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File: 1526336789814.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 551.56 KB, 2048x2048, 1525810125723.jpeg)

No. 582890

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~
>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent

>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for self-care rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to Japan and NYC, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during university
>has kept a total of five relationships in over 2 years, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; now largely just refers to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

In the last thread:
>dyes her hair again. This time it’s a hideous 4 way colour block with awful roots
>continues to make her cosplay for her next con. Brags about working on it for 6 hours at a time, but her sewing still sucks. She can’t even get the colours correctly, as the character is pastel and Jill is using bright colours.
>She is hanging out with Maggie a lot, who is rumoured to be her possible girlfriend. She is an uglier version of Jill.
>Jill is on the cover of a cosplay magazine. Her interview in it is as obnoxious as ever, with her repeating that she’s the biggest magical girl fan ~ever. She subtly refences lolcow in it.
>Jill is apparently no longer friends with Tracey. An anon stated that Jill slept with Tracey long term crush. They no longer follow each other on social media.


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 582905

File: 1526337542018.jpeg (293.88 KB, 1217x1582, 494E261A-B9AE-4131-9024-87E1CE…)

Best thread pic yet.

No. 582931

File: 1526339315450.png (418.82 KB, 720x918, 20180515_000605.png)

Jill would do more for the environment by not constantly and mindlessly buying crap kek

No. 582965

Compilation photos and posts from here, and Jillian’s social media is gathered:

Either add anything to a folder or make a new one if someone important was not added.

No. 582969

a little OT but wouldn't a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush be more prone to molding with all the bacteria/water exposure? I'm just imagining Jill letting them get fucking disgusting… not that I think she'd end up using them even if she bought them, just toss them into her hoard

No. 583000

you have requesting permission on, would probably turn that off for anonymity and all that!

No. 583036

K I fixed it anyone can view and edit it now

No. 583041

"Small effort" isn't relevent when you keep buying useless plastic childrens toys and two day ship tacky faux fur fast fashion pieces every week. Try again Jill.

No. 583057

>>582965 great work anon!

No. 583072

File: 1526345635779.png (531.73 KB, 720x1014, 20180515_015342.png)

New video on her spam Insta

No. 583079

Tbh I don't mind the texture. Kinda has an 80s fluffy vibe. She should really cool it with the flat ironing anyway. Between that and the bleach her hair has to be screaming for a break

No. 583087

Is she referring to herself as a Queen?

No. 583088

Thanks for the new summary OP. It was long overdue.

Just curious what you mean by

>has kept a total of five relationships in over 2 years

She dated Walker 2 years, Tristan 2 years, and Colin dumped her after 18 months. The only time she seems to have very quick relationships is with girls. She dated Alyssa 3 months, barely official for a few weeks before the tea was spilled and we have SMS proof that Jill said she wasn't even attracted to her. And then with Urma, Jill basically did the same thing. Dated her briefly for a few weeks or months then basically pulled the "i don't want to lead you on, but i'm not attracted to you" because Walker asked her out (although this was all said on DA with 13 year old verbiage).

Anyways, just wasn't sure what you were referring to.

No. 583105

this is great, kudos to you anon. hopefully someone has downloaded video snippets so it can be uploaded to youtube and be seen by more people besides those that come to this site.

No. 583108

Honestly, her hair looks much better like this simply because it gives it volume instead of that flat, sad lifelessness she always has from flat ironing it. Now only if she gave it a good wash and had a good solid single color, it would look quite cute.

No. 583117

I actually use bamboo toothbrushes and as long as you have some circulation in your bathroom you should be fine! I've had mine for roughly a year and a half and no mold.

No. 583130

File: 1526348807714.jpeg (464.73 KB, 750x1163, 57052406-74EA-496C-AF07-9A74B1…)

Everyone seems to love it, hope that she keeps her hair like that.

No. 583144

I would back this up some how fyi
nothing is gonna stop jill / a white knight/ her friends / her mom / etc. from coming along and deleting it all

No. 583197

the one that says natural hair texture omegalul

No. 583203

I’m really scared that they’re going to get mad at me for gathering everything that they said or that was posted here and do something. Her, her mom, her fans, her friends. I turned off link sharing now it’s only accessible by email.

No. 583228

Again, natural makeup + leaving her hair alone. She looks cute, too bad that she's stubborn. Honestly she should keep this look.

No. 583268

File: 1526363520867.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, 9D2C72AB-6733-429A-9457-A863D7…)

This doesn’t good to me but her hair is so damaged and the rainby colors are so ugly I can’t really decide what looks better. At least she wouldn’t be damaging it more.

No. 583274

I remember she did a few videos with her curly hair and I wasn't entirely mad at it. Her hair was still damaged that it was frizzy to a point that looked untameable (and greasy,) But it was at least a natural colour that looked halfway decent. If she got some moisturizing products, showered, and let her hair rest, maybe figured out a good hygiene routine and got hair treatments, I wouldn't absolutely hate the harsh colours. But it looks so fried and unhealthy I can barely bring myself to look at it. Probably the best thing she did was use Arctic fox for her mint. I know she deluded it a bunch (which also helped her hair,) but the overprocessing of the dye she uses now makes her hair look like it would make the sound of crunching chips if you touched it.
Saged for rant that probably doesn't make any sense because it's late

No. 583292

Wtf are they going to do? Either
a) dont have it editable by everyone and only edit things in yourself. Anons can collect more data for you here in the thread to add in
b) keep it editable by everyone but save back ups as often as you can so if they do baaaawlete it, its no big deal

No. 583299

Am I the only one who thinks she looks exactly like Jessi slaughter when she had her natural hair color and straightened?

No. 583315

Ewww that fucking face

No. 583381

A deep-conditioning mask would do fucking wonders for her hair if she'd just lay off the hot iron.

I was about to say, I tried to access it but would've needed my email address and got real confused. Pardon my reading skills.

Not that anon, but the summary is from the previous thread I OP-ed, and I tried to go for a quick overview on them.. While both relationships were short, Jill has referred to both girls on different videos (Uma in her coming-out video, Alyssa in the GF Christmas gift video probably among others) as a girlfriend, ex or current at the time, so I bet she considers them both past relationships. Both girls have also been at the receiving end of Jill's tendency to "fall out of love" or just not be attracted to them or to fall in love with someone else while dating them, and seemed to have had their relationships hidden for the majority of the time together, yet still serve to pad Jill's status with the LGBTQ points she wants. As short as they were, I thought they were definitive enough for Jill's history of shit behavior to be highlighted within. If next thread OP wants to remove them though, I won't mind it.

No. 583450

Wait what? I’m not talking about removing them at all nor am I criticizing your timeline anon.

I just didn’t understand why it said 5 relationships in 2 years when it’s been more like 6-7 years from the time she dated Urma to her recent breakup with Alyssa. That’s why I was confused or wondering if I missed anything.

No. 583491

She should just do all pink and maintain it. that blue /green looks so awful on her.

No. 583520

Ok then I’m only going to leave it viewable by everyone.

No. 583529

Jill needs to stop pretending like she cares about the earth. Honestly she'd be less of a flake if she didn't keep up this facade.

No. 583532

Holy shit that face, yuck. How is she not embarrassed enough to post it?

No. 583533

what is she on about, this looks a lot better than her usual crusy flattened greasy hair thrown up in some silly bun with 156 ugly hair clips

the curls mask her roots a bit and make her face look less harsh

No. 583571

Is she trying to say that this is bad? This is the best she's looked in a long time

No. 583576

Honestly wish she still had her p.o box open (if she hasnt closed it already i have no clue)
id be more than happy to send her a color remover, and brown dye

No. 583683

Hey guys, just letting you know I plan to make a video on Pixie. Shall I link it here when I'm finished?

No. 583694

Definitely. ETA?

No. 583719

Well I'm not home at the moment but should be tonight. I live in the UK & depending on how much content there is in the Google doc I could possibly have it done by tomorrow

No. 583728

No rush, just curious!

No. 583731

I've wanted to do this for a long time now! I'm by no means a professional so its not going to be amazing, but I feel like people need to know what she's actually like

No. 583781

Just be careful that you're not identifiable and that your video is good or you risk becoming milky yourself.

No. 583798

Thank you, there’s a lot of content in the doc all from the first thread up until the one before this one. Some stuff in the folder like the “I’m a lesbain/I’m so drunk” phase is repetitive so you don’t need to use all of it.

Does anyone want me to add anything to the doc? I felt like putting things in about her hygiene or diet wasn’t worth it bc a feel like her fans are going to say things like “Let people do what they want!! It’s not hurting anyone!”

No. 583829

Nope, I'm just retarded apparently. I just figured that out that I forgot to factor in the actual time from the Uma relationship, I am so sorry for confusing you and everyone else with that!

No. 583861

Is there a link to the doc?

No. 583865

No. 583867

No. 583884

this is awesome, it also a great way to summarize if someone doesn't want to read 25 lolcow pages

No. 583900

Just a warning to all the anons participating in the folder or other projects to expose Jill!

I was one of the anons that suggested we start compiling evidence a few threads back and ended up getting a 24hr ban bc “lolcow is not ur personal army” or whatever.

I’m not sure if its how I worded things but just make sure y’all don’t get banned either!

No. 583903

The mods on here are incompetent. Don't worry too much.

No. 583921

File: 1526415153936.png (787.53 KB, 720x959, 20180515_211225.png)

No. 583937


Jill's finally found a friend that dresses just as Golden Girls-kei as she does

No. 583938

Once again, the wavy hair looks so much better on her. The color is still shit but I think she'd look really cute if she just dyed her hair a color similar to her natural shade and just let her hair grow from there.

No. 583941

That girl must have lurked her page before suggesting that. Or they're both uncreative shopping addicts.

No. 583943

This is Maggie. She's basically a fatter and uglier version of Jill. They're possibly dating.

No. 583971

uglier yes, but I don't think she's fatter tbh

what's so fun about michaels? idgi it's so bland

No. 583978

You did a really great job compiling this, everytime I think of something I don't see it was like (I.e. photoshop but trying to be body positive), well yeah people would be like "oooo let people live, if she has body dysmophia that makes sense"
I can't imagine what Jill's response to all these are especially when her relationships get called out. Idk I like that it's the main problematic stuff and not being petty over personal preferences like roots.

Idk if her attitude of buying things she likes for other people and how disposable things are is just personal preference. I didn't see anything about people giving her fanart and not being mentioned or unboxed in her videos or tweets though. Was that in there?

No. 583990

True. I'm not doing any sort of voice over and I'm gonna create an entirely new YouTube account with a new email to upload the vid. I'm really new to the whole lolcow thing and have only recently started posting lmao. Thank you to whoever compiled the doc, you're the hero we need

No. 583991

Although, me becoming milky isn't that far fetched, I will admit I can be annoying LOL but I would accept being ridiculed - I own up to my idiocy! Haha

No. 583995

>>583991 tip: write sage in the email box when you're not contributing milk

No. 584010

File: 1526419897860.jpg (30.87 KB, 660x315, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)


>buys presents based on what she likes

>dates people and pushes them into what she likes aka collin
>entire life revolves around buying shit for herself and creating new fake labels to herself eg. lesbian trillingual body positive etc
>dating an obvious skinwalker of herself eg. if you look into the girls insta she used to be pretty normal until she got into party kei and became the usual rainbow wearing pink haired skinwalker, obvious fan obsessed with her

she just loves herself so much. also the skinwalker was supposed to be an ugly version of jill but now she looks better than jill lmao. that ugly ass hair, fat face and awful brows make her so much more ugly than she actually is.

No. 584017

Nothings fun about michaels, its fucking michaels. What, is their next hang out session going to fucking be at Jo Ann's Fabrics?

No. 584027

The fan art thing wasn’t mentioned. If I put that in then she’s going to excuse herself or someone else will because “She features a confetti club member at the end of her videos/she likes people’s posts. She can’t comment on every single one” I feel like not mentioning them in tweets is just a personal preference. I’m not sure how much fan art she gets but I do know that I have seen her take the time on streams and vlogs to open mail, read letters, and respond to them.

I only wanted to focus on things that she’s done several times and are apart of her personality traits. Things that she and no one else should be defensive about if they really want Pixie to be her best self. I used to be a fan, I was defensive about her when I first found lolcow and after seeing her be who she really is or contradicting herself to still be seen as a nice person the fans need to see that the call out video isn’t about minor things or things that can be excused. These are things that she’s done to hurt other people, set a bad example to her fans, or slip up on her “kind” persona and no one should find a way to defend that. I feel like if Jill does acknowledge this video and doesn’t gloss over her mistakes and admits that she’s wrong and that she should change I think that many of us will be proud of her for being true to her audience.

No. 584029

I didnt go through everything but did you put any details in about her trip to japan and the pet store? Honestly her animal stuff could go in there if it isnt already.
The Japan episode was her going into a petstore and saying all the animals were so cute when they were clearly miserable. Even her fans called her out on it so she edited it out. Japanese pet stores are notorious for being less than ethical

There is also the bizarre thing with her ~pure bred~ cats. Yet she pretends she actually cares about animals at all.

We can argue all day about for/against breeders (im against) but even without that. If she actually cared at all about animals she would be more aware of their treatment, ie in Japan. And she could contribute to her local shelter more than once a year (apparently taking pet photos for adoptions)

The whole thing about her mom being allergic to plebian shelter cats smells like a load of BS to me. It is true that ragdolls have /less/ allergens than other breeds. But then they bought 3 other non-ragdoll cats? And Jill loves to brag about her pure-breds as well in a bizarre way

Its just like everything else she does. Pretends to care about environmental issues, sweat shops, ethical buying, etc etc. But then acts in a completely hypocritical way

No. 584038

>>583990 please do it in the style of content cop anon

No. 584042

Yes, please touch on the environmental things. The bamboo toothbrushes and the reusable bags are laughable when she online shops constantly (shipping carbon footprint) and almost daily buys some kind of fast fashion, synthetic fabric, plastic toys or accessories (sweatshops, pollution from manufacturing, things that will eventually end up in landfills for centuries)

No. 584045

File: 1526421547791.jpg (8.11 KB, 207x204, f66.jpg)


Considering how frequently Jill mentions going to Michaels and how few sewing projects we've seen from her (if she made something new there's no way she wouldn't show it off on instagram or use it for video fodder) she probably feels like a kawaii fashion designer seamstress uwu just by buying/looking at fabric even if she never actually uses it.


Jill is Jill's dream girl tbh. At least then she'd finally be a lesbian like she wants and nobody else would have to put up with her.

No. 584071

There is frizzy hair and there is burned out damage from bleaching

No. 584081

I work at Michaels and have customers who are old ladies wearing crazy non matching pattern clothing and have badly dyed hair. These two fit right in.

No. 584087

That will be added because it seems to be something that she’s pushing although she loves plastic.
I put her defensively saying that she did other things in Japan and not just shopping.
The total of what she brought will be added.
I’ll put the pet shop stuff in there because everyone should know that pet shops are bad.
I’ll put in Louise looking upset in the Japan vlogs.

The Criteria for things to be added to the doc:
-Common sense of things that should/should not be done.
-Hurting others
-only getting what she wants
-being contradictory of herself
-showing who she really is

No. 584103


I'll try, but I cannot live up to iDubbzz!

No. 584111

Video anon here, should I do voiceover? It's not like I can be recognised and it may be easier to explain the points I'm making… I'm totally overthinking this. I won't post again until I've made the video, don't want to derail too much. Wish me luck guys lol

No. 584117

>>584111 you could use a voice over programme?

No. 584131

Nobody can find you based off of your voice (unless you’re famous lol). As long as you don’t have any screenshots that show your name or your face or any sort of avatar from any social media site, you’re good. If you have a good speaking voice, I would do a voice over, but if you have a speech impediment or no inflection in your voice you probably shouldn’t use your own voice.

Since these anons are doing the work, they probably aren’t at risk of being banned. The farmhands probably thought you wanted everyone else to do the work, but you were probably just making an innocent suggestion.

No. 584133

Can someone link me where jill said she wasn't attracted to her ex gf?

No. 584139

Alyssa's sister confirmed it when she was here in her posts.

No. 584154

Hey anon, if you're really worried about being found out, I don't mind doing the voiceover. I wouldn't need/want credit, I just got a new mic and I'd be happy to get some use out of it.
Also I'm a fellow UK anon with a decent speaking voice, no accent really. If you want you can leave an email.

No. 584161

I'm triggered by her eyebrows being two different colors

Jill has proved time and time again that she is not willing to accept her significant other's interests if they don't match up with her own. Textbook example of being self absorbed.

If you have a good speaking voice and script, definitely do a voice over. Or you could always ask someone else to do it for you if you're not comfortable doing so.

No. 584201

File: 1526430444106.png (823.87 KB, 720x1020, 20180516_012706.png)

Jill spends an obscene amount of money on sugary drinks

No. 584236

newfag and also possible nitpick, but i work in clinical psychology and maybe to add/relate to the possible video, jill advocates for things like drinking on your meds (already mentioned), quitting therapy because you're not willing to be held accountable, and generally feigning knowledge about "self-care." to me, she clearly has some borderline coping skills and her claiming to know jack about mental health irritates me to no end. (see "i stopped taking seroquel bc i'm totes happy now" example)(armchair)

No. 584242

>>584236 I feel like if we talk about her poor coping skills, people will be like duh she's mentally ill let her cope in ways she can manage!!!! if we focus more on the dangers of he promoting drinking whilst on meds, more people will get it.

No. 584306

How much did they actually spend to look this stupid? I mean really now. I can understand being a creative artsy type, but who the hell are we kidding? Jill and Maggot are unimaginative Tumblerinas who follow shitty alternative trends. I swear Jill is indeed the grossest person on YouTube but this bitch really does get around! Kek

No. 584351

Enviro stuff and most Japan stuff (how much she spent, Louise only getting to do one thing, and Louise having to sleep on the floor) is there.
I couldn’t find the pet shop stuff but I did add that she’s happy that Neko is safe (ate something that caused a blockage) but keeps up her pink party background streamer thing and blocks it with pillows because they were chewing on it.
It's the newest folder.

No. 584364

what?? Jill made her mom sleep on the fucking floor?

that's horrible. i mean fuck. i'm a bloody adult, and i shared a bed with my mum for a while until we were able to get a bed for me.

and she couldn't let her mom be comfortable while she was babysitting her in Japan? in a hotel room she paid for?

please tell me I'm misunderstanding and blowing a gasket for nothing.

No. 584374

Her and her mom rented an airbnb. The room had one standard bed and one Japanese futon. Jill made her mom sleep on the futon (which I believe Louise called a mat on the floor). I don't think they really understood what the Japanese futon was.

No. 584381

what a fucking cunt.

No. 584386

to be fair sleeping on the floor/harder surfaces is actually better for your back, so it sounds like her mom might've gotten the best sleep in that situation.

No. 584395

that may be, in fact, I sleep better on harder surfaces, myself. unless I'm in pain, in which case, give me a mountain of pillows.

what she should have done was give her mother first pick, and not guilted her in to choosing against what Jillian wants.

has she ever put someone elses comfort/wants/needs above her own?

No. 584396

Her mom complained on her FB about how much she hated the futon, so I don't think she enjoyed it much.

No. 584407

File: 1526439443149.jpeg (11.37 KB, 275x66, 7234856C-3D53-492E-BE54-132ED8…)

Poor Louise

No. 584409

God I forgot about this. Jill you selfish cunt.

No. 584412

File: 1526439815676.jpg (53.65 KB, 1280x720, big_1471529296_image.jpg)

No. 584417

what a great kid

No. 584536

If you must post unrelated and unfunny images, at least sage

No. 584556

I know I saw you talk about her moneygrabs/ spending habits but have you mentioned her constant price dropping and how she looks for a price tag before anything else?

Can you add the Screencaps of Jill tweeting about not getting Sugarpill to sponsor her under entitled?
Wasn't there something about her doing a fast fashion promo and then "not knowing" about it back then either?

No. 584559

yeah. it was… RoseGal? Sammydress? One of those bullshit companies that sells shite clothing that falls apart after one wear.

She completely gushed over it. Did a whole try on haul, and raved about every single piece.

No. 584560

samefag (I think?)

but I just looked it up and it's Zaful.

No. 584576

Another one to add to supporting bad people or constantly buying shit would be the Kylie Jenner Birthday pallet which can also lead into all the makeup and shit she buys only for packaging/theming or one specific shade (usually pink or a pastel colour)

No. 584647

I’ll adding the pixiefrocks Instagram which she follows.
I’m not going to mention Zaful because i have Lazy Oaf and Chrisa Sparkles in there (sweatshop labor), both of which she never apologized for/found out that they weren’t sweatshop free.

I’m not going to add wanting to be sponsored by Sugarpill bc she’s only said “sponser me” once?
Sorry about being picky about what goes and what doesn’t go in the doc. Jill has 25 threads and they all fill up very fast. I only collected the major things that I could remember when I skimmed through them.
Also want the doc to be like the thread summary it shouldn’t have everything that she’s done in there because I feel like it becomes bothersome to sit through or edit in. I’m also thinking about what Jill or her fans will say and I don’t want them to be saying that this thing that Jillian did can be excused.

At anons asking me to add fast fashion stuff when did Jill say that she was against fast fashion? What time of the year? Was it in a stream because I things on her supporting Lazy Oaf and saying that they’re ethical q

No. 584673

I think you should just take the time to read all the threads entirely before trying to make a video.

No. 584682

Not video anon but I'm pretty sure you're misunderstanding their post. I think they meant they read the threads or were there for them, but skimmed back through to grab relevant info

It'd be autism to force someone to suffer through witnessing the garbage fire that is Jill multiple times for a video

No. 584722

File: 1526470032866.png (42.83 KB, 155x275, Jill.png)

Holy cow it feels like a lot longer but this is someone else's screenshot from thread #16 only 5 months ago.

Also I know she mentioned plastic bags when she got a giant tote from lazy oaf, also I'm not sure about this one but I think she said that even if she did buy from f21/hm she just wasn't going to mention/promote it via livestream,also she mentioned trying to be conscious about her gloves when she washed the dye off of them multiple times instead of using new ones (which could've also been a hygiene thing but yeah.)

Also just want to say the amount of peep packaging she's gotten from peep consumption since then probably doesn't offset that plastic bag thing by much.

No. 584726

sage for samefag but I remember her immediate response to a CC post that she made, she asked about video ideas I think and someone said to make less hauls and she was like
"WELL in the last 9 videos, only 2 were hauls…
but ok c: "

No. 584728


No. 584737

This, like the fact her is so uwu allergic uwu, yet they bought 3 more cats?? I can accept getting ONE cat and putting up with the mild allergy stuff to help your daughter, but then to buy another 3 (at least one((maybe 2))of which your daughter dislikes)

No. 584746

I think you should mention Zaful as it’s legitimately a con and she’s encouraging her viewers to be part of their scam

No. 584764

File: 1526475663142.jpeg (488.22 KB, 1802x1441, A160144A-0FFE-48FD-AE34-63F743…)

samefag but here’s proof of Zaful being shit, most from BEFORE Jill did her review so she has no excuse

No. 584799

Correct. I’ve gone through her threads twice in two days bc the first time I gathered a lot of info and caps that I feel like weren’t really that important (and I got scared that Jill would do something) so I went back and got of the important things. I was reading them over again and going slowly until thread 14/15. I’m not going through all of them a third time.
I originally capped that but I deleted it bc I already had similar posts.
Thank you for the caps. Forgot how bad zaful was.

No. 584809

Wouldn't it be better in general to invest in an electric or ionic toothbrush? You still have to change the heads, but they are like 1/3 the size of a whole toothbrush.

No. 584848

Sorry if this has already been said or added to the doc/video, but you definitely need to add Jill’s IG post of her standing in front of a YouTube Space building with a bright cheery smile in regards to show her “condolences” about the YouTube shooting. She made it all about her again somehow.

No. 584857

Idk about y'all, but I think that bag is so cute. It's gonna end up exactly like her blue fluffy earrings tho

No. 584930

something i think you should add if you haven't is her pushing of being fluent in french and how she thinks shes so good at japanese yet still pronounces sakura:sack-er-uh and harajuku:hair-uh-jew-ku, etc in her japan videos and in the videos she made when the new CCS came out

No. 584931

It doesn't really go with anything she has though? Why she keeps buying pastel things when she has bright rainby hair and stuff is beyond me

No. 584947

File: 1526488684958.png (477.93 KB, 593x445, 2.png)

You forgot to post this beautiful 2nd picture which truly makes Jill look like a balding toddler granny.

No. 584952

my god what is that potato head

No. 584964

how can she look like THAT with a snow filter. O__O

No. 584967

I’m not doing that bc I know that her fans are going to say something like “It takes years to learn a language!” and that Jill will say something like “I’m still learning”.
Bc of how her and her fanbase acts I only want to add things that they won’t try to defend. She pronounces several things (even English words) wrong, and doesn’t know how to read or write Japanese that much but I don’t think that it’s nothing too major bc I already know how Jill will respond. We know that she thinks that she’s the best and has no errors. After I find the cap of her saying “Why can’t we be kinky?” towards the confetti club thread promoting ddlg I intend to be done with adding caps.
Added to the doc.

No. 584979

Isn't it better to have similar posts to reinforce the idea that it's not a one off incident and that she is actually like this?

No. 584990

Wait what is this about promoting DDLG? Have I missed something??

No. 585000

Her hairline is gonna be gone by the end of the year jfc

No. 585007

>>584990 the original confetti club fb group promoted ddlg groups. There's caps in the 1st confetti club thread.

No. 585026

once again all that ruined by retarded topknot tho

No. 585044

She did say in one video that she should start reading her Japanese kiddy magazines (implying she has basic reading skills) then months later shows off her Genki textbook and claims to just be starting to learn basic Japanese.

No. 585046

File: 1526494694934.png (525.87 KB, 720x1131, 20180516_191820.png)

No. 585047


Aren't the majority of the confetti club minors? Yikes yikes yikes


Have you added anything about shit like that? Knowingly doing sketchy shit like promote sexual things to a bunch of 15 yr olds?

No. 585049

File: 1526494795104.png (373.53 KB, 720x1113, 20180516_192007.png)

No. 585051

What makes her think she's suddenly capable of keeping friends or keeping a relationship? If they start getting fans that's gonna be shitty to just break up in a few months when they start to fight about stuff.
Also how much you willing to bet that Jillybean is gonna be all the ~main girls~ and the other two are just gonna be side pieces to her huge amazing performance as a cosplay artist

No. 585055

to be fair Wendy is going to be the main girl in this group technically since Laala is the main character.
Regardless it will be interesting, though at least these two seem to like the same things instead of being roped in like Tracey and Kenzie were.

No. 585101

Jill is cosplaying the main girl of the newest season though

No. 585102


I have a feeling she will be doing that for a lot of their cosplays

No. 585141

I will once I find the cap wherever it is.

No. 585142

She also saw a precure movie in the cinema in Japan and claimed she understood most of it, there was also the post where she was bragging about being trilingual and how she totes uses Japanese words in sentences by accident all the time

No. 585145

Exactly. Regardless of how much they talk online or Skype together, she’s only met these girls in person like, what, 3-4 times??

It’s gonna be a completely different story when they go to school together and actually get to know each other on a day to day basis beyond having common interests (and we don’t even know if anything they have in common is genuine or just to mooch off Jill’s efame).

No. 585151

To be fair, it's for kids so most of it is basic Japanese I think most anime-watchers would understand, but that doesn't mean she's ~trilingual~.

Even if she is at least biligual that really isn't a huge deal in today's world where the majority of the world speaks at least 2 languages already kek

No. 585166

Video anon please hold off on making the video until tomorrow at least. I’m still gathering pics from threads and videos.

No. 585171

She isn’t bilingual in the least. Sure I guess it’s easy to lie on the internet when you have a mostly English audience, and I suppose she probably lives far away from any actual French Canadian communities, so no one has probably ever confronted her in French.

But. She. Does. Not. Speak. French.

She can’t even manage basic pronunciation or grammar. There’s millions of actual French speakers in Canada which makes her claims even more hilarious and exaggerated.

No. 585174


>Even if she is at least biligual that really isn't a huge deal in today's world where the majority of the world speaks at least 2 languages already kek

but that's the thing that makes rage enducing to me. SHE'S NOT EVEN BILINGUAL EITHER! people have asked her to speak french on stream and she has said she can't and isn't good at it! its fine if you have an accent, but if you can't speak it at all and make some basic structures out loud you don't fucking know the language.

and we know 10000000=% this bitch doesn't know a language as complicated as japanese more than basic phrases and words like kawaii! fuck her. she doesn't get to claim to be bilingual either imho.

No. 585187

File: 1526501158084.jpg (428.12 KB, 1440x1860, IMG_20180516_130125.jpg)

Sage for obvious reasons
But I find it funny how the other two girls are fairly normal looking and use a similar style of selfie for their profile (even if they're likely photoshopped to hell and back)
And then you have Jill who looks like someone's crazy "cool" grandma, glasses and all, in her ugly IM THE ULTIMATE MAGICAL GIRL FAN getup

Bonus for how Wendy and Jenny talk about being in a group with their best friends (genuine or not) and Jill's is just entirely about herself and being the center of attention

No. 585190

File: 1526501182707.jpg (452.97 KB, 1440x1860, IMG_20180516_130157.jpg)

No. 585194

Since both of them only have a year I'm afraid Jill is going to use them to feel like she is the most knowledgable person about cosplay ever. Jill will be a horrible teacher so I hope these two will grow and learn on their own.

No. 585203


ugh i can't wait for a year later when they both get tired of jill being a self centred brat and dump this stupid group and start leaking all the milk like they always do.

this is the same theater girl who got TRIGGERED in high school because she wasn't talented enough to get the main roles of the plays. she's going to be the obnoxious bitchy leader (consiering she's the one with the most cosplay experience and her "it's all about ME!" attitude). they will hate her just like the multiple anons who have come to this threads, said they know jill and she has a badass attitude, and never talked to her again. she doesn't have any friends for a reason lol, she can't help herself.

No. 585206

This description sounds so vain, like she's trying to sound cool by saying how many things she has

No. 585211


>fav anime: sao


No. 585274


They're all moving here… Life's going to be fun in this shit town. Can't wait for the kawaii white privileged girl to live here. F u n

As long as jill keeps getting more popular they're going to keep being her friend. Sad jill dropped her only friends that actually cared about her but keep her fake ones.

No. 585302

Even in bad areas there's always an elite… and lord knows Jill is gonna be part of it.

No. 585371

So she leaves tracey and kenzie on the street for these two? Both are good looking but neither have any photos of real cosplay (only what seems to be bought) on their profiles.

Typical jill. Leeching off of people who can't craft so she can give the illusion of having friends and use them for performance awards, but will never let anyone who can sew better than her in her group.

Kenzie and Tracey have literally been replaced. I wish one of them would come in here and spill some tea. Seeing this has to hurt. Even matching t-shirts like she'd done with the KiraKira group. Yikes.

No. 585413

File: 1526510280918.png (2.1 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180516-153122.png)

New vid is up, here's a cap of kawaii grandma Jellybean looking smug while talking how she'll be having a house all to herself so she can decorate it however she wants "unlike you basic normies teehee"

No. 585415

No. 585418


Can someone rehost so we don't have to give her the views?

No. 585420

>>585415 she pronounced kawaii and ka-wii-wii?

No. 585431

"i like like childhood things in an adult scenario"

No. 585440

In her other video she mentioned she and her friend Jon jokingly say “kaweeby” instead of “kawaii”.

No. 585443

"Wheres the Apple Tv gonna go" Just say TV yoi spoiled brat

No. 585458


>"crusty to cute"

Maybe start with your own damn self, Jill.

No. 585478

She screamed about being a fashion designer but never sews now here she is with the excuse that "Oh I'll sew so much and video tape it when I get my own house. There's no space here" kek. If you actually cared about sewing you'd move your hoard of peeps and find room to do it. Waiting for school projects to sew for her designer diaries proves again how lazy she is. And she has all basic core classes first year which I doubt includes sewing?

No. 585497

File: 1526513678402.png (505.28 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180516-163318.png)

She actually looks cute here. Kek

No. 585499

File: 1526513694442.jpeg (35.96 KB, 500x281, image.jpeg)


I know people make this comparison a lot on this site but I'm really getting Baby Jane vibes

No. 585505

I don't see cute at all in this, just more natural since you can't see most of her hair and her brows arent vomit green and yellow.

No. 585520

I didn’t know her favorite color is yellow, she owns almost nothing of the sort

No. 585572

It's not just you. The way her mouth is shaped, her jowls, and bad facial expressions all add up to old lady going through last life crisis. She's getting worse everyday, I almost pity her.

No. 585577

This literally looks like a cabinet for a preschool classroom. How's this gonna match that daybed she bought? If Jill started listing color blindness as a disability, I could actually get on board with that.

No. 585590

File: 1526516617566.png (226.06 KB, 589x570, Screen shot 2018-05-16 at 7.05…)

Jill doesn't even try. Joanne's has a few fabrics like this on their website, I bet mood has something, but no she wants a cheap 2$ a yard listing on Etsy. She complained in her magazine video about how much cosplay costs but when she only buys cheap fabrics and cheap wigs she can't be racking up anymore money than she spends on a singular LO haul.

No. 585598

File: 1526516828930.png (317.99 KB, 1082x543, Screen shot 2018-05-16 at 7.29…)

Samefag, the fabric in case anyone wants to know

No. 585612

I know that she was painting outside but still god why did she keep Neko directly next to the TV stand 😑

No. 585615

Paint fumes are so bad for cats, it's ridiculous that she puts her own aesthetic over a pet she claims to love so much

No. 585620

Her cats are even ~purebred~. I was actually shocked she let her fav cat breathe in the fumes even though it was outside.

No. 585647

I'm glad i wasn't the only one pissed off by that. She was outside, but that cat was by the cabinet the ENTIRE time and unable to leave the carriage . it's beyond irresponsible for a pet owner to do that.

No. 585648

From what we’ve seen of her acting like a child/fodder (the baby talk for every thing), jumping up and pointing before running into the precure store, some of her lookbook outfits looking like age play, denfending ddlg and saying “why can’t WE” and saying that she likes kids things in adult situations should I add that to the family friendly folder? Or would that be too speculative?

No. 585651

Sorrybfor samefagging but goddamn it Jillian. Those fumes aren’t good for anyone what’s wrong with her?? For him being the cat that saved her life you would think that she would be extra protective of him. She’s so fucking non-self aware for what not to do and what not to say (whether it be irl or online) that it’s just sad at this point. She’s 20 years old and doesn’t have any common sense/ a filter.

No. 585671

You also have to remember this is the same cat she let choke on the plastic shit and Tinsel backdrop she STILL HAS UP because *~Aesthetic uwu*~

No. 585675

Of course no one in the youtube comments is calling her out for letting her cat sit there and breathe in paint fumes. All of her followers are just as braindead as she is.

No. 585691

I know that she would be devastated but if Neko died or dies one day because of her ignorance then it’s on her.

No. 585706

File: 1526522161352.jpg (24.67 KB, 315x564, shoes.JPG)

did anyone notice that she keeps all her expensive shoes in the garage lol

No. 585752

Duh anon, they're all covered in that red PEI dirt

No. 585890

Actually what happened to the fat goth girl that once transformed her into a Jill-goth??

No. 585893

>unable to leave the carriage
Was he strapped in? No. He could leave if he wanted to.

No. 585894

Funny, it’s almost as if a cat is unaware that pain fumes are harmful

No. 585903

That was Kenzie. As seen in this thread, Jill has ditched Kenzie for Wendy and Jenny. Kenzie might of left with Tracey due to the Tracey/Jill drama, or she just got sick of Jill

No. 585931

She just put some pillows in front of the ends as if that's enough to stop a cat from chomping on them.

Not whiteknighting but she said in her room tour video that she keeps them there because she wears them the most and it's easier to just have them by the car. Still though… She could wash them every once in a while.

No. 586028

File: 1526561797312.gif (3.65 MB, 400x253, AE307F41-0FA4-48FC-9B30-D1768D…)

So I started watching this in the living room whilst my boyfriend was at home.

> very extra very kawiwi (0:33)

-is that tumblr girl trying to speak Japanese or just retarded?-

No. 586032

Read the thread, no one cares you have a boyfriend

No. 586033

File: 1526562544319.jpg (103.64 KB, 594x878, ss (2018-05-17 at 06.08.59).jp…)

ugh the badly shooped hair color.

No. 586051

first, you need some standards.

second, with her up close shots, it really flaunts what a sloppy paint job she threw on that thing. the legs look shit, too.

her designer diaries are just continuing to get even more lack-lustre.

No. 586058

I know she's trying to aim for this pastel retro aesthetic, but whenever she does 80s themed stuff she just ends up looking like the stereotypical chubby braces girl that gets bullied in old high school movies, it really doesn't work well for her.

No. 586071

I mean I like her skates, they're pretty cute. If she styled her hair so it wouldn't show off her dough face and stopped the cake makeup that makes her look 50, then maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Or maybe if she got better props, she's just slumping on a kiddie stool.

No. 586088

I think even just putting on one of those pink paits of 60s glasses she owns so many of would make it work better? It would make her look like more of a character, like she actually has the brain capacity to think of a concept and execute it well.

No. 586090

I don't understand why she didn't just paint the legs with a brush? The spray paint was not opaque at all. It looked just as bad as her old closet doors with the pink glitter.

No. 586093

Yeah, this.
The concept could be cute but whenever Jill does a 'photoshoot' it's the absolute bare minimum, just setting up a couple balloons in her mom's studio and then badly photoshopping the background.

I wish she would actually bother putting more thought and effort into those, her posing in this picture is absolute shit and just makes her look hammier than she is.

No. 586097

The only thing 80’s about this are the skates, come on Jill you can do better then this with what you have

No. 586105

Some dark disco lighting would make this photo better as well imo. Make a scene, Jill, you're not good enough to just be there on your own kek

No. 586121

This is one of the main reasons why I can't stand her. She has the money, time, and the resources to do it right, but her laziness and lack of creativity prevent her from doing something that would be a lot of fun if she just fucking tried.

No. 586136

She should have made the background a different color bc it looks like her torso is fading away in the background like a green screen. At least she’s doing her hair how we like it recently it but her “frizzy” hair would’ve looked like a perm here. Either that or teasing and hairspray. Or both. I think that her abstract paint shirt (blue, purple, yellow pink) and pink tulle skirt would have been perfect for this.

No. 586265

chances are people have commented on it but she deleted those comments. she has a tendency to delte comments that point out her faults

her face looks like she's 80
seriously wtf, this would be mildly decent if she cropped out her face

No. 586299

Wow! That's an actual improvement! But her eyes still look old

No. 586311

Google doc anon here to say that everything is compiled into the doc!
The last things I added was Jillian acting bilingual, endangering her favorite cat (again), and thinking that kink groups are ok. I’m going to make the folder names more precise so it’s easier to find things.

No. 586370

Maybe post the link again so people don't have to rummage? And to put it in the next summary.

No. 586372

The hair makes her look so, so much younger
That bun/glasses combo she always has just makes her look old

No. 586376

No. 586388

Her face still isn't the best, especially not since she tries to have extravagant hair/makeup. The only way that can work is if you're already cute and have a good face.
It makes me sad thinking how much better she would look with natural hair and muted makeup. She'd look her age.

No. 586427

Hold on a second. I still have to take the time to censor people’s faces and names because if they’re not Jillian then they don’t need their faces or names shown or mentioned especially if they’re not involved with Jillian anymore. I just don’t want us to get in trouble. Her fans know who everyone is and what everyone looks like.

No. 586490

File: 1526587532416.jpeg (90.23 KB, 593x717, 6F20B749-8371-412C-9B18-7375EE…)

I fixed it

No. 586493

File: 1526587720912.jpg (514.76 KB, 1080x1557, 20180517_170645.jpg)

Megan should run while she's still can

No. 586494

File: 1526587737577.jpg (214.08 KB, 1080x1068, 20180517_170502.jpg)

No. 586495

File: 1526587751952.jpg (385.68 KB, 1080x1680, 20180517_170523.jpg)

No. 586496

>>586493 when is jill going to stop pretending she struggles with eating kek

No. 586500

File: 1526587998941.jpg (601.77 KB, 1080x1633, 20180517_171201.jpg)

She obviously has gotten comfortable with trotting this tale around for the pity points hasn't she?

No. 586505

Also doesn't this contradict her claiming that it was ~Tristan's love~ that cured her eating disorder?

No. 586508

>>586500 but I thought Tristan and Neko were the reason she recovered

No. 586509

>>586500 she is obviously just trying to excuse why she's fat. It's a great defence mechanism, because anyone that calls her weight out is a big meanie that is insensitive to her struggles.

No. 586514

Didn't she say herself that she was never that skinny though? She's documented her life in pictures pretty thoroughly, she never looked underweight to me. Also, I doubt she ever got a diagnosis from a doctor. She most likely started out normal weight and then dropped 10lbs (big woop) to be able to label herself, then lost control and just gorged on everything and purged, labeling herself "bulimic". She's so fake, it's so gross seing her push "honesty and kindness uwuwuwuuwwu~~~~" when she's a lying bitch herself.

No. 586516

I mean, she did date Tristan during ages 15-17 and mentioned that's around when she last relapsed, so I guess it makes sense that she recovered by the end of their relationship. He was a good influence on her for sure, he pushed her to start her blog and youtube channel, and her videos were actually decent with his help at the time.

No. 586518

she saged bitch, its clearly showing that even to normies that might be more aware of alt stuff that jill is extra fuckin retarded

No. 586521

>>586514 it was proven that her self admitted lowest weight didn't even give her a low bmi.

No. 586532

I'm really not trying to wk but your theory completely contradicts the evidence we've seen in other threads. It's confirmed by Jill's mom and old middle school friend that she was hospitalized for ED around 13-14. She was removed from her parent's home and was forced to see a psychiatrist for a period of time, she was diagnosed with ED and anxiety, which she still takes prescription meds for.

In Canada, her school would of likely called child services on the vessey family if they didn't act on her self harm traits, she would be considered a danger to herself, so it makes sense that Louise had her hospitalized and put on meds at a young age.

Anyways, i'm only clearing stuff up because I think Jill does lie and exaggerate the truth about other things, which is clearly documented here. But those experiences in specific did happen so.

No. 586541

to be fair, being hospitalized and diagnosed at that age in canada is as simple as your parents saying you have said issues. it's like walking into a candy store on a free candy promotion, except the doctor is dolling out pills like candy

it's been speculated (and imo more than possible) she (or likely her mom) continually repeated these things (perhaps after doing a google for symptoms, so repeating the stereotypical symptoms as fact in her over-worrying state)

imho from everything that was 'documented' jill wasn't much different from the average emo-ish weirdo teen/pre-teen. everyone here was a 'self harming ed anxiety' thing, it was like what was 'trendy' around her age (this shit takes a while to take hold in canada, so emo/scene-type shit was 'popular' here way later than other places, hitting her age group).

in the end it's just gonna be speculation and those who believe she has those things and those who don't are gonna have to agree to disagree, but both sides have substantial possibility of being correct.

Personally, I don't think her ed/self harm was truly that horrific/whatever and I do think she constantly milks it as the only even possibly near-bad experience that's happened in her life. Funny she doesn't milk her mom having cancer/makes fun of her mom when she brought it up as a struggle, but it makes sense that she's so fucking self centered she'd not be bothered by a family member's problems.

No. 586543

having had, had cancer*

No. 586555

Yeah, I've never heard of a case where a child is forced into ED treatment for being normal weight when there was no binge eating or purging involved, initially. Let's stop armchairing maybe

No. 586569

I agree, not whiteknighting. I know that both the summary that mentions Jill’s ed is really vague and that there’s a lot of threads. Jill is definitely not lying about having a ed.
She posted on Facebook once that she wouldn’t be on for a while because she was going to hospital. In her old DA journals she would mention self harm and throwing up casually. She wasn’t Eugiena Cooney thin but she was 93 pounds. It was/is definitely real. In most recent threads she mentioned still struggling with her bullima, wanting to work out but being afraid that it would become dangerous. I just think that any one who had/has a ed and still struggles with it uses body positivity to justify that gaining weight is ok. I just think that Jill is confused as always and thinks that recovery means eating what she wants without feeling bad about it and not loosing a lot of weight but she probably doesn’t know how to manage it properly because she’s afraid to turn into a full ed again. I think that she probably goes through phases of what helps her with her ed. It used to be Muse and Neko when she was full ana, then it was Tristan. Now it’s body positivity accounts. I’m just confused because she said that she was ana when she was 13 and dating her first gf in their abusive unhealthy power dominated relationship. But she said that her ed started when she was 11. I feel like the only way to find out what really happened is to read her old posts.

No. 586587


yeah, jill exaggerates every single aspect of her life and makes it 5 times bigger than it actually is.

she's the straight's a's girls except no she was an average student. she was totally a lesbian struggling with sexuality except no she had a girlfriend in middle school for like two months and dated men ever since. and she was anorexic except she was barely underweight and when its at 15 or whatever its not as serious as tumblr anons think it is. theres a reason most therapist hesitate before diagnosing people under 18, their bodies and personalities aren't there yet they're just copying whatever. just like her self harming phase that coincidently happened when she started listening to mcr and other emo music. she's a total follower and she is milking this as she does with everything. she was never super skinny and again when you're a teenager its not as harmful as when you're 20+ tbh. anxious bisexual ed anons will whiteknight her all night long though. her life has not been hard like at all.


sage the whiteknight also her old post were written as an emo high schooler i don't think they're the most objective sources. her old post are whiny teenage angst, seriously…

No. 586594

was she 'forced into ED treatment' or was she just hospitalized? you can be hospitalized just for the suspicion of self harming, and it's involuntary at that age if her parents say hospitalize her

I don't know why you're so hard set on defending this. You're free to your opinion of what happened, but it's not that difficult to see why anons think she's exaggerating, something she frequently does

No. 586600

this debate is so trite can we all just not. It happens every couple of threads and nothing new ever gets added.

No. 586602

Thank you, you put into words the opinion I share very well. Again, I think we're all going to have to agree to disagree. I've read all of her past blogs/the past threads and none of it has convinced me she isn't just exaggerating. Likewise, I'm just nothing is going to convince anons defending her she didn't really have those issues.

tbh I think jill has some of the highest amount of WKs on /snow/, and it's gotten a lot higher since the confetti club threads. Not saying people here are fans, just thinking there's a lot of 'ex-fans' who still sway in her favor a little easier than most.

No. 586621

For her height 93lbs is fine
I believe that she was hospitalized for her self harm, but not a ED.

No. 586637

93lbs is underweight unless you're 4 foot 11, and then it's a borderline, barely-any-of-the-population-is-naturally-this-size kind of weight.

Stop being ridiculous. She does some shitty things that we can call her out on but it's quite obvious she was not supposed to be that thin and had eating issues, subclinical or otherwise. This constant discussion is boring, nobody gives a fuck about what you deem ~sick enuff~.

No. 586656

File: 1526594402118.jpeg (662.26 KB, 1242x1767, BCF16B12-6CFF-4770-A008-B796B1…)

So she bought a pair of expensive roller skates that she’s never going to actually use, just because they’re cute.

Price here is in GBP, which means they’re over $100 CAD.

No. 586670

I can't imagine wanting to pay even $20 for these….. puke

that anon who said jill is like the chubby girl who gets bullied in old 80s movies was spot on lmao

No. 586680

>>586637 she's 5' and you need to take her age into account. Children are supposed to have a lower fat percentage than adults.

No. 586691

Umm she’s barely 5’ and and was a young teen. That’s a NORMAL weight for that age and height

No. 586701

She used to do roller derby at some point, for her sake I kinda hope she picks it back up again. It would be good for her to get out of the house and burn off some of that Peeps tea.

No. 586708

She does not possess the self control to lose any weight at all. She's only gonna get bigger as her lifestyle is largely sedentary. Let's hope she starts eating real food and the odd vegetable every once in a while so she doesn't die of diabetes at 32, robbing us of the milk.

No. 586794

Video anon here, listen & please advise! Don't bully me for my ugly voice lmao https://vocaroo.com/i/s0jPDflYgh5U

No. 586797

>>586794 as a britfag, I have no problem with your accent

No. 586801

The accent is charming, and it's completely fine, anon.

No. 586803

>>586797 I feel like nobody will take me seriously if I sound like I'm about to start a fight in Greggs.

No. 586816

Let's not derail, you sound fine.

No. 586848

Why is she just… holding a ring light? Did they have those in 80s roller rinks?

No. 586855

Aw that made laugh, but really anon your voice is cute/fine


No. 586916

File: 1526603765480.jpg (248.73 KB, 2100x1500, pixie.jpg)

newfag here/ long time lurker- I was bored and photoshopped her with "normie" hair and makeup
I didn't realize just how terrible her wrinkles were until trying to fix them, good god you'd think she would splurge a little on skincare considering the amount of shit she orders every day..

No. 586939

There's just no saving her she's a mess

No. 586972

File: 1526608392084.png (13.36 MB, 3438x3438, 5BE5E922-653D-4953-9E09-AFE9DD…)

i tried as well

No. 586976

Good job, anon. God she looks so much better without that hideous wacky grandma lip color.
I never cared for that Lazy Oaf pastel dress but it's crazy how much cuter it looks with nice hair.

No. 586980

Wow, she looks really cute with the dark hair. It's kinda sad that she makes herself look this gross on purpose.

No. 586997

Wow she looks miles better in your edit. Decent hair, cuter brows, and a good skin routine would completely transform her looks and even make her outfits look way better, but knowing Jill she'll just continue spiraling down the abyss of bad self-done dye jobs and days-old makeup sinking into her fine lines.

No. 587030

File: 1526613431115.jpeg (41.73 KB, 473x276, 4A18CFCD-86EE-407B-9C6D-301D14…)

Had this from last thread and missed my chance, throwing in my interpretation

No. 587033

Great job, she looks really great in this edit.
I think even with a platinum blonde/properly colored brow she would look much better

No. 587044

the thing is she needs to have dark hair because even if she looks good with platinum she’ll never take care of it to not let her roots show

No. 587095


I don’t have a problem with your accent. But if your making a video and hoping all of the cuntfetti club members will watch and change their mind about Jill after seeing the truth compiled together, im wondering if they are all just so damn dumb that they “won’t understand” you if it’s not just some “Amerikan” accent.
Maybe I’m wrong. Because then again, they understand Jilly bean and all her baby waybe talky walky.

No. 587112

not gonna lie, the smoothed out voice sounds reeeally lovely, but your full accent is a bit rough with that mic and hurts a little bit

No. 587131

anon I think your accent is super cute, but for the video the "smoothed out" version would be the best bet, it would be a lot clearer and easier to understand. Keep up the good work!

No. 587135

I think that smoothed out would be better so none of her fans will say that they can’t understand what she’s saying.

To make it easier for video editing I’m just making sure that anyone who isn’t Jill has their name and face hidden. It might take a while bc most caps from fb and twitter don’t have the names or icons hidden. Also, the things that Jill has done several times (parading around Colin), (saying that she’s so gay), (complaining about demonetization: do you want me to make those into collages to get the idea across that she mentions it a lot or would that just look shitty?

No. 587147

honestly this photoshop doesn't help if she keeps making those retarded face expressions… not cute…

No. 587326

File: 1526655020406.jpeg (383.52 KB, 1600x1890, 39D9D21B-AF41-4F09-A962-0A8FA7…)

I accidentally made her body a little ana chan but she would look so much better if she paid attention to her makeup and hair more. This is a bad shoop but it was fun lol.

No. 587330

Holy crap! This is depressing… She could look like this. The pouty expression reminds me a little of Anzujaamu, who has the face and body for this style, unlike Jill. This is so sad. Great job.

No. 587441

video anon here, videos coming along nicely. just going through all of her videos (pray for me lol) and getting clips of the stuff in the doc n whatnot

No. 587442

thatd be great dude :)

No. 587463

You guys don't think the video will get taken down for slander or harassment right?

No. 587472

It might. Upload it to a couple places if you're worried.

No. 587474

File: 1526664708653.jpg (591.54 KB, 1080x1440, 20180518_143008.jpg)

Not even an attempt at a humble brag. Just a straight up brag

No. 587476

Oh, thank you. Is there a way to download vids from YouTube because a Confetti Club member uploads Jillian’s livestreams but they’re like two hours long usually a lot of her quotes comes from streams and we need to prove that she said things instead of just having them be quoted bc she might try to take some videos down. I also think that we should put a disclaimer that just because Jillian did all of these things we don’t want her to loose fans (all she has is youtube and she’s going to move into her apartment soon we don’t want her loosing money and losing fans and freaking out because that would be hurting her reputation and career and that would be an actual crime. Personally I think that we’re making this video because Jillian has said so many things to her fans that she has gone against in videos, streams and social media posts. She should be truthful to her fans and either start being herself more or be more careful with what she says. She’s also entitled and I don’t think that she realizes that. Jillian needs to change her ways, be truthful, set a good example and be nicer to the people around her but she doesn’t need to loose fans. Her loosing fans or views isn’t going to change what she’s done all that should happen is Jillian and her fans need to realize that Jillian is a human just like all of us and that she needs to be more responsible with her actions. As long as we’re able to prove the things that she has said on video with showing that it’s true we should be fine. I also think that just simply explaining the story so that it’s neutral and not biased would be good but that’s just me personally. Everything will be need to be truthful for legal reasons and because most of the things said are coming from a anonymous board unless if someone proves that they know Jillian then anyone can go and say that they know Jillian even if they post pictures. Just HOLD OFF ON MAKING THE VIDEO FOR A WHILE so I can delete and edit things that are confirmed. I’m only doing this because Jillian and her parents are very protective of her and I don’t want any fans to think that just because things are from a anonymous board that we’re biased and what we’re saying isn’t true.

No. 587478

Of course she had to include the price. Couldn't just say 2 foot tall 8 pound peep had to include that it was 99$. Stay tacky Jill.

No. 587481

Sorry for samefagging but I am also very worried about that happening just let me make sure that everything that she said in video is shown and that anons who “know her” confirmed that they know her. If it’s not confirmed then I’m deleting it bc we can’t have any non-proven info.

No. 587489

Why aren't people sending her stuff she needs? Like towels and cleaning supplies for her new ~townhouse~. This is gonna collect dust and grime on her disgusting couch.

No. 587508

That thing just looks like a blob of yellow shit. Jill is never going to declutter and end up suffocating from her plastic and polyester hoard.

No. 587520

Confirming is gonna be difficult, since those anons were very hesitant to reveal too much, or anything at all. There's plenty of milk with proof in these threads. Stick with that for now.

No. 587560

What we can do instead is make a video for Jillian to see only. We can use screenshots of things that she’s said and done and use video and ask her to change her ways nicely and to be truthful with her fanbase. Other than legal issues, if she hears that someone made a call out video she might not even bother to watch it and she might loose fans and views which she needs because youtube is her only job and I don’t want to ruin her livelihood. It we’ nice and logical and tell her that the video is for her only then say that we don’t mean for it to be drama then I would go along with that.(pure autism)

No. 587573

I still can't believe Jill had an ed. She looks like she's recovered and then some. Also yikes @ the girl in this pic, that's a look into the future Jill.

No. 587620

>>587560 jill is too arrogant and conceited to ever change her ways anon

No. 587636

As far as legal issues are concerned, we shouldn't have any issues. As long as the video has evidence, that's enough to for it to not be slander. If anon is worried, I can either post more info on the tort (which will ruin the thread) or I can post my throw away email account?

No. 587641

File: 1526672596846.png (100.68 KB, 720x667, 20180518_204310.png)

She's never going to cope at college

No. 587659

Does she think she's controlling the weather?

God bless this Anon.

No. 587667

File: 1526673252919.jpg (71.06 KB, 840x466, MV5BY2IxY2I5ZDItZDk5My00NTRiLW…)

Her fans and ripped off idols coordinate better than she does. Her bright yellow hair and tiedye rainbow is not pleasant. If you're going to use color don't saturate it with pastel and white makeup. She isn't going to do well in college, experts teaching will not accept her assignments and portfolio.

I am an artist in school/media marketing. This won't go down well for her. Unfortunately she doesn't realize it. I hope feedback will help her imrpove but it's almost hopeless with Jill's wardrobe.

No. 587678

Double post and powerleveling a little here.

Also she doesn't have piss hair anymore, what are you talking about? She hasn't improved, but she hasn't had yellow hair in a while.

No. 587684

First time I've heard someone describe the weather as "cute". Also, Sleeping all day is in no way healthy for any part of your health, mental or physical? Why is she pushing this lifestyle on her 15yr old fans?

No. 587686


Lol nobody with that much stuff is eco-friendly. You can't buy one sustainable thing then turn around and hoarde 500 pieces of outsourced plastic clothing.

Jill supports capitalism and capitalizes off her celebrity status just like every other fashionista.

Practice what you preach.

No. 587692


I have only seen photos of her yellow and rainbow hair recently. Jill also dyes often so it's not all that new.

No. 587706


90s fashion. A lot of kawaii fashionistas go for vintage. Still looks bad.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 587755

Don’t worry, even if legal issues weren’t a problem Jillian could still loose a lot of followers and views if we post the video. I don’t hate her, and don’t want her livelihood ruined. We know how bad her mental illness so I’m only going to compile the things for her. Put in things from streams and videos too

No. 587770

>>587755 I just don't think Jill will be receptive to it, as she never takes responsibility for anything. Remember her victim mentality talking about those meanies that made her quit acting? She'll take it as a personal attack, rather than anything constructive, and then be extra defensive.

No. 587781

Look at BeautySleuth /BeautyTruthSleuth's videos on Youtube and note the disclaimer at start. Head up opinion with "these are fan's opinions" and back anything else with receipts. As long as things are either screencaps/clips of real things (don't use more than 10 seconds of any specific source in a row) and if they are opinions it is clearly labelled as such they should be ok.

You can also do "reaction" video with a voiceover or opinion of the video-maker in text on the screen to make it clearly an opinion+receipts and not lies/slander. Slander is something posited as truth which is false and harmful to the person's life. Opinions are not slander as long as they are headed up as such, amd using small segments of other people's content is allowed under fair use+criticism.

Whoever is making the video just needs to look up the definitions and put a disclaimer in the video start and in the description.

No. 587790

File: 1526676222599.png (155.56 KB, 720x399, wp_ss_20180518_0010 (2).png)

BeautySleuths disclaimers for reference (1)

No. 587791

File: 1526676247214.png (196.92 KB, 720x472, wp_ss_20180518_0009 (2).png)

No. 587802

Honestly lol @ everyone in here serious saying she's dependant on YouTube for her livelihood. It's not like she'd starve and lose her home if she lost fans and viewers on youtube, just less excess money for her ugly clothes and peeps tea. Plus we all know this video likely won't make her lose most subscribers anyways.

No. 587803

>wish one of them would come in here and spill tea

Your wish has already been granted, multiple times. Y'all just haven't guessed.

No. 587806

bitch watched lilo and stitch and took 'pudge controls the weather' too personally damn

No. 587812

Someone needs to start regularly rehosting her videos. I'd do it myself like some anons have done before, but I don't know how. We shouldn't be giving her views or adsence.

No. 587899

This, like she’s not the starving artist that she portrays herself to be, she’s a spoilt rich kid who doesn’t NEED to pay for anything important, I doubt she’s ever put her own money into anything to do with her livelihood honestly (unless you count the over priced home good lmao)

Plus it’s not like the video will force fans to leave, it took me finding lolcow and reading about her to realise how unpleasant she is, this is just a way of putting the lolcow info into a way that’s actually approachable (rather than 30,000 posts to read through)

No. 587900

then use adblock

No. 587902

Adblock doesn't make your view not register, it just blocks ads.

No. 587936

File: 1526688776422.jpg (895.88 KB, 1080x1711, 20180518_211150.jpg)

Wtf is this wig and why is she using a selfie as a PSA??? Ew

No. 587956

Jeez, as much as this is better than her weird dye job, that hairline is not flattering her at all.

No. 587961

>>587936 at least her clothing isn't a pastel vomit mess

No. 587989

She looks way better.
But she still should stop with the stupid expressions

No. 587994


oh god, she knows her hairdye turned out like shit didn't she? she had an even yellow haircolor, she could have put a cute color on top of it and she ended up ruining with four bad ones. she must be regretting it already considering she's already wearing a wig lmao. not even a month has passed

she had rainbow hair but started wearing that awful yellow wig because she said she wanted to start having "more mature hair" and then went for that piss yellow hair dye. then she went back to "i don't want boring hair!" and dyed it four shades of tumblr… aaand now she's back to wigs. she HATES it.

No. 587997

Question: Now that Jill's going to (community) college and moving out do you guys think her parents will start making her take more responsibility with her finances?

No. 588007

Omg what ever happened to not owning black uwu?!?

No. 588011

its like a cheap pastel version of natalia natchan

No. 588019

I feel like she's using that selfie for that post as a way of showing her "going out partying" outfit.

No. 588068


No. 588069

that's an alaska thunderfuck tee from hot topic. i see her "i love drag!" phase is still going

No. 588084

The bragging is so disgusting

No. 588142

>>587936 How can she look so smug with her sideburns sticking out of the wig like that

No. 588151

i'll paypal jill 10k to leave alaska alone

No. 588152

Hey Jill, I thought you didn't wear black?

No. 588177

kinda normal, once you completely fucked up your relationship with food its very difficult to get a healthy relationship back.

No. 588202

really jill?? so you're a THIEF now?? give kelly eden her wig back immediately

No. 588260

Did she ever say THANK YOU to the donator?
I noticed that with her, she can never say thank you, spiled b*tch ffs

No. 588263

OMG this looks like one of the quick photoshop attempts from a couple posts above I'm crying lmao
but tbh from afar it looks refreshing to not see her in screaming pink/yellow/rainby vomit

No. 588293

Once an ed always an ed. That's also why I feel like Jill's was really not that bad.

But please let's put an end to this debate. There's nothing to add.

No. 588329

The way she purposely put those huge cheap fuck-ugly berets on the sides exposing her greasy ass sideburns… WHY does she need to show off her entire full moon face and blown out goblin ears? It's so off-putting.

No. 588407

why doesn't she just… go back to work?

No. 588411

"Im so happy that youtube supports me uwu I'll never have to work for anyone but me ever again uwu"

No. 588415

File: 1526743605721.png (387.9 KB, 720x752, 20180519_162300.png)

>>588407 this video is going to produce so much milk

No. 588417

File: 1526743694321.png (438.04 KB, 713x1210, 20180519_162815.png)

No. 588418

File: 1526743847382.png (399.42 KB, 720x827, 20180519_163054.png)

No. 588422

File: 1526744393154.png (90.31 KB, 360x437, 44.png)

I feel physically sick, she's an entitled brat and she doesn't need this money

No. 588427

"i had the scary stereotypical skin and bones body"
"as a curvier healthier-sized girl"
Jill r u sure about that

No. 588435

File: 1526745317159.png (303.68 KB, 720x1228, 20180519_165523.png)

No. 588443

She can barely keep up with her youtube schedule. How the hell is she going to keep up with the patreon exclusive things

No. 588444

Get a fucking job, Jill. Plenty of people work 40+hours and do YouTube or other side business. She expects people to help pay for her peeps and lazy oaf. Fuck off with this. It's incredibly sad we live in a world where people like Jill with zero skills or creativity can actually get free money and gifts to support her shallow stupid basement dweller lifestyle.

No. 588449

She's not even an artist. Someone who lives off of something creative can get away with having a pateron and a youtube channel/social media presence, but she can't even shit out a video a week. She doesn't do anything creative, she's not an artist, she's not an interesting or good likable person, she's just a spoiled brat who gets attention from lying to her underage audience and looking ugly. This is literally nauseating to me. People work so hard for so little but she does jack shit and gets paid for it. I hope her parents and fans disown her and she gets to feel the sting of adult life with minimum wage.

No. 588453


Patreon is meant to be for people whose jobs are keeping them from being able to do a regular job. Like cosplayers who spend 60 hours a week crafting, artists who spend all their time painting, musicians making music and releasing it for free, etc. People whose work takes effort and is worth supporting so that they can continue to do that work at a decent pace without needing a job to support them.

Having a job would not stop Jill's content from being made. In fact, I'm pretty sure she posted more regularly when she's had jobs.

No. 588458

Answer: No, of course not

No. 588467

File: 1526747825082.png (17.49 KB, 220x282, Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 1.35…)

Now up to $380/month. If that's USD, that's about $500 CAD.

No. 588475

she makes what i make in a month without doing jack shit. and she just put this video up today, too.


No. 588479

This is one of the most despicable things she's ever done. All the comments on the announcement video are supportive, too. I guess birds of a feather flock together… All rich brats with mommy and daddy's pocket money. I hope she does something moronic to even out the karma.

No. 588482

Fingers crossed everyone is just pledging 1 month to get the letter reward and next month it’ll vanish lmao

No. 588487

I’m cackling at the wks last thread who were defending her rich girl entitlement. Not only does she get mommy money and YouTube money, she’s now getting patron money and she’s going to blow it all on bullshit. Does that not grind your gears that a girl who doesn’t have to pay for a car or pay for anything that goes wrong with it, is getting her own town home before age 21, and doesn’t pay rent sets up a patreon because she’s “broke”? Before anyone says we don’t know her situation, we do. Her mom posts about helping Jill pretty regularly and Jill is constantly posting how much she spends on nonsense. Smh the more popular she gets the more people will see how ridiculous she is and she’ll openly be called out for her bullshit. The milk will be delicious

No. 588489

File: 1526749507156.png (33.67 KB, 998x155, Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 11.5…)

"YouTubers gotta be able to eat to make content"

She is moving straight from her parents house to a town house.. with two bedrooms..
this is so fucking gross.
You don't just get a patreon because you make youtube videos my god. I can't help but replay 8:54 where she says hey do you wanna give me money?! with that disgusting face. The fact that she's pushing this whole "oh I don't wanna seem like I'm pushing my subscribies to give me money" the whole video, and not including diddly squat about WHAT THE MONEY IS GOING TOWARDS just screams it's going towards her peeps collection. She has no aim to improve her videos.

No. 588496

File: 1526750296966.png (377.15 KB, 750x1334, FB4D4661-0425-4B83-8B25-116731…)

And just like that, she’s getting almost $500 a month…

No. 588500

i'd be mad about the patreon thing if it actually mattered anymore. everyone uses patreon like this now. despite the fact that it's not meant to be a huge source of personal income, 50% or more of the people who use it, think of it that way. like all the costhots and shit who use it like their personal ATM while putting out garbage content. or youtubers who simply pricegate videos for a few weeks and then don't show an increase in quality or anything.

No. 588513

I'm consoling myself with the fact that she'll now have to write, decorate and send out 50+ handwritten letters every month, I'm not sure how she planned to manage all these rewards that she promised

No. 588517

anyone else notice that jill doesnt follow maggie on her spam? i wanted to find maggies account so i went on jills spam, but she has never tagged maggie ever, despite tagging other friends, and i checked her "following" list and shes not there, but maggies following her. hm…

No. 588520

File: 1526751711877.jpg (35.32 KB, 823x318, ehh.JPG)


uhm … what??


We all know that this will be too much work for Jill so will either say that her mental illness is preventing her to do it or pulling a moo and promise it and delay it for so long that people will forget about it lol

No. 588521

She set the handwritten letter tier to a 20 person limit

No. 588532

She's gotten almost another 100$ in under an hour. She's gonna hit 1K before today's over.

No. 588538

File: 1526752811913.png (581.11 KB, 777x866, aprettierpixie.png)

well. this was a good challenge for my photoshop skills.

No. 588541

It says out of 60 though and 54 people have done it so far.

No. 588543

She keeps bumping up the limit. I guess she's realizing it's an easier way to get higher paying patrons.

No. 588547

Damn, she changed it since I last checked.

No. 588548

We all know Pixie is a lazy dumb bitch but tbh writing 60 cards a month and including stickers is nothing. That probably doesn't even equate to a full day's work at most jobs, and she's getting damn near $600 to do it.

If she can't do this then she's truly a worthless cow.

No. 588551

>>588548 but remember she was whining about how packaging 100 pins was too much work. She has no work ethic.

No. 588554

Pathetic, isn't it?
Oh well, at least it'll be good milk if she's late or doesn't do them.
All of her spergy fans would be sent in an emotional downward spiral if they didn't get their loonie's worth of stickers with Jill's chicken scratch about what she bought this month.

No. 588558

File: 1526753940774.png (447.01 KB, 720x1243, 20180519_191854.png)

No. 588559

This is so gross and depressing. I hope something horrible happens to her now. She's the most horrible person.

No. 588567

File: 1526754376082.jpg (33.85 KB, 465x312, DdCuLx-XcAAhEdH.jpg)


>be a rich brat

>have never struggled financially
>spend parents money on useless overpriced clothes and shoes all day
>still has the balls to e-beg for more money

No. 588570

File: 1526754428418.png (362.76 KB, 720x1214, 20180519_192700.png)

Everytime I refresh, it goes up

No. 588580

It's obviously pretty trashy for her to be begging for money while she's rich. But why are Pixie's fans stupid enough to donate to her? Kids probably shouldn't be spending their money freely online for this reason.

No. 588605

Because she keeps claiming to be a broke ~starving artist~ who just happens to be able to afford countless hauls and moving into a farmhouse alone at the age of 20. They're all delusional idiots who will buy into anything.

No. 588615

File: 1526756864306.png (178.12 KB, 1870x754, Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 20.0…)

I used to just dislike her but now I honestly hate her. She has and WILL NEVER have a fucking sleepless night worrying about money.

So many people don't have enough money to have more than one room or to eat every day, and this cunt has the nerve to talk about being so anxious about supporting herself when she is getting an ENTIRE HOUSE TO HERSELF.

She makes me want to vomit, she has no idea how other people live.

No. 588634

I can't wait till she moves, she's gonna buy and hoard SO much crap with this money and that's the only funny thing about this. She's disgusting and I'm living for her nasty hoard in her townhouse where there's no one to restrain her.

No. 588639

she didnt tell them not to send it at any point

No. 588642

File: 1526758773016.png (105.57 KB, 2123x361, Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 20.3…)

"please don't name him peepus Christ. It's disrespectful to a lot of people."
Really though

No. 588643

Peepus Christ is actually a funny name.

No. 588644

File: 1526758848766.png (376.54 KB, 720x630, 20180519_204036.png)

No. 588648

I want more people to cry about how it's offensive so she goes on Twitter to make a shitty public apology about it as per usual

No. 588665


This does not need a nine minute video lmao

No. 588676

Jill, I hope you wake up one day and realize how pathetic you've become.

No. 588679

I guess I'd lose sleep wondering when I can buy my next magical girl toy or lazy oaf haul if I were Jillybean. It sounds like a truly hard time to have to put the small babby beginner sewing ultimate Precure peeps queen through uwu

No. 588684

What a pos.
~uwu guyz help me i can't sleep at night because I'm scared of not being rich forever~

No. 588690

Her fans are seriously stupid if they can't realize she's not struggling.

No. 588704

Neither did she went that person in her stream, wanted to send her a wand. Spoiled brat, has no shame. Imagine being that entitled.

No. 588710

File: 1526762939233.jpeg (116.5 KB, 640x1129, 48CCB80F-F501-4778-A952-B61AEC…)

Funny that you bring up Maggie’s Insta anon. She had an Instagram story of her hanging out with Jill and John (which is why Jill posted wearing that ombré black to lavender wig

No. 588714

File: 1526763036536.png (1.33 MB, 640x1136, 83C8630E-A49E-4CF7-9CBE-1AD201…)

Also more evidence to fuel the speculation that Maggie and Jill could be dating/are going to ask each other out soon

No. 588726

"I feel emotionally, financially and like physically prepared to move to my new home now" (because of Giant Peep and just starting the patreon)

MORE than half her content is literally her unboxing stuff, talking/bragging about money and not feeling 100% okay and now she can't do something because of it. There's literally more promo than actual content. She used to look and film much better videos and I don't even get it anymore. Like she's barely pumping content now, she's kawai.i leader even though she barely talked about it or cared unless she was getting more things, and she thinks she's going to do all these things and patreon rewards when she actually starts school?!? Where is the logic Jill??
Most of these patreons are interaction STARVED and just trying to get her attention. So many have tried to get it thorough her own group and twitter, but no, now they know that they just have to throw money and huge gifts at her. This is the worst I've ever seen Jill in years.

No. 588727

I watched the video twice to be sure, how the fuck does she not even say thank you once to the girl!?
Talks about how undeserving she is of it and how she didn't "ask" for it but never thanks the girl. Its the least she could do.

No. 588730

Samefagging but she's up to $733 now.

I guess she's high enough now for it to not matter but she's also supporting three other people on patreon, isn't that a little counter productive?
More over… she stopped livestreaming weekly and stuff like that so basically she's trying to get people to pay for content that was already available, BUT ALSO she isn't even promising quality/more content, just BHTS and interaction.

No. 588731


No. 588737

No one cares

No. 588741

It's okay anon, you'll pass high school English soon.

Back on topic, Jill says she'll be doing a Patreon-only stream to $5 or above Patreon supporters. Do you guys think this is just a link given out to a particular stream or will someone here have to pay to get access to them? How will she make them accessible to only a certain crowd?

No. 588742

I can't fathom how she's gonna make stream that's worth $5? What's going to be special about it.

Also not all anons are native English speakers but let's not dive into that.

No. 588747

I believe Patreon has streaming on their app. If anyone here wants access to them they have to pay the $5.

No. 588753

what font is that picture?

No. 588755


what font do they use in this picture?(learn to integrate)

No. 588800

File: 1526772583673.png (3.85 MB, 750x1334, 49E84A5C-B3CC-4B53-BFBC-D8429F…)

which one of us is running this absolutely amazing instagram

No. 588827

I almost used to defend Jill as being harmless typical spoiled middle class but this is just shameless and disgusting. I am not bothered by her spending when it comes from her YouTube ad revenue or her family, but begging fans for money when she is getting an entire townhouse to herself and going on countless expensive shopping trips and having the nerve to say she has sleepless nights over money is just the worst.

As far as self awareness goes, this is so much worse than her infamous lolita video.

No. 588828

Crop your screenshot, anon, we can see your instagram pic.

No. 588839

File: 1526774466549.jpg (58.11 KB, 674x370, ba.jpg)

No. 588842

She looks like an icelandic weightlifter here yikes… She needs to be more aware of her brand and what she's going for…

No. 588849

it took me a solid minute to tell who was who in this, yikes

No. 588857

This sounds like she's trying to take a page from Philip Defranco's book, or maybe several in fact. I know she's credited him as a source for her research when she first started Youtube as her only job, but it's laughable as he's stated before that to new creators it'd be so much better in the long run to have a second job handy rather than just do YT for sole income. And now she's trying to rope Patreon in, where several creators have recently had problems as well.

No. 588880

Her fucking arms are turning into tubby middle aged woman hammocks. You're supposed to look your best during your 20s, but she's just straight up garbage

No. 588885

New thread picture material.

No. 588888

File: 1526778478559.png (17.22 KB, 234x318, Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.0…)

Officially over $1000CAD/month.

No. 588896

She really shouldn't be wearing no sleeves.

No. 588935

This isn't even including the "donations" people are giving her so they don't get taxed

No. 588974

Make sure we download and save this one farmers. Other than that it will end up lost to the Internet like the LACE video

No. 588975

It's insane that people are so willing to give her so much money.

No. 588983

jesus fucking christ why

No. 589013

Honestly I don’t care

No. 589030

File: 1526788679726.jpg (121.09 KB, 927x808, gold.JPG)

was watching an h3h3 video and the title and suggested video of her begging for money was kinda funny lmao. ill sage cause its kind of stupid

No. 589049

Wow, so here we have a channel with 95% of the content (in the last year) being purely materialistic showing off how much money one is able to spend on crap. Already announced they're going to hire a freakin' house to study for the lousiest design degree imaginable and has the audacity to ask for money? Even more baffling, the fans are actually mindlessly throwing money at them?

I'm almost starting to admire her for being able to pull this shit of. She knows her following is either very young or mentally unstable and she is perfectly okay asking money from them. She could easily get a job working not more than 2 days a week to make some extra cash, but nah, she'll just exploit her fans. As I said, I admire her for being able to get money this easily, but it's just so twisted.

sage obvs

No. 589052

Well, that settled it. Life is unfair. There's people who have to work hard all their lives to earn that much without any help from anyone. Yet she only has to open her hands and everything will be granted to her. She knows no real financial struggle and fakes being poor. I'm guessing this money is just going to be to treat herself more plastic shit instead of investing in something like, I don't know, her well-being like going to a doctor that can watch her weight and health. Mommy and Daddy hand everything to her though.
I'm so disappointed.

No. 589055

It’s almost a shame she isn’t in the lolita community anymore. If she still were and she was pulling the same shit she wouldn’t have nearly as many asspats

No. 589056

Well, at this rate she’s going to actually manage to do something really fucking stupid and maybe become a full fledged cow! Keep at it Jill, I wanna see you as an official member of /pt/!!!!

No. 589125

So I posted >>588857 earlier without watching the video first, and after watching it, it turns out she is exactly taking several pages from PD. I can kinda forgive the fact that she is learning to not rely solely on YT for income, but the way she's brought it up makes her sound really insincere regarding how she's reached the point where she decided on using Patreon. If she's already financially stable with YT, then a Patreon should not be necessary unless she gets hit with more demonetization issues, yet she goes ahead and makes it knowing her fans will back her regardless of what shit she puts out. Never mind the fact that there are grown-ass adults in the CC that would blindy support her, this is fully taking advantage of her younger subscriber base to make a profit. It's disturbing that she's so comfortable doing this among other shit she's already done.

No. 589136

She has proven herself to be a shameless pig many times with how she treats her friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, and fans. Not even shocked tbh. She needs forced therapy.

No. 589149

File: 1526807850293.png (69.18 KB, 283x401, Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 11.1…)


No. 589152

File: 1526808734425.jpg (277.65 KB, 674x370, MoneyItsAGas.jpg)


Jill rn

No. 589153

that hair color looks so much better

No. 589175

"i feel like this a milestone for my channel, you know like, screw the play botton, screw the meet up, screw the magazine cover. to hell with all of it, this giant peep."

right then. great to know what jillian really cares about. nvm the fact that people literally spent money just too meet you.

No. 589177

The fucking peeps bun with the dollar sign eyes, fucking flawless shop anon. Please let this be the next thread pic

No. 589187

File: 1526814900221.png (111.9 KB, 720x782, 20180520_121440.png)

A confetti cunt talking sense

No. 589189

File: 1526815002113.png (70.63 KB, 687x535, 20180520_121637.png)

>>589187 investment?! Her fans are fucking delusional

No. 589191

It would be acceptable if she actually created regular content, or if she was in ANY WAY creative but she doesn't and she's not. She's just selfish and spoiled and only sees her followers as walking dollar signs.

No. 589195

If this isn't the next thread pic….

No. 589197

Underrated post. She looks so much better without that terrible dye job it's ridiculous she continues to do that to herself

No. 589236

Everyone in the cc wants to be a lazy fuck like Jill, can't bite the hand that teaches you how to be efamous for nothing. If they give her money maybe her subscribers will rub off on them.

No. 589275

thanks! yeah, i also thought it would be an improvement to give her less tacky makeup and make her a bit less chubby. she could seriously be a moderately cute girl.

No. 589300

The fact that she's legitimately nervous about how the rest of the CC will be upset with her is just ridiculous. I know Jill's made a remark before that sounds like she wanted the CC to jump on negative commenters before, but to think that people who are honestly worried/confused about what she's doing fear for themselves is really depressing.

No. 589326

This has to be the next thread pic, with a title like Jillian "Moneybags" Vessey or Rich Kid of PEI

No. 589335

>>589152 god bless u anon

No. 589343

File: 1526833815131.png (83.62 KB, 720x829, 20180520_172936.png)

Posted in the confetti club thread too, but her fans are delusional

No. 589360


this dumb ass people deserve to be scammed by lazy oaf Jill.

No. 589377


Wow these people legitimately know nothing about her situation

No. 589444

To be fair, Patreon always have fake backers with scam accounts and payment issues. So it's safe to say that she won't get all of this at least.
Can't wait for her passive aggressive cries when she realizes this and plays the victim card from scammers who stole her 'hard work' before payment goes through.

No. 589447

File: 1526840136140.jpg (17.69 KB, 1035x487, 1526840129137.jpg)

No. 589519

honestly surprised she didnt try to stretch it out to the 10 minute mark to be able to put more ads in it

No. 589581


>you offer content, people pay for it

this made me irrationally angry…what about jill's content is worth paying for? yes, patreon makes sense for people who put in a large amount of time, effort, and creativity into their videos…

but jill's videos consist of what? her ordering stuff online then showing items on camera, with an occasional D.I.Y/tutorial or vlog. that's bare minimal content and there's no reason she can't go to school, work part time, and make videos.

if her fans want to support her lazy and materialistic lifestyle and give her money because they like her then fine, but don't pretend like she's actually creating something decent with her youtube "career"

No. 589641

File: 1526850408056.gif (1.51 MB, 268x268, jill irl.gif)


>>university and NO MONEY


No. 589650


I know this must be a typo but I cackled

No. 589700

>bitch legit is getting more money per month by ebegging then i do working 36 hours per week in retail as a student.

Yes, I'm mad. It really baffles me how no one is calling her out. They really all think she is entitled to this money even though she can absolutely working a part time job, make youtube videos and still probably get an allowance from her mom. It's insane.. She has zero redeeming qualities.

Why does she think it's okay to ask for money on patreon when she has zero to offer in return but more haul videos?

No. 589707

rofl, she is the mayor of her own version of Animal crossing tbh

No. 589709

Same Anon. I'm pretty sure any of us who has worked a day in our lives are mad.
It's crazy how brainwashed her fans are, they seriously don't realize that she doesn't need this.

No. 589742

Can we also add that its not even a super expensive school? And she still wants more money. She sits around all day doing nothing and gets paid almost a grand a month for it. Even if she gets her degree in arts and crafts at that shit 'college' she'll never get a job as a designer and if she somehow some way gets a job she'd be fired in a week. I hate how entitled she is.

No. 589744

File: 1526854749065.jpeg (763.9 KB, 703x947, 7A6DD7F7-0A22-4C7D-868A-BB46EE…)

She’s more like Tom Nook but if he was the mayor.

No. 589749

Honestly saying she has no money for college is a big fat lie. And idk, but it could turn into a real scam.
Not even the editing is worth paying, and she never promised to make better content so she would probably do the same old buying shit and making hauls
True… She isn't paying that much for tuition… With this money + her parents she could be doing better

No. 589762

How much is her tuition per year??

No. 589764


english isn't my first language and i legit had no fucking clue what a townhouse was (they don't even exist where i live tbh). i just saw anons talking about how expensive they were a few threads back and went "okay FUCK townhalls then!" and had no idea that townhalls and townhouses were different things (or what they were exactly…). so close and yet so far lmao, thanks AC.

No. 589766

It’s sad bc it’s all just going to go towards new stuff for her hauls. I’d rather keep my money and buy my own shit, obviously confetti club likes to throw money around like confetti.

No. 589767

It’s ok, it was really cute and funny anon.

No. 589769

3,250 CAD (2,520 USD) per year.

It's not a real college, it's a vocational school.

No. 589771

File: 1526856114510.jpg (69.08 KB, 677x594, 215333_216584611691747_1000002…)

I'm not even mad about this, I'm just… confused? I mean, it's always been kind of confusing how many fans she has. It probably doesn't help I've never been the kind of person who liked e-celebs enough to want to make them anything, yet alone spend significant money on them. But… what the fuck is the appeal of this girl? Like, she's not offering anything? A lot of our cows/flakes I can understand /how/ they have fans, even if I'm not a fan of them, but Jill just doesn't make sense. WHAT. DOES. SHE. OFFER?

Nothing she does is original or interesting, and from what I've seen of the Confetti Club, she's not any 'better' than any of them to be a significant fashion icon/style romodel? She's not good looking, so I try to justify maybe she's 'relateable' to them, like the 'girl next door' thing but with fandoms, but she's not really relateable, either? Her personality is bland/empty, her 'gimmicks' (like babby talk) are just annoying, she only half-parrots random sjw shit every now and then…

I actually can't imagine a /single/ thing to like her for. The only thing I can imagine is /maybe/ it's a sheep-following-the-herd thing and because she now has fans, people think they should like her because other people do? But I can only see that being enough of a reason to click the sub button, not obsess over and send money to her? Like even if it's their parents money, or whatever, wouldn't they want to keep that money and spend it on themselves to be more 'like her' if they're idolizing her? Since all her channel is, is shitty fashion and materialism?

Even someone like tuna slater I can see how she gets donations, because she one-on-one guilts spineless people into giving her all their shit… onion does that 'let me make fun of you so you feel like we're friends' highest donators thing, moomoo's patreons I assume think if they pay for her content they are a step closer to jacking off on her no-ass… but jill doesn't even really interact with her fans? she doesn't have any 'tragic' backstory to pity or offer real support towards people who might relate to that? NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

D-do they donate to her just to say they donate to her so they have some small form of 'glory' amongst the other fans? like it's giving them a tiny platform?

I'm so fucking mind boggled. If it weren't for her original burst with lolita/that whole drama, would she even have fans? Like if some bitch just showed up doing/looking what Jill does now, I can't imagine them getting followers.

No. 589774

Not to mention a lot of what she buys she writes off as business expenses in her taxes

No. 589775

Seriously?? That’s like the cost of two classes for a semester where I go wtf

No. 589776

Thanks anon, it’s so low. Higher quality collages cost way more than that. I wonder how much her whole ass townhouse will cost.

No. 589781

File: 1526856540835.jpg (18.23 KB, 975x515, 1526856532774.jpg)

She finally hit 1k

No. 589784

next thread pic please

so youre telling me i could go an make a patreon just for selling feet pictures and that would be my… career?
oh hunny no patreon is not a career its a way for people whoring out money because theyre desperate and want to milk there dumbass followers. Jillybean will barely make content.
(exclusion of people who use it to actually produce content- not people like nigiri to sell lewds to neckbeards)

sigh if only people understood that shes just gonna use all the money to buy more shit. literal. shit.

No. 589785

This will probably pay her rent, right? Jesus.

No. 589786


>Honestly saying she has no money for college is a big fat lie. And idk, but it could turn into a real scam.

yeah, she's still living off her rich parents. someone could easily make a jill version of this infamous onion moment, except with all the shit jill buys and her "uwu its hard to live as a youtuber" shit.

No. 589792

Her fans must really hate their lives or love spending daddy's money.

No. 589797

She's not going to a proper college because she knows she's gonna drop out and blame depression and have her horde of children support her even though she gave up without even trying. She keeps talking about strong magical girls and how she wants to be more like them, but she never wants to work a day of her life for anything. She's fake through and through.

No. 589821

File: 1526860395586.jpg (75.75 KB, 750x753, DYwyd7vXkAAEK6T.jpg)

Is it bad that I'm seriously hoping this number sinks whenever video anon releases the video and Jill's fan can actually see the shitty side of her and take back their money before payment goes through?

No. 589823

Video anon's video isn't going to do anything. It's fine for them to do, but expecting any sort of result is ridiculous. 99% of people don't care about whether or not Pixie is materialistic and they'll defend her relationships and opinions on things.

No. 589831

Idk about that there are a lot of former fans and confetti club members in these threads. If video anon really captures everything on here I think it could make people aware. Maybe using more sensitive language would help

No. 589847

Video anon / google doc anon chickened out and is no longer doing anything because of “the law” and “it would ruin Jill’s income”. Check the google drive:

No. 589852

Well that sucks, but I understand why anon wouldn't want too then. Thanks for letting me know, should've checked the link before posting.

As another previous fan of hers who stopped being a fan after finding her threads on here and PULL, that's exactly the reason why I hoped for more of her fans to see this side. Not everyone has time to sort through all of her threads to see all the evidence. And people should know where the fuck their money is going to. But, I suppose that's just on them for not looking into it more or continuing to liking her past her shitty behavior.

No. 589854

Yet idubbz content cop is still a thing

No. 589856

People aware of what? That she spends money? Most people don't care. Her fans will say it's her money to spend or it's fine if her parents want to spoil her. Her being a shitty partner? They'll say that all relationships have issues and she's allowed to not be attracted to someone anymore. That she flip flops on ethics? They'll say she does her best and can change her mind and that no one is uwu perfect uwu.

No one will care about this video. I had no idea why it was being made in the first place.

>"the law"

The law can't do shit about someone putting together screencaps of her tweets, instagram posts, and FB statuses lmao.

>"it would ruin Jill’s income"

That's the fucking point.

No. 589861

fuck if i had windows movie maker & didnt work 12 hour shifts almost everyday id fuckin do it but some of us have to work for a living and cant just sit and twiddle their thumbs in a room that looks like a rainbow shit all over it.

No. 589863

People’s opinions on her behaviour that she willingly makes public is not slander in the slightest and there is no legal ground for her to take action even if she actually wanted to.

No. 589875

Exactly! Since video anon wouldn’t have made up anything as it is all compiled of things she’s said and done herself, there is no problem.

No. 589891

tbh, i wouldn't be surprised if jillian has a video where she shoves her stacks of cash into a wood chipper and dances around in the flying debris like a confetti party.

No. 589893

Let's be real. Jill is too damned lazy to find a lawyer and prosecute even if there were a case to be made. Court proceedings are far too adult for her to deal with and I feel like this is one thing she wouldn't tell her personal assistant, Louise, to do for her.

No. 589897

File: 1526868389583.jpg (208.32 KB, 856x671, Untitled92.jpg)

No. 589902

Jill in her final true form. I love whoever made this, you're doing the Lord's work.

No. 589903

No I still am, but I got banned yesterday but I’m not anymore but anyway I’m working on gathering evidence from videos with video but it’s going to take me a while. I really don’t want any of her fans or Jill to be defending herself over something that’s true. (Google Doc) I just locked it bc I still need to go through and erase every single name and hide everyone’s identity expect Jill’s.

No. 589906

Next thread pic please

No. 589943

I don't know what the base of that image is, but it's terrible and it gives Jill the double chin she's destined to have as a full blown adult.

No. 589995

Honestly, I'm impressed she didn't make more tiers and that 10 dollars is the highest. Was expecting her to go to at least 100 with some bullshit.

No. 590021

i know anon is already working on the video but i'm tempted to make an ig account to the description of "what jill spends per month" just to put it in perspective. like adding up the total price of hauls etc and demonstrating that she doesn't need the money at all

No. 590025

jill is going to have the confetti club paying her rent smh

No. 590040

Anything’s anons wanna do like this should go for it. These things aren’t made up, we only use the information Jill gives us/is for the public to see.

No. 590056

Wasn't there an ig before that posted the total cost of every one of her "looks" and it was always in the hundreds of dollars? Where did that go? I remember the prices were outrageous.

No. 590068

im pissing myself, this is like some kind of cryptid. god bless anon

No. 590082

I messaged her on Patreon calling her out and nothing happened(cowtipping)

No. 590084

Please please do, they need to understand that she spends so so much much on utterly nothing

No. 590087

I'm going to make a video on her I already have an account where I make "everything wrong with" videos I'll try to have it done for tomorrow(cowtipping)

No. 590090

Samefag but I can't get the Google drive to work anymore. Has it been removed?

No. 590099

yes PLEASE do this!!

No. 590102

File: 1526896788424.jpeg (772.86 KB, 577x1106, 3A024B4E-3961-4C20-A57C-64702E…)

fuck it I’ll out myself to her, I don’t care what she thinks of me now

No. 590192

Same, I don't get it either anon, what does he fanbase get exactly? She's accessible and tends to respond to most fan comments, so I guess that helps her. But her channel is so boring. I can't even hate watch her videos because I'm just bored through it.

No. 590213

Oops sorry I just hid everything bc Jill interacts with so many ppl in those screen shots but if you do want to use to please take the time to block out any names and faces they don’t deserve to have their identities plastered on the internet.

No. 590214

No. 590226


>Youtube is such an unstable job boohoo plz gimme money

Well Pixie, maybe don't be a lazy fuck with creating content and get a proper schedule going. Or maybe get a regular job on the side to fill those days you're sitting around doing nothing and taking naps. She is so deluded and spoiled. Can't believe she's renting a friggin' house for herself to study for a useless degree and still have the nerve to ask for donations.

You know what she should do if she really needs to save money so badly? Stop. doing. hauls. full. of. useless. crap.

No. 590230

She complains about the algorithm but as someone who's studied and watched it change over the years. It's completely in her favor. She is a small YouTuber starting to get alot more attention and she makes attractive videos (good lighting good camera). So fuck her complaining about that shit. The only reason she doesn't get as many views as she could is because she's a lazy fuck who doesn't want to put the effort in.

No. 590236

holy moly this is actually kinda cute. What changes did you make?

No. 590240

>>590226 remember when she said youtube was more stable than a retail job kek

No. 590274

Tons of the folders are empty still?

No. 590292

in the video where she talks about how ad revenue works, she actually mentions how she NEVER gets demonitized.
seems pretty stable to me tbh

No. 590308

> states YouTube is incredibly unstable
> ignores what was said about always having parents to fall back on

Jill is a fat self absorbed cunt

No. 590321

Everything is still there and link sharing is on.

No. 590329

I honestly feel like Jill is pt material now.

No. 590330

Agreed, imo her latest antics can be considered scamming. She's lying about being poor and struggling with money to get donations despite so much plain view proof of her wasting away her money on dumb shit constantly. I think this qualifies as being a cow since she's causing an impact now instead of just being a retard on her own

No. 590363

Due to the rampant rule breaking in this thread it is now on autosage. We suggest you re-familiarize yourselves with the rules (especially on cowtipping) and we will consider removing autosage in a week provided there is change.

No. 590380

Honestly, thank god. The video idea from multiple anons was stupid and cow tipping. It was never a good idea to begin with. Y'all are going to spoil the milk.

No. 590404

Let's go back to just observing and complaining.

No. 590426

I still like the video idea. Hate me.

No. 590449

I agree with farmhand it's cowtipping and even though I'm usually against threads being autosaged, I think it's reasonable this time.

You can totally be for the video, fuck, you can even go ham and dedicate your life to ruining Jill if you want. But lolcow isn't the place to do it, recruit for it, or discuss it, so it's reasonable to nip this behavior in the bud here and now.

Not to mention a video like this has a high potential of people (especially newfags, which seem to flock to this thread like flies to sugar already) bringing up lolcow, redirecting or pointing to or discovering lolcow… which means an influx of WKs and non-observing newfags, which I've personally witnessed, time and time again, just fucking the lolcow culture/rules over instead of integrating.

So yeah, even though seeing Jill get fucked over would be tastey milk, I'm not on board with manufacturing it here.

No. 590479

File: 1526937429684.png (471.77 KB, 641x798, 20180521_221641.png)

No. 590481

File: 1526937486756.png (502.99 KB, 720x891, 20180521_221815.png)

No. 590483

File: 1526937535250.png (485.53 KB, 668x890, 20180521_221903.png)

No. 590514

File: 1526939667499.jpg (130.82 KB, 550x1030, Snap 2018-05-21 at 22.50.34.jp…)

old pic but found this post about it on tumblr and it gave me a kek
>either or both could be transgender

No. 590552

Does Collin still identify as agender? Anyone know or know his social media

No. 590598


No. He never wanted to it was just forced onto him by jill.

No. 590635

Proof? If that's fucking true it should really be mentioned, no? That is low even for Jill.

No. 590868

File: 1526967230097.png (289.35 KB, 988x641, SmartSelectImage_2018-05-21-23…)

Colin does, in fact, identify as these things. This is their tumblr header.

No. 590968

That's an outright lie lmao why even make that up. It's bad enough that she took advantage of him the way she did.

No. 591172

Is that current and is that even the Collin in question.? There are many Collins in the world

No. 591177

wtf nayrt but yes it’s the right Colin and that’s his current bio??

why are you so paranoid that he doesn’t self-identify as queer?

No. 591179

>>591177 he identified as non binary before Jill aswell

No. 591181

File: 1527010238662.png (678.91 KB, 720x1078, 20180522_183040.png)

No. 591183

File: 1527010357849.jpg (154.75 KB, 1080x1921, 32047363_178975996095397_21424…)

No. 591184

I looked at the thumbnail and actually thought both of them were Jill at first. Jesus.

No. 591185

I don't think it's a coincidence that once Colin came out as NB, Jill dropped Tristan like a brick and claimed she "always loved colin for years uwu" right around the time she was starting party kei / after she dropped lolita and softer j-fash.

She was 100% latching onto him for queer points.

No. 591199

Thats so creepy, shes a literal copy of Jill. Even creepier if they dating

No. 591227

Calm your tits
It’s not wrong to want to check facts before one believes everything that is posted

No. 591229

Her dating herself is still less creepy than her dating someone that looked like her brother. Atleast some anon's saw this coming
"she's best off dating herself"

No. 591238

Is that chick wearing Jill's dress or does she buy the same clothes as Jill? This is like Single White Female irl

No. 591289

Lurk more, I literally found Colin's tumblr via this thread a few installations back. Yes, it is them.

I know we all dislike jill but let's not go making things up when there is literally a plethora of evidence out there when it comes to shitty things she's actually done.

No. 591293

>jill somehow looks good in this only in comparison to other jill

wat the fuck am I looking at

who would want two of this cesspool?

No. 591340

For a good minute, I couldn't tell who Jill was… Scary

No. 591343

I don't understand why people want friends who look and act similarly or just like they do.

No. 591363

sure she still looks bad but there's a huge improvement when doing her eyebrows this way, please realize this Jill lmao the coloured brows have got to go

No. 591465


it literally just looks like she met up with a confetti club fan at the mall, they all fucking look like that lmao. jill your entire fanbase consists of doing makeup and hairstyles like you do, you weirdo. only you could fall in love with a damn skinwalker.

No. 591470

File: 1527032436055.png (281.74 KB, 746x358, Capture.PNG)

No. 591472

i think they switched clothes and she's wearing Jill's dress bc i've never seen Jill in that sweater before

No. 591473

They did, the picture of them both wearing the hearts shirt is because Maggie also buys/wears Lazy Oaf/Dollskill pieces as well. She just buys some different pieces from Jill

No. 591491

I don’t know if it’s just me, but Jill literally makes this sound like a sleepover an 11 year old would have with their friend/s. I’m not trying to say when you’re twenty you’re too old for a sleepover, but Jill just makes it come off as very juvenile. Probably because she never leaves her basement

No. 591668

kind of makes me wonder if she didn't have many friends growing up because of her spoiled/bratty upbringing and as a result missed out those social formative years. would… explain a lot, actually

No. 591676

Idk, it fits in her brand of creepy-ass ageplay/ddlg baby talking bullshit. There's nothing wrong with having a sleepover as an adult, but there's absolutely no need to refer to it as a ~slumby~ and to act like 10 year olds.

No. 591702

How long before Jill starts identifying as a little? Not just speculated, I mean like full blown drinking out of sippy cups, wearing diapers and hanging around an ugly fat man whom she calls her “Daddy” because he’ll buy her all the ugly dollskill clothes and magical girl merch she could ever want.

No. 591830

thanks!! thinned her upper torso/arms a bit, changed her makeup, and hair. i think thats pretty much it tbh. small changes she could realistically make

No. 591857

But anon, ugly fat men aren't kawaii.

No. 591919

Maybe she will get a sugie mommy

No. 592012

sage bc off topic but why does she call her ota-q apparel friend courtney nonbinary / refer to her as they?? afaik she's not..??

No. 592068

Other Jill was selling that top in the Lazy Oaf FB group, and Jill commented asking a question about the length or something, so I'm pretty sure Jill bought it from her

No. 592069

File: 1527098923656.jpg (276.53 KB, 720x934, 2018523_14442430.jpg)

I think it's because that's what Courtney says to. I can't remember or find where she said she was nonbinary if she did, but she does say she/they.

No. 592149


>Ota-Q Apparel

That name..
Oh it's that brand with the badly planned patterns and unpleasing art printed on tissue paper fabric.

Honestly why is Jill even going to this no-future college when she could just follow the same idea and make a store with cheaply produced 'kawaii' clothes at inflated prices. Her following would eat it up and, judging by the patreon, would even pay for the whole production up front. Jill has no qualms outsourcing the production to China as judged by her pins and fast fashion hauls, so she could make a lot of money easily. However, evidently even low effort is still too much effort for her.

No. 592152

I think if she just went to a regular art college and polished up her poor art skills a little she could do shitty t-shirt designs on etsy EASILY. But she's so ~special~ and ~creative~ and she obviously has the natural talent, skill and drive to become a fully fledged tailor uwu !!! She hasn't improved in the 6 years she claims to have been sewing. I don't think she has any idea what she actually could succeed in.

No. 592195

No. 592198

>>592195 let me guess, she has to get rid of everything she no longer fits in kek

No. 592204


she claims she's lost weight, can't say I believe it though

No. 592206

>>592195 i love how her zaful shirt ripped so quickly bc they're trash and yet Jill still collabed with them

No. 592209

More like ZAWFUL.

No. 592212

>>589847 no I didn't. I'm the original video anon who posted the voice clip… None of the posts since then have been me. Sorry

No. 592217

What is that voice she's using at 17:25? It's even more grating than the baby talk.

No. 592221


No. 592225


just from looking at that fat arm on the thumbnail i already know she's lying. maybe taking so many pics with her fat friends is making her think she's skinny

No. 592239

She skipped over most of what she owns and kept like 95% of everything lmao what was the point of this video?

No. 592241


to brag about the expensive shit she has

No. 592263

she pointed out that peepus christ was too offensive for a name to give the peep lel

No. 592271

Noticed that too, she does it again later on at 19:33 and it kinda sounds like she's imitating jenna marbles. Either way it's even worse indeed

No. 592293


yeah thats defs jenna with the nostril flare + mouth contortion as well. luv jenna marbles though, with her its actually funny

No. 592297

Yeah cause its original, and she's a funny adult with an upload schedule who works hard, but with Jill it's just infuriating lol

No. 592298

It's funny because that's Jenna. That's how she talks. Everyone that does the "Jenna Marbles voice" is just copying, and it's never good. Why do so many people do it? It's not even inherently cute or very funny, imo.

No. 592308

I thought she was having a stroke

No. 592314

I was waiting for this shit to happen, but of course our rainbow vomit hoarder just ends up keeping shit she can't fit into anyway. Jill you're getting fat and you need to step away from the peeps and chicken nuggies or you'll end up like the majority of your followers.

No. 592322

i love how everything she is getting rid of is being replaced by a new bigger and more expensive item… so much for cleaning up lol

No. 592331

I doubt Miss One Sewing Project a Year will ever get around to altering those clothes. She might as well have just chucked them.

No. 592353

She should get rid of the outfit she's wearing in the video. I never cared for her weight but her arms look chunky af and that tshirt with a dress on top looks like something a small chubby child would wear to elementary school.

No. 592355

But anon that’s a $200 dress and it’s the only piece of candy stripper merchandise she owns even though she claims it’s one of her favorite brands

No. 592357

The video is literally just her justifying her hoard and showing it off.

No. 592366

After following these threads for a year or so, and seeing all her haul and wardrobe videos, I feel like I know Jill's closet better than my own.

No. 592376

If Jill went full lime green hair for her next color she'll beat out her piss yellow hair in exchange for tennis ball slime.

No. 592379

No. 592380

File: 1527120384327.jpg (94.35 KB, 1080x1080, 13573621_659190467561524_13900…)

She's already done that.

No. 592387

Looks like bad dandruff

No. 592390

Literally like dandruff. I assume that's glitter, but if she was really committed to sticking glitter glue to her scalp, she should've used any color other than white.

No. 592452

File: 1527126776207.png (535.5 KB, 1021x505, Screen shot 2018-05-23 at 8.50…)

The other two girls are cute and have nice wigs while Jill looks like a goblin and has her hair poking out from her shitty cheap wig. She's making such a strained weird expression.

I would guess she's the beginner in the group if I didn't know better.

No. 592596

File: 1527139227775.png (177.05 KB, 1345x1012, IMG_4728.PNG)

No. 592597

File: 1527139243912.png (170.77 KB, 1208x1044, IMG_4730.PNG)

No. 592627

Anon you hate jill too much, all of their wigs look cheap lmao

No. 592645

Nayrt but they both look way better than her and have vaguely appropriate makeup. They don't have their hair sticking out and a demented facial expression.

No. 592667

god why does she keep filling in her eyebrows two different colours

No. 592673

File: 1527153333665.jpg (123.98 KB, 1080x1186, 820147e50082162fa083fd079fcfda…)


like two threads ago we were discussing that skirt and how wore it all the time but stopped wearing it for no reason. some said it was because of the weight gain. so of course, she films a video talking about the skirt

>"i still wear it all the time. it's just… its too short and i don't like it when the wind blows my skirt out"

it's literally not that short, you just have fatter legs and its not comfy.

why can't she try to at least be subtle with this shit, she literally has to respond to our criticisms word for word. hey jill, you post literally all your life in social media, we know you're not "wearing it all the time" while at the same time "but i don't wear it because its too short". you had no issues with that when you were less fat, tf.


i think anon just felt that because jill looks the ugliest out of the bunch, and that's not being a "jill hater". not everyone is a cosplay sperg. complaining about disliking a jill's looks on a jill thread, for fucks sake.

No. 592676

This outfit is so fucking garbage. Shoes that don’t fit her, a LO swimsuit and that skirt ????? not to mention the tacky bow on her head and that garbage fanny pack

No. 592823

File: 1527177395929.gif (4.42 MB, 480x366, giphy.gif)

>Its time to let go
>Literally keeps everything

No. 592858

At this point I'm wondering why Jill isn't renting out a storage unit for all her shit. Or does she like inhaling plastic fumes all the time?

No. 592982

LMAO she lloks like an ugly boy in a wig here

No. 593077

I thought the point of these was to de-clutter but this whole video is just her saying she's either going to keep something or replace it with something brand new that she's planning on buying. All she's doing is showing off her wardrobe and bragging about how expensive everything is. I hope the moving truck she'll hire to move her kawaii chinese landfill over to the townhouse loses all her shit

No. 593082

Ugh this, like she goes on about needing money but instead of selling shit she doesn’t use she’s literally going to go out and buy something virtually identical and more expensive
She’s a walking waste of money

No. 593648

Tbh I can't wait for Jill to accidentally set her townhouse on fire (while cooking cause she doesn't know how) so she has to watch while all her peeps and plastic rainby vomit burnssss to ashes.

No. 593655

I think wishing for a person's home to burn down is going a bit far there. Now, if her shit were to burn down, I don't think much of value would be lost.

No. 593763

you're right, anon, wishing her house would burn down is too mean to the person she's renting it from.

it'd probably be some kind of toxic hazard outside of the regular flames from all the cheap chinese plastic

No. 593802

Jill is hanging out with maggie again. Her cats are on Maggie's story (not really worth screen shotting)

No. 593866

File: 1527283234804.png (448.6 KB, 720x1219, 20180525_221946.png)

>>589781 it has gone up by another 100 bucks

No. 593988

Pinch those nipple clamps harder anon! This bitch is cleaning house with her Patreon!kek

No. 594104

all her clothes are in such bad condition!!!!!

No. 594143

I noticed, she never really looks into the camera for more than 5 seconds, her eyes are constantly jiggly around its so off-putting

No. 594206

File: 1527318779479.png (1.6 MB, 640x1136, 89F9EE2D-6AC5-457C-9F5F-36A83A…)

It seems Jill has two more local friends that are willing to hang out with her. But knowing Jill, they’re probably Maggie’s friends

No. 594271

Are they helping her move or something?

No. 594298

She doesn’t move out until July or August when she’s ready to go to school.

No. 594332


Oh my god I was joking. Seriously calm down kek

No. 594353

Someone ply face swap them
They look ridiculously alike

No. 594468

Can this thread pleeeease come off autosage?

No. 594471

Girl needs to wax/shave her mustache.

No. 594649

File: 1527372291224.png (671.81 KB, 640x1136, AFBA27B9-0A63-446A-A453-09977C…)

Watch as they become part of her new house hoard

No. 594732

Found this video that shows the entire inside building of the school that Jill and her friends are attending in the fall.

It's depressing.

No. 594741

File: 1527380923259.jpeg (413.25 KB, 635x926, 33881CB0-265E-40FD-AACE-26D91C…)

I did one of those “what would your baby look like?” things a few threads ago and this is what they look like when their features are put together.

No. 594764

To be fair, that's only one of the buildings and each class has an average of 8 students. I've been there a few times and it's fine for a college of that size.

No. 595070

the fact that y’all got this thread autosaged with your cowtipping schemes & constantly fantasize that jill lurks here (as if there arent enough confirmed CCers lurking to absorb & repeat what shit gets talked, jill probably hears it by osmosis) makes it look like some of you want her attention as bad as her fans. like how many of you are just spurned confetter keks that turned bitter

No. 595083

Personally, I didn't think that video was a bad idea. I see lots of videos like that floating around YouTube, mostly on beauty gurus but some have been made for people like simply_keanna too. I was under the impression the video would be in that kind of vain.

No. 595137

She's currently streaming

No. 595203

File: 1527441527672.jpg (250.03 KB, 1080x1055, Screenshot_20180527-141653.jpg)

New video & LiveShow recap

✨2new video series
✨ Convention vlog (when the convention comes up and is over)
✨Stuff not listed on Depop yet but will be announced via Twitter
✨ Irregular Choice PR video soon(when the bag arrives she has the shoes) ✨Mail time (P.O. box closing still. If you want to send in stuff she suggests doing it befor the first of July)
✨ Funny states lingo
✨ #PeeforPixie
✨ Wants to do Patron Pins at some point
✨ Lotsa talk about MCR, RPDR, and Lady Gaga
✨ Someone sent her the Sugar Sugar Rune wand
This wasn't everything but it's a pretty concise and to the point recap(don't use emojis)

No. 595219

No. 595241

File: 1527443970871.png (28.99 KB, 720x231, 20180527_185925.png)

>>595219 this made me laugh

No. 595271

I saw the before and was thinking "oh this could be cute!" and then she showed the finished product and… why

also I can't wait for her to literally never wear this

No. 595274

That's a crazy reach? Wanting someone to be exposed as a bad person on an anonymous message board that exists for talking shit about people hardly seems like a long con to get sempai to notice them.

No. 595279

Reminds me of that middle aged woman who has an entire blog dedicated to making huge dresses fit her. She barely makes any modifications, just cuts the bottom and the sleeves and slaps a bow on. She's so lazy, she can't think of any other way to make it cuter.

No. 595287

What was with the weird double voiceover at ~13:45?

No. 595297

~professional youtuber~

No. 595308


It was an attempt at self deprecating humour, it's even addressed in the comments

That aside, the fit is really unflattering and doesn't take advantage of the sort of material she is using, not even hating on it.

No. 595310

wish she had done the double poofy skirt (either both tiers at 14” or one tier slightly longer than the other) and then used the fabric from the sleeves to add a ruffle at the bottom hem, to give the length she wanted

No. 595321

so it is autosaged! i scrolled down looking for it because i suddenly realised how unlikely it would be for jilly to not provide milk long enough for the thread to be buried.

No. 595322

thrift flips that are just making a plus size dress smaller are a pet peeves of mine because 1- it's super easy 2- it's hard to find cute affordable plus size clothes and this bitch just took a dress that would have looked fine on a curvier girl

No. 595325

This. She did absolutely nothing to make it more flattering or fitted. She could have added darts or taken it in at the sides. She really needs to do something about the shoulder/armsceye. But she also loves Lazy Oaf's similarly massively unflattering cuts.

She could have added interfacing to the bow if she wanted it to be less floppy…if she even owns any or knows when to use it.

No. 595334

All the things she could have done with it but she just makes it slightly less baggy and long and ugly as hell. She also never goes to thrift stores so her friend must have wanted her to go. And it's not cute to have your poo pawed, super furry cats roll on everything you own. Honestly.

No. 595365

>Has sewn for 5 years
>This is how I've sewn bows since I was nine

What is the truth?

No. 595375

This video is so annoying. She obviously has no clue what she's doing and that's fine, but not when she has no desire to improve herself. Instead of moaning about being ~uwu~ bad at handsewing she should go "I'm thankful to have the opportunity with this project to improve my handsewing a little bit on this bow" instead she's "I'm going to cut all these corners to avoid handsewing and if I have to I guess I have to." She does realize fashion designers do a lot of handsewing right?

And I don't know why she mentions at the beginning that "This will help others learn how to take in clothing." She hemmed the sleeves, hemmed the skirt, and added a bow to the belt that the dress already had? She didn't take in shit.

Also that rotary cutter is like a baby bottle to her. I don't know why she used it on every single step of her dress making. Probably because she's ruined her fabric scissors by how much she uses them on other things, such as cutting open the cardboard on a stupid 2 foot tall, 8 pound, NINTEY DOLLARS DON'T FORGET MOST IMPORTANTLY IT WAS NINTEY DOLLARS peep.

No. 595381

original video anon, got some sort of intro together after restarting [was given additional info, more added to the doc etc) anyone willing to tell me if its shit or not? never made a video of this type before

No. 595383

Definitely willing to give advice and help you out anon but I think discussing the video progress here is detrimental to this thread, seeing as farmhands consider this cowtipping or whatever, we should find an alternative spot for anons to chat about this

No. 595386

>>595383 oh, sorry! that's fine with me, where though?

No. 595391

“wE sTAn~” god shut up

No. 595411

so she says the correct way and says I could do this buuuuut then does some half assed crap I could do and I haven't sewn since home ec class, she is so lazy like all she does is cut bits off, iron, eyeballing measurements, messy hand sewing she is bad at, at least try not to be a lazy hack Jill, jesus

No. 595433

File: 1527459643932.png (3.56 MB, 1334x750, BF961C1F-DCE1-4228-87FC-4517B9…)

Her bleached roots look so fucking terrible

No. 595444

Hey, I'm sorry to derail/cowtip/be annoying - but is there any way I can get advice on this video? Not sure where to ask.(cowtipping)

No. 595473

So did she bleach over her hair to get this faded look? She got her roots here but couldn't when she originally dyed her hair? So messy. Tbh if her whole head was the color of her roots right now, it would be cute and go with her "kawaii" aesthetic. But she doesn't understand that, clearly.

Can we completely stop the bad video idea? It's dumb, cowtipping, and nothing is actually going to come of it. Video anon is a cow themselves, ugh.

No. 595485

that dark band of barely bleached root kek

No. 595487

LOL thanks! I don't think I'm a cow, but I guess you're the expert? I guess I'll scrap the idea then.

No. 595513


she watches rpdr now and likes bioqueens, its never going to stop. till the faghags steal new gay lingo (they're always two years too slow)


jill directly responds to the criticism that gets thrown in here and her ex friends and ex gf's sister have all posted here to talk shit. how the fuck would she not know about lolcow. don't be dense, that has nothing to do with this being autosaged, check the meta thread.

>hur durr if i disagree with you that means YOU'RE the ones breaking the rules

No. 595516

Cowtipping means interfering with the cow (i.e. Pixie). Just sit back and watch her. Sending her a video full of shit about how much she spends on hauls or how she treats her partners like shit isn't going to do anything. She doesn't care, especially not to hear it from this site.

No. 595524

I don't get why some anons are so invested in trying to cow tip. Get a life we are here to watch Jill fail, not succeed. Then again thats a given

No. 595530

Video anon, stop clogging up this thread with your constant need for validation and attention. Nobody cares about your google doc or “updates”. I was honestly pretty relieved when I thought you weren’t going to do the video. If you want to make one anyway, go ahead, but don’t rally farmers in an effort to cowtip and don’t connect lolcow to what you’re doing. This is not the place, and you’re just going to attract white knights and unnecessary sperging. You’ve literally added nothing of substance to this thread so I would suggest you just stop posting about it altogether.

No. 595532

inb4 video anon is Tracey

No. 595575

THANK you! Like do whatever you want video anon, nobody gives a shit, just stop fucking posting about it here.

I'm also just always so confused as to why Jill picks the worst berets to go with her outfits. She has so many, and in a bunch of different colours, but she always picks the one that doesn't go with her outfit at all?? Why???

No. 595605

nyart but scroll up a few posts where the farm hand literally explains we are in autosage because this cowtipping video rally is breaking the rules, you retard.

thank you. this honestly seems like such an attention-whoring thing for them 'teehee don't make fun of my voice, teehee is it good?' etc

I don't think they're a farmer, probably another confetti club member convert

No. 595645


Nayrt but trying to "expose" Jill instead of just sitting back and watching her here is exactly why this thread is on autosage.
We're on a board dedicated to shit-talking people on the internet, nobody is a saint here. Stop trying to "expose" someone as "a bad person" so you feel better about making fun of them.


It seems like she's becoming less ambitious every day. I almost feel bad for her because I'm sure it's partly to do with her shitty mental health, but what does she expect when she barely leaves the house?

No. 595670

Her shoes seem like they’re too big

No. 595696

I'm not even the video anon, I just don't understand where you're coming from. I don't need to feel better about talking shit about a spoiled and delusional youtuber who has a history of awful behavior and an unstable, impressionable audience. I'm not perfect but I'm not Jill.

I could never really get into her videos because something seemed off that I couldn't put my finger on as I was never really paying attention. Everything that rubbed me the wrong way became super clear when I read these threads. I understand that cowtipping is against the rules, but there's nothing wrong in theory to me about a video that brings to light all her bullshit. It doesn't need to continue to be brought up here or linked to these threads in any way.

No. 595805

I don’t understand why anyone would send Jill the video. It’s just for shits and giggles like every other drama video on YouTube.

There are so many channels that make those type of “everything wrong with” or “exposed” style videos. I don’t get why farmhands are paranoid that it would directly link to lolcow because I’m pretty sure video anons said they were removing all evidence of the threads in the vids anyways. Besides, if you watch drama channels, most of their content is stolen directly from here or pull or any other gossip forum. They just reword everything and filter out obvious links to the sites.

I just don’t see how engaging in these anonymous videos is cow tipping since it’ll never make an impact on Jill. Farmhands were fine when all the videos about simply Kenna started pouring in, posted here and 90% of the evidence in those vids came from lolcow or pull. So whatever, I guess they don’t care about videos so long as it isn’t obviously planned here??

No. 595807

File: 1527506220733.png (55.87 KB, 720x441, 20180528_121708.png)

Imagine how milky this would be

No. 595857

THIS! If you're doing the video just do it without asking for review on every simple detail. Just upload it to youtube and it's gonna be found sooner or later by people who need to see it, if you tag it right. Youtube is full of those 'exposed' videos, it shouldn't be such a big deal. I was excited for the video at first, but now it's just annoying to see any discussion about it.

No. 595869

File: 1527513556321.png (697.48 KB, 910x633, pixie.png)

When Jill was posing with her cat, her face really reminded me of PT.

No. 595919


Well then why do you need to turn it into something about "exposing her as a bad person"? If she rubs anyone else the wrong way they'll find the threads anyway.
A good chunk of anons in this thread almost seem to want to 'punish' Jill or something, and yeah, she sucks, but it's so not worth being mad about some spoiled brat with a sad little basement dwelling life. With no personality or skills, life is going to bite her in the ass harder than anybody here could anyway.

No. 595920


No. 595924


>I don’t get why farmhands are paranoid that it would directly link to lolcow because I’m pretty sure video anons said they were removing all evidence of the threads in the vids anyways.

>jill directly responds to the criticism that gets thrown in here and her ex friends and ex gf's sister have all posted here to talk shit. how the fuck would she not know about lolcow.

>>>>plenty of documented evidence already up on this site that someone from lolcow is planning to make a video

>>>>>how will she know it was lolecalf!???


the difference between talking shit on a gossip board and making an Exposed video on youtube is that one is just a gossip board that jill would have to go out of her way to access (if she takes care of her mental health at all she should stay the fuck away and block this page in her browser), and the other is the platform she broadcasts on.

i’m not one of her fans, and obviously she rubs me the wrong way for me to want to scroll through these threads, but i think it verges on harassment. it isn’t really like simplykenna - it’s not like she’s let her fans harass someone. jill spends money stupidly but literally everyone living at home at her age buys stupid shit online. it’s fun to keep track of for lulz but it’s not callout material.

and don’t fucking greentext me about how she ~used~ her exes, if you’re over the age of 15 or you’ve had more than 2 significant others or maybe any modicum of social interaction irl then you know that most relationships don’t work out. it’s not like she married them, it’s normal to go through a few partners in your teens.

sperging over this shit is gonna spoil the milk, as if it isn’t already spoiling while autosage pushes it further to the back of the fridge. if you want to make a critique of the internet cult hivemind that’s going on in her fanbase then you can do that shit intelligently, but if you really sincerely think that she’s actually done anything seriously harmful you’ve spent too long with your head up this collective groupthink ass, taking people literally at their word when they’re just talking shit on anon.

im gonna have to go kms for this long post practically looking as obsessed with her as some of you are fucking RIP

No. 596010

Anon said she was planning on sending Jill the video in the first place.

No. 596024

Don’t send to Jill. Just post it online with the correct tags and leave it at that. She’ll see it eventually on her own cause all her confetti fans will bring it to her attention by trying to defend it and causing drama on it that can’t be ignored.
Lets stop talking about it now.

No. 596034

File: 1527534443726.png (65.33 KB, 698x503, 20180528_200716.png)

As if Jill would ever admit her true measurements kek

No. 596037

>I have a 20 inch waist

No. 596068

Thank you. Just stop. You’re the reason this thread is on autosage now.

No. 596096

Either she's trying to improve Jill's shit style or she wants to be recognized by the sexy clown goddess

No. 596190

File: 1527546386002.png (669.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180528-232439.png)

Maggie and Jill hung out again

No. 596238

She's the antithesis of cute, young and inspiring.

No. 596261

Maggie's philtrum piercing be looking like a big ass pimple that needs popping. So kawaii uwu

No. 596264

Jill is always in that Bonne Chance Collections dress when she's out, like I'm starting to think this piece is one of the few things that actually fit her now.

No. 596268

ngl those cat eye heart shaped glasses are kinda cute

No. 596361

>~curvier girl~
>tfw jill calls herself a ~curvy marshmallow fluffy gal~ when she’s just chubby and getting fat anyway.

Any girl who calls herself curvy now when so many fat girls use the word is most likely fat. It probably belonged to some old grandmother anyway, which is perfect for jillybean’s look.
Jill looks like she has no neck here as seen in other pics of her

No. 596386

Her hair ever since she started her party-kei thing has been horrible. I lived a town over from Jillian growing up in PEI and when I was younger I thought she was really cool (this was before she even started Youtube), so as creepy as it sounds I used to stalk her FB around 2012. Not sure if the pictures ever got leaked or if they're public knowledge but she used to have kinda cool hair. It was still crazy colours and shit but they were solid and seemed pretty well done. Green, pink, etc. She used to take tumblr hipster aesthetic photos in fields and I really wanted to be like her… now not so much lol.

No. 596392

I don't have to want to "punish" her to think more people should be aware of her shitty behavior before continuing to fund her lifestyle with views and ad revenue. Why are you so intent on demonizing people for wanting information to be out there on a gossip site of all places? If you don't care or see yourself as above all of this, why are you even in this thread?

No. 596464


Because I don't have to have a vendetta against Jill to enjoy the shit she churns out.
Again, if people cared, they'd do their research.

I'm gonna stop with this back and forth now because I'm assuming the thread will be kept on autosage if we keep mentioning the videos.

No. 596547

There's no way these two aren't dating. I know it's still a good chance they're not, but I find it funny that if they are dating, Jill's doing a solid job of showing her more than she did with Alyssa.

No. 596746

It wouldn't have looked good on a fatty either, don't kid yourself anon.

No. 596884

File: 1527617759932.png (447.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180529-191553.png)

No. 596954

same mouth!

No. 596992

Honestly, this hurts my soul to say it but next to this rainbow gonlin, Jill looks actually cute
Even though bith look line they smell and never brush their teeth

No. 596994

I mean “Goblin”

No. 596998

It’s pretty clear Jill shoops herself to look better and leaves her poor friend untouched, hence Jill looking thinner/more attractive when in reality they’re very similar in face shape/body type/etc

No. 596999

>>596998 this was on maggie's story. it's straight from the camera. no editing.

No. 597077

How long til Maggie runs for the hills like how all of Jill's "friends" so far have done?

No. 597281

Whenever she finishes wanting to wear her face id guess

No. 597344

because alyssa probably wasn't ~aesthetic~ enough for her and we all know what jill's real priorities are

No. 597666

No. 597679

Fixed it for you, anon.

No. 597692

File: 1527701004623.png (337.04 KB, 720x804, 20180530_181948.png)

No. 597700

God that Angelic Pretty bag is so gaudy, though that's no surprise since Jill loves it. I don't understand the appeal of bags that just have glitter sit at the bottom

No. 597717

One final post from my annoying ass to set the record straight - I never once said I was going to send the video to Jill, half the posts claiming to be me, are not me. Sorry for starting something so irritating, guys. I've learned my lesson about posting here! Have a good day, everybody, and no video is going to be made from me - I was only ever going to do it if it was actually wanted! Bye!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 597720

>>597679 god Jill is so obnoxious using a metal straw isn't going to detract from the fact that she hoards plastic and her followers are actually praising her for her futile attempt at being eco friendly

No. 597730

File: 1527703431735.png (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1136x640, 71A45AE8-22A8-4035-8273-D6BD89…)


No. 597741

I hope I am hearing things and she didn't say "I ruv it"

No. 597848

Thank you for helping me out with that anon!

No. 597863

Haven't finished it yet but did anyone else actually kind of like her latest video? Of course there were some typical obnoxious Jill-isms, but compared to most if not all of her recent videos I found it a lot more tolerable. And she actually didn't look half bad. Her makeup is still wonky but her hair looks SO much better and the top she's wearing is cute.

No. 597868

Yea same, maybe it was less of a pain because she had natural brows and no neon hair
All in all it was a little more toned down I’d say

No. 597958

"Didn't look half bad" my ass. The grandma bun, weird, unflattering button-up, bright blue eyeshadow, and ten thousand mismatching shades of pink say otherwise.

No. 597959

Is she mispronouncing the word "hostess" as "hostest"? What word were my ears hearing?

No. 597972

Because she never tones and it's always brassy. God damn it.

Inspiration to what? To be a frivolous spender and a shopaholic with no direction in life? Her fans are retarded

No. 598048

I know everyone says this about every cow but Jill legit seems autistic. What’s with all the constant annoying sound effects she makes with her mouth. Drives me insane

No. 598558

File: 1527786080936.jpg (169.79 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1880.JPG)

Does this picture of her really creep anyone else out? Her eyes look dark and soulless. But her hair looks like shit again lol lime is probably her worst color

No. 598567

i liked how it looked in her last video. it was fading out to become an actually normal color. now she looks like shit again.

No. 598585

so which anon said like two days ago that she should dye her hair lime green
now she ironically dyes it
(not saying jill posted calm yourself)

No. 598593

I can't believe I used to think she was cute back in the day, she looks so fuckin weird now

No. 598649

i'm friends with that person. they were on myproana a while back

No. 598664

Okey but who asked you

No. 598669

Did she really dye her hair this colour?? Or is this an old pic, I can´t find anything on her Instagram
anyways, it looks like shit as always

No. 598672

>>598669 it's on her twitter. it's her new hair.

No. 598723

>dye hair with multiple bright colours
>always keep it on greasy cleaning day bun
Why even bother at all

No. 598774

Ugh this looks like fucking garbage. Her hair reminds me of stomach bile. Why can't she just pick one fucking color and do her eyebrows like a normal person? I have no problem with bright hair colors but as long as its all even and properly styled. As previous anon said, SHE FUCKING KEEPS IT IN A BUN 24/7 WHY BOTHER

No. 598854

File: 1527804912996.png (Spoiler Image, 3.35 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_1008.PNG)

I paused at the best and worst moment.

No. 598950

File: 1527812755522.png (450.77 KB, 480x854, 2018-05-31-19-07-11.png)

No. 598955

Is this her attempt at being sexy? Kek

No. 598956

The amount of shooping in this is astounding.

No. 598963

Did Louise have to take that photo??

No. 598985

jill please you're not kelly eden, stop while you're ahead and GIVE THE WIG BACK

No. 598994

Face so blurred can’t even tell it’s her

No. 598996

the wig upsets me.

No. 599005

File: 1527817683915.jpg (156.68 KB, 500x500, gunch.jpg)

Holy fuck, its the gunch

No. 599012

File: 1527818035143.jpg (105.37 KB, 1080x1080, 5a3d8d3318b15219e3e4037746cad7…)

Even the first lime dye job was better than this

No. 599035

Same anon from >>599005
I made this

No. 599041

File: 1527819975377.jpeg (72.15 KB, 750x450, image.jpeg)

Sorry accidentally hit post before I added the pic >>599035

No. 599053


All this shoop and she still looks built like a brick shithouse

No. 599055

tbh I don't even know how she managed to get that angle without fearing for the camera falling in the water but maybe i'm just retarded

all in all, this is better than most of jill's ideas/concepts for photoshoots (probably because it doesn't involve an actual coord) but the execution is iffy as always

No. 599057

File: 1527821278148.png (34.58 KB, 434x275, 2018-05-31-22-41-51-1.png)


Yeah kek Louise up on a ladder and shit

No. 599065

I don't know if it's the swimsuit's fault for pancaking her, but damn that girl got no titty.

No. 599077

File: 1527822403021.png (1.52 MB, 1299x819, Untitled4.png)

Remember when jills hair was clean and neutral colors but still *~quirky~*. At least she started whitening her corncob teeth.

No. 599285

File: 1527838848458.gif (933.74 KB, 500x369, c82.gif)

I just threw up in my mouth.

No. 599322

File: 1527847579560.gif (2.49 MB, 480x268, giphy.gif)

No. 599326

we need to stop glorifying old Jill, she was still a mess

No. 599329

File: 1527848345834.gif (509.41 KB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif)

No. 599441

File: 1527863130695.png (71.87 KB, 716x383, 20180601_152544.png)

>>598950 the caption

No. 599444

File: 1527863199844.png (33.16 KB, 720x267, 20180601_152702.png)

No. 599445

File: 1527863244437.png (48.11 KB, 720x353, 20180601_152748.png)

No. 599449

I wonder what Jill will do once she moves out and her mom can't take pictures of her anymore.
I guess either she'll make her mom come visit for photoshoots or one of her 'friends' will have to do the work for her lol.

No. 599461

Ew, that seems so damn creepy to think about. She really has a weird relationship with her mother.

No. 599493

Tbh I’ve had my mother take photos of me topless for a college project so i dont think it’s that creepy
Still odd though

No. 599513

File: 1527869258673.png (25.46 KB, 720x231, 20180601_170720.png)

Casually doxxing ya pals

No. 599520

Hope the landwhales in the confetti cult don't try to copy her photoshoot and vomit shit about how Pixie is so empowering!!!!111!!!!111

No. 599833

jfc she needs to spend her thousands PS and dental already, not more crap

No. 599841

The sad thing is thinking about how LONG she took to set up this photo, including makeup, wig, decorations, probably a bathbomb, and shooping, only to have this really… strange/creepy result.

No. 599987

Photoganon here. Let me give you a quick rundown of all of the things that are shooped in this (and it's low-res so i can't be 100% sure):
>Bathroom walls/tile shopped pink. They are definitely white as we have seen in several of jill's vids
>bath water shopped blue. It's not a bath bomb, they leave the water more foamy and cloudy. She might have used tub dye but based on the irregular/jagged edges around the water edge, it's shop.
>Jill's jawline, skin, and body contours have all bee heavily edited
>Some weird editing on her wig, I suspect that the color was actually changed in post and that it's not actually a pink wig. Does she even own a pink wig in this style?
>Some of the flowers on the edges of the tub and nearly all of the floating flowers were edited in. You can even tell that some of them are the same flower, just shrunk or rotated.

No. 600008

The color and some of the debris floating reminded me of Lush's Big Blue and I thought she could've just taken out some of the debris before she got in (never used it though but the photo results look similar in color in a white tub and some of the photos don't have bathbomb foam)

No. 600088

she shopped her arms and legs so much thinner… but left her torso? she has a weird apple shaped body now and it looks bad

No. 600089

Maybe she did put in a bathbomb but then photoshoped the water to enhance it.

No. 600099

So she said she hadnt posted the irregular choice toy story collab yet because she was told she would receive a pair of shoes and a bag, but she didnt get the bag… but the other pink youtubers have already done their job and uploaded the video and theres no bag in their prs. hopefully she will post that video this weekend.

I dont know i just have the feeling that she misses so many sponsorships because she has said she doesnt read her emails.

I don't know if you remember when artic fox sent her an email a long time ago and she saw it months later. they just send her the hair dyes. On the other hand lovely lor got the same email, she responded on time, so artic fox not only sent her the colors, but they sponsored her video.

No. 600136

what's with that weird video, and why is it so quiet? i can't make out what she's saying

No. 600146

It must be some kind of accident. At the beginning she says "I don't know how this works, am I live at all?"

No. 600151

File: 1527957247358.png (271.64 KB, 345x391, youre a mean one mr grinch.PNG)

No. 600209

>>600151 she looks just like Maggie here

No. 600273

if she was going to go to all this trouble for a pic, why not get actual flowers instead on crappily shopping them in??? she could get a bouquet or two for less than $20, or buy fakes on sale from michaels

No. 600277

How has this accidental video been up for 3 hours? Drunk Pixie?

No. 600323

>see this pic
>it looks like she's been bawling
>quickly read what I missed in the thread to see the delicious milk, maybe she's finally announcing she had a moment of self awareness and knows her life is a wreck
>nope, wasn't even crying, she's just that fucking ugly and miserable looking

Idky I even hope for such delicious milk

No. 600347

File: 1527972821157.png (1.08 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180602-215324.png)

She's hanging out with maggie again

No. 600413

File: 1527981018159.png (37.49 KB, 574x135, Screen shot 2018-06-02 at 6.13…)

~*Professional Youtuber*~

No. 600420

File: 1527981953999.png (254.11 KB, 750x1334, 3C0680A2-7A62-4FC4-8050-ACA8D8…)

Her followers are nuts ffs not they’re even praising her for 40 sec live

No. 600592

I'm pretty sure the wig is this one >>587936 but shopped pink. Same cut and framing around the face.

No. 600888

File: 1528044531772.png (1.12 MB, 1360x760, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 12.4…)

I don't understand how it doesn't bother her that her hair always looks atrocious

No. 600891

File: 1528044679311.png (722.81 KB, 720x1116, 20180603_175135.png)

No. 600892

No. 600896

Those shoes are absolutely hideous but also, there‘s no way Jill actuall likes those there‘s not a single shade of pink in them

No. 600898


i assume that its because she never gets out of her house, so she has no idea how ridicolous she looks. if she can take a cute pic to photoshop, its all she cares about.

maybe now that she starts college and has to get out of her house every other day, she will realize she looks haggard. like, she has admited that she cannot take when people make fun of her style IRL like at all. and if she starts hanging out with normies and soccer moms at her BS college, someone is bound to make a rude comment about how ugly her haircut is. and we'll get a 5 paragraph rant about bullying. but for now, she has no idea how ugly she actually is because all she has are instagram followers who tell her she's beautiful. IRL someone is bound to disagree

No. 600899

can she stops using french once and for all, don't try to show off with your french when your pronunciation is terrible

No. 600915

File: 1528045755225.png (1.25 MB, 904x598, eww.PNG)

her face hanging into the close up shots always annoys me so much holy fuck

No. 600916

There's no fixing how straight fucking ugly those shoes are, but could she not have, at the very least, worn a pair of socks that don't clash so hideously? Or, like, no socks at all?

I'm glad I'm not wearing my glasses. Jesus.

No. 600925

She sounds out of breath during the shoe try on and it's an awkward voice over. I found that part particularly grating.

No. 600929

These are just going to sit in her room collecting dust

No. 600936

She’s wearing that pink pleated skirt that she said was too short to wear. Her stomach is trying to break free and her tongue makes her look like a snake.

No. 600951

Why in the fuck did she think pairing those shoes with the red/pink fruit themed socks and background worked at all? Even though almost every outfit Jill coordinates is hideous I can at least see what she was going for but this… what the fuck.

No. 600962

She fucking chooses to look like a 55 year old women in her 6th life crisis. This has got to be the ugliest outfit I've seen on Jill. That shirt looks like a tacky 80s bowling shirt that got rejected for years until she picked it up, and those fuzzy caterpillars look so dirty and worn. I cannot wait until someone disagrees on her lewks and she starts bawling about meanies!!!

No. 600979

goddamn it! She's already back to looking awful and acting and speaking obnoxiously. why god, I should have known tho

No. 600980

Holy shit, these are hideous. Even on a convetnionally attractive person, these would be god awful. Wtf is this brand? It's so tacky and of course it's Jill's favourite ~dream PR~. Every shoe design from them is so ugly and screams "this person needs attention" imo.

Don't know what you mean, they don't really look shopped in, anon… Just look like crappy cheap fake ones. They look kind of thrown all over the place, though, without a clear direction. That's Pixie for you.

No. 601002

I knew there was no way she would even try make a full coord with those awful pieces but I still really want to see someone's pathetic attempt to style them kek

No. 601048

Tbh, in irregular choices defense, their whole brand is loud tacky unreasonable shoes. These collabs they do are more for collectors, not for people to actually wear them. There's even an intricate image on the bottom of the shoe so if you would wear it you'd ruin the bottom. A lot of youtubers collect them, GraveyardGirl and TrishaPaytas off the top of my head. Never seen either of them wear the shoes out, though. You haul them and keep them to look at, people with that level of money can do that sort of thing. However, I believe Trish and GyG are exactly on-brand and not overly tacky when they show these in videos. I don't know how Pixie made a fun gimmick shoe look so atrocious.

No. 601052

Which part does she speak french so I know to cover my ears

No. 601058

Tbh this is really funny to me because it's clear that she doesn't give a shit about Toy Story and that she would've never gotten those items for herself lol.
Like even though it's a sponsorship from her ~super favorite brand uwu~ the actual shoes and bag aren't anything she'll ever use, I wouldn't be surprised if she tried selling/including this stuff in a giveaway sooner or later.

No. 601142


At this point I'm convinced IC's entire consumer base is composed of pastel girls with more money than taste like Kelly Eden and Jill and her 'confetti club'. I'm surprised there are enough people like that out there to keep an entire brand afloat.


I feel like they're just going to sit in her room adding to her hoard and collecting dust just like the rainbunny ones she actually paid money for.

No. 601164

can she stops using french once and for all, don't try to show off with your french when your pronunciation is terrible>>601052
3:25 'Qu'est-ce que c'est ?' and 9:35 'Qu'est-ce qui se passe ?'. As a native french speaker my english is far from perfect but i'm not using english words every 2sec when i speak french..

No. 601178

File: 1528059516316.png (978.82 KB, 1132x1080, yikes.png)

No. 601219


Oh Toy Story, sweet lord what have they done to you? This is several steps beyond the fuckery Jeremy Scott has done to some pop culture in his designs, this is just disrespectful.

No. 601307

Watch her double chin become more prominent when she starts college. This is just the beginning lmao.

No. 601497


Their main consumer base is actually middle age 'fun moms' and housewives. so perfect for Jill's aesthetic I guess

No. 601573


Its funny she mentions "loving the tokyo mew mew one"

Didnt she hate that series when she tried to watch it?

No. 601581

File: 1528096743457.jpg (64.71 KB, 700x700, QISc6To.jpg)

Didn't Jill have a rockybilly phase at one point? The shoes would've been cute in an OTT campy way if she actually paired them with kitschy denim and plaid and not neon pink. Like she's still at home and has access to her mom's home studio, right? There was no reason for the promo photos to have that ill-matching strawberry bed sheet if she could've borrowed one of her mom's plain backgrounds or something.

It's an official collaboration with Disney. I think they were well aware of Irregular Choice's design philosophy before allowing them to use their intellectual property.

Wow, you weren't kidding about fucking up the bottom of the shoes if people actually wore them out.

No. 601598

disrespectful to a children's movie, oh no whatever will we do

No. 601599

I notice that as of late she seems to be more showy about thanking people for shit. Maybe tinfoil but it seems like it started around after she was called out for her peeps video where she never thanked the girl who sent it.

No. 601672

File: 1528118085129.png (195.81 KB, 498x388, Capture.PNG)

New thing for Jillian to waste her money on?

No. 601685

Maybe she read the manga? Jill rarely seems to talk about manga though, just anime. It's probably another case like her obsessing over CCS merch right after saying she didn't like it enough to finish watching it. For her it's more about the idea of magical girls than actually enjoying them outside of Precure.

No. 601712

She doesn't own or read any actual manga. She might have the first few volumes of the sailor moon reprint because even casual/normie fans often own them.

I've noticed that Jill doesn't collect anything that is actually content-related i.e manga, art books, DVD/Blu-ray/old VHS, OST releases etc. Most anime fans have a bookshelf or two full of different series. If you're a "superfan" (as jill calls herself) then it's not unusual to collect the original japanese releases and the re-releases or reboots.

I'm definitely not saying that Jill needs to spend or hoard anymore than she already does. I just find it interesting that she'll spend thousands on wands, props, stickers etc on shows she's admitted to barely watching or enjoying. She'll even get a tattoo of CCS despite saying she couldn't finish the show due to filler. But she's never once invested in the ACTUAL manga/anime series itself.

I genuinely wonder what she would do if she made friends with an actual anime fan who suggested to watch some classics like Cowboy Bebop or Berserk or FMA.

No. 601720

she'd dump them immediately for not catering to her aesthetic

No. 601721

jill doesn't give a shit about crayola it seems, it's all about the peeps

No. 601736

If Peeps ever released a makeup line Jill would buy doubles of everything and shit twice from excitement.

No. 601739

There is no way Jill has the patience to read manga, she clearly has a really short attention span which is why she whines about filler and loves her ultra simplistic baby shows, also it's black and white! so not kawaii rainby vomit

No. 601757

holy shit I completely missed her saying that, in my brain it sounded like gibberish because of that terrible “can you tell I’m from North America yet” accent

No. 601762

Honestly had no idea she was speaking french in that video, the times mentioned sound like just random sounds - I thought it was supposed to be like so excited, starts making random sounds or something? Jeez.

No. 601799

I always wonder how people manage to spend so much money on lolita. IC is the same thing lol

No. 601808

I don't usually hate Irregular Choice but these shoes and bag have to be the ugliest things I've ever seen them make. I wonder if these disasters weren't selling so they shoved them onto Jill?

No. 601848

In before Jill makes a video about how much she loves manga

No. 601874

yeah i didn't recognize it as french either. she didn't seem like she was trying at french at all so maybe she was speaking it as a joke?

No. 601877

she 100% spoke french because she wants to appear all quirky and have people go "wow pixie I didn't know you knew french!!!!!! so cool and cute!!!!!" and she can giggle and act demure about "oh it's nothing, really teehee". I know she probably had to take it in school but I can just see her exaggerating how much she learned, just like when she kept going on and on about how she studied japanese for years but couldn't write her name with the purikura machine lol

No. 601989


No. 602041

File: 1528151972419.png (69.85 KB, 720x405, 20180604_233937.png)

This made me laugh so hard

No. 602043

File: 1528152200260.png (458.15 KB, 720x1189, 20180604_234229.png)

>>593866 the number of people have gone up, but the total amount of money has gone down. Interesting.

No. 602094

it's because she streams. She talked about it when forcing herself to push through watching precure. i imagine she reads manga (if she does) online too.

No. 602145

Who the hell would want to support such a useless cunt? Kek

No. 602205

File: 1528174045677.jpeg (102.64 KB, 640x767, CB3CE6D6-24BC-4D4F-8B33-03914E…)

No. 602269

Man isn't Jill lucky that she can keep feeding her shopping addiction under the guise of "I'm buying and reviewing this for my fans! uwu"

No. 602281

If you're a big enough fan of something to get it tattooed on you and hoard tons of merch, why would you not want some kind of physical copy? She bought the graveyard girl box set """"for her mom"""" for xmas, it's not like she doesn't understand the concept of wanting to own a physical copy of something streamable. Most long term anime fans are aware that nothing is permanent when it comes to accessing their favorite shows on any platform.

No. 602395

But that's the thing, manga and DVD's aren't a flashy expensive status symbol she can show off, the tattoo fits this because it's an extreme thing to do, you have some inexpensive books and disks? she has it engraved expensively on her body and these big expensive weapons she can show off, its a dick measuring contest as per. She doesn't need to actually care or know about something, she will always be superior to others in her mind because she can whip out the tattoo or expensive toys if anyone dares question that.

No. 602493

File: 1528219650994.jpg (240.7 KB, 1080x738, 20180605_142715.jpg)

No. 602497

>>602493 she's such a brat

No. 602500

Is she unaware that other people have a life outside of her existence?

No. 602504

In her defense, if they are truly trying to rent out a place and don't respond for over a week, that's a huge red flag that maybe you shouldn't be renting from them. I have no idea how long they didn't get back to her, though.

No. 602506

>>602493 it's funny, as Jill admits she is horrible at replying to emails and sometimes doesn't reply for months. Yet she yells at other people for doing the same?

No. 602523

She isn't going to even use it till the fall so I'm sure they know that and aren't going to be pushing hard for a renter that isn't even close to moving in yet. Plus most people have real jobs, kids, relationships, and possibly other side businesses or idk, Jill, maybe they get depressed and have anxiety like you always cry about. And my old landlord was good at communicating and setting it all up at first but ended up being a slumlord that hardly responded and so who knows what the deal is with these people.

No. 602625

File: 1528229530440.png (111.99 KB, 720x1231, 20180605_211208.png)

Maggie is now private

No. 602651

jill's queer act hasn't bothered me before, but for some reason this is infuriating

No. 602741

She never stated how long they were unresponsive for, for all we know if could have been a day or two or even a few hours

No. 602743

Yes, I mentioned that in my post.

No. 602804

They probably just didn't want to rent to her and were holding out for an established family to rent out their property but weren't having any luck and since she's so keen they just decided to settle.

No. 602817


gross. but its probably happening, isn't it? jill is really with fatter jill 2.0

now she's gonna make some lame lgbt videos for june and get that fake lesbian ad revenue. jill probably asked maggie to private the account because she wants to start hinting to a new "mystery girl" in her videos. i mean, the last mystery girl was completely unknown to her audience. maggie hasn't been as secretive, but if they're in a relationship now jill is gonna milk the fuck out of it like the last time. so she has to lay low so that jill can make more mystery girl videos and gf reveal or whatever her greedy brain is thinking. i really do think they're together now and i'm gonna throw up

No. 603215

>>602817 or maggie doesn't want to be on lolcow. It probably isn't that deep

No. 603482

even more garbage from lazy oaf! didn't she want to clean out her closet or something

No. 603486

holy shit I can't wait to see Jill wear those awful pants

No. 603496

Rip patreon money

No. 603503

for such a ~~lazy oaf fan~~ she calls the creator of the brand by the wrong name, it’s gemma shiel not gemma davis where the fuck did she get davis from

also ‘one thing was in a haul but- yeah- uh-‘ UM-‘
yeah she took it out cos of the lazy oaf art theft drama but as predicted she brushed it under the carpet and continues to support them despite getting in a shit fit over it when it was happening…..

No. 603505

>"Lazy Oaf is so small and ethical you guys!!!!"
Just stop. Buying Lazy Oaf and bamboo toothbrushes or straws, which ever she got, doesn't do shit so stop trying to pat yourself on the back, you're a plastic hoarder that doesn't actually care.

No. 603513

The friend she split shipping with is def-o gotta be Maggie

No. 603524

When you’re describing your clothes as a “moo-moo sack” it’s perhaps time to rethink your sense of fashion, Jill

No. 603526

i see her roots are already looking hideous again

seriously, she should just quit with the whole lazy oaf is totally ethical cuz they told me so in an email guiiiseee. probably no one would complain if she didn't bring attention to it. there's hardly such a thing as totally ethical consumption, and very few people, if any, can only shop ethically all the time. but calling lazy oaf transparent? they aren't at all. honestly, they may or may not be ethical, not ALL products produced in china are done so under unethical conditions. but she should face the fact that the VAST majority are and "made in china" is almost always a bad sign.

No. 603529

Her talking about the waist on the pants being big and just talking about her waist and how ~curvy she is basically in general lol Jill you are not fooling anyone.

No. 603535

But anon her waist is only 20 inches

No. 603536

Jill trying super hard to defend the company Lazy oaf is insane. Why does she love them so much? There are plenty of clothing companies that are ethical or at least more transparent about where their clothing is coming from. Not to mention, Lazy oaf does steal from small time artists and over it up. She's insufferable.

No. 603542

Did anyone else notice that this vid seems to be a lot more "glowy" than usual? Has she started blurring her skin during editing so that the cakey makeup isn't visible on camera?

No. 603545

Possibly. But it could also legit just be Canadian weather. It's like dry and cold 8-10 months out of the year in PEI but the humidity rises in the summer. It's normal for people to have dry skin during the colder months, especially considering Jill doesn't use skincare and has probably never heard of a facial oil. But everyone tends to look "glowier" and have healthier looking skin during the warmer weather.

No. 603550

File: 1528319509032.png (3.62 MB, 1334x750, C1D50186-DA29-43EC-A52D-E8A5AF…)

looking good, jill

No. 603563

i'm pretty sure she was calling it a "Mumu" which is a type of dress that has a reputation to be popular among fat people. like it's supposed to be flattering.

No. 603564

sorry forgot to take the link out

No. 603569

That’s what I mean. She said it was like a “muumuu sack” (sorry didn’t know the spelling at first)

No. 603576

Her face is so orange and her middle part so crooked.

No. 603578

File: 1528320447271.gif (999.8 KB, 500x322, mumu.gif)

honestly all I could think of was this

No. 603591

File: 1528320854032.jpeg (482.83 KB, 640x900, 02835269-9A6C-464B-A8A2-4EEF2A…)

You’re correct anon, Maggie made no attempts to hide it on her (now public again) instagram

No. 603608

Whatever she paid for this arts n crafts project was too much

No. 603609

File: 1528322102019.png (51.14 KB, 720x420, 20180606_225437.png)

>>603563 her fans are next level

No. 603611

File: 1528322192000.png (359.88 KB, 720x731, 20180606_225659.png)

No. 603612

>>603608 the dress is over £100, which obviously doesn't include shipping and import

No. 603647

My bf walked in to the room and said "why don't you dye you're hair like that too….and look just as terrible". sage

No. 603666

I know plenty of women who wear muumuus around here, but all of them are either pregnant or seriously overweight. Congrats Jill, you're slowly easing yourself into landwhale fashion, I hope your fat ass eventually stops being irrelevant.

No. 603681

she mentions in this video that the pants she ordered were two inches bigger than her waist and she held them up and like … yikes they looked really big compared to what she seems to show us

No. 603715

File: 1528331308925.jpg (44.73 KB, 717x303, Screenshot_20180607-102643_Ins…)

This comment was under one of Maggie's photos. I think people around them seem to think Jill and Maggie are dating…

No. 603716

File: 1528331315900.png (32.92 KB, 552x288, jill's fans.png)

Oh she is going to fit right into this town.

No. 603829

why do we have so many anons with their 'boyfriends' saying dumb shit. who cares.

No. 603977


No. 604035

why are all her fans like ''omg I have anxiety and I can't work and my parents abuse me but your glitter mess makes me feel so good and validated please do more hauls''

No. 604056

Cause most of them are impressionable kids who don't know any better yet or adults who are 'mentally ill' and don't wanna grow the fuck up.

No. 604296

I was on the NBCCD (jill's college) website because I was curious when she actually started classes, considering she still hasn't fixed up her lease/landlord issues.

I'm laughing so hard, this is how they advertise their foundation program that Jill will be attending:
>Perhaps you are a teacher who wants to bring more hands-on learning to their classroom, or an activities coordinator for a seniors home, or a scientist who wants to learn to think more creatively. Take a year to get inspired.
>or an activities coordinator for a seniors home!!!!

Fucking kek. This is definitely not a program for aspiring designers directly after high school. Jill and Wendy are truly retarded.

No. 604512

sounds like a crafting course for grandmas the fuck
I can´t wait for her to fail lmao

No. 604548

Tbh it sounds like it’s impossible to fail at a school this shitty. I doubt they even get grades. She just has to show up and she’ll get her “certificate”- not even an actual diploma.

She might learn some useful sewing skills but it’s not going to help her in any way prepare for a career in fashion. Actual fashion schools don’t just teach you to sew, they actually teach you about the industry. Technical drawing, manufacturing, pattern making for production runs, merchandising, trend prediction, marketing…Jill isn’t going to learn any of that.

No. 604584

I’ve just finished a course at a college like this to waste time and I swear to god I didn’t hand in half the work and I still passed
It was the dumbest thing and honestly I learnt nothing because it was so badly taught and very self driven (and I doubt Jillybean can get herself to do anything important)

No. 604727

This is the Claire's in the Charlottetown mall that Jill used to work in (I saw her there before I cared or knew about lolcow. She's as much of a mess in person as she is on camera). Classy place to take a selfie. Does Maggie work there as well? Is that how her and Jill met? A riveting love story.

No. 604752

She applied for the job after they became friends, she’s a key holder which was the same position Jill had. I’m assuming she used Jill as a reference or asked her to put in a good word with her old boss.

No. 604982

Maggie is such a creepy skin walker. It's like she's a clone of Jill. That dress is hideous hideous.

No. 605000

File: 1528445888186.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 277.57 KB, 640x907, 757CA697-2E82-479F-8CA0-B8BB77…)

Also posted new Lazy Oaf Vans collab and matching socks… Like, LO head to toe is a look.

No. 605114


She can't bear to challenge herself ever, because shes so ~anxious~ and a ~fragile mentally ill bean~. It's gross and she's such a bad role model for her fans. She keeps saying she's a magical girl and works hard, but she never does shit. She's not kind, smart, beautiful or hard working. She's the opposite of what she wants to be, but since she dresses ugly she tricks her head into thinking she's amazing. She's not gonna finish this college, she's just gonna drop out when she realizes she's too lazy for it.

No. 605143

Anyone find it ironic her favorite brand is Lazy Oaf when she herself is indeed a lazy ass oaf. I just kek at the irony.

No. 605165

So what is your personal brand Jill?
Well, I am such a lazy oaf fan…

Lazy - coasting through life at sloth like speeds. Oaf - Clumsy, brutish ogre type person. Sounds about correct.

No. 605207

Cankles aren’t cute

No. 605222

i avoid making comments on cow’s friends since they're not directly involved with the shittiness of the cow but.. jfc. she’s way too fat/ugly/manly to be spending literal thousands on these clothes. this style does her no favors whatsoever.. lazy oafs fug to begin with but even more of a waste on uggos like jill and maggie

No. 605234

Agree 100%. Lazy oaf could be cute on certain people if you tone it down, but Jill and Maggie just push the ugly factor and pile it on so they can be 'unique' brand whores. It also doesn't help that they both have such stumpy troll figures.

No. 605245

File: 1528477870706.jpeg (376.78 KB, 640x1055, 60155957-0179-4188-BA3F-5CBFF4…)

Like this?

No. 605246

Fashion clothes always need a good figure, excellent styling and heaps of attitude to pull off.

No. 605249

the socks aren't lazy oaf what
not everyone wearing lots of lazy oaf is a jill skinwalker, there's ton of badly dressed clowns who don't give a shit about her

No. 605258

You seem oddly offended, no one called her a Jill skin walker because she wears lazy oaf only… have you seen her hair? Her glasses? The fucking Clair’s background (I don’t follow her much does she actually work there like Jill used to?)
There’s a lot more reasons that make her a skin walker than her awful outfit choices.
Sorry you took offence anon I’m sure you look wonderful in ur lazy oaf outfits kek

No. 605298

not offended at all just she has pink hair like half of the #alternativegirlz since 2012 and she work at claire's (it's been discussed) that's not enough
jill really has milky skinwalkers in the confetti club but she his probably (rightfully) too scared by them to start a friendship

No. 605353

I 100% think Maggie is a skinwalker, but in a way Jill is too since she bought a dress because Maggie owned the same one

No. 605359

File: 1528484918119.jpeg (398.78 KB, 640x912, 0663262B-71E3-422D-8CA5-6FEFEB…)

My bad.
Still Lazy Oaf everything else…

No. 605363

Why would anyone want to be this way

No. 605376

Don’t have the faintest. Had a sneaky scroll through IG. Too many girls who like exactly like Jill and her CC-ers.
All of them are bloggers/youtubers with thousands of followers. Maybe it is the trendiest millenial way to look.
Too much work to get your own style if one can copy what you see on Social Media. And add to that mindless consumption.

No. 605396

In there feeble quest to be original they all end up looking the exact same. Kek what losers

No. 605402

Many “fashion groups” are like that.
For example Pinup, Rockabilly etc. Ugh, save us. But with Jill’s CC-ers it is a next level obsession of being like exactly like Jill.
The way she speaks, what she buy, wears.

No. 605422

File: 1528489618137.jpg (66.82 KB, 734x960, FB_IMG_1528489519927.jpg)

Saged obviously, but I saw this and instantly thought of Jill and died laughing

No. 605432

All the lolz!

No. 605439

Apt, lmao.

No. 605760

Whether its true or not, these are some of the meanest things I've ever read(no one cares)

No. 605766


No. 605879

first time on the internet, huh kid?

No. 605914

File: 1528554633405.png (390.22 KB, 720x822, 20180609_153044.png)

No. 605919

>>605914 possible nitpick but when she said 'I can confidently tell you I think' I laughed. Does she know what confidence is?

No. 605929

Does this bitch always clap her hands in every video like a retard?

Sage for triggered

No. 605952

I don't want to watch, but I have to see this train wreck.

No. 605959

Rainbow vomit grandma that's getting ready for a lucky day at the casino lewks lmao.

No. 605965

Here's her tips so no one else has to watch.

>Write down how long everything takes you to do

>Skype with friends
>Buy Storage bins
>Set yourself a due date before the con to have it finished
>If you are performing, practice the dance in full costume before the actual day.

And she says there's probably gonna be a part two since she has more to say.

No. 606015

God this video pisses me off.
First of all her cosplays are shit and she's always going on about how much of a ~smol soft baby amateur uwu~ she is, so why the fuck give other people tips?
Also does she not know what 'crucial' means?
Basically all of these are just basic common sense things - aside from the Skype thing, which just seems like a personal thing which most cosplayers don't do. She sure is good at talking about shit she has no clue about.

No. 606030

“crucial cosplay tips”
A bit click baity me thinks.

No. 606162

god I don't get why most of these are about motivating yourself to work / her whining about how hard it is to get off her ass (in her own words) like…this is just a hobby lol how does she think she's going to make a career out of sewing clothes when she can't even be bothered to work on things that are supposed to be fun

No. 606167

File: 1528576248042.jpeg (673.78 KB, 640x859, B985A8EA-BCD4-483F-9534-48B7EB…)

When you stumble across the Instagram account of Baddiewinkle and you’re like “Pixie is that you?”

No. 606174

She looks better than Jill tbh, not as fat or ugly.

No. 606199

she actually understands coordinating an outfit even though it´s still rainbow vomit

No. 606262

Tbh Jill will look older than this in 10 years if she keeps up that diet and bathing routines kek.
-Also, baddiewinkle is awesome and Jill is not.

No. 606492

How does Jill always manage to look so grody and greasy looking all at once? Seriously she reminds me of those trailer trashy girls who shop at Hot Topic well into their 30s. She must wreak like armpit and rancid fish cunt. Kek

No. 606646

File: 1528619219391.jpeg (329.3 KB, 640x713, 5E3A535C-4F16-4CF7-8D8D-94C571…)

Lazying around in a Lush Bathbomb is not the same as actually washing oneself.
Imagine a world where people are rewarded for being untalented, dirty and boring.
Oh wait, that’s already happening.
Actually saw a Pinterest board featuring girls dressed in the same style as Jillian, she stands out like a sore thumb everytime you scroll past her.

No. 606668

As a Jillian thread-scroller-paster she blends in perfectly on that page. There's a lot of signalled things dressing like that; tolerant family, tolerant job or no job, attention seeking, trying to seem like a kinder person via clothes. Internet fans or want them.

No. 606686


She's in no place to be giving advice to others at all. Someone who can't even rig a set of bunny ears without a huge clunky headband covered in fabric shouldn't be giving advice on how to create costumes kek

No. 606714

>Lazying around in a Lush Bathbomb is not the same as actually washing oneself.
Imagine a world where people are rewarded for being untalented, dirty and boring.

PT was doing this before it was cool. I miss her. Imagine if she had a fashion following like Jill does, we’d be drowning in milkshakes all day, everyday.

No. 606797

The green haired girl is dollbambs I think. She honestly worries me. She used to have an imaginary friend who she genuinely seemed to believe was real. She also was using her own blood for makeup. I think shes gotten better lately, thankfully.

Sage because not pixie.

No. 606814

File: 1528648638987.png (46.94 KB, 720x231, 20180610_173737.png)

No. 606831

Damn Jill that is edgy

No. 606840

File: 1528652457878.png (57.94 KB, 374x417, gcvtY6c.png)

Hahaha does this bitch not realize how unbelievable that sassy attitude is?

>almost has a mental breakdown in public because two strangers giggle about her stupid haircolor

>constantly goes on about how she's bilingual and flaunts her Japanese knowledge but is too scared to speak even one full sentence in French
>has been sewing for years and wants to become a professional fashion designer but is too scared to post videos of her sewing online/wear a dress she made herself in public
>whenever she posts a haul she has to point out how she hasn't made one in ~so long~/feels the need to justify how hard she's working for her money because people called her out on her spending before
>explicitly stated before that piano is the one thing she feels she's good at and that she's too scared to post (more) videos of her playing the piano because she's afraid of people's judgement

Come on Jill, we all know that you care about what other people think.

No. 606872

What stores have a style and price like Lazy Oaf then?

No. 606903

Why does Jill always have to complain about how much she hates pants? uwu "My ass and my thighs are too big to fit into pants." I've seen people bigger than Jill shove themselves into pants. She has to justify everything including never wearing pants, and then she says she doesn't care about public opinion.

No. 606941

Her first thread was made in 2015. Considering these threads seem to get to her, and have for years, you would have thought that she'd done something to better herself by now

No. 607004

It’s because pants are not ~hyper feminine~

No. 607222


It's a weird "I'm so thicc I can't fit into pants uwu" humblebrag I guess. Some women who are pear shaped get them a size bigger, I don't see why she couldn't just do that. Or she could just admit she doesn't like wearing them and not be weird about it.

No. 607273

There is a size of pants for every human being. Even people on shitty tlc "I weigh 9000+ lbs" show still manage to find sweatpants. I have a larger than average butt for my body type and can still find pants. I know multiple obese people who can still find pants. It's not the easiest thing to internet shop for pants but it's not like there are no clothing stores period in bumblefuck Canada. That's the stupidest shit I've ever heard. She's short with a chunky body. It's not like she has an extra leg.

No. 607314

But anon, if she got a size bigger, they would be way too big on her teeny-weeny waist! And it's not like she could just alter them by sewing or use a belt!

No. 607438

Yeah, she's pretty involved in the drag scene with Emily Meow and all those and was dealing with alcoholism and drug abuse (I think she was doing coke and daily poppers) for a while but she seems a lot better now, posting stuff about being clean as well. Sage for not Jill

No. 607534


That's exactly what I'm saying. There are plenty of women who get pants slightly bigger than their dress size if they're really that pear shaped, but nobody is unable to fit pants. Look at all the hamplanets in the confetti club facebook group who still manage to find tacky pastel pants for fucks sake.

If she just prefers skirts and dresses or if she wears them because they're easier to buy online, that's fine, why not just say that?


Shit anon you're right, I forgot our pro fashion designer Jill doesn't know anything about clothes. Oops!

Where did this "my ass and thighs are so big uwu" shit come from anyway? I'm not great with identifying that kind of thing, but she doesn't look that bottom-heavy to me except in that one photo in the shorts where she's posing to make her hips look wider. Does anyone else remember her describing her body type as "Garnet from Steven Universe"? lmao

No. 607702

File: 1528738007219.jpg (283.92 KB, 1080x930, 20180611_142635.jpg)

I wonder how long until she decides she doesn't need her meds again

No. 607708

>>606872 UNIF maybe? Also any brand sold on Dollskill. People like Jill must keep them afloat

No. 607730

Maybe you'd feel like this more often Jill if you stopped being so goddamn self centered and took a look around yourself and realized how well off you are. Watch her write something the complete opposite of this in a couple of days.

No. 607751

Uhm yes! Like dude… she has truckloads of cash, friends, loving family, room bigger than my house (guessing here) and all the shit a girl could want. So one would expect her to be happy. Or at least acknowledge that she has more than her fans…
But I just experience her begging and adking for stuff. And adding as many ads in her Youtube vids as humanly possible.
That is why I stopped watching her. I don’t have cellphone data to waste.

No. 607833

I miss her too. Between Jill, Momokun and other cows I often wonder how PT would have been received if she were only ~just beginning to shine~ now. She was entitled, immature, unhygienic, ageplaying, dressing like a colorblind child and shoving her ass at the camera in cosplay before it was cool. I guess the main difference is that these other cows are at least capable of pretending to be positive on a surface level, but PT couldn't hide her bitterness to save her life.

No. 607971

File: 1528755880153.png (17.81 KB, 362x280, Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 7.24…)

>my job

No. 608326

>I'm really glad I didn't die when I was 14

She has literally 0 thought about how saying something like this affects how her family feels.

She also has 0 foresight with thinking about how killing herself would affect her family who clearly do/care a lot for her.

Her selfishness is past the point of sanity. Just. Wow.

No. 608328

Also sorry to post again but she is acting like dying was NOT choice. It's disgusting how she worded that status update.

No. 608444

Sorry but when people literally want to die they don’t exactly consider the thoughts of everyone else
Suicide is selfish, yeah

Honestly I think the status is a pretty positive message, she’s saying how she’s really glad she didn’t do something stupid when she was young because things are great now
It’s a good message for young, depressed fans

Not to wk but your complaint is pretty stupid

No. 608524

File: 1528806288000.jpg (45.23 KB, 720x1042, FB_IMG_1528806292631.jpg)

No. 608533


Nayrt, and I agree it's supposed to be a positive post that's just phrased a bit weirdly, but Jill saying something like this that's bound to be pretty painful for her mother to read isn't exactly a "suicide is selfish" scenario.
This is Jill in a happy and positive mood casually mentioning that she could've died at 14, not someone feeling so terrible that they don't consider how their loved ones would feel with them gone.

I think she's trying to be funny by casually mentioning suicide like that since depression memes are in vogue on the internet but I definitely see what that anon means.

No. 608551

Kind of sickening to say that people in so much pain they would rather be dead are selfish assholes for not thinking about other people who want them to stay alive and suffer for their own selfish reasons. Shaming suicidal people is.. Not the way to help them.
Anyway, I kind of doubt Jill was ever suicidal.

No. 608558

What happened here?!

No. 608564

I read it very much as “I’m so glad I’m here” rather than “lol I could have died memes”
Like seeing this makes me feel more positive about my life tbh, it’s proof of the whole “things do get better”

No. 608581

Wasn't she anorexic when she was younger? That might be what she was referring to?

No. 608592

tbh if you've ever been genuinely suicidal you'd totally get this and you're nitpicking. i've heard and said the same phrase ("i'm so glad i didn't die/kill myself") so many times in therapy sessions or just talking to friends. this doesn't come off as trying to be funny or casual at all - she's making a statement that things change and get better and that suicide isn't the solution. i think jill is a silly spoiled brat who doesn't take of herself or others, but there's nothing really wrong with that status except that it reveals how shallow jill is (curry and anime are great! i'm getting everything i want so life is ok!).

No. 608601

Yeah I agree, I don't think the whole suicide thing was meant in a joking/thoughtless way, but I'm still really annoyed with how casually her moods change and are apparently just influenced by shallow stuff.
I know that when I get severely depressed reading about how some idiot thinks children's cartoons and curry are the things that make life worth living would just make me feel spiteful/bitter.
Also original anon is probably right when it comes to the whole meds thing, Jill stops/starts taking them at the drop of a hat, she seems to think just because she has an alright week she doesn't need them, stops taking them and then gets really depressed again because the meds DID actually help her.
But now I'm just being petty because that's not directly related to her post, oh well.

No. 608606

Supposedly she was, but she was never really underweight so it wouldn't have killed her anyway.

No. 608608

Yeah, Jill really likes to pretend that she was full-on anorexic but she wasn't actually underweight. She was hospitalized back then because she was also depressed/self-harming though, so that's probably what she meant in that post.

No. 608610

No. 608613

The sound she makes at 5:47 gave me an aneurysm

No. 608614

"i look like a scary clown"

what's new tho ?

No. 608617

File: 1528817911652.png (588.56 KB, 1021x576, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.3…)


No. 608618

File: 1528818002044.png (1.32 MB, 1482x810, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.3…)

Her teeth are looking much whiter, but her hair is so fucking faded. she needs to do one solid color.

No. 608620

I cringed so hard at that.. I wonder if she really talks like this in everyday life? is just NOT normal

No. 608625

File: 1528818440686.png (335.44 KB, 439x440, Capture.PNG)

and thus a sexy clown was born /s

No. 608627

File: 1528818544993.png (323.07 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180612-084308.png)

No. 608631

It's been said a million times but I think she would be much cuter with brown hair or even black, then her style would look slightly less gaudy because her hair is neutral.

Also, why was everyone so bothered by her "glad I didn't die" - she's being positive for once. I'm sure you all hate her sadposting more? lol

No. 608635


she has claimed to be bulimic too, so she probably got hospitalized for that too, and she has had fucked up teeth since forever so it would make more sense that she was actually bulimic. don't know why she insists in the ana shtick when her skinny pics are all her mom's photoshop anyway

No. 608637

It's comical how Jill has to say she's weird like a million times in this video. Like she's trying so hard to deny to herself that she's incredibly boring and shallow, nothing remotely close to weird. If anything she's incredibly common and normal. Kek compared to others who are actually creative.

No. 608638


wasn't she at 14/15 just the kid who didn't get the main role in the grease musical, loved my chemical romance and what not? it's not like she was bullied or in a rough family situation. she's the legit stereotypical emo kid, jeez.

No. 608647

sage for lame blogpost but i just wanna thank everyone and anyone who's participated in making these threads. i wanted to get into "kawaii" fashions/certain aesthetics for years (esp as a teen) and was well on my way to becoming jill-levels of hoarder with how many clothes/trinkets i kept buying and never wearing again when they stopped fitting whatever aesthetic i wanted to get into.

i just finished cleaning out my closet. i have my age's worth of clothes to give away. thank you for opening my eyes. i never, ever want to be like jill.(blogposting)

No. 608677

what the fuck does that have to do with the thread? fuck off with this shit.

No. 608678

File: 1528823544936.png (1.3 MB, 1384x780, j.png)

No. 608681


Anon as I'd said, I was trying to look at it from the perspective of the anon I'd replied to. There's no need to start with this "well then you've never really been suicidal because I disagree with you" bullshit. It's a piss poor argument and also it makes you kind of a cunt.

No. 608687

I legit laughed when the crayon broke so at least this was funny.

No. 608699

Agreed, the way she distorted her background music there was actually funny.

No. 608702

I thought the beauty crayons were kinda cool. I'm sure if given to someone who knows how to apply and set they could probably make something useful of it.

Jill being SO FUCKING SHIT AT APPLYING MAKEUP to begin with just makes me want to side with Crayola even if I'm aware that their line isn't super hot.

Her "coloring" her eyebrows like that is so fucking triggering. Like she honestly believes the product is what makes that not good when it's actually whenever she does it regardless of product!
All the fucking lost girls who take makeup tips from her, good grief.

No. 608714

File: 1528826766812.png (3.16 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 19.0…)

No. 608717

She looks so fucking gross here. Her idea of what looks good on her is so skewed, how are people not embarrassed to be seen with her?

No. 608720

Anon I'm no Jill stan but obviously those products are shit for that price. They seem to smudge really easily and the pigmentation is pretty bad.

No. 608721

Well the only people that hang out with her are her family and her 'friends' that look as bad/want to leech of her ~fame~, right?
I'm sure any normal person would be very embarrassed to be seen with her.

No. 608724

File: 1528827179661.jpeg (301.32 KB, 750x1023, 2C1CBCEF-597A-4865-A0C1-8F3D1E…)

this outfit isnt actually bad. it’s more coordinated than a lot of her other outfits. i wish she’d stop saying “LEWK” tho

No. 608725

But you gotta admit that even if she had a nice product, covering over her naked, dark eyebrows like that wasn't going to end well right?
Her yellow ones never look good but I have no idea what product she's using to do that. Looks no different from this, really.

No. 608728

yeah coordination is better than usual but that dress looks cheap as shit, like a bed sheet

No. 608731

anon james charles made a video reviewing them, and while he did much better creating a look with them, he still talked about them being kinda shit.

No. 608732

File: 1528827482520.gif (7.67 MB, 640x360, kZxXj6-2.gif)

I actually enjoyed this editing tbf

No. 608734

I'm not praising Crayola if that wasn't made clear, Jill's shit at makeup is the point and her acting like the outcome is different than her usual is laughable.

No. 608735

I really really really don't get why she has never even tried bleaching her eyebrows. She puts so much shit on them (even in this video you can still see smudges of green/yellow, probably is impossible to get off by now), it would be way easier to just lighten the brow beforehand.

No. 608745

she’s probably scared to do so. not to wk but knowing her shes weirdly irrational in that shes fine with ruining her hair but would never be ok just bleaching her eyebrows, even though it would look a lot better.

No. 608829

half of the stuff she comments on are very similar to the same review by James Charles (which got 3 mill views). you can tell she watched it before hand.

his red crayon broke too. strange imo

No. 608839

File: 1528832096260.png (425.63 KB, 845x434, Capture.PNG)

well yeah, you're right. a lot of beauty gurus were also shitting on those crayons. but they still did a better job with them than she did. just compare james charles to her "look"

No. 608867

Yea had that feeling as well, she even included a little "shishtar" or sth from his language… also if I remember correctly the red stick broke in James video too or was it Jeffree Stars one?

No. 608873

o god I own that same bag…is that new or does she just spend so much I forgot about it
this look would be cute if she had natural hair and got rid of the hat

No. 608879

"im also sorry that im missing two nails, its been a rough week" doing what? drinking peeps tea and taking uwu so kawaii baths?

No. 608894

Me too, it was actually funny when she did this and distorted her background music

No. 608986

No she wasn’t, but she thought she was.

No. 609025

Outfits not terrible. So long as my eyes aren't bleeding is my standard for Jill.

It's a Bonne Chance Collections dress. They use regular cotton prints for all their dresses, and they're rather inexpensive compared to the other shit Jill's bought.

No. 609128

I havent seen the bag till now so Im thinking its new. Either bought it with patreon buxxs or maybe someone sent it to her in her PO box

No. 609130

That is some of the worst makeup she's done in a while. Also,did she seriously expect quality makeup from crayola?

No. 609219

For the money she spent on that Crayola garbage, she could have just bought things she actually likes from Sephora instead. What a waste of money. Seriously. Triggered.

No. 609355


But she HAD to spend over $100 on Crayola because her fans AGGRESSIVELY REQUESTED her to review them.

No. 609356

Ah yes, really makes you realize how much Jill cares about the environment uwu~
Spending a 100 bucks to have crap shipped out that she will probably never use again and throw away just to profit off of it, good job!

No. 609362

It is not like all the other Beauty Gurus - who only do makeup videos, were reviewing it in the first place!
Why chime in, in the first place.

No. 609398

Obviously Jill knows tons about make up, just look at her masterful application in this video. Her knowledge was really needed!

No. 609429

This kinda brings me back to Kate spade's recent suicide. I was surprised Jillian never made a post about it because she was an actual success in the designer imdustry and many mourned her loss. Someone actually relevant.

No. 609443

it was in her wardrobe cleanout video, so she's at least had it for a little while. surprised it isn't grimier, considering.

No. 609550

God, I cringed so hard when she called her makeup style avant-garde. Like no, isshehungry is a good example of an avant-garde makeup artist that knows what they're doing and does it well. Jill just applies makeup quite literally like a toddler(don't use emojis)

No. 609595

File: 1528911570071.png (164.85 KB, 290x278, Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 1.38…)

No. 609599

Yes so avant garde, just look at how all the colors mesh together and make her look exactly like a child's first art kit. This is makeup application for a 7 year old at best.

No. 609658

File: 1528915227652.jpeg (64.77 KB, 608x311, 288D52E1-8312-4EC7-B57C-A42CC2…)

Wow who does this sound like

No. 609773

Anon my seven-year-old daughter knows how to apply makeup better than that don't insult seven year olds. Kek

No. 610404

File: 1528979355969.jpeg (305.22 KB, 1007x1600, CEE6DEA9-1C8C-4FCE-A239-D75977…)

I know people always look back at Jills lolita days fondly but her coordination was still off back then
> cheap old school lace socks
> open toe mules
> low waisted skirt that makes her look torso appear really long
> headbow from completely different print series that doesn’t match
Like the colour matching is better, but all the parts seem disjointed from each other.

No. 610448

oh my god why is there always anons that go on about lolita it's ugly even if you match it to the colour of your damn asshole go away

No. 610492


Nayrt but Jill drama started in her lolita days so of course there are gonna be anons interested in lolita who still follow her.
Personally I don't like pastel goth but I can admit she looked much better in her pastel goth days than her current rainby dolls kill vomit phase because she actually took care of her skin, her makeup was less lazy and the colours were less jarring, which is why she looked better in lolita too.

No. 610495

Is that a knockoff rilakkuma on the shelf?

No. 610505

Where exactly do you think you are? Fuck you.

No. 610534

File: 1528991667464.png (295.21 KB, 640x468, sweeties.png)

I'm surprised Jill isn't sperging about the new MAC line (unless she is and I just haven't seen it yet). Isn't this right up her alley? And lipgloss seems like a better investment for her than shitty crayon makeup.

No. 610551

File: 1528994210953.png (990.34 KB, 1099x868, jill letter.png)

I feel like she's gotten way more quiet about her purchases online. In the past she'd detail almost all of them, but now she doesn't mention buying as much shit anymore and instead just has it appear in her 'favie' videos/in coord snaps etc.
Perhaps so she can play the role of starving artist for Patreon money better?

Speaking of Patreon, one of her supporters posted this handwritten 'letter' by Jill, truly seems worth the money lol.

No. 610555

wtf does it even say
>so muck

her writing is unreadable.

No. 610556

So I'm guessing she just copies this out a few times to her patreons. Wow, so heartfelt and thoughtful

No. 610642

tbf what else would Jill write to fans that she doesn't know personally? It's a generic ass thank you note that you'll get from anyone who sends out them to fans. I don't think Jill has the mental capacity to even become penpals with any of them either way.

No. 610666

tbh, she could’ve at least done some cute doodles or whatever to make it at least a little personal (she didn’t do the rainbow on most of them) but she literally just wrote a generic thank you and added two stickers but whatever makes her pixiecult happy ig

No. 610689

The rainbow is an Instagram sticker, anon

No. 610752

File: 1529006989448.png (349.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180614-160746.png)

Sorry for the terrible screen cap from this video but she drew a picture on this fans card

No. 610783

why do all her fans sound SO much like her. it really scares me lol

No. 610838

“my wifey” fucking VOM

No. 610945

This is the most un-heartfelt Patreon reward letter I've ever seen. How could you not feel ashamed taking someone's money and sending this out? Why not be more personal instead of just talking about them giving you money?

No. 610951

File: 1529018658477.jpeg (187.23 KB, 640x622, 80C91CAC-A466-4680-B1D1-84EFC1…)

Jeez Jill, did it ever occur to you that your IRL friends actually have lives that don’t revolve around you? (1/2)

No. 610953

File: 1529018723771.jpeg (81.56 KB, 639x606, 85731C54-7291-4238-A690-31FD5E…)

No. 610980

Maybe if you had a job like your friends you wouldn't be taking up-nose shots and whining on the internet? Oh wait you think that's your job.

No. 610991

She probably has dozens of unread messages from fans but she's too busy and too good for them even when she's crying about loneliness.

No. 611001

Her posting things along these lines makes me glad she's going back to school, even if it is a really dinky one. She desperately needs to get out of the house.

No. 611593

What exactly is stopping her from working at Claire's 2 days a week?? Doing a 10 hour week would help her mentality. Staying home all day with no real hobbies can take a toll.

No. 612056

Jill strikes me as a lonely and empty soul. Sad really.

No. 612500

So is she actually going to school or what? Doesn't she start classes in two months? Does she even have an apartment, or started packing? Like when does she plan to do the move?

No. 612504

She tweeted that her weekend vid will be late (still incapable of scheduling vids I guess) because she's out of province to 'look at places to live again', so I'm not sure if that house she wanted to rent didn't work out or what

No. 613584

File: 1529272179110.png (693.51 KB, 720x1018, 20180617_224959.png)

No. 613586

Eww next thread picture please along with >>608617 in a collage
Honestly she doesn't know what true hardship is. Her mom always loved her, she has money and friends, she has never experienced homophobia or real bullying (without a cause, that is) and she has many stupid fans that give her anything she wants. The only true hardship she had ever enrolled into was what >>608638 said. She doesn't know what it is having to come home as a teenager with your mother degrading you and your father hitting your mother because there's no food in the fridge (just an example, though). Honestly, she's so disgusting.

No. 613629

She always looks older and ragged with her hair up. And for gods sake will someone teach her to coordinate right?! Yellow gingham headband with a strawberry dress, heart lollipop earrings, troll doll hair, ugly cat tattoo and a Sailor Moon prop. She's so fucking blind.

No. 613631

goblin kei

No. 613635

Please go back to natural hair colours, Jill. This looks so terrible it's not even funny.

No. 613653

I feel like her eyebrows are too arched for her face shape. Maybe if they were rounder it would suit her better.

No. 613661

She get a new dress?