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File: 1656252857275.jpeg (132.72 KB, 854x1570, 1655988133200.jpeg)

No. 1572634

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No. 1572636

Ew!!! What the fuck, is that pic real???

No. 1572638

based irl kikomi

No. 1572639

She's a beautiful afab trans woman. Keep up

No. 1572649

Holy shit, the makeup she did to create a protruding brow ridge is fucking perfect. What's her username on socials? I saw a bunch of troons complaining about her accuracy but forgot her username

No. 1572654

It's a woman dw

No. 1572659

troon that worked in the place I had my internship only eats fried chicken during lunch. he also wear the women's uniform. it was a government office so i guess that's why there's less backlash on his appearance, not that people understand what he is besides thinking he's an effeminate gay man.

No. 1572660

File: 1656255764319.png (299.15 KB, 596x737, aaaaaahhhhhh.png)

29-year-old man beats a 13-year-old girl in a skateboarding competition. nice work, bro.

No. 1572662

…The one on the left thinks he passes as a woman?

That’s a whole-ass man, baby

No. 1572678

I thought that was a pre transition pic. Nope he literally looks like that

No. 1572681

File: 1656257444763.jpeg (584.36 KB, 1284x1808, 9B7DB9A8-8531-44D6-B982-41BC47…)

No. 1572683

File: 1656257523040.jpeg (359.26 KB, 1284x858, 3C237152-00D3-477D-BF80-FBFC0D…)

No. 1572685

File: 1656257630907.jpeg (489.21 KB, 1284x969, CC60CB5F-AF16-4912-9162-A58692…)

Why is everything they say so fucking creepy

No. 1572694

personally i keep them in my purse but i'd also recommend pockets

No. 1572695

File: 1656258658896.png (8.38 KB, 572x184, A73583D4-20CC-485F-B81F-C6863D…)

No. 1572699

File: 1656258913555.png (Spoiler Image,699.71 KB, 510x1582, F8788CB9-8E8A-4CF5-8F5A-C16E02…)

An old one I know, but never forget these are the men who want to be in our spaces.

No. 1572703

File: 1656259090784.png (122.43 KB, 562x433, 821AE5EF-2329-43FE-871D-B9EB26…)

No. 1572705

maybe it's time to put some socks in our pants, make them believe that we are troons with a bulge and make them have a mental breakdown because they will realise that they will never pass as good as we do, because we are women and they never will be.

No. 1572709

File: 1656259319605.png (107.1 KB, 1017x621, 1656251516309.png)

I'm tired

No. 1572711

why do these fucking incels think ordering a school uniform suddenly absolves them of their incelhood kek. yet if you bring it up theres just the 'die terf' outcry.

No. 1572712

I used to not find TIFs that irritating but I find they are saying progressively more idiotic shit than ever before. Especially the ~totes gay~ ones with their boyfriends. There was one with a sign that said "men can get pregnant" at a local event. Isn't the testosterone supposed to make them sterile anyway?
Nothing says female like a kidnapping fetish.

No. 1572715

File: 1656259997695.webm (14.42 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1655921981548(1).web…)

The video should have gotten posted kek. Did dylan respond to this yet? I bet he hasn't because he's realized that most people can see through his shtick

No. 1572716

Silence of the Lambs prepared us for this, honestly, everything I can think about, when I see most troons is Buffalo Bill sewing his woman-skin-suit

No. 1572718

File: 1656260157729.png (72.84 KB, 601x563, please use birthing people 2.P…)

No. 1572723

Trans men are women so no theyre not being forgotten about because they're already women to us. They're literally already included in this conversation by way of being female

No. 1572726

File: 1656260380263.jpg (93.09 KB, 693x917, steph4.jpg)

No. 1572730

no matter how many times I watch this it's funny as hell, love this based queen

No. 1572733

birthing organ…. but somehow we reduce people to their reproductive capability

No. 1572734

what the fuck is this creature

No. 1572735

File: 1656260871456.jpg (976.74 KB, 810x3478, Screenshot_20220626-122517_Boo…)

Check out this tranny's profile.

No. 1572740

File: 1656261084204.jpg (66.71 KB, 470x887, 58824513-10896125-New_look_Jes…)

No. 1572741

File: 1656261141066.jpg (97.06 KB, 470x1018, 58823305-10896125-a-a-12_16546…)

No. 1572743

File: 1656261215845.jpg (100.25 KB, 869x900, templepriestess.jpg)

he'd actually be an outcast gay prostitute in any society other than the modern West. also of course they used a photo of a real woman

No. 1572748

kinda cringe tbh

No. 1572750

that's it, it happend, I finally found the most beautiful woman on the planet, those natural breasts, those female hips, the smile and that light in her eyes. I won't identify as bi anymore, I'm now a full blown lesbian and she is the only partner I'm looking for. Never have I seen a woman like her, thank you nonna for sharing this beauty with me, will love you forever, you help me find my soulmate.

No. 1572753

A hell of a lot more difficult? It's literally IMPOSSIBLE

No. 1572754

File: 1656261654862.jpeg (285.23 KB, 828x1177, 8DC37009-FFF9-449E-A01B-25B99D…)

They can’t stop shoving their fucking shit into everything. If you see an mtf at a protest tell them to fuck off

No. 1572760

I'd tell them that they can come back when they are humans with an uterus. They might never come back or die while trying to get an uterus.

No. 1572763

I think the "BeStill" person is trolling

No. 1572764

this honestly isn't the worst I've seen I've seen much worse pandering signs

No. 1572776

What the fuck is wrong with his teeth?

No. 1572778

BeStill is a troll but this is such a good example of female sozialisation. Even with the they/them label slapped on, this is still an obvious female coddling someone she assumes is "amab". Extreme beta doormat behavior. "I know that takes energy". Grow a fucking spine

No. 1572780

The transwoman is the dude on the back.

No. 1572782

and THIS, dear fencesitters, is why hsts aren't your friends. Theyre not better than agps. Theyre only marginally less dangerous. They sure as hell dont respect you more or are more alligned with women. Theyre the same cockdriven, permahorny, predatory, narcissistic, opportunistic, womanhating, pathetic, disgusting trannys. They just know how to apply lipstick slightly better

No. 1572785

>Isn't the testosterone supposed to make them sterile anyway?
No. Some of them accidentally get pregnant because they think it does

No. 1572797

>Especially the ~totes gay~ ones with their boyfriends.
At least it's not TiF-TiM couple. And about sterile, womb are tougher than scrote. Although, the effect of HRT on fetus development are mostly unknown.

No. 1572802

most tifs dont even want to get pregnant. the reason they cry about how this "doesnt only affect women" is because they hate women and they hate having to admit that women are oppressed

No. 1572820

Why are his feet so swollen

No. 1572831

innsmouth inhabitant

No. 1572835


Agree. Most tifs are porntarded pickmes who hate women more than a standard moid. Whether you've got an arm skin inflatable kielbasa or a designer rot pocket, you're mysoginistic af and no trans people will ever be true allies with women. And some people have twu dysphoria which is ba dum dum… internalized mysoginy that maybe they should treat themselves for instead of living life like a circus freak and spewing dumb bullshit about trans rights every time something happens to any other group. Society is fucking collapsing while dumb fucking sex freaks sit around and think about what gender they want to make into a costume today. Fucking lame weak fuckers fucking fuck.

No. 1572837

isnt it a sign the lymphatic system is failing and usually appears in the elderly?

No. 1572845

File: 1656266393193.webm (7.71 MB, 576x1250, 616752ed6ff1e5a75398b84c5a3baf…)

Reminds me of tranny gender stereotypes

No. 1572846

>30,000 years ago
im sure upper paleolithic troons had ample access to hrt and society as a whole didnt have any more pressing matters at the time

No. 1572852

probably free floating silicone injections migrating down to the feet

No. 1572866

File: 1656268273142.jpeg (114.64 KB, 1280x720, 96072E8C-0330-45CB-84BB-BB8E0C…)

The globglogabgalab

No. 1572868

And a "temple" back then would have just been a hut, cave, or pile of rocks.

No. 1572871

I welcome this gay scenario. Please fish out all the creeps from our dating pool.

No. 1572875

File: 1656268667790.jpg (234.74 KB, 720x1157, sad.jpg)

Oh the irony.
Also that disgusting scrote looks like he could be her dad wtf.

No. 1572878

that woman must have stockholm syndrome, there is no other way to explain that relationship.

No. 1572880

kek anon you actually made me snort

No. 1572885

I am so confused… Is this a fetish game? If so, why are there kids singing in the background?

No. 1572890

you're just mad because you're not feminine and valid like she is

No. 1572893

File: 1656270030193.jpeg (534.26 KB, 2160x852, 48BCABDA-A36F-4ACB-BC94-7E2762…)

I hope this one is a troll.

No. 1572898

They are literally shit-brain retarded I can’t even look at this without wanting to a-log. I can’t live in this troon-emperor’s new clothes world, nonettes. I’m gonna snap lmao.

No. 1572905

not even that, 30,000 years ago an proto-agp would've raped an entire tribe, resulting in other males killing him, while an hsts would've been stoned to death or exiled and left to starve. no such thing as tranny priest in prehistoric or uncivilized times.

No. 1572910

Its not. They pretend to care about being fetishized (they're not btw. except by super mentally ill moids) but secretly they loooooove every kind of sexual attention. They love chasers. It's just bad optics to admit that

No. 1572911

what an ugly heterosexual couple

No. 1572916

What drives a fairly normal looking young woman to enter a relationship with a crypt keeper looking tranny twice her age. This has to be its own flavor of mental illness

No. 1572922

File: 1656272889922.jpeg (920.29 KB, 1527x3357, 88897D0F-78E7-4908-A0AC-2B2867…)


No. 1572926

apparently the human brain doesn’t fully develop until around the age of 25. maybe she will wake up the day after her 25th birthday wondering why she’s dating this creature, what the hell was she thinking.

No. 1572929

That's not how it works lol. The 25 number is just an average

No. 1572944

definitely an average. have you seen some of these scrotes?

No. 1572950

That's what you do to women.

No. 1572952

Reddit and 4chan troons are so fucking insiduous. Saged since I don't have the caps, but I see younger guys venting about being different and an outcast and then troons appear like they heard a magic bell go off and try to convince them to take horsepiss pills, urging them that they must start it ASAP for the best effects and that it's completely reversible. It re-peaked me.

No. 1572954

Turning r/actuallesbians into trans safespace wasn't enough huh?

No. 1572957

They do this to kids on discord too. Go on literally any public server and youll see trannys in every channel grooming 13 year olds. Theyre able to turn an autistic socially awkward teen boy into an agp in mere weeks

No. 1572958

So I know this is making fun of that one tranny on tiktok who talks about his life as a girl, but does he really call his dick a "Barbie wand"

No. 1572964

cap and post whenever you see this happening. One thing dumb about GC is that people don't archive enough of the stuff trannies say. LC is literally the only place where I can send people to peak them.

No. 1572976

File: 1656276085067.jpg (17.19 KB, 720x180, arresthimpls.jpg)

>49 and 25

No. 1572985

hes either a weapons grade groomer or shes just mentally ill as fuck

No. 1572996

I'd be surprised if Dylan didn't respond because he's taken advantage of every other jab at him, so why not this? Every troon has a shared dream- to slam dunk on a cis white girl. They want to be her so bad and they go rabid when she rejects them. Wait and see the absolute hate campaign that's going to be launched against this woman when Dylan bothers to fake cry for this

No. 1573002

(unsaged because the above is milk and got hidden)
I don't have caps but dude comments so much on nsfw selfies from both trannies and women… it must be a great relationship. Also the original post got deleted but it was apparently something about an adult op wanting to date a late teen. The moid's answer
>I suppose in your case the fact she is under 21 might prohibit certain events and activities, but
we’re just shy of 2 years together here, 48 and 25. It’s just a number for us

No. 1573012

probably both. doesn't take much to be a "skilled groomer", they just have to find the young and mentally ill

No. 1573017

wtf is this

No. 1573032

So predatory.. and you know most women will be in there to escape men after being abused in some form. They're probably terrified.

No. 1573036

God this makes me so sad. I hope she wakes up but she may be in so deep that she just finds another fucked relationship.

No. 1573041

Men just love fucking "crazy chicks" young enough to be their daughters, right up until they finally push those women over the edge. Then it's all, "WHY are these bitches so CRAZY? WHY are they so MEAN to me???"

No. 1573042

File: 1656281391296.png (831.17 KB, 733x768, 2022-06-27 00_04_48-Greenshot.…)

saw this hideous troon in a polish pride parade, coldn't get a good screenshot of his disgusting teeth tho. Came out as a tranny in his 50s.

No. 1573050

other tiktok troons use the term "princess wand" which is super gross and actually what finally peaked my gf, lol. dylan did say "barbie pouch" in reference to vaginas which even people outside of radfem spaces were dunking on him for, which was nice to see.

No. 1573069

alog but Fuck these fucking freaks, I genuinely hope they die. bring back kinkshaming

No. 1573081

File: 1656285055889.jpg (112.38 KB, 720x1417, Screenshot_20220626-194105.jpg)

Crackhead gets implants and amhole installed paid by tax payers goes on live and handmaidens call him beautiful

No. 1573088

File: 1656285602673.jpeg (258.3 KB, 1242x1683, E176AC73-BA6A-4225-9F7F-F69169…)

i hope jk sues his troon ass. there are actual retards in the replies believing it’s real, as if she’d ever have this opinion or use the word “birds”.

No. 1573113

The estrogen necklaces are hilarious to me. Like. Yeah we know.

No. 1573114

Are they too stupid to check her Twitter?

No. 1573117

Absolutely yes, they believe anything that is shoved into their face by some ‘prominent’ troon. This particular one has 17.3k followers and I saw one of his followers claiming “Sasha is a good and honest person and would not lie about such a thing” when the whole screenshot is a complete fabrication. Thankfully there are sane people responding to the retards and explaining its fake, but still, what kinda asshole sits there and types up such a gross fake tweet. The words came from HIM, even if he’s trying to pass it off as what jk tweeted, HE typed those words down…. really makes you think.

No. 1573118

Oh. I’m stupid it says tweet deleted. Still, Rowling would literally never say something like this. It’s obviously fake.

No. 1573136

Lmfao Rowling is a sexual assault survivor and her first husband would beat her. As if she would ever say shit like this but people hate her so much they will believe anything.

No. 1573138

The irony is that JK actually supports women’s rights and would never say something like this to or about women. I also hope she sues. This retard is just trying to continue circulating lies in order to make her people think she’s a “conservative nazi”. I’m so tired of these delusional freaks.

No. 1573147

looks like they officially doxxed her and contacted her college. I mean, it was obviously going to happen but still fucked up

No. 1573150

Where’d ya hear that? Link?

No. 1573151

does this girl have a death wish? i’m scared for her.

No. 1573155

She doesn't care that she got doxed so I'm sure she's fine.

No. 1573165

File: 1656293429743.png (52.11 KB, 520x564, umm.PNG)

I saw it in the comments of a stitch of her video, I didn't try dig up her college's facebook but there's also a tweet that got a lot of likes and retweets that doxxed her, it's deleted now though but they probably will take action

yeah, it was quite inflammatory and based, but I'd never risk doing anything remotely like that, seems like something that would haunt you professionally for a while at least in the industry I'm in

that's good to hear. I hope she doesn't get expelled or some shit

No. 1573168

File: 1656293618323.png (42.12 KB, 605x447, kek.PNG)

they got her fired from dominos too lmao, so pathetic

No. 1573169

Damn her accounts already gone. What a bad bitch. Hope she knows a lot of people agree with her the minority, and the psychos, are just the loudest on this one.

No. 1573171

her twitter's @SLXTH666, she says she's a radfem on there so not a conservative handmaiden, think someone asked that in the last thread

No. 1573174

How dystopian does it feel tattling to some corporate pizza chain to fire someone because they made a joke you didn’t like on the Internet

No. 1573181

Maybe people should start tagging dominos in tweets and sending them letters that they refuse to buy dominos now. Corporations only care when they lose money. It's why transgenderism has taken off, there's lots of big pharma money to be made from the experimentation/unnecessary surgery and drugs for lifelong patients.

No. 1573185

It’s too bad woman hating and womenface aren’t considered big deals. I’d report every troon to their jobs.

No. 1573189

File: 1656296117350.jpeg (266.88 KB, 1284x644, 83F83D25-2C97-48E7-81FB-899402…)

I think this one is actually retarded.

No. 1573205

File: 1656297033245.png (52.7 KB, 760x302, Screenshot_20220626-192758.png)

Can't tell if this troon is self aware by comparing himself to gay men. Either way retarded to compare women's fears to men as if it's at all comparable

No. 1573207

File: 1656297117539.jpg (287.57 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_20220626-215216_Boo…)

Here's the troon tale he's replying to:

No. 1573208

I don’t have to defend my womanhood as a part of my being because I’m simply a woman. Someone saying I’m not doesn’t change that fact.

No. 1573212

Yeah no worries she told us in discord that she’s ok and was prepared to face the consequences.

No. 1573213

FFS I wish people would stop listing their job on Facebook, stop linking their internet shit to Facebook, and stop having public Facebook profiles. At least then you can't get ratted out unless somebody who already knows you IRL and hates you just accidentally comes across the angry troon mob.

No. 1573220

This, I know people can probably find that information anyway but I never understand why people willingly give it out online. Idk what happened to staying safe online and having a certain level of privacy to protect yourself.

No. 1573223

Oh fuck off. They (try) to sexualize themselves. Everyone else thinks they're revolting.

No. 1573227

You know what’s demeaning? Treating women like objects and costumes. AGPs can fuck off.

No. 1573229

I opened the thread and a waft of some eye watering scent hit me in the face. It was that thread photo.

No. 1573230

It's illegal for domino's to fire to her for her unconventional gender identity and presentation. I hope she can afford to sue, the settlement should be worth it.

No. 1573233

kek my dumbass thought it was supposed to be a honeycomb or something.

No. 1573239

By the self-identified anti-capitalist right side of history, no less. On every level, in every way, they’re hypocrites and fake.

No. 1573241

I would love to personally give this imbecile the prettiest, deepest ax wound in the world. That’s the only depth he’ll ever have.

No. 1573247

File: 1656301154281.png (1.15 MB, 1090x1092, i hate this guy.png)

how is this guy so self aware and yet so not

No. 1573248

File: 1656301199666.png (1.03 MB, 1084x1088, seriously hate this guy.png)

No. 1573262

File: 1656303445308.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1170x1645, 42B3C662-E4BC-4E44-BAA6-A3BCF2…)

Can troons drag their asses and qUiRkY UWu humor out of lesbian spaces

No. 1573280

Some jobs really want you to have a LinkedIn presence which is basically the same problem.

No. 1573282

i'm a 30 year old woman and i draw badly, let me enter an art competition for 5 year olds please

No. 1573285

Cheating always works for troons.

No. 1573322

kek nonna

No. 1573325

File: 1656308289009.jpeg (163.23 KB, 421x729, 663AD498-AB8E-4C2B-A1FD-C3A58B…)

Fixed it.

No. 1573327

wait you know her, also is there any space where we can see her content and support her

No. 1573328


No. 1573329

She has a twitter account and uploads on Youtube

No. 1573331

don't use "pee pee" for "penis" though. kids might see it and then not know to use the proper words for their body parts so they can scare off pedos (troons)

No. 1573336

File: 1656310135623.jpg (416.04 KB, 750x3333, 11 (2).jpg)

and for anyone who was worried about her being a conservative, you don't have to worry about that either, she's actually seems to be rad leaning

No. 1573346

File: 1656311018049.jpeg (755.28 KB, 1242x1499, 17A8555B-BED1-41E4-BC3A-7D368C…)

Landwhale Loey bullying kikomi and defending the scrote

No. 1573352

What does “unsettled in your own femininity” fucking mean? She’s talking about a literal male and calling him a woman every 5 seconds but the real woman is accused of having some feminine identity issue? His man body is frightening as hell in that bikini I’m just glad his psycho face is cropped out

No. 1573353

>boolees r just jealouz!!!1
Cope harder

No. 1573356

The Gendoid instantly projects it's insecurity onto others.

No. 1573358

>envious because ur own femininity sux!!!
i'd like to see this attention hungry (and always hungry) gendymaiden do something with her life other than cape for men. remember when she wouldn't get off corpsehusbands dick even after he ghosted her for months?
also would LOVE to see these women larp as an afab trans woman and not succumb immediately under self-loathing and embarrassment cause they aren't attractive to scrotes anymore. it's all they care about, her entire career and online presence for like a decade has revolved around appealing to males. anyone who's even very loosely known of loey over the years knows she's projecting hard cus she's one of the biggest insecurity and male attention driven scrotemaids there is

No. 1573359

lmao unsettled in her femininity? Insecure? She's posting unflattering, half dressed videos of herself styled as a male for the sole purpose of triggering moids… seems pretty damn comfortable with herself to me. And with good reason since she's cute, I'm sure that's really pissing TRAs off.

No. 1573367

On the off chance that irl-kikomi lurks here, I love you and you are amazing and thank you for daring to stand up for women through comedy

What would he say? Shame this woman for doing drag??? That's not very trans friendly!!!! kek

No. 1573374

seconded, to the first reply

No. 1573376

I was in her discord server for a while and she's also just pretty dumb, funny video aside. It seems like she's trying to curate a terf audience but doesn't actually know anything about radfem ideology. She has her annoying misogynistic faggot friend as a mod for her server ffs.

No. 1573377

Land whale loey should focus on not eating herself to death instead of defending some creepy faggot

No. 1573379

They always have to make fake shit up to make JKR look bad because her real opinions aren't even that terfy to begin with, they just so badly want to hate a successful woman publicly. I hope she does actually sue for slander, it would be funny and it would gain publicity which makes more people look up what she said and realize they actually agree

No. 1573381

nona i hope there are no preschool age kids on lolcow.

No. 1573384

you don't have to be radfem to be against troons, you just need to be a normal person

No. 1573387

Her server is dead. I think she had an epiphany and went rogue. Let's all hope that she isn't a second Vanessa Vokey but more like Magdalen Berns.

No. 1573388

File: 1656317986975.png (17.79 KB, 539x666, rip.png)

I looked at her bio on there and they took down her Linktree too? Geez..

No. 1573390

OT but I hate that kind of stuff. You should be able to get a job and be private online. Not using certain social media shouldn’t be a deterrent unless you’re applying for a job related to it.

No. 1573392

I feel like there will never be another Magdalen. Rest In Peace, queen.

No. 1573393

at this rate anything counter to troonism will have to be distributed on paper or memory sticks.

No. 1573395

No. 1573396

maybe the real anti-troon movement was the friends we didn’t make along the way because we got banned and socially ostracized.

No. 1573403

i feel like this is what hunter schaefer wishes to look like

No. 1573411

File: 1656323053833.png (353.25 KB, 897x1301, hon.png)

Where do the kiwis even find these schizos? This is a diagnosis for DMS VI to gripe with for years.

Same person was telling a gay guy he is being transphobic if he rejects a "guy" for having a pussy.

No. 1573412

File: 1656323193113.webm (12.55 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

He did actually call vaginas a barbie pouch

No. 1573413

Honestly, the whole J.K. Rowling hate train these trannies have reminds me of nothing so much as when the Gamergate moids had a seething meltdown over Anita Sarkeesian saying that video games could sometimes be kinda sexist and decided to try and make this inoffensive, entirely non-controversial woman with the most basic, milquetoast libfem opinions out to be public enemy number one. It wasn't even that long ago, but people don't seem to remember just how crazy things were during that period.

They spammed her Twitter with hate and death threats, made hours long, multipart videos trying to attack and discredit her, concocted elaborate conspiracy theories about her being in the pocket of shadowy fringe political figures and trawled through her entire Internet presence with a finetoothed comb, desperately trying to find some sort of smoking gun to use against her. And when they couldn't find it, they'd just make up blatant lies and present them as if they were true things that she really said or did or believed.

I would love to hear a response from some of the leftie Breadtube grifters like Vaush on this, because honestly I think it would short-circuit his already burned out coombrain. They all saw Anita Sarkeesian's harassment for what it was and rightly called it out, then a few years later, turn around and cheer on the exact same thing when it's done to J.K.Rowling and the comparison is literally 1:1. I wouldn't even be surprised, given how many troons talk so flippantly about how "Oopsie poopsie, I used to be a Nazi lol :3" that most of the men seething about J.K. online used to seethe about Anita - they've just suddenly found an acceptable alternative target to shift to.

No. 1573414

got they are so stupid, even i know that reddit troons use hon unironically all the time

No. 1573415

I feel like sometimes gender critical people expect too much from the few women who are brave enough to speak out. The average TRA, from philosophers to published authors and internet personalities, is a complete moron. Why are radfems expected to be ideologically pure geniuses? Even if such radfem existed and was a gorgeous on top of everything (which for some idiotic reason matters, apparently), she wouldn’t be respected any more than Vanessa Vokey or IRL Kikomi. JK Rowling is basically the perfect person to represent the gender critical movement, she’s a legend, but even she is struggling with the harassment and pushback she’s getting. I feel like any woman brave enough to confront TRAs is valuable to our cause.

No. 1573419

libfems are delusional for thinking being nice and pandering to men will save them from getting rape threats.

No. 1573420

A lot of the scrotechan gamergate moids have trooned out since then, so it makes sense. It's the same people, still harassing women but having a woke excuse.

No. 1573421

File: 1656324079106.png (683.16 KB, 885x1717, emilylux1.png)

yeah, this one is a special case

No. 1573423

>the story of somethingawful

No. 1573425

Everything is a slur for them

No. 1573430

>Hiii im a 40 year old man looking for a young woman to creep over. i like a boygroup so im totes a girl. i cant be bothered to look for any info on bts or how the kpop fandom works so im going to ask you to be my google and further fetishize you by calling you a mommy

No. 1573432

>small medium and large depending on your barbie pouch
we live in a society

No. 1573435

I still don't understand how he can have handmaidens… I just… How stupid you have to be to encourage this.

No. 1573439

It is used as slur on 4chan's /lgbt/ board. They have whole categories for it like "twinkhon" or "boomerhon" and so on.

It comes from the cliched language old men on tranny forums would use when talking to each other to appear feminine on anonymous websites.

tl;dr "hon" is used as a slur because some people use it unironically.

No. 1573441

File: 1656326325383.jpg (56.59 KB, 600x966, 1414408769061.jpg)

That's awful comparison.
Anita sarkeesian is indiegame cow, together with zoe quinn and a troon named john walker flynt aka brianna wu.
JK was sent death threats from real account, while sarkeesian received death threats from sockpuppets, probably herself

No. 1573444

File: 1656326472685.jpg (755.47 KB, 2350x2017, 1482450377287.jpg)

Here's the fake deaththreats directed to the troon

No. 1573445

Oh come on, 4chan moids hated her for bringing up sexism in videogames (which they love) - she didn't need to send threats to herself.

No. 1573446

I'm no anita fan but someone literally made a game where you beat her up…

No. 1573447

Why are you posting schizo /pol/ shit from a decade ago? Is it really so hard to imagine that the thousands of terminally online losers seething at her would send her mean messages over the internet?

No. 1573449

File: 1656326966509.png (308.07 KB, 892x1639, emilylux3.png)

Posting another part of that discussion from kf. I legitimately don't know why anybody would quote that post from Rhys. Why are trannies so bad at understanding that sex matters in a sexual activity?

No. 1573451

this fucking retard also claimed that E made him stupid. i hate him so fucking much

No. 1573454

File: 1656327969707.jpeg (282.51 KB, 1787x875, 8BF1B82E-36C5-41EB-AA7C-92ACBB…)

No. 1573455

File: 1656327996006.jpeg (202.56 KB, 960x547, F74FC296-3F7B-4B5D-8435-2DBBF8…)

No. 1573457

… is this about Roe v Wade? How the fuck is that not about "cis people"?

No. 1573458

The most frustrating thing was when Anita Sarkeesian herself joined in with the anti-Rowling virtue signalling shit on Twitter.

It's like, bitch, just think about the situation critically for like one second. Look at the similarities between what you went through and what she's going through.

But no, she's a brain-dead libfem at heart so she went along with the rest of the mob who had the 'correct' opinion.

No. 1573459

File: 1656328727759.png (172.49 KB, 250x315, Revolution_60_Loading_Screen.p…)

It wasn't about feminism.
>Wu developed characters that could be considered "attractive and strong," but didn't feel the need to make them "kid-safe or desexualized."[1] Because of feminist criticism, Wu declared the characters' figures for the sequel to Revolution 60 would be more realistic, saying, "Having learned to draw from anime is not a great basis for running a studio that's held up as a poster child of feminism. To say it bluntly, I screwed up… I think we can do better portraying body types going forward."[14]
This is what the troon said about revolution 60, picrel. All of the women on that game wear skin-tight suit, just like metroid.
This was released on July 12th 2014, just few weeks before gamergate on full swing. But, there was no outrage on this game for being sexist from the gaming journalists, or even Anita and Zoe herself

No. 1573461

File: 1656328940230.jpg (Spoiler Image,868.06 KB, 4096x2731, FU_3Hv8WUAAL7yQ.jpg)

French trannies horror in my TL
Translation : "MTF 5 years of transition. My transition saved my life."

No. 1573462

File: 1656329069461.jpg (280.26 KB, 1080x1920, FVAd7LTWQAAAwM1.jpg)

No. 1573463

Nigga no1curr about Brianna Troon. He's irrelevant. We're talking about Anita.

No. 1573465

You can't really blame her. She knows what it's like to be harassed and stalked by a horde of terminally online misogynists. She probably thought 'nuh uh, not going through that shit again'

No. 1573468

>Nonnies talking about Anita Sarkeesian as example of irrational and disproportionate hatred of women who are too critical of stuff men like
>First schizo post mentions her supposedly fake death threats with no proof
>Then schizo posts pivot to fake death threats aimed at tranny
>Now you're rambling entirely the tranny and what they did nearly a decade ago

I hope you're just a confused autist who thinks people still care about ancient milk.

No. 1573471

Because its silly and non threatening compared to people like


No. 1573472

I can't think of a worse comparison but ok I guess.

No. 1573473

I'm pretty sure they made porn games where you can rape her too. Typical moid behavior.

No. 1573475

Kek the right pic makes him look like he's his own mother

No. 1573476

Forgive me for saying this, but Anita aren't a feminist or a radfem. She's on the woke cult.
For anyone on the cult, it's compulsory to hate/attack cult's target e.g JKR and other terf. Previously, it was sexist gamers, but she never criticized that troon for creating something this sexist.

And that's why fake feminists like her attacked JKR or any other TERF

No. 1573478

Yeah and she also apparently has a normie BF. Lonely uggo trannies seething

No. 1573480

File: 1656331306444.jpg (383.63 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_20220627-075959_Chr…)

Start clearing your cellars, cissies.

No. 1573481

They keep fantasizing about going into their own "concentration camps" not only showing their nazi lover past but also showing how they just want to be the Jewish. Trannies, specially male trannies, are literally not that important outside of the internet, and not every place on the internet gives a fuck about them, I don't get how they aren't getting bullied for being such huge victim complex munchies.

No. 1573482

I posted her discord >>1570404 in the previous thread where children were screaming at her in VC. they aren’t anymore and the server is mostly quiet now.

No. 1573483

File: 1656331950687.jpg (446.68 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20220627-080954_Chr…)

You guys might want to mention your recurring fascist nightmares to your psychiatrist so they can prescribe you an appropriate antipsychotic kek.

No. 1573485

I'll prepare my cellar alright, but it probably won't be for what they think

No. 1573486

File: 1656332403430.jpg (355.69 KB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20220627-081614_Chr…)

Last one. It's even worse than Handmaid's Tale! Because ofc

No. 1573492

Having a tranny hiding in your basement/attic is literally the stuff horror movies are made of. I can just imagine the creepy heavy breathing as Zoey scrabbles towards the peephole he's drilled out to watch the poor deluded handmaidens.

No. 1573496

File: 1656333508533.jpg (329.26 KB, 750x1062, f4jXiM1.jpg)

makes me think of that Junji Ito comic with the creep living in the drain kek

No. 1573498

File: 1656333675021.jpg (216.26 KB, 1078x1442, Screenshot_20220627_152909.jpg)

I don't know if any of you know Lingua Ignota, but I always thought she was a massive TERF (putting Aileen Wuornos interviews in her songs, speaking up about being abused). Surprisingly, she has a fanbase consisting of AGP troons and posted this recently. Why are men even listening to her music, especially misogynistic ones like MTFs. So disappointed, all the musicians I used to like turned out to either be troons or handmaidens.

No. 1573501

The replies read like some kink they're into. I won't be surprised though.

No. 1573504

they fetishize getting sexually harassed and catcalled don’t they? this is just part of their maiden in distress fantasy

No. 1573506


I hate to break this to you nonna, but the entire purpose of Lingua Ignota is to be the band that allows dudes in extreme metal (the most sausagefesty of music genres) to pat themselves on the back for being An Enlightened Feminist Guy Who's Down With The Female Struggle. And does it surprise you that the metal world is swarming with troons?

No. 1573508

No. 1573510

No doubt in my mind they both have a hand on their dick while typing this silly made-up shit

No. 1573514

They like to larp as one of those "deep damaged" girls they had a crush on. Same reason why they like Lain. It's a fetish larp.

No. 1573519

In order to thrive in the metal world, women must be handmaidens. It’s simple as. Name one open terf in metal challenge. The reason men in metal support troons so much is because… they are other males. I’ve never seen a fraction of the same support in the community for actual women. So no, this isn’t surprising at all.

No. 1573522

File: 1656336209172.jpg (178.47 KB, 1080x809, Screenshot_20211211-181030__01…)

being on the chans is one of tge most demoralizing things I've ever had to endure. feels like the dynamic between TiMs and chasers is victim-abuser most of the time. like why veg for dick at that point at all??

No. 1573526

Everything except “terf”, which essentially gets used like one now.

No. 1573528

File: 1656336758821.jpg (244.47 KB, 1080x1601, Tumblr_l_525502824860263.jpg)

it's absolutely hilarious how the most woman phobic gay TRAs never criticize these people. probs bc it's not politically convinient for them. I've seen some root for straights who harass gay men with lgb alliance merch our of pride.

No. 1573531

They love to talk over others. First it was "uhh abortion affects aydens and enbies too, cis scum!" and now we're supposed to also think of male trannies who don't even have a uterus?

Then there's the other dude talking about trans death camps because people won't come to his shitty stand-up.

No. 1573533

Oh please. I can’t even be bothered to care when they bring that up because these are the same people who get off on the idea of “cis” women breeding farms. If they weren’t such societal losers they’d be the same men who want to force women into giving birth. They already try and trap their wives into staying with them bc getting them pregnant. No sympathy here.

No. 1573536

File: 1656337273439.jpg (319.71 KB, 1080x1041, Screenshot_20220627-093635_Chr…)

The jokes write themselves kek.

No. 1573538

File: 1656337771683.jpg (80.14 KB, 1080x453, Screenshot_20220218-150647__01…)

has the almighty "GC movement" stopped our resident MtF from being dumb & sexually assaulting straight men?

No. 1573543

lmao ok colin, keep telling that to yourself

No. 1573545

File: 1656338480840.png (71.77 KB, 600x401, gamp.png)

He's technically right but it's not the win he thinks it is, lol. Only paraphilic straight men, which include his fellow transbians, are into him.

No. 1573550

File: 1656339005746.jpeg (Spoiler Image,97.52 KB, 803x737, 1656334990008.jpeg)

From the FTM thread, This tif is currently on Reddit complaining that her incel mtf boyfriend is a raging misogynist. Had to kek. I’d love to hear what he really thinks about this botched mess, since he is “bi” but “prefers” women. You know he just looks at her as a hole. Sad lives these women choose to carve out for themselves.


No. 1573551


interesting graph. where is it from?

I would have not guessed that AGPs are less attracted to women than het men are, though. I guessuou can safely infer that these males' sexuality is heavily influenced by T porn & paraphilias.

No. 1573560

Yep, most GAMP men discover their attraction thru tranny porn. 88% of 245 in one study. The graph and the figure I just cited is from a series of 3 fairly recent studies Bailey's crew did on GAMP men. I've been tempbanned for medfagging before, kek, so won't post links. Google gynandromorphophilia bailey researchgate to find them. There's three of them. All essential reading.

No. 1573562

why do troons always come out right when their wife is pregnant/just married and only juyst -just- past the precipice where leaving them would be simple? this is a form of domestic abuse and entrapment, it seems like the most common timing

No. 1573563

>i am scared she will leave if she knows im trans

so you wait until you babytrap her to come out? wow really fucking brave. i would late term abortion and GTFO

No. 1573565

File: 1656340197284.jpg (497.28 KB, 500x1033, Tumblr_l_814385732878189.jpg)

tbh I'd rather keep screaming into the void about antinatalism. The cultural milieu is already hella friendly to tranners and they are probably impregnating hopeless handmaidens.

No. 1573567

I wonder if the AGP thing has something to do with the attraction to themselves as women, like the attraction turned inward. Obviously they’re still into women but they seem to heavily focus on various aspects of womanhood and fetishize those, more attracted to how they approach those things than they are with how actual women do. They still call our periods disgusting and gross, for instance, all while trying to induce symptoms and while sticking popsicles up their assholes or whatever.

No. 1573569

But why is this specific trolling case good? If I were a woman in this situation and read that, it would make me feel even guiltier if I didn’t end up doing this because it makes it sound like a positive thing. I understand the point is to try and peak people but this seems like it would make it harder, because oh…well, it worked for these people. I guess I could do it too. Handmaidens just won’t get it.

No. 1573573

I used to waver on whether I wanted kids or not, but the idea of something like this happening combined with the Roe v Wade overturn combined with kids learning about the genderbread man in school and porn before they turn ten have made me certain I don’t want to bring any children into the world.

No. 1573575

Okay, I get you now.

No. 1573591

God they literally are jealous that women are getting attention right now because of the abortion ban huh? They can't stand that things aren't about them right now so they're making up things to be worried about. Actually pathetic

No. 1573598

File: 1656342492103.jpeg (245.46 KB, 1170x1947, 847E4FAA-4661-4EC9-BDC6-10C592…)

Late, but I guess they missed this tweet from JKR back in May.

No. 1573602

imagine thinking that idiots like "tinyweinerbabe" are what women want to share hospitals, locker roooms & other private single spaces with.

No. 1573610

I swear the whole issue of TIMs in women's sports have caused libfems enlarge to start denying human biology and observable physical differences between men and women

>Do human males possess an inherent physical advantage over women?

>Is the feminine sex inherently less capable in terms of biokinetic quantitative aspects, or to paraphrase the essence of inquiry, are women physically the weaker sex?
>A prevalent understanding, definitely is, that, 'The 60-80 percentile of human males are physically more proficient than the lower 60-80 percentile of human females', in indiscriminate terms of the sheer magnitude of brute force. Parameters such as running speed, various types of maximum weight lifting potency, jumping quanta, etc. are the measures used to analyse this.

>But does this Citius, Altius, Fortius! paradigm have an essentially biological, infallible basis to it?

>The scientific perspective here is, the average man is taller, and more voluminous and massive than the average woman. This is the major contributive factor towards the statistical disparity of bodily strength between the average man and woman. The specimen human male and the specimen female exhibiting this trend however don't imply inherence of biology, as total strength, dependent on body size, is an extrinsic property. For a gender-wise characterization, and to inspect a governing distinction if any, we need a pound-for-pound approach to quantify per unit size strength, which would be salient of inherent biology, irrespective of bulk.
>women, possess a higher amount of visceral adipose tissue (inter-organ fat) in order to facilitate childbirth, this attribute being conducive to implantation and gestation. Men, besides possessing a naturally high muscle-to-fat ratio, possess an intrinsic edge in terms of a 40% higher upper and a 30% higher lower body strength, and although this exact number is slightly disputed, the sizeability of the difference is a subject of mutual accord.

>On an average, Women tend to have higher life spans, recovery rates from injury and ailments, and fortified immunity. But in terms of physicality, the mean man is a conspicuous notch higher, with a higher potential for gain and steeper increments. But the natural injurisdiction is definitely overridable to an enormous extent, as numerous females have proved, over time. It also does well to bear in mind that the arguments and data are merely statistical trends.

>Akin to Sandow, Josephine Blatt was also a theatre performer, surmounting astonishing physical feats in showmen events, circuses and various contests and displays. Her performing name, that of the Roman Goddess of crafts and wisdom, Minerva was how she was popularly known. During fin de siècle, this sixteenstone sixfooter gained prominence for her strong-womanship acts at motley touring events and circuses.
>Josephine Blatt, She was reputed for lifting 23 men and a platform, haul totalling at 3, 564 lbs (1617 kg), in a hip-and-harness fashion at the Bijou Theatre, N.J. This disputed claim, gained prominence when featured in the July 1937 issue of Strength & Health magazine, and was thus tabulated in the Guinness Book of World Records, for several years per se.
>Staple Vaudeville exhibits as lifting a 650 kg horse and lifting a cannon with her teeth were routine business for her, more like, daily trifles. In spite of enduring multiple teen childbirths her physique, at least in the qualitative aspects, rivalled Sandow.
>As to why, this further embellishes her feats, is because, physiologically, on a near-invariable basis, men have an implicit advantage over women; The female body has a lower baseline muscle-to-fat ratio and strives to restore/maintain it, under normal levels of diet, activity, and metabolism. To simplify it, women need to exercise more in order to develop the same amount of visible muscle relative to comparable males.

>According to the official coverage by The San Antonio Daily, Minerva had her preeminent opponent Edward Nelson into a half-Nelson (no pun intended) hold and would probably have thrown him out, a few minutes later, had the stipulated matchtime of 25 minutes not passed. Minerva had started her spell of domination and manhandling, minutes into the match. Had any contemporary strongman engaged her in combat, he’d have likely suffered the same fate, experts and even begrudging contemporaries tend to concur.

>women turning into an abomination, upon undergoing “excessive” training and partaking in physical pursuits was a common expression of the subverted inferiority-complex-laden male psyche and its insecurities.
>An unintended manifestation of this mentality, plagued by maladies of orthodoxy, toxic envy and rivalry-denialism came in the form of capturing popular female imagination and imbibing confidence.

>Nonetheless, the subversion to patriarchy is no sanction to rebuke her, given the era, and how her achievements, literally dwarfed patriarchy, forcing it into visible subversion. Her father used to instate a 100 mark-staked open challenge to any man or woman to overcome her in a wrestling bout; By all accounts, the scant few, all contenders, lasted bare seconds and consequently, the recurrent bounty persisted unclaimed.

>She publicly surpassed the famous Eugen Sandow in a strength test – her idol and image-in-emulation. She cleared a 300 kg weight well above her, while her male counterpart faltered to elevate it beyond his chest. Upon this performance, she immediately christened herself “Sandwina”, the female derivative of her idol’s name. This in itself is testimony to the lack of distinction women could earn, by virtue of their gender identity.
>while many could argue that Minerva, by stylising herself as the typical strongman, right down to her choice of donned apparel: a characterstic leopardskin or similar, troglodytic leotard, succumbed to patriarchal stereotypes, rather than resist them; Both Minerva and Sandwina in their superficially contrary ways helped bolster feminist reform.
>Above all, with pioneering determination etched into their sculpted contours and definition, the Superwomen bowed patriarchy into subservience, and rather chagrin-free acceptance. Patriarchy was both appealed to by these women, as well as averted – they were attracted to an esoteric charm and tempt held by these women, whilst being subconsciously discomforted and unable to acknowledge and digest them. Both used their might to carve out distinct niches for themselves, help debunk the rigid notion of gender dimorphism, and wrest free a certain iota of control from the exploitative clutches of the masculine social order.

so the Idea "idea" that men are physically stronger then women is due to our patriarchal conditioning and the proof of this is two circus strongman from the 1900's outperforming other circus performers and setting larger records then male athletes at the time

No. 1573618

I'm a retard is this graph saying homos still get aroused by women? Because all my gay moid friends have made passes and acted weird and scrotey around me and my girlfriends. Sorry for kind of OT

No. 1573622

Samefagging but it's never sat right with me how so many women let fags get away with actual sexual harrasment, i'm convinced a large % of them get genuinely aroused if not just for the fact they know women let them get away with it.

No. 1573624

please not again

No. 1573635

It's true, but the fags/HSTS and faghags get mad whenever anyone says it. The AGP/HSTS typing is kind of lost because it doesn't account for bisexual moids

No. 1573643

I hope she has a backup plan and isn't just bluffing.

No. 1573646

File: 1656346335004.png (215.09 KB, 1740x617, hun.png)

This afternoon in /tttt/ delusions

No. 1573650

You could reverse the genders and it would be the same reason why TiMs transition. Men think they're special and unique huh?

No. 1573651

Bisexual TIMs are AGP, anon. Bisexual TIMs were actually the most AGP in Blanchard's seminal AGP study.

No. 1573652

The venn diagramm of tranny and future incel spree killer is getting dangerously close to becoming a circle

No. 1573660

It's because 9/10 "radfems" on lolcow are zoomer wannabes who think "keep your legs shut and you won't need an abortion" is the height of feminist rhetoric

No. 1573669

yeah there's a lot of edgy larpers

No. 1573670

Isn't it weird how it's only "men" with vaginas that complain about centering gayness on dicks?

I haven't seen many gay TRAs, but they're particularly obnoxious - don't get why they're defending somebody who shits on their boundaries either.

I don't think agp trannies really care about gaydens, but I suppose they have a joint interest in gaslighting normal people into thinking genitalia isn't important for sex.

No. 1573671

Both TiM and TiF are delusional. Life isn't easy, as a woman or man

No. 1573678

Do you have any screenshots of people dunking on him?

No. 1573684

There is truth to this, the innate physical dismorphism in strength is much less significant than what you observe in society.
Women gains are the same in strength training than men. We're just smaller on average and have higher essential fat percentage.
There are also advantages in being a woman, such as better recovery or increased agility.
The thing is that even a small biological difference can be a huge advantage in a elite competition.
Most importantly we should not want men in our sport events anyway because they are irrelevant and we should even make our own sports based on our own biology.

No. 1573708

People dosing her in the comments. You can smell the smegma.

No. 1573709

Sorry for the late reply, but yes, AGP can be thought of as inwardly turned male heterosexuality—rather than being attracted to actual other women, they are attracted to an imagined sexy woman within. (Truly a masterpiece of raw narcissism.) AGPs typically have specific parts of the female experience that they fetishize—for some, it’s the clothes, for others, it’s the social treatment, and for the greatest creeps of the lot, it’s biological functions like a period or pregnancy or breastfeeding. This is why women are now being shamed for talking about our bodily functions—an AGP with a particular fetish for bras can just wear one, but an AGP with a fetish for a period will never, ever even manage to spoof one, and it makes them seethe. This is also why you see AGPs that get crazy boob jobs while still having beards and other easy to hide male features out in the open. Their fetish is focused on the boobs, and they’re ultimately focused on creating something that satisfies their woman fetish, not on actually passing as women to others.

No. 1573714

The obsession these freaks have with this woman is legitimately psychotic. Imagine having to fake tweets that put her in a bad light because there is no real source material. Like this woman is supposedly such an "evil bigot" but they have to fabricate tweets to prove this?
JKR needs to start suing these motherfuckers for defamation left and right. Women are getting fired from their jobs, harassed and sent death threats for the tiniest criticism of troons but they can do whatever the fuck they want? Insane world we live in.

No. 1573715

I am aware of this, men and women have different things that they are good at, however pretending that strength based differences between men and women is just a state of mind is absolutely absurd

No. 1573716

slight ot but since when and why the fuck does 4chan have an option to pick a fucking flag like /int/, but with a million different made up sexualities and genders a-la reddit style? I cannot believe this

No. 1573722

File: 1656351472231.jpeg (138.81 KB, 1024x682, 9CBE6904-CFDD-4EA2-BDF3-F8613E…)

old milk (2017) but a bunch of fascist troons at pride carried bats to threaten lesbians

No. 1573728

File: 1656351687149.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x2268, 9776B9FD-8ADB-470A-966A-2A22D6…)

I feel like 4chan was better when it was just random moids ruining each other’s lives for fun

No. 1573731

No it's not. We synthesize proteins at the same rate as men after training for strength.
Look at studies of women given steroids vs placebo, most of it is psychological and socological.
Estrogens and progesterone helps with muscle growth, we also have much more growth hormone.
Essential fat is enougth to explain difference in strength according to weight.
Please go watch the famous fight of Holly Holmes beating the tranny. He should never have been allowed in the competition but it's still pleasant to witness.

No. 1573733

I guess since incels started trooning out.

No. 1573735

guy in the front is a personal cow of mine, scout tran

No. 1573738

File: 1656352194985.jpeg (Spoiler Image,698.24 KB, 598x1031, 773CD0CD-9191-4FF1-AD51-A34F77…)

Men threatening violence against women, so very original. Reminds me of this one I saw on the other farms earlier. There’s a picture I wish I still had of a TiF at pride (I think Portland or Seattle) who had made a giant sign that said “FUCK TERFS” and had a drawing of a woman getting her head taken off by a chainsaw. I haven’t been able to find it again but I was surprised to see a woman with that violent of a sign against other women. From men I just expect it.

No. 1573746

Trans people will die because their feefees will be hurt and they'll 41. Women will die because an embryo will rupture their fallopian tubes and cause them to bleed to death. Or die of sepsis after an incomplete miscarriage. Or have their organs give out because they're not able to handle a pregnancy. We are not the same.

No. 1573748

Considering that much fewer women are trained, that the training is still not optimized for us the way it is for men and that a nocebo affect is still in place causing even trained women to underperform I'll stand by what I've said.
I'm aware of the damage he caused to other fighters and no man should be allowed to raise it's hand on a woman anyway.
Still, a competitive male lost against females in a fighting competition. It would have been said to be completely impossible just a few years ago.
We do grow muscles at the same rate, that's a proven biological fact now.
We should be bold enougth to keep males out of females space because that's what we want rather that relying on pity and calling ourselves the weaker sex.

No. 1573749

File: 1656353296187.png (Spoiler Image,7.11 MB, 2482x1414, 4A87F1F5-5D5C-49B6-8289-2A0F7D…)

I found the one I was thinking of. It should probably go in the TiF thread but I’m just using it as another example of how violent TRAs in general can be. Like, all this because a woman somewhere was trying to raise a point about how you’re misogynistic and women’s concerns should be taken seriously.

No. 1573751

lol JK talking like some chav

No. 1573752

the sad thing is, trannies really think about women the way they're trying to portray JKR as

No. 1573753

Instead of just shouting MALE PRIVALEDGE, women need to talk openly about the explicit ways males are deferred to and given benefits from the sacrifices of females in almost every society on Earth. Not for male education, because they're too retarded to learn, but to help out other women and girls. Just for example, nobody would say a shithead like Moviebob was handed life on a silver platter, but you can easily see how he has skated through a middle class life being dumb, ugly, talentless, mentally ill, and belligerent in ways no woman could. It's a fucking miracle if any straight woman with mental illness can make it to 25 without being abused by a boyfriend, or a low IQ woman can make it to 25 without becoming a single mom and having all her prospects destroyed.

No. 1573754

Right? They project on fucking everything.

No. 1573757

a peak female athlete barely won against a 35 year old man with little Marital arts experience and barely any skill, like this is ignoring reality for no reason, there are sports where women can outperform men rock climbing, types of acrobatics that require more graceful moves, ultramarathon running

No. 1573771

looks like a corpse

No. 1573778

I don't think moviebob is the best example though, literally everyone hates him and makes fun of him, like he's a massive loser

No. 1573781

We can agree to disagree, time will tell.
The new generation will be different.

No. 1573793

File: 1656355660048.jpeg (39.38 KB, 808x599, 6FECCFB7-84F4-454F-8D0E-AD228D…)


No. 1573795

goddamnit i always knew kristin was a handmaiden. she signed some troon's estrogen bottle or some shit.

No. 1573799

The women that are part of voorzij.nl might be able to help you

No. 1573801

Lol what video is this on?

No. 1573802

It’s like their go-to insult to call anyone that and I’m glad people are showing how little they care. There’s no shame in the word when most people fall under the terf umbrella TRAs have created (which is basically believing in biological sex at all).

No. 1573805

File: 1656356457359.gif (1.62 MB, 480x266, beyonce-crazy-in-love.gif)

>And ?

No. 1573829

*late teenagers to mid-20s female

No. 1573836

when are these clowns going to realize they’re the elite? no one’s coming for them. governments and every major institution are ideologically captured by troon ideology.

No. 1573871

noo i've found lingua ignota only like 3 weeks ago. derailing a bit but can anyone recommend some female musicians that are not handmaidens and don't sexualize themselves?

No. 1573874

It’s fake anon

No. 1573886

File: 1656360793854.jpg (482.33 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20220627-160628.jpg)

But they're an oppwessed MiNoRiTy!!! Inviting a murderer to trans pride really shows where this movement's priorities lie…punishing women's opinions makes transes safe but embracing violent criminals is totally cool.

No. 1573889

Can't believe they are deadnaming her!! this is literal violence!!!!

No. 1573891

JKR is such a role model to me. Imagine how mentally strong she has to be to deal with coddled by society psychos. And she could easily do what every other rich person does and shut herself away from the peasant nonsense.

No. 1573896

How pedophilic do you need to be as a grown men to call yourself a "girl" and talk about "Barbie pouches"? Women have vaginas.

No. 1573899

One of Slothkween’s

No. 1573902

>the peasant nonsense.

exactly. she could have kowtowed to these freaks and moved on with her life after the initial accusations like Stephen King and the rest did but she's giving them the finger and they hate her for it.

No. 1573916

Yeah he's literally saying he wants to wait so he can't prevent her from making a hasty choice, awesome dude

No. 1573932

sage for blogposting but this absolute 10/10 femboy from my city just trooned out and went from being a gorgeous man to a really homely looking “woman” w an astrology name. very sad times :((:()

No. 1573938

Kek the hesitation when he said "woman" and realised he forgot to say "cis". They all know what they really are.

No. 1573950

I could regard this as useless BUT we know males are masters of projection and that they try to emulate us on some level. I wonder if they subconsciously believe that women are going to have to hide in cellars and basements which may be the case in some states with the way the abortion police state is heading. They know deep down that state governments are actually hunting women and they're putting that onto themselves a la male projection tactics.

No. 1573952

File: 1656365410513.jpeg (251.61 KB, 1242x1568, ED43FDC9-0BC3-4F76-A119-515007…)

Lol, I love how the rest of the family actually looks happy and their body language shows that they’re enjoying being around each other and then there is the TiM.

No. 1573955

Good old freudian slip. Also why a woman. Why not a "transmasc" or AFAB? Not all women have periods Dylan. Time to get doxxed and crucified. Oh wait he won't because he's male. Also pours tonnes of water on at once as if that's in any way comparable to a period.

No. 1573974

Kind of late
But does anyone know if an ex-wife of a troon has ever sued?
Because if not the we should because 1. The marriage was to a man which by their own logic was actually to a 'woman' making the contract not only invalid but also the ex should be entitled to damages
2. She waisted her time, money etc. Which she was unaware of
3.if a child was conceived she was an unwilling surrogate at best and a child of rape at best (? )

No. 1573977

NTA but anon just picked him because he's an example that people can look up. Like 90% of moids are just like Moviebob and should be thankful that they don't have the internet presence to be doxed or made fun.

No. 1573979

Post a before and after ew

No. 1573987

File: 1656366893201.jpg (179.28 KB, 1080x1106, 20220627_235034.jpg)

Holy. Shit. I was looking for some info on that Wendy Williams rumour and found this degenerate scrote.

Yes, he unironically thinks trans women are female and also thinks having a penis and being female are not mutually exclusive because some people have DSDs.

No. 1573990

File: 1656367143482.jpg (367.2 KB, 1080x1887, 20220627_235837.jpg)

Here's the link to the original question: https://www.quora.com/Is-Wendy-Williams-a-true-female-or-was-she-born-a-man-and-have-a-sex-change?top_ans=243991545
Note the salt in replies when confronted by sane people.

Also here's the profile of this lovely lady. I can only imagine the 900 weirdos following him.

No. 1573996

What is it about quora that makes people feel so self-important? I feel like so many posters there act like their farts are the greatest smell on the planet.

No. 1574011

File: 1656368091143.jpg (14.63 KB, 480x480, ca9591d56f610997411c547f1e401c…)

Bumping for gore porn

No. 1574029

thanks for sharing, she’s based.

No. 1574042

File: 1656370046671.jpeg (27.04 KB, 1108x200, 4B5E5A32-B371-4D54-97DB-9A489A…)

Actual women calling their vagina a Barbie pouch…

No. 1574045

File: 1656370358914.jpeg (326.65 KB, 1170x1129, 4A7EE223-2E22-44E7-816D-F993A3…)

troids r on the front lines!!! females deserve this!

No. 1574050

I agree with the other nonna, you gotta show us!

No. 1574074

File: 1656372111965.jpeg (349.58 KB, 900x2104, 98A16EF3-A344-4905-95B2-7FF399…)

No. 1574080

No. 1574088

trans women are men and deserve fuck all credit in a fight that doesn't involve them

No. 1574098

I see two people in that image with mental retardation and it isn’t the woman.

No. 1574150

>"TIMs are on the front lines fighting for a cause that doesn't concern them in ANY way"
>"While YOU cis BITCHES voted for the BAD person a couple years back!"
Male projection and stolen-valor habits at their finest. TIMs are trying to make this situation about themselves SO hard with nothing to work with, plus likely having an incel/MRA/conservatard past; women that likely voted blue (as if that means anything anymore) in 2016 are protesting outside right now. Dumb fucking scrote.

No. 1574192

looking more retarded than an actual woman with downs

No. 1574199

It’s really fucking sad. I feel for any depressed 14 year old boy or girl on the internet. They’re going to have lifetime health problems because of a stupid phase they had that lasted one or two years.

No. 1574200

File: 1656380139232.jpeg (1.01 MB, 750x1233, 6117207E-CCFB-400A-BD05-E3F453…)


No. 1574203

“Femboys” don’t exist, tranny. They’re just gnc men.

No. 1574207

NTA and I hate the "femboiii" trend, but does it not just mean [fem]inine [boy]? which is the same as gnc men?

No. 1574209

most adept trans graphic designer

No. 1574215

femboys do exist but usually not for long as most of them troon out eventually

No. 1574217

Feminine men are feminine men. Sorry but David Bowie would never troon out. Fuck off internet brain poisoned tranny

No. 1574227

I agree that they don’t exist for long but that I would say it’s just because male beauty is extremely short lived compared to female beauty. Most have about 5 years until they simple age out into androgynous or regular men

No. 1574230

nonny are u from Chicago im liek 95% sure i know who you’re talking about

No. 1574232

>Feminine men

And feminine men are still men who are genetically predisposed to being degenerate coomers. All the "femboys" of yesteryear were just lucky hard-core internet pornogrpahy wasn't siphoned into the media they watched as a teen next to 10 second youtube clips and cat pictures or they'd most likely be lost in the tranny sauce kek.

Don't go up to bat for any moid it's pathetic and none of them deserve it.

No. 1574237

Different anon here, but I am from Chicago and now I must know who you are thinking of. lmao

No. 1574243

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

No. 1574258

File: 1656384754226.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1440x7781, 823F3A5F-42EC-4066-8C81-6DA517…)

why are agps

No. 1574261

Men have never lived through the fits grandma would throw when you had the tiniest little run in your tights

No. 1574281

File: 1656386367643.png (1.04 MB, 1284x2497, 425D6A86-DBA0-471B-9297-4F6B4A…)

It’s so enraging that this is how they think and act while we are dealing with legitimate bullshit. Sometimes I really do just want to go apeshit.

No. 1574286

File: 1656386904785.jpeg (Spoiler Image,32.99 KB, 582x527, 09C82984-512B-413E-94A7-D95560…)

maybe i’m being silly but this one is so especially creepy, i’d really be terrified to have to interact or deal with a man like this. instantly made me think of all the photos btk killer took of himself to relive his crimes (spoiler incase it makes anyone uncomfortable)

No. 1574309

File: 1656389194726.jpeg (415.5 KB, 750x2484, 35918DE6-9690-4EE3-8A4D-F16275…)

>(internal screaming)

No. 1574316

File: 1656390169034.jpg (391.85 KB, 1622x1152, FVTsGKNWQAELa3R.jpg)

Probably posted before but posting again for a chuckle

No. 1574317

Lil sis was just telling the truth

No. 1574323

You can tell people are expecting way too much of her. Asking her about radfem theory and expecting deep criticism of the trans movement and think they end up just pushing people away, especially zoomers who see how weird troons are and mostly just want to make fun of them. Expecting them to be hard-core radfems is only going to make them want nothing to do with feminism.

No. 1574325

It did account for bisexual men. You just haven't read Blanchard's work but like to pretend you did.

No. 1574327

To babytrap the wife and secure his genetic legacy.

No. 1574328

File: 1656391839556.jpg (128.05 KB, 828x917, tumblr_d7d70396f76657dacb1b453…)

vomit inducing

No. 1574336


No. 1574338

Kek took me a while to understand it

No. 1574340

Fucking repulsive. I’d rather be spayed like a dog and chemically castrated.

No. 1574341

No you fucking don't

No. 1574342

I hate them so much. They should be put down like the disgusting vermin that they are.

No. 1574343

The most quintessential male reaction to seeing women suffering: “hey, I bet this could get me laid”

No. 1574344

Post a link. I wanna see the ratio

No. 1574359

File: 1656396285664.jpeg (488.33 KB, 750x1174, C0C18991-AC91-4CAD-AC50-E66C22…)

let me play you a song on the world’s smallest violin, mr man sir.

No. 1574360

Why are men and their sexual obsession for femininity? Male supremacy but make it sexual.

No. 1574362

File: 1656397191204.jpeg (Spoiler Image,583.99 KB, 750x3159, 8C1B69FD-BAF6-4DEA-96B3-D8976D…)

> My seemingly supportive wife changed her mind and wants to be separated.
Love to see it.

No. 1574363

That would be so great if that happens and she wins!! But realistically thinking, once the info about the trial would get out to public media I'd seriously fear for this woman's life.

Oh to create a truly safe space/shelter for women and become a lawyer to help them against troons…

No. 1574369

File: 1656397626591.jpg (58.92 KB, 1200x675, rtertre.jpg)

Good for her but damn I shouldn't have unspoilered it.

No. 1574371

sorry for not putting a scrotum warning. i was trying to find a selfie, but that’s the only picture he’s posted on reddit (shrug).

No. 1574375

>upset at wife for sending out nudes to her friends and calls her a "hoe bag"
>he himself posting his grotesque nudes to a public forum under the same username
scrote logic.

No. 1574376

File: 1656398370807.jpeg (302.24 KB, 593x1789, 6C0A86F0-9070-4D0F-99A9-4DF1BD…)

troon spazzing over the fact women are being radicalized by this gotta love the inclusion of racism in here. white troons love using POC as a shield because they know nobody likes trans people enough to care.(don't use emojis)

No. 1574381

Don't post emojis nona. You can still delete it.

No. 1574382

libfems can’t be radical feminists, all they do is dick pandering, and that’s not going to change just by slapping a radfem label onto their shitty, patriarchal, and yes, white meninism.

No. 1574383

Literally never clicking on anything spoiled in this thread, read this off the main page and yeah that sounds like the mother fucking god damn epitome of male “logic and rationality”. Projection of insecurity and jealousy, and an entire sense of hatred women will never be able to understand while accepting their own sexuality while dealing with what is non consensually literally constantly projected on them because of men. I am so mother fucking sick of penis centric sexuality and every single human rights issue that all of it has caused

No. 1574384

God I miss her so much.

No. 1574387

File: 1656402357098.jpeg (381.66 KB, 750x2110, 6F4B1DE9-6FBD-45C8-AFD5-2CD0AA…)

this guy should be thankful he’s waking up to the reality that he’ll never be a woman.

No. 1574388

Someone should tell him no one actually passes, others just live in libfem areas where people play the pronoun game.

No. 1574390

his instagram contains not one single surprise
he's such a typical commie tranny. if he weren't so ugly it might be funny tbh

No. 1574393

>You are the true face of the left
lol he sure is

No. 1574395


As dodgy as it is its not something that would break any laws - the legal system at least in English speaking countries is fairly handsoff in these kinds of matters - remember cheating is 100% legal despite the immense harm and destruction it causes.

As for the question of rape the only times you will see courts retroactively find a consensual (eg no questions of drunkenness or threat of violence) act of sex to be rape is when age is an issue or the consent was obtained illegitimately in very specific scenarios such as doctors saying that having sex with them is part of a medical procedure.

No. 1574396

File: 1656403498900.png (640.86 KB, 1662x1508, transgrooming.png)

So the DSM-5 "standard of care" for trans kids was literally written by a pedophile.
And the trans flag was created by a man who wrote stories about marrying a "teen girl who never ages".
And 99% of all TRA/trans people I've ever seen are pro medical transitioning of minors, even when knowing it will permanently sterilize and hurt them.

So where the fuck is the lie about trans people being pedophilic groomers again? The whole movement is built on fetishistic ideas of harming kids. Yet WE are the ones harming trans kids because we're trying to protect them from this shit?

No. 1574402

File: 1656404679032.jpeg (494.78 KB, 1170x1015, 38E8712F-F0CA-4D84-94E8-180F3C…)

Excuse me yes we fucking are

No. 1574403

Same anon here, also wanted to add that the most based chant I heard from the Roe v. wade marches was “No uterus, no opinion”

I mean seriously, can we just apply that to everything

No. 1574410

File: 1656406037618.png (Spoiler Image,242.63 KB, 745x554, Screenshot 81.png)

A TIM TIF couple where the guy is literally thrice the size of the TIF but gets off on being the sub, seriously how the fuck do they not realize how utterly ridiculous they look

No. 1574411

Nigga talks like the insufferable, pompous, knowitall neckbeard he is.

I feel like we've all met this particular flavor of nerdy guy.

No. 1574415

For the ROGD trenders it's a dumb phase they chose, but a lot of the kids are actually groomed into it by malicious trans adults who want it for their own deranged fetishes. They are victims of grooming and we need to call it what it is to hold these adults accountable.

No. 1574417

Agreed, we need more people casually criticizing and making fun of troons. Show people that normal people question these trans lies too.

No. 1574418

Gay men handle trannies so much better than lesbians do.

lesbians: UwU I guess I would date a transgirl? even tho I don't like penis but.. she really is a woman I guess… I don't want to be mean and exclusive…

No. 1574421

It's the lack of violent threats towards them and lack of female socialization.
But I wish all lesbians and all women would just go fuck off mate to troons, collectively.

No. 1574423

Legitimately so fucking offensive. ''Where does the string go?'' You can really tell that americans are not taught anything about sex education except how to mount a condom and just make the rest the fuck up.

No. 1574430

File: 1656410758997.png (335.63 KB, 2066x2950, timcoziesuptomras.png)

TIM cozies up to "leftist" MRAs:

No. 1574434

même les français fait chier

No. 1574435

scrote advocating for scrote rights. Groundbreaking. Definitely so novel that he had to type all that shit to announce that he, in fact, was a male supporting males rights

No. 1574436

I don't hate tims for being men, I hate men for being tims. Misandry is a reaction to misogyny, something this male and all males don't face, as we all know. News at nine everyone

No. 1574439

File: 1656412909068.jpeg (221.28 KB, 960x723, 3BE2B3D6-9524-4C3B-B629-826398…)

No. 1574448

fucking kek, people who are talking about his height also clocked him but actually have empathy (not something that a narcissistic AGP tranny can understand) and are trying to make him feel better about his most masculine features. I'm more and more persuaded that 99,99% of MTFs never stop being clocked, they just stop looking like a regular man dressed up as a girl for a dare or a costume party, so people offer them a pity "she" pronoun out of politeness or fear of social repercussions.

No. 1574458

moids are out there committing 97% of all rapes and then want to cry about misandry when women want nothing to do with them. if they put all that energy into naming and shaming their fellow moids maybe i wouldn't be a misandrist.

No. 1574459

File: 1656417060198.png (2.74 MB, 1125x2436, FEDC171A-C7B0-4E42-9648-A6F61D…)

I tried to find IRL Kikomi's instagram and came across this instead, holy fuck

No. 1574460

what does amber heard have to do with any of this oh my god i hate people like this

No. 1574474

Both sound like degenerate freaks.

No. 1574475

But trannies aren't even infertile… I don't get why they keep comparing themselves to infertile women. Even If he sterilized himself he could have just frozen his sperm and still have bio children. He literally is privileged for not having to be pregnant.

No. 1574477

Interesting how sub suddenly means being the one pleasured when the sub is a male. Instead of being hurt and ordered around to perform degrading shit like a female sub gets. Hmm.
They also look related and have absolutely no lips

No. 1574480

File: 1656421221346.jpg (267.44 KB, 1080x1203, IMG_20220628_135730.jpg)

she made a lucky escape. troons don't seem to understand that actions have consequences.

No. 1574483

File: 1656421370722.gif (514.68 KB, 220x251, i-love-this-song-michael-jacks…)

good for her, now lets hope he joins the 41%

No. 1574485

that pic is vomit-inducing

No. 1574500

Yeah my vagina actually serves a function and works unlike their shriveled dicks or rot pockets. No spiritual imaginings of female orgasms will ever let them know what it’s like.

No. 1574502

I was not ready for that disgusting scrotum.

No. 1574507

Because women are their backdrop, their background, a burden to put up with, and how damn brave they are to take care of us. Drop us like the toy you believe us to be, treat us like one too.

No. 1574511

So do they hate Dworkin or not? I’ve seen them defend her for having her troon friend and say that today she would have sided with them, but then they also seem to hate her, probably because on a lot of things she was right about men. Which is it?

No. 1574514

The first day, I was watching the protest at the capitol and heard so many women actually chanting about women, it was the only thing that raised my spirits that day.

No. 1574523

people have started using amber as a new version of karen. because women are evil succubi who are the biggest threat to marginalized people like heterosexual high earning white males

No. 1574531

You know they are always co-opting language for themselves. Always piggy-backing off of already established civil rights movements and understood words. Accurately saying they're sterile rather than infertile wouldn't elicit sympathy from others or play into their LARP.
Black civil rights - 'trans lives matter', 'trans girl magic', 'trans is beautiful' passing, 'ciswashing', 'walking while trans', 'bathroom bans are just like racial segregation'
Feminism - 'trans rights are human rights', intersectionality, 'the future is trans/nonbinary', biological essentialism, 'trans rights are not a debate', cotton ceiling,
Gay civil rights - 'born this way', conversion therapy, comphet, 'we were always here'
'punch a Nazi' -> 'punch a TERF'
DSD community - claiming intersex is trans, '(C)AMAB/AFAB'

No. 1574556

File: 1656426935909.png (881.85 KB, 1284x1833, 16F4C816-555B-4CFF-ADFA-93EFF2…)

No. 1574558

File: 1656427203113.png (594.56 KB, 1178x1150, A77A5271-14F3-4CBA-9A86-7EE7B4…)

Lol, same guy. Nice reading list you’ve got there, scrote.

No. 1574560

Exactly. He's just a nothing special piece of shit, but he gets at least 40k a year just for existing. He had his interests encouraged since childhood, he was never taught to be a servant, or minimize mistreatment to be a better nanny to his peer group. Even if he wasn't a virgin, he'd still never have been abused by an intimate partner. Men like this
go through life completely oblivious to how half the population around them was raised to be a good maid. They don't even realize how good they have it, they just take it for granted that women are servile and sweet.

No. 1574561

File: 1656427407658.png (1.76 MB, 3044x926, 45E1E9BC-2BEA-4AC2-8369-430EA7…)

Book descriptions. Of course the manga is about a male being reborn as a woman.

No. 1574563

File: 1656427486709.png (125.5 KB, 1168x346, 80EB24A9-89C9-4D45-9E33-1C0A18…)

A hot take from him.

No. 1574568

File: 1656427809469.png (10.41 KB, 557x238, 7DAFBA24-58FC-4E09-9B86-E90A93…)

I don’t want to go swimming in a public pool ever again.

No. 1574569

File: 1656427847626.png (Spoiler Image,379.25 KB, 677x728, 657015DD-6FB6-4143-8ED5-A646BF…)

Imagine having at LEAST two trans flag tattoos. Spoilered for moobs.

No. 1574570

>autism puzzle piece trans flag
fucking kek

No. 1574574

Imagine the chunks of rotting flesh floating to the surface in that pool…
I don’t swim in public pools anymore because of the urine, feces, and whatever else, but adding tranny crotch wound to that? Gross. Also, wouldn’t infection be more likely for him if he went swimming? Yaniv’s “clit” fell off soaking in too many baths.

No. 1574576

File: 1656428421513.webm (417.5 KB, 360x360, vaginavaginavaginavagina.webm)

No. 1574579

I'm glad ugly ass men have normalized posting videos of themselves online, so you can see just who is coming at you instead of a "totally passing" troon behind a Haruhi Suzumiya avatar.
Good. It sounds like the child isn't even hers, so he's a double loser at 33. He had two chances and wasted them both.

No. 1574598

His partner of 6 years who he has a child left him and he's miserable because no one will want to date him again? Men have no feelings

No. 1574608

File: 1656430064010.jpeg (181.4 KB, 1125x1407, 29992C0B-A00D-4352-9203-71BA40…)

The Miss USA contestant for the Miss International Queen 2022 pageant is so pathetic honestly


No. 1574616

In the US you can sue your spouse's affair partner for breaking up your marriage even though adultery is legal, because the broken marriage (ie, monetary cost of divorce) is enough of a loss for the courts to let you.
You can't sue your own spouse in general, though. That would be the main barrier to suing a tranny husband.

No. 1574620

File: 1656430869785.jpg (20.46 KB, 372x434, 1409161776951.jpg)

No. 1574623

File: 1656431047766.png (419.62 KB, 750x1334, 1656179018731.png)

ofc a TiF made that. TiMs don't freaking care, unless they're a headcase who rants online about "wanting to kill themselves rather than hurt women" instead of getting therapy so the handmaidens can be his therapists instead.

No. 1574624

why don't retards know how to use "affected"?

No. 1574633

apart from the cringy uwu babyfied art, the biggest dead giveaway that this was made by an aiden is that no real man has ever agonized over people thinking hes a "bad man". this pic is so far removed from anything any real man has ever thought or felt that it makes me want to a-log uncontrollably. the fact that theres girls think they are even close to being a real male or that any real man would ever accept them at all makes me insane

No. 1574643

Exactly. Active serial killers still find ways to justify the horrible things they do. Most men never worry deep down about whether or not they're bad, but they do worry about women thinking they're bad. It's not the same thing at all. They will grasp at straws to find ways to justify how they're really good guys, really nice guys, everything is just a big misunderstanding and he was totally justified in lying and cheating and hitting because blah blah blah blah victim.

No. 1574653

the moidery of it all

No. 1574661

32 years of marriage and he decides to cut his dick off. Nonnies dating males need to make it clear that this is off limits. My bf is very aware that if he pulls any shit like this I will not divorce him I will end his existence.

No. 1574670

>no real man has ever agonized over people thinking hes a "bad man".
Well, many incel trannies and detrans men believe men are oppressed because women fear them and it makes them feel like predators. So they transition because they don't want to be "evil men". But it's not exactly the same because they have no empathy for women like tifs might have

No. 1574680


Ew, the visual of tranny precum was enough to ruin my sexual appetite for the year

No. 1574700

But couldn't you claim that you where never legally married as you married Tim not Tiffany therefore making the whole thing invalid?

No. 1574710

File: 1656440820092.png (331.87 KB, 1080x847, veronica ivy.png)

i had almost forgotten about this troon. bloated mtf cyclist veronica ivy (formerly known as rachel/rhys mckinnon) is going to appear on the daily show to defend the inclusion of men in women's sports. should be fun!

No. 1574713

Just because you dress up like a woman does that make you a woman?

No. 1574714

That maybe would work if gay marriage was still illegal, wasn’t there a case of a man marrying a woman in Japan then transing and it being invalid? Maybe you could sue an ex husband for deception but it’s unlikely to win

No. 1574732

Right lol? He owned himself.

No. 1574740

If Dworkin was alive she would 100% hate AGP programmer socks and correctly cite it in relation to the porn industry. Dworkin and Solanas sympathizing with HSTS troons in the 60’s and 70’s is an entirely different beast tbh.

No. 1574741

Trevor Noah is genuinely one of the dumbest and most unlikable people on television so attaching your cause to him is a great idea

No. 1574749

kek, where does she post these

it's unironically brave to do this because you can just get canceled for everything you've worked for like a career, friends, etc

No. 1574758

I sleep good and comfortable knowing scum like this is in immense pain and discomfort. May he never get "gendered female"

No. 1574769

>53 year old man calling himself steph asking about inverted dick shitrot on a lesbian subreddit
what a time to be conscious

No. 1574771

Anime book named "reborn to master the blade" The levels of neckbearding are off the charts.
Also any nonas have some explanations for reddit's and general internet transformation from euphoric atheists to gender euphoric troons?

No. 1574786

>women no trust me
>women no fuck me
>must pretend to be nonthreatening
>must suppress women so much they can't escape and must fuck me

No. 1574791

Dunno, but I assume the calculation MUH DICK>EVERYTHING ELSE played a big role. It really is amazing how internet neckbeards went from atheists to religious cultists in half a decade.

No. 1574800

gender ideology is a religion and fills the void in the hearts of many moids who wanted it to be filled by something but were disillusioned with christianity

No. 1574805

how many chicago nonnies are there sup guys

No. 1574807

Which radfem is saying this? Link it now

No. 1574809

File: 1656449777644.jpg (160.33 KB, 1076x891, IMG_20220628_155315.jpg)

No. 1574815

>that's a hell lot more difficult to get us pregnant
Yeah, because men can't get pregnant.

No. 1574821

That last sentence. Even men know men are shitty partners, that's why they're always desperate to tie down a woman.

No. 1574824

File: 1656450607208.jpg (230.9 KB, 1199x838, shh idiot.jpg)

I cant keep up with these mofo's

No. 1574825

They're delusional if they think abortion bans are going to turn men gay for troon butt. Moids have been freely cumming in random strangers since before abortion was legal. Pregnancy is not at all going to deter men from wanting to sleep with women

No. 1574845

Trannies need to realize that no matter what happens, men will never be desperate enough to fuck them. And if they’re are, they’re probably degenerates in the first place and fuck anything anyway.

No. 1574853

that's a lot of words to say "i'm an idiot who doesn't understand women's oppression or see women of my own race as women"

No. 1574854

File: 1656451673405.jpg (73.75 KB, 976x880, _117506740_veronicaivytweet.jp…)

Not this incel faggot. I hope people spam his lardass falling off the bike on Twitter in celebration of this.

No. 1574871

The worst part is that most of the times the bastards remarry the women they baby trapped, so the woman can't just say that she didn't want to marry the moid dressed up as a woman.

No. 1574906

The definition of schizo word salad

No. 1574921

I hate Rhys and god you’re right, these days he’s a fat fuck, but what I hate even more is this shitty ass tweet. They will never convince the whole of society of this rapey way of thinking because people can’t help how they’re sexually programmed or what they’re attracted to. No one should have to “agree” to be raped by someone just to validate another person. They can all go fuck themselves. Also, why would I CARE about trans people “being left out in the cold” when it comes to sex? People are denied for every reason in the book. Being fat, being one race versus another, smoking or drinking habits, hair color, etc. I’m really supposed to sign up for this shit when I don’t want to fuck them? A simple “no” should be enough. They are incels through and through.

No. 1574923

and they wonder why women arent getting into relationships with moids anymore.

No. 1574934

If men want women to stop fearing them, they need to stop their ilk from committing the majority of sex crimes and murders.

No. 1574936

I dont think troons understand that the small minority of terminally online men who are big into trans rights enough to fuck a tranny are actually from the same group of porn addict mega libs that also went down the pipeline. Actual irl normie men would rather die than fuck a troon, because fucking a toon would literally make normie men feel disgusted by them forever thinking they're a closeted gross fag

No. 1574978

>know for a fact

God he needs to shut the fuck up infertile women are shamed all the time and often have the ‘silver lining’ pointed out to them

Not even unable to conceive it’s just so annoying seeing stupid men talking out of their ass as usual

No. 1574987

It's a slippery slope that is already slipping. A friend I know works at a pride organization and she got attitude from a troon co-worker for not wanting to date said co-worker's friend 10 years older than her. Same co-worker also complained about my friend wanting to be with monogamous people. They are coming for any and all preferences.

No. 1574991

File: 1656458373423.jpeg (371.64 KB, 1206x2048, 1DB11749-D4FE-4295-B6D1-237DB8…)

it’s fucking hilarious how pathetic they are kek “womens rights are on the table but idc about that!! majority of men are idiots who can’t take responsibility/want gross casual sex, so will they be desperate enough to fuck me now???? THIS IS GOOD!!!” once again proving they’re not with us at all, they just want a reason for someone to treat them as a girl (in the way they think) and bend them over backwards to fulfill a fetish. they make me sick, but i can’t help but laugh, imagine your life is so miserable and empty that you have to ask questions like this on troon reddit. just end it all at that point

and for pic related: how the hell are they helping by trying to bring all the focus back to them?? handmaidens have been pushing their shit for years now but they won’t be happy until every single woman alive is kissing their feet, but I’m sorry men, it just won’t happen. also, how fucking ugly are these scrotes kek goddamn

No. 1574993

Yeah they really look like they made a difference by making shitty trans signs and getting out of their car for a photo op. They don’t give a shit about women, they just care about their titty skittles and ability to secure a necrotizing axe wound. They’ve made it abundantly clear.

No. 1574999

Did the trannies stop to consider that maybe they're the reason fewer women are voting for Democrats?

Also I'm sick of this "most white women voted for Trump" Narrative. No, most women didn't vote period. Only about half of voting -age people cast a vote for president in 2016, and less than half of those people voted for Trump. So the accurate statement would be that "25% of white women voted for Trump."

No. 1575003

For the millionth time. Sex. Is not. A right. You are not owed sex. A woman refusing to fuck you is not the same as a business refusing a serve a black or gay person.

No. 1575027

That second post reminds me how one enby person I used to follow on Twitter tried to kill himself just because "living as a man was too painful" and because he liked both feminine and masculine things "he wasn't sure of who he was" and so the uncertainty of his gender caused him to attempt suicide. And I'm just sitting here baffled like, you know you can just be a gender non-conforming man??? The way trans idealogy equate masculine = men and feminine = women is actually so regressive and dangerous and it now makes sense why trannies and thembys are always trying to restrict their identity into neat little labels. I used to feel bad for him but now I just think he was retarded.

No. 1575064

File: 1656465634460.jpeg (639.52 KB, 750x1221, 7BE3DA9C-BCC5-4A2E-A37E-EC28EB…)


No. 1575085

If anything they will want it more since all women I know are reeeeeally reflecting hard on if it’s worth it, you know, fucking a man who doesn’t know how to fuck, can’t make you cum, will abuse you in every way because he is incapable, and treat you like you’re not a human being all while he’s carelessly spreading his demon sperm and hpv. Being with a man is the stupidest suicide and they all get off to torturing women anyways. Men run the government and couldn’t care enough to ratify abortion. No meant no.

No. 1575099

File: 1656468154442.png (640.74 KB, 1081x3128, chrome_screenshot_165646804726…)


No. 1575106

The terfy euphoria I got from reading that.

No. 1575113

File: 1656469489689.jpeg (47.43 KB, 543x420, 0F60F8D7-B0B8-4B8D-82A6-15087C…)

uncanny valley ass shit

No. 1575114

sucking dick and making sandwiches are just women thangs teehee

No. 1575115

For something soooo life changing and soooo important they really need to have someone pushing them around to do it. Like yeah, it's amputating your healthy limbs and injecting yourself with shit that doesn't belong in your body, but if this shit was so important he would be able to do it regardless of whether he's chaining someone up to him or not. They're just so fucking selfish it's just impressive, his whole block of text was basically
>oh shit i fucked up and love bombing her to stay didn't work what do.

No. 1575117

I wish I had a sliver of the confidence these deranged moids have. Must be nice

No. 1575118

File: 1656469851130.jpeg (477.06 KB, 750x3478, 95CED10B-F38C-4011-BE7A-C72246…)

>puts on a face mask
>realices he is actuall beautyfull

No. 1575121

yeah I pretty jealous of his fridge body

No. 1575138

File: 1656472099759.gif (140.24 KB, 400x218, b0f7deec-f239-4a5a-ab8e-143b96…)

>trans people are left in the cold

No. 1575140

honestly, those ugly troons have helped me gain confidence over the past months. Just look at them and then look at yourself and you know, you will always be a way more beautiful woman than they ever could be and if they wouldn't try to play a woman, they would still be ugly men. You can never be as ugly as they are, not from the outside and certainly not from the inside.

why is one of his legs way bigger than the other?

No. 1575142

Yep. That type of rhetoric is getting on my nerves because it seems to be catching on. Only men believe they're owed sex. Every time they post about how we're not "allowed" to reject them sexually, they out themselves as the average loser men they are. What the cinnamon toast fuck ever happened to the days of "No means no and you don't need a reason"?

No. 1575146

Is anyone else terrified AGPs now have more rights than women? I honestly am trying to move from America.

No. 1575149

right? can the low beauty standards applied to troons also apply to women? can we be frumpy and look like goblins and still feel hot?

No. 1575171

I mean they always have had more rights than women. They’re males.

No. 1575178

File: 1656476453100.jpeg (674.45 KB, 1284x1229, 7B8354A2-8FA7-43BA-82A5-0343F2…)

Maybe because you are attempting that, just like 90% of AGPs we see? I hope the girls who shrugged you off are living their best lives.

No. 1575179

File: 1656476564876.jpeg (307.68 KB, 1284x727, 17918B85-72C8-449A-B0BB-4FE061…)

No. 1575180

File: 1656476635204.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1284x2058, D17BA930-30C0-452F-94D4-DF993A…)

No. 1575182

sry people, I must go now and transition into a man, I just don't like cocktails and love beer, no way I can drink beer as a woman.
Oh, how I hate those stereotypes they think in.

No. 1575207


Kek at the weight thing. How retarded are moids that they think the female bodies they coom and lust over are just attainable through light Pilates and Zumba and not actual resistance training? I hope this faggots wife takes all of her clothes and leaves him in the dust to suffer alone, pathetic limp dicklet in hand as he daydreams about his womanly butt

No. 1575220

File: 1656479123172.png (2.9 MB, 1170x2532, DA99F7F7-6D93-449C-928C-351B60…)

No. 1575226

Maybe there is a god, and troonery is the divine punishment they get for being such shits about women's appearances.
The very final thing he wants to do away with says the most, "fixing my house". They always fall into what should be true male stereotypes, hedonism, baby behavior, avoiding responsibility, and no aversion to living in squalor.

No. 1575231

>i want to be a woman
>first thing he mentions are breasts
They really do tell on themselves do they.

No. 1575235

File: 1656480314920.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1927, 2F74D5F2-BB5D-4C17-8193-DF8FBF…)

E begging

No. 1575237

File: 1656480415518.jpeg (431.9 KB, 1536x2048, 037DDF23-CE90-4E10-8A72-E7D2B7…)

This is a fetish. Why are all trannies disgusting and unhygienic? I understand have a mess sometimes but why do they pose in front of it instead of clean it up??!

No. 1575239

File: 1656480456575.jpeg (289.63 KB, 1536x2048, 7C533B71-51A1-478A-B891-CF40E0…)

Not the poop stains on the door …

No. 1575240

File: 1656480659320.jpeg (1.86 MB, 3200x2148, 394F1434-93BD-4197-B7AE-48C5A3…)

are moids retarded? This is obviously a woman. I swear this is related to autistic men having facial blindness

No. 1575259

make her stand next to william thomas and we’ll instantly know who’s not a woman.

No. 1575273

File: 1656482618120.jpeg (501.54 KB, 750x1147, C14A7E38-0EE2-4CF6-A713-9584AE…)

rent free

No. 1575275

they're proud of being mentally ill and disabled and it helps them e-beg to pose amidst their NEET nests

No. 1575276

File: 1656482900829.png (142.04 KB, 2046x1370, dysphoricfromwomenjustexisting…)

>OMG yes seeing young girls playing really hurts. I'll never have that and I'm so jealous
>Also the ppl who complain abt having a girl body makes me dysphoric knowing that I could and would give mostly anything to change
His profile led me here.

No. 1575282

Kek They wish they had the valid female terf skeleton
Instead of the brittle tranny male skeleton

No. 1575283

Even when she’s fit as fuck she still looks softer than the scrote. Get a clue moids

No. 1575284

These faggots are so deliberately obtuse. It's the same as those retards who posted close-ups of those butch women at lunch with JKR and then say they could be trans. They're the most shallow people imaginable. The irony of so many of them calling those women ugly when their entire community is a hugbox of people who would be too ugly for a job as a 19th century sideshow.

You'll never be a butch or buff woman. Even the .1% of them that pass outside faceapps, filters and skewed profile pictures will be nothing more than a facsimile, a fake. Even if Will Thomas didn't look like a hulking ogre, calling him a woman would still be a lie because passing is nothing more than deception. Minute similarities mean nothing in the total scope of physiology.

We can always tell, which is why they need to hide behind carefuly curated angles and filters. A woman is a woman no matter how unflattering she is photographed.

No. 1575299

Reading these posts like “omg I’m so sad I never had a female childhood!!” Or like “I see girls playing together and get so jealous!!!” How fucked up was your childhood or just…outlook on life and the 2 sexes in general because who the fuck looks at the BODY of the person they wish they’ve had instead of like, specific circumstances they wish they had. Oh your wedding didn’t work out? Must have been because you weren’t born a woman. Couldn’t go to sleepovers as a kid? Again. Not born a woman- couldn’t be anything else. Feel weird in clothes? Couldn’t be the extra 200 lbs on your skeleton- it’s actually because you don’t have a woman’s skeleton, silly!! I’m getting more and more freaked out the more posts I read where it just sounds like they want to carve the skin of a woman and eat it or wear it. Imagine having maybe 60 years on this earth and living in self induced agony for more than 80% of it all because you couldn’t stop looking at porn.

No. 1575300

File: 1656485412944.jpeg (340.16 KB, 731x1410, 42791F4A-7D1F-415E-B16E-E7D04E…)

But I thought fondling your own moobs was the pinnacle of living as your true self! What could possibly have gone wrong?

No. 1575304

Notice how despite all that suffering due to his appearance dude can't be bothered to even lose weight. 99% of trannies would be healed if they started living like a healthy person instead of reading reddit and overheating their testies ten times per day.

No. 1575306

>I want to drink girly cocktails
Because we all know drinks with sweeter flavor are the determinant factor of womanhood, amirite?

No. 1575310

Imagine ruining your life for a retarded fetish. The Y-chromosome truly is a defect.

No. 1575331

File: 1656488488744.jpeg (478.04 KB, 750x1158, 9D248E5C-926D-4AA8-BC7F-B5A3C8…)

he thinks chopping off his balls is a necessity on par with having a home. men shouldn’t have the right to vote.

No. 1575333

File: 1656488914283.jpeg (817.95 KB, 2377x2377, ERU_-wLXUAAaWh0.jpeg)

>I don't want to pretend to care about weights
Marilyn Monroe could probably bench more than him (in proportion to body/weight)

No. 1575334

File: 1656489162398.png (838.01 KB, 1071x2009, BDEEFA1D-F0CC-4373-8BC5-EB90D4…)

how many lies can you pack into one post?

No. 1575336

File: 1656489385164.jpg (1.82 MB, 1543x1000, liarthomas.jpg)

They're always like "but what about super muscular women! They look like MEN too!!!!!" as if that's not grossly sexist to begin with, and when comparing a muscular man and woman it's still really obvious what sex they are. This shit is why women avoid getting muscular, because these dicks judge their appearance and call them ugly and manly over it.
It's the same shit they do to black women "these features are obviously MALE so black women look like MEN too". No they fucking don't, you're just a sheltered racist sexist incel who aren't used to seeing any woman who's not a white pornified hollywood actress.

No. 1575337

>watching stranger things
>freshly legal adults playing teenagers
>dont know wether i want to be with the girl or be her!!
pedophiles, all of them.

No. 1575340

I haven't used a public pool since pre-pandemic times. I think I'm just continue to never use one again.

No. 1575344

File: 1656490101090.png (44.94 KB, 2046x366, niceguytimegg-familyaccuseshim…)

I recognize the username. His based family told him he was just a transvestite

No. 1575347

File: 1656490209260.png (264.77 KB, 2046x2530, niceguytimegg-compareshisagpto…)

and he compared his AGP to a drug addiction. See underlined part.

No. 1575348

I have still never seen even a single instance of a transwoman defending cis women without the main point being about transwomen. It's always either "this isn't just for trans women but also cis" or "this cis woman issue actually affects transwomen as well" as a shoe-in to make cis people care about trans people, not because they care about cis women. But I've seen countless of cis handmaiden posts defending transwomen.

"so many cis women are oppressed in their womanhood in so many ways they come to resent being being a woman"
You're literally part of the oppressor group dude. But it's interesting that he can recognize that much but still doesn't get that rigid gender roles may be why HE resents his own manhood as well.

No. 1575349

File: 1656490597559.jpg (104.4 KB, 600x683, 83083_78119_4331.jpg)

This. It's all the same misogynistic talk. I used to be scared of doing too much arm exercise because obviously the only muscles a woman can have is in her ass. Then I became obsessed with a swimmer called jung yooin and realized women with superior arms are still cute af.

No. 1575351

I can still not comprehend why these people think "it's bad to force women out of their job for stating that sex is real" is a controversial take in any way. TRAs are the ones who have spent years saying sex and gender are separate things, so it doesn't even go against their believes.

No. 1575356

Absolutely. I have never seen a tim even speak positively about women. Much less defend us. Tims are seen as the enemy of women because they have fought long and hard to be understood as that. The average tim talks about women like we are a nuisance at best and their sworn enemies who have to be brutally subjugated at worst. Even tims who are very benign and personable feel very bitter jealously and resentment against women. The most dangerous of them kill and rape us. There is no way tims will ever be on our side because they entire existence is fueled by resentment and hatred against women

No. 1575357


I don't want to be thin, I want to be HER holy shit

No. 1575358

Mister Metokur did a video about gay men and it was honestly terrifying. I think it's called Captain Pozitivity. You will never go to the grocery store feeling safe to buy produce ever again..

No. 1575362

I’m so sorry to late reply but. Jesus fucking Christ. I read these in an exacerbated would be serial killer voice tbh. Like this dude sounds one step above or below targeting women for his personal problems.

No. 1575368

No. 1575371

There are FtM trannies buttmad at the askgaybros subreddit because the men there wouldnt fuck them however.

No. 1575375

Reminds me of comedian Al Murray, whose whole schtick is pretending to be a pub landlord.

"The most important rule of all is a pint for the fella and a glass of white wine or fruit-based drink for the lady!"

No. 1575399

>>1574670 they don't "feel" like predators though, they literally ARE, by textbook definition, predators.

No. 1575410

We already know what he’s going to pick. His wife should start packing her things up now.

No. 1575412

They defend my right to be fetishized and objectified I guess. Can’t think of anything else. They actively make life harder for every woman who is around them otherwise.

No. 1575413

I mean he isn’t really wrong there. AGP is a progressive thing and the more they entertain it the worse it typically gets. It also destroys their lives, families, and bodies, so I think the drug addiction comparison is pretty apt.

No. 1575414

Start weight lifting with me nona. I decided I wanted to get more muscular and it’s really been a confidence booster to do it. I’ll never look like her because I’m stocky to begin with but at this point I just want to be strong!

Demanding sex, probably the only way their male LARP is even close to the real thing.

No. 1575417

They don’t seem to get that there are also outliers for what it considered “normal”. Yeah, Katie is larger and more powerful than most women. Still female though. Liar Thomas is just the average dude who is cheating and is an entire male. I don’t care if Katie was the most masculine woman on the planet, she’s still in her rightful place and got lucky with genetics.

No. 1575419

NTA but do you have any tips for starting? I want to get strong too.(not the thread for this)

No. 1575429

File: 1656507192781.png (55.29 KB, 924x393, Screenshot 2022-06-29 154918.p…)

Imagine all that salt water, sand and debris collecting in a literal flesh pocket. Can't relate.

No. 1575433

I’m still just in the starting stages and was always more of a cardio person before, so maybe another anon who has done this before and is further along can chime in. My main tip is to start small though, especially if you’ve never done any kind of weight lifting before. It’s easy to hurt yourself if your body isn’t used to it. Right now I just have a range of dumbbells at home that go from 5-25 pounds each (2x each weight so one for each arm) and have been working my way up to build up enough strength to do more and go higher. You can alternatively use your own body weight to start, in either case make sure you use good form and make sure you always stretch before and after. I realize that’s incredibly basic, but so many people haven’t really exercised before and jump too fast into things so they end up getting hurt. There are a lot of guides out there to follow with actual exercises, the main thing is to go slow and not get too overzealous in the beginning. Sorry for OT, thought I could at least offer a little since anon asked. Good to get stronger so you can punch moids with a little more power when they get rapey.(derailing)

No. 1575435

Not that anon, but been lifting for ten years, married to a professional lifter and on my way to being a PT. If you want strength, ignore all the bullshit programs made for women. Look in to Starting Strength or Strong Lifts 5x5, do those 3x a week, and read as much 'male' lifting advice as you can. Perfect your form first and foremost, (watch youtube vids and check yourself on video or the mirror) but once you're in the groove of things you should be able to go up 5-15lbs of your lifts every week. All of your lifts should be until failure, as well, which means your last rep should feel like it's killing you. Up your calorie intake and start watching your macros. 1g of protein for every lb of lean body mass. Completely ignore anything marketed for women. These are traps and almost always cost money. This is kinda scattered but I'm in the middle of lifting rn and just don't have the mental capacity to string thoughts together.(derailing)

No. 1575436

Imagine being jealous of little girls. These days I see them and just feel a bit sad, even if they're lucky and smart they will still go through hell some day all on account of being compliant for penis-centered sexuality.

No. 1575439

I’m the anon they asked and ty, this is helpful to me too.

No. 1575445

File: 1656508890443.png (328.79 KB, 809x911, Screenshots_2022-06-29-21-19-1…)

>uterus operator

This gender cult bullshit needs to stop.

No. 1575446

does he know that by building this ridiculous strawman he confesses to being unable to tell females and males apart? it's like when the trannies show their racism by saying shit like "black women don't pass". it's very obvious that this is a woman

No. 1575447

File: 1656509050559.jpg (145.06 KB, 1280x1024, bubbles-1.jpg)

wow his bubbles cosplay is on point!

No. 1575454

KEK uncanny

No. 1575455

Did OP get called transphobic yet?

No. 1575457

its only transphobic if you say 'women' silly!

No. 1575470

Heh I was on about the implication that you either have a uterus, or you are a man. Admitting trans women are men, inclusivity gone full circle

No. 1575477

File: 1656512171875.png (860.96 KB, 596x1439, 96D78179-A02D-468A-99D9-FFA74D…)

They’re so pedophilic about their intact male penises.

No. 1575478

File: 1656512284785.jpeg (338.29 KB, 1284x762, 9D7EC29D-2629-4989-B82A-C36FE3…)

Yeah sure, no one can tell. That’s why men are making posts like this.

No. 1575487

"connection and intimacy, not just gratification"
Pressing XX to double doubt. One more creep who will hopefully castrate himself before he ruins any woman's life any more than he already has.

No. 1575506

ot but I wonder if her stroke game is as good in bed as it is in the pool.

No. 1575516

"uterus operator" is not even the worst part that such strange, rambling post. You can just choose to not have piv but I guess the possibility that you will get raped is always there so …you need options.

avoiding males/going anywhere sketchy alone is a good start. ://(://)

No. 1575521

Too bad males just can’t be put on lockdown. Life would be infinitely better if I could go outside without ever seeing one.

No. 1575525


These are the cases that make me angriest. This mood is clearly a degenerate but honestly if he's sitting at home alone, not trying to date any women, and dresses up to jerk off in his sad lonely existence, that's pretty harmless. He's seen three therapists and instead of them helping him with social skills, or unpacking whater misogyny leads to his "horrible" history, they mindlessly affirm him as a ~BrAvE TrAnSwOMan~ when he's obviously a man with a fetish. So now he'll transition and leave his house seeking a "lesbian girlfriend" and start harassing women again.

The whole field of psychology is broken right now.

No. 1575526

Imo she isn't even a masculine looking woman facially? Yes her body is muscular and she is much taller than average, but neither of these things are inherently masculine in the first place, most moids are way below 6ft. Absolutely nothing about this woman screams male, these autistic gender freaks are deranged.

No. 1575530

Lmao anon this post made me crack up

No. 1575531

Of course we are finally seeing through it, calling a woman a TERF is the new witch boogeyman. Loses its power when you realize the definition changes only to keep us obedient to the penis havers.

No. 1575532

Pretty much. That’s why I’ve stopped giving a shit. It’s the same thing men have done since forever, just with a new label. Witch, feminazi, terf, whatever. They all mean the same thing. Outspoken woman that men feel threatened by.

No. 1575533

Who gives a fuck

No. 1575535

Great, so not only do we have to worry about normie scrotes catcalling and harrasing women and young girls, we now have to worry about disgusting jealous trannies that could snap any moment around innocent children playing with their friends in the street? Everyday I begin to understand complete sexual separatism more and more…

No. 1575541

EW wtf trannies just keep getting more and more disgusting

No. 1575559

File: 1656519008076.jpeg (190.73 KB, 1284x511, 551A8C6B-A382-4BCF-A3B3-085133…)

This isn’t actually that interesting, but I just have to wonder how many of these moids have ever gone outside. Like, has mommy bought him every single thing his entire life? If all he has is knives and scissors, maybe he can find a different use for them.

No. 1575562

File: 1656519103722.png (2.26 MB, 1284x2572, 40B1FECD-B72B-41FA-9363-5CCA4D…)


No. 1575564

What the hell, how does he not know to get his hands on a razor? What grown man thinks you can shave your legs with a fucking knife?

No. 1575568

Lmao he is an idiot

No. 1575569

He sounds like a hikikomori neet. My safety razor need new blades once in two years or so… I honestly don't understand hasn't he shaved his face in several years??

No. 1575575

>are moids retarded
asked and answered

No. 1575578

an adult human male that doesn't own a razor, okay, how did it shave his face before? Did it kill his beard with fire? This must be a joke.

No. 1575580

Hetanons take warning.
If your boyfriend/husband starts crossdressing or even thinks about it, break up with him ASAP and get a restraining order.

No. 1575581

This wtf

No. 1575587

It's profoundly creepy. Sick fucks are going to escalate to violence and sex abuse even faster now that young scrotes have given themselves porn-induced brain damage even in middle school.
The only part of this story I absolutely believe is that he's going to cheat and destroy the relationship within the next year, and she'll be stuck paying for his baby forever while he lives jobless in a polycule somewhere.

No. 1575590

how can you be so fucking retarded he could just order a razor online how does this moid survive

No. 1575592

I feel this 100%. I’m tall, my shoulders are as broad as my chest is flat, and I’ve always felt ugly and malformed. I never really appreciated how naturally graceful/feminine my body really is until I saw all these ultra-dainty moids and their soft and uwu girly fridge bods. I look like a fucking work of art next to even the “best” of them kek
I was raised religiously and always felt extremely uncomfortable with my anatomy/body…grown ass men seething over the periods that caused me so much distress in my youth makes me laugh harder than anything

No. 1575594

How bad do you need to be to get ratio'd on a tranny subreddit? kek

No. 1575596

OT but I miss him

No. 1575605

ugh I hate the truth in this.

No. 1575612

I think that will be our strength in the future. Starting to love how we naturally look, who we are and supporting other women to find their way to such a loving relationship with themselves.
I'm also tall, have broad shoulders and wide hips, people told me that I should only wear long, wide shirts to cover my hips and I hated my hips for so long. I grew up being ashamed of having my period, having pain so bad that I wasn't even able to move. Basically, I grew up being ashamed I'm a woman and hating other women, because they are women. Now I've reached a point where I'm proud that I never changed myself, that I grew up this strong and I'm starting to love myself and feel a connection to other women that was never there before. Somehow I hope that this is what these troons are teaching us, to be supportive of other women and love ourselves, because we are born as beautiful, smart women and they will never be able to take that away from us.

No. 1575613

That subreddit is full of loonies, but then again all of Reddit is. Also what it it about that website that attracts so many trannies?

No. 1575625

It doesn't attract trannies. The men who started using it years ago never left and just decided to go mask off porn addict and skinwalk women that won't fuck them.

No. 1575627

Ok but how the hell would you shave with scissors

No. 1575632

to be fair, it could just be a kid of 13 or 14. that said, they sell razors in literally every supermarket.

No. 1575634

I hope so, too. Unfortunately, for every woman who reexamines her life, there are probably at least a dozen belligerent zoomers who see gendersalad ideology as an escape hatch from misogyny.

No. 1575644


Dumbass thinks that women in healthcare who are trained to be trans affirming or women being submissive to this regressive movement in general and pretending that men are women means they 100% pass. Hrt takes at least 3 years to atrophy muscle enough to where your avg moid doesn't look like a hulking male.Even then the effects of T can't be undone so most of these weirdos will still look like dudes in dresses.


"I hate to see a bright side to anything like this."

Imagine being so preoccupied with getting laid that you think that women losing bodily autonomy will cause het males to turn bi out of desperation. If moids can't get laid they'll just watch p0rn. This creeps' best bet is other male fetishists/GAMPs.

>Across a sample of heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and trans individuals, 87.5% indicated that they would not consider dating a trans person, with cisgender heterosexual men and women being most likely to exclude trans persons from their potential dating pool. Individuals identifying as bisexual, queer, trans, or non-binary were most likely to indicate a willingness to date a trans person. However, even among those willing to date trans persons, a pattern of masculine privileging and transfeminine exclusion appeared, such that participants were disproportionately willing to date trans men, but not trans women, even if doing so was counter to their self-identified sexual and gender identity (e.g., a lesbian dating a trans/home/spr J S P R man but not a trans woman).

wtf is this,lol. why the heck are they surprised that lesbians don't want to date the bedickes?

I have some p good knowledge of anthropology and ancient history and "trans women" (gay or effeminate men) from thousands of years ago were never high rank anything, even in matriarchal societies. The femininity that was venerated belonged to women, gay men were never respected for being gay. In the patriarchal tropics effeminate men were like a lower class of women, in the sense that they were not protected. Occupying some "two spirit"/3rd gender role oftentimes meant that you were free game for any other male and were often responsible for the drudgery that lower ranked women were tasked with.

No. 1575646

File: 1656525211120.jpg (85.61 KB, 1048x774, Picsart_22-06-29_13-53-27-462.…)

forgot the graphic

No. 1575647

Nonnie, I can’t even tell you how much I relate to being given fashion advice which basically amounts to, “can you just hide yourself in a paper bag? Your fashion goals are to hide yourself in an oversized paper bag.”
What’s absolutely hilarious about it all is that there is not a single woman in existence as ugly and misshapen as these moids. “Cis women have broad shoulders! Cis women have prominent bone structures! Cis women have big noses and prominent jaws! Cis women aren’t always happy with their breasts!” Yes, yes, yes, and yes…now show me a single picture of a woman—the most masculine, gender nonconforming woman you can find—that looks half as ugly as any one of these fetishistic moids. They couldn’t, because she doesn’t exist. They tried when JKR had brunch with all those GNC lesbians—every single one of them was lovelier and more feminine without a trace of effort than even the “lucky” “youngshit” troons. Honter can starve himself all he wants, shoot silicone wherever he pleases, and there isn’t a woman on earth who wouldn’t look even more feminine just for standing next to him, just for the comparison. They ruin their bodies just to crudely imitate the natural, effortless beauty of women.

No. 1575652

File: 1656525434811.jpeg (325.21 KB, 1175x443, 6309F24E-0EFA-41BA-A1EF-36DB44…)

30 year old man with three kids beats 13 year old girl and gets an award for it. Demons. Demons, all of them.

No. 1575658

This would be hilarious if it wasn't real. Grown men beating little girls, especially military men is absolutely out of some late night skit.

No. 1575664

File: 1656526060702.jpg (153.64 KB, 1591x1005, FUr9ZlaWUAAX5hH.jpg)

From a podcast called "Chicks with cocks" (Meufs à Teubs).

No. 1575672

that's literally the peak definition of "taking candy from a baby" if true

No. 1575679

what’s next? are they going to start joining little girls’ pageants and winning?

No. 1575681

File: 1656527017485.jpeg (99.82 KB, 780x986, A5984324-93AE-4636-940C-E7DAAC…)

your father would beat your ass if he found out you were a troon and you know it

No. 1575684

and then they'll take out their abuse related anger issues on feminists

No. 1575691

Even though there are few things more pathetic than this guy, props to whoever wrote and greenlit the title of this article. Illustrates the absurdity without being ""mean"" or political. Hope normies peak more and more.

No. 1575693

this type of "father accepts me as his cute widdle babygirl daughter" meme has always been such a massive pathetic cope. If theres anyone truly transphobic in this world its the middle aged normie conservative boomer fathers of agps. No imagined evil "cis bitch" these freaks dream up in their head all day can reach the absolute disgust and shame fathers feel when their son troons out

No. 1575705

Them pretending to have a caring dad is almost as unrealistic as them pretending to be women.

No. 1575707

trannies and tiaras kek

No. 1575712

Taking a female comic character created in a time where male characters dominated the pool ever more than it does now and having a moid trans fucker dress up as her… I can't believe the current time line desu.

No. 1575713

It's so nasty. Just repeating another central tenet of misogyny
>I need big strong daddy man's big dicked approval to be worth anything

No. 1575715

So I found this vid by Jessie Gender where he reveals the start of trans identity began when watched the Scooby Doo live action film and started looking up "tgtf transformations" on the internet, which made him realize he was trans

No. 1575716

The newspeak is only applied to women because it's meant to dehumanize us. Nobody calls men "ejaculators" or "sperm-producers".

No. 1575719

jessie gender needs his own thread at this point

No. 1575721

Somehow trannyshit always sounds more disgusting in French.

No. 1575729

french men are already kinda iffy, so if you add trooning out on top, it's a deadly combo

No. 1575730

File: 1656529661330.jpeg (530.23 KB, 750x1239, A085EC5F-3B6C-4EBB-B00E-7827AC…)

stop posting stupid misogynistic bullshit, not because it’s stupid or misogynistic, but because you’re making us look bad.

No. 1575732

let me guess, they're all programmers?

No. 1575738

File: 1656530081215.jpeg (87.18 KB, 634x537, ACB1AE08-8CC9-4EBD-B93F-093D55…)

What the actual fuck is this picture they used?

No. 1575740

Its sad how the more benign troons who are scandalized by their peers behavior get bullied and chased out of their community for daring to be sceptical of agp moidery and peddling "respectability politics"

No. 1575762

Right? I think you have to be mentally ill to have this logic in the first place. They're no different than incels and should be treated like them. Funny thing is that that dumb tweet was from 2019 and they still talk like this. Remember how much shit they stirred from that BBC article last fall?

Not to mention his point is dumb as fuck. If this imaginary person said "I like dick" why would "men with vaginas" (FtMs) be answering to that?
Trannies aren't being "left in the cold" for choosing to be degenerates.

No. 1575770

File: 1656532841781.jpg (21.75 KB, 640x350, e09.jpg)

>meufs à teubs
La vie de ma mère je vais gerber sur mon clavier.

No. 1575776

Eww, sont dégueux.

No. 1575787

I just hope that many of us, older than the zoomers, can be a good example and help them find a healthy way to be a woman, fighting for their rights without needing to change their gender.

the bad thing is, my mother taught me stuff like that and she always was complaining about being born a woman, she always said that she would love to be a man and if I were born 15 years later, she would have tried to push me into that mindset, too. So, I never had a role model, always believed being a woman is bad, you have to look nice, don't say anything and life would be better as a man. Guess what, I don't have contact with my mother anymore and I'm so proud of the woman I've become and no one will make me hide in a paper bag or shut me down anymore and I hope that I can be the nice beer aunt (don't like wine, kek) that helps young girls find their way to love themselves, no matter what society says. And all that without actually "grooming" them, just being around, living my life as an independent, proud and self-loving woman.
I'm so angry at those troons always attacking our looks, well, maybe JKR's breasts hang a little bit lower, she still is beautiful. And Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton or Geena Davis, they have strong features, they are still very feminine and beautiful, no one can tell me otherwise and like you said, no troon will ever be as naturally and effortlessly beautiful as a born woman. I'm very glad that I found women here that feel the same as I do and that I'm not alone in the sea of self sabotaging women, that would do anything to please the public eye or a moid.
(blogpost over, just wanted to answer you, I liked your post very much)

No. 1575792

Preach sister! Yeah fuck these troons they will never be a woman no matter how hard they try. Women are awesome and we can create a life if we so desire. They will never have any of that they will always be ugly abominations that will sooner or later join the 41%

No. 1575800

Is there even a troon who has an openly supportive father? All I see is mothers trooning out their children, and everytime I see a troon talk about their dad it's to mention how he's transphobic

No. 1575805

Whenever I see a pic of one with their dad, the father looks like his soul has left his body. There’s so much shame behind their eyes.

No. 1575815

its so gross that families know about their kids kinks

No. 1575816

Sweet and lovely anon, I know you don’t need to hear this from me or anyone, but I’m proud of the woman you’ve become, too. You sound like an absolute bad bitch—finding yourself as a woman without a mom to help you and guide you is ROUGH. I’m glad the world has beautiful, inspiring women like you in it.

No. 1575820

this coming generation of kids are going to be so incredibly fucked up

No. 1575826

Where did you find this?

No. 1575830

so you reposted yet still no spoiler? you can't even tell wtf that is other than a maggot infested wound, anons do not watch it.

No. 1575831

girl you had two tries to spoiler this and you failed both times, just go take a nap

No. 1575832

This is what happens when we let children on social media. We should have learned our lesson with the mass grooming of kids on tumblr circa 2012, but no, we let our twelve-year-olds on TikTok with all the pedophiles and groomers ffs.

No. 1575833

I think both of Scout Schultz's parents were supportive, and look how well that turned out.

No. 1575835

Anon why would you post this and not mention the maggots?????

No. 1575848

I think this broke me.

No. 1575856

probably a male poster

No. 1575857

can someone describe the video? is it an ax wound or a maggot infested wound somewhere else in the body?

No. 1575858

Im cracking up because whoever said that was definitely saying it to mock him but his clueless [autistic?] moid brain thinks it's praise KEK

Thanks for writing this. We always recognize that they're co-opting other minorities' oppressions and weaponizing them but I don't think anyone has written out a list of all the stuff they've said.
> Antisemitism - "genocide" "camps" "nazis"
> Black civil rights - "lynching", "trans kids lives matter", "protect trans kids", (originally "protect black women"), "stop killing trans women" ("stop killing black women" I think), "equality for all/everyone"
> Feminism - "witchhunting", "witchy/witch", like every slogan that women made for gnc or non-feminine women that is now used by 'butch transbians' barf, the claim that conservatives are hunting them and policing their bodies, "trans rights now", "the future is non-binary" or "the future is trans", "i will not be silenced", "my genitals do not define my gender"
There's also that weaponization of murdered black and latino prostitutes in LatAm. I've seen BLM stuff in my city turn into activism for "Black Trans Lives Matter" when I don't think we've had a single murder here of one and black people are actually the majority in my city, kek. There's black women who are murdered every day though.

No. 1575860

more reason to avoid them :)(:))

No. 1575863

ffs, the quality is low, but i'm 99% sure that's a woman from a 3rd world country. why the fuck would you post that, on this fucking thread.

No. 1575864

it is either a vagina or an axe wound

No. 1575865

File: 1656540691180.jpeg (Spoiler Image,398.34 KB, 750x2545, 8F2CB7BB-EA2C-446A-BF11-111347…)

>I pass perfectly fine
WARNING: crusty man butt cheeks.

No. 1575875

File: 1656541235098.jpg (378.68 KB, 1753x2480, PhilosophyTube-153736870618724…)

the tranny choker is the finishing touch to complete this outfit

No. 1575877

okay place your bets now. how many cringy """lesbian""" sex and nude scenes will this thing have

No. 1575878

and only with actual women and the only tranny will be oliver

No. 1575885

File: 1656541774059.jpg (619.91 KB, 1640x2048, realamandarae-1540779077245730…)

nice manly arms

No. 1575887

as if agps would ever allow themselves to be seen with other trannies. pulling a "cis" girlfriend is the ultimate achievement. i just feel bad for the women who are gonna have to get themselves fondled on stage by pt

No. 1575892

File: 1656541990519.png (999.15 KB, 1080x1686, tranimals.png)

this is what happens when autistic men form communities online

No. 1575896

handmaidens stood up for them for decades and eroded the rights of every female person in the process and its still not enough

No. 1575902

File: 1656542741276.png (1.31 MB, 1280x720, naia okami.png)


No. 1575905

why does that look as if a middle aged man pasted a random 20 something's head on his body…Did he forget to shoop the body when he did the face or?

No. 1575911

believe me, you need to hear from other people that they are proud of you from time to time. And I thank you so much for your kind words, wish I had women like you and >>1575792 around me in real life. I'm so happy that there are such amazing, strong women out there.

No. 1575914

File: 1656543708797.jpeg (165.12 KB, 576x1024, 2420B1F1-A29C-4C0F-AB5A-79A536…)

yeah right kek

No. 1575919

This has to be a moid poster.

This is the privates of a natal woman who has been deceased.

No. 1575930

yeah, that is fucking disrespectful towards her body and I kinda wanna ask the mods to remove it

No. 1575931

I think most of the contextless spoilered images of mutilated genitals come from moid posters. Who tf wants to see that shit?

No. 1575935

Sage bc this is irrelevant and I don’t have anywhere to post this but I got into an argument with two friends today because I said that I know I’m a woman because I am female, I don’t understand non binary people, and that intersex people are still either male or female. They said I sound terfy and ‘low key transphobic’ and they wouldn’t let me say my entire beliefs before interrupting me (and I was told the intersex thing was violent kek) and I got so frustrated I just walked home in tears. My friend whose birthday it was told me she agreed with me later on private but she’s not really political so idk how much she agrees with. It’s so frustrating because I know they’re agreeing with the status quo because it’s the woke thing to do and not because they’ve thought critically about it. I also wanted to bring up how I’ve faced homophobia for being a lesbian but of course was interrupted before I could do so. I wish I could just automatically peak them so they could wake up and see how sexist and homophobic these males are.

No. 1575938

Kek even by the writing style you can tell it’s a troon who posted it

No. 1575943

File: 1656546726057.jpeg (398.24 KB, 750x1247, 96AC6B06-7890-4F66-99B9-85DC79…)

I don’t know why people believe this shit oh my god..

No. 1575945

So first he was a crush that the op never really spoke to to now suddenly them having intimate conversations about their sex lives lol.

No. 1575949

respectfully put anon

you know it's a male because every sentence about her has an "I" in it

No. 1575951

samefag, "her"

No. 1575952

on all levels except physical i am a woman, awoooooooooo

No. 1575958

Nonna I’m sorry, well done for sticking up for your beliefs and the truth though, definitely feel proud of yourself for that because it’s not easy. Hopefully it planted little peaked seedlings in their heads at least, right now they’re lost to the madness of it all but maybe they will grow over time and feed from their own experiences, and then hopefully they’ll snap out of it.

No. 1575959

I’ve only posted screenshots of the transgender surgeries sub to show people what surgical front holes really look like, since some naive people are convinced they’re just like vaginas, and I always spoiler them.

No. 1575962

File: 1656549093973.jpeg (27.9 KB, 400x400, D04BB7D7-EBE0-4F4E-9851-769530…)

came across this on the tl. that chin to face ratio.

No. 1575966

birthday girl is based and a real friend, and the handmaidens/wokebros are stupid and not your real friends. at least now you know who’s a real one.

No. 1575969

I’m sorry anon, I’m in the same boat. Five years of friendship with the girl I’ve loved the most in my life down the drain because I told her the focus on ‘TERFs’ instead of actual violent males who hate crime TiMs seemed misogynistic. Hang in there. I hope more people start waking up and peak like you and I and so many others did.

No. 1575977

It's because troons don't see women & girls as humans with thoughts, fears and struggles like theirs. We're fetish objects to them. Their longing to be us has nothing to do with genuine curiosity about our lives or experiences; just garden-variety moid drive to possess the object of desire (i.e. our bodies.)

No. 1575985

She was doxxed and troons are contacting her workplace to get her fired. I haven't checked if she's actually gotten fired.

No. 1575990

Nothing burns me more than BLM (itself an astroturfed movement) making "Black Trans Lives Matter" their main talking point. AS IF hundreds of Black men being killed by police or millions of Black women facing insane levels of domestic & sexual violence is somehow less relevant than 12 troon street walkers getting killed by deranged johns every year. Troons in general are <1% of the population, yet every activist movement, social issue, even our language has to make them the center of attention or it's TwAnSpHoBiC. How do people not see it's a cult?

No. 1575992

I won't be surprised if troons are much more creepier behind the scenes of when they film shit like this. Like women in hollywood have it bad enough but the increasing amount of obligatory troon ""lesbian"" scenes are going to make everyone a crack addict- and I don't blame them.

No. 1575997

>Because she smell amazing
kek, if the story didn't sound fake before. Not as bad as that wattpad fanfic about the asian gay dude marriying the TIF at least.

No. 1576002

She just posted another one and I went to the comments and there are tras/scrotes seething in there already. They must have been checking to see when she uploads, these dudes are more obsessed with her than her actual subscribers and supporters, it’s so creepy, they really have nothing better to do than comment “sayori challenge” over and over, (no surprise they’re tranime fags).

No. 1576007

File: 1656552522881.jpg (140.21 KB, 750x1624, SLXTH666-1541930799900938240-i…)

why's his head so fucking big compared to the rest of his body?

No. 1576010

he's soylent. also man

No. 1576012

Lmao no 17 year old writes like this. Gay tranny rewriting his own history to tell himself that boy he had a crush on really DID like him, more than those stupid cissy girls, he was just too afraid of social suicide! Surely he regrets it now!

The skeptical thoughts are aggressive and many.

No. 1576014

he would be a genius troll, but unfortunately he’s 100% serious.

No. 1576015

File: 1656552957328.jpeg (1001.54 KB, 1280x854, 4743fe79-8712-4a0e-84d3-409de0…)

Wasn't sure where to out this. Nonnies enjoy.

No. 1576019

Black women also face murder by police, only they are raped and murdered for silence (or they let them go because no one will prosecute them) or more often sex trafficked. That doesn’t happen to men, and men don’t do anything about how women are sexually tortured then ostracized, because they are literally jealous of the male attention and cannot process that women are human beings who don’t deserve that kind of suffering, that no one does. Men almost never have to endure that, they capitalize off of the dignity of women and then for some fucked up reason get off on pretending to have comparable struggles instead of using their privilege to eliminate those struggles.

No. 1576020

File: 1656553140420.png (134.94 KB, 650x611, ripx4nutmeg-153713843722819993…)

No. 1576021

File: 1656553168278.jpg (28.5 KB, 372x388, Woke_Misogyny-1540348929232994…)

No. 1576022

File: 1656553262500.jpg (86.76 KB, 750x776, Woke_Misogyny-1541762753144258…)

No. 1576023

Since nobody answered, I went looking. Her twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/SLXTH666

No. 1576024

Can they leave female children and socks out of the same fucking sentences for once I’m so fucking done

No. 1576027

Autocorrected dicks, vomit everywhere.

No. 1576028

No put your fucking penis away, sperm leaker

No. 1576029

Every time I see this man I can't help but feel that he looks like a randomly generated Sims 4 sim with how fucked his proportions are.

No. 1576031

Honestly that’s the perfect description of him, next to Farquaad

No. 1576032

I'm so sick of these fools hiding behind black people in an attempt to justify their gender ideology. Not wanting perverted men in women's spaces is not remotely the same thing as racism. A black woman is a WOMAN. A man in a dress is not. At least it looks like he got ratio'd

No. 1576036

Appreciate you so much and am in OT/dumbass shit
if you want to keep talking

No. 1576038

saged bc it’s not really important but today my gf and i spotted the most stereotypical literally wearing rainbow programmer socks, greasy balding hair, and mid length skirt troon in the wild. i live in a very liberal city but it never gets less shocking seeing a man like that.

No. 1576052

harrowing. i witnessed a troon today at a bookstore wearing a maxi dress that was cut so low his entire hairy chest and nipples were hanging out. i feel you, i also live a really lib city but it's still frightening and gross every time.

No. 1576054

they’re so fucking racist.

No. 1576057

Brave kween uploaded part 2 on being a girl!!!

No. 1576058

Sage for blogpost, but I feel it's somewhat relevant. Sorry if this is the wrong place.

I know it's not much, but I've been wanting to make signs to put in the women's restrooms at my college to hang in the stalls and maybe on the mirrors. If I can make at least one troon uncomfortable then I'll be happy. I'll do it once the semester starts, and I'm still figuring out what to put on the signs, but I'm looking forward to it. Maybe at least one woman will feel less alone if they also see through this troon shit. Maybe I'll continue to do it throughout the semester.

I'm a little worried about someone I know possibly seeing me so I'll probably just hang them in the stalls if only to lessen my chances of being spotted. I know the chances are already slim, but have to be safe since I go to a lib college and all the people in my major are super supportive of troons.

No. 1576060

I wouldn't hang posters because people could hear the tape dispenser and paper fluttering. Best option is to always use sharpie because it's something that you can effortlessly tuck away in a bag.

No. 1576062

It's a retarded logic because first off, not only it's quite difficult to find a woman getting abused by another woman, trying to make it a race thing would reduce the population of abusers that are women even more, making it even more difficult, specially knowing the shit that women of color have to go through, to find woman on woman abuse happening unless a moid has something to do with it, like making a woman abuse another woman for his own pleasure.
Second, men, and as anyone with eyes can see on the tv, internet and more, men pretending to be women are far often the kinds that abuse women, other men and kids, so it's more obvious what happens, more people are more prone to feel extreme disgust or even phobia to dicks because they're used as a weapon to make others submit.
Not only that, a woman that got abused by a woman of color could come to understand that not all women of color are like her abuser, while with men, and men pretending to be women, there's countless of examples of them abusing others, breaking boundaries, doing whatever they want and being protected by society on top of that.
So, removing a man from a group of traumatized people does more good, since they most likely got abused by a man, or a man pretending to be a woman, than removing a woman of color that, not only also got abused, but doesn't have the same physical strength and society's support that a man will always have.

No. 1576063

it's not worth it to do it at your actual college and threaten your education. bars and coffee shops, however…

No. 1576064

You could make stickers and put them on the stalls while wearing gloves, they're small and easy to put, they make less noise and they got simple and clear messages.

No. 1576069

Just more whataboutism by moids trying to deflect from the fact that moids are OVERWHELMINGLY responsible for abusing women and have no place in any spaces catering to female abuse survivors.

No. 1576074

I just write JKR is based in bathrooms when I’ve got a sharpie. Good luck being sneaky anon!

No. 1576094

File: 1656560709078.jpeg (816.64 KB, 1170x1873, 8C04B437-F891-4352-A522-710AD6…)

troon willingly got massive breast implants for coom and now he can’t stop self posting in literally every single subreddit kek

No. 1576096

obviously really poorly photoshopped

No. 1576117

not to blog post or anything but I admitted to my best friend that I’m a TERF now and she admitted she’s becoming one too. felt good

No. 1576120

105 awards lol of course Reddit would go crazy for that retardation

No. 1576121

I made a thread for this exact thing in 2X. I'd suggest doing something like stickers. Quick and easy and no tape required

No. 1576133

I hate this.
I hate that TIMS are able to couch their fetishization of the female body in academic speak. That they try to legitimize their desire to possess and subjucate the female form through circular logic spoken through confident tones, like the men they are. He says he didn't imagine the female form in a "creepy sex way, though I was a puberty-ridden teenage, so there was that part of it" without admitting that that was ALL of it. As if admitting their pornographic impulse to dominate women negates the damage of that impulse to the female sex.
I hate it, and I hate that as a woman in academia I can't counter their arguments without being negated, rejected, and expelled from the conversation on feminism. I hate that I can't operate in feminist academia because of men.
And I hate that I can't participate in pro-choice movements in the US because of the "feminist" need to coddle men. I am beyond frustrated at this point. I am done. Sage for ranting, but I am done.

No. 1576140

File: 1656563906991.jpg (662.56 KB, 810x2128, Screenshot_20220630-000614_Boo…)

Nothing validates him more than knowing pervy men jack off to him.

No. 1576156

File: 1656564767364.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1808, 1A863ED2-B1B4-49DD-BA2C-FBD780…)

sage for blogpost but this literal /pol/tard swedish tranny that I used to go to school with is now an e thot of pornstar and it shocks me because he would call women foids like two years ago and now he’s LARPing as an uwu alt drummer when he looks like an autistic 12 year old

No. 1576177

I want him to pin his bangs to the side. I know he's hiding a fucked up hairline.

No. 1576185

Honestly kinda of a waste, he seems kinda cute

No. 1576186

sorry this brought literal tears to my eyes men are so fucking disgusting. This is typical “my wife is suffering and needs a strong man to uphold our family and father our offspring, so how can I make this about me?” thinking. He needs to fucking die.

No. 1576190


No. 1576216

File: 1656566986896.jpeg (287.39 KB, 750x881, 6F62951D-5BFB-461B-9D39-0C7640…)

if this is a joke, it ain’t funny.

No. 1576221

Ew, get some basic standards

No. 1576223

File: 1656567198953.jpeg (433.23 KB, 734x1217, 8BED8499-173E-4CF3-BB67-BE7E03…)

oh, you don’t like it when people steal your identity and pretend to be something they’re not? what a shame, i wonder what that feels like.

No. 1576234

lmfao, this guy occasionally shows up on my for you page. i remember one time he had a beard and was making this whole fuss about "ohh trans women don't need to shave" or some retarded shit like that. and then he went live again sometime later in the day, beard fully shaved off.

No. 1576241

File: 1656568118195.jpeg (372.41 KB, 750x2064, 7CFBAF8B-9216-46C7-BC5D-409D6E…)

for how long do i need to take horse piss to get nipple orgasms and coom just from touching my moobs?

No. 1576245

I'm sorry I just think he's cute and I feel sadness when I see cute guys trooning out

No. 1576249

They're so pornsick that they genuinely think all women get off to nipple play when in reality it's nearly impossible. And men don't feel their nipples I guess.

No. 1576258

File: 1656569997635.png (6.01 MB, 1170x2532, B2202A02-B238-4934-BC13-345827…)

he looks like an inbred mouth breather. nonnas stop calling moids who look like they reek cute

No. 1576262

It’s always men with a round jaw/chin and baby noses that never grew

No. 1576272

File: 1656570799041.jpeg (632.85 KB, 750x1192, B9BFB48C-786B-4600-963D-E333B9…)

literally shuddered in disgust when this showed up on my feed.

No. 1576276

All these white nerdy trannies always have that distinct face. I can’t explain it but he reminds me of beef where they have a downsy look to them

No. 1576278

I'm not saying I would, but I think he could have been a cute dude

No. 1576290

File: 1656572951889.jpg (44.05 KB, 658x367, 89796685.jpg)

bet he looks something like this without make up and filters

No. 1576292

File: 1656573384140.jpeg (764.56 KB, 1160x2075, 1881B686-0020-4477-AE50-C152E1…)

Saw this moid on Instagram, from a protest in Toronto.

No. 1576293

The terfy uterus sign right behind him kek

No. 1576297

swede-nona pls tell me more, i never see local troons

No. 1576299

File: 1656573841326.png (694.28 KB, 532x911, unsafecusfascists.png)

management is probably rolling their eyes

No. 1576301

“Look, if you’re not even going to let me finish what I’m saying, you’re not going to understand my point. Do you want to misunderstand and yell at me or do you want to shut the fuck up for five minutes so I can actually finish what I’m trying to say?”
^^works like a charm.

No. 1576302

File: 1656574205227.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920, 22-06-30-08-28-23-108_deco.jpg)

This creature tried to match with me

No. 1576304

That's what happened to me, my friend became terfy and after looking into the "surely it can't be THAT bad" things she said I realized she actually was right and we're a terf team now. I could not be more grateful, peak your friends ladies.

No. 1576310

nature is healing

No. 1576312

Since this guy is making it about race, he's saying if a black woman is abused by white women and therefore would prefer an all black group session that's apparently super wrong and bigoted? Or perhaps it's ok to him, as long as the white women there pretend to be black too - the way transwomen pretend to be women. We all know this guy gives zero fucks about any woman of any color getting abused though, unless their real name is Robert and they have a dick under their skirt.

No. 1576316

The worst thing is "12 troon street walkers" isn't even a joke, the numbers really are that extremely low. Less than 400 trans people get murdered in the whole world combined in a year. If we can find 400 trans pedos (and I've seen 100+ so far) there are literally more trans pedos than there are trans people being murdered.

No. 1576318

File: 1656575494079.jpg (1.15 MB, 1500x2117, 1536413978399.jpg)

No. 1576330

the pictures of tims next to their wives are way worse, those poor women.

No. 1576350

File: 1656581353245.jpg (411.61 KB, 1080x1325, Screenshot_20220630-052640_Chr…)

More gaslighting

No. 1576351

Should have been better fathers to your sons, kek.

No. 1576353


Because he is pushing his lower body back to not have a fridge like body and a tight gap, instead of manly thights. Through this his head is pushed to the front and looks masive.

Also, probably to look more childlike with the bigger head (also isn`t that the barbie pouch guy? Then it surely is made to look more childlike and harmless, just like the pedophiles wish to be)

No. 1576354

File: 1656581708523.jpg (596.45 KB, 1080x1788, Screenshot_20220630-053249_Chr…)

And some more.

No. 1576360


True. And most of them seem to get murdered by LGBTQ+ friendly people, who do drugs or are so mentally ill that they are aggressive as hell. The other half gets murdered, because of stricly religious families, who see their family honour disappearing.

Women saying no to them being seen as a woman, does not get them murdered - this is just gaslighting from their side. More women get murdered by transwomen than transwomen by women (even indirectly).

Even if women miraculously accept men into our space, they would still be never accepted by men whether with pronous nor relationships etc.

No. 1576362

File: 1656582134450.jpg (565.55 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20220630-053929_Chr…)

>Transwomen are miles ahead when it comes to feminism. Cis women need to stop and learn.
Last one

No. 1576365


Honestly, why do all these transwomen (especially the ones 100% not passing) have these cartoon girl characters holding the trans flag?

No one can tell me that they are either not mentally retared or pedophiles. No sane adult would draw themselves (and identify themselves with it) as a child, when they are way older than that

No. 1576367

Who would have thought the group getting their boundaries violated would be less tolerant than the group completely unaffected. Also it's somehow women hating each other when we don't even recognize them as women? Make it make sense.

No. 1576371


I see more and more Asians and other POC doing it too and they all are similar too. Physiognomy is a science

No. 1576373


For real. Most transpeople I met (no matter if man or woman) were misogynoists.

The whole trans movement is pushing stereotypical gender roles back in the frontground and is not helping us women at all.

Can anyone mention some gender critical accounts on Twitter etc.? I want to like them because the more we don't let them stay in their echo chambers and push them out of it by making them see most do not agree with this, the more we do not have to listen to this "Transwomen are the biggest supporters of women" bs

No. 1576375


You should have written under that post "We all can tell" to his more than obvious "transgender" caption

No. 1576376


This guy looks exactly like the type your parents would have told you as a child to run away from

No. 1576378

File: 1656583070761.jpg (67.91 KB, 768x1024, DylanMulvaney.jpg)

you're right but he also has just a really twinky body

also learn to sage
>>1576360 >>1576365 >>1576371 >>1576373 >>1576375 >>1576376

No. 1576379

Gay as Christmas. I hope he detransitions before he does any surgeries because he looks like he could have lived happily as a cheerful twink

No. 1576380

File: 1656583296335.jpg (322.97 KB, 1200x1554, We_Can_Do_It!_NARA_535413_-_Re…)

>Can anyone mention some gender critical accounts on Twitter etc.?
These off the top of my head, anon:
And there's one with the picrel icon whose username sadly escapes me.

No. 1576381


Wtf. He literally trapped her with two children and a house, so that she cannot run away anymore. What an asshole. She has anexiety etc. AND he still told her BEFORE birth that he is trans??? I would tell her to run away, because he literally does not care for her feelings and only wanted to build his perfect life by having children & trapping her with a house and told her after that, that she has to deal with that now.

And to anonymous: I am seriously thinking about if I am bi or not, because men are getting more and more disgusting and are starting to get more and more misogynoistic.

If I ever date a man, I think I would make sure that he does not have a very positive opinion about transgender to avoid that from happening

No. 1576382

God I hate him soooooo much. He makes my skin crawl

No. 1576385

>the existence of tims prove gender is a construct
yet it's worthy enough to replace something as important as sex when categorizing people
>being a woman is more than patriarchy wants them to be
yet it's being reduced to boobs and makeup
>women should stop and learn
i also wish for every woman to see your sperges and learn

No. 1576387

He isn't serious about his transition enough to get surgery. He is an actor, covid locked his theater and he simply found his niche on tiktok.

No. 1576393


Sage? Like adding several replies in one comment, rights (sorry I tried to google it, I hope I got it right). I honestly did not think that I would reply to so many comments, sorry. I will do that next time(newfag)

No. 1576396

type sage in the email field so it doesn’t keep bumping the thread. look at the rules instead of googling

No. 1576400

No. 1576401

Stop reddit spacing while you are at it too

No. 1576406

File: 1656585627644.png (56.81 KB, 150x352, LordFarquaad(ShrekCharacter).p…)

Lord Farquaad energy

No. 1576407

he's got one of those giant skulls full of water like onision kek

No. 1576410

“I dont like this thing so its fascist! Fascism is when there’s something I don’t like!”

No. 1576413

bradley manning has confirmed fetal alcohol syndrome. nerd tranny types (incel pipeline) tend to have FAS traits like weak chins, wide-set eyes, long or smooth philtrums, etc.

No. 1576420

I'm sorry but you can't become bi just because men are retarded and disgusting.

No. 1576421

good god can anyone actually define fascism and apply it correctly anymore?

No. 1576433

I wrote "I am thinking about if I am bi or not" not that I am becoming/changing to being bi. I am still finding myself in terms of sexuality, not suddenly changing it, idk why you seem to think that
>>1576400 thank you
>>1576401 Ok

No. 1576437

These are the same men who seethed about 'feminazis'. They're just incel dudes who want every woman who says no to them to be seen on the same level as hitler.

No. 1576443

File: 1656589003853.jpg (60.82 KB, 1082x720, feministesradicalesdefrance.jp…)

Ça fait plaisir de voir des terfettes francophones, je me sens moins seule kek

No. 1576445

File: 1656589478846.jpeg (Spoiler Image,945.82 KB, 1170x1612, 0AF3AE0D-58A6-40D3-BC62-752CEB…)

Kek he’s the most malebrained faggot ever, he would moan in class and shit and we’re still in school and he has a full OF when he lives with his parents. He would regularly stalk girls and has somehow convinced one to date him and he gets triggered when she’s mentioned in his porn. He looks like a really young teenage boy tbf, and since Sweden is literally TIM heaven no one really gives him shit at school. Picrel is body and it’s uncanny how he looks like a prepubescent male

No. 1576449

ayrt thank you for the kind words
yes she is based i called her today and felt so much better bc she said those two friends input woke culture into everything to make people feel bad bc they’re insecure
Im so sorry you’re going through this too. I really hope that the more visible the behaviour of TIMs gets the more people will peak
Saving this for next time thank you nonna

No. 1576451

nona pls spoiler

No. 1576457

Wtf nonna, spoiler this shit

No. 1576459

File: 1656592077559.png (14.72 KB, 572x480, lol.png)

Happy pride month nonnies

No. 1576475

>women really hate other women

More pathetic moid projection

No. 1576491

I wish women hated trannys as much as they constantly claim we do. I WISH women would collectively decide to misgender and be passive aggressive and disrespectful towards troons. They owe their entire rights to handmaidens. Also lmao at them saying they get treated better by men. The average straight would beat their asses if they dared to hit on him or solicit him sexually. Men kill hsts all the time

No. 1576496

he's skinwalking alice glass

No. 1576499

Guess he got ratio'd for good

No. 1576501

Funny how trannies claim women are the ones that hate them the most and their biggest enemy yet moids claim that women are at fault for the whole tranny thing because they're too supportive of them and keep enabling it.
It's always women's fault huh.

No. 1576506

>Men kill hsts all the time
No they don't, don't repeat their bullshit. The only times hsts get killed is when they commit rape by deception

No. 1576524

File: 1656598753428.jpg (398.57 KB, 810x1848, Screenshot_20220630-100532_Boo…)

They somehow believe their leering is less creepy. I'm not like the other straight guys who just want to get in your pants. I just want to wear your skin and clothes and live your life.

No. 1576529

this is so, so much creepier than just checking someone out.

No. 1576533

The killings as a consequence of rape by deception (especially towards prostituted hsts) was literally what I was referring to. Hence why I said straight men would attack a tranny for trying to cozy up to him

No. 1576557

>That outfit looks stunning!
>I want to wear your skin as a suit.

Yeah, clearly they picked the superior option.

No. 1576558

I literally got sexually assaulted at my old workplace by a coworker, but sure, this stupid little sign is literal violence.

No. 1576559

>men are better women than women are!!
Every time lol

No. 1576563

File: 1656601277884.jpeg (808.06 KB, 1284x1843, 12176F56-00CF-4AF3-A88E-F5E02B…)

>men are going to walk in, see a woman in their bathroom, and walk back out to check what restroom they’re in

No. 1576566

He says he’s “very early” in transition so maybe, idk, the woman was uncomfortable because there was a whole ass MAN in the bathroom? Not that it matters if he was further alone. YWNBAW and all that.

No. 1576567

This is a good point! I'll probably go with this method and buy a pack of sharpies. It's not like it'd be the first time I'd vandalized a bathroom stall kek. Plus, it'll be harder to get rid of compared to a poster.

Also another excellent point! I think if I use the sharpie method it will probably be a bit safer. Don't think they can kick me out for scribbling in bathrooms. That would require them to have proof. I'll still keep this in mind, however!

I have no idea how to make stickers so I'll definitely look into where I can buy some. Would be a lot more efficient than writing, and then I'd be able to easily put one in each stall.

Thank you, nona! I'll admit I'm kind of nervous given how quickly things turn to shit for people who are proven twansphobes. I know that there's no way I'm alone in my feelings, though. Plus, the chances of getting caught are slim to none. I hope other women at my school become more bold and do similar stuff.

Oh, great! I'll be sure to check it out, then. Glad to see I'm not the only one wanting to rebel in small ways.

No. 1576571

This is one of their favorite lies to tell. That we're just catty dumb bitches who hate each other over stupid shit like who is more attractive. It's a major cope though because they WISH they could have the unspoken comraderie women automatically feel towards each other

No. 1576577

This. I instantly feel more at ease when I’m around a group of women instead of around men or even a mixed group. It’s funny that many of these TiMs will say that too (for instance “I feel safer in the women’s bathroom”), because of course groups of women are generally safer, but then they go on to not get that they’re invading and making the space unsafe. Although many of them get off on colonizing our spaces since they’re males and men are so monkey-brained those are the only terms they can think in. Most women just won’t say anything to them because they don’t want to be mean. Petty drama is something that exists in every group, male or female, and most people do grow out of it at some point (not all, but most- we are on LC after all but imageboards and internet drama are their own thing). They think it’s indicative of womanhood and it’s almost entertaining how much they believe it, or, it would be if they weren’t so intent on being violent around us.

No. 1576579

they're telling us to shut up and listen since they're so well versed in 'gender studies' but also women are totally jealous of each other and hate each other. choose one, not both.

No. 1576609

stop self-posting, troon. no one cares.

No. 1576614

Oh wow men have to double check the restroom they're in. That's so much worse than women feeling unsafe

No. 1576621

File: 1656604558944.png (341.04 KB, 938x699, 88BD180F-D9B7-4473-B720-67C613…)

Of course he’s making merch.

No. 1576622

File: 1656604638695.png (139.65 KB, 147x365, troon.PNG)

Saw this sim in the background of the new sims trailer thats focusing on teenagers/high school. They had a "She/they" in the trailer and the normal gay relationships/storylines. But I just got AGP vibes.

No. 1576623

Sa- This is supposed to be a "teen" by the way in a high school.

No. 1576624

yet another case of men profiting off women and their livelihoods, how innovative and progressive :) !(:))

No. 1576625

This is laughable, he looks like a fairytale monster about to gobble your bones up

No. 1576626

And it looks straight up like some limited too generic children’s outfit I’d be embarrassed to wear by age 9. Why do they always have to wear and imitate girly children’s clothing it’s fucking sick and no one bats an eye. Every instinct in my body yells danger when I look at this frightening male.

No. 1576627

Ot but what's the new trailer for?

No. 1576628

Stupid handmaidens are gonna Ohhh and Ahhh, SLAY girl!, and “i would die 4 u” this man into a fortune and a career better than any new female influencer. While they are gonna be left holding the scraps. They never learn.

No. 1576635

File: 1656605358820.jpeg (25.51 KB, 480x320, D8E3C835-E792-4B92-AC15-C5835E…)

He got held back a few grades kek
There is something so unsettling about how he is dressing, as a grown ass man. Disgusting.

No. 1576639

Sims 4 High school years expansion pack. personally I can ignore all the troon shit and it looks fun

No. 1576643

Plus you can turn on cheats and go edit the townies

No. 1576645

Bonjour nonette ! Ouais ça fait plaisir de ne pas être seule.
He creeps me out so much.

No. 1576647

any milk on this one? he was on my fyp once and i stopped in and he was getting doxxed

No. 1576648

Godspeed, nonnie—you’re brave to speak your truth in a culture that loves to gaslight honest women.

No. 1576653

Un thread sur les lolcow trans francophones serait le bienvenu, j'ai l'impression qu'on est bien nombreuses.

No. 1576654

I’m joining you, nonnie, and I’m planning to write, “We see you. We lie to you. But you will always be men to us.”
Let them know that we all clock them, every single one of us, every single one of them. Let them know that even their staunchest handmaiden supporters will never quite be able to gaslight themselves into seeing them as real women. The men who pursue them know deep down that they’re chasing a dude. They are so coddled, they have actually managed to delude themselves that a single person on earth will ever see them as women. Let’s help to break that delusion.

No. 1576655

This is exactly why i'm loner, kek. Sorry for your shitty friends though anon.

No. 1576658

> girl
It’s funny because even handmaidens just see him as a super gay moid, no matter how hard they try to lie to themselves. It is reflected in everything about how people interact with him, right down to the word choice. It’s giving “I’ve discovered women are called faggot a lot” vibes.

No. 1576667

I was going to write this too lol. I think most women see him as harmless because he does just give off dramatic gay man vibes and for a lot of them it’s not threatening.

No. 1576678

Controversial take but I think he could be quite funny and endearing if he just accepted he was a fem gay male that likes pink.

No. 1576680

I wonder how many followers he has who are normie RPDR-fans and think he's just a drag queen doing a bit.

No. 1576688

Idk if it’s controversial or not really. Other nonas have said similar things, that if he just worked in entertainment as a gay man it would be more tolerable (although the misogyny is still there). I think the drama is what has propelled him to the front though, so of course his narcissistic ass would go after that.

No. 1576706

File: 1656609504305.png (469.74 KB, 580x658, krillin.PNG)

lol you guys see yassified Krillin?

No. 1576721

File: 1656610125720.jpg (2.95 MB, 3508x2480, Discover_Mindful_Meditation_wi…)

yassified monk

No. 1576731

Nonas I assume he's said he likes dick since everyone is so sure, but he 100% looks and sounds like the wimpy effete straight moids I know IRL. Is he really a faggot? I'm genuinely curious at this point.

No. 1576742

If he were a woman HR would tell him those shoes are inappropriate for work. They're unprofessional and in no way match with his outfit.

No. 1576749

Dylan is a hsts but the reason literally everyone is still confused about this is because his vibe is so rancid and sinister and pedophilic. His look and the way he talks about girlhood is giving pedophilic agp

No. 1576754

And this is why I don't believe hsts and agp are useful categories. I don't see a difference between them other than hsts tend to pass better and don't want to rape lesbians

No. 1576770

This exact take is why I don’t understand why we are seen as being unsupportive of GNC people, or hating them or something.
I see an effeminate, gender nonconforming male like Dylan and think that it’s SO normal and non-problematic for him to be GNC/effeminate that I think we could do literally nothing about it. Not a thing, no medication, I don’t think that gender nonconformity is a condition and I don’t think it requires treatment. Of course some people are gender nonconforming, gender is a bunch of made up nonsense.
And with that in mind, the 50% of the population that rapes needs to stay the fuck out of slaves for the 50% of the population most vulnerable to sexual assault.

No. 1576771

File: 1656612391239.jpg (139.32 KB, 1079x1417, IMG_20220630_130451.jpg)


No. 1576776

I think it’s also confusing because HSTS typically pass better/spare a thought for how challenging it would be for them to pass, and he doesn’t pass at ALL. He talks and dresses like a gay male, but he has the lack of self-awareness, raw perversion, psychotic energy, and pedophilic tendencies of a straight male. My guess is that it’s that Mormon upbringing pushing him from regularish HSTS to full-fledged serial killer.

No. 1576778

Big “please let me eat your face off” vibes from this one

No. 1576788

he is gay. there are interviews with him pre and post tiktok where he admits it. his timeline was basically a gay theater twink > covid and no job > some tiktok comedy with animals in an animal shelter he volunteered at > at the end of 2020 goes non binary > the whole trans thing in 2022 with a huge boost in popularity and fame.

No. 1576797

Looks scrote to me but might be this is a TIF and transphobic family misgendered her when reporting to the police?

No. 1576801

tifs don't look like this nona…

No. 1576809

No, this comes from being way too nice to scrotes and telling them they can be anything they want to be and never grow up.

No. 1576815

>Isobella Disgrace

btw is anyone else weirded out by the black and brown parts of the flag? symbol of the lgb sexualities, symbol of the schizos hung up on gender stereotypes and fetishes and then suddenly skin colour. they can't even claim it represents poc because there is nothing for asians. and aren't brown and black people already included in lgbt? why do they keep on admitting this whole circus is a rich white people movement and why is everyone so oblivious it?

No. 1576842

File: 1656614698650.jpeg (452.16 KB, 828x1028, 173BC479-2D3A-4B24-BBCD-3A4E6B…)

so creepy

No. 1576846

File: 1656614861624.png (278.67 KB, 495x1036, 1656613899749.png)

I doubt it will last long, unfortunately. Picrel is the ban reason.

No. 1576849

Can they stop thinking of girls and women as stereotypes they saw in cheap teenage movies directed by men? A vast majority of girls has never even experienced the stuff he mentioned.

No. 1576851

File: 1656615314115.png (203.3 KB, 290x478, wtf.png)

what the fuck is this thing on his forehead ? a mic ? a mormon remote control antenna ? a hairclip ?

No. 1576854

TIMs: “I’ve literally always been a girl, I was born in the wrong body only!”
Also TIMs: “tfw no sweet sixteen, I can’t believe I’ll never experience girlhood”

I don’t know a single grown adult biological woman who ruminates over whether or not she had stereotypical “girlhood” experiences like going to the mall or a sweet sixteen.

No. 1576863

I never did any of this because I was an ugly friendless loser. I wonder how many of these TIMs would actually trade places with a woman like me given the chance? I'd bet none.
A mic, he isn't a mormon… He's a theater fag and played a role in TBOM musical.

No. 1576866

File: 1656615825076.jpg (115.41 KB, 719x499, 734687337648.jpg)

today a new self id law was passed in germany (starting at 14 years) and the way all these misogynist troon-protectors look exactly the same, very faggy, sickly pale, mostly bald, pseudo-friendly, totally harmless, soyboys…

No. 1576867

File: 1656615873221.jpg (21.48 KB, 640x409, support-women-bitches-twitter-…)

Speak for yourself, I wholehearted believe no one hates women more than other women. Even if it's not out of "jealousy" like moids seem to think, women can be unbelievably cruel to each other in ways a man couldn't even comprehend.

That being said, I do agree with >>1576577 and feel much more safe around women I don't know than I do with men I don't know. As terrible as we can be to one another, there's definitely a sense of camaraderie and safety among women.

No. 1576873

So do they think women and girls in developing countries who didn’t get these things aren’t real women?

No. 1576875

I’m just glad to see one getting suspended for sexual harassment, especially it being this loser. Even if he comes back this was worth it and they need to be held accountable for using these awful and disgusting sexual insults.

No. 1576881

Agreed, that’s why women make up the biggest amount of sex buyers, the most perpetrators of domestic violence, the highest amount of people who throw acid onto other women’s faces and the amount of parents who walk out on their little girls and the most people who yell fucked up things to women on the street and who kidnap and rape them on the street to the point that women are afraid to walk alone at night specifically in fear of another woman walking behind her. Oh wait

No. 1576890

Holy shit. Seeing him in his mormon missionary shit, he looks SO familiar, like I think I knew him irl and may have gone to school with him. What's his actual first name? Is he from Utah?

No. 1576892

I never said that men don't also hate women and do more harm to women, but to act like women aren't horrifically psychologically and mentally abusive to each other is insane. Men wish they could get under a woman's skin and destroy them from the inside the way a woman can.

No. 1576895

He isn't mormon. He performed in The Book of Mormon, a musical. We have been over this is so many threads, ffs.

No. 1576903

what the fuck, are you projecting or traumatised cause a woman bullied you or something in the past? it really sucks you had no female friends or companionship growing up but maybe keep this nonsense to yourself! men murder women! it isn't comparable to someone "getting under your skin" like grow up lol

No. 1576906

>I don't hate trans people, there's plenty of transsexual people out there that I respect like Blare "feminism is cancer" White
Nice video, but she lost me here.

No. 1576907

sorry, hadn't scrolled far enough yet to see this being said to other anons, and I haven't read each and every one of the past 69 threads. Still looks super familiar to me and I've never seen the musical.

No. 1576911

TIFs can’t grow beards like that.

No. 1576913

I also had a BPD mom, anon, but none of this is normal female behavior

No. 1576915

Keffals is coping and seething on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/keffals?lang=sv
he did an appeal and is waiting for twitter to respond

No. 1576919

i used to be understanding when people would say 'we never got to experience girlhood as children!!1!' but the more i read these posts the more im disgusted.
not only do these scrotes think women live in some kind of fictional movie, but that they can't see the value in transitioning unless they look like anime girls or blowup dolls because an ugly woman (like myself kek) should just kill herself right? ugh.

No. 1576927

I know that's not a TIF, but they actually can and are fucking annoying about it.

No. 1576937

Lots of women never got to experience girlhood or childhood at all. A sweet sixteen? What moid fantasy is this? Who the hell is having sweet sixteen parties beyond spoiled brats on TLC? I don’t even think I had a sixteenth birthday cake. Exactly as ridiculous as saying, “I wish I was born a man so that my family would have given me several million dollars as seed money when I turned 18!”

No. 1576944

You're just describing humans. People of either gender can be bad people, that doesn't mean all women are cruel to other women. Weird conclusion to draw tbh

No. 1576947

maybe im reaching but i think this shows their incel 'women have it so much better/easier' mentality without saying it out loud. saying they want to experience these events that only happen in hollywood movies/anime (because why talk to an actual woman?) that further feeds their delusions about what girlhood is like. and obviously putting a pornsick twist to it because why wouldnt they

No. 1576959

now I'm sad, I also didn't have a childhood as a girl. None of the things he describes happend in my childhood, I had shit parents and was bullied the most time by other girls, why does he think he would be part of "the cool girls". I still turned out to be a woman, without any pills or surgeries, that is a thing he will never have.

No. 1576960

>why does he think he would be part of "the cool girls"
So much this. They always assume they'd have been the popular girl in school and not the social outcast that they were as boys.

No. 1576961

File: 1656619387546.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x2365, 08360068-DE1F-4736-8001-3960AB…)

>I can’t have slumber parties.

Meanwhile, his wife of 19 years.

No. 1576969

Kek I was just about to post this. He looks like he's about to cry.

No. 1576970

nonna this is the zip for his fleshsuit of course

No. 1576975

File: 1656619879616.jpg (31.06 KB, 692x189, grml.JPG)

Did it already pass, just thought they presented it and now they have to vote for it.
What I find really alarming is one part of the draft of said law. You wouldn't even be allowed anymore to use their real names and if you do, you can get a fin up to 2,500 €. Don't know if this is still part of the law, guess it is, but I hate everything about it.

No. 1576978

I always thought the version with black and brown was ugly at best and patronizing at worst, but when I found out it was developed by an advertising agency in Philadelphia that confirmed it for me. Libs are literally being spoon fed their ideology by an ad company. You couldn’t make this shit up.

No. 1576982

File: 1656620201441.jpg (19.6 KB, 250x395, horton_hears_a_who.jpg)

No. 1576984

They’re so deluded if that is the case. Most girls are expected to act more grown-up more quickly, especially if they have younger siblings. Meanwhile their moid brothers get to laze around doing shit all day.

No. 1576993

FFS, I'm so fucking sick of this dishonest millennial male psychology babble. Yes, men ARE responsible for the pain caused by their selfish actions, furthermore, if they gave a damn about the women they torture, they wouldn't do hurtful things even once. Their misbehavior is purposeful, it's not a random natural disaster that befalls perfectly healthy relationships. And the poor woman is equally brainwashed into it, she feels guilty because she can't brush away all the pain that his selfish black hole behavior causes.

No. 1577003

File: 1656621609948.jpeg (24.14 KB, 250x363, 3441150-418fb6d8d2cc56d37e0b75…)

No. 1577004

>I’m the blonde

You don’t say

No. 1577006

leave jojo alone

No. 1577009

I couldn’t be happier that I don’t play that game in English, I hate this pronoun bullshit with a passion. I can’t watch Deligracy anymore because she’s been playing with they/thems, and I’ll be devastated if James Turner starts doing the same because I adore his let’s plays.

No. 1577012

too bad he’s a raging misogynist, like all troons are.

No. 1577040

File: 1656624516210.jpeg (326 KB, 828x676, C26A64FD-BB0E-4832-8A6F-D90246…)

No. 1577044

File: 1656624554122.jpg (158.8 KB, 1170x1577, FWdnevEWAAIgaaz.jpg)

Troon think Grimes is copying him

No. 1577045

File: 1656624605312.jpg (228.94 KB, 1170x1688, FWdnevGWQAEwBPD.jpg)

No. 1577047

True trans is bullshit, but a lot of gender critical people believe in that myth. They give a pass to HSTSs because they’re not as repulsive as AGPs and believe in gender dysphoria. AGPs will claim to have dysphoria even if they don’t, and HSTS still hate women, so why does it matter if there are true trans people as opposed to most of the trans community? Men aren’t women, and no mental disorder or surgery can change that.

No. 1577048

File: 1656624754918.png (1.39 MB, 1284x3026, A7C25F2A-83C2-4B43-95D9-913554…)

I’m sure most of this is just larping with one hand but I fucking hate how they act like this is such a surprise women would experience this shit. Like wait. Women have emotions and get uncomfortable when men do this? Fuck this moid and all the ones like him.

No. 1577049

Same nona. It pisses me off how many men choose to believe that women can't be friendless, have no support, or even that women can't have real depression because everyone around us supports us. Idk how this guy lost his virginity and still doesn't know a thing about women, he probably hired a hooker

No. 1577052

An entirely reasonable response to watching what you thought was the man you were going to spend your life with succumb to his fetish. I wish she would leave as fast as possible and never look back before he starts molesting (his own) kids but I can imagine what extreme pain she must be in rn. Ladies this is why you HAVE to monitor your moids internet activity. It all starts with sissy porn

No. 1577054

That hairline ahhahaa

No. 1577066

You think Grimes is copying that too underneath the hat.

No. 1577094

File: 1656628564820.jpeg (401.05 KB, 1234x1457, 099F097B-3491-4C44-BE3F-B11B38…)

>I resent men
- a literal tranny

No. 1577096

I love her. She’s definitely a farmer kek.

No. 1577100

File: 1656629080376.jpeg (553.03 KB, 1536x2048, A05C6379-C73B-4702-9D23-E6BC1B…)

Idk if this was posted but I can smell this picture gag

No. 1577105

>they don’t get it, and they never will
Exactly what I think about them, since they’re men!

No. 1577111

Actual childhood for women:
>expected to grow up quickly to contribute to the household
>more responsibility, less appreciation
>teachers statistically proven to believe in you less and invest in you less, especially once you start to develop secondary sex characteristics
>smallest possible window of childhood innocence because grown men sexually harass you when you’re like ten
>you “become a woman” and start having to deal with serious biological realities when you’re like thirteen
>literal adults feel completely entitled to continually comment on your developing body and personality, valuing and devaluing every element of your selfhood based on what makes peepee go hard
>everything about your appearance is constantly criticized. What, you weren’t born with perfectly flawless eyeliner skills???
>if you’re cursed with moid-attraction, your first sexual experience pretty much guaranteed to be coerced, degrading, and painful
>if you’re not cursed with moid-attraction, decent chance you still end up experiencing sexual assault by some scrote before you hit 18
>finally reach adulthood only to realize you’ll have to work twice as hard for half as much and literally zero respect or appreciation from anyone except for maybe a small group of female friends
>bust ass for decades to climb that ladder just to be turned over for promotion because you “might have kids” or some stupid moid nonsense, can’t say a damn thing about it without being accused of being “an ugly, bitter old hag, angry she’s over the hill”

>uwu I never got to have sleepovers!
>cruising the mall with my girl gang!
>having cute high school relationships!!
>uwu everyone tells me how great I am!!!
>omg you guys people are so much nice when you’re a girl!!!

Honestly, their little fantasy girl childhood sounds a lot closer to a male childhood than a female childhood to me, but what do I know, I’ve just been living with two X chromosomes my whole damn life.

No. 1577118

even if you had never seen his boy face or his man hands or his disgusting amhole you could tell he’s a man just by these tweets alone. i don’t know a single woman who would ever send a tweet like that, let alone several (daily). the complete trash bag ladies on twitter don’t even talk like that. just proves they can change their bodies as much as they want but they won’t ever escape being male

No. 1577120

I’m so sure, too, that they hear about shit like this and think, “oh, you didn’t enjoy your shitty “girlhood”?? You’re obviously a TIF!” Like all of these things aren’t obviously and directly connected to female biology. I love myself and my body. I hate that we live in a sexist society that sees female pubertal development as an opening to sexually harass and demean children. I hate that stupid moids think that popping horse piss pills has anything at all to do with the experience of undergoing female puberty in this day and age.

No. 1577127

They always treat it as an individual issue that affects people on a case-by-case basis rather than seeing that the problem is how society treats women as a whole.

No. 1577128

File: 1656632116685.png (217.26 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20220630-193200_(1)…)

2nd tweet is probably a joke but I'm sure they unironically believe this

No. 1577129

Yeah I’m gonna need to see the sources for that 54 cents to a woman’s 80. They should realize that half-heartedly ebegging isn’t a real job.

No. 1577130

they really get off to being oppressed while denying our lived experience dont they. having their cake and fucking eating it too, going by the pfp kek

No. 1577134

File: 1656632639232.jpg (580.76 KB, 1051x1438, Tshdvejskwkyw.jpg)

I popped into r/makeupaddiction on a whim and it's absolutely overrun with troons seeking validation. This specimen has over 2700 upvotes and hundreds of handmaidens and other men clamoring to tell him how brave and stunning he is. It's hilarious to me how the most basic low-effort makeup gets heaps of praise when a moid does it, no wonder their egos are so big.

No. 1577137

The lines on his forehead are giving me 40 but I bet he’s like 29 lol

No. 1577138

File: 1656632749115.jpg (554.6 KB, 1079x1939, Thaavavq.jpg)

Samefag, euphoria tho

No. 1577141

Yup, and if you break down the minuscule number of troon murders, most of them get killed for the same reasons everyone else gets killed - domestic disputes, random shootings, high-risk activities like drug dealing or sex work etc. It’s rarely due to being trans. The proportion of actual hate crimes against them is lower than those against other minorities in many countries. And even the few “hate crimes” are usually gay panic murders by men who slept with the troons without knowing their status. All a troon has to do not to be killed is to stop having sex with moids who don’t know they’re trans, whereas millions women & girls worldwide are targeted for violence just for existing. The entire premise of “protect trans lives, stop killing us”, which has been used to hijack both women’s rights and racial justice movements in recent years, falls apart with even a cursory glance at the statistics.

No. 1577142

I live on the red line and there is a troon in my neighborhood. He is so ugly and looks like man wearing skirts. I was shocked the first time I saw him.

No. 1577150

File: 1656633693251.jpeg (265.2 KB, 1283x1695, 310ED525-DC57-4471-85A6-84DB88…)

Trans women:
>mostly work as hookers

Trans women:
>”We make less than cis women!”

If it’s even true…I mean, yeah. You’re literally worthless. Disfigured moids with piss-leaking cocks or rotpockets. That said, I doubt it’s true—AGPs are just way too good at hanging onto their male privilege, pic rel.

No. 1577152

There are plenty of jobs that cater to troon delusions. Literally any tech store will hire a tranny.
Besides, I don't blame workplaces for denying applications from a tranny. First of all they are ugly to look at, and also a liability. Troons will fight anyone that even accidentally misgenders them. And we've all seen those photos of that one AGP tranny who took photos with his penis out, in the employee bathroom, with a work uniform on.

No. 1577154

File: 1656634628199.png (134.53 KB, 534x539, EF6BB713-E402-4FD1-A054-1B129D…)

already ban evading

No. 1577171

There are tons of troons in big tech too, the field caters to high functioning male autists, plus they don't have to interact with the public and now companies can increasingly say they hired a rare "female" worker.

No. 1577173

any woman in comp sci will tell you tech bros love troons. When women started demanding things like equal treatment etc, tech bros realized they could just promote their fellow bro in a skirt and point to it as "women in tech".
It's like how so many women were harassed out of the speedrunning scene (notorious for autists) and now it's just a bunch of dudes in skirts congratulating each other of being the "first woman x" kek

No. 1577174

I feel horrible for those women for the opportunities they’ve lost, but I get a sick sense of pride at knowing those men will never be women. We all know who the real firsts are in their fields.

No. 1577176

File: 1656636436312.jpeg (488.59 KB, 1170x1489, C80BE2AE-ED5F-4F75-88B0-E2E69F…)

jonathan frakes voice it never happened

No. 1577188

I’m just saying, on the off chance that 54¢ business is anything but lies, you know that figure is low due to all the HSTS streetwalkers making pennies shilling their blown-out, AIDS-filled rectums. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1577190

Why, are you trying to crowdfund for some money to do something about that icepick chin of yours?

No. 1577196

A combination of that and the usual unemployed moids living in mommy's basement no doubt kek

No. 1577200

If TIMs got a magic pill that would transform them into the female version of their 12 year old selves, they'd kill themselves in a week.

No. 1577214

>he used to call women foids
so, your average tranny

No. 1577217

surely this is a picture of the main suspect

No. 1577230

Maybe it’s both kek

No. 1577236

File: 1656641127938.jpg (329.29 KB, 1080x1032, Screenshot_20220630-215951_Boo…)

>At least women no longer see me as a threat.
I've seen so many of them say this.

No. 1577241

i didn't know child p0rn had categories… i kinda want to know why but i'm also afraid to find out

No. 1577249

>At least women no longer see me as a threat.
I am more terrified of trannies than real mean. Have to fucking walk on eggshells to make sure we don't 'disrespect' them by staring funny or saying the wrong thing. Otherwise we get called transphobic. I work in the service industry and I freeze up everything I have to help a tranny and I have to correct everything I say before I open my mouth and just smile, otherwise I'm afraid they will follow me to my car when I leave my shift at night. Trannies are SO MUCH more terrifying then men and fuck that asshole for thinking he is not threatening.

No. 1577250

>she’s never met a bpd male
Oh anon

No. 1577251

File: 1656642105249.jpg (9.49 KB, 275x178, 1640893472421.jpg)

kill them all

No. 1577252

Moids literally will strangle and dismember trannies and trannies will still think women are awful because they misgendered them once lol

No. 1577258

For the love of god, women need to leave their troon husbands! This shit makes me so angry, I wish people would wake up

No. 1577265

This. Most men already have a narcissistic streak to them, but TiMs embody that to the max. They’re huge sex pests and want to control every aspect of our existences. It’s like the worst of most men but pumped up to the extreme. When I work with one I will be cordial if I have to communicate with them and that’s it. I don’t trust them at all, especially after we’ve seen nonnies here talk about their experiences being skinwalked by these men. They’re also more likely to be abusive sexually and pedophiles. They’re the worst of the worst.

No. 1577271

>I freeze up everything I have to help a tranny and I have to correct everything

Lul I’ve done this too when I had met an older tranny man. His bad implants, old man face and voice made it obvious. I almost called him sir.

No. 1577275

File: 1656643714223.jpg (441.27 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20220630-222726_Chr…)

Misogyny is a privilege didn't you know

No. 1577280

Because they’re all unemployed leeches crying for rent on gofundme

No. 1577282

Maybe no one wants to hire you because you're absolutely fucking retarded? Ever think about that? They take one look at you dressed like giant toddler with stripper heels on and they can tell you're a complete idiot.

No. 1577283

File: 1656644087666.jpg (Spoiler Image,494.1 KB, 720x1178, 20220630_225415.jpg)

I am at a loss for words honestly

No. 1577284

This. I wish they would get this through their thick fucking skulls, but they're all either too autistic to understand the social cues of "I'm afraid of you, please leave me alone" or they know and are doing it on purpose because they want to scare women.

No. 1577289

File: 1656644202056.jpg (Spoiler Image,449.25 KB, 720x1211, Screenshot_20220630-225534_Her…)

Take your meds grandpa

No. 1577293

Well, at least he's 1000 miles away from you.

No. 1577301

They think a woman being kind to them means they’re just one of the girls when the same woman will go laugh about him to her friends later.

No. 1577322

Some women get the same treatment too

No. 1577326

I’m aware of that. I’m saying they don’t know because they’re males and don’t get it.

No. 1577337

File: 1656646413427.png (88.49 KB, 2066x748, dysphoriafromseeingcrossdresse…)

It's like holding up a mirror kek.

No. 1577340

File: 1656646586810.jpeg (229.41 KB, 1242x1601, 0CEE74E2-B70B-4661-8645-9A6A6C…)

It just made me laugh.

No. 1577348

>It's not really their fault
>They just don't get it
They're never angry at men for anything, jfc. They have so much rage to hurl at women for every little goddamn thing, though.

No. 1577351

Hood?? like ghetto?? how is Pink hood?? last I recalled it was just Justice for older kids.

No. 1577354

Did anyone watch this? I just did and woo boy. This psycho pretty much said he was a biological woman, because he's made of biological and a woman. The grounds for competing with women is that he is a woman. Trevor Noah did his typical, "almost playing Devil's advocate" and with him being gentle as possible, still would probably be considered TERF Lite to trannies. He was tense the entire time and very careful. He's absolutely a TERF. He's a non-American born black man who had too many meaningful relationships with black women like his grandmother. I recommend anons watch it. I know some anon said Trevor Noah is terrible, but I kind of like him. I don't think he's very funny, but I often like his commentary on black issues. I'm just in awe that fucking progressive, soft ball liberal Trevor Noah didn't really concede anything to this tranny. Maybe some other anon will have a different take.

No. 1577356

I think it was just a typo and he meant “good” lol

No. 1577360

This is hilarious and there’s so many layers as to why lol

No. 1577361

My bad, sorry!! a ghetto-larping geriatric white tranny wound be funny though.

No. 1577368

File: 1656648324420.jpeg (129.64 KB, 828x730, 59BB85FA-7A23-4794-870C-8939D4…)

they really think they don’t look like knuckle dragging cave men next to an actual women

No. 1577370

File: 1656648499667.jpeg (71.35 KB, 825x445, C67366F6-2D3B-4C45-B299-DDB3EA…)

>features children as young as three
I shouldn’t be surprised but that is so fucking vile. Unironically KAM

No. 1577372

>125,000 child abuse images
How the fuck does that even happen? Why are men?

No. 1577373

For anyone curious. The twitter thread is nothing but calling this guy out for dating a pedo, celebrating a woman's death and hoping cis women die in a grease fire. Is there hope for humanity?

No. 1577375

Fuck, candids of Charles never fail to make me laugh

No. 1577380

they will say their wives, girlfriends and daughters are terfs and they’re the ones telling men to beat up troons. like when people were blaming jada pinkett smith for manipulating her husband into slapping chris rock. they always find a way to blame male violence on women.

No. 1577382

I wish I had a TERF friend to make fun of trannies with. I have a TIM friend that belongs to my group of friends from college and he's been brainwashing the other girls with troon propaganda. They're hopeless handmaidens. At least my bf got my back and we laugh at trannies together.

No. 1577386

File: 1656649861892.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 750x1286, 65E6B74F-AFBC-416E-A04A-D3439A…)

spoiler for (actual) boobs. agp creeps me the fuck out. i’ve never looked at my own body this way. i get internalizing the male gaze, but it’s not like this. this is next level voyeurism.

No. 1577387

how anyone can meet him in person and not burst out laughing is beyond me.

No. 1577391

Troons always seem to shop at Victoria’s Secret. What’s so appealing?

No. 1577393

File: 1656650571163.jpeg (Spoiler Image,727.41 KB, 750x1208, 632C5CF0-73CD-4E99-B4FB-A94019…)

AX WOUND WARNING. this one isn’t the worst i’ve seen posted here, but it still looks weird af. the scrotum skin texture is always very noticeable.

No. 1577394

Just because of the angels and being known for sexy lingerie. It’s about fulfilling the pornified fantasy they see women as.

No. 1577401

they love misogyny, it gives them euphoria boners.

No. 1577412

File: 1656651625512.jpeg (669.02 KB, 750x1147, 5020B656-635B-4F35-B3AD-77F855…)


No. 1577413

I wish this was me. I talk to a lot of terfs but this one good friend I have is a die hard libfem, we'll be having fun together and then she makes some enby rights or "jkr should die in a fire" joke and the vibe is killed.

No. 1577416

That might be one of the """"best"""" ones I've seen if only because it's not oozing puss and blood and feces. There is no way anyone who has seen a vagina would ever assume this one was normal, what with the weird shriveled ball skin, scrotum color, massive scars, and that male taint seam running right down the middle. Lucky for him though, the only people willing to fuck him would be chaser coomers desperate for any sex, bi or closeted men with no standards, other trannies trying to play out a lesbian fantasy, or incels who wouldn't be able to tell the difference between an amhole and a vagina anyway.

No. 1577417

>“Your problems don’t matter because mine are so much bigger and worse.”
>14 trannies dead so far this YEAR in the US
>3+ women killed every single day in the US
41% already

No. 1577429

Lmao, he's a South African moid. They are some of the most homophobic macho men on the planet in my experience. No matter how many bland liberal burgerfag talking points he spews for ratings, there's ZERO chance he's on board with troon shit.

No. 1577436

Fucking kek anon, the skull and shoulder width size difference alone is killing me. Someone needs to spam this photo at every troon who says "b-but black women look masculine too!"

No. 1577439

He's gay, formerly a stage actor. Despite this, I don't think he is truly HSTS. 25 year old is ancient for an HSTS, he's probably a trender considering that use to be NB. The dominant culture in the trans community right now is AGPedo, so he just copied what was in.

No. 1577445

File: 1656653805455.jpg (872.59 KB, 1080x2246, Screenshot_2022-07-01-06-35-41…)

No. 1577450

File: 1656654854284.jpeg (306.86 KB, 750x1570, E05288B7-518B-4844-8A49-0BBEA4…)

misgendered by his own subconscious kek

No. 1577451

Disgusting pedophile. Their descriptions of teenage girls are always so sexualized, like we have no inner lives apart from bikinis, slumber parties and sex. You don't have to tell us you never experienced life as a teen girl sir, it's EXTREMELY fucking obvious.

No. 1577460

How has she not been banned by Youtube yet?

No. 1577461

File: 1656656188660.jpeg (794.84 KB, 750x1186, 18984E6A-7972-4E32-9785-F7E4E4…)

this one looks like a randomized sim, but most of them do.

No. 1577473

File: 1656657032401.jpeg (316.35 KB, 750x2371, E8A3A423-8D2F-448B-9A22-2D32F5…)

trans chads will never not be hilarious.

No. 1577474

endo referral???? for what you loon, you need a psychiatrist

No. 1577477

why are mormon men like this??

No. 1577478

Nona please it's been said so many times he is not a mormon. Just played in a theatre production of the book of mormon.

No. 1577479

I can smell the cope from here. You just know the overly positive ones are the ones who hate themselves the most and spend every night alone crying.

No. 1577481

File: 1656657948037.jpeg (563.8 KB, 750x1164, CECDA11C-2B62-4780-828F-C6F53B…)

male privilege always gets in the way of their oppression fetish.

No. 1577488

also the fact that most of them rely on gofundme for basic expenses….

No. 1577493

I'm still not sure exactly why men look so bad imitating women when naturally feminine guys look fine just being themselves? Flamboyant gay men still look like men and it doesn't end up with the same odd unnatural look, I just can't articulate why this happens

No. 1577499

Creepy as hell. Why does it all have to do with sex too? Everything he mentioned is sexual in nature.

No. 1577500

>"to me being trans isn't feeling like a girl but me wanting to feel like a girl and being unable to"
>"the idea of not being trans makes my skin burn"
kek this guy is actually trans-trans. He's pulling a Kikomi and is transitioning from amab cis to mtf. His "dysphoria" is feeling too cis. And they say this shit isn't just a trend?

No. 1577502

File: 1656661531399.png (102.58 KB, 1048x856, 352523523.png)

>What is the first thing you'd do if you woke up a cis woman tomorrow?
Some do say nothing, but of course it's also full of answers about masturbation, buying tight clothes and "slutting it up". They also think women live in some kind of travel agency commercial where they just go out everyday and party on festivals dancing completely free. Picrel exchange is especially funny to me because it's two dudes trying to mimic a conversation between women, thinking "women totally use xd and sigh, this will make me sound sooo womanly"