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File: 1652719746106.jpeg (39.62 KB, 720x538, 1652646253943.jpeg)

No. 1530807

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on. Posts consisting of a single carefully posed selfie of a random troon is not milk and should be ignored and assumed as a self post. Dont give them the attention they crave. Lets focus on the crazy, there more than enough to go around.

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No. 1530809

best thread pic choice nonnie, it makes me shudder but also laugh at the same time

No. 1530810

Thread pic is hilarious

No. 1530811

No. 1530826

File: 1652721681641.webm (4.32 MB, 576x1024, video.webm)

Thanks op, incredible choice of threadpic.

Christening the new thread with another video of this freak. If he means gay as in "homosexual male" and not "lesbian" then yes, he looks super gay.

No. 1530827

Agreed. I’m glad we actually have a good one this time.

No. 1530833

File: 1652721979673.jpg (141.03 KB, 1080x1277, FS00IEeWYAEk7GV.jpg)

How do these people come up with these conclusions?? JK is now a secret holocaust denier because we dont like her

No. 1530855

it's both funny and scary how they are pushing the narrative that trans is not a modern day fetish. their wish to be oppressed is so strong they can't go a day without comparing their delusions with ethnicities and race.

No. 1530857

is he transitioning into a rat?

No. 1530860

I don’t know but the bottom one is a personal cow for me. Traditional hon AGP who abandoned his wife and kids to troon out. I actually thought other than that he was relatively sane because of his hobbies but I’ve been proven wrong. I don’t know why I ever thought it to begin with, I was more naive in the past I guess. He doesn’t really talk about fetish stuff but he’s friends with a lot of other hons who do and is very gung-ho about transing kids early since he waited til being 50 something.

No. 1530863

This one is actually hard to look at

No. 1530864

File: 1652724120571.png (253.07 KB, 714x764, FS5bR4KXwAIvOm1.png)

No. 1530873

File: 1652724949873.jpg (100.53 KB, 603x791, 1598557261407.jpg)

No. 1530880

I don't think this rat faced abomination realises his insane laugh isn't going to make it seem more female

No. 1530881

File: 1652725391115.png (1.98 MB, 1284x5272, 119F9017-8C21-493C-93A5-B4F0BA…)

No. 1530883

>The last one
What the fuck do we anons have in common with these scrotes? Fucking nothing, absolutely goddamn nothing. They don’t get very ill with gynecological issues only to be told to try birth control or to lose or gain weight, they don’t have to be afraid of some moid raping them and getting pregnant, but they just think it’s all fun and games.

No. 1530886

>threaten they're murdering us!! at every moment
>nah menstruation is too much

I have no words

No. 1530888

>can't be worse than being called a groomer
Wow this guy has the hardest life ever

No. 1530902

File: 1652726705840.jpeg (86.41 KB, 446x400, DA225819-D8E8-4212-8A6C-5850C5…)

>Trannies are more attractive, talented and fun.

No. 1530908

Does it ever annoy anyone else how much they whine and cry about not feeling safe but also talk about going “boymode” to keep themselves from people saying mean comments to them and things like that? They have so much male privilege that they can just revert back to dressing like and actually appearing male, having a male voice and mannerisms, meanwhile I get afraid to walk about my neighborhood because creepy men see a woman walking alone and see the situation as a predator eyeing pray. I can’t just make my body male no matter how masculine I dress or how much I cover my body. I can’t just opt out of being female. But THEY have the nerve to cry about how unsafe THEY feel. All the while posting things to make women more afraid while they have a hand down their pants. I hate moids so much. These are the most misogynistic ones of all and nothing can change my mind on that. They are just as bad as right wing old men in power who want to take away abortion rights, just in skirts and breastforms instead. Sorry to repost, I forgot to sage.

No. 1530911

File: 1652727343544.png (224.38 KB, 1216x1510, bjyvkrve29a81.png)

For anyone wondering what a "boymoder" is

No. 1530913

I am re-reading this and sorry for my misspelling. It gets hard to have correct grammar sometimes when you’re angry. And yes ty nona >>1530911 for clarifying for those who don’t know.

No. 1530927

7 months without a proper shower.. the stench

No. 1530930

You can't transition into something you are and have always been nonna.

No. 1530939

You can buy estrogen and get your nails done but you can't fix your rat teeth? Priorities. Also you like you reek of cheese.

No. 1530940

File: 1652728711263.jpeg (105.08 KB, 452x219, CF55E44B-971A-4550-8346-5B6D1B…)

Do tranners ever make video essays about women’s pain? Many female breadtubers have spent hours going on about the poor tranners, yet tranners only ever seem to talk about (MTF only) trans issues. Hontra made an essay about incels and men as a whole before ever focusing on women. They don’t give a shit.

No. 1530944

they only ever make essays about wanting to cause women pain

No. 1530945

well, they discuss what they know. Which is incels, pornography, and contrarian political positions. AKA the recipe for a troon.

No. 1530946

well they do think "oppressed people don't have to do anything for their oppressors" and that "cis women/AFABs/TMEs etc oppress transfemmes" so ofc they never do

No. 1530951

He looks like Ron's rat in Harry Potter, good lord. He should have spent his money at the dentist's, not at the nail salon.

No. 1530952

They know we're not their oppressors. That's the narrative they hide behind to explain why they're so isolated from real women and why they express no concern for us or our issues. A cover to treat us like shit, hurt women, demand we coddle them, take our shit and wear us but make it woke. That's what this is all about.

No. 1530953

Holy shit HE DOES

No. 1530965

this kid's facial expression is the confused hypersexuality of abuse. idk how to explain it, but you see it on class clowns in boarding schools and on that ezra miller guy in his childhood pics.

No. 1530968

File: 1652731366310.jpg (88.09 KB, 1038x847, fat-guy.jpg)

i don't know who this guy is but he is very obviously violent and dangerous just by looking at him. compare to the normal non troon gross fat guy in picrel - clearly not a murderer.

No. 1530969

don't you shit talk timothy spall like that

No. 1530971

File: 1652731597073.png (663.09 KB, 1080x1166, 8789787877897898.png)

No. 1530972

This is why I don’t understand how black fishing and transracials are wrong (they absolutely are) but troons aren’t? If you can take off the reason of your “opression” by the end of the day, or just “boymode”, you’re not facing fucking opression the way women are.

No. 1530975

in every single his video that was posted so far his eye pencil, mascara and eye shadows are so messed up he looks like a hooker that hasn't washed for a month and fell down the stairs a few times

No. 1530976

File: 1652731968022.png (219.89 KB, 668x492, 987090978097070.png)


No. 1530980

File: 1652732264782.jpg (571.44 KB, 1308x1900, animorphs.jpg)

No. 1530983

This fucking coomer wants to feed babies his nipple discharge. Why would any mother want troon pus over actual mother's milk or formula? There are plenty of lactating women that can donate milk, women don't need you.

No. 1530984

File: 1652732901568.jpg (126 KB, 800x450, cover4.jpg)

>being a cis girl would mean i never experienced genital mutilation

No. 1530995

File: 1652733402637.jpg (Spoiler Image,183.02 KB, 1047x576, FS5-fhaWIAI0hR-.jpg)

how much do you want to bet he's getting a "euphoria boner" from doing this?

No. 1531002

File: 1652733613583.jpeg (428.78 KB, 1170x1937, 8B847DC1-E03B-43B8-B535-78C65E…)

“trans people are more attractive than cis women” yeah ok buddy

No. 1531007

this is child abuse

No. 1531008

The fact that this can just be posted and this man hasn't been beaten by vigilantes is insane to me. Maybe I'm a bit medieval but the idea of a man breastfeeding an infant with his man milk is so intrinsically wrong to me and can't go unpunished or excused. It goes against all common sense.

No. 1531010

That child is going to be so malnourished. How can doctors aid these freaks in committing child abuse? It's terrifying

No. 1531011

shouldn't his discharge be dangerous for the baby?

No. 1531013

File: 1652734213885.webm (9.01 MB, 576x1024, wedding.webm)

I found the account of his enby wife from last thread. They look like smelly renaissance fair attendees kek.

No. 1531014

i don't know about the discharge, but i do know it's dangerous for the baby to be using up energy without getting any nutrition from it. she needs that energy to feed from her actual mother.

No. 1531020

but risking a child's health is soo gender affirming!
i hate trannies so fucking much

No. 1531022

I hope this gets spread on reddit in hopes someone knows the guy and can call child services. What a disgusting and selfish piece of shit.

No. 1531026

not to mention they only have so much room in their little stomachs, and it's being filled up with discharge not nutrition

No. 1531028

I've read hundreds of AGP sob stories. The only time anyone is ever mean to them is when they are in 'boymode' growing up and scrotes call them faggots, molest them or beat them, believing them to be gays, which leads the AGP scrote to be outraged (not at men, but at gays). And even in most of those stories, they were the aggressors/bullies. When they're in full 'I've written a letter to daddy' ass regalia no one (except women of course) challenges them, just like Stefonknee and Chris-chan. And when they are challenged (by women and occasionally TIFs), they bring out the knuckle dusters, the axes, the AR-15s and go on a rampage

At the wispa it was a scrawny whiny soy scrote videotaping Black/Asian women to set them up and defending that AGP freaks honor with his life.
It really proves 'transphobia' is only ever meaningful or dangerous when its misogyny/homophobia and has NO substance whatsoever outside of misogyny/homophobia. Hence why no AGP has ever been killed. Even the Lili Elbe one in nazifying Germany 100 years ago got killed by having a frankenstein transplant

No. 1531034

Since they have no problem bragging about this on social media, does anyone think they'd blab to the pediatrician that the baby is sucking Dad's moob and he's "helping out"? Would any doctor inform them this isn't providing critical nutrition to the baby??? Or are they honestly so scared of being called transphobic? Wouldn't ANY health professional report this shit? Goddamn I wanna a-log.

No. 1531038

Why do they always try to use this as a gotcha? It doesn’t matter how we look. We are still actually women.

No. 1531039

File: 1652735815658.jpeg (98.11 KB, 960x525, 632917C1-AFA6-4B0F-BED9-2D5DBF…)


No. 1531041

That looks like a fucking disguise

No. 1531046

Honestly evil. I can’t believe his wife let him do this. The breast milk that early should only be the kind with colostrum that comes from the mother. If a male partner ever asked me if he could do this I would boot him the fuck out of my life and make sure his entire family knew about his degeneracy.

No. 1531047

This is so fucking evil and I wish I hadn't clicked on it. Legitimately disgusting, that poor baby

No. 1531058

Doctors help pre pubescent children get on dangerous puberty blockers, I don't think they care

No. 1531059

Yes they are, wannabe edna mode. The real one would smack the shit out of you btw

No. 1531075

Misread as “disease”. True either way.

No. 1531110

File: 1652745856242.png (46.54 KB, 737x319, AdmiralFisticuffs.png)

here's the troon breastfeeding post with the username uncensored

No. 1531152



As discussed in the previous thread.

No. 1531181

Contra has a rape mansion in Baltimore and has a harem of 4 young girls living there with him for free

No. 1531184

Can we please continue this conversation >>1530782

No. 1531188

seconded, who is this guy and what the fuck is going on?

it reminds me of the weird beckhams "deeply kissing your sons is normal" but taken up a few pedo notches

No. 1531189

call me a conspiracy theorist, but I wonder if all this trans kid stuff is practice run fro something evil (something to do with genetics and paedophilia)

No. 1531191

Excuse me?

No. 1531193

rich white man has sex slaves, news at 11

No. 1531197

File: 1652748472183.jpeg (197.33 KB, 777x1222, 51AF1BC4-FEA3-470E-B52B-63E979…)

Liev Schriber, famous actor and pedo

No. 1531200

I don’t get molestation vibes from any other celebrity trans kids I’ve seen. these pictures are setting off huge red alerts in my gut.

No. 1531218

File: 1652749853188.jpeg (137.34 KB, 634x951, 429065B100000578-0-image-a-11_…)

Jesus what the fuck, here is his son dressed as Harley Quinn at 8 years old, not even at Halloween, but going to Comic-con…where loads of creeps will inevitably be there and looking forward to ogling women dressed as Harley Quinn. Weird as fuck, whether they're a boy or a girl tbh. Wonder what Naomi Watts thinks.

No. 1531219

check the kf thread

No. 1531229

Didn't know Joey Ramone trooned out

No. 1531240

File: 1652752060168.png (97.16 KB, 350x503, Charlie_(Smiling_Friends).png)

>you kissed your dad on the mouth?

No. 1531250

File: 1652752824307.jpg (246.32 KB, 1520x1364, 27912875_1521613187950864_3456…)

How do they determine womanhood, if they're more womanly than actual women?

No. 1531255

You could just screenshot it. Not everyone wants to go over there.

No. 1531261

underrated comment kek

No. 1531264

fucking KEK

No. 1531275

Trannies stop being pedos and feeding babies your nipple pre-cum challenge.

No. 1531327

File: 1652762068407.png (540.4 KB, 650x550, 1558239848336.png)

I was watching this cute video about a women-only capsule hotel in Japan and OF FUCKING COURSE trannies are asking if they'd be allowed to go. The channel said you can go if your passport says female and one troon responded with 'Omg thank you so much for asking if trans women could stay here as well! They really need safe spaces like this.' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA it's not a woman-only space if men are there!!

No. 1531333

the fact that there are first world countries that let pedophiles, children abusers and deviants dictate the rights of half of the population is a perfect example on how little research people in charge do when making decisions. imagine being in favor of tims when one look at their communities shows how vile they are.

No. 1531335

saw it too, I saw a japanese woman going at them in the com tho

No. 1531340

File: 1652763656451.png (11 KB, 640x118, baseddesu.PNG)

finally found her comments

No. 1531341

File: 1652763710165.png (10.38 KB, 708x119, baseddesu2.PNG)

No. 1531368

File: 1652766373028.png (795.62 KB, 860x1616, tr.png)

handmaidens just stop

No. 1531379

if taylor r's husband was a troon

No. 1531386

ewwww god, that’s vile. I live in Japan and even in Tokyo I’d be surprised if they actually allowed any troons to stay in one, unless the owners were gaijin or something. Japanese people don’t even consider transgender people as an actual thing kek, and the few times I’ve spoken to Japanese girls about it they find it (understandably) creepy and gross. The men in japan usually just cross-dress behind closed doors, taking pictures with their faces censored. If the western troons came here expecting the locals to view them as uwu cute girls with girldicks~ they are in for a big surprise.

No. 1531387

KEK I thought the same thing, nona.

No. 1531390

it's funny that weeb scrotes say that loli/shota isn't pedo because it's 'just a drawing' but then also believe that traps/fembois exist outside of anime. if you're a man dressed like a girl you're going to be treated as a freak kek.

No. 1531399

File: 1652769663811.png (2.07 MB, 1170x2532, E4046DA2-18E8-46DB-915E-946689…)

picrel is agp bi??? troon. genuine question: what makes the onlyfans thot troons pass so much better then the run of the mill Reddit troon?? (even tho picrels voice is incredibly faggy and outs him KEK)

No. 1531400

god her fucking voice cracks lmao she sounds like a teenage boy
it will never not bother me to see this kind of people “reclaiming” queer as if they’re not literally just a straight couple

No. 1531405

fuck off tranny

No. 1531406

i love her and i hope she’s having a wonderful day what a hero

No. 1531416

This bothered me even before I peaked. I was in a large alt fashion community with a few legitimately cannot-function-as-adults mentally handicapped women in it, and even they didn’t get this fawning praise when they’d post. But if some man who lives alone and is able to hold down a normal job posts wearing children's accessories and an ill-fitting top everyone falls over themselves telling him what a pretty pretty princess he is. They aren’t treating him like this just because they think he’s retarded but because they know he’s a man.

Cue everyone in Hollywood going “Well how could we have known?!” if this kid ever comes out about being abused.

Well there was that guy who forced that lesbian bar to either shut down or accept TIMs (I don’t remember). They like to accuse everyone else of colonialism but have no problem forcing their own ideology on non-Western countries and communities.

No. 1531418

Jeff Bezos liked a very anti-troon tweet on Twitter. Surprised the cult hasn't picked up on it yet.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1531419

this is an imageboard

No. 1531420


Cmon nonna drop the pic. Don’t tease us like that.

No. 1531421

Based japanese.

No. 1531423

White trannies are really out here assuming everyone who disagrees with them is white, huh? Like the fact that they assume black women will be subservient to them says a lot. It's not even remotely shocking to me that most white MtFs were some shade of alt-right before trooning out.

No. 1531425

It’s the typical white male response of “if I put the word white in front of women, I can be as misogynistic as I like”. They just can’t help but be racist, especially with their constant comparisons to black women. They can’t handle that not everyone who hates them is an ugly white feminazi stereotype (ironically that’s how they tend to look).

No. 1531426

File: 1652774441756.png (163.56 KB, 640x634, tumblr_a138838f3be0f8b4898ecff…)



Fuckers this is an image board

No. 1531427

File: 1652774638527.jpeg (61.54 KB, 736x487, 1643128989846.jpeg)

It's so funny trannies come here to "own the terfs!!" and prove themselves to be so fucking male time and time again. Imagine having even your memes be porn, how fucking coombrained do you have to be? Would you EVER see a meme a like that posted by a woman?

No. 1531428

Also notice how all the women in his unfunny porn collection are cis? They know exactly who is a woman and who is not when it comes to sexual degradation and then they try to make out like we are insane for thinking they are dangerous to have in our spaces.
All trannies are nonces and rapists and all “””cis””” men who support them are also nonces and rapists.

No. 1531430

If sex work is real work and not degrading at all, and trannies are real and honest women, then how come all the women in those memes are very obviously cis? They know what they’re doing. I can’t believe they think they are woke. This is just a woke way of whipping your dick out to women in public and calling them sluts.
Being male is a mental disability and id pity them if they weren’t so vile.

No. 1531432


Ugh, why can't they just fuck each other in their open wounds and circle jerk each other until they join 41. They wanna act like there is no difference then if you are lesbian then you can fuck another tranny lesbian by that fault logic.

Men can't handle no being told, it's why they threaten and try to punish people. They commit mot violence after all, a dress and lipstick doesn't change they are violent.

No. 1531436

File: 1652775168962.jpg (52.41 KB, 500x455, 1643129533332.jpg)

Also notice it's spelled "TERfS", f in lowercase implying we are not feminists - also implying that pic IS feminist? Good lord the coom in their brain is preventing normal brain functions istg

No. 1531438

File: 1652775332247.png (794.55 KB, 1500x1284, 1647013024489.png)

Another classic for the trannies lurking

No. 1531441

File: 1652775802042.jpeg (502.66 KB, 2048x1536, C8F55E70-C3EB-40DA-8B8A-5303CB…)

Are these “far right talking points”?

No. 1531446

Troons get so mad over getting called groomers, but they do absolutely nothing to advocate against grooming of children, trans or not. They'd rather kids get hurt by trans people than admitting that those bad trans people even exists, because "it makes all trans people look bad".

Troons also seem to think grooming only means "directly sexually exploiting children", they don't understand that encouraging kids to take hormones that will sterilize them for life IS grooming. Telling kids their parents don't love them for not being ok with them medically transitioning at 12 years old, telling them to keep secrets from their parents and to not trust them, it's all grooming tactics. It would be grooming even if it wasn't for trans reasons. And the hormones they encourage kids to take behind their parents backs are taken for sexually aesthetic reasons, it's literally to stunt the development of secondary sexual characteristics to look more attractive.

The grooming is older trans men and women seeking out teen boys to tell them to get boob jobs and get a neo-vagina just so they can later be penetrated by penises.
It's them telling the teen girls to amputate their breasts and to take anabolic steroids, and to have their clitoris removed in favour of a skin roll. It's them saying their parents, teachers and everyone else is lying to them about sex and gender, and only trans people are enlightened and can bring them salvation. It's all grooming.

No. 1531448

Grooming isn’t all about sexual abuse. Terrorists are groomed. They are lied to and poisoned against their families and society in a similar way. So are cultists and conspiracy theorists and far right radicals.

No. 1531459

File: 1652780590089.jpeg (765.31 KB, 3749x1577, E31FB7B5-736F-4549-B093-4689DD…)

The one about Netflix nonna? I feel like the second one in pic related is a little dig at THAT side of twitter too. I’m not a fan of bezos but it’s always good to see someone oppose the cult.

No. 1531460

Dunno if this has been mentioned in any of the recent threads, but the newest season of Grey's Anatomy has been seriously pushing the troon agenda. There's an enby dating one of the leading women, and the show started trying to trans a 4-year-old boy and make his (based) mom look like the bad guy for being skeptical. The show's been going to shit for a while now, but I'm so tired, nonnies. Why can't women have nice things without getting trannies shoved in our faces?

No. 1531461

File: 1652780685382.jpg (263.86 KB, 750x741, 1652733944684.jpg)

Dunno if this or celebricows thread is better, but anyway here is Laverne Cocks Barbie LMAO, they did him DIRTY

No. 1531462

i’m on mobile and idk how to post videos so ill just link it but this girl has been literally attacked so aggressively for being “transphobic” because she said transphobia and misogyny are two different things. she also said that transwoman aren’t effected by the roe v wade stuff and people were so mad. i feel like everyone is going fucking crazy logic means literally nothing https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdGDUCr4/?k=1

No. 1531464

File: 1652781443950.jpeg (20.14 KB, 439x480, 1650852053173.jpeg)

No. 1531465

File: 1652781554149.jpg (333.23 KB, 1556x1156, bn74m.jpg)

Know who you are posting with kek

No. 1531466

the details of this image…..

No. 1531467

File: 1652781663969.png (137.08 KB, 737x867, ill_breakfast4697.png)

a post-op troon is complaining about being "friendzoned" by men when he reveals his trans status kek

No. 1531468

they're probably chasers who want someone who's pre-op. the problem isn't that he's not a woman, the problem is that he's not the type of man they want.

No. 1531469

File: 1652781965008.png (1.13 MB, 780x778, 1652118130264.png)

I know, it's immaculate!

>is exactly the same as a cis woman
hahahah, except being full ass MAN

No. 1531471

Stop trying to rape people via deception incel troon. Men really think rejection is oppression kek.

No. 1531477

It's almost as if cishet men like actual women over a man with wide shoulders, no hips and an axe wound.

No. 1531481

I could be misremembering but I recall literal nude photos of their child in the beach being released a few years ago and being extremely weirded out by it and now this? Come on could he make it anymore obvious, those poor fucking kids.

No. 1531485

aw I made this image a long time ago it's nice to see it being used

No. 1531487

I almost feel sad for the hsts, they're so deep in delusions and denial. They've been fed so so many lies for so long. It really is like watching a cult. They could have been living as happy healthy gay men by now, but they turned themselves into lifelong hospital patients instead.

The irony is because the trans crowd is so vocal and in your face telling everyone to learn more about trans people, they also accidentally make the woke people who supported them actually learn more about trans people and how unlike their wanted sex they really are. Before transwomen could get away with saying "neo vaginas are exactly the same as real vaginas" but now with them posting pics, people learning about the surgeries and how they have to dilate forever and douche with vinegar etc… people are starting to see how different they really are even in woke crowds.

No. 1531489

Even if this fantasy of looking indistinguishable from a cis-woman was reality (it's not, you can always tell) most men still want to eventually have children or at least the option to one day have children and trannies will never be able to provide that. Also.. why the hell would you date a tranny when you can just date a real woman instead and not have any of the problems that come with dating a tranny? Only chasers would put up with that.

No. 1531499

Lmao isn't this the autistic guy who fucks sneakers on reddit? He's all over the women's fashion subreddits

No. 1531508

>who fucks sneakers
He WHAT now

No. 1531509

Well, I for one wish more men would fuck trannies, keeping them away from women. They could be degenerate little coombrain moidies together!

No. 1531511

I have sympathy for the kids groomed into transition, it’s sad really because in a perfect world it wouldn’t matter if a young boy wanted to dress “feminine” they would just wear what they want. What fucked up society to the point that gender non-conformity had to be medicalised? I hate the way TERFs are accused of upholding the binary, because every TERF I know would be fine with men dressing in women’s clothes (in the same way women buy men’s) as long as it’s for fashion and not fetishisation. It’s so backwards, the ones upholding the male/female binary are the TRAs. You shouldn’t have to mutilate yourself just because you like “feminine” or “masculine” things. If men focussed on dismantling their patriarchal views that belittle and sexualise femininity, rather than doubling down on the “pink=girl” “I’m a woman because I love cock” view, gendered spaces wouldn’t even be needed. We only need these spaces because men made the world unsafe for us.

No. 1531513

File: 1652788403771.jpeg (897.36 KB, 2830x2042, 73661CD4-9238-4E6B-8C65-7F5CFA…)

this is the dude and also his only other post. he’s a divorcee, no surprise there kek

No. 1531515

10 years ago a masculine woman or feminine man would get called a tranny or gay as rude sexist harassment. Now they're called trannies and gays by people who think they're doing a kind favour in assuming anyone different is trans. Same harassment different political angle.

No. 1531516

>fully female
Sure, buddy

No. 1531518

>trans past
>has to dilate for the rest of his life

No. 1531521

File: 1652789240127.jpg (596.26 KB, 952x1838, handmaiden.jpg)

handmaiden tells her troon roommate she wouldn't sleep with him and he attacks her and breaks her wrist. of course some of the comments are saying it's "expected" for not "validating" the scrote.

No. 1531523

What an abusive rapist incel. He attacked her because she rejected him and broke her wrist. Literally DV but it's okay because it's a tranny. This has to be fake right? I really hope so, but considering how troons act, adding on the recent Manchester chimp out and violence, it's probably real.

No. 1531524

Holy shit, a male breaks her wrist for not wanting to fuck him and she's still being a good little handmaiden. I trust leddit is tellking her she's in the wrong of course.

>questioning if I should go full lesbian actually
Girl it doesn't work like that good lord

No. 1531525

If this isn't fake, well, I'll be damned. It says he attacked her right after - or soon after - she stated her preference. Trannies are psychotic fetishists, yes, but this big of an overreaction seems really sudden and immediate. It seems there would be more details/dialogue after that key statement. Plus her shrugging off the broken wrist thing just seems like one of those "r/relationships is fucked up" memes, even a handmaiden would be livid after that. I'm calling cap.

No. 1531526

This sounds really fake, I refuse to believe any handmaiden wouldn't be unbelievably pissed off at her troon "friend" for breaking her wrist. at least I'm hoping this is fake for my sanity

No. 1531528

File: 1652790406539.png (356.9 KB, 917x900, zy7yd09g2zs61.png)

is this how they really see themselves, such massive cope

No. 1531529

File: 1652790534541.jpg (23.72 KB, 540x540, tumblr_3d744bc2fdcc439abf5b99f…)

>Being a cis girl would mean I never experienced genital mutilation (circumcision)
Jesus fucking Christ I hate men so goddamn much

No. 1531533

i think fake as well. i dont see handmaidens being so allergic to the word 'woman' that they'd resort to 'girl' every time

No. 1531534

> no I’d miss my dick too much
> she/her
What the fuck

No. 1531536

File: 1652791061354.jpg (204.16 KB, 1080x1656, FS6EEtKWAAAEdYW.jpg)

Massive cope, TRA are the ones loosing momentum and theyre already being incredibly hateful and violent
Oh and more nazi talk, why are they so obsessed with nazis. Legit no GCs are ever mentioning anything about nazis

No. 1531537

circumcision is cutting some useless part off of dicks, if men experienced genital mutilation like women do they would get their whole glans cut off or their dicks sewed to their leg. yet they choose to get their dicks and balls cut off willingly and still cry about circumcision. i hate males

No. 1531539

all the nazi talk makes them look like putin lunatics

No. 1531540

They love the word nazi because they are the old incels reeing about feminazis being why they are losers and unsuccessful in life.

No. 1531541

Sure, the nazis are on our side, as seen in >>1529799 >>1529779

No. 1531543

nazi gets thrown around as a superlative all the time by libleft dumbfucks because of the shock value (which is retarded because it waters down the true historical meaning and impact of the word). everyone knows that nazis are bad and anything and everything affiliated with nazis is bad too. so they push really hard to throw everything they dislike into a great big pot with nazis so that stupid people who can't think for themselves relate nazis to gender critical thinking.

No. 1531545

>comparing himself to a breast cancer survivor
No. Stop doing this. I know men can get it too but he’s definitely not comparing himself to a man. Also, why should anyone feel bad for him? Rejection is part of life, they need to stop this rapey incel behavior of expecting everyone to want to fuck them, they just can’t get the male out of them.

No. 1531548

File: 1652792355636.png (717.93 KB, 988x1196, D6D73356-153D-4061-B794-7EDC51…)

I’ve got you. Here is one of this posts to a womens fashion subreddit.

No. 1531549

File: 1652792394986.png (Spoiler Image,320.05 KB, 1366x768, A42A62BF-F016-4434-BB9A-E40F21…)

And proof of his weird fucking fetish.

No. 1531550

I wish to god they would stop using the word “female”. It is medically inaccurate and in hospital, there has already been a case of a TiF dying because she reported herself as male. If that’s what they want I guess we can’t stop them. It already is stupid that they call themselves women, calling themselves female is just despicable. I’m always incredibly angry knowing if we can’t define ourselves with words that matter, this is how our rights are taken away. If anyone can be a woman or female, then how will things like abortion access have any meaning at all? They’re ripping down so much by this stupid shit, and no empathy whatsoever. Men will conquer, that’s all they know how to do. Like hulking, stupid apes.

No. 1531553

I’m also going to say it sounds fake. There’s just too many little things intended to rile people up (bi girl saying she wants to go “full lesbian”, saying it’s totally okay!!! that he broke her wrist). It just seems like a bad larp.

No. 1531554

>ok whatever
If they really thought this we wouldn’t have to witness their chronic chimpouts in tweets and videos online. Massive cope.

If anything I think GC has been gaining momentum. I’ve seen more and more people get peaked by TRA violence and inability to handle calm delivery of opposing opinions. The more they take off the mask, the worse it gets for them. The pendulum is going to swing, and they we will all be screwed over because they label us as right wing nazis so often, they don’t understand that most TERFs are left of center just like they claim to be. Every GC woman I have ever spoken to has made it abundantly clear that she has always considered herself liberal but now in the wake of this feels politically homeless because the left has completely turned on women.

No. 1531555

File: 1652793371526.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 0e803f7b0e65a5ba.jpg)

No. 1531556

oh my god troons are so WEIRD what the fuck

No. 1531558

Not to mention the self mutilation that they cope over. They will just revert to being regular incels again, but now deformed. Sad thing is, they will never confront their behaviour which lead them to this point, just continue blaming other people, making it so they never change. Like that de-trans posted in the last thread, chimping that feminists created troons, and not the men who overconsume porn and chimpout when not treated as they desire (as normal women and not fetishizing men), big pharma who pushes troon laws from the top down since it makes a tone of money, and the fact that it's always incel to troon, the only time it is regular man to troon is when they're gay.

No. 1531559

What fucking milk? MEN DON'T HAVE MILK DUCTS. Also what's to bet he didn't get permission to do this and is just hijacking the experience while his (frankly retarded) partner is recovering. Literal child abuse.(learn2sage)

No. 1531562

Right?? I guess they are queer in the original sense of the word, meaning they're fucking weird.
There may be a subset of trad crazies who SAY they're radfems, but actual feminism and conservatism are fundamentally incompatible. Just saying a group of people are Nazis doesn't make it true.

No. 1531563

Sure, the pendulum will swing against the TRAs, but it's not like feminism will be completely salvaged after it does. Don't remember who said this, but either someone here or on kf expressed a theory that once being 'a trans' will fall out of fashion (and it's already starting to), the incels and handmaidens who detransition will somehow find a way to blame women with unsavory opinions, or liberal feminism, or straight up TERFs for their own mutilation and mental illness. Everything TERFs have said for years will either be preached back to them, the choir; will be labeled as verbal violence; or, at best, summarized by a famous scrote who appeared onto the GC scene 2 minutes ago and it will suddenly magically make sense to everyone.

No. 1531565

My nose feels stuffy just reading this

No. 1531566

I said in my post that we would all be screwed over, I made a typo. I fully believe that this will fuck over women more.

No. 1531569

File: 1652795145524.png (2.06 MB, 828x2194, C842EC1A-C3F3-44B3-8C41-1634E0…)


No. 1531572

File: 1652795395443.jpg (188.89 KB, 1080x1335, FS9t2BfWYAA90jg.jpg)

Imagine living your life in so much bitter delusion

No. 1531573

But it’s not a mental illness that should be treated with meds.

No. 1531574

there are already detrans moids claiming that they only transitioned because feminists are too mean to moids

No. 1531575

trashy show is trashy, though people did sign up for cheap paperback whirlwind romances and not a kid transing out. hell world. the fact that people celebrated the lead getting together with the enby specimen as progressive queer rep… lesbians have always been stamped out for the trannies but a mainstream show portraying a same sex lesbian relationship as queer and brave is just hopeless. just because someone is mentally ill doesn't mean we all have to be too

No. 1531578

File: 1652796210840.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x2199, 9890C1D0-CFFC-49E7-AE6A-A1A469…)

No. 1531579

what's he trying to look like? a milkmaid?

No. 1531580

File: 1652796311360.jpg (98.14 KB, 418x1199, FS43rZoXEAEuqvA.jpg)

Only a moid would have this insane feeling of entitlement and delusion. Nobody gets a medal for "putting in this much effort" online, you dont get to be a super famous e-model just for trying hard, regardless of your gender identity. Do these scrotes really think women get flocks of fans loving them simply for existing? They dont know anything about being a woman at all, our beauty standards are insane and ugly women do not get credit for "effort"
Grow up and take a shower once in a while

No. 1531581

File: 1652796360231.jpeg (271.59 KB, 1273x553, B8228758-59F5-4D37-B276-83178B…)

Oh my god they are the ones who always talk about “feeling” female. They are the ones who engage in magical thinking. They don’t live in reality!

No. 1531582

the autism is off the charts

No. 1531584

Just another incel who thinks women live life on easy mode. It’s so stupid.

No. 1531585

they really can't cope with the reality that every single cell in their body has a y chromosome

No. 1531587

>as much effort as I do
>greasy hair
>bad haircut
>ugly glasses
>shitty makeup
>shitty eyebrows

Where's the effort? Spending money on ugly dresses?

No. 1531588

File: 1652796692254.jpeg (532.54 KB, 1284x1120, A93D3561-2627-431F-83E0-0F59C2…)

This is the same one who posted this the other day.

No. 1531590

Gross. Pretending it's out of the good of his heart and not an excuse for him to live out his lactation fetish. Imagine feeding a child nipple discharge from a coomer. I can't. They're so clueless about women's bodies and child raising.

No. 1531593

He hasn’t even made the effort to slap a fucking wig on.

No. 1531594

> I look like an ugly man in a dress
At least he is aware
Inshallah he 41% soon, I feel it kek

No. 1531597

He’s making this post like he’s sad and not euphoric about sucking dick for money. We all know that’s exactly what he wants to be doing.

No. 1531599

It's about being BORN this way you can cut off your dick and eat hormones it won't change

No. 1531606

Imagine blaming your family for not giving you free money to transition instead, i dunno, getting a JOB?

No. 1531609

Yeah nona but actually doing legitimate work isn’t as lucrative as sucking a chaser’s dick for $80 I guess.

No. 1531613

File: 1652798668325.png (475.57 KB, 870x820, CDD80808-7895-4137-85C5-44D6C3…)

The deleted comments show they do not give a shit about the baby, they don’t give a shit that women have had to be very careful about what goes into their bodies during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They do not care. It’s all me me me me! My validation! My fetish!

No. 1531614

Ah, my bad. Yeah, I agree.

No. 1531616

What fucking psychopath of a doctor enables this??

No. 1531617

It's always a REAL WOMAN SUMMER when you're born a real female!

Seethe tranny, seethe!

No. 1531618

File: 1652799080528.jpg (322.96 KB, 810x1483, Screenshot_20220517-052717_Boo…)

Troons being troons

No. 1531620

Wot? Terfs believe in magical female essence? Not the ones believing in gendered brains??

No. 1531622

Tell me I'm not dying at the bottle of Kraken Rum on the floor. I have an autistic "nerdy" friend who loves that stuff (I use it for hot chocolate and baking). Luckily he'll never troon out because he has a strong mother figure (he respects) and doesn't really watch anime. He's super obsessed with oceanography and salt water fish. Makes me think if the autists went back to real life obsessions that they'd never troon out?

No. 1531623

File: 1652799268909.jpg (82.13 KB, 700x533, before-after-cosplay-japan-10-…)

No one calls this a transwoman because this is still a regular moid. Ironically why don't a tranny put in so much work and dedication and leave the pigpen?

Isn't chimerism a thing though? For the non-coom ones

No. 1531627

For intersex people yes afaik, but transgenderism and intersex disorders are completely different things. Taking hormones does not change your chromosomes, those are decided at conception.

No. 1531628

there are no non-coom moid troons except the ones who are transed by their parents at a young age. both agps and hsts have sexual motivations for transitioning.

No. 1531629

I mean literal men with somatic cells that belong to a sister/mother/woman

No. 1531630

and how common is that?

No. 1531631

No one really cares, those men tend to be typical moids with functioning organic juice squirters

No. 1531632

Slight racebait but why do asians tend to troon less despite passing better than westerners? Rehrasing, why do whites troon more even though it's realistic they would never pass?

No. 1531634

Have you ever been to Thailand?

No. 1531636

Those kathoeys still call themselves men. Actual troons in thailand who explicitly call themselves women are the dumpsters in the country.

No. 1531638

nta but related question: do european/south african/australian whites troon out as often as american/canadian whites?

No. 1531640

This. Why is it almost always the whites? Even Russians troon at a higher rate than latinos/africans/other races

But most of the time it's the American whites who troon the most because woke and Biden.

No. 1531641

Maybe stricter family roles? It’s one thing to cosplay as a trap at a convention where you know your parents won’t be able to say anything versus completely destroying traditional values that were set for you and might ruin how your family sees you. But even in a lot of Asian countries men are still coomers, they just hide it better.

I blame it on the fact that white men are deluded into thinking they’re oppressed because for the first time in their lives they’ve been told to sit down and shut up and they can’t handle it.

No. 1531644

I mean those who overtly troon and call themselves "women" because of actual mental illnesses, including Asians.

No. 1531646

I can't speak on behalf of South Americans or Africans but Russians very rarely actually troon out, wearing women's clothes is a crossdressing fetish for 90% of them, none of them actually call themselves 'women' or go out in public dressed as one. It's got nothing to do with race, just more so with the politics of their country and sometimes their culture.

No. 1531651

This seems to be a thread about those who attempt to "be" women or call themselves one though, can't find any well-documented non-white cases of this strange phenomenon

No. 1531652

File: 1652800925477.webm (1.86 MB, 576x1024, cursed.webm)

fucking ew.
(Captioned @TERFs, because of course it was)

No. 1531654

No. 1531656

No one is saying that anyway. Obviously women who have gone through menopause are still women, for instance.

No. 1531657

>a biological condition not even noticeable anymore

I can't deal with that sheer amount of delusion and cope

No. 1531659

kek this makes it even better. buying expensive lolita dresses to be a cartoon girl and sucking stds for $80 to role play a prostitute. only some nipple tumor discharge away from completing the daughter-whore-mother tropes bingo.

No. 1531660

Trannies are all undesirable by design. Cope seethe dilate

No. 1531665

See >>1531593, fucking kek

>males with XX
Nonas don't worry that's what the trannies use as an excuse

>from completing the daughter-whore-mother tropes bingo
They just had to mishmash every female stereotype until it becomes unrealistic and doesn't make sense, it just makes them look like a clown

No. 1531668

This dude really admitted he's just a clueless moid. Women don't just wake up and look presentable, he doesn't even look like he's wearing makeup. Women spend hours doing their hair, makeup, skin care, shaving if we want to look like a model. Privileged bitch

No. 1531670

Woah don't coddle the tranny

No. 1531673

because trooning and the corruption surrounding it is a privilege

No. 1531675

Though earlier nona said thai troons (a la western styled gender dysphoria) are bottom-of-the-barrel in their country? Asians seemingly can withstand the cultural influence despite being stereotype as "weak-willed doormats" as a continent though.

No. 1531679

Yeah kek. I try to never use female gendered slurs on them because they will get off on it. Better to call them the most male ones you can come up with.

No. 1531681

do you have any data on this tho? plenty of ea and sea troons on twitter. on the south korean internet there are several communities for trans people and crossdressers like for example net4ts (open since early 2000s used to be very active few years ago now im not sure). they even have their own dc gallery (dc is a textboard for hobbies and stuff). sk feminists also quite often post about trans stuff, touching on the same subjects of minors grooming, hrt abuse and fetishes. not sure about other countries but it's probably the same. just because on the english side we cant see them doesnt mean they dont exist. east asia breathes misogyny, anime and escapism, there is no way they have less troons than the west does.

No. 1531683

murderer vibes Teehee

No. 1531685

File: 1652802761238.jpg (73.2 KB, 600x539, 1598553404983.jpg)

This HAS to be satire lmaoo

No. 1531688

File: 1652802983212.webm (12.13 MB, 576x1024, cope.webm)

This is just cope after cope.

No. 1531691

>>1531563 100% this. Once troonacy liberalism falls put of fashion it
wouldnt turn again to feminism. If anything everything indicates that conservative politics will do a big comeback. And mark my words, all the big troon celebrities saying that "trans laws and body autonomy rights are tighly intertwined" right now would be the newly detransed far right influencers of tomorrow, who would say that because trans laws and womans rights are tighly intertwined, we should get rid of them all together.

No. 1531693

Holy shit he's only 18… Aged like milk

No. 1531696

"Trans people dont give a fuck" is that why youre CONSTANTLY talking about it literally nonstop?

No. 1531698

do scrotes realize the life of an egirl is just endless "content creation," selling images of yourself in a race to the bottom for the price of a burger, no fries no coke? but the work is more humiliating as the fetishes get more and more extreme and a lot harder than being a social media marketer? at least in corporate you can make more money the older you get and you don't have to fill your day talking to boomer geriatrics about their boring lives. they should take jobs as a digital assistant to an onlyfans girl to see how riveting having to do all the emotional labor to keep nasty old men on the hook actually is. moids really think male "attention" is valuable.

No. 1531699

File: 1652804055465.jpg (292.43 KB, 1080x1489, FSxNAM4WIAA39ra.jpg)

Even after such a long healing period their wound wants to close up. Has anybody heard of anyone who had their bottom surgery for many years and it actually working out for them? Are they actually able to have penetrative sex without depth issues or extreme discomfort or pain?

No. 1531703

Yeah except that a fat woman with wrinkles and bad skin probably would get even less attention than this moid even if she put on a wig and falsies and took good pictures. Actually I'd argue that there are trans "women" who get attention just for being trans. The only attention women get just because they're women is sexual harrassment.

No. 1531706

there are tons of asian american silicon valley troons. drewiepoodle is the worst one, he was the one giving away hrt to minors at his home. there's another korean american one who is a comedian in LA who just performs tranny twitter jokes verbatim who talked about how he used to masturbate to his friends pictures. there's a thread on him on kiwifarms. there's just as many asian ones as white ones. it's an autism plus upper middle class spoiled upbringing that gives these scrotes the narcissism and entitlement to behave this way.

No. 1531708

rich asian parents are more likely to disown and disinherit and rich whites ones don't.

No. 1531711

How do asians pass better than whites? Asian men aren't feminine when you put them next to asian women, this is just racism

No. 1531712

File: 1652804710943.jpg (2.85 MB, 1100x7635, pt2022_05_17_18_22_28.jpg)

Went through his posts. He is a promiscuous gay, started watching anime and became weeb and both of his parents disowned him after he came out as trans.
He seems pretty troubled, maybe autistic?

No. 1531713

The only thing regarding trans rights activism and gender critical honesty that reminds me of nazi germany are the experimental “gender affirming” surgeries these doctors are performing

No. 1531718

> "extremely tight"
> "can take an orange in"


No. 1531719

File: 1652805097048.webm (1.28 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7093739797214285099_my…)

No. 1531720

i hate that i know this but he's talking about his dilators. they come in different colors.

No. 1531723

18 going on 38 kek. Troons must have the worst genetics.

No. 1531725

we must keep autistic men off the internet at all costs

No. 1531726

I wouldn't have thought I'd ever be grateful for further dilator knowledge but here we are, thanks nona

No. 1531729

Lmao no wonder he's not getting attention. Any girl in lolita community would be ripped apart for those gloves and for not wearing a blouse, so why should he get any praise?

No. 1531731

He should do the world a favor and sell those dresses to women who would wear them better than he ever will and use the money he gets to pay for therapy

No. 1531736

he is so awkward it's fascinating. if troons want to be cute, instead of anime girls they should learn from male kpop idols doing aegyo

No. 1531737

That massive male frame… Jesus christ. He will never look feminine

No. 1531739

I can smell both of them.
>"So the next time cis people want to be in trans people's business…"
>"That's i- Just don't. Just shut up."
Same could be said about them barging into women's business all XY-like, lol.

No. 1531747

Men in general should learn this lesson. Always wanting Stacy but never putting in any effort to appeal to the tastes women have.

No. 1531760

Somehow, kpop idols are more manly than all these troons. Nothing is better than men who know how to dress and take care of themselves while still being a man

No. 1531763

Idk most troons seem more manly to me with their hulking shoulders and massive chins and noses

No. 1531768

lmao this is hilarious! He looks like he's trying to parody a troon with how bad he looks and trying to look "uwu anime cute". Real women don't look cute doing anime shit either, but at least they don't look this monstrous and manly! And why the fuck is he in front of empty shelves? Couldn't afford things because he blew the money on horse piss pills and tacky dresses to pretend to be a woman?

No. 1531769

>TiF dying because she reported herself as male.

source on this. i tried to look it up and the results were a TiF kicking off cause she was asked for a pregnancy test even tho she’s “male” kek.

No. 1531772

File: 1652809523457.jpg (743.95 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220517-101516_Red…)

Late but I checked this guy's reddit. Jesus christ… everything is so thinly veiled

No. 1531775

I've seen some claim to have "great sex lives" in reddit posts, only for them to then write posts like this afterwards. I honestly think good results don't exist, if it did they wouldn't have to dilate for the rest of their lives. Like that mtftm detrans guy posted in the last thread who said he now has a "1 inch vagina" even after having had the surgery like 8 years ago. They're either in pain every day for the rest of their lives, or if they're "lucky" they lose so much sensation they at least don't feel the damage on their body as much.

No. 1531777

File: 1652809657580.jpeg (192.03 KB, 750x732, AB4D0FE2-0BF8-46EC-9813-DAFAA8…)


His imgur pictures of him abusing his daughter are still live but I’m not posting them here.

No. 1531779

but then what would be his excuse for exploring his sex work kink

No. 1531783

Apologies as I just scrolled up and saw this was already posted but I’ll leave my post up cos it has the archive link

No. 1531784

Kpop idols are literally just normal men who wear makeup because it sells. They're not trying to be girly

No. 1531789

i literally have to grit my teeth and remind myself to not engage with this by commenting on the actual post as it just gets downvoted to hell and removed by fellow troon mods. God I hate this so much, it makes me want to die

No. 1531792

Absolutely pathetic attempt. Says he spends all this money on hair care, but WHERE?!?! And agree with you, anon, real women can't act anime cute. Even attractive asian teen girls look mentally retarded when they try. It's fucking cartoons.

No. 1531793

File: 1652810186670.jpg (139.46 KB, 674x1199, FSyerGKaQAAiPEU.jpg)

No. 1531800

File: 1652810456063.jpg (44.74 KB, 800x554, bv7s0ivn9qb51.jpg)

that is terryifing, he looks like he has had a face transplant

No. 1531803

File: 1652810661760.jpeg (184.66 KB, 1061x746, 3A08AE47-E5A8-4105-9EC8-F1B216…)

Just a little bit of information about the drug he’s using to produce his discharge and that he’s feeding to his daughter.

No. 1531806

Did he actually get a real doctor to give him this?? What is happening with the united states medical system, how is it possible to just get any drug under the sun if you lie or exaggerating enough?

No. 1531807

his gender euphoria > the safety of an infant girl apparently

No. 1531808

supposedly a doctor told him to stop taking this and e before actually breastfeeding but he didnt stop taking either one

No. 1531812

File: 1652811202536.jpeg (321.58 KB, 720x1268, 9677F1E5-BBB2-4BB4-921D-C79D39…)

No. 1531814

File: 1652811290796.jpeg (338.18 KB, 720x1262, 2CB05B70-46F1-4415-AE4D-F9C261…)

He does just describe it as a protocol he was given not that the doctor gave him the protocol so I’m going out on a limb and assuming he got this advice from another trans person. Because they seem to largely swap stupid information.

If he was under the guidance of a doctor he wouldn’t have needed to import a drug from oversees

No. 1531816

This is literally enough contact child protective services

No. 1531818

Acting cutesy and boyish is still very male. Men don’t have to “try” to be male because they’re literally men. The idea that you can behave your way into maleness is raw Aiden cope

No. 1531819

eurofag here. this drug is sold here under the name motilium and is used to treat vomitting, indigestion and constipation. the only thing it did to the moid is gave him a good shit for the day. the discharge itself is prob more toxic than the drug

No. 1531820

File: 1652811529269.webm (4.01 MB, 576x1024, f805f4139267fee448c8b4390e4dad…)

>still call themselves men

Why are there so many troons in thailand?

No. 1531821

Imagine this being your start in life… that poor baby is beyond doomed.

No. 1531822

How tf do you end up with a dumpy upper body and anachan legs? ew I just noticed his bulge vomits

No. 1531823

So they admit that they are more of a sub category of male than an actual woman/female. They ironically have a more healthy mindset about that than the troons we have lol

No. 1531826

File: 1652812327848.jpeg (222.15 KB, 1170x1860, 7C8EE816-AE80-458F-B2C5-BD271A…)

Imagine being this fucking stupid

No. 1531828

Trannies really do just say whatever

No. 1531829

maybe he's trying to prevent himself from getting beaten up by a dumb white man who expects a vagina when he has a dick, unlike the troons here who believe rape by deception is their human right

No. 1531830

Lol they have to literally lie to get "terf L posts"

No. 1531831

Good, then y'all fuck each other's rotten dead end colon pockets with each other's musty unwashed "girl dicks" and leave the rest of us alone.

No. 1531832

File: 1652813153920.jpeg (264.98 KB, 1284x617, F62DC6DD-819D-4B83-B61D-1F0896…)

Okay, my apologies. If this was an incident I haven’t been able to find it again, but it might have been one of these cases I was thinking of. The first one is about a TiF’s baby dying in stillbirth and then blaming it on the hospital for treating her as a man. The second also blames the doctors and nurses for doing the wrong things despite the female patients self-reporting as men. I know this doesn’t necessarily belong in this thread, just answering anon’s question and I apologize for not giving the right info in my initial post. It’s mind-blowing they would mark M instead of F on hospital paperwork though and then expect the staff to just read their minds.



No. 1531834

> trans man denied kidney transplant because docs measure factors based on male criteria not female

Let me guess, if the medical records had said "TRANS male" there'd be reeees of transphobia accusations despite the medical advantage.

No. 1531841

because it's the capital of troon surgery

No. 1531842

File: 1652814189365.png (1.41 MB, 1294x1680, 897654erdfghj.png)

Put some pants on, son. That's not a dress, looks more like a long top.

No. 1531847

Bro noooo I have that same dress

No. 1531852

at least he doesn't try to bait and chose a cut showing his pacs

No. 1531857

Ah yes, radfems are notorious for being pro rape

Fucking hell they don't even try lmao

No. 1531859

Oddly specific, but this picture is giving me "high school boy dressing up as a girl during spirit week" vibes

No. 1531860

File: 1652815196616.jpeg (Spoiler Image,257.69 KB, 1089x2048, 0C27DCC2-7206-4A65-B026-23D3F9…)

Burn down Reddit

No. 1531861

Also anti-abortion and against gay rights. I how many lemmings believed and retweeted that list with no critical thought or research into whether it’s accurate or not.

No. 1531863

who would want to buy a dress that he's likely masturbated in?

No. 1531864

Burn down the male. All the health issues women have to face and just get birth control thrown at us, but this is what the medical industry decides to hone in on? Fuck, they really want to wear our skins.

No. 1531867

It’s actually mind numbing. In contrast, we don’t have to lie and misconstrue their words. They tell on themselves constantly.

No. 1531868

i've been peaked and tbh i am sad. i have friends who are trans and they've always been good to me, but i always saw the writing on the wall of their misogyny because they are all completely obsessed with tits and tits only. i don't know what to do. i have a business online, and silently removing them from my life without a word could fuck that up. i also still value the friendships i have with the sides of them that aren't just gross cum-brained bullshit. some of them make amazing art and are capable of great things when they're not just trying to coom.
sorry if this kind of post isn't allowed here. i just don't have anywhere else to talk about it without someone getting mad at me. not sure i want advice either.
i'm here to just quietly learn for now, i guess.

No. 1531870

Omfg there is no way a doctor actually told him to do this. He's lying. I'm shocked his wife is apparently going along with this as well

No. 1531871

(alog alog whatever) if i ever see this guy in person i’ll slit his throat idc if i go to jail

No. 1531872

i literally get so angry and upset seeing this thread, especially because of posts like >>1531860 i hate troons so much i literally want to throw up

No. 1531873

I'm sorry nonna that must be so hard. I'm sure you'll be able to slowly disassociate, just do it bit by bit and claim that you're busy etc. Also you may appreciate this thread which is specifically about knowing the woke crowd IRL: >>>/ot/1160897

No. 1531874

You're allowed to be civil and even friendly to the troons in your life to not blow your social life up. Just keep them at an arm's length, don't let them get too close to you and don't implicitly trust them

No. 1531875

can we stop posting this every five minutes

No. 1531878

File: 1652816103901.webm (3.85 MB, 576x1024, day in the life.webm)

There were a bunch of comments about how awful his code looked, can any programmer anons confirm?

No. 1531879

Where do you think you are?

No. 1531880

File: 1652816131224.webm (1.26 MB, 576x1024, sway.webm)

He also posted this kek

No. 1531882

And pro-war?! Kek wtf

No. 1531883

Being married gives me a forcefield of sorts lol. One tried to pursue me romantically soon after we met, but once I mentioned my relationship, he backed off and never tried again. gives me "the ick" now that i know how ugly it could have been. i'll take this advice ♥

No. 1531884

Pro-war? With WHO

No. 1531888

You can still be friends with troons even if you think it's bullshit. Think of it like being friends with a schizo

No. 1531889

File: 1652817260934.jpeg (38.63 KB, 622x613, FO0xuuiXoAcIZar.jpeg)

Just let me off this fucking clown planet. The fact doctors and nurses and social workers and shit see nothing wrong with this, I just can't. I can't believe it. Pregnant and lactating women supposedly have to be so goddamn particular with everything they consume and yet these larping AGP fuckers can fill up on God only knows what and pump their drug laced moob dribble into the system of a fucking newborn and it's ok??? I'm fucking done.

No. 1531892

mte nona. i've seen pregnant women get shamed for eating sushi or drinking a can of diet coke a day but no one sees anything wrong with this.

No. 1531893

Autism is a hell of a drug.

No. 1531895

This is one of the things that really get to me. Women are shamed if they don’t take every little precaution when it comes to breastfeeding and pregnancy, yet a scrote is celebrated despite having god knows what in his body that surely isn’t good for a fucking newborn infant.

No. 1531902

what a fucking creepy scrote interviewer

No. 1531903

i don't believe that code wasn't an attempt at some joke. anyone who knows what absolute value is would be smart enough to return the number if it's greater than or equal 0 or -number otherwise. he instead turns the number into a string (text) and sees if there is a minus at the front. i don't believe even troons are that stupid.

No. 1531907

why you gotta involve your own offspring in your sick fetish man… when will this end

No. 1531908

File: 1652818409795.jpg (396.27 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20220517-212454_Twi…)

Yeah it's almost like troons are notorious groomers with an alarmingly high number of map rights supporters, number or people on the sex offender registry, and carbon copies of strawberryaggy (aka out and proud pedophiles)

No. 1531910

I was honestly having trouble telling if that was his microdick bulge or part of a colostomy bag because it's so weird in look and placement

No. 1531911

ntayrt but calm down, the post was posted and discussed twice today already, scrolling is not that difficult

No. 1531912

he's an autistic gay scrote pandering to other scrotes for a crumb of smegma shroom.

No. 1531916

File: 1652819208859.jpeg (142.56 KB, 885x1065, 6FE52956-27BE-4639-B5A8-619ABA…)

kek look at this brave and stunning hon

No. 1531919

Agreed. I understand when the same things are posted in different threads because some people might be new and not know how the site works, but there aren’t even that many replies in this thread yet and the man “breastfeeding” has been posted like three times. It’s just getting sad at this point.

No. 1531920

>>1531652 if they had a baby together it would come out having eyes that are just the right amount apart

No. 1531921

i don't even hate them, i just think they should see doctors and join sports teams based on their DNA and not their outfits.

No. 1531922

this is disgusting, i'll take my ban because someone needs to murder this baby abuser. how can you do this to your child.

No. 1531926

Post the link too pls my good retardina. Seems like an article I want to actually read thorougly

No. 1531930

post a link? Might look great on a natural hourglass

No. 1531931

Nonnas I was thinking about how just a few short years ago the trannies were honking “nuh uh, TERF isn’t a slur!!!!” and now it 100% is being used as a slur against every woman they don’t like on every chance they get. Full mask off. Fuck these assholes, they were always woman-hating turds and no amount of hormone injections or SHEIN tube tops will ever change that.

No. 1531932

>english tshirt about terfs in spain
dude spends too much time online

No. 1531933

That undeniably male body/face with that dainty little pose is absolutely killing me kek

No. 1531935

Oh sorry I got it years ago in some fast fashion chain. It's fine but does not forgine any tummy + looks porny with even slightly bigger tits

No. 1531938

I used to not hate them and at one point was even on their side. Then the intense misogyny started spilling out and I just can’t support them anymore when they’re stepping on and screaming over women and stealing from every other group that’s actually been historically oppressed. At a certain point you just stop caring.

No. 1531939

ugh the way the interviewer is grabbing him and making him obviously uncomfortable actually made me shudder, fucking creep.

No. 1531946

kek nonnie most of the time if you see a scrote trying to flex with something coding related, you can bet he shows you terrible entry level code. I've seen moids try to do that so often, that it made me believe it's just the flavor of autism this field attracts
this one may be a joke like one nonna said, but larping as an edgy hacker is not that uncommon among untalented scrotes, it's their favorite power fantasy, especially when they think there's nobody to call them out on it

No. 1531948

I feel like they do this and spread things around calling TERFs nazis and alt right because so many of them have their own roots in actual neo-nazi and incel ideology. These guys were deep into that sort of rhetoric while many of the women who became TERFs over the past few years were ones who these TiMs were already harassing and calling feminazis, even if they were still just involved in libfem kind of things like with womens marches and general feminism lite. They call the women who have noticed the violent, misogynistic and controlling patterns of behavior the nazis to distract those who don’t know any better from their own hardcore hatred of women and minorities. It’s just a harsher version of the same kind of projection they always seem to engage in.

No. 1531957

AGPs are sex predators. I get being friends with gay troons and ftms but you literally cannot trust Twitter trannies. They are waiting for an opportunity to invade your personal space. I haven’t met a single one I’ve trusted and I live in a definite “trans city”.

No. 1531960

chasers want penis. lesbians want vagina. troons have neither.

No. 1531961

the feminine urge to use the word "friendzone"

No. 1531963

they're good song lyrics, may i use them in a song
a song about being a woman

No. 1531964


No. 1531965

ew, essex.

No. 1531966

i just get little old ladies frowning at me in the bathroom because i'm really tall. thanks, troons.

No. 1531967

File: 1652824649941.webm (1.9 MB, 576x1024, actuallesbians.webm)

And do what??? Why should anyone care about your dumbass relationship?

No. 1531969

Literal heterosexual couple, how groundbreaking

No. 1531971

This incel is gonna shoot up a market

No. 1531976

I'm also inclined to believe it's satire. Aside from the already-mentioned issues with the code itself, he's "coding" in Notepad. Nobody does this. There are special text editors ("IDEs") for programming; that's the black window with green text at the start of the video.

No. 1531981

They’re starting to say the quiet part out loud. I knew feminism was going to become a bad word again like it was in 2015. All of these zoomer troons were raised on GamerGate, 4chan, and the alt right. Pretty soon the most inclusive libfem talking points are going to be called TERF. When the news of Roe v Wade got overturned there was a very loud incel reaction from them of “These fucking foids don’t know how good they have it, shut up.”

No. 1531984

This. Heard too many stories of women and even some nonas here who gave AGPs an inch of empathy and they took all of it to the point of sexually assaulting some of them. They aren’t safe to be around.

No. 1531988

This almost makes me miss the insanely misogynistic moid media of the 2000’s decade, all those mainstream boner comedies, “the man show” and “manswers” and maxim, etc.
Not that I didn’t hate all that sweaty scrote coomer bullshit back then, but at least moids used to be able to obsess over boobs without thinking it made them women. At least they were honest about just being horny dudes who wanted to look at boobs instead of pretending it was some deeply personal identity thing for them that everyone else needs to solemnly respect.

No. 1531993

To many of them, being impregnated forced to carry a pregnancy against their will is their #1 coom fantasy. If you lurk r/mtf and click on some of their profiles, a stunningly high % of them are openly addicted to hentai and “non-con” porn, and that just accounts for the ones who don’t use a side account for their cooming.

No. 1531997

>hatred towards people for being born a certain way
what is the word for this, again

No. 1531998

It’s the mass-marketing of everyone being valid victims. Now rapists are allowed to feel self pity. People are more narcissistic and attention starved than they were 15 or 20 years ago. The moid cries out as he hurts you.

No. 1532001

Do they think all troons don’t have toob moobs lmfao

No. 1532006

File: 1652826958017.jpeg (63.43 KB, 700x457, dmdressgarden.jpeg)

why can't he be a boy in a dress? he looks fine, just be goth. be a nice man in a dress, like martin gore. or a douchey man in a dress, like martin gore.

No. 1532007

men think if women are nice to them they want to fuck them so rejecting any advance after being friendly to them seriously wounds their ego. do not engage

No. 1532012

File: 1652827684475.jpeg (73.82 KB, 622x746, BE10D2D8-15A3-4D3E-8F33-FD7A14…)

No. 1532019

File: 1652827972948.png (3.35 MB, 1655x7735, 1652819875585.png)

No. 1532020

File: 1652828119724.jpg (70.31 KB, 680x680, TROONS.jpg)

Here is the trannys wife and enabler

She works at https://www.smol-law.com/

No. 1532021

How shocking! Trannys are peadophile groomers. Who could have guessed.

No. 1532022

Straight couple with extra steps but throw in child abuse.

No. 1532024

Smol bean law

No. 1532026

File: 1652828540785.png (39.77 KB, 1009x550, yikes.PNG)

Wait she actually became an attorney because her troon husband was too retarded to figure out a legal name change form? KEK

No. 1532029

Unbelievable. And not to mention the cruelty of the baby bonding to the troon, expecting to be well nourished and cared for. But no, it's just a larp and fetish that he probably does if and when he feels like it. Breastfeeding is a very serious commitment and very difficult thing for a lot of women. For him it's just .:~*euphoria*~:. and the reality of the baby's needs are not in the equation at all.

No. 1532030

Underrated masterpiece [chef kiss].

No. 1532032

>you'll want to get an ekg before you start taking such a high dosage of domperidone to make sure you're not at risk for the side effects.
Did he get his infant daughter an ekg before feeding her domperidone-laced discharge? So disgusting. I have to stop typing now or I’ll go full A-log.

No. 1532034

How fucking hard can it be? In my country you just bring a psychiatrist's letter to the registry office and tell them what name you want. Is it more complicated in the US?

No. 1532035

File: 1652829284338.png (1.47 MB, 916x664, Capture.PNG)

No. 1532037

KEK. James is doing well I see.

No. 1532040

Does he own a mirror? He looks absolutely revolting wtf

No. 1532041

File: 1652829803461.jpeg (64.05 KB, 704x354, 21CB186D-9B42-4378-B915-59E620…)

Same picture.

No. 1532045

File: 1652829937670.jpeg (797.45 KB, 1170x1111, 71759F3A-76C3-4215-987E-422745…)

This makes me sound like a /pol/fag but it needs to be said: there is something dangerously wrong with the American education system.

No. 1532048

These freaks have been responsible for writing the DSM-5??

No. 1532051

It’s true, almost everyone I knew who went the art school route in high school either turned trans or some kind of they/them. It’s like they learn how to have identity crisis instead of actual academics, having very liberal teachers definitely doesn’t help.

No. 1532055

>Several respondents wrote about becoming sexually aroused when witnessing animal castration.

No. 1532056

He lost his friends? Kek

No. 1532058

File: 1652830744154.jpeg (Spoiler Image,443.49 KB, 1536x2048, 985F599C-57DA-456C-ABE7-EC0955…)

Why is he wearing a bra if he doesn’t have breasts?

No. 1532062

"Imagine a breast cancer survivor being turned down because of that" Dumbass tranny, they literally are. Slight blogpost but I had to have a mastectomy from breast cancer couple of years ago and plenty men dont want to date me when they realize I only have one breast. They also act like it would be so easy to get an implant when for 1: its not. & 2: that increases risk of my cancer coming back and risks losing my other breast. But yes by all means let me shill out thousands of dollars so you can have a nice pair of tits to play with

No. 1532064

This kind of stuff should be shared everywhere to show women how much they don’t give a shit about our safety.

No. 1532067

If any younger people are browsing: don’t go to art school, it isn’t worth it and they literally teach you to troon out or exclude anyone not apart of the hivemind

No. 1532070

File: 1652831637843.webm (3.66 MB, 576x1024, somepervert.webm)

What a fucking creep.

No. 1532074

I was thinking that too kek

No. 1532076

I know exactly what you mean nona. I've been thinking the same too. I miss when it wasn't so insidious and dystopian. Just plain old regular misogyny. What you saw was what you got and there was always a place to retreat to away from men. We always had our own haven.

No. 1532080

oh haha he actually kind of passes though, there were loud fat chicks like this at conventions all through the 2000s

No. 1532082

i haven't seen a woman dress like that since 2014

No. 1532083

It’s so sad that this is what it’s come to. Not shitting on either of you but this stuff is so depressing. The fact that that misogyny was almost less offensive than what we have now.

No. 1532084

i believe that heterosexual men do not truly love their partners in the way we as women feel and understand romantic love.

No. 1532090

damn has anyone seen any women wearing "kill the troon" shirts?

No. 1532095

File: 1652832877628.jpg (129.45 KB, 679x1024, the truth.jpg)

No. 1532097

what is "seggs" so that i can be sure never to have it?

No. 1532104

It's how they say sex on tiktok without setting off the word filter lol

No. 1532133

fuck this world

No. 1532148

File: 1652836374068.jpeg (350.53 KB, 1170x1110, 575618A7-516D-4392-AF0C-BEB32F…)

Not this moid making everything about him again

No. 1532150

is he going for the Peggy Hill look?

No. 1532155

File: 1652836820840.jpg (112.28 KB, 1204x634, Get-off-in-Thailand-Sex-touris…)

Chasers gonna chase.
When a guy says he's been to Thailand, without a wife or girlfriend - - My mind automatically assumes he's there to either.
A) Fuck ladyboys.
B) Fuck everything they can, including children.
C) Become a Ladyboy.

No. 1532156

You know what they say, trannies skinwalk their crushes and the “one that got away”.

No. 1532159

File: 1652837329917.png (39.09 KB, 1286x472, Breastfeeding for Trans_Non-Bi…)

is this a legit org?

No. 1532160

File: 1652837355290.png (20.23 KB, 1065x204, FYI Breastfeeding if AMAB is c…)

from this reddit post

No. 1532173

File: 1652838007433.png (3.63 MB, 2041x3770, About Us - The Lactation Netwo…)

Wait none of these people are doctors or certified anything. These troons are literally using a website made up of lawyers and people who graduated from dental and broadcasting school(I googled some of these names)
I wish I had a reddit account, I'd post this.

No. 1532176

File: 1652838303643.png (19.41 KB, 1076x205, My sister is transphobic.png)

No. 1532177

We know why.

No. 1532181

File: 1652838939101.png (54.16 KB, 312x532, Screenshot 2022-05-17 at 21-55…)

Comments already instajannied. OP's bio, lmao

No. 1532188

File: 1652839427895.png (171.69 KB, 1946x1178, hierarchy-of-evidence2.png)

>case study
It's always case studies or surveys that are linked for evidence in pro-trans "science". The absolute lowest form of scientific credibility

No. 1532192

>radical feminism


No. 1532193

This has to be satire there’s no way the neo-nazi to troon pipeline is that common right? Right???????

No. 1532198

>full milk supply
No they don’t. Even in the case that is signaled as a “success” the troon in question had to supplement with formula.

No. 1532206

File: 1652840711111.jpg (110.66 KB, 678x1200, FS40FgdWIAIGnsO.jpg)

No. 1532209

File: 1652840817693.jpeg (236.34 KB, 828x888, 6090CE22-1B51-40D6-AAC8-17C056…)

more troonfeeding man

No. 1532213

I'm so sorry Andrea Dworkin sweety, you don't deserve this omg

Moids shut up challenge fr

No. 1532214

File: 1652841459037.jpg (67.38 KB, 482x427, d90.jpg)

No. 1532215

File: 1652841476152.png (222.19 KB, 990x443, anthony erin reed mugshot.png)

Anthony the tranny mom is a convicted felon holy kek. This is why his wife left him and he trooned out.

No. 1532221

They're all clearly female aside from the two obvious scrotes. TRA's never fail to amaze. Part of me is hoping they stole these headshots from other websites.
Holy shit where did you find this? If I had a Twitter I would make it my banner kek.

No. 1532232

what was he convicted for?

No. 1532234

No way lol does it say what the crime was?

No. 1532238

And somehow they will blame this on women.

No. 1532239

Pretty sure it was a drug related offense. He has openly admitted to dealing Xanax.

No. 1532244

File: 1652844706615.jpeg (284.93 KB, 750x804, 5509F3C6-9276-4407-B5BE-28B2CB…)

No. 1532256

Instead of selling molly he now sells estrogen to young children.

No. 1532258

>>1532215 oh my god I wonder if this faggot went to louisiana tech

No. 1532261

File: 1652846114156.jpeg (176.26 KB, 750x470, 30AFE0E7-E570-4A8F-BB38-D9FC0F…)

No. 1532262

File: 1652846183335.jpeg (168.03 KB, 750x804, A930C514-9E60-4167-8B76-47354A…)

Oh wait yes, actually

No. 1532264

This is not the same guy. Same fetish different man. This is the one that wrote about how he got off on it.

No. 1532265

oooh that makes so much sense that he e-tarded himself. he felt empathy for the first time in his autistic life and deduced he was a woman.

No. 1532266

Hope you have your settings to private on linkedin or he will see y’all saw his profile

chong koster hire drug dealing felons?

No. 1532268

File: 1652847399144.png (39.31 KB, 1612x216, candk.png)

they probably didn't see his record because of his convenient new identity. ah manufacturing consent, something trannies are excellent at.

No. 1532269

Serial killer eyes.

No. 1532282

Can he see it even if you don't have a linkedin?

No. 1532297

Straight man enjoying sex with a woman. Shocking

No. 1532305

sage for OT but thats adorable. autist men that havent been brainwashed into becoming incels or troons must be protected.

No. 1532307

No only if you have an account. It’s the same with tiktok. I keep warning people not to click on tiktok links here, easy way to get doxed.

No. 1532309

Shit, that's good looking out. I had no idea, so glad I don't have an account.
Nothing has improved my day like this has. The guffaw I let out was window shattering

No. 1532311

i remember seeing this video come across my fyp on tiktok and men in the comment section were saying he's "prettier than most cis women" and the "men are better at being women than real women" moid cope. typically i dont care about males opinions on anything but its just a hilarious reminder as to how much men enable and fuel this disgusting shit.

No. 1532313

File: 1652852964662.jpeg (485.75 KB, 828x1427, E3DC9178-A1AA-4BB4-9032-CC5D22…)

Saw this today and this slightly gives me hope especially in the comments. Ofc lots of troons didn’t understand that the man is straight so doesn’t want to be with a ftm, but a lot of people were defending his sexuality. Now if we could only get this reaction on mtf scrotes

No. 1532317

>typically i dont care but he called him pretty!!!!1!

No. 1532321

File: 1652854700072.jpg (460.57 KB, 1080x1223, 1635932181366.jpg)

So this is the magic power of hrt huh? cause all I see is his hair getting thinner

No. 1532323

he worked on his serial killer face too nona
covid really took a toll on moids..

No. 1532326


No. 1532327

Reduxx is seriously doing some of the best boots on the ground reporting currently. Props to them.

No. 1532334

No. 1532339

I understand exactly what you mean. You should check out the book Female Chauvinist Pigs, by the way. It touches on a lot of the culture of that era, and how third wave/lib fem types clung to it in efforts to be "one of the guys". It even has a chapter about women trying to opt out of womanhood and calling themselves men or genderfluid and all that garbage. We tend to blame so much of NLOG/handmaidenry/nonbinary shit on Tumblr and social media, but it goes back further than that.

sage for ot

No. 1532340

>>1532313 because every time that a woman marries or trust a (non physically violent) mentally ill man, every bad thing that happens become her fault for believing in him/not being good enough to "save him/ect. There isn't a tougher position than being the ex of a mentally ill man. Aside from the stuff he can do to you, the social judgment is harsh and not even talked about. That is one of the many factors of why you see so many girls staying with their absolute tools of a husband. Interact with mentally ill men, whether violent or not, is a one way ticket to misery.

No. 1532354

File: 1652863854487.png (Spoiler Image,333.76 KB, 861x877, e50e25d918f4d1bd2d1d92fe47e098…)

An older but classic story

No. 1532357

Ditch them. I ditched my closest friend of near a decade because she decided trooning out to live her yaoi brainrot fantasy was more valuable to her than me and her partner's companionship. Trannies chose their fetish over you. You don't deserve to be treated that way.

No. 1532360

Triggered moid. Anon only said it's not the same, not that it is good. One is cutting of the entire clit (female genital mutilation) and one only cuts the edge (male circumcision). Guess who invented circumcision? It isn't women. Your dick is broken because you're a coomer who scroted himself to early erectile disfunction kek. Take responsibility for once failson.

No. 1532361

Ignore and report the unsaged y chromoid he probably jacks off to getting responses here

No. 1532364

Don't worry nona. I'm very much involved in the punk scene and a bit in the goth scene. I used to have a lot of troon friends. I slowly quit talking to all of them when I peaked, but I remain friendly if they text me or say hi at a show, so they don't completely fuck up my life.

I did stay friends with my nb best friend though. I'm just hoping she grows out of it one day.

No. 1532366

File: 1652866826832.png (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1118x982, 123564.png)

always funny to see these guys flip flop like this on their "trans women are real women!! there's literally no difference!!! you cis cunts are just jealous that trans women are stealing all of ur men!!!" rhetoric.

his voice is actually indiscernible from a standard gay man too(moid)

No. 1532368

Why was the moob pic relevant nonna, selfposting?

No. 1532372

Nah you can see basic info even without the account on LinkedIn. At least it works for me.

No. 1532393

File: 1652871570630.png (109.59 KB, 815x841, okgretch.png)

the false equivalency of it all

No. 1532395

Male bodies are so confusing

No. 1532396

File: 1652872320641.png (650.24 KB, 796x531, rough.png)

every time I see this troon I think it's gabe newell

No. 1532398

He wishes

No. 1532403

File: 1652873033759.png (146.3 KB, 434x598, hrt_effects_example.png)

he looks worse after HRT, which is very predictable

No. 1532405

if it's scientifically proven that mtf hrt ages the skin and makes it look bad, how come the tranners cope so fucking hard by saying they age backwards, age better than cis women and have soft and beautiful skin? it's obviously a lie. same goes for those who claim that hrt closed their male pattern baldness spots, meanwhile all trannies either wear cheap party city wigs or have terrible, damaged hair

No. 1532406

I can not stress enough how much better offline autist males are. The online ones I know are handmaidens for their mtf autist friends and borderline about to troon themselves too, and the offline ones are perfectly out of the loop and openly laugh at men in dresses looking absurd and dismiss TRA rhetoric as illogical nonsense before going back to sperging about their special interest.

No. 1532407

How can anyone look at this creature and think "woman" lol

No. 1532413

Is this bitch saying that only white women are smart enough to know the physical differences between a man and a woman? Sounds racist tbh kek. I guess I, a brown woman, am also racist against my self and a race traitor for not wanting males in women restrooms.

No. 1532415

He's a man but that seems to be the gist

No. 1532419

Congrats, you have decoded the central tranny theory argument. Yes, you are racist against the white man in a dress with your colonizer ideas! Please educate yourself and do better x

No. 1532421

I know he's a man. What makes you think I don't?

No. 1532424

Ah my bad you said bitch and I assumed

No. 1532426

File: 1652876189286.jpg (2.62 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-05-09_15-27-28-017.…)


No. 1532428

God lord why are they all autistic and unable to tell when someone is just being nice and courteous

No. 1532429

they don't know that a lot of women will talk like this out of pity

No. 1532433

>he doesn’t know
Kek, men are the reason why humanity takes so long to progress.

No. 1532434

How do they see the whole thing with some wannabe otaku celebrities pushing it, like Aoki Shiki or musicians like Kenshi Yonezu crossdressing in his videos?

No. 1532435

Cannot wait for this. Only moid I'll ever listen to and I'm waiting for the wildfire.

No. 1532441

isn't he against abortion

No. 1532442

sadly, he regurgitates what women like posie parker have been saying for years at this point and he gives it a conservative, anti-feminist coating. he is pro-life and catholic, not really the feminist ally we need. i think it's great that he sparks controversy and obviously he is right on the topic of trans, but ultimately he harms gc and radfem women by talking over them and representing anti-feminist causes

No. 1532444

File: 1652877850361.png (298.63 KB, 1182x454, 001.png)

>Matt Walsh
>Only moid I'll ever listen to
You're beyond retarded

No. 1532445

Eastern european here, never seen a tranny here aside a case of a schizo who was stealing women's clothes. People are very anti-pride here too, there are plenty of LGB people but they stick to their circles to stay safe.

No. 1532446


Didn't really know, thanks nonnies, I just followed the antitrans stuff.
Anyway, anything that could shine some light on how hypocrite and harmful the movement is is good.
I don't follow many social media to know the antics. Sorry for my retardation, still I want to know the aftermaths and the effects on his movies.

No. 1532447

Because they don't need to pass, in the eyes of the woke.
For the woke people, you just need to identify, so you just have to claim that you're a woman, put on blue eyeshadow and you're done, free pity points.

No. 1532448

File: 1652878167862.jpeg (40.88 KB, 743x489, Reece Sheridan.jpeg)

Looks like a Reece Sheridan disguise

No. 1532452

>Anyway, anything that could shine some light on how hypocrite and harmful the movement is is good.
Wrong. Conservative moids are just like troons. They've co-opted our struggle and they'll fuck us over when they've used us to reach their goals. There are no based conservative moids. Period. Matt Walsh hates women and he's not actually trying to help us.

No. 1532457

This, women just becoming aware of troons need to stop immediately validating conservatives because of the single point of shared ground of disliking gendies

No. 1532458

The more I think about their whining about wait times the more annoyed I get. Most mental health services are structurally underfunded and bureaucratic which is why the wait times got so bad, but for troons it's because they exploded out of nowhere and are now upset the industry couldn't magically keep up with the 1000% growth in numbers. Sage cuz no real milk but more a general observation.

No. 1532462

File: 1652879718057.jpeg (143.84 KB, 1284x1152, xy.jpeg)

Sage for detrans milk but yeah. The GC right is already saying that feminazis caused the trans problem.

No. 1532466

men are unable to take any accountability

No. 1532471

File: 1652880398838.jpeg (39.77 KB, 828x286, 781C464B-7A29-42C1-865E-4165A7…)

A bit late, but can the white men choosing to do this to themselves not compare themselves to black people for one fucking day? It’s just tonedeaf as hell.

No. 1532474

File: 1652880610464.jpeg (443.64 KB, 1284x963, F4DE69F2-9A8F-4B81-8AF9-0607C8…)

I don’t think this article he wrote a while back has been posted itt (possibly many threads back given the date of the article) but omg jfc.

No. 1532475

They did though; libfems conceding their spaces to TiMs is how we got here

No. 1532477

this is the worst, dumbest thing I've ever read, I feel sick

No. 1532479

atleast not all twitter users are retarded, regarding the 'breast feeding' troon

No. 1532480

samefag, that user is a based terf from what i have seen so far

No. 1532486

In my country it's easier to get to the examination process at gender clinic than it is to get checked whether or not you have autism, at least if you're a woman. Yes, talking from my own experience lol

No. 1532488

File: 1652882116797.jpg (107.71 KB, 540x792, 1.jpg)

I haven't been following the threads lately and I just skimmed the previous one so sorry if these have been posted. Oli is fucking insane but he is also kinda based

No. 1532489

File: 1652882159771.jpg (91.02 KB, 540x732, 2.jpg)

No. 1532491

File: 1652882273736.jpg (77.25 KB, 540x587, 3.jpg)

No. 1532492

File: 1652882339044.webm (7.89 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_rbu4k3Ubfr1y5h3up.webm)

And these two weirdos met each other. Very cursed energy

No. 1532493

He is retarded and hilarious. I love how he has upset trannys by basically saying if you can change your gender I can change my race kek

No. 1532494

I don't think he belongs in this thread he's literally a (terfy) troll

No. 1532496

By trans logic he does cause EVERYONE who says they're a woman is a woman.

Just a thought though: what if I said I am terf gender and calling me out for being a terf would be transphobic and invalidating my gender expression?

No. 1532497

ayrt for my autism they straight up had to ask if I had gender issues

No. 1532498

Then troons would tell you that your gender isn't valid because they say so and then they'd threaten to rape and kill you

No. 1532501

File: 1652883080618.jpeg (919.64 KB, 1700x2178, BAF26896-DC49-445A-A4D8-078A52…)

the troons have found the post. it you felt disgust seeing a man “breastfeeding” a baby you aren’t a feminist, according to one of these men. incredible stuff happening on twitter as per usual.

No. 1532504

File: 1652883464141.png (240.72 KB, 1500x1000, 7600A030-F531-4544-A4A8-BB0C93…)

God they are so fucking stupid and enraging. They are not female, they need to give it up and realize that their bodies are not designed for this shit. The fact that they’re way more concerned for the pervert of a man doing this than for the well-being of the baby tells me all I need to know. And since he had no problem uploading this for the world to see for his own sick validation, it wouldn’t surprise me if he is getting sexual pleasure from this like >>1532474 did. I don’t know what goes through their mind when they see pictures like this. Moob discharge is not fucking mother’s milk!

No. 1532509

i accept that i may regret asking but what is the ugly shirt for?

No. 1532510

File: 1652883929507.jpeg (642.46 KB, 2048x2048, 6DCCE6EA-5F3E-4ED3-B96E-516646…)

Wow, and just yesterday I was vomiting over picrel. Sorry for bad crops, the overall info isn't necessary so I cropped just the alarming parts. I wish I had a gun and lived in America, that's all. America has 4.23% of the total global population but ~40% of all trannies. What causes all the degeneracy? "Freedom" but no money or land? Did some politician pour porn into the drinking water? I dream of a world clean, nonnies.

No. 1532514

how can they gloss over the fact that (1) he admitted he's still taking the drugs he was specifically told to completely stop taking before he began breastfeeding and (2) he saved a bunch of milk produced when he was still on the maximum dose of the drugs he was taking, which he should not feed to a baby

No. 1532515

File: 1652884365658.jpeg (435.62 KB, 1039x1008, A1889C03-748D-4018-8AAF-BCC238…)

Libtard breastfeeding websites lie about the hormones not being passed in breastmilk. Fucking scary, so I can see why troons and handmaidens also gloss over that shit.

No. 1532516

I wish we could show this to all the reddit handmaidens who screeched "IT'S NOT A FETSH!!!" in the replies. Of course it's a fetish. Of course he got a boner feeding his child. Fucking pedophile piece of shit.

No. 1532517

This is so disgusting and wrong. Also, wouldn’t all the medications and hormones that TiMs/TiFs take harm the baby? Are we gonna start seeing an uptick of sick babies because of trannies?

No. 1532518

they don’t even address it kek, i haven’t seen any of them acknowledge these issues, instead they focus on muh hatespeech and muh misgendering !!! i hate them so much

No. 1532523

And yet women are arrested & lose custody of their baby when they pass things on to their child via breastfeeding.

No. 1532524

Gross comparison with adoptive mothers. No one is disgusted by a woman inducing lactation to feed a kid that might not be related to her, we're disgusted by men inducing "lactation" and feeding any kids with gross fluids, even if said kids are related to those perverts. "Terfs fail basic biology", fucking retard. This shit is not milk, it has no nutritional value, it's full of drugs.
Brestfeeding isn't just a tool for bonding with children, men can bond with them any other way but they simply refuse to take care of their kids because it is still a labourious activity that won't give them their immediate dose of dopamine and requires caring for someone else other than yourself. They really show us their concern with children's well being, but what can you expect from spoiled men that deny biological reality. They just want to appropriate any experiences that are exclusively female, this shit is so transparent. Can't wait to see it when the pendulum swings back, my only fear is we will be blamed for that, as always.

No. 1532527

Are males only capable of experiencing emotions in the context of how horny it makes them?

No. 1532528

Libfems aren't really feminists, more like pop-feminists/follow the trends pushed by corporations to make money (sex work aka prostitution aka make us money, wear makeup and be fierce aka give us money for clothes and cosmetics, etc) they're more populists who say what they need for social clout, or interactionalists (which was alright before all the retards jumped in). Even most people are against it and it's only lobbied for and allowed because it makes money (for gay orgs without an obvious big issue people care about to fight like gay marriage in America, and big pharma's obvious drugs and surgery pushing). People call themselves whatever is popular, and then try to push or change the definition of the word so they don't have to change or fit the definition.

No. 1532529

It would explain why they always off themselves once their dicks go numb from disassembly

No. 1532530

Yes. I’m convinced they don’t actually feel anything if it doesn’t relate to sex. Even “euphoria” equates to a boner for them.

No. 1532534

The part about gay organizations makes me sick. They could talk about so many issues like spreading awareness about the gay/lesbian rights situation in developing countries, helping gay/lesbian asylum seekers and idk fight homophobia that still exists in every country. But no, people care more about validating the delusions of creepy men than people who actually need help.

No. 1532535

There is absolutely nothing arousing when nursing your infant. Especially at first when you're still bleeding from birth, your nipples hurt every time your newborn latches, every feed causes contractions and you're exhausted from it all.

Trannies telling on themselves again as useless perverted moids. It's terrifying that they feel empowered enough to be blatant pedophiles with no shame.

No. 1532536

It's like their lives don't make sense if they can't coom. What a miserable existence

No. 1532537

i hate these men. OF COURSE they have musical theater degrees. why can't they just be obnoxious gays?

No. 1532540

Makes me mad too. And they only do it because degen coomers have more money to be extracted by pandering to them and they can spin it in a faux-progressive way, plus it's something that regular people can encounter and therefore care more about, while people in other countries they don't see everyday and can just close their eyes and not care.

No. 1532541

Except retards recognize 'white passing privilege' whether the recipient of it wants to be recognized as white or not, but they never recognize the privilege troons have as a result of being male because troon fee fees and troon rage. It just proves their 'materialist analysis' is actually mystical garbage and not coherent and consistent at all

No. 1532543

This is blatant pedophilia, comparing it to something a partner did to you but times 10, and confirming they got off on it at the end. It's obvious moids, with their obsession with power, sex, bodily fluids and general rampant pedophilia should not breastfeed but what a good piece of evidence to prove that.

No. 1532545

women are the ones producing far more oxytocin than men, during breastfeeding AND sex. yet you don't see women talking about how horny breastfeeding made them. that man forcing his poor daughter to lick his nipple discharge has heard about the bond it creates between child and mother which is because of oxytocin and he immediately thinks that it's something sexual. men will never experience that bond. no amount of hormones can make them. after all nature is the biggest terf kek

No. 1532546

File: 1652887430843.jpeg (192.81 KB, 1920x1080, CA8E6FAB-49AE-4DB0-BC34-837F5E…)

This she/they will be the student speaker at my university’s graduation ceremony this Friday. I’m sure the 20,000 or so people attending the graduation ceremony will be just riveted to hear about the thesis he wrote on troon mental health.

No. 1532548

File: 1652887794000.jpg (131.19 KB, 720x749, oli.jpg)

KEK at the jyp edits. i need one with his lying down selfie.
oli is based. he and that dylan are so comparable. both were failed entertainers but one decided to become a troll of the woke crowd and the other makes a joke out of girls and women.

No. 1532549

No. 1532550

It’s ridiculously selfish. A lot of women don’t even breastfeed because it isn’t nutritionally valuable to their child, but instead of feeling entitled to the experience they put their child first. The amount of transwomen suggesting women should be GRATEFUL for their nipple discharge because of formula shortages is disgusting; tranny milk is not the solution. There is no research yet to show what effects their milk could cause, it’s just blatant selfishness and is irresponsible. Prioritising their “euphoria” over a newborn’s well-being.

No. 1532551

Damn, I hope some people will boo at him in the audience.

No. 1532552

I hate the fact that he has a rainbow pin.

No. 1532558

Just what’s going to happen to these kids? Are they going to die? This is disgusting and miserable.

No. 1532560

Lmao they have no concept of fashion. Why is he skateboarding in a dress you would wear to a job interview?

No. 1532564

I don't know why they take offense to the use of "breast" in breastfeeding. Breast is already a gender neutral term. Fucking braindead morons.

No. 1532566

Yeah, chicken breast is a thing after all.

No. 1532571

>I received some polite comments, those cis women were totally jealous of me
Why are they always on about this jealousy thing? The last time I can remember being genuinely jealous of someone was when I was like 10 when a friend got the gameboy i wanted lol. Women are really not looking out for people prettier than them to be mad about, it's fucking infantile to suggest that

No. 1532574

Mmm, can't wait to fry up some chicken chest.

No. 1532577

They’re incels and view everything through that lens. They think everything a woman does is somehow sexually motivated including emotions like jealously. It just speaks to their male way of thinking because they don’t understand the actual subtleties of how women interact with each other and those they feel pity for (or are afraid of hurting the feels of because we don’t know if a male will chimp out at anything we say).

No. 1532580

Lmao I can't believe how based this guy is now with his trolling and pointing out woke crowd hypocrisy
We love a brave and stunning Korean transwoman kek

No. 1532582

File: 1652891515604.png (456.97 KB, 596x811, clockable.png)

found this from following the freaks in some jeffrey marsh replies

No. 1532583

I prefer my chicken chest with some lemon, salt, pepper and garlic.

No. 1532584

i thought soren 41% kek

No. 1532590

Lol, you can clearly tell who is a woman in Berlin, because they all wear burkas and hijabs.

No. 1532592

that's how moids imagine women. it's how male directors always potray girls and women in romcoms and movies for teenagers. or actually all movies because the industry is sexist all over. and add to it writers. and comic book authors. and pop music producers insisting on sexualizing women and making all their tracks about love.

No. 1532596

It's kinda funny when troons use "damn that woman is so ugly she looks like a troon" argument without a hint of irony. I'm sure german women give zero fucks what you think of them, if anything they're probably happy the creepy ugly man in female clothing won't prey on them

No. 1532599

>wonderful experience available to them
That is some messed up wording. That phrasing makes breastfeeding about exploitation of infants for some kind of emotional/physical thrill. I hate this.

No. 1532600

yeah, especially those who go to berghain or aboutblank. are you retarded?

No. 1532601

I'll give it 2-3 years and then we will see some horrifying side effects in children due to the hormones. Sick.

No. 1532602

When's the last time you were in Berlin? It's like walking through the middle east in current year.

No. 1532603

File: 1652892521369.jpg (99.07 KB, 720x753, q.jpg)

another covid offspring

No. 1532604

Kind of impressive that he aged 10 years in just 7 months kek

No. 1532605

File: 1652892572911.jpeg (1.16 MB, 783x2064, 39A6777B-AA9C-48E4-8894-7F1E52…)

Wtf is this thing

No. 1532608

fuck off tranny

No. 1532615

True but it's insane that men actually go their whole lives not realizing that movies aren't real and women are full humans that have a lot more going on in their lives than worrying if other women in their proximity are more attractive than them. The lack of self awareness is mind-boggling

No. 1532616

>tfw in a lot of game fandoms targeted at women, follow lots of people, some south east asian college girls retweeting this
But… Why? Is it just because "progressiveness" seems cool to them? Unfollowed either way because I'm tired of tranny crap on my feed.

No. 1532619

File: 1652893484816.jpeg (353.57 KB, 810x2069, 592ECE5A-EB4A-4114-88DA-A21CBC…)

boo hoo

No. 1532620

File: 1652893541812.jpeg (336.9 KB, 785x1958, BAE4497C-D298-4982-937D-63FC12…)

It’s funny when they get out of their echo chambers especially when they see the whole of Reddit doesn’t even actually agree with them.

No. 1532626

They really seethe hard about female beauty.

No. 1532627

disgusting how he is policing what his mother can look at and sympatize with. that's what all the troons want - to hijack our perception of reality to further control us. pos.

No. 1532629

This is why you just don’t engage with them. Even if they’re family members. I understand a mother wanting to be supportive of her child but there needs to be boundaries. My kid would not be policing my thoughts.

No. 1532635

Troons involved in cp. must be a day ending in Y.

No. 1532636

samefag but what the fuck why is the logo a nipple/clit clamp. fucking coomers urgh.

No. 1532653

Oh yes because being able to win the olympics should be everyone's human right and being denied that is oppression. Except that they aren't, they can still go to play with men if they're so passionate about it.

No. 1532657

Is it possible to find these people for real and report to authorities for pedophilia and child abuse? pls some hacker nona do it

No. 1532658

File: 1652896659857.webm (3.36 MB, 576x1024, bad shit.webm)

"Girls with wands"
I almost feel like I should censor this, wtf?

No. 1532661

File: 1652896826967.jpg (65.1 KB, 1125x1125, kekw.jpg)

>writing the most basic fucking thing in notepad and overexplaining it so he seems cool and techy
what an absolute joke

No. 1532663

lmao the moobs

No. 1532672

Fuck regardless less of his face. That age range is fully male. Nearly 40 with a dating range of 27-45. Talking about wanting to start having kids at 37? Even if you adopt that’s a bit old for “motherhood” to start. He’s lost his mind.

No. 1532674

Yeah well I'm frustrated that people only seem to give a shit about the fairness of sports and not women and girls getting injured competing against males, children being groomed into sterilizing themselves and becoming lifelong medical experiments, women mysteriously getting pregnant in prision after getting locked in with men in wigs, etc. People will argue all day about how the women getting physically harmed by all this are just extremely rare outliers we shouldn't worry about, but they draw the line at good sportsmanship. Fuck this earth.

No. 1532677

It’s good to know troons are this fragile. All it takes to ruin their day is to shove reality in their faces KEK

No. 1532682

That’s a man nonnie

No. 1532683

If I had a troon child, I’d move to a different country, change my name, and hope he never finds me. I’d basically pretend I never had a son and start my whole life over out of embarrassment and guilt for giving birth to a degenerate monster.

No. 1532686

Matt Walsh may be right about this topic, but he's garbage otherwise. He's also just another egotistical grifter who claimed he wouldn't have to make this documentary if women had already done it. Ignoring the fact that multiple docs about this topic by women already exist.

No. 1532692

nta but yeah. most likely a self-posting tranny, which is why he was told to fuck off

No. 1532694

Fuck off scrote(stop responding to moids)

No. 1532702

File: 1652899219715.png (119.68 KB, 1010x449, AITA1.png)

No. 1532705

File: 1652899323685.png (207.05 KB, 1037x768, AITA2.png)

No. 1532706

A real Korean terf king, we stan.

No. 1532709

File: 1652899445169.png (185.79 KB, 1035x768, AITA3.png)

No. 1532711

the fact that that got 450 upvotes and all the agreeing comments 50~100… reddit truly is something else

No. 1532712

Literally so glad I don't have a penis. They're so gross looking and weird in and out of clothes.

No. 1532718

take your meds schizo nona

No. 1532723

This is such a nightmare fuel
>20 years married
>he troons out after being married for 20 fucking years
I would just murder him, I don’t care, it’s such a fucking waste of time, imagine living with someone for 20 fucking years and then this motherfucker just decides to troon out. Men are a waste of space.

No. 1532724

File: 1652900337099.jpg (1019.73 KB, 1385x1600, 22-05-18-20-54-57-514_deco.jpg)

Anyone know his male name? This collage isnt perfect but when these pedophiles are out here with face on display its good to Keep track of them. But i Wonder, the article is from 2017? Does he have two kids or are the pictures old as well?

No. 1532727

I love how this transkorean bitch is being so unapologetic on twitter kek. Most based male-uuh I mean trans-jimin? I think so.

No. 1532729

Can't help but wonder if someone's gonna report him to child services.

No. 1532730

File: 1652901347782.png (415.47 KB, 694x688, taylor may silverman.png)

female pro skateboarder taylor may silverman is speaking out against mtf troons in women's sports. TRAs are big mad, of course.

No. 1532733

Moids have less sophisticated social skills than women, and they often attribute crude male impulses (jealousy, desire, competition etc.) to women who are simply being nice to them. These older ladies were clearly just making idly curious small talk, but in his mind they were "jealous" of him. He's no different from a moid who claims some woman "totally wants me" because she smiled at him.

No. 1532734

I thought it was two different men. The guy with the curly hair wrote the article. The Reddit one is a different scrote.

No. 1532735

Awesome to see. I love seeing these female athletes stand up for themselves and other women. I hope more women are empowered to speak up when they see things like this.

No. 1532740

Sideshow Bob?

No. 1532741

It is a different person. That image is slightly misleading, though I wouldn't be surprised if he got aroused from it as well.

No. 1532751

Where is this from? What are we looking at?

No. 1532755

his expression gets more deranged.

No. 1532762

File: 1652904013245.jpg (27.12 KB, 248x344, thousdand nut stare.jpg)

you know he's AGP when he shows off that thousand nut stare in picrel

No. 1532764

i wonder if this type of breast will fall out of fashion since it seems so common and easy to buy. why do troons have such greasy roots and dry ends? his orange foundation is slipping off his face too. ywnbaw

No. 1532766

istg every "anti-carceral" activist has a close call, my-dad-talked-her-parents-down statutory rape in their early history.

No. 1532789

>thousand nut stare

No. 1532793

I still don't understand that development, I've seen many guys with make up, nail polish, skirts, dresses, everything, but none of them was in any way feeling like a troon. Can it really be that those guys I knew grew up without access to the internet? Or has that just been a thing because no one asked them if they wanted to be a "girl" instead? Wonder where this all went wrong and I miss men being men casually wearing black nail polish, kek.

No. 1532803

Idk I miss it too. Men who can pull off eyeliner and nail polish and still be comfortable with themselves and their masculinity are so attractive. But now I’m afraid of men like that because they might just be an “egg” waiting to hatch.

No. 1532805

onisions secret twin

No. 1532806

You can tell from the way he distances himself from the 'white women' he's talking about that even he subconsciously knows he isn't one of them.

No. 1532807

same, and it's so sad, I really have a thing for guys with nail polish and wearing nice (made for men) skirts. I already have trust issues and those guys are making it even worse. A partner leaving you because it just doesn't work anymore, okay, but a partner trooning out, no, that would be too much.

No. 1532811

if he would be sitting in Hamburg everyone would just wonder if he doesn't have to go back to the Reeperbahn for work and perform his act. Sadly there are enough German women stepping in for those guys, a lot of them won't talk to you anymore if you don't step away from Harry Potter and burn all that stuff because they won't feel save in your presence. Guess I found a way to keep them away from women spaces, let's put Harry Potter stuff everywhere, pictures of J.K. Rowling on ever toilet door, maybe it works like sun works on vampires.

No. 1532827

sage for blog but this is something ive been sitting on that i desperately want opinions on. so my brother who is a typical millennial/gen x liberal but is usually based af when it comes to tranny issues recently opened up to me that when he was in college (like 2008-2012) he briefly dated and slept with a woman in his friend group that was super conservative (hated trannies and to an extent was homophobic and racist) and it’s actually the reason they stopped being friends, fast forward to almost 8 years later and another friend from college sends him an article about a foreign politician and his tranny son….turns out that is this ‘woman’s’ father, it’s confirmed by the pictures and her last name. My brother basically had a mini breakdown over it and was joking about it when he said was recalling it to me but basically admitted he was a victim of rape. I was just shocked that he apparently had no idea that this person had a neovagina, I specifically asked and he had no idea until almost 10 years later, I’ve chalked it up to him being an inexperienced college kid and also trannies being relevantly unheard of and obscure then, but what do you guys think I was absolutely floored and feel really bad for him, he’s married to a real woman and successful now though. I think it’s interesting that the hsts was openly hating on other troons as some kind of cope presumably.

No. 1532835

File: 1652909023601.png (6.23 MB, 1606x2497, a-typical-male.png)

>Handmaid: You're gorgeous btw! Loving the outfit where'd you get that top???
>TIM: Amazon.
Late but the troon's complete lack of enthusiasm and reciprocity is hilarious to me because it's so typically male. It's a perfect example of male vs. female socialization. Not every woman or girl knows how to take a compliment, but most of us will at least say thank you if not pay a compliment back in return.
I've noticed this a lot with troons - a woman will say something nice about them and they'll respond dully, same as most men do.

No. 1532837

I just can't believe how accepted this has become. She is heavily pregnant, stressed and now has to think about this shit. Fucking hell I hate these selfish men so much.

They clearly get so jealous that they're not the centre of their wife's attention anymore and find ways to change that.

No. 1532840

yes, we care when moids tell us that our only worth is our looks. we want them to stop doing that.

No. 1532842

thank you! this is what the red dress guy upthread reminded me of

No. 1532845

Anyone else following shape shifters detrans story? What are your thoughts?

No. 1532848

Wtf, wow. Was he drunk or something if he didn't notice? Look up you countrys/states rape laws and expiry dates

No. 1532850

he isn’t interested in pressing charges whatsoever and I doubt it’s considered a crime in our region + statute of limitation on even a violent/non-deceptive rape is like 6 years. He’s a good guy and even though he was pissed he only told a couple other guy friends because apparently they had also slept with a friend who is violently republican and probably would have beat the shit out of them to this day. I also think he really is set on using the hsts’s pronouns and referring to them as a woman still because it makes him feel less disturbed at what happened and I can’t really argue with that if it helps him cope, he still won’t hesitate to call visible AGPs dudes in wigs though.

No. 1532854

samefag, he also said the only thing he noticed was a lot of scarring but she told him it was from a medical procedure and he didn’t want to seem like a dick and pry. They’re also from a wealthy foreign country and was medically transitioned while a young teen ala kim petras

No. 1532875

Are people actually believing that a man can produce breast milk?? The level of autism is incredible.

No. 1532876

As a person who dealt with a family member who had an amputated leg and took care of it, this is revolting. The fact these people see nothing wrong with self multilation and making others suffer as well is beyond me.
They have no idea how hard life gets after losing a part of your body, we should remove the licenses of every doctor performing any kind of unecessary amputations.

No. 1532877

I agree it is so funny sometimes. Maybe it’s just the autism but so many of them just cannot appropriately respond to social cues at all, whether in text or irl. Most women would probably respond with an equal amount of enthusiasm to the comment where as so many men are content to just leave unenthused, one word answers. This guy kek. Not even a link or description or anything. Sad.

No. 1532886

massive kek, this is how pretty girls talk to you when you're the fat ugly one. ask me how i know

No. 1532890

i've said this before - don't tank our movement because rightoids aren't good enough for you or something. while they're open and willing to connect on the troon issue, take it as an opportunity to inform them on other stuff. this is an in to educate and "convert" (hate that word). don't be like american dems, perfect enemy of the good, etc. Always be moving FORWARD, even if in the moment we have to compromise.

No. 1532891

File: 1652913060751.png (369.45 KB, 1280x612, pretending to pretend.png)

>pretending to pretend to be a man

No. 1532892

Very true. Although the bitchy stereotypes we have, we're very attuned to other people's insecurities and bend over backwards trying to help. I see so many women do this I wonder how the hell women are seen as bitches to each other. Moids never progress past high school I guess.

Anons, I was triggered by this earlier. I saw a grade school girl wearing a white skirt, knee highs and tucked in shirt. Of course the skirt was way longer, but it convinced me AGPs are pedophiles. I was on the fence but I'm convinced now. The girl looked cute, but in a casual, comfortable plain outfit sort of way. The fact that these freaks think it's their ticket to "womanhood" is beyond deranged. I hope they all get the chop. Euthanize them.

No. 1532893

the blatant unchecked misogyny and fetishization is astounding. AGPs really use trooning out as an excuse for abandoning all responsibilities, usually their wives and children but apparently work too because women can’t have jobs or be independent, spoken like a true suburban 1950s wife-beater

No. 1532895

"want to be someone's woman"
he wants to be an object. women = objects to him.

No. 1532896

theres a kf thread on tony, check there

No. 1532900

That kind of thing feels impossible though, even when you try to talk about it to conservative women because they are so brainwashed into sticking by their men and traditional gender roles. They don’t even view trans people the same way as us, because so many of them are religious and that’s what they base their dislike of TRAs on. They hate feminists just as much.

No. 1532903

>they’re treating me as supervisor without the title
Oh, you mean they’re listening to you, following your ideas and conversation topics and not completely dismissing everything you say because you are male?
>a year of hormones have sapped my strength!
Ah another one who suddenly can’t open a jar of pickles. Such a weak frail little woman.

No. 1532904

File: 1652913918179.jpg (509.77 KB, 495x542, EHQbZ9D.jpg)

FaceApp is a curse. So many ugly ass moids think about transing after trying this shit.

No. 1532908

I hope this peaks people, for future childrens sake.

No. 1532909

Conservative women are full of shit. I have a super conservative high school acquaintance on Facebook that pretty much got sold her husband's Jesus garbage and always preaches about a woman's role when her dumbass got a boob job and lipo. She lives comfortably due to feminist's forcing men to give them rights. There's no talking to them unless they can personally relate. I don't know, that's mostly the christian ones.

No. 1532911

These are almost funny they’re so sad. A normal woman won’t ever even look like her faceapp self without plastic surgery and makeup, how do they just expect once they declare themselves a woman they’ll be able to go straight to that, no problem. Even if they get enough surgery to attempt this, they’ll look botched as hell.

No. 1532912

File: 1652914199526.jpeg (106.91 KB, 680x540, F75B7C72-EC5E-453E-A53E-AC0BD9…)

No. 1532913

The app gave him a completely new face shape and he thinks that's realistic?

No. 1532924

File: 1652915351021.png (409.79 KB, 628x601, nz stabbing.png)

Another Reduxx share. A TIM stabbed his ex girlfriend and 2 others in an NZ Indian restaurant.

No. 1532929

good for her! seeing stuff like this gives me a little bit of hope

No. 1532931

i think that’s just a pedo handmaiden nonny

No. 1532937

No. 1532938

File: 1652916037589.jpeg (160.77 KB, 750x1061, 66D51C2D-B7F2-464F-8E3F-EE00C9…)

This has to be satire

No. 1532943

They really think this is some brave avant-garde shit lol

No. 1532944

Brave of her to do, but we need this badly. Skateboarding is always been a male dominated hobby before it even became a sport. I hate these Tims trying to take over. She's right. A real woman's spot was taken.

No. 1532946

Holyshit, that show is STILL going on? Let it die.

No. 1532949

File: 1652917618378.jpeg (296.88 KB, 1168x1798, 20A1CC80-F19C-4D1A-877F-A382F1…)

Her comments are so fucked. There’s so many people telling her to kill herself and that she sucks a skating blah blah. This one dumb bitch(picrel) has posted on every single one of her pictures to join the 27 club. I hope she doesn’t quit skating or give in to the bullshit.

No. 1532954

He doesn't seem like a bad person, just a self aware troll with a legitimate addiction to plastic surgery and attention.

No. 1532957

File: 1652918145914.jpeg (72.62 KB, 500x500, A0025C2A-3207-4C6E-B966-1C6491…)

No. 1532959

File: 1652918398004.png (464.04 KB, 574x785, C284DACE-42FC-4E9C-A978-6AFC05…)

I wonder if he ever got this excited about cooking before the womanface.

No. 1532961

File: 1652918479297.png (79.15 KB, 1080x801, Looking for advice please no e…)

>i have exhausted all my outlets for porn and now I want to transition into a woman to get my release!

No. 1532963

what the fuck. that's not how it works at all! Only women can produce milk for a reason. This is straight up child abuse

No. 1532965

looks like the actual woman cooking and doing all the work is behind him and he’s just posing and taking all the credit like a typical moid.

No. 1532967

When is this disgusting freak gonna 41%? All he had to do was keep making crappy video game related content and rants and he'd be set, but no.. gotta go the extra mile for brownie points.

No. 1532968

nonny this is so late but im in the exact same boat as you down to owning a small online business with a woke/TRA audience we’re in this together, it gets tiring constantly having to put up your cognitive dissonance to survive, you should come to the movie night thread on OT if you wanna talk!

No. 1532970

File: 1652918907402.jpeg (514.3 KB, 1412x751, 6BD034FF-E13F-46B5-8D68-EFAA73…)

No. 1532972

Woman is when you wear dress and cook

No. 1532973

File: 1652919002867.jpeg (79.5 KB, 570x499, 0BF76368-EC16-46FB-8490-1449B9…)

No. 1532975

The resident fujo/tif at my Uni was the class speaker, and plastered her new gayden name and how she the first trans person to graduate from the school all over the flyers. I’m glad it was during the pandemic so there was no in-person ceremony.

No. 1532978

File: 1652919135302.jpg (707.79 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_2022-05-18-17-11-48…)

you are 100% correct. mtf troons are male, and as such, are completely incapable of responding to compliments the same way a female would. giving and receiving compliments is something that comes naturally to most women, particularly when giving and receiving them from each other. it's lost on trannies though. they claim that our acceptance is a matter of life or death for them, but i think they actually prefer us when we're "mean" to them; they couldn't claim to be oppressed if we all told them how beautiful and valid they are; their oppression is what gives them a free pass to invade our spaces and cross our boundaries, which is what they actually want. but at the same time, they can point to handmaids and claim that terfs are the real issue; that most women support them and terfs are the vocal minority. they don't care about our acceptance though, terf or not. just like most males, they're skeptical when we compliment them or try to be kind… they think we're insincere and have an agenda. that's why they're so blasé when we try to build them up.

one of the many things that caused me to peak was realizing that tims have no desire to assimilate. no amount of emotional labor would ever convince them that they're woman'ing wrong. troons expect us to accommodate them, even when it's contrary to our best interests and our very nature. classic male psychology

No. 1532981

File: 1652919267955.png (164.35 KB, 1026x746, Screenshot.png)

No. 1532982

>says he doesn’t want echo chamber/love boxing
>goes to r/mtf, the biggest echo chamber/love box known to man
>says he wants to keep his penis (because he loves cooming too much)
>even calls his interest in cross dressing etc a “kink” but of course it’s NOT A FETISH!!1!!!1one!
>admits he hates the LGB but now that it makes his penis hard he might be trans

I wish I could fling these males into the sun, I am sick of them all.

No. 1532983

damn they need a whole ass paragraph just to explain what a woman is

No. 1532984

don’t get high hopes, only the good ones 41%. The rest of them are too narcissistic.

No. 1532985

Wonder why there isn’t a question or paragraph related to what a man is.

No. 1532995


moids are genuinely rendered retarded by their coomerism. imagine frying your brain for over a decade w sissy porn and then having to transition to be able to coom. kek at the supportive comments, i hope this moid castrates himself with HRT, women hating autist.

No. 1533008

File: 1652920376395.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_2022-05-18-19-25-58…)

Every single post this troon makes is about his tights and he always includes a close-up of his feet and it's so obviously a fetish it baffles me that other people don't see it and ban him. And he always wears ugly ass Shein clothes. I absolutely hate these type of "fetish in disguise" posts and EVERY troon does it.

No. 1533012

This is so stupid. Then they’ll be asked to define female, which they can’t do either. They want woman to mean “a costume that makes my dick hard”, if they want it to mean anything at all.

No. 1533024

agp checklist
>hates women
>is jealous of 'pretty' women (i guess ugly or old women aren't female or are worthless)
>only dates handmaidens, tifs, femboys and troons
>fetishises every aspect of external feminimity
>authoritarian who flips a switch to libertarian for coom
>hates gays for being degenerate
>is a degenerate coomer
>built his entire identity on being a 'regular joe' scrote
>"always enjoyed those masculine type jobs"
>he hit the wall and no one cares anymore
>thinks being a 'cute girl' is a way out instead of developing any redeeming qualities

No. 1533029

can you link context? idk who this is

No. 1533030

File: 1652921490789.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2867x1268, 5E46FD33-D30E-4C11-ADE8-70D274…)

was bored so had a look at his other posts, sorry it’s a lot of text to read but this dude is a 21 year old virgin who has been on HRT for like 4 months and he’s already contemplating suicide kek. but then he’s also thinking about duping a real girl into fucking him so he can experience “sex with both types of genitals” (spoiler: he’ll never know what sex with a vagina/clit is like). i almost feel sorry for him, his brain is completely screwed. there’s nothing wrong with him being a virgin at 21 but there’s something very wrong with the rest of him.

No. 1533033

nta but nonna is talking about this guy

No. 1533046

File: 1652922078226.jpeg (387.41 KB, 1170x1241, A474DA72-4AEA-4E52-9A12-4876AA…)

Saw this innocuous looking post but then I saw OP’s icon. I thought all the troons migrated to Twitter already.

No. 1533047

This fool wants advice? Here’s the advice he ordered: STOP. WATCHING. PORN. Fucking coombrain retard.

No. 1533071

Remembers when transvestites were transvestites. We need to bring back that term. It's what most of the men featured here really are. Glorified, or what used to be called "marginal", transvestites.

No. 1533075

Admitting that men aren’t associated with raising children kek

No. 1533087

Is it weird that I like his voice? I think he realized that when he chopped his dick off and lost his sex drive along with everything else, he realized it was a scam and deeper. That he's just a gay man and he was tricked by the hug box.
I wish him the best, he seems well spoken and I hope he can pick up whats left and start over. Keep telling his story. He seems like he was in a fog and he finally cleared it out somewhat. I hope he has just as much support going out as he had going in.

No. 1533092

What a great find anon, thank you. I feel sort of bad for the late teens-early twenties ones too. You just know they had their eggs cracked by an internet weirdo at some point and they all end up mentally fucked as a result. And then the cycle continues.

No. 1533097

File: 1652926223145.png (106.97 KB, 1015x360, mtf.png)

They've been together 10 years? Fucking hell. That poor woman.

No. 1533113

I’ll never understand why women put up with so much shit from their garbage nigels. Dump his ass, don’t tolerate his bullshit.

No. 1533125

File: 1652928676182.png (Spoiler Image,217.43 KB, 500x509, Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 22-47…)

Like clockwork kek

No. 1533146

Aka i got bored of my wife and kids and i got no hobbies so imma go abandon them and live out my fetish

Case in point. He's uploading nasty pics while he's still with his wife.

No. 1533159

That’s vile. That wife needs to tell this fucker she will only love him if he gets his balls cut off, and dump him right after he gets the chop.

No. 1533165

>few people have the opportunity to have sex with both types of genitals
No one has more like. They always seem to sincerely think they’re going to get a real functioning feeling vagina and know how a woman actually feels during sex.

No. 1533177

Oh my god link the thread retard or do not reply at all

No. 1533179

File: 1652933690310.jpeg (188.93 KB, 1242x768, 1BB6BE98-B777-4FDC-8437-D72B02…)

the replies to this tweet/article are pretty amusing incase any nonna needs a good laugh, also it’s cool how the proof really does go right down to our bones, even for a female that was alive roughly 50,000 years ago.


No. 1533182

File: 1652934218705.jpeg (257.99 KB, 828x861, D99E32D7-DEE6-4989-9DE0-558C3C…)

checked out the thread and found this kek

No. 1533183

nta but here it is. I didn’t even know this thread existed and now I’m going to waste so much time going through it


No. 1533192

i think about this a lot too. whenever trannies talk about women giving them compliments it's always "lol they're SO JEALOUS of me haha stupid cissies" instead of just… taking it gracefully and nicely? feeling happy about it to themselves? they're bad people

No. 1533197

oli london is officially based

No. 1533216

File: 1652937365566.jpeg (232.2 KB, 828x1055, 76CA27B4-731A-4354-8277-46F511…)

They don’t even hide it.

No. 1533229

No offense but who is this? Selfpost?

No. 1533231

File: 1652940190348.jpg (1.1 MB, 810x2008, Screenshot_20220519-015655_Boo…)

When you venture outside your NEET cave for the first time in months.

No. 1533233

>aRe TrAnS LeSbIaNs WelCoMe hErE
It enrages me when they say this because they try to come across as sweet and shy and polite but NOBODY is allowed to tell them no, they KNOW nobody has the guts to and if they do they will be banned. They don’t Care if they’re actually wanted or not and they already know they’re welcome!
He deserves a guillotine what a disgusting sod.

No. 1533237

File: 1652940813489.jpg (190.28 KB, 720x1011, moidactually.jpg)

why ask when you posted this almost a year ago and got compliments? attention seeking ass

No. 1533240

also the sub is literally majority trans at this point so yes obviously you're welcome there?

No. 1533245

to have the confidence of a moid. he looks mentally challenged in that pic on top of the hideous fashion

No. 1533250

File: 1652942471544.jpeg (50.09 KB, 827x262, D2963B72-37A7-433E-9865-1E60A1…)

love how he's able to tell who real women are when it comes to them defending amber heard
idk much about this particular troon but every time I see a tweet from him it's usually misogynistic and/or unfunny scrote humor - incel/4channer to troon pipeline I assume

No. 1533256

Nta but why do people compare real people to fictional characters. Walter White isn't real.
>incel/4channer to troon pipeline I assume.
More on topic, it's scary how accurate that pipeline is. I always wonder when I see them in the wild (not often but have seen some).

No. 1533267

where? I only see women praising johnny and acting like amber is hitler

No. 1533269

do you guys have the tranny surgery video where that m to f is getting their tubes yanked?

its posted all the time in tranny hate threads(spoonfeeding)

No. 1533275

has he not seen what the women defending johnny look like? kek

No. 1533278

No, we still don't have your weird fucking video, stop fucking asking. What the fuck.

No. 1533280

wow faggot, for someone who sits here and dogs on trannys, you don't have their gross surgery video? lmao(moid)

No. 1533281

I can smell your y chromosome, scrote.

No. 1533308

Women don't typically enjoy gore, we hate trannies but we're not psychopaths

No. 1533310

Is LesbianActually a tranny sub too now? Wasn't it made to get away from the troon have of ActualLesbians?

No. 1533311


No. 1533314

Damn what the fuck when I checked out that sub a year again it was all women… I think they're still trans accepting to avoid getting banned but it looks like it back fired and once again they've come and taken over a sub

No. 1533315

It's incredible time and time again moids and moids in dresses come in here and show themselves so fast. I've been on image boards all my teen and adult life, and read some sick infuriating shit about women but kept my mouth shut and pretended to be one of the moids. Yet these """""women""""" can't keep their maleness hidden for one second on a faceless, anonymous internet forum. Incredible.

No. 1533317

File: 1652952024988.png (357.81 KB, 760x1196, Screenshot_20220519-021953.png)

Rip to this sub lol damn

No. 1533318

Opinion discarded. He's the one who needs to delete twitter and go outsite.

No. 1533319

File: 1652952730228.png (407.04 KB, 760x1331, Screenshot_20220519-023137.png)

Lesbians can't have a single subreddit without it being filled with this shit I'm so tired

No. 1533324

this person has read something smart, then something dumb, understood neither and now just repeats random keywords thinking it means something
my goal in life is to earn enough money to create a women-only hidden network and leave internet to those apes. they seem to be having fun in their echo-chambers anyway

No. 1533330

Nonna ur gonna get banned, you cannot use emojis even if it's a quotation, delet and repost

No. 1533331

File: 1652955551131.png (34.2 KB, 711x304, scrotism.png)

No. 1533332

>sorry you feel this way
what did he mean by this

No. 1533342

>thankfully a lesbian.
>more likely to date trans girls

kek Lesbians and bi women are not the sweet submissive flowers you think women are. they’ll straight up tell you they’re into women. and no it’s not a genital preference. it’s an attraction to the same sex.

No. 1533343

There is this study that shows "QuEeR" women are much more likely to date trannies though. It's posted quite often but can't find it just now.

No. 1533346

It's a narcissist way of putting the blame on others.

No. 1533352

File: 1652959202383.jpg (119.33 KB, 594x392, tumblr_29fc3ae1f9ca02143a48c72…)

Ah, like clockwork. I just posted >>1533315 lmao.

No. 1533357

There are so many new peaked ladies and butthurt trannies on these threads nowadays. Terfs must be winning

No. 1533364

File: 1652962183247.jpg (91.36 KB, 738x437, delusion.JPG)

I'm sure it was his butt that caused the men to stare in the restroom. Can't wait for the follow-up post where he claims the women in the restroom are all jealous because they keep staring at him, kek.

No. 1533365

>except sub 5 men
Ah, there's that random bout of incelism

No. 1533387

>not the first tranny they have ever seen
I’m guessing that at least most of them do know how to avoid them, or they all just drank the koolaid.

No. 1533394

File: 1652965232147.jpg (53.47 KB, 350x498, 2b69476cf7ec03d473c2367ea66c62…)

i feel like i'm living in clown world when i read about men trying to re-write history. yes, gender non-conformity has existed in lesbian spaces for a long time. transness is whole other issue that has NOT. only in recent years with men barging in and demanding acceptance lest there be consequences has "transness" been forced into lesbian spaces. a woman like picrel is of course a common sight, but nowadays the gender argument has gotten so convoluted and stupid in a way that DOES NOT EXIST in gay male spaces that it's fucking exhausting. just leave us alone.

No. 1533398

File: 1652965502148.jpg (109.64 KB, 731x782, Untitled.jpg)

2 posts in and this is the most male thing ive ever seen. what a grim subreddit.

No. 1533403

File: 1652965888654.png (39.28 KB, 713x136, bleak.png)

up-top a (really cute) gnc girl, below… well.

No. 1533404

What does "lesbian" mean to these people? I'm genuinely wondering

No. 1533405

candid photo of Grimes

No. 1533408

File: 1652966098372.png (695.9 KB, 418x830, hidethepainharold.png)

No. 1533409

Idk when the change happened but it use to be women talking about relationships and asking advice and now it's troon selfies

No. 1533411

Yikes. Most moids don’t even “take care” of women, it’s the other way around. Women are expected to play therapist, childrear, cook, work, and do all the chores.
I’m sure he could find some abusive gay scrote to treat him like ‘property’ though, without having to transition. But I guess that doesn’t fulfill the humiliation sissification fetish and roping in ‘straight’ guys.

No. 1533413

Samefag but you know what I made a mistake…. The subreddit I was thinking of is actuallylesbian which seems to be the same

No. 1533414

File: 1652966561596.jpeg (520.91 KB, 791x598, 702435C6-5C10-4BD1-A2A5-9B85D0…)

so i think i stumbled onto the worst account i've ever found in my life. reading this makes me feel absolutely insane. this is a male who is claiming to literally BE PREGNANT, and claims they had a uterus transplant done. in reality, their FTM partner is the one who is actually pregnant. this actually makes me sick to my stomach. it's a male literally stealing a females pregnancy away from her. sorry for image quality not being the best i had to do this collage in a shitty app. the rest of the account is full of equally delusional shit.

No. 1533417

Good luck with that

No. 1533418

File: 1652967226475.png (91.27 KB, 800x402, Capture d’écran 2022-05-19 à…)

idk something like a XX chromosome

No. 1533420

Is this going to become a thing? Troons claiming to be pregnant to "keep the dream alive"? Disgusting

No. 1533423

File: 1652968111172.jpeg (149.21 KB, 1080x673, 09214925-BDE2-466B-85C3-F0B27B…)

Problem solved, all XX plus all catagories on the right get to compete. Testing has been available for this for a while now!

No. 1533424

It’s truly amazing, I was lurking the other day and you can clock every single post that is just text. Go to the userpage and boom. Tranny, every time. You can tell from how they type, and by the content of their posts. The women in the sub are almost always talking about more serious things that are going on in their lives, looking for genuine advice, etc. and the troons come with their headpat posts, validation requests, or just pics of anime girls. Every time it’s a meme of a loli, it’s a troon.

No. 1533426

File: 1652968637775.png (1.28 MB, 1284x1102, 1B87C52D-CB0C-4776-B02A-077D28…)

No. 1533427

File: 1652968786828.png (161.97 KB, 1739x898, partneristrans.png)

No. 1533433

They forgot about people having eyes and ears?

No. 1533441

File: 1652970390113.jpeg (80.84 KB, 437x220, CFEACCAA-2D1D-49F7-8475-C0332A…)

A woman is literally adult human female, fucking cope, seethe, dilate

No. 1533447

File: 1652970736541.png (349.92 KB, 550x496, non binary human remains.png)

No. 1533450

fukkin ahnold lookin ass.

No. 1533451

I wish this much of a deal was made over the word “man”, because maybe then people would actually hear the backlash since they listen to scrotes more.

No. 1533460

male laughs are repulsive, disgusting, jarring to hear. it should be illegal for men to laugh or vocalise at all.
the sooner serious leftists understand that there is complete ideological institutional capture in the service of capitalist and consumerist interests the better. tangent but i cant help but roll my eyes at the people wondering where child services is for tranny moobfeeding csa cases- they're cheering it on.

No. 1533464

kek nona. the image name is hilarious. he looks like hide the pain harold poking out of a potato sack

No. 1533468

File: 1652973468834.jpg (381.93 KB, 1060x1288, Screenshot_20220519-111611_Bum…)

Bumble never fails to disappoint

No. 1533469

File: 1652973603609.jpg (18.02 KB, 500x441, 1607797726395.jpg)


No. 1533471

You don't know how to use google? I don't spoodfeed reatrds nona.

No. 1533472

File: 1652973884255.png (447.37 KB, 458x748, beer belly.png)

documenting his beer belly lol

No. 1533478

Kink positive= pedophilia in tranny terms

No. 1533479

>dolls, make up, cute dresses

These moids realise you can't be cute and feminine and like twee girly hobbies and also a great hulking beast, or nah? And gay men who like dolls usually don't also try and sexualise that with this whore phase, kink positive shit, like pick a fucking lane

No. 1533483

File: 1652974775628.webm (3.22 MB, 576x1024, itsafetish.webm)

Transformation fetishism but make it uvu ~wholesome~

No. 1533490

literal schizo insanity. as if this wouldn't be groundbreaking news in the world right now if real. i don't understand how disordered you would have to be to believe this is real. also the patreon shilling made me KEK. i wonder if he's padding his belly or just gained a ton of "sympathy weight" or something? honestly one of the strangest things i have seen online in my lifetime.

No. 1533491


Anyway, this is a gossip forum, you come here to share the gossip. Also, the links get archived when you post them.

No. 1533513

File: 1652976549397.png (77.9 KB, 987x289, 0.png)

No. 1533514

File: 1652976624667.png (662.31 KB, 1955x1329, Responses.png)

I love it when FtMs come to the realisation that gender socialisation does in fact matter. Hope this wakes some of them up.

No. 1533518

File: 1652977382614.webm (5.17 MB, 960x540, gendertransformation freaks.we…)

this subreddit is filled with shit like that https://www.reddit.com/r/gendertransformation/

the first one i saw was the cartoon getting a boner as he transformed kek

No. 1533537

File: 1652978842550.png (448.12 KB, 925x522, aclu.png)

So shocking to me that this was ever allowed in the first place, let alone allowed to continue, considering how many women have been raped (and in some cases became pregnant). FFS


No. 1533546

Why is this using the music from the breakfast scene from deadly premonition

No. 1533547

File: 1652979603809.png (1.39 MB, 1635x1562, Screenshot 2022-05-19 095450.p…)

theyre all fucking like this im going to go insane

No. 1533550

Why is it so hard to just segregate men and women in places like prison, shelters, etc? it's insane how men want to invade everything. Women (esp traumatized women) do not want to deal with men.

No. 1533558

Lmao that music makes pretty much anything feel unhinged to me so it’s kind of perfect for this type of crazy

No. 1533559

File: 1652980274792.jpg (8.77 KB, 220x240, 1398525861009.jpg)

No. 1533561

(Blogpost) The handmaidens on my cryptoblog are defending that breastfeeding troon I’m this close to going full TERF.

No. 1533562

Wow almost like MtFs are just misogynistic males no matter how “womanly” they want to be.

No. 1533563

FtMs having to vent about misogyny in a roundabout way is the saddest of things. It's insane how they're pushed to separate themselves from TIMs even as a fellow troon, and yet nobody understands why women would need the exact same thing. If those men creep on their own, can they imagine how bad we have it?

No. 1533565

almost as if they are women being objectified by men…

No. 1533566

If it were so equal, TiFs in prison would be clamoring to be in the mens section. Wonder why that isn’t happening. What a fucking mystery.

No. 1533567

File: 1652981029055.gif (1.26 MB, 300x225, owmybrains.gif)

No. 1533572

File: 1652981528696.jpeg (334.74 KB, 1170x1031, 63FFAFD7-F46E-4266-A4B4-E9A7BE…)

“Men are delusional” says the man who claims to be a lesbian

No. 1533574

File: 1652981597972.jpg (74.1 KB, 1086x724, 13920305_10210577150933488_138…)

I knew this asian guy at university when I was studying in Australia and often times he'd make really inappropriate jokes. One of our mutual friends send me this medium post that he made in 2017 where he basically said that his girlfriend raped him because she was made that he raped her. Just absolutely abhorrent gaslighting.

Of course, this guy has completely trooned out now - he was always an attention whore. These people always drive me crazy because on the face of it the insanity to rape someone and then accuse them of being a rapist is only matched by putting on a dress and pretending to be a woman.



No. 1533575

File: 1652981607190.jpeg (Spoiler Image,661.91 KB, 2048x2048, 73CB90B5-C927-4425-B3B6-BCA460…)

No. 1533576

sage because blog
Saw a young woman with her huge hon bf. holding hands but he was dragging her practically at arms length.

so dainty. so woman.

No. 1533579

File: 1652981692667.png (151.15 KB, 760x681, Screenshot_20220519-103407.png)

They're literally the ones making it difficult when it's not lol

No. 1533580

I got so mad thinking about this that I didn't link his creepy medium article! https://medium.com/@jasonlow_61683/tw-suicide-sexual-assault-fb41ee90d74e

No. 1533583

Sage for blogpost but this really reminds me of the time I worked in a thrift store in seattle and I saw this man going through the woman’s clothing and I instantly clocked him as a tranny. He came up to me and asked in the most irritating high voice if we sold “under skirts” and I told him I didn’t know what that was and needed him to explain and he said “you know the thing they put under lolita dresses” and I was like “oh you mean petticoats?? We don’t sell that go check the vintage boutique across the street” and I thought that was the end of that. He came up to me again and asked if the vintage boutique was trans inclusive and I nervously laughed and said “oh I’m not sure!!!? Sorry!” He then asked the cashier the same thing.. it’s like they want to be coddled everywhere they go?? IYou live in fucking seattle there’s your fucking answer you dumb scrote..shithole of a country where white men are coddled everywhere(not saged)

No. 1533586

File: 1652981983207.png (70.84 KB, 451x588, katelyn.png)

Old article but I wish the level of outrage for TIMs in men's prison was applied to women being imprisoned with men, often violent rapists.

Also nice combover "Katelyn"

No. 1533589

Ridiculous because "trans inclusive" doesn't even make sense. I thought they were women? They spend as much time saying they're exactly like women as they do pointing out that they're speshul and must be acknowledged and catered to everywhere they go. Which is it, scrotes?

No. 1533591

i absolutely fucking hate these people

No. 1533592

>There are women…assaulted as women
God they are so transparent in how much they see women as objects

No. 1533596

go full TERF mode nonnie if no one knows ur real name / identity. silence is not worth these degenerates molesting babies.

No. 1533597

>fucking difficult

Ok so you admit the only reason you want to "trans" is because you are a failed male

No. 1533603

Just don't break the law you fucking troon.

No. 1533607

Trannies: everyone hates us for no reason boohoo I was born this way
Also trannies: we're only trannies because people hate us, it's society's fault
make up your mind retards

No. 1533609

Fuck man, I hate how this happens pretty much every time I find a new "girl" youtuber I like that doesn't show their face - I just discovered Hazel the anime youtuber and was enjoying her deep dives into weird forgotten anime and just found out he is a fucking troon. I thought his voice was a little strange and that he brought up his wife weirdly often and that's because he is a man. Holy shit I'm so mad. We really can't have nice things can we

No. 1533610

I'd like to take a second to thank all the nonas bravely going to troon spaces to bring us milk. Idk how you do it, simply reading this thread makes me want to cut the internet cable and jump out of the window.

No. 1533615

File: 1652984566345.webm (1.01 MB, 576x1024, nominal.naomi.webm)

Transbians truly are all copies of one another. It's almost creepy how pervasive it is.

No. 1533628

File: 1652986002512.png (1018.87 KB, 900x900, IfDPENd_7ApCSAzldhHB-1nw0jQejp…)

the voice is convincing but cmon, this is his channel icon

No. 1533630

I didn't even look at it tbh, I've only been watching him for a day or so but yes it's obvious now that I see the pfp

No. 1533632

File: 1652986324472.jpeg (603.44 KB, 1170x1746, B6DF5F5F-3125-4AA7-A5A5-CFBD3F…)

BBLs are now gender affirming healthcare

No. 1533633

File: 1652986480881.png (53.92 KB, 1000x222, Narcissism.png)

Jesus, can you losers not make everything about yourselves for one fucking moment?

No. 1533634

File: 1652986521226.jpeg (440.72 KB, 1987x3000, mcr.jpeg)

No. 1533636

Reminds me of azealia banks' comment about bbls being rooted in gay prison lifestyle or something to that effect

No. 1533639

nonnie… I just listened to the first minute of 3 different videos and he's SO obviously a male trying to sound feminine. like I literally could tell in the first 5 secs of him speaking every time

No. 1533641

Same shit happened to me, anon. It fucking sucks. Now it's not just a matter of sifting through men to find female YTers, it's men and "female" YTers

No. 1533642

not to give a tranny the time of the day but i can understand how the other nona fell for it. it does sound weirdly nasal, but it's one of the more passable voices.

No. 1533643

also they can have children ffs. men can raise children so what he is basically whining about is not having the physiological autogynephilia of being pregnant so he can coom more.

so unfair! waaahh wah wah.

No. 1533647

Yeah, I did notice the weirdness in the voice but I don't go about my day trying to clock every random person on the internet which is why I'm so mad about this discovery lol. I shouldn't HAVE to be suspicious that everyone is a tranny yet somehow they always are. It's actually ridiculous tbh

No. 1533648

Then why does this never work for actual lesbians? Instead they get hit with men trying to turn them straight, and these dudes too.

No. 1533649

He could find one online or even secondhand (though I would not sell to a scrote at all), but he probably wants to involve some poor irl woman in his fetish.

No. 1533650

the jokes have been writing themselves for a long time now

No. 1533652

Ok, then let the government cover women's surgeries. All of them. Gender affirming healthcare for all
In truth, women with actual health issues should have the government cover surgery costs. It's insane that these people think dick inversion surgery is more important than literal life or death situations

No. 1533653

Lmao the only troons who can't father children are the ones who willingly and knowingly sterilize themselves with hormones and/or surgery for the sake of placebo aesthetics, which isn't the same as someone who can't have a child. Troons CHOOSE to not be able to have children. With all the pain troons cause women by invading our spaces it's nice to know that they're suffering, and even nicer to know they can't procreate.

No. 1533654

File: 1652987566495.jpeg (12.76 KB, 259x194, 7354BEE6-CAC2-4763-8A1B-16BDFA…)

>the splendor or spiritual elevation

No. 1533660

File: 1652988297036.png (252.04 KB, 2382x1292, 23456789876.png)

This is insanely creepy. Women don't go to the bathroom waiting for the chance to hand out tampons and makeup remover to women they don't know. Moids are so stupid, just pee in a bush and stay away from us.

No. 1533664

idk, he sounds extremely similar to a couple of male friends I had as a teenager who were very effeminate sounding. to the point where they both were bullied every time they opened their mouths. so maybe I just have an extra attuned ear for that sort of thing, but I'm not so sure.

I think the only passable mtf voice is The Sphere Hunter on yt. he just sounds like a deep voiced woman because he doesn't do the typical ~uwu girly~ affectations that so many troons do

No. 1533674

Troons would 41% if they had to live like normal women. I don't carry anything feminine in my bag since I don't have periods and I don't wear makeup

No. 1533681

In the 20+ years since I started my period, I’ve been asked for a pad ONCE by a woman and it wasn’t even in a bathroom. I was an employee at a park and she was pregnant and desperate to find one. I’m pretty feminine so it wasn’t an issue of GNC or anything (since they’re adamant that GNC women just look like men, idiots, obviously they don’t). I can think of maybe one time when I asked a friend for a tampon back in high school. This is not the common occurrence they think it is and that they’re so horny to experience.

No. 1533684

Yeah honestly, I wonder if it comes from weird incestual fetishising on their part, because you're more likely to hear female family members asking for spare sanitary items at home, than randos in a public toilet, it's just not a thing

No. 1533687

File: 1652990117811.jpg (49.41 KB, 1280x720, youagree.jpg)

So you agree? You think 'gender affirming surgeries' are shallow, cosmetic and mostly futile attempts to fit an ideal that you don't naturally? And so they don't fall into the realm of life-saving vital healthcare? And is it just maybe true that anyone trying to look like 'an entirely different person' through surgeries could benefit greatly from therapies aimed at healing their troubled relationship with their body?

This dumbass needs to think before he tweets.

No. 1533691

File: 1652990702896.jpeg (492.26 KB, 828x1150, A2384F16-6ED3-4549-AC0D-72504F…)

fat “women”

No. 1533699

Is spain full of troons or 'woke' people like france?

No. 1533700

…he wishes…

No. 1533701

Yes; it’s all of Western Europe

No. 1533703

jfc I hope its not as bad as USA

This is actually sad, kinda pity him. That life is full of drugs and despair. Many of the old transgenders were prostitutes for necessity and he is doing it for…laser hair removal. We truly live in a narc society.

No. 1533710

File: 1652993107403.jpeg (369.91 KB, 1170x1736, 2CEF36A8-7E11-4EB4-B253-6EFA01…)


No. 1533711

Is he skinwalking? wtf

No. 1533714

He mentioned having thousands dollars worth of dresses, nonna. He did it for affirmation not hair removal.

No. 1533715

I mean, trannies are freaks, and women should have psychological evaluations if they get too many cosmetic procedures too close to each other. That would mean men would have to admit that they’re fucking everything up though.

No. 1533716

File: 1652993391338.webm (2.2 MB, 576x1024, that is a straight man.webm)

Why are they so obsessed with liking girls "in a gay way"? Gaydens do the exact same thing. Being into lesbian porn/yaoi is peak heterosexual behaviour.

No. 1533717

>yaniv detected

I’ve stopped asking, or being asked for a pad, after teenagehood. As a teen, periods are new to you, and you probably aren’t as aware of your cycle. Literally never been asked for a tampon, or asked for one, as an adult. In college I ONE TIME, asked a male friend if he had coins and I used them to get a pad from the machine in the library bathroom. Never occurred to me to ask a total stranger to slide me one under the stall. Adults have the forethought to bring their own, or the means (money, transportation) to buy one whenever needed. This fantasy these hons have that they will rescue a cis girl is rooted in a media-fed girlhood they will never experience.

No. 1533722

yaniv pipeline. how long until his dick tip falls off after he gets it inverted?

No. 1533723

Looks more like an FTM softboi to me but the voice gives him away. Funny how MTFs and FTMs end up looking like each other despite attempting to look nothing alike.

No. 1533726

I'm pretty sure normal patients can also be referred for psychological screening before plastic surgery, or am I wrong? So again a tranny making something a tranny issue, when it isn't

No. 1533740

File: 1652997241453.png (80.55 KB, 509x463, whatthefuckkk.png)

Idk if this is an "actual" doctor, but it seems legit with what medical jargon I know to be true. Unethical, child abuse, lies about him seeing a "lactation consultant" and all that. This is a FEMALE infant as well. I feel…even more disgusted than ever.


No. 1533743

Ok so acording to this troon, a TIM hating on JK Rowling is a TERF. You just can't win at this point

No. 1533750

Somehow the fact that the baby is a girl makes it even worse to me. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be equally horrific the other way around, but knowing how these men think of women and little girls in general makes me feel sick. I’m sorry if that sounds heartless.

No. 1533760

File: 1652999891987.png (405.2 KB, 2712x1236, 12345678423430.png)

Troons have no business being upset that tik tok attention whores are identifying as something they're not, rendering the words they use to describe themselves meaningless. Take a look at in the mirror, hon, you too are a mockery of what you want to be.

No. 1533761

in Germany, if your health insurance shall pay your breast surgery, for example if they are too big and damaging your back, you have to go to 200 doctors and 50 psychologist and get told that you should try to strengthen you abs or go on a diet before they even consider helping you. While, when you are mtf or ftm, you go to your gp, he will refer you to a psychologist, who will write you a note after a few sittings and you will get that shit paid. Same if you want to get sterilised as a woman, mostly every doctor you find will tell you you have to get a child before or be at least 35 or older, some won't do it at all. Men just go there and it's a deal. Sry, if I sound bitter, but if you pay for health insurance yourself and won't even get your glasses covered (which you need to see) while a troon will get his hormones (he doesn't need at all) paid for, it leads to you being salty.

No. 1533768

File: 1653000646614.png (125.25 KB, 734x766, FTD88lLXsAIqFMj.png)

The more you read of this, the worse it gets

No. 1533770

Another pedophilic diaper wearing troon. Like clockwork.

No. 1533772

kek it’s finally happened.
“define woman” bullshit has been flipped on them.
>how do we define who is and isn’t trans.

i love to see it.

No. 1533773

File: 1653001346025.png (412.48 KB, 924x502, DM.png)

>previously under investigation for child molestation

No. 1533779

File: 1653001954163.jpg (517.28 KB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20220519-190714_Chr…)

This cow crossover is great.

No. 1533783

It's a double dose of not being able to accept any accountability. It's not successful, generous men having meltdowns about what feminists say. The number of men who engage in manipulation and covert abuse is off the fucking charts, while women fuck themselves over by taking it all at face value. Just look at all the sad sack millennials who got engaged with a gumball machine ring, never actually got married, and do 40 hours of housewife shit a week after working a 9-5 job, just to prove that they aren't "gold diggers".
It shows that he never lurks female coms, because itas get roasted all the time for pairing limp unstyled hair and janky everyday accessories with a $300 dress and $200 shoes.
There are few things more male than a grown ass adult living in squalor and posting photos of it on the internet. I can sort of give teenagers a pass on it, since they generally are blind to messes
due to having a half-formed brain.
It's not a particularly hot take among women old enough to have children and be divorced. Most men can't form new bonds to anyone outside their birth birth family.

No. 1533784

File: 1653002329996.png (196.2 KB, 947x642, reddit_asktransgender.png)

It's because most people aren't fucking stupid. Hope that helps!

No. 1533790

It's because we ALL fucking hate you. Some of us just pretend to tolerate you so we don't get attacked.

No. 1533791

Bam Margera has hit a new low

No. 1533792

>actually thinking of kms

the only reasonable thing this moid said in an entire paragraph

No. 1533799

File: 1653003346439.jpg (666.8 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20220519-192804_Chr…)

Joan is in the back. Imagine doing lewd things with that special needs autogynesmirk in the center. Prison gay on estrogen kek.

No. 1533805

ANON kek

No. 1533809

>trans people are no better than delusional perverts who you entertain out of pity and disgust
i cant argue with that one kek

i read this guys post history and hes a hsts, so i guess thats where the grievances towards being perceived as preying on woman comes from. i hate hsts just as much as agps though because they will still actively go out of their way to defend the hulking transbians. dumb

No. 1533810

He’s probably triggered because the shoe fits. Most TIMs are AGPs and raging misogynists, and the ones in prison have all been convicted for rape, murder, and pedophilia.

>thinking of kms

Don’t threaten us with a good time.

No. 1533814

This is what they asked for.

No. 1533819

A tranny finally got banned from the discord i am in for sending unhinged messages to women when will the tranny defenders learn to put women first and not a mental case of a man

No. 1533820

File: 1653004534900.jpg (485.24 KB, 1080x1573, 195411_Twitter.jpg)

what in the mental gymnastics

No. 1533822

Anons what the FUCK

No. 1533825

tims really think women live in a lifetime movie, kek

No. 1533826

>biological advantage in jeopardy
I don't think anyone has ever said that?
The issue with the jeopardy tranny was people thinking that a moid was "the highest-winning female contestant". A spot meant for a woman was taken by an ugly hulking fetishist.
>bone density the deciding factor
well there's more than that but you know trannies, they pick and choose for their flawed arguments.

No. 1533830

this isn't even correct, plenty of animals have gender roles.

No. 1533833

File: 1653005497382.png (174.17 KB, 1742x822, 8.png)

ywnbaw tranny creep

No. 1533836

ew, what the actual fuck. serial killer behavior. and somehow they still claim that they arent incels?

>She is everything I want to be and more. She's Swedish/Japanese and speaks both fluently
weeb detected

No. 1533838

Are you actually saying you've never heard of a non-white tranny or am I retarded????

No. 1533839

File: 1653006040118.jpg (936.78 KB, 3024x4032, 93o3wezujf091.jpg)

Easy, he's obviously autistic and also deeply disturbed. I noticed a trend with a lot of them, they're insanely obsessed with videogames, notice how he has every console imaginable, for a lot of them it goes beyond hobbie, it's a lifestyle.
Also it's not the first time ABDL comes to the picture with these creeps. A lot of autistic people wear diapers even during puberty. I believe their sexual development and incontinence got mixed up somehow and here we are, plagued by a bunch of retarded gamers wearing diapers trying to chop their dicks off. Lovely.

No. 1533844

Its genuinely incredible that they are still finding new ways to hate women

No. 1533845

I hope the FBI sees this shit

No. 1533846

File: 1653006464345.jpeg (77.25 KB, 1241x1241, EvKaeBHWYAIRIm6.jpeg)

Kinda related? But the same thing happened to me but with a comedian. I thought Patti harrison was a based terf because of these tweets but I quickly found out he's a Tim

No. 1533847


No. 1533848

AGP = pedophile
>feminine child like face (feminine and child = same thing)
>small small small small
>she cries and screams
>ultra feminine

No. 1533863

Patti passes well because he’s a gay Asian actor and not an autistic white man.

No. 1533865

Anyone else sick of Twitter tranny irony humor? I fucking hate Cum town ripoff scrotes

No. 1533871

Who cares if he passes or is one of the "good ones". A moid is a moid.

No. 1533875

I’m not saying he’s good, just that there’s a noticeable difference in the toned down/not-porny outfits he wears in his Google pics compared to the AGPs I’ve seen irl dressed like Japanese schoolgirls in public.

No. 1533882

File: 1653009631112.png (147.69 KB, 1018x482, misogyny.png)

anotha one.

No. 1533888

Ayrt I still stupid for not being able to clock him via hands or something else, especially after seeing him in motion.

No. 1533896

the sideview is kinda funky to me but for me, if the voice is good and they don't look too much like a man at glance in a video, I can't clock that well. Hunter, Pose troons and Blaire were easy for me though,

No. 1533898

He almost passes until you look at his eyes for too long and something starts looking off. And his voice sounds like a gay guy doing an impression of a woman.

No. 1533903

Men can have a biological advantage in Jeopardy because being able to answer questions first relies on timing/reflexes and fast-twitch muscle fibres. You can be more knowledgeable than your opponent and have faster, more accurate and detailed recall, while also being more able to put together answers based on context clues, and still lose if you can't consistently ring in faster than the other players.
Psychology also plays a role because of the betting aspect (women are more likely to wager conservatively and doubt their own abilities).

No. 1533906

Sorry for continued Jeopardy sperging but I stopped seeing Jeopardy as a test of knowledge when I realized the mechanics of the game. Everyone playing has already passed the test of being knowledgeable enough to be a potential Jeopardy champion through the online quiz and auditions, but only the one with the ability to push a button on time will win.

No. 1533910

France is the least woke place, I don't know why people think they are woke, they have mostly voted for centered and right side candidates over the years mostly while other ones lag behind. France is not that woke, only Paris is.

No. 1533914

because people think a country where aspects of socialism are very popular would be woke. Turns out it’s the opposite. Frenchmen are almost all rapists and open racists. Probably the worst in the first world Western countries to be black/Muslim. Le Penn almost won.

No. 1533918

Nonnie, off topic, go somewhere else to sperg.

No. 1533920


No. 1533926

File: 1653015192877.webm (4.39 MB, 576x1024, tiktok.webm)

Does he really think he needs to out himself to be clocked kek

No. 1533927

anon please get better moid crushes

No. 1533930

So he agrees trans women are men lmfao

No. 1533936

dude looks like every run-of-the-mill metalhead guy. There's no way in hell that these gay men complimenting his ass are confusing him with being a woman.

No. 1533938

Not sperging, I was adding onto what they said. France really isn’t woke, at all. AGPs are uniquely Angloid

No. 1533944

this is genuinely terrifying, it gives me the creeps all over. I hope the girl is safe and stays away from him, and I really hope he doesn’t snap and do something awful to her. These people are sick in the head and I’ll be honest, I truly believe he deserves to feel awful. Part of me loves to see how a woman who is just living her life so effortlessly makes a moid seethe to the point of near insanity but I also can’t believe this is the world we live in, that we share environments with beasts like this.

No. 1533945

File: 1653018011134.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.24 KB, 620x639, 9EE1238E-19FB-4D7E-9597-027AAB…)

>“But this never happens!!!!”

No. 1533947

not defending the troon, this shit is vile and precisely why they shouldn't be allowed in female bathrooms, but i'm pretty sure that's inside a stall. no one is gonna walk in on it

No. 1533948

That actually doesn't make it less disgusting though nonna. I'm sure people could hear him

No. 1533951

future tucker carlson segment. They do it to themselves

No. 1533952

File: 1653018851032.png (943.15 KB, 2066x2180, jamiexpassion01.png)

Crinkly gay sounds!

No. 1533953

File: 1653018909165.png (41.81 KB, 2066x400, jamiexpassion04.png)

>I find I get more enjoyment out of [ABDL] now because I don't feel as awkward being a 'man who's supposed to grow up'; girls tend to be less forced into 'growing up' unless it's a serious issue.

No. 1533954

What about the jizz he probably spilled all over the place? And the fact that he's invading women's spaces and literally getting off to it.

No. 1533956

doesn’t matter. you don’t go into public bathrooms to masturbate, especially if you’re a man with a penis surrounded by actual women and girls. This just shows blatant disregard and disrespect to the females who use the toilets, plus how do we know he even cleans up after himself? Would you want to touch those walls after he leaves the stall? I know you’re not defending him but I believe you don’t even need to point that out. I’ve seen videos of scrotes jerking off at the sinks, in the more open areas etc, while women are looking in mirrors/washing their hands behind him, either unaware or feigning ignorance. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. If we say “well it’s okay since it’s inside the stall” we’ll only see them push the boundaries further, it’s already happening. They shouldn’t be in the bathrooms at all.

No. 1533959

This is important to keep in mind. The invasion aspect is solidly part of the fetish. It's because they know they're not supposed to be there deep down, they get off on getting away with it

No. 1533971

File: 1653020729145.jpg (53.15 KB, 1280x720, lol.jpg)

lol at how he depicts himself as tan when he is pasty white

No. 1533975


I could barely lift a wheelchair of an obese lady on the side of the road but a guy who stopped and helped could do it by himself. BWomen can be strong but the average biological man does have serious strength advantages…like as long as they're not the tall lanky skin and bones type. Even then they have advantages

No. 1533977

what does skateboarding have to do with intelligence

No. 1533978

Why dont they just throw rapists in a special prison together? Let them torture eachother problem solved

No. 1533980

They're talking about bone density there

No. 1533981

samefagging to apologize for forgetting my sage, too late to delete now

it doesn't make it any less disgusting and is absolutely not ok, i just wish gc women were more precise because whenever troons see this kind of thing they jump in like sharks with "THEY'RE INSIDE A STALL!!!". just list all these other things instead of the one thing that is not going to happen

No. 1533986

What are you saying nona… didnt you know that jerry is a cherokee princess? How DARE you invalidate our Native American icon

No. 1533987

in the second tweet, yes, but the first tweet very clearly implies that men having an advantage in skateboarding means they're somehow smarter than women???

No. 1533988

sage your shit

No. 1533990

this person thinks that to be good at sports you have to be smart

No. 1533992

i think that every time these people talk about people being surprised that they are trans isn't because people thought they were women but because others had no fucking idea that these dudes were supposed to be acting or looking like women

No. 1533993

I honestly didn't know who this was but he has a whole kf page lmfao, his entire channel seems like autistic sperging

No. 1533997

>I get so much joy knowing that I took her body away
Manifesting that she never has to interact with him again.

No. 1534000

File: 1653025111947.jpeg (479.25 KB, 2331x892, FDA51A79-DCBA-42BC-8758-C2A3E2…)

I really like the difference in top posts on both the mtf and ftm reddits.

No. 1534005

File: 1653025618136.jpeg (275.8 KB, 1242x652, 7BC388CD-82EF-41B8-A94D-52B679…)

Oh girl I know what you mean I just feel so good about myself when men around me look at my breasts.

No. 1534008

There is a video of a tranny wanking it in the public area of the bathroom, maybe even the same one. You can see women walking in, and him rubbing his dick all over the sinks and faucets. I don't wanna look it up again it's disturbing.

No. 1534014

wasn’t that confirmed to be porn

No. 1534018

what is it with the mannerisms so many of these people have? drives me up the wall. where does it come from?

No. 1534023

Why does he want a little girl in particular to see? Note: I already know the answer.

No. 1534025

>>1533743 saw the whole vídeo yes i'm that bored. Yeah countrapoints is being a gifter?, must be a day that ends on Y. "She's only here for economic reasons!!" specifically he's on YouTube to fuel his opioid addictions and lavish lifestyle, you're welcome troon. Contra is shallow and greedy but god, this troon is incredibly sensitive. Idk how an adult can even tolerate the idea of being treated so softly as he advocates, must be the autism. All that i leared in that vídeo is that contra is leaving all the crumbs for a detrans saga once being trans stops being economically profitable which also i already suspected kek. I was also struck by the hatred he has for contra, at some point it even sounded like legit misogyny. Maybe that was the dreaded transmisogyny all along, when an agp reach a confy lifestyle and two or three cis handmaidens who validates him fellow agp seethe and dilate and start treating him like they treat woman: nitpicking and infantilizing his acts, taking everything in bad faith, accusing him of being an evil bigot and for that he should be lynched on spot and appealing to his emotions (and that is the funniest part because he's trying to make a junkie feel bad lmao), ect. Obviously is not the same, a woman who said the same things as contra would be doxed in less than a month by the same public who cherish him, but agps truly hate each other more than anyone hates them uh.

No. 1534033

File: 1653030938058.jpeg (387.12 KB, 519x982, 05DB0EBC-B5D5-4826-B294-4BB101…)

All I see is him in a wig.

No. 1534038

I see I see, thanks nonita! Sounds like jealous agp diaper crinkling tbh. Seems like truly the cure for the tranny menace is giving them platforms to embarass themselves and fight each other. I'm an evil terf and I wholeheartedly support giving as much visibility to trannies as possible!

Lmaoo noo cannot unsee

No. 1534039

>actually thinking of kms


No. 1534041

Jerry Peet is a bona fide misogynist who hides behind his troon identity, the way he talks about women he despises for whatever reason is creepy. He has a hate boner for SarahZ because she mentioned him negatively once in a video a few years ago and he can't seething about it.

No. 1534042

I am genuinely concerned for that woman, being around this unhinged freak.

Good reminder that part of their fetish is to punish women for being what they can never be.

No. 1534043

File: 1653036769169.png (136.69 KB, 2046x1210, cuttingoffeveryone.png)

Some of you regulars might recognize the username:

No. 1534046

What! Sarah Z has said something against a trans woman? Burn the witch!

No. 1534047

>feminine diapers
u wot

completely ignoring the fact that girls mature much faster than boys - who are allowed to act like children their whole fucking lives

No. 1534048

I've had my period for 15 years now and not once have I been randomly asked for a tampon in a public restroom.

No. 1534049

File: 1653038735266.png (6.72 KB, 500x80, Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 05-23…)

You don't say! The comments are entertaining:

No. 1534059

I wasn't familiar with him but his YouTube seems insane… Hour long rants about Children's cartoons ???

No. 1534064

kek why is it funny to him that men 'compliment' him, if he sees himself as a woman and not a moid tricking them into saying a gay thing? Even he knows

No. 1534065

File: 1653043373182.jpg (400.85 KB, 640x790, RDT_20220520_13311340212218255…)

….He is flexing on being so fat he has moobs lmfao

Also, never in my life I have felt jealous of a girl having bigger boobs than me - if anything, I feel sorry for their back and/or for them to feel like they had to get implants. No one I know has some tit size competitions, wtf? They really do think women live in some porn film, do they?

No. 1534069

Super late reaction, but that laugh set off my fight-or-flight reflex. He tries to do "cute" but comes off as "deranged".

No. 1534073

File: 1653044059477.png (45.37 KB, 738x362, age regression.png)

oh shut the fuck up. your childhood wasn't stolen from you- you just want an excuse to shit in a diaper.

No. 1534075

>contra is leaving all the crumbs for a detrans saga once being trans stops being economically profitable which also i already suspected kek
Didn't Contra get the snip though? That's pretty stupid if his plan would be to detrans into a gay guy all along

No. 1534076

NO ONE does this age regression shit except perverts, how's being trans an excuse when most people who've had traumatic childhoods don't do this shit. I hate them so much

No. 1534084

you must be high because if you watch the tv show made for love, he is meant to be the leads 'best girlfriend' and it's super obvious he is a men in every scene. his looks, mannerism and walk all scream moid

No. 1534085

>the childhood that was stolen from us
you had a childhood you privileged piece of shit, everyone makes bad experiences during childhood hell some poor children in third world countries are being forced to work yet you don't see them reenacting their childhoods like absolute fucking degenerates. just say you're a pedophile who gets off to little girls and move on. i hate these people

No. 1534086

most children are potty trained by the time they start having an awareness of their own and others gender, so how is that relevant to them wanting to wear diapers?

No. 1534087

to them, a woman's worth is bimbo beauty standards and stereotypes - so he thinks his obese moobs makes him more of a woman than an actual woman with a flat chest.

No. 1534089

Isn’t Sarah Z the most brain dead handmaiden in the whole entire youtube? But ofc troons hate her nonetheless, she’s a woman kek

No. 1534090

I think you hit the nail on the head here.

No. 1534091

Most women I know with big boobs are extremely self conscious about them… Lol also moobs aren't breasts what a loser

No. 1534095

yeah it's true and they complain about them a whole lot. my mum hates her big boobs and would've loved reduction surgery. then there's women like me with small ones and I couldn't be more pleased. no expensive bras, no sweating, no backache, easier to find tops and less men perving. so many wins. there aren't many women out there who are jealous of troon boobs. small boobs are really cute too, no matter how small and will always be better than anything a troon grows.

No. 1534097

lol no woman would react with "how dare you" to gross moobs, that's just a self own for the guy

No. 1534099

>whenever troons see this kind of thing they jump in like sharks with "THEY'RE INSIDE A STALL!!!".

I've never seen anyone say this, all I see is flat out denial, "it doesn't happen!! trans women would never do that!!!" over and over again. Despite the fact that there are thousands of videos of it, uploaded by the troons themselves.

No. 1534102

I've only ever felt jealous of women with naturally small boobs and flat chests

No. 1534105

File: 1653048341849.jpg (132.01 KB, 1600x800, FTJ6CJ3VIAAEI7F.jpg)

Moid wins surfing comp over actual female surfers with ease. I hope more trannies enter these things because its peaking people so fast

No. 1534106

File: 1653048346303.jpg (90.18 KB, 720x1115, Screenshot_20220520-054427.jpg)

No. 1534108

File: 1653049147401.jpg (112.7 KB, 628x1200, FTJOZInUAAAc6Ls.jpg)

No. 1534110

>she has never used hair ties

No. 1534112

okay uncle fester

No. 1534113

Why would hontra detransition? His trans gimmick is the only thing he has going for him. Without it, he’s just a regular MRA.

No. 1534114

No. 1534116

Probably just another tranny, lol

No. 1534119

>drools like a cis woman's vagina
Wtf are other women's vaginas "drooling"? Is there something wrong with me?
Or is this just tranny retardation as always

No. 1534120

File: 1653050746332.jpeg (412.03 KB, 1371x1428, 7ACFE493-595B-4537-9BD2-DDEAA8…)

another day another scrote talking absolute nonsense on twitter. at least he’s had his balls removed and can no longer reproduce though, I fully support that idea

No. 1534125

"Uwu i am such a girl I hope somebody doesn't follow me into a secluded area and sexually assault me" wow I wonder what kind of porn he watches

No. 1534126

The fact that in both of these the man is embarrassed and blushing by being turned into a woman proves once again that trannies are humiliation fetishists and think being a woman is the ultimate humiliation. Disgusting.

No. 1534128

this one needs to hurry up and 41% himself stat

No. 1534129


Ah the elusive black AGP. I once again hate it here

No. 1534130

he's going to kill her, jesus christ

No. 1534132

men don't ever feel guilt tho, they're too egotistical. the closest thing they ever feel is fear of being caught and shame from being caught. They all become trannies because of a fetish and/or the desire to have more sexual opportunities. I have never heard of a man who trooned out because he was sympathetic to the plight of women. If this faggot purports that he himself was one of these men who trooned because he cared about women so much, why is he such a vile misogynist? shit don't add up retard.

No. 1534133

anons you just ruined my fucking day i thought patti was a woman

No. 1534143

>has a fairyboy as his pfp
>calls other men pussy whipped
Can't make this shit up.

No. 1534147

File: 1653054711735.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1125x1750, FBA31700-1C49-422D-B92A-755C33…)

I’m four seasons into a DnD podcast with a DM who seemed like a pretty normal guy (Mark “Sherlock” Hulmes) but then he mentioned having an alt account where he “plays around with gender”. Alarm bells started ringing in my head so I looked it up and surprise, he’s an AGP. He’s not openly identifying as a transwoman yet but it’s probably only a matter of time.

Do I really have to vet every single nerdy man I come across just to make sure they’re not pornsick perverts who fetishise women’s oppression?

No. 1534149

File: 1653054804592.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1567, 1D860EDE-A9B9-4197-A93C-A26AD7…)

Gods grant me the confidence of a mediocre white man

No. 1534156

Same big breasts are a burden to me. I wish I could have more clothing options that are suited to smaller ones and not feel as pornified if that makes sense. I’m always trying to wear oversized things to hide them because having people stare disgusts me. They really do not get it.

No. 1534157

It’s just typical troon retardation. Sure there is vaginal discharge sometimes but it’s not anything like whatever the fuck their axe wounds are “drooling” out (what a gross word he used).

No. 1534160

I fucking hate them. Every single one has incel mentality of “girls live life on ez mode!!!” and just obsessively stalking the ones the want to skinwalk. They are the reason I hate them.

No. 1534165

File: 1653055796371.jpg (126.86 KB, 1080x854, FTM_-roWUAEpBTs.jpg)

No. 1534166

Notice how he says
>"the way SHE inflicts so much pain on me by making me feel ugly, and masculine send me into a fucking rage"

He literally blames HER for his own mental problems, even though she has literally done nothing. HE is doing all of this to HIMSELF, it's HIS own fucking brain hurting him. This woman is innocent, and his mascluine rage-filled brain wants to hurt and punish her… for simply existing as a woman. And the ONLY reason he wants to do this is literally because he is trans.The transness is what's giving him violent thoughts.
Never ever trust troons, they are a danger to women.

No. 1534170