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File: 1649597410941.jpeg (23.71 KB, 145x275, 1649125711740.jpeg)

No. 1497776

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on. Posts consisting of a single carefully posed selfie of a random troon is not milk and should be ignored and assumed as a self post. Dont give them the attention they crave. Lets focus on the crazy, there more than enough to go around.

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No. 1497785


No. 1497787

File: 1649598080853.png (331.36 KB, 600x964, InkMasterbator.png)

never get a tattoo from a troon

No. 1497791

Whenever I go straight up transphobic or try to milk trannies in 4chan I'm either banned for some time or trannies are defending each other. Even if I keep saying trannies btfo and create a transphobic containment thread in /lgbt/.

No. 1497794

Way to make yourself look like an incompetent tattoo artist and get it spread through reviews and word-of-mouth.

No. 1497798

jannies are trannies, nona

No. 1497801

File: 1649598862771.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1156, 1649380729782.png)

ughhh wrong thread pic wtf!

No. 1497802

4chan jannies are all trannies because they're all terminally online incels and the incel to troon pipeline is real

No. 1497806

File: 1649599131448.png (61.5 KB, 740x540, sissy culture.png)

they are so fucking nasty wtf

No. 1497807

you can make a tranny hate thread on /tv/ by making the op about Jazz

No. 1497809

So… where can we leave reviews?

No. 1497810

This is fucking torture. I actually winced. Why would you do this to a client and then openly air it in public?

No. 1497813

Seriously. If that client comes across this he now has proof of what and why you did this to him.

No. 1497815

google it's name and it's the first link

No. 1497817

File: 1649600578927.jpg (572.34 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20220410-162256_Chr…)

Incel to troon pipeline

No. 1497819

gender presentation is fluid, unfuckability is permanent

No. 1497821

File: 1649600692626.png (430.65 KB, 1395x710, brandybryant.png)

He's literally admitting to and publicly bragging about purposely physically harming a client, what a fucking gross piece of shit. He seems to work at this place called sacred soul tattoo in colorado

No. 1497822

File: 1649600745176.jpg (599.77 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220410-162525_Chr…)

Him before trooning out kek

No. 1497823

File: 1649600860301.jpeg (2.6 MB, 1875x1383, 32FF12EF-F8EB-4818-889A-8970BA…)

Had to know what his work looked like kek

No. 1497824

why does he have the michelin man body?

No. 1497825

How can you be so buff and still have huge moobs kek no wonder he trooned out

No. 1497826

File: 1649601150033.jpg (3.57 KB, 150x150, p5d1n.jpg)

what is this a thread pic for ants?

No. 1497829

File: 1649601508592.png (6.25 KB, 1127x94, can you epilate your balls.png)

just girlie things

No. 1497831

Time to make a few emails

No. 1497833

No. 1497835

What an idiot. I hope they get flooded with complaints. I'll send one myself if I can keep it anonymous. completely unacceptable.

No. 1497837

What's the difference between a sissy and a transwoman?
2 years kek

No. 1497839

idk nona I don't see a single complaint about it so far, disappointing…

No. 1497840

File: 1649603403056.png (380.09 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20220410-110935.png)

Haha g-guys, I was j-just joking, haha.

No. 1497843

File: 1649603614136.jpg (7.37 MB, 4096x5790, Polish_20220410_171139260.jpg)

His art is so terribly fetishy and scrote-brained, aren't you glad to share bathrooms with this coomer?
Seriously the fuck is wrong with him.

No. 1497848

even if he wasn't lying to try and save his ass "i just love publicly joking about hurting and overpricing clients" isn't a good stance either, it will negatively affect the whole studio and everyone who works there. really hope they fire him, i'd never trust a studio that keeps a guy who acts like that

No. 1497849

troons appear to be more sadistic than the average male honestly and that's already a high bar to beat

No. 1497852

File: 1649604302932.jpg (Spoiler Image,772.62 KB, 2122x1536, FPyGLpoXsCIGYmE.jpg)

No. 1497854

anon pls, my will to live is leaving

No. 1497855

This is vile.

No. 1497856

sorry nona, it's the only way to peak people. we need to spread this far and wide.

No. 1497858

this photo made me want to cry and vomit

No. 1497860

File: 1649604677789.webm (952.69 KB, 236x174, kai shappley.webm)

I don't want a gay child so I'll make him a trans child so he can date other men without technically being gay- idiot mother

No. 1497862

I wish you had spoilered this

No. 1497863

Can you imagine thinking having a trans son is less shameful than a gay son? I know this is religion based but it's so disproportionate lol

No. 1497864

where did you find this, it is actually upsetting and disturbing

No. 1497865

File: 1649604902106.png (19.04 KB, 728x172, p Twitter.png)

from this thread

don't look at the replies defending them

No. 1497866

File: 1649605023673.png (42.44 KB, 759x520, ripx4nutmeg on Twitter.png)

No. 1497869

wrong thread pic OP, way to fuck it up

No. 1497871

Is this him admitting he was lying for twitter asspats? Lmfao

No. 1497879

Next time he will identify as not guilty and they will let him go.

No. 1497880

What's funny about torturing someone who paid you to give him a tattoo? Male brain never fails

No. 1497881

Disgusting woman. Imagine abusing your 3 year old baby for playing with toys. No wonder he thinks he's a girl when he's constantly negatively reinforced to the point of physical abuse that only girls can like those toys.

No. 1497882

i feel like there's a bit of truth on what he said though. he's only overexaggerating and just imagine the rest in his head.

No. 1497884

and the only reason kai started saying he was a girl is because his abusive mom would remind him that only girls played with those toys

No. 1497886


No. 1497888

I'm half-joking but I always wonder when the threadpic is some random tranny if it's the tranny himself who made the thread.

No. 1497891

File: 1649607342072.png (57.17 KB, 871x610, huckfinn.png)

>>1497080 - ayrt

>but had guilt tripped myself into believing I was an awful person for it and that there was something I just mustn't understand.

>i really do wonder if i'm "on the wrong side of history" sometimes

It's funny the exact opposite reaction I had. I was an adult when the troon menace started back in the 2000s, and when I realized that troons would always be male and could never be female (and thus could never be women), I had what I call my "all right, then, I'll go to hell" moment.*

This was when troons where just asking to be called 'women' and 'she/her', before it escalated to bathrooms, sports, erasing lesbians and women from language, etc, and I didn't know anything about agps then. I just knew males could never be females and so it was wrong to call men women. One day, I was just thinking about this whole thing and ended up at "They are men who want to be called women. Is that so bad? Probably not, but fuck them anyway. Do I want to be the kind of person who thinks of trans women as women? No, no, I don't. So, fuck it, I'll be a transphobe then." And history has totally proved me right, lol.

*In the novel Huckleberry Finn, Finn has to decide between freeing Jim, a slave, or sending a letter to his owner telling her where to find him. Freeing Jim is against everything Finn was taught is right, but he does it anyway, because he knows sending him back is a horrible. That scene has always stuck with me.

"It was a close place. I took it up, [the letter I’d written to Jim's owner giving her his location] and held it in my hand. I was a trembling, because I'd got to decide, forever, betwixt two things, and I knowed it. I studied a minute, sort of holding my breath, and then says to myself:"All right, then, I'll go to hell"-and tore it up.

It was awful thoughts, and awful words, but they was said. And I let them stay said; and never thought no more about reforming."

No. 1497895

No reaction image can express my disgust for this woman.

No. 1497899

AYRT - I think a lot of us who were handmaidens didn't think when TIMs said they were women, they actually meant it, is the thing. I think we thought what they meant by TWAW is "I put on a bunch of gender stereotypes and people perceive me as a woman and that makes me more comfortable in my skin". Especially since a lot of troons still use their maleness when it's advantageous to them. I of course have since realised how sexist even just putting on gender stereotypes to be perceived "as a woman" is since peaking, however.

However, there was still a turning point when I realised they did actually believe they were women, and I smiled and convinced myself to believe that women was some nebulous concept even though I knew fully well what women's oppression was and what it has historically been on the basis of (biological sex). Like I said, it's doublethink. Believing two contradicting ideas at once because everyone else is telling you you're wrong. Women are socialised to be agreeable and non-confrontational, which is often what leads many of us to he handmaidens to begin with.

It's completely illogical and irrational, but it's probably how most libfems feel. That they recognise women are oppressed on the basis of their bodies but nod along anyway.

There was a Shanspeare YT video a few threads back where she was caught up in this exact issue. She talked about the oppression of "AFAB people" (aka women) based on their bodies and jumped through hoops to say how TERFs use this to say trans women aren't women but that's wrong uwu. It was like she was so close to getting it but it didn't click, and it made me wonder what she genuinely thought and believed. I'll embed the video for context.

Sorry for long semi-blogpost

No. 1497907

File: 1649611757366.jpg (153.98 KB, 1051x1051, tumblr_d92a52158253feaba9389bd…)

guess Kikomi has a brother

No. 1497908

I do wonder if she was just using “their words” to try and get across a point just to appease them.

No. 1497910

I hope Kikomianon sees this kek

No. 1497911

File: 1649612047864.jpeg (250.42 KB, 961x1235, 2B055B5B-EA30-4A8C-836E-EE7CF3…)

No. 1497912

They are gas-lighters.

They'll demand to be called women, to be let into women's spaces, they'll say they really ARE women - but when you show concern and press them on it they'll turn around and say "well of course we know we're biologically male! No one is saying we are fully like cis women!" and then the next second they go back to saying they ARE literally real women.

So you can't really argue with them because they pretend you're on the same page. It's an abuser tactic.

No. 1497913

No. 1497914

File: 1649612261523.jpg (74.23 KB, 319x340, FNv6Qs-XEAY5ve2.jpg)


No. 1497915

KEK I love this woman

No. 1497916

Wherever you are, lesbian at the bar, we thank you for your based bravery. We stan a queen. I'm so glad that man didn't get violent with her over being rejected

No. 1497917

>still upset about it and dont know what to do with myself
Suggestion: 41%

No. 1497918

kek anon

No. 1497919

Imagine just minding your business, chilling at your favorite bar where you know you're welcome because you're a lesbian and it's a lesbian bar, and a gorilla in makeup just go to talk to you and hit on you unprompted. I'd consider my entire day ruined.

No. 1497920

File: 1649613331436.png (95.47 KB, 1584x326, Screenshot 2022-04-10 13.52.27…)

so he's old enough to drink. and also spends his time defending 15 year olds' right to talk about being horny in r/teenagers.

men are sick in the head

No. 1497922

notice how in that comic to the left, the tranny has big perky tits and the actual woman has small saggy ones. trannies are just so much hotter, how will actual women ever compete.

No. 1497924

it was proven than r/teenagers is full of adult men pretending to be teenage boys or girls

No. 1497926

File: 1649614116274.jpg (19.09 KB, 425x275, 1609537173575.jpg)

No. 1497936

isn’t this illegal in some way? malpractice of a tattoo artist? there has to be some grounds to sue or law enforcement. Intentionally causing unnecessary harm to someone for a common nickname. fuck I call men and women dude and bro constantly. maybe I should stop so someone doesn’t spit in my food, or some shit

No. 1497939

i'm pretty sure it's assault

No. 1497950

>comic books
>slasher imagery
This explains a lot. Moids into comic books and slasher movies are almost always creepy sadistic misogynists.

No. 1497952

this guy's brain is so fucked up and he's so sadistic. men just can't be allowed computer/internet access at all.

No. 1497964

i do. once again i am apollo's victim

No. 1497968

File: 1649618173898.webm (1.03 MB, 1024x576, Snaptik_6956684946610179333_br…)

This guy's "comedy" is just stealing old (vaguely misogynistic) trans twitter memes. All of his bits are like this. Moid humor is unoriginal as ever.

No. 1497973

File: 1649618609540.jpg (Spoiler Image,355.24 KB, 1080x1802, Screenshot_20220410-164620_Chr…)

He also has children that he posts photos of to the same accounts he posts his porn to…
I censored the faces. Spoiler because it looks like gore but isn't, it's a staged 'joke'.

No. 1497981

If I had a tranny dad I'd be obsessed with death too
It's sweet embrace would seem so tempting

No. 1497989

a tranny dad that openly posts coomer art and even has username 'inkmasterbator'. disgusting.
hope his kids don't troon out too and cut him off from their lives when they're older.

No. 1497993

next threadpic please

No. 1497999

Wow that's so sexy of her

No. 1498008

same tbh

No. 1498010

if it's not a fetish then why do they have to tell everyone? i don't post on reddit telling the story of how watching backetball got me into sneakerhead culture because NO ONE FUCKING CARES. can people just live their lives without getting all up in mine or nah

No. 1498014

Another shit OP image wtf man

No. 1498016

Agree, it should have been >>1497801

No. 1498020

I bet my ass it's a tranny psyop to pick pics that are not as horrible as the shit we see on the threads usually

No. 1498029

this actually made me want to kill myself.

No. 1498032

or maybe OP was just a retard and didn’t size the image correctly. Not everything is a psyop.

No. 1498034

>they drag anon off to the mental asylum after one of her mental episodes
>they found her screaming "THERE'S TROONS IN THE BREAD" at the top of her lungs

No. 1498036

To be fair to her there are some troons who lurk and self-post here sometimes.

No. 1498042

File: 1649623016616.jpeg (75.51 KB, 602x678, 6778E149-5F4C-4BC6-94E8-CE1173…)

I go to a liberal arts school on the east coast and a fucking agp told a bunch of people I’m a terf and now half my girlfriends won’t talk to me and think I’m a conservative.

No. 1498043

Oh there are a ton who monitor and lurk I just don’t think incorrectly sizing an image is sabotage lel

No. 1498045

Good thing he didn't leave any public evidence for that eventual lawsuit

No. 1498046

So much for based TERF island

No. 1498048

I know we're only at the beginning of this thread, but I just want to put in another vote to make sure this is next thread pic

No. 1498050

Try a noose, troon

No. 1498051

>went to school to study cartoon animation
>cartoon animation
Sure you did, Bryan.

No. 1498052

what did you say to it?

No. 1498055

it's not just the sizing, it's the fact it's also a literal who and we had better images nominated multiple times

No. 1498057

Good, the troon weeded out all the retards for you. Your life will be a lot less painful now.

No. 1498058

File: 1649623732634.jpg (39.4 KB, 538x614, 1646094671339.jpg)

>butches and tomboys make me feel kinda dysphoric
something about this pisses me off so bad - maybe it's the implication that this creature and butch girls are in any way comparable. and then after quietly seething at butch women he's got the nerve to try and go hit on one of them. evil

No. 1498061

File: 1649624033995.jpg (319.16 KB, 720x1173, 20220410_155322.jpg)

No. 1498065

I hate anytime they say someone is making them feel dysphoric just by existing. The words they’re looking for are bitter and jealous.

No. 1498066

Yeah, by lying to everyone about her politics and making her look like an insane reactionary instead of a reasonable person.
This shit is straightforwardly cultish inasmuch as it relies on the threat of social ostracization to keep women in line. My guess is most of the friends she's lost are going along with it either because everyone else is or because they actually drank the Kool-Aid and think everyone who believes these moids are mentally ill must also want them publicly tortured and executed or something. Separating us from each other is half the goal for these people, it's not something to be celebrated

No. 1498074

I'm so sorry anon. I was in art circles too and lost friends. Fucking sucks man.

S-sizing? As in how many pixels the image is? I just meant this and the thread previously used OP images of troons who are WAY less worse looking / funny than the ghouls that get posted regularly. And there have been multiple screenshots of /tttt/ trannies discussing visiting the thread on the regular

No. 1498077

Arielle taking on Kat Dique. Very mildly, since both try to pander to both sides a bit. Also Kat defending the screenshots on terfisaslur.com lmao

No. 1498078

they seem to be boys so future rapey misogynists in the making

No. 1498080

File: 1649625926032.jpeg (71.5 KB, 898x828, 38417109-BFC5-4D56-8126-AC65EB…)

Honter Shaefer probably gonna kill someone within the next 3 years. I can already hear true crime podcasters scripting his episode.

No. 1498081

Yeah, the heavy insistence of never speaking with or looking at anything from TERFs (or even alleged TERFs, which often just means any feminist or vaguely thoughtful woman in general) is fully designed to make sure that no one else can question the cult.

That said, there’s a time in my life where many of my friends would have ostracized me as well if I spoke out at all against our narcissistic AGP abuser “friend” but over time all of them have cut contact with him too because at some point the behavior of horrible men like that becomes way too obvious for any ethical person to really ignore. AGPs dig their own graves socially in time, it just takes extra time due to how TRAs have told everyone to respond with maximum backlash to any critiques.

No. 1498090

The irony is probably half the nonnies are fence sitters. There’s only 2 or 3 “outspoken” TRAs and then everyone goes along with it because they’re either neutral or neutral enough to not want to get ostracized from public events. On the bright side when this isn’t fashionable all those neutral people will immediately flake.

No. 1498091

The more forceful shutting out other opinions is, Like the dehumanization of feminists and people who question their cult, the worse the backlash will eventually be. If troons wanted to be smart and play the long game they would be as quiet as possible, but men are too stupid and narcissistic to not throw their own movement under the bus lol

No. 1498098

>My guess is most of the friends she's lost are going along with it either because everyone else is or because they actually drank the Kool-Aid
AYRT, either way these are people I wouldn't want as friends.

No. 1498100

Ok but if you go to a liberal arts school on the east coast she probably wants to become a writer or something and you need to make connections and that anons social status is ruined.

No. 1498127

AYRT, I went to an art college on the east coast, I've got anon beat, kek. All of my friends there trooned out or went full woketard. I don't regret it.

No. 1498129

That's fine, and I'm not trying to shit on you.
I think my broader concern is that a lot of people select their politics based on what the people around them consider acceptable, and a big part of helping people out of the handmaiden pit is by serving as a safe harbor to field questions and assure them that their gut instincts are both sensical and in keeping with their worldview. You might not have needed this, but plenty of girls will never make that jump without meeting and speaking to "TERFs" who are kind, compassionate, intelligent people that they respect on a personal level. Making pariahs of anyone who fits this mold hurts everyone involved.
It's doable to write off anyone who's going with what seems to be the majority opinion, but I think there's plenty of generally decent women who've gotten sucked in and could use the help to get out. They're not as likely to do that if they don't have covert radfems in their social circles, which is why TRAs put so much effort into rooting them out and getting rid of them.

No. 1498132

its because what he's saying is that masculine women make him feel diminished. he's a straight moid so he wants to be bigger, stronger, and dominant compared to his partner. he transed to have access to more women. he still has his straight preferences

No. 1498134

she just has to make friends with natives or black students/profs and she'll be fine. i was threatened with violence for saying ultrafeminine natal women can't go by "he" but none of my native friends left me

No. 1498139

did he seriously edit a screenshot of a real woman to add that lmao

No. 1498140

Two spirits are fucking annoying.

No. 1498144

generic af

No. 1498145

I applied for a job today and was asked to identify my gender, and whether or not I'm transgender

If trans women are women then why have a separate gender category for it? Would trans people only select it to qualify as a diversity hire? Sounds fishy to me

No. 1498152

sounds fishy to me, too. i'd've check and then be all "i had no idea that i'd checked it. must have been a misclick" if anyone asked me about it.

No. 1498166

kill it with fire. these things don't deserve to exist.

No. 1498171

This happened to me too

No. 1498181

Both of them are so annoying tbh

No. 1498183

>black students
>east coast liberal arts school
Black american women at liberal arts schools are like the biggest cheerleaders of this crap. It’s embarrassing. Best to try their luck with the international students (nigerians, koreans, etc)

No. 1498185

it’s cause they’re rich and we’re raised around rich white people their entire lives.

No. 1498196

I had the same problem anon but in my job. I work in the gaming industry so obviously its full of troons and TRAs. I'm worried for my job and reputation in the industry now, we all know that people have been fired and blacklisted for less.

You're absolutely right, it IS a cult. You step one toe out of line and they'll hunt you down, positively frothing at the mouth to get you cancelled and ostracized.

No. 1498200

File: 1649635146237.png (85.79 KB, 1084x586, Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 8.58…)

The straight guy calling himself a lesbian is angry at harry potter again.

No. 1498204

File: 1649635338055.png (458.96 KB, 1084x1180, Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 9.01…)

Transwomen are the ones pretending that their horse-piss hormone induced shits are periods but women are the one's fetishizing their own biology?

No. 1498208

ayrt, sorry i live somewhere that black people are somali/ethiopian/jamaican, i forgot that in the USA they're americans

No. 1498211

Why is his hair so greasy in every new pic c'mon man you're one of the only moderately attractive trannies and you have to nerf yourself like this? It's some form of self-harm surely.

No. 1498220

I think the pic is a lot more wtf if you can actually read the text tbf

No. 1498222

File: 1649637314224.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1242x1901, E09535AD-B449-49EE-8F79-1E4A91…)

cackling at these bara tits

No. 1498227

please spoiler these mantits nona

No. 1498229

Should have went to a better school nonna

No. 1498231

Most women are just offended that periods are compared to stomach cramps or whatever the fuck. Like if someone had the sniffles and tried to act like they were suffering from pneumonia when it’s an experience they can’t and will never actually know. It’s plainly insulting to think a man would understand what it’s actually like via stereotypes of ooo cramps I need chocolate and I’m emotional PMS.

No. 1498234

Hell yeah, veterans of the art school troon wars. I swear my class was the last one to graduate before all the woke shit took over.

No. 1498237

So dumb. Right, cause everyone knows the protagonist of a story must be morally perfect and have no flaws whatsoever. People already criticize Harry Potter as being a Mary Sue. If JK actually made him some perfect paragon like this person wants, they’d just shit on her for that too and use it as an example of her being a bad writer.
They always trot out this weird argument. I’ve never heard any radical feminist describe periods in these terms. I’m sure there are a few out there of the more witchy variety who think of periods in this mystical, woo woo way but they’re a very tiny minority. I’ve mostly just heard radfems talk about menstruation and it’s related stigmas and difficulties (period huts, menopause, “luxury item” tax, etc.) as a collective experience that the vast majority of women can relate to. Contrapoints did the same thing in his terf video with the “Dost thousand bleed?” shit. They spread these blatant and easily disproven lies and no one calls them on it! Probably because the cult forbids anyone from actually engaging with gc content so handmaidens probably think this is what we actually say.

No. 1498238

Nobody tell him that "Diagon Alley" is "diagonally", he'll probably end up shooting up a school

No. 1498240

That is the worst boobjob I've ever seen in my life. I hate troons but this one still deserves a refund because holy fuck.

No. 1498241

File: 1649638700458.jpg (38.25 KB, 600x450, what-are-those-5c1156.jpg)

It's like that packing foam. Those plastic bubble wrap thingies. You just want to take a needle to them and pop them and watch them deflate like those cartoons.

No. 1498242

While males that rape and harass women are thriving in the industry.

No. 1498245

man who likes one piece having opinions again on childrens media… kek

No. 1498247

omg I work in games too. seeing them trying to raise up women in games by featuring troons actually makes me see red
exactly. It's so fucked up, there was a women's game group I was apart of that had to change their name to be more inclusive because that was more important than the rampant harassment women face in the industry. clownery

No. 1498251

his absolute obsession with reeing about harry potter is pathetic

No. 1498253

isn’t the creator of one piece friends with a guy who got arrested for distributing cp? kek try canceling him over liking that

No. 1498258

It makes me mad personally because they’re appropriating something men have shamed us for for centuries. And now they want to make it seem sexy or whatever? Hell no.

No. 1498259

i don't know a single adult person who gets like, angry about house elves in Harry Potter. you know, because it's a children's series.

No. 1498260

also house elves aren't people or human. they're imaginary fantasy novel creatures, so i don't think they would offend black people, who tend to view themselves as, you know, people. in the real world.

No. 1498264

shit you're right I forgot about that

No. 1498266

I wouldn't be surprised if he watched loli, his blog is full of hentai. Anyway, distributing child porn clearly isn't as big of a deal as fictional elves being servants.

No. 1498268

Oda or butchdot?

No. 1498280

Buchdot. He had all his hentai tagged as #gals (along with the irl porn he reblogs, which is all cis women for some mysterious reason) but the tag is completely cleared out now. Who cowtipped?

No. 1498282

File: 1649642322969.png (1.09 MB, 1084x1302, Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 10.5…)

Sorry for samefag but I just realized he's obsessed with miraculous ladybug too. No way this guy isn't a pedo, calling it now.

No. 1498284

I noticed that his blog is no longer viewable if you don't have an account, I'm sure he has orbiters that lurk here.

No. 1498289

File: 1649642686752.png (216.52 KB, 302x300, Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 11.0…)

Yeah that happened shortly after someone posted his face here. His selfie tag is gone too. Reposting this beautiful brave gal for posterity.

No. 1498291

In case he's lurking this thread…
You're a disgusting shit-gremlin lookin' faggot, you will never be a woman, you will never date a lesbian (not like any would want to date you) and you should stop lying to yourself and 41%.

No. 1498294

File: 1649643063042.jpeg (107.14 KB, 1202x250, 34B8CADB-2CC1-4F24-8A7D-9DB812…)

KEK This is old milk but I can't believe this straight, completely gender-conforming man who isn't even pretending to be out IRL decided that an actual homosexual man wasn't gay enough for him. As if being a normie heterosexual who put a slur in his bio makes him somehow more gay than a real life gay dude.

He's not a faggot, anon. He's straight as an arrow.

No. 1498295

sorry that was me I never thought he would lurk here but given he's an absolute narcissist I should have known he would have found it sooner or later.

No. 1498298

I was talking about in the other thread??? I brought him up

No. 1498300

anon that deleted

No. 1498302

Bruh I clearly realized I did an oopsie, that's why I deleted the post. You don't have to prove yourself nonnie it's okay

No. 1498303

I just needed to prove that I'm not Zach lol

No. 1498304

File: 1649644144294.png (404.05 KB, 918x1540, Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 11.2…)

Apparently he had a reputation for speaking over POC. I wonder if that's why he changed urls? In his tumblr circles being labeled as a racist is a death sentence, but I guess his oppression points from being butch AND trans balance it out or something?

No. 1498312

he acts like he's beyond criticism because he's "trans" it's such an obvious grift for clout idk how people fall for his shit.

No. 1498313

File: 1649645222939.png (1.39 MB, 1370x1666, 2.png)

Nice bathroom, pig.

No. 1498316

this has to be a troll

No. 1498317


No. 1498319

File: 1649645737442.jpeg (267.89 KB, 828x1425, 3D57EDE1-A9A2-491A-AAF5-0C9092…)

Yahoo just put this out, pretty big peak tbh

No. 1498327

File: 1649647666388.jpeg (82.35 KB, 750x517, 98A3722A-A6F6-48E4-9754-073319…)

He would constantly change his urls over the years only to keep the massive amount of followers he had because he loves the validation but he did not delete his blog, if you look up banjobutch (old url) on tumblr you can see some asks he sent to his tumblr friends and you see his last url from his old blog (butchflirt) but it does not show the deactivated text after the url (anyone who uses tumblr knows what I’m talking about)
I think tumblr staff terminated his blog there’s probably a ton of reasons though

No. 1498328

File: 1649647883268.jpeg (46.41 KB, 750x254, 09490CB6-ADA6-44ED-B2A6-46DC91…)

This is what tumblr posts look like when you self deactivate

No. 1498331

yeah he got termed, he said so on his new blog

No. 1498334

no amount of "looksmaxxing" can fix these elliot rodgers mentalcels.

No. 1498335

what is the purpose of men living to this age? they should expire like drones before they degenerate to whatever the fuck this is.

No. 1498338

Wtf did he get termed for?

No. 1498348

well for body dysmorphia, just seeing someone who has your 'ideal' trait can make you feel dysphoric. like if your nose is your main trigger and you see another girl with a perfect nose, it would make you feel dysphoric. obviously a man larping as a woman wouldn't understand how women feel in comparison to other women, though.

No. 1498354

they are a cult that executes their own members in a circular firing squad. eventually there will be more ostracized and blacklisted people than people in the cult and the industry can be saved.

No. 1498359

the geico caveman trooned out

No. 1498360

They will say this then post pics of their shit covered pads

No. 1498361

body dysmorphia exists but gender dysmorphia is a fucked up fetish

No. 1498362

yeah his post is a hard cope, there's plenty of trannies pretending they're "bleeding" by shoving tampons up their ass, using ketchup, and stealing other women's used products from the bathroom trash.

No. 1498375

File: 1649653730539.jpg (554.18 KB, 1080x2144, Screenshot_20220411-010513_Red…)

This sub never fails to disturb me. I can't imagine writing about shitting myself in such a blase manner.

No. 1498378

File: 1649654411722.jpg (858.69 KB, 1080x1771, Screenshot_20220411-011939_Red…)

I am rolling on the floor. What a waste.

No. 1498379

File: 1649654419978.jpg (258.92 KB, 1280x720, fdssdvcd.jpg)

honestly if you wanted to find transphobia from children's media one piece would be a prime candidate lmao

No. 1498381

its probably cause they are still clearly female even when dressed in masculine clothing and short hair
Buzz cut troons will always look like their sex at birth because of skull shape etc

No. 1498383

based. I hope more anime/manga creators keep slipping ugly obviously moid tranners into their works so these unwashed weeb TiMs see what their beloved mangaka truly think of them

No. 1498384

is this another selfpost

ugly moid nevertheless

No. 1498386

>This afternoon I can only use the words I grew up with and I had a tremendous shart.
Kek this line made me laugh harder than it should

I can’t help but feel bad for some of these people after getting butchered like this. It seems like their doctors don’t warn them of the full extent of likely complications. Imagine being told it’s this amazing miraculous surgery only to wake up as the star of your own body horror film. I do feel worse for the TIFs tho. The whole Buck Angel thing comes to mind and how she almost died from her uterus atrophying and going septic. Why the fuck wouldn’t you warn someone that will happen so they can get it removed? You can only fuck with nature so much. These procedures should be illegal

No. 1498387

lol he actually addressed this by calling the show/manga "nuanced" lmfao

No. 1498389

It's not as sad when you realize he was a porn-obessed freak who probably looks at barely legal porn, got ED from it and had to troon out so he can be his ideal woman and misogynize/objectify them without seeming sexist.

No. 1498391

Not a self post lmao. I just decided to choose suffering through reddit tonight. He had a lil sum sum before, but I'm biased towards beards. You can think otherwise. He chopped his dick off though so now I just feel bad for the wife.

No. 1498395

his hair looks so thin, is that why they schlack it down with so much product?

No. 1498396

isn't that the opposite of what you should do if you have thin hair?

No. 1498398

An ex-friend of mine trooned out when we were 14 and it was always kind of his "quirk"(I always have saw him as a man in a wig) and orbiting his personality around being a troon. And now that I'm older(20s) I realize he's going to be a grown ass man wearing wigs and little girl dresses like all these other moids and it makes me throw up. Unfortunately LGBT convinced him that he is a woman despite always being a gay because we grew up in the tumblr era and he started estrogen not long after trooning (o canada!) And I wish to peak him but he has already done hormones and blockers. What a lost cause

No. 1498401

Samefag but to add I'm also BI myself and think the LGBTQXYZ+ is extremely toxic and horrifying

No. 1498405

finally an honest picture of this cheating moid

No. 1498408

why can't men figure out they can have long hair and shave their beard without trooning out?

No. 1498413

hate tucker, but this woman is brave as hell

No. 1498418

Wow. She is amazing, I hope she has proper protection and stays strong on her stance. I could only imagine the backlash she is facing over speaking out. I hope she lurks here and knows she is loved and the real winner.

No. 1498419

Why do XY think they'll ever be XX? Instead of telling moids they're not woman, I'm gonna start saying they'll never be XX no matter the costume KEK.

No. 1498422

have you ever seen a truly "happy" troon? they're either miserable agp coomers whose sole happiness is from their fleeting euphoria boners that quickly go away unless they find new more extreme ways to larp as women, or their mental disorder combination makes them perpetually "dysphoric" enough to want to kill themselves 99% of the time while trying to chase what is literally impossible on all levels.

All they'll do is say "some men are born XX!!! gotcha terf", as if that is in any way relevant for Troony McHorsefaces who are clearly male on all levels.

No. 1498428

The ones in positions of power look pretty happy ngl

No. 1498429

Based. She was very eloquent and handled the questions well. I hope that the backlash doesn't affect her too much. She is only speaking the truth. It sucks that so many women are being silenced. She's brave for speaking out.

yeahhh, most of the people that I knew who trooned out were usually depressed beforehand. Instead of trying to seek help for their depression or addictions, they join the gender cult where there is endless outside validation, and where narcissism runs rampant. It's an echochamber. I think it's funny when troons get SRS and realize they messed up and can't go back.

No. 1498430

Ntayrt but I wish I knew, I hate this ugly fucking moid and he is at least 50% responsible for peaking me kek. Can bet you anything he goes about as your average everday fat midwestern dude in his day to day life and you know he stole his granny's underwear with names like Dorothy and Alice.

No. 1498432

Even if we played by their rules and said "seperate AMAB and AFAB in sports", trannies would still throw a fit. I hope the tide turns soon so that trannies have less power and stay quiet.

No. 1498437

JESUS CHRIST WTF. That is the most botched boob job I have ever seen. And I watched Botched.

No. 1498440

File: 1649661033010.jpeg (65.08 KB, 701x437, 77C53081-E07C-461A-9CC7-85611A…)

Sage for weeb autism but It’s so funny how many trannies are in a One Piece that are used as gag humour but are realistic, yet the troons only acknowledge kikunojo.

The author creating Morley is just so based.

No. 1498441

File: 1649661233753.jpg (149.93 KB, 819x1024, FCAKITQWYAAL8OF.jpg)

is this a self own?

No. 1498452

every space is just narc delusion

No. 1498453

File: 1649662932405.jpg (112.12 KB, 601x299, Screenshot_20220411-084045.jpg)

TERF Island stay winning.
Make autogynephilic perverts afraid again.

No. 1498467


troons truly have zero loyalty towards their "ideas". In my handmaiden days I pointed out the transphobic caricatures in OP and said it was strange that nobody was shocked or cared about them but got met with arguments the likes of "b-but they're nice good guys so it could be considered representation uwu"

….Which completely proved my point about representation/transphobia in media complaints being selective and willfully avoiding "problematic" aspects of well loved works in order for troons to stay in the fandom, especially if it's anime. Meanwhile other creators have to constantly walk on eggshells to earn tranny respect. And lesser known ones who write "proper" trans characters or are trans themselves still get no attention at all from them because they just want to watch mainstream anime.

They call everyone to boycott transphobic media but never do it themselves.

No. 1498469

I'm gonna be honest this sounds made up… troons love to make up shit to paint themselves as victims.

No. 1498471

File: 1649665166010.jpg (239.32 KB, 594x793, Screenshot_20220407-123657.jpg)

If it is true, and not just fanfiction written for Twitter pitypoints, those British TERFs are brave as fuck to take the piss out of this moid to his face.

Bearing in mind this is what 'Sophie' looks like. He's huge. Like a fucking bricklayer.

No. 1498472

>muh trannies

No. 1498475

they honestly might have been taking a pic of him because he looks deranged

No. 1498478

WHAT is the "attic voice"

No. 1498479


No. 1498480

I think he's just trying to be funny by being cryptic and weird I don't think it's an actual thing

No. 1498485

File: 1649667705219.gif (915.69 KB, 280x202, 10b.gif)

Honestly, my first thought was pic related.

Nothing wounds a moid quite like a woman laughing at him. Surprise, surprise, troons are no different. As such, I wholeheartedly support this new terven past time of photographing any of these crossdressing dick-apes in public for us to all laugh at.

No. 1498489

Meth by name, Meth by nature.

No. 1498491

Being harassed in the street for a troon is 2 girls taking a picture of him for dressing in a way he is fully aware is unconventional and is still choosing to wear.
Meanwhile being harassed as a female means fearing for your life because men can get violent at any second.

No. 1498492

why does he have all top lip and no bottom?

No. 1498500

Slight blogposting, but I wear a lot of goth/alternative fashion in my day to day style and often get people taking my picture without my permission. It sucks but if you stand out and look weird, you can't complain when people take notice and you have to accept that you can't control how someone will react to how you've chosen to look.

These men are so thin-skinned and histrionic that they have to go and tell their twitter hugbox that they were victims of a hatecrime.

No. 1498501

Is that based Bindel on the end there?

No. 1498502

Does anyone have that pic of sophie from mars and his handmaid gf where she looks so scarily tiny by comparison?

No. 1498505

File: 1649669506996.jpg (252.76 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20220328-184604_Lex…)

The milkiest user on my local Lex is a pro-Cotton Ceiling walking disaster…

No. 1498506

File: 1649669565133.jpg (535.48 KB, 1080x1267, Screenshot_20220328-184616_Lex…)

Who looks like this. There are nudes as well on his insta (fridge body, BDSM gear) but I will not subject users to them

No. 1498507

His hair looks like a hornet's nest

No. 1498509

These freaks have no business bringing up her age like it's a gotcha when they look like 40+ men with a skullet dabbling with meth even in their "best" pics, JK looks like a goddess in comparison lol. They're actually delusional and think they look like young girls, it's unnerving how they don't live in reality yet we're expected to cater to them and let them be around us unsupervised

I'm sure JK would rather her public epitaph be this than gross fetish shit, rape threats and violent fantasies about beating women because they have an opinion that doesn't revolve around sucking ugly tranny dick

No. 1498513

Why is it never normal transphobes that aren't terfs? I. E. The majority of the population who are unnerved by trannies

No. 1498515

Its so hilariously ironic to me that they compare houseelfs to black slavery, and the bank goblins to jews, and then they call JK rowling the racist. Theyre the ones making these connections, they see a money grabbing goblin and instantly think of a jew, and then they act like everyone else is the antisemite. I never ever thought about these connections until crazy woke people on twitter talked about it. Theyre fantasy creatures in a fantasy world.

No. 1498516

not super milky but iirc he said some shit about how george takei, who was at one point in a concentration camp, is a lib racist. very ironic, super hilarious

No. 1498518

Kek looks like the lady next to Rowling is checking out her cleavage

I'm so happy Queen Terf seems happy and well

No. 1498520

File: 1649671754016.jpg (493.07 KB, 2880x904, FQBoM3CWQBQRbJ1.jpg)

Moid troons out after his wife has a baby, has 0 sympathy for her, and then wants to find other people to bang

No. 1498521

They're incels so they have to add in that level of reeing specifically at women and those dang dirty 'feminazis'. Leopards don't change there spots, they've just started calling themselves pumas.

No. 1498522


This is what the third or fourth time I've heard of a TIM raping a TIF? Two accusations were from people in powerful positions in the 'community' and still are. Transmen need to honestly wake the fuck up and realise their position, if anything happens to them NO ONE will care. They need to have a long hard thing about why that is. Benji at GNCentral said this is absolutely rife and I fucking believe it.

No. 1498523

And threatening anyone who says otherwise with their barbed 'kittydicks'.

No. 1498524

George Takei is a creepy fucking groomer, though, and the world would be better off if we'd kept him locked up in that camp.

No. 1498526

>I've been supporting her emotionally and financially
It really is such a man thing to assume that paying for things you offered to pay for means your wife is no longer allowed to be anything but cartoonishly grateful towards you while you treat her however you like. Even if she just had your baby.
I feel really bad for the wife. Moved from a terrible home life with her parents to whatever the fuck's going on here. Frying pan, fire, etc.

No. 1498528

File: 1649672840047.jpg (118.56 KB, 1080x678, Screenshot_20220411-122556_Twi…)

Some of the women in that pic are hardcore political lesbians I can't believe they're doing this to JK

No. 1498529

it happened before that shit came out. this wasn’t some high-minded moral crusade by the peteseeger guy, he’s just retarded

No. 1498530

Ah, the cross-over we've all been waiting for. You didn't want her to be a TERF, well your constant bitching made her into one. Based ladies.

Yup, and the academics and journalists that have been pushed out.

No. 1498532

God, this is so fucking funny. J.K. looks like she's living her best life, surrounded by brilliant women and all these sad, doughy men in dresses can do is cope, seethe and dilate.

It's like poetry.

No. 1498534

We should be thankful for TRAs in a way, because we probably would not have seen Julie Bindel and JKR in the same place if it weren't for them.

No. 1498535

sounds fun.

No. 1498537

another moid trooning out right after his wife gives birth. women who want children should just go to a sperm bank at this point.

No. 1498538

Not sure about the 'being authoratively told I'm only 66% straight' part, tbh.

Rein it in a bit, huh, ladies? We're always ragging on the troons for trying to push themselves on people who aren't attracted to them.

No. 1498539

Wait wtf, this seems kinda iffy

No. 1498545

Yeah these terfs aren't that based. Some of them genuinely believe every woman has it in them to be a lesbian because it doesn't "make sense" for women to be attracted to their oppressor, and they won't shut up about it. These groups are as culty as troons

No. 1498546

Huh? She's clearly joking lol

No. 1498547

Hopefully JK is just clowning around/still drunk. Loving her full terfdom though. Trannies stay seething

No. 1498548

It's a joke. FFS.

No. 1498550

no they don't wtf

No. 1498552


>an electrician

Terrifying. Have seen several nonas recommend men in the trades as one of the last safe sources for men who won't troon. Sad to see even blue collar guys aren't immune.

Doubly terrifying to think that if you call somebody to come and fix your house, you now have to worry about some sick AGP showing up and probably stealing your underwear if they're unsupervised for a second.

No. 1498555

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is GNCentral? I googled, but didn't find anything specific.

No. 1498556

File: 1649675411050.png (84.43 KB, 1210x364, Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 13.10…)

based baby

No. 1498557

the baby knows

No. 1498559

File: 1649675645505.jpg (300.21 KB, 609x834, Screenshot_20220411-120446.jpg)

No. 1498560

>laidback, patient, caring

No. 1498561

No, this potato is actually cute. It did nothing to deserve this comparison.

No. 1498563

File: 1649675978000.jpg (77.23 KB, 1125x584, FQCN7ufXMAQfRHQ.jpg)

Good ol' misogyny

No. 1498564

Fun fact, most babies prefer faces of the gender of their primary caregiver (usually women). Even before knowing that sex/gender exists literal babies know who's male and who's female because of how ingrained it is in us through evolution.

No. 1498567

I think Nona meant gncentric? She's a detrans lesbian who had a YouTube channel idk if it's still up

No. 1498570

Troons really grow up to be a crude mockery of nature's perfection. Edited for namefagging

No. 1498571

File: 1649676794178.png (312.67 KB, 1466x434, Skärmavbild 2022-04-11 kl. 13.…)

I wish they'd stop projecting their insecurities onto us.

No. 1498572

This has stuck with me since you posted it nona. At first it sounded like she was badass and wouldn’t take his shit, but now I’ve thought about it more her actions speak volumes. She downs her drink, does her business and leaves immediately. Clearly she felt really uncomfortable and he didn’t think about the effect he had on her whatsoever.

No. 1498574

Lol I would love to be taller and I'm already moderately tall.

No. 1498575

You were already banned once, namefag. Take a hint and get the hell out of here before you fuck up another OP.

No. 1498577

Dude all of your dysphoria is problematic and any attempt at relieving it by integrating into female spaces is actively harming women. Get real therapy and learn how to accept your male body and mind.

No. 1498578

I'm below average height and I would love to be taller and tower over insecure scrotes

No. 1498580

File: 1649677998345.png (474.46 KB, 1466x900, Skärmavbild 2022-04-11 kl. 13.…)

Samefag, but just saw this on the same subreddit

No. 1498582

they really don't know what internalized misogyny is, huh.

No. 1498583

File: 1649678123856.png (25.74 KB, 737x231, envy attraction.png)

your daily dose of AGP-posting

No. 1498585

File: 1649678507109.jpg (152.57 KB, 1125x1600, FQCAvFoXwAUcFd5.jpg)

No. 1498589

File: 1649678826488.jpg (138.73 KB, 1125x1600, 1649678507109.jpg)

Fixed it for him

No. 1498591

not really. there are species where the females have either learnt or evolved to avoid males to not get raped (because of how many females would die during the rape) and as a response the males evolve to mimic females to get closer to them. it's all part of the evolution, part of this lovely nature.

No. 1498593

File: 1649679156882.png (12.97 KB, 1186x694, FP-ng5fXMAI2SGh.png)


Yeah, we just want to redo the vocabulary, shit on women, manipulate, lie and touch kids but we just want a normal life :,( baawwww(:,( )

No. 1498594

This should be the other way round. The trannies are the one wanting to eliminate us and make challenges to our rights and healthcare for their own benefits. We just want to live a normal life without men in our sorts or perverts working in our rape crisis centres.

No. 1498595

yeah because the experience of existing as a modern day medical experiment and chemically castrating yourself while spending the rest of your time screeching in a terminally online echo chamber is totally a normal life

No. 1498606

File: 1649680736070.jpg (115.82 KB, 819x1208, 4500964954.jpg)

Literally looks like Buffalo Bill kek.

No. 1498607

Jag älskar dig nonna

No. 1498608

THIS is a pic for a collage poster to print out and put into female bathrooms

No. 1498609


It's GNC Centric. And yes Benji is still making videos.


No. 1498617

File: 1649682370590.png (322.82 KB, 740x612, hentai.png)

yeah, we know hentai is causing a lot of incels to troon out.

No. 1498618

File: 1649682469056.png (259.43 KB, 1440x1219, edit war.png)

This may have been mentioned before, but read the Wikipedia edit summary for "woman" for a laugh. These are all established Wikipedia editors arguing amongst themselves about semantics with a very clear gender critical slant to it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woman

No. 1498619

File: 1649682558488.png (82.09 KB, 1440x908, xx.png)

No. 1498626

A lot of Wikipedia discussions are TERFy. I was reading the discussions of that Keiynan Lonsdale guy who says his pronouns are "tree", and Wikipedia was having none of it and would revert it back to he every time anyone changed it.

I also went down a rabbit hole of finding out about a furry who got banned for editing the article on biological sex.

I find it so sad that this guy's mother has equated being a domestic slave with being a woman because her life is filled with useless men who do nothing to help her. Instead of redditors telling this guy his mother has internalised misogyny (which every woman does to a certain extent because of how were socialised), they should be telling him to help her with the chores for once so she doesn't think a woman's job is to just cater to the needs of the men in her life.

It's genuinely sad the amount of men who still think household chores are a woman's job despite the fact that women have all the same responsibilities as men plus more these days.

No. 1498628

>these terfs

i think you're a shit stirring tranny

No. 1498631

KEK i love being 183 cm and unequivocally female and knowing my existence makes them seethe

No. 1498635

File: 1649685316949.jpeg (370.61 KB, 1242x1752, 63FC4B21-1481-4B74-B154-28244C…)

i just can’t imagine a real actual woman ever saying this about a mother who is literally 56 years old. this is what porn and misogyny does to the brains of TRAs.

No. 1498636

have they ever seen a woman in her 50s? do they think women look like we're 25 until the day we die?

No. 1498638

She's beautiful, these trannies are just seething knowing they'll never be actual women kek

No. 1498639

not disappointed nor surprised, this is exactly the type of comment I'd expect from a bunch of men on the internet

No. 1498641

samfag but forgot to mention that all those retweets are actually qrts dragging the OP for being a gross scrote, which is a huge positive at least. still, I can’t believe the balls of these troons to say this kinda stuff when they are the ugliest freaks on earth with the most vomit inducing manboobs to ever exist

No. 1498643

>trying to find logic in a commie troon brain

No. 1498644

i don't think they're able to see what they look like. they only see the fantasy. they actually think they're anime girls with giant, bouncing boobs.

No. 1498645

Åh, jag älskar dig också nonnie

No. 1498648

I'd actually be susprised if a woman her age didn't look like that Proof yet again that trannies are porn addicts who can't tell the difference between plastic surgery and natural breasts.

No. 1498654

File: 1649687703094.jpg (203.6 KB, 922x2048, 20220411_163324.jpg)

if you'd share a bathroom with an old lady with short hair you must also share it with men

No. 1498656

They really think gender is only about appearances and absolutely nothing else. Its not about biology to them, not about how you lived your entire life, not about your upbringing, your manners, your way of life, your mentality, your sense of self.. Its just person short hair man person long hair girl!

No. 1498657

God I hope handmaidens see this and realize how fucking pornsick and misogynistic these fuckers are. Femaleness is only being fuckable to them. Which is funny, because the troons definitely are not that themselves lmao

No. 1498658

Troons identify as fuckable which is all that matters in their mind.

No. 1498659

So "misgendering" rapists and pedophiles is always wrong 'cause "it hurts all trans women", but saying this about a woman's body is okay 'cause troons think she's hateful? I won't a-log, but I think you can imagine what I want to say.

No. 1498662

Sage for OT but Miraculous Ladybug, despite it's issues, is one of the only popular fandoms left that hasn't been overrun by troons and "this character is actually trans!!!!" head cannons. I want it to stay that way.

No. 1498669

Uh…pretty sure we know the old ladies are still women. This is one of the stupidest things they've ever said lol

No. 1498671

File: 1649689292390.png (117.99 KB, 1190x596, Skärmavbild 2022-04-11 kl. 16.…)

Why do you think that is, you dumb fucking troon? Could it be because women can't speak openly about women's rights without running the risk of ruining both their private lives and careers?

No. 1498677

>defining womanhood by biology is bad and reductive
>"short hair man long hair woman"

No. 1498678

So, are evil tervens terrorizing trans people and taking away their rights, or are they just 7 random girls without no power? Which one is it?

No. 1498679

I love how troons did their best to cancel all these women and harass the hell out of them only for them to team up and become friends. Now they're having a good time and the troon moids are seething and calling them ugly. Pathetic.

No. 1498680

7 random short haired lesbians with saggy tits but all of them are JK Rowling with infinite power.

No. 1498682

A whole coven of Terves having fun. It must kill them that they aren't invited.

No. 1498685

Lmao so annoying. We can't say we're not into men, transwomen, amabs or whatever else without them acting like we've just committed quadruple homicide on their entire transbian polycule. No matter which way you twist it and how kind you're being to them, excluding them is always a crime anyway.
Women word it that way not because they're some kinda 'genital fetishists' or because they're objectifying you, it's because you're going to have a meltdown if they're too straight forward, Samuel

No. 1498686

That pic is awesome. These men just looooove to hate on the women who speak the truth.

No. 1498690

>you wouldn’t have a chance with me anyway reeee
The most straightest of angry straight man cope

No. 1498693

this is so beyond dumb. guess my dad should troon out too, he really enjoys the old tomb raiders on ps1.

No. 1498695

What a comfy space. I'm honestly jealous. A bunch of successful women, who have absolute zero interest in performative femininity and just are, including JK who is wearing a floral print dress with low neckline. No weird scrotes could ever creep in because they know these women would never fall for their mentally ill pity arguments.

No. 1498700

File: 1649692033202.png (637.54 KB, 594x793, Kicoomi.png)

The level of editing required was minimal

No. 1498702

Nearly choked on my apple, nona please add the outfit as well

No. 1498703

I'm also jealous. I want to go to an epic terve meeting too and drink with you all!

No. 1498704

If he had been born a daughter, he would be expected to do all that same shit. If he’s really a woman, why hasn’t he been doing it already and helping his mom?

No. 1498706

>women are women
>unless they have short hair

Men are so embarrassingly dumb that they think a woman with short hair is equivalent to a cismale with male reproductive organs and anatomy. Also keep being obsessed with bathrooms, weirdos.

No. 1498708

File: 1649692467389.gif (1.47 MB, 382x308, 1551174928953.gif)

>I'm not a penis, I'm an entire person
TOPKEK die mad nigga

No. 1498709

File: 1649692527163.png (157.51 KB, 1186x306, Skärmavbild 2022-04-11 kl. 17.…)

Apparently it's both

No. 1498711

And the spicy sequel, "I would not even rape you!!". Peak male.

No. 1498713

But you see, older and butch women don't look like his hentai and barely legal porn, so they can't be proper women!
Damn I wish there was a Swedish forum to talk about this stuff.

No. 1498714

this is deadly, good job

No. 1498715

File: 1649692965017.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1284x2149, 81AD1A29-9A57-4369-BFB3-23FBE0…)

Lol his response to the replies full of women telling him this is how womens bodies naturally age. Wow you really gottem, scrote!

No. 1498719

Jag också. I feel like Flashback is the only place that would allow troon critical discussions, but it's full of deranged scrotes.

No. 1498725

File: 1649693727925.jpeg (176.94 KB, 1242x1358, A21DA49F-0962-41A1-9093-65F2A5…)

[x] to doubt

No. 1498729

>55% of transgender have lost their jobs
Mhm, and how many of them were fired for doing some perverted coomer shit on the clock?

No. 1498732

Flashback skulle definitivt låta oss leva men det är ju en avfallshög till forum. Jag undrar hur många transkritiska feminister det finns i Sverige. Är vi tillräckligt många för ett eget forum?

No. 1498734

Flashback är för kvinnofientligt. I def think that there are enough gc women in Sweden, it's just that we are not visibly organized like in the UK and other countries.

No. 1498737

Kan du tyst nu or at least spoiler/go to your own thread thanks

No. 1498739


Hey Swedes (am not swedish),

A place to start on finding gcs could be Women's Declaration International, "a group of volunteer women from across the globe dedicated to protecting women's sex-based rights."

They have some people in Sweden.

Videos featuring the Swedish rep:

Contact their group in Sweden:

No. 1498741

It literally boils down to this every single time. I got booted from a fashion group for asking a theyfab girl what she meant by “masculine clothing” since according to troon logic clothing has no gender.

No. 1498743

Thank you nonnie! Has this group been mentioned in these threads before? I don't recognize the name at all.

No. 1498744

Yep, my bad. Realised once I posted.

No. 1498745

File: 1649695545164.png (57.78 KB, 739x526, neutralgoodbear.png)

no, you are not a girl. yes, it's a fetish.

No. 1498747

where the fuck did they get these stats?
"70% have been sexually assaulted by police officers"
"50% of them get raped"
this sounds like it's been cherry picked from south american prostitutes, unless they're trying to say trooning out is a result of sexual trauma

No. 1498748

Tack nonnis! Going to check it out. Spread terfism worldwide.
>kan du tyst nu
Kek, va

No. 1498751

How the fuck can someone type this shit out and not realize that what they're describing is very obviously a fetish?

No. 1498752

File: 1649695975857.jpg (12.33 KB, 736x315, 0d5.jpg)

No. 1498753

ayrt, idk, am newfag.

No. 1498756

File: 1649696254171.jpeg (102.61 KB, 1186x694, 1522220F-4D80-436D-B77B-9B82C7…)

late but lmao the projection

No. 1498757

He knows it is. He wants to deny that it is and wants support in his denial. That's why he posted to mtf. Otherwise, he would be posting in the agp subreddits or therapy subs or sex subs.

No. 1498765

File: 1649697277314.jpeg (489 KB, 2325x2033, 391A5EB4-9B74-44BE-8718-D0F6DB…)

Yeah… I WOULD be afraid of being in a changing room with that, except my disgust far supersedes my fear, tbh.

No. 1498767

File: 1649697470389.jpg (9.44 KB, 210x240, iuSCK6BRLJ.jpg)

No. 1498768

How have 70 percent of trans women been sexually assaulted by cops? what kind of number is that? first that means a majority of cops are a bit gay, because most trans women have a penis. also wtf this is just butthole numbers

No. 1498775

Why the fuck is he trying to use all of his facial muscles at the same time, grotesque looking scrote

No. 1498776

is he even trying to hide his 5oclock shadow because wtf, yeah I'd be scared to see that in a bathroom

No. 1498778

This argument is so disingenuous 'cause it pretends that all trans women are like him and that a man who looks like him can't be a threat to women.

No. 1498783

This dude sends my fight or flight response into overdrive. The constant frozen smile and wide open crazy eyes.

No. 1498787

You know, can't look like a gay man no matter what. Notice how many of them are ultra masculine and trying to fit the manly norm extremely hard before they troon out. It's almost like they're extremely homophobic or incapable of seeing the middle ground in things.

No. 1498788

I'm late to this but I really wish I could figure out this assholes socials to find his wife to let her know what he is doing on reddit. Screw cowtipping this womans sexual health and her babies health is on the line

No. 1498793

anyone care to put the numbers for women beside this, because I believe they won't differ in any way to the "trans experience". I've experienced it all either in my own life or in the life of other women, so, can they stop whining, after all they are choosing to be female, we are born like that

hm, not afraid, I would think to myself "what the fuck" and would walk out of that changing room in a second.

No. 1498806

File: 1649700380663.jpg (394.85 KB, 1080x1317, IMG_20220412_020435.jpg)

Found this

No. 1498810

wtf are they talking about?

No. 1498811

This the namefag who's been posting here? I have no idea what the hell he is on about, absolutely schitzo tier shit

No. 1498812

They hate women more than they hate conservative men. Why do you think left Twitter trannies have such a pal around back and forth with far right 4chancels?

No. 1498813

How does this guy get so many likes? I absolutely refuse to believe 2 million people don’t like his constant day 5 of being a girl posts. He’s not a good PR troon like Hunter Schafer.

No. 1498818

they supposedly made this thread, which is probably the most confusing part

No. 1498819

You foids know fuck about womanhood let alone manhood. No wonder you all can't troon like the moids do. Leave a man to explain what is a woman without all of you shitty garbage. A nunber of tranny do have the potential to act like a woman. The title of woman goes to high-class foids which none of you shall deserve. I created this thread to contain all of you before you rampantly shit in digital public. Stop stalking me. 4channers call me a woman and good ropefuel before I renamed myself "GAIA TROON".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1498820

it's whichever suits the narative they're trying to push at any given time

want play the victim?
>transwomen are literally assaulted all the time by terfs. everytime I enter a bathroom I wonder which of the women in there want me dead

want to dunk on the terfs?
>lmao there were like 7 of them, they're such a tiny minority and they hold no power haha

No. 1498821

Happened to me with some white girl who had a savior complex for specifically black trans women, she ended up marrying one and now he left her and she’s ballooned up and is constantly depressed but still defending troonies in hopes of getting him back and catering to his group of friends. Troon did you a favor in getting these handmaidens out of your life nonna

No. 1498825

File: 1649701761779.jpg (17.33 KB, 412x295, 1d4217c867d2c6c959f517ec7bbd67…)

No. 1498826

this makes me so happy for them! I am even more happy because the thought of them just existing makes troon either seethe or want to join the 41% good for her! Based Terf Queen

No. 1498828


No. 1498830

You can't understand it yourself, heh.

No. 1498831

File: 1649702266828.jpg (22.34 KB, 326x324, 1515118945320.jpg)

wtf is going on

No. 1498833

I don’t understand how they can write this out and not get it. I too have some shit I’m into during sex but I can see that it’s just that and should be left for those times. My entire life doesn’t need to revolve around what I’m into in the bedroom, and I certainly don’t feel a need to skinwalk anyone or deteriorate an oppressed group’s rights over it. It is so asinine they can’t understand this.

No. 1498835

He always seems totally psychotic, so yeah. I would be afraid to be around him in any sense, bathroom or elsewhere.

No. 1498837

File: 1649702528417.jpg (25.61 KB, 490x319, spiderman.jpg)

Shit like this is why people need to get that habit again to always look for more info and sources when they see random data and percentages out of context. We don't even know what that data is about. Is it about trans people all over the world? Or from one specific country? If so which one(s)? And when was the study conducted? How many transwomen and transmen were asked these questions? How was the data collected? Personally I think it's all bullshit, it's like when trannies want to make us think 41% of them die of murder and suicide because of discrimination when that percentage isn't really accurate and when we all know the main cause of suicide is because they get these fucked up surgeries and end up with chronic pain and health issues.

No. 1498840

Interesting that this namefag is the same as the one who claimed to make this thread at the end of the last one?

No. 1498842

File: 1649703092622.png (115.1 KB, 927x732, 1631674752442.png)

I KNEW IT, my instincts about choosing not so bad pics of troons being a tranny psyop were FUCKING CORRECT feck you doubtful nonnas

No. 1498843

Stop giving moids the benefit of the doubt. He knows its a fucking fetish. He has just enough sense to know he should stop but he wants to keep doing it so he's casting about for reasons he can use to rationalize it not being a fetish.

Every time you see a man say some dumb shit, that anybody with an IQ over 50 would realize is dumb shit, to justify him being a dumpster fire, he knows it's dumb shit and is pretending it's not because he is getting something out of engaging in said dumpster fire behavior.

No. 1498844

File: 1649703374599.jpeg (136.21 KB, 726x899, BDBEF599-4525-4D9A-ACF1-37DBFB…)

these men are delusional beyond fixing. i couldn‘t find a picture of this incel „alyss turner“ because he comments abominable shit like this under every single fucking viral tranny tweet that gets flushed on my timeline but i bet he reeks of unwashed male and his mother cries herself to sleep about the labour she went through just to have her son turn out to be this misogynist, terminally online tranny autist.

No. 1498845

File: 1649703852968.gif (184.3 KB, 340x285, 1641921033521.gif)

Thank you farmhands!

No. 1498860

kek more undistilled gigacope from a seething moid. i give this sad faggot 2 years tops before he finally necks himself.

No. 1498861

omg. i love this pic. do you have one without the tinfoil though, anon?

No. 1498862

File: 1649705366122.png (27.04 KB, 589x227, 411414142142142.png)

No. 1498863

Sadly no, I (or some other faster art anon) can edit it though, some other text in the front would be better too, suggestions?

No. 1498868

Why do trannies love Ukraine lmao

No. 1498875

Nonnie are you in need of a wife?

No. 1498877

Because the current narrative is that Russians are very bad and Ukrainians are very good. Troonlogic demands that since Ukrainians are very good they must also be positive about the alphabet soup (they're not).

No. 1498895

File: 1649708250638.jpg (322.92 KB, 768x959, NINTCHDBPICT000645072546.jpg)

>Simon Block, former secretary of the BBBofC, and a highly-respected official with the Commonwealth Boxing Council and WBC told media:
“If one of the bodies I’m associated with allowed a transgender to box competitively I would immediately resign.”
just look at moid fighters jaw and neck, they could stand still without defending themselves and you'd still not be able to knock them out.

No. 1498900

File: 1649708518162.png (47.25 KB, 927x732, psyop.png)

Is that fine?

No. 1498937

Because trannies like to virtue-signal whatever is the popular “morally right” thing at the time.

Speaking of, if the narrative now is “Russians are bad”, what will happen to all the trannies with sickle icons yelling about communism? Did they come up with some dumb explanation for it or are they just sweeping their communism stance under the rug?

No. 1498938

File: 1649710294892.jpg (209.44 KB, 1080x1242, FQFXrwlWUAUMceh.jpg)

Moid photoshops himself into the JK rowling lunch picture, ofcourse very sexualised because ofcourse. Ironic he cant see this is literally the core of the problem JK rowling and other women are tired of

No. 1498956

It just makes him come off as so tryhard. Imagine needing to get attention by photoshopping a sexualized pic of yourself with your man tits out on a pic of women who are enjoying themselves and are comfortable with themselves, and particularly many women who don’t subscribe to feminine beauty standards and are trying to make actual change in the world. It’s honestly pathetic.

No. 1498958

File: 1649711999810.jpeg (270.71 KB, 1800x1198, 7842C855-67CE-4B6A-8991-03F263…)

Make the ride stop, they’re so fucking regressive.

No. 1498973

File: 1649713031834.jpg (180.11 KB, 828x1073, 20220411_233609.jpg)

an identity which is entirely defined by consooming is anti capitalist

No. 1498974

Umberto Eco wrote, on his 14 traits of fascism:

>The enemy is both strong and weak. “By a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.”

I wonder how many of the other 13 could apply to transactivism, especially given that most TRAs are former alt right Nazis.

No. 1498975

kek at first it was them trying to make shitty jokes to try and humiliate her, but now they just sound like they want to attend and are bitter they can't. Are we gonna start seeing tranny fantasies about attending terf lunches instead of strangely sexual sleepovers?

No. 1498976

can we post milk from chasers? this one is pretty good and the guy in general is completely unhinged and his blog mostly consists of him telling everyone he's not gay
>MRA chaser not admitting you want to fuck trannies is the same as murdering them
>I’ll tell you. These vile, spineless men were afraid of their own sexuality and that they might have to explain that they’d fucked someone with a dick and loved every second of it. That it felt good. That was what made them kill these women. And every liar who says he’s not attracted to transsexual women is one of that rotten company. That’s right, you, if you make that claim. You stand right beside these trash because you are just as afraid of your own sexuality as they are. Your hand was on the back of Jennifer’s neck as she drowned in a toilet bowl and on the skillet that crushed in Gwen’s skull. Yours. And why? Because you won’t admit a simple truth: transsexual women can indeed be attractive, to you. Transattracted? Yes you are, or you’re gay.


No. 1498978

Thas mento illness, luv

No. 1498980

I think I’ve said before in another thread that I wouldn’t put it past them to start wanting to join terf spaces since they are spaces they absolutely cannot partake in whatsoever and there are no handmaidens to help them, it must drive them crazy lmao.

No. 1498982

Because they're women and you're not, Jonathan.

No. 1498987

JK looks so beautiful and effortless in those pics, no wonder they're seething

No. 1498996

it really does. tehey love writing terf, troon fanfic.

No. 1498997

what a predator. finds an emotionally vulnerable women with a poor family support system and traps her financially and with a baby. it's not post-partum depression, you abusive narc! i hope she can get away and get some money in the divorce and child support.

No. 1498998

maybe he'll get zapped on the job and she can collect a sweet life insurance policy and be free.

No. 1499000

File: 1649714526891.jpg (260.51 KB, 605x722, Screenshot_20220411-225048.jpg)

Now, admittedly, I do not have the autism required to be either a fan of Star Trek OR adult animation, so I don't fully understand the context, but there's something about this tweet from Jessie Gender that really got the old noggin joggin'.

>at some point trans women develop IDGAF sarcastic attitudes after all the BS we deal with

…I mean, in my experience, don't a lot of unbearable, unlikeable neckbeard moids develop sarcasm as a dominant personality trait, too? It puts me in mind of those insufferable scrotes on TV Tropes back in the day who'd proclaim themselves as epic 'Deadpan Snarkers' when really they were just mean-spirited, spiteful, rude and unsociable.

Hmmm. Makes you think.

No. 1499009

File: 1649715325508.jpg (224.95 KB, 576x754, Screenshot_20220411-231311.jpg)

I just recently found out that Jessie Gender is only 30 years old.

Totally cements my theory that trooning out ages your average scrote by like fifteen years minimum.

No. 1499011

men stop killing yourselves and blaming women challenge.

No. 1499012

30??? He HAS to be lying. That face does not look a day under 40 at least.

No. 1499014

Really, men taking hormones does virtually nothing to their looks at all, maybe giving them some moobs after 5-10+ years on it, but besides that not much, especially compared to how drastic the changes are for a girl on T. But it does make men look hella old, combined with the thinning hair and the terrible makeup and fashion sense, they age 10-20 years after a few years trooning out

No. 1499016

theyre mentally ill.. why would you blame such mentally ill people for committing suicide? you wouldnt tell a depressed person that its their fault for comitting suicide. imagine the anguish they must have to clown out and destroy/mutilate their bodies like that.

No. 1499019

lol, what they wish "bimbo" was instead of what it actually is, learning to enjoy the chains.

No. 1499022

I absolutely feel for people who hate themselves and their bodies so much they pump themselves full of hormones, botox and surgeries. I just wish they would get some actual help instead of thinking all the superficial stuff is going to fix everything. I genuinly believe so much mental illness is being completely overlooked because of trans activism. Youre not even allowed to say gender dysphoria is a mental illness anymore, which makes no sense considering I thought the far left was all in for removing the mental illness stigma. I feel like the trans movement is literally contributing to their own suicide numbers by putting a cover over mental illness

No. 1499024

File: 1649716374600.jpg (25.84 KB, 386x586, 1624548616521.jpg)

i love it when men kill themselves. love when you trannies try to use female socialization against us. reee women have to care about everyone else!!!! No, you can't say that!! You have to be nice!!

No. 1499025

No. 1499026

File: 1649716526031.jpg (1.8 MB, 3024x4032, FI3yihLXwAMwsKr.jpg)

>thinking mentally ill fags like that are a threat

No. 1499027

wow totally disproving me how mentally well and accountable they are!

No. 1499028

He knows why he's not invited, and he can never truly escape knowing why, no matter how high he gets on the copium.

No. 1499030

Right? It literally doesn't specify "due to muh discrimination" so are we just including those who were laid off due to budget cutbacks, furlough, etc.?

Not to blog, but I worked retail for a while in school and an older TiM worked there too for a very brief amount of time. One of my other coworkers was a fellow college student/girl, around 18 or so iirc. One time she told me he had been talking to her about worrying about pulling out his dick out with this new guy he was seeing bc he hadn't told him he was trans yet. She was so uncomfortable about it but I could tell she didn't want to come across as prejudiced. Can you imagine being a middle-aged man and thinking it's appropriate to explicitly talk about your genitals and sex life with a clearly uncomfortable barely-legal teenage girl at work?!?! Also he had a buzzcut, a 5 o'clock shadow, and wore the most ill-fitting little girls' t-shirts five sizes too small. He definitely was not even trying to pass, so I'm preeetty sure whoever was dating him could already see his bulge and the whole convo didn't need to happen except as an excuse to talk about that "girldick uwu".

No. 1499033

this reads like a bad terf impression. are you a self hating tranny or what?
obviously mtfs are a threat to women's safety, sports, etc etc

No. 1499034

File: 1649717141344.jpg (8.78 KB, 200x200, images.jpeg.jpg)


PUSSY HATS. Do it… Or cats. Any kind of pussy works.

No. 1499035

And it's not even funny, couldn't have put himself in the background doing something actually amusing? So much for "comedian"
Personally, I have no empathy for these subhuman genetic dead ends and they should off themselves
>depressed person
Males aren't people
Roaches aren't a threat but I still squash them because they're unpleasant to look at

No. 1499037

we don't empathize with chris chan like you do because we aren't retarded moids. the point you missed is that you are a lost cause, and only your poor mommy cares about you.

No. 1499042

Sage for blogpost but I'm at a very left wing school and this is my biggest fear. Wish we could make a support group lol. Hang in there!

No. 1499045

File: 1649718367676.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.63 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20220411_190411180.jpg)

The likeness is uncanny.

No. 1499047

File: 1649718816189.png (5.24 KB, 642x91, badperiod.png)

0. The answer is 0.

No. 1499055

File: 1649719489382.jpeg (226.61 KB, 996x2047, 1915CE80-E9BA-479B-8E37-45B90B…)

>he thinks he and his forehead passes

holy shit the troons are seething over jk again kek. it’s wild they don’t understand the point is that these women ARE women, doesn’t matter how they look, or how he thinks they look, they just are women so we welcome them into the women's bathrooms and always will, unlike him, who is a man and always will be, and so he can fuck off and use the mens. plus how many times do we have to say being feminine doesn’t = female, holy shit they really are some of the most backwards men in the world.

No. 1499056

God they really ruined Star Trek. TNG and especially Voyager and DS9 were very pro-woman for their time.

No. 1499057

Agp autism smirk says otherwise

No. 1499061

can someone tell this assholes that they will never ever have a period from hell? They will never have a period after all and comparing their "pain" to the pain a women might feel while having her period is taking away the serious pain a period can cause. I don't want a tranny to be able to stay at home for his "period", hell, in my country I can't even call in sick for that shit, so no, they will never understand how it is to not being able to stand up straight because of the pain you feel in your fucking uterus.

Alex Kurtzman ruined Star Trek and then it went on from that. It's always been about equal rights for everyone, never been about gender or rights for few. I miss the days with a female captain that isn't crying 24/7.

No. 1499063

Right?? Janeway is like a great second Gen feminist character

No. 1499066

AYRT I had nearly the same reaction, found it in a terf fb group and put it up here for posterity before remembering something similar happening to me outside a lesbian bar on pride, was having a hushed conversation with friend about how I’m not into drag, and MTF in front of me turns around and rages out about “homophobia”. There’s only 1 lesbian bar in my city, I haven’t returned since sucks we can’t just exist in peace without men in our bars policing our opinions

No. 1499074

I dare just one tranny to wash their hair

No. 1499077

I also had intense, debilitating periods that required medical intervention early on and the way troons try to appropriate that pain trauma makes me livid. In the global south women still die from relatively simple complications of periods (hell, even in the US women occasionally die from them). The idea that men, who don't have uteruses, think they know enough about our experience of having a period to compare their experience is maddening. How could they ever know? Moids won't let us have opinions on how much it hurts to get punched in the balls compared to childbirth, but they think they're entitled to an opinion on uterine cramps. They're so fucking weak and whiney. They need to woman up.

Semi-related but I was trying to talk about the devastating effects of my period in a college gender studies course a TiF disregarded my point to criticize the "medicalization of periods". Which at least is somewhat valid, but ugh.

No. 1499078

26?? huh??

No. 1499083

Haha, yeah, I know that I'm unjustifiably fond of Voyager just because we have a female captain! Who isn't sexualized all the time! Who takes hard decision under pressure and has the full respect of her crew!
Holy shit, is this something that is happening in the newest iteration of the series? (Real question, I hated Alex Kurtzman!Trek and so didn't keep up with any of the newer stuff)

No. 1499084

those breasts have fed 3 children (i assume). your estrogen-induced or surgically-implanted lumps are nothing but garish accessories that have no potential to contribute anything.

No. 1499087

File: 1649721756468.jpeg (776.49 KB, 3269x1145, 339AACB1-230C-4B1B-BB4D-8114B8…)

will it ever end

No. 1499089

God it’s so creepy. The incel skinwalking stink cannot be washed.

No. 1499090

Women wondering if this 12 year old male is looking for his mom in the bathroom

No. 1499092

> I miss the days with a female captain that isn't crying 24/7.

Wait, what? Who's crying?

No. 1499094

Save 41% or more on car insurance

No. 1499095

does twitter allow minors to have accounts? these troons are building up karma for when they inevitable age like the males they are.

No. 1499096

Yup, that's totally how a vagina works! Worth all 10,000 of those dollars!

No. 1499098

File: 1649722538686.jpg (70.86 KB, 598x414, Untitled.jpg)

you don't need to list pronouns, even gender neutral ones, we can tell you're a pornsick limpdick living with his parents that reeks of old semen

No. 1499100

The NCAA won't do shit about this, they don't give a fuck about female athletes.

No. 1499108

I’ve never been so proud to be a tall woman, I hope it makes more moids seethe

No. 1499111

'Cause they prefer inflicting their pain onto others instead of getting help. When you try and cause trouble IRL, it comes back at you real quick.

No. 1499114

(Off-topic and shit-stirring but Voyager was boring lol)

No. 1499118

File: 1649723657809.jpg (171.24 KB, 720x1552, discord friend.jpg)

No. 1499119

God almighty, I can't imagine how women in ancient societies dealt with this shit. I imagine that, 2000 years ago, some guy SOMEWHERE was as mentally retarded as this redditor. I wonder if the women who were forced to put up with him just poisoned him or something.

No. 1499120

I remember the good ole days when troonery was confined to the periphery of Tumblr and the misogyny we had to deal with was "periods are a privilege" as if they aren't used to shame and subjugate women and young girls. Now it's trannies skipping work pretending they have a period while we suffer in silence.

No. 1499123

OP - I'm so disappointed in her nonnies

No. 1499127

>I just want to go back to being an ignorant 8yo
Mentally, you still are, faggot

No. 1499135

This person does realise he/she can read books to her kid that aren't Harry Potter, right? There's thousands of children's books out there and they choose to subject themselves and their kids to the ones they hate by an author they hate. I frankly don't get it. Just go to your local bookstore, pick something else out to read to your kid and stop being whiny.

No. 1499137

She's a mom to a 4 year old girl
Would she want a hulking troon on girls bathroom

No. 1499140

She strikes me as the kind of mom who only knows about pop culture and nothing of the great classics.

No. 1499150

please tell her she's a fucking dumbass and stop talking to her

No. 1499152

Men's egos get destroyed by babies. They cannot compute something appearing that gets all the attention, needs to be taken care of and provided for. It breaks their little minds.

No. 1499155


What book to read to your 4 year old is such a non-problem, there are endless classics and new releases to choose from.
Tell me you've never been in a bookshop without telling me you've never been in a bookshop. Genuinely, the people obsessing over HP like it's the only book series that exists, while attacking Rowling's character are baffling humans.

No. 1499159

>I can excuse racism, but I draw the line at transphobia

No. 1499160

I stopped talking to her ever since they whined about transphobes

No. 1499168

File: 1649728036814.png (592.44 KB, 1076x1434, Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 10.4…)

Heartwarming that Zach still finds time for sperging about Harry Potter inbetween his frequent sessions of whacking it to (cis) lesbian porn.

No. 1499169

At least she has titties alex, YWNBAW

No. 1499171

he looks like a male actor that built a career on flashy and out-there roles only to have it revealed that he diddled kids through most of the same time

No. 1499173

why are they reading harry potter to a 4 year old?

No. 1499175

>witch of a woman
Huh, what a choice of words, since women that stood out and who were too independent were called witches, ostracized, and burned for it. Because Rowling is defending women’s rights, she’s called being called a witch.

No. 1499176

wow he's still going off about it lmfao, embarrassing behavior

No. 1499178

probably a lolicon coomer who wishes he had the body of an 11 year old girl instead of a grown man.

No. 1499180

>being a tall woman is the same thing as a woman with a beard
Oh yeah, the world is just absolutely repulsed by tall women. So gross and yucky with their long legs. He probably got rejected by a tall girl and never recovered kek.

No. 1499186

She's a European and don't want to isolate her daughter to her friends when they know HP(learn2sage)

No. 1499187

anon I realize you may be new around here? but you need to sage your posts so it doesn't bump the thread.

Also I would be weary about posting about posting this sort of thing since it can 1 identify you and 2 isn't very relevant to the thread.

No. 1499192

Did they delete their account? I searched for it and all I saw was two month old posts.

No. 1499194

he looks so much like heather sparkles, they could be siblings.

No. 1499195

I suffered from PPD and if my husband had tried to pull something like that I seriously would have killed myself. The absolute narcissism of trannies never ceases to amaze me.

No. 1499210

All these faggots live in that same square mile of Hollywood, I swear to christ

No. 1499212

I would've killed him, myself.

No. 1499221

corey feldman???

No. 1499225

I'm so jealous of you Svenske nonnas. For those of you who don't know, apparently in Sweden an autism or personality disorder diagnosis means the moid gets intensive therapy instead of immediate estrogen. That's responsible medical practice. We'd be so much better off if we did that here, considering trans ppl are 6 times as likely to be autistic compared to the general population and something like 50% of trans ppl have a personality disorder (borderline and narcissistic being the most common, but with a fair share of paranoid and schizoid personality disorders as well).

Amazing how 99% of the time women are outright denied tubal litigation for family planning purposes in the U.S. unless they have multiple children (yes, if you want to get your tubes tied to stay childfree you're screwed), are well past their fertile years (defeating the purpose of the procedure), and have the written consent of their husband (as if it's the 1950s - and if you're single, forget about it). But SRS and HRT? By God, it's the land of the free for these natal men.

No. 1499228

File: 1649736301645.png (439.83 KB, 696x685, 546ytrtry.png)

No. 1499230

File: 1649736517176.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 1242x1559, 3A8F1ABC-67BF-413D-8070-2281AF…)

No. 1499232

File: 1649736545833.jpeg (667.06 KB, 1242x1296, 5B66B166-B4E3-43A7-A071-5EB000…)

No. 1499234

File: 1649736682170.webm (14.04 MB, 828x1434, @saoirsegowan.webm)

Moid harasses moid in skirt on metro kek:
Here's the thread:

No. 1499238

File: 1649736789519.jpeg (63.98 KB, 828x401, CE99AD38-0BA8-4FC2-9AD7-1A3A8B…)

If someone can screenshot the entire thread that would be nice. I'm on mobile so I can't. This hidden reply though, lol.

No. 1499243

>literally don't know wtf is going on
but I love that he is calling him a sicko and a pervert

No. 1499244

Based stranger
Finally the audacity of men is used for good!

No. 1499248

the fucking cat ears, ugh. they can't even hide their BDSM collars, role play costumes, or kink paraphernalia from their pfps and selfies. the prevalence of fetish gear like this and the loli aesthetic just screams AGP. like just scrolling through these threads it's all schoolgirl miniskirts, thigh highs, and other extremely sexualized clothing. tell me you objectify women and only see them through your male gaze without telling me you objectify women and only see them through your male gaze.

No. 1499252

File: 1649738035364.jpeg (322.3 KB, 1536x2048, B40C6AE9-6931-436D-B11F-63247D…)

Lmao good. Incel to troon pipeline is scary.

No. 1499253

Maybe it's because I didn't scroll all the way down, but it seems like most people are ignoring the part where he mentions that freak looking at kids. I only saw one real woman bring the topic up in the replies.

No. 1499254

File: 1649738168335.png (1.43 MB, 1920x3706, export202204112336212040.png)

Seethe and dilate pedos

No. 1499256

File: 1649738283917.jpeg (434.62 KB, 1536x2048, ADF79E3C-AE5A-4997-A5AA-FFCD59…)

Ugly brittle hair? Check
Ugly outfit that doesn’t match? Check
Messy background while taking photos? Check

No. 1499259

File: 1649738412412.jpeg (248.76 KB, 2048x1536, 60442B75-5E27-44F3-8992-856AC0…)

This troon gives me psycho serial killer vibes

No. 1499260

File: 1649738617739.jpeg (281.23 KB, 1512x2016, FP8i485X0AMo0qU.jpeg)

Lmaoo look at this ugly fat fridge bodied fuck
Based schizo moid calling this degenerate faggot out, no idea what he's on about but as long as it makes them cry

No. 1499262

File: 1649738675785.jpg (25.78 KB, 907x177, Child Groomer.JPG)

lmao I'm using this one

No. 1499263

File: 1649738698936.jpeg (486.6 KB, 1242x1696, BF9008ED-83B6-4D53-98F8-6C90F6…)

No. 1499265

File: 1649738732811.jpeg (683.52 KB, 1242x1516, 63623765-20E3-4713-8240-BD6F4F…)

Based Stella

No. 1499268

>moid on moid violence?
we love to see it

No. 1499269

clitoris >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> prostate

No. 1499270

>thin faux leather jacket
>floral dress
>opaque tights
>river/hiking shoes that your dad would own
Why do they always have such terrible fashion sense?

Also his hair looks like a brillo pad camouflaging itself as a wig so as to avoid being used on the 2 week old crusty dishes that his female roommate will no doubt be expected to clean for him

No. 1499275

>having a prostate is proof cis women are inferior
KEK he's not going to have much of a prostate if he continues with HRT.

No. 1499277

File: 1649739086651.jpeg (274.98 KB, 828x1436, B92BFE8D-8386-4B84-A8C3-8E9301…)

I'm cracking up. They're so aggressive for no reason.

No. 1499279

>reeee why isn't this 5'3 black woman protecting the vulnerable 6'3 white moid in a dress

No. 1499280

girl why is you respecting this clown pronouns???

No. 1499282

File: 1649739349618.png (942.43 KB, 1200x814, agp2.png)


No. 1499283

wtf is growing between his moobs?

No. 1499284

This is just a scary mentally ill moid yelling at another mentally ill moid. I've had schizo stranger males start yelling at me like this on transit and it's terrifying, obviously not calling me a pervert but calling me other weird shit. The moid filming doesn't even experience that feeling of danger though because he's socialized male and physically matched with pretty much anyone trying to threaten him. The funniest part of this situation is calling this transphobic on twitter and getting all this asspat support when clearly it's just a schizophrenic prattling off about pupil dialation, salvadorans, black kids, pedophiles, colonizers, and freaky white men in under 60 seconds.

No. 1499285

Handmaidens and troons have so little to whine about and easily place actual women/poc concerns on the back burner for their own convenience while still demanding their help

No. 1499286

That dude is absolutely schizo or on meth or something but based nutjob making trannies afraid

No. 1499287

Why do they always have to have sweaty lord farquad hillbilly hair?

No. 1499289

>tells gross tranny to stop looking at children
Based, why would anyone be upset at this?

No. 1499290

kekkkk what the fuck the way he stepped off so fast when the cop came

No. 1499291

What part of "stop blaming women for male suicides" did you not understand?

No. 1499292

File: 1649740373341.png (15.19 KB, 727x121, k1k.png)

It's ironic that he has this in his bio kek

No. 1499293

File: 1649740538017.png (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1028x1228, fuglymale.png)

How do they post this shit so confidently?

No. 1499294

They write things where they are fucking terfs to put us in our place, and it’s just like….ok now are you just not men again?

No. 1499296

Don’t let them ruin it for you. It was one of the only things my dad and I bonded over before he died and I forever refuse to let troons or tumblarinas ruin Star Trek shit for me. Enjoy it, nonnies.

No. 1499297

>"I'd fuck me"
I wonder what size girl fat Buffalo Bill here would have to kidnap to make his female skin suit. 14's not gonna cut it

No. 1499299

Yes I'm a newfag, sorry
Nah she won't know who is it

No. 1499300

They think our fear is based solely on visual factors. You could be the most "cis passing" troon on Earth, but your coomer mentality and physical strength is still very much male. You've proven time and time again that you're unhinged misogynists. Why would and why should we feel safe sharing our spaces with you?

No. 1499307

File: 1649742848735.jpg (671.07 KB, 1079x2016, Screenshot_20220412-155305_Twi…)

These troons are so fucking entitled.

No. 1499309

File: 1649743208907.jpg (290.92 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20220412_080006.jpg)

I hate this cope so much

No. 1499311

Maybe if he didn't spend most of his money on ~feminine~ clothing he would have bits of money and could have bought himself a taser or pepper spray if he was really scared of being in the land of transphobes.

No. 1499312

File: 1649743578101.jpg (267.29 KB, 1079x838, Screenshot_20220412-142822_Twi…)

Saw this response to that tweet and alarms were already going off. So I had to take a quick peak.

No. 1499313

File: 1649743631206.jpg (268.18 KB, 1080x1232, Screenshot_20220412_080639.jpg)

having a mad angry cry because some British women had lunch

No. 1499314

File: 1649743664559.jpg (3.15 MB, 3020x3400, Groomer.jpg)

I only screenshotted some of his tweets, but he's a grown man contantly refering to himself as girl and trying to act uwu innocent… Don't get me started on the creepy attitude towards children. I hate when moids say panties, it's so disgusting. Poor children.

No. 1499315

kek this is brilliant nonnie so trew

No. 1499319

This is too good.

No. 1499323

Wrong again. Feeling sexy is literally just being confident, not wanting to fuck yourself. The fact that I have to read shit like "gender euphoria boner" all the time is a human rights violation.

No. 1499324

File: 1649744385475.jpg (52.95 KB, 563x539, interesting fbi max.jpg)

My desire to act like a 4-channer chimp at this pedo is too strong to hold down, I need a time out from this treads.

No. 1499326

TRA really has it all: misogyny, homophobia, aaand racism. But let's not forget, these oppressed groups aren't allowed to define or identify the bigotry they experience at the man-hands of troons. Only troons are allowed to say everything is transphobia all the time.

No. 1499327

>WTF. Why would you call someone sir who has make up, woman's clothes on, and she is buying panties?
It's wrong to assume someone's gender based on their looks, but it's also wrong not to assume?

No. 1499328

kek anon it is literally your fault if you commit suicide. it's literally your choice, even if you're schizo and retarded. it can be a sad choice but it's still an autonomous decision.
also males arent people

No. 1499335

XX chromosomes are passed from the mother and father's mother. the only thing you can inherit from your fathrr is a mutated, derranged Y particle. 2% of the size of the X, turning you into a broken, mentally inept person - a moid. he should join some projection olympics, might win a medal or somethin

No. 1499336

So true, nonnas. They act as if getting yelled at by some lunatic on the subway is a uniquely trans experience. Except encountering a guy that's like this either due to drugs and/or mental illness is way scarier as a woman because we have a physical disadvantage and the guy would actually be attracted to us instead of repulsed. We're certainly not filming the situation to post for clout online. We're getting our keys ready in our hand in case we need to shank the aggressor. What happened to being harassed by males being validating? Not applicable when they want to play the most oppressed victim, is it?

No. 1499339

chest hair stubble and either acne or some kind of rash
easy - psychosis and a humiliation fetish

No. 1499340


No. 1499341

the hypocrisy is strong in that one

No. 1499342

Based. My empathy is wholly selective and conditional.

No. 1499344

ok late af but disgusting overt fetishness aside
>I don't dress for the male gaze, I dress for the brief moments I catch my reflection
idk how to break this to you brother but that literally is still the male gaze

No. 1499347

KEK I love you

No. 1499348

He probably hasn't left his basement for years. The way he's lashing out I'm pretty sure the sight of a girl in a sundress this summer will make him soduku.

No. 1499351

"could easily be trans" so you're saying women who aren't conventionally attractive look more like trans people, because trans people are ugly? glad we agree on that kek
not that it matters for the women what they look like, even the ugliest woman on earth is still effortlessly a woman

just noticed, but isn't India the troon who tried to sexually harass a guy on tv and then got mad that he refused him

No. 1499354

ily too, nonna. I'm just extra salty at that sadistic TiM bc Samus is one of the few female video characters whose amor actually covers her tf up. her zero armor is another story, but to put the nastiest girldick I've ever seen on her nonsexualized power suit is a shame. plus we don't need to take away one of the few female video game protagonists by trooning her out.

No. 1499355

File: 1649748248166.jpg (70.76 KB, 718x688, Screenshot_20220412-092139.jpg)

No. 1499356

Yes, that's the one

No. 1499357

they literally can't stop being racist

No. 1499358

What a strange way to confess that you are intimidated by black women and feel that they’re invading your boundaries just by existing in your space.

No. 1499360

My god it's like they walk around ready to blast out the words BLACK WOMEN (bass boosted) out of their putrid mouths.

No. 1499362

File: 1649749172294.jpg (30.76 KB, 400x400, 20220412_093333.jpg)

God give me strength to not burst out laughing during this meeting because of this pic.

No. 1499363

Pff as if every person haven't had to deal with a psycho insulting them in a public transportatio. Cry me a river, troon. At least you have the physical manpower to not be as afraid.

No. 1499364

why does it look like they always want to larp as chloe from life is strange

No. 1499366

Because they do. It's either her or Ramona Flowers.

No. 1499370

File: 1649749697796.jpeg (88.47 KB, 1000x563, A35D76A9-60C4-4F65-8AB1-457D13…)

Looks like the bastard child of megamind and roxanne trooned out

No. 1499386

File: 1649752071728.png (135.71 KB, 1564x636, Skärmavbild 2022-04-12 kl. 10…)

0.6% is the real accurate 41. Trans suicide is extremely rare and there is no reason to allow mentally ill men to speak over women, or to medically harm teens.

(Sorry for adding to the swedefagging but seeing so many other swedish nonnies gives me so much hope, i thought i was alone)

No. 1499388

a woman could pull off that dress

No. 1499390

They're so infuriating. The schizo who was ranting at him is more deserving if charity and assistance than he is. How can he frame this as a hate crime when its clear the dude was suffering from a mental health crisis?

No. 1499392

I'm glad to be a black woman. My mere existence triggers these sissy white freaks. I don't have to spend a single cent to show that I'm a woman

No. 1499393

File: 1649753052486.jpg (53.89 KB, 710x503, Screenshot_20220412-103609.jpg)

No. 1499394

File: 1649753083240.jpg (41.5 KB, 405x405, 20220412_103620.jpg)

No. 1499397

Why would relating to female characters mean that he's "not particularly cis" and "even less straight"? Is he really claiming that it's "uwu queer" for a man to have something in common with a woman? They truly don't view us as actual people.

No. 1499399

File: 1649754201860.png (975.32 KB, 1134x1230, uglybloke.png)

????No? why are they so fucking racist
And lmao what is with this faggot's Dreamworks smirk looking ass photoshopped pfp doesn't even look human anymore

No. 1499400


So, when are THEY going to provide factual evidence about the existence of their female soul ?

No. 1499401

I don't know why they're asking for evidence when they just refuse to acknowledge it when it's presented to them anyway

No. 1499403

File: 1649755367071.jpeg (369 KB, 1155x1480, FC81ED89-117B-4ADA-ACF0-FEE7FA…)

Definitely got trans mods. Seriously why use the word female only?

No. 1499404

KEK why would a woman be scared of another woman? They're so fucking racist.

No. 1499405

Autism face

No. 1499407

The only good thing is i would know not to join this male-allowing group before even applying.
What's the best way to keep a group female only without going full terf and getting cancelled?

No. 1499411

File: 1649756350202.png (424.04 KB, 1127x776, 8578935479853473547935479.png)

I love how many people are calling him out for money begging the moment his post got some traffick though. TRAs are so fucking transparent its vile

No. 1499414

ok i dont want you all to think im retarded and this is admittedly a reach but the way he uses "bigot" is so tonally identical to "faggot" it can't not be what he really means kek

its funny cause the insane rambling moid is objectively more systematically disadvantaged than some incel neet who spends his tendie money on little girl clothes from shein, but you dont see the twitter replied sympathising with paranoid schizophrenics and their very real hardships do you

No. 1499420

Might be from laser hair removal procedure

No. 1499421

samefag but thought i should clarify that i dont personally condone sympathising with moids even if they are schizo kek

No. 1499423

Based. I stopped giving a fuck, if I see any troon insulting brown women on twitter I will insult them and report them for racism, speaking as a brown woman. I'm sick of these racist fags.

No. 1499424

Be openly anti-porn. Moids can't live without their porn and that goes double for troons. Make a female only gamer group that burns down Pornhub (in Minecraft) or something.

No. 1499425

File: 1649758295723.png (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 2014x2004, justwaituntilyougetyourdesigne…)

r/traaNSFW appears to be making a bit of a comeback kek:

No. 1499428

what if
>make 2 gaming servers
>women only, invite only
>verify users through admins dms, voice verification
>it it's a tranny send invite to the tranny server, if it's a woman add her to the actual server

No. 1499433

working in games too here! i always feel so surrounded by troons in this industry but it's nice to know that there's girls like us everywhere (even if we do have to basically hide how we feel, which is awful)

No. 1499434

send invites to only women who want female-only spaces
pretend to be all 60 year old skyrim grandmas

No. 1499435

File: 1649761064664.jpeg (Spoiler Image,373.2 KB, 750x1283, A28134B4-47BD-43FF-B10B-7487CE…)

Omg I was scrolling through Instagram last night and I clicked through a few profiles and stumbled on this hulking monstrosity and I just have to share his pictures with all of you. Spoilering all of them because wtf. Also his wife does porn (she’s actually really cute but about 12 years younger than him - he’s in his 40s) and I don’t think they’ve had any kids but lots oh lord…

No. 1499436

File: 1649761085855.jpeg (Spoiler Image,258.06 KB, 750x1081, C58C0B54-721B-4F8C-B08C-DE0A99…)

No. 1499437

File: 1649761107559.jpeg (Spoiler Image,251.32 KB, 749x1031, 08DC409B-6E57-428C-9FFD-4327B5…)

No. 1499439

File: 1649761136022.jpeg (Spoiler Image,164.95 KB, 750x862, E31B409B-A33E-4854-864F-4CD4B8…)

No. 1499440

File: 1649761164422.png (71.35 KB, 320x238, 1356664235968.png)

Oh, #girlslikeus you say?

No. 1499441

File: 1649761167897.jpeg (Spoiler Image,228.32 KB, 750x1136, DBDC551D-CEED-4507-914B-1AFC76…)

No. 1499442

i like this plan kek

No. 1499449

Can voice verification be bypassed? I have a female friend who makes her voice sound different with some software so when she plays online nobody can guess if she's a man or a woman because she sounds like a weird robot with it. Could trannies trick us in a similar way?

No. 1499451

Finally a guy screaming on the yellow line train directed his verbal diarrhea appropriately

No. 1499452

sounding like a robot is easy, and no one would accept that as a female voice
if someone has a sus voice but claims to for example be ftm detrans you can ask for other ways of identification

No. 1499453

Of course. AI and other software is already very advanced and quite readily avalaible. Or you could get a female friend or even pay someone to do it for you. The question is, how much effort you are ready to have just to access some no name discord server.

No. 1499472

She has cerebral palsy, so she is literally disabled.

No. 1499473

what also blows my mind is that we've reached the point as a society where people are more likely to tiptoe around this ill man's feelings than we would for a woman that size in the same outfit

No. 1499474

Troons will go to great length to get a whiff of that sweet female validation.

No. 1499475

>WTF. Why would you call someone sir who has make up, woman's clothes on, and she is buying panties?
>It's wrong to assume someone's gender based on their looks, but it's also wrong not to assume?

Yes. It's another example of their contradictory logic and lies. You should always assume a man dressed in woman's clothes is a woman, but you should never assume a man/woman dressed in male/female clothes is a man/woman.

No. 1499477

It was always like this, society always catered to male feelings

No. 1499479

the mods have to be all terfs. And never let in a handmaiden. Seriously, if someone even talks about "can we have an option to list our pronouns" or "are nonbinary people allowed here" or whatever, find a reason to ban them.

No. 1499483

>grown ass man larping as cher horowitz

No. 1499484

Mfs will really go "excuse my beauty" and post a sack of potatoes in an ill fitting dress

No. 1499485

Am I the only one who doesn't get this? What angle are they even playing here? Should I be scared of other women in the women's bathroom because they're black? Wtf?

No. 1499490

They really have no idea how women think… A woman feeling sexy will not get sexually aroused with herself, she'll just feel confident, ready to party, text someone she's interested in idk. not get an urge to masturbate while looking herself in the mirror kek

No. 1499491

They are trying to play on general radlib shit, i.e shallow intersectionality. They want a coalition between PoC, troons, women and the LGBs to show off against the evil, white nationalist TERFs.

No. 1499494

File: 1649768311268.jpg (313.21 KB, 601x948, Screenshot_20220412-135216.jpg)

So, there's a little cabal of very online men who are VERY CONCERNED about parents who worried that their prepubescent children may be groomed online and given detailed instructions by strangers on how to either procure or make themselves chemicals that when taken can have irreversible effects on their still developing bodies…

…And it's the PARENTING GROUPS that are part of a cult?

No. 1499496

Sophie from Mars, Keffals and Caelan Conrad all look like men I would cross the street to avoid if I were out with my kids.

No. 1499497

I think he's comparing wanting sex segregated bathrooms to wanting race segregated bathrooms?

No. 1499498

File: 1649768633765.jpeg (857.76 KB, 1458x1718, 32DCC53A-3E85-4087-AF59-C95D5B…)


No. 1499499

is there even an angle? like 50% of terminally online trannies are just this racist in the first place

No. 1499503

lmao! welcome to being a "woman" retard, you thought it was easy mode but turns out that white men have it easiest of all. if he stayed fully dude he could have just blended in easily

No. 1499504

File: 1649769273936.jpg (58.63 KB, 658x355, Screenshot_20220412-140854.jpg)

That Caelan Conrad video is a fucking trip.

After an overproduced, overdramatic title sequence that goes on for far too long, there's literally a really obvious spelling mistake in what's supposed to be his heartfelt dedication. Quality. R.I.P. to the kids who didn't survie it.

No. 1499505

Ideologues always have an angle. They are not doing shit for no reason, they always have a goal in mind.

No. 1499507

File: 1649769457612.jpg (112.13 KB, 587x665, predator.jpg)

he is way too excited to be the victim

No. 1499509

I like how criticism = “death threats” to these people kek

No. 1499510

>The question is, how much effort you are ready to have just to access some no name discord server
Anon, we're talking about men who dress up like women to go to women's public restrooms, steal tampons in the trashcans and shove them up their ass, they're ready to do anything for the coom. Why do you think I asked? I wouldn't want to join a female only discord to talk to a guy who used some software to trick others into thinking he's an actual woman.

No. 1499513

Love how he’s already got media representation

Also fucking kek scared for his life, he looks about 6ft with a barrel chest and a honking great big chin

No. 1499514

I stumbled across this dude's youtube before. He looks exactly how you'd expect a reject moid to look. Old, fat, fucked up teeth, home looks like a pig sty, no money (ebegs for his patreon a lot). It's obvious he got fed up that no real woman wanted his bum ass so he settled for a filipino "lady boy" aka gay twink.

No. 1499515

File: 1649771137307.jpg (585.61 KB, 1440x1080, Collage_20220412_154451.jpg)

No. 1499516

Imagine if women were on the news every time they were harassed in public

No. 1499517

Of COURSE he's a huge hulking moid with a 5oclock shadow. God I hate these fucking freaks so much

No. 1499523

File: 1649771919387.jpg (65.1 KB, 1125x1125, kekw.jpg)

goddamn it anon

No. 1499526

They’re gonna have to make “soyboy” a gender just to get these fucks to leave lesbians alone.

No. 1499528

are these two the same moid?

No. 1499532

No. 1499534

File: 1649773564472.jpeg (383.82 KB, 1536x2048, FQJkE8BWQAgZnh1.jpeg)

Face like a potato.
Body like the whole sack.

No. 1499535

File: 1649773852882.jpg (410.8 KB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_20220412_163048.jpg)

how do trannies cope knowing that jkr is funnier than all of them combined

No. 1499537

File: 1649773952652.jpg (75.02 KB, 422x750, ameliatherapisttroon.jpg)

troons always threaten women with rape

No. 1499538

He has to know that anybody treating him kindly in public probably thinks he's mentally retarded, right?

No. 1499544

Lmaooo, I don’t think this debate is gonna go the way the troons want it to. Handmaidenry for white troons among black women is EXTREMELY low. Even trans-inclusive black women have their own issues and don’t feel the need to “protect” white men from each other. Try the libfem Karen community kek

No. 1499545

I have to disagree, she'd look real pretty if she had some kinda alt makeup look on. The hair is cool, too.(blessed be the fruit)

No. 1499546

I know transbians are a joke already, but this dude is especially mindboggling. It sounds like a lesbian fetish but agp'd and weird. I wonder why we never had Andrew Dobson trooning out.

No. 1499547

I think you meant SEXUAL PREDATOR

No. 1499548

No, he's fugly.

No. 1499549

that's a male and no, he wouldn't. he would just look like a moid with clown makeup

No. 1499553

Kek these moids really think womanhood = makeup, panties, spinny skirts and chocolate cravings

No. 1499555

I think they’re trying to imply that other women (white women?) would be uncomfortable around black women in a bathroom, which is racist moid logic. Leave it to MTFs to still not understand women

No. 1499556

Fucking tall gang unite, I'm 5'9 and I still wear heels to the most casual places just to piss moids off

No. 1499557

I’ve had men masturbate and piss in front of me, curse at me, try to spit on me, grope me, steal my purse etc. on public transportation. I guess I should’ve posted my Venmo each time?

No. 1499558

How can they really truly not see how absolutely fucking MALE it is to immediately jump in with violent threats of rape? It boggles the mind. This troon is vile as are they all ugh.

No. 1499559

Whenever I start to feel sorry for trannies, I end up seeing a fresh new example of them going mask off with racism and misogyny. Brings me back to reality every time

No. 1499560

File: 1649775236130.gif (576.74 KB, 275x150, winnie pooh.gif)

holy shit I can't believe he actually went for the tv exposure looking this sweaty and unhinged KEK

No. 1499561


They really can’t help it can they? Kek

No. 1499565

That giant man skull is actually hilarious kek

No. 1499566

The news would never end if that was the case. I can’t believe we are supposed to just take abuse and harassment while moids like these get a platform to talk about theirs.

No. 1499567

kek I love her. She is such a queen.

No. 1499569

File: 1649775892457.webm (1.14 MB, 1280x532, YWNBAW.webm)

LMAO these niggas coming in here trying to act level headed in "I have to disagree" die mad SON

No. 1499575

File: 1649776581697.jpg (104.98 KB, 716x1024, FQJkAzzWQAo7-Uc.jpg)

everything has to be about them always

No. 1499576

Something people are missing about the "trans conversion therapy bill" in the UK is that the definition of "conversion therapy" was bad and that is why they scrapped it.

The bill would make it illegal to ask if underaged kids might not really want to chop off their body parts and instead they just learn to deal with their body dysmorphia or autism. It would literally remove the ability for care providers to provide care because they want to confirm if a kid with gender dysphoria is part of the 84% who do not experience it long term.

The reason the ban on gay conversion therapy is going ahead because no one is taking life altering drugs or surgery because they think they're gay.

No. 1499578

Absolutely appalling. I feel so bad for that boy because he's going to grow up mentally fucked because his mother couldn't accept him for who he is. And just because he plays with "girls toys" doesn't mean he's gonna be gay but even then, so what? There's nothing wrong with gay and lesbian people. I'm just so disgusted by this.
Anon, what's the name of this case? I'd like to watch more of it if it's available somewhere.

But all this reminds me of is Jazz Jennings with his mom who trooned him out because he was exhibiting interest in feminine things and look where that got him. Moribdly obese, constant depression, a very fucked dating life as practically no one really wants to date him because of axe wound, and emotionally stunted because of the heavily delayed puberty induced by the blockers.

No. 1499580

File: 1649776778198.jpg (743.7 KB, 810x3052, Screenshot_20220412-111326_Boo…)

>Despite being in my forties I've always had the soul of a teenage girl.

No. 1499581

Yes. I’d donate. Men will never stop being degenerates but we can help each other out.

No. 1499582

Sorry to hear that about your friend. I feel like you probably could still peak him though but it'll depend on how far gone he is. Like is he a raving TRA type or is he still in the curious stage where he's trying to feel things out? Does he have respect for women? These things can help determine if he can truly be brought back to reality.

No. 1499583

It certainly explains why some of these men who troon out have a military background.

No. 1499587

They're all narcs, they don't have a sense of humour. Meanwhile JKR continues to give no fucks, love her.
>seeing so many other swedish nonnies gives me so much hope, i thought i was alone
Nona, I'm going to revive the Scandi thread in /ot/ so we can unite♥

No. 1499591

File: 1649777703367.jpg (332.66 KB, 1168x1831, tumblr_039faefbc65afe36d7ce34c…)

Sage for old milk but I couldn't not share, 1/3

No. 1499592

File: 1649777742662.jpg (355.66 KB, 1168x1671, tumblr_85e1eee63e265b5505a38c9…)


No. 1499595

Kek. Accidentally terfy image. The packet of chips is still a packet of chips regardless of how it presents itself and the drink is still a drink regardless of the labels. The labels are confusing, not because the bag of chips should be a can of Pepsi but because it’s presenting itself as something it’s not.

No. 1499596

I wish we would stop defending jkr. Outside of her hatred towards trannies, she's an awful human being. I don't want to derail the thread too much but she's exactly the same as those boomer US conservative moids who also hate trannies.

No. 1499597

File: 1649777874590.jpg (273.78 KB, 1168x1783, tumblr_3a25bf2baeaf1f6349f04b0…)


No. 1499598

File: 1649777975392.jpg (221.15 KB, 1170x2039, tumblr_2b0a82811d855517b9ec9db…)

This is what he looks like kek

No. 1499600

according to a Star Trek fan who suffered through every single episode, the new female captain from Discovery is crying a lot and there is so much gender shit in it, that even he complained about it, normally he doesn't care about stuff like that.
I didn't watch it and I won't watch it, I know I would hate it, kek.

No. 1499601

What's she done? Post about it in /ot/ because I want to know.

No. 1499603

Holy shit, this man just made all the aging butches in this glow with femininity. Natural, happy and effortlessly female. And on their table is a pig moid with his hulking face. A symbol that they could eat this ugly man for breakfast along with his entire fetish scheme.

No. 1499609

Right? I also think this is waking up a lot of people to the fact that for troons womanhood means trying to look like porn for men.
I've heard she does absolutely terrible things like donating millions to women and children in need, and lunching with other gc ladies

No. 1499611

I just realized that this is the same tranny 'comedian' who made this fucking humour vacuum of a video a couple of years ago.

It's barely five minutes, but it's so insufferably unfunny it feels three times that.

No. 1499618

He looks like he's skinwalking Andy Milonakis

No. 1499621

He somehow managed to go a minute and twenty seconds with his hilarious routine of telling obvious lies to immigrants who barely speak English and minimum wage cafe staff before apparently getting bored and heading straight to the nearest sex shop.

No. 1499633

hahahaha this made ma laugh because it’s so accurate. make a anti-porn discord and everything, they won’t come near ya

No. 1499635

>her hatred
Those men keep wishing she hated them, she considers them an annoyance at best.

No. 1499638

as far as I'm concerned jkr is making up for any wrong by standing up for women and I'm not going to stop loving her, thanks
>Outside of her hatred towards trannies
idk it sounds tranny-like to say jkr hates trannies. she doesn't hate them she's just against them taking rights from women

No. 1499640

bc a women didn’t write it

No. 1499642

I fucking love her, I will buy anything HP related as long as it gives her royalties heck Id simp for her tbh.

Blessed be our Based Terf Queen

No. 1499643

The only reason I've heard people criticise her outside of trannies is that she's a Blairite neo-liberal. I wouldn't think that makes her an "awful human being" unless you're also some insane tankie.

No. 1499645


No. 1499651

File: 1649781839816.jpg (96.72 KB, 828x1792, 20220412_113401.jpg)

Can this be the next thread pic? Add caption if you want, nonnies.

No. 1499652

no we must use the one >>1497801 that was taken from us by the namefag anon who ruined this thread's pic

No. 1499653

The only ones feeling hatred is the troons, meanwhile she is just making fun of them and having fun meetups which makes them seethe and obsess even more.
I think the entire pic should be added in it's full glory.

No. 1499657

nta and that person is sus but jkrowling did support illegal immigrants (muh poor moids dying on boats) and she is not exactly against trannies. in last year posts she said she had a trans friend and that she supports them. (maybe she changed her mind in the meantime)
but yeah, that's all i can think of and i don't think that's 'awful human being' level

No. 1499658

lmao it’s so funny they’re just attacking looks now. old dykes don’t care what men think. they never have. you want a “valid” relationship with a lesbian? here they are. The old girls are just more vocal cause they’ve stopped giving the fuck.

No. 1499660

This is a child. There is no way this person is over the age of 16. Sad little racist boy.
"cis women turning enby"? This is the side that thinks gender is innate and immutable. Looks like he already recognises his own ideology is bullshit.

No. 1499661

120 upvotes. i hate them
what reality to they even live in

No. 1499664

I don't get the colonial shit but BASED

No. 1499682

this man is clearly at minimum 250lbs and i'd reckon his lowest weight ever was 220. (am personal trainer, you can trust me nonas)

No. 1499683

oh my god that projection is a global kektastrophe. just wow, troons. anyway, i love that jkr is respecting lesbians. i won't read her shitty books but i will support her in this basedness.

No. 1499687

i live in ontario, in a smaller city west of toronto, and the number of ugly trannies i see even in my elderly parents' conservative old people neighbourhood has skyrocketed in the past 5 years. is it just because we have the highest population out of the provinces? or because we are the most annoyingly liberal? what is happening please

No. 1499688

I read all of Harry Potter a couple of years ago since I wanted to support Rowling and I don't regret it but I don't get the hype. They're super mediocre books in my opinion. You're not missing much, nonnie.
The worst she's done is be a milquetoast neoliberal Blairite. Which describes most politically moderate Labour voters in the UK honestly. You're giving off tranny vibes.

No. 1499689

he's 26 and a narc troon. probably finished college and doesn't even have union membership yet. when it comes to troons believe half of what you see and none of what you hear

No. 1499690

The US burger grease has spilled over and is pooling in the places of least resistance

No. 1499691

i loved the books as a child and it's was 99% because the thought of going to magic school just sounded awesome to me.

No. 1499693

These little privileged faggots are so fucking lacking in empathy, it's not a surprise that they commit so many violent crime offenses.

>earning womanhood

Most trannies use this as way to elicit sympathy which is hilariously counter productive. 1) No one earns their sex. That's what biological sex is. Its what being female and a woman is. 2) Women don't earn womanhood we bear the burden of it. These scrotes think womanhood is an achievement. It is simply a realty that puts half the human population at a disadvantage. We don't take it for granted, but spend a lifetime trying to come to terms with the unfair treatment and crimes committed against for merely existing. We learn how to form community, which is being taken away from us, to protect each other. WE OWE THIS TO OUR FELLOW WOMEN. For every little girl who painstakingly realizes that they're not allowed to do what their male peers are able to do. For teen girls who realize that a slightly overweight scrote can outrun them despite them training for years. For a girl who should be happy they're becoming a woman, being shamed for "bleeding out their ass," and suddenly ashamed of growing breasts instead of feeling them up all day as a 50 year old man wondering "how do teen girls not do this all day?!!?" Women who always feel in danger. Who can't do the most simple fucking things like go for a late night walk. For rape victims who get blamed unless they wore a blanket covering their face and never left the side of their father. For mothers who are no longer their own person but a means to take care of children. For women who have their medical issues fucking ignored. For all of these reasons we don't earn womanhood, we deserve dignity as woman. An essential one is our community. I'm not a full out TERF because I really don't give a shit what scrotes do on their own time as long as their not fucking with women and children. Tranny lesbian fetish gardens can be their safe space. All I want is our communities back and the right to have my teen niece change in a dressing room without people allowing a 50 year old deformed dick in there with her. I'm proud of many of anons in here.

No. 1499696


The angle is forced teaming. They want normies to think discrimination against troons is just the same as discrimination against blacks. They literally released a pdf saying that they have to bring up discrimination against blacks when they mention keeping troons out of bathrooms to make it look like they are the same thing.

No. 1499698

Lmao you really think Canada has troons because of the US? Have you ever been to Canada, nonny?

No. 1499699

JKR is really on one lately, TERFism looks good on her kek

No. 1499700

We should all have the high confidence in our appearances as these unwashed sex pests, especially considering all of us look better than them

No. 1499701

She wasn't even TERF to begin with. She was just talking from the point of view of a rape victim who understands the need for an all female space. Then troons threatened her with rape. She peaked and now won't "shut up" about it. Lol. Troons worst enemies are themselves. They managed to fuck with one of the most powerful women in geek culture. So influential that normies know it and love it without ever knowing what a TERF is.

No. 1499703

AYRT and thanks, I was being sarcastic but this is a great idea. It would be awesome to have a space where women could donate to support each other's physical & mental health. Of course troons would try to take that over too.

No. 1499704

The books are incredibly mediocre. They had the right tropes at the right time to get lucky, find the golden ticket to hype train, and become insanely popular. That's pretty much it.

Also, the quality of the books never fell off and she didn't do anything to piss off the audience so they just stayed popular through all 7 of them.

No. 1499705

If I was more entrepreneurial minded I would start up a gigantic TERF grifting scheme and just donate all of the money to women who need to be alone from sex pests.

No. 1499708

Yeah, a lot of people obsess over drowning the “hype” of HP by enforcing they’re not good and yeah they’re not GREAT they’re children’s books. But they’re very comfy to read and I loved reading them in the 7th grade, they’re what got me into reading consistently in general. The magic school year dorm stuff and little details were always the most fun. But no JK isn’t like an S tier writer, they’re just fun books if you like wizards and escapist fantasy.

No. 1499710

File: 1649789066942.jpeg (312.61 KB, 1536x2048, FPNTJZ-XsAITqv3.jpeg)

Weird Al is an authentic lesbian

No. 1499713

File: 1649789219817.jpeg (167.62 KB, 452x558, 6D69DE3C-619C-43DE-95E4-AB396C…)

It’s not surprising at all barely anyone is talking about darling Mads Mikkelsen saying the conversation around JK is ridiculous and full of people not knowing what they’re talking about because no one cares if an attractive man says anything about it.

Also sorry this is an image for ants I just screenshotted this on my phone because I’m lazy.

No. 1499714

having a crusty old man try and act like he relates to the experience of 12 year old girls fills me with so much rage. He's the type of guy who made being a 12 year old girl scary.

No. 1499716

>For teen girls who realize that a slightly overweight scrote can outrun them despite them training for years
I get the point of your post and I agree, but as someone who grew up with two unstable moids who used their physical strenght as a threat, this shit makes me so sad. Little girls who enter womanhood are already forced to come to terms with being treated as less and becoming a "prey" in the eyes of sick men. As a child I used to love playing with the boys and with my brother, even winning over them in playfights and races, but then your body starts changing (and hurting), society starts to call you gross, stupid, irrational, weak and the boys who used to be your equals and best friends slowly turn into monsters.
It's incredibly insulting seeing these trannies see womanhood as nothing but programmer socks, greasy wigs, bimbo makeup, pink and sparkly preschooler clothes and porn.

No. 1499717

scotland's troon woke regime would peak anybody. JK's money is going to be useful because the insanity will have to be slowly reversed through courts.

No. 1499720

The Harry Potter series is a great series for children and I will always appreciate them for that.

No. 1499722

This dude really wants to gatekeep who's worthy of womanhood but identifies as a femboy and a trans girl.

I guess it takes a true nutter to think two (mutually exclusive) gender caricatures is true womanhood. Is there such a thing as a troon not having a personality disorder?

No. 1499723

Ty anon I love you.

No. 1499724

It's fine nona, thanks for sharing, I've not seen any freakouts about this in TRA groups at all

No. 1499726

It’s kind of weird. I feel like I see so many fakebois obsessed w Mads and yet there is radio silence. I guess he can do no wrong in their eyes. If it were a woman saying this though, her head would be on the chopping block no matter who she was.

No. 1499729

glad i don't have to shove anything up my pooper just to try and have a comparable orgasm to a woman.

No. 1499732

I'm the anon who said she didn't get the hype after reading - Yeah, I get that they're meant to be kids books and therefore I'm not the intended audience, but I knew so many millennial women who obsessed over them that I thought I'd give them a go. And with all due respect, now that I've read them, I don't get the millennials who make this children's book series their entire personality.

But hey, at least they're making JKR richer I guess, kek.

No. 1499733

I honestly think liberal / normies are starting to get peaked.

No. 1499736

As a millennial who had to read them for a class in middle school (or at least the first three), I think it just boils down to nostalgia really. I was always kind of meh about them but thought some aspects were fun, like the different houses. It’s also very easy to market to people when there’s something like that that lets people base their entire personality off an identifying group or whatever. I know people do enjoy the stories too but sometimes I feel like consoomer culture played a big role in why people liked them too. It’s why you can go to the theme park and still see people decked out completely in Ravenclaw shit or whatever. People end up obsessing over mundane things like that.

No. 1499738

I think a lot of left leaning women are peaking as we speak. I've heard a lot of "I'm not a TERF or anything, but…" from that crowd and that is the first step towards peaking.

No. 1499744

I grew up with the GenX feminism, girl POWER! We can kick ass, too!! You know, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 5th Element, Sarah Conner (Term 2) type feminism. So imagine my surprise when I spend years lifting and once I hit puberty some fucking scrote that looks like he's starving in a 3rd world can out bench press me. I also fought a lot with my moid brother so once we got into our teens it stopped being sibling fights and just turned into domestic abuse. I took so much pride in my strength only for it to be toppled down by scrote testy cheats. I came out as full terf to my boyfriend whose best friend trooned out when Hubbard destroyed all those records. The one little fucking thing women had to themselves to have pride in was shitted away by an ugly failure.

No. 1499762

100,000 likes and nobody thinks the outfit he’s wearing isn’t extremely fetishistic and creepy?

No. 1499764

that corset is on upside down

No. 1499766

He probably had to run there since he's now too terrified to take the metro again

No. 1499768

They fucking better be, they ushered this shit in.

No. 1499772

Discovery also decided people in wheelchairs can be crewmen, as can fatasses (who can somehow WIN MARATHONS too). That whole show is a full fucking bingo card.

No. 1499775

File: 1649793927289.jpg (1023.03 KB, 1320x2220, 22-04-12-21-04-00-513_deco.jpg)

Day 30 of being a 'girl' and still hasn't had a shave

No. 1499778

>but I don't get the hype
Like most popular franchises, whether they're tv shows, anime, manga, novels, video games, etc. you have to be there while it's ongoing to get the hype. Because the "hype" was partly because of the discussions online, the theories about what was going to happen in the next books/movies, who would win between Harry or Voldemort, etc. And usually, being told about how amazing a book, show, or manga or movie is for years until you see that for yourself automatically makes it less exciting and memorable on its own so to speak. I don't think I would have liked HP as much now as an adult who saw spoilers everywhere if I decided to read it for the first compared to when I read the books in primary school and waited for new releases.

No. 1499783

I'm sorry for what you went through anon. I took a lot of pride in my strenght too. Now not only do they trample women effortlessly with their tard strenght, they also pretend to be us to take away everything else that belongs to us. Our femininity, our rights, our spaces, they even groom our children.

No. 1499787

File: 1649794308995.jpg (85.2 KB, 705x530, melora_148[1].jpg)

>Discovery also decided people in wheelchairs can be crewmen
They had that on an episode of Deep Space Nine. The difference is that 90s Star Trek wasn't just doing it to be inclusive for its own sake, they had an actual moral to teach.

Sage for Star Trek sperging…

No. 1499788

Is it clickbait or not? Did you read the article?

No. 1499794

you're valid star trek anon, this new era of trek sucks

No. 1499796

I remember that one! And yeah, the whole point was that she WAS AN ALIEN. NOT A HUMAN. Arghghgrhghhhg just kill all the writers on Discovery please

No. 1499798

god this faggot makes me so sick and tiktok will not stop shoving his unshaven, psychotic grinning face in my fyp. totally a girl but can't change his tiktok handle with his moid name on full display.

No. 1499799

Also samefagging from >>1499796 but there was a shitty DS9 "documentary" about the show made by Ira Stephen Bahr and my god is it a trainwreck. They literally show a segment with him and the documentary's editor or some shit, ticking boxes about all the themes they covered. But then they get to the "transgender" box and Ira goes "No, no… we didn't do enough for this one." It's so fucking cringey but if you want to laugh at how woke he is, watch it.

No. 1499801

File: 1649795184360.gif (2.9 MB, 500x281, thisshitisdumb.gif)

Found the gif of it hahahhahaha

No. 1499806

wouldn't it be nice if they would just cancel that new Star Trek bullshit and release DS9 and Voyager on blu-ray so we could all enjoy it again? With Discovery, you get a transgender couple (yeah, they are aliens, but still) and I'm annoyed by it.

No. 1499813

Ewwww I just realized he keeps saying "girlhood" not "womanhood". Fucking disgusting the way these old ass men want so desperately to be a GIRL. Stay the fuck away from kids you freak.

lowkey sad that we can't use emojis because the barfing emoji perfectly encapsulates how i feel every time i see a pic of these men.

No. 1499830

source for said doc?

No. 1499835

Rule No. 1: Never underestimate the lengths a predator will go to catch its prey

No. 1499837

i hate m*n

No. 1499839

File: 1649799454973.png (51.28 KB, 732x547, butchdot.png)

aren't those triple parentheses an antisemitic thing. Is he trying to imply corporations are all run by jewish people

No. 1499844

File: 1649799680385.jpg (202.79 KB, 724x2048, FQJj_f_XoAIMR5z.jpg)

Fucking disgusting

No. 1499846

File: 1649799715951.jpeg (816.78 KB, 1996x2440, DCCED356-9273-47D8-8F3D-2311DB…)

Anyone notice the absolute psycho bootlicking TRAs and liberals do for American military? Sometime during the trump administration it became woke to support drone strikes and occupation because they uphold trans rights around the world. It’s no mistake a lot of these bloodthirsty murderous white men in the army are all trooning out.

No. 1499847

so a troon feeling invalidated is worse than a woman being retraumatized according to this moid?

No. 1499849

No. 1499853

File: 1649800175615.gif (2.92 MB, 498x357, 4F994693-E334-4F70-987E-189927…)

No. 1499855

I often wonder which came first for them, the army or the trannyism, because a ton of troons are either current or ex-military officers. The popular theory is that they're desperately trying to play into the masculine stereotype and upon failing or being traumatized by the war after deployment feel so emasculated they want to become women as escapism.

No. 1499856

File: 1649800338620.png (152.77 KB, 720x911, Tumblrscreenshot.png)

It's starting up on tumblr

No. 1499857

Yes, that's exactly what it means. He is saying the anon is using dog whistles

No. 1499861

File: 1649800430397.png (86.29 KB, 828x462, FQFtVvzWYAcTBkF.png)

what he said was mild but nevertheless he would get a ton of hate if he was female
even the most critical comments are still talking to him normally, treating him like a human

No. 1499863

average male trans ally

No. 1499865

fuck americans and fuck the garbage culture they export and expect the world to take seriously

No. 1499867

Super offtopic but I used to love watching Voyager as a kid because I was so fascinated and unironically empowered by seeing a no-bullshit female captain. She was an older woman as a lead too, something I had not seen then and haven't seen since. And it's been almost 30 years.

No. 1499868

seems like a reach that he went there of all places

No. 1499872

File: 1649801245487.jpeg (171.74 KB, 959x799, 2FD62D1E-75F9-430E-A359-E95339…)


No. 1499873

File: 1649801282202.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x2164, D4557729-8392-4CB9-9C5E-A7973D…)

They're so fucking misogynistic. Everyone hates Ben Shapiro but sexually harassing his sister doesn't make you special or witty. Moids kys challenge

No. 1499874

Kekekek wtf is that lord Farquad haircut? And why is his head three times bigger than his body. Fucking hell I choked on my dinner laughing

No. 1499875

No. 1499876

They’re not harassing her because she’s Ben shapiro’s sister they’re harassing her because she has large breasts and because its not stigmatized to harass “””bad””” women because in their heads it’s justified. Horny Men.

No. 1499877

My husband’s best friend is gay, but he’s been talking about being an egg and trooning out lately. He was closeted until his 20s. It’s really sad to see him hate himself so much. Is there anything I can do nonas? I don’t have sympathy for troons, but he’s always been nice and I’d hate to see him troon out.

No. 1499878

set up a tiered chat for questionable people to audition in lol. hilarious that we have to make a secret society for normal women

No. 1499879

File: 1649801488675.png (1.14 MB, 1483x834, lol.png)

something something glass houses and stones

No. 1499880

I genuinely feel bad for Ben Shapiro's sister, she goes through so much sexual harassment so fucking much it's unreal.

No. 1499882

I'd like the yaoi fangirl ftms to stop drawing Hannibal porn because of this

No. 1499883

File: 1649801968245.jpeg (266.27 KB, 1080x1440, C6B3F3B8-E63F-4EC2-9754-9ED1EF…)

what the fuck

No. 1499884

Not to blogpost but this is the reason I got canceled and harassed (online and sexually irl) hardcore by so many fucking psycho scrotes and handmaidens when I was like the fuck is troons in the American army a thing to be happy about? As someone from the Middle East who has lost family to fucking drone strikes like how the fuck are you celebrating and upholding this as some A M A Z I N G liberal achievement? Made me see red and hate white people so fucking much, fucking inhuman monsters

No. 1499887

White liberals from america use the exact same logic of disciplining the noble savages the Bush administration used. They are bloodthirsty and narcissistic monsters and have the audacity to lecture others about uighurs or Ukraine when their country never stopped active genocide.

No. 1499889

went on twitter and tried to find how they reason their support for military trannies but all i found was moids going "we're gonna lose the next war!"

No. 1499890

Damn didn’t know Mitchell Davis trooned out

No. 1499891

File: 1649802687556.png (79.19 KB, 909x311, 1649799640484.png)

No. 1499893

his face is so punchable

No. 1499895

File: 1649803110041.jpeg (162.03 KB, 1242x1850, 55C57DAE-5D71-4050-B38C-8837BE…)

No. 1499896

File: 1649803388003.jpg (3.54 MB, 2700x1840, 1612336312669.jpg)

No. 1499900

We need to bully more boys, just any boys, so that this doesnt happen

No. 1499910

What the fuckedy fuck is this raging narsassist on about. You are getting what you want and your still not happy. What next? Shal we wipe your arse and chew your food for you and all?

What a fucking plant pot

No. 1499911

I don’t think it’s that deep. They’re just AGPs with a fetish. AGPs already seem to gravitate towards traditionally masculine jobs and hobbies.

No. 1499913

>either women OR trans(people)
kek even he knows they’re not women

No. 1499915

kill yourself cunt

russophobia is well deserved they're savage braindead morons

No. 1499919

MSNBC told me Putler also stole the 2016 election!! We should go to war with them like Afghanistan

No. 1499922

Post trannies or shut the fuck up faggot

No. 1499925

Why the fuck are these women revealing their sexual trauma to troons? It serves nothing. They either don’t care, or they wank to it.

No. 1499936

history? don't you mean herstory?

No. 1499940

it's especially fucked because her boobs got that big because she's fucking pregnant. sexualizing pregnant women/mothers is about as scrote as it gets. only people that don't know how much pregnancy sucks say stupid shit like 'mommy milkers'. porn brainrot is unreal.
if you pass as a woman why would you make people question their sexuality? that logic makes no sense.

No. 1499943

serious question, do you anons ever fear eventual ramifications for posting "anti-trans" stuff online?

like i got paranoid after that news story of the woman posting GC stuff around her town, then police were called and they broke into her house and confiscated a gender critical book?? i get paranoid if i come here on wifi and turn it off, afraid that i might be tracked as "participating in anti-trans" shit at some point. i should not feel that way

No. 1499944

Nah, not illegal at all where I’m at.

No. 1499948

There are people who do far more heinous shit and don’t get repercussions. If the government was logging ips and busting them for posting GC stuff it would be the most talked about political division. This sort of fear of speaking out is exactly what trannies want.

No. 1499951

Own it and do it with pride nona. >>1499948 is so right. They want to scare you into silence. If people are silent, they plow through women.

No. 1499959

i just feel scared for the future, particularly in america, with all the insane leeway trannies are given. dominating womens sports, raping women in prison, trying to approach strangers in womens bathrooms, etc. it's all so insidious

No. 1499965

Like anything, even good things, when they’re given a ton of leeway in American politics there is inevitably a reaction a few years later. I think the reaction to trannyshit is just beginning tbh. I think we’re gonna have some serial killer get caught and identify as a woman and it’ll peak a ton of people. They are already enacting legislation in 14 states about it.

No. 1499968

I think the other thing that will happen is it won’t be cool anymore. At the moment it’s rife on social media but give it a few years and it’ll stop being trendy and they’ll stop making money out of it. Kids will start rolling their eyes in their forced gender classes because they’ll start seeing it as some old fashioned out of style thing and they’ll move onto whatever is cool in the moment.

I think a big big part of this is it being trendy online.

Also the kids that are balls deep in the gender woo, have mutilated their bodies and sterilised themselves are going to be PISSED when they come out the other side of puberty. The scandal stories of grooming will come out, the regret stories, then there will be a huge backpedal to undo what’s been done.

No. 1499971

File: 1649809974633.png (202.14 KB, 2264x1046, Untitled.png)

Some rare moments of lucidity tonight.

No. 1499983

File: 1649810454545.jpeg (282.39 KB, 750x1107, C6AE4BE2-B132-4C1F-8776-ED5143…)

Alright ladies I’m bored of the chit chat, I bring you fresh meat from a casual scroll on r/transpassing for your evening keks

No. 1499984

File: 1649810480086.jpeg (129.21 KB, 750x894, 29BC8503-8BCB-4686-8902-5CDA62…)

No. 1499986

File: 1649810512979.jpeg (196.52 KB, 750x1104, 0791D61F-B4A8-4721-B813-24C4DE…)

The fucking BULGE!

No. 1499987

File: 1649810562202.jpeg (244.75 KB, 750x1100, DA93F0CF-D770-4FEC-9605-84D4F9…)

If anyone is curious his poor cat is sitting on a commode

No. 1499988

File: 1649810589104.jpeg (208.28 KB, 750x1091, 5D8953B1-7ECA-4B33-A90C-AB768C…)

No. 1499990

File: 1649810648736.jpeg (190.07 KB, 750x1106, C3B3D8D3-37C3-46DE-B26C-AD3D55…)

No. 1499991

I encourage you to go to the other farms’ gender mutilation threads. It’s basically an entire industry of incompetence and cover ups. Almost no mtf or ftm is happy with their results when you dig.

Add to that and the long term effects of being on estrogen on men like permanent flaccidity and inability to coom, sterility, extreme increase in liver and kidney cancers, thinning of hair etc. and you’re looking at a generation of burnouts that will not be looked fondly on.

I know the 41% thing is a meme but in a few years when it’s not trendy and these horny nerdy men try to quietly detransition and find they can’t they will kill themselves. The suicide rate is going to be absolutely bonkers for the next 1-2 decades.

No. 1499992

File: 1649810681369.jpeg (175.44 KB, 750x1101, C3FBAF95-A9F6-49D7-93EA-E8A00F…)

No. 1499999

yes let's give the person with poor hygiene and facial self-harm scars cross sex hormones, what could go wrong?

No. 1500000

these public self-owns are hilarious. i legit would cheer this self-eugenics program on if it wasn't affecting gay and gnc kids. autistic scrotes are just non-stop entertainment.

No. 1500005

The groomer energy he emanates is too fucking intense
>too old for this shit
>Defective Y chromosoid
who is taking this photo? hopefully the police
>is this an improvement?
stomp a little bit more to the right outta the picture and it'll be perfect hon
toe looking ass
I swear there's something picking out of his honker
you look like a guarache

No. 1500006

obese and pleased with himself, the chris chan level delusion. this guy had the bernie sticker? chapotranshouse was a disaster for democratic socialists. kick these nasty freaks and paraphilliacs OUT

No. 1500010

tinfoil nonnie here but I think the dirtbag left and the Tranny left were a psyop designed to kill any left movement in the west

No. 1500027

what is the psychology of people who give to e-beggers? are they just draining their circle of friends or is there some sort of perceived clout exchange going on?

No. 1500028

men will go extreme lengths to control women's ability to just talk to one another. most of these guys have no life and all the time in the world to do this dumb shit.

No. 1500030

yes give them the rope to hang themselves

No. 1500033

bro you didn't earn shit, you threw a tantrum and your parents bought you your "womanhood"

No. 1500034

lol, he needs to work a little harder

No. 1500035

don't let perfect be the enemy of the good. we get nowhere with purity testing.

No. 1500037

Jesus, 35?? And they say women hit a wall.

>the suicide rate is going to be absolutely bonkers for the next 1-2 decades
Yeah and guess who will get blamed for it.

No. 1500044

if being transgender is ok, why can't people be 'transrace'? are they telling me there's something wrong with claiming you're something you weren't born as? there's literally no argument made against transrace stuff that couldn't be used against trannies lol.

No. 1500052

the tranners never have a good answer for this

No. 1500057

yknow, i suddenly identify strongly with african-americanism. time to get my skin chemically darkened by a money hungry doctor! they’ll even throw in the rot pocket add-on in case i decide to troon out after disassociating while looking into the mirror.

No. 1500078

>claims to be a communist
>thinks people talking badly about corporations means they hate jews
never change zach.

No. 1500081

The more traditionally masculine someone is, the more they fetishize traditional femininity. Men like this who are high achievers move on from wanting to have the perfect woman to wanting to be the perfect woman.

No. 1500098

finally someone naming the jew(/pol/fag detected)

No. 1500103

(Nayrt and not army related either), Rather than they themselves being a certain way, it seems more like an overall obsession with gender roles and dynamics. Patriarchal masculinity is what tells them they’re superior to women so they have less desire to challenge it. So instead of expanding manhood to include any gnc stuff they do, they want to protect the idea of ‘man gender’ and use women’s identities to play around with. Case in point >>1499597

No. 1500109

Some of my friends and I were making transrace jokes in one my groupchats a while ago and I had one my friends reply

> At the end of the day people want this for the clout and beauty but they don’t realize the pain and oppression that’s associated with blackness. It’s all just delusional white people who want to exoticize themselves. I just can’t

And when I pointed out you could say the same thing about women she went “eh I’ve studied both and it’s not quite the same, they’re not social constructs in the same way.”

Where does the dissonance come from?

No. 1500111

>And when I pointed out you could say the same thing about women she went “eh I’ve studied both and it’s not quite the same, they’re not social constructs in the same way.”

I’ve heard both race and gender are social constructs so at this point I feel like we’re all just making up the rules as we go along, whatever the narrative is the goalposts change.

No. 1500114

Trannyism is a conservative ideology. The gender roles they cling to are based on maintaining conservative traditionalism, they’re openly homophobic, reject sex based oppression/specifically demonise feminists and disagreeable women, prize spirituality over reality (while believing it to be some unidentifiable form of nature) and are literally densely populated by the alt-right. The “feminists” that support them only do so in order to please the group they can identify as male.

No. 1500120

>they’re not social constructs in the same way
what the fuck does that even mean? surely someone who's 'studied both' could give an actual response kek.

No. 1500126

Kek she went “Like I said we can agree to disagree I don’t think being you can equate the two as they’re so wholly different and unique from one another” and then refused to bring it up again. She’s recently made a twitter account and has been coming out with brainrot opinions lately.

No. 1500131

it's useless to name them in this case because trannies and sionists are on the same side. if not, trannies are the favorite and ideal pet of sionists

No. 1500132

she manages to use a lot of words to say literally nothing. surely a scholar such as herself could explain why one is ok and the other isn't?

No. 1500139

It really makes no sense because race, unlike sex, actually is a social construct. There's no hard line between the races, being born one race rather than another is totally arbitrary, everyone has their own unique genetic background that's a mix of multiple races, and what's considered a 'race' at all is entirely decided by society. Plus, there are people in the world who could accurately be described as transracial, like adopted children who are with a family of another race and end up not identify with what's technically their race at all. Someone claiming to be a different race than what they appear actually makes more sense than someone claiming to be another sex. Not that either of those people would be right, though.

No. 1500150

IIRC Abby's nudes were circulated everywhere before she was active on social media with her regressive and over the top beliefs. So she was sexualized and terrorized by moids just bc her brother is a dumbass.
IMO even if trannies developed a hard antisemite stance then the Jewish billionaires they're referring to wouldn't jump ship from financing and spreading this shit.Those billionaires would again figure out how to manipulate it to continue reaping big pharma stock dividends. But yeah keep sticking it to the evil Jews, that'll show Pritzker and Soros! I'm saying this as a Jew myself fyi; recall how this was the same crowd insisting that the grotesque goblin bankers in Harry Potter are actually Jewish people (hence JKR is antisemitic). It's as if woke white males are the most prejudiced people of all. Nothing like white men using a veneer of progressivism to their advantage while being openly hateful and misogynistic.

No. 1500155

Transrace rarely occurs in people but transgender occurs a lot more, according to some counterarguments I've seen. Not sure how true that is.

No. 1500156

I wish more people defended Abby. She’s a beautiful woman but it’s absolutely horrendous how scrotes treat her. People are scared that others will label them a “conservative” that’s fucking dumb.

No. 1500158

She definitely has a lot of bad takes so I can understand women not liking her, but all the sexual stuff is said by scrotes who couldn't care less about Abby's opinion on how women should dress.

No. 1500163

only because you can get away with being a tranny. if both were equally acceptable we'd be seeing way more transrace people.

No. 1500169

NTA, but I feel like Abby could be your friend or a really cool person to hangout with, if she wasn't stuck to her husband and the trad stuff or associated with her brother. She games, she's talented, funny sometimes and way cooler than her brother. It's even kinda understandable she has the takes she has, considering how scrotes have been objectifying her for a long ass time probably. She's just trying to cope. AGP's and other creeps harassing her won't change her mind and will just confirm her beliefs. It's just sad.

No. 1500180

I definitely feel really bad for her. Imagine getting sexually harassed because people want to fuck with your brother or don't like your YouTube channel. Yet trannies have the audacity to act like they're the ones who are truly suffering. Like that other anon said, if you try to defend her it's immediately assumed that you share her views. Like it's impossible to both disagree with someone and not want them to get sexually harassed.

No. 1500185

Based king

No. 1500205

why are (cis) men who simp for troons so particularly annoying?

No. 1500207

Because they are generally soyboy faggots like vaush

No. 1500208

I got that impression. Kept commenting on the trannies eyes being dilated and how this definitely means he’s scanning for black kids to “covert”. Like what the actual fuck? Trannies eyes are probably dilated because he’s scared of the conflict since it’s not online or with a smaller more helpless woman. The guy is schizo.

No. 1500212

KEK are you one of those lurking faggots who “only want to laugh at the ugly ones and not put up with transphobia!!! Some of them just need better makeup!!”

No. 1500213

File: 1649833377798.jpg (18.58 KB, 1024x1024, Kikomi-BG.jpg)

Not the original Kikomi artist, but did some pixel fanart and thought I'd share.

No. 1500214

File: 1649833473287.png (25.23 KB, 1024x1024, Kikomi-Transp.png)

Not sure if transparent images work well here, but if anyone wants that version I'll share it too.

No. 1500215

they even digitally insert themselves into women's spaces lmao

No. 1500219

I guess you can never win with these narc degenerates. They say they should be treated as the opposite sex because they pass but also scream when troons who make no effort to pass are misgendered. They have a fit if you point out the obvious fact that growing out their hair, estrogen needles and wearing bad dresses won't change reality. They act vindictive if somebody would rather fuck a normal person than flip a coin between genitals they don't like or a crude, disgusting surgical mockery of the ones they do.

Then one of them finds themselves passing well enough to be treated like they wanted to and it's still not enough. No, every person owes them their sociological introspection because fuck interpersonal boundaries and normal social cues. They want to be a woman but also get brownie points for not actually being one.

No. 1500220

File: 1649834150147.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1242x2150, DEF5A461-268C-4F1B-99D5-A855E3…)

thought men were supposed to be funny

No. 1500225

thank you for this comment. women and men see womanhood so differently, we are the ones experiencing girlhood/womanhood from the moment we're born yet a troon who started wearing lipstick and skirts 3 months ago apparently knows it better than us, they have it so backwards and so warped, it's a joke.

this one is so weird. someone needs to make a duet (or whatever they're called) with the caption 'day 9125 as a girl' and just film herself doing everyday non-stereotypical shit like brushing her teeth and putting out the trash to highlight how dumb this moids videos are.

No. 1500226

honestly i think a lot of terminally online troons do think being transrace is ok, just from my interractions with them on twitter. I got responces like: "I think it's very much possible but we don't know because it wasn't studied very much." Like… they completley turn off their brain, they never think about things themselves and just wait for random studies do dictate their world.

No. 1500228


No. 1500247

I genuinely, truly wish they all knew that the reason they don't get misgendered in person, by women at least, is because we're way too scared to. A lot of men, especially in service industries, have seen enough "IT'S MA'AM" videos to be on their guard too, I'm sure. Nothing like being fired due to some troon tantrum. People being polite doesn't mean they genuinely believe your delusions, stop lying to yourself trannies.

No. 1500248

No. 1500276


There are already people who wish they were another race (I'm not talking about racefaking weebs here) because they know and love another country and culture more than their own and hate being seen as foreign, for example. They just cope and don't ask for free shit, and they behave respectfully. The same way, if trannies really wanted to be women they would fight on our side and be understanding of the issues we face, and cope with the fact they will never be women. But they behave so poorly and treat us like shit anyway while taking all that we have, you could legitimately call it cultural appropriation if you wanted, lmao. Trannies are to women what Oli London is to Koreans. They avoid the topic because they don't want us to figure that out.

(on a side note, "transracial" already means a child adopted by a family that is a different race than them. We should probably stop using it for race wannabes.)


They don't care. Because they think we deserve to be afraid, that we are like racists who need to be scared into submission. Also moids have trouble seeing the difference between being feared and being respected.

No. 1500278

File: 1649841480255.jpg (173.84 KB, 590x522, Screenshot_20220413-101338.jpg)

Imagine lowering yourself to go on a date with Mr. Dilatohead here and then finding out he passive-aggressively bitched about you not complimenting his appearance enough on his Twitter.

No. 1500279

What does he mean by 'going on dates'? Doesn't he already have a girlfriend? Are they poly now?

No. 1500280

Military men are already some of the most horrifying men (considering domestic violence abuse). I cannot imagine interacting with an AGP military man. Jesus Christ. They must be the most misogynistic violent shits to ever walk this earth. Probably raped women in the field as well. What a nightmare.

No. 1500281

This shit is why I don't really have a problem with Oli London, that faggot is making trannies' heads implode because they can't give an answer. Or they can, but they don't want to admit that pretending to be a parody of a woman is exactly what Oli is doing with koreans.

No. 1500303

File: 1649846009662.jpg (58.77 KB, 583x680, FQMVwXdXwAUz-zP.jpg)


No. 1500305

File: 1649846111115.jpg (19.81 KB, 978x206, FQMYo1-X0BAt0a4.jpg)

Also this kek, his little noodle is going to eventually be useless

No. 1500306

Wait, so he's dysphoric because of the loss of his penis? Then he wasn't dysphoric in the first place. He's just autistically into dickgirls like every nerdy coomer moid.
It's funny that they claim they're uwu little girls inside when their behaviour is so male.

No. 1500309

He also does tons of tranny porn with his "girlfriend", both moids in womens underwear. He is fully coomer pornsick, nothing female about him, and once estrogen makes his little noodle unable to get hard anyone he will prolly regret his life decisions

No. 1500312

File: 1649847839021.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1448x1935, 68D00732-21C3-451E-9493-564602…)

They are so entitled. Constantly complaining and getting people fired. Ofc the entitled moid has his GoFundMe pinned for hormones therapy on Twitter.

No. 1500313

File: 1649847931220.jpeg (209.07 KB, 820x1009, EB2766F4-B654-482C-8883-1DABDC…)

Just hons fake complimenting each other. Women can’t relate.

No. 1500315

Oli London is based. He looks exactly as stupid as trannies look to a normal person. They hate looking in the mirror.

No. 1500321

They always leave out the part where they had obvious boners and wore fetish clothes, aggressively screamed "it's MA'AM" and used their male bodies to silently threaten the poor female employees

No. 1500325

We should celebrate how brave and stunning he is for coming out as transracial. People who believe in trans ideology but leave out transracial people are are called "trans segregationists", or "truracist" for short. Truracists are very problematic and don't really have a place in the welcoming trans community.

No. 1500333

"I am a woman" are only the magic words when you're a man.

No. 1500341

i almost want some journalist males to pretend to be trans without making any effort just to showcase how far they get into female spaces. the downside would be even more moids openly doing it too unless there is enough outrage (which i'd hope there would be…)

No. 1500343

Transgenderism rarely occurred too until a couple of years ago. So idk how that proves anything

No. 1500369

Nooo anon that's not true!! American tribes had the "two-spirits" who were trans!! All female emperors were trans because women can't have positions of power, Mulan was trans! Gay and gnc men forced to transition because of other moids are trans too, as well as eunuchs who were happy to be mutilated because they were trans uwu

No. 1500371

File: 1649857899361.jpeg (533.99 KB, 1125x1034, C382CE1C-AB81-40EC-A49C-F39690…)

Men hating on women, why are they surprised?

No. 1500372

they're so close to realizing it.

No. 1500374

I remember the other day on tumblr seeing a post going around of Disney’s current CEO, who has alopecia. Some people were making fun of his appearance and were immediately shut down bc “even though he’s an awful human, he can’t help how he looks”. They could defend him that way but when it comes to a woman they disagree with, she’s fair game to mock her appearance and objectify her. I don’t understand these people.

No. 1500375

I would have just thought it was a dude with his wife’s neck pillow or one he had to buy at the airport.

No. 1500377

It sounds horrifying, doesn’t it? I try to stay away from any military men at all, feels like you never know when they’re going to snap in some way.

No. 1500378

>me have pink object, me woman

No. 1500380

I’m sure the males threw a fit for someone daring to say they have been socialized as men and have internalized misogyny. They always seem to freak out at that even when there’s no denying it’s true, saying things like “no, I can’t have been. I was always a girl, people were treating me like a trans girl even though I grew up as a boy then a teen boy then a man. You just don’t get it.”

No. 1500381

Jesus the KF tranny threads move fucking FAST these days. A couple new pages in a few hours. Are people more fed up, or are there just more troons to complain about?

No. 1500382

b/c black people (namely men) have no qualms about making fun of transsracial people. there's no consequence to making fun of them

No. 1500383

It was transwomen misogyny that made me realize they will never be woman, that when I was still indentifying as trans man. Transwomen are the ones responsible for peaking everyone, bunch of retarded moids, they will be their own demise. They made up this terf bogeyman to keep people from talking and researching but if only they would keep their mouths shut. They undermine their own efforts.

No. 1500384

File: 1649859268838.jpeg (120.41 KB, 1080x1014, 6406878F-6889-439A-BA14-F22425…)

How are TRAs this stupid? Legitimate question. Do they have eyes? Ears? Have they never heard womens complaints about being harassed or harmed? Have they never opened a newspaper to see the reports on women being murdered each day? Or are they just so used to it that it doesn’t even register in their minds? That’s just how women have been treated for millennia, I guess. Nothing we can do to stop it.

No. 1500385

no one is talking about adopted kids here so that's kind of a non-issue. also wishing you were a cute French girl isn't the same thing as saying you were born a cute French girl even though you're Mexican. i'm not triggered by crossdressers or men liking 'girly' things. imagine if someone said they were dysphoric around certain races kek.

No. 1500389

https://lovelain.net a site about an anime child where a tranny insists the child is trans

No. 1500390

Post caps, this is an imageboard and trannies are always posting shady shit here

No. 1500394

His profile is suspended so thats good news at least. Imagine being that stupid

No. 1500395

literally who the fuck is this nigga? I thought he was dead or something

No. 1500399

does anyone have info on women/men brains, moids keep making this argument to me that a man can be born with a female brain but I think it's bullshit

No. 1500400

File: 1649860812471.jpeg (959.4 KB, 1284x1725, E18F7984-A778-4FDD-B99B-47AD32…)

If anyone is interested in looking through it, here is a thread someone compiled of various Tweets of TRAs being misogynistic. The first few are related to JKR’s luncheon, but then it goes into more general displays of scrote behavior. I hope it helps to peak someone.


No. 1500402

No. 1500408

File: 1649861401429.jpg (81.44 KB, 750x932, FQO0r_RXIAEj8pd.jpg)

Never call yourself queer, its not a synonym for lesbian or bi, its just a buzzword for being harrassed by trannies

No. 1500426

File: 1649864073741.jpeg (1.04 MB, 977x1826, E67738F2-B9A5-46A6-92C8-031408…)

TL;DR: TIM ranting on about how his girl friends are super jealous of him and invalidate his womanhood whenever a guy hits on him. Proceeds to say other MtFs are more prone to deal with transphobia from women if they are good looking. (I apologize for the awful crop, nonnas)

No. 1500428

misogynistic gay man can only empathize with other men, color me shocked

No. 1500433

>Man hits on man in dress instead of a woman
Yeah, either he's a faggot or that didn't happen. No straight man would ever prefer a man with an axe wound over a woman with a vagina, and they also can clock a man in dress right away.

No. 1500437

5000 years of human history would like a word with you.

No. 1500444


This takes the cake for the most retarded shit I've read on here. The deadest brain I have ever witnessed. I am appalled.

No. 1500449

File: 1649866479198.png (1.02 MB, 1100x1052, deadnameaward.png)

The Wachowski "sisters" are auctioning off shit, including awards with their deadnames on them HAHAHAHAHAHA

No. 1500451

File: 1649866505292.png (36.39 KB, 606x201, femalespaces.png)


No. 1500452

damn how did they spend all of their matrix money???

No. 1500453

This is honestly so sad. They’ve become so brainwashed after they trooned out.

No. 1500457

File: 1649867178538.png (169.68 KB, 2066x1980, eggparent.png)

Oh shit ladies, we're all trans

No. 1500458

>your egg parent

No. 1500460

A woman not really feeling comfortable with performing sexist stereotypes and roles but understanding that it's a common thing that lots of women feel and that it in no way makes her not-woman or male.
Her troon son: "if you're not into being a blow up doll you are not a real woman, unlike me who is one"

No. 1500461

File: 1649867645364.jpeg (31.06 KB, 400x400, 6DBBBAE7-4BDB-4807-9E76-85736F…)

The agp smirk feels like a parody.

No. 1500465

File: 1649867928566.jpeg (90.16 KB, 924x960, F0BCECC6-DB43-4F24-A77D-495B1D…)

No. 1500466

File: 1649868062846.gif (1.15 MB, 286x300, 950CFB7B-54AA-4B5F-97D1-3B5AF6…)

No. 1500469

Do they really? I keep hearing about the 40% but I havent heard of any transgender suicides. I mean I hate troons with a passion but I still dont wish death on anyone

No. 1500470

Usually the selfies in these threads disgust me, but this actually made me laugh. He has no neck! It looks like PS copypasta.

No. 1500471

No, they don't. The 41% was from a shitty study that basically said 41% have suicidal thoughts and feelings.

Actual studies done show their suicide rate is very low, like, .5%

No. 1500476

Yeah AGP narcs never commit suicide sadly, they just threaten it to control others.

No. 1500479

It's really just propaganda, trans people are among the least likely to get murdered, and have very low suicide rates about 0.5% as the other anon said.

However those that are suicidal don't tend to get helped by "gender affirming" surgeries and are even more likely to commit suicide afterwards.

It's literally all lies and they even hurt other troons by telling them.

No. 1500486

Is he using a JK Rowling filter?
I'd like to see him eating a vegetable because it looks like he usually stays far away from those. It looks like his head was screwed on backwards.

No. 1500487

Damn what a shame… I was really looking forward to them doing almost half the job for us. Oh well.

No. 1500491

Yeah either this didn’t happen or the TIM is misinterpreting the women’s unease as envy. Had plenty of moments with my girlfriends where a random unattractive guy hits on one of us and we’re all like “That sucked”. No envy involved, just empathy.

No. 1500493

What a retard. That is pretty much female experience, many women will feel like this at some point of their lives.
>she told me this after I was venting about wanting to be male
Is this ftm? Thats a bigger retard if so, how does "he" know no women feel like this if he is totally 100% male. I think he should stop mansplaining, how about that

No. 1500498

Lol I posted this earlier here but delete it because I didn’t know if it fit this thread or the FTM one more. It’s just mind-numbing. Instead of making it so that women are more comfortable and more accepted, they think it’s better to just escape womanhood and “become a man”.

No. 1500499

I can literally hear the nasally tone in this post

No. 1500502

File: 1649870843558.jpeg (212.52 KB, 1125x553, 634A7CBE-E6D1-4659-B1BE-D46D6E…)

Delusional much?

No. 1500506

Troons getting bottom surgery delights me. Theyre fucking themselves up for life because of their perversions, and they remove the organ that is used to harm and harass women all the time. Glory be to axe wounds!

No. 1500507

I’m always so glad to see old troons mutilating their bodies, they honestly deserve it.

No. 1500509

troons with bottom surgery > girldick

No. 1500512

File: 1649872160241.png (480.26 KB, 2088x2544, law troon.png)

>Troon pats himself on the back for graduating fom a Christian law school despite transphobic harassment and allegations of sexual assault because of being trans
>Current students come in to point out that the allegations ~just so happened~ to have immediately preceded the transition

As a law nony I can't wait to be out of university forever.

No. 1500513

>Unfortunately for trans people that's just a common accusation

i can't possibly imagine why

No. 1500518

As much as they threaten rape and assault…really makes you think. There is no doubt in my mind this fool did sexually assault or rape someone. They sound like every other male who is always spewing shit about false accusations because they really can’t comprehend that this shit actually happens as much as it does (or they just don’t want to get in trouble bc they feel personally attacked for such mysterious reasons).

No. 1500519

Yeah “queer” is just a virtue-signal for “I’m not transphobic”. Typically I only see straight or bisexual handmaidens use this.
Blog but when my ex started trooning, he was really adamant about me saying I was lesbian (for his ‘validation’), despite me being straight (I dated him for years when he looked male). It felt wrong to say I was a lesbian, but “queer” seemed to be acceptable enough to his tranny ass and the TRAs.

No. 1500520

File: 1649873134883.png (579.92 KB, 1178x1246, Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 2.00…)

Change the male/female labels to "before/after taking magic pills" and this is just troon bone logic.

>egg donor
Imagine growing a child inside of you and squeezing it out through your vagina only to be called "egg donor"

No. 1500521

Glad you made an escape nona

No. 1500524

>egg donor
>egg parent
This is a nightmare

No. 1500527

trannies are obsessed with using the word 'panties'. if a man is wearing them they're no longer panties. he's also trying to create some weird narrative (like what the other poster kind of said) where he's the quirky new girl getting bullied by the popular girls in school. except he's a rapist and ugly and they're probably scared of him. the part where his 'friend' stands up to the mean girls and asks for receipts is made up for sure.

No. 1500530

Reminder that this violent moid beat a black lesbiant opponent so viciously that her skull broke.

No. 1500535

Thank you nonnie. Glad I’m out and I peaked. He’s a miserable mess now with no direction in life. If he actually goes through SRS, I’ll laugh.
And OP referred to her as mom. The commenters are just showing their obvious misogyny. These moids are definitely projecting their hate of their own mothers and women. Incel to troon pipeline.

No. 1500538

They always project their real feelings onto GC facts. We’re not the ones thinking women are defined by big boob and butt curvy but dainty, that’s how their own brain sees the differences.

No. 1500539

Fellon fox gonna pretend he isn't the one who believe hormones change his bone structure huh

No. 1500542

File: 1649874337781.jpg (4.5 MB, 1907x12606, rent free.jpg)

No. 1500547

literally in front of a window where people can see his disgusting ass

No. 1500548

and for all the shit trannies talk about how violent/awful it is to purposely use the wrong pronouns – they all immediately jump to calling op's mom "they" based on the suspicion of her being trans. infuriating

No. 1500549

>Emma Watson is a queen
A queen with offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes kek.

No. 1500552

File: 1649875081038.png (1.85 MB, 1900x911, law troon 2.PNG)

This is the man calling young women "the plastics" and brushing off sexual assault allegations because he emailed the dean about it.

No. 1500553

This buffalojill guy is so insanely fucking misogynistic he hates transmen too. I looked through his posts and he's literally missing fun of women for being scared of men

No. 1500556

File: 1649875588495.jpeg (195.37 KB, 1398x402, 66A8EDB4-026E-4387-993E-80168B…)

Sarah, you are the dudebro.
Also I love the added lack of self-awareness of tweeting about bad male hygiene while you have greasy fucking hair.

No. 1500563

homie is anatomically incorrect

No. 1500566

the childs name is kai shappley
this particular video/interview is apparently scrubbed from the internet which left us with this bad quality video.

No. 1500582

They either misconstrue our talking points or play dumb about them to make us look like idiots. They know what they’re doing.

No. 1500584

This person seems a little obsessed with JKR no? Of course when a woman peaks she’s going to talk about it a lot. It’s like taking off the veil to reveal the sinister misogyny that lurks everywhere around these people. And of course she’s going to call attention to it because she has a huge platform and can do good and help other women.

No. 1500590

Sweden did a study in 2015 that almost 70% of post op trannies commit suicide in the decade following surgery

No. 1500594

can you link that study nonna?

No. 1500595

Troons just have a lack of self awareness in general

No. 1500599

Gibby trooned out and got even fatter?

No. 1500605

nice nona
I wish metrosexual was still used today.

No. 1500609

I think I'm going to throw up

No. 1500612

He had bottom surgery and he's lifting? He's going to blow out the rot hole in no time.

No. 1500615

is this troon saying men DON'T have larger skeleton than women?

No. 1500616

>queerness is measured by how much tranny ass you lick

No. 1500617

File: 1649880692091.png (554.52 KB, 748x876, Erin Reed (@ErinInTheMorn) _ T…)

Anthony wishes JK would just go away lel

No. 1500620

File: 1649880967779.png (1.26 MB, 1289x1681, Untitled.png)

No. 1500627

Heja sverige, link it if you find it nona, i was remembering seeing something about 50% after a decade or even shorter amount of years

No. 1500631

File: 1649881753542.png (537.62 KB, 761x598, twit.png)

where's the trannies when women are protesting their rights?

No. 1500637

'men have bad hygiene' is going to be the new 'dress has pockets!' thing they parrot, calling it now
also he said it like he doesn't understand the sentiment at all, and softened it, as if just saying 'men' would hurt his ego kek

No. 1500638

they're too busy taking them from us

No. 1500640

File: 1649882209708.jpg (78.31 KB, 761x1024, FQE5-9dXsAUDqco.jpg)

damn this dude look even worse after ffs

No. 1500641

>her brand is in tatters
How? Whats he even talking about

No. 1500642

>That says a lot about what's happening here.
Yes, it's say the victors are enjoying their victory before going back to the fight and the losers protesting in vain.

No. 1500644

HP spin off, fantastic beasts are doing horribly and Anthony thinks its because of Rowling being a TERF and not because the movies were kinda bad to begin with.

No. 1500646

They don’t even know. They think because everyone in their echo chambers has renounced her the entire world has. Most of the people who aren’t terminally online don’t really care, especially run-of-the-mill normies.

No. 1500647

File: 1649882733400.png (384.06 KB, 971x1268, Untitled2.png)

No. 1500650

I love that she gives zero fucks now

No. 1500656

Same. They know it will empower women who have been fence sitters on this to get more confident about speaking up. Rowling combined with the recent Lia Thomas stuff has really helped open some eyes I think. They’re dashing around going nuts because of this.

No. 1500662

A lot of people don't realize how many women try to act vaguely supportive to avoid backlash and then quietly raise concerns and questions like these in private spaces. Can't count the amount of times I've had acquaintances say things like this to me out of the blue like "I know I'm not SUPPOSED to say this, but doesn't it seem really strange or doesn't it not make sense that xyz…"
JKR saying it all publicly just mirrors what most women are already really thinking.

No. 1500664

spoonfeed me the b4 plz

No. 1500673

Yeah it’s really just self-preservation, especially when women are already familiar with the anger men can have over smaller things. And the fact that you can lose your livelihood over it makes it even riskier. Then TRAs have the nerve to act like they’re “on the right side of history” while doing the same thing that men have done for centuries by bullying and threatening women into submission. So progressive, stunning, and brave.

No. 1500676

Oh the people protesting tRaNs CoNvERsiOn tHeRapY in the streets pisses me off. All these stupid twats with TikTok accounts and not a critical thought between them really think this is Gay Rights 2.0, 2022 edition.

It’s not.

There’s no ban on trans conversion therapy because it doesn’t fucking exist. If anything transing people and pushing gay, lesbian and bisexual people to transition IS the fucking conversion therapy. They’re pushing and fighting for something they don’t even know the ramifications of which is ultimately perverted men in womens spaces taking advantage, abusing, sexually assaulting and stealing by opportunities from women and girls.

No. 1500677

That fucking mitt. Ain't no surgery for man hands, bud.

No. 1500679

File: 1649885856015.jpeg (130.11 KB, 900x818, E1rnTMVXEAQJiCm.jpeg)

No. 1500680

Hello… Newman

No. 1500681

clearly he hasn't been to the Harry Potter section of universal studios because it's always PACKED with tons of people wearing robes and buying $100 wands. just because the mythical beast movies suck (though i'm pretty sure the first and second did fine in theaters) doesn't mean Harry Potter is a dying brand. I think the fact that trannies hate her so much shows how popular it still is tbh.

No. 1500683

I bet that was so expensive and it barely brought anything lmao

No. 1500684

They act like she's trying to hide it and they've caught her in the act kek. a woman having an opinion that doesn't match the tranny agenda makes them melt down and absolutely obsess. you know what normal people do when some celebrity has opinions they consider bad? they unfollow them and stop supporting them. trannies are so addicted to social media, probably because the echo chamber is the loudest.