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File: 1543394534658.png (344.3 KB, 640x400, jilly3.png)

No. 739688

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~
>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her

>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to overseas trips, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during college
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; now largely just refers to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; is currently dating one Stephen Clarke and has now removed her first coming-out video
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

In the last thread:
-May possibly be self-diagnosing BPD; has not been seeing any professionals to even get this diagnosis properly
-Was Pizzazz for Halloween; couldn't be assed to do it right
-Officially presents her new boyfriend Stephen in full pastel regalia to the fanbase via Instagram; complete opposite of her prior treatment of ex-gf Alyssa; also states she is "relieved to finally know she is bisexual"
-Stephen and Jill are now living in the apartment together; Stephen traded places with a girl that lived in the basement when Jill previously said she was living alone; said girl now lives with Stephen's former roommate Morgan; they do not share the same bedroom, as Stephen's parents are super religious
-Jill makes a new video admitting she has relapsed into cutting and eating disorder, alongside having anorexic thoughts and depression; she also admits that she has gained weight and has been shooping her pics to remove the new scars despite preaching body positivity
-New tattoo is posted; it's a CCS tattoo despite previously not liking the series
-Buys a new cat, its name is Stickers (of all fucking things)


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Old Da (very milky) https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/

No. 739719

File: 1543403201804.jpeg (140.56 KB, 748x730, 80EB7D85-246F-40FD-8E82-7B251B…)

Actual footage of Jill

No. 739728

This thread picture is excellent

No. 739729

Double post but it's Maggie not Morgan who Stephen used to live with

No. 739731

Don’t lump Jill with Miss Piggy, Miss Piggy is a glamour icon

No. 739744

So in the last thread it was speculated that the kitten could be scared of the bell it is being made to wear, why is it even wearing a bell? the cats don't go outside so they can't hunt, is putting a pointless bell on your cat kaweewee? also I am guessing its in part scared because she has plonked it up on her desk backed up against a wall so she can get that sewing machine and stripe wall in shot

No. 739747

The only reason I can think of is similar to why my bf and I did when we got a 5 week old kitten we’d found. Tiny in a large living area made it hard to know where she was/if she was safe or had gotten out or something, so the bell helped us with that. We only left it on until she was a bit bigger and developed a routine and whatnot though.

Sage for pointless kitten talk.

No. 739752

The cynic in me wants to say that she probably just got the bell collar for the ~kawewe aesthetic~ but let's hope that she knows better after being around/owning cats for that long.

No. 739757

File: 1543409114267.jpg (38.81 KB, 588x622, FB_IMG_1543409046404.jpg)

This is how I imagine Jill's future will be

No. 739766

When is Jill supposed to go to Japan?

No. 739772

The thread photo is A++, anon. Hahaha

No. 739773

You mean as the kawaii representative? I think spring next year.

No. 739787

The kitten is probably scared bc Jill put it on a high table and pointing a camera at it, forced it to wear a collar, and probably screeches into its ears all day long about how kawaii it is like she does with everything. Egomaniacs shouldn't own pets

No. 739792

File: 1543417568172.jpeg (349.76 KB, 750x1109, D4A6FA84-3F52-445D-9407-7F993A…)

Guess she’s proving to us she hasn’t dropped out.
Also pastels in art class? Really Jill?

No. 739793

Also isn’t conte just charcole?

No. 739794

oh that just reminded me that she never posted any inktober stuff
I wonder what her art is looking like

No. 739795

It’s baffling that she considers herself an art student yet she’s never experimented with different mediums. I don’t know what her high school art classes were like, but any good art teacher will make their students try every medium at least once.

No. 739804

Conte is graphite or charcoal mixed with wax/oil.
Conte isn’t pastels. What’s wrong with pastels? She’s most like doing portrait or figure drawing.

No. 739805

>>739804 I think they mean wearing pastels in art class is a bad idea

No. 739808

kawaii representative that doesn't even wear the brands she was coattailing less than a year ago (and can't fit most of her old clothes either)

No. 739812

File: 1543421530931.jpeg (293.7 KB, 750x894, A9056587-19AD-41E4-9D4C-26FC22…)

Jill is currently working at a level I’d expect from a 12 year old, well done Jill
I meant her clothes, she’s going to get thw worst stains

No. 739814

Oh wow it’s even worse than I expected. Damn.

No. 739815

> I don’t need a foundation year uwu

No. 739816

hey, i don't think it's THAAAAAAAAAAAAAT bad. certainly could be better, though, esp at jill's age and the level of expertise she claims to have. but it's not…SO terrible?

No. 739820

It’s pretty terrible anon. She’s at college for art, and she uploaded this so clearly she’s proud of it. When your technique is this bad at her age it’s either deliberate or just a sign your bad at art.

No. 739825

File: 1543422969684.png (213 KB, 640x456, 75c32de8422ddb936dd39d399643a6…)

Seriously tho, did she think that pic related tier art would be good enough for a professional fashion designer? Not sure if she's really conceited or stupid

No. 739827

I would honestly expect this from some high school freshman art class, not a first year college student jesus h christ how bad can one deteriorate in skill and cognitive ability y i k e s. Its not just her fashion going to shit its literally everything.

No. 739831


the shadows make no sense at all.

This is the simple shit you should be able to study at home alone, if you have serious interests into art jesus

No. 739832

It would be fine if she was a hobbyist just trying to pick up drawing in her spare time, but she's in "art school" and complained about maybe having to take a foundation year.

Also age really has nothing to do with it, she clearly just doesn't draw.

No. 739853

File: 1543425951303.jpeg (126.03 KB, 744x777, 2B009030-2481-4326-BBB8-D68E6A…)

no constructive criticism plz uwu

No. 739859

I don't understand why people like Jill take criticism so personally, why would anyone pursue a career in art or social media if any nas comment gets to them?

No. 739865

Nitpick but the way she talks confuses me so much sometimes. I thought she was referring to herself in third person but the "she" who needs improvement is the fucking picture…Please speak normal English Jill, you have no excuse

No. 739910

god people like this piss me off! she knows the picture needs improvement but the point of critique is to find out EXACTLY what you need to improve on. the fact her comment has four likes and the other persons has none really shows how hugbox-y her audience is. i mean they probably are as offended and fragile as her. sorry for the long rant but even though you know you need improvement, as a beginner, you dont really know what specifically you need to improve on

No. 739946

holy shit this looks like the art I made as an 10 year old taking lessons. what the fuck jill, how can she look at this and decide YUP DEFFO DONT NEED A FOUNDATION YEAR

No. 739950

I personally love how Jill said she didn’t want critique but the original commenter gave her critique anyway LOLOL

No. 739957

File: 1543435598090.png (499.23 KB, 720x809, 20181128_200614.png)

No. 740003

kek yah same. also, this is so insane. there is a profession called "art critic." big difference between constructive criticism (i.e. the directions of the shadows make no sense and the poor perspective makes the cylinder look concave) and just being mean. i feel like jill doesn't know the difference. if someone isn't literally licking her ass, they're a uwu meanie head. i can't wrap my head around the idea of her being an artist in any capacity if she doesn't want to actually improve whatsoever.

No. 740013

Yeeeeeah I'd forgotten what Maggie's name was and didn't have time left to look it up before I had to go to bed.

No. 740016

oh thats slang from the lgbt community, Jill loves using that slang to make herself seem more authentically ~queer~

No. 740046

That wasn't a critique at all anon, unless vaguely implying the blending wasn't good counts.

No. 740059

>"I showed you my queer bait, pls respond"

No. 740074

calling inanimate objects she is queer slang?

No. 740102

I've only seen lgbt people use it but idk. It's getting trendy on Twitter and shit, Jill uses a lot of trendy slang regardless of if she makes sense or if it sounds at all natural for her.

No. 740106

it one hundred percent is, so of course “totally bisexual” jill would use it

No. 740118

Oh. My. God. I really don't like to devalue people's talents. But my word, this is like 11 year old, first time at doing proper art.

It's a no from me. I'm sorry, this is so fucking bad. I get that it might just be a preliminary sketch but. God.

No. 740143


You'd get kicked out of my art school if you handed this in.

No. 740153

Holy fuck this genuinely looks like something from my first foray into "real art" when I was a little kid. Any art school worth its salt would rip you apart for something like this.

No. 740158

I know that the shadows and shadow gradients here are really off and I know that Jill’s school is super low-tier, but this just looks like a in-class drawing. She’s in foundation year and if you don’t know what you’re doing, my school was pretty accepting and encouraged learning and improvement instead of putting ppl down for lack of skills. This is only the second thing that she’s shown us so she either doesn’t care about the other stuff, or it’s too bad to show.

No. 740173

Yeah, I expected babby's first art class type demands from her classes in general, but it does say something that this is a piece she chose to show off, and she's shown essentially nothing else. This should be the best time for her "Designer Diaries" series but it's AWOL in favor of more hauls and ranting about how she loves art and fashion so much.

No. 740186

No. 740221

Seriously? This is the type of stuff I made in middle school.

No. 740289

Only saw the reactions before I saw the picture, and honestly? It's not as terrible as you guys are making it out to be. It's not great, but it's not the worst first try I've ever seen.
She is, after all, only in her first year of art school. Glad to see she's actually taking some foundations classes, hopefully it will help.

No. 740311

some people are just very bad at art. this is bad but i don't see anything wrong with being this bad when they first start art school. the thing that's weird is that she decided to post her art at this stage… maybe just wait a little longer so you can improve a bit more

No. 740378

I think people are mostly upset because of her egotism saying she didnt need a foundation year… and then produces this lmao

No. 740393

>Jill used to draw when she was a teen and its 10x better than what the fuck ever she decided to show on her spam page
>I dOnT nEeD A fOunDaTioNal YeAR
>her current digital drawings are a prime example of recent deterioration in skill
>how has your career been about so called 'craftsmanship' when on god one of the easiest drawing assignments turns into a joke with you. A black half circle for shadows? What was that a 10minute tard rage you decided to keep in?, the lines that declare the space of the 'room' are at completely crazy angles with wonky flat shapes drawn over that are supposed to be three dimensional objects.

>This is Jills pure unadulterated skill when she can't just buy fast fashion and rip off jfash/internet trends to get her noticed.

>but totally u guys its not that bad anons r just complaining uwu

Idk why anons wanna defend Jills abilities, I understand alot of people are reacting negatively but that doesnt garner the need for a wk, shes basically half way through her first year as a GROWN ADULT IN COLLEGE, yet the only school "work" we have seen is a fugly improper "i spent 10minutes on this" contè.

No. 740408

File: 1543492548044.png (155.72 KB, 495x494, professional lettering.png)

This is slightly unrelated but you bringing up her digital art stuff just reminded me of her merch shop.
Honestly, considering how many of her stupid fans actually bought her shit I'm kinda surprised that she never advertises it/brings out new designs anymore. I mean even those pins she made sold out quickly and she was talking about making more but then she just completely dropped it apparently?
I know she only gets a share of the money from the shirts etc. since she sells them on spreadshirt, but I still feel like she could be making quite a bit of extra cash with it if she just bothered regularly bringing out new designs.
(I can't imagine they'd take her that long either, considering how lazy the other ones are kek.)

No. 740434

That sounds like such a weird phrase. Like, a mom or dad saying that to their kid is okay, but it's odd to just have that on a shirt randomly.

No. 740448

Yes, this. I think a lot of us expected a little more.

No. 740488

If you're bad at art you shouldn't be attending art school in the first place. Goes to show that schools that don't require an entrance exam with portfolio are basically trash.

No. 740539

I think it's bad, too, but I think those anons are being nice about it because it's the rare occasion that she's actually done something. That's how low the bar is set for Jill at this point.
I'm also a bit surprised that she posted it online even though it's not sparkly or in kaweewee pastel colours or anything.

No. 740543

She mentioned a lot how packaging the pins was more work than she expected and IIRC she had friends come do her store labor for free because she was too lazy to do it herself, so that's probably why she gave up on the pin business despite it clearly being lucrative.

No. 740584


If she was smart she wouldn't even go to that crappy college to become a 'designer,' but get into marketing or something because she can easily set up a store if she spends some time on designs and merch. Her following will buy it like crazy, and it's easily marketable to a weeb demographic which is huge. Isn't she also friends with this person that makes those 'sailor moon inspired' clothing designs? So she doesn't even need to look too far to get inspiration on how to pull it off. She could've already had a solid business by now. But of course, all of that takes work and we know our Jill can not be bothered.

No. 741198

File: 1543577047222.png (29.06 KB, 184x134, Captura de pantalla 2018-11-30…)

No. 741368

File: 1543602953847.jpg (100.85 KB, 595x250, Untitled-71.jpg)

This was in Jill's favourites on twitter kek the irony

No. 741423

idk anon, not to defend Jill because i really doubt she has talent as a fashion designer but not everyone who goes to art school has to be great at drawing. there are plenty of majors where that doesn't factor in. You don't have to be caravaggio if you're going into film or sculpture

No. 741426

File: 1543609907231.png (771.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181130-203111.png)

YouTube has stories now

No. 741457

Look at this super healthy peeps tea /s

Also what's up with youtube stories having such bad image quality?

No. 741466

No. 741481

File: 1543614306933.jpeg (510.95 KB, 1242x867, AA60FFF7-44DA-40B8-AAFB-F491B8…)

holy shit

No. 741488

lmaooo this bitch has some nerve. moo moo, you obese cow.

No. 741496

Does Jill think this relates to this somehow because if so, kek! First of all she hasn't created anything in like a year. The only thing that's true about it is that she gained weight and we are talking about it

No. 741535

Theres gaining weight and there’s packing on the pounds and openly sharing your shit diet with the general public. Shut the fuck up jill

No. 741545

pixie hasn't even put in a quarter of the amount of work in jinx has, what a joke

No. 741549

Why does this thread keep acting like Jill liking a tweet is the same as her tweeting it? It's been going on for a long time now. Can you stop? You look retarded.

No. 741776

Because when you like something online, it's because you align yourself in some way with the content. So her liking something = she agrees with it/enjoys the sentiment/aligns herself with the statement/etc. It's not hard to understand.

No. 741844

Pretty sure INTO's tweet was in reference to her movie She's the man…

No. 741941

There's a difference between liking a Tweet and Tweeting it yourself. I have to agree with the other anon here, this thread is a mess because everyone is so bent on making her look bad they'll take a LIKED Tweet and blow it up. Focus on actual issues, derailing constantly over stupid shit just draws attention away from the other things she does.

No. 741944

Damn she's still drinking this shit? We hadn't seen it for a while i thought she gave it up

No. 741962

i think thats hot chocolate tho

No. 742059

Stop. The only people who are actually correlating her liking a tweet and tweeting herself are you and the other poster who brought it up. Everyone else here understands the distinction. The things she likes still represent who she is as a person. It's like saying, "You guys need to stop making fun of her for liking Precure, it's not like she created Precure, even though liking Precure is a huge part of her identity".

No. 742061

Surprised by this bitch's lack of uploading schedule. That is one lazy ass mother fucking bitch. No wonder she gained a fuck load of weight and her channel has gone to complete hell.

No. 742083

Don't worry. Her Patreons will eventually get sick of paying for nothing and that income will dwindle away to nothing. Then she'll actually have to do something productive to earn a living again.

No. 742140

>implying her mom won't support her to the bitter end

Jill will never have to do anything she doesn't want to. Her family will make sure of it.

No. 742319

Her patrons won't get sick of paying for nothing, they're all dumbass 12 year olds and paying for nothing is literally what they signed up for

No. 742381

>Everyone else here understands the distinction.
Anon this isn't true. Come on. Read the replies on every pic of her likes. Just stop posting her liked tweets and this thread will be fine. Otherwise you still look retarded.

No. 742482

Her likes give us some idea of whats going on in her head sometimes. Please keep posting them, twitter anon (but only if they are of interest obv). I think that one anon just doesn't grasp this concept, unfortunately.

No. 742485

actual milk!

No. 742492

Kinda surprised they sent these to Jill since there's an abundance of girls on YT who have the same style as her but are really into Disney whereas she doesn't seem to give a shit about it at all.

Also she seems a bit off in this but maybe it just seems that way to me because she was actually a bit more calm/serious in her last 2 videos.

No. 742493

for christs sake she called bambi a girl

No. 742496

She could have at least put in the minimal effort AS HER JOB and done her homework to watch the movies beforehand. Which would have been so easy, she wouldnt even have had to get out of bed. So fucking lazy, i'm actually shocked.

No. 742504

I checked out the second she said "PACKAGI" like four times

No. 742508

>On one side we have Dumbo, one one side we have this guy
Geez Jill, can't even bother looking up the name of the fucking mouse.

No. 742509

Great, more ugly ass shoes she won't wear. Remember the Toy Story shoes she got from IC? Hasn't worn them aside from posting a picture of them on her instagram when she first got them.

No. 742523

I swear I have seen an army of girls like Jill that are tacky ass unimaginative weeaboos who think they are so quriky, weird and artistic when they all walk, talk and fuck the same unoriginal and basic as hell.

No. 742532

And lets not forget the purse from kawaii international that she got from winning- which should've been a big deal, but she didn't even bother to make a video about it.
Guess it was "too pastel" fo her tastes.

No. 742536

wow she sounds so freaking unenthused and meh about it, you know shes just doing it because irregular choice paid her to show these off and make her minions buy it

No. 742537

She did make a video, it was just on the Kawaii International youtube Page

No. 742538

File: 1543780739976.png (238.64 KB, 707x430, Capture _2018-12-02-13-55-04.p…)

girl… why.

No. 742571

Actually speaking of the pins, wasn't there an issue with too many being ordered and she was ordering more for those people?

No. 742585

Another video where she could have easily stretched it out to 10 mins for that sweet ad money but didn't??

No. 742587

Because she doesn't need YouTube ads. She makes more than enough on her patreon to pay for her shit.

No. 742633

File: 1543790813036.png (1.97 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181202-224542.png)

No. 742639

Is this bitch wearing a necklace as a choker ?

No. 742643

Oh god somebody please help those poor paint brushes, looks like acrylic as well

No. 742648

when i was young and stupid like jill i once didn't wash off my brushes that were caked in acrylic, wound up losing those paintbrushes for good bc dry acrylic is almost impossible to wash.
also wtf is the mess she's making? i've never seen anyone splatter their brushes with paint like that before. it looks like a kindergartener got ahold of these tools, not a 20something grown woman.

No. 742652

Ofcourse Jill is the type to mix paints like a toddler, just squirting massive amounts into a 2$ plastic pan thats gonna be thrown away encrusted in acrylics because she never bothered to wash it.
Rip pain brushes 2018-2018

No. 742653

Which is hilarious because she always loves calling things "he/him/boy" like Pusheen. Even though shes aware pusheens a girl

No. 742660

calls herself a queer icon uwu but ends up misgendering everything wow

No. 742703

When she said package it sounded like bukakke

No. 742711

Don't use the email field, newfriend.

No. 742729

I felt that way too. Anytime she has to do a PR video or work she always has this sort of attitude about it.

I found it especially offputting this time because she always gushes about irregular choice… so youd think she'd be more excited to receive free shit from them.

No. 742734

but anon, she kicked a transohobe out of the store she worked in one time remember

No. 742740

Goddamn this is a hot mess. There is no reason for the palette wells to be completely covered in paint! Also she's likely putting way too much paint on her brush based on the amount on her brushes. Thick globs of paint shouldnt even be up to the handles like that

Jill, sweetie, if you want a smooth acrylic painting dont use large globs of paint, your paint should be a thin layer on your brush and if you're using your brushes to mix paint like I suspect you are, STOP, use a palette knife or even a plastic knife before you fuck up you brushes too badly.

No. 742858

I hate this video so much. Jill sounds so unexcited, almost as if reviewing these shoes is a burdon. She couldn‘t even run a quick google search for Thumper and Timothy, or even rewatch the movies?
IC contacted her to choose two fucking pairs, why couldn‘t she just say that she doesn‘t like Disney or that they should pick someone else? Oh right, because hoarding shoes she‘s never gonna wear is so much better.

No. 742877

File: 1543826779488.png (9.11 KB, 475x98, asdfghjkl.PNG)

some of the comments are a little bothered lmao

No. 742882

honestly though, saying she has forgotten "details" of the movie(s) and then literally not knowing any of the names of the main characters or even their genders? either her memory is total shit or she never watched these movies at all. it's not like it makes her "uncultured." (i mean, they are classics and it's still weird to me if she's never seen them.) but like… why go out of your way to lie, jill?

No. 742885


i don't think she's lying. i do however think she's fucked her brain a bit with her meds, poor diet and drinking. it's pretty easy to forget movies you saw as a child, though.

No. 742896

She also didn't actually put either pairs of the shoes on? Anyone else find that a bit weird for a review? Like, at least include an outfit shot with you wearing them or something.

No. 742897

it's not hard to fuckin google a character's name or whether bambi is a boy or a girl. She could have done it on her phone without stopping the video

No. 742901

It's just incredibly lazy and unprofessional for her to not do the most basic research.

She knew which shoes she'd be getting, she saw pictures of them before her review and probably could've easily realized which character names she'd need to know, it's not like she had to prepare for some random Disney trivia quiz.

I really don't get how she can claim this is her job yet she doesn't take one second to think "Oh, I don't know that bunny's name, maybe I should look it up.".
Maybe she thinks it makes her seem more genuine or quirky or something but it just gives off the impression that she doesn't care.

No. 742942

none of her IC shoes fit her, after all this time and visiting the shop I don't imagine she has learned to get the right size, you know how she is, that scallop design she was gushing over she has said before she can't wear her other shoes with that detail because it sits wrong on her ankle bone or some nonsense

No. 742984

i was reading through these, and it seems like previous fans are beginning to see through her bullshit a little. a few people said she should watch the movies, and one girl said she is bothered that Jill gets to unbox and keep shoes that are related to movies she doesn't even care about. hopefully this is the start of something beautiful

No. 742985

Just a tinfoil, but she might not have put them on because she's considering getting rid of them? She might try to sell them since she doesn't seem to like them so much.

No. 743029

using them ONCE for a sponsored video doesn't warrant considering them "USED shoes". she can promote them as "practically new, used only once", lots of used-once clothes sell for good money if they're in proper state

No. 743354

If Jill sells sponsorship goods she risks some sort of consequence I think. Like every YouTuber who were caught before lost sponsorship deals and stuff.

But Jill needs to learn some sense of shame. Because her little tinfoil crew give her a protective bubble and she plays the ' not an adult yet ' card she never grows from her past.

No. 743475

i got the feeling that her smarter fans are starting to get sick of her when i read through the comments on those videos highlighting how annoying she's become (not too far upthread). saw a lot of girls saying "can't believe i used to watch her unironically" or "i love jill but yikes", that sort of thing. thank god tbh she needs her fucking hugcircle and patron bucks yanked out from under her

No. 743477

File: 1543908775990.jpeg (49.8 KB, 1114x347, B5FBB25F-8721-4863-B724-D36FB5…)

Kek I just skimmed the comments, and most of them resemble this one. It’s hilarious because this is the second top comment, and Jill is so hyper-sensitive. We know these aren’t harsh comments, but Jilly bean is going to feel personally attacked. She won’t be able to handle it, there’s even some calling her a “fake fan” flat out.

No. 743528

Kelly eden does it all the time and there don't seem to have been any consequences

No. 743537

File: 1543927354780.png (30.71 KB, 721x445, thumper.png)

If there's one thing J-fashion weebs really like it's Disney kek.

Seriously though, this is the description of the shoes on IC's website… It very clearly states the names of the characters, if she had bothered reading it at all she would've known. Embarrassing.

No. 743538

File: 1543927514920.png (29.78 KB, 701x449, timothy.png)

Samefag but same goes for the Dumbo heels too, Timothy's name is mentioned there.

Sorry, just really can't get over how unprofessional/thoughtless Jill is.

No. 743598

I got a pin from her at her party and the yellow acrylic on my pin fell out. I do not wear it out. it is on a corkboard. I wonder if mine was from a bad batch or if they were all defective.

Probably bought super cheap shit

No. 743602

That's lame, anon. I wonder if anyone else had the same issue?

No. 743620

She bought them in bulk from China, cheapest quality. Which was ironic since she also kept ranting about how awful it is to support fast fashion and sweatshops, good thing she stopped doing that.

No. 743654

File: 1543949717999.jpg (194.84 KB, 2048x1441, 27993785_10155978226222778_418…)


I guess Ill powerlevel. I run a pin store online and have gotten a lot of pins made, ive tried over a dozen different factories over the years.

It isnt "acrylic" but enamel in the pin. They bake the pin with heat to affix the enamel. If the temperature is wrong or the enamel mixture is not correct, this can lead to the peeling issue. Ive never personally had this problem. Its pretty rare, but Ive heard about it from others. If one pin from the batch had this issue… its very likely the whole batch had this issue. So Im sure other confetti club members who purchased this pin had a similar quality issue… Pretty gross of Jill to not mention and still sell the pins full price. I also noticed when she bought and sold her first batch online she discussed getting a batch of 100 and selling 98 of them (two she kept for herself). Having 100/100 pins be absolutely flawless is unheard of. She should have sorted the pins beforehand and made a pile of defect pins to either discard or sell discounted. But of course her greedy/lazy ass sold all of them at full price, im sure some who ordered received flawed pins. I would have been disappointed for sure if I was a fan of hers who ordered

Anyways I've always thought it was quite stupid of Jill to not pursue making merch for her brand. The profit margin for pins is quite high and she obviously has the audience to sell to. She complains the work is ~soooo hard~ to put the pins on the backing cards but thats laughable. You can sort through a batch and put them on the cards in about an hour (per 100 pins maybe). Its not difficult and you can watch TV/a movie/etc at the same time.
Its also dumb of her not to pursue something like this because it… literally… ties in with her "dream" of being a designer?? Starting with smaller accessories is entry level and much easier to manage. Manufactured apparel is much more daunting and costly. So you'd think she'd build up her brand by starting small but idfk. That would make sense

>sorry for pin sperging

>photo is not my own, taken from one of my pin groups (blogposting)

No. 743657

Sorry didnt mean to quote that last anon. But in regards to enamel pins/china. You almost cannot have pins produced anywhere else. Any companies in the UK/USA claiming to be "made locally" are usually full of shit and just a middleman/shopping service to factories in China (ex. Made by Cooper)

No. 743663

dude, literally no one cares.

No. 743679

Idk, I'm interested in it.

No. 743681

then take it to a crafts thread on /ot/ or something.

No. 743698

anon comes forward with professional experience that strongly suggests Jill sent her fans shit quality merch to make a quick buck, I think that's pretty relevant.

No. 743701

This was gonna be my point. She definitely ordered from Zap or something similar and got ripped off because there's no way she could use Vograce even though they're everywhere now.

No. 743703

I am pretty interested if Jill willfully sold defective items full price to her gullible young fan base

No. 743707

File: 1543957250134.jpg (346.21 KB, 930x461, Untitled-190.jpg)

No. 743709

that is so intensely hideous. has she ever posted a picture without cranking the saturation way the fuck up?

No. 743715

File: 1543957839242.jpg (163.8 KB, 521x595, Untitled-192.jpg)

>>743707 looking at their website, she paid a lot of it

No. 743717

File: 1543958029729.jpg (60.01 KB, 540x306, untitled-193.jpg)

>>743715 lol jk jillybean paid even more than that

No. 743721

File: 1543958559232.gif (37.26 KB, 300x200, The-More-You-Know-GIF-Image-fo…)

No. 743727

it's a blogpost and has nothing to do with jill. she could have just stated the pins are enameled. no one gives a shit about anon's personal experience with online sellers.

No. 743730

She explains why the pins are peeling and ways Jill could've approached the problem but instead got lazy and sold everything for full price, it's not a bad post lol

I'd rather read something like that then tendies post#1,000,000,000

No. 743731

no need to be rude, anon. the other anon just said that but on a personal experience basis and most of us learned something

No. 743756

holyshit. she could have gotten a white tree ($30-$40??)easily and decorated it with pink and blue ornaments… but whatever, Jill.

No. 743766

Thanks anons. Im really bad at putting my thoughts into text but the gist of it is
>Jill got a shitty batch of enamel pins (likely 100% defects)
>Didnt do what anyone else in this business would do, disclose damages, sell at discount, work with original manufacturer to get replacements, etc
>Sold them full price as flawless pins to her unknowing fans

Pretty shitty business practice if you ask me. Part of running an online store is to provide quality assurance to your customers. But clearly she didnt. I wonder if anyone reached out about the bad quality on their order and how her customer service was lol

No. 743775

File: 1543962763296.jpeg (308.82 KB, 1182x1084, 81241F94-A184-4CD7-B67F-405F07…)

Who’s ready for milk tomorrow?
>Creative Canadians

No. 743779

File: 1543962993994.jpeg (365.08 KB, 1242x1078, 8FD51402-CBAA-42B8-B3D4-A111D7…)

Samefag and tinfoil, but the promotional video is subbed in French, so what if Pixie has to say something in French for the TV broadcasting. Please make this bitch speak French on national television, since she’s so multilingual.

No. 743780

right? the white tree looks better anyways. all the ornaments are really blending in to her tree.

No. 743803

the tree also blends into the wall

No. 743814

the whole set-up just looks tacky and cheap. with how obnoxious the tree is by itself, it would probably look a lot less bad with waaay less coloured decorations.

gold and/or silver with a shade or two or blue or purple? I dunno.
with her having gone ham with the garish walls, furniture and year 'round decorations, just a few complementary colours on the tree would be better.

all in my opinion, of course. and i loathe the whole rainbow vomit thing in general, regardless.

No. 743828

ROFL gothbrainz is all of us watching jill be shit at finances

No. 743829

between this and Onision's TractorGate on Dec 6th it's gonna be a fantastic week.

No. 743839

i mean i wear hime gyaru and crazy deco shit still think jill's tree is fucking ugly.

No. 743841

so she’s ENTIRELY ditching the “I want to keep my love life private” thing, huh? imagine Jill treating her female partner with respect LMAO

No. 743845

It's pretty disgusting to be honest. She never even mentioned her ex-girlfriend's name and the most she had ever shown of her was a picture of her hand, yet as soon as she's back to dating a man she's doing full photo shoots with him & featuring him in videos of them playing happy home life together… So ~queer uwu~.

No. 743873

File: 1543972204835.png (102.57 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20181204-170857.png)

No. 743875

Sage this dumb shit, everyone knows that's not even remotely accurate.

No. 743877

It's accurate you cunt.

No. 743879

Woah there buddy, a little grumpy today? This does not look credible in any way.

No. 743881

nta but this looks like the most bullshitty site

No. 743883

if it's networth maybe it's calculating all her puchases, including cats kek.

No. 743888

>LOL I only paid $300 plus international shipping and customs for a heavy-ass tree (for something I could have purchased locally for cheap)!!

Why is she pretending it didn’t add up to at least (or very close to) $500 Canadian dollars? This lying bitch.

Lmao who did this??

I guess in theory it’s possible if her fathers salary is properly invested in stocks, bonds, high-interest savings etc. Especially if both parents have family inheritances from previous generations buuuuut realistically this is some tinfoil. Jill has unironically said that she’s “not rich” and while that’s obviously a lie, I don’t think she would have the conscience to lie that bad if she really had millions. And there would likely be even more humble bragging and pricedropping if she had that kind of money. Besides, her brother literally rents out a cheap bedroom and works a basic ass job, that’s not how a millionaire young adult lives their life.

No. 743919


like every other youtuber and celebritiy that gets send their "networth" says its bullshit and overestimated every single time. not accurate at all

No. 743942

Fellow Canadian here
I am disappointed in my country. How the fuck could they allow this fat cow to do this omg(no one cares)

No. 743978

sage this, no one cares that you're disappointed

No. 744123

File: 1544010599683.jpg (29.69 KB, 1356x616, 1544010552386.jpg)

She still hasn't fixed the Oh chrstmas banner

No. 744131

is it just me or does she seem really deflated in her latest videos? i wonder if its the pressure of school

No. 744132

I mean, it's around the time for finals. So maybe?

No. 744156

File: 1544019717960.jpg (432.57 KB, 609x945, screenshot.jpg)

Is Jill actually proud of that awful Precure cosplay she made?

No. 744164

she looks so much better in the first photo..honestly she should be ashamed bc from what I see in these pictures is that her cosplay skills (if you can even call that skill) degenerated

No. 744166

I feel so bad for thinking it but Jill looked so much better when she was an ana-chan. Not only does the weight make her look twice her age and just generally uglier, she did her make up better, she styled herself better and apparently she even cosplayed better back then.

No. 744168

holy shit, the sailor moon cosplay is actually super decent and well-made, even moreso better than all her later cosplays? imo on the left she actually knows how to pose (or maybe isn't posing like a sperg/her not being an obese cow helps), she's styled better, there's no shooping that i can tell of, the fabric doesn't look like an asherbee crapfest, she managed to stay true to the actual character design…

jill, what the fuck happened to you?

No. 744191

the hint there is in her "mostly self made" comment the trainwrecks are all ones she fully made herself

No. 744225

Honestly they’re equally bad to me.

No. 744247

File: 1544035858222.jpg (154.49 KB, 1024x1024, Dtnz04_VYAEwlel.jpg)

Her Sailor Moon isn't well-made either. She hasn't improved at all since 2015.

No. 744252

Is she on crack or purposely lying?

That Sailor Moon cosplay is from 2013 when she was around 14. In 2015, she did Cure Flora.

Also her first cosplay from when she was 13-14 was a shitty Hatsune Miku which there are still pictures of online. Is she trying to pretend she only has 3 years experience in order to keep competing as novice and fooling people into thinking she's making quick progress? What a shady bitch.

No. 744253

anything she can do to keep pushing the whole "I'm just a new babby! Please be gentle!" angle she's been clinging to from day one.

If she admits she has considerably more experience under her belt, and isn't improving in the slightest, people might question why.
and of course, she can't have that.

No. 744255

samefag, let's compile a list of her cosplays:

>Hatsune Miku (not sure about con ~2013)

>Eternal Sailor Moon (Animaritimes 2013)
>MLP Purity (Scrapped cosplay for Hal Con 2014)
>Cure Flora (Animaritimes 2015)
>Doremi (Animaritimes 2016)
>Rose Quartz (Hal Con 2016)
>Cure Whip (Animaritimes 2017)
>Cure Felice (Hal Con 2017)
>Yumekawa Yui (Animaritimes 2018)

I might of missed a cosplay or two but she attended a few cons in jfashion/lolita and did fashion shoots instead of cosplay shoots so it's hard to keep track, for example when she said she was preparing that Purity cosplay for months but then showed up wearing Lolita for 3 days straight and did that hime lolita/ouji boy photoshoot with Tristan in front of the venue.

No. 744330

They're both terrible but I mean…at least the lighting and photo is more professional on the right? Why would she think she looks better?

No. 744334

Jill is such a shitty home ec tier sewer. It's just tragic to see how shitty she still is.

No. 744342

The only thing bad about this is the shitty wig. Her pose is the best part of the Sailor Moon cosplay. Poor Jilly.
She looks so plastic in the "glo up" cosplay.

No. 744366

File: 1544048227904.jpg (941.3 KB, 1078x1694, Screenshot_20181205-221625.jpg)

No. 744367


No. 744375

Stickers is such a bad name. Doesn't roll off tongue well well.. nickname is apparently Sticky.

No. 744382

Serena looks likes she got smashed in the face with a frying pan. Kind of an ugly cat. Stickers is a seriously stupid name. But he's cute. Shame their owner is a complete mongoloid.

No. 744383

If her cat Serena seemed lonely, she should have never taken her away from her family of cats. She could have at least brought her back home, but jill is such a selfish person… Poor cat.

No. 744385

The contrast and saturation on that photo is so insane that it's hard to tell what Stickers actually looks like. And where he ends and the ribbon begins.

No. 744389

If it wasn't obvious as to why he's with her before, it is now. Money. What other student can just buy a 500 dollar tree? I get that the tree wouldn't be an incentive on its own, but she's clearly loaded and I get their relationship now.

No. 744396

It’s not a meowmer. It’s a cat. You could even go with “kitten” or “kitty” if you want to call it something cute. Why does she have to make herself sound so retarded

No. 744401

In pictures that Jill has posted of Serena, I seriously thought that cat had brain damage

No. 744411

for real, she bought him those fugly shoes, letting him live there probably rent free, this dude has it made. if he's not happy sexually he can just find a boyfriend and jill will get to share with the world her super cool kweer relationship online.

No. 744417

Super nitpick but I’m about to watch this bitch live, and I just realized she said “Heritage Canada” which isn’t an actual page. It’s Canadian Heritage — I know it’s small but it really goes to show she doesn’t research shit. First her Irregulad Choice Disney video, now this. It takes one minute to look up proper names Jill. You’d think that as a “Creative Canadian” who wants to show off her pride and national exposure that she’d link her fans to the actual page, or at least give the correct name.

No. 744429

File: 1544056326073.jpeg (181.52 KB, 1242x542, B86AEBA5-DE31-4071-9CF8-90C667…)

Most of the other “celebrities” featured in the Christmas Lights Celebration recorded their segments in French, but not trilingual Jilly bean.

No. 744446

Oh yes such a fluent speaker of French and Japanese. Kek She can barely speak English without sounding like a retard. I speak German, Spanish and English fluently and feel second hand embarrassment for Jill.(Blog)

No. 744447

sage this lol no one cares

No. 744450

Apparently you care enough to acknowledge it dumbass.

No. 744500

the photoshop on that cat's eyes…

No. 744513

oof… not used to seeing her so straight-on without shooping. this hair really doesn't do her any favors. all those blunt angles just make her face look even wider and more (rect)angular.

No. 744538

(saged for old ass news i guess)
recently me and some ppl were shit talking about Jill and one girl from the new york meet up was complaining about how she paid extra for the vip and their goodie bag got stolen bc they just left it out on their table and that Jill was barely at the table w the ppl that paid extra and got awkwardly left alone with Jill's mom and she kept on ordering drinks and was drunk as hell the whole time and rambling about shit god it was funny esp since she took a snap vid of it now i can see where Jill gets her alcoholism from

No. 744544

You wouldn’t happen to still have said Snapchat, would you anon?

No. 744546

>brand new kitten
>decked out plastic christmas tree right there in the background

who is ready for emergency cat intestine surgery part 2

No. 744547

File: 1544071883015.jpg (472.8 KB, 1914x1837, p2.jpg)

an old evolution of Jills gross body i found on my phone's edit file

No. 744548

File: 1544071932935.jpg (105.99 KB, 352x649, p1 (2).jpg)

into this piece of work

No. 744560

taking in to consideration these pictures are heavily edited, those curves she wants people to think she has is more than likely rolls she's smoothed out.

No. 744563

bit of a tinfoil but i've been starting to wonder if her stomach has started to bulge because of an excess of alcohol consumption. hard to say exactly how much she drinks, but it's possible she had a more defined waist at some point. i mean the last picture of the four is noticeably different, even after what i assume is standard shooping. they don't call it "beer belly" for nothing kek i dunno just a theory. her diet def doesn't help, but i'm not sure her diet was ever good.

No. 744564

I'd say it's likely a combination of alcohol, laziness, and excessive (sole) consumption of garbage food and candy.

that would make anyone look like the fucking Michelin Man.

No. 744600

We know that skirt on the far right no longer fits her, so it's safe to assume none of the other items do either

No. 744601

I'd say her waist now is probably around 32-34 inches. Basically "average" but a far cry from her "non-fluctuating 20 inch waist" lolita days

No. 744696

i've only seen jill wear the clothes on these pictures exactly once, and it was for these pictures specifically. she never wore them again, even when she could still fit in them. does she ever wear an item of clothing twice?

No. 744698

She used to wear the top on the far left A LOT. It constantly paired with those plastic AA skirts she had back in 2015 or so.

The phone top/skirt was a paid promotion.

No. 744701

I think she only really wears more 'outlandish' clothing when filming/taking photos/vlogging.
Pretty sure in real life she mostly just wears the same few Bonne Chance and H&M garments over and over.

No. 744719

My friend complained yesterday about not being able to afford a tree she wants even though she works her ass off. I cannot believe how much money Jill spends. It's wasteful and she could stop shopping so much and save it for better things. I dont care if she shops on sale, it's too much for a college student her age

No. 744722

You forgot the Animal Crossing one. On YouNow she said it was so bad she will never post pictures of it. It was in 2017.

No. 744727

Ah yes, such an uwu beginner. Totally should still be allowed to enter the novice category kek.
Btw does anyone know what her next cosplay plans are?

No. 744728

File: 1544112804035.jpg (164.03 KB, 900x540, kisspng-cure-twinkle-cure-merm…)

Samefag, I just remember that in one of her streams she said she was going to cosplay pic related iirc, but doesn't seem like she's actually working on anything.
Now that she's actually started going to 'fashion' school she won't be able to use the ~little baby beginner bean uwu~ excuse anymore really.

No. 744737

Well she just missed Hal Con last month so I doubt she'll be cosplaying again before the summer. She's not committed enough to attend the winter/xmas cosplay events because they're not actual cons and usually have no competitions/prizes.

No. 744745

She's not actually at fashion school and isn't going to learn sewing in her first year, so I. I'm sure she's going to cling to that excuse for dear life.

No. 744746

She's not actually at fashion school and isn't going to learn sewing in her first year, so I'm sure she's going to cling to that excuse for dear life.

No. 744747

She's not actually at fashion school and isn't going to learn sewing in her first year, so I. I'm sure she's going to cling to that excuse for dear life.

No. 744758

No. 744762

Wait was the shipping for the tree actually $200 or was she just exaggerating??

No. 744763

Even though I find Jill gross in every way possible
, I still think she is cute when she's with her boytoys. She's so damn straight it's queer.

No. 744764

File: 1544119408214.jpg (218.82 KB, 773x429, Untitled-51.jpg)

>>744758 she's such a hoarder jfc

No. 744765

>>744758 steve is kinda goofy he's giving me julien solomita vibes

No. 744772

we all know jill usues obnoxious language..but why is she making those animal noises like screeching like a monkey or shouting like a wild horse like wtf

No. 744775

File: 1544120923269.jpg (2.36 KB, 57x52, HTB1xCptNVXXXXb9XXXXq6xXFXXX0.…)

i feel so vile for actually liking this video…
i think this is the first pixie video i didn't skim through and i want someone to cunt punch me as punishment, that tree is actually kinda cute now that i look at it and steve is kinda a little funny… send help

No. 744776

It’s weird to me that she included “FULL SIZE” in the title, nitpicking I know. But why not just leave that out. I’d already assume it’s full size.

No. 744777

File: 1544121077208.jpg (299.2 KB, 684x1080, 20181206_132827.jpg)

What is with these straps? At least put them inside the back of your dress, I can imagine that's annoying but also looks messy as fuck. Reminds me of how she didn't zip her dress up all the way in the tattoo video.

No. 744778

Her autistic clapping is kinda getting to me in this one whew

No. 744786

price dropping and uncensored cussing, nothing new…steve is funny/cute but it sucks he's trapped with jill RIP

No. 744793

File: 1544122445918.png (18.69 KB, 464x204, lol.png)

No. 744796

Is Steve bi? Cause I know they ain’t talking about Jilly Bean

No. 744797

Literally her only new content in forever is her bragging about spending $500 on a tree, god knows how much "not cheap but on sale111!!!" decor, and showing off her ~super queer~ straight relationship, while shrieking and baby talking.

A whole ass video with her bf, not in even pastels but spooooky black, and she couldn't even post a single photo of her gf after using her gf as an excuse to make a queerbaiting video where she bought presents for herself. So gross, so little growth after an entire year.

Where's that house tour now that her bf living with her is no longer a secret? Or does her place look like shit because a stunted, lazy, bratty 20 year old can't maintain a house?

No. 744798

She shipped a fucking full size tree from another continent lmao of course it was $200

The tree itself cost $300 on sale

No. 744799

Oh if only they'd call her out on not showing Alyssa off like she does her bf and ex-bfs.

Yes, this was mentioned last thread as part of the couple photoshoot thing.

No. 744805

yeah i thought the exact same. what the fuck

No. 744807

>pastel bisexual power couple

"Couple" is probably the only accurate word here.

No. 744813

If anyone wanted proof that Jill basically buys a personality of the hideous clothes and kiddy shit she hoards. Look no further than this video. Compared to Steve, someone who has actual charisma and a personality, Pixie just comes off as a flat bland tryhard who wants to be the “witty kid that has all the cool come backs and goofy jokes” but she honestly she just comes off as an autistic woman child with her screeching and baby talk

No. 744814

Ah yes, straight people play acting, how lgbt, are her fans stupid or just as fake ass as her

No. 744818

File: 1544124955559.jpg (874.98 KB, 2894x1420, poor starving artist.jpg)

I was curious to see how much she actually paid for this dumb tree, and it turned out to be $300 USD, $100 USD just on the fucking shipping alone.
The UK site doesn't ship to Canada, so she had to use the American one. Also the reason I had to use the green one as the example was because the pink was sold out, but it is the exact same price, weight and size of her one (I used her school's postcode to get an accurate shipping cost btw)

No. 744822

why is this guy dating her is all I could think watching this

No. 744833

"Power couple" lol she's his sugar mommy and not even on her own dime. No power to be seen here.

No. 744842

It is beyond me how Jill let Steven be in the video like this. Is she sick? Jill, if you need help, blink twice!!
Would habe thought she‘s gonna deck him out in pastels for the video.

No. 744847

Also sorry for samefagging, but Jill looks like a fat autism child. Maybe it is because she stands next to a normal human for once. How does a funny guy live with her without wanting to die 24/7?

No. 744849

I strangely enjoyed this video. Steve is actually funny and charming? They’re cute together ?? But Jesus pixie’s baby voice and screeching really bugs me

No. 744859

huge nitpick here, bear with me. she mentions not a minute into the video she's been collecting christmas ornaments specifically for when she had her "pixie pad" (i wonder for how long)

so that means there's even more hoards that we know of. imo i find it kind of…weird that she'd hoard christmas ornaments just to put up at her new apartment. i suspect louise to be one of those moms that goes all in for christmas, couldn't she have gifted or inherited some ornaments instead of letting her buy a giant christmas tree's worth in ornaments?

No. 744865

honestly looking at this photo i'm surpised her tv isn't bigger. it looks like a medium-large pc monitor, not a pc, from this photo. well i guess at least it makes the 720p anime look better.

She dipped on halcon but Animaritime is literally right next to her school. If I remember right in one video she even shows her walking path is right past the convention center. I'm sure she'll be there at least, but I doubt it'll be in cosplay. At best you might get a shitty thrown together pastel "matching outfit" type thing between her and her tag-a-longs. Maybe her new plan for winning first place in low tiers will be to create the outfits herself so it can't possibly be tagged inaccurate lol.

No. 744873

The pink of the wall and the tree next to those old ugly brown kitchen cabinets, this looks like trash. So does Jill btw, in those first 30 seconds with the extreme close-up she looks miserable behind her eyes. Indulging in this way too tryhard superficial decorating mess while probably procrastinating and doing the absolute minimum for school. Her boyfriend seems too nice for her, but he also seems a bit simpleminded so I can't tell what the deal really is with their relationship (besides Jill bein a sugar mommy potentially).

No. 744876

That guy tries so hard to be Julien Solomita and it was so uncomfortable to watch, I don't understand anons who think he's charming and funny. I bet he will start a youtube channel to get some of that pixie fame

No. 744878

Even if one of them is bi (steve, i guess??) they're still very much in a straight/hetero relationship. wtf is this shit

No. 744879

I mean he is being compared to Jill who was screeching, baby talking, making weird noises, clapping her hands like a sealion and making up stupid words, next to that stupid try hard the majority of people would look naturally charming

No. 744885

What is up with all her fans obsessing over calling them a queer couple? Like what does that have to do with decorating a tree ??

No. 744893

they have no personality and are thirsty to tell everyone about how not-straight they are so they think calling things queer is a personality trait. kind of like their patron saint Pigsylocks

No. 744894

Because she's decorated small trees before so <technically> it's not her FIRST tree

No. 744900

he acts like her carer…

No. 744915

Jillian acts especially childish in this video. I haven’t seen her act like a 4 year old since her pretty cure store blog. Maybe he’s her “carer” and she’s his sugarmommy.

No. 744929

Jills mum probably did gift her things but they weren‘t kaweewee enough for that brat to put up? Wouldn‘t be surprised if Jill even told her that she didn‘t want anything because I am sure he mum doesn‘t have any pastel ornaments? Also why take anything from mummy if you can just throw money around like it is nothing?

No. 744935

this is why people are biphobic

Also I was reading the comments and her fans all sound like they use tumblr too much.

No. 744946

Ugh thank you, no idea where these anons who like him are coming from. All of his attempts at comedy made me cringe. Seems like he's stuck in late middle school/early high school. He even made a Spongebob reference unfunny.

No. 744953

At least that's something they have in common then, they're both unfunny & unoriginal as hell.

I wouldn't be surprised if their couple activities just entirely consisted of sending ~queer~ twitter memes to each other & watching cartoons for little girls. They both seem like awkward middle school students, I can't see them having any kind of serious relationship.

No. 744971

Her retarded fans in the comments are still trying to insist that Jillybean & Stephen are sO kWeEr even if it's a male-female couple. I hope these autistic tumblrfags don't get a charlie horse from all those mental gymnastics they're pulling here.

No. 744996

she looks so incredibly dumpy in this video jesus

No. 745008

This was alright. Jill's ability to waste mass amounts of money and her obsession with acting like a child are always cringey, but Steven at least seemed like a normal guy and was fun to watch. It's sort of sweet how he just smiles amused at her talking about her weird interests like Doremi, since on their own those aren't bad things, it's really just how Jill doesn't let her identity or life grow beyond them like most well-adjusted nerdy adults do.

No. 745031

File: 1544153997572.jpg (33.97 KB, 305x578, gfdgfdgfd.JPG)

jill honey this dress is not a cute cut you look expectant

No. 745039


There's no actual way that Steve is straight, right? Because if he is, then I'm jealous.

No. 745046

This kind of cut is only cute on suuuuuuuper thin girls. Jill is too chubby to wear a tent dress without looking pregnant.

No. 745052


he says he's bi but i think he's gonna realise he's gay in the coming years

No. 745113

god serena is such a fucking ugly cat

No. 745114

Thanks for echoing my previous sentiment anon kek the cat looks special needs like that of her owner.

No. 745117

lol i replied before i saw the other comments, but it needs to be said. imagine paying that much money for such a fugly cat

No. 745122

Really. We’re gonna start calling her cats ugly?
Ugly or not, the point is she paid too much money (or moms money) for alllllll her cats, from breeders, which makes her a piece of shit. If anything, pity those babies. It’s not their fault they are (as you guys think) so ugly, and now unfortunately, a part of Jills family.

No. 745123

i think shes cute, too. im not sure why everyones trashing her… shes a fucking cat, anons, lets talk about jill

No. 745139


Tbh, I think it is milky bc she claims to love her cats and love cats- but then goes out of her way to get purebred cats. Most persians have serious health problems, and any of the squished face cat breeds have smaller skulls, and are notably less clever than a normal moggie. So yeah, let's pay $$$$$$$ for an unhealthy cat and perpetuate an abusive industry for aesthetic!!! Gross.

No. 745153

Whenever I hear purebred I just think inbred. Brachycephalic breeds of cat are notorious for deformities and are prone to diseases and early mortality versus traditional cat breeds. Jill truly is a piece of shit to keep purchasing such an expensive and genetically inferior cat breed inlieu of adopting a stray from a shelter like most humane people do. Then again what is to be expected from this mindless consumer called Jill. She really is the most maladjusted individual I have seen on YouTube thus far. Arrested development and shit taste in clothing combined with inaudible retardations exiting her garbage shoot mouth.

No. 745161

they have zero chemistry at all, jill just clinging to any human for her attachment issues and hes just gay or a sugar baby

No. 745162

Serena looks positively normal for a persian, when there are persians whose face literally looks like it's been smashed in a door. can we not fill the thread with virtual signalling over cats of all things? yes Jill is a hypocrite and should have adopted, move on.

No. 745166

Holy shit, she looks awful. She's bigger than the fucking Christmas tree at this point.

No. 745173

same. he's pretty cute, ngl, and he looks way better dressed in black. I dunno, im probably in the minority but i thought this vid wasn't too bad.

No. 745177

He is pretty cute. Jill looks like a goblin.

No. 745229


She's a British Longhair.

No. 745301

steve seems weird like he is kind of socially inept because of his religious parents keeping him ~safe~

No. 745327

Honestly I can‘t wait for the break up. Simply because I need to see how Jill handles it. They live together after all.

No. 745331

Tbh I just feel like Jill‘s super kawaii shoot would have been 10 times better if she just let her boyfriend dress like this. Why match when you can be complete opposites? Wasn‘t that a huge tumblr trend as well?

No. 745338

Everything has to match her aesthetic, though. Plus. if it didn't suit her tastes, she wouldn't be able to post it to her main insta, and then she wouldn't be able to flaunt her new relationship.

No. 745387

nitpick but I hate the way she claps her hands like that! Why does she have to do that? Especially when she was sitting and had put up the first section of the tree, she looked like an oversized garish baby. It's pure cringe.

No. 745427

The clapping, the way she's acting and the noises & baby voice around Stephen smells like ddlg to me fam

No. 745450

Her hair literally looks like a rainbow hat. Why not just wear a rainbow hat instead of having such curved, wide bangs?

No. 745452

File: 1544229511946.jpg (423.05 KB, 1080x1080, 6tag_081218-003534.jpg)

I couldn't find a vertical one but CLOSE ENOUGH

No. 745467

What is with you guys? He's so awkward, tries way too hard, and he's not at all funny
Not sure why people think he's out of her league

No. 745488


i think a lot of the posters itt are lonely anons and don't think she deserves a relationship and are jealous. but dw lads, he is def gay and this relationship will seal that for him. i also wonder if this is a little bit of a fetish, thinking he is better than her and being around her for an ego boost all the while jerkin it to up the bum

No. 745498

I think he's out of her league physically, he's cute and seems to know how to dress himself decently (at least for now). Personality wise he's almost as obnoxious as Jill is. He reminds me of the theater kids in high school who always had to be the center of attention at all times. It's clear he can't act normal when the camera is on him and tries way too hard to be funny or interesting.

No. 745504

File: 1544236135550.jpeg (405.91 KB, 2400x1600, 9D917819-51D0-46AD-92F0-E849A2…)

I always thought her rainbe bangs looked like a propeller hat kek.

No. 745512

maybe that's why he's with her, to leech that sweet e-fame.

No. 745688

i didnt say anything about his personality lol, i just meant hes physically not bad, and a lot better than what i thought she'd pull. id smash.

No. 745759

fucking lol

No. 745814

her face gets more punchable the fatter she gets

No. 745906

File: 1544306602675.png (83.42 KB, 1158x256, steve.png)

am I the only one who finds it hilarious that pixie's bf retweeted this

No. 745907

I mean for pixie he's someone seemingly kinda normal lmfao i mean I can't imagine most normal dudes would be done for pink ass lazy oaf and ~quirky quEeR~ shit all the time but who knows. ot but her bf looks exactly like my ex so I get them triggers when I see his shitty dye job LMAO

No. 745991

the time has come…
pixie says - the third

thank you guys for liking this shit

No. 746018

Bless this anon, you are amazing.

No. 746031

ANON i love you

No. 746099

wow her hair actually looked a million times better right after she got it done. her undertone is clearly very pink and the yellow makes her look so sickly… i bet she's never even heard of purple shampoo… although that would be such a bitch with the bangs so idek

No. 746132

File: 1544339192952.png (573.77 KB, 855x591, oof.PNG)

>melanie martinez pin
>move I'm gay
Damn Pixie's even got her fans convinced that she's gay now, well that was easy.

Also nice bootleg bag with 90% empty space they've got it in there.

No. 746136

sage goes in the email field

No. 746137


No. 746210

File: 1544350797354.jpg (27.69 KB, 513x450, px.JPG)


Anon, this is the best edited pixie video ever. Well done, this is truly art and actually entertaining compared to her videos lmao



No. 746234


No. 746242

omfg can some skilled anon make the deflating squishy pusheen a gif

No. 746245

good video anon, i'm in love with this
the fucking death grips part KEK

No. 746254

File: 1544361769802.gif (2.04 MB, 444x250, 154436171349381.gif)

No. 746283

The funniest one so far. I just love omg

No. 746312

She was gifted a bottle of purple shampoo in one of her Japan vlogs and laughed about it.

No. 746329


Godamn it’s beautiful

No. 746334

File: 1544373798497.jpg (32.52 KB, 897x343, a prophecy was made.jpg)

So someone sure called it a couple years back in the Doe Deere/Limecrime thread.

Good job. Obviously saged.

No. 746352

Your filename. She looks identical to pixie. Doe has had various surgeries now and is slim with fake boobs, meanwhile pixie is gestures to thread

Idk how someone can be so middle-aged at 20. It's not from hanging out with her mom, since plenty of Insta thots have no irl friends/are homebodies and still act and look youthful.

No. 746371

Beautiful. Thank you so much anon!

No. 746499

File: 1544393755423.jpg (111.62 KB, 444x343, oh lawd she comin.jpg)

No. 746614

ay, much better!

god damn. every time i see that picture it shocks me just how much Jill has let herself go. no fucking wonder she only wears the same handful of clothes over and over again.

nothing else damn well fits her.

No. 746654

>he is def gay
Dunno why anons are saying this, there are plenty of effeminate bi dudes as well.

No. 746730

File: 1544420516758.jpeg (45.89 KB, 704x280, 9B305152-DA85-4E6A-A0FA-B47AB9…)

This was great, Anon. I’m the fag who posted the first part onto here, can’t believe it took us months to bring up these videos. I was hoping you’d edit a croissant onto her newest tattoo, and you did. Kek, hope Piggsy finds these, because her fans definitely are!

No. 746752

That video was INSANE! My poor cat was looking at me all weird and stuff.

No. 746761

File: 1544427614049.png (552.12 KB, 812x598, stickers.png)

A couple days ago she posted a picture of her new cat and someone asked if she'd be doing a video about him, sounded like she was planning on uploading it Saturday/Sunday but ended up being too lazy again lol.

No. 746898

lol at this comment
this video is fucken sick, anon, you're an absolute legend and a sick cunt

No. 746909

being effeminate isn't what makes him gay, anon. openly being with jillian "pisgylocks" vessey is what makes him gay.

No. 746978

No. 746980

File: 1544474216956.png (443.98 KB, 463x571, hmm.png)

$500 tree but can't pay $5 to get her bangs cut professionally good god.

No. 746981

File: 1544474231697.jpg (135.45 KB, 654x383, bangs.jpg)

>>746978 she has cut her own bangs dear lord

No. 746985

Pixie, invest in a god damn wig. This bowl cut on fried hair is kpop levels of bad.

No. 746988

File: 1544474525928.jpg (37.03 KB, 865x482, 217255-z119535965.jpg)

Yikes. she said she dyed her hair yellow and cut her bangs because she was having a bad week, but she hates the yellow and already wants it gone. Also, what's going on with her roots? is she balding already or just thinning hair?

No. 746990

the color on her bangs is so bad. why didn't she fix that instead of cutting it sjw style… it's all wobbly too…

No. 746991

She says she's a serious cat owner, yet half her home is unsuitable for a kitten who can easily eat things hanging around (esp plastic) and die. Also, i'm sorry but she says Serena was only her cat but never stated she didn't get along with the other cats in the house. In the end, jill is very selfish and should not have taken a cat from a big home.

No. 746992

File: 1544474720946.jpg (162.44 KB, 500x302, jfhkjs.jpg)

I mean I don't think her new boyfriend is particularly good looking but like… does he have a fetish for unfortunate looking girls with bad style or something?

No. 746995

Blegh even her cat is like a purely materialistic thing that she feels she has to show off in a video as if it's a haul. This poor cat doesn't deserve that treatment. If it was a kitty she saved or adopted it would be a cute topic for an entire video, but not one that is bought and simply used to show off. She got it because the other cat seemed lonely? Then why did she even take him away from the other cats at her parents' place..? Trash. (I don't care to watch the video)

No. 746998

There's nothing good about the video. She sperges about her hair for 5 mins instead of editing it out and then shows off the cat like an accessory. She doesn't even put the camera down to help the kitten when there is tension in the room with it and the older cat. She makes her boytoy (totes not gay) accessory do it so she can keep filming.

No. 746999

I don't get why she took Serena in the first place. I left my cat as I live away from home (in University currently) and she was fine after a few days.

No. 747002

The way she kept going on about how happy she is and how she is doing so much better is exactly how she felt after getting Neko. Is she just going to get another cat whenever she gets sad?

No. 747010

File: 1544475417240.png (2.21 MB, 1920x1080, 7556.png)

no one probably cares but i found it interesting in this shot she seems to be wearing black + one of those silver heart chokers. reminded me a lot of how she used to dress back in her scene days?

No. 747017

Another cat, another tattoo, another 10 pounds. She has no legit healthy way to deal with any issues. It's pathetic that her mother raised her with zero morals or values. Every Time she's sad, she spends money for no reason for a temp high.

No. 747023

File: 1544476218955.png (2.02 MB, 1815x1080, Untitled.png)

This whole video shows how gross her house is. Also, steve walking through the scattered kitty litter barefoot is gag-worthy

No. 747033

Why is the litter in a crumpled tinfoil baking tray right next to the cats' water bowls anyway? Jill's life looks more and more like a princess points meme every day.

No. 747035

She's fucking gross. "Family of four" like you're literally playing house with some guy you've barely been dating and projecting some weird, incredibly straight domestic fantasy onto. And probably lurking with dying her hair yellow after some anon called out how shitty her blond has been looking.

No. 747044

feels weird to me that she said the cats both hers and stevies like…how long have they been dating..

No. 747055

Cause she probably buys those trays in bulk and makes Steve throw the whole thing away instead of scooping/cleaning a litter box like a normal cat owner. You really think she’d lower herself to scooping cat shit?

No. 747058

File: 1544477921017.jpg (49.46 KB, 800x450, C7S0ouqVAAANACj.jpg)


Noooooo Jill what the fuck is that
This is just ugly. Like, really ugly fuck that.

No. 747062

her teeth look so yellow

also serena is so ugly ughhh and steven gives me autistic vibes

No. 747071

That isn't black. It's just the lighting.

No. 747091

File: 1544480601936.jpg (105.62 KB, 1920x1080, trigger.jpg)

those feminist bangs and dye jobs are a crime against humanity

No. 747100

The hair I'll accept… But the bangs? Absolutely not.

No. 747105

File: 1544481394498.png (1.84 MB, 1812x1018, Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 4.35…)

This room is… I mean- I can't say that I have a perfectly clean room, but she doesn't even live on her own.

No. 747109

So she can spend $500 on a fucking Christmas tree but can’t buy an actual litter box?

No. 747114

This is proof she never took care of the cats at her parents' place. She claims Serena was "her" cat but she obviously never fed or cleaned up after her. She was "hers" in the sense that she was Pixie's accessory and for hanging out with while she watched PreCure.

No. 747121

Her house is seriously dirty and cluttered, which explains why we have never seen that house tour. It's absolutely not safe for a kitten that young, they get into everything. You can even see him chewing on a plastic tie from a candy cane ornament, if he ate that he could die.

>>747109 Not only that, but multiple cats need at last a box per cat. Sometimes more, especially when you are introducing a new cat and there may be territory issues. But with the state of her house Jill would probably never notice if one of them was peeing in a corner somewhere.

No. 747132

Judging by all the cat items in the room it seems to me like maybe she was keeping Stickers in that room to get used to the home. There's probably a real litterbox somewhere else in the house, the tray is probably what she was using in the meantime for Stickers in that room. Not saying the tray was OK, she should've went and just bought a cheap litter box. But knowing her, she's probably waiting on some $100 pink litter box to come in the mail or something.

No. 747159

Maybe she could use one of her Irregular Choice shoe boxes as his litterbox to match her aesthetic.

No. 747174

File: 1544485699515.png (473.91 KB, 521x409, jillian why.png)

the piss yellow, the roots, the faded bangs. I can't

No. 747183

Is the kitten litter in a kitchen pan LMAOOOO

No. 747187

this is actually really fucking concerning. how does neither her boytoy nor her mom intervene? why doesn't she just quit school and make an etsy store or something? she's clearly taken on too much and she's still in denial. there's nothing shameful about admitting you need help. THIS is shameful.

No. 747188


lmao that is a whole new level of laziness and it fits her so well. She (/her lil slave) totally would just throw away the whole litter box and put down a new one. Oh Jilly, think of the environment please… How silly of me, obviously she can't think of anything besides herself.

No. 747202

not interested in wk but it makes sense that if they were intentionally holding the cat in a separate room for a short period of time that they'd use something temporary as a litterbox for him? i hate her too, and I think the spilled litter is gross too, but it's not that deep

No. 747207

File: 1544489127584.jpeg (159.63 KB, 640x586, F95BC631-2BCE-4C29-B5E1-FB10A8…)

A lot of the comments are calling Jill out for not adopting a cat. This was my personal favourite

No. 747208

Sage but does anyone know where Jill got her dress/blouse from? The one she’s wearing in her intro/outro

No. 747209

File: 1544489327251.png (247.65 KB, 326x643, 90f.png)

>pronounced Mamoru like ma'ammaroo
Fake SM fan on top of being fake CCS fan.

No. 747211

yeah like sorry to sperg but "mamo-chan" is RIGHT THERE IN THE SERIES JILL

No. 747214

I hope Pixie starts looking at wig sponsors and just grows out her hair. Another youtuber I follow named Linzor fucked her hair up good and ended up getting a lot of wig sponsors and pretty much wearing wigs full time. The best part about it is you can dye a human hair wig, cut it etc, and no regrets. Please just take this one piece of advice Jillian. Full lace front human hair wigs with plucked hairlines and baby hairs. Just do it and leave your hair alone.

No. 747220

Her hair honestly looks like the kawaii version of Britney Spears‘ breakdown.

No. 747222

File: 1544491009524.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1125x1451, D65AFE8F-67E4-4B51-B831-DA4538…)

Probably nitpicky. And I know that cats have weird sleeping positions. But that one looks already dead, man.(nitpicking a cat)

No. 747223

alrighty lads theres lots of comments with lots of likes in her comments section talking about how she should have adopted and based off of the feedback from this video and the IC one, it seems as if some of her fans are seeing through her kawaii lies. someone wk by saying "oh well her moms allergic blah blah" and then someone else debunked all of that with shit mentioned here. this is a beautiful awakening and i feel her audience just slowly growing more and more aware

No. 747226

Does anyone else think that possibly her other cat wasn't meowing because of lack of companions? Maybe she was meowing for another reason.

No. 747228

sage for cat ot. in my experience having had only one cat, she usually meows when she wants/needs attention or needs something, but cats exclusively meow to communicate with humans. i wouldn't put past the possibility of her other cat meowing because it's distressed (anons here know cats are territorial and moving can be very stressful/traumatic for a cat).

moving to a new home after having spent the majority of its life in a single place would already stress a cat enough, maybe it wasn't such a good fucking idea to bring in ANOTHER cat so soon. i would've waited a year if i were jill, let the kitty settle in just fine.

No. 747246

This exactly. I am worried about those cats and I don't think she needed the added responsibility of one cat let alone 2 cats.

And omg her hair. The stress of it all is starting to get to her. I agree with another anon, she should call it quits, head home, open an Etsy, and try something else. I feel there is a meltdown in the very near future for her.

No. 747249

thanks. i dont have any experience with cats but this seemed like a really impulsive/bad idea. not only did the poor cat have to move and leave behind familiar cats/people, probably a house that was constantly busy/engaging, into an empty house with jill who sleeps 16 hours a day, but now she has to deal with a new cat infringing on her new space? it seems cruel to serena, but maybe i am just humanizing the cat too much

No. 747254

also i don't mean to double post, but i feel like it would at least be excusable if it was an adopted/rescue cat. instead she got a designer breed cat that probably cost a grand…
correct me if i'm wrong. but i don't see the difference between this cat and a lot of the other cats on the spca website in her province…

besides the colour i guess, and the fact that this is a kitten, but that seems like a dumb reason to get an animal that supports breeders instead of a rescue. like it doesn't look any cuter than most other cats to me? am i missing something?

No. 747269

I recently (5 years ago) moved a cat from one house to the other. He was super vocal once he adjusted to the new house and still is to this day. Why? Because he wants attention, every meow means something and it is your (or in this case Jills) job to figure out what her cat wants. And that thing is not having to share the place.
I think she just wanted to buy another cat and then justified it with her other one being lonely.

No. 747272

Sorry for double posting, but the way she introduced the cats was - in the beginning - okay. Until Nena started to hiss. Why did boytoy had to take her out? Because the cat that previously had a whole house to herself tried to put the new kitten in his place? Man thats normal. And as long as they aren‘t fighting it‘s fine.
Owning now 6 cats while having no idea about basic cat behaviour is seriously sad.

No. 747280

lmao AND after she made such a big deal about how her floors were gonna be “so” clean and there wouldn’t be crumbs stuck to anyone’s feet in her flying tiger haul. I guess cat litter > crumbs?

No. 747286


What an elaborate game of "House."

No. 747296

Yeah these last two videos received a significant amount of critical comments. I wonder if these are new viewers just passing by? Or actual fans that are done with her hypocrisy and bullshit. Either way I wonder if she’s noticed and what her reaction will be if this continues.

It’s about time that she gets called out seeing as other youtubers are regularly criticized for the same things that she does constantly (basically having no moral compass, self-awareness or sense of ethics).

No. 747298

the overload of creepy smiling with her butchered bangs, referring to her 'happy family' and claiming her new designer cat cured her sadness=yikes!!

No. 747299

She's probably meowing because jill's lazy ass never plays with her and she's bored af. So now she'll have two bored cats once the novelty of cute kitten wears off.

No. 747312

Jesus Christ can we stop being autistic over how cats look? Like are we really insulting kittens at this point.

No. 747338

File: 1544506760357.jpeg (24.08 KB, 640x217, E28530B3-2E1C-46A6-964D-5CBCC1…)

>bipolar :P

No. 747339

File: 1544507204980.jpeg (206.39 KB, 1309x1047, 8F2B8D70-7CD9-4D93-B89B-4546F1…)

let down 1/2

No. 747340

File: 1544507228578.jpeg (268.91 KB, 1391x1113, C6435D39-1D94-4CCE-804D-9ED989…)

No. 747342

I almost hope that a pet-tuber is gonna call her out on this, even though a lot of them are cows already.

kitt's response on point tho

No. 747343


Yeah also she used to get to go outside. The meowing is probably just her screaming "what happened to the catioooo??" I'd be pissed too.

No. 747347

can we quit with this fucking "people who don't adopt are the worst humans ever" meme? not only is it not really milk, but it's stupid in general. no one else is responsible for saving pets that other people chose to abandon. not jill, not any other cow, not us.

No. 747353

The point is she spent hundreds of dollars on a living animal that she treats like a piece of decor or something, just because she was having an off day
Buying from breeders is so expensive and they cause more animals to get put down, which really doesn’t fall in line with jills “I love animals I help at a shelter!!” narrative, especially after making a big deal out of the lie that her mum is allergic to non special breeds

She’s a liar and misleads her audience, while spending hundreds on something she could have gotten for free because stickers fit the ~~aesthetic~~, treating a living thing like just another toy for the shelf

No. 747364

yes the hypocrisy is a valid issue, but she probably only pushes that uwu i love shelter pets shit cause everyone acts like buying pets (which is a personal choice) is a sin if they're not from shelters. either vilify her for being manipulative and lying and then buying from a breeder, not because she has some kind of obligation to get shelter pets.

No. 747371

Hear, hear.

No. 747387


I'm surprised that no one else has pointed out that she admits her initial solution to Serena meowing so much was to just…lock her out of her room? I mean, Jesus Jill. I know it's probably annoying and you need to sleep, but that seems unnecessarily cruel to the poor thing. If she's lonely, the last thing she needed was to be MORE isolated.

No. 747389

File: 1544523555195.png (479.32 KB, 877x445, cats.PNG)

I knew Jill's house wouldn't be the tidiest but after seeing small snapshots of her room, its a total shithole

No. 747390


this has already been posted w/ pic almost word for word lol

No. 747425

It's about jill's money spending, superiority complex, and treating her cats like accessories or toys. You make it sound like you bought from an breeder and you're trying to justify it.

Like let's be real, she bought a new cute kitten because she was tried of Nina being boring.

No. 747443

Jill also had that stupid pink cat pram back home that she took them out and about in and would always go on about how much they love it, back at home the cat also had her parents who she grew up with to dote on her, Jill can say all she wants that Nina only likes her uwu but Louise was essentially its mother, she is so selfish

No. 747448

I wouldn’t care if she actually demonstrated being a good pet owner, not locking her cat at night because it is crying all night. It being designer makes it twice as impulsive and frivolous, it’s just a fashion statement to her…

No. 747449

>Like let's be real, she bought a new cute kitten because she was tried of Nina being boring.

Yeah, I feel like she got annoyed with Nina now or something. Maybe Nina isn't as cuddly anymore since she's dissatisfied in other ways (that her mom probably took care of before)?
It feels like she just wanted a ~cute lil fluffer uwu~ that would be 100% fixated on her.

No. 747453

considering jill's said she's depressed and her house is clearly a trash heap she probably hasn't bothered playing with her. her cat's probably bored and once the kitten gets bigger/older he's going to be bored too and then she'll have two cats meowing

No. 747457

it's a completely valid criticism. anyone who buys a pet from a breeder is at worst an immoral person and at best a dumb person. I wouldn't expect anything less from Jill, though. she loooves wasting money whenever she can.

No. 747471

>>747470 you did a piss poor job of covering the usernames

No. 747476

File: 1544543433967.png (167.11 KB, 1154x843, the cuntfetti club being retar…)

my bad, you're right. reuploaded w/o the censorship looking like shit.

No. 747477

File: 1544543626505.png (62.92 KB, 1184x344, more.png)

and more people trying to justify w/ "BUT MUH ALLERGIES". glad one of the commenters clarified that pixie herself isn't allergic, so the "my mom's allergies" excuse isn't worth jack. even if your mom came to visit or you took the cats home, louise can take medication to prevent an allergic reaction if it's just going to be a short period of interacting with the cats.

jillian really fucked herself over with this whole "muh mum's allergies" excuse, because now that she lives alone and keeps buying purebreds it's got holes all over it and people are starting to notice. wonder if she'll sperg out on twitter.

No. 747490

I was hoping that the breakdown video was a new start for something good, or at least better, but it seems it’s only getting worse…

No. 747499

it also doesn't make sense because Louise's latest cat they say came from a shelter, ragdolls are not hypoallergenic and Louise already owns one of those and has done for years, to really justify this as an excuse she needs to say what element of a cat she is allergic to because its way more complicated than just buying a "hypoallergenic" cat, its more common to be allergic to the cats saliva in which case no cat on earth will work for you, and its not just a case of avoiding being licked because cats get the saliva on their fur when they groom and then the fur spreads, hypoallergenic cats in general is BS, sage because who cares

No. 747504

Does anyone else find it a problem that she's just gonna take Stickers and Serena home with her for Christmas, are we going to have a 6 cat fight on our hands?

No. 747513

What a selfish way of thinking. That's like saying we shouldn't try to mitigate deflorestation because well, we were not the ones who did it.
It's an absolutely valid criticism in any context but specially Jill's.

No. 747518

What pisses me off about Pixie purchasing purebreeds is her virtue signaling. Reminds me of when she claimed that if you watch a content creator’s content and skip the ads, you’re stealing their intellectual property. Then in another video (the one about how YouTube ads and monetization works I believe?) she went on to say that she’s aware playing ads is annoying, and that she’s guilty of always skipping them, but ads help smol YouTubers uwu… even though she herself doesn’t help her content creator friends by skipping their ads.
What a fucking liar. Most of us wouldn’t care about her buying designer cats if she’d just admit she’s self-absorbed and prefers their aesthetic. The mom’s allergies excuse is retarded in the first place. If she were really allergic, you’d think the Vesseys would just go for another pet and not risk it.
The most laughable white knighting are her fans that say that Jillybean has to buy a designer cat for her big boi Christmas visit so that her mom won’t have an attack! Who spends a grand for short, sporadic visits? Even if Jill had adopted a stray and her mom actually had allergies, she could have just paid someone to cat sit for her.
Super tinfoil, but I don’t doubt that next time Jill has a breakdown, she’ll probably end up adopting another kitten to balance out buying a pedigree cat in hopes of salvaging her reputation. Wish this bitch would just visit a shelter to get her cat fix instead of housing them when she’s unstable.

No. 747521

>get stressed out from too many responsibilities
>Respond by taking on more
Why do people do this

No. 747534

Woah, when did she say that skipping ads equals stealing?? I need to see that.

No. 747573

What pisses me off (And I don't know much about cats) Is this kitten has just settled into a home and socialised with another cat, yet in what a week or two is being uprooted and put in a home of 4 or 5 (?) adult cats. Like that has to cause the kitten a load of stress right?

No. 747575

Her mom literally just got a rescue cat herself, granted it fits the aesthetic she likes herself. It's still not a special "hypoallergenic breed~ She's obviously learned to cope with the allergies she had once, that does happen.

Jill has no excuse

No. 747578

File: 1544557688273.jpg (67.5 KB, 420x315, photo1.jpg)


I was looking at Shelter's in jill's area and i found this rescue kitten she could have gotten instead of supporting a breeder. I think it is really cute and blue-eyed, fluffy long hair, etc. I don't understand why you would support breeders when you have other options. i think this cat is cuter anyway. sage for off topic.

No. 747587


bc Jill doesn't give a fuck about cats and their well-being. Jill just wants cute shit for her instagram, no matter if it's just a piece of plastic or a living creature.

>hopes that cute kitty finds a nice home with people who cherish it a lot.

No. 747599

she needs another litter box anyway since its common knowledge by now that cats should have individual litter boxes, so why not use an actual one instead of the tin pans? its not like shes hurting for money

No. 747600

File: 1544560424916.jpg (537.28 KB, 1080x1423, 20181211_163256.jpg)

Guess she's back to feeling her chub?

No. 747602

this looks really trashy…

No. 747603

File: 1544560607004.jpeg (914.33 KB, 1125x1377, DB39E370-0163-4B38-89CA-4EAE23…)

What did I even lay my eyes on

No. 747607

i definitely did not read that as "spicy", god dammit jill enough of the baby talk

No. 747608

>"steve take this goddamn pic faster, our grub hub is on the way!!"
but no really, her hair is rough in this. she photoshops everything else, she couldnt shoop her hair??

No. 747611

This would be kind of sexy and cute if it wasnt Jill's face and her hair is god awful

No. 747613

Holy fuck those CALVES

No. 747619

File: 1544562287804.jpg (705.04 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20181211-210413.jpg)

It looks like there is some weird shop going on? Her chin looks like it's melting into her chest

No. 747636

It would be okay if Jill shooped those grandma lines off her face on the sides of her lips. She's way too young to have those but I'm guessing that happens when you're fat and have almost no facial volume.

I think it's just a weird shadow/light. The lines are making a straight key hole shape on her boobs and chest too.

No. 747639

oh please ofc there is she shooped her double chin you know she would have one in that position there is no way she doesn’t

No. 747646

Jesus Christ she’s huge

No. 747650

HER KNEE IS BLURRED … how fat do you need to be to blue a fkn knee

No. 747653

File: 1544566108053.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1803, 20181211_150423.png)

jill listen. listen to me. if youre going to do fashion colors still, pick 3 or less colors and stick to it. the bright yellow looks sick when its an at-home job and your roots are this bad.

sorry for the crappy phone edit but i sincerely think a colorblocking like this would look better while still retaining the level of Special Art Girl you crave

No. 747655

This made me gag. Oh god she‘s a ham wraped in chiffon.

No. 747666

I honestly don't get how the girls with the shittiest look and style can get so popular. Even from just glancing at this, you can tell it's a horrible photoshoot cause Jill just looks like cookie dough in pink on a tacky couch

No. 747672

File: 1544567924092.png (8.53 KB, 293x120, spichy.PNG)

sooooo… just throw some pink chiffon on and don't worry about eating healthy or working out? flawless logic, jill.

No. 747677

I used to think the people talking about Jill's weight were nitpicking. But it's alarming to see how much she's balooned over the last couple of years so quickly…

No. 747678

File: 1544568856263.png (881.61 KB, 1423x1080, jill's hair 2.png)

> that hair
my god you're greasy

No. 747681

christ look at those hams.
she has such a fridge body that awkward pose accentuates that.

No. 747690

I'm finding it very difficult to make out much of anything that's happening in this picture. It's too blown out or something. All the pink is blending together.

No. 747695

File: 1544571199795.jpeg (86.48 KB, 750x280, 4355D6FB-370D-40D6-95F9-F73C4D…)

i think she’s been lurking again, we were just talking about how bad the yellow looked the other day. hi jill!

No. 747696

>>747695 …but she said she hated the yellow in her video

No. 747698

File: 1544571612861.jpg (145.14 KB, 1125x818, jillian.jpg)

hey, you inspired me. i like that haircolor on her.

jill could actually be cute, if she just fixed her hair and her diet. (also her photo editing with the oversaturated warm tones is just…garish, so i attempted to fix that too)

No. 747701

woah that pink is SUCH an improvement. girl really doesn't understand undertones or color theory and she's trying to be a designer… yikes. and yeah she amps up the saturation on every pic she posts, which is probs why other anon said they were having trouble looking at it. she also kind of blends into the couch here, not to mention this horribly unflattering pose with her thighs spread out, which isn't doing her any favors.

No. 747703

i still thinks she looks bad. in my opinion she would really benefit from coffee toned/darker hair

No. 747704

So many anons point this out but even if she was cute, she'd have to miraculously gain a sense of style and a non selfish attitude. Fixing yourself so you're not a cunt is a lot harder than fixing your hair and dropping weight.

No. 747709

That is honestly the saddest thing. My cat meows at night but -most- of the time if I call her she'll just come and cuddle with me. That poor cat just wants attention Jill wtf. She should have just gotten herself a cat there and left Serena at home.

sage for semi-blogpost sorry

No. 747711

I'm the phone edit anon, I proposed it for a better Fashion Color hair look. Jillybean's too afraid of "not being special" for natural hair colors.

bless this shop

No. 747724

Speaking of Jill's hair, I really don't get why she's so opposed to seeing a hairdresser?
If I had her kind of spending money I'd be hitting up a fancy salon every 6 weeks.
Even if doesn't want to drop a lot of cash on that for whatever reason she could still get her bangs cut by a professional at least, they usually do it for a few bucks.

It's just bizarre to me that she'll waste ridiculous amounts of money on unnecessary shit but then she can't be bothered to do something simple to look good.

No. 747737

because she doesn't know how to manage money. she doesn't know how to be financially responsible, she doesn't know how to prioritize needs over luxuries. she spends impulsively, on a whim, as a way to put a band-aid over her very real issues that require psychological help from a professional, not a $500 pink christmas tree and a shit tattoo.

hell, she rented a FUCKING TOWNHOUSE all to herself to live in for 3 to 4 YEARS while she's "in college" (she's barely attending it rn, didn't last a fucking month), painted the walls very bright colors KNOWING she'd be living there for only a very limited period of time. jill doesn't know how to spend money.

No. 747784

Didn't she say she was going to stop naming the brand on clothes she bought from fast fashion places like Forever21? Dollskill's Sugar Thrillz line is cheap quality and fast fashion too but them having pink clothes makes it ah okay I guess. Oversea shipping on clothes, microwaves, trees, does she buy anything Canadian?

No. 747785

Purebred cats.

No. 747801

either embarrassed or thinks its acceptable. has she any real reason to think otherwise with her fans praising her constantly.
probably also just lazy and anxious about the effort of going and facing a hairdresser when she can do it hersel

No. 747817

Poor things are now accessories

No. 747850

File: 1544586585715.jpeg (230.52 KB, 1451x800, BF3DD04C-31E4-45FC-99A1-2DB3E7…)

Excuse my crappy photo shopping but I think this sums up Pixies life pretty well

No. 747869

Next thread pic please

No. 747875

Kek seconded on next thread pic
great job anon you captured Jillian's essence

No. 748003

When the TLC logo came up I lost my mind lmao

No. 748008

File: 1544623708575.jpg (113.26 KB, 598x288, Untitled-15.jpg)

No. 748010

>Hewwo, pretend I didn't actually make a gross queerbaiting video last year ^_^

No. 748012

File: 1544624342532.png (55.5 KB, 220x172, new.png)

seriously tho, she even specifically called the video "what i got my girlfriend for Christmas" but she's probably forgotten about that herself lol

No. 748022

First she gets shit from her fans about buying her new kitten from a breeder. Now she’s pretending like her girlfriend never existed. Like, what the hell is wrong with her.

No. 748038

I thought she wasn't buying from Dolls Kill anymore?

No. 748097

My guess is that they sent this to her for free to sponsor, or Jill just wanted to try to be a ~sexy clown~ again.

No. 748100

>>748038 Jill also said she wasn't buying fast fashion anymore. You can't trust anything she says.

No. 748108

When did she say that? Doesn't she get basically all her clothes from there? They even have plus sizes now, so I'm not surprised she'd stay loyal to them; I don't know where else you get those tacky tumblr clothes aside from one size fits most Instagram stores (I don't really go looking for them either though).

No. 748176

Her attempt to use the word amalgamate isn't even done correctly, it's definition is combine or unite to form one organization or structure. Which is meant to be used in medical terms.

No. 748180

Verzogern… Hasslich Fett Kuh.

No. 748190

File: 1544645964418.jpg (91 KB, 580x139, Untitled-3.jpg)

No. 748193

Does she mean YT as work (bc her vids are so simple)? Or school work?

No. 748209

She says she's stockpiling videos to post so doesnt that mean she's not going to be "working" on her break?

>>748193 of course she doesn't mean school work, she doesn't do any.

No. 748216

Okay anons, I was thinking of editing together a “pixie rewind” or a pixie highlight reel of some of her worst moments this year. So fire off with some of your favourite pixie cow moments this year

No. 748231

oof her sims camp for sure i mean thats next level embarrassing she was so out of place there

No. 748235

i'd like to nominate these, anon
>>718906 sims camp video she was PAID to promote, doesn't show any footage of the game. gets called out in the comments >>719207 and tries to play it off as "teehee i didn't know if i could show hte g8me!!"
>>738015 pixie being a retard @ sims camp
>>736423 ccs (croissant card captor)
>>739152 freshman fifteen? more like freshman thirty

No. 748243

purchasing another designer cat, while recent as hell, seems to be a pretty big one. more than half of the top comments on that video are about how they wish she would've adopted. i even saw one saying they were unsubbing.
and let's not forget the "microwave incident" kek

No. 748248

File: 1544655541399.png (2.03 MB, 1524x1280, 1530211074810.png)

her horrible animaritime cosplay please

No. 748266

Her subcount (on social blade) went into negative figures the day the cat video went up (granted it was only -6 subs, but considering most of the time she's has small, consistent growth, it says something).

No. 748270

There's gotta be some mention of her meetup. Stolen vip bags, her and her mom rumored to be drunk, the sheer amount of terribly dressed weebs, etc.
Also her horrifying green dress she made.

No. 748273

the horrible green dress that she was then too embarrassed to wear in public.

No. 748279

that was THIS YEAR?! holy shit jill has so much milk on her i feel like it's been like 2 years ago.

ALSO! I know it was technically last year but I nominate this stellar moment: Jill outing a poor lesbian who was genuinely interested in her just to make a queerbaiting video, dumping her, claiming she was gonna keep her relationships private and showcasing Stephen in a Patreon post and a video not even a year later. Of course her boyfriends get to be in videos.

No. 748283

Here's a tinfoil on some aged milk, but I think she didn't show Alyssa because she just wasn't that cute or interesting, and that's why Jill dumped her too. If Steven was as dumpy and boring as the gf, he wouldn't have been shown either.

No. 748290

> Alyssa wasn't that cute or interesting
because Jillian is any of those, lol.

Stephen isn't cute and doesn't seem interesting to me or many anons either, we've only seen him in one video and he's simpleminded at best. Jillian sure did parade her new "MYSTERY GORLFROND" aaaaaaaaaaall over social media w/o actually namedropping or tagging her, so she WANTED people to know she was dating a girl. hell, she made a video with the worlds my girlfriend in the title in caps letters >>748012. she wasn't shown but she was teased. A LOT.

i'll counter your tinfoil with my tinfoil, and that is that she couldn't get the new gf to budge into her new aesthetic so that's why she dropped her like a hot potato. the new boytoy seems morphable and easy to mold into her kaweewee vomit fashion sense, so he's safe to parade around. notice how ALL her public partners from the youtube days seem to "fit" into her little aesthetic? what kind of psycho never dates anyone that dresses normally or in OTHER altfash style??

No. 748300

Other than that terrible photoshoot, Steven has only been shown wearing super normie dude clothes.

No. 748307

That's old milk anon, surely theres better things to nitpick

No. 748311

File: 1544660865951.png (30.48 KB, 966x144, Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 6.26…)

An interesting excerpt from her comments here.
Seems she actually had some of her fans fooled that she actually liked girls.

No. 748312

That was posted in response to someone asking for milk highlights from this year.

No. 748313

I think that atleast he will let her dress him up like he's a doll. alyssa seemed quirky but a real human.

No. 748315

Jillian can't admit she loves dick because it's not kawiwi

No. 748329

All she does is cock hop. Kek she's a boyfriend stealing cock ramming cunt. Kek watch her end up married in a few years to a rich dude.

No. 748332

THE FUCKING MICROWAVE that shit still has me stunned as does the entire "pixie pad" saga we are still living in.

No. 748338

Who is retarded enough to believe she was ever a lesbian??

No. 748339

people who genuinely watch and enjoy her shit-tier channel

No. 748381

oh and dont forget her posting the deco outside her house/her general area/a photo of her key to the house/when she would be on vacation and not in the house within like the first week of moving in lol

No. 748394

If you can get videos from her livestreams on the website, then I think you should get videos of her freaking about about saying that she’s family friendly when she would mention or show herself drunk multiple times, or her stupid ~sexy clown phase~ and actually saying “my wands aren’t dildos. My dildos are in my drawer hehe.” (she’s mentioned dildos in the same sentence as wand in multiple wand collection videos too).

No. 748396

Samefagging but one of her fans on YouTube has reposted some livestreams too under the name confetti club. The drinking alcohol freak out thing was sometime around NYE.

No. 748398

When you mention Stephen + Jill’s queerbaiting, don’t forget to mention that he’s Maggie’s ex.

No. 748407

Late as fuck but if you can find a way to include her patreon goals (making a Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay, more thrift flips, etc) and how she really hasn't done more than 1 or 2 videos off that list in 6+ months that'd be amazing

No. 748418

Her mom is so the first one

No. 748419

Anything about her Kawaii International win

No. 748469

File: 1544692582181.jpeg (199.2 KB, 640x886, 11A924E7-0906-4070-974E-719431…)

Pixie Rewind anon here: thanks for all your suggestions. Here’s what I got month by month, tell me if I’ve missed anything 1/3

No. 748470

File: 1544692613867.jpeg (154.86 KB, 640x702, 9D2A8F95-B8E4-4FE0-B0B0-08808B…)


No. 748473

File: 1544692741033.jpeg (163.52 KB, 640x719, D8E16EBA-3FB3-48E9-B8D8-4F02A2…)


No. 748479

I just completely forgot to add her Kawaii international win. Must of missed it when I skimmed over her thumbnails

No. 748519

Can we pleaseeeee add the fact that even after the huge microwave saga she STILL “forgot” that the UK had different outlets and didn’t bring a converter to London with her for the Sims camp

No. 748521


No. 748529

Don't forget to include plenty of screen shots of the sims community roasting her on her lack of knowledge of the game and her bad makeup skills. God that shit was milky.

No. 748531

YEAAAH, the livestream screenshots are pure gold. is the make-up livestream recoverable? does anyone have a link to it?

No. 748534

that was the best i think that was the first time she had been received by an audience that wasn't her own and it was amazing to see non-confetti cunts and non-farmers react.

No. 748846

Sage this r/wowthanksimcured level garbage.

No. 748851

If Pixie has depression she should drink water or open a window.

No. 748856

It's still available on twitch. Here it is.
I'd advice the person who is making the compilation to save this quick before it eventually becomes unavailable.

No. 749023


Jill shows up at the 2:14:30 time marking

No. 749052

I got the Twitch stream saved for milk's sake, but for patience's sake, I recorded a full video of the stream and the chat replay from the start of Jillian's segment to the end of the segment. I haven't edited it for a clean cut yet, but there were a lot of audio issues during the segment, and it wound up being about 45-46 mins long in total. If you want me to go ahead and send it I can clean it up and we can work out a transfer with temporary emails or something.

No. 749058

why doesnt she date a transbien? then she can get dick and still get queer points for being an uwu gay couple

No. 749116

Because transbians are usually huge ugly abominations with zero personal hygiene and Jill hasn't sunk so low yet.
One day…

No. 749176

Good video, Jill for sure has the 1st type of relationship.
OT, but Venus’ mom fits all 4 descriptions. No wonder Venus ran away.

No. 749230

File: 1544820028560.jpg (295.68 KB, 720x1031, 20181214_204013.jpg)

No. 749231

File: 1544820119369.jpg (95.42 KB, 720x442, 20181214_204204.jpg)

No. 749240

THIS is what she considers good enough for a college assignment?

No. 749253

Don't forget her college is basically glorified arts and crafts hour for bored housewives
It's not like they have high academic standards lol

No. 749304

did anyone else not think that was a mirror picture at first.

No. 749320

Because as much as I dont care for Jill, I wouldnt wish that shit on her.

No. 749326

Trans women > Jill
lmao who hurt you both

No. 749351

"this strike is ruining everything" way to keep think of the bigger picture, jill

No. 749417

It looks like she's wearing a child's swimsuit or romper, looks ugly AND cheap. This isn't a very flattering angle either. There's literally a staight line from the small of her back to the top of her thigh. She has no ass.

No. 749487

Looks like she just took a regular pic and photoshopped it in to look like a mirror pic. The fake ass flowers really elevate this to another level of bad though…

No. 749629

thats her ass? i knew that was her thigh tattoo but i still had a hard time understanding what body part that was i thought that was her beefy arm

No. 749652

File: 1544908828229.png (608.33 KB, 511x546, Untitled.png)

after watching this, i think i can truly understand just how grimy she is…

No. 749750

Hey, pixie rewind anon here. I'm doing a mass download of all of Pixie's videos and realised that her Kawaii International announcement (that she won+all the stuff she got) is missing. I don't know if I'm blind but it appears to not be on her channel anymore. If anyone has a backup or archive please notify me

No. 749760

Wasn't it on the kawaii.i site?
I can't find it right now but found this if it helps:

No. 749762

Is this what you're looking for?

No. 749766

Thanks guys, it was on the Kawaii I youtube channel, not her own, thanks again! Downloading it now

No. 749768

sage plz

No. 749773

for someone who claims to care about ethical business she sure doesn't give a shit about workers' rights lmao

No. 749775

mad nitpick but you'd think someone whose ""livelihood"" is promoting her brand online would…oh, i don't know, upload the video of her winning Kawaii International Leader to her OWN channel? unless she somehow wasn't allowed, which would be incredibly odd because kawaii international would probably want her to promote it as much as possible to her fanbase. at least to me it's really odd pixie hasn't uploaded this to her channel at all.

also what a fucking prick. this bitch won Kawaii International Leader and made a video that's less than 2 minutes long, and it's plain as fuck. someone with a brain who won this prize would've taken the chance to make several videos on the subject (talking about winning in itself, maybe collabing with other contestants who DIDN'T win but you could boost their channels anyways, making videos about planning the trip to japan, maybe a short vid on the history of jfash). but pixie won, so we got a less-than-two-minutes video that's just like any other boring-ass haul she makes.

No. 749779

kawaii I is a joke anyways, anon.

No. 749781

She only won because her fans obsessively voted every chance they had to boost her up. Even with the other choices that dressed far better than her, it really wound up being a popularity contest in the end.

No. 749854


No. 749856

File: 1544972813475.jpeg (118.29 KB, 1117x582, B52A1A8A-74D0-4AA2-A6A3-2CE611…)

for the love of Christ, practice basic hygiene and wash your hair, Jill!!

No. 749860

party kei more like radfem kei

No. 749862

Can you imagine being in your 20s and stringing some beads on some string in lieu of a real present for someone when you spend $500 on yourself for a pink Christmas tree?

No. 749866

Honestly though, the friendship bracelets are one of the most thoughtful gifts she's ever given.

No. 749869

File: 1544974831590.jpeg (729.95 KB, 3072x3072, F47BA535-33A5-4B81-8A03-8DC654…)

No. 749871

File: 1544974858894.jpeg (735.44 KB, 3072x3072, 546CE9CF-F6DA-40F2-8BD4-1D04DE…)

I couldn’t choose witch one lamo(learn to sage)

No. 749874

Honestly the friendship bracelets were like the best gifts because they had thought put into them. Good gifts don’t need to be expensive

No. 749875

i keked when she got stephens parents candy cane flavored davids tea. she was like "oh its really really good" and i think its funny how shes continously giving people things she wants. no actual normal human being wants to drink candy cane tea. maybe regular peppermint, but not the crushed candy cane shit that i presume is filled with the nasty sugary shit she loves so much

i very much agree anon. they werent self-centered, either.

No. 749877

…aren't here friends just going to watch this and see what they got since they're subscribed to her. She could have easily waited, still would have gotten the views.

No. 749882

those tote bags she is giving her friends look dirty, I wonder where they have been thrown all this time to get grimy

No. 749885

>>749854 notice how she said she did a video on what she got her friends and family last year….conveniently leaving out her 'girlfriend' even tho that's the title of the video

No. 749889

Her socks are so dirty as well, clearly she doesn't mop her floors or anything…

No. 749890

wearing a pink fitbit, come on Jill who are you kidding

No. 749891

one friend gets a bath bomb and a hat she got for free from dollskill when the others get a bath bomb and something she actually bought, ouch

No. 749905

the weird thing about that is that she must have asked the friend if she wanted the hat, and then just not given it to her at the time. so she either thought "Oh im not sure if I'd rather hoard it for myself, or "I'll save myself some money and gift it for christmas"

what a piece of shit lol>>749891

No. 749913

File: 1544981941418.gif (924.45 KB, 434x250, milo.gif)

she looks like milo stewart when she bulges her eyes

No. 749916

How does Jill think that she looks presentable? How isn‘t she ashamed of herself? Even if she is as depressed as she claims, she could at least put some effort into her video „lewks“.

No. 749917

I stopped watching the video as soon as I saw that. I mean, if you really have to be that dirty at least wash them just before filming. That’s gross but also stupid and lazy

No. 749919

YEAH INDEED?? Wtf why don’t you at least try to put effort in literally what should be your channel main focus

No. 749922

File: 1544982386269.png (652.49 KB, 768x395, ROOTS.PNG)


No. 749925

Her scalp looks…Damaged… Is she okay? :thinking emoji:(no emojis)

No. 749926

''from your daughter… D.O.T.T.E.R''


No. 749928

>>749891 I knowww and they get the birthday bag that doesnt even match the wrapping aesthetic… jesus

No. 749931

Dry shampoo is a depressed persons best friend, it even comes in pink cans with kaweewee scents, no excuse, also she can't wash her hair but she can put in the effort to put her extensions in? please tell me she doesn't just leave them in for days on end

No. 749932

She buys her friends utter garbage for gifts. Greedy sad greasy haired troll.

No. 749934

Yeah, but the faded color, the piss yellowish hair and the patchy roots will be still there… In my opinion that is also why it looks so gross

No. 749952

File: 1544986650116.jpg (71.23 KB, 600x450, 1N0UjV3.jpg)

God, Jill is the personification of filth. Not only she does not bother to keep up some basic hygiene but is also a damn hoarder like seen in this video >>747389

No wonder we only see this one wall of her house. Makes you wonder about the state of her bathroom and kitchen area. And how can Steve live in all that as well? Wow, both of them are such pigs. I just feel sorry for the cats, they deserve better.

No. 749954

How is her hair so consistently greasy despite that extensive bleaching causes hair to be very dry and need extra conditioner and hydrating products? This is especially bad, but it's rare for Jill to ever appear in a video with clean hair despite "fashion" being her job. She spends all this time and money trying to look more kaweewee than icky normies but then can't be fucked to do the bare basics of looking clean and publicly acceptable.

No. 749959

is this before or after she said she changed her hair to be blonde because if it's after YIKES, also got to love how the extensions don't match her real dingy swamp hair, fashion icon

No. 749960

So much breakage on the top of her head. Even greasy her hair looks like straw. She needs to stop bleaching and let it grow out for at least a few months.

No. 749963

She's probably not washing it much to try to keep the color from fading. But obviously you need to use dry shampoo or something if you do this.

No. 749974

Someone notice that she has a digital watch, like the one from xiaomi or stuff like that, but this year she bought also the one from doremi?

No. 749986


No. 749992

It’s a Fitbit, she’s had one for a while and it looks like she just got a pink strap for it

No. 749996

I'm screaming I have the exact dress she has on. Why Jill gotta look like a swamp monster but the throw on something relatively cute blows my mind she's so gross

No. 750001

She spent eight dollars on a gift bag that's just going to be thrown out eventually.

No. 750002

sage for ot but what brand is the dress anon? i love it

No. 750004

man jill I don't always mean to be the anon that turns this into Brutally Honest Jillybean Support Circle but you have picked a hair color & style that looks the WORST with even the smallest amount of grease, this is NOT a depression friendly style

you cannot film videos like this honey, wash your damn hair before you film or dye it all a rich, deeper color that hides your roots better. please. you have too much money to present yourself with this little sense.

No. 750005

She got Steve a teddy fresh hoodie and it looks like something she would 'want' him to wear rather than something he likes? Okay.

I also agree with the other anons that she's broadcasting all her gifts so everyone is spoiled for her friends and family

No. 750007

Fitbits seriously overestimate how many calories you burn…by like 250+ a day…recipe for weight gain…

No. 750009

ok but like… the literal LINE between her bang grow-out and the rest of her hair. like she has roots in her bangs but no roots elsewhere? i hope that just has to do with timing i.e. she dyed her bangs way earlier and they're way more grown out or something. otherwise, good lord, girl getchu some olaplex before you go bald.

No. 750013

That gift bag was also probably more expensive than what's inside it too.

No. 750014

I think she just lightened patches of her regrowth but not the whole thing.

No. 750016

She's probably too lazy to do root upkeep on the bangs, since it's more work.

No. 750020

why did the leave the price tag on stuff like the tote bags…

No. 750025

How else will people know how much she spent on them?

No. 750027

Bonne chance collections anon

No. 750033

Jillian even says that she thinks that she can do a matching look with Steve in the pastel hoodie. How does she continue to push her aesthetic onto her family, friends and pets without realizing that it’s wrong? Steve said that he would wear it but if he has no problem with dressing up however she wants him to then that’s not healthy either. He must just go along with whatever people tell him, or is only doing it because this rich girl is is gf.

No. 750035

yea it's a bit weird. why not just find someone who already has that aesthetic?

No. 750047

I don't understand why all the gifts needed to be pastel, why isn't just using pastel wrapping paper enough for her? It's like she just forgets that she's not shopping for herself until it's time to wrap everything. I wouldn't be surprised at all if she bought things for herself alongside most of those purchases.

No. 750067

half of the gifts are probably things she bought for herself but then realized she needed to give people gifts

No. 750072

the wrapping being her aesthetic is odd since they won't be underneath her tree they will be under someone else's, maybe that's just me but I wrap based on the other persons likes, I wonder if she demands her parents wrap her gifts in exclusively kaweewee stuff

No. 750079

File: 1545008106015.png (451.78 KB, 441x476, 46426542654654.PNG)

The cup that she got for Jon looks so dirty.

No. 750082

This is 100% a used/coffee stained mug that she just pulled out of her kitchen

No. 750085

Eh, that’s super nitpicky imo. I think it makes more sense to wrap it however she wants so it’d be easily identifiable. But also the fucking presents should be relevant to other people’s interests. I don’t think Jill knows other people have interests that aren’t hers.

No. 750087

File: 1545009120979.jpeg (978.31 KB, 2048x2048, E43715DB-EC18-42F5-8119-390F76…)

I kinda suspected that Jill was exaggerating when she claimed that Serena socialized with no other cats or no one else in the family. I was pretty sure that Louise said Serena was close to Quinny, and sure enough there’s tons of pics on her insta of Serena hanging out with the other cats around the house even though Jill said she never left the basement.

I mean this is just sad, she’s full of shit and probably stressed her cat out by taking her away from her family. Also Serena’s siblings passed away unexpectedly from heart problems so, out of all the cats, she’s probably the one who’s stress levels should be monitored as closely as possible. All this traveling back and forth for Christmas with the new kitten, only to be taken away from her home again after the holidays are over. Ugh poor thing.

No. 750088

I could be wrong, but that looks like a style of glazing I've seen on a lot of pottery. I have some myself that look similar.

It's meant to look that way.

That treble clef is tacky as hell, but that's just opinion, I guess.

No. 750091

Made worse by cats taking a lot longer to adjust to change than sat, dogs would.

Jill is a fucking horrible cat mom. If her mother cared in the slightest for those animals, she would have very, very strongly encouraged Jill to take none with her.
Or at least ADOPT a pet she is capable of providing the level of love and care that they need.

A goldfish would be more her speed.

No. 750099

Yeah, I think it's supposed to be rustic looking. It looks like something you'd buy at a craft fair or something made by a hobby artist.
I feel like this video highlights just how lacking Jill's personality is. If you ignore the kawiwi aesthetic, everything she bought is the kinda stuff grandma's buy for Christmas. Candles, cold weather accessories, teas and mugs. You'd think a young art student with unique interests would be able to come up with more interesting gifts.

No. 750104

That kitten is gonna get killed at Christmas

No. 750107

The only semi-thoughtful gifts she showed were those ugly bracelets she made.

The rest was all either things she herself would want, or things she didn't want (the toque)

Her selfishness knows no bounds.

No. 750108

Sage for sperg but I never been mad at Jill and just read this thread to laugh at what a mess she is but this makes me really angry and sad.

No. 750111

This, it's the glaze combined with the high saturation effect on the video. The high saturation makes a lot of things look weird and draws attention to discolorations, especially yellows.

No. 750115

File: 1545013134205.jpeg (237.1 KB, 1223x875, 2B0A71A3-E163-4A61-87B0-6C1146…)

I know anons have differing opinions about screencapping Jill’s likes, but she’s been binge-liking tweets like these about fat shaming and how mean the internet is. Saging for the obvious, but we’re the only ones who pick on her weight and call her thirdtrimesterlocks etc. Stop reading what you can’t handle, Jill.

No. 750116

well to start, she wrapped all these gifts on a rug she has 100% never cleaned that is probably covered in cat hair.

if any of jill's videos perfectly showcase how retarded she is, it's definitely this one.
>wrapping presents on a dirty floor and letting your cats walk all over everything
>leaving price tags on things
>regifting crap she got for free
>not a single meaningful gift in sight, just cheap junk that will go in a landfill really quick
>sloppy as fuck wrapping and wasting tons of paper by not combining things into one
>only buying shit that she wants herself instead of asking friends/family if they have any requests
>grimy as fuck pastel pink socks on

No. 750120

File: 1545013972438.png (69.71 KB, 1266x431, Capture.PNG)

No. 750124


"adopt in the future" jill PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop bringing cats to your house. just stop. enough. just learn how to take care of the cats you already have. don't adopt or shop or anything just. pay attention to your current cats.

No. 750128

bullshit. people have been pointing out the ethics and cruelty behind breeders for years now.

only problem for her is now more of her viewers are getting sick of her treating animals like accessories.

No. 750129

didn't she volunteer with her mother at a shelter, and tell her followers to adopt?? how does she not understand the problem with buying, especially after volunteering at a shelter?

No. 750130

This is absolute bullshit. When her mom adopted their last cat, everyone talked about how proud they were that they got him from the shelter.

No. 750133

Upon first read, I gave Jill the benefit of the doubt. I thought this was good, but the more times I read it, I realize it’s so woe is me.
If she were actually sorry, she might’ve tweeted about it or made some other social media apology over it considering the shitstorm those video comments are. But no, she just writes a flimsy comment on the same video now that people are paying attention to her new holiday videos. She’s doing some small-scale containment so nobody else calls her out.

“I never questioned the ethicality of buying vs adopting.” Yes she has. She spergs about supporting smol artists, why would this be something she overlooks? She obviously knew she’d be considered heartless for buying from breeders because she always went to great lengths to justify her designer cat purchases, and even outwardly saying the reason she shops for cars is because of mom’s allergies. She’s known this for years. She’s in her twenties and knows damn well what she’s doing with the thousands she’s dropping on cats. Let’s not forget how she showed off her one adopted cat, to collect those brownie points.

“I cannot return my cat.” Because your cat isn’t a fucking clothing item! No one is asking you to return your cat. People are just pointing out for the thousandth time that you should adopt. So if given the chance, she’d return her cat just because she wants to virtue signal to her audience then? Do things for your own self, Jill. Don’t do it for your audience. If you plan on adopting in the future, do it because you actually care.

No. 750134

"i will not and can not ship my cat back to pei"

but who asked you to in the first place? no body said "gIvE yoUr CaT BaCK or ElsE!" people were just educating you. i'm-

No. 750150

I used to think Maggie and Jill were besties, but this video gave insight on their friend circle dynamic. Basically, Wendy and Jenny are her main bitches, then comes John, and everyone else are kind of side friends. Jill made it sound like she only bought the others gifts because they’re all going to be at the same Christmas party, and she even mentioned how expensive gift buying gets. I’m pretty sure if there were no party, the side friends wouldn’t be getting gifts.
Idk, my feelings would personally get hurt if I were Jill’s friend and I saw that everyone else was getting other big boi gifts like Jenny and Wendy did, and I was just an after thought who is only getting a gift because we’re at the same party.
Also, she didn’t get Kenzie anything .. so much for goth best friend, despite very recently seeing her when she got her shitty tattoo.
Kek at the quick mention of how her and Maggie ~traded roomies uwu~ when she bitched about how she’s living on her own. If only her fans knew that Steven is Maggie’s ex and Jill’s serial pattern of dating her friend’s exes.

No. 750156

Her talking about gift giving being expensive made me roll my eyes. She spent about $150-200 in total on everyone. She probably spends about that in a week eating out.

No. 750159

her goofy fucking tree cost 500

No. 750163

She spent way more on her pink tree easily went through thousands of dollars within the past two months. People should appreciate any gift they receive, and the friendship bracelets are super sweet, but I feel like if you’re going to give gifts within your friend circle, they should all be of the same caliber.
Maybe I’m reading far into it, but if you make bracelets for two of your friends, why not make bracelets for the rest of your girls? Even if they aren’t part of the Moon Mist Girls.
If you’re going to bring Jenny and Wendy gifts from England and give them more personalized gifts, why give the other girls the same generic bath bombs and slippers?
I’d understand if they weren’t all in the same friend circle, of course she’s closer friends with some people than others. But they are in the same group. These are the girls she watches her children’s anime with and who she frequents. They will all be at the same party.
I can picture Jill showing up with three gifts for Jenny and Wendy each, and then just giving those small boxes to her secondary friends.
Sage for sperging but seriously Jill, you drop money like a dumbass on the daily. Your friends are never too much of an investment.

No. 750187

Once again muh allergies, Ragdolls aren't and never have been hypoallergenic, no cat is or can be, its a widely held misconception, you can get shots to boost you and take an inhaler but there is no such thing as building tolerance by exposure either, if she can bear to deal with it with their uwu high-end purebreds then she could have been tolerating rescues this whole time. Also fuck off Jill with your echo chamber uwu not my fault defense your mum's last cat was a rescue

didn't she say she is taking the cats home for Christmas you know….to PEI, odd choice of things to say there

No. 750202


Tinfoil - she only hung out with Maggie to get closer to Steve. She only became friends with her, what, at the start of this year? The end of 2017? And it was like this "Omg wow someone in my tiny province likes ka-wee-wee shit too!" thing. My guess is that Jillybean already knew about Maggie, probably gave zero fucks about her because she was a fugly confetti club-tier loser, and only became interested in being her friend once she spied the eye candy ex.

Jill uses people. We been knew.

No. 750208

I find it extremely hard to believe she had no idea breeders were unethical. And once again, she's using her mom as an excuse for it. Disgusting

No. 750209


i can't imagine living in a world where steve is eyecandy. pei must suck ass.

on another note, maggie has lost a bit of weight and i'm sure it's triggering jill into binges, so there's that.. hehe.

No. 750218


I mean obvs not to people with taste, anon. But this is Jill we're talking about. And he is very much her type.

No. 750235

i think this too, but not to harshly. like i really think they were becoming friends at first. but then when jill went to go hang with her she spotted a possible future dick appointment/boyfriend in steven.

again, i still feel like her and maggie were friends, but thier "friendship" isn't why i think they were hanging out. we all know jill is a major introvert with a shopping habbit so what in the world would persuade her to go out with maggie so much? oh yes steven

i think once jill got a hold of steven, and dumped her old roommate on maggie, she's slowly stopped talking to maggie. because she honestly doesn't need to anymore..and i'm pretty sure she is going to make maggie feel like they are still friends. but the truth is….

No. 750237

i love how jill talked about how expensive gift buying is, when she showed off her 500 dollar gucci glasses she got in the beginning of the video??!!!!

No. 750245

File: 1545062959377.jpg (309.43 KB, 720x983, 20181217_160821.jpg)

>>750235 Maggie hung out with jill very recently so idk

No. 750248

oh i had no idea, i still feel like she was being used to get steven in jills home and for jill to dump her old roommate on maggie though, idc how close of a friendship they have.

No. 750262

I agree with the above tinfoils, Jill’s ~girl power~ personality is a shtick. What is this, the third time she’s forged some sort of relationship with a friend’s ex? She is an opportunist, and it did seem like Jill and Maggie were super close at the beginning, to the point were her fans thought they were dating. They’ve been friends since spring, as Jill first showed off Maggot on Instagram in May so probably around those months. It’s been a little over half a year of friendship, and Jill’s leeched on to Maggie’s ex. It could be that Maggie didn’t feel too bad about it at first, but it could have dawned on her once Steven moved out for Jill.
They’re obviously all still hanging out, but no doubt Maggie and Jill aren’t close anymore or they never were to begin with and Maggie just wanted to post about her famous friend or whatever. Or, they’re still hanging out because they run in the same friend circle and Maggie made these life style changes, such as moving, to be closer to Jill so she feels some obligation to not fuck up the friendship.
I like the salt shakers Jill got her, but in comparison to everyone’s else’s gifts, Maggie’s seemed the most boring imo

No. 750292

But did she hang out with Jill or with Steven? She‘s still friends with him and they did a lot together after all. Since he‘s living with Jill he probably invites friends over as well.

No. 750295

I work for david's tea and there's no way in hell a "tea drinker" would want that toothpaste-flavored abomination of a tea. can confirm that the candy cane one is the most vile of the christmas teas.

No. 750316

sage for OT, i have a friend who's allergic to cats but when she comes over to my house where my pet cat lives she has to pop some anti-allergic pills so she won't break out/have any symptomps. let's give jill the benefit of the doubt and say, sure, louise does have allergies. if your allergies are seriously SO severe that even medicine and shots don't prevent breakouts and symptoms, then you don't get pet cats at all. period. of any breed. if you're allergic to cats, you don't adopt a "special" breed of cats bc it's still a fucking cat that you're still allergic to.

but if it's like this anon says, then it should be 100% evident to her deluded fans that she's bullshitting excuses and has been for years to justify supporting a horrible, shady business just because her trashy family wants status symbols.

No. 750336

She's been dating him for 6 months, they're probably not even expecting a gift and it's nice that she made an effort to find out what they liked. Plus she likes it so it gives them something to talk about.

She must fucking hate George. "George isn't as sugary cute but I'll give her this leftover sugary cute bath bomb", the Dolls Kills hat… just wow, and on top of it, George got the clashing, birthday gift bag? Ouch.

No. 750342

anti allergy pills do work but think about the period in between pills if you were living with a cat full time and not just visiting, is she 100% medicated 100% of the time, if she is then the tolerance building excuse is out of the window because that is not how that works at all, overexposure will make you worse as well not better and they strongly advise against it, her story doesn't make sense

No. 750362

I wish Jill would just stop being a pussy ass bitch and say "I like to buy my cats because I want them to look like this and that". I would have more respect for her then.

I live in a country where there are month long waiting lists for adopting a cat, but I bought it because I really wanted a cat with those specific traits and looks.
Jill, stop being a pushover and only aplogise for things you're actually sorry for. That "cat update" was fake af.

No. 750367

Sometimes you can adopt a purebred cat that has been surrendered by its owner. I am looking to adopt one of those. So even that would have been an option for her.

No. 750368

most commonly with cat allergies, the person is actually allergic to the cat's SALIVA. it's not the dander. cats lick themselves to clean themselves so being near/petting a cat, you're likely going to pick some of that up somehow. and sorry jill, but i'm pretty sure all cats produce saliva, not just "gwoss" shelter cats. lower exposure aka not owning a cat is usually recommended. there are also allergy shots you can take periodically which would explain jill's mom being able to be around cats 24/7. but literally who would do that to themselves? also doesn't fit with the "she got over her allergy" narrative. she's dug quite a hole for herself but i doubt her followers will realize or care.

No. 750371

I mean, not washing your hair isn’t the only method to avoid your color fading. You can buy high quality shampoo for greasy hair to make them last more, you can wash it with cold/slightly warm water… She’s just dirty and lazy af let’s be honest

No. 750372

Technically there are some breeds of cats that have less of that enzyme in their saliva than others, NONE of which are the breeds (I originally wrote "brands" which honestly seems more fitting with how they treat them) that she and her mother have.

No. 750558

File: 1545143271823.jpg (534.14 KB, 1080x1470, 20181218_152716.jpg)


No. 750571

> I wish Jill would just stop being a pussy ass bitch and say "I like to buy my cats because I want them to look like this and that". I would have more respect for her then.

Except you can adopt a purebred, it might take a while to find one but it isn't impossible. I wanted a russian blue simply because I like the color so I waited until I find one goddamn gray kitten with green eyes for adoption and done - now Jupiter is 3 years old, cute and fat as ever, and not alone in the fucking streets.

Jill has a platform she could've used but didn't. She could have made a video saying she was thinking of adopting a cat that looked like _____ and maybe people would have helped her and maybe showed some options available for adoption. She is just lazy and shallow as fuck.

No. 750581

Girl on the right needs bangs big time.

No. 750584

So if the "I wanted a cat with this particular aesthetic description" is no longer an excuse because she could've rescued a purebred, then her only excuse left is she likes spending large amounts of money on things. Which we all know is true but there's absolutely no way she'd admit that to herself or her fanbase. I doubt she even has the self-awareness to realize that about herself.

No. 750600

> "we got up right before the crack of dawn to film for you"
now i'm 110% convinced if the vesseys lost all their money tomorrow and jill had to actually get a job, a real job to pay the bills and put food on the table, she'd voluntarily walk into traffic on the third day.

No. 750604

>crack of dawn
So 7:30am because it’s winter?

No. 750606

This group is so unfortunate looking. How is Jill the
best looking of the bunch?
Can we not have a cat sperg in every thread? Holy shit who cares that she bought the cat instead of adopting one? Did you expect anything else from her?

No. 750607

Clearly a lot of people care, anon. And for once it's not just farmers caring, it's her own subscribers in her own comment section.

No. 750608

The sparkle in the middle of her forehead really adds to the photo

No. 750619

disagree honestly. They seem pretty matched to me, only Jill looks aged as fuck and has shitty hair. I bet she feels like she's the hot one though

No. 750622

i swear wendy was the best looking at some point wtf happened. Perhaps Jill intentionally chose to post bad pictures of Wendy recently so she can look better by comparison.

No. 750654

Their makeup is so awful, it's tragic.

No. 750727

Wendy is really cute in person, but I don't think she knows her angles very well.

No. 750754

It would definitely help if the girls were smiling properly and not making that "eye contact between two strangers" half smile expression, and had decently applied makeup. I'm not sure which one is Wendy, but I feel for the taller girl because taking selfies with hobbits can make it hard to work your angles properly.

No. 750757

They all look inbred

No. 750785

I can definitely see Jill being one of those bitches who chooses group pictures where she looks better and everyone else looks bad and then shooping just herself

No. 750789

wendy is the tall one

No. 750791

gringos have such unfortunate genes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 750834


No. 750865

File: 1545183716425.png (742.02 KB, 640x1136, 3F3296D2-8F4F-49AA-BD40-4003C5…)

No. 750869

this is how pornos start

No. 750905

Between these and Colin I’m now convinced that island is full of inbred uggos.

No. 750923

Technically they aren't from her island.

No. 750935

File: 1545192150973.png (190.53 KB, 1440x1195, Screenshot_20181219-080134~2.p…)

No. 750944

kek what a selfish shameless bitch, imagine having some lazy asswipe who barely makes any content message you to beg for money. theyll probably think theyre getting some nice patreon perks having their idol personally message them until they read it. the way she uses her fans is so atrocious.

No. 750959

wait what? im feeling mad slow today can someone explain to me what that tweet means?

No. 750962

>Crying emoji after her broke from being #queer/pixie-style spending/living with their parents fans no longer have the allowance to pay her bills.

I have to laugh.

No. 750996

It means someone is still getting the Patreon perks (her feed or whatever) but haven't been paying for it for months. Don't understand how Patreon lets them see it tho.

No. 751008

Yeah, I assume Patreon would have some automatic feature where they lock you out of being able to see the content if your payment hasn't gone through? Otherwise their system would be pretty fucked & I'm sure a lot of people would take advantage of it.

No. 751020

Anon who's has Patreon here.
There is a list of all Patrons, and every month it states whether their payment is approved or declined. If it's declined, they're still on the list, but they won't receive their rewards.
So every month, if the person isn't sorting out their funds, Patreon will try to charge them but it won't go through. It can be annoying because they're counted in the total number of Patrons, but once it's declined, they get temporarily "dropped" from the total number until after the payment cycle is completed. Then they're added back to that total number until the next cycle. Not to WK Pixie but it can be really annoying to get notifications from the same person's account getting declined without them fixing it.

No. 751059

Nah patreon blocks access to the perks until their card payment goes through.

No. 751085

the unfortunately placed sparkle lmao

No. 751094


So in short she's implying she only cares about the money. Seeing how most people in the confetti club are, I'm not surprised that they cannot afford to support her every month as many of them are too disabled to work uwu

I don't get why she complains about it since it's not an exploit of anything since their perks are locked out. She's just desperate for money. I get it, this is her business but you can't help that these people are broke and stopped giving you spending money every month jesus

No. 751119

honestly, this isnt how i read her tweet at all. i read it as her saying hey your payment has been declined, maybe you should drop out of being a patron if you cant afford it or if you can see whats happening with patreon. idk, im not trying to wk i just wanna give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. i could be wrong tho i just think she thinks shes being helpful (although it does sound like "give me ur moneeeyyy!")

No. 751121

Jill‘s pulling an onision now, contacting people as to why they stop giving her money?

No. 751129

I can see how it would be frustrating for an actual content creator, but it's not like Jill's putting out anything for her fans anyway. AFAIK you can follow someone as Patreon without actually paying though, so I'm not sure why Confetti Club members who can't afford to support her tendies binges don't just do that.

No. 751168

WELL jillian if you produced actual content maybe people would give you money

No. 751178

File: 1545241700486.jpeg (417.3 KB, 2398x1297, B432F27E-1810-4887-B123-A6A3C4…)

She’s doesnt even use patreon aside from the once a month stream, she has had no posts for her $1 group in the past two months, she is literally complaining about not being able to take peoples money for work that she isn’t doing

No. 751276

File: 1545258234026.jpg (50.02 KB, 489x66, blauh.jpg)


i just found this tweet and i think this has something to do with jill trying to "remove" her unpaid patrons. tbh it's understandable on one side that if your patrons aren't paying but instead taking up room for people who do want to pay.

but on the other hand it seems greedy and idk why

No. 751281

It's greedy because she does nothing that warrants people giving her money? Painting a house (paid by patreon and people watching her videos of spending money) pastel and buying designer pets isn't some great talent.

No. 751327

If non-paying patrons can take up a spot in her high reward tiers, then I think she has the full right to be peeved.

No. 751337

honestly that's what i was thinking also.

but on that same note does she post enough content for her high tier patrons to the point where she can justifiably be upset?

because one video per month isn't enough for me personally. then again if her patrons are paying ten dollars for whatever then its their peragotive.

No. 751396

I actually like her glasses. I think they look decently flattering on her. However, I could just be fooled into thinking this by her utter incapability to dress herself.

Something about the girl on the right reminds me of Margaret Palermo.

No. 751415

definitely looks like Venus with the thin lips, colouring and face shape.

No. 751511

I just found this video on YouTube.

No. 751525

Proof Jill is a piece of shit and has a garbage bag personality.

No. 751647

Please let her and confetti cunts find this, please.
The better part of me knows they’ll still side with Pixie though

No. 751730

sage for useless contribution & weight sperg, but wow seeing old posts of jill really puts how much weight she gained, and so quickly into perspective. we were all ragging on her body back then, but she looks way better than she does now.

No. 751776

If this wouldn't get deleted and get me banned right away, I would so post this to the CC group.

No. 751782

File: 1545348786375.jpeg (199.26 KB, 1168x892, 9AB7294A-9113-44FC-96B5-096F9F…)

Well, looks like she’s found it!
No one gives a fuck about your label, Jill. You’re just a queerbaiting bitch who used someone for gay points though

No. 751792

This is why I don't tell anyone I'm gay straight or whatever.
1. It's not that interesting and no one should care unless they're attracted to you (and you to them).
2. If you aren't sure, don't claim to be something you're not. Jill could just say she's figuring it out but instead she slaps on queer/qweer/lesby/bisexyooall or whatever.
3. No one asked what her sexuality was, and even if they did, she doesn't owe anyone an answer and she'd do herself a favour if she just said she didn't want to talk about it.

It's her own fault if people can't believe a thing she says. Same as her cats, she preaches "no fast fashion or unethical purchases … oh but check out my latest plastic hall and breeder cats!!!"

Girl, if you want to call yourself qweer and eco-friendly, practice what you preach or don't preach it at all.

Saged for rant.

No. 751802

No one gives a shit whether Jill uses any specific label. It's how she talked about Colin saying she'd be a lesbian if her partner didn't have a dick, then stated she was a lesbian once Colin dumped her, used her one relationship with a girl as complete clickbait, and then went back to dickhopping.

No. 751805

Jill is a full blown hetero basic bitch nothing more to add to that shit show. Kek She fucking used Alyssa for the sole purpose of getting attention and she knew what she was doing. Jill will end up marrying some dorky ass doormat excuse for a guy she can manipulate. Its comical as hell.

No. 751807

Not that I buy this in her case, but even so it doesn't excuse treating her girlfriend in that way. Does this piece of shit really not realise that or is it all about HER uwu so queer persona~

No. 752031

oh you BET they would. they'd claim she's just bi and was "discovering herself" and since they're also toxic pieces of shit who have nobody else's feelings into consideration but their own, they'd justify jill baiting a poor innocent girl into being her gf for kweer points.

jill has a right to dress like a clown on cocaine and make an ass of herself, that's not what makes her a cow and it's where the CC is wrong. we're not posting her on here just because she's embarassing, we're posting her on here because she's a piece of shit who manipulates and disregards anyone and everyone's feelings except for her own, and uses others for her own benefit and personal gain. and she's been called out time and time again, she's had plenty of time to outgrow this immature behavior. but she doesn't, because she knows that without her kaweewee barf clothes, dollar-store dye jobs and mama's money, she's an empty shell of a person without a semblance of personality or depth.

No. 752074

Amen anon.

No. 752111

File: 1545414072566.jpg (430.13 KB, 720x1012, 20181221_174053.jpg)

No. 752113

smart to announce you'll be leaving your house alone and unattended for the holidays, jill. with the ammount of identifying info she's provided for free online i'm legit surprised she hasn't been burglared at least once.

No. 752119


Is Steve not staying at the house?

No. 752137

>two of those donuts which are actually p. big irl
>bite taken out of the corner of one

No. 752151

Maybe I'm crazy but that bite looks staged/fake to me? It's really small and even. I'm sure she ate these afterwards but I think the bite is supposed to be a cutesy touch and not just a result of her not being able to wait lol

No. 752182

File: 1545423225930.jpg (95.73 KB, 779x623, Untitledcc.jpg)

I haven't seen her name come up lately so I just wanted to get this out there. Tracy "Mad Jill Sucked a Dick" Xia has gone full alt-right despite living in Canada (where conservatism is completely different) so she's basically being a meme. It's closed but she switched her normal account to become private so a lot of people are still following her.

Her post are either selfies with filters, photos of her bf's nazi flags, or stolen anime fanart. All of her post descriptions fall into one or more of the following categories:
• jokes about how bad her life is / suicide
• I love my BF so much / why does he love me I'm so ugly
• "Everyone at my campus (north end GTA) are communists and should die"
• Very violent opinion, followed by "U w U"

> Makes communist memes constantly

> Parents immigrants from China
> "we should just fucking nuke China"
> hates immigration, volunteered for Toronto Neo-Nazi Faith Goldy

No. 752184

jesus christ is this real?? what the fuck happened lmao

No. 752185

whatever, if she's in Toronto then she's pretty far removed from Jill and co. at this point.

also assuming her current bf isn't the same guy Jill fucked last year anyway

No. 752189

sorry if i'm OOTL - how does this girl relate to pixie?

No. 752191

>>752189 they used to be besties until Jill fucked her crush

No. 752193

File: 1545424274346.jpg (54.63 KB, 589x592, magicalasian.JPG)


Jill and her used to be friends until Jill fucked the dude that tracy used to have at this point. Also the reason why we never got the New Year's video because that was when it happened.


No. 752194

>>752182 i know its slightly ot but could you make a post with a few of her captions/posts?

No. 752196


I know this isn’t Pixie related, but I find this pretty milky. What a bitch lol. For the anon who doesn’t know Tracy, she’s one of Jill’s ex bffs. If I’m not mistaken, their squad was Jill, Jenny, Wendy, and Tracy. Jill and Tracy were good con friends, and cosplayed together. An irl of both of them went to the same New Years party as them, and came on here saying that Jill hooked up with Tracy’s crush. They spent the night at the same hotel room, and there’s speculation of them having sex because Jill kept mentioning her birth control and getting dicked down publicly during that time. I forgot why else, but Jill obviously hooked up with Tracy’s longtime boy toy.

Tracy is also a cow in and of herself. After Jill stole her man, they stopped being friends. Tracy’s always been known to be ~politically different~ than the rest of the girls. There were screenshots of her leaving comments on Instagram saying she holds conservative beliefs.
Then there was this Facebook saga where girls from Jill’s cosplay community were calling out Tracy because she made some anti-immigration comments (despite being Asian herself,) and they were saying she’s known for social climbing and using people for “fame.” Jill liked posts that were attacking Tracy.

Fast forward to today, and Tracy is still looking for relevancy and pandering to Nazis now. Amazing how she went from “having some Conservative beliefs” to full-blown white supremacist in one year.

>pay for my breast reduction surgery
Nice way of humble bragging about your tits. Saging for Jill’s ex bff sperg.

No. 752200


maybe we should post about her in the Confetti Club thread? I want to know more about her current state. What a mess lol

No. 752252

I want to know more as well, but let's bring it to the CC thread. Amazing milk

No. 752505

Old milk but what the actual fuck lol the background music makes it worse

No. 752506

File: 1545468966731.jpeg (308.14 KB, 1242x971, 75E71225-28AA-4C4C-A047-D3D9D3…)

Well farmers we might have ~kweer milk~ on our way. Found in the video comments. She can’t ignore her Patreon fans like that.

No. 752528

is this when she was ana-chan? because she looks pretty normal sized, I don't really trust pictures of that phase because she has always shooped

No. 752539

File: 1545481431719.jpeg (193.05 KB, 750x531, 0B313418-020C-484B-ABFA-30169D…)

This is just sad, Jill taking advantage of her poor fanbase is truly evil

No. 752551


What is this regarding?

No. 752553

Jill’s fake relationship with Alyssa

No. 752567

she looks like krysten ritter with that hair

No. 752609

Yes she got treatment soon after she began disordered eating behaviors and was never significantly underweight.

No. 752611

>>752609 she was never underweight. That has been long established.

No. 752624

What a bitch. I feel sorry for her Patreon fans, they don’t know how awful she truly is and the fact that they even feel afraid to ask her a question is very .. I don’t know, telling of how Jillian reacts to things? This person or any fan who monterarily supports Jill should feel comfortable enough to engage in conversation with Jill. Either way, this should rake in new milk.
If Jill blocks this fan for asking a triggering question, then kek. If Jill responds, hopefully they aren’t all brainwashed by what she says. I don’t know how she could get away with this one because there’s proof she fucked up.
It makes sense she never wanted to show off Alyssa online. The only reason we knew she’s with Alyssa is because of the farmers who are Facebook friends with Jill.
Jill probably thought she could get away with using her, and that no one could hold her accountable if they don’t know who Alyssa is. No one could message Alyssa to ask her questions and find out the truth.

No. 752637

Totally ot and obviously sage, but I posted pics from tracy’s IG in the confetti cunt thread if you want to seem some edgy ‘uwu I hate Muslims and Jews!’ posts from Jill’s ex bff.

No. 752716

Around this time I like to re-watch this video and feel sad that Jill is what she is now

No. 752719

Jesus christ, Anon, she actually looks average/good in this video. What the fuck happened, Pixie? What happened to you?

No. 752745


she actually looked cute here. how sad. she doesn't fit or own any of that clothes anymore. and my god she looks better with a normal haircolor.

No. 752778

File: 1545523420924.jpeg (400.3 KB, 1242x937, 53B61D96-3FE6-4A5D-ABC1-6E9D4E…)

Could it be because the video of her being outed for queerbaiting is growing traction, thus provoking her anxiety? Sage for reach

No. 752782

File: 1545524326834.gif (1.28 MB, 498x280, 3432F428-47D1-4243-8F03-AE3FD4…)

No. 752794

File: 1545526150359.jpeg (329.24 KB, 750x767, B7D97E6D-E3B5-4498-B28B-12D967…)

No, you might be right. She said that everything is normal. She’s been manipulating her fans for years and they’ve been convinced that she’s perfect, with them paying her and everything. She might feel like she might loose her fan base for being a bad person irl and online. This could’ve been avoided if she just would’ve changed her behavior or admitted and apologized (public apology video) for all of her wrongs. Maybe she didn’t want to be like Jake Paul, Tana, or Laura Lee and say that she’s sorry just for losing followers and posting a fake apology.

No. 752799

honestly, it almost feels like she's gonna pull another "i'm just a poor anxious mentally ill babby" aka use her mental health issues to excuse her bad behaviors yet again. girl seriously needs to go to weekly therapy. this is just… embarrassing. like dude your 12-year-old followers aren't mental health experts.

No. 752821

Yeah, this seems standard of a panic attack. She’s probably overthinking everything now. The video is edging 700 views, has 46 likes. Zero dislikes. All the comments are in agreement that it’s shitty of Jill to do this, and it’s all civilized comments too. People are quickly finding it, no doubt Jill has too. All within 3 days.
She thought she wouldn’t get caught. All of this wouldn’t have dragged out had she not have just dumped Alyssa like that and treated her subhuman.
The truth is out, and one way or another, people are gonna confront her. If it comes from a Patreon fan, it’ll hurt doubly.
I foresee either her fans still sticking around, but being skeptical of her. The delusional ones won’t care, but clearly some of her fans have been impacted.
Or at least some of them no longer funding her.
She’s probably freaking out because it’s her source of income, and more fans are probably going to find this site on their own now.

No. 752823

nah she pregnant fam.

No. 752826

She's probably just hungover.

No. 752829

Am I the only one who has never vomited for almost an entire day straight? Would it even be possible to claim to be vomiting for that long? Like after the first few hours wouldnt you go to a doctor or stop trying to eat until the nausea subsides/google things that you can eat that you cant vomit?

This sounds very fake to me is all.

No. 752834

I wonder if she is knocked up…kek my sister was a vomit machine when she found out she was pregnant and it was for while.

No. 752838

Hangover doesn’t cause nonstop vomiting for that long.

No. 752839

It can happen with anxiety. Rarely but it does. If she is she should be in the hospital tho. Last time I had it happen to me they had to put me on meds. I wouldn't be surprised if she's just hungover tho.

No. 752843

She isn't non-stop vomiting. She's probably thrown up a couple of times and felt bad the rest of the time. I don't know why you'd take her word lmao.

No. 752847

So since we're getting traction on people realizing Jill's shitty behavior, would it be a good idea to do a general criticism of Jill video, or would it just be overkill atm? I would like to cover things like her excessive lifestyle, and expand on her treatment of her relationships a bit more (think covering from her time with Tristan to now with Stephen and comparing those relationship to how she treated Alyssa) but I'm not sure what else to add without getting nitpicky to the point of oversperging.

I hope to god that it's either an exaggerated hangover at best and a stomach virus at worst because we don't need a Jill baby on this earth yet.

No. 752858

I don’t mean that she’s literally been throwing up for 17 hours. I just meant tthat she’s probably thrown up 3-6 times max. That’s still a lot.

No. 752861

It'd be great if such a thing could happen but just like with Holly Brown, everyone who claims to plan to do it never ever delivers so I doubt we'll get a detailed video from a knowledgeable farmer that covers anything.

Best we can expect - if this queerbaiting drama blows up - is a video by some drama channel or person in her community who isn't a farmer, knows practically nothing and only does a bare bones recap of 1 or 2 pieces of low energy drama. Again just like with Holly Brown 'exposed' videos.

We can live in hope though

No. 752920

I literally threw up every hour on the hour for 15 hours straight when I had food poisoning, and all a doctor will tell you is to let it happen so your body gets rid of it all. It's definitely possible.

No. 752951

I love the idea of another exposing video. Jill’s antics have gone uncalled out for too long, and right now there’s a spike of people who are probably reevaluating their stance not her. The queerbaiting video already passed 800 views, it’ll reach 1,000 by next weekend. I think the reason why the video is successful is because the person who made it refrained from personally attacking Jill, as in, they didn’t shoot down her looks or make fun of her. Whereas the “Jill says” videos have a swarm of white knights in the comments. While those videos are hilarious inside jokes for us and we love them, it’s easy for confetti cunts to derail any discussion of Jill by just saying we’re haters.
The queerbaiting exposing video is clinical, full of evidence, and is just informative. It leaves room for people to form their own opinion, which will inevitably be a negative opinion on Pixie if you’re someone with a conscience.
If you make the video, make sure to use Pixie’s own words in there since she basically makes a fool of herself each time she comes online. It should work if it’s made in a serious tone and in a somewhat objective manner.

No. 752978

Could be Norovirus or a virus similar to that. Highly contagious especially in winter and makes you non-stop vomit and shit for a whole day, you cant even drink water so can be fatal

No. 752996

Depends how hungover you are. Also, let's be real, throwing up isn't going to stop Jill from eating her tendies and treats.
Youtube fans don't care about excessive lifestyle - a lot of those shut in "creators" are just upper middle class hoarders like Jill. As stupid as I think her Patreon fans are, they follow Jill closely enough to know that she's a shopaholic even when she's peddling her uwu poor artiste schtick.

No. 753010

It's been discussed here a few times already and multiple bans were handed out.

>everyone who claims to plan to do it never ever delivers

Probably because they get banned before finishing anything. This breaks the "No cowtipping / Not your personal army" rule.

If you want to make a video yourself, just upload it and link it here, don't discuss it beforehand.

No. 753108


NTAYRT but Admin needs to clarify whether farmers creating critical videos violates the rules since they are frequently made for other cows, most frequently Taylor Nicole Dean.

No. 753123

an actual video that involved effort in the filming and wasn't just her sitting there and talking or opening a box. wow.

No. 753136

No. 753138

Wow, that was a mess

No. 753145

i like how wendy(?) isn't lip-synching and hardly smiled the entire time

No. 753146

File: 1545595951512.png (790.71 KB, 696x689, kHb1Nhz.png)

holy shit jill looks like a deranged granny
it seems like the camera mostly focuses on her too (big surprise)

No. 753148

With Jill's fat body and the color of that cape, I kept getting reminded of flan

No. 753149

Jill literally looks like a fat autistic hamster/toddler-grandma who tries too hard to impress a pedophilic dance mom esque jury.

No. 753153

oh, hey, now we REALLY know where she lives! Thanks, Pixie!

No. 753156

half of it is out of focus too, wow amazing

No. 753159

File: 1545596719759.png (140.9 KB, 338x210, k2MDB6F.png)

All this money and she still wears awful shoes that are splitting from the sole this badly…

No. 753163

those are her hooves you bitch

No. 753165

To be fair, the girl with the blue cape (forgot her name) did an actual good job.
No comment on the other two though

No. 753174

File: 1545598052435.jpeg (101.87 KB, 419x404, DAF841AB-2BF6-43D3-9C6E-D0F3BB…)

No. 753176

Maybe because I don't like anime but I feel like this disgusts me more than it should have. They just seem gross-looking and special-needs. Like if a bunch of 13 year olds did this, I would still be thinking "aren't they too old for this shit?"

No. 753177

The other two had matching white shoes too, Jill is too special to even own a basic pair of white shoes. And has to add her hat and obnoxious earrings. Would be be better if they all matched more instead of Jill forcing everyone to let her wear the same things she wears 24/7. Pretty sure she said in the con video she didn't want to learn how to dance in new shoes, probably pulled the same shit here.

No. 753178

File: 1545598452758.jpg (25.38 KB, 236x428, jinglejill.JPG)


you can tell how much bigger Jill is compared to the other girls when they turn on the side.



No. 753179

All noted. I don't think there's enough to really cover without hitting nitpicking territory on some topics anyway.

No. 753181

File: 1545599017747.png (6.65 MB, 2208x1242, A91AEBA3-1E23-473C-8D2C-30560E…)

the wifi box hahahahah

No. 753182

How does someone have such simple choreography but still manage to be so badly out of sync and practice? Seeing a video of Jill standing next to normal people makes me realise how bad her weight has actually gotten, I wish she would cover her legs, but I guess that's a far fetched dream with her new kawiwi tattoo. Jill also has an incredibly punchable face with all that goblin smiling

No. 753198

File: 1545601299419.png (227.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-12-12-16-19-28…)

So that's apparently what this was talking about.

No. 753203

Fucking lol. She looked miserable the whole time. I would be too, girl.

No. 753206

The girl with the pigtails seems the most genuine and understandably seems bothered by the other two. The one with the massive forehead is treating that cat like a doll at the end which obviously doesn't want to be there.

No. 753211

Jiggle the kitten around more, why don't ya.

No. 753234

All of the awkward close shots inside of her house because only that little bit of it is clean made me hate this more than I normally would have.

No. 753238

File: 1545604312018.gif (9.93 MB, 281x241, 1kg9UOq.gif)

No. 753242

This is like what small children do with baby dolls. Wtf is she thinking?

No. 753245

Anyone else think the vomiting might be ED related…? Never heard of food poisoning lasting that long tbh.

No. 753246

The strike is stupid and annoying though. If canada post workers dont like their job they can stfu and quit. Just deliver shit peoplw buy and shut up. I hate them. Sage for orr

No. 753247

Cool, replying to an 8-day-old post to whinge about unrelated nonsense. Leave.

No. 753253

possibly, but food poisoning is just a blanket term. it can been anything from salmonella to norovirus to e.coli. so it's not as if it has a set time to make you sick.

No. 753277

It's a mess. The one in blue caplet looks the best. Fits the aesthetic and is actually cute. Jill looks like an evil granny every time she smiles because her eyebrows arch up so high.

The taller girl in person looks uncomfortable.

No. 753278

Why didn't they just film it in one location far away angle?? Some of the close ups are REALLY close up and the camera work is so awkward. Did Jill force Steve to film this??

No. 753291

Still irritated Jill forces herself to be in the middle because she has to be the center of attention when it should be tall girl for a good balance. Fucking self absorbed bitch

No. 753292

Yes, Steve filmed it.

No. 753303

File: 1545619182688.png (543.35 KB, 1080x948, Screenshot_2018-12-24-12-36-57…)

No. 753307

Jill's trademark goblin expression is unending in this video I'm not sure if it's because of the weight gain or because she didn't have 1 natural smile throughout this video (her natural candid smiles are cute and not goblin)
Wendy look like she hates every second she's there
The other one does a barely passable average job and looks the cutest and most put together as usual

Quality content as ever thanks Jill

No. 753341

File: 1545622943244.gif (1.21 MB, 444x250, sigh.gif)

Wendy's exasperated sigh here lol

No. 753362


No. 753393

I caught that too! She doesn't want to be there at all.

No. 753416

>>753136 the other two girls are actually cute and decent. it's so annoying how Jill insists on being in the middle

No. 753424

Jill is so distracting in this video, and it’s for all the wrong reasons. She’s just so ugly and out of place in this with her bloated body and goblin smile

No. 753447

File: 1545654492001.jpg (106.09 KB, 1080x450, Screenshot_20181224-122004_You…)

No. 753448

File: 1545654557101.jpg (393.49 KB, 1080x1080, 20181224_122627.jpg)

Jill BTFO by her own subscriber
(channel owner on the left)

No. 753465

That’s probably what she lowkey want people to think so her story seems more real idk i feel like she’s just massively exaggerating to gain attention which she doesn’t get at home

No. 753466

Fucking kek

No. 753477

I think it's a diversion, her fans said on that video about Alyssa that they wanted to ask her about it and it gained traction, if she makes a huge show of how mentally ill she is (she mentions anxiety as a probable cause) and how much of a hard time she is having that manipulates them into walking on eggshells around her and reminds them of how fragile and soft uwu she is and couldn't hurt a fly

No. 753478

sage for samefag but she could also want them to fear relapse and remind them of her recent relapse for the same reason

No. 753499

File: 1545666572095.jpg (171.48 KB, 1080x536, 20181224_114755.jpg)

So go to the hospital???

No. 753500

File: 1545666603698.jpg (164.91 KB, 1080x780, 20181224_114831.jpg)

No. 753501

File: 1545666716960.jpg (192.63 KB, 1080x614, 20181224_114847.jpg)

And Mama Vessey had to get in on the pity party. I thought she was back home? Seems like a weird thing to comment if she literally barfing in the next room

No. 753503

File: 1545666976647.jpg (258.28 KB, 1080x946, 20181224_115325.jpg)

But I guess she's feeling better today? That or being a giant consumer whore wins out

No. 753514

>what is a virus
>what is a family doctor
>what is a walk-in clinic

It's not like this family doesn't have insurance even if the public clinics and ERs are full. Why are they so publicly dramatic about normal sicknesses that people catch during the winter time? My family caught that 48-hr gastro bug this week too and they live on the other side of the country from Jill. Many of the worst strains are most active during the coldest months, they should know that seeing as they've lived in Canada their entire lives.

>bu- muh anxietyyy

>what is google

why are they like this???

No. 753515

File: 1545668774728.jpg (81.92 KB, 602x156, Untitled-26.jpg)

No. 753516

File: 1545668928732.jpg (91.14 KB, 602x156, Untitled-27.jpg)

No. 753528

is steve from their small town?

No. 753529

File: 1545673530002.jpeg (960.86 KB, 3264x2448, A79B5F04-C38A-4639-B8FE-443836…)

Looking through the comments on Jill’s most recent IG post (on her main) to see if anyone has brought up the MG video. This user commented a bit on the vid too it seems. I haven’t seen anyone besides a few throwaway accounts on twitter linking the video to Jill. I wonder if anything will come of this now her fans are turning on her.

No. 753539

I feel bad for this person, but I'm glad she opened her eyes to see Pixie for who she really is

No. 753543

File: 1545675406345.png (80.65 KB, 1112x496, whoops.png)

hahah, oh my god, that's the girl who commented on my video defending her!
it's the same profile pic!

girl, if you're reading this, i love you and you're a legend

No. 753555

Jesus fucking Christ. Who posts about this shit? Mini blog but I threw up multiple times in a few hours, and I was taken to the hospital and prescribed five different types of medication, got an injection, and drank different serums. This was all within the same day. Had I not taken action, I would have been hospitalized from dehydration. This bitch has to be exaggerating for pity points.
She knows her fans are aware of her ED, anxiety, and other things that could have provoked this, so she can manipulate them into sympathizing with her during a time where people are rightfully turning on her. Makes her look more pathetic.

Absolutely beautiful. Someone had to do it.

She mentions speaking to Alyssa, wonder what Alyssa had to say.

No. 753625


>as long as mine

Didn't it last like one day? Honestly why can't Jill deal with anything like a normal person

No. 753628

"took me a lot of crying"
Lmao I'm happy someone is calling Jill out, but too bad she's retarded

No. 753655

She's 15 which means she was a fan since 13, she clearly feels misled and kids are sensitive and dramatic. I feel like she's smarter for realising than Jill's other fans (some of whom are far too old).

No. 753657

She has a vomiting bug and it's contagious enough that her whole family has caught it from her.. so off she goes to the mall to spread it to other families for Xmas…

No. 753660

I believe she is 16, not that the discrepancies in age matter much because she’s still underage! She’s definitely a lot better off than most of Jill’s fans. She went from white knight to full-on exposing Jill in her own comments. Even messaged Alyssa. I have asked her for the screenshots between Alyssa and herself, since she offered to show them. If she messages them, are we allowed to post the screenshots onto here?

No. 753663

File: 1545690265397.jpeg (554.03 KB, 1189x1180, 4EBCF51D-B08B-4D63-A6E0-01017D…)

Second result just by searching her name.

No. 753699

It's showing up there because you watched it. It's dozens down on my results.

No. 753702

File: 1545693702348.jpeg (142.02 KB, 576x1024, 18085459-AE38-42CB-B857-07A040…)

No. 753704

File: 1545693732015.jpeg (150.11 KB, 576x1024, E33C463E-7E2C-4637-A0F6-E0ADEB…)

No. 753705

File: 1545693764612.jpeg (146.59 KB, 576x1024, 1F4C2E1B-7E08-4B26-A120-60291F…)

No. 753706

File: 1545693785188.jpeg (147.46 KB, 576x1024, 2438BCA9-9F0E-4ACF-A5B1-6E0DD0…)

No. 753707

File: 1545693888163.jpeg (140.4 KB, 576x1024, 3C6B320D-0B7F-4D04-96A7-EE17C4…)

Last one. I’m the anon who Mina sent these screenshots to. She said she believes it is time the truth comes out.

No. 753709

>I'm not going to share our messages online or anything

I'm sure "she" sent you these.

No. 753711

File: 1545694195551.jpeg (307.93 KB, 1242x1726, 9F371211-BEAC-4805-B1DD-646FEB…)

No. 753714

meh, she's not really delivering new info. We all knew Jill treated her girlfriend horribly already. It's old news

No. 753741

Yeah, it's nice to see fans coming round but screenshots like that are unecessary and a bit disrespectful. Interesting to see how mature Alyssa is handling it compared to our woman child Jill's actions in literally everything.

No. 753794

I mean, it's great that Alyssa's confirmed Jill's behavior as it had been explained, rather than downplaying it for the sake of keeping peace between her and Jill, but I do agree though that sharing the screenshots after promising that they wouldn't be shared is kinda disrespectful.

That aside, I do hope we have more fans come around to see what Jill really is like.

No. 753878

As great as it is that Jill's confetti cult are seeing what a piece of shit she is, I don't think I agree with these being leaked out after Alyssa was told that the messages wouldn't be shared.

No. 753953

>told to kill myself
What happened to spreading kindness like confetti?

No. 753955

>told to kill myself
What happened to spreading kindness like confetti?

No. 753957

Is it possible to remove the screenshots?

No. 753967

The anon who posted it can do so but I’m unsure how else, maybe a farmhand can step in and delete these shots. It was wrong for them to be posted

No. 753968

File: 1545771050934.jpeg (99.45 KB, 750x824, 40075C7F-2D4F-454A-870D-96C943…)

The MG video contracted 200+ views overnight, seems to be gaining views and attention quickly

No. 753971

I went incognito mode so I wasn't logged into my youtube account and got the same thing, this video is the second listed video when you search pixielocks

No. 753993

I went onto an anon browser where I've never logged into yt or watched a video at all and it's the fourth video down, if that makes any difference.

No. 754022

File: 1545778799438.png (2.22 MB, 1125x2001, 313A3526-424C-40A3-B9E1-70CC01…)

Got a new phone and just downloaded youtube. The video is pretty popular, yeah.

No. 754027


Part of me wonders how many crazy cuntfetti clubbers are actually Jillian on a sock puppet handle. Tbh, it seems odd to me that she'd have so many blind fans bash her gf. Tbh I have nothing to go in but I'm really sure that Jillybeers is using sock puppets.

No. 754150

Does anyone know why Jill didn’t do her annual holiday giveaway this year?

No. 754162

someone needs to take one for the team and post it on confetti club. Even under the pretence of ":( :( I hope this isn't true"(cowtipping)

No. 754169

A post about this is starting to circulate around radfem tumblr where they're linking Jill and the straight use of the word queer and using the Alyssa vid as evidence against her, I hope people see it

No. 754176

That would explain why it’s quickly approaching 2k views

No. 754177

Kind of irrelevant but the milk is dry at the moment: The girl who gave anon those screenshots of her and Alyssa’s dm conversation has completely went off the grid. Twitter is gone, YouTube account is seemingly gone(?) at least her comments on the video are and Instagram account is also gone. Found this out when I went to check the vid and found comments had been deleted.
Sage for obvious irrelvancy

No. 754268

>>754169 can you screenshot that post?

No. 754278

File: 1545843882087.png (697.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181226-170328.png)

No. 754280

File: 1545844201520.png (620.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181226-170343.png)

No. 754283


>almost 3k notes

GOOD but not enough

No. 754287

It had most of those long before that addition.

No. 754296

they should mention when the guy bought her her fast food and she declared it the gay agenda because he definitely knew she was gay because she was listening to abba! that cracked me up

No. 754318

I do think there is some credibility to Jill saying she's lived in an echo chamber of pro breeders, at one point in a stream she said her family is good friends with the breeders she got Nina from.
That being said doesn't excuse it for reasons like her mom being allergic doesn't really serve as an excuse anymore and that they've even adopted. She just didn't think that anyone would call her out on it to the degree that they did kek
Sage for OT

No. 754448

File: 1545887454562.png (53.76 KB, 613x227, snip lol.PNG)

kek someone replied to one of jill's tweets with a link of the video

No. 754484

File: 1545897981662.jpeg (329.97 KB, 1168x497, 21800D45-43E2-4C14-8942-8DE6BB…)

Why does she keep talking about her vomiting?

No. 754486

File: 1545898117797.jpeg (163.22 KB, 1098x889, 6E170BB7-55B8-4F0D-8CF8-D40386…)


Also double-post because this is in her likes. I know we’ve discussed likes don’t always equal how she feels, but this is clearly to remind her fans that she is ~Bi~ the more views the Queerbaitgate scandal video gains.

No. 754494

So much for her ~anxiety~ lol, if her whole family is puking she obviously just caught something and spread it to everyone else.

No. 754507

gothfruits is a cow in herself, saying she's a trans man when she says she's uncomfortable being a man/presenting as a man and prefers presenting feminine

No. 754581


She'll never do that again, unless your'e on patreon. She used to have free Younows every week and moved them to Patreon (only once a month), so people would pay her for that.

No. 754593

She clearly got everyone else sick and doesn’t feel even the slightest bit sorry or worried about anyone else, she’s just sad that it affected HER Christmas. Wow.

No. 754634

File: 1545930657592.jpeg (118.98 KB, 737x726, 666B9D90-FEC3-4D11-A5C0-E5E6F7…)

More fans coming to their senses. Video is now at 2.5k views.

No. 754682

Clearly a lot of people do so don't know why you had to mark it blogposting when it clearly shines a light into Jill scamming her fans. I'm glad I didn't buy that pin now.

No. 754740

sage pointless replies for something from a month ago anon

No. 754771

Yes, but when you are bi and in a straight relation and only ever been with men, you get to have some nice straight privileges. So shut the hell up, Jill.

No. 754795

I would call this fake since she picked up terms used on our threads like "kaweewee" but >>753543 checks out. Guess the girl did some extra reading here.

No. 754814

i’ve been watching some of her old stuff like her makeup reviews and such and oh my god does this girl not know how to put on makeup like not at all

No. 755209

Jill's illness has come at such a convenient time but you can't be sick forever bitch you'll have to face queerbaitgate soon.

Who wants to bet she becomes a munchie instead so she doesn't have to face all this drama and exposing.

No. 755248

At this point, I doubt that she’ll even address it. And if she does then she’ll probably just deny it, or try to say that it was a year ago and that she’s grown now. She’s always been so dishonest to her fans.

No. 755272

Definitely, which made Makeup Witch Jill more tragic when she had to paint other people during the Sims live stream.

No. 755320

File: 1546024467505.jpg (241.36 KB, 1080x721, 20181228_150938.jpg)

This girl really really needs to get some professional help for this instead of whining on the internet.

No. 755334

Didn't she mention somewhere she was getting professional help?

No. 755341

troons < literally anyone lmao

No. 755345

Yassss hunty play that mental health card

'impending doom' sounds like she knows her downfall/ a massive strike to her reputation is on the horizon. Rip the band aid off Jill putting it off isn't gonna make it go away.

No. 755351

>>755320 she was saying how happy she was and how better she was in the stickers video…its almost as if filling the void with another pet isnt a cure who would have thought

No. 755354

Kek, Queerbaitgate video is inching 4,000 views. Is it really that worth it for her to feel so “sickly” over an exposing video which isn’t even that harsh? Get a fucking grip, Jill. She needs to address this, but as long as she claims she’s sick and hyper-anxious, she’ll garner sympathy. We don’t know all of her anxiety triggers, but she said a lot of her stress is from school and moving to an entirely new environment “alone.” Well, she’s with family now and it’s the holidays! You’d think she’d be feeling more supported and relieved.

Also, there’s an annoying white knight trying to reply to all of the comments on the video. She really doesn’t get it. It’s like everything people tell her is flying over her head. The poster of the video should remove her comments because she’s just sperging and isn’t bringing anything new to the table.

No. 755361

She needs to grow a fucking pair and address her goddamn issues. We all know the mental health card she's playing is total bullshit anyway. She's fucking stupid if she's gonna wallow in her home and keep shopping like she always does instead of breaking the cycle

No. 755379

Good for her

No. 755388

isn't it obvious that she's having this mental issue because of the video gaining traction? she can't handle all the criticism

No. 755389

I imagine her laying in bed, eating cheesy bread and nuggets and loading up a cart on dollskill, in her parents basement while she tries to think of how she's going to manipulate her fans into thinking she's having a worst time than anyone else so they will attack anyone who isn't super positive toward her. uwu I'm a small vulnerable artist, school is hard and I'm going through a mental apocalypse everyday, pay me money so I can pretend to work on another sewing project for six months.

No. 755497

File: 1546041560473.jpeg (116.08 KB, 723x668, 9B1911AB-47F0-4995-A76D-AD6FF9…)

Her fans and not just throwaway twitter accounts are starting to tag her in the video.

No. 755530

it says a lot about how cunty and selfish she is that she got her entire family and boyfriend/friends sick with the same bug she has during the holiday season knowing full well its probably contagious and how awful it has been for herself. seriously disgusting the lack of hygiene she has, the least she could have done is wear a face mask. not to mention using this to self pity for days to take attention off the alyssa video. jill is rotten to the core and hasnt done a single redeemable thing recently, shes been becoming a worse person at an exponential rate and learns nothing from experience.
i think she is a true narcissist because she doesnt even recognize the shitty things shes done and only ever thinks of herself. shes currently in narcissist fear mode because of the alyssa video and trying to compensate by gathering sympathy for something else.

No. 755532

File: 1546046260280.png (1.01 MB, 1440x1232, Screenshot_20181229-011224~2.p…)

If anyone wanted to see what Christmas/boxing day looked like in the Vessey household, her brother posted this video on FB.

Looks like she got some precure figures that we will soon be seeing in her what I got for kurisumas video

No. 755562

That's the entire set of the new Yes 5 Precure Q Posket figures - 5 of them would be like $100 (plus more since imported or if she got the pearly versions?) and they're only a couple inches tall

No. 755570

Qposkets are like 8 inches tall, and you can buy the whole set for about 6000 yen. Even if the shipping makes it go to $100, that isn't that bad for 6 figures of a show she likes.

No. 755575

Lol calm down vendetta chan, I doubt she intentionally got her family sick. It's really hard to prevent others from getting infected when you live in the same house especially if you don't know/realize you're contagious.

No. 755587

jill looks so damn miserable while looking at her figures its cracking me up

No. 755594

God, I’m so fucking sick of her ‘mah mental health’ bullshit. She has a loving and supporting family/friends. She gets anything she wants, when she wants it. If she is seriously this mentally fucked, she really needs some professional help.

No. 755602

you must be as big of a dolt as jill if you think vomiting profusely from a virus/bacteria 'might not be contagious' and are too lazy to even try preventing getting everyone around you sick

also learn to read, nowhere does it say she intentionally did this to her family but shes still a selfish pos otherwise for subjecting them all to it with presumably no preventive measures, not to mention going to the mall while ill and spreading it around even more

ah, more plastic for her hoard, what a life…

No. 755795

File: 1546100611693.png (645.22 KB, 750x1334, EBF80660-0735-493C-B19C-D25500…)

She just posted this on twitter

No. 755797

Except an anon did in fact leak caps where Alyssa confirmed everything her sister said happened just as that.

I wish they had been leaked before the video was made and were included. It'd be a lot harder to backpedal then when you have Alyssa herself saying that happened.

No. 755798

kek but alyssa herself has confirmed it as what happened

No. 755805

of course she pulled the "uwu it's fake card don't believe everything you see on the internet!!"

No. 755807

so Alyssa is a liar, then? Lol ok

No. 755830

I like how she confirms it's all true with the "there are worse things in the world" good job Jill!

No. 755848


So she's just straight up lying now. Yikes. Sadly I think she'll probably get away with it because I doubt Alyssa wants to be involved in this, especially since an anon here leaked screenshots from a conversation after promising it'd be kept private (seriously not cool by the way). Jill is so clueless though that I think she probably genuinely believes she and Alyssa are on good terms just because they probably didn't have major drama, arguing or anything, and Alyssa probably didn't wanna respond poorly to Jill breaking up with her.

This being said I'm surprised Jill responded as calmly as she did lmao, I was expecting more screeching accusations of biphobia and a whole explanation into why. I kinda feel like responding at all might have been a mistake tho, especially since it only makes it seem like she lurks. Outside of Lolcow idk how much prominence this is really gaining. And to be honest, aside from some Jill fans realizing she's kind of an asshole from it, I don't know what people expect to accomplish. Of course Jill isn't going to own up, or admit she's actually straight. It's been around a year now so I feel like it's kinda odd this is being dug up now I guess. Other than her new Christmas video. Which she didn't address that part, hmm.

No. 755861

File: 1546107915294.jpeg (368.03 KB, 1242x1340, 918B9858-F6DA-4FAB-A211-63D127…)

Fuck Pixie. She’s on damage control mode right now, and she’s liking every tweet defending her. She was trying to get away with not explaining any further to anyone challenging her until someone told her they’d appreciate a response instead of just liking tweets that are defending her.
Also, some of her fans are calling this biphobia lmao

No. 755862

Someone posted the Alyssa screenshots, of course Jill isn't replying to that.

No. 755863

Pixie is completely ignoring those. Didn’t even give the tweet a “like” as she gives every other one a like. Bet she didn’t think farmers had those.
How the fuck are Emily and Alyssa not credible sources? People in the replies think it’s a bunch of anons who are lying. Emily literally proved she’s Alyssa’s sister. Alyssa confirmed Jill’s bullshit.

No. 755868

Jill has handled this in a really shitty way, there is flat out evidence to prove she is lying. I would have a shred of respect for her if she owned up to saying she handled it all in a shitty way, apologised and left it there.

No. 755878

Can't be biphobia when Jill isn't bi. She's a horrible liar and a straight up idiot. I'm glad all this shit is airing out right before the new year, gives people a chance to drop Pixie as a resolution.

No. 755885

File: 1546110250520.gif (498.18 KB, 400x300, tumblr_lmkfo1EbLQ1qic6o3.gif)

Thank you, Jill, for such a fantastic ending for this year

No. 755888

File: 1546110392905.jpeg (538.71 KB, 1242x1334, 8034655B-823F-4C9E-8A4F-AF7478…)

The comments on the video are civil as fuck? Everyone commented so eloquently and really took time to lay it all out there. Pixie liked this tweet btw she obviously read all of the comments. So for her to tweet out this shitty apology is so low effort

No. 755889

Am I stupid or was she publicly dating steve way sooner than five months in?

No. 755892

Yeah, that timeline doesn't work out. She might not have made an official post right away, but it was clear they were together long before then.

No. 755893

where was that picnic date picture posted because its on neither of her insta's also steve only has three pictures on his twitter?

No. 755895

File: 1546111139540.jpg (321.55 KB, 1080x1309, Screenshot_20181229-140940_Bra…)

Some of these tweets…you shouldn't portray people like Jill as innocent and pure because it's all an image to get your views and money. She has no subtance, she talks like a baby to show off every single item she buys, that's her entire persona besides her random mental health shit like taking a bath instead of therapy. She can't deal with anything outside of her apartment/moms house. Why you would want to protect an adult women who can't even see how toxic her selfish, attention seeking, materlistic behavior is?

No. 755896

File: 1546111158475.jpg (22.71 KB, 370x504, jill.JPG)


>Thank you for reading and happy new year! XOXO PIXIE

Bitch sounds super passive-agressive here lol


Damn, what an absolute unit

No. 755903

It's on her pixieespam insta

No. 755911

File: 1546112850171.jpeg (313.76 KB, 1242x1433, 1510400C-5F7D-4261-B186-8DDB6D…)

Someone tweeted the Alyssa screenshots to Jill, and a fan white knighted. Jill liked thie white knighting fan’s tweet lmao

No. 755913

File: 1546113030036.jpeg (408.37 KB, 1242x860, E963FBA5-3F5C-47F6-BF13-868239…)

Jill is now using Alyssa as PR. Funny how she only reigns her in after the Alyssa conversation leaks. Where was Alyssa’s opinion + Jill’s apology to her before all of this? Jill just made it worse by only consulting her after the screenshots were shown.
Happy New Years farmers!

No. 755915

She posted it September first, the official announcement was November 21, there is a group picture from the precure watching party featuring Steve August 27th, there is multiple comments on it saying things about them dating

No. 755917

remember when she posted about how they were dating on facebook?

No. 755918

Jilly-bitch, both Alyssa and her sister confirmed you mentally fucked with her and used her for queer points. Fuck off

No. 755919

This is actually kind of sad. I really hope she doesn't coerce Alyssa or manipulate her into saying something like "yeah we're ok now everything is fine"

No. 755921

I know this is nowhere near as catastrophic as RiceGum and the girl he made the rape jokes about but … She's taking a leaf out of his book trying to bring Alyssa back into the fray to clear her name.
He looked like a tit when he did it, don't expect things to go much better with Jill.

No. 755923

Nope, not just you. She was very immediate with dating Steve and being public about him, just like tristan and all her other BOYfriends. She has zero interests in women sexually. she is straight, why cant she admit it?

No. 755924

sure enough, I don't see her other pictures with him on insta, including the one where it mirrors her and colin are they twitter? sorry if this is annoying, her private for five months excuse seems totally a lie

No. 755925

This has to be some form of abuse, right? Or manipulation at the very least? What a shitty person. Jill is only doing this because she got exposed. If she actually felt sorry, this would have been in the original apology. Now she needs Alyssa to vouch for her. Hopefully Lyss doesn’t take the bait, but she probably will because she doesn’t want to be harassed further.

No. 755926

This is honestly gross.. Really gross. She hurt Alyssa and now and only now because someone made that video, she's getting in touch with her?? To what? She never apologized or showed any sign of keeping in touch as friends. This is pure damage control

No. 755927

She is totally gaslighting Alyssa at this point. Saying she is overreacting and people are being too judgemental about Jill.

No. 755928

Ok that’s just disgusting.

No. 755936

File: 1546114646396.jpeg (161.61 KB, 750x361, 7DD3A63C-3223-4D9D-BBB5-A9075F…)

Uh, does she really think that it’s ok for her to talk to her ex-gf that she screwed over and use her as a defense against her and her sister’s own confirmations of Jillian’s actions? How does she think Alyssa feels about Jillian randomly bothering her a few days before NYE just to say “please vouch for me hehe.” Just make a apology video and own up, Jill.

No. 755937

>Wait a second while I mentally manipulate her again to prove I'm a sweet innocent bean and she's has the wrong idea of her own experience

No. 755939

What is wrong with this twisted bitch? No, seriously.
She's only contacting Alyssa because someone tweeted at her that they're disappointed Jill hasn't responded to the screenshots, btw.
Jill liked the tweet defending her from the screenshots where the white knight called them a "reach," and the other tweet where one of her fans totally ignored the point of the screenshots by pointing out the part where the person who leaked said they wouldn't be shown to anyone.
We've established that leaking them was a shitty move, but it's also Alyssa's only alibi and what got Jillian talking even more about all of this. As fucked as it is, it opened another dialogue that couldn't be included in the original video.
At least we didn't go harassing Alyssa or pestered her further, Jill's the one doing all of that on her own now. For Jill to like those two particular tweets for the sake of making herself look good is next level low-hanging fruit.

No. 755940

File: 1546115362237.jpeg (590.01 KB, 1242x1197, 0F7729E2-41C7-48D0-8EB5-D4E539…)

People called her out on her manipulation tactics, and this is her response.

No. 755942

I wonder if she will ever address the part where Alyssa says her rabid fans threatened her

No. 755943

"since so many peope here are speaking on her behalf"

you mean like she did with collin?
because i remember distinctly her victimizing her self and telling stories that made collin look like the worse boyfriend ever just because he didn't want to be with her anymore.

No. 755944

this to me reads like she messaged her, doesn't sound like an open dialogue does it or very personal

No. 755945

File: 1546115809632.png (51.3 KB, 634x430, ergh.PNG)

She briefly addresses the screenshots of Alyssa's messages

No. 755946

her mum said all that catty pathetic shit as well and she had no issue with it

No. 755949

File: 1546115926709.jpeg (836.97 KB, 1242x1621, 17880EFF-02D3-4895-B922-E1E245…)

Lmao this bitch. Now pulling the age excuse when all her other devices are failing.

No. 755955

File: 1546116415781.jpeg (473.89 KB, 1242x1025, BEA117E4-3AAB-4D77-B7E2-9F2378…)

Yet she’s ignoring people with questions and concerns.

No. 755956

someone has a question and concern
Jill: ignores it for ass kissers

No. 755957

File: 1546116700811.jpeg (436.24 KB, 750x1085, AFAFBC0B-5AE1-4A4A-963D-025107…)

No. 755958

File: 1546116723465.jpeg (425.85 KB, 750x989, D16F6C41-BE93-4E59-8B8A-D3BA44…)

No. 755959

File: 1546116791133.jpeg (423.36 KB, 750x1098, 482F1DF2-00E6-48E3-AF21-C2F3F2…)

No. 755960

File: 1546116851484.jpeg (421.16 KB, 750x1028, 99A1F573-ACD1-42D3-B409-5F4A7B…)

No. 755967

Does she not realise that when people cut toxic people out of their lives it's not usually with a big fight? Especially someone who is clearly uncomfortable with conflict? I feel bad for Alyssa, she handled things like an adult and now she has to deal with this. Take a fucking hint Jill, she didn't want to hurt your feelings so she did the "it's not working out" routine. 20 is way too old for this shit.

No. 755968

File: 1546117386050.jpeg (414.12 KB, 750x1077, 5C60913F-9313-44FD-9152-BD21A7…)

No. 755971

File: 1546117611689.jpeg (182.52 KB, 750x405, F50AB041-4984-4BAB-A88F-8E0630…)

No. 755972


No. 755973

do we have proof of this? any caps?

No. 755977

>>755973 p sure it was in the what I got my girlfriend for Christmas video. She joked about asking her.

No. 755978

File: 1546118389970.jpg (309.71 KB, 720x1171, 20181229_211942.jpg)

No. 755982

"Do you mind if I use you for clickbait but ew no stay out of my actual content"
Imagine being in a relationship and being asked if you can be used for clickbait before even being asked if you want to be in a video or instagram post.

No. 755987

another thing i don't understand is if her and alyssa broke up on "good terms" why didn't she give alyssa her Christmas presents instead of keeping them for herself?

No. 755988

File: 1546119164637.jpeg (593.27 KB, 1242x1595, 854E9E1E-9D8D-41A3-A489-67AC00…)

Nice one!

No. 755992

mentally fucking and using people has zero to do with age. wtf. 'omg, he was so young when he raped that girl. let's not hold it against him' is a very, very similar mentality.

No. 755993

File: 1546119284608.jpeg (318.43 KB, 640x813, 62EDA537-E783-4FBC-9419-9114B0…)

No. 755994

File: 1546119323231.jpeg (141.71 KB, 640x806, F2ACA63C-8907-4321-A6D8-D56CCE…)


No. 755995

File: 1546119452683.jpeg (324.69 KB, 750x1081, 91832BAF-75FE-4B7F-9235-C8C142…)

No. 755996

File: 1546119492585.jpeg (300.89 KB, 640x748, 569A4F44-14D9-4F03-B45B-D1CAF0…)

This bitch was really just going to sweep this entire thing under the rug like this was never a problem to begin with. The absolute audacity of Jill never fails to amuse me

No. 755997

but she said she still talked to alyssa even after they broke up …so i'm really fucking confused? could she not ship them to her? could she not communicate to her?

No. 755998

File: 1546119515566.jpeg (429.1 KB, 750x1081, 917FA782-D3CA-4DE3-BB6A-F0BF98…)

No. 755999

File: 1546119610600.jpeg (350.79 KB, 750x1031, 1E839AA1-EA48-40B4-A4AE-4F669E…)

No. 756000

it's funny because she has shitted on all of her exes and was never called out for it. matter of fact she wouldn't even have acknowledged Alyssa again if all of this had not resurfaced.

No. 756001

you didn't realize dumping someone right before christmas by telling them you didn't find them attractive when they had no idea anything was wrong after having them come out to their family for you was hurtful…..is she a sociopath? how could that not hurt someone? Imagine if anyone did this to her she would be out for blood, colin dumped her amicably and she still talked so much shit, you don't know being dumped hurts so soon after being dumped and making a show?

No. 756005

exactly!!! literally after collin dumped her she was whining on the internet and making collin seem like some insecure cuck who couldn't handle stable relationsships and "StRonG InDePendenT WaYMENs!"

and yet she persuaded a girl to come out, and then dumped her before christmas after ignoring her for weeks. and she saw nothing wrong with that??? child?!?!

No. 756006

I think colin dumping her is integral to this whole story, she has always been the one doing the dumping, the one controlling people, getting what she wants, she really flew off the handle when colin dumped her and what better fuck you to them than moving on and being more queer than you! I am a lesbian I don't need you and would have totally got rid of you anyway!

No. 756009

She needs to live in her pathetic echo chamber of cats and her mom. ugh

No. 756017

Speaking of her mom, her mom is going around liking some of Jill's defenders, so she's probably been told about what's going on.

No. 756019

That’s fucking embarrassing kek. Way to enable her.

No. 756026

She would cry to her mommy about the internet being slightly critical of her. If this isn't a sign of Jill needing to grow the fuck up, I don't know what is. How does she expect to grow as an internet personality if she can't handle anything that doesn't suck up to her. Bigger youtubers get more shit on a daily basis than she does the one time someone calls her out.

No. 756027

File: 1546122183659.jpeg (499.09 KB, 750x994, BA6597EC-8A4D-42AA-85B0-9ADD5F…)

She kept talking about not being sure of when she made Colin public, but she posted this for their 1year anniversary. In her 2015 year in review video she said that she and Tristan broke up on good terms and that she was changing as a person, moving away from the theatre group friends, and needed a new leaf. She broke up with Tristan in early December and the day after Christmas she started dating his best friend and said that she had loved him for two years, so I don’t think that it’s out of the question that she definitely uses her bfs/gfs to get something out of them. Jill is either oblivious to the damage that she causes, or she knows and doesn’t care. Gillian also said that Jill stole Colin away from her and that she always makes things about herself. She might be an actual narcissist.

No. 756028

Someone made the sequel!

No. 756030

Sorry to double-post but OP of the video you should consider renaming the video to “Pixielocks the real story behind Mystery Girl 2” similar to the first video.

No. 756034

>broke up with Tristan in early December
What the actual fuck Jillian, how do you make this mistake twice??

Honestly, I feel so bad for Tristan and Alyssa, they got shit on so hard by her.

No. 756036

the fact that she dumped tristan and loved colin all along! is insane when you look at how she said that getting tristan is what cured her ED the first time

No. 756040

Do you think Tristan got the whole "I'm not really attracted to you" thing since Jill was apparently attracted to Colin instead? … fuck, it's starting to sound like Alyssa was a repeat of what she did to Tristan.

No. 756046

File: 1546124191302.jpeg (166.1 KB, 1242x263, F0746200-FFB0-4C1D-8AB1-C3FC58…)

When Jill brought up Steven, someone asked her this and she fully ignored it lol

No. 756058

I think that's the person that posted the screenshot of being blocked.

No. 756060

just like colin, queen of patterns

No. 756067

File: 1546125895458.jpeg (171.71 KB, 1229x387, 8BAB9A25-F891-4646-AA51-1CC29A…)


The fucking mental gymnastics.

No. 756075

How hard is it to understand that what she did was shitty? You don't use people as click bait or to further your fake qweer agenda, Pixie is not some sweet babu angel who made some oopsie doopsie mistake uwu, she's a full grown manipulative retard who did something real fucked up

No. 756085

I mean let's be real its because a lot of the people who go hard for her in this shit are just like her, all fake queer mentally ill living their selfish lives abusing others and always playing victim, admitting fault in her is admitting fault in themselves and their own actions

No. 756096

File: 1546129946135.jpeg (204.29 KB, 1242x717, FF82CF20-502E-4FD2-9A7F-3A99A6…)

“Judge you like you’re on trial for murder” that’s fucking hilarious and over dramatic

No. 756100


This crazy bitch is really trying to ruin a second holiday in a row for Alyssa to save herself. Absolutely delusional.


No bitch, you aren't justified to bother someone because your ego is hurt.

As if blasting everything again wasn't bad enough, she also doxxed her. What the fuck, Jill?

No. 756104

Just realized she doxxed Alyssa’s personal fb holy shit. There’s some fans trying to play god by completely ignoring Alyssa’s messages and saying “good job for leaking the private conversation1!1!” as if we don’t already know that it was fucked up and the fan who did it isn’t even online anymore. But here Jill is actually doxxing her AND dragging her into the drama after Alyssa clearly stated she wants nothing to do with Jill or this anymore. Jill has done more damage today than any farmer has.

No. 756107

>I hope no one is DMing her about it
>doxxes Alyssa's fb profile


No. 756117

She is beyond selfish at this point. She only wants to ‘apologize/touch base’ to make herself feel better.

No. 756121

This is so embarrassing… It's been around a year and if Jillian has discovered Alyssa felt this way the best thing is just to leave it. Like why would it matter anymore, she clearly just wants to move on with her life. I realize this is obvious to anyone with even a single brain cell but she's just doing this as damage control. But by doing so is dragging Alyssa into her toxicity even more. Pathetic. If she really is too dumb to realize Alyssa was just trying to be cordial by being polite then she's even dumber than I thought.

No. 756136

lmao I hope this never ends

>Wasn't Colin Gillian's ex and Tristan's friend? There's many photos of the 3/4 of you together?

>Didn't you claim you asked out Colin first (while he was dating Gillian) and then proceeded to date Tristan after being rejected? Only to break up with Tristan, then immediately date Colin and claim you had loved him all along, after 2 years? In a video you later referred to the beginning of your relationship with Colin as "problematic" ?
>Didn't you proclaim that you would be a lesbian if you weren't "dating someone with a dick" in order to milk the queer points which led to your breakup?
>Didn't you neglect to post last year's NYE vlog due to a falling out with your best friend over a boy, only a few weeks after breaking up with Alyssa?
>Didn't you break up with your first short-term girlfriend Urma for a boy you then dated for two years (Walker)? Later you referred to both relationships as "abusive" or having "unhealthy" power dynamics which led to your mental health decline?

I would screencap her old deviantart and ask.fm to back this stuff up if I wasn't too lazy. Too bad I'm not fb friends with her anymore, for the sake of old milk.

No. 756147

Alyssa just privated her twitter. She’s probably going to have to deactivate Facebook because Jilly released her full name, which is far more personal than a twitter handle. I don’t doubt there’s fans messaging Alyssa. All of this could have been avoided if Jill had actually bothered to consult Alyssa before making a half-assed Twitter statement. Way to go, Jill.

No. 756170

File: 1546136004362.png (22.84 KB, 208x275, 1501549951479.png)

throw back saturday

No. 756221

File: 1546142861261.jpeg (918.76 KB, 1242x1791, 2CCCE1F3-2C41-42F6-9750-E1D77A…)

Is it just me, or has Jillian gotten even more bitchy?

No. 756222

God there’s another whiny ass white knight comment diluting the whole problem into “two 18 year olds who didn’t work out.” The poster of the video should delete their comments. There’s enough white knights in part 1, I think part 2 should be concrete facts in the comments. The white knights are just sperging the same points and don’t get the magnitude of queer baiting and are accusing us of homophobia, kek

No. 756226

She lets everyone know where she is, the type of house it is, footage inside and out along with a sims laylout, when she's not going to be home, what expensive items she has. Shocking that she's brainless about internet privacy and too immature and selfish to consider other people in her life. This really sheds light on her character, hope her fans see that.

No. 756236

Reading all the new Twitter caps…she's absolutely a sociopath. She's a manipulative creep.

No. 756245

Yeah if I were her current bf I'd run.

No. 756249

“A happy new year” lol. Well maybe now that she has a bf she won’t need to be fucking her friend’s men like last year?

No. 756250

File: 1546147636309.jpeg (96.48 KB, 750x598, 0D34FFC2-49C7-42A3-B628-725F20…)

For anyone who wants to know, Jillian has privated her old Instagram that hasn’t been updated in years even though none of her friends were tagged on it. It was open yesterday. Why private something as innocent as her old insta? This is just like the time she wiped her Pixielocks deviantart clean because she was getting posted here. Don’t forget when we planned to make a video about her streams on Colin/acting immature and she deactivated her tumblr where her streams her saved and stopped streaming. Jillian, trying to cover up years worth of information makes you look bad. Why hide sources? Why defend yourself? I guess that she thinks that if she deletes the first source, then her CC won’t fill like going through here, and that they’ll just say that it looks fake. Pictures and documents are immortalized here. Other old social media is still up.

No. 756252

Tinfoil but I imagine she’s planning on drinking away her anxiety about this situation on NYE. She seems to always get absolutely plastered when she hangs out with her friends.

No. 756314

That bio really shows how much she's changed. Literally nothing in common with her past self.

No. 756326

she's still canadian, lol
but honestly, i'm so sick of the white knights in the videos going "omg who cares people break up all the time! it's just a relationship that doesn't work out! she wasn't ready!" completely ignoring the fact that alyssa said she was treated like shit. also why would you use the excuse that jill wasn't ready for a relationship? if you're not ready, don't fucking have one! don't lead the other person on

No. 756447

She's ready for multiple long relationships with guys though. She probably couldn't handle the emotional depth required for a female relationship. Her communication skills seem quite lacking.
>this is cute
>more shopping

No. 756470

>Walker 2 years
>Tristan 2 years
>Colin 1.7 years
>Stephen 6 months

6 years of relationships with guys

>Urma, a few weeks, maybe 1-2 months

>Alyssa 2 months

Barely 3-4 months of dating girls

I would definitely accept it if she claimed she was simply bi-curious, but her definition of bisexual basically emcompasses most girls who have explored their sexuality, like literally 100% of the girls I hooked up with in middle school/high school turned out straight, my very tempoerary "ex-gfs" from those days and myself have all moved on to long-term hetero relationships, but ya know according to Jill we all partake in the gay agenda by listening to abba and wearing bright colours and buying quirky or tacky merchandise that exploit our queer power levels.

I mean, beyond the queerbaiting for popularity's sake, it's also just false representation of bi/lesbian women, as well as false advertisement towards girls who might actually be interested in dating Jill romantically (which is exactly what happened to alyssa).

No. 756479

And it’s not even that she identifies as bi, it’s that she keeps saying how she leans towards girls way more and how she’d be a lesbian but for her love of peen
like….it’s fine to only like girls a little bit, Jill, stop forcing this persona, just be real for once

No. 756496

File: 1546214145009.jpeg (374.42 KB, 750x520, 798B05F3-19D7-4FCB-994F-63856F…)

No. 756501

File: 1546214531368.png (767.95 KB, 750x1334, 8FA09D4D-C176-46C6-B24E-4AF96E…)

Sorry to bring up an old topic, but I had a weird feeling about what she said in the Stickers video. She said that Stickers came from the same breeder as Neko, but a reply to someone asking why she doesn’t adopt instead of purchasing cats claims that Neko’s breeder was terrible and that they reported him?? So was this a lie to cover herself for not adopting or did she give more business to a breeder where the cats live in “hell”?

No. 756508

No. 756516

The fact that she specifies $800 makes me think that was the cost of Neko and therefore the cost of Stickers as well which is even higher than was estimated here. Wow.

No. 756517

So how did she get away with claiming ignorance again? I really hope the anon who said they’re working on a Pixie in 2018 video is actually doing it and includes this in the shelter vs. breeder discourse. She’s obviously known all a long that it’s better to adopt lol the contrast between that comment vs. the more recent one on the Stickers video is astounding.

No. 756522

wtf yes I remember her saying she got stickers from the same ragdoll breeder as Neko. I can't even begin to comprehend the hypocrisy.

I used to think her tende