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No. 397786

General Video Game discussion, aside from games that have their own threads.
What are you currently playing, what you are looking forward to, favorite games, favorite consoles, gamer set discussion, reviews, praises, complaints, questions, etc.

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No. 397788

File: 1720118491568.jpg (1 MB, 1438x1479, marryo.jpg)

Now with actual video games

Farmhands pls don't lock, last op a shit

No. 397790


No. 397791

64 was important for the creation of 3D games but my god is it nearly unplayable by modern standards.

No. 397802

File: 1720120374357.gif (158.54 KB, 512x384, pg79foPfy21xq97yeo1_540.gif)

slippery, ugly models, and no minigames. i'm glad i got to grow up with the superior mario 64 experience.

No. 397810

Much better pic

No. 397812

File: 1720121844052.png (262.55 KB, 1078x540, 1681419788492314.png)

I fucking love Mario

No. 397831

this is a good list. i agree.
of course, galaxy's OST is the best, but sunshine has so many comfy hits.

No. 397833

File: 1720126536449.jpg (87.15 KB, 1078x980, d23199a4712e4b1d248c1fc54e0efa…)

No. 397836

sunshine makes me so happy. for osts i might have to put odyssey at the bottom. sorry jump up super star, the others are too iconic.

No. 397873

Bit of nitpick, but can we include the other missing game threads in the OP next time? like the BG3, Fallout and the Resident Evil?

No. 397897

Yeah there's a few things that either need updating or adding.
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I'm sure I missed some that I either overlooked or are farther along in the catalog.

No. 397910

File: 1720145235962.jpeg (154.7 KB, 1024x640, IMG_2676.jpeg)

ty to the nonnies last thread who recommended felvidek. I got it on a whim and it ended up being the best game I’ve played in a long while.

No. 397938

Bought Kingdom Come Deliverance for ps4 on sale real cheap, hope it's as good as people say it is, been wanting to play it for a long time now, anyone played it?

No. 397965

Glad you enjoying it, nonnie!

No. 397981

File: 1720170610177.png (118.17 KB, 1235x167, fel-gang.png)

Just bought it too

No. 398122

File: 1720204390410.png (94.38 KB, 352x352, 1000004698.png)

My sister plays Disney Dreamlight Valley occasionally and Scar is 100% the only good villager in the entire game.
> Sister's PC is fishing in the pond with some characters watching her
> Scar appears
> Literally slides into the middle of the crowd bc his walk cycle is bugged
> "I'm surrounded by idiots"
> Turns and slides away like a total Stacey

No. 398201

There is no worse feeling in this world than completing a video game you get invested in then feeling completely fucking empty afterward

No. 398207

My friend streamed ZZZ to me today and fuck it looks amazing. I fucking love the art direction and how dynamic the fights feel. If only it had one single cute boy i could roll for, but no they would rather pander to the furry barafags instead.

No. 398211

Is he romanceable

No. 398215

he's a gay

No. 398217

I don't even mind some of the men (the regular-ass bear is hilarious to me) but it's so obvious when the women are all waifus with ears or a tail and the men are actual animals what the game's going to favor.

No. 398220

the artist is a lolifag who did some official loli art for yamaha of all things, so i doubt we will ever get bishies. Oh well, getting addicted to a gacha would have taken time out of coding my own game and drawing, so maybe its for the best.

No. 398225

Finished sons of liberty and this is the best experience I've had with a game ever
I still feel bad about the villain, he was one of my favs

No. 398254

Hoyo only does ripoffs of other games so just find out whatever its inspired by and see if it has better moids

No. 398268

Are you talking about when Americans thought nature was created by Zelda or what
I liked the style and how involved the MC actually is but yeah, not a single interesting male design. There are like 4 maid women too so even the waifus don't have any thought put into their designs. It's sad, I don't exactly like the combat but I would keep playing if there were any good characters I wanted to have.

No. 398316

>Are you talking about when Americans thought nature was created by Zelda or what
It's insane how genshintards will deny genshit being a shameless, cheap botw ripoff, a sentiment the Chinese themselves echoed louder than anyone else, but then call every other game a genshit ripoff.

No. 398320

I just cant support anymore waifu shit. It's so obvious to just vote with your wallet. I dont know why they want to alienate women players so bad. Just make cute male characters. wtf

No. 398322

File: 1720276219518.gif (1.68 MB, 245x165, download (12).gif)

Which villain? Better not be talking about Vamp. He needs to stop trying to rape my husbanndo

No. 398330


No. 398341

File: 1720281083278.gif (293.85 KB, 576x360, download (20).gif)

Kek I forgot all about him… I just can't like anyone who is mean to my husbando, let alone has tortured him and mindbroken him, my poor baby

No. 398348

File: 1720282747517.jpg (95 KB, 800x1000, solidusconcept.jpg)

His motivation is too likeable. I also like how he sounds pissed off all the time but yeah he's a huge pos

No. 398354

He's ugly.

No. 398363

Anybody else try out First Descendant?
So aggressively Korean grindy/stingy.
But the story is just mildly awkward enough and the gameplay is fun so I'm gonna finish out the story missions.
I don't know why I found it so funny that the asshole teammate is named Jeremy.

No. 398369

File: 1720287726481.png (527.59 KB, 640x640, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH.…)

Koopa hands typed this post

No. 398384

Star Rail is a self admitted ripoff of the Trails series just like Genshin is less honestly inspired by BotW. Their character designs frequently rip from other series and gacha as well in a way that I would sometimes consider homage and sometimes consider outright theft. Their event stories and structures are similarly frequently just rips of other games transplanted directly into Genshin or Star Rail or whatever. I don't think they should be sued or anything but it's common knowledge that little Hoyo does is original in origin, they always start with something that's been done and then mix in some coom and barebones lore. It's their recipe for success.

No. 398385

Hoyofags should just consolidate into their own general for all Hoyo properties, considering how poor their reception is when they show up literally anywhere but the designated threads / the mandated husbando nice zones.

No. 398388

There is already Genshin/Star Rail threads, it's fine.
Just post about ZZZ in the mobile game thread.
Free games can be good mindless fun sometimes.

No. 398395

File: 1720294342174.jpg (63.8 KB, 564x665, C-75Ov5XcAAwRDY.jpg)

No. 398433

MOOOOODS remove this pic i don't like iyt

No. 398466

File: 1720308964471.gif (761.58 KB, 146x139, 1694997149689632.gif)

is he not wearing panty under those overalls?

No. 398478

File: 1720316084321.jpg (26.07 KB, 440x548, unpopular-opinion-mgs2-raiden-…)

Based raiden husbandofag

No. 398483

File: 1720317791293.jpg (130.48 KB, 724x1023, W05SCWr.jpg)

No. 398626

Kek what is that filename

No. 398637

No. 398649

KEK i didn't even pay attention to the filename, i looked for this mod in google images and downloaded it

No. 398654

No. 398656


No. 398659

File: 1720373383508.jpg (135.71 KB, 750x1065, sexy_mario_with_luma_doodle_by…)

No. 398674

No. 398684

File: 1720377556331.gif (757.83 KB, 220x244, 1695076079944558.gif)

No. 398689

No. 398716

This is diabolical.

No. 398727

File: 1720384064369.png (281.21 KB, 599x732, IMG_5701.png)

No. 398729

No, but they should definitely stop being cowards and add a romance system because the Disney fandom's resulting implosion would be glorious.

No. 398748

No. 398776

File: 1720392282353.png (117.17 KB, 500x478, 32265877.png)

No. 398795

File: 1720397938389.jpg (22.87 KB, 640x352, henry the archer.jpg)

Ok so where is that nonna that wanted to talk about Kingdom Come because I started playing it like 2 days ago and I want to talk about it.
Just the amount of times I died trying to save anyone really before I got into my skull this is not Skyrim and I can't go about it like Skyrim, it was crazy. And I absolutely loved it. I'm still at the very beggining, just finished the boar hunting quest with Hans.
I ended up saving Theresa by accident when I called up the horse because I didn't know how to unsheathe my weapon, so I thought.. these guys gonna kill me if I get near them, so I'll just get the horse, run the other way, figure how to unsheathe my weapon and save the day. Nothing about this plan worked, but Theresa was saved, and after that I died from bleeding before reaching my destination. Kek
I did learned a good lesson thought: even if you have a sword you don't go fighting men fully armored while dressed like a peasant cus that shit will never work. Hard learned lesson but necessary.
But hey, after that was dealt with I killed a fucking hare and a doe on my own, with my own ridiculously bad archery skills, I am feeling pretty amazing right now despite feeling like the village idiot earlier after Hans humilliated me, got coin from him too at least because I am the master hunter alright (not really, my dog did the hard work, but I guess I get some credit too since I stole the meat I used to feed him and that was fucking hard, I tell you. I wasn't made for this.)
All my hunt meat, you know how much money I could've made with that? An entire day lost, I had other plans but I had to be there hunting. Fucking lost everything after those two cumans, my time, my hunt, and without my dog I'd be dead too. But it's all good, the cumans are dead now thanks to my dog and I have their equipment which came in a good time, my old shoes are almost gone. Gonna actually buy my dog some meat now.. or maybe we'll go hunting again when I get the time.
I really want to learn how to read, I have a bunch of herbs and stuff like that and found a place I can brew potions but all I know is what ingredients I need, I can't understand how to do it and the book is right there! But it will all have to wait, everything seems to be time sensitive and I've got less than 7 hours of sleep since I woke up in Theresa'a house. I also ate something that made me sick, I think it was an apple or a carrot I got from a corpse back at Skalitz, or maybe it was a pretzel… who knew that was bad idea?
Also there might be a man or two walking around Rattay naked because I accidentally stole their clothes when they passed out. And thank God they passed out, for a second I thought I had killed them kek
Love this game. It's like everything people try to make Skyrim to be with all the realism/survival mods, only downside is my guy is fuckin ugly but I'll find some mask eventually and when I do I'll never take it off. Also I wonder if I can give anything to Theresa? That girl really needs a bath, like, it's been days, girl, and you look like you're still digging graves. Or maybe she was, knowing her uncle. She'd probably be the only npc besides the dog I wouldn't mind spending my hard earned money on.

No. 398848

File: 1720425739019.jpg (49.17 KB, 828x466, Returnal-PC-SIte.jpg)

Me with this. Especially given that housemarque keeps vaguefagging about the potential sequel and then goes "the story is self contained tee hee". Fine, I'll keep obsessing.

No. 398860

File: 1720430281853.png (204.74 KB, 480x1019, IMG_0508.png)

i’m on disc 2 of xenogears right now. i am genuinely in awe of how much i have been loving it. so many things that interest me all wrapped up into a mech-shaped package. it breaks my heart that the game was never truly completed. it becomes glaringly obvious once you get to disc 2 and the abridged storytelling really starts up. it deserves a remake.

No. 398942

File: 1720464652191.jpg (1.11 MB, 1230x2000, 838283.jpg)

40 hours into playing Rune Factory 4 Special on my Steam Deck and I love it so far, possibly my new favourite game. Nonas who are also into the Rune Factory series, should I play 3 or 5 next? I know 5 has very mixed reception, but I have heard that the main story of 3 is very short and you can complete it before the first in game year ends. I am also worried that I will have ruined it for myself by playing rf4 first, due to the regression in QOL features.
I am also interested in playing Frontier, but I plan on playing it last in case a remaster is released by the time I get around to it.

No. 399106

I’m gonna preface this by saying I’m a big fan of the rune factory series so I’m probably super biased. But if a shorter game is more convenient for you then go for 3. Rune factory 3 was my first rune factory game and then I immediately followed it up with 4, but I was still able to enjoy and sink in 100s of hours into the others. However 3 is the one I’ve sunken the least amount of hours into because it’s so short. Like I was able to romance all the girls to completion before getting married and still clocked only 40ish hours into the game this is for 3 Special. God only knows how many hours I’ve played 3 on the ds when I was only 9 and had no clue how to do anything. Now I do know how to maximize my time in 3 really well, but it really is the shortest game. In comparison I’ve got a little over 200 hours sunk into 5 and 400 in 4 mostly because I played the game on both 3ds and switch to completion.

But a good thing to remember when playing the other games is to not have high expectations, because otherwise you will be disappointed. I know a lot of people were expecting super great things from 5 but just ended up being disappointed because it wasn’t an improvement upon 4 and instead kinda a whole new thing for me it’s very reminiscent of Tides of Destiny and Frontier but with 1’s writing and some modern writing tropes mixed in And I know there were people that were disappointed with 3 Special because it also wasn’t an improvement upon 4 3 Special is just 3 with the skin of 4. And I’ve heard a lot of people say that rune factory 4 ruined farming games for them and all I can say is to not compare games to each other because you will only continue to be disappointed. I used to think the same thing with Story of Seasons Trio of Towns and wasn’t able to enjoy Stardew Valley and the newer Story of Seasons games until I realized that I should stop comparing them and play the games without such high expectations if I wanted to enjoy them. And in spite of the fact that I loved 4, have tons of nostalgia for it, and probably have the least amount of criticism for it, Tides of Destiny is my favorite Rune Factory game. Also I was gonna say just buy Frontier if you wanted to play it, but holy shit when did the price for it go up so much? I bought it for only $20 last year on eBay.

No. 399783

File: 1720612463251.png (71.01 KB, 300x300, Vintage_Story_Logo.png)

Any of you nonas ever played pic related? I've been looking into it, the more "realistic" survival craft gameplay looks very interesting to me, is it worth checking out? If I understand correctly the devs are always doing new updates changing everything, so it's the current state of the game good?

No. 399816

Anyone here ever play Signalis? It looks good and has great reviews, but I'm a little wary of how many reviews mention the lesbian robot romance. If it's handled well I'll play it, but if it's coomerbait I want nothing to do with it.

No. 399834

I didn't play it but I watched a playthrough. The story seemed interesting but I just couldn't get over the massive nazi lesbian fetish of the author. Reminded me of that infamous 4chan comic about concentration camp yuri. The soundtrack is good though and it had some interesting concepts, even got me to read The Yellow King.

No. 399851

Played it before, do you like Don't Starve where every second in game counts for prep? Do you like steep learning curves? Then you'll like this game. I played a few years back and even then it felt like I could sink hours in it, there's plenty of fleshed out game mechanics for sure.

No. 399853

>nazi lesbian fetish
Oh? do tell nona? I was kind of turned off by that aspect and I'm starting to know why.

No. 399860

I don't have any deets, it's just apparent from the game that creators are naziboos into malegaze military tragic yuri. Wouldn't surprise me if either of them is a tranny, the game caters to and is much beloved by them.

No. 399868

it gave me humongous agp laincore tranny vibes like an hour into the game so i dropped it. would recommend avoiding

No. 399869

File: 1720630811186.gif (910.43 KB, 268x347, spider senses.gif)

Somebody recommended this game to me, but i don't like the vibe of it. Dunno how else put it into words. I'd love to play more games with a female protag, but i'm skipping this one.
Just pirate it, play a bit and see if you like it?

No. 399904

I have a bunch of unplayed games on my ps4 that I need to get to, help me choose which one I should start nonnies
>Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise
>Edge of Eternity
>Star Ocan: Till the End of Time
>Tales of Arise
>Dusk Diver
Or should I restart Tales of Berseria? I started it years ago but never finished (I think something else I was more interested in got released) so I don't remember the story

No. 399941

File: 1720643797325.png (501.08 KB, 605x431, 6BD0C07C-0645-4444-949F-2AF5FF…)

>Star Rail is a self admitted ripoff of the Trails series
Late but it’s actually insane how blatant they are sometimes, like picrel. Granted I shouldn’t give a shit since it fell off after 3rd but it’s pretty funny

No. 399959

kek not only zelda, they ripped animations/attacks from a bunch of other games, but when it's their beloved gacha doing it, it's a reference and an inspiration, when other companies do similar generic gachas like them, then they are ripping off genshin.
I don't play these games and don't really care if they should get sued or not, there have always been blatant Chinese ripoffs of other games, TF2 had at least 2 or 3. I still find it amusing how some genshin/star tail fans can't admit the obvious.

No. 400050

File: 1720652984817.jpg (404.05 KB, 1280x1807, Ryu.jpg)

play Shenmue! i love those games, the fighting itself is okay especially in the first one but i really love the worldbuilding and story. its notoriously "slow" but i like that about it, you can do a lot of mundane stuff like go into most buildings and open drawers. collecting the gacha toys is my favorite. plus ryo is a cutie. hope you pick it and play it nona!

No. 400051

Plus these games can be genuinely funny at times kek

No. 400169

I can agree with the others, it feels a bit odd behind the motivation of the whole nazi/russian fetish. It's ok.

No. 400481

File: 1720730082936.jpg (610.31 KB, 1686x1100, mygirls.jpg)

Which Atelier's alchemy system do you think is the easiest and hardest? I've only played four of them, so I can't really give an absolute answer, but for me so far
>Escha/Logy easiest by far, but also the most boring one
>Ayesha; I often see this one being described as one of the harder ones because it's rather unintuitive or something like that, but it was the first I played, so maybe that's why I got the hang of it quickly. Also the most fun, I think.
>Totori, gotta be honest, I don't remember all too many differences between those two, but I think I sat more there ripping my hair out and wondering why it didn't work out again with Totori than I did with Rorona, so I guess this one's the harder one. Having Chims there to just COPY your stuff made it more managable though.

No. 400543

File: 1720739078801.jpg (120 KB, 850x1133, __fie_claussell_and_laura_s_ar…)

Gonna be honest even the post-3rd games still have writing infinitely better than HSR's. Cold Steel sucks but even at it's worst it's like HSR on a good day.

No. 400591

File: 1720744622199.jpeg (108.3 KB, 850x435, 1B4880C0-185D-44B2-94CF-231DE5…)

Oh for sure, even tho zero and especially azure were mid as fuck (I dropped cs1 30 mins in kek) I’d play it any day over soulless uninspired gachaslop cashcow #982727

No. 400597

Of all hoyo's countless weakpoints writing is somehow still their worst. So far zzz's story is the biggest piece of shit I've ever seen in a gacha, hsr and genshit being high up there, and the gameplay is worse wuwa. Cannot take hoyofags who unironically like it seriously.

No. 400654

>I dropped cs1 30 mins in kek
Was it when Alisa fell on Rean lol

No. 400665

File: 1720760297644.jpeg (125.11 KB, 513x800, 013222B8-7BD9-4D51-8602-E1AEEF…)

No surprisingly but that was pretty bad. It was when George’s fatass showed up. I am not going to sit through a game with that ugly obese moidblob creature being one of the main characters. I am particularly salty about him having the same name as my husbando too, doesn’t help that his actual name or whatever the fuck has the exact same spelling as his too, actually makes me mad. I wish that hamphlet killed himself for good before Angie stopped him. It’s whatever though, I don’t think I could handle 4 games with rean as the protagonist.

No. 400689

I really need to start Kiseki. I've heard a lot of people clowning on it, but honestly the idea of such long running continuous JRPG series sounds really appealing to me. There isn't really anything else like that in the era of everything being self-contained in fear of losing potential buyers.

No. 400712

File: 1720768321731.jpg (153.56 KB, 700x700, spore-game-art-16x9.jpg.adapt.…)

Do you have a game you always come back to? For me it's Spore, played it for the first time when I was 8 and I've been playing it on and off since then. It definitely show its age now and it's pretty wonky in a lot of areas, but I still have a lot of fun making creatures and continuing old safe files or making new ones. Also since the Sporepedia still works, I like just downloading random adventures to see what I can find (there's been a lot of surprising finds).

No. 400790

File: 1720787225838.jpg (18 KB, 474x355, OIP (2).jpg)

Oblivion… I don't know why. I want to do another go at Morrowind with a strictly mage build, but maybe with Morrowind because it's more time intensive than Oblivion I just go for Oblivion… for example in Morrowind you can't fast travel from anywhere, you have to really grind your acrobatics in order to move quickly, and the combat starts slow and tedious. But fuck is it a good game.
Oblivion is just addicting sometimes I have no idea why, maybe because of this fella? I also want to replay New Vegas again, that's another addictive one

No. 400975

File: 1720825549392.jpg (132.66 KB, 730x1024, 3b2232c53720b01.jpg)

KEK honestly good call, you escaped before you had to see him become important.
Give it a shot! Even if the later games drop off a bit, I think most of the nonnas on here who have played the starting trilogy, the Skies games, consider it time well spent.
I'm somebody who stuck through the later games too, and even if I get exasperated by what Falcom gets up to these days, I'm still in love with the world they've built. Nothing really compares for me to seeing just a bit more of it with each installment. It truly feels lived in.

No. 400976

File: 1720825742603.jpg (83.18 KB, 465x659, 29lvnlyrtgva1.jpg)

I don't even like this game but I played literal hundreds of hours of it when I was deeply mentally ill and know it like the back of my hand. So I return to it as a comfort game whenever I need something comfortable yet mildly absorbing to take my mind off of things. It's like putting trash TV on in the background for noise.

No. 400981

File: 1720827359614.jpg (3.34 MB, 2496x3168, 1000000862.jpg)

Fable and Fable II
I like the simplicity they have in their stories and morality, and the atmosphere is super cozy (especially in the first game)
I don't dislike III as much as some do but it definitely drags more
Also agree with >>400790

No. 400982

File: 1720827369931.jpg (98.69 KB, 736x823, 1000041441.jpg)

Majora's mask, I play that game in the most autistic ways, I just love it so much, I love seeing my favorite form of my husbando kek.
I also love playing final fantasy tactics, it's just really fun.

No. 400989

I was halfway through playing the first Trails game but there was a weird shift in writing where every character seemed to suck off Joshua while Bestelle was the butt of every joke. I started losing interest in the story and I find the turn based combat in JRPGs to be boring and tedious so the gameplay didn't really keep me hook.

No. 400996

You have to trust the process re: your specific story complaint. Seeing Estelle mature is part of what makes the Skies duology so great. Ditto on the gameplay though, I haven't played the game in anything but the easiest mode since 2nd because I find the combat not very engaging.

No. 401002

File: 1720836472456.jpeg (289.33 KB, 700x904, 42D1C0E5-B34E-4487-8238-1BFC74…)

Pretty fair complaint honestly, I notice a lot of people complain about Joshua’s pseudo harem and it’s reasonable but I don’t think it’s intrusive enough for it to affect my opinion on the game. I didn’t even notice it at first honestly, maybe it’s because of Olivier’s homolust and yaoi potential with two future characters. Also josette sucks.
As for Estelle, I guess it makes sense since she’s such a sperg esp compared to joshua at this point in the game (I love her to death tho). I recommend setting the difficulty to easy as well since I agree fc is particularly tedious gameplay wise. I think you should pick it up again, ofc I’m biased because it’s one of my fav series ever but sc and 3rd are outstanding, also the last few hours of fc are fun as hell.

Agreed with everything you said

No. 401017

File: 1720844780451.webp (148.79 KB, 1320x743, IMG_1577.webp)

The Style Boutique games, especially the first one on the DS. There’s something so relaxing about running a boutique and styling outfits for customers. I regularly play for an hour or so at a time.

I also like to replay SMTIV and Bravely Default as I really enjoy the stories and characters from them, it makes it easy to get reinvested every time. I also actually like grinding in rpgs, it’s very chill.

No. 401247

Ok, I am addicted to Kingdom Come. Just opened my first lock, and it only took me 48 lockpicks! Lmao
I killed a civillian by accident because I thought he was some bandit trying to fight me… I guess I got really paranoid after stumbling onto too many bandits and cumans. Hid his body near the water, rip. When I realized what I did I just didn't feel like taking his stuff, felt bad, it was a huge mistake. Unfortunately loading an early save was out of question, my last save was hours ago, I did too much progress, this is something I have to live with now. I don't even have the excuse of being drunk cus I wasn't, kek, I was lost in the dark, trying to find the road to go back to Sasau and panicked when he started shouting. I am more careful now and don't go into the woods very late at night, it is really hard to navigate anyway.
I gave so many things to Theresa, even a dress I actually bought, and if she wears it I haven't seen it yet, but it's funny how she went "oh Hal that must've cost a fortune" for some silver ring I got from a bandit I killed in the woods. She gave me some savior schnapps too, I wasn't expecting her to give me anything. I love Theresa, too bad her boyfriend is ugly but I'll compensate that by coming home clean and full of gifts.
I can finally read now, time to steal every scribe everywhere. I also successfully brewed a few potions. Also did I say I just unlocked my first chest? It is an amazing feat. Killing cumans and bandits is easy, an "easy" chest is the real deal. Now I've got that confidence like when I had just killed my first enemy, aw yeah it's finally time for tresspassing, good thing I carry light clothes everywhere, my armor is very noisy.
I love how this game got random encounters and sometimes a bunch of guards/bandits are fighting the cumans and I just stay there waiting them finish killing each other and loot everything. Got some real nice armor back at Skalitz.
Next gonna buy better stuff for my horse, I am never abandoning it for another horse. Pebbles forever.

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