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File: 1529607331109.jpeg (277.41 KB, 517x520, B044F4FA-10EC-49FE-92AB-C2EC46…)

No. 616989

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~
>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent

>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for self-care rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to Japan and NYC, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during university
>has kept a total of five relationships in over 2 years, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; now largely just refers to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

In the last thread:
>Green, pink and blue hair.
>Announced to her fans that she has a Patreon now.
>Fan sends her a huge peep, forgets to thank her for it.
>Cosplay group with Wendy and her friend, Jenny.
>Started dating her best friend’s (Maggie) ex-boyfriend. Maggie and her ex are going to be living together.
>Confirmed that she’s going to be living in the townhouse in a new town soon.


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 617003

She's the queen of skinwalkers.
All her fans are skinwalkers and so is she. It all started with lolita and milkyfawn. Maybe even before with the punk/emo/band shit. She has never been herself and will never be. It's like she has to copy others to be someone. Pitiful

No. 617004

Something weird is going on here. I hate to use the term but Jill is definitely getting cucked.

No. 617023


Jill if you are reading this I know you want to be the cool, relaxed and chilled out girlfriend but guys don't just share houses with their ex in a relationship without consequences. This is a HUGE warning sign at the start of a relationship and you should be worried.

No. 617031

Wasn't maggie in a long term relationship with a guy who isn't Stephen? Or is that over now that she's moving to NB?

Because it's double sketchy if she just came out of a relationship and is moving in with her other ex in a new city.

No. 617035

we're up against 2 possibilities here:

1) the guy just wants to use her to boost himself/some other goal and she's in for a rude awakening. so far we've seen he only dates girls that are uglier than him and all run within the same social circles, people that are easy to take advantage of. will probably cheat on her with the ex.

2) he's gay.

No. 617040

i get not wanting to move in with a girlfriend after dating for such a short time but can't he live alone or with someone else than his ex?? what the fuck

No. 617076

The evidence so far:
>Ok looking guy
>Weird looking girls
>"In a relationship with Jillian"
>Moving in with his "ex" girlfriend even though Jilly is also moving house around the same time
>Jillian is the type of girl to go along with whatever new-age hippy nonsense makes you a "good open minded kind person" 2018
>Poly is one of those things
>Ok looking guys who date weird looking girls are usually poly
>Moving in with your ex intentionally is…not what a normal person does when starting a relationship

Theory: Ex is the main partner and to keep Jillian sweet she is labelled as main partner on Facebook. She also might want to hide it from fans and family even though the situation is fairly obvious

No. 617083

Pandering or not, I don't see Jill as the type who would even consider poly. She would never share a partner because she considers them a tool for her use only. Girl is just plain getting cheated on and she's oblivious.

No. 617384

i did a little stalking on Stephen's page, and can I just point out that every time Jillian comments instead of liking or responding he puts an angry face tag on it? its so weird to me.

No. 617387

>>617384 post screenshots please

No. 617460

agreed jill is too selfish to share

No. 617809

He’s gay

No. 617830

File: 1529650369420.png (294.47 KB, 788x522, Screenshot (4).png)

sure. here's one where he loved Maggie's comment

No. 617832

File: 1529650496179.png (554.1 KB, 847x701, Screenshot (7).png)

alright so probably overreacted here, because he angry faced every comment, but still somewhat weird.

No. 617834

File: 1529650611944.png (413.79 KB, 878x710, Screenshot (8).png)

i couldnt scroll over it for this one because there were multiple reactions. while ik shes being obnoxious and trying to indoctrinate him into her pastel garbage, he angry faced both comments. i just thought it was funny he angry faces her comments but loved maggie's

No. 617838

I also checked his face and I saw only one post Jill commented on with angry reacts, and two posts Maggie commented on one laugh one heart. If there were more posts that'd be something but I think you're reading too far into things.

No. 617844

Uhhh this kid is 1000% gay.

No. 617978

Inb4 he comes out as gender confused/nb like Colin

No. 617986

File: 1529672132947.png (919.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180622-135352.png)

Stephen and Maggie getting food at 2am lol they're so fucking

No. 617987

ok whoever said Jill and her new boy toy look related is so right. she's always thirsting after guys that look like her brother. what th fuck is up with that. incest kei?

No. 617997

I seriously can't wait for Jill to try and sell their "perfect relationship" to all her followers while her boyfriend is getting food with his ex gf at 2 am and moving in with her. People can remain on good terms and hang out with their exes, it's not impossible, but this is crossing way too many boundaries for it not to be sketchy.

No. 617998

Yeah, remaining friends with your ex is possible, but when you're living together, that's a red flag. I can't wait to see how this saga unfolds

No. 618005

Personally knew her since before she was 'famous'. So tired with her shit. This is the personal life drama that hasn't hit the internet yet.

She currently has two sexual assault allegations going around. Both from a new years eve party.

She created a group chat specifically to bully someone and added them to it because they spoke out about her shitty treatment of friends.

Multiple allegations of cheating on her SO's.

She borrowed a friend's car to go to lunch and left her stranded for hours.

She made a big deal about getting group photos for one of her cosplay groups then purposefully left part of the group out.

No. 618008

Please take your made up bullshit elsewhere.

No. 618009

I've seen the same thing on Jill's thread on PULL, and unless you pull some proof, I'm calling bullshit.

No. 618013

pics or it didn't happen

No. 618023

My theory is that maybe Maggie and jill know he's gay. That was Jill has the perfect boyf who will be happy to be made over. He gets a beard. He can live with his ex without it being weird? Jill also can then brag about the extra lgbt internet points she'll get from this after they break up.

No. 618039

File: 1529676477310.jpg (136.12 KB, 928x625, 18-06-22-11-07-08-206_deco.jpg)


I was personally present when all of this went down, except for the new years party. It's not like I could take photos while my friends were in crisis at the time.

No. 618041

File: 1529676512800.jpg (216.22 KB, 999x760, 18-06-22-11-08-22-916_deco.jpg)

No. 618044

>random bits of fb convo count as milk

fuck off anon

No. 618054

Helpful if we could see who's sending what information. Like block out the name and pic but context please

No. 618059

i don't believe this for a second. the user from PULL who's posting this is an annoying attention whore.

No. 618063

this is like the anon a few threads back who claimed to have juicy intel on Jill, blogposted a bunch and then delivered no milk, not even a single screencap.

No. 618067

her boyfriend situation is starting to remind me of the whole cyr drama tbh. don't do poly, jill, you're too selfish for that

No. 618071

poly is perfect for selfish cunts like jill.

No. 618074

it's probably the same one. a bunch of vague caps of a conversation with no timestamps or identification or anything is just trying to start shit.

No. 618076

Posting the full image will give away the girl, she told me I could only post them like this since Jillian checks in on these threads. She plans to go public when she's ready though. If you don't want to believe me that's fine, but Jillian is way messier than you guys realize.

No. 618080

Despite the lack of current proof, I would still not be even a little surprised if this all really was going on. Weeby SJW social circles are chock full of drama like this literally at all times.

No. 618081

If she plans to go public eventually then why not wait to post the full convo instead of posting vague censored caps with no context, timestamps, ID or feasible proof on here? If she really wants to expose Jill this is a messy way of going about the issue. You're obviously trying to stir the pot of shit and it isn't working.

No. 618082

…okay but can you give context

No. 618085

File: 1529678510681.jpeg (279.67 KB, 1264x1264, CCC61F87-2436-4F36-8142-34DAA9…)

A compilation of that anon / “Maple” posts from PULL. This is also the same user that was on here claiming people called her Drunkielocks. This anon did seem to know a very very few things before lolcow did, however I’m leaning towards this is just an attention whore / long time fan who’s faking screenshots and info to induce drama. As much as I’d like to believe their claims, either post harder proof or get lost. Don’t do this flakey “fine! Don’t believe me!!!!1” BS. If you want us to believe you post proof, it’s so simple.

No. 618086

if you have to say "if you don't believe me that's fine" then you shouldn't post.

No. 618099

one of the posters is her (or she's samefagging). but i don't believe her either. also, i doubt it's been looked into, but her knowing like 2 or 3 things before we did, doesn't mean she doesn't prove much. it's super obvious from the posts here and your cap that she's trying to seem legit by posting mundane shit and dropping a huge reveal.

No. 618117

I think this is all a distraction do we stop discussing Maggie and her ex

No. 618126

>Jillian is way messier than you guys realize.

>you guys

Literally who doesn't know she's a trainwreck here? She doesn't have almost 30 threads because she's a rich girl with doting parents. We know she's a mess, bitch changes relationships as much as she changes her hair now. Asking for proof doesn't mean we think she's better than that, it just means we need fucking proof.

No. 618132

It's even worse because she hasn't had time to form trust and bonding with this guy yet. I'd be concerned about letting a year long husband act like this, Jill this is your boyfriend of one week? You ARE getting cheated on.

No. 618153

Yeah this so much.
It would be bad enough if someone you've been dating for a while suddenly decided to move in with their ex and go out together late at night, but this guy seems to spend more time with his ex right from the start.
Even if they're all such ~great friends~ when you first start dating is usually kind of a honeymoon phase where you want to spend as much time as possible with your new partner, so this just seems incredibly weird.

No. 618163

We were wrong all along, Jill's fetish isn't ageplay but getting cucked instead.

Seriously though this is weird af. Maybe Jill finally admitted to herself that she doesn't want a real boyfriend but just a sentient dildo/fashion accessory, so she's fine with him spending the rest of his time with his ex? lmao
all these people are creepy

No. 618165

Every good lolcow has to have a cuck stage.

No. 618206

Next come back to this thread when you have proof and aren't scared of fatass Jill. Not that she said he said shit.

No. 618231


jill and stephen have spent more time with maggie than they have with each other, from what we can see. the screenshot from the last thread of them all hanging out kinda leads me to believe they are never alone, as if maggie is always there.

No. 618234

File: 1529688125708.png (99.46 KB, 545x549, Screenshot (11).png)

i know it's trendy to call brendon urie your husband, but wow this man is gay

No. 618255

is this whole relationship a ruse?

No. 618303

I agree, it's probably Jill or one of her friends doing this so she doesn't look like a cuck lol
/pt/ status when? I think that if what the other Anon is saying is true, then it could reach pt very easily.

No. 618307

File: 1529692190448.png (931.98 KB, 640x1136, 98393CE3-F554-48FE-8054-0E2186…)

Before getting food with her ex at 2am Maggie was with Jill-O
Here she is on her bed petting Serena.
Like… maybe Stephen is both of their fale gay bf, he sounded gay to me, and they are actually dating. Maggie & Jill.

No. 618316

Sage for ot but where are they, in a Sobeys or Superstore? What's with the bagel bites on their table but also actual placemats?

No. 618318

idk Louise commented on jill's relationship status about how handsome he is in person.. I didn't see her post anything like that about Alyssa.. last time I saw Louise dotting on jill's partner it was with tristan, so definitely seems real

Yeah looks like the upper seating area of a superstore, must be a 24hr location

No. 618343

File: 1529694552827.jpeg (503.9 KB, 640x1063, CA17D56E-7886-48E2-B899-C634A9…)

When your mom takes your picture and it shows you at your non-photoshopped best.

No. 618367

Do you know your pic has been is these caps or are you an anon that doesn't care?

No. 618368

She looks like a real blob. Wish she would stop wearing her hair like that, it puts all the attention on her chubby face.

No. 618377

This man is gay, if he had sex with Jill or Maggie then it’s because they look manly and doughy enough that he let if pass

No. 618390

I mean, bisexual men exist, but they're not usually very open about it.

No. 618417

it was an accident and i couldnt delete it cuz i realized too long after, so i just changed my pfp.

No. 618425

Something happened during New Years Eve that we just we don't have all the pieces…
She was going to post a vlog of it and suddenly when people asked about it in her livestreams she ignores those questions… and she stops being friends with @magical_asian. On lolcow people commented that Jillian hooked up with her friends crush during NYE…
Aand now this assault allegation thing…
I don't know it sounds so dark to me.

No. 618429

He’s tagged some of his insta pics as bisexual but looking at him and his dating history, he’s gay

No. 618457

don't even acknowledge that allegation till we have proof.

No. 618522

We love drama, but fake sexual assault claims aren’t okay

No. 618563

Brendon Urie has a big fanbase of gay men. This feels like a pretty big redflag to me. Not saying straight dudes cant like Panic or Brendon's music, but they are a pretty small minority in the fandom.

No. 618627

He could genuinely be bisexual, like that exists
Whatever is going on is weird

No. 618664

File: 1529720747657.jpg (803.59 KB, 1080x1440, 20180622_232318.jpg)

The Vessey's have welcomed their first non-designer cat

No. 618665

File: 1529720769159.jpg (190.98 KB, 1080x1080, 20180622_232444.jpg)

No. 618684

what is it about her mom's face that makes her look terrified all the time

No. 618704


Doesn’t she have enough cats?
Poor baby is going to be tortured.

No. 618709

File: 1529725845206.jpeg (404.56 KB, 587x940, 45A93F53-6C96-405F-A346-E717C0…)

No. 618790


She always got those (wrinkle?) lines above her eyebrows when she makes her faces. I know that aint eyebrow hair. What a weird spot to have face lines?

No. 618814

God just smile with your teeth if you’re going to be crinkling your eyes that much Jill. It’s like she’s trying to fight the urge to make a duckface

No. 618941

File: 1529746733657.jpeg (102.5 KB, 587x940, 5EC1FA2A-63D0-4EEF-BC51-60EF4D…)

No. 618952

File: 1529747928950.jpg (117.58 KB, 1600x1000, how-the-grinch-stole-christmas…)

No. 618957

She looks like a fucking onion

No. 618959


Her eyebrows. Especially next to Jill's eyebrows looking like The Grinch's.

No. 618977

That car video remember me about XXXTentacion

No. 618995

File: 1529754481922.png (260.55 KB, 479x589, cap.png)

I really don't get why she always does this exaggerated scrunched up witch smile in pictures, it looks horrible.
She looks a lot better when she does a soft smile like in her videos.
(Pic related, I know she still doesn't look great but it's a lot more bearable imo.)

Also why did they get another cat? I guess Jill is taking one with her, but that still means that Jill's parents are going to take care of 4 cats then. It sounds like her dad is at work all day and her mom travels quite a bit, I hope they'll have enough time to take care of them.

No. 619005

Why can her Mum suddenly have a non “hypoallergenic uwu softboi” cat? I thought she was “severely allergic” to regular cats

No. 619036

To be fair about the cat they have the space for it. They have the patio and stuff. As long as cats have the space and proper entertainment they should be fine there. And they got a stray so good on them.
Not to defend them too much, but we don't have to be mad at Louise when she seems like a reasonable pet owner. Her daughter is the dumb shit letting her cat eat tinsle.

No. 619038

didn't Louise supposedly claim to be 'allergic' to cats, which is why she can only have super expensive 'designer' cats? and now suddenly a regular old cat is just fine.

i think that's the issue people are taking with this.

No. 619046

Yeah that's the issue. Their excuse for buying expensive designer cats was because Louise is "allergic" to cats. Which makes no sense. If you're allergic to cats, its usually because of the dander.

No. 619074

Understandable. Hopefully this is a sign she is owning up to it a little or realized "hypoallergenic" cats are really not that much better for people with allergies.

No. 619080

I can't get over how Louise always has the expression like she'll being held up at gunpoint.

No. 619083

For someone who claims to love animals so much, having this cat be their first rescue is pathetic really.

We all know she's a lying cunt who just wanted an excuse for their shitty purebred cats and lied about allergies.

No. 619093

Tbf it's possible to build up some tolerance

No. 619097

you’d look terrified like Louise too if you had to hang out with Jill all the time

No. 619107

Ogod so cute. Yes Louise does look constantly terrified.

No. 619130

tbh jill getting a fucking kitten from a rescue isn't that huge of an achievement. if she really gave a fuck about that stuff she would get a cute senior kitty.

No. 619160

But older cats aren't ugu kawaii enough anon! They have to be cute adorable kittens UwU

Saged for extreme sarcasm

No. 619208

yeah but…didn't she go to that cat cafe in new york and have to leave bc allergies

No. 619209

File: 1529780596627.jpeg (111.3 KB, 750x510, DE27233B-F284-422C-854C-8D97C5…)

So apparently Louise isn’t looking forward to Jill moving away and was considering getting a dog to distract herself but ended up impulsively adopting the new kitten “a lot sooner than planned” (not gonna screenshot every single post/comment on Louise’s page but it’s all public)

It’s like she enables Jill to be housebound and in return Jill encourages her mother’s pet shopping addiction. What a beautiful codependency.

No. 619210

File: 1529780708052.jpeg (160.66 KB, 750x512, EEE5377A-CDA6-4FEA-839D-2718DE…)

So yeah they adopted the new kitten based on his black long haired coat.

No. 619230

I agree, it's not like that kitten wouldn't have been adopted. Kittens always get adopted. But let's give them some credit for not buying from a breeder, k? A shelter kitten is leagues better than supporting breeders.

No. 619301

>"it is coming way too quickly"
Not really, shes been putting it off for years

I'm guessing he's local which is better, they had to ship over the others poor cats from said breeders which is highly recommended against

No. 619311

Uggh I agree. Sure she gets a kitten, but kittens are 100% going to get adopted. Adult and senior cats are not as likely to find homes and are frequently euthanized despite being healthy.
Not to mention shelter and rescues can have purebred surrenders so there is no excuse to get from a breeder. Knowing Jill and her mom they probably didn’t even research and could have adopted from a mill. Disgusting.

No. 619323

This is one thing I can't be mad at Jill for. Good on her for getting a rescue cat and dropping the pedigree only egoism.

No. 619420

Not to mention it wasn’t just “oh we’d like to rescue a cat!”, it was mommy pixie wanting a black longhair and there just happened to be a kitten matching that description at the right time
I can guarantee that if she’d waited a month or so and there was no matching rescue cat, she’d just have gone and got another designer inbred

No. 619510

>I can guarantee that if she’d waited a month or so and there was no matching rescue cat, she’d just have gone and got another designer inbred

For sure. She literally said she was looking at getting another Maine Coon but then a shelter cat with her preferred cosmetic traits popped up.

This is a case of someone accidentally doing something good (and now probably trying to reap brownie points for it).

No. 619727

jill basically said her friend (informant) told her the kitten was there. she'd def have gone for a pure breed if not for that. also it's for her mom, so that means she's keeping all the fucking expensive cats for herself.

No. 620078

File: 1529864950605.png (76.17 KB, 720x322, 20180624_192945.png)

No. 620088

aka i got a new boyfriend

No. 620090

File: 1529865872373.png (843.89 KB, 640x1136, FD6E865D-112A-4029-8410-465FD0…)

But has a lot of time to drink and go out to bars with friends. (The second video in Maggie’s IG Story they are at a bar and she is saying something about Jill-O being somewhere in the distance.)

No. 620103

I know the image quality isn't the best but my god jill looks haggard

No. 620104

I’m honestly interested to see if her drinking will get worse once she moves.

No. 620105

Does not help that her friends look younger than her too.
This is the third IG story of Maggie’s that I have seen that she posts about hanging our with Jillian. Kinda desperate if you ask me.
Yes! Jill-O does look superbad in this one.

No. 620113

Holy shit it took me a second to realize that's her, WHAT. She legit looks like an ogre.

No. 620115

Yeah I didn't even realize either till I saw her tattoo lol

No. 620148

I don't think she looks THAT unfortunate here, but the glasses, hairdo and her face overall make her look like a granny. That hair + glasses combination ages her by a few decades at least, which is sad considering she's barely in her 20's.

No. 620176

What's this nonsense she's talking about in regards to Lor?

No. 620200

jfc, Louise is exactly the same person as jill: Co-dependant and pitiful

No. 620269

Funny how she needs a break until after the con which is next week form her "totally a real job!!" but goes out partying with Maggie and co
Not that it's any news she doesn't take her YouTube ""job"" seriously and is more than happy to snatch money out of the hands of her autistic following via Patreon instead

Also who wants to bet her Pripara cosplay won't be finished kek

No. 620314

She hasn't made a progress post since 23rd April I totally forgot about the cosplay lmao.
Definitely not getting done properly on time.

No. 620329

Theyre going to forget this cat exists in a few weeks when its out of its kitten stage. Of course they wouldnt adopt an adult cat because its not kawaii-uguu

They also went to a cat cafe in JP, I don't think her mom has allergies. It was just a lie to get people off Jill's back about purebreds.

No. 620499

How am i not surprised these selfless cunts didn't adopt an adult cat?

No. 620806

File: 1529918346025.jpeg (39.12 KB, 600x450, 543426A4-654C-4B16-8E04-2F2C60…)

The only thing I keep wondering is who’s job it is to clean the litter box(es), one cat is enough work already. I can’t imagine having to clean after 5/6 big pedigree cats.
I don’t think the new longhair one is a regular cat, looks like a long hair persian mix.

No. 620940


I bet no one takes the time to brush them often and they probably wait a week to finally clean the littler box.
Do they have more than one littler box for all those cats? I don’t watch Jill enough to know her cat care routine, but im guessing they only have one piss filled box that smells up the entire area.
Jill’s a slob who can’t take care of her clothes, there’s no way she puts more care into her cats. This is including her mom. Cause we know her and her daughter are the same.

No. 621032

Wouldn't be surprised if the Dad is the residental slave there for "icky" stuff like litterboxes tbh.

No. 621159

This is about Animaritime, right? I just checked and the con is this weekend, does she plan on not uploading videos for the entire week then?
Also someone please correct me if I'm wrong but didn't she first start 'working' on her cosplay about… 8 months ago or something? And she doesn't have a job or goes to school, wtf does she even do all the time.

No. 621217

File: 1529954397803.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_2018-06-25-12-07-00…)

No. 621223

>"Lesbian and Sapphic Memes"
kill me

No. 621280

Just wondering, would it be considered cow tipping/inappropriate to get some photos of her while she's at the con this weekend? I'm attending and I'm sure she'll never show how horrid her cosplay actually is, so if possible I'd like to try and get photos in passing that truly show it to share.

No. 621329

If you can be discrete then go ahead

No. 621352

I think Jill sightings are fine. It'd be different if you were only going to take pictures of her and tell her you're posting them on lolcow

No. 621438

encounters of the confetti kind

No. 621510

She's aware of her lack of color coordination? I couldn't tell.

No. 621512


Yes please!

No. 621515

Cowtipping is when you direct someone to lolcow. If you just ask for some photos and stay anonymous it should be fine.

No. 621617

random encounter photos seem to be fine. Ive seen them happen in all sorts of threads across the site. Such as Momo

No. 621739

She mentioned before that she is fine with looking like a clown because she just wants to draw as much attention as possible or something, I think she's just so afraid of being 'boring'/people not noticing her that she overcompensates with awful neon colors; no matter if it looks good or not.

No. 621777

File: 1530006506348.jpeg (607.62 KB, 640x1122, 5C898F86-C686-4638-A29C-7108F1…)

Obviously also going.

No. 621778

jesus she looks repulsive

No. 621793

didnt jill used to have those EXACT same fake nails? or like very similar concept?

No. 621795

the pastel rainbow? Yeah. Skin walker level 1000

No. 621796

File: 1530010335813.jpg (55.23 KB, 556x560, nails.JPG)


Jill had very similar nails, that's why I was so confused at first because I thought it was Jill's hand.

>pic from last year February before she went to japan

No. 621797

That hideous stupid face pose she keeps doing. All it does is push her fat out more. How did that thing get laid by Jill's current boytoy.

No. 621821

File: 1530012468246.png (682.54 KB, 827x769, Screenshot (18).png)

those are pretty similar, but i was actually thinking of these

No. 621823

File: 1530012549007.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, 882E24A3-D649-43C7-958E-2B3AFB…)

yep, nearly the same.

No. 621830

What’s with the whole “magical girl” crap?
I mean, literally, ugh!
Has a vomit explosion in mouth. Not even childish… because I’ve seen way more grownup kids.

No. 621836

lmao calm down, this entire board originated from /cgl/ so the magical girl concept isn't new around here.

No. 621855

she needs to figure out a better way to hide the double chin

No. 621863

it's just funny that lazy, gross, obnoxious, pathetic slobs like Jill and Maggie cling onto the whole ~strong, kind, beautiful uwu~ magical girl crap so much
like they're pretty much the polar opposite of animu mahou shoujos lol do they not realize?

No. 621971


Jill gets her nails done by that crazy Papercakes Pretty woman who used to be her boss and seemingly can't do acrylics for shit, so I wouldn't be surprised if Maggie gets her nails done by the same woman since she wants to skinwalk Jill so badly.

No. 621996

OT but I was scrolling through Jill's old videos and couldn't help but notice that she NEVER gives back to her autist viewers though give aways or something of the sort like most YouTubers do. Kek What a cheap self serving bitch. Amazing how many people actually waste their time giving this cunt views and money. Mind blowing even.

Maggie is just as much of a skinwalker as Jill is. They look like goblins and I am pretty damn sure Stephan has shit taste in women.

No. 621999

Yeah I think a while ago she got a duplicate of an anime figure or something and she was all like "I guess I can keep this for my Christmas giveaway uwu" but like bitch… That's still 6+ months away.
Why not do a giveaway to celebrate 200.000 subs?? Or just do a random one? Someone like her could even do a monthly one or some shit.
She always goes on about how much she loves shopping for others but she clearly can't get anything for her viewers that isn't just a duplicate she has lying around or some cheap Claire's shit.

No. 622000

File: 1530027082406.jpeg (298.6 KB, 1090x1037, E0C57434-83BA-44E9-9DA7-C2DAFE…)

Was actually looking for some Tearzah shit when I came across this fan art. They got the size accurate lol

No. 622046

Holy shit Jill would FLIP if she saw someone representing her as her true size. This person has no chance of being featured confetti club member

No. 622050

Which is sad bc even though it's not great art it's miles above what usually gets featured.

No. 622080

A confetti blimp! It's Jill to a T.

No. 622086

That's a shame because this is actually cute compared to most fan art of her, too bad she's insecure about that.

No. 622089

I can't imagine being so stressed from just…existing and going out for fun? What a rough life, the poor lamb…

No. 622096

"Im so depressed… and wait a night out? Sounds good!"

No. 622098

File: 1530037907138.png (95.67 KB, 604x614, 8734892.png)

Are you guys excited for Jill's future ~kawaii magical girl pastel retro vintage~ kitchen hauls yet?

No. 622099

Lmao no. Jill. That’s not what it’s like to be an adult. Being an adult is paying your food, rent, and other bills THEN maybe buying ugly color block furniture for your womanchild abode.

No. 622120

This art is well done but to be honest I think they made Jill look even bigger than she is. She's getting chubby but this is FAT. I know her usual fanart isn't accurate either but I'd be insulted if someone drew me entire sizes bigger too.

No. 622126

File: 1530038878835.jpg (395.23 KB, 1080x1344, 20180626_154253.jpg)

In case anyone's wondering bitch is still as delusional as ever

No. 622127

>>622126 there's no way Jill is paying for that townhouse without Louise contributing in some way

No. 622129

Bitch can't even regularly upload vids when she has literally nothing else going on, how tf will she deal with all the 'stress' of also having to attend classes and taking care of household shit?
I feel like things will start going downhill for her soon, I means she's been unable to finish 1 cosplay within like half a year because she's too busy going out drinking with her weirdo friends lol.

No. 622137

Louise probably co-signed on the lease, seeing as Jill had no previous rental references and no credit history. 20-year-olds with nothing to show for themselves don't just rent houses without family co-signing.

So no matter what Louise would be legally required to pay up if Jill doesn't pay her rent on time.

No. 622138

Smeg is really expensive it's like $200 for a pastel coloured toaster… lol

No. 622156


never heard of this brand but since when does Jill care how much some aesthetic fitting toaster costs? Even when this shit was like 500$ she would still throw her money on that without hesitation lmao


So she is moving next month or in August? Either way, I can't wait for this train wreck of fashion school to happen. I put my bets on dropping her out withing the first months because it wasn't what she was looking for.

No. 622160

Great another Kelly Eden wannabe with this colorful kitchen shit.

No. 622161

She's already miffed about doing a foundation year in visual arts so I'd be surprised if she even starts, let alone finishes the fashion program.

No. 622167

She's just gonna say she was lied to and it wasn't about creativity at all!!11!!!

No. 622174


It really shows how disconnected she is from reality when she thinks liking furniture = I must be an adult

No. 622208

man it would be so great to witness her finally realize that she needs to be careful with money or else she won't make rent and food, but like, jilly will never have to have that experience and she will never have to mature in that way

No. 622221

File: 1530044755796.png (936.7 KB, 720x907, 20180626_212611.png)

No. 622223

PSA: Scrunchies are not bracelets.

No. 622226

weird nitpick

No. 622230

oh no poor baby had to get her nails done for her cosplay :(((
of course she's too busy to post videos when she has important stuff like that to do!

No. 622274

God her nails tick me off. The colors are cute. Nothing wrong with that. Why are the a fucking inch thick?
It looks so bad.

No. 622377

File: 1530054994697.png (659.37 KB, 720x717, 20180627_001653.png)

They're awful

No. 622395

They look gross / dirty / painful wth. Now just imagine how much worse they are under the nails, I bet Jill never cleans them

No. 622434


Or maybe she just got some damn allergy medication??? like for real, people complain about being allergic to cats but it's like… one of the less severe allergies and usually most people who take meds don't have a reaction to cats at all.

No. 622459

basically everyone wears them as a bracelet, where have you been for 30 years, anon? get over it.

No. 622460

i legit do my nails at home and know how to do them better than that bitch.

No. 622461


Seriously. You can also grow out of cat allergies- I was hideously allergic as a teenager, but outgrew them in about two months after getting my cat. I've heard this is common.

Saged for blogging.

No. 622466

this. my friend had cat allergies all his life and he doesn't anymore and now has a cat.

No. 622564

What great aspirations you have Jill! Kek At 19 I was a sophomore in college full time living with roommates and a job. Poor fool is so out of touch with reality. Who actually has such low standards for their accomplishments that they settle for something so trivial and unstable like YouTube for a career?
Jill is going to drown in her arts and craps daycare for middle aged people. Kek

No. 622598

What happened to being so broke that she needed to start a Patreon because of all the YT demonetization?

No. 622605

IKR! She's such a sketch scammer and total scrounge for money. Her autistic following must be brain dead to even think she needs financial backing of any kind.

No. 622609

Damn that looks like a cheap dildo from Taiwan.kek

No. 622693

But she has complained her way out of a non pedigree cat cafe not so long ago claiming allergies, the whole hypoallergenic cat thing was bull from the start as well, the story is inconsistent, she lives with multiple cats that she should be allergic to from the start but she wasn't? sure she could build up immunity but then why all of a sudden would pleb cats in the cat cafe effect her and her magic expensive cats were fine all along

No. 622699

Yeah I mean it's pretty clear that their cats are only 'status symbols'/fashion accessories for them.
They picked all their cats solely on what breed they were/how they looked, and even then they bought them all directly from breeders and had them shipped out.
You can absolutely find purebred cats at animal shelters, but I guess that wasn't good enough for them before? Even now they act like getting a shelter cat was such an amazing act even though it just coincidentally happened and it should be the norm anyway.

I mean they seem to treat their cats well and love them, but it seems like the reason for that is that they're all expensive purebreds… I don't think Jill and Louise would ever get this excited about a domestic short hair/elderly/disabled cat…

No. 622770


Her real dildos are in her drawer, to paraphrase Jill, and I bet they're just as rainbow coloured and unwashed as she is.

What a kawaii family friendly YouTuber!!

No. 622808

Fucking hideous. I hate when otherwise okay looking girls make stupid ass faces and think it looks cute or endearing or whatever. It looks gross, I hate this social media trend.

No. 623094

File: 1530139830386.jpg (56.78 KB, 660x960, 36137365_1844678432249610_2049…)

so much photoshop

No. 623097

File: 1530140472682.gif (705.52 KB, 360x244, mye.gif)

Holy fuck, that photoshop! I could barely look at it for a few seconds before I started getting a head ache! You can't even see the costume!

No. 623098

Did she photoshop the star on her chest on?

No. 623102

the second I saw how smooth her face was my mind instantly went to ps. she had to have ps'd, she doesn't clean her face enough to have such smooth skin.

No. 623103

Despite all the photoshop, the lines around her mouth still look like a ventriloquist's dummy

No. 623112

File: 1530141482325.png (72.18 KB, 720x463, 20180628_001818.png)

>>623094 most of the comments are about jill not looking like herself kek

No. 623118

File: 1530142139624.jpeg (266.25 KB, 1264x1264, FDCABC79-1768-4901-AF02-24BE6D…)

No. 623123

lmao is the star on her bow ps'd in? It's not high res enough for me to see.

No. 623126

Dear Lord the proportions are totally wrong, why isn't she using a petti under it?

No. 623131

File: 1530143503618.jpeg (20.02 KB, 286x243, 1530142139624.jpeg)

That star clinging for dear life

No. 623136

i don't get why people post pics of themselves photoshopped so severely that they don't look anything close to how they really look. like her face is totally unrecognizable.

No. 623139

how do you fail so bad when your source material literally shows you exactly how it should look. the skirt is too long and too flat and the hair doesn't look like she tried at all. she deserves to waste money at an arts and crafts school.

No. 623140

File: 1530144363638.png (270.15 KB, 639x679, stop.png)

What a sad, sad, deflated skirt

No. 623146


"you dont look like yourself, you look great" kek

No. 623148

Didn't she used to be a lolita? She knows petticoats exist. This has slightly better proportions than her last cure cosplay, but that's not saying a lot. I don't even want to imagine how it looks up close without ps.

No. 623154

it looks so fucking bad.

No. 623162

Is she that totally unaware that her character's costume has a skirt with lots of volume which requires petticoats and knowing how to cut the proper silhouette for the skirt to achieve such a bell shape. It looks so poorly constructed and half hazard.

No. 623166

File: 1530147357963.jpeg (309.15 KB, 1382x2000, 63737253-7031-4B24-BF14-7EBAC8…)

No. 623168

File: 1530147565637.jpg (29.44 KB, 640x368, uc.jpg)

That top layer just looks like a sad used condom

She's also sloppy as hell, how do you not notice mid photoshop that parts of your costumes are falling off? Eugh.

No. 623179

Why does the star in the middle of the big ribbon look photoshopped in?
The skirts's shape is really unflattering too

However that kind of makeup looks so much better on her, along with the long hair

No. 623186


I'm completely out of food money until the 3rd but she can buy fruniture for a townhouse, spend 100$ at Sephora, and owns a decked out pink car???? How is someone this entitled? Her fans have made her into a poor college student when she will never know what it is like to truly struggle on nothing but Peeps and ramen minus the shopping sprees. It must be so hard when you're a "broke" student playing Barbie dollhouse all day.

No. 623201

I know I’m late but the way part of it blends into the background made me 100% think this was a rabbit
Her wand choice is getting more and more NSFW appearing

No. 623202

When did she say this?

No. 623204


It irks me so much that she added a ruffle to the bottom of the skirt when in the character's design it's clearly meant to be a petticoat. She did this in her Cure Whip cosplay too and there's no way she doesn't realise it's meant to be a petticoat, she's just lazy.

You'd think a girl who's had a rockabilly phase and a lolita phase would understand the importance of wearing something under your circle skirt to give it volume.

I know everyone else is echoing the same sentiments ITT but maaaan why does she keep doing this

No. 623207


She mentioned it on a stream a few threads back when someone said her wands look like dildos: >>537356

No. 623211

Oh god imagine admitting that to your fans. Many of they may have been underage.

No. 623215

She’s made herself look a hell of a lot like the taller one in their cosplay group, interesting

No. 623236

I can see she didn’t add the lights that she spent over $100 on, which is definitely because she couldn’t figure out how to work them. I’ve used those kinds of lights before and they require some very basic programming knowledge. I mean extremely basic, and the website has a step-by-step walkthrough, but looking at how haphazard this costume looks when it took her over half a year to make, it’s obvious she was either too lazy or too stupid to figure it out.

No. 623241

Nitpick time! Although I think most of these aren’t nitpicks but pretty glaring mistakes.
>sleeves are the wrong shape, they’re way too long and don’t flare out the way they should
>skirt is entirely the wrong shape, not nearly full enough, and needs to be much shorter.
>the ruffle on the bottom of the skirt should be a lining/underlayer, as a precious anon mentioned
>you can see where the paint on the skirt stops, and there’s about 1cm of sloppy white space before the ruffle starts
>skirt hem is insanely uneven. Look how much longer it is in the front than the sides
>horribly cut wig bangs

I’ll hand it to her that she did a decent job on the shoes, and aside from the bangs her wig is okay. The top is mostly well done except for the sleeves. I just can’t get over how awful that skirt is.

No. 623247

the plastic like fabric she used on the skirt is absolutely horrible and it doesn't even look like the one in the anime… also it needs a lot more stars, jill why are you so lazy

No. 623257

I disagree with the 'wig looks okay" statement. Her pigtails looks matted instead of like ringlets. And they make the already thin cheap base wig look that much thinner.

No. 623269

File: 1530155489831.jpg (107.09 KB, 720x733, 757c06fbff687f5d6564ac1ef3dc7c…)

Disagree on the top, look at the sailor collar back, its practically standing up on its own. And her fabric choices make it look like something you could get for $35 at Party City. Compared to this cosplay, Jill completely fucked this one up, I cannot believe this took up half a year and for nothing.

No. 623271

I can't believe she thought she should be able to skip the foundation year at her college lmao.

No. 623287

File: 1530157486010.jpg (188.52 KB, 1440x1814, IMG_20180627_204445.jpg)

>thinking about fried food so much that you accidentally Photoshop your arm to look like a fucking drumstick

No. 623291

File: 1530157655368.jpg (66.97 KB, 541x448, aaa.jpg)


Now that I look at her Cure Whip cosplay again, she actually did use a petticoat for that one. Oops

Anyway looking back at her notes for the cosplay, she even wrote "2nd skirt to go under" so I guess our super talented fashion designer just decided to cut corners, more at 11

No. 623306

File: 1530158982863.png (1.73 MB, 1007x1600, tumblr_nhmwf4JyQ11qfdplwo5_128…)

I don't think it looks bad at all for a hobby cosplay but I do agree she could have made the skirt shorter and given it volume with a wire frame. But compare her lolita and rockabilly days holy cow, when I saw these photos nothing she dresses in now looks any good.

No. 623316

File: 1530159562977.png (1.87 MB, 1059x1600, winterhimekaji coord 1 (1).png)

An cohesive look and her hair is very nice

No. 623326

I think the thing that bothers me the most about her cosplay is she doesn’t understand how to translate a flat, 2-D design into a three dimensional costume. She didn’t take into account fabric, or structure, or the way you have to basically redesign the original image into something that will look good in person.

She slapped down a copy of the animu dress and cut corners with it. She made glaringly obvious mistakes and didn’t take into account how a cartoon would translate into real life. It shows that she doesn’t have the innate ability to be a great designer, and she obviously doesn’t have the humility to learn.

No. 623344

How did she manage to get the overall shape of this dress this wrong? I can understand her missing minor details, but the dress is supposed to be mid-thigh, and very fluffed out. The top is more fitted with a pinched in waist and winged short sleeves? What's up with the collar too, why does it look more like a cape than anything? And the ruffle detail that stops abruptly at her ankle?

It's not the worst thing I've ever seen, but it does look halfassed and sloppy.

No. 623352

Is it fair to say that she also doesn't pick characters that would flatter her? When you cosplay you have to take into consideration all aspects of the character, not just do it because you like the design.

No. 623354

Anon Jill would shove her fat ass into a child's dress if was aesthetic enough. She concerns herself not with fit.

No. 623356

IMO it's especially egregious because 1. she considers herself a ~designer~, and 2. she was a fucking lolita?? Like, that alone should mean you have the basic fucking knowledge to differentiate an A-line from a cupcake silhouette…

No. 623396

The wings on the shoes are floppy as hell

No. 623401

It is. The lighting on it is totally different from every other star in the picture.

No. 623402

lmao this looks awful
those crusty twintails, that photoshopped star, the oversized trashbag skirt…
the proportions of the outfit make her look like an actual midget or something, such a kawaii idol uwu

also didn't she say before that she spent a lot of money on LEDs for this costume? looks like she didn't include them after all

No. 623404

The weird thing is that she has a picture of the lights in use on her cosplay page, but I guess she couldn't figure out how to attach them to her skirt.

No. 623405

File: 1530174019449.png (3.62 MB, 1280x1917, tumblr_nqgx261seT1qfdplwo1_128…)

I guess that just confirms that she rushed/scrambled together this cosplay in the past few days, despite starting on it a long time ago

I really don't get it, she had so much free time to create an amazing cosplay, it would've been good practice for her - but instead it turned into some rush job?

her Cure Flora cosplay was I think her first proper (?) yet best cosplay, wtf happened?

No. 623420

File: 1530177128926.jpeg (451.95 KB, 640x853, 0F2670B4-C759-490C-A3C3-CE3B9D…)

Even cosplays that suck. :p

No. 623423

In comparison this one looks so much better. It's actually fitted to her body too, whereas >>623118 is weirdly massive on her.

No. 623425

I really wanted to think she'd do better on this cosplay after the travesty that was Cure Whip but goddammit all that hope went out the window fast.

I was just about to add that, how the fuck does she plan to make it anywhere in fashion if she can't even follow her own instructions for the outfit??

No. 623431

Its better than I expected from her progress pictures but she made the skirt hang too low, she needed it shorter but fuller.

No. 623433

Her Yui cosplay is so bad it's painful to look at. I honestly can't believe this took her what 6 whole months to make? You can't work that slow in fashion school, they expect you to present full 3 piece collections including all the design work, research and presentation boards within a month.

No. 623472

I'm a novice at sewing and none of the pieces of actual clothing seem to be that difficult? There's a lot of colours and overlays with details but that's more of an accessory issue surely?

I can't phantom how bad it looks for all the work she had done. Even if it was a last second attempt, there's no rational explanation for the choices she made.

If this is this bad, I wonder how the other girls work is going to be. I hope theirs will shine like PT in comparison to Jill's. (Admittedly that is going to be easy).

No. 623485

um no she is no longer chubby and actually FAT
this is p accurate tbh

No. 623490

I forgot how many anachans are on this site. If you think Jill is as big as that drawing I'm worried for you.

No. 623497

My tinfoil is she made less than 50% of that costume and that a friend/local seamstress did most of the work for her. Comparing this and her doreimi to cure whip, the birthday dress, and now the pripara cosplay doesn't match up.

No. 623536

File: 1530195842509.png (1.1 MB, 1136x640, A27AC902-0F66-4FAB-9BB6-99FF61…)

Nayrt, but that art is definitely accurate. Don’t let the angles and photoshop fool you.

No. 623547

Jill is chubby and bordering on fat but that art looks more like Tess Holiday fanart.

No. 623557

If you think Jill isn't as big as that drawing, I'm worried for you.

I don't think people realise exactly how big she's gotten. She's literally fat. But then again, I'm European and used to seeing normal sized people so there ya go.

No. 623577

I'm no seamstress, but her fabric choices repeatedly confuse me. She just has to put some weird plastic-looking shiny fabrics in places where some ordinary fabric would do just fine, like the sock ruffles or the white lining on the scallops of the skirt and sleeves or all of the purple bows.
She has done with all of her newer cosplays and that's probably why they look so shit (aside from her being lazy, sloppy and bad at sewing), all of her attention is going to unnecessary sparkly details and not making the actual garment look decent.

No. 623584

Sorry but what does being overweight have anything to do with her character/lolcow status and what she is doing? You'd never call someone fat to their face would you? Some of you may be fat as well.(no1curr)

No. 623587

It has a lot to do with her character, as it shows how lazy and gluttonous she has gotten. She's really let herself go compared to her lolita days. Also, yes, I would call someone fat if we were talking about weight, there's no need to sugarcoat

No. 623589

I suspect this as well. I don’t understand how she can go to doing an okay sewing job on her princess precure cosplay, to the mess of her birthday dress, to this. The inaccuracy and poor fit would also explain it, if it was given to a local seamstress because they wouldn’t understand a cosplay needs to be perfect and it isn’t “just a Costume”.

I honestly don’t know how she expects to get into fashion design like this. She can’t even properly follow what’s on paper without taking shortcuts. Sad thing is, with animaritime being so small and most of it’s better cosplayers skipping it after what happened last two years, she will likely win the masquerade.

No. 623590

She had an ED? I just don't see why anyone should be criticied because of their weight. It's rude. Really not trying to whitenight but seriously?

No. 623593

>>623590 her diet consists of peeps tea and take out. this is why she's being criticised. she's a greasy basement dweller who does no exercise and exists on sugar. it's disgusting and should be criticised.

No. 623603


How much do you weigh? I'm guessing about 300lbs

No. 623658

File: 1530211074810.png (2.03 MB, 1524x1280, analysis.png)

excuse my autism but i went through and listed everything i could see that was wrong or inaccurate with the cosplay, for anyone who can't be bothered to do it themselves/doesn't have a good eye for detail. what a list… i tried to only leave in major things & things that could've easily been fixed and not nitpick things like slight color differences or minor fabric choice mistakes.

No. 623659

File: 1530211430835.jpeg (272.77 KB, 750x666, 29D6F855-EB74-4E3E-8E89-A55935…)

No. 623661

Thank you anon, I really appreciate this actually.
I'm tired of Jill getting away with her half-assed shit just because it looks somewhat flashy. I almost feel like she's picking such clusterfuck-y designs now because she feels like she can get away with her laziness easier there.

No. 623663

File: 1530212165252.jpeg (355.39 KB, 750x1188, 263D50AE-4D05-4DED-9EE4-1AFFCE…)

I don’t know why this fan art of Jill is making me laugh

No. 623665

I thought that was Emilia Fart for a hot second.

Except Emilia fart is actually great.

No. 623677

Her supposed ED, but I guess you could say she does have an eating disorder now — overeating.
And it’s said time and time again that her weight is mentioned and talkedo about because of her diet, how she is in denial that her clothes just don’t fit her because she’s getting bigger, and how she photoshops her double chin, etc

No. 623691

I wonder what kind of self-created drama she got into this time.

No. 623702

The lack of an adequate amount of stars on the overskirt is obviously our lazy Jill deciding to not make more after realizing she didn't have enough. That or she didn't have enough time to make more.

No. 623747


Thanks, anon, this is great.
I feel like a lot of these errors are definitely laziness, especially not wearing a petticoat, the lack of beads on the shoes' bows when she remembered them for the bow at the chest, and getting the order of the fucking bows at the pigtails wrong of all things oh my god

I don't think anybody expects her to be on the level of a professional cosplayer, or even a very skilled one, but she's had half a year and a ton of money to make this costume and it still looks rushed and half-assed.

Her level of attention to detail is awful, her colour accuracy is Momokun level and as >>623577 mentioned, she's made some really weird fabric choices. These things are not the makings of a good fashion designer.

No. 623753

File: 1530219229263.png (69.8 KB, 720x444, 20180628_215423.png)

Still trying to look gay to her fans

No. 623776

I wonder if she's gotten wasted at that rapist's party again this year.

No. 623792

File: 1530222910370.png (1.2 MB, 1090x1037, leg change.png)

The size is accurate, I think the artist just forgot to finish the back leg or drew it at a weird angle which didn't work with the lineless style. I made a minor edit.

No. 623805

Who's a rapist at animaritime?

No. 623821

File: 1530224801055.gif (2.07 MB, 500x281, karen.gif)

How I imagine she got the bows wrong

No. 623829

The fact that she made ONE skirt instead of a clear overlay drives me nuts. How can she claim this took 6 months when it looks like it was pumped out in two weeks?

No. 624152

File: 1530257003178.png (826.58 KB, 720x1024, 20180629_002106.png)

No. 624154

thats awful and it looks like maggie kek

No. 624218

Are there any photos of the other two?

No. 624223

Oh, because If you start something 6 months ago, forget about for weeks and then finish it all in one day then texhnically it took you 6 months!

No. 624233

It's 10 am in NB so the con hasn't even started yet but i'm sure we'll have plenty later on.

No. 624247

Wait, what rapist?

No. 624299


Nayrt but I think they're talking about this post: >>618005
Except it supposedly happened on New Year's Eve, not Animaritime, and is almost definitely bullshit.

No. 624312

I don't know the details but I do remember anons claiming there was controversy at animaritime last year because Jill and her cosplay group went to a party with a dude who's well known to drink with underage girls and has possible sexual assault allegations? If i remember correctly at least one of Jill's friends was underage last year.

No. 624341

So I just watched her “crying in my car” vlog. It was clickbait which is really irritating. Also she is the last person on the planet that should be giving advice! It’s actual crap advice coming from someone who has had zero life experience. She has accomplished nothing. I’m sorry if I’m being harsh but I think it’s ridiculous that she has young-impressionable followers. Saying “take your time do things at your own pace.” This statement could only come from a snowflake. Life just doesn’t wait for you. Life goes on. As a college graduate with anxiety I cringe. Because the best thing I did was just go for it.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 624346

I think the guy might’ve been Nathan? And yes tracey was underage. Those are just rumours though. He’s not rapist, I’m not sure where that rumour came from.

No. 624354

I don't know the origins but I did see rumors about his sexual assault allegations on /cgl/

He's a local celebrity (always guesting at cons) so not surprised Jill would be trying to get in on his circle, regardless of the rumors being true or not

No. 624405

Wow next thread picture please

Is Jill actually pretending to be retarded? Or is she becoming mentally ill? Can't believe she was a little less insane when she was younger

Someone tell me their theories

No. 624624

I think she’s just lazy ?

No. 624692

Im surprised no pix have surfaced of the beloved moon mist girls' cosplays yet. Maybe there was so much stress that they didnt even wear then today? Kek

No. 624828

I'm more surprised there's been nothing regarding today at all from any of them or their friends. I think they're waiting until tomorrow for the Pripara cosplay, someone I'm friends with is cosplaying Pripara as well tomorrow.
I also wonder if there's tension between Wendy and Jillian since they will both be at con and it's not a big convention space kek

No. 624883

She literally use to brag about having a 20 inch waist like it meant something and made her better than others. Hell lolcow lets mods add that shit in an icon to posts about girls bragging about how “smol” they are. So she deserves every nitpick about her weight imo

No. 624902


I wouldn't be surprised at all if Jill bragged about her waist back in her not-fat days, but the little banner mods use for anons blogging about their weight comes from 32 inch waist chan, the girl who kept sperging about how she had a 32 inch waist and kept comparing her waist to Pixyteri's.

No. 624905

Nothing good until Sat/Sun I guess
>The Animaritime Masquerade will be taking place on Saturday, June 30, 2018
>The Masquerade award ceremony will be on Sunday July 1, 2018.

Remember last year how Jill forgot her car keys in a bathroom somewhere and complained about having to walk back 10 minutes to get them

No. 624951

They were in casual clothes today that’s why. Jill’s always been too lazy to wear cosplay all 3 days. She only does it on saturdays except once I think I remember seeing her cosplay with a guy (Colin?) in the artists alley.

No. 624983

I know two people he's assaulted. I also know people who have had other shitty experiences with him because he's a manipulative, whiny asshole.

No. 625040

File: 1530327199931.jpeg (222.08 KB, 960x720, 4C34BF99-B052-4A80-80F3-7D3B7C…)

J fash meet but no jillybean… you’d think she would’ve gone but then again wasn’t she late to her confetti club meet last year

No. 625064

The worst thing about this imo is them just throwing their bags on the ground with no fucks given. It's no wonder everyone looks so grimy all the time similarly to Jill if that's how they treat their stuff.

No. 625087

Tracey is there. I don't see Wendy or Jenny either. Maybe they avoided it because of that, or just being "too cool" for it. Isn't Maggie also going to Animaritime this year? I still wonder what happened to Kenzie.

No. 625091

Jill and friends are probably off getting drunk at bars/in the club somewhere

No. 625119

I saw Jill in the karaoke event, as per usual she was being petty. She was extremely rude to this one girl who sang yelling things like "you go bitch" despite the fact this girl only seemed to be maybe 14 at most. I think the funniest thing was her terrible singing and lack of respect for others singing. She was taking selfies and scrolling through instagram as well and half the time couldn't even be bothered to clap. She's honestly pathetic.

No. 625120

A kawaii leader only when it benefits her. RIP to all her Japanese brand items rotting because it's clear she only cares about being a Lazy Oaf clown.

No. 625121

Anyone here attending Animaritimes want to meet up?

No. 625127

File: 1530334410935.jpeg (677.61 KB, 750x1031, FC1D4458-DA46-4B6F-ADF3-E3FE39…)

No. 625129

Would there even be a way to do it tho? Surely Jill stalks this place and would just report to staff that her “bullies” are meeting at x location

No. 625135

She looks like their wack ass chaperone mom dear god
At least iron your clothes Jill…

No. 625153

She's starting to remind me of Luna.

No. 625161


I can't believe she couldn't even wash her hair or iron her clothes for this con she's so excited about.
You'd think a young woman who buys so much makeup and clothes would look after her appearance at least a bit, but she looks like she's just given up.

No. 625201

must feel bad to be the ugly one of the group

No. 625260

honestly that dress is so unflattering. her hips look ready to split it right down the sides. so much for that "weight loss".

No. 625276

File: 1530340454729.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, A0FB18B1-1CA4-4D21-A05A-D61D50…)

No. 625284

File: 1530340682351.jpeg (205.45 KB, 640x633, BB79659D-4FB7-4A93-9B0E-9FDFDA…)

She could use this talk…

No. 625307

Jill did brag about her "20 in waist." It comes from her lolita days from her rant video.

No. 625339


Sage for ot but what fashion are the plain non-lolita pastel girls? Larme?

No. 625355

What a fucking dumpster fire. Why do the americas have the ugliest and poorly dressed fucking weebs.

No. 625374

No thanks, Jill. I don't want to be part of your video "Confronting My Haters at an Anime Convention."

No. 625383

File: 1530357410095.jpeg (197.72 KB, 750x1074, 0BFA7662-0F8B-44AF-BC26-F8C37F…)

No. 625391

File: 1530358107898.jpg (72.41 KB, 649x439, pripara2.jpg)

Wait, I'm confused.
I was just trying to look up the other characters/outfits that Jill's friends would be cosplaying, but I only ever find group pictures including this blonde character, and not the one Jill is cosplaying.
I assume that they're an idol group, wouldn't it have made more sense if Jill cosplayed the third character in the group then? (Since her friends are purple hair & red hair girl)

Unless I'm completely wrong, I know nothing about PriPara.

No. 625401

Jill is cosplaying as the protagonist of the new season, for whatever reason

No. 625418

It was the only character that matched her ~~ugu rainbaby aesthetic uwu~~~~

No. 625428

They're supposed to be in fairy kei I think; emphasis on supposed to. There's one girl that looks like she might be wearing larme style, the one on the left of the person with the black face mask, but it's kind of hard to tell for sure. Most of them look extremely unfortunate though, regardless of whatever style they were aiming for.

No. 625429

EW I saw her sitting down in the hotel and her cosplay is atrocious. Did she even put any effort into it??

No. 625434

They're probably in "party kei."

No. 625470

I can't believe you didnt even ask for a pic

No. 625500

Because Jill can't be a side character! she has to be the centre of attention despite the fact it doesn't make sense as a group, if you think of all her past groups it's her as the main character forcing her ugly friends to be the side characters, I don't see this group lasting at all, the other girls are better looking and their love live cosplays further up look nicer than anything Jill has done, we know from her theatre past that she throws fits about this stuff

No. 625503

File: 1530371135989.jpg (1.75 MB, 4032x1960, 20180630_120504.jpg)

That's an amazing cosplay Jill I'm so impressed you've really outdone yourself.

No. 625505

File: 1530371216709.gif (972.01 KB, 275x207, D36633BF-05ED-4BBA-99F4-414A86…)

No. 625515

File: 1530371856718.png (2.17 MB, 1708x1280, 2018-06-30 23.16.47.png)

bitch looks like mr. bean in a wig lmao

No. 625518

Lmao that's so true ↑↑

No. 625524

Maggie’s fupa lookin like it wants to fight someone
Jill’s skirt doesn’t fit her, she needs a bigger size

I hate her Cupid’s bow piercing it looks like a pimple

No. 625526

>Hair in a bun
>Probably hung over
>Take out
>Basic ass outfit ft the famous circle skirt while she has an expensive wardrobe at home
>Looking like a blob
>Less attractive skinwalker friend

Bless you and this picture anon

No. 625532

The worst part is that's the same outfit (almost exactly) as she had on yesterday during karaoke.She has a shit ton of expensive clothes but she can't be bothered to put on clean ones??

No. 625533

File: 1530372421985.jpg (105.84 KB, 720x720, 5d1b9ba4-87c1-421e-bddb-82a7f0…)

yui is the protagonist of the second pripara series and she forms a unit with lala, the purple one. i assumed jill decided to cosplay yui and then the other two were tacked on as an after-thought, but the group still makes sense in context of the show.

No. 625534

lmao holy shit maggie was looking straight into your lens and u still uploaded this

i'm dead

No. 625537

They aren't clean as they're always thrown on her floor, and she can't fit into most of them.

No. 625550

I bet that take-out box is chicken nuggies

No. 625551

Her precious nuggies

No. 625555


the skirt looks really, really tight damn.
Also no wonder that Jill is bff with maggie since she makes Jill look decent in comparison to her lol

But thanks for the pic, anon. Always here to see cows in their natural habitat. How did you notice her?



No. 625556


Great, I wasn't doubting it. I was just saying that that's not where the 32" waist banner comes from.

No. 625565

I saw her cross the street and come in and my friend (who also reads this form) snapped a pic

No. 625566

We should all go get nuggies tomorrow in honor. who cares if she shows up,public place we're allowed to be there right?

No. 625567

You're true heroes, this is hilarious

No. 625569

The safest thing you could do is organize it in a hotel room somehow so Jill couldn’t snap a photo of “who her haters are” for the staff. Though posting your room number would make it just as difficult as a task. Even if you’re on public property if Jill is able to see you and go and say “my bullied are dressed as x and y and look like this” staff WILL ban you. They’ll ban people for even the slightest offhand comments. I would love a meet but honestly it just can’t really happen.

No. 625572

File: 1530375046869.jpg (52.53 KB, 710x960, haggard.jpg)

god she looked awful yesterday

No. 625575

looks like a crazy auntie who just rolled out of bed in her nightgown and bed hair…

No. 625613

how the fuck does she wash that godawful dress she's wearing? the fabric or whatever the hell it's made out of looks cheap af and looks like it would get torn to shreds if you put it in a washing machine.

No. 625614

File: 1530377472393.png (54.2 KB, 135x257, Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 13.5…)

No. 625625

or burst into flames with just one static shock

No. 625626


>how the fuck does she wash that godawful dress she's wearing?

it's simple, she doesn't. Let's do not forget how badly stained some of her dresses and skirts were in the past so I also guess that she is one of those people who don't wash their clothes before wearing them for the first time ugh

No. 625641

That printed fabric looks so awful. And that pattern with unlicensed 'artwork' is terrible.

No. 625660

File: 1530380670145.jpeg (720.24 KB, 640x1123, E1E44A34-C3D0-4B39-9405-F6F81D…)

Woah! Does Maggie photoshop herself on her IG or something…
that candid shot the Anon at the Con took is truly scary.

No. 625664

again with that godawful sheer top ugh
not to mention that soggy cabbage hair and the RBG glasses

No. 625668

File: 1530381760837.jpeg (497.71 KB, 1242x1642, F6082331-31CE-4668-B431-FF2B41…)

No. 625670

this costume legit makes her look like >>623792

No. 625671


they always do those "silly" faces (like in her profile picture) to hide that they're ugly as fuck. it's like when people cover half their faces with hands.


i literally love that anon took the pic with maggie looking straight at her. the hero we needed. jill looks fatter than ever and that skirt is gonna pop at any second, but we've been knew.

No. 625673

Man she looks like a fucking house now but she look way better smiling naturally and not putting any stupid faces on and having a natural hair color. Give your hair a break Jill and wear wigs for christs sake, you’ll look less horrifying

No. 625684


No. 625686

Maggie's looking straight into her soul in that picture lmao, the balls of this anon

The costume making her look bigger alongside the wig and false lashes makes her look like Miss Piggy a bit. 10/10 Muppets cosplay

No. 625700

I'll be honest I didn't even notice Maggie looking at me till I posted the pic lmao

No. 625705

File: 1530384925369.png (371.45 KB, 579x820, 531bb96733c6459cc09696e65eee68…)

Once again unsurprised she's stuffing herself with cheeseburgers and milkshakes……….

No. 625706

File: 1530384938372.png (188.79 KB, 300x311, aaaaaaa.png)

She somehow reminds me a bit of Paula Dean here…

No. 625709

jesus this costume makes jill look 10x fatter. Shes already getting quite chubby but the lack of fit on the shirt and it hiding her waist, makes her look like a complete hambeast

No. 625738

The only nice thing that I can say about this is the fact that I feel like that wig color suits her far better than that wilted romaine lettuce green she's got.

No. 625749

damn she looks like she's pushing 40 here

No. 625755

File: 1530385983163.png (395.79 KB, 923x591, cosplay.png)

a great look for everyone involved

No. 625768

Are the other two’s chest stars glittery and Jill’s isn’t? Is that accurate or just poor planning? Shouldn’t all of them be the same?

No. 625780

It seems like Jill got her star as a last minute thing since she had to photoshop it before, so maybe she just got whatever she could find?
No idea why they didn't all decide to get the matching ones, especially since Jill is always going on about their ~super helpful cosplay sewing group video chats uwu~

No. 625786

File: 1530387184374.jpg (328.64 KB, 1440x2183, IMG_20180630_123113.jpg)

Looking through the Animaritime 2018 tag on IG it looks like there is a Mirei cosplayer. Not sure if she's friends with Jill and co so I doubt they'll take a pic with her.

No. 625792

I’ve never seen her hang out with Jill so I don’t think so. It seemed like a lot of people were planning to do precure / other jill fandoms this year though. Not sure if it’s from exposure or directly trying to impress her.

No. 625798


I saw that too. I think she might be >>624828 anon's friend. She probably has nothing to do with Jill

No. 625801

I think they meant Tracey and not Wendy. Saged.

No. 625824

File: 1530389210509.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4409.PNG)

you'd think that with how much money they blew on these cosplays, they'd at least get a nice primer to prevent this kind of cake face. Smh

No. 625835


What? I'm talking about the anon saying that one of their friends is also cosplaying PriPara today.

No. 625858

i genuinely did not recognize her in this picture

No. 625860

No I know I meant to reply to the initial post and not yours. Sorry for the confusion anon

No. 625884

Ah, sorry, I get it now. Thanks!!

Her makeup looks a little thick, but next to Jill's cakeface she'll practically look like some kind of makeup artist.

No. 625957

omg, I legit thought this was another cosplayer who happened to be fat doing the same character as jill. She is huuuge

No. 625970

her face looks so much cuter doing an actual natural smile
But holy shit this picture makes her look as if she's built like a fridge but I really think that's the fault of the costume Jill is not that big the costume is just THAT unflattering

No. 625976

Darts, accurate sleeves, and having the skirt sit a little lower could have saved her from looking this massive. Maybe even a better petti? Like more poof and volume might make her top half look relatively smaller? I have nothing against bigger people cosplaying, but fit is sooooo important and the key to not looking like… this.

No. 625979

so, saturday's almost over. how'd it go?

No. 625992

File: 1530405203571.jpeg (7.79 KB, 229x220, download.jpeg)

I laughed so hard anon

No. 625993

File: 1530405455095.jpeg (551.01 KB, 2400x2400, 522A4DA7-9685-45B5-A4A6-980552…)

No. 625994

File: 1530405467338.jpeg (129.89 KB, 720x960, 49E4060B-FF47-4A28-A898-B5E9AB…)

No. 625996

Why is she always at the center? The main protagonist is the one with the purple wig
She looks cute all natural though

No. 625997

File: 1530405767130.png (739.34 KB, 723x1024, Render10.png)

she should have just cosplayed mirei

No. 626000

Is she wearing sneakers??

No. 626001

Of course she's the center of attention, when is she not?

Then again, she's so big it's hard to miss her, right?

No. 626005

I just noticed that too…looks like she's wearing tennis shoes lol

No. 626013

She definitely switched out her other shoes for some white vans.

No. 626016

File: 1530408574668.jpeg (200.34 KB, 640x856, 3E8682AB-D2B9-4ACE-9D67-E29E9A…)

There’s also the other Sophie and Laala cosplayers there.

No. 626022

You just know our beloved Moo-mist girls probably saw them but didn't get a picture with them because they were too busy patting each other on the back and saying their group was much better uwu
Still funny as hell, I bet after ryears of doing precure cosplays Jill doesn't feel so special seeing another group at the same tiny con doing Pripara

No. 626033

File: 1530409752953.png (957.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4416.PNG)

I'm surprised that the other two in the group pretty much outdid pixielocks, even though shes been doing it for so many more years. Kek. I bet they didnt even spend an assload of time on their cosplays like pixie did.

No. 626035

So for those who went to the Masquerade, were they any cosplayers who did better than Jill in her category? I know there were better cosplayers at the con, but I don't know if they entered or are in her category or not. I know we all like to make fun of Jill but I think equally paying attention if the voting at the con was in her favor. Was she the best? Were the better? Will the results tomorrow reflect this?

I'm sure we all remember when she unjustly won best in show for her Precure cosplay. Wonder if the same will happen again this year.

No. 626036

I can't wait to see what Jill wears tomorrow will the iconic yellow skirt make yet another come back

Or will she actually have something clean to wear

(not to mention something that actually fits her)

No. 626065

They're in Canada..

No. 626071

Nayrt, but Canada is in North America

No. 626074

Ok, I thought you were saying that they were from the U.S.

You're an absolute legend for getting this, points for Maggie staring straight into the camera.

No. 626113

The urge to just say fuck it and say what I'm wearing tomorrow is really getting to me lol

No. 626206

File: 1530434579108.jpg (45.44 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1530434604380.jpg)

New fan pic

No. 626207

File: 1530434685109.png (34.96 KB, 697x223, 20180701_094508.png)

No. 626220

I really don't get it like… Jill knew the convention would happen, it's not like she just randomly met a fan on the street.
She hasn't even been able to upload any videos because she's just been ~soo busy~ preparing for the con, and yet she looks like a fucking mess?? Wtf has she even been up to?

No. 626221

I imagine its a combination of being hungover and lazy

No. 626241


No. 626264

File: 1530446887747.png (1.34 MB, 640x1136, EE4EE9FA-46A5-4382-8FB7-4864A0…)

Cowplay :p

No. 626265

File: 1530446925354.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, BBF1D20A-6296-4363-8B49-294DB0…)

No. 626278

Did some of the stars fall off of her dress?

No. 626283

Christ, what a mess of a costume

No. 626327

Is this supposed to be a sugar chara cosplay…?

No. 626334

File: 1530456246835.png (622.21 KB, 919x514, Amulet_Heart.png)

This is 2009 all over again

No. 626340

I saw Jill leaving the convention center, thank god she finally put on clean clothes.

No. 626372

See, the thing about Jill's costume is that, IMHO it's not even that bad, it's just that she's so frumpy she looks like a bratty 7 year old rather than a cute ~anniemay uguu~ girl. The worst part about it is (other than getting bow, bracelet order wrong and the tiny weird stars) it's ill fitting and just doesn't match her. I saw her from behind, and when you don't see her face and if she wasn't so goddamn oddly shaped, it'd actually be an adorable cosplay. But her brick shape and grandma face really ruins the young, cute look.

No. 626381


>when you want to skin jill vessey and somehow managed to become friends with her but she starts talking about how she's gonna cosplay some bs anime girl thing so now you have to cosplay some dumb anime girl too for jill's approval but you can't sew for shit so you just kinda wing it

No. 626412

File: 1530464527406.png (789.45 KB, 720x1189, 20180701_180128.png)

When cows collide

No. 626423

File: 1530465014685.jpeg (458.69 KB, 750x1025, C822E2C5-924C-49E6-B307-FE1FB6…)

No. 626429

What a fucking mistake lmao, they’re going to regret this

No. 626442

How is she a cow lol

No. 626444

>>626442 she was the 2nd featured confetti cunt. She started a go fuck me because her parents are totes super abusive and don't accept her asexuality. She lied about being kicked out. She's super milky.

No. 626445

File: 1530467008203.png (548.37 KB, 720x719, 20180701_184408.png)

No. 626446

Jill's sock ruffles…wonder what happened to her original shoes

No. 626453

File: 1530468138281.png (353.19 KB, 620x446, 20180701_190242.png)

No. 626458

File: 1530468325354.jpeg (329.86 KB, 743x557, 7A23367C-032A-4E2B-B0C5-F6D03F…)

Please jill… just wash your hair…
I’m honestly starting to get the impression she won’t be doing a vlog this year.

She looks like crap & every time she was spotted by a friend of mine she was standing or sitting and doing nothing. What will she vlog about? Cora’s? The masqueade? That won’t be long enough for ad revenue.

No. 626469

File: 1530469213986.jpeg (470.71 KB, 750x887, 22A680E5-6FBB-425A-BA8F-FC2216…)

No. 626470

File: 1530469442467.png (877.77 KB, 640x1136, C21CBDA5-0B49-41DE-89B2-866DF1…)

No. 626471


I have such a hate boner for this hairstyle. Like - why? Why the bow and the crunchy? Why just not a simple hair style idk it's just so fugly and makes her meaty face even more stand out.

And the cat tattoo makes her look like some trailer trash girl.

No. 626474

sage for nitpick but for whatever reason I can't get over the fact that she's wearing what appears to be one of those chokers that every little ever has

No. 626478

Girl desperately needs to get some clothes that fit

No. 626486

does her make up look this james charles-esque in real life?

No. 626487

Oh nice, her kawaii Shrek ogre horns are back uwu
And yeah I can't believe she got one of those tacky BDSM style collars too now, really completes her look

No. 626490

Why does she have Aranea Highwind's spear???

No. 626497

Girl who was cosplaying her got Jill to hold it for a photo

No. 626509

Jill is like, 8 years younger then me, yet she already looks like she is 50.

No. 626542

So i guess those tiny lights on the middle star is what came out of those expensive LEDs that she got?
she was seriously in over her head with this cosplay. With how much she sucks her own dick about cosplay organization, I'm surprised at how thrown together this all ended up looking. Thank god she didnt use the original skirt fabric that she painted the gradient on.

No. 626546

i think this would have suited her better if she had the skills to actually make the costume and wig accurate

No. 626547

This entire outfit is so bad for her body type…
It just makes her look super top heavy and short, her switching to the flat tennis shoes made everything even worse…

I can't believe she wants to be an actual fashion designer, she has no clue about what looks good on her own body. I'd never want someone with such little understanding about flattering cuts to make clothes for me.
Maybe she herself is fine with looking like an obese toddler clown as long as it's ~rainby and kawaii uwu~, but most people actually want to look good you know.

No. 626569

To be fair they were a J fashion thing way before the whole DDLG shit

No. 626571

yeah but everyone knows they are HEAVILY associated with littles now. so why not pick a different accessory instead of flagging ddlg? seems like jill wants to cater to ddlg more and more.

No. 626591


jill also talks the way littles type and her obsession with child like things don't help her tbh.

No. 626701

File: 1530491493057.jpg (45.59 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1530491508859.jpg)

Her glasses look like a snap chat filter

No. 626780

Her hair looks like fuckin seaweed or a musty old mop

No. 626785

File: 1530500789920.png (414.91 KB, 600x450, watok.png)


that green shade is so buttfucking ugly for a haircolor. at least on her. like she has dyed her hair every color ever. she has wigs too. she knows what looks good on her and what doesn't. whyyyyyy does she choose to look so god damn hideous all the time its so bunkers. did she go blind at 2015 or something…

No. 626804

she looks like fucking sam hyde

No. 626828

Not everything has to be ddlg anon… I think those necklaces are cringy but definitely not purely ddlg
Coming from Jill though, she does stand out as a ddlg type though (hopefully I'm wrong).

No. 626900

No deets on the masquerade results? The ceremony was yesterday

No. 626949

File: 1530527212747.jpg (133.13 KB, 404x432, Old_Gregg.jpg)

No. 627007

I think the chokers can be really cute with a grungy edgy look, but most of the time it's pulled off badly

Also I saw her in the artists alley - You guys know that big booth with the BDSM-esque leather strap outfits that go around the whole body? I saw jillybean taking a picture of one or two of them. Maybe she's interested in that kind of shit now. kek

No. 627033

Granny with a dark side

No. 627049

We don’t need any more disgusting information that Jillian overshares with her audience such as ~my dildos are in my drawer, sex work can be empowering and fun!~ when she probably also gets to have sex with guys regularly while looking like a 30/40/50/60 year old person. She’s gross and disgusting with how she acts and how she looks.

No. 627052

I actually have the same choker but after seeing her wear it I'm starting to rethink my choices, yikes.

No. 627057

I think the reason why Jill hasn’t been vlogging and probably didnt vlog or say anything about the con is because last year she said something about having a horrible time with having to wait with not getting judged and having to stand with no water for hours (which was her being impatient and not planning well).

No. 627069

I think she's just lazy and overwhelmed with her new boytoy and friend group. They probably also went drinking over the weekend.

If simply making friends is enough to distract from her "job" for weeks at a time, then it's clearly not realistic for her to continue youtube along with full time studies while playing house in Fredericton with this group of people.

No. 627093


Oh god I see it anon, I can see Jill doing watercolours of Peeps

No. 627119

File: 1530553819632.jpeg (107.9 KB, 750x186, 0ACA615D-C3CF-4580-B2F6-DED03F…)

Nah, she did vlog and had a good time

No. 627121

File: 1530553872157.jpeg (172.66 KB, 750x304, B7BC5E2D-7FC6-4A16-9474-955F4A…)

No. 627138

I am not 100% certain anymore but I think she said somewhere that if she was going again she wouldn‘t vlog it, because she didn‘t want to give that convention any more attention. Somethint along that lines.

No. 627146

“Wednesday in theory” Christ, that’s like 3 days? Why does she need that much time for a sloppy con vlog?

No. 627180


"i've been having issues with my camera" is the codeword all lazy youtubers use when they spend all day shopping/getting wasted with friends/high and never film shit for their channel.

No. 627204

File: 1530560148296.jpeg (434.49 KB, 1242x1386, 710C976E-9FC3-4D90-AA99-F29A7A…)

No. 627241

Literally the only one who looks cute is the one with the purple wig.
And Jill looks so dog damn fat in this cosplay, makes me actually feel better about myself

No. 627248

I know we all criticize her weight, but that costume makes her look 10+ pounds heavier than she actually is.

No. 627285

the top would have looked fine if she had really gotten the waistband on the smallest part of her waist, gone with a rectangle gathered skirt, gatherered more fabric in the rainbow skirt & strategized a wire/petticoat foundation to puff it out more horizontally, shortened the skirt itself a lot, etc. The overlay is so long and narrow it restricts the rainbow skirt's puff potential as-is, anyway. The shape needed to be more spread out and dramatic to emphasize her waist with that boxy top the character wears. Jill I barely sew and I barely comprehend draping and even I know this…you can afford the extra yardage, just use it next time.

No. 627289

also like so much of this could easily be fixed by chopping length off each skirt from the top and re-gathering them into the waistband I'm pretty sure. The character's skirt would not be cupcake/bell shaped on a real person.

No. 627326

File: 1530570635040.png (279.02 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180702-152956.png)

Porkerlocks really is thiccctm

No. 627360


>"my pink skirt is too short that's why i stopped wearing it!" aka my ham legs are huge now and they can't be squeezed into my old clothes.

No. 627378

The other girls costumes are so well put together next to Jill, like the fabrics work together, there aren’t just random colours, the shape works

No. 627389

Right? That's the best part.
I can't imagine that either of those two girls brag about how sewing is their biggest passion ever despite only doing it like twice a year even half as much as Jill does. Jill is sitting over here making stupid cosplay advice videos (while also pushing the whole I'm a smol amateur baby no bully uwu thing), picking a design that doesn't even match the group in an attempt to probably outshine them, and yet in the end the two girls look like a cute matching pair and Jill just looks like some untaltended hack who tagged along lol.

No. 627400

Those are the first cosplays that Jenny and Wendy have made by hand, so that also adds to it. These girls have never sewn an outfit before these, and somehow, their cosplays look 100% more flattering and finished than Jill's.

No. 627405

She couldn't dance in the actual shoes could she? In the cosplay advice video she said "be sure to practice the dance in full costume" but she didn't have her costume done in time to do that I'll bet.

No. 627484

The point that neither girls have ever really sewn/cosplayed before is so telling. Before when she used Tracey and Kenzie the situation was practically the same. Neither could sew very well. Jill was on top of them experience wise.

There are PLENTY of smaller known cosplayers who attend Animaritime and Hal-con who have lots of talent that Jill could easily scoop up for groups, but she doesn't. Tracey alone knows at least 4-5 cosplayers who can actually sew that Jill could've used Tracey as a bridge for connections with. But she doesn't. I'm 100% certain Jill purposely avoids inviting anyone who could do better than her into her groups, I'm sure she'll break "moonmist girls" apart soon enough once the other two start making better work than she does consistently. Jill if you had any brain you would be purposely seeking out better cosplayers so they could teach YOU how to do better, not pick on no-names and newbies to be your background characters.

No. 627524

She looks so out of place. The other two have costumes that match and she looks like a pastel mess. Why can't she for once not be the center of attention or the uwu so unique one?

No. 627579

Videos of there dance haven't been posted yet. But watching it live was a hoot. Jill tripped over Wendy and they struggled to stay in formation.

No. 627604

Being completely honest I almost find it hard to believe that that's Jenny and Wendy's first official sewn cosplay? Maybe it just looks leagues better next to Jill's hot mess but it does look really good for a baby's first sewn cosplay.

No. 627612

She looks exactly like the drawing >>623792

No. 627618

seriously she's not even that chubby irl she just has no idea how to make flattering shapes

No. 627642

File: 1530594396455.jpg (21.75 KB, 267x423, ds;lks;'lfdksa.JPG)

speaking of hey jill if you're reading this I think styles like fitted scoopneck dresses with cinched in waist and very flared skirts (you can flare it out more with a little skirt underneath) like this style pictured would look way nicer on your figure. Don't let the normie grey of one scare you off! I'm sure there's a $95 kawaii LO nightmare version out there just waiting for yor sweet sweet patreon canadian dollars.

That was a freebie from me, you're welcome.

and for christssakes wear it with your hair down for once because no matter what months-rent-worth dollskill haul you slink out of the house encased in, your hair thrown up in a dingy scrunchie is gonna make you look like you got up and left the house in the middle of getting ready no matter what, jesus

No. 627681

Well it’s pretty much the only hobby she has besides shopping, so “biggest passion” really isn’t much of an exaggeration, for her.

No. 627685


i mean, she's not super fat or obese. but c'mon she's the definition of what chubby means

she's past thin or skinnyfat, so she's chubby. that's just fair enough. its not just the costume.

No. 627699

lmfao if she wears something like that, that's all stretch and no hold, you're gonna see she's a lot more chubby. d e l u s i o n

No. 627709

clothes can be constructed in many ways out of many different materials and in my wildest dreams she actually makes a decent looking dress for once with simple beginner mccalls pattern (won't happen)

convinced everyone in this thread is an anachan, you'd think jill was 300 lbs reading her threads

No. 627934

File: 1530636740483.jpeg (755.46 KB, 2048x2732, 460A3309-EEAB-4676-9768-6B2309…)

text is for ants but the outlines on her legs and on the lower half of her body should make it easier to see that she’s gotten bigger. left is what she looks like now and right is her a year ago. she’s five feet and because it looks like she’s gaining weight, her weight gain is going to be very noticeable. she’s not huge but she is chubby.

No. 627999

File: 1530643901081.jpeg (655.8 KB, 750x1195, 17FFB3E0-D133-4ED7-98FA-B66994…)

Not sure if she won best in show alone, of if their group did

No. 628005

If she hadn't won anything she wouldn't even have posted a new picture. The ego boost is the only thing that matters to her.

No. 628009

Jill always enters herself in the most basic category so that she can win more easily. Pathetic. She’s been cosplaying for many years but still looks like a beginner

No. 628011

Last time she didn’t win first place, she cried. What a cow.

No. 628016

Lmao at the amount of photoshop on this image, jesus

No. 628025

The awards were weird this year. No first place, second place, third place winners. Just best in show and "honorable mentions". Likely because the con has a lot of younger cosplayers who can't handle the idea of someone doing better than them.

So if jill won "best in show" it's overall. She beat out everyone. Which is absolute bullshit because there were several, far better cosplayers there.

No. 628039

"Best in show" is the same award she won in 2015, the same year when she was an invited guest. If they judged her best overall despite their obvious bias (being a guest) when it was her first cosplay competition.. then it's no surprise at all that they would do this again. I'm convinced they did it for free promotion seeing as she's probably the most high profile person in attendance.

Literally why else would she attend this con that barely sells 1k tickets and has a reputation for being a disorganized mess?

No. 628114

File: 1530651647423.png (695.78 KB, 720x881, 20180703_220120.png)

No. 628123

File: 1530652409649.png (1.05 MB, 720x808, 20180703_221336.png)

No. 628126

File: 1530652549192.png (519.81 KB, 720x534, 20180703_221546.png)

No. 628127

The chick beside her looks miserable, wonder is she can smell the stench of Jill's unwashed seaweed hair.

No. 628128

File: 1530652697085.png (774.32 KB, 720x623, 20180703_221851.png)

No. 628129

The choker, glasses, hairstyle and skirt are tragic.
Also I only just now realized that this shirt has the 'logo' of Jill's cosplay group, I guess they're pretty confident about this lol.

No. 628134

One thing I will say about this outfit is that it's color coordinated decently. I wonder if that's because the other two in the trio are wearing similar outfits and had a say in the color scheme?

No. 628180

I was gonna make a snide comment about how hard it is to mess up yellow/white, but then I remembered it's Jill we're talking about

No. 628189

Can't wait to see the video update this Sunday

No. 628201

Holy fried hair batman

No. 628224

Pigsylocks LOVES being a big fish in a small pond. I’m sure it’s a big part of why she wants to stay in her dinky province and go to that little school’s arts & crafts program, instead of pursuing real fashion design. Like, I’m sure Mommy Warbucks would keep her bank account full no matter where she decided to go.

No. 628229

Is his not the cosplay version of wearing your own band’s t-shirt?

No. 628249

Anon Jill doesn't possess the talent to even gain admission into an actual accredited design school.
Could you really see her being admitted to Parsons, FIDM, Central St. Martins or Ryerson? I doubt it.
You actually require some talent and a solid work ethic to do so.

No. 628250

Lmao good point. I just mean she COULD do better than what she chooses, but she prefers the illusion of having skill that a small talent pool provides.

No. 628382

To think she looked this cute and cohesive
Oh God the editing

No. 628385

But Sof also won, not sure what she won, but she did win something?

No. 628572

Man she really did look so much cuter here…
I hate how much Jill is caught up in this "I had an awful ED and was a scary low weight :(" stuff.
She wasn't even underweight during this time and honestly with being so short being a bit thinner helps her look a lot better.
She could reach this weight again with a healthy diet and some work out but I guess she just never wants to go back to it.

No. 628603

god that sad loose choker… she looks like she has jaundice

No. 628637

But anon, why lose weight when she can photoshop herself?
She goes to two conventions max, deiting is way too much effort.

No. 628639

File: 1530716518823.png (686.79 KB, 800x556, pixie.png)

pink tennis skirt is back think shes lurking

No. 628642

We all know this is whooped cos her stomach was tryna burst out of it before

No. 628644

*photoshopped lmao

No. 628646


Girl, sucking. It. Innnnnnnnnn.

No. 628666

coordination is better than usual, still the skirt seems out of place to me. she looks much better with her hair down. also where is that ''20 inches, barbie doll waist''? that skirt doesnt look good on her and makes her look like a square.

No. 628683

What the fuck is the caption supposed to mean though?

No. 628687

Her hair color is clashing so hard, this is why it's bad to go with colorful hair AND colorful outfits, Jill. They can't be put together cohesively and just end up looking messy.

No. 628703

Everytime Jill tries to make these sausage casing skirts happen, I die a little on the inside. Kek She's obviously photo shooped to hell and back. She's built like a refrigerator, wide on all sides. She should try shape wear,it might give her dumpy ass some silhouette!

No. 628706

>> 628683
Feeling one's oats means to be frisky or energized, like a horse after being fed. She's probably referencing RuPaul's Drag Race 'cause she's suchhh a drag fan. She probably doesn't even know that it didn't originate from the show

No. 628707

It's a phrase that was popularized by Gia Gunn on Rupaul's drag race. It's pretty common for basic bitches to spout quotes/phrases that were on that show now. You can literally google the meaning but "To feel energetic or frisky; to behave in a vigorous or bold manner."

No. 628710

Spendz hundreds if not thousands on kitschy unique clothing but only wears those skirts. Remember all those Dollskill pants and any other bottom that isnt a pleated skirt? Jill wants to be special and stylish so bad but she's still a basic bitch.

No. 628711

not to wk but this post popped up on my feed and someone asked what it meant as if she made it up and she was like "its actually just a common phrase" so i think she knows

No. 628713

I don’t see that comment

No. 628722

look yall with the full ddlg easter granny look she was sporting to the convention I will take this look any day. It's all in the same color family, its minimal compared to the weird layered "look at everything I bought all at once!" shit she throws on, it generally flatters her figure better and her hair is down out of that fuckin dirty scrunchie for once (the beret is another hair security blanket, I shouldn't speak too soon)

No. 628725

hey jill since you took my advice last time I think ONE crazy haircolor is the route for next time. one. pick one. for your entire head. not a neon one either. just a normal ass vivid. please. you have too much money to present yourself with that little sense. you could choose to look decent at any time.

No. 628729

File: 1530724093275.png (614.2 KB, 984x494, fjdkshdjdjd.png)

same anon with a shitty phone edit but imagine the possibilities jill, imagine

No. 628737

Imagine if she took the advice of any person with real sense. I want her to get her hair professionally done. Maybe a lavender, or a soft pink, get her nails done by an actual nail tech, maybe something like a simple glitter gradient, whitened her teeth, placed her blush in the appropriate spot, did her eyebrows well, didn't drink on her medication, took actual showers, ate healthy and exercised, had a good skincare routine, chose things that flattered her, saw a therapist… Imagine Jill, becoming a real functional adult. And you can still like everything you like now! Just… be a person.
Saged for rant

No. 628739

i'd be fine with jill's weird nails if she didn't get them done by a seemingly blind woman. (that woman is def blinded by her own quirkiness for sure)

No. 628741

Samefag here, my logic was I guess since she wears so many bright statement pieces at once the nails should be simple and go with everything, but I don't mind her nail designs that much either.. But going to an actual licensed nail tech who know's what they're doing would be a nice change.

No. 628745

i get what you mean too. i personally don't mind crazy colors or designs on nails since they work like small accessories. i know they'd be improved by going to someone who won't look like she's glued skittles onto jill's fingers.

No. 628758

if she had worn a white tennis skirt or white high waisted pants she would look much better, how is it she can't do basic color coordination?

No. 628765

I think this is a different and much bigger pink tennis skirt. The color looks darker but idk, Jill definitely can’t fit into her old one at all.

No. 628779

They're not legit AA ones, are they? afaik they never made them in pink.

No. 628807

No you can buy pink ones. I'm guessing hers is more likely rip off aa than legit or just an actual tennis skirt that you can get at a thrift store

No. 628812

as >>628807 said you can get the aa tennis skirt in pink, and the site recently came back. the reviews on the site all mention that the new tennis skirts are sized a lot bigger than the old ones so it's possible she replaced her old one and got a new "size medium" that actually fits like a large (or even a large that fits like an extra large). but you can buy tennis skirts everywhere so sage for am appy sperg

No. 628819

besides her old one had that ink stain from when she got her first tattoo so it has to be new

No. 628822

Ive never been a Jill fan but if she had this hair color plus her natural hair puff/waves she would give off Creamy Mami vibes. Which in turn matches with her mahou shoujo stuff #1 FAN!!!

But who am I kidding she's probably never even watched Creamy Mami. Has she even heard of it? Im not sure if I recall her ever mentioning it.

No. 628832


"coincidence" except it happens every single time without fail cause it triggers her.

>gain a bunch of weight

>still flat as a board, but ham arms now.

put the pig out of its misery. of course she has a gay boyrfriend lbr.

No. 628846

This actually looks like a cute girl, not gonna lie.
Jill, please, girl, if you read this, take the advice this anon gave you!

No. 628917

The more I look at this outfit the more it seems like it would look fine with a black or charcoal grey pencil skirt and a natural hair color. Like not mindblowingly good, but a few normal person touches would make this a decent outfit, especially since berets are in right now.

No. 628922

Eh, maybe not even that. A singular non-clashing hair color, a pink beret (we know she has at least one) pink and red accessories, and some sort of white on the skirt, like something embroidered or a sailor style stripe might suffice. Or even a white skirt, but she'd never be able to keep that clean and they're not very flattering.

No. 628929

File: 1530741991807.png (420.06 KB, 468x556, 1530716518823.png)

Sorry for samefag and mspaint but I tried to scribble Jill up to see if it worked. I think >>628922 has a point, though.

No. 628933

this is actually a cute look! I also feel like she should never wear sleeveless things with arms like that, but seeing how close (and yet so far away) she is to putting together a decent fashionable outfit really puts things in perspective. how you can choose to sabotage yourself like that is beyond me.

No. 628942

Isn’t Jill supposed to upload today? All she has to do is throw togther the footage from the con she already has and said she was excited to edit anyways

No. 628943

this is such a major improvement! she really needs to just go back to a singular hair color, no rainbow bangs bullshit either.

No. 628950

But anon, she only said that she would upload something 'in theory', not that she would actually do it!! uwu
Seriously though she uploaded her last video 2 weeks ago and that was just some shitty vlog she did in her car, so not even anything she put effort into… She'd get fired at any real job if her schedule was this shitty, I hate how she loves to brag about being an 'entrepreneur' when she does none of the work required.

No. 628960

File: 1530744460863.jpg (98.96 KB, 864x1168, FB_IMG_1530744294389.jpg)

I think we can call her obese at this point.

No. 628972

Is this the ugliest photo of Jill to date? I think so. She looks like an actual goblin. All that money spent on makeup and clothing/accessories, and this is the outcome.

No. 628976

Throw some black mold on the wall behind her and she could be any member of the Confetti Club FB group.

No. 628978

File: 1530745962422.jpg (295.53 KB, 345x591, blah.jpg)

Holy shit I remember when we thought that pic related was her worst look ever, now I actually really miss it in comparison to what she has become.
This was only 2 years ago, she's declining so fast. Aren't people usually supposed to look awkward in their teens and improve in their 20s? She's like the opposite lol.

No. 628984


If you read every Jill thread, starting with this one and ending at the first one, it's like watching the story of a girl who starts off dressing tacky and frumpy but gradually loses weight and learns basic hygiene, how to do cute basic makeup, how to take care of her hair and how to at least put together a cohesive outfit, even if it's not perfect.

No. 628985


>inb4 landwhale anons say "it's a bad angle jill looks fine"

No. 628993

lol bad angle my ass

No. 628995

her head is so small compared to her body now? even her neck is wide

No. 628998

It’s literally in the screencap on here you dildo

No. 628999

File: 1530748193011.png (422.99 KB, 319x644, dsfsdg.PNG)


obese person at 5'0. i'd say jill is around 10 pounds away. shorter people look drastically different with only 2 or 4 lb changes so 10 isn't unfair.

but remember guys! her totally real ED got cured because she follows fat positive activists on insta now <3 her fatso friend maggie has to be legit obese though lmao.

No. 629009

File: 1530749121054.jpeg (508.5 KB, 1492x1194, 72030303-BEEC-4EF4-A5DA-B85FB1…)

Reminded me of something

No. 629012

wow her hair actually looked pretty cute here. What happened

No. 629013


ah, when she actually used her handmade stuff. the skirt was shit but hey at least she was trying. now she just buys shit. her figure post ED also looked fine back then, not underweight and not overweight either.

No. 629022

File: 1530750215353.jpeg (307.75 KB, 750x1093, 514D66C2-0AD7-4BC3-809E-D44BA5…)

It’s because she’s hanging out with her boyfriend

No. 629053


i wonder how open she's going to be on social media with her new bf. they openly interact with/talk about each other on facebook but iirc they haven't posted any photos together online and jill hasn't mentioned him on her other accounts…is he gonna be used as an accessory like colin or will she repeat what she did with alyssa and be as "secretive" as possible? seems strange…

No. 629146


>forcing your boyfriend to watch a shit tier cartoon for literal children

please don't reproduce

like at least if it was something like sailor moon or whatever i'd get it because nostalgia. but your grown ass watches shows for little japanese girls and have a superiority complex about it (she hates madoka magica bc being Meguka is Suffering). like i cannot imagine a more boring relationship than this shit. you're ugly and have a little girl personality? fuck.

No. 629157

its like with every new bf she gets, she just continues from where her last relationship left off. she never learns and its bizarre. most people would be able to analyze the situation and see that forcing someone you recently met to do stuff only you like to do is pretty rude and offputting but she literally does not care lol

No. 629173

It's hilarious how none of her fans point out that she immediately started posting all about her new bf including is real name, but her pervious "girlfriend" was only ever known as Mystery Girl because she wanted to keep her lovelife private.

No. 629182

Sorry to disappoint you anon but that skirt wasn't handmade, it was from a Japanese brand and too small for Jill even when she ordered it back then (so I assume it's long gone now).
Iirc she has never actually worn any of her handmade stuff outside, her 2 'major' projects were her birthday dress and rainbow tennis skirt/blue gingham top set and she hasn't worn either of those outside I think.

No. 629204

Her leg looks funny lmao

No. 629219

jill what the fuck you can afford to look better than this even on lazy days and you know it

this thread is turning into a bunch of anons who generally & collectively hate her aesthetic starting to give her earnest advice on her look in the hopes that she lurks because she's that far gone and this is proof

No. 629225

She looks so awful in this picture. She's starting to look manly.

No. 629227

I just can't understand how Jill could look at this and think it was at least passable.

No. 629229

This is on her private Facebook, she hasn’t posted anywhere publicly that her fans would see about the relationship yet

No. 629235

File: 1530772296532.jpeg (84.53 KB, 454x630, 1507003610298.jpeg)


pigsy locks keeps expanding

No. 629292

Remember how she used to be so against drag bc it was sooooo transphobic lmao

No. 629294

I AM SHOCKED!! and I can smell this picture…
But hands down, Pigsy is my favourite lolcow, she´s always serving <3

No. 629311

That cheap dress really does her no favours and I hope this picture makes her realise it. Jill you can do so much better even in terms of kawaii ugu rainby vomit you're better than this…..

No. 629323

File: 1530791305487.jpeg (527.55 KB, 640x789, DB9DBF79-A52F-45ED-AB9A-F196CB…)

For those of you asking about why Jill and/or Jill’s bf don’t have any photos together, I was able to find this one picture of Jill and her boyfriend together on Instagram. The thing that baffles me the most about this outfit is that everything actually goes together nicely, dare I even say that this is the nicest outfit Jill has put together in the last 6 months. Sure Jill looks like an ugly goblin with lipstick, and I’m not the biggest fan of the silver glitter jellies, but it’s a vast improvement.

No. 629339

Omg he literally looks like the gay child of Colin and Tristan.

I didn't notice before but the resemblance to her exes is uncanny.

No. 629340

Would she watch stuff he is into without being picky about it or is she just forcing him to watch what she likes?

No. 629346

OMG I had a dress like that as a child in the 90s! Kek. Cute dress for a child not an ugly woman child goblin.

No. 629353

of all the things to complain about jill wearing you chose this? other than that she's wearing too small of a bra so the top looks frumpy, this is the only that looks fairly good on her.

No. 629355

holy shit quitting her job was such a mistake.
so is she doing that miley cyrus thing where she dresses sorta normal to keep a man? maybe he can get her to start dressing better all the time.
he really does omg. she has a type (and it's not girls lmao)

No. 629366

Looks good on her? Are you blind? She looks like a mentally handicapped toddler on an outting with her caregiver. It's out right disturbing. Kek

No. 629372

sorry anon but it doesn't look like a child's dress. get over it.

No. 629380

I agree, this is probably one of her better outfits recently

No. 629408

God woman PUT.YOUR.HAIR.DOWN. I honestly hope she starts getting traction alopecia just to teach her a lesson about wearing her hair up all the time because she’s too lazy to bother washing it every once in awhile.

No. 629425

How, exactly? it's a fit and flare, which if she modified it to fit the smallest part of her waist and poofed out more slightly for the skirt it would be very flattering on her (and if she hadn't chosen too small a bra size) it has a peter pan collar, which isn't the best decision because it accentuates her wide neck, but gives off that cutesy but grown up feel, and it's gingham. Everyone can wear gingham. It's not like it's that disaster sprinkle dress.

No. 629434

File: 1530806187535.jpg (113.49 KB, 584x597, 1501050731345.jpg)


jill is such a REAL lesbian qween that she dates closeted gay twinks now. #PRIDE inspiratioN!!

No. 629436

This just confirms my suspicion that the only time Jill really 'dresses up' is when she's filming videos or going to cons/on trips (aka when she's vlogging).
She really wants to project this image of being a ~quirky fashion designer gal uwu~ to her followers but in reality she seems to mostly dress in normie pastel Forever21/H&M stuff lol.

No. 629492


I like that this is flattering (for Jill's standards) but fairly covered up.
There's nothing wrong with showing skin but it rarely works with the cute nostalgic pink aesthetic she's going for, it just looks kind of creepy and wrong.

No. 629519

File: 1530815405758.png (1.43 MB, 864x1168, momsaiditsmyturnonthepatreon.p…)


No. 629528

She's mentioned it a few times. I think she has/had a keychain of the star tambourine thing and she pointed out one in mandarake back in her japan vlogs. so she's at least aware of it.

No. 629572

Con vlog.

No. 629584

Is it me or is the girl in the mint wig one of the girls kissing her ass at last year Animaritime jfashipn meet?

No. 629586

She called the Strawberry Bell from Tokyo Mew Mew a "Twinkle Bell"?

No. 629588

File: 1530821550203.jpeg (289.97 KB, 1574x2100, 48782E89-C33A-4B96-BC76-8681C1…)

I’ll summarize it when I’m done watching it bc it’s p annoying already.

No. 629590

Is this bitch really crying about the LEDs after spending so much money on them almost a year or so ao? Really bitch??
Guess she didn't have time until the day before with all that tendies and peeps tea eating/drinking, getting drunk with he friends and being "so self sufficient/her own boss". So sad. :(

No. 629592

>crying over her lights not working

lol jill did you even see the rest of the cosplay its literally all a disaster, you have a lot more to be crying about

No. 629596

File: 1530822161447.png (229.4 KB, 263x389, 234243.png)

i can't fucking get over how dirty maggie's face looks

you'd think at a con in a vlog she'd at least have makeup on to cover all those dark spots

No. 629604

crying about her LED's because she only tried to do it the day before the con, how many months did she have them in her possession, ofc mentions multiple times that she spent "$300-$400" on them, tries to use the excuse that she was just being too ambitious for her first electronics project, maybe if you didn't leave it till the night before Jill you would have some idea of what you were doing, then has her dad and brother make it work and save the day and takes the credit and gets the award, oh and ofc Wendy had working LED's she did herself even though they said it was her second cosplay ever, buck up Jill

No. 629607

>That makes it less obvious how gross my hair is. We went swimming, and then I was gonna actually wash it after and I just fell asleep, so it's like "please condition me, mother" and I'm like "haha what, did you mean crimp it again?"

We've heard it from the cow's mouth now, anons. She barely washes her hair and uses the ugly bun to hide it.

No. 629610

theres 4 of them but 3 (visible, i feel like jill may also have one) full sized garlic fingers on the table? holy shit what a bunch of fatasses.

No. 629614

File: 1530822820892.png (1021.24 KB, 1353x721, Capture.PNG)

Some highlights from the new vid

No. 629616

File: 1530822893314.png (1.47 MB, 1354x722, Capture.PNG)

No. 629622

File: 1530822987892.png (2.43 MB, 2408x1276, Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 4.36…)

I understand being excited/emotional about placing but… jesus fuck

No. 629624

File: 1530823022229.png (1.63 MB, 1353x723, Capture.PNG)

No. 629626

File: 1530823044461.jpg (81.27 KB, 1440x788, 1530823042871.jpg)

The top is literally as shapeless as the pom pom shirt she made a year ago

No. 629631

File: 1530823182402.png (1.47 MB, 1354x722, Capture.PNG)

No. 629633

File: 1530823230539.png (1.74 MB, 1356x691, Capture.PNG)

No. 629636

File: 1530823273340.jpg (257.8 KB, 489x720, lmao.jpg)

what a cute Christmas tree cosplay

No. 629645

Didn’t she wear that awful pom pom shirt she made? I think in Japan.

No. 629649

File: 1530823709386.png (2.08 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180705-134806.png)

When your skinwalkers, I mean, "friends" come to cheer you on

No. 629652

Maggie has such an unfortunate face

No. 629654

File: 1530823867215.png (1.9 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180705-134634.png)

Girl in the mint wig and purple hair are both from the meet last year. Mint wig is definitely trying to lick Jill's asshole any chance she gets
"When they didn't call your name (in the journeymen category) I was so scared!"

Also I guess at least Wendy Jenny and Jill all got judged equally. Wonder what happened to the whole "I want to be judged by myself" thing.

No. 629656

File: 1530823878988.jpg (34.04 KB, 1429x536, 1530823897717.jpg)

What the fuck is up with Jill

No. 629658

>Also I guess at least Wendy Jenny and Jill all got judged equally. Wonder what happened to the whole "I want to be judged by myself" thing.

Jill realized that this time she was the worst in the group so she wanted to profit off of her friends' work looking better lol
last time she obviously just felt superior

No. 629661

Jesus Christ, Jill.

No. 629662

File: 1530824336562.jpeg (660.35 KB, 2048x2048, 2384F91E-4681-462C-B32C-2AC1BE…)

All I see is this lmao sorry if OT

No. 629667

Wendy's vlog. Turns out they actually got suddenly bumped up a category from what they were trying to compete in initially because according to Wendy the judges looked at the costumes they made and said "that's not fair".
Basically Jillian was trying to get yet another win in the novice category it seems.

No. 629668

mint wig's ig is :

if anyone wants look through it

No. 629670

She might be better discussed in the confetti club thread but I'm not sure

No. 629679

File: 1530826158648.jpeg (508.37 KB, 2048x2732, 830FE1FD-08F9-4DCD-BF16-00639E…)

>Jillian calls Wendy and Jenny her ~best fwiends~ in the world (she said friends but I’m surprised she doesn’t say that)
>Burgers and fries again “so I don’t get heat exhaustion ha ha ha”
>Wendy calls Jill’s burger purse a “burse” and had a lukewarm chicken tender in there..and Jill and friends laugh about it (ew)
>Maggie is there, and Wendy is in the unicorn face cutout thing outside of Claire’s with Jill filming her and Jenny, Wendy and Jill briefly looking like the jealous gf meme.(they’re 19 and 20 acting like 15 year olds in public)
>Freeze frames because she knew that people were going to be asking why they were at the mall if they were supposed to be at the con, says that the girls needed some stuff for the con and mentions her problem with the leds 24 hours later. Why 24 hours later if she had been working on the cosplay since late summer?
>Plays a clip and says that she was too ambitious for her first electronics cosplay and that things are too big/too small and stuff is coming off and “I feel like I’m letting my whole team down” because it was 10+ hours of work and she spent 300$-400$ on supplies for the leds (Well her cosplay didn’t match with the other two girls which kind of makes her stand out instead of them being a unit, and I feel like the leds would emphasize it. I understand being frustrated but cosplay and con drama is such a stupid thing to be crying over)
>Her dad then helped her put it together and mentions how much she spent on it with “at least 10 hours and 300$-400$ in on the leds and didn’t realize that the battery pack was too big until the LAST DAY and she got three small battery packs from the her “sweet hobby brother” so the skirt and star lights up. I only feel like she got beat in show bc she upstaged her friends and everyone in the category with the costume/leds standing out. Anything to stroke Jill’s ego even more.
>Jenny and Wendy have a few leds too and Jill says that they’re all being extra obnoxious because they turned the lights off but “this is how I’m trying to be, to be honest” The staff hands out water and fruit snacks and there’s chairs to sit in and she says that she was judged on time.
>They all go get pizza.
>Dance at this convention party thing and Jill repeatedly screams “yes” in a very high pitched voice to hype Wendy up because she has her leds on.
>They go get breakfast and Jill signs the lease on her townhouse, she’s allowed to paint the walls a pastel pink.
>Jill and her group was in Journeyman but Best in Show was for presentation/workmanship/overall performance and they won that. Jill cried over it.
>Drives away crying and says goodbye to Wendy and Jenny and says that she’ll see them in a month after they cried in a “moonmist group hug” says that she’s had “really really good friends” but says that herself, Wendy, and Jenny are the “purest form of friendship” and that they “look after each other and I’d do anything for them and we’re all there for each other” and “I’ve never had such a amazing friendship and it’s hard to say goodbye because it’s the most loved friendship ever”

No. 629685

If Jill was actually fluent in French as she claims then she would know a "burse" (bourse) is already an actual word for handbag so that entire joke is retarded

No. 629692

Sorry if this is a nitpick. But oh my God the garlic fingers grossed me out entirely, it looks like a sharing platter yet they all have one each and just their whole diet in the vlog in general I don't understand how they have energy and feel all sluggish and gross.

No. 629695

File: 1530827860596.png (490.38 KB, 375x590, jill.png)

Jill either gained a ton of weight or the dress is super unflattering…or both

No. 629696

File: 1530827890270.png (193.39 KB, 663x619, bitch what.png)

Are those… bright pink panties?

No. 629697

Jill looks like a midget during the dance.

No. 629710

File: 1530829126175.png (525.17 KB, 763x545, help.png)

oh hey, the karaoke! both me and the anon from >>625503 were in the front seats, but you can't see us in the vid… the girl in the pink with the front seat has an insanely unflattering picture of her from that night, we've been trying to get a hold of her for that picture but she's busy. saged for a bit OT and no new info

also >>629695 if its the jillybean we all love to hate, pretty sure she was too busy eating her damn precious tendies and garlic fingers to even spend the most minuscule amount of time contemplating on whether or not the dress accentuates her fupa, of which, it does.

No. 629711

File: 1530829327618.gif (5.27 MB, 272x322, wow.gif)

it looks like the whole stage is shaking

No. 629712

Your pretty brave to be sharing this just because it really didn't look like a full house and I'm sure if one of the girls looked here they'd likely know. Not that they can do anything about it

No. 629713

File: 1530829442277.png (606.04 KB, 814x551, dd.png)

I actually think it's pretty unhealthy how worked up Jill gets over cosplay competitions.

you're getting judged by weebs, Jill.
it doesn't mean anything at the end of the day..but by all means cry over a piece of paper that says your costume from a literally children's cartoon is good

No. 629714

Leave it to Jill to keep trying to compete in the novice category (or whatever it's called) so she can keep pulling in those easy wins. Rather try to grab that low hanging fruit even if it's unfair to other beginners than actually pushing and challenging herself, but we all know that can be said about multiple aspects of her life.

No. 629718

Her vlog is so much better than Jill's that its weird, Jill is the "pro" Youtuber and this girl has 20 subs

No. 629719

She has a youtube channel too so no wonder she is trying to suck Jills ass

No. 629720

She likes being the center of attention, and being "the best" at something even in a "big fish in a small pond" way. I'm sure this goes as far back as having lead roles in plays. It's pretty sad actually. She would have cried if she did or didn't win though.

Competing like this seems to he her main reason for attending cons it feels like. Probably why she only sticks to these dinky east coast Canada cons and doesn't try to venture out to anime north or otakuthon or anything else - I'm sure being put against actually talented cosplayers would be far too "spooky" for her.

I still can't get over her and Wendy pouting about being put into journeyman because the judges said "okay that's not fair" to them. Yikes.

No. 629724

There is something really unsettling about this girl's voice…and her face too. I can't put it into words.

No. 629727

I'm so confused. She looked so cute in Jill's vlog but in her own vlogs she has crazy eyes and I get aspergers vibes from her

No. 629732

especially at animaritime with such no-name judges. I could understand crying if you won at a big con with recognized judges but animaritime is a joke, the fact jill can win is proof of that. I know i cried my first year winning there, but that's more of a "first win" emotion. jill's won how many times now? she needs to grow up. its really not a big deal considering her competition is low and she's being carried purely by being in a group and performing. i would love her to just do a walk on, alone, and see what happens.

No. 629740

Her cosplay was so cheap and tacky looking imo and it made her look 80 pounds heavier. Girl…..

No. 629742

lol you little shits in the front row were disruptive AF but I really appreciated the grill who sang "That Distant Shore"

all your standup was bad and you should feel bad

No. 629751

Those anons seem retarded considering they didn't even notice maggie staring into their camera when they tried to stalk for a pic. Not to mention they couldn't even figure out how to reply while borderline cowtipping and trying to arrange a lc meetup. They come across as children who are desperate to out themselves for attention.

Yeah I get the vibe those girls probably post here. Especially mint wig who's clearly thirsty for her 15 sec of e-fame. That fake demure voice killed me.

I remember when Jill used to be like that in public lmao. Her attitude and tone were much more subdued and she would put on a sweet voice and act super humble/shy towards the other jfashion girls. I think Jill actually owned that exact wig in the same colour back when she wore fairy kei.

No. 629752

This bitch. Suck it up Jill, if you keep competing and trying to cosplay more seriously, you’re only going to be forced to compete against better and better people.

No. 629758

File: 1530833741881.png (668.46 KB, 593x665, w.png)

No. 629763

nah she gained. you can tell in her face.

No. 629764

File: 1530834271672.jpg (65.97 KB, 414x560, 3264045_sugar_sugar_candy_cand…)

Here's a pic of Jill with a similar style and same wig

No. 629775

File: 1530835140865.gif (368.48 KB, 370x200, tenor.gif)

this part reminded me of Yubaba

No. 629802

HOLY SHIT I can't believe they each ate one of those things. It was like the size of an entire pizza.

The drama at the end with Jill fake crying about her friends. I can't wait until Jill fucks a guy one of them has a crush on. Or they start seeing each other more than once a year and realize they simply don't like each other as much as they thought.

No. 629804

File: 1530838062152.png (108.2 KB, 255x299, Screen shot 2018-07-05 at 7.44…)

The LEDs were so bad even after being fixed. Half of them wouldn't turn on and she had to hit them to try and jiggle them back on. And then some had a fade effect and some just lit up, but I feel like all of them were suppose to be doing the fade effect.

That uneven hem is so sad.

No. 629814

to be fair this wig was super popular in like 2014 or so, just after split wigs started losing popularity. i'd be surprised if she was directly copying jill anyways because she's wearing one of those stolen art shirts from aliexpress.

No. 629815

That made me gag wtf is wrong with Jill and why does she have such an a aversion to being clean? I couldn't imagine not washing my hair after a swim, all that chlorine and shit no wonder her hair is actual crap.

No. 629822

i think the hem is bad because it's last minute. the night before the con showing her lights didn't work she didn't have the ruffle on.

also even ignoring everything else the wire for her star was showing. why wouldn't she just make a hole in the cosplay to feed it through? i can't believe she won best in show with that.

No. 629830

"mah-hoe" japanese speaker my ass

No. 629858

that's how it's pronounced you retard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 629869

I don't get why the battery placement was such a big deal? If she HAD put the big bow at the back like the design actually has, she could've hidden it in the bow itself, looped the wires through the top hem and through the hole at the back where the bow is attached… That's my 2 cents.

No. 629873

Jill looks like a mother expecting.
Seriously giving me maternity wear vibes! Kek her new boy toy looks like a clone of Colin! Creepy asf. She definitely has a thing for those fag type guys.

No. 629877

I think Jill gets excited over nothing 80% of the time. She's too erratic in her emotions and I can't help but wonder if she's moderately bipolar?

Sage for reach

No. 629891

this looks like something cult related

No. 629907

Reminds me of that kooky old aunt who lives in a trailer park and tie dies bed sheets.

No. 629913

i dont get asperger's vibes from her at all. i can really tell, however, that she is trying SO hard to seem "kawaii" and "chisai" so much so that she feels very awkward and unnatural. she will speak like herself and then realize it and start speaking in an uguu voice. she also seems super uncomfortable on camera and both of those factors are probably why you and other anon get asperger's unsettling vibes from her. sage for sperging and also ot

No. 629916

jill was so fucking obnoxious in this video. like, extra obnoxious. it seemed like she became harder to watch when she was with her friends. also, i really didnt think maggie looked terrible here. i think if she grew her hair out and maybe wore some light makeup shed be passable. her and jill just are shit at finding good angles

No. 630015


Yeah, the parts with her and her friends seriously reminds me of those weeb cringe compilations that were all the rage 5 years ago

No. 630046

jill wouldnt be half as annoying if she didnt talk the way she does. the "friggin kawiwi rainby" shit is so embarrassing. i just cant understand why people like her so much when she talks, dresses, and acts like a weeb middle schooler.

No. 630049

i cannot believe the cowards didnt upload their karaoke.

No. 630091

She’s definitely not bipolar, that illness ruins your life
Shes just childish and petty

No. 630103

She could potentially have a personality disorder like narcissistic personality disorder(armchair)

No. 630132

Watching now. I cannot get past how out of sync and sloppy their dancing is. You'd think with Jill's musical theatre history she'd suck less but nah, it's just a mess. She probably focused more on her own choreo than team presentation because it's all about her.

No. 630170

I didn't believe that she was getting fat until I saw this.

No. 630171

Stop trying to diagnose her with something that serious, she doesn’t have a pd, she’s just a spoilt womanchild

No. 630193

You were right anon. They had 3 full sized garlic fingers AND Jillian ordered chicken and fries lmao.

I can't wait until Jill goes full trisha-paytas-mukbang-queen type.

No. 630198

File: 1530888714478.png (417.01 KB, 675x380, Screenshot (104).png)

dropped the pic (from wendy's vlog)

No. 630255

Did anyone else catch Jill scoffing, a couple times, when they were announcing the winners? She's seriously so snotty, and untitled, it's unreal. It's sneaky, and gross that she tried to get into the novice , for easy wins. I hope she got knocked down a peg. She's not hot shit.

No. 630269

Probably because her fans are weeb middle schoolers

No. 630270

Not to play the devil's advocate or anything, but I've known people who initially were put in lower categories by judges and the bumped up the day of the competition. Jill definitely was trying to sweep the beginner's category though.

No. 630284

Uh, no, what are you talking about? Could you give exact timestamps because I watched that part and I don't hear anything.

No. 630285

She looks drunk…
Woah cute! She just needs to let her hair down… Why doesn't she dress like this more?

No. 630318

We know Jill enters novice intentionally. I think it was in the vlog last year that she said "I could enter novice and win or enter higher and maybe not win" And then she entered novice.

She's won an award for every year she's competed and she's been competing for five years. She damn well knows she belongs in journeyman. I guess she thought because her group mates only had a year of experience each she could try and slide in there for another year.

No. 630336

I get that people do things that make them happy and she had fun but oh my god this is just so cringe and id cry if I was on the internet looking like her

No. 630347

File: 1530902527874.jpeg (110.46 KB, 750x703, 6B39CCF1-FF60-4BD6-9C16-72C22D…)

someone I follow on Twitter did the same cosplay as Jill in a WEEK and it looks 10x better.

Jill literally has no excuse/business looking as bad as she does, when other people are out here doing the same thing, with a one week deadline (compared to 8 months), doing far better.

(Their twitter is yumeayonie if anyone wants a better look at it)

No. 630377

Creepy uwu kawaii skinwalker has an Animaritime vlog up now too.
The fake giggling is pretty awful, I'm hardly in and it'd painful to watch.

No. 630384

Imagine you're one of Jill's boyfriends and you're fucking and she's just on top of you making faces like this the entire time

No. 630385

File: 1530906557977.png (1.38 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180705-134532.png)

Sage for samefag and fucking up my post

No. 630393

File: 1530907541957.jpg (381 KB, 2122x1440, IMG_20180706_130501.jpg)

No. 630394

No. 630395

File: 1530907622932.jpg (221.15 KB, 1817x1440, IMG_20180706_130343.jpg)

No. 630408

i wonder if her weight and being so obviously unfit affected her performance? or has she always been sloppy and now it's magnified? if she enjoys dance, i don't see why she doesn't start doing zumba or barre or something.
nice self-post. no one cares about your cosplay.
"everyone here's just an ana-chan! jill looks fine"

No. 630421

>show example of jill's laziness

anon i know youre on a gossip forum and want to be confrontational but not everything is a self post stop trying to cause infighting

No. 630422

Wtf is up with her forced baby voice? She doesn't do that fake shit in her old videos

No. 630428

Her cosplay doesn’t look sloppy like Jill’s, lights and all. She also looks younger than Jill despite being older

No. 630471

I don't think she's scoffing. It sounds like disappointed noises. Also there's a weird audio cut between each award and sometimes during awards? At first I thought she was bleeping stuff, but the judges wouldn't be cussing and she wasn't editing out names.

No. 630476

>gossip forum
yikes this is an imageboard newfag

No. 630477

Oh my God that gave me a good laugh

No. 630489

Tempted to do a pornhub edit with a title along the lines of "mature sexy granny clown rides kawiwi rainby dildo"

No. 630504

does anyone else think this going on and on about how jill is fat is getting old? don't get me wrong, i'm not saying she's thin or anything and i was shocked at how unflattering her costume looks for her body type too. but goddamn, being overweight is not in and of itself milk, we get it by this point, and she's been doing so much worse shit lately, like the complaining about being bumped up in the cosplay contest. getting tired of this bitching about how her boyfriend is gay, too. i mean he could be but he already says he's bisexual and it's like, you all know a lot of bisexual guys are still very gay-acting but can still like women, right?

No. 630513

fucking preach

No. 630574

Get over it fatty-chan

No. 630576


lmao, knew that was coming but nah, am actually underweight. just want to discuss some actual milk instead of going on and on about the same shit. we get it, you all think you're so much prettier than jill, but no one actually cares. just tired of seeing the same shit over and over(no one cares)

No. 630578

If you don't like it then go lol

No. 630581

File: 1530925906014.gif (1.36 MB, 480x366, 7E809A3F-0EA0-41B6-BDB4-3EF949…)

oh dear, the ana-chan police are here

No. 630582


i want actual milk, it's not my fault you're boring lol

seriously, if it's about how she's dressing poorly to her figure then fine, and she does that often, but jesus christ, we've all seen her costume and how shitty she looks in it by this point and we don't have to go on and on about it. i'm just baffled that with so much jill milk lately, this is what you all choose to focus so much on(derailing)

No. 630588

>am actually underweight
Nayrt, but isn’t it sad that you have to powerlevel on an anonymous image board? I agree that harping on her weight can be repetitive but you’re contributing to that by continuing the discussion and just complaining. All the past Jill threads are like this.
> it’s not my fault you’re boring lol
Lmao please just stop the infighting ffs.

No. 630589


you aint gonna find any quality milk here. Look somewhere else.

No. 630593


idk if one off-hand comment really counts as a powerlevel but w/e, i don't really care. saying that all the past jill threads are like this is just false though, there's been a disproportionate amount of discussion around her weight recently. i realize it's because of her unflattering costume and all, and i understand that was inevitably going to start up more than usual, but i'm just saying, it's getting old.

No. 630596

Didn't know we needed your blessing on what is and isn't befitting of being called milk to you.
I really can't help but wonder if the anon(s) complaining about the weight talk are her friends trying to derail. If you seriously think that's all that's being discussed, idk what to tell you.

In other news I wonder when we'll get a con haul video and how much of it will be Claire's crap from the mall

No. 630601

Didn't we just cover this? We shame her because she bragged about being tiny in her lolita days. "I have a 20 inch waist!!!" like it was suppose to mean something. I say continue ragging on her for ballooning up and pretending like she didn't have a chip on her shoulder for being skinny before.

No. 630626

There must be no good cosplayers in that area if she won. This is sad. Someone please knock her off her game

No. 630632

at least she did her eye makeup this time. her cure whip cosplay photos physically pained me because it seriously looks like she didnt even put on any mascara or anything.

No. 630649

Jill's next career endeavor…Pro MUA! Kek I really die laughing watching her make up tutorial vids, her cosmetic artistry skills are so bad. Probably worse than her inability to sew.

No. 630665

There is tho. They were even in the masq. Staff just prefers her.

I have a friend from the same cons who said she wanted to do the same cosplay as Jill next time if the fandom lined up in interest and compete against her because she’s sick of seeing Jill winning for “lacklustre work” (same catagory, journeymen). Don’t know if she will but it would be interesting if she did.

No. 630668

She did eyeliner and heavy top falsies, but its unfortunate that she forgot about her bottom lashes. Put mascara on the bottoms eyelashes too Jill.

No. 630757

File: 1530946227343.png (407.58 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180706-234446.png)

Even though Jill's hair is gross and fried. I can't help but think she looks way cuter with out the badly applied makeup and ridiculous attire. She could look much better if she went for a more cohesive color palette and silhouette in her style and kept her hair at least one color. When she's wears all that kawaii garbage it just ages her so badly. I really wish she would just go for the cherub cheeked fresh faced look.

No. 630762

This girl eats like a gddamn BEAST

No. 630897

anon I agree w u so much I almost wrote this myself

No. 630900

inb4 blogposting or whiteknight accusations but weight talk of a cow that we know had ED and was hospitalized for it is spoiled milk imo

just because we dislike jill doesnt mean that shit wasn't real for her or she was exaggerating. Thinking everything a cow does is villainous and manipulative is unhealthy

her being fat is way less milky than her, say, equating layred $150 lazy oaf garments to a personality and marketing that to children whilst pretending to be not as extremely rich as she is and begging for their lunch money on patreon(mini-modding)

No. 630901

No. 630910

Crimped and weird pony tail, must not have washed her hair again.

And here we go again with pretending to care about the earth with her Starbucks cup right after she bought several plastic phone cases.

No. 630911

"Retro phone" She watches anime for toddlers but can't recognize powerpuff girls?

No. 630912

those raggedy, grimy fucking earrings… someone soooo crafty should be able to make herself a new pair that aren't worn to death. tiny bit of fake fur. some hoop earrings. glue gun. boom. no more ratty trash hanging off her head.

No. 630922

even worse she used to say her hair was powerpuff girl hair…..

No. 630930

her hair genuinely upsets me. can she just let her normal hair color shine through…

No. 630932

She admitted to never watching Sailor Moon or CCS in her childhood either. Not surprised she didn't watch PPG.

It's part of the reason why her mahou anime obsession isn't genuine and she feels the need to get tattoos to prove she's the biggest fan. Most diehard fans have deep attachments to these series because they grew up with them and the nostalgia can be emotional. But for Jill it's a chore to sit through and finish these series (which I don't believe she has for SM or CCS).

Jill pretends that a 20 year old can develop these attachments to ~obscure~ Japanese children series that are currently on television and that's what makes her a ~superfan~ when it's clearly exhausting poser nonsense.

No. 630968

>Retro pink phone
Doesn't she know it is from powerpuff girls?

No. 630970

File: 1530982806453.png (1.11 MB, 1255x699, Untitled.png)

She looks like Rick Prime.

No. 631022

check out those shrek eyebrows

No. 631095

it's so annoying that she pronounces bonne chance like bon chance EVEN THOUGH she took the time to fckin spell b-o-n-n-e
jill your french sucks and thats fine but stop pretending that you're ~~~~~fluent

No. 631115


She wasn't hospitalised for her ED because she was never underweight. She just shooped the hell out of herself.

That said, I think we should lay off Jill's weight for a while until she's actually obese. Then it'll be milky again. I imagine this will be pretty soon.

No. 631159

File: 1531002503450.png (331.6 KB, 477x478, Przechwytywanie.PNG)

there were cosplays better than moonmist girls but they probably were competing in a different category

No. 631160

Why does she do this to her hair?? She needs to take care of it better!

No. 631187

omg this, she looked her best on the video when she was sad bc her lights weren't working.. mostly because she looked her age and much better without her everyday fugly makeup!

No. 631201


trilingual my ass, bonne chance is a basic saying too c'mon.


she was never skelly, she likely got hospitalized because she was a cutter or because she's also (but never talks about it) confirmed bulimic. she was never aly_sjourney levels bad or anything, altough she acts like she was so people like you pity her.

No. 631232

Sage for a little late but anyone else notice she's finally censoring her vlog?? she didnt even use the ~mah hoe sounds to cover her cussing she just cut the audio.

No. 631271

No. 631279

Cosplay is such a voyeuristic activity. Truly reserved for the social rejects of society.

No. 631300

You realize this site is an offshoot of /cgl/ right?

No. 631400

this truly shows how repulsive jill looks and how much weight she's put on

No. 631449

I wonder if she tried to touch up her dye and it fried off a spot of hair on her head? I don't see why she'd only do high ponytails/buns with bangs pulled back for so long otherwise. She'd pick at least one day after a weekly (blegh) wash to do a video or photo with her hair down but it seems it's been like 3 weeks of only tied up hair except >>628639, which has a beret to possibly hide something?

No. 631472

The into with them was so long (and all of the effects that they used made the editing look bad, they got the most screentime out of everyone there (even other group cosplayers). Winning the masquerade again (while happening to be a high profile person there) and having you and your cosplay group’s appearance in a showcase of cosplay videos stretched out as far as possible to 24 min and being the first ones shown doesn’t look good for anyone.

No. 631530

File: 1531049843241.png (78.28 KB, 582x690, tweets.png)

Recent tweets

Please don't call out Jilly bean for her mistakes, she's just a depressed sad corpse right now uwu

No. 631532

The editing on this video on Jill's part especially is awful. In the beginning it makes it look like she's burping or something. I've seen a lot of amateur cosplay videos in my time but the editing on this takes the cake.

No. 631555


>your comments are just 90% about how bad the audio is LOL shoot me in the skull

jesus christ jill, overreacting attention whore much? like we know you're a theater kid who self harmed but damned that's a lot tone it down. say you fucked up and moved on no need to go straight to "IM GONNA BLOW MY BRAINS OUT BC U WERE MEAN"

No. 631630

>"we know you're a theater kid who self harmed"
i don't know what it is about that comment but it resonates with me. new fav insult thank you anon

No. 631651

Larger youtubes get all sorts of random, non-ass patting comments. How does Jill expect to be a big time youtube star if she's gonna cry over people pointing out her editing and audio mistakes? Suck it up cupcake, this is your job.

No. 631820

I could get it if you were making a debate based video and people ignored your points to complain about the audio, but talking about random shit is literally all she has to do
It’s not like a 30 hour research project ruined by sound quality, it takes no effort to make and remake a video like the ones she puts out smh

No. 631919

File: 1531096037758.jpg (246.84 KB, 500x483, jSpd1oA.jpg)

this bitch is a mess.

i hope she never tries to talk about her self-harm guilt tripping bs again because this "blow your brains out" reaction over some "aggressive" comments telling her that the audio isn't good is ridiculous. jill, you should be embarrassed and ashamed for treating your fans like this instead of owning up to your mistakes at your "job".

No. 631922

You can still be hospitalized. Have any of u researched EDs or had one? If you starve yourself and drop weight, even if it isn’t below the required BMI for axorexia, you can still develop cardiac problems, as well as other health problems. There are of course exceptions. I think it’s obvious that Jill has had an eating disorder for a long time, and still struggles with a healthy relationship with food. Wasn’t she hospitalized as a minor? It is a good thing she was. It is important to stop the disordered thoughts and behaviors before developing a full blown ED.

I do not mean to armchair, this is based off of my experiences and people I know.(armchair)

No. 631936

i was at animaritime this year and all i can really recall her doing was standing around the main floor of the convention centre with her other horribly dressed friends and being relatively ignored? her dance at the masquerade was forgettable, but considering there were only 2-ish skits other than hers, she probably won. at least i didn't witness her throw up in a garbage can in the lobby like last year :^)

No. 631948

im sure this is old milk but my god she puked in a trash can??

No. 631952

I don't remember that either.

No. 632008

I hate her thumbnails lately they're so painful to look at

No. 632013


What? Jill please stop this

No. 632183

I've been anorexic for over 5 years and I know all there is to know about eating disorders. Honestly, there's no proof Jill lost fast enough to develop any problems, especially since she didn't lose much weight at all. It's far more likely she was hospitalised for her self-harming tendencies or whatnot.

the majority of anorexics drop to really low weights before developing problems or don't even start to develop problems for years even when dangerously underweight. Sure, she may have had a bad relationship with food, but Jill just wants people to feel sorry for her, because it gives her an excuse to complain and be fat.

No. 632189

Yeah Jill just seems like an emotional eater.
She was thinner when she was depressed and said it got fixed when she started dating Tristan, and she said when Colin left her she started overeating/gaining.
Even now that she has a new bf/her own house/her best friends forever uwu she still seems to eat a ton of crap though, so either she's still more depressed than she lets on or she's just too lazy to change her bad habits.
Her whole "I'm cooking healthy and working out!!" phase lasted for about a week kek.

No. 632215

I swear she's said she was hospitalised for sh specifically at some point?

No. 632254

I'm surprised by the amount of garbage Jill shoves into her pie hole. Faulty diet choices and a lack of exercise will not assist you in weight-loss Jill. On her vlog she ate those disgustingly, greasy garlic fingers in one sitting in proportions that are meant for 4 people. I will never understand how people can eat when they are depressed. I can't eat when I'm depressed. I can't believe Jill hasn't gotten herself a trainer to help her lose weight.

No. 632269

Eating food literally causing dopamine to be realised, most people eat when they're sad ana-chan

No. 632306


Wasn't Jill bulimic, or possibly ednos, though not anorexic? If you purge you can have health problems long before you get Skelly looking. Electrolyte imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, acid reflux, heart murmurs, other cardiac issues, stomach emptying problems, esophageal tears, ulcers, teeth issues, seizures, loss of consciousness etc.

No. 632412

File: 1531157409318.jpg (601.77 KB, 1080x1633, 1526587998941.jpg)


yeah, don't latch into the "jill's anorexic" when she probably went to the hospital for bulimic/purging tendencies. years ago she only claimed anorexia but now she does admit bulimia which probably fucked her up. remember her teeth were fucked up and always had chipmunk cheeks.

No. 632422

i'm pretty sure she had said she was hospitalized for self harm / suicidal ideation and not her ed.

that being said, its pretty clear that she has a fucked up relationship with food. she needs to start eating healthy and EXERCISING and not piling an entire plate of garlic fingers down her throat. better yet, go to therapy, jill, please.

No. 632495

> also had stereotypical skin and bones body

Girl when?
I don’t believe this for a second. She was confirmed hospitalized for suicidal THOUGHTS
Not for her supposed “anorexia”

No. 632499

Sooo I somehow remember that her parents and doc hospitalized her because she didn’t want to eat for three days or something. Could be totally wrong. Maybe somebody wants so rewatch the vid so we get our facs eh?

No. 632512

I don’t think it was ever confirmed exactly why she was hospitalized. She has Facebook posts that were posted in past threads that were her telling friends she wasn’t going to be on her phone because she was at the hospital/they took it away from her, but it never said why and I don’t think she explained exactly why in her self harm video

No. 632624

File: 1531171582619.png (19.94 KB, 82x115, Screen shot 2018-07-09 at 4.27…)

Her skirt is still neon. She put some kind of organza overlay on top to lighten it because when her skirt flips up during the dance you can see it.

No. 632703


Fucking hell, I'm starting to think she tries to kiss up to every ~body positivity~ e-celebrity by telling them she recovered thanks to them. Hasn't she done this with a few people now?

Also agreed with >>632495 anon. I don't doubt she had/has an unhealthy relationship with food, but a "scary stereotypical skin and bones body" makes me think of some kind of spooky skeleton who's super far gone like Ashley Isaacs, not Jill who was at most slightly underweight.

No. 632730

The whole "stereotypical skin and bones body" is such a humblebrag too, ugh

No. 632786

Jill was hardly skin and bones! Bitch please. Kek. My younger sister is a serious anorexic, she's dealt with it for over 9 years, mind you she's 5'7" 85 lbs. She refuses to get help for it and has wasted away from anorexia. It's fucking horrid and not something to humble brag about at all. I hope Jill gets her head out of her ass and realizes what a poser she is and how little she actually knows about what it is to be truly anorexic and the hell it causes to those who suffer from it.

No. 632814

sometimes when you are a minor, they hospitalize you even at higher weights to try and catch it quickly before it does become more severe

No. 632830

Mods, can we stop the armchair shit for the love of god

No. 632874

Agreed…i swear these threads always devolve into arguments about jills faux mental problems from a decade ago or bringing up her fugly photoshopped 'ana' pics despite fresh ongoing milk and its annoying, sage

No. 632899

File: 1531202003842.jpeg (168.4 KB, 1125x943, 3253B97E-FFF9-467A-B478-9E33C4…)

Jesus Christ Jill you’re moving like 3 hours away from home. Grow the fuck up.

No. 632924

Rewatched her Mental Health video - she says she was "cutting, binging, and purging"

No. 632926

Can never get over how dramatic she is.

No. 632938

Who doesn't get a little sentimental packing up certain things, but 45 minutes after each box? Girl, you're just being lazy. Plus if she had any actual essentials instead of pasteljunk I'm sure she wouldn't be so reflective. No one weeps over kitchen dishes and bath towels.

No. 632970

No it isn't, anachan. Normal people don't think that sounds good or "bragging". I don't believe she was ever fully blown anorexic or in danger, we have seen her pics, but only anachans would call that a humblebrag.

No. 632971

yea and actually feel the need to post it on twitter to make sure we all know it. Getting on some Kelly Eden vibes here.

honestly half the time ppl post shit like this, I don´t believe it and think they just simply do it to get attaention. (heavily seen in the Confetty Club lmao)

No. 633040

Anybody else find it funny how Jill try so hard to convince everybody that she's a pseudo lesbian but she's completely heterosexual. She's those type of women that always has to have a boyfriend or something. Kek Mystery girl aka Alyssa was such a farce. Who is she kidding she loves cock and being fussed over by her idiot boyfriends as she attempts to morph then into ~*queer rainby kawaii tendies munchers*~ like herself.

No. 633044


not to wk, but pretty sure she's being hyperbolic to play up the "joke", anon.

No. 633198

Yeah, my point is she was bragging about how thin she could get, goes with the “20 inch waist” bs

No. 633563

File: 1531276381214.jpeg (350.68 KB, 633x888, EEED555A-5400-4FFC-8135-E9F27E…)

Jesus Christ Jill, you are moving 3 hours away. Is she just sad because she won’t have her mommy to mooch off of and that she’ll have to start taking responsibilities?

No. 633606

i can see what she means though anon, growing up somewhere and moving even the slightest bit away can still be hard.

No. 633631

does loss of period count as a health problem for serious anorexics/long term restricting ? or just for anyone dieting? I remember her talking about it!
Sorry I have 0 idea on eds! :((don't use emojis)

No. 633636


>I'll be counting the weeks till I'm back on red dirt

You just need to take those mangy pink YRU boots with you, Jill, and then it'll be just like you never left.

No. 633702

It can be, but it can also be caused by other things.
When I was going through a serious depression/suicidal phase before I stopped getting my period for months because my emotional state was just messing my body up so much. Even nowadays when I'm extremely anxious/stressed out I just don't get my period.
It sounds like Jill was going through the same kind of emotional turmoil back then, so it could've been caused by that too.
It's hard to tell without further information and us speculating about it won't really lead anywhere.(no one cares)

No. 633766

da fuck is going on here now, this is getting pathetic here

No. 633865

so a fan sent her a shitload of even more pastel cheeky kawaii homegoods
for free

No. 633867

File: 1531329093053.png (1.11 MB, 1224x658, wehehe.PNG)

No. 633873

File: 1531329954931.jpeg (216.39 KB, 523x579, CF7EA411-AE7A-4671-A75E-FE65B0…)

Baby went shopping.

No. 633881

File: 1531331094188.jpg (141.92 KB, 591x405, jillian.jpg)

>>633865 her hair looks worse than usual

No. 633888

>>633865 she pronounced haribo hair-re-bro? sage but is that how non brits pronounce it? Here it's ha-re-bow

No. 633894

File: 1531332007302.jpg (97.88 KB, 509x330, jillian2.jpg)

No. 633898

not to put on the tinfoil hat but is anyone else a little suspicious? Jill's been getting some pretty big "gifts" lately. I'm honestly starting to feel like she's just buying them for herself and claiming they're gifts to try and get people here off her ass for shopping constantly.

No. 633899

>>633898 her fans are dumb and have way too much money. They're fighting for Jill's attention by buying her shit and trying to out do one another.

No. 633910


It's a German word. English speakers can't pronounce it anyway.

But yeah I've never heard anyone say it like that before either.

No. 633915

Omg lol. Didn’t she end up replacing them with ones that don’t fit?

No. 633924

Jill, your greed is actually disgusting, that zoom in really shows it.
You could say no someone buying you things but you're not going to because you're fucking greedy. You don't care that you're taking advantage of someone else's generosity just like you don't care that you were trying to sneak into a lower category in the cosplay contest and steal an easy win from other actual newbies.
Jill's greed is so repungant it's almost unbearable to watch. The greasy hair and fat, smug face.

No. 633980

She says the fan sent her pictures of the store and asked her to "pick what she liked" and Jill offered to pay shipping.
So the fan contacted her about this before? It really sounds like she's taking advantage of her viewers.

No. 633983

Jill is a gross pig what did you expect?

No. 633987

These aren’t even the LEDs she originally bought. I know because I’ve used that brand of lights before. These are some cheap ones from amazon.

The ones she originally bought were suooosed to react to movement or sound but she couldn’t figure out how to program them.

No. 633988

Smug little nobhead

No. 634092

Did anyone see Maggie insta story?

Something about revenge?? And now she doesn’t follow pixies main insta(namefagging)

No. 634096

Her and Jill are still friends on facebook, they both still follow each other. Post a screenshot next time, and please read the rules about posting you’re making a fool of yourself

No. 634104

File: 1531358778366.jpeg (103.99 KB, 640x597, 90E421F3-2B79-4588-9CD9-C78313…)

Anon this is absolute fucking bullshit, Maggie currently doesn’t have an insta story and she still follows both of Jill’s accounts. Here’s proof

No. 634119

Nayrt but I did see her posting something like “I’m sorry but revenge is so sweet” iirc two days ago so the story probably expired. But it probably didn’t have anything to do with Pixie.

No. 634149

super late, but yeah, i mentioned it last year. i don’t go in these threads because i don’t care about pixie, but since she’s from the maritimes i see her. it was the last day of animaritime and my friends and i were leaving our room to head back to the con. pixie was sitting in the lobby with friends and when we entered the room from the hall, she bolted to a corner and threw up in a trash can. apparently she was hungover?

No. 634287

I mentioned it before, but Tigers products are awful. They’re poor quality and fall apart after a single use. I’m not sure what material those utensils are made of, but no one I would know would risk it. You can buy cute, pastel untesils. They’re expensive but they won’t fall apart on contact.

No. 634310

Jill I'm fucking begging you, wash your hair for the love of god. I seriously don't understand how someone is so lazy that they'll let their scalp become that greasy. Does she even know about dry shampoo or hair masks or shit you can use so it's not so fucking gross??

No. 634532

>>633980 Imagine going to the store and buying all this shit for a rich bitch just for some attention… The only level lazier and entitled Jill could get was if her massive body was finally bed bound and confetti club members took turns shoving food down her throat.

No. 634585

You act surprised to see that Jill is so utterly entitled and advantageous. She's a selfish brat with an ego that must be showered with plastic garbage and sugar. Kek

No. 634639

File: 1531425481839.jpeg (372.24 KB, 640x695, 2FAD3408-11D1-4198-A6F2-792DC0…)

Like this?
Confetti Club could take turns being feeders.

No. 635129

This is all junk stuff and that is what bothers me. I have yet to see her show some actual useful college supplies or even things related to her major.

It is like watching someone college junk that will likely never be used.

No. 635131

What is the purpose of her channel other than hauls from her cult at this point?

She isn’t a fashion channel as her styling and hair is tragic. She isn’t an anime channel as she doesn’t give actual reviews and she isn’t a lifestyle channel as the girl doesn’t live in reality.

No. 635140

File: 1531454217344.jpeg (284.97 KB, 1455x1371, 184E1566-E79F-463B-9733-BB1802…)

When even fanart shows the shrek-do and her basic train of though kek

No. 635194

>>635140 why do her twin buns look like squashed micropenises

No. 635263

This is so so DDLG, oh my god

No. 635374

How? The “chibi” artstyle??

No. 635386

the funny thing is Giant Tiger (Tigre Geant) is a chain store in Canada, and it's the same store they have in Europe. it's known for cheap wares and you can buy online. it's nothing special. dollarama looks fancy against Tiger's crap. she has deluded her fans into buying shit for her, as she could have told the girl who sent her that crap no, as she could have made the purchases here.

sage for no relevant content.

No. 635388

It wasn't Giant Tiger, it was Flying Tiger - they are two different stores, anon. Looking at their website, seems you can only buy in store because I see no shop options online. It definitely does look cheap, though, and honestly is likely from china still.

No. 635391


whoops, thanks anon for the clarification. sageing again.

No. 635417

flying tiger is just like a dollar store basically. Everything is cheap and mostly junk

No. 635422

>isn’t a lifestyle channel bc she doesn’t live in reality
Lol I love you anon

No. 635435

File: 1531494835926.jpg (57.48 KB, 1024x683, FOOD_BABY_STRIPED_TEE_06_1024x…)

The new Lazy Oaf collection was MADE for Jill.

No. 635438

File: 1531494990984.jpg (109.62 KB, 1024x683, FEED_ME_FITTED_TEE_02_1024x102…)

Future Jill feeder aesthetic. I wonder if she'll be triggered or love it.

No. 635440

nah the colors are too muted for Jill, she'd never get it as it doesn't fit into her candy vomit wardrobe

No. 635526

god that has to be the worst lazy oaf shirt ive ever seen
do they not understand colors? is gill rubbing off on them?

No. 635543

i wonder how much theyre charging for this shirt that you could find in any value village in the xxl mens section

No. 635710

This legit looks like something Chris chan would've worn a few years ago, everything about this brand is so ugly and tacky

No. 635749

the writing on this shirt encapsules 80% of jill's personality, sans the eye-damaging rainbow vomit.

No. 635756

No. 635807

The chibi artstyle, the colours, the buns/pigtails, the shirt that looks like the “abc” shit
Like everything? Looks like fucking Binkie Princess

No. 635878

The shirt is a parody on the classic louis vuitton print made by lazy oaf, chibi art has been around forever and has nothing to do with DDLG. Do you even know what that means, or do you just shout it out every time you see something relatively cutesy? Seriously man, its not constructive to randomly call everything ddlg, and it adds nothing to this thread.

No. 635883

this thread has gotten so boring, I can hardly wait for her to move gah

No. 635907

File: 1531540494096.jpg (56.66 KB, 642x960, 37086484_1892696504107022_9462…)

lol you can visually see that her skirt is a bigger size than the other two's. damn jill.

No. 635920

the legs look especially christmas hammy in the over the knees

No. 635925

>you can visually see

who cares though? this is boring.

No. 636041

File: 1531570562064.png (39.04 KB, 584x285, newtweets.png)

Yeah this, we all know she's gaining, please at least post new tweets or something.

I guess her 'glamping' trip with her friends ended badly? lol
Also still too lazy/stupid to schedule videos.

No. 636043

Jill if you could do all of us here just one kindness, please never say daddy again

No. 636050

I watched a few of her videos in like 2014 and she was very different. What the fuck happened?

No. 636102

she's just following a trend, honestly. this will fade just like the rest of her phases. maybe she'll improve once manners and hygiene are trending again

No. 636134

Since when did Jill like Lucas? She has literally the most browned nose I have ever seen at this point.

her faves are Graveyardgirl, Shane, Fred, Sharla, Venus, Kelly Eden, Brandon (hairstylist YouTubed), Jenna Marbles….

Does someone have a counter on how many ‘shoutouts’/ ‘lovecalls’ she has given at this point?

No. 636256

Is that Fred like the screaming annoying one? Makes sense for Jill to enjoy that lmao

No. 636292

Oh god him? He's only funny to 8 year olds who still like immature humor jfc

No. 636979

File: 1531662495776.jpeg (543.19 KB, 640x803, ECE8C49E-1CB2-4D13-8D63-AEC2C4…)

Here is one of the official Moonmist photos taken at the con. I love how it looks like both of the Wendy and Jenny look like they’re forcing a smile because they can’t fucking stand Jill being an autistic woman child.

No. 636986

Wendy and Jenny would look so much better without that thing in the middle. It's kinda clear that they should be a duo cause Jill looks like some random person not a part of the group.

No. 636994

File: 1531663517400.png (48.14 KB, 586x362, tweets2.png)

Honestly if Jenny and Wendy had a cosplay page where they would post progress pics and such I'd be interested in following it, I think their work turned out pretty nice considering it was their 1st/2nd(?) time making costumes.
Jill is still pretending that she's super hardworking lol.

Also yeah, tweeting at more popular people to garner some attention I guess.

No. 637043

too bad both of them are also cosplaying from kid's cartoons.

No. 637238

Because people dressing up as big girl cartoons is so much more grown up!
Seriously anon that’s not an issue

No. 637363

man while I agree anythings better without jill, I honestly dont think the other two girls are that great either lmao their cosplay skills are pretty average

No. 637368

I think that Jill mentioned in her vlog though that it was their first sewn cosplay? Sure its not amazing or anything, but for a first one its pretty great. Kinda sad that their first cosplay is better than Jill's 4th or 5th

No. 637374

it's no pro cosplay, sure, but for a first cosplay (and first time sewing one) it's a lot better than most people's first cosplays (and still better than jill's dumpster fire, even tho she's been calling herself a pro cosplayer for years. what a joke). beginners usually go for simpler character designs, esp in anime.

No. 637421

the problem isn't the choice of cartoon, it's the choice of using subpar wigs, taking shortcuts on construction and yet acting like they're super serious legit cosplayers. It's fine to cosplay casually and do it just for fun, but when someone enters cosplay as a competitive hobby, it's generally expected to put in some actual effort on quality.

No. 637422

This is Jill’s 4th competitive cosplay at animaritime alone. She also competed twice at Hal Con. And that doesn’t even include her first few sewn cosplays, like Eternal Sailor Moon, and Purity (which she ended up scrapping altogether). So in terms of experience, that’s 6 masquerades and 8+ self made cosplays.

I noticed some contestants said they were moved up to journeyman immediately following their first win in novice, but Jill has won 5 different awards in the novice category, even if that meant begging the judges for an exception. I can’t believe she tried that shit again this year. And they actually had to flat out tell her it wasn’t fair, as if she was a child who wouldn’t share her toys at daycare. I think the judges were legitimately scared to tell her no before, because they knew she would vlog her panic attack and blame the convention for being ~extra spooky uwu~.

No. 637424

It's ridiculous that she tries pushing the "B-but I'm only a smol baby beginner cosplayer!! Pls be nice uwu" thing so hard but at the same time makes videos where she gives cosplay advice to others, she should really make up her mind.

Also aren't Wendy and/or Jenny also gonna start attending the same school as Jill? I can't wait for them to outdo her pfft.

No. 637535

Especially because at Animaritime "first time" doesn't seem to mean much to them. I know several first time competitors who were immediately pushed up a rank out of novice in their first time on stage. It has to be preference/wanting Jill to win so she'll advertise the con or something. There's no reason Jill should've been allowed to compete in Novice when other people (singles, not groups) were pushed into Journeymen before on their first time.

No. 637863

I give it a month till Jill drops out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 638280

File: 1531763443317.png (331.25 KB, 584x724, 72819.png)

No new video today after all since she's sick again.

No. 638329

Of course you get sick, Jill. You never leave the house so your immune system doesn‘t know anything besides cathair and plastic fumes.

No. 638332

my scalp feels dry just looking at this. her hair looks like the grinch's hairy buttocks. please jill, for the love of god, let that dead fucking hair down for 5 minutes and at least try to hydrate it with water by showering, you gremlin.

No. 638346

Which one of y'all did this haha

No. 638365

Her face… Looks young and nice? She should try like a natural and glowy skin makeup, it's popular in Japan

No. 638369

Also H3H3, probably more but i'm not sure

No. 638375

File: 1531769041307.png (370.41 KB, 657x367, w.png)

This was hilarious

No. 638401

the fucking closed captions i love you

No. 638481

File: 1531777727132.png (130.25 KB, 424x193, perish.png)

No. 638526

File: 1531781766477.png (815.59 KB, 1352x723, Capture.PNG)

This is wonderful.

No. 638532

>tfw you look better while "sick" and bare faced than you do with your makeup done

No. 638542

mr. obama pwease

No. 638648

File: 1531788506696.jpg (36.96 KB, 458x654, 10100758_PNK_MAIN.jpg)

saw this collectif dress and it reminded me of that chrissa dress she always wears, but the cut is more flattering and easier on the eyes

No. 638746


No. 638893

This is definitely a better cut and much cuter imo but it still wouldn't flatter Jill in her current state. Her body is so big and square, it wouldn't work which is sad.

No. 639014

File: 1531833906546.jpg (133.78 KB, 1125x1454, 1531833702612.jpg)

Time to take bets on how Jill will grunge-ify these

Kinda expecting her to leave a metal fork in the microwave

No. 639036

A keurig? Jill doesn't drink actual coffee though? And the tea she drinks is either Davids Tea or Teavana/Starbucks (loose tea that isn't keurig compatible).

Maybe if a college student is really big on coffee, then yeah a keurig could be a practical investment (although it's a huge environmental issue, looking @ your fake environmentalism jill) but regular coffee makers are much cheaper and less wasteful.

I'm assuming she bought it not because she originally wanted a keurig machine but rather because she was having a hard time finding pastel appliances that she actually would need and use.

No. 639044

File: 1531837362561.jpg (63.62 KB, 750x407, DiJztKfX0AA5EwL.jpg)

I don't remember her ever mentioning she drinks coffee, in fact she said she dislikes it and that's specifically why she looked for David's tea with lots of caffeine before as a replacement.

Also I was rolling my eyes when I saw her retweet this, yeah of course living on your own is expensive when you spend all your money on useless trendy household shit. (Not like she even has any experience living on her own yet lmao).

No. 639060

That microwave is cute ngl, but Jill doesn't seem the type to put plastic wrap on leftovers so five bucks says that the inside is gonna be splattered with leftover food and that she definitely won't clean it.

No. 639061

Unless she uses one of those refillable k-cups that you can wash so you don't have to be dumping little plastic cups in the garbage everyday, she seriously needs to stfu about being environmentally friendly. She's nowhere near it, and when she claims to be, she convinces her gullible child audience that all you need to do to be ~certified environmentally friendly uwu~ is use a metal straw every now and then. Ugh this bitch.

No. 639080

A lot of people use keurigs in the place of a kettle just to heat a single cup of water at the time for tea, but it's so tacky, wasteful, and expensive when you can get $10 kettles lol. Classic Jill.

No. 639084

Jill's logic, apparently:
>"wow, tote bags are so environment-friendly, I'm never gonna use plastic bags again! uwu"
>gets a whole collection of cheap plastic shit phone cases shipped in from China
>"wow, aren't bamboo toothbrushes great? plastic ones create so much waste uwu"
>gets an extremely expensive coffee maker that's known for creating lots of waste when she doesn't even drink coffee

I mean I get that you can't be on top of all of that stuff at all times and I think it's good when people make an effort, but Jill is so naive, uninformed and uncaring in all of her 'endeavors'…

No. 639103

They even make a kettle that matches that microwave, its a whole range

No. 639108

sage because samefag but that coffee machine is $130 when the matching kettle would have been $53

No. 639213

It’s so odd to see a person buying all sorts of nice appliances for their first apartment (or townhouse, in Jill’s case). Most folks don’t get those sorts of things until they get married and receive them as gifts from their registry. I don’t know, obviously it’s old news to gawk at how she spends money, it’s just kind of surreal watching her fill up this townhouse - like watching a kid play The Sims with cheat codes in real life.

No. 639221

Always a good idea to value aesthetics over function when buying appliances, what a mess. And her fans still support her patreon when she keeps throwing her money away.

No. 639226

She’s probably going to get both, lbr.

>I'm assuming she bought it not because she originally wanted a keurig machine but rather because she was having a hard time finding pastel appliances that she actually would need and use.

Bingo! I can also understand owning a coffee maker if you don’t drink it, because guests - but it’s still a moot point because guests don’t need a Keurig and it’s even more nonsensical to buy a high end appliance for rare use than to simply not have it (or get a little French press).

No. 639230

Where is all this shit gonna go when she drops out of craft camp and inevitably moves back home?

No. 639308

the dumpster.

No. 639310

Why are you microwaving plastic wrap, just use a paper towel

No. 639355

there's microwave safe plastic wrap you know.

No. 639483

File: 1531863185604.png (688.81 KB, 885x770, Untitled.png)

guys… oh my god, i'm flattered? I'm not even kidding, i was so confused as to why there were so many views and i should have known.

i originally made this for a friend and never thought it'd leave the friend group, i'm really glad you guys enjoyed. i was contemplating doing more in the future and i very well might when she has new content

saged for me being a sperg ily guys

No. 639591


Your captions made it even more amazing
Thank you

No. 639694

File: 1531877875172.png (17.51 KB, 580x131, 34635474432.PNG)

No. 639696

so she justifies buying something ridiculously over-priced and that she doesn't need by… not being aware she can just boil less water?

No. 639700

she wouldnt want her boiled water to go bad, that would be so wasteful!

No. 639701

Bitch you can boil a cup of water… in a pot. On the stove. Don't even need a kettle. Who is this person?? Does she just not have a brain? Or regard for the value of currency?

No. 639719

File: 1531879289562.png (1.4 MB, 680x499, e45.png)

Why is she so stupid and always trying to justify her nonsensical purchases? She's just buying random shit because she can. Her mommy needs to send her off to the therapist again because her shopping has become an actual addiction

No. 639742

She's gonna die living alone

No. 639761

even if you live by yourself and only need to boil water for yourself, you'd still use a kettle because it's fucking cheaper and more practical YOU MONONEURONAL AUTIST. plus she's not even counting on serving tea or any type of hot drink to guests by this warped, rich-kid logic. she's actually stupider than we gave her credit for.

No. 639787

Or she can just put a mug of water in her rainby microwave and heat it that way

No. 639788

Yeah I don’t understand the appliance thing. Also triggered because I had to go to thrift stores and dollar stores to buy the essentials like cutlery and tableware and my first real splurge was a couch. But leave it to jillybean to show teenagers unrealistic expectations of their first apartment on their own.

No. 639795

she should just get an electric kettle. she can also buy a water boiler that keeps hot water around all day. they're popular in asia and have kawaii pinku ones. what kind of idiot gets a coffee maker for hot water.

No. 639801

Tbh I think this is just going to be what gets her out of the door, and they’ll continue to allow her financial dependence regardless of enrollment or graduation status for many, many years to come.

No. 639807

holy fuck

she honestly… should have… just not explained this

what the actual fuck

No. 639808

She’s kind of always shown signs of addictive personality issues, starting with the ED, on through the compulsive shopping and apparently alcohol abuse as well. She’s going to absolutely nosedive once she leaves the house. For all of our sake I hope to god she never discovers cocaine. If she’s this irritating now, can you even imagine coked-out Jillian?

No. 639809

She's a dumbass. She could have just said that it'd be for her visiting family/friends. (Dunno about Canada but when I lived alone and my parents would visit they'd always appreciate a cup so I got a little stove top coffee maker)

I feel you

No. 639835

Keurigs can get moldy if you don't clean them right, and knowing Jill she'll never clean it, so inb4 she's whining about the ~scary moldy mildew broken keurig uwu~ tweets.

No. 639919

This, where I live basically everyone I know owns an electric kettle just to… you know, heat up water. I've used one I got for 10 bucks for years now and it's holding up perfectly.
Does this bitch not realize that even if you boil more you can just pour yourself one cup and then leave the rest? Does she seriously think this hot boiled water will go bad or something?

I know this isn't this big of a deal but for some reason this shit just really gets under my skin. Like I can't even tell anymore if this is just an awful excuse for her to buy more expensive crap or if she's seriously this stupid.

Also she has absolutely no right to complain about ~living on your own being expensive~. She's the one who's making this shit expensive lmao. Does she really believe that other college students buy themselves fucking Keurigs when they want to boil a cup of water?

No. 639927

Imagine she makes a video like "cute college necessities!" and argues that the keurig is "multipurpose! You can use it to heat water, like a kettle, but it can also make your tea and coffee!! It's so much more convenient than a kettle and it's more eco friendly than stopping at Starbucks"

No. 639965

I mean most kettles have a fill line on the side that indicates how many cups worth of water are in there, you could just fill it to the one cup line so she doesn't even have to boil more than she needs

No. 640006

Holy shit Jillian is such an idiot

No. 640022

this is so, so stupid. she better not keep up the shitty 'ugu saving the pwanet!1!!!1' shit after this, but knowing her she probably will anyway.

No. 640029

look at the silver lining here: she has a forever 21's worth of clothes that she can easily sell to finance her cocaine habit. she'd get rid of all the ill-fitting rainbow vomit eyesore clothes, at last.

No. 640105

if she developed a coke problem at least she'd probably lose weight and stop spending so much money on tacky clothes that don't fit kek
yeah, electric kettles are extremely common in canada, as are stovetop coffee makers. i was really confused the first time i went to someone's house (in usa) and they had a keurig but not a kettle.

No. 640456

File: 1531950390054.png (8.67 MB, 1125x2001, AA80D082-57F1-4D2F-89D0-05CABB…)

Wow Maggie, just like her big idol she lays in her bed with street clothes on.

No. 640487

This is so stupid because she literally could've bought a pastel electric kettle on Amazon for less than half of the price of a Keurig.

No. 640504

File: 1531954982323.png (179.95 KB, 909x480, 635468352124230.PNG)

No. 640725

Those glasses remind me of Jim Jones. Maybe that's her goal: to be a rainby kawaii Jim Jones.

No. 640842

quick, delete this before jill sees and buys one because "uwu my keurig was nice buuuut I decided I needed to have a kettle for when I have friends over for kawaii rainby diabetes-inducing peeps tea!"

No. 640857

File: 1531977543390.png (1.48 MB, 2679x1541, screenshot.png)

Looks like someone beat Jill to it anon

She really should have just gotten a kettle but who knows maybe her new bf or Maggie is into coffee.

They do sell k-cups for hot cocoa and tea but as another anon mentioned and Jill seemingly confirmed she's just using it as an overpriced kettle.

No. 640960

I wonder if Jill ever pauses to think, while she's adding overly expensive items to her shopping cart, that she's ultimately going to have to work shit retail jobs or similar for the rest of her life and will not be able to afford any of these things then. Her youtube stint is only going to last as long as she's not old and too haggard looking because she has no talents otherwise. Imagine her at 30 years old still doing the same thing…

She didn't go to college so any job that needs a BA is out of the question, I doubt she will marry some rich guy who will support her lifestyle, and I don't think her parents are going to be too pleased with supporting her 100% financially a few years down the line. Theyre bound to get tired of her eventually, maybe start comparing her to her moved out and independent brother or something.

No. 640968

i love this idea anon. could you imagine? all of the confetti club moving to a cult commune called pixieland

No. 640976

No. 640984

I'm really curious about how cool her roommates truly are with her painting the place like a pastel funhouse. I wonder how much of a say they had in it.

No. 640987

She isn't gonna have any roomates

No. 640989

ah my bad. For some reason I was still under the impression that she was living with at least one other person

No. 640992

File: 1532004021298.png (944.69 KB, 1006x469, Capture.PNG)

this is it. this is the entire video. didnt watch it cause i dont feel like listening to her. But did catch she's going to back another video about the upstairs (maybe knowing jill)
and that she wants her magical girl wand collection in her living room as well

No. 640993

Also samefagging here is the hooktube instead :)

No. 641004

you can…literally buy one cup kettles oh my god

No. 641033

Hook tube doesn’t work anymore

No. 641039

why the fuck does she need an entire house? such a fucking spoilt cow

No. 641068

I only watched the first few minutes and she’s already made sure to clarify that she’s living in a ~townhouse~ which she’ll call her ~house~ because it’s “NOT an apartment” and goes on to mention her basement which she’ll convert to a guest room because two floors isn’t enough.

The thing with Jill is we know she “couldn’t handle” the thought of having roommates or renting a room or even an apartment because “muh anxiety~” and now she’s showing off this 3-storey home complete with back and front yard when she hasn’t even started college (nor will she graduate with a degree) and her professional experience is limited to part time retail in small towns.

What kind of message is this sending her young, impressionable and mentally ill viewers who already have a tendency of accusing their parents of being abusive or generally feeling oppressed by the world? This definitely doesn’t renforce the idea that being smart/independent/hard working will eventually get you a cozy life. No, the message this sends is that if you think you’re ~nice n positive n soft~ and have any kind of mental illness that you’re automatically entitled to a perfect home with a boyfriend and expensive pure bred pets. And when they do inevitably realize the universe doesn’t provide this type of luxury to 90% of people, they’ll cry oppression and have existential crisis’s because they can’t have Jill’s life.

Jill bragging to her fans about this house, while knowing they’re mostly poor and will have to live with icky roommates in spooky apartments, is the same as her stating she has a 20 inch waist while faking body positivity when she knew her comm was mostly obese, or when she bragged about her Lolita purchases with price tags so people would comment “omg the price how can u afford this???”

Jill just wants to show off what she knows others can’t have.

No. 641085

Sage for mild blogpost, but I have a studio with my own tiny bathroom and kitchen close to my uni and I already feel privileged as fuck. Does Jill not realise how goddamn spoilt she is? Holy shit I just can't wrap my mind around all of this. What a shitshow.

No. 641111

Her parents literally got her a townhouse for herself.

Tbh I think having a studio or a room in a nice house close to campus is "privileged" for students nowadays.
I go to uni in an area where a majority of students commute to their respective unis because real estate prices are so high that renting a studio is several thousand dollars a month before utilities.

No. 641139

Not gonna give her views but from the preview shots it looks like she plans to invest more money into decorating her house than into education or anything else she claims to have interest in. I've genuinely never seen someone so obsessed with spending money constantly like Jill. She sees an opportunity to spend and doesn't pass it by, ever

No. 641182

Why is she spending so much effort on a rental?

No. 641203

She’ll be living there for 3 years if she finishes school. It’s pretty common to paint walls or add wallpaper or attach some shelving into the walls. Maybe changing ceiling lights and door knobs are the extent of “renovations” you could do in a rental in Canada. Most leases specify that the walls need to be repainted white whenever the tenant vacates. But generally it’s seen as normal for someone to paint their rental even if just for a year.

No. 641239

Don't forget her that ~cheeky Patreon plug~ at the beginning with her Patreon exclusive streams even though she doesn't stream anymore otherwise
Hell I don't think she even makes new shirt designs either? I guess she realized people will hand her money and free shit without her putting in the effort, so why bother? So gross.

No. 641251

B-b-but she's a suffering artist! She absolutely NEEDS a huge pastel vomit house to get the creative juices flowing! It would give her PTSD to have roommates because they might have things that are not kaweewee and she would have to deal with it, so how dare you!

Underrated post

I wonder if she has a bathtub in there, since she doesn't like to shower? I know that artsy people are often stereotyped to smell a little, but at least they usually manage to wash themselves without being bitchbabies about it. I can't wait for her to start studying, it's going to be glorious.

No. 641324

This. She has no substance or passions. She'd rather blow money to make the house look asethically pleasing in her eyes than use it wisely. She likes the aesethic of being a fashion designer with her expensive serger and fabric in the background but she doesn't actually have interest in it beyond that and a shitty cosplay every year. She could be studying fashion design with her free time but she'd rather use the sims to show everyone all the shit she's gonna buy for a house her daddy pays for.

No. 641334

Is there anything her parents won't pay for? Dead serious where tf do they draw the line, or are they gonna buy a whole mansion for her when she complains the townhouse is too small since we all know it's gonna be filled head to toe with her plastic, rainby shit.

No. 641335

I don’t really follow her content other than what’s posted here, so. I have to ask - has she talked about preparing for her courses, at all? It seems like all she’s done to get ready for school is shop.

No. 641349

Other than the occasional mention of the fact that she's going to start classes, not at all

No. 641394

Yeah I agree I don't think it's anything to be thought of that she's making light modifications to the apartment. If you stay in a place long enough some landlords will even let you make larger modifications if they think it'll look nice. It's not that weird. Our landlord let us completely rebuild the deck even.

I wonder if Jill will stay after college in the townhouse, or go back home with mommy though? I can't wait to see.

No. 641490

What does she need to do to prep for courses if she's a freshman? It's all beginner stuff. Unless you mean freshening up on math or whatever, but they'll reteach you whatever you need to know.

Ah, maybe it's just the places I've lived in, then. We weren't allowed to do things like that (painting walls, I mean), save for hanging photos/shelving. I always thought it odd to spend a chunk of change on any renovations when you don't own the place since you'll likely have to revert it when you move out.

Anyway, can you imagine her trying to clean a large home like this with "muh depression"? Good god. Maybe she'll hire a maid.

No. 641501

This is so dead accurate and helps put into words exactly what really bothers me about Jillian. Like, I knew she annoyed the fuck out of me, but I couldn't explain why. Thank you, anon.

No. 641846

Moving into a compound in the jungle where the red dirt won't get on their Y.R.U. platforms.

Everyone eats cyanide peeps and dies when they realize the world will never listen to their message of making everything kaweewee and making garlic fingers the default food.

No. 641948

The mere idea of Jill being a fashion designer is beyond comical. People who actually sew do it frequently and are dedicated to the craft even if it's self taught through sewing books, occasional classes and trial and error. My cousin NEVER went to school for fashion design at all, she has been sewing since age 11 and has a rather lucrative business in doing independent fashion design and professional costuming. Mind you she taught herself and worked her ass off to learn how to sew. Something Jill could never do, because she's a lack luster talentless basic bitch. Kek

Sage(no one cares)

No. 641950

I'm curious about this too. There has to eventually be a time when her parents draw the line, but it doesn't look like it'll be anytime soon. They'll probably pay for her shit until they die and then she'll blow whatever inheritance she gets within a week of receiving it.

No. 642227

Nothing more insufferable than watching someone build a house in the sims that doesnt know how to play the sims

No. 642233

File: 1532087259446.png (34.37 KB, 582x222, bangs.png)

Wow, looks like she has an actual hair appointment for once.
Also return of the bangs (which she'll just start pinning back again after like a week).

No. 642273

File: 1532094370458.png (858.17 KB, 720x1126, 20180720_144452.png)

No. 642278

She's getting bangs again?

No. 642280

what are the chances that she's dyeing it all an even natural colour? can we begin to hope? it would really look better and let her give her hair some rest. her hair texture is straight up looking gummy, and she's probably going to end up doing permanent damage if she doesn't lay off the bleach and buns.

No. 642366

his name is neener? oh my god…

No. 642367

She calls Nina "Neener." This cat's name is Pip.

No. 642370

File: 1532102736875.jpeg (980.8 KB, 1125x1469, 2DE9C77E-1967-4249-8214-6C0B47…)

Did she refer to her mum as ‚their‘? Is she queer-ifying her mother now?

No. 642373

I think Jillian was using "they" to refer to her family. As in, her mom added the cat to the family's cat roster. Either way, this is a perfect example of why "they" can't be used as a singular pronoun without being ambiguous and causing confusion.

No. 642398

nah, jill is just bad at grammar

No. 642402

It's not often a native English speaker is so "bad at grammar" that they forget which pronoun to use when referring to their mother. It's clear she's talking about her family there. Jill even says in the next sentence "we," referring, yet again, to the family.

No. 642403

She probably knows that her mom is the only one who cared about getting another cat but then realized it sounded weird so she wanted to make it sound like a family thing instead lol.

No. 642406

who cares

No. 642537

File: 1532115204331.png (629.52 KB, 702x714, 20180720_203225.png)

No. 642541

looking thicker than ever,,, so much for 25 in waist chan

No. 642555

I know not everyone is a pro at playing the sims when it comes to building but I'm having a fit right now. I'm literally screaming on the inside.(no one cares)

No. 642557

This happens to so many people in their 20s - they start drinking and become less active, and slowly just get kinda bloated looking. If she’s anything like people I know, she’s probably going to struggle with her weight for much of the next decade, until she nears 30 and her body’s aging starts to make the hangovers and weightgain so unbearable that she starts taking care of herself again.

No. 642565

(All that to say - it’s easy to let yourself go when half your peers are also too drunk and fat to care.)

No. 642621

Aaand she still can't coordinate and uses clashing shades of pink, almost shaygnar levels of terrible.
Has she even signed up for her classes? Bought school supplies or books?

No. 642639

She's definitely registered but the foundation classes are incredibly basic so the school probably just expects them to buy supplies from the campus store. Most art schools have basic supply shops.

Her first year courses:

>ENGL 1000: Writing for Visual Artists

>FVAD 1004: Colour Study
>DRAW 1000: Drawing from Observation
>DSGN 1000: 2D Design
>HIST 1054: Global Material Culture: Prehistory to 1600

>FVAD 1002: The Creative Process

>FVAD 1005: Media Explorations
>DRAW 1001: Drawing From Observation: Form and Expression
>DSGN 1001: 3D Design
>HIST 1055: Global Material Culture: 1600 to the Present

No. 642669

honestly these all sound super interesting

No. 642677

I really didn’t think she was getting fat but wow. RIP 20 inch waist

No. 642682

Is…her elbow okay? The red one?

No. 642685

it could just be a bad shoop. this angle does her no favors, her arms look a giant flab of fat that just ends at her hand.

No. 642688

Too bad jill won't take advantage of that. She'll just whine about how she's not being seen as a pinnacle of greatness immediately.

No. 642728

I'm calling it, she reads lolcow and is gonna do all purple w sidewswepts like I demonstrated in >>628729

No. 642754

The sooner she gets rid of her fucking seaweed hair, the better.

Lavender would suit her a lot more than whatever the hells currently on her head we call "hair", but then again, she's pretty pale so it could make her look sick from the contrast and blue/purple shadows… Then again, it's jillybean, when does she not look sick?

No. 642766

What is going on with the right side of her hair. It's faded into such an ugly muddy gray color. I hope that hairstylist does a big chop

No. 642775

File: 1532128331220.png (210.63 KB, 1263x492, shelurksherelol.png)

I don't think this is a coincidence?

No. 642791

Perhaps, but that post had nothing to do with the video. She said in the video that the idea came from her patrons since she does exclusive chats and streams with them.

No. 642821

I just realized that her house mockup reminds me of Kelly Eden's house. Kelly Eden is literally what I imagine Jill will be like in the future.

No. 642878

What the fuck even is this? This is like something you'd see at Walmart. Her outfit, the angle, her make up, her face, everything looks horrible. She even looks normal here compared her regular rainbow mismatched looks but it makes her look like someone's try hard mom in their thirties.

No. 642900

Cannot believe how she spends money. I have met VERY few people who are this spoiled (though expected of a single child) then she raises patreon money simply because she is famous to her die hard confetti fans who call her a "struggling college student" She has no real content to offer and does not deserve this money. Shopaholics are entitled. She will never live it down when shes older with actual bills to pay and by then she will be a more extreme hoarder. I may be wrong though. If theres a miracle she will grow up.

Im not jealous of her btw im absolutely pissed and disgusted by her gluttony and narcissism.

No. 642910

the worst part is she's not even an only child, she has a brother almost her age. did her parents only spoil jill rotten or did her brother get this treatment too?

No. 642929

Everyone here is so bitter and jealous of Pixie. She's not perfect, but at least she's not gross, bitter and petty like you pathetic bunch. I bet everyone here are nothing but basic poorfags working shitty dead end retail jobs. Dreaming of living a life like Pixies. Try working on yourselves before you go and trash an innocent child like Jillian. Must suck being such envious poorfags with no life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 642932

hi maggie!!!

No. 642937

>Everyone here is bitter and jealous of Pixie

You must be a new special butterfly Learn to sage.

No. 642940

The only people jealous of her are her autistic fans

No. 642942

You must be one of those jealous land whales who haunts this shit hole.(lel)

No. 642944

>basic poorfags working shitty dead end retail jobs.

Er have you forgotten Pixie's entire work experience is at Claire's Accessories? Now she makes pastel vomit uwu cute videos with whatever obnoxious items she can collate together. She has an array of fans who are all extremely mentally ill and sensitive and even worse at dressing themselves than she is. Surprisingly, not all criticism comes from a place of jealousy. I'm only a casual reader of this thread, but c'mon dude

No. 642962

learn to sage, confetti-chan. nobody's jealous of an unemployed dead-end former retail worker who leeches off mommy and daddy's money to buy crappy chinese plastic toys/shitty rainbow clothes and spent 3 years doing fuck all with her life before going to college on her parents' dime to become a fashun designer (even though she can't sew for shit and her costumes look like they were bought off a knocoff aliexpress store). she's not an artist, she's not a seamstress, she hasn't honed any of her so-called "abilities" in the 20 year she's been alive, she can't even run a youtube channel, the literal reason she quit her shitty job at claire's, all she does is eat junk food and peeps tea in her parents' basement. unless you're a dildo with legs boytoy jill can flaunt on her social media for brownie points, whiteknighting her is gonna get you nowhere. nobody's jealous of her beause you kind of have to have a life or ANY achievements for someone to envy it.

No. 642980

Everyone can’t afford to irresponsibly spend a ton of money on impractical things that don’t need, and still have fans giving them more things that they don’t need. Not everyone acts like a child like Jillian does with her creepy behavior, mannerisms, and outlooks. Most 20 year olds don’t look so aged that they look like smug 30-40 year old moms. Jillian isn’t a child either she’s 20 years old, she’s an adult and she has t seemed to change at all since she started YouTube, she’s gotten worse. She acts like she’s 10 half of the time with her creepy childlike behavior, she’s not levelheaded and easy to listen to like how she was when she started yt. She’s constantly acting quirky and annoying all of time with what she says. Her videos are still based around her spending money instead of doing something interesting like talking/story times or sewing like her audience wants it to be. Also, she’s very spoiled and greedy. She gets gifts from her parents and fans without properly thanking them. She’s acted several times that she needs her fans support to ~stay afloat~ and saying that she’s a ~starving artist~ and then gets mad when people point out how much money she’s spending and says that she works 2-3 jobs like it’s ok to spent a lot of money on things that you don’t need just because you have money. She’a casually mentioned spending 200 dollars during her earlier videos (when she had money from pricemart) and continued to spend large amounts of cash. She’s mentioned spending 200-300 dollars in videos before. She has made a YouTube, a storeenvy, sold at artist alleys, sold merch, sold pins, and made a paetron all so her fans can support her. She still has YouTube, merch, pins and paetron. Pixie is also a bad example for fans because she hasn’t done much expect show off how much money she can spend, and put on a fake persona to cater to people on the internet. She half asses everything, makes herself a victim, is constantly talking about drinking/sex/swearing, and has to have things her way. There’s tons of reasons why we don’t like her that’s because of her personality/actions. Sage for sperging.

No. 643001

> pixie
> innocent child

How do you even

No. 643006

I think her brother is probably more humble and independent since he's already graduated and moved out, with his own job (presumably). Her parents just have shitty parenting skills and shower Jill with material things because she has uwu mentie healf booboos

No. 643045


No. 643161

I know this may be difficult to understand for a 14 year old with no financial literacy whatsoever, but being able to buy something from Lazy Oaf every 2 months while living in Mommy's and Daddy's basement in some Canadian rural dump isn't the height of luxury you make it out to be.

Anyone with a basic income would be able to make the same purchases Jill does, sane people with taste just don't because they know that spending 60 bucks on some ugly, overpriced circus tent or plastic kiddie toys is stupid as fuck. (By the way, Jill is the one who dropped out of various retail jobs before because they were 'too restrictive' and 'too much work', so please don't pretend that your Jillybean is above retail work lol.)
Why would anyone be jealous of an overweight, insecure, below-average IQ gremlin? She has no talents, she isn't clever or funny, the only media she's able to understand is targeted at children for god's sake.
She has middle-class parents who are willing to spoil her and a cringey YT channel with an audience of 12 year olds, that's about it I guess? Truly an accomplished individual.

If I was actually looking for someone to be jealous of it would be someone who's actually skilled, talented and passionate about what they do; not financially dependent on their parents; in shape, conventionally attractive and someone who's able to afford real luxury. So, not Jill.

How about you get some standards? You sound like the real poorfag here. Also, you probably shouldn't refer to other people as landwhales, I think Jill may turn into one herself soon enough kek.

No. 643167

20 inch waist just became a 30 inch. Someone needs To layoff the cheesey bread. Jill you need To get sober and stop eating your feelings. Being in an abusive relationship and having an "ED" when you are 13 is no excuse for this.

No. 643170

you cared enough to comment in red. she sucks at building and it pissed me off. fuck off. how the fuck do you own a game and don't know how to play it.(still don't care, stop derailing)

No. 643172

who cares if she's getting fat. post something tea worthy. miserable fucks.

No. 643193

The thread is for making fun of Jill anon, go to other ones if this one is too boring for you. I'm actually amazed at the fact that Jill has arms for a woman twice her age jfc.

No. 643198

I wonder if Jill will actually put out a weekend video this time, or if she’ll just make up another excuse of “Whoopsie,,, I drank and fiddled with my boytoy’s peen too much last night that I can’t put out a video today,,,, ~please be kind and understand~ I’ll have it up on Monday~~~

No. 643251

There was no abuse, Jill just wasn't interested and it was a messy 13 year old breakup

>fiddled with my boytoy’s peen
The mental image makes me want to vom

No. 643289

File: 1532183403784.jpg (78.24 KB, 1024x578, gG1wE0jB.jpg)

She looks like a fucking gang weed image in this. Peeps rise up.

No. 643298

Her proportions just look weird to me

No. 643316

How dare you anon, can't you see she's CURVY

No. 643375

She has plenty of money to pay bills every month and won't have untrustworthy strangers for roommates. What is there to be afraid or upset about living on her own? I'd love to be in a good financial situation on my own like that.

No. 643440

No. 643444

>basic poorfags working shitty dead end retail jobs

This is what Pixielocks would be without her parents. This is what she was before YouTube, working at Claire's 'member? And she couldn't even tolerate the whole 15 hours a week she worked.
I swear you whiteknights have no perception.

No. 643453

Not that anon, I’m always down for making fun of Jill but making fun of her weight is just nitpicking and an easy target when there’s actual milk to talk about.
Plus it makes us look like we’re just petty and mean instead of being reasonably upset with her bullshit.
It’s the reason we get anons like these >>642929
Because all they see are posts like yours, bullying her for stupid things like her weight, instead of posts about legitimate issues, such as her money spending habits, her dependency on her mother, and her getting spoiled rotten.

TLDR making fun of her weight is petty low hanging fruit. Make fun of her for things that actually matter.

No. 643677

File: 1532213603546.png (473.47 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-07-22-00-52-07…)

No. 643708

Thats a real old pic why u posting

No. 643714

she was borrowing it from her friend lma