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File: 1519590190202.png (312.25 KB, 388x596, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 1.23…)

No. 490382

We expected an outpouring of milk for the 2nd anniversary of Mags stalking Venoos unto the ends of the earth, and she didn’t disappoint. From the first anniversary of her B&E on Venus and Manaki’s place (12/7/16) all through the second anniversary of Venus’s escape from her clutches (1/27/16), Mags kept up a steady stream of loud personas:

- angry bitter bitch (“Venus is a lying bully who isn’t even sick!”)

- to concerned mama (“pray for my baby Venoos, she is sick, I just want to know what is happening”)

- to medical expert (“I can tell her kidneys are failing, I went to radiology school 1 year”)

- to conspiracy theorist (“I heard Manaki poisons her with anti freeze JUST SPECULATING but he did it” “Manaki is killing her to inherit THE CHANNEL”)

- back to spurned lover (“these are many funny memes about how my ungrateful dottir Venoos left me for some baka factory worker!” “we’re both going to die from being separated”)

- We even got “proofs” of Margo’s “strungled toe”… a year after this heinous act was committed?

Margo made some good headway and got some new stans for a few weeks while she kept up her “just a poor worried mama” act, by posting childhood photos of Venus. She also claimed that people who support Venus is the comment section are ACTUALLY just trolls who laugh and poor Venoos! >>485101, and that it was the evil Manaki who brainwashed her >> 485106

Then the 2nd anniversary of Venus’ escape came, and Margo’s “loving mama” masque shattered with a quickness >>486610 She posted a bunch of “memes” she apparently spends most her nights drunkenly making, where she’s the scorned ex girlfriend of her daughter. They’re just as creepily incestuous as it sounds >>486683

It was proved conclusively by an anon that Margo’s crying photo “proof” of being “strangled with a jacket” by Venus >>487002 couldn’t have been taken on 12/7/16, as a photo she posted of herself a week before the break in shows that she’d cut her hair short, at ear level >>487061

It’s the eve of her 43rd birthday (March 3), and since Venus left the hospital – neither dead or divorced, contrary to both of Margo’s smug predictions - and began making YT videos again, Margo has been thirst posting, and trying to copy anything Venus does in a desperate attempt to show the world who the REAL Venoos is. Expect a continued breakdown forthwith.


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No. 490386

File: 1519591324006.png (52.13 KB, 580x215, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.4…)

Tweets are boring and dumb, just like Margo herself. She has 1700+ followers are pretty much zero engagement on everything she write.

Waiting for milk from the kappa.

No. 490392

Good summary op

No. 490408

Is Mama Margaret still paying for her goshiwon or has the kappa gone to solely relying off her Korean craigslist ads?

No. 490409

We're not entirely sure, but Margo did mention again recently that she speaks to her mother every day, so we can assume "Operation: make Margitka feel sorry for me" is still in full effect. With that probably comes cash donations from time to time, but since Margo's out working at hotels late nights, she's likely having to rely more on her own labor than on her mother to pay the rent.

I doubt Margitka and Ferenc would allow Mags to become actually homeless, tho, so Margitka most likely pitches in when Mags comes up a day late and a won short.

No. 490412

Marge finally understood that her last comment in ig sounded retarded and deleted it.

No. 490494

File: 1519644611431.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-26-06-30-20.p…)

Beautiful jung margaret

No. 490500

bless you op anon for this image choise

No. 490502

and bless you for this summary top kek

No. 490521

… and it's deleted.

No. 490527

File: 1519675244136.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, BBAA88D1-2B16-4E4B-91D5-28EF48…)


Really, Margo? (vomiting 5ever)

No. 490528

She's really into these fake backgrounds right now - guess she realized we can only stare at that carpeted wall with a brick pattern so many time.

Makes me wonder if she's having trouble finding jobs, she's usually out at enough hotels for different backgrounds for photos. So she's just stuck in her tiny room full of boxes, shooping her face into another dimension.

No. 490536

Hahaha but anon it’s #gingham! Which is super kawaii (my phone kept trying to autocorrect to lawsuit lololol) and therefore befitting the lovely river kappa!

No. 490556

How dare she leave her poor mother to pay her own bills? Doesn’t she know it’s her job to pay marge’s bills, just like she did all through her teens? Bad bad booly VENOOS leaving poor margaret to fend for herself!

No. 490560

If she just played it cool and lovebombed Venus this whole time I feel like she would be allowed back in her booly dotter's life eventually. Venus is naive af, I don't think she'd be able to keep her out forever if she never flamed her so hard. Margo fucked herself over by going full retard.

Still, Venus hasn't even blocked Margo on Insta or anything from what I recall… Wonder why that is. Maybe she's still open to forgiving her someday. Can't really think of another reason why she wouldn't block her already. The old hag practically lives in her comment section.

No. 490562

Margaret hasn’t been able to comment on Venus’s instagram for almost two years now since Venus finally blocked her. Where are you seeing these comments?

No. 490569

lol no anon
margo was blocked, that's why she sends her stans to leave nasty coments on her behalf

No. 490593

My bad then.
I seem to remember someone saying Margo keeps stalking Penus' comment sections in the previous thread. Guess I misinterpreted the situation there.

No. 490633

I wonder if Venus abused laxatives and thats what damaged her system… having to take antibiotics and the surgery…
Heres a video of a case https://youtu.be/9zSdk97c1sQ

No. 490649

margo does read the comment sections and send unsolicited dms to Venus' followers, also the lapras tard and some other poor idiots does her bid there. But she cannot comment in her daughter's posts anymore.

No. 490651

Marge does stalk Venus’s instagram comments obsessively but she can only read, not comment. We know she does this because people have said she’s DMd them to complain about their comments in Venus’s instagram. She goes over all Venus’s comments every day like the deranged stalker she is (many of the comments she’s DMd people about were written days after the post originally went up.)

No. 490689

thats a pretty big stretch anon, sounds like you're buying into margos "wenoos has un eating disooder" BS

Venus is probably just being secretive because 1) health problems are private in general and 2) she doesn't want her nutty, obsessed mother putting her shit on blast even though it will probably sadly happen no matter how much/little is shared

No. 490696

Marghost posted an old video again.

No. 490704

and it’s the one venus watched and realized she was brainwashed in! gg, margo

No. 490709

I don't remember she mentioned it but I guess that at a certain moment of her life she got slowly aware of her brainwash after moving to her husband in Japan.

No. 490713


I love that in this very interview she basically says the opposite of what she's currently claiming now. That the channel is Venus' and no where does Margo say its hers or that she does any of the work. Unlike now how she's claiming all the old videos were her idea and work, and that she co-owned the channel.

No. 490724

File: 1519783261669.png (73.65 KB, 658x296, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 5.48…)

She's still so fucking streamed that her little dolly puppet got away.

Interesting claim here from Mags - that they were filmed on their own. But Maggot was glommed right to Venus's side during the whole interview, just like she always demanded to be. So did the interviewer pull Venus aside and give her some truth?

Mags is right to point to this video as the beginning of the end for her; Venus herself posted a photo in instagram stories from this interview, saying she was brainwashed. This interviewer was brilliant to see Mags for exactly what she was (controlling abusive narc mom monster); and let Venus see her mom clearly for a minute; AND let Margo hang herself on film given enough rope.

Margo is just sitting in her tiny hoarded up room, stewing about the past, and where it all went wrong for her. The birthday salt cometh.

No. 490726

Why so defensive though marge? And why post a video if she’s that butthurt about looking bad in it?

No. 490728

>because Canada turned into Trudeauism wearing cocksocks
What does this even mean? Fucking margo is even more incoherent than usual.

No. 490736

File: 1519785136313.png (26.79 KB, 419x142, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 6.30…)

>>why post a video if she’s that butthurt about looking bad in it?

I think she's butthurt that someone else hosting this video has gotten 800k+ views off it (photo is from the same video on another channel); same reason she's re-posting her old videos with Venus. She wants those views to herself, and she wants to be able to prune the resultant comment section to her liking.

No. 490737

File: 1519785248764.png (90.46 KB, 817x597, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 6.32…)

And this is but a tiny sample of the many comments from the other person's channel - pretty much everyone is horrified by Margo.

Mags wants to suck up some views, and she wants to be able to curate the comments so people take her side; "oh that reporter was so mean, what a cuck! #MAGA #kekistan"

No. 490753

okay, that explains the butthurt and defensiveness then. She can’t tolerate criticism in any form at all. Surprised she hasn’t pulled out the BOOLIED! card yet.

No. 490786

Maybe she means that Trump is sexier than Trudeau.

No. 490806

But that's not how blocking works on Instagram.

No. 490807

You can log out and still see everything someone posts, dude. Or make a sock account so you can also see their Instagram stories.

Margo is known to do both. Catch up.

No. 490808

File: 1519803699863.jpg (148.49 KB, 1029x667, Screenshot_20180227-233702.jpg)

The reply blocking is already in effect; YT says there's 20 comments, but I see maybe 8.

And when you try to see which comments are there, there's nothing below. Mags is blocking anything not within her narrative, which was the point of reuploading this on her channel

No. 490810

YT says 20 comments total that is; and there's zero replies visible beneath this comment of hers

No. 490819

>Canada turned into Trudeauism wearing cocksox

kek at the totally random Canada hate.

No. 490821

I know this video's been discussed a few times before but the parts that always get me:
3:12 Venus understands the question better but Margo scoffs and acts like she's wrong.
6:42 How did Margo go from plastic surgery to the host changing career? Her bizarre rambling in Marglish never gets old.
7:35 Margo touches Venus' shoulder and she looks absolutely terrified

No. 490826

trying to squeeze out every little cent she can get out of venus, even when she is out of maggot's reach

No. 490827

I haven’t seen that interview in a long time but damn… Watching Margaret again just reinforces how irritating and unpleasant she has always been and how Venus was walking on eggshells whenever she was around. And worst of all, Margaret didn’t make sense half the time.

Fucking Margaret muttering to herself and shaking her head whenever Venus had a chance to speak. She wouldn’t even look at Venus as she spoke, like normal people do, because she was too busy analyzing her every word to makes sure she didn’t say the “wrong” thing. Getting pissed off at a simple question about jeans because Margaret never stops projecting her own feelings of inadequacy and confusion. Wtf… It’s so uncomfortable to watch.

No. 490831

File: 1519829494675.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-02-28-09-50-36.p…)

Who takes these photos? Does she have a friend, a random passerby, or a tripod-san? Maybe she props her phone up on a random surface? Not very smart in the rain either way.

No. 490832

File: 1519829559810.jpg (128.32 KB, 1242x986, BXpV4oo.jpg)

Am I overreacting by thinking we really need to watch this guy closely or may end up doing something scary? He is only in Australia and it wouldn’t take him long to fly to Japan or South Korea.

And of course, Margaret liked his comment.

No. 490834

What’s fucked up about the video is you can tell Venus is coached on what to say. Also, her mother did these videos to attract guys because it’s like they they teach you about human trafficking and sex trade when you take criminology classes. Several threads back they talked about Margo trying to hook her daughter up with wealthy men. Which is what some highend sex traders do.

Venus eventually finally started trying to take control and now you see the full blown slander campaign.

Another anon mentioned abuse of laxatives but to think if she is having surgery, not knowing other symptoms, she could of had issues from being around her mother with things being put into the food or types of food that had eroded the lining and caused infection to happen from a weak immune system with her body finally getting away from it all. Aka. Acid reflux caused by foods or meds can erode the stomach and cause you sometimes to vomit blood requiring other medical attention.

No. 490841

File: 1519831754688.jpeg (69.48 KB, 1499x195, 0A4E780E-F20C-4AA7-96D0-31DB65…)

Now 31 comments but only 19 are visible. Including this one that hasn’t been deleted (yet)

No. 490848

Oh my god, that cringy attempt at doing a "kawaii" pose combined with the grandma clothes. This jung Fraulein is really showing us haters she's still got it!

No. 490851

Those legs looking like twin sausages bursting at the seams. So wrong and so not cute. Cover those things up please!

No. 490854

Manaki uploaded a new video to his channel, about their trip to Disney Sea for Venus’s birthday. With no promotion at all (no instagram post) it already has more views in 3 hours than any of margo’s last 7 videos, including the old interviews she’s posted.

No. 490855

Wonder how Margo will celebrate her birthday? Oh yeah that would be just like every other day, sitting alone in her rented cubicle or walking the streets of Seoul alone.

No. 490856

She probably saved 20 bucks to eat a whole birthday cake by herself

No. 490859



>When you can't even afford the dollar store anymore because you spent your monthly budget on a cake to eat alone.

No. 490883

Things that will piss margaret off about this video:
- Manaki looks cute
- Venus looks cute
- they both seem happy asf together while
- marge has no one
- it’s getting many times more views than any of her recent videos despite no promotion
- Venus got a trip to Disney for her bday while marge will likely get nada for hers
- V and M have money to spend on silly stuff while marge is broke sitting alone in a rented cubicle

No. 490886

jeez no visible ankles. menopause must take its toll on her

No. 490889

File: 1519861466034.jpeg (122.1 KB, 282x875, 437330C2-EF57-4FDD-9C9D-E36D2D…)

ikr?? Those cankles are killing me. As are the orthopedic granny shoes and what looks like support hose.

Dear marge, your lined saggy face is not cute and your sausage legs are gross. Please stop.

No. 490895

Didnt they meet at Disneyland(not this one) during a meet up? They shoukd do a trip there for their anniversary.

Only one thing will piss her off: Manaki made the video. Its gonba be more proof hes using Venus in her mind. Hes slowing trying to take over Venus's youtube life.

No. 490896

She is going for the kowaii aesthetic, perhaps.

No. 490899

In all honesty, stop nit picking so hard.
1: It's not funny
2: It got old two years ago

Despite being deranged hobo, she has better looks than majority of women her age. She could settle up with a man, but her narcisstic disorders cripples her ability to interact with people and maintain relationship.

No. 490903

File: 1519868544421.jpeg (140.28 KB, 516x689, 8C329690-EFBD-4FA6-9A79-00F67A…)

>better looks than majority of women her age.
You’re kidding, right? She’s a fucking gargoyle. And pointing out that fact is not “nitpicking.”

No. 490904

she looks like a spoopy ana with yaoi hands in this pic wtf? this is such a bad angle.

No. 490905

>she has better looks than majority of women her age

anon, you might be relieved to know that Margo actually looks pretty bad for her age. Even without having work done, a lot of 40 year olds just look like they did in their mid to late 30s. It's not tha t common to have such deep lines in your early 40s. Her frumpy hair and clothes are totally premature, and she's always been a little below average in looks in the face so not sure where you get the idea that she somehow looks better than most 40 year olds. Is it just that she's not obese or super leathery from sun exposure and smoking?

No. 490906

Legchan remains obsessed, I see.

No. 490907

I think >>490899 anon needs to either get their eyes checked or stop believing marge’s massively filtered photos are real. Or maybe both.

No. 490909

I wonder if the interviewer knows that Venus indeed ran away

No. 490910

Her legs are nasty. Thick, lumpy and misshapen and the cutesy pigeon-toed posing makes it even worse. Sorry if that hurts your feelings but it’s the truth.

No. 490911

File: 1519871176435.gif (1.28 MB, 250x198, 1481207117736.gif)

>she has better looks than majority of women her age
oh sweet naive anon.

No. 490912

She looks like gollum in this. Which I think captures her slimy nature perfectly.

No. 490914

File: 1519872083589.jpeg (360.95 KB, 658x1531, 4B3D5539-1544-4F62-BCF6-B1BB49…)

nitpicking? don’t think so.
this is what I’m talking about. She’s nasty.

No. 490918

>better looks than
jfc she looks as old as her mother now.

No. 490919

why would he care

No. 490932

File: 1519883287889.jpg (16.28 KB, 692x123, one lonely thumbs down.JPG)

No. 490937

That one dislike must be from Margo.

No. 490943

File: 1519886573972.jpg (56.63 KB, 800x246, BeautyPlus_20180301054951_save…)

Marge's mad at asslabyrinth.
Just keep being an emasculated good dog, dude. We know much you wanted to be rejected like shit.

No. 490945

you know most of us can't read this. at least provide translation.

No. 490946

I wonder if whatever program that ran this is still on air or if the guy who was conducting the interview is still available. Imagine how awesome it'd be if we got a follow up interview.

No. 490947

I'll give it at try:

Mik Knt:"ahh, you get much hate for this video. I wanted to help you, explain to you, what happened, but you didn't want it."
Marg: "With helping you mean when I don't do what you say, even if we're not even close, you come with passive agressive stuff(translators note: don't ask, it's marglish). go unchek yourself." (don't know how to translate this but you could read this as "go fuck yourself")

weeabochan: "somehow your german is so weird"

No. 490950

File: 1519899065672.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-03-01-05-10-43.p…)

I guess she uploaded this last night but she deleted it. It was still on my Instagram tho.

No. 490959

What's with this new ((jew)) skin she's slipping into? Are middle aged Satanic Koreaboo Jews a hot demographic I'm not aware of?

No. 490961

I was just curious. Might be amusing to know that you were proven right. Also this >>490946

fucking lol

Dunno but it's funny how no one has asked about her ~judaism~.
Not even Satan wanted to be worshiped by this weirdo.

No. 490970


Damn, her German is so awful. The way she writes makes her look like some edgy, undereducated teen lmao

>Geh mal check dich aus

uh.. watch out we have a badass over here that tries to keep up with today's Jugend!1

No. 490977

>some edgy, undereducated teen
That’s basically what she is, mentally.

No. 490978

File: 1519923565605.png (145.33 KB, 584x620, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 16.5…)

Hot chocolate and chocolate pancakes? Wow, Margo must have been working overtime to afford those luxuries.
Also, looks like she's going to continue the psychology training route?

No. 490991

I must say I am impressed by her lack of reaction to Venus getting better, leaving the hospital and going out on dates. I thought she would have a major breakdown.

No. 491007

You think turning jewish, immediately copying Manaki's "got out of hospital" video at an open air market with ax exotic trip to the dollar store, and re-posting old videos of herself being interviewed as Venoos' "celebrity manager" aren't ample proof of her unraveling?

I mean, I know we're used to epic levels of milk from Margo, but please appreciate how insane even her quieter fuming is.

No. 491018

You know, when she’s not raging against her kid she’s really nothing but a boring middle aged loser.

No. 491024

File: 1519951098423.png (123.04 KB, 831x638, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.27…)

So, those wondering where Mags was directing her crazy rage right now: look no further than the comment section of that Entrevue interview with Venus. Mags is in rare form: firstly, she's not bitter, who says she's bitter?

No. 491026

File: 1519951152534.png (33.91 KB, 496x207, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.27…)

This interview was "an altered reality", because narcs can't stand it when their gaslighting gets blown up by someone in real time

No. 491027

File: 1519951194603.png (75.29 KB, 827x315, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.28…)

Mags hates the trannies and the fats

No. 491028

File: 1519951220041.png (42.99 KB, 786x242, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.28…)

No. 491029

File: 1519951296875.png (94.78 KB, 830x356, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.29…)

Mags wasn't getting exposed as the narc she is, she was being gaslit by a sociopath who "imitated grabbing titties!" but of COURSE they edited all that out just to make her look bad

No. 491030

File: 1519951372283.png (68.42 KB, 842x276, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.29…)

"Imagine having someone see right through your narc act, it was terrifying!" Then some marglish about a Canadian minster??

No. 491031

File: 1519951407520.png (94.46 KB, 813x353, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.30…)

Marge accuses the interviewer of "doing genocide on Canadians"

No. 491032

File: 1519951471057.png (128.31 KB, 782x552, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.30…)

Sorry, Trudeau is doing the Canadian genocide, apparently, This is her "proofs"

No. 491033

File: 1519951630963.png (90.78 KB, 834x336, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.31…)

Margo getting weird and defending Venus, saying she's not fat. But then saying that she, Margo, kept trying to "train" Venus to make her not fat but V was too lazy, unlike Margo, who is strong and definitely NOT fat.

Her inability to separate Venus's person from herself is showing here, as she struggles with what she perceives as an insult to Venus's weight (which wasn't what the person said at all), then talk down on V because she's competition, then switching to talking about herself because she and Venus are one, in the her own mind.

No. 491034

File: 1519951735563.png (31.73 KB, 819x109, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.31…)

Margo also claims that Venus told the interviewer she wanted to slap him (uh, transference much, Mags? lol, YOU looked like you wanted to deck him, V looked like she'd rather be anywhere else and terrified of you). But of COURSE this was cut out, along with all of the "manipulations" Margo claims went on.

No. 491035

File: 1519951796217.png (32.21 KB, 422x203, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 4.32…)

Venus' height, and admission that she actually has no idea how her kid is (which means you also cannot divine that she's being poisoned and suffering from kidney failure, Mags.)

No. 491036

margaret spends way too much time in /pol/

"I don't know!-it's not like I stalk her instagram 24/7 or something!!!"

No. 491072

'I am heavier because of muscle.'


No. 491078

And yet she's so "soft and smol" when big bad Venoos hulk smashed through a glass security door to attack Margo one of only a million times? And 90 lbs Venoos strungled her with a jacket when poor Margaret just went a-visiting innocently to her daughter's home after jimmying the door open?

Make up your mind, Mags. Are you thicc and strong (read: fat), or smol and weak and so abused?

No. 491080

File: 1519969610199.jpg (413.3 KB, 800x1212, BeautyPlus_20180302064601_save…)

I really don't get why she wants to keep that domain name. Update date: 2018-02-18

No. 491088

File: 1519974741866.jpg (402.76 KB, 978x1372, Screenshot_20180301-231153.jpg)

Uh, did mags just give out her actual address and phone number? Seoul anons, what dis?

No. 491101

File: 1519981179059.jpg (72.98 KB, 720x530, 1433705668496.jpg)

She's like 48. I know you might think that she's 74 and thus assume she is looking good for her age, but no. She looks horrible for 48. My grandma is 82 and looks better than Margot. That's not a humble brag about my grandma, Margo just really looks that bad for her age.

Margot needs to stop investing her hobo bucks
on home perms and go for a moisturizer.

Google says Seocho is an expensive neighborhood? How much do you bet it on being an address of one of her John's she tricked?

No. 491111

Worse: She just turned 43!

43 is not old, yet she looks very rough. I say this as someone who has many friends that are in their 40’s. Just in the past 3-4 years, she has aged significantly and sagging is particularly bad. Sometimes you can’t fight bad genetics but this woman is living a self-imposed stressful, empty lifestyle and heavily drinks. Add mental illness to that mix and she does not look like a early 40’s healthy person. She is only better than average when you compare to how many middle age people have hard, stressful lifestyles. That is not a good pool.

No. 491113

Probably just a random address, in my opinion

No. 491135

File: 1520002644761.jpg (20.57 KB, 224x207, cutedate.jpg)

More Margo rage incoming soon…

No. 491138

This is going to trigger margo. Birthday presents from the inlaws
>Post From My Parents

No. 491143

Interesting reactions to the bday gifts:
- do I deserve this? (I’m not worthy) and
- how will I pay them back?

Classic raised by a narcissist reactions.

No. 491145

>”Something I like?”
>dramatic pause
>wicked laugh

Oh, lord. Margo’s Autist Army will love that. Lol

Wow, Manaki’s parents are so caring and Venus has nothing but wonderful things to say about them. It’s so sad that she feels a pang of guilt because they are so kind to her. Poor girl doesn’t realize how doing nice things for loved ones without expecting to be paid back is normal!

No. 491150

>without expecting to be paid back is normal!
hopefully she’s learning this (along with many other things that are/are not ‘normal’) now in her new life away from the lunatic narcissist that raised her.

No. 491154

that and it's very customary in japan to refuse/be humble as hell about gifts. and getting gifts usually means you are socially obligated to give a gift in return.

No. 491155

you guys are really naive if you think japan doesn't instill those kinds of values already.

No. 491157

the xmas presents video with margo was the best example of it. Wenoos was all cheery and happy telling how much she loved margo, only to get scolded and called "creepy"

No. 491158

Is that the one where Venus throws her arms around margot and says “I love you mommy” while marge just sits there like a stone statue, not moving or responding in any way? That always creeped me out.

No. 491161

We have an address, we know she's violating korean visa laws, we just need a korean anon to call the authorities to show her the way back home.(Not your personal army)

No. 491162

we don't even know if that's her actual address

yes. Margo talking through her teeth was scary

No. 491165


The show is still airing. It is called Les francs tireurs and the interviewer is Richard Martineau.

No. 491172


Is there any evidence that Maggot has been watching Manaki's videos? I would pay to be a fly on her wall when V says "Thank you Mommy and Daddy"

RIP sage

No. 491180

So they definitely dont share a room, thats gonna be mentioned by Margo for sure

No. 491181

Next post will be something like

>"I'm utterly disgusted that my ASEXUAL VIRGIN SLUT PARENT-ABUSING TOE STEPPER dooter @venusangelic doesn't share a room with sexy boy manaki. Isn't that suspicious? Not saying she brainwashed him for a spouse visa or anything. Meanwhile have a pic of me wearing matching pink pajamas just like wenoos ^o^ #margaret #venusangelic #dissapointed #pinkpajamas"

No. 491183

I think it is sweet Manaki is letting her have her space. It's clear Venus might never had her own room and space. Didn't Margo make her sleep next to her or some shit?

The more videos I see of Manaki, the more I like him.

Spot on prediction.

No. 491189

I think they shared a bed.

No. 491192

Probably. But they've explained before that he works nights, so he has his own space to sleep during the day, and she has her own place to film.

As much as Margo is furious she didn't get to auction off Venus's virginity and so insists that Venus has never slept with Mana, it's pretty clear from the way the Okadas make sexual jokes and interact that they have chemistry and act on it. But short of Venus releasing a pr0n movie with full penetration shots, Mags will go on insisting that Venus doesn't have sex, because Margo can't stand not controlling it.

If Margo had gotten her way and lived with them, she'd have shared Venus's bed and cock blocked Mana at every turn like a duenna. And if they did have sex, shed spy on them, and she'd always be trying to hit on Manaki herself ("oops this little towel I was wearing fell down! Tee her, like what you see, my son? Can Venoos put her legs behind her head? I can, watch")

Thank god Venus put her foot down after the airport incident, because they'd have never gotten Mags to leave once she'd gotten a foot on the door.

No. 491200

Didn't she also try to say Venus cheated on Manaki by posting a picture of "her" in someone's bed aka Magoo in her pajamas? Which one is it? She's an asexual virgin for life or a vapid slut who can't keep her legs closed when she's not busy strungling her poor abused mom.

No. 491208

and remember that time margo said she heard from their landlord that ~Venus was hostessing~ and earning a fuckton of money off it to justify the 3k usd monthly extortion? kek

>shed spy on them
even worse, margo would record them. This bitch is so creepy and perverted.
Didn't she said once that even Manaki's father was hitting on her?

No. 491212

Yes that is correct. But to Margo, every man is hitting on her. Just a simple "Nice to meet you, you look nice today" means you want to fuck her.
She even claimed that Manaki was hitting on her.

No. 491217

I dont recall her saying that. Was it around the first break in?

No. 491218

Sometimes I can't decide who's worse, maggot or kiki.

No. 491221

>margo said she heard from their landlord that ~Venus was hostessing~
She didn’t say she heard it from the landlord, just said she heard it

No. 491222

File: 1520034594917.png (72.23 KB, 399x211, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

my bad, you're right anon.

No. 491223

Mags posted it on her instagram in the Spring of 2016, while Venus's channel had been down for a while due to her claims and she was feeling extra smug.

No. 491224

File: 1520034669580.png (47.78 KB, 593x92, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)


No. 491226

File: 1520034801789.png (49.53 KB, 308x280, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 3.53…)

Oooh and here she says clearly that she filed for refunds for their Korean school tuition. She was saying last month that Venus left her with credit card debt from this.

Lol, but you got a refund for it and got pissed she didn't thank you for refunding your own credit card?

No. 491228

Lol how crazy is this bitch; "your husband makes $2000 a month, so give me $3000 a month forever, kthx". Mags said this while the channel was down and Venus had zero income from it; she was trying to blackmail Venus into promising her a monthly income if she left off filling claims. Thank goodness YT pulled its head out of its ass and found Margo's claims to be worthless.

Math motherfucker, how does it work?

No. 491252

File: 1520041809461.jpeg (469.49 KB, 2046x1325, 2FAEC65D-36ED-47E0-A9D8-2034B5…)

She finally shut her online ‘shop’ down, after selling exactly zero items.

No. 491263

I have lived in Japan for many years and have a Japanese family. What about you? It is NOT normal think you must PAY BACK someone. Exchanging a gift of equal value is customary to show gratitude or you bring a gift when you visit someone’s home. When on vacation, you pick up several souvenirs too. No different than the West. Feeling like you do not deserve to be treated nicely is NOT normal. You also don’t understand how it works within family situations, especially with in-laws. It is not the same dynamic as friends or coworkers.

It’s really not uncommon to have a separate rooms in Japan, especially when you work odd hours. Some couples also do that if one of them snores badly or has bad sleep patterns. Some will also share a room, but have separate beds adjusted to their liking. If it is a love marriage, they still find time(and places) for romance. It’s just getting proper sleep is different issue then a symbolic display of intimacy. Margaret said their home is a 3 bedroom. With that amount a space for just the two of them, why not have fun with their own personal areas? It’s obvious from Manaki’s bold humor and body language that he is not being deprived. Lol. It’s just a cultural difference, not an indicator of intimacy.

I still can’t get over how she expects anyone to believe that a Japanese landlord was so eager to spill detailed personal information(illegal!) about his tenants to a strange foreign woman who does not speak Japanese. It’s impossible! Nobody does that.

$5,750 over two years? TWO YEARS? Is that supposed to a lot when she, the adult, decided to move and store countless boxes with no longterm plan or backup? If she got a job, that would not be a lot of money. She is always acting like what she is paying for average living and moving costs is so unusual but average families pay a lot more, with less complaining.

No. 491274

What, no more Venusangelic.com online shop? On to her next (failed) scam..

No. 491284

Notice the hickey? Yea people you thick as shit if they thinks she's still a virgin.(derailing)

No. 491290

I really hope she put the weight back on.

No. 491294

what? anon that's where the central line she had was inserted
also no one cares if wenoos is still a virgin or not, the only one obsessed with that is margaret

No. 491297

File: 1520046254067.png (237.76 KB, 414x330, 5436.png)

I think that's more likely from her TPN.

No. 491301

Who gives a fuck if she's a virgin except Marge?
Even if she wasn't before Manaki it doesn't matter, she's married now she shouldn't be one….

No. 491307

At this rate, Manaki’s English will improve faster than Margaret’s. It won’t be long until he’ll be able to understand the full scope of Margaret’s ramblings and accusations. I’m wondering how this will affect their future interactions and if he will remain passive.

No. 491309

jesus christ he ugly

No. 491310

Yeah he really is, but if he makes Venus happy and Margo pissed then who cares.

No. 491315

Venus probably said enough. No matter what, Venus is the most important. Deleting Margo from her life and giving her new parents is the kindest thing anyone can do for her

No. 491324

Definitely doesn't look like a residential address. I'm assuming it's some sort of government building or other public facility. There's an elementary school right next to it.

It's right next to Gangnam, which is pretty ritzy. It's probably expensive to live there, but it doesn't have the same glamor as Gangnam or some of the other districts

No. 491334


Its probably a starbucks with free wifi she was sleeping on the floor at, or she rented a small airbnb bedroom.

I'm still curious how this ham is still affording this even. 2 years without work, and the better half of the first year she spent flying around the globe. Honestly, Venus must of let her a pretty massive amount of money to be still living off of today.

No. 491337

File: 1520093712061.jpeg (176.98 KB, 932x1085, 918B169E-EF56-4D14-8BC6-B0353F…)

I don’t get where all this ‘Manaki is ugly’ crap is coming from, unless you think Asians in general are ugly? To me he’s an average to semi cute looking Asian guy. Not even close to ‘ugly.’

No. 491338


Although he's not my type whatsoever I have to agree. I think he's more on the baby cute side than hot by I don't think he's ugly. My friend who has lived in Japan mentioned that the average person isn't all that attractive. I feel like people who idolize Japan or have yellow fever have some kind of fucked up standards and believes all Asians have to look like kpop stars to be considered hot when the majority of people don't look anything like them.
Safe for no contribution

No. 491339

File: 1520094148569.jpg (8.33 KB, 107x124, 1520002644761.jpg)

>I don’t get where all this ‘Manaki is ugly’ crap is coming from
This one comment specifically is coming from the image it is quoting.

No. 491341

Yeah I know where it’s coming from and I still don’t see ‘ugly’ there. This is how Asians look, if that’s ‘ugly’ to you I guess you just think Asians are ugly. As the above commenter said he’s not a k pop star but he is more attractive than most average Asian guys.

No. 491342

>I still don’t see ‘ugly’ there

No. 491344

even if venus was a hostess at one stage, it isn't anything more than talking to drunk dudes so they buy expensive drinks at the bar

No. 491345

Manaki is average if thats ugly to you guys then so be it we dont need to fucking hear it everytime hes pictured.

And the the hostess thing. Yeah its just Margo ramablings. She went on a long spell about how friends were telling her about the shit Venus was doing. Which is how she thought she could find Manaki's folks or break in when neither were home. Even though 1)she doesnt speak Japanese or Korean and 2)She has no friends.
Why folks were taking her shit at face value about Venus's wellbeing i will never know. Venus doesnt talk to her and Manki only speaks up when he wants Margo to fuck off.

No. 491346


Idk if he's ugly but he looks super weird, he has no uper lip and when he smiles it looks like he has huge cheek implants that are going to pop out of his face and his haircut does no favors to him either.

No. 491352

File: 1520101021109.jpeg (359.1 KB, 1889x1147, 4D1D3267-43F9-4CE1-8DDB-CF4771…)

He has high cheekbones like most Asians and his lips look pretty normal to me. They look like an average cute interracial couple.

No. 491360


He had extremely high, prominent cheekbones. I think he's cute. Just a little different looking.

No. 491379

Who cares how he looks, as long as he keeps Venus happy and far away from her psycho mother.

No. 491381

That's exactly what I said before the sperging happened. People shouldn't care that hard about others not finding Manaki attractive. As long as he makes Venus that's all that's necessary to make Margo go nuts, not what we think.

No. 491383

Yes, the way he treats her makes him attractive. Hes careful, nice and teases her on a nice way. And I also dont think that hes ugly, hes average

No. 491384

The more I see of Manaki the cuter he gets, it’s because he’s clearly in love with Venus and tries to support her the best he can. When they went on their day date after her release from the hospital and he was so clearly concerned about her, asking if it was okay, bina-tan, that’s when I was like who gives a shit how he looks.

We should all be so lucky to have someone give that many fucks for us.

No. 491385

Could we keep this thread on subject..
Manaki's looks have absolutely nothing to do with Margo, and at this point its derailing. Bring it to Venus' thread in snow if you want to debate his looks.

No. 491386

File: 1520112985614.png (65 KB, 437x87, mom of the year.png)

>As long as he makes Venus that's all that's necessary to make Margo go nuts

Right? margo just wants everybody around her to be miserable. Pic very related

for some weird reason whenever the milk is scarce aome anons start nitpicking manaki's looks

No. 491390

When was this??

No. 491392

Please don't derail over Manaki's appearance. Unless it's directly related to Margaret discuss it in Venus' thread in snow.

No. 491396

This was from right after Venus left margo, two years ago. She was in all out rage mode nonstop day and night on instagram.

No. 491464

And to think Weenoos is hosting a giveaway right now. Maggot must be livid.

Btw, wasn't her birthday yesterday?

No. 491467

Yes it was and not a peep out of her on instagram or youtube, don’t know about twitter cause I’m blocked. I think she’s probably drowning her sorrows in cheap korean alcohol for a few days. If so she’ll wake up hung over and in an extra foul mood, especially given V and M’s recent youtube activity.

No. 491473

File: 1520185489104.png (13.04 KB, 588x90, screenshot-twitter.com 2018.03…)

nothing interesting there either, this is the only tweet she made.

No. 491480

Magpie is her kekotalk screen name, just fyi. Probably some drunk musing while customers email her.

Wonder if she'll apply for the giveaway.

No. 491509

i thought her birthday was in february

No. 491524

No, Venus’s is in Feb. Marge’s is in March.

No. 491604

venus had mentioned for several times that she has her room but uses the bed in her room solely as a couch.

No. 491607

>But short of Venus releasing a pr0n movie with full penetration shots, Mags will go on insisting that Venus doesn't have sex, because Margo can't stand not controlling it.
jesus fucking christ, top fucking kek

No. 491608

fees for maintaining this website are probably also on her imaginary list of
>bills she left me on

No. 491624

>inb4 margaret tries to claim it as her intellectual property being used without her consent

Margo reminds me of the Grandma from Gabriel García Marquez's novel Eréndira.

>tl;dr: asshole old hag loses her house in a fire accidentally caused by her 13 yr old granddaughter. In order to get repaid for the damage, asshole granny forces her into sex work, dragging her from town to town to pimp her, until the girl finally runs away.

obviously Weenoos isn't a literal hooker unlike the girl in the book, but the similarities between both Maggot and the grandma are uncanny. Entitled narcissist leechers.

No. 491676

Maggie magoo is only this quite when she is irl busy. I wonder if she's planned another short trip to Japan, in the area of wherever Venus might be.

No. 491692

I wondered for a while if she is just paying a 24/7 internet cafe cubicle. saw a documentary about those and even low-income koreans sleep in those, as they are the cheapest (?) option with no longterm commitment.
also because of that reappearing wall:

No. 491737

Not always, sometimes when she’s quiet she’s just sulking (or on a multi-day bender.) This happened recently during Venus’s hospital stay and she came back meaner and more foul than ever.

No. 491752

I think she’s still in a cheap goshiwan. Basically a slightly larger cubicle with a cot to sleep on instead of a chair. She changes to a new one every few months, possibly because they might have maximum stay limits?

No. 491775

I've never seen a max stay limit on a goshiwan but Margo may well be asked to leave regularly due to the amount of stuff she's hauling with her. The rooms are intendes for short term student stays with a sole focus on quiet study and no guests, and she's twice the age of everyone else there, a loud alcoholic, and hauling a good 30 boxes with her (unless she put them back in storage again.)

No. 491800

idk in Korea but normally when you try to rent an apartment and specially when you’re a foreigner, the landlord will ask for a big dossier with stuff like visa, proof of incoming, link with university/school, work contract etc. how can she install herself if she has no proof of regular and legal income? Even in a student room
Maybe she goes from hotel to hotel or she’s with those people that rent a room in their house informally.
I just know that for going through all those hardships that’s it’s living abroad when you have no business abroad, this woman should be motivated by tons of the most genuine hate.
Venus is very brave, being target of such terrible creature like this should be scary.

No. 491806

Marge used to be scary back when she had Venus (and her income) in her iron grip, and right after Venus left when she still had weapons like shutting down her channel with false copyright strikes. Nowadays she’s powerless and toothless with nothing left in her arsenal but an increasingly irrelevant instagram account and a sad Youtube channel that nobody watches. She’s all bark and no bite, more impotent as time goes by. It is interesting to watch a defanged narc slowly wither away after its victim cuts it off though, isn’t it? She’s a stubborn old thing, still barking but just not able to bite anymore.

No. 491833

Too bad she can’t buy instagram comments. Poor thing only gets attention/comments when she posts something about her kid, otherwise she stays in single digits. Must be tough for an old narc to be ignored like this. That’s one of the things they hate most.

No. 491834

File: 1520301044332.png (600.78 KB, 936x600, so kawaiiiiii.png)

so glamorous!

No. 491837

>on the rooftop with @fashionnova
Fashion nova = cheap low-end thotwear. Like Walmart level cheap. How nasty this old skank is.

No. 491838

she actually kind of look like she’s lost some weight? maybe it’s just the tightness of the dress and careful placement of the jacket tho..

No. 491840


I used to kind of follow Venus threads back in the day and it’s so bizarre how she is still trying to have some kind of notoriety and internet presence these days. It’s like she has no idea what to do with herself now that she can’t exploit her daughter online daily anymore.

No. 491841

I truly hope Venus is unaffected by her mother. I survived a narc parent and it sucks when you grow up and you still feel bad for them, regardless of how badly they treated you for so long. Hopefully she has so much support she never has those moments but I bet that she probably feels a lot of pity for her in the moments that she’s alone.
If Margo ever gets sent back to where she belongs, where would that be?

No. 491845

>maybe it’s just the tightness of the dress and careful placement of the jacket
Or maybe it’s the photoediting, ya think? (Her legs don’t look like that without editing)

No. 491853

Shes wearing a long/big skirt that hides her legs. And at least knee high boots. Shes never been 'fat' her thighs are the second biggest part of her after her nose. But shes hiding them easily with what i said.

No. 491860

File: 1520318133702.jpeg (263.38 KB, 913x1181, 86ED53E5-B324-44BA-A8A8-437F94…)

Oh please. That pic was edited to fuck and back, run through one of many slimming apps that are available nowadays (see pic attached)

Her legs do not look like that. They’re short, chunky and thick. You are just as gullible as the halfwitted old men who drool over her (also heavily edited) other instagram pics.

No. 491861

File: 1520318833057.jpeg (344.81 KB, 733x1145, F42694DC-B0DC-43C4-A7D0-1A6A10…)

You really think she’s lost that much weight since this pic was taken? How gullible are you? This is what her legs really look like- twin tree trunks.

No. 491865

File: 1520323583251.png (204.06 KB, 540x245, 1.png)

No. 491875

Margo belongs in Hungary or else anywhere in the EU that will have her.

No. 491876

Stay obsessed, legchan.

No. 491879

File: 1520335469781.png (777.96 KB, 994x857, Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-03-0…)

why oh why do I have the feeling this is fake af and not at all related to fashionnova?

No. 491880

She didn't imply being sponsored or am I missing something? They do have clothes like that so I think she just bought stuff and tagged them.

No. 491881

"on the roof with fashionnova"
implies something different, stan

No. 491893


Wouldn't be her first jung fashun fahrward frau delusion.

No. 491897

File: 1520346818264.png (369.87 KB, 1208x740, Margots fans.png)

Lo and behold, The Kappa's average fan. Do you think it's because she reminds him of a Lapras?

No. 491903

She is trying to imply being sponsored but I very much doubt she is. Look at their real models - they’re all young and shapely. Middle aged frauen with greasy limp hair and thick waists is not their demographic. She’s faking it.

No. 491905

Idk where the brand is based but yeah the last thing they would do is go scouting middle aged prostitutes in Korea

Everything look so low quality lmao

Kinda want to feel bad for this dude but I can't

No. 491907

File: 1520352077602.jpeg (72.23 KB, 1034x254, BCD428D3-E998-496D-9716-EAB99E…)

Margo’s most devoted stan is now sucking up to Venus in her instagram comments. Poor marge can’t keep a man, not even online.
Do you think she’ll be mad? I know she’ll see it, she stalks Venus’s instagram religiously.

No. 491910

It’s all low quality, trashy and cheap, just like marge. Except it’s aimed at young trashy thots, not middle aged 43-but-looks-53 year old trashy thots. margo trying to fit in with this crowd is extra pathetic.

No. 491916

Obviously you need that stuff to rent a proper place but goshiwons don't tend to ask for all that info. As long as you can pay on time and aren't outright abusive/destructive they don't really care.

No. 491918

Venus says she had gastroptosis and is afraid of getting fat, mostly because she was brainwashed in her childhood, and her mother used to do things like asking her if she was pregnant after having dinner (when she was just 11)

No. 491920


Says she used to say she was allergic to potatoes because of her blood type. Says her mother called Mexicans short and fat because they eat corn. Said her mom looked at her at 11 after having eaten and asked her if she was pregnant. Says she was constantly stressed about if she was growing to be the correct height to be a model.

Claims she doesn't have an eating disorder because she was tested and then proceeds to describe her eating disorder and the suicidal ideation she has had in the past. Japanese psychologists are maybe not the best.

No. 491921

This is so hard to watch, can she just act normally and not semi-retarded? Its a pretty serious topic.

'Btw I don't have an eating disorder'
>scared of getting fat, thinks she is fat and hates herself
>obsessed with her weight
>said she hates not knowing her true weight because she can't 'control' it
>feels shame eating junk food

Okay then

No. 491922

They are probably the worst you can find, given their mentality.

No. 491923

Margaret confirmed Racist, wowsers she is mental. No wonder Venus is mentally unstable herself - poor gal.

No. 491925

jeez give the girl a rest she's finally admitting something that clearly is a massive deal to her that she's been suffering with for the last decade.
I also don't understand why she said the hospital said she didn't have an eating disorder, maybe she wasn't truthful to the person assessing her, or maybe Japan have different ways of diagnosing an ED, or maybe she's lying. I have heard that Japan view anorexia very differently than more Western cultures, so who knows?
Anyhoo, cant wait for the Margo sperg that will inevitably happen anytime in the next couple of hours.

No. 491926

This is not racism you dumb millennial.
>someone says something non-white people do


Margo is just stupid, simple as that.

No. 491929

Claiming everyone from a particular race is racism, maybe not the worst example but it's still racist to say that.

She's trying to keep herself together, adding some humor is her way of dealing with it, I don't see any problem with it, especially since she's being so honest.

I don't think the Japanese are the best with mental health and dealing with that, since they are more of a different ideal look, which is a shame, Venus grew up with western outlooks regarding your appearance. And while yes, Margo has the majority of the blame on how this poor girl sees herself, having the internet being so judgmental of her looks probably didn't help. PULL was vicious with her, especially around the whole Bodyline fiasco, most of the forum was about how fat Venus was.

No. 491930

racism is systematic oppression, hurting your feelings does not take away your right to vote, own property or make it illegal for you to live. that's not oppression.

No. 491932

>asking her if she was pregnant after having dinner (when she was just 11)

So Maggot managed to accuse 11yo Venus of being both a slut (pregnant at 11) and fat, all in one fell swoop. I hate how believable this is. {blog} This is basically what my narc grandma did to her daughter. Grandma saw her as "competition" as soon as she began to enter puberty, and started calling her a slut (because all attractive girls are whores in her fucked up, petty mind) and telling her she was fat and ugly (to destroy her self esteem). {/blog}

No. 491933

holy fucking shit
we all knew margaret is evil but never to this extent

No. 491934


Of course she's racist against Mexicans. She loved Trump.


Any chance the surgery Venus needed in S Korea was pretty much the same surgery that Margo accused Venus of having gotten done for weight loss? Maybe Margo is more viciously ignorant in regards to Venus's health than a liar.

No. 491935

I was shocked by just how skinny she's gotten… I wonder if Mana can't do more for her?

No. 491940

Well she was sick and couldn't keep food down. Not much Manaki can do aside from make foods she can tolerate better.

No. 491941

What's Mana going to do? Force feed Weenos? At least she's admitting to her ed to begin with, hopefully from here she can gain and reach a stable weight. Mana's only role is being supportive through her recovery

No. 491942

what else do you want him to do? quit his job and spoonfeed her 24/7?

No. 491946

i've always given Venus a pass on her retarded speaking, but this video was so ott annoying. how can she not tell when she's over-doing it, i couldn't get past 6 mintues

No. 491947

she isn't a person who does a video with a complete straight face and/or crying. some people cope with talking about a serious personal subject with laughing and making jokes

No. 491955

Some people deal with hard situations by putting on an act, making jokes etc. Venus pretty much says in that exact video that she puts on her ottd kawaii act when she meets new people, which demonstrates that she does act a certain way when she's nervous, I can't speak for her but sometimes my anxiety (soz4blog) makes me feel slightly hyper/on edge or that I have lot of nervous energy so I can imagine if its similar for her then maybe her being 'over the top' or whatever is her way of being able to talk about something as serious as this.
Surely by now anons here should be used to her voice and mannerisms, whether she puts it on or not. Just seems to be excessively nit-picky considering it's not just a normal video its actually pretty horrible knowing what she's been through and how her mom basically started Venus' body image issues from a young age. Those things really stick with you, i'm not surprised at all that Venus has food issues. In fact considering Venus's life has been like a shit weeaboo version of Tangled except a lot more child exploitation, I would be more surprised if Venus was completely okay.

No. 491957

File: 1520375261241.png (1.18 MB, 1424x462, 576.png)

This video got surprisingly somber towards the end.

Every new video Venus releases talking about her mother just exposes how much of a monster she was to her when she was growing up. It's surprising Venus grew up to be as sweet as she is. At least she realizes how awful her mother was, a lot of people that go through her situation don't until it's too late.
I am worried about her though. She's gotten so skinny.

No. 491959

There are things about Venus that I’m not a huge fan of. However, she has narc fleas. It’s amazing to me that’s shes as well adjusted as she is. I’d expect her to be much, much worse.

She’s very young and if she works on it, she can get rid of them and she ~will live a happy life.

No. 491960

Agreed with >>491955. It is very noticeable how she's trying hard to not cry by the end of the video.

As much as I'm not fan of Weenoos' content, I can't imagine how frustrating had to be having to stuff your face in front of a camera 3 times a week to earn money for the person who is the root of your eating disorder.

No. 491961

She’s emotionally stunted from having a horrendous engulfing narcissist for a parent and primary female role model.

She’s actually doing a good job of speaking honestly about her problems. I do think she needs to get a real counselor and do the extremely difficult work in front of her, but of course she’s avoiding it.

No. 491962

By the end she is speaking truthfully and painfully about how serious her illness is. She’s not acting like a retard at all.

No. 491970


She is obviously deeply uncomfortable talking about her mental and physical health, exposing herself again to her grim excuse for a mother.
Kind of amazed that some people here are just "I'm not adequately entertained by this young abuse survivors way of coping with public disclosure of suicidal thoughts".

No. 491972

How and where is she avoiding it? She’s being very honest about it. She’s on the verge of tears the whole time. First she overcompensates with her persona, and then as she gets more comfortable, she's basically talking as one would with a therapist. I feel terrible for her, but she has a strong grasp on her problems. She’s trying.

Christ, this is harsh.

No. 491980

>Kind of amazed that some people here are just "I'm not adequately entertained by this young abuse survivors way of coping with public disclosure of suicidal thoughts".


>Waaaah why Venus is hiding us the reason of her being in the hospital? it's not like you cannot record a video!!!1! she might be as well faking it liar liar liar being bedridden isn't an excuse to not entertain me waaaaah

>Omg why isn't this bitch wringing hands and crying a river while talking about her suicidal thoughts and chronic disease????? That's not how you react about it!!!!

I think some farmers might be too used to the overdramatic cows

No. 491991


Welp. Didn't think it was possible to be even more disgusted by Margo, but here we are

No. 491997

Gosh, the right hand pic where she looks super haggard is one of the few times if seen her resemble her mum.

Poor thing, I hope she feels better soon.

No. 491998

I kinda get the ED. People always knew she had one. It must have been rough during her teens when people were ripping on her for being fat, and when she was too fat to model in Japan. Then having Margo weigh her salads cuz she told Venus she was too fat. I'm not surprised she has issues with food

No. 492007

She has body dysmorphia and disordered eating but she does not meet the criteria to be diagnosed with an ED, i.e. anorexia or bulimia. According to her doctors anyway.

No. 492036

I expect that Marge is getting some amount of hate right now after that drop. Wonder how hard she’s going to sperg and how soon she’ll start up. Extra bonus points towards top shitmom score if she tries to blame Venus for this.

No. 492038

I’m worried she’s avoiding talking with a therapist, because that process is painful and scary, and most people do try to put it off, initially. I hope she has someone to talk to that isn’t just the internet. I agree that she was treated horribly. That’s all I meant, anon.

No. 492041

She’s gone to at least one therapist that we know of who sounded pretty useless and mostly just mouthed platitudes and gave lame advice from what Venus has said. Don’t forget where she is. Japan doesn’t exactly have stellar therapists everywhere you look. Their reputation when it comes to mental health treatment is abysmal and their attitudes towards it are worse.

No. 492061

Then I’m very concerned about her.

No. 492113

File: 1520406490359.jpg (191.39 KB, 425x422, BeautyPlus_20180307022551_save…)

Omg that pig snout!

No. 492129

File: 1520409198519.png (44.32 KB, 408x170, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 11.4…)

Here's Mags pretending to have a social life that doesn't involve her sponging off free booze at open events (to those who haven't ever gone: art openings are open events with free wine)

And she really wants people to start clicking on those old videos again

No. 492139

File: 1520411237068.jpg (335.95 KB, 612x601, BeautyPlus_20180307033307_save…)

She thinks she's an artist?
So anyone can do art, too.

No. 492140

When i say art i mean ""art""

No. 492141

Next thread image? Also, how old is this? Man she had those hanging jowls AGES ago

Such sexy jungend model material, lol

No. 492142

File: 1520411941284.jpg (40.23 KB, 612x601, IMG_20180307_032025_783.jpg)

That's the original one. Idk how old it is. Someone sent me some images and i edited them.

No. 492158

Found it. It's from that morning routine video.


No. 492160

File: 1520422357520.png (538.04 KB, 720x1058, IMG_20180307_123145.png)

No. 492165

File: 1520425145567.png (2.67 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-03-07-07-18-20.p…)

Anon you forgot the most important part of the post; her delicious birthday feast!

No. 492166

Is that not the shower door in her goshiwan in the background?
Such a classy birthday. Eating a bucket of fried chicken and pancakes in a cramped cell of an accomodation

No. 492173

Man oh man do you think she saved up for weeks for this? Casillero Del Diablo is what I buy when I'm broke. And that looks like one of those awful cakes you get in A Twosome Place or one of the other chains.

I wonder if it'll be another eating video?

No. 492176

File: 1520428335316.jpeg (99.29 KB, 1048x819, 16A3EC54-7AA5-4BC4-A4E6-60B46C…)

I literally thought the same fucking thing lmfao at least try to hide the fact that your dinner table is right next to your dining table (desk)

No. 492179

Not even ATwosomeplace. More like those leftover 10,000won cakeshops that were a fad a few years ago.

No. 492182

Anyone know approximately how much income she makes, and from where?

No. 492204

that’s the saddest excuse for a birthday meal ever. looks like a takeout KFC bucket o’chicken and what is that dried out looking thing next to it, a struggle cake? Eating that all alone in her crappy cubicle, hunched over her laptop. That’s what you call Karma and it’s a bitch. She got exactly the birthday she deserved.

what do you want to bet she chugged that entire bottle of cheap wine and passed out afterwards?

No. 492210

File: 1520436982106.jpeg (293.68 KB, 1458x1172, EB9F0BBB-D869-4873-896E-59F5E5…)

Here’s the cheap wine she ‘celebrated’ with. $7.99 per bottle. Lol I didn’t know wine this cheap even existed.


No. 492213

Stupid made another video

No. 492221

So basicly what she's saying is that "venus asked to be a celebrity" but she was the one who created her name therefore "i'm the creator of veenus angelic"

No. 492224

concha y toro wines are so fucking cheap lmao.

even the cheapest cake slice and coffee at starbucks wouldn't look this pitiful. And yeah sure she did.

>venus senpai notice meeeeeee

of fucking course, continue milking Venus to make up for your lack of interesting content.

No. 492225

I don't like her face expression in all that video. Sounds like lies at some moments and at other moments she tells the truth, and everytime she looks like "Eat that venus". I felt uncomfortable.

No. 492228

A shit eating smile. She's trying too hard to seem like a loving mom so she can later cry "See? V slanders me while I can only say nice things about her". Because, you know, the nasty memes making fun of her daughter's condition are just ~laugh therapy~, something that any mom would do!

No. 492229

Anyone care to summarize for those of us who can’t stomach watching her shit? Is it a response to Venus’s video?

No. 492236

Can't understand her margoese at all but I tried my best

>how she came up with 2deep4u Venus' names

>disses her maiden surname
>Venus ~totally telling her mom she wanted to be famous~ and poor margo had to come up with a new surname so she choose Palermo
>Also because the acronym would be V.I.P and that's super quirky guys~
>Venus begged me for permission to make the channel but I'm totally not an exploiter gold digger stage mom so it took 5 months to me to finally allow it!
>spewing bs about Venus' marriage visa aka foreigners being required to change name to a japanese one in kanji

No. 492242

sounds incredibly boring. She goes on for 12 minutes about this, really?

No. 492247

To me it sounds like a response… or rather a provocation.
Imo venus doesn't like björk bc of her mother. That smile she had really looked like that of a person bullying verbally someone.

No. 492252

File: 1520444086372.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.77 KB, 821x423, moldyoldgal.jpg)

eurgh that's vid where she shaves her legs in the shower over clothes that she's washing…

No. 492261

No. 492265

File: 1520445127766.jpg (112.17 KB, 385x392, BeautyPlus_20180307074750_save…)

Lets remove some filters

No. 492282

I didn’t know that Venus hated Björk but if you shooped the cover for Homogenic on top of this it would work perfectly, hah.

No. 492291

Yeah, I struggled to get through it too, but after the first few minutes she tones it down a lot. I think it's a defense mechanism, she describes using it as one later in the video.

No. 492301

File: 1520451082272.png (29.32 KB, 310x498, 1.png)

Lo and behold, Margo stans in charge of explaining BD

>body dysmorphia is not genetic nor is it something that can be given

nice mental gymnastics

>She Is His First Victim.

But wasn't his first victim margaret?

No. 492331

But if it was Venus's choice to become a living doll, don't they firmly believe that Mags was the brains behind the operation? As such, wouldn't Mags be responsible for pushing unrealistic standards? After all, she spent time dreaming up a "famoos" name for Venus before she was even born.

No. 492358

ikr? Love how margo change versions each other day to fit her abused parent bs

>inb4 evil mastermind venoos emotionally manipulated and brainwashed me since she was in my ooteros

No. 492363

File: 1520454519947.jpeg (129.46 KB, 1065x419, 3BFB5B8D-0E9B-43C5-B421-88FEEF…)

Can we talk about this creepy old guy Bolinam, margo’s devoted stan? He’s taken to commenting on all Venus’s posts now trying to suck up to her and and talks like they have some kind of psychic connection or something. He also Capitalizes Every Word and doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re. Nasty old man.

No. 492405

Gross. Speaking of nasties, I wonder if the lapras tard finally got blocked. I haven't seen him commenting on V's posts for a while

No. 492421

“It was her idea!!” Some of her first videos were of her dancing to jpop songs in a bikini at 12 years old. Any sane mother would say absolutely not because gross…but we all know kappa saw sheckles in her eyes

No. 492440

He wants to sound german but fails. In German we don't capitalize each word, just Dingwörter (substantives).
Marge likes circus creatures i guess.

No. 492441

If Venus blocked him that would be a first. She doesn’t block people except for margo and that took her weeks before she finally did it.

No. 492465


Did they delete videos from Venus's early days?

No. 492469

He actually wrote that he DOUBTS Venus was his first victim.

God, this is hilarious. Nothing can explain a 27 year old looking a few years younger than his peers besides the supernatural!

That Joseph Bolinam is so fucking creepy. Dude has a little Asian wife at home and yet he was previously leaving very flirtatious, inappropriate comments on Margaret’s page. Why did he suddenly move on to Venus?

No. 492470

Bc he wants both of them.

No. 492472

my bad anon, didn't noticed the "I doubt". Anyways, dude should stop reading twilight.

He's either desperate for attention or trying to stir shit. Feel bad for his wife.

No. 492479

File: 1520465242559.jpeg (172.77 KB, 2044x490, E160E385-7F28-4235-A5B6-9D2DD6…)

Not to mention he looks like he’s in his 70s at least. Very creepy old guy now sniffing around Venus and getting all protective of his “Little Munchkin.”

No. 492555

File: 1520486184914.jpg (360.15 KB, 640x708, BeautyPlus_20180307031748_save…)

He looks same age as marge. A perfect match.

No. 492557

Yeah they were deleted a while ago. It was during the whole beckie cruel/yukapee days when dancing to animu music in public places was popular on the weeby side of youtube.

Lots of weird creepy 'cooking' vids of her in mini skirts and stockings reaching for high shelves, her licking cream off of spoons, etc. Does anybody else remember this? it had to have been like 9 or 8 years ago

No. 492579

god did you edit this or is it a still

No. 492587

That was back in the days when Margaret took pictures of Venus dressed like you'd expect a Eurotrash whore to. Mama was trying to pimp her out for cash as a bride.

No. 492590

Still can't get over the fact that Margaret made Venus lift her top up after dinner when she was 11 and asked her if she was pregnant, which was when Venus started obsessing over her body. The evil bitch makes me feel physically sick.

No. 492597

>Any chance the surgery Venus needed in S Korea
there is no proof that this alleged surgery in south koreak ever happened. several anons have pointed out before that in the alleged time period, venus was well and about and posing on social media.

No. 492599

File: 1520518833415.png (627.05 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-08-09-17-15…)

sorry if i don't post this correctly, newfag. just saw this on fb and wanted to share

No. 492603

So this is why Margot hasn't sperged out too badly lately, she's had a lawyer on her ass. This explains it, I mean she has sperged a bit but not what you would expect considering
a) Venus was in the hospital
b) Venus had a wonderful birthday surprise
c) people from other countries flew in to visit Venus in the hospital
d) Venus is just as popular if not more, although she hadn't posted in months.

No. 492605

ntayrt but wtf I didn't knew that. Now I understand why NJM raved about Venus doing fetish videos so much.

No. 492628

So much for "but I own all the brand, Venoos!"

Lol, no wonder she had to take the website down!

No. 492632

File: 1520530900045.jpg (343 KB, 1078x1165, Screenshot_20180308-093554.jpg)

Omg Margo's drunk bday tweets. Bish was eating fried chicken amd getting drunk by herself, and saying she's like the japanese and can't get a man.

Happy birthday, Mags! It's the day you deserve: shit faced and alone.

No. 492633

File: 1520530922005.jpg (450.63 KB, 810x1648, Screenshot_20180308-093613.jpg)

No. 492635

File: 1520530949153.jpg (521.16 KB, 801x1295, Screenshot_20180307-103518.jpg)

No. 492636

File: 1520530982270.jpg (293.63 KB, 806x975, Screenshot_20180308-093639.jpg)

Shit wrong pic

No. 492640

File: 1520531352226.jpg (24.17 KB, 720x465, FB_IMG_1509605911255.jpg)

Holy fuck, this is delicious.
Watching the Maggot finally shrivel up and die is quite the sight to behold.

No. 492648

File: 1520533079871.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-03-08-13-17-37.p…)


No. 492651

File: 1520533553899.png (103.12 KB, 258x281, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 10.2…)

No. 492653

It's Oktoberfest for marge kek

No. 492665

>spanish red wine
a fancy way to call the cheap sour grape juice you were drinking. And it isn't spanish it's chilean you nutcase.

lol at the different shaped hips

No. 492674

> different shaped hips

Is this shooped? It doesn't look 100% like it, but with margo, you never know kek
I was gonna say "looks like she lost weight" but I guess not

No. 492682

File: 1520542536038.png (167.39 KB, 420x333, lel.png)

No. 492683

Lol of course it's shooped, she's got one innie and one outie, anona

No. 492684

>100ml of wine
Sure, Jan. More like the whole bottle + 5 bottles of soju

Total booze bloat

No. 492685


What is with her new fixation on FashionNova ? and who is also buying her it as we know she can't even afford a bottle of wine over 8$ …

No. 492688

She probably wants a #spon from them.

No. 492689

Wondering the same. Either it's a hand me down or lent for a student's photoshoot. No way they could hire her for model their shit

No. 492692

Fashion nova is super cheap and low-end though, like Walmart level cheap. Their dresses go for $29.99-$39.99. Even marge could afford that esp. if she buys their stuff on sale.

No. 492702

File: 1520546438593.jpg (160.23 KB, 800x544, BeautyPlus_20180308230029_save…)

She bought a new domain. She's now an aartist… again…

No. 492706

File: 1520547111832.jpg (109.73 KB, 800x621, BeautyPlus_20180308231329_save…)

No. 492708

awwww how cute. A low end basic bitch WordPress blog. Hey marge, 2005 called. they want their blog back

No. 492710

Omfg she really wants attention keeek

> 'Are you missing out?'

> 'Up again on popular request'
> 'Videos back up'
> 'missing out?'
> 'missing out?'
> 'missing out?'

That's how we like our forever alone marge. Begging everyday.

No. 492712

I wonder if Marge is losing right from VA website, too?

Looks like an ersatz website to sell her shit.

No. 492713

She’s obviously spazzing out because she’s lost control of Venus’s SM accounts and the website too. This is quite entertaining

No. 492715

File: 1520548804075.jpeg (425.7 KB, 1741x1144, 8B73B4BE-26C2-474D-B20E-BA33D3…)

Oh definitely. She got her ass kicked off that Venusangelic.com website by Venus’s lawyers and now she’s scrambling. I love it.

No. 492716

There goes Mama Margit's monthly allowance.


you already won the higher score margo

Isn't it old? might be wrong but I recall seeing it linked to the hooker massage site a while ago

>Wholesale & Retail of KOREAN ART

"korean art" as in… Okinawa seashells and Venus' old drawings?

No. 492718

>’Up again on popular request’

No. 492722

I didn't know Palermo was not their real last names. It's kinda weird to choose such a random Italian name just because their own was too foreign sounding. I still don't get this

No. 492725


Uh what? Venus talked about her scar from the surgery. It was some sepsis thing she had to get taken care of.

No. 492726

that procedure was done in Japan anon. Margo twisted it as usual saying it was a bowel removal done by some korean quack surgeon.

No. 492729

She officialy changed her name to palermo to prevent her ex-husband from contacting Venus to make him suffer.

No. 492766

>Isn't it old? might be wrong but I recall seeing it linked to the hooker massage site a while ago
No, this >>492706
is a new blog she started. She’s freaking out that she lost Venus’s sites so she’s starting a bunch of new ones.

No. 492782


30$-40$ is still much for Margo who can hardly afford dollar store crap.

Is that even including shipping to Korea ?

No. 492798

What is the logic behind this? I really want to know. Losing Venus's sites, it's not like she used them, so she goes and starts up all the SM shit she can for herself? Then has the nerve to claim it was popular demand when she's getting single digit likes on posts. She could've been doing all of this before she lost out on Venus's brand.

No. 492802

File: 1520575066001.jpg (184.13 KB, 425x422, BeautyPlus_20180307022906_save…)

What's the logic? You really think picasso face marge needs logic?

She says:
> Ich bin Venoos Angelic
> My dottir boolies me
> I invented the name bc Venoos is a Belle and the beast
> I am mensa jung frau kawaii graduated in everything possible

So to recap, she's her own dottir who baptized herself Venoos, and boolies herself but Venoos is a beast bc Marge knows it the best bc she is a train psychologist from outerspace.

Does she need a logic to keep her daughter's accounts and website for herself???

No. 492808

margo is like one of those 'original character do not steal pls' deviantart kids

No. 492811

Those birthday tweets are a new level of sad.

No. 492823

It's also a control thing. Narcs hate to lose control over something. They always want to feel superior.

No. 492845

File: 1520607387333.png (17.49 KB, 295x316, lel.png)

Margaret showing off her extensive medical knowledge acquired in 1 year of radiology school

No. 492867

>30$-40$ is still much for Margo
you can get their cheap shit even cheaper when it goes on sale though

No. 492941

>And a new blog:
apparently this is not new. She’s had it since 2012.

No. 492944

this artdesignkorea website is new though. Future online ‘shop’ now that she no longer controls the venusangelic.com website? We will see.

No. 492976


Marge is a peice of shit but honestly shes right. Standing like that to take picture wont hurt you.
I beleive its runners and people who often put improper pressure on their ankles are the ones who suffer from foot pronation/supination. I think that person was reaching with that one.

No. 492981

god this woman is insufferable

No. 493004

File: 1520673473958.jpg (24.36 KB, 312x139, 1.JPG)

This comment though…lol…

No. 493012


Aaaah that's why Margaret posted a video about how she created the name. She thinks that she has the right to own domains with Venus name because she invented it. I guess Margo posted the video when she lost Venus' FB and Twitter

No. 493031

Did Venus get her google account back?
How many accounts from Venus does Marge still have?

No. 493052

File: 1520703543522.jpg (196.27 KB, 383x482, BeautyPlus_20180310183720_save…)

Margeholic has new jung sexy frau post in her ig.

No. 493054

Same anon as >>493052
She just deleted the original picture and i didn't keep it.

No. 493063

File: 1520705778573.jpg (161.08 KB, 382x382, BeautyPlus_20180309182228_save…)

> 'Hi, guys. I'm Margerat Palermo and I'm gonna teach ya 'bout laif!'

No. 493065

she forgot her pantsu

No. 493066

File: 1520706238986.jpg (177.8 KB, 383x388, BeautyPlus_20180309185736_save…)

And her paper bag keek

No. 493076

Caricature of an old woman and of a mother.

No. 493077

File: 1520707968660.jpg (186.09 KB, 383x386, BeautyPlus_20180310110416_save…)

And that of a money hungry wooman…

No. 493087

File: 1520709484269.jpg (195.81 KB, 385x409, BeautyPlus_20180310112939_save…)

A last one for today

No. 493109

Good but need more eyebags

No. 493130

She didn't get the venusangelic@gmail account back AFAIK. But she's got twitter, website and the verified / official Facebook.

With each victory the next wi be easier, as her lawyer can say "Google, twitter and Facebook have all found my client's ownership to be valid of these accounts."

Since google owns both YT and gmail, I wonder if she could get her business email back? Margo's ability to send emails as "Venus" is the last majorly damaging tool she has, besides her own crazy rants and whatever schoolgirl notebook margin scribbles may be rotting in storage (not that those are 'proofs' to anyone but Mags.)

No. 493151

I'd like to put her devil's eyebag in her face but:

1. I'm on tablet
2. I just have beautyplus to uglify her

But I agree with you, she needs eyebags to put her face into abyss, plus some slaps.

No. 493162

you don't really need to create any more

No. 493163


No. 493171

File: 1520725246841.jpeg (509.34 KB, 1266x1478, 82F9B62B-7DC7-4FF8-AA0E-6B9158…)

So this old creep Bolinam has this pedobear image on his instagram (that’s Venus he photoshopped on his shoulder) tagged #VenusAngelic #KimJongUn #PhotoMystica

what the actual fuck

No. 493174

Probably a nasty guy that Margo tried to sell Venus to

No. 493191

some of his favourite obsessions?

No. 493195

well what do you expect from a person who believes clinton is possessed by a demon. this is a pandora's box.. dont open it.

No. 493208

File: 1520737008457.jpeg (440.51 KB, 1077x1449, 7AF82F16-2F8B-49EE-831A-BEE252…)

Why not open it? He’s just another looneytunes marge stan who’s defected to Venus. I think it’s funny. I bet marge is mad she can’t even hold on to the few remaining stans she still has. #MAGA

No. 493213

Because the thread's about marge and past a certain point it becomes derailing. I'll wager we know all we need to about him.

No. 493242

No. 493245

>the original video was an hour
I want to see this drunken mess of a video.

No. 493246

She actually said in the comments that she's uploading it later today, oh god

No. 493247


This needs to be downloaded the second it goes up. Just by watching this >>493242 you can guess that it will be full of drunk and lulzy ramblings. Can't wait.

No. 493249

This dude clearly has some mental issue. This is creepy af. Ew.

No. 493250

New followers like this o my proves how fetishy were Venus videos under Marge’s control. For example, Margaret is malicious enough to know very well that the tag “pantyhose” attracts shitloads of pervs with nylon fetish. I’ve seen a lot of actual random fetish videos that were incredibly similars to some content Margs was producing with Venus.
This woman is gross.

No. 493255

File: 1520768646578.png (47.14 KB, 820x494, Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-03-1…)

brace yourselves, milk is coming.

No. 493258

How long does it take an hour long video to process? The Marglish will be worth it.

No. 493270


>She did this for my birthday. She wants me dead. I can't believe she'd do this on my birthday.

Says the bitch who on V's last birth said " Your a mistake " to V. Says the women who wished Manaki to abuse Venus. She really does project her own hatred onto Venus, and accuses her of anything she wishes upon Venus herself.


I bet you it will have losing the websites included in the ranting. "How dare she take back her websites with her pictures and her name on it ". Of course Margo will avoid stating that it was a lawyer that pushed her to give them back, and just make it sound like Venus stole them with force.

No. 493276

>She did this for my birthday. She wants me dead. I can't believe she'd do this on my birthday.

She reminds me of an old lady in a mental institution that tells the nurse that the mess in her room was caused by her imaginary friend who wants to kill her… What a psychotic wooman!

If ridicule could kill, streets of seoul would be littered by corpses.

No. 493281

there was a woman who lived down the hall from me who accused the woman across the hall from her of leaving used diapers in her room and in front of her door with the intention of making her sick.

Same woman accused the tranny in the room beneath her of climbing up in to her room through the floor so he could rob her and possibly kill her.

Wonder if that level of delusion is in her future?

No. 493290


you'd think having a lawyer on her tail would make the river monster behave

No. 493296

I bet you the lawyer dealt with the websites, not Margo. She might not have even known that the accounts were no longer under her control.

No. 493297

Suing a narc doesnt make them behave; losing infuriates them and makes them rage. Consequences don't matter in their rage, and if theyre confronted over it, they just double down and insist they're right.

Mags is so fucking angry that Venus didn't acknowledge her birthday, AND made a video about her own feelings rather than Margo's, that Mags created a delusion that the video was ONLY about Margo and her birthday. Her ego needs soothing after the epic burn of both losing in court and aging, and this is how she's gonna cope: not at all.

No. 493300

File: 1520786410668.jpg (65.32 KB, 634x511, margaret.jpg)

Sorry if I sound retarded since I haven't really followed Margaret's threads, but is she really only 43? That would mean she was only 37 in pic related, which was 6 years ago. I know 50-year-olds who look younger than this.

By any chance is she lying about her age?

No. 493302

Margo's sister posted a picture of all the girls as kids and mags looked 60 in them as well. She just has an old woman's face.

No. 493308

File: 1520792821118.jpg (176.67 KB, 384x385, BeautyPlus_20180311004215_save…)

As a kid she was rocked against the wall and drank too much alcohol. That's why she's retarded and uglily old.

No. 493309

>my evil booly dootir wants to kill me with hör veedeo.

Will she ever stop with this shit? I hope Venus will someday have the courage to use her lawyer to sue her for defamation or something like this.

No. 493310

Still despite her features that saggy wrinkled skin looks suspicious. I could believe 47, not 37.

No. 493311

No wonder why she hates her life so much

No. 493315

>Will she ever stop with this shit?
No, she never will. Fortunately fewer and fewer people are listening and fewer still will listen as more time goes by. Eventually in the not too distant future she’ll just be shouting to herself, like some crazy homeless person you see on the street.

No. 493316


Wait…. 37??
I thought she was end-forties at LEAST. Maybe early fifties. What the fuck??

No. 493317

read the thread anon, she's currently 43. she was 37 back when that notorious interview came out

please stop, nobody wants to see your shitty edits she looks bad enough au naturel

No. 493326

They probably mean it in a way that's like anorexia and bulimia.
If you watch "supersized vs superskinny" a lot of the skinnies are just lazy, figure being thin is good, or believe "5n fruits a day is a requirement and carbs are bad" so they only eat fruit and are severly underweight but dont have an eating disorder just a lack of health knowledge.
Venus is probably similar and just eats small portions of shit food which makes her malnurished rather than eating small portioned balanced meals to be skinny.

No. 493344

Oh my god, she looks like beached blob fish, lmao

No. 493349

i kinda think venus timed that video on purpose.. she was out of the hospital for 2 weeks and that was a video she’d talked about since before she even went in. i don’t think it coming out on margo’s birthday was a coincidence… maybe i’m wrong

No. 493388

It didn't come out on Mags' bday tho, it came out the day before.

The timing is coincidence; Venus doesn't obsess over her mom, it's the other way around.

No. 493424

I wonder if margo fell asleep or got too drunk to upload the uncut version

No. 493463

Hopefully she's underneath an avalanche of fallen boxes from her hoard in her "9 sq meter room" she spoke of in that video teaser.

No. 493464


Maybe the Lawyers silenced her from spewing hatred and defamation. If thats the case though, she's probably drunkenly raging to herself while boxes topple over and hit her in the head.

If Venus lawyered up, I could only assume she's going for more than just getting her accounts back. For the love of god, its been two fucking years of Margo sperging lies about her daughter. If I was Venus I'd put a court order on my mother if she was spewing lies to the internet for 2 years and sending people to harass me. I think Venus has probably reached that point where she's had enough of her mothers bullshit, and is working to put an end to it.

No. 493485

File: 1520885097870.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-03-12-16-04-22.p…)

When you fail in modeling so you try to make ur booly dottir follow ur dreams.

No. 493487

wow who could have guessed she’d never make it as a model??

No. 493492

File: 1520888473760.png (198.43 KB, 400x300, 7f0877a69c816b07dcc30073443a4c…)

This is all I see

No. 493493

>age 25
Jesus. You should not look old at 25. 25-year-olds still get carded and often get mistaken for teenagers by older people. Here she looks older than my 48-year-old mother.

Venus is very lucky to look her age and not have inherited that Grandma face.

No. 493495

File: 1520889197862.jpg (418.99 KB, 810x1203, Screenshot_20180312-135243.jpg)

Lol and the photographer even used the old school vasolene smear trick to try and blur out her haggard ass, even back then. You know it kills her that both her sisters and her daughter are all traditionally pretty, while shes always lioked like an angry witch

No. 493496

File: 1520889231186.jpg (446.87 KB, 1021x1071, Screenshot_20180312-135300.jpg)

Stank face

No. 493497

>age 25
Shit I seriously thought she'd gotten these done in the past few days. She looks completely identical at 25 as she does 40-something now.

No. 493499

Is she SURE these weren't taken yesterday?

No. 493500


Also, Venus was already 3 years old when Mags was 25. The time to pursue modeling jobs is when you can live on a shoestring and show up on short notice for long waits for free (casting calls).

When you have a 3 year old and a husband, you have a responsibility to learn a real skill for a career

And when you have a face, nose and ears like Margaret does, you are shit out of luck on the entertainment career front, unless you want to become a charecter actor like Steve Buccemi (sp?) If Mags could handle being typecast as the ugly girl at the club (grenade), the evil teacher, the busybody PTA mom no one likes, the psycho ex, etc etc she might have gotten the odd actinga gig now and then.

No. 493501

File: 1520889880271.jpg (161.53 KB, 479x566, Screenshot_20180312-142501.jpg)

She's had a distinctive face since childhood; she's always looked like herself, and much older than she is.

Also bear in mind the blur on the old photos; like Korean selfie apps of today, photographers used to have lens filters to "soften" not-so-attractive women like Mags, who had eye bags and deep cheek folds for from jump

No. 493505

>that pic
are we sure margo wasn't left at their doorstep?

No. 493506

She’s always looked like a nasty sneaky little rodent.

No. 493507

Half of her face problem is the dark lips and eternal scowl.

No. 493508

the other half are the penis nose and souless eyes

No. 493509

File: 1520891898538.jpg (74.1 KB, 496x350, Screenshot_20180312-145416.jpg)

Seriously. She needs coaching or apps before her eyes don't say "I will eat your soul. I care nothing for hu-mons"

Narcs need an expression to "play off of", in order to mimic human emotions. Another of her projections on Venus - remember Mags claiming she "studied micromimics"? Im sure she has, in that she had to study what faces people made for which feelings ib order to manipulate and emulate them more effectively.

No. 493510

File: 1520892486616.jpeg (349.37 KB, 1235x1496, A57A44F8-A052-472F-9692-F26509…)

Zsuzsa fires back on instagram: “taking pictures does not make you a model.”
Go Zsu
p.s. you could have been a model

No. 493511

File: 1520892882598.jpg (81.22 KB, 1072x332, Screenshot_20180312-150020.jpg)

With a fuckin' modeling pic!!!

Man, Mags is just sat in her room staring at old photos of herself, obsessed with making Venoos pay for leaving her. Maybe today we'll get the big rant she claims to have recorded?

No. 493513

File: 1520893574108.png (300.18 KB, 815x563, uh.png)

>why not blame me?
yeah, why not? since you took so much pride on never taking your daughter to a doctor, maybe the prolapsed stomach problem had something to do with that?

On a side note, we all know that kappa's stans aren't exactly the brightest, but this is fucking hilarious.

No. 493514

Lol, yet she's 43 and also desperately trying to act cute.

No. 493518


i thought this was a pic of suzy berhow

No. 493519

that is still not a professional modeling pic and that was exactly Zsu's point: photographers have a practice of so called "TFP" contracts (time for prints), something especially beginner photographers do. a model agrees to come and work with the photographer, but doesnt actually get paid. usually the model gets prints or only electronical files of the photographs (with or without editing as per agreement) and the photographer usually also gets the right to advertise himself with those pictures on his website. the model gets pictures (and practise) and the photographer gets pictures and practise. win win. but not modeling.

if that was modeling everyone would be a model.

sorry for the photographer-fagging

No. 493523

sigh.. empty promisses it seems

No. 493525

Yeah, it's around 8:30 in the morning in Seoul bow, so the tweet and "modeling" photos were all we got from her drunk rage tonight.

All we can hope is that she sees what Zsu wrote when she wakes up with a headache and grace is with some more milk. I really hope the hour long rant video exists, and that she gets pissed (in both the emotional and booze sense) enough to post it.

No. 493543

the more time that goes by with no response video the more I think ol’ marge got some kind of legal ‘cease and desist from slandering my client’ letter from Venus’s attorney(s). I can’t think of another reason she’d hold back like this.

No. 493585

Marge's gonna rage. Look @8:40

> Pedo Manaki and booly Weenoos copied me!


No. 493587

File: 1520942213571.png (42.42 KB, 584x172, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 11.5…)

She's having computer issues… supposedly.

No. 493588

Even her computer tries to resist her. I need one like that.

No. 493594

File: 1520946874603.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-03-13-09-13-37.p…)

"When they tell you to make a sexy face but you don’t know how that works so you just look distrustful 😶
#margaret #throwback #howto"

No. 493596

It's amazing how a face like this produced a normal looking face like Venus. Her dad's genes must be blessed.

No. 493597

I thought this was a new picture. Wow… then her child pictures didn't lie, she's really always had the old lady face since she was young. I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such a terrible person…

This picture will never not blow my mind. Look at what beautiful little girl her sister is… and then there's Mags.

No. 493610

The funny thing is some people are telling to maggot she hasn't aged a bit. Of course she hasn't, she always had the same busted face.

No. 493611

As poorly as she aged, I think Margo has pretty eyes. I like the shape and color.

Too bad she passed down the tiny mouth with shitty jawline on to Penus.

No. 493615

I think with her large doe eyes and smaller version of that nose, and round face the small mouth and jaw works on venus and makes her actually look like a doll or anime character. Merg's face is completely fucking out of whack, you never notice her eyes when her nose, slit mouth, weird jaw (leading to jowls) and ears are assaulting the senses.

No. 493619

I don't think her jawline is bad; if anything she's got a huge forehead, but many people look good even with a fivehead.
A nosejob alone could be lifechanging for her, plus a lip lift and fillers for those rough face lines. She's already in one of the capitals of plastic surgery, if she got a real job she could save up money and fix her face to become a moderu so she will stop projecting her ambitions onto her daughter.

No. 493621

>if she got a real job
not without a work visa

No. 493622

Or a visa from a sugar daddy. Margo wants to be the next Melania

No. 493625


I think that can be translated to 'I am having a narc rage induced out of body experience and forgot to hit the buttons.'

No. 493629

File: 1520971998714.jpg (135.78 KB, 385x385, BeautyPlus_20180313200925_save…)

Idk about Venus, but Marge's face is entirely ugly like hell.
She needs a paperbag.

No. 493633

File: 1520973755488.png (551.27 KB, 846x437, venus face.PNG)

A round face + small mouth has a tendency to make people look younger/cuter actually, but Margo has a mix of other unfortunate features + premature wrinkling on top of the mouth and face shape that makes her look like an old bat. Venus lucked out by only inheriting Margo's decent features, and it also looks like she's been developing a more defined jawline now that she's getting older. Her dad must be way attractive to have balanced out the ugly on her mom's side.

No. 493660

>Her dad must be way attractive to have balanced out the ugly on her mom's side.
Do any farmers know of any other pics of him besides the blurry wedding one?

No. 493672

File: 1520984126558.jpeg (366.57 KB, 920x957, 3F6567D3-E7FE-4EB7-8A8A-781E5E…)

just this equally blurry one from ferenc’s ig
seems like a handsome dude

No. 493680

Looks like he has a small nose and a nicely shaped face. Despite the extreme shit quality you can still tell he’s more attractive than Maggot lol.

No. 493688

File: 1520986267896.jpg (237.54 KB, 1242x1825, iicHm75.jpg)

Here’s a slightly better one. As usual, Marge looks… stylin’.

No. 493692

I've always assumed Venus' dad must have a small nose at least since Venus was fortunate enough to not have inherited the Margo dick nose.

No. 493694

I always thought mags just aged in a horrible way due to her evil thoughts and being a homeless person who sleeps sitting up in an internet cafe. In fairness to her, she actually aged relatively well considering how she started out.

No. 493707

she reminds me of the young heather matarazzo pre plastic surgery (sorry heather)…

No. 493712

You think she’s aged well, seriously? Are you going by her heavily edited and blurred photos? Because if you look at the less filtered images she’s aged horribly and looks at least 10 years older than she is. I’m mystified as to where you’re getting this ‘aged relatively well’ from.

No. 493715

The body language in this wedding photo cracks me up. Look how hard she’s leaning into him and how equally hard he’s leaning away from her. He looks like he’s literally bending over backwards to get away. It’s so obvious this is the last place the poor guy wanted to be.

No. 493719

File: 1520990219763.jpeg (356.92 KB, 1548x1522, EDBCBC03-F873-4C30-B666-022DC8…)

>aged relatively well
Really? I disagree. Look at those eyebags and saggy jowls, come on.

No. 493721

i cant even explain why she looks so damn awful on this picture… her eyes look like theyre swollen from an allergic reaciton, her nose is bulbous, it looks like she has a receding hairline and then that granny hair style. not to mention the double chin.. and then the awfully cheap dress (the crinoline is visible)…

dont wanna take this bait again and cant post caps (because maggot's mother is not a part of this whole ordeal - at least not in lolcow terms) but common.. she looks worse than her own mother which is 20-30 years older.

No. 493722

>the poor guy
He's a raging cunt to his only daughter but by all means pine for his poor fragile self.

Venus was blessed with two asshole parents, not just one.

No. 493723

She's still a gross old hag, I mean she aged well relative to how I thought she aged, since it looks like she started off looking 40 years old in her 20s.

No. 493727

I thought Venus hasn't had any contact with her dad since she was 6 and Margo divorced him, how's he a cunt?

No. 493728

Venus attempted to talk to him a year ago I believe? He only asked if she wanted money. She talks about him 4:40 ish in this video.

No. 493733

not to defend the guy (and I'm aware his reaction was just wrong) but I wonder how much bullshit he had to endure from margo to reject his former family like this.

No. 493735

No. 493740

I doubt he even liked Margo to begin with. Margo trapped him with Venus or another pregnancy.
Why take it out on Venus i will never understand. I dont understabd folks like that in general.
I know we all thought Venus's dad woukd be happy to talk to her nowadays. But Christ is Venus lonely without Manaki.

No. 493743

Not to mention maggot dragged the divorce for 10 years or so.

No. 493749

He may have thought she was still under Margo's thumb, but based on the rest of the video he sounds like just as much of a leech as Margo.

No. 493763

She said 3 things about her phone call with her father:
- he asked if she was calling because she wanted money
- he aked how much she earned and
- he started talking bad about other family members

he did not ask her for money (that’s a rumor that’s been floating around)

No. 493792

Lol 21-year-old Venus could easily pass for 17-18 but 25-year-old Marge couldn’t pass for 35. She’s gotta be bitter over that lmao.

Maybe I could understand avoiding her if she were a minor and would still be dependent on him (maybe), especially if her mother was still in the picture but Venus is a full grown adult now who supports herself financially and doesn’t need to be taken care of. So yeah he’s a fucking dick for refusing to be a part of her life, but it’s probably best that way for Venus’ sake in case he’s equally as toxic as Marge (wouldn’t be surprising).

No. 493794

How is he a cunt?
Would you let your kid with Margaret knowing her? Well he did.
“She’s the mother” well, he’s the father.
Problem between the couple are not (should not) be the kids problems.
Imagine you have a child with an idiot.
The idiot now wants to take the kid away from you forever.
What do you do?
Hm, ok, its too hard, better delete this kid if my life.

No wtf
This is what made him a cunt.
You HAVE TO be present in your kids life no matter what!

No. 493800

Why do people think it's fine for a man to walk away from a kid and never see them again? Margo worked hard on alienating Venus from her family and her father, sure. But that is no grounds for absolving himself from being her parent. Anons rail on about Sere doing it; he's no different.

No. 493805

This. When I think of Venus's story sometimes I feel really bad for her. Her mom's a raging narcissist who's raised her to live up to her impossible expectations, alienating her, stealing her childhood and teenage years, and her dad's a deadbeat. I'm not sure about Ferenc and Zsu, if they spoke to Venus and whether she replied or not, but Manaki is without any doubt a godsend for her. Imagine if she never met him… She would probably still be with Margo.

No. 493831

Marge finaly found a new purpose to venusangelic.com/
A jigsaw game… Srly?

No. 493835

I don't feel like I understand Venus' life or her family business enough to make such judgement calls on her father. We don't what went down between the family, but what we do know is :

>Margo proclaimed before that the man abused her ( probably a lie but easy to manipulate a child into believing ) V probably thought her father was evil, and took her mothers word for it. I mean she said she almost believed her mother when her mother told her she had aspergers without a doctor diagnose.

>Margo jumped boarders and even countries with Venus. How does a father even have visitation with their child like that ?

>Margo is money hungry, and probably used Venus a lot to get money out of her ex. Possibly why he asked if thats why she was calling, because he doesn't know Venus isn't still with Margo.

>Margo is manipulative.

>Margo dragged the divorce on for years. I know a couple where the dudes ex keeps dragging him back to court to try and get more money off him by lying to court and demanding more financial support. I wouldn't put it past Margo to do the same up until she realized she could leech more off of Venus.

For all we know Margo could have self harmed herself and used it as proof of fake abuse against him to get full custody of V and zero visitations. He's just like the rest of the family, probably thought Venus was happy all these years because all she post online that they could even see was happy pictures. ( Tv appearances, modelling, toys and junk food, large following, travel ) Most who haven't really followed the pair would probably assume the same. A lot of V's biggest fans never assumed Margo was evil all those years either, up until the split and Margo went nuts. It really seems the same for Venus' grandfather and aunt, like they didn't know about anything till it blew up on the internet. This all just really shows how hard Margo isolated Venus and didn't let her connect with her family, or even have any friends at all.

Maybe he is a shitty dad because he didn't chase Margo across boarders or over sea to see him daughter. But Margo def didn't make it easy for anyone to get near Venus. She even took the girl out of school.

No. 493837

Margo kept moving herself and Venus from country to country, of course he lost contact with them. She also hid her crazy back then for him to marry her and have a kid, too. Damn girl, calm down.

No. 493854

File: 1521061903638.jpeg (354.14 KB, 1415x1859, 86D4CAD5-E264-4085-946D-60F022…)

Not ‘a new purpose’ but the old shop is back up (despite never selling a single item.)


No. 493855

File: 1521062716904.jpg (68.19 KB, 1062x275, Screenshot_20180314-142404.jpg)

Margo, the #mensa #autodidact, cannot figure out how to get a simple audio out of Final Cut Pro. The brains and editor behind the Venus Angelic channel, everyone!

No. 493856

Ha ha she has Betty Crocker cook books listed. Bet they have never been opened or a recipe made from them.

No. 493857

File: 1521062982654.jpg (141.57 KB, 810x1961, Screenshot_20180314-142636.jpg)

She's just hidden the shop page instead of removing it, like she did previously to her "legal" page that she stole word for word from Eat Your Kimchi. She does that because she doesn't want to lose all her "hard work" (lol her pages are made with wix or similar, she has no idea how to code)

The landing page has no link to the store page any more, and contains a broken "jigsaw" game that requires plugins; it won't work on any mobile device.

No. 493861

>She's just hidden the shop page instead of removing it
no, it was all the way down for a few days and now it’s back up. I used the same link the whole time and got the ‘finding a new purpose’ message until last night when the shop came back up.

No. 493863

She still sees herself as some kind of a SM wizard/SEO genius despite all evidence to the contrary (website that doesn’t work)

No. 493867

File: 1521066897980.png (30.57 KB, 415x264, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 6.31…)

lolllll not only is she selling the Etude House face masks at twice the price, but shipping them to the U.S. costs nearly 10x the price of the mask.

The Etude House masks are $1.99 each + $3.50 for shipping to the U.S. btw.

No. 493869

It’s the shipping charges that always crack me up. She has all these $1.99-$2.99 items for sale with $25 shipping. A true marketing genius here, folks

No. 493871

It's a WordPress site with the WooCommerce plugin. There's a link at the bottom that says "design by margaretpalermo" with a link to her site… but she couldn't even get a basic HTML link right. She didn't design it; it's the X theme by Themeco. Likewise, margaretpalermo.com isn't designed by her; it's the Culture Shock theme by pipdig.

At the bottom of http://www.margaretpalermo.com/, it used to say
and now says

When you view the source code on http://diypresence.com/ - the favicon is
called diyp-logo-Margaret-Palermo.png. (Again, this site is not designed by her; it's the Hemlock theme by Solo Pine Designs.)

Is "DIY Presence" a new (failed) business venture? Can't wait.

No. 493877

File: 1521070269468.png (403.15 KB, 990x442, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 4.30…)

Nice digging!

>>Is "DIY Presence" a new (failed) business venture? Can't wait.

She's always fancied herself a "web designer", as well as a master of SEO, despite having zero knowledge in either subject beyond "I can type things into a web form, and move around pre-prepared boxes to make the design unbalanced and ugly", and "add Jenna Marbles and PewDiePie to the search tags".

She's got a rash of new design related business ventures right now, what with DIYPresense and ArtDesignKorea.

But whatever happened to EndoRadiology.com, Mags? Now this is interesting: Margo thinks she's gonna break into nuclear medicine equipment sales in Korea?

No. 493878

File: 1521070301859.png (21.76 KB, 225x143, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 4.30…)

Here's her logo; surely this is stolen and altered from someplace else

No. 493879

File: 1521070388547.png (13.55 KB, 469x38, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 4.31…)

And what's this? Is out Mags at another medical trade show this week, which is cutting into her time to make hourlong audio rants at her daughter for not worshiping her mother on her birthday?

No. 493881

File: 1521070578651.png (15.25 KB, 452x97, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 4.35…)

And once again, the "design" is by DIY Presence.

Is Mags trying to distance herself from her name? Or is she making non existent shell companies because she has nothing else to do?

No. 493884

She’s not even making fake companies, she’s making second-rate amateurish websites. Always the scammer. She’ll do everything but get an actual job - those are for common people, not genius web designers/SEO experts.

No. 493888

Where in the hell is she going to get radiology equipment to sell online? Lol

No. 493893

She probably thinks she can start making money creating and selling websites.

No. 493897

Those are just Wordpress websites that anyone can buy and paste in their info though, right? Not like she’s even ‘designing’ anything.

Must be getting desperate for cash to be planning these new harebrained scams (selling used radiology equipment? Really??)

No. 493913

File: 1521076849052.jpeg (217.11 KB, 2019x1326, 36BAE0DF-C411-4D95-BAAE-4CF25E…)

Don’t forget this high quality Wordpress website

“retail and wholesale of Korean art”

you can see at the bottom where you can insert your information into it.

Such topnotch stellar web design!

No. 493940


Maybe she wants to dabble in some black market retail, because no reputable business is going to buy from her.

No. 493942

My guess she is making wbsites and printing up business cards so she can pretend to be legit when she shows up at random medical conferences.

No. 494016

File: 1521119806912.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-03-15-09-16-21.p…)


No. 494017

lol. are we going to live to see a Margot sex tape too?

No. 494036

Page three stunner. Got to drum up that business!

No. 494038

File: 1521132153760.png (10.4 KB, 307x119, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

>inb4 evil venoos is hacking her

No. 494045

File: 1521136400764.jpg (114.42 KB, 385x382, BeautyPlus_20180315184520_save…)

She looks like a hungry poor girl who showed herself almost naked to make some money.

A bit of fat here and there and voilà! Some of her dignity restored.

No. 494049

There’s no excuse for a father to be absent from his child’s life. Margo “faking abuse” and moving from country to country with Venus only affirmed how unstable she was and this is the reason why he SHOULD have fought and not let his own kid behind.
Again, his problem with Margaret were not supposed to be Venus problems.

People do more effort to keep their dogs when a relationship is over.

Margaret and this guy are both the kind of idiots that should be castrated

No. 494069

jfc, did Margo try to be a mail-order bride in her 20s?

No. 494070

No. 494083

She doesn’t look -quite- as bad in these photos (probably because of the angle) but jeez those smile lines. I’ve never seen creases like that around the mouth on anyone younger than 35. It doesn’t even look like she tans or abuses her skin because the skin on the rest of her body looks plump and youthful. Really makes you think.

No. 494087

Smile lines? You mean scowl lines lol. Out of the 7ish old pictures she's been posting, she's only smiling in 2, and I think her wedding picture is the only genuine smile she's ever had in her entire life.

No. 494090

Probably. By this time in her life, Venus was 3 and her husband had had enough of Margo's shit. Since projection is her favorite game, and she later prijected her mail order bride ambitions onto Venus, I would very much guess that was something she tried her hand at. Having failed miserably, she moved all her ambitions to her daughter, whom she signed to a shady modeling agency in London at age 12. When the agency failed, and Venus started her channel, Mags saw dollar signs as a weeaboo sensation rather than as a supermodel (stupid Venoos didn't grow taller than 5'5" anyway, ruining all dreams with her short fatness in Mags' eyes.)

No. 494098

She was more like 14 when marge signed her to the shady modeling agency in 2010 or 2011 and she had her Youtube channel before that.

No. 494100

Nah, not to sperg but some people just have that as part of the morphology of their face, like Zoe Saldana and Rosie Perez. Margie unfortunately aged like mayo in the sun and the rest of her face withered and drooped around it.

No. 494205

Tbh in his defense, while he might love Venus a lot and we don't know the details – she is a walking reminder that he once put his penis inside Margot. Imagine living with the knowledge that you had your penis inside the Kappa.

I have a feeling that Margot has used Venus to call her dad along the years as a tool to get something out of him, that's why the questions. Why would he otherwise IMMEDIATELY assume she was after money, if Margot hadn't made Venus call before to blackmail money out of the man?

He's clearly not an involved man, but I kinda get him. Margot has accused him of domestic abuse, rape etc… I wouldn't be surprised if Margot hadn't sent people after him in the past with her lies. It's not like his past interactions to try to get in touch with Venus could have been anything less than hellish. Margot is this bad towards her own daughter, imagine how bad she was towards a man who wanted to divorce her. After a certain point you give up, and you stop thinking that you deserve to contact your child as you were never involved.

Just googling what narcs do during divorce speaks for itself.
>Narcissistic parents often buffer the pain of a failed marriage by trying to destroy their ex’s relationship with the children.
>Sharing child custody loosens narcissists’ sense of control.
>Narcissists in their words and actions, often send their children the message that it’s not okay to enjoy time with the other parent.
>A narcissistic parent will give the children choices about visitation or manipulate them into refusing visitation.
>A narcissistic parent will put her own “spin” on details to brainwash the child into thinking the other parent is dangerous or incompetent.
>The manipulative parent may even alter the truth in order to get the kids to blame the other parent: “Dad says you wanted the divorce.”

No. 494209

File: 1521213044980.jpeg (180.91 KB, 650x831, AA233E45-81DB-4EC4-AADD-E94540…)

She’s also accused him of being …. you guessed it …. a PSYCHOPATH abuser
(that’s where VENOOS got it from you know)

No. 494225

She has no shame.

No. 494233

File: 1521227820810.jpg (182.85 KB, 1074x648, Screenshot_20180316-115335.jpg)

Margo still can't figure out how how to edit an hour long video on a crappy mac air with limited RAM.

She really wants us to see it, when's the last time she did this much work on anything?

No. 494237

She is so disgusting and completely lacking in self awareness.
I feel so fucking bad for Venus. Margaret is an absolute monster - but that’s just from what we know. I can’t even imagine the kind of shit she put Venus through that we DON’T know about. I don’t doubt for a second that Venus suffered her entire life under her mother’s claws. My heart hurts for her and I hope she stays healthy and happy. It’s not easy to do what Venus did and cut the cord separating you from your one and only connection to the world. Marge did her best to try to make Venus completely dependent on her and she failed. It’s astonishing that Venus broke away and seems to be finding ways to thrive. She is a lot stronger and smarter than she gets credit for.

No. 494240

even the software had enough of her bullshit

No. 494241

I can't believe she's this inept with a video. If it's just an hour of her crazy ranting it shouldn't need this much work. Just upload the fucker!

No. 494243


But she needs to edit out all her swears I'm sure, and if she decided to put her face in it, it requires hefty beauty filters.

It's weird how dedicated she is to making sure we get to hear her narc rage, though. I was sure she'd have thought baetter of it by now, but nope.

No. 494245


Kek, so I'm going to take a guess that the only person liking her tweets is herself.

How many followers does she even have on twitter ?

No. 494246

File: 1521234121093.jpg (198.62 KB, 1040x1049, Screenshot_20180316-140153.jpg)

It's all this guy, who has been thirsty for her for ages.

No. 494249

File: 1521236918761.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.92 KB, 960x720, DYbzr0cW0AAZ_uk.jpg)


No. 494251

oh my god why did you post that??? now I need to look at Margo in a swimsuit to clean my eyes :(

No. 494253

thanks i’ll kill myself

No. 494254

just when you think she couldn’t sink any lower follower-wise she hits another new low

No. 494255

she sure attracts all the winners

>”Baal Diablo” @6Baal6Diablo6
ow the edge

No. 494268

this absolute unit is the reason lolcow was down i bet

No. 494269

I thought the same thing, lol
It broke lolcow

No. 494270

She deleted his comment shortly after this was posted, fyi. She does NOT like him apparently

No. 494272

do you mean margo has something that resembles standards? gasp!

now seriously, i’ll try to check if they had an unpleasant exchange or some kinda history before, cause that doesn’t make sense. this rejection probably doesn’t come from a place of embarassment, she doesn’t seem to mind being seen talking to lapras kin tard and the boomer nutjob who photoshops venus in his shoulder after all.

No. 494275

on where? can't delete other people's tweets

No. 494276

It was a sub tweet on hers. Either it's hidden or idk but not there any more.

No. 494277

File: 1521354766782.jpeg (224.16 KB, 1200x1200, 8DEF25A6-A154-4384-8BD8-EB418D…)

tin foil, but it looks like all tweets from that furry fat beast vanished for a while after he was posted here. he probably lurks.

in that case, i do feel uneasy knowing this ungodly creature could be among us. stay safe and spray holy water on your screens, anons.

No. 494286

Maybe this satanic edgelord is why Margo is now claiming to be Jewish?

No. 494362

either that or Miranda Constable-ism(and it’s symptoms, including religious flip-flopping) is a far more common phenomenon than we thought.

No. 494416

File: 1521417496445.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.33 KB, 246x388, BeautyPlus_20180318160401_save…)

I saturated the colors of the kappa monster so that her genuine redness show up more.

No. 494421



This looks like a mugshot for a meth head.

No. 494469

This could be a jumpscare video face

No. 494484

I swear I just saw Marge in my hospital in Germany…
Are we sure she’s still in Korea?

No. 494491

I swore I once met her on a tram in Melbourne, where she harangued me for directions and got mad at the tram driver. The accent and everything… I seriously feel like i met her doppelganger.

No. 494512

File: 1521459766234.jpg (158.68 KB, 719x448, BeautyPlus_20180319124201_save…)

Marge found sth as cheap as her and posted it in ig.

No. 494514

Same anon
I guess that the korean letters mean:

No. 494518

File: 1521461319751.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.78 KB, 383x382, BeautyPlus_20180319130541_save…)

Sorry for the sloppy editing job.

No. 494527

sooo… a week later margo cannot figure out how to edit the veedeeos yet? so much for being the mastermind behind venusangelic. At this point she should give up and record the rant on vocaroo instead lmao.

No. 494528

File: 1521469566022.png (362.24 KB, 540x540, kek.png)

i got you

No. 494547


I'd sage if I could, because this is pure speculation, but the woman was wearing a black puffy coat and a light blue wool hat. I'm reasonably sure she owns those kinds of items… I fucking SWEAR it was Magoo, but her IG says she's still in Korea.

lmao I think I'm losing my mind.

No. 494548


in all fairness she was in vancouver for a few days to a week before she posted about it a couple years ago

No. 494558

Nice kek

No. 494559

File: 1521487856035.jpg (183.21 KB, 759x451, BeautyPlus_20180319202609_save…)

Is she in Germany?
If so, she's probably begging for money again and selling dirty mattresses or printers. Shart world tour 2.0 kek

No. 494560

File: 1521488103578.jpg (46.64 KB, 540x405, tumblr_ndflh4LJgE1rsah6no1_540…)

sounds like >>494484
>>494547 or someone who read that post is tipping the cow

No. 494587

I seriously dont see how this woman would possible scratch the money together for a flight to europe. If anything at all her mother wouldve paid for it and then she wouldnt been in germany but hungary.

No. 494591

Why would this commenter think she was in Germany? Am I missing something here?

No. 494597

No idea, either it's the nutcase anon from >>494547 or someone else reading here asked her that

No. 494663

Someone from here tipping the cow.

I'm not the Germany anon, I'm the one who saw the doppelganger in Australia. There is definitely another woman on this planet who is European and who is Margo's twin. I was shook even though I knew it couldn't be her.

No. 494664

File: 1521527787721.jpg (594.75 KB, 810x1410, Screenshot_20180319-233234.jpg)

So which Seoul rental has one wall of knotted wood, and another of brick wall carpeting?

No. 494683

She's uploading her video, isn't it?

No. 494692


I'm nutcase anon and I haven't done any cowtipping. I haven't seen her doppelgänger again, so it was probably just a random woman, but it looked a lot like her.

No. 494723

So the downward spiral continues..from Starbucks to Denny’s and now Dunkin Donuts. Sad

haha, not really

No. 494736

Sounds like an improvement. Dunkin is dope.

No. 494759

File: 1521576337101.jpeg (251.41 KB, 1068x810, 6F0C3B71-A8E5-4430-AFC5-A332B7…)

marge hitting up her old pal vexxed on Twitter

No. 494760

That tweet is almost two years old, lol. She is beyond desperate for the halicon days when anyone paid her any mind. And for the days before Venoos' lawyer schooled her in court over account ownership.

No. 494762

File: 1521578391846.gif (Spoiler Image,4 MB, 480x360, make em bounce.gif)

>hurry up boys it's my brief return to the spotlight!
>I really need that extra sub on my dead channel

No. 494770

> "Can we please keep a nice facade, it's convenient and makes everyone content."

Is vaxxed editing marge's one hour long video bc of crashing macbook? Kek

No. 494787

wait…. she's only 43?
>reminisces over the good times. The mula times. The Vanis Angelicus times.
>sees tweet 2016
>retweets to start level again
If you look at the edges of the heart thing…. you can see it looks like she placed a place mat on the floor as there is carpet underneath….

No. 494822


Doubt it. He probably only used Venus and Margo for views and doesn't actually give a flying fuck about Margo. Certainly not enough to help her with petty tasks like harassing her daughter still after 2 years. Top it off Venus lawyered up and has been clearly proven the owner of all those accounts. If he's even slightly smarter than a fly he'll avoid helping Margo whose digging her own grave. If she slanders Venus, who knows, she might actually get sued this time.

Why take a hit for somebody else's vendetta.

No. 494829

If she really wanted to make a response video marge could always just film a new one and forget about hassling with the old one. I think there’s something else stopping her, like she’s afraid of legal ramifications if she defames Venus any further. You know she wants to respond. Why else wouldn’t she?

No. 494832

It's been 2 weeks or so since her last frothing at the mouth ranting about Venus. She probably got hit by Venus's lawyer, and posted her old "sexy" pictures to get compliments and feed her narcissistic ego.

No. 494833

when its been one week since she made a video advertising making a video that will attack venus

No. 494838

That was only a week ago? jfc. maybe the followup video is the one her computer keeps trying to kill

No. 495911

Dunkun Donuts is Starbucks' main competitor as far as I know. They're basic but not really seen as trashy in the US, not sure where you're from.

Denny's is trashy, though.

No. 495953

Margo’s new video.
Looks like we’re not getting the 1 hour rant

No. 495954


How has her pronunciation gotten WORSE???

No. 495956

Anyone else notice that you can't change the batteries in her DIY ringlight. What's the point?

Why didn't she get something like christmas lights, drill them through the table and insert similarly to a solar cell?

No. 495958

yes you can. You just twist off the front from the backing thats glued on….

No. 495963

File: 1521635567344.png (756.36 KB, 1164x396, cantslide.png)

How do you grip it? You can see that the back panel is locked in and you need to push the glued on part to the side to get the front off. The dishes sides prevent you from being able to slide it off and the middle one cant be slid at all.

No. 496066

File: 1521656333837.png (640.63 KB, 764x633, Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-03-2…)

even easier… you wouldve just needed a circular light bulb but that deranged hobo is… something special.

I mean common, grasping the effect of light in veedeeos now?

Also I see maggot is finally embracing her whore lifestyle. Didnt even change after meeting customers.
this is an unaltered screenshots my dear anons

No. 496068

File: 1521656443101.png (98.12 KB, 330x218, eww.png)

ewww finally caught an STD mayo?

No. 496074

No offence anon but wtf is this screenshot kek

No. 496075

It looks like a shadow and some moles? nbd

No. 496078

> You must be 18 to post here.

It just looks like some moles or blemishes.

No. 496082


that's not what an STD looks like kiddo

No. 496084

File: 1521659521766.png (254.33 KB, 454x396, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 12.0…)

She looks like a kid who put a flashlight under their face to tell a scary story at summer camp. Way to highlight your massive nose, Margles.

… those are moles, anon, settle down.

While Margo rots in her basement room with carpeted walls, inhaling plastic dust from drilling a toxin filled $1 plastic plate, her son in law went to a salon to get a fancy dye job. Manaki said he wants to put more effort into his appearance for YT, and his channel gaining steam ought to garner us some milk.

No. 496087

Low quality LED light? Seriously??
And where's the ring of the ring light?

Why not higher quality LEDs, cardboard plate with a hole in the center for the camera, some wire, a switch and a flat battery???

And why put trendy korean wet skin make up if it makes her nose even bigger???

She looks like a nightmare. A good thing LED are low quality though.

No. 496094

I think the "ulzzang" look is inadvertent; she's wearing a plastic suit inside her goshiwan, which has a shower that steams up the room for the entire day. Mags bragged about having a window at one point, but we've never seen evidence the room has one, which makes the moldy steam worse. She's probably just sweaty.

No. 496095

File: 1521661427841.jpg (Spoiler Image,425.33 KB, 764x633, BeautyPlus_20180321204314_save…)

Mensa jung frau unfiltered

No. 496097

I REALLY hope she walked around outside wearing that sparkly eye shadow; there's a reason sparkly makeup is discouraged once out of your 20s. It gets stuck in every little wrinkle and makes anyone wearing it look even older than they are.

Imagine running into this crazed kappa on the street, with her dry, cracked, caked on lipstick and layers of sparkle eyeshadow applied in a basement now revealed to lie in crevasses of wrinkles.

No. 496117

File: 1521667300734.jpg (Spoiler Image,292.22 KB, 640x574, BeautyPlus_20180321222029_save…)

What a sweet smile.

No. 496125

margo please keep making these shitty diy videos

is this your first time seeing skin moles?

>Why not higher quality LEDs, cardboard plate with a hole in the center for the camera, some wire, a switch and a flat battery???

too much effort for a mensa member, anon.

nightmare fuel

No. 496172

please find a new hobby, you're shitting up the thread.

No. 496186

Please stop with the edits already >>496117
and >>496095

No. 496199

Fucking this.
Stop with these creepy editing Daphne.

No. 496280

Hi marge.(hi [cow])

No. 496283

This edits add nothing to the thread. We know she haggard as shit.

No. 496297

I just want to tell the editor that I actually enjoy every edits of maggot :)
Also Im really surprised how peaceful she is(no one cares)

No. 496316

File: 1521731541711.jpg (69.52 KB, 600x407, S.jpg)

dude stop already. Your edits are not even laugh worthy. You just sound like the anon who spammed their unfunny memes about margo


No. 496320

Sorry for being off-topic, but has a new venus-thread been opened ? I just can't find it -could somebody please send the link ? Thanks !

No. 496322

>>>/snow/522225 appears to be the most recent

No. 496549

>anons sperging about someone having pointed moles out
tbh initially I also thought she had a weird rash.

No. 496578

Maggot, you're getting too old for that whorey look.

She's going to have a shitfit when his veedeeos get more views. Incoming rants about abusive manipulative peedofile psychopath Manaki. The only people who would believe her are her deranged asslickers and they're out numbered by her opposers.

No. 496681

File: 1521819538096.jpeg (154.98 KB, 1907x463, C5811BD4-6F39-45C1-9046-B2C0DB…)

his videos are already getting decent views. much more than marge anyway

No. 496682

File: 1521819603323.jpeg (163.22 KB, 1956x503, 05E80B9F-64E2-4CB7-9137-692FFB…)

while marge’s views are tanking

No. 496688


Is a ring light supposed to look like complete shit or is her room just too small for her little dollar store rig?

No. 497349

Any updates on this fucking shitty excuse for a mother?

No. 497849

File: 1522125768242.png (456.81 KB, 999x639, screenshot-venusangelic.com 20…)

Margo seemingly has been drunk tweeting, nothing milk worthy tho. Venusangelic site still has puzzle game and 'designed by margaret palermo' text on the landing page, so we can assume it is still in margo's clutches

No. 498027

Manaki's mother sounds really sweet and you can tell she cares about Venus a lot and they have a great relationship. This must be such a sick burn for Margo if she watches this video (which lbr she most like does cause she is obsessively stalking Venus and Manaki)

No. 498035

Ach, she looks so frail. I’m worried about her.

No. 498213

is she ever gonna post the damn video??

No. 498220

what vid? the one she built up one was either the fat one or the fake one she already put out was't it

No. 498229

oh? on her channel, the last video posted was the ringlight cringe. the one before that was a short preview of a supposed hour-long vid she filmed about venus and her birthday. she hyped up that one but never posted it as far as i know

No. 498256

Sorry, I thought you meant Venus because of all the Venus stuff in here. Wow I had missed the one before ringlight - she sounds like pure cold insanity. If she didn't have a daughter that was sorta-famous, you can imagine she'd still be cornering people in her hostel to tell them she did.

No. 498332

File: 1522250867897.jpg (78.51 KB, 540x774, IMG_20180328_172516_474.JPG)

Nothing really interesting here.
But isn't it Venus' bunny?

No. 498446

Do you guys think Venus ever reads these threads?

No. 498459

She seems to have low self-esteem from her bitch mother but I don't think she's insecure enough to lurk here and PULL. The cows who lurk their own threads aren't subtle about it either.

No. 498471

File: 1522269822079.png (15.18 KB, 319x191, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

margo says it isn't. It looks so dirty it's hard to tell.

No. 498553

If I were in her position I'd personally get a kick out of reading this shit…especially since pretty much everyone in Margo threads is supportive and defensive of Venus. That kind of validation of your feelings and overall support is comforting.

No. 498562

This picture is creepy af, and that rabbit looks like it should be wielding a kitchen knife, the better to carve you up in your sleep.

No. 498563

Venus acting like a good daughter in law for another woman must have pissed the old witch so much lol

No. 498569

tfw you can't be arsed to scroll up the tiniest bit >>498027

No. 498733

Venus thread is here → No. 522225
Stop with your fangirling, thanks

No. 499070

File: 1522432383845.jpeg (468.33 KB, 750x1015, 327D12B5-FBC9-4C6A-865F-3C1780…)

Margo’s been on a bizarre rant about Easter (and Sainsbury’s). Only a few of her many tweets in pic related, but the divorce one is the most ridiculous - the woman she’s replying to jokingly said her husband gave her money for an Easter egg but she bought a bunny toy instead and Margo has to barrel in with her paranoia and projection.

No. 499101


Of all the targets for her to come for, it's a UK supermarket chain?

No. 499109

File: 1522439662930.jpeg (Spoiler Image,364.16 KB, 750x964, 4AC11A84-C342-4BA6-BFAB-32FA67…)

She’s loving Twitter today. Does she think her dire YT views are due to ‘suppression’? Nut job.

No. 499126

drunk tweeting as usual.

I thought Venus would block the weirdo on twitter too, but no.

No. 499128

more ammo for Venus's lawyer and restraining orders

No. 499163

Why would she retweet that Venus tweet from 5 years ago? I know Margo has no logic, but we all know Mags ghostwrote a lot of Venus's captions/tweets/etc. So she either wrote about how fat her daughter is and propped herself up as the skinnier one because she's a batshit narc, or she brainwashed Venus into thinking she was too fat to wear the jacket just so Maggot could have it instead. Either way, wtf?

No. 499197

Why the fuck was she 5 years deep in Venus' tweet history anyway? Jesus christ

No. 499341

File: 1522481771024.jpg (217.93 KB, 939x602, 1454664158627.jpg)

Newfag got u fam. I wouldn't be surprised if it was tho.

No. 499383

File: 1522506806466.png (523.95 KB, 936x601, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

Margo posted another selfie, just in case we missed her ugly mug.

No. 499387

>Ave Satanas

Don't take that fucking doll, Venus
Margo most likely put her bodily fluids onto it to bind Venus back to her in some ritual at midnight under Beleth and his 85 legions of spirits

No. 499388


Tweet is old as ass and I sincerely doubt that Margoo actually gave the bunny back to Venus when she flew to Japan first. Tinfoil but I'm thinking Margo kept it from her deliberately and put it in her room to shade Venus à la "if you never contact me again, I'm keeping your toys".

No. 499390


I thought it might have been given the "Ave Satanas" but knowing how crazy she is, I thought it plausible she went back to openly declaring her religious affiliation
Shame on me

No. 499392


It's from >>230628 which was posted early 2016, so definitely an old one.
It's pretty disgusting she STILL lords Venus' old shit over her head. Queen of not letting go, she is. Not surprising with how much she wants to go back to leeching of Venoos.

No. 499393

File: 1522511169981.png (340.65 KB, 500x534, suho-absolutely-disgusting.png)


Look at how nice the bunny in >>499341 is… Then look at it in Margo's window.

No. 499394

I thought someone from PULL liberated the bunny the first time Margo tried to sell it?

No. 499398

Speaking of which, I love how no one of her stans has asked why she dropped satanism for judaism. Isn't it sad?

No. 499469

>back to my usual bob
What she means is her hair finally grew enough after she fried it all off that she can comb it vaguely into a bob.

No. 499471

samefag, yes this is from Venus' original escape. I'm bored so reading old drama (already finished V's threads) and figure I'd drop the clean bunny for ref.

I wish I had followed this shit sooner, oh well.

No. 499501


It's not the same bunny guys, look at the nose for one thing. Giant pink fabric triangle on V's bunny, tiny lil blob on Marg's. The eye spacing, and over all size/proportions (like ear length) as well.

No. 499509

She was a satanist!

No. 499522

the fabric also is different. The bunny in the window pic seems to have longer fur

No. 499566


Could just be the dirt, though. Look at Luna's shit, her toys' furs look smoothed down right when she gets them and tangled/curly when she's dirtied them up.

No. 500005

File: 1522641996734.png (48.3 KB, 604x368, creep.png)

Bitch is still retweeting humblebrags she wrote on Venus' account

No. 500062

File: 1522657811842.png (139.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-02-10-29-39…)

No. 500065


What is she trying to say with that caption?
No more thirsty dudes in her comment section?

w h a t???

No. 500066

Since when has she been Jewish? I'm assuming since birth because she's claimed she didnt follow her parents same faith and she's claiming ethnicity jewish?

No. 500093

Also the fact that she still has "Venus' Mom" in her bio, move the fuck on Marge. Gross.

No. 500098

This has already been discussed in the post. She used to be satanist, some think shes now jewish because it goes with her victimism, shes scum.

No. 500108

File: 1522686354686.jpg (29.43 KB, 426x341, 9c0.jpg)

b-but what if one of them is the ~rich old guy willing to marry for love~ you idealize so much, margs?

No. 500188

You forgot

to finally stalk Venus "legally"

No. 500205

Lets be honest. Margo would probably douse that bunny in chloroform and kidnap venus.

No. 500296

Does this mean bully Venoos tried to put poor frail Margaret into oven? Ungrateful dottir.

No. 500382

I uh….

No. 500384

oofffff (got to say, good idea for a video though and if she can turn her painful drama into arresting content, everybody wins)

No. 500385

File: 1522745480813.png (336.49 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-03-10-49-18…)

And meanwhile margo is in the hospital getting a check up.

No. 500386

i wonder if she is going to do a video calling her mom… since she now has videos calling mana's mom and venus' dad…
people would probably tune in to that lol

No. 500387

Yeah, Venus's dad's family is sure that Margot is pulling the strings of Venus still. The grandma was first more open and suddenly got suspicious when Margot was brought up, then she hung up.

Such a shame, hopefully Venus can get her grandma and dad to understand that Margot is cut off.

No. 500388

So, margo sold her dads apartment?

No. 500389

damn, why margo selling an apartment that isnt hers doesn't surprise me?

No. 500390

File: 1522747952917.png (287.37 KB, 601x600, ew.png)


No. 500391


I did wonder why she was so frantic not to go back to Hungary - I'm guessing she has burnt bridges in most EU countries now.

No. 500417


this makes me so sad. margo is so unapologetically toxic. she's destroyed any familial relations venus could have. i'm glad she has manaki and a new family in jp

No. 500421

Omg she thinks she's the female version of JCVD???

If I had a good editing app I would remove the bg and make lots of memes. But she makes me tired.

No. 500423

Just imagine being the person in charge of the surveillance cameras and suddenly you catch a glimpse of a creepy woman climbing several times the stairway railing with legs wide spread taking selfies ang giggling to herself

No. 500424

File: 1522766339793.jpg (25.95 KB, 296x294, comment.JPG)


I was just reading the comments and somebody asked her this

No. 500425

File: 1522766408420.jpg (120.08 KB, 579x434, BeautyPlus_20180403164053_save…)

That's what she reminds of.
JCVD widely spread legs.
Marge, widely spread ridicule.

No. 500431

Who's with her? Who takes those pictures?

No. 500433

she deleted this post
I wonder how many bad reactions it had

see >>500424

No. 500448

New video

No. 500466

File: 1522775600231.png (92.43 KB, 794x148, very original.png)

Very original title, Margaret.

No. 500468

"Ang-jha-ity"? She cant pronounce "anxiety" now? Since when did she lose the "z" sound?

No. 500469

She really looks like she's in mental ward.

No. 500484


Damn, did I hear correctly that Margo basically stole from Venus' Grandmother and damaged her property. Fucking crazy bitch. When anons were talking about Venus' dad, I have no doubt that she did everything in her power to soak every penny out of him.

Does anyone know if the selling of the apartment is recent or in the past ? Like how would Margo even has access to his properties to even sell them without him knowing all these years… I personally hope she can clear things up with her father, and his family can see that Venus isn't the malicious one. I almost feel like she would be better off going to them and sitting down and having a cup of coffee with him. This was she could also probably visit her other family like her aunt.


50 bucks says that she's there for alcohol poisoning or related. Like why is she dressed in full gown ?

No. 500526

Those cheap low quality LED lights… She avoids using electricity to not pay bills?

No. 500551

File: 1522788188373.png (119.24 KB, 837x534, Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 1.08…)

Someone asks Mags about Venus's video. Margo claims that the unpromoted conversation Venus had with her grandmother was "lies and clickbait" and that Venus was calling her grandmother to ask for money… because apparently that's what Margo hears, when her ex-mother in law says their estrangement was caused by Margo stealing cash from the pantry?

Also, fucking kek at Margo saying Venus's video was "for clicks" under the video Margo literally copied from a popular channel and buzzfeed article. The article she had the computer read out in her video. For misdirected clicks.

No. 500552

File: 1522788276890.png (44.54 KB, 802x237, Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 1.08…)

And Margo continues to direct people to fatass vexfag is they want "the truth about Venoos"! Uh, I think people were asking for the truth about YOU, Margo. They're asking if it's true you stole from your in laws and trashed the house on your way out, not the "truth" about Venus.

No. 500561

>unofficial half siblings

lol that's not how it works marg

No. 500562

Her mom is fucking insane, I can't even imagine what it'd be like to have that sort of relationship (or lack thereof) I really feel bad for Venus

No. 500571

Bitch where's your weeedeeooo about Beenoos! Fucking liar.

It's not difficult to believe at all. From what we know of Maggot and how she's treated Venus since her triumphant escape she's vengeful and crazy enough to do that kind of stuff. I feel bad for Venus that the family's holding her mom's actions against her so she has no relationship with them, but can understand why if Maggot was as crazy as we know her to be.

No. 500579

Young marge ran away from home = normal.
Venus moves to Japan to live with her husband = "booly dottir ran away and left me to die"

Marge robs her ex inlaws and her ex-husband leaving him with no place to live and no money = normal.
Venus leaves giving her mother some money, bills, studies, appartment paid for 6 months, left lots of her belongings behind, says she loves her = booly dottir left me to die with nothing and robbed her moneys, computer, etc.

Double standards, projecting, that old frau is fucked up in her head

No. 500590

File: 1522792062435.gif (Spoiler Image,897.76 KB, 400x392, 1454910586188.gif)

No. 500598


Though I feel like Venus sort of handled this conversation poorly, I think it's totally understandable given the circumstances her traumatic upbringing and (lack of) relationship with her extended family. Like, to the people criticizing her in the comments, what do you expect? You can tell she's hung up on her mother because of the abuse, and that's why she brought it up so suddenly. There's probably a lot she wants to ask/clarify, but doesn't know how to approach it, especially to family members who are less than receptive to talking about the woman that fucked them over time and time again, especially if they think Venus is still in cahoots with her. I feel bad. It seems like she just wants answers, but it's a really hard situation.

No. 500605

I do not understand why Venus published and promoted this video. Since there is no explanations and she looks so bad, shaking and affraid… I truly don’t see the point of her last video. And I do not know who Margaret thinks she can fool by saying she doesn’t watch Venus’s content. Like, come on Marg, we all know you are the first one to jump on what she says or does

No. 500608

Venus was isolated by her mother from young age and she barely made friends that they had to move to another country.

Constantly losing contact of family and friends made Venus decide to open a youtube channel hoping that it would be seen by family and/or friends.

Like a throwing a bottle in the ocean.

Internet is the only communication tool she has with family. Posting a video like that was clearly to ask help. Imo she's in distress and needs her father.

No. 500613

get off her dad's dick. he only wants contact with her if she'll give him $$$

No. 500628

That was not proven and more like he was worried Venus turned out like Margo and would use ppl for money.
Plus Manaki would never let Venus just give out money. He knows Venus is sorta conditioned to jump when family says so.

I see he video as a call for help that hopefully her family sees and reaches out to him. As he clearly want snothing to do with her because of Margo and is cautious. .

It sucks when parents punish the child as well when a relationship falls apart. Evdn if apart of me feels like he might not even care.

No. 500636


In a video before this she made a statement about how she isn't going to pretend to be happy anymore when she isn't. I suspect this is so her fans/community can understand why she's so sad or unmotivated.

With the video as well Margo can't claim Venus is making it all up and needs to respect her mother because Margo was a leech to her husband's family and burned bridges.

No. 500646

You seem to have misunderstood, anon. He thought Venus wanted money from HIM.

No. 500653

My b, m8. It's still shitty that money was the first thing he brought up after not talking to her for years. The anon harping on FAAAAAAAMILY is annoying. None of those people have her best interests in mind, and it's not like what Venus has been through is some secret.

No. 500662

Why does everyone think that Grandma is being rude? Grandma sounds like she's hard of hearing since Venus had to repeat herself a few times. Seems like Grandma thought she wanted to speak to her dad, Grandma answers the question Venus asks and says Adieu and hangs up.

No. 500667

He must be one cold fucker, that's my takeaway from it.

No. 500668

Yeah it also sounds like she can't totally understand Venus' accent. She's old and probably finds the questions too abrupt and personal, and probably is a bit of a cold bitch anyway.

No. 500670

ngl I think Venus played herself up a bit. She's wearing red eyeliner so she already looks more upset than she is and in the small thumbnail she already looks like she's been crying.

No. 500702

Her hand looked like it was trembling the whole time, I feel so bad.

No. 500727

This probably isnt the first time she called tho. But its better if Venus talks to her dad directly instead of another member of the family.

No. 500741

Recording it for youtube might have made it a million times easier to do actually. It's like having tons of supportive people listen to the whole thing and counsel you afterwards if it goes bad.

No. 500776

File: 1522818751750.jpg (334.49 KB, 852x924, channel.jpg)

does the content of the youtube shooters channel remind anyone of a certain desperate for views narc

No. 500778


No. 500810


Whether or not she intended for this video to provide some insight on the Margo situation (and I suspect she has wanted to shed light on this for some time) I think this was a smart way to go about it. How can Margo explain any of this? How can anyone watch this and call Venus a booly liar killing her mother?

Also Venus comes across as very passive. I doubt she'd ever come out and say anything to potentially "slander" her mother, so the phone call put a lot of things into perspective. Was it the greatest thing to post to her youtube channel? No, but it was very useful and strategic

No. 500819

Please tell me that pic isn’t actually her. Oh god…

No. 500820

Finally watched that phone call video, shit. I can relate so much (with the parent separation drama), I feel bad for her. Was that fully German? I could understand like half but then not some parts. I hope her dad reaches out to her one day.

No. 500821

File: 1522833065993.png (Spoiler Image,728.01 KB, 750x1334, 1454809101412.png)

it is. and she used the photo to get people's attention on an issue with her daughter.

No. 500824

Venus and margo have been trading insults and slights for months. They have been going tit for tat on youtube and instagram. Marge says she is sad venus says she is also sad and people cant make you happy. Venus is smarter than a lot of people give her credit. She has been trolling marge. Venus is an international woman with european bite. Venus doesnt let any slight pass. Watch her videos. She answers everyone questions in her own way.
I think marge feels bullied because venus isnt giving in. its time for venus to buy marge a plane tix to hungray. Marge wants to be in a easy safe country but she is too edgy. She is kinda gangster. She cant make it in korea any longer and unless she wants to work for the yukaza japan is out.

No. 500831

this looks like she's a patient in a mental hospital cuckoo's nest style

No. 500832

although… now everyone with a brain knows her fathers full name…. not sure how smart that part was.

No. 500835

tbh her grandmother also sounded like she already is slightly demented.
could be another reason why she cant go back to europe. Selling someone else's apartment sure could become a legal case or already is one.

No. 500836

>selling apartment
I could not imagine a way of how to do it now.

I could only imagine that after the seperation and divorce venus' father might have let her and her mother live in the apartment he owned and that margaret sold it for some sweet bucks forging documents or his signature.

No. 500837

>now im hospitalized
is she now doing a munchhausen's?
>im so sick uwu

No. 500840

this needs to be slightly adjusted:
>Young marge ran away from home = GLORIOUS LIFE SAVER WHO SHOULD BE PRAISED
>Venus moves to Japan to live with her husband = "booly dottir ran away and left me to die"

>Marge robs her ex inlaws and her ex-husband leaving him with no place to live and no money = GLORIOUS LIFE SAVER WHO SHOULD BE PRAISED

>Venus leaves giving her mother some money, bills, studies, appartment paid for 6 months, left lots of her belongings behind, says she loves her = booly dottir left me to die with nothing and robbed her moneys, computer, etc.

No. 500841

venus had said herself that the first thing her dad asked was how much money she's making after years of no contact. that's not a loving father.

No. 500843

it was here https://youtu.be/aEeC_i8RS9A?t=274
(timestamp and old so not embedded)

No. 500845

venus talked way too fast for such an old lady. maybe it's red eyeliner, but her eyelid twitching is real.

No. 500846

>fully german?
it's swiss german.

No. 500849

it's a hungarian accent thing lol, she can't lose it no matter how hard she tries to create her own marganese

No. 500986

File: 1522872707325.png (49.52 KB, 636x528, stop.png)


No. 501017

Because life in Hungary is shit and you don't get much welfare to get by. She knows exactly who butters her bread.

No. 501074

File: 1522895000512.png (91.2 KB, 372x292, margo.png)

No. 501098

File: 1522898507104.png (545.63 KB, 612x427, garbageperson.png)

Bless you, anon.

No. 501106

Not only that, but anyone from Hungary or a place with a similar culture can see she's a crazy lady right away… like what happened in Hamburg. She relies on the cultural gap in Asia to get away with a lot of shit.

No. 501107

File: 1522899492781.jpg (325.78 KB, 1500x1000, dottir.jpg)

Bless you indeed

No. 501112

this is wonderful lol

No. 501117

Next thread pic

No. 501121

File: 1522901719501.png (133.18 KB, 240x320, beach camping trip.png)

i love you guys

No. 501138

File: 1522903427127.png (145.48 KB, 393x289, I apologize for my shitty PS s…)

No. 501226

File: 1522926519628.jpg (90.17 KB, 383x383, BeautyPlus_20180404204803_save…)

Omg, i choked with my own spit! Top kek

Here's her other picture in case you feel inspired.

No. 501231

File: 1522930395197.jpg (232.39 KB, 706x529, margotwarhol.jpg)

Thank you anon lmao, I made a few but won't spam them, just gonna post my favourites

No. 501234

File: 1522931098824.jpg (247.72 KB, 824x550, MargoMassage.jpg)

No. 501355

I’ll make this a transplant png when I get home and I’ll remove the bars by her leg

No. 501356

Transparent sorry

No. 501364

Haven't watched it yet but the title alone YIKES

No. 501369

Marge called her 92yrs old ex-mother-in-law. Did I hear/read right? Did she extort informations from a senile old woman, posted it in yt and made it look like they were friends???

No. 501374

Basically, Margo pretends to be a police officer, calls the grandmother to ask her about the call venus made, told her that said call is online on youtube. Grandmother talks about the money and things margo stole.
Margo asks if venus only called to ask for her inheritage, but gets no real answer (I guess grandma didn't quite understand). Grandma only answers that Venus calls from Japan and that's too expensive for "chit-chat".

> we had a nice talk

I think the grandmother didn't get that she was talking to margo herself, even when she identified herself as being margo and margo kept badmouthing venus (as she always does)
(she's crazy, is studying finances and earns 10,000 CHF/month,… <- the magical 10,000 again)

No. 501376

Totally a prank call and not an attempt to extort information out of an elderly woman to use to instigate more drama.

No. 501382

this was so cruel and mean spirited! A lot of the stupid shit Margs does nowadays just makes me laugh because aside from being crazy I feel like she's actually pretty harmless. But this was way out of line

No. 501384

Where is she now? Korea?

No. 501393

Fucking hell, every video just cements how nuts this bitch is.

No. 501396

Also, can someone who understands Swiss German confirm whether those subtitles are even accurate? Sorry for double-posting, wish I could sage.

No. 501399

Oh my fucking god this psycho seriously needs to just disappear.

No. 501401


yeah, they're accurate

No. 501403

There was a jump cut at 2:32 after Margo asked the grandmother about her age, wonder what happened there that was too bad to leave in?

No. 501405

she is disgusting, the whole thing is just gross

No. 501406


You're kidding me right??!

I can't with this level of psycho.

Venus studying finance…is that a partial truth or something Margo concocted as a HILARIOUS prank?

No. 501409

Margerat srsly needs to stop. unhinged bitch.

No. 501410

she's so disgusting…
I feel so bad for Venus, she's basically an orphan. Her father didn't want to do anything about her, guess he didnt even fight for custody and just didn't care. her mother is a fucking psycho, her dad's side doesn't want to know her and the only family she has is her mom's side (not really in touch) and Manaki.

No. 501411

Not like it matters, but is Manaki really 27?

No. 501413


I couldn't even watch the entire thing.
What the hell ?? omfg

No. 501415

I wish Venus’ aunts would reach out to her.

No. 501425

This video needs to be reported for harassment.
I thought that they did?

No. 501430

I'm so confused. The mother in law wasn't mad that it was Margo talking?

No. 501441

Probably more fucked up shit Mags did while married and during the divorce. Margo said the call was FIFTY fucking minutes long, and we saw less than 5 of actual conversation. She's clearly senile, but I'm sure Grandma Swiss Get man has a pile of dirt on Mags' decade long campaign to make Hans Peter miserable

No. 501447

the mother in law is rather old and probably didn't really fully grasp that it was margo

No. 501449

Shes too far gone to care what her family has to say. Shes exploiting a senile old lady for a youtube video. If she hasn’t realized how messed up this is then she isn’t going realize just cause someone else tells her so.

No. 501464

yeah, i think its a 5yr dif

No. 501469


My German is shaky, but to me they seemed accurate. The editing is really selective though.

Also, Margaret tried to make it sound like Venus hasn’t been successful in contacting her dad, and even said “well the father could write a letter!” (The implication being that if he can’t telephone, he should at least write.)

But in Venus’s “Calling my dad” video, Venus CLEARLY says “last time I called, Hans Peter said that you and my mom don’t like each other”. So Venus has talked to her dad, and recently. I do want to point out that Venus used the verb for telephoning (anrufen). She didn’t say something vague like “last time we spoke”, she said last time she called him.

Also, there’s a cut at 2:07 that strikes me as being off. First Grandma says that Venus is in Japan, then the video cuts, and then Margo asks “how did that happen and how much was that?” And Grandma says she stole a nightshirt and some money. It’s edited to make it seem like Grandma was talking about Venus the whole time, that cut makes me suspicious. I’d bet anything Grandma was talking about Margaret when Grabdma said “she” stole money.

No. 501471

>>Also, there’s a cut at 2:07 that strikes me as being off. First Grandma says that Venus is in Japan, then the video cuts, and then Margo asks “how did that happen and how much was that?” And Grandma says she stole a nightshirt and some money. It’s edited to make it seem like Grandma was talking about Venus the whole time, that cut makes me suspicious. I’d bet anything Grandma was talking about Margaret when Grabdma said “she” stole money.

This is a really good point. Margo recorded for 50 minutes, and had to cut it to make grandma look senile, and like she's accusing VENUS of stealing rather than Margo. In order to throw doubt on anything said when Venus called her grandmother; "well obviously she's confused, first she said I stole but then she said Venoos! And Venoos stole me my laptop so the is PROOF!"

No. 501472


margo dragged on the divorce for 10 years. i think she wore him down enough to not care anymore.

No. 501493

How the fuck could Venus steal anything when she never even knew them

wtf this psycho bitch

No. 501494

How fucking childish. I wonder what would be grandma's reaction if she were able to recognize the fucking voice of Margaret. Let's just hope granny blocked Margo's number.

>Have you gone crazy?

Yes ma'am. This bitch is crazy indeed

No. 501498

File: 1522980348142.png (18.14 KB, 507x134, screenshot-www.youtube.com 201…)

How merciful of you.

>inb4 evil brainwasher psycho hamster killer Venus teleported herself to Granny's house to steal her

You know, Venus is able to be at different places simultaneously. That's how she managed to bite Margo's and Manaki's fingers at the same time.

No. 501535

Holy fucking shit her face LITERALLY lights the fuck up the moment the grandma starts going on vaguely about "her" stealing money. You can tell the lightbulbs are just firing over the potential to twist this into making it look like Venus was a thief.

No. 501552

File: 1522986433578.jpg (30.69 KB, 720x604, 28276721_699578827097889_90413…)

i reported it, i hope that doesn't count as cow tipping or suppression of milk (obvs no mention of our long term observation of margo or any website at all) i believe the content of this is enough to be like ' no fuck that this is abuse'

i had an abusive mother and i want to see this bitches channel fucking burn. I hope others also report it. sorry for blogposting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 501554

WTF is wrong with her? she's so fucking evil, I fucking hate her so much. fuck you magott you fucking piece of shit.

No. 501555

There’s milk and then there’s… this bitch. The shit she does is seriously disturbing, not entertaining more like… No, this is not ok.

No. 501590

Haven't watched the video but is it wrong of me to believe their phone call was not in fact fifty minutes long? I feel like she's saying that in hopes that Venus watches. Kind of like rubbing it in her face

>grandmather talk to me longer we talk whole fifty minutes how long did you talk, Venoos?

No. 501592

Wow she scared the shit out of that old lady when she pretended to be a cop. And who knows what happened with all those jump cuts.

And the lady is saying it's expensive to talk to japan but Margo talks to her for 55 minutes from S Korea?

Man and now we see gandma thinks Venus wants to steal money from the family! And now she's worried about Venus making money?

No wonder V's father was so interested in her income.

No. 501607

She is disgusting. I flagged the video for "child abuse." I know this category might have been put into place for DaddyofFive videos but this disgusting kappa also deserves to be flagged. Youtube gave her her daughter's address and enabled her to break into her daughter's apartment with tools and now she's harassing a 92 year old Swiss-German after pretending to be a cop who is arresting her.

No. 501636

It's amazing how far gone this crazy bitch is to not realize how manipulative this makes her look. She's a crazy cunt.

Can someone with talent make a gif of spiders crawling out of her vagoo?

No. 501641

This is probably under the category of Elder Abuse. Does youtube have that option to report videos on? I would think that prank calling an elderly (possibly going senile) little old lady, pretending to be a cop for shits and giggles to get random soundbytes to edit is not what Youtube wants to be associated with.

No. 501642

> "I left, so Venus doesn't have to sell vegetables on the market"

Marge didn't say the same thing the day she saw her ex husband's carrot for the first time.

Years later she told V that if she leaves mama she'll have to sell herself. So marge thinks Venus is a vegetable.

When V moved to Japan to live with Manaki, marge was like "omg, a blond vegetable that studies, marries, makes friends, how dares she to have success?!"

Now she's vegetating every day and has internet as sole friend, trying to justify herself why mensa frau looks so stupid.

Looks like the less successful she is the more god-complex the shows.

No. 501644


You can report her for hateful or abusive content and then select the option abusing vulnerable individuals.

No. 501651

But it's still his daughter and he could've raised her. But well, she wouldn't be Venus Angelic if it wasn't for Margo.
Giving up on your kid because it reminds you to your ex partner is very pathetic and that was what he did.

No. 501652

She's trying to undermine Venus' attempt at any kind of connection with her father. The suspicion that her Grandmother had on the original call that Margret had anything to do with Venus will now be reinforced and I think Margret knows that. Fucking crazy bitch.

No. 501655

File: 1523011695538.jpg (28.43 KB, 681x384, 2018-04-06 12_22_25-Prank Call…)

I hate her happy bitch face in the entire video so much. She's just so fucking happy to destroy the little chance Venus has to somehow reconnect with her family (even if her father probably isn't worth it), it's disgusting.

also, who stole the money and stuff,Venus or Margaret? the video suggests it's Venus but there's a cut and it looks manipulated. And even if Venus stole 5 bucks as a kid, who fucking cares? that's "killed a hamster as a 3y old"level stupid.

No. 501657

File: 1523011854321.png (372.11 KB, 708x395, benus.png)

she looks so much like venus in this screenshot

No. 501659

I think it's safer to believe in Venus' video, since the grandmother seemed to realize from the start that it was Venus calling and the video didn't have any cuts, so I would say it's 100% certain that grandmother is talking about Marge, and Marge just cut it to seem like she's talking about Venus. If Marge still has supporters after this it's pretty much confirmed that they are blind idiots. Marge is so obviously manipulative in this video. There is no way they had a 50 minute friendly talk, since the grandmother didn't even realize who she was talking to, and Marge absolutely would have included some of that friendly talk in her video to show everyone that the dad and grandmother don't hate her.

I can't believe something like this is happening right in front of us, most of our flakes and cows are quite harmless but this is just something else

No. 501660

It is illegal in the US to pretend to be a lw enforcement officer. I don't know what the law is in SK, but there's a pretty good chance she has done something that will put her in the clink.

No. 501666


They might not know margo is in SK. It doesn't seem the father is active on the internet or anything, so they're probably not familiar with YouTube and making money off it. Gramma here didn't even know V was married. I just think they've tried to keep to themselves over the years and I really think this "prank call" (just stick to "is your refrigerator running?" Marge, as least you won't give a geriatric a heart attack) has ruined any chance of venus getting to know her paternal family.

Oh and Marge is a fucking liar - claiming she never checks up on venus or watches her vids.

Her face drove me fucking crazy in this video, likes she's mocking venus' very real reactions, with her fake ass bullshit. The joy on her face when she realised she can twist everything to her narrative. Fuck her.

No. 501673

all the stories of stealing and shit got to me too, like why the fuck would venus steal her grandmothers nightie. and then her face lighting up like 'you see!! look how ebil venoos is!! are you all witnessing this????' like no you dumb fuck. all i'm seeing is you trying your best to gain leverage over your daughter and its disgusting. i hate her so much

No. 501676

I was more thinking like margo was making fun of the grandmother. as in she was exaggerating things like "what? you make a fuss because of me taking 5 CHF and 3 nightgowns? you're a crazy old woman!"

No. 501687

I reported it too, this is a truly low and horrid video

No. 501697

I think the main purpose for the call was to harm/humiliate Venus but you can also sense that she passionately hate her ex mother in law(what's the point? granny is 92y old ffs)and get a sick pleasure from deceiving her. Hearing that she still hasn't forgotten the stealing is pure enjoyment for margo. She's a real psychopath.

No. 501706

you definitely have a point there, she's just doing anything she can to knock her down a peg. She's trying to prove she has a sense of humor about this/her situation as she must be feeling pretty shit about it despite it being entirely her fault, but it just comes off as petty and maniacal. it's really transparent.

No. 501708

I agree. I'm sure she wanted them to distrust Venus, and also who knows what they talked about in that 50 minute call? She probably convinced the mother in law that Venus is a psychopath.

No. 501713

File: 1523023426643.gif (40.21 KB, 300x100, 48.gif)

>Can someone with talent make a gif of spiders crawling out of her vagoo?

Your request reminded me of Kiki's banner. Caption pretty much describes margo too

This so much.

No. 501715

File: 1523023879511.jpg (180.04 KB, 529x705, BeautyPlus_20180406155138_save…)

What a delicious social hemorragy…
People aren't stupid marge.

No. 501718

those red numbers made me tingle

No. 501775


Lainey with flies too???

No. 501789

File: 1523035965914.jpg (12.74 KB, 332x332, yikes.jpg)

It is indeed illegal to pretend to be a police officer in South Korea, and can lead to a 3 year prison sentence, or a 7 million won fine. Here it is as Article 118
>Article 118 (False Impersonation of Public Official)
>A person who exercises official authority by false impersonation of a public official shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than three years or by a fine of not more than seven million won <Amended by Act No.5057, Dec. 29, 1995>
Someone for the love of God get this psycho put in prison, she has broke a legitimate and serious law
(source) https://www.oecd.org/site/adboecdanti-corruptioninitiative/46816472.pdf

No. 501791

She doesn't need a gif, there real life footage of the lameflies.

No. 501803


Thanks for looking that up anon (sadly I didn't have time when I posted my comment); it did not seem possible that in South Korea of all places they didn't have such a law. Those laws are in place to prevent this exact type of scenario.

No. 501806

bitch might think she can get away with it since she wasn't calling a Korean citizen or impersonating korean police.

I wish we could somehow send her sorry std ridden ass in jail…

No. 501833

File: 1523040347080.jpg (35.79 KB, 481x325, 1495827604509.jpg)

If it's not the Korean government who would be sorting her out, it would most certainly be the Swiss one. I was putting some research in their laws, and I found a second law she may have broken, which is Art. 258(249)
>Art. 258249
>Any person who causes fear and alarm among the general public by
threatening or feigning a danger to life, limb or property is liable to a
custodial sentence not exceeding three years or to a monetary penalty.
I say this as she put fear on her ex mil by threatening arrest. which would therefore be threatening a danger of limb (there is probably a better law fitting this)
People have been arrested for impersonation before, so even though I could not find the legal article for it, it is definitely illegal to pretend to be a member of law enforcement

I'm not Swiss, but I'm considering reporting her to the Federal Office of Police in Switzerland. Should I do it? We have footage of the crime, her birth date and real name…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 501834

if you do don't post about it on here, mods have quite clearly stated they don't want this site to have anything to do with that kind of stuff. more power to you if you actually go through with it though

No. 501836

As much as I want Margo to be put away for a long time, let's be real here: the Korean police really aren't going to investigate this kind of shit.

1) two non-Korean citizens involved
2) relatively minor crime, she didn't extort money or physically/sexually abuse anyone, etc
3) Margo's address is unknown, they're not going to search a hundred shitty goshiwons

No. 501841

no, but it will put her name on the list and next time she tries visa hopping it will come up during border control check.

No. 501842

Mag's has owed taxes in the UK for years, I don't think that'll stop her from visa hopping.

No. 501865

What IS margo’s legal nationality?

No. 501869


No. 501875

Margo visited the UK a year ago or two and nothing happened to her. They don't seem to give a fuck if you're a nobody.

No. 501877

Thanks man!

/God I can't believe Margo did that prank call crap. It's like she has to ruin everything for Venus.

No. 502075

She even admits at the start of the video she had no prior contact with her for 15 years, so basically when Venus was a toddler.
What the heck how can you be this transparent?

No. 502154

So Venus stole stuff as a toddler huh? lolllllll

No. 502168

God I hope Venus turns this into an international incident for Margo.

Venus could call the swiss Police and say, look, this woman is harassing an elderly woman and pretending to be the police and posted video of it online. The elderly woman lives in your country and the harasser lives in South Korea. I am the woman's granddaughter etc and the woman harassing her is my estranged mother. Or Venus could contact a Swiss lawyer and ask if there's anything she could do?

Anons trying to do shit is just dumb. Venus would have cause for concern and would be taken more seriously.

No. 502169

No pigs in any country are going to give a shit about Margo. Venus's lawyer might be able to use it against her tho

No. 502180

Yeah, I feel like really nothing will happen to this bitch.

But does Venus have a lawyer??

No. 502183

She mentioned recently she had the help of a lawyer to get her facebook account back. But we don't know if this lawyer also help her with all the other margcrap she has to endure.

No. 502245

i thought incoming long distance didnt cost money? is that not the same for the rest of the world?

i assume its a land line since margo and v both have the number…

No. 502247

maybe they can just deport her away

No. 502248

She's an old person and a bit out of it. I'd say she is worried about the cost for the other person.

No. 502252

ugh thats so sweet

No. 502269

File: 1523101512153.png (589.61 KB, 929x592, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 12.4…)


No. 502270

How did magro get the number in the place? did she really keep an hold of it for 20 years?

No. 502274

From the phone book?? Maybe it's different where you live but cosy countries like Switzerland you can just put the name and region in the site and get the number

No. 502319

sadly, no.
her (almost exact) words were "she called from japan, that's too expensive for just small talk" after margo asked her if she thought that venus just called because of her possible inheritance.
gran seems to be distrustful of venus.

No. 502378

Which laws are applied? South korean laws? Swiss laws? Do international laws exist?

And about yt tos? The 2 tweets about that video got removed (sorry i haven't made screencaps and noticed yesterday she removed them). I guess tweeter is more strict than yt.

No. 502414

File: 1523139158026.png (184.26 KB, 528x586, screenshot-twitter.com 2018.04…)

>The 2 tweets about that video got removed (sorry i haven't made screencaps and noticed yesterday she removed them). I guess tweeter is more strict than yt.

Weird, I can still see these tweets. But >>502269 seems to be gone

No. 502661


Is that a bus she's in?

No. 502692

Margo is truly vile. I can't even watch the full video just by seeing how obviously manic she is about the whole thing. It's easy to get distracted by the milk and forget that narcs aren't even human, I hope for Venus' sake she ends up in the mental hospital she belongs.

No. 502693

Whoops, didn't mean to quote, my bad.

No. 502898

>i never watch venooos veedeeooos!
>i dont even know what happens in them !
>i sweeeaar

No. 502899

wow, she's the most despicable person i know.

No. 502928

File: 1523221540248.jpg (157.42 KB, 986x516, Screenshot_20180408-140459.jpg)

Someone tells her this on her veedeeoo; her response? No way, when she impersonates a police officer and threatens an old woman with arrest for the crime of Venus attempting to her a relationship with granny, it's actually her ex husband who's the liar, not Margaret. Margaret wasnt trying to harm Venus's family ties, she was trying to REPAIR them. NarcLogic!

No. 502929

File: 1523221716422.jpg (378.11 KB, 809x1248, Screenshot_20180408-131644.jpg)

Margo was just protecting Venus by meddling in her nascent paternal relationships, clearly. If only she'd come to her senses and realize that life as a semi homeless prostitute being pimped by her mother from various foreign countries is waaaaay better than having to live on a stupid farm, or with her loving husband.

No. 502954

So, we're back to the Manaki the master manipulator spiel? After she claimed Venus is the bully psychopath for how many months? It's getting sad even for Margo standards.

>not selling vegetables and fighting over some land
What the FUCK are you even talking about, woman?!

No. 502975

>At least she lives in a safe country on good income.

This feels like the only true comment, and even then, money is involved.

No. 503015

I think she has been triggered again because Manaki has been steadily uploading silly videos. Videos that are getting much higher views, with no promotion, and receiving lots of positive comments from Venus fans.

Who does Margo got to encourage her? Lecherous married old men, Autistic guys incapable of living without assistance, weeb girls who wanted to be Venus Angelic at some point and damaged women who had abusive ex’s.

No. 503016

Lol, like Switzerland is some kind of third world shit hole? Better a family farm in rural Switzerland than a moldy unventilated goshiwan as an illegal immigrant

No. 503031

>Lol, like Switzerland is some kind of third world shit hole?
Even Japan is below her standards.

No. 503145

Omg. Barf. I have no words! What kind of mother does that..

No. 503167

I think the “ selling vegetables and fighting over land” is Margo’s way of taking credit for removing Venus from her father. In Margo’s mind, if they stayed all that would be open to Venus as a career choice would be farming (selling veges on the side of the road) or taken up into the armed forces to go off fighting.

Venus got to be a internet sensation, all due to Margo leaving her husband - so in her mind everything Venus has is owed to Margo.

No. 503198

This shit looks dull

No. 503200


Totally digging the backdrop tough. Really gives it the homeless vibe.

No. 503213

Stoopid with its woowoo medicine.

No. 503214

Ah, the same diet with such scientific advice as "mexicans are fat becaise they are corn" and "Venoos, i beat you if you eat a potato, this violates the blood type diet fatty. And then you eill never marry Mr Yan-san"

BTW, there's a great joke Mana and Venus make in his latest video: they see the bodyline store in harajuku and he's all ~venus tan wanna go into bodyline?~ and shes like, hell naw.

No. 503237

File: 1523301269730.jpg (525.63 KB, 802x1566, 20180409_114022.jpg)

Mags is still going off in the comments of her "prank" video. Venoos will strungle her with her bare hands

No. 503238

File: 1523301438016.jpg (303.75 KB, 798x1140, 20180409_114157.jpg)

And now Venoos 'gaslights' poor Margaret (by asking granny why she doesn't like Mags? Thats gaslighting to mags, huh?), and even pays people off in order to belive her!

Proof please of strungling and bribes, Margo.

No. 503243

>payoff people
Who? Who is Venus going to payoff and why? Margaret has already accused her publicly of doing _EVERYTHING_ that's physically possible. The only thing Margaret can accuse her of now is some woowoo shit like Venus is sucking her soul to steal her "youth" and that's only after you take into consideration the fact that Margaret has claimed that she's focusing energy to force Venus to tell the truth or else it will destroy her while Venus was in the hospital.

No. 503247

So Mags' excuse as to why she doesn't just let go of the hoard in the Netherlands thats bankrupting her is: the storage holds the only True and Honest life story of the famoos psychopath Venus Angelic, an without these proofs Venus can just murder Margo by moving on with her life.

Holy fucking enmeshment, Batman.

No. 503260

god, i have to say this. I still chuckle everytime i see maggot crying for money in the OP image

No. 503263

wow… If never seen such a deranged nutcase…
that is one special case.

No. 503265

tbh im just waiting for the next
>14 year old venus wants to weight 45 kg

No. 503274

Internet crime is usually location of the server, not the person/people involved. Hence phishing scams being run out of third world countries, etc.

No. 503315

Native german here. I just started to follow the Margo/Venus drama recently again and wow, Margo just became more crazy since last time I read here. But this now is really disgusting, even for her standards.
First I want to quickly confirm that the subtitles Margo gave are pretty accurate (though butchered by her general english skills).

But listening to it and understanding everything, the grandma reacts the same way my grandma reacts when she doesn't understand context and/or because of deafness. She speaks weird, chopped sentence, sometimes changing subject in the middle of them. She didn't even seem to understand it's Margo who she is speaking to and immediately forgot that supposedly the police called to arrest her which speaks for dementia.

Speculation here: I don't even know if Venus' father is really selling stuff on the market. The way the old lady phrases it repetitively (also when Venus called) sounds more like the only thing she really remembers or knows about her son. Maybe Venus father isn't living with her (hence not being able to reach him) and she just can't quite realise it anymore. I can't imagine the father (who is not the youngest anymore) working everyday on the market and then also taking care of "house and farm" (which in german usually stands for a big, agrarian used garden) and old demented mother.

No. 503454

ah, i accidentally posted the same pic as you. I can't get over the buzzwords though. like she googled narcissistic abuse, recognized this behavior in herself and went 'no u!!'

i see this so much in narcs lol

No. 503465

Yeah, she added 'gaslighting' to her vocab today and won't let it go; someone definitely pointed her to a site in narcissistic abuse, hoping she'd see the light. Without realizing that a narcissists magical thinking will turn it around on those they abuse in half a second.

No. 503498


Venus father is a farmer. Makes sense.

No. 503508

File: 1523347531318.jpg (36.68 KB, 600x600, ee6beb3944dafd22751671608a2d23…)

And she used it twice in two sentences. It's like when your dog has a new toy and won't let it go.

No. 503509

How delulu do you have to be to think that your young daughter who
- hasn't spoken a word with you in years
- seems to want to let go of her past and never engages in any squabbles publicly
- has a new happy life that doesn't implicate slandering you
- left you very apologetically with a lot of money
wants to now kill you?

Venus is no perfect angel, but she seems to just want to forget all about Maggot and move on with her life.
And for Margo = wanting to murder her with every means she has.
How self-satisfied and smug do you have to be to even come up with that kind of shit.

No. 503526

the worst part is THIS is gaslighting. because just in case venus has researched this/gone to therapy and had it explained, on the off chance she sees this lunacy it is possible she will doubt herself.

'maybe i WAS bullying/stealing/trying to kill accidentally' doesn't make a lot of sense but she has been subjected to this ~gaslighting~ her whole life and it just changes how you think

No. 503610

>i gained more and more weight without eating more
500 extra calories a day is 1lb a week. That adds up
>Milk diet
>lower calories made me weak
probably because she ate shit to make up those calories

im mad

No. 503659

My dumbass read this with zero context and I honestly thought you meant farmer as in he lurks here lmao.

No. 503811

File: 1523408675352.jpg (766.62 KB, 1200x630, owl-photography-sasi-smit-fb.j…)

I'm laughing, what a delusional idiot.

No. 503812

This interview must have been in Canada, or at least by a French Canadian. The Quebequois accent of the interviewer is unmistakable.

No. 503971

The interviewer Richard Martineau is french canadian, the tv show Les franc-tireurs is french canadian and the tv channel Tele-Quebec is french canadian. And despite the interviewer speaking good english Marge understands nothing, get triggered by everything and doesn't want to shut up to let adults speak.

No. 504009

File: 1523458668013.png (30.23 KB, 529x114, screenshot-twitter.com 2018.04…)

How fucking pathetic is it to RT the old shit you wrote to yourself while pretending to be your child

No. 504010

File: 1523458730928.png (480.6 KB, 936x600, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

Boring new ig post

No. 504261

…i thought that was the joke, so i might be more dumb

No. 504330

why would she post this? She looks like a depressed hobo.

No. 504409

File: 1523533239532.jpg (91.53 KB, 540x775, IMG_20180412_133831_756.jpg)

Another boring insta posting…

No. 504411

I don't know about Swiss law but under German law usurpation of a public office is illegal and can be punished with a freedom penalty up to 2 years. Maybe something similar exists in Switzerland so Margo can finally get what she deserves??

No. 504448

Same goes for Austria. I bet Switzerland has similar laws since we copy/paste from each others legal systems all the time

No. 504456

Oh my god fucking stop going on about the "crime" it's ridiculous. Step out of your child's dreams for a second. The law enforcement of Switzerland is going to what, demand someone in Korea be extradited for saying once "I'm the police" and it not even being heard? Try to imagine yourself arguing to a cop at a desk that that constitutes usurpation of the office of.. I dunno, Swiss police? Hungarian police with that accent?
Furthermore saying over and over again oh I think there's a law against that ooh (when it's irrelevant because you KNOW no one is fucking going to press a charge against her) is not milk it's basically blogging.

No. 504557

>wants to now kill you?
it's full-on narc-delusion.
for a narcistic mother leaving is the exact same thing as killing. she's babbling about this from the beginning when she threatened to "go into the river".

No. 504561

Why does she post a pic of herself where she farts on the floor?

No. 504760

File: 1523584732820.jpg (177.89 KB, 1016x964, 20180412_185839.jpg)

Distinguished Mensa member Mags shows off her garbled misunderstanding of the vocab word of the week, 'gaslighting'.

And "she deletes her past!" is an interesting claim coming from the woman who regularly purges her drunk social media rants

No. 504813


Funny gaslighting is her new favorite word and yet that last sentence..

No. 504996

File: 1523642215314.jpg (477.87 KB, 809x1563, Screenshot_20180413-105236.jpg)

Margo makes a joke about never starting or finishing anything in her life.

No. 506371

File: 1523965478619.jpg (91.24 KB, 540x765, IMG_20180417_134135_237.jpg)

Wonder where she's at.

No. 506372

File: 1523965589864.jpg (29.86 KB, 540x286, IMG_20180417_134219_773.jpg)

Margo not buying things just for fun? That would be something new.

No. 506377

those poor dungarees are on the verge of exploding

No. 506392

File: 1523972523394.png (622.43 KB, 932x600, lel.png)

Margo ~casually~ trying to get an excuse to badmouth her daughter

No. 506491

>Why do you live in a closet?
>Are you ever going to get a real job?
>Where do you see yourself in a year?
>How long until you go to nursing home?

No. 506776

>I'm too poor to replace them

No. 506966

File: 1524023744455.png (9.05 KB, 289x124, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

kek let's see how long it takes

No. 507086

Can someone ask her where the one hour long response video is? I kinda want to see it but I hope Venus' lawyer got a ruling against her psycho hobo mom.

No. 507186

File: 1524068828147.png (499.31 KB, 933x595, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

No. 507452

The promised sob video is up

No. 507497

Mostly, she just answers boring questions about Korea/travel/food.

Vaguely noteworthy bits:

>00:17 - She claims to still be studying Korean and writing a thesis (doesn't say about what)

>00:26 - She answers a creepy question from the Lapras guy (the answer is boring/generic)

>2:11 - The one question about Venus. Mags claims to have last spoken to/seen her on 7th December 2016 and says she "just lives her own life" (in response to how she is adjusting to life without her).

>2:31 - Talks about why she was in hospital (a teratoma)

>5:33 - Says she won't go back to Hungary because her "ideals changed", "the problems in Europe also affect her country" and "the healthcare isn't good enough"

>6:49 - Says again she'd have another kid if she got a husband

No. 507602

That vitamin B12 deficient eats clay (used by antivaxxers to "detoxify" from unwanted vaccines), shea butter + sugar (ingredients for diy lip scrub), was she rocked too close to the wall as a kid?
So she puts food on her face to feed herself and eats clay, shea butter and sugar to have inner beauty??? Or she mixes both in case she falls asleep while eating and her head falls in her plate? I don't get it.

I'm tented to send her crayons for her to eat. That wooman eat eveything

No. 507603

>Says again she'd have another kid if she got a husband
I genuinely hope this never, ever happens.

No. 507623

>I had many pets in my life
Someone else expected Venus to be listed among them?

thank you anon


No. 507644

Shouldn't she have hit menopause?

No. 507663

sweetie no, she has about another ten years. perimenopause, yes probably.

No. 507677


Nah but post age 35 pregnant women are classed as high risk, geriatric pregnancies. You are at higher risk of miscarriage, still birth, twins, chromosomal disorders, basically pregnancy becomes a lot scarier and less fun (spoiler, it's already scary and no fun). At 40 your risk of conceiving a child with Down's syndrome is 1 in 100, at 45 it's 1 in 30. Obviously a personal choice and lots of people with down's syndrome live fulfilling lives with supportive carers but Margo is definitely not one of those.

No. 507699

The way people take these statistics is very largely exaggerated. The chances are, you probably won't encounter any of these problems. The biggest obstacle for Mags being 42 is that she won't have an easy time conceiving naturally.

No. 507731

Shea butter + sugar + clay as a snack has to be some kind of eating disorder shit right?

No. 507736

No. 507738


Sounds like it. That, or bitch must be really broke to afford real food and tries to act cool about it.

No. 507739

File: 1524147682191.jpg (281.35 KB, 1600x1600, 1524087962700.jpg)

Makes sence… 25 "model" accourding video in 00:40 sec. Aa 26 years old overweight girl… yeah.

No. 507742

File: 1524149411625.png (602.44 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180417-200301.png)

And i thought she said her varizellen on her legs because of the bloodtype method went back. So what's that?

No. 507810

>Pica often occurs with other mental health disorders associated with impaired functioning (e.g., intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia).
>Iron-deficiency anemia and malnutrition are two of the most common causes of pica, followed by pregnancy. In these individuals, pica is a sign that the body is trying to correct a significant nutrient deficiency. Treating this deficiency with medication or vitamins often resolves the problems.

So she's either autistic or malnourished.

No. 507935

Lol at her "I'm writing my thesis" bullshit. She's never completed an undergraduate degree; shes got one year of uni studies in radiology under her belt, if that. You cannot be accepted into a graduate program without completing your Bachelor program. She's delusional.

No. 507977

when it was as she said, it had nothing to do with pica. You can't grow a tumor consisting of hair, teeth and nails in your uterus by eating them. Those things are called bezoars and are "built" in the gastrointestinal system.

No. 508117

Marge was at mensa, it costed too much to make the test, she saw a tape measure and that genius thought she could mesure her IQ with it. 152 cm high IQ, Venoos, see? You must respect mama, booly!

Since then she eats lipscrub mixed with clay and became the constipated woman we know.

No. 508153

How appropriate is it that the only thing Mags can give birth to at this point is a ball of horror that explodes her fallopian tubes?

Yet she's still dreaming about trapping a new ~~~wallet~~~ man with a visit to a fertility clinic.

No. 508415

bless you

No. 508421

she's 43 and venus is 21. that means she got venus when she was 22 ?
so apparently she modeled with a 3 year old child? I call bullshit.

couldve been a 1 page essay piece she has to hand in for her language school. "thesis" my ass

No. 508425

Seems like she is on that weird fad that some health nuts and celebrities(like Shailene Woodley) promote, claiming that eating Bentonite clay helps “detoxify” your body of heavy metals and treat various ailments. Yeah…

So, did she ever disclose what her “life-saving” medication was for? She claims she has a few conditions that are so much more serious than whatever Venus will ever have.

No. 508494

Holy shit… Margo had actually been telling the truth for once.
I feel so bad for Venus. I can't imagine how invasive a surgery like this would feel afterwards, especially due to the fact that he randomly removed other things too, seemingly without consent.

No. 508497

Can someone kindly make a tl;dw for this? Her voice drives me insane.

No. 508500

she got a botched gastric bypass because she never felt full. Went to a doctor who has already killed someone and thought it would turn out okay. It didn't. She got an infection.

No. 508503


i feel like margo keeps pulling up these body issues and stuff to use against venus, but it only damns herself more. venus's body image issues are a direct result of margo's attitude and how she treated venus

No. 508508

>Was in hospital bc she was only 88 lbs / fatigued / heart issues / generally malnourished & vomiting 10-15x a day
>Didn't tell them she had weight loss surgery
>WLS was performed by Dr. Sehoon Kang, Venus contacted him in 2016 after moving to Japan
>Got it after fluctuating weight over & over from binging/fasting
>Part of intestine was cut out, stomach stapled, gallbladder & appendix removed for unknown reasons
>Food 'fell' into stapled-off part of stomach due to pulled internal stitches & caused vomiting (couldn't be passed through digestive system)
>Fix was either remove the stapled part of stomach or attach colon to stapled part of stomach; opted for colon repair after self-reflection

Sorry if it's too wordy, just wanted to be thorough.

No. 508509

I feel like it's a mix of both Margo and Venus' own self-image issues which is probably made worse by having so many fans watch her all the time.

I have no doubt at all that Margo is going to use this against Venus, though.

No. 508512

This doctor killed a rock star.
>Dr. Kang Se-hoon eventually confessed that he had stapled his stomach to make it smaller without consulting Shin or his family first. Instead of apologizing, the doctor simply said that the pain would go away. Shin developed an infection which led to cardiac arrest, a coma, and then death. An autopsy report released in December noted that two holes (one in the small intestine and one in the sac around the heart) were probably caused by the surgery. A CT scan of Shin’s chest showed that gas had formed in the sac around his heart, yet he hadn’t received any medical treatment for it

No. 508514

This is actually concerning. Hope nothing bad happens to her

No. 508515

> Sorry if it's too wordy
Anon you have no idea. I was working on a summary while you posted that and it's like 5x the size of yours. Thank you for simplifying it before I drove myself insane trying to do it.

No. 508519

hahaha RIP Everybody, Margaret Palermo was telling the truth the whole time

No. 508521

Even a broken clock is right twice a day

No. 508526

I'm not mishearing am I that at 5:20 she says (to try to get satiated without too many calories she would) "drink lots of coke"? Like would she mean coke-zero ? i mean…

No. 508529

Some things anon left out that I think are important:
>Said she was binge-eating a lot more after running away from home
>Manaki expressed concern over her binging and then starving for days (guess Margo never told her that's not normal)
>Said she felt really "unwanted" at the time and thought she'd be happier if she was thin
>Got an infection after the initial WLS

What a mess, and what a hackjob of a doctor.

No. 508532

Also, she didn't tell Manaki she was getting WLS, and only told him once she had to go to the hospital for the second time. Apparently they got into a serious fight over it he came around after his mom voiced support for Venus.

No. 508533

She nearly cries when talking about how Manaki vowed to support her and be there for her. Honestly I am so glad they have each other.

No. 508536

Hey Mags, you did this to your only child. I hope you rot for this. Piece of shit. This is what happens when you teach your daughter that her only value is in her looks and her body and start her dieting paranoia early on in life.

No. 508543

what the fuck did I just watch

So this is why Margo was so smug about Venus divorcing and losing her visa?

No. 508544

Venus is trying so hard but at this point I wish she could get off YouTube. I don’t think she ever will, but if she could learn to live quietly with Manaki (who’s a keeper, btw) and her new family I think she would be better off and so much happier in the long run.

Margerat can die in all the fires, honestly.

No. 508547

But how did her creepy stalker ass know?

No. 508548

At the time she claimed Venus had sent her an email about it, and showed screenshots. We had theorized that she was sending them to herself using the venusangelic g-mail she had taken control of.
It's a lot sadder now in retrospect. Venus said she didn't have a single person to talk to at that time, and went through the entire surgery and recovery alone. She probably reached out to Margaret out of desperation and loneliness.

No. 508551


I’m pretty fucked up from watching this. Normally I feel like I’d have a lot to say but for real fam what I really feel like is crying, because this is horrific..

No. 508553

Venus didnt tell Manaki about having the surgery for 2 years…how did he never see that giant scar?

No. 508555

She told him when she was already in Korea and there was no turning back, he got upset but decided to support her

No. 508559

>Venus said she didn't have a single person to talk to at that time
And then her asshole mother broadcasted it to the world. What a scumbag.

No. 508561

They don't seem to be very physical with each other, and Venus' insecurity could've contributed to that

No. 508563

Honestly. This whole fiasco has gotten so much more horrific than anything I anticipated.

No. 508564


In the less tactful way possible, to boot.

Margo leaking sensitive stuff that should've keeped out of the public eye, making memes and death jokes about Venus, then asking why no one believes her

No. 508566

File: 1524250117330.png (298.1 KB, 588x508, 1505672852197.png)

I wish she was in a place where she could get therapy, because she definitely needs a lot of it. I hope the friends she seems to have made stick with her because she really needs other people. This is what happens when you isolate your child and try to pimp her out for money, Margo. What a disgusting cow, I really hope men notice her craziness and stay away, no child deserves to be born to this bitch.

No. 508571

I think it can be common for women with disordered eating (to the degree that Venus seems to experience it) to have some difficulties with sexual intimacy. Margaret is so smothering that I can see how letting anyone ‘in’, in any way, could be hard or even frightening for Venus.

I’m glad she has Manaki, who seems to accept her as she is, regardless. He’s a nice guy, and I’m not saying that in the asshole way. At least Venus has him and his mom to help her out a little. It sounds like Manaki’s mom is extremely understanding, too

No. 508574

She told him when she was in Korea, stop reaching

No. 508575

She told him while in Korea. She didn't hide it for 2 years. Please don't perpetuate rumors that Mags spreads; Manaki himself said recently in a video that they sleep together in his bed, because Venus can't fall asleep without him. Between that and his obvious sexual flirting with her in videos since her Great Escape, it's pretty clear they came to have some aort of sex life since their marriage because real and not an arrangement.

No. 508578

@19:47 in the video she says she kept it a secret for 2 years and then told him and he called his mom

No. 508580

Forgot about that, thanks anon. What a miserable dick nosed cunt. Venus was pretty desperate. This is why your daughter wants nothing to do with you anymore Magoo. There was an opportunity and she couldn't just be decent about it, she had to go and exploit her own daughter's suffering. No wonder she thinks Venus wants to strungle her to death now. She probably does.

It makes me feel like she has some hope to hear that Manaki's family seems to support her and like her so much. Venus seems like a badly damaged but incredibly sweet person.

No. 508585

She made an excuse back then and posted it on instagram, probably told him the same thing

No. 508590

For clarity, I’m ~not saying they have no sex life. I said having a healthy relationship where you let someone in can be scary. This isn’t any kind of revelation to anyone with either an ED or a consuming or smothering narc for a parent. On the contrary, I think they’re obviously in love and have a lot of fun with each other.

It made me feel so much better that Manaki’s mom was so understanding. She must care for Venus a great deal. Hopefully seeing how a real family (and mom) treats the people they love is opening Venus’ eyes to the truth that there are good people in the world. She’s been very brave lately, and sharing her feelings can only be a good thing for her at this point.

No. 508592


No. 508594

File: 1524253462188.png (618.6 KB, 946x549, Untitled.png)

She didn't keep it a secret, just lied about the cause, Manaki even went to visit her to the hospital

No. 508599

i'm surprised her comments on ig aren't flooded with her asslickers asking if she saw the vidioo booly benoos made. i'm sure she did see it and she's sitting back smug as fuck right now. it won't last long though. she can't not say something.

No. 508601

She will be in a world of shit the second she posts. I for one will be very happy to see the comments.

No. 508609

At 19:47 in the video she says she kept iher WLS a secret from everyone else for two years but she told Manaki at the time. He threatened to divorce her if she had it but came around to support her after talking to his mom. So no, she didn’t keep it a secret from Manaki for two years.

No. 508611

Honesly this stems all from Margo. Her crap parenting. Pinching preteen Venus stomach and mocking her over ever little weight gain.
She could have turned out so much worst.

So glad Venus has a chance with a real mother daughter relationship with ma!manaki. And a support system with Manaki.
I dont blame him for being uoset at frist but hes trying his damn best and i hope they last a long time.

No. 508615

wow. one of maggot's delusions was actually real. wow.
im flabbergasted.

No. 508617

I don't understand how Margo thinks she looks GOOD in all of this. She forced her eating-disordered daughter to have weight loss surgery. She's a rotten cunt.

No. 508618

summary stolen from kiwi:

-Venus got weight loss surgery from a Korean doctor she found on the internet in 2016
-She didn’t tell Manaki as he said he would divorce her when she mentioned it to him
-The doctor didn’t remove her stomach, but closed off access to 2/3 of it using stitches, and attached her small intestine to the smaller stomach pocket
-Venus’ highest weight was 130 pounds
-She got the surgery bc when she first starting eating in front of Manaki he didn’t understand her disordered eating habits, and he convinced her to eat more normally, bc of this she went from 90 pounds to 120 pounds
-Venus has an abnormally large stomach, which explains her large quantity eating videos (she was not bulimic as some people have guessed)
-After the surgery she had a bad infection and puss leaking out of the wound
-The Korean doctor took out her appendix and gall bladder for unknown reasons
-The reason why she was hospitalized was that the stitches cutting off access to the rest of her stomach had come loose, and without an exit the food that went into that part came right back up
-She became severely dehydrated and it took a couple weeks in the hospital to get her to normal levels in order to do tests
-When she confessed the surgery to Manaki, he became upset, and he called his mom, his mom said they should feel bad for Venus bc doing this must mean she was very troubled and alone
-The Japanese doctors gave her the option of having her stomach reduced to a very small size or having her stomach kept the way it is and repaired
-She opted not to get a smaller stomach, because Venus doesn’t want any of her followers to do what she did, and sacrifice their health for their looks
-Venus ends the video talking about taking care of your health is what makes you beautiful, no matter what you look like, and that she isn’t happy with how she looks, but she knows being a good person matters more than her appearance

No. 508619

Margo's the victim, she never does anything wrong,
the internet and the bullies are always the culprits, etc.
In her fucked up mind, her shit parenting and narcissim had absolutely nothing to do with it

No. 508622

File: 1524257988369.png (739.47 KB, 931x677, Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-04-2…)

this is fucked up on so many levels. she has a huge scar going over all of her belly.

No. 508623

File: 1524258037768.png (915.88 KB, 1129x693, Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-04-2…)

infection and swelling which led to the first hospital stay, when she told about an "abscess"
(archiving some screenshots)

No. 508627


Don’t feel sorry for her

She’s an idiot

No. 508629


Margo was a shit parent but Venus is an adult

If she can run away getting married to japan then she’s dumb enough to make stupid decisions like this

No. 508630

Got an edgelord here. She's obviously mentally ill thinking this obsessively about and admitting how ridiculous it was and still made the decisions she did. The way she describes it is pure compulsive eating and dieting. It's nice that she's being this honest about it because some people can't be that obvious how the grave mistakes they make.

No. 508632

Venus was a child raised by a narcissist who isolated and tormented her. Fuck off back to 4chan

No. 508635

she said she hid the fact she had surgery for two years from manaki? how would she have done that with such a scar? that's kinda a headscratcher for me. like, do they really not have sex? did she only accept to do it in the dark?

No. 508636

Maybe she told Manaki the same lie she told on instagram, seen here >>508594
Of course that raises the question of why would Manaki believe her lie when she had mentioned the weight loss surgery before, but unless Manaki makes a statement about it we will never know. I'm guessing he had his doubts but chose to believe her anyway.

No. 508637

No, she says she kept it secret from the public for 2 years, not Manaki. Stahp.

No. 508638

you can call her an idiot all you want, but at least she's owning her mistakes, unlike her trash mother

No. 508639

Timestamp on where She says she got part of her intestines removed?

I had a hard time understanding her english but it sounded like all that happened was that she got her stomach stapled and it was blown out. But then it also sounded like she didn't even know what was done or had medical documentation to give to her japanese doctors.

So Mags could have been lying anyways, or if Venus told her about it she may not have even known what exactly the procedure entailed.

No. 508640

she said word by word that she only told manaki when she was in hospital.

No. 508641

She told Manaki either when she got sick, or while she was in Korea (so, in May or June 2016, either when she got surgery or a month later.) He's known for the past 2 years what's up.

Manaki has said they sleep in the same bed (his) every night, I'm sure he's seen his wife naked since she came clean nearly 2 years ago. They fought, his mom told him to love him wife for her flaws and have sympathy for the self hatred and loneliness V must be feeling to hide her ED and surgery from him for some period between a few days and a few weeks.

When she was in hospital in JUNE 2016, y'all.

No. 508642

File: 1524260325888.png (277.18 KB, 966x687, Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-04-2…)

at 11:00 she starts explaining the procedure in south korea

No. 508643

>She told Manaki either when she got sick, or while she was in Korea
>When she was in hospital in JUNE 2016, y'all.
bitch, did you even watch the fucking video
at least decide.

starts at 19:45
>after talking with his mom he came back to the hospital after a couple of days and apologized.
he said the he will support me… blablabla
>and then I was kinda able to open up to my friends blablabla
>everyone was so supportive and it pushed me even more to go towards the right direction, to take care of my health. blabla
>so I didnt choose the option where they wouldve cut off 2/3 of my stomach.

No. 508645

>>bitch, did you even watch the fucking video
at least decide.

lol calm down, girl. Yes, I watched the video. Nothing at that timestamp indicates she didn't tell Mana until her SECOND hospitalization. She went to Korea in May 2016. She was hospitalized in June 2016, initially. She says she told him, then her friends.

Why so angry?

No. 508647

Jesus the worst part has to be that she has that prolapsed stomach so the first time she's felt full without stuffing herself was after this botched surgery.

Yo but I bet Margo is creaming herself right now.

No. 508654

This is just heartbreaking. It's amazing Venus has turned out so well despite Margo making every effort to fuck her up for life. If she had any sense, she'd see that having an intelligent daughter that spoke several languages fluently, who accompanied her on her round-the-world shenanigans with minimal fuss - it's something most parents would be proud of.

Not Margaret, she instead cultivated an ED and crushingly low self esteem. Bitch has a heart blacker than her fried-off double home-permed hair.

No. 508658

another anon but
she told him, then her friends and then made the decision what procedure to do in the hospital in japan?
to me it also sounds like she only told him a few months ago. there is nothing in the video indicating otherwise.

No. 508659


No. 508660

>that she got her stomach stapled and it was blown out.
if i understood her correctly, the doctor meant to sew the intestines directly to an upper part of her stomach and to close the stomach with stitches. the stitches got loose when food started piling up there, because there was no exit left. she also had a prolapsed stomach somewhere around her hip bones.
she had no medical documentation with her and the hospital has closed down in the meantime because the doctor who operated on her and owned the hospital is in prison for killing a popstar with a botched up surgery similar to the one that venus got.

sehoon kang http://www.koreabiomed.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=1058

No. 508661

I kinda can explain why her gallbladder got removed since I had the same procedure as her, and my surgeon actually explained why gallbladders sometimes need to be removed, the gallbladder gets filled with rocks due the super fast weight loss in a small time of time (doesn't matter if it's 2 months or 3 thats a small time to lose 15+ kg) and can cause an infection that can kill you, No, my doctor didn't remove my gallbladder, only a idiot would do that.

sorry for the bad english, and sorry If the comment come of as a blog I tried to not make it that way, Im not really sure why the doctor removed the appendix.

No. 508672

>Timestamp on where She says she got part of her intestines removed?
At 11:15 she says the surgeon “chopped off some of my intestines so I don’t absorb all the nutrients” then goes on to describe the rest of the surgery.

No. 508674

What a horrorshow. It's so unfortunate that they spent time in Korea the way they did, it meant Venus had easy access to a surgical way of harming herself. Now in Japan, a country where therapy isn't really a big thing even though it's what she needs. She's so young and will have these complications affect her in some way or other forever. Yes, Venus was an adult when she did this, but [a-log] I hope Margo dies alone in a cardboard box on the street for the way she brainwashed her child.

No. 508678


Dude, if you watch the video she clearly explains that she went to Korea in a visa run, told Manaki she was gonna get it done while she was over there, he gets pissed, doesn't talk to her a few days, she does it anyway and decides to "deal with the consequences," then after talking to his mom Manaki contacts Venus to say he supports her.

The time when she was in Korea when Manaki wasn't talking to her was most likely when she reached out to Marge out of desperation.

No. 508695

Damn… I can’t believe she finally admit it. What a terrifying ordeal! But I think the sickest part of all this is that now that Venus has admitted to the surgery, all Margaret will do is gloat about how she was right. No genuine sadness FOR her daughter. How can a mother see her own child fall apart mentally and physically and from Day 1, all she cared about is that she no longer has access to her child’s income?

When Margaret already knew about the Venus’ mental state and learned about the surgery with a doctor who maimed others and already KILLED someone, all she could focus on was: Venus stole MY money and YouTube channel, and Manaki is a brainwashing transgender pedophile who also wants MY money and YouTube channel. How can a mother not be dying inside to see their own baby destroy them self? I know I’m just repeating the same questions we all have asked, but I just can’t get over how cruel Margaret is and how she feels she has no part in Venus’ fucked up situation. After Venus left SK, Margaret couldn’t even lie and say something like “Venus is in a severely distressed mental state and may hurt herself, so I want her come back”. She would have secured a pretty good concerned mother act with that and had Venus fans on her side. Instead, Margaret just automatically jumped to insults, humiliation and bullying tactics. And fucking memes!

I’m actually worried about poor Manaki. He really is a strong, loving man with great parents. We don’t get to see the anguish and uncertainty that he has been through as well. Watching his wife dying before his eyes and finding out about all these fucked up behaviors AFTER marriage, all while her cold-hearted mother tried to turn him into the villain. There was also that weird situation with that Korean guy and his own admitted feelings of inferiority. It must be so painful. I hope Manaki is able to talk to his parents often and Venus doesn’t forget his suffering too.

No. 508696

I normally get such a laugh out of the cows, but Margo's behavior is just sickening. She makes me so legit angry.

Venus is honestly an incredibly sweet person, but she has so much damage to undo because of this cunt.

No. 508742

Just wanted to make sure you fuck off.

No. 508750

File: 1524282105475.png (225.8 KB, 800x800, works_gastric-sleeve-surgery.p…)

it sounds like he was doing a gastric sleeve/stomach staple that went bad. Literally the only reason I know about this surgery is because I watch my 600lb life and that's the surgery they do for all the morbidly obese patients…I never in a million years would have guessed its something that regular or underweight people can get!! It's so extreme, it's like a last resort if you will literally die otherwise from obesity-related health issues. But then again Venus did say the surgeon literally killed people before so maybe it's not so commonly done on normal weight patients… what a nightmare.

No. 508755

Dr Now is amazing. Just imagine the beatdown he would have given Margo.

No. 508758

All the news revealed is fucking horrifying. Literally what nightmares are made of. Poor Venus . . . I think it was unwise to go through in the first place but it seems like she is being very mature about it now. I will admit I am confused about the timeline, if she had to hide the scars from Manaki etc but I suppose that is all past.

Agreed that sucks, makes me wonder if there was some sort of (safe!) procedure she could have gotten from qualified surgeons. Or maybe something as simple as compressive garments like girdles could have helped her feel sated.

I think Youtube is bad for Venus in many ways but it seems like she chose to make smarter decisions so she could be a better role model to the people that watched her. Not ideal since they have separate channels but letting Manaki take the limelight for a bit and being an accessorie to his channel for a while might be an OK compromise (I like Manaki's videos better tbh).

No. 508760

Honestly what doctor would recommend this without excessive testing to see if its required.

Would a good doctor do this for a patient who is within their weight demo for age/weight.
When i heard of these its for extremely overweight patients or very special cases.
Damn Venus who gave her the idea in the first place. Why didnt she get a second opinion or doctor. V

No. 508761

File: 1524285376084.jpeg (50.13 KB, 750x594, F6FD38CD-453F-4184-AA5A-A0DE07…)

Should have went to dr now

No. 508763

you guys there's a venus thread in /snow/

No. 508764

Guy wouldn't of done it? Guy tries to actually better people's life, not ruin them and kill them just to make a buck out of them.

No. 508765

can people please watch the video before commenting. we've got about 100 comments saying but what but why, when it's explained in the video. (e.g. yes, he was an unethical doctor, he went to jail)

No. 508772

And he would have told her to try diet, exercise and to see a therapist. He only does surgery on those who really need it.

No. 508776

The thread's on autosage and this is specifically related to Margo's shit parenting. Saying you can't talk about Venus at all is like saying you can't talk about Dorian in Raven threads.

No. 508788

Eh not really. We did go off-topic a bit.

No. 508805

About the speculation if Manaki knew or not, the way Venus tells it is confusing but as I understand it: Venus called Makani in Korea and asked him if he would be ok if she got weight-loss surgery. Manaki basically was like 'hell nah' (said he would divorce her if she did it) but Venus got it done anyway with the mindset that she will deal with it on her own if she got no support, and without telling him she did iit. She kept it a secret in Japan ( and likely told him the same lie she told on instagram >>508594 to explain the scar) and only when she was hospitalized again in Japan two years later she actually told Manaki and her friends the truth. Which was when Manaki was upset with her and his mother spoke out to support Venus which caused Manaki to come around and also support her.

No. 508806

That's also what I understood watching the video.

No. 508809

That's the joke.avi

No. 508819

This would appear to be the procedure she had, but a) the rest of the stomach wasn't removed and b) she also had part of her intenstines removed as well. Based on what she says in the video, it sounds like she continued to overeat after the surgery and it put stress on the stitches to the point that they burst. The doctor was definintely a hack, doing such a proceure on a person who was far from obese is unethical to begin with, but also to blame is the fact that Venus never got counseling on healthy eating habits and didn't know how to adapt her diet after surgery. It's on surprise she burst her stitches if she was used to regularly eating that much.

That said the hack doctor might have saved her life by not removing the excess stomach and just stitching it up, so the food still had somewhere to go after the stitches burst (even if it meant she threw all of it up). If her stomach had just ruptured and the food had gotten into her abdominal cavity instead she would have died within hours.

No. 508829


Anyone remember when they were fundraising for an apartment in Korea, and now she's sorta saying it was a visa run/surgery for why she was there. Was that fundraiser/gofundme for the cost of the surgery ???

Anyone remember how much they were asking for ?

And seriously, Margo I'd say is at least 50% at fault for letting this happen even if Venus is an adult (18). Margo controlled Venus' bank account(and everything else) to the point that Venus didn't even know the cards code to access it. Margo never left her side, and damn well knew her daughter has a mental illness. All in all it was a shit decision on both their parts and even more shame on Margo for using it to drag her daughter publicly.


Sounds about right. She def still tried eating challenges and ate excessively. I almost don't think it was her stomach or actual hunger making her over eat. Venus was probably an emotional eater, and what ever pleasure or joy she got in life with Margo was from food. Hopefully now she recognizes that its a psychological issue and not a physical at all.

No. 508838

i hardly think this was all venus' idea, it strikes me as something margo originally thought up and pushed her to do, which is why she knew all about it and why venus talked to her about it (supposedly) afterward. sleaze like margo would know how to sniff out illegal doctors and get the ball rolling, venus was just convinced this was something she needed to have done so she continued on with it even after leaving

No. 508839

File: 1524317658979.png (14.84 KB, 588x110, 1.png)

No. 508841

>his mom told him to love him wife for her flaws and have sympathy for the self hatred and loneliness V must be feeling to hide her ED and surgery from him for some period between a few days and a few weeks.

OMG, his mom. I love her and I don't even know her. What a wonderful lady. Venus lucked out so much.

No. 508846


Margo probably thought that after the video everybody will come back to her and telling her that she was telling the truth all the time and that veeenos is a psychopath and liar but instead everybody feels sorry and support her even more.

But fuck the entire operation story >>508622 >>508623
made my skin crawl. No matter how cringey she can be at times but I really wish her the best for her, mentally and physically. Hope that shit won't effect her health too much for the rest of her life….

No. 508848


>his mom said they should feel bad for Venus bc doing this must mean she was very troubled and alone

Confirmed for best mother figure Venus has ever had.
I mean, she's hella stupid for doing it, but I do feel really sorry for her. She must have had some serious shit going on to go to those extremes. No ED my ass.

>inb4 white knighting

I'd want her to be happy to spite Margo more than I want to shake my head for her being this stupid. Pissing off Margo > Making fun of Venus.

No. 508849

Cold as always. And this miserable thing wants to try for another baby if she can? I have a feeling she could never even keep a pet dog or cat by herself because they would sense her rottenness.

Indeed! I’m really kind of amazed by the incredible support Manaki’s parents have provided in the background. It must have been quite shocking for them to learn about Venus’ troubles and consider the threat of both Margaret and the Internet against their son. But maybe they are not aware of just how deep this all goes on social media?

No. 508869

She's so stupid for doing this, but I still feel sorry for her. That's some heavy shit to deal with.

No. 508879

This video - well, like most of her videos lately - doesn't sit with me well.

She made this video now because she got over it? My ass. I feel like making those videos is a new kind of outlet for her anger. She still has a very disordered way of thinking, especially on terms of her eating behaviour. Sometimes she even seems psychotic in those videos.
It's so incredibly hard to watch something as obviously unhealthy. She's desperate for the attention and the consolation.

She needs help from a professional.

It makes me sick to see so many people be like ~oh it's so brave of her blablabla and not realise that this is not a well-made, thought-out decision. It's an desperate act. It's because she doesn't know how else to help herself.

As someone else said: she should get off YouTube. This whole exposure is not good for her at the moment.

No. 508886

I know most of us here are petty bitches, but I can't believe there are still people who want to shit on Venus or think that she's a cow, too. I feel so sorry for her, Margo seriously fucked her up. I can't believe how mature and reasonable she seems in her videos, too. Poor kiddo.

Nah, the fundraiser was when she still lived with Margo, the visa run was when she had already ran away

Seriously, quitting youtube and going to a school would be so much better for her. She relies on internet attention too much, and being in the public eye will most likely fuck her up when/if she tries to recover. But on the other hand, i think youtube is all she has ever known, since she started so young? It's pretty much the only constant thing she has ever had, so I don't think she's likely to just stop doing videos or posting on instagram. She seems to think of her fans as friends

No. 508890

File: 1524330574240.jpg (58.6 KB, 540x430, IMG_20180421_190813_176.jpg)

That's margo's reaction on instagram.

No. 508891

File: 1524330657720.jpg (62.12 KB, 540x446, IMG_20180421_190834_070.jpg)

I'm sure she has some plan, but most probably not one doing Venus any favour

No. 508893

She doesn't seem to be psychotic at all. And I've seen many people being psychotic.

Plus going public and confronting your problems can actually be a first step to healing. She wrote on insta that she is having an appointment with a second therapist soon.

Sorry for being off topic.

No. 508898

same although.. the questions rests: how could she hide a scar this big for such a long time from him?

No. 508900

psychotic? where?

No. 508901

if I recall correctly she doesnt even have a high school diploma, but already is in language school - probably to acquire enough language skills to start an education.

No. 508902

same old same old. once venus is the evil perpretator who is gaslighting margaret, then she is the innocent victim who gets gaslighted… by whom?
manaki even tried talking her out of it.

No. 508903

File: 1524331807004.jpg (21.54 KB, 300x252, youkeepusingthatword.jpg)

>and is probably gaslighted day by day

yeah, you did that Margo.

No. 508904


Oh, I must of misheard her then. I thought she did this procedure when she was living with Margo in Korea, and they were both fundraising money possibly for it. No doubt this was an expensive procedure hack or not.

Just doesn't make sense for her to tell Margo about it after she ran away, since Margo was spewing mad amounts of bullshit and hatred about her on the internet. Why give your mother that kinda of information when she's already spewing your personal business all over the internet.


She's been extremely sick a lot and emotionally healing. I doubt Manaki invaded her personal space or even attempted to sexually advance on her. They also had opposite schedules with him working nights and sleeping days and her being awake during the day and sleeping at night.

Plus within these past 2 years she's probably spend at least 7 months or more hospitalized or in and out of the hospital.

No. 508906

>I would like to save her
Omg literally made my skin crawl. Yes of course Magro, you're probably rubbing your hands and making the same face you did like when you called your exMIL.

Even if you hate someone, and even more if it's a family member, you'd feel pain and distress for them to be so desperate that they went and botched their own bodies for no reason. It's not like Venus decided to cut her own hairs or even shave her head. She didn't simply went through a new fashion style. She went to a doctor that had bad reviews, alone, to get her body butchered.

Just because fat people do it that it's safe and sound, it's because those people are at the risk of dying otherwise.
I'm not even close to Venus and I'm honestly so saddened that she felt so terrible she went through a freaking illegal major surgery. She could have fucked my bf behind my back and I'd still feel bad for her.

Idk, tl;dr: fuck magro. I hope she gets nothing and die alone. She's freaking poison and never thought to tell Venus she was perfectly fine and good. She was busier contemplating selling her off to old rich men and pushing her to eat tons of nuggets for the $$$.

No. 508914

>I thought she did this procedure when she was living with Margo in Korea
she moved to japan in february 2016
the surgery was in may/june 2016

No. 508935

and a month later (June 2016) she was hospitalized in Japan with a life-threatening surgical wound infection from the botched weight loss surgery. I believe this is when she confessed to Manaki what she had done. He was initially angry but after talking to his mother decided to support her (from the video, he “came back to the hospital and apologized.”)

No. 508978

You're the one that caused your daughter to develop such bad dysmorphophobia in the first place, Marge. You'd probably have married her off to some disgusting old man by now if she was still in your clutches.

No. 508982

Also what I understood.

Psychosis? Where? I also think she's bs-ing when she says she's over it, but I think she's lonely, confused and trying to vent to someone rather tha