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File: 1532464306776.jpg (230.17 KB, 669x417, jillybeanfinal.jpg)

No. 646275

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~
>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent

>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for self-care rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to Japan and NYC, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during university
>has kept a total of five relationships in over 2 years, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; now largely just refers to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

In the last thread:
>Maggie and Stephen spend a suspicious amount of time together, such as getting food together at 2am after hanging out with Jillybean
>Her mum rescues a cat, with Jill claiming she is no longer allergic, but the cat is still a designer breed
>Jill wins best in show with the Moon Mist Girls at Animaritime 2018. Cries about it. Spends most of the con gorging on garlic fingies and chicken tendies
>Jill signs the lease for her town house and is allowed to paint the walls
>Stephen appears to be welcomed into the family, despite Alyssa not getting the same treatment.
>A fan spoils Jill by sending her useless house crap because Jill ‘couldn’t say no
>Gets her hair professionally styled and dyed, but her bangs get butchered and rainby uwu bangs are back
>makes an inspirational body posi insta post about overcoming anorexia, but it’s shopped to hell and back


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 646289

Great thread picture and summary post additions, thank you anon!

No. 646336

OP I love you. The additions are great.

No. 646337

Thank you for using my edit. I love the additions and never thought I'd have the distinguished honor of having my edit be a thread pic. Kek.

No. 646368

They claimed the new cat is a designer breed? It just looks like a normal black dsh
Even if they did claim it was, everyone knows like 95% of cats are just normal dsh's that ended up with a certain color/pattern

No. 646377

File: 1532470815758.jpeg (153.07 KB, 750x468, 032BA0EF-4BFC-467D-AC69-F758F4…)

He is a rescue from the humane society, not sure where anyone said he was designer, apperently her mom originally wanted another Maine coon but a friend convinced her otherwise.

At this point I really blame Louise for how shitty of a kid Jill has become, shes just as brand obsessed and really enforces Jill’s want to stay home/enables her spending and habits.

No. 646379

File: 1532470887437.jpeg (99 KB, 750x338, 23C40ED0-F73A-4CBB-A783-94F426…)

Prime example, I get that she’s going to miss Jill, but at this point she needs a healthy push not constant reminders that you’re going to miss her

No. 646382

File: 1532470954483.jpeg (393.98 KB, 750x661, D0F4037A-2939-4547-8C45-2A67D7…)

No. 646403

File: 1532472052445.png (551.19 KB, 720x1076, 20180724_233934.png)

No. 646424

File: 1532473831530.png (686.93 KB, 634x829, ef85f878ec3db8785664240e99c5e9…)

>body positivity
>edits so much she has a completely different body shape


No. 646425

File: 1532473923396.png (796.57 KB, 625x742, 496d535b560ee9caa9ae3c3e094644…)

what are angles??

No. 646427

>>646424 anon these have been poste don the last thread

No. 646428

woops my bad
may as well have them on the new thread anyway bc theyre awful

No. 646444

Such a weird decision to brand this photoshoot as ~body positive~.
I understand wanting to photoshop yourself and such, but why try to sell it as ~your great acceptance of your body and victory against your EDs~ then?
Almost all women have cellulite or stretchmarks or some tummy pudge or something, so it just seems really counter productive and unrelatable to get rid of all those imperfections in these pictures.

No. 646463

I'm not here for this 'my daughters my best friend uwu' bullshit. Cut the cord Louise, this is why Jill is gonna crash when she leaves the rainby womb.

No. 646490

This is my favorite thread pic in a long time, OP. Hilarious

No. 646564


i dont understand why she thought this pic of all things was good enough to post she looks like an uncooked turkey especially with that awkward leg angle like…..what the fuck

No. 646685

That is a really good photoshop job

No. 646694

I can’t draw shit on mobile but the lines of the heart floatie don’t match up if you connect where they should be behind her ass lol.

No. 646714

File: 1532509380806.jpg (151.24 KB, 888x1200, baangs.jpg)

I wonder how much she paid her hairdresser to do this to her

No. 646756

The photoshop is so sad because she has a really nice body, she just needs to wear better fitting clothes
She looks lovely here

No. 646757

File: 1532518599698.jpeg (128.94 KB, 626x954, 81FFA0C4-1EB4-4DDA-A5C8-7A349C…)

Probably a hell of a lot more than $11.

No. 646795

In the age of thicc being popular you cant list thick thighs as a negative. She wants sympathy over nothing.

No. 646816

>Really nice body

No. 646817

File: 1532527674217.jpeg (133.3 KB, 1242x502, 9049D35F-456A-4D80-82D8-51A847…)

Why does she keep droning on about this?

No. 646823

Nice body =/= ana-chan
I thinks looks good here because the clothes actually fit her and suit her shape

No. 646825

This is wild oh my god
Her hair inspo clearly

No. 646828

i hate to be blogpost-chan but ive moved so much in my life, in fact im moving again tomorrow, and i have no clue what shes talking about. why is not having your new address memorized some emotional feat you gotta get over? theres so many more important things she has to worry about and this is not one of them.

No. 646831

I don't get it either. I've never seen someone so torn up over moving out.
And yeah, she never mentions being worried about getting into the flow of school again/having deadlines/needing to study, she seems to not care about it at all.

No. 646832

it's probably bc she's lived in the same house all her life. its a weird feeling to change addresses after that but she definitely doesn't need to share it on twitter……..

No. 646838

Photoshop tends to make people look better than they actually are

No. 646844

Why does she have a flat stomach but fat arms and legs? Really makes me think.

No. 646846

File: 1532530337044.jpeg (204.68 KB, 661x1080, 2807CD76-A041-4D8A-8E7B-0D8AF0…)

I thought I liked her new hair but never mind lol. She looks so dumb with her bangs down

No. 646848

File: 1532530510199.png (487.52 KB, 632x910, Screenshot (25).png)

"sweetest hairdo". i wonder when this tumblr style will finally die. the nose and eyebrows look nothing like her…. apologies for nitpick

No. 646865

File: 1532532306456.png (44.99 KB, 639x316, Screenshot (29).png)

she retweeted this, and i remember her making this exact "joke" in her sims video and she never credited this person for originally making it.

No. 646932

Think how cute that drawing could be without the neon cluster fuck of colour at her bangs.

No. 646936

File: 1532537663010.jpg (54.16 KB, 1440x806, 1532537638984.jpg)

No. 646952

God she looks just like her friend Maggie here. That’s not a good thing Jill, you smarmy lurker.

No. 647003

I wish she'd stop defaulting to this angle if not her main one. It's actually really gross and does her no favor but she probably doesn't cause because quirky uwu

No. 647034

Kek this drawing makes her look like Kenna with rainbow bangs

No. 647124

theyre cut exactly the same way as Jill cuts the bangs on her awful cosplay wigs omg

No. 647155

i read "smarmy" as "smegma" and honestly? point still stands

No. 647222

Louise's behavior feels so guilt trippy imho. Jillian has enough anxiety already about moving away, and then her mother posts things like this. She should be encouraging Jillian and assuring that the family will be okay when she leaves, and they will be there when she comes back. Feeling guilty for moving out will fuck Jill up even more. It's so weird that they say they are best friends. Sure, you can be friends with your kids, but the most important thing should be being a parent to them. Being best friends just kind of takes it too far, her mom should seriously try to find friends her own age and not rely on Jill to be her bff. Let her have her own life for gods sake, no matter how cringy and stupid her life will be. She needs to learn even some independency

No. 647280

File: 1532556545953.gif (971.43 KB, 400x250, tenor (35).gif)

If she has backrolls, who the hell does she think she's fooling pretending she has a flat stomach? Her whole torso is a confusing mess.

No. 647320

File: 1532558839387.jpeg (67.42 KB, 1080x848, A05A3675-F1B5-4DF6-A2CC-DFD013…)

People are paying her actual money for this tiny bit of paper every month lmao

No. 647324

She's such a stale person, "hope you're having a great x" is like the laziest shit you can possibly write and I'm guessing every month she writes the same thing. And of course since she gorges on food all day she mentions snacking

No. 647347

How much you want to bet she writes a bunch of these, leaves the space between the stars blank then goes in and puts a name later

No. 647355

What if she has southern hemisphere patrons? It ain't summer there bro.

No. 647369

File: 1532561857257.jpg (70.07 KB, 1343x960, FB_IMG_1532561656879.jpg)

No. 647374

File: 1532562640916.png (547.25 KB, 720x1015, 20180726_005001.png)

That shoop

No. 647404

Looks like someone for Forgot To stop one or her arms, or she shopped one too much

No. 647433

If I saw someone like this IRL I'd cross the street. She looks like she's going to ask me for cigarettes or bus fare

No. 647638


But those stickers tho. Does anyone know where they are from? I’m assuming Jill didn’t actually draw those?

No. 647831

That lipstick looks so gloopy and gross.

No. 647980

tbh this is pretty standard for patreon - you're not really paying for the perks, so much as providing funding for artists and content creators that you support; that's why they're called "perks." the really annoying thing is that jill never properly updates her channel and is obviously just using their money to buy things.
all that shoop and she still looks like that lmao

No. 648038

File: 1532620251445.png (686.72 KB, 633x887, Screenshot (31).png)

oh man they drew her as some slim thicc anime goddess, when she is so clearly quite the opposite. it doesn't matter that she's chubby, but her fans at least should know how to draw her/draw her properly since they love her so much

No. 648079

That giraffe neck…

No. 648098

File: 1532622345858.jpeg (147.91 KB, 1242x743, 139AC3CE-C750-46E5-94C2-C6D7A0…)

Not talking about alcohol for once

No. 648116

Maybe she should try drinking plain water for once in her life.

No. 648117

No. 648127

She literally reads the "push for lights"button yet still reacts like she's three years old. I can't stand grown ass people like her overhyped over the most basic shit and she's always doing it.

No. 648131

File: 1532624285391.jpeg (77.14 KB, 638x748, FB97085C-390D-45A1-8E49-FE8D6E…)

All she does is make weird noises, I couldn't even finish this video.

No. 648133


No. 648150

her bangs dont look so bad here. still a mess that doesnt go well together but it looks better than in the first pics. at least her hair is down and it looks much better than in a bun
pixie did a giveaway that's not for chrismtas? wowie

No. 648160

>when she opens the giraffe she says "brown cow"
>purposely pronounces look as lewk

when is she going to drop this "straight girl who watched drag race once" act it's so annoying

No. 648180

all these girls know how to draw is kaweewee animu girls, of course they cant draw pixie realistically.

No. 648200

I’m so tired of these boring videos where all she does is show us her gifts/stuff that we brought. Please make actual quality content.

No. 648213

If she did more sewing projects she'd be a professional designer and the vieos would be more fun. Having a shopping addiction where you spend thousands that can go back into educations is not professional in the slightest.

No. 648266

Wouldn't say professional designer, but at least she'd be able to construct clothing well. Jill needs to get off her fat ass and learn how to communicate like a regular person jfc. When does school start for her, maybe she won't shop as much when she has actual work to do.

No. 648269

or she'll procrastinate and keep up her shopping and shooping addiction, eventually fail her classes and cry cry cry to everyone and their mom about how "unfair" college is and how nothing is her fault and she tries "so hard!!", as if trying hard meant you're entitled to winning.

No. 648275

I don't mind some of them like homesense hauls because they're basically advertisements and I might end up seeing something I want for my own house

but ones like this are dumb because after I've seen one box I know the product exists. I don't need to see all the pusheen to know if I want one or not. Which is pretty sad considering this is a sponsored video and LITERALLY and advertisement and it's not even enjoyable to watch compared to the ones where she goes out and just… shops.

I think the reason she's not doing sewing/designing videos is because she know shse has nothing of value to share. I actually found it quite interesting though when she did videos painting her furniture or making the cat house, those videos were one of the few times where I actually enjoyed her content and could see myself liking her again. Crafty diy suits her and with her taste in colors I think it could attract a good audience, and it's fun to watch, even if she did goof a bit on how she made the cat house. It's unfortunate she doesn't do more of that because I feel like it could be really good for her channel. She could just go on pinterest and do pins but with her aesthetic taste applied and I think she'd do really well.

No. 648289

Her bangs are cut too wide, if that makes sense. Like they should frame her face, but they're cut from one side of her head to the other which widens her face instead.

No. 648295

>>648289 i know what you mean. also the blue and green sections are disproportionately large so it's not like she needed all that width anyway. i'm still confused that a professional did this, but i guess she's more about being "alternative uwu" than being knowledgeable about the basics of hair

No. 648297

The hairdresser that she went to is a “green/environmentally friendly” salon. One of them seems like a completely normal person, and the one who did her hair acts similar to Jillian a little.

No. 648322

I can see this working for her, like pinterest stuff doesnt take much effort, she could get more involved with other creators (I inspire you, you inspire me kinda thing) and it would feel like you were watching something happen
She could still be quirky and could play cutesy music and effects over the sped up/time lapse bits

Itd also make her go out a bit more for supplies, she could even do "best places for pastel/glittery/magical art supplies!" videos/vlogs

No. 648359

That looks like someone's house. And her hairdresser looks really inexperienced.

No. 648361

File: 1532646148889.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, girls-laughing.png)

>jill paid someone for this bowlcut

No. 648464

I swear she looks like a goblin more and more. Her shrieking like a retard only made her look more retarded in this video.

No. 648502

She almost always calls pusheen a he/boy in her videos so I wonder if they told her to knock that off for this video and actually call her a girl

No. 648505


never mind she immediately starts calling her a him after the intro lmao

No. 648507

It was so cute then I looked at the feet

No. 648664

File: 1532676722185.jpg (17.02 KB, 699x696, 1532676708658.jpg)

Two of her nails looked like they were about to pop off

No. 648825

File: 1532706827927.jpg (9.63 KB, 480x202, 1491137672309.jpg)

holy shit anon how did i miss that

No. 648827

I’ve never had my nails done, but is that normal? To leave the nails on until they grow out that much?
Also could she just take them off, get some nail glue and put them back on normal or is that not how it works

No. 648831

Most people will let them grow out a bit before they get them removed or filled in, but I think this picture is at the point where most people would call it unacceptable and get it fixed.

No. 648847

File: 1532708605929.jpg (140.41 KB, 1080x457, 20180727_132022.jpg)

Sounds like the straight agenda to me.

No. 648855

Hope she paid for the person behind her.

No. 648859

Ha! Like that happened

No. 648864

Jill just tattoo qweer on your forehead already, we get it you're a speshul gay baby whose only attracted to guys

No. 648866

she neglected to mention that he paid for her food and then drove away with it.

No. 648870

Liking rainbows, Abba and guys with bleached hair still doesn't make you queer Jill.

No. 648898

Everything about this humble brag pisses me off. I wish Jillian would just not…
And omfg what part of that was queer? jfc why does she try so hard to bring up that she's uwu kawaii queer girl?
She shows off her "queerness" like she does her shitty clothes or designer cats. As if being queer is something quirky and special rather than just being part of her identity

No. 648903

>>648847 this is honestly so fucking annoying, none of this is queer!

No. 648911

i so badly wish we could get a fakeboi jullian phase since she is so qweer and only dates guys

No. 648916

I have literally never met an actual lesbian who could stand ABBA, does she think she’s a twink now?

No. 648918

Bifag here, never heard anyone who is actually "queer" consider Abba as some LGBT history group

No. 648926

it's cus the gays love abba right?? and they dress up in rainbow colours every single day

No. 648943

I suppose lesbian stereotypes are too yucky for Princess Jillian. Flannels, dogs, Tevas and camping aren’t kawaii!

No. 649013

Why does she make shit like this up lmao. She has a boyfriend why does she need to lie about getting male attention??

No. 649014

attention whores can't get enough, ever. that's why.

No. 649104

I have those stickers. They're by Q-Lia.

No. 649116

It’s because Mama Mia is back and everyone is saying that ABBA is gay bc everyone loves Dancing Queen I guess (queer anthem?). I looked it up and wiki says that it is a queer anthem, just like a few other popular songs that lgbt+ people can relate to/love because it’s empowering or something I guess. It doesn’t make it any less annoying though, because now anything that we like and anything that we do is “gay culture” and every young adult speaking like that is annoying and cringy. It’s immature, that type of humor or making everything about you is irritating. I wish this type of behavior where a bunch of us in this community didn’t act like this to get attention. Acting quirky/different in your 20’s and 30’s is insufferable. Sorry for sperging but everyone is acting like this.

No. 649123

She sounds more like a fake gay man. rofl
She might as well mention Cher, Madonna and mojitos.

also sounds like she's been watching too much ru paul, because that's the only real gay thing she knows. It's annoying when straight girls try to mimic gay men lingo.

No. 649142

I can't stand her calling herself queer over liking feminine men, like hordes of other straight women also do. I wish more of her dumb fans would drag her for this.

No. 649147

but anon! no one can question Jillybean as she is the one true Kawaii-chan and she WILL delete comments!

No. 649173

Tbf Im a lesb and I have a fond spot for ABBA

No. 649181

Tbh the mixture of attempting to act like a gay stereotype, heterosexuality, being a bum, aesthetic incompetence, bowl cuts, and tragic dye jobs is the epitome of uwu ~kweer~ culture

No. 649405

She talks about this like she’s not attracted to guys, which having a boyfriend lmao
It would make sense if she was gay because then it would be like “I’m not attracted to men but dude I’m not interested in bought my food even though he doesn’t have a chance, gay agenda is free food from guys lol!!1!!”

No. 649511

I think in Jill's mind the story goes something like this:
The guy was a ~fellow gay uwu~; he saw the rainbows, heard Abba and clearly just went "YASS slay queen!!! Let me get some bad boy nuggies for this queer icon!!"

When in reality, if this happened at all, it was just a straight guy getting food for a straight girl.

No. 649543


Holy shit thanks anon! I was sure that question was a gonner.

No. 649605

For all the ~uwu queer acceptance~ shit Jill tries to front, she really does just blatantly promote a ton of stereotypes about the lgbt community.

No. 649630

File: 1532800541228.jpg (200.77 KB, 934x960, IMG_20180728_104715.jpg)

Jill is ugly asf and cunty. I'm hot asf and I don't even act like this.(shitty bait)

No. 649632

uh, what?

No. 649634

boy I sure hope this is bait

No. 649636

Why are you feeding the troll tho

No. 649639

i wish i understood pixie logic. is short hair lesbian agenda? is liking pink gay agenda?? how come tropes and stereotypes are what embodies being ~qweer uguu~ fuck i wish i could wrap my head around these kinds of people
i swear to god my brain is so fried from jill i can't tell if this is ironic or not

No. 649640

Didn’t she say she was worried about people mistaking those rainbows for the LGBT flag and fucking up her car? Of course now she’s folded her aesthetic choices into her new ~queer~ image.

No. 649641

File: 1532801806326.png (558.83 KB, 665x615, sdf.png)

yeah, i vaguely remember that…
but then someone DID fuck up her car, and she made it a whole qweer thing, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 649644

I would appreciate this post if it was made by someone who is actually gay and not some badly dressed clown pushing for dick, but claiming to like women.

No. 649654

My theory is a lot of these women who claim to be gay jack off to lesbian porn, but are disgusted by irl women. Screen and real are different. Lesbian porn can be a lot more aesthetic and sensual than straight porn (bc that's for men). Still doesn't make you a lesbian if you only date cock.

She also constantly mentions she's gay to the point of appropriation

No. 649679

It could be that people just do t like clowns and assumed it was a clown car

No. 649684

File: 1532805970424.png (51.76 KB, 720x340, 20180728_202412.png)

Jilly bean pushing her gay image in her likes as well

No. 649692

I just can't stand her 'biggest queer to ever queer' attitude. Being straight isn't special enough so she's gotta claim to be something she's not for internet points. Surprised she's not into mogai shit

No. 649698

Shh, keep it down! We don't want to give her ideas, anon!

No. 649706

File: 1532807836202.png (478.18 KB, 476x1092, pxi.PNG)


>be girl

>have boyfriend
>like abba
>eat fast food

oh my god, so fucking queer.

No. 649753

File: 1532812386348.jpeg (54.02 KB, 750x368, 00700BBE-9245-41D4-8923-4AA663…)

Jill’s way to selfish to think of doing that

No. 649774

I remember her original tweet being along the lines of “I got a cute pastel rainbow, not the LGBT rainbow colors, so I hope they don’t scratch me for looking gay!” It was infuriating to me only because she doesn’t even think about the repercussions of being mistaken for gay or being out of the closet, if that makes sense. Like what gay person would present themselves with a massive gay symbol without already thinking about the risks? And it’s not like she was living in a liberal bubble or anything.

Not that I doubt her sexuality, but just the ways she’s branding herself with it.

No. 649883

a reverse image search didnt pull up this image anywhere i think this may not be bait… anon get help

No. 649895

File: 1532827166952.jpg (729.93 KB, 1080x1080, 20180728_221756.jpg)

No. 649896

File: 1532827211365.jpg (682.16 KB, 1080x1440, 20180728_221813.jpg)

She looks like an actual fucking grandma in this one! Kek!

No. 649899

PEI had the Pride parade today, can't wait for an ~uwu hyperfeminine qUeEr rainby pride vlog~

No. 649906

A fan took a picture with her, and Pixie was wearing a bi flag. So maybe she'll make a 'I'M BI' confession video. Hmmm. Also she wore her blonde wig. Surprised she didn't flaunt her qweer rainby bangz at pride.

Damn that rainbow fade. Eesh. Though I do like her natural curl. Imagine the potential for her hair if she didn't fry it…

No. 649925

how is the color already so faded? jesus

No. 649926

Definitely not from washing, so I'd assume the pool?

No. 649935

Ah I did wonder the result of bleaching her already fried hair.. Some hairdressers, man.. There was no way the colour was going to hold either. She needs to give this shit up.

No. 649937

File: 1532830827223.jpeg (589.17 KB, 640x786, 2DB30190-767B-4D73-87AF-389D0E…)

Anon this is an image board, please post pictures where you can.

I think it’s because Jill, in a rare instance of self awareness, knew her choppy rainby bangs looked like shit. But judging by her outfit she probably wanted to look more like a ~swexy clown~ inspired by the people at pride who where revealing outfits (nothing against those people ofc)

No. 649944

Pride was the ONE acceptable place for her to have those rainbow bangs and she covers them up?

No. 649954

idk why but for some reason the way her eyebrows arch up above the sunglasses is so funny

No. 649960

That bi flag looks really weirdly faded, I almost didn't recognize it. I wonder if its one of those weird made up tumblr identities that just basically equals 'straight but I wanna be special'. Or it could be the photo lighting makes it look weird, who knows

No. 649982

tbh it looks like the trans flag to me. bi is supposed to be pink purple and blue, so idk what shes going for there

No. 649984


It definitely looks more like the trans flag.

No. 649986

File: 1532833626836.png (345 B, 318x159, téléchargement.png)

the trans flag has a white line and is symmetrical tho… i bet she went for a pastel kawiwi bi flag even though it ended up looking nothing like the actual bi flag

No. 650015

The return of those disgusting pink boots. And why can she never match shades in her outfits, I dunno if it's lighting, but that's 3 different shades of pink on one colorblind clown

No. 650026

File: 1532837212493.jpeg (145.64 KB, 750x493, 705DF9C1-33A6-4F91-80A9-620651…)

I saw this post on tumblr a few months ago and it reminded me of Jillian. Seeing her talking about being ~sooooo queer~ reminded me of it again.

No. 650040

? What kind of bullshit is that? I know that some women are afraid of looking masculine but there’s no reason to target bi girls (who can be masculine, traditionally feminine or whatever) when other sapphic girls do the whole “I’m a girl who loves girls and the color pink. I’m hyperfeminine and queer even though I don’t look like it, and I’m so proud” because while some people can be stereotypes, I don’t think that people should be that proud about following or not following stereotypes.(blogposting)

No. 650074

why did this get a ban??

No. 650078

NTA but how in the world is this blogposting? she questioned the post and then quoted hypotheticals she wasnt talking about herself

No. 650086


it was unsaged and it had absolutely nothing to do with the JILL. it was just gonna spark discussion on more things unrelated to the thread.

No. 650091

This. Janny’s are based.

No. 650094

Because it's lame, unsaged, tumblry shit that would derail the thread.

No. 650117

I wouldn‘t be surprised if she DIY‘d it because ~speshul kaweewee pastel flag ~

No. 650156

File: 1532859194416.png (59.82 KB, 720x353, 20180729_111210.png)

Did you know being attracted to fem boys makes you gay?

No. 650164

But none of the guys she dated were even particularly feminine??

I really feel like just because she isn't dating a chad bro football player with a shaved head everyone (especially Jill) thinks she's ~bisexual~ or whatever. Colin was non-binary but he still clearly looked like a guy with guy interests, and Tristan and new boytoy are also just regular men.
These girls are always the ones going on about their stupid ~spectra~ and tearing down gender stereotypes or some shit but then as soon as they date a guy with dyed hair they think they're gay lmao.

No. 650192

Nothing is more feminine than a straight cis male!!!
And when she dates an actual woman she keeps her as a dirty secret for a couple months and then dumps while saying she wasn't attracted to her

All the evidence points to "straight"

No. 650210

Is this another new dress? Anyone have any idea where it's from?

No. 650213

lol, this. All the guys she's dated are average at best. Just because they aren't hyped up sports players, doesn't make them feminine. It's funny how tumblrinas love to tack on the stereotypes more than anyone.

If anyone really thinks Jill is gay, they're absolutely delusional.

No. 650246

When is Jill going to Japan again? Is it next month? I find it strange how she hasn't mentioned Kawaii I since she's won, or anything about Japan in general. At least we should have lots of milk coming soon
ALso it's funny how she won a jfash competition, when she doesn't wear anything Japanese inspired or Japanese brands what so ever anymore

No. 650261

I still can't believe she won. It really irks me that kawaii ambassador is based purely on follower count. It's not like Jill does anything else like support others in the alt fashion community or help build a community outside her cringe fan base. Hell, her fashion/style isn't even good. She keeps getting attention for being a shopaholic.

No. 650267

Wait, so she's bi now? What ever happened to her being pansexual?
>">Began her lolcow run as a 'pansexual' lolita lifestyler[…]"
She's even said it in a few videos. It's fine if she changed her mind, whatever, it's just weird that… no one really knows what she is? She's only ~qweer~ when it fits her mood.
Then again, she does only publicly date guys, so it doesn't really matter regardless. kek
Time to take bets on how much western food she can gorge herself on while there instead of actual food exclusive to Japan! I'd say a solid 5/1 ratio nuggies VS green tea kitkats and ramune.

No. 650270

She needs to become an ana-chan so y'all could STFU.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 650273

This would be cute but the EYEBROWS

No. 650281

Literally how?? She’s made so many “me and my boyfriend!!!” videos, I really don’t get how people think she’s a lesb? Not to mention th fact that she’s said she won’t do anything sexual to a girl on her own twitter because she’s a “bottom” lmao

I really don’t get how her fans are so fucking stupid

No. 650303

OT, but does anyone know where to get these sunglasses? They're quite nice.

No. 650319

Yeah I’m honestly surprised she hasn’t at least tried to fucking represent the contest by wearing more j-fashion again. I don’t get it. There’s so much shit that fits her aesthetic. Does she just not fit into it anymore?

No. 650322

No. 650422

To be honest I think she has mostly just given up on dressing quirky/unique. Her style has gotten really boring, all she wears anymore is normie Western pastel fashion.
I mean she still gets some Lazy Oaf stuff but mostly seems to wear that when she goes to events or vlogs or something.

She said before that she doesn't wear a bunch of her J-fashion stuff because it sticks out too much, so even when she sees stuff that fits her aesthetic she probably just doesn't bother with it anymore.

Also I might be crazy but I thought that she mentioned not going on the Kawaii.i trip before? It really is weird that she hasn't talked about it anymore since she won basically.

No. 650481

Because she doesn't know shit about colored hair maintenance, she went in the pool with her fresh dye job. Not only will chlorine strip color from the hair extremely fast, but it'll turn her blonde green as well (since you know she didn't wash it with a clarifying shampoo afterwards)

No. 650668

is jill just gonna peace out for japan and ditch school for a few weeks??? not that the program she's in is particularly advanced but skipping even a week of the first month of your first year of uni seems irresponsible. honestly she shouldn't have even entered the kawaii.i contest, let alone won

No. 650670

can't wait to see her deepthroat junk food 24/7 and trot around tokyo for two weeks AGAIN, without ever so much as considering visiting other parts of a country she claims to love. at least i hope she's not dragging louise to this shitshow again.

No. 650995

You're right, that was terrible planning on her part. I wonder what the consequences are if she skips the Japan trip? Will she be stripped of the title? In any case, missing a bunch of classes in your first semester is practically begging to fail.

If i'm not mistaken, she should be getting her house keys this week. I wonder if she's actually done packing for the move. Is she going to wait on Steve and Maggie to move at the same time, assuming they're also renting for August? She's probably overly co-dependent with Steve considering her past relationships.

No. 651036

nooo just get them off of ebay for like $3 lol

No. 651107

sage bc who cares but lmao at you two acting like people don't skip classes anyways. i mean jill's a dumbass who will definitely not be able to work hard enough to catch up/won't be willing to work while away, but if it were anyone else it wouldn't be a huge deal. jill's just going to take some art and crafts classes with bored housewives and people going through their midlife crisis anyways.

No. 651215

File: 1532973383205.jpg (115.47 KB, 720x681, 2018730_1354259.jpg)

Ironic because of what she did to Allysa…

No. 651223

That's a good point about the keys. If she's moving in for August, she could be potentially just about to move but won't cut the cord until closer to the end of the month so she can go from being inseparable from her mom to inseparable from her weird bf/skinwalker love triad. Why not pay for a full month of rent to not live in a place if someone else is paying for it?

No. 651256

File: 1532976861695.jpg (37.15 KB, 1440x376, 1532976838449.jpg)

Did she finally learn she can't cook?

No. 651276

She probably had salmonella. Theres been a bunch of recalls on things like ritz cheese crackers.

No. 651282

File: 1532979112758.png (12.71 KB, 467x98, partner.PNG)


ironic because the real reason she's keeping her relationship private is because of pic related

No. 651379

Tfw straight people have been using the word partner at least since 2007-8 (My first irl hearing of it)

It's just a more mature way of saying boyfriend or girlfriend

No. 651437

or drunkielock is actually hungover

No. 651465

theyre ripoff ysl glasses lol

No. 651487

It goes back way further than that and has long been a way to indicate a relationship that is serious but not fiance or married - not tied to gender specifically.

No. 651496

File: 1532995463307.png (Spoiler Image, 84.04 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180730-170252.png)

Here's what her knock offs are modeled after. I ordered this exact pair a week ago!(no1curr)

No. 651510

$4.68 usd
Who buys 420 sunglasses and brags about it kek

No. 651524

Jill apparently! Let she'd brag about paying for just about anything you can think of.

No. 651532


Don't be a Jill, anon

No. 651599

Nah, she bought the glasses at a local shop (she said in that favs video idk which one), she doesn't have the ysl anon posted. It's really weird to spend so much in designer sunglasses made of plastic and probably in China.

No. 651785

Doesn't she move out tomorrow? I thought the lease started on August 1st

No. 651893

I thought school starts in September?
If it does there's no way she's moving out a full month beforehand

No. 652008

im in another province but around here some schools start in mid-august, especially unis and colleges so maybe thats why shes moving so early

No. 652019

You suck, anon.. obviously it's your money but glasses are like the one thing you can buy fake or knock off and people won't know/care (i don't think they do anyway but w/e. What a waste of money.

No. 652025

She’s planning on painting the apartment before moving into it, and slowly moving furniture over, so she likely won’t fully move in for a bit. Her parents are also on vacation right now so she likely won’t be moving until her mom is back to help

No. 652062

I believe she said in her ~crying in the car~ video that she is moving july 30th/31st

No. 652103

New video up.
Is it me or is the left side of her blonde hair an entirely different tone than the right?

No. 652107

>Favourites instead of favies
I'm intrigued

No. 652127

Wonder if she intentionally didn't censor herself saying "motherfucker," or if she just got too lazy?

Also ew at how much she tries to do the drag queen speak in this one.

No. 652130

File: 1533055854965.jpg (8.21 KB, 356x381, 1533055802072.jpg)

Her nails somehow got worse than the last video. Also she defends her lipstick "peeling off after like, 6 hours"

No. 652136

do u think all that makeup is why her face looks so aged or is it just how she is

No. 652142

she censored an f-bomb later on, so I guess lazylocks is back at it again

No. 652148

File: 1533057256219.jpg (64.59 KB, 1436x774, 1533057122092.jpg)

Her hair video was only a video ago/last week

No. 652192

Jill the beauty guru…kek. I actually think she's a better make up artist that big fat disgusting Nikkietutorials who cakes her fucking face on like a damn clown.

No. 652267

The way she tried to speak like jeffree and other big gurus made me cringe

No. 652313

File: 1533066046317.jpeg (87.3 KB, 750x432, FB5E086B-1F07-4CA9-9496-8C88D3…)

Comment on her newest video, her moving plans for those who were wondering

No. 652324

lol you went there, anachan. nikkie is a professional mua, she knows how to do natural make up, thats just not what she likes for herself. she does have skills, jill does not

No. 652338

Nikkie is so disgusting and doughy faced it makes me want to vomit. The bitch uses a whole bottle of foundation on her face! It's horrid and her skills are shit. Jill is a shit wreck herself but at least she uses less product. However that highlighter she got does her no favors.(sage posts like this)

No. 652349

anon, pls. jill may use less product but, her skills are still shit. nikkie is a professional and has skills that jill could only dream of.

No. 652356

that’s one of the things i’ve noticed about her since i started watching a couple years ago, she always uses words, phrases and mannerisms that jeffree uses despite not liking him anymore. i bet she still watches all of her videos tbh(sage posts like this)

No. 652366

>sorry if you are twelve

No. 652369

File: 1533068494557.jpeg (724.09 KB, 750x1041, D05FA63C-441C-49A7-A851-256E5C…)

No. 652373

I can't tell what's worse - her botched wig bangs or her walking around with a swatch of make up on her hand…

No. 652378

Called it lmao
The hairdresser did a good choice with using a more ashy blonde but her hair doesn’t hold anything anymore. The bangs are faded as well. Still, she looks much better with her hair like this

No. 652382

She’s not a professional MUA she just did tutorials on yt and became famous. Plus yea she’s basically a huge ass ork queen

No. 652390

No one gives a shit about Nikki here, go rant about her somewhere else.

No. 652399

File: 1533069740910.jpg (271.53 KB, 1920x1080, TropicThunder_SimpleJack.jpg)

very kawaii Simple Jack bangs

No. 652540

File: 1533077273237.png (974.19 KB, 1714x884, ew.png)

And this is why skincare is important BEFORE you look like this.

I know we comment a lot about her looking like a granny, but holy fuck does she look like she's at least 50

No. 652546

Why are her nails super dirty when she faces the inside of them towards the camera?

No. 652563

File: 1533077942765.png (938.96 KB, 827x729, greenhue.png)

I felt more distracted by the other side of her hair. It definitely has a green hue and the two sides look so off because of this. Like one side is a faded blonde and the other is a greenish blonde. It's been like a week and it's this bad.

No. 652574

why the fuck can't she kinda blend in the lipline or something, her lipstick always looks too fucking dry and like fkn concrete with stark af wonky lines, nasty.

No. 652576

>>652563 i don't really see what you mean by "greenish" but maybe my monitor sucks idk. her hair is definitely different on either side tho, because during her "hair transformation" her stylist had to bleach one side a shitton more just to get all that dye out from before. maybe that side was green? i really don't remember

No. 652586

Just finished the video and uh did anyone else see at 12:31 her earring falls off? Why leave that in? Why not refilm that bit? She's so lazy, that completely took me off guard especially because it quickly cuts after that. Youtubers usually film multiple takes to get a nice video, don't that? Idk why that irked me so much.

No. 652631

Congrats to you for making it that far into the video, but ya. It looks really stupid since she cut the video to it being fixed. She could've just cut out that part, and gone to when she has it fixed.

No. 652633

At least she's not stupid enough to poison her cat with paint fumes. I still don't think she's going to be doing the majority of the painting, she will probably make her parents or friends do it. I'm looking forward to it coming out like a sloppy mess to match her lifestyle.

No. 652730

File: 1533080934223.jpg (68.11 KB, 1432x795, 1533080863119.jpg)

The bikini bottom she bought looks like granny panties and she says it goes up to her belly button. She's finally embracing her inner grandma-kei

No. 652840

Her jowls are becoming so defined. Can't wait until school starts and she gains the freshman 15.

No. 652887

File: 1533086718457.png (869.88 KB, 825x553, fuckmeupfamspecial.png)

it could just be she had it toned badly. yellow hair + blue shampoo/toner = green hue. bitch is rockin ROY G BIV crayola bangs but doesn't understand basic color theory…tragic.

you can see it more in some frames but one side is like several shades different than the other… still can't believe she paid someone to do that to her.

No. 652896

Bet the color got washed out so bad from her going in the pool so quickly after getting it done.

No. 652957

File: 1533089641249.jpeg (244.88 KB, 750x647, 8AD4DFA9-00A4-4FBA-A6E0-D5B7F3…)

No. 653065

well of course she can't just be stressed and excited to be moving out for 'college'; she just has to be sooooo sick she feels like she's dying.

exaggeration, blah blah blah. I know, but still, ridiculous claims and ploys for pity are very her.

No. 653094

What a whiny little bitch. Can't wait to see how she handles school and living alone.

It would be hilarious if she chickened out after all that.

No. 653228

How is a full grown adult woman so afraid of leaving her basement? Kek
20 years old and barely moving out? She's fucking old to be so retarded and immature.

No. 653332

can´t wait for the lulz and milk lmao

No. 653388


does this happen when people gain weight or is it just aging? (like 50 under ofc)

No. 653473

nah, it's definitely her makeup aging her because of the amount of foundation she cakes on.

No. 653673

File: 1533150086426.png (333.36 KB, 720x603, 20180801_200053.png)

Are you sure about that

No. 653961

I thought it was a genetic thing? Her mom has jowls, even toddlers can have jowls (see - Kailyn Wilcher's kid)

No. 654264

File: 1533178863537.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180802-105626.png)

Damn pixie looked a lil rough before her haircut (saged for obvious reasons)

No. 654298

File: 1533181099377.gif (2.38 MB, 465x428, bye.gif)

No. 654440

You can really see the difference in blonde tones in this gif that anon mentioned earlier.

It’s virtually impossible to strip blue and green based dyes all the way out of hair, you can only get them super light and neutralize them with toners, which are basically just pastel blue or violet semi-permanent colors, in the case of blonde toning. The only way she could truly cancel out cool stains without re-toning every couple weeks would be to go warmer and a bit darker. Especially since her hair is so over bleached, it’s really porous - all pigments are going to just keep falling out quickly until she restores the health of her hair and to do that she would have to stop bleaching.

She could actually save her hair if she was wiling to go with red tones at her natural level, which is sort of a medium brown judging by her roots? She’s pale enough that she could definitely pull it off if she let a tasteful professional choose a flattering and maintainable shade.

Sage for hair sperging but my god do I just want to fix everything she has going on.

No. 654574

File: 1533214230290.jpeg (175.03 KB, 750x421, FC2442A9-E087-4320-9D8E-6EF322…)

No. 654594

Her natural hair color is ~boring dark dark practically black~ according to Jillian. Neutral tones do look better on her and if she did then for a while she could make her hair healthier and she wouldn’t look really old. Health is more important than having fun/fixing with your hair. She’s been dying her hair since 7th grade and she’s been every color. The dark brown may look boring bc it’s not rainbow pastel kaweewee but I’d recommend that she didn’t use any colors where she has to bleach her hair/roots. I know that she loves dying her hair “fun” colors but maybe she could go back to her natural hair color or dye overtop of her natural color with no bleach.

No. 654711

File: 1533231161560.jpeg (56.46 KB, 440x550, D53F4879-3C03-4C06-BD6C-B995BD…)

She’s delusional about her hair being that dark, she’s a natural level 4 judging by her roots and brows, which is actually not too dark to get some pretty vibrant reds without damaging it nearly as much as she is now with the constant bleaching.

She needs to go to a color correction specialist so they can do some bond repairing treatments, correct her base color to neutral, and then go for a level 5 or 6 vivid red. Ideally she’d stop lightening altogether for 2 years, but she won’t, so. It would look a lot more mature, do wonders for her curl texture, and still be fashion-forward.

Pic related is a shade she could maintain while slowly massively improving the health of her hair, that would also flatter her complexion and and stay pretty vibrant between color sessions. Her hair can totally be salvaged, but she needs to go to a more experienced and more tasteful professional, and trust the stylist.

No. 654719

File: 1533232268075.png (758.07 KB, 720x930, 20180802_185048.png)

No. 654720

Really wonder how many loads it's gonna take, back and forth from both houses. Wouldn't it be better to get a moving truck and save gas?

No. 654723

her shoes looks comically oversized, like a little kid playing dress up with mommy's shoes

No. 654725

She already said, they are bringing all the furniture over at once. Today was getting the keys and painting

No. 654730

Half her skirt having a crumply edge and the other being straight wouldn't irk me as much if it didn't somehow look like it's perfectly split in half between flat and crumply

No. 654737

Can she not wear regular grubby clothes for one day? Why would you wear this to go paint?

No. 654741

Jesus the nails

No. 654783

This absolute idiot posting photos of her key, keys can be copied based on photos, and considering that she has an online following and has already shown off the nicer things she owns she is setting herself up to be stalked or have her house broken into. Gg Jill

No. 654789

File: 1533237072755.png (754.57 KB, 612x722, pixie.png)

No. 654798


wow,she lurks hard kek

No. 654799

It’s very easy to find the townhouse she’s in just by googling townhouses in Fredericton. I was curious and using details she said in her sims video it is very obvious.
Jill needs to be way more careful. If I was her I would probably take down this sims video after this. If she does do a proper house tour too then she’s really putting herself at risk with this key photo too.

No. 654801

From the looks of it this updated photo was posted slightly before the post on here, so hopefully she wised up or a friend warned her. Still very stupid of her

No. 654899

They'll break in and the smell of rotten tendies and dirty clothes will knock them out then neena beana will kill them, hyped up from the paint rooms

No. 654901

Top kek anon, but you forgot the best part, she’ll make a story time about it on her YouTube and the cuntfatty club will come and her ass pats

No. 655099

I will never forget ~Jeep Lover~ Louise

No. 655106

Hell, I'd be tempted to break in and resell whatever wasn't crusty. Confetti cunt members would kill to own weeb shit that was owned by Jilly bean herself.

No. 655152

of course she would be stupid enough to post a picture of her key, Jill is the kind of person to flash her credit card on camera to show off making an expensive purchase.

No. 655167

File: 1533257728606.jpg (710.77 KB, 1080x1560, 20180802_215342.jpg)

No. 655168

File: 1533257825252.jpg (352.07 KB, 1080x807, 20180802_215503.jpg)

Good luck to this bitch with actually keeping this place clean kek

No. 655177

This place is huge. Most people's first apartments could fit in the area in the second post.

No. 655181

That being said, her place’s rent is like $720-$740 not including utilities

No. 655182


*usd not cad

No. 655185

File: 1533259403997.png (737.99 KB, 1176x611, 2018-08-02 21_21_34-Window.png)

I found pic related as comparison and it looks similar, I think the rent is closer to 1k (guessing). She's a massive retard tbh

No. 655188

God, I pay more than that for the shittiest 1-bedroom apartment in the world. Fuck US housing.

No. 655189

No, I know where she is renting from and the CAD price converted to USD is $720-$740
She’s got a good deal

No. 655190

nah it's from her being in a smaller city. I live in Toronto and getting a 1-bedroom is over 1k in most places.

No. 655191

Honestly I am a bit surprised she chose a place with such dated looking kitchen cabinets and appliances. That might be one of the reasons why it's so cheap as well (in addition to the location).

No. 655192

Not saying anyone should, but Jesus Christ that'd be the funniest thing IMHO. Someone joked about stealing her rainby doormat in the last thread I think…

No. 655197

Why does she have two twin mattresses? Is she going to have two guest beds or something? What adult woman in a relationship with her own home sleeps in a twin…? It’s super immature or super excessive.

No. 655198

So basically if she was living within her means she could be saving a ton of money for things worth having? Isn’t “renting flushes money away” one of the first rules of wise finances? The mortgage on a small nice house in that area with good credit that her parents probably have would not only cost less, but actually be a financial asset in the long run. Is her whole family retarded about money, then?

No. 655199

Sorry I meant something more Ike “living within her needs” than living within her means, apologies for double-post.

No. 655207

kek sorry anon but mortgages usually lock you in for five years so it'd be stupid to just buy a house when she knows she's not gonna stay there. Renting instead of buying while she goes to her craft classes is the better decision. Although we all know it's unnecessary for her to have a town house like this. If town houses are this cheap, imagine how cheap an apartment would be? She'd prob save so much more money she's so wasteful

No. 655215

File: 1533263894480.jpeg (80.04 KB, 750x307, 5C62F89A-7D1E-4E16-96A7-B339D9…)

Momma Vessey loves to brag about her kiddo

No. 655222

>by herself
Yeah, ok mom. Even if she was paying the whole rent it’s still not “by herself” when she mostly likely had to have her mom co-sign.

No. 655239

I thought it was fairly normal to have a co-sign on your first rental because you have no other references so you need someone as some sort of voucher? My dad had to co-sign on my first rental even if I was paying all of it, but once I had one reference of being a good tenant I could rent my next apartment by myself. Am I wrong and this isn't common? saged

No. 655260

This place is huge for Jill's fatass. Just think if she wasn't so greedy this place could've gone to some family, and now it's gonna eventually end up as a storage unit for toys and other useless junk. I know Jill doesn't clean up, so there might be a chance she gets evicted if the overwhelming smell of rotten nuggies and old garlic fingies gets too much for the landlord.

No. 655274

This is actually disgusting.

No. 655281

Yeah this is common, most first rentals need co-signers, that anon is overreacting

No. 655283

Her mom is delusional if she thinks Jill is paying the rent "by herself." She conveniently started a poor me starving artist patreon a couple months ago where she gets $1k a month for doing jack shit and writing generic notes.

For months she's continued to upload garbage content inconsistently while she runs around having a ~uwu youthful summer~ getting drunk with her friends when she's not online shopping or looking like a mess at a con.

Even if she gets less money from youtube, she always has her insane fanbase to literally pay her rent and then some for just existing. Undeserving isn't a strong enough word.

No. 655368

File: 1533276226752.png (80.23 KB, 720x554, Screenshot_2018-08-03-07-51-02…)

Yeah such a beautiful human uwu~

No. 655402

Jill is a piece of shit excuse for a human being. Her family raised a selfish, low intellect, tendies munching mongoloid with a penchant for hoarding garbage.

No. 655486

I seriously don't understand how her fans are so delusional. Did they all go blind from constantly watching her videos, how can anyone of them believe that poor starving artist bullshit when she literally has everything placed in her tendies padded lap??

No. 655495

I literally think Louise meant she’ll be living by herself. As in, no roommates or boyfriend living with her. Which is true. And has nothing to do with Louise co-signing or helping with rent/other expenses. You guys are exaggerating her comment a bit.

First of all, Jill doesn’t live in the US. Secondly, she’s moving to a rural area in a town of less than 100k people. No one wants to live there. They also have the highest student debt in the country, so I feel bad for Jill’s friends who are studying there if they don’t also have rich parents to bail them out. I can imagine them living way beyond their means in order to keep up with Jill’s spending and lifestyle.

No. 655502

She lives in Canada so you shouldn't be converting the prices of rent. It doesn't make sense to do that.

No. 655539

More users ott are from US than Canada // understand US currency conversion to their own currency outside US
It’s to make it more relatable

No. 655543

I think this is just for her and her mom to sleep on while she’s putting everything else together. I do think it’s weird that they appear to be sleeping in the family room and next to each other when this house obviously has at least 2 bedrooms.

No. 655660

File: 1533315996118.jpg (251.15 KB, 1080x1004, 20180803_140523.jpg)

But they're having a slumbie party with matchy match jammies uwu

No. 655674

god, even when she's finally leaving her parent's house jill can't catch a break from her mother. no wonder she hasn't had a chance to be an adult for 5 minutes of her life.

No. 655688

no shit anon. Say that to her delusional stans kek

No. 655742

Im usually all for people doing what they like with their money, but seriously? I had to pay 400$ to rent a provate room smaller than her kitchen and live with 3 other people. She can get a small studio and save 300+$ a month if housing in canada is that way.

No. 655788

Her rent is cheap as hell. I own my house and rent out 3 of the four rooms in it because the mortgage is cheap. It's neary paid off. I have a career and invest my money instead of blowing it on a house payment, I let my tenants do that. Jill should try it sometime. She'd save a ton.(blog)

No. 655792


I think it's disgusting that she's renting a town house to herself for a shit college she'll likely drop out of.

However… all of Canada is most decidedly not that cheap. The Eastern provinces are, but if you're looking at Vancouver or Toronto etc? You're lucky to get a room for under $700.

No. 655794

double post, but, with her parents literally handing everything to her, real life is going to be such a smack in the face for this womanchild.

dollars to donuts that the first 'real life' crisis that pops up, instead of trying to solve it herself, she'll be calling up her mummy dearest to solve it for her.

No. 655806

3 stories all to herself for a shitty community college and her mom is bragging about it? This is disgusting, I don't even know any entire families who have ever lived in a 3 story house. It looks huge. I don't know how anyone can doubt Jill being an overgrown spoilt brat at this point, her parents need to intervene instead of supporting this.

No. 655810

Her relationship with her mom is past cute now, it's so overbearing and sickly. Louise your daughter is a grown adult woman who you have neglected to teach to fend for herself.

No. 655812

Do Canadians not have air mattresses? Why would you bring two regular mattresses just to spend the night? Makes no sense.

No. 655828

>Do Canadians not have air mattresses?
This is just as moronic as when Kelly Eden asked Jill "are daybeds a Canadian thing?"

I assume Jill is keeping those mattresses aside for her basement guest room but I wouldn't put it past the vesseys to buy nonsensical things for a single use, such as brand new matching PJs for the night to go along with their expensive hot water maker (aka keurig).

No. 655832

File: 1533327583419.jpeg (607.93 KB, 2400x1800, C2ABA7BF-06F5-4B2C-81E6-F09501…)

No. 655841


>Fears: My mom dying and getting stalked and killed LOL

Umm what the actual fuck? A normal person would answer spiders or heights. Her over attachment to her mom really fucks her up.

No. 655845

Well, Louise did have cancer when Jillian was a kid.

No. 655847

stretch before you reach. sorry some people care about their parents dying before they care about finding a spider in their room…

No. 655849

>fears: my mom dying

The fact she doesn't mention her dad here yet we've seen him being generous and kind and no doubt they are living off him is really heartless. I guess he doesn't baby her as much as mommy Louise so it's not good enough.

No. 655855

This. Almost losing someone is enough to make you wary of their health, safety and all that jazz, anon.
Even though the fact she never mentions her dad is kinda sad, as he seems loving too.

No. 655856

What video is that from I want those earrings

No. 655857

Idk about that, personally my parents dying is a fear of mine. I mean obviously it’s inevitable for all of us.
However for a Facebook post, i do agree that it’s normal to write something more trivial.

No. 655876

Sexuality is a lie lie lie lie lmao

No. 655887

File: 1533332182652.jpeg (170.96 KB, 750x491, B294D9A0-3EB1-48EF-B2EC-934BFE…)

No. 655888

LOL what kind of snowflake questionaire has "Disorders" listed?

No. 655893

Louise knows what's best for Jill to have the full college and grown up experience but shes too afraid to say "No" to her daughter

No. 655925

goddamn it anon i spat out my drink
there goes her sweet sweet pansexuality…

No. 655973

Wtf. So she knows she's actively keeping her adult daughter from growing or being challenged or experiencing reality but lol it's fine because ?????

No. 655980

The same snowflake questionnaire with 'pronouns' listed.

I know, right? She has legit only dated men.

No. 656012

Tbf why would an intro style question meme not include pronouns? People gotta know what to call you, especially over the internet
At least she’s not pretending to be trans

No. 656138

File: 1533348044732.jpeg (407.78 KB, 750x1089, 4BD36443-06C2-4AC8-AA8E-3F5044…)


No. 656152

File: 1533348845754.jpeg (131.75 KB, 750x1131, DF1E294F-9781-46C2-8A33-DA2BAB…)

No. 656156

Gamezilla is known for selling knock-off merch. This will go perfectly with her knock-off Clow Cards and Cardcaptor Sakura figures.

No. 656285

Yellow towels? Disgusting. I mean, I don't know, maybe people are into that but it is neon…

No. 656300

>>656285 Can't see piss stains that way

No. 656303

>Yellow towels? Disgusting
its a towel??? reach much

No. 656328

The fact that this photo has ~aesthetic~ towels and a loofah put it in along with a bunch of bubbles from what's clearly a bubble bath, but absolutely no actual shower or bath products in sight, no soap or shampoo anywhere, is making me laugh a lot this morning.

No. 656377


Looks like there isn't much of a "ledge" in the shower or on the edge of the tub to put shower products anyway, she may have put them on the other end of the tub that the curtain is covering because she probably doesn't care enough about her skin to buy nice bath products and the cheap ones she does get may not be aesthetic enough for her

No. 656390

You’d think her Lush yeast infection bombs would be front and center

No. 656394

Bath bombs can't get wet, and usually they package them in paper if you get them in store (which Jill normally does) or in unattractive plastic if you buy them online. She'd need a water resistant basket or something to keep the water from the shower and bath from ruining them. It makes sense to store them away from the tub.

Honestly the weirdest thing about this photo is the towels on the edge of the tub because when she sit down in the tub the displaced water will rise enough to get them all wet and soapy and unusable.

This is clearly mostly a photo for aesthetics and not necessarily how she actually bathes. I think some anons are beginning to exaggerate how dirty she really is.

No. 656433

kinda reachy as well. speaking as someone who tends to keep bath bombs in the linen closet so they don't get wet til they're used, and also there's a whole other side of the tub that isn't in the photo. is a clutter of bottles really what you want to see, anon?

No. 656524

File: 1533408574891.png (353.06 KB, 582x502, Przechwytywanie.PNG)

someone got a new wand

No. 656539

wow, i actually think this is kind of a funny tweet. also she has such a beautiful new bedroom! i wish she wouldnt ruin it with rainby kaweewee painted stripes, but we will have to see.

No. 656543


It's definitely way better than her current basement dwelling. Maybe the sunlight will help motivate her.

No. 656581

oh, anon… if only those words went together…

No. 656643

I can't wait to see how she'll ruin an entire house with her 'aesthetic' … A sloppy paintjob and bad matching colors. The house already has some dated looking features which she will definitely not incorporate in her 'design' in a nice way. I also predict it's gonna look filthy in no time. She better have a spare room to store all her junk.

No. 656651


I have the feeling that when Jill moves in fully without her mum, she will do the bare minimum to keep her house clean and then call her mum over to do it for her. Or her friends will do it for her. I just can't see Jill taking care of all this. Her mind is prob going crazy seeing all this free space that can be cluttered with random trash that she don't really need.

>On this episode of hoarders: …

No. 656752


Kek-chan, people don’t have the same culture and morals you do. People are moving out later now…

No. 656817


>this is what the patreon money goes to

No. 656839

File: 1533437099797.jpg (497.05 KB, 1080x967, 20180804_234140.jpg)

Jill's first new house breakdown incoming

No. 656842

File: 1533437211837.jpg (301.22 KB, 1080x903, 20180804_234154.jpg)

It looks like she's started on the walls? Also what a lewk

No. 656844

File: 1533437309488.jpg (188.21 KB, 1080x950, 20180804_234244.jpg)

No. 656847

but she is home? does she know that moving means like you live there? or

No. 656850

It should be common sense that if you have issues with mental health whatsoever, the last thing you need is to move into a space that’s larger than your needs or ability to care for. Jill already has self esteem issues, and she’s setting herself up for failure in this situation. She would be much better off on campus if they have student housing, or with roommates. The isolation and creeping messes are going to wreak havoc on her mental state, and her tendency toward addictive behavior (eating problems, shopping, apoparently alcohol) could absolutely spiral out of control. Especially after the novelty of her classes wear off, and she has to put in a lot more work for a lot less recognition than she is used to. This all seems like a recipe for disaster.

No. 656856

You know, I'm actually pitying her pretty hard right now. She clearly can't handle these sorts of changes to her routine without being really affected by it. I'm feeling like this was too many big changes at once. As much as I can't stand her as a content creator, I don't necessarily want anything truly bad to happen to her. I think she's just not mature enough yet for this and she tried to change too much too quickly. She's going to be eaten alive.

No. 656860

i agree. her mother is basically abusive because she sheltered her and handed her everything and now shes got to finally be an adult and its all crashing down on her. im not sure why all of these anons wish ill will on her, i want her to succeed and feel bad for her. like, i recognize shes greedy and spoiled and an entitled person, but i want her to legitimately learn to stop being lazy and become an independent person.

No. 656876

She’s 20 years old, and spoiling a kid isn’t abuse. I don’t want her to fail or suffer but crashing and burning is probably the only way she’s going to gain the humility she needs to make the changes necessary for her to be genuinely happy and successful. It’s going to be tough if that’s what happens but she also has a tremendous safety net and support system. She’ll be fine.

No. 656879

Failing as Jillian now will do her 1000x more good in the long run than succeeding as Pixieocks for the maximum 1-2 more years that her brand has left in it.

No. 656883

Is showing her apartment off the only serious content she has right now? At least her beach photos were something.

No. 656898

I thought you couldnt paint rentals??

No. 656909

… land lord consent. It's a thing. And this has been already discussed. Several times.

I personally can't wait to see not only what a shit job at painting she does, but what hideous colour combinations that will inevitably clash with everything in said rooms that she'll pick.

No. 657051

>I sowwy booboo
Im gonna hurl

No. 657053

Her life has been so easy and shes been treated like a princess for existing, she hasn't been abused for fucks sake

No. 657054

i shouldnt have said abused that was the wrong word, i mean she was horribly parented. spoiling your child isnt good parenting and neither is keeping them from growing up on their own. thats what i meant, but said abusive on accident.

No. 657082

Agree 100%. I hate Jill as a person, but if she finally got some sense smacked into her after this whole apartment mess then I would actually be rooting for her. She desperately needs to change and grow up or she'll forever roam this Earth as a hoarder.

No. 657101


tfw you realize that adult life is far more than just buying cutesy shit and pretending to be a ~designer~.

Who else feels like she will cancel this living alone and going to fashion school thing before it even starts?

No. 657141

Agree anon! Jill's been dragging out this woman child act for too long. Time to get the hell out of the parents house and be more mature about your life Jill. How she's not embarrassed about being so immature and selfish it's beyond me. Can't imagine how a woman that old still calls herself a baby and a fashion designer when she's never worked a day in her life for it.

No. 657187

I thought she was just painting the rainby walls on sims because it's a fun thing you can do easily on there, her really doing that in her real home is blowing my mind.

No. 657199

Yeah, I thought she just got permission to do "very light pink" AKA I would have interpreted that as basically off white with a pink cast to it.

I don't think her landlord is going to be impressed with this.

No. 657207

Jill's mom is a complete narcissist. She's the golden child she can show off to her friends for Cool Mom points. She flaunts how successful she is and lets her do lots of things most people can't or would get lectured about. This is why Jill can't be alone without freaking out. Her mom never let her do things by herself until now. She always held Jill's hand. I'm sure Jill's mom is messaging or calling her every few hours to check up on her. Her mom's controlling and she relies on Jill's inability to cope.

No. 657208


lol even worse, her mother is living there with her atm

No. 657212

I didn't see her as controlling but they do have an unhealthy codependency.

No. 657213

Damn, this is just depressing. For someone already feeling lonely all that empty space is going to be awful. For her sake, hopefully when school starts she'll wise up and get some friends to live in it with her. I get not wanting roommates but shared places with big bedrooms and private bathrooms or even a one bedroom studio would be a better starter than this. Prepare for more crying vlogs in the future.

No. 657223

File: 1533480780206.jpeg (376.37 KB, 750x711, 8ED8C144-63B9-41B2-B356-90DD08…)

No. 657228

Thankfully they're light colors that'll easily be covered by darker colors, but god forbid the landlord wants to go back to white or cream AFTER jill leaves–it's nearly impossible and there's always going to get the lines of color showing up under them.
her mom's never gonna get that security deposit back.

No. 657250

agree x1000 it's so barren and lifeless. a smaller space is ideal in this situation no matter how you spin it! she's occupying a space meant to house like. a fucking family. and i can't rationalize it, because she's already so neurotic about being alone. although >>657207 makes some good observations and now i'm wondering if the 3-story townhouse was her mother's brainchild. because she's definitely funding at least some of it and i imagine she lives for those moments she can reference her wittle self-made tenant in an oversized barbie playhouse

No. 657262

I find it funny how Louise is so obsessive about Jill being successful when poor Jill never actually accomplished anything to begin with. YouTube is hardly an accomplishment because of its short term longevity. It's like Jill got a scholarship to an Ivy League school kek. She's didn't even apply to Ryerson! All she does is dress like a clown, buy hoards of garbage and make an ass of herself on the internet. Way to brag Louise!

No. 657266

File: 1533488384380.jpeg (95.68 KB, 750x283, 0CB504F1-0768-48BB-9075-55017B…)

Her dads response to this, at least she does have supportive parents to go to, though I have a feeling she goes to her mom who enables her behavior far more then getting support from her dad

No. 657267

Her poor dad has her on Facebook and had to see that her mom dying is a fear of hers but no mention of him? Thats brutal

No. 657268

If Jill was a Golden Child she’d have been expected to have achieved something by now and have been held to high standards alongside being spoiled to shit. Louise isn’t a narc, just an attention whore by proxy. t

No. 657294

Agreed. I really don't get narcissist vibes from Louise, more just that she's living vicariously through Jill's success and they are both unhealthily reliant on one another.

No. 657309

>shes so neurotic about being alone

I thought us kids Jill's age were desperate about leaving their parent's houses so we could finally be alone and have our own space and choices for once. How on Earth is she upset about it?

No. 657312


There are people out there who can't stand the idea of being alone, always have to spend the time with somebody and be in a romantic relationship all the time. Jill seems to be one of them. They need somebody because alone they feel like they are nothing.

They can't define themselves, which makes them depressing to be alone.

No. 657314

Did her brother also pull this shit when he moved out last year? This made me wonder if the Vesseys also set him up with his own townhouse, with Louise helicoptering along to settle him in. But according to his social media he studied computer science at university and works regular low-end jobs. It's like the complete opposite of Jill's life and yet they're only a couple years apart. In fact, it appears he rents a room in a house with other students for a modest $350/month and I assume he also had a discount on tuition seeing as his father is senior faculty at the university.

Was he always more inclined towards independence and frugal living? Like is he just smarter and more laid back than Jill or were they raised on completely different standards? Because it literally sounds like they come from totally different families with different values and spending habits.

That's bogus. I have no idea what kind of paint would "show up" under other paint but no. I just finished painting a rental back to white after some walls were painted dark orange and neon green for years (don't ask, not my place). After two days of re-painting, you would literally never know it wasn't always white.

No. 657319

just like jill is closer to her mother, her brother must be closer to their dad and be more like him. they both seem to be book smart and down to earth.
jillian with her history of eating and mental disorders must be babied a lot more. her brother just seems like a normal low-key guy.
at the same time, its kinda sad because their parents let him be independant because they know he can handle it. they don't give that opportunity to jill.

No. 657326

Because there’s really nothing in it for her that she’s not already getting at home - freedom and privacy included, since she has a whole basement to herself. Moving out is kind of a step down for Jill’s lifestyle, in a way. She has the same amount of luxury she did at home, possibly a lit less, and now she has to actually take care of herself and a household, too.

No. 657328

Nobody needs to give you an opportunity to be independent, anon. You just do it. They didn’t cripple her by giving her a home, nobody has ever sheltered her or restricted her freedom in the slightest.

No. 657360

Clearly you've never had a helicopter parent that steps in at every opportunity to take freedom away from you.

No. 657362

You sound like you’re projecting, in what way has Louise restricted her opportunities? Jill wants to be with her obviously, she wouldn’t post about how much she loves her mom so much if she felt unhappy or restricted
>inb4 she’s brainwashed somehow
If Louise was really a helicopter parent she sure wouldn’t let Jill travel to cons alone and party it up with friends on New Years

No. 657367

Didn't Jill mention she wanted to bring her mom to Japan with her for the Kawaii.i feature later this year, even though she's old enough to go on her own? Louise isn't a helicopter - Pixie just wants to drag her enabler "bff" everywhere.

No. 657373

She's 20 years old, why would she need her mom's permission to go to an anime convention a short drive away? Especially when her parents bought her a car years ago. Do you think it's healthy or normal to be a legal adult but unable to travel out of the country without your mother? You sound like you're deliberately minimizing how toxic or crippling overbearing, controlling, or codependent parents can be for whatever reason.

No. 657375

I was responding to that other anon's claim that "nobody needs to give you an opportunity to be independent, you just do it." I'm not saying Louise is a helicopter.

No. 657424

It's just gross how she calls her mom her bff. Jill needs to get out there and make actual friends, and the fact that Louise allowed all this to happen so her role as a parent has basically disappeared. If Lousie dropped the bullshit she would've told Jill to get her ass together a long time ago.

No. 657692


Glad she has the "best friends in the world" (I actually like Jill); but, I'm curious what ever happened with Kenzie and Tracey? Sage for off topic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 657745

Here's a guide to how to sage and post: https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 657816

>I’m not saying Louise is a helicopter…
But you responded to the other post literally saying >clearly you’ve never had a helicopter parent

First of all this thread isn’t about any of us, it’s about Jill. Secondly, yeah you’re definitely projecting, or maybe just insecure about your own failure to launch. Literally nobody has stopped Jill from thriving except her own emotional problems. Being spoiled totally enables that, but she’s had every opportunity to deal with it - she’s had access to therapy and medication, she’s always been allowed to have a job, she’s allowed to attend college, her mother is physically helping her move into her own place. I don’t think you actually appreciate what it looks like for a parent to actually stifle their kid’s development and force them to remain sheltered, as opposed to just enabling their immaturity a bit too much for a bit too long. Furthermore she doesn’t need her parents’ permission to do things, that’s exactly the point >>657362 was trying to make. If she was really being controlled by Louise she would need permission to do things like that and wouldn’t have the vast amount of freedom that she obviously does.

No. 657822

I agree that it’s gross that her mom is her “bff” and their roles as mother/daughter are warped.

This is probably an unpopular opinion but - to a certain degree I can kind of understand why her parents have allowed her to live at home unti now. It sounds like she wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted when she finished high school, and she was beginning to have some success with her channel, so it’s not unreasonable that they let her delay college for a bit to explore that and see what opportunities came of it - obviously people do make a very decent living at YouTube, and those who do well can make good connections and get lots of exposure to different parts of the creative media industry. College is expensive, kids are moving out later, and it’s a lot of money to just throw at a university to get a degree for the sake of it if you’re not sure of your career path. If my kid had a choice between that, and a growing success in YouTube as well as a part time job (which Jill did have at the time), I’d be alright with them staying at home for a year or so to see how it played out.

What is totally ridiculous though is how they’ve allowed her to squander that opportunity and just fill her basement cave with pink plastic shit, and flush away thousands and thousands of their dollars on travel and shopping, while somehow becoming even more emotionally immature.

No. 657842

I've always thought the main reason why they let Jill stay at home and buy/do whatever she wants is because of the type she was admitted to a hospital (or some facility) for her self harm? Iirc it happened in middle school (right before she started watching mostly magical girl anime) and any decent parent would be scared or concerned especially if they didn't pick up on their child's mental health issues beforehand. Not to excuse Louise's weird bff relationship with her daughter, but maybe she was never taught/never looked into the right ways to respond to whatever was going on with Jill. The rest of their family seemed strict since they were dead against Jill dying her hair any unnatural color, so Louise probably had few people to turn to for advice. Louise seems proud of their bff relationship, so it wouldn't surprise me if she sees nothing wrong with coddling her kid and never judging her for buying Japanese children's toys or dragging them to a kid's amusement park and movie in Japan since she might think that as long as Jill is happy, nothing is wrong.

No. 657869

>It sounds like she wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted when she finished high school
>get a degree for the sake of it if you’re not sure of your career path

She's claimed she wanted to be a fashion designer at least since middle school. I remember her saying in Grade 11 that she was frustrated she had to go back to high school for another year when she "already knows what she wants to do".

She was planning to move to a big city with Tristan to study fashion design but they broke up. Then she started dating Colin when she was graduating but claimed she had to take a year off because he was still in school and not ready to move. Then they broke up the next summer, and she still hadn't applied anywhere, yet continued to blame it on the relationship holding her back.

She's also made excuses as to why she changed her mind several times about which school to attend. She criticized all the major renowned fashion schools in the country, claimed they were too expensive, too ghetto, not technical enough, too long to finish. Literally all of those complaints are unfounded. She then tried to register for a 2-year fashion diploma at her non-accredited school, simply because it was the fastest option. When she found out she would be forced to take 3 years she complained that she ~shouldn't have to~ because she ~already knew what she wanted~ and apparently she knows what she's doing unlike other art students.

So, she searched high and low for the laziest, most low-maintenance fashion program ever. And it still backfired on her, because she's still doing 3 years which she complained was too long with other schools. It comes down to sheer laziness and waiting for her fashion career to fall into her lap.

No. 657880

File: 1533563865468.jpeg (181.68 KB, 750x348, 85A0A7A1-0DC1-4DE6-9D47-C5AF37…)

No. 657882

File: 1533563952008.jpeg (316.37 KB, 750x851, 7189C4F4-732B-4F45-8FE8-8D6288…)

No. 657918

She’s no longer friends with tracey but I can say for a fact she’s been shit talking her. Last week she liked a status on Facebook from Becki (her “con mom”) that was practically a hate status targeted towards Tracey. Tracey is doing good independently from Jill though it looks like. She’s been updating her social media showing she’s hanging out with new friends and unlike Jill she’s actually going to a real school for what she wants to do.

Not sure what happened to Kenzie. Almost seems like she fell off the earth.

No. 657926

>>657918 this is an image board post caps

No. 657945

File: 1533570705435.jpg (88.4 KB, 595x596, Kenzie.JPG)


Wasn't Kenzie the fat goth girl? She hasn't posted much after Jill ghosted her. Here a recent pic of her.

No. 658021

File: 1533580141165.png (349.18 KB, 720x1136, 20180806_192835.png)

No. 658032

also #notspons #justtradesies ????

No. 658037

#notspons means not sponsored. have no clue what #justtradesies means?

No. 658039

thats exactly what im trying to figure out. ik what not sponsored means but when she says just tradesies?? it makes me think someone gave her the light for something of hers in return for promo? i could be wrong tho

No. 658040

maybe it means she promo'd them in return for a promo…?

No. 658062

I think it’s likely they sent her the lamp for the post, they haven’t posted anything about her on their own account

No. 658092

File: 1533585427669.jpeg (87.23 KB, 753x353, 76314C92-FB9D-4925-9195-A27123…)

here are the caps of the og post + photo of the likes to show jill had indeed liked it, as did one of the girls currently being talked about in the confetti club thread who had dinner with jill at animaritime.

i have screencaps in full of both statuses + some dms if anyone is further interested in what happened (though this might be better suited to confetti club since it's about becki mostly and not jill) but tldr:

tracey made a political status that becki disagreed with. becki responded, other people responded and there was a typical debate. becki then posted about it on her own page and tagged friends to encourage them to also head to the post to defend her. ended up with becki calling tracey a bitch and stuff (i never checked if jill liked that comment, i wish i would've), and ended up childishly sending hentai to a few of tracey's close friends.

No. 658093

Not sponsored means that an "influencer" was not paid to post about said product. #notspons is a common hashtag or phrase people use to tell their audience this. The "just tradesies" seems to mean in return for mentioning them, they will do the same. Like a shoutout for shoutout, I guess.

No. 658124

Please post the deets somewhere anon

And what kind of political status was it?

No. 658130

>>658092 seconded. spill the milk pls

No. 658141

I can upload the folder somewhere if anyone has any suggestions where would be a good place to do that and then just post it here I guess if that’s fine? Or compile them all into one image but it’ll be a pretty big one. It’s the og comments (only the status is missing), all of the comments on becki’s thread, and two sets of private dms between Becki and tracey’s bf + a friend.

It was a gun control debate.

No. 658144

If Jill didn't post in the thread then why should we care?

No. 658154

Well she supported it so I assumed it might be of interest. Like I said I think it might be better suited for discussion in confetti club.

No. 658155

Yeah go for it if it's in the Confetti club. They're friends or ex friends of jills so it counts.

No. 658170

Yes please post it in the Confetti Club thread


It's shitty that Jill would drop a friend like that though. Does anyone remember why she dropped Tracey?

No. 658187

I think common theory’s were that Jillian slept with someone Tracey liked, that Tracey was actively posting on here, or I suppose it could have also been a politically charged fight (seeing as Tracey is conservative (pretty sure she’s pro trump, can’t remember exactly what post references that though) and Jill is pretty liberal)

Whatever it was it went down at/around the New Years Party, as they stopped being friends right afterword

No. 658188

File: 1533591214212.png (326.08 KB, 473x393, Untitled47.png)

God have mercy of i have sinned

No. 658216

this is the worst thing ive ever laid my fucking eyes on, good job.

No. 658271

if i was ever insane enough to marry pixie in the first place, i can't imagine me staying long enough to become noseblind with the stench of tendies and cat feces over the stretch of her barren household (yet full of trite plastic faiwy wands!!! uwu)

if this is a dream, i want to never wake up

No. 658290

she literally looks exactly like a thumb…

No. 658404

Jill probably finally realized that Kenzie was letting all of her secrets loose.

No. 658419

anon… i was like "haha, nice comparison" before looking but… after a triple-take, she literally looks like a thumb. You could photoshop her face on a thumb and it'd look almost the same. That's horrifying.

No. 658444

lmao what secrets? the only milk we ever had about her friend group was when she screwed over Tracey by fucking her boytoy.

No. 658480

File: 1533615297401.png (160.63 KB, 400x600, thumbs-up.png)

I'm sorry if this is too OT but I couldn't get the image out of my head..

No. 658482

File: 1533615499918.jpg (44.64 KB, 596x628, ed7.jpg)

i love you anon

No. 658672

File: 1533652830537.jpg (115.62 KB, 1200x800, DkANfKTWsAIINOk.jpg)

This is supposed to be her living room right? It's such an eyesore, good luck to the poor landlord trying to get people to rent this place when she's gone

No. 658674

i wouldn't be as annoyed if this were her bedroom, but the living room? why???

No. 658676

Don't know if it's just the photo, but those shades of yellow and green do NOT go together in the slightest.

No. 658678

The yellow looks kind of irritating to me too. I think it's because everything else is so pastel but the yellow isn't so it sort of jumps out at you.

No. 658681

>>658672 they yellow were a bit more pastel this would look so much better. These colors won't be hard to cover at all either when she moves.

No. 658701

Oh my god. Does she not know what an accent wall is? This would look soooo much better if she picked one color and then had the stripped wall instead of every wall a different color. And yes she fucked up picking this shade of yellow

No. 658703


the yellow is too dark/saturated but this is kind of cute, especially since Jill is promoting her pastel aesthetic as her whole lifestyle.

No. 658708

Has everyone who thinks this is going to be impossible to cover ever painted a wall a color before? This is nothing.

No. 658711


She will be annoyed af by those colored walls in no time because everything will clash.

No. 658717

This is beyond clown aesthetic. It's horrifying.

No. 658720

She really is colorblind, if her eyesight was normal no way would she have thrown in fucking mustard yellow next to that pink and light green.

No. 658723

All of the anons claiming it'll be so hard to cover must have never heard of primer and/or painting more than one coat on a wall.


The walls don't look that bad on their own (minus the shade of yellow) but the colors and how she styles this space will probably make things look worse. She won't use muted furniture colors paired with pastel pieces as just accents, which would be the easiest way to make this work, and she doesn't take the time to match shades more closely even with her clothing so we know it'll be a ton of shades of pink and pastel colors that are noticeably off or mismatched.

She had all the time in the world to be careful about how she decorated the space but it will be probably be disappointing for us and her in the end to see once it's finished.

No. 658730

She messed up the colors because they barely match, it looks ok at first glance but she needed all colors to be true pastel to make it work. Why is that pink so bright, that yellow so dark and wtf is that bland shade of green? Just a cute pastel pink, soft yellow, a mint green and maybe a light blue would make this better. She really has no sense of color, though that was already obvious from her wardrobe. If these are the colors she picked to fill a blank canvas I think there's no more hope.

No. 658761

File: 1533660724365.jpeg (497.44 KB, 750x820, 6AE798F7-0EB0-4F8D-9DDC-573DF4…)

No. 658763

it's kind of cute, if you ignore the rainbow corner. The green and yellow clash pretty badly but the pastel walls could work.

No. 658769

At least it’s not as sloppy as I was expecting. I really hope that she paints the walls back to white before she leaves or else that poor landlord is going to get a big bill from a painting company lol

No. 658798

Fuck the room was SO cute before she did this to it vom

No. 658816

File: 1533665815775.jpeg (257.77 KB, 640x945, 5352B99A-1D7D-4592-90C5-CB376F…)

Deleted the hashtags everyone was discussing over here.
Obviously lurking.

No. 658820

File: 1533666153502.jpg (228.25 KB, 720x1040, 201887_142139948.jpg)

Nah they're still there anon

No. 658824

I wondered why I was not seeing it(don't use emojis)

No. 658932

the only way she could save this monstrosity is by using white or neutral colored furniture so that it won't clash with the rainbow vomit walls, but we know exactly who we're dealing with here, so i know she absolutely won't do that.

No. 659098

in Quebec this would pass as a garderie. Canada's landlords are very relaxed, mine told me to do whatever i wanted with my apt (of course i havent't painted the walls with rainbow paint or goat's blood or whatever).(blog)

No. 659099

There are details of things that have been confirmed in here because Kenzie runs her mouth. It isn't necessarily friend drama.

No. 659111


You mean a daycare center? Why tf are you using French?

No. 659116

>Why tf are you using French?
You answered your question with the first quoted line.

No. 659233

Ntayrt, but anon's point still stands. This is an English board, use English. Not hard to Google a translation.

No. 659306

What has Kenzie revealed actually? Like idk is that why they aren't friends anymore or?

No. 659324

Dude be specific, there have been many anons to have come in here in the past to “confirm” a rumor about Pigsy.

No. 659377

god i just remembered that her tv stand is going to look like this against those walls….

No. 659634

File: 1533749057657.jpeg (653.25 KB, 654x896, 2506D002-F602-4F07-975A-D9988C…)

No. 659641

Kek, the saturated colors.

No. 659652

she's spending so much time on this even though we know she's going to fuck up school move back home before her lease is even up

No. 659818

I wonder why she isnt uploading a Pride video??? Like, did she not have the forethought to take some footage while there and actually do her full-time jobby wobby? That would have been an easy filler video.

No. 659826

The city she is moving to is having pride the week/week after(?) she is moving, so there still might be one if she decides to leave the house.

No. 659830

No. 659851

"Sad, oatmeal dick beige" Nice description of neutrals, miss future fashion designer

No. 659852

File: 1533764036241.jpeg (74.64 KB, 721x415, F4413A74-1E5C-4987-B35B-5BA873…)

She should do more simple makeup like this:
-eyeliner and mascara
-natural/not too bright pink lip
-natural or light color brows
She looks cute and actually looks her age.

No. 659860

She just want to one last week-ish, though. So she could have had content for the week she isn't uploading. She would have had plenty of time to edit it and queue it up to upload next week instead of dropping the ball and uploading nothing. And i know 1. Her viewers would watch 2 seperate pride videos because they eat up whatever she uploads, and 2. She isnt ashamed of uploading repeat content (like all her haul videos she uploads. Not much varied content on her account).She's so undependable to her fanbase. And it isn't like moving is such a huge thing you need to take a week off of your job. It's really frustrating how unprepared she is for the real world, yet she expects to have her YouTube viewed as a serious job. Nah girl. Nah.

No. 659861

File: 1533764548932.png (365.68 KB, 620x523, Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 4.39…)

Never realized how close Jill's body shape is to her mom's. I know, genetics, but it's just like wow. I have never seen them full-body next to one another in a vid that I can recall.

No. 659872

She looks a LOT like her mom. And they have the same mannerisms. Honestly, I think Jill may get the high pitched noises from her mom instead of the other way around. Besides past video evidence, I think her mom was scree-ing in the background at Home Depot in this video? It was bizarre. Though I have to admit, I didn't think Jill was that annoying in this video, and it was nice to see her and her mom working towards a common goal together that didn't 100% center on materialism (like shopping/spending money). This was kind of creative, which they are both into.

No. 659887

I agree, as much as I don’t care for her style I’m looking forward to seeing her decorate and finish painting the place.
Same with her sewing videos, anything that’s more creative and not as much all about her spending is much more enjoyable.

No. 659899

did she say she's going to paint the kitchen cabinets yellow? god

No. 659900

She was saying she'd paint the wall behind the cabinets yellow, along with the rest of the kitchen.

No. 659911

lmao be more vague, anon.
I really wish she'd have gone with a more pastel yellow, but I actually didn't hate this video at all. Her speech patterns are still annoying, but home design is a breath of fresh air against all the spending

No. 659912

And neither of them look like they've worked out a day in their lives. Jill is just gonna keep getting bigger living on her own, esp once she starts college.

No. 659913

If only Jill decided to drop her nuggies and garlic fingies diet she wouldn't look like her mom's sister from behind. She's gained a lot this past year just yikes

No. 659955

idk i think jill's mom looks fine for her age. she's a bit chunky but nothing outrageous

No. 659962

I feel like of all her videos, this one would definitely qualify for Designer Diaries, but nooooope.

No. 659996

> And it isn't like moving is such a huge thing you need to take a week off of your job.

what?? have you ever moved anon? everytime we moved as a kid my parents always took at LEAST 5 days off (but usually a week) for last minute packing, moving day, and unpacking. And that was just down a few streets. Jill's moving across to a different province. It's definitely reasonable to take a week off. I agree she should've pre-recorded, but still.

No. 660000

When I was looking through the twitter responses to Jill’s video, someone mentioned that Jill started her channel 4 years ago. 4 years and look how far down the pastel vomit hole she’s fallen

No. 660009

same. we just moved down the street and my mom took a week off. sorry for blogpost, it just bothers me when people act like everything jill does is irrational

No. 660073


It sounds like in your situation more than 1 person was moving, and your parents likely had full time jobs that required outside-the-home commitment.

Jill is a 20 year old who will be living alone. Her job is extremely flexible. She has plenty of time to be home and pack (a luxury your parents likely didn't have since they had to go to work outside of the house and take care of a household. Jill doesn't have to take care of a family. In fact, I doubt she cooks her own meals most of the time since she lives with her parents. Not that that's a bad thing. She just likely has few responsibilities at home.) She hasn't had the space or time to accumulate the amount of furniture your family likely had, either.

I've moved twice to places 2 hours away. It never took more than 2 days to pack and move (moving with help from friends, packing on my own). Though she is moving farther than I have, with 2 people helping to pack her stuff into a van and at least 2 people helping to move her in, a whole week seems excessive for a single person's items. I've moved a 4-person family (parents and brother with my childhood stuff) in one day to a home 1 hour away with help (loading and unloading) and they had a TON of stuff. We just took several days to pack. However, everyone worked jobs and didn't have to take off time. I understand with children it's harder to move. But everyone in Jill's situation are adults.

Sorry for sperg.

No. 660074

Did the landlord agree to this? They have to sand the stripes and buy $400 worth of paint not to mention labor to reverse this. A tiny percentage of people would want to rent this at market value.

I kind of want him to not know they painted it rainby and freak out later.

No. 660078

it's highly unlikely. landlords generally will either make you fix it or take it out of the deposit.

No. 660083

It's been mentioned time and time again in this thread. Yes, the landlord gave the go ahead for this. She is allowed to paint the walls. White paint will cover this easily. Can we PLEASE move on??

No. 660099

>Accent wall with red and white stripes
>In a room that's already pink
What in the fresh hell

No. 660162

File: 1533783409486.jpg (49.48 KB, 481x398, tumblr_inline_p6570f0C1E1uuxnu…)


I want to see the dudes from "queer eye for the straight guy" see her apartment.

it'll be the first time an actual homosexual has been in that place.

No. 660169

besides her boyfriend

No. 660187

I don't want to be that guy because everyone seems tired of this debate, but from what we know the landlord gave her permission to paint it a light color. According to Jill, she asked "Like a pastel pink?" and got the ok for that. The landlord really might not know she ended up doing all kinds of colors and rainbows everywhere.

No. 660208

It doesn't matter what the landlord's personal preference is. That's not how leases work in Canada. Jill is only responsible for giving back the unit as it was originally leased to her (aka she'll repaint the walls white herself when she leaves). Moving on.

Did anyone else notice Jill exposing Wendy's home while sharing her full name with the audience. Like just because Jill doesn't care about her cult following knowing her own address and every detail of her life, doesn't mean she can't at least allow her friends to have some semblance of privacy.

No. 660242

>That's not how leases work in Canada.

As a fellow Canadian, I can tell you that landlords can 100% impose rules saying you can't paint the apartment or can only paint it approved colours.

No. 660318

Just watched the video; did she say she had eaten hamburger helper leftovers that had been in the fridge for FOUR DAYS??? What the actual fuck? She couldn't be bothered getting up and making a salad or even heating up some mcnuggies so she ate fucking four day old hamburger helper? And she thinks it's the anxiety making her sick? Sorry but this girl is highkey going to poison herself when she lives alone and feasts on two week old hamburgie helpies because she's just an uwu baby chef and can't make anything to eat

No. 660330

This, leases are widely varied. When i lived in Montreal, my landlord was super chill, but my friend's was absolutely nuts. Even if the landlord gave permission for this, it's his terms only, he can be a dick and tell her to paint it one color and he will definitely want her to paint it back when he's showing a new leasee the place.

No. 660431

I mean the cut off time for cooked beef is like 3 days, unless the fridge Jill has isn't cold enough. Nothing against hamburger helper, I used to eat that when my family was struggling, but Jill definitely has enough money and time to be able to do more than just a boxed dinner. Then again there's her laziness that prevents her from doing anything other than half-assed. Sage

No. 660462

>I hope you're having a better August than me

bitch you just moved into your own personal 3 story townhouse, what the fuck is wrong with Jill and her constant need to seem like her life is suffering?

No. 660496

I had to rewind to make sure I didn't mishear this. Jill has no eye for colors that match whatsoever.

No. 660673

File: 1533839315684.jpeg (168.13 KB, 1114x528, C2F1244B-4E31-429F-BE0C-701565…)

Four days until the move, and her channel is at almost a year low for subs gained.
Her not uploading consistently this summer has really caused a drop in growth for the channel.
How on earth is she going to manage both school work with videos if she can’t keep up during the summer when it’s her only job?
I understand not wanting to film when you’re feeling depressed or sick, but you need to have backup ideas or footage prepared then. I doubt her channel will grow much from here

No. 660676

File: 1533839632976.jpeg (400.92 KB, 1350x2400, 3F9EB3D2-6671-4E16-8F50-E1535E…)

Also; these were her video plans as of June, she only ended up making two of them.
Her look books are definitely something she could have made in advance and held onto as a backup video for a week like this.

No. 660687

She’s not going to manage either, anon.

No. 660901

>Yui cosplay showcase. Will go up before the con.

Kek. Was it too much work to make or did she realize her costume was ugly? We know she couldn't post before because she was working up until the last minute on that costume.

I'm also surprised that she plans on actually making a second cosplay this year.

No. 661139

nah she'll be fine.
assuming she does the responsible thing and talks to all her teachers the week before for the work she'll be missing when shes gone.

she'd run into more problems if she was actually in the fashion program.

also does anyone else feel like its so irresponsible for her to mention where she's living + the school she's going to when she has such a large following?
like fredericton is a small city, atlantic canada in general are super small.

lmao ready to see her quit school by christmas time though tbh. ready to hear her complaints about the city.

also the apartment is so gross looking with the colours. it looks like such a nice apartment especially for the area but the walls are horrible. its gunna look like a hot mess by the time all her furniture gets placed in. come end of may when she's gotta paint over the rainbow puke walls she's gunna regret it lmao

No. 661171

File: 1533891231253.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1590, IMG_20180810_165236.png)

Durhurr lazy oaf is j fashion now

No. 661209

@lazyoaf What about this is jfashion inspired kek
Other than the kawiikii drink and shite wig

Conspiracy, Jill has taken over Lazy Oaf and is trying to act like its all japanese inspired

No. 661217

The collection does have cute pieces but they are nowhere near jfashion?
Plus the modeling pictures trigger me, why is she wearing such a shitty wig and why is she not wearing it properly?
All this just screams Jill…

No. 661231

No. 661232

Aww but isn‘t this the exact reason why she didn‘t want to move to a big city? Poor Jilly, seems like college is cancled.

No. 661251

Just saw this on Twitter and thought of porkylocks, it's annoying when crime starts in a place near you, now imagine her with her anxiety and how bad she's feeling nowadays kek, i pity her a bit (the city i live in is fucking full of crimes every day)… Wonder what she's going to do now

No. 661272

File: 1533907684048.jpeg (175.94 KB, 750x424, 32707451-09BF-4019-89F4-2CBC4B…)

No. 661290

Wonder if we'll get another selfie post about this.

No. 661359

That wig is offensive in every way.

No. 661410

At least ol’ Pigsylocks appears to have learned from the YouTube shooting experience - she didn’t post a picture of herself at some city landmark along with her condolences this time!

No. 661425

"Jill, there's been a shooting in Fredericton, are you okay?"
"ohh mama pixie okayy!!!!!! uguu <3333 sending love to all my peeps in fweddy weddy!!!"

Pixie. It's a fucking shooting. Pixie. Pixie stop. Pixie why are you like this. Pixie there were 4 deaths. Pixie. Pixie!!!!!
Can she at LEAST drop the damn act for one second? Especially in a time like this?? I get it's not a massive crazy shooting but jesus christ there were fatalities have some empathy you selfish hag

No. 661431

This response seems mostly fine to me. There are no emojis, baby talk (other than shortening Fredericton to Freddy), or other weird typing quirks. I guess if you're being picky and oversensitive, the exclamation points were in poor taste? Seems like you're being a bit hyper-critical here.

No. 661440

Honestly that’s the first thing I noticed too, seemed like a very weird unfeeling response to such a dark situation. “Teehee love for Freddy!” sounds insensitive as hell.

No. 661445

It’s a city with less than 90-100k people, the likelihood of this re-occurring and affecting Jill is incredibly minimal.

No. 661522

File: 1533928296848.png (79.35 KB, 714x535, 20180810_201058.png)

These fan pages are weirdly involved

No. 661533

File: 1533929311287.png (426.38 KB, 720x868, 20180810_202817.png)

No. 661546

lmao I can imagine it now
confettiiclub z Tw: thunder z
Regarding the thunder that happened today in PEI, Pixie said she, Wendy and Jenny are all extremely scared. As she wanted a snow cone and OOTD pic and friendship and Wendy and Jenny were far away in Fredrickton. I hope the carnival people including the snowcones are okay and they have peace. They will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Poor pixie!!!"

they're just too ridiculous, I can't take it

No. 661547

How often do we think her mom is going to drive up to visit her? Every weekend?

No. 661558

File: 1533931213157.jpeg (108.31 KB, 768x1024, DkQvJ1tUUAA8v2W.jpeg)

No. 661577

what kind of adult is afraid of thunderstorms? don't most people outgrow that sort of thing in pre-k?

No. 661585

my little sister is actually still afraid of thunderstorms and popping balloons. shes been like this since i can remember but it doesnt make her cry as she is 21 lol.

No. 661598


Yeah, her mom will at least visit her once a week. I mean somebody has to clean up the house.

I also really wonder how Jillybean will survive with her below average cooking skills. is she going to eat nuggies and rice from now on until she drops out of school in 3 months?

No. 661639

She already lives on instant meals. Warming up her own nuggies instead of getting her mom to do it won't be that difficult.

I hope.

No. 661640

As someone with a huge fear of thunderstorms, it is pretty irrational but completely valid - people have fears, most irrational (i.e. spiders) but also there's a point as an adult when you suck it up and go out even when it's storming. Just because I'm terrified to drive during a thunderstorm doesn't mean I won't.

No. 661732

uhhhh… that Cure Moonlight Chibi Arts figure looks pretty bootleg.. How'd she overlook those joints??

No. 661780

But she didn't say "teehee love for Freddy!" She said "Sending all my love out to Freddy right now." You've got to be tone deaf if you don't immediately see the difference between the two. There are plenty of things to criticize Jillian for. We don't have to misquote her to do it.

No. 661795

yep, and im not canadian but it sounds like "freddy" is a nickname people who live there tend to call it by.

No. 661796

absolutely nitpicking but… calling the frex a carnival makes my heart sad. also last year i don't think they had snow cones?
a few anons here pretty much cemented why it's alright to be afraid of thunder and lightning, but like >>661585 said MOST people don't cry about it, they'd just get nervous. I feel like she just doesn't want to get wet or her electricity to go out so she's understandably a little nervous, but when she goes to tweet about it she makes it a big thing and gets So Scawed!!!

No. 661801

Why must she always dress like an over grown retard? I swear I get second hand embarrassment just seeing her social media accounts. You would think her delusional mother would tell her that she looks like an attention starved idiot the way she dresses so shittily. It's one thing to dress Kawaii inspired and doing it well, but this clown turd style she wears is piss poor and tasteless.

No. 661807

Don't know about anyone else from Fredericton, but I've literally never heard anyone refer to here as "freddy" except for Pixie rn.

Maybe it's kinda like how people call San Fransisco "san-fran" when people who live there hate the term/never use it? like, an external nickname? I have no idea.

No. 661813

i looked it up, apparently some people call it "freddy beach"

No. 661818

RIP in pieces "rainbie" bangs. We won't miss you.

No. 661820

File: 1533948346274.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, AC147224-87B6-41E4-8965-9BA48A…)

Her boyfriend and Maggie went to the fair without her

No. 661828

Maggie is so fucking this cringe Lord. Jill must have some bizarre love triangle going on. Kek. Desperate ugly chicks dating gay looking dude. What a match!

No. 661839

She has the personality of a retarded dog

No. 661842

I've heard Freddy plenty of times from people who live there and otherwise.

No. 661848

whoa there anon,lets not go that far. even stupid dogs can still be endearing.

No. 661854

File: 1533953807587.jpg (114.1 KB, 540x960, IMG_20180810_191618.jpg)

This reminds me of Jill.

No. 661864

learn to sage

No. 661922

File: 1533961303858.png (270.28 KB, 720x1082, Screenshot_20180810-231444~2.p…)

I found the exact figure. Also, Tracey gave it to her it's in this video at 10 or so minutes in.

No. 662146

She's talking about Charlottetown Old Home Week.

No. 662397

File: 1534025442427.png (791.6 KB, 720x1073, 20180811_231026.png)

No. 662402

Well, that was smart at least.

No. 662438

Could've just packed them in between clothes or blankets instead of hoarding boxes for years.

No. 662449

It is kinda worth noting that collectibles like this are often more valuable with the boxes, but the idea of her selling off her collection while having her shitty leg tattoo later on down the line is pretty laughable tbh (yknow because she lives, eats, sleeps and breathes Precure or whatever)

No. 662464

Yeah - she's mentioned keeping the boxes "because it makes them worth more" in a few of her wand/haul videos. It always weirds me out how she doesn't hide the fact she's going to sell them any year now even though she's got that tattoo. Can't wait for her to hide it when she's in her next phase.

No. 662465

I'm not autistic, but her walls would look pretty cute if the pink was a bit more rosy, and the mint green wasn't there, or was even a smidge lighter.
I've seen people pull off the mix matched bright walls before, but just imagining the neon furniture in that room is giving me a headache.

No. 662468

they're def fucking

No. 662469

Its like when she sold the MCR raygun after it being so important to her

No. 662491

I'm honestly curious about what her next obsession will be. Maybe she will swandive into ddlg shit and become more of a shit show than she already is. I don't exactly see Jill maturing in the future lol

No. 662494

oh my god anon. I was going to say don't jinx it, but…

…not only can i see it, but if it happens I'm going to lose my shit laughing

No. 662497

Her perpetual need to hoard garbage and label herself as the biggest fan of whatever momentary phase is so disturbing and really shows how out of touch with reality she is. Jill lacks a self identity so she has to fill that void with material garbage to avoid having to deal with the issue of the matter.

No. 662507

I can see her getting into the retro scene.

No. 662629

I really don't see her as being ddlg or any of the sort, honestly. We all know she's infantile and childish but i don't get any vibes like that of her at all. I'd actually suspect is she were an ageplayer or interested in ddgl then she'd either go a. absolutely ham with ddlg and ~muh sexuality~ or b. try harder to repress her childish tendencies (speech, hobbies, media, etc). She appears very comfortable with her interests, though maybe I'm wrong and giving her too much credit.

No. 662675

I honestly thought she had more then this

No. 662726

She supports ddlg in her followers/the CC and we’ve seen her do weird things before like wear that oversized child like dress, spend a ton of money on a toy piano, act like a actual toddler by bouncing up and down in public/in front of friends and babble in a unintelligible high pitched voice. Several people get ddlg vibes from her and it’s not bc of her fashion it’s bc of how she acts.

No. 662728

She hasn't shown the Chocolat wand from Sugar Sugar Rune on video as far as I know

No. 662730

are you the anon who keeps insisting peter pan collars are for children? no one thinks that pink dress looks like a child's but you.

No. 662749

Not that anon, I think Peter pan collars are cute when worn correctly. That pink dress however looks like a child's costume cause of the sleeves and the print. There's no denying that it looks gross when worn on an adult woman.

No. 662762

Yeah come on anon. It's in the style of a little girls party dress. There's nothing remotely adult about it.. And this is from someone who actually finds the idea cute, just its hideously executed.

No. 662785

what’s jill got against the colour orange?

i’ve just realised that the reason i’m so annoyed about all her self-made “rainbow” things is that they never include orange. they just go from pink to yellow.

neither her hair nor her wall has orange.

that wall would’ve looked so much cuter if she had a pastel sherbet orange & an actual pastel yellow.
it’s like self sabotage: she wants things to look as awful/unsettling as possible.

No. 662796

not any of these anons but I think you guys are talking about two different dresses, the anon that was being unreasonable about peter pan collars previously was talking about that pink gingham dress, the party dress is that sissy chrissa sparkles monstrosity which is 10/10 on the ageplay scale

No. 662825

Oh the Bonne Chance one, that one could be cute if it weren't for Jill's shit styling. I was talking about the chrissa sparkles crap. Sorry

No. 663034

You right, my bad fam. That sissy shit was unbearable.

No. 663273


More colors is probably not the solution to Jill's problems.

No. 663711

Apparently jill has deleted her coming out video..

No. 663712

File: 1534185828938.png (438.75 KB, 720x848, 20180813_194326.png)

>>663711 forgot the pic oops does this mean she's going to finally admit she's not a lesbian?

No. 663713

shit really?? was that the one where she said she'd be a lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick, or…
I wonder if she'll make a new one talking about how she's ~bi and femme~ lol

No. 663798

Has she ever actually claimed to be a lesbian? Besides the "lesbian if I wasn't dating someone with a dick hurr" comment, from what I remember that video was vague as shit about what her sexuality even is besides "not straight"

No. 663809

File: 1534191878348.jpeg (401.85 KB, 599x868, 56F017B8-9489-4B0F-91C7-40B867…)

No, her comment about being lesbian if it wasn’t for dick was from a livestream a year ago that she deleted
Here is the summer from that stream: >>338259

No. 663878

I went back and skimmed through the live stream that summary was of to find the infamous quote.

No. 664488

shitty edit but i saw this on twitter and cackled

No. 664490

File: 1534274763467.png (593.59 KB, 1242x668, jillybean.png)


whoops forgot pic

No. 665036

File: 1534328828739.jpeg (424.91 KB, 1122x1668, 08D09AA9-B43D-422A-BF91-0DF742…)

Jills super kaweewee townhouse is already a mess and she only moved in. Wow.

No. 665037


this is nitpicky, anon. this happens when people come over, when they leave they grab their shit.

No. 665038

So Jill dumped her bf for this, dated a woman secretly for a month, realised she hated it and she's back to men?

No. 665041

She calls herself "queer" constantly, because watching drag race and dating cis males with dyed hair = instant gay status

No. 665170

in a nutshell, yes.

No. 665176

>posting a picture of your friend with her ass hanging out

No. 665199

Colin broke up with Jill, but I wouldn’t be surprised if part of it was because she was saying stuff like this

No. 665200

File: 1534346863168.jpeg (449.01 KB, 750x706, 89122E1C-2AB4-40EF-B569-4ED628…)

No. 665206

This looks like it could be a photo of a daycare or child care facility.

No. 665210

she's wearing safety shorts anon what do you think those are for?

No. 665211

anon its normal to use large stuffed animals as a pillow; people are beginning to read too much into things. Jill is kind of a womanchild, sure, but as far as we know, not an ageplayer.

No. 665214

i think anon means the colors and stuff. she didn't even say anything about ageplay. the bright colors and cute shit lying around everywhere does seem like a daycare or child's playroom. it would look like that without jill in the shot.

No. 665218

ah sorry I'm just so used to people saying everything she does is ageplay I just assumed; cute things get considered childish often even if it's not the intention, like pastels and things, but the tasteless way Jill chose to decorate probably makes it seem even worse.

No. 665248

NTA but I agree that it looks childish, especially much of the furniture. I think in the west, most cutesy colorful stuff is just made for kids so it's not surprising. All of her DIY stuff just looks like ugly crap from the 70s tho so…

No. 665272

File: 1534351305226.png (928.19 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5561.PNG)

On one hand, I'm happy that she FINALLY took off the fake nails from her yumekawa cosplay..But oh my god, her thumb nail being so grossly long just screams cokehead. Not a cute look, jill.

No. 665285

you're kidding right? it's longer than the others but coke nails are like 3 in long.

No. 665286

Nah, her nails are fine. It they were painted nicely they would be fine. They look a little damage from having gels but this is pretty nitpicky.

No. 665294

i bet she popped the gel off instead of soaking it.

No. 665305

aaaaaaand the furniture clashes. that horrifying neon pink next to the pastel blue-ish looks like ass. pixie has the decorating criteria of a kindergartener on a sugar high.

No. 665306


OT but what is she eating?


I really hope that she will make a house tour when she is done with everything. I want to see this mess so badly.

No. 665309

it's a timbit AKA a doughnut hole.

No. 665338

Those look vile asf.

No. 665352

they're from a donut shop chain, they're not great.

No. 665354


What the fuck happened to that poor polly pocket purse? I think it might be under the glass table and warping the image but I can really tell

No. 665393

Off topic but damn that's a really cute cat. Saged.

No. 665439


it's sad cause the other colors at least match what she put on the wall but the pink is definitely off.

No. 665581

Nothing about Jill screams cokehead - she'd stop eating crap and buying overpriced shit all the time if she was doing blow regularly.
They're just donut holes; not the prettiest dessert, but classic Canadian road trip sort of food. I assume Jill took the picture because it's confetti cake flavoured.

No. 666349

File: 1534441337703.jpeg (887.87 KB, 750x1028, 24A8AF73-A655-4E07-8DF4-7721C2…)

No. 666351

and of course she shows the total >.>

No. 666361

I see zero fucking vegetables or fruit. Everything is packaged and processed. Can’t wait to see her inflate even more.

No. 666363

>shows the receipt

Of fucking course. So predictable and typical. Bunch of frozen crap, bread and snacks.

No. 666364

I don‘t know crap about canadian prices but isn‘t this a lot for the things she bought?

No. 666372

this infuriates me because she's setting such an unrealistic and delusional expectation for her underage and gullible fans. the average person can't afford a quarter of that total in groceries, the average person can't rent a whole townhouse for themselves on mommy and daddy's dime at 20yo, the average person can't afford skipping college to do nothing, they have to get jobs and they can't spend their paychecks on hoards and hoards of useless crap they wear/use once and toss to the side forever. she is incredibly privileged and lucky to be able to lead this life without consequences, and instead of acknowledging this and humbling herself a bit she parades it around to her INCREDIBLY naiive and sheltered fans. watch jill's skinwalkers try to imitate her lifestyle, they'll bankrupt themselves within a month.

No. 666373

What even is the purpose of this lol? I don't know if this is being nitpicky or not, but taking a picture of your groceries for no rhyme or reason comes off as very (wo)manchild-ish. What's the reaction to this even supposed to be? Oh wow, Jill, what a big independent adult you are for doing a basic adult errand??

No. 666375

It’s about 170 usd, and considering that she bought things like spices and flour that can bring up the price a fair bit. Also she’s bought a shit ton of food for one person, might just be me but I almost never buy this much and go shopping once a week or so, she’s really stocked up on frozen foods

No. 666376

sage for samefag but lmao, so much for "trying to eat healthier" and "learning how to cook!". there isn't even so much as an onion in that shopping cart, only processed and shit food.

No. 666380


A bit of it looks like American name brands so maybe that's why it's more expensive?

But geez I feel like she could have gotten produce or fruit and veggies as snacks and she wouldn't have had to cook still but could be eating better. I get that cooking frozen stuff is easier but this almost doesn't even look like food.

I wonder if her mom really ever cooked at home. In the US it's not weird for parents join their kids on their first shopping trip before school (at least at my uni) and help remind them of all the essentials they need and all, plus pay for it the first time to sort of help them out before leaving them to fend for themselves until the holidays. It seems like Louise left Jill hanging in the one area she could really use motherly help?

No. 666382

Why doesn't she just scrapbook these photos/receipt? I think this is one of the lowest attempts she had at showing off.

No. 666385

Spices can get pricey but regular white flour, sugar, etc. is dirt cheap in the USA and I'd assume Canada too. Pre-made meals and processed food is maybe what's driving the cost up.

To be fair when you compare anon's estimate of $170 USD, and think about how none of it will go bad because it's all frozen or has preservatives, as long a she doesn't binge or have friends over all the time it should last her a while.

A quick google search shows most Canadians spend an average of $200/month per person on groceries, and more in certain provinces(I assume CAD). This isn't that crazy of an amount of money unless she's just eating way too much and blows through it in two weeks.

No. 666391

I can't stand the way she refers to herself in third person. Jill thinks she deserves a fucking sticker every time she does something remotely adultish, even though we all know who really foots the bill. Also her referring to herself as a baby only reminds me of like actual childish stuff like a baby's first steps or words, its just gross and ddlg-ish.

No. 666394


If that's the kind of food she will eat from now on, well then she will be FattyLocks in no time. You can eat Pizza or whatsoever once in a time but damn where is the fruit or veggies?

Also hopping that she will re-use those bags and not continue new plastic bags whenever she goes grocery shopping bruh

No. 666400

File: 1534446054195.jpeg (765.92 KB, 2048x1536, F8CCADB1-F8B0-4460-B7E1-87B86B…)

Not a single fresh fruit of vegetable. Really makes me wonder about what she ate at home, guessing it’s likely just as much processed food

No. 666407

Only Jill would find a way to brag and show off about buying groceries… how does she lack this much self-awareness?

No. 666412

I’m getting physically sick from seeing her grocery haul. Merry fucking obesity!

No. 666420

frozen corn dogs omg

No. 666433

Bitch is gonna be living on processed foods. Yikes

No. 666436

It looks like a ton of sugar and bad carbs. Esp those minute maid looking juices and premade pizza. Wow, she's gonna blow up

No. 666439

I remember buying mac and cheese and those other noodle packets when I first moved out but I was poor af and had like barely half a counter space, Jill has cash and a whole house. She's been chilling at home for years, didn't her mother teach her how to cook something or want to cook something homemade instead of eating frozen? Real food makes you feel better but nope, she'll be crying on Twitter about feeling depressed while eating corn dogs and not doing her homework.

No. 666440

File: 1534448997178.jpeg (175.17 KB, 750x547, 63241238-73D9-4D0B-BA3B-739778…)

No. 666441

Yeah I mean I ate a lot more shit when I was 19 and just moved out of home but I at least would buy some apples and bananas and shit.

I also can't get over how fucking tacky it is posting your grocery receipt? I'm British and I was brought up with the concept of talking about money being rude/crass, I don't know if this is a cultural thing but it makes me cringe so hard when she does this.

No. 666449

A big grocery store trip for one person in Canada definitely doesn't need to cost this much, even if you're stocking up your pantry. You can do it for less than half that price, but of course that's if you're buying real food instead of almost entirely pre-made stuff.

I actually can't get over how the only thing even remotely resembling fruit or veggies is those frozen stawberries. The sheer amount of carbs and sugar is staggering. If she's defaulting to cheap, processed crap when it's still summer and she hasn't gotten busy with school yet, I can't even imagine what her diet will look like with deadlines piling up.

Also, two cartons of juice just for her? Seriously??

No. 666456


eh, normally i wouldn't be critical of her grocery choices since most college student/young person who recently moved out tends to eat like shit (including myself). there's a reason the "freshman fifteen" concept exists.

but…jill can't really afford to gain another fifteen pounds, or even ten really. people tend to gain weight during their college years if they're not careful and jill clearly isn't concerned about her diet despite gaining a large amount of weight in a short amount of time.

she can preach about body positivity and how she loves being "thicc" all she wants but it's no secret that she already photoshops her photos and the bigger she gets, the more she's gonna hate herself. she needs to balance eating healthier food with junk food, she has the resources so it shouldn't be difficult

but jesus christ how did she make it to adulthood without knowing that showing the receipt/price tag of things you buy is so goddamn repulsive

No. 666459

File: 1534450210028.png (56.62 KB, 162x159, TEBDEUI.png)


No. 666462

All I see are carbs… 200$ for pasta, bread, pizza, and other dry constipation food… she eats just like Kailyn lmao, her diet makes me feel nauseous for her

No. 666474

3 kinds of frozen chicken, 3 kinds of pasta, 2 kinds of frozen fries, 2 frozen pizzas, 2 cartons of juice, 2 bottles of jam (which are going on what? She didn't even buy a loaf of bread), pre-shredded cheese, instant rice, microwave popcorn, etc. There is nothing in here that takes any more than 2 minute of prep time to make. Nothing here that requires a knife to prepare. I don't care if anyone eats junk food, but I don't understand wanting to solely eat it 24/7.

No. 666520

Talking about money is rude, but Jill doesn't seem like the most polite person in the world, especially when it comes to showing off.

More horrible to me than the lack of fresh fruit is the complete lack of produce at all– no vegetables either!
I understand that sometimes you can't always be proud of what you buy at the grocery store. But the fact is, she is proud of showing off that she buys groceries like a 24 year old bachelor.
Is she ever going to learn to cook for herself?

No. 666523

Yeah I’m wondering why she bought so much? Even if it’s a months supply that’s WAY to expensive. A months worth of food down here shopping with your health in mind is only like $150? No wonder she’s swelling like a balloon. Must be eating massive servings mixed in with all that boxed food.

No. 666646

I can't believe she's not embarrassed of admitting what she truly eats on a daily basis. Girl…..

No. 666654

As a poor as fuck Canadian, I have no idea how she bought $200+ on her first trip? I feed a house hold of 3, with a budget of under $100 a week. Finding the best prices, not buying all name brand items, and realizing what I need, versus what I want. I wish I could live off my parents money to help support myself, but I don't get that luxury. I graduated college this past year, and I am still struggling to find work in my field (child care) and making enough money to pay rent, buy food, pay bills and just survive in Canada's rapid declining economy. But we have little miss Jill here, sitting in her rainbow coloured walled house, living it up on her parents money. People who flaunt this shit and say "Ah being an adult is SO HARD!" As she lives off none of her own money. Jill is such a spoiled brat, its suffocating.

No. 666655

i always assumed the major reasons for gaining the freshman 15 were binge drinking and no longer having mandatory gym classes, so in a way jill's already put that weight on. she doesn't even have to live off a meal plan so there's no reason to eat shitty processed food. i was going to give her a pass for frozen vegetables (easier to deal with when you live alone and don't want produce to go bad, especially if mental illness is a factor) but she seems to have mostly bought junk food. we definitely know that jill binges so she'll be back to pick up more gross food in a couple weeks.

No. 666661

>People who flaunt this shit and say "Ah being an adult is SO HARD!" As she lives off none of her own money.
That's the shit that gets me the most. She has no clue how hard being an adult is because she's never been anything other than a child. She's lived at home her whole life, she's barely ever held a job, and now that she's doing something vaguely adult-like (living on her own), she doesn't have to do any of the not-fun parts, like working 60 hours a week to pay bills.

No. 666663

not to be a whiteknight or anything but i actually don't see a problem in what she bought and, i mean she has money and people with extra money are completely clueless. like i'm not really surprised she spent over 200 bucks on food because she probably brought all name brand stuff. for instance the olive oil in her cart was probably 5 bucks when she could of gotten the same olive oil for 1.50 but. or the hoards of name brand frozen foods she literally doesn't need


No. 666666

You don't see a problem with eating nothing but processed foods? I mean alright…have fun with heart disease.

No. 666670

no lol that's not what i was trying to say…what i meant was i'm not surprised she brought frozen foods and high priced condiments because she does have extra money, and i can't think of one time jill has ever spent her money the right way. so this is not a real surprise to me. lol

No. 666673

That makes more sense. Yeah, I don't think anyone is surprised she bought shit-tier food and overspent on things she could've bought store brand instead of name brand.

You did say that you don't see a problem with what she bought though, which is entirely different than just not being surprised.

No. 666674

Stay the fuck away from me, double Satan!!
I know we don't do this on lolcow but it was too good to ignore.

No. 666676

Nice trips. Hail Satan.

Anon, how could you forget the frozen corn dogs?

No. 666677

yeah i said that but i didn't mean it that way…lol mah bad


No. 666679

Satan up here giving health advice

No. 666686

File: 1534468674750.png (840.52 KB, 672x600, Untitled.png)

I mean, she did eat an entire platter of garlic fingers when she was at the con, which alone is meant as an appetizer for several people. Let us not forget pic related, her diet choices that she has chosen to share with us. Can't remember the last time one of her photos contained a fruit or vegetable.

No. 666697

Same, tbh. Like I don’t think I’ve ever seen her post anything that resembles a nutritious meal with a big component of vegetables, so more prepackaged foods isn’t a surprise.

Her posting the receipt is way more mindboggling, considering how she made those tweets about being a poor broke college student.

No. 666722

File: 1534470655752.png (214.57 KB, 493x394, 2018-07-30_08.18.18.png)

Strawberry raisins? When we're in season for fresh ones? Suit yourself…
At least there's.. some eggs and meat in there, but jeez. Jill can obviously afford to eat organic.(maybe a personal nitpick but just saying) How long do yall give her before she has to go on another grocery trip?

No. 666726

I give it a week. She hasn't bought anything substantial so she's going to burn through it fast.

No. 666738

File: 1534471536609.jpeg (144.62 KB, 750x417, F97BB18E-F766-4C0E-8AAA-E68931…)

On the photo of the receipt

No. 666751

frozen strawberries. another word for strawberries is fraises.
i don't see an issue with buying frozen fruits vs regular fruits, they keep longer. i'm glad she got one fruit….

……..that being said, her grocery decisions are awful.

No. 666757

y'all KNOW just frozen strawberries isn't gonna count as nutrinional value if all she's eating the rest of the time is frozen processed food without a hint of vegetables or a homecooked meal. and jill's complexion is fucked since she probably doesn't moisturize (or have any skincare routine at all) or hydrate properly. a few strawberries aren't gonna prevent her from ballooning up.

No. 666758


No. 666762

you'd think if anything she would buy potatoes considering potatoes are useless carbs like everything else in that cart

No. 666793

Potatoes are a super food. They are full of vitamins, minerals & fiber. She would definitely benefit from fiber after eating all of that processed crap.

No. 666796

That shopping cart is a shit show. So disgusting and processed Can't believe anyone actually eats like that. I'm a working class pseudo poor fag, even I know how to grocery shop on a tight budget. I buy meat that's in sale throw it in my freezer, buy produce on sale and by the bulk and buy some high quality dry goods on sale and splurge on teas and coffee. I will never understand the logic of people who say it's cheaper to buy processed shit food than it is to buy meats and produce on sale. Those repulsive frozen meals are way more fucking expensive than produce will ever be. Can't wait to see how obese this gluttonous pig gets.

No. 666798

why do I doubt she made any effort to purchase onsale products/items with coupons etc. I've done the groceries for my family for years and I'm slightly buttmad that she's buying so much crap just for herself ha

No. 666801

I did the same thing in my early 20s. And the worst thing is, Jill CAN afford good, healthy fruits, veggies, decent meals.

She chooses to eat like shit because her mom babied her all her life and she probably has no idea how to cook real food.

No. 666808

she's gonna be mad constipated lmfao

No. 666813

Lots of people have "extra money" and chose to spend it on organic foods or going to a farmer's market.

No. 666861

organic doesn't make a difference. she should just buy a variety of foods instead of all junk food.

get some produce in their please pixie. even if its just flash frozen fruits and veggies.

No. 666905

She already struggles with mental health issues too, and exclusively eating shitty junk food with no nutrients really fucks up your mood.
I have a feeling Jill's going to hit rock bottom this year. If she does, I hope it'll at least motivate her to get her shit together.

No. 667008

sage this - no one cares that you have to coupon. the issue with jill's food choices isn't really the money spent (she/her mum can afford it so why not go ham?) but the fact that she didn't spend any of that money on actual fresh nutritious food.

No. 667026

Not to mention just weeks ago she was talking about how great it'd be to shop for bananas and berries on her own

No. 667047

Organic food makes a huge difference to the environment (which she pretends to care about) and not poisoning the exploited workers who have to grow and handle the food. But she also doesn't give a shit about the sweatshop labor that produces her precious overpriced Lazy Oaf, etc.

No. 667099

File: 1534527465713.jpeg (854.5 KB, 2400x1432, 2B0AF76F-183B-47BD-B5A1-386DF2…)

No. 667103

>empty nester
Oh Louise….. Jill is not self sufficient and you're paying for her rent. That's not what empty nester means and Jill will probably have a breakdown due to being an incompetent weakling within a few months and move back in to leech further off her parents.
It's just interesting how Louise thinks her daughter is set up for greatness when she can't hold a basic retail job and struggles to have any sort of discipline for her pretend entrepreneur bs. I kind of feel bad for her mom but at the same time, she still played her part in raising Jill. Then again her brother seems to have turned out okay

No. 667104

>All that precious time we spent together watching Family Feud
>Super proud of myself in all of this
>Can't wait to have the house back because my daughter makes a fucking mess

This was the least sentimental thing I've ever read.

No. 667106

>changing her profile pic to Jillian as a baby
What a way to cement her infantilization of Jill as she's moving on from her childhood

>today is the day I have dreaded

>she isn't just my daughter, she's my best girlfriend!
>i'm actually somewhat envious
Stop living vicariously through your daughter, Louise.

No. 667112

Jeez, I understand being sad that you kid is leaving but I wouldn’t expect a adult to over share on fb by writing something like this. I expect that Jillian’s new friend group won’t work out and that she’ll get very lonely (Maggie and Stephen are definitely going to end up together or they already might be cheating. And I feel like the cosplay group with Wendy and Jenny aren’t going to go well bc Jill always makes it about her). I feel like she’ll come back for the summer and decide to stay bc she has that big townhouse all to herself. I know that it’s bad, but I’m looking forward to her binge drinking and emotional breakdown.

No. 667123

This is really fucked if she didn’t write anything close to this for her son. Must feel like shit knowing youre obviously not the favorite.

No. 667125

Does she not realise how embarrassing this is to write this about your daughter in her 20s? She's not moving out, she's just got housing for a community college for a short period of time. No different than sending a teenager off to a boarding school. She has hardly flown the nest.

No. 667127

Reminds me of how Jill said that she was scared about her mom dying but no mention of her dad. I hope her dad and brother have a close bond because Jill and Louise seem to forget about them entirely.

No. 667143

Her mom posted on facebook that she doesn't want Jill to suffer without a laundry and dish washing machine (caps are somewhere in this or the last thread iirc) and it made me cringe so hard. Those things are luxuries for students, not necessities. Washing some dishes or going to a laundry place would do Jill good. But she's such a poor and starving artist uwu, she doesn't have time to do such basic things, she's too busy doing art to do peasant work! It's so infuriating for her mom to think she would SUFFER without a fucking dish washer. So entitled too!

No. 667144


I'm losing my damn mind, now she's got to show off how much she spends on groceries ? Congrats Jill ! You have money to buy trash food and flour. #1 Adult right there

No. 667165

armchair but it's worth pointing out, the way Louise speaks about Jill reeks of narc parenting

No. 667199

care to post the pics?

No. 667240

Honestly with all the brand / Chinese clothing Jill owns I would think she would hand wash. Wouldn’t a washing machine destroy most of her stuff?

No. 667243

Kek anon you think lazy Jill would ever hand wash something? I bet that she just doesn’t wash some things ever rather than hand wash.

No. 667244

It’s 30 photos of Jill basically, all ones that have been posted before aside from some baby pictures

No. 667250

File: 1534541881330.jpeg (487.13 KB, 750x820, 3BC3AD9A-38F6-45F6-8EA7-381AA8…)

No. 667251

File: 1534541899088.jpeg (189.6 KB, 750x371, 476F93F4-9195-4A3F-B3A4-5CFFE9…)

No. 667260

Can you screenshot some of them? I’d like to see “normal” Jill before she started being punk/Lolita/rainbow overload.

No. 667267

Agree with you anon, I pointed this out about a week ago. I had a feeling she was gonna go peak narc soon.

Also what the fuck Jilly shops like shit, she's buying minute rice? It's the most detrimental form of rice one could purchase.

No. 667269

I don’t feel comfortable posting someone else’s baby photos especially seeing as they are not relivent to the thread/who Jill is now. Past threads have photos of her when she was younger that you can look for those if you like, Louise didn’t post any good milky photos

No. 667280


Louise has videos on her YT with Jill pre-whatever. She was a normal kid with brown hair and glasses. And then she developed a try-hard need.

No. 667281

^^ Sorry tagged wrong anon. Not to encourage you to post pics. I understand your feelings. Just redirecting the other anon

No. 667314

Jesus christ, the size of the post made me think she'd died

No. 667355

File: 1534555420670.jpg (10.45 KB, 225x225, noodlyboy.jpg)

so, so fried…
she literally looks like rice noodles

No. 667637

Welp, looks like it's time for her to gain her freshman 15.

(Too bad she already did that x4 during the last few years. Fattylocks.)

No. 667653

File: 1534605874929.jpeg (491.34 KB, 750x967, B0D02B3E-6310-4F23-8484-0CEDA8…)

No. 667654

File: 1534605920991.jpeg (722.79 KB, 750x1029, 3157A66C-2482-4069-A70D-28D171…)

No. 667656

eh idk anon. i've never lived anywhere without a dishwasher and laundry in unit or on site. it's really jill's fault tbh, it's not like those places are expensive she probably just had to shop around to find someone willing to accept her shitty rainbow sherbet mess.

No. 667674

nothing about this particularly bothered me beyond how obnoxious louise is, but then i stumbled upon
> "first hthing is to replace all the ruined towels as a result of hair dyeing lol!"

i've dyed my hair crazy colors for years, and at first i ruined a couple of my mom's towels on accident bc i was stupid and unexperienced. but after a ruined towel or two i started using the shitty, old towels for when i dyed my hair/dried it when it was fresh, lesson learnt. jill has been dyeing her hair for several years now, since she was a teenager, and you're telling me THIS WHOLE TIME she's been ruining her mother's new and pretty towels with her piece of shit dye? as in, SEVERAL towels? because if that's the case, it adds on a whole new level of piece of shit entitled brat to her many, many layers. it's not fucking rocket science to fish out an old worn-out towel from the back of the cleaning closet to wash your dyed hair with, you know, so you won't ruin your mother's good ones, jill.

No. 667696


That cats going to be lonely, poor thing.

No. 667952

so is this a credit card? or a loyalty card?

No. 667954

ill wager that she is going to bake something sugary with strawberries in it instead of eating them in a healthy way.

No. 667962

>multi talented
>cool art projects
where?? also if she has sooo many art supplies, clothes, and shoes that she made a mess of her house, shouldnt you encourage her to donate some of it? no, raise your daughter to be a hoarder because shes so uwu creative

>random peeps


No. 668000

The PC Optimum card is a loyalty card.

No. 668002

That's a crazy amount of cats… Four is eh, but five is a little over the top.

No. 668011

I've been watching her latest video after months of skipping them and her voice changed quite a bit.

No. 668148

I don't see how going from four to five cats makes a big difference. Besides, they got the fifth cat pretty recently because one of the older cats was going with Jill when she moved.

No. 668321

File: 1534700373936.jpg (605.88 KB, 1080x1352, 20180819_143829.jpg)

A little peep at the kitchen.

No. 668324

you're right about the other cat "leaving" (as if jill won't move home the moment some meanie uwu comments on her crap sewing), but really more than three cats puts you in crazy territory.
I wish she'd gone with this sort of vibe (neutral walls with cutesy accents/appliances) instead of that autistic daycare paint job. i admit i'm a tacky bitch and i think it's sort of cute. i wonder how long it'll take for the kitchen to look like something out of hoarder though.

No. 668329

Aesethic is nice and all but her constant posts of trying so hard to be pastel and aesthetically pleasing all the time really remind me of what little substance she actually has.

Also, >manst
It's like she's making up her own language now.

No. 668332

File: 1534702977461.jpg (265.72 KB, 1080x1531, 20180819_152136.jpg)

I don't think it's gonna stay this way for long. She's planning on making it lemon themed.

No. 668342

I just realized that Jillian is so focused and tied to her aesthetic that even when performing in theatre the people in charge allowed her to keep her dyed hair and she always tried out for characters who were similar to her aesthetic/or they let her wear her own clothes for the character.

When she starts school soon she’ll try to make every project for her aesthetic or loosely make it into her aesthetic if she’s given a prompt. Does her school just let students do what they want for projects? It’s like she doesn’t have any personality anymore and is afraid to be seen as “normal” without her dyed hair or clothing.

No. 668351

I feel like this post explains a lot about why Jill is the way she is.

That clock looks kinda fun but somewhat subdued. Of course that's not enough.

No. 668370

File: 1534707557835.jpeg (529.76 KB, 750x906, 8BAECCE0-6D9C-424E-B39E-B28DC6…)

No. 668379

Why did Maggie have to pick up Jill's cat??

No. 668394

I assume because she was going over anyway? It would easier than jill going to collect the cat and bring it back. If mag was going there that day

No. 668398

It depends on how large your home is. Five cats in an apartment is crazy- five cats in a mini mansion that has a basement and a cat- patio? seems reasonable. why not.

No. 668407

imo this is actually a really cute pic/kitchen set up its unfortunate that it's hers and not someone more respectable tho (or even going to someone who's actually gonna cook proper meals lol). i wont lie im a bit jealous.

No. 668410

I think it's a cute cooking area, but hopefully she turns on the air vent when she cooks or else grease and butter will stain the area. wonder how long until it gets filthy?

Also, wtf does 'manst' mean??

No. 668412

what is that microwave plugged in to??

No. 668416

Moist man=manst

No. 668422

Who wants to bet that Jill fucked her boytoy last night? Since she’s finally in the house alone and doesn’t have to worry about privacy anymore, not that it’s stopped her before. Because the caption is giving me serious morning after vibes

No. 668425

Lol let’s get real if Jill had a guy over she’d probably be making him make her food not the other way around

No. 668448

uhh ya probably. im sure they did it at her parents house too. not milky

No. 668451

you think she had -gasp- S E X? i'm clutching my pearls!!!

No. 668487

no anon, its based off of the meme "whomst" shes trying to sound fancy as a joke.
a grown woman having sex with her significant other? OMG! SOMEBODY ALERT THE PRESS!

No. 668489

Who gives a fuck if she's having sex with her boyfriend? She's 20 and it's not even milk shut up

No. 668501

stupid posts like these are getting fucking ridiculous

No. 668518

I know that this is late, but I’m curious- what do you guys think Jill should do to avoid gaining more weight? Diet and exercise wise? I’m scared to end up like her. I understand no processed/frozen foods. But what kind of exercise and what kinds of foods?

No. 668524

google it dude it's not that difficult

No. 668525

The point anon is trying to make is that you wouldn’t post this on fb for your family to see if that was the case, so much for being family friendly eh Jill?

No. 668559

all she said is that she was making breakfast for her boyfriend… you guys made up the sex part. posting about making breakfast is family friendly kek

No. 668560

Anon's still over reacting and looking into things. Do they honestly expect any sane middle aged family member to see this and go "Oh gosh, there goes little Jilly. How dare she make her partner breakfast… What a slut."

No. 668584

So people should never mention on social media that their partner stayed over? Everyone knows that an adult with a partner is probably sexually active (although considering that post Jill reblogged on tumblr, "active" is probably the wrong word to use) and most people don't care. It'd be weirder if they weren't fucking, honestly.

No. 668592

I can’t wait for Jill to actually start uploading stuff again so we have actual milk instead of anons making up horse shit and causing in fighting


No. 668617

I feel sorry for this poor cat, you can't just separate it from all the others it has lived for over years.

No. 668649

Me too. It’s better to have at least two together. I wish she had taken an additional one.

No. 668676

I think what baffles most people is that she made such a big deal about Neeko being a part of her ED recovery, so much to the point she got a tattoo of him, yet he’s not even the cat she’s bring to her townhouse to support her through big scary college with her. Instead she’s bringing Nina, a cat she hasn’t shown all that much interest in until recently

No. 668678

It’s bc Louise says that Neko is her own cat, which is kind of weird bc they have 4 other cats and they got Neko for Jill as a ESA. Jill said that Nina is only close with her.

No. 668686

I'm sorry but stop projecting your emotions onto a cat. They're solitary animals, and they will almost always do better with less of them in one place, unless they have come from an abusive situation. The single worst people do for their cats is get them a "friend" - four cats is too many for most people, and it's likely the only reason they haven't experienced issues up until this point because their house is big and they can avoid one another.

When Jill moves back home it's extremely likely that the other cats will reject Nina and it will cause issues. She shouldn't have taken a cat, not because they'll miss one another, but because reintroducing them can result in chaos. and don't say any shit about doing it properly, we're talking about Jill here. She can't do 99% of things properly.

No. 668702


NAYRT, but is it that weird to be grossed out by the thought of someone who infantalizes themselves as much as Jill talking about her sex life? This is someone whose house already looks like a daycare and has referred to people spending the night as "a slumby."

There's nothing explicit, but I'm really not trying to think about her "we're finally alone now" moments. Some things don't need to be brought up, which is clearly something she has a problem with, like posting receipts or screenshots of how much money she's spent, or casually mentioning her multiple dildos. The first breakfast I made for my bf after banging in my first place away from home isn't a normal FB post?

No. 668703

she didn't say anything like that tho, jfc

No. 668716

Anon, you don't have to imagine Jill having sex and she didn't say anything of the sort except for that she made breakfast for him.

Some of you seem to have as many issues as Jill herself jfc.

No. 668743

She’s a 20 year old woman anon. Most people have had sex by that age. So yeah, you’re being weird.
Are we really so low on milk that were nitpicking an adult women POSSIBLY having sex?

Anyways it’ll be interesting to watch her house slowly become a mess.
I get the feeling Louise has cleaned up for Jill her whole life, and now suddenly she has an entire house to look after. Her hoarding is going to get out of hand, calling it now.

No. 668754

A converter I assume, I have things from the brand and mine all have UK plugs, pretty funny that she got a kaweewee pink microwave because a normal one isn't aesthetic but has to plug it into that big bulky ugly black box

No. 668755

Not only will her hoarding be out of control, but how long do you think it will be until she starts making “Hey confetti babes!!! I have no money this week for food and I’m reeeeeeaaallly hungry ;~;. So could you please donate to my patreon, you’ll be helping out a queer artist!!!” posts, followed up by an upload of another Lazy Oaf haul video talking about how she “Just had to get this rainby dress set or else she would just die!!!”

No. 668759

I am sure Jill just buys a new cat if that one feels lonely

No. 668906

Sorry but no. Cats are better in pairs.

No. 668911

this seems like a "you" issue more than anything - no one else here is looking at a picture of breakfast and imagining jill's lacklustre sex life and if they are then that's actually weird of them.
confetti club will be buying her pizza and garlic fingers within 2 weeks at maximum kek

No. 668918

Her kitchen is cute. Kudos for attempting to cook. But I give a week and her diet will revert back to microwave garbage and drive thru runs. I can't even imagine what kind of person could even ingest such copious amounts of shitty junk the way Jill can and doesn't feel nauseous from all the chemicals and refined sugars and salts. She must be so swollen and fat.

No. 668941

Oh hun, cats are total loner. Why else would they fight over territory? They are more like tigers than they are like lions.

No. 668943

I think it depends on the situation. If the cat is used to being with other cats, it's going to take an emotional toll on the cat to rip it away from other cats AND put it in a completely new environment, not that Jill cares about the wellbeing of anyone but herself. From my experience, my cat was raised solitary and absolutely hates other cats because she's territorial since she never had to share anything. She could've taken the newest cat they have with her instead of taking an older one that is already set in its ways and accustomed to a specific environment but Jill is not known for using her brain.

No. 668947

this literally isn't true though? maybe for outdoor cats but when you have an indoor cat it absolutely helps for them to have a friend to play around with. especially considering she probably got her cats as kittens so theyre all used to being around other cats

No. 668977


I live in the same city as her and I can confirm I already saw her car at a fast food place the other night.

No. 669011

They don’t when they’re used to one another or you got them young together/as siblings. I’ve literally lived 30 years with no period without at least one cat. I guarantee unless the cat is already anxious or older they do better with another cat (and even dog if both are young and grow up together). I even had a lone cat for six years once and later adopted another and now they are bffs.

No. 669069

Most of the shit in her grocery basket was microwave shit already, she's only christening the kitchen with a decent aesthetic pic before she continues her regularly-scheduled junk-eating.

No. 669070

What are you talking about? Jill has made a huge deal about Serena ever since they picked her up from the breeder years ago. It was always Jill’s cat, hence why she’s named after sailor moon. They drove a few hours outside PEI to meet her as a kitten and Jill cared for her on the ride back home so she claimed Jill’s bedroom as her territory of choice because that’s the human that she associates as her caretaker. I think the only reason they got a female cat at all was for Jill since Louise likes males.

That’s what they mean by neko being Louise’s cat. Neko was raised by Louise as the first kitten and grew up bonding with Mobi. The boy cats prefer to claim their territory on the ground floor or in the upstairs bedrooms that they associate with Louise.

No. 669076

And you didn't take a pic?

No. 669105

No, I was just driving by and noticed it (hard to miss with that rainbow stripe)

No. 669127

TBH I'm surprised she thought painting her car in a unique way was a good idea. Maybe it ran on her little empty island but now that she's in a city people are going to see her car and recognize it. Not only will that make it easy for people here to notice her (and report where she is for laughs, like in this case) but she has plenty of creepy, stalker-ish fans who could easily spot her out just by the rainbow on her car, follow her around, even follow her back to her house. All it will take is one person driving around NB looking for her car parked in a driveway/the street to find out where she lives, especially since people already know it's close to the school she's going to. If she were smart she'd get rid of that rainbow asap. Definitely making herself a target for some type of harassment by keeping it.

No. 669132

Christ, Ive never thought about how outwardly obvious she is
This added with the clear key photo (easy to copy) and complete Sims house tour (layout of where she will likely be + where expensive stuff will be)
Just wait until she starts posting her school/shopping/holiday schedule and this will make for a perfect robbery

Im honestly really concerned for her, shes a silly girl with too much responsibility now

No. 669133

lmao, maybe if someone did something like that she'd milk it and become a story time youtuber

No. 669135

She's already attempted to do that a few times. The reason I found out about Jill was because of her Trasphobe at Claire's story being recommended to me all the time

No. 669140

Yeah I was thinking that too. I don't think any of her fans would rob her but someone just browsing the internet who found these things definitely easily could. Plus ontop of that, knowing where her school is = likely easy to find out when she'll be at class. Very unfortunate really. Hopefully she sees this and takes some steps towards protecting herself.

No. 669171

She's always been exceedingly stupid and giving out personal information away, IIRC many threads ago there were caps of her DA or tumblr where she mentioned her full name and age (like 13 years old) and where she lives or some similar information. What boggles my mind is how her parents just have let it slide all these years as she's been gaining an internet following, and now that she's a legal adult she continues to overshare. It's bound to bite her on the ass eventually.

These threads have a history of all of Jill's family member names (and some even have Louise added on FB???), all of her past and current friends' names and accounts, what her car and key to it look like, what her parents' house and her new house look like and in which town they are, what school she's going to, AND her former job history. FFS, people even found Louise's twitter and photography site, and know where Jill's brother graduated from and the occupation of her dad. I'm betting literally anyone can go on google maps right now and track down her exact address, and there's already been a couple anons claiming to know exactly where the new house she lives in is at and having seen her car around.

I'm a nobody on the internet and I would be terrified if all of this information about me was so easily accessible to any random person, as I'm sure many others would be. Her stupidity is just shocking, hilarious, and irritating to witness all at the same time. Jill, for your own sake, I hope you've changed your house locks and gotten a security system now that everyone on the internet knows you'll be living on your own and hauled all your expensive collectable junk and electronics to the new place. Jesus christ, she and her parents are clueless.

No. 669290

File: 1534819513109.jpg (861.56 KB, 1080x1835, 20180820_234321.jpg)

This looks so unappetizing! Why so much ground beef? And why are the peppers still raw???

No. 669292

>the pills in frame

No. 669293

Anon, it looks like a normal party nacho bowl. Chill.

No. 669294

> jill makes post
anon, sweating and pissing themself: what…what is she doing wrong…THERE MUST BE SOMETHING!!

No. 669306

It looks like Advil or something, chill out

No. 669331

it looks like shit

No. 669450

>3 shreds of cheese
>uncooked peppers
>1:1 ratio of ground beef to chips

mmmm perfect Jill cooking

No. 669478

Kitchen already looks a mess lmao

No. 669482

sorry my eyes are shit, but why the hell is this photo warped in the shelving?

No. 669491


The edge of the divider is concave >>665036

No. 669533

Her decor is just so all over I can't stand it. That stand literally reminds me of the cubby holes I had in kindergarten, she has such awful taste.

No. 669534


Mfw Jill can't even make nachos correctly. How the hell do you lift the chips up with all the beef piled on it? Where is the cheese?

And the peppers? They're FUCKING RAW

inb4 Jill gets kawaii food poisoning one of these days

No. 669540

I eat peppers raw all the time. Maybe she doesn't like them cooked? Or just forgot to put them on before cooking it.

No. 669546


eating raw peppers isn't going to kill you or make you sick. Not the basic bell peppers you find in a North American grocery store anyway.

It feels like when Jill isn't posting milky things people are so thirsty they're trying to create it from nothing or the most menial bullshit based on her everyday social media posts.

No. 669559

Everything she owns looks so cheap, like it came from the dollar store, even though we know she spent thousands of dollars on shit for her house. It's like she just bought anything that was pastel or a cute color regardless of whether any of it matched or looked nice together.

No. 669566

>It's like she just bought anything that was pastel or a cute color regardless of whether any of it matched or looked nice together.

That's the definition of party kei

No. 669567


Anon, that cubby thing isn't something she spent thousands of dollars on. She got it from her parents/family and painted it herself. between her bed, appliances, potentially new curtains, sofa, cookware, food, bed, and other things she couldn't take from home/needed or wanted there, she spent maybe a few thousand, but furniture isn't usually cheap and neither are appliances that fit her "aesthetic" so it isn't that crazy.

And yes, a lot of the smaller stuff she bought literally did come from the dollar store or dollar store equivalents. I dislike Jill and her wasteful spending and a lot of her color matching, clothing, and other choices are gross at times, but complaining that her house looks too cheap knowing she loves actually cheap cutesy shit with a plasticky aesthetic is a bit much.

No. 669588

I wasn't talking about the cubby thing, calm your tits. I'm talking about all the nonsense cheap plastic "decor" that's everywhere, a lot of which wasn't actually cheap if you watch her haul videos for it.

The majority of this thread is devoted to complaining about her cheap tacky aesthetic so I don't see why that can't extend to her house too. Now go wash your rainby bangs and take a xanax.

No. 669592


Being tacky isn't the only thing that makes Jill a cow, she had threads before she dressed this bad because of her personality more than anything.

If the stuff from flying tiger and some other places was expensive to you, you might just have a different perspective/opinion on what a lot of money is.

There's no need to be excited and ready to fight just because someone pointed out that her cheap looking shit looks cheap because a lot of it honestly just didn't cost that much money.

No. 669610

are you okay? her some of useless stuff was pretty pricey and no shit the cheap stuff looks cheap, but we're allowed to comment on it. jill is a cow now partially because of her new milky aesthetic. the past 15 threads have been about how tacky she is.

No. 669615

File: 1534865784348.jpg (701.44 KB, 1080x1440, 20180821_123413.jpg)

Some more house photos incoming

No. 669618


>her some of useless stuff was pretty pricey

What happened to her irregular choice shoes? That one fugly pair she bought last year for 450$ (iirc). It's been a long. long while since their last appearance lmao

No. 669620

File: 1534865927128.jpg (611.07 KB, 1080x1440, 20180821_123430.jpg)

No. 669622

File: 1534865978302.jpg (340.11 KB, 1080x796, 20180821_123442.jpg)

No. 669623

File: 1534866044857.jpg (500.67 KB, 1080x1438, 20180821_123502.jpg)

No. 669624

File: 1534866085580.jpg (382.17 KB, 1080x810, 20180821_123517.jpg)

No. 669625

Jill is a college student so of course her stuff is going to look cheap. But I can't believe her parents bought an entire townhouse for her to live in for a couple of years AND went through the trouble of redecorating it.

No. 669626

I don't think those qualify as decor for her house like the one anon was talking about, but from in previous threads it's been mentioned that she said she considers the Irrgegular Choice shoes "collectibles" now and just puts them on display and doesn't wear them; probably because she never buys a pair that fits properly and she claimed the shoes dig into her ankles (which some anons have speculated is related to the poor sizing on her part, while others think it's the fact that IC uses the same weird clunky base shoe for a lot of their shoes and it's not the nicest shape)

No. 669627

Oops, meant to quote >>669618

No. 669632

File: 1534866545423.jpg (39.78 KB, 600x404, room.JPG)


No CCS on TV

No. 669638

she doesn't really like ccs, she's a poser.

No. 669668


jill's parents (at least her mom since we don't hear as much of her dad) are almost as milky as her for allowing this at all. i've met millionaire parents who don't even spoil their children to such an extent, she's never going to learn how to be a functioning adult unless they cut her off at some point

No. 669681

>a dog bone mat for a cat
Ok then.

No. 669692

We really are desperate for content, huh

No. 669720

wow people making remarks on internet forum how dare they!!

No. 669725

Did they buy it? She mentioned her landlord as far as I remember.

No. 669729

Lol, sorry anon. I'll admit it was some extreme nitpicking. I honestly just think it's funny when people use dog or cat stuff for the other animal.

No. 669734

I believe they are renting. That's why they needed permission from landlord to paint walls.

No. 669769

I‘ve to admit that the stripes don‘t look as tacky as imagined. Not overly pretty and with the rest of her stuff it will look like shit, but the stripes alone are fine?

No. 669789

high key jealous of her kitchen but holy hell her bedroom wall looks awful

No. 669793

She is so fucking hetero it's blinding. Her "manst" is all hugged up on her bed. Kek. Let's faces it Jilly Beans grew up in a VERY normal family and has had very little exposure to actual LBGTQ people nonetheless the community of said.
She pulls the queer card for brownie points and attention because she is a basic bitch with a love of men and their members.

No. 669798

The tiny bit of white in the left corner and then the full white bar on the right are driving me crazy. Did she not measure this when she started? Did she start making the design from the middle and work her way out?

No. 669818

looks like Midol or another period thing, saw the box on the counter in the kitchen before

No. 669920

honestly i think jill is one of those people who thought a girl was pretty once, openly acknowledged it, then thought she was the biggest homosexual in the world. even though that't the most minimalist "gay" thing someone can ever do.

also it's obvious she's straight because she never showcased her "girlfriend" as much as she show casing her new bf.

apparently she deleted her "coming out" video from youtube, so i'm wondering will she have a n "explanation" of her sexuality where she implies she's straight but is actually queer because "lol girls are pretty so i'm obviously not completely straight wink wink"

No. 669935

I agree completely anon! It's totally normal to find another woman attractive, but the way Jill has smeared herself with the queer label is in such poor taste when it's obvious she's so not queer. She was really obsessed with Colin before dating him. Then he dumped last year and she just went off the deep end posing ass a queer lesbo. She really hurt poor Alyssa by using her like that for her fake lesbo revenge. Proves what a cunty poser she is. I think the new beau is banging Maggot on the side. Kek

No. 669937

I feel like Jillian is very much attracted to men and prefers men. Maybe she’s 99% attracted to men and 1% attracted to women. She always overhypes liking women but with men it’s “I like peen.”

No. 669951

Those yellow walls are god awful
along with the other wall colors she chose, but, the yellow is the worst. Has she ever done anything right tbh?

No. 669961

Anon you act as if Jill has any knowledge of color theory to begin with. She's color blind as hell and lack the understanding of less is more.

No. 669969

In my opinion, I believe when she says she's attracted to women, but at the end of the day she prefers a boy who makes her feel protected and cute.

No. 669991

In the vid where she and Louise went to Lowe's for paint, even she didn't like that shade of yellow when they got to her townhome and cracked open the can. It was shrugged off though.

No. 669992


yep. she's the type of straight woman who after getting dumped decides that she's really been gay all along and preys on bi and lesbian women to perform emotional labor for her until the next guy comes around. it happened with mystery girl and i bet it'll happen again once her current fucktoy gets tired of her, we'll just have to wait and see

No. 670062

Lazy ass. Even if she didn't like the shade might as well use cause it's all gonna be a rainby mess anyway.

No. 670068

damn, you know aLOT about her cats.

No. 670075

not to be SJWfag over here or anything but what does coming from a normal family have to do with one's sexuality? I do believe she is bi however just really prefers men and milks her bisexuality to pander to her audience of uwu queers

No. 670077

to be honest the yellow is the only part i actually like, everything else is just terrible

No. 670080

It just shows how lazy she is to slap it on the walls anyway instead of trying to mix some white paint in to lighten the shade.

No. 670094

This implies she bought white paint though. And you think rainby Jilly Willy would ever be seen doing that?

No. 670148

She had to buy white paint bc the walls were off white. She mentioned it in her painting video

No. 670155

>cat pulls on toy, drops bucket on head

No. 670168

It’s cheap if you don’t live in Canada and pay triple the price for shipping and duties.

No. 670176

Can someone explain to me why everyone is jealous of Jill’s kitchen? The pastel appliances? Because the cupboards are pre 2000 style. No backsplash. Cheap looking countertops. Microwave has a nook instead of being built into the cupboard.

No. 670288

who the hell would get food poisoning from bell peppers?? where I'm from we almost always eat them raw lol

not knowing how to cook meat tho, I would bet on her getting sick from that some day soon

No. 670295

lmao I was thinking this too
jill cleary cares about her cats wellbeing more than anything!!

No. 670311

You sound like someone who doesn't have to pay their own rent at 20. I would be fine having dated cabinets if I had an entire damn house to myself I wasn't paying for. Some people have tiny kitchens or roommates who take up storage/living space. She doesn't have to be living in an architectural digest spread to be spoiled and privileged.

No. 670314

Not the peppers of course but if she can't even cook that, how'd you think she'd do with non processed meat and produce

O wait she doesn't buy any, never mind then

No. 670318

tbf she could’ve easily purchased foam lifts from amazon if she actually wanted to wear the shoes that she paid a lot for, but she probably just got them to show off once and never touch again.

No. 670333

Poorfags again. I've been paying my own rent since I was Jill's age and still see very little to be jealous of with that kitchen. "Fine" isn't jealous. Granted she doesn't need an entire townhouse at her age, but between her YouTube income etc, likely parental help (pretty normal btw) she can afford it so I don't really see the big deal here. It's still a meh kitchen with some pastel plastic tat either way.

No. 670348

Isn't she only staying for a year? This is so ridiculously over the top, she doesn't realise how fast that year is going to go by.

No. 670351

It's just basic knowledge of cat behaviour, and she did make an entire video about all her cats anyways.

Because who the fuck expects a 20 year old to afford a brand new renovated personalized kitchen? Her kitchen is being compared to tiny and outdated student apartments that most people start off with. Use your head before accusing people of poorfaggotry.

If she actually finishes her fashion diploma, it would be 3 years.

No. 670352

Keeping the toys in a metal bucket on a stool is so stupid and dangerous. At least just keep the bucket on the floor.

No. 670360

>brand new renovated, personalized kitchen
Diff anon but seriously, she has some pastel appliances and a clean stove. Just buy a mint frying pan and some pastel bowls and be done with it, it's a regular kitchen.

No. 670369

nayrt but they're saying her kitchen isn't a brand new renovated personalised kitchen. they know her kitchen is average, but it's still much better than what most people have in student housing or their first apartment.

No. 670383

File: 1534951157908.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.06 KB, 1060x767, extraordinary-modern-kitchen-h…)

Because it's Jill and if she can afford a huge townhouse, I thought she'd at least get something that doesn't look so dowdy and dated. I also think the kitchen looks like shit. Granted, if she's just going to fill it with pastel trash, I guess it doesn't matter, but it really clashes with the those light-colored woods.

Pic related is what I'd expect from someone more well off.

No. 670386

not everyone's going to conform to your exact tastes and assumptions, anon. I think your linked kitchen is hideous. and even if Jill had a kitchen like that, it's too dark and spooky for her, so she's slap some hideous paint (or paper if she couldn't paint) over top of them and ruin your view of rich people just the same.

No. 670388

I don't mean the black but the general layout and design, but okay anon.

No. 670389

It's known she got a good deal on the rent for her townhouse. It's obviously a bit outdated in terms of structure and design, which she is trying to cover up with her styling.. Unsuccessfully. She really has issues putting colors together.

No. 670392

if you wanna think it's just the colour i don't like about the kitchen, have at it. the style is your taste.

and the point stands that no matter what the place looks like, Jill would and will turn it in to a special needs day care.

No. 670424

Are you even thinking about where she's living? It's a older town. People with houses this modern, if they even exist in the area, aren't going to be giving an entitled 20 year old the time of day.

Her rent is significantly less than her Patreon earnings, so it's essentially paid for on top of her youtube income and OBVIOUS support from her parents, as there's no way her youtube income could cover her rate of spending.

You seem hung up on your personal idea of what wealth looks like. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be poor to resent Jill getting things handed to her and giving her audience ridiculous expectations of what to expect from adulthood.

No. 670438

No. 670441

the bangs/fading in the bangs, yikes

No. 670444

File: 1534960684254.jpg (263.39 KB, 1080x1665, IMG_20180822_195348.jpg)

I just can't believe she actually made that title

No. 670446

File: 1534960751194.png (292.56 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180822-105649.png)

How janky is this bitch's lipstick? Kek

No. 670448

>"I'm not about to go and replace my appliances with big pink ones, I'm not that far gone"
careful jill, people might think you're making a dig at kelly eden
I wonder if this video is a sort of response to what people have been saying in here

No. 670450

This video proved how much out of touch she really is I litteraly watched it half-way through and cli

No. 670451

Her lipstick and hair might look like complete and utter shit. But FINALLY this bitch has normal colored eyebrows. I’ll call that one a win for Jill

No. 670452

lol it certainly seems like it.

No. 670453

she probably only got this one because the landlord said she could paint it.

No. 670454

inb4 she burns down her apartment with the uk microwave.

No. 670457

She spent like $100 on pissing SHIPPING to make it pink
I hate her so much oh my god

No. 670463

At 8:58 she says she's inviting a friend from Wales named George (a girl) to live with her "for a couple of months." Super interested to see how that goes, considering her super high friend turnover rate.

No. 670480

So just on a tourism visa? What… Is she even going to be contributing to the household expenses or is Jill just lonely?

No. 670482

Jillian thinks she’s showing how her pastel lifestyle can be affordable?!?!?
I’m just baffled almost $500 for something you can buy second hand for so cheap!! I don’t know any college student that has bought a new microwave. I don’t usually get mad about her spending but the comments at the end about her trying to show how her rainbow vomit eat out everyday lifestyle is affordable?!?

No. 670488

Holy shit are you kidding me…

For anyone that doesn't want to watch, she bought a Swann microwave from the UK after a very ~*intense*~ search and didn't realize she was going to need a plug converter. Overall, the purchase, with the converter, cost her almost $500 CAD.

The way she describes this shopping/searching journey for the microwave is so typical of shopping addictions. The adrenaline you get from setting yourself up for a "goal" and then finding it… just lol, so typical.

No. 670491

Is it just me or is Jill trying to talk like James Charles? At times her speech pattern is really similar.

No. 670514

def possible, she was mimicking heather sparkles a couple of months ago, then kelly eden before then

No. 670523

how tf can she say shit like >>670448 and then do that? you can buy pink microwaves in canada just go to the damn mall.

No. 670533

wow u nailed it i guessed it was the fuckin unnecessary microwave in the first minute of the storytime vid

No. 670537

I think it's a bit dumb for her to buy all this brand new, sparkly pink, expensive house shit when she's renting for school. What happens if she does quit school and moves back in? Is she going to move back in after she graduates? Is this $500 microwave gonna sit in the garage?

>Cute stuff is afforable

>Go to the thrift store
That's funny because you never go and buy more expensive clothing on a regular basis then shop at Claries but refuse to admit it because you pretend to care about 3rd world labor.

No. 670574

Oh definitely, this whole video smells of her replying to this thread because we pointed out she can't buy groceries either and now she's trying to get back and doing the opposite humiliating herself more.
$500 on a microwave?? Jilly, $150 is semi-expensive… I bought my current microwave for $60 and it has higher voltage than yours kek
Keep in mind, Jill is just living in a town house for college. She's not even gonna live here permanently and there's no doubt she's going back to her parents after she graduates.

No. 670602

If I was her mother I would be genuinely terrified of how she’s gonna survive after spending nearly $500 on a microwave before she had even moved out. Seriously if her mom doesn’t sit her down and give her a harsh dose of reality this irresponsible child is going to get even worse, because that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

No. 670614

her mom's just gonna say "that's my jill! Shes just so unique!" And then mail a cheque over

No. 670633


She spent $500 on a pink microwave from the UK with a clunky converter that she will never be able to resell. Apparently she spent days researching this.

She could have bought a white microwave and spray-painted it with an epoxy spray paint that is specifically for kitchen appliances, or a vinyl dye.

There are literally how-to tutorials on how to do this to your own appliances. She is an idiot. Of courses, she would probably get lazy and just spray paint the microwave directly, and after a month it would peel and start giving off fumes. These things require sanding, priming, and also a topcoat. But in the end, it would have been like $100 max WITH the microwave. Not $500 lol

She is such a fashion designer/DIY guru. Lol. More like a shopaholic.

Hell, she didn't even do the research for other pink microwaves. This one looks much nicer than the one she bought, is US/Canada compatible, and is cheaper: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/514925184/pink-microwave-hamilton-beach-pink?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_ca_en_ca_a-home_and_living-other&utm_custom1=250209b4-6013-490a-b176-8bf15d7e5da0&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIu_qpsNOB3QIVDIJpCh0rQwuQEAkYASABEgL4ifD_BwE I thought she did "extensive research"? Lol.

No. 670638


She seemed like she wanted the retro look too, plus she hates black supposedly. Whichever anon said years ago when she got her tattoo or a little before was right when they speculated that she might eventually get into the vintage/retro/rockabilly kawaii look. Some of her dresses and the wrap headbands and tattoos plus her trying to wear more red lipstick and makeup kinda confirms some of that.

No. 670650

At the end of the day it would have been way cheaper and sensible to just buy a retro-looking white microwave of your choice, and then dye it pink. Apparently that etsy lady does this, which is why she has 4 different pink microwaves for sale right now.

Her kitchen is in pastel colours right now, why did it have to be a pink microwave? In Canada, you can find pastel mint "retro" microwaves that would have also fit her aesthetic: https://www.wayfair.ca/appliances/pdp/nostalgia-retro-series-14-07-cu-ft-countertop-microwave-nst1636.html

Point is, she did NO research and impulse bought a $500 microwave… and in the video she makes it seem like it wasn't an impulsive purchase and that she genuinely intensively researched it. She doesn't want to come to terms w/ the fact that she compulsively consumes wastefully

No. 670670


Obviously what she did was dumb and way too expensive; I was just saying that her logic is probably that she wanted a specific look and the pink and black one you linked to probably wouldn't have been enough for her since she whines about not wanting black and dark colors.

She may have wanted some pink and some mint based on the photos we saw, and she probably was just too dumb to check websites that weren't Amazon and eBay or common e-commerce stores.

The DIY approach would have been best probably, but we know Jill lies about being creative and an artist. She's never really made anything herself that didn't turn out badly. I agree that she's dumb and she admits she messed up because she didn't initially know the shipping plus cost of a converter, etc. and she admitted that she should have remembered the electrical issues and used common sense but didn't.

When Jill says research you should know better than to think she meant anything substantial; research to her is probably just making shopping/wish lists with her options. Clearly she should have thought harder about it but she didn't and she admitted she was wrong and actually called herself stupid/said she wasted money.

Her weight, eating habits, and spending are still pretty extreme at times but at least she's maybe becoming the slightest bit more mature or self aware. We can't know from one situation or video but we can only hope for the best. TL;DR: just trying to suggest what she might have been thinking even if her decision was obviously stupid, and at least she admitted her mistake, unlike with previous purchases.

No. 670726

>Am I proud of this? No. Did I think it would be entertaining for you to laugh at my demise? Yes!
More like, "did I think I could recoup the money I wasted by doing this video and getting adsense money? Yes!"

No. 670741

File: 1534981063194.jpg (88.67 KB, 500x500, 4030608130553Med1.jpg)

I did a quick Google search on pink microwave and found this one that goes for $175 USD as my second result, which has the same plug as Canada. On top of that FREE worldwide delivery.


The only person who did actual research was her dad.

No. 670766

fucking kek
regular microwaves cost like 50 bucks… she paid 10x more just to have a pink microwave
everytime i come back to this thread she does something more stupid than the last day

No. 670840

File: 1534987784599.jpg (92.97 KB, 720x910, 2018822_212819485.jpg)


No. 670842

I completely agree with you, but to whiteknight Jill for a sec, at least she's showing a bit of humility even if it's while talking about how she pissed money away, and she's actually producing some kind of content for money this time instead of begging on Patreon, so maybe it's a step in the right direction?

No. 670931

File: 1534997057132.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, F5FB6C69-21FF-469F-8ACD-4E6101…)

I found some video Jill through one of Maggie’s friend’s IG story and holy hell she looks like an absolute fucking mess. Like, worse than she look at the candid pics at the convention earlier this year

No. 670950

File: 1534998288307.png (3.89 MB, 750x1334, 680BA79E-0C2B-40C0-83C6-F36CD8…)

No. 670958

I’m the original anon that asked what everyone is jealous of that early 90’s kitchen for and that’s exactly the kitchen what I pictured to be jealousy inducing for a starter kitchen. It’s a basic condo kitchen but at least it’s only about 10 years old. And you really think it’s uglier than Jill’s kitchen which is about 20 years older? The countertop is peeling near the stove ffs.

No. 670976

Holy shit no one gives a fuck stop

No. 670985


Dont even care if I get banned stalking and insulting someone this closely is creepy even if it's a cow would you say that to someone's face? Get a fucking life

No. 670993

Honestly anon the Jill threads have been weirdly shit lately.

No. 671039

File: 1535014359060.jpeg (304.96 KB, 1440x1435, C585920F-ABA2-4091-B9F1-DC78A7…)

Apart from her hair, I think she actually looks pretty here. She has such a nice face naturally it's a shame she colours her eyebrows green, plasters glitter on her cheeks and wears and gooey neon lipsticks because she looks great here.

No. 671051

Also in this pic AND the new video she finally quit using 3 different unblended colors for her eye shadow!

No. 671052

As so many anons have said time and time again, she would look so nice with a natural soft eye look (like a light brown eyeshadow with a light shimmer to it) and a soft pink lip or even just lip gloss. I feel like with Jill starting college soon we’ll be seeing more photos of her without such heavy make up, which will do wonders for her poor skin that’s dealt with straight foundation and concealer as well as tonnes of glitter and stickers and heavily pigmented blushes without a skin care routine for god knows how long now

No. 671098

File: 1535026082837.jpeg (275.55 KB, 1242x1695, 66B520E7-8CD4-4509-8D3E-8D4912…)

No. 671255

do any of her confetti cunts realize that their patreon dollars go directly to her buying a $500 microwave.. I mean… god. how anyone thinks she needs money is beyond me

No. 671272

That, and rubber duckie crane games at Walmart.

No. 671321

File: 1535040607983.jpeg (229.72 KB, 636x366, 3FE5D038-9CC0-4B9B-87B7-E6D82E…)

If she got rid of her rainbow bangs and just went blonde/milky brown went back to her natural hair color/stopped straightening her hair everyday her hair would look better. She always straightens and bleaches it and it’s time for her to give her hair a break, she wouldn’t have to worry about her hair dye fading or having to bleach her roots. And if brown hair is still too boring then blonde or milky brown would would work for her. Also she did look better in her new video. She should start wearing natural makeup looks with red/pink/nude bc that rainbow multicolor bright color stuff ages her so badly. Even no makeup Jill is better than her usual makeup. She starts school September the fourth.

No. 671328

her hair makes her look like a bag lady, what the fuck jill? ever hear of a brush?

No. 671334


When you have curly or wavy hair, especially if it's either damaged like Jill's or naturally very dry, brushing it without adding a product to combat dryness like serum or conditioner (or styling products but those dry hair out) can make it look even frizzier. While it's unlikely, she could have actually brushed it but you wouldn't be able to tell. Jill seems to hate anything natural relating to her appearance so she just straightens her hair regularly, making it all much worse.

If her natural wavy/curly hair was hydrated, a natural color in the front, and she made an attempt to style it, it could be cute.

No. 671364

She 100% comes across as special needs in this, both with looks and behavior. Wow.

No. 671372

Dyed hair makes her "queer" via Jill logic. Natural hair would make her straight, by the same logic, but since she is straight that is no problem

No. 671417

File: 1535048275874.png (937.16 KB, 720x1017, 20180823_191737.png)

No. 671425

Jill's color matching is so bad, the girl on the far left might be worse but red gingham with pink. White would have been nice to contrast and match with the summery gingham; and she claimed white is a neutral for her before.

No. 671432

File: 1535049072985.jpg (80.06 KB, 749x694, pJzIIsQ.jpg)

knowing, just KNOWING i could easily take the city bus to regent mall and see this thing in the flesh for the mere price of 2.75… i don't even wanna think about it…

No. 671435


I can't believe actual adults are this bad at picking out outfits for themselves.

They all look like variations of what a five year old would pick out.

No. 671444

It’s okay anon, it’s gonna be all right, breathe… think about non-pastel vomit content, it’s gunna be ay-okay

Coincidently I was just thinking as soon as I saw that picture, of how great it would be if a farmer was at the mall and took the un-shooped, un-filtered version of this picture. It’s like they’re all trying to blur their faces away.

No. 671446

It's not like the Regent Mall has a lot of places they'd be interested in. Claire's, Sephora, Toys R Us, and the food court, and they're done. By the time you got there, they'd already have run out of places to go unless they're going to try to squeeze themselves into clothes from Justice.

No. 671450

File: 1535051102825.jpg (28.07 KB, 500x357, tumblr_o9yvkdOWEI1qfdplwo2_500…)

"I'll update you on whether or not I can make any food in my house with my pink mikey wikey hehe"

u don't need anymore fucking mozzarella sticks jill

No. 671456

File: 1535051359585.jpg (6.28 KB, 300x168, imagesjill.jpg)

"nice face naturally"

With all due respect, I think this girl looks like a demented elf…honestly she looks like something you would see during a really bad episode of sleep paralysis. maybe you need glasses anon.

No. 671486

File: 1535052893918.jpeg (146.98 KB, 1456x1080, 5FCEA022-06E9-47E7-9A82-F653DB…)

No. 671488


different anon but while she does have unfortunate genes with her jowls and smile lines, Jill isn't ugly. If she just exercised or managed her diet better she'd look fine and kind of cute.

No. 671496

Just wait until the Claire’s shuts down though. It will be absolute panick.

No. 671625

File: 1535062978039.jpg (155.34 KB, 800x1000, Faux_Fur_Russian_Ushanka_Hat_G…)

i really thought for a good minute she was wearing a hat in the middle photo

No. 671795

the rainby skirt in the far right is an abomination, an outright insult to fashion and good taste. no one can pull it off because it is horrible, and the only people who do buy it are landwhale autists who think it's kawaii to dress like colorblind 5 year olds.

No. 671800

These pencil skirts cannot be worn by anyone who is even slightly overweight or has even the tiniest fupa because it will show.

No. 671802

also samefag but the autist with the rainbow skirt is coincidentially making a face that literally makes her look like she has down's syndrome, and that's an insult to people with down's syndrome, not her.

No. 671926

This is kind of mean to say, but why is every party kei/confetti club member so ugly? They're always overweight with no knowledge of how to pose for photos or coordinate outfits. Maybe Jill just attracts that shit, idk.

No. 671932

They grew up plain and never felt cute, so they are drawn to the fashion as a way to stand out and get attention

No. 671955

How has nobody considered the fact that jill x maggie x steven might be trying to be polysexual

No. 671959

It has been lightly speculated, but you have to remember this is Jill we are talking about. She’s a pillow queen who is only interested in peen and she thinks girls are icky when they’re not wearing cute/sexy clothes. If anything it’s been heavily speculated that Steven and Maggie are fucking evidence by the fact there’s been more then one occasion when the two of them have gone out late without Jill insight

No. 671961

We all know that polysexual is just a bunch of bullshit that still doesn’t make you queer. And we all know that Jillian is straight anyway. I just feel like Stephen has to have a fetish for dating people who dress terribly/look alike. Jill just couldn’t stay away from being single/peen for over a year and Stephen and Maggie have to still like each other to be able to live together. If Stephen wanted to he could’ve lived with Jill.

No. 671996

I know its not a sexuality. But she doesnt know that probably. And they could be a vee, as in theyre both dating steven with everyone consentual. Am i crazy speculating? Seems like it could be real.

No. 672003

Why would she keep that on the DL though, it would get her so many kweer pointz to be in a triad with a bisexual guy and another girl, all rainby weebs.

No. 672044

I'm still not over that random streak of dyed hot pink hair on that girl on the left. She looks terribly awkward and like she still hasn't graduated middle school.

And the chubby one on the far right needs to know that if your skirt is wrinkling at the fucking buttons, then it's not a good fit. I feel bad for confetti cunts cause all of them just wear Walmart kawaii and it shows how absolutely clueless they are.

No. 672046

I've been in the same boat. Got to have that rainbow hair that's so damaged beyond belief but looks OK straightened so keep the cycle going. At this point it can't be saved, she needs to cut it off but she's way too vain for that. God, she could even probably get a wig shop to send her free shit.

No. 672047

Forgot to say. She literally can't stop straightening it. Look how disgusting it looks. As if she would ever

No. 672056

Not sure if I'm misremembering or what but wasn't Jill going to do drag a while back? Whatever happened to that? Did I miss something? I thought she was set to debut somewhere.

No. 672079

it's crazy since she can afford hair treatments and salon visits, but she refuses to. She has no experience with dealing hair but keeps frying her own hair. I agree with anons that wigs are her only choice. she works at home exclusively, so why wouldnt she buy lots of wigs for that?

No. 672098

Please don't remind her.

No. 672334

Minty mix (I think) sells rainbow wigs. Idk why she doesn’t just buy one to wear while her hair recovers. With her money she could honestly probably even get a custom one from a wig maker. I’ll never understand why people are ok damaging their hair but not ok with wearing a wig.

No. 672337

I don't understand how she talks about how she's been dyeing and bleaching her hair for multiple years on end and yet… hasn't improved her technique at all in that time. She doesn't go to a hair stylist who could better manage dyeing her fried straw hair, she doesn't even try to buy olaplex (or any other kind of bonder) from anyone.. she even knows who ALB is and she hasn't even taken advice from her "how to grow long hair" (basically a "how to take care of bleached hair and make it look healthy") guide.. even her extensions are just from amazon.

If she uses makeup and hair as part of her fashion/style, why doesn't she even try to improve?? It's so frustrating to watch!!

No. 672354

File: 1535137263361.jpeg (49.03 KB, 311x463, C983B7F8-6320-48C8-9A1A-CBE074…)

They have plenty of rainbow/multicolor wigs.

No. 672396

File: 1535140218666.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65.76 KB, 409x410, 4EF034C2-C318-4CF9-8FD2-5263A5…)

No. 672580


Oh, the groceries.

I can't wait for how fat she's going to get. This is going to be fun. Freshmen 15 and beyond. Here we come!

No. 672631

>"a kawaii lifestyle can be affordable!"
>spends five hundred goddamn dollars on a damn microwave
homegirl's out of touch with what the word "affordable" means.

Late to the party, but that's the blandest kitchen I've ever seen. She may have been allowed to paint her home, but I don't think any landlord is going to allow a full gut reno of a kitchen to get it to your neomcmansion standards. It's not like she's gonna cook in there anyway, so let it be a shitty old kitchen with pastel white goods.

It wouldn't surprise me. Poly does seem to be the trend du jour to make people feel special/beautiful/unique/quirky about their sex lives. And you know how much Pixie loves feeling special about everything.

No. 672716

Polysexual = attracted to more than one gender
Polyamorous = dating multiple people at once

No. 672866

File: 1535202074753.png (641.24 KB, 1080x1110, 20180825_144436.png)

No. 672890

No. 672905

She knows she's picky but still chooses to get subscription boxes. Just like the 6% dokidoki lucky pack, things she'll never use because they're not aesethic and should spend the money on things she actually wants. Hard to believe someone who chooses to get things she'll never use wants to pretend about caring about the earth.

No. 672908

File: 1535208098390.jpeg (172.4 KB, 577x748, 17245B92-7E10-4485-85FF-E73094…)

Not sure if this con pic was posted but Jill and friends went to another fast food place a week ago.
This is the first video that she chooses to put up after the move? We’ve gotten ton of unboxing and sponsorship videos and they’re so boring to watch. Put out actual content. Maybe when she was hanging out with her friends or moving in she could’ve blogged and that would’ve been more interesting than this. She moved in on the 13th so wouldn’t she have everything done by now? What happened to her saying that this new space would allow her to film more interesting content?

No. 672909

Could she stretch her face any longer in the thumbnail?? Jeez Jill, this isn't the Scream franchise

No. 672916

Jill‘s boyfriend looks absolutley miserable, like the doesn‘t want to be there at all !

This video made me so mad, this is the second box and she doesn‘t like any of it. She mentions herself that people sell lot of Pusheen stuff online, so why doesn‘t she get the things she wants instead of buying crap?

No. 672922

okay but has she ever announced the winners of that one pusheen giveaway? i never heard any update on that

No. 672923

File: 1535209342891.png (608.53 KB, 720x1103, 20180825_160204.png)

No. 672924

i was just about to post this. i hope winter never comes.

No. 672928

File: 1535209651728.jpg (7.18 KB, 243x228, 1535209608687.jpg)

Is she ok

No. 672930


it looks like it's covered in spiderwebs tho.

BTW when is Jill's trip to Japan for the Kawaii International show? Wasn't it next month? I did not see her mentioning that show at all after she won it. Her lack of excitement about this confuses me tbh

No. 672931

File: 1535210318343.jpeg (28.17 KB, 240x320, F55597F2-8324-47F4-8F18-BEF01C…)

>that would be good for snacks in the bath

No. 672932

>Really into fashion
>Lazy Oaf

No. 672933

It literally looks like some hairball one of her cats might cough up

No. 672945

File: 1535211411094.jpeg (574.01 KB, 2048x2048, E284D5A7-9FF4-422F-AF1C-BD521D…)

You’ll never be iconic Jill

No. 672948

isnt the planter supposed to be a tea pot? theres a hole in the unicorn horn.

No. 672953

I see she's already managed to bleach her new bf's hair. How many days until it's pink or purple?

No. 672960

Last year's Kawaii International was aired in November, so probably within the next 2 months

No. 672968

oh god these people do not know how to dress themselves. half of their clothes look uncomfortable, especially the girl on the far right of the top photo with the garter and knee-highs. i can just see all of these people having to deal with adjusting themselves every 5 minutes to keep up with their kawaii image.

No. 672969

How hard is it to use the right pronouns for Pusheen? For someone in the LGBT community, you’d think she could get at least that right.
I know it’s a thing to call objects “he” or “she” but pusheen is a character LMAO

No. 672983

File: 1535215171678.png (1.11 MB, 1467x342, 135f.png)

The Jill Effect.

No. 673039

Is the fourth guy the one with the "I was attacked" video on youtube?

No. 673050

It's Drew Monson, the guy who looks exactly like Jill's brother who she was obsessed with

No. 673053

File: 1535221703937.jpg (86.86 KB, 1000x719, fucking.jpg)

FUCK…. it's him. I cannot correlate Jill's taste in men

No. 673071

i legit thought the first three was the same guy. So, she only likes the same type of dude? such a lesbian, fam

No. 673152

I will always feel for Tristan. He was 100% on board with her kawawee lifestyle, helped her make videos, and even participated in her hobbies with her. I wish the people in her life that were used by her would actually come forward with receipts because people who do shit like "lol actually loved your bff the whole time BYE" don't deserve the recognition and fans.

No. 673169

Mystery girl's sister coming on here to explain everything confirmed what a shit person Jill is. Plus Colin blocking her (I think?) on social media and just ignoring her existence, and her other "friends" dumping her. Jill goes through so many "friends" and probably still thinks she's not the problem.

No. 673181

File: 1535229687073.png (158.27 KB, 270x248, happy couple.png)

all around me are familiar faces…

he looks miserable

No. 673194


What did Alyssa's sister say? I've seen some people mention her, but I was never able to find what she said.

No. 673211


Please don't take this the wrong way as I'm just giving you advice for this and future questions about stuff that's already been discussed, but it's in older threads if you want to read it. Links to the previous thread are always at the top. If it's hard or time consuming to read through you can just go back a thread and ctrl+F and look for "Alyssa" until you find what you want. That's part of the point of linking to the older threads at the top of each new one, I assume.

No. 673232

File: 1535232603488.jpeg (606.25 KB, 2350x1932, 4149037E-568E-447D-A694-E6EC8A…)

I know it’s a weird thing to be bothered by but why does she always smash her hands into her face in photos?

No. 673243

It squishes down the cheek chub and hides her jowls. Your typical "If I'm gonna look bad anyway I'll do it on purpose and be qUiRky!"

No. 673249

like the photo >>672983 showed, all of the dudes in her life looking fucking miserable after awhile, wtf is up with that? why won't they just dump her straight out? is she the type who seems super sweet/kind at first to draw you in and then turns into a monster?

No. 673278

I don't think Tristan was ever fed up with her, not in any real sense. Like >>673152 mentioned, he got very involved in her hobbies and encouraged her to make videos and often filmed them for her. He just got dropped by Jill without any notice.

No. 673416

It wouldn't surprise me if Jill is particularly hard to break up with because of how dependent she is on her partners and all her mental health issues - she seems like the type who'd throw her depression in your face if you disagree with her, for example. When you're young or inexperienced with relationships, it's hard not to feel responsible for someone like Jill, who is probably emotionally manipulative (as most cows are), perhaps without realizing it.

No. 673422

At least he got to be free from her and has a nice gf now. Also he got to be with Jill when she was quite cute not the fat sjw tumblr pastel vomit she is now.

I want her to feature her new bf on her channel I can’t understand what he sees in her.

No. 673438

she seems the type to get her parents involved in her breakups tbh. i knew a girl who got her mom to call her ex's parents and force them to force him to babytalk/apologize to her and boost her ego until she was tempered down enough to go find new dick. jill seems the type to do the same.

No. 673454

File: 1535254268080.jpg (24.27 KB, 1439x319, 1535254240182.jpg)

Jillian "I'm so multilingual" Vessey read this as "eech- leeb-spinet"

No. 673563

tbf she "speaks" french and japanese, no german, so not sure how shed know how the pronounce german words with the other languages she "knows"

No. 673565

Say what?!
What is this even?

No. 673572

File: 1535281420978.png (987.89 KB, 640x1136, E1403E6F-7BA9-4E10-8457-067E4A…)

Friends stay over…
Place filled with stuff lying all over!

No. 673582

I don’t think that this is Jillian’s house. The walls are too bland. Jill said that all of her friends live in the same area.

No. 673583

She could have just bought a normal microwave and spray painted it pink.

No. 673589

Seems like she's hanging out with them 24/7 tho. She said it'd take months to unpack and finish her house, but she is living alone and pre bought tons of items already so it shouldn't take that long.

Her friends are also suppose to be creative like her yet they only seem to go to the mall to visit claires, eat burgers, and sitting at each other's houses. They're allowed to do normal young adult things but they're probably just enabling each other to sit around, day drink and scroll through their phones. Jill seems to care even less about her sewing now.

No. 673591

bit nit picky, There's always going to be shit lying about when you've just moved, and even when people stay. It just happens

I'm still crying at the microwave situation because the exact same one is on eBay for £35 used or 70 new. Surely one of her rabid fanbase would've helped her out there.

But if you've got the money to blow.. I've never been jealous of her lifestyle but this is just sickening on so many levels. Just sums her up perfectly

No. 673680

When does school start?

No. 673685

Most Canadian schools start the Wednesday or Thursday after Labour Day, so September 5/6.

No. 673734

While watching her video, I had literally no idea that she was trying to say a german name. And I live in germany since 20 years. Wtf Jill.

No. 673766

Most Canadians and Americans have no idea how to read a single word in German. Students in Canada only study German in university if they want, high schools are only required to teach English and French, if they do offer other basic language courses then very few students take them anyways.

Basically it’s beyond nitpicky, almost irrational to complain about her German prononciation. Besides Jill only speaks English, period. She can’t even manage Canadian French.

No. 673772

Idk about that fully anon tbh. Maybe I’m paranoid but I feel like spray painting electronics that get hot and cooks your food seems like it could potentially become a health problem.

No. 673773

Is she not wearing a bra in this? Thought I was going to see a nip slip any second

No. 673775

I don't think it's being too nit-picky. I honestly thought the username was a gibberish string of letters, but seeing it written out it's recognizably a german name. She could have at least put the name into google translate to listen to the pronunciation. It's a bit offensive to mispronounce a name like that, especially as the point of shout outs is to hear your name.

No. 673791

If Jill couldn't read it, that's a good hint it's in another language and she could have just copied and pasted the words into google/google translate. A decent amount of people know at least a basic word or two in a different language, so "I" and "love" isn't impossible to recognize in a common language, especially if Jill's ever been exposed to German in any content. Kelly Eden had videos with her learning German sentences, and we know how Jill eats any Kelly content up. If any of her friends took/take German in their colleges, "Ich" would've been an instant giveaway. You're definitely right that nothing should be expected of Jill's language "skills", so this isn't a surprise but was still funny enough that I thought it was worth a post. She claims to be multilingual and respectful, but doesn't care enough to google anything.

No. 673839


No one cares, Yuros.

No. 674021

File: 1535328130562.jpg (593.46 KB, 1080x1233, 20180826_210140.jpg)

No. 674031

Do they actually like Precure or are they enduring it to stay cool with Jill for efame points?

I like her boyfriend went from "God let me eat my burger" in the last pic to "Kawaii anime boyfriend edition".

No. 674035

Maggie looks like a fucking wreak, green bangs and pink hair make me wanna barf.

The girl in the jean jacket looks real uncomfortable surrounded by all the mismatched Jill minions. Hope she's normal and has time to run away before she becomes one of them.

No. 674038

precure is one of the most boring, bland anime i can possibly think of, i can't fathom how anyone over 4 years old could endure it for more than 2 episodes in a row. imagine trying to introduce someone to anime through a kid's show made to sell toys.

also, check out how jill's already begun the sissification of her new boytoy.

No. 674041

Wait, did she repaint that part of her wall??

No. 674049

The ok looking girls there probably think they look like hot shit in comparison but don’t realize the average is so low they all look like a bunch of ugly mongs at first glance.

No. 674057

jesus fucking christ why does she try to force precure onto every new person she meets?

No. 674065

because she doesn't have a personality so she just shoehorns her poser interests like that makes up for it

No. 674067

File: 1535332859240.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, 190F4672-7271-4512-B88E-24D074…)

Looks like she did. The light blue is now a weird darker green. Could maybe be the lighting but it looks too drastic to be just that. Either way, it ironically looked better before.

No. 674070

She colour-corrects her photos to hell and back. She didn't repaint.

No. 674071

She couldnt even coordinate the colors correctly???
Why not do the two blues, green, yellow center, pink, then the two purples instead of this messy disorganized mess?

No. 674086

Surely that's not color correct? The walls went from blue to green

No. 674092

I'm betting all the pastel pink in this photo really threw the camera off.

No. 674149

It’s already starting. Stephen is wearing pink when he doesn’t wear pink at all. He’s going to be the new Colin. Jillian must have some everything/everyone in my life has to be kawaii/my bf has to be kawaii just like me obsession or fetish.

No. 674181

I'm betting the girl wearing blue/black will be thrown out of the friend group soon for not abiding by their dress code. Jill practically tries to form a weird cult with her as the leader anytime she makes new friends.

No. 674196

its a filter, you can see the weird green artifact on the pink couch

No. 674266

i love precure n all but these poor fucking people

No. 674278

god dammit get out while you can dude

No. 674292

God, the girl on the left cuddling the plush toy, watching a kiddy anime and all the childish colour matching in this room really gives a day care vibe

No. 674377

Is it just my eyes/screen, is it the light or does Jill‘s new sofa already has stains? Disgusting if it has.

No. 674381

The green looks differend as and the pruple too. Maybe Jill has filtered one of the pictures to hell and back or maybe she just made her walls look worse. Who knows?

No. 674393

It would look so much better if she made the purple wall the same color as the purple stripe and instead of doing green next to pink just make the entire wall pink

No. 674395

File: 1535384130702.png (652.71 KB, 720x792, 20180827_163517.png)

No. 674398

eye roll. you've been out of school for what, 1 or 2 years? most people who drop out and then go back, especially ppl who go on to study about their passion and working toward their DREAMS are excited to start school again

No. 674403


her fashion school is about to start, so how long will it last? One Month? Maybe until the end of the year? I have a hard time believing that she will actually finish it this entire thing.

No. 674415

Sage for rant but the fact she took 2 years off school to do jack shit with her time is just so pathetic/depressing. She could've gotten thru half of a regular degree by now but she's so lazy and used to getting what she wants without effort that she sat on her ass for 2 years doing nothing. Like legitimately all she did was spend her fan/ad money on plastics and make one or two crappy costumes for a con. If I was in that position I would be so disappointed and embarrassed with myself but she doesn't have any shame for that. I wonder if she even notices that everyone who is now her ex friend or bf has moved on to be more successful because they actually finished school and have jobs like normal adults, while she still hangs out with immature or younger people who haven't gotten much schooling or other experience yet

No. 674441

So-called 'fashion school' was supposed to be her dream and she's already treating it like some massive overworking inconvenience in her life. I honestly can't imagine being that lazy and presumably bored every day. Do something better with your life, Jill.

No. 674442

right? people who take gap years usually have some kind of plan, like getting experience in their field at a low level (can help with admission to programs), just working on their art if that's what they want to go into, traveling, SOMETHING!
imagine how many trips she could have went on with all the money she's spent on useless crap. she could have made actually interesting videos and talk about having a kawiwi aesthetic on the go or something
aah what could have been

No. 674459

Looks like a daycare for mentally disabled adults.

No. 674475

Oh man, new bf is becoming the new Colin. This is both sad and hilarious

No. 674507

Didn't she originally take a gap year to build a portfolio?

No. 674509

People who color code their possessions give me "segregation" vibes

No. 674532




wow anon don't be such a pussy.

No. 674536

lol jill is a baby so it may be for her

No. 674537