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File: 1540411631889.jpg (142.2 KB, 431x576, 1540392934333.jpg)

No. 720365

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~
>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent

>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for self-care rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to Japan and NYC, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during university
>has kept a total of five relationships in over 2 years, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; now largely just refers to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

In the last thread:
School started
Jill takes Ativan during first class
Jill missed a day during the first week due to muh anxiety
Is a bigger mess than usual because school is just so hard. She cried over running a red light
Nina knocks water onto Jill’s Mac and it breaks
Jill cries over spilled soup
Has booked a new tattoo appointment
Buys new YRU shoes despite not breaking in her old ones
Goes on a brand trip to London for the Sims, despite not playing the game. Jill gets roasted on a live stream by the community. She uploads a shitty vlog about the trip, which barely promotes the game
Jill has gained a lot of weight very quickly. She looks like she has gained at least 10 pounds in a matter of weeks. Her face is bloated as hell and she looks pregnant


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Old Da (very milky) https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/

No. 720367

File: 1540411673368.jpg (249.28 KB, 661x472, tumblrnotevenonce.jpg)

from the last thread

No. 720368

File: 1540411685699.jpg (200.95 KB, 518x515, thiq.jpg)

No. 720404

I don‘t want to say too much, but apparently most of the „big“ simmers didn‘t want to have anything to do with Jill at sims camp.

No. 720407

Proof? Give us some details, otherwise you're just popping in here pretending to have milk when you don't. Sage shit like this.

No. 720408

>inside source over here

No. 720425

No. 720426

It’s so bizarre. I’m not really a fan of Beckii or Kelsey, but they just ooze personality and charisma when compared to Jill just standing there making noises

No. 720437

>>720425 she put more effort into this video than she did for the sponsored sims video

No. 720438

The fact that she didn't know she needed adaptors to charge her shit in London is beyond me. How sheltered is she? She was also commenting on the 'weight' of the money too, which i found ironic.

(Sidenote; I hate her more everytime she says 'brekkie' instead of breakfast.)

No. 720459

File: 1540422446669.png (250.06 KB, 353x420, okok.png)

nice to know I wasn't tripping balls when I saw her name on this article on Origin. I didn't understand what it had to do with her…

No. 720463

What the actual fuck. How could she not realize she needed adaptors in London after the whole microwave wrong plug shit show? How the hell did she not know

No. 720481


There's a reason why they call ativan the "amnesia" drug. (Hint: it makes you have super shitty brain fog)

No. 720487

There's nothing like a widdle brekkie at Subway when you're in London for the first time ever!

No. 720488

did she not stop taking her meds because she decided she was happy and didn't need them?

No. 720489

>>720488 she then started taking them again pretty quickly

No. 720491

is it just me or are her panning shots too fast? i feel dizzy watching this

No. 720494

Jill claiming her silhouette made her feel good and confident was so sad

No. 720496

Lmao she's literally shaped like one of her precious chicken tendies Jill just wants those body positive points from her cult

No. 720523


so just like with Japan, she made zero effort to do anything that wasn't shopping. just blows my mind; she could have gone on her mandatory shopping spree, and also made some time for, I don't know, art galleries, museums, what the fuck ever.

what a shallow, sad existence.

No. 720538

Is she trying to sound like Matthew McConaughey at 1:27? I've never heard her speak in such a bizarro voice before.

Of course a shopping trip isn't complete without
> autistic screeching noises
> causing a scene and being loud/obnoxious as fuck
> acting like a neurotic 12 year old in public

Videos of Jill with her friends remind me so much of vid related.

> i have all these amazing memories uwu

Really Jill? Shopping is an amazing memory?

I know, right? She was only there for a few days, but there was more she could've done aside from buying trashy expensive things to haul back to her den. She couldn't even be away from her laptop for 3 days… That pretty much says it all.
I'm pretty sure at this point after trips to NYC, JP, and now UK that she has exactly 0% interest in anything but materialistic shit and it's pretty tragic that someone can go to 3 major cities and do fuck all but look at chinese made products to buy, buy, buy instead of doing something actually meaningful.

No. 720540

oh god please be true

No. 720542

but don't forget she's an ARTIST tho and she LOVES art!! oh if only she could go to ART GALLERIES but there's only one in her shitty hometown that she went to like once teehee so i guess she'll never go to any other art galleries ever bc they don't exist ANYWHERE ELSE

No. 720565

Well she doesn't really look like she belongs there in the first place. There's those Sims players like >>720459 that have the alt-fashion look to them and then there's Jill who's dicking about in eye-blindingly bad clothes and whose YT-Sims experience is one video.

But anon, NY was a special case where she got to be fawned over by dozens of her adoring fans who brought her gifts for her birthday, and shopping was the only way to cope with such an exhausting trip! /s

No. 720601

All these people in this photo look like they're having a good time and bonding over sims, and then there's Jill who vlogged alone and pitifully didn't talk to anyone aside from the forced makeup thing she did.

Did she meet anyone or make friends with anyone at all in the sims camp?

No. 720608

>>720488 she stopped taking her daily/long-term SSRIs. she continues to pop benzos like they're going out of style. not sure how she manages to keep getting refills either, bc usually they're supposed to be short-term

No. 720713

File: 1540443915594.jpeg (110.74 KB, 318x415, A153F61C-B085-4AB2-B295-40F9CE…)

“Sometimes I feel really bad about myself and want to rip off my skin and run away like a snake, but then I put on a outfit like this and start to feel invincible”
She’s been doing a lot of non body positive things lately like looking unnatural and stiff in all of her photos, bc she knows that she’s gained weight. A trick to look skinny is to wear high waisted bottoms to hide fupa, and emphasize the bust to distract from the pounds, which is why she’s wearing a push up bra now.

No. 720718

File: 1540444464642.jpg (32.75 KB, 414x435, i wish dath.jpg)

The fact that she put more effort and thought into her personal video when she was PAID to go do the SPONSORED one really grinds my gears. She really gives no fucks about being a ~professional utuber~ at all.

Watching the sponsored one all she really talked about was ~im so proud of myself for taking this last minute opportunity!!~ she mentions next to nothing of the actual expansion, none of the new features, nothing.

No. 720785

how is the uwu fashion designer the worst dressed, also that shot of her chunky pasty legs waddling down the stairs in lazy oaf, why would anyone look at that and think yep, that is great footage I need to show

No. 720793

This bitch had full on trouble with her expensive UK microwave bc of the plug but didn‘t know that she needed adaptors in the UK?
How does your brain work, Jill, how?!

No. 720836

Did she say there will be a London Haul vidro or sth? I wanna know how much she spend

No. 720857

File: 1540472679280.jpg (122.38 KB, 852x1238, 1540472664403.jpg)

Why do even her pumpkins have to be pastel pink? Why not just buy the colorful decorative ones?

No. 720880

sage ur nitpicks

No. 720903

because she liked that one? those are all normal punpkins. cute little display tbh

No. 720910

this quote made me kind of really sad..she really needs to go see a therapist and not buy more and more clothes to feel good. its almost like her materialism turned into a shopping addicition by now and the only thing that makes her feel good is all the tacky stuff she buys.

No. 720927


When they go to the flower cafe and her first stabs at the obviously French word in the title are "ee-lann" and then "Ellen". Obviously would not be so annoying if she wasn't always hyping up her ~bilingualism~

No. 720933

File: 1540482957715.png (195.8 KB, 465x430, jdjhsfkal.png)

I'm sorry but this genuinely feels like the 'big day out' of a special person.

God even just the beginning where she keeps scrunching up her face and touching her lips… Is she just incapable of talking to the camera normally now?
And then when she's out the constant noises/screeching/yelling random stuff and of course the baby talk & made up words.

I can't believe she's 20 years old, the older she gets the more disturbing this stuff is getting, especially since she seemed way more articulate when she first started YT.

No. 720939


>This is so aesthetic


the flying tiger past was so awkward. You see Kelsey and Beckii exploring the shop and having fun while Jill just stands there, filming all that while saying "this is so cute" and "oh my gosh" in the distance without any trace of enthusiasm. Also, the background music on the loop is just annoying af.

No. 720948

I have to admid I liked that video. Okey she was behaving like the usual but 1) she went outside 2) met with people 3) it’s not a haul (even tho she bought shit i kno)
She seems a bit more lively here as well AND she says thank you?? I thought i heard wrong but she actually said she’s grateful??

No. 720951

This scene made me feel like she’s trying extremely hard to fit in with the other 2. Also did anyone catch that moment when they were in the lazy oaf shop and pixie felt the need to say “OOH THATS FROM THE NEW DROP LIKE FROM A WEEK AGO” to the other girl? try hard ok

No. 720961

the IC shop in Carnaby is actually pretty small. the upstairs area has been closed for a while now and Jill literally videoed everything in there.. like, not just her favourite bits. was she trying to make it look massive?

No. 721012

She’s had a shopping addiction for years, since she was 15-16 at least. It’s kinda fueled by her mother though, but it’s hard to say whether Louise also has shopping problems.

No. 721014

File: 1540488746307.png (1 MB, 720x896, 20181025_183245.png)

No. 721016

why doesn´t Jill make thos "spent 1000 $ at Lazy Oaf" or "1000 $ haul"-videos?? it would just fit her attitude

No. 721018

omg colour coordination??

No. 721029

Those dusty rat earrings… Jillian. Throw. Them. Away.

No. 721032

Weren't those earrings and that beret both blue?

No. 721040

Earrings were mint green/blueish; the beret was likely blue. She seems to have fudged around with the colors which makes sense considering how she's starting to look in videos and unedited.

No. 721099

she's actually wearing grey though wow. Neutral colors suit her so much more than her shock pink granny outfits

No. 721127

She's not wearing grey. Those are just a really dingy blue.

No. 721239

File: 1540507021994.jpeg (290.82 KB, 750x1334, 42C884B6-05FA-4BC8-99BB-09E64A…)

No. 721243


No. 721249

File: 1540507572632.jpeg (504.57 KB, 640x676, D4342F69-B780-43CD-9034-868925…)

God it was only, what, 3 months ago and this dress flattered her just fine with a bra. Honestly I’m almost believing she’ll pregnant with how much weight she’s put on in the last 3 months or so

No. 721256

I think part of her problem is that she's wearing something like one of her sheer tops underneath the dress, so it's a lot less flattering than it would be with just the bra.

No. 721261

a bra won't hide that gut though.

No. 721263

She needs to learn how to wear a fucking bag, that's why she looks prego

No. 721338

Yeah, the flattering part of A-line dresses like that is they accentuate the waist and hide the rest, so people either imagine a better figure underneath or just don't think about the stomach/hips at all. But letting her bag stay pressing the dress in under her stomach ruins the illusion.
She definitely has gained a lot of weight for a short period of time though which is a little worrisome since it shows how bad her mental and physical health are getting.

No. 721354

Sage for sperg but it triggers me that she wears extensions and doesn't bother to style them at all. Curl them? Do something? they look so scraggly and bad. It's so easy to style extensions because you can curl them once and they hold it forever. She's so lazy.

No. 721382

She's eating poorly, but long term Ativan use can cause weight gain too. Is drug scheduling the same in Canada? Because it seems odd that her prescriber isn't taking her off, because the gain is pretty extreme for a short period of time. w

No. 721393


holy moly!! She looks round like Danny Devito as the Penguin here.

No. 721401

how dare you say that about a wonderful, good, kind-hearted person like Danny Devito, anon

No. 721434

>>721382 nah lorazepam and other benzos are unlikely to cause weight gain. i think you're thinking of SSRIS. she's ballooning because of her diet and lack of exercise. but benzos are super fucking addictive. i'm also confused how she keeps getting refills on this shit when she pops them like candy and isn't in therapy.

No. 721438

didn't she mention that she was prescribed seroquel?
if she's still taking it, that could be why she's ballooned so quickly, it's known to cause massive weight gain super quick.

No. 721454

Is she still even dating this dude? We never hear about him.

No. 721462

sage because it's nothing milky but if anyone still wanted the evolution of Jill's fashion sense, here's almost 7 minutes worth of it

No. 721482

>>721462 kek bless you, anon. also, honestly, her body looks pretty dang similar now to how it did unshooped at 0:09. i feel like she lost some weight for a bit after that and then gained it back and then some.

No. 721484

any reason why you didn't include the punk phase or the pastel goth phase or did you just forget those happened

No. 721500

Its mostly a recap starting from the first thread she had at her lolita/semi-normal state then to her current look now, so i didn't think about covering every specific phase she had before then once i started

No. 721504

she should learn how to dress herself from her fans, at least the other girls outfit is color matched and fine

No. 721543

In her video "Getting rid of a chunk of my closet" she kept some pieces saying that she'd lost a bunch of weight and she was planning on loosing more, so in the end she would fit in them. But I think she's further from her goal.
Also she has A LOT of workout t-shirts: all her Freak lunchbox tees and her lucky pack tshirts… I don't think she needs so many.
I haven't seen the piano, the pink and green carpet, the sewing machine clock in her townhouse.
Some examples of how her projects develop (recap):
-She wanted to go to fashion university by drawing a portfolio, sewing clothes, get some models to take pictures. She used as an excuse not to make them that the fabric store from where she had taken swatches had closed. So she applied for a school where they don't require portfolio.
-She wanted to make her own synthpop music after she left Rainbow Valley (they'd disbanded because she was too focused on her own stuff) with Garageband and make music intros with her toy piano. None of that happened.
-She wanted to make lots of pins…
-She started a calendar and abandoned it. She wanted to do Inktober.
-She started her Yui cosplay almost a year before so she could sew it slowly and mastering every step. She did a little bit in the first weeks, bought a bunch of materials and then did nothing. In the end she rushed the weeks before. She didn't post a video of it as she promised.
-She also promises so many videos like the Gem and the holograms makeup review or the lazy oaf lookbook that she'd mentioned since black friday to spring.
Basically she quits anything that requires any effort. She doesn't even post videos regularly or nicely edited now that she's receiving money from Patreon. Her last vlogs, wich some of you guys have said that are well edited I think they're bad. She just records other people's actions and editing is easy when you just have to chop clips and add music.
In her video last video you can tell she's just a fangirl who's lucky to be hanging out(well just staring at them and giggling) with her idols.

No. 721559

There were like one or two outfits where she actually looked decent and didn't have so many colors smashed in, but then those were immediately followed by a swarm of bad decisions. Also this documents her weight gain pretty wellp

No. 721567

eh. not to blog too hard but i take that along with other "weight-gain" causing meds and i'm not fat. any med that says it causes weight gain outside of something like prednisone just increases your appetite, which is easily dealt with once you work out the pattern of how/when it spikes and plan meals and intake accordingly.

tl;dr she eats too much(no one cares)

No. 721579

No. 721592

idk why y'all are acting as if she's getting fat from meds when we've seen how badly she eats and how little she moves

No. 721622

is she still doing 'featured confetti club member'? haven't seen it in a while…

No. 721626

File: 1540564674395.png (750.97 KB, 558x832, Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 15.3…)

aha! so unless she has two berets like this, it was a cream colour.

No. 721650

She has two of these, one in cream, one in blue. She was sent them for PR(-ish? An indie artist sent them her way), and both were featured in a favorites’ video. The blue one was also in one of her pictures in the last thread.

No. 721651

File: 1540567102501.jpg (58.35 KB, 900x933, 1540567130690.jpg)

No. 721669

Everybody knows it's ultimately that but the meds likely aren't helping.
The strange thing is that her prescriber isn't doing anything about it. I dunno how it is in Canada, but in the US you cannot refill a schedule 2, and in most states you can only get 3 months of prescriptions at a time before you are required to visit your prescriber in person. There, they do a quick check on your dosage, how you're doing, and take vitals, including weight. Here, if your weight is going in either bad direction they cut you off and change your treatment quick, unless there's no way around it like Ativan for seizures. Is Canada not as strict on scheduled drugs, or does she just have a shitty, pillmill doc?

No. 721692

>>721669 brit fag here but I know here that doctors would rather you being more stable and over weight than unstable and thin. The notion is that if you come off of meds because of weight gain you obviously don't need them ~that badly.

No. 721694

Could It not be birth control? that makes you gain weight in some cases and I am pretty sure she spoke about re starting it? I might have imagined that though

No. 721698

no she definetely talked about it, but wasnt it a longer time ago? around when she noticed shes not a real lesbian and got her boyfriend?

No. 721702

She started dating her boyfriend in June though, so its only been 4 months. From someone who's weight yo-yoed pretty badly around Jill's age, 4 months is the usual amount of time it takes for gained weight to really start showing its disfigurement of the body. Hormone fluctuations between ages 18-24 changes the female body. It's why underage or 18 year old brides were the ideal for a grown man up until recent decades. Girls lose their teen shape and develop their womanly bodies that they keep for the rest of their lives. Of course, skinny girls can end up being overweight women. Overweight teens can also end up being fit, active older women. It totally depends on lifestyle choices. You can't control hormonal changes (esp if you're on the pill which makes it x10 worst) or the reality of aging but you can obviously adjust your life habits for the long-term and decrease your risk of weight issues later in life.

tl;dr - i'm not too shocked by her weight gain given her age, hopefully she changes for the better.

No. 721704

It drives me mental that this top is supposed to be worn off the shoulder but she has it pulled up like that. I know they ride up but tuck it in!

No. 721730

I'm thinking it might also be due to her first year in college. Freshman 15 is a thing for a reason, its easy to eat crappier and exercise less while living on your own and going to school. I believe it is this in combination with the meds and the fact that she was not a healthy eater in the first place.

No. 721741

File: 1540582309381.png (2.31 MB, 2048x1472, Screenshot_20181026-143043.png)

Honestly she looks so much like Egg in those earlier pics with blonde hair.

>Her, really?

No. 721759

I thought this was a screenshot from hannah montana

No. 721769

i really hope none of y'all dislocate a shoulder from all the reaching you're doing…
-if any meds she was on were making her gain weight, she'd say so in a heartbeat. blaming things outside of her control is her specialty. she hasn't mentioned the "uwu horribal" side effects because she knows it's her fault she's gaining.
-when's the last time she's posted about eating a vegetable or fruit? and no, potatoes don't count. it's delusional to think that eating nothing but chicken and starch WON'T make you blow up like a balloon. not to mention that her only "exercise" is shopping, which she then quickly supplements by eating out. sorry and sage for rant but i'm just aggravated

No. 721771


ngl, this made me a bit nostalgic. All those bad outfits, dark roots, greasy hair, sticker on her face, weird phases (already forgot about the crayola phase. Is she still obsessed with Peeps? It's been a while since the last time she mentioned something about it…) and outfits that had potential but were killed the moment they were created.

The Japan Trip era was my personal fave one, so I'm so excited about the upcoming one.

Well done, anon!

No. 721909

it's not really reaching, it's likely that her meds are responsible for an increase in appetite, if nothing else. it's not like a doctor can look at you and go "yep, the meds made you fat."

she has a history of ED so it is probably extremely hard for her to admit that she's gained a lot of weight. it sounds like she's still trying to come to terms with the weight gain from the comments she's been making and it's possible she'll address it in a future video or something.

No. 721911

… so you're team pregnancy then?
(also, you forgot to sage)

No. 721936

I think part of her problem is she seems to announce ideas as soon as they come to her. Telling people your goals before you’ve made real progress actually makes them less likely to come true. This is a big mistake for YouTube beginners usually. She shouldn’t still be making that mistake years into it.

No. 722034

this video makes me realize how long i've kept up with jillian and been on lolcow oh god

No. 722255


>she has a history of ED so it is probably extremely hard for her to admit that she's gained a lot of weight. it sounds like she's still trying to come to terms with the weight gain from the comments she's been making and it's possible she'll address it in a future video or something.

she already has made a video on that… and she's already talked multiple times about her weight gain and said that she's "body positive". it's not her ED, it's her stupidity.

No. 722279

I don‘t wanna know how her body looks naked. Honestly, imagine the stretchmarks.
And somehow she only gains around her belly/legs/ass? How is she still so flat?

No. 722362

File: 1540664469411.jpeg (114.94 KB, 640x698, 5A0649AC-12DA-4F67-B13F-D7D251…)


No. 722364

File: 1540664531837.jpeg (181.73 KB, 640x411, AE1CEB38-6E28-4A96-85E0-57ED67…)

Who’s excited to see Jill’s horrendous makeup skills again?

No. 722377

This dumb bitch really needs her fans to decide what content she releases when? Shouldn't she have the tiniest bit of insight as to the best time before a holiday to release a video after YEARS of being a PROFESSIONAL YOUTOOBER?

No. 722381

could be them gosh darn genetics, anon.
but also oftentimes if weight gain is EXTREMELY rapid you will balloon up in only a few places vs your entire body

No. 722493


Who the fuck is voting to see another haul?? And spooky makeup? Wanna bet it's some orange eyeshadow and a dark lip with a cheap wig? To answer her question.. a makeup 'tutorial' should be out before an event to utilize the look so why is she even asking? Typical of her to only mention things she is going to do rather than actually doing them. Curious to know how her school work is going, I can see her falling behind easily and then have a breakdown once the deadlines start coming up.

No. 722580

File: 1540695079195.jpeg (74.3 KB, 750x461, 10BFE887-E025-4872-858B-AE58A9…)

Is this her acknowledging her weight gain or ?

No. 722642

She has joined the 'insecure fat person desperately trying to convince themselves being fat is ok instead of changing their lifestyle' train, which isnt surprising given her lazy attitude and habit of using muh anorexia from like age 14 as a crutch/excuse to not eat better/exercise. I swear shes been making more and more body positivity references now that shes rapidly gaining and its pretty sad, just accept reality and DO something about it. Get your ass off twitter Jill and go to a gym or stop snacking so much.

Her lifestyle has been the exact same for how many years now? Calling it, she's not gonna change anytime soon. Gonna be a shopping addicted, starch and carb exclusive eater, dessert 3x a day, only watching precure because everything else is too spoopy, reliant on mom, muh anxiety over spilled soup bed dweller for at least the next 5 years. She needs an intervention but the habits have already sunk in too deep and being surrounded by yesmen doesnt help.

No. 722673

Her makeup skill might be better than her sewing skills. Kek Wouldn't it have been great if Jill has actually designed and sewn her own costume for Halloween and actually made a video on the creative/construction process of it along with a makeup tutorial to match? Especially for a ~*fashun designnneeer*~ like Jill. Oh, wait never mind. Bitch can't sew or apply makeup to save her poser ass.

No. 722739

feel like this tweet doesn't rly apply to pigsylocks, venus envy is a very healthy size whereas jill's donuts and tendies diet goes straight to her danny devito dad bod so she's only deluding herself

No. 722742

>titties look great

This picture exists

No. 722755

File: 1540738017712.gif (2.19 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

No. 722764

File: 1540739502404.jpeg (315.75 KB, 1242x777, 0E756224-7B35-4F9B-9EAF-ACC7AD…)

Never would have guessed
Maybe the munchies are contributing to her recent weight gain?

No. 722765

this must've taken you a while, kek
and also: spoiler that next time please

No. 722778

No. 722781

File: 1540741562312.jpg (110.17 KB, 598x632, 20181028_154501.jpg)

that fucking face

No. 722786


She didn't got the boots Irregular Choice "Picture frame" boots. I'm also pretty sure that Jill is the type of person who doesn't wash their new bought clothes before wearing them.

No. 722794


samfagging but the "over the door hooks" part, where she says that she usually throws her used towels on the floor and use them again to dry her body eww >>722778

No. 722797

>"it's a very wide knit"
>it's an open knit
>"it's kinda like a big rectangle"
>Jill it's a fucking shift dress

No. 722811

>I got a lot of practical stuff

Dishtowels may be a practical item to own, but it stops being practical after purchasing five of them when she already owns a few. Also socks, she purchased at least 20 pairs and some of them seem more decorative than practical. It's just her way of justifying purchases.

No. 722813

nitpick but it bugs me when she refer to Carnaby Street as just Carnaby, I don't know anyone who does that. When you go down Oxford Street you don't say "yes I was shopping in oxford".

No. 722815


No. 722817

She could have called Carney Stweet. She's a retard why are you surprised?

No. 722822

>"I want to make art till I die"
So confused because she doesn't make anything now despite her continuously repeating how inspired she is in every video she shows a new shoe. When will she give up this delusional artist idea.

No. 722823

lmao i know "i want to make art til i die, so thats why i bought these shoes" right from the horses mouth

No. 722825

absolutely everything she does is an excuse to either buy more stuff or stay further in denial about herself. she doesnt want to give up her front on social media even though i bet her followers would still support her because theyre all delusional idiots too.

No. 722827

Seriously this woman spent 380 Canadian dollars on a pair of shoes she will NEVER wear and she's still trying to say that most of that haul was ~sensible~ cuz she's got some fast fashion socks and dish towels?
How delusional can you get?

No. 722832

She was describing a velvety "Mamma Mia" dress and she talked about how its not very flattering and how it's "Square shaped." And her solution was to cut it into a shirt? Like Jill you know how to sew right? just fucking make it fitted.

No. 722835

Her talking about her sweat stained ribbed white shirt reminded me of her UNIF dress. That ended up with yellow sweat stains too. None of my white clothes suffer that fate so I would like to know what deodorant she uses lmao

No. 722837

File: 1540748386564.png (757.33 KB, 720x1142, 20181028_173952.png)

No. 722839

The yellow staining is caused by aluminum in deodorants mixing with the sweat. All she would have to do is switch deodorants but no, she'll just keep buying more white things to ruin.

No. 722841

The way she describes those hideous fucking shoes…girl, just buy an actual snowglobe if you want to watch some damn glitter. Those shoes will match nothing and the snowglobe effect won't even be noticeable unless she's doing handstands and cartwheels.

If she loves creating so damn much, she could actually create something or diy some ugly shoes with cabochons and charms and glitter and make a damn video about the process.

Yes Jill, you giant polyester faux fur monstrosity is warm, it's literally plastic. It blows my mind how a person can be so financially privileged but completely stupid.

No. 722843

it's also not that hard to find a cleaning product that can at least partially help

No. 722850

i know its not the right answer but uhm..herself? because thats the spookiest thing i can think of haha

No. 722855

Most people in the comments are guessing Lottie from Snotgirl or Pizzazz from Jem, but the shitty dark roots on that wig wouldn't fit either of them.

No. 722861

My mind went to genderbend Old Gregg

No. 722863

Amelia Fart?

No. 722868


Vicky Pollard

No. 722893

There’s just no way in hell its snot girl. Snot girl is really cute and skinny and trendy and doesn’t have dark ass roots. Pizzazz seems more accurate since Jill wants that drag-ish “lewk”

No. 722899

Cheap ass wig. Damn she's embarrassing herself.

No. 722900

>>722778 at 4:50 she says she is aproblem solver Jill hun eating tendies, popping ativan and shopping is the extent to your problem solving skills

No. 722902

I know this is Jill we're talking about, but you'd think she'd sew something for Halloween instead of just picking shit out of her closet, since she's an aspiring fashion designer who bought overpriced shoes because she just wants to create things or whatever.

No. 722917

same KEK

No. 722922

She's a wannabe aspiring fashion designer not even aspiring. Can't believe this poser calls herself an artist when she creates virtually NOTHING.

No. 722923

i know, right? most of the "sensible" stuff she got, she could definitely find cheaper and possibly even cuter back at home.
we all know she's just trying to justify her shopping addiction. all those fucking socks i swear to god.

No. 722957

It's not even that it's spooky. It's that she literally has worn this outfit and constantly has undyed roots. This just looks like her.

No. 722975

She's being snot girl??? Not even the right wig.

No. 722990

>IC has inspired me from the depth of my soul. they are such an amazing brand

Why is she so damn tacky? She speaks in such an irritating manner too. She calls everything piece of jacket/shoe item her child and 'my boys/my sons.'

Also why does she has 4 ads for a 14 minute video? Greedy bitch has to make her money back from the UK Haul?

No. 722994

She admits at 12:00 that she throws her towels on the floor and then reuses them when she bathes anyway. that's really fucking disgusting

No. 722996

Irrelevant but I'm local and I refer to it as just Carnaby sometimes. Oxford Street is different because Oxford is a place in its own right.

No. 723022

File: 1540764880121.png (48.65 KB, 720x353, Screenshot_2018-10-28-17-10-56…)

Sounds like it's gonna be Pizzazz after all, but god she's gonna look terrible if it really is.

No. 723024

Wasted oppteruntiy to dress as the fat reboot version of stormer

No. 723033

Jill reminds me of a pig ready for slaughter. So obese.

No. 723036

She actually filmed and uploaded her trash haul and procrastinated her 'creative' Halloween tutorial content so that it'll be uploaded entirely too late to be a worthwhile tutorial. If there will even be one because God forbid she films content that requires effort other than spending money.

No. 723047

File: 1540768179995.png (246.13 KB, 289x600, Pizzazz.png)

Uh well she's doing… great… on that costume so far, totally would've recognized that…

Seriously though this would be such an easy costume to DIY, how do you even mess up this badly?

No. 723049

File: 1540768610071.jpeg (309.92 KB, 750x971, 973954AF-5ECE-42E3-AB6B-D4F47E…)

No. 723050

File: 1540768649625.jpeg (953.8 KB, 750x1095, EF79A554-4022-4663-A68F-FCBCC0…)

No. 723054

None of that matches. not a single thing matches, imagine the wig with the bad roots. Wow! How can she call herself passionate about fashion or being a 'designer' when she sews almost nothing herself and even her bought stuff is massively inaccurate?

No. 723057

uhhh, this is new. please dont tell me she self diagnosed herself with BPD. Unless a psychiatrist diagnosed her, it seems like she jumped on the personality disorder train bc depression/anxiety just aren't special enough for her.

No. 723064

>>723057 well she deffo hasn't seen a pysch since they're such big meanies

No. 723067

As someone with PROPERLY DIAGNOSED BPD, I will lose my shit if Jill tries to make this the new 'quirky cute kawaii mental illness desk~ uwu'

If my years of therapy and medication end up a fucking trend because one fat girl can't make her own personality then i s2g

No. 723068

>>723049 do you think she'll claim she's bod because of her totes abusive exes?

No. 723072

File: 1540770777952.png (34.9 KB, 720x231, 20181028_235305.png)

>>723049 she liked this comment oh boy

No. 723073

That's not how that works…at all.

No. 723080

File: 1540771277122.jpeg (116.1 KB, 750x557, 84628A25-33B9-44FB-876E-E2B74B…)

Based on this liked tweet she’s rolling with it, hopefully she’s been officially diagnosed, but the chance of that based on her fear of therapy is pretty low

No. 723081

yes, I love thinking brown thoughts

No. 723082

Seems like she's just feeling bad about her body and now thinks she has BPD because of it jfc

No. 723083

This describes half of the college students I have met in general.
Also, isn't personality disorder testing pretty intensive? From what I've heard it takes a lot of testing and sometimes multiple sessions and is done by more specialized psychiatrists, I doubt she's committed to that.

No. 723086

It took several years and several psychiatrists for me to be diagnosed with BPD and STPD. The thing that not a lot of people who self-diagnose seem to understand about mental illness is that you can experience symptoms of various different disorders throughout your life without having any mental illness whatsoever.(blogposting)

No. 723088

from personal experience, I didn't get diagnosed with a with a personality disorder until I spent 8-9 months regularly (and quite often) seeing my psych. Mine is a cluster C (dependent personality disorder), so I can't imagine what time frame other more emotionally wild personality disorders will take to get diagnosed. there is no way in hell she's been clinically diagnosed before or she would've talked about it endlessly like her anorexia.

No. 723089

fuck you, jill. fuck you. people with actual, real, diagnosed bpd fucked up my life and it took years and years of therapy to recover from the damage they caused. bpd isn't a quirky excuse to be a piece of shit to everyone in your life, let alone YOUR excuse to be even more of a manipulative piece of shit leech than you already are. you're a fucking cancer to society.

No. 723096

>>722823 I'm seriously hoping this is a real diagnosis and not some Google search diagnosis. She said a long time ago that she refuses to go to therapy but maybe she changed her mind? I'm trying really hard to give her the benefit of the doubt before I lose the last bit of respect I have for her.

No. 723108

knowing jill, she likely hates being put on the spot and being realistically called out for her problematic and damaging behavior, so she makes half-assed excuses as to why she doesn't wanna go to therapy.

sage 4 blog but i had a BPDfriend in high school who, while undiagnosed, decided to quit her therapist cold turkey because she felt "slut shamed" by her (when the therapist called her out on her dangerous sex life) and didn't even have the guts to confront her about it herself, sending her mother to deliver the news instead. looking back on it now i realize she just hated being told what she didn't wanna hear, much like jill hates being told what SHE doesn't wanna hear: that she's a lazy bum who doesn't wanna put in the effort to get better, and it's 100% her own fault at this point. you're 20 goddamn years old jillian. the ball has been on your court long enough now.

No. 723117

This is a big tinfoil moment, but I wonder if Jill has ever used Better Help to get her therapy done. If you can supposedly change therapists if you don't like them, then I can see Jill blowing through therapists to find one that'll actually believe her and her horseshit. She doesn't have to leave her house, and she doesn't have to be confronted about her fashion choices if the therapist can't see them. It's literally perfect for someone like her.

No. 723155

self diagnosed BPD? the milk runneth over

No. 723174

>>723117 that site is so fucking shady that honestly i wouldn't be surprised that if she did use it, she was "diagnosed" by some random teen in their bedroom and took it as legit kek. jill, we know you lurk, so if you don't have a real diagnosis from a real psychiatrist, kindly fuck off with this tumblr bs.

No. 723211

They just very recently legalized we'd in Canada right? I never really pinned Jill as the stoner type but I can see her being one of those girls who uses cutesy papers/glass and mixes weird unnecessary shit like lilac and rosehips in her weed because it's ~feminine and witchy~.

No. 723216

Idk, she seems more like the type to get waaaaay too high and sleep and forget about responsibilities, and then smoke/take more edibles when the pressure is on or she has to face consequences for neglecting those responsibilities. And then binge eating junk food because munchies and to "treat herself."

If this sounds like projecting, it's how I spent my first year of college and I definitely didn't have the disposable income or terminal laziness that Jill seems to be suffering from. I don't know if it's possible to be a functional stoner without a good amount of real life experience or the basic ability to be a functional adult in general.

No. 723221

idk if i can really picture doing weed, shes an uwu kawaii baby and drugs are scary

No. 723225

The way she takes xanax and klonopin makes me think weed isn't a big scary challenge for her, especially edibles.

No. 723246

File: 1540801287521.jpg (83.64 KB, 750x750, 35137300_195864077727658_27204…)

No. 723256

Did someone notice that now in every videos she’s like “and i’wil see you in the next video which is not this one cause this one is over” WHAT DOES IT MEANS WHY YOU THINK IS FUNNY OR CREATIVE OR IDK

No. 723258

File: 1540804265155.gif (1.26 MB, 250x256, tenor.gif)


that's….. not jill

No. 723264

u seem lost

No. 723299

Remember that her nail tech back home is a massive stoner and jill went to parties at her house

No. 723300

This has been her sign off for literally ages.

No. 723356

File: 1540825213884.png (43.03 KB, 720x328, 20181029_145939.png)

>>720365 her bestie…is everyone just claiming bpd because it's so totes quirky?

No. 723357

What the fuck is wrong with these people?
Jill has never shown any signs of BPD-type thinking before (or any BPD behavior really)-
Do they not realize that this stuff is about a serious mental illness? If they actually suffered from it they would have noticed/felt it before and not needed some meme-Facebook post to 'completely change their perspective!! uwu'.

No. 723374

Yeah it's weird. What's even weirder to me is that Jill and people like he seem to get "excited" or "happy" when they self diagnose. Mental illness is not cute nor is it fun. But they run around like it's a big fashion statement

No. 723377

Not to mention that black and white thinking isn’t exclusive to BPD, it’s present in ~regular ol’~ depression and anxiety. Which she would be able to unlearn if she was seeing a therapist, but

No. 723397

Yeah, I think part of the joy also comes from it being a way for them to neatly dismiss their flaws as being unpreventable "illnesses" rather than personal failings so they can self-coddle and avoid challenge and growth. Right up Jill's alley since she loves proclaiming herself constantly sick, exhausted, too sleepy, too panicky, too depressed etc. to do anything productive or conducive to her apparent goals.

No. 723421

Are you kidding? Weed is super popular with kawaii tumblr thots. You can get kawiwi pieces and stuff, lots of accessories too. Kawaiigoods even has a cute pot leaf character. I could see it.

No. 723422

Stupidest catchphrase ever anon, I agree. I'm surprised I've never seen it brought up here. Like yeah it's been her sign off forever, but it's been stupid as hell forever too.

No. 723426

It's been mentioned and complained about in the early threads because she started using it like at least 2 years ago.

Still one of the stupidest things I've ever heard said by a youtuber and I don't understand how none of her family or close friends have told her how retarded it makes her sound.

No. 723476

Hold up. Did she just say she was "very blue and feeling my Saxophone vibe"? Does she think SAX BLUE stands for Saxophone?

No. 723489

File: 1540843978015.jpeg (562.99 KB, 750x1057, 32E2659A-C873-4CD6-88B7-4BB44A…)

No. 723491

I hope not. You think she’d know better from her lolita phase.

No. 723493

I’m pretty sure it had been a running joke, at least within the the lolita com on tumblr

No. 723495

>>723489 god she's shaped like a brick

No. 723497


No. 723500


looks like a dude in a dress and a wig.

No. 723501

she wanted to get into drag not so long ago..here you have it, maybe not the way she wanted, but she definetely looks like a man dressed as a woman, so I'd say mission accomplished kek

No. 723505

Pizzazz's hair is feathery as fuck, what the hell is this?

No. 723509

Not only is this "lewk" hilarious, it's amazing how little of her house we see. You know, that whole ass house that was necessary for aesthic photos and here she is posing in the corner that probably is the least covered in garbage.

No. 723511

Her proportions look so awkward here
Also she got like 5% of that costume right, why did she even bother?

No. 723520

BPD is the new trend among self-diagnosers. Remember when everybody was saying they're bipolar? Well apparently that's too common and not speshul and yooneek enough now, so they're flocking to BPD. It's the new convenient excuse for everything wrong with them and their lives.

No. 723527

She's so fat. Kek

No. 723537

Oh honey, that's abysmal. She could've cut the sleeves off and be a little bit closer, but there's no saving that wig she's got

No. 723540

This is so ridiculously ugly and wrong on so many levels. At first I was willing to play it off as “thrown together outfit for a friend’s Halloween party”, but then I remember this is Jill we are talk about. The Jill that claims she loves ~~*designing and sewing sooooo much*~~ The Jill that has made MULTIPLE COSPLAYS (even if they do look like garbage). I know people who work proper jobs who were able to creatively put together a costume before Halloween, she litterally could of made it a weekend project instead of throwing this garbage outfit together. But I don’t know what I was expecting, it’s Jill after all. Also her make up looks so costume-y and gross, she could of made it unique by making it look a little more natural, but Jill can’t do makeup for shit anyway

No. 723542

tbh I can't see jill becoming a stoner either. i can't even explain why, it just feels off to me.

No. 723550

File: 1540849328770.png (848.87 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-10-29-16-35-33…)

Photo comparison for the lot of ya

No. 723551

Oooh no… Oh honey, no. How do you get this so wrong? Especially the shoes. She has pumps on with one green knee high sock and.. she's also got on a sleeveless shirt. Jill, just stop

No. 723552

>does cosplay from Jem

>flat as hell wig


No. 723553

I would have NEVER know this was supposed to be Pizzaz until other anons pointed it out. Every single thing about this, down to the makeup is wrong and inaccurate. She really couldn't get a lime green sock? or an accurate sleeveless shirt?

No. 723557

She even did the makeup inaccurate kek her eyebrows are supposed to be drawn upwards, I guess she just wants the "lewk" to get more likes

No. 723580

It’s alll about dosages with these meds. 25-50mg won’t cause much, if any. Regular doses of seroquel for mania and schizophrenia tend to be 200mg+, that causes weight gain. She’s probably taking it at a low dosage for sleep. It’s probably adjusting to an actual schedule that she has to follow. Probably her version of the freshmen fifteen.

No. 723602

The first thing that came to my mind is that she looks like a drag queen I know who's whole thing is being a trashy hot mess.

No. 723609

>>723580 so as to avoid infighting/blogposting, i'm just gonna let that cute lil "explanation" slide kek. but she's not on seroquel. she quit it because she said she was "uwu happy now." that was months ago. keep up. she's just popping ativan now. and jill isn't on the schizophrenia spectrum so not sure how that's relevant…

No. 723630

She's not even fat. You're all so obsessed with belittling her based on weight. Are you all skinny?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 723638

Sage for stupid but doesn’t bpd have manic stages but Jill is always lazy as fuck?

No. 723646

File: 1540863485794.jpg (281.53 KB, 2048x1536, uc7fsb3tl4iz.jpg)

Jill is just a cutesy version of this, with Pre-Cure, Ativan, and microwave tendies

No. 723647

we can all plainly see that she has gained a ton of weight really quickly. she might not be fat to you but she's definitely the fattest she's ever been. and no, i'm not skinny.

No. 723649


I'm skinny. Jill is fat. However, the two aren't related, anon(blogging)

No. 723658

pretty sure I would still be able to see that Jill is fat and getting fatter regardless of if I was 50lbs heavier or 50lbs smaller

No. 723659

Tbh I'm pretty small but - that's what you get when you exercise and eat proper meals. Jill is eating microwave tendies right into an early grave. She fat. And not even that but her food choices seem to be all high in cholesterol or have high sugar content. It's kind of scary thinking about the very legitimate damage she's doing to not only her outer appearance but her insides.

No. 723725

But anon? She‘s in her kawiwi office that she needed so so badly for her hyper professional dress up sessions and super consistant youtube!

No. 723728

lets be real guys, jill is way too anxious to deal with weed paranoia

No. 723749

>>723609 I'm p sure she went straight back on her meds after expericing side effects of withdrawal

No. 723921

No I remember her mentioning it twice that she wouldn’t mind trying it

No. 723926

File: 1540918186196.jpeg (420.01 KB, 2400x1600, 211A1BF4-7C97-4F1A-9D08-364C43…)

She follows multiple weed shops on insta now and has said in streams that once it was legal she would try it. Some of her local friends smoke, so it would make sense if she does too

No. 723927

Let's be real, stephen and maggie (especially maggie) seem like the type to be casual stoners, and considering how often she drinks with other college/art kid types around town i'm sure she's had plenty of opportunities.

Besides, recreational weed is fully legal in Canada if you're over 18/19 and I've even seen old grandmas marveling in front of the weed stores in the last few weeks so, yeah, I'm sure she gets stoned like everyone else here.

No. 723936

she's bad enough sober, I can only imagine how obnoxious and faux deep she'd be.

Or getting 'inspired' and doing whatever she considers art.
It'd be worth seeing, I think.

No. 723945

If she has smoked already there's no way she has experienced a bad high because she will drop it the moment she does lmao

No. 723949

File: 1540922855119.jpg (344.53 KB, 2048x1536, 1540863485794.jpg)

made some edits

No. 723954

It’s perfect

No. 723957


Add Jill's face somewhere and we have the next thread pic.

No. 723963

File: 1540925546088.jpg (1.31 MB, 2048x1536, woahh pixie.jpg)

No. 723965

Perfect lol

No. 723967

No. 724013

No. 724027

A bit of a nitpick but it irks me that she openly admitted that she couldn’t be arsed even hemming the zebra print fabric because it’s not a cosplay and the “stakes are lower” (i.e. she’s not being judged on it)
Such passionate seamstress fashion designer, guys.

No. 724029

>Artistic interpretation choice
Aka I'm too lazy to get a plain green wig just like I'm too lazy to better match my costume

No. 724031

Thank you anon, this is exactly what I was imagining.
>4:15 PM

No. 724061

>"I'm ready to play rock music and be very angry"
Way to show you have barely a passing knowledge of the character you're dressing up as, Jill. Such a poser, as always.

No. 724075

that foundation does not match her skin at all

No. 724078

Is that some of her trash horde spilling out in the corner of her video I see?

No. 724088

damn jill, bitch you look like a mess

No. 724101

File: 1540940022566.png (4.23 MB, 2436x1125, 17698191-B9F9-44F0-A5EF-6A2366…)


No. 724102

Next thread pic please

No. 724103

>>724102 seconded

No. 724107

Oh Jill the one thing you had going for you was that your skin was miraculously clear for how filthy you are and how much grease you consume but here come the pimples

No. 724112

why does her foundation make her skin look like some kind of weird yellow suede

No. 724122

I had to do a double-take for the PreCure keychain one.

My sides, Anon. They're gone.

No. 724123

File: 1540943028886.jpg (21.69 KB, 600x399, mauro.jpg)

with that down's syndrome expression she literally looks retarded here. pic related

No. 724124

I fucking knew she would use this excuse goddamn

No. 724157

too faced born this way is like incredibly full coverage (to the point where no one needs that level lol) and the shade she has is the one meant for people with pale skin and olive/yellow undertones. she has pink undertones so not only is it way too thick for what she needs (despite the few pimples cropping up she doesn't have cystic acne level shit skin) and it's the wrong undertone so yeah she looks like crap, i can't imagine the level of cake it looks irl lol

No. 724167

Ded. Thank you so much. Plz next thread pic.

No. 724302

File: 1540962963446.jpeg (1.77 MB, 4032x3024, 86522AB4-2813-4E1D-82DA-121028…)

No. 724329

Pizzazz, sweetie, I am so sorry that a ugly ass bitch like this would do this to you. In what world is this even remotely similar?

No. 724351

If only we could all witness the meltdown she may or may not have encountered seeing this in person, but definitely seeing this looking up herself.

No. 724362

This whole video screams of I googled Jem and picked the antagonist to seem edgy but have no desire to watch an amazingly poorly written hilarious cartoon, probably because it would remind me that my lifestyle makes no sense and is unsustainable as I will age and impressionable teens and arrested adults will no longer aspire to live in my parents' basement/sham house and give me disposable income.

But also don't put in any effort and blame your lack of effort on the character being willing to mix patterns because you love supporting a heavily marked up sweatshop brand.

And while having a wig that only barely resembles the character's hair, but swear it's not sponsored and your "artistic" interpretation. Like how your own roots are an artistic interpretation of hair maintenance.

No. 724449

Its not that deep anon

No. 724460

Bitch calm yourself. It's Jill not some mystery.

No. 724462

but we also see what shes eats and its mostly junk
like >>721567 said it just increases appetite and how u deal with that impacts ur weight gain (ie if u work out and eat healthy ur fine)

No. 724487

File: 1541010013447.jpg (60.83 KB, 960x678, FB_IMG_1541010001378.jpg)

From Moonmist Girls FB page

No. 724498

more like moonfaces. they look like they're the nieces of aunt Jill, the weird and different aunt who does guerrilla knitting and brags about being able to drink vodka through her nose.

No. 724500

this is so unpleasant

No. 724502

why in the world did ill pick yellow as her color, here? it clashes with her friends so bad. this was the moment where pink would have been appropriate jillypoo

No. 724503

samefag ill was supposed to be jill but i like the typo and am leaving it. ill is what she looks like wearing all that yellow

No. 724505

File: 1541013074817.jpeg (404.28 KB, 750x782, D36B0F3A-2BCE-41BE-9E7A-9366F3…)

They are based on MoonMist icecream which is blue purple and yellow

No. 724515

this.. is this.. the first staged picture where Jill isn't in the middle?! ohh i doubt she was happy about that.

No. 724520

Tbh I've noticed Wendy is often in the middle in moonmist pics…maybe because she's the tallest? I'm sure Jill tells herself she's the most important and special one regardless since neither of them have uwu harajookoo dyed hair and are boring or something

No. 724522

why is wendy the only one of them that actually looks like an adult woman

No. 724538

>>724487 kek wow pretty sure jill shooped her teeth whiter but didn't do the same for jenny and i'm not sure why that's so funny to me

No. 724551

I like how moonmist ice cream uses a very soft, pale yellow color and instead Jill uses the brightest, most eye searing shade she could find

i wonder if it was just so she could match with that yellow stripe on her wall

No. 724562

So the thing that immediately bothered me is how she had to emphasis how she doesn't support KVD nor J* when she was up their asses not even half a year ago. And if she knew she was planning this costume, she could have easily gotten other brands (better brands) for the concealer and makeup. But… whatever, that's Jill's lazy ass, as usual.

No. 724566

Not only did she did not bother to get a plain green wig, she didn't even attempt to style it. It's a legit shake and go wig.

No. 724625

File: 1541030830140.jpeg (89.61 KB, 1242x234, 94778ED2-167D-4128-B594-C3F93A…)

Jill likely Googled BPD symptoms and saw this from the first website that appears in search results. Watch her try justifying her excessive spending and shit eating habits because of her fake BPD, her new scapegoat.

No. 724733

Nahh, she’s disliked Kat for a while honestly, for much longer than she’s disliked Jeffree. She said something about how she hates that Kat always starts drama lol (I have some news for her about her ~Confetti Club~)

No. 724745

howd she fuck up a coconut wig when she rocks it on the daily

No. 724752

Even so, if she hated KVD for so long, why didnt she get another concealer for the video or in general? How old is that concealer?

No. 724896

This is probably the least offensive Jill photo in recent months it's always a treat to see her smile properly rather than goblin face.

No. 724952

See if she'd just do her hair and makeup normal she'd look halfway decent for once

No. 725003

What an unfortunate looking group. Jill looks cuter just blonde than with rainby hair at least, but she's noticeably older looking (in a bad way) than the others. Nice to see she let someone else be in the centre though.
Or maybe it's just convenient for pictures!
Lel there's a reason real BPD diagnosis usually takes a long time and generally young people aren't diagnosed, and it's because so many symptoms that are just part of being immature, insecure, and dramatic (not to demonize people with BPD or start a whole in-fight because I know it's a serious issue that stems from trauma, just saying that a lot of the general overview stuff fits a large part of the population which is why you have to be officially diagnosed as having a disorder).

No. 725164

File: 1541123428686.jpeg (381.65 KB, 750x936, ADCF9E0F-D657-4A9E-9E1D-02C78A…)

No. 725195

Someone on the old thread posted that one of Jill's minions deleted all their photos with/of her. They didn't mention who, however, it could be another Tracey situation

No. 725201

I tried looking into it but I have no idea who it is, either its not someone close to jill's circle or the anon was just trying to stir the pot

No. 725213

File: 1541132532847.jpeg (153.08 KB, 750x829, FEE6C0D0-F090-450B-85E3-6C4112…)

She’s becoming more self aware

No. 725243

Too bad her self awareness only goes as far as crying about her sadness on the internet instead of making any actual changes to her lifestyle.

No. 725259

Get ready for the "I was too spoiled, sorry, I meant too afflicted with my ailment ~du jour which I can't pronounce, but I need to live alone?? But actually I can't deal with isolation without shopping harder" webseries. And for an entirely for profit mental breakdown around winter break centered around obscene consumption with a "will she return to school??" cliffhanger. I'll be taking bets on patreon you guys

No. 725260

File: 1541144574327.png (102.9 KB, 750x682, cheremoji.png)

jesus christ her emoji use reminds me of pic related

No. 725291

you leave cher out of this anon

No. 725318

>>725164 I wonder if jill did anything witchy since she's so into that

No. 725337

She’s a poser what do you expect. The only think close to samhain she did was probably lit a candle to put it in the jack o lantern

No. 725344

Are you kidding, she mentioned it in her instagram post! That's all you have to do, right?

No. 725478

dropping out is in her near future

No. 725573

I know last year she met with her local “coven” for witchy vibe times uwu but maybe she’s finally just given up on it and can stop claiming at least one thing she has no business being a part of

No. 725613

Jill and her fake ass depression and anxiety. People with actual anxiety and depression wouldn't dare make stupid posts and jokes about it the way this fat bitch has. She's just an attention seeking cunt who self diagnosed over the internet. My sister is a diagnosed BPD with a severe anxiety disorder with a list of medications to boot and she has never behaved the way Jill has. I really can't stand her and the idiotic things she misleads her impressionable autist audience on.

No. 725632

Jill doesn't have depression, she has boredom and separation anxiety.

No. 725832

I think you’re completely right. People here underestimate how far an attention whore will go. And now that she has ‘power’ with all her social media it’s just easier for her. I really think it’s not that deep and that armchairing needs to stop. It anyways leads to nowhere.

No. 725905

Technically the anons armchairing are those who claim her clinical diagnosis doesn't exist.

Yeah she's an over-dramatic, self-centered bitch who has no excuse for most of her behavior. That doesn't change the fact that she was diagnosed with depression/anxiety/bulimia/anorexia by professionals when she was institutionalized as a teenager. Sure, she's recovered from her eating disorder diagnosis, but she still has regular prescriptions for her depression/anxiety. I remember she mentioned visiting a doctor at some point earlier this year. If the doctor thought for some reason her mental health or medication needed to be updated or re-evaluated, they would have referred her to a psychiatrist or psychologist (often both).

I've had plenty of family members go through the Canadian system for mental health issues and i'm currently taking an Abnormal Psychology class that focuses on eating disorders and depressive disorders in teenagers within the Canadian context.

Everything Jill has stated about her teenage mental health issues (especially since it's backed up by her mother and other acquaintances) seems completely accurate. I find it weird anons still try to deny that, it's like a perverse kind of nitpick to pretend you have a better psychiatric evaluation.

No. 725918

if she's taking meds properly and going to see doctors regularly, shouldn't she… not be like this? it's attention seeking, plain and simple. a person can have anxiety and depression and not post about it. if you're truly suffering from something, you're not writing tweets about it and telling the entire world. she just wants validation and attention.

No. 725934

I agree the attention seeking isn’t necessarily correlated to anxiety or depression. It’s just a poor personality trait.

But what many anons fail to understand is that over sharing is common in small “friendly” Canadian communities. Louise overshares on Facebook constantly as well, because her neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances probably do so. When I lived in the maritimes (area where jill lives) people I never met before were constantly telling me their life story and nitty gritty details. My Facebook feed was a constant stream of overly personal info and cries for attention from uneducated small town folk and dysfunctional teens/young adults trying to make sense of their life. When they make a status, they basically think they’re speaking to their community. And they kind of are, which is why Louise’s posts about her family have like 50+ people commenting from all over PEI. It’s like a mini town hall meeting all about the Vesseys.

Anyways, those anons were trying to claim that because of her attention seeking ways, her mental illness diagnosis is entirely fake or invalid. Which is not how that works.

No. 725969

>>725905 anons aren't denying she has meant health issues, they're saying she doesn't have bpd. Jill is just using this label to be totes quirky and to not be held responsible for her actions.

No. 725989

Once again it's not that complex anon. Jill may have psychological issues that are diagnosed by a professional. But reality is that she's an attention seeker and she has a history of trying to label herself for quirk points. Leading to fake factor.

No. 726043

there are literally anons denying that she has depression, which is clearly false.

No. 726090

File: 1541280084628.jpeg (262.38 KB, 640x716, 74D076B8-A6ED-426D-81B1-6C85C8…)

No. 726091

File: 1541280104305.jpeg (224.5 KB, 640x635, BA594596-45C1-4B7F-8181-03B04A…)

No. 726094

>tfw iMacs start at $1399

No. 726096

>>726090 didn't it already die from Nina spilling water on it?

No. 726097

Does anyone know when she got this computer? When she started YouTube, so only had the MacBook.

No. 726099

Nah she spilled the water on her macbook i'm pretty sure, I think imacs are actual desktop computers. So she must have both.

No. 726100

>>726096 I just checked on her twitter and Nina broke her macbook. Does this mean she's broken two computers within a couple of weeks?

No. 726103

How can still claim to be a poor starving artist when she can afford to buy a new computer the second hers breaks? Espically after buying everything new for her townhouse, that ridiculous kitchen appliance, starting school, buying another pair of ridiculous shoes, and she just got done shopping in the UK. Her fans are seriously stupid to give her money when mommy is paying for everything.

No. 726125

Why does she post shit like this?
Is it to flex in front of her fans about how she can buy majorly expensive things on a whim?
Why does she keep sharing her various purchases/issues in general and going into major details about it / publicly justifying her decisions?

It's like she's trying to give us more material to laugh at. Jill, how about stop being a materialistic dolt and go to a PC repair shop or try a few things off Google before just dropping thousands on a new computer? Dumbass is doomed for financial issues in the future with her spending and complete lack of common sense.


Not just any computer either, but the most expensive one on the market probably because Apple #aesthetic or something. I'm assuming she will just get another Mac since she already had 2 which are now broken (like ~2.5-3k in the trash).

No. 726132

How symptomatic is that she doesn't even mention trying to repair it first, before buying a new one.

No. 726152

Don't forget that she's already done her Christmas shopping.

No. 726202

This really chaps my ass. I've only ever outright purchased one Macbook in my life for school and am still paying off $30k in debt for my education. Can someone Instagram dm or whatever the fuck this bitch a clue that she can't treat her overpriced technology like her overpriced sweatshop clothing?

No. 726210

Can we not with the HURRDURR EVERYONES A POORFAG FOR CRITICIZING A SHOPPING ADDICTION trolling that repeats in every Jill thread?
Learn to sage

No. 726220

She's not doomed for financial issues. Her mom will always bail her out. Some families are just like this. It's infuriating to see it blasted all over the internet when that's not how your life is, but just because she's spoiled doesn't mean she's going to have issues with money. She likely never will. She's out of touch, and she will never realize how lucky she is to have what she has. That's about it. Jill and her family are clearly on a financial level that the average person is never going to be able to comprehend.

No. 726231

eventually, her parents will die. assuming they're healthy, not for some while yet, but if Jill stays as retarded and selfish as she is, she'll blow through any inheritance, and her lifestyle and spending habits will leave her screwed unless she finds some rich/well-off guy to marry who is also willing to fund her frivolity; kinda like her parents relationship.

Obviously all hypothetical future situations, but… no. Her mother will not always be there to bail her out.

Unless she grows the hell up, she could easily be setting herself up for a grisly dose of reality down the line.

No. 726232

she would marry long before anything like that

she doesn't have anything to worry about

No. 726233

"…unless she finds some rich/well-off guy to marry who is also willing to fund her frivolity; kinda like her parents relationship. …"

No. 726240


not to sound like an idiot but couldn't she just edit on her macbook? i don't use apple products but i have a friend who edits video on her macbook air without any issue. it's a $1,200+ machine, it should be cable of basic editing. don't see why she has to rush and immediately buy a new imac, if she's that desperate to get the video out she has a whole other device to use that will do the job.

No. 726264

Her cat fried her Macbook by knocking water over on it not long ago

No. 726274

Watching Jill spend money on hideous garbage is hilarious but does no one here watch any other YouTuber? She makes enough on patreon and youtube to cover her overpriced tacky brands. Her parents are probably paying for her education and I believe her when she says she puts significant amount of money into savings every month.

She fried her own hair bleaching and colouring it herself it and eats cheap white trash food. I rarely buy cheap clothes/shoes but spend $400 every 3 months on my hair and spend a lot on groceries because I eat healthy. I bet most anons here splurge on some stuff but Jill splurges on tacky disgusting shit which is why she's a cow.

No. 726327

Actually I watch Jill because I'm anti-consumerism and her channel horrifies me and indulges me when I watch her hyper consumerist behavior. I really shouldn't even be watching her bc it helps her buy more useless cheap plastic(blog)

No. 726401

I don’t know about MacBooks specifically but generally laptops aren’t good for proper video editing.

I don’t know why Jill wants a Mac tho? For that money she could just build her own pc and have it be better than a Mac.

No. 726435

Not this meme again

No. 726441

sage goes in the email field not in your comment.

No. 726444

if no one cares then sage your blogpost, newfag

No. 726448

Because its Jill, its all about the brand name, its why she needs such an expensive laptop when she doesn't do anything intensive on it that justifies an expensive machine, if she doesn't game and doesn't edit on it then what logic is there in spending over a grand just to go on social media and stream baby anime in bed

No. 726488

Jilly must be butthurt about us criticizing her shopping addiction. How's the new iMac?

No. 726493

File: 1541338259201.png (51.53 KB, 585x217, pixieee.PNG)

Pixie just updated her twitter a few seconds ago
autistic anon shitting up the thread pixie confirmed?

No. 726508

lol i wonder who's spamming the thread now

No. 726531

If she thinks that this will give her channel more traffic, I have bad news for you Pixycocks. Most people on here have adblock and won’t watch unless some really stupid shit is said. Keep spamming porkylocks, kaka 2.0 2018!!!

No. 726533

Of course Jill blindly supports this brownface culture vulture because she's "popular with the gays" even though she cheats on her partner in every single one of her publicly broadcasted relationships and pretends like she isn't some privileged 100% white girl from Boca Raton.

No. 726535

ot but wtf ariana grande is white? i thought she was a latina or middle eastern. brown face indeed

No. 726537

File: 1541345463364.jpg (143.22 KB, 768x1152, ariana venti.jpg)

saging for ot, but this is what ariana looked like back in her nickelodeon days. she's everything but black or latina, her new look is 100% brownface

No. 726563

shes italian//white
no pc points for jilly this time

No. 726567

You think Jill is mentally capable enough to build her own PC? You think too highly of her. She can barely name what different vegetables are let alone know what RAM is

No. 726589

Cher's usually retarded on social media but this is funny af.

No. 726600

No. 726606

File: 1541357879996.jpg (118.14 KB, 585x326, dembrows.jpg)

No. 726607

>>726600 it's odd how she didn't stretch out the video for an extra 4 seconds to get that sweet extra ad revenue?

No. 726609

File: 1541358618342.jpg (365 KB, 1136x635, quadjill.jpg)

No. 726610

Disturbing how she just buys and buys nonstop and all this crap is gonna end up in a landfill someday when she moves onto the next new hyped decorative bs because it has no use or value whatsoever.

At least they sent her a toothbrush because god knows she needs to use that for once

No. 726617

SPEAKING OF LANDFILLS what the actual fuck happened to all of her peeps shit? jill was obsessed with peeps literally less than a year ago and now she never seems to mention them like, at all. no more peeps tea, no more peeps merch, no more peeps at all.

did she take all her plushies to her new home? maybe we'd know if jillybean actually did a fucking house tour of the new fucking house she sperged about for months and proceeded to show 0 footage of to her subs.

No. 726618


Wondered the same about the crayola shit she hoarded a while ago.

No. 726641

File: 1541363592694.jpg (483.13 KB, 1890x1440, jillljilll.jpg)

No. 726657

personally, i don't understand the concept of a subscription box at all, because she could literally just go buy the bathrobe and i guess the towel and none of the other shit she didn't want/won't use and save money. honestly, if it wasn't in the sub box would she have bought the towel? i would say probably not. paying for things you may or may not need/like is such a strange concept esp when you're as picky about your uwu aesthetic as jill.

No. 726669

You can't really repair Apple products yourself (and even if you could, Jill def could not), and the repairs can run almost as high as buying a new computer depending on what's broken. I doubt she has the foresight to get Apple Care.

Still doesn't explain her breaking two computers within a month but well.

No. 726671

the fact that she keeps referring to self care as having an uwu bath drives me crazy, you are just indulging yourself Jill, for some real self care eat something green and clean your shit tip home

No. 726681

shes too dumb to think of that anon, she just wants to show off material things because its the only thing keeping her from full on an hero

No. 726729

This must be her 2nd or 3rd pusheen unboxing already. Either she’s getting these boxes for free or her subscription is a small fee each month or worse she might actually be paid to promote them.

Regardless, showing off plastic that costs you literally nothing in order to fulfill your obligatory a-few-videos-a-month schedule with the end goal of raking in 2-3k of ad money per month is really gross.

I could forgive a college student for putting out cheap content if they were struggling to support themselves or to pay tuition. But she has no financial needs to justify this, her only excuse is ~muh confetti club eXpeCtAtiOnS~ when in reality most audiences would prefer to wait for quality content, even if they have to wait all semester it’s usually worth it if the creator can focus their creativity and work ethic during their months off.

She’s literally vapid by choice, no one/nothing forces her to be so shallow. It’s crazy.

No. 726742

ah, ok. yeah it would make way more sense if she was getting them for a lower price or (god i hope not) being paid to promote them. would explain how she literally forgot she was subbed to it kek awkward. i mean, this is jill though, so i also wouldn't be surprised if she just didn't realize that 60$ or whatever disappeared from her bank account. she seems really bad with tracking her spending (and money in general but derailing a bit).

No. 726743

i'm legit sad about jill. if you followed her old threads up until now you know, milky as she may be, at least she used to embark in projects.

she was a lolita throughout her teenage years and invested in a somewhat large wardrobe, she had 2 "serious" relationships that lasted over a year, she participated in a theatre group and performed; she used to be in a band, she's travelled to japan and nyc, she's dabbled in cosplay (albeit shittily), she used to make her own clothing (again, shittily, but at least she tried), she "invented" her own fashion, which she wore for a while; she used to do room tours, make-up videos, tutorials, that night before christmas parody video with tristan. stuff that isn't hauls. she fucking quit her part-time jobs to dedicate "full-time" to youtube. she won kawaii ambasaddor, met sebastian masuda, and she used to have hyperfixations that she was at least somewhat consistent about: peeps, crayola, mahou shoujo, etc.

most of the stuff listed above is stuff that was on her channel and social media less than a YEAR ago, and the rest is very recent too, from two or three years ago, which is still fairly recent when you're in your early 20's. but now most of it is M.I.A, never to be acknowledged or mentioned again in jill's social media. hell, she was "OBSESSED" with peeps back in april but right now there's no trace of them and she hasn't talked about them in months. we haven't seen any of her preshoosh collectible wands at the new crib and she hasn't done a house tour yet despite having moved in about a month or two ago, and we know she's had enough time to settle in. she doesn't even wear the "style" she claims to have invented, let alone altfash or jfash (so much for kawaii ambassador, i guess). she has completely abandoned the confetti club, which has been left to wallow in its own filth like the bundle of ugly looking autists they are.

and even now where she should be thriving -having FINALLY started fashion school and the prospect living out her "dream" of being a fashion designer and having moved out of her parent's house- all she wants to talk about is…shopping, and all she wants to do is…eat and sleep and shop some more. she's not putting in ANY effort for her "dream", she doesn't sew, she doesn't try to make or design her own clothes. she doesn't put in effort for her "full-time job", all her recent videos are mostly hauls or boring-ass vlogs; no house tour, no designer diaries, nothing about the moonmist girls (whom she claims to "love" but not enough to feature on her channel i guess). she's had SO many opportunities to thrive and make the most of her "career" and actually grow a solid platform she could make a living out of, but instead she's let herself become a developmentally stunted womanchild who has a panic attack at the first minor inconvenience. she should be enjoying the prime of her life right now, but she's just a boring, bland, obese excuse of a person. imagine having peaked at 16 years old and your life being downhill from there. that's jillian's life. and she brought it all onto herself, because she's had every opportunity, support network and encouragment under the sun to accomplish her dreams. she's a husk of her former self, and her former self didn't even have a personality to begin with.(calm down)

No. 726793

kinda long winded of you but i agree that it sucks to see someone who's still young/ had potential become so dependent on materialistic shit and get SO haggard at an exponential rate. don't get me wrong she's always been cringey but there are plenty of obnoxious people like jill who don't have dozens of lolcow threads, probably since no one's quite as blatantly gluttonous and attention-seeking.

maybe it's just me but i feel like i've been seeing it get way worse with a lot of the snowflakes i follow lately, like all these girls with TONS of wasted opportunities relying on dumb shallow bullshit and prioritizing "aesthetic" pandering over genuine content and progression???? even the ones i rooted for legit disgust me now

also did i miss someone spamming up this thread, did it all get deleted or something?

No. 726926

File: 1541411364657.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181105-102154.png)

she still has her plushies

No. 726957

wants to keep a plushie in her bathroom, please don't jill, think of the mould

No. 726993

(Sorry for long post)
I've been lurking on this thread for about a month and I just had some comments/questions.
Background on me: I starting watching a few vids of Pixie's about a year ago because I was interested in her aesthetic and content. I found this board from literally just searching 'pixielocks' and this board was at the top of the page.

To summarise how I feel about this board in one word: concerned. For the most part i'm pretty disturbed by the comments made her regarding Pixie's weight, mental health and personality (I'm not a stan, I just watch her vids occasionally AND I don't have any connection with her whatsoever, i live on another continent).
The reason i keep coming back to this board is that Pixie has some of the attributes that I associate with people that are super into tumblr/the internet (i.e. possible self-diagnosing, being a poser and over dramatising situations or withholding information about a situation, queer-baiting).
I think it is good to criticize people for the above reasons (in certains situations though, like I'm ok with self-diagnoses if a person can't access a doctor/psychologist to get help etc). I think in Pixie's situation though there doesn't seem to be much (from what I've seen) evidence to suggest she is really guilty of doing any of these things.
From what I've read on this board:
1. At one point she labelled herself a lesbian/said she would be a lesbian if she wasn't in a relationship with a guy/nonbinary person. I don't think this too bad in terms of queerbaiting, as in general I think the LGBT+ community is ok with people testing out different labels to see what makes an individual most comfortable etc. The fact she hasn't addressed this/apologised is pretty bad imo.

2. She 'brags' about certain aspects of her life. I think some people on this board think it's okay to constantly call Pixie fat or other terms because at one point she said she had a 26(?) inch waist and that she must've have been lying about it/bragging about it (btw I don't think fat is a bad word, it's just a descriptive word and many people, such as myself have embraced this word instead of taking it as an insult, however it is obvious people on this board use this to shame pixie.)

I also think the prevalence of people calling pixie fat on this board suggests that they believe that pixie doesn't know/realise she has gained weight etc. I am 100% sure someone that has previously suffered from an ED would know that they have gained weight. Pixie doesn't owe anyone an explanation to why she has gained weight, and judging by her mental health conditions and the fact that she just went back to school and also the fact that she just made a major move from a tiny island to a larger community it's no wonder why she may have gained weight. Also, just because pixie hasn't talked about seeing a psych/doctor about her problems doesn't mean she isn't addressing her mental health problems etc. I 100% agree with people saying that mental illness doesn't just go away with self-care etc, and it need to be something that it constantly worked on through continuing therapy, medication etc.

In terms of pixie 'bragging'/showing off how much money she has/being an irresponsible consumer- I do agree with some of this. In terms of how pixie spends her money I don't really care at all- it's her money and she can spend it however she likes - I respect her transparency with the amount of stuff she buys - as I guess people that donate to her patreon know how it will be spent (assuming she doesn't allocate that money to just video production etc). As someone that is poor (and grew up poor) I kind of like watching haul videos as I can like vicariously live through it and not feel the need to purchase things i don't really need. I do have an issue with the brands that pixie is a fan of- lazy oaf being the one in particular, I try to limit what i buy from stores like kmart/target etc and I buy like 90% of my clothes from thrift stores (mainly because i'm poor though lol). There are brands that have an aesthetic like lazy oaf that are sustainable, made in the US and even some that are cheaper than lazy oaf (big bud press is my fave example), and i don't know why pixie hasn't bought from them/talked about ethical clothing. I think pixie could make a real impact if she wanted to, by aspiring to make clothing that matches her/lazy oaf/j-fashion aesthetic that is ethical.

For the criticisms of her sexuality- nobody can read her mind and only pixie truly knows herself, so what's the point of speculation on whether she is LGBT+ or not?

3. Recently I've seen some people talking about pixie's drinking/partying/lifestyle and tbh I think not only is it weird to be judging someone's lifestyle in such a disconnected way, I think the claims that she's constanlty popping pills (anti-anxiety medication) and drinking to excess has little evidence to back it up. To people that are concerned about a younger audience being influenced by pixie's behaviour, I would just say that the internet and especially youtube is not the place for young, impressionable children and pixie has never intended her channel to be kid-friendly (despite the aesthetic).

4. Also - i don't really get all the comments about pixie looking old? Idk if it's just one anon who keeps spamming but I see it get said all the time, I'm one year older than pixie (and I have a babyface) and I don't really see what some anons are talking about.

5. Everyone has their own preferences for fashion and aesthetics, so i don't get why so many people talk about how ugly pixie's outfits look/how uncoordinated the outfits she puts together are. Some fashion is supposed to be subversive (comme de garcons for example) and I think that criticism of fashion can be done in a way that isn't overly nasty etc (check out hautelemode on youtube, he does it in a way that is critical but not over-the-top). Maybe pixie doesn't care about looking 10/10 outfit wise-everyday - it's not like she says "look how good my outfit is" every vid.

6. The comments about her "glorified arts & crafts college" are a bit much i think - as far as I know she's never said it's on par with FIT/RISD/etc - so why all the negative comments about it? I know there is an arguement that if Pixie fully wanted to reach her potential she should be applying for better/more accredited institutions, but coming from someone that also has anxiety and depression, maybe Pixie thought it would be more logical to go to a, in lack of a better word, crappier institution and do well that move even further away to a better college and potentially drop out/fail courses. I study science and the some of the PhD students that taught some of the labs that I was in went to 'worse' universities to do their undergrad and then went on to do their PhD in a 'better' uni because despite the fact they didn't do as well in high school, they were able to prove themselves in uni and get accepted to a better uni for their post-grad.

tl;dr : I think some of the criticism of pixie is valid, a lot isn't and for the most part people don't need to be making assumptions about her life.

Lol sorry for the long post, thanks if you were able to read the whole thing, and I'm totally open to replies/comments about stuff I missed out on/points that I got wrong etc (if you're wondering why i would ever spend so long writing a post about someone that I personally don't know - I am a master procrastinator)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 727011

Oh….wow. I don’t think you belong here.

No. 727024

Not to be mean but seriously, do you know where you are writing this?

No. 727032

Thank you for that post. I actually agree on most parts and I’m happy finally someone here has a healthy perspective on jill.
Although you might wanna switch to PULL since it’s more about actual discussions instead of just shitposting and fatshaming

No. 727052

yeah it's no use trying to change people's minds here. people come here because it's anonymous and they can be nasty. i'm guilty of that myself but i do agree with a lot of your pov, especially about her weight.
no matter how much you dislike pixie, she legitimately has an ED and nitpicking about her weight is the cheapest shot. i'm sure she noticed she put on some weight.

No. 727088

I’m sure most reasonable posters agree with you but this board will never be rid of insecure teenagers, anachans or generally mentally unstable young women who feel the need to release their vitriol thoughts as therapy for their own issues (just look at /g/ or /ot/ or the weird self posting by cows for proof of this).

Besides that, Jill definitely deserves criticism for her many public fuck ups and general lack of self-awareness in everything she does. Many of us have followed her since the beginning or even before YouTube, some of us have met her irl, and I think the common theme is the genuine disappointment and sadness we feel for her. People used to say her immature behaviour was due to her age, but she’s proven over time she doesn’t want to give a shit. She doesn’t want to mature. She can be a complete ass hole but would rather put her head in the sand and pretend she’s too stupid to notice her destructive and harmful behaviour even when it affects people close to her.

And if she were open to changing her ways, these threads wouldn’t exist. The one thing all cows have in common is their stubbornness and preference for censorship. If we could leave constructive and helpful comments to add insight into their problematic behaviour and they would actually considered it… then there wouldn’t be any reason to discuss them anonymously. The reason people have flocked here and contributed to almost 30 threads about Jill is that she’s pro-blocking/deleting/censoring anything that isn’t praise from her hugbox. She also has a history of calling out or referencing these boards (the first thread about her was made in direct response to a video she uploaded about her “haters”, you know the same video where she bragged about her “non-fluctuating 20 inch waist” as a way to justify why she should be immune from criticism). She also said something to the effect of: “I know this will fire them up more, bring it on”. Inviting haters to rile against you, then cry and act innocent when the result of that is increased criticism is just so bratty. It’s a cycle that she repeated a few times with behind the bows and /cgl/.

No. 727145

>>727052 we don't nitpick about her weight just because she's fat. It's milk because she claims to be so uwu body posi, but shops her photos to hell and back. She also eats excessive crap, like she boasted about how much she spent on food but there wasn't a single fresh item. She also refuses to buy clothing her size, which she justifies by being able to alter it later because shes totes a fashion designer - but she never does it. Being fat isn't milky, but Jill's weight is milky.

No. 727155

Pretty much this. Her weight isn't an issue, but her attitude towards it is. It's like her mental illnesses - she uses them as trendy labels (depression as an excuse for everything, 'thicc'), but does nothing to actually address her problems, eg. change her diet and lifestyle for a start.

No. 727158

I agree with a lot of this too, but I definitely understand why farmers are questioning her sexuality. From a lot of her actions including the dismissive way she treated her one gf as an adult, she shows a lot of flags of being an LGBT trender. I think a significant portion of farmers are either bi or lesbians, including myself, so there is definitely going to be some sensitivity to trending. Could be wrong, but a lot of us have been burned by girls experimenting and treating gay relationships as just a fling, which is what hers looked like, at least from the sidelines.
Her situation is sad though, but I'm seeing it more and more as social media influencing is becoming popular, it just fucks people up mentally the more they get sucked in.
She seems to be the type that would really benefit from more structure and regular therapy: living alone in that big townhouse was clearly a mistake.

No. 727164

her attitude is especially bad on this matter when you consider how much she mentions being an eating disorder survivor, that is a vulnerable group to blast your incredibly photoshopped photos to and pretend they are real and that body positivity for "thicc" women looks like that highly edited image, that could be really triggering

No. 727174


No. 727180

to quote the tl;dr from the op
> tl;dr : I think some of the criticism of pixie is valid, a lot isn't and for the most part people don't need to be making assumptions about her life.

i'm not this >>726993 op but i agree. even if i myself have thrown a lot shit at her, i think she's just a very mentally-ill person in dire need of structure and a good therapist. she has an array of opportunities she's wasting away because of her childish attitude.

No. 727228

weird how posts like >>721771 and >>726617 were talking about peeps and then this gets posted, really makes you think

No. 727232

I'm honestly insulted you compared Jill's trainwreck outfits to CDG, an actual fashion house that uses creativity to form their pieces. Jill just throws on the latest lazy oaf pieces and those glitter boots and calls it a day. This is the same dumbass who made her own 'jfashion' for yoonique points and then ditched it for American fast fashion garbage. Her style isn't subversive in any shape or form, it's talentless hack that's been shoved on so she can attract attention.

No. 727239

She milked a poor girl who most likely was in love with her for views, calling her mystery girl and shit and then broke up with her because she wasn't really attracted to her, that's fucking cruel. You don't have to be bi or lesbian yourself to think Jillian is a fake bisexual. None of this "oh she's young and confused about her identity" is going to convince me she was anything but cruel to an innocent girl for LGBT cred points.

No. 727260

For real tho, I nearly sperged about that whole shitfest on a post as long as >>726993 but there's literally no reason to take Jill for her word when it comes to her sexuality because she's been so insane about it. Right around when she was with Colin she used "hyper-feminine queer" as her label, but after bending to her kawaii genderqueer will, he broke up with her, and she went on the rebound claiming to be a lesbian only and sought out a girl on Tinder, where she found MG/Alyssa and started officially dating on/around Halloween.

But she kept Alyssa (a girl that loved her enough to literally come out to her family with this relationship) secret to her fans while using her as clickbait and got real defensive and tight-lipped when fans mentioned her, and then come December (literally one of the worst times for couples trouble), she dumped her claiming that she wasn't
interested in her and didn't want to lead her on when they took a break before the actual break-up. Then she figured she might actually be bi rather than lesbian, but went back to using the "queer" label again and is publicly dating Stephen now. And she's since deleted her coming-out vlog as well. You can't fucking trust what she says.

No. 727278

no no no this anon is right. this is exactly how I feel being here since the japan vlogs.

No. 727301

being insecure about your sexuality isn't leading a girl on for internet points and dumping her because you're not attracted to her. that's just being an awful person, and nothing can excuse what she did.

No. 727433


why is dumping someone you realise you're not attracted to being an awful person?? it's better to get it done before it gets even more intense is it not?

No. 727435

It’s better not to start leading someone on for queer points in the first place. If she was never attracted to the girl, why get into a relationship at all?

No. 727438

Someone in a livestream not long after the Alyssa incident asked her if she was demisexual and she said something about how she definitely doesn't need to get to know someone before she's attracted to them so it seems particularly shitty of her. If that's the case, surely she would have known she wasn't attracted to her from the start? Why screw someone around like that?

No. 727449

of course shes showing off her peep plushies because we talked shit about her forgotten love of peeps, jill lurking hard confirmed again

No. 727459

does she not realize we KNOW when she lurks? does she rly think we're gonna see her posting her peeps after we've talked about her ditching them after barely a year of sperging on and on about them, and just think "oh well I guess she really did love peeps/[whatever other material obsession she has] all along!", kek. also still no crayola merch sightings even after we've mentioned them, maybe she's not THAT obvious/retarded.

No. 727460

samefag and tinfoil but we've barely seen Stephen (I think that's his name) the past few months. I'd like to give Jill the benefit of the doubt for once and believe she's handling her adult relationship with more discretion for once, aka not plastering the new boytoy all over social media and pimping him out for views. Maybe she's finally realizing how toxic and immature it is to broadcast your private relationship to the world 24/7 (and how it wears out said relationship) so she's keeping it low-key. Good for her, really.

Buuut should that not be the case, this is where the tinfoil comes in: maybe Stephen has a bit more backbone than poor Colin or Tristan and (understandably) refuses to go through the kawaii makeover Jill has given to all her public partners so far, so she's not showing him on camera or on Instagram because he doesn't fit The Aesthetic™, or she's just waiting it out and slowly wearing him down until he budges.

No. 727510

Literally the only reason she doesn’t show off Stephen is because of the backlash she’ll get from her fans for being straight. Her fans leave comments on every single post or video about how pixie is their gay hero/queer goddess!!

Remember, as far as her fans are concerned, she’s a lesbian who had a girlfriend up until recently. She never officially announced their breakup and I still see comments asking about whether she’s dating Alyssa or if she’s even dating her friend Wendy .

No. 727598

I use to give her the benefit of the doubt, but in literally everything shes done shes become a huge fucking fraud. Her sexuality (you have to be fucking blind or an idiot to not see it was 100% queerbaiting with poor Alyssa), her fashions (coming off as the greatest lolita of all time and how people were jealous, then dumping lolita like it wasn't secretly the reason she started to get efame and dumping the fashion she "invented"), her body positivity (IM AN ED SURVIVORRR! meanwhile let me photoshop my body into unrealistic proportions on me and candids show the truth that I really just have no self control teehee), her false ARTEEST narrative (designer dairies going nowhere, never visiting any significant fashion or art places in the multiple fashion capitals of the world even though ITS HER PASSION GAIZ, also wheres inktober? if she posts about it after this someone screencap this and it as proof she fucking lurks this website). She has so much potential and so many opportunities and she squanders them into oblivion

No. 727726

File: 1541545763940.jpg (191.91 KB, 1080x577, 20181106_190935.jpg)

No. 727729

>>727726 physical health? is she becoming a munchie?

No. 727731

File: 1541546224077.png (452.73 KB, 720x1111, 20181106_231720.png)

No. 727739

This sounds like she's not getting up to go to class.

No. 727741

It honestly wouldn't surprise me if she already quietly dropped out.

No. 727744

I took it as her just being sick (cold and virus sort of thing). At least I'm hoping that's what she meant.

No. 727752

Wow her Pizzazz costume is so bad it makes the leg avenue one look amazing in comparison yikes.
I'm surprised she hasn't posted about lush doing a promo with drag queens since she is so into them now. I would have loved to seen that happen last year when she was against them and have to drop her self care lush baths.

No. 727780

Isnt it finals soon? Or at the very least midterms? Her semester started two months ago, so she must be done in a month or so.

She already missed 3 days for the sims trip and has posted about her “sick days” spent with her mom before. That means she’s missed at least over a week worth of classes. Like I know attendance isn’t always necessary but these are hands on introductory classes in her first semester of college and we all know how much she needs the in-class practice. I would love to see her grades and midterm reports from her teachers. I can’t even imagine what it would be like grading one of her papers since she only speaks baby babble and hasn’t been in school for years.

No. 727786

>>727780 would arts and crafts really involve midterms?

No. 727806

Usually even entry art classes have some sort of project they'll be graded on, especially for midterms or finals. I had to take one low-level art class for my degree and we had a project due almost every week. I'm actually surprised she doesn't post more pictures of homework or studied she's doing, with everything she shows off in her life it seems like she'd love to take pictures of her cutesy wutesy pastel paints and sketchy betch selfies. Maybe they just aren't that good and she knows it.

No. 727830

I think her college has regular math and english type classes too, if she was taking any of those they would have midterms for sure. Any art related class would have a project.

No. 727899

I think that's a stretch, probably just a cold or stomach issues considering her shitty diet and weight gain.

Based on her social media posts it doesn't seem like she's been to school since the first week. >>726743 got banned for this huge rant but I honestly agree, her life is just bland and sad now compared even compared to when she lived in her parents' basement and worked at Claire's, which is baffling.

No. 727917

she's probably feeling like crap from all the crap she eats. maybe she'll claim chronic stomach issues for further asspats

No. 727922

Judging by her prior art, I also think that she's probably struggling with her work for college. During the first week she posted a picture of her sitting outside with the caption saying it's her first time drawing from observation… and she's obviously not practicing either because she would document that. At the very least I would expect them to ask students to keep a sketchbook with daily drawings on top of whatever projects they have. If she is working for school 'in private' she is probably doing the bare minimum.

No. 727997

She's been posting about weed since it was legalized but did she ever really talk about it before? Is she trying to fit in with the cool kids or what?

Also side note, you mention RISD and I laughed. Maybe it's because I'm not an art major, maybe it's because Brown is right next to it, but - I'm a local and RISD never seemed too grand? I've been mentally comparing her arts and crafts school to RISD since it's the only art school I know and it made me think her school was more like a real college since they seem similar enough. The only big flag her school has is it not needing a portfolio for entry, making it likely very easy for any dipshit to get in. But? Her school seems like a real college, just a very low tier one. Too bad it seems she's losing it already seeing this >>727726 , the first semester isn't even over.

No. 728276

ENGL 1000: Writing for Visual Artists
FVAD 1004: Colour Study
DRAW 1000: Drawing from Observation
DSGN 1000: 2D Design
HIST 1054: Global Material Culture: Prehistory to 1600

These are the courses she is in. None of them have actual midterms, just "midterm critique" listed as one of the things that will make up her grades. Her school is a joke.

No. 728311

I highly doubt there’s no midterm paper in those English and Art History courses but ok.

No. 728316

File: 1541630532866.png (73.39 KB, 1420x452, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 6.41…)


No. 728318

File: 1541630547466.png (74.2 KB, 1434x444, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 6.42…)


No. 728557

a midterm critique is a midterm. its when you bring in an art project and present/get judged in class. thats the assessment of an art assignment

No. 728615

10% for participation, better start turning up to class Jill, might need all the help you can get

No. 728655

That means they all have midterm projects though? Except for the history class, but that's still homework she's probably not handing in.

No. 728926


The "midterm critiques" are worth 5% of her grades. No real midterm is worth that little. Please stop defending this shitty craft fair college.

No. 728928

File: 1541719536316.jpg (652.75 KB, 1080x1713, 20181108_192502.jpg)

No. 728930

Christ almighty the Vesseys need to stop buying cats. Holy shit. This is getting out of hand.

No. 728931

She had the excuse of her mom's allergies for her designer cats before. What's her reasoning now?

No. 728940

>>728928 man the loneliness of living in her own townhouse must be really getting to her. But also how much does a designer cat cost? She's just purchased two brand new computers.

No. 728941

ugh, another breeder. way to go, Jill. Gotta promote that bullshit, of course

No. 728946

there is no excuse for her buying from a breeder at this point, full of crap as usual with her oh we volunteer at the shelter like once a year and we have no choice but to get purebred because of moms bullshit allergy which she flip flops magically between having and being fine, fake and elitist to the core

No. 728956

didn't someone call it saying something like serena would get seperation anxiety from being in a multi cat household to being forced to live alone and by herself? what a fucking surprise shes meowing constantly and acting out by bashing things like water onto jills laptop. what a terrible cat mother jill is

No. 728961

File: 1541723867411.png (597.63 KB, 720x1038, 20181109_003730.png)

Do you think they went to this cafe and then decided that they just /had/ to have a designer breed instead because none of these cats were cute enough?

No. 728963

File: 1541723917964.jpg (54.67 KB, 720x540, FB_IMG_1541723957046.jpg)

No. 728964

It's disgusting that they actively interact with cats who desperately need loving homes and then go on and spend hundreds on a designer kitten from a breeder. They know there's a problem with cat overpopulation but they would rather contribute to it than help.

No. 728987

fuck you jillian. fuck you too, louise. just, fuck you.

No. 728991

What's wrong with these cats? There even looks to be a kitten if that's what she wants

No. 729004

they're not a super special status symbol, obviously.

No. 729061

Louise was probably volunteering to take nice photos of the cats to help them get adopted, its been mentioned before. I know the Vesseys are scummy and should adopt but this could be a nice thing.

No. 729063

I’ve looked at the breeders in her area and the kittens cost anywhere from $1000-2000 which is typical for purebreds in Canada. Literally the same amount as a brand new Mac computer.

That means they’ve spent $4000-8000 on purebreds upfront (without including this newest kitten or the shelter adoption from the summer). And that doesn’t even include the cost of vet bills, food, toys, cat furniture etc over the years or their infamous catio which Louise said cost another $8000 in renovations.

I remember back in the day when people criticized Paris Hilton for having 5 or 6 expensive toy breed dogs and yet she’s a celebrity/millionaire who can afford full time care providers. What the fuck is wrong with the vesseys.

No. 729253

>"We have to get purebred cats because of my mom's allergies"
>Goes to cat café with rescue cats, no mention of allergies

I think people are allowed to buy cats if they want to, but at least don't blatantly lie about why.

No. 729299

I’m fucking raging over her buying a fucking cat because hers is lonely. She shouldn’t have taken it away from the other cats to begin with but she seriously couldn’t adopt one at least? Jill, FUCK YOU.

No. 729401

i think that's what pisses me off most about jill- she lies in order to make herself look like a better person than she is. it's not that she's fat- it's that she shoops her photos and feigns being "uwu body posi." it's not that she's spoiled- it's that she begs for money from literal children bc she's a "poor struggling artist." i'm really not sure anymore if she's knowingly manipulating her audience or if she's really that deep in denial…

No. 729421

Jill has constantly been saying now how she's ~sooo busy~ and not doing well physically/mentally, but she thinks she has enough time & energy to raise a kitten now? Alright.

No. 729435

Not too get too bloggy but I have two cats and they've moved with me internationally and their behavior changed a lot afterwards. Her cat is probably just stressed and still adjusting, a new kitten won't make her stop crying, it'll make things worse. Shouldn't have a cat if you aren't prepared for it to be noisy tbh.
I can't wait for the breakdown posts when the kitten starts pissing/shitting on things and tearing up her kawiwi furniture and walls because she cba to train it properly

No. 729449

Isn't she going to be moving back to her parents after school with this extra cat? this is so irresponsible. surely there's an actual council limit to how many you can have in canada.

No. 729458

Why not just go home & get the cat she claims is a therapy cat? This just makes her shopping addict look like it has no limits, objects or living things are fair game to her.

No. 729469

Yeah, I don't know much about cats but I was also thinking a kitten might not be the best company for a fully grown cat? I guess it depends on the cat but to me it seems less like Nina is lonely (although I wouldn't be surprised, what did they expect) and more like Jill wants a cute expensive new designer kitten.

No. 729473


They say you dont train cat but cat train you.

In all seriousness she doesnt have time for a new kitten and she probably won't properly introduce them so the original cat is still going to be hella stressed.

No. 729508

Fucking this! It's a BABY animal and she can't take care of herself and her whole ass house (where's that internet shattering house tour?) and deal with school and her job, it's fucking gross that she would be this irresponsible with another living being's life.

No. 729523

it's ridiculous that they thought she wouldn't be lonely by herself with Jill out of the house for hours regularly, she wasn't their first cat (came straight from the breeder where she will have been surrounded by other cats) and doesn't Louise have a home office, then after Jill graduated highschool and quit her real jobs she would have been at home constantly, the cat has never been alone and no wonder its miserable, part of her reasoning for bringing her along was that she doesn't like the other cats, if she wasn't hugely friendly with the pack of cats she grew up with and lived with before then how is she going to react to a over-excitable baby invading her territory, its so selfish on Jills part, she should think about the cats wellbeing and not what she wants for once and take her back to her parents place

No. 729524

Why does Louise always look like she's being held hostage?

No. 729525

in addition, back at home they have the patio and the cat stroller but Jill hasn't posted about having any of that at her new place so is the cat now also never allowed to go outside when she was allowed before, she must be so understimulated

No. 729530

Beyond hypocrisy to go to a cat adoption event and then buy a breeder cat. It's really disgusting and I hope she's called out on it. Fucking awful. These cats need homes. She could have left Serena at the main house and adopted her own cat …

No. 729531

How hard is it to get an anxiety vest, too? Given that Serena went from having multiple cat companions and Jill’s constant presence at home, to no companions and Jill starting in school, she’s probably experiencing a lot of separation anxiety. Sure, the vests are usually grey/black and not ~kawiwi~, but Jill could easily sew a cover if she found it too disruptive to her aesthetic.

No. 729532

I think it's stupid as fuck that Jill wants to get a kitten but if she really needs to she should at least adopt one, not buy one…
How do you even justify this shit? I bet while they were at the cat cafe Jill & her mom went on about how they hope ~all these sweet angels get adopted soon!! uwu~ just to head straight home afterwards and call up a breeder. Gross.

No. 729539

Saged because I'm just guessing here but I wonder if her cat is no longer being as "loving" as she was previously towards her due to stress, and since Jillian needs to feel validated 24/7 she went out and got a playful kitten that will make her feel important again?

No. 729564

Literally none. Her mothers even adopted a rescue now herself, granted a young and fairly desirable one. But still a rescue.

I'm not even against pedigree cats honestly, but this is way too much.

No. 729571

Something tells me that she wanted to get a white cat specifically, because they are a more "kawaii" color that matches her aesthetic.

No. 729581

It could be she's going through a breeder because it's much much easier than gaining a cat through a rescue. Jill is very young, living in a rented house, (supposed to be) enrolled in full-time education, does not have proof of stable income and already has an established cat. All of these things will work against her when being reviewed by an adoption centre. Even if they were to approve her it could still take them time to find a cat they believe would be a good fit for Jill's home.

Why wait for aaagggeessss to adopt a boring old moggy when you can throw some money at somebody who will just give you a kawaiii designer kitten! But plz adopt guys, especially black cats because no-one ever wants to adopt them makes me so sad uwu

No. 729601

Wtf are you talking about? Where are you from? In Canada, adopting a rescue is as simple as walking into a shelter or in this case a cat adoption cafe (or even pet stores are legally required to sell only rescues in some provinces) and saying “I want that cat”.

Rescue cats are usually anywhere from $100-400 or even cheaper. The only reason they even cost that much is to reimburse their vaccines and neutering.

The contracts I’ve signed for my rescue cats literally had one sentence that said “you are responsible to provide food, water and quality of life for this pet, sign the dotted line”. The adoptions took 2 min and I never had to provide any personal or financial information. If jill wanted to, she could adopt a rescue in the amount of time it takes to use the Starbucks drive through.

On the other hand, you could wait months for a breeder to have an open reservation and then wait further for the kitten to be weaned from the mother, socialized by the breeder, old enough to have all their shots and neutering, and due to the wait lists it might take them forever to actually review your application, offer you a reservation, forward you the paperwork and then demand an upfront deposit. And then sometimes the breeders need to fly them over like when they adopted Quinn, he was on a 2-3 hour flight across the country to meet the vesseys. I know one other family who adopted from Serena’s breeder and yes ive stalked the pages of their rag doll/main coon/Siberian forest breeders and what I described is exactly how they operate.

Anyways, I’m sure they’ve lucked out because they have a good reputation with so many breeders at this point, I’m sure they were fast tracked on the wait list for that kitten but that’s really besides the point.

No. 729608

obvs saged but maybe that anon isn't from Canada. In other countries/states it can be way harder (baguette fag here), and shelters/cat cafes are really careful with adoptions here. For instance with the local cat café you have to get through several meetings with the people from the café, a home inspection, follow ups for a few months, etc. They want to make sure the person is not gonna leave the animal like it has already been. It's very frequent here so it wouldn't be surprising if it were in other countries.

No. 729618

File: 1541793809880.jpg (119.04 KB, 720x960, 44321775_2633256056688373_2857…)

No. 729620

File: 1541793930082.png (85.66 KB, 261x260, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 3.06…)

No. 729633

File: 1541794780844.jpeg (161.88 KB, 750x501, 368F2A7E-34C5-4A24-9661-4B7347…)

(Only part of Jill’s comment that’s cut off is the breeders name)

She is seriously only choosing these pets for the belief that they are somehow superior then adopted pets. Really gross mindset

No. 729634

This is such a flimsy excuse when she could just ask her mommy to do this process for her, if she isn't already taking care of all of the details for her or providing the actual reference. She values her aesthetic over the values she claims to have to get brownie points from her audience. It's extremely transparent in this situation like it has been so many times.

No. 729640

She could be accidentally fucking up her cat's names because she can't be bothered to care or remember which one she's talking about. In one of her ~favies~ videos after the move in, she's talking about Serena but keeps referring to her as Nina. But she,like loves them so much you guys she's crying and needs more.

No. 729641

File: 1541795600734.jpeg (189.46 KB, 750x882, 0CF3936F-E4F5-41B3-B708-E112F9…)

That’s a nickname for her cat

No. 729658

File: 1541797747049.jpg (605.85 KB, 1080x980, 20181109_170922.jpg)

No. 729709

>pixie we want u to show off ur tiny island that produces the smallest contributions to our country’s GDP, where abortion was illegal up until last year, and where all settlers are Irish/Scottish/British who killed off/discriminated against the natives, the French settlers and African Americans who escaped via the underground railroad. Since youre a 2nd generation immigrant from Britain, you’d be perfect to advertise our proud heritage to potential tourists so they’re well aware that we are still incapable of attracting diverse types of immigrants and don’t want other skin colours around here, and it would save us tons of money from hiring actual directors, producers, editors and other creatives who are out of work in your area which suffers from massive unemployment, therefore we think you will find this offer to be mutually beneficial - love, the government of Canada

Usually I’m all for the gov funding the arts, but that’s not what’s happening here. Gross.

No. 729723

her style does not compliment her doughy pale body at all…

No. 729730

>same price as a mac
in that case, shouldn't she be getting one of her macs repaired since that's almost certainly vital to her course and ~yoochewb careeuh~ instead of pissing the money away on more purebred cats?

go and adopt one jill for fuck's sake, you have no excuses for not giving a poor lil shelter kitty a home

No. 729735

File: 1541804868304.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 282.19 KB, 750x1065, 89B1FC16-F623-4BAB-BA7C-01F108…)

Sage for ot but now I know why jillybean is like this, her mom is so ignorant
Rimini is in the center of Italy, instead the photos are from south Italy. If her mom did at least a real research online, she could have found out that THAT’S NOT THE CITY

No. 729737

File: 1541805164957.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 144.24 KB, 750x980, C2D7A19D-4409-452D-B2AB-26E8E3…)

She can’t even recognize mozzarella
Sage for ot

No. 729741

She sounds just as uneducated as Jill. wtf

No. 729745

Damn hope she wasn’t so dumb to tell the italians that she didn’t know what Mozzarella is

No. 729748

>buys thousand dollar cats but thinks mozzarella is just the powdery shit in a bag
nu rich retards crack me up
I guess we know where she got her taste in food from

No. 729772

Couldn't Jill use adopting an actual shelter cat as a video? Like, documenting the process and everything else like that and make some sort of real/useful content instead of hauls or unboxing vids? She can list off local shelters in her area and give them exposure, as well. And add resources for others looking to adopt.

Or you know, I guess she can take the easy way out and adopt from a breeder. Whatever.

No. 729780

It boggles my mind that wealthy people like Jill and Louise have zero understanding of the real world outside their PEI bubble.

No. 729869

am I crazy or does the OP pic look like santa claus

No. 729917


No. 729930

She is both the giver and the receiver of all the gifts

No. 729951

File: 1541840720153.jpg (52.79 KB, 500x281, 1a5.jpg)

It saddens me that people like Jill and her mom have all this money and the opportunities to regularly travel to different countries & continents and yet they don't seem to gain anything from it.

Whenever something is slightly different from how it is in their province their response is pretty much just "Wow this is so weird!! Culture shock lol!!", it's like they have absolutely no interest in learning about or experiencing any culture that isn't just 'rural Canada'.

I actually felt bad for Louise back when they were in Tokyo because all Jill wanted to eat was American fast food, but it's quite obvious now that they're two peas in a pot.

No. 729965

So she goes to a breeder in PEI for a new pet…. has it not cross her mind to take her fucking cat home to see if she is really as lonely as Jill imagines? Again I don't see why she can't just get the cat from home she claims was to help with her depression.

No. 729970

because that cat has brown on it which isn't an aesthetic colour whereas all white cats match kawiwi stuff, I think also she validation from the idea she has of this cat liking her the most that she brags about all the time

No. 729986

Anon, most people call their cats by something else than their "actual" name, that's a huge reach.

?? How does she not know what mozzarella looks like?
For a long time I assumed Jill was just some outlier and Louise herself was a fairly well-adjusted woman that's lived her life, but honestly Jill just seems to take after her.

No. 729987

Not to defend Jill's choice to get a second cat but she has said before that Neko is fairly attached to the other cats so he would be doing even worse.

No. 730071

File: 1541873089464.jpg (227.91 KB, 588x503, Untitled-5.jpg)

Jill please buy some vegetables

No. 730079


Did she buy four bags of marshmallows? 1kg of sugar just for herself?? What??

No. 730085

She was lucky she received the Pusheen box last week or else she wouldnt have had any content to upload at all…Every saturdy I wonder what will her new excuse for not posting will be xD(xD)

No. 730102

File: 1541879698020.jpeg (498.07 KB, 750x1036, 26193450-7B26-4FCD-BC9A-3DF990…)

Nice to see Jills back on BtB

No. 730103

File: 1541879811245.jpg (128.93 KB, 1326x254, Untitled-6.jpg)

>>730102 this comment kek

No. 730164

why do people think jill was good at lolita? this looks like shit. her weird lolita mixed with hime gyaru never looked good. this shitty bouffant wig and crappy DreamV heels are ita as fuck.

No. 730193

It probably just looks good in comparison to how she styles herself now.

No. 730196

It probably just looks good in comparison to how she styles herself now.

No. 730293

i think the main thing people enjoyed from jill's lolita phase is her makeup from that time. yeah, her outfits were ita as hell but at least her makeup wasn't garbage

No. 730295

its definitely a photo of something she saw in a supermarket. unless jill is making rice krispie treats for her entire school those aren't bags she bought herself. we all know her diet is abysmal but that is such a cartoony reach

No. 730341

Sage for Autism, but Jill was definitely buying these. You can see from placement of items as well as the grocery conveyor railings

No. 730342

File: 1541911740517.jpeg (713.44 KB, 640x1135, 16685A77-85F7-4E2E-A452-4045AD…)

Sage for dropping pic

No. 730347

If you look closely, there’s at least 8 bags of marshmallows. Jesus Christ Jill, at this rate the only way she’s gonna lose weight is when her foot gets chopped off because of the inevitable diabetes.

No. 730349

idk if she actually bought them, they look like they're in a clearance cart or bin, she might have just been taking a photo of the sticker.

No. 730351

Like the other anon, I don't think she actually bought them all (if any), especially since they're close to expiring.

She was thin and younger when she was a lolita, that alone is enough to fool people into thinking shit looks good.

No. 730413

File: 1541932127163.jpeg (566.97 KB, 750x745, D19E0C6B-2A72-4288-A235-C24300…)

I’m surprised Jill isn’t all over this it seems right up her alley. I’d love to see whatever shitty look she’d make with that eyeshadow.

No. 730450

Far too neutral

No. 730453


I could see Jill buying this >>730413 because it has ONE pink shade that would be totally worth buying to show it in a video and dump it where the rest of her once used eyeshadow palettes rot.

>but ngl this shit looks cute.

No. 730459

she was definitely not an ita but her coords weren't really all that special. im just trying to imagine her trying to squeeze into a jsk at her weight right now with that huge fucking gut. she has to be pushing 80-81 cm at this point…so much for tiny waist jill

No. 730467

She did post about this set on Facebook, right?

No. 730479

She already posted about doing an unboxing vid for this, so that's likely her next upload whenever she decides to start filming again.

No. 730522

File: 1541958029516.jpg (741.33 KB, 1080x1703, 20181111_133958.jpg)

Jill flexing again

No. 730523

File: 1541958100405.jpg (787.67 KB, 1080x1440, 20181111_134016.jpg)

The accompanying pictures. She looks like Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys in this one

No. 730524

File: 1541958135555.jpg (825.62 KB, 1080x1920, 20181111_134036.jpg)

I hate this fucking pose.

No. 730525

File: 1541958185890.jpg (86.56 KB, 1080x540, 20181111_134052.jpg)

The ugly-ass overpriced tacky designer uwu glasses

No. 730527

Honestly, compared to her bright pink cateye glasses these are a bit more subdued.

No. 730528


417,62 CA$


yeah, it's still tacky but less in the granny kind of way.

No. 730533

grandma jill flexing on these hoes

No. 730555

Why is she overpaying oh my god. Pearle Vision has a pair that looks just like these for $140. Buy the damn things and glitter them if they need to sparkle that bad. She’s so stupid.

No. 730585

I know it's the glass distorting the image but JESUS those cheeks

No. 730587

I don't know about how insurance works in Canada, or if people get additional eye insurance or not, but good eye insurance will cover a massive chunk of luxury frames. You can get $400 frames for only about $150 including the lens cost with the right insurance in the US, but I'm curious as to how that works up there. Cheapo online frames are a gamble, no one should get eyeglasses online that they haven't handled and tried on in person, and going DIY on anything on real frames is a horrible idea. I'd say if she's going to splurge on something glasses are the place to do it, not shoes that she'll only wear once if ever.


The frames are kind of ugly but at least the gold parts will actually compliment her skin and they aren't too wild. Those Gucci frames are huge though, her face is too small and round for the big round frames she keeps getting. That shape will magnify her under eyes and look Enda Mode-tier bizarre especially with the strong magnification. I have a feeling she just wanted the Gucci label though.

No. 730605

Just realized from her wording and the lack of pictures of her wearing them that she may have blindly ordered them from some store online, since you can't order them directly from Gucci. Hopefully by order she meant ordering them to try through an optometrist, but I would expect goofy pictures in the shop if that were the case. Buying luxury eyeglasses is a multi-week process from ordering to final fitting, stop being so impatient for once and just get some more contacts to get you through until you can get the perfect pair properly fitted.

No. 730614

Her prescription must be STRONG. Cuz damn

cuz she's a bitch who wants to flex her mom's money. She is not practical at all with saving or budgeting. It's going to bite her in the ass once her parents die.

No. 730643

I would think she would be covered by her fathers insurance. Professor job is probably decent benefits and they include adult children if they are enrolled in post secondary. But I live in BC tbh.

No. 730646

I would think she would be covered by her fathers insurance. Professor job is probably decent benefits and they include adult children if they are enrolled in post secondary. But I live in BC tbh.

No. 730653

Most Canadian insurances include children - if not her school would have eye insurance included and since she's in school Canadian health care would also help if her eyesight is bad enough.

But I'm from ON so the last part may be different.

No. 730675

She mentions how she only had one pair of contact lenses left and that BAFFLES me. I'm sure she has the reusable ones, too. Jill, please buy dailies and save your eyes from all that bacteria. Knowing her she probably doesn't even take good care of them and that really irks me. She can easily find reasonably priced dailies that she can subscribe to be sent to her on a monthly basis… but I guess that is too much of an "adult" thing to ask of her. I have a feeling her mum picked up her contact lenses for her along with her meds from the way she speaks about ~going to the pharmacy~ as if it's a big fucking accomplishment.

No. 730683

Lmao this is such a bullshit nitpick. So you're saying absolutely anyone who wants to buy a rag doll cat has to go through adoption? Well you can't, because those cats are rarely put up for adoption, and it's much more humane to go to a specialized breeder rather than a pet shop. Y'all realize that she's free to spend money on the breed she wants right? This argument is the equivalent of saying, how dare you buy new clothes when there are thrift stores. You may support the idea of thrift stores and even give them money to stay afloat, but you don't need to buy from them.there is no moral or ethical obligation, no matter how much you stomp your feet.

Too many poorfags itt or teenagers with no money from their parents who are butthurt that she can spend on cats and gucci glasses when these are both completely irrelevant points to argue about

No. 730686

Clothes at thrift stores don't lose their lives if no one buys them. Your comparison doesn't work.

No. 730688

You missed the point, why does jill need a ragdoll so badly? She doesn’t have the excuse of “hurdur my mom maybe sometimes is deathly allergic” because now she lives by herself. she is perfectly capable of getting any cat, designer breed or not, but she chooses the breed anyway because even living beings can be a way to flex of course!

No. 730690

Sorry, I just don't believe it's her sole responsibility to make up for all the morons who buy pets and throw them away. Otherwise next time anyone thinks about having kids of their own, they should instead adopt children because it's their ethical responsibility (hint: it's not).

She has the freedom of choice to purchase the breed she wants with her money. Far as I can see, all their cats are extremely well cared for.

No. 730691

Ragdoll cats are the shit anon, that's why. You're perceiving her preference for a breed as a means to flex. It's not. This is a living thing she has to care for all her life. She should buy the breed she likes.

No. 730694

Even if that comparison did work, the fact that Jill is well aware of how many cats out there are in need of good homes but gets an expensive designer cat anyway is more comparable to somebody preaching about how wasteful fast fashion is but then they turn around and drop a ton of money on fast fashion (which Jill also does).

Personally I don’t have an issue with people buying from responsible breeders but it’s the virtue signalling about working with cat shelters and the bullshit allergy excuse that bothers me. It’s cool that Louise adopted a shelter kitten but even then she only did it because she wanted a black cat and her friend told her that one happened to be up for adoption at that very same time.

No. 730718

No. 730723

File: 1541986449787.png (54.13 KB, 492x291, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.34…)

No. 730725

File: 1541986484658.png (43.33 KB, 503x351, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.33…)

hating her for typing like that is a solid reason, I think.

No. 730727

Dailies are for people who don't know how to properly clean and maintain their lenses - so honestly, you're right, they would be better for Jill. Don't want to imagine how nasty they get, properly gets make up on them, too. And my god do those Gucci glasses look… cheap? How can she always buy such cheap looking expensive things all the damn time. Seriously, she spends so much for such trash, no matter the item, jesus.

No. 730729

This isn't an item you can buy, it's an ichiban kuji lottery that isn't being drawn until November 24th. If she wants a specific prize she'll have to get it second hand or buy multiple tickets.

No. 730751

Holy shit she posted her cellphone number on there

No. 730755

File: 1541989686762.jpeg (28.68 KB, 392x392, CB4B8D43-09BD-40CF-B716-7A7F23…)

No. 730761

File: 1541991041385.jpeg (224.13 KB, 944x1680, CDA2704B-9639-45E3-A03C-4E6F33…)


So who tried calling? I’m sure it’s changed a long time ago…

No. 730773

You're making it sound like we're in the dark ages. Zenni optical and Warby Parker are reputable brands with tons of reviews. Warby and other brands will literally will mail you frames to try on. She just wants to spend as much money as possible on something she will use for a few minutes a day.

No. 730823

I noticed her old number on there months ago and was pretty tempted to try calling but honestly figured other farmers or confetti cunts must have previously tried if it were still in use..

So much of her teen stupidity is immortalized on that page

No. 730855

By her own admission and the way her glasses look on her, her prescription is strong as fuck and she probably needs specialty lenses. Getting your glasses from these online places is not an option for every type of vision problem.

No. 730860

This is probably an unpopular opinion but I actually like the pink granny glasses? It matches the rest of her look and is at least cohesive, while the designer ones are more normal looking (relatively speaking) and would make all her out there outfits stick out even more. I hope that makes sense? If you're gonna do the grandma kei aesthetic at least go all the way

No. 730878

File: 1542015775462.jpg (124.84 KB, 450x600, louise.jpg)

she looks so much like louise in this photo holy shit

No. 730910

File: 1542025835579.jpeg (172.34 KB, 1242x678, 1CBD137F-C907-4E51-B836-46B7AB…)

No. 730913

What is it with these flakes and bringing up black women at random?

No. 730922

She's gonna age so badly. Yikes

No. 730923

Without the caption I would think that Jill tried to dress her mom kawaii

No. 730929

She already has. It's going to only get worse.

About those lenses, didn't she mention not removing her makeup every day?

No. 730930

Over 1 year ago when? This reads like something she posted when she was 15.

No. 730931

someone should pretend to be a confettifag and bring this up.

No. 730932

File: 1542033892369.jpg (81.59 KB, 600x450, never seen before.jpg)

oh boy

No. 730939

The fact that this 'joke' could have been made any later than like 2012 is astounding. Not just bcos it's racially insensitive but it's that wildly unfunny random humour of the early 2010s yikes. If this is brought up she could definitely be slammed for the racial aspect, her fans will more than happily ignore it though.

No. 730947

It's annoying it doesn't list the date, but she mentions Raven Symone coming out which was in mid-2013 so yeah, she would've been about 15 I think.

It's aggressively unfunny and lolsorandumXD but Jill being an obnoxious edgy teenager isn't really a big deal imo. 15 is a pretty late age to still be typing like a weeb on deviantart though.

No. 730951

In 2012-2013, she was 14-15 and dated an edgelord for those two years, remember her "punk" phase with the "abusive" boyfriend, that she later defended when he was accused of animal abuse.

No. 730955

Again, having a ~super special~ prescription isn't going to prevent you from getting ridiculously overpriced frames. You can get really strong lenses online, and people bring in frames to be fitted with lenses to optometrists all the time. She doesn't love shopping, she loves flexing how much cash she has. It seems like you like finding lame excuses to throw away money too anon. Designer glasses and sunglasses have always been a sham.

No. 730972

Late but about the marshmallows, people who don't believe she would buy/eat all of them - did you forget her favorite food are fucking Peeps, literally sugar-covered marshmallows? She would undoubtedly buy two expiring bags to use to sweeten her tea and garnish her tendies.

No. 730989

This post wasn't even about the frame you idiot, read it again. You literally cannot buy certain types of lenses at these online places.

No. 731018

>You can get really strong lenses online, and people bring in frames to be fitted with lenses to optometrists all the time

Let me help you out there, it looks like your precious lenses aren't strong enough.

No. 731030

File: 1542053955984.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1631, 20181112_161833.jpg)

Steve's kawaii makeover begins

No. 731032


I have a déjà-vu

No. 731037

Didn't she take the exact same pic in the exact same location with her previous boytoy?

No. 731040

Jeez her mouth area looks like a ventriloquist dummy

No. 731042

Lol whatever wk who was in their feelings over how mean we all are to poor widdle pixie should feel like a dumbass. She's clearly self aware of how shitty of a person she is to stage this exact photo with her latest bf, while still cruising on ~queer points from the gf she never showed.

No. 731054

yuk i hate matchey matchey couples so much. its not even just the colours, even the goddam daisy.

also steven is actually kinda cute? kawiwi disguise notwhitstanding

No. 731060

File: 1542057262504.jpg (1.32 MB, 1704x1518, Untitled-18.jpg)

No. 731061

Well she’s clearly got a type

No. 731065


God, this freaks me out lol

If I didn't know better, I would believe it's the same couple damn

>Couple At The Beginning Of Their Relationship Vs. Now

No. 731066

even though it's on them for willingly dating her, I feel bad for anyone who does. she genuinely seems to just view them as accessories. she can't just accept them as they are, no no, they have to be all matchy matchy with the hideous clothes she deems acceptable to be seen with them in.

how unbelievably shallow she is never fails to amaze. no wonder she's such a Kelly Eden fan.

No. 731067

save him

>garnish her tendies
>with marshmallows
I pray Jill's eating habits don't get that bad.

The living accessory?

No. 731072

I don’t think he looks that bad tbh. I’d actually say he probably looks better. Sin he’s changing his style for someone like her though.

No. 731075

>>731072 we're not faulting him for looking bad tho we're faulting pixie for using her boyfs as accessory for her aesthetic

No. 731095

i feel bad for him for being another trophy boytoy, but i'll give jill credit for her outfit this time. it doesn't look as disastrous as her previous ones, i lowkey like it. shame her granny face and rainby bangs kind of ruin it, if she had a neutral hair color (like full blonde or full brunette) it'd legit suit her x10.

No. 731106

It must be very confusing for strangers if they do PDA…he looks like a 90s version of the Gay Best Friend trope

No. 731110

Colin looks miserable next to Steve. Steve is actually pretty cute here with his smile and can do better than Jill.

No. 731119

the outfit is okay until you get to the BRIGHT RED socks that match nothing else she's wearing. and presumably she's wearing her disgusting pink shoes that don't match because i don't think she owns any purple or yellow shoes.

No. 731164

this picture gives me the creeps so bad…..

No. 731181

This is identical to her "queer couple" photo I'm having flashbacks

No. 731202

but the frames themselves are super expensive. you can buy any frames from anywhere and take them to your optometrist and they'll put in the lenses you need.

No. 731305

She has blown up so much since that picture with Colin. She looks like a refrigerator next to Steve.

No. 731311

No wonder she buys so many clothes. She must grow out of them weekly.

No. 731322

Jill needs to get a clue she looks like shit. She should let Internet Girl style her. Igirl is awesome at putting outfits together. Jill please let sometimes intervene for you fashionably.

No. 731328

kek nice self post.
jesus, jill. please eat a single vegetable. i'm begging you. this is getting depressing. at least her outfit semi-matches? is that really where we're at now? yikes… oh and the socks have flowers on them so…. C for effort, jill. you tried i guess

No. 731329

Holy shit she has gotten fat as hell. In the new pic she is working all the day girl angles and still looks huge.

Also is Colin really tall or the new guy really short?

No. 731330

Holy shit she has gotten fat as hell. In the new pic she is working all the day girl angles and still looks huge.

Also is Colin really tall or the new guy really short?

No. 731341

Doubt you even know who Igirl is anon kek. She's amazing and has a successful career in fashion unlike ass clown Jill.

No. 731367

Nayrt but self-post as hell or bad taste.

No. 731446

Just imagine if a guy ever tried to change her aesthetic/style, she'd immediately tweet passive-aggressive shit and probably make a video claiming abuse or something lol

Those shoes are the only part of the outfit which actually look like they belong to him, everything else really just makes him seem like Jill's dress up doll…

No. 731477

She owns those YRU pastel airs that she unboxed a few weeks ago, that have both yellow and purple…

No. 731530

It's really no wonder she sees cats as designer accessories simply to add to her aesthetic and approaches issues like her cat needing more attention from her by just engaging in more consumerism. She does the same sort of thing to the people around her. Even her friends are just there to be part of her rainby magical girl aesthetic and feed into the shallow things she likes, like children's shows.

No. 731546

There's no way he isn't a closet gay if he owned those clothes prior to knowing Jill

No. 731549

anon, straight men are allowed to wear pastel colors, it's (current year)

No. 731552

File: 1542131489357.jpeg (863.79 KB, 750x1095, 1979C5E0-83A9-4E1A-8C81-A64CBE…)

No. 731554


ok, now I understand why we haven't seen a house tour yet.

No. 731555

honestly wasn't expecting this lol

No. 731556

stephen, if you're being held hostage blink twice

No. 731559

Damn that haggard face, the bigger Jill gets the more she looks like an old lady. Also the change of shoes made such a difference, he looks fucking miserable

No. 731561

>>731552 do you think this is why we stopped seeing Jill hanging out with Maggie? Because they had some sort of falling out due to Stephen moving out?

No. 731562

Yeah I don't think most straight men would be buying sizes too small white skinny jeans and lavender women's jackets with daisies on them on their own, not to mention '''dating''' someone like Jill of all women while still being besties with his ex who looks exactly like Jill

She must be hard at work here trying to transform him into Collin 2.0

No. 731563

let's look on the bright side: at least jill can't play the "tehee i'm so queer" card anymore now that her relationship with stephen has gone full public. we know she's strategic enough not to publicize her hetero relationship, knowing it'll affect her faux queer rep, but i wonder what strategy is behind THIS particular reveal (besides having a new trophy boyfriend to make over like Colin)

No. 731564

How does she even find these dudes who are so willing to be molded into this. Also kek at her calling him her “partner” like it’s a queer relationship. Just say boyfriend, Jill.

No. 731565


I completely forgot about the fact that Steve used to live with Maggie before he moved with Jill. Damn, this reminds me so much of the New Year's story where Jill tried to fuck somebody's dude.

When was the last time Maggie spend time with Jill? The last Insta post that mentions her was at the end of August. Wew, no matter how this thing will play out, it sure will be a wild ride.

No. 731566


Samefagging but forgot to add: Are they still following each other on Instagram?

No. 731569

They still follow each other, and Maggie has photos with Jill in her “pals” story, so I don’t think they’ve had a full falling out

No. 731571

Wait, didn't her new boytoy also come out as 'nonbinary' or something, or no?
I thought Jill would play that up and only ever use 'partner' to keep it ~queer~ but then in the next sentence she just uses 'he' so really not sure why she doesn't just say boyfriend.

No. 731581

>>731552 She reveals their relationship less than a week after we were discussing exactly that, very transparent Jill

I was also wondering how things were coming along with Maggie and Stephen living together, guess we have our answer now. Hopefully he didn't leave on a whim leaving maggie with the responsibility of making rent/finding a new roommate. I just feel like she was roped into moving to NB as a third wheel while Jill was eyeing her ex all along and ultimately planned to have him move in with her, knowing how manipulative she is.

No. 731583

jfc, he looks awful. Why must she convert every guy she dates to her style? it's both selfish and shitty

No. 731586

Why didn't she just say boyfriend? that's what he is. Usually only gay/same sex couples use the word partner. it's really gross she tries to hard to be gay when she is a very obvious boring as fuck straight white girl.

Also, shit, it's confirmed he's living with her??

No. 731588

As much as Im enjoying loling at her getting a clone bf I honestly think these are cute outfits. Like a polly pocket couple

No. 731589

do you think she's charging him rent so she has more money to spend on lazy oaf?

No. 731593

She revealed a lot in her last Peterson stream, I’ve just been catching up on it
To summarize the big stuff:
>she’s finally seeing a counselor after being very depressed
>making another video about self harm, sounds like she’s relasped (and unhealthy eating as well)
>Her boyfriend basically traded spaces with the girl who was living in her basement, so that girl is now living with Maggie and he has the basement room to himself
>both her and her bf are bi
>her bfs fam is very religious and wanted to make sure he had his own room/they weren’t sharing a room
She talked a lot about names for the new cat too, but it was boring

No. 731594

>>731593 she said she was living alone? who was the girl living in her basement?

No. 731599

File: 1542136760053.jpeg (511.9 KB, 750x850, 9F5E4D97-EE12-47D9-81B5-2BFA31…)

A girl named Georgina, Jill said she was closer friends with Maggie anyways which made the move/roommate switch easy apparently, pic of her and Maggie for reference

No. 731601

>>731599 did she mention why she lied about living alone?

No. 731604


Does it mean that somebody had to witness the manic soup accident? lmao


Good question, why is she so weird about this? Was she ashamed to have a housemate?

No. 731618

No, I think that when someone asked before they asked if she was moving in with one of the moonmist girl, which she said wasn’t the plan, not that she wasn’t having a roommate in general (but I could be wrong)

No. 731621

She made a big deal about moving out and living "alone", her mother even made a bunch of posts about it and she denied the prospect of having any roommates for a while.

No. 731622

She looks like she smells like fish

No. 731626

Ew, even tho Jill wore a bulky jacket in the older picture, she looked way skinnier?
No one can deny that Jill has gotten fat.

No. 731639

God that first picture looked much better, but now it just makes them both look awful. Jill's socks dont look as bad but Stephen's shoes are godawful.

Ok I'm confused. If she wasn't by herself, was her classmate cool with Jill's kawaii-fication of the apartment?? It may not have been much that was painted in reality, but wasn't the living area and kitchen area done by Jill. How okay was this other girl with it?

No. 731657

is it really worth it to photoshop the background pastel if it makes the stairs look like they've been pissed on, jill?

No. 731659

It’s technically jills unit since she’s the only one on the lease. So most likely no roommate (or boyfriend) will have any say in her choice of decor. Much like Kelly Eden who rents her place but also subleases her extra bedroom while the rest of the unit is decorated floor to ceiling according to her personal aesthetic.

No. 731660

Honestly, she's fatter but at least her clothes fit her better? She looks less lumpy in this pic.

No. 731666

Her legs look so fat, blubbery and doughy it's gross. Her boyfriend is an ugly toad as well.

No. 731671

Wow good for her for seeing a counselor. Hope it sticks, and hope it’s a good one.

No. 731707

Does anyone know how long Jill and BF have been dating? Because it seems kind of fast for them to live together this quickly…I just have a feeling this is all gonna blow up in Jill's face like all her other relationships

No. 731716

did she photoshop his socks yellow??
(and possibly the shoes, if not that's a horrible color wtf)

No. 731735

It's going to be hilarious. Most people have a limit to how much they're willing to be treated like an object. She's literally trying to live out the playing house fantasy that she had built up in her head since she was with Collin with another dude, which sounds super healthy.
Most relationships I witnessed around that age with people moving in together usually failed spectacularly and dramatically. I'm ready with popcorn.

No. 731749

File: 1542152990415.png (60.48 KB, 342x276, wfnjsjfk.PNG)


wasn't she super bitter about the breakup with Collin? Posting very passive agressive shit for months and things that made it clear she wasn't over him? she posed the exact same way on purpose. thing is, collin won't give a single fuck if he sees that picture.

also her figure in the second piture was actually fine. looking back at that era, she was probably a nice bmi, she just dressed like shit and was short. nowadays she's clearly overweight bmi and her angles in't changing that. pic related whoever called bs 9 months ago when she started getting fatter, winner winner chicken dinner.

This is what eating 1,200 calories for 9 months gets you, girls!

No. 731783

Jesus Christ, Jill. Enough with these fucking sandals. It's November. In Canada! You look like someone with hugely swollen feet that has no choice but to wear sandals because that's all that will fit. You have a billion pairs of shoes. PICK…SOMETHING…ELSE. For example, you could wear your partner's shoes, since you're probably the one that bought them.

No. 731794

I really hope Jill is wearing safety shorts under that skirt

No. 731808

lol she was better off not even responding to whatever this was, must be one of the biggest lies shes told in her life, and clearly all just to be a braggy know it all / sad flex attempt. if having a gym with a variety of equipment in the comfort of her own home couldnt get her off her ass, nothing will.

im curious how much distance she has to walk daily at school? like how far is her house from campus since she mentioned she drives and pays for parking or something every time?
probably starts panting just walking down the hall to get to her next class

No. 731818

she forgot to add an extra 0… i think she means 12,000 calories

No. 731837


this was during the time where she was all
>FUCK ANOREXIA (altough i was mostly bulimic but let's never talk about it cuz its not as kawaii to me)! FUCK ANOREXIA I WANNA BE HEALTHY!

then she realized healthy meant effort and quickly became
>FUCK THE RULES! I'M BODY POSITIVE! I LOVE MYSELF (that's why i pose and photoshop in ways to hide my fat)

No. 731841

Sage for blog but I eat 1200 calories to lose weight and I'm probably 20-30 pounds less than jill and 3 inches taller. If she was sticking to that as well as the amount of cardio she said she was doing she'd be losing, not gaining or maintaining, and she's clearly gaining.

I would put her average daily calorie intake at 2000-2500 easily. Because she has such a small frame and eats a high-carb, high-fat, salt-laden diet consisting mostly of processed foods that's enough to make her balloon up pretty fast.

Since jill loves going to the mall so much, she should take up mall walking as a form of exercise. walking around for an hour she could burn 100 or so calories, provided she doesn't give in to the temptation of the food court. And since mall walking is popular among old ladies, she already blends in.(no one cares)

No. 731848

No one cares about you though. This is about Jill. We already know her diet is shit and she doesn't move much.

No. 731851

this is the face of a man who will do whatever it takes to get by on vessey money

No. 731856

I have the same (shitty amazon/aliexpress) skirt and it's not supposed to look like this at all. I'm surprised she managed to get it buttoned.

No. 731862

Lmao anon I thought the same. Betting he moved in bc Jill doesn't make him pay rent.

No. 731886

oof he's a grown ass man and his family doesn't want him to share a room with his girlfriend… when they're living together? in the same house?? bit of a tinfoil but maybe he's super sheltered and that's why him and jill get along so well. that or jill's just lying bc she wants to protect her "uwu famlee friendlee" image kek

No. 731891

maybe she wants the yumi king treatment of waking up by being creepily molested (or to do it to him)

No. 731894

>her bfs fam is very religious and wanted to make sure he had his own room/they weren’t sharing a room

He's an adult who doesn't live at home and his parents have that much say in his life? Explains why he'd put up with Jill, sounds like he's used to being controlled.

No. 731907

where does she find these guys? is this what men on college campuses look like these days?

only the US has the weird hangup about calling your opposite-sex SO "partner." It's normal in a lot of countries, maybe Canada is the same way.

No. 731928

>inb4 they get married next year

Honestly wouldn't be surprised since Colin & her were already talking about marriage before, I'm sure Jill wants to continue right where she left off with her replacement boyfriend.
Steve's family being ~super religious~ plays right into that, plus she can obviously mold him into the perfect prop for her kawaii pastel anime mahou shoujo wedding!! uwu

No. 731967

I've never understood how you can be over the age of 20 and still let your parents control your social life like this, but it is common for really religious people.
It's definitely not the norm here and an obvious attempt to keep her kweer points by pointing out that they're technically a LGBT couple because they're both bi, not just boring boyfriend and girlfriend.

No. 731979

>bf's fam is super religious. wont let him share a room with his girlfriend.

>he is also openly bi

One of these things is not like the other. Not to mention, even if you're bi, you're still getting the extreme privileges of a hetero relationship. nice try, Jill.

No. 731995

don't doubt it. especially since she shoop'd the bg and stairs a similar yellow and purple…

No. 732011

File: 1542207769245.png (2.05 MB, 1240x860, 1.png)

She posted a before and after Photoshop of the image on patreon

No. 732014

i'll be constructive for once and say the contrast between pastel and industrial fits the picture better than photoshopping the walls and stairs into bright colors (that also make the outfits blend into the background, which…isn't good).

plus the contrast highlights the colors of their outfits and makes them pop, meaning jill didn't need to brighten/photoshop like she did on the left pic because it happened naturally. i think jill shoudl've stuck to the "before" picture, it's overall better. i find i odd that she doesn't see these details or has an eye for design when her own mother is a photographer and she's at an art school.

No. 732020

It's sad because, while of course it's important to have a consistent aesthetic as a designer, you have to be flexible and actually know what looks good. That she's taking basic ass art classes and doesn't understand this is mind boggling.

Lol this, something doesn't add up. I don't understand being openly bi and dressing like a homosexual, but being so controlled by conservative, religious parents as to have to convince them to let his adult self move in with his girlfriend. Girlfriend, not partner, I'm not sure what kind of partnership anyone could have at that age when it doesn't seem like anyone has any financial responsibility and they lie around feeding each other microwaved tendies.

No. 732029

wait a damn minute now. his "super religious" family who "doesn't want jill and stephen to share a bedroom (bc they're religious) according to anon's summary of the stream >>731593

are SOMEHOW 100% okay with their son living with his ex girlfriend? stephen used to live with maggie. you could nitpick and be like okay, but maybe they didn't share a room (bc they were separated), but what's the damn difference to a traditionalist, conservative person? you're living "in sin". and even if it did come out that stephen is gay and maggie was just his beard, that'd only make it WORSE in context bc his sooper religious family would still chastiste him for a) being gay and b) living with a girl he isn't married to.

this "separate rooms" detail has holes all over it.

No. 732031

Honestly one of the things really holding Jill back in all of her style/life choices is that she wants Every. Single. Thing. to either be bright and obnoxious or pastel and kawiwi.

Her stupid microwave, her 'taking out the trash' shoes, the backgrounds in her pictures…
She doesn't get the concept of statement pieces or interesting visual contrasts or fucking neutrals, which will honestly make it very difficult for her to even become a 'decent' designer - unless she wants to base her entire future fashion business on selling to badly dressed color blind weebs lol.

No. 732054

Unedited looks so much better. Also she missed the sides of the stairs in her edit. They're still gray.

No. 732057

Him sitting at her feet makes him look a bit like a posed pet dog. Which is hilarious considering how she treats her partners basically like a purse-dog accessory.

No. 732059

>selling to badly dressed weebs

tbh judging by the pages and pages of them here, it seems like you could get rich doing this

No. 732066

agreed, i think the before photo looks really cool. it sort of exemplifies what she wants to be in a way, this kaweewee pastel magical girl in a world full of blandness i guess

but that wouldn't suit her aesthetic so whatever i guess

No. 732090

Honestly if she photoshopped the background to be more muted that would have been so much better than the piss yellow stairs. The focus should be on their colorful outfits. (Which aren't terrible) for a photoshoot it's kind of cute. The shit photoshop just makes it cringey

No. 732092

Jill probably loves it, she gets to keep all his non kaweewee shit in her basement and doesn't have to compromise on any aspect of the rest of the house but she still gets the perks of living with him

No. 732101

A lot of Christians/Catholics (at least in Canada) have started to accommodate the lgbt in their communities. Canada legalized gay marriage back in 2005 and even before that civil unions/commonlaw partnerships that gave same-sex couples the exact same rights previously existed. My very catholic grandmother had lots to say when the law passed back then, but society whittled her down and by now she's over it. It's not rare to hear someone say they're both gay and Christian nowadays.

Also, like many kids, he could just be pandering to his family while not actually identifying as religious himself. Maybe he hasn't even come out to his family. Maybe he isn't even sure of identifying as bi but Jill is pushing the title onto him. Who knows.

Religious people are generally contradictory anyways.

No. 732173

I also wouldnt be surprised. She talks about being a bride time to time. So it seems like something jill wants. The most recent example was in her UK video at irregular choice

No. 732186


kek she even shopped his socks into ugly yellow ones, the white ones were so much better

No. 732205

She has zero eye for detail. The colors in the original photo pop against the industrial backdrop, but Jill is a retard and thinks everything needs to be pastel. She's never going to get anywhere in the fashion industry.

No. 732211

>The perks of living with him

She probably needs all hands on deck if she's trying to maintain a house. It's not realistic to expect that this is a functional household at all. He's probably agreed to awful chores and paying rent, #feminism, while learning to live away from home and moving from one creative dyejob to the next. Why you would chose to date into this trainwreck is beyond me.

No. 732225

Thank you patreon-anon for these deets.

Is there anyway to download the patreon streams and upload them somewhere? (that they wont be taken down)

No. 732323

Okay so I've noticed she's been pinning craft projects on her pinterest (including the pastel Halloween pumpkins which she painted with her friends) and yet there are no videos whatsoever on these projects??? You'd think she'd include them in her designer diaries series or PLTV or whatever the fuck she's got going on but nope.

No. 732324

her pinterest is blackrockmuser btw if anyone's interested in finding out what ugly kawiwi thing she's making next.

She has a board dedicated to redecorating the basement for her pwecious partner as well.

No. 732334

I'm Catholic and have a ton of friends who are seminarians and and priests and a majority of them are "same sex attracted" and have companions. So not surproised by that revelation.

No. 732337


I wonder if she posted this before and after to try to convince people she doesn't photoshop herself to look thinner

No. 732382

File: 1542258404578.jpeg (235.72 KB, 750x503, 5143F015-23AA-401E-B5D4-482C29…)


No. 732431

god so he can't even choose how he has his own room?

No. 732438

And the three things are really ugly. I don't get why she does babytalk when she appears to be quite bossy and dominant in her friendships and relationships

Imn ur cute BOSSY DOMME

No. 732454

Jill has been like that for a while.

Remember when Colin broke up with her? Louise and Jill were acting smug about this whole "You're just too ambitious and driven and it scares these unmotivated boys away!!" narrative.
When Jill quit Claire's her reasoning was pretty much "I'm a strong independent entrepreneur woman and I don't need retail work~".

Yet whenever it comes to actually showing her work or anything related to it she immediately switches over to "I-I'm just a wittle amateur bean, p-pwease be gentle uwu".
It's probably a disconnect that Jill actually experiences. Louise raised her with this 'You're the most special superstar and everyone else is just jealous' attitude, yet Jill admitted before that she dresses up in bright/garish colors just to attract attention & she feels the need to overcompensate by buying tons of merchandise and getting tattoos in regards to her interests (which she isn't even all that passionate about), probably because she's somewhat aware that she's just a really average/boring person underneath it all.

I wouldn't be surprised if her relationships went the same way, she's trying to be this really feminine/cutesy girlfriend but then as soon as her boyfriend does something she doesn't fully approve of she lashes out at him and gets him to do whatever she wants.

No. 732542

True fact anon people with boring, unimaginative personalities will often favor garish attire to attract attention inlieu of relying on their own interesting personality to do so. Jill is a perfect example of this.

No. 732548

Jill is literally keeping her man in a basement and forcing him into kaweewee pastels for aesthetic photoshoots. No wonder he looks miserable.

No. 732555

No. 732556

Another attempt at being sad kawaii girl…

No. 732558

anyone brave enough to give a summary?

No. 732561

is cutting again
feels like a bad example because relapsed
admits to gaining a lot of weight but is now having anorexic thoughts
says it's more dangerous this time around because lives alone
is getting help

(also was saying everyone cuts everyone is in the hospital when youre younger lmao)

also not mention of bpd despite her posts kek

No. 732563

>she’s relapsed into cutting, disordered eating, and is depressed.
>She had been okay for a few years so had stopped seeing a nutritionist/counselor/professionals while still taking her meds (also diagnosed with MDD)
>realizes she needs more help
>feels like a failure, but didn’t want to have to hide her new scars or what she was going through
>going to see a mental health professional

No. 732564


- Addresses relapsing (cutting and eating disorder) and says she had to photoshop her new scars in the beach photoshoot (the one that was insanely shopped).

- Says everyone knows she's relapsed

- Is wondering if she is a hypocrite for promoting ~body positivity~ when she shoops and doesn't really practice what she preaches.

- Talks about how freshman 15 is a real thing

- Talks about a Christmas decoration video she might do (check out her pinterest board to know what she's talking about)

- Says she's doing exactly what she did when she was a teenager in terms of eating disorder and cutting

- Is going to see a professional soon

and basically everything we've been talking about here…she addresses in a way.

No. 732565

I can’t wait for Jill to go full Trisha Paytas.
> moves out
> literally breaks down
Jesus Christ Jill you’re a grown woman

No. 732567

Grown women have mental illness too. So if she's being honest and not making shit up, at least she's addressing it and getting help for it.

No. 732568

I actually liked this video compared to her previous recent ones, purely because she seemed so much less fake. There was still a little bit of weird faces and baby talk, but less compared to all her other videos. If this is how she was all he time I don't think I would hate her as much lol

No. 732570

Yeah I'm glad that she got over her 'mental health professionals can't help me' shit and is actually giving better advice to her followers now instead of just preaching about bath bomb selfcare.

She's always a lot more bearable in these videos where she's just talking normally and not doing weird sounds/voices, wish she was always like this.

No. 732575

She's admitted to photoshopping since day one. Her mother touches up all her client's photos and believes "everyone needs a bit of help on camera". So Jill has been editing her photos since she was a teen and both of them have defended it a bunch of times.

No. 732577

Why can't Jill keep this level of maturity in all her videos? Do you think now she's getting help she might drop the baby talk?

No. 732580

I agree, she seems less fake and addresses real concerns about her character. I appreciated the honesty for once.

Louise's encouragement to photoshop her daughter's images is disturbing, especially that Jill has an eating disorder, you'd think she'd know better.

No. 732585

>self diagnoses with depression in the first 5 minutes
Same old cow.

No. 732593

I think this was something she was actually diagnosed with when she was younger and going to therapy

No. 732595

>>732585 she said she was diagnosed with mdd

No. 732599

….but she doesn't live alone and she never actually did because there was secret basement girl and now the boyfriend

No. 732601

I don't see Louise letting her move when she babies her to the extreme that she does if that were all true and would jill pass up on the chance to have an excuse to bail and stay with mummy

No. 732607

Considering she and her mom are attached at the hip in an unhealthy way and how Louise has been babying her her entire life, I'm not surprised she had a mental breakdown.

I'm kinda surprised/somewhat impressed she had the clarity not to post the video of her crying on the floor and decided to make a new video instead, albeit still on the floor. I wonder if she realizes how much more likable her "serious" videos make her seem compared to the vapid babytalk bs she puts out the rest of the time.

No. 732608

grown women are people who can suffer from mental illnesses or be overwhelmed by certain situations, anon, and it's understandable that she struggles in a new setting esp if she's had these issues for most of her life. i hope she gets the therapy she urgently needs.

No. 732625

I worry about this movement towards recovery coinciding with her boyf moving in with her. In the past, hasn't she thanked either Colin or Tristan for really benefiting her mental health? I hope she sticks to other remedies and doesn't just depend on the romance to boost her mood, for both of their sakes.

No. 732626

I honestly feel bad for her. I know she did crappy stuff to the girl she was "dating" which really weighs me down, but I feel bad that she's self harming again.

I agree with >>732568, this video was so much better.

No. 732631

could 2019 be the year jill gets her shit together at once? just imagine the possibilities. i'm really hoping she makes it, because if she keeps this whole thing up for another year, and then another and so on she'll have turned 29 without having matured a day past her teens. it's a lot harder to undo shitty habits and core beliefs past a certain age, and having your entire social circle be a hugbox of enabling parents and pushover friends/fans doesn't help her case.

No. 732633

I'm rooting for Jill, I really hope this is a turning point. I think her admitting all of this is a massive step since she's been full denial about everything for the past year at least.

No. 732637

Do you guys think it was school that broke her?

No. 732638

No it was probably being away from her mother.

No. 732640

i’m glad y’all seem to have this consensus that this video is better than jill’s hyperactive Positivity Persona vids. i was worried she’d get dragged for this, but it’s true, it’s a step in the right direction.

some people have said before that she was more enjoyable to watch in her lolita days, and a lot of what she’s talking about in this vid kinda speaks to the shift that has happened since. internet hugbox culture will do this to anybody, especially if they get a lot of attention for personifying that shit. when she says she feels like her relapse has made her feel like less of a role model … that’s a good thing. she doesnt need that pressure to be this ultra genki baby talk quirky icon, it’s not in anybody’s interest to follow that lead just because someone online does it, and that is probably a big part of the reason she’s had so many threads compared to other youtubers out there. people dont like to be lied to or given some saccarine pep talk, people recognize whats authentic and whats fake social media high.

No. 732645

she said she had to photoshop out her recent cuts/scars from the body posi beach shoot, but i swear somewhere there were unedited photos disproving this? I think on Maggie's story? I've gone back to old threads but I can't find it.

No. 732659

File: 1542310445351.jpeg (645.89 KB, 750x748, 9CD8817A-E4B1-4332-BCB1-B006F8…)

Nice to see the peeps come back

No. 732661

File: 1542310562622.png (1.3 MB, 720x1095, 20181115_193631.png)

No. 732664

She had multiple freakouts and I think even cried on a livestream because she was scared to move away from her family, so I'd say it's that. She clearly has some co-dependency issues with her mom.

No. 732681

my teeth are melting for just looking at these pictures

No. 732694

In that video you can see she already ripped one of the suspenders of the dress off.

No. 732696

I was watching her video about the microwave and in that she said something about a friend staying with her. I think she was saying oh she's from Wales and she's only staying a few months in the basement. Her name is George I think she said. So if it is the same girl why did she say she's more Maggie's friend then hers? Glad she is gonna get help for her issues let's see if she really does keep up with a therapist.

No. 732717

I actually really feel for her here. While I wasn't overly optimistic, I was harboring some hope that moving out and going to school would be a good thing and help her kick a lot of her bad habits, become more mature and independent, and take genuine steps towards her self-proclaimed designer career goals at least by practicing the basics of drawing and sewing more. It's too bad that rather than this move working as productive exposure therapy, it's completely overwhelmed her and brought out the worst in her mental health and bad coping skills when left to her own devices.
I also appreciate her being honest about herself and her life right now and still in a rather calm and straightforward manner, no kaweeweeness or "the world is ending" mid-panic dramatism, just the hard truth that her mental health took a nosedive and she's starting now to get the help she very clearly needs.

No. 732718

i'm curious if this means she'll drop out or not?

No. 732748

good question, anon. it seems like she's been missing a lot of class- even since the first week- so that doesn't look good. i think she needs to talk to her new therapist about what her best option would be at this point. if she stays, she might crash and burn hard. but if she moves back in with her parents, she might be mad at herself because she'd be taking a step back. i know we all knew this was coming, but i genuinely feel really bad for her. no one /deserves/ to have mental health issues, regardless of everything else.

No. 732759

maybe she can still save the semester! she'd have to do some massive catching up and she might not have enough discipline or work ethic to make it work 100%, but she could still try. maybe it's not too late yet!

No. 732774

It actually bothers the fuck out of me she used numbers to describe her weight. She kept going on about how she was 98lbs, but… when? where? and then she went on about being anorexic, when she wasn't (medically.)

And then she posts about peep tea, so werk.. i guess.

No. 732778

well i agree mentioning numbers when talking about EDs is never great, she prefaced the video saying she was going to be talking about it. and idk about "kept going on about it"- she only mentioned that number once. i think you're reaching.

No. 732801

I have never understood how Jill and so many people can be "body positive" or a "body positive role model". It seems awfully restricting, she can only love her body if it is exactly how it is and she must feel bad for wanting to change it? No wonder she's relapsed. There's nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight or changing your lifestyle so you can be happy with your body. I understand coming from recovery it's a hard thing to reconcile, however it seems like a god thing she should work towrads.

It's certainly a shame though that she's struggling with her mental health issues and i hope she can get through everything and come out healthier…

Uhh, why? I quite appreciate her forwardness and I don't think there's as much value to talking in vague terms honestly, but maybe that's just me.

No. 732830

I mean I am cynical, its kind of the perfect timing to lock him down, he is now her main in house support, then she drops this bomb, he can't leave her now without looking awful and the villain which she always needs her exes to be

No. 732835

I mean the body posi beach shoot she is claiming she shooped wounds out of was before school started and before she moved

No. 732846

i doubt she was ever 98 pounds though, if she's as short as she claims

No. 732851

>>732846 this gets discussed every other thread. Jill was never underweight. 98lbs is fine for her height and age.

No. 732855

She can make some meaningful videos about her journey to recovery this time and I truly hope she continues being honest with herself and her audience.

Also ffs Jill stop with the gross David's tea peeps combo.

No. 732897


Forgive me if I don't have a shred of sympathy for you. I'm sorry, but I don't.

No. 732900


Samefaging but I also really do think she has BPD. I feel like absolutely everything points to that.

No. 732906

Not a shred? What did she do to deserve a mental illness?

No. 732911


I think her "brand" of mental illness is what you call "affluenza."

I'll show my cruel, jaded ass out.

No. 732917

I'm kinda with you. She has had so many opportunities and was spoiled rotten. She has money to get help but let it get to this point, knowing she struggles with many issues. She said she's seeing a therapist "soon" so at least she's maturing a bit, but I don't want to coddle her like the rest of her "support system."

No. 732919

Tbh anon I agree with you. Hard to feel sympathy for someone who does absolutely nothing to better their life and uses shopping and mental illness as a crutch.
The first link in the description on that video being her Patreon made me lol a bit. I can't not bring myself to think she's partially posting this to make her fans feel bad for her boohooing and self pitying enough to raise their donation amounts so she can go buy more stuff to 'feel better'

No. 732928

I feel like she would be in such a better place without her mother. The reason her shopping habits are shit, her priorities are screwed and she's such a baby is totally because she was coddled. I understand a parent being scared if their child is self-harming but there's a difference between unhealthy attachment and being a loving parent. Louise totally fucked up Jill's ability to function like an adult

No. 732970

I feel like it’s only Ana-chans who would go out of their way to dispute the diagnosis of actual psychologists and psychiatrists who evaluated an in-patient.

What evidence do you have to prove these professionals wrong? Are you claiming she was hospitalized for absolutely no reason and these professionals were just wasting their precious time and taxpayer money? Wouldn’t that mean every regular family clinic doctor that ever evaluated her thereafter are also incompetent by association?

I think the conspiracy theories are a little wacky regardless of my personal feelings about her responsibilities towards her mental health. Yeah she could take better care of herself but that will only change her in the future, not the past, which for some reason anons are hung up on denying.

No. 732972

Jill was fairly skinny when she was about 14-16ish if I remember right. She's also pretty short, so it's not unbelievable she was 98lbs during that time.

No. 733027

It's a lot more likely that she was hospitalized for cutting than for her ed. Also, being at a significantly low weight is a requirement for an anorexia diagnosis, meaning it's unlikely she was diagnosed. I don't think anyone is saying she didn't have an ED, just that she wouldn't have been diagnosed with anorexia.

No. 733129

Agreeing. All of you going off about poor jiwwian and her mental health are too easily manipulated to be on this site tbh.

When has she ever shown genuine remorse or consistent growth? Mental health, self harm, and eating disorders can be serious, but she knows be this point all she has to do is sit in front of a camera looking sad and mentioning these three topics and suddenly she's absolved of all of her past shitty behavior. She did the same thing when she was getting rid of her gf and getting a tattoo to deflect from that situation.

No. 733174

she was previously "cured" by her own admission by getting what she wanted from boyfriends so the cynical part of me sees this and the timing of the boy toy moving in as not a coincidence

No. 733189

lets not forget this post

No. 733190

So…no one noticed that the dress shes wearing is already destroyed?

No. 733200


Someone already mentioned it. >>732694 Read the thread next time.

No. 733224

Same poster. She even says in the video she watched other youtubers videos about suicide and depression over and over before recording. And she filmed a Trisha Paytas style crying breakdown she didn't upload. I don't doubt she's struggling with mental health, but it also sounds like she was intensely researching how to describe depression and act depressed and serious on camera? That's not growth or maturity, that's a creepy level of manipulative.

No. 733225

Tinfoil much? She said she watches those videos to help her not feel so alone, you know, like one of the main reasons people like watching youtube videos?

No. 733226

This so much.

Also she straight up says she stops going to therapy because lul I don't need it anymore. It is fucking dangerous to stop seeing a therapist when you are unstable and on medication.

If she really wants to make a difference as she says and be a special snowflake role model, instead of making s the whole video about herself she should really be primarily advising her viewers to not drop therapy cold turkey just because things ~*seem*~ like they are better.

We also saw in the past that she just goes off her medication because SHE thinks it is ok. No wonder she is a mess.

No. 733249

She means not being around her family who would feed her. Roommates can’t tell you shit about your eating habits or what you do alone in your room. I do wonder what the new boy toy thinks about dating a girl in the middle of a mental breakdown though.

Tbh if she is missing classes and struggling this much she is fucked for this semester. She can drop until the last class day usually but she has only 2 weeks or so left to make that choice or try to pass at the exam/final. Best case is that she fails this semester (or barely passes) and gets her shit together next year. Worst case is that she drops out after her first semester.

No. 733288

I think if Jill actually wants to recover one thing she really needs to learn to deal with is being alone and independent.
Her boyfriend moving in with her seems really counterproductive, she's just going to cling to him and base too much of her own happiness on his presence.
It's clear that she's struggling with living on her own but making him move in with her really isn't the right solution, especially since they haven't even been dating for that long.
At this rate Steve is just going to turn into her replacement mom/caretaker.

No. 733302

by family you mean her mom, I doubt she was feeding her three times a day and what was she doing when her mom was away those times or when she herself worked and would be out of the house, she just wants an excuse for eating garbage and not cooking, she isn't a baby she can use an oven and hell she is rich enough to buy pre-made healthy meals that require no more effort or prep than her beloved tendies

No. 733315

Don't pull a muscle reaching this hard. Her intensely researching how to fake depression is much less likely than her just being depressed and watching videos YouTubers she likes made about it.

No. 733349

but eating healthy is triggering! and nothing to do with her being fussy and only wanting foods a child would choose if they were allowed to pick their own food, I'm sure all the scary foods in Japan that weren't burgers were triggering and any non-beige food in the uk too! The pre-made thing is so irritating like she is well off enough to have one of those healthy meal delivery services, she doesn't even have to leave her house for that

No. 733382


You guys sound so ignorant about eds.

I don't know if she has one but it's not like it's an inconceivable idea. Probably not pure anorexia (even though tbh, her face looks less pudgy now than a few months ago) but she could be binging and purging or just binging one day and then starving for another.

Having a healthy meal delivery service ain't gonna make her stop binging or focusing too much on food.

No. 733385

File: 1542403324477.jpeg (866.29 KB, 750x724, 91EF17EC-01FF-4B7A-B591-CEF44B…)

Those greasy bangs

No. 733387

She linked the new sims expansion pack on her spam account? She didn’t even promote it on her professional account?

No. 733388

such a nitpick

No. 733391

Jill has steadily been gaining weight over the past few years though - which makes sense if you just look at what she's been eating.
She doesn't even need to be binging or anything, anyone would gain weight if they consumed the same amount of frozen/pre-made foods and sugary Starbucks drinks and peeps teas as her.
I think anons are just saying that if Jill started to learn cooking and eating some healthier foods she'd easily lose weight and probably start feeling better about her body. (Also there are enough studies about how food influences your mood and can make depression better or worse, so it would be a good thing for her to look into either way.)

No. 733397

Sticking her knee out like that was a bad choice

No. 733400

My thoughts exactly, anon. She needs to spend some time alone and learn to take care of herself and be an adult. Tbh knowing Jill I would've recommended she lives in student dorms for a while, at least there you have access to a lot of things and don't have to make as big of an effort as living in a house all by yourself, plut you get to socialize and have other students going through similar experiences around you. That's just my opinion I know it doesn't matter, but she's not strong enough to go from sucking on Louise's teet to a whole house to herself and that's why she has Steve moving in now.

No. 733401

seriously, she handled this whole sponsorship so badly & unprofessionally
not sure why she's been doing so little for it, I guess since she's not been doing good or whatever? she really squandered this though

No. 733403

The whole thing was just embarrassing… You think she would have at least bought herself a semi professional looking outfit and fixed her hair before going on a brand trip but nope. She can't even promote the expansion pack on her main insta or film a video of her playing it to show support and make sure EA keeps her on their list for the future. I know it only released today but if she cared enough to get in contact with them I'm sure they would've accommodated her.

No. 733420

pretty sure it's been discussed that this "college" she's attending doesn't have dorm rooms. otherwise, i would definitely agree. she isolated herself in that giant house- the equivalent of an ivory tower. it would have made a lot more sense if she had at least moved in somewhere already established, but lord knows that wouldn't be "kawaii" enough for her. isolating yourself sure as hell doesn't help with mental health tho.

No. 733493

honestly i dont mind this pic. its in no way "bad" but its also not flattering. its realistic. im glad shes uploading photos that arent so overly shopped, posed, and planned.

No. 733574

tbh i think she looks cute here. i think if she had more of a sidebang like in the pic than a fringe she would look much cuter. shes actually (and im the only person here who thinks this) quite cute, she just doesnt dress to flatter herself and does poor makeup that ages her terribly and her bangs are practically a bowl cut? if she went full blonde or brunette and parted her bangs differently i think shed look much better, overweight or not.

No. 733606

I think Jill's face is decent looking, she's just really good at making it look as awful as possible via terrible makeup, disgusting hair and pulling really unflattering expressions.
Imo if she just wasn't done up at all (natural hair color/decent hair cut, no/natural makeup, sensible clothing in neutral colors) she would like a 100 times better than she does now with her extreme clown get up, but alas…

No. 733620

She has plenty of room to get a roommate or two, and by that I mean not her boyfriend. They haven't been dating that long to begin with, moving in together so soon seems like a dumb move.

The way she described it sounds like she's just falling back into her ED thought patterns, not like she's actively starving herself. I know quite a few former ana-chans who went straight to binging after being recovered for a while, seems more likely for her. Her relationship with food is probably still fucked and she never did anything to really fix it because she wasn't fat.

No. 733691

i reckon the ED thoughts were always there, but she was pushed into gaining weight by either herself or her family to seem 'fine' and 'better' and was never taught to have a healthy relationship with food. it's really common for anachans during recovery to develop BED, which not diagnosing jill at all, but she clearly doesn't have a healthy relationship with food

No. 733708

Jill is such a heterosexual it hurts. Her fake ass lesbo act was for queerdo points. Kek

No. 733752

Pretty much this, she seems to find any kind of regulation of her diet and exercise triggering which is a huge red flag.

No. 733780

A lot of ED treatments try to teach that there are no "bad" foods, and just to eat. It looks like she never moved past that. Being depressed, she probably was just eating what was easy. Hopefully she gets help and learns to eat better.

No. 734178

This new video is all over the place. So Jill says she feels like a bad person for not "practicing body positivity" and then goes on to say we shouldn't "pretend to be perfect beings".
I honestly think the act of practicing body positivity is a part of pretending to be perfect.
Jill needs to realize your body is constantly changing even after you turn 18 and go through puberty. We all just have to learn how to adjust to these changes. I also thought it was weird she brought up the 98lbs. That's too fucking specific. Your body weight can fluctuate 1-4lbs for so many reasons on any given day. But I mean, she needs to rationalize why she gains a bit of weight, stressing out only makes it worse.

No. 734294

Stop wasting posts in the threads. You are not talking about new milk. Ok she's bigger and sad. Thats it. The rest are just useless opinions.

No. 734301

we're discussing the video, retard. we can make as many threads as we need, it's the internet after all.

No. 734304

sage ur bullshit hypocrite-chan

i think what she was saying is that she felt imperfect for not practicing body positivity, but then was trying to say like we shouldnt hold ourselves to perfect standards. like, it happens to everyone you know. people are always all "oh i need to stop being so hard on myself because im trying" but their mindset is still stuck in being a perfectionist. shes probably a believer in the not pretending to be perfect beings sentiment, she just hasnt been able to properly squash her toxic mindset that shes gotta be some perfect pastel baybie

No. 734310

I hope she told Louise she was cutting again before making the video. But I wouldn't be surprised if she was heartless enough to let her mom find out over the internet.

No. 734313

oh shit
i was in a party kei sales fb group a couple of years back and vividly remember her being a member there. she shared her first youtube vids on there and seemed to sell/buy a ton of stuff or would just constantly post her outfits for praise even tho it was a sales group only lmao

No. 734316

Who are you talking about? Jill? Jill started party kei lol that's her "brand"

No. 734328


Jill 'invented' the train wreck that is party kei

lurk harder, newfag

No. 734342

She specified in the video that "everybody knows", assuming that's referring to both her friends/bf and her mom.

No. 734357

>she shared her first youtube vids on there

That's impossible because she started posting lolita videos in summer 2014 and then started the party kei bullshit a year or two later.

It's always been the same channel, she just deleted all the early lolita videos at this point.

No. 734742

File: 1542642802984.jpg (221.42 KB, 583x413, Untitled-34.jpg)

No. 734743

File: 1542642921557.jpg (96.32 KB, 413x316, Untitled35.jpg)

No. 734745

Ngl that’s kind of cute.

No. 734746

Of course she follows you around. You're the only other living being in that house and she's used to having company at all times. Imagine what she does when you're not home.

No. 734747

>Imagine what she does when you're not home.

When is that, exactly? We know Jill has skipped classes to take naps plenty of times. She probably barely goes to school.

No. 734753

I get your point, lmao. She has said that she leaves the house to fill prescriptions, get groceries, see friends, etc. She may not be leaving the house to go to class, but she definitely leaves often.

No. 735017

>I deadass think…

Has she always tried to speak this way? it's oddly out of place

No. 735023

I noticed this is the second or third time she’s used it

It’s really embarrassing how she’ll use any trendy term even when it’s cringy/doesn’t make sense

No. 735513

i'm sure the cat is fine on it's own for a few hours. are you one of those holier than thou pet anons?

No. 735514

Whether it's fine and whether it's stimulated to the extent that it's used to are two different questions.

No. 735768

File: 1542811190269.png (114.86 KB, 720x638, 20181121_143924.png)

No. 735770

File: 1542811292443.png (72.62 KB, 720x459, 20181121_144041.png)

Jill once again buying presents selfishly I'm sure Steve really wanted bright pink shoes

No. 735771

File: 1542811382537.png (55.36 KB, 720x332, 20181121_144221.png)

Forcing him to be Kawaii

No. 735772

File: 1542811457222.png (1.2 MB, 720x1059, 20181121_144358.png)

>>735768 the picture

No. 735779

She can cry all she wants about her sad feefees and how she can't handle community college and basic adult functions, she's still a gross, materialistic jerk who uses the people she's dating as accessories. I don't see how you get around that fundamental character flaw.

It says so much about how self-absorbed and completely self-serving she is. It's so shitty around that around the same time of year, she's parading her newest relationship now that it's become inconvenient for her to pretend to care about privacy. Which was suddenly super important only after she used that poor girl.

Now she's trying to spin the whole narrative in her favor with a PR statement and photoshoot for "homework", which is pretty much her only project she's shown after most of a semester.

No. 735797

Ah yes I love the "i would be gay if not for (ex) colins dick" Pixie locks back at it again being so so so heter-i mean gay with her vibrator puppet as her knees slowly cease to exist and her rainbie bangs keep getting shorter, greasier and more unkempt as time goes by.
All pastel baddies have double chins and discoloured skin that looks like a health problem uwu

No. 735802

>been together for a while now
They've been dating for only 5 months?

Whatever but as a person in my early 20s I don't consider a few months of dating to be much at all. Certainly not enough to move in permanently and play house together and present him to her audience as some long-term partner.

When did she say this was a school project? I'm sure this is not worth a high grade lmao

No. 735805

Her legs tho…

No. 735809

I thought she might have edited his clothes but nope, she actually forced him to match her lmao…they look like an extremely mediocre indie pop duo taking a photo for their bandcamp.

I wonder if the reason she wanted to date a girl after Colin, besides out of spite, was because she thought it would be easier to make them match her "aesthetic".

No. 735821

Okay but bodywise this IS the worst she‘s looked so far. Can‘t wait for her to get even fatter.

No. 735865

File: 1542824856057.jpg (266.28 KB, 416x582, 89054903.jpg)

Yeah, I mean he dressed like this just a few months ago, I'm sure he's secretly been wanting to wear those pink shiny shoes all along.
Either he just plays along with Jill's dress up stuff and actually hates it or she managed to brainwash and convert him to her color-vomit style within like 4 months.
What a coincidence that all of her partners' styles changed so drastically shortly after they started dating Jill…

No. 735891

I think there's nothing wrong with getting involved with your partner's interest, but even if he had a passing interest in pastel clothing, it seems like a weird gift and too much of a coincidence.

No. 735953

yeah considering jill is an 'influencer' or whatever it's cool that he dressed up in her aesthetic for the photoshoot, but if she has him be a pastel boi every day it would be too much

No. 735961

She bought him 110 dollar IC shoes.
Which is a generous gift. But I wonder why not buy him all pink vans instead since his style seems more casual?

No. 735968

Jill is a narc who wants to make her boyfriends her mini-me. She goes for super submissive guys who will let her dictate everything including their clothing.

I don't doubt the guy might've had some passing interest in that sort of fashion but Jill is the one burgeoning them with the pastel queer shit.

No. 736047

Most abusive girls choose the nice guys. Its real sad that guy doesnt realize Jill is so toxic

No. 736056

Is he holding his hand like that to cover up his dick outline in those tight white pants?

No. 736058

File: 1542851099339.png (431.15 KB, 1104x808, f4194bf1772bae1ca230c38ed8a9c5…)

my god this financially retarded woman actually spent nearly 200 dollars on some hideous shoes he will never wear again

No. 736061

I can't believe she bought him IC shoes as a Christmas present…. Talk about forcing her kawiwi lifestyle down his throat. It's bad enough she makes him hangout with her and her gfs as they watch cringry magical girl anime… I don't understand why it's so hard for her to accept someone as they are and move on.

No. 736086

it's like she doesn't know how to shop for other people? or maybe she's just so self-centered that she doesn't pay attention to their interests unless they're also /her/ interests. but i agree. like i understand wanting to have common interests with a SO, but she just forces it onto them. if it's so important to you to have a similar "aesthetic" to the person you date, why not just date someone who's already into this shit? why does she keep trying to convert normies into kawiwi manchildren? idgi

No. 736091

It's so funny to me that she was posting about possibly having BPD, when one of the major symptoms of BPD is mirroring other people's personality traits because it's hard to define yourself without having other people to reference, when she does the complete opposite. She forces everyone around her to become her.

No. 736103

She did the same thing to that girl she was dating, didn't she? Especially when it came to Christmas and stuff?

No. 736106


What it must be like to date Jill. I can only imagine.

No. 736107

She is the most self centered person because all her life she was spoiled by her mother. She has no idea how to be not selfish and buy a gift someone will genuinely like.

For someone who pretends to accept people for who they are, all she does is surround herself with asskissing clones.

No. 736109

I married a guy like her. Sort of. He placed a lot of emphasis on how he preferred people look. He'd make subtle insults and jabs at how I look, compliment girls who looked how he liked, and 'suggest' ways I could dress 'better'.

I imagine that's a very similar tactic to what she does, only she takes it a step further and literally dresses them how she wants, rather than convincing them they're ugly and un-presentable first.

In sum: she's manipulative and image obsessed, so of course no one's good enough for her until they fit her aesthetic and likes.

No. 736124

Do all her friends also own the same skirt in every color? I wouldn't be surprised if she let them borrow hers so they could all match. I never cared for that skirt but after seeing her wear it so much I'd be happy if they all got set on fire.

No. 736177

These would be a cool gift if her boyfriend was also a fashion blogger or wore any kind of alternative clothing, she just bought something for "male Jillian".

She did. Basically all the gifts in her gift giving videos are things she'd like or thinks are cute, I think the only decent gift was a toolkit for her dad.

No. 736180

>she just bought something for "male Jillian"
That's really spot on. I can't wait for her 'What I got people for Christmas' video, I'm sure all of the gifts for her bf would be exactly like this.

Also does anyone else feel a bit weird about how much money Jill is spending on him so early in the relationship? (Since those shoes most likely aren't the only thing either and they're already $150+…)
I just know I would feel really awkward if a guy I had only been dating for a few months bought me such an expensive pair of shoes, especially if they didn't fit my style at all. Hope Steve doesn't feel like he has to wear them now even though he doesn't like them, I'm sure Jill bragged about the price or left the tags on or something for him to see lol.

No. 736312

File: 1542906403772.jpg (557.31 KB, 1080x1167, 20181122_130454.jpg)

Not really milky but I still lold

No. 736314

She's getting yet another tattoo? Do we know of what?

No. 736316

When she posted about it before she posted a gif of Card Captor Sakura iirc, so maybe that?

No. 736322

Where tf is she getting it? I can’t tell what body part I’m looking at.

No. 736323

File: 1542908878275.jpeg (511.71 KB, 750x1069, 700671EB-2CAE-4862-9088-CA8FD7…)

No. 736325

i don't understand this. jill's admitted she never finished watching ccs. if she wanted magical girl tattoos why not get precure ones? i thought she LOOOOOVED precure? why get a tattoo of a show you didn't even finish watching and admitted to finding a bit boring?

No. 736327

Because CCS is more popular that's why. She'd rather cater to her fans for popularity instead of her own genuine likes.

No. 736330

This tattoo artist lives in a different province than her, so I'm glad she took more time off of school to go get this done.

No. 736335

Tfw Jill is so porky you can’t tell the difference between her arms and legs. If I was to guess it’s the back of her thigh or her forearm on the side of her palm

No. 736337

I think it's her calf. You can see her toes in this picture >>736312 and I think she has that leg put under the other one.

No. 736338

That’s too small to be the back of her thigh or any part of her leg really, she’s pretty chunky in the legs. It’s gotta be her arms.

No. 736339

muh anorexia while eating 4 suckers and drinking soda
shes so gross and must feel like vomiting all the time from her diet

i dont think she'll last another full semester tbh

No. 736341

Predictions on when the “Why I quit school” video will come out. My prediction will be she’ll bring it up in her “My year in 2018: Quiting school, faking being gay, moving back in to mooch off my mum, my 8th cat”

No. 736347

yes, your generous tattooist is giving you lots of candy for being such a big gorl, not because she wants to make sure your ass doesn't pass out on her table from low blood sugar.

No. 736348


I'm curious what about what Jill will tell her fans about her goal in life when she quits school and does - whatever she does. Bc until now, everything was about ~being a designer~ and pretending to sew and use it as an excuse to buy more useless shit for projects that never happened and her goal to be a fashun designer at some point. But, what would be her plans without the college thing idk

No. 736349

"I just realized I didn't like the constraints of having to make certain things for a collection or to have specific deadlines. I really just like working as inspiration comes to me, which is never, so instead I'm going to focus once again on being a full time YouTuber. It will work this time, right? You can expect one video a week from me at best because I need to nap at least twice a day. And don't forget to pay me your pennies on Patreon since I'm just a widdle tiny winy YouTubee girl working on my own~~~"

No. 736358

What happend to school? This artist is from Halifax? So she skipped school to get a tattoo? her gpa is gonna be so bad

No. 736367

I honestly think she dropped out at this point. We'll probably get a tearful video about it soon enough.

No. 736374

Why does she keep getting CCS tats? She only ever talks about Doremi and Precure, if you want to put magical girl shit on your body permanently at least pick something you actually like.

Look at how she's posed while taking the photo, I also think it's her calf. She looks fatter because she's short.

No. 736378

File: 1542914466170.png (1.09 MB, 1004x748, Capture.PNG)

No. 736379

File: 1542914504071.png (828.68 KB, 1152x716, Capture2.PNG)

No. 736381


Everybody looks like they go actually skating and wears appropriate clothes and then there is Jill.

Also oof at the thighs of Jill compared to the other two girls.

No. 736382

I was going to give Jill the benefit of the doubt about the layers of clothing making her look biggger. But then I realise that she’s literally only wearing a cardigan on the top half…

No. 736387

>>736378 i find it odd that she loves wearing short skirts when she supposedly is cutting her thighs? if she fell, then they would be visible?

No. 736392

She's probably wearing safety shorts.

No. 736397

we all hope so

No. 736399

it's a pretty tattoo, but to get a tattoo from a series you never finish or dont care for is the epitome of sad. wtf jill

No. 736420



Which will be indiscernible from each other as they fade.


Agreed, the outside of her right calf and her left toes are by her right knee.

No. 736423

File: 1542919944857.jpeg (703.43 KB, 640x873, 2676942F-6FBA-4DE5-A0F2-C41685…)

For those of you who guessed her leg, you’re correct

No. 736425

File: 1542920017290.jpeg (543.22 KB, 640x797, 7CD02E33-59A3-49E0-A9CF-0E75EF…)

A close up

No. 736426

>>736423 wow that's ugly

No. 736427

The letter spacing looks off, I don’t know if it’s just my eyesight but without zooming in it looks like it says “the flovcer” instead of “the flower”

No. 736429

That seems like a weird placement to me, i feel like it should be straight on & the blue is very bright compared to the rest of the colours.

No. 736430

Man this is one of my favorite cards too and she fucked it all up with these ugly as colors

No. 736431


I read it that way too.

And her mouth is off-center.

No. 736433

Once she leaves school she will say that you dont need a degree for fashion design, wich is the excuse she used to not go to uni. Do you guys think she will leave that town after moving in with her boyfriend and painting every wall?

No. 736436

File: 1542921296504.jpg (207.08 KB, 845x1875, 2aac0cd80b5de4f3a73a6b731bf49d…)

This ain't it.

No. 736437

File: 1542921382492.jpg (42.17 KB, 269x600, 790469667709874f31017b733afb8b…)

I think she got it based on this version, which isn't any better

No. 736438

You can tell that this artist clearly has some talent in certain aesthetics (the flowers around the card have some really nice gradients in them), but Jill making her do this flat large blobs of colour is just… awful. It's bringing out the worst in both the artist and design.

No. 736439

You're right, I just grabbed the first image of the card - either way it's fucked. The artist should be ashamed to post this.

No. 736445

The worst part of this are the colors by far, if Jill actually picked colors that worked together this would look 10 times better (though even then I think the placement is really unfortunate).

Also does Jill still pretend to have an upload schedule or does she just use "m-muh depwession uwu" as an excuse for being so inconsistent now?
The next video we will get will probably be a vlog of her getting the tattoo and maybe the ice skating stuff, right?

No. 736446

I don't know much about tattoos, but it looks like this design isn't good for thick lines? Or that the artist isn't a good choice to replicate CLAMP's style?

There's so much detail in >>736436 that gives it that airy, shoujo look (delicate eyelashes, thin lines around the collar of the dress, feminine hairline that gradually emerges from the forehead) while the tattoo Jill got looks very blocky and harsh.

No. 736449

File: 1542922519244.jpg (71.71 KB, 640x640, 43466179_904679593069231_15430…)



I actually thought that this >>736323 didn't looked actually that bad but the finished product is just harsh and the opposite of what it should go for.

No. 736450

Yeah, for a short second I actually thought that Jill might be getting a decent looking tattoo this time but of course it ended up super garish in the end lol

No. 736451

I actually feel a bit bad after seeing this tattoo. It makes the hair in Jill's look like a Jester's hat.

No. 736454

the tattoo still needs time to heal, we can only hope it looks better after a couple weeks.

No. 736457


Healing won't fix the design flaws.


All I can see now is the overwhelming thickness of the outline of the face.

No. 736460

I just noticed the earrings are two different sizes.

No. 736462

wow yikes. This looks so much better. I wish she would've gone to a tattoo artist that actually specializes in the manga aesthetic. Jill's tattoo looks like what happens if you ask someone who never has drawn manga to draw a manga character.

No. 736465

I think one of the problems is the line jerarchy shes used to divide sections, I dint like the thick hairline it wouldve look better with a thin line, like in the shoulders.

No. 736467

File: 1542923774814.png (41.76 KB, 720x245, 20181122_215548.png)

No. 736468

the artist completely forgot the design on the forehead holy shit

No. 736469

File: 1542923871959.png (94.49 KB, 720x587, 20181122_215718.png)

No. 736470

This is going to turn into another situation like her first tattoo where at first she defends how it looks and then eventually acknowledges that it's poorly done, isn't it?

No. 736475

Has anyone noticed that Jill has spent quite a lot of money in the last few months? Like tallying it up she spent more than 2000 bucks in the last 30 days alone… And that's just with the stuff we Do know about. Now I'm not picking on her about it because essentially it's her money and she can do whatever she wants with it but at the same time it's kind of annoying because she constantly preaches being "kawaii on a budget"

No. 736476

>>736475 it's way more than that. she's gotten two new apple computers, this tattoo and the IC shoes.

No. 736479

File: 1542925416178.jpg (1.39 MB, 3264x1705, oh dear.jpg)

when you put them right next to each other….. oh, jill….. oh no

No. 736483

nta, but wow. this took place during the 30 days too? i feel like all this has been happening withing at least 3 months of each other.

No. 736484

Also has anyone noticed when her fans ask for a diy video she never delivers lol

No. 736485

I don't know where people are getting that she bought two new computers. She hasn't. She only has the one computer currently, which is why when her last computer died, she had to immediately replace it.

No. 736487

>>736485 she broke her computer and her laptop, so we're assuming she replaced both

No. 736489

But she didn't. She said the only computer she was editing on broke, which is why she had to go out that day to replace it. She's only had the one for a while.

No. 736496

The tattoo is alright but… the size and placement. She's so dumb, for a show she can't even finish. Getting a tat because "it's trend right now uwu" Good Lord

No. 736501

the mouth looks sooooo bad what the fuck

No. 736502

The face is awful. The right eye looks like it's sliding away. And it'll get worse with time.

No. 736512

The one on the right (arm ) looks so much better. Those bold lines make it look worse– and what's with the hair color?

No. 736513

The placement, the color, the lines… Everything is awful. Yikes

No. 736519

I know Jill wants to believe that she's going to be some independent quirky fashion designer for the rest of her life but she's only 20, aka she pretty much just got done being a teenager, and she's getting these big ass tattoos of Japanese cartoons for little girls - does she honestly think she's still gonna like this stuff within 5, 10, 20 years?

I don't wanna sound like a granny but it just seems like such a stupid idea. I thought the one of her cat was somewhat ok since it wasn't too big, actually had some meaning and is easy enough to cover up - but then she went on to get that dildo wand one and now such a obnoxious one on her calf?

If Jill seriously thinks that she might have a disorder like BPD where you go through phases quickly and constantly change interests it's one of the worst ideas possible to get such permanent marker of a fleeting interest…

No. 736530

this would've been ok if the face wasn't so fucked.

No. 736531

Her cat knocked water on her laptop

No. 736533

So are all three of her tattoos on her right side? That seems unbalanced.

No. 736538

When she got those shoes she described them as “going out, red carpet event shoes” now they’re just her new boogie boots.

No. 736544

Who did this tattoo? it looks much better compared to jill's.

No. 736545

Agreed. Had she just went with the OG card colors this would look fine.

No. 736570

The artist has some really great work, she seems to be good with colour and shading as well. I think it's safe to say Jill is the one who fucked up the design with choosing colours that are too vibrant and flat, and the placement is quite bad too. Adding the flowers and the card frame gave the artist no room for detail like you have in this >>736449 tattoo which is why I think the face got a bit screwed up and she didn't add the face detail. It's a real shame she wasted the artist's talent.

No. 736575

now i just feel bad for jill. tattoos cost a LOT of money and this one is too big, bright and evident to easily cover-up or conceal. the colors are the worst part, they only outline how bad everything about it is.

that shit's permanent, too (i know abt laser removal, but she's gonna have to wait at least a few years for the colors to fade). yikes.

No. 736606

The tattoo on the right is so nice. $450 is actually cheap for the size, so I guess that the artist would think the level of quality is justified, but…that's bad. Why the huge black lines? Have they heard of anime before or nah?

No. 736650


Fucking godawful tattoo aside, the placement is just the worst. Seriously. It's too big for her leg, it doesn't look right AT ALL, and it's going to look so shitty in her photoshoots.

Goddamnit, Jilly. Seriously. God fucking damnit.

Is this her "I dropped out of school" gift to herself?

No. 736653


You can't tell me that she doesn't have at least one classmate lurking.

Someone please fricken tell me what it's like being in class with this trainwreck. I can only imagine how her classmates handled her level of obnoxiousness.

No. 736655

I just can not get over the fact that the ribbon with the name of the card is crooked. omg. $450 for this?

No. 736658

Her classes probably have under 10 people in them, and half of those people are bored housewives. None of them are on here.

No. 736709

Why god that is awful and she had to pick my favorite card. I'm so sick of her I'm a witch I love flowers guys. Like since when did she care about flowers that arn't ugly plastic ones from Micheal's? She makes me rage with her fake witch persona as a Wiccan I wanna hit her.

No. 736712

File: 1542959687123.jpeg (64.79 KB, 750x296, EA3FC85A-C82A-4774-AEE1-E72C57…)

Apparently he likes the shoes

No. 736713

File: 1542959931783.jpeg (710.38 KB, 2400x1587, 506D24A2-4994-4963-B38E-78EC48…)

No. 736715


The hair looks like 2 croissants… The skin tone is all wrong? Yikes.

No. 736718

File: 1542961097726.jpg (28.62 KB, 700x467, Croissant.jpg)

No. 736720


lol jinx!

If she hadn't chosen blonde for the hair we wouldn't see flaky pastry, but she just had to self insert.

No. 736725

Jill is such a Normie kek I bet she ends up married in a few years.

No. 736728

File: 1542965836989.jpeg (379.22 KB, 750x643, 2C249FAF-4E70-41FB-8964-E49FC1…)

No. 736734

it was done by coupdefoudre.tattoo on instagram

No. 736737

No, I don't think Jill is to blame for how bad this is. The artist was clearly way outside her comfort zone, but did it anyway.

No. 736754

hey, emilia is an iconic queen. leave her out of this

No. 736755

Calm down

No. 736764

emilia is ten times the woman jill aspires to be, don't do her dirty like this

No. 736765

sage 4 samefag, will someone PLEASE put those godawful pink glitter shoes out of their misery at once? they're doing overtime on jill's feet.

No. 736774

It’s based on a magical set of cards in a anime. Not witch stuff.

No. 736786

Isn't it far too cold in Canada right now to wear a skirt with bare legs? Looks freezing.

No. 736787

So instead of waiting for xmas break to book this tattoo, Jill decided it was necessary to take thursday and friday off in the middle of finals after already missing probably half her classes throughout the last two months? Anons might be right about her dropping out or outright failing. I'm so sad for her. After years of wasting around her parents house, art school has done absolutely nothing for her. She's one of those people who are so willingly dense and self-centered that even education can't help mold them into better people.

And does Stephen even have a job? or does he also rely on his parents to fund his living expenses?

No. 736788


She buys so many shoes and then just wears the one pair. The fug pink glitter boots are just replacements for those disgusting dirt caked pink YRU platforms (RIP)
I bet in a few months she'll be walking around in mangy, dirty, worn-out glittery pink boots though, and that's a hilarious image.

No. 736806

Yea at this point she's either dropped out, failing or thinks she can pay to pass school. Does anyone else feel like she's gonna try to get her new bf to get kawaii tattoos as well?

No. 736808

It's a candid in bad lighting but damn she looks rough in his pic, really tired and won out.

No. 736811

I actually know exactly how she feels here, so I predict
-dropping out or scraping by
-disappearing offline for months
-getting sick
-dumping the men and going single for a while
-fixing her diet

There comes a point when you need a detox from yourself

No. 736813

You're right anon but
>-disappearing offline for months
Not gonna happen since her only income is online
>-dumping the men and going single for a while
Definitely not gonna happen since Jill is clearly co-dependent and the closest she's gotten to staying single was "dating" girls instead after Colin.

No. 736827

Yes and no. It's cold, and wearing a skirt would definitely be uncomfortable, but its not "too cold" yet. Yesterday was a pretty cold day in Halifax though, my nose was frozen from the wind, so provided she actually did get her tattoo yesterday she must've been freezing her ass off.

Isn't his family really religious? I doubt he'd be able to get any tattoos so long as he's still in good contact with them.

No. 736843

File: 1542996297512.jpeg (457.7 KB, 1242x1695, 10F0457A-5C15-40FB-8BB6-801257…)

big queer!

No. 736847

File: 1542996555800.jpeg (179.23 KB, 1242x647, 4D7A6184-0B74-482B-B55D-91E568…)

Pixie, epitome of ~queer kulture~

No. 736850

listen here you poser little shit. My Brother's Husband is a wholesome, fantastic manga that shone light onto many, many issues with LGBT acceptance in Japan (the country that your so-called "queer" self praises while denying how openly homophobic and conservative it is) and was an overall great story with great chatacters. i don't think i'll be enraged if this poser-ass straight white girl tries to climb onto the tits of a beloved manga adaptation (that she knew absolutely nothing about before this announcement, nor would she have read bc it's know kaweewee magical girl manga) for brownie points, but i'll be at least very annoyed.

No. 736852

anon, ppl are allowed to become fans of things even if theyve already been out for awhile. calm down. the only thing shes posing as in that cap is as "queer"

No. 736860

I have a feeling her school passes everyone.

No. 736861

People can be alternative and straight Jilly Bean

No. 736865

Yeah, how the fuck is that related to being queer? Just sounds like something that's experienced by people who wear unusual fashion.

No. 736904

Anon, a drama coming out usually brings in new fans/potential readers, that's the whole point. Jill calling herself a "big queer" is eyeroll inducing, but I think you need to relax.

No. 736914

Isn't it considered trashy to disclose how much you paid for a tattoo? Tattoo artists don't really like the cost of tattoos being compared.

The tattoo looks awful and wonky. The original artwork has such fine linework and her tattoo is one big fat black line. The weird placement and ugly shading around the edges too. I feel like Jill completely rushed to get this done for whatever reason, probably because she felt invalidated and needed something to show off online since her school work obviously does not seem to be interesting (if she even does anything for school).

No. 736916

>>736914 anon you're talking about Jill she loves telling everyone how much she spends

No. 736919

funny that she loves to drop as much as she can yet it was really cheap for the size but I guess you really do get what you pay for considering how crap it is

No. 736928

She was more enjoyable to watch in her lolita days because she put in the effort. Watch 'the wait' and the lolita christmas vid she did and tell me that the production and effort wasn't up the ante tenfold. She was putting in the work, and produced tolerable content. Now she just panders to the lowest common denominator, and I don't blame her, she's not winning any views in the lolita community and they're too niche to get the big yt bux anyway.

No. 736930

i'm this anon >>736850
my bad for poor redaction. i don't mind new fans coming in and enjoying content that's been out for a while, esp something as wholesome as My Brother's Husband.
i mean it pisses me off that, knowing jill, she'd likely sperg about this not because she genuinely likes/enjoys it (we know she climbs onto bandwagons for clout. she just got a ccs tattoo and she doesn't even like ccs), but because it's a queer work of fiction and she wants to show off her faux "queerness" for internet brownie points. THAT'S what pisses me off, her pretending that liking a queer work of fiction automatically gives her cred. you can like a manga or a fictional work about gay people while being straighter than a stick.

No. 736935

File: 1543006591757.png (Spoiler Image, 772.37 KB, 928x596, Capture.PNG)

spoilered for slight ot
The tattoo place is Coup de Foudre, the artist is Lunie Chan, she does very colorful stuff. Can't believe the difference kek

No. 736949

File: 1543008570586.jpeg (236.47 KB, 750x1042, 94FAA98E-7DA0-4B15-9598-6EE20C…)

No. 736955

is it just me or does it seem like her hairline is receding? it looks significantly higher, esp on the side you can see. could be from the non-stop over-processing

No. 736956

so the long bit is an extension but like, it's so thin, is she wearing a single clip in, it looks like a rat tail

No. 736958

JillJill Siwa

No. 736960

Does she not know that tights exist?

No. 736962

It's because she's a ~quirky~ Canadian, wearing tights or leggings or a longer skirt would be too reasonable.

No. 736963

That angle really highlights how bloated she is.

No. 736965

How can Jill look atthis picture, look at the FACE she makes and think „yep. Thats what I want to post“?!

No. 736968


Girl, your fluffy polyester coats won't keep your warm, just as your thin ass scarfs. This girl will have such health issues due her constant freezing during the winter season what the hell. There is nothing cute about wearing shit that is meant to be worn in spring or summer.

No. 736973

File: 1543011954701.png (1.41 MB, 855x1200, jill jill siwa.png)

sage for my shit abilities at photoshop

No. 737012

it's been -20 in halifax for the past two days idiot will do anything for aesthetic

No. 737072

To be fair it’s not like she ever walks anywhere outside. She drove to Halifax, parked in front of the tattoo shop, then at most probably drove to the malls for Sephora/lush/F21 with indoor parking. I can tell by the screencap from Stephen’s Insta story that she was at the Starbucks inside Scotia square mall which connects directly to a few hotels and more indoor parking. So it’s clear she didn’t spend more then a few minutes outside. Besides the last time she stayed downtown during the summer she claimed she “got lost” in a “ghetto” area lmao, so she must have learned her lesson about going outdoors in big spooky cities.

(Besides even I take public transport during the winter and that doesn’t stop me from wearing dresses or casual outerwear. Some maplefags really make a big deal about weather to be special as if it was a fucking cultural trait of ours to be cold, like calm down who cares if she doesn’t wear a Canada Goose jacket with long johns and construction worker boots).

No. 737073

Whoops I fucked up, the screen cap is from MicMac mall. Point still stands though.

No. 737101

No. 737112

who put the stick up your ass? i'm a canadafag, too. and all I'm getting from the comments pointing out that she never wears pants or tights is that she never dresses for winter weather. it's not that she wears skirts, a lot of us do, it's that she wears mini skirts, with little thin cotton socks, and shoes that would not only be fucking terrible on icy side walks, but are wearable in summer without being too hot.

there's ways for wearing short dresses and skirts without looking like a complete twat like she does.

it's like she's never heard of woolen tights, which you can now get in colours that aren't black, white or brown.

calm yer tits. no one's bashing how you dress. they're pointing out Jillian's so obsessed with her aesthetic that she'll go out in a major cold snap dressed for a picnic.

No. 737125

Zachary Michael voice Oh Ma’am

No. 737127

File: 1543038115939.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, 2C2234D1-BD53-4697-8060-EB4B47…)

From Helena’s photography IG 1/3

No. 737129

File: 1543038161389.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, 582F1DCE-AE6C-45BA-940C-9A6B07…)

No. 737130

File: 1543038241665.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, EE3DDD53-78F1-4772-970E-CF5707…)

3/3 For someone who has done multiple photoshoots over her lifetime and even has a mother who is a photographer, she sure doesn’t know how to pose

No. 737142

It looks like those boots are starting to fall apart on the sole. Please Jill, just let them have a break and buy some decent winter boots/shoes.

No. 737160

You really don't need to encourage her to buy even more ugly and unpractical shoes when she has plenty she chooses not to wear while these eyesores slowly fall apart.

No. 737163

It's so weird… she buys so much clothing and yet she wears the same 4 things over and over again.
If she doesn't have the courage to wear her ugly Lazy Oaf garbage outside she should stop buying it.

No. 737182

Definitely could be her hair snapping off from constant bleaching and wearing extensions. You can see the thin baby hairs trying to hold on.

>I wish more YouTubers were like pixielocks
I actually don't disagree with him though, this is one of the few videos she's made that is actually productive or has some sort of positive message.

No. 737229

File: 1543071555744.png (2.34 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-24-09-55-58…)

I can't wait to see how badly this pink monstrosity ages

No. 737236

I know she had to have copy and pasted googled lyrics to tobira wo akete because "daijoubu" is one of the most basic, easy to read and write on an iphone kanji phrases ever, but go on about your linguistic skills Jill. Number eecheeban CCS superfan everyone.

No. 737254

jesus what ugly placement

No. 737323

She has all her tattoos on one side of her body, Jesus she has no brains

No. 737340

do her calves look unusually small here?

No. 737356


She has never looked worse. WTF is with these photos?

No. 737396

fuck i hate when you weebs do this. most people write it in kana not kanji. stop trying to be less weeby than jill by being more retarded.

No. 737422

Lady Gaga did that too. She used to be a little monster I dont know if it has something to do with that…

No. 737428

But you don't even like the anime, bitch. Who are you trying to fool?

No. 737430

>Using language correctly in a way that takes less time and effort is stupid
Lol ok

No. 737432

that outfit would look better with a white blouse and different shoes.. but okay Jill.

No. 737472

She just made a self harm video a few days ago and said that she had to photoshop out her self harm scars in her beach pic photos. I checked this post and she said that she’ll be making a video of why she got this tattoo soon. This is another self harm coverup tattoo. That would explain all of the weird leg posing. Looking back to her videos and photos, she’s always wearing socks, filming herself above the knee, doing strange poses, or seen from the front view. I don’t know why she would chose such a visible place for self harm if she would have to hide it all of time? You can’t even see the scars in the tattoo pictures, only when the lighting makes them stand out. So it seems like Jillian was hiding this from her fans bc she didn’t want to disappoint anyone even though she chose a visible place and a coverup tattoo bc she can’t people seeing them or that she relapsed.

No. 737476

I agree with them. Not too long ago she was waxing on about how in her spare time she sews, writes video ideas, and practices her japanese OH MUH GAWD GUYZ IM A HUGE WEEB THAT SLIPS JAPANESE IN MY REGULAR SPEECH SOMETIMES!!! It's just another way to show that shes a huge hypocrite that others might not have noticed.

No. 737518

File: 1543099468943.jpeg (248.41 KB, 640x620, DF38A890-925C-4DC0-A21A-7658AC…)

She brought another fucking cat

No. 737521

File: 1543099558681.png (115.76 KB, 640x1136, 5AE0D162-BA00-4C02-B1CE-B756A6…)

Here are all the *~soft and cutesy~* names she has for the cat

No. 737525

It's a shame that Mommy's Little Status Symbol didn't make the list.

No. 737528

I’m not educated on how much purebreds cost, but Jill has blown so much fucking money in the last 72 hours. First a $450 tattoo and now a purebred kitten

No. 737530

I'd say that kitten was in the $300-600 range depending on the breeder.

No. 737539

File: 1543100846730.png (431.51 KB, 1019x573, okok.png)

This kitten is in the $1000 range. These are the same ragdoll breeders they got Neko from.

No. 737546

Neko isn't a ragdoll. He's a maine coon.

No. 737549

most japanese people use the hiragana and not the kanji.

No. 737553

File: 1543102296736.jpeg (475.85 KB, 750x996, 0C3B8507-F4F7-4758-ADA5-F284C6…)

…no you’re thinking of Mobi.

Neko is a rag doll (top), Mobi is the maine coon (bottom).

No. 737562

my god, isn't the canadian dollar super weak right now too? I really hope she isn't planning on buying anything outside of canada anytime soon, but for all we know she'll see another pair of fugly ic shoes and HAVE to get them

No. 737565

Is Jill getting a cat everyone she relapses now?

No. 737571

Every time

No. 737575

Shit. I think I've been combining these two cats in my head this whole time.

No. 737586

OT, but the way breeders talk about animals like objects makes me a bit nauseous.

No. 737590

Jill had to buy an expensive designer purebred kitten again gaiz! Her mom who visits is VERY ALLERGIC uwu she couldn't just adopt an ugly non-kaweewee cat from a shelter like some kind of spooky normie!!

No. 737595

Same anon. It's gross and Jill and her mom are scumbags for encouraging this shit.

No. 737606

Ooof honestly after reading through this thread, seeing how Jill handles things makes me feel like less of a failure

No. 737608

You think because she got a male cat because she is planning on breeding??

No. 737610

>Spinny (spinal sun)
you think after just getting a ccs tattoo she’s try harder to pretend she knows anything about it

No. 737624

Honestly at this point the scars would look better than these shit tattoos she keeps getting. She has lots of money, why not just spend it on products that’ll fade and heal the scars more instead of poorly done tattoos?

No. 737653

But anon!!!! How else will Jill be ~*yooniq and speeshial*~? She needs everyone to know she’s the biggest fan of CCS and that if you try to challenge her on that you’ll loose because it help her through her depression and she has a permanent marking to prove how much she loves it!!!

No. 737673

She cut there for attention. She has to hide them online. But look at her outfits earlier in the thread. If she was self harming where that tattoo is, she's been showing the scars irl.

No. 737749

I hope she picks Sorbet, that's the name of CWC's cat too lmao twins

No. 737800

How many cats do they have now? Like 5 or 6? Animal hoarding much? Their mcmansion 'house smell' must be dirty cat litter.
This family is a growing disgrace with every passing day.

She won't get to milk her tragic past and how she overcame it with trashy ugly tats if her scars are faded

No. 737818

Jill lives on her own now so technically she only has 2 now, still she can barely take care of herself so I dont know how getting another pet will help her; especially potty training a kitten, her house is going to smell like piss and she is probably not going to get her deposit back.

No. 737832

Damn her tattoos are ugly as hell. I personally think tattoos look like trash to begin with but this is a whole new level of bad. Shitty line work of goofy ass meaningless cartoons retarded plebs like Jill subscribe to.

No. 737867

Some of these are cute and all but

If this is true, then getting a cover-up after she just relapsed less than a month ago seems like a really stupid thing to do. The one on her thigh was fine, it's a nice enough tattoo and they were quite a few years old, but this is a mess.

No. 737871

Yeah, her getting the cover up tattoo so soon makes the whole relapse thing feel a bit disingenuous… Like she made the super emotional video but now she's just gonna get her ~magical tattoo~ and a new ~little cat companion uwu~ and then she's suddenly gonna be fine again.
I really hope she doesn't use these things to avoid actual therapy again.

No. 737880


Oh my… I just realized all her other cats dont have a retarded name because she didnt have 100% control naming them. Some of these are just.. y i k e s

>fellow weeb but Ive always found it cringe when people name their pets Japanese names

No. 737888

One of her cats is called Neko and the others called Serena, sounds a little bit weeby

No. 737889

Jill named the first cat Neko, I think she mentioned before that her family started pronouncing it as "Nico" though because they all thought Neko was too weeby lol.
And yeah she named Serena after Sailor Moon so all the ones that Jill named have always been weeb names.

No. 737898

The tattoo and thee break down video is just "Jill History" repeating itself. When she did the first video about the mental health issues she said "I have to do this video so you´re not gonna be confused about the cover up tattoo" same thing now

No. 737901

I'm confused about this tattoo being a cover up? You can't seen any scars under the tattoo at all?

No. 737903

it´s actually speculating from us here. Nothing confirmed yet but I read she will make a video?

No. 737936