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File: 1668150519255.jpeg (612.69 KB, 796x789, 1ACDD8F6-F69E-4477-8381-F8B2CD…)

No. 897638



Previous Thread: >>895458
Image Credit: >>897374

The Basics:

>Luna is a 26 year old “sober” heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on/off “sex worker”

>Claims to have overdosed 5+ times
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides make shitty art and write cringeworthy “poetry”
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun; the most noteworthy illnesses include BPD and an elusive eating disorder
>Started dating her (now) 43 year old “fiancé” Matthew (also known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”; they’ve now been together for 8 years and he clearly has no intention of marrying her
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but spergs on the internet about how vile it is to do so
>Loves to share her grimy life with all and sundry, including awful photos of her (now dead) cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, layers of dirt and mystery stains on every surface of her home, et cetera
>Constantly buys cheap garbage on Amazon with her dad’s credit card while complaining about being penniless

Historical Milk:

>Squandered a 50k dollar inheritance from her grandmother within the space of a year, claims it went on rent and bills when in reality she spent it on drugs and fuck knows what other useless shit

>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s dying dad) by squatting in his apartment, stealing his belongings and leeching off his social security until he died. The gruesome twosome was soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom government poverty home, which ultimately drove Luna’s mother to relapse and go to inpatient
>Ebil dad’s apartment caught on fire, Luna took the opportunity to garner more uwu points by spreading ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:

>Embarked on a “sex work” career, taking filthy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more like an actual corpse in every photo, also sells pre-made videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829

>One anon leaks a “commission” video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Her dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off, one of her lowest points to date >>758647
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her sex work twitter account >>761016
>Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775 , >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “Lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” videos that they bought but didn’t leak at the time >>811491 , >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:


>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets disconnected and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as her “landlord” despite admitting on Facebook that they’re not there legally >>813209 , >>813354
>The apartment door lock breaks, Luna and Lurch build sad little barricades (the most notable being the busted pink gaming chair, RIP, gone too soon) >>816475 , >>815981
>The cops pay them a visit and find drugs, drug paraphernalia and a knife >>813338
>Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990 , >>822424 , >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the regular, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718 , >>822657 , >>823499 , >>823823 , >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober despite still taking fucking Xanax >>824858 , >>825465 , >>827008 , >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses and is allegedly “dying” >>825466 , >>825993 , >>826190
>Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimulus checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by their neighbour’s pitbulls (totally not while stealing or anything) >>831109

Assault Saga:

>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building, anons bicker over whether she’s telling the truth or not >>840784 , >>840941

>Reports the rape to the police who take the allegation seriously >>841832
>Police then pivot to not entirely believing her rape story, suspect her of submitting a falsified statement >>843957
>Luna gets admitted to the psych ward, calls it the “worst day of her life” but doesn’t explain why, still manages to post unsettling selfies featuring EKG stickers >>846413 , >>846458
>One theory is that she lost her shit when she took all of her Klonopin and the doctor wouldn’t give her more >>847120

Recent Milk:

>Tuna is still deluding herself that she is a) sober and b) going to enrol in aesthetician school >>895494

>You can’t preempt a relapse when you’re not clean to begin with, Tuba >>895499
>Begging for someone to buy her a sobriety chip, if she were in an actual program they’d give her one, but that would necessitate actually being sober >>895517
>Claims she’s scared of a former “customer” who is into hurtcore finding her and harming her >>895548
>Fakeboi lurking and sperging. Again. >>895615
>Wow Tuba, a new pink tarot deck is exactly what will help you turn your life around, why work when you can continue to squander ebil dad’s money on useless junk? >>895672
>Acknowledging that the shit she keeps buying is in fact shit >>895709
>SHE’S TRYING HER BEST YOU GUISE!!11!!11!! >>895766
>Well this is definitely the face of a sober kween >>895887
>How the fuck does anyone actually “need” any of this trash >>895955
Changed her tumblr handle yet again and updated her cringeworthy long ass bio >>895990
>This truly is a new level of crust, even by Tuna standards >>896061
>Hashtag trigger warning ED for the fragile delicate anorexic waif >>896105
>Massively underrated post >>896144
>Yes Tuna, we can all see that you’re starving >>896199
>The elusive Lurch makes an appearance >>896220
>For the love of god Tuba, get a bra that actually fits you >>896234
>The state of her teeth makes me want to an hero >>896432
>STILL talking to the internet “boyfriend” she never actually met who apparently thinks she is beautiful and still loves her, sure Luna >>896613
>Tuba decides to cut herself some bangs as if that’s going to be an improvement to her tragic hair situation >>896776
>QUELLE FUCKING SURPRISE they have a rat problem >>896814
>Already wants to dye her hair again but can’t do it at the Airbnb, presumably because she wrecked the bathroom when she dyed it red >>896846
>Is broke and on the verge of homelessness but can afford to commission ugly plastic jewellery, great prioritisation Tuba >>896864
>Her wonky eye now looks like it is migrating off her face >>896936
>I can’t wait to see what she “manifests” for herself >>896955
>A tumblr skelly bullies Tuna, anons divided over whether it’s a farmer or just an unhinged anachan >>897020
>Fakeboi to the rescue, defending her uwu anorexic queen’s honour >>897067
>Ginger Bronson tier cringeworthy “poetry” >>897145
>Creates a “finsta”, keeps it public and advertises it, which defeats the point of having a “finsta” >>897423
>Manages to scam someone into buying the precious sobriety chip for her >>897475
>Where the fuck are you getting money for ugly ass new tattoos when you’re unemployed and practically homeless? >>897511
>Said ugly ass tattoo is going to be front and centre of every fucking selfie just like the rose was when she first got it >>897617



https://heavenlybunnies.tumblr.com/ [deleted]
https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/ [ed tumblr]
https://heavenlykittens.tumblr.com/ [active]

https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]


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No. 897643

I hate to be the one cat sperging BUT at the end of last thread in the new pumpkin pic, did her eyes look swollen and reddish to anyone else or just me?
Thanks for new thread also koynonnisqatsi

No. 897645

Nah I think it’s the lighting. Her eyes are half closed and the picture quality is garbage so it’s hard to tell, but given how poorly she’s cared for there’s probably multiple health issues afoot. I’m one of the few anons who isn’t especially fond of cats but I love animals on the whole and knowing that they stole her from her home only to keep her cooped up and neglected in their junkie squalor irks me. No animal deserves that.

No. 897646

File: 1668161897290.jpg (32.89 KB, 371x419, 1668120208255.jpg)

Her third eyelid is covering almost half her eye.

No. 897649

What does that mean, is it a serious problem? So much for “uwu we took pumpkin to the vet and she’s in perfect health”, nice try Tuba

No. 897652

When the eyelid is covering that much of the eye and is that inflamed, yes it is an indicator of very serious health problems.

No. 897654

this is most likely a sign of dehydration. pumpkin is (at least) either constipated or has diharrea. poor thing has never been to the vet, nor does she get good food.

No. 897655

We all knew that was a lie. Tuna would never spend vet kind of money on anyone but herself.

No. 897656

Not to mention if she did there would 100% be a selfie of her that was like the side of her face with the caption “waiting at the vet”

No. 897658

Yay, starting the thread with cat sperging and wild guesses about what is going on. Good work, everyone. Usually we make it at least a day before we go turbo autist in this thread.

No. 897659

File: 1668181647348.jpeg (794.68 KB, 828x1086, E9B204B9-9F62-488E-83F2-B13F96…)

back to the subject at hand… she looks like a muppet or something here.

No. 897662

Your shitpost isn't any better.

No. 897663

I wanna see the skirt laid out flat on a bed so I can gaze in awe at how wide it is kek

No. 897664

File: 1668184555361.jpeg (72.88 KB, 828x453, 814EDE88-98C3-4C35-8FF4-FE275E…)

No. 897665

Kind of impressed that despite her uwu mental illness Luna actually puts on makeup and an outfit (if we can call it that) almost every day

No. 897666

File: 1668185286623.jpeg (181.3 KB, 1000x1000, 76617093-335F-4581-998B-CD1C41…)

It'd probably fit nicely as a bedskirt around the whole mattress

No. 897668

this has to be record the amount of times she’s changed her clothes; must be something about the airbnb. i don’t have any hope for her underwear or personal hygiene considering the horrors we have been privy to. it’s a nice change to see her taking some level of pride in her clothing despite seeing the numerous stains and cat hair but i think she’s been spending a lot more that we don’t know about…

No. 897671

pffft, chill out nonna; we haven't seen the cat in a long time.

the brown/red top of her head is always very confusing to me.

No. 897678

oh my god ily nonna kekkkkkk

No. 897684

File: 1668191103199.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1284x1454, 22BB5F3F-0889-4DF2-9A11-4D2DCA…)

can’t tell if that’s still lit because of the lighting but proof of smoking in the airbnb

No. 897688

>>897684 not to WK, but it looks like a cig she put out and brought back in to smoke later. I did the same when my neighbors stole my "halfies"

No. 897689

>>897688 same anon. It's still gross and stinks, and she's probably the roomate stealing half smoked cigs kek

No. 897691

This, it's just a halfie/clippie whatever you wanna call it

No. 897697

Her life is so boring, she has nothing to do but try and feel pretty. I mean she could be looking for a job but when has Tuna ever had her priorities straight

No. 897702

File: 1668199551967.jpeg (820.96 KB, 1276x1816, 2AB5313E-70FB-4759-B4C3-36FABA…)

similar tumblrs ay?

No. 897707

Isn’t that just filtered and catered to what you like and follow

No. 897708

File: 1668202340526.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1448, 5E7991C1-268E-42D4-8A87-7CECC4…)

is this supposed to be peter? cuz lurch is NOT this skinny and his hair is three times the length….

No. 897709

No, they're related to what the original blog (Luna in this case) follows.

No. 897711

File: 1668203552128.jpeg (23.7 KB, 300x300, A1985E0B-743E-454E-825F-785371…)

definitely looks like peter

No. 897713

File: 1668204079284.jpeg (951.13 KB, 828x1436, 2A983BE2-0367-4993-BFB2-F1966F…)

No. 897714

File: 1668204331950.jpeg (975.04 KB, 828x1466, 5DFEDC72-E9D8-4EB0-9093-0B63C9…)


No. 897718

Our girl is really feeling hopeless for Peter lately, wonder if things with Lurch are that bad or what's set off this recent obsession with him again? I feel like it's been longer than the usual spells of Peter pining

No way she's keeping her hand as clean as she should. Can't believe she was already taking the wrapping off on the bus ride in the last thread just so she could take pictures.

No. 897722

eugh what's that orange smear on her pointer finger? also that tattoo looks like absolute shit unless her wrist is perfectly straight. genius placement tuna

No. 897726

File: 1668206888757.jpeg (102.8 KB, 828x509, 7E854189-45F0-49FA-B281-45958D…)

No. 897740

Tuna your lack of energy comes from your terrible lifestyle, diet, and environment. How do you think meds are gonna magically make you feel good when you’re basically homeless and have no actual motivation or hobbies

No. 897741

??? Tattoos don't bleed from ointment. Wash it with some gold dial, that shit looks disgusting and filthy

No. 897742

Also how is she expecting to have energy when she’s always high on downers

No. 897743

File: 1668214301710.webm (2.66 MB, 696x1420, XRecorder_11112022_164539.webm)

She posted slightly different videos of this phone case on at least IG, tumblr and SC. This one has initial charms…M J J ???

No. 897744

File: 1668215001635.jpg (175.72 KB, 1276x914, Screenshot_20221111_170140.jpg)

Fucking thing looks like it has a hindge.

No. 897745

I was going to day maybe it was Lurch's initials, but realized hid initials weren't MJ.

No. 897746

Could be MCJ, her shaking it around doesn't really help but the middle letter is shaped differently than the visible J at the end.

No. 897747

I think it probably just came with random letter beads. Doubtful that aliexpress or wherever she got it would let her customize them

No. 897748

File: 1668219016775.jpg (539.99 KB, 1079x2033, Screenshot_20221111-200749_Ets…)

It's from etsy and someone wasted $30 on it

No. 897750

thats definitely some sort of reseller cuz ive seen this exact case on aliexpress, probably where she got it

No. 897751


marijuana, mary jane

No. 897752

What's the 2nd j?

No. 897753

File: 1668221424729.jpg (268.14 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20221111_185003.jpg)

No. 897757

The retards who are spending money on her at this point deserve to be scammed. Anyone with half a brain can deduce that she’s not struggling, she’s obese (ergo not starving), staying in a beautiful Airbnb, has a new iPhone and buys some new shit for herself literally every day, how many other homeless junkies do you see in that predicament?

No. 897759

The way she uses alcohol ink markers makes me want to rip my hair out. They’re supposed blend and not have many brush strokes visible ugh

No. 897760

Me too nona, don’t even get me started. Copics are expensive too, they’re wasted on her

No. 897767

Her life is wasted on her. She's just a dumb privileged bitch.

No. 897773

Copics are also reusable and you can buy ink carts that fill a marker up between 3-6 times and they run you about 3-5$ each but the heifer just begs for completely new ones and throws her old ones in the trash. Even the nibs can be replaced when they get too dirty.
Tuna is a peak example of financial retardation.

No. 897774

File: 1668244152829.jpg (577.66 KB, 1080x2173, tumblr.jpg)

No. 897776

File: 1668252080107.jpeg (95.44 KB, 828x444, 352F92F4-33DD-4540-86A8-8F48E7…)

tuna, if you're taking medications that are opiates or benzos and you're not taking them as prescribed, thats not sober, thats drug abuse. if shes taking the gabapentin she's getting more than prescribed, thats drug abuse. if she's mixing all these substances together, and with weed, thats drug abuse. the lithium and cymbalta aren't what we're saying you abuse.

No. 897780

>I'm not trying to shoot up, so I'm sober
Okay tuna. It may be good enough for you, but youre not sober when you're abusing your prescriptions and taking other peoples scripts (xanax) lmao

No. 897781

File: 1668269842190.jpg (Spoiler Image,246.82 KB, 1185x1849, tumblr_d85facaabf2cf33c7208782…)

No. 897786

genuine question: why does she post shit like this

No. 897787

That's what happens when you dye over bleached hair (even if it is dyed over) versus dying over virgin hair (roots). You need to keep on dying your hair red if you don't want it to look so brown. T. welfare redfag.

No. 897788

she’s “punishing herself” and “holding herself accountable” aka fishing for likes and compliments so she feels like she’s hot shit and can stuff her face tonight guilt free
if she were really punishing herself she would take a full picture. not filtered, angled and cut off right before where all her fat piles up

No. 897792

With the door open

No. 897793

This. Funny how she can post her fupa but, unflattering pics that show off her gnarly legs and full body without her grease filter? Gasp Never.

No. 897795

What’s with the ring

No. 897796

nobody here found her finsta right? i did before the new thread was made, brb with pics

No. 897797

File: 1668279019191.jpeg (714.57 KB, 1170x1494, B9092BE8-EC6B-4709-A879-146D5A…)

this barely counts as a finsta since it isn’t locked down or anything but here it is anyway

No. 897798

already posted to the last thread like 3 days ago

No. 897799

smh my bad

No. 897800

File: 1668279878354.jpg (75.04 KB, 556x527, 1559684971919.jpeg.jpg)

Gawddamn when these bitches tell on themselves for lurking.
You should be in the airb&b bathroom crying your eyes out. You're 26, you have nothing to your name, you have nothing going on, you don't have friends (the people you e beg from do not count), you have no family that feels proud of you, and the "love of your life" is using you for a free bed (all good though because you can be in love with another loser druggie you never met at the same time!).
So go ahead and do cry then dope yourself up so you can not deal with life. You may not feel shame, but we farmers see how your eye tries to wander off and hide.

No. 897803

Goddamn, then buy a pair of sneakers and use one of your athleisure outfits for the athletic aspect instead of the leisure aspect, you stupid whiny dipshit

No. 897808

File: 1668295448972.jpg (118.79 KB, 1080x530, Screenshot_20221112_152340.jpg)

We are not friends and he's commenting on my dead hamster post

No. 897809

File: 1668295581358.jpg (202.57 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_20221112_152556.jpg)

No. 897810

File: 1668295610869.jpg (186.13 KB, 720x1450, VideoCapture_20221112-152634.j…)

No. 897812

There’s probably loads of sugar in that cup

No. 897816

Do we have proof of lurch buying her anything other than drugs?

No. 897817

yeah if it was just milk she wouldn't have to stir it with a spoon. probably full fat milk as well.

No. 897818

What a cunt. I can’t believe she uses both milk and sugar in her tea. Some people just deserve to rot in hell

No. 897819

that pic is strictly about showing off the fattoo.

No. 897820

I'd say there's a lot of bone rattling but since Luna likes to roleplay having an eating disorder I think it's a pass

No. 897821

Wasn't he commenting on a farmer's dog pictures a few threads ago? does he just go through luna's follower list and randomly comment on stuff? God he's such a boomer

No. 897822

Yeah I was gonna say, I think it’s more speculation that Tuna would cram an entire day’s worth of calories into one cup of tea while crying about how fat she is in spite of muh anorexia. We’ve seen those humongous sugary “coffees” she drinks every day. I don’t even know how anyone can classify those drinks as coffee, they’re more artificially flavoured milk and corn syrup than anything else. Disgusting, even for someone who doesn’t have their own weather system and gravitational pull

No. 897825

That's nice and all Tuna, but you still aren't sober.

No. 897828

Full f*t milk?! I know cow tipping is bad but seriously someone should call the cops.

No. 897835


Full fat milk isn't the problem here. I'd sooner blame the cartons of minute maid, ice cream, bread, pizza

Yes i am dairypilled

No. 897836

File: 1668338468407.jpg (234.49 KB, 1080x1832, luna.jpg)

No. 897838


Is that Pumpkin in this pic?

No. 897840

looks like her/him (i honestly dont know if pumpkin is a girl or boy dont hurt me catspergs)

No. 897841

Tuna probably is in denial a BMI of 17 actually can exist on a grown woman, lmaom

No. 897842

It was funny when the first nonny did it>>897818 and now you just look pathetic.
It's because she calls herself anorexic (when it's convenient for her).

No. 897843

File: 1668346451271.jpg (170.34 KB, 720x1446, VideoCapture_20221113-053351.j…)

No. 897844

File: 1668348172554.jpeg (607.66 KB, 828x1070, 8D2FB912-C76E-4594-9BF9-13245E…)

>it cold
the way luna types never fails to crack me up

No. 897845

File: 1668348443574.jpeg (938.01 KB, 828x1589, CDAAEF44-5F09-46AE-86B1-9C67C1…)

this look is giving abby brown for some reason.
no hot water at the last place and now apparently no heat here. bad luck or are these people doing this shit purposefully to drive her out?

No. 897847

The weather has been nice and there's still no need to start heating the house. But poor Luna can't stand being in a house below 25C.

No. 897848

File: 1668351479471.jpg (Spoiler Image,922.64 KB, 1079x2038, Screenshot_20221113_065330.jpg)

Spoiler for repost, but there's so much to unpack here. The wonky fake eyelashes, the tongue stuck out like a senior dog. The absolutely DEAD hair. And let's be real, she's hiding her bad bangs and roots with the beanie. Huge bitch has been documented wearing the least amount of clothes in freezing Temps. That giantess pic in pink next to the car was was 30°F.

No. 897849

her ~it's so cold uwu~ bs is just a part of her ana larp because anorexics are always cold

No. 897853

what on earth is going on with her upper lip? I know it’s been mentioned before but I swear it’s getting worse.

No. 897854

Why does she wear her beanies like a retard

No. 897855

File: 1668357339039.jpg (16.95 KB, 220x165, tuna lurch.jpg)

No. 897860


I've never seen eyeliner this incomplete in my life

No. 897866

Calm down bonebag. Thanks for being thread monitor, though.
Lurch glowing up.

No. 897871

She has fried her brain so much with drugs that she’s unable to notice how bad her makeup is. Look at the eyeliner on the right eye lmao. And eyebrows keep getting worse

No. 897873

shes just ugly

No. 897874

he did that to me too a while back with my cat posts. commenting how handsome they were and stuff. i mean it’s not like, harmful necessarily but stay away from my animals please. and also me. and everyone else.

No. 897882

How did he find you?

No. 897885

safe to assume this is not something he does with tuna’s male followers (if she has any)

No. 897887

>least amount of clothes in freezing Temps
to be fair she's like 230lbs, shes not gonna get as cold easily.

No. 897888

The cat has that problem at least since they moved into the Bnb. Either that's an old pic or they did shit all to get her better.

No. 897889

I smell a grift afoot.

No. 897890

following luna maybe? i occasionally like her posts so she doesn’t suspect anything so maybe that as well

No. 897893

Begone, moid

No. 897894

>Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.
back to whence you came scrote-for-brains

No. 897898

File: 1668392431092.jpg (72.24 KB, 1080x430, Screenshot_20221113_182024.jpg)

No. 897899

god her brain is fried, that's how friendships START?

No. 897905

Let's be honest, it's FAR past fried. It's fucking blackened and burnt to a crisp.

No. 897907

What they say?

No. 897910

File: 1668400669645.png (30.44 KB, 850x116, Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 10.3…)

No. 897918

Thousand yard stare

No. 897926

File: 1668428985356.jpeg (55.06 KB, 828x233, 840B4E76-4376-46A6-861E-6124C8…)

fakeboi. get it in your head. tuna isn't your friend. all you are is some dollar signs and things sent her way.

No. 897927

Omg the embarrassment. Fakeboy is all over tunas shit and tuna barely interacts with her lmao. Unless tuna is in her DMs being "friends" with her/asking for money/cheep cheep shit

No. 897929

So, sex work 'friends' or drugs to sell or buy 'friends'?
Let the pedo embarrass herself. Maybe it's a long con to steal lurch kek.

No. 897932

File: 1668440480778.jpeg (587.21 KB, 828x1086, 0BD85EE6-A406-49B8-AEB6-0D8F24…)


No. 897933

i wonder how long before she deletes this…

No. 897934

She looks like a junkie tbh

No. 897935

>the dying tooth lol

No. 897937

I'm more concerned about the fact that her two front teeth looks fused together. I guess that lonely toothbrush belongs to the cat.

No. 897938

i can smell her sour breath through the picture. vomit

No. 897939

File: 1668446443338.jpg (270.97 KB, 720x1434, VideoCapture_20221114-092026.j…)

No. 897940

Wide af

No. 897941

Half naked on an actual cold morning with no beanie.

No. 897942

Her insistence on showing off her new tattoos in every selfie is hilarious. Did she ever do this before the rose tattoo? Or was it just less obvious because most of her previous ones weren't in such awkward places?

No. 897943

Embracing the clown look, good for her.

No. 897949

ngl, the bangs look cute on her. she went from single unemployed mom on foodstamps to a cool indie chick with bangs…idk what is she complaining about…

No. 897950

Her eyes be resembling Shaynus

No. 897952

File: 1668482670843.jpg (38.37 KB, 409x386, gettyimages-1330282945-612x612…)

I see she is now taking eye makeup inspiration from Tammy Faye Baker. Nice choice.

No. 897953

I agree, the bangs make her look way younger. I don’t know why she went through the trouble of growing them out in the first place.

No. 897955

Roots and patchiness aside, this pink colour the red faded to looks much better and at least matches her clothes better.

No. 897964

File: 1668511406922.jpg (174.77 KB, 720x1432, VideoCapture_20221115-032256.j…)

No. 897965

File: 1668511490161.jpg (318.94 KB, 1079x1502, Screenshot_20221115_032441.jpg)

No. 897966

I bet she had a fight with Lurch

No. 897967

Lurch is calling her fatty boombalatty again

No. 897968

Do you think she really means coddled or she meant to type cuddled? Bc she's already the most coddled spoiled junkie bitch I've ever seen.

No. 897969

i feel like she meant cuddled. coddled is kind of a negative term i would say. she definitely is coddled, i agree.

No. 897970

>i'M sOoOooOoo SObEr
tuna… your eyebrows are at completely different angles

No. 897972

fuck anon you made me spit out my 5am storm tea

No. 897973

Oh god I hope they break up. It would be the best thing that could happen to her right now.

No. 897976

I wish that too anon, but they will never break up. Those posts are just bdp moment, tomorrow she'll be kike "i luv my husbando mattie sosoos much omfg uwuw guise he gave flowers cos i'm the most beautiful girl he's ever seen"

No. 897984

Spam about how in love they are and will get married soon then a few hours later lust after Peter

No. 897990

The bangs make her looker fatter and they're so sloppily cut they make her look psychotic.

They do make her look less welfare-y though, but just changing the color would've had the exact same effect.

No. 897993

File: 1668543619346.jpeg (237.63 KB, 1551x960, girl-interrupted-2.jpeg)

>they're so sloppily cut they make her look psychotic.
Lol ikr

No. 898004

you wish, tuba(hi cow)

No. 898006

Imagine waking up this early when you don't have a job, she must have screwed her sleep schedule with drugs/mania.

No. 898007

File: 1668548008436.jpeg (99.8 KB, 1284x553, 8D8CE67F-5035-41CB-AD1A-B5AE3B…)

No. 898015

Intersting. No doubt there's trouble in paradise. I wonder how long she'll go without atention? I think a week tops.

No. 898024

I wonder what she read here that hurt her feefees. Or if she's just fishing for attention (more likely)

No. 898033

Lurch totes yelled at her for posting too much and being a gross bitch.

No. 898042

She's always shown them off, but I definitely noticed it ramp up when she got that shit on her hand (rose? cherub? both?). After that, she had to pose with it in every. single. selfie. It cracks me the fuck up and I'm so glad she now has a genuinely hideous (as opposed to just tacky/cliched) tattoo to shoehorn into every selfie now.

Don't insult Tammy Faye like that. Her lashes were questionable, but at least her eyes always pointed in the same direction.

See you in three hours, Tuna.

No. 898055

I love you nonna

No. 898060

How, exactly? What do you think it would change?

No. 898063

Daddy tuna would take her in if lurch weren’t there. Maybe he’d finally talk just a tiny bit of sense into her

No. 898065

File: 1668606356849.jpeg (95.26 KB, 828x431, E2062017-9BBD-4D38-93F6-91B45E…)

kek. if you were really "friends" you'd have her number fakeboi.

No. 898072

was gonna say, the cool tone faded red is much nicer than the jarringly bright alt red, even if it is just from a filter

No. 898076

my schizo tinfoil is that Tuna is grossed out by fakeboi and that's why she's distancing herself from tumblr/focusing more on Insta. It would be a strange time to take a long absence from the internet entirely, she just made a "finsta" and has a public instagrm for the first time in years.

No. 898077

File: 1668618699341.jpeg (724.8 KB, 2575x1392, 1667586936256.jpeg)

Since there might not be any new milk for a few days, here's a Luna AI poem inspired by picrel:

offal recipe

over time it’s exhausting to hold your breath
sitting on the toilet seat, having someone feel the scars
building a life out of only bad memories, a shitty cocktail of anxiety and shame
the first time I had sex, a boy I loved stabbed me to give me AIDS
a boy I loved got caught talking to my rapist at a party, and then I saw him in the woods
my first kiss was watching an old man fucking a teenaged boy and I came
I get mad sometimes at my body and this sick fucking whore body that gives me a body like this, and sometimes I’m lucky and I have a body that is better

A bitch gotta heal
A bitch gotta heal
A bitch gotta heal
A bitch gotta heal

I wonder where the old guy is, what he does in the woods, if he still hurts the young men and what kind of sad fuck I am

I wonder if ppl here know what it’s like to be a girl with sexual potential
I wonder if ppl here remember my full body hair and my box of fake pet rats
I wonder what it is they think when they see my blond hair and my Walmart nail polish
I wonder what they think when they see my milk-and-wine-stained teeth

i wonder if there’s more to life than eating and burning calories
I wonder if there’s more to love than a body to kiss.
I wonder if there’s more to being brave than being naked in front of strangers.
I wonder if there’s more to myself than the torment of trying to make things better that will never be.

Sometimes I hear it in my head when I’m awake
it sounds like the music you hear from a house that doesn’t have an owner.
I will stay here now
it’s a slow, steady hum, the kind of music that always keeps you at ease
or cold
whichever way, it doesn’t make you horny or anything.

I buy clothes at discount clothing stores
I don't shave my legs
I sometimes have dreams where I cut my arm off with a razor blade.
I take too much medication for panic attacks
I have an odd set of lopsided hips that make my stomach look much different than it really is
I take the time to stare at the tattoo on my arm.

My fiancé moved in with his mistress
I picked up an ancient teacup at a yard sale for a buck
I am addicted to shopping, I buy a new outfit each day
I feel guilty for purchasing new, beautiful things.
I know I cannot keep up with myself anymore, I feel so alone and lost

the tarot and magick have both held me up recently.
Magick and tarot are things you do and they are things you believe and they are things you know
Today I drew The Fool
The Fool is me today.
She is dancing somewhere within herself and yet not.
She is like a beautiful painting
I hold it up to the light, take another drag off my cigarette, and wonder.

I put out my cigarette butt on the nearest object
it happens to be my cat's fur
she is sitting on her legs, wrinkling her nose, "You shouldn't smoke," she tells me

I tell her to light a match
She lights a match to The Fool card.

No. 898082

Holy shit, this is cracking me tf up

No. 898083

I am tempted af to record this for fun as an early Tori Amos style piano ballad kek

No. 898084

>I put out my cigarette butt on the nearest object
>it happens to be my cat's fur
Holy kek. AI generated Tuna is always surprisingly accurate while still being the funniest fucking shit.

No. 898085

Omg the ending. Masterpiece

No. 898086

My Xmas wish if for rap nonna to return and bring us another wonderful performance
Anywho, how long do you think Tuna will last not posting? I bet she still is, just on another username.
Who wants in? I have $5 dollars on 3 days.

No. 898093

After everything we've seen about the way she treats him and talks about him? And you don't think she'd just latch onto a replacement asap? She's spent a lot of her time with the walking dead pining for other people.

No. 898095

I don't know if it's true or not but I haven't seen it mentioned here. On the other farms, someone said Luna has changed her Facebook status to single. Did anyone see that?

No. 898096

BRB, getting a tramp stamp that says
>A bitch gotta heal
in Scriptina, don't @ me

(Thank you again, AI nonnaschenka, for this absolute masterpiece.)

No. 898097

Oh no, how am I supposed to remember what she looks like without her posting on an hourly basis?

No. 898099

Right? It's not like we're missing much. She's barely interesting anymore kek, just the same selfie and "skincare haul" along side some cheep cheep fingernails

No. 898100

Just some choice lines from >>898077

>my first kiss was watching an old man fucking a teenaged boy and I came

This line marks the second time a Tuna AI poem has made me laugh so hard I had to explain myself to my bf kek

>I get mad sometimes at my body and this sick fucking whore body that gives me a body like this, and sometimes I’m lucky and I have a body that is better

>I wonder if ppl here know what it’s like to be a girl with sexual potential

>I wonder what they think when they see my milk-and-wine-stained teeth

>the kind of music that always keeps you at ease

>or cold
>whichever way, it doesn’t make you horny or anything.

>I take too much medication for panic attacks

>I am addicted to shopping, I buy a new outfit each day
>I put out my cigarette butt on the nearest object
>it happens to be my cat's fur

Finally, some honesty from this cow.

>My fiancé moved in with his mistress

Aaaand we have the answer. Even the AI know he don't love you, girl.

>Magick and tarot are things you do and they are things you believe and they are things you know

This reads like a troon describing "what a woman is" kek.

No. 898101

Do it, I'm begging you

No. 898109

File: 1668642653591.jpg (301.16 KB, 720x1391, VideoCapture_20221116-154843.j…)

No. 898110

File: 1668642716725.webm (3.27 MB, 720x1404, XRecorder_16112022_154756.webm)

No. 898111

even pumpkin is fascinated with & revolted by tuna's mouth

No. 898112

fucking kek i just died at pumpkin smelling lunas mouth and promptly turning and running away… this whole this was cringe worthy she is disgusting.

No. 898114

That cat fuckin DASHED outta there. How fucking nasty. And her teeth are grosser than I thought. Like a mouthful of rancid fuzz

No. 898118

File: 1668647685862.gif (649.69 KB, 400x224, D65FDF4D-1117-4116-8ECD-C0833F…)

I already started messing around on my piano with it, my wife was like picrel KEK. The “a bitch gotta heal” part especially lends itself really well to this style too lmao

No. 898119

Maybe it's just the eyelashes but sis looks high as fuck

No. 898122

Her nasty ass mouth with those putrid rotten teeth and letting a dirty animal that steps in its own shit and licks it own asshole near it while making disgusting kissing noises makes me want to an hero, everything about this is so fucking revolting

No. 898129

File: 1668654948941.gif (985.46 KB, 320x240, tuna.gif)

when she said "hhhhi baby" and breathed her dead tooth breath all over that poor cat. ugh sick

No. 898142

I love the fake pet rats, the fool card, and cackled at the nearest object happening to be the cat's fur.

No. 898143

A bitch gotta heal is peak early Tori Amos lyric lmfao. You better record it!

No. 898144

I was over at celeb cows and someone posted the revolting lyrics of a kim petras collab and reading the AI poem I thought, this would make much better song lyrics.

No. 898149

Omg my sides..this is hilarious. Even pumpkin cannot stand the shit smell coming from her mouth

No. 898151

I can never get over her salad fingers voice. It creeps me out more than anything. Weird and raspy and quiet

No. 898152

I am soooo looking forward to this, if you ever record it

No. 898153

I’m honestly having so much fun with it just really flexing my inner Tori I’m probably going to record lmao. Rest assured nonnas it will be my holiday gift to the Luna thread kek

No. 898156

no offense to you anon but i think this sounds like the most unfunny thing ever. i think a lot of us probably don't want to hear your weird song in the thread about the junkie girl. personally i find the AI poems very boring and repetitive. also again, unfunny. i think we're just a little starved for milk ever since the lurch twitter saga + luna getting out of detox.

No. 898157

That’s fair, no offense taken. I suppose it shall just remain my private bit of fun kek

No. 898162

You sound fun.

Don't let that anon rain on your parade, there seem to be a lot of us who enjoy the AI poems and the song(s)!

No. 898166

I agree with the other anon. I want the hills to be alive with the sound of AI Tuna music.

No. 898167

Ignoring the posts that don’t interest you is always an option

No. 898171

Ehrm, please speak for yourself Nonnie.
Don't listen to the haturz.

No. 898173

Fuck off
Exactly, I'm so hype for Tori's Tunaverse era

No. 898175

File: 1668693373890.jpg (129.61 KB, 1200x1200, 1200x1200bf-60.jpg)

Can someone please shoop Tori Amos into this pic

No. 898176

>wrinkling her nose, "You shouldn't smoke," she tells me
Late but this mental image holy kek

No. 898182

I always kek at this poor lady who shares her name with our cow

No. 898185

>i think a lot of us
Uh no, I think it's only you. Ignore it if you don't like it nonny.
Pls post it!

No. 898190

Hey OP. Where is that orange strawberry cat plushie in the op image from? It's so cute

No. 898192

Nah, cow-inspired art is often cringy. That’s kind of the beauty of it: who gives a fuck if someone doesn’t like it? Scroll right past posts that don’t interest you. This isn’t high-brow, sophisticated art, it’s autists sharing catty in-jokes and snickering together. There’s no need to be ashamed. Share it!

No. 898196

Sanrio Masyumaro strawberry plush

No. 898201

Shut up the rest of us are invested in this kek

No. 898203

File: 1668717726197.jpg (34.02 KB, 477x105, Screenshot_20221117-124014_Bra…)

Talking herself into another relapse

No. 898204

how can she possibly justify reveling in her heroin addiction to herself while 'trying to take recovery seriously'? she was told to stop listening to her favorite band because they're associated with drugs but didn't make the connection that making her social media 70% heroin related was probably a bad idea?

No. 898208

i agree with you honestly, my brain shuts off when i see a new tuna post and oh wait it's just another shitty AI poem. fan art should go in its own thread in ot or something.

No. 898212

i agree. it should go in a separate thread in ot. i just dont read them once i realize its the ai poems but it still takes up a lot of room in the thread considering how many replies they usually get as well.

No. 898213

Agreed, if it's not pure milk from the source it should be in ot

No. 898215

There's a "cow fanart" thread in /m/
(I like the AI poems though.)

No. 898218

Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t people who are recovering from addiction supposed to distance themselves from things associated with said addiction? Why constantly relive the feeling of being high by explaining it on Reddit to strangers?

No. 898224

she loves to be seen as the most troubled sadgirl there ever was. if anyone has ever had an experience with drugs or mental illness, she's had that same experience but tenfold.

No. 898225

Tuba is one of those (I can't believe this is even a thing) try-hard addicts where their created image of an addict becomes their entire persona and quitting is hard since they've never had any other title. Tuba has never excelled at anything but thinks this heroin chic world she's always admired is the one thing she can "successfully" be a part of. She thinks everyone looks at her with the same reverence she reserves for the bRoKeN "beautiful" dead addict rock stars. If she isn't an addict, no one would worry about her health or try to "save her from herself" and she'd just be another fat, smelly loser. Tuba waxes poetic about heroin because at heart she still wants to be the tragic bRoKeN addict that needs saving. She wants this image so badly even though no one sees her cries for attention as anything more than pathetic. It's like how she's always posing with her shitty black and gray flash tattoos - she's really just screaming "hey everyone! Look at me! Look! At! Me! Worry about me! Pay attention to me and my aEsthEtiC so I'm someone, ANYONE, besides the token fatty!"

No. 898230

The AI poetry gag has worn a bit thin for me too. It was a funny and clever way of demonstrating how formulaic Luna’s poetry is the first few times, but it’s getting a bit old now and it doesn’t really add to the thread.

No. 898234

She’s genuinely mentally stunted. A lot of kids have fantasies of being like their aidorus but most grow out of it. Tuba hasn’t developed beyond the age of 15. Yet another similarity she shares with Shayna, they both have no concept of functioning adulthood. You can thank a combination of tumblr and parental enablement for it.

No. 898243

Sorry to continue the sperging: I usually don’t care much for the AI poems but the latest one was pure gold, just hilarious.
Also I agree that turning it in to a song would be cringe, but I’d just not listen to it as a result, there’s zero reason to rain on the parade just because you don’t like it.

No. 898249


No. 898252

Cool story nofunnonna. Scroll. Rap nonna went from cringe supreme to wine drunk legend overnight. Art nonnarita’s senior sledge is an anon fave that begat our new thread pic. I salute the talent itt. Tuba could never.
Don’t listen to boringchan. Tori wouldn’t heed the wet blanket. I’m eagerly anticipating Pancake Girl/Blood from Tattooed Roses/Stab in Your Wrist/1000 Oceanspray Cartons/Caught a Big Sleaze etc from your upcoming album Big Earthquakes. Already booked a Falcon 9 launch for my sides.

No. 898261

Then go and hide saged posts. It's a thread about a random drug addict on a gossip site, it's not that deep.

No. 898262

Attention whoring. She really needs irl friends.

No. 898263

This. That anon must be a newfag (is it the same person as the cat sperg ?)
Creating shitty edits, doodles and art pieces is a big part of these threads (I'm guilty of some of them myself). It gave us the glorious Lurch memes and senior-sledge-chan arts, so, as long as nonettes don't try to promote themselves (like the autistic seal-chan did) I don't really see the problem.
So please, post your song, Fionanon !

No. 898268

Same. I find the AI poems and the fanart embarrassing so whenever it’s posted I take a break from the thread for a few days until the replies die out. That kind of stuff is usually posted when there’s no milk anyways

No. 898271

File: 1668795503755.jpg (16.55 KB, 378x270, SoEmbarrassing.jpg)

I can see not being into music (though I've personally enjoyed the contributions) but thread pic "fan" art? AI poems? Really? I cannot fathom being a Luna thread lurker, reading her shit-tier poetry, witnessing her surroundings, and not cackling at the lines the AI thing spits out/the artistic masterpieces some of the artfags here come up with.

Different strokes, I guess. Though I do love the subtle "embarrassing" dig there, as if some shitposters on an anonymous chan board are above others.

No. 898273


It was not the autistic seal-chan who wrote this >>>898271
I’m the autistic seal-chan and didn’t really care about opinions but thank you anon. It wasn’t a good one like mr sledge but I thought it was funny. No need to feel superior to other shit posters

No. 898279

Hey seal-chan could you make a Luna drawing?

No. 898280

Are you THE autistic seal-chan who created the tapestry of sin masterpiece? If so, I fucking love your work, please continue to bless us with it
>fan art
Are you referring to the contributions like the ones we use for OP pics? If so, what are you even doing here, you clearly don’t understand board culture

No. 898281

nta but it gets old. The ai poetry was hilarious once or twice but now it's just bloat.
I do love the subtle dig of people hate fun if they don't giggle at the same low-effort repetitive shit and encourage other anons to go full retard.

No. 898285

I don’t enjoy it but it’s easy enough to scroll past it, many people like them. And the comments about how the poems take over the thread are taking over the thread. Tuna needs to step up her game and post on her new insta

No. 898288

For real, the poem was one post and the song would've been another followed by some comments about it. But now we are discussing the 2nd day in a row how people like it or don't like it and the thread being derailed, whilst, you guessed it, derailing the thread.
Is the circle of lolcow. Just wait, this will be over soon and followed by something else.

No. 898292

In other threads (on /snow/) mods ban for so-called cow 'fan art' (considered as such even when it's moking them)

No. 898295

As a prehistoricfag I can tell you that art like the humorous illustrations and edits used for thread pics aren’t fan art. An example of fan art would be something like the autists in Shayna’s thread trying to make her look better with filters/shooping.

No. 898301


agreed. it's lame and i hate scrolling past them. "just hide saged posts." no.

No. 898309

Tuna please post something to your socials, the farmers are losing it here without you kek

No. 898310

rap nonna here and i was actually beer drunk. also anyone in this thread smoke weed?

No. 898323

there's probably a thread in /ot/ for you weed-chan

No. 898418

So it seems like she actually is following thru on posting less

No. 898419

lurch must've finally had enough of the hamplanet posting naked pics to 'hold herself accountable' on tumblr instead of helping him get another suboxone/benzo/whatever prescription. i really do hope they break up, we're going crazy over here without tuna.

No. 898423

This thread derails over everything. See: is that a track mark? for example. At least this is relatively productive. If anons in this thread could just wait for milk instead of forcing it, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

No. 898427

That dig wasn't particularly subtle, what with the big orange sign I used. The whole "owning people by quoting their own words back at them" thing only works when it makes sense. A for effort, though.

My point is that any nonnies who just can't bear to lay eyes on the hilarious AI poems or drawings are fully capable of just scrolling on by (or visiting the other farms) instead of trying to ruin everyone else's fun by discouraging people from posting content that has historically been well-received here. Thread pics don't grow on trees. If you don't like it, feel free to go graze in greener pastures. Perhaps a nearby fruit farm?

I'm seriously so curious about the Lurch situation. Something is definitely up, she's been pining for Peter and hasn't been posting snaps of the Easter Island head with an eyelash filter and a gushing caption nearly as much as she used to. Now her pics just feature gross nails, gross face, and a poorly designed tattoo.

Would definitely explain why Dad's bankrolling her life more and more. It's been pretty clear from day one that Lurch has been Evil Dad's deal-breaker in terms of helping Luna out more. If she's in some sorta recovery program, I'm sure he's agreed to pay for her housing and shitty Amazon nails, especially if it's starting to look like Lurch's grip on his daughter is finally loosening somewhat. We haven't seen much ebegging from her lately either, now that I think about it, but maybe I've just missed her most recent schemes.

No. 898429

As much as Tuba is a piece of shit I’d almost be happy for her if she got rid of that useless scumbag groomer. Almost. I think you’re right about something being afoot, ever since she was inpatient and he was being a creepy boomer all over twitter I’ve felt it in my waters

No. 898444

File: 1668872412674.jpeg (62.92 KB, 1093x379, 788660C0-84D1-48FE-B3AE-F4459D…)

I don’t think she’s trying to show off the tattoo in the most recent pics. It looks more like she’s trying to show off a ring on her left ring finger. Personally, I tinfoil that they knew they were getting tossed out of the Airbnb and Lurch presented her with a ring to tie himself to her and make sure he lands a spot wherever she does (possibly evil dads appt). Not the best tinfoil since Luna’s recent post vibe wasn’t quite as manic as I’d expect, but still.

No. 898474

I think shes too addicted to the attention… shes posting on an alt account shes hoping farmers wont find

No. 898483


No. 898485

I'm pretty sure of that too kek specially when she says she's doing sex work on the side. Someone who follows her insta should check who she follows, maybe she was dumb enough to follow herself?

No. 898489

File: 1668890242835.jpg (125.19 KB, 1338x1015, Capture.JPG)

I just found that exact ring on Shein for $2.50. I 100% think Tuba bought that ring for herself which would be sad if it were anyone except for her.

No. 898498

I don't think anything is up with tuna and/or lurch. Luna is literally THE most stagnant person I have ever seen. Nothing changes (ever) except for the scenery and the color of nails she buys.
She's always randomly disappeared off social media and lurch has always been a creepy weirdo on Twitter. She posted a pic of him not too long ago. He knows hes hideous so he doesn't like being in pics.
I know… I miss the milk too but this is probably the boring truth.

No. 898499


It’s not even remotely difficult to find. It’s already been posted here numerous times and it’s public.

No. 898500

no people mean she must have another account shes been posting on during this break. she hasn't posted on the "finsta" in a few days now.

No. 898526

Whatever happened to her engagement ring with the blue stone?

No. 898527

Lost in the hoard is my guess

No. 898533

Probably doesn't fit any more

No. 898534

Lol nona I thought the same thing. The engagement ring "her dad gave her because he supported lurch marrying his daughter"? I think she almost immediately pawned it because it was real gold, just like the last ring her dad gave her, the one with her grandma's initials on. Both of them were given to her before the Airbnb stint, so it's highly unlikely she still has them even if they werent pawned.

No. 898540

Am I misremembering that she once had a yellow topaz “engagement ring” too? I actually deleted and reposted >>898444 because at first I thought it was that ring - the stone was heart-shaped too, iirc. There’s actually a different bit of chintz on her left ring finger she’s going out of her way to show at >>897844. Who knows? We should compile a list of her many engagement rings she’s pawned over the years, in these slow milk times.

No. 898545

i remember that ring too, i think the stone was tear shaped and it turned really yellow very quickly.

No. 898547

whoops, the other ring is on her right hand, I’m just dyslexic, lol. Still, it’s so weird how she’s holding her hands awkwardly up into frame to flex her gum all machine rings.

No. 898596

It’s from a Shein haul from last thread >>895955 After the “last purchase for a while” kekastrophe, I was making a list to fill the autistic void left by purchaser tracker Nona. Alas, I fell off, couldn’t be bothered looking up prices and converting them to USD. But yes, it’s a cheap cheap cheap ‘Sanrio’ ring that she bought for herself and iirc, cuts off the circulation in her finger.

No. 898615

ayrt and yeah, I noticed it says "one size" and there's not a chance in hell she fits that comfortably. Her finger will turn green in a month's time probably and we'll see another "cheap cheap cheap" ring on her finger

No. 898634

I just got laid off from my job and all I do is sit around unemployed and smoke weed all day while my parents pay my rent in lmao. I finally know what's it like to be Luna except I actually shower and live in London and not NYC. I'm also way skinnier than her and naturally blonde and I'd never do H but I did plenty of coke in the past.(no1currs)

No. 898635

nona please i know its a slow week but we dont need to start this again

No. 898637

File: 1669069966745.jpg (247.33 KB, 720x1426, VideoCapture_20221121-143219.j…)

No. 898638

Oh thank God! It's been 5 days, I was ALMOST starting to forget what she looked like!!

No. 898640

Are you the same anon who was bragging about being the spawn of inbred pedo nobles as proof that you're better than tuna in the last thread because lol if so

No. 898642

I thought she was wearing a bathrobe in public kek

No. 898648

not to hi cow cuz i don't think it's her but just a similar personality type but this >>898634 and that poster you mentioned reminds me of elaine kek

No. 898649

Elaine would never smoke weed, weed is proven to lower IQ, make you disassociated and decrease energy levels. you hate coke because you can’t afford it. seethe.

No. 898650

File: 1669073996326.jpg (2.06 MB, 3150x2363, 22-11-21-18-39-02-588_deco.jpg)

How can she not see that her makeup is so bad that she looks like 2 completely different people

No. 898651

She has bad eyesight and doesn't wear glasses. There's an old pic from last year when she celebrated her anniversary with lurch with a caption like "we've been together for so long when we met he had 20/20 vision now we both need to wear glasses" but you never see her with glasses so.

No. 898653


holy shit I never realized what was so off-putting about her makeup application before. thanks for formatting it opposite like this nonny, it looks like an album cover of similar looking siblings a few years apart in age kek

No. 898655

Kek this is such a cow thing to say. Hope your next bag is stepped on.

No. 898661

>there are two wolves inside you: one is a sloppy chav girl, and the other is a trashy tweaker

No. 898665

Average Red Scare podcast fan

No. 898670

I guess she's tired of the bangs already? The red looks a lot better now that it's faded though. If it weren't for the weird dirty coat she would look pretty normal here.

No. 898675

So much for that long break. She didn't even last a week and the first thing she posts is an ugly ass picture.

In Tuna's world owning a pair of glasses is the same as wearing them. I will never understand why she complains about her lazy eye but doesn't wear her glasses that are supposed to help with it.

No. 898677

Coke isn't even fun

No. 898683

Good to see we’re taking the time to read the second bold all-caps line of the OP.

No. 898684

Giving Elaine a thread was a mistake. Now we'll never be rid of her.
A week is probably an eternity to her.

No. 898708

>Giving Elaine a thread was a mistake.

No. 898729

Bump due to porn

No. 898751

Sure Jan, I'm sure the reason for her sloppy makeup is her eyesight.

No. 898755

That‘s not the reason for her sloppy makeup, her brain being completely fried is. It happens to every drug addict

No. 898762

File: 1669206985874.jpg (158.97 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20221123-043429.j…)

No. 898763

File: 1669207040116.jpg (265.9 KB, 720x1419, VideoCapture_20221123-043435.j…)

No. 898764

File: 1669207215622.webm (6.25 MB, 720x1466, XRecorder_23112022_043322.webm)

No. 898766

idc how long she's been smoking, she never fails to look like such a poser

No. 898767

What is going on under her armpit there? Thought it was hair at first but upon closer inspection it looks more like some sort of dirt perhaps? Love that absolute birds nest of hair kek looking wonderful Tuna

No. 898768

so sorry for retarded derail/OT but can AI poem anon pls link what site they use lmao

No. 898769

She probably thinks the glasses make her look like a nerd and therefore wearing them isn’t a very heroin chic sadbbyuwu thing to do. Even though being boss-eyed like a chameleon is even worse kek

No. 898770

It is hair, it's just blurred due to filter abuse

No. 898771

I've never worn false eyelashes but those look either very poorly applied or very poorly made (por que no los dos)

No. 898774

I think she would look better with glasses, she would go from homeless junkie to nerdy art hoe

No. 898776

that depends on the frames nonnie

No. 898780

File: 1669216721287.png (620.3 KB, 532x895, 1618706638008.png)

Here's a picture of her with glasses from thread 30. She looks bad

No. 898783

the smudge on her glasses making her wonky eye even wonkier kek.

No. 898784

seriously, can somebody explain to me how piercing droopy pancakes would make them look better braless??

No. 898785

File: 1669220379610.jpg (14.42 KB, 139x275, 1655249094973.jpg)

You don't have to go that far back and those are sunglasses, this is from 5 months ago. They do not make her look arty

No. 898787

A bitch gotta heal, kek

No. 898789

This. She tried to pretend to love it but it looked like a man's class ring and you could tell she hated it.

No. 898790

>looks at camera like sad bbygirl
>puffs filter
>oh wait this is disgusting better look confused and mysterious
>looks at ground sadly
>shows off gargantuan legs and tummy
>looks confused
>adjust see through bra
>smile with fuzzy orange teeth
that'll get em tunie they'll think youre such a uwu pale anorexic bbygirl

No. 898791

It very well may be, but only because heavy opiate use makes it really hard to see when you're intoxicated. The wall-eyed thing is an effect of that extended use. We've seen the way she types when she's high. She's high when she does her make up, takes/edits seflies, etc. and I wouldn't be surprised if part of it is junkie-related eyesight problems in addition to junkie-related retard behavior. I've you've ever tried to read text on a screen after surgery or another incident requiring opiate medication, you may have experienced the same thing. Repeat that every day for years and your eyes will get fucked up.

No. 898793

Pictures you can smell for $1000, Alex.

No. 898802

She literally looks like Lillee Jean here lmfao holy shit

No. 898803

I don't know which should be offended by that.

No. 898808

i was thinking she looked like katherine the burlesque cow

No. 898810

File: 1669248837366.jpg (243.68 KB, 720x1423, VideoCapture_20221123-161302.j…)

No. 898811

File: 1669248858770.jpg (273.17 KB, 720x1432, VideoCapture_20221123-161305.j…)

No. 898812

File: 1669248926972.jpg (397.12 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_5826d9312f658292a790f8a…)

No. 898813

looking particularly fat welfare chain smoker mom of 4 in this pic

No. 898814


No. 898816

We stan a king who dresses like a 16 year old wigger that just discovered what a dab is

No. 898820


dear lord what did she do to her hair??

I guess pushing it all to the front and chopping it to make thicker bangs looks like shit? who coulda guessed

No. 898821

They don't even look like fake lashes to me, it looks like she's been meth-ily applying coats of mascara on her eyelashes for the past 5 days. They look gross as fuck.

No. 898823

Even hiding half his face Lurch looks like he's in his mid-50's here

No. 898824

He looks old enough to be her grandpa.

No. 898828

e-girl Wynonna Judd

No. 898830

She’s probably the type of retard who applies mascara to fake lashes too. God I feel like I need to take a decontamination shower every damn time I open this thread

No. 898831

dayum chief is looking particularly decrepit in this new photo, imagine being in your mid 30s and your "husband" is pushing 60… tick tock bitch

No. 898838

Not quite decrepit… more like this time, HIS thighs are going to start the next earthquake in Haiti

No. 898839

File: 1669299238322.jpg (83.58 KB, 942x333, banner.jpg)

Bringing back picrel

No. 898848

i mean its literally a banner everyone sees at the top of the page no need to post old milk. i even got the other luna banner by chance when i clicked to reply. we all see the banners nona.

No. 898854

He's not in his mid 30's he's 43 lmao he was in his mid 30's (35) when he started dating freshly turned 18 Luna.

No. 898857

nta but i think they meant tuna will be in her mid thirties and lurch will be pushing 60

No. 898865

File: 1669312459593.jpg (187.01 KB, 720x1420, VideoCapture_20221124-095345.j…)

No. 898866

what the fuck is up with the parasaur hair

No. 898871

She amazes me again and again and I'm literally puzzled and need to say "WHAT THE HELL……?" She's showing off a massive, nasty, dirty mono-dreadlock? She looks awful

No. 898876

>is this shirt i thrifted a lookin

No. 898877

Guess she's not cooking a turkey dinner today. lol

No. 898882

What the fuck is going on with that hair? I know the bitch is blind but how can you miss THAT?

No. 898885

Imagine seeing this crusty, dirty creature bumbling around the airbnb, taking embarassing smoking selfies outside constantly. I bet cer canera reel is 98% selfies because she has no life.

No. 898889

File: 1669323198726.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20221124-135224~2.p…)

No. 898895

dreadhead wook saga coming in nicely

No. 898900

File: 1669329621138.jpeg (772.51 KB, 1284x1088, 0FCC0035-0B8C-47FF-A836-16E1A3…)

What an exciting thanksgiving

No. 898903

how does she afford a brand new 60 dollar game? this bitch is ballin. a lot of people are struggling with food and gas right now.

No. 898906

Gramps is always covering his mouth in every pic lately. Wonder if he developed meth mouth or something

No. 898908

wtf is going on with his eyes in that 2nd pic? why does he look like he has mega-lashes underneath the shades?

No. 898909

They look like a transgender couple. Why does lurch look more feminine than tuna kek

No. 898910

thats the eyes from the filter tuna puts on everything

No. 898913

thanks nonna. i thought that might be it but it felt especially cursed in this one.

No. 898916

ew her mouth are is so gross even with the filtering

No. 898917

Idk why but somehow she doesn't look like a real person to me

No. 898919

I agree. I refuse to believe there are people that look like this. They’re both so uncanny valley. They look like caricatures of themselves.

No. 898922

File: 1669335380142.jpg (171.75 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221124-161545.j…)

No. 898923

File: 1669335403320.jpg (173.09 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221124-161552.j…)

No. 898924

File: 1669335431440.jpg (206.19 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221124-161422.j…)

No. 898925

File: 1669335453553.jpg (265.12 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221124-161425.j…)

No. 898926

File: 1669335475134.jpg (234.75 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221124-161432.j…)

No. 898927

File: 1669335499389.jpg (234.85 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221124-161439.j…)

No. 898928

File: 1669335521165.jpg (265.7 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221124-161504.j…)

No. 898929

Imaging seeing this in the wild. What an absolute sight these two must be.

No. 898930

File: 1669335548946.jpg (205.14 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221124-161511.j…)

No. 898931

File: 1669335580812.jpg (170.79 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221124-161517.j…)

No. 898932

File: 1669335601205.jpg (177.88 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221124-161527.j…)

No. 898933

File: 1669335652024.jpg (283.74 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221124-161539.j…)

No. 898934

File: 1669335899454.webm (5.47 MB, 720x1418, XRecorder_24112022_161020.webm)

No. 898936

>piss jug in hand

No. 898937

so i’m telling on myself here but i gained a chunk of weight in the past year and i’m like maybe 220 at this point at 5’3 with a smaller waist / thigh heavy shape not dissimilar to tuna’s. i have some muscle from lifting, but i look a little bit smaller than she does in this photo. but way way shorter. she’s lying when she says she’s 240. home girl is like 6 feet tall and has zero muscle mass. i have a friend who’s a giantess like tuna is and she guesses luna probably weighs like 290. lurch is chunky too (didn’t she say he was like 260?) and she’s absolutely dwarfing him. not really piping hot tea but just something to bitch about

No. 898938

There’s no way she is less than 300 at this point

No. 898939

Even doing something that is kind of sweet, he looks menacing as fuck

No. 898940

She's high asf. She's massive and looks like shit. And what is she doing with her rooster rats nest? And the video of her breathlessly harassing the "stray" cat is weird

No. 898941

this one really cracked me up. this is a fascinating image.

No. 898943

>i'll miss u so much
Move out day is either here or just about? Wonder where these two are off to next.

No. 898946

File: 1669338573919.jpeg (58.25 KB, 828x844, DB5ECA6A-C319-4095-9C28-278477…)

No. 898947

She’s always referred to her high school years as her heaviest weight ever but she looks waaaaaay bigger now

No. 898948

Holy fuck, can she PLEASE wash & comb her fucking hair?? Wtf is even going on in these pictures? It's like some ultra greasy attempt at deathrock hair, I truly do not understand how that even feels comfortable for her scalp to be so dirty.

No. 898950

"i thought i was fatter than this"
posts picture of herself looking massive

Luna is a very strange person, she claims to have intense body dysmorphia, but the things she feels about herself are all true. in fact, it's even worse than she thinks. She thinks she's ugly cause she's big and isn't blonde anymore. but the reality is that she's not only obese and didn't even look good with blonde in the first place, but she has beady eyes going in different directions, a gross crusty mouth framed by a moustache, is not only big but has zero definition from sitting and eating all day, etc.
even her big wrists and long weird toes are a flaw!! it's actually astounding how she doesn't have a single redeeming feature (or quality for that matter).

No. 898951

damn tuna, put the dogs away!!

No. 898955

That’s so fucking disgusting though. The little ounce of sympathy I have for tuna is because of that gross groomer

No. 898957

If she was smart she’d move in with her dad, get a job at a coffee shop and save money but I’m assuming her dad won’t let her stay with him if lurch is in the picture. Don’t blame him tbh

No. 898962

damn she hasn’t washed her hair in so long she’s making her own gel

i bet when she scratches her head there’s so much gunk under her nails

No. 898965

She was supposed to leave the airbnb today btw

No. 898971

1 or two photos would have sufficed, Tuna, you stupid dumb bitch.

No. 898972


No. 898973

Holy shit the eyelash filter through the glasses is sending me

No. 898974

Sauce? Iirc she was supposed to be staying until December

No. 898981


Real shelf ass hours. Remember Nonna's, she's starving.

No. 898983

Girlypop is a solid size 18. She’s going to highly regret posting these when her current mania that gives confidence comes crashing down into typical bpd depression

No. 898987

>feeding the strays
>the “stray” is as fat as Tuna and much like her is definitely well-fed

No. 898988

>she has beady eyes going in different directions, a gross crusty mouth framed by a moustache, is not only big but has zero definition from sitting and eating all day, etc.
>get a job at a coffee shop

No. 898990

I saw in one of the first threads she wears size 11 shoes, that size is far from the dainty princess she wants to play pretend.

No. 898991

Such a dainty fragile tw ed uwu bbydoll. I swear this hamplanet has reverse body dysmorphia

No. 898995

Fatorexia or megarexia

No. 898996

Sauce is im the one who found the airbnb listing but i accidentally linked the wrong room (which was occupied until december). Later I linked the right one which was until thanksgiving

No. 899002

File: 1669384534478.jpg (211.27 KB, 623x1346, VideoCapture_20221125-055514.j…)

No. 899007

Did she give more context as to why she’s sobbing, nona?

No. 899010

OH BOY is it finally evictionmas??

No. 899011

that pic does appear to be in a vehicle. could just be taking the cat somewhere though. Maybe the cat got evicted.

No. 899012

Fuck please give pumpkin to a better home please give the cat a chance please!

No. 899014

How is she attracted to this fucking thing? Lurch is up there with Kingcobrajfs as ugliest moid I have ever had the misfortune of seeing.

No. 899018

File: 1669395575526.jpeg (Spoiler Image,263.58 KB, 828x671, BCC3040F-0BA6-454D-8451-1F0706…)


No. 899023

Luna is moving somewhere and can't take Pumpkin, so Pumpkin is going to live at her mom's house for now.

No. 899025

maybe tuna mom and pumpkin can bond and help eachother overcome the harm tuna has caused on their lives

No. 899027

Luna's mom is a filthy junkie just like her daughter.

No. 899028

this is how Luna gets her mom's new address… if she starts squatting there again I'll lose my shit lol

No. 899032

How do you know this?

No. 899037

This poor cat looks so done and tired and angry. I hope it finds a better home, poor thing. The way Luna treats everything in her life is deplorable.

No. 899049

Pumpkin going to Tuna Mom isn't necessarily a good thing. She's a worthless junkie just like Tuna so I can't see her properly taking care of another living thing.

No. 899053

Good, hopefully we never have to see or hear about that thing ever again

No. 899054

Kill yourself.

No. 899060

File: 1669410231011.jpg (220.41 KB, 720x1411, VideoCapture_20221125-130134.j…)

No. 899062

wtf is that? are her lashes caked with foundation? jesus christ she is so gross.

No. 899063

My tin foil is she om some Johnny Depp n Amber heard shit beat the tar out of him for the fott affounrs and cheating and then that's why she's been post so sad about being alone and unloved on tumblr cuz like yeah duh u punched I'm in the eye over twitter bs

No. 899065

I have never wanted to physically wash someone myself before. She could be good or decent looking if she actually just took care of herself. I just want to throw her in the tub!

No. 899066

Feeds the “stray” and leaves the food under a warm car at the start of cold weather, perfect scenario for the cat or others to sniff it out and get accidentally run over, leaving it injured or dead, and traumatizing an innocent bystander. It’s great when the actions of these legit retards only hurt themselves, but it’s very frustrating when their idiotic behaviour affects everyone else that is unlucky enough to be around them, especially while they just waddle off into oblivion unscathed. Even when they’re convinced that they are doing a good deed, they are still just complete drains on society that could only do good by just disappearing instead.

No. 899067

Looks like layers of old eyelash glue stuck in her lashes.

No. 899068

Post sober next time.

No. 899069

She's still at the same b&b. Must have gotten an extension, but not for too long if the cat's getting shipped out. Homeless for christmas saga soon pls.

No. 899073

What’s up with anons just posting statements without proof??

No. 899074

Because it's the same ugg bedspread in the background.

No. 899077

sage for catsperg autism but am I the only one who finds it weird they were playing with "strays" when they knew they were getting rid of Pumpkin very soon? Are they going to steal the other "stray" Luna already named Tango?

No. 899078

I reckon proof should still be posted regardless of what image she’s using to tell her ‘audience’ the information.

No. 899080

Unless she stole the fucking thing she's still there.

No. 899081

The discussion isn’t about the bedspread but the “she’s moving Pumpkin to her mom’s” claims. Proof should be posted.

No. 899086

She looks way worse than usual. I can't tell if it's just because she's not using the filter or if she just decided to stop trying

No. 899096

did she name the cat tango or is that its real name? if so then they must know the owner or it has a collar? and that means its not a stray and she just calls anybody's outdoor cat a stray. hmmm

No. 899097

I thought she originally said it was the neighbors cat? And that SHE named it tango.

No. 899098

File: 1669427687061.jpg (373.72 KB, 720x1444, VideoCapture_20221125-175404.j…)

No. 899099

She did say that. It’s extremely sus that’s she’s calling it a stray now. I hope she doesn’t steal this cat

No. 899100

It definitely should, anon is talking out of their ass unless proof is posted.

This pisses me off so much. You'd think she'd know, having lived in the places she has, that "neighborhood cats" are common. They're usually strays who get taken in by someone, and get vet care/fed at the house regularly, hang around/sleep at the house, but live outside and go house to house to get fat off all the other people who feed them. We've got one in our neighborhood and everyone loves him. If someone stole him, heads would fucking roll. I'm gonna be pissed if Tuna gets ""Tango"" run over or steals him.

(P.S. sorry in advance for triggering your cat-hating sensibilities, sociopath-chan >>899053 )

No. 899101

is she somewhere else now ? thats a different bedspread than the ugg one before. also cat spergs shut up, if she cant have pumpkin wherever shes going why would she steal another cat? make it make sense.

No. 899102

My fucking hell, just because someone is sick to death of the cat sperging and never ending hand wringing over said cat does not mean that they are a fucking sociopath. I am so sick of the kitty-autists shitting up this thread, and I would be most glad if Pumpkin were never to be discussed in Luna's threads again either. This does not mean that I wish harm to the cat and it certainly does not put me in the same company as Ted Bundy or Richard Speck. Quit being so fucking hysterical.

No. 899104

the emotionally charged/hyperbolic language of this post doesn't bode well for your argument against the "kitty autists" jsyk. regardless, I've never understood the complaints against "sperging" in the threads. I'd rather read people arguing about the welfare of an animal than whether a bruise is an injection site. but I wouldn't be here if I wasn't willing to read both. everyone just shut up and read the shit thread.

No. 899105

tinfoiling about her cats eyes and how heads will roll over the stray is weird, catfags making up a whole backstory for a cat

No. 899106

the whole point was that it’s not a stray cat and she’s just calling it that like she did when she stole the first one

No. 899107

This is probably while she was dropping off the cat

No. 899108

you’re so kind. she’s probably closer to a 22 but loves to lie. that reverse body dysmorphia is crazy

No. 899111

Holy shit she's enormous

No. 899115

>>899060 nonny stating tunas move out day
>>898996 their "sauce"
>>898965 tunas timestamped photo with what looks like to be the same ugg bedspread the air B&b has. The quilt could have been added due to the change of seasons. Remember, she has been there for months. (Maybe has washed her hair 12 times).

No. 899117

File: 1669468818286.jpeg (320.61 KB, 2048x2048, F0E92E7F-4493-41AD-932F-B3A8E0…)

No. 899119

she has 0 muscle tone so could potentially weigh near what she says

No. 899122

File: 1669476189443.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1284x1770, 5A18F548-2312-4E9A-87C1-86806A…)

Didn’t see this posted here, from a couple of days ago on her instagram, this is just confirmation (for me) that she’s back on heroin, spitting image of a picture from one of the first few threads kek

No. 899125

From 24 days ago >>896936

No. 899128

My mistake nonnie I must have missed it, too late for me to delete now sadly, curious to see her holiday plans, will she be spending Christmas with her dad do we think?

No. 899146

Ahaha I haven’t even noticed

No. 899154

Who cares? She’s never posted about holidays before

No. 899156

I wonder what Pumpkin is doing for the holidays.

No. 899157

probably hanging out with tuna mom… talking shit on lurch.

No. 899158

File: 1669507321568.jpg (563.05 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20221126-160126_Ins…)

Sure toonafish, I believe you.

No. 899161

It's funny because the Fool is the main character in tarot and she's a narcissist who views other people as NPCs and accessories to her life.

No. 899166

Does anyone know if the cat is ok? Looked like it needed a vet pretty bad

No. 899168

I wonder if they got rid of it because it needs treatment that they can’t afford (though I feel like ebil dad would probably pay for it). Regardless, I hope it’s gone to a better place where it won’t be neglected or used as a prop by fat junkies

No. 899169

Why does everyone keep saying the cat is sick? Genuine question. He just looks like a regular cat to me

No. 899170

Catfags have pointed out that there’s something wrong with its eyes and its fur looks like it isn’t grooming itself

No. 899171

File: 1669519339310.jpg (62.88 KB, 612x459, gettyimages-1221200846-612x612…)

probably a smear on the road, you know her crackhead mom isn't gonna shut doors

No. 899173

I wonder why she stopped showing off her ugly, new tattoo already

No. 899177

Farmhands, I know you are stretched thin, but would you please consider clamping down on the amount of superfluous and distracting posts about Pumpkin itt? This is a thread about Tuna, not the cat. The cat is boring and inconsequential to the thread, unless of course Pumpkin were to become the reason for Tuna's future evictions. If Pumpkin were a person we would be reminded that this is a thread about Tuna, and to take Pumpkin discussion elsewhere.

No. 899178

Speculating about animal neglect is not derailing; it is relevant to the thread. Tuna and Lurch are pieces of shit who should not have animals. If the cat didn't look sickly, nobody would care or talk about it. It's not like there's much else going on anyway. Nobody is breaking any rules. It's easy to ignore posts you don't care to read.

No. 899184

NTAYRT but it doesn't even seem like that many Pumpkin posts, esp compared to some older threads.

No. 899186

I was thinking anon has no idea how bad the Shayna threads have been before re: petsperging. This is nothing in comparison.

No. 899187

Pumpkin is retarded and fat stupid fucking cat

No. 899188

Just because Shatna threads may have been worse about petsperging isn't saying a lot. Your point?

No. 899190

It was just an observation anon, were your parents brother and sister?
Now that's more like it

No. 899191

discussing the welfare of an animal in her care is not relevant to tuna discussion but posting random ai generated poems is? lmao

No. 899198


No. 899199

atp the posts complaining about cat sperging outnumber the actual spergs

No. 899200

Sociopath-chan, while I give you right, that questions like "is pumkin ok?" are pointless, because how the heck would we know it, the cat is a "family" member of hers, like Lurch, mom and dad are.

No. 899201

not that anon but hating cats doesnt make someone a sociopath, people are allowed to have opinions

No. 899202

LMAO it’s an animal, not a “family” member, get a grip

No. 899203

ackshully her mom is a heroin junkie!11!!! dont you know crackheads are evil and tuna hates crack and crackheads!?? but dope is hella amazing awesome best drug ever amazing good for you.

No. 899205

I didn't deny anyone any opinions just by disagreeing with them, opinions are like assholes, nearly everyone has one

No. 899206

This is the only sperg that needs to go.

This. If you don't want to read it, fucking scroll or find another thread oh wait there's nothing but pet-sperging in Shayna's thread, TND's thread, and many others. The issue is sociopath-chan constantly flipping her lid every time someone mentions the stolen fucking cat Luna has been neglecting while also endangering other animals. She steals items and we talk about stolen makeup for days. She steals a cat, a living thing, but god fucking forbid you wonder how it's doing in her weird new living situation. This is the only thread where discussing that sort of thing is an issue.

Opinions like "I hope pumpkin dies" are sociopathic. Literally scroll the fuck by. No other thread gets derailed like this because they aren't constantly being baited with "I hope [insert objectively horrific thing] happens to Shaynus's dog because people are posting words I don't want to read and I'm incapable of scrolling."

I'll be back once I have milk from her Insta/Tumblr to spill.

No. 899207

>This is the only sperg that needs to go
Not that anon, but this is a running joke from Shayna’s thread

No. 899208

You do realize that more than one person in this thread doesn’t care for cats, don’t you. It’s possible to not like them without wishing harm on them. Someone saying that they hope it dies is fucking vile but simply not liking them isn’t a big deal, I don’t know why people take it so personally

No. 899209

Exactly this. The thread should be focussed on the cat until it is safe.

No. 899210

for all we know the cat is safe. its out of tunas clutches for now. we probably won't get an update. lets just all chill on the cat talk until tuna shows pumpkin again or eventually steals another cat like wtf point is saying
>we cannot rest until the cat is safe!
when we have no clue what's happened to the cat. and probably never will. its tuna. a well known scammer and liar. they could have given her up to a shelter or animal welfare in that moment and just lied about the mom thing. that could've been completely made up. theres just no point discussing this already spoiled milk. also obviously people saying pumpkin should die or is ugly is low tier bait that you dont all need to fall for because you love animals or whatever. i also love cats too before some sperg calls me evil.

No. 899211

Take your meds, schizo-chan.

No. 899213

>lied about the mom thing
Did tuna actually say that the cat was going to her moms?
We haven't seen any xan pictures so I didn't think she went to her mom's.

No. 899218

no. all we got was word of mouth from an anon who wouldn't post caps so the whole thing could've been made up. all we really know is pumpkin left in a car, in a crate. i honestly think its more likely that they surrendered the cat. they probably don't even have a crate for pumpkin, the animal services people probably brought it. i could see luna straight up lying and telling someone it went to her mom though, like when she gets defensive about the cat in instagram comments.

No. 899224

i swear the Luna thread has the funniest anons, properly kek'd by this

No. 899226

can we all just stop with the cat-sperging and total derailment? We all feel bad for the cat ok.

No. 899229

It stopped 3 hours ago.

No. 899230

Kek @animalcopbarbie having to creep from a distance because Luna blocked her on main for being a cowtipper

No. 899231

What retard calls themselves animalcopbarbie any grown woman calling herself a barbie should be shown the gallows ASAP

No. 899233

topfuckingkek i didnt even notice…. i love your work animalcopbarbie.

No. 899237

File: 1669583002453.jpg (600.46 KB, 1800x1800, missMAN_ning.jpg)

nona i'm so glad someone else has finally noticed. lurch looks like chelsea manning's emo uncle who saw a bunch of estrogen pills left on the coffee table, thought those bad boys were percs and popped the lot.

No. 899238

File: 1669585353948.jpg (153.64 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20221127-134154.j…)

No. 899239

bathtub ghost from the shining

No. 899240

I'm shocked she posted this, she easily looks like she's pushing 300 pounds at her height here. You could play a game of checkers on her back fat.

No. 899242

she’s steady gaining weight despite her ana larp

No. 899243

she's always taking baths when she really needs to be showering

No. 899244

I seriously thought this was Lurch, I’m fucking dying.

No. 899246

I have a sister the same size/ height and shes a massive 315 ish now/ sz 18/20 Sorry to body sperg but damn tuna i thought you were our ana queen but you a dairy queen.

No. 899247

The fucking derailing and sperging as soon as the fucking cat is mentioned seriously is what I hate most about this thread. The cat is part of Tuna's life, she posts about it and anons are obviously allowed to discuss it. I'm not even a crazy cat lady and couldn't care less but hating an animal to the point of pissing your pants every time someone dares to talk about it is pathetic. You autistic retards keep on derailing this thread for a whole fucking day instead of just ignoring the posts you don't give a shit about, you're so fucking obnoxious.

No. 899248

you're the only one that's derailing rn now has talked about the cat lately, shut the fuck up

No. 899250

No, you're right, absolutely no one has talked about it lmao

No. 899252

I still can’t believe this beast managed to get diagnosed with anorexia. So many quack psychiatrists out there

No. 899260

Wow. That is a wiiiiiiiiide bitch. That back is like two in one at minimum.

If a quack actually “diagnosed” her with anorexia, it was only to shut her annoying bpd ass up. It’s typed out on a report and will never be addressed again, atleast not for any productive reason. Tuna is still so stuck in the naive tumblr teen mentality of “mental illness makes you special and interesting and has no repercussions in publicizing it” and at 26, still hasn’t figured out yet that the more you have the government repeatedly filing you under, “crazy, useless fat bitch”, the harder it’s going to be for her to get real help when she inevitably becomes legitimately ill for the first time in her life. Giving public institutions documented information that has the potential to be used against you and hold you back is such a misguided decision, especially when none of it is for genuine attempts at self improvement. She’s just another one of their useful idiots that isn’t helping destigmatize anything like she’s been fooled into thinking she is. She’s just solidifying her self appointed miserable existence as a lifelong customer and slave to big pharma and the government, instead of creating any semblance of freedom and independence that she otherwise could’ve easily achieved.

Sorry for the sperg, I just find it all quite sad and dystopian. Luna is a true retard, she would’ve been much better off getting tied to the system in that way, but of course that wouldn’t be trendy, attention garnering or suitably aesthetic enough for her.

No. 899262

I really loathe the way she (and all other “wannarexic” fucktards) romanticise eating disorders. Having an eating disorder literally ruins your life. It does irreparable damage to your body and has the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses. It’s not glamorous, it’s ugly and miserable. She’s a greedy, selfish, fat fucking retard with an enabling father who prevents her from having to take any responsibility for herself.

No. 899263

The idea of her only wetting her crusty and greasy, matted hair but not washing it makes me cringe so hard.
The texture of greasy hair after it’s been wet and then dried is the most disgusting thing and I can only imagine the wet dog smell constantly emanating from her scalp.

No. 899264

She is filthy in general but the smell of grease+cigarettes constantly emanating from her hair must be eye watering

No. 899265


No. 899266

I just mentioned the cat you stupid faggot. Sorry to hurt your feelings Sociopath-chan.(infighting)

No. 899267

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

No. 899268

File: 1669610896610.jpeg (66.9 KB, 768x768, 0a6168b6-0c41-461a-8dff-eb8ff9…)

in water

No. 899269

File: 1669612097435.gif (323.97 KB, 1400x1400, thumbs-up_michelin.0.0.gif)

No. 899270

The irony of calling someone else a sociopath when shit like this gets a free pass >>899054

No. 899272

First time on the internet, bud?

No. 899273

Topkek anon

No. 899275

A-logging is against the rules, retard

No. 899283

Kind of strange I had an orange cat that had her clear eyelid exposed when she got pregnant and it went back away when she gave birth. Maybe that's the cause and the b&b said no pregnant cats?

No. 899284

if we're throwing around cat tinfoils, I think Pumpkin had trouble adapting moving to a new property with multiple animals around and became aggressive.
The photo Luna posted last thread >>897555 the body language is whack lol, Pumpkin looks pissed off and ready to scratch her. Luna used to handle Pumpkin like a retard and the cat didn't seem to mind >>886740 so I think there was a change in its behaviour and she palmed it off to the only person she knew who'd take it.

No. 899287

I said something to this effect in one of the previous threads when nonettes noticed that the cat was conspicuously absent from her photos, I thought she’d already gotten rid of it due to it not adapting to being constantly moved and around new people and other animals. I mean being around giant waddling sped Tuba who manhandles it for the sake of a grimy selfie would be enough to piss it off without the extra stressors, it’s probably clinically depressed

No. 899292

You guys are insane lol the cat is literally just laying there

No. 899301

i know that is such a reach thats how my cat looks when i wake her up and she gives me an annoyed look, isn't indicative of the cat turning "agressive" cats just be like that

No. 899302

My cat literally has the same expression and posture right now and she's just chillin lol. Thread goes full schizo in the absence of fresh milk

No. 899305

File: 1669657882949.gif (4.34 MB, 275x206, giphy.gif)

Thread goes full retard anytime the cat looks even slightly perturbed. Don't get me wrong, I am an animal lover, but this cat is fine and everyone needs to calm the fuck down about her health. Sure, she could be happier with a different caretaker, sure she has a bit of a staring coat, sure she probably eats trash cat food. But that does not equate to abuse or animal neglect. She is clearly being fed and has access to water and shelter. Tuna may be a Neanderthal, but I do believe that she loves Pumpkin in her own selfish, inept way.I don't believe the cat is being physically abused. Pumpkin doesn't appear frightened of Luna.

This is all to say that despite Pumpkin's mediocre circumstances she is still better off than millions of kitties around the world, be they house cats or strays. If you, the Army of Feline Fucktards really are bursting with so much love and concern for cats (so much so that you won't stfu about it) then go donate your precious time, energy, and money to an animal shelter or animal charity of yourchoosing, and help cats that are really, truly in crisis, misery, dire straits, and immediate medical need. Take that bleeding heart mentality and actually do something to help a cat irl and near you. Because sitting here bawwing for Luna's cat who is evidently doing okay helps nothing, and instead makes you look lazy and unwilling to actually put your money where your mouth is in terms of loving cats so damned much.

No. 899309

Anyway where is that bathroom

No. 899310

This is what I want to know! The odd angles of the roof almost remind me of Señor Sledge's place but there's no way he would let them back

No. 899315

Ok but why she got a vagina next to her armpit

No. 899322

Bc she's using her hand to pull her back fat to the front to "smooth" her back.

Nice trick to hide half her back outside the mirror edge too.

No. 899325

pumpkin is an animorph

No. 899343

my best guess is that she got a new airbnb and was at least smart enough not to dox herself this time

No. 899344

Eyes as empty as a dead fish

No. 899350

I think she’s still in the same place, she’s far too retarded to resist over-sharing, and even if she tries to be more discrete the weaponised autism of Nancy Drew super-sleuthing nonitas will probably find any new digs the gruesome twosome waddle into

No. 899354

Ok so they are in the same place 4 days ago as they were 18 days ago. I can't tell from the bathroom because her beached whale pics there are very zeroed in until the tub one posted most recently.

No. 899360

This was posted 2 days ago but it's still hauting me. She's 30lbs away from having back tits

No. 899363

File: 1669740673586.jpg (Spoiler Image,90.53 KB, 534x342, A_mackerel.jpg)

kek he does have mackerel eyes. no wonder he always wears shades

No. 899368

File: 1669757930563.jpg (676.78 KB, 1079x2005, Screenshot_20221129_133845.jpg)

No. 899370

First time she's posted in a while and it's about h, totally sober nonnies.

No. 899371

"I don't understand why the literal symptoms of an opioid overdose means narcan time"

No. 899372

ot but 315 is a size 18/20 in the US? 200lbs at an average height would put you closer to an 18 in the uk.

No. 899373

File: 1669766512316.jpeg (225.02 KB, 828x468, 1530E257-FF51-4C5D-B2A4-102024…)

OT but i will spoonfeed you britanon

No. 899374

kek, my bad. forgot google exists for a minute there

No. 899379

happens to the best of us nonnie

No. 899480

File: 1669859008112.jpg (262.79 KB, 720x1424, VideoCapture_20221130-174305.j…)

No. 899481

File: 1669859136123.jpg (1 MB, 1079x2365, Screenshot_20221130_174530.jpg)

No. 899482

Not the Newports. I bet her muumuu closet smells like shit

No. 899483

god everything looks so musty and unwashed. regardless it's clear she's no longer in the same airbnb, at least i'm pretty sure.

No. 899484

she really unpacked her garbage bag of dirty laundry and hung it up on hangers kekkk but this is probably the first time in years her clothes have been hung up rather than in piles on the floor.

No. 899486

I remember back when she was a teenager she would talk/write about sex and pleasure a lot. I remember at one point her talking about feeling sex repulsed. I just realized she hasn't written about her sexual experience at all in a long time.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 899487

nonna you just reminded me of their awkward "sex" tape

No. 899489

You guys reminded me of when she drank her egg-yolk-neon-uellow-orange piss on cam for money.

No. 899490

What makes you say that nona? If you’re right, I wonder why they left (I feel like they were pretty pleased with finding that place for themselves and would have tried to extend it)

No. 899491

The raggety Newport box and and clothing rack full of dirty, sweat-stained, cat pissed, unwashed, musty, rancid clothes, tuna aesthetic.

No. 899494

that game is $80 and I doubt tuna is smart enough to jailbreak her switch/rip games

No. 899498

maybe it’s just her musty clothes but the room looks dated and older in general and the airbnb they were in looked newer with more modern interior. In this pic and the bathroom pic the walls are pink or lavender coloured.
I think the pictures she posted on thanksgiving in front of the airbnb garage were taken as they were leaving, seeing as she was saying goodbye to the neighbour cat and seemingly pumpkin.
Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I seem to remember tuna saying a few threads back that she had something lined up but couldn’t move in right away and that’s why they were staying in expensive airbnbs in the meantime.

No. 899508

I'd be sex repulsed too if I had to do the dirty with a real life cryptid and his weird pencil dick.

No. 899533

This particular round of depressing selfies with Lurch made me realize something. She never has other people in her pictures except for him. No friends.

No. 899537

It's her fault she doesn't have friends. She doesn't care though, her brain is so fried she's like some feral creature that only has one thought, "get high".

No. 899540


She's incapable of meaningful reciprocal healthy relationships. Besides being a grimy, broke mooch who is physically repulsive, she's also completely selfish and an energy vampire - AND slow to boot! It's no surprise she has zero friends

No. 899545

The only other person I’ve ever seen her in a picture with is Tai, even back when she was really active contributing to zines and whatnot she was a loner

No. 899549

the videos and pics of her and tai are actually some of the only humanizing content i've seen of luna. yes she was high back then, and yes she was cringe, but she still was young, naive, and hadn't been shot up by lurch yet. although she is a drug seeker and probably would've been a daily addict of some drug on her own, it really is sad that she turned 18, got shot up by lurch, fucked him, and has never looked back. she hasn't really gotten to experience any of the things you do in your 20s (ie hang out with friends, hookup with people, live with friends/roommates, go to a bar drinking, going to concerts) she's just experienced this dope dating situation. when was the last time she saw live music? has she ever even been to a bar? when was the last time she had a sleepover with a friend? and no going and staying at your dads doesn't count tuna.

No. 899551

Not to get too OT but Tai was a really interesting person (the troonery notwithstanding). The initial “cripplepunk” discourse was the antithesis of how disability and mental disorders have now been uwu-ified by terminally online fucktards as a young premedfag the idea of young people with chronic illness wanting to just exist without being pitied or seen as inspirational really fascinated me. It’s kind of ironic that Tuba has become like all the other zoomers who weaponise muh mento illness for attention, sympathy and shekels when that’s exactly what Tai was against. But getting back to Tuba, she really treated Tai as a prop in the same way she does with cats, she even milked Tai’s suicide for uwu points, I don’t think she’s capable of caring about anyone. All her relationships are transactional (both material and emotional). Parents included. Re: going to concerts, I’ve mentioned it before in the threads, Tuna’s involvement in the DIY/garage scene (ie all the Burger/Goner bands that were at their peak 8-10 years ago) is how I discovered her, she was going to shows and contributing to zines. It’s so grim that she went from being into the same shit as my mates and I to attaching herself to that fucking sentient moai and ending up where she is today. So grim.

No. 899554

also she would romanticize tais ED and make it all about herself which is very cringe and infantile… and how she romanticizes EDs now… like if you really saw anorexia help destroy someones life why would you want to have that disorder and think its something cute that makes you special? really shows how she doesn't have any empathy for anyone else. if you've seen any of the "poetry" about tai or her old fb posts im sure you know exactly what i mean. even after her death still romanticizing that ED and suicide. RIP tai like you said troonery not withstanding i also find that attitude for disabled people much more empowering than the woe is me approach all zoomers have taken on i wonder what kind of live music scene luna would even be into now, i don't think she really listens to any new music or much music at all from the way she posts… seems like every few months she listens to like alice in chains, nirvana, or eminem and posts about them kek. i think even if she got sober she would still be a liar and a grifter who uses people, so thats a moot point. using drugs at a young age and chronic drug use really does mess with peoples empathy and make them borderline sociopathic.

No. 899561

she used to take pictures with rlyblonde and alltard, although they were more like piggy banks to her than friends

No. 899563

File: 1669909923730.png (3.64 MB, 1100x2048, C2A3297C-1F11-45DF-B9BD-9F39AC…)

>weird fading hair

No. 899570

pfft she couldn’t even build her own team and had to get someone to trade her mons.

it’s like animal crossing, she doesn’t really play the game she just gets people to trade her stuff so she looks like she plays

No. 899572

Of everything in this picture, you pointed out the red dye fading? Kek anon you silly goose

No. 899573

maybe i shouldve clarified but that was her photo caption, not my comment

No. 899582

File: 1669913110643.jpg (210 KB, 720x1414, VideoCapture_20221201-084449.j…)

No. 899583

File: 1669913240647.jpg (396.77 KB, 1079x1365, Screenshot_20221201_084657.jpg)

No. 899588

The lashes are so ridiculous. The top lashes are huge and stupid looking and then there's basically nothing on the bottom.

No. 899600

Had to just do an actual visual double-take on this image because Luna's thread is right above the OP image in the Slaton Sisters thread of Amy Slaton and thought it was an AI re-imagery of the Amy picture.

No. 899603

What is happening with the bangs?

No. 899608

Scrolled through old threads. Definitely a new place. Old place has white dressers and a shower, not a bath. Color of walls are different and our fav ugg sheets are gone.

No. 899614

Seriously, eating disorders wreak absolute havoc on one’s life. In addition to being mentally debilitating to the point where it’s impossible to socialise “normally” there’s the I rreparable damage to the heart, teeth, hair loss, brittle nails that constantly break and tear, osteoporosis that means bones easily fracture, anaemia that causes bruising at the slightest touch, and eventual death, there’s nothing uwu about it and anyone who romanticises it is truly fucked in the head. The way she made Tai’s experiences all about her was truly fucking vile, but that’s Tuba for ya. Truly fucking vile is her entire brand. Re: listening to new music, I think that all fell by the wayside when she shacked up with Lurch, her only interests now are the ones she’s adopted from him (except the cosmetics and ugly pink infantile aesthetic, though her selfies would have you think that Chief Areola shares her passion for makeup, kek)
Isn’t this >>899582 the Ugg blanket? Maybe she stole it

No. 899625

She 100% took anything she wanted that wasn't glued down…are you serious?

No. 899628

Her existing is costing someone alot of money. She is a deficit that offers no asset to counter balance. Our amusement is her sole purpose.

No. 899633

File: 1669926600183.jpg (414.8 KB, 2048x2048, Tumblr_l_84872441552353.jpg)

sorry for OT but I found this picture of Lurch

No. 899644

KEK bless you nonnie, this got a chuckle out of me for the first time all day.

No. 899645

I know she stole it, I was being facetious nona. I bet we’ll start seeing other shit she was “gifted by a friend” too

No. 899646

Topkek, possible thread pic collage material

No. 899648

In the bathroom with The Shining's tub monster

No. 899649

Just about spat out my water nonna kek

No. 899657

Wasn't Tai's disability fibromyalgia? The odds of her being genuinely disabled was low. Cripplepunk was 100% uwu-ing of chronic illness

No. 899661

You made me lose my SHIT CACKLING i had to pull it together kek to infinity and beyond

No. 899679

They make her eyes look droopy, like a basset hound
Could she get in trouble for this? I mean, besides going to the police, couldn't she get in trouble with the BnB site as well?

No. 899685

They’d have to prove that it was her who stole it, though that wouldn’t exactly be hard given that she posts pics of all the shit she has swiped on social media like a fucking retard

No. 899687

excuse the blog, but i've been in a psych ward with real anorexics and she would've been laughed out of the dining room if she'd have pranced in the door weighing a mighty 300lbs. probably by both the patients and the psychiatrist kek

No. 899691

no1curr that you and your ana friends are skinnier than her

No. 899693

I looked online and there's others complaining their airbnb guests stole blankets and towels. Never knew it was a thing until Tuna did it.

No. 899696

Kek nonnie, you made my day.
Lacks the infamous crusty beanie to hide its baldness though.

No. 899704

File: 1669993956922.jpeg (646 KB, 828x1437, 58DFC4DE-819B-44CC-B641-A44B88…)

just randomly remembered this internet lolcow iceberg chart i saw linked on like amberlynns old snark subreddit or something when people were asking for other cows to follow and how they placed luna in one of the deepest categories under "vomitous" kek. honestly as a cow i think shes gotten less gross these days, even with that one big dread in the back of her head, at least we're not getting skin popping vids these days.

No. 899705

"excuse the blog" - no. Retards keep using that as a shield.

No. 899710

Wow, I thought that 300lbs anorexics would be taken extremely seriously by doctors and actual anorexic people. Thanks for clearing that up, it would have been impossible to truly grasp without your inspirational story and unique perspective on such a complex issue.

No. 899715

for sure, I remember how I could never open her threads while eating/after eating because more often than not I'd feel sick lmao (and I still can't do that with her old threads). I agree she's gotten less gross lately

No. 899724

i'm not anorexic, they put other types of retards in psych wards too
upon reflection it is stating the obvious nonnie, i was attempting at poking fun at the competitive nature of anorexics, and the fact that tuna would be torn to shreds in irl places where ana-chans congregate, but i appreciate it came off more autistic than i intended

No. 899725

So what type of retard are you

No. 899726

nice try, i already got told off for blogging lmao

No. 899752

File: 1670018397087.png (697.53 KB, 1125x2436, 01CE1DDF-C48B-40DE-8341-9E8265…)

lol the bogeyman himself called me last night but I guess I missed it

No. 899754

Kek calling bullshit on this one

I can't believe I'm seeing Acerthorn and Luna on the same level

No. 899758

girl what the fuck

No. 899759

bait. anyone that falls for this deserves to get hooked

No. 899762

File: 1670023513435.jpeg (879.37 KB, 3465x3082, 0FC61485-6A1D-4A04-91F0-482E76…)

>pretend homer
Kek, another shitty poem from Tuna dearest. The line about “living in an attic” leads me to believe they may well be living elsewhere now, she’d never mentioned anything like that about the airbnb they were staying at recently.

No. 899770

>while i live in an attic
I can't believe lurch and Luna moved in with Lillee Jean!

No. 899771

made me audibly kek

No. 899773

>list of diagnosis' that i don't want
lol bullshit she collects diagnoses like pokemon

No. 899776

no one shows up but her to the sobriety group but wouldn't that actually be good? I assume there has to be at least 1 facilitator or something, so wouldn't it be like getting a free 1 on 1 counselling session?

No. 899780

File: 1670035146825.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1562, 91BE9C73-6E7A-458B-A7C8-AD6FE6…)

more ugly bracelets full of aliexpress bulk beads that she paid 50 dollars for from that ugly chick… honestly where does she get all this money from. just has her dads debit card at all times?

No. 899789

Okay, I’ll bite. Is that actually Lurch’s number?

No. 899791


they're so flippant with their info esp messaging randos, I honestly believe it could be

No. 899793

How is she going to be the prettiest ogre in the room if no one’s there?

No. 899794

The amount of grime and bacteria a faux fur covered phone case will pick up makes me kind of queasy.

No. 899796

Nope. It's J Valdovinos' registered Metro PieceofShit phone. Anon was just trying to get attention.

No. 899797

Tuba collects dirt and grime like she collects diagnoses and Pokémon.

No. 899801

File: 1670069312118.jpeg (514.05 KB, 828x793, 464F8EF7-3493-4B5E-9CBB-37ACC5…)

Incoming gamer sperg but it is so fucking annoying with the gamer LARP because these game are so easy to play casually especially when you sit your lard ass at home and do nothing but play dress up. Who the fuck gave her a level 100 Ceruledge? The item you need to evolve it is literally in the story to my knowledge so all you'd need do to get it is catch a Charcadef and play a few more hours of the game. Her laziness knows no bounds

No. 899802

Tinfoil that it's Peter giving her all this shit and this game is her secret way of communicating with him so lurch doesn't find out kekkkkk

No. 899804

Judging from what I know about Peter, I sincerely doubt that, maybe if the Ceruledge was like a level 40-50 or something. But who knows? He could be a Pokemon autist and that would be insane lmao

No. 899805

im honestly wondering what shes using to find these poke-people since she hasnt been asking on reddit or tumblr about it? maybe a facebook group or whoever helped her buy the game ? also i don't understand why trading would be that important in these games, i've only played a few as an adult but like they're super easy games and you can get most of the pokemon by yourself? but just like in animal crossing she has to be handed everything.

No. 899808

OT but some Pokemon need to be traded in order to evolve. I was thinking maybe through Wonder Trade (random trading) but absolutely nobody would Wonder Trade a Pokemon like that unless they felt like Jesus that day. She's either DM-ing people directly for them or going on more niche forums.

No. 899809

She does this in animal crossing too. So weird. Why bother spending $60 on the games if you’re just gonna beg people online for freebies? Like half of the game is to catch and level them up yourself

No. 899810

File: 1670077950176.jpeg (983 KB, 1284x1296, 2ABBC7A6-2F0F-4581-AC29-9F428C…)

>the community has been so kind
She must be involved in some sort of gaming groups to get given all this, perhaps on Facebook. She really just gets given everything in her life doesn’t she kek

No. 899811

Maybe she’s on discord, she could maybe keep a lower profile in groups there? I don’t use it much so idk tho

No. 899812

Straight garbage team. Clearly only picks Pokémon bc they're uwu so kyute!!!!!! Also, you guys are 100% right about the discord thing there's no other way

No. 899813

oh i forgot we actually saw that she does have discord on her phone. idk how lowlife types like her can always use so many facebook groups, discord servers, and maintain these pseudofriendships online i know some girls just like luna irl, one even has two of the same exact tattoos kek but then claim to be like so uwu mentally ill and depressed and nuerodivergent. actually depressed people can hardly feed themselves or shower (well i guess our tunie doesn't shower either) let alone have energy or time for hobbies like video games or talking in groupchats.

No. 899814

>self-centered parents
She's incredible in the worst possible way.

No. 899816

I suspect she spends much less time on Reddit now because she knows (or lurch told her) we lurk her post history hard. I remember her getting all sorts of free shit from people on the Animal Crossing phone game before ACNH came out. She has her sources, we just haven’t discovered them yet.
Also enormous kek that she made sure her character had purple hair because she hates her “faded red” so much. She should just dye it black at this point.

No. 899818

File: 1670085448200.png (Spoiler Image,2.6 MB, 1000x1860, image.png)

Spoilered not because nsfw but it's retarded posting, but I wonder if Tuna sees herself like that kek

No. 899820

can aiposting be a bannable offense next thread?

No. 899821

I pray some discord adicted nonnie will come across her in some server

No. 899824

nah I used to know them irl I went to hs w luna and copped off them when I was like home from college

No. 899826

she's in pokemon facebook groups, i see her posting every now and then

No. 899830

i'm assuming the ceruledge is hacked. sword and shield were full of hacked level 100s on surprise trade. luna probably has no idea and thinks they're legit.

No. 899831

caps? yknow imageboard and whatnot?

No. 899832

My favorite part is >these people don’t understand how badly I needed the group
I can’t believe how unaware she is that she’s the self centered one, she’s greedy, entitled, selfish and arrogant. Prettiest girl in rehab though. I bet nobody shows up to group because a stinky, fat, bpd giant, drama qween tries to take over every session because she thinks the world revolves around her. Maybe the issue is you Tuna?

No. 899837

Luna if you're reading this you should write poems about baseball or incorporating baseball imagery. you could start a new genre.

No. 899839

Post the fucking screencaps them if you see her all the time dumbass

No. 899840


No. 899844

File: 1670108608610.jpg (817.02 KB, 810x2134, Screenshot_20221204-000244_Tum…)

The gunk under her nails accumulating nicely

No. 899846

File: 1670111023398.jpeg (2.63 MB, 1284x2214, 081F9829-B77B-4A09-B9BF-CD19FF…)

>cold cream container

No. 899847

File: 1670111277469.png (374.71 KB, 1788x890, Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 6.47…)

have to beg your doctor for, huh tuna?

dr. amazon?

No. 899849

well that's definitely not the same comforter/blanket as the last place so she didn't steal it, idk what other anons were on about

No. 899852

She means inpatient, you retard.

No. 899855

File: 1670115049858.jpg (Spoiler Image,258.67 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_20221203_164611.jpg)

Lotion will not fix your dermatitis on you eyelids, lips and face. You're making it worse tuna. Just ask a Dr for some Flagyl.

No. 899858

Just give up. You've tried this so many times and it never passes.
I bet she's the one not showing up to the group. She's just fishing for sympathy. I try so hard uwu part 201

No. 899863

oh i'm sorry, i usually take everything tuna says with a grain of fucking salt anyways. i'm so sorry for misunderstanding where she was getting her lotion 'approved'.

not all of us are privy to the rules of inpatient and what you can and can't take with you.

No. 899864



>special lotion you had to beg your doctor for

makes it seem like it's a prescription lotion, numpty.

No. 899865

Hospitalfag here, literally we hand this shit out like nothing where I work. The only one you need an order for or that you have to keep locked up is the red, anti-fungal bottle. This purple one we even always have a fee bottles of at the nurses station for our own hands. Literally nothing special about it what a stupid flex

No. 899866

No nonnie were retarded because she had that at InPaTiEnT and you have to get them approved (allegedly)

No. 899898

She’s so desperate to be special, did they also give special Tuna some toilet paper

No. 899906

Elaine is a London 2/ a northern 6(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 899910

In what way at all is this relevant to this thread?

No. 899911

Why spoiler a fish?

No. 899914

Maybe she's lying about having to beg her doctor for it, maybe not, maybe her inpatient facility didn't hand hem out as freely as others. Either way all it takes is reading comprehension to know what she meant.

No. 899917

Are you still on this?

No. 899921

File: 1670186905730.jpg (637.91 KB, 1080x1445, Screenshot_20221204_124644.jpg)

No. 899923

File: 1670186961676.jpg (305.36 KB, 720x1411, VideoCapture_20221204-124752.j…)

No. 899924

File: 1670186998464.jpg (824.44 KB, 1079x1446, Screenshot_20221204_124658.jpg)

No. 899925

File: 1670187021846.jpg (250.19 KB, 720x1415, VideoCapture_20221204-124747.j…)

No. 899926

File: 1670187058982.jpg (1.74 MB, 1077x2594, Screenshot_20221204_124731.jpg)

No. 899932

She's so childish…ew

No. 899933

sooper depressed, gotta decorate that tacky drawing pad with more garbage uwu stickers. Get a fucking job.

No. 899940

Is it really that hard for her to only put nail polish on her nails

No. 899943

File: 1670198114622.jpeg (2.6 MB, 1284x2176, 5745C464-C685-454F-BA2A-448D98…)

Embarrassing why would she even post this. She also posted claiming her mom ordered her a new night cream because she “badly needed it”

No. 899946

File: 1670198662098.jpg (60.04 KB, 661x500, 1537585819967.jpg)

No. 899950

File: 1670199249960.jpeg (775.79 KB, 1284x1115, 48C30C31-0FF2-4015-BFF5-DE9C31…)

She’s definitely throwing a pity party to get pokemon

No. 899952

translation: i want more things that i don't need when i'm still not living in an actual home and just taking my trash bags to new locations every few months

No. 899955

>to keep me going
The hell is she talking about? Makes it seem as it she was using it as a drug

No. 899956

All this time playing fucking pokemon at 26 while she could be looking for a job. What a waste

No. 899960

I seriously need to know who’s financing her lifestyle, because she buys new shit every second day. Damn.

No. 899962

File: 1670203545033.jpg (192.97 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20221204-172527.j…)

No. 899963

That Pokémon game alone is 80 dollars. I have no idea how she’s not on the streets, I’m assuming her dad helps or something

No. 899965

Sober kween
Her dad absolutely funds her lifestyle, no two ways about it

No. 899968

No wonder FakeBoi loves her

No. 899985

How do you not already know this?
She's doing more for society this way than the other, anon.

No. 899986

Because no one knows for sure it’s all speculation, retard

No. 899991

NTA but where else would the money be coming from? The ugly motherfucker she has shacked up with is a literal retard as made evident by his posts on twitter and Reddit so I doubt he makes much by middlemanning drugs, I’m not a burger so I don’t know what the welfare situation is like there but I doubt she’d be getting enough gubmint gibs to fund daily shopping hauls, she’s probably using her dad’s Amazon card at least

No. 899998

It more than likely is him I just wonder what he thinks giving her money is going to accomplish. She spends it all on Shitty shein and jewelry. You’d think if he was giving her money it would be under certain circumstances but who the fuck knows I guess

No. 899999

Guilt for being an absent father is my guess

No. 900019

She most likely guilts him into stuff every time she speaks to him. She did it with her mom over skincare that she bought for her ungrateful daughter, why not her father too?

No. 900021

Tinfoil but maybe he lets her buy shit online bc he won't give her cash bc he knows cash will just go to drugs?

No. 900024

It's probably him giving Tuna an allowance for basic necessities, but because she has 0 impulse control, half goes to sugary snacks and takeout, the other to crap she doesn't need. Anybody with a deadbeat sibling like Tuna kinda knows that a lot of parents will justify enabling their kids because they can't stand the idea of them begging on the streets. It's sad knowing she smears his name whenever she can, but the reality is, he's probably the only person looking out for her. Even if it's the bare minimum, her precious Lurch wouldn't put in half the amount of cash her dad's wasted on her.

No. 900027

Nah, she has cash. Those heroin bundles she talked about a few years ago cost her $40-$80 a day.

No. 900029

File: 1670262655914.jpeg (1009.88 KB, 1284x1696, 963B36DB-826B-4B7B-8AAC-0DD809…)

Did tuna see people saying lurch never gives her flowers or is he doing the bare minimum so he can keep leeching off of her

No. 900030

Grave robbing again or the magic dumpster? Those dont look fresh kek

No. 900044

>deep mouthbreathing inhale
>b-babe, on the mean forum about me they said you never buy me flowers, get me some now!11!!!

No. 900045

Re: her bad application of makeup… It's not even that her eyesight is bad, it's just that when you mix lots of benzos with weed you often see double lmfao, it puts you in this dream-like state like you're about to fall asleep. All you wanna do it lie down. I'm a benzo addict and always mix valiums of xans with weed…..In many ways I'm similar to Luna, except I live in London and I'm mostly functional and naturally thin… I'm literally fucked on vallies right now lmao, I know what I'm talking about(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 900046

She could buy drugs online with a bit of effort kek now that I think about it

No. 900047

In Lodnon it's like £2 for a pill from a random street dealer but you can get ur shit much cheaper from the darkweb. I only pick up from street dealers if I'm desperate lmao. You could never get a prescription for that shit in the UK, it's rlly hard.

I love benzos, they jsut really make you not give a shit and with weed it's so comfy and drowzy.

No. 900048

jfc druggies keep coming back and can't take a fucking hint. why do these retards continue to blog about their pathetic drug use? have the drugs really fried 3/4 of your brain? fuck off

No. 900049

i know ur trolling but are u larping as elaine or something? lmao

No. 900050

No one ever cares, btec tuna

No. 900051

Jfc the amount of crumbs on that blanket, if she gathered them she’d have a full meal

No. 900052

Lmfao I went to an independent but go off…
Not everyone in the UK is Elaine, idk who she is.I just see Luna's NYC lifestyle in paralel to mine in London… Big city sad benzo stoner girl. But despite all I still have a much better handle on things than her. I had a proper office job until recelty.

No. 900054

luna doesn't even live in the city/new york city ffs she lives in westchester county.

No. 900055

And no one cares where you went, it’s just sad that you’re on lolcow comparing yourself to an absolute degenerate. If you want to be a cow then at least be a degenerate publicly

No. 900056


No. 900058

Ok? Anyway my poiny was yo let everyone know that it's hard to do your makeup when you're constantly high on benzos and stoned at the same time. All it makes you wanna do is lie in bed and sleep all day, literlaly, I know it from experience. No wonder Luna is fat and has bad makeup, all she does is lie aroudn fucked on xanax and weed. That;s not sobriety to me.
You literally CANNOT abuse the shit out of benzos and not be lazy as fuck.

No. 900063

fuck off and don't come back please

No. 900066

File: 1670276926155.jpg (549.21 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20221205_134827_Ins…)

No. 900069

File: 1670277019246.jpg (1.36 MB, 1080x3333, Screenshot_20221205_134958_Sam…)

No. 900070

What a major accomplishment in her sad little life kek way to go Tuna definitely pat yourself on the back for that one

No. 900074

File: 1670280021200.webm (746.46 KB, 720x1436, XRecorder_05122022_143743.webm)

No. 900076

I wonder why tuba isn't putting her new tattoo in every pic like she did the rose.

No. 900077

it seems like she’s actually making a solid effort to hide it

No. 900079

I thought so too. I don’t think we’ve seen a pic of it since she got it. it’s weird that she’d take a pic of her right hand to show off the nail polish when it’s probably way sloppier. it’s also awkward to take a picture with your non dominant hand. Unless she’s left handed and I’m being autistic kek

No. 900086

are those "sorry I called you fatty boombalatty" flowers?

No. 900087

That fat breath. You can hear the fat.

No. 900088

File: 1670285906410.jpg (353.55 KB, 1280x1885, tumblr_70fcf91943af1d360af8283…)

No. 900089

File: 1670285932420.jpg (292.58 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_7c326fbe63cb9c7974e2d9e…)

No. 900090

File: 1670285954633.jpg (347.52 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_792322adcbb7fe3c5f6984c…)

No. 900091

File: 1670285987357.jpg (298.21 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_07bcdf366c7f2c9da2134c6…)

No. 900095

Did lurch yell at her or something? Seems like one of her weird passive aggressive posts she makes when they fight.

No. 900096

File: 1670291829865.png (1.29 MB, 958x1350, makeup-kitty.png)

She really looks like picrel with her recent makeup attempts.

No. 900099

The way she pushes her crusty ass lips out to make them look bigger makes me irrationally mad, she looks so fucking retarded

No. 900105

File: 1670297892753.jpg (293.46 KB, 1080x917, Screenshot_20221205_193756_No …)

No. 900111

she looks like she's covered in a layer of dirt that won't wipe off…

No. 900118

>I don't want alcohol at my wedding so everybody's gotta do drugs
wow that is the saddest wedding plan and lack of punctuation I've ever seen

No. 900119

Man. It's been said to death but I can't imagine waking up every day to put on a full face of makeup to sit around and take selfies. So depressing to congratulate oneself for being able to wear their natural nails without chewing them versus ordering another pair of etsy nail sets with her father's money

No. 900121

fatboi thinks tuna gives a flying shit about her wedding plans

No. 900130


God I was thinking the same fucking thing. She just looks like a fake as fuck try hard who is clearly regarded. Those lashes are breathtaking in the worst way possible.

No. 900136

kek its probably the gabapentin making her manic and talking a mile a minute. if you look it up people take it to feel comfortable in social situations cuz it makes you feel almost drunklike and you're way more likely to overshare or just talk a lot for no reason. ofc im talking about rec value here but i'm sure tunas got that figured out by now.

No. 900137

File: 1670326250755.jpeg (854.28 KB, 828x1483, B2C23664-F4B7-4FE6-AE69-889B70…)

how do you do fellow kingcobrajfs enjoyer?
anyways i saw this picture posted but not the caption and god luna mens 2 in 1 is not helping your hair… "fluffy" is not a texture you want your hair. hair is supposed to be smooth and shiny not a birds nest.

No. 900138

I don’t know what’s more depressing, the fact that this putrid hambeast as found someone to marry her or the fact that she’s posting about her degenerate white trash wedding plans on the internet like it’s something to be proud of

No. 900139

Or that tuna STILL can't get lurch to seal the deal.

No. 900140

Vo5 is probably one of the worse shampoos out there. And it's funny she said it's better than "expensive brands" because you know she's never used real salon shampoo and is probably talking about herbal essence. Why would you want your hair to be "fluffy"? How ugly.

No. 900143

not to drugfag but doesnt that make u super chill? i still wonder what the fuck they did back when lurch was writing that catfish on facebook and not sleeping. was it crack again?
i think its so sad how she has all this free time and cant do 10 squats a day or something to stop being a blubbery mess and cant wash her face properly with her dozens of products.

No. 900153

i've taken gabapentin recreationally and i think it depends on the person but i've seen other people online have similar experiences. it makes me super talkative, and on the right dose you can get so manic it can make you stay up for days at a time only sleeping a few hours in between. i've never had mania normally like not on drugs but that is the only way i can describe how gaba makes you feel, the only other drug that had a similar effect (making me stay awake for days) was adderall. i'm sure this also depends on peoples brain chemistry and mines probably fucked up, but other people report similar effects. it can be sedating on certain doses too tho, and mixed with xanax and weed especially it can make you feel super out of it but wouldn't have you nodding out or anything. i have no experience with opiates or mixing it with something like suboxone (if shes actually taking and not selling or trading it). not sure what lurch was taking during that time, maybe he has a gaba script too (they give it out to almost anyone for almost anything), and was dosing correctly to get that mania like high. or he was just on a quick coke or meth bender before luna came back who knows. gabapentin is kind of hard to abuse because of the solubility but when you figure out how to dose right you can be high off your ass for almost days like i said. you build up tolerance very quickly though.

No. 900159

I understand wanting to give basic info, but this blog posting and "let me tell you a lot of useless info about a drug I'VE abused" is absolutely annoying. None of us want the step-by-step getting high on basic prescriptions tutorial. You and obnoxious blog poster London can co-write in your mutual diary.

No. 900160

Just because you spoiler something doesn’t
mean it isn’t blogposting

No. 900162

Best get a diary because I can guarantee you not a single person on this thread gives a shiny shite about your druggy habits.

No. 900167

absolutely audacious of you to presume that any single one of us would give even an iota of a fuck about this

No. 900169

File: 1670344470175.jpeg (790.33 KB, 828x1148, BA0BDB70-58DE-411F-AEE8-934166…)

is the point of a spoiler not so that the reader can choose if they want to read it or not? who cares that person asked if the drug makes people chill and the other anon answered. no reason to derail about it. anyways back to tuna. i legitimately thought this mitt was matthews when i first saw it, she's had to have gained recently. also that yellow bruise is suspicious looking.

No. 900177

The chin hairsssss. Ffs, waxing kits are not that pricy, and if you can palm a full sized cold cream you can palm a facial wax pack. Though I guess she might not have access to a microwave in the Airbnb?

No. 900179

They're cheap af

No. 900180

shes so flaky and hairy i can only imagine how disgusting or satisfying it would be to dermaplane her face.

No. 900181

the rules page doesn't say "Rules(unless u post behind a spoiler, then disregard everything on this page):"

No. 900191

She looks completely disgusting in this one

No. 900192

Fucking same. Idk why this one made me so fucking annoyed. I’m sick of seeing her lips

No. 900201

kek anon ily

No. 900215

KEK you can see her mustache really well in that pic too.

No. 900218

The only thing V05 is good for, is stripping out old color from your hair. It is essentially the same quality as dish soap. Her hair is "super fluffy" because she is stripping out any remaining natural oils in her already over fried hair.

No. 900219

File: 1670372618995.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1284x1888, E73F5397-4A8D-4B3E-A6BD-EC4134…)

Tuna the queen of sobriety can’t even take a clear picture

No. 900220

At least she washed her hair for once

No. 900221

for a person who lives her entire life around what she can post to social media, you'd think she would know how to take a picture by now. of course at the age of 26, you'd think she would also know how to get a job or drive or even just apply makeup but here we are.

No. 900223

You’d at least expect a 26 year old so act like an edgy sad girl on tumblr

No. 900224

File: 1670374591626.jpeg (622.28 KB, 828x1450, 5100732A-4B54-4071-8828-3CB03C…)

No. 900229

"It'll be so fun to draw a triangle-nosed me with wings and cherub-looking Pokémon characters floating around me! Totally different from my usual drawings! That'll be so much fun!"

No. 900239


taking bets whether she adds angel wings and sadboy eyes to the pokemon, and have them giving her lame blithe words of encouragement

No. 900263

COMPETITIVE???? She's going to get SMOKED if she goes online with that team. Gen 9 strategies are more diverse than ever before it isn't like SwSh where everyone used Rillaboom, and Incineroar. Can't wait to fight her!

No. 900268

She’s wanted them for a year? Didn’t this game just come out?

No. 900271

yes the newest games just came out but the pokemon she's talking about (gardevoir and lucario) are pretty old, both have been in the games for about 10 years now lol. saged for poketism

No. 900275

I feel like at this point the only thing that could save her is something like a baby. She needs something to bring her back to reality. Become responsible by becoming responsible for another human being. Just my 3 cents.

No. 900276

Anon wtf, no. The last thing this heifer should do is bring another life into her miserable world. We don't need a Alice and Caleb junkie edition arc.

No. 900278

omfg you sound like one of those retards that think a toxic relationship can be saved by having a baby. please don't ever procreate.

No. 900281

I agree! She should absolutely have a baby. They can have matching baby pink outfits uwu, and everyone will give her so much attention

No. 900288

This is one of the most retarded takes ever. Agreed with that other anon, never have children. Just because it works for a few shitty irresponsible/addict women in the sense that they get their shit together for their child, doesn’t mean that’s the rule. Those women tend to be the exception. Jesus Christ lol.

No. 900295

Assuming OP isn't baiting Tuna can even procreate, she'd just succeed in making a worse version of herself. A BPD ridden mess who instead of being spoiled, is instead neglected and forced to fend for itself because it's parents are fucking useless warm bodies who can't even care for themselves. The worst part about it all? Tuna can't even pull what her parents did and dump the kid onto them because they're both fuckups, Tuna herself can't even at least be a financial safety net for this theoretical kid and the grim reality is that she'll probably be dead or riddled with health problems like dementia by the time this imaginary kid hits their early 20s.

No. 900300

the inevitable picture of CPS taking the child away with the caption "omg my baby i'm crying"

No. 900309


This has to be bait… This is why there's so many kids in care. People think babies are going to fix everything and give them the "good life"

Tuna is too selfish to ever put someone else before herself, let alone a baby that can't give her trinkets or money

No. 900312


No. 900319

Your IQ is so low I don't even know how to reply to this. I would a-log if I didn't pity you.

No. 900329

nah she will likely never get better. she's gonna pull the whole "fragile broken bird pastel babygirl cherub addict rockstar poet" stunt until she ODs or otherwise hurts herself very badly out of attention seeking.

i don't want this to happen but it's a common pattern with awful bpd and drug use, idk why Luna herself or any lurkers ever thought she was a special exception

No. 900330

Yeah that worked so well for Luna's junkie pos mom

Oh wait

No. 900331

That's a weird way to announce that you have a room temp iq, nonny.

No. 900338

stop replying to the bait

No. 900343

I know it was bait and hopefully drug abuse made the fearsome duosome infertile but I wonder what baby names she had picked kek

Like someone whose actual name é fucking Moon will probably come with worse shirt like… Angel, Destiny, Rose…..

No. 900344

File: 1670452233440.jpeg (415.56 KB, 750x1220, 74A65BF8-D084-4CA5-94F1-6F1877…)

I am laughing at the troll who posted the baby bait and all the retards taking it seriously. Thanks for the laugh, I appreciate it since the milk is dry. Let’s be real… Tuna cares about only one thing, and it’s Pokémon. Yes, she is -that- stunted. 26 and spending all her time worrying about those damn pokemans lmao. Why do I feel like some of you retards and fat Luna aren’t too different after all?

No. 900345

File: 1670452483819.jpeg (33.66 KB, 349x642, 5B49159E-CCB0-4664-8480-C678D0…)

No. 900348

So how was your experience in Special Ed growing up?

No. 900352

Says the dumbass responding to the bait.

No. 900358

File: 1670459972732.jpeg (333.86 KB, 750x1197, 8BC919C1-D3AE-4742-B187-3458F5…)

Where’s the milk, cunt?

Tuna is still romanticizing her heroin addiction. Color me surprised.

No. 900360

File: 1670460635740.jpeg (398.11 KB, 750x1147, A5C2DC25-FAEC-42E7-995D-261C39…)

Kristys comment though lmao

No. 900361

Even in pokemon her only goal is to grift free shit from others.

No. 900362

I'm esl, did she tell him to kill himself?

No. 900363

lmao nonita i love you. she's christian so she's basically telling him to give up his druggie ways and turn to god

No. 900381


fucking kek can this be included in the next thread collage

No. 900385

Riolu is so fucking easy to find and catch in this game kek. she’s even too lazy and entitled for video games. incredible.

and she’s so poor and homeless uwu but she’s willing to pay actual USD for a fucking Pokémon?

No. 900392

i think she means to say that he looks like jesus nonnies

No. 900398

kek anon I thought the same thing

No. 900401

sober queen still browsing r/heroin. She's stopped whining about her psychiatrists/legal scripts/deadly anxiety too. It's obvious when she's actually taken a break from heroin and she's actively using rn.

No. 900409

I agree with >>900363 that she’s telling him to give up his sinful ways. Her profile has pictures of the cross. As a fellow resident of ra-ra Jesus-land, USA, that’s exactly how someone here would phrase it. Lots of comparing Christianity to a physical path or direction.

No. 900415

she’s not paying for pokémon she’s trading them.

she would have to be actually clinically retarded to pay for a pokémon. so hmm. maybe you’re right.

No. 900416

im really not sure how trading or pokemon works but it says in that screenshot
>name your price
so i think we're all gonna assume she means money and not another pokemon but i guess i don't know the nuances so i could be wrong. the way she wastes money on shein crap she most definitely would paypal someone a few dollars for a certain pokemon. money is nothing to her she has no sense of value in things.

No. 900417

tuba be like, "see? this is why I don't wash my clothes!"

No. 900418

saying name your price is just a figure of speech nona

No. 900426

I fucking kek'd really hard at this. Bless you, ESL anon.

No. 900434

same lmao

I wonder how long Evil Dad's gonna keep paying for this whole "living in an AirBnB" situation. Surely not forever.

No. 900456

w..what does “yeah it’s been a long 8 years but i have no regrets” mean ?? why would you have regrets? regretting dating her or something else? why would that be implied? what is he on about

No. 900459

Because half the posters in this thread have admitted either directly or indirectly that they're luna-but-slightly-better. That's why anons taking the baby bait could be forgiven; it's not that far off from the shit her cheer squad here usually posts.

No. 900463

Tuna is so fucking dumb and wasteful there's a good chance she's paying people for Pokemon. Instead of pay4play it's Pokemon4play. gag better not give her ideas kek

No. 900472

I think it's more like the same two anons admitting they're basically luna but skinny or whatever over and over. A lot of those posts sound like they're written by the same person

No. 900477

The London anon was my favorite.

No. 900478

Spoilered for gamertism but, she's most likely offering mons she's caught or the ingane currency she's earned. These replies hurt.

No. 900494

File: 1670553517401.jpg (386.61 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20221208_183829_Red…)

No. 900507

Sage for ot but I searched the thread and couldn't find the website to generate Ai poems from sample work. I want to make some tuna poems myself but I won't post them, it's just for my personal amusement.

No. 900511

Does it hurt worse than your reply? Is "mons" short for "mons pubis" like you think she's giving up pussy? Are you speaking in gamer tongues? Like psycho London anon, are you just trying to tell us you're a bEttEr gamer than Tuba? Or are you like Tuba with the bad vision and just didn't see how nonsensical your reply is?

No. 900512

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no one cares about your personal Tuba-inspired hobbies.
If that was an attempt to find out what website was used without actually ever asking a question, you might want to try this great unknown feature called Google.com.

No. 900513

That fat bitch rented directly from AirBnB though, right? The days were grayed out on the location when an anon checked, so why is she now claiming she booked directly through the host? Or is this just how she inserts herself and her sob stories into every facet of life to try to turn the attention to herself?

No. 900515

Nah, they come in different flavours. Tuna + job, Tuna + ana, Tuna but better at being a junkie, etc.
NTA but congrats on coming off even more retarded than them. "mons" is pretty obviously an abbreviation of pokemons. jfc.

No. 900524

are you retarded?

No. 900527

damn who pissed in ur cheerios this morning i saged. and i did search but could only find ones that emulate famous poets not ones where you put your own samples in

No. 900531

You need to take your risperidone and relax nonnie. It sounds like you're on the verge of having an aneurysm.

No. 900537

go shave your legs and touch grass nonnie, it's not hard to understand at all. I swear some of y'all are shut-ins who don't keep up with the outside world.

No. 900541

I have a conspiracy theory that the AI poem anon is either editing them after the fact or is writing them entirely from scratch. Too many direct references to jokes from the thread that Luna never talks about herself or hasn’t talked about in years.

No. 900545

>take your risperidone
>shave your legs and touch grass
Kek anons, your posts together made me laugh. Good advice. On a site full of bitches, the ones who frequent the Luna threads really are some of the meanest and most out-of-touch.

No. 900548


Tinkaton with a cig in her hand

No. 900549

i second this. i always thought they sounded too spot on and didnt make sense with the poems of lunas she entered.

No. 900551


100%. most of the shitty "AI generated poetry" I see online, especially on twitter, you can tell it was a try hard writing like an AI. I hate AI poetry/movie scripts/etc so much. I'm gonna shut up now because I could rage far too long and I already did.

No. 900554

my hopes and dreams of an endless supply of tuna poems to laugh myself to sleep at night have been ruined thanks anon

No. 900558

File: 1670618807392.jpg (53.04 KB, 480x355, cartoon-daria-jane-lane-locker…)

She's able to remove the "art" out of being a SCAM-"artist". She's just a straight up scammer. Damn.

No. 900580

I agree. They're not milk and definitely seem like the anon wrote them. I really don't get why they gained popularity in the first place.

No. 900590

File: 1670652070096.jpg (302.72 KB, 1080x1449, kek.jpg)

No. 900599

Search for text generator rather than poetry.
Maybe that anon will finally answer the question of which ai they used and how much it needed for prompts and input.

No. 900600

i fucking cant STAND when unemployed people tell me they're 'tired' or 'exhausted' it sends me into a rage

No. 900602

At least some unemployed people still have responsibilities and do stuff, tuna just sleeps and eats

No. 900604

Milk is so low we are sharing her tumblr reblogs kek I miss 2018 Tuna who'd overshare everything….

No. 900605

Kek seconded, the cow really has been spooked it seems. I’m sure we’re overdue some half decent milk soon enough

No. 900610

Jfc, between poem nazi anon and morons pubis anon, Karen sperg outs are rampant.
NonnaIRT, I wasn’t an AI poetry anon but the generator is called Inferkit. I even goog’d to make sure I remembered the right name so poetry nazi doesn’t burst a fucking blood vessel.
Enjoy Nonna!

No. 900615

AI or not it's annoying and not milk.

No. 900620

File: 1670697938067.jpeg (73.48 KB, 828x265, ED3E6A14-B990-45CC-BD29-BA0CDC…)

You don’t say.

No. 900621

File: 1670697962885.jpeg (728.07 KB, 828x1436, 97F36245-3E02-48AE-B2D1-6F4D38…)

No. 900623

why the fuck would a panic attack require you to put your ugly stupid fake nails back on?

No. 900626

And she's not going to unpack any of this until she sees the link between her mom's behaviour and her current situation and accepts her mom failed her by letting her wind up with a pedo drug abuser

No. 900627

File: 1670698991742.jpg (25.09 KB, 430x253, 4729625.jpg)

I am not a professional psychologist, anon. Try Google, instead.

No. 900628

Some brutal realizations coming up…

No. 900641

Because she bites her nails. It's not that hard if you read the posts.

No. 900642

Do you know what rhetorical means?

No. 900644

No. 900645

why would google be useful for having a discussion about Luna's weirdness like that nonny was trying to do?

No. 900646

I see nobody has ever heard of people biting their nails as a nervous habit. She didn't pop nails on in a tizzy of anxiety, she either chewed them or picked at them

No. 900654

Given how grody she is I’m surprised she doesn’t chew her plastic nails too

No. 900658

another tuna ai poem

I'm only 26 doctor , what do i do now?

so many seasons

so much words

so much aching

so many broken promises

still the same girl with a broken spirit

i’m so tired

I’m too young for this

You see me on the street

I’m too scared to approach you

but at least you see me

a girl who got nowhere to go

a girl who’s learned to take the love

from the clothes and in the smiles

and the kisses on the cheek

and not expect more

hope maybe, just a chance to try

sometimes i want to feel the sun on my skin

an undeniable feeling

that just won’t leave you alone

sometimes i want to taste your lips, your tongue,

gasoline and sugar

my whole life could be wrapped up in one sugar binge

but even sugar can’t bring me what i want

sometimes i want to taste the ground beneath my feet

just once, just to know for sure(autistic behaviour)

No. 900661

ai poems are not milk it's just diarrhea filling up the threads, non-milk needs to be saged otherwise it needs to be reported

No. 900662

Stop fucking posting here and sage you stupid cunt.

No. 900663

kek this actually made me laugh out loud fuck. i hope she does it

No. 900668

she tries her hardest to comment on any reddit post that she could make about herself. she wants people to ask her for more info because she's a narcissist who is absorbed with how traumatic and sad her life is.

No. 900676

It sounds like you wrote it yourself. The other AI poems were better.

No. 900678

No. 900680

This thread is so shit now

No. 900683

This isn't the first time. Just give it a little while, the milk always comes back around and things go back to normal.

No. 900684

Shut the fuck up. It’s been shit. Are you the loser that posts the simply “memes” if so kys if not get better taste in everything.

No. 900688

fine. you don't have to be a fucking bitch about it.

No. 900691

are you a time traveler from 2010

No. 900695

No. I'm from the future.

No. 900703

KEK btec tuna, love it

No. 900713

lmao yeah, it's not Luna's fault she's a total cunt. Obviously parents bad, Luna victim. Fuck off.

No. 900719

How bad does your family life have to be that you think letting your child date your pedophile heroin dealer is normal mom behavior and not concerning at all kek?

No. 900748

Remember, we are all going by the word of Tuna alone. The bitch lies about everything. She could have been hiding him. Or maybe he was her mom's dealer and mama tuna was drugged out of her gourd while dealer pedo creeped on her below average intellect daughter.
Thing is,I don't trust a fucking word she says.

No. 900753

Just read the mf recent posts, it makes life easier

No. 900759

there's no reason to believe that her mom even accepts the relationship. but what was she going to do? she's hooked on the dope this guy is giving her and now he's got her daughter doing the same shit. what is she going to do, call the police?

No. 900760

Wow a bit dramatic don’t you think retard. Why are you so offended that luna’s thread is shit

No. 900761

lol they sound like a cow themselves

No. 900800

Are you trying to say that's a normal way for a mom to act? Either way her mom clearly wasn't capable of being a parent, and that influenced how Tuna turned out. It's not rocket science.

No. 900877

no, i'm saying that the situation she's ended up in is fucked for a lot of reasons and her parents are only part of the problem. she constantly brings up the fact that her parents have been junkies her whole life and she hates them bc of it but never mentions the fact that she's worshipped junkies like cobain and staley her whole life too. by her own admission, she chose to start doing dope. by her own admission, she dropped out of college in the first semester to continue doing dope. at some point, her parents' influence is no longer a major factor. she can't keep blaming her parents for how her life has gone when any normal fucking person would have looked at their parents and not choose to follow in their footsteps.

No. 900880

File: 1670905011703.gif (1017.74 KB, 496x386, VozbfIL.gif)

Everyone itt needs to smoke and watch some Bob Ross.

No. 900918

Don't get your mons in a twist, anon.
Her mother was a heroin addict. They're not known for clear thinking and good decisions. This thread is so depressing sometimes.

No. 900919

No one has ever said it is solely her parent's fault. Are you having difficulty following the conversation?

No. 900959

File: 1670979029329.jpg (930.59 KB, 1079x1846, Screenshot_20221213_165020_Gal…)

No. 900960

File: 1670979080808.jpg (789.78 KB, 1079x2081, Screenshot_20221213_165118_Gal…)

No. 900961

File: 1670979113813.jpg (823.16 KB, 1079x1967, Screenshot_20221213_165150_Gal…)

No. 900962

Wow glad she's finally overcoming her anorexia! Poor thing is so frail and emancipated, surprised she hasn't snapped in two yet.

No. 900963

File: 1670979197204.jpg (459.65 KB, 1079x1808, Screenshot_20221213_165316_Red…)

No. 900965

File: 1670979406857.jpg (789.85 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20221213_165639_Sam…)

No. 900967

lol fat

No. 900970


Love how she's MIA a few days and then returns with fatty, sweet foods and video games lmao. She never changes. Junk food, cigarettes, drugs, shitty makeup, repeat.

No. 900971

her life literally triggers my anxiety, I cannot imagine what it's like spending all day doing nothing valuable and waiting until the last minute to panic about housing. maybe that's why she gorges on junk food, distracts herself with video games and does drugs, because somewhere in her head she knows she's fucked and is trying to escape.

No. 900972

the fact that all she does is smoke weed and pop benzos doesn't help. she spends all day in a haze and nods out for 16 hours only to wake up and do it all over again. bleak.

No. 900977

lmao artificial cherries, best pastries I’m sure. no wonder this hog is as large as she is. greasy, sugary trash, muh frail hashtag trigger warning eating disorder kween!

No. 900978

washed down with a diet coke, don’t wanna get fat!

No. 900979

I'd love to know what the actual anorexic girls on the forums she interacts with think of her lmao. Posting pastries, commenting on a thread about pizza. Muh skinny waif ana body uwu.

Haiti better watch its back, them thunder thighs are growing by the day.

No. 900980

are you implying she has a mpa? Lmfao

No. 900981

a master's of public administration? speak English anachan

No. 900989

I think anon meant this forum, myproana. https://www.edsupportforum.com/

No. 900999

Damn, anon, this is the worst. Everyone's just annoyed by the AI poems at this point so you could've at least made an effort. I was actually planning on not posting them for a few months due to the infighting a few weeks ago and then posting them to the fan art (?) thread and I advise all the other retards who like the AI stuff to do the same.

No. 901000

File: 1671023763037.jpeg (433.24 KB, 828x1166, 25269247-DC9F-40C6-B477-CB8123…)

since the milk is very very dry i thought i'd check in on our boy lurch. mostly tweeting boring baseball/yankees stuff but i found this one interaction about cruise ships funny.

No. 901001

Tuna + Lurch White Lotus saga?

No. 901011

Maybe anons who like the poems could make a "Cow AI poem + fan art thread" or something like that on /ot. Just a suggestion that might be preferable to everyone. Not sure if there would be enough interest, but it's something for AI poem anons to consider.
Glad to see the true star of the show is back.

No. 901012

I can't tell if that's mildew, mold, cigarette ash, or just plain ol' dirt on her shirt.

No. 901013

FoOd FoR tHoUgHt

No. 901017

I thought it was her old, dried blood. And I think those are (the airbnbs) bedsheets, not her shirt, which is even nastier.

No. 901018

File: 1671052376466.jpg (865.95 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221214_130515_Gal…)

No. 901019

but why does she post this instead of doing something? What’s the point?

No. 901020

"nooo luna don't say that it looks so good omg you're so pretty."

she's a bpd monster who constantly is in demand for praise and ass kisses

No. 901021

No. 901023

File: 1671054864415.jpeg (846.06 KB, 1170x2074, 7BE28345-3A07-4C55-A54F-189060…)

Giggling at the AI poem hate. It’s funny because someone actually wrote those, but this is a poem made from entering a few words into an actual generator.. that are relevant to tuba(this is not milk)

No. 901025

File: 1671056069764.jpg (239.7 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_20221214_141421_Sam…)

No. 901027

It’s not funny you autistic loser. Stop derailing the thread with AI poems

No. 901028

i've been reporting AI poems since their inception and jannies do nothing the fucking tards

No. 901029

samefag i just refreshed the page praise be the finally acted

No. 901030

Didn't she had dark brown hair before this? Did she bleach it before going red or did the brown just fade out with the red? Anyways she needs to just bleach it, it's healthy enough now.

No. 901032

If she would just use 40 volume developer and really rub it in, I mean scrub it though each hair strand and then wrap a hot towel around her head and put on a shower cap or grocery bag over her whole head for a good 2 hours she'll get that perfect icy blonde she wants. For faster results a blow dryer set to high until the lighter dries out will really give her the best results.

No. 901033

This is great advice, it'll be cheap and much faster than going to a salon. This is basically what they do there anyway… are you a hair stylist nonna? I know people are always ragging on her here but she should still listen to you, you're much kinder than the rest of us.

No. 901035

No need to waste money at a salon! They overcharge! Since her hair is red, it'll EASILY just come right out! Won't even need to bother with a toner. Just saturate with Shimmer Lights purple shampoo. Not the conditioner, that's the wrong color. Shampoo and brush through with a fine tooth comb while it's wet.

No. 901036

Don't forget to rinse in HOT water, as hot as you can stand. Better if you can soak it in a boiling hot pot of water. Be careful to not burn your face but the steam is good for your skin.

No. 901038

File: 1671066118474.jpg (899.97 KB, 1079x1801, Screenshot_20221214_170148_Gal…)

No. 901039

File: 1671066177233.jpg (813.24 KB, 1079x1342, Screenshot_20221214_170258_Ins…)

No. 901040

File: 1671066258275.jpg (353.95 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_ec531e9aeb2c5bf1a685516…)

No. 901041

This faded tumblr circa 2012 colour is actually better than the bright red. Slight hair sperg but I do not understand how anyone can process their hair to the point of considerable damage, be aware of how damaged their hair is but still insist on processing it more. Is muh BPD urge to change my hair colour uwu really that strong that it causes one to repeatedly do counterproductive retarded shit?

No. 901050

It's almost as if she's trying to attain wizard of oz strawman-hair!

>Agreed: She should just leave it.

No. 901051

Who knew that washing your hair made it feel better.

No. 901072

>>901038 surely it's not possible to get blonde hair without bleaching??

No. 901077

2 hours, why not 2 DAYS? Let's get that blonde bright & beautiful!
Surely Tuna, you jest? She steals/buys so much makeup & skincare, yet can't get on some L'Oreal blue powder bleach to fix that mess?

No. 901089

Please stop misusing greentext and learn2integrate if you’re going to post here, all your posts across different threads and boards are extremely obvious

No. 901099

your face is soft because fat.

No. 901110

this was funny the first time but at this point you lot have beaten the horse into a fine pulp. it's AI poem-tier shit banter. we get it, you're giving purposely bad advice and toeing the line of 'HI LUNAAAA XDDDD'ing, har har. fucking hell

No. 901112

hairfags and aifags should go make their own fanthread in /ot/

No. 901113

I wonder where is she? Is that a group home or group therapy?

No. 901118

tbf i will admit this is the best her hair has looked, but i think its because for the first time in maybe all of her threads she seems to be washing her hair consistently. the only other time i can remember her washing her hair this frequently was a brief pink hair saga during the rodger hovel arc. the hair washing just started recently at this new airbnb. i wonder what was scaring her out of showering at the other place, the red dye stains she kept leaving?

No. 901137

Lmfao at least this bitch has a boyfriend, I can't say the same.

No. 901138

While Luna's playing Pokemon on her switch and cuddling into Matthew I am crying myself to sleep thinking about the last relationship I fucked up lmao. I really can't judge her, at least she didn't fuck up her relationship with Matthew by freaking out and ghosting a dude she really loved when things got serious…(constant shitposting)

No. 901141

It's not that serious nonnie, moids are a dime a dozen, even then decent ones.

No. 901144

Just get a body pillow. Atleast it won't be leaving creepy posts on girls pages.

No. 901145


She's doing that in a migrant room whilst entombed in dimpling fat, mouth breathing

No. 901146

Dam, girl. Love yourself.

No. 901147

You should do heroin about it

No. 901148

you sound like 12 years old, which means you should not be on this website. stop shitting up the thread and call lurch lurch ffs


No. 901151

i think u need a therapist

No. 901153

if you’re seriously considering dating lurch an improvement over being single, you need therapy.

No. 901154

Hey nonnie, I know what it's like to feel regret over love but maybe the Luna thread isn't the place for this. I feel it would be better if you came to /g/ where people are going to listen and are willing to offer advice/comfort because doing this in the Luna thread is kind of embarrassing. She's literally dating Lurch

No. 901156

File: 1671149952892.jpg (53.15 KB, 711x258, Screenshot_20221215-161649_Bra…)

No. 901158

Which is sad bc she could really use some deep conditioner and a trim.
So he's lying to her and that makes her extra confused? She is definitely bigger now than a year ago. He either doesn't want to upset her by being honest or (and given his intelligence I kinda doubt this) manipulating her.
I would also like to travel to Easter Island some day, but don't despair, nona! You too can find yourself a drugged out crypt keeper to keep you company if you just believe in the miracle of addiction.

No. 901161

She knows well what she looks like, just pretending to have ed and body dysmorphia. For tumblr likes.

No. 901162

File: 1671155905809.png (2.26 MB, 2048x2048, 1671155828131.png)

Fat last year, even fatter now

No. 901183


as a hair stylist this is absolute crap advice and I'm actually pretty ok with diy stuff within reason.

No. 901188

Kek there's always gotta be a "hair stylist" chiming in

No. 901192

It's a troll post, dummy

No. 901202

ok retard no need to get offended, bitter hoe

No. 901205

is that your professional opinion as a hair stylist

No. 901208

File: 1671232995782.png (421.78 KB, 800x872, Screenshot_20221216-182104_kin…)


No. 901210

File: 1671234399363.png (14.69 KB, 698x244, Screenshot_20221216-182421_kin…)

maybe thats because you seek it out on purpose tunie

No. 901212

Holy shit, Lurch is gargantous

No. 901213

File: 1671236900780.jpg (244.79 KB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20221216-172727_Ins…)

No. 901215

Still forcing the rose tattoo into the frame of selfies, but not the hinged dagger.

No. 901216

But still not as big as her.

No. 901229

Lmao Lurch looks hilarious, like he's trying to pose tough.
Also I'm retarded, but did she change her hair? It looks darker/a lot more brown than the pictures a few days ago, but it's probably just lighting since I can't imagine her ever actually doing something & not making a million posts about it.

No. 901230

It looks like lurch is just trying to hide his man boobs kek. All I can see when I look at him is the small-head-big-body guy from Beetlejuice

No. 901248


Every time I see a pic of them together, I think of their awful terrible awkward sex tape and it just makes me feel sick. Thank you lolcow.

No. 901276

The image of him wearing sunglasses and shaking toilet paper out of her underwear is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen

No. 901281

Mr. Moai looking chunky

No. 901290

Surprised we haven't been blessed with any "it's Christmas and I would stop wanting to die for 2 mins if anyone wants to buy me these cheep cheep cheep things for Christmas lol uwu".
But then again she's probably so cracked out of her mind that she probably doesn't even realize Christmas is in a week.

No. 901292

File: 1671332224262.jpeg (18.4 KB, 220x165, 42694D81-8BBD-49FC-AAC4-A7AED1…)


No. 901293

my guess is that she’ll make up some bullshit after christmas that no one got her anything and she cried and starved for days so please could anyone buy her another circus tent disguised as a dress?

No. 901295

Luna’s work resume: Pokémon trainer
I’d feel bad for her if she wasn’t such a nasty grifter

No. 901296

And that old job where she got fired for stealing kek

No. 901298

How dare you

No. 901300

did Peter stop texting her back

No. 901302

she probably forgot about him again… shes too high. anons wondering why she hasnt begged for christmas gibs makes me laugh. i mean as if she isnt in the dms with some poor suckers getting her gibs already, but tunie probably doesn't even know its christmas, and if she does she doesn't care. she only cares about drugs the shopping and nails and clothes and stuff is just something to fill the time when shes not super zooted for a few minutes or something.

No. 901305

Wonder if pumpkin really went to her moms or what. Can’t believe she hasn’t been attention whoring about that

No. 901308

Its because she didnt give pumpkin to her mom. Tinfoil but her larp doesn't make her the victim if she admits to giving the cat to a shelter bc its so neglected. I bet at the last vet appt the told her to surrender pumpkin

No. 901316

I’m pretty sure her mom lives in a group home type situation now (like a bedroom in a house with other addicts etc) so it seemed odd that the cat would be going there.

It must have gone to a shelter or something, since she hasn’t discussed it since

No. 901324

for anyone that doesn't know taking red out and going back to blonde is so so so difficult because box dye stains hair very strongly. she would have to get global bleaching done by a professional several times to be anywhere near platinum. but we all know she won't

No. 901325

I have a relative living in a group home for addicts who was allowed to adopt a cat (a kitten even) so it isn't impossible from that angle.

No. 901329

File: 1671400662999.jpg (119.64 KB, 750x999, tumblr_c244c0f5869632a27b5836e…)

Lurch del Rey

No. 901332

If she had a functional brain she could spin it, her situation is so so bad that the only chance for pumpkin to have a good life was for someone else to take him. But who needs pumpkin when you can have pokemon

No. 901342

Right. The cat was probably just mostly a burden/responsibility to her, she's happy it's gone. She hasn't even written a poem about missing it or anything.

No. 901346

No. 901348

At least Lana showers

No. 901350

The cat was just another prop for taking selfies just like her Shein dresses and pink gaming chairs. Into the trash it goes as soon as she gets bored of it.

No. 901353

It probably spent most of the time hiding from her. It never looked happy on the occasions when she did manage to get her big meaty mitts on it to manhandle it for a grimy selfie. Plus then there was the video where it bolted after getting a whiff of her rancid breath, kek

No. 901386

File: 1671460996217.jpeg (69.22 KB, 828x290, 23311AA6-08F8-43C6-B349-B6BB60…)


No. 901402

File: 1671473445751.jpg (866.13 KB, 1080x1080, andtheysayromanceisdead.jpg)

Was inspired by recent events.

No. 901403

anon this is autistic as hell but also hilarious topkek … lurch looks so sad and regertful

No. 901408

lmfao anon

No. 901415

Lmao this rules thank you for sharing

No. 901417

Nonny you forgot his BOAT!

No. 901424

File: 1671494668462.jpeg (450.35 KB, 828x1367, F3B3FBB1-8484-49FA-A086-2B5D53…)

Aww, yay!

No. 901427

File: 1671496440344.jpg (709.75 KB, 1078x1980, Screenshot_20221220_003118.jpg)

same pic with slightly extended caption from tumblr

No. 901428

lol. Nope. It's still someone else's abode. Future eviction is back on the menu apparently.

No. 901429

sadly, tuna, rent cannot be paid in bags of heroin or shitty drawings

No. 901430

I dunno what it’s like in burgerland but in my country there’s no way in hell they’d get their own place as unemployed junkies unless it was a council dump or someone (ie ebil dad) co-signed for them. Where’s the rent money coming from if not ebil dad? Lurch surely doesn’t make that much from being a middle man, they’re both quite literally too retarded really hustle

No. 901431

File: 1671499025630.jpeg (388.83 KB, 828x1105, 6F561ACA-F961-447D-AD6B-F137F0…)

No. 901432

Lurch's junkie tough guy talk never ceases to crack me up

No. 901434

It sounds like rap lyrics kek

No. 901435

the fact that i am drunk right now and can still form a coherent string of sentences either speaks to my own abilities or his own fried and crispy brain.

No. 901436

god damn why are her hands so purple, flaky, and shit stained. definitely some section 8/HUD housing and her dad is signed on as responsible for rent because neither of them have an income.

No. 901437

File: 1671500665558.jpeg (14.12 KB, 368x158, C7626676-5D9B-4D32-9972-BDF6DD…)

This is a man in his mid forties, nonas. Let that sink in for a moment

No. 901442

Nah. It isn't "yours" at all.

No. 901444

well now when some crazy person figures out the address we already have a very clear image of the keys

No. 901450

File: 1671808284778.png (183.88 KB, 800x561, Screenshot_20221223-100955_kin…)

No. 901453

She's been quiet on all accounts, no Milkmas yet.

No. 901454

Considering the new apartment and relapse post, I'm wondering if she and Lurch decided to go on a bender to celebrate.

No. 901467

100% this

No. 901479

File: 1671847374850.jpeg (611.75 KB, 828x1382, D3E7016A-5740-4FB1-88B1-480865…)

No. 901481

File: 1671847485911.jpeg (51.84 KB, 828x336, 1DBB3885-2E1E-4961-BFAD-467F2F…)

No. 901483

There's no way they weren't typing this shit out while practically nodding off. So much for muh sobriety, tuna fish.

No. 901484

lurchina is so beautiful

No. 901487

My, what large pupils they have even though they have a bright white phone screen flashing in their face

No. 901490

Kek why do the filters always work better on lurch? His skin is so smooth it's removing his facial hair, Luna's got blemishes on her cheek and the lip rash thing she's had for months.

No. 901506

the t minus 1 thing is so scary to me for some reason it sounds like hes talking about putting a baby in her or something…. or maybe theyre about to steal another cat? anyone else have any insight on what this means?

No. 901507

Could be that they're moving into their new housing in a day.

No. 901508

Nah it just means countdown from 1 day. Christmas, most likely

No. 901518

What could he possibly have meant by commenting “t minus 1” on December 24th? Something sinister, surely.

No. 901521

I guess it's his boomer way of appearing a "math genius". Confusing…

No. 901522

They're waiting for the drugs to hit. Why would it be anything else with these two? These other guesses are very optimistic

No. 901525

Tuna's been so boring since she stopped over sharing. I miss alltard's saga, her shopping sprees with rlllyblond's mom, her leaked sex tapes. I miss when she had more personality beyond switch fag and sober larp. I miss when she would try to be an artist. I miss her lolita larp too. I think Luna has so much potential as a cow. Shes' so boring my 2023 predictions are like she'll be dead by her birthday so she can join the uwu 27 club. That's all there it is for her now, death.

No. 901528

You need group therapy more than tuna does kek

No. 901536

I think lurch bitched at her to stop posting about every little thing after they lost the first air b&b. Which is why there’s the stop talking, etc. post.

No. 901541

File: 1671944868256.jpg (904.02 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221224_210730_Gal…)

No. 901542

Lovely day she got the cat back. Does she EVER eat at a table??

No. 901543

She doesn't have a table.
So, any nonnys want to guess how long this apartment saga will last?

No. 901545

Until daddy stops paying rent or when the landlord refuses to renew the lease due to complaints about the stench.

No. 901546

So I guess the t minus 1 comment was referring to getting pumpkin back the next day

No. 901547

Kek is that the same fake velvet blanket cover she had at her last Airbnb?

No. 901551

What a great christmas feast! I'm glad to see Luna surrounded by all her friends and family and eating a delicious home made meal instead of a cringe ass bodega take out
who wanna beat she didn't eat the broccoli kek

No. 901554

remember when they would only feed Roger the vegetables from their chinese food?

No. 901555

such anorexic frail bby angel uwu

No. 901560

She only drank ONE can of coke with it too.

No. 901561

File: 1672028108309.jpg (462.43 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20221225_201435_Sam…)

No. 901562

Complaining about the room being small oh my God bitch you should be homeless (like really living on the streets) bur you keep getting lucky with housing and you're gonna complain.
Also assuming she's talking about snuffspice. If she died you know tunas gonna latch onto to it and make herself the victim. "Poor poor me my BFF died I cannot go on, send monies, I'm gonna shoot dope now bc I'm so sad"

No. 901567

She won't be seeing herself under 245 lbs.

No. 901568

File: 1672041188720.jpg (284.43 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20221226-005132_Ins…)

Kt already openly relapsed, wtf is she talking about (her last few stints in rehab were due to alcohol)

No. 901571

Hopefully her bff, whoever it is, is just taking a week off social media to spend with her family for Christmas like a normal person. But we know tuna will use any excuse to masturbate over her suffering.

No. 901578

Poor cat is probably bored out of her mind living in a tiny room with those 2 fat stinky flesh lumps

No. 901588

Not particularly milky but I find it funny she deleted this post, very clearly has relapsed over the past few days (not that she was ever truly sober kek)

No. 901592

File: 1672096163449.jpg (911.17 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221226_150858_Gal…)

No. 901593

File: 1672096195007.jpg (807.86 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221226_150904_Gal…)

No. 901594

File: 1672096225701.jpg (506.54 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221226_150907_Gal…)

No. 901597

She keeps calling it a room rather than apartment etc. I wonder if they’re just renting a room from someone …

No. 901599

File: 1672105569619.jpeg (538.52 KB, 828x1355, E4FC5D55-0C82-4E8C-9F15-9B6060…)


No. 901600

File: 1672105638481.jpeg (606.1 KB, 828x1357, 25AB1DCF-8202-42EA-87B6-9684D8…)

No. 901601

Not trying to nitpick but she has to have a headache from that rats nest on her head

No. 901603

Those plushies are probably new, they look so clean wtf

Let's keep a track to see how long until they get filthy

No. 901604

File: 1672110978242.jpg (699.38 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221226_191554_Gal…)

No. 901606


Jfc she looks the schizophrenic junkie that wanders up and down the Main Street in my town all day muttering to herself and screaming about demons. Same energy in the face too. Can’t believe Tuba is 26!

No. 901607

>life in my own place
Tuna please. Why are you acting like it's some big deal. Your life hasn't changed. You're still under someone else's roof. Being funded by ebil dad. Getting high, doing shitty makeup to take even worse selfies. Day in and day out. You don't do anything. Nothing. Ever. How miserable and even more pathetic that she's ok with it and doesn't make any effort to change.

No. 901608

Sis is serving worzel gummidge realness

No. 901614

Looking more massive than ever, beating that terrible anorexia diagnosis kek

No. 901615

these were already deleted

No. 901616

The tapestry is hung up with packing tape I cannot

No. 901619

We all know her dad doesn't expect to get his deposit back.

No. 901624

File: 1672156604924.jpeg (155.66 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

These pictrjes are horrible, but she looks really pretty here?
She looks a lot like the singer from the Chromatics. The bangs really suits her and the colour is really nice now that i's washed out a bit idk

No. 901625

Ugh stop with your shitty bait, it’s as boring as you are

No. 901626

Lol sorry I forgot there is only one valid opinion, you can only mindlessly hate on Luna.

Her behaviour and lifestyle may be shitty but all I'm talking about is here hair and some nicer than usual pics, get fucked

No. 901627

File: 1672158372785.jpeg (111.82 KB, 1200x675, AEC9AC5E-1C2E-49D5-BFCC-DE4287…)

No. 901629

you try this shit every thread and you’re not even believable about it. just give it up

No. 901631

File: 1672164918639.jpeg (256.99 KB, 1028x1500, 55A839EB-4738-46AD-AE4F-E9C083…)

She has never looked so much like the Junk Lady from Labyrinth before.

If this isn’t bait, your eyes must be crossed worse than Tuna’s.

No. 901632

File: 1672166511479.jpg (478.35 KB, 972x3065, Luna Pinterest.jpg)

Don't think this was posted here, from 7 weeks ago. https://www.pinterest.com/lslater0093/

No. 901634

she is high off her gourd. relapse saga in full swing. giving me flashbacks to the old rodger days, shes definitely better at doing her makeup on benzos i'll give her that.