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File: 1653180267208.jpg (184.18 KB, 618x700, 1652834200192.jpg)

No. 1535613

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No. 1535614

I guess because of all the stupid articles and stuff I keep seeing, it makes me doubt my own logic and reasoning.

No. 1535619

File: 1653180631384.jpg (619.64 KB, 1536x2048, FTR_5WbX0AEPBCM.jpg)

No. 1535621

I think we should worry about doctors promoting breast feeding trannies right now more than worrying about troons getting pregnant.

No. 1535636

File: 1653181559973.jpg (316.01 KB, 884x2048, IMG_20220521_200200.jpg)

Idk if this was posted before on another thread but this is scary.

No. 1535645

File: 1653181727264.png (31.27 KB, 748x392, STAYCON!!!!!! on Twitter.png)

No. 1535647

File: 1653181953559.jpg (301.11 KB, 1153x2048, two ugly men.jpg)

No. 1535650

File: 1653181997319.png (91.63 KB, 781x748, Twitter.png)

Dave Chapelle making the troons mad again

No. 1535651

File: 1653182014713.jpg (848.04 KB, 1920x960, dilation_quest.jpg)

I guess we have to grab some books on lactation and newborn breastfeeding now, it's bizarre how we need to present the data to the world that is NOT OK for a moid to breastfeed a child. Jfc.

No. 1535655

File: 1653182146263.png (24.85 KB, 1335x225, Top Academic Behind Fetish Sit…)

No. 1535661

Cry, cope and dilate

No. 1535662

>they had our phones in little locked wallets so we couldn’t film
Slightly ot but is this a normal thing to happen at a comedy show in a giant stadium? Seems kind of extreme and unenforceable.

No. 1535665

They’ve been doing it at different kinds of shows for a while now, pretty typical especially for events where the entertainment relies on content and not performance

No. 1535668

kek, thank you nonna!

No. 1535669

Yeah Chapelle has always done that, Kanye has, and some clubs in Europe do, likely obvious more that all I know lol.

Big doubt Chapelle said he wanted them dead, and as if a much older black man doesn’t understand the actual concept of people wanting him dead. Women are murdered at the highest rates so yeah think we do know especially when it comes to wanting to have a nice night out. Tf you go to a comedy show with that attitude they don’t exist to confirm your comfort. Weird that expression is only acceptable to them when it’s from a white man.

No. 1535670

File: 1653183164993.png (452.71 KB, 926x681, hgrfdfgfd.png)

inshallah, suck my girldick

No. 1535680

Yeah because they only care about sex (not), but if we do that here it's up in arms transphobic. How dare we not let trannies into female sports. Biology matters and they realize this so now they are denying actual science.

No. 1535682

File: 1653183854781.webm (597.76 KB, 576x1024, so this apparently makes you a…)

I don't think my iq is low enough to understand his point

No. 1535686

Love the thread pic. Such talent, much art.

No. 1535690

File: 1653184285366.gif (2.83 MB, 500x256, main-qimg-4076da24b21a75833ca6…)

You're welcome! https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7462406/
So I guess some 40 years ago some scientist tested male breast milk and found out it had similar levels to female breast milk.
I will say the following: the patient was not a troon on heavy hormones.
This is important because women are not even allowed to be on heavy meds (or smoke or drink) during pregnancy, so it's an oxymoron to think that inavading your system with gender altering hormones is a good idea for a newborn.
On top of that, the reasoning behind WHY MEN CAN PRODUCE MILK, well maybe in a extreme case scenario of survival, in a very particular setting a male can help a newborn survive if the mother died after delivery. This has to be considered a extreme option were there's no other alternative at all, maybe if you are living 100.000 years ago in the frozen Tundra surviving winter alone with a newborn.
This is not necessary in the 21st century, with baby formula and other better options available.

No. 1535691

File: 1653184290511.png (108.09 KB, 1456x513, 0.png)

cope, seethe and dilate.

No. 1535696

Not even bisexual women want your mentally ill limp dick. Cope harder

No. 1535699

> I want to date a girl and be able to relate to her in being a girl
Yeah, they want that to, which is why they aren’t dating a male

No. 1535701

File: 1653184685279.jpeg (75.41 KB, 683x500, 2BCD1019-2A96-4C3B-826A-2BBB48…)

Nothing fills me with joy more than seeing troons seethe and cope because no one wants them, especially lesbians kek

No. 1535707

a tranny just stole my joke on instagram and got 10x more likes than me… trans genocide NOW!

No. 1535715

File: 1653185533549.jpeg (122.87 KB, 1193x1039, 4883BDD0-464F-44B1-BF1D-EDF540…)

I got this from ovarit and the name was already marked out, but don’t you guys just love homophobia?

No. 1535719

File: 1653185641219.jpg (60.3 KB, 500x500, bananas.jpg)

Jeez what a psychotic moid. If you interact with females who like dick, they will not want you to be femme like them, they want a guy.
Lesbians like WOMEN not MEN, they have no interest in your troon dick!

No. 1535721

You can tell they’re trying to mimic waify girls who do this shit and are failing miserably lmao.

No. 1535722

I’ve been somewhere where they did it. It was kind of dystopian but not as bad as you’d think either. The main reason I find it not great is because if there is an emergency you have no easy way to get to your phone because they have to use a machine to unlock the pouch.

No. 1535725

This made me want to barf more than the bottom surgery disasters.
Looks like they’re trying to mimic a yuri manga cover.

No. 1535726

I wish they’d stop dragging bisexuals into this too. We don’t want them either. They need to all just go date each other and live their lesbian fantasies that way.

No. 1535731

being homosexual is transphobic? why are these loony troons tacked onto the end of the lgb if they hate gays?

No. 1535732

>trans have the exact same bodies as cis
moid needs to retake biology class

No. 1535733

Really, I wish troons and other genderspecials would shove off and make their own acronym. Then maybe the LGB flag wouldn’t look so ridiculous anymore, with that damn tranny triangle.
But we all know if the trannies separated from the LGB, they wouldn’t get support anymore.

No. 1535734

>Fix your head
No, u. Unlearn your fetish.

No. 1535737

Because of the oppression totem pole and wanting to control other people.

No. 1535745

File: 1653186900604.png (284.57 KB, 428x428, brolove.png)

I've been saying for years, it's contra naturam. Gays and Lesbians love their genders, troons hate themselves. Also don't forget the preds who lurk around Story Time in Kindergarden, dressed in full drag.
These people have no bussiness in the LGB community, wich was about love and tolerance, not about self mutilation and molestation.

No. 1535748

It is really frustrating. I work at a library and, when helping to change the decor on the pride display table, there was a brief argument over if "bisexuality is inherently transphobic" and someone said that saying bisexuals won't date trans people is biphobic, only for the "bisexuality is transphobic" person to make the point that pansexuality wouldn't be a thing "if bisexuals were less transphobic."
It is hard out here for us bisexual women that just want a relationship with people who are not incredibly misogynistic (ftm and mtf) and/or want to wear our skin (mtf).

No. 1535749

>Gays and Lesbians love their genders

Sexes, nona, not genders. Gender isn’t a real thing.

No. 1535762

File: 1653187730642.png (10.5 KB, 1066x113, i am more attracted to other t…)

it's ok if they have preferences tho

No. 1535769

Stop it, you know what she means.

No. 1535773

politicizing the old "freaks vs jocks" fight while also identifying into an oppressed class and out of being evil whitey.

No. 1535783

The male brain at work. He doesn't know if he wants to fuck or kill her just for existing.

No. 1535788

File: 1653189032074.jpg (21.61 KB, 512x368, 230c08258ad9a03eea8aa6d3dc3fc1…)

No. 1535794

What is happening in this photo? My eyes hurt.

No. 1535798

Shouldn't he… be wearing hijab, then?

No. 1535807

File: 1653190298267.jpeg (245.93 KB, 750x582, AA7995BE-927D-4702-8FBB-CEADCC…)


No. 1535813

Biz Markie lives

No. 1535816


honestly the best thing to do is to encourage these degenerate fags to go through w srs so they end up castrating themselves and being unable to coom. making fun of their retardation doesn’t work because they’ve memed themselves into getting off to it

No. 1535817

scotland trans pride event

No. 1535820

File: 1653192172626.jpg (495.36 KB, 1541x2773, zpz6ihn1xv091.jpg)

Didn't know Markplier trooned out. KEK
So much this. I hate the fact that a lot of these degenerates already reproduced and "found out later" they were trans.

No. 1535821

>homosexual behaviors have been observed in many types of animals
>transgenderism only exists in humans
Really gets the noggin' joggin'.

No. 1535822

But it’s so funny tho, how am I supposed not to make fun of the pure, unadulterated maleness of these retards? The more they try to impersonate women, the more their degenerate Y chromosomes stick out like a sore thumb. I’m convinced troonism happens when a man is basically too male to function, making his entire being want to collapse and self-destruct kek

No. 1535828

File: 1653193044671.jpeg (777.16 KB, 1414x4023, 6F5A67F8-2066-4117-AD8D-732EF2…)


No. 1535830

I think hes saying hes clearly a lesbian because he only dated woman who experience same sex attraction before trooning out

No. 1535834

File: 1653193498598.png (464.76 KB, 1000x636, qwt1u0phax091.png)

fuck i thought this was a shitpost at first

No. 1535841

File: 1653194622997.jpeg (894.54 KB, 2510x1692, 5A564252-99F8-417D-8251-792A9B…)

the state of his fucking room is abysmal

No. 1535844

>improved mental state
For you? Maybe. For everyone else around you? Quite the opposite.
>improved self-confidence
If everybody praised me for having dogshit makeup skills and dressing like a 4 year-old in the dark, I’d be delusional about the way I look too.
>decimate your fapping addiction
Because now you can just put on a dress and coom from the “euphoria” alone?
>ditch your angry, masculine mannerisms
Replace them with the mannerisms of the girl you’re currently stalking to study her like a specimen in a glass case.
>shinier hair
That’s just grease, take a shower.

No. 1535845

what's with the office ceiling tiles
omg the entire light fixture is just dangling by its wiring

No. 1535850

Does anyone else think a trans shooting is about to happen?

No. 1535855

where? (i know in america, but like where in america)

No. 1535857

Anywhere. I really feel in my gut that some troon is gonna shoot up a female exclusive place soon. I started getting this feeling in my gut after the Buffalo shooting

No. 1535860

If something like that was about to happen, where would the shooter post about his plans? Is there some obscure trans friendly incel board we should be paying attention to just in case?

No. 1535861

I think if it happens it’ll be 4chan or Twitter. Screenshot this.

No. 1535864

What female exclusive place? Like a feminist gathering? Not gonna lie, every time Posie Parker speaks in public, part of me fears for her life.

No. 1535865

No, I suspect something like a womens gym or an abortion clinic.

No. 1535872

File: 1653199266074.jpg (29.83 KB, 279x326, Untitled.jpg)

they just want to pee

No. 1535874

File: 1653199449867.jpg (117.83 KB, 849x438, Untitled.jpg)


No. 1535875

I think it is? I mean it's 100% unrealistic. Estrogen doesn't do any of that. Look at how many trannies are having fits about hating themselves and wanting to kill women because they're everything they'll never be.

No. 1535876

File: 1653199626197.jpg (29.39 KB, 285x333, Untitled.jpg)

trans women are so beautiful

No. 1535877

>A judge has since sentenced Tubbs to two years in a juvenile Facility. Tubbs also will not be required to register as a sex offender due to the case remaining in juvenile court.
They only found him because he left dna inside the girl.

No. 1535878

What news outlets are these? Happy to see them being called out as male and mentioning being trans, but I feel like the more liberal media would try to cover this up somehow

No. 1535880

I watched Genevieve's (WomenReadWomen) video about the troon who designed the trans flag. He had a wife whom he left after he became AGP and he went to sex clubs where he had sex with multiple men. He wrote in his book that when he got that "out of his system" he started LARPing as a lesbian, going to lesbian events and clubs but he never got laid. He eventually went back to fucking men. I'm starting to think these men view women as a bunch of archetypes that they try out, like sampling ice cream. It's disgusting.

No. 1535881

I have never seen so many ugly moids in one photo. Revolting.

No. 1535883

such beautiful architecture and then just the most vile collection of human beings i've ever seen, it's so sad. each individual in this picture is clearly severely mentally ill and yet we are told to celebrate their delusions. it's amusing how they all look the same too, all hideous and cannot dress for shit, plus i feel like i can smell the picture and it's not good. the only comfort is knowing that they have destroyed their bodies with hormones/srs so can fortunately not breed mini versions of themselves.

No. 1535884

I'm questioning the validity of this study and either way this is literally only pushed by pedophiles. The men who "breastfeed" already admit they get turned on by it.

No. 1535889

File: 1653202328344.jpeg (304.31 KB, 750x1112, 8A969F4B-256B-4B04-A9EB-7ECB45…)

How about normal women and abnormal men?

No. 1535891

Putting your luxury electronic listening device into a locked pouch is no more dystopian than having it on your person 24/7

No. 1535893

>we are normale

No. 1535900

File: 1653203956609.png (93.09 KB, 760x454, Screenshot_20220520-033235.png)

They all just hate women regardless of how they identify lol. This troon constantly seething about trans men talking about sexism they face and terfs

No. 1535902

File: 1653204200924.jpeg (103.6 KB, 720x631, 5683CDD1-2369-4EF2-86DF-C4D321…)

Oh but females are supposed to believe them when they say they’re reformed nazis and joke about the ‘alt-right to trans pipeline’. Fuck off

No. 1535913

File: 1653205122183.jpg (206.86 KB, 1080x966, response.jpg)

it gets worse much worse

No. 1535918

File: 1653205303836.jpg (163.46 KB, 842x772, 483467.jpg)

i dont know if this person is tif or tim but the BBC needs to stop this shit. rather than focusing on the fact these depraved scrotes are trying to rape this person endlessly in public because they perceive them to be an underage boy or gay they're trying to pretend it's about 'discrimination against nonbinary' in particular, as if they're ganging up to bash enbys and neopronouns rather than being pederastic demons. every facet of commentary on trans bullshit is designed to nullify and tone down scrote depravity and someway somehow someone is probably blaming jk rowling for this

No. 1535921

kek his face i fucking can't
Also I have her body type and used to spend so much time going boo hoo why are my thighs fat, but seeing a similar body on someone else look normal made me feel better about myself. I feel bad for her for having her pic stolen by a gross troon though.

No. 1535925

Isn't that like a 15 year old girl?

No. 1535929

Absolutely amazing work nonna holy shit lmao

No. 1535930

File: 1653206881618.png (596.92 KB, 795x499, juygtft.PNG)

This is not even a joke anymore.

No. 1535932

She does look undeveloped… I can't tell if men genuinely can't separate teen girls from adult women or if they actually believe they can transition into a teen

No. 1535936

File: 1653208031373.jpg (633.25 KB, 810x1976, Screenshot_20220522-041955_Boo…)

"Trans sissy" kek

No. 1535938


No. 1535951

HSTS? More like HUAU (hate us cuz they ain't us)

No. 1535953

I notice a lot of these guys make spelling mistakes or speak like retards. Trooning out is low IQ behaviour.

No. 1535967

Sadly nonnie some of them do it on purpose because they want to come off as dumb bimbo. I've seen troons claim estrogen made them dumber and so they continue the larp by typing like retards. It's infuriating to witness.

No. 1535968

how can hsts have autogynephilia? If they're attracted to female bodies wouldn't that make them not homosexual?

No. 1535974

nta but autogynephilia is a male getting off to the idea he is female. This could include their perceived "embarrassment" of being female, not necessarily the appearance. For some of them, it's about being "the object", something to be dominated. For example, think of that Hunter Schafer guy. He had those crazy scribbles that were really misogynistic. He explained he wanted to be a female that was used.

No. 1535975

Too much time online but also probably feeling included / part of a community for the first time. Some of them might be used to focusing on themselves too or just be munchie, otherwise you’d think they’d have cats or a crafting/sit-down hobby

No. 1535976

Why isn't it acceptable to just say trans "women" are overwhelmingly ugly? I'm bi but I won't date them because 90% of them are ugly. No one is entitled to sex, and plenty of ugly "cis" people are ignored on dating apps and whatnot.

No. 1535981

Anon it's called autogynephilia not gynephilia

No. 1535985

I think >>1535834 meant she thought >>1535670 was a shitpost

No. 1535987

My money is on a women’s hospital that refuses to allow trans women. That was my first thought when the failed car bomb in Liverpool (UK) went off last year, but it was just standard terrorism.

No. 1535991

kek. looks like someone saw my tinder profile.

No. 1535996

So what about all the "former" incel 4chan nazi trans "women"?

No. 1536004

File: 1653221704627.png (602.84 KB, 640x853, Mack_Black.png)

No. 1536006

You have to GO back

No. 1536018

File: 1653223382049.png (566.44 KB, 640x800, petermobeter.png)

interesting shirt you got there, buddy

No. 1536020

Going for that Chris Chan vibe. I fucking HATE male autists.

No. 1536029

Kek. Overweight men just don't know how to style themselves for shit.

No. 1536041

File: 1653225710186.jpg (27.1 KB, 400x300, UWA-Tower01.jpg)

He's a real scientist from what I gathered, also the study is not current it's from the early 80's.
The author seems to be a Molecular Biologist working with all kinds of milk and secretions, there's over 24 pages of studies this guy did even with animals, dating back to the 60's.
Even if this is true, doesn't juistify males breastfeeding.

No. 1536056

>trans women have the same bodies as cis women!1!1!1!1!

Then why can literally anyone but pornsick scrotes tell the difference? Why do trans women have to transition in the first place if they already look the same as us?

What bullshit. Just say your homophobic and leave ffs. Why can't troonbians stay out of lesbian everythings. Create your own community no one wants to date a delusional scrote, especially lesbians.

No. 1536057

Dude looks like chris chan

No. 1536065

"exact same bodies as cis women"

The delusion is real. They must on some level be aware that anybody with functioning sight and/or hearing can clock them in real life. I assume that's why they're terminally on Twitter.

No. 1536068

I see that the tranny who admitted to being a sexual predator is still in his coomer ways.

These mfs have no self awareness.

No. 1536069

What kind of troon has EVER had improved mental state after starting HRT? All they do is bitch and moan and hate on cis women, their mental state is worse than ever

No. 1536070

File: 1653227961953.jpg (44.81 KB, 720x720, FTW_VL7XEAEymHt.jpg)

Good luck buddy, aint gonna happen

No. 1536072

kek the fuck is on his shirt?

No. 1536074

It’s bizarre to me they are supposedly all about science and then say shit that is so blatantly untrue. Even after every surgery they could possibly get, they still don’t have the same bodies as us. They’re poor imitations of something they can never achieve. Even the most unfortunate looking woman on earth has what they never will.

No. 1536076

"enthusiastic consent"

No. 1536080

This is what I don’t get. If it’s supposedly so beneficial and life-saving, why do they go into downward spirals of anger and depression every time? My only guess is what I can kind of relate to, which is when I start thinking about things I dislike about myself I start going into a depression, especially if that’s all I focus on instead of putting the focus on other people, hobbies, positive things. I knew I TiM though who was always trying to be positive, but he got the chop and because it didn’t go well he was in a deep depression for months and months. I truly think there is no happiness to be found here. They claim it’s about finding your true self and learning to be happy that way, but true happiness comes from loving yourself as you are, flaws and all. It does nothing to hyperfocus on what you don’t have and who you are jealous of, that’s just how you become a nasty, miserable person. You see it with them all the time.

No. 1536081

*a TiM, not I TiM god. It wouldn’t let me delete and fix it.

No. 1536082

shit rapists say

No. 1536083

>pedos masturbate to me because i look like an obese little boy
>I'm the winner in this scenario

No. 1536087

Their obsession with lesbians is beyond creepy. It makes my blood boil now badly lesbians are treated anyway within their own communities and how practically every space they once had for themselves has been eliminated. No one gives a shit about them unless they’re trying to get into their pants. Lesbian nonas I am so sorry this is what it has become.

No. 1536089

File: 1653229333276.jpeg (380.34 KB, 1100x1891, 42D58CDF-AC2B-42AD-AAAB-5E7ECE…)

I know this post is satirical but it really do be this way. That sub is so toxic to the partners there who need help.

No. 1536090

Hate this man he's revolting

No. 1536091

File: 1653229429583.jpg (262.94 KB, 1536x2048, DmIvFQGUUAAfVdR.jpg_large.jpg)

No. 1536095

File: 1653230230053.png (81.76 KB, 596x495, 867F4031-CE43-49CF-9D9C-5AEAF4…)

Literally the opposite. I feel comfortable in myself as a female and knowing I don’t have to conform to the standards society tries to set for what a woman should look or act like. They are the ones who uphold most of this nonsense.

No. 1536097

How is "I'm a woman because I like being feminine and wearing dresses" rejecting conformity lol

No. 1536098

My problem is they're abusive pieces of shit, simple as

No. 1536104

Being a feminine gay man is more along the lines of rejecting that toxic masculinity, even straight men demonstrate that by presenting metrosexual. They uphold all the standards of womanhood THEY SET for women and double down on the toxicity. Give me a fucking break.

No. 1536108

File: 1653231464774.png (697.08 KB, 640x773, gendermiasma.png)

Andy Dick, is that you?

No. 1536109

around 70

No. 1536114

who gave woody allen braces

No. 1536116

anon, I died, this is hilarious

No. 1536117

File: 1653232145671.png (48.78 KB, 921x180, Dad.png)

No. 1536121

the saddest part of this is that it seems like a larp but could be true. these people DO have children and cases of parent troons = kid troons seems to be rising, like the sacconjolys channel etc.
(I know vidrel is blaire white but still some good points about it)

No. 1536128

This makes me sick. My little brother adored pink and hello kitty as a kid, and he grep up to be a perfectly normal man. Not even slightly feminine. To think people destroy their childrens health due to gender roles is horrific.

No. 1536129

The thing about the cock Jesus Christ it’s so true
schrodingers trans cock lmao

No. 1536132

File: 1653234037281.png (575.87 KB, 827x960, his fucking hair.png)

No. 1536133

its literally death drive sis

No. 1536134

File: 1653234064182.jpg (185.26 KB, 1080x1240, gross.jpg)

No. 1536136

File: 1653234187911.jpeg (126.46 KB, 720x905, 1650904454849.jpeg)

me too but reverse, I was a super mega tomboy who was sick at tackling at footy and home-brewed beers and worked on cars with my dad but would also obsessed over my barbies. I don't look but definitely act more masculine than my female friends and turned out a perfectly healthy normal bisexual (kek) LET KIDS BE KIDS JFC I feel like the "wont somebody PLEASE think of the children" simpsons meme

I'm cackling also nona, I feel like this one's gonna live rent free in my mind.
everyone calls feminists bitter but honestly they're fucking hilarious most days. laughing through the pain I guess

No. 1536137

File: 1653234375949.png (134.85 KB, 759x1036, Twitter.png)

its ok for troons to feel comfortable in womens changing rooms. real women need to share their space even if it makes them uncomfortable.

No. 1536138

this woman is in actual danger. how do we find her?

No. 1536146

>locker rooms filled with old naked men
Not self aware yet

No. 1536148

The amount of delusion it takes to believe this, write it out, and post it online.

No. 1536153

Why the fuck do they never think about how women feel in this situation. We also do not want prostate owning individuals invading our spaces because it makes US feel unsafe and uncomfortable. Like good god they really should just have their own space away from everyone else, own sports leagues and shit so they can duke it out amongst themselves and jack each other off on their restrooms but no! The women must exist to validate meeeeee!! Fuck off scrotes, I don’t exist to validate any man anywhere.

No. 1536154

File: 1653236537500.png (58.8 KB, 773x496, rin on Twitter.png)

"I want to do this to live out my fetish" Is what this troon should be saying. What happened to being born this way?

No. 1536158

What’s with these moids and smells? A changing room smells like nothing, even at the gym, and actually, if there are any smells, assuming the sauna is in the same room with the changing room, it has literally the same smell as the males’ changing room because it’s the same menthol stuff they use for the sauna.
These men just have their heads so up their asses that all they care about is that their prostates gets stimulated.

No. 1536159

File: 1653236764232.png (38.33 KB, 769x437, Transphobes posting absolute n…)

No. 1536162

Why don’t they ever think about the reality women have had to live through for centuries? Being considered second class citizens, not being able to own property or vote, being subjected to domestic abuse and rape from both people close to them and as a result of things like war? How many times does it need to be said: if we can’t define what a woman is in actuality, then why should they even have rights at all? This isn’t just about changing up your look or body modifications, it’s about the lifetimes of trauma women have sustained at the hands of men and especially men in power who make the decisions. This is not some fun game for most of the population. We can’t just opt out of it, even if we all collectively take testosterone and pretend to be men. The other day I was watching a doc unrelated to trans stuff at all and I clocked a TiF instantly just based on her appearance and mannerisms despite her kind of resembling a strange, effeminate man. I’m sure many people can realize it and will continue to treat her as the female she is. They do not fucking care that we can’t just escape this.

No. 1536163

Woman? Her? You mean this man is an actual danger right

No. 1536164

Obviously anon is talking about the coworker the male was wanting to wear the skin of.

No. 1536165

They don't care what women think full stop, they only care about making women uncomfortable because they get off to it

No. 1536171

File: 1653237770510.png (42 KB, 748x656, What The Trans! (WhatThetrans.…)

No. 1536172

Do tranny retards not understand what SOME people means or do they just refuse to accept that no everyone wants to fuck them?

No. 1536174

File: 1653237994084.png (29.61 KB, 748x430, Sporting Nest on Twitter.png)

No. 1536175

File: 1653238031717.jpg (65.88 KB, 500x668, mooning.jpg)

Yeah, so fucking what? Do these people really don't get it! It's called PREFERENCE and most people like and dislike certain stuff. Get over it you inverted dick morons, you represent like 0.5% of the sexual spectrum, and like a super small percent of the LGB community.

No. 1536177

Lol and? But seriously, I don’t have an issue with being around trans people, if they’re female and realize no matter how many hormones/how much surgery they will still be female. Still annoying and I hope they snap out of it though.

No. 1536179

MRA movement, never forget at its base that is what this is. They are unhappy women have finally begun to find a decent place in society, and men cannot have that.

No. 1536189

yeah except women dont prey on trannies yet theres endless cases of trannies preying on women, so

No. 1536193

underrated comment KEK

No. 1536204

>child-like face
Men stop being pedophiles challenge

No. 1536212

File: 1653240313964.jpeg (55.41 KB, 680x299, B1E6F708-78DD-49BF-AD8B-21BB00…)

Does anyone else remember the deal that happened at some school (high school I think) where the girls put a sign on the bathroom door saying “afabs only”? I think they should start doing those things more often and making a lot of noise about it. If the schools still allow them in maybe at least girls publicly ostracizing and bullying the boys pulling this shit would scare them off some. I hope they feel uncomfortable. This is the goal. Get out of our spaces.

No. 1536222

What’s his non-coomer explanation for not wanting his own locker room? If my female classmates and I were anything to go by, every teenage girl would love to have her own private changing room.

No. 1536227

File: 1653240963889.jpg (833.3 KB, 2316x3088, wj9qqucara781.jpg)

Those predatory eyes, yikes! (this is from OP's profile)

No. 1536230

Ingrate. Nearly every girl I knew growing up would have preferred to change in private. Several of us changed in the showers.
Troons acquaint himselfs with hairbrush challenge when?

No. 1536232

Now turn the tables and imagine a girl going into a boys locker room. I highly doubt there would be sexual excitement on her end because most girls would be terrified of being sexually assaulted. Of course they feel more comfortable around females. I hate them.

No. 1536242

File: 1653241759463.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x2124, 2C3B61CA-2A42-4ADC-9918-FA6D9F…)

"great tiddies"
Their desperate attempts to get cleavage by mashing their oceans apart "boobs" is so obvious and gross lol

No. 1536246

File: 1653241861374.png (120.66 KB, 1132x697, Screenshot 2022-05-22 104729.p…)

a banger from >>1536174
male violence is when women

No. 1536253

File: 1653242133277.gif (2.95 MB, 600x338, 8AE11A42-C3E4-4870-93C8-CD3A6F…)

it feels like a ticking timebomb and I really hope this is a larp, and a whole bunch of girls aren't about to be creeped on by a pervert AGP moid trying to hide a boner while watching them change from the corner of the room. I want some based staff member to intercept before this happens, but I know how it usually goes… People act like tranny stuff exists in a vacuum
Schools aren't safe for girls anymore

No. 1536255

I haven't been around for the past 10 threads so sorry for asking but is fanny traggot still around and kicking?

No. 1536260

File: 1653242507953.jpg (26.72 KB, 500x281, x_file.jpg)

I checked his profile, he's around 17 now, he posted that story when he was about 15. Soon now he can go to College and harass women there I guess. Sidenote: He has a troon gf as well.

No. 1536262

More than happy to be around fakebois and Afab enbys. Even if they are fucking annoying.

No. 1536263

iirc he found out about his KF thread and nuked his twitter account, so hes been gone since late march. RIP. i hope he comes back some day, his neo-disaster saga was hilarious

No. 1536269

Where is this place?

No. 1536274

File: 1653243300217.jpg (299.89 KB, 1440x2269, dumb.jpg)

No. 1536285

I have no clue if his stat for that is accurate, but we have a name for those people. They’re called outliers, people who have DSDs, and all of them are still either male or female despite having atypical reproductive systems or chromosomal makeups. We also aren’t assigning “genders” to people, we are recording their sex (I’m using the most accurate word here, I know they’re interchangeable but I feel like sex makes more sense in a medical context). We do the same thing for animals who are in captivity. Biological sex is an important observation to make considering so many illnesses have a higher likelihood of affecting one sex or the other and there are ways we treat illnesses that affect both differently since they may have different symptoms. This isn’t fucking rocket surgery.

No. 1536286

FFFFFU this makes me want to a-log so bad nonnies. Seriously fuck all moids and their refusal to take responsibility for themselves

No. 1536291

Chapelle really dislikes phones at his shows, he mentioned it in one of his Netflix standups. Makes me wonder if he was partially behind the ban.

No. 1536302

he doesn't get the reality that if you where bullied, it didn't matter which changing room you had to use. Changing rooms where hell for me as a girl because my bullies would be there, too and if I would have pretended to be male, it still would have been hell because my bullies also would be in the boys changing rooms. And now, while I'm done with the bulling part in my life for many years, I have to fear changing rooms again because some men want to invade female spaces and use them, too. Hope women make his life a living hell in any changing room and he will prefer to change outside behind the building, because he is afraid again.

No. 1536305

they do not understand that relationships and attraction is more than dicks and vaginas, right? No matter what the trans has down there I don't want to date him or her, I've had my share of mentally ill partners, there is no attraction towards men-childs with a serious illness anymore.

No. 1536306

Looks like he drew a line in between in moobs.

No. 1536307

i dislike him going from smart social commentary to "lol but what if rihanna deserved it tho" so maybe we should all take our phones out

No. 1536312

Something I never thought about is if you can just be a woman by saying you’re a woman why take the castration hormones? Why get surgery if that isn’t what makes someone a woman? The smart ones take advantage of this and just cross dress.

No. 1536314

He can make me laugh, for sure. But yeah, Chapelle has always been misogynistic and said shitty things in general, like almost every male comedian ever. I think that's why I'm not as keen to act like a massive Chapelle stan just because he shits on trannies too, like I see some TERFs/GCs do on Twitter. And, lets be real, he doesn't shit on trannies nearly as hard as he shits on real women, of any race.

No. 1536331

File: 1653246533970.jpg (6.66 KB, 142x142, 545dae18bede1d86.jpg)

>those nosferatu colored shoulders

No. 1536332

Are these moids retarded? Do they think any goddamn kid is 100% comfortable at the locker rooms? Hedonistic perverted brainlets

No. 1536333

They think everyone who isn't a tranny feels 100% perfect and happy and confident at all times. After all, being uncomfortable during puberty is a uniquely trans experience.

No. 1536335

A lot of these people associate transness with depression because they’re autistic and don’t realize they’re just depressed

No. 1536336

Oh yes definitely. Only trannies hate their bodies, clearly. If you dislike a particular part of your body then that's it, you need to start eating whatever mind altering drugs to be "Truly Happy".

No. 1536343

Must be that, they also have those incel talking points like life on easy mode, I am not gonna a-log but I hope they’ll go through actual hardship in life.

No. 1536347

This. I would feel more pity if it was ONLY the teenage angst because everyone experiences that (obviously it still shouldn’t be enabled but I would understand it more). The fact of the matter is, though, that it isn’t just that. These boys are already deep into misogyny and I blame porn and older TRAs who groom them over twitter and discord.

No. 1536351

File: 1653247859112.jpg (2.52 KB, 112x85, Newbolt.jpg)

Not to sidetrack too much but I blame a lot of these problems, not just troons also girls who feel inadequate to the rise of Social Media and complete Fake People online.
I was there when sites like Bolt came up, but it was different, very few people were all smiles and no one had a marketing group managing their accounts, this is a huge issue and I believe it fucks up a lot of teenagers expectations about life.

No. 1536352

Well… you pieces of shit are about as bad as i thought you would be.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1536355

Your brother is a histrionic retard, not a victim of rape. Not disclosing trans status =/= rape, and your brother is trying to cash in on a predominantly female trauma, which is a reason a lot of people are critical of the trans movement.

No. 1536356

They have also started spewing the “girls get to stay kids longer than boys” bullshit which is ridiculous, when i was fainting in the school bathrooms due to period pains at age ten, i think the boys were busy being kids still? Life on easy mode, truly.

No. 1536358

My dear noni inshallah you won't reply to a tranny next time.

No. 1536360

Oh my goodness sorry I'm new here I keep forgetting the rules fml

No. 1536361

File: 1653248129028.jpeg (77.1 KB, 1024x877, 1651014374164.jpeg)

This, let them seethe lmao

No. 1536364

Lol did he get cheek fillers? Also those implants are god awful, that shirt does not flatter them AT ALL

No. 1536365

Read the rules before you get a mod slap

No. 1536367

It's ok anon, we all fall for bait sometimes. You can delete posts easily if you'd like. You should also sage when not posting milk. You can sage by typing sage in the email field.

No. 1536371

That’s weird. For ages people have always known that girls mature faster than boys and also are expected to take on more chores and household duties than their male counterparts. I guess they change whatever to make the narrative suit them.

No. 1536374

Nayrt but I understand why so many people fall for the scrote bait sometimes. This stuff is enraging and when one of them waltzes in to talk shit it definitely makes you want to put them in their place. The thing that stops me isn’t just the threat of a ban, but the knowledge that they’re probably also typing with one hand and they don’t deserve more humiliation wank material.

No. 1536375

>as bad as i though
Step it up nonnas, we can be WORSE #girlboss

No. 1536376

Don't interact with it…

No. 1536378

Same here, because it’s a studied truth that every country girls and women do more nonpayed labor from a very young age. It’s just lately I’ve noticed troons repeat the childhood thing, especially reddit.

No. 1536385

Girls are always expected to mature faster. We need to take care of body hair, periods, cooking basic stuff and cleaning our living spaces from age 9-10. Boys are still acting like boys until they graduate college or even get married. Some still act like kids to their wives even.
Yeah ignore it.

No. 1536386

>girls get to stay kids longer than boys
It's so funny, since at the same time, people say girls mature faster than boys as we're forced to take on the role as a second mother at a young age. Plus the fact that we're expected to internalize trauma and not act out, even in extreme situations.

No. 1536388

File: 1653249115528.png (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 1780x1126, fixedquestionmark.png)

Does this look less botched?

No. 1536390

Thanks for this. That anon's post rubbed me the wrong way, like how is it rape if you regret having sex with someone? Men just wanna be victims constantly

No. 1536391

Men usually fuck anything that moves when they're horny and then call it rape. Men say women accuse men of rape when we regret the experience but they're the ones who do it the most. So many man fuck transvestites and get fucked by them only to beat them after they cum.

No. 1536393

OT, I feel like it’s the ultimate goal of most men these days to remain manchildren forever and do nothing while still obtaining a bangmaid to grant their every wish.

No. 1536394

And they say actual vaginas are axe wounds, this looks like someone on crack with a machete had a field day on that pubic area. Jfc.

No. 1536395

No. 1536398

If they get to be children for the rest of their lives, then we should be granted that wish as well. Just leech of the government and not hold any responsibilities for the rest of our lives. At least, unlike men, we don't require 24/7 sexual pleasure.

What? Wrong thread?

No. 1536399

It’s just the scrote coming back to be annoying.

No. 1536403

Omg the layers of horrific Frankenstein scars

No. 1536406

File: 1653250210591.jpg (51.8 KB, 602x353, grifters gonna grift.jpg)

Smegmoid discovers a new grift, takes credit for work women have been doing not only for years, but in many cases, decades. Many such cases!

This is why I will never be comfortable with siding with the right. Just because we both shit in trannies, we are not the same.

No. 1536410

If that's so bad maybe just be a boy? Problem solved. Women do these things because it's natural to them. But don't ask why trannies literally never perform woman's duties in this way.

No. 1536411

why is there a straw in it? Ugh looks so painful

No. 1536414

Looks perfectly natural, if you're a cenobite.

No. 1536421

Isn’t that puppychan’s art?

No. 1536439

Men don't require 24/7 sexual pleasure either anon. That's them lying as usual.

No. 1536440

With how many of them are obsessed with porn and cooming, they might as well be.

No. 1536446

Honestly could have fooled me with as much as they bring up sex.

No. 1536447

File: 1653252865632.jpeg (27.76 KB, 500x500, F28E97D4-DDFD-4D12-B4D1-BC290E…)

Why do men…

No. 1536453

it looks like a ham, put together from different pieces of meat

No. 1536461

Rape by deception is rape, end of story.

No. 1536467

I'd like to add that many intersex people hate when trannies try to use them to push their agenda. Most intersex people I've seen online identify as men and women with certain condition instead of making intersex their "gender". Though imo being intersex could actually be a valid reason to transition, for example if a person is born with a set of genitalia that isn't clearly male or female and the doctors perform a surgery that makes it look like one or the other but the persons hormone levels turn out to be closer to that of the opposite sex. I could imagine that being tough but those are super rare cases, I've come to understand that most conditions classified as intersex are not that visible, and the only times TRAs even mention that stuff if they want more validity for their cause or whatever. I've never met an intersex TRA.

No. 1536468

So what does post-SRS vagina look like after a couple of years? Does it really end up looking lovecraftian like some people say it is?

No. 1536469

ayrt. It gets hard to tell what is just the result of being apart of most unchecked/excused demographic and what's biological and built in at times. It's crazy how men can turn it down when it suits their needs though.

No. 1536474

File: 1653255324794.png (465.33 KB, 680x672, 134520A8-7DDF-411A-BEA5-96CD40…)

No. 1536476

why the fucking close up jesus h christ

No. 1536477

My favourite thing to do with stories like this is mentally read them in the deepest, scratchiest baritone I can.

No. 1536478

By that logic, lying about wearing a condom isn't rape cause the woman consented to sex, even though she only consented to sex with proper contraception. Rape by deception is still raped. The man in question consented to having sex with a woman, not a man in womansuit.

No. 1536479

File: 1653255506501.png (353.88 KB, 758x784, AAF42F6E-5105-407A-98AF-519DA1…)

No. 1536480

File: 1653255542205.jpeg (165.12 KB, 576x1024, 1FBDF6A1-4AC2-4CBF-9561-AB99DD…)

We love the cope stories.

No. 1536481

File: 1653255604898.png (239.55 KB, 544x767, ED5EE3B6-B722-4129-8A85-2FFA37…)

>> But they just want to pee and be loved!

No. 1536483

Huh, this is making me realise I know more physically disabled "trans" people than "cis" ones. Also I wonder how OP knows those people are trans lmao

No. 1536484

If it looks that bad after the surgery imagine a few years when it starts drooping because it basically dead skin with no muscle.

No. 1536485

File: 1653255830327.png (61.36 KB, 931x283, attention.png)

No. 1536486


Does this even happen? I've seen ftms become terfs but never terfs becoming ftms.

No. 1536487

File: 1653255870753.png (55.36 KB, 974x236, attention_2.png)

Another post from the same account.

No. 1536488

The KF SRS thread is what peaked me into being “these people are misguided” to “the biomedical industry is brainwashing and ruining peoples lives”.

No. 1536491

Honestly one of the least bad ones on here. At least he takes care of his eyebrows

No. 1536492

File: 1653256012706.png (94.4 KB, 491x835, 3E074C35-47DC-4653-81FB-821660…)

No. 1536493

Do we want a collage under a spoil? I’ll take the bullet. Kek

No. 1536497

>"sex [is] made up anyway"
spoken like someone who's clearly never had any

No. 1536499

Sure, I'd love to have some more goodies to throw at trannies lol

No. 1536504


No. 1536505

Fanny traggot? I haven't been on here in a WHILE; which threads do I need to read to learn about this?

No. 1536509

File: 1653257317292.jpeg (Spoiler Image,384.71 KB, 1800x1800, 186BB30E-D97F-463E-A8B3-F51C77…)

Some random examples. Spoiler for rot pockets. NSFL

No. 1536510

File: 1653257485176.jpeg (17.56 KB, 488x326, real.jpeg)

fucking hell

No. 1536512

middle right looks like a kangaroo pouch kek

No. 1536519

trannies have reported the kikomi comics at imgur and they got taken down https://imgur.com/a/WhR5q43

No. 1536523

File: 1653258084590.jpeg (306.46 KB, 828x825, FDB8168E-9D74-4472-82AB-3BD74E…)

they really show that they’re just men every time, they really never grew up past their teenage ‘edgy humour’ phase they all seem to have. also saying ratio on twitter is the funniest shit every, no woman could ever compete with that ig kek

No. 1536526

can someone explain to me how that middle right one should work? It all looks horrible, but how would you get a dick into that thing?

No. 1536528

Sincere question. How do you guys stare at them for long enough to make these kinds of observations kek. I have to back out immediately. You nonas never cease to amaze.

No. 1536529

No group of people deserve such an outcome more. We have criminally insane, literal pedophile men with a fetish getting catered to and health care covered while women still have to fight our insurance companies tooth & nail for things. The more of them that do this to themselves the better.

No. 1536538

This is a gigachad why is he trying to look like a woman

No. 1536539

peter steele lookin ass

No. 1536545

looks more like a nullo than a proper neovag

No. 1536551

knowing about all these gross men out there who are pumping their manboobs to produce (and consume) watery discharge just because it makes their dick hard makes me want to set fire to the world. something is seriously wrong with them all.

No. 1536554

YouTube Troons using voice modulators scares the fuck out of me for some reason. I’m not that affected by the rest of their shenanigans but for some reason that terrifies me. It reminds me of the serial killer BTK.

No. 1536562

File: 1653261295403.jpeg (138.12 KB, 1280x720, 8493D6B2-FD75-46E1-A722-62A58E…)

He looks like he got a chin implant wtf

No. 1536566

we just need to upload them again somewhere else, no biggie

No. 1536585

I remember in one of the many past threads, someone posted some old troon on a bed or something, and his rotpocket was literally drooping like the empty ballbag it is. I don't know if anyone still has that pic. Frankly, I wouldn't blame you if you don't.

No. 1536595

File: 1653264403609.jpg (17.38 KB, 590x277, 3l75gqagh7091.jpg)

>Threats of violence
>~witchy~ shit
>Weirdly cutesy tone

How close are we to a troon bingo?

No. 1536600

File: 1653264550388.jpeg (180.07 KB, 1242x1765, 84A81DA9-56BF-48E6-8DD3-B1D622…)

kek an esports troon getting roasted in the youtube comments section

No. 1536607

File: 1653264939745.jpg (79.48 KB, 590x590, explain.JPG)


Trans parade in Paisley, Scotland. Didn't realise there was so many degenerates in these towns.

No. 1536609

File: 1653265055997.jpg (60.12 KB, 584x607, performance.JPG)

samefag, this poster was also present at the parade. Actually unreal how much shit they get away with saying. If a woman said that, well…

No. 1536613

File: 1653265343370.jpeg (122.14 KB, 720x1433, EodkeyJXUAELGIo.jpeg)

i hate being apart of the fgc because it feels like its just me and 50000 other "girls" named emily or heather who all turn out to be rapists, pedos, or racists, lmao

sage for spergout

No. 1536617

File: 1653265548756.jpeg (40.33 KB, 400x400, 423BB5BF-09D1-4665-9C9A-707D24…)

the face of a soon-to-be serial killer

No. 1536625

File: 1653265818008.jpg (51.56 KB, 1200x675, Jazzballoon.jpg)

>Shapeless Blob

I've noticed if troons aren't lanky and horrific nightmare abominations , they're flabby and shapeless nightmare creatures.

No. 1536626

ugh girl same… everytime i join a female-only fg discord it turns out to be run by a guy with 12 counts of grooming allegations

No. 1536627

File: 1653265847649.png (Spoiler Image,50.42 KB, 705x822, 43347.png)

(warning: extreme child abuse)
"wE jUsT wAnNa PeE iN pEaCe"
I fucking hate scrotes. They all should be forced to have licenses to be fathers at the very least. The fact this thing will be referred to as a 'she' by everyone and will have GoFundMes for release all over twitter (like the other troon that violated little boys for CP) is even more of an insult to me

No. 1536628

This is obv a joke post, but why are there trannies into Wicca and witchcraft? It’s really terfy. There’s magic that has to do with menstrual cycles/moon cycles, and obviously trannies don’t have periods. Then in Wiccan religion there’s celebrations around the time the Goddess gives birth (yes, a FEMALE goddess, not a ‘uterus-haver’), which again, trannies can’t do that. There’s a lot of groups that will rightfully exclude men (this includes TiMs) from rituals. I guess troons look at the “aesthetic” and nothing more. It just seems ironic to me these trannies trying to get into witchcraft that’s heavily female.

No. 1536631

That’s exactly why they do it though. They know it is something that women participate in and that a lot of it comes down to spirituality and female biological processes. What better thing for them to colonize?

No. 1536639

File: 1653267725948.jpg (136.79 KB, 794x1043, FSM7l9jXsAAbuKX.jpg)

his mugshot makes it all the worse

No. 1536640

Because men are control freaks who can’t handle the idea of women gathering without them. They need to invade our every space to make sure we’re not trying to gain class consciousness or plotting to free ourselves from the patriarchy kek

No. 1536659

I was friends with an HSTS in highschool ( he detransed recently) who was super into Wicca. He said he liked that it worshipped women. He was never adamant about pronouns or using women's spaces like lockerrooms and bathrooms. His mom pushed him into trooning out, because she was super religious (and a tweaker) and "would rather have a 'normal' daughter than a gay son". She told him his traditionally feminine interests like fashion and makeup made him a woman. I wonder if wicca was more a rebellion against his mom than anything though.

As far as I know, he's still Wiccan. He still posts about spells and stuff on fb, i just haven't talked to him in years

No. 1536662

File: 1653269690726.png (499.08 KB, 1222x1112, D7BA4042-BA63-487B-B5FF-107FFC…)

What does this lovely lady look like you may ask?

No. 1536663

File: 1653269720119.png (1.44 MB, 1038x1202, 3B2C79D2-493D-446A-BB7B-CFF01F…)

No. 1536665

That's exactly why. They will colonize and pervert everything for and by women. Many years ago, they went after Z Budapest, the woman who wrote The Holy Book of Womens Mysteries, calling her a transphobe and TERF and all that shit. There is nothing they won't parasitically attach themselves to.

No. 1536666

File: 1653270139070.jpeg (230.77 KB, 810x1937, C456ABDE-61C8-45BF-8BFC-656AF4…)

No. 1536675

File: 1653270678250.jpeg (209.28 KB, 971x2096, 5748DD4C-B96D-45B8-BB89-488983…)

No. 1536679

I see there's no one screaming at them with signs saying KILL ALL TROONS, too bad women only protests don't get the same treatment.

No. 1536680

All I can think of is the infamous "nipples protruding" Trump tweet.

No. 1536688

File: 1653271968528.jpg (915.83 KB, 1368x1824, OPIGlasgow-1528113501104918530…)

why are they dressed like this

No. 1536697

I'm pretty sure those are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (who are gross in their own right but not usually trannies)

No. 1536705

I wanted to reply last thread but it locked before I could.
Remember that Ted Bundy faked disability with his arm in a sling, his leg in a cast, and he would use crutches. We know it was to lure women in to thinking he was non-threatening and needed attention and help. Maybe slight tinfoil but I think trannies do the same thing by using canes and other mobility aids.

No. 1536708

nonnies i'm so tired of being a crypto terf. If I were to ever come out, I'd lose everything from friends to job to even my fucking therapist. It's just too much and you can't even say anything even a little critical about the most obviously and blantantly predatory agps. It feels like we're in my emperors clothes except you will get shot to death if you mention the emperor is naked.

No. 1536714

Buffalo Bill did that too in the movie. They argued he wasn’t a “tru trans”, but these trannies make so many parallels, to wanting to kill and wear women, etc.

No. 1536716

Do we know if he's in a men's prison?

No. 1536718

File: 1653274849577.jpeg (187.46 KB, 828x1180, 6B479C3A-BBF7-49DC-A292-6A925C…)

The fucking gall of furry troons who draw porn and openly sell illegal home made HRT online to underage kids calling anyone else groomer sickos

No. 1536720

Tranny collaborator is. Via aclu

No. 1536724

File: 1653275058810.jpg (Spoiler Image,449.55 KB, 2048x1204, Eh6r3N5UwAIWUSj.jpg)

sage for no contribution but where can I find all these drawings? I have 2 saved but I remember finding like 10 variants of troons drawn like this now I can't find them again.

No. 1536726

Yeah they should look in the mirror bc it’s literally a mirror image of the same awful shit. Conservative men, liberal men. They’re all disgusting.

No. 1536730

I hope you didn’t think I was defending conservative moids or anything. It’s just pure pot calling the kettle black. Like one of those accounts regularly rts loli porn

No. 1536731

Paisley in Scotland

No. 1536734

Oh no I understood what you meant. I don’t want scrotes who lurk here to get the wrong idea though. Most of us hate them equally.

No. 1536745

>People, specially men, stares at me a lot these days.
Have you ever heard of morbid curiosity?

No. 1536747

This is definitely just fanfic from someone else's POV, right?

No. 1536751

“abnormal men” is an oxymoron

No. 1536759

I have never heard any real woman be happy because old and creepy dude tried to hit on them. :D(:D)

No. 1536760

File: 1653279007543.png (16.79 KB, 1081x185, how to decorate my room now th…)

No. 1536774

speaking of, how is jazz doing?

No. 1536775

Well he is a ~woman on the inside~ with innate, biological love for dresses and shit so he should already know, right?

No. 1536786

I don't understand trannies. Pretty sure that when women decorate, they just put up stuff that they like, and don't even think about if it "exudes femininity". This feels so performative (because it is).

No. 1536799

Please see,

They admit it themselves.

No. 1536824

men have to infiltrate and secure even the pretend power.

No. 1536830

File: 1653283487477.png (455.14 KB, 1440x2047, Screenshot_20220523-072238.png)

Brother… How you gonna start the revolution if words cause you this much trouble? You're gonna need thicker skin.. oh wait.

No. 1536831

Ok dude, stop using the words bitch and cunt then.

No. 1536832

These soft ass pathetic losers could never last A DAY as a woman. If you think dude and bro are bad, check out what girls start hearing as children and throughout the entire rest of their lives. Men are fucking worms

No. 1536833

>how to kill a male tranny
>say “Hey dude, my man, let’s go get some beers like great brothers!”
>look at the horde of trannies suffer a mental breakdown

No. 1536838

Jazz and other child transitioners like Nikkie are modern day castrati and castrati historically grew up to be obese.

>other than a lack of street harassment and sexism, I don’t really see an upside to being a guy
Saying the quiet part out loud again. They don’t think sexism is that big of a deal when it happens to women and don’t experience any of it as “transwomen”.

This. A lot of TIFs develop debilitating health conditions from HRT so their mobility aids are probably genuinely necessary (even if they started as munchies) but TIMs are just LARPing vulnerability. They want to be seen as non-threatening, like you said. Same reason so many of them act like shrinking violets who need all their handmaidens to continually reassure them that any given space is “safe”.

No. 1536841

>Haven't taken responsibility and blamed others
Oh gee are they saying that being arrested for child porn is transphobic or something now? If this doesn't prove AGPs are narcs I dunno what will

No. 1536847

File: 1653287845379.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1800x4000, 0B2BBB2A-6E75-4E6D-9490-31A2C7…)

Stop it.

No. 1536848

may i ask what does ME stand for

No. 1536849

File: 1653288322926.jpeg (192.93 KB, 750x545, 2E8E12EB-859F-42A3-8720-076DB3…)

Man with moobs is exactly right.

No. 1536850

Manky Eunuch

No. 1536854

Johnny Depp looking rough

No. 1536859

suspicious white stains on his boots
so many are delusional and think their faces change…

No. 1536875

File: 1653291195467.jpeg (377.38 KB, 640x751, 089335FB-4072-4AA0-91B7-6C2D9F…)

No. 1536877


Troon patrick bateman(sage your shit)

No. 1536878

I think biden is a chaser. Tinfoil but their family dynamics and his son's weird sexual stuff makes me think they're all deviants.

No. 1536879

Get your shit together, Murica. This stupid postmodern bullshit is infecting the entire planet to the point children all over the world still won’t have food to eat, but hey, they’ll be able to get a sex change at the age of 10 if they want to.

No. 1536880

note how this is something EVERYONE does and a post he could have addressed to people in general yet he specifically is trying to attack women
how do handmaidens not understand the misogyny of troons? its so insanely obvious

No. 1536883

that’s because handmaidens are spoonfed whatever narrative TIMs want to push and get told even thinking of something terfy is a hate crime. they’re idiots, maybe they deserve TIMs.

No. 1536886

File: 1653295437611.jpeg (240.48 KB, 828x707, BCD2B433-9251-47A1-AA83-08D273…)

they act as if there aren’t a million other factors than size that give it away. lmao at all the self proclaimed “petite” men and “big-boned” handmaidens in the replies

No. 1536887

File: 1653295526337.jpeg (455.51 KB, 828x1102, 3AABBF26-73C6-47E9-BF32-14278F…)

samefag but even the op is crying/hiding replies because all the troons can’t help but brag about how uwu smol they are kek

No. 1536889

Well, men do have smaller hips, but I guess he doesn't like that. It doesn't matter if your bones are big or small, men and women have different proportions and there's nothing you can do about it

No. 1536910

I'd even argue there's a section of troons who trooned out partly BECAUSE they felt too small and unmasculine. "I'm bad at being a man so I might as well be a girl". It's more common in tifs because female beauty standards are higher, but you can see it in some tims as well. Even then they have small MALE proportions. A woman of the same size would still be smaller.

No. 1536911

Who cares, they're just retarded internet points. No matter how many updoots he gets, he'll never have a uterus.

No. 1536913

Strange how they only mention it when it furthers their own trans agenda, and they ignore all the pedo troons arrested. "Terfs" on the other hand celebrate every pedo caught, especially in anti-lgb cases since a lot of gender critical people are gay themselves.

No. 1536917

Perfect time to plan to get a new therapist, and then secretly film/record a terfy confrontation with your current one for the last meeting.

No. 1536919

This is why people who think "troons with srs should be allowed into female restrooms because they can't rape/are safer to women" are also wrong. So should we allow disabled men in too then? Can't rape in a wheelchair and a muscle disorder! Voyeurism and flashing are both forms of sexual harassment.

No. 1536922

You're thinking of pseudobisexuality, newfriend. Because troons are narcs, they don't actually feel love for anyone besides themselves, so their "sexuality" defaults to whatever makes them feel more like women. This is why you sometimes see AGPs suddenly "realizing" they're into men, except not really– they into the idea of being a woman, which in there mind translates to "person who gets fucked by a man."

Additionally, a lot of AGPs eventually become prison gay when the realize the only "women" who will fuck them are other trannies. Again, they're not actually attracted to the other tranny, they just get off on LARPing lesbianism as a group.

Finally you have HSTS like Gregory Gorgeous, who also exhibit a kind of pseudobisexuality. His "girlfriend" is just an accessory to him, not a human being he actually feels love for (again relating back to the narcissism thing.) When you don't love others, you just start picking partners based on ulterior things like money and image. In this case, Greg still wants to be able to call himself gay despite being a "woman" attracted to men, so he manipulated some girl into dating him and "came out" as a "lesbian." Typically HSTS pseudobisexuality is a little less sexual in nature, and more about status. Honter is another example of this.

No. 1536926

Perhaps because its esoteric, henotheistic (and it didn't exist until the 1940s) that it basically lets people imagine whatever they want it to be. Someone disagrees with what you do? They're not practising real Wicca, just a version corrupted by Christianity! You have a cock and a Y chromosome? Don't worry, on the magical, supernatural level (which luckily can't be confirmed or denied) you're really a woman because you feel it in your soul!

No. 1536934

Pardon my autism, but you mean "tautology," not "oxymoron." "Normal men" is an oxymoron, "abnormal men" is a tautology.

No. 1536953

Biden is 100% a deviant and very likely a pedo based on vid.
I mean, he chose 'Rachel' Levine as the HEALTH secretary.

No. 1536957

Nats Getty transitioned too so now her and Gigi are a straight couple lol

No. 1536961

File: 1653308741513.jpeg (239.21 KB, 1260x788, TELEMMGLPICT000296780571_trans…)

British political autism but its another example of trannies only being women when it's convenient.

>UK government made up of two chambers, The House of Commons and The House of Lords

>The House of Lords is much less powerful but still has some influence and pays its members for being members
>There are two ways to become a lord/lady (aka peerage) in the in the House of Lords: get picked by the government or inherit from your family member who was also a lord
>Troon wants to inherit his father's peerage despite the fact women are generally not allowed to inherit peerages and he has an older sister who would take it if they were
>Troon also claims to be feminist and socialist
>The Gender Recognition Act actually makes an exemption for peerages and says your new gender doesn't affect your ability to inherit titles

tl;dr progressive TIM wants to be treated as a woman except for when ancient patriarchal inheritance rules mean he would lose out on an easy paycheck and political power


No. 1536962

Do they make these complaints to men?

No. 1536966

Who told these moids that HRT when youre already a grown adult will make ANY changes to your face? It might slightly reduce your facial hair and make it appear thin and frail, but other than that nothing will happen. Youre already fully grown, some estrogen is not going to be able to change your bone structure. Even those poor souls who got on puberty blockers as kids still get ton of plastic surgery to get their desired "womanly" look. They truly act like HRT will do jackshit besides making them gain weight and get moobs + some osteoporosis

No. 1536967

This news story was really effective in helping me peak a few commies I know. Show them this story, then show them the GRC rule that states MtFs retain male primogeniture despite being legally female, while FtMs can not gain male primogeniture despite being legally male. Granted they aren't transphobic yet, but now at least they acknowledge that gender "id" is bullshit. It especially works on Engelfags.

No. 1536970

File: 1653309728203.jpg (302.45 KB, 1080x2326, FTcMRlrWIAEjlp9.jpg)

Imagining being so used to over-cooming that you spend FIVE hours trying to cum?? Even if im horny, if nothing is happening and im feeling no pleasure, im not just gonna continue to rub myself till i get a rugburn. They really think theyre gonna butcher themselves and take damaging hormones (having too much estrogen is known to lower sexual function, the longer you take it the lower it gets), and then get magical powerful ~*girl orgasms*~
This is your brain on porn. My god if i ever get a son im gonna do my damn best to keep him away from the internet and give him healthy interests like sports or something

No. 1536972

And I should care…why? I’ll stop when they stop using gendered slurs like “bitch” and “cunt” towards women.

No. 1536975

1. They have the same rights as everyone else already, at least here in the US, and 2. Just because you’re a manlet and pass better still doesn’t make you female and I still don’t want you in our spaces.

No. 1536976

This is what it has always been, it's why they ID as women when women have become more equal in law rather than when women had more obvious restrictions and forced legal inequality to men like when women couldn't inherit/own shit. Yet there are rare instance like this where the fact that they are men who wish to ID as women for their own benefit but not be considered women when it is to their benefit, is obvious. Just like the ftms who are suddenly real women when it comes to going to prison (like the ftm school shooter, while it is good to not put her in a mens prison, it is very obvious they don't want to be considered what they ID as when it is inconvenient). Another example is the fact that the catholic church will allow mtf priests but not real women as priests.

No. 1536977

Not to mention, they can still sexually assault you without a dick. They still have hands and objects can be used to penetrate as well. They’re still men, they’re still violent, sex-obsessed beasts.

No. 1536983

Have these men ever heard of going a couple of days without porn or cumming?? Hell even a few hours would do wonders for these pornsick fuckers.

No. 1536990

File: 1653311534505.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 1284x1307, 9ECD2FEE-3B79-478D-9636-8DA723…)

I checked out that last guy’s user profile, and he is all about the sexism. Big surprise there! Posting in r/rape_hentai and r/churchofman (extremely misogynistic porn subreddit). Spoilered for nsfw text.

No. 1536994

The hrt make their dicks broken too. They already have limp dick from porn, the pills make their dicks shrivel up more.

No. 1536996

File: 1653312289481.jpg (231.33 KB, 320x630, RDT_20220523_15080716136236861…)

sage for austist blog but I'm on my first day of periods and as always since even the strongest painkillers don't do shit work is fucking hell. Idk why but this gave me an epiphany about timmies either fetishizing periods like "omg it must feel soooo euphoric and validating ! Cissies be GRATEFUL!" Or pretending to have them. Wouldn't this be like a "trans black" (actually white) person wanting to experience black people hardship like racism bc it actually ~feels so good~ or pretending to face racism the same way african americans do, because they wear traditional african clothes and have dreads ???

No. 1536997

File: 1653312292878.png (3.5 MB, 1723x2409, 937E03BB-48CB-43C0-94C5-FB8E60…)

Stole from KF, this interaction between a radfem and TiM. I included his pinned tweet bc they really think giving babies minute hormone-filled discharge is a W.

No. 1537000

I'm assuming he's had his testosterone blocked? How can he possibly be so horny that he spends half his day rubbing his dick

No. 1537003

File: 1653312884839.png (1.56 MB, 1719x1755, E01602C3-99B5-40C7-B1B2-2E301F…)

TiF brings up grooming in the community by TiMs, TiMs attempt to gaslight her by saying “this never happens”.

No. 1537007

File: 1653313264839.jpg (4.03 MB, 3464x3464, transracial.jpg)

Samefag. why is left offensive but right totes valid?? If gnc women are women and gender roles suck how does shaving your Legs and wearing a dress make u closer to a woman???

No. 1537009

He's appropriating women but because no one cares about women, it's ok.

No. 1537010

Ok look, males getting mad at and invalidating a woman who talks about her rape

No. 1537013

>"TERFS don't interact" in bio
>goes out of his way to interact with someone with "radfem" in their name

No. 1537014

I'm going to take the a-log ban and say I hope the other prisoners make him feel the same fear, pain and helplessness his child felt until he necks himself. That's the only form of justice that would be acceptable.

No. 1537015

Also late reply, but my tinfoil is that physically disabled people are more likely to lead shut-in lives and socialize more online, which = more opportunities for grooming & radicalization in general. That's also part of why incels, autists and mentally ill guys are so overrepresented in the troon cult.

No. 1537017

None of it make sense nona. I would even argue that being “trans black” (or trans any race/ethnicity) makes more sense since there is more overlap between cultures, so many people are mixed, and some kids are raised by a family of a completely different race or in another country. Why not validate people like Rachel Dolezal or Martina Big if we’re going to do it to these men? Maybe because people are aware that, at least in the west, many racial and ethnic minorities have gotten the short end of the stick. People can respect and understand that, but for some reason, when it comes to women (who’ve been historically oppressed across all races), the bets are off. We’ve seen what troons say about black and brown women, too, calling them masculine and using them as shields because of things like past segregation (they weren’t allowed in bathrooms and now they are, so why can’t we be let in). Idk Timmy. Maybe because your entire sex has a reputation of rape, violence, and harassment towards women of all varieties?

No. 1537018

>disabled: C-PTSD, POTS, BLM
wait what? i know the first two but wtf is BLM supposed to be? also
>pro bono sex worker

No. 1537021

Black Lives Matter

No. 1537025

BLM, except for those nasty CIS black women who totally can't pass as good as me and come with ugly factory-model vaginas they don't have to dilate & flush out constantly to stop the surgical wound from getting infected

No. 1537026

No. 1537027

It is strange how he wrote it in his bio, putting the BLM in the disabilities section instead of a period after that section then adding it in. Idk I guess the hormones have made him a dumb bimbo who can’t type or whatever.

No. 1537029

>if i ever get a son
that's the first mistake, do not birth a son

No. 1537030

Honestly, transracial is probably on its way next. Ask yourself why celebrities are suddenly switching races in front of people's eyes like it's nothing

No. 1537038

File: 1653315657175.png (70.27 KB, 723x599, 100.PNG)

Took some googling, but I think this is what he's talking about. Of course he'd claim a disorder that makes him seem "uwu feminine" some of the symptoms are: high-pitched voice, short stature, and sun sensitivity. More likely it's what >>1537027 said

No. 1537039

I'm here because my fellow normal women are able to accept me as being a reformed handmaiden. All hail the Terven coven.

No. 1537043

Oh maybe you’re right. Maybe we’re just stupid. But idk, it seems weird because people are going to just assume it’s for the movement.

No. 1537047

Oh it's totally weird and I wouldn't be surprised if he did such confusing listing to get two virtue signals for the price of one.

No. 1537070

File: 1653318559352.png (483.66 KB, 1240x886, tanisha.png)

transblack transwoman double tranny!

No. 1537079

Trans-age too apparently, triple tranny!

No. 1537084

File: 1653320444708.jpg (4.27 KB, 225x225, FTU5A8X.jpg)

I have stated this before but I'll argue that "Transracialism" has way more ground to stand on then transgenderism, cause the concept of race is bullshit, my Italian descended bf gets mistaken for Hispanic all the time and people can't even tell what race I am other then being "asian", so what's to stop me from me saying I'm chinese and cause I feel like a chinese person on the inside

No. 1537089

No. 1537092

My favourite thing is watching someone bring up transracialism to trannies and chasers and see how they always struggle to make an argument AND come off as racist in the meantime.

No. 1537094

So obviously a gay moid with a BBC fetish who's upset black guys aren't interested in elderly white men who look like the Cryptkeeper

No. 1537095

Why do so many of them look like they have worms living inside jfc have these doctors ever seen a real vagina?

No. 1537098

He got fucking destroyed by that woman and by himself at the same time.

No. 1537100

There's only so much you can do by taking a dick and turning it inside-out.

No. 1537127

I'm not very familiar with how the UK government functions but what kind of medieval bullshit is this? Inheriting a government position? Forbidding women from being able to do this, but allowing clearly mentally ill men to do so? I understand in other places government positions may as well be inherited because of all the nepotism and wealth required to be successful in getting elected, but actually legally being able to get the position because your daddy had it? How has this not been overturned yet? There's no way it can be popular with anyone but a select few rich pricks.
Same nonnie. I'm also on the first day and it always fucking sucks and makes me wanna rage against the trannies who say that kind of bullshit. Funny how I never hear women with health issues causing them not to have periods, post menopausal women, or even women with extremely mild period symptoms telling other women to shut up and not complain about their own periods. They're always at least somewhat sympathetic. It's only ever trannies that feel personally attacked by another person's pain.
I'll never understand how they can rationalize transgenderism but not transracialism. The only arguments I've heard for it are that racial minorities such as black people realistically can't benefit from it since white people will still be able to recognize them as black, and that non-white people have generational trauma from racism through the years so race is more of an inherent quality than gender is. Never mind the insinuation that women don't have generational trauma which is insane, the first argument is very easily observed in TIMs vs TIFs. It's so obvious that people still view them as their original sex unless they're one of the rare ones that passes well. And even then, as soon as people find out (esp in the case of a TIF) the sexism jumps out regardless. It's all so dumb. Race is a much more arbitrary characteristic and we have actual evidence of it's parameters changing through time, but sex has always been fixed

No. 1537141

File: 1653324178425.jpg (257.75 KB, 800x431, vijay-jojo-chokal-ingam-cnn.jp…)

but the latter cases have happened, a dark skinned Indian dude famously pretended to be black to get a scholarship and during the 19th century reverse case happened, black americans would try to pass themselves as Indians to face less racial oppression and lighter skinned blacks would pretend to be arabs or southern europeans and try to assimilate in white society


No. 1537151

File: 1653324524171.png (376.69 KB, 760x1095, Screenshot_20220523-094544.png)

Really leaning into that buffalo bill persona

No. 1537158

They're so unhinged and not even trying to hide it. How are there even handmaidens I can't understand.

No. 1537161

File: 1653325280017.png (2.06 MB, 1284x3139, EEDEBB67-3728-48E2-B6D7-36F9D5…)

Why are they always obsessed with “cracking eggs” and projecting on other people? Maybe this dude is fine with his aspects of being GNC. They get so weird about this.

No. 1537162

File: 1653325431593.jpeg (736.67 KB, 1284x1242, DCE091F4-28F2-46C7-9B18-3B39C5…)

Trust me dude, they were not reading you as female. It’s about being nice out of pity.

No. 1537164

Because they're predatory groomers and are only interested in inducting more people into the cult of troonery

No. 1537170

Tfw you're complimenting a man you perceive as mentally disabled and he thinks you totally find him hot.
Why are men so delusional and entitled?

No. 1537182

Trannies hate seeing people who are happy with themselves. This metrosexual guy is just a walking reminder of how much a failure the tranny is. The troon could have been like him; a person comfortable and confident with being gnc. The tranny hated themselves so much for not fitting into the male stereotype, that they tried to become an imitation female instead. I hope this poor guy doesn’t get groomed by their bullshit, there’s already less feminine men around because of the tranny cult brainwashing them. The TiM and his friend just want to pull more people into being miserable like themselves. Misery loves company.

Also, it’s ridiculous how they’re talking about how his favorite colors are “obviously a sign”. Ffs these people are so backwards. A dude likes orange, pink, purple, and light blue and he’s supposedly an “uncracked” tranny? Ridiculous.

No. 1537187

When did they say they perceive him as female? For example women tend to compliment feminine gay men a lot

No. 1537193

Well if Reddit is to be believed, men literally never receive compliments and it's the most painful thing possible for them, to never get unsolicited comments.

No. 1537200

He said they clocked him as female, not male. A bit more than halfway through the post.

No. 1537210

I know. But those people didn't actually say they see him as female

No. 1537215

Same reason handmaidens ask what women "did" to have their husbands abuse them

No. 1537221

File: 1653328541816.png (153.48 KB, 720x1285, FTbBa_zWQAIrS1v.png)

Imagine instead of being mad at all the shit you can never achieve, you try to work on yourself and realize that being born a different gender wouldnt make any difference at all when all you do is wish for the grass being greener, self-loath and look at porn non stop
Men take accountability for themselves challenge

No. 1537222

Cool. Just what we need. More male anger directed at women for no fucking reason. Hope he takes it out on himself instead.

No. 1537223

Yeah, handmaidens perceive troons as males and they side with men no matter what so trannies will always be valid to them. It's also funny how most of those handmaidens think women have to do something to get abused or cheated on but men also screw handmaidens over even though they act like doormats.

No. 1537224

Oh sorry, I misinterpreted your post I think. You’re right, unfortunately he’s probably too autistic to realize that though.

No. 1537226

File: 1653328707181.png (197.09 KB, 720x1292, FTbBazjXEAAQ8Qn.png)

Hating and wanting to get a co worker fired for no other reason than being a woman, totally not misogyny tho just dYspHoRiA and that makes saying you hate women and want them gone suddenly okay

No. 1537227

It sounds like this troon is jealous of his friend for being a GNC male who is comfortable with his identity and still "passes" better than him. Similar to the troon in the last thread who wanted to harm his female coworker for being more feminine than him. You can tell by their petty & violent language choices that they're jealous skinwalkers who project their gender issues on random people.

No. 1537228

I know I am responding late, but trannies really do have such a dramatic and histrionic way with words.
>endlessly worrying
>tired defense
>literally want to tear your body apart
>use dairy milk in a vegan way
that's an awful comparison
Tranny rhetoric sucks so bad I can't believe it has so many notes and that people don't just see it for the dramatic whinging that it is. There's such a weird culture among zoomie normies to coddle obvious fuckups. This person is a lame nerd and needs to be socialized as a lame nerd, not as a woman.

No. 1537229

File: 1653328789165.png (95.91 KB, 1030x560, retirement.png)

The delusion.
Not that horrible stuff doesn't happen at nursing homes every day, it was the "it will be worse for us than cis people" that bothered me.

No. 1537232

>I'm going to be perceived as a fucking predator for the rest of my life
Notice how all these losers think they're the most oppressed people on the planet because they're seen as "predators" and "groomers". Do normal men worry about that shit? They act like all men are treated like that, but I can't imagine it

No. 1537234

Kek @ at these moids looking for sympathy. Do you know what's far worse than being perceived as a predator for your entire life? Being perceived as prey for your entire life, not that you'll ever understand that as a 6'2" hulking hairy male.

No. 1537237

>I'm getting frustrated hearing about women's rights
The incel inside is manifesting hard.

No. 1537239

File: 1653329160871.jpg (125.84 KB, 828x861, FTK44AvWIA0CBaU.jpg)

Men being manipulative to get laid, a tale as old as time. I dont care what pronouns you wanna give yourself this is creepy MAN behaviour

No. 1537241

Admitting he looked at her in the changing room enough to notice the chub hidden under her baggy clothes, then thinks SHE is the sketchy one for being startled by his presence. People perceive them as predators because they fucking are.

No. 1537242

They really don't see women as full people and don't hide it anymore. They implicitly think their existence is more valuable than ours, to the point where we don't even deserve things we were born with and had no choice in. Also I'm almost 100% sure both those women have felt insecure about the very features these men are fetishizing and coveting. It's disgusting really

No. 1537243

File: 1653329528921.jpg (97.96 KB, 778x1073, FTaWxVwUUAArNqk.jpg)

Teacher brags about wearing panties at work on social media

No. 1537250

Is this not just admitting it's a fetish? What the fuck does wearing panties have to do with your identity?

No. 1537253

Isn't saying TERFs scare you in a way for her to try and prove she's different negging or something? Manipulative as shit anyway.

No. 1537255

what the fuck.. can't he be reported? that is so perverted and gross

No. 1537256

They really do peak us themselves. I wasn't a full-on handmaiden, but I was never uncomfortable around troons until I started reading their thoughts online. If anything I would've vaguely perceived them as more gentle & enlightened than regular moids - maybe not fully women, but closer to women than men. But nah, their thought processes are 100% identical to other men, especially their habit of seething at women just for existing in our bodies and owing them nothing. Women can get jealous of other women, but it's usually a passing feeling of "ugh this bitch, who does she think she is?" and then you move on. Only men speak about women they dislike in this way - with this specific creepy mix of rage, violence, jealousy, obsession, desire and disgust. Moids truly are deranged creatures.

No. 1537263

calls himself 'intersectional feminist' while taking every opportunity to crow about women 'becoming obsolete.'

No. 1537265

i don't think a lot of troons are actually disabled more than they are narcs who don't want to work and want to stay home and play with their figurines and collect disability money.

No. 1537266

File: 1653330783065.png (100.96 KB, 743x527, burnbridge.PNG)

I cannot tell which is stronger: Disappointment for this woman who chose a delusional moid over her family, or hilarity at said delusional moid who apparently thinks being uninvited to a wedding is grounds for legal action

No. 1537267

based niece

No. 1537271

Has to be fake, no way could they not find pants with long enough legs and narrow enough waist in the men's section, or as this person says boy's section (?).

No. 1537281

You can bet I would be taking this to superintendents if I was a parent. The finger over his mouth “hehe I’m so secretive and naughty about my fetish” and posting it online for the exhibition just scream the biggest red flags. Idk if it’s worse that perverts used to keep this shit under wraps or that it’s all out in the open now.

No. 1537283

Why would her law firm care about him being uninvited to a wedding? It’s her fucking wedding, she can allow whoever she wants. What the fuck is this entitlement?

No. 1537287

You think the ONLY reason he was uninvited was because he is trans? Im sure he is a creep and the family had enough

No. 1537289

They're really adamant in proving every single negative stereotype or prejudice right.

No. 1537293

This sounds like what you would read at these Reddit soy stories like “entitled parents” subreddits of the sorts, but this time from the pov of the entitled retard.

No. 1537314

File: 1653333908981.jpeg (319.37 KB, 2566x915, 74EA8BAC-3042-4AAE-BAE2-020B76…)

Like clockwork

No. 1537331

>likes being called bitches and whores
>can't handle being called bro

No. 1537336

File: 1653335529501.jpg (176.29 KB, 962x985, IMG_20220523_210709.jpg)

I hate Josh but this is kinda based

No. 1537341

File: 1653335995246.jpeg (165.28 KB, 1169x1212, 32CF69A1-3CEB-425F-ADAC-93AF53…)

Why do they always include children in their made-up stories? It’s creepy.

No. 1537346

No. 1537354

File: 1653337704855.png (63.89 KB, 1032x270, misandry.png)

Once an MRA, always an MRA.

No. 1537355

the transracialism really makes troons squirm, the troons i knew were losing it over the rachel dolezal case because they couldn't logically explain to themselves how exactly they are any different from her, a lot of angst was found from group chats with troons in them

No. 1537360

Black Lives Matter gene lmaooooo

No. 1537362

File: 1653338383417.jpg (Spoiler Image,668.92 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20220523-213608_Lex…)

A few threads ago I posted one of this transbian's Lex personals (about how 'genital preferences' were transphobic). Some pointed out the similarity to Buffalo Bill. Since then he made an onlyfans. He's holding the IKEA shark. Look upon him and weep.

No. 1537364


No. 1537367

He is trash. If you can’t relate to the most basic complaints women have about men or have any understanding or empathy about it, you aren’t a woman. You’re a trash male who should be ostracized and kept away from women.

No. 1537368

Why do you hate josh? He's honestly one of the least misogynistic men I've ever seen on the internet(learn2sage)

No. 1537374

Wish his name was not censored so I could report him

No. 1537375

>I would kill to experience what it's like to be a woman

We know, that's the problem kek.

No. 1537377

Weak bait.

No. 1537379

File: 1653339415611.png (641.48 KB, 748x733, lel.png)

No. 1537380

>I'm a woman! I'm naturally feminine! I'm just like if not BETTER THAN a cis woman!
>How do I decorate my room like a woman?

No. 1537381

hope he kills himself before he starts killing real women

No. 1537382

File: 1653339531191.png (7.18 KB, 1103x120, Just out of curiosity, how man…)

No. 1537383

Crazy how the "call every homosexual 'queer' no matter how much they protest" crowd is against this

No. 1537388

>has short hair, but no one thinks twice about her being female
It's almost as if hair style doesn't dictate your gender. Men are so fucking stupid.

No. 1537393

File: 1653340345903.webm (8.35 MB, 576x1024, thekathleenhema.webm)

>By the age of four, the majority of children can identify their gender identity

No. 1537395

if indian men getting called trash makes you feel more horrible than indian men gang raping little girls then you're 100% a man

No. 1537396

I wish tiktok would flag user accounts that give out false information if they don't have the credentials to back up their claims. This person isn't a certified doctor why are they talking about shit they don't have the background for.

No. 1537397

Yeah, keep revealing yourselves to be pedophiles. It will really make people get on board with this.

No. 1537398

Fucking hilarious if true that he claimed a disorder whose other acronym is BS

No. 1537400

In what world do kids understand gender roles, when even adults don't? Has this woman ever interacted with a child?

No. 1537401

I've actually heard that specialising in vaginoplasty doesn't require any advanced knowledge of a vagina's anatomy

No. 1537406

It's not bait I'm genuinely asking. I watch the MATI streams and he genuinely does not seem like a misogynist. He's very sympathetic towards women's plights

No. 1537407

File: 1653341477783.png (275.01 KB, 753x723, Milli Hill on Twitter.png)


No. 1537408

File: 1653341486589.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1252, 47896810-0EF2-425F-8E6B-EEE845…)

kinda old news but this is terrifying

No. 1537410

Me and my zoomer sister have just been talking about the nhs thing. I am so glad we share the same opinions. We both hate troons

No. 1537412

File: 1653341885908.png (458.9 KB, 748x801, ZombieTron on Twitter.png)

TIM on the cover of a lesbian magazine

No. 1537415

I hope not.

No. 1537416

File: 1653342498666.png (25.04 KB, 731x280, Billboard Twitter.png)

No. 1537417

For the Supermega Anons in the last thread , this is the podcast with the troon

>1:00 "graphic joke" quote from a movie

>27:05 Doesn't want to fight a woman because they "suck at sports" and it will ruin his "reputation", Matt and Ryan don't get what he's trying to get at
>29:00 "Trans Women in sports wouldn't even be a discussion if women weren't so shit at sports" , Matt and Ryan try to be ironic
>33:50 Says he hates women. Matt and Ryan again make ironic jokes.
>36:00 "I had a boner for Elizabeth Olsen" for the entire movie of Dr. Strange
>36:28 "ironic sexism isn't funny" Says this because Matt and Ryan don't know how to respond to his misogynist comments except for ironic jokes

at some points he talks about how "good he looks". Can't bother listening more.

No. 1537419

Imagine a Lesbian posting this and saying "If you push straight women out of the nest, you will get your way with them." News outlets will be calling out this woman a sex pest.

No. 1537422

File: 1653342964588.webm (7.06 MB, 342x270, 64VC8giDquSwM_0F.webm)

No. 1537423

File: 1653343084246.png (144.36 KB, 594x340, 2AvsNEa.png)

No. 1537425

Not only weak bait, but unsaged weak bait. Might as well say "fellow females" in the subject.

>meanwhile, I take an hour to do my make up and my hair…
Not only is this guy entitled to be a woman, but an attractive one. Notice how he's dysphoric about this poor woman only because she's attractive. As an average, at best, woman myself, I can see another woman and say "I wish I was like her!" if she has all the traits I envy. But you recognize they're a HUMAN BEING and get over yourself. The absolute lack of life skills these men have.

No. 1537427

File: 1653343452062.jpg (257.18 KB, 1084x2048, FQpAncsX0Aguwux.jpg)

kekk ive seen meowriza on ryans epicSMP streams before, i cant fucking stand that guy. i just remember that every time that he came on he would just keep talking about lame troon shit and how he "ironically" hates women and how much he loves misogyny and other typical tranny bunk about biological women being yucky. apparently on his twitter people keep gassing him up in his replies and telling him that hes hot but in his pictures with little to no makeup or filters he literally looks so male its embarrassing. and this picture was taken after he got FFS

No. 1537431

File: 1653343707622.jpg (190.38 KB, 1271x710, office_maam.jpg)

The "Good for you!" woman… she's the reason why degenerates exist, no parenting guidance, no logic or objective truths apply to these people, they are so afraid of being left out of normie groups, they will allow their offspring to eventually mutilate themselves or worst as long as they don't offend anyone.

No. 1537432

File: 1653343992511.jpg (126.14 KB, 1080x941, FTdEQU4WQAMb8_F.jpg)

We're fucking TRYING to have our own spaces

No. 1537435

File: 1653344227304.jpg (124.71 KB, 1472x562, FTdFUCJWUAE1Tl-.jpg)

No. 1537436

But they don't want us having our own spaces. They love tormenting real women. They get off on it.

No. 1537437

File: 1653344325716.jpg (103.77 KB, 1194x1236, FTdFcGNXwAIFXY8.jpg)

The troon in question, yes nobody could tell youre a man or anything

No. 1537440

Unfortunately for troons, many men have challenged gender norms and like wearing frilly dresses while still being men. This happened with post-punk, David Bowie, Martin Gore (anon posted him in another thread) and other popular bands so some women just think a guy is doing that instead of being a REAL WO-MAN.

No. 1537441

Genuinely asking why the fuck they even entertain this dude when it’s clear that he’s not joking.

No. 1537442

Inbred looking ass

No. 1537443

File: 1653344702597.jpg (81.07 KB, 500x667, psychotic_cake.jpg)

I feel many of us knew someone had unreasonable ammounts of anger towards us just for existing. Not the first time I had this kind of deja vu.

No. 1537445

He looks like he doesn’t even know what soap is supposed to smell like.

No. 1537448

File: 1653344917085.jpg (348.99 KB, 1080x1765, FTcqb2qWAAAcTGC.jpg)

Its not the male gaze, youre a sick pervert and you need help for it
People like this are terrifying, especially because people are always supporting them instead of telling them the fucking truth

No. 1537453

>Inheriting a government position
Technically you only become a member of the legislature, although some lords do join the government.

>How has this not been overturned yet?

They've already done this for the most part, only 10% of the House of Lords are hereditary peers and no more can ever be created.

>There's no way it can be popular with anyone but a select few rich pricks.

It isn't at all, the problem is no one can agree what to replace it with. The current system is was meant to be a temporary stopgap that's been in place for 20 years now/

No. 1537476

Why the fuck did they even have him on whenn the whole vibe is so off and whilst i have missed a lot of the podcast the last year or so, this doesnt have the same friendly and chill vibe at all. My good christian boys are fucked for this, also thank you a lot for this anon!

No. 1537479

This. Does anyone have that comic where the one group keeps making their own spaces and the others keep invading? That’s what it would be like. Every time we do make a space they want access to it because that’s where the real women are.

No. 1537481

>he claimed to be bothered by a six hour window between when he last shaved and when we sat down to my iced coffee and his caramel macchiato
KEK I can't with these fags

No. 1537482

File: 1653347045120.jpeg (118.8 KB, 933x952, 1A9C9E85-C361-411E-B001-82C781…)

This is the one.

No. 1537494

When your sense of identity is so fragile it depends entirely on external validation. Have any of these men considered being their actual authentic selves?

No. 1537496

File: 1653347988799.png (88.61 KB, 1038x323, selfdoubt.png)

No. 1537497

Looks like Putin in a wig and lipstick kek.

No. 1537513

File: 1653349018151.jpg (84.25 KB, 500x372, fantasies.jpg)

I hope this is shitposting in order to make fat, ugly incels seethe if not, what a fucking shame.

No. 1537521

reading the start of their sentence, I thought it’d be the typical “but-but, who will clean out and dilate my stink ditch!!!” and they hit me with the “these nurses will OF COURSE sexually abuse little ole me!!!”

No. 1537540

File: 1653351692851.jpeg (63.13 KB, 406x600, 20vd1qgpc8s41.jpeg)

He looks like Podrick in a wig

No. 1537541

Nooooo nona lmao why did you have to go and say that

No. 1537558

what is this implying? Female characters are secretly trans women or will transed into NB/NLOG/transmen?

No. 1537567

God I hate the two other soy scrotes in this. They are so weak and can only faun as the creepy agp narc talks about how weak women are. Do not date adult men who like fandom things like video games or cartoons.

No. 1537574

File: 1653355354331.jpeg (280.55 KB, 1284x1501, E62438E7-DE62-4889-9C90-8C13E2…)

Do you guys remember the article from a couple of weeks ago about the TiM who killed his TiF girlfriend? This is how one of the bigger TRA news outlets is reporting it. It makes it sound like a hate crime against a trans person for being trans when it was a man’s hate crime against a woman.


No. 1537575

Yeah I did not expect it to be this awkward the way anon described it last thread. The whole episode was filled with awkward silences after meowriza would make edgy jokes. Even when the boys would try to pick it up a little and bounce off each other with jokes, he would immediately kill the vibe again. Wonder if the horror of the ffs pics made them peak a little because idk how anyone could even hear about the gruesome details of a pointless surgery like that and not become at least a little skeptical of the sanity of those who voluntarily undergo it.
Tbh Matt gives me slight chaser vibes, or I at least get the impression that he’s a lot more sympathetic to trannyshit than Ryan. I feel like Ryan is probably a little critical of it, at least the more obvious stuff like sports, but is smart enough to know talking about that would be a bad idea in their circles. He’s always struck me as being more reasonable and balanced in his politics. He’s obv not conservative or anything but doesn’t seem as swayed by popular opinion as Matt. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part because I like supermega, but they seemed pretty obviously uncomfortable the whole time. At the end of the day they’re still men so I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up

No. 1537577

A head editor of Them put out something about how rape porn helped them discover their gender identity or something lol

No. 1537587

Biden is definitely pervy I think, but I also think a lot of this shit is coming less from his senile ass, and more from Kamala and the rest of the administration. Whoever its coming from ultimately doesn't matter, though. This shit is disastrous.

No. 1537597

A trans person murders a trans person: "how dare the terfs do this to us?!"

Funny how statistically this means more trans people are killed by other trans people than terfs, since there's still never been a terf murder.

No. 1537601

File: 1653357040039.webm (3.01 MB, 576x1024, capture.webm)

What is this Derek Zoolander ass expression

No. 1537608

Women don’t do rape murders. This is so dishonest. I hope someone roasts the article on the writers Twitter, I don’t have one

No. 1537629

>I see fucking gorgeous cis girls complaining
…And there's the root of the issue. He genuinely thinks that pretty girls have nothing to complain about

No. 1537642

He’s long time friends with a large handle of trannies Noni.

No. 1537643

File: 1653360356980.jpg (635.17 KB, 810x1696, Screenshot_20220523-223729_Boo…)


No. 1537649

File: 1653360781952.png (668.06 KB, 1280x976, vm9rs1c2zw091.png)

same freak

No. 1537652

File: 1653360896919.jpeg (140.54 KB, 828x304, 64BC3862-7259-40CB-B3CC-FB32FA…)

Some dickless cowFag on twitter is calling us(Lolcow)”Liars” and “clout chasers. Lol. This dumb Down syndrome cunt.

No. 1537660

Clout chasers on an anonymous forum? Troons really are mentally ill coomers.

No. 1537661

I knew males were fucked up, but propping up a corpse and making it look like it’s taking selfies is too far

No. 1537666

my friends and i had a house that looked like this back when we were full-time junkies and alcoholics who regularly woke up in the ER

No. 1537675

the only time they get to me is when they pretend to be lesbos because its even more unnatural than their attempt to portray themselves as female
no lesbian talks like this, let alone film themselves being so try-hard

No. 1537682

>big john mulaney fan
old man joking that he doesn't understand things bad, lying fake childfree cokehead who cheats on his wife good

No. 1537685

Yeah like I get DC has said really edgy things but AFAIK he’s never done anything bad like what John Mulaney has done on record

No. 1537686

yeah they're little remote-controlled magnet closure things. very large venues with mainstream performances really do have a major problem with EVERYONE having their phone out the whole show. it actually does fuck up the audience experience if you're trying to actually watch taylor swift or something

No. 1537689

File: 1653363340439.gif (194.74 KB, 480x360, what.gif)

>"bisexuality is inherently transphobic" and someone said that saying bisexuals won't date trans people is biphobic, only for the "bisexuality is transphobic" person to make the point that pansexuality wouldn't be a thing "if bisexuals were less transphobic."

No. 1537696

women's community centre or shelter or lesbian AA meeting i think. not a hospital.

No. 1537704

File: 1653363665815.jpeg (320.52 KB, 750x716, B2CD07E0-7099-45FD-B67A-05D69E…)

this person with severe health issues is about to get the chicken cavity surgery. i want to scream.

No. 1537713

You can get clout on lolcow? Where’s the clout that I ordered? >:((>:()

No. 1537761

If hes a landwhale the docs will need to search deep into his cavity for that tiny peen.

No. 1537790

File: 1653366894148.jpg (382.91 KB, 1080x1427, Screenshot_20220524-002921_Chr…)

Every time I get mad, I remind myself of all the lies they tell themselves and how reality will hit all of them like a ton of bricks one day. Hopefully after they've already surgically castrated themselves, lol.

No. 1537797

>pro bono sex worker

No. 1537806

File: 1653367332847.jpeg (381.61 KB, 750x873, 09FD5FBD-2230-4A50-9AD1-458824…)

They will never, ever get what they want kek

No. 1537812

If you tell people this they will assume you are telling them you have an intersex disorder… Not only is it a lie, but it’s also appropriation of the intersex struggle.

No. 1537816

They've been appropriating people with DSD struggles for a while. They even starting including them in their ugly flag and alphabet.

No. 1537830

File: 1653368175146.jpg (399.58 KB, 810x1534, Screenshot_20220524-005226_Chr…)

More gaslighting

No. 1537854

File: 1653368788429.png (1.83 MB, 1120x1837, suuure jan.png)

yeah its probably because you were wearing this big ass hat to hide most of your moid face

No. 1537865

Is this argument supposed to convince me of anything? It just exemplifies that this is a “problem” entirely of their own creation.

No. 1537879

Animals can tell the difference between human men and women. Not that hard, not about objectified cold hard black and white features, actual women balance that out because they are fucking women. Doesn’t matter how strong, tall, thick, whatever they are, they’re still women and probably just athletic. Misogynist bullshit.

No. 1537947

Looks like Cafebeef.

No. 1538001

File: 1653371683915.jpg (249.19 KB, 1080x994, Screenshot_20220524-013312_Chr…)

Nobody likes a tattletale Jonny boy

No. 1538007

probs a cafebeef skinwalker

No. 1538090

I'm sorry anon but while he does make good points, I still find it absolutely hilarious when troons think they have any right or validity to talk aobut trooning kids when if you asked them how they are any different.

Like seriously, if being a troon isn't about liking stereotypical feminine things when it comes to "MTF", then what makes Blaire any different?

No. 1538117

guys…..hes right. women would never be able to come up with something so comedically genius as commenting "I've always wanted to ratio x" under a tweet of someone making a legitimate argument, and then log out as if we won the argument or something. Our unfunny woman brains will just never understand…tragic

No. 1538144

Stop apologising for the other scrotes. They're all godddamn awful. Like a-log level awful. They're on the same level of misogyny as the troon.

No. 1538149

>butch trans dyke

forgive my sperg but those are not your words you fucking male. this is the one thing that i can’t stop from getting baited by. when they call themselves butch or dyke.

No. 1538152

File: 1653377535885.jpeg (276.89 KB, 1170x1619, 6AF46B8E-B250-434C-A7D3-38A884…)

qrts of this white man horrifically pandering to get “queer sapphic” girl pussy on hinge are full of transbians being like ‘what if he’s 🥺🥺🥺 a precious little egg’ or ‘she’s just like me’. how do they tell on themselves so bad

No. 1538153

File: 1653377583846.jpeg (174.58 KB, 1170x1911, F288201E-A974-4043-A9A8-5158E0…)

No. 1538252

File: 1653380360339.jpg (616.53 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20220524-041446_Chr…)

I almost think it's a parody. This transbian polycule deserves their own KF thread.

No. 1538264

File: 1653380806632.jpg (643.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220524-042244_Chr…)

I swear this one is special needs after hearing him talk. Makes you wonder if he was groomed.

No. 1538271

File: 1653381087249.jpg (120.77 KB, 600x675, 20220524_033117.jpg)

Boycott State Farm Insurance

No. 1538274

File: 1653381248438.jpg (81.65 KB, 1080x477, Screenshot_20220524-033304_Twi…)

Unrelated, Rob Schneider is based? Who knew!

No. 1538283

Wow this person is actually terrifying

No. 1538292

File: 1653382362480.jpeg (205.72 KB, 828x1426, DBE58E56-7FF9-4766-B4A8-B96068…)

How long until this psycho does something

No. 1538300

>I learned that cycles for gals on HRT can synch up with the cis gals around them (and usually the meds drive here and it is the cis gals who experience their cycle being pulled and shifted to be in synch… makes sense!).
>If I have to get a hysterectomy to be able to keep her in my life I absolutely will


Why do PCOS 'gals' always believe the most retarded woo shit? They're always the biggest handmaidens too. Not trying to bait and I know this sounds scrote-y but honestly I'm not even sure I can even blame doctors for not taking this stuff seriously. This idiot is considering a hysterectomy because of her man disturbing her cycle with his magical man powers.

No. 1538304

sage for blog, but i'm a very healthy vegan on food stamps. saying that being on food stamps means you have no control over your groceries is so disingenuous. wish this whale would get his dick turned inside out so he can't reproduce. but i doubt his dick is anything but nonfunctional and limp anyway.

No. 1538322

File: 1653385799718.jpeg (44.5 KB, 443x534, FTewxILVEAEcMBz.jpeg)

Works at Loyala School NYC according to Libs of TikTok

No. 1538350

someone needs to inform this woman of the risks and side effects of hysterectomy asap.

No. 1538356

He's a misogynistic rightoid anon

No. 1538361

If Lilith existed she would tear this man's ass so wide

No. 1538385

It's partly women like this' fault that women are oppressed. You're gonna remove a fucking organ from your body for a man? I have no words

No. 1538389

What a shame. I hope this isn't real.

No. 1538392

Every actual woman knows that "having a D cup" literally says nothing about how big your boobs are.

No. 1538400

I'll pretend this is a chad only there to bully incels in their natural habitat

No. 1538403

They sound very co-dependent, like her hormonal response "is SO MUCH more pronounced right after my shot for -BOTH- of us" and the idea of insane medical procedures is already normalized to her anyways. So I doubt she will care about the risks and side effects. Probably going to take one for the team to ease 'their' pain.

No. 1538410

>why are pcos gals handmaidens
Handmaidens arw always unconventional women who have to do the most to bag a man. PCOS is looked down upon and it affects women's looks so they're more likely to be desperate.

No. 1538413

Here's another one where a moid tried to murder his gf after a fight but the TIM got involved and was shot dead. Another case of TIMs being treated exactly like everyone else but its transphobia because… It just is okay?!?

The weird part is it seems like the TIM could have avoided it even after getting involved if he just said he was a female.
>[Moid] then asked if [TIM] was a boy or a girl, to which [TIM] responded that she was a boy, though her family and friends referred to her using a feminine name and she/her pronouns.
>After [TIM] responded, [Moid] shot her multiple times.


No. 1538416

transness creates violence against women. we constantly see troons threaten women with rape and murder, they want to wear our skin, they admit that they fantasize about murdering "cis" women only.
troons talk over women and make female only spaces cater to male bodies as if 99% of society didn't already do that.
they want to be let into our spaces, so they and other men have an easier time assaulting us.
troons insist "masculine" features on women makes them look like literal men, the especially do it to women of color.
troons hurt women.

No. 1538417

This. Most trannies are incels in dresses, they pretend trans women are women but the same trannies can tell which woman is cis and which is trans when they want to objectify hurt or rape women.

No. 1538418

sage for slightly off topic but wouldn't 'not bleeding' for 15 years lead to a build up of what would normally be disposed of by the body or am i not understanding the science behind the depo shot enough? wouldn't you need to entirely stop a cycle for there not to be an eventual build up of uterine lining or growths from endo? and in that case wouldn't her boyfriend not be influencing anything at all (not that he would be even if she was having normal monthly cycles)?
how concerning that someone would believe such bullshit in the first place. if you're willing to believe your male partner taking hormones can dominate/change your own bodies cycles then you aren't going to have much luck getting genuine help from doctors.

No. 1538434

Then what’s the explanation for handmaidens who are lesbians (actual lesbians, not girldick loving pick mes)?

No. 1538454

That anon is a scrote or a retard. “Conventional” women are also pickmes and handmaidens, often more so

No. 1538457

Yeah, idk what they're talking about. Emma Watson is pretty conventional and she's the biggest pickme

No. 1538458

File: 1653396802187.png (81.28 KB, 542x427, FTeCJBCXEAIa6rS.png)

Why do women hurt themselves being together with someone theyre clearly not attracted to in the slightest! She wasnt even interested in him when he hadnt trooned out! Why are some women so overly kind and loyal its actually selfharm! Get out of that relationship and run as fast as you can!!

No. 1538462

File: 1653397083049.png (1014.9 KB, 900x1620, avajones.png)

Not sure if this one was posted yet.

>TIM and his ex partner

>Grooms a child online, talking to them about anime and gender identiy
>Kidnaps the 12 year old

No. 1538472

>Transphobia will always be born out of and connected innately to misogyny.
It's born out of YOUR misogyny though. I'm "transphobic" because troons are unhinged misogynists.

No. 1538474

File: 1653397993217.png (232.77 KB, 760x833, Screenshot_20220524-061159.png)

I guess we just also make up all the articles talking about trans identified men going to prison for raping or being otherwise engaged in pedo activity lol

No. 1538475

peaking = grooming?

No. 1538481

once again projection

notice how they start using these words only after others use them against them. they never noticed before that apparently women "groom" each other to become terfs until people talked about trans groomers. they never noticed that terfs are a cult until people called them a cult. they never noticed terf bangs before until people started insultin their dangerhairs and so on and so on.

No. 1538483

That's a catheter nonnie

No. 1538485

File: 1653398665336.jpg (191.17 KB, 1080x1333, FThfyWkXsAIzspV.jpg)

You know the trans subs on reddit are bad when even troons themselves begin to get peaked

No. 1538486

She has another post about how radfems groom people into peaking lol. It's a cope

No. 1538490

If you’ve done every stereotypical “woman” thing because that’s what you base your view of womanhood on and people still call you a man, guess all that shit didn’t matter in the end, hm? I love being able to be unapologetically female just by existing and watching these scrotes scramble to fit a misogynistic mold of their own creation only to fail miserably.

No. 1538494

File: 1653399815154.png (361.93 KB, 2598x1158, agp.png)

What's the point being made here? would they rather be called fetishists (which they are)? They're just butthurt because AGP describes them to the T kek

No. 1538495

File: 1653399884833.jpg (129.45 KB, 1440x1061, FThGqQiWYAEATkg.jpg)

So you dont like Dave Chapelle now its okay to call him (and JK rowling I guess) the N-word??
The N-word is not just some random insult, its specifically derogatory towards black people, which I would think anyone in the western world is very much aware of. How ignorant and racist is this shit, to apply black peoples struggle because you have no sense of humor and dont like a tranny joke?

No. 1538496

Imagine the smell.

Yeah this one just sounds like a case of a moid on a murder tantrum, if he was going to murder his gf then just chose the next person to get involved. Might be a little bit of homophobia in there too towards the TiM but I feel like the guy would have shot anyone who intervened.

No. 1538499

Well they already call women bitches and then claim it's not gendered. But calling white women the n word is something else kek, these white supremacist incels just can't pretend to be normal for one second

No. 1538501

White men being racist. Groundbreaking. Hope as many black women as possible see that shit and peak

No. 1538502

Wife should leave and find a woman to settle down with. I hope she can.

No. 1538503

File: 1653400337148.png (139.05 KB, 723x788, 9i.png)

Handmaiden to the rescue, here to protect men from self-reflection
>So what if it's a fetish?

No. 1538504

gotta love how they manage to insert JK into totally irrelevant situations all the time. she's the only gc woman to ever exist, according to handmaidens and troons

No. 1538507

File: 1653400476545.png (52.84 KB, 574x417, china.PNG)

I wouldn't be surprised if an actual troon thinks this, but I'm pretty certain this is a troll account considering tweets like picrel, and the fact that his names says "da nigger man".

No. 1538509

Oh my god lol. No radfem or terf individual or space peaked me into shit. I saw what was happening on Reddit as a bystander when GC and a bunch of womens subs got nuked and when I looked into I realized how deranged these men are. No one is grooming me when I look at their own tweets, their own perverted Reddit posts and histories, see messages from their own discord servers, hear of a “woman” raping and killing when it was a TiM, etc. Every single thing that has continued to peak me has come from THEM, the words and actions THEY make. In the end, I did start looking into radfem ideas and found they align with a lot of things I always found weird about double standards with men/women, the misogyny I experienced growing up as a female and now. So in a way, troons and men in general are what groomed me to become more radfem-aligned. Thanks scrotes!

No. 1538510

>joy and warmth
>reading this thread and seeing how many of them want to literally kill and wear the skin of random women they know irl
Yeah. No.

No. 1538513

Literally this. Every single person I know peaked because of their actions lol

No. 1538515

You can certainly buy vegetables on food stamps? Wtf? This autistic person can't go outside for walks or eat properly for a surgery he might die because he's too overweight yet they think it's okay for him to go through multiple surgeries and spend his first few years after recovery from surgery painfully dilating? Somebody save the autismos. They're definitely groomed.

No. 1538516

this is a troll account (I’ve been following it for a while kek, they’ve even joked about not being Nick Mullen before because people thought it was him behind it) that being said the responses to these tweets are hilarious. Its a lot of people who would clearly usually side with trannies but because they think it’s real they have quickly shown their real opinions instead. It’s kinda nice to proof that even idiots on twitter know deep down it’s all just men.

No. 1538517

Can someone explain this level of handmaideness to me? So you’re lurking trans subs with the sole purpose of validating men’s fetishes? I refuse to believe this is a real woman and not a scrote high on copium.

No. 1538520

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t even give a fuck about their fetishes if they kept it to themselves and stopped grooming children to be involved in it. Unfortunately though, this fetish in particular is a nasty one that destroys their lives and the lives of people close to them. Now that the internet exists, it’s even worse. Men crossdressing when it’s attached to a fetish is already incredibly misogynistic because they tend to have sissy or feminization aspects of it too, which is incredibly demeaning to women. The worst part is AGPs getting ahold of the law, actually intruding in our lives and destroying things it took centuries for women to obtain. It’s obvious they greatly lack morals or empathy and can’t think about anyone else who isn’t them, and they’re encouraged to do this now, to ruin their bodies, their families, their children, etc. Why are we to cater to men with fetishes while they joke about abortion laws and womens rights, while they post about how much they hate us (like you’re a male, we know you hate women), while they sexualize every traumatic experience a woman can go through? Even if they own up to calling it a fetish it doesn’t make it better unless they actually sit down and shut the fuck up, which they never do.

No. 1538525

>I know bisexual people are fine with it

As a bisexual woman, I'm not into mismatched freaks who will throw a temper tantrum when I don't say that their new mac lipstick looks good on them and would constantly wish me bad things just because I am a woman.
Only chasers want you, troons.

No. 1538528

i give a fuck about their fetishes because their fetishes are misogynistic and dehumanize me as a woman.

they have a humiliation fetish and the most humiliating thing they can imagine is being a woman. why the fuck wouldn't i have a problem with that?
they think being a woman is inherently sexual, they define women based on their dick feelings. because women give them boners = womanhood is sex. just like how men think that since boobies give them boners, that means boobs are only for their sexual satisfaction. so because they get off from dressing in women's clothes and imagining being women, that must mean all women everywhere are constantly horny about being women. and of course since males don't give them dick tingles that means manhood is just a neutral thing and it's existence isn't inherently sexual. it's just us women who exist here solely for sex.
my existence, my sexuality, my body, my being isn't defined by fucking moids and their cock tingles for fuck's sake.

No. 1538529

They want to wear women's bodies because we are not people to them. This is the end result of female objectification.

No. 1538530

amen sister

No. 1538531

i actually do hope this guy castrates himself lel

No. 1538533

File: 1653402304738.png (2.75 MB, 1316x1540, unclebibby.png)

Most unfortunate looking troon I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot.

No. 1538534

This attitude towards women smh. He feels like lesbians owe him sex so he can't understand why he isn't getting any and is afraid he has to settle for us lesser bisexual women. Newsflash loser: no woman wants you cause any of us can get better. Cope.

No. 1538535

File: 1653402402541.jpeg (549.54 KB, 1353x2182, 2D8CCB68-4184-4B76-87A1-A0F3C0…)

stumbled upon a thread explaining troon lingo and some of them were incredibly telling for what kind of men these scrotes are (also thought it was funny seeing a moid try to describe the average nonna so included it)

No. 1538536

actually looks retarded kek. the flat feet really tie the autistic troon look together

No. 1538538

No. 1538539

What a retard, that physical description is what /pol/tard pick-mes and women on Reddit who suck tranny dick look like. Isabella Jankes was literally a Redditor that wanted to troon out, lol(sage your shit)

No. 1538542

I thought Chris Chan got out for a second

No. 1538543

He looks like he just shat himself and is looking at his carer

No. 1538544

Saw a troon who looks exactly like this the other day and they don't pass as female at all. He wore a skirt and tights but he was so undeniably male I don't think any surgery can fix that. Just a scrawny white man in Hot Topic clothing. They look like pedophiles tbh.

No. 1538545

far from the MOST unfortunate looking imo, he kinda looks like a fat woman by a quick glance like many chubby troons.
his hairline and head shape reminds me of chris chan..

No. 1538546

Based anon.

No. 1538549

sage for no milk but nonnas, it really feels like the ride is finally turning, more and more with each day. these threads are going to start moving even faster.

No. 1538553

My dog is anxious of men and runs from transwomen just the same.

No. 1538555

He looks more like a man now than he did before

No. 1538568


womanhood is when you like candles and fried rice

No. 1538571

Funny enough a lot of troons with dementia end up forgetting they're trans. Senile MTFs with stinkditches wondering what happened to their penises kek so much for "innate female brain"

No. 1538574

Same anon. Their own words and actions peaked me. I didn't even know about radfems before I peaked

No. 1538576

What happens to their inverted penises if they don’t douche? Do they just get infected? I’m worried about the nurses who will have to take care of these men when they’re too senile to tend to their rot pockets.

No. 1538584

Wait, has there been documented cases like this? I'd like to read about it if there's any, sounds equally interesting and horrifying

No. 1538585

FTMs get "dysphoric" over their uteruses being "seen as female" (kek) AND MTFs get "dysphoric" over getting reminded that they do not have uteruses so everyone has do disassociate uteruses from women. MTFs also get dysphoric over their testicles being "seen as male" (kek again) so no one must mention transwomen and testicles together (unless it's transwomen themselves when doing their best unintentional Buffalo Bill impressions). FTMs probably also get dysphoric over not having testicles, but no one actually cares, because they're all AFAB TME T-Bro oppressors and nowhere near as stunning and brave and important as transfemmes.

No. 1538587

That's one of my biggest work related fears tbh

No. 1538589

File: 1653407281379.webm (19.1 MB, 576x1024, TikTok.webm)

No. 1538590

To be fair, most troons just stop dilating and let it close up after a few years, so hopefully there won't be any infected rot pockets to tend to, just long sealed up scar tissue

No. 1538593

His cleavage looks like a buttcrack kek

No. 1538595

Kek you have a source for this? I want to laugh at them

No. 1538597

nta but: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-43365446

>"As dementia progresses a person may not recall their current gender and they may see themselves being pre-transition and be surprised at the physical changes to their bodies.

>"This can result in them becoming very disorientated and anxious. They may not understand why they are being referred to as being a certain gender as they cannot recall publicly voicing this preference."

Elaine Miller, a physiotherapist, also discusses this in an interview with Glinner.

No. 1538599

No idea the context of this video nor do I care to know but holy shit this creep sets off my fight or flight response. He has serious serial killer vibes.

No. 1538601

I hate how people (even in some radfem/GC circles) assume bisexuals automatically want to date troons. They’ll talk about transbians like “why do they chase lesbians when bisexual women are available?” Uh, we’re not?? Bi women are attracted to people of the male and female SEX, not mentally ill men who are confused about which sex they are! We have enough dating issues to deal with without sending these deranged incels in our direction. P.S. try the pansexuals.

No. 1538602

why can't they see that some woman don't want to spend their time with mentally ill men that harm their body on a daily basis? You can be bisexual and still prefer to stay away from trans people. I don't care for gender in a relationship, I care for a sane, stable and healthy person I can trust. She should leave him and find a nice woman to experience what she thinks she missed out on.

No. 1538606

Again with this gross assumption bi women should be happy with a man who suddenly decides to mutilate his body and LARP as a woman. That’s not how our sexuality works but ok,

No. 1538611

Now he can get the paper of Chrischan when his movie comes out.

No. 1538612

Usually when minority groups are under discrimination from their parents (parents don't let a kid date an Asian person, parents hate their kids for being homosexual), usually the advice given to parents is often "do your research". If a parent does some research about the trans ''community'' (cult) and find things like r/itsafetish, ROGD, osteoporosis + major reproductive health issues after testosterone, etc., then I guess the advice is… "You're not allowed to say those things/You're transphobic/You hate your kid"?
LGB minus the T, the trans community is a cult, hide yo kids.
Preferably don't let them have access to the internet before age 18.

No. 1538613

File: 1653409898518.jpg (209.75 KB, 1080x1034, 20220524_122552.jpg)

This made me laugh. You don't need a bra, you are flat.

No. 1538625

>because of our male body structure

kek, they know they are larping perverts

No. 1538628

This reminds me that these fools think their bra band or size is a flex like dick sizes. Females don't think like this if anything we pity big chested women due to the suffering they have to go through.

No. 1538669

File: 1653414636390.png (297.34 KB, 1170x793, F1B5739A-7A24-47BB-9177-DB8DAC…)

Do they know that like, you can just develop a style no matter what sex you are

No. 1538679

So if a woman just wants to wear comfortable basic clothes would she be a man then? Nice logic

No. 1538680

This reads like the narcissist gaslighting in my textbooks.

No. 1538686

Men have emotionally stunted each other so much that they think having genuine interests is girly or gay. Sad!

No. 1538687

Hmm…maybe his inability to commit to reaching his goals has something to do with him being morbidly obese??

No. 1538688

Bizarre, some trans fiction where a bunch of males wore what is considered completely normal male clothing is what cracked his egg? So everyone's 50+ year old dad is also a troon because they wear jeans and t-shirts and don't have any aesthetic to speak of? Just get a tshirt that says "I want things in my ass during sex" and move on, it's not an identity.

No. 1538690

Sorry, bro, but you're balding!

No. 1538691

will never not be funny to see them perpetuate their transness with blatant stereotypes. yes show us more about how you totally understand what being a woman is

No. 1538703

This guys titties always look rock solid

No. 1538705

File: 1653417209387.png (483.52 KB, 646x506, pretty.png)

more from tumblr user unclebibby

No. 1538709

>"What is NOT ok is OPPOSITION"
Way to respect boundaries, king
>Skepticism is when you agree with me and my ideology
>It makes you transphobic, a bad person.
They're way too bold with the guilt-tripping now. Also this guy doesn't know what the word consensus means lol

No. 1538714

No, Elijah, the thing that cracked your egg was afterwards when you started masturbating to that trans fiction

No. 1538717

They also cannot consent to medical procedures (due to their dementia) to make them look more like their sex, e.g. a man cannot have his fake breasts removed, and every day wakes up in confusion.

No. 1538738

This shit is sad, and I am no fan of troons. What a crazy waking nightmare it must be to not even remember the sexual deviance that caused you to permanently alter your body. Right now it's probably mostly HSTS experiencing this, it's going to be even worse for the AGPs.

No. 1538742

File: 1653420495042.png (59.43 KB, 649x215, Capture.PNG)

Sims 4 has pronouns now, at least you can customize them and maybe do something interesting with the system. No cars, baby locked to the crib, you can't even lock items onto certain outfits or across all outfits.
But they'll add pronouns. It's not even a "Omg you can walk and chew bubble gum". Nah, they literally put time into the dumbest shit and not what the game really needs.

No. 1538745

File: 1653420882454.png (52.99 KB, 495x356, Capture.PNG)

No. 1538747

kinda wish they added them to something like "pride dlc" just to make some money off trans' stupidity

No. 1538753

I feel no pity for old AGPs that go through it. You reap what you sow. I only feel bad for the healthcare and hospice and nursing home workers involved in it.

No. 1538755

dont give them ideas..

No. 1538756

I definitely feel bad for any workers having to deal with this extra shit on top of already an extremely difficult, emotionally taxing job. Like I said, right now it's probably mostly HSTS who thought transitioning would make it easier to survive in the 50s - 70s, who generally tried much harder to just blend in with women and weren't such enormous pains in the ass. So I am a little sad for them, but the oncoming AGPs? yeah, fuck them. They let a fetish dominate their lives.

No. 1538775

kek, this is gonna be a pain in the ass to translate in other languages, i wonder if they already added it to the french version

No. 1538795

You know that the default will be the masculine form kek, iel will still be "beau" and the participe passé will never end with an e.

No. 1538803

No. 1538807

Showed the bathroom bit to my normie mom is like an actual leftist and she laughed outloud, she said no woman her age would want a dick in the bathrooms.

No. 1538810

Loved his stuff before, watched this one with my brother, we both had a laugh. Hope he will make a comedy show about trans people, would be amazing, maybe get Rowling and Linehan on board, kek.

No. 1538814

Kek bless him. Maybe someone will fucking listen when a a big MAN with a COCK is talking about this. Wonder how many rape and death threaths he will get, or how many of his shows will be cancelled? Probably not many, huh

Probably not, but one can only hope

No. 1538815

Not a huge Ricky fan, he can be too try hard and old school with the edgy jokes, but this special in general wasn’t bad! The trans jokes weren’t really “funny”, they were just touching on the absurdism of the situation moreso. The atheist jokes would probably be considered more offensive to christians than the trans ones to trans people. He also seems like he was def on an upper the way he kept stumbling and getting too laughs and energetic trying to tell certain jokes.

No. 1538817

File: 1653426671181.jpg (200.18 KB, 1080x810, Screenshot_20220524-170950_Boo…)

Subreddit is living up to its name

No. 1538821

i wish women would open their eyes and see that this is what their poor, oppressed, vulnerable trans women are actually like

No. 1538822

File: 1653427109245.jpeg (414.34 KB, 612x936, origin-and-development-of-a-su…)

>women become feminists because they're ugly and bitter because they can't attract a male
Sigh, truly a tale as old as time.

No. 1538824

Trannies are just bitter, frumpy ugly men who have no power in their real life so they gathered together moaning about 'cis women'. %41 yourself after your stinkditch rots off.

No. 1538825

I don't get why trannies always bring up evil terfies being ugly waah waah, a woman's worth is their looks etc etc, when trannies are extremely unfortunate looking 99% of the time (1% being gay men that were into women's fashion and make up top begin with).

No. 1538839

%99 of men's talking points are projection. Some are hypergamy and women hitting the wall, which are stuff that actually happen to only men because they all want model tier women and get ED at 30-40.

No. 1538841

Fuck HSTS too

No. 1538842

so can you get trans/detrans insurance for when you need money to try and fix what culture and the medical complex has done to your child?

No. 1538847

Of course. Those people are often even more obsessed with calling women ugly. They just imitate looking like women a bit better, at least usually (so in their definition they are more of a woman than an ugly woman is, despite the tranny having a full cock and balls)

No. 1538850

she hates you dude

No. 1538852

File: 1653429020608.jpg (13.81 KB, 767x430, overunder.jpg)

what's the over/under on the texas shooter being a closeted tim/coming out as one while in custody?

No. 1538853

This is very good. No doubt he won't get a fraction of hate JKR gets but it's good a very popular figure has this opinion. He even knows what a TERF is and quotes actual twitter troons, I wonder if he spent some time in JKR's twitter replies kek

No. 1538860

looks genderspecial

No. 1538872

I'm so glad they killed him

No. 1538875

they're going to bury it so fucking hard if it turns out he's a tranny

No. 1538879

Is he wearing fucking lipgloss? Also didn’t he get shot already

No. 1538886

File: 1653432130852.jpg (1.09 MB, 2432x3238, 1653429063031.jpg)

No. 1538888

Wait is that him

No. 1538889

Looks like Richard Ramirez if he got groomed on discord.

No. 1538890

No. 1538891

14 elementary school kids dead, it's sandy hook 2.0. there's no way they can bury this.

No. 1538892

I can’t believe you called it lmfao

No. 1538893

Those poor kids

No. 1538894

Someone left the back door open and a fucking wendigo got in

No. 1538896


No. 1538897

Trannies and misogyny, name a more iconic duo.

No. 1538898

nonna play the lottery

No. 1538899

This shit has been tearing me up inside for the past hour. If it comes out he is a TiM they’ll write some sob story shit about it I’m sure.

No. 1538901

no fucking way no fucking way no fucking way

No. 1538902

Gonna be honest I don’t like right wing news cable but they won’t let it go if it turns out he’s both an incel and a TIM (he’s definitely genderfluid at the very least). Tucker Carlson will run this shit every night until everyone knows. Children are a population that any political side would be horrified at dying. Itll reach so many people. When Lia Thomas happened I knew that 2022 was going to have major peak events

No. 1538904

No. 1538905

Say sike rn…

No. 1538907

Exactly my thoughts. This is the year of peaking

I think, TRAS only have another 3 or so years until everyone wakes up and turns against them

No. 1538910

File: 1653433153960.jpeg (142.63 KB, 1170x528, 5FA61ABD-B31C-40FD-AE57-5A4C7E…)

will they ever stop scrapping the barrel for something to get mad about

No. 1538914

If we get a shooter who actually targets a women’s facility (there’s nothing about this psycho wanting to pwn TERFs online or whatever) this year it’ll be a major turning point in history books. Nobody will be able to deny it who isn’t a committed TRA. Don’t forget that the womb transplant test trials happens this year too

No. 1538916

hair looks too long and big to be the same guy, any socials connecting this person to the shooter?

No. 1538917

File: 1653433431041.jpg (885.04 KB, 1920x2560, 22-05-25-00-02-19-440_deco.jpg)

2 (and a half?) bbls

Imagine risking your life multiple times just to look so mishapen

No. 1538918

I don’t think there’s much proof this is him though so let’s not get ahead of ourselves

No. 1538919

File: 1653433461170.jpg (1.1 MB, 2362x2423, moleatthedoor-1529126885875122…)

trannies are mad at ricky gervais now

No. 1538920

You know people can grow their hair out and style it right? The facial profile looks similar

No. 1538923

the parents of these kids will not accept a biased media treatment of this case and neither will their community. look at how the sandyhook parents held alex jones accountable for his lies. look at how the loudon county community blew up after the rape, they totally flipped to red.

No. 1538924

File: 1653433703216.png (615 KB, 640x853, 1653430628203.png)

No. 1538925

they're dressed as marlon brando in the shitty dr. moreau movie??

No. 1538926

any shooters will be like the evil mean terfs online pushed me to this vile act!! blaming women in true scrote fashion.

No. 1538927

it's not enough proof

No. 1538929

no no, it's redundant.

No. 1538930


No. 1538931

File: 1653434032824.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1514x1883, 13380CCB-0D47-4F6A-926C-EA9468…)

Let’s wait for confirmation of those pics. It could be a troll. I’m sure people are digging into his dox right so it’s better to wait then look stupid.

No. 1538932

This headline is hilarious though. I love watching them seethe.

No. 1538938

It won’t be convincing to about 95% of the population

No. 1538940

This isn’t him, I’ve hate lurked this mf for a while now

No. 1538941

TERFs, the mother, the girlfriend, and woman in reach really.

No. 1538949

18 kids, 3 adults now

No. 1538953

File: 1653435255631.png (994.41 KB, 1170x2532, 413F7F21-FD0F-4D2C-806F-D8C340…)

Troon Shooter also harassed a random girl right before going on to commit the crime, tagged her in posts beforehand, trying to implicate her? It’s all very fishy and weird but worth mentioning since it’s sex pest behavior. I’ll post the subsequent screenshots

No. 1538954

File: 1653435297670.png (1.03 MB, 1170x2532, 44D65081-2AE6-4C0D-88D6-B2365D…)

No. 1538955

File: 1653435337217.png (1.02 MB, 1170x2532, 5802DE85-25D8-4905-8E70-CBC5B8…)

No. 1538956

File: 1653435365485.png (863.49 KB, 1170x2532, 0D62934C-6896-4D1B-9A1F-89D085…)

No. 1538957

File: 1653435401204.png (1.02 MB, 1170x2532, C3D476F5-54C5-4CDA-9922-F3ACBB…)

No. 1538958

Moids are a cancer to women & children all over the earth. I pray for a day when we're finally free of the destructive beasts.

No. 1538959

File: 1653435428485.png (1.16 MB, 1170x2532, C807E216-4EAC-49A2-AEF3-ABC1AA…)

No. 1538960

File: 1653435469317.png (857.47 KB, 1170x2532, 96FE1256-570E-435B-8EE1-D9A4DD…)

No. 1538962

So it's confirmed he's a school trooner?

No. 1538965

This poor girl…. I feel awful for her

No. 1538971

I can’t imagine. It’s bad enough when a dude won’t leave you alone out of the blue, but to be implicated by some random orbiter moid in a shooting? That’s beyond the pale. A “news” page has already tagged her and is taking low blows at her appearance and selfies. Fucking evil.

No. 1538975

no nothing is confirmed
his known selfie looks faggy that's literally it

also fuck him for scaring and contacting a girl before doing this, men are evil

No. 1538983

File: 1653436842565.jpeg (130.83 KB, 828x843, FAF88E7A-B838-48CE-B8CA-332DFD…)

No. 1538984

File: 1653436969435.jpeg (31.69 KB, 459x612, 011563AF-8D74-4756-A9AE-3A1265…)

No. 1538986

>He was transgender

No. 1538987

This is some tranny who posts his pics on the actuallesbians Reddit or some shit. I remember a few posts back someone here posted a pic of this moid and his bulge and all the lesbians on Reddit being rightfully disgusted by it.

No. 1538990

it's going to need socials to make the connection

No. 1538995

File: 1653437872645.png (785.91 KB, 750x1334, D4EE5759-E347-40F1-870B-AC7B77…)

Those trannies aren’t him, the guy who nabbed screenshots didn’t include them, here’s his twitter thread:

No. 1538996

File: 1653437908803.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-05-24-20-15-34…)

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a tranny but it's not this tranny.

No. 1539005

I can see the waves of trannies trying to defend him, or somehow push the blame on "TERFS", as always, for his actions. But you can't defend a monster that shoots kids, any normal person won't buy whatever fake tragic story that TRAs come up with.
Yeah definitely not that tranny, but he does look like a typical incel tranny or enby. It looks like he's wearing lipgloss in that photo.

No. 1539007

Look at the portrait above him

No. 1539008

They love all those aesthetics yet they fail horrendously at all of them. Guess horse piss pills don't help them develop a sense of style kek

No. 1539014

File: 1653438666147.jpg (130.55 KB, 1080x483, Screenshot_20220525_032958.jpg)

>"not believing me is not skepticism it's hatred"

who's gonna tell him…

No. 1539017

>“could estrogen have saved her?”

No. 1539018

really unfortunate case of turkey neck

No. 1539023

that doesnt look like anyone

No. 1539032

Trans or not, he was likely a woman-hating incel that was radicalized online. Internet radicalization is a common thread in these attacks.

No. 1539047

File: 1653443855236.jpg (100.97 KB, 720x516, 20220524_205630.jpg)

"I'm scared they're going to genocide us!" Jeeeeeesus they are so overdramatic.

No. 1539052

It obviously means she's an uwu transmasc egg!

No. 1539057

File: 1653444398785.jpg (132.21 KB, 572x600, 1653433528218.jpg)

nothing has ever happened to trannies for them to get this scared. meanwhile women, children and poc get targeted at a higher rate

No. 1539064

File: 1653445067570.jpg (Spoiler Image,975.02 KB, 2208x2944, 5qg04l2d0c191.jpg)

neovag warning

No. 1539078

File: 1653446040228.jpg (592.16 KB, 1455x999, MaP1DHg.jpg)

ya need to stop lying to troons like this

No. 1539080

File: 1653446234011.jpg (40.81 KB, 736x734, 203e6254dfc651205841fc06cceab7…)

>to being told I have Jennifer Aniston vibes

No. 1539082

>most troons just stop dilating and let it close up after a few years
Legit question but how do they pee if it closes up? Doesn't the urethra go through the opening?

No. 1539088

File: 1653447079957.png (34.54 KB, 1126x294, I'm not a he and I should not …)

No. 1539092

a micro-dick embedded in some burn scars where balls used to be

No. 1539093

very insulting to jennifer aniston

No. 1539122

He should imagine how real women feel.

No. 1539123

Ew wtf. This one is uncanny.

No. 1539125

File: 1653448340373.jpeg (25.37 KB, 624x351, 161EBD90-E838-4821-A956-6206CD…)

No. 1539128

It’s almost like none of that shit is what makes a woman.

No. 1539143

This looks alien-like, wtf, do the surgeons even try kek.

No. 1539145

It looks like a penis poking out of a vagina. Like the last Vienna sausage in the can. Is it closed up?

No. 1539148

this sad little fridge man in his wrinkly bodycon skirt smh

No. 1539156

i shouldn't have opened this while having breakfast

No. 1539159

This guy must've had such a tiny dick lmao. Why would they just leave it that shape if it's supposed to look like a clit? How male to keep your dick tip haha. Now he has an even tinier dick! No one's gonna think you're a woman, just a man with a tiny deformed frankendick that you tried to turn into the shape of a vagina like a clown. You're mutilated. You'll have to tell people you look like that because it's your dick all ripped up and sewn back together for the rest of your "life".

No. 1539167

this isn't real

No. 1539203

cardi b oh my god what is that.mp4

No. 1539205

I think he's real. I've seen this Chris Chan tard on trans reddit before.

No. 1539208

Chris Chan lookalike
Apologies for samefagging

No. 1539209

File: 1653463472956.jpg (54.67 KB, 695x184, psycho.jpg)

Imagine being this poor mother, supporting your kid and on your back he hates you regarless. What a psycho.

No. 1539214

File: 1653464711471.jpg (606.16 KB, 810x3268, Screenshot_20220525-034210_Boo…)

>Women have the bodies of overgrown, underdeveloped children
At least these transcels are self-aware that they're pedos.

No. 1539221

File: 1653465541362.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, 20220525_081225.jpg)

No. 1539222

how can someone be both overgrown and underdeveloped? also i wasn't aware that little kids have breasts, small waists and wide hips. news to me.

No. 1539233

File: 1653467640343.png (280.8 KB, 486x380, 164538P02d023L.png)

No. 1539234

File: 1653468041135.jpg (665.99 KB, 810x1968, Screenshot_20220525-043403_Boo…)

This troon is something else. He's even got a tard wrangler. He's in assisted living or something.

No. 1539238

troons watch a lot of anime lolicon porn where children are drawn with wide hips and waists /barf

No. 1539239

i always love when they refer to their breasts as huge when we all know they just look like they got klinefelter syndrome

No. 1539245

What does he even mean? Through puberty female body changes more imo, grows breasts, hips, start monthly menstruation. Males just get more square and not even all of them.

No. 1539246

it's the very old and misogynistic idea that women are nothing but underdeveloped men

No. 1539250

File: 1653473095300.jpg (Spoiler Image,411.82 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20220525-115551_Ins…)

I just got this on my instagram feed. Even calvin klein is pandering the troons.
Spoiler for man in lingerie

No. 1539252


No. 1539254

what woman is going to want to wear those after seeing that?

No. 1539255


What woman needs panties with extra space for a dick?

No. 1539257

To me this guy doesn't even come across as a tranny. That's a man and I'm sure many others will view him as a man as well. Men don't need bras. I find it quite offensive actually if men start wearing bras for fashion reasons. Which is how this add comes across. Man wearing a bra just for the fuck of it. He doesn't need them.

No. 1539260

he didn't need to tell us he's a virgin, we all knew

No. 1539261

at least they accurately make it look like he's a creepy gross fetishist troon kek

No. 1539263

Portlandia season 9 is filming??

No. 1539266

Agreed, I like Josh and MATI too, but most people on here hate him like they hate all scrotes. You also get accused of being him if you ever say anything positive, kek. Personally I think it's helpful to have straight scrotes speak out about trannies because they will be listened to by other men who put off any women's issue as "feminist bullshit" they don't care to listen to if a woman talks about it.

No. 1539270

I love how incels always say that women age like milk and hit the wall a 25, but as soon as they troon out they claim that estrogen slows the aging proces

No. 1539273

So men should be the ones to talk about things always and forever because women aren't taken seriously. Great

No. 1539274

File: 1653480021591.png (21.75 KB, 1275x228, Attackin.png)

I watch MATI occasionally too, and I'm not literally into killing every single man like some nonnas are (godspeed on your efforts), but good lord get your rose colored glasses off. When talking about female cows he is pretty misogynistic (especially when watching the older streams), he hates gays and is otherwise quite the conservatard. He has started only recently understanding some of the feminist arguments, and that's only because of trannies kek. I do think he has interesting points and is genuinely funny sometimes, and I do agree on some views he has, but he's not some fucking messiah friend of wamen everywhere.

Also, take a look at these old receipts and tell me he's "least misogynistic man on the internet" https://www.onionfarms.com/threads/joshua-conner-null-moon.621/

Also fuck off Joshie boy and your ass lickers

No. 1539275

It doesn't literally close up, like a piercing would. The pocket inside just contracts and shrinks until nothing can be inserted. The urethra is supposed to be above the "vaginal" opening, but most butchers screw it up and they end up too close together.

No. 1539277

These retarded pick mes need to realize none of these internet dwelling moids like women

No. 1539278

Yes they do, but they might not just be aware of this shit. Not everyone is a pick me nonna.

No. 1539281

File: 1653480957395.jpeg (243.94 KB, 828x1304, C620E003-0DB0-40A4-8A54-77B89B…)

Interesting that the only “trigger warning” I have seen tagged to anything regarding the Texas shooting is a tw for transphobia.

No. 1539282

little kids being gunned down? i sleep. transphobia? real shit.

No. 1539289

>supporting known pedophile josh moon
>supporting the man who enabled chris chan financially for years josh moon
>supporting ringleader of the kf scrotes josh moon
hope he picks you nonna

No. 1539294

I agree on your other points, but the CWC supporting was kind of undestandable - though it had selfish motivation of him trying to buy himself a clean conscience.

No. 1539295

don't forget his shitty wignat views. sperging on and on about how racemixing is for failed white men and whining about how there is no nation for white people anymore.

No. 1539297

File: 1653482939692.jpg (253.29 KB, 860x2048, FTiQykzWIAIcnFI.jpg)

Maybe try not to watch porn and coom all day for once? You know these men be strangling the fuck out of their little noodle its screaming for help

No. 1539298

Yup. It's fucking weird. He 100% has his browser history full of blacked porn

No. 1539303

First two are complete lies, but ok

No. 1539304

Fuck off Jersh

No. 1539305

He wrote that when he was 14, it's kind of funny how people who hate Josh can't dig up anything more recent than 15 years old. If he was still such a horrible person then why don't you have any recent receipts of it? I don't blame anyone for being cringe at 14.

No. 1539307

I am literally watching one of his streams right now from May 14th, and he is on some fucking lunatic tirade analyzing Lauren Southern's husbands skin color to decide if she's a dirty coal burner or not. You can look at any of his content and see he's not a fucking ally to feminists just because he hates trannies. Stop riding his dick so hard.

Anyone have a photo of him holding up a sign that says "I wanna be lesbians with you" or something?

No. 1539309

Not agreeing with his politics is valid, to each their own. But digging up shit from when he was a child is really stupid, imo and won't make me think less of someone. The picture you're talking about is also from when he was a kid on that block-building forum for kids. Personally I am glad there are no internet archives of all the dumb-ass shit I said online when I was 14. I still like his content and I don't think he's a bad person.

No. 1539310

Hope he picks you

No. 1539312

He already said several times he won't ever date a fan. I'm also taken already.

No. 1539313

you're taken and spend your time defending some mediocre moid on a female only site kek

No. 1539314

How is it even transphobia? Is just a pic of the wrong person.

No. 1539318

Sorry I didn't know that when you're in a relationship you're not allowed to enjoy any media made by men or with men in it ever again.

No. 1539320

Oh my god, no one was claiming that. It's just weird to ride some weirdo racist misogynistic mans dick this hard without having an e-crush on him and writing "Miss Moon" on your little notebook over and over again lmao

No. 1539321

>He has started only recently understanding some of the feminist arguments, and that's only because of trannies kek
yeah it really is just because of trannies, I feel like he has this cognitive dissonance about "terfs" where he doesn't understand that the "rf" is there for a reason, like in his kevin gibes stream he said that a lot of terfs have homesteading philosophies?? I don't think he hates women but he's not less sexist than the average man imo, calls random women whores believes in ladybrains etc etc
>and he is on some fucking lunatic tirade analyzing Lauren Southern's husbands skin color to decide if she's a dirty coal burner or not.
oh my god kek this is one of the reasons I've been listening to mati less, his racism is so autistic it's hard to ignore

No. 1539323

Excellent additions nonna. He is a perfect example why alt-right/conservative men (especially the online kind) are not our allies. Sure, they hate trannies, but for different reasons than us.

No. 1539325

File: 1653486323330.png (498.41 KB, 1439x1633, Ic20.png)

For the anon in the last thread.

No. 1539329

I'm quite tired of averyone being called a pick me here, and even though that nonna (or maybe it's Jersh himself kek) does fit the definition perfectly and it's appropriate this time, your description of having "e-semen in their brain" is fucking weird.

No. 1539331

If you don't like him cause he thinks white people should have their own country that's fine, I just said it's cringe to bring up shit from 15 years ago as if that reflects his character today in any way. His politics are pretty far right, I understand that'd be an issue for most here since lolcow is very liberal.

No. 1539335

File: 1653487421638.png (4.44 MB, 3707x1727, D7A6E7DC-5BFD-4F9E-968C-C554E9…)

Can you guys stop sperging about Josh or go to the KF thread? Anyway, I’m tired of my rights, words, and spaces being put on the chopping block for these mens fucking fetish.

No. 1539336

What did the post say? It's deleted now. And which nona do you think fits that type?

No. 1539337

File: 1653487674142.jpeg (562.46 KB, 1284x1264, B85DA586-7C31-4000-91FE-A5085F…)

Lmao really?

No. 1539339


No. 1539340

This entire post is masquerading as some request for medical advice and yet he can’t help himself from writing indulgent descriptions of his “leaky tits,” complete with fetishistic terms like “hucow.” Maybe 15 years ago, people would be overly skeptical to men that fetishmine like this, but now we all play along. Just disgusting

No. 1539342

It said
>The pick mes who come here from KF are literally mindless, don't even bother. You're arguing with someone with e-semen in their brain

And I meant that the nonna defending Joshua Moon

No. 1539350

File: 1653488783949.jpg (31.85 KB, 589x206, what.jpg)

Who the fuck wants to date you freaks lol
Last time I checked it was "trans women" who were seething because lesbians don't want their rotten dicks or pus pouring wounds.
Shut up.

No. 1539351

File: 1653488942345.jpeg (776.75 KB, 1284x1766, 189D5F80-C8BF-4604-943C-89F261…)

Kek yeah the cope. All they do is whine about how lesbians won’t date them. At this point their only option is each other.

No. 1539352

Right, you can tell by everything he said in that post that he was typing it with one hand. Disgusting.

No. 1539354

Why is it weird? E-semen, as in fellating some shitty internet scrote so hard that it's impeded their critical thinking skills. I deleted my post because I didn't want to contribute to the infight or give the pick me any more attention, but I don't see your point anon

No. 1539362

Yes having sex with a women one day, kidnapping and raping kids the next. The cis life is a strange one. Just how it works.

No. 1539391

Probably because it's a scrote like thing to say

No. 1539394

Your posts are very weird and overtly sexual

No. 1539395

I can see "scrote-like" kind of, but if you think that's "overtly sexual", I really hope you don't freak out if a lesbian anon calls you "cockbreath" in /ot/ kek

No. 1539399

I'd advice you to really work on your internalized misogyny

No. 1539400

File: 1653492438270.webm (6.86 MB, 576x1024, fifidosch.webm)

No. 1539402

I advise you to stay on Ovarit if you're going to be so sensitive and mistake anything unkind as "internalized misogyny". Sucking dick is not a female trait

No. 1539406

>it's not misogyny to call you cockbreath

lesbiancels at it once more i see

No. 1539409

I'm not even a lesbian and I've never personally called an anon that, it's just something I've seen and that no one's ever thrown a shitfit over because vulgar insults are whatever. You have to have a thicker skin on Lolcow, it's not like Facebook

No. 1539411

Moid comedy is pathetic

No. 1539414

The haircut and widened eyes are giving Adam Lanza

No. 1539416

who says e-semen? a moid, that's right

No. 1539419

I've honestly never even heard that word before and my scrote radar is dinging

No. 1539425

this is literally just a variation of all those rejected-fuckboy messages "w-whatever i didn't want to date you anyway, ur a slut!!!" 100% gross entitled male logic

No. 1539429

Exactly… ding ding ding

Not even joking, ik scrote irl that uses that and other colorful terms frequently. Well they consider themselves a women. Kek.

No. 1539432

File: 1653493782056.png (131.55 KB, 917x762, f9.png)

>Don't be too rude to pick mes or else you're a man
Are these KF pickmeisha mental gymnastics? You also don't know a scrote that says "e-semen" because I literally just made it up because I think (hope) Josh is a permavirgin. Reviling sucking dick or any other sex act that pleasures males isn't pro-scrote either, quite the opposite. A mod can probably confirm I'm not a scrote from my post history, but please post on-topic content instead of sperging
Here's a TiM claiming he's no longer biologically male because he botched his body.

No. 1539433

i never heard that word before either but it makes sense that it comes from a pornsick troon

No. 1539434

File: 1653493805487.png (75.2 KB, 760x460, Screenshot_20220525-084848.png)

Accidental terf post

No. 1539439

I don't get how they can project absolutely everything they do onto others and pretend everything is the literal opposite of reality?

"lesbians want us and are mad that WE are excluding them" - but in reality they're all crying over lesbians being gay and not wanting dick.
"TERFs are literally killing us" - but in reality troons are the ones killing terfs, aka women, and when troons are killed it's by non-terf men.
"women are jealous of us" - but in reality they talk about being so jealous of women for just exisiting that they want to kill us
"hormones and blockers are safe" - but in reality they fuck them up permanently
"it's not a fetish" - but in reality the largest part of the male trans community is AGPs who are literally transitioning because of a fetish
"no one can tell what sex or gender someone is just by looking" - but in reality you can tell in 99% of cases after just a split second

You have to be so incredibly brainwashed to actually believe these things, it's scary how none of them think for themselves.

No. 1539440

incorrect sir, your body went from a 100% male body to a 100% male modified body

No. 1539446

>I don't have a uterus, but they're totally going to implant one in a trans woman any day now so I might as well be female!
LMAO this is their new favorite cope

No. 1539455

This. All this shit is literally just body modification.

No. 1539457

Tranny with crazy eyes and shitty hair, obsessed with moobs and breastfeeding, and Chris-chan voice. Autistic overload.

No. 1539470

Are there any peaked YouTubers? It's mostly either trannies or annoying conservatives talking this subject on YT.

No. 1539478

I love A Slightly Twisted Female on YT. She’s amazing.

No. 1539479

File: 1653498118258.png (5.01 MB, 2162x2699, 1A0BCB2E-F289-40F0-B3E1-8907BC…)

Oh please. And always with the murder statistics.

No. 1539485

>lots of t*rfs make trans women scapegoats for cis men's shitty behavior tbh
Fucking kek. Maybe if male pattern violence didn't continue post-transition. I'm pretty sure there was an article linked in one of the past threads that was like "Why are so many more women committing sex crimes compared to last year?". I wonder why

No. 1539486

File: 1653498563373.png (50.42 KB, 647x240, 1653496533930.png)

No. 1539487

What the fuck? Sorry for being stupid, what site is this? I didn’t recognize the “boosted” thing.

No. 1539494

Some twitter alt clone, Metaverse maybe? I can't keep track of all of them

No. 1539501

File: 1653500282698.png (45.67 KB, 748x737, poorsisterpoormum.png)

The delulu here is so strong. Also why are they all so weird about their sisters and mothers?

No. 1539503

Not to a-log but people like this are no longer human in my eyes and we'd all be better off as a society if they were all gassed (in minecraft).

No. 1539504

Ew I don’t even know what size chest my mom has, I can’t imagine being a mother and my son knowing that. The only time I ever remember talking about breast size to anyone was in high school when girls were trying to one up each other over it or when it’s relevant to find a bra.

No. 1539506

File: 1653500661314.jpeg (260.93 KB, 750x1624, A9DF154D-C453-4B34-83B9-5C345C…)

Fun new concept:
1) match with a troon on a dating app
2) ask him out on a date
3) don’t show up
4) block him

No. 1539509

File: 1653500903618.png (47.12 KB, 742x423, allhailkikomi.PNG)

This is a great idea until you find out the creepy moid is a chaser….
Comments are hilarious tho, they're so mad at the one troon who agrees with it.
love this

No. 1539510

Sex is exclusively defined by the gametes you produce. Small mobile gametes = male and large, immobile gametes = female

No. 1539513

File: 1653501068981.png (37.7 KB, 445x382, pleasedie.png)

this is from a japanese sns called pawoo.net. after taking a brief look it's like twitter but mostly for degen art but of course you have fucking freaks like picrel posting their vile shit.

No. 1539515

This literally gave me the chills

No. 1539520

They think those stats mean people are going around killing people for being trans, when a large majority of those murders were of sex workers and mostly black and migrant trans people. White middle class men in their cosy woke communities love pretending they're under threat. They're more likely to be killed by each other kek

No. 1539523

File: 1653501529018.png (337.94 KB, 1315x550, idfuckme.png)

so after the transphobic line in zick zack, rammstein is making fun of AGPs in their new video too (which is a song about big boobs). the lead guitarist is shown going in a secret room, putting on a wig and makeup, sewing feminine clothes and, of course, stuffing his bra with hay. props for making him look deranged and creepy as all AGPs are, the whole scene has buffallo bill vibes. hopefully this will make troons mad lmao

No. 1539531

jesus christ i wanna die. don't go on this degenerate's page it's NSFL.

No. 1539546

also literally every white or non-white one on all those lists for 20 years (ive been through all of them) was murdered by his partner, husband, john or pimp
there is not a single fucking AGP that has ever been killed - E V E R

No. 1539552

My God this. I'm a minority who dated a white guy then he came out as trans and would always use these same murder statistics. It's really racist and sad

No. 1539553

File: 1653503521504.jpeg (172.27 KB, 703x732, 44E59F2E-75F0-4A5F-A0E2-E0FF6B…)

They are so pathetic with their little tantrums.

No. 1539555

Lmao I’ve never considered doing this before but I might try and use this one if the situation ever calls for it.

No. 1539556

File: 1653503655640.gif (305.17 KB, 220x164, 0238D7AA-E399-4052-A412-3AB981…)

EWW JFC that shit is not safe for life

No. 1539557

Why do people keep pretending like only women have estrogen and only men have testosterone. Both sexes have both and you need both to be healthy (even though misogynist researchers will deny women need testosterone too). Your hormones are female if they are in a female body, male if they are in a male body. You can say the ratio of hormones that is typical for a male or female, but no they never say that.

No. 1539558

>what are the odds a creepy misogynistic man supports trans people
Well, they are very high for him being one, so

No. 1539560

How can they write this shit and claim to be women?

No. 1539574

File: 1653504531515.jpeg (147.27 KB, 750x418, 36FEB952-1CA5-41AF-A304-5C5ABE…)

Another coomer successfully cured from coomerism!

No. 1539576

File: 1653504974398.png (Spoiler Image,78.9 KB, 792x328, 89m.png)

"Trans women are women the same way black women are women."
"Trans women are women the same way black women are women."
"Trans women are women the same way black women are women."

No. 1539578

tinfoil: trannies posted the wrong troon across pol twitter so that this one's troonery can be easily dismissed as rightwing-fakery. we even had some posts like that here.

No. 1539582

Hoky shit you might be right. I'm crawlinh me under your tinfoil with you nonna

No. 1539583

Ty for the rec nona. Even reading her comments are like a breath of fresh air.

No. 1539588

Where’s the fucking FBI and why aren’t they trying to arrest every user on there? I feel sick.

No. 1539594

I still don’t understand how is this allowed on the internet just look at
Literally talking about pedophilia, how is that something that could let someone keep their account up and running? How? This is so fucking stupid, I will always assume anyone using Twitter for more than two minutes is a pedophile.

No. 1539595

It’s not even twitter, keep up nona. It’s still fucked up though.

No. 1539597

File: 1653506541546.jpeg (155.04 KB, 583x780, 77A22DBA-EE5D-41A2-86C9-558A85…)

We’re reaching autism levels that shouldn’t be possible.
Ironic to include Edelgard since she’s an ultra-TERF

No. 1539602

Pretty sure this happened before his stand up clip did the rounds, so it's unrelated.

More likely someone objecting to Netflix-branded ad benches making their parks look like shit.

No. 1539604

File: 1653507550255.png (1.74 MB, 3411x834, 26BAA442-8698-4FB9-B7AF-F3624B…)

Why are they all like this

No. 1539608

File: 1653507832316.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x2566, 437774A7-B753-4B01-96BF-07B18D…)

Just another day on r/actuallesbians.

No. 1539609

How tf is Pikachu "trans" its a fucking mouse

No. 1539610

That's a very male shoulder

No. 1539613

Please tell me this a t4t couple and there wasn't an actual woman harmed in the process.

No. 1539614

Yes I’m almost 100% it’s the case thankfully. Looking at the comments on that post is hilarious because it’s just all men jerking each other off.


No. 1539621

judging by the need to include the thigh-highs in the shot, most likely t4t

No. 1539630

Idk if they're the same ones but a tranny couple posted the exact same thing on tiktok

No. 1539647

Fake, possibly. or at least that first picture in the red top isnt him. We were roasting him a few threads ago for wearing his skirt so high to pretend he has a short torso and long legs

No. 1539648

It’s already been talked about. No one has come with actual proof of it yet.

No. 1539653

File: 1653510254497.jpg (247.33 KB, 1080x1365, Screenshot_20220525-162320_Chr…)

No. 1539661

Little bit of a blog but this just made me think of a FB group I joined that is has a name that indicates it’s for women who enjoy Souls games. Of course in the intro post it’s like “women (trans women included) and enbies allowed”! And every gender special had to come out of the woodwork to let people know how they are trans or NB. It’s so annoying. I want to know why “enbies” are even included in womens groups if they’re totes not actually women. And what’s the point of a group for women if any man can enter it too just by saying he’s a girl?

No. 1539666

File: 1653510824061.jpeg (765.03 KB, 2400x2592, 4D5A30CB-7F49-463F-B945-49E848…)

This but unironically.

No. 1539674

No this is completely what happened, posting other pics of troons like the one holding the trans flag to distract and discredit the one pic that actually might resemble the shooter. They do damage control constantly. That’s a very important thing to know about Alphabet Gang members: they lie, they will lie about anything and will gaslight you knowing how obvious their bluff is. They will tell you the sky isn’t blue to see if you would go along with it. It’s malignant narcissism at work

No. 1539676

I know his 'identity' isn't confirmed yet but the second picture I think for sure is him. Very similar hands, hair, and image quality. I think it might even be the same wall. I agree with anons that think the first moid was posted everywhere as a false flag.

No. 1539680

Gaming is completely infected with troonery. The sims recently added personalized pronouns to the game and suddenly and all the troons are coming out of the woodwork to cry tears of joy because now their sims can officially have dumb neopronouns. The icing on the shit cake is that now I won’t be able to watch let’s plays in peace because every simmer will feel pressured to create genderspecial sims and make it all about their stupid identities. I hate this religion.

No. 1539683

How fucking dare they.

No. 1539684

It annoys the shit out of me seeing Samus and Sheik there too. Heaven forbid we have cool female characters. I remember growing up and thinking OoT Zelda was cool simply because she disguised herself that way.

No. 1539691

And they're coming for the other subreddits as well. They don't want us to have any space of our own. They're so disgusting.

No. 1539699

File: 1653512798082.jpg (111.53 KB, 828x964, 20220525_170420.jpg)

Average troon diet

No. 1539710

File: 1653513494379.png (11.52 KB, 1030x86, Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 17-17…)

Oh look yet another tranny with rape porn in his profile

No. 1539727

Foh moid

No. 1539729

Look at the typical male response to call girls ugly while invading our spaces lol
This site is for females and we exclude trans because it's a porn sick mental illness(don’t take bait )

No. 1539730

What's wrong with him hating fags? That one of the reasons I liked him. Liked in past tense because I didn't know he said all that shit but what do I expect from a man

No. 1539731

File: 1653514510576.png (88.67 KB, 700x635, bdsmguy.PNG)

idk what these people want?? dude was perfectly willing to set him up with his roommate and this troon is mad because the guy didn't play along with his "i'm a real girl!" spiel?
the panic attack is sending me. how weak are men that a lack of social reciprocation sends them into a literal breakdown?

No. 1539732

I've never heard a single gay man or lesbian woman complaining about how straight people don't date them.
I did see every once in a blue moon, someone say: "I wish this person was gay so I could date them" But never seen this level of sperging out about other people's preferences besides body positive people.

No. 1539733

Look at this lost child

No. 1539734

these are the same men who think trans comedy is leagues above Gervais and Chapelle…lol

No. 1539735

How much you wanna bet that his "Mistress" is another troon?

No. 1539740

Men are just lesser women, go get phimosis babes.

No. 1539741

File: 1653514924285.png (69.84 KB, 737x911, derangedbrothers.png)

more sister weirdness. and based kids not using pronouns.

No. 1539744

>they hate biological men regardless.
That’s the point you fucking onion

No. 1539746

Hey nonnas, do you hear anything? No? Me neither. Guess we better post some tranny milk.

No. 1539747

I honestly didn’t know if this was real but it apparently is and they are going to lose their shit. I think it’s a silly thing to exist but if it pisses men off then I love it.

No. 1539748

Did your Animu moob pills not arrive in the mails so you can't jerk off to your reflection, pretending to be something you will never be or have so you come here to anger sperg?

No. 1539750

Ignore and report bait, stop engaging with the retard and keep posting milk

No. 1539751

Hi nona, I hear absolutely nothing either. What’s this I hear about germany changing some dysphoria diagnosis category or whatever, I saw someone in the troon subs talk something about it changing.

No. 1539752

Oh my god you guys just report him and move on. He’s getting off on this.

No. 1539754

I love it when [redacted] come here and think we’re all americans

No. 1539756

File: 1653515378650.jpg (20.6 KB, 512x512, CB8rM6nYWajc-_port.jpg)

Wrong from the very first sentence- Sex is LITERALLY defined by the ability to reproduce and the chromosomes that express in the sexual characteristics that define your place in the sexual landscape. With the exception of individuals with ambiguous sexual characteristics from congenital malformations due to abnormal transcriptions in the genes, or other type of exogenic variations while the baby was developong in the womb.
Negation of an objective fact does not change it's veracity.

No. 1539757

this is the only troon pic of the shooter that I haven’t seen debunked. anyone else? I really think this is him…

No. 1539759

How is this website even allowed?
NSFL pedos jerking off in public and getting off to the fact there are kids playing around them.
Sorry for a-logging but I hope these "people" legit kill themselves.(we didn't want to see this)

No. 1539762

File: 1653515580657.png (143.91 KB, 695x907, selfishmoids.PNG)

How depressing. This selfish troon is trying to keep OP from caring for her postpartum sister. Real "womanly" behaviour to let newborn babies suffer for an adult's hurt feefees, right ladies?

No. 1539764

I need this to be a honeypot for the sake of my own sanity.

No. 1539765

that sister keeping her children away knows what she is doing, good woman. Those troons are only jealous that their sisters have natural breasts and they will never have anything like that, not to mention, they will never be happy and mentally healthy. Also it's not okay to hate your sister because you feel mistreated by your mother, he is an hateful idiot and his sister knows that.

No. 1539766

The fbi (or interpol) have already logged your IP for posting on /pol/, enjoy being on a watchlist incel

No. 1539767

File: 1653515922948.png (753.52 KB, 730x831, selbstbestimmungsgesetz.PNG)

Eww if what I'm looking into is correct they're trying to move to a self-determination system like in burgerland. They're calling it "Selbstbestimmungsgesetz" according to this article: https://www.dw.com/en/trans-germany/a-56031861

No. 1539768

File: 1653515925694.png (Spoiler Image,2.61 MB, 750x1624, 73FF8E06-AD1A-45F4-8E59-8DF65A…)

Look at this monstrosity kek

No. 1539770

Looks downright diseased and painful.

No. 1539771

Thank you for digging around! It’s all so fucking tiresome, like if chromosomes and nothing matters, why should the sex or gender marker matter either, their logic makes no sense

No. 1539772

please please please compile these screenshots and socials and report them anonymously to local and federal police PLEASE

No. 1539773

OMG the shape forms a tiny cock'n'balls!

No. 1539775

this is definitely just a troon trying to get attention but speaking of this has anyone noticed moids who have never mentioned abortion once online or irl celebrating it like it was the only political issue they ever cared about

No. 1539782

i literally feel sick i want to scream and cry. how can we report this? i bet nothing will be done anyway

No. 1539783

he just had the surgery and his neovag is already collapsing into itself kekerooni

No. 1539785

File: 1653516711083.jpg (48.49 KB, 800x570, fungi-kiwi-fruit-white-backgro…)

gross, looks like rotten kiwi fruit

No. 1539790

File: 1653516896945.png (40.64 KB, 1082x411, What are your thoughts on cis …)

No. 1539791

Yeah, and as far as the TiMs go it’s just about pure womb envy, plain and simple. And like look at this fool that came over here throwing slurs around and being a general misogynist while also taking hormones to mimic us and wanting to wear our skin. They’re so jealous of women it radiates from them in everything they do. Pure unfiltered moid rage. It’s pathetic and unhinged.

No. 1539793

all i see here is a dudebro energetically gesticulating in the most male way possible

No. 1539794

File: 1653516985059.png (24.35 KB, 1050x184, What are your thoughts on cis …)

One of the responses. Then you'll need to stop calling yourself a woman because you aren't one either.

No. 1539797

hm that's odd, I thought anyone who says they are is trans whether or not they get surgeries hormones have gender dysphoria etc
they're constantly contradicting themselves and changing the rules by the minute

No. 1539799

File: 1653517245516.jpeg (417.36 KB, 1256x929, 93981527-A0F6-4870-9796-56EA42…)

I find it funny that the moidcow who visited here would post this when he clearly has no idea on how to interact with women either.

No. 1539802

it literally looks like an asshole

No. 1539804

Alt right channers and troons are interesting because since their politics can never be actually realized (being a true and honest anime girl or some white nerd ethnostate) they give up and their only political ideology becomes watching the suffering of others they don’t like. Someone who is smarter than me has probably already pointed something like this out but there’s nothing concrete that TRAs are actually working towards?

No. 1539805

every time a tranny says that tervens like me are ugly, i get more powerful. we all know it's like when men try to flirt and get rejected, they start attacking the woman for their looks because of their tiny egos. you literally want to be us, of course we're not ugly to you. every waking moment this moid obsessed about terfs who will never go anywhere near his micropenis. the "terfs are ugly"-cope is the funniest to me and also so very revealing of their motifs and their misogyny

No. 1539806

I said this before. If I ever found out my partner was even looking into any troon stuff, wheter be porn, HRT, etc. I will be out immediately.
I know some people have financial problems, he will have no "extra" for paying for hormones or wigs or any degenerate shit.
You are a father, step it up and you can practice your self mutilation cult and fetishistic stuff with a restraining order in my hand and my child support money on the other.
Also, what is it with these people becoming fathers and getting into troon shit? I've been around and this is not the first time I've seen the trend.

No. 1539807

I find this hilarious when they are the ones appropriating womanhood. “What, she can’t do that, that’s OUR culture” lol. Newsflash, if I’m being threatened by a creepy asshole I’ll use any tactic I want to get out of the situation.

No. 1539809

I think it’s because men have a tendency to get jealous of the mother and new baby. It’s very juvenile, but they see their wife getting attention and desire it (plus as we’ve seen many of them fetishizing pregnancy and breastfeeding).

No. 1539812

File: 1653517694350.png (44.58 KB, 701x250, trannyshooter.png)

sounds like a tranny to me kek

No. 1539815

File: 1653517887974.png (2.98 MB, 750x1624, 0D35994D-FA6B-42E0-9C89-D0BEA5…)

put together? he’s not even wearing socks.

No. 1539816

File: 1653517910832.png (14.92 KB, 1077x158, Biology is fucked up.png)


No. 1539817

It makes me laugh because they call us ugly, but then anytime they go outside they have to make a reddit post about how seeing women makes them so jealous they want to kill themselves kek. Troons stay seething coping and dilating

No. 1539820

They probably seriously buy into the idea that all TERFs are aging spinster types, the same kind of stereotype that has always surrounded feminist. I don’t think they can fathom that there are TERFs who are attractive, younger women too.

No. 1539822

File: 1653518089383.png (30.35 KB, 1095x295, Boobs and a Period Helped Me.p…)

No. 1539824

>put together
>bra strap showing
>unkempt wig
Men sure have low standards for themselves.

No. 1539826

File: 1653518225053.png (3.13 MB, 750x1624, A93E71A9-7954-4258-A067-D80B0B…)

why does he look like he has 2 foreheads stacked on top of each other?

No. 1539827

>I wish a have those.
It's not a Disney World souvenir, freak. Gosh the language always gets me with these troons, also I love biology so much that's and added bonus to the disgust this makes me feel.

No. 1539828

Lol it looks like when you take those panorama sort of photos.

No. 1539830

I did this years before trannyism was big. It was a total joke to some dude that was bothering me at work and throwing compliment after compliment toward me. I said that I'm so happy that I looked so good after being a man for so many years. I even deepened my voice as a gag. He totally believed it, looked disgusted and never came back. I'm not a model or anything, but I'm a stereotypical looking woman. Nothing masculine about me. Moids are retarded. With all the info we have on creepy tranny, we are definitely informed enough to trick them as much as trannies trick them into sex then get murdered.

No. 1539831

File: 1653518364044.jpg (40.8 KB, 960x540, tessa-ganserer-101__v-videoweb…)

German nonna here, I didn't follow that development very closely as I'm still annoyed by the "*innen" bullshit we have for some years now, but read up on it and can explain a little bit about it.

Before the idea of that bullshit law it was like that. If you wanted to change your gender in legal documents you had to get two survey reports from a psychologist (seems they even asked about your masturbation behaviour, wonder why, kek), then a judge would decide if your gender change is acceptable and it would cost you around 2,500 Euro. Now they want to make that stuff easier. You wouldn't need to visit a psychologist anymore and you can just go to a local registry office and they will change your gender if you disclose that you are another gender (Selbstauskunft). One of the worst ideas is that this law should be applied to children, those people think that you only have to be 14 years old to decide that stuff for yourself without the approval of any parent.

That's basically it, oh, you want to know the "woman" supporting that stuff, sitting in our parliament, getting loads of money? Meet Tessa Ganserer, a beautiful, feminine politician you can trust.

No. 1539832

I feel like they can only see women as a grouping of objects. Tits. Ass. Vulva. They never look at a woman as a whole person and o