's dad would probably make about the same wherever he taught, so how is living in an area with a lower COL going to make them more likely to go into debt?

You sound bitter

No. 566996

I wasn't the anon who made the debt comment. I don't think they're in debt at all.

My point is that while they don't have to avoid certain things because they're well-off compared to other families, you'd at least think they'd learn some humility. Jill probably had way more than 95% of her classmates growing up. She's probably seen how much people struggle to make ends meet. Even without living that yourself, I don't understand not being able to figure out the actual value of money.

Her and her mom both love to drop their brand names (not designer, but still definitely on the expensive side) and how much they're spending on things. They love to brag about everything they have and are getting. It's why it's so frustrating to see Louise brag about how her little Jillybean just NEEDS a two bedroom townhouse all to herself. There's absolutely no justification other than being spoilt and obnoxious.

If Louise could have reeled in the spending on Jill at any point, maybe Jill would know the value of a dollar. But instead, we now have the entity known as Pixielocks. A girl who bought a couch last year to "move out with," and who managed to ruin it in a year, only to simply just buy another couch, as if it isn't a problem that she can't take care of her material possessions. This is also shown in how she throws her brand clothes all over the floor and how she over-buys the minute she becomes interested in something (like how she bought an overlocker before she could ever use her basic sewing machine).

I doubt anyone in this thread truly gets annoyed at the fact that the Vesseys have money. It's just frustrating to see them not know the value of it, especially when the two biggest spenders are not the ones making the money for the most part.

No. 567021

I’m curious as to how she made this dress yet had no fucking clue how to attach flowers on her shitty party dress.
Same with the zipper shit, but that’s been discussed already.
I wonder who made all of her early costumes? Sure as fuck wasn’t her.

No. 567027

I don't think they're in debt because daddy vessey seems to call the shots and he's the one bringing in the upper middle class income. Louise does freelance work so it's impossible to figure out what her annual income is and whether she could support her family alone. There's certainly no way she earns anywhere near as much as her husband.

Jill explained a while ago that her father refuses to sell their family home. Apparently they've eyed other homes on the market before but daddy vessey is too attached and doesn't want to move out of the house that he bought with Louise after graduating high school.

That means he's likely paid off his mortgage and doesn't have to go into much debt, if any, for Louise's house renovations and $8k catios. I do wonder how Louise's love of sports cars factors into all this, but I think she only has 1 or 2 tucked away. Still that means between Jill and her dad, they have 4-5 cars, not including her brother's car because he moved out.

Ultimately, the vesseys are very well-off for their area. They're in the top tax brackets. They are not Vancouver millionaires though, it goes without being said that certain places in Canada are exceptionally expensive.

No. 567028

Jill's retarded anon, she's become lazier over time, she sleeps most days and can barely remember what she did yesterday.

But no one made her cosplays for her. I'm pretty sure she's always shown progress pics and she started at a young age. There's nobody in her town that knows anything about cosplay. All her con friends live hours away and their cosplays are far worse than hers. She hasn't commissioned anyone either because it's a very small community and everyone would immediately know. Who do you think is helping her? Her dad? I think Tristan might have helped for her Cure Flora but they broke up not too long afterwards.

No. 567085

How is she going to transport everything to the new place? Getting a whole moving crew for a temporary college place?

No. 567090

Looks like a prom dress with extras added and either dip dyed or given a dip dyed sheer overlay.

No. 567092

I go to a uni where probably most people's families have around the Vessey's income so they don't really stand out to me. Plus we probably all pay as much as money for student housing as Jill is paying for her 2br. idk a lot of people here are like Jill so I don't feel like it's a big deal. A lot of trust fund babies and even people without money are buying random crap that they never earned.

I just feel like a lot of people here have never met anyone rich in their lives. How do you handle being in the real world? Do you rage every time you see a sorority girl or Chinese international student with a BMW?

No. 567098

If you don't care that she's rich and spoiled then why are you on this thread? I don't think anyone cares about all spoiled rich kids but we just like to bitch about Jill. It's not a difficult concept to grasp

No. 567107

Not that anon but there’s other reasons to hate Jill. I for one hate her trivialization of mental illnesses as well as her ugly ass style and her ddlg baby talk. It’s just really fucking annoying every time someone gives their life story of how poor they are. You can hate Jill spending money without blogposting.

anyway, someone mentioned Louise’s income: depending on how often Louise’s appointments are, she could be bringing in at least a couple thousand. She probably charges around $200 per a session, or whatever the Canadian equivalent is.

No. 567119

There’s a lot of poor people hate/misunderstanding in this thread. I’m not poor now but I grew up poor. To answer your question, yes poor people and rich people alike find children that spend/flaunt their parents’ money that they didn’t earn themselves gross and unclassy. I only hope that those of you screaming “poorfag!!!1” will some day find yourselves on your own without daddy’s AmEx to save you. If you honestly think you are better than someone that doesn’t have the privilege than you have, I feel deeply sorry for you.

No. 567146

wait is it confirmed she got her townhouse? holy fuck if that‘s true…

No. 567147


I don't think the anons insulting poorfags have a problem with poorfags as a whole, i think the issue is that people are using this thread to blogpost about how poor they are and how mad they are that Jill has money, as >>567107 said.
Yes, it sucks that Jill sits on her ass all day buying gaudy overpriced clothes she wears twice and never has to worry about money, but christ, there's no need to turn every thread into a bunch of infighting between rich anons and poor anons over whether or not Jill is rich and spoiled.

No. 567148

I'm sure she would've bragged about it by now if it was confirmed she got it.
I'm sure she'll find another place if she gets passed over for the townhouse, but honestly how fucking funny would it be if she bought all this expensive pastel furniture and got turned down for every apartment she wanted?

No. 567151

It’s generally pretty hard, even for someone in their 20s, to get accepted for a 2+ bedroom place in Canada. Most will demand credit/criminal checks, maybe pay stubs or income tax/bank statements, last and first month rent upfront with other deposits. And employment references, previous landlord references etc.

I have an actual full time job, line of credit and previous experience as a legal tenant, all of which Jill does not have, and I probably got rejected at least six times before I landed my 2 br apartment (and that’s WITH my boyfriend co-signing as a tenant).

So of course with Jill being only a college student, no employment security, no previous apartments, no credit. The only chance she has is if Louise really charms the landlord and forks over all the cash. I wouldn’t be surprised if they requested 12 months worth of rent checks straight from Louise’s bank account. Otherwise why else would they choose jill over an established couple or family?

No. 567152

I agree with this. I'm here for actual milk, not just the same "omg she spent so much money" over and over. The townhouse thing is kind of outrageous but anons kick up over the stupidest little things like buying a Precure collectable or a few clothing items from a moderately expensive brand. I don't doubt a lot of it is on mommy and daddy's dime but to be honeat I bet she is earning more than your average 20 year old on YouTube income.

No. 567177

Nah fam. One of my best friends is a Singaporean who's parents bought a flat outright for her time in uni. The difference is that Jill has absolutely no scope, no perspective, she is seemingly completely unaware of how the other half lives and has the audacity to ask for handouts and help whilst being better off than most of the children in her audience. No one cares that she's rich, it's that she doesn't realise how lucky she is and continuously squanders opportunities other people would kill for. She hasn't worked for anything she has and that pisses people the fuck off. At least the Chinese international students are all becoming top doctors and lawyers so they can pay for their parents' retirements; they have a sense that they have to pay back what they've been given to their family and society.

If you are a richfag and you find yourself getting offended because anons are criticising things about Jill that also apply to you, maybe check yourself before you post. We're not talking about you. Some goes for poorfags, no one cares.

Talking about Jill's stupid financial decisions is 80% of all the threads about her. So people aren't going to stop talking about it. That is Jill's milk - that she spends money on fucking stupid things.

No. 567195

Jill is spoilt and materialistic.

I'm not really following the argument itt, but it seems like grasping at straws to argue about whether or not she's poor or rich comparatively speaking when it's actually about how she behaves.

Would any of us even give a fuck about a daybed if she'd have some humility and not post about every single material thing? Probably not.
Also, apologies, but part of Jill's milk IS about what she buys because she's bitched about money while doing nothing to improve her financial standing like becoming employed or cutting back.
I'm not bitter about it. It's just that her entertainment value does come from her proving that she's immature and financially incapable of doing anything on her own.

No. 567223

I do think Jill's situation is funny. I think some anons are taking it personally.

I agree. I think it's annoying that people constantly bring up how much Jill spends.

>The difference is that Jill has absolutely no scope, no perspective, she is seemingly completely unaware of how the other half lives and has the audacity to ask for handouts and help whilst being better off than most of the children in her audience.
So do a lot of upper middle class kids if not most. And it's weird that Jill asks for donations. It's weirder that people will pay her. It's their fault.

>Talking about Jill's stupid financial decisions is 80% of all the threads about her. So people aren't going to stop talking about it. That is Jill's milk - that she spends money on fucking stupid things.

I love hearing about people making bad financial decisions. But some people here are way too bitter about it. And some people are way too nitpicky about what Jill buys. For example, I think buying anime merch is stupid and I would never spend money on it, but I don't see the point in raging about Jill's collection all of the time.

No one can help being poor but why gripe about how a stranger spends their money? I think there are some people here who are really jealous, like the person who accused me of leeching off of my parents because they chose to pay for me to go to my uni.

I don't hate Jill. She produces a lot of milk and her threads are really active for some reason. It's funny to follow her and I don't really care what happens to her either way. I don't see the point in hating a random dumb e-celeb.

Besides there are kids on social media who are way more spoiled than Jill. If you or I just hated Jill because she was rich we would be following them instead.

I guess hearing about Jill spending a ton of money doesn't make me jelly the same way hearing about how someone likes to blow thousands of dollars on lolita each year or can be a NEET because they are supported by their parents for some reason. So yeah I can understand what it's like to be jealous of other people having more money than you. I don't post about it constantly.

No. 567253

Even if she "got help" her entering those into contests and not telling people or the judges that she got help is still cheating. Theres nothing wrong with getting help on a costume.
She claims to not need a foundation year when she 'knows how to do all that stuff'. She cheated on those contest costumes. I think cure whip was her first costume that she made without help and it really shows.

No. 567323

who really fucking knows who makes the money that's spent tho?

No. 567332

File: 1524855818158.jpeg (59.19 KB, 585x339, 4DCEE9F4-F25C-45F5-A254-8B0EAF…)

Are you seriously trying to tell me these were made by the same person?

No. 567335

also. can people stop calling out anons for complaining the wrong way in a space made for bitching (it's not fun for anyone to read and it's annoying as all fuck)? and instead can we talk about how jill already ruined her little twin stars lipstick because she has no self awareness or reality-based grasp on herself or her possessions?

No. 567338

This anon is right, Jill said herself that her cure whip cosplay was the first one she made 'entirely' by herself. It's in the cosplay video.

No. 567342

so fucking exhausted of coming on here for good shit and reading another person's off-topic post lowkey defending jill from some big meanie anon who called her a spoiled bitch. what are you doing?

No. 567354

There's really no way to say this that isn't scummy, but Jill is much funnier and more interesting when she's in a relationship. Now that she's just marinating with her mom and her cat in pink hell she just buys expensive shit and talks about magical girls. She's not even likeable these days. Girl needs regular human contact and she needs it bad.

No. 567356

Ok but who helped her though?

No. 567369

Probably her mom.
Why are you so adamant to prove that she made her own shit when the quality difference is so obvious?
It’s only been two years since the cosplay on the left, and zippers are the easiest shit to learn. You dont just forget the basics, especially when you’re aiming to be a fashion designer.

No. 567371

Forgot to add, her quality only declined when she started entering contests. You have to make at least 90% of your costume and explain step by step how you made everything to the judges.
Just a coincidence that her quality dropped significantly?

No. 567390

File: 1524859456316.png (Spoiler Image,812.48 KB, 640x1136, 114B5DF6-53D7-44E1-BF3C-2149CB…)

This is hilarious, I wonder how Jill feels about it

No. 567392

Anon spill.
She really already ruined them! How do you ruin liquid lipstick
Spoiler that shit. No one needs to see it.

No. 567399

she left the lipsticks in her bag and managed to scratch off the kiki and lala art LOL

No. 567400

File: 1524860317379.jpg (33.34 KB, 999x605, Capture.JPG)

No. 567407

Lala the kawaii serial killer lipstick lmao

No. 567413

And desperately wanted to blame sugarpill in the video for her putting it in her purse with sharp metal things. Instead of, y'know, a pocket or makeup bag.

No. 567417

rofl the pink blood reminds me of Dangan ronpa.

She always wants to blame EVERYONE else but herself. That's what her mom taught her: Take no responsibility.

No. 567421

Omg that really pissed me off. She has a serious hate boner for Sugarpill clearly. I would never store my Lala lipstick like that when I have it on me! It's 200 per cent her own fault!

No. 567427

She said she feels like she should be able to keep her lipstick in her purse because it was expensive and the packaging is part of why she bought it. But really she should learn to take proper care of her shit, especially if it's expensive and the packaging is nice. Like it's common sense. She manages to destroy everything she owns and touches, yet somehow this one is sugarpills fault? She's fucking insufferable.

No. 567449

Didn't a few anons a bit back say that she probably added in the zipper flower vomit dress after realizing she couldn't fit in it with that shitty fabric? I think that's more likely the case instead of mommy helping. At least for all we know Louise could be worse at sewing that Jill.

No. 567470

Even then zippers are still ridiculously easy to add in. She couldn’t even sew the bottom right and covered it with a shitty flower.
I’m a beginner and I can still sew a zipper in.
It’s so basic.

No. 567493

File: 1524868271409.jpeg (390.67 KB, 1800x2400, 7DDE589E-FFCC-4A20-B853-C0D86A…)

No. 567498

Wait how?
I live in America so maybe I don't understand Canada's taxes but how is that possible for a person her age?

No. 567501

It's because she's self-employed

No. 567513

Well that’s what happens when you don’t put aside monthly earnings for tax season. If she made 3k a month with an employer (if she’s still making that monthly, idk she mentioned 3k earlier this year) then she would be taxed roughly 15% biweekly. Later she would receive a refund of whatever was overpaid throughout the year.

And when you’re freelance, there’s also tax credits, so she does have some advantages. She just needs to put aside biweekly or monthly equivalents of her taxes to give the government come tax season. If she were really smart, she could let those savings sit in a high interest savings account to at least collect the yearly interest.

Why is a seasoned freelancer like Louise not teaching this to her daughter? My family members who freelance are never shocked at the amount they owe because they plan accordingly.

No. 567514

Does she have a terrible accountant or is she just bad a reporting income and calculating how much to withhold and what are legitimate business write offs? Of course she has to brag about having the money to pay a $2-4k in unexpected extra taxes.

No. 567533

Jill doesn't take her mother's advice tho (she refused to listen to her about building good credit) so I wouldn't put it past her to ignore any advice about tax

No. 567534

She is cutting it close the deadline is the end of this month to file.

I think it’s just much simply that she put away like 5k for taxes assuming it would be enough and it wasn’t. You can actually ballpark what she is making if you assume she is taxed about 30%, so she is bragging that she makes…not actually that much lol.

No. 567543

Pretty sure self-employed people have until June or July to file their taxes actually. What makes you assume she's taxed 30% though?

No. 567568

File: 1524874579809.jpeg (90.05 KB, 750x600, 6F69E78F-267C-4EDB-9DC8-F039AC…)

According to these tax rates she would have made over $62,000 in 2017, so around $5,000 a month (correct me if my math is wrong or I misunderstood the Canadian tax system)

No. 567571

>goodbye sweet dollars

But I thought she's always struggling for money?
Either she's got a solid 8k in savings and she's been bullshitting her fanbase, or…mommy to the rescue?
What the fuck.

No. 567572

Anon what are you talking about. Some seamstress on pei could’ve very easily been doing jill’s cosplays. no normal stress would ever care nor know enough to call Jill out for using her work in conventions.

No. 567577

I don't like how she over-shares this kind of thing. But it might be a cultural thing, maybe it's acceptable in Canada.

No. 567579

It's nothing cultural, this is all just Jill in this case.

No. 567583

File: 1524876068608.png (526.49 KB, 588x698, ok.PNG)

fun fact: this is right next to a liquor store

sage for tinfoiling

No. 567584

No. 567597

Right! She doesn't seem to have an understanding of why certain products are expensive (which is why she buys so much bullshit quality stuff just because it's overpriced and kawaii like those fucking s h o e s in nyc ugh), ie sugarpill is expensive because the production process is cruelty-free and small-scale, and the products are highly pigmented, cutely packaged, etc, not because the paint on the outer tube is immune to sharp metal?? Like just because you bought something expensive doesn't mean you can mistreat it and it won't matter… and that seems to be her philosophy. She's oblivious.

No. 567636

FYI Anon no I am not jealous of your dumbass because your parents paid for your college tuition, my parents did the exact same thing for me and paid for my housing all for years of college. I just have more class than to assume others are jealous of me, unlike you I don't think anyone is jealous of me because my family is wealthy. As for poorfags being legitimately triggered by Jill squandering her earning and parents income get over it, it's fun to watch the miserable failure she's being set up for in the long term. She's so convinced that YouTube will always be a permanent source of income in lieu of investing in long term sources of income like potential real estate purchases, stock investing, and businesses. Mind you this outside of the realm of academia. She's has a delusional sense of self that she will always be youthful and fashionable, when in 10 years time she will be a broken down has been old basement dwelling spinster watching the 100th season of Precure. Pathetic image.


No. 567672

These are only provincial taxes, not federal. Her federal tax rate will be about 15%, so that's a combined total of about 25%, so she made about 29K last year, which sounds about right since she said she made about 2K a month from YouTube, plus her money from her pins, shop, sponsors, etc.

No. 567736

File: 1524889638692.jpg (270.12 KB, 960x898, IMG_20180411_102248.jpg)

No. 567749

The thing is, Sugarpill isn't even expensive. It's VERY affordable. Amy keeps costs low. Eyeshadow is only $13 and lipsticks are $15-$18,and she does a lot of holiday sales. Jill is only salty because she has no idea how to keep makeup organized and clean. It's her own fault the tube got scrapped up.

No. 567756

What are you talking about? This is a beautiful realistic art piece, it could almost be a photograph

No. 567759

Sugar Pill is cheap. YSL and Givenchy are expensive. Tom Ford and Pat McGrath too. Poorfag…

No. 567761

no no, anon. it's totally Sugarpill's fault that their packaging didn't survive being jostled about with the keys, change, pens, other make-up and handfuls of cheap plastic crap - er, toys, that she keeps crammed in there; y'know, jagged and/or hard things.

things Jill apparently expects a paint job on plastic to magically withstand.

cheap to you. almost $20 for a lipstick is expensive. just because it's less expensive than other shit, doesn't make it cheap.

No. 567764

Sugarpill is cheap considering the quality of product and amount of product they give you (3.5 grams for 13$) vs what a lot of other brands give you (ABH gives you 1.6 for 12$ grams I think) and both cost around the same (if you get just the Sugarpill shadow pan and no little compact its actually only 10$, so even cheaper). Not drugstore cheap, but pretty cheap considering what you get.

Saged because this is very off topic

No. 567779

File: 1524893558160.jpg (83.06 KB, 498x554, 1.jpg)


I'm not a gifted meme artist, I'm sorry

No. 567790

it's beautiful anon

No. 567805

Sage for this not being kelly's thread but she even paints the fabric part of her couches so they are crusty and disgusting. But anything for the aesthetic, right?

No. 567818

this made my night thank you sm

No. 567820

You don't have to react so immaturely to us hurting your feelings there, jillybean.

No. 567824

Those are all cheap. Poorfag…

No. 567842

who fucking cares, some people don't like sugarpill (DID JILL EVEN SAY SHE DOESN'T LIKE them?). why don't you go all buy whatever makeup you like AND KEEP ON TOPIC.

No. 567871

What's the point of you just posting that sugarpill is cheap then?

No. 567876

?????? stop derailing. I never said that. I don't buy makeup fuckstick.

No. 567892


Nayrt but
>Stop derailing
>Carries on derailing
>Doesn't even sage post

You're just as bad as the anons debating whether or not sugarpill is expensive (newsflash: $18 is a lot to some people and nothing to others, the value of money is subjective, you're not going to change anybody's mind by arguing with them)

No. 567925

this is actually the best meme in the thread thus far

No. 568047

No. 568052

Don't give this troll views

No. 568057

Like you could even afford those anon. Kek. FYI a $40 Givenchy lipsticks, hardly constitutes as cheap. Poorfag posing as a richfag is sad. Get a life. Sugar Pill is cheap by major comparison.

No. 568058

"i'm such a small youtuber". she has almost 200k. is she looking for sympathy or something? shes by no means huge but she exaggerates her smallness so much

No. 568060

Anybody ever notice how she's so eager about receiving items but she's so greedy about ever giving her viewers anything in return through actual giveaways like most youtubers do? Especially for the brainless morons who actually sit through her shitty videos and fund her useless cause. I mean really now Jill, what a way to give back to your CC members?

No. 568061

She called the 11 year old she's cosplaying her "Rice Wife"

No. 568071

I'm fucking dying over the video thumbnail, how TF did she think that was a good look? The head tilt makes her eyes look uneven and her beak nose stands out so much along with her blue raspberry eyebrows. Keep going Jill, you're going downhill so well

No. 568072

'sex work is empowering and fun!'

fuck you, Jillian, you sheltered little shit. The hell does this suburban kid know about anything?

No. 568073

>if you are 12 close your eyes
>if you are 12 close your eyes
gooooood stoooop

No. 568079

What do you mean anon? Sex work is totally kawaii and empowering for people who are coerced or trafficked or abused or exploited. Jill has never been in a strip club, but she knows what's up.

No. 568080

I'm so fucking sick of this whole sex posivisity thing. It's one thing not to shame women who have sex and protect women in the sex industry, becuz they definitely need more protection, but do not act like sex work is some beautiful, empowering act when you are seriously being used inside and out.

Jill has ZERO idea what it's like to be a woman who has been sexually harassed or felt their only option was sex work because they have no other job or cant afford education. Sage for mini rant, but Jill is a sheltered lil shit that knows nothing of real suffering and having zero options.

most women do not go into sex work with a positive outlook because it's a horrendous , shady business that will suck your youth and soul out before you're 30.

No. 568082

"I support small artists" what a fucking poser. This cunt only buys cheap fast fashion shit from China TF does she know about supporting artists. I'm from Portland and many of my good friends are independent artists who design clothes, jewelry, art, furniture and odds and ends, the people who support them are usually eco conscious type hipsters. Jill tries so hard to be associated with artists and creative types because she herself lacks creativity of her own. Kek

No. 568091

its not, its tacky. she puts the exact dollar amount lol like not even just $7k, she has to share the exact number because she must think its so shockingly high and wants people to feel bad. when the rest of us are just like "well…yeah… that's how taxes work you dingus".

No. 568092

God I hate that shit so much.
The VAST majority of women in sex work did not choose that path for themselves, does she not realize how many sex workers are still actual slaves or underage children?
Even when a woman isn't forced at gunpoint to go into that line of work it's often times because she wasn't able to get any other kind of work/education and it's a last resort to keep themselves alive.
There's centuries of violence, sadness and oppression for women in sex work, I hate that these fucking spoiled brats all want to become ~kawaii camgirls & patreon thots~ now and think they can claim that entire industry must be filled with other women who're having so much fun and think their work is super empowering lmao.

No. 568099

Jill is truly a sheltered retard. I had a friend of mine who was a stripper in college because it paid for her tuition and by no means was it something she was proud of in the least. But she got her masters in Biochemistry, because of stripping for income. She always told me she hated doing it. Mind you she was raised in foster care and had no choice after turning 18 and getting kicked out of the home she was in. So Fuck off Jill. You have zero clue as to the trauma it's causes to those who work in the sex industry.

No. 568101

File: 1524933932640.jpg (403.29 KB, 1080x1237, Screenshot_20180428-174423.jpg)

No. 568103

her idea of sex work is her friends who sell their ~cute~ pics online and do comfy livestreams. they never have to interact with clients irl.

No. 568106

What does Jill think sex work is exactly..?
This was a pretty hefty statement to just randomly throw in there, in her head all sex work is probably just feisty burlesque dancer women being proud of their bodies.
Because otherwise which part of it is empowering and fun exactly; the violence against women? The drug addictions? Sexually transmitted diseases? Mental trauma? The oftentimes unstable living situations?

At this point I feel like Jill stopped streaming solely because she knows she'd just get called out on saying stupid shit like that so often.

No. 568121

throughout this video shes like "i support small artists" and im just like, yeah, when they send you stuff for free. but i rarely see jill actually buy something from a legitimately small business/artist

No. 568123

This! That's probably all these little sheltered bitches idea of sex work. Camming happily from home. It has nothing to do with the women forced into it, drugged up, raped, degraded and scared to ask for help, etc.

Women have always been used as sex objects for men since the beginning of time; war spoils, sex slaves, etc. There's no 'taking back sex' from men when you are still being used and viewed as nothing more than your body's worth.

Jill needs to read a damn history book or even look at current events in other countries right now. Spoiled canadian bitch

(very very sorry for rant )

No. 568129

File: 1524936561687.png (3.88 MB, 1334x750, 50413D8E-5BBA-4853-A097-2E2C62…)

i can’t fucking stand the faces she makes

No. 568131

File: 1524936627959.png (3.84 MB, 1334x750, C3882F66-B86C-4832-840B-401FDA…)

No. 568132

she looks like a lizard

No. 568134

File: 1524936808462.png (57.53 KB, 1117x536, lmao what.png)

I love how pixie just openly supports her own stance in the comments without acknowledging the argument, too.

Also that Frankie girl is literally 15. She probably bases her opinion on camgirl tweets, patreon thots, and tumblr blogs that glorify the ~aesthetics~ of sex work. Same goes for pixie, tbh.

No. 568135

>>568134 god jill is revolting

No. 568137

Her hair is so thin and damaged from the flatiron, lol.

No. 568147

File: 1524938079930.png (445.73 KB, 840x840, Randall_Boggs.png)

No. 568234

I wish I could punch her

No. 568248

>sex work is not really different than any other job

….Are these people trolls?

No. 568263


Nah I agree with her. True it's a simplification to say MOST sex workers enjoy their job but plenty do. it can be empowering to some. either way banning it would be stupid because that just makes it harder for everyone involved. A broken clock is right twice a day and Jill is stupid and I'm sure she isn't that informed, but she doesn't have to be, she's allowed to have an opinion. it's not like there was a in-depth argument she needed to consider here

No. 568284

>most sex workers I know are happy with their jobs
Well most sex workers hate their jobs and do them to make ends meet or are coerced into it by abusive men

naive ass bitches

No. 568311

The owner of Just Peachy is just another cow herself. She herself doesn’t even do her own designs lmao not surprised Jill is in love with her work

No. 568313


I'm still trying to figure out why she uses blush as a sort of contour that starts next to her eyes. Makes no sense and it just so extremely unflattering on her blobby face, not to mention how crusty and dry everything looks.

No. 568328


I think it's some kind of poor attempt at draping like they did in the 80s.

No. 568346

Hmm, I'm pretty sure it's one of the few things she actually still does from j-fashion. It's been trendy to start your blush up under your eyes for a while now.

No. 568363

If you mean igari, she isn't putting her blush anywhere close to that.

No. 568411

Yah the Japanese style would be right under the eyes and go either to the nose or over it. Her looks more like shitty draping.
Surprised she doesn't do the Japanese hangover style blush since she's so proud of being drunk all the time kek

No. 568427


tldr; I no longer simply find her to be a hilarious trainwreck. I now hold her in pure contempt for this new fresh hell.

I live in The Worst Neighbourhood that Canada has to offer. I would dearly love these girls to all come hang out around here for even just a day.

They could marvel in the glorious empowerment that is a 50+ year old heroin/crack/meth/alcohol/whatever addict spending all day and night trawling for dates to get well, to pay their rent and buy food, to keep the numbness and trauma at bay, to enable them to get through another day of being used and abused by men for a $20 fuck.

That is, if the men pay her at all, and don't just rape beat and rob her.

It's an open invite, Jill and co. Let's go see how empowering and fun it is.

You do look about on par as all the hooker trannies around here. Little bit taller, and you'd fit right in.

Fucking cow… I loathe her and people like her. Even more so with this newfound knowledge.

So sorry for the length of this.

No. 568434

I think the issue is she misunderstood the movement of not shaming sex workers. It's not about being empowering or fun, it's about not judging a person before knowing their circumstances.

No. 568454

Exactly. It's about showing respect to people, regardless of their jobs, and understanding that some women choose sex work for various reasons (lack of education, flexible or minimal hours, more money than minimum wage jobs, etc), and to not automatically assume less of them for it. It isn't about going "uwu sex work is good for everyone!" because you know some people who sell lewds on insta and ignoring all of the people (especially children) literally forced into it.

No. 568458

She’s such an ignoramus. She’s stanning a ~kawaii strip club~ pin while 68% of strippers are raped. Not just assaulted which is up to 100% of dancers depending on the study. Fucking idiot.

No. 568470

Is her voice always so cringe and forced ? I thought more youtubers are trying to promote the 'raw' version of themselves nowdays ,sorry if bad English

No. 568477

>not saging then whining about derailing
>getting this buttblasted at 4 words

No. 568497

What's the story on the owner of Just Peachy?

No. 568500

>I don't think anyone is jealous of me because my family is wealthy.
The behavior people here seem to imply otherwise.

>Mind you this outside of the realm of academia.

Wtf are you talking about

>She's has a delusional sense of self that she will always be youthful and fashionable, when in 10 years time she will be a broken down has been old basement dwelling spinster watching the 100th season of Precure.

Jill already is not fashionable and already dwells in the basement. I don't think she's going to be a spinster because she's had an ok time finding boyfriends for some reason.

Are you ok anon? Why do you have to be so bitter towards me or anyone else?

No. 568534

File: 1524961896001.jpeg (530.54 KB, 2400x1600, 630D5664-2714-4A54-B799-A8BC9B…)

No. 568548

Don’t apologise for your English, your comment was completely readable!
But yes I agree, a lot of youtubers and influencers, especially youtubers like Jill who just do hauls and churn out shit like that at least try to keep a semi-transparent image of themselves. But there is no way, I refuse to believe that the cringe baby talk is how she acts everyday.
If so and that is her ‘raw’ form… I’m even more disgusted

No. 568554

Not even the same anon you genius for both posts.

No. 568567

You must really have a pathetic life to actually waste your time infighting, anon. None the less arguing with a complete stranger. Kek Who damaged your fragile ego?
I'm going to assume you are probably very insecure, suffer from an inferiority complex and lack friends. Explains your petty attempt to argue on lolcow about nothing pertaining to Jill.

No. 568569

Why must she always look so greasy and haggard? Even her friends look just as gross.

No. 568596

Her boyfriend draws all the designs but she never comes out and says it and when asked she gets super defensive and starts tweeting about her mental health being threatened

No. 568614

jasmine-blu has been somewhat a cow in the "kawaii blogging" community for so many years now. this is not surprising.

No. 568621

File: 1524966872612.png (266.23 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180428-185345.png)

No. 568651

No. 568691

File: 1524969539125.png (196.52 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180428-193820.png)

Jill's viewers are just as disgusting as she is.

No. 568712

Is her fangirl working at the same claires she did?

No. 568714

Sex work is gross and needs to be stop being encouraged. Women should be educated and praised for their brains, not their bodies. Sex positivity started off so good, but took such a wrong turn… damn.

No. 568723

This thread is such a good example of why professors deserve to be paid less. It's disgusting and such a drain to society.

No. 568729

Sex work is work.
Sex work doesn’t equal sex trafficking.
Sex work is anything from stripping, escorting, porn star, cam girl, erotic model, etc.
Sex work can be empowering for some and it can also be a last resort.

No. 568748

I'm sure being objectified like a piece of meat is really empowering to people anon. Great words of knowledge. It's degrading as hell and you know it. Why else would do many beautiful young women with futures ahead of them working in the porn commit suicide like they have in the last few years? Oh, yes because it's sooo empowering.
Shame society supports such a repulsive industry. Instead of supporting them with access to a proper education and career opportunity, they supply them with an exploitative sex industry the leads them to nowhere.


No. 568750

3rd wave libfems get out.

No. 568752

True I’m surprised there is no thread on her

No. 568753

Yeah there’s only one Claire’s store in pei. She took over Jill’s position, who was also a key holder.

No. 568755

ok lets take this infighting down a notch

No. 568756

Amen anon! You hit the nail on the head.

No. 568758

b-but anon, didn't you know, catering to men and objectifying our gender is "totes sticking it to the man" since monies are involved! it's not at all exactly what they want!

No. 568761

Shame Jill left Claire's. She actually did have a life and did leave her basement once upon a time.

No. 568764

Pandering your vagina to a man for his pleasure hardly constitutes as empowering. Women helping women is empowering.

No. 568775

Tumblr GET OUT. Being used like an object instead being treated like a person, being reduced to your body only, and likely being abused or stalked even if you say things like “Women are powerful people, not objects! A woman’s worth doesn’t come from her body! Women are smart and have more value then their looks!” while thinking that sex “work” is a good thing is so feminist nd not contradictory at all. Jill and people who think like her (lots of you) are so ignorant that it’s irritating. Just bc most people aren’t sex slaves or being sexually abused here it doesn’t mean that it’s
not happening on most continents.
Also the women here who make money by showing their body because they choose to and wanted to
are just making that stereotype that women are just pretty to look at and can’t get good jobs worse. And people who say that things like sex work or kinks are sexuality make real sexualities look like jokes. They’re all so stupid. Jizzian gets worse and worse by the second. I bet that she mentioned that because we kept talking about her dildos and she sees nothing wrong with being a disgusting misleading bad example on her ~family friendly~ yt channel. She’s probably going to make up some shit like “It’s empowering and it’s me being confident in my sexuality hehe” when this dumbass continues to be confused by her male preferring bisexuality where she likes to use her romantic partners as accessories. One day she’s probably going to get one of her fans in the hospital, or dead bc “Mama Pixie says that ~drinking on your meds and sex work is normal and fun!:^)~(derailing)

No. 568784

Everything that is wrong with Tumblerinas is incarnated in Jill.
She's got a following of ignorant morons who willingly listen to her unsound advice and I can't help but believe your right anon. Her faulty advice will definitely land some idiot in a situation that they may regret.

No. 568785

All those minors watching gotta hear Jill go on about sex work being ok.

No. 568803

I can't imagine any minors parents actually approving of them viewing Jill's filth. She's the queen of dildo wands and shitty sex talk.

No. 568809


We all know minors are going to watch shit regardless of whether or not their parents approve of the content and that's where the problem of impressionability is.

No. 568810

She is a terrible public figure for if not anything else - advocating sex work.

No. 568872

long time lurker, first time poster. probs sage for newfag/blogpost but sorry if i don't understand the rules here. anyway, longtime fan of jill. always thought she was spoiled and pretty vapid, but it never really bothered me too much. just saw the new vid today and i unsubbed. if you're so sheltered and gross to promote sex work aka modern slavery, you're a pos. honestly, anyone who disagrees can spend a day on the streets of south side seattle. and no, camgirls taking uwu cute pics in the safety of their own home are not the norm. sorry for ranting but i am just so disgusted. can't wait to watch this cow drop out of "college" and live with her parents until she's 40. /sage

No. 568877


so she's dating an uglier and little bit chubbier version of herself. and that jill 2.0 just got the same job she used to have. she's not even bi or lesbian right, she just wants to date herself doesn't she? okay good to know. also maggie is supposed to be the downgrade jill but she now looks better than jill just because jill has that mess of a haircut, lmao.

No. 568884

File: 1524979409208.jpeg (96.07 KB, 750x1292, 0FF94235-9063-41A5-9CE7-3E2DD1…)

wrong just peachy site. the one in jill’s vid is this one, run by jasmine-blu as someone mentioned earlier.

No. 568901

File: 1524981023321.jpeg (194.64 KB, 750x420, AF0A3518-EA5B-471E-BEB3-1F0D1A…)

Jillian Amanda Vessey: Ugly and gross in everyway possible

No. 568958

I don't think sex work is great but I think most self-described feminist women these days do believe that sex work is fine. It's a really mainstream opinion. Do you guys sperg out at everyone who agrees with that position. How do you guys have friends IRL? I also wouldn't expect any big name youtuber to be anti sex work period.

The point is Jill is stupid and she echoes what other people say. She's not coming up with this shit on her own.

Do you think minors wouldn't hear that sex work is ok if it wasn't for Jill?

This site is dedicated to women ripping apart other women on the basis of their appearance. Not sure how it contributes to women helping women. Most women are libfems or actually just straight up conservative in Canada so they're not worth helping.

Did you guys care what your parents wanted you to watch when you were a kid?

No. 568959

anon what is up with your attitude? literally no one cares, and you coming in and just responding to everything randomly with this shit condescending tone is fucking embarrassing.

No. 568966

I don't understand the amount of hate for someone having an opinion popular with people Jill's age. It makes you sound like a sperg. Good luck going to uni and sperging about how you hate people who "support" sex work like Jill do and making any friends. So yeah you do you.

No. 568968

How does someone lack the self awareness to say "sex work is such a broad term" while agreeing with the blanket statement "sex work is empowering"??? How far up your own ass do you have to be to think that all or most sex workers are empowed, because some can feel empowered, when there are literally millions of them around the world?

FOSTA-SESTA just passed in the US and there's been a huge outcry that this legislation is harmful and dangerous to sex workers. That's happening RIGHT NOW. Countless people have just had the power to screen clients and other safety measures taken away from them or are being forced to take their services to the streets. The ignorance is so infuriating. Perpetuating that shit in the echo chamber of her comments section is actually disgusting when people's lives and livelihoods are currently at stake.

No. 568969

File: 1524989606248.png (452.36 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-04-29-09-54-02…)

why would she purposely do this

No. 568971

File: 1524989870022.png (485.82 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-04-29-09-53-57…)

samefag but this is funny af to me, and horrifying at the same time

No. 568992

This hairstyle really make her look like she have a receding hairline. I always though her hairs where naturally straight !
She should really stop to flat iron it, she would look so much better

No. 569083

File: 1525006996118.png (448.35 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180429-055929.png)

Dollhouse Unboxing…another Skin Walker of Jill's found Jill subscribed to her. They are so alike… Proving that Jill is a basic bitch and she's a clone just like this skin walker.

No. 569109

She may have had a thread here several years back. Pretty sure her name was Angel at one point? She ran a very popular kawaii tumblr blog but was called out for telling others to commit suicide or generally lashing out at her followers.

She actually promoted Jill when she first started her youtube lolita channel. Jill had no real platform at the time but Angel's followers flocked to her after that, and Jill's facebook page went from nothing to over a thousand likes over night.

Just a little cow history tidbit. It is ironic that she never recovered from the drama and her youtube channel never took off, yet if it wasn't for her who knows how long it would have taken Jill to get noticed.

No. 569126

Sex work will always exist as long as there is a market for it. Maybe the issue isn't with sex positivity and women needing to be 'praised for their bodies', but with men investing in exploitative industries?

No. 569133

this chick has been around longer than jill, if anything jill is skinwalking her

No. 569148

man the dumbass radfems on this thread need to gtfo(derailing)

No. 569166

libfems are fucking annoying(derailing)

No. 569238


>>Also the women here who make money by showing their body because they choose to and wanted to

are just making that stereotype that women are just pretty to look at and can’t get good jobs worse.
if they want to work with their body they aren't under that stereotype… feeling obligated to not work with one's body would be acknowledging the stereotype. I think working with one's body is a step further in denying that stereotype because it isn't even like pointedly doing the opposite of it.

I agree with >>568434 when they say that it isnt about saying human trafficking is okay, its about the stereotype of sex workers as bad people or not acknowledging the circumstances that make sex work not a choice when it comes to income.
Women's bodies are given the contradictory "rules" of both modesty and "visibility" for lack of a better word, and when someone chooses sex work (without the necessity of it), they have an agency about this "visibility" and they control the situation. Sex work should move towards safety and consent instead of being shut down. For the benefit of both parties, but also the unfortunate reality of it being bound to happen. With a workforce of sex workers who choose their work, trafficking would not be so rewarded. With an acceptance of sex work as valid, abuse would not go unreported or unchallenged so often. Because at this point with people turning to these kinds of jobs out of necessity, they can't call out the abuse they face either in fear of losing their jobs or because they are doing something illegal anyway.

So in a way i agree its fucking annoying to only hear the statement "sex work in empowering" with no mention of circumstances of trafficked or disenfranchised individuals, the evolution of sex work towards something empowering is in the stage now of busting the taboo of sex work so that trafficked and abused individuals can get respect and help and abusers can be persecuted.(derailing)

No. 569271

I didn't say she was doing it correctly, just that's that's the most likely thing for her to mimic over draping.

No. 569332


I would agree if it didn't look much closer to draping than it does to igari or she still wore jfashion. I wouldn't be surprised if she really thinks that's how you do blush or something tbh

No. 569364

I wonder if Jill is going to be trying to become a beauty guru of sorts! Kek

No. 569367

God, Jill is such a dumb, ugly, clueless, worthless human being. I'm not even surprised she's now talking about sex work empowerment to her middle school fans. She's so disgusting, I hope that someone with some video skills will compile these threads into a video. I agree with you >>568427 , at this point she's exposing her dumbass kid fans to awful things because she has no self control and very little intelligence to really analyze all the aspects of sex work. She must think its no different than what she does with her rainby dildos uwu and doesn't involve rampant abuse of women, just like how her garbage clothes are made in factories that abuse workers on a daily basis

Also of course she's hauling more junk in a new video despite 'muh poor' bs posts she was making about paying taxes, and getting donations from people

No. 569391

I reported that her last video has sexual content to Youtube. Hope that cunt gets demonetised! Kek

No. 569406

These people are idiotic, I agree with the first poster. Being a cum-rag for anyone is not empowering, 'xcuse me?

It's a job, but it is not simply a service in the same way bringing someone their meal in a restaurant is not the same thing as getting a facial from an old man. One of these services is dangerous (physically and health-wise), extremely personal and with great repercussions on your future. It's a job but not just "a service like any other uwu"

/sigh(derailing; infighting)

No. 569423

Seriously, copious amounts of scientific studies prove that "sex work" AKA porn has extremely negative effects on the psychology of individuals, the wellbeing of families and society, particularly in terms of treatment of women and children. But of course Jill will blindly regurgitate the "whatever you want to do as a woman is automatically good and empowering" rhetoric to easily impressionable children. Jill doesn't really think through any of her stances but rather just repeats whatever she reads without any real comprehension of what she's saying, hence her constant hypocrisy.

No. 569460

Do you have links to these studies?

But it's not just Jill who thinks porn is ok. Most people outside of religious conservatives and TERFs find it fine. Jill's position is hardly a minority one. I definitely think there are some high schools in Canada that would teach a similar position in their sex eds class.

People are entitled to their opinion but I don't get how these radfems don't see that Jill's opinion is pretty mainstream in Canadian society. If you go somewhere like U Toronto then you wouldn't see tons of people who share the same opinion as Jill. Even people who go to uni in the same province as Jill would say similar things. Like, two girls I know who make feminist videos published by my university also say similar things as Jill.

I used to be more vocal about being critical of sex work and whatever. But I realized it made me annoying the same way people find extreme Christians annoying and wasn't making me any friends. I realized it was an issue I didn't care that much about besides getting in arguments with people online so I stopped talking about it.

Cunt is misogynistic language anon. Watch your mouth :^)

No. 569516

Okay well not everyone just bases their opinions on what’s popular to think like you do.(derailing; infighting)

No. 569525


Outside of current online trends and University, most people

1. Are not feminists
2. Don't think sex work is empowering

You should have confidence in your own opinions, even if they don't align with current trends.

No. 569534

>two girls I know who make feminist videos

being your example of "normal" behavior shows you are in a leftie bubble at present. Nothing wrong with that, but your opinion of what is consensus is heavily swayed by your current environment. I would recommend widening your environment, at least with what you engage with online, very dangerous to think Tumblr world= real world. That's how people get hurt (literally) by assuming everyone thinks X when in fact people think Y, S, Z and H77(derailing; infighting)

No. 569538

>good luck going to uni

lmao, i'm 30, so far past uni and an established career. also you know it's possible to understand a sex worker's position without supporting the idea or the industry. supporting sex work as a thing is an idiot's burden.(derailing; infighting)

No. 569564

show the studies bitch(derailing; infighting)

No. 569567

I'm willing to accept the blogpost ban here, but I did sex work (as in, actual, body-to-body contact sex work) in real life until a little under two years ago. Even though I had a similar opinion to some of the supporters (not as extreme, but I didn't feel there was anything wrong with what I was doing, was aware of the dangers and felt 'I was choosing it'), I strongly disagree with them after years in that 'career'. I was not forced into it. I did make good money, but it wasn't worth it. I was lucky enough to never be physically abused or raped, though I had many friends/partners who were not so lucky. Despite this, I would never now encourage anyone to get into it. It is dirty. Even if the guys are 'hot' or people you would normally sleep with without monetary benefits (this can happen; ie. young business guys who just don't have time to seduce a quick fuck), it isn't fulfilling. It took me so long to realize how disgusted I became with this 'work' and myself over time, because I was in such strong denial/delusion/repressing the kind of traumas that come with this shit.

I have never once heard of or met a sex worker that didn't have some level of the same issue; just those in denial or not recognizing their own self-described symptoms of things like PTSD (very common). Most of the girls I knew and worked with would even openly admit how awful/disgusting things were, though many suffered such low self worth and self esteem they didn't think they deserved better. And if they didn't initially, they eventually did.

It's been said already, but people like Jill have no concept of what sex work actually entails. And these kiddies on tumblr who think sex work is posting your nudes to your blog and getting creepers to send you asks and $5 donations aren't even sticking their toes in to actual sex work - even voluntary sex work.

I feel bad for the people who may be swayed into this line of work. Like another anon said, they're completely misinterpreting the 'supporting sex workers' act. Legalization for safety and acceptance for those who end up in the job is one thing, but openly encouraging and claiming you're 'empowering' yourself is just garbage; bullshit, fables. It's like some kind of war propaganda where they make it sound like you're going out to be a hero and you come home with the thousand yard stare - so far from the truth it's crazy.(derailing & blogposting)

No. 569645

Well, good luck having a career and sperging at people who believe in a mainstream opinion. But way to brag about your career online lmao

I never said anyone had to change their opinion. I just said that people should realize what's normal and what's not. Jill's opinion is hardly abnormal even if it might be wrong or stupid.

Like if a youtuber came out in supporting Trump, I also wouldn't be sperging about it because it's an opinion that a lot of people have (at least in America)

>being your example of "normal" behavior shows you are in a leftie bubble at present.

I'm at a university in North America that doesn't have a reputation for being particularly liberal. What kind of university did you go to?

>I would recommend widening your environment, at least with what you engage with online, very dangerous to think Tumblr world= real world.

How would you suggest I "widen" my environment? I should walk into a working class neighborhood and try to make friends with people there?

>That's how people get hurt (literally) by assuming everyone thinks X when in fact people think Y, S, Z and H77

I don't think everyone in the world thinks it. I think most people ages 20-30 who have had a college education in Canada/The US think it or at least it's a plurarlity.(derailing; infighting)

No. 569648

off topic but she mentioned in the pr video her favourite drag queen was alaska
she probably saw alaska's as2 tantrum and related to it

No. 569654

Your condescending, sophomoric attitude give way to your naivete. Get back to your studies and stay off the internet.

FYI mainstream opinions are only just that an opinion not a fact.(derailing; infighting)

No. 569661

Sage your shit dumbass

No. 569734

File: 1525057591952.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

I swear another anon many threads ago called that out!! They said her favorite is really Trixie, but she would say Alaska just to throw people off . Jill is predictable as always. kek

Anon, whoever you are. You guessed right.

No. 569761

File: 1525061343961.png (458.35 KB, 345x456, b79f1920fb0c55eaab7e64364d7417…)

the derailing here seems to have overshadowed how horrifying she looks in her latest ig post

No. 569765

i'm glad that simply saying i have a career means i'm 'bragging'.

are you sure you're not underage?

No. 569766

not even snow filters can save her

No. 569771

The mods constantly say to "report and move on" but are any of them paying attention to anything in this thread? The amount of derailing and petty infighting and shit nobody cares about in this thread is ludicrous. No other thread I frequent is this bad. Why are the mods not fucking dealing with this shit?

STFU, nobody cares about you or your opinions on sex work, rich kids, poorfags, NONE OF IT.

This thread is literally infight after infight there is barely anything relating to Jill any more. Can you guys just please stop? Or take it to ot? Something?

I'm not trying to minimod, really, but this is getting to be way too much.

Jesus christ she looks like a gremlin. Somehow the snow filters have made her look even more inbred.

No. 569787

That is gruesome! I swear she looks like some mismatched mongoloid. She might want to see a doctor about that condition of hers. Not even a highly trained plastic surgeon could help her case.

No. 569789


Honestly I think spergy derailing like this has become so frequent in Jill threads that they've stopped giving a fuck anymore.


I know she's been at it for a good while now, but I almost feel like she's started to make a point of saying all this gross shit like "slumby" as often as possible because she knows it disgusts us

No. 569820

I've just concluded that Jill is mentally retarded and incapable of using standard English vernacular. She's always been a cringefest, so surprised I am not.

No. 569841

hey, i didn't come here to read anybody's opinion on sex work! surprise!(stop)

No. 569844

>Your condescending, sophomoric attitude give way to your naivete. Get back to your studies and stay off the internet.

Lol imagine blowing this much shit out your mouth

Back on topic, how long do you think Jillian will survive living in her mommy-funded sperghome while going to “””school”””?

My assumption is that she’ll be so insufferable to classmates and instructors that she’ll end up failing out, but she obviously won’t blame herself.

Should make for entertaining material at least.

No. 569846

She won't fail out. The workload is too easy for that. She will leave after her first semester and say it wasn't for her because she wasn't actually doing anything fashion-related.

No. 569848

Haha yeah you’re right. I can just imagine her “It just wasn’t really for me and right now I want to focus on [inane bullshit]” vlog now.

No. 569849

"Why I Left Fashion School" and the thumbnail is her making a concerned face with her finger on her mouth.

No. 569850

I want to destroy capitalism solely because Jillian would have nothing to mane videos about anymore

No. 569851

LOL right? The entire reason she's able to be an uguu youtube personality is that she's able to buy a lot of shit. That's like. Her one talent.

No. 569853


Talents Include:
Mommy money

No. 569854

That's it. That's her resume.

No. 569861

You actually wasted your time responding to this? Your really are fucking pathetic it's comical. Get ass blasted over some words beyond your vocabulary? Kek.(derailing)

No. 569863

oh my god somebody ban this off topic motherfucker already

No. 569864

you seem mad, friend


No. 569867

Still grinding on Jill spending her parents money? That's hardly any thing to get bent over, she does so many things that are substantially worse. What irks me is the fact that she tries to act like a fucking know it all when it comes to topics she has zero experience with for example: the lbgt community, being a lesbian, drag culture, Japanese fashion, fashion design and sewing as a whole, linguistic fluency in both French and Japanese and so and so forth. Can't wait till she crosses the wrong bitch with what comes out of they stupid mouth of hers, she will get her ass handed back to her.

No. 569869

Oh my god yes, this too. It's one of her more insufferable traits. She has no reflex that shuts her the fuck up whenever she's mildly interested in anything. She always tries to act like a fucking authority and grub for superior fan status with everything. Just goes to show that she's covering up her bland shit personality.

No. 569877

She always says certain things are sooo important to her and goes on about what huge fan she is of something when she barely even knows anything about the subject mentioned. Kek Make matters worse her delusional mother has enforced the special snowflake mentality of Jill's, I think it's due to the fact Louise knows that her daughter's a socially retarded woman with zero talent. It's so fucking weird how her mother tags along with her to all her events and travels like special needs chaperon.

No. 569879

The problem with her spending her parent’s money isn’t financial (her parents clearly aren’t hurting for cash), it’s how it informs the rest of her interactions. Like you said, she acts like the authority on every topic and I think a lot of that attitude comes from her expectation to have anything and everything she’s marginally interested in immediately.

Just take her shopping habits (hauls, hauls, hauls) and how proud she is of them as an example. It’s as if she equates her unlimited purchasing power with actual cred, status, or authority.

No. 569882

You hit the nail on the head! Everything to do with her is about status! It's insane. She can never be humble about an interest or a purchase, it either has to be conducive to status credibility or bragging about things that the peasant viewers can't afford. Kek
I wonder what her classmates will think about this spoiled rotten turd.

No. 569912

If I remember correctly in a previous thread, one of her middle school/high school classmates talked about what she was like and said she was normal/nice enough but tried so hard to be well liked by EVERYONE. So I’m thinking her issue is she wants everyone to like her/validate her but the only way she knows how is by being NUMBAH 1. Maybe this is why she got so butthurt when the girls laughed at her shit style in forever 21, because she wants to be liked by ALL and it didn’t happen in that instance.

No. 569975

File: 1525087296474.jpg (220.73 KB, 1080x975, 20180430_082010.jpg)

No. 569976

File: 1525087314965.jpg (112.45 KB, 1080x588, 20180430_082044.jpg)

No. 570030

Jesus christ Jill you fatass

No. 570052

A great role model for her younger followers. Nothing against getting smashed every once in a while but she's being an idiot by posting this.

No. 570074

Well at least this is on her personal page, so it's not like her fans will see it.

No. 570086

File: 1525098732987.png (1.49 MB, 2528x1245, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 14.4…)

you inspired me

No. 570087

this is amazing. next thread pic pls

No. 570092

Any predictions?

No. 570167

>will talk about how she can't relate to any of the hobbyists taking the classes bc muh passion and act uppity towards fellow students, will have no friends in classes for this reason and will be mostly ignored in general
>convenient social anxiety kicks in when she sees no one is kissing her ass, video about how she feels lonely cus no one understands her
>video incoming when the first teacher she has criticizes her color palette choices
>will probably pick a fight with the teachers if they have assignments on clothing items or fabrics she doesn't wear herself, cry about how her creativity isn't being allowed
>townhome will be a complete dump and louise will have to come by to clean it for poor depressed baby jill when she prepares to go back home

No. 570175

File: 1525105228263.png (130.91 KB, 870x1052, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.19…)

>will probably pick a fight with the teachers if they have assignments on clothing items or fabrics she doesn't wear herself, cry about how her creativity isn't being allowed

Look at her course list. She won't be doing anything fashion-centric her first year. It's a foundation arts year.

No. 570179

in this case i think she will be too bored to get through these classes for a year and possibly realize she only likes 'fashion' because she likes to spend money, if she develops any self awareness

i cant imagine her not complaining in the color study course or the drawing from observation course… she will probably try to draw anime scenes or something stupid like that instead of following what everyone else does because its not rainby enough

media explorations will also be all anime related or betsey johnson / lazy oaf / harajuku

No. 570191

>2d design

oh good we get more "anime" art.

No. 570197

I think 2d design would be technical drawing rather than illustration. At least I would hope so

No. 570198

File: 1525107804372.png (713.3 KB, 691x831, 888f271.png)

The editing compared to >>569761

No. 570199

File: 1525108083111.png (33.41 KB, 720x146, Screenshot_2018-04-30-19-03-57…)

rubik's cube ?

more like

rubbish cunt

No. 570208

What’s frustrating is that if she likes buying fashion and putting outfits together, then she can be a buyer or a marketer or something like that. Why is she making herself do something she doesn’t seem to want to do?

No. 570209

not sure about hers but my uni's site says 2D includes digital and illustrated concept designs and 3D includes pattern making and garment construction so…i guess we'll see.

No. 570213

the only real way she could do that is by becoming a personal shopper, but she doesn't understand how to put her own outfits together so i can hardly imagine her being able to work outside of her box to choose looks for someone else.

not only that but i imagine she thinks this will be like project runway or some other annoying american reality tv program.

No. 570218

Wheres the
>if you are 12 close your eyes

No. 570223

I have to admit, I snorted at that.

No. 570255

i hate people who use the term 'stan' i only imagine all of them are just as obnoxious as jill.

No. 570271

Idk about Canada, but in the US, there are buying and merchandising programs at actual fashion schools like FIT, FIDM, Parsons, etc. It's not like you can't get a formal education from industry professionals in that line of work. Or she could have worked her way up at Claire's and used that experience to get a more legitimate buying job. But that would require effort and not having a special snowflake job title like ~fashion designer~

No. 570305

Of course, we have schools with those programs, but Jill neglected all the best choices for this hobby tier vocational school because it's closest to her mother. She has no sense of strategy for her future.

No. 570333

I will never get over her eyebrows. It's so kawaii to look like a 40 year old crackhead at some shitty dadrock music festival who got creative with some crayons.

No. 570341

I wanna see the original, unedited, greasy & disgusting version of that picture. She’s so nasty and tacky.

No. 570624

File: 1525136884619.png (743.21 KB, 919x596, Screen shot 2018-04-30 at 8.07…)

Not Jill, but interesting that her friend is also getting in Cosplay Realm. Especially since Ota-Q has nothing to do with cosplay.

No. 570669

It does cater to otaku so I guess that is why. Also it said kawaii issue

No. 570688

Kawaii means cute, not fashion. Just because it's kawaii themed doesn't mean they needed to include so much fashion related stuff.

No. 570724

what the fuuuck LOOOL
i dont know what it is about this picture but i literally bursted out laughing when I saw it

No. 570726

File: 1525145296780.jpg (66.73 KB, 500x386, 409618.jpg)

New skinwalker?

No. 570729

I don't even get what this means. is she proud of being hungover and so unproductive she doesn't wake up until the middle of the night??

No. 571105

File: 1525198180136.png (3.14 MB, 1242x2208, 49C45BDA-179D-4AAE-9B2D-531B53…)

No. 571109

She has so many nice things yet she decides to look this awful

No. 571113

If I have to hear anyone say the word "lewk" again I'm going to scream.

No. 571114

Someone really needs to tell her that more =/= better. A lot of what she owns would be nice for separate outfits but she just slaps everything together to make one big, eye-searing clusterfuck.

No. 571116

Her outfits just get worse and worse, what the fuck is this… this is something that weebs wear at 13 years old when they just found out about decora

No. 571139

The shitty locks of hair on the sides look so awful… How can she believe this looks good?

No. 571141

she should win an award for world's worst taste

No. 571303

she sees kawaii I see old Hasidic Jewish man

No. 571306

outfit consists of:
>precure a la mode
>mahou girls precure
>sailor moon

Jill's version of Mahou kei seems to be wearing all the different magical girl merch she owns huh

No. 571317

File: 1525213235242.jpeg (20.18 KB, 312x471, images (5).jpeg)

Mahou Kei is supposed to be either a very cute outfit with magical girl elements or it is supposed to make you look like a magical girl after transformation. Not this bullshit

No. 571352

See this is cute in a very campy kind of way. Even though I kind of hate those leggings. She still looks cute and youthful.

And somehow >>571105 Jill here just looks like a magical granny. She's literally wearing granny glasses, her dress looks like a moomoo, the frumpy looking cardigan, and that matronly looking bun. Mahou obakei?

No. 571385

She hasn’t looked this awful in a while, wow. The hair bunch teamed with those granny glasses really doesn’t help her face at all as she just looks older, her face is too round and the glasses too big for her to pull off. The dress is a shapeless sack and shouldn’t be worn with a shaped jacket(I assume she’s trying to hide her arms in some form). What gets me though is the speratic use of magical girl items, just too many in one place. The bag and pouch sit awkwardly at her middle so it makes her look even bigger as it creates a clump of a body. Then the short stubby wand, I know your trying to show off your wealth Jill but you have better items to choose from. Can’t wait too see what other messy coords lie ahead in future.

No. 571408

The problem with wearing actual childrens accessories is that you look like a major dumbass if worn on a regular adult body. Those two bags look so small compared to her figure, she's such a wreck

No. 571427

She is going downhill so fast and she hasn't even moved out yet. Also the fabric on that dress looks thinner than tissue paper and that print looks so messy.

No. 571437

You are right. She really aged herself with those glasses.

No. 571440

the precure bag is fine, but she should have loosened the strap, or worn it a different way, but i agree.

i hate how she's just slapped on everything like a walking itabag or something. it's not a good look and there's no fucking theme.

No. 571459

File: 1525222266125.png (670.95 KB, 927x1315, 20180501_204944.png)


No. 571473


Sorry dioshit but we don't know what you're "huh"ing over.

No. 571475



No. 571490

The obvious photoshop done on her arm. Actually look at it and you can see where she made her arm thinner.

No. 571505

>lazy bun
>children’s 50 cent hair clips
>bunched up jacket
>purse doesn’t fit her
>dress is too big
>greasy hands all over that expensive wand

Stop Jill I beg of you

No. 571591

No the bag is a children’s bag and it’s made small. It doesn’t look ok

No. 571600


listen jill, holy fuck, "throwing all this stuff that I own on together at one time" is not a cohesive look just because there's a little pink in everything

please god learn to have more taste than you have money again, my broke ass can't handle this??

No. 571619

so? it doesn't matter, small bags exist for women too, but she should have styled it differently.

No. 571634

Isn't this bag just several inches under her chest?

No. 571646

that's why i said it would look better if she loosened the strap, it would be lower.

but anyways of course precure shit is for kids, the series is for kids.

No. 571713

>i hate how she's just slapped on everything like a walking itabag or something. it's not a good look and there's no fucking theme.

it's kimura yu modeling for galaxxxy, she most likely did not pick the outfit or put it together

No. 571724

File: 1525245950924.jpg (381.92 KB, 710x842, S80502-101929(1).jpg)

that's pretty old but wow that's rough

No. 571739

File: 1525250327056.png (21.9 KB, 556x536, sparkle_dog_adopt__ota__open__…)

I really don't get why she/her fans keep saying that her new hair colors make her look like a magical girl. I've never seen a magical girl with garish colors like that, she honestly just reminds me of those scene dogs that everyone on deviantart drew years ago.

No. 571826

it's loosened as far as it can go BECAUSE its a childs bag. It won't get loosened further than that because children aren't that big

No. 571831

File: 1525271206850.png (261.11 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180502-072605.png)

This is horrific.

No. 571832

No. 571837

>>571832 I hate to think how much that fan spent on the wand.

No. 571841

Of course Jillian's top favie is PriPara. There's just so many random ~mahou shoujo~ uwu obnoxious wands and books and shit in that anime just so they can make as much money out of the franchise as possible. As soon as you watch it you instantly think that things have been hashed in to the series so they can later be sold as pwetty toys!~ tehe!

No. 571842

File: 1525272876900.jpg (22.39 KB, 240x320, peyos.jpg)

looks like she got some fashion inspiration in New York

No. 571847

Why has she started saying "whenever" instead of "when" like Heather Sparkles? I swear she didnt do that before
It fucks me off so much lmao

No. 571848

why does she ask her fans for expensive stuff like that when shes so bloody rich herself ??

No. 571859

I don't know if she did it more than usual in this vid or if it's finally just gotten truly insufferable for me, but godDAMn Jill you don't have to fucking screech at the top of your lungs for the whole duration of the video. Fuck.

No. 571860

File: 1525275916202.png (836.85 KB, 711x707, disp.png)

the glasses and nasolabial folds give me serious gypsy rose vibes

i genuinely think jill is a cute girl but the way she styles herself is so tragic and unflattering and it's getting worse and worse

No. 571861

she can find a way to price drop for anything, she didn't need to bring up the price of the dolls to explain the story, but acted like it was totally necessary to not only mention it but show a screencap of how much she paid for shipping.

No. 571878


I find it really funny how in this video when she says "kawaii" she sounds like shes saying "kowai" which means scary hahah

No. 571892

File: 1525279969785.jpg (105.1 KB, 1280x720, 1280x720-4c1.jpg)

i cant believe jillian vessey was in the mighty boosh

No. 571906

This is the thing that reeeeeeally gets on my nerves with Heather Sparkles, and now Jill is doing it too?! Who made these girls think that's how English works? Why? I just don't understand why someone would think "whenever" can be used in the place of "when." It's just so, so wrong.

No. 571919

her brows are horrific………….

No. 571955

Eels up inside ya, finding an entrance where they can.

No. 571976

I don’t understand what y’all are making a fuss about. Can you give an example of when she incorrectly uses the word? I mean Jill uses so much baby talk, I don’t get how it stands out.

No. 571997

"When" should be used when there is a unique event and the exact time/instance is known (ie. when I saw Pixie's new hair, I vommed). "Whenever" should be used when the time is uncertain or the event happens often (ie. whenever I go to the Confetti Club facebook page, I see a sperg).

@7:19 is a good example.
"Whenever I found out they were doing the original two Pretty Cure, I freaked out"
Here, she freaked out WHEN she found out about the figures. She didn't freak out multiple times; she isn't waiting to freak out once she hears about the figures. She's already found out and freaked out about them. She should use when.

Sage for offtopic and grammar nazi

(But seriously this is annoying and you should learn how to use these words correctly)

No. 572001

>>571997 but anon grammar isn't ~kawaii!!!

No. 572044

sort of random, but I don't think Jill understands that part of looking attractive is being healthy and taking care of yourself. eating healthy food, exercising, drinking water and taking care of your skin and hair can make a huge difference in how you look, its not all makeup and clothing. Her hair is so damaged from straightening, it would look and feel so much healthier if she had a proper hair routine and just left it curly. I don't understand why Jill needs to straighten it so much, it just ages her.

No. 572053

File: 1525294314947.jpg (13.25 KB, 500x332, TOpkek.jpg)

No. 572064

Anyone know the price of that wand?

No. 572072

File: 1525295559155.jpg (247.1 KB, 2787x768, dude.jpg)

jill come on…

No. 572076

omg yes thank you it literally makes me want to gouge my eyes out!! like plz make your speech worse . jillian, i dare you ugh

No. 572088

File: 1525296282805.jpg (147.37 KB, 1310x1250, 1525296231329.jpg)

Found a slightly different edition on ebay

No. 572091

No. 572098

omg those goofy extentions

No. 572104

File: 1525297697481.png (87.77 KB, 767x218, Screen shot 2018-05-02 at 4.48…)

Maybe she got this one?

No. 572147

She said it was 15 years old. I would think she could have gotten one for $20-30 if it meant that much to her.

No. 572164

Jill's not even remotely rich. She's comfortable but not rich. Kek Someone legitimately wealthy doesn't live in a track home like she does.

No. 572170

File: 1525301774717.jpg (860.01 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20180502-235526.jpg)

How many parcels a day do you think arrive at her house srsly

No. 572171

File: 1525301860022.jpg (251.16 KB, 1080x853, Screenshot_20180502-235709.jpg)

More crap she has purchased

No. 572179

The term “rich” is subjective. But her family IS upper middle class for Canadian standards. The only reason they haven’t upgraded house is because her father is attached to the home he’s been living in for 30-40 years. I’m assuming Louise wanted to look at other real estate based on what Jill has said but her father refused. They would have no problems affording McMansions or other American-style real estate but that type of “architecture” is rare in Atlantic Canada. It’s like 99% old wood homes everywhere.

No. 572218

> "(looking at you liz lisa)"

i love how she's trying to play it off as if it's not her style when in reality it simply just won't fit her

No. 572238

File: 1525307920385.jpg (151.97 KB, 1080x839, Screenshot_20180503-013814.jpg)

No. 572242

> not my style


No. 572243

Wonder where the heifer is waddling off to?

No. 572246

True. She's got money to blow on garbage. It's a shame she doesn't at least purchase beautiful, high quality clothing.Everything she has purchased are cheap, garish and impractical. But muh aesthetics
dictate her shit taste in things. How does a person waste so much money on plastic garbage? It's impressive really.

No. 572294

She meant that Jill looks like garbage, not the model

No. 572318

nothing about this bothers me more then how the precure bag is so short and small on her. looks so fucking stupid, i would say she needs to extend the strap but i dont think it gets any longer. she just needs to put a new strap on it. she knows at least the bare minimum about sewing so it should be a fairly quick fix. idk why it irritates me so much but it definitely does.

No. 572323

This watch is $150+ (not counting the shipping through Japan and stuff). I want to know how much she spends on increasing her hoard monthly because this is ridiculous. She needs to be sent away to a therapy home for shopping addictions

No. 572392

Can't believe she's already ruined her $300 shoes… I mean, I can, just. fuck.

No. 572431

When shes talking about forgetting to put the LO purple bag in the new york videos… was that the time of the plagiarism stuff happening?

>whyyyyyy why did I forget to do that?!?!

Uh because you were on the fence about supporting LO ?

No. 572441

That watch looks so cheap. Vending machine cheap.

No. 572446

guarantee it's off her wrist within a week

No. 572476

>>572323 Lmao Jill's fitbit might as well go in the trash too then.

No. 572513

this shitty bun makes her look like dreamytabby

No. 572516

genuine question, does a SINGLE day go by where she doesn't purchase something/have something arrive at her house?

No. 572617

>>572516 if she isn't ordering online, she's at Michaels. I think her shipping will only increase when she has an entire town house to store her stuff.

No. 572618

what could she possibly be doing if it wasn't buying stuff ? working on fashion design ? Topkek
jokes aside,it's genuinely sad that she only lives through that

No. 572661

File: 1525356707667.jpg (196.4 KB, 1080x616, Screenshot_20180503-151132.jpg)

No. 572712

that's what I was thinking…
like she got that thing tattooed on her leg and keeps going on about how it was her ~dream item~ all along, but she wasn't able to get it herself? weren't all of her other wands a couple hundred bucks? so weird

No. 572744

How long until "go to each other's houses" turns into "hide in my house and continue to obsessively online shop and order chicken tendies and pizza because mental health"?

No. 572748

honestly I think it might just turn into
>spending all her time with her 'friends' and going drinking too much/completely ignoring school
Jill is incapable of doing things in modeation, so yeah either she'll get too into the whole "just being an average 20 year old getting wasted uwu" thing too much or have another ~I'm so mentally ill~ phase

No. 572761

File: 1525367546219.jpg (82.98 KB, 504x504, IMG_7009.JPG)

She looks like a drag king I used to know. And that's not a compliment.

Also I can't fucking stand that way she talks where she pulls her lip back as if she doesn't have a top row of teeth.

No. 572764

>>572748 or getting wasted alone whilst skyping Jon

No. 572783

>dat arm hair

I know anons talk about this all the time but I really think Jill may want to look into therapy. Shopping addiction is no fucking joke. It's not something to mess around with. Even with the amount of money she is making, she is spending an inordinate amount on things she doesn't really even like. She buys impulsively and is probably receiving multiple packages a week.

When you normalize CONSTANT shopping/buying, like Jill, it is so easy for that shit to pile up and overtake your life. Not just the literal material items, but the compulsive need to browse (either online or in physical stores), to buy things, to plan future purchases, etc etc.

Shopping addiction is like any other addiction. It starts out normal and as an obsession that the addict can manage. Then, at some point, it spirals out of control - usually the addict is so far gone at this point that they don't realize it. I'm afraid Jill may be approaching this point of no return. She seriously needs to control her buying habits, I'm probably projecting at least a tiny bit, but seriously. This shit is all fun and games and then all of a sudden you need years of therapy to even begin to correct your fucked up thought patterns.

No. 572805

I agree. I can't remember which video it was, but she said she has tried therapy and it "wasn't for her" because her therapists would latch onto how she dressed and the things she purchased and suggest they might be connected to problems….. like…. no…. you were so close to help and you pushed it away

No. 572810

I checked back, it was in her self harm video at about 16 minutes in

No. 572860

In order for an addict to get help, they have to be willing to change and surrounded by people who support that change. Her mom seems completely resigned to her spending a ridiculous amount of money on her "phases," her parents give her anything she wants, and with youtube she has way more disposable income than most 20 year olds. Why would she stop? Especially if her parents are willing to pay for her rent/other ~boring~ adult stuff, she's never going to have a reason to change.

No. 572892

No. 572915

File: 1525381065302.png (3.12 MB, 1440x1829, Capture _2018-05-03-17-54-55-1…)

No. 573015

Those earrings look like pastel caterpillars and while this outfit is toned down compared to past ones, it's still all over the goddamn place. Choose 1 or 2 colors Jill and stop clashing so badly

No. 573026

We've got yellow wool beret, lavender gingham dress, furry blue and pink bag with that ugly bunny baby keychain, multicolored watch, furry blue earrings, bubblegum pink phone case, and ridiculous neon hair. The only things in this outfit that match are the AP bag and the earrings (which have been worn to death, btw, stop wearing those with everything Jill). Where's the color scheme? You can't just use every pastel hue under the sun and call it good. Gah, she is either just pretending to be this bad at color coordination or she is going to have a hell of a time at school.

No. 573027

Not to mention that garish lip color.

No. 573036

File: 1525386711300.jpg (91.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

What you mention about her parents being 100% okay and supportive of Jill's spending is tragic, but then to add to that, Jill herself makes excuses for her excessive spending by marking it off as "business expenses" for her "youtube job". I really don't think she'll get anywhere in life at the rate she's going, unless her parents pave the way for her with their checkbooks. She's basically CWC but with parents who aren't dirt poor. CWC also went to a community college for design, Jill! You have so much in common!!!

No. 573172

Jill just reminds me of Kate Gabrielle from Scathingly Brilliant. Only she does the pastel vintage aesthetic instead of rainby vomit, but same shit basically.

She's in her 30s and still lives with her parents and I imagine Jill will be the same if she doesn't stick it with her townhouse. Parents pay for everything, massive hoarder, never leaves bedroom etc., only difference is that Kate dyes her hair one shade and puts together semi decent outfits.

No. 573175

lol did she turn that watch >>572170 backwards on her arm so she could show it off? It looks stupid like that jill pls
Also nothing in this outfit matches and I want to burn those earrings so bad. Why won't they die? Why does she wear them like 80% of the time?? Even the stupid crayons are better

No. 573200


Omg, YES. Just with anime sperging instead of vintage film sperging. You are dead on anon.

No. 573213

Chris actually has higher credentials because his associates can transfer when hers is worthless

No. 573634

Why does the person on the right look like margo to me? It can't be just me, right?

No. 573750

Shoot me but I like this and think it’s a good outfit. Not everything needs to be lolita levels of matchy matchy.

No. 573796

i could have accepted this outfit if the beret was pink or purple instead of yellow. this is just too many colors at once.

No. 573861

She has the beret in three colours too, and I think she got the purple one too. I have no idea why she picked the yellow one out of all the berets she has.

The outfit is cute otherwise, I can't help but notice how wide she's gotten though omg

No. 573866

I hate the neckline of the dress in this picture, it looks a lot better with the front tie. But I will admit it's one of the most flattering dresses she owns for herself.

No. 574032

I wonder if I should sew a dress for Jill that's flattering to her body type if she would wear it if I mailed it to her?

No. 574037


Put a fancy price tag on it thats says $300 and then MAYBE.

No. 574048

I was hoping you were kidding but the more I look at the picture the more I'm confused about how she's wearing it. Not only is it backwards but it looks like she's wearing it upside down as well.

No. 574049

why the hell would you waste your time and money on her? she wouldn't wear it or appreciate it.

No. 574053

File: 1525485786305.jpeg (139.28 KB, 624x730, image.jpeg)

I CANNOT wait to see this train wreck of a cosplay

No. 574054

File: 1525485812565.jpeg (67.18 KB, 628x646, image.jpeg)

No. 574093

We were right about that thin cheap plastic-y shiny wig being for her cosplay. At least fix the bangs girlfriend

No. 574278

She actually looks cute with that wig. Kek

No. 574283

I'm late but I. Hate. Her. Hair. Omg…

No. 574364

I think it's so edited she doesn't even look like herself. Isn't that her friend who edits her face to all fuck?

No. 574367

I feel like the eyeliner is helping her the most. Looks so much better than just eyeshadow smeared around her eyes.

No. 574377

That beret is just terrible. Every time she has worn it, it never matches with anything. Maybe if it were a different color it wouldn't be so bad.

Nah, I thought the same. Not just you.

No. 574400

File: 1525534835573.png (374.54 KB, 475x596, ohno.png)

dear lord

No. 574406

I hope she has clip on pigtails for the wig because otherwise it's not very accurate. Also the pigtails might make it more flattering because the wig is so unflattering flat. Also, I know people keep saying this but yikes those bangs.

No. 574437

Yikes. Her makeup is always too harsh and it ages her so much. I wish she would learn to do it in a more natural style.

No. 574490

That wig and eyeliner is giving me her Lolita days vibes. She would look cute if her eyeshadow wasn’t so harsh and bright.

No. 574494

It makes no sense to go OTT with the makeup ~because anime~ and then have a super flat, thin, unstyled wig. Like you just KNOW there are visible wefts. The makeup is also completely inappropriate for >>558944 Jill, you'll never be a drag queen with $10 amazon wigs.

No. 574497

Surprised nobody in Jill's family actually has the nerve to tell her she looks like a retard leaving the house looking like that. What kind of parent let's their child dress so idiotically and isn't embarrassed by it.

No. 574499

She dresses way worse than that one streams and videos with overdone outfits/garments or clashing colors.

No. 574501

She dresses way worse than that one streams and videos with overdone outfits/garments or clashing colors.

No. 574546

This is actually cute imo. She should leave her hair alone for a while and buy some higher quality wigs to wear while her hair grows/heals and then she should just let it be its natural color in a style similar to this wig, but a bit shorter.

No. 574588

If she actually chose a high quality wig and trimmed the bangs evenly I'd agreed, but I expect nothing better from the queen of greasy topknots and ugly scrunchies

No. 574641

from far away it look cute but the closer you get the more awful it looks. What´s with her nose and eyes here? and did she cut the wig with her goddamn lights out?? Jillian ffs

No. 574661

File: 1525558265522.jpg (624.91 KB, 1079x1586, Screenshot_20180505-231031.jpg)

This is the mos colour coordinated she's ever looked

No. 574662

lmao that tweet though
>today I spent half my therapy session crying about @pixieeelocks and how she's my biggest inspiration in terms of moving out and getting a lil apartment of my own and my therapist nodded and said jillian must be a wonderful person and then I started crying more.
Jill being an inspiration for someone to move out pfft

No. 574669

Jesus, wanna lurk a bit more, Jill?

No. 574674

Kek, wrong. She looks as color blind as always

No. 574704

Did the local retirement home lose a dementia patient? She looks like some kooky granny.

No. 574707

her hair is a fucking mess

No. 574718

File: 1525562752940.png (530.77 KB, 709x489, 1234567890.PNG)

No. 574722

File: 1525562989841.png (382.91 KB, 704x755, 6789098765.PNG)

No. 574723

God she's acting like a 10 year old. This just makes it feel like she never had any friends her whole life so now she's just getting super dramatic about this.

No. 574727

Its obvious she's never had friends because she barely knows these people. She met them less than a year ago at a con.. during her own meetup. They were clearly skinwalkers yet Jill is so desperate, she'll pretend any fan of hers that lives within a 6 hour drive is her fucking ~realest bffl~ lmao.

No. 574732

It's so fucking sad. Jillian probably sat in her room eating her weight in peeps for many years

No. 574744

File: 1525565068267.png (1.98 MB, 1440x1658, Capture _2018-05-05-21-02-11-1…)

She looks like Donald Trump

No. 574772

this looks… awful. the eye liner is too harsh and the white on waterline to make eyes look bigger thing never works. looks dumb. wig looks so thin and bangs so poorly cut. just awful.

No. 574773

File: 1525568767870.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1573, 20180505_220541.jpg)

No. 574775

she's looking very beefy here

No. 574776

Jillian… her fuckings arms what kind of shitty food is she eating… her fucking wig and eyebrows.. god.

No. 574780

Lmao can delusion jills not chubby stans pls get a look at this pic where she's clearly not had the opportunity to shoop her nugget peeps limbs smaller

Btfo much

No. 574789

File: 1525570996557.jpg (53.43 KB, 480x271, SoLaMi_Smile's_logo.jpg)

Is she supoosed to be Mirei? She looks nothing like her.

No. 574792

Those fur hoops look like those tacky fake handcuffs people use 'to spice things up' and I literally saw a 50 year old woman in a similar dress but in blue. The shapeless empire waist sack adds another 10 pounds to anyone

No. 574793

How much do you guys think Jillian weights?

No. 574794

She's cosplaying Yui from pripara

No. 574795

No. 574796

It's pretty obvious why she cancelled on ordering the Liz Lisa collab, her arms are too fat to fit in the sleeves lmao. She needs to cut back on her gross garlic fingers diet.

No. 574797

She's 5 foot I believe yikes

No. 574798

And the fact she eats peeps day and night

No. 574800

I wonder why she doesn't wear most of her clothes from Japan anymore. Also doesn't she have a pink tennis skirt she did wear all the time? Maybe it didn't fit this time because she has a gut now

No. 574801

140-150 pounds I guess. My aunt is the same height and she looked like that after she had her first baby.

No. 574804

Jill probably has a similar body type to most of the people in the Confetti Cult now. She's a great leader, even gained weight to blend in with the masses haha

No. 574808

Such a 🐖

No. 574811

I'd say at least 150, Im her height but I look thinner (or maybe I just carry it better) but no way she's 140

No. 574812

peeps are only 5 calories

No. 574813

Looks like she shooped her eyes bigger, and made her nose look smaller while also making it round in the center when it’s v shaped

No. 574815

Peeps are 28 calories per serving which is 5 of them anon. Also they're pure sugar and they're a recipe for weight gain if you constantly eat them.

No. 574817

Her mouth looks weird

No. 574827

Peeps are 28 calories each. One serving is 140 calories.

No. 574834

No. 574841

jesus christ her friends look fine, cute even, but jill oh my…. how can she look that bad??

No. 574842

File: 1525577931443.jpg (92.58 KB, 1126x791, JcwUrar.jpg)


girl with the pink wig is a great because it shows how busted jill is. they seem to have a similar height, doing the some pose, and somehow pink wig girl looks cute while jill looks haggard. i'd say its the makeup that ages her face a lot, compared to the girl on left that seems to be wearing a natural beat.

also, notice how they're both similar height but the girl on the pink wig clearly has a way smaller waist than jill. she's clearly skinnier. but if you compare the legs and arms they look similar to jill's. photoshop much? and even then you can still tell jill is pudgier. she seems to look real similar to jill and manages to be 100 times cuter. what's her excuse?


am 5'0, and so are all the woman in my family : she's somewhere around +140. i'd say 150 tops, but i think she's probably on her way there still. wish we could see more candid pics where she isn't shooped and posing to hell and back. shame she never leaves the house, we can't see the true mess. the next meetup where she's 160. also, she seems like the type to do the lipo ala mariah or trisha paytas when things get terrible.

pic related progress pics i found of a 5'0 woman who seems to carry her weight similarly to jill.

No. 574844

File: 1525578188146.jpg (25.65 KB, 481x356, tumblr_inline_mhcf81plEJ1qz4rg…)

she looks like the max and ruby bunny and not in a cute way

No. 574855

Jesus she looks like the fucking joker.

No. 574860

File: 1525580505449.png (505.22 KB, 424x640, f8565efecf8b0a10bb4f01534d2e21…)

Man… Just man she looks so different and bad

No. 574866

everyone acts like she looks so good in these old pics, but if you look at her face she looks just as harsh/ugly as ever. she isn't a pretty girl features wise. I mean, she looks less bad in that she's styled right and photoshopped slim, but she still looks like fucking garbage if you were to crop it to just her face; 'kawaii' doesn't favor her saggy, harsh-lined features at all

No. 574896

I think people are mostly comparing her to how she looks now when they say she looked good back then. I predict that in two years when she's twice the weight she is now that we'll be looking at photos she posted around this time and say the same shit.

No. 574920

lol on her latest livestream she was saying how ever since she got back from NY she hasn't eaten any candy and actually started cooking/working out
if that was actually true there would have been some visible progress by now, but instead she's just losing any waist definition she had before

No. 574926

didn't she take a picture just like this last year with two diff girls?

No. 574929


With Wendy (purple hair) and Tracey (Asian) at Halcon I believe.

No. 574931

File: 1525589982606.jpg (325.37 KB, 506x588, New Canvas.jpg)

You mean this?
It's a bit funny how they changed out one person.

No. 574932

smh she's doing that same ugly face expression but now it looks even worse because of the weight gain

No. 574935

That pink skirt would have worked ok with the pripara shirt.she probably doesn't fit into it now with all the weight gain

No. 574936


oh i remember that OG pink skirt, she used to wear it for everything. probably doesn't fit her anymore and that's why she isn't using it nowadays. also in the old pic jill was probably the better looking out of the 3 girls, in the new pic she's the worst looking out of all her friends. amazing progress, jill!

No. 574937

Didn't she use it for her shitty vday look book?

No. 574939

>replacing the girl uglier than you with a cuter one
Dumb move, Jill.

No. 574943

The only reason she looks passable here is because it was taken with SNOW.

Who told her bangs are supposed to go all the way across your face from ear to ear????

No. 574948

That is soooooo not what 140/150 would look like on someone her height. I'd say no less than 170.

No. 574949

File: 1525592273679.png (452.39 KB, 693x481, tgyhuiop.PNG)


meh, she did and you can easily tell it does not fit her the way it used to.

plus that lookbook was 3 months go. and she used to wear it for everything and then kinda forgot about it, probably cause she looks terrible in it now. but we know jill lurks every single thread about her, so now she's 100% going to post a pic or video wearing this skirt to shut down the haters. or at least adress it in a livestream with: i donated it uwu

No. 574960

File: 1525596711397.jpeg (124.2 KB, 640x842, FFF67C1D-93ED-4419-8DEF-8C6053…)

Better than Jill’s? Lol

No. 574966

Aaaaaaand the watch is gone lmfao

No. 574968

File: 1525598073145.jpg (39.17 KB, 700x700, jic017a.jpg)

That reminds me, during her last stream she got this Irregular Choice necklace from a fan (the same one that got her that PreCure heart wand thingie).
Jill was going on about how much she ~luvs~ it but I haven't seen her wear it a single time since that stream, I reckon it's because it features a unicorn lol.

No. 574969

waaaaayyyy better

its so ugly not even jill would wear it

No. 574981

No. 575016

File: 1525610311303.jpg (29.77 KB, 410x501, _20180506_133708.JPG)

She looks like a goblin (also those arms jesus christ)

No. 575018

HILARIOUS. Thanks for that comparison anon.

No. 575273

oh damn I'm instagram mutuals with nanamidoll and I had totally forgotten that she was friends with jill , can't wait for the complete cosplay holy shit it's gonna be wonderful

No. 575303

i just do not understand how someone can look at a picture like this of themselves and post it online…

No. 575305

why tf she look like mr.bean?

No. 575366

Can someone please shop mr bean in that cosplay magazine set for the next thread picture?

No. 575408

this tattoo looks like its laughing in the face of jill's

No. 575422

File: 1525650036534.jpg (425.45 KB, 750x969, pixiebeanieuwu.jpg)

No. 575426

this is art. bless you anon

No. 575428

I hope someone sends this to her

No. 575473

truly, a thing of beauty.

No. 575526

Next thread pic please! It's perfect!

No. 575537

>changed out one person
Apparently because Jill managed to wreck a whole clique and then scooted off out just leaving them in the dust. I have multiple friends who are ex-friends with Jill and nobody wants to know her any more.

No. 575543

Anon do you have any inside stories of particular incidents? Or is it just cases of Jill leaving them in the dust without a word and them not bothering to chase her for an answer?

No. 575551

Maybe they realized how shitty Jillian is.

No. 575566

oh, do tell. we haven't had a good insider milk session since alyssa's sister

No. 575607

File: 1525665619988.png (2.64 MB, 1433x2096, Capture _2018-05-07-00-04-59-1…)

Pictures with Wendy, Jillian and Jenny are gone. Wonder what happened

No. 575612

Her and Jill aren’t friends on Facebook anymore either
I remember back in the thread when Jill had her meetup that someone outed that they had attended the meet, think its likely that Tracey has been posting on here about her and maybe her other friends told Jill about it? They did meet in Jills Lolita days, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Tracey had been in on the drama from the beginning

No. 575619

Was that not the same girl she was supposed to move in with during college?

No. 575620

Jillian avoided the girl at the meet up who posted here though. Doesn't seem like Jillian avoided Tracey

No. 575622

File: 1525667158006.png (601.72 KB, 1165x716, 098765456789.PNG)

No. 575624

AhhHahhahhahaha get fucked jill

No. 575664

Tracey dropping Jill must of happen very recently as Tracey was featured in the segment Jill had on that Kawaii web show. Must be really awkward now they’re no longer friends

No. 575671

File: 1525674306251.png (358.17 KB, 552x543, 1493897789434.png)

Mr bean in the cosplay is just too fucking perfect kek.

No. 575674

PreCure Mr Bean made my day, thank you anon. Next thread pic please!

No. 575692

File: 1525676498557.png (162 KB, 960x738, jillvisualizer.png)

I know everyone wants Jill to be fat but 170 would be obese at her height. it would be obese at my height and i'm six inches taller than her. It's more likely that shes around 130.
Pic related, body visualizer that looks like her. 5'0 at 130 pounds

No. 575696

130 at 5'0" is still slightly overweight though. Just not obese. Jill is little chubby, just not straight up "fat".

No. 575718


>I know everyone wants Jill to be fat

literally every other anon itt said she was 140, there was only one person who said 170 and no one replied because that was crazy fat even for jill. also if you're not the same height as her, the other anons who are actually similar height know better than you do. 140 at 5'0 is still fat, not death fat, but obviously fat. 130 at 5'0 iis also fat.

i don't know why whiteknights fight tho death about this, she's obviously not skinny and praises body positivity. overweight = fat = chubby = whatever you wanna call it. she might not be obese, but its not a compliment to say "well she's overweight and ugly, BUT HEY GUYS SHE'S NOT OBESE". talk about low standards.

No. 575723

Anon who said she was prob 170 here.
The reason I think she's that heavy is mainly comparing her to people around me. My sister is barely 2 inches taller than her and about 175 and looks very similar to her.

Regardless of the lbs tho, it's not out of bounds to say she's overweight just by looking at her. And I find it really shitty that she screams about how body positive we should all be but she shaves off her extra chin and slims herself down by 30lbs I. Photoshop. Makes you wonder what she really thinks. Especially when so many CC girls are as big as her, if not bigger.(blogpost)

No. 575737

Can we stop with the numbers debate? Its just causing in-fighting and is adding nothing

No. 575776

Actually we did have an old middle school friend of jill spill the dirt on her early adolescence, her relationships with Walker and Urma etc. A few months after Alyssa's sister popped by.

It's been a good year for the Jill threads.

Not even remotely surprised that their clique had a falling out. Tracey has always been obnoxious, even when Jill started her pixielocks blogspot, just before her channel, Tracey was trying so hard to co-run Jill's fashion blog. It was obvious she wanted to hog the spotlight. Jill is already obnoxious and fame hungry, so they clearly wouldn't last as friends.

Just the way Jill started pretending to be close friends with Kenzie and Tracey after Colin dumped her. Making Kenzie drive all the way to PEI for moral support. Then throwing them under the bus after their failed halcon masquerade, openly saying she wanted to be judged alone, shit talking them with Wendy, planning cosplay group with Wendy/Jenny a year ahead of time (tracey/kenzie obviously were not invited to participate).

Anyways, Wendy won't last either. Especially if they end up rooming together but even if Jill lives alone, they'll still have a falling out before or during first year of school. They barely know each other to begin with and Jill has no ability to keep a genuine friendship regardless, so when we see smoke we'll know there's fire.

No. 575786

I wonder what the postman thinks of her

No. 575789

Did…she really just spend $82 on 4 Pusheen boxes?

No. 575790

I'm pretty sure that that's just for the one box

No. 575791

File: 1525697967079.png (839.43 KB, 1019x566, Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 8.56…)


….did she really complain about the one slipper being folded over? Is she too stupid to see that it's because it's connected to the one in the foreground and the weight is pulling it?

This is such a boring video, she thinks she's cool because she's being so ~cutthroat~ but she's just being nit-picky as fuck. No wonder no brands want to sponsor her lol

No. 575792

File: 1525698367141.jpg (73.21 KB, 280x828, shipping_chart.jpg)

"Quarterly Plan = costs $43.95 per box plus shipping, you will be billed every time your box ships. Annual Plan = costs $39.95 per box plus shipping, you will be billed for all 4 boxes at signup."

No. 575793

File: 1525698539232.jpg (25.5 KB, 619x629, 1525698308032.jpg)

The black roots and white scalp look like a highway or something

No. 575795

Yes, so she paid $82 CAD on that one box, $63.95 USD

No. 575797

Haven't seen the video myself yet, but if she's being as nitpicky as you say, she could be trying to emulate her new best friend Kelly Eden. Kelly's notorious for spending 10 minutes alone criticising the cardboard box the items arrive in.

No. 575798

Man, roots are so easy to do yourself too. Especially as she just puts block colours over it. This is painful.

No. 575812

I tried watching this but I couldn't… it's so bad…

No. 575813

What I find most annoying is that any video where she actually sets out to give a review it's always rushed and half-assed. Half the things she didn't even open just showed them in the packaging and gave them a weird star rating based on that. I'd be so much more interested if she took the time to take things out and try them but she just wants to show off.

No. 575830

I got so pissed when she said she "didn't care" about the water bottle. It was super cute and I'd be so grateful if I had a water bottle as cute as that. It's such a nice water bottle as well. Like, it's one of the best items in the box and she gave it a low rating solely because she has other "travel cups". sage

No. 575857

Okay I don’t really care if someone can guess who I am but deleted my last posts to put it all in one. I don’t run in the same circles as Jill and Tracey but I was told by a close friend of a friend that Jill got with one of Tracey’s best friends slash almost boyfriend and that really tore Tracey and Jill’s groups apart. Nobody in that circle wants to associate with Jill any more.

According to said friend Jill and Tracey’s almost-bf went on a little vacation somewhere around New Years. At least I know that Jill and that group were together around then but she went away with Luke (maybe? Not sure about her friends) secretly without the rest of the group to fuck or something. Neither Tracey nor her friends even have Jill on FB any more but I can’t remember which friend it was that Jill got with.

Basically she’s kept up her dick-hopping act and that’s why Tracey and co aren’t best buds with her any more.

No. 575859

this! her rainbow bangs were wide, these wig bangs are wide, and now that she wears her bangs up it reveals the weird short parts of hair at the front corners of her head (i dont even know how those developed…). i think if she had some face framing pieces it would flatter her face and maybe even make her makeup look less OTT

No. 575872

Tracey's friend is Lucas I believe.

No. 575874

Didn't she do something similar with Tristan? Wasn't Colin tristans best friend?

No. 575882

You are an artist anon!

No. 575884


Yeah, he was also the ex of her best friend at the time (named Gillian iirc?)
I'm skeptical but I definitely wouldn't put it past Jill to get involved with someone she knows her friend is interested in.

No. 575885

What a shitty person. She's a whore

No. 575896

Depends on how somebody also carries their weight, anon! My sister is 5'1 135lbs she's very muscular from playing soccer some what similar to Jill's height weight ratio. I'm 5'8 165lbs, over weight but my weight goes to my midsection only, my legs are muscular,arms are thin and my hips are narrow asf. It depends on the person's bone structure. Jill is broad built for being of a shorter stature, so any weight will make her look like a stumpy beef cake.(blogpost)

No. 575902

Oh lovely, I thought Jill couldn't get worse
No wonder she only has like two friends who barely know her

No. 575905

She always has to be the best at everything, cant have a person being interested in her friend without her having a go first to prove that everyone is second to her

No. 575908

When will Jillian just admit she's so heterosexual, that the actual thought of being a real ~*rainy lesbian *~ makes her cringe? I mean seriously who does she think she is fooling? She's a cock hopping hoe who loves dick! Kek She will find herself a man in no time. She maybe gross but she still attracts guys.

No. 575911

New years? So a couple of weeks after abruptly dumping her gf, she secretly hooks up with a guy one of her only friends is interested in, causing her to lose that friend group? I can't even pretend to be shocked that she's that awful.

No. 575913

I wouldn't really put this past Jill but it would still be nice to have some actual proof/confirmation for this, especially if anons are still planning on doing a video on Jill one day.
Would be nice to contrast her "omg I wuv my friends so much we all made friendship bracelets and I cried ;w;" shit with her trying to fuck her friend's bf.

No. 575920

If I remember correctly Jillian mentioned in a stream she was going to Halifax to see someone.

No. 575933

Jill went to Halifax to go to a NYE party at Lucas's house. She met up with Tracey, Wendy, and Jenny there. Tracey is no longer friends with any of them, although she went to Japan with Wendy and Jenny in March. So did Tracey not know until then or did she just suck it up and go because they already had it all booked?

No. 575934


Samefagging just to clarify I don't know Jill or anyone in her social circle in the slightest, this is just info I remember being passed around in earlier threads.


I agree. I wouldn't be surprised if this was true considering the sketchy shit she pulled with Colin, someone was caught out for pretending to know Jill and making shit up a few threads back, so there's no reason someone wouldn't do it again.

No. 575940

The guys Jill fucks have absolutely no standards. The bitch doesn't even shower, her junk is probably all gross and covered in leftover glitter, it's disgusting

No. 575952

I find it funny that Jill likes Pusheen, cause Pusheen is a non japanese/korean/asian brand character. And jill's favorite clothing brands are non japanese.

Anyways, didn't she used to like Rilakkuma when she wanted to be a lowkey milkyfawn skinwalker?

No. 575991

Also not part of Jill's friend group and only know Jill from mutuals. Can confirm that this happened. I never liked Jill before due to my personal experience of her, but hearing about this drama really took her from a whiny child to a full out bitch.

No. 575992

Rilakkuma is too mainstream for her I think

No. 575993

Now that you mention this anon, there is some proof floating around in the form of the NYE vlog that Jill never posted. I remember her talking about it and hyping it up for two weeks (both in twitter posts and in one or two videos). If these accusations are true, then she wouldn’t have too much of the vlog to post if she spent half of NYE fucking some dude. She’d have a 10 minute vlog sure (because she can stretch out anything), but there would be a missing portion.

Sage for tinfoil

No. 575998

Jill likes anything that she can hoarde or brag about to other people. She can't fit into Japanese brands anymore so her only option is American bullshit

No. 576005

Fucking learn how to read anon I said NYE not NYC


No. 576019

Yeah that's what I was thinking too. I think she probably never posted/gave up on editing her NYE vlog because the falling out with all the people involved in the video was starting already.

No. 576028

File: 1525721823620.jpg (40.73 KB, 897x960, 32089631_10214217081093980_104…)

>>575933 Jill isn't friends with this guy on fb. She only has one Lucas and this definitely isn't him.

No. 576029

File: 1525721838787.jpg (64.69 KB, 561x960, 31970694_10214217081453989_606…)

No. 576045

File: 1525723346096.jpg (166.28 KB, 720x961, 201857_1553169.jpg)

The guys name is Lucas Hamilton and in pretty much every post with Tracey she calls him bro or oni Chan they also are friends on Facebook and in the preview photos you can set both of them have pictures of themselves Tracey also doesn't follow Jillian's main Instagram and only the spam just as an interesting tidbit

No. 576049

File: 1525723741422.png (829.54 KB, 572x960, 31960632_10214217476943876_841…)

>>576045 I was checking out his profile and found this. He tagged it as #Asian kek

No. 576052

File: 1525724404526.jpg (108.58 KB, 720x274, 201857_161732861.jpg)

>>576045 >>576049

Same post from earlier but in the remainder of the tags she tagged it as white boy and siblings. So it's not off that he would tag it as asian

No. 576068

Why must she insist on these extreme close ups of her face? You can see the incredible damage done to her hairline and her crusty makeup is triggering me.

No. 576074

File: 1525725760618.jpg (515.04 KB, 1080x1368, 20180507_174102.jpg)

Pretty amazed she's buying something from Angelic Pretty although tbh is super ugly and obnoxious so maybe I'm not

No. 576075

File: 1525725783304.jpg (57.37 KB, 1080x232, 20180507_174121.jpg)

No. 576079

They look so cheap.. How much are they, anyway?

No. 576080

Pretty sure she's also using an AP bag in this pic >>572915 so not really surprising

No. 576097

They're $119. This is a pretty ugly bag for AP, but I'm not surprised Jill went for it since her style is gross af

No. 576098

11,664 Yen so 107 USD, then ofc there is shopping service fees, shipping fees and potential customs fees to consider, can't wait for her to use it once and banish it to the land of unused bags and shoes

yup, that bag is AP, it's the "Dream Heart Shoulder Bag" if you want to look it up for any reason

No. 576166

Slightly OT but I'm crying at pink, red, black and Saxophone??

No. 576174

Please not another blue accessory please god no

No. 576175


Fucking hell lmao
Looking forward to seeing some saxophone blue in Jill's wardrobe

No. 576240

Sax is specific blue colour. The word gets used by jfashion brands a lot. She just translated the page and it got changed to that.

No. 576284

Mutual friends with a few parties in this (including friends of friends, but not close friends with anyone involved any more) so I wanted to chip in. They were all together on NYE. There's a post on FB from Jill with Tracey, Lucas and others tagged that says 'I love friends and curly straws' or something to that effect - I'd post it but my iCloud doesn't want to let me access the screenshot. Jill sure was a drunk mess on NYE and apparently she did some stuff that really pissed the others off while inebriated.

Anyway, Jill snuck off to stay in a hotel with Lucas on his birthday at the start of February and specifically wouldn't let Tracey go along, telling her that she was being 'too controlling' over him for worrying that the two together would end up doing something. So basically she completely ignored the fact that Tracey and Lucas were close and that Tracey had some concerns about the two after NYE and said that Lucas 'wouldn't neglect' Tracey even if anything did happen at the hotel (which I guess is her get out of jail free card to doing whatever). After the hotel charade Jill didn't really follow anything more up with Lucas and instead started going straight out to clubs to hook up with other people, which he was apparently really upset about since she'd been so invested in him before. Whether that was genuine, a fling, or just something to make friends jealous I don't know, but either way it was a real shitty move. Lucas seemed to be really into her and thought it would go further than just Jill deciding she needed a special vacation for him and her.

Tracey is pissed. Lucas is pissed. Others present at the NYE get-together are still sucking up to her but the two main ones involved in this have just been hung out to dry. Jillian told Tracey she wants space because apparently Tracey is 'toxic' and mean to the rest of them (oh, the irony).

Wendy and Jenny are still buddy-buddy with Jill even though she's been vile to them about a number of petty things, so I don't know if they're in it for the attention or e-fame and are fully aware or whether they do genuinely think she wants to be friends with them (which would be a kinda sad case).

Nasty piece of work.

No. 576298


We're all weebs here, anon. I'm sure a good chunk of the posters on this thread know of jfashion enough to have heard of saxon blue. It's still kinda funny imo.

No. 576303

don't let the haters get you down anon, i lol'ed too

No. 576319

And Pusheen isn’t?

No. 576348

Thanks for the milk anon. How does Kenzie factor into all this? I couldn’t find her IG via Wendy or Tracey’s accounts.

No. 576351

Kenzie was absent.

No. 576365

i love how she didn't include the black one as an option

No. 576380

She would pick the most ugly overpriced AP bag

No. 576383

Untz untz untz… 'nother $150 bites the dust

No. 576388

I can't fathom how Jill constantly has guys after her like… is the dating pool in PEI really so small that they need to go for her ugly mess?

No. 576391

Lucas is from nova scotia and only knew Jillian through Tracey who is also from nova scotia

No. 576407

File: 1525747387522.png (183.8 KB, 1178x644, Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 10.4…)

jill is the queen of condescending sympathy… the only thing worse than this was when she posted a pic in front of YouTube space for "solidarity"

No. 576411

Even if they’re from different provinces, yes the dating pool is incredibly limited. That’s why so many people are mutuals with Jill or know a friend of a friend, because these provinces have tiny populations and most college-age kids rub shoulders with each other. Especially if you have any sort of common interests, like cosplay or kawaii fashion, which is why Jill latches onto people she barely knows and flaunts them as her “best friends!!!!” despite only hanging out once or twice.

No. 576413

File: 1525747526123.png (96.73 KB, 1220x296, Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 10.4…)

i just looked at Bunny's channel and the comments aren't even negative… to me she's trying to make Bunny sound like a failing youtuber when she's still way more popular than Jill will ever be lol

No. 576555

File: 1525757084780.png (347.03 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180507-221324.png)

My reaction to Jill's audacity.

No. 576626

I'm not even surprised this happened, she gives off a bitchy vibe. It's no surprise she has no friends

No. 576662

I just hate how much of an hypocrite she is
She preaches for love and acceptance yet she behaves like this outside the camera
The Confetti Club is no different really
They're both ugly inside and out
I hope some makes a video of this girl

No. 576760

I guess you didn't watch Shane's video because all Jillian said was exactly what was said by Shane and Bunny

No. 576764

File: 1525796454200.jpeg (456.88 KB, 640x916, D8E8ACA0-AFD7-4841-86AD-5BAE53…)

Who wants to guess that Jill is riding Jon’s dick behind the scenes despite Jon not being the type to sleep around? About Jill made him cave in

No. 576769

I still can't believe how much cock Jill actually gets for being as repulsive as she is. It's impressive really. Kek

Sage for blab

No. 576770

I bet

Sage for fixing of stupid mistake

No. 576776

Maybe it's pity sex or these guys needed to cross off ' bang a rainbow grandma with greasy hair' off their list. Or she's incredibly persuasive, Jill isn't very charming

No. 576777

Maybe they want a sugar mommy lmao.

No. 576785

It's probably the whole alternative girl = interesting = pretty(??) = wild sex thing.
Jill is… "unique" and not in the good sense. Weird normies and people without criteria like this kind of girls. They think pink hair and weird clothes = fun. Wich isn't the case.

No. 576808

That makes sense in a way. Jill is their shot at 'experimental weird sex', then after they get it out of their system they revert to regular people. Or the opposite who knows

No. 576813


too bad Jill's probably a pillow princess

No. 576817

This has been confirmed already. When she was calling herself a lesbian, she said she didn't need to cut her nails because she was a bottom.

No. 576824

why would she get a blue angelic pretty heart shaped bag again, instead of the obvious choice pink?

No. 576826

So she can coord it with her disgusting blue fur earrings uwu

No. 576831

File: 1525802380855.png (681.61 KB, 611x960, 32085063_10214223885544087_662…)

No. 576834

Good for her, she's gonna need it

No. 576844

Finally she's eating real food

No. 576846

Stir frying 3 ingredients isn't a huge accomplishment. It's pretty sad that she's 20 years old and this is one of the first things she's cooked for herself and that she needs social media validation for it. Also cooked red and green bell peppers taste exactly the same.

No. 576862

I blame the whole complaining about 'adulting' bullshit a lot of people in my generation do. So average tasks like cooking are seen as major achievements, when in reality this could've been done if she wasn't lazy or just sat down to properly learn shit that's a useful skill

No. 576864

I think it’s likely to be this, since I started getting tattoos men have been interested in “kinky sex” and making other assumptions
People see it like a novelty to have sex with alternative or weird girls

No. 576876

I don’t think it’s a generational thing honestly, I’m 19 and everyone I know can cook and has been for years without expecting praise. I’m in the U.K. so don’t know if that makes a difference.

No. 576880

Same, and I'm pretty sure it's just a Jillian thing. Everyone I know at least knows how to make a stir fry or like, boil pasta, which I'm not sure Jill knew how to do until recently tbh
sage for blogposting

No. 576912

I live in the Southern US region and I hear about people in their early 20's finally getting down the basics. Jill exclaiming about her dish is in the same vein as all these other grown ass people.

No. 576950

this probably sounds harsh but they are hardly lookers that she pulls, it's not like she is banging people who are out of her league in reality also chances are if they are friends with her they are pretty low socially speaking and weird so likely don't have many options

what's the bet it's her same old microwave rice and a pre-packaged sauce, no shame if you use pre-packaged sauces but its hardly real cooking

No. 576951

File: 1525810125723.jpeg (551.56 KB, 2048x2048, DB473050-09CE-453B-B08D-29D9E9…)

I drew a future thumbnail of Jill’s after I saw her ~Yay Sex! PR haul~.
Inspired by >>570086 ‘s amazing artwork

No. 576958

You've truly captured her essence. Fantastic anon

No. 576980

beautiful, truly a work of art.

(I know this is early, but this would make a great next thread pic)

No. 577018

Yeah I feel the same. Always thought it was weird that everyone here is in such disbelief at Jill managing to find dates but all the guys she gets with are barely average especially considering how vain she is

No. 577069

>I never liked Jill before due to my personal experience of her
Are you still around? Post deets?

No. 577090

Only mutuals. I hanged with her group once during hal-con. I cant post details or I will out myself.

No. 577091

>>577090 what about vague details about her character? like her being a whiny brat, baby talk or having to be the centre of attention?

No. 577103

I wasnt around her enough to judge her completely. But she never acknowledged my presence even when in a small group which I found a bit rude, but with the excitement of the con I can let it pass. I honestly don't remember too much aside for when she basically sobbed and all that hal-con drama happened and then proceeded to go to the dance like nothing happened. She was very focused on talking about her own interests. If anything she didnt talk to anyone aside Wendy and her other close friends during my short chill time within the group, any mutual or non fan she wouldn't interact with much really. The rest is a blur and hard to judge her character when she isn't directly interacting with me.

No. 577117

only thing missing are the rotting fur earrings, solid 10/10

No. 577296

I don’t know if anyone would find this surprising or not, but Jill didn’t post anything about the MetGala. I’m not surprised because Jill only cares about rainbow vomit garbage sold on Dollskill and, on a good day, a Japanese brand. But at the same time she claims to be a ~*Fashion Designer*~ so maybe she could draw inspiration from the outfits or at the very least pretends she cares

No. 577300

it isn't kawaii uwu

No. 577420

kek anon Jill doesn’t even follow mainstream fashion, she probably has no idea what the met gala represents and I doubt she could name most designers or even recognize the big fashion houses. I’ve never seen her reference Anna wintour or vogue, I don’t think she’s even watched the devil wears Prada.

Sebastian Masuda and KERA are the équivalents in her uncultured mind.

No. 577467

I think she isn't interested in more mainstream fashion because it's way more difficult to be as delusional as she is at designer price points. Yeah lolita is expensive, but not as expensive as high fashion designers, and it's normal to get multiple coords from one garment.

It's still pretty telling that's she's obsessed with the most overpriced for no real reason fast fashion brand. She's obviously addicted to shopping and impulse buying, but also needs to be seen as ~quirky and unique~ so she buys the most of the most gaudy, expensive stuff she can afford instead of investing in nice items or actually learning to make her own damn clothes.

No. 577570

I would imagine Jill would at least buy something from Dolce &Gabbana or John Galliano they make gorgeous and interesting apparel. She could afford them. Then again Jill knows NOTHING about fashion in general, wouldn't expect that philistine to appreciate such a thing. She's going to be a joke for a designer.

No. 577638


She's said before that Gucci is her favourite designer brand and she would buy it if she "could afford it".

I'm almost certain she could afford some of their cheaper stuff if she saved up for things she liked and didn't just blow money on impulse tbh, but she could get a lot more Lazy Oaf shit for the price of one Gucci item so I'm pretty sure that has a lot to do with it.

No. 577644

I swear on all that's good if Jill actually learned how to dress even if it was semi high fashion I would actually watch her vids, high fashion designers cater to quirky fashion tastes like those of Jill. She could have purchased some awesome high quality pieces for what she had wasted on ugly, poorly made crap. I can't stand Jill, but I would love to see her go high fashion quirky than cheap and tacky quirky. Lazy Oaf is such a hideous brand.

No. 577647

She said the same shit about Candy Stripper, claiming it's one of her favorite brands but it's just too expensive to actually buy anything from them. Their prices are very comparable to Lazy Oaf.

To be honest I don't think she even really cares for fashion. She said before that she doesn't wear most of her Japanese clothes because they stand out too much, but at the same time she wants to look like a clown and get attention - so she just ends up getting brightly colored shit in boring and basic cuts. She never wears anything actually creative.

No. 577684


>She said before that she doesn't wear most of her Japanese clothes because they stand out too much

lmao more like she can't wear them anymore because her gut pokes out too much

No. 577731

Sorry, but, the idea of Jill getting close to any of these big designers is laughable. She's basically a Canadian hick who knows nothing about fashion whatsoever and only has some money (definitely not rich) because her parents pay everything, I don't understand these crazy fantasies yall have about Jill being a successful designer who can afford Chanel and cares about anything non weeaboo in the first place, lmao.

No. 577735

That's not what any of those anons said.

No. 577761

File: 1525912019335.jpeg (20.84 KB, 312x471, images (3).jpeg)

Honestly she would look hideous in high fashion. Yes, good clothes do matter, but if she has no class and styles herself so horribly then it will look shitty on her. Her hair is fried and unkept. Her hairstyles age her tremendously. And her makeup is disgusting. What she likes is tacky, obnoxious, "look at me", "I'm special and different", ready made, cheap looking clothes.
Only in her head she keeps looking okay. Perhaps she never did. But she has no taste herself and keeps copying others and adding her "cheeky" disgusting flavor.
Money =\= good looks or taste.

No. 577763

You misread everything that was said,anon. No one was saying she was going to become a famous fashion designer or get close to any actual famous fashion designers, what I said to reiterate my previous post is, I hope she learns how to dress herself in a semi high fashion way that detracts from the garishness of her current style. She can actually evolve from dressing like a low grade weeaboo to a more editorial interpretation of J fashion. The color palette and silhouettes can become more sophisticated and less boxy and preschool retard. Jill can learn if she wants to she's probably won't due to sheer laziness. However she will NEVER be a famous fashion designer, take too much work and dedication which she has none of.

No. 577785

Jill and Tracey were still friends at Halcon so that's not the case. Though I can say with certainty Tracey likely has posted on here.

She's also known in the comm for bouncing back and forth between cosplayers, using, and then disposing of them. I'm in several local group chats and whenever her name comes up it's all horror stories. I'm surprised it took Jill this long to drop her, and that it wasn't off fame-mooching.

No. 577796

deets? either here or in the confetti club thread, I personally would love to hear stories about any of jillian's friends

No. 577806

Same here. I need deets

No. 577822

I honestly don't think she has the ability to improve. She just mixes clothing to make the most outlandish outfit so people will think she's yoonique and 'creative'. If Jill genuinely cared about clothing we would have seen a steady improvement, instead we got the complete opposite cause all she cares about is status and showing off.

No. 577855


Not true. It's obvious Tracy doesn't mooch like Wendy or Jenny do. If she was dropped for why you say she was dropped so would Wendy and Jenny.

No. 577870

File: 1525920509112.png (41.44 KB, 654x504, tra.png)

maybe in the future but i dont want to be outed, i'm also not sure if i could find all the messages or if people would be willing to re-tell their stories if i can't as some are old or from dead group chats

but i know of at least 5 people she's fucked over/made intensely uncomfortable in the comms at the moment. i know there's more that she was close with and dropped her suddenly, but not sure what the stories there are since i'm not in contact with any of those.

i said i was surprised tracey wasn't dropped for mooching, so that's not what i said.

No. 577899

File: 1525922447576.jpg (31.91 KB, 720x1023, 201859_23175656.jpg)

I'm the annon here that posted about Tracey still following Jillian's Spam page and now she isn't. I feel like this is kind of proof that she lurks here and probably has posted.

No. 577927

Nice meme.(stop)

No. 578035


this pleases me. I demand more

No. 578049

what's the bet she is just saying she likes Gucci because Trisha Paytas, Tana Mojo and now Shane's crowd won't shut up about it, all people she is obsessed with, I bet if she bought something she would obsessively tag them all and declare she is in the Gucci gang too!