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File: 1535983082049.jpg (612.26 KB, 1103x810, party-kei-not-even-once-queer-…)

No. 679806

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent

>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for self-care rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to Japan and NYC, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during university
>has kept a total of five relationships in over 2 years, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; now largely just refers to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

In the last thread:
Jill had a stranger pay for her order at the drive thru, but then failed to then pay forward herself. Claims this was the gay agenda.
Jill goes to pride with a bi flag, despite saying she is gay. She then deletes her coming out video.
Jill moves into her town house. She immediately posts a full photo of her keys, which can be copied. She paints it a rainbow pastel vomit mess.
Her mother writes a cringe good bye moving post
She continues to spend a ridiculous amount on home furnishing, including a $500 pink microwave and a $150 chandelier
She continues to post about how scared she is of living alone
There’s a shooting in her new town
She does a massive food shop, but all of her it frozen junk food. There isn’t a single bit of produce.
She has seemed to recruit a group of weebs as her new friends and forces them to a Pre Cure marathon weekly
School has yet to start


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Old Da (very milky) https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/

No. 679807

File: 1535983165400.jpeg (29.15 KB, 275x164, pathetic-pixie-mom.jpeg)

I didn't want this to get lost in the last thread

No. 679841

This is so embarrassing. What kind of mother posts something so unoriginal and codependent about her grown ass 20 year old daughter? She acts like Jill was 17 and barely learning to be an adult. This bitch is old and needed to move her ass out two years ago too long. It's great she has a friendship with her mother. But to be so emotionally retarded and dependant on her is just sad.

No. 679852

File: 1535987655776.jpeg (453.95 KB, 750x553, 16E208F7-4493-4698-B3F1-D7CBD5…)

No. 679857

Ahh posted this in the old thread bc I am a dummy, but I don‘t think that any of her previous partner were abusive. (And now follows a blant copy, don‘t feet like typing it all up again)
If any of her ex partner were actually absuive she wouldn‘t be jumping from one relationship into another. Thats basic psychology. I mean sure people get over those things eventually, but Jillybilly never really went to therapy so it‘s unlikely she just got over it by herself. I am sure that in Jill-terms abusive means her partner wouldn‘t do what ever she preaches.

No. 679876

I dont think Jill was abused but this is bullshit, if youre in an abusive relationship, often people do jump into something new easily because you feel worthless or reliant on other people

No. 679885

That's not true whatsoever, much less "basic psychology". Especially considering Jill seems very codependent.

No. 679902

Everything about this screams crazy fucking grandma and her grandson. Is it me or does the really bright lipsticks really bring out her deep lines and jowls?

No. 679905

I see it too. Also wonder how her tattoos are gonna hold up when she keeps gaining weight, the cat one already looks weird or maybe it's the pic.

No. 679920

She really does remind me of a kooky old lady with her grandson.

No. 679923

Maybe he has a fetish for that

No. 679925

I swear she's going to end up marrying some well off doormat for a husband like her mother did and end up being a hobby sewer who lives off of him. Kek. Jill's such a predictable Normie in a hetero relationship, they do look happy though! Wow.

No. 679934

I like your theory, but do you think Jill would even sew as a hobby if she was financially supported by her husband? I feel like if she didn't have to think about getting a job, she'd give up on the ~fashion designer~ thing altogether and sit around buying Lazy Oaf all day like the lazy oaf she is.

No. 679936

Jill being "abused" by her girlfriend is about as much bullshit as the video she made retelling her traumatic experience with a transphobe in Claire's. In reality it was just a mother saying the store is for girls, which it is, based on their own advertising.

She twists everything and exaggerates it to get attention. It's honestly pathetic to claim you were in an abusive relationship when really it was some non-serious fling at 12 years old where you were both bitches to each other like most hormonal pre/teens are and maybe had a kiss and hug at most. Jill is really fuckin bold and shameless to drag everyone through the mud (remember when she tried with Colin? IDR the details tho) instead of looking at herself because she sees herself as some sort of forever-victim and her mommy is all for it. Gross.

How many more closet gay Colin clones are left on the island before she goes through them all? Must be slim pickings for everyone to be dating Jill of all people

No. 680166

I think she would throw that fashion designer delusion out of the window for sure! Kek I wonder if she would end up being one of those "vanity designers" like the Olsen twins who can't sew, tailor, drape, pattern, fashion sketch or anything related to sewing for that matter but slap their name on other people's work and claim it as their own!

No. 680235

That video was such a joke. Asking for the boys section in an obviously girly shop is not transphobia. Anything for those clicks eh

No. 680240

The way this photograph is composed is so weird.

Exactly as >>679920 said.
He looks very young and gay, she is the granny beard, and you can tell from thread pic and this that she wants to be "boss" and these boys are just pets to her. Very strange indeed. Still straight tho Jill! You need to have intercourse with actual women to be gay

No. 680257

Amen anon! My aunt is a lesbian whose been with her wife nearly 30 years. You truly can lay not claim to being truly gay unless you have actual sexually based relationships with another of the same sex. Jill is a pillow princess who lives for boys fussing over her as she manipulates them. Kek

No. 680272

no-one cares

No. 680280

sage your blogpost

No. 680285

that's retarded

No. 680303

File: 1536026472597.jpg (848.86 KB, 1080x810, 37be7484c9dd9643d4122927445c96…)

Apparently it was Wendy's birthday and Jillian looks very off here.

No. 680313

That's cute shit anon, I appreciate the blogpost.
The fact is Jill makes money from being "queer" when she only dates boys. None of her fans ever question it. We stan a queer idol!!!

No. 680323

That foundation is too light for her. wow

No. 680325

i'd look awkward too if i was sitting next to someone who wanted to skin me alive and steal my identity. jfc that's creepy.

No. 680344

File: 1536030099703.jpg (25.5 KB, 480x480, flashbackjilly.jpg)

No. 680349

Wendy wouldn’t even be front and centre for her own party huh? Jesus Jill is self absorbed.

No. 680372

File: 1536032563046.jpg (239.5 KB, 630x640, 18-09-03-20-42-06-560_deco.jpg)

No. 680387

Oh geez, thanks for pointing that out. She is ALWAYS front and center in every picture no matter the occasion.

No. 680619

This photo has such a gross dirty vibe to it, somehow. Maybe because it looks like a sad clown party or something, but these people look like they smell like BO and children's glitter spray.

No. 680687

Don‘t deag flashback Mary into this, she is innocent and has nothing to do with this geoss monster named Jillian!

No. 680722

Not defending Jill, but you don't have to have sex to know your sexual orientation. That's just bs.

No. 680741

Shes directly said that she doesnt touch women because shes "a bottom" when someone asked about how she fingers anyone with her talons

To be gay you have to WANT to have sex with a woman, thats what being gay is
We know she isnt ace so theres no way to explain her aversion to having sex with women (other than her being straight, which she obviously is)

Im a lesbian who finds some boys pretty, Im not bi hahah

No. 680799

What about dem gay asexuals tho?

No. 680803

Wasn't her first day of school yesterday? I expected her to be all over the place about being finally able to do what she always wanted to do and learn how to create fashion!!1 lol

I bet Jill realized that it isn't all rainby kawawii how she thought it would be.

No. 680806

Nayrt but they said
>We know she isn't ace
So Jill not wanting to fuck a woman isn't the same case as someone who doesn't want to fuck anyone.
I get the feeling she's a pillow princess whether she's with a man or a woman so I don't think it's a very good argument for or against Jill being bi.
Even if she actually is bi I think it's pretty weird of her to be throwing it around like it's a fashion statement so it doesn't make any difference imo. She treats all her exes like complete shit as well.

No. 680828

I only feel like Jill isn’t bi bc she’s always talking about or sexual innuendos about “peen” but whenever she mentions girls it seems like it’s about being aesthetically attracted to them and she has to overreact but with guys it seems natural.

No. 680845

Sorry but this is bs? Where has jill ever directly talked about fingering anyone? I’m pretty sure all she did was reblog a post on her tumblr about being a bottom but she never said anything in person about this. Please direct me to where you found that because I’m pretty sure it never happened

No. 680848

She has 100% said that she can have long nails with girls and it's fine because she's a bottom.

No. 680851

It depends where you live anon, according to Canadian time she would have started some time today. So she’ll probably post about it later tonight or in her next upcoming vlog/haul video by the likes of it

No. 680857

she didn't say this it was a meme she liked or retweeted on twitter (can't remember which)

No. 680880

It's a shame that she removed her streams because there was so much incriminating evidence on there. There was one stream, I don't remember the wording, but it was when she was dating Alyssa and she straight up said that she missed getting dick. There was also a stream that she got livid when a fan suggested that she might be bi "You don't know me, it took a long time for me to figure out my sexuality, I'm a lesbian, fuck you" and she's bi now. Personally I think she's straight as an arrow.

No. 680888

read the old threads
she's definitely straight and just thinks being gay uwu is weird and different so she's latched onto it for cool points. these kweer kids are so easy to spot as fakers to anyone who's actually in lgbt community.

No. 680906


post referencing the tweet

No. 681052

File: 1536105900863.png (123.04 KB, 720x691, 20180905_010438.png)

Fucking kek

No. 681062

Key word there is "trying," though I'm not sure she's really "trying" to go to school with her choice in institution.

No. 681068

even tho she doesnt wanna have sex with women, she can still be bi. sorry for blogpost but i have a guy friend who is biromantic but heterosexual. like, hed date guys and would be in love with a guy but only wants to have sex with the opposite sex. i mean, i dont think jill is bi but i dont think this is a good argument because these people are legitimate and dont use the term for brownie points. for some bis its the conplete opposite.

No. 681070

Get this tumblr nonsense off of here. Dating someone and being in love with them but not wanting to fuck them? That's not a relationship, that's what happens in dead bedroom marriages. Just be okay with really liking one gender as a friend but wanting to fuck the other like regular people.

No. 681072

If you can't separate romantic and sexual attraction, that's your problem.

No. 681074

how is that tumblr nonsense… i agree with above anon. sorry not everyone wants to fuck their SO. i mean yeah im not asexual but you gotta face that some people are.

No. 681110

Seconding getting this Tumblr shit off of here lmao

The split attraction model is literally nonsensical and both encourages avoiding addressing internalized homophobia and allows for ~uwu kweers~ like Jill to appropriate a label that's not for them.

Get out of here with your condescending "uwu sorry u can't separate romantic and sexual attraction". The two are tied for a reason.

No. 681155

It’s a normal thing that everyone’s experienced at one point or another. Just bc you want to date someone it doesn’t mean that you want to fuck them. In more serious well developed relationships it should be normal to have both romantic and sexual attraction. Someone can’t control who they’re sexually attracted to, and just bc their romantic interests doesn’t match their sexual orientation it doesn’t mean that they’re a homophobe.

No. 681172

You're right, it was just s dumb meme she retweeted or liked and everybody here took it as gospel truth and bring it up all the time. Like get a grip.

No. 681228

Holy fuck, at least sage your stupid Tumblr off topic shit.

We all already agree that Jill's pretending to be a lesbian.

No. 681235

For the love of God who cares about her sexuality. She is a polarized individual, the thought of her having intercourse with anyone for that matter is just unsavory.

No. 681247

File: 1536120953366.png (1.41 MB, 720x1005, Screenshot_20180905-001313~2.p…)

Obligatory first day picture

No. 681248

Damn Jill looks like she could be the other girl's young mother or aunt.

No. 681252

Did you know that it's possible to have interractions and relationships with people you like but don't want to fuck? It's called FRIENDSHIP! Crazy, right?

No. 681260

That lazy oaf dress is so fucking unflattering. Also I thought her other friends like Jenny were going to that school too or is it just her and Wendy? Even Maggie and Jill's boytoy moved out here to be close to her? Weird.

No. 681262

You need to be 18 to post here.
She's wearing a literal sack, but it's somehow not the worst Jill outfit we've seen. I hate that bag more every time I see though - it's so fucking tacky.

No. 681273

Her outfit looks it came out of the Target maternity section

No. 681285


i'm really starting to believe that she wants to look like she shops exclusively in the walmart children's section, even people who are into more eccentric fashion than "party kei" put effort into buying pieces that go together and have some sense of color coordination. the pieces she buys are overpriced for what they are but she makes everything look so cheap

No. 681304

do you kiss, cuddle, go on dates, or plan a life with your friends?
its entirely possible to have romantic relationships without sex, because sex isn't the only romantic aspect in a relationship. maybe its integral for yours but you can't define other peoples relationships as unromantic or purely "friendship" because they do not have sex.

No. 681312

Holy shit yeah. I wonder if she's still wearing TF Born This Way in Swan, or if she switched to Cloud and this is the result. Either way she needs to go up at least one shade, maybe 2 or even 3.

No. 681313

File: 1536128510783.jpeg (60.21 KB, 270x356, 692135D5-5F30-47DB-8A8D-90D771…)

Reported to jannys for off topic tumblr faggotry

No. 681316

She looks like a coke addled auntie who resides in the local trailer park. I swear her hair looks like a fried and dried out hay stack that could catch light at any second. I can't help but wonder how much did she pay to look that stupid?

No. 681329

Is she actually partly colorblind to see different shades of pink and 1nd think they go together just because they're all pink? Same with the colors she chose to paint her walls, it's always just so off.

No. 681355

It doesnt matter that other people can be without sex, JILL IS NOT
The way she hid MG and talks about how much she missed fucking guys when she was "dating" MG proves that she didnt view it as a real relationship
Not to mention she says she is bisexual, not biromantic, which is clearly bullshit

She acts like her being into girls is some big cutesy unique thing, people who are actually wlw dont need to justify it every 10 seconds
She broke up with the two women she dated due to "not being attracted to them", why date someone youre not into if not for attention? She made money off a video of her wrapping her "girlfriends" christmas gifts, only to decide to break up with her and keep the gifts for herself
That isnt a relationship

This is a problem because she acts like being a lesbian means just holding hands with your friends and being uwu soft baby cuties, which is demeaning to genuine wlw and makes us all seem like we cant/dont have real relationships or that its just some cutie soft phase uwu uwu

saged for rant, but y'all white knights are pissing me off, saying jill isnt bi doesnt mean were saying bi people dont exist, idiot

No. 681397

Why is Wendy standing like that

They both look haggard and simple why did pixie even post this

No. 681429

She looks so shapeless in that.. And those ugly boots- AGAIN!

No. 681534

Jenny is studying somewhere else in Fredericton I believe, I think she’s majoring in psychology or maybe some other science degree. I don’t think Maggie has ever been to school, and it doesn’t even look like she’s working right now. Did she transfer to another Claire’s store? As for the boy, it seems like he graduated from community college recently and is trying to launch his career. Why any of them thought it would be good for their career/education to move to NB is beyond me. There’s no employment opportunities and they’re basically stalling real life or will just end up stuck there in a permanent phase of arrested development.

No. 681626

This is a really unfortunate picture. There's a reason why grown women don't wear bright pink regularly, as they age they just look more like two clueless womanchildren. I'm curious to see what the rest of the people in their class look like as comparison.

No. 681627

Can we all just agree that Jill clearly isn't asexual, considering she constantly talks about sex and how much she "likes peen", and shut the fuck up about whether or not asexuality exists? It's not relevant here. If you want to talk about romantic/sexual attraction, take that shit to Tumblr.

No. 681638

So, no new videos not only this past Sunday but today as well?

No. 681665

B-but anon! I bet our jillybean is just super duper stressed out after her first day of craft college uwu

No. 681692

Watch her YouTube funds dry out like her hair. Kek

No. 681706

Looks bad,

No. 681719

Pretty sure Jenny is studying journalism at STU.

No. 681852

Tracey is the one that's majoring in psychology

No. 681860

File: 1536186915539.jpeg (440.87 KB, 750x836, 8A53C927-E365-42CD-94AA-D10DAE…)

No. 681866

>>681860 I thought she partly chose this programme because she didn't want to do a foundation year?

No. 681868

Max cringe. Way to broadcast a lack of creativity and immaturity in one go. God forbid she consider that she might gain some experience and inspiration from working with other art mediums.

No. 681878

File: 1536187709024.jpg (101.32 KB, 900x780, 2158fca1d9315a2e94a496f1aa8b00…)

>Don't make me draw and sculpt and shit for a year when I want to make dresses

Well uhm…It's kinda important

No. 681884

Does she not know that the fashion industry also covers areas where 2d drawing and design is important?
inb4 Jill suddenly backtracks and goes "omg my foundation classes are sooooo useful and I learned sooooo much about bringing my rainby kuhway dream to lyfe."

No. 681900

Jill if you’re reading this lots if not every art and design school has a foundation year, and it’s important how to learn to do other things and broaden your horizons it can help you in your field or help you learn a new skill.

No. 681917

Exactly. Knowing how to draw is so important, like knowing drapey and how fabric reacts to other fabrics. She cant even dress herself. ugh

No. 681951

She doesn't even realize how fuckin stupid this entire post is, how embarrassing and immature.. Louise how did you fuck up so bad raising this woman?

No. 681977

She like doesnt have any kind of art education that would allow her to go to college though, does she not get that?

No. 682055

No video today either? For a ~professional youtuber~ she sure has a lack of content. Jesus Jill, too busy eating garlic fingies and chicken tendies to do your job?

No. 682067

exactly, and sculpting really helps to understand 3d work in another way. making dresses is in 3d jill. designing is an art and every true artist is influenced by other disciplines than their main one.

No. 682080

File: 1536203256494.png (21.46 KB, 479x246, 85256322353.PNG)

creeping on the LO sales group and I'm pretty sure this is how they met…

No. 682318

File: 1536243699721.jpeg (290.23 KB, 640x809, 7182BCC3-3DCD-494C-BC2E-E908DE…)

No. 682352

No. 682383

jill wtf don't mention that you have sparkly sunflowers on your door step. you're already visible enough with your rainby car… i don't like you but i don't want you to be subjected to creepy creeps either

No. 682388

i know we say it all the time, but girl, if you're just putting your hair in an ugly bun every day just stop bleaching and damaging it! let healthy hair grow out and buy a couple kawaii rainby uguuu wigs.

nitpick but fake flowers are sf tacky imo. get some real plants for your home. i guess anything natural goes against her ugly synthetic lifestyle.

"dress from this store in the mall" and mamma mia? jill is such a basic normie at heart lmao. can't wait for her wine mom phase.

at least she's sort of less annoying in this? going to school will probably be good for her because she's going to be forced to interact with people outside of her cultish fans and family.

No. 682398

Maybe it's because she's from a small-ass island, but she doesn't seem to have a sense of safety. I bet if someone tried they'd be able to find her address very easily.

No. 682419

>>682398 anons have already worked out where she lives, based on her sims videos and other info she's posted online

No. 682439

File: 1536256931965.png (430.14 KB, 801x397, Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 11.0…)

No. 682441

if she would stop with the baby weeb talk and forced quirkiness, i feel like she could be somewhat endearing and tolerable.

No. 682509

agreed about the fake plants. if she really wants some greenery she could go with some spider plants and devils tongues. you can basically forget these for weeks and theyll survive, plus her house seems to have good light. guess its not rainby enough for her tho
gardening is actually in right now so she could have some success with a beginners pov to gardening but na she gotta be kawiwi at all times

No. 682602

It made me super uncomfortable how she jokingly mentioned how Serena loves not having to share her toys, treats, etc…. yeah? Your cats are going to be super uncomfortable when you have 5 of them in one house!! They're territorial! A female cat is going to be stressed out surrounded by more territorially aggressive male cats.

Do they not piss everywhere? How do you live with so many cats?

No. 682605

iirc i think she mentioned the bag was like 90$*ish in a video. lazy oaf's dresses are usually between 50-80$ in rage. So she's paid at least 150$ to look like an imbecile.

*in US dollars.

No. 682606

Gross, what kind of trailer trash animal hoarders have you hung out with? Only absolutely disgusting people let their cats pee all over the house. 5 cats in a big house like the Vessey's is really not that many cats. Also, cats tend to get along and like other cats, more often than not - it's rare you'll have a cat that's genuinely better off as an only cat. Plenty of valid things to nitpick about both Jill and her mother, but the amount of cats they have that they CLEARLY can afford/do take care of is inane, especially when your experience with cats is clearly limited to laymen "knowledge" and apparently trashy hoarders.

No. 682621

>>682602 unless she ends up poisoning her cat (again), all this constant talk of serena is nitpicky at best.

also >>682605 yeah i wish she would stop lying to herself about how her uwu pastel lifestyle is "super afforable!!1!" like yes it can be…. but not how she's doing it by any stretch of the imagination (see 500$ pink microwave)

No. 682632

>She paid $150 to look like an imbecile
And isn't that just like her? Ugh. I find it hilarious that while she drops beaucoup bucks on clothing and the CC are cheap fucks who can't fork out $20 for a shirt, both of them come out looking like the same shitty trainwreck.

No. 682674

are we really going to have a huge OT infight about cat behavior in this thread too?

No. 682845

File: 1536291716128.png (1.02 MB, 1245x655, Untitled.png)

wait when did she get a new piercing?

No. 682875

PLEASE tell me she didn't get that at Claire's.

No. 682896

i find it absolutely boggling that people still get piercings done at places like Claire's, or with those stupid, awful guns anymore.

they're way more traumatic and painful than need be, and do a lot more damage than a piercing needle.

you'd think being all alternative and having tattoos, someone, somewhere along the way would have told her what stupid decision it is. Mainly because there's not really any way to properly, wholly sterilize those things. I know this is sperg-y, but there's no reason for those things to still be in use.

Wonder if Jilly bean ever pierced anyone during her time at Claire's?

No. 682913


No. 682920

i feel like i'm watching an episode of fucking "meganebu!". if it weren't for that couch's vague shade of neutral pastel pink i'd go blind from staring at this autistic color palette for too long.

No. 682935

Wouldn't be surprised if she had that since her punk days, when she actually had short hair that showed off her plugged earlobes.

I remember her reasoning for removing the plugs was that she wanted to model/do a fashion show for Angelic Pretty and they didn't allow body mods (duh, the Japanese in general aren't into that). Ironic that she took out her ~hardcore punk~ mods to keep up appearances as a ~true innocent lifestyle lolita~ only to later get permanent tattoos to prove she's ~the truest mahou shoujo fangirl ever~ it's like a never ending cycle with her.

No. 682948

I feel like this just exemplifies the fact that Jill really isn't creative or artistic at heart. Most artists, even hobbyists, enjoy learning more than one discipline and applying what they learn in different ways.

Anyone who was genuinely interested in design and fashion would at the very least understand that being well rounded is extremely important as an artist. It might be frustrating or annoying to not get to do exactly what you want all the time but that's just adulthood isn't it? Even the biggest designers don't just sit around making new designs and garments all day.

No. 682974

Why is she so proud of having literally 0 knowledge of art?

No. 683080

Oh my god, when I first saw this I thought the sofa was a neutral beige/cream colour because of how bright everything else is lmao
Its amazing that someone can make pink a neutral shade

No. 683087

I was thinking the same thing. Also, people who complain about foundations year are almost universally the ones who end up struggling a lot when they do get into their concentration classes, where they are expected to produce a lot of high quality work at a fast pace.

I don’t know why she’s so set on doing the fashion design thing - she’s barely interested in sewing as it is, and she’s not interested in art at all. She’s very interested in clothing and accessories though, and regardless of opinions here, she does have some sort of knack for curating a brand. It would make so much more sense for her to study business or fashion merchandising, or something related to fashion retail. She could become a buyer, and/or start an indie brand. She already has an audience interested in her taste, and it’s a much more solid career move.

No. 683144

File: 1536329840172.jpg (22.92 KB, 500x500, Overripe-Banana.jpg)

Her hair reminds me of an overripe banana

No. 683206

She’s had that piercing for years, she got it when she was punk she just didn’t have anything there for a while.

No. 683207

File: 1536338454943.gif (68.4 KB, 400x506, hi__by_xhellodecemberx-d4fvjmf…)

No. 683248

People have suggested that before. I have posted the same thing before. It's really obvious and makes too much sense and she would have to actually try to get into a school good and specialized enough to offer a fashion merchandising or buyer program, and then actually try and be responsible and accountable and do the coursework. These degree programs are usually highly competitive and focused in large urban areas for obvious industry and networking reasons. She could never put in that much effort and not be the center of attention big fish in a small pond.

No. 683263

the college i attended had a fashion merchandising program and the students in that program were the busiest students in the whole school. if only she could channel the competitiveness she exibits in being The Most Kawiwi and put it towards her studies, she could have a career there. i think she knows that but she's too lazy and imagines going into arts and design is more laid back (but it's really not, the fashion design students were almost as busy)

No. 683327

The image of her piercing the ears of a small, anxious child while dressed like a clown and doing that weird baby talk thing is like an SNL skit gone horribly wrong.

hey there little pal! sit still so I can give you some sparkly-sparkly kirakira bling!!! get ready for this BIG BOY gun! tee hee.

No. 683330

jill was really cute in her punk phase not gonna lie. she just seemed more free spirited
"back then" and actually seems more anal now

No. 683358

No fundamentals for a creative snowflake major? Good luck with that.

No. 683364

But, with her being so up her ass about her uwu rainbee ~aesthetic~, she'd only want to buy for Claire's, and Dolls Kill.

No. 683651

File: 1536383958919.jpeg (251.05 KB, 750x996, F7E996F6-809B-4CDE-9451-46E83E…)

>with my sweet woman

I got major queer bait vibes with that caption and, whaddya know.. that’s exactly what her fans are going for

No. 683677

I had that same idea the other day. She's already got a loyal following of people with her same tacky tastes, even if she was just restoring and reselling thrifted items or something she could probably have some success. It'd be a way to monetize her shopping addiction at least.
Something tells me that the business side of things wouldn't appeal to her though. She thinks the most basic "grown up" things are a big deal. Dealing with her books while trying to run a business would probably kill her.

No. 683817

I feel like when Jill uses sweet like that she means “dear” but using woman instead of friend is weird

No. 683833

The thing is, she's basically a hoarder, I think she would have a hard time parting with the stuff she buys. She needs to understand she will never succeed unless she is open to other things, e.g styles. Successful people find a way to appeal to more than just one ultra specific niche of people and she seems incapable.

No. 683842


I'd like to point out that she did the 'slap the weave' thing to her bangs which is a black and drag queen culture thing. Jillybean trying to so hard to be queer/trendy relevant.

No. 683845

It would probably mean nothing if it weren't Jill, but this is the same girl that has been queer baiting with her online content for over two years now. She used to tag her pics and videos with Colin as #queercouple #nonbinary #femme etc and then when he dumped her, she made a "coming out" video (even though she always made coming out/pride posts on fb since she was 14) and in that video she claims her relationship with Urma was super serious and abusive when they were 13 (hint: it wasn't) and she even claims to have dated another woman she's never revealed before (she's 99% lying because she dated three different boys for almost 6 years, even people who knew her from school/pei don't know who that "other girl" could be so she's likely making her up).

And then there's Alyssa, who Jill never truly liked/loved but strung her along and asked her to be her girlfriend, she even came out as a lesbian to her family for Jill. Then Jill hid her away against Alyssa's wishes (hint: she was chubby, not very kawewe type). Jill continued to queerbait in all her videos with titles like "What I Bought My GIRLFRIEND For Xmas" even though she never gave her those gifts and broke up with her after asking for a "break" because she "wasn't that attracted" to her. Those videos are still listed TO THIS DAY. (Reminder: Jill went out with friends on NYE and ended up sleeping with her ex-best friend's boytoy - which caused so much drama it broke up the friend group. This was only 1 or 2 weeks after the break up with Alyssa, so maybe her NYE plans had something to do with it. Also, we have now witnessed Jill fuck 3 of her "best friends" exes, all males of course.)

TL;DR Jill is a master of queerbaiting

No. 683893

Could someone post a pic of Alyssa?
Can't really remember that chick

No. 683963

It’s not relevant and there’s no reason to post her, just let her be and check the previous threads… not that hard to find.

No. 684530

File: 1536505261866.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1667, 21950045-F37D-4101-829B-1D3C83…)

So is her mum coming around every other weekend now?

No. 684538

one of the worst outfits of hers i think ive ever seen.

No. 684547

Where is she getting her fashion inspo? Those socks and shoes look like horrible. Glitter witch shoes shouldn't be the new daily dirt shoe to replace her trashed yru's.

No. 684568

File: 1536511287282.gif (642.73 KB, 160x160, 1cBeGSU.gif)

There's just no way any normal parent wouldn't say "what the fuck are you wearing, please change it looks bad" at this outfit. Her mom is so overprotective she doesn't even want to tell her the truth.

No. 684570

maybe this is a nitpick but its sort of ridiculous that she's only learning about impressionism in college, and that bee doesn't look anything like impressionism.

No. 684628

File: 1536517482438.png (1.18 MB, 720x1114, 20180909_192427.png)

No. 684658

her color coordinating is getting worse and worse with each day. at least wear a pink beret Jill.
also are there scissors and materials on the back seat? is she working on another dress or smth?

No. 684729

one would almost think that art supply is required for art classes. makes ya think

No. 684737

What is this monstrosity , hey everyone… The clown is in town!. What is the deal with wearing the basic one dolar socks and her ugly pointy shoes?

Also why did you like the photo? Kek

No. 684789

She looks photoshopped in, thats so strange

No. 684794

Shes not doing fashion atm, shes doing art foundation which is a basic overview of fine art stuff to begin with so no, id guess thats not for class

No. 684797

File: 1536531307770.png (167.46 KB, 1096x1080, Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 23.0…)

Also why does her face look so crumpled? When she does her hair like that it makes everything look really disproportionate

No. 684803

File: 1536531698007.jpg (15.02 KB, 604x438, c67.jpg)

No. 684814

File: 1536532756294.jpg (36.93 KB, 459x801, è!1.jpg)

Burn those shoes already .. please.

Also that silhouette is a pure blob. I wonder if she'll ever consider herself a 'big girl' but at this point you can't deny it anymore.

No. 684818

File: 1536533054714.png (36.87 KB, 1440x806, Screenshot_20180909-194052.png)

Sage for OT but jillybean, the fucking Kawaii Ambassador, doesn't even follow Sebastian Masuda on Instagram.

No. 684835

That's not her instagram. Her username has two Es.

No. 684911

not to whiteknight but i think she was just doodling on her notes to be kaweewee? i dont think that she was trying to draw examples

No. 684928

File: 1536544272689.png (35.44 KB, 1440x643, Screenshot_20180909-224852.png)

tried it again. my point is still proven.
so much for Kawaii Ambassador I guess.

No. 684959

We haven't seen any of her 6% items even sitting in the background of her room. She doesn't care about anything Japan. I can't wait for her kawaii ambassador videos to come out. Isn't she going to miss school to do it? Will she go alone or will mom book her own flight to join her? Will she cry about needing chicken nuggets and Japanese people staring at her because she's too tacky for them? What items will she buy next only to be trashed into her hoard forever?

No. 685350

File: 1536606672435.jpeg (870.01 KB, 750x1051, 2397FAFF-E257-4624-92AD-76C35A…)

Sounds like she may be trying to go for her winter break

No. 685365

File: 1536608476800.png (807.49 KB, 720x1137, 20180910_204058.png)

No. 685384

File: 1536609907812.png (43.8 KB, 720x275, 20180910_210452.png)

No. 685387

File: 1536609984126.png (1.26 MB, 720x1144, 20180910_210610.png)

No. 685389

Jesus she does not know how to take care of her stuff.
The ground is covered in dirt and cigarette butts and she’s just leaving it on the ground.
That’s also something purse thieves look for, because you can just grab it and rub.

She’s such an idiot, no wonder her stuff gets disgusting so quickly.

No. 685393

File: 1536610428904.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, FA089359-8D25-4416-A00D-CC71F0…)

Will is really making her friends watch anime with her every week?

No. 685401

What is this in reference to?

No. 685404


Hanging out with friends weekly isn't abnormal if they live nearby, anon. The only person she's possibly "making" watch anime is her boyfriend. Everyone else is there by choice, even if it might be to leech off her minor amount of e-fame.

No. 685406

every single person in this photo has a double chin, amazing.

No. 685409

File: 1536611815008.png (85.95 KB, 720x568, 20180910_213542.png)

No. 685415

Why is she trademarking 'Queer'? Why cant she just say it's cute and not make everything about being gay? ugh

No. 685419

for sure they're efame leeching. its kinda sad jill will never know the feeling of having real friends because she either uses others to get ahead and now other people hang with her for internet cool points. i'm still holding onto the hope she can mature and grow as a person but every day it looks like shes closer and closer to the point of no return.

No. 685431

How are they always together? Don't any of them work? They all moved to a new city. The real world is gonna hit Jill hard, the day they all can't hang out, and watch precure, because they have to work. Can you imagine her whining?

No. 685435

File: 1536614920710.jpeg (310.1 KB, 640x800, 0B2BA9FF-5023-4B62-B1FE-CCF1F4…)

She’s already done that anon. When she in PEI, complained about how she felt lonely and began to wind. Obviously she backtracked by saying she “knew her friends had work, but still :(((“

No. 685436

Whine* sorry Auto correct got me


No. 685477

If she goes to Japan twice because of a show for toddlers I am going to lose my shit
She is so insufferable in the way she spends money and begs for more
Tickets to Japan easily cost $1000 and then theres all the nugget-chan money on top of that
God I hate her

No. 685480

what makes me the maddest about jill's faux japan obsession is that she doesn't give a shit about the culture and she doesn't try to be subtle about it.

she spent years barely working and not pursuing higher education after finishing school, you'd think someone so interested in a country and with TONS of free time to spare would, oh, i don't know, try learning the language? if she'd spent a year studying the basics of japanese, and i mean REALLY studying and putting in effort, she would've at least been able to read basic hiragana when she travelled with louise.

outside of toddler shit anime and tacky, dead jfash she doesn't even pretend to care about at this point, she knows nothing about japan. she was there for TWO WEEKS without even leaving tokyo. even if distance was an issue, say in between kyoto and tokyo, you can basically take the train anywhere in japan jill, but i guess you were too busy shoving chicken nuggets up your greasy bleached vagina to research that.

No. 685489

no queer person would say this

No. 685508

Trains in Japan aren't cheap cross country. A trip to Tokyo from Kyoto and back costs over $200-$300 (though she could buy a JR pass and travel to more cities) and is 3-4 hours. I know she wasted more money than that on clothes, but if she doesn't value Japanese traditional culture it's not worth the cost to her and that's not a reason not to go to Japan for other stuff. If she just wanted to go to shop, that's fine. She never pretended to like other stuff in the first place. Tons of rich Chinese tourists go for the same reason. She never claimed to like things about Japan outside of kawaii shit or "fashion" (unless her calling herself a lay Buddhist in the past counts) and PreCure anyway let's be real.

I'm all for criticizing her for hypocrisy and tacky clothes and fried hair choices or whatever else but it's not surprising that she didn't leave Tokyo. There's a bunch to do and it's a huge city, so staying in Tokyo isn't the problem anyway if she really did want to look at more traditional stuff.

No. 685540

Even if you're lazy as fuck, Hiragana and Katakana are incredibly easy to learn. If you study daily for like two weeks you can get it down. With all her free time she could easily know both as well as a few hundred kanji.
She just doesn't seem to have the motivation to really apply herself to anything. Her recent cosplays are evidence of that, even with all the time in the world they're half finished and have no real creativity or skill applied to them.

No. 685553

wdym? people who identify as ~kweer~ exclusively say shit like that. maybe you meant "no non-heterosexual (/leaning) person would say this"

No. 685582

Can't believe that Jill is going to a third rate glorified arts and crafts school with zero accreditations. It's bizarre.

No. 685595

sage next time

No. 685668

Even that though;
Jill being mildly into Japanese, liking precure stuff more than cultural stuff, and mediocre cosplays are fine… For the everyday hobbyist. It's just that Jill is a self-described "ultimate" fan of precure, fashion, etc and then gets paid and rewarded for being a typical hobbyist that makes it 100x more annoying than the average person. Most people that do pretty much the same thing as her have to support themselves and their lifestyle, but she only this lifestyle is what is supporting her. Being unhealthy isn't uncommon either, it's that she shares it to a largely young audience that makes it romanticized. It's not normal for people to be able to wallow in their things and not have to worry about too much else. She got a head start by having professional equipment and editing at her fingertips though.

No. 685868

she pretends she can read them already, she has bought kids magazines and fashion magazines in Japanese and claims she can read them, she also claimed that she watched that precure movie in the cinema in Japanese and understood it and that she is fluent enough that she uses Japanese words by accident sometimes when she is speaking English, for her to show herself trying to learn at this point would be admitting she has been lying

No. 685870

She's never gone out and drawn from observation before…. And she thought the foundation year was unnecessary for her? I hope this college at least cares enough to guide her into becoming a better artist, but with the reputation it has I don't know how well that'll go.

No. 686060


lol don't worry she will never ever get tickets. Japanese concert ticket sales can be tricky even if you're in the country, you have to reserve them online (sometimes even in a ballot or draw if it's popular) and then pay and collect the tickets in a convenience store.

PLUS those machines and the procedure is usually all in Japanese so she'll never manage it. Tbh as soon as she realises it isn't just ticketmaster she'll likely give up.

No. 686197

Jill is the phoniest queer ever. She's such a hetero basic bitch it hurts. Then again what do you expect from a woman with not one creative bone in her flabby garbage bag of a body.

No. 686476

She'll just pay someone else to sort it out

No. 686487

You're saying hetero people can't be creative? Kek

I mean I agree that Jill is faking her queerness but…

No. 686523

anon isn't insulting the entire hetero collective, chill. they're just saying she's a basic bitch who happens to be straight but pretends she's a quirky kweer who's quirky because of her sexuality.

No. 686537

I wouldn‘t be surprised if she makes the people who organised the contest to get her tickets tbh

No. 686541

Never said anything about heteros not being creative anon kek you read way to far into it. I just meant that Jill is so unoriginal that she's grasping for straws when it comes to her identity/sexuality. It's one thing if a person is truly queer. Jill has zero identity so she just identifies with what ever bullshit is trending. I've never seen someone as clueless about sexuality as Jill is. Who calls downtown queer? Enough blathering on about this nonsense.

No. 686944

No upload or explanation for not uploading today Jill? Must be too ~*overwhelmed*~ by arts and craft college and needs to nap in her day bed while watching little girls anime

No. 686963

again, sage this next time

No. 686966


No. 686970

i did sage

No. 686985


You didn’t sage.


They did.

Move on.

No. 687199

But anon, Jilly is soooo busy hanging with her new kaweewee friends and make them watch baby shows!

No. 687375

File: 1536860664136.jpg (148.33 KB, 720x903, _20180913_184213.JPG)

Why does she have to be so dramatic about changing her video upload schedule, we all knew this was going to happen though, but not just a week in kek

No. 687402

>as I attempt to get back on my feet and find a balance between college and Youtube and staying sane
…and eating tendies, and playing dressup, and watching kawiwi animes…

No. 687436

Watch this bitch collapse under the pressure. Kek Such a fashion designer.

No. 687456

There's no way she can handle this if she's "dying" after the first week of school. If she wants to be incredibly lazy she could just vlog. The cc would love to see her cry about hard school work, take her oh so important daily nap, then watch anime with her boyfriend and skinwalker while she microwaves everyone dinner.

No. 687472

She wasn't even putting out 2 videos a week before the move.

No. 687503

What pressure is she even under? I wish i had a townhouse to myself when i went to school. She is having everything handed to her and she still wants to complain

No. 687535

That's why she's complaining. She's never had the opportunity to learn that failing is okay, she's never learned to manage stress properly because she's never been under real stress. Relatively speaking, this is one of the most stressful things she has been through.

Spoiling a kid gives them absolutely no real life skills and sets them up for a massive breakdown the first time they have to be independent. I don't even think this will be Jill's breakdown, either, it's not going to happen until her parents die and he's already well, well an adult. Lets be real, when she flunks out of college she's just going to fall back on her parents again. She's losing opportunities to learn how to fail without real consequences fast.

No. 687743

Exactly. She said she thought she should skip the "foundation year" yet here she is literally saying its too hard for her to even keep up with what she wanted to skip.

No. 687748

File: 1536886365324.jpeg (184.5 KB, 716x960, 62CB8820-CF92-41E4-B969-EC70FC…)

How the cosplay is ment to look

No. 687785

Her content has been pure shit the last year. Nothing even remotely note worthy. She acts like she's moved to Timbuktu and is suffering culture shock, when in reality she's barely a chicken tendies toss away from the over bearing mother of hers. Such an annoying, melodramatic and attention starved idiot. At this point she needs to get the hell off the internet and get a fucking life.
20 year old woman crying about having to grow the hell up is utterly ridiculous and embarrassing. Most anons have had to grow up really fast at a much younger age without their parents assistance. Her failing this fast at adulting is so satisfying. Kek

No. 687835

You don't even do that much on the first week of classes, she's going to break during finals.

No. 688132

I know right, the first week is likely just get-to-know-eachother things and light hearted group activities to get everyone ready for the year. I get that moving out for the first time is scary and stressing, but come the fuck on Jill. I bet her mom would come running in the middle of the night to comfort her and even move in with her bff jillybean if Jill asked her to. The only thing she needs to worry about is home sickness and if she can't get over it she's fucked for life.

No. 688846

Well, it's Saturday and there's still no new video lol

No. 688855

we are aware.

No. 688947

Shit, this REALLY shows up how bad hers was lmao

No. 688990

No. 688993

File: 1537045971682.jpg (170.68 KB, 739x499, maria.jpg)

>>688990 jfc her friends are a state

No. 688999

I just want to know why none of them can do a clean-looking hairstyle.

No. 689000

File: 1537046252243.jpg (211.89 KB, 739x499, poordietkei.jpg)

>>688990 Jill's bags are looking awful, even with a shit ton of makeup on them. Please just eat some produce and drink some water Jill

No. 689006

Has Jill ever talked about doing therapy? The amount of Ativan she's talking about popping isn't good and I've noticed that she seems to do a lot of the baby talk when she's worse mentally.

No. 689007

>>689006 she doesn't like therapists. She said she had one before that blamed her problems on the way she dressed. It's in one of the very early threads.

No. 689009

i want jill to be dragged to therapy so she can please become a functioning adult as much as i want to spare any poor therapist that's stuck with her.

No. 689010

I cringed a lot but I honestly felt bad for her when she talked about the cat-calling incident. Shit sucks.

No. 689013

which minute does she talk about that? i'm not watching this entire atrocity.

No. 689014

>>689013 it's not worth watching. She didn't say what was said to her, only that is whilst she was in her car at a red light. Not very milky.

No. 689015

I imagine her classmates will watch her youtube and make fun of how ridiculous she is or google her and find these threads.

No. 689024

>>688990 How has she only ever been to a dinky little PEI art gallery? You would have thought with her NY trips she could have gone to all the fantastic galleries there. "Artist" my arse.

No. 689034

"My ""friend"""
Aka the boytoy you're actually in a relationship with and not just friends with, jill?

No. 689085

you guys notice how when she was talking about getting wendy precure stickers she said "because they had them at gamezilla and i am a weeb"? basically confirming the fact she buys things SHE likes for people as gifts

No. 689091

- I guess its further proof that her school is trash that they just end lectures early on a whim and let them have snack breaks in the middle of lectures
- she fell asleep on her first day when she only had two lectures (get your shit together Jill)
- getting heckled is crap but also she said she was listening to anime music with her window down and she looks like a clown
- she ran a red light and then just dumped her car because she was too stupid to do her parking properly and was like oh well I will just get a ticket, gotta love how little money means
- calls herself watashi
- apparently a staff member stated in front of everyone she was a youtuber and "I just want to be normal", is that why you go to scholl dressed like a clown?
- missed a day of school in her first week after a day off

No. 689107

Almost every class I've taken has had like a 10 minute break in the middle, only if its over an hour and a half long. I'm not sure how long Jill's classes are but I think breaks are pretty standard?

No. 689112

I've never had breaks in any of my classes.

No. 689113


Mine have breaks too and I go to a big UK university.

No. 689115

Me neither, the only time I was given a break in Uni classes was when they went on for 3 to 4 hours, we'd get a 10 minute break. Jill is going to practically hobby classes so they must give breaks to accommodate the older people who come in. Jill is a goddamn overgrown toddler who needs naps every day after doing the bare minimum.

No. 689116

the only class I ever had a break in was a 3hr, once a week seminar… and it was maybe 10 minutes. No other classes had a break because there was no need for one. Even in labs (I have science degree, so labs were standard. No scheduled breaks. You just kind of took one while you were waiting for shit to happen) there weren't real breaks.

Why do you even need a break for an hour-hour and a half class, anyways?

No. 689118

It might depend on the professor then? I have had some classes that didn't have a short break, but most of them did. I guess its not a standard thing if other people don't typically have them, my mistake

No. 689134

it really does depend on the teachers/professors and how they feel. idk why people are giving jill shit for a choice the professors make.

No. 689149

Honestly, considering Jill calls her own style "party kei" and always goes on about how much she loves birthdays, I expected a bit more from Jenny's party.

No. 689153

*Wendy, sorry.

No. 689155

File: 1537063409235.jpg (176.9 KB, 1080x1349, 8b8137fc7bd9741d5641daeacd806f…)

>Dislikes: parties

No. 689159

anon where did you get this? also kek at that anatomy

No. 689171

It's not -her- party though so she wouldn't put the effort in in going all out

No. 689173

Yeah i noticed that too! It could be out of speech habit but sadly i think we all know better. She did seem interested in the cure black figure Jill got her/seems to like Precure either by influence of jill or not…

No. 689176

I honestly feel a bit sorry for her for being so out of whack just by going to a crappy college and having to take Ativan on her first day.

She said she started having a panic attack because she didn't recognize anyone, wow welcome to the real world Jill ? Cause I hope you're not gonna chose a school and a career based on who you know there cause that'd be fucking stupid.

It baffles me how she doesn't quite grasp that staying sheltered and in your comfort zone does nothing but worsen your anxiety, and that's coming from someone who always had bad anxiety and panic attacks over stupid shit, like getting lost in a city.

Taking a gap year and quitting her old job really did her no favor at all. If you suffer from anxiety let me tell you that forcing yourself to do things you're uncomfortable with will help you in the long run.

No. 689179

File: 1537067816632.png (2.37 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 12.1…)

I find it so weird that she wrote her own name on the outside of Wendy's card. I've literally never seen anyone do this before.

No. 689183

where I come from its a really common thing, probably not to lose it between other cards when you put them all togheter

No. 689188

I feel bad for her too, but I feel like she definetly has mental health problems and maybe going to school just isn't for her. At the end of the day your health matters more anyways. She seemed to be able to handle working, even if it wasn't too much, much better. She should've just stuck with that I think honestly. I don't think going to school will be good for her health (at the moment, at least).

As someone with anxiety I know your diet, sleep, and lifestyle matter a lot. Jill's popping pills (which eventually her body will reject as they get used to them) and not doing therapy, which is a BIG NO NO with anxiety medication, she's eating grease, and she's taking naps… She isn't healthy enough to be in school right now. It would be much better for her if she just spend a few months in therapy and changing her lifestyle first. I'm glad she's trying but it honestly hurts to watch her struggle when she could get proper help.

No. 689192


I've got zero sympathy for her. She's done this to herself with her staunch refusal to do anything but what she wants to do. She refuses therapy because one therapist told her something she didn't want to hear.

She refused to work and get out in to the world because she, strictly speaking, didn't need to.

She doesn't do anything or go anywhere outside of her self-imposed safety zone.

Instead of acting like an adult and dealing with shit, she lets something as insignificant as someone laughing at her years ago impact her.
She doesn't challenge herself. At all. If it doesn't fit her aesthetic, it doesn't matter.

Any problems she has, as ones she's caused herself. With the help of her helicopter mom, of course.

No. 689201

She literally name drops the exact place she will probably frequent for lunch, also the day/time she will be going there. It is shocking how she gives zero thought or consideration to her own safety and privacy lol. It would be so easy for creeps to find her

No. 689203

actually she name drops an art store but still very little regard to safety

No. 689216

First, I'm sure her classmates were fucking shocked seeing a clown in their classes that they will have to deal with all semester. How unlucky for those souls, she feels overly distracting for any classroom environment tbqh.
There were some annoying parts to this vlog but I definitely preder this over those tacky hauls or "favies" videos. At least there's stuff happening, albeit barely. It's just a lot more tolerable but I know the hauls won't be ending anytime soon…
Also seeing her college campus and hearing some of the classes she's taking makes it feel more like a legit art college you'd find anywhere. I thought it was more rinky dink arts and crafts but it sounds similar to the local design school here. I really wish we knew more details from any anons from there? Idk everything she's shown us from the school seems like every college ever just smaller but I'm also not an arts student, I'm more academic focused so maybe art school anons could compare it to other small time art schools. I feel like I can't really judge it myself not knowing much.

No. 689219

It really disgusts me how she’s always like “I was having a panic attack uwu but then I popped an Ativan and all better”
I don’t know why she doesn’t speak with her doctor about taking a medication that focuses on preventing anxiety attacks. Rather than just popping pills whenever she feels like it. It just feels tacky the way she talks about it to her young fans.
She needs to either learn to ground herself without Ativan or speak with her doctor about changing to a daily medication that focuses on keeping anxiety at bay.

No. 689239

I'm also attending an art school (its for animation so the classes are more digital based, but the foundation art classes are similar), and so far all her classes seem pretty legit? And I mean, the thing about a crappy art school is that they'll still teach you things, and its up to you whether or not you actually learn them. If Jill pays attention and actually tries to apply the things they teach, her design skills will benefit. Whether or not the school is crappy or good, its up to Jill to do the learning.

No. 689241


-Doesn’t require a portfolio to be submitted to be accepted,,, that’s so unprofessional. SCAD doesn’t require a portfolio, and it’s like if you’re going to a art school for career then you should already have some knowledge or pieces that you can submit. Other schools do require portfolios. That’s like going to law, engineering or med school but not being qualified enough but they let you in anyway.

-In the first week of classes if you’re a freshmen, it’s common for them to let your class out early if the professor doesn’t want to start studio work that day. But they won’t let you out early every week.

- Field trips are normal but there should be exhibitions on campus too.
- The school being covered in rainbows and not cleaned up from pride is unprofessional, made or look like a elementary school to me.
- They let us have breaks depending on how long our classes are and how long we’re been talking. A 3 hour class might have a 10 to 15 minute coffee break, and a 6 hour class might have one too. Other classes only break for lunch.
- School communication and resources apps are usually used, also email before the first day of classes.
- Home room? We don’t have those in my college but maybe she meant that because they’re freshmen, they’re all in the same classes?

No. 689248

I go to OCADU and although they do require a portfolio.

Honestly her program seems to run similarly to any first year Fine Arts student with there being a foundation year. Art school is a bit fussy in which it matters more for what you can get out of the course rather than the difficulty of the course (also what your profs are into but I digress)

Most art classes I have found - this is from my own experience and a few from other art students in the GTA - will give breaks simply because they are trying to foster the behaviour in students as artists tend to go for forever. Plus teaching for over an hour straight is a lot (even at University of Toronto most profs will give you breaks)

Honestly though her campus being covered in chalk is really unprofessional - it being colored oddly is fine to me, I mean it is an art school things tend to be a bit more colorful - but the chalk on the sidewalk and buildings just make it look like kids go there to play, when she showed a clip from the outside I thought it was a elementary school until she said it was campus.

Also the fact her school has no online system where profs can update you is kinda strange seeing as even high schools in Canada have been implementing the system and I've never seen a uni, college or otherwise not have one.

No. 689289

Missed her third day of school because of a head achywakey but was well enough to spend the day out with her mom. Huh. Will she even be able to make it through the first semester of school?

No. 689314

Nah, being zonked out on meds would be terrible for her considering she seems to have an addictive personality and has a hard time with motivation to begin with. What she really needs to do is find a therapist and learn some coping techniques that don't involve popping pills.

No. 689339

This has already been posted a bunch

No. 689343

File: 1537092922567.png (112.96 KB, 1132x812, Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 01.3…)

Kind of irrelevant but this made me laugh

No. 689356

Not sure if nitpick, but I just realised how much her nostrils move when she talks. Disgusting.

No. 689372

I'm well aware. I was responding to an anon who was talking about how much Jill loves birthdays, and I wanted to point out that she clearly doesn't.

No. 689391

That’s not true anymore, once Jill became 19 she loved going out to clubs, or parties with friends to drink and dance. She said it herself.

No. 689408

it doesn't seem like a short break if she is saying the lecturer said there was plenty of coffee places near the campus you could go to and have a coffee and a snack, seems ambitious for ten minutes, did she mention the length of her classes because I highly doubt they are three hours, I think its mostly questionable because of how excited she was at the prospect of snack breaks uwu when she was only two days in, three classes in and already takes naps every day and drives everywhere, she is a lazy POS

No. 689413

Did anyone notice how low the pitch of her voice was when she was giving Wendy her presents?

Perhaps the kaweewee baby voice is just for the camera and not in actual social settings.

Or it was just a fluke.

No. 689428

I really doubt that therapy would do anything to her, because she seems like a person who is not willing to put in the effort to get better, and therapy will not make you better if you don't want to work for it or want to change your behavior. Therapy is not a magic cure Jill would want, she would start bitching the moment the therapist suggested her to do anything she doesn't feel like doing, and she seems too lazy to actually go out and find a therapist that she likes - she would go to the first one she finds and stop after a few sessions because they didn't click, and whine that therapy doesn't work for her uwu

No. 689445

This entire Vlog made her come across as mentally retarded and completely incompetent in handling her own adult life. Her school seems weak in its curriculum.

No. 689558

She seems really upset by minor inconveniences, like her class being moved short notice? Accidentally running a red light? That shit happens all the time, she's going to have a really rough time. It's a bit sad how she basically can't function at a regular adult level, especially looking at how she can't balance her school schedule with her YT in orientation week, where you basically don't do shit.

No. 689562

her first day was mild af, they did virtually nothing and she's acting like it was in any way stressful?? they even ended one of the lectures early???

also, fucking rofl at "i love art" followed immediately by "i've only been to one art gallery". bitch you've travelled to FUCKING NEW YORK CITY, that's filled to the brim with museums and art galleries for you to visit for very moderate fees (or even for free), you've been to Tokyo where there's also plenty of art-related activities for you to do if only you'd taken 5 minutes to do the research. "i love art" sure you fucking do.

No. 689567

Yeah, that was hilarious. It's not like she's never left her island, it's just that going to art galleries isn't a priority for her over being kaweewee. Most people who "love art" will have actually visiting exhibitions as part of their itinerary whenever they travel.

No. 689582

She's a poser. Why are you so shocked anon?

No. 689588

File: 1537124007712.jpg (81.14 KB, 1438x692, 1537123942981.jpg)

Jill you turned your back on therapy after 2 therapists

No. 689632

Hmmm. I dunno. I have severe anxiety and depression and I take sertraline, doesnt “zonk me out”. In fact it makes me feel a million times more motivated and really helps with preventing panic attacks. It’s not some drowsy “I’ll take this pill when reality upsets me because I do literally nothing to help myself”

Overall I agree. The girl desperately needs therapy but I think something like sertraline as well as therapy would transform her. (I hope that makes sense)

No. 689643

it makes sense. just medication or just therapy doesnt really work if you are just doing either or both passively, like, ya gotta put an effort into getting better and changing, and i think thats where jillian goes wrong. she uses her meds like a crutch and an immediate cure when they really dont work on their own. i mean, this is subjective though. i know there's different experiences for everyone etc.

No. 689646

>>689632 she is on Seroquel

No. 689650

I think she low key likes the fact that she can use her anxiety as an excuse to dip out of things she wants to avoid and as justification for taking lots of naps.

No. 689787

That's not how meds work, anon.

No. 689842

taking something consistently wouldn't work for Jill, she was supposed to do it before and went off her meds without consulting a doctor because she decided she felt good and didn't need them, then ofc crashed

she has had the label since she was pretty young, it has been an identifier for her through her preteen and teen phase and that is when we really develop, I don't know that she knows what her personality is or who she is without this

No. 689890

i take zoloft too (love her) but that’s an SSRI and is meant for daily use. what pixie pops that gets her sleepy and shit is ativan, a benzo (like xanax or klonopin), generally prescribed for situational use. you take them when you need them, ie panic attacks.

of course, as we’ve seen, pixie uses anything as an excuse to take one so it iiiiiiis a little troubling. i gotta wonder how many she gets a month.

No. 689992

I can't believe she would actually give out her online alias to her classmates like that. These threads and the PULL threads are so easy to stumble upon just by googling Pixielocks. I wonder if any of her classmates will care enough to look.

No. 690176

I swear I think Jill gets off on not only being moderately e-famous but low key humble bragging about it. Like she's some sailor moon type with a secret identity kek.

No. 690215

Oh god, don’t say that. She’ll start to really think she’s a magical girl.

No. 690309

And considering the fact that she went to Roppongi Hills on her trip, which was attached to the Mori Art Institute.

No. 690418

File: 1537216131804.png (929.55 KB, 720x1113, 20180917_212837.png)

No. 690421

She really needs to put these behind a glass door or something. I'm surprised Nina hasn't broken one of her wands or figurines yet.

No. 690479

She probably put the cat there herself which makes the complaining part weird

No. 690519

Absolutely. There's no way her cat could've hopped up there and not knocked everything over. She was posed for the picture.

No. 690522

Why…doesn't she put her futari was figures and CCS figures together? This looks bad.

No. 690537

if i know one thing for certain about cats is that their #1 favorite activity is knocking shit off of shelves and tables. rip those figurines.

No. 690581

It depends on the cat I think, I have two an while one knocks over and chews on my figures if given the chance, the other one carefully walks around them and won’t jump on things she knows she’s not allowed to. Perhaps nina is especially well behaved?

No. 690683

lol, lucky you. i love my cat but he's an asshole, knocks over all my plants.

now that i look at the pic again, what with nina being a long-haired, i hope jill (or at least louise) dusts that shelf every once in a while, or else it's gonna be filled with dust and cat hairs galore.

No. 690819

and the one random chibi moon

No. 690868

I see she hasn't found a kawiwi light switch yet.

No. 690878

File: 1537272950204.png (567.83 KB, 1006x618, Skärmavbild 2018-09-18 kl. 13.…)

possibly new outfits for moon moist girls.
Her art is really bad, like middle school level.

No. 690921

I like how she only drew the dress for herself.

No. 690931

I cannot wait for Jill to come back to a bored Serena having smashed all her precious wands lmao

No. 691035

It bothers me a lot when I see her do sketches because they essentially exist for no reason? The point of doing sketches when you’re making an original garment or a cosplay is so you can figure out proportion, silhouette, any darts or extra seams you want, where parts of the costume should layer or be separate… ect. Jill clearly doesn’t pay attention to any of this considering they always look like blobs, and on top of that she’s not even drawing them on top of the shape of a person just floating in mid air, which while some fashion school do require you to do she’s not doing it correctly, either. I guess at least she’s in school and will (hopefully) learn how to do it correctly but… yikes. There are lots and lots of YouTube videos that can teach you how to do it perfectly. She really has put 0 effort into begin a fashion designer or even prepping for fashion school.

No. 691124

File: 1537296222606.png (1.03 MB, 720x1111, 20180918_194305.png)

Please eat something nutrional Jill

No. 691256

File: 1537303822108.jpeg (127.53 KB, 640x986, FCC41E04-AE3D-4218-A35B-A8D47E…)

No. 691257

i want to say she's retarded for leaving water so close to her open macbook but i've had my own cat knock shit and break my stuff when left unsupervised for 10 seconds and it's entirely possible this was just an unfortunate accident.

i guess this means no more videos for a while tho, which is right up jillybean's current alley.

No. 691258

She'll get it replaced as soon as she cries to her parents about it anyway

No. 691314

Did she really need two entire cookies? damn, no wonder she's gaining


No. 691320

File: 1537307738030.png (74.8 KB, 720x462, 20180918_225521.png)

So family friendly!!!

No. 691344

Gag omg

No. 691445

We all know pixie the pillow queen doesn’t masturbate now that she can have her boytoy come over and do all the work for her

No. 691451

Jill is so fucking hetero. Kek She's a cock hopper. Rug munched… NEVER.

No. 691535

Guess we know what those magical girl wands are for. Kek

No. 691873

She's gonna have to be more subtle if she's just gonna trace shit. Art teachers can see right through that, well, idk with the reputation of her college who really knows.

No. 691945

i feel like jill doesn't get this tweet because it's saying that you can't just listen to your body/feelings and need to actually get off your ass and do shit if you want to accomplish anything or get healthy, which is basically the antithesis of jill's way of living. if jill wants to be successful in life she needs to actually put in WORK and do things that are uncomfortable or hard for her (whether it's her "career" or her health).

No. 692293

Oh shit you're right. No one starts a drawing so high up on the paper. Though I doubt they care too much in beginning level art class in what's not even a real college.

No. 692309

I noticed the ring on her finger in the video and I’m wondering if it’s from Steven. It’s not kitschy or tacky enough to be an accessory she bought for herself. I remember Colin also bought her a ring that she referred to as a “promise ring” and mentioned they even discussed marriage. And I don’t know if Tristan also bought her a ring, perhaps not because he dropped a lot of money on her Lolita brand gifts, but they also planned on being long term and moving to another city for her fashion school, even saying he’d live in Japan for her.

If it’s a reoccurring pattern, it’s pretty clear to see she pressures or demands long term and serious comittement from her boyfriends. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it weren’t for the fact that she treats them like accessories and disposes of them on sudden whims. It’s almost impressive that she’s managed to convince 3 young men to live their lives according to whatever she wants and wherever she choses, yet she’s only 20 years old. I sense major manipulation tactics (which we have proof that she was manipulative with her “girlfriends” and by constantly stealing her friends’ love interests).

No. 692350

while i see where ur coming from anon, and while i agree she is very manipulative, i am not going to assume the ring is from stephen and also assume she deceived him into buying it for her. im not trying to wk, i just dont want to assume. it could be like, a gift from her mom.

No. 692352

do you know the original source she traced from? it looks very perfectly done on seemingly the first try and also i feel like ive seen that before?

No. 692412

That’s not really the point. Even if it’s a gift from her mother or has nothing to do with Stephen, everything else mentioned is still true.

No. 692473


No idea about the source. But she has never shown the ability to be able to draw that style, and it looks too 'perfect' to be drawn even from a reference (by her) . Also the three bows are all exactly the same. It also bothers me that the hair and bows are in 3 quarters perspective, yet the dress is drawn from the front. Just goes to show that she does not understand what she's drawing. Will be interesting to see if she actually learns how to draw this year.

No. 692477

File: 1537425705874.jpg (62.34 KB, 581x413, 22279852_1569103943140395_6747…)

Her drawings have jumped from this to >>690878
And even though this cosplay concept drawing was done in oct 2017, I guess its still a dramatic style change.

No. 692488

Looks like a traced paper doll

No. 692727

Now that yall point it out, it's even more tragic that she chooses to trace tween/elementary school level doodles. Who can't draw a cartoon style bow using a google reference? Has she ever even tried to do any art besides 2d cartoon doodles?

No. 693035

File: 1537482134887.jpg (198.51 KB, 608x512, jillybean.jpg)

she's a wreck

No. 693038

Good lord why would you think to post a picture of food you spilled on the countertop? Why wouldn't your first thought be to clean it up? I don't understand her thought process, honestly.

No. 693039

oh jill, dont cry over spilt soup

No. 693053

This girl needs some serious help. Everything she posts lately is about how she's having some mental breakdown over nothing and can't function because of it. Apparently Ativan and Nestea isn't enough to cure whatever womanchild neurosis she has. I really wish she would shut up, do her homework, and make a back-to-school lookbook like every other washed up youtube weeb.

No. 693099

How do you even fuck up this bad?

No. 693103

She’s definitely going to drop out by the next semester or the end of the year. It’s only been a few weeks and she got anxious over not seeing anyone in class that she had to take a Ativan, failed to post videos, said that the first week was tough and now she’s crying over soup. You might get upset at not knowing anyone or you soup spilling but you don’t overreact.

No. 693121

Why would you want to embarass yourself and post about spilled soup? Remember how she video taped herself bawling over her cosplay lights? This is like that. Your reactions of being unhappy or stressed shouldn't be posted to social media the second you experience them.

Is she really this much of an attention seeking drama queen? Or is she so clueless that it's perfectly normal to post everytime she can't handle life?

No. 693125

>Is she really this much of an attention seeking drama queen? Or is she so clueless that it's perfectly normal to post everytime she can't handle life?
A little of column A, a little of column B.

No. 693145

I'm more annoyed that she's calling this soup when it is obviously a gravy-based stew.

No. 693157

This really feels like a cry for help. It's not even funny, just really sad. If she's not exaggerating then she really should get some help.

No. 693169

It looks like that tinned 'stew' that smells like dog food. forget the brand, but I used to eat a lot of it; it's what? 1.50/can? she has more than enough money to make and eat proper food.

it's so hard to feel bad for her.

No. 693171

Honestly I think you're right. "Can't tell if I'm laugh-crying or just sobbing"? I know that when I was an emotionally unstable teen I would find really unfunny things funny, start to laugh, laughing turns into crying, and crying turns into full on sobbing mental breakdown. This definitely feels like something I would've tweeted during one of those meltdowns.

How long do we give her until she's completely nonfunctional, anons?

No. 693176

I’m actually shocked that she’s talked about starting design school for the 4 years she’s been on YouTube.. and then when it finally happens: no back-to-school art supplies haul, no “how I got into art school” portfolio video, no sketchbook flip through, no motivational study skills video, no study-with-me/draw-with-me vlogs, not even a fashion lookbook as you mentioned.

It almost makes me think she doesn’t watch any artist channels or youtubers that got into real art and design schools because she’s always trend hopping for views, yet it didn’t even occur to her that she could have filmed a back to school series this summer and gained loads of new subscribers who are also freshmen that would want to follow her school journey. It would have helped her social media engagement during her first semester and she would be finally putting out different kinds of creative content to grow her channel but no.

I guess she’s not very business savvy after all and her brand marketing success was an algorithm fluke (or Louise helped her out a lot).

No. 693184

anon, what you're suggesting is a well thought-out, smart strategy that would enhance her viewcount/subs, keep her active and productive by having to keep up with a regular uploading schedule (which would've also done WONDERS for her anxiety/depression, 'cause she would've had to step out of her comfort zone and learn to be responsible), and would actually align with what she makes her subs believe about her: that she's actually interested in fashion school.

and that's why it's 100% incompatible with jill, because at 20yo she's too fucking incompetent to do the fucking "job" she quit all her other real(er) jobs to do. the college she's going to isn't even real fashion school, if she'd gone to a legit art/design school we would've had a breakdown video within two days.

No. 693194

>no “how I got into art school” portfolio video

Her school doesn't require one, so she wouldn't have made one.

No. 693197

Can she make it more clear that she's never experienced a single hardship in her life? Was she a few minutes late as a consequence? Did she have to go without a meal or wait a few more minutes to eat? It's not like that soup (probably from a can) was the last food item she had money to buy or something. I knew she was going to be incompetent trying to be an independent adult, but this is shockingly pathetic.

No. 693203

She still told her viewers that she was working on a portfolio for a long time, and she supposedly started it before realizing that she wouldn’t need to submit it.

No. 693212

i agree with the other anons, this sounds like a cry for help. someone call mama vessey to take this girl to therapy

No. 693220

she needs to gtf off the internet already, looks like all the pressure of being a hardly functioning adult and having ~haters~ online is getting to her

No. 693226

looks like one of the chunky campbells soups tbh

No. 693233

That's fucking pathetic. Clean that mess up like a normal human being and move on with your life. Why must people like Jill post every aspect of their lives on twitter ?

No. 693273

File: 1537505218574.jpg (120.45 KB, 1200x1200, a dogs dinner.jpg)

Dollars to doughnuts it's this exact kind. None of this matters at all, I guess. Except maybe more proof of her totally shit diet; she likely only eats proper, non-pre made food unless her mother's there to cook for her, or if she's got friends over and attempts to make breakfast for the camera.

Her not improving in any areas most people are more than capable of before they're 20 never fails to amaze me. Making a home made soup or stew is exceptionally easy; all it takes is time. Which she has plenty of.

Sorry for the novella, Jill's just… exceptional. Most people improve and learn with time. Not Jillian, though. She's rather swiftly regressing.

Saged for sheer stupefaction.

No. 693275

This is really sad… I can't imagine how her mental health might be right now that spilling soup triggered an anxiety attack. She definitely took on more than she could bite with moving and school, ect. Hopefully this all helps he reconsider going to therapy.

No. 693302

Ok I’m sorry but how the fuck does one even manage to spill that much stuff? Like I could get dropping the intire pot on the floor (done it) on accident or even tipping the pot over on the counter which this doesn’t look like it was. It’s like she poured some liquid into her bowl and then just dumped the rest on the counter.

No. 693428

Tinfoil but what if she spilled it on purpose for ~quirky mental breakdown uwu~ points? It does look literally spilled straight down out of a can

No. 693437

Seeing that enormous ugly converter she needs to make her kawaii microwave work kills me every time.

No. 693454

"working on a portfolio" probably meant "watching anime to get ideas for outfits I'll never sew"

No. 693481

Holy shit I didn't realise the convertor was THAT big hahahaha


Is no one considering the fact that this caption is just a wild exaggeration? You're all winding yourselves up over it but she could have just written this caption for attention/ to spice up the spilled soup photo. I wouldn't read too much into it guys yes Jill is a self destructive mess but she also makes bullshit embellishments for uwu quirky sensitive anxious artist points

No. 693505

>to spice up the spilled soup photo
Why would anyone take a "spilled soup photo" and post it to thousands of followers online? Why would you need to "spice" something like that up? Like what would compel a normally-mentally-functioning adult to do that? I might send something like that to my sister, not to the internet at large.

No. 693511

In her room tour video she shows her portfolio in progress. It's basically pictures as ugly as this >>692477 that she has pinned up on her wall. That's as far as she ever got on it.

No. 693549

Jill feels the need to over share every detail of her life like a lot of younger people nowadays. Also she seems to struggle to keep friends for very long so she posts mundane shit you would send to your friends to her followers

No. 693579

Could I please implore you all to really look outside your bubble of shallow thinking and try to better yourselves? This is the most obsessively weird thing I think I've ever stumbled across, I doubt half of yall can even comprehend what compassion tastes like, but seriously …? Hating on some girl and for… what? What's the point to what you're doing? The Earth is slowly eroding away into shit and the sun is going to implode in on itself and become a black hole and nothing here will exist. You exist in this moment and one day you will die. Find a way to actually enjoy your life, I pity all of you. It's pathetically depressing and there's no point to anything your saying because it's shallow bullshit. Don't be the person that has to shit on someone else to make themselves feel better. Jfc do something with your life. I'm also guessing that most of the people in this thread are underage? So if you can, talk to a counselor or see if you're able to get therapy. Obsessing over some smiley girl who like pastels on social media is fucking wild and definitely not healthy

No. 693582

Do us all a favor, newfag, and go back to your hugbox. Clearly you can't handle yourself on internet gossip sites.

No. 693584

Oh shit you really showed me, I guess I'll have to.. retreat back into my hugbox? lmao really? Clever

No. 693586

>smiley girl
Kek did you miss the post where she is having a mental break down because she spilled soup? Also i don't think anyone here is obsessed with Jill, we're just discussing her.

No. 693588

It's obsession.. dude, c'mon, why do yall give a shit about her taking a pic of spilled soup? So much so that you have to talk about it in a anonymous thread???

No. 693594

Lol uh oh could it be her fellow students finally made their way here? Either way do yourself a favor and read up on all the shit she’s done in the past

No. 693596

Nice email address newfag now get the fuck off of image boards if you can't read the rules. This isn't a place for illiterate white knights

No. 693598

So everyone should care about absolutely nothing except themselves because in the end nothing matters? Excuse me, are you Jill or one of her friends? Awfully similar way of selfish thinking here.

No one is obsessed with Jill. She posts stupid content online for attention and receives it. This is all no different than watching TV and commentating on what happens. You're 'wasting' as much time as anyone else here by trying to argue against it.

Lmao I'm willing to bet the CA stands for College Artist

No. 693605

What is this? A callout post? Everyone does some shitty fucking things in their past, No one is exempt from this fact, but who fucking cares??? Why do you need to make an entire thread shitting on this girl? And Thank you to the person calling me an illiterate white knight, I changed my email address just for you, still not following the rules, but yknow. I'm just saying maybe look at yourselves and try to be better than… this. Because it's fucking pathetic. Interesting, you talking about being selfish, for someone who seems to lack genuine compassion for others, someone who's in a thread that made for tearing someone down? Oh yeah and you care? You care so fucking much? Mother fucker you're shitting on some random fucking girl on social media, you don't fucking care lmao you just want to bully others to make yourself feel like you have a sense of purpose, but it's all bullshit, it's shallow bullshit.. and obsessive and unhealthy and weird in the worst way(cringe)

No. 693609

wow what a very original and never before heard analysis of anonymous image board users, truly groundbreaking.

lube your asshole a little better before you decide to get to butt hurt next time

No. 693610


I just laugh when I read comments like yours honestly. Thanks for that, I needed it.

Now please get out of here.

No. 693612

it's 1pm almost 2 in NB right now… shouldnt u be in class or something? or are u guys taking a breakie wakie

I really hope this is someone from her college I'm laughing at the thought tbh. I'm just imagining a handful of them crowded around a laptop "ohh thatll get em!!! now jill will let us come over for precure!!!"

No. 693613

why do barely literate white knights always show up in threads spouting the same "hurr durr ur just jealous haterzz with no lives who are also underaged and ugly"

they're never creative, interesting, or have anything worth saying.

No. 693617

Yo, can we get a farmhand to take out the trash?? Unless the whiteknight wants to admit that she's in Jill's art classes and spill some milk.

No. 693619

She's a crappy person who has used people and still uses people today without remorse. She's manipulative and selfish and shares all her life drama with the world. And exactly why are you running to the defense of this adult woman you supposedly don't know (she's not a girl)? Because people react negatively to what she does and that triggers you?

If shes some innocent babu angel getting 'bullied' for no reason, why are there 20+ threads about all the bs she pulls like mistreating all the partners and friends she has had? Everyone she has been friends or girlfriends with have blocked her from their life completely. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Shocker, not everyone is a nice person because they're "smiley and like pastels" kek

No. 693625

File: 1537548943555.png (897.11 KB, 720x819, 20180921_175507.png)

No. 693627

Their student IDs look very nice, I'll give them that.

No. 693628

does she ever not wear that hideous damn dress?

No. 693629

… Talk about original. And I will see my way out… all the way back to my hugbox and to lube my asshole. And I don't live in Canada, it just makes me sad that you guys actually derive joy from picking on AGAIN some random fucking girl. I wanted to say something, partially because it upset me, partially because I thought it was pathetically funny? In the saddest way of course, but also because I thought it might spark someone to actually evaluate themselves and realize how fucking pointless, shallow, unhealthy yadda yadda yadda… this is? ALSO I don't think any of you are necessarily jealous or ugly. I'm assuming the MAJORITY of you are underage, because MOST of you act like children. I think people like tearing others down, it's helps them to not look so much at themselves and helps solidify not wanting to be better.. or not wanting to see the good in others. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT SUPPORTS THEIR COGNITIVE DISSONANCE(bolded that one for all yall, think ya need it) I don't actually think yall are jealous. Just miserable assholes. I never said she was a sweet angle babu or whatever the fuck. But she is human.. you know, like all of you, who have also done shitty things?? Especially in their pasts. (see back to cognitive dissonance) AND I wouldn't think any of you would deserve this obsessive bullshit either. Just asking you to please take a look at yourselves. But. I'm going now, view second sentence, bye.

No. 693630

>I'm just saying maybe look at yourselves and try to be better than… this.
I mean… I read this thread pretty much for that reason. To not be a fuck nugget– sorry, I mean fuccy nuggy - like your classmate is.

No. 693635

I have no idea what you're on about, these threads have been great motivation for me to stay fit, not be a manipulative bitch, have a sense of style, be cautious of what I post online, etc.

No. 693645


>damn I thought that was vomit at first lol

I know Jill was pathetic af but that's really a new low even for her. That shit looks like she poured that soup/stew straight on the counter to make a uwu life is so hard post. I'm surprised she didn't wrote the tweet like "I hAv e a MeNtAL b reAK dOWn" to make it even more retarded. I feel she does this to make it easier to her to leave fashion school much, much sooner than we all think and blame it on how hard it is to eat soup like an adult.

And prob after she took the pic and posted the tweet, she ate the hell out of the soup off the counter lmao

No. 693648

Nobody's a bigger inspiration to me than Jill. Whenever I want to stay in bed and skip college I just think of Jill and where she's now, and I get up and pack my stuff.
Jill's a terrible person, there is very little good in her. She broke up her whole group of friends like at least three times, and she forced her past 3 boyfriends to change themselves for her. Not to mention the girl that she made come out of the closet, then broke up with her on christmas because "sorry I'm not actually attracted to you lol"

How bout you actually read up on her and I'm sure you'll understand us.

No. 693654

It pisses me off when you get this bitch being all "uwu starving trauma lesbian artist mental breakdown!!!"
Im all the things Jill claims to be, so seeing Jillian live in luxury and manipulate her friends/partners while completely taking the piss out of stuff that makes me want to die is so insulting, as it is too a lot of anons here

Sorry to blogpost but people really need to stop licking up this "uwu pastel baby girl sunshine princess uwu" bullshit, Jillian is an abusive, manipulative spoilt brat and I still have my life more together than she does

If you actually take any time to read these threads you'll see how unpleasant she is, all you need to do is look at how she treated Alyssa

saged for blogpost, wk needs to fuck off and find someone actually decent to worship

No. 693669

> “I just wanna be a normal girl uguuuu I don’t want people knowing who I am”
> broadcasts exact location

No. 693673

What if enjoying your life means hating on Pixie?

I don't think she is a bad person nor do I hate her but I find her antics hilarious.

No. 693754

If a girl that has all the abilities and support from her parents to go and study wherever she wants, with monetary support and all that, still finds it necessary to ask her followers for money each and every month in exchange for a handwritten note.. That is just absolutely exploitative. Her followers are young and she showcases bad behaviour not only with her sexual talk, but her spending money on haul after haul not respecting the value of money. Its disgusting. Which of her videos or content is helpful or teaches anything of value? None, yet she thrives on patreon money to fund her townhouse and a cheap college course that would get a normal person nowhere in life. To think people get so brainwashed by her ~aesthetic~ that they become blind to all of this and look up to her is really conserning. I hope whoever is defending her here will come to understand that.

No. 693776

She's not some random fucking girl. She's a youtuber with over 200K and broadcasts practically every detail of her life out to the world. Stop with the whole "oh she's just some random innocent girl uwu" preaching

No. 693808

Honestly, this is what gets me the most. Her parents fund her lifestyle, give in to her every wish and whim. She quit her actual job for YouTube, which she can't keep up a solid schedule for to save her life.
And yet she still has the audacity to accept $1300 dollars a month from a bunch of naive children who all think like that WK, that she's just an adowable girl who luvs pastels and rainbows, in exchange for ~so much exclusive BTS footage~ or a sticky note with their name on it.
And then she still complains about all of it like she's so BURDENED. I don't understand how anyone defends her.

No. 693896

Dumbfuck get out of here

No. 693942

cursed image

No. 694109

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe people who do shitty things need to be called out for it? Talk about cognitive dissonance, you’re one of those “it’s not my business/not my life/not my problem” people. You’re probably the type that sees a woman in need of help because her boyfriend is angrily shouting at her and calling her names and you 180 walk away. “He’s not actually hurting her physically so it’s not my problem.” Jill has actively more than once deceived her followers into giving her money, used the people around her for personal gain, and promoted unhealthy life choices to her followers like taking medication with alcohol. “Everyone makes mistakes!!!” and need to be called out on them or they won’t learn. The only reason why you want to protect her is because SHE acts like a child when she’s fucking 20. Are we petty? Yes. But we’re not womanchildren who are fucking up the lives of people around us.

No. 694115

Jillian needs to learn how to keep her personal information private.

She's showed everyone her flashy car, the outside of her townhouse, her school and which classes she talkes, her student ID– I doubt anyone hates her enough to actually harm her, but it's just really stupid.

No. 694253

Don't forget that she posted an actual picture of her key (that others had to point out was extremely dangerous because you can tell how to pick the lock to her house just by looking at it). She's going to get herself seriously hurt, and yet… she just continues oversharing. Talk about sheltered..

No. 694266

You're both right, and this is common sense not to do those things, but her mom instilled none in her. Most parents teach their kids not to overshare info, esp if Jill does youtube videos, but she probably wont learn until she's robbed or something.

Anyone can break into her townhouse while she's at class at advertising she's away at a con.

No. 694511


Her face if someone stole the figurines and wands would be priceless. She doesnt even keep them in a case

No. 694987

No. 694994

The one time Jill actually looks cute.

No. 695010


if im not mistaken a reason that she could be not seeing this launch being reviewed anywhere is that so many reputable makeup youtubers hate toofaced.

No. 695028

she doesn't like the urban decay all nighter setting spray that "everyone" uses because it smells icky like beer. How are her roots so damn long already, when she turns her head the ones at the back are really bad also half at the front is blonde and the other side is yellow? In the thumbnail it look like both sides are the same colour but they are really not

No. 695048

The fact that she just buys a new setting spray when her peach one is „defect“ bugs me so much. Maybe read into the product before you actually buy it, Jillian, because your dumb ass literally just has to shake it to mix the powder with the spray. I hate this dumb bitch so much oh my god.

No. 695049

i swear her bangs take an entire half of her head.
did she recut them herself? it's like a mix of Joan of Arc and a man trying to hide his receding hairline

No. 695093

not going to lie, i used to be a big fan of hers a year or so ago. i kinda looked past her annoyingness and i soon on my own got bad vibes from her and saw that all she does is buy buy buy. i found this thread and read up on all of the shit shes done and then i started to just watch her for the milk. now, i seriously cant even watch a whole three minutes without getting distracted. shes so. fucking. boring. like, all she does is repeat the same shit about the same products, and she drones on about it for what seems like a lifetime. how can her fans even stomach this content anymore? its fine for like a few videos, and then it just gets so repetitive. even her real life is repetitive. its just shit eating, mental breakdown over nothing, staying at home and watching childrens anime and manipulating people on a massive loop. i dont understand how she can even enjoy her life. soon she will come to realize that shopping hasnt really filled any void but just masked her boring, monotonous, depressing life. i seriously hope she gets help and finds some new interests or something because her same routine is boring to watch and i cant imagine doing much for her depression. shes wrecking her own life and while i cant stand what she does to others i still feel sorry for her because i would never want to end up like that. sage for blogpost and random sperg i just needed to get it out there. i just dont understand how she can live with herself.

No. 695138

Ugh I get you anon, she's so fucking boring and I don't understand why people watch her. If she didn't have her kawewee aesthetic not even her retarded fans would watch her. She's just a spoilt brat who got lucky.

No. 695202

B/c she's doing a look that's not ultra distracting with clown makeup color.

No. 695242

She's insufferable and obnoxious

No. 695297


it's just sad, she seems so boring and soulless in everything she puts out online. even if someone's only watching bc they like the color pink or whatever the fuck there's plenty of weeby kawaii vloggers who are funny and have a personality, life, and passions outside of ~aesthetic~, there's really not much redeemable about jill

No. 695308

I've noticed that too. why is that???

No. 695309

because too faced's quality is trash, colors aren't pigmented, formulas are bunk, etc. They rely on cute packaging and themed releases to sell overpriced garbage to people obsessed with having cute makeup items.

No. 695337

It always stuns me how mediocre she is with makeup. Who just "swipes on" glitter eyeshadow and goes about their day? Doesn't common sense say one of those "boring calm colors" she refuses to buy should be put on the lid first, or at least some primer/foundation? Watching her pat glitter onto her veiny, twitchy eyelids made my stomach turn a little. Her whole "I don't know how to do this right please don't hate me uwu" schtick bothers me when beauty/lifestyle is supposed to be her niche and she doesn't know a damn thing about it.

This is what exactly what I mean. She has no idea what she's doing and just wants cute shit that smells nice regardless of quality, which is probably why she still supports Too Faced in the first place.

No. 695342

>i didnt get the palette because it had too many normal… neutral colors.


No. 695343

>>695028 yeah "it smells like beer and perfume"???? kek jill i think you mean it smells like alcohol. bc most of these sprays have an alcohol base which she 100% doesn't need bc her skin is already dry af

No. 695440

They used to have pretty good products and the only things that really sucked were their holiday palettes, but they were bought by Estee Lauder in 2016 and since then their products have gone downhill. A lot of releases have either been poor quality or really gimmicky. They have had a couple good ones like the peach palette, but they saw how well that did and launched multiple peach lines with crappy quality in efforts to make even more money. They are also starting to discontinue older really good products like the flush blushes in favor of bringing in more crap. They had a few marketing fuck ups, like when they released the glitter bomb palette the creator went on twitter and claimed Too Faced invented glitter eye shadows, which is a fat lie. Too Faced was also cruelty free, and they still technically are, but Estee Lauder is not cruelty free and a lot of people don't want to support them because a non-cruelty free parent company will be receiving profit. Saged for the off topic paragraph, sorry i got a little carried away!

No. 695519

do you have fucking eyes anon

No. 695520

i think folks have been annoyed with a bunch of stuff, including random dips in quality, the vapid launches of excess items that are all just about the branding, and i think the CEO has been bad with influencers… I think Tati might've discussed that sometime

No. 696001

>>695343 ok but when she said that she was talking like she was 5 and it grated my nerves so much

No. 696059

same i used to be a huge fan and even wanted to send her fanmail but now i can't watch her videos without skipping through it

No. 697365

Has this thread moved elsewhere or has it just died?

No. 697368

Jill has just been boring the past 2 days

No. 697400


prob still crying over the soup incident.

No. 697434

File: 1537975622624.png (630.87 KB, 720x870, Screenshot_20180926-095701~2.p…)

No. 697442

finish the anime first you poser bitch

No. 697655

wow okay, inking big globs of bright colours permanently on your skin is maybe not the best therapeutic practise, nor a healthy reward for being stressed and struggling to cope first semester of college. If you’re passionate about tattoos, take care of your mental health and are generally responsible then sure, but buying tattoos to relieve stress as if it were any other brand name purchase is really toying a fine line of crying for help.

No. 697657


No one said that it was for therapeutic purposes. She didn't say so either. She's getting the tattoo because of her preoccupation with being considered the "biggest fan" of everything, which has been discussed before.

No. 697672

god help us all

No. 697676

Who cares what she said in the tweet. My interpretation of her getting 3 tattoos within a year, during her first year of college specifically after several public breakdowns is that it’s a cry for help. Just like her hoarding and shopping addiction that she uses to cope.

No. 697709

No healthy person takes three huge tattoos of shows they haven't watched completely, right after big life changes and subsequent breakdowns.

No. 697730

File: 1537998345011.jpg (162.58 KB, 1065x1537, 1537998332345.jpg)

She still hasn't shown/mentioned fixing her last tattoo's peeling/fading from this old post. Can't wait to see how she fucks this tattoo up.

No. 697772

I still don't get why it can't say "strength, kindness, beauty". She's so full of herself.

No. 697789


It's the English translation of something from a Pretty Cure anime. She might also see herself that way in her head but she just copied the actual words they used.

No. 697808


She clearly has problems but all the image posted shows is that she scheduled an appointment for one tattoo 2 months from now. Her tattoos have repeatedly been discussed. Most agreed it was dumb of her to make permanent bodily changes over childish fandoms when she doesn't know for sure how her style or interest will change, but to say that choosing to do something two months from now is her trying to cope with her current school or personal struggles seems a bit extreme?

It clearly isn't a totally well thought out decision but Jill's coping mechanisms seem to favor forms of instant gratification like shopping, eating, drinking sugary stuff, drinking alcohol, distracting herself with anime or other things, etc.

No. 697851

My theory is she quickly gets bored of stuff and has to replace it constantly. Just like she does with her clothes, she stops wearing pieces after a few times and tries to sell them. Probably already is bored and forgot about her other 2 tattoos OR wants to hoard more and more things including permanent ugly art on her body.

No. 697918

Despite popular speculation from anons about another magical girl tattoo or something along those lines, she did mention that she was getting a matching tattoo with her mom at some point, which seems more likely at this point in time considering Jilly bean hates being so far away from her enabling mummy who she continues to leech off

No. 697919

She posted a picture of the sakura cards from CCS with the caption of her getting a tattoo. It isn't just speculation.

No. 697934

what if shes forcing her mom to get a CCS tattoo with her
/sarcasm but id believe it

No. 698006

I'm not sure Louise takes that much convincing when it comes to Jill's ideas.

No. 698639

Her tattoos are such a dumpster fire. They are really poorly executed and look blobby almost distorted. Really bad idea Jill. This bitch needs help. Badly. I hate tattoos personally. But I really don't understand why Jill didn't get a top notch artist what's the amount of money she's blown on subpar garbage.

No. 698797


the precure one was done by a great and expensive artist but she took such pisspoor care of it that it looks patchy and terrible. it looks like she picked scabs quite a bit near the middle of the piece. it's normal for tattoos to need a touch up but hers looks 10 years old already

No. 698800

I think a lot of it is that it was done over a lot of scar tissue. That won't hold ink the same way that regular skin does.

No. 698808

oh true i forgot that was a scar coverup. i guess we'll see how she takes care of her new one. i wonder whether she'll go to a good artist this time, i know she had to travel before

No. 699212

File: 1538115187437.png (291.52 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180927-231234.png)

No. 699220

pixie when she sees how dead this thread has been lately

No. 699317

how long do yall think it'll be until this new boyfie ends up on pixies youtube dispite her saying she wont put her relationships online again

No. 699554

File: 1538161687460.png (137.67 KB, 583x600, 2018-09-28 15_07_21-Window.png)

teehee, $2k+ in the trash!! so silly and kawaii uwu

No. 699563


If they can afford to replace it and it was just an accident, it makes sense that they're not blaming or angry at the animal. A lot of people, once they're past the shock of having something expensive broken, would be willing to joke about the situation.

Also idk how old her Macbook is or if she could have used an upgrade anyway but if it's insured she probably gets a new one for little or no cost so it's not a huge deal since they're not poor or struggling and her YouTube fans are more than willing to sit and wait patiently for her next upload. Plus she makes a thousand or more on Patreon each month.

Probably irresponsible to let her cat sit near it and all but she's done far worse like letting them eat tinsel that almost killed them.

No. 699789

I’ve never understood why she doesn’t text and always messages over fb messangwr or whatever it is. Is it because she can change the color to be all pink and kawiwi? Or is this just a normal thing for some people?

No. 699948

Its possible their phone plan doesn't have unlimited texting, I used to use facebook messenger for everything I possibly could. It would be weird that with their huge house and all they have a shit phone plan.

No. 699956

It's probably that her family has different brands of phones, so it's an easy way to have a cross-platform group chat.

No. 700271

what was the video? it was removed because it violated terms of service

No. 700283

This is suck a nitpick. I'd rather talk with people over Messenger than text. What's the disadvantage?

No. 700292

you seriously nitpicking over something that is extremely common?

No. 700294

anon was just asking a question. i dont see how its nitpicking

No. 700297

2nd anon. my bad, didn't read after "pink and kawai"

No. 700367

You sound sheltered and like you have access to too much unearned money. Can you powder her ass more? Of course a cat isn't to blame for being a cat, and sometimes accidents happen. Most coverage doesn't include water damage, and if your "career" depends on your $2k+ laptop, maybe be more conscientious with it? That's called being a responsible adult human? My MacBook is old af and I'm extremely cautious with it, won't leave drinks near it, always carry it in a padded backpack, and I'm not dependent on it for school and work. It's not that hard.

No. 700398

No. 700411

i don't think i have a word that could describe how much i hate those fluffy sandals

if she wanted shoes for "running the garbage to the dumpster", she could've bought some cheap sneakers from her local shoe store that she wouldn't mind getting dirty. but of course, only the most expensive for our jillian

No. 700415

only the most expensive, hideous and impractical for the alleged uses she bought them for.

No. 700418

that fur and the white bottoms are going to get fucked up as soon as she has to take the trash out after it rains, even the jelly shoes would make more sense since you can just wash trash juice or mud off them with the hose.

No. 700425

i've seen fluffy sandals/slippers at walmart before, probably for like $10-15 (i didn't check) - she's just wasteful

No. 700447

'i have this same style of shoes from this same brand in another pattern and i don't wear them because i never broke them in. but let me order another pair of the SAME shoes but in a different pattern!'
i will never understand how her brain works. does she think that this time the shoes will magically be comfortable? what a practical purchase pixie!

No. 700448

All of these post-townhouse videos remind me of a kid playing house. Everything is a prop, even shoes to take out the garbage. Honestly, if she took a true break from social media and constantly focusing on the superficial aesthetic of her entire life, maybe then she could finally grow up. No wonder she has anxiety, she's made just liking cutesy stuff into a massive, expensive compulsion. Now she's locked herself in that bubble at school and with her friends. What an exhausting way to live.

No. 700463

Jillian is obsessed with aesthetic to an unhealthy degree. Like >>700448 says, it's all for show. Jill is the most performative person I've ever seen. She is so manic about projecting a certain image to everyone in the world that she really is devoid of anything deeper.

Imagine this, she wants shoes to "take the trash out" in, so she spends a ton of money on shoes that still fit her "aesthetic". Jill's personality is so staged that even when taking the trash out, a routine task that all of us do but probably rarely think about, it has to be presented in such a way that it's "congruent" to the rest of her meticulously constructed personal identity. If Jill were seen candidly in a pair of sweats, she'd flip because it would imply that she's a human being that isn't constantly "on stage". For Pixy, every appliance must be pastel, every food has to glisten with sugar, and even when doing chores she needs to look like a magical girl. If she didn't, her audience, or even total strangers might suspect that she is not totally 100% kawaii uguu party-kei.

Any person has multiple facets to their identity that might seem disparate or random, that's human nature. The jock football player might also love planting flower and singing showtunes.

Jill doesn't want to be a person, she wants to be a cartoon character.

No. 700468

'pixielocks the anime'

No. 700480

Her shoes are never comfortable because she always buys the wrong size. Every pair of her shoes is a size or size and a half too big for her.

No. 700504

If she's so inspired by shoes why doesn't she DIY her own? A few years ago people on tumblr were making their own platforms out of flip flops and some people paint their own designs on yru shoes. Guess she'd rather hoard shoes in her bedroom and stare at them.

No. 700509

Either they’re one and a half size too big or too small. see: her bunny irregular choice heels, those rainbow glitter platforms she bought in Japan (that she tried and on and bought for the ~aesthetic~), those gem boots that don’t wrap around her thick calves, and so on.
She honestly depends on her materialism / shopping addiction to be the basis of her entire channel. Monthly favorites, hauls, and unboxings are 95% of her content. And yet her fans still give her $1k a month.
Also, she keeps saying she’s in art school when she’s really at a vocational crafts school where they don’t require a portfolio for admission and don’t even provide the proper degrees for fashion design.

No. 700520

pete davidson is shaking

No. 700579

God she’s so boring and predictable

No. 700606

So let me get this straight…
Her excuse for buying these is that she needed a comfortable pair of shoes to walk around campus in. Okay, fair enough.
Except that she buys the SAME PAIR SHE ALREADY HAS just in another design.
Jillian just break in the pair you never wear like you said you were going to.
Oh well I honestly like the color block better than the confetti so that’s fine I guess.

No. 700607

This sounds like something that would be good to talk to therapist about because I’m sure having to project a certain image 24/7 is really rough on her anxiety!
Too bad she won’t do that. :(

No. 700612

I own these shoes and they are absolutely NOT good for walking long distances in. I made the mistake of wearing them at a con and was literally bleeding after a couple of hours. Absolutely not practical "back to school shoesie-woosies"

No. 700626

dear god those shoes are ugly both of them jesus fuck

No. 700759

What she needs to invest in is a good shoe cleaning kit. Damn, it is tragic how much she likes her ~kawiwi party kei~ lifestyle but not pay any mind into preserving longevity of these products.>>679807

No. 700778

File: 1538291076417.png (5.08 MB, 1125x2001, 678DC4AD-7895-4F82-9D40-03632B…)

I am so confused as to what Jill is wearing in this picture. It looks almost normal. But then again, since when does she own black? Or even a black leather skirt?!

No. 700802

Maybe she and Maggie wanted to match?
Either way it's weird and even though we can't see it very clearly it looks to be the most flattering outfit of the year

No. 700810

It depends on the classes, I had an animation class that was four hours. Most of my classes in uni have been at least 2 hours up to 3 not incl tutorials.

No. 700857

seems to be at a harry potter themed event. i bet they are in hufflepuff colours. nerds

No. 700865

>throws together an outfit for a nerdy themed party
>looks better than she does 99.9% of the time

Will Jill ever realize how badly she dresses exactly? It's like she needs color restrictions, it's the only way she isn't just a mess of mismatched pastels for once.

No. 700971

of course all the mentally unstable associate with hufflepuff. i hope they cleaned the writing off the mirror but they probably didnt

No. 701247

Having secondary colors like black, grey, white, beige really REALLY help an outfit and if only Jill would fucking learn this she could look decent. That being said, the skirt definitely look too short, I wonder how many people got blinded by her peekaboo-ing the whole event.

The writing was probably for the event (my college had a similar event and wrote the same on all the Student Union mirrors).

No. 701670

It's almost worse if the event did it since the phrase is incorrect it should read "The Chamber Of Secrets had been opened.Enemies of the heir, beware." saged for sperging, guess Jill wouldn't know the difference since she is a fake fan of everything

No. 701975

File: 1538430848470.jpeg (43.15 KB, 275x202, milkkk.jpeg)

No. 702514

It's sad when the confetti club thread is more milky than the cow herself.

No. 702533

File: 1538493212729.png (730.89 KB, 720x1005, 20181002_161328.png)

Jill I'm begging you please eat something fresh

No. 702586

Well later in the semester and when she goes to Japan again, the milk will start flowing.

No. 702603

File: 1538499101332.jpg (37.94 KB, 960x465, 42651300_2152868861649075_1583…)

Jill's probably too new in the school to be part of this, but I wonder if she'll be there? I imagine the new students go to learn from the experience at least.

No. 702615


do you mean the experience of watching OTHERS be cast because

>tight fitting clothing

> >>684814 related

No. 702904


Her college does a fashion show every year, she was at the one this past spring and will most likely be at all the future ones.

Students in the fashion program have to do a small clothing line. Most students just use their friends as models, but there is also this option to get a volunteer if you want a specific body type. The 'tight-fitting clothing' thing is so the student can take your measurements accurately.

She is still in the Foundation year and not a fashion student yet, so I don't think she will be involved directly (unless someone wants to use her as a model). She will start being involved next year. First year fashion students don't do a line, they have to do a "challenge" which is always "make an entire outfit out of X material".

No. 702909


Here is what its like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56dE0a4R-r0

From what I understand you can do whatever you want for your fashion line (second years). You're probably graded in some way. People do all kinds of stuff; maternity line, costumes, "art" pieces, inspired by X, etc. So we'll most likely see some rainbow pieces from her…

Although personally, I can't wait to see her do the first year challenge next year. I think a year or so ago all the first-years had to design something using only burlap sacks as material, and I feel she'd have a meltdown if she can't match her outfit to her aesthetic.

No. 703212

The new students probably do go, but Jill won’t. It’s already clear that she’s not trying to make friends in her discipline, or working on projects in (or out) of studio with them - like most first year art students do. She’s just hanging out with her weeb friends and fucking around in her kaweewee playhouse.

It’s going to bite her in the rear, too. Even foundations year of studio art can be pretty demanding, and having friends to work on projects with/share materials/brainstorm concepts/offer critique. is pretty important for success. Especially if you’re someone like Jill who is going in without any studio art experience, and who hasn’t developed their skills in life drawing or design processes. .

No. 703213

Bleh sorry for dropping my sage

No. 703215

It will be amazing to see her ego get blasted when her lack of creativity and shoddy construction skills will be on display and up for critique against students younger than her with real design skills.

I can’t wait for her first experience in critique period, tbh. She’s going to cry, mark my words.

No. 703281

She posted on her social media about crying about spilling some soup, I don't think it takes very much.

No. 703412

Good thing she chose a college where the expected level of quality is low as it is, but I hope the teachers will give proper critiques. Even in this foundation year, her drawing skills are non-existent so I'm sure she'll be hearing some harsh criticism. I do hope she'll learn from it but probably she'll just do the bare minimum anyway.

No. 703521

I have actually been waiting for her social media meltdown over midterm critiques, it’s been a month already, shouldn’t be too long now.

That said, I’ve been surprised by how little presence she’s had online recently, it’s totally unlike the cow I’ve been following for years, maybe she has changed for the better now that she has irl friends or maybe this is a sign that she’s really struggling for the first time in her life and keeping that hidden. Either or, it’s bittersweet if this is the beginning of the end of the pixielocks saga.

No. 703614

File: 1538609664904.jpeg (350.85 KB, 636x806, ED0D058B-678A-4FE1-81BE-5C0B09…)

As if Jill couldn’t lurk any harder, it will be interesting to see if she is able to (a stick with it for the whole duration) and b) if her art will actually improve or if she’ll continue drawing broken bodies

No. 703630

Wow, she really is not trying at all.

No. 703648


Why must she insist on speaking this way??

No. 703886

Taking part in inktomber but not actually inking her drawings.
Okay Pixie

No. 704035


"Note: you can do it daily, or go the half-marathon route and post every other day, or just do the 5K and post once a week. What ever you decide, just be consistent with it. Inktober is about growing and improving and forming positive habits, so the more you’re consistent the better."

In FAQ the artist mentions he originally wanted it to be drawing with ink every day but that digital, colored, or other drawing is okay, because he's mostly concerned about people practicing their skills.

And we all know Jill desperately needs whatever practice she can get.

No. 704239

File: 1538677034692.png (322.43 KB, 720x513, 20181004_191700.png)

No. 704261

Yeah, people are getting really nitpicky about this. At least she plans on practicing, which is good.

No. 704287

I too would scream if I had to live with this womanchild

No. 704428

honestly she looks cute without the ru paul makeup

No. 704559

File: 1538712506181.png (118.56 KB, 720x725, Screenshot_20181005-000644~2.p…)

No. 704560

she really is useless, isn't she? she's put out what? one or two videos in recent times. something like that.

sooo dedicated to her job. she's just started 'college'. she should have plenty of stuff to film, even if it's only her shitty, cringey vlogs where the camera's pointed up her nose half the time.

No. 704784

Man I almost feel bad for her actual fans who want to see more content, if a creator I liked was getting this sloppy in scheduling stuff/had a new excuse every week I'd lose interest pretty quickly tbh.
At this point the only thing Jill got going for her is generally just having better/more expensive recording equipment compared to other youtubers with the same aesthetic.

No. 704788

im hoping her fans finally speak up about how shes always missing uploads and giving excuses. i know that probably wont happen, but id like to see how shed react (shed probably cry).

No. 704789


i don't get this, i'm not a fan, but i'm not an explicit hater. why does she have to cater to what other people want? isn't it her prerogative to upload whenever she wants? when did people get so greedy…?

No. 704792

she can upload when she wants if thats her upload schedule. she used to have an explicit upload schedule: wednesday, and saturday im pretty sure. she changed it to wednesday; fair, thats ok. now she isnt even uploading regularly on wednesdays. now add the factor that shes getting paid over 1k by her fans i think a month(?) so imagine being a fan and paying for her content to be better and for it to be once a week and having it be promised to you and then it just at the last minute being rescheduled. if she said, "hey, im uploading whenever i want, thanks guys" then yea, thats her prerogative, and none of us would be like "wow, really?" but the fact of the matter is she has a schedule and gets money for it and cant meet it, despite having so much time and potential content. nobody's greedy, they are just, i guess, sad? not to mention, she is getting paid and giving them a schedule so her actually… meeting her deadline… is not "catering" to people.

No. 704805

Are you kidding? People are greedy for expecting content from a creator who claims YouTube is their job? Imagine you had a job (from the way you're talking I'm assuming you don't) and you just decided to first cut your hours in half while still keeping the same pay and then you reschedule those remaining hours you still have whenever you want with zero repercussions. At this point, all of her fans should laugh in her face if she ever pulls the "YouTube is my job, pwease support me on Patreon, I'm just a lil babby artist working hard to make something of myself!" shtick because it is absolute bullshit.

No. 704811

Because it's no longer just "self-imposed" if she receives money based on the promise she'll make that deadline. It's essentially an unofficial contract so her patrons would be absolutely justified in feeling cheated.

No. 704846

Jill is such a joke. The one time she should be making videos about her bullshit pseudo design school and her process of learning, she drops the ball. She is a lazy no talent hack. The thought of her being a hard worker and dedicated fashion student is easily the biggest joke ever.

No. 704966

Swear to fuck. If she can't even make a thanksgiving blog then what the fuck is she even doing on YouTube.

No. 704985

File: 1538769053771.jpeg (871.8 KB, 750x1095, 7533B2D9-440B-4453-B435-AEC1C5…)

I wonder if she did this in class or if it was homework? Either way I feel like she’s probably done some of this at home. Couldn’t film a quick tutorial for designer diaries to show her followers what she’s doing and how it’s done? If you’re doing it anyways why not film it? Designer Diaries might as well be dead at this point. This would’ve been a perfect thing to showcase.

No. 705029

Because youtube is her job and she's been making nothing but excuses for months. She has no real schedule and it's bullshit to the people expecting actual content. She has the easiest job. She can legit do hauls and vlogs and get views/money.

No. 705036

Shit, I'd watch a tutorial from her about it. Knowing her if she did video tape any of it it'll be her going "OMG look what a rainby boi I made. So colorful and pretty!! I'm such an artist." Then it gets chucked into her hoard to never been seen again.

No. 705052

According to her this was an in-class project, they used knitting machines.

No. 705083

File: 1538780951458.png (45.6 KB, 863x549, pixieschedule.PNG)

I made up a calendar of all the dates she's uploaded in 2018. All colored dates are dates she uploaded a video, and the brown dates are shit-tier content like hauls and unboxings. She went from uploading 7-8 videos a month to 4.

No. 705098

Holy shit January was really the last time she had any consistency, I can somewhat understand a slow down with moving and school starting. Looks like the slow down really starts in June, which is also when she started dating her new BF, so I’m guessing she really is just shit at handling her time management and will probably not recover from this. Her channel is going to go stagnant pretty soon if she doesn’t get back to being consistent

No. 705100

File: 1538783751604.jpeg (417.23 KB, 750x945, 692FC443-2605-4CE3-BF33-8DA0E5…)

No. 705102

Roommate? Is this news?

No. 705103

File: 1538784293520.jpeg (73.76 KB, 750x385, 7CD5E9FF-F444-4522-986E-A02BF2…)

Yeah, as of four weeks ago she said she had never planned on having roommates (which is a lie, she said in multiple streams at first that she wanted to live with Jenny)

No. 705122

>>705100 yeah and who tf is this "georgina collins" person? am i just dumb because i can't remember anyone with that name. maybe someone at her college that she latched onto right away? still, she's gonna have to do some serious backpedaling in order to explain this, esp after momma vessey was "super uwu proud" that her daughter was living alone kek… awkward

No. 705127

Seems to just be another pei/fredericton girl that she met through her new friend group.

I'm pretty sure she was in a pic posted in the least thread when they were all watching precure at jill's house along with her boyfriend

No. 705172

she has a roommate and instead of talking to each other in person they text?? entire conversations? while in the same house?

what is wrong with everyone in this part of canada

No. 705175

I remember in one of the vlogs Jill posted (I could be entirely wrong on this one) but she said she was having a friend from overseas come and stay with her for a couple of months??? Could be entirely wrong but I swear this was a thing in one of her decorating house vlogs, not her school one. Again, could he completely wrong

No. 705200

Why do I feel like this is the prelude to her buying a knitting machine she’ll never use?

No. 705225

No, I remember that too.

No. 705248

I don't think its someone who lives in the same house, she probably means another person in one of the connecting houses. We would have seen if someone lives with her in the same physical house.

No. 705278

Then she could have used the word neighbor. It's a roommate. She is just being shifty about it for some reason. Otherwise it's pretty mental to refer to a neighbor as a room mate, but maybe being self sufficient for a week has drained the last bit of her sanity.

No. 705380

This girl is from PEI. She isn't anyone from overseas.

No. 705396

Anyone actually find it weird how Jill can never keep any friends around because she is so shity?kek

No. 705598

File: 1538862276846.jpeg (224.86 KB, 1125x928, 88060EEA-CAD0-425C-BB05-05D8CA…)

They never followed through? Or did it take her 6 months to respond like she’s done to other companies???

No. 705604

sage for dumb shit but they really do talk this way in all their correspondence and are flaky as shit. nevertheless i am surprised jill didn't push the issue since she could get fugly shoes and maybe even lazy oaf for free

No. 705605

i realize this is off topic, but how can any company type like that in a professional capacity and be taken seriously by anyone that isn't Jilly Bean?

Maybe I'm just getting old and can't relate.

I can just picture how she'd email a client if she ever had any…

hai big boi!
totes got yr big, spooky order! you'll get it sometime this year - lots of self care planned! i'm just a poor widdle artsy-fartsy noobie!
No refundsie wundsies! tee hee!
mwah <3

No. 705641

Nah, it's not you being old, they're excessively unprofessional. But it does give you an accurate insight to how well they run things, given Jill's complaining about how they haven't followed through with her (as an influencer).

No. 705643

sage for samefag, but they probably just realized that most of her viewers are either kids or jobless adults, so maybe that's why they dipped lol

No. 705692

Its entirely possible that Jill replied too late and they gave up on her, but also Dollskill is just about as unprofessional as she is. I've heard stories of them shipping people one shoe in a box instead of a pair, I think its possible that they did just never follow through

No. 705956

Does anyone know when this clown is supposed to go to Japan again? Ever since she won the kawaii.i contest she never mentioned anything about it like the amazing kawaii leader she is

No. 705980

Sometime near the end of December or January.

No. 706085

That's so crazy to me. I can't imagine any of the other contenders, going by the effort put into those videos, never mentioning the contest again.

I'm probably projecting, but she seems like the kind of person who, knowing they have a lot of resources, money, and fans, decides to do something as an ego boost, and doesn't care about the results after she gets her fix of showing off how much "better" she is than everyone else.

No. 706155

Nah anon you're not projecting, I totally agree with you, everything we know about Jill's history points to that. She's shitty and lazy.

No. 706626

File: 1539006620718.jpg (2.4 MB, 1333x1792, kawaiiifinalists.jpg)

Seriously, plus I'm quite sure that all the other finalists at least regularly wear J-fashion. I tried to find somewhat recent outfit shots of all the other girls; even the ones that wear more of a western style seem to have a way more polished look than Jill at least.
(Just compare it to her most recent outfit shots: >>684530 , >>681247 …)

I don't really care for a few of these people, yet I still think they would've all done a better/more professional/more enthusiastic job of representing Kawaii.i.
Then again I guess we all know that the contest doesn't really matter anyway, just a shame seeing that Jill is gonna be going to Japan for another tendies and kiddie cartoon trip when some of the other girls probably have a way more genuine interest in Japan/J-fashion and wouldn't be able to afford the trip themselves, unlike Jill.

>tl;dr old man yells at cloud

No. 706627


can i get a link to who these ppl are? thank u

No. 706631


Just scroll down a bit, all the finalists are listed there.

No. 706864

File: 1539029053928.jpeg (340.33 KB, 750x700, B49DE1E1-8A86-4196-9891-D9661B…)

No. 706887

what is she asking here??

No. 706897

I'm surprised pastel bat didn't win with how many people know of her. Or that wanna be drag queen bitch.

I guess Jill just made people vote for her tacky ass over and over.

No. 706898

Yeah, I don't get what she means by brand trips.

No. 706924

She’s asking how much should she charge to go on the trip.

No. 706976

Some tacky brand probably wants to fly her out to Toronto or New York to celebrate a new launch or test out products and advertise it all on IG or possibly vlog the experience.

These are usually all inclusive luxury trips paid by the brand to pamper the influencer and establish brand loyalty with them and their followers. Jill is asking how much she should charge them for social media or youtube exposure.

But I can't imagine any brand that wants to collaborate with her being very… top-notch or anything. Hence why I don't think she's even leaving the American continent. I'd be impressed if it were even California, let alone Europe or Japan.

No. 707090

File: 1539049038351.jpg (642.15 KB, 1080x1485, 20181008_223653.jpg)

Holy shit! Her thighs look so hammy!

No. 707094

Stop putting your hair up all the time. This is worse than her normal bum bun. Also, socks with furry sandals?

No. 707111

The double chin, the clearly formed jowls, the overall tackiness of the outfit and backdrop. Is Jill trying to achieve that kawaii white trash aesthetic?

No. 707112

Moo indeed

No. 707113

File: 1539051785903.png (18.61 KB, 581x142, lul.png)

Does this post correlate with any loss of her patreon backers or something?

No. 707114


Literal trailer trash look this time. We've had vague trailer trash looking moments recently but this is undeniable.
The fence, the hair, the clothes, the socks + pink fuzzy sandals.

Seriously Jill what in tarnation

No. 707115

I'm guessing she's hiding her bad tats to not be full trailer trash aesthetic here lol

No. 707149

I don’t like the girl but I wouldn’t go so far as to call her fat. Her thighs look like normal thighs?
She has jowels but overall she looks pretty average build, saying that it wouldn’t hurt for her to tone those arms a little.

No. 707150

I honestly think that either Anzu or Zekia should've won. They were the only cute ones with decent taste.
Actually, I'm surprised that Jill won instead of Anzu since they have approximately the same amount of followers and their followers are equally active.

No. 707151

No, she's fat lmao.

No. 707169

Yeah but the confetti club is comprised of desperate burnouts and chunky weebs who’s vocabulary comprises mostly of drag queen quotes. So they will have obsessively voted daily in hopes of earning the disgusting mouth noises Jill likes to call “smooches”

No. 707187


Sorry anon, but this is the body of an overweight person.

No. 707224

for anyone that cares the fva kids don't like her and find her egotistical or some bullshit like that. the only ones that do like her are members of her ~cONfetTI cLuB~
she also is apparently going to help with decorating the school for christmas.
(i don't think any of this is milky but figured some of you would like to know?)
also her and her friends must be the only dumbasses that talk how they talk in fton.

No. 707247

>>707090 tbh i'm just floored that she managed to use only one color of pink for the first time in…… ever? like hair tie, shirt, and shoes are all basically the same color. as far as outfits go, i think this is one of her best color-wise in a looong time and that's actually pretty depressing kek

No. 707251

Anachans really have no perspective, do you have any idea how forgiving BMI is? It's not a measure of how attractive someone's body looks, FYI. There is a significant amount of fat allowed between the low and high end of a healthy BMI before tipping into overweight, and she would easily fit within it.

No. 707259


Her arms are unfortunate. She's got a smallish waist. But her arms are fat people arms.

No. 707265

I'm surprised Anzu didn't tbh, I feel like her following is even larger than Jill's, and includes all the 4chan creeps who love her. Only thing I can think of is lack of her fans actually caring about this stuff.

No. 707267

I wondered how she’d be received - about how I expected. I would love to know how she acts in her classes.

No. 707375

id love to see her 13 year old anachan self look at her now

No. 707405

Jill the hambeast. She's really turned into a porker. Then again a lack of exercise and a proper diet will do that to you. It's incredible how she's gone down hill from last year. Regardless of what anyone says she's fat.

No. 707406

File: 1539091965087.jpeg (14.63 KB, 305x225, 5A78ECBA-511E-43E3-93B0-6A8A8E…)

No. 707407

I’m just glad smella didn’t win because she always photoshops herself skinnier has a holier than thou attitude and she just rides fakeboi coontails

No. 707416

the humble brag lel

No. 707422

This was expected, since she is actually egotistical. Guess I shouldn't be surprised that she hasn't toned it down or humbled herself at all. Must be insufferable to be stuck in small classes with her.

No. 707445

Jeremy Kyle - kei

No. 707495

honestly, looks like she's outside a prison in oldham or somewhere

No. 707562

Oh fuck off Jill. Such a conceited delusional idiot. Seriously can't believe anyone would waste a single dollar to sponsor this cow.

No. 707720


So, what happened to the Inkober pracky?

No. 707833

She’s not posting just practicing

No. 708047

Learn to read, she clearly states that she's going to post once a week.

No. 708481

Am I imagining it, or does this look shooped? The fence links between her arm and hip look strangly wider/stretched out compared to the rest of the fence? Same with on the other side of her waist and between her thighs. And the rest of the diamond shapes are pretty uniform to me.

No. 708484

I don’t know we already know Jill is a guilty shooper so I wouldn’t doubt it. If it is this would be one of her better shops though

No. 708641

I don't understand how she goes without posting while she is away since, well, other youtubers usually pre-record things so they can post them? Would it be that hard to have a line up of back-up videos for when something comes up? This is her full time job, why can't she take it even slightly seriously.

Not ana-chan at all but she's definitely not a healthy weight. She's fat. And we know her diet is shit, she never exercises like a healthy adult should, she rarely even makes home cooked meals… yea she's not fit at all. She's fat, I don't know why anons want to defend her poor diet by calling her a normal weight. She shouldn't be encouraged. Fatty-chans need to own up to the fact they aren't normal sized either.

No. 708718

File: 1539169151518.png (15.46 KB, 288x172, description.png)

This is the description she posted for this outfit on instagram.
I guess it's good that she's finally getting over her "neutrals are sooo boring uwu" mindset, maybe school is actually teaching her something lol.

Like another anon pointed out, BMI is really lenient when it actually comes to considering someone as 'fat', but she's not healthy for sure.

In the past she said that any kind of dieting etc. puts her on a slippery slope because she struggled with EDs in the past - not sure if she's just using that as an excuse to not eat healthy, but if she honestly still does struggle so much with ED like behavior I wish she would actually seek help.
Stuffing yourself with frozen and processed food every day isn't much healthier than being slightly underweight, like she was before…

No. 708946

LMAO I’m underweight and I don’t think she’s fat. By no means did I say she was fit. Her diet is a joke and I can’t imagine her lifting a weight or running more than 10 meters in her life. But y’all really out here making out like she’s got rolls on rolls and is obese.
She could be slimmer and more toned but she’s not a fatty just yet. However if her diet carries on then who knows.

No. 708954

she's really not that heavy. her bone structure makes her look fatter than she is.

No. 709228

File: 1539208582121.jpeg (111.84 KB, 750x290, D05B1C9B-A872-4025-85EF-555EF2…)

No. 709239

wtf. This really came out of nowhere. She's promoting the Sims? Why her?

No. 709252

Probably because of those videos she did where she made her rainby house in them.

No. 709262


So what about school? lol

No. 709282

And Youtube/Patreon, aka her regular 'job'?

It's clear she's excited about this and probably seems to think that this is way more important than her actual responsibilities, but in the grand scheme of things it's just one promo trip…
She doesn't even play The Sims, I could understand if her channel was focused on it at least but this is so random.

No. 709294

She prolly just wants to go to Lazy Oaf.

No. 709296

don't forget Irregular Choice! I think it's time for some more overpriced, ill fitting shoes she can use as room decoration

No. 709302

I assume mom gets a sponsored seat on the plane too. Or will she pay for her own?

No. 709304

File: 1539213585572.jpeg (486.64 KB, 2400x2400, 87294D4D-996B-4B9B-8D14-B79FF0…)

She’s only going for three days apperently, so with travel will miss a week of school. And doesn’t seem like her mom is going

No. 709307

Lol in her Sims video she says she doesn't play and clearly has no idea how to operate the game. What a great choice, EA.

No. 709313

>Lazy Oaf and Irregular Choice

So fucking predictable. Are those seriously the only two fashion brands/designers/shops she cares about?

No. 709314


Missing a week of school already lol

No. 709317

Honestly this is super inspirational for me. Now I know that all I have to do to get big brands to throw money and expensive trips at me is have a relatively tiny YouTube channel with next to zero creativity that just shows off all the rainbow shit I have.

No. 709407

I’m sure she’ll drop into too faced don’t worry anon

No. 709412

>this bitch is going to simcamp
>callmekevin isn't
I'm going to cry. The world is a cruel place.

No. 709632

>she said that any kind of dieting etc. puts her on a slippery slope because she struggled with EDs in the past

ugh I hate this type of thinking. Eating a fucking vegetable and not eating crap for every meal is hardly a 'diet', and having an ED in the past shouldn't be an excuse to only eat processed food. You're just trading one unhealthy eating habit for another.

No. 709678

File: 1539230126849.jpeg (561.19 KB, 750x928, 0ECF89BB-37A4-4270-8E55-E48BD5…)

Unless this photo is old and she’s just getting tagged in it then she may be traveling with her mom, and has possibly changed her hair again?

No. 709684

File: 1539230704549.jpeg (323.12 KB, 750x815, 7CC9D842-2D60-40D6-B1E0-BEA425…)

No. 709749

This is new. Her hair hasn’t been pink and green since 2016, and she’s wearing a new top.
Her school is so relaxed with academics that it’s kind of scary. She’s only been in school for a couple of weeks and her advisor is supporting that she go travel to another country to do YouTube stuff instead of working on her studies. Even missing a day or two of class can cause someone to be backed up with work. Her teacher mentioned that she was a YouTuber during the first week. They must be happy to have a YouTube “star” in their midst.

No. 709761

File: 1539235566105.jpeg (689.1 KB, 750x1008, 3FE3D3AC-1D5D-4B62-8636-C9CC11…)

Her hair was pink green and blue this summer where have you been?

No. 709777

her mom looks fucking insane and jill is a literal clone of her. yikes.

No. 709798

Guess I‘ll cancle my plans next week and move out of London for a while. I can not believe this.

No. 709823

Hopefully there is proof it is actually EA and not some random stalker or something. Also imo it's not really that much of an honor if they don't let you pick your schedule of when you want to travel, i.e. planning so she doesn't have to miss class at the school mommy is paying for, let alone falling behind.

No. 709840

It was recently announced that there will be a new career in the sims 4 called the Style Influencer which is a fashion designer career, so maybe thats why pixie was asked.

No. 709851

Can you stop being so hostile over such a little thing. She has dyed her hair a shit ton of colors. If you want to blame anyone, blame Louise for posting a old ass photo right now.

No. 709885

And because Jill will never actually be a designer EAthought why not give her at least that. Sorry but what a poor marketing choice

No. 709920

Proud of you for accepting a free holiday!

No. 709928

File: 1539255750558.jpeg (11.93 KB, 259x194, 165B5735-A404-47E1-8FAF-EAD0E0…)

Someone tell her to go to franks cafe. I feel like she’d definitely be roped into going for the aesthetic and having some kind of breakdown because Peckham is scary uwu

No. 709957

You know she'll just potter round carnaby and oxford street. Bet you anything she'll take photos somewhere in Kensington with all the white terrace houses (maybe she will Photoshop them rainby), but that's as far from central as she'll go. No soaking up the culture aside from the kawiwi shops. The closest shop we have to jfashion is sai sai, but Camden is probably scary too. Bet you she won't venture south of the river at all, or anywhere east.

Then again, she's nowhere near jfashion anymore, so I don't know why I'm bothering to give her lurky ass ideas.

I'm almost jealous of how easily she gets things, with so little work. Everything she puts out is so subpar, yet she gets promotions and brand deals like this thing with the Sims just thrown at her. It baffles me, I've been following since her LACE video. She was so much better back then, in terms of quality content that was actually enjoyable and nice to watch.
The production content was so much higher too. Jill, it's not too late to go back to that standard of content!

No. 709965

It's not a free holiday lol, I assume she's getting paid to go. >>706864

No. 709998


No. 710014

File: 1539266216176.jpeg (519.42 KB, 1920x2400, AB6252D0-7A7C-42F2-817F-23C271…)

No. 710020

Yeah I would be careful with the UK community Jill, they might obnoxious you to death

No. 710113

>>709304 Please don‘t come to my work, please don‘t come to my work. I beg you, Jill, don‘t do that to me.

No. 710183

File: 1539275310182.jpeg (492.08 KB, 750x1090, A30AEF06-EC98-4053-B40E-E5313B…)

No. 710187

Her mom is such an enabler. I don't follow many 'influencers' but I do follow some trashy ones (with a bunch of bought followers etc) and they're always the ones going on 'brand trips' … I'm thinking EA wanted some quirky type and saw her semi-popular channel with some sims content and figured it was good enough. Oh and in typical pixielocks fashion she only does stuff 'on short notice' when there's money involved.

No. 710191

File: 1539276319511.gif (1.91 MB, 268x268, tumblr_inline_of81l7X9sJ1qebw9…)


Jill is going alone to London. I'm ready for the shitshow.



No. 710192

Great, Louise. Now people know exactly where your daughter lives, where she keeps her valuables, and when she'll be away from home.

No. 710200

Is this normal parent on FB behavior? Obviously we're going to see more of this kind of post in this thread, but do most moms regularly post ranting about their children's accomplishments the way Louise does? Does she even understand what she's so excited and proud of? Her daughter being invited to an event for a game she admits to not knowing how to play and traveling all by herself like a big girl?

No. 710201

Same anon,

Like >>710187 mentions, how is she able to "make this happen" (like that requires an intensive amount of work or planning on her part) but keeping up with her upload schedule with community college is too much? But also she has time to allegedly do inktober? And time to go on a shopping trip overseas for a few days? What is the truth?

No. 710202

I guess just making a quick post would be somewhat understandable, but I really don't get why she goes into so much detail, like mentioning the specific dates. I can't imagine that any of her FB friends would give a shit when exactly Jill's travelling?
They just don't seem to have any sense of privacy or safety, why not also mention the exact times her flights are lol.

No. 710215

Maybe it's a nitpick, but it bothers me how she speaks to her mom like they're bestest of friends instead of family/mother and daughter.

Also, good time encouraging your daughter to shop and do nothing of value. Why would you go to London and not try to see some of their historic landmarks or museums?

No. 710238

Especially since so many of the museums are free. It would probably be extremely beneficial if she visited the Tate modern, but perhaps modern art hurts Jill’s feefees too much

No. 710244

>but perhaps modern art hurts Jill’s feefees too much

I don't think she cares for any art aside from pink magical girl drawings & animu fanart fans draw of her kek

No. 710249

How does that make it not free? She's likely getting flights and hotel covered as well as being paid

No. 710257

File: 1539281022222.jpeg (390.74 KB, 640x905, 768205B7-BE94-411B-824A-11191C…)

No. 710276

man she's looking rough… she looks like she's 40+ in this image, she looks way younger and cuter with less harsh make up like in this pic >>709678

No. 710287

The way her mouth and nose are shaped it just adds to the kawiwi goblin look

No. 710308

She's acting like a shitton of people would actually come see her. Safety?

She's a joke

No. 710324

Jill's hardly going to skip around Peckham on her own, central London is full of people and police, what does she think will happen?

No. 710329

She's got really unfortunate genetics. Her badly applied makeup and eyebrows don't help. She looks so old

No. 710386

What does she have to do with the Sims community? Was she invited to the Sims Creator Camp?

No. 710446

i know this shouldn't bother me at all but as a longtime sims fan who's been playing for over 10 years and seen the community grow into what it is now i'm legit mad. there's tons of simmers and content creators who've been playing far longer and are actually involved with the community (and, y'know, KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAME), and they invite this poser bitch?

No. 710465

Peckham's not dangerous. Unless you're scared of hipsters

No. 710490

As a long time Sims fan, by god am I salty as hell shes doing this. I'd be more jealous, but then I remember its now a property of EA and probably won't exist as a franchise anymore in the next 5 years. Also means getting to watch her act a fool in London and cry about meanies looking at her weird/not having mommy with her

No. 710522

Don't worry guys, SimsCamp is just a huge paid promo where "influencers" are paid to say how much they "love the Sims uwu" and take stupid pictures for instagram. Nothing cool or interesting happens there.

No. 710723

mama vessey is the best farmer, always keeping us in the loop

surprised she wasnt stupid enough to post a photo of her passport deets… is she… finally learning not to overshare?

No. 710970

the photoshopping on her bangs here…

No. 711060

She needs to learn not to scrunch her freaking face up. She looks like she either smelled something awful or just ate a lemon good lord

No. 711135

prepare yourselves for the spam of posts she's going to make about how much anxiety she has about being in a foreign country alone on such short notice

No. 711171

Considering Jill is going to London for 3 days I'm surprised she hasn't decided to go and check out Central Saint Martins for the sake of being a fashion designer.kek I find this whole "I'm a kawaii fashion designer /artist" facade so staged and forced much like Jill's aesthetic and overall personality. She doesn't possess the work ethic to actually pursue a career in fashion design.

No. 711186

Something about this post is so weird and unsettling, why is she giving her FB friends a detailed recap of how she signed her contract and giving exact dates when she leaves? The first and last sentence would have been enough.

No. 711190

She literally gave up on applying to every decent fashion school she's ever considered, despite publicly saying she was planning to attend those schools. She doesn't care about central saint martins because she didn't choose any undergrad degree that would actually allow her to further her studies in london or Japan for that matter.

She just wanted to attend a local craft school that would teach her basic entrepreneurial skills and some hands-on design practice. It's clear she doesn't see herself as an actual runway designer.

No. 711194

i have some epic tinfoil on this: louise finally took a step back, compared her two children, realized how much of a disaster jill is at 21 and she knows it's partially her fault. so now she's deliberately trying to get her kidnapped and/or murdered by some psycho stalker fan, and it doesn't come off as abnormal to any of us bc she's always been a chronic oversharer attention whore.

No. 711210

Your mental

No. 711214


No. 711222

i'm a csmfag n she'd be so fuckin freaked out at what ppl at actual art schools act/look like she'd get torn to shreds just stepping in the building

she's barely even started n she's already taking time off to fuck around pretending to be relevant in london cba this bitch is never gonna get anywhere in life

No. 711364

as if any stalker would spend money to fly jillybean out to england

No. 711433

Anzu doesn't have the same cult following as Pixie because she never replies with her fans or encourages them to interact with her.
Pixie knows how to engage people, even if the people she's engaging are just as trashy as she is.

CSM won't let her focus solely on her kaweewee rainbow pastel magical girl aesthetic so she doesn't care.

No. 711552

Don't they have family in England? I feel like I remember posts from her blog days about a trip to the UK and Louise went fairly recently (Jill got irregular choice gifts and made a video) so she may have other family members to hold her hand there

No. 711580

She would probably leave csm in tears. The people there are incredibly competitive about clothing and she would not be the center of attention as nothing about her style is original or cool.

No. 711765

Jill mentioned booking a hotel, I assume if her family was living closer to London she could've just stayed with them? Her mom definitely went to visit them in England before, but I think she also went to London for business before (and got Jill a bunch of Christmas gifts).

OT but I just got reminded, a while ago I rewatched Jill's Christmas haul from last year and it's ridiculous how 99% of the things she showed have just disappeared, like that pink toy piano or most of the clothes her mom got for her - it must be a bit depressing having a daughter who changes 'aesthetics' every few months and goes through stuff so quickly lol.

No. 711767

File: 1539416781010.png (356.94 KB, 582x496, 64782368432.png)

Sorry for samefag but I really can't wait to see what kind of outfits Jill plans on bringing…
Also I wonder if she'll actually bother taking care of her hair before going?

No. 711925

she just uploaded a new video…..today. On Saturday. So uh, what happened to the video that was supposed to come out this past mid-week?

No. 711933

She's really looking porky in the face. Time to lay off the chicken tendies.

No. 711934

The cat has been using her litter in the room with the previously opened paint cans just sitting there on the floor on the used paint tarp and she then keeps the cat in the room whilst she paints and I assume she doesn't have a window open since she is bare-legged, in a short sleeve t-shirt and skirt and its October in Canada which can't be warm

No. 711936

>fashion blogger

First of all, she doesn't blog. She barely even vlogs and when she does it's 0% about fashion. Influencers like Susie Bubble who attend every single fashion week and review all the shows/collections are fashion bloggers.

Perhaps going to London and brushing shoulders with people who actually work in the fashion industry might help illuminate her but knowing jill she won't even take this opportunity to network at all and probably will spend all of her time outside the sim's events either sleeping in her hotel or buying food.

This means she'll have traveled to 3 fashion capitals within less than 2 years (Tokyo, NY, London) and despite being an art student/aspiring designer herself - she hasn't even once explored any famous school campus (bunka, parsons, FIT, csm, london college of fashion) nor attended any museums or art gallery exhibitions/events. She's so far removed from any actual arts/fashion community or culture, it's despicable and pathetic that she calls herself a blogger or designer or any other variation of credible titles she tries to give herself.

No. 711938

Good luck wearing those colours in London’s Jill. The jfashion community in London are used to the response, but most of them have lived in London their entire lives and know how cities can be. She’s going to get so spooked.

No. 711944

This is a pretty cute wall I’ll give her that. Can’t wait to see the sloppy lines her followers recreate after begging their parents to repaint tho.

No. 711983

I‘ve literally worn jfashion for about 3-4 years, living in London, and never got a stare?

No. 712028

London is pretty lax about what people wear.
No one actually gives a shit.

No. 712048

I used to have lavender walls as a teenager.. I'm not sure why Jill wanted to do so much for a tiny room when lavender by itself would have been fine. It looks like a mess.

No. 712437

File: 1539507511706.jpeg (279.29 KB, 640x701, FA9C6F98-574C-4469-BF2B-CA8509…)

Does anyone know who Pixie is planning on meeting in London? I assume Becki considering how much she sucks up to her, but does anyone know who else? Also very tasteful to flash your money Jill. Don’t cry when you get mugged

No. 712440

From what I’ve counted she has £200 which I bet will go straight towards Lazy Oaf and if some how miraculously still has left over change, it will go towards getting something at Irregular Choice

No. 712464

Oh she's gonna be spending a lot more of her Patrons' money than that anon, bet your ass. Usually cash is just for getting around and little stuff here and there, most cards work fine overseas.

No. 712512

Oh great, more attention for Caspian and his squad of loyal fakeboys

No. 712522

Humblebragging hoarder realness.

No. 712569

Oh say that to my face anon, he‘s a lovely and hard working person, unlike Jill. Plus he‘s not even living in London anymore.

No. 712572

File: 1539536714045.jpeg (492.68 KB, 750x1004, A2F68BC5-065E-4F16-8338-6129D5…)

Guessing Becki Connie and Kelsey

No. 712587

Maybe it's just your group anon, but Caspian's not popular with a lot of people, you should probably read his thread

No. 712589

I meant >>712569 not >>712512

No. 712642

You mean the threat that is over a year old? Honestly people change and who wasn‘t a weird teen once? Caspian has been nothing but kind towards me and we are not in the same friend group nor do I have a large following.

Anways, I don‘t think Jill really cares about him now that he can‘t get her that IC discounts anymore and she‘ll hardly travel outside of London just to meet someone. Hell, I am sure she didn‘t even care in the first place, why would Jill need discounts when she has pateron money?

No. 712747

File: 1539550473732.png (1.04 MB, 720x1090, 20181014_215434.png)

No. 712771

You don't need flat abs but you need to take care of yourself. How many frozen nuggets and nachos will she eat until she learns that health is also important.

No. 712776

Oh brother. More fat acceptance bullshit. It's not hard to take care of yourself, move around and still eat the foods you love.

Jill is just a lazy slob.

No. 712788

Jill's original key picture is in the threads, so if a a robber/stalker is reading this then they would know when she gone. Jill should really be more private on the internet.

No. 712817

She's a retard anon.

No. 712838

Can she even take a trip anywhere without someone holding her hand the entire time? I'm nervous for her, the chavs in lonbo are going to thrash her for being that one annoying tourist and bonus points, she'll be mistaken as an american.

No. 712844

Is it bad that the first thing I thought was "God, even the book cover has to match Jill's aesthetic"?

No. 712904

All these wall painting videos are literally as boring as watching paint dry. It might be different than hauls and the closest she gets to DIY but it sure is fucking boring.

No. 712911

Tinfoil hat:
Has Jill’s face always looked like this? I read that people that binge and purged have enlarged salivary glands. I don’t know exactly what to look at though

No. 712982

Yeah no that’s not how that looks

No. 713033

I don't know what that book is about, but Jill needs a reality check. She keeps preaching 'body positivity' with shooped pics and a false image. She should class herself als plus-size at this point, or actively work on her looks. Judging by the book's cover I'm not sure it will help since it looks like typical 'love yourself' mumbo jumbo.

No. 713078

She still wears S/M that’s not plus size. Not even close. She has a fat face and flabby arms but she’s not even close to being plus size.

No. 713095

Sage goes in the email field wk

No. 713102

She's just bloated anon, likely due to alcohol and/or excessive salt intake. Bulimia or "chipmunk" cheeks as they're called look more like little pouches behind the jaw.

No. 713135

English isn’t my first language so I don’t know what you mean. Sorry.

No. 713146

Read the rules before posting, it's not that hard.

No. 713155

Jill shoops every single photo of herself besides candids where she always looks like she rolled out of somewhere, hard to say if she's fat or not. She doesn't wear anything that fits her either. But she obviously has gained weight, I mean who wouldn't with the shit she eats. Entire platters of cheesesticks to herself as an appetizer.

No. 713169

you didn't even sage

No. 713248

File: 1539613320174.jpeg (489.81 KB, 1121x1745, C6A314A9-97EB-404F-BDBF-FDC702…)

Just ew

No. 713270

File: 1539614956263.png (28.4 KB, 717x231, 20181015_154920.png)

>>713248 about the girl

No. 713283

Minus the coat this would be okay. London’s not particularly cold right now though so it’s probably not the best thing to wear

No. 713302

so a munchie huh?
Jills outfit is not the worst I´ve seeen though. She´s finally wearing something that she got from Japan wow

No. 713316

this edit on her face is hilarious, who are you kidding Jill
Feels like a miracle that Jill hasn't jumped on the fake chronic illness bandwagon with the rest of these idiots

No. 713353

Oh shit I forgot, sorry. I'm such a fool (not saging in pt give me bad habits I think)
>>713248 That coat is awful af, looks like wet dog hairs.

No. 713487

I'm really creeped out by this girls nails

No. 713518

That coat looks like a used old mop

No. 713542

File: 1539636578433.png (760.1 KB, 797x598, Capture.PNG)

No. 713545

I like that Jill didn’t even use the big mirror to take a picture lol.
She looks like a grumpy old woman.

No. 713546

File: 1539636810546.gif (1.63 MB, 480x270, 27F3B92E-AE51-4805-A75B-7C9664…)

Is Jill channeling Emilia Fart? Because you’re not iconic Jill

No. 713548

when will she learn that wearing different shades of the same color doesn't mean that everything automatically matches, especially pink/red. I can only catch a glimpse, but is she wearing those glittery pink boots as well? Terrible.

No. 713566

That coat is £80 and she still plans on visiting Irregular Choice and Lazy Oaf so I have a feeling she has much more than £200 like it was speculated.
I’m excited for this, it’s like a mini version of the Japan trip.

No. 713585

She has a credid card, those £200 were probably just for small purchases like food. And even for that you don‘t need cash.

No. 713644

i mean she did literally post a pic of it before even reading the first page

No. 713774

That’s kinda what I was trying to say, she knows how overpriced those brands are so she’s probably going to drop a ton of cash in the next few days.

No. 713977

File: 1539670120999.jpeg (290.33 KB, 720x960, BFCE22E5-18C0-4A12-A0F3-B7EEDB…)

No. 713981

is it just me or does her chest look really odd here? is she not wearing a bra?

No. 714010

that dress looks like the summer uniform we wear in the UK so everyone who comes across her is going to think she's an ageplayer

No. 714012

The shoes totally ruin that outfit. Some nice white shoes would’ve been a million times better.
What’s her obsession with fucking every outfit up

No. 714040

File: 1539680952940.jpeg (299.71 KB, 563x696, 304A53A1-5EC4-4B71-AED7-41F864…)

No. 714042

looks like a reaction image

No. 714049

File: 1539682261942.jpg (24.67 KB, 360x360, magicbean.jpg)

No. 714068

Honestly this outfit has potential, The dress fits her decently and the jacket and the chocker compliment nicely; only issues I have is that the baret is a different shade of pink but that could work if the bag and shoes matched; also I hate that bag and the shoes, they are hideous but that has been established.

No. 714091

this dress is too small. her boobs look weird because she isn't wearing a bra and my guess is that the dress wouldn't do up if she had a bra on.
burn those shoes pls Jill.

No. 714092

Seeing her thread after so long and wow she’s become fat

No. 714095

oooooh man. im on the periphery of ophelia's friendship group, haven't actually interacted with any of them in years but still follow them on fb and insta and omg. two trash fires slowly meeting. this is spectacular.

No. 714116


She could just be wearing an unlined bra; those generally add less padding and don't do much for the shape.

No. 714125

it's weird, this doesn't even really look like her in the face. in fact, she actually looks like a lot of british people i know

No. 714127

She looks SO OLD in that one? I mean face wise. It‘s almost disgusting compared to the pictures she takes of/edits herself.

No. 714143

File: 1539701251680.jpg (59.17 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1539701232583.jpg)

No. 714144

File: 1539701267032.jpg (87.37 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1539701235697.jpg)

No. 714145

File: 1539701280161.jpg (86.4 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1539701238632.jpg)

No. 714166

File: 1539704906557.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, E5C8D7C3-E8E1-4788-862F-6F5764…)

She’s out with Becky and Kelsey

No. 714176

so she's wearing two giant furry coats and a scarf while it's 60 degrees outside?

No. 714184

Holy hell, homegirl legit looks pregnant here.

No. 714204

>>714184 wow it's almost like she photoshops her pictures or something. Or maybe she's just bloated from all the chicken teddies

No. 714229

She looks almost the same age as her mom lol
Is the fuzzy jacket and all of awkward posing to hide how hammy she's gotten, holy shit

No. 714252

File: 1539712713821.png (812.22 KB, 708x708, 20181016_185825.png)

She is massive holy hell

No. 714254

Freshmen 50 it looks like

No. 714255

I know she likes Betsey Johnson and all but was her style goal for this trip seriously to just look like a quirky 70 year old grandma?

No. 714256

oh lord, the weight she's gaining is NOT making her look any younger. she looks like a late 30's/early 40's trailer park mom (the cat tattoo, hot pink top, dalmatian print skirt and the hoop earrings contribute heavily to this).

No. 714257

File: 1539713131514.jpg (11.87 KB, 289x234, 1539713085527.jpg)

She really needs to learn how to match colors. The fanny pack perfectly blended in with her shirt and gave her a freaking PEEP blob silhouette.

No. 714260

why wont she wear other shoes

No. 714261

Honestly if you're bored (and you're on this website, let's face it) watch this again. It's sad how much better she looked a year ago, even though she was still a hot mess.

She has literally never worn or shown 99% of these things. Why does her mom indulge her so much? Does she not like having money? Does she want a permanently stunted daughter that expects hundreds to thousands to be spent on her for things she will never use? Jill is so hopeless, it's almost sad.

No. 714262

S/M in lazy oaf sizes is still pretty huge anon

No. 714271

Good god. Is this one she uploaded? She doesn't look even close to that Lardy in this >>713977

Or in fact anything she's uploaded lately

No. 714282

File: 1539716141801.gif (453.25 KB, 500x206, tumblr_inline_mhxo3g31q01qz4rg…)

No. 714284

As well as not being gigantic, she's so different in this video. Her speech petterns are less stupid, her intonation is more relaxed, and she just seems happier in general. Like she's actually happy to be making content instead of just doing it for the money. She's still quirky and annoying at times, but instead of peaking at an 11, she's more at an 8, if you know what I mean.

No. 714292

that fanny pack is certainly not doing her any favors

No. 714312

I get what you’re saying anon but I still think that’s a bit of a reach. I’d say it’s like wearing a plaid skirt - some people might think of a school uniform but it’s generally pretty safe and socially acceptable to wear.
That dress is one of the better ones Jill has, honestly.

No. 714317


i think this is the same outfit as >>707090 that is one hell of a difference

No. 714319

I think Jill looks very cute in these recent pics. Her glitter boots still don't look good, though.

No. 714343

Was thinking this myself. The real issue to me is how she's not adapting to the season. Pastels and gingham were everywhere over the summer, primark had a very similar dress that I saw on loads of people. It's definitely not a big deal, maybe nitpicky off me, but it's Autumn now. It just seems so out of place

No. 714353

i can't believe i'm defending Jill, but just because you follow all the seasonal trend bullshit, doesn't mean everyone has to.

she wears the same trash year round.

No. 714374


she now has the same haircut and body type as Emily Boo

No. 714388

Calm down for fucks sake. All I'm saying is the only real reason it looks out of place. The outfit isn't far off mainstream summer fashion at all

No. 714389

File: 1539727671522.jpeg (551.88 KB, 750x728, F6381477-1068-4F49-864C-6B20DB…)

No. 714390

File: 1539727699312.jpeg (512.55 KB, 750x873, 3024CE8D-6EA6-4E03-8033-841FB9…)

No. 714392

super unfortunate outfit combination. At first glance I thought she had a weird black and white belt going over a huge gut.

No. 714394

they spelled her name with two "e"s lol

No. 714401

literally a hambeast here. how much time i wonder does she spend on photoshopping her own photos?

No. 714412

Her username on Instagram is spelled that way

No. 714443

It looks like her skirt wont zip up all the way. Yikes

No. 714459


Weight gain aside, she looks so. much. cuter. with longer hair and bangs that cover her eyebrows.

Jill I hope that you read this and take note.

No. 714564

I’ll give it to her, she’s definitely followed the generation z dream and became internet famous. At the expense of her body (rip normal weight pixie) and her dignity, but semi internet famous nonetheless. Do you think she’ll ever reach 1 mil subscribers?

No. 714571

I'm gonna say not bloody likely. she doesn't have enough personality or originality.
Not to mention she's getting lazier and lazier and more entitled and twatty with each passing season.
Her platform will get smaller before she breaks a million. But hey, I have no idea about trends or anything much any more. Maybe she'll stop being such a self centered womanchild and actually succeed. Maybe my cats will learn some manners. Who knows?

No. 714582

Over the past few months most of her videos are lucky to hit anywhere over 60 k. She'll get a spike in views for vlogs but other than those she's flatlining at 50k or less views for haul after haul

No. 714613

I can’t wait to see what ugly and impractical $300 shoes Jill got that she will wear for a grand total of one or two times

No. 714615

File: 1539743845244.jpeg (272.64 KB, 750x788, 52D9B5A5-1D5A-460A-93F7-6FCC87…)

No. 714616

did we time it? how long did she last?

No. 714618

Yikes, this entire outfit is a choice.

Also, whichever anons said she'd see Beckii cruel, you were on the money.

No. 714619

She’s probably been obnoxiously spending under our noses, anon. Probably bought the first uwu, kawiwi, pastel-vomit keychain im the airport anyways.

No. 714622

File: 1539744134879.jpeg (355.25 KB, 750x993, C25C12AB-B5FE-4A6B-BB54-F59171…)

Sage for deleting them reposting. The image was all messed up.

No. 714623

God damn she looks like a mental retard. I mean that was sincerely. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse the way she way she dresses, she outdid herself.

No. 714624

I never believed everyone saying she was getting fat until this picture

No. 714627

goddamn she is wide

No. 714640

File: 1539745541659.jpeg (975.22 KB, 1055x1660, E3DFB94B-77FA-4286-B865-88FD21…)

To make things easier to compare here is a photo of her one year ago.

No. 714660

File: 1539747081860.jpg (189.69 KB, 1119x1464, 1539746982621.jpg)

What's the point of promoing her sponsor only on her spam account? Her regular account has nothing about Sims.

No. 714668

you're a disgrace to the Sims franchise and everything it ever stood for, pigsy.

No. 714708

it's not aesthetic enough for her main account, obviously.

No. 714740

>Irregular Choice has been a huge inspiration for me to go to design school for fashion

It's like instead of being a real person with genuine hobbies and interests, she can only throw money around and repeat her self-created mythology (Pixielocks: PROFESSIONAL YOOOTOOBER, beauty guru, hardworking art student, fashion designer, award winning seamstress, fashion icon, close person friend of Sebastian Matsuda, magazine cover girl, etc.) over and over.

No. 714816

That glorified arts and crafts school is hardly an introduction into sewing 101 for idiots. Jill really is mediocre and delusional.kek If she really had a love of fashion as she claims designers like Alexander McQueen (rip my love), John Galliano, Rei Kawakubo,Zandra Rhodes and so on would be great examples of who inspired you to attend design school. Not since half ass made in China brands like Lazy Oaf and Irregular Choice. She's so unoriginal and unimaginative. I say as a fashion design fag with a degree in design.

No. 714823

sage next time pls, we already know her school is shit and that jill has shit fashion inspirations

No. 714844

The pink fannypack was a choice. I keep thinking it's her shirt at first.

No. 714860

She look like some chavvy mum on a stag do, so I guess she doesn’t stand out too much.

No. 714885

Pat Butcher kei

No. 714920

File: 1539776115713.jpg (760.67 KB, 1080x1549, 20181017_083524.jpg)

No. 714930

She's so…. big. Even in these edited photos of herself. I want Jill to post her food diary

No. 714932

File: 1539778086191.jpeg (123.14 KB, 768x960, 1529871033587.jpeg)

She's beginning to look like Emiblush/ Jade Rose in the face

Interesting since Jade is a confetti cunt member herself

( >>619986 her own thread)

No. 714941

nobody cares

No. 714966

I was hoping she'd hate London so she wouldn't come back
For all her flaws, at least Jade knows her pinks don't match

No. 715004

File: 1539786194423.png (776.63 KB, 720x500, 20181017_152328.png)

No. 715005


Jill looks so greasy and unwashed compared to the other two.

No. 715007

both of these girls are x10 cuter than jill, the redhead on the right particularly overshadows the other two.

No. 715010

This just really shows how awful Jill's pink/'rainby' aesthetic looks…

The awful rainbow bangs, bad make-up and hot clashing pinks just make her look like a special needs girl compared to the other two who actually look like stylish girls who are into fashion. (Seriously I would never assume that out of those three Jill was the one who always bragged about being some ~aspiring fashion designer uwu~, she has the most unattractive style.)

I don't even like Kelsey but at least she manages to wear that Esther Kim bunny stuff without looking like some toddler.
I would be embarrassed to hang out with Jill.

No. 715023


they all look like shit. jill doesn't look any more or less shit than these other two greasy weebs. all of them are wearing ill-fitted clothing and have greasy hair or shitty bad makeup.

No. 715034

Pixie was on the Sims livestream doing makeup, surprised none of you have posted about it. She seemed like she had no idea what she was doing putting makeup on that girl..

(not a regular here, but the stream was really bad and I came here expecting someone was talking about it)

No. 715040

>>715034 post caps. This is an image board.

No. 715042

File: 1539790092682.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 9092329A-0FAA-461B-9795-844A6E…)

Jill looking like a whale

No. 715043

File: 1539790183275.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, C834F161-CB11-4F56-95A5-850E87…)

No. 715049

File: 1539791037346.jpg (616.29 KB, 1365x2048, 1490241396287.jpg)


This (candy Stripper?) Dress was never flattering at the first place but compared to when she got it in japan to now, it looks - different on her, to say at least.

No. 715070

this is the worst she's ever looked, hands down

No. 715078

at least she's smiling instead of the goblin face

No. 715084

I didn't automatically hate this photo, and then I realized it's because there's no goblin face.

No. 715116

Man she gained quite a bit of weight pretty quickly.
From when she first started YT to when she went to Japan she clearly gained some weight but it was over a longer period of time and not that unhealthy, but looking at this pic now and comparing it to the new candid ones is pretty worrisome.
The fact she edits her pictures so much shows she's uncomfortable with her weight, she mentioned before that she started overeating once Colin left her and I guess it just never got better?
Reading 'body posi' books or whatever really isn't the right solution..

No. 715127

I think a lot of it is her living on her own and being responsible for her own food and eating, and if she’s going drinking with friends more often then she’s really packing in the calories

No. 715138

Unrelated but she looks like a kawaii streetwalker here.

No. 715168

starts at 2:14:30
she couldn't even do a little research before going to sims camp. she calls it the "iconic green sims logo and gem" instead of a plumbob. sims camp is for people who actually play the sims and make money creating content about the sims.

also it looks like she brought her own makeup, because she used her two faced blush on that girl. i hope she properly sanitized everything

No. 715185

Omg Simsie commented on her stupid use of the word "cheeky" and Jill responded, "Yeah I don't talk like a person." It's hilarious seeing a normal person interact with her holy shit.

No. 715188

thinking/hoping she sanitized anything is very optimistic of you.

No. 715194

Bless you, people in the chat roasting her nonexistent makeup skills.

No. 715198

File: 1539804533128.png (2.07 KB, 294x28, Capture.PNG)

No. 715199

File: 1539804593548.jpg (10.92 KB, 310x54, comment.JPG)

No. 715203

File: 1539804698025.png (15.19 KB, 653x76, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 20.3…)


No. 715206

File: 1539804821500.png (920.91 KB, 642x652, Capture.PNG)

She drew teardrop tats on this poor girl's face.

No. 715208

File: 1539804838760.jpg (19.41 KB, 266x450, wew.JPG)

No. 715211

Woooooooah. Definitive proof that she's fat. This is honestly very sad.

No. 715212

I'm starting to think some of the reason she no longer puts any videos up is because she's ashamed of how much weight she's gained.

No. 715213

Right outta jail looks so stylish

No. 715217

"One eye red, one eye another color, live our life, play the Sims." What is she even saying?

No. 715219


It looks like a chemise from Target.

No. 715225

File: 1539805619335.png (2.36 KB, 290x40, Capture.PNG)

No. 715234

and this is why I don't believe she'll ever break a million subs. outside of her creepy little hugbox, people can see right through her.

No. 715236

laughing forever at how she brags about her butt and how thicc she is, girl, that is a flat ass, small boobs and a belly, that is not thicc, she looks legit pregnant

No. 715239

whelp I hope the Lazy Oaf & Irregular Choice were worth it, cuz the rest of that trip just seems like a huge embarrassment

No. 715244

She probably got knocked up by Stephen kek such a trip if she was.

No. 715254

File: 1539806678713.jpg (42.63 KB, 156x168, chinzzzzz.jpg)

No. 715258

File: 1539806852986.jpg (146.61 KB, 313x505, stream.jpg)


No. 715260

Glad to see that they can tell she obviously doesnt belong there. Maybe this will be a little wake up call or maybe it will push Jill even further into her hug box

No. 715262

File: 1539807233618.jpg (73.18 KB, 530x800, 748a1fc5209b17f75c4044e060222a…)

She's like an anti-advertisement for 'becoming famous', she just seemed so much more put together in every way before starting her ~youtube career~ lmao.

No. 715282

goddamn that girl became a meatloaf

No. 715286

new fucking threat pic please

No. 715292

>>715254 i second for new thread pic- or at least included in a collage of some sort.

No. 715295

She'll never use 'cheeky' properly ever, will she?

No. 715305

File: 1539809359534.png (244.46 KB, 344x319, yo wat.PNG)

looking at her next to a thin/normal-sized girl… it's clear that her frame is actually pretty dang small and it's aaaall fat… "curvy" kek

No. 715306

File: 1539809374357.jpg (200.95 KB, 518x515, thiq.jpg)

No. 715311

>does blue before foundation

>calls freckles 'freckies'

Wow, this is insufferable. That woman is very patient.

No. 715312

fucking kek

No. 715313

Pretty much. Anyone outside of her youtube CC bubble can see she has zero skills with makeup or … pretty much anything.

No. 715318

File: 1539810078202.jpg (77.91 KB, 1257x532, yikes.jpg)

What the hell is this face?
(my twitch got lagged and this is where i ended up)

No. 715322

File: 1539810184254.png (370.15 KB, 640x480, uncanny.png)

No. 715325

why does a knockoff Lady Bird hang out with Jill now?

No. 715327

She’s another girl from Sims camp, not actually friends with Jill

No. 715328

lol poor simsie next to jill. she puts out like what, a vid a day, streams every single day? and has anxiety problems regardless? jill can't relate.

No. 715338


of all the girls at sims camp, poor kayla had to be the one to get this makeover. kinda hope she talks about this in one of her streams

No. 715352

I wonder if Jill will talk about people calling her out on the sims stream?? On another note she GENUINELY looks heavily pregnant or like she has a distended stomach. I never understood all the shooping on her pics until now, she has the most unflattering peep-ass blob-ass figure. All I can think of right now is when she made a point of saying she had a 20 inch waist that one time. Lmao. Petition for Jill to dress up as a pig this year for halloween like the hambeast she is. Sidenote: One of the earlier anons said she mentioned not being able to diet because of her past ED making it a slippery slope, but its not hard to get referred/get an appointment with a dietician or nutritionist and have a mealplan made for weight loss that LITERALLY all you have to do is eat what is on it. But then again I don't think it would coincide with her superfood diet of tendies and garlic fingies washed down with 5 litres a day of sugary lemon iced tea.

No. 715427


No. 715443

Look at that jelly roll shoving her lard into a dress. Kek She's a pig.

No. 715461

File: 1539818804419.jpg (100.98 KB, 1080x404, 20181017_202641.jpg)

No. 715486

IC and Monki are both right around where Lazy Oaf is so expect a haul of their new collection. It’s the only physical store so she would be stupid to not get it cheaper irl while she can.

No. 715489

Without taking or did she mean without 'having' ?

Either way, grow the fuck up girlfriend. Everyone gets anxiety and she shouldnt have agreed to do this trip to begin with.

No. 715524

Lol she already bought from the new collection.

No. 715550

christ kayla and jenn on remind me of two big sisters letting their mentally slow / autist sibling give them a makeover out of pity to make her feel mature… especially with all the screeching, on and off valley girl accent, random noises, they look so uncomfortable lol

im guessing sims asked jill to do makeup looks when they contacted her, and here she didnt even bother to buy any dollar store lipstick or w/e for it… didnt even consider eyeliner until they mentioned it… how pathetic to only bring eyeshadow to a beauty 'business trip'

No. 715569

how old is she supposed to be again.

No. 715576

I just scream snorted. Plzzz let this be next thread pic!

No. 715587

20 or 21? I cant remember

No. 715593

probs got a glimpse of the twitch chat while she was doing the "makeover" and realized anyone outside of her hugbox can see right through her and that she isn't the quirky kaweewee influencer she's deluded herself into believing

No. 715604

God this makes me hope Pixie never gets into streaming on Twitch. Chats would tear her to shreds with all the trolling.

Didn't she just turn old enough to legally drink in Canada??

No. 715609

Does anyone know if she's going to halcon? It's coming up soon 26-28th, but she hasn't said anything about it.

No. 715613

None of her group has posted that they're going, so I'm guessing no.

No. 715654

>lol poor simsie next to jill. she puts out like what, a vid a day, streams every single day? and has anxiety problems regardless? jill can't relate.
Kayla also goes to school full time and moved house around the same time Jill did. Jill should be so ashamed to even stand next to someone like Kayla who not only takes her job and school seriously despite dealing with mental health issues, but is a walking example of why all Jill's bullshit excuses are void. Even when Kayla travels for sims events which are part of her job, she still prerecords like 15 videos in advance. Jill can't even bother to prerecord one for a rainy day, instead she'd rather just let her view count/channel engagement die off. I never thought I'd see the two of them meet but the contrast really is hilarious.

No. 715657

File: 1539832763879.jpeg (250.65 KB, 750x585, C8AAAF43-B72E-4E5F-ABF7-352D29…)

Her moms response

No. 715658

no one in this family understands the concept of private messaging
even when they private message, they screenshot their conversations to post online ffs

No. 715661

imagine having to apologise to your 21 year old daughter for not being available to facetime because you were caring for your pets.. sad.

No. 715668

based on what mum says, seems to confirm jill had a meltdown when she saw the comments in the chat (or when she lurked on this thread)

No. 715678

But this is a FB comment… What was the post this comment went to??

No. 715686

i mean they never message privately and instead post these detailed comments to each other on their pages, or when they do message privately jill or her mother screenshot their conversations and post them somewhere

probs had a meltdown reading the hardly mean comments from the sims stream

No. 715692

… So it's like they both think their lives as nothing but media fodder? It's both funny and disturbing how much they show, but I didn't think they had all their shit out in the open.

No. 715693

I'll be honest, I like Jillian but holy shit why can't she learn to do makeup correctly? I am so confused. It would take like a couple hours of watching youtube videos/practicing on herself with the correct equipment to do a nice job… I don't understand at all. Surely she knows that just smearing 2 types of glitter pigment over someone's eyelid and eyebrow isn't a "lewk"?

Honestly jillian, there is nothign wrong with using neutral colours to build a base and make the eye actually LOOK good before going in with "kaweewee cheeky pastels and neons"

pleaaaaaaaaaaaase do better please i'm begging you… just try a little bit harder

No. 715770

Trying is like, really hard and scary, and she has like super spooky Mental Health Issues, and has for years, so the last thing she needs is meanies with their "accountability"!

No. 715883

I’m surprised no one has posted this from her insta

No. 715886

File: 1539856954870.jpeg (674.8 KB, 640x1008, 0B3E52FF-797F-42D6-AF4D-94B1C2…)

I’m surprised no one has posted this from her insta

No. 715887

File: 1539857357548.jpeg (200.86 KB, 640x464, 2DB05D70-3D89-4462-A149-44C579…)

No. 715890

she looks cute here

No. 715894

As much as I dislike Jill and think it's stupid she felt the need to publicly broadcast that she had a panic attack, it's not like you can just "grow up" and suddenly panic attacks won't feel awful anymore. She probably shouldn't be dwelling on it and feeling sorry for herself, but while it's actually happening it's bound to be pretty scary, especially when you're quite far away from home.

Jill is so terrified of being called on her shit that she usually only interacts with her friends and fans who will tell her how great she is. Even when Jill went to college she managed to rope her friend into coming with her so that she doesn't have to actually make new friends and interact with the big bad uwu spooky world outside her hugbox, so something like the stream chat tearing her a new one has been long overdue. I hope she actually learns something from this experience, but its Jill we're talking about, so of course she fucking won't.

No. 715915

She really doesn't know how to talk like an actual human and it's not cute or quirky just vomit inducing

No. 715923

Puberty fucked up bam bam

No. 715951

I am surprised Jill still fits in that dress tbh, also, why is she wearing her Japan clothing now, trying to prove a point that she still has them?

No. 715981

i agree with you, anon. i think its pretty commendable she finally went on a trip by herself, and because she's had her hand held and been spoiled by her mom her whole life, of course shes going to have a panic attack. i don't like her either but these things take time and i dont blame for for i guess being helicoptered by louise her whole life. it fucks kids up and gives them really bad dependency issues. this is like the one aspect of jill im empathetic about and understanding of. like, yeah, shes a huge cow, but at least shes trying.

No. 716013

I know, it's so embarrassing.

Also, Louise talks to Jill in such a pathetic way. No wonder she'll never grow up on her own.

No. 716015

I don't think there's anything wrong with panic attacks and no other anon here eluded there was. The problem is, jill needs to publicly announce every part of her life. She should have messaged her mom or a friend privately. She has to post everything on social media.

No. 716055

Her mother seems like one of those middle aged perennial teenager wannabe types, who never learned how to behave like an actual adult. Just reading the way she texts her daughter gives me "Regina George cool mom" vibes. She's so afraid to act like a 40 something year old married mother of two, instead of an immature age fool crippling her already retarded daughter.

No. 716069

File: 1539881043160.jpeg (881.18 KB, 1800x2400, 40DCC9FF-354E-41B5-8C30-13DA0B…)

No. 716071

I said in my post that I agree that it was stupid to publicly announce that she had a panic attack, but the posts I replied to were saying she should "grow up, everyone gets anxiety" (which is true but it's still a shitty feeling) or seemingly criticising her for calling Louise, which I think is pretty fair enough in this circumstance even though Jill's dependency on her mum is definitely not healthy. I don't think you can claim that other anons weren't criticising her for panicking. Jill doesn't exactly do anything to make her anxiety more manageable but sometimes things like this just can't be avoided.

No. 716074

all of her angles are SO unfortunate and bad and only highlight how porky she is. jill, your mother is a photographer, take a hint from her and learn your angles

No. 716075

Christ, I hope she didn't buy that skirt she's trying on in the bottom left picture because it barely fits her as is.

No. 716076

Did she literally bring one pair of shoes with her?

No. 716077

She brought sandals too, for some reason. Both are hideous though. >>714920

No. 716078

Why would she post that top left picture?? It's so unfortunate in every way…

No. 716083

File: 1539882137534.png (165.08 KB, 500x659, sandra-m-white-baddie-sandra-n…)


bottom right reminds me of pic related

No. 716087

Spoiler this shit, please

No. 716097

File: 1539884341603.jpg (72.28 KB, 720x960, 44246277_2634938986520080_8717…)

her face is so bloated

No. 716098

File: 1539884383571.jpg (76.61 KB, 720x960, 44247677_2634938503186795_4263…)

please eat something fresh Jill

No. 716099

File: 1539884394627.jpg (51.87 KB, 720x960, 44205240_2634938183186827_6843…)

No. 716102

legal drinking age in Canada is 19

forgot to sage

No. 716103

How can you be so stunted when it comes to food..?

>Tokyo = fries and tendies/burgers/steak

>NYC = fries and tendies/burgers/steak
>London = fries and tendies/burgers/steak

Come on Jill you're killing me!!

No. 716105

this bitch got potato salad and fries as a side.

No. 716107

cute where? she kinda reminds me of james charles with her white-ass foundation

No. 716108

>>716103 tbf a cheeky nandos is very British

No. 716119

I know. How do you have carbs with a side of carbs? No wonder she's ballooning up.

No. 716130

Yeah I don’t know what you think London food is, but a variation of Nando’s and Weatherspoons is average

No. 716146


This would be a really good look if she wasnt wearing that beret. Its a sporty look with that beret and the hair down that ruin the outfit.
Please Jill stop with the beret!

No. 716151

Sage your autism. That entire outfit is hideous.

No. 716159

Looking forward to that cancer and heart disease, Jilly?

No. 716166

I don't think she's shitting on london (there are many places nicer than nando's), but jill isn't in fucking london rn, she's in japan eating mediocre western style family restuarant food. she could atleast be eating japanese style cheap food. it's not that hard to find. you can buy a nice teishoku for 500 yen ffs.

No. 716170

she's in London, keep up

No. 716171

What? She's in London for the Simscamp…

No. 716176

brb vomiting at how much beige shit she eats
still waiting since the japan trip for her to eat a single raw fruit or vegetable

No. 716186

Are you 7 threads behind anon?

No. 716196

I can‘t say it often enough but her face looks so fat?! Like a hamster or a straight up fat baby. But then again she looks so old. Fat grandma baby face.

No. 716200

I thought all the anons were exaggerating how fat she was before, I thought she looked normal/skinnyfat maybe, but nowhere near as fat as everyone called her. But now, holy fuck, that double chin, bloated face, everything. She's tubby. This is what happens when you let a womanchild with no life skills move out on her own, she's going to be morbidly obese within 2 years if she keeps on like this.

No. 716215

File: 1539893182670.png (176.28 KB, 389x367, pixiebikini.png)

Honestly that's something that really pisses me off about Pixie…
Remember 2-3 months ago when she was posting those bikini photos and acting like ~she was such a brave bean for posting her squishy self online uwu~?

There were even a bunch of anons here who started defending her body and saying she actually looks good, so I'm sure most of her followers thought those pictures were unedited too.

She constantly keeps pushing this "teheh I have such a tiny waist and hourglass figure, only my thighs and ass are ~thicc~" narrative while also wanting to be some inspirational ED survivor body positivity role model.

The reason that people like bodyposipanda have such a huge following is because they're actually genuine about their bodies and don't shoop their belly away any chance they get.

It's fine if Jill is insecure about her body, I just wish she would stop showing her young & impressionable followers those overly edited photos and pretending like they're real.
Maybe I would start buying her body positive bullshit if she actually posted those candid SimsCamp photos herself lmao.

No. 716222

that bloat is insane. freshman 15? i hope she's not purging or something.

No. 716246

>>716146 the outfit is only passable when she shoops the hell out of herself. see >>714252 for how she actually looks irl. also i would 100% bet that she's wearing the beret/more hats in general to hide the tracks from her extensions

No. 716280

I always just rolled my eyes at anons calling her fat, but she's really blowing up. Based on her vlogs she doesn't know how to prepare a decent meal and just lives off of chicken tendies and takeout, so it's not surprising I guess.

No. 716321

lemon & herb chicken with the BLANDEST sides… i shouldn't even be surprised.

No. 716363

she is hiding her bangs as well, her hair is probably a greaseball and she is hiding it, maybe the hotel doesn't have a bath tub and our kaweewee queen can't shower

No. 716365

Why would you get both mashed potatoes and french fries as sides???

No. 716379

when you want to look like she does

No. 716391

Not really since we have it in North America and the chicken/fries tastes just like American food.

No. 716402

shes canadian…..?

No. 716410

north america is a continent, anon. regardless y'all are both wrong nandos is neither an american thing or an english thing since it is a south african restaurant that sells portuguese food lmao. but the phrase "cheeky nandos" is 1000000000000000000000000% a quintessential british thing

No. 716412

fuck sorry i can't read

No. 716414

Regardless of where the restaurant exists or what it serves, Nando's is often associated with the UK. The same way that Dunkin Donuts is a stereotypical New England thing, even though coffee and doughnuts exist elsewhere, and Dunks even exists outside of it too.

No. 716484

I didn’t even know nandos was British until now even but even then, why can’t tendie princess at least choose a UK exclusive tendie serving place instead of shit we have here.

No. 716491


This is the post that finally made me lose my mind.

JILL. Jesus fucking CHRIST girl. You are killing yourself! The way you eat is quite literally how you become obese. It's not magic. You are gaining weight rapidly and you are fucking with your hormones. This is literally how obesity happens.

As a major health nut, and someone that doesn't absolutely eat any sugar or carbs, Jillian's diet is fucking unbearable to behold.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716495

anon u sound unbearable yikes, she getting fatter but chill she isnt morbidly obese beyond salvation. Get some natural sugar in you

No. 716496

is this satire?

No. 716497


She lives on fucking tendies and fries. How is that not how obesity happens? She doesn't exercise either. I'm sorry but it disgusts me.

No. 716499

By health nut do you mean orthorexic? Carbs (obviously from a healthy source) are good for you in moderation and cutting an entire macronutrient from your diet is not mentally or physically healthy in the long term.

No. 716500


I have an autoimmune disorder, this is how I manage it.

I would never tell anyone to follow an extreme diet. But for the love of God, eat healthy! Eat a vegetable. Please!

No. 716515


No. 716567

Your do realize EVERYTHING you consume turns into sugar naturally? Are you OK anon?

No. 716599


Literally never been better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716604

sage this unrelated shit

No. 716617

God it's so satisfying to see all the anons finally admit she is without a doubt a fat fuck. She photoshops to hell and back despite her ~body positivty~ shit, including here >>707090 where everyone suddenly whiteknighted her saying "she's average, not FAT, GUYS!" Finally everyone sees her unedited body ffs, it was getting frustrating.

Not even thinking about how obese this shit diet of hers will make her, all this overprocessed, salty food is going to clog her fucking veins. Jill, there is nothing kaweewee about a heart attack in your 20s. Please think about your health, for your own sake.

No. 716703

good job wearing a design knockoff of a Lazy Oaf cardigan TO the actual Lazy Oaf store

No. 716724

You would die both without sugar or carbs because the body needs it to function. You sound like a ana-chan. Kill is gaining lots of weight but eating the “bad” things that are actually good in moderation won’t hurt you.

No. 716821

With posts like >>716491 I can absolutely see why some anons rolled their eyes when people first pointed out that Jill’s getting chunky.

Knowing that she’s shallow, used to have an eating disorder and that she shoops herself thin, she’s definitely noticed and I’m willing to bet she’s pretty upset about it. I guess she’d rather ready body positivity books and eat cheeky nandos than actually do anything about it though.

No. 716865


Is this really the first fucking time you've heard about eating low carb? Are you 12?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716869


This post is wild. If you have an extreme diet, you probally arent the person Jill needs to go to for advice.

No. 716873

can we all stope discussing the diet of some rando? nobody cares really

Jill is a fat fuck. period

No. 716898


I start to believe that Jill is silent about the Kawaii International event because she knows that this time around when she goes to Japan, that she will be to fat for every kind of clothes there. And she will be filmed the way she can't control it. She knows she is a hot mess.

No. 716899


Jill has been fat for a long time. I'm not sure why people like to debate this. She's not even in the weird in-between fat and normal weight, she's just fat.

No. 716909

Please calm down, maybe eat an apple or something. There are carbs and sugar in that too.

From what I've seen it's not uncommon for ana-chans to overshoot during recovery and end up chunky, but it's been years her weight gain has been really accelerated recently. Independent living isn't doing her any favors.

No. 716919

I saw her irl at animaritimes and she was not this big,she blew up so much

No. 716924


I am yet another anon who thought everyone calling Jill fat before was just ana chan or exaggerating but holy shit.

I hope she gets some spanx for the Japan tripbecause just like this case she likely won't have 100% control of every camera angle.

No. 716925

I remember last time she went to Japan she mentioned in one of her videos that she was afraid she'd be too much of a "giant big troll" to fit any JP clothing, and she was relieved that she ended up fitting most/all clothing she tried on…
she should definitely be super worried now then since she's gained so much

No. 716941

She honestly doesn't look that bad..

No. 716944

Low carb and no carb are two different things you idiot

No. 716946

File: 1539966067224.jpeg (492.67 KB, 750x670, CA5AACF4-2337-48C1-AC75-574C63…)

No. 716950

File: 1539966218348.jpeg (685.39 KB, 2250x1501, 4F7B07B7-8D36-495A-9C0A-F32503…)

No. 716959

She has to know how chubby she looks kek. Posting that book was the first step, now we wait for her uwu~body positivity~ video.

No. 716968

Again, like with all cows, it's not the true weight/ shape that's the problem, but the fact that she excessively shoops, obscures, and does everything in her power to lie about it. I swear,comments like these are in every thread, and they show how the commenter is completely missing the point. These people are scammers, and their body is just another scam. Why is that so hard to understand?

No. 716996

What worries me the most is how fast she gained that weight. I'm pretty sure she wasn't that big six months ago. If she continues like this, in a year she could be dangerously obese.

No. 717024

"bed" that's your couch Jill and you are fully clothed, is going upstairs too much effort? also you are soooo tired but have time to edit your hair so much?

No. 717032

File: 1539975739369.jpeg (59.29 KB, 610x582, F9451D3E-84EC-4B49-9AF6-067C57…)

I will never get over how she’s just an irl Chanel #5 from scream queens, personality and all.

No. 717054

Probably nitpicky but if I am not mistaken, that blanket‘s from primark? I mean it‘s no surprise that Jill went to shop there but preaching about reuseable bags and then shopping at a store like primark?

No. 717065

>>717054 yeah, it looks like the new pusheen design they have in

No. 717073

She looks unrecognizable in the face from all the fat here.

On another note anyone else surprised she's not been spamming about her "boyfriend" all over social media? I expected her to make a video featuring him by now but maybe her fat gain puts her to shame.

It's not even bloat either like some anons wanted to say, it's full on fat. From the side she looks like a mini kailyn wilcher, the fugly betsey johnson bag and badly done makeup and crazy face just accentuates the kw look. All that's missing now is video proof of Jill putting cups of sugar into her drinks since we already got the massive portions of tendies and other beige foods down.

No. 717077

tinfoil, maybe she ballooned too much and he dumped her. it's weak tinfoil tho, i'd expect jill to have overshared about her breakup by now so people would feel sorry for her, maybe she could snag a pity gift or two from her gullible subscribers.

No. 717078

>proof of Jill putting cups of sugar into her drinks
I'm pretty sure that she exclusively drinks sweet iced tea, bubble tea, Starbucks pink 'tea' and sugary tea with marshmallows in it lmao
it's really no surprise she's been gaining so much weight now

No. 717105

File: 1539983939676.jpeg (219.46 KB, 750x823, E2E0B9D1-3302-4CD2-A9E9-385894…)

Nah they’re definitely still together

No. 717106

File: 1539983981718.jpeg (245.98 KB, 750x1129, 31F57D4F-8C76-47CF-87A9-A77039…)

No. 717112

i feel like it was pretty inappropriate for her mom to comment on that?????

No. 717119

louise vessey in the flesh? being inappropiate?? now you're just talking craziness, anon

No. 717120

I saw her there too. She has to have gained 15-20 pounds in the last 3 months.

No. 717153

Wait and see her pick up on this as a compliment, like with sharpay Evans that was said in an older thread.

No. 717157

shes literally posted picture after picture of her putting peeps into her tea and grossing every sane person out on here. look back on her insta, you'll find em.
>"One serving of Peeps is five chick-shaped pieces, each containing 28 calories. This may not seem like a lot, but almost all of these calories come from sugar (one Peep has 7.2 grams of carbs, 6.8 of which are sugar), meaning they're as empty as it gets"
>thanks google

No. 717165


I think one dumped the other, there‘s not a single post of him in a while. I mean, boy seemed like he was smart enough to dump her ass before Jill could give him a makeover

No. 717172

Freshman 15 is real y'all. Knowing how her anxiety is she probably does a lot of stress eating? I think she'll learn (I hope she'll learn)

No. 717177

i never thought about this but it is spot on

No. 717194

File: 1539994071831.png (877.58 KB, 720x1086, 20181020_010748.png)

This photo compared to the candids kek

No. 717197

File: 1539994254432.jpg (249.28 KB, 661x472, tumblrnotevenonce.jpg)

No. 717215

damn. seeing edited v not edited side by side really drives it home.

also makes her uwu so body positive be yourself love yourself no matter what because i'm 'thicc' and i love me! bullshit even more sleazy and hypocritical.

i really hate this body positive movement bullshit. if you love your body, great, that's a good thing. but don't try to sell packing on massive amounts of weight in a very short period of time because you eat literal garbage and only get up and move to go shopping like it's a good and healthy thing.
and then shooping your real body in to oblivion because you just loooove it so much.

not only that, but how can Jill and other people who pull the same shit not be cognizant that people WILL see unedited pictures and realize how full of shit they are? fuck, i'm embarrassed for them.

No. 717216

Holy shit she's so ugly. She looks like a gnome

No. 717220

Don't rag on chanel #5 like this anon. Least she has cute makeup and hair and her clothes aren't as mismatched

No. 717221

Honestly, I don't think this photo is edited. I'm about her size, and it's not hard to pose yourself to look thinner. If you notice in all the photos she posts herself, she's always doing some odd pose. Here it's hand on hip (to sinch in the waist and make the upper arm look thinner), other arm posed so you can't see the upper arm, leaning back so the stomach stretches out, and legs crossed so they appear to taper flatteringly. She didn't have control of the angles in the livestream, and it's impossible to constantly pose in a video recording without looking crazy.

No. 717233

Ah fuck anon, youre right I completely forgot about the peeps tea lmao. I wonder if she still drinks that shit since there haven't been any posts about it recently. Maybe we shamed her enough for it.

That would be pretty impressive if she gained freshman 15 when she's only been in school for like, less than a month. I think she's been consistently gaining for a while now but can't pinpoint when it really amped up.

I think she shooped it because her dress is wrinkly as fuck in every other picture and this one is perfectly smoothed out.

No. 717234

Does… does Jill know what dancy means?

No. 717260

Damn she doesn't need a Halloween costume. She already looks like a goblin.

No. 717328

>>717221 nah there's no fucking way she didn't shoop this. look at the top right of >>716069 her stomach is bulging. posture/posing can't fix something that dramatic.

No. 717697

No. 717699

File: 1540063078320.png (401.61 KB, 720x719, 20181020_201825.png)

No. 717701

File: 1540063237197.png (835.87 KB, 720x709, 20181020_202048.png)

New lazy oaf jumper

No. 717707

Her mom really needs to take a step back

I'm sure she shoops but like that other anon I also think this is possible through posing, you can still see her stomach lifting up the dress. Good lighting and flattering pose makes a huge difference.

I wonder how she feels about her body now, being a former anachan? She's body posi uwu on the surface, but I think it's just for show.

No. 717727

File: 1540067874474.jpg (82.88 KB, 900x661, 1540067762274.jpg)

No. 717738

honestly I´m so glad Jill went to the UK it´s been really entertaining so far and the pictures of her are gold

No. 717741

>tried gaming videos
Oh yeah, a whopping 1 video with the Sims as an effort in gaming videos.

No. 717745

i mean, she did that one play-through of Happy Home Designer.

No. 717748

I mean she shooped when she was ana as well, she has been shooping so long since she was so young that her self image is likely completely warped

No. 717777

THESE BANGS…. it keeps getting worse

No. 717805

i really really just want to give jill some good conditioner her hair looks no different to dry straw

No. 717816

the blunt in the middle and the tapered sides makes them look like a helmet

No. 717818

File: 1540080591341.png (416.47 KB, 645x496, 8EaFxM6.png)

i and my hair stylist both refer to these as "egg bangs" because they make you look like humpty dumpty. hers are giving me some additional Target Lady vibes

No. 717859

I'm not surprised by this at all. This is exactly what happens when parents don't teach their kids how to cook or give them any independence before leaving home. I see it everywhere in college, sheltered spoiled kids just have no fucking idea of how to take care of themselves. From that, I wonder how she's keeping the whole townhouse clean on her own, the size would make it a challenge even for a mature student.

No. 717866

who said she's keeping it clean?

No. 717917

I don't expect that it is, but I was more rhetorical, saying how could she even possibly keep it clean, given the size? It's likely a mess, since she hasn't been showing much of the townhouse off on Instagram or YouTube.

No. 717928

I know it's pretty common for people who used to have an ed to struggle with finding proper balance after recovering. I wonder if Jill is afraid that losing weight or changing her diet would trigger a spiral.

No. 717945

Didn't she do an ad for a dress-up game once too?
Idk still a stretch Jill. Literally the only reason she said that is because she wants to look like she belongs at Sims Camp

No. 717960

She did an ad for Love Nikki I believe which is a dress up game with loads of bells and whistles and microtransactions on the app store.

I think I remember her saying she was obsessed with it during the ad and that she was always playing it but that was the first and last time I heard her mention it.

She likes games if she's paid to like them.

No. 718076

No. 718079

GOD she looks even porkier up close.

No. 718081

She’s visibly balding on the sides of her head, she looks almost alright bald at some points near the end. Jill, please, for the love of god, just buy a nice wig and let you hair grow out and heal

No. 718082

why does she always mispronouce crêpe? it bugs me because she always pulls this ~uwu im so multiligual uwu~ crap and cant even pronouce a simple french word right.
and also she seems to have a very weird relationship with her friend because she always calls her ~mom friend~. now i dont want to look too much into it but does jillybean really miss her mom so fucking much that she starts calling her friends mom?!

No. 718083

she looks literally like an egg

No. 718084

i think that might be because her hair is re-bleached and her hairline doesnt have this dark outline anymore

No. 718085

i couldnt help but notice that this video is more nicely edited than the stuff she put out before

No. 718091

first thing that comes to mind

No. 718103


Is she saying "I am ready to be…" fed or fat?

No. 718104

is "mom friend" just the only one in the group (at a time) that's responsible and pulls their own weight?

No. 718106

File: 1540136644628.jpg (22.63 KB, 564x488, chin-chan.JPG)

No. 718113

have you not ever heard of the term "mom friend" before?

it just means the one in the group that looks out for the others, comforts them, makes sure everyone is hydrated, keeps snacks on them and always has a supply of band aids and pain killers

its not a projection because she's away from her mother

No. 718126

this is how you pronounce crepe in english even if it's ugly. you'd sound like a pretentious douchebag saying it the french way in an english conversation to english speakers

No. 718131


In the major US cities I've lived in, all of the crepe places pronounce it this way, including French cafes/restaurants. I don't think Jill is incorrect here unless you think it's better to use the Newscaster Disease French pronunciation and sound like a douchebag.

Saged for reverse nitpick

No. 718149

I wouldn't go that far. There wasn't much of her talking to the camera/shots of her nostrils. It's almost like she didn't want to make an ass out of herself in public with her friend. The music was very travel vlog trendy. It's better than most of her videos because there's very little of her in it .

No. 718177

Seeing a grown adult wearing a randoseru
backpack is so cringy. They're made for japanese school children, not jfashion.

No. 718185

Idk anon, I've definetly seen a fair share of japanese street fashion using it
It looks ridiculous regardless but still

No. 718187

>>718076 kek Ophelia had a go fuck me a while back for a wheelchair because she's so uwu disabled that a cane was no longer enough help but there's no aid in this video what a munchie. I'll se if i can find the post.

No. 718190

File: 1540143764684.jpg (100.53 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1540143724765.jpg)

>>718187 ot I know but Jill sure does surround herself with enablers

No. 718193

i fucking hate ophelias nails.