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File: 1494357512669.jpg (171.19 KB, 942x931, 1493009695328.jpg)

No. 382598

>still stuffed in that filthy goshiwan with a moldy shower she nearly "died" in
>fried her hair doing several cheap home-perms
>not too long ago canceled the first storage in seoul, having her tiny goshiwan now additionally packed with storage
>mentioned a hair dresser earlier but until now hasnt shown her new "hair cut"
>still blurry vision from chronic poop eye

old thread hit limit:
28. >>362302

IG /margaretpalermo
YT user/MargaretPalermo
Twitter @margaretpalermo

1. >>229267
2. >>231331
3. >>232782
4. >>234603
5. >>236030
6. >>239281
7. >>242365
8. >>245257
9. >>248676
10. >>252056
11. >>254761
12. >>257058
13. >>259462
14. >>262142
15. >>265246
16. >>269456
17. >>273715
18. >>276516
19. >>280063
20. >>283175
21. >>285276
22. >>288576
23. >>291537
24. >>297919
25. >>300170
26. >>309511
27. >>333243
28. >>362302

No. 382601

Thanks for the thread links. At least you tried on the social media links… one step better than the last OP.

No. 382615

only a year and she's already almost at 30 threads wew

No. 382617

No. 382619

File: 1494362373905.png (16.9 KB, 294x89, Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 21.3…)

hey actually I complimented them, this is way better than the last shitty thread

Anyway, Margo thinks she's way better Willam when she has 2.2% of the subscribers. Also, wasn't she taking make-up tips from Miss Fame not so long ago? But she's above men dressed as women. Of course.

No. 382627

OP here, true and thanks for the compliment
thanks for adding the links, i actually didnt thought it was necessary because it's literally all the same, but i get that it's usefull to just be able to click the link

No. 382667

i would kill to see willam tear the shit out of her on beatdown

No. 382672


yeah, curiously Willam didn't seem as vicious as he normally was on that video. i'd love him to tear a few new assholes to Margo.

No. 383350

I'm pretty sure Margo will cry bully and try to sue him.

No. 383391

then maggot gives head to vexxfag in exchange of a lame whiteknight campaign

No. 384283

File: 1494816353515.gif (1.6 MB, 500x279, suuuure.gif)

>Omg my self value is gone

Says the woman who constantly accuses her daughter of abusing her.
Says the woman who is likely selling 5$ hand jobs for outcalll massage.
Says the woman who had multiple chances to settle and find a place to stay, but instead chose to country hop.


No. 384285

File: 1494816572070.gif (Spoiler Image,4 MB, 480x360, make em bounce.gif)

All the while, Chesty assumes Willam is a biological woman.

No. 384435

Rereading all the kappa threads and I want to cry. The milk was so fresh, so pure….when will it return

No. 384461

Im also sad. But the river kappa never was able to stay silent for long. We will soon be blessed with more milk.

No. 384650

File: 1494918402473.png (621.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8512.PNG)

Neue videoooo soooon

No. 384651

File: 1494918533235.png (32.76 KB, 417x380, IMG_8513.PNG)

Lord, the hair…

No. 384653

That English. Lord. But look! She used Hangul to indicate laughing. Really showing off more than a year's worth of practice!

No. 384662

looks like she's balding.

No. 384683

Isn't there some reverse correlation between your popularity on youtube and the size of your nose relative to your mouth?

No. 384684

For someone so racist she sure did a hell of a job setting her trajectory right to the intersection of corse negro hair and ghetto.

No. 384685

File: 1494940292171.gif (1.61 MB, 677x444, 79d.gif)

Reminds me of this

No. 384690

you just brought back some fun high school memories

No. 384698

File: 1494943053683.jpg (223.77 KB, 742x588, 20170516_095700.jpg)

No. 384704


10$ says the video will be as boring as the last.

No. 384713

So meta that your bet amount is the exact amount of her last months jewtube schekles

No. 384893

at least that mother seemed like she actually cared about her child

No. 385017

new video

No. 385020

Oy vey.

No. 385023

>I am soooo busy

No you're not.

No. 385026


> answering random questions about food, Korea, music, perfume and makeup

> no plans to travel again because she's tired of it
> thinks she has found her 'dream job' but can't yet talk about it because she doesn't know yet if it'll work out
> thinking her perm looks good and would do it again, and a 120$ one couldn't look better
> she hopes that the 'shadows' will fade and truth will come out one day
> she sees no need to see a therapist because she knows exactly what to do and is her own therapist

I might have forgotten sth…

No. 385045

File: 1495015090570.png (105.25 KB, 640x894, IMG_8515.PNG)

Mags, you forgot to blur in between your eyebrows.

No. 385108

this black hair is not helping her at all, it only makes it look more like she's balding. should have stayed blonde

No. 385116

I just skimmed thru it but it was like just the one guy asking her multiple questions lol

Venus must be so terrified of the "truth" coming out /s

No. 385118

combing through those naps must sound like velcro ripping, christ almighty.

No. 385119

File: 1495036275731.jpg (46.2 KB, 785x417, magsss.JPG)


she said she don't want to return to Switzerland because of of happened there with V's father and so on but I got the vibe it's too close to the family of hers? I mean her sister lives and works there successfully and maybe maggot just sees how she is doing and what Zsu has and Mag doesn't?

>I duun't want tu trravel in de fuuture

Maybe because you have no person who pays for everything anymore? lol

she looks rough af and why the hell is this video shaking like hell?

No. 385120

File: 1495036358181.jpg (16.39 KB, 622x83, shave.JPG)


samefag but agree with this comment tho

No. 385126

not just that, she would be a simple social welfare case anywhere in europe.
and the office paying her social welfare would want her to look for work and so on. precious mayo is to good for that.

No. 385127

jesus christ, she just cakes make up on and then blurs the shit out of her skin.

No. 385131

File: 1495037770825.jpg (41.26 KB, 600x400, 1231.jpg)

>I really want to gesticulate because it's my nature, but i cant
>because everything is going to fall down in front of me

No. 385133

She has V's old moldy limecrime palette??? It explains why she has poop eye syndrom. Mystery resolved!

No. 385136

> she hopes that the 'shadows' will fade and truth will come out one day

I think she means the eye shadows. Probably the limecrime palette ones that are though to remove from your skin.

No. 385139

Combing through those naps must sound like neighbor's noise complaints

No. 385141

> why the hell is this video shaking like hell?

bc she's a crack head

No. 385145

Marge's best friend, azlabyrinth aka mike kent, is still confused in the comment section. What could have happend?

No. 385185

>living is the most valuable in life


No. 385232

She probably means HER valuable life. Other's life is unvaluable like shit.

No. 385242

My god that Mascara.

No. 385250

She's saying she doesn't need a psychologist because she knows everything and can cope fine on her own. LMAO

'You need to accept things, you need to face your fears' Margo plz

No. 385353

> no plans to travel again because she's tired of it
Did she really say this, with a straight face? "tired of traveling"??
hahaha, old broke-ass lying bitch. She'd kill to be able to travel like she used to. Traveling, shopping and "yummy!" restaurant meals is what she lived for back when she was rollin in those venus bux. Bitch, you ain't fooling no one with this bullshit.

No. 385362

File: 1495080096713.jpg (187.4 KB, 1870x1156, IMG_4923.JPG)

In other news, it looks like she's moved (again,) judging by the background of the latest veedeo. This isn't the pink-flowered-wallpaper goshiwon she's been living in the past several months, and it doesn't look like an upgrade either. Look at those boxes stacked up next to that tiny cot, lol. It looks like a freakin storage closet.

Did momma cut her allowance, I wonder? Even poor simple-minded manipulated margit must have some limits as to how long she's willing to fund this 42 year old's self-indulgent insistence on living someplace where she can't legally work, you know?

Gotta admit, watching the downward spiral and the total squalor this foul creature lives in gives me life tho.

No. 385431


Maybe it's the same place but just crowed with her hoarder stash she had shipped to herself.

No. 385434

only one of the walls had flowers on it.

No. 385516

She looks like a creepy clown in this picture. She should work for mcdonald's.

No. 385528

File: 1495133815255.jpg (416.44 KB, 1934x1153, IMG_4962.JPG)

No actually, it's a different place. pic attached is her old pink-flowered room, from the head of the cot..it's crammed right next to the moldy bathroom and you can see the faux white brick trim around the cot. No room to stack boxes here.

No. 385530

File: 1495133992099.jpg (178.88 KB, 1983x1160, IMG_4958.JPG)

and foot of the cot is jammed up against a tiny yellow-painted "closet," right next to the door of the room. Again nowhere to stack boxes.
The old hobo's moved to a new hovel.

No. 385789

i dont see how this is proving she moved to a new room. Obviously you dont understand how some hobos live. She just crammed the boxes everywhere from floor to "ceiling". You could still fit around 10 to 20 boxes in this little room.

Inb4 but how can she live there with all the boxes?
She just left a places where she can lie down to sleep, everything else is crammed.

No. 385854

File: 1495199594803.jpg (67.16 KB, 1080x1098, IMG_20170519_151154.jpg)

I guess today is crafts day at the mental residence.

No. 385856

If I had that hair, I'd shave my head and wear wigs.

No. 385885


she tried so hard to filter her age but failed spectacularly

No. 386002

File: 1495231317901.jpg (229.5 KB, 2039x1146, IMG_3648.JPG)

>i dont see how this is proving she moved to a new room
I'm just saying there's no physical way this >>385362
is the same room she's been in.
In the old room there was a tiny cot along one wall, with the moldy bathroom jammed right next to the head of the cot, so a pile of boxes next to the cot would obstruct the bathroom door (also the wall in her new room >>385362 is different, no faux brick trim.)

No. 386007

File: 1495231874433.jpg (256.94 KB, 1931x1127, IMG_3650.JPG)

And likewise at the foot of the cot in her old room, a pile of boxes there would obstruct the tiny "closet." And again, the wall in her new room >>385362 is plain white, not the yellow-painted "closet" at that end. It's a different room, different background and no physical place for a pile of boxes bext to her cot.

Actually, come to think of it this new room almost looks like a prison cell, except I don't think she'd have a hoard of boxes in a cell. It looks that stark though.

No. 386009

File: 1495232169468.png (128.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-19-15-14-43…)


No. 386019



Who is this other ?

No. 386032

Myyythomaniac!!! Marge, just stop! You're ridiculing yourself!

There is no 'we'. It's not 'your' house and it's not even a house. Even when you got sth that was yours it wasn't for longtime. I.e. your japanese bf!

Please, spend a bit more time in your clay pot therapy. It will help your alot!

No. 386033

It will help you alot*

No. 386035

No. 386037


All the other hobos

No. 386041

'Our' simply means she's sharing one tiny building with 50 others. Except the others aspire to get out of that hell hole.

No. 386060

File: 1495242964801.jpg (246.54 KB, 1438x1494, IMG_4965.JPG)

>crafts day at the mental residence.
Exactly my first thought when I saw this.
Or maybe an adult day care center. It's like arts & crafts projects at a preschool.
#finearts #sculpture #art

No. 386103

are we sure this isn't a voodoo doll for mana?

No. 386110

As the hashtags CLEARLY state, it's #FINEARTS #SCULPTURE dammit!

No. 386319

maybe that's the DREAM job she was talking about - becoming a potterer

No. 386337

maybe a mental institution..

No. 386375

She looks like a middle aged chinese man's first attempt at cross-dressing here somehow

No. 386376

wow wow, it isn't pottery… it's CERAMICS ART.watch out your words.

No. 386377

no dont say that! then she'll be happy she looks asian!

No. 386557


Looks like a mask pealed over a clay penis. Just missing balls.

No. 386565

File: 1495327650887.jpg (141.14 KB, 973x1024, IMG_4977.JPG)

Her fat fucking legs are triggering me. Bitch has always had legs like tree trunks but they're looking extra egregious these days.

Guess those workouts at the #gym are a thing of the past, huh?

No. 386567

File: 1495327794554.jpg (137.69 KB, 652x997, IMG_4975.JPG)

Speaking of those heinous fat things,

No. 386569

Sometimes I think Venus still sends her money, if not how could she afford living? She's too old and ugly for prostitution and I doubt she has a job.

No. 386574

There's no way. Margo would never settle for some of Venus's money, it's all or nothing. Recall that Margo wanted to "settle" for a mere $5k USD per month, for life, from Venus, which is more than Venus takes home in a month. Venus was in despair over it, because this was when Margo was at her peak of harassment of V, AND the channel (Vs only income source) was down.

Margo's doing her "massage" business; teaching German lessons; and getting some small stipend from her mom. Margit is the only person in the family who talks to Margo. That's her only alternative source of income.

If Venus gave Margo money, Margo couldn't stop herself from demanding more and more, and would attack Venus for not being able to pay at the level Margo demanded. I really doubt this is the case.

No. 386588

wow those legs are truly unfortunate

No. 386591

That description is perfect.

No wonder Venus has disordered eating and body image issues. THIS is the type of genetics she has to deal with if she doesn't keep herself in check. Daikon woman.

No. 386624

Ok what are those white specks on her clothing??? She's wearing black and there's white shit on it. Am I just seeing shit? It looks really disgusting!

No. 386626

dont worry, anon. the dirty filth she lives in was thoroughly discussed.

No. 386652

File: 1495346847207.jpg (285.71 KB, 1801x1154, IMG_4981.JPG)

>Ok what are those white specks on her clothing??
You missed this discussion the first time around? She's covered in lint & dandruff, lol. And an inch thick layer of cheap trowelled-on makeup.
This demented room tour vid is my all-time fave, second only to the bathing-in-leg-hair Old Japanese House one. A true classic that only gets better with time.

No. 386716


I really want another morning routine video. I can't believe that it's been over a year since she made this video. The milk was so good.

No. 386774

garlic, garlic, garlic!

No. 386830

File: 1495401526237.jpg (156.28 KB, 580x855, IMG_4998.JPG)

So how much do you think it sticks in her craw that VENOOS's doll gets 7x more likes on IG than she does…in 1/6 the time?
hahaha ya mangy old bum

No. 386831

File: 1495401571932.jpg (109.98 KB, 598x840, IMG_4997.JPG)

No. 386847

> U seee Weenoos. I can do diy doll by myself. Mah doll will be more pretty than your doll! Suck it booly!

And the end result >>386060

Now take your pills, marge…

No. 386858


venus's thread is in /snow/

No. 386865

Anon seriously no1cur.

No. 386866

and when did you get elected spokesman for ~everyone~ and what ~everyone~ cares about, again?

No. 386867


it's a general rule in margo threads to not post venus things unless it directly pertains to margo.

No. 386868

Well, she's not very good at it. Lol

Sigh She's very boring. If I were her I'd have deleted that account or made it private long time ago. What is the point of having it? Isn't she very busy now? She knows that most of the people commenting on her ig are just there waiting for drama and troll accounts trying to get more information lol

She's just torturing herself, a lot of her chaos is self-inflicted.

No. 386869

It's part of the fun in watching the slow painful decline and failure of this bitch, so it is pertinent in that sense.

No. 386871

It's OT. If she reacts to something related to Nasuko, then post it here.

No. 386882

Disliking Margo =/= Liking Venus

I don't trust the Palermos, that includes Venus, Aunt Zsu and her grandparents. I don't trust Manaki either and I do not agree with anything they do.

I hope it's all clear, so don't get upset when someone doesn't feel like applauding everything Venus does just because we all agree Margo is crazy and depressing af.

No. 386893

Agreed, I've always cared more about margo's crazy train. Venus is annoying, even once she was 'free' and became 'real' she's still a fucking cringy weeb.

No. 386894

File: 1495416894797.gif (865.53 KB, 520x316, sausages.gif)


They look like burnt sausages… But I guess you are what you eat.

No. 386937

>If I were her I'd have deleted that account or made it private long time ago. What is the point of having it?
I've asked myself that question, many times. Why does she even bother keeping up this little charade? You'd think it would be humiliating for her, watching her influence and supporters disappearing day by day.

It's like asking why a lizard does what it does though, that's the level she operates at. A lizard can't help itself and neither can she. It is what it is.

Fuck off and quit getting triggered every time someone dares to post something Venus-related. You can't separate them 100%. I think it's hilarious the doll gets 10x more likes than maggot and I bet it chaps her ass no end, so bring it on.

No. 386946

Seriously? We've been over this so many times.

No. 386957

>You'd think it would be humiliating for her,
I think it's just pointless. It's a waste of time and possibly hurtful. She should at least make it private and stop trying to prove shit to strangers.

>watching her influence and supporters disappearing day by day.

She never had an influence on anyone imo, just people taking sides during the drama.

>It's like asking why a lizard does what it does though, that's the level she operates at.

Mm.. she considers herself eccentric and enjoys the attention, that could explain that behavior, but what really concerns me is that she believes she has fans. She really doesn't care if it's a troll asking her questions, she happily responds to everything and she really shouldn't.

>Fuck off

Haha you agreed with me and told me to fuck off at the same time lmao.

No. 386969

I'm bored of Margo and her shit and I'm tired of Venus being an edgelord.

Venus and Margo deserve mental health and peace (and meds) but not so much of your time. The Palermos are leeches.

No. 386975

>Seriously? We've been over this so many times.
Yes, seriously. Who is this "we" and when did you* become their spokesman?

>don't get upset when someone doesn't feel like applauding everything Venus does
No one's "applauding Venus," triggered-chan. That post >>386830 was pointing out how pathetically irrelevant the maggot's become on IG.

No. 386977



No. 386978


She sounds like she's in a (hotel?) lobby somewhere, listen to that faint piano/elevator style music.

No. 386985

It's the same music she has been using in her every video for last two years.

No. 387008


It's funny how you think it's just one person replying to you. It's been at least me and one other person. Venus posts don't belong here. Once or twice a month someone posts something about venus that doesn't relate to margo, and then tries to twist it around by going "haha margo is gonna be so mad when she sees this". It's off-topic and doesn't belong here.

No. 387009

Stop arguing and derailing.

No. 387506

Not as funny as >>386865
claiming to speak for everyone.

No. 387516

File: 1495572200771.png (173.13 KB, 640x902, IMG_8551.PNG)

Walking home at night after a massage appointment, probably.

No. 387518


she's right though, no one ITT does care about your pweshush penus and how she's totes gonna piss off margo until margo is actually talking about it. take your assumptions to the thread in /snow/

No. 387520

what does the caption even mean? is it like a play on words? it's hurting my brain more than usual.

No. 387533

Bitch get over it.

It's like a play on words. Nothing important. She just saw those roses and tried to write something ~deep~ and clever.. not a fan of Margo and Venus' philosophical bullshit tbh, boring af.

No. 387552

You really gotta get over this. Most anons find (non-Margo-directed) Venus posts irrelevant, you're the only one who thinks random doll posts are somehow related to the MARGARET thread.

No. 387599

>you're the only one
bitch try again.
i always crack up, when venus-anon posts crossovers.
now shut up with your sperging derailing.

No. 387606

Bitch STOP.

No. 387633

at least learn to fucking sage if you're going to be a salty idiot and derail

No. 387780

>most anons find Venus irrelevant

Speak for yourself. I love seeing how miserable Margo looks in comparison to Venus because I know it's killing Margo deep down.

No. 387794

Agreed and as others have said many times before, not everyone keeps up with the Venus thread, so posting tangentially related Venus content on this thread is the only way us non-obsessed people can get a true picture of things in the Maggot universe. You absolutely cannot fully extricate Marge from Venus, Marge was born of Venus' popularity and notoriety. And no, I'm not a Venus fan.

No. 387854


Venus's doll has absolutely nothing to do with Marge. Unless Marge actually has a reaction or Venus says something related to Marge then it doesn't belong here. I know we're all desperate for milk but please don't shit up the thread with irrelevant stuff. This is the reason a separate Venus thread was created to begin with.

No. 387856

I agree. Most people wouldn't even be reading this thread if it wasn't for Venus. Venus is on topic imo. I'm not a Venus fan either.

Nah. Like I said, speak for yourself. Plenty of other anons disagree.

No. 387884

the Venus thread is there for a reason.

Sage all offtopic discussion.

No. 388161

It's not our problem that you can't 'keep up' with the Venus thread. You can skim it and get an idea of all the weeby shit she's posting, that doesn't count as being 'obsessed'.
We all know Venus is doing better than the hobo and is buying a ton of things WAY out of Margo's price range. Pretty much all the cows are living better than Margo, we don't need reminding.

No. 388389

It's not that I can't, it's that I don't, because I largely don't give a shit about Venus unless it's in the context of Marge and that includes compares and contrasts. I want a full picture, these cows are bound by a sinewy rope of drama. If I were writing up a report for someone I would absolutely include tangental Venus information just to give a clear landscape (or hellscape in Merge's case) to those watching from afar, especially the casual watchers who don't look in on Venus.
Sage for explaining this for the inth time

No. 388430

Venus's thread is pretty boring. I think anything that triggers Marge or anything that venus does that makes her pathetic (I.e. Her "copying" her ideas and trying to become the new Margaret angelic) is relevant, just like how Margaret's Hungarian family is important.

No. 388497

Hey, was reading though Margot threads till way last night and can't quite figure something out.

I know Grandpa Ferenc said that Venus' dad was an agri engineer, good guy, hard working, etc.

Was he ever a part of Venus' life or did Margot keep them separate? Seems very much like Margot to never let Venus have her dad in her life but the dad must have wanted to see her?

Does Venus' dad ever show up online? Or is he just not around at all? It sucks that Venus seems to be afraid of her entire extended family.

I wasn't sure where to ask this, but I thought it would get an answer here as opposed to Venus' thread where no1curr.

Also wasn't sure if this should have been saged, sorry.

No. 388499

I can agree with that, but we should only be posting stuff in reference to Marg's actual reactions. Anon was posting something -she- thought Marge\ would react to, not her actual reaction because there wasn't one. Shit like that is OT. If penus posts something and the Marg posts a reaction directly related to it, it's fine to post both, no one's arguing about that. We just don't wanna see stuff like "Wait until Marg see's this." Save it for when she's already seen it and ranting about it.

No. 388501

>>Was he ever a part of Venus' life or did Margot keep them separate?

Margo kept them separate. Margo got pregnant on purpose (per aunt zsu) so he would marry her, and Margo left and used Venus as a pawn for money when Venus was quite young, 3-4 years old? Narcs love court and harassing people through it, and Margo managed to drag out the divorce 10 years, so Venus was 13-14 when it was final. She did not see her father in all that time.

Venus did reach out to her dad in the course of Margo's Grand Spergout of 2016. She said he started asking her how much money she made, and said he was only interested in that, same as Margo. After that, she's decided to stay away from both her parents.

No. 388503

Venus said in one of her videos that she called her dad once and all he did was asking whether she calls just for money and if she works and how much she earns.

He either is like >>388501 says, or he thinks venus is like her mother and only contacts him for money.
But this is only speculation.

No. 388508


Ugh. That's depressing as fuck. If the dad was a really good guy, you'd think he'd forgive his daughter for what are essentially Margot's fuckups, but maybe he got burned too bad by the narc bullshit. It seems like narcs often use the kid in their war against whoever it is they're fighting with.

It's too bad that grandpa Ferenc or aunt Zsu can't step in and explain about Venus' money situation, but the father was probably so fucked over by Mags that he doesn't trust any of them.

Feels bad though. I wish Venus had stable family in her life. It's one thing to have a husband and the love of his family but sometimes you just want your own people.

Way OT but one of my best friends' dad and her hadn't spoken from the time she was six. Her mom drilled it into her growing up that her dad didn't love or care about her–anyhow, she got older and decided to take a chance, called her dad and after some uncomfortable words, it turned out that he thought she hated him, too–the narc mom had been telling them both that they hated the other all their lives. Sick shit.

Thanks for clarification, anons.

sage for blogpost and offtopic

No. 388529

File: 1495740486938.png (123.72 KB, 639x881, IMG_8558.PNG)

My god.

No. 388532

File: 1495740611158.png (117.53 KB, 624x997, IMG_8559.PNG)

Just to compare, this is from sept. 2016

No. 388533

Wow her chin is like.. 1 inch long.

No. 388550

File: 1495742896554.png (1.04 MB, 1590x1080, margg.png)

Is someone able to read what's written on the wall behind her ? It's from her last video. That might not be her though

No. 388611

File: 1495748026990.png (303.42 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

omfg top motherfucking send a priest for exorcism kek

Jfc,this is horrifying

No. 388613

Top right I can only read "close your eyes…"

No. 388614


No. 388616

File: 1495748239329.jpg (27.14 KB, 623x583, 3131.jpg)

rip hair…
is she not realizing how bad it looks?

No. 388620

File: 1495748368691.jpg (11.56 KB, 472x151, 13132.jpg)

which one of you was that
im dying

No. 388657

OMG how does she expect to learn another language - she can't even pronounce the word "vowel" in English. It comes out like "pho-ol". Listening to her try to pronounce anything is all is like she's talking through a mouthful of dicks.

And the wall writing - is she in a public room? It looks like a graffitied school study carroll, where she's covered the screen of the public computer with that tacky lace shawl. Her new room must be absolutely hoarded beyond belief if she can't shoot there any longer.

No. 388658

File: 1495751364359.png (52.64 KB, 608x247, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 3.28…)

"Yes I speak Korean"

Sure, Jan. I'm sure you make sounds that you think can be understood as Korean. You're not speaking Korean, you're making mushmouth sounds.

No. 388659

wtf is this, for a second I thought I was looking at the the raven sparks thread. Spooky.

No. 388660

File: 1495751432627.png (51.74 KB, 802x255, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 3.29…)

Here, her "lesson" is corrected… and like a good narc, sh makes a joke… then tells them that actually she's right.

No. 388661

File: 1495751521972.png (252.34 KB, 519x419, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 3.09…)

There's so many bad shots to choose from. And you can see there's a smoothing masque over her face - it just can't cope with her haggardness.

No. 388721


Her god-awful Korean pronounciation is triggering me.

Also a lot of the shit she is claiming is wrong. tell-tale sign that she got mamma-margaret to pay for a level 1 class at language school.

No. 388723

what a fucking moron

spoiler: there's no 'N' in anything. That's romanization. If you're still using that shit you don't know Korean.

No. 388727

>>Also a lot of the shit she is claiming is wrong. tell-tale sign that she got mamma-margaret to pay for a level 1 class at language school.

Also a tell-tale sign that she never paid attention when Venus paid for expensive language school tuition for them both from October - Dec 2015; Margo was just there to make sure Venus didn't get any bright ideas about independence, or make friends. And further evidence that Margo depended on Venus to learn the local languages of whatever new country she dragged her kid to; she never anticipated that she wouldn't have a built in translator-slave.

No. 388733

ng is it's own letter.

what a moron.

No. 388786

She still has eye infection despite antibiotics. I assume she uses V's old moldy Limecrime eyeshadow palette on daily basis. How disgusting!

No. 388925

Never trust anyone with a weak chin.

No. 389000

you can see her whole scalp jesus christ

No. 389313

I've seen that hair - pale scalp peering through too little, too thin hair so often on mall goths, but this is an extreme case. If you're naturally pale, and your hair is naturally pale, and you don't have a shitload of it, and you've already chemically damaged it, don't dye it black, you'll only draw more attention to the fact that it's barely hanging on and no longer covering your scalp sufficiently.

About the learning Korean: the easiest way to learn a language is immersion. She is in Korea, on her own, all the signs are in Korean, all the talk from strangers around her is, all the TV programs are. If she didn't have a severe personality order that affects the way her brain works, she'd have absorbed Korean like a sponge by now.

I'm still going to make fun of her because she's plain evil, but there's no denying that there's actually something very, very wrong with the way her brain works, and there's not much she can do about it.

No. 389355

I know people who have more than a decade living/working in another country and they still struggle with the language and it isn't because they have a problem with their brain, there are many factors that influence language learning. Do not assume anything.

No. 389356


she doesn't even understand how their alphabet works, it's the most basic shit and takes average people two weeks to learn. i learned how to read korean in high school from my friends and i still retain it 10 years later after no contact with any koreans. i get what you're saying but that's not what's happening, it's just sad.

No. 389366

Margo can speak other languages though

No. 389370

>it isn't because they have a problem with their brain, there are many factors that influence language learning. Do not assume anything.
Oh she has a problem with her brain all right, anon. She's a raging paranoid narcissist freak. Her problem isn't the reason her language skills suck but it's most definitely there. Bitch's brain is physically and irretrievably fucked. These people (with severe PD's) are genetic mutants, that's been proven in studies.

And beyond that, she's plain fucking evil.

No. 389387

Malformed, blighted brain + not very fucking bright (despite her grandiose Mensa genius IQ delusions) = can't speak a language for shit despite living in the country for over a year, plus going to "LANGUAGE SCHOOL."

No. 389404

I know people like that too, and in my experience they're either stoners, lazy, or they are so ethnocentric they feel it's beneath them to learn other languages. It's definitely not a sign of a fully functioning, well-rounded human being. Sage for only marginally maggot related.

No. 389407

Exactly, that's what I'm saying. Not being able to learn the language is tied into her inability to learn many things, not in the least how to act like a human being. Mutant is the right word, she's just wearing human skin, there's nothing there underneath.

No. 389424

I only believe studies I altered myself.
Agree with >>389404 anon, though. It's more of a "I'm good at everything therefore don't need to and keep pretending I'm already good at it" problem than a "my brain is genetically altered and I'm too handicapped to learn" problem.

Studies can be faulty as anything else. If it would be that easy, all you had to do to diagnose someone is to look at the brain. You can see which parts of the brain are active, but you can't for sure say PD "X" has this and that malformation, yet.

Sage for being a tad nitpicky

No. 389753

Margo began advertising for massages again this week, her ads appeared on both 5/26 and 5/27

Guess she's back to being low on cash

No. 389754

File: 1495936252182.png (80 KB, 1012x252, Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 6.47…)

dropped pic

No. 389756

It's pretty much an accepted medical fact though…multiple studies using brain scans have consistently demonstrated gray matter abnormalities in specific areas of the brain in people with severe PD's. Many were done in anti-social PD/psychopathy and borderline PD but here's one in NPD:

Their brains are fucked.

No. 389836

That's not new, she's been advertising her 'services' on CL for weeks.

No. 389837

She posted the ad again on the 26th and 27th, that was the point; she hadn't been posting them for a couple weeks.

No. 389909

File: 1495951604772.jpg (109.76 KB, 2008x448, IMG_4925.JPG)

She did have a 2 week gap there, wonder what happened? Probably "too BUSY!"
This one cracks me up tho… "my website that I made myself! See you!" Fucking old loon.

No. 390025

>Thai style

Translation: Happy ending possible

No. 390044

she is the best website maker in the world!

No. 390045

lol she's stopped with the "NO GENITALS THIS IS REAL MASSAGE" crap, is she finally giving up on the "I'm not a hooker" facade?

No. 390535

Yeah, now it's just "STRICTLY THERAPEUTIC for your overall health," no mention of genitals (ew this nasty old bitch) or "This is NOT an erotic service!" anymore either.

No. 390615


>Speak : English,German,some Spanish, some Japanese

OOh ? but not Korean, ey ? Not even "some Korean". I guess at least she's honest on her ads about her language levels.

Reality of that "some" :

>Some Japanese

Kawaii, Konichiwa, desu

>Some Spanish

Hola, Taco, Burrito, Salsa, Amor

No. 390665

Don't forget "okane"

No. 390922

File: 1496153857614.png (806.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170530-101204.png)

Right pic is actually from last August.

And even tho she is fatter in the before, she doesn't look like a raging narcissistic.

No. 390929

File: 1496155638733.jpg (48.01 KB, 442x332, IMG_5453.JPG)

When she was fatter, she def looked like a nice lady anyone would feel comfy hanging around. Far away from the soulless lizard look she started to have when she lost weight.

Kinda OT but Margo hasn't reacted to the apparent newfound contact between Venus and aunt Zsu, or has she? Here I was expecting good ole Margot to say something

No. 390940

Did I miss it? What new contact?

No. 390957

also sage goes into the email field newfag

No. 390984

looks like living vicariously off Venus' internet fame made Marge have a mid-life crisis.

No. 390986

i really dont get all of her "i supported venoos aaaaall the time" when all she did was drag her from country to country.
She shouldve just gotten a job in switzerland or kept hers and let her daughter have her youtube channel and sort the rest out on their own. Like, nothing margaret did contributed to venus popularity. Maybe the spotlight in my strange addiction and accepting some interviews, but thats it.

No. 391008

No. 391010

This isn't a very good article. It's very surface.

No. 391016


Why are you posting this in every thread?

No. 391035

psychology today is as much about psychology as the history channel is about history. try harder.

No. 391049

I'm extremely late, but how did nobody talk about the subject in question, Margo having more kids? she actually sounds like if she had a husband, she would be all for it. i feel like if she had another kid and it was a girl, she would do this internet fame shit all over again, but this time grooming them from birth and with manipulation and marketing experience

No. 391051

>>she actually sounds like if she had a husband, she would be all for it. i feel like if she had another kid and it was a girl, she would do this internet fame shit all over again, but this time grooming them from birth and with manipulation and marketing experience

Of course she would. She needs the husband to foot the bills / bilk for child support; she's not desperate enough for a kid to abuse, to go it alone. She'd want to do everything the same way (lengthy divorce, use kid for money and manipulation, live off new "child star") except THIS time, she thinks it'll work and she'll win and the kid will never leave her.

Stupid blag: my mom is a narc who went through this process to some extent. Narc moms love babies, and hate children. Once the baby develops it's own personality, they despise it except when it can bring them accolades. They truly think if they make a person, that person has to love and adore them forever, and belongs to them. Lose custody of the kids? Make more kids, these ones won't get taken away! Kids can't wait to get away from you? Make more, no way this happens again!

Anyway, point is: Margo wouldn't be the first narc mom to have a "do over" baby, and it does sound like she's down for it as long as she can find a mark to pin the financial side on.

No. 391066

that is scary. the difference looking at these old pics >>390922 is that yeah, she might have been a gold-digger, got pregnant on purpose to keep a man, and then later used them for money. But aside from that part, she looked like a normal mom who didn't put much thought into herself or appearances. Now she's a full blown stage mom ex-momager who's addicted to living through a younger girl with an asian fanbase. If she has another daughter, especially a Korean hafu, shit will hit the fan.

No. 391086

File: 1496182806485.jpg (194.72 KB, 1194x1257, IMG_5220.JPG)

So why does the old bum use a pic from 8/2016 for a '2007 vs 2017' post? Maybe because this is what she looks like now, living in a rented cell & living on free goshiwon ramen & rice…namely chunky asf.
Look at those massive thick calves, lol. Couldn't even cough up a (massively PS'd) recent pic, eh maggot?

No. 391091

I posted here and in Onision's thread as it's realative to both.

Oh well. That's why it was saged

No. 391095

presumed a man is crazy enough to impregnate her, let alone marry her.
who would marry a prostitute?

No. 391195

>not knowing the sage in all fields meme

No. 391442

b-but the sage is only in the name field smacked before the anonymous?

No. 391730


I just got a horrifying thought…what if she is doing the prostitution with two motives: making money AND having another child?

Imagine: she wouldn't need to marry the guy (because chances are he'd already be married), but she could probably blackmail him for as much money as possible (assuming, again, that he's already married).

Sage for idle speculation

No. 392498

File: 1496460254141.jpg (175.06 KB, 1046x1087, IMG_5338.JPG)

I wonder sometimes if the old psycho isn't in an inpatient psych hospital of some kind. She hasn't stuck her snout out in public (on an instagram pic anyway) for a month now, just selfies and random flower pics (that she could have downloaded from the Seoul version of Google images for all we know) and her only activity has been making "ceramic ART"(lol) that to me smacks of arts & crafts day at the asylum.
Just a thought..

No. 392534

File: 1496472584972.png (380.1 KB, 501x631, doubt.png)

She's been active on her facebook as-of last week, posting images of herself. Unless psyche wards in Seoul let you take in your AppleMac, cheap tacky jewelry and granny backdrops, I don't think Mags is in a ward.

No. 392623

What's the deal with her draping that lace doily over her laptop screen for pics lately? Lol dis old freak.
I just find it odd that she hasn't been out anywhere except that "pottery studio" for a month now. That and her new room looks more like a tiny storage closet than an actual room, from the tiny parts of it she's allowed to appear in her vids since she moved. Just a feeling I have that something's up.

No. 392651

File: 1496513428273.png (537.11 KB, 932x592, Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 11.1…)

Back at the pottery studio

No. 392655

maybe trying to hide the room's reflection?

No. 392842

In this pic she seems as a nice lady I could go ask for some advice about how to deal with my crazy psychopathic mother, not knowing she's a crazy psychopathic mother herself.

No. 392983

>in this pic she seems as a nice lady I could go ask for some advice
That's exactly what she's working so hard on, this image of the sweet nice mom, all flowers and positivity and who could possibly be mean to such a sweet lady? Oh yes, that would be her ungrateful boolying daughter who abandoned her all alone with no money!
She's still pushing that sob story just as hard as she can, sending flying monkeys to Venus's YT comment sections to screech "how could you do that to YOUR MOM! Stole her money and her channel and her laptop you bitch!!"

No. 393072

Until people that knew her irl realized what a trainwreck she really is. I wonder if she can keep the facade for longer now.

No. 393094

do you ever see her posting pictures with actual friends and not just random strangers she picked of the streets or "customers"?
it's a rhetorical question, dont dare to answer it

No. 393105

Kek her "cumstumers", making their dreams of a mature aged Frau giving them a happy ending come true.

I don't follow Margo's antics anymore, I grew bored of her flowery pictures and her wannabe artsy shit. Man, miss that old milk so bad.

No. 393109

Willam fucking roasted Margo on his recent Beatdown episode at 5:49, MY FUCKING SIDES.

No. 393110

She hasn't posted a pic with another human being for months (other than that random run-in with Xiaorishu back in March where she spotted Xiao on the street with her family and roped her into taking a selfie) and even way back when she did (rarely) post a pic with someone else in it it was a friend of the owner of her air bnb rental or something like that. The old nut has no friends and hasn't for years.

She must be SO creepy in person, I can't imagine. Just the sight of that tragic unfiltered face with 20 layers of clown makeup spackled on over those mega eyebags, plus that fried hair has gotta scare people off.

No. 393127

posted in the previous thread, many lols were had.

No. 393128

File: 1496621893533.jpg (50.16 KB, 633x263, IMG_5391.JPG)

>I don't follow Margo's antics anymore, I grew bored
You're right, she's boring asf these days. It's like without her kid to leech off she's shrivelled up to a dry husk of nothing, like a parasite that slowly dies when it's separated from its host.

That 'Room Tour' vid was pretty great though. And the "Ceramic Art" she keeps posting so proudly, that's worth a kek or 2 as well. But it's not like the good old days, that's for sure.

No. 393131

>she's a crack head

oh my god, amazing

No. 393133

>like a parasite that slowly dies when it's separated from its host.
top fukcing kek

>posts shitty old ass video
that was already posted in the last thread, retard

No. 393397


>I don't follow Margo's antics anymore, I grew bored of her flowery pictures and her wannabe artsy shit.

And this is prob one of the reasons why her followers die like flies. And the rest are just creepy dudes and dead accounts.
The only thing that makes me check on her is the fact if she is still in Korea and what she is going to do, if she leaves at some point.

But yeah, the great milk is sadly over.
I will forever wonder what kind of things we would have seen if the infamous live stream "Margaret Palermo speaking out" actually happened. I mean pure madness was going on behind closed doors.

No. 393439

File: 1496679961742.png (149.37 KB, 640x1028, IMG_8619.PNG)

Looks like she's using the stickers to block out the name of the ceramics company.

No. 393448

File: 1496682759405.jpg (50.5 KB, 474x552, IMG_5400.JPG)

Her eye still looks like it's fucked up. Chronic recurrent poopeye? An STD maybe? eww, dirty old hobo.
Dat hair too.

No. 393450

Eyebags on top of eyebags.

No. 393451

How delicious would it be if her hubris (insisting on living close enough to physically stalk her adult daughter despite not speaking the language and living like a pauper) cost her her eyesight <3
One can only dream

No. 393479

I wonder why she's not glazing her art projects. Might this be the "dream job" that she was going on about?

No. 393485

File: 1496687832945.jpg (31.12 KB, 450x300, Heino.jpg)


reminds me of

No. 393487

That nasty EYE
Looks swollen half shut, red and oozing. At least ole maghag's not wearing makeup on it this time around.

I was wondering the same thing, seems like she's practically living at that place now.

No. 393496

File: 1496690453315.png (353.76 KB, 443x439, Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 20.2…)

muh autism

You can just about see the white rectangle logo on the apron in >>392651

No. 393497

File: 1496690514806.png (104.4 KB, 688x545, IMG_2031.PNG)

Found the ceramics place through naver.

No. 393498

Good find!!

No. 393500

File: 1496690631447.png (86.02 KB, 750x737, IMG_2030.PNG)

lol nice timing :)
She is at the Gangnam branch. Here is her pic from instagram. You can tell by the pots on the right top corner

No. 393503

Can anyone get past the moonspeak to the pricing? Or does the membership thing have to be filled out to get that far?

If it's membership only, it's a weird thing to be spending her money on, rather than a bigger room, or a gym membership with nicer showers than her house.

No. 393506

File: 1496691118101.png (107.63 KB, 750x438, IMG_2032.PNG)

I think she is most likely doing the first one which is the cheapest and making ceramics by hand. It's about $90 for a month/4 sessions

No. 393511

File: 1496691801606.png (147.92 KB, 640x990, IMG_8620.PNG)

The rebellion of girl. Something ducky going on behind the scenes?

No. 393512

Damn, that's pricy, especially for a hobo with no fixed abode!

No. 393514

Ooh damn, anon. Highfive for them eagle eyes.

No. 393515


No. 393523


Shit damn fuck, this is what happens when I leave lolcow for a long time. Sorry ya'll

No. 393530

Maybe they have a discount for the destitute almost-homeless?

No. 393531

I can't read Korean but the bottom option on the listing looks like it says 30,000 KRW per lesson, which = $26.83 USD.
Am I wrong?

No. 393534

Apparently it's for members? Anyway, that might be the per class breakdown, but a moonspeaking anon said the lowest membership is 4 classes per month. When I tried to get through the sign up, it required membership.

But I don't know Korean, so you could be right.

No. 393639

The prices at the bottom are for short 2-3 hour classes. It doesn't really say anything about members, but it does mention you can't get 10+ hours of class. It looks like they're supposed to be supplementary or short/one off lessons. The ones at the top, you have to chose the number of sessions and end up getting the (#) for "free". It also looks like you need to pay for the clay for the more advanced classes because they give you 1kg of it, but you don't have to for the supplementary ones.

No. 393640

*you can't get 10+ sessions

sage for samefag

No. 393641

The bottom option is a one day experience class lasting 2-3 hours most likely popular with couples or parents with children.

No. 393767

bless you

thought of the same thing kek

so it's a ceramic studio where she needs a membership for taking lessons?
why would she do such a thing?

No. 393806

>a moonspeaking anon said the lowest membership is 4 classes per month.
No, no one said that. They said this:
>I think she is most likely doing the first one which is the cheapest and making ceramics by hand. It's about $90 for a month/4 sessions

There are options to sign up for single classes too, at the bottom. They're 30,000 KRW each ($26.80 USD.) Maybe you need to be a member to take those but I don't see anyone saying there's a mandatory # of classes/month you have to sign up for.

I really doubt the old kappa is paying $90/month for this place. A class or two sure but $90/month? nope.

No. 394190

File: 1496852102411.jpg (56.54 KB, 750x444, IMG_6451.JPG)

Margo chooses to live in a cupboard, dontcha know?

No. 394192

File: 1496852226409.jpg (232.22 KB, 750x1011, IMG_6453.JPG)

Also some other crap.

No. 394196

which probably means, she threw out or sold venus stuff that was in the storage

No. 394205

File: 1496855026285.jpg (488.28 KB, 1536x1874, o-ANN-COULTER-GOP-facebook.jpg)

>basic human being
Uhh…did she mean basic bitch?

No. 395623

File: 1497195612642.jpg (56 KB, 750x422, IMG_6458.JPG)

Oh Lord I hope this is a whim that she forgets about quickly. No poor animal deserves to suffer Margo.

No. 395624

you can sense all the animals in a five mile radius hiding to save themselves

No. 395650

She could buy a doll an make the doll famous for being a "living human".

No. 395651

File: 1497200247169.png (474.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170611-122439.png)

No. 395660

those eyebrows are fucking shooped on who is she trying to trick?

No. 395666


Those nostrils are so JPGey around the bottom edge.

No. 395668

She lives in a fucking goshiwon, there's no way she would ever be allowed to have a pet.

No. 395698

Her eyes are shooped too. Probably using the Perfect365 app.

No. 395704

Soooo where are shooped photos accepted for passports? Oh, Margoyle… quitcha lying.

No. 395708

Dakota Rose got away with it didn't she?

No. 395710

She might have just edited it for Instagram, not the actual passport photo.

No. 395738

Jfc Anon don't be retarded. She obviously photographed it and then used her usual filter on it. It's obvious af.

No. 395765

File: 1497227962186.png (52.94 KB, 748x457, IMG_2065.PNG)

In Korea they actually photoshop your passport/identification pictures for you to a certain degree

No. 395775

This photo is also heavily filtered.

No. 395776

File: 1497230394202.jpg (97.52 KB, 812x796, IMG_5548.JPG)

Everything in this is massively edited, filtered and shooped to shit. idk why people even bother with IG anymore, everyone's pics are like fictional representations of their fantasy selves with very little connection to reality.

We know what you really look like tho, magggss (and even this has the worst of that facial disaster filtered out)

No. 395778

yep (edited to reflect that sad fact)

No. 395825

That's grim. She looks like she should be sitting at the roadside in Romania.

No. 395838

i like how even with the copious amounts of blur, you can still see her weird nose cameltoe

No. 395909

File: 1497273847565.png (35.33 KB, 640x221, IMG_8741.PNG)

A pet rock would be a good choice.

No. 396242

File: 1497369297610.png (613.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170613-115311.png)

No. 396246

File: 1497370048519.png (637.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170613-120613.png)

She deleted this and replaced it with… this.

No. 396250

No. 396279

File: 1497374996694.gif (499.03 KB, 480x228, laughing.gif)

No. 396299

File: 1497377563417.gif (685.37 KB, 500x375, IMG_1650.GIF)

nightmare fuel

No. 396301


good call, the second one is much more horrifying.

No. 396355

Her nostrils look bigger than her eyes.

Ewww those mascara stains under her eyes. She forgot to remove her make up… or are those dark circles under her eyes?

She looks like those corpses pictures at the mortuary.

No. 396357

File: 1497387817733.jpg (189.86 KB, 1408x704, sVXOpOS.jpg)

Worst C3PO cosplay 2017

No. 396374

File: 1497389988233.png (218.69 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8768.PNG)

Holy crap her neighbours in that tiny place must HATE her.

No. 396388

File: 1497390776068.jpg (108.1 KB, 562x960, IMG_20170613_154940.jpg)

From the farms.

No. 396389

File: 1497390830020.jpg (79.3 KB, 555x806, IMG_5630.JPG)

No. 396390

File: 1497390862739.jpg (71.17 KB, 547x714, IMG_5629.JPG)

No. 396392

File: 1497391152130.png (285.09 KB, 750x1256, IMG_8139.PNG)

haha oh wow this guy is a real catch

No. 396396

Seems like a pretty low-functioning autist from his IG too, which you'd pretty much have to be to fall for marge & her crap these days. A new low, even by the already low bar set by her 'fans.'
What a shitshow.

No. 396397

>doesn't even know the basic pregnancy anatomy of the animal he wants to be
Marge sure knows how to pick them.

No. 396400

File: 1497391849476.jpg (42.52 KB, 363x428, IMG_5636.JPG)

Even the furries don't want him.
margo'll take him tho..

No. 396405

someone doxed Margo's bf months ago

No. 396412

File: 1497395656191.png (230.03 KB, 719x795, 2017_J.png)


I knew it was Suzii_qt.

Suzii_qt is your new favorite sockpuppet account right?

No. 396413

File: 1497395799258.png (108.87 KB, 617x798, 2017_6.png)

No. 396416

File: 1497396405655.png (41.32 KB, 719x265, 2017_63.png)

This is what that guy asked… you literally attack every single person who comments something you don't like on Venus' instagram and youtube lol

Lol quit paTrolling instagram and attacking users

Sage for feeding the troll.

No. 396431

File: 1497399605139.jpg (2.71 KB, 125x125, 1449154313383.jpg)

No. 396433

thank God for the return of margo milk, even if it is semi-skimmed

No. 396444

Where/who was this?

No. 396447

File: 1497403903550.jpg (46.99 KB, 480x480, PSX_20170613_210412.jpg)

So this is the "pet" she's been lol'ing about, hahaha.
Margo and her admirers, holy fuck. Look out Cody, you've got competition!

No. 396449

File: 1497404090083.jpg (155.01 KB, 957x1169, PSX_20170613_212159.jpg)

this guy too, remember him? He's been mia for awhile though, along with asslabyrinth. Cyrillos Kyrillus is still hanging in there though.

No. 396454

So wtf is a "pink lip paych"?

No. 396457

File: 1497405110659.jpg (260.39 KB, 600x589, chanel-sharashara-lippatch[1].…)


i'm guessing she's talking about jelly lip patches which are a thing in korea

No. 396510

Who are you talking to you sped and why are you doing it here? Go to KF to bitch if you have an issue with the person who posted this.

No. 396512

Calm down. The person they're talking to / about is Margo's furry boyfriend. The image they posted is of the comments he makes on Venus's accounts in defense of his princessu, Margo.

No. 396518

No, I was referring to >>396412
and >>396413
this fool bitching about the person who originally posted the convo with furryboy on KF, but doing it here because… why, exactly I have no idea.

No. 396658

Man remember when she used to brag about being able to wake up at 6am on the dot every day no exceptions? I guess living in a cupboard fucks with you like that.

No. 396685

So what does she do in an average day? Why does she have to get up so early, surely no one wants an exotic massage at 9am. Maybe she spends a couple hours wandering around, a few stalking Venus and then strokes sausages? I dont understand how she fills her time.

No. 396803

>margret palamo
>is it weird?
is that guy selfposting? or why is the exact same profile picture on the bottom as the guy has?
hi suziiiii

No. 396881

LMFAO "Look I don't have poopeye anymore look at my eyes"

No. 396884


her website claims she is an university student, which… how? Where? I really doubt it. Is she going to level one Korean classes once a week or something?

No. 396911

Margo always calls a language school a university.

No. 396925

not 100% sure about korea, but quite many universities with a foreign language division offer courses for people who aren't students at the university. she might be doing one? if so, twisting the truth yet again

No. 397117


I did something like that too, but I wouldn't have called myself a uni student then (although it was to get into uni later on). So that's probably it. Sage for unrelated life blogpost

No. 397146

File: 1497546924316.jpg (198.13 KB, 1099x1464, IMG_5675.JPG)

hahahahaa, magghag's pet autist wants to be VENOOS's pet now. Even @'d her in the comments so she'd be sure to see it.
Mange not gonna like that.

No. 397316

File: 1497571970296.png (47.8 KB, 307x259, Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 5.11…)

He and margo are still flirting up a storm, so who knows what's going on with that autist.

No. 397318

File: 1497572143939.png (52.78 KB, 308x335, Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 5.11…)

This whole comment chain is interesting - Margo's taken on a completely different tactic in regards to Venus. Someone asks Margo about the break in, and Margo acts totally gracious and even keeled.

The question wasn't "have you been in Seoul all of 2017?", though, Mags. The question was "did you try to break in?" The break in took place in December 2016. You were in Tokyo then, and you made a post saying you'd gone to Venus' house and the police were called. No one's accused you of being there this year.

No. 397327

File: 1497572765109.png (29.22 KB, 642x95, Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 5.17…)

And, he's gone and published his full name, email, and phone number via his Amway / MLM job.

No. 397328

File: 1497572788033.png (18.53 KB, 255x81, Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 5.17…)

No. 397333

File: 1497572958687.jpg (145.89 KB, 540x810, tumblr_ly8o3wvcdU1qkvqfjo1_540…)

No. 397616

File: 1497624123207.png (590.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170616-104009.png)

Merge is in contact with family? Or maybe just her mother updated her. (Hence why it's not an actual photo?) /Tinfoil

No. 397620

I doubt her sister is talking to her tbh, she seemed to be hardcore team Weenus in the midst of all the drama - it's gotta be an update from other family

No. 397625

there's several sisters, Zsu and Noemi (and I'm not sure if there's any other siblings). Zsu was always heavily pro Venus, we don't really know about Noemi but considering Zsu posted a picture of them together within the last 48 hours I would think she's also on Venus' side

No. 397627

It's not certain that it's Zsu, could be her other younger sister, who iirc is around Venus age. (Either one yr older or younger)

No. 397641

>>397616 margo said she's in touch with her mother regularly and therefore I guess she got the news from her.

Zsu already confirmed that there's a new born baby.

No. 397643

4 kids total, Mags is the oldest, then Ferenc jr, then Zsu, then Noemi much later on - Noemi is like 2 years older than Venus.

Since Zsu's already had her kids and just recently gone back to work now that her kids are older, this must be Noemi's second baby (she had a girl a year or so ago, Ferenc Sr. posted photos of the new baby when she was born).

And I agree with the others that the news came from Margitka. Noemi was born when Margo was just about ready to move out, I doubt they have any relationship.

No. 397644

File: 1497630815332.png (162.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170616-123107.png)

Why is she acting like she cares so much abt her family? Wasn't she always yelling abt how shitty they are and they're all part of a cult?

No. 397798

narcistic pretending to be a normal person

No. 397884

Whatever, marge. She rarely cracks triple-digit likes on IG anymore and her comments stay in the single digits too, so… #fail
life is hard for a washed-up old narc.

No. 398001

File: 1497698276876.jpg (69.31 KB, 932x596, mag.JPG)

>PS I have something to do with the birth though far away haha secret advice


No. 398013


No. 398014

That PS sounds like she's planning to abduct the kid or something, I've read it about 100 times and I can't get any non-creepy meaning from it.

>I have something to do with the birth though far away

I think either this is:
-she's narc-ing all over her younger sister to get involved with the baby, because Mags is perfect parent and would help better than anybody else (wants to be godmother maybe?)
-Margit told Margo she's very important to the family even though she's far away because of all the "secret advice" she gave to her younger sister growing up (maybe raising Venus = secret advice??) because Margit's a terrible enabler and wants Margo to feel smug?

I've spent way too long reading that one line over and over, I can't get anything better from it.

Also Margo never got on the photo sticker bandwagon right? I don't think I've seen her put them on any selfies, something about this photo screams "stolen from social media" to me.

No. 398017

I think Marg just had some random Secret Women's Business to impart on her sister. Like, when she heard her sister was pregnant she gave some advice for the birth and in her Marg-mind makes her think it all went so smoothly because of her contribution.

It was probably something as banal as 'don't worry about wearing knickers to the delivery suite and eat a curry to induce labour'

No. 398054

File: 1497719967916.png (1.89 MB, 2152x1748, 231313.png)

stalker anon on their way:
while zsu was delicate and layed it low only showing the hand or the back of the head, mayo has gotten no shame or decency :/

There were 2 new babies in the past day by the way. One from Noemi, the other from their brother Frank (Ferenc Junior) who iirc emigrated to Toronto, Canada.

It's possible btw that Mayo only took the pictures from social media. Mayo is "friends" with her mother on facebook. Noticeable only with her mother… neither her father nor her two sisters. Their brother doesnt seem to have a facebook account. If someone posted the baby pictures on facebook and Margitka (her mother) liked them, they would be visible for Mayo too I think.

Zsuzsa also reported that she got a week off from work and sat down together with her family in hungary (?) to celebrate the newborn baby. It's probably eating Mayo alive.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 398074

It sounds like Zsu actually went to help Noemi while she was in labor, too.

Being left out is probably getting to Margo on several fronts: narcs love babies. LOVE them. Babies look at the person holding them with rapt, loving attention. You're the whole world. And being looked at like that is everything to a narc. Especially narc moms - half the reason they're so mad at their kids is that the kid developed their own personality and stopped staring at them with rapt attention. The narc mom is always looking to get that moment back, when they baby knew nothing but love for the mom.

So Mags misses having a baby that loved her; she misses having that baby to control; she misses the boundless potential of imagining how great her future will be when her baby does everything for her, etc. And the family pulling together emphasizes that she wasn't invited for the birth, and that she's not only alone with her family, but without her child or a boyfriend.

With 2 new babies, I'm legit afraid Margo's gonna forgo the husband she said she'd need for a baby in her video and just get knocked up by whatever means necessary. We can only hope that at 42, it would take medical intervention for that to happen.

No. 398090

Why do you post their facebook accounts though?

Stop stalking that family anon seriously, it's about Margo, that gives you no right to invade her sister's privacy.

No. 398098

1) stop stalking people who are barely involved with this, thanks
2) margo even admitted herself that at least the first photo she posted is a random stock photo/'illustrative'. I guess the one you posted isn't, but that really isn't unusual - when my brothers were born (with a somewhat similar age gap to margarine and noemi), I posted face pictures of them all over the place as well. that's such a ridiculous point to nitpick.

No. 398106

Ikr? Anon is acting like a creepy stalker

Would that anon do the same to Venus and Manaki? Post their address and personal accounts and stuff?

Farmhands please..

No. 398143

>I have something to do with the birth though far away hehee
The old snake was probably skyping with mommy margitka in the hospital waiting room or something.
She had nothing "to do with" the birth, jfc this fucking creepy freak

No. 398179

File: 1497746349298.jpg (45 KB, 400x300, sponge-5.jpg)

Kek, she looks like a villain from Jojo.

No. 398276

lol thanks for the info but the facebook profiles weren't necessary, looks like a farmhand removed them already tho

lmao @ all the anons in here clutching pearls over stalking like that's not what this entire website is

No. 398312

Stalking Margo is fine. Stalking extended families and… babies… for no reason? They tell nothing about Margo.

No. 398406

This. Narcissists will often piggyback on other people's success/happiness and make it all about themselves. She probably hasn't even talked to that sister or even plans to unless she can milk it

Sage for blogpost

No. 398430

Interesting how she's sucking up to the Fam so hard now that her life as a globetrotting Celebrity Manager has gone up in smoke, she's lost the battle to Destroy VEENOOS and she has no one but her mommy to leech off anymore. She's given zero fucks about any of her siblings up till now but now suddenly she's IN LOVE WITH MY SEESTERS BABY you guys omg! And my brother too!!!

Fucking narcs.

No. 398647

File: 1497890797782.png (54.54 KB, 200x200, 11874-doge-wow-doge.png)

yeah, posting publicly available facebook profiles.
such stalking, wow.

I get it though, there are some weirdos who will contact them and there is no need for the profiles. Reactions in this thread over this anon posting them went a little overboard though imho.

No. 398776

Marge roasted @ 2:34 (kids & money) and 7:40 (maturity gap) with indirect references about her.

No. 398923

i think youre overanalyzing and over-interpreting this a little too much, multiverse

No. 398936

File: 1497955053640.jpg (102.89 KB, 750x468, IMG_6559.JPG)

No. 398942

File: 1497957130636.png (623.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170620-071124.png)

No. 398947

shiiiiit, I wonder what's up

No. 398948

File: 1497960388670.png (46.36 KB, 640x439, ohwow.png)

Just checked her twitter…

No. 398949

samefag, twitter must show her time of posting, it was about an hour ago

No. 398953


Lowkey wonder if its related to her low class prostituting ..

No. 398957

Maybe the poop eye spread.

No. 398969

STD checks

No. 398975

neither spreading poop eye, nor STD would require surgery though.

I take a wild guess and say it's her appendix..

No. 398978

OMG someone PLEASE float the rumour out that she's doing this to cover up intestine removal surgery to be thinner like she did to Weenus.

No. 398982

as funny as I think this is (I laughed hard), no one is actually interested in her or the margo x venus issue anymore besides us anons on lolcow and kiwi/pull

No. 399003


maggot posted a video of herself after the operation. I wonder for how long she will milk this for the pity points lmao

No. 399007

My money's on an appendectomy.
I'm sure Margo will drag this out by not responding to people's questions and pretend it's something super serious.

No. 399021

okay, let's brainstorm a little. what other reasons could there be?

dietary colon removal…
tubal pregnancy…
? …

No. 399023

intestine removal, duh

No. 399031

Lol, m. would be me and I didn't post the video, but okay, be paranoid, man. I know how y'all sperg about anything Venus.

No. 399032

File: 1497977594438.png (26.28 KB, 586x109, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 9.52…)

She's up

No. 399034

File: 1497977777644.png (571.77 KB, 928x595, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 9.54…)

Oh for christ's sake what a fucking drama queen. She's watched too much TV if she thinks they yank out your tube and you dramatically cough back to life. They take it out while you're still under and you never remember it.

No. 399035

And she's fucking filming her big dramatic fake cough

No. 399051

I've seen so many times in her comments people call her Margo. her name is Margaret lol do people not know it's for making fun of her

No. 399193


No. 399319


margo is a fairly common nickname for margaret…..

No. 399392

She fainted suicide to force her family to visit her? Her brother and sister had attention and margo was too much ignored.
> I'm goint to the river. I have no baby, just a booly that took all mah laif. Mah parents abandooned meee bc of booly nefew babies!!!

No. 399435


No. It's just an attention whore cancer removal!
Everyone in her family got attention and got visited. Even evil booly Weenoos. And margo needs to go to hospital because of attention seeking.

No. 399606


Until I see a surgery scar I'm sticking with STD.. o some shit that has to do with her shit low tier prostitution.

Or is on IV fluids for alcohol poisoning . .


This just looks like Margo practising her job..

No. 399673

File: 1497999286382.jpg (48.86 KB, 463x445, IMG_5818.JPG)

>tfw you post about your LIFESAVING SURGERY on IG and 15 hours later you have a grand total of … 18 comments asking what happened (and 11 on the 2nd post, from 7 hours ago)
IOW no one cares, you filthy old narc.

No. 399706

Lolcow isn't for planning that kind of creepy shit, read the rules. Don't ask other users to do whatever you want to do against the cow outside the site.

No. 399714

Lol. You can read exactly the same posts in KF, same people discussing the same shit and tinfoils over and over again.

No. 399715

No that's already moomoos thing

No. 399721

The thread never had its own identity in the first place. Multiverse ported posts over there from here for… internet points? Kiwifarms credibility? Now this thread has the same handful of kf posters posting the same shit over and over. Some people in this thread are cows themselves.

No. 399752

"same handful of kf posters"?
Wait, I thought everything everywhere was DAPHNE!
No? Yes?
So confused. pls explain, since you* know who everyone is on this anonymous board.

No. 399959

Ikr? Also Um..'s posts, it's actually easy to tell because they basically copy-paste their own posts and use the same pictures Lol

He, Multiverse herself said she's a Margo sperg, and she posts the same shit here and there, and you know it happens lol and no, that's a different girl.

Anyway if you aren't any of those KF users who post the same shit and tinfoils here then simply ignore it and discuss something else instead of infighting, thanks.

It's not the first time you react like that anyway lol ..

No. 400006

I remember when all this Venus drama started and Margo was getting floods of followers and comments. She managed to chase away a majority of her followers and friends

No. 400010

>managed to chase away a majority of her followers and friends
Story of her miserable life.
That plus she's boring asf these days without her kid to leech off. Without Venus she's just a boring middle-aged bum.

No. 400089

File: 1498038888271.png (701.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170621-055342.png)

Ohh boy.

No. 400090

File: 1498038911163.png (171.72 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170621-055355.png)

No. 400159

She made it sound as if she has Ovarian Cancer tumors that she had to have removed.

Such a drama queen

No. 400250

> my friends brought me a huge rollcake
You mean the nurses, not friends. I suppose you told them your family abandoned you and your bully daughter left you with nothing and without money. And boom! Pity party with rollcake for you margoth.

No. 400251

That's a common intervention for that age.

No. 400292

>You mean the nurses, not friends. I suppose you told them your family abandoned and then booly Godzilla came and told the tooth fai… tinfoil continues

Anon, do you ever read what you write? Lol

No. 400350

Idk tbh I thought the same thing. Maybe not about her telling them about Venus, but that her usual anon 'friends' came with cake. If someone is in hospital isn't the usual get well gift a card, ballons, flowers or a stuffed toy?

No. 400363

It's not unusual.

A simple "she bought that cake herself bc she has no friendzz!!1" would be a more credible theory.. kek

Do you know how many patients and people suffering do nurses see in a day? Lol wouldn't that be actually weird lol cakes for everyone then.

No. 400451

File: 1498104284293.jpg (170.7 KB, 1145x597, IMG_5827.JPG)

So…I guess she thought she'd be inundated with "OMG margo thank God you're okay!" comments? Sadly that didn't happen.

No. 400456

File: 1498104369707.jpg (158.6 KB, 1207x575, IMG_5831.JPG)

Meanwhile on VENOOS's insta:(derailing)

No. 400477


and this has what to do with margo?

No. 400492

Just gloating, that's all. Cause I know the maggot haaates that her SM presence is going down the shitter and Venus's is thriving.
And I'm a petty bitch.

No. 400523

Why can't Ms. Mensa Autodidact fucking say "I had laparoscopic surgery"?! Her worsening, meandering, vague English frustrates me to no end. It was far better 5 years ago.

I don't actually doubt that she has people she hangs out with in that termite colony she lives in. Probably all foreigners with no family or friends out there. Sometimes beggars can't be choosers when you are lonely and without ties to your current home. They also may feel morally obligated to visit her in the hospital when she has no one else.

I believe the previous anon was talking about how Margaret only had very common ovarian cysts treated, rather than potentially deadly ovarian cancer. She made things more dramatic than they had to be.

The Venus thread is so dead. I don't blame anon for mentioning her here in order to get a response. There is more posts there arguing about other anons than about Venus.

No. 400584


ffs we go over this like 50 times each thread. don't post about venus unless it has to do directly with marge! i don't care if her thread is dead, that doesn't change the rules of this thread. i am here for marge drama, venus posting about editing videos and buying slime has nothing to do with marge and does not belong in this thread.

No. 400648

you know, derailing for 5 posts about it is way worse than the 1 post about her to start with, sperg

No. 400695

last time something went on she was off from social media for quite some time saying she had to deal with a stressful family issue. this time: nothing.
Personally I think that has to do with marge. Now quit sperging about it.

No. 400893

It's not what Venus posts about, sperg. It's the fact that she's still thriving on SM a year after her lunatic mother did her damndest to ruin her reputation and destroy her Youtube channel that's the point. And considering that, it's extra delicious that poor old marge has evaporated into thin air on her SM…especially since SM adulation & validation is what her narc ass craves like a crackhead craves crack.

So calm your tits.(derailing)

No. 400907

Ditto, I don't mind the occasional comparison because maggot tried everything in her power to ruin her own child, and it's not working, because she's straight up crazy and the real world doesn't work the way narcissists think it does. I get life from the fact that karma is biting maggot hard, in the reproductive organs no less (schadenfreude, the same thing happened to a cunt I used to know more than ten years ago, when a friend told us she was in hospital because one of her ovaries exploded - his words - lulz were had because there was no one who deserved it more), and that Venus is trucking on and is doing her usual stuff, admittedly twee and not for everyone, with absolutely no need for a decrepit lunatic to "manage" her or to "direct" her videos.(derailing, not even saged)

No. 401000

Haha I'm with you anon. Tbh I'm just here because that spergelic is crazier than Margo, way more entertaining tbh.(derailing, not even saged)

No. 401035

So how is Marge paying for this emergency medical treatment? She isn't even a citizen…

No. 401054

guilt tripping margitka, setting a GoFundMe, sucking lots of dirty tiny Korean cock…

No. 401057

Oh let's see…
a) International health insurance
b) Family
c) Savings

No. 401068

Just because the venus thread is "dead" doesn't mean you get to start posting her irrelevant IG posts here. Also, if you see posts like >>400456 just report and carry on. We will handle it.

No. 401537

Health insurance? SAVINGS??
You really think the old derelict has any of that? You seem to have her confused with a functional human being.
It is an interesting question though…the bill for a hospital stay including a CT scan and laparoscopic surgery ain't gonna be cheap. So is SK cool with just handing out free medical care to destitute old visa scammers or will they go after her ass to try to collect some form of reimbursement? And if they do, wouldn't it be interesting if some bill collector finds some 'irregularities' in her visa status that ends up getting her ass deported?
Or maybe they just don't give a shit, which kind of seems to be the case given how long she's managed to game the system.

Either way, there's no way that hospital or the surgeon will ever see a red cent of payment for their services from this old bum.

No. 401574

Is it possible she returned to language school or she is taking courses at a legitimate community college/trade school and that is how she secured both visa(student visa), lodging and health coverage?

No. 401614

Even as a language student you will have to provide your own travel/health insurance.

She might be on a D-4 visa if she is attending language school. But if that's the case she is not allowed to work iirc. So she's either staying and working illegaly in the country or she is staying legally and working illegally.

No. 401620

Appendicitis will show up on a CT scan; that's how doctors diagnose it, determine how severe it is (perforated or not), and decide whether immediate surgery is required.

Immediate surgery has long been the treatment for appendicitis, but a majority of cases can be resolved with antibiotics (without resorting to surgery at all), so starting patients on a course of antibiotics instead of rushing them into surgery is increasingly common. And even for patients who do eventually require an appendectomy, starting with antibiotics doesn't hurt. So had Margo presented with appendicitis, she probably wouldn't have had surgery right away–especially not as a foreigner with no family or local support system, and probably no health coverage.

I thought it was a gallstone, myself. Gallstones can go totally undetected until they block the bile duct, and the sudden, intense pain and nausea she described fit that scenario. Plus she's the right age (40+); quickly dropped a lot of weight after being obese; and judging by her Insta her diet is high in fat and low in fiber–she's a perfect candidate for gallbladder/gallstone problems.

So now that we know it was an ovarian cyst, I wonder–did they remove the affected ovary? Because if they did, her chances of producing another dollchild have gone from slim to pretty much none. And that's a fine thing.

No. 401655

Have theories about her visa status ever been true?

She lived in Europe like a normal mother several years, she could have one, or maybe her family helped her, but that's boring right? keep continue tinfoiling worst-case scenarios and creating more drama, your fantasies about Margo are way more entertaining than her reality.

No. 401832

She and Venus both attended "language school" and used that to qualufy for student visas right up until Venus left her ass in early 2016, according to the maggot's own words on her instagram. The old bitch has been country-hopping and scamming the visa systems of several countries for years.

So what's your deal, maggot white knight?

No. 401858

>The old bitch has been country-hopping and scamming the visa systems of several countries for years.

Haha how many times have you repeated that?

That information is false and you don't know how that works. Things are like this:

>Margo has a student visa

>Never overstayed in any other country.
>Didn't work in Japan

>So what's your deal, maggot white knight?

I don't agree with you, I don't believe many of your tinfoils. Simple.

No. 401932

File: 1498364104520.gif (704.32 KB, 498x278, IMG_1575.GIF)

Sure, honey. Totally legit in every way, never scammed a day in her life or country-hopped to avoid deportation or to get out of paying taxes, noooo.

Oh and she's just a heartbroken mother, bravely carrying on after being left all alone with no income in a foreign country by her cruel ungrateful daughter, and so misunderstood and boolied by internet meanies! And she totally has medical insurance that she pays for, and savings too!

A margo wk, lol. How adorable.

No. 401940

To maintain a student visa you actually have to show up to school every day. In my experience If you had more than 10 days (or 40 hours, whichever came first) the school would report you to immigration. That was one school though, I heard others were more strict.

No. 401949

They've lived in Tenerife, the UK, the Netherlands and 2 chink countries. The first 3 are European territories, and as citizens of the EEA (which Switzerland is a part of) they don't need visas to stay in any of those places. They did it to escape the tax man and avoid getting Venus into a proper school so she could stay home with mama and make kawaii dolly videos.

No. 401950

This is false. I've been absent lots of times because of health issues and nobody said anything about my visa or eligibility to stay. Unless you break the law or are failing your classes nobody will give a shit.

No. 401969

Don't forget her world tour last year of Canada, US, Germany and back to Japan along with frequent trips back to SK that coincided with the 90 day tourist limit in Japan, before returning to the Plywood Palace for another 90 days or so until totally not coincidental that it coincided with the Japanese tourist entry limit, she left Japan one last time and hated the country and SK was wonderful so screw Japan.
But I'm sure that's all legit. Yup most definitely

No. 401979

File: 1498375807847.jpg (538.27 KB, 809x1518, Screenshot_20170625-002814.jpg)

Anyone wanna use their powers of autism for good and identify this goshiwan lobby?

No. 401980

It's likely that Margo is on a student visa, it raises a question though:

How is she able to pay at least 1500USD for 10-week programs at a language school? Assuming she wants to keep her visa she is going to have to continue being at least registered for class. She also has to pay her rent at the goshiwon and food/living expenses. I doubt she is making that much at her massage delivery business.

No. 401981


Highly unlikely that it was an appendicitis. She is far too old. Also most times there is no time for a CT scan. They will take your temp, look st symptoms, and then lightly press the area next to your right hip. Most times when you show up at the hospital it's a scene,

It will hurt like crazy if you have it. I mean before you even show up at the drs you will be so sick you won't be able to stand up straight. When they press the area you will yell in pain.

I'd like to think she had some evill twin growth who made her evil removed. Just a wish…

No. 401983

My mother ruptured her appendix at 40+, I don't think she's too old.

She's claiming it was an ovarian cyst, though I find that kinda sketchy. I doubt we'll ever find out, though, but one thing's for sure, she didn't 'just beat death' lol.

No. 401984

>#beat #death #survival

Omg, bitch. You had a super common, uncomplicated surgery yet you mocked your daughter when she had life-threatening sepsis. I still want to know what the "life-saving" meds Margaret had to get from London were.

No. 401986

She had said last year that the school reimbursed the money Venus had paid in advance for her. I wonder if she actually saved all that money and used it for this year's tuition. She definitely was not left penniless by Venus but her mom helped pay for all the other expenses, so that could explain why she is able to stay.

No. 402004

As we see no one wants her. Not even death.

No. 402017

If we could get more photos of the incisions, it'd be pretty easy to tell.
Biggest difference between endoscopic and say, appendix/gallbladder related surgeries is that the former has a small insision above the pubic line, the latter obviously doesn't, but as one on the right side of the body instead.

Regardless, none of it is pleasant and I wouldn't wish that pain on anybody.

No. 402052


I honestly thought Margo was much older

No. 402053

Hey fucking tone it down with ur racist remarks, dumbass.(make a report)

No. 402064

Uh, what school did you go to? Yonsei, Korea U, Ewha, Seoul U, Sogang and hongdae definitely follow these rules and have given warnings to other students I know. Even I received warnings for skipping half a week.

No. 402065

Im pretty sure they have regulations for people who go under unexpected emergency surgery?

No. 402068

Ovarian cysts don't fucking kill you wtf. I've had two burst and while it hurts like shit it's not going to kill you, JFC drama Queen

No. 402070

Dont get me wrong y'all. Possibly she really did have surgery. But knowing Mayo, it could all be fake or highly overdramatized. For all we know she couldve went into the hospital, moaning about pain in her lungs, being hospitalized for a few days for testing and observation and then kicked out after they realized she had nothing or was just faking it.

At least I wont trust her claims until I see those scars in a picture where she is clearly identifyable.

No. 402072

not wk here, but since mayo married a swiss person and lived there for over a decade or longer, it's possible she has a swiss passport. With that she doesnt need a visa in loads of countries.
Being married to a swiss citizen there is a fast-track naturalisation for switzerland with regulations of being married for 3 years and living in switzerland for 5 years.


No. 402081

learn to sage

and how is this in any way helpful for her? both passports have identical terms for visiting both Japan and SK

No. 402099

That gif again lol…

Margo didn't do anything illegal, even if reality and this topic in specific is difficult for you to understand, even if you want everyone else to hate her the same way you hate her, I can't agree with your theory simply because it was wrong.

Anons reported her in the past, did it work? Nope, and it won't.

>How adorable

Thank you

Venus didn't show any scars and we all know she had surgery, but Margo has to show her scars to prove you she had surgery? What's so hard to believe about it?

No. 402122

huh, a warning?
I went to yonsei and they didn't care if you showed up or not, they would just fail you if you were gone more than 1/3 of the time.

Anyway Margo can fail as much as she wants and just pay to do the same level again. Would be a good way to keep her visa.

No. 402140

File: 1498418348002.png (349.5 KB, 580x513, Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 12.1…)

Someone misses the days when she could wrangle con invites as a "celebrity manager"

Not sure what she's sperging about; the hall is crowded and rowdy but it's not like something totally beyond the pale is going on. Oh well, not like you need to worry about any of that, Mags!

No. 402170

not the anon ur replying to but i do think venus showed her scar either on insta or youtube? i remember her saying it looked like a smiley face.
we have no reason to doubt margo tho and even so, doesnt really matter. i think people are just desperate for milk from her, because she's been boring lately.

No. 402181

>Venus didn't show any scars and we all know she had surgery
>we all know
>we all
talk for yourself

no, she just talked about it. When she mentioned that her belly looks like a smiley face now, due to the scars was posted on instagram with a cat that looked sad.

No. 402340

Why does the word we trigger you so much? relax, seriously. I mentioned something that actually happened, it wasn't even negative.

Like anon said, Venus didn't show her scar she just described it, it isn't nrcessary to post your scars though, that's personal and up to you if you want to share it. The post is still there on her instagram.

>we have no reason to doubt margo tho and even so, doesnt really matter. i think people are just desperate for milk from her, because she's been boring lately.

Pretty much this.

No. 402348

Someone explain wtf she is on about? Pointing fingers? What does that even mean?

No. 402350

Ovarian cysts need to be removed in case they could be cancerous. Sorry your's burst, but they do need to be removed and because they can cause pain, its better to not just let them be. They aren't like normal sabescous cysts that with hot compresses MIGHT go away. Some of them can be very painful too to the point of needing them removed. We don't know if she wasn't in pain or not. Hell, I've had just a normal sabescous cyst that needed removal and I had to go to the ER for it because I couldn't handle how much it hurt. After it as removed everything was better though. I mean I can see where everyone is coming from with calling her out on having surgery and saying 'life saving'. but the cyst couldve been painful enough to need removing, couldve been a possible cancer scare, so it wouldve been better to remove it. I'm not going to hate on her for this one.

Saged for slight blog/OT

No. 402357

File: 1498462581114.png (449.11 KB, 927x598, Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.3…)

Well, she certainly wasn't in need for a blood transfusion and funeral deposit, anon, lol. This fuckin' drama queen.

And PS I've had ovarian cysts for 20 years. I've never had one removed, not necessary in the vast majority of cases. Not all of them "might be cancerous" don't be dramatic. It's extremely rare they need to be removed. And it's typically because they're big and painful, not because of cancer risk.

No. 402358

Basically, Mags was jelly of her sister and sister in law getting all the baby attention, so she had a "life saving surgery" complete with almost blood transfusions and funeral deposits

No. 402375

>blood transfusion was ready

Okay, just standard procedure to have some reserved just in case patient is a bleeder or there are complications with infection. Not too crazy.

>much money taken from my account in case of necessary funeral.

What the fuck, Marge?!

Ugh. Again, as those with experience have reiterated: ovariaian cysts are extremely common, most often do not need extensive removal and very rarely lead to cancerous tumors. Like removing several potentially dangerous raised moles does not automatically mean you were nearly at death's door. It's just precaution. I shouldn't be surprised by her narc tactics but it's not any less bonkers.

No. 402376

*ovarian. Oops.

No. 402394

sage but why is this still in /pt/? this cow's been dry for a while now

No. 402400


Because suddenly we should take everything Margo claims serious ? Its almost every other month that she claims to have something "about to kill her". She's over dramatic about everything, like her non life threatening ovarian cyst removal.

btw Venus did post a picture on her IG of her surgical scars feeling blah about it and saying it looked like a smiley face.


How can she have enough money for a funeral, but not a dime for a decent place to live.. OR better yet sue her daughter for her so called " half ownership" of "Venus Angelic" YT channel/profits.

No. 402536

When a simple surgical procedure becomes a high survival life theatening risk in her own sick mind, pretends that the whole world came to visit her in the hospital and that she helped her youngest sister with her psychic super powers… How sad must she be to surround herself with such a big amount of sweet lies. Like a child who thinks she can make her dreams true if she believes very hard. Sad…

No. 402544

> 18 months of recurring pain
> in case of necessary funeral

Sounds like:
> since Weenoos' booliing, stealing and abandooning me
> notice me papa!
> Weenoos knew it, abandooned me and left me for dead… BUT I SURVIVED BOOOOLYYY!!! HA!

No. 402548

> In case of necessary funeral

DraMarge queen saw in a catalog a coffin that is slightly more expensive that the cheapest one and had a megalomaniac woken orgasmic dream of her celebrity kawaii princess funeral with cortege and national day of mourning.

All her hashtags and posts are such a witz tsss #survival
Why can't she just stop covering herself with ridicule?!

No. 402617

threads don't get moved for how active they are it's the level of cow. margot is worse than a snowflake

No. 402647

I think that in many cases it depends on the situation they are in, like what happened with Einshine, his drama was on /pt/ but I think I saw it on /snow/ later and now it's just a memory.

No. 402676

Sage for blogpost, but '18 months of recurring pain" is common for ovarian cysts. It's not like oh my god i'm going to die pain, it's more like something that could be mistaken for a cramp or gas, and then it goes away and you don't think about it again until the next time it comes up. I had surgery for ovarian cysts a few years ago and it was incredibly easy, not scary, and not once did i think my life was in danger or that i had to put down funeral deposits.

To the anons speculating about mags still being in language school, I highly doubt it. she does everything she can to 'appear' legit, if she was actually going to school she would have talked about it or posted photos with classmates like she used to do wihen she and venus were enrolled. Nowadays she rarely posts when it's daytime hours where she is and is most active at night, indicating that she's depending on her massage business.

No. 402683

Sage for not contributing, but does anyone know if Venus's father is a Swiss citizen, or was he just living in Switzerland with an EU passport?

No. 403030

Swiss citizen. Iirc, according to Mags he lives in the house(farm)
he was born in.

No. 403238

>EU passport
how retarded are you exactly?

No. 403239

File: 1498646649721.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.35 KB, 960x540, sdadaw.jpg)

>btw Venus did post a picture on her IG of her surgical scars feeling blah about it and saying it looked like a smiley face.
precious venoos didnt show a pic of her scars. again, it was a sad cat.

quit sperging about that shit (and venus) in mayo's thread

No. 403240


I'm assuming anon meant 'is he swiss or from another EU country and just living there?'

No. 403241

the anon probably meant switzerland is not part of the EU

No. 403242

Yes we know
>reading comprehension

No. 403753

looks like Peggy Hill on the left

No. 403923

Yeah. Other poster is right. For an entire year a "friend" came to school less than once a week. After the first semester the school threatened him and he promised he would show up, however he past the semester final at the end both semesters despite never coming to school. He was purely in it for his Swedish bux and living in Japan.

No. 403925

My bad I forgot to mention we were attending universities and it was Japan not Korea… however Japan seems to be stricter with banning people who over stay their limits so I thought it was worth mentioning.

No. 404084


Damn, then Venus is a Swiss citizen. If you have at least one Swiss parent and you're born in Switzerland then you're automatically a citizen.

I was reading over some old threads and I saw that Maggot had threatened that Venus would have to go to Hungary and be a prostitute or something. I wonder if she never let Venus have a Swiss passport in order to control her, or something. Seems shitty to make sure Venus only has a passport for a country where she doesn't speak the language.

(And also kek that Margo is now a prostitue in SK. Karma.)


>A person is automatically Swiss if he or she is the child of married parents, at least one of whom is Swiss. The child of an unmarried Swiss woman is also automatically Swiss. Should an unmarried father be Swiss (and the mother a foreigner), the child can have Swiss citizenship as long as the father acknowledges paternity before the child turns legal age.

No. 404138

first: this is mayo's thread not venus.
second: this was figured out a long time ago.
third: she either has dual citizenship or never claimed her swiss citizenship since for the marriage they also seemed to only have contacted hungarian embassy.
fourth: that stuff was figured out and repeated over and over again for 3 or more years, newfag.

No. 404714


No. 407933

File: 1499455953749.jpg (503.97 KB, 810x1981, Screenshot_20170707-122455.jpg)

Since Margo's "lifesaving surgery" nearly 2 weeks ago, there's been not a single peep from Mags. No bragging on her newborn nephews or her fabulous hobo life at all. Then she did something interesting: she deleted nearly every YouTube video she ever made. What's left tells the story of ehat a Loving Mama she was to her ungrateful booly dottir: the first vid she ever uploaded, of her dying Venus's hair; a thank you to fans; the talk show promo where she has Predator hair; and her two videos about the Evil Plan. The last video up is the one she did at YT Space Tokyo and she may be obligated not to delete it.

So why? It can't be at the behest of her fsmily, because the videos about Venus's Evil Plan wouldn't still be up. Possible reasons include that her student visa renewal should be upcoming (needs to look stable, not like a visa hopping crack whore, especially because she doesn't have a flush bank account this time); and, possibly one of her clients is nervous about being exposed via photos or videos in the same locations at the same time (photo of this to follow.)

No. 407935

File: 1499456133006.jpg (206.77 KB, 1063x790, Screenshot_20170707-123320.jpg)

Here's Margo's last comments on twitter. She's responding to a story about a woman and a man being listed as "together" automatically on Snapchat, which caused his girlfriend to confront her. Margo says she's deleted Snapchat because of this feature, and all but 7 if her videos were deleted shortly thereafter. No Instagram posts have been made since this point.

No. 407939

File: 1499456588486.jpg (235.46 KB, 978x598, Screenshot_20170707-124247.jpg)

Her last significant online activity was to bring up several blogs abiut her "massage" business, including a screed against drunk massage with ominous references to "accusations" being made and clients getting too attached to her beauty.


But for now, the radio silence has deepened more than ever.

No. 407952

damn, you know mayo is terrible and all but hopefully this doesn't mean she'd been raped or something. this silence is weirding me out

No. 408051

My speculation: she's nervous about her visa which should be up for renewal in Sept. (student visas in SK are only good for 2 years at a time) especially given the large medical bills she's recently rung up. Even if she has insurance (which I doubt; she'd have to have registered as an alien in SK, done a bunch of paperwork and paid monthly premiums to be covered under their NHI) …even IF she did all that she'd still be on the hook for 20% of that bill. I don't think she has the means to pay any of it, whether 20% or (more likely) 100%, either one is a big chunk of change. Her parents might be balking at bailing her out of this one leaving her vulnerable to having her visa renewal rejected. A 42 year old indigent "language student" for the past 2 years with a large unpaid medical bill doesn't seem like an attractive prospect immigration-wise, to me anyway.

Tl;dr: She's nervous and trying to keep a very low profile atm, including scrubbing her YT channel.

I'd be so happy if this bish got deported back to Hungary. lol(sage this)

No. 408056

You bumping this thread for literally nothing.

No. 408119

File: 1499483026113.jpg (61.05 KB, 275x183, IMG_6002.JPG)

Poor marge. No one gives a shit about her anymore, not even da haterz on lolcow.

No. 409534

She is so quiet. It's so boring.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 409607

Why the fuck comment that nothing is happening without sageing?!?!

No. 411467

File: 1500237315887.jpg (260.03 KB, 1324x1946, IMG_6183.JPG)

Yes she is. Nothing on insta for almost 3 weeks now. It's the longest blackout since Sept.-Oct. of last year. She deleted most of her YT vids too. Her only online activity is an occasional tweet (which are always ignored) and updating her CL outcall "massage" ads (kek) every couple of days.

Her Twitter line is.. interesting? She follows all things Trump: his golf courses, his hotels (yes these things have Twitter accounts,) even his personal lawyer ffs.

No. 411471

File: 1500237581565.jpg (86.98 KB, 1226x615, IMG_6184.JPG)

and of course the man himself, and all his kids.

The funny part is she stays tweeting at, responding to or retweeting random ppl on Twitter and none of them ever responds or even acknowledges her efforts with a 'like.'

Except one guy..

No. 411472

File: 1500237799738.jpg (359.67 KB, 1204x1846, IMG_6158.JPG)

She basically livetweeted her recent BRUSH WITH DEATH (lol) and like everything else she tweets it was ignored. Well, almost. The single replies and 'likes' on each tweet are all from one guy, her newest online admirer.

No. 411473

File: 1500237834608.jpg (136.59 KB, 1146x878, IMG_6164.JPG)

one example:

No. 411475

File: 1500238009396.jpg (186.31 KB, 1207x1206, IMG_6167.JPG)

He's a (married) senior citizen and Trump fanatic from the suburbs of Chicago, IL

She's snagged yet another winner, y'all.

No. 411662

File: 1500299174151.png (821.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170717-094430.png)

She out here

No. 411713

Maybe she'll go to Chicago and I'll have a chance to see the crazy in person! A girl can dream…

No. 411757

She plans to be trump's mistress?

No. 411811

Anon why do have the urge to post here the personal profiles of every person talking to Margo and document everything about them? You already stalked his family, you sad stalker… inside your computer must be the creepiest shit..

No. 412212

nope, I was the family stalker…
thats another anon.

No. 412330

>and document everything about them?
Slight exaggeration, don't you think? It's the old guy's (public) Twitter profile and his (also public) Twitter comments, that's "stalking?"
To answer your question though, I posted it bc it shows yet again how low marge has fallen, you twit.

No. 413572

File: 1500515944579.png (408.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170719-215757.png)

She emerges.

No. 413573

that shit looks like hay now. literal hay.

No. 413575

Her hair is so dry, frizzy, and what's up with those dark splotches all over? What a mess.

No. 413576

She needs to shave it all off if she ever wants healthy hair again.

No. 413581

>Thank you for your best wishes
..,all 11 of them, eh marge? (from her previous posts)
Such a beloved public figure. Literally (almost) no one gives a shit, yet she forges on like the true batshit delusional narcissist she is.

No. 413584

And THIN. Like you can see her scalp peeking through what's left of her pathetic hair.

No. 413593

File: 1500518628796.jpg (16.15 KB, 261x297, Childs-Play-movie-01.jpg)

lovely hair there margo

No. 413759


No. 413768

You'd think Margo'd get better given how many times she's dyed her hair (and Venus'), yet somehow she's getting worse.

No. 413779

I use to talk/befriend to her, she was surprisingly sweeter than you'd expect her to be, a little weird, but if you didn't know about her drama she would just seem like an average adult, just with kinda odd interests

that was just the outer layer though

No. 413825

No. 413828

Wonder how long she'll go on until she realizes no one remembers or cares about her.

No. 413876

Vexxed is that you?

No. 413933

File: 1500577967359.gif (Spoiler Image,3.85 MB, 480x360, ɘɔnuod mɘ ɘʞɒm.gif)

>o shit boys they caught me out again

No. 413982

File: 1500584241256.jpg (47.4 KB, 500x333, 1322600989129.jpg)

>those bouncing tits

every time

No. 414024

his boobs are bigger than mine this is some bonafide bullshit

No. 414053

>I use to talk/befriend to her
Did she tell you all about how she was abused by the booly VENOOS and left all alone in a foreign country with NO INCOME?

People have posted on PULL about how ahe DM'd them after they 'liked' one of her IG posts trying to start convos and tell her sad heartbroken mother story. This was back in April or so but I'm sure she's done it both before and after that, including now. (See: 'Flying Monkey recruitment.')

Ol' assylabyrinth knows her intimately (or thinks he does) from many long DM convos, no doubt.

No. 414054

File: 1500591106015.jpg (289.12 KB, 1123x1124, IMG_5472.JPG)

Here's one:

No. 414281


I think y'all are pouncing on >>413779 for no reason.

>I use to talk/befriend

>if you didn't know about her drama
>that was just the outer layer though

Pretty sure this person's just trying to say they used to be friendly to her but she exposed herself, or has been exposed as, an utter cuntwaffle. We've seen that happen with Margo and her (former) admirers before…remember Hamburg Jassy?

No. 414330

Vexxed is not the only one who messaged mayo.

No. 414476

thank you captain obvious, we were just making fun of that asslicker

No. 414617

Speaking of Hamburg jassy and "befriending" marge…just a reminder to never 'lend' her $$, unless you're ok with never seeing it again. Jassy learned that the hard way, €110 worth.

No. 414640

Oh… she bleached her hair with piss… again…

No. 414643

Just look at his tits trying to slap that shit face!

No. 415090

You're just jelly cause they're bigger & bouncier than yours, don't lie.

No. 415528

File: 1500911351160.png (433.5 KB, 1044x525, 2017-07-24-17-45-www.youtube.c…)

Margaret deleted lots of her youtube videos. What crossed her mind? Why did she choose to leave these videos on her YouTube? Will she make videos again? I'm confused.

No. 415537

this was discussed a week ago, please read the thread before bumping with something we already talked about

No. 416088

Does marge already have poop eye syndrom in that video of 2012?

No. 416130

File: 1501028833444.jpg (127.82 KB, 750x539, margo comment.JPG)

Here's some new milk: Margo came out of retreat a day ago to comment on a year-old video, with the same conspiracy shit. Her "lifesaving surgery" seems to have hit her hard; "nothing left, no home, no money, no income, no friends, abused, with a PTSD [lol], isolated".

Whatever happened to all the friends she had in Korea before? All the friends who supposedly brought her gifts in the hospital? Did you make it up for asspats, Margo? Say it ain't so.

No. 416131

File: 1501028952256.jpg (78.48 KB, 663x569, veedeeoo.JPG)

This is the video in question. She's not any less crazy; she's just being more covert about it for whatever reason. I don't expect the ho game pays much when you look like she does, so Mama Margit must be keeping an iron grip on her allowance for Margo to have to skulk in YT comment sections (and instagram DMs if she's still up to that.)

No. 416150

File: 1501032798857.png (150.79 KB, 1280x720, Mahsources.png)


This girl's disclaimer lol

>"My sources are PULL and Lolcow"

Hahaha gurl… what does the word "Anonymous" here mean to you?

No. 417400

File: 1501355837406.png (926.94 KB, 1080x1920, 2017-07-29 17.58.49.png)

boring cow is boring

No. 417405

People who are asian can be born in Russia, and considering Russia is Euro-Asian it makes sense

No. 417406

are you retarded?

No. 417470


Do you guys know if there are any reuploads of her videos? I just got into the whole drama recently and the videos were already gone.

No. 417767


No, sadly. I fear they are gone forever unless she reuploads them herself.

RIP, laundry soaking in used leghair-infested bathwater video.

No. 417876

aren't there archive/download links for videos posted on here? I don't know how videos work on here very well so sorry if my suggestion is useless

No. 417954

Nope. All the old vids that were embedded here now say 'this video is unavailable.'
They're gooone.

No. 417996

You could try checking on kiwifarms, I know they at least had a Margo thread and it's possible someone over there downloaded them/backed em up.
I hope they aren't lost forever, they were pretty amazing/horrifying.

No. 418103

….I thought these were weird akatsuki cosplayers

No. 418307

File: 1501628323582.gif (357.35 KB, 275x124, IMG_6501.GIF)

No. 418517

File: 1501696082013.png (742.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170802-134242.png)

No. 418532

Looks like a boss from a side-scrolling shooting game which gets sucked in another parallel world.

No. 418540

I'm seriously wondering what went through her head as she posted this

No. 418548

She needs attention. She probably would even upload a picture of her vagina if it's not against the rules of instagram.

No. 418559

Nightmare fuel. Seriously.

No. 419970

she thinks she's a edgy oh so randumm memester

No. 423592

File: 1502732828480.jpg (18.5 KB, 290x120, psychoveenus.JPG)

From time to time I wonder how my former fave cow maggot is doing and glad to see that noting has changed and still the bitter ass is, even when she almost vanished for whatever reason.

No. 423737

Oh she's still angry and bitter as fuck. Also very broke and hanging on by a thread financially which fuels the flames (since that's all VEENOOS's fault, you know.)

No. 424659

Nah, I never been involved with cow drama, I don't even exist on the internet

No. 427810

File: 1503587357485.png (191.99 KB, 1300x598, 2017-08-24-17-03-www.outcallma…)

Little update : Margaret has now a shop on her website, selling hideous merch for an unjustified price.

No. 427815

$40 for a as tote bag with basic font. Okay then.

No. 427827


She had better woven the canvas herself for that price.

If she is legit and seriously skilled, why couldn't she just open a new YouTube channel dedicated to massage therapy and promote herself that way? Opening a shop like this makes no sense if nobody knows the reason the items were made or why anyone can call her a massage therapist without proof of her skills.

No. 427845

why is one of them like $14 cheaper if they're the same bag?(and the cheap one is more designed)

No. 427934

Wat. Why would you pay almost double for a more simple design tote??

No. 427936

File: 1503603212012.png (158.38 KB, 875x427, Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 12.3…)

You can also buy a coffee mug for as little as $20-$25 USD. What a deal!

No. 427937

File: 1503603249235.png (160.11 KB, 861x417, Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 12.3…)

Or an iPhone case, is that one of her "paintings"?

No. 427940

File: 1503603346956.png (168.91 KB, 902x324, Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 12.3…)

She's also offering her "weight loss success!" story

No. 427941

hobo logic
Also I'm pretty sure she doesn't own most of these images.

No. 427944

Oh, there's no way she has permission to use the images. She's just using whatever online shop and thinks she's too much of a genius for anyone to realize she's stolen them. Seeing as she won't sell anything it probably makes no difference.

No. 427957

If you turn that mug ever so slightly it'll say Sage Rapist, make some of our frequent posters would enjoy it.

No. 428092

i was just thinking that.

No. 428201

File: 1503630662144.png (18.9 KB, 438x389, 1490188972146.png)

No. 428236

I think it's because the one with the font is front and back printed. And these sort of print shops add coin for any print no matter how small or unspectacular it is.

No. 428681

File: 1503713622459.png (920.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170825-220816.png)


No. 428682

Oh! It got one like then she deleted it.

No. 428709

File: 1503716197435.jpg (151.25 KB, 1083x1384, IMG_6656.JPG)

sorry but this is some sad, crappy merch. Who's gonna buy this crap? As if anyone (but us) can even find it since she's ghosted from SM for months now..

No. 428765

This is a "woahhh" for you? Seems like a lame attempt at edgelord Satanist commentary about the Bible being 'fiction,' yes? Hardly a woahhh, more like an eyerolll.

No. 428823

Definitely think Margo is referring to that Basic Income book on the top right.

No. 428847

I'm pretty sure that comment was sarcastic. Like "woooah, watch out, we have a badass over here" /s.

No. 428957

>referring to that Basic Income book on the top right.
that makes no sense (to me anyway.)

No. 431260

maggot's latest video about asking people for paying her storage. 35$ has been donated so far, her goal is 3.800 $.


No. 431299


Margaret Palermo, e-begging again. $35 in 6 days, what an outpouring of love & support! Lol

No. 431301

lolcow's back!!

No. 431303


correction: $35 raised in 8 days. How embarrassing, haha

No. 431360

Actually she wants $3800 to pay for shipping her 120 boxes of shit from storage in the Netherlands to Seoul. Fucking batshit old loon.

No. 431366

including a washing machine.

it would be cheaper for mArgo to crowdfund a ticket to NL and sell the shit there.

No. 431372


Either way, 35 bucks ain't gonna pay for shit. That's the point and I'm loving watching this gigantic fail. L O V I N G I T .

No. 431507

Why doesn't she ask her family to store the most important shit in their attic or something? Should be easy enough to throw away a washing machine and other things that don't really matter, save photos and expensive things and use skype to see what she wants to save from the left over pile. She is quite stupid for being a member of ~~mensa~~

No. 431509

Someone asked her on youtube and she replied something like: 'why should they pay for Venus' bills?'
Unfortunately this respond seems to be deleted now. But the question is still there.

I thought I had a screenshot, but I'm afraid I missed making one…

So, in short: She doesn't ask them because she prefers to continue blaming venus.

No. 431608

Her family is in Hungary, far away from the stored hoard in the Netherlands.

No. 431621

Doesnt matter, it's still cheaper if she got someone from her family to fly/drive over there and deal with the shit, instead of getting the shit shipped to her to south korea (?).
Then again, she was shunned from them mostely back then when she stopped going to church, which is why it was always rumored theyre from some sect or something.

No. 431682


Point is, her family doesn't seem to give a crap about helping her, financially or otherwise at this point. And it's not because she 'stopped going to church,' it's because she's a toxic batshit crazy piece of shit who's driven away everyone she's ever touched.

No. 431931

She's claiming that she will lose the stability she has in her life if she goes back to Europe? BITCH, PLEASE! Posting "massage" ads for an income while on a student visa as a mad man north of the border keeps threatening nuclear war isn't exactly a stable life. No ones falling for your shit, Marge.

No. 432087

But if she goes to Europe, she's going to have to wear a burka because it's so unstable here! How can she find customers if she can't show off her sexy young body??

No. 432129

>while on a student visa
…which expires this Nov btw. You think she'll be allowed to renew with $00.00 to her name (by her own admission) and no stable income source? Stay tuned..

Her claiming to have a "stable life" is laughable. She's one tiny step from living on the streets and scavenging out of garbage cans.

No. 432197

but they're kawaii nipponese garbage cans, she'll be able to eat oishii food scraps from them~

No. 432198

That's maybe the reason why she needs her washing machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1hnBv12-uk

No. 432323

>stable life
Guess in her warped view of reality, staying in the same rented cubicle longer than 6 months = "stable."

not nipponese, she's in Korea.

No. 432324

this is awesome

No. 432357

Not trying to be edgy but I'm genuinely surprised Kappa mom isn't dead yet, will she live a long miserable life?

No. 432387

>she live a long miserable life?
Yes. She's tenacious and indestructible like a cockroach infestation. She'll outlast everyone here.

No. 433185

how did her trash get to the NL? When she is performing outpatient massages on CL in Korea?

No. 433410


It's from when they lived in the NL for like 8 months in 2014, country-hopping. She ran there from London, before running to Japan and later Korea in 2015-2016.

No. 434485

File: 1505500990624.png (836.19 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2017-09-15-14-42-37.p…)


No. 434505

Aaaaand deleted

No. 434650

Honestly, I'm waiting for the day when Maggot's ramblings eventually just look like she dragged her finger across her phone camera and hit send

No. 436431

File: 1505919398466.jpg (340.45 KB, 1242x1681, kF1JpD1.jpg)

You guys are missing the fun on Tsukuro's Instagram page. Now Maggie claims Venus was making arrangements with a hit man!

No. 436435

File: 1505922226326.jpg (20.6 KB, 540x192, IMG_20170920_174131_424.JPG)

Oh boy, I guess she is really triggered by her daughter actually having friends now that she's far away from her psycho mother…

No. 436499

>Oh yes she prepared you it's gonna be suicide
at this point, i do believe margo could get delusional enough that she would commit suicide in hopes of it looking like "venoos did it"

No. 436511

File: 1505932548722.png (76.45 KB, 1219x505, howfarwillmargogo.png)

some more stuff from earlier in the tsuruko instagram post, read starting from the left, top to bottom (i suck at paint, so sorry ): )

margo leaves that first comment out of nowhere on tsuruko's post, then someone finally notices her, and it goes from there.

No. 436519

I do think that Margo is triggered seeing Venus trying to help tsuruko with her Patreon, since she failed with her fundraising. Venus didn't help and Margo sure feels like she needs money more than tsuruko.
Yet, I don't know why she is talking on tsuruko's pic and not on the post from Venus.

No. 436523

Venus blocked her I think. Margo would have to use an other account and I'm sure Venus would delete that comment asap.

No. 436528

What the fuck? Who is this person she's fighting with??

No. 436534

No idea why she replied to herself on this, but fucking kek

No. 436535

File: 1505934611843.png (29.24 KB, 309x146, Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.0…)

dropped pic

No. 436569

aside from being an irrational narc, she seems to believe everything you ever buy for your daughter is actually yours and they need to pay you back. even her clothes

No. 436573

>>she seems to believe everything you ever buy for your daughter is actually yours and they need to pay you back

This is actually really common among narc parents; if you've ever perused /r/raisedbynarcissists, more than one person has been presented with an invoice upon their 18th bday, for costs incurred by the narc while they raised their child. The narcs see no issue with either tracking that shit shit from birth, or expecting to be paid back. It's totally insane, but to them it's the most logical thing in the world.

In Margo's case, however, it was Venus making the money as a kid. Margo always says she was the driving force behind it, by doing things like making websites and maintaining tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc. Turns out, absolutely none of that shit was necessary: Venus is fine with a single popular social media account and her YT channel. All that manic activity Margo did, all the shitposting, at best it did nothing, and at worst, she gave Venus a bad rep for starting so many slap fights with V's accounts.

No. 436580

god I hate narcs so much
sage no1curr

No. 436647

What fucking bills? The ones in korea? I doubt she's still paying for anything that was going on while venus was still there.
Is she saying shes paying for Venus's bills in japan?
I though manaki was the breadwinner.

And who is this person margo is spurging about now.

No. 436650


So is this her first comment, and the others all replies to ppl telling her to eff off? I'm so confused. (Her comments are all deleted now btw, just the replies to her are still up.)

No. 436665

Mags' first comment seems to be either the one about needing to pay a €520 storage bill, or this comment. The "you're next" thing was posted on the earlier photo but the one about the storage bill seems like a continuation of a DM mags may have sent this chick?

No. 436675


well the hag's comments are all deleted now so who knows what the initial one was. I'm still confused but w/e.

No. 436693

Nope she just blocked you. I still see all of her comments that are posted here.

No. 436694

btw hi enkidu_1308

No. 436697


I believe she's referring to her rental unit with her garbage in it… But believes V should be paying half simply because V left behind maybe a few things she didn't want anymore.

No. 436777

File: 1505965710865.png (262.99 KB, 942x610, margo.png)

No. 436922

File: 1505978793364.jpg (351.26 KB, 1242x1907, 2u6URtm.jpg)

Margaret always manages to out-scum herself. She's so hateful, she is probably looking forward to SK and Japan also suffering so Venus can be eliminated in the process.
It's going to be the initial explosive force of a bomb that will vaporize thousands of people at once. It's not about whether we can survive the radiation years later. Then of course, Seoul and Japan will receive retaliation afterward. Where is this bitch going to flee?

No. 436923

>>Where is this bitch going to flee?

Why, to her boyfriend The Donald, of course. He cannot resit her charms.

No. 436929

she posts like a 2edgy 12 year old. Cringe.

No. 436932

You know the saying about evil. The evil are hard to kill while to good ones die off before their time. I'm sure this applies to why this ogre is still alive.

No. 436935

2800$ is not the same as a Conbini worker. If you work at a Conbini 40hrs/week you make only around 1600$.

But really, whatever, because Venus for sure makes more money than Marge.

No. 436938

Even if she did only earn as much as a convenience store clerk, Venus's job is way more comfortable. She gets to pcik what kind of videos she wants to do, and she can set her own hours. Which is especially good if she's taking language classes or wants to go to school later on.

But Marge doesn't give a shit about Venus's quality of life. Marge is all about the $$$.

No. 436943

I'm really interested in this new story about Venus hiring a hitman! So it's not enough that "Venus wants me to die!", she is claiming that Venus was actually going to pay someone to murder her. Let's see how she spins that story.

No. 436949

>our channels earnings
honestly hate this woman. Every single underage youtuber who had some success had help from their parents. Bethany Mota is the first that comes to my mind, her mom was behind most of it when she was younger. yet none of their parents probably think of themselves as the masterminds/owners/managers of their accounts. If she's so brilliant, why hasn't her own channel taken off? Right, because it's who's on camera that makes all the difference.

No. 436950

>> margaretpalermo @margaretpalermo
Wtf? She responds to herself? Is that Marge's legendary vaginal monologue???

>> it's gonna be suicide

Aka "Support me and blame Weenoos or I commit suicide and it will be your fault! I'm your queen and you will bitterly regret it if you don't obey!"

Again f* projecting

Facts confrontation doesn't seem to work since long time ago… she needs mental health care and a straitjacket

marge hoped that her conditional psycho Mutterliebe towards Weenoos would sound to fans more legitimate to fundraising than that lousy Tsuruko that works for money.
How dare you Tsuruko! Weenoos is a thief!

That fight against herself seems so… like herself. I can't stop laughing at the idea that at that exact moment she's shouting to herself in the street and slapping her own face saying:
'Give mah moneys back, Weenoos!' Slap! 'And my komputer!' Slap! 'And mah channel' slap 'husbando' slap 'my jugend' bla bla bla slap slap slap… 'STOP HITTING ME WEENOOS!!! ISCH BIN DEINE MUTTERRR! Respect me!!!' Self punch in her face 'BOOLIY! BOOOLYYY!!! Heeelp meee! She wants to suicide me!!!' And everyone around terrified not knowing what's going on. Top kek!

No. 436952

>> Please dear Donaldo Turump, suicide me with nuclear weapon, so she (or me?? Idk anymore, whatever!), ungrateful Weenoos will dies from radiation that'll show her me dying so she suicides after dying. And then I'll go back to Europe to radiate grief to my family and enemies so they suicide from radiation. Then I go live to canada at my bruder's house. They will die but I don't want to die alone anyway!

No. 436954

Marge be like:
>> Tsss, combini store seller eyes rolling

No. 436998

it's simple. If it was a business she shouldve gotten a contract while agreeing on terms and conditions of their business relations and financial share. Does mayo have a contract? No? End of discussion then. She can lie out of her arse all day.
Narc mom just got her fingers into venus' accounts and now believes because she squeezed herself into any chance of spotlight that she could get, that no one else was interested in because they always were only interested in the "living doll persona" aka venus, that she owns anything. god that woman is so damn batshit crazy her delusions are unbelievable.

No. 436999

i know this is weeks old, but - besides the absurdity of her phrase - doesnt asia even have more muslims than europe?
in europe around 6-8% of all inhabitants are muslim, in asia it's around 26%…
this woman is so illiterate and delusional it hurts my brain.

No. 437024

not east asia.

No. 437038

Cuz Venus stole her laptop duh. But serioys anyone with a brain can tell it was Venus doing fucking everything in that house while Margo spent all her money on tacky crystals while venus got her handmedowns

No. 437056


Why maggot so pissed out of sudden? I get the feeling that she really needs money right now or in the upcoming time and seeing that all the everybody except her are getting some $$$ and she not.

Someone wrote here that she waits to re-new her student visa in SK and does she need a specific amount of money on her bank account to be able to stay there for a bit longer?

No. 437106

File: 1506026164662.jpg (71.21 KB, 540x407, IMG_20170921_223119_777.JPG)

No. 5 says: you've got to prove that you can support yourself financially during your stay.

No. 437160

File: 1506030235611.png (30.43 KB, 304x171, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.42…)

The end of this caption. Margo is convinced Venus wants to leave Manaki, and still obsessed with somehow linking V to a "low class" job like a combini clerk. Hey Marge, remember when a combini clerk saved your homeless ass from sleeping outside?

No. 437162

File: 1506030368412.png (30.13 KB, 305x179, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.44…)

Venus and her hitman are sometimes after Margo, sometimes not

No. 437163

File: 1506030474143.png (56.4 KB, 301x337, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.44…)

Like any narc parent, Margo was totally ignorant of how depressed Venus was, and that she'd been trying to explain to Margo that she'd like to live with her husband, please. It just came out of nowhere one day!

No. 437164

File: 1506030515594.png (33.41 KB, 293x175, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.44…)


Margo claims Venus told her she plans to leave Manaki as soon as she gets her visa.

No. 437166

File: 1506030611828.png (37.8 KB, 302x209, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.45…)

Good question, dude. Why don't you just make an awesome channel if all the work was yours, Mags? You didn't have any problem making videos all those months in Japan, you still have a phone, a laptop, and editing software.

No. 437168

File: 1506030673792.png (20.98 KB, 306x107, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.45…)

Who says Margo is concerned, huh? Huh? She's just posting for your information, not because she c-c-cares or anything like that! Baka!

No. 437169

I guess in Margo's mind, Venus withholding money for parfait and Adidas wear is like ordering her excecution.

No. 437170

File: 1506030931810.png (57.24 KB, 306x364, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.54…)

Margo momentarily pretends she's not a sociopathic edgelord who's dying to suck Trump-san off.

No. 437171

File: 1506030949719.png (20.92 KB, 306x97, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 2.54…)

No. 437179

File: 1506032182521.jpg (11.55 KB, 236x233, 1506028587577.jpg)

>no equipment nor time
margo thinks time and equipment is the only reason she doesn't have a channel with a million subscribers huh. not because she's a boring crazy hag in her 40's

No. 437243

File: 1506037822685.png (45.19 KB, 307x267, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 4.45…)

2 more years of harassment incoming, apparently

No. 437276

gee, too bad she has zero following, zero influence and zero power these days. Rant on you crazy old bitch, no one's listening and no one gives a single fuck (except us, your loyal haterz)

No. 437340

bless you for milking the cow good fellow farmer

>Margo claims Venus told her she plans to leave Manaki as soon as she gets her visa.
i think it's even possible she did. As part of telling mayo that precious venoos will not leave her but just to marry manaki for visa for her and her mother to stay in japan. i dont think her mother wouldve "allowed" her to marry and stood so calmly aside if she knew all the time that venus would leave her.

No. 437343

File: 1506043017302.gif (201.57 KB, 500x284, giphy.gif)

No. 437423

if you're entertaining enough you can make a great channel and gain a following with just a phone ffs

No. 437507

Why would sellimg a bunch of crap take two years?

No. 437511

I think Margo's trying to say it'll take her a long time to save up for shipping, and then she plans to the sell the stuff after that?

Whatever the timeline she estimates, Margo will never let this go unless she finds a new victim / obsession.

Man, Venus promoting her friend's Patron triggered the fuck out of Mags.

No. 437560

Or she can travel to where ever the fucking crap is and sell it there. Just get the fuck outta asia lady.

No. 437614

File: 1506075674254.jpg (47.15 KB, 540x414, IMG_20170922_122040_298.JPG)

No. 437651

"Hallo Mama? Can you do something for me, Margrete, your favorite and prodigal tochter???"

Take your fingers out of uranus and go work yourself in a kombini store instead of badmouthing and make yourself ridiculous in the internets, frau!

Am I the only one to contradict her shit before she deletes it and blocks me?

Venus has a normal life and you marge not. Who's financially unresponsible and dependant?

'No time'? Ok, then it's no one's fault that your yt channel sucks! Kek

>> No. No concern. Just wanted to say the truth bc I'm concerned for my truth.

>> I want the Korean families safe and united.
Except your own family. Oh ok, sorry. We misunderstood you, marge. Your family members are: computer, swarovski, monies, VA channel and yourself! We apologize for our ignorance.

Yes, they wanted to use you as firewood in case of emergency.
You were lucky. Too lucky…

She is
>> trying to save the true past and the values
I see, complaining about every f* thing is a value for her.

Since all that time she became like a complaining ghost we all are mocking. She's such a parody of a horror movie.

Every f* shit V does, triggers the monster. Hopefully V never did a video where we see her sit on the toilet. Margo would make another video where she tells us that V has hemorroids and how to clean a toilet and one week later a video where she eats junk food naked on the closet floor.

First, marge, your life is unimportant to average people, no one needs your 'informations', so stfu.
Second, if you don't want a psychopath to come to you, don't provoke a psychopath, so stfu.
And lastly, STFU and make video where you ridicule your 43 yr old self or make porn vids where you have too much shit in your mouth to be able to talk.

No. 437653

Since Margaret stalks Venus obsessively, there are two other recent things that may have triggered Margaret: 1) Venus admitting that she has been taking a lot of time off her media to take care of her mental and emotional health and 2) Venus has been hanging out with several real life new friends, as seen in her in her Instagram stories.

These two developments really put a damper on the "Venus is a friendless, violent Autistic psychopath who can't make it alone!" claim.

No. 437671

I know that before Venus left her mom the Venus Angelic accounts would go nuclear whenever Venus had a good interaction with another social media dollie loli girl.

Is Margo's freakout happening on the same schedule as those other freakouts?

No. 437725

this is probably right. what triggered her is Venus showing signs of having friends. Margaret did after all try her best to isolate her, claimed she was asexual etc when she was with her. Like she really did just want to keep her a money-making puppet doll all to herself.

I'm pretty sure Margaret enjoyed the living doll attention way more than Venus did. She's made comments like how she "looked like a doll too" when she was younger, and would have been famous too if only internet existed in her time. Plus her creepy dress-ups in Venus' clothes, and the fact that she enjoyed running her accounts for her. iirc, she even used to answer comments under Venus' name/accounts. Maybe more so than the money, I think what she misses is being able to do all of this. vicariously live as her teenage daughter on the internet.

Maybe she thought that if she slandered Venus online calling her a violent psychopath, that she wouldn't be able to make any friends and would eventually have to come back to her as the only person she has.

No. 437750


If Margo is a proper Narcissist she literally can't tell that her daughter isn't an extension of herself.

When Venus left her is was like Venus killed her identity. Venus killed the successful business manager. All of Venus' money belonged to Margo because there was no Venus. Venus was a thief, taking away part of Margo's body away.

Now she is forced to see that there is a Venus separate from herself. At the very least half of all the debt Margo accrued over the years should be paid by Venus because she can't tell that Venus the Adult wasn't the same person as Venus the Child.

You can tell this is how she thinks because Margo says that Venus has been plotting against her since she was a child. An accident with a hamster dying while child-Venus was asleep turn into adult-VENUS IS A MURDERER. Notebooks with plans for how to move to Japan and live the Weeb dream turns into adult-VENUS IS EVIL AND PLANNED FOR THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME IN KOREA.

No. 437770

>>If Margo is a proper Narcissist she literally can't tell that her daughter isn't an extension of herself.
>>Now she is forced to see that there is a Venus separate from herself.

She still doesn't see them as separate. Margo demanding that Venus continually pay for the bills Margo racked up when she was a minor is like expecting your child, upon turning 18 and moving out, to pay half of your mortgage, because they have a childhood bedroom there and Mother HAS to keep the house for you ,because all the memories are there, so now you pay you half of the mortgage, that's only fair. Without your payment, all memories of your happy childhood home will be lost!

Narcs also associate objects with memories really heavily; THEY adore "physical proof" of whatever fantasy they had going on at the time. For example: Margo has mentioned before that Venus cannot possibly have had a bad childhood, and was quite spoilt, because Margo bought her 30 Barbie dolls. Does any child have use for 30 Barbies? Do you think Venus asked for them? Or is it more likely that Margo decided Barbies were going to be Venus's "thing", and bought one for V whenever Margo demanded to be forgiven for something? Now, to Margo, those Barbie's represent proof of what a loving, caring, giving mother she is, because that's what she remembers. Since Venus doesn't want a single thing to do with anything in that storage unit, I'm going to guess her memories don't jibe with those that Margo has. Margo has accused her of wanting to start over like it's a crime. To a narc, being forgotten in the worst crime that exists. And it's the only appropriate punishment for Margo.

No. 437809

>>To a narc, being forgotten in the worst crime that exists.

What a good point. Do you think that's why she deleted all her slaggy creepy videos from her youtube channel?

Like to Margo those videos made Venus a real person that arose from her and deleting those videos is the same kind of crime?

No. 437815

>>Do you think that's why she deleted all her slaggy creepy videos from her youtube channel? Like to Margo those videos made Venus a real person that arose from her and deleting those videos is the same kind of crime?

Margo left up all the videos that were about Venus, so it's kind of the opposite - she doubled down on their enmeshment. There's no videos where it's just Margo, it's all about her missing arm, Venus, who fell off without notice one day and is misbehaving.

The real reason she took down her vids is because a YTer (William something?) made a video making fun of her "How to Shave Your Ass" video that went viral, and people were laughing at her. She tried to copyright strike him, but it was fair use, so she privated all of her videos. She wants to be famoos, but not so people can make fun of her (which is weird that she doesn't realize ppl make fun of her for being crazy.)

No. 437858

I haven't seen her youtube in a very long time. just clicked on her fundraiser video and from the first 30 seconds i already feel almost bad for her. idk if it's because she's a good manipulator but she actually looks and sounds like a nice, soft spoken, lonely lady. but then i read what she writes about Venus and it goes away. if i'm not mistaken, outward manipulation or.. a fake mask to the outside world is a trait of narcs.

No. 437861

nvm. i watched the whole video and she practically says she's getting rid of baby pictures because Venus doesn't exist anymore

No. 437882

>Is Margo's freakout happening on the same schedule as those other freakouts?
Nothing triggers her more than Venus having friends, especially after she worked so hard to destroy her kid's reputation and make her a friendless pariah…remember her "Venoos cheated on Manaki with a Korean guy after 4 days of marriage" crusade, with that pic of someone's back in bed with some Korean dude? That failed and she hates that Venus actually has friends. Haaaates it.

No. 437893

File: 1506113904881.jpg (290.8 KB, 1844x1355, IMG_6518.JPG)

In fact it was just after Venus started publicly hanging with Taylor and making vlogs together last summer (late Aug. 2016) that she had her previous major freakout. Literally the day after their first vlog went up she started unravelling, posting naked pics of herself with her "boyfriend" on IG and berating and screeching at Venus.

Triggered the fuck out of her, then and now.

Two weeks after this she opened an online store trying to sell such items as opened jars of hair dye and Venus's plush bunny, then a week later she disappeared for a month, resurfacing in Seoul SK. I see many similarities in these freakouts. She's painfully transparent and predictable.

No. 437913

dont you know? she cannot leave south korea because otherwise she would have to wear a burqa 24/7 you guise

No. 437918

File: 1506115958526.jpg (23.86 KB, 564x460, 1opb2m.jpg)

>is a friendless, violent Autistic psychopath who can't make it alone
gee, I wonder if this could be projection? Do we know anyone who could come to mind with that description?

No. 437925

yeah, but I don't think she is autistic, at least not in the sense of being diagnosed as such

No. 437927

narcs can be very, very charming. I had the weirdest batshit crazy abusive narc mom and all of my school friends were envying me for my marvelous mother, because anytime someone outside of the family was with us she and her personality made a 180° turn..

sage because n1curr

No. 437929

File: 1506116480120.jpg (Spoiler Image,151.44 KB, 1082x1554, e7e2760aa16d11bece38e6b1aa1647…)

there were a lot of "naked" freakouts before though. it's just that no one cared enough because venus was seen as a ~kawaii~ living doll and a stranger mother was taken as given. some of those stuff wasnt even documented in the lolcow threads because iirc they only started when the whole drama evolved.

No. 438013

are you me anon? my narc mom also was well known for presenting extremely sweet and gentle and me falling for it was exactly how she was able to control me.

No. 438021


Yeah I know, that wasn't the first or only freakout but it was one triggered (I think) by Venus having an irl friend…the timing of it is perfect. She's very predictable in what triggers her rages.

No. 438047

>wonder if chernobyl had an impact in hungary or not

well look at margo, there's your answer

No. 438475

Yes dont forget her freakouts before Venus left.
Fans sayibg Margo was never 3 ft away from Venus. Would try to get said fans to take pics of her as well.
That miconico booth where she tried to upstage Venus.

And Ana the other living doll who said she cut ties because of Margo.

No. 438509

File: 1506212419931.png (813.06 KB, 544x525, rffYdTB copy.png)

>Would try to get said fans to take pics of her as well.
imagine how creepy that must look.

No. 438522

this is just so damn awkward and annoying… No ones there for you, Marge…

No. 438555

File: 1506216095651.png (726.72 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2017-09-23-21-19-53.p…)

Soooo… Margo is flat broke because wenus took every penny, but she still has the money to gamble? Sounds about right.

No. 439830

And she deleted all posts regarding Venus and the Lotterie and north korea ones.
The fundraiser video is gone, too.

No. 439835

Woah, you're right. Almost all mentions of Venus after 2015 are gone, along with her controversial posts. What could she be up to now? A new man or SK immigration looking into her history?

No. 439876

she said in the video that she planned to get rid of everything that reminded her of Venus ("mementos"). guess she was serious.

it's probably a good thing that this sounds like a sign of moving on, but being her mother this is still kind of sick imo. your daughter is not an exboyfriend. you don't just try to make yourself forget her existence.

No. 439878

Margo is not the 'moving on' type. Venus should get extra vigilant about her home and security again for the near future. The Kraken is on the move.

No. 439892

It's weird because this step she took is what a regular person going through an intense breakup should do to move on, but yes, this is her child! It's unnatural for anyone who considered themself a loving mother.
However, being Margaret, she won't stay silent for long. She will never stop monitoring her former moneymaker.

No. 439895

yes, for someone else this would be healthy, for someone like Margaret, I dunno. Remember that time she went kind of quiet about things, turns out she went to Japan and used some tools to attempt to break in to Venus' apartment.

No. 439897


I feel like she's not moving on, but rather can't afford the storage fees anymore so she's tossing everything she can't carry. ( which basically means tossing anything thats V's )

The whole deleting posts and videos is rather just a cover for how broke she is. I mean she was just bitching that V doesn't pay the other half of the storage fees. Which was a first time she bitched in a while about V, so I assume she was triggered when mommy and daddy cut her off and its all V's fault.

No. 440156

>SK immigration looking into her history?
Do they scrutinize applicants' SM/Youtube channels/instagram accounts though? idk but I tend to doubt that… could be that she thinks they might in her twisted paranoid mind and she's nervous about her student visa extension being rejected though, her visa expires as of this Nov. Could also be a trigger for her recent freakouts too, she seemed to be focusing on Venus's Jp visa a lot in her recent rages.

Poor old thing. Not a happy camper these days.

No. 441033

With N.Korea and trump eggingveavh other on. They might start restricting assess to the country so when she goes to renew she might need to be careful.

No. 441353

i saw margo's stupid santa dress while browsing fril

No. 441440

Yeah didn't she also kind of try to fake her death and she was mad no one reacted how she wanted?

No. 441459

>attempt to break in to Venus' apartment.
what would she have done if she succeeded and confronted Venus alone?

No. 441469

>Do as I say or I'll wear you as part of a dress!

>it rubs the lotion on it's skin then it places it in the basket… or else it gets the hose again!

I think that sums it up pretty well.

No. 441550

either drag venus out of the house and (unsucesfully) try take her to the airport, or beat her and steal money and/or any other valuables

No. 441558

She's planning something, she wouldn't let this go so easily. If her visa doesn't get renew this Nov,she's going to hop her ass back to Japan to harass venus.

No. 441560

>either drag venus out of the house and (unsucesfully) try take her to the airport
this was my only thought, but even someone as crazy as margo would know that wouldn't work

iirc i think i read a while back that in one of their encounters she had pulled Venus' arm and wouldn't let go until she called a security guard.

No. 441566

Yes, that was at the airport when they first saw each other after Venus ran away. When Venus came close, she grabbed her arm. She pretended to have some of Venus' things with her but really she had put them in a storage at the airport. To get them out Venus had to show her details - an address.

No. 441737

You know she isn't thinking about if something would actually work. She's just trying to get contact because she(margo) didn't feel bad back when she was crushing Venus.
She's chasing that feeling of control, trying to force Venus back with violence and threats because it worked when Venus was a minor. She literally does not care about how Venus feels because it never mattered before.

No. 441815

My theory is that she just wanted to shift around for anything she could use against Venus, maybe grab some stuff and claim it was hers, get access to her computer. My best bet is that she wanted to wait for Venus to come home and try to manipulate her. One of Margo's biggest frustrations was that Venus refused to talk to her completely or when she did she would do it through her husband and always limited the conversation. Venus is actually fairly smart and knew that talking too long to someone as dangerous as Margo meant she was danger of being manipulated. You don't give people like Margo an inch and Venus took the proper steps to leave Margo with zero control.

No. 443889

>If her visa doesn't get renew this Nov,she's going to hop her ass back to Japan to harass venus.
I think she got banned from re entering Japan when she tried to break into Venus's apartment last Dec, otherwise she would have been back there before now (it's been 10 months since that happened.)

No. 443905

10 months already? wow

No. 443972

That's an interesting theory. We know Venus called the cops that time; even if she didn't press charges, thats at least the second time Margo had to be removed from their property by police (the first being when Mags played ding dong ditch to get Venus to come to the door, and harassed the person Margo claims is their landlord.) Even if Venus didnt press charges in either case, would those interactions with police show up on a profile when Margo tries to emtwe the country? I don't know how it works over there. In Freedom Land, Homeland Security would probably be all over some foreigner who gets involved with the cops every time they're on a tourist visa.

No. 444161

I think so if not they'll keep a close eye on her.

No. 444214

>thats at least the second time Margo had to be removed from their property by police
Two more police involvements: at the Tokyo airport when security had to be called to stop a physical altercation between them AND don't forget ol' marge called the cops herself at least twice to demand they "check on" her daughter who was being held captive in their apartment by her evil husband (according to her.) Imagine how insane she must have sounded and acted to the cops.

Surely the accumulation of these unbalanced encounters with the police must add up eventually to a reentry ban, one would think.

No. 444281

idk, i personally don't have too much faith in the Japanese immigration system lol

No. 447051

New picture in ig
Idk what's creepier: the robot or mogre making sexual advances to it…

>> this thing has real human hair…

… or maybe, she wants to scalp it

No. 447060

File: 1507559657054.png (214.69 KB, 1805x1061, Screenshot_2017-10-09-16-25-29…)

Website changes… I guess
What is she planning again?

No. 447061

And VA website seems to be unavailable, too.

No. 447082

>Posted on September 27
>not posting the actual image on an imageboard

No. 447633

File: 1507621043706.png (241.08 KB, 1400x749, margaretpalermo.png)

it's still there

No. 447635

File: 1507621134091.png (48.42 KB, 1371x774, venusangelic.png)

also still there

No. 447894

Has something changed?

No. 447979

Margo Palmero. I had completely forgotten about this trainwreck of a woman lol. Wonder if she's gonna make a comeback one day.

No. 448712

Well who would have thought both she and her kid would end up being such colossal BORES. pfffttttt

No. 450603

she never left. As long as Veenoos is getting views and entertaining her fans, a part of Margo will forever live on. Cute when you think about it, no?

No. 451337

File: 1508252493594.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2017-10-17-11-00-27.p…)


No. 451339

How incredibly creepy.

No. 451341

feigning like she's going to suicide? or something worse?

No. 451344

It was midnight in Seoul, she must be drunk and thinking about how miserable is her life.

No. 451348

Part me feels like she fantasizes the thought of killing Venus and wearing her skin as a way to become everything she couldn't

No. 451350

File: 1508255057779.png (291.21 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2017-10-17-11-43-27.p…)

Muh ptsd

No. 451358

lol she thought everyone was concerned about -her- and not the potential threat she just made against Venus

No. 451362

Margo is such a creep. It is like she was saving money for a hitman and recently had enough to do Venus in or something.

No. 451364



I tried searching for it on YT but I couldn't find it.

No. 451383


It was posted in the thread here >>393109

No. 451390

Trying to end ptsd by uploading Venoos photos with creepy captions. Nice therapy, Margo.

No. 451542

>> Bye <3
>> end certain pain

Looks like she wanted to faint suicide, not only to her audience but to her daughter too. The heart emoji, her daughter's picture, saying bye, the attention whore she is… hopefully V completely lost hope and trust in her.

>> sorry if scared

>> I'm suffering
>> I have ptsd
She starves for attention. Probably, family doesn't talk to her since a while.

She also repeats consciously twice in the same sentence. Sounds like:
>> What she's done to me will never go away but if I wish it very strongly, the pain, aka Weenoos, will at least hopefully die!!! BOOLLY!!! SHE'S IN MAH HEAAAD!!! BOOOOLYYY!!!!

No. 451549

lmao "PTSD FLASHBACKS" of what tho?

No. 451600

Of how EVIL WEENOOS abused and BOOLIED her!!!

No. 452081

Yes, Weenoos went back to SK and raped her, then stole her laptop and money again, urinated on her, run away laughing and flew back to Japan. Since then Magret makes sweating nightmares and wakes up screaming:
>> come back my booly rapist tochter !!! I want more… MORE MONEYS!!!

No. 452315

top fucking kek

No. 452610

fucking hell anon i snorted

No. 458383

File: 1509438438205.jpg (58.94 KB, 540x404, IMG_20171031_092638_663.jpg)

No. 458387

>venus' school reports
it's going to be the exposé of the century

No. 458400

>if Venus was abused then I should want to destroy evidence
what evidence is there to destroy about verbal manipulation and being hit?
>police reports
what's this? she called the police on her underage daughter?

No. 458407

probably just as proof as venus' notebook scribbles where she mentions she wants to live in japan and weigh 52kg or something. what a vile person venus is!
obvious sarcasm is obvious

No. 458429

>> psychology, police and school reports
Wow, margoth, you certainly were a good mother during those 19 yrs with pure lack of sense of responsability and victimisation.
I can just imagine what you told every time you got a report:
>> Ach ja, ich bin victim. Venus very, very böse. Heeelp meee!

No. 458792

OT but i'm genuinely curious, why is Margo always parodied as speaking with a German accent? isn't she Hungarian?

No. 458889

she lived in switzerland for a very long time, before their moving odyssey began. venus father whom she was married to is swiss too.
she also always despised her east-european heritage (which is why she changed her name to palermo) so she always only spoke german and very broken english

No. 458890

to add: venus also never learned hungarian so maggot and her always only spoke in german with each other.

No. 459423


thanks for the info kind anon. it's so marge to shun the country of her birth and pretend she's from a wealthier country.

No. 459980

File: 1509729882929.jpg (78.8 KB, 921x597, mags.JPG)

so looks like our beloved maggot is still in SK

No. 460031

kek at your german parody

No. 460083

Who's Bob?

No. 460163

not bob, open bob, Bob isn't invited. just margo and her open bob and vegene

No. 460207

File: 1509754425362.png (129.18 KB, 495x438, 1.png)

Indian creeps turned up because she used the halloween hashtag.

No. 460264


She probably would show her bobs and vagene and then say Venus drove her to do it

No. 460389

well that's pretty much what happened.

No. 460601


That’s EXACTLY what happened.

No. 460822

"officer officer, I was beating my child venoos for not cookin me dinner and this booly struck me back"
as she says it she leans into the officer, looking up fluttering her lashes in a weird attempt to seduce the officer

No. 460823

Taylor made a goodbye video where she is with V and talks about her in good terms.

Marge's narc rage and flying monkeys are coming…

sage for ot

No. 460824

how is she legally still in sk?
they’re not easy on this shit

No. 460866

The last favor Venus did for Margo, was to re-up their 2 year student visas in January 2016, using Venus's accounts as proof they weren't scrubs.

Margendo's student visa should expire in January. Unless she can prove she can financially support herself (has X won in her accounts) and in paying tuition for a legit school, she'll have to leave.

No. 460875


Hands down she'll probably illegally dwell in some poor unsuspecting Koreans basement.

I'm more curious on how she's affording any of this while having no job …

No. 460911

Is she still getting the monthly Swissbux for Venus? It's probably enough to keep her in the tiniest goshiwons.

No. 460920

that vlog segment warmed my cold heart.

'sage' goes in the email field btw.

No. 460922

could be, the age is 25 I think, and she could fake the Korean enrolment by swapping out names.

surely she's still hooking to some extent?

No. 460933

Taylor is a fake bitch. I actually find this kind of depressing. Venus looks so unfortunate and puffy next to her. Taylor isn‘t the hottest shit out there but you can tell she‘s got the money to look her best. These fake ass youtube friendships make me cringe.

No. 460949

At least sage your shitpost

No. 460981

>innocent video saying goodbye
>touches on Venus' personal struggles where Taylor is the first female friend she's had
>puffy bitches!!!

No. 460983

Taylor is the most genuine bitch, GTFO

No. 461015

File: 1509893475685.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2017-11-05-05-32-20.p…)

No. 461016

Added to say: I didn't see the previous three posts she mentions, and I apologise about the caption being cut off, she basically rambles on about how venus is a criminal, but despite her struggles, her life is amazing.

No. 461032

I didn't check on this thread in a while and see it's pretty dead now that I did. Whatever happened to all the 'evidence' Margo had in her storage that Venoos is a booly and abooseer? She got into the storage, right? But she only showed Venus notes to herself and her goals to lose weight. So I am guessing there never was any evidence of anything?

No. 461049

that was the SK storage unit she got into and posted shit from, there’s another hoard in the Netherlands with Venus’s childhood stuff that she’s been ranting about “saving” (i.e. paying $4K to have shipped to her in SK.) That storage has all the PROOFS she thinks will finally expose VEENOOS as a psychopath booly. Along with a washer and dryer and 47 boxes of assorted shit she’s been paying to store all these years.

No. 461051

File: 1509991061357.jpeg (277.23 KB, 915x1270, 66F6F24C-FA6B-4770-80D8-6014D3…)

the full version, edit 1:

No. 461052

File: 1509991265778.jpeg (178.17 KB, 699x959, E91ADCC3-3CC7-4846-9277-094254…)

and edit 2. Venus is upgraded to a CRIMINAL.
both deleted. she’s been doing a lot of posting and deleting lately

No. 461086

File: 1509997978385.png (49.26 KB, 295x294, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.5…)

The image is already deleted, good catch.

Venus was upgraded to an attempted murderer by Mags pretty recently anyway (Margo thinks Venus was literally going to murder her, then sell her story to the media for attention.)

No. 461087

File: 1509997992116.png (23.2 KB, 298x117, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.5…)

No. 461097

does she really believe this or only hopes that people will believe this?

No. 461112

Probably both. Margo's told herself her own lies so often, they've become the truth to her.

Narc mind, interior:
Margo probably INTENDED to bring Venus her things, once she wormed her way back into Venus's good graces, as a sort of condescending "gift" if Venus stopped rebelling against her. Therefore, it can't be a lie that Margo brought the things, because she said she'd do it, but VENUS fucked it up before Margo had a chance to make good on the promise. So Venus is the liar, not Margo.

Margo did a bunch of nonsense busywork (remember those random proposals to j-vloggers, to sign them with a company she didn't work for?), harassing various media outlets, and haggling over inane details to feel in control of Venus's career. She did all that hard work of plotting, and shitposting, and harassing, and comment flame wars - all that was the hard work of a good manager. Venus's own self (ideas, writing, editing, filming, and her actual person) didn't produce the "passive" channel income (passive for Margo; Venus did all the work, of course she'd think it's passive income) - all of Margo's crazy machinations, done on her own insane initiative, made that money, not Venus.

Venus stopped filling up the bank account Margo had control over. That means Margo won't be able to pay her rent six months down the line without new income, so Venus has literally made her homeless, it's impossible for money to come from anywhere but her life's work of being Venus's Mom. And if Margo doesn't have a house, and can't buy food, she'll die. Therefore: Venus literally tried to kill her, the same as hiring a hitman.

Venus isn't present every minute of every day any more, to bear witness to all of Margo's greatness: her ideas, her humor, her rage. It's all going unwitnessed. There's no one to absorb her moods, to listen to every word that comes out of her mouth. Without an audience, Margo doesn't exist. She rattles around in her own mind with nowhere to go. This is DEATH to a narcissist: being ignored.

No. 461204

Short answer is yes, she really believes all this shit…Venus wants to kill her, bullies her etc. etc. They’re called delusions and her disordered, paranoid brain is full of them. That’s why she’s where she is today almost 2 years after her $$ and n-supply was cut off: broke, almost homeless, isolated, alone and barely scraping by. She’s crazy as a loon and that’s how most crazy people end up.

No. 461279

Wow, this makes so much sense

No. 461307


sage but would this not be the direct opposite of patriotism? As in support for one's own country?

No. 461313

Best narc description ever. Kek
And I love how she's 'dying' bc people ignoring her

No. 461377

nice revision of history, Margo. longterm anons will remember that Marg mysteriously put the suitcase into storage at the airport and met Venus without it. a ploy to get her address, as Venus had to give that in order to open the suitcase, which turned out to be full of shit that wasn't hers anyway.

No. 461425

Quick correction: Margo used the suitcase storage space to accuse Venus of stealing from her so airport security could arrest her, if V didn't agree to give up all the accounts like a good girl or as bizzaro punishment for leaving Margo or whatever. The whole thing was insane; Margo showed up with a suitcase of her own shit and a plushie, then makes Venus go hunting for the suitcase with photo text messages while Mags stalks her prey from afar.

Margo used the copyright strikes to get V's home address; Venus had to use her home address to counter them.

No. 461471

yes. patriotic literally means "vigorous support for one's country." not someone else's country. that post can also be stupidly turned around to show a group of obama-loving chinese and say that they are more "patriotic" than american republicans.

dumbfuck margo. saged.

No. 461477

Yeah I know she also did the stealing accusations, I'm sure it was a bit of everything. Venus said that she and Manaki gave his parents' address to get access to the suitcase at the airport, then she had the physical fracas with Margo grabbing her.

Yes the strikes happened well after but it's not the first attempt Margo made at getting Venus' address.

No. 461561

Exactly, and to avoid socially dying (aka no one giving a crap about anymore now that she's no longer affiliated to Venus), she keeps upping her claims to have someone stop for a minute.

First Venus was a psycho (micro mimics!!) then she cut out part of her intestines, then she LITERALLY wanted magro dead you guys !!! Venus KILLED her hamster ! Venus is a murderer, hello anyone ??

Everytime someone gives her an inch of attention it keeps her a bit afloat. Soon everybody will forget she was Venus' mom except a few fans but everybody will move on. She'll probably never let go unfortunately, or until she finds another supply (but who will be her next victim when she's a foreign hobo in SK?)

It's really weird to witness the birth of the crazy hobo lady who yell insane stuff like Obama killed their cat and want them dead. I never really liked Venus but you can't help but be heartbroken when a family member (and your mom on top of that) turns against you and is clearly mental.

No. 461702

>to avoid socially dying (aka no one giving a crap about her anymore
that’s pretty much where we’re at right now, isn’t it? (Remember that fundraiser debacle?)
Which is why she bleats about VENOOS WANTING TO KILL HER nonstop.. no one gives a crap anymore.

No. 461779

Can someone tell if those comments in her ig are recent?
Sage for not copyscreen, my tablet's memory is full

No. 461782

what comments?

No. 461788

File: 1510149504185.jpg (394.1 KB, 1242x1981, SblzU95.jpg)

Like these?

Margaret is so full of shit! The bitch can’t even speak elementary Japanese and she couldn’t even understand the very basic Japanese in Venus and Manaki’s text messages.

As a married woman in Japan, Venus is only expected to change her surname. Therefore, she can be registered simply as 岡田ビナス or 岡田ビナスイザベル on government documents. That’s not “messy” at all. However, she may choose to register an alias, tsuushomei, at her local ward office and use that in every day life and employment(this will show up on her alien registration card and juuminhyou. The alias is not allowed on the family register unless you go through the process of changing your passport name in your home country).

We who are married to Japanese citizens do not NEED to adopt a Japanese name until we actually begin the naturalization process. You can also open a bank account as a unmarried foreigner as long as you have the proper visa and identification so I don’t know what the Hell Margaret is talking about. She keeps talking about Venus applying for citizenship but do we have any proof that Venus plans to do that soon, other than Margo’s fear over losing her hold on Venus once and for all?

Ha. Margaret’s last reply had nothing to do with what the girl was asking. The girl is talking about Venus’ still using her first name and Margaret is going on about taking Venus needing to take her husband’s surname. Wtf…

No. 461791

File: 1510150404463.jpg (447.35 KB, 1213x1858, Gwxdb5b.jpg)

Adding to this, from the same “Bye” Instagram post. Omfg. What a cunt! That girl only suggested that Margaret move back with family since she is struggling financially and with her health. It didn’t take much for Margaret to snap and wildly misinterpret everything. How can anyone like such a spiteful, irrational woman?

No. 461792

Exactly that. Thanks anon

No. 461795

The way she answers makes me think she became more paranoid then ever and I don't think it has sth to do with her "high IQ".

She is not only delusional but delirious too.
Look like someone to which people have made constant reproches. Now every time someone says sth that reminds those reproaches (even in another context and with good intention) she interprets it as a reproach and becomes defensive.
The way she answers, is not just funny but gives us a lot of background informations, imo.

No. 461797

Same anon
Seems like her parents said to her:
>> Stop being delusional and come back home, Margit Koncz Jr! Your life in SK suck. We will pay you nothing that belongs to our Venus. Are you crazy? You are ruining our family! You embarrass us! Come back you heretic!!!

No. 461801

On one side:

>> A very conservative hungarian catholic family.

On the other side:

>> Margaret Palermo, aka Margit Koncz #2, in her late 40's, who wants to be a 14 yr old emo young FRau, fucking around Seoul without any sex protection or home, making 4 yr old mentality videos embarrassing the whole Internet world besides her family.

Ferenc ig jokes are to die keeek

No. 461804

you do quoting with only ">" once not twice. it triggers my veteran eyes.

No. 462974

5:50 Is this Margo??(Put it in the YouTube box)

No. 463050

If you actually read the thread you'll know that yes, yes it is Marge. It's literally in the first dozen posts of the thread

No. 463084

Wait, so does that mean Venus is also Hungarian (from her mother’s side)? Then why is she still considering herself Swiss-German?

Saged for autism

No. 463087

Anon, Swiss-German doesn't mean "Swiss and German" but "from the German-speaking part of Switzerland". Switzerland has German, French, Italian and Romansh regions.

No. 463088

Yeah I understand that but is she (Venus) Hungarian then?

No. 463105

Swiss-German is a language, not an ethnicity. Ethnically, Venus is Hungarian (mom) + Swiss and Austrian (dad).

No. 463154

File: 1510546195579.jpg (239.77 KB, 1440x2560, wI43J9N.jpg)

From Venus herself. ^
She has always identified as Hungarian-Swiss, who speaks Swiss-German. I assume it is her dad who also has Austrian ancestry. She has no direct roots to Germany(country).

No. 463220

Ah so German (Swiss) is her main language rather than Hungarian. Or something?

No. 463223


Yes, she doesn't speak any Hungarian. Swiss-German is her first language.

No. 463227

I agree with your writing but I give Margret credit for giving venus a career. that was shear force of will. venus outsmarted marge with the youtube money. i believe that marge is owed management fees but that's it. maybe venus gave marge some money when she went to (maybe) kidnap/move in with venus. anyway marge isn't serious about doing real work anymore. in south korea she hasn't been able to find another venus to manage? marge doesn't want to start at the bottom again she wants already est but they don't want her. i saged.

No. 463229

that takes smarts if only marge got a real job. she could be kgb. i would be scared of her.

No. 463234

You realise even if Margo was more lax, Venus would still have got pretty famous in weeb terms, probably in the same way she has. I don't know what critical thing Margo actually did for her? Margo milked Venus for so much money, travel and 24/7 support that the concept of management fees, well sure that makes sense but she well overtoook them by her spending. If she took a fee and then paid her own way, sure we could say Margo was treated bad. But she made Venus buy her every single thing. The progress of Margo's channel since leaving Venus ~ Venus got better, Margo got terrible ~ is another proof of how little she contributed. I'd counter-argue that Margo impeded Venus' progress.

No. 463238

>identified as hungarian-swiss
her mother's nationality is hungarian, her fathers is swiss. she doesnt identify as such, that's what her nationalities are.
swiss nationality is granted to children of swiss citizens, which her father is proven to be.
her mother is hungarian. it's proven that venus has the hungarian nationality as well since for the marriage with manaki she needed documents from the hungarian embassy.

read the threads. for how many times has this to be asked and repeated? jfc

No. 463354

Not talking about how Marge would fucking insults other YouTubers that could have benefitted Venus and isolated her, stunting her social growth.
She made a fool out of Venus and burned so many bridges, I think she did more harm than good. Besides I don't think it's fair that you should pay yourself with money your kid is making while being a minor, when you decide on your own to be their manager.

All Marge wanted was to live through Venus, she couldn't let her do her own things or meet fans on her own. Marge HAD to be in the pictures and make a whole show out of herself. That's plain narcissistic and crazy.

No. 463548

I mean identified Hungarian and Swiss ancestry, like in the screenshot.

No. 463729

meanwhile venus started putting exact locations on her instagram posts which tells me she is no longer afraid maggot will stalk her. I wonder why.

No. 463731

you dont identify with your ancestry. you either have those ancestors or you dont. and im not talking about that "im 1/16 german" bullshit americans do.

No. 463773

I didn’t write “identified WITH” anywhere. She identifies AS Swiss and Hungarian. It is who she is. Go with the first definition of identify: to recognize or establish as being a particular person or thing.

Lol. Why are you criticizing my word choice when you never use proper punctuation?

Anyway, it’s not like Venus has been that secretive about where she travels with Manaki or friends, or even the general area in which she lives. More frequent geo-tagging probably has to do with more opportunities to hang out with her recently acquired friends rather than decreased fear of encountering Margaret. Besides, Venus is safer out and about in public places instead of sitting alone at home.

No. 464301

File: 1510774682822.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2017-11-15-14-34-16.p…)

From venus IG story. (should I x-post to venus thread? It's pretty dead.)

No. 464312

Wow, from the interview where Marge's narc mom is on full view? That interviewer was amazing, Mags walked right into everything he laid in front of her.

I wonder if Venus ever contacted him to thank him; he probably did more than anyone to break Margo's spell over her.

No. 464315

I was coming here to post the same thing after I noticed V's thread was dead; it's probably fine here since it's related to Margaret being a psycho imo.

No. 464317

Which interview is that please? Thanks in advance!

No. 464326


I don't know if I am allowed to link but here it is anyway

No. 464328

personally I think it's fine as soon as it's related to mayo in any kind, which this is
also top kek
you go, girl

No. 464330

File: 1510779104151.png (96.29 KB, 500x498, when-the-cringe-is-too-strong-…)

omfg, i was never able to watch this interview fully because the cringe with how maggot is reacting and what she is saying and even her accent is just too hard.

No. 464337

Holy crap this is my first time watching this and Marg just tears into this dude like immediately, wtf?

No. 464342

>i am a logical and practical person

lmao Margo

ty anon for reposting this vid!

No. 464369

Mods have said time and time again that Venus has her own thread. Post it there.

She's not wrong though, she was pretty brainwashed.

No. 464373

This is definitely what flipped my perspective on Venus' entire situation. It's sad how she sort of had to take up for her mom's own batshit behavior for the longest time. Margo has a solid gold track record for being nuts, from this interview, to the weird shower dance video, to taking a butt naked picture of herself in an airport restroom, and so on. What a life.

No. 464433

Same, never bothered to click it in the old Venus threads and now wish I didn't here. I was going to post a diatribe about Margo's whole act but I limit myself to just stating that she's a dogshit human being. Her soul is dogshit. Unbelievable!

She also arguments and in general acts exactly as Onion does, though even less articulate and eloquent. What a complete fucking disaster!

No. 464525

I love how the dude had to remind Margo that you can get the wrong kind of attention. While margo was thinking about money after Youtube.

And this just lays it out for everyone. Margaret was so controlling. Your mother has to speak for you cuz you are apparently too stupid to answer me.
And Margo was doing it constantly. I have never seen this. But damn.
The clothes question is my favorite. Because Venus was answering the question right but Margo's dumbass really thought he meant jeans literally and not as an example.

No. 464528

This interviewer was not paid enough. There is not enough money in the world.

I can almost hear him thinking: "I had no idea it was going to be like this. I should have become something, anything else. A baker. A minesweeper. A crash test dummy."

Dude needs a medal just for not killing her or himself.

No. 464588

it refers to margot though
when venus would post an IG picture of maggot trying to stalk her or break into her home it would have validity here too.

No. 464602

File: 1510833122083.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1200, Screenshot_2017-11-16-12-44-23…)

Marge is thinking about that time where she was working in a hospital… or maybe about plastic surgery… or both

> That stupid Weenoos made me break up with my dear Hans. Because of booly tochter I miss him now!


No. 464607

She is still talking about Venus in her bye post.

Sage for no copyscreen, device memory full again.

No. 464608

> On the notebook was also evidence of her violent behavior breaking a glass door to come into the kitchen where I trief to be safe from her. I filmed it in case of false allegations. She had such reasons to steal the notebook

No margon, she was just starving and wanted to make a sandwich. And why make a video about it if you could give her some education you f* moron?!

No. 464609

File: 1510834483862.jpg (155.16 KB, 545x1333, margo.jpg)

capped for you but I haven't kept track of what is new old old - excuse any double ups.

it's the same old shit.

No. 464610

Thanks anon.
Marge's comment in german wasn't seen yet i think.

No. 464612

Could someone translate?

> minto.mp3@graveyard_elf.png Sie sollte auch so mehr Respekt gegenüber ihrer Mutter zeigen.. Wer hat sie zur Welt gebracht, gross gezogen etc.? Sowas ist echt unmöglich.

> margaretpalermo@graveyard_elf.png Wenn man mit Computer Geld abhaut und codes ändert, und dann noch mobbt um es zu rechtfertigen… Es gibt halt Menschen die zu sowas fähig sind.. dann kann man schwer wieder Kontakt aufnehmen. Stell dir vor man müsste öffentlich all die Lügen zugeben. Ich glaube sie dachte sie kriegt alles, lebt in Japan und ich sterbe einfach. Super deal für sie, dachte sie

> margaretpalermo@minto.mp3 @minto.mp3 Denke ich auch, aber manche ticken nicht ganz human. Es sieht aus als ob sie folgendes wollte: sie löscht die Beweise und Photos von den letzen Jahren (hat sie ja gemacht) vom gestohlenen Computer, nimmt alles Einkommen (gemacht), nimmt die Geschätskontakte an sich (wollte aber sie haben mich erstaunt kontaktiert und sie fallen lassen), und dann hat sie alles, ich nichts, ich gehe drauf, alles vom Lager wird rausgeworfen und es gäbe dann kaum Photos und Beweise über ihr Kindheit, sie verkauft eine Jammergeschichte, ändert ihre Namen (gemacht), lässt sich einbürgern (das ist jetzt aktuell am Laufen).

No. 464617

just a google one but she's so simplistic in her words, I don't think it's too far off:

> minto.mp3@graveyard_elf.png She should also show more respect for her mother .. Who gave birth to her, raised her own, etc.? Something is really impossible.

> margaretpalermo@graveyard_elf.png When you use computers to cut off money and change codes, and then bully to justify it … There are just people who are capable of such a thing .. then it is difficult to re-establish contact. Imagine you have to admit all the lies in public. I think she thought she's getting everything, lives in Japan and I'm just dying. Great deal for her, she thought

> margaretpalermo@minto.mp3 @ minto.mp3 I think so too, but some do not tick humanely. It looks as if she wanted the following: she erases the evidence and photos from the last few years (she did) from the stolen computer, takes all income (made), takes the business contacts (but wanted to have contacted me in astonishment and she drops everything), and then she has everything, nothing, I go on it, everything from the camp is thrown out and then there are hardly any photos and proofs of her childhood, she sells a miserable story, changes her name (made), lets herself be naturalized (which is currently running).

No. 464629

german anon here. most is astonishingly correctly translated. google is getting better.

some things are a bit off (but then her rambling in german also is):
>takes the business contacts (which she was trying to do, but they contacted me in astonishement and dropped her), and then she has everything, when I have nothing, I fall apart, everything from the storage is thrown out and then there are hardly any photos and proofs of her childhood, she sells a miserable story, changes her name(made), lets herself be naturalized (which is currently running).

No. 464633

Margo has been claiming she's dying for over a year now… I mean if we're to be technical about this, we're all slowly dying but it isn't anyone in particulars fault.

btw, is she still in Korea ?

No. 464636

> lipstickfranny Have you thought of becoming a nurse? I think you would be a great nurse. :)

Pls no, dude. We don't want killer nurses in hospitals. Stop giving marge stupid ideas.

No. 464643

Obviouly >>464602 in a medical fair expo
here probably:

No. 464665


She doesn't have the money to become a nurse.. Or the intelligence. RN ( registered nurse ) is a 4 year program with 2 years college and 2 years Uni. RPN is 2 years college, and Psw is 1 year. Schooling is highly competitive in Korea, and nursing is probably a competitive program to get in to begin with. ( at least in Canada its pretty competitive )

Geez, Margo took language schooling with Venus and yet doesn't seem to be able to speak/write a lick of it. I can't even see her achieving the easiest level of nursing. (PSW)

No. 464713

>weird shower dance video
does anyone have a link to this? I haven't seen it yet

her german sounds really weird, I know she speaks swiss german but still

No. 464719

I thought Margo was able to stay in SK because of the student visa she got when Venus and her went to SK.

How the fuck can she still be in the country if that's not the case?

No. 464725

No. 464727

File: 1510862410201.jpg (130.4 KB, 1025x340, Screenshot_20171116-115637.jpg)

I think Margo's trying to say, because she felt she needed to chase after Venus and cash in their tuition for liquid assets, she lost the visa for not attending school? But the one they got in January 2016 should have been valid for two years; like you say, how else is she legally living there?

Anyway this is my favorite part of her recent strop: anorexic Venus hulk smashed thru a glass door to chase down smol bean Mags, who just happened to be filming the whole thing "in case of fake allegations" - but the only place Mags saved this video was on the laptop Venus used to make her videos? Not on any one of the 4 phones Mags had, or on her own laptop, or the backup hard drives?

This is the 'proofs' on the laptop Margo decided to brick remotely.

No. 464737

> Margo: She's not even 18 yet.
> Interviewer: Yeah in a year.
> Margo: And then what?
> Interviewer: /makes hand gesture like 'i'm outta here'/
Whoops. Guess he was right.

No. 464746

I remember seeing this interview way back when, and it astounds me to see how much differently I perceive it now. Holy shit, Margo is absolutely batshit insane. If you know anything about psychology, you can see the classics in this very clip. Astonishing. I am so fucking glad she moved away from this fucking shitstain excuse of a human.

No. 464765

the interviewer and the employees behind the interview seem to have known what was going on with venus and margaret way ahead and they pissed right on it. otherwise that interview wouldnt have gone this way. they wanted something scandalous and they found a way to get it. this interview is gold.

No. 464780

File: 1510873335480.png (2.7 MB, 1312x1920, addasdas.png)

just this one scene says it all, that they played her like a violin. They must have smelled it from the personal contact with margaret beforehand the interview.

the cut goes like
>interviewer: asking about My strange addiction
>margaret: everyone was insane on there!
>margaret: we were the only ones that managed to appear sane on there!
>margaret: have you watched it?
>interviewer: stares into margaret's dead eyes pretending he has not
>margaret: we were on that show and managed to stay sane!
>cut to a scene from my addiction where margaret trips out of the dressing room like the delusional maniac she is in one of venus' dresses and hairdo's

No. 465033

>Venus breaking a door

yeah sounds about right

No. 465394

Venus breaking doors and walls for a sandwich…
It reminds me that tv ad about cat snacks.

No. 465395

Same anon
Marge must stop drugs.

No. 465675

File: 1511039935371.png (417.37 KB, 1049x281, suremarg.png)

Looked up Medical Shows in S.Korea.
This one isn't until next week so not this one.
This one took place in March

However there was an expo for the elderly and people with disabilities in Goyang, showcasing quality of life items over the dates she posted (9 november)

And apparently she studied Radiology? Yet another of her marvelous skills going to waste on a street corner

No. 465735

She studied one year of radiology 21 years ago, before she got knocked up with Venus. She met Venus's dad in Switzerland and got knocked up on purpose, according to Zsu.

One year of studies more than 20 years ago makes her qualified for absolutely nothing, buy she likes to act like she's basically a doctor / nuclear scientist because of it.

No. 465781

I'm still asking myself how she was able to have sex with venus' dad.

No. 465791


> Money… Security

She's uses people and Venus' dad was no different. He divorced her so she had to find a way to profit off of Venus, and then Venus left so she went back to harassing her parents.

No. 465793

>how she was able
what's that suppose to mean..? she's able to have sex with random Japanese men just fine, what would have prevented her from being able to back then?

No. 465821

I think for japanese people she probably seems very exotic. But honestly, she really isn't beautiful and venus' dad was described from various people as very handsome. Additionally to that, I don't think margo's personality was so different from her's now. Why would this man choose to have a relationship with her?

No. 465831

you sound like you haven't seen anything of life. they were compatible, they shacked up, they shagged, a child was born. how is this so hard to understand? he's as much an asshole as Margo so I exoect it was a good match. also, sage is your friend.

No. 465834

the only description I ever heard about Venus' dad was that he was old, and Margo was like 18-19. besides, people have different definitions of "handsome" I doubt he was that much over her league.

are there even any photos of Maggie back then? she used to say that she looked like a doll when she was younger too, but didn't get famous because the internet wasn't around.

No. 465836

have you ever read the threads? yes, there are marriage photos and everything. maybe go read some history to fill your time instead of filling this thread with nothing.

No. 465838

No. 465842

what are you so mad about, it was just a question.

No. 465910

She put a paper bag on her head so that Hans could fuck her vagina.

No. 465946

File: 1511114643230.jpg (867.1 KB, 1079x2038, Screenshot_20171119-110214.jpg)

Looks like she's in "filthy" japan again

No. 465957

Jesus she has crazy eyes.

And what "studying" is she in need of a holiday from? The study of hella foreign dicks to suck for cash?

No. 465959

I agree, she has psycho eyes.
Yeah, the pig needs holidays from her studying in SK how to break in Venus' house.
And she's in her filthy winter clothes again. Disgusting.

No. 465962

She must be really pissed off from Venus posting images with friends and having an adult gardrobe and hairstyle.

No. 465967

Still recovering from that disaster of a perm on top of hair riddled coats I see
Looking shabby, Estranged Palermo.

No. 465983

If I were Venus I’d be stocking up on pepper spray right about now. That and a really good alarm system for my apartment.

No. 465984

men doesn't have standards, you know.

No. 465991


I'm so conflicted. On the one side I really miss the margo psycho drama and her being back in japan makes it possible again, on the other hand I love to see venus having a life now with friends and a stable life without that crazy cow being all nuts and harassing her. Welp.

No. 465992

File: 1511124704169.png (142.08 KB, 600x443, Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 12.4…)

As long as Margo intends to stay put, Venus should be okay. Okinawa is a long way off from Tokyo - though flights are pretty cheap (as you can see.)

However, Margo is also completely insane, and hasn't let go of the past in the slightest. Should the whim take her, she can easily get another j-rail pass and hobo it in mangakissas all the way up the coast.

It would have been cheaper for her to fly straight from Seoul to Tokyo if that was her intention, though.

No. 466000


i don't know, if her intent was really to "see the ocean and relax a few days", why didn't she go somewhere within SK? the country is a peninsula ffs, it must have shitloads of beaches, all of them coasts to the same ocean. she might claim it's "the cheapest travel" but it's weird she went all the way to Japan for a few days with the money she doesn't have instead of going to Busan or somewhere like that.

No. 466009


My bets are on something Visa related.

She has crapped on Japan so many times and always expressed liking Korea more. Why pay out of pocket to go to another country to do what she could have done for cheaper in Korea.

How long is the wait period between visas/ renewals ?

No. 466026

It has been just about a year since she was caught trying to break into Venus’s apartment. Coincidence? Or a one-year ban that just ended?

No. 466028

One year ban would end in December; she got caught breaking in December 7th 2016.

To be fair, it IS much warmed in Okinawa than it is anywhere in South Korea right now. It's going to snow soon if it hasn't already in Seoul, but it'll be in the high 70s in Okinawa this week (21-26 C). If she actually wants to spend time on the beach and not creep on her kid, Okinawa is the Southernmost and warmest locale in Japan for that.

No. 466030

>she got caught breaking in December 7th 2016.
Is that the date it actually happened or when she posted about it happening?

No. 466045

iirc it's the date Venus cited it happening, so the date of the break in.

No. 466064

Calling bullshit on this. If she was really there she'd show a landmark or the airport. She doesn't have the money, and that Pokka drink she could get in the equivalent of the dollar store in Korea.

No. 466073

Margo in her little closet of a dorm bed, only leaving to meet customers or to buy her instant instant ramen, roleplaying holidays to other countries. I'll take that.

Taylor just left Japan and Margo might enjoy the idea of scaring Venus about being in Japan now her friend is gone. Has anyone watched Taylor's video about the person who put sticky tape across her door? It was done in a very noticeable way. Imagine if Margo did that? Two attempts at getting into homes where Venus was so it would not surprise me. Could be anyone but could also be Margo.

No. 466077

File: 1511139282944.png (814.52 KB, 934x594, Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 4.53…)

She took a photo of the aquarium; can anyone who's been confirm that's Okinawa?

No. 466196

I think so too and next stop is Tokyo. I think she only received a one year ban, although it does seem too early to return…

She shit-talked Japan so much, why didn’t she go to Jeju Island instead if SK is great? I know Okinawa has superior weather right now but it’s obvious she isn’t there just for recreation.

No. 466205

Margos got an ulterior motive for everything. We know this.

No. 466229

Dude, it's basically impossible to confirm from that pic. I've been and can only give you a strong "maybe".
The drink she's holding says Okinawa though. Probably visa jumping.

No. 466272

I can’t tell which aquarium that is but as long as I have lived in Japan, and from the time I visited Okinawa, I have never seen that drink Pokka Okinawa Pine in vending machines outside of Okinawa Prefecture. It’s kind of the drink to try when you go there. So I’m pretty sure she is actually down there now.

No. 466275

Same anon.
Yeah, I just checked Pokka’s website and I was right about the drink being exclusively sold in Okinawa-ken unless you order it online.

The bitch is back. You still have time to set up a security camera, Venus!

No. 466283

is it possible to have obligtories attached to your visa? like not being allowed to take a direct flight to honshu or something? so she flew to okinawa? or she got a "rich guy ride" again.

No. 466284

what sticky tape?
also I think youre exaggerating their friendship a little too much.

No. 466286

File: 1511187751495.jpg (81.68 KB, 1062x687, maggot.jpg)

you can buy it cheap and easily online. not saying she absolutely is not in japan but if she wanted to scare venus without doing something physically in yokohama she could have easily bought the drink online and went to an aquarium in south korea. would be much cheaper to scare venus.

No. 466295

I did mention the online availability but I really don’t think Margaret’s schemes would be that involved. Order the drink online just to fake being in Okinawa? She’d be better off photoshopping herself near a landmark or on the beach. Or maybe stealing other people’s vacation pictures.

But it’s still funny to imagine the scene of a strange foreigner posing for pictures with an Okinawan drink near the fish tank and Korean passerby trying to figure out what the Hell she is doing.

No. 466299

Can confirm she's in Okinawa. That picture was taken at the Aeon mall where there's an aquarium.

No. 466304

First she posts the pseudo emotional bye post about her daughter, where she ends up badmouthing her (like always).

Then big silence, where she just comments her posts or deletes wise comment of other people.

After that she shows posts where she is having 'great fun' in SK, doing 'great things'.

Then BOOM >I'm in Japan! (No, It's not what you think, I'm just in Okinawa! Rly not lookin for Weenoos)

She will do sth illegal against V and wait until V reacts to her shit.

That all to finally say >It's not true, I was doing sth else elsewhere at that time. Look picture proof! Help she's accusing me.
And goes back to SK in a happy mood.

There's a pattern.

A bit like a secret message (threat) to V and at the same time to justify that she, marge, isn't the one attacking V but the other way around and that's why she keeps talking about V. In reality bc she lacks arguments and needs to make sth up.

No. 466306

She wants to scare her off every december so that V gets lots of anxiety and panic attacks when X-mas is coming. Each year. So that she doesn't enjoy X-mas time anymore like she did before.

No. 466309

Or when V is not home marge's gonna slap her head against the door to scare her hamster to death hoping that V will make a video about hamtaro's funeral to finally pretend that V killed it bc "asexual psychopath tochter".

No. 466310

marge, if you want to prove so bad youre in okinawa, post a picture on your IG with undenyable proof, like with buildings in the background and stuff.

No. 466315

Venus's still living hamster, her friends, the fact that she meets fans without her mother, the restaurants where she eats yummy food, her new (former unauthorised style by margo) adult style, her success, her way of life, her still husband and their good relationship, her sponsorships, her outfits, her japanese punkrock style, her still living hamster again, her cosplay and halloween pictures, her new big curved screen, Venus meeting her idols, meeting friends again, new bags, shoes and outfits, starbucks (bam!), her new stylish hairstyle, aso…


She's fucking mad!!!

No. 466316

Keeek margaretpalermo you fucking failed your prostitute life!!!
You are the personification of failure! You fucking moron!(are you okay?)

No. 466317


Not that anon but Marge would definitely be one to exaggerate their friendship. They were in VIDEOS together, so obviously they're attached at the hip. Maybe even plotting to kill Margo together

No. 466370


she's on a visa run for sure. okinawa is a known visa run place from korea and flights there are super cheap. as for period between visa renewals, if your home country has a basic visa agreement with korea you can stay for 90 days and can technically fly overseas and come back on the same day. generally korean immigration is really lax and there are people who will do visa runs for years before they getting busted.

No. 466404

Visa run would fit the timeframe perfectly, her visa runs out soon (either this month or in January sometime according to her past posts about when she got her SK visa in Nov. 2015 and applying for a “longer visa” in Jan. 2016.) Assuming the “longer visa” was a 2 year student visa, would she need to do a visa run if she was renewing a student visa?

I googled ‘visa run okinawa’ and you’re 100% right about it being a low-budget visa run destination. What a shady old creep she is. All this crap about taking a beach vacay break from her busy study schedule is total b.s.

I’d love to know where she’s staying in Okinawa. Where are the pics marge?

No. 466414


term for korean language students usually ends around this time (although it varies a little bit for every school). if she got a 2 year student visa at once for a korean language program it'd mean she had to pay for the tuition straight away too.

you do not need to leave the country to renew a student visa, just need to go to the immigration office and sort that out. like i've said korean border officers are very lenient and often careless too so it is easy to live that visa run life lol next time she'll be heading to osaka i bet

No. 466427

SK immigration doesn’t seem to give a shit, that’s true.
Anyone know if you have to have a current valid visa to rent a goshiwon or do they not give a crap either?

No. 466429


they don't care about visas, i lived in two different goshiwons and the most i was asked for was a photocopy of my passport

No. 466435

All you need to rent a box room is a valid ID, and money.

I'm not sure if they have rules against long term squatters / hoarders like Mags, though. You'd think there would be a limit to the number of days you can stay in one, seeing as it could easily become a fire trap or a next for vermin if they're not regularly cleaned.

No. 466446

So why bother with a visa at all then, if she can just keep doing what she does visa or no visa? Why would she need one?

No. 466450


it'd be like living in the us without a green card i guess; certain things you can't do. she would also be unable to leave korea unless she's ready to pay a hefty fine and she could be banned if the officer is in a shitty mood. overall the fine she'd have to pay is equivalent to travel costs so instead of paying a fine she will get to travel

No. 466570

File: 1511246090937.png (796.15 KB, 1920x910, screencapture-instagram-p-Bbvu…)

genuinely what the fuck is that outfit


sure, margo

No. 466573

goshiwons just want money and your passport. not a big deal.

No. 466575

This bitch gets more delusional with each lasing year. Almost 43 years old and wearing sheer lace baby doll dresses to compete with her 20 year old daughter.

Such a fun jung fraulein, so hip, Mags! I feel like "I've written a letter to daddy" should be the background song on that pic.

No. 466576

In her goodbye video, Taylor revealed (in retrospect) that they had actually got pretty close. But how close they are does not matter, because it's what Margo thinks that affects what she does, and the bitch is cray. She sperged when they openly went out for lunch. She spent her life making sure that Venus had no friends, it's no wonder she finds the idea triggering now.

Taylor's got a scary story video up (recent in her feed) about her house in Japan. Elbow San was away and Taylor came home to find sticky tape across her door frame. it was burglar or stalker style but it was retarded too because the person put it where Taylor could see it more easily, like maybe someone googled some stalking tips. Obviously, it could be anyone, but Margo's a fucking nut so I don't put it past her to attempt some amateur stalking of Taylor.

No. 466578

She's not a Korean citizen, however she's covered y the EU agreement with Japan just the same.

was meant only for >>466284

She has to have a visa to stay. If she doesn't have one, she's overstaying. She's probably showing them fraudulent language course enrolments to get a student visa? There's no way she can afford language school.

No. 466599

>Almost 43 years old and wearing sheer lace baby doll dresses to compete with her 20 year old daughter.

I could forgive the dress if it were super cute on her, or even flattering. But it’s not - it shows her fat legs and looks sloppy. Just awful - like MorgueRot herself.

No. 466700

File: 1511289772591.png (13.61 KB, 299x264, themilkonlyslightlythickens.pn…)

looks like marg is in contact with floppy tit'd vexxed again?

also i forgot to screencap it, but the other name margo tags in her reply asked "wow are you in japan to visit venus?"

No. 466712

No, she's talking about when she gave that tard all her shooped "proof" emails last year. The success of that video was what Maroc was hoping would turn the tide. Instead it petered out because vex never got a scoop again, no one but Margo would just had him drama views. And now Venus is just livin' her best life, not even worried about making videos any more.

No. 466713

That outfit, omg. Wildly inappropriate for a 42 year old who looks 50-something and downright bizarre to boot. Looks like she cut up a lace tablecloth and tried to pass it off as a cute beach cover-up. No bueno. Also her thick pasty lumpy thighs are disgusting.

Imagine the sight of this thing in full makeup walking along the beach in that outfit. gahhhhh

No. 466734

File: 1511293860822.jpg (412.76 KB, 1043x905, Screenshot_20171121-114537.jpg)

Saged because it's not Margo content directly - but it's clearly directed at Margo. Zsu writes about her frustration with "a person I know" who repeatedly brags about all her education in the medical field, yet never graduated from anuthign and only took part of a course of study. Sounds like Margo has maybe hit up the fam for tuition while she's on her visa jaunt - or Zsu is just ticked that Margo is always bragging about her medical knowledge without putting in the hours (Zsu is a about to graduate from her nursing program.) Congrats, Zsu!

And I hope Margo is stuck coming up with new tuition cash on her own, if she can't pay tuition, she can't get another student visa.

No. 466914

It would be cool if this interviewer reached out to Venus. I wonder if Venus would accept such an offer? Probably not… but if she did, imagine Margo's rage

No. 466923

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing too but I remember when the drama after Venus left and people were making smear vids on V that she tweeted out to Keemstar. We never got anything but if Margo were to stir the pot again and go on a harassment tirade I could see V taking up such an offer.

No. 467025

this would be actually kinda cool. but since the interviewer was so critically back then, I wouldnt trust him now if I was venus. he could turn around the story again and make it look like venus actually really boolied and robbed her mother, just so they have a drama story. because drama stories sell better then "im so nice and did the right thing" stories.

No. 467116

That's true. However, I think he was legitimately shocked by Venus, and definitely realized the brainwashing done by Margo. (Like the part where he asks her if she's OK with Marg covering her ears, and she says 'yes' and looks confused, like it's normal.) A happy story might sell too - like hurray! She escaped! We were right about this!

I dunno. I wonder what Margo's daily routine is now.

No. 467491

File: 1511438328217.png (885.42 KB, 594x590, chrome_2017-11-23_22-49-37.png)

Can't be the one in Rycom mall. I was only there a few weeks ago and the big fish there has a bigger bulge on his head, and the water is a lot lighter (if that makes sense) and you can see through the tank.

I can only think of the Churaumi aquarium but that's a solid 1hr+ drive on the expressway… and even further if you're travelling from Naha.

No. 468200

Well she’s back in her SK slum box (posting her “outcall massage” ads on CL again.) Not much to show for that Okinawa vacay visa run, was there? You’d think someone on a real vacation would post lots of pics of themselves having fun on the beach, etc. Oh yeah, that would be because she probably slept on convenience store floors and spent her days wandering the streets dressed in the same clothes the whole time like the old bum she is.

No. 468684


How is she still getting a visa ..? Like are they really that lax with letting people do visa runs.

I sometimes wonder if the reason her posting has slowed down is because she simply doesn't have a phone plan anymore, and completely depends on free internet. Don't really think she can afford Coffee anymore to sit around in cafes either.

I seriously wonder if she even gets any jobs, but maybe since she keeps posting the ad. Probably men just as dirty and grimy as she is.

No. 468913

She’s definitely barely scraping by financially; she admitted being broke in one of her angry rants a couple of months back.
boo hoo poor marge

No. 469002

I think she’s back on a 90-day tourist visa, hence the visa run to Okinawa. Either temporarily while waiting to hear if her student visa was renewed or she can’t cough up the language school tuition anymore so it’s plan B, permanent tourist visa with visa runs every 90 days until they wise up one day and deport her sorry ass. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see if she goes on another vacation visa run in 90 days. Too bad she’s too broke to afford more than the bare minimum flight $ and nothing else, probably sleeping at the airport for a night or two then back to her box in Seoul. Miserable creature.

No. 469003

And yes, they really are that lax, apparently.

No. 469272

I can't believe we're coming up on 2 years of Visa runs and she still hasn't been deported back home.

No. 469338

I’m starting to think Japan no longer gives a fuck about visa hoppers. Marge, Sere, and a handful of other cows seem to be able to go in and out of Japan rather often without any clear reason or hassle.

No. 469358


ive had friends who did visa runs for years in korea, you'd have to be very unlucky to get busted. it's not the visa runs that are risky, it's her little craigslist gig since the gov is strict when it comes to working without a valid visa. it only takes one person to report you and then you'd get deported

No. 469420

Why does she not just get a visa?? It's not that difficult jc. Also, why does she just not move back to Europe? She has no real reason to be staying in Asia, and it will be easier for her to find work there (who would ever want to hire an un qualified, old, poor language speaking foreigner)

No. 469474

That's making me question, why did she move to spain years ago?

No. 469501

I believe it was to keep Venus from her father. But Marge said at the start of this dramu that she tried to enter Japan for the first time in 2012 and some "stress" happened that caused her to lose her hair. That would track with the timeline where she ended up in the random location of Tenerife for a year or two. She also lived in Thailand for 3 months at one point in like, 2008 or 2009 to get those massage licenses. She this isn't the first time she's tried living in Asia.

As to why she can't / won't live in mainland Europe, who knows. There doesn't seem to be a legal reason, just a crazy reason.

No. 469505

>Why does she not just get a visa?
What kind of visa are you saying she should “just get”? She had a student visa in SK (allegedly) that was good for 2 years and is about to expire. She wouldn’t need to do a visa run if that got renewed so speculation is she’s back to tourist visas which require a visa run every 90 days. As someone said, she could keep that up for years since they don’t seem to give a shit in SK.

Now Japan is a different story but she’s living (and scamming) in SK so what Japan does is irrelevant.

No. 471518

new video

No. 471523


I think it has sometjing to do with controlling Venus, being as close to her as she legally can. idk just my opinion, she wants to be close to Venus or she wants Venus to know she's always close by.

No. 471526


I thought it was speculated that she refused to go back due to tax evasion ? avoiding the law..


Welcome to depressing hobo tour…

I couldn't help but wonder every time she showed/talked about the piles of change people left behind if she maybe attempted to pocket some.

No. 471549

She does have tax issues in the UK and debt in the Netherlands iirc but she did stay briefly in London for a week or so after ripping the German fangirl off.

No. 471552


ngl I missed maggot's crap videos for a reason because it's just such a joy to see her living such a miserable life. And Judging by the video she couldn't even afford a cheap hotel? Looks like a short trip for two days but where did she sleep? lmao. no matter what, her life is just depressing and I'm loving it. Hoping for more videos.

No. 471562

am i too stoned or is this video making no sense… what is the message she wanted to get across? I cant tell if shes trying to make like a… shitty documentary about okinawa… or an "about my trip" kind of video? it's both yet none…

>English is a struggle

bitch please, english is a struggle for you

also the smooth transition between
>I've also seen three supersonic army planes
>also okinawa have hibiscus
is the most curious thing ive ever seen.

No. 471564

Oh please make another room tour video marge, pretty please. Do it for your fans. Pleeeeease

No. 471570

So here she is about to turn 43, flat broke, no life, no future, no goals (other than to ruin VEENOOS.) What does she tell herself to even keep going? What goes on in that twisted brain to justify living the hobo life at her age? Does she ever even for a millisecond question the choices that have landed her where she is, or plan for a better future like normal people?

Nah. She’s not normal, silly me.

No. 471598

This dumb bitch doesnt know what Root Beer is.

No. 471604

To be fair, from what I understand it's not very commonplace outside of North America. In a few places, that sarsaparilla-y flavor that it has is often associated with certain medicines so naturally it wouldn't be very popular.

No. 471605

omg I’d be way too embarrassed to go out in public wearing that bizarre outfit. What IS that, a lace tablecloth over a granny bathing suit? Seriously??

No. 471628

File: 1512350362757.jpeg (151.05 KB, 996x1162, 44A835BD-C89E-4E25-8CD2-5916EA…)

276 views in 8 hours, woo maggot.
I gave in and watched the damn thing and wow is it ever sad. She doesn’t look like she showered th whole time she was there (2 days/1 night?) Sleeps in a damn chair in a cubicle and gets up the next morning headed to a deserted strip of sand wearing a winter coat with her greasy unwashed hair standing on end:

No. 471630

File: 1512350672602.jpeg (390.1 KB, 1652x1155, 08D6AB34-15FB-4E67-B216-E41AD4…)

Then she hits the bathroom to change into her lace tablecloth/granny bathing suit beachcombing outfit. Plants the camera on a rock and walks back and forth in front of it like a demented old derelict, pretending to be on a fun filled day at the beach. She must have been freezing her flabby old ass off.

This shit is gold. Best thing since the moldy goshiwon room tour. Gold!

No. 471655

Finally! Damn this video is a mess. I especially loved the part where she shows us the mangakissa.
>Mangakissa is kvite cheap ant I like to spend de whole night in de chair wis movies in blawnket free ice cream hot cockwah
Imagine being this much of a hobo that you have to spend the night in a chair in an internet café, deluding yourself this is somehow a quality vacation worth vlogging about while you sob into your free ice cream

No. 471876

This is the sorriest, most depressing excuse of a “trip” ever.

No. 471879


i didn't watch the whole video but she didn't have a proper place to sleep booked? kek that means she broke japan's immigration laws. you are required to list a name of a hotel/hostel you will be staying at with all the additional info so she must have lied and put the name of a random hotel there

No. 471886

Even for a one-night visit? That seems excessive. Do they really check everyonewho comes in for a short visit that closely?

And yes, poor old maggot spent the night in a chair at a mangakissa. No hotel, no airbnb room not even a hostel. I don’t know how she goes on living like this, seriously. Living on a shoestring is fine for a twenty something kid but this nut is pushing mid-forties.

No. 471887


Do you think she might of put Venus' home address down ? Or do they call the person to confirm it ?

Anyways, makes me really wonder where the fuck she's staying at in Korea if she can't afford anywhere to sleep for even a night. I kinda miss Margo's antics, like when she would come on here or PULL to throw fits about starbucks.

No. 471901

they do, i had an unpleasant situation on the airport in osaka where they wouldnt let me through cause i didn't have my hotel's phone number.
idk if that would fly since venus lives in tokyo and the bitch went to okinawa, also not sure what the procedure is when you list private address instead of a hotel

No. 471903

She’s been living in goshiwons in Korea, dirt-cheap tiny rooms like the size of broom closets. That’s what I don’t get. How does a mid forties person keep living like that and not want to move back to Europe where she could get a real job and apartment and an actual life. Her existance just seems so grim.

No. 471904


I guess working under the assumption that all countries are the same, they would call Venus. My sister when she was in highschool thought she could sneak her Bf from the states into Canada having our home as the address he'd be staying at. They called, my mother denied, he got denied at the boarder.

Though you would also think they would check your reservation, and if you have enough money for your stay to support yourself.


Pride. Going back home would mean accepting defeat, and possibly dealing with any tax evasions or frauds she's done. It would also mean going back home to family and being told to get a job. Something she hasn't had in years.

No. 471932

If I was venus I would send my mom a few yen. Its sad marge raised a fearsome go-getter who can survive anywhere, ut backed fired cause venus scalped her and wont even send her mom a plane ticket back home.

No. 471935


Flame bait? Girl left her with rent and paid enrollment fees so that Mags could renew her Visa without her. She decided to cash out and chase Venus instead.

No contact until Margo figures out how to support her own damn self is the only way to pry that tick off of Venus' back.

No. 471936

Uh, no? Venus left Margo with a month of rent paid, a semester of tuition paid, a 2 year visa paid for, her entire bank account minus Venus's the recent signing bonus (the only money Venus took with her was the bonus; Margo refused to give up the PIN to the account), a Mac laptop, 4 top of the line smart phones, a Mac desktop, and a $5,000 camera.

Venus left Margo so flush, that not only did Margo not work for the last 3 years she "managed" Venus (while V did all the work), she didn't work for a year after Venus fired her, and travelled to 7 different countries on 3 continents during that year. All while doing nothing but harassing her kid.

That's a massive severance pay for doing nothing. And no kid owes their parents severance pay.

No. 471939

Where were you when psycho marge bought herself plane tickets to 5 different countries on 3 different continents after Venus escaped her abusive ass, anon? The old nut blew through thousands of dollars in travel alone in a year and a half and now it’s all gone, boo hoo. Venus owes her nothing.

Why don’t you send her a few yen, let us know how that works out for you.

No. 471941

topkek anon, thanks for making me smile.

No. 471973

She’s 42 years old and not helpless or disabled last time I checked. She can buy her own plane ticket home, or could if she’d get a J-O-B.

No. 472098

lame bait

No. 472191

File: 1512489429364.jpg (211.33 KB, 1916x1080, Untitled.jpg)

>those elephant stumps
>that nasty face
wow, wtf
the hobo life really takes a toll on her look

No. 472205

I’m still trying to wrap my head around that OUTFIT. The best part is that she obviously thinks she looks totally hot and cute. The delusion is real.

No. 472207

File: 1512496039027.gif (442.64 KB, 500x375, 122357659400150e6[1].gif)

she probably thinks she looks like a kawaii animu mom since she has such a kawaii animu musume.

No. 472213

That’s her on the way to the “beach,” all bundled up in a winter coat. After spending the night in a chair at a cafe. What a fun trip!

No. 472214

it's only getting up to 20 in okinawa this time of year, what is she thinking?

No. 472215

first thing in the video she says is "peach spelled backwards is cheap" uhhhhh marg you sure about that

No. 472248

no anon it’s a beautiful tropical beach, a must-do on a trip to beautiful Okinawa along with a tour of an underground WWII bunker and a night sleeping in a chair. You’re just jealous admit it.

No. 472379

She absolutely looks like someone dealing with huge amounts of water retention.

So is it because of the salty Korean Diet or that she had to sleep in a chair

No. 472385

You know she’s living on junk food. Pizza and free goshiwon ramen and crap, all loaded with sodium.

No. 472430


Hasn't she always been that bloated looking and lumpy.

The big'ol sack of coals Venus doesn't want showing up for Christmas.

No. 472437

Good god, and iirc she's not even 50 yet, right?

No. 472438

Her legs have always been thick, lumpy and gross but not this bad. She’s aging like milk plus menopause is just around the corner and it’s gonna be a bitch.

No. 472451

ten years anon

No. 472466

It can start creeping up on you mid-forties though, which is just about where she’s at.

No. 472494

She's 42, turning 43 in February.

I expect a milk flow around her b-day (which is a week or 2 before Venoos's).

No. 472631

It's a bit sad that Margo can't even pay for a beloved Denny's meal with her CL hooker ads.

No. 472725

Sad? I think it’s great. Karma and all that. Love it.

No. 472752

She's the embodiment of lumpenproletariat, while shilling for Trump. I hope she never changes.


No. 472810

File: 1512623049835.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2017-12-07-00-02-15.p…)


(inb4 charge ya damn phone)

No. 472812

oh stfu you loony narc psychopath

No. 472822

File: 1512624156854.png (695.56 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2017-12-07-00-22-04.p…)


No. 472823

yeah you tend to get sick sometimes when you’re actually allowed to go outside and do things and see other people. How terrible.

No. 472826

Never had to go to the dentist yeah fucking sounds like your ass is just admitting you never took her to one

No. 472872

This is the exact kind of bs narcs pull when they really need that supply. Oh, but it wasn't all bad, was it? Of course I loved her, etc. Typical.

I hope Venus takes one look at this garbage and walks away.

No. 472904

You should read the comments. talking about her lovely daughter and when people tell they're sorry for her and that a mothers love is endless her answer is always "but she tried to kill me, robbed me etc".

No. 472908

File: 1512667802426.png (327 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2017-12-07-12-29-10.p…)


Jesus christ.

Tfw ur daughter strungle u

No. 472912

File: 1512668718018.jpg (324.93 KB, 314x1383, magshot.jpg)


here a shitty collage of all her comments on her Insta post >>472822 .

No. 472949

A brief summary: “but me, me ME! What about MEEE??!?!” In other words, vintage narcissism plus batshit crazy delusions for extra spice.

No. 472980

>I tried to stop loving her
wtf, evil. she says this thinking it'll come across like "i tried to move on, but i'm such a good mom that I just couldn't" but it just shows there's no limit with her

>she won't let me.. she calls me enemy

Oh gee, I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that you knowingly lie and slander Venus every chance you get.. why in the world would she not let you get close to her? woe is Margo

No. 473066

Just reading how she writes and fucks up every other word makes me want to STRUNGLE her. She is so fucking irritating. I have no doubt that Venus may have attacked her at least once. Can you imagine how much Mags used to go off on word sale tirades, nagging and nagging while telling Venus how bad or disappointing she was? She probably followed Venus through rooms and even the toilet, babbling incoherently.

No. 473121

File: 1512708522414.jpg (35.68 KB, 500x312, 177.jpg)

next time margo will claim that wenoos chased her around the house with an assault rifle

No. 473148

here we go again ಠ_ಠ

No. 473583

File: 1512851115229.jpg (163.01 KB, 1029x446, Screenshot_20171207-095530.jpg)

Margo continues to revel in the most attention shes gotten in ages.

No. 473584

File: 1512851173910.jpg (251.56 KB, 1037x718, Screenshot_20171209-095533.jpg)

No. 473585

File: 1512851210741.jpg (428.77 KB, 1019x1192, Screenshot_20171209-095614.jpg)

No. 473613

>the most attention shes gotten in ages.
Doesn’t amount to much though. Take away all the deleted comments, duplicates and marge’s responses and there’s maybe 20-something actual comments there, as opposed to VEENOOS’s 300+ get well soon comments and 13K likes on her post. Poor marge, so desperate and pitiful.

No. 473639

Still, 200 likes is a red letter day for Mags.

No. 473670

Agreed. Even though Venus being in the photo is the reason for a lot of them, it is a big deal for the old narc. Still a fraction of what VEENOOS gets on a routine basis though, unfortunately for marge.

No. 473764

i wonder what marge's life plans are for the next 5 years.

No. 473788

>what marge's life plans are for the next 5 years
To get hold of the evidence in her storage unit that will FINALLY at long last expose VEENOOS as an evil psychopath, thereby giving marge her long overdue and richly deserved JUSTICE. That’s the sum total of her life goals and ambitions, to see her kid ruined. Because marge is a malignant narcissist on a mission. Her n-supply source (Venus) dared to defy her and pry herself loose from her stifling grip, so now Venus must pay the price for that. Only then will marge’s life be fulfilled.

And since she’s buttfuck crazy she sees absolutely nothing wrong or ‘off’ about any of this. There’s no self-awareness, perspective or reality testing whatsoever with her because she’s so isolated and so far gone. So she just keeps chugging along in her little bizarro world, totally oblivious to how royally fucked she is.

No. 473829

'according to what venus told me'

I'm willing to bet Venus was talking about an old hospital stay for her appendix or whatever got infected in her gut and not something we don't know about.

No. 473869

File: 1512931251353.jpg (213.48 KB, 296x831, magoo.jpg)


some new marg comments on her latest Insta post. No new milk but some lulzy margoish engrish.

my personal fave
>Of course I love the idea of my child, some fata morgana, but hell beware of the real person.

No. 473881

>bullied her mother
My favorite comment.

>tried to kill her

with a lot of imagination

>No empathy

I think Venus has empathy.

Margo accuses Venus for things she herself does or is.

No. 473982

Just wanted to add that my mother behaves very similarly to marg and she has schizoaffective disorder (which is like bipolar disorder mixed with schizophrenia). Since you guys keep an eye on her, if she is entering a manic phase or showing signs of increased activity/stalking, then be careful. These people basically truly believe that the world revolves around them in the most psychotic of ways - all good things that happen prove they deserve glory and praise, all bad things are the nefarious plots of the “other” who is out to get them. They are basically psychotic and pattern-seeking because of the schizo side, but delusional and narcissistic due to the affective disorder side. It’s sort of like erotomania in the behavior it causes.

She’s already stalking venus, so do take steps to protect your identity when poking the bear on social media if you don’t want to deal with crazy.

No. 473997

She’s too stupid to do anything significant to someone online though. And too broke. This old nut is harmless.

No. 474042

Well in my experience, they will come up with the most random accusations (delusions) and then message people they think you're in contact with. Like they will message your HS friends on FB telling them that you're pregnant or abusing someone or some shit like that. It's a PITA to explain to people why some lady is messaging them this shit about you. Just saying, handle crazy with care.

No. 474049

she went to their house remember? and created that scene by accosting manaki outside. then another time tried to break into venus' apartment.

I think she's just too obnoxious to win people over, no charm at all. and she has no money. with either thing she'd really be dangerous.