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No. 1587229

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No. 1587231

File: 1657726620874.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x2105, 7AA0DA5F-2E70-46EA-9A3E-141926…)

>I’m a woman now, so why am I not allowed to see women’s breasts freely in person

No. 1587233

File: 1657726712122.jpeg (852.89 KB, 1484x1454, 4E0A068A-EBC8-425D-9AD0-06877F…)

I have a question. Are men genuinely just that faceblind or bad at all the giveaways? Even if one of them passes a little, there are always so many other tells from their voices to their mannerisms. I don’t get how you could go on two dates with someone and still not be aware.

No. 1587237

File: 1657727246406.jpg (120.23 KB, 1080x838, 20220713_174638.jpg)

Maybe go to the doctor if your penis stinks this bad sir, youre not having your "time of the month" something is clearly wrong

No. 1587239

File: 1657727486314.jpeg (164.39 KB, 1284x463, 1C30BD96-C620-4EC7-98BE-AF7736…)

I saw that post earlier and remembered this comment. Like, no. A vagina normally doesn’t have a strong smell anyway unless you’ve been sweating a lot or there’s something wrong. In that case, you should get checked out. I’m also absolutely certain that this man’s dick and balls don’t smell like a vagina anyway since he never mentioned the chop.

No. 1587242

Hey, saying that the fakeboi has female nipples is "transfobic" and something like transmisandry or some random ass term of theirs. That dude should get cancelled, shouldn't he?

No. 1587244

Kek, maybe he's finally dying.

No. 1587247

Some men are just that retarded, monke sees hair longer than a buzzcut, skirt, heels, makeup and some random lumps on a shirt, monke sees woman, not a man pretending to be a woman.

No. 1587250

Happy to see big subs do this, hope people get tired of this quicker. "Transphobic not to want to date a trans person" good lord, please annoy the straights with this more

No. 1587261

In all of these cases so many people go to the OP being transphobic when another factor at play here is that the date withheld pretty important information. They always want to stealth but then get upset when the dudes are rightfully angry they’ve been lied to. I would consider this a big issue for someone I was considering dating. They act like telling someone they are trans is like telling someone you have diabetes or something and that it’s just not important. But knowing something that will be related to intimate encounters when you’re going on a date of all things is pretty important to tell someone. If they’re withholding information that might affect you should the date progress into something sexual, I think that’s a huge fucking deal. If they hide that, what else do they have to hide? Not to mention, it is rape by deception. The very definition is deceiving someone into having sex with you when they wouldn’t otherwise consent if they had all the information. Someone would rightfully be upset if they were lied to about an STD, right? I guess rape usually isn’t a big deal to TiMs though.

No. 1587262

Here’s the link if anyone wants to read the comments. There is some sanity so might be good for some nonnas to see. The actual post has been deleted of course.

No. 1587265

The bacteria in a 'neovag' more resembles that of the anus than an actual vagina.

No. 1587269

The guy doesn’t even have a rot pocket yet. It probably just stinks like normal male groin which might as well smell like ass.

No. 1587271

This is a great example of trans women being socialized male

No. 1587275

It is. It reminds me of how I’ve heard a lot of other women say they actually would be fine going topless (in places where it isn’t legal) as long as it was in a female only space like a female nude beach or something like that. Or at least how women have brought out how it’s unfair that breasts are so sexualized and they feel unsafe or shamed if they’re topless. I feel like this moid’s post is just one of those examples where a male doesn’t believe women feeling a certain way until he experiences it because men never listen to women. I see it so much on those subs where they’re like “wait….they weren’t lying about x”? Like, why would we? Anyway, he shouldn’t even be allowed in those saunas anyway because they should be purely based on sex and I would much rather share the pool with a hairy TiF than a scrote. Also it’s obvious he’s still extremely male if he’s staring at women’s nipples enough to see how “large” and “swollen” they are. It’s so apparent he is a voyeur and exhibitionist and is upset he can’t full expose himself and see naked women while doing so.

No. 1587277

local man discovers misogyny and the sexualization of women

No. 1587289

Why are they always so unergonomic about their neovags? Why would you change your underwear instead of going to the bathroom more often to clean them like normal sluggy women do?

No. 1587293

Normal sluggy women? Nona, if you or any other women ITT are producing so much foul discharge that you have to regularly sort yourself out over the course of the day, please seek immediate medical attention. A small amount of non-pungent discharge over the course of the day is normal. Foul smelling discharge or discharge in quantities that require solutions is your body telling you that something is very, very wrong.

No. 1587303

NTA and sorry for tmi but at certain times of the month it can be normal to produce a lot of discharge I always have after my p and around ovulation, unless it smells bad/is a weird colour or you have a sudden change in discharge then it's probably normal, we are all different.

No. 1587305

uh that's even more concerning..

No. 1587311

Even if you sweat your actual vagina still wouldn't smell but the skin around it would. Not related to the internal genitals at all.

No. 1587313

I don't understand how they can think that what they have is anything like an actual vagina. It's just regular epidermal skin that constantly rubs together and has no room to breathe. The vagina is made up of self lubricating and cleansing mucosa. It's literally a complex organ. If anything having a neovagina is more like having a giant belly button or skin fold between your legs and that's probably what it smells like. I don't know why they believe what they believe.

No. 1587316

File: 1657734805691.jpg (299.8 KB, 1000x700, IMG_20220713_193924.jpg)

Funny thing is, I clocked this troon just from a not-troon related tweet. He can't even pass with text on a screen, good lord

No. 1587319

I think jaw surgery would help him tbh

No. 1587320

File: 1657734987977.jpg (585.23 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_20220713-194731_Twi…)

Man flexes his (sub par) muscle and calls himself a butch lesbian

No. 1587322

File: 1657735057628.jpg (631.64 KB, 1079x1666, Screenshot_20220713-194819_Twi…)

Last one. Twitter is a goldmine for deluded troons who think they pass

No. 1587330

If any old fleshy hole is just as good as a vagina, then maybe any old fleshy valve is just as good as a heart and any old fleshy lump is just as good as a kidney—while they’re getting all these surgeries, they should donate some of their useless-and-totally-just-like-fleshy-lumps organs to people in need. Organ shortage is a real thing.

No. 1587331

The fuck is "that time of the month" for men without balls? Now that we know "estrogen made me dumb hehe" is due to troons giving themselves dementia, it could be possible they regularly experience something like pain from osteoporosis. I used to assume they straight up fully lied, but they are fucking up their bodies so badly that they probably are in pain a lot. They're just too stupid to realize they're having serious medical issues.

No. 1587346

they somehow believe that because it's made out of their inverted dick (genital tissue) it knows how to mimic a vagina. i was confused by this too. it's like cutting a lung into the shape of a kidney and expecting it to suddenly know what to do

No. 1587351

It’s hilarious to me that they have the gall to talk about how disgusting actual vaginas are while willingly going under the knife to get a confusing mess of flesh and pus that leads to nowhere and has no real function (including hardly being able to be used for sex since so often they don’t dilate and lose precious inches or the thing just rips open). I love how their hubris destroys them in the end. I used to hate my body and especially my vulva/vagina (mostly because I internalized so much shit men said about vaginas), but TiMs have unironically made me the most comfortable with it I’ve ever been. Even getting my period makes me feel happy these days. Just the knowledge that I naturally have something that scrotes so desperately desire and try to imitate but never duplicate boosts my confidence after hearing them say how disgusting women are for so long. It’s the sweetest revenge.

No. 1587352

damn nonnie, i just typed out my last comment without reading this one. it really is baffling.

No. 1587355

Again, the OP hasn’t even had his dick inverted so idk what he’s smelling except for ball sweat. But you’re right on how badly HRT fucks their bodies up. They’re giving themselves extreme hormonal imbalances for nothing.

No. 1587358

SA, I related so much to what you said about feeling insecure about your body until you realized moids were deliberately making you feel insecure to hide their seething jealousy. I’m having similar experiences—it brings me so much joy that, now that these moids are saying the quiet parts loud, women are seeing through their bullshit and learning to love themselves.
It’s extremely male behavior—exactly the same as when boys bully the girls they find cute. Well, they’ll never have those cute girls and they’ll never have actual vaginas or female bodies, either, so they’ll be left to cope & seethe.

No. 1587361

Haha I think you’re actually talking to two diff nonas, I’m >>1587351 and I guess the other one made a different comment but I’m glad to hear other women feeling similarly. They still talk about us “ugly cis bitches” while crying that they can’t ever be us in the same sentence, then they go on to say we are jealous of them. No sir, never a day in my life have I actually wanted to be a male, only to be taken more seriously. That’s a societal issue, not a me being jealous of men issue. It really is all projection on their part.

No. 1587388

Faceblindness combined with being socially retarded in general. Whoever said men like performative femininity far more than they like actual women is right. Trannies perform all the right shit - makeup, hair, nails, skirts, so dumb moid brains don't even question.

No. 1587395

they are so autistic

No. 1587396

File: 1657740629150.jpeg (334.99 KB, 828x987, CD4A0EF2-DBF7-48C2-9612-05C429…)

i honestly can’t stand trannies lol i love being a woman. however i hate having to share the label with retarded men with porn addictions!

No. 1587399

I don’t really care about being a woman versus not. Societally I hate how women are treated but I just accept this is the sex I am and go on with life. Everything I “hate” about being a woman relates to how men treat us, troons included. In a perfect world I’d live with women only and hopefully never even look at or interact with a male because for me they are pointless wastes of air. I’ve read that we can make sperm from stem cells so really they are completely unnecessary creatures.

No. 1587401

that would make his nose look huge

No. 1587403

isn't this exactly what they say? they think women are a social class defined by being affected by misogyny instead of adult human females. their way of approaching "gender" literally implies that women consciously choose to identify with misogyny. projection, as always.

No. 1587406

File: 1657741537553.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 215.73 KB, 1170x849, 8E0DF5A9-06D2-45BF-A80D-8029E1…)

spoilered for dick and bolt ons. but what a fucking freak show. truly a waste. i’m sure his wife divorced him because who wants to see this shit?

No. 1587407

this kind of shit is exactly why weird women end up trooning out

No. 1587410

How has he not killed himself yet, Jesus Christ.

No. 1587412

He even got pissy about going on two dates without sex, what a piece of shit. Men get what they deserve. If they looked at women as human beings instead of a collection of parts to use and discard, maybe they wouldn't get fooled by men in skirts.

No. 1587414

Referring to the pain the spiro might be causing as "that time of the month" is cope. Spiro isn't meant for otherwise healthy people and can cause hyponatremia + adrenal insufficiency, both commonly resulting in issues with your digestive system - cramping and pain.

No. 1587415

File: 1657742712683.jpeg (580.23 KB, 828x1228, A949BA68-18C7-44E7-83D1-AE111B…)

This is a reply to the tweet in the OP pic, continue to tell us that these useless subhuman pieces of shit aren’t dangerous to women. I fucking hate trannies so fucking much countries like Iran have the right idea about how to deal with them, pity the way they deal with women for merely existing is just as fucked

No. 1587416

File: 1657742887108.png (112.5 KB, 449x364, 8DBCCFB3-4A98-4871-BB37-24ADF4…)

Samefag but topkek at this faggot choosing some of the ugliest and most obvious moids to support his argument that twanswomens r beautiful uwu

No. 1587417

Pretty sure that is a fakeboi

No. 1587419

This is one of the vilest things I have seen in a WHILE

No. 1587422

That’s even worse, I can’t imagine being a woman and hating yourself and your fellow sisters this much

No. 1587431

File: 1657744126752.jpeg (934.86 KB, 1170x1931, 2ADAC2FC-5A34-4A9F-A584-8B582B…)

he keeps getting more surgeries. granted he’s a pornsick loser, but it’s ghastly to see someone who wasn’t ugly turn into a fucking freak.

No. 1587432

I love being a woman mainly because it means I'm not a man.

No. 1587433

Why the fuck does this psychos want to coerce the "muh cis scum" do date/fuck them?? Why they just date/fuck each other?? It doens't make any sense these bunch deformed soyboys pesting lesbians, a group of woman that is less then 5% of female population

No. 1587434

>Dylan looking exactly like the gay scrote he is
>Honter looking like something you pulled out of the drain at a public shower
>Some black HSTS with obvious bolt ons in a wig designed for a Lady Gaga Halloween costume in 2012
>”these eyes want to have control of you” meme eyes peeping over the edge of frame, chad chin obviously having been cropped out
>exactly one person that looks even remotely human and sane in the entire image
Ah, yes, such lovely ladies! I guess we’re all just not attracted to them because transphobia

No. 1587442

Same thing here. Today I see that moids are genuinely evil, envious and cruel, and I feel happier as I am and for being a woman. I may not be an example of beauty, but I am healthy in body and mind and I am finally at peace with myself.

No. 1587445

Lol she had to scrounge up 4 under the knife trannies and that dylan guy instead of using the original which is very telling. What’s wrong aiden you dont think oger is beautiful kek

No. 1587446

File: 1657745227762.png (285.59 KB, 1872x856, Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 1.44…)

AGP moment lmao. I love that troons say autogynephilia doesn't exist but then every other post on r/mtf is this shit.

No. 1587450

File: 1657745375342.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 29.12 KB, 588x407, DfI7XeyWsAAcNzd.jpeg)

No. 1587451

File: 1657745513850.png (295.6 KB, 1892x918, Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 1.51…)

samefag but lmao just lol the cognitive dissonance is astounding. It is a fucking fetish you coomers.

No. 1587452

File: 1657745822955.jpeg (268.98 KB, 1284x791, DF2AB48D-114D-40BC-9697-DB7240…)

The black one is Laverne Cox who was in OitNB and said pic related irl.

No. 1587455

This kind of thing is legitimately disgusting to me and conjures up Buffalo Bill vibes (“would you fuck me? id fuck me. id fuck me hard”). Iirc Anthony Padilla interviewed autosexuals and I think two out of three were trans.

No. 1587456

wish this same grace were extended to lesbians who don't want to date trans women (and clock them immediately 99.9% of the time) but usually it's only straight men's aversion to girldick that's considered a valid preference

No. 1587457

You know what? You’re damn right if I found out a scrote fucked that thing I’d judge him for it. The scrote in question could have just, you know, fucked other dudes like any other gay scrote, but instead chose to have sex with Chest Expansion Chad and his possible rotpocket. If you fucked that thing, I don’t even want you sitting on my furniture.

No. 1587458

can someone translate Twitter zoomzoom speak?

No. 1587464

It’s just trying to say the examples in thread pic here are stupid and bad and here are some good examples of beautiful trans women and if you don’t think so you’re transphobic.

No. 1587468

What was the name of the twitter user that was showing the true side of tranny? The username was a bit weird and showed how troons were just showing themself naked in women bathrooms and how they were pedos.

No. 1587470

nonna these are the men who think they pass as women. Course they're faceblind and retarded.

No. 1587474

File: 1657748611801.jpeg (67.57 KB, 960x708, FXiXjQZWIAYyavk.jpeg)

No. 1587475

File: 1657748707801.jpeg (194.7 KB, 1156x1817, FXX3OmxXoAItDqA.jpeg)

No. 1587476

lmao I love it

No. 1587478

File: 1657748968163.jpg (123.57 KB, 1242x898, yes.jpg)

No. 1587479

Nonas is this abnormal for women? Pls don’t accuse me of being a tranny baiting, I’m a bio woman but get turned on by myself when I look in the mirror, especially if I’m wearing lingerie or already in the mood. I’m a bit worried now kek(integrate)

No. 1587482

File: 1657749184880.jpg (194.1 KB, 1000x1123, FXhikPXXoAASesL.jpg)

No. 1587483

File: 1657749255325.jpg (91.78 KB, 679x680, FXhsgBwUcAYsV6z.jpg)

No. 1587485

nonna his wife is also a degenerate porn star. they were both conventionally attractive though (which is why he looks so bad now, he was way too masculine to be a passable mtf). i do wonder if he's become financial dead weight now. she probably always made more money as a female pornstar, but who would hire him now? is he pissing away her money on surgeries and hrt?

No. 1587488

File: 1657749591256.png (3.43 MB, 1720x1438, bathroom lewds collage.png)

we still remember you Mr. Carrera. But you can change back to Kairi if you want. You're not doing anything extra milky atm so I doubt you will draw to much attention.

No. 1587491

So my work fired a troon recently and they were claiming transphobia and basically made some of my coworkers TERFs. I have details if it’s allowed here I didn’t know where to post but working with them was insufferable and I have a few stories. Some of them include them always using AAVE when I was around and claiming they couldn’t work bc they’re trans and get tired more

No. 1587496

This isn’t the account nona was talking about I don’t think. It was a terf account that archived them doing this and worse in women’s bathrooms.

No. 1587498

School shooter vibes.

No. 1587499

nig heke? either that or the gc archives but both those accounts keep getting banned from twitter since trannies are a protected class

No. 1587501

File: 1657750774665.png (796.09 KB, 691x909, 4B7CD052-5943-45B2-A0EB-064EF1…)

I need to believe that woman in the comments is a crypto terf egging men on to get their dicks inverted.

No. 1587502

File: 1657750908797.jpeg (181.24 KB, 810x1925, 4A603868-2C96-4B51-9059-23BAB2…)

No. 1587503

he wouldn't know what a real womens feels though because he isn't one.

just buy bras like the creepy guy your are, no estrogen needed.

No. 1587504

File: 1657751080374.jpg (4.22 MB, 3024x3024, FSYodjWXIAA7N1N.jpg)

spot the face app

No. 1587505

File: 1657751088587.png (368.65 KB, 598x744, bathrooms are so SAFE.png)

ah this one? she also did a list of men pretending to be random things to assault/harass people.

Twitter nuked her account last I saw. But I'm sure some of the list survives somewhere.

No. 1587506

File: 1657751133545.jpg (261.16 KB, 1707x2048, FXjzY0rUcAA79Lu.jpg)

the clown makeup kek

No. 1587509

File: 1657751215877.jpg (359.57 KB, 2048x2048, FRYD5ymVcAAJE3O.jpg)

No. 1587510

troons are protected, but real women aren't. Almost like even the most woke twitter mods know exactly who is and isn't a real woman huh

No. 1587512

why do they always look like somebody used the liquify tool on a normal face

No. 1587514

I think it was the person this nonna mentioned >>1587499

No. 1587515

I remember twitter troons reporting the (hundreds) videos of troons jacking off in womens restrooms around women and children as "trans girls porn being stolen and posted without their consent". So if you ever think there are "innocent" troons, that the one troon you know irl seems ok - you're wrong. They all know. They clearly knew what was in the videos, and they chose to protect these sex offenders at the expense of women and children.

I really wish I had that list readily available at all times as proof for the "it never happens" handmaidens.

No. 1587517

I want to hear the stories, Nona

No. 1587520

Lol I think there's a difference. I dated a girl who got off to seeing herself being fucked in a mirror.

No. 1587521

These are the kind of things TiMs use as gotchas to say women are AGP too, but there is a difference between putting on lingerie and getting turned on because you’re about to have sex and watching someone have sex with you vs being a male with a penis who is masturbating to his idea of what womanhood is. It’s been said before in other threads that getting turned on because you’re anticipating sex is one thing while jacking off alone with no one else around because you stuck a tampon up your ass is another.

No. 1587525

File: 1657753226621.jpg (69.7 KB, 667x651, pure look of analyzing slight …)


No. 1587527

Hell I used to live in the Deep South with all the crazy gunslinging farm girls but none of them were as obsessed with firearms as the average troon. Truly male to the core.

No. 1587531

File: 1657754060051.png (942.08 KB, 1081x4554, chrome_screenshot_165775231899…)


No. 1587533

File: 1657754199204.jpeg (361.51 KB, 828x1209, 7D6583D0-229A-4D0E-8EAC-8DF5EE…)

Yep, quelle fucking surprise

No. 1587538

Jesus. Someone tell her about lolcow

No. 1587540

>Maybe go to the doctor if your penis stinks this bad sir,

Thanks for the laugh, nonna. Savage and hilarious.

No. 1587541

hahahha he thinks he looks like that actor from american horror story ahahahhaha

No. 1587542

>nig heke
That's the one! Thank you, I'm gonna peak other women which why I wanted that the account name. Tried searching for it myself put all that came up was ugly TIMs which while could work I like compilations that nig heke has.

No. 1587544

Love misspent is a curse for women. Most men can never love anybody outside the family they're born into, they will even tell you this when they think it's a flex, or just to cut you down. Women should learn to care about men only about as much as you would care for a regular house plant. They don't even deserve the care you would give a hamster or 30 year old flowering cactus.

No. 1587547

Post that shit

No. 1587551

File: 1657757361146.jpeg (31.35 KB, 500x367, C5447FD8-FB57-444A-866B-0E1095…)

It honestly saddens me that our rights continue to be taken away from us. I see these MTFs doing whatever they can to deny us even our definition by nature. Men are finally about to get what they always wanted: to strip us from our rights and reduce us to nothing. Women means nothing now and if you dare disagree with it, they hunt you down and ruin your life. What saddens me the most is that other women concur in the name of being woke or, as they say, free of prejudice. They claim they're against the patriarchy, nevertheless how is serving blokes on a skirt any different? If feel like we're still on a leash, but now there are AGPs on the other end. Sorry for the vent, nonnas. I've been dealing with many trans and handmaidens lately so I needed to take this out off my chest.

No. 1587554

Yeah we can tell kek

No. 1587560

They didn’t do anything they are the same men forcing their delusions with violence, if anything right now is a great time to bond with other women and give a shit about those friendships and yourself. Don’t let them convince you to be sad or feel hopeless, the only thing they want is to hurt women in a jealous rage because they can never be happy or experience real love, do not give them the time of day. Don’t let them make you feel powerless, the more you intentionally enjoy your life regardless the more afraid of you they are.

No cry, u got this

No. 1587561

There have always been misogynists, and there have always been pickmes, and yet we have still had successes in the past. It’s true: this is a dark time for women. Many of us itt didn’t initially realize the threat trans ideology posed, and many were even originally handmaidens. But women are insightful, and despite the gaslighting and the socialization that teaches us to always put ourselves last, many of us are growing wise to what’s happening. Yes, there are a handful of pickmes who will forever refuse to see the writing on the wall, but they are the minority. Fundamentally, we have the truth on our side, we have biology on our side, we have sanity on our side. They are getting away with this bullshit for now because they are men, but they have to try a thousand times harder to maintain their lie than we have to work to spread the truth, and it will crumble eventually, just like the hubris of man always does.

No. 1587568

eh be careful with that peaking material it comes from a moid. His stuff is littered with misogynist bullshit too. Pro-life and dunking on Post-parterm depression mothers fucks up.

Thou trust a moid to have the drive to shift thru that much tranny porn to prove a point. I can't stomach it.

No. 1587570

I share the same feeling as you, I think that any minimally intelligent and conscientious woman is disgusted by this dishonest, monstrous and cowardly movement that is trans activism. But little by little, more women, both straight and lesbians, are getting to know the true nature of these disgusting people. I think of a way to self-implode these troons, when I can I'll tell you more calmly around here

No. 1587572

I get how you feel anon. It's kind of depressing to see people who I used to think were fine and cool who were against sexism suddenly embrace a completely sexist ideology just because it's become popular. It's kind of heart-breaking realising they weren't truly a good person and against sexism, but that they were only against sexism because it has become popular to be so, and they still hold sexist values which they are able to indulge in in a more allowed way now.

No. 1587575

I honestly don't think it's a popularity thing for most women, I think they see it as exactly akin to being gay and therefore troons deserves as much support and empathy as gay people. Realistically, when your average progressive woman thinks of troons she thinks of gay, GNC people rather than pornsick straight men. The entire movement depends on female socialisation, the way women want to do the right thing and be kind and feel intense guilt and sympathy when others suffer.

It fucking sucks how effectively they grouped the T in with LGB because no matter how much I want to be openly and vocally gender critical, I hate the thought that people will assume I'm also homophobic and hate gender non conformity (even though transgenderism is inherently homophobic and perpetuates rigid gender roles).

No. 1587577

I actually lost sight of the whole situation I'm in. Men will always be men and pickmes will always be there to comply, you are 100% right on that. I feel powerless because I restrain myself and don't speak my mind out of fear. Once I thought to leave this thread for good because it was conflicting with my supporting these delusional people. I'll try and keep them at an arm's length from now on, have been working on that already. Even if I end up alone, I don't wanna partake in this clownery anymore. They really try to make you believe they actually care about women.

It is disgusting alright. These women I study with call themselves feminists and advocate for women's rights whenever they can, but then agree with the MTF in the room when he says “a woman is whoever feels like it” and stuff TRAs say. They enable his repulsive behavior to the point he feels comfortable saying he “was able to tuck it in perfectly today!”. They are intelligent and nice when you see past the handmaiden thing so I wish they would see these people as the freaks they are.

No. 1587582

File: 1657761228053.jpg (100.48 KB, 768x1024, FRt7MzrWYAEOm1I.jpg)

this one looks like a granny but is actually in his 30's

No. 1587583

File: 1657761263681.jpg (300.26 KB, 1067x2048, FR4At2aXIAIyKtu.jpg)

No. 1587589

I read the comment section and word by word this is every mtf relationship with a woman it’s so fucking sad. this is a typical abusive relationship most woman go through with men there is no difference. Like any abusive relationship it’s hard to leave. I really feel for the woman I do not blame them, I just hope she doesn’t go back and realize how much better her life is without that freak

No. 1587594

File: 1657761890837.gif (1.06 MB, 540x765, tranche_de_cerveau_scanner_bon…)

Noooo way. That waddle can only belong to a granny

No. 1587599

Some small consolation nona, the Feminism that improves the rights and lives has always been unpopular and undermined by handmaidens.

Likewise never underestimate the power of having reality behind you. The men who wanted to keep women out of the work place failed as an economy with women working (in the modern sense of the word) in it out performed those without and once women started getting access to that kind of money and independence and the labour pool dried up their bargaining power naturally increased and they were able to push through laws to stop legal underpaying.

Its the same case with trans ideology its impossible for them to not peak people with time. Already Sweden is rolling back the availability of transitioning medication for children and the UK government prevented trans ideology from being protected by anti conversion therapy laws.

Similarly, this is only going to grow with time as more detransitioners come to light and importantly the long term realities of hormone therapy become known.

No. 1587608

no, that can't be true, my grandma is in her 90s and she has better skin and everything than that troon. Looking at his neck I would say he must be around 60, at least.

No. 1587621

but estrogen is the fountain of youth!

No. 1587635

File: 1657764110279.jpeg (73.78 KB, 648x509, 017EF7D4-2B12-40AD-A59A-4E1946…)

rent free
someone edit the terf as a troon

No. 1587646

They are completely deluded. Most of them are gun toting white men who hate women and minorities. They make it clear every time they make a misogynistic or racist tweet.

No. 1587655

Meanwhile troons literally are the ones saying stuff like black women are men and other extremely racist stuff all the time.

No. 1587660

File: 1657767278504.jpeg (90.2 KB, 750x308, A9A716A9-0AD2-4D00-A796-0DDD50…)

stop calling out pedo troons on being pedos! you’re gonna get them killed!

No. 1587661

File: 1657767290667.jpg (214.49 KB, 1080x1920, FXliSy0UEAIaHbx.jpg)

ugliest tattoos matching his ugly face

No. 1587662

File: 1657767358743.png (362 KB, 660x641, 33.png)

>indistinguible from women
take off the hat baldie

No. 1587664

File: 1657767412623.jpeg (517.43 KB, 1284x1363, E99C0A1D-3353-4A6F-AE0D-863E52…)

Lol “I had to re educate so many of my friends!”

No. 1587665

Pretty sure that sticking your dick up the unwashed ass of a scrote in a dress still makes you a faggot, but what do I know

No. 1587669

lips about 100 miles from nose, philtrum-clocked gramps

No. 1587677

men are so pathetic and insecure. they’re forcing us to pretend ugly scrotes in dresses are women because they can’t handle getting called gay for fucking a dude in thigh highs or fathom that putting lipstick on a male pig doesn’t make him any less male.

No. 1587684

File: 1657770617634.png (51.17 KB, 594x515, Zack.png)

This shithead and his band of troonish ghouls have been going at 17 yr old detrans Chloe Cole for a couple of days now, and honestly I didn't think it was possible to hate this ugly moid more than most of us already do. The deeper you click into the retweets, the more infuriating it gets: https://twitter.com/ImWatson91/status/1547252322669043712

No. 1587686

File: 1657771116753.jpeg (480.69 KB, 828x1254, EB2015C7-0C99-4C73-8E2A-CAD371…)

I love this woman

No. 1587688

>It's kind of depressing to see people who I used to think were fine and cool who were against sexism suddenly embrace a completely sexist ideology just because it's become popular.
Sexism and female hate is so baked into culture, even most liberals don't recognize it. Women can have raging public meltdowns about "muh feminism", and then go home and coddle their sons, and turn their daughters into maid children, and raise them to be bangmaids. And liberal men are just liars. It makes me want to scream.

No. 1587699

File: 1657772386929.jpg (87.6 KB, 1018x253, Screenshot_20220714-141656_Chr…)

Don't worry everyone, reddit still found a way to make this about how easy women have it.

No. 1587712

File: 1657773698723.jpeg (799.11 KB, 1191x1126, B53BCFEC-5C55-47FB-897A-1C5ED8…)

This comment was written by a TiF but god it’s so self-important. Trans people are so spiritually enlightened. Please.

No. 1587723

A religion. A cult.

No. 1587724

A lot are faceblind but most stories like this are fake fir attention or trying to convince people there are passing troons in the wild

No. 1587725

If only this shit actually involved ego death. If only.
I sometimes wonder if men are unaware of how abusive they are, because fucked up relationships that leave women mentally fucked up for years seem to come as naturally to them as breathing. I guess it's easy to destroy another person when society has already done 90% of the grooming, and all you have to do is act selfish, agressive, and entitled at every opportunity.

No. 1587726

real interesting the two biologically female people in this post get gender neutral pronouns despite being referred to as cis and trans

No. 1587728

You know he’d throw a fit if the same thing was used for himself.

No. 1587732

File: 1657776516532.jpeg (352.53 KB, 2160x1809, AEB4B2BA-BF86-43E9-9BD4-040384…)

No. 1587737

>hammer and sickle
This is so accurate. I love how they’re all self-professed commies who don’t realise that Marx and Engels would hate them. The same goes for onlyfans degenerates

No. 1587740

Engels is an explicit first wave feminist and wrote about it, he would hate trannies

No. 1587741

Radfems famously get along with the KKK and Nazis. This is just the same tired feminazi schtick

No. 1587747

That’s exactly what I’m talking about, the irony of them telling people to “educate themselves”. Social media truly is cancer

No. 1587756

No American Marxist has read anything. Americans are mentally ill

No. 1587758

I’m an American Marxist feminist tbh and I am pretty well-read.

No. 1587760

Then you’re one in a million and you need to accept that no working class or radfem is allying with Chapo trannies

No. 1587767

File: 1657780330605.jpeg (340.85 KB, 828x968, BCE9AFBC-D5A7-475A-9F8A-89F866…)

this troon i work with posts all the time about being misgendered and suicidal and its like, damn bitch you’re fucking not helping fucking blue hair???

No. 1587774

But nonna the light blue hair, pinkflared up rosacia and pale white skin make up the trans flag

No. 1587779

I wonder what part of "communism" involves them sitting on their asses all day, usually messing around with videogames and literal children's toys.

No. 1587793

Come on nona, the state owes them! Why contribute to society when you can be stunning and brave and start a gofundme scam to get bleeding heart woketards to finance your LARP under the guise of it being uwu life saving treatment?

No. 1587796

File: 1657782540478.jpeg (53.98 KB, 532x874, brainwashedregret.jpeg)

First story in snapchat discovery. I've started seeing more and more regret and detransition stories all around.

No. 1587797

Am I the only one who thinks this is sus as fuck?

Why do you, as two men as attracted to males want a male child, to the point of becoming so enraged and disappointed you would sue your surrogate for giving you a girl?

Those gay moids were 100% going to groom that boy.

No. 1587803

It’s way more likely gay male misogyny than pedophilia.

No. 1587804

File: 1657783493406.jpg (291.51 KB, 1080x923, Screenshot_20220714-032203_Boo…)

Masturbating to yourself in the mirror is a totally normal female thing!:

No. 1587806

I thought this was Jeffrey star and that I skipped to a universe where its common knowledge jeffeee trooned out and now is regretting it.

No. 1587808

File: 1657784250019.png (254.16 KB, 648x557, fixed it for you.png)

here you go, knocked something up in paint for you.

might go well will a photo collage of some nazi femboys and troons dragging on black woman fueled by their inferiority complex.

No. 1587811

Why does the terf look like a MAGA male? They seriously don't know jack shit about us

No. 1587814

Is this who I think it is. Do I have to elaborate.

No. 1587815

These bolt ons are so fucking botched, how has he not an heroed?

No. 1587817

File: 1657787380968.jpg (73.85 KB, 1122x1080, ahhhhhhhgggggggghhh.jpg)

Having some of the worst period cramps of my life right now, curled up on the floor, can barely think straight and there are tranny assholes out there who actually have the audacity to police our language around this and pretend they experience this because they feel sad they don't get to have this. FUCK YOU you don't wanna experience this! This is actual hell. If a troon actually had to go through 5 minutes of bad period cramps, he'd change his tune so fast. Saging because I know this isn't milk. I just saw some dickhead posting about his "period" and I feel like I'm gonna go postal. It's so unfair. We have to go through this pain and men do everything in their power to make it even worse

No. 1587818

It isn’t pedophilia it’s just the fact that they hate women.

No. 1587820

I don’t think this thread is meant for a blog about your periods, maybe take that shit to /g/

No. 1587823

Jessie Gender got FFS and clearly really fucked himself up. He now has to wear a stupid mask and fake beard to hide his hideous swollen visage.

You'd think that, rather than appear on camera, he could just do a voiceover, but no, he does that too and actually sounds even worse and becomes even more apparent what a freak he's made of himself - having half your chin chiselled off makes it difficult to talk like a normal person, it turns out.

No. 1587825

I mean that's why I saged and you could easily ignore this but fine I'll go. Also go fuck yourself. Wishing terrible period pain on you now

No. 1587828

Make mtf use a TENS shock unit for a week every month if they want to transition. Bet they wouldn’t.

No. 1587833

kinda weird he'd chose a mask that emphasize a male's face especially with a beard if he's trying so damn hard to look like a woman. you'd think he'd himself with a feminine-looking mask or something.

No. 1587840

That's not medically possible. Not even people with cutis laxa or massive weight loss get neck aging like that. He is at the very least around 50 and lying about his age
Troomers constantly lie about their age, especially because they know hsts troons ("gold standard") transition younger

No. 1587842

has anyone seen the latest Only Murders in the building episode? The new introduced daughter looks like a troon but I can't find anything about it

No. 1587846

Men lie about their age anon

No. 1587856

Literally. They're all communists until it comes to the material analysis, meaning that they have male privilege

No. 1587863

I cannot believe this moid of extreme levels of retardation who doesn't bother to pass even in videos reaching 100k views got surgery to fuck up his face even more. It's almost a shame he's not even more of a narc, great cow potential here imo.

No. 1587892

Who needs reading when Bernie Sanders and Some More News tell Marxtards everything they want to hear and call it ‘socialism’. Better dead than red

No. 1587895

File: 1657807273075.jpg (544.76 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20220714-100003_Chr…)

Trannies and incels are made for one another kek

No. 1587896

Now we just gotta start telling transwomen that they HAVE TO date incels or else they're incelphobic bigots, they wouldn't wanna be incelphobic BIGOTS now would they?

No. 1587897

Samefag, I forgot to mention that this would be to get them off the backs of lesbians.

No. 1587900

Incredibly sus, not that renting wombs isn’t massively sus in the first place. Feel terrible for the little girl, born to two groomer dads who don’t want her.

No. 1587903

I thought that was the whole point of t4t?

No. 1587904

Fine by me, they can have each other. Better for women.

No. 1587905

LORD I wish out and proud terfs or even women in general would start using “incelphobic” as prolifically as troons and handmaidens use “transphobic” to counter their horseshit rhetoric/so we could level the playing field somewhat

No. 1587908

You're delusional. No she doesn't.

No. 1587910

File: 1657808092517.png (2.88 MB, 1284x5156, 6DCEAC6E-5281-4157-82BE-BE6493…)

Lol moid whining. That comment annoyed me though, I’m so tired of these full grown men being like “a trans woman’s womanhood is more valid and better because we had to WORK for it”. They are so male, their thought processes always boil down to this kind of thing.

No. 1587912

File: 1657808204908.jpeg (608.16 KB, 1284x1784, 19DB98B4-DD6F-4556-89B0-33E619…)

If one ever showed me any part of their body I would kick them in the groin.

No. 1587916

Yes, let’s objectify functional parts of female anatomy that serve no purpose on men and normalise sexual harassment by non-consensually forcing our bodies on others, so stunning and brave!

No. 1587922

File: 1657808751565.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1284x2050, 3D0B02CB-3F0F-458C-AC38-12E6D4…)

Why do they always act like this spiritual feeling means they’re women? Women is a biological reality that men will never understand because they will never be female. Just because you wish upon a thousand stars for it or just “KNOW” it’s real means fucking nothing. Plenty of people are adamant that god exists too and just like troons, they try to make everyone around them play their delusional little games without letting other people experience their own material reality. You’ll never convince me that trans shit isn’t just like any religion. It’s all based on feelings and power play.

No. 1587923

we can keep calling them misogynists

No. 1587924

>I am totes a woman, I can feel it in my balls!

No. 1587925

The libfems and trannies use it so much that it is immediately dismissed by a lot of people in much the same way that the word “nazi” has. Woketards love to use words without thinking about their actual meaning

No. 1587926

We get to the real crux of it
>in five years I'll be 41
>I'll never get to have my youth back

Yeah it's a midlife crisis

No. 1587927

not the belly button smell lmao i really didn’t need that image in my mind

No. 1587929

I was confused because they said her dad accepted her new pronouns and they kept referring to her as she which made me consider it

No. 1587930

File: 1657809765578.jpg (968.08 KB, 810x2985, Screenshot_20220714-104034_Boo…)

>I’m a trans woman who took the sissy route to get here.
Every fucking time!

No. 1587932

Why do trannies repeatedly look into devices which make them instantly suicidal? Retardation?

No. 1587933

>wants to show people boobs
>has nothing but a blatantly male chest
I was already good but now I’m extra good.

No. 1587937

every time i see one of them anywhere close to a child alarm bells ring

No. 1587938

Yeah, I seriously have no idea how a parent feels comfortable leaving their vulnerable young with a bipedal sex-crime like that. Bad parenting.

No. 1587947


No. 1587950

So an aging druggie party whore, with tons of exes, feels bad. Fucking good. Who knows how many women's lives he fucked up while chasing ass, there's no way he wasn't a cheating douche passing STDs and misery around.

No. 1587952

Kek, he's just slowly killing himself with the horse piss pills, that's the depression that comes with them.

No. 1587963


No. 1587964

I hope she wins the appeal but let's be real, it's fucking twitter and they're indebted to the troon church. That woman should share all that info on a site like WomenAreHuman, it won't be taken down there. Like just suggest a category for assault against children.

No. 1587966

Your frustrations are valid anon, many of us feel the same but we have to keep the course and keep pushing. As dark as it may be, there is a silver lining to this, this trans bullshit is not gonna last forever and we will see it come crumbling down at some point.

Try to hang in there. Keep speaking out if you aren't doing so now. Part of the way to see pushback is to be the pushback by continuing to speak out against this bullshit. Come across a ridiculous and deplorable article concerning a TIM assaulting or violating a woman or child, share that shit. The sports? Continue talking about how ridiculous it is for men to be competing against women in our own league.

And if you ever need to take a break from it all, do it. Mental health is important so take that time off if you need it but try not to wallow in despair. Have a nice sulk but not for too long, get back on that horse. Also try to meet and interact with other women who are against the ideology, it really does a lot of good to talk with people who understand. Hope this helps.

No. 1587967

FR, how many of them have we seen that always show themselves posed with their guns> Who are they really trying to convince? kek

No. 1587983


TOP KEK didn't even notice. "Become intimate FINALLY" Are scrotes for real?

No. 1587989

File: 1657816459712.jpeg (227.27 KB, 640x853, A98C7073-C043-4331-ABDE-0A927F…)

The question was what you couldn’t tell your partner…surely these people know they have a cross-dresser fetish before marrying these women? I would absolutely hate it if someone hid this.

No. 1587990

I don't know what a lot of my mutuals look like, but one just posted a photo of themselves playing on a women's rugby team. hes a good 6 ft

No. 1587993

It's disgusting how many men obviously view trooning out in the same context as being reborn in Christianity. They live shitty lives and then expect women to pretend to be Jesus to forgive them. And then they just keep on doing the same nasty moid shit that made them feel bad in the first place. I'm sure a lot of them do see women living better lives than them, but it's not because women have easier lives or some kind of advanced spirituality.

No. 1588001

I'd kms if I was happily married to a man for decades but he was secretly planing to make his previously unknown fetish his entire life. Id leave in the middle of the night and take the kids and change my name and move to where he can never find me

No. 1588002

Moids are incredibly pathological and can justify anything they do to themselves, so some of them probably are meticulously hiding their fetish from their spouse and putting on an act in every day life. Thinking they're successfully hiding it is probably part of what makes it exciting to them tbh

No. 1588008

Ewww you’re right. They probably like it being a “dirty secret” and get some thrill out of it. Didn’t even think of that, but troons are insane. Their poor wives.

No. 1588013

File: 1657819233271.jpeg (938.55 KB, 960x1285, BDEB37EA-1094-40B4-9732-866AC2…)

>all their posts are about their dick

No. 1588015

File: 1657819641819.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 0e803f7b0e65a5ba.jpg)

Revolting. Yes, not wanting to murder animals is very comparable to needing to suck tranny cock

No. 1588016


Even if it were normal, how would a tranny know what it's like to feel sexy and desirable?

No. 1588018

File: 1657820420085.png (1.06 MB, 1051x597, grace.png)

grace, yeah right

No. 1588026

100%, they masturbate about the thought of fool their wives, is all part of their fetish. Yet they cry when it backfries and they become homeless/their kids don't want to know about them/they try to fool the wrong person and end in a hospital. On their twisted minds, people aren't free agents but pawns of their fetish and denegate their coom is a violation of their human rights.

No. 1588029

this is honestly what i keep coming back to. i would respect them a lot more if they would just keep to themselves and stay in their own community. trans separatism would be an unironic good for society. let them sort it out amongst themselves.

No. 1588030

I know this is ot but why on earth does a police department have a facebook/twitter or whatever social media this is and they publicly post their bookings there? This is absurd to me.

No. 1588036

The account doesn’t have any affiliation with the police

No. 1588037

Ok that makes sense. It'd be horrible really if it were.

No. 1588042

Yea because eating our natural diet is akin to murder, vegans are almost as delusional as troons.

No. 1588046

I don't get his point… I like burgers because I like meat. Is he saying veggie meat is real meat?

No. 1588050

it's more like demanding a vegetarian eat a meat burger because "you eat veggie burgers all the time! what's the difference? it's all burger shaped!"

No. 1588051

File: 1657823867028.jpg (477.84 KB, 810x2399, Screenshot_20220714-143602_Boo…)

Stabbing transphobes. Just another day on r/traa.

No. 1588052

Imagine posting your child on the same side you show your ass, disgusting

No. 1588053

Oh, my mind immediately went to slitting their own wrists and committing 41% kek

No. 1588055

Same. A cutter doesn't seem like a good weapon

No. 1588056

anon write “sage” on the email section when you aren’t supplying milk.

No. 1588057

That thing in particular looks like it would break immediately.

No. 1588059

you can always tell when their chest tattoos were done before they had moobs.

No. 1588067

why are men? i love being a woman and i love women. moids seething so much about wanting to be women and lesbians is first page in my “reasons to live” book.

No. 1588068

Ah I didn't know that. I just vaguely remember how his post were posted here and it was a good list, I'll try to find some of her tweets >>1587505 and womenarehuman too. Thank you for warning me!

No. 1588081

here, this is a new thread that hasnt been deleted yet showing moids being disgusting in female bathrooms. nsfw/nsfl warning https://twitter.com/savefemspaces/status/1544830284838871045

No. 1588084

Only a male ape brain would dream about violently killing random people who don’t agree with them. Fucking psycho, the only reason actual women have weapons like that is for defense not some murder incel LARP fantasy. No amount of soft girl aesthetic will cure them of being deranged and showing the real male traits within them.

No. 1588087

File: 1657827393754.jpeg (91.42 KB, 828x443, 6ADDED7B-2A6B-42CB-AC16-0CDB81…)

You’re right tradnonna, The Right really cares about women, even more than the left. Don’t forget to subscribe to DailyWire+!

No. 1588090

Well yeah the average diet for the population does require the continuous mass murder of billions of animals, how is that delusional to understand and abstain from? Don’t answer, it’s rhetorical. But anyway, diet isn’t comparable to sexual preference and their metaphor makes no sense just like their mental illness.

No. 1588091

File: 1657827508015.jpg (430.08 KB, 1080x1781, IMG_20220714_203319.jpg)

No. 1588092

OT but I’m not a vegan or vegetarian and there’s nothing natural about eating processed McDonald’s meat laced with micro plastics from animals you didn’t kill lmao. Just accept you’re not a Ted K. Hunter gatherer and move on weirdo

No. 1588093

ah yes a woman and children, the usual suspects of hate crimes

No. 1588096

This like the literal only murder fantasy I’ve ever had has been about my scrote rapist, which I think is fair. Killing a woman because she said you can’t become a woman? Men lose their shit at the most mundane things.

No. 1588099

I agree with this, peak your friends (and everyone around you). No one was onboard with trans ideology from the get-go, everyone was talked into it with what we thought was logical, the "right" thing to do and that it wouldn't do anyone else harm. This means the same people can be talked out of it when you prove that all of that was wrong. The best starting points for me have been showing how harmful trans medicical care really is, and then all the sexual assault and harassment done by transwomen. Pointing out how dangerous and sick their surgeries are sounds pro-trans because they only hurt trans people, so they keep their guard down. Normies can't handle it unless you start softly and give them some time. It takes a lot to admit that you were wrong.

No. 1588102

File: 1657828378092.jpeg (68.01 KB, 720x727, FXdsQX3X0AEUsKj.jpeg)

No. 1588103

File: 1657828459517.jpg (182.76 KB, 1076x1170, Muh sides.jpg)

No. 1588106

Troons and their paranoid schizophrenia kek.

No. 1588110

Peak autogynephilia

No. 1588116

Perfect then, just like the tranny who owns it

No. 1588123

File: 1657831932612.jpg (421.03 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20220714-164949_Boo…)

>I'd love to have boobs so big I'd be immobilized

No. 1588137

File: 1657832608006.jpg (368.46 KB, 1080x1916, 24662424636464.jpg)


No. 1588138

oh, dear troon honeys, I'm a former self-harmer, I have real razor blades in my wallet, come near me and we will see who bleeds to death first. Just a friendly hint, it won't be me, your craft knives aren't sharp in any way and I know how to treat wounds. And now, please go and cut your balls of.

No. 1588152

How the fuck do they say this shit and then get so offended when you call them out on it being a fetish? I guess it ruins the narcissistic male coom delusion to be told they’re some of the biggest assholes and sexual deviant predators on earth.

No. 1588182

I hope he gets his wish so no one will have to interact with him ever again
>Women and children find me repulsive. Is it legal for me to pepper spray them?

No. 1588183

File: 1657835834886.jpg (2.06 MB, 1920x2560, 22-07-14-22-54-10-736_deco.jpg)

I hope he was hit by 4 cars kek

No. 1588185

definitely looks like he's been hit by a truck

No. 1588186

Nah that one's the lie. Got to have been at least 5 cars.

No. 1588188

If they're going to pretend to be women then why can't they stop with the idiot nicknames for breasts?

No. 1588193

Whoa, OG pegging pornstar troons out? This honestly surprised me, but I supposed with all the troons he's banged he was GAMP all along. So, perhaps I shouldn't be.

No. 1588204

File: 1657838413314.jpeg (285.19 KB, 750x1255, AE87415A-CF0E-4C0A-A955-D8EBDD…)

troons support transracialism now.

No. 1588208

They have the maturity level of (male) children, but that’s probably a compliment to them.

No. 1588209

It’s funny bc the second one is honestly right in some ways and transracialism actually makes more sense than transgender bs. People can be adopted into another race, be mixed, grow up in another country where another race has prominence, etc. It’s much more fluid than something like sex, which is not at all unless you happen to be an animal species which can ACTUALLY change its sex.

No. 1588212

You’re talking about ethnicity not race, nonita.

No. 1588216

That's an improvement tbh

No. 1588225

The coworker has a point, if a guy can identify as a woman and get away with saying sexist shit and creeping on lesbians, why can't a white person identify as black? I've seen a lot of troons say transracialism is wrong but never why. What would be the troon argument against that?

No. 1588239

The argument I've seen is that transgenderism is legit because there are studies about it. So I guess according to that logic trannies weren't valid until psychologists said so, and the fact that homosexuality used to be considered a mental illness was ok because science. These people claim to be anti authority but believe all of this shit

No. 1588252

no she doesn't retard

No. 1588269

File: 1657842761499.jpeg (750.31 KB, 1409x1620, 49785B1A-9A21-4F1F-B3EB-063383…)

No. 1588274

4k likes on that tweet. This is a fucking cult. The very definition of social contagion. I cannot believe people believe this shit.

No. 1588278

File: 1657843326006.jpeg (640.43 KB, 1728x1703, 40052104-AB33-4558-A395-DD7857…)

I read the transbian webcomic from a few threads ago. It portrays the mtf as a chivalrous protector who’s better than the jerky rich cis boyfriend.

No. 1588279

Ty for taking one for the team nonna. I was the one who posted it and haven’t read it yet. It’s hilarious how much bigger the TiM is than the boyfriend.

No. 1588282

>women are not the property of men
>but they aren't allowed to define themselves, only men can tell them what a woman is and if they don't immediately accept it and bow down they're punished

No. 1588283

>fuck you if that makes you feel weird
Doesn’t make me feel weird, just confirms to me that he’s a delusional male who thinks he understands anything about womanhood at all.

No. 1588284

File: 1657843838728.jpg (17.64 KB, 474x266, undefined - Imgur.jpg)

doesn't matter how many times they try to change definitions of words they'll still be ugly incel men pretending to be women

No. 1588293

Funny how that works isn’t it? It reminds me of all the posts where they get irate about women who say “welcome to womanhood” about stuff but then think they have any knowledge of how women exist in the world or how our bodies work, etc. and that their ~spiritual knowledge~ of being a woman holds all this meaning over our actual experiences and lives. It really is hilarious when you see things like how desperate they are to have periods or female orgasms so they just pull shit out of their ass based on movies or porn and think it’s somehow real, then claim that all of that is based on science. I love knowing they will never have any of it.

No. 1588294

Of course it has one of the most typical male delusions out there. "I'm a NICE GUY. I'm so much nicer and better than some big retarded jock boyfriend." And then the scrote who says it goes on to mistreat women nonfuckingstop.

No. 1588303

Sure is!

No. 1588322

Yeah saw this on the other farms
>biological vagina syndrome
top fucking kek the DELUSION

No. 1588327

File: 1657848067559.jpg (539.54 KB, 1078x1841, FSseqSaWAAEfJTu.jpg)


No. 1588332

Being female is a syndrome now apparently

No. 1588335

File: 1657849145894.jpg (423.5 KB, 1080x649, troons.jpg)

No. 1588343

TiMs think women being “lesbians” in porn is real just like they probably think women having orgasms in porn is real. Men are just beyond stupid.

No. 1588345

File: 1657850599261.jpeg (438.08 KB, 1191x1838, F39DF6C8-AC9B-41BE-BD2E-91D3CF…)

You’re welcome anon. It’s created by a female they/them. I was expecting a mtf hon.

No. 1588372

File: 1657853389657.jpg (1.07 MB, 972x3043, Screenshot_20220715-034005_Twi…)

Posted late last thread by another nonna but the replies are even better than ever. Chris chan even has a doppelganger kek


No. 1588391

File: 1657856939352.jpg (426.81 KB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20220714-234550_Boo…)

The Colin Montgomerie pipeline

No. 1588394

ikr, lesbian porn is so lame, i don’t wanna see women sucking on strap-ons and pretending to be aroused.

No. 1588395

handmaidens are a disease.

No. 1588411

Really shows how just any "female perspective" in media isn't necessarily worth anything. A woman can be an author and still regurgitate delusional scrote lies scraped from boomer-made media.

No. 1588425

sage for blog, but a dude I used to post with on a record labels messageboard trooned out years before this shit became so fashionable. I'm sure you will be absolutely SHOCKED to find out he was a latex fetishist.

No. 1588430

It's the last sentence that says it all. "Imagine telling guy of race A that he should ditch all of his friends and family of race B and go back with his people". It's like they never grew out of idolizing the "chads". They're the ones that came up with that stupid designation for every man that isnt a simpering maggot in the first place it should be easy to dismiss the ideology they created. They removed themselves from "manhood" and created this new cult of personality. They can't join us. We are not that thing they created and we don't want to be involved. Reducing biological facts to "cultural identities" through stereotyping is the problem here. There are a million ways to be a (biological) man or a (biological) woman. You can be a sissy all day long but you can't be a woman.

No. 1588468

File: 1657864174259.jpeg (456.4 KB, 828x1192, BFA1D605-EA86-46F5-9950-5958DC…)

i opened her and this is the first thing i saw. if i wanted dick i would use any other dating app…what the fuck? wish i could bully him without getting banned.

No. 1588484

I agree nona. They have absolutely zero idea what its like. The other day I was making phonecalls at work and wincing through the pain while still trying to sound happy and helping a fellow co-worker with an issue. Men have no idea.

No. 1588497

>I’m a former self harmed
Why would you just volunteer this information in a snow thread

No. 1588527

Solidarity. For me, the pain radiates down the back of my legs, causing a period related type of sciatica because I have endo. I definitely wish MTF scrotes could feel this.

No. 1588532

Paris Lees continually interrupting a black woman on BBC Politics Live.

No. 1588545

I have sciatica triggered by endo too, it’s the pits. I love how trannies try to use their purported desire to experience menstruation as an argument to legitimise muh dysphoria, “I wish I had debilitating pain and a fountain of blood erupting from me every month, why would I want to go through that if I wasn’t really a woman?” Get fucked, moids. We are scientifically proven to have a higher pain threshold than you, the rag would have you all bawling like the manbabies you are

No. 1588560

File: 1657875409975.jpeg (253.76 KB, 828x728, 88E32911-3FE0-408B-AE5B-BAB31E…)

Apologies if this has been posted before (I don’t recall seeing it) but for anyone who is interested in a running tally of crimes perpetrated by troons, this list is updated regularly https://theysaythisneverhappens.tumblr.com/

No. 1588596

Love the way the troon tries his best to not look at this woman in the eye, fucking man-yelling over her like an idiot

No. 1588635

For real she was trying to have an actual conversation with him and he was sticking his fingers in his ears saying “lalalalaa I can’t hear you”. So rude and an absolute male way of reacting to a woman saying something he doesn’t want to hear. Also kek at his point that making a declaration that you’re a woman means anything. I could make a declaration that I’m Bozo the Clown and that wouldn’t make it reality. One thing I don’t understand by the way, is how these men all are fine with self-ID, but that would mean that men who hate them and want to kill then could also ID as a woman to get in women’s spaces where the “real” TiMs are. They’re cool with that too? If men are the ones murdering them so much and they’re too scared to even set foot in a men’s restroom because they feel so unsafe, why would they be cool with self-ID? That means any other Joe can come in after them and do whatever the fuck they want. Do they just not actually see other men as predators? Is it funny to them or something that another men could come in an hurt women? A power thing where they want to see more men invading women’s spaces? They’re clearly not actually afraid if they’re fine with that.

No. 1588639

File: 1657890630202.jpeg (277.75 KB, 1144x606, 9955AF5E-4877-461A-93FE-DDB15C…)

I was checking the blog out and some person kept posting a link to a media bias website about the news sources the blog uses and just out of curiosity and to laugh because I knew it would be reporting womenarehuman as some transphobic thing but it made me roll my eyes so hard to see this. Womenarehuman is one of the most radfem sources for this and not right leaning, and I’m only bringing that website up in particular since it covers a lot of the violent things TiMs do that other places refuse to. They focus purely on injustices happening to women the world around. Methinks the website “mediabiasfactcheck” has a bias of its own. Sorry, I know this isn’t super relevant, it just annoys me because even if there is a bias for informing and protecting women, I don’t see that as a bad thing and that doesn’t automatically make a website right-wing. They themselves make it clear that they’re non-partisan anyway. Idk why TRAs are so hellbent on women being protected as a right-wing thing and idk how there is “lack of transparency” from a website reporting the absolute truth of what is happening down to stating that the perpetrators of these crimes are of the male sex. That’s being completely transparent.

No. 1588657

File: 1657893179648.jpeg (2.08 MB, 2228x5095, 6BEEC337-0A6F-4CC5-A4EB-E86F47…)


No. 1588660

File: 1657893571309.png (363.45 KB, 1440x977, Screenshot_20220715-155541.png)

No. 1588662

When the actual tranny looks literally identical to these guys dressing up as deliberately ugly and repulsive tranny caricatures. They are their own worst pr

No. 1588665

When woman means nothing

No. 1588667

white women and black, queer, poc, etc. women are still women they have different race and culture
white women and white transwomen are not the same gender/sex regardless if their races or culture match or not

No. 1588676

The ways they victimize themselves over the stupidest shit. They really want to act like this is somehow similar to something like blackface or like they’re going through something similar in any way when they’re literally old washed up white men having midlife crises and think a joke at their expense is literal genocide. I’ve had to sit through hearing misogynistic rape jokes my entire life, I’m enjoying seeing jokes that make moids rage.

No. 1588677

Yeah you kind of have to be female to be a woman. Women of other races and ethnicities are female. So are straight and gay women. So are rich and poor women. Men are not female, and thus, not women.

No. 1588681

File: 1657895503792.jpg (652.52 KB, 500x775, 1657895232768.jpg)

Eggcel bingo

No. 1588685

>life would be easier as a girl

tell me you're an incel without telling me you're an incel

No. 1588686

For real the amount of emotional labor women have to perform alone. Men can’t handle their own emotions for a single day idk how they would be expected to take care of everyone else’s.

No. 1588698

>diversity in the experience of womanhood
There sure is! So many different kinds of women and "man" is not a type of woman. Imagine this being a debate in civilized society when everyone has world-wide internet connectivity in their palm. Like we can talk to someone in Japan (or wherever else is distant to you) for free and instantly, but we can't figure out the difference between a penis and a vagina.
This kind of simple logic blows all their wordgames out of the water

No. 1588699

The child's headphones that are way too small for his huge male head really make it, plus the juxtaposition of the fake trannies and the real tranny being indistinguishable, 10/10 reporting

No. 1588700

It's hilarious because if you showed a person this pic you'd think it's a typical Pride parade or another event that encourages trans degeneracy. The jokes write themselves.

No. 1588702

They're so close to realising they are simply gay or bi, and then they do a few backflips and somehow land on "actually I'm a woman"

No. 1588708

This makes absolutely no sense, stands to reason a tranny comic would have absolutely no sense of narrative or cohesion, just like everything they say or post. You should be able to look at any page of a comic and get what is happening on that page easily.

No. 1588710

Anyone who uses the word "kickass" to describe music most definitely has bad music taste.
Didn't he know, women only listen to the soundtrack of the Barbie movies on loop, anything else gives us dysphoria and makes us question our gender /s

No. 1588736

Black women and white women share more genetic similarities than white men and white women. You could make a false equation that men are a entirely different species because the genetic difference between them and us is almost the same as chimpanzees percentage wise. So the tranny can wrecked. Males are a subhuman sub species and females of all races our my sisters

No. 1588737

File: 1657901746830.png (196.01 KB, 1189x793, 13590781702849351.png)

males malein'

No. 1588739

it's really funny how white tims look more like neanderthals as "women"

No. 1588742

> Obviously I’m a woman! Look at my long history of fetishizing lesbians and being a sex pest!!!
Is this shit for real? You’re a woman because you hates haircuts? Because you like to harass lesbians? Because you’re a creepy pervert who stole your mom’s clothes? This comic tries to make it sound like he was borrowing her jeans or something normal-ish, you know damn well it was her bra/panties.

No. 1588747

File: 1657902516818.jpg (60.5 KB, 500x793, 4t7kc801u7b91.jpg)

And him right after he logs out of all his cryptoterf accounts kek

No. 1588749

Top left to bottom right- monstrosity, hon with giant Adam's apple, hon with thinning hair, two male fridge bodies with giant bolt on troobs

No. 1588750

Forgot pic

No. 1588757

>its 41% time

No. 1588765

You keep forgetting it nona are you okay

No. 1588769

Never understood why trannies go out of their way to look at transphobic shit if ~transphobia kills~

No. 1588771

I’ve seen ones on Reddit say they do it for self harm purposes. Imagine hearing women rightfully complaining about scrotes being the thing that sends you over the edge.

No. 1588774

File: 1657905416094.jpg (3.04 MB, 810x8696, Screenshot_20220715-130420_Boo…)

Totally sane!

No. 1588775

It always greatly disturbs me when they take getting creeped on as a sign of womanhood and aren’t scared but happy over it. That kind of shit is the reason I didn’t go outside for a long time, I really think men should be forced on strict curfews so we can exist without having to be approached by them.

No. 1588807

That tummy tuck… imagine spending thousands of dollars and going through a painful healing process to have literally 0 difference afterwards. Lol get fucked

No. 1588811

File: 1657909176658.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1582, Screenshot_20220715-191717.png)

Why is twitter pushing this creep

No. 1588814

The fucking moobs are killing me

No. 1588817

Living proof that it doesn't get better

No. 1588819

Something about this mug is so incredibly annoying. Having heard his uwu anime gurl larp voice makes it even worse.

No. 1588822

>My main goal in life rn is scaring cis people at my college gym
Of course, they always just want to scare and terrorize other people, and by people I'm sure he means mainly women. No man would be afraid of this sissy loser especially if they lift.

No. 1588825

File: 1657909621283.png (377.57 KB, 695x393, Screenshot 2022-07-15 at 7.26.…)

So you agree? You're just men dressed as women?

No. 1588830

That was so dramatic. His kf thread is really active

No. 1588835

I literally wouldn’t be able to distinguish between who is supposed to be a ma’am and who isn’t. How does the TiM comedian know that these weren’t just more brave and stunning trans women? How am I supposed to distinguish them irl?

He looks insufferable in both. Both just show an obnoxious wokebro who thinks he had the right to walk all over women. Entitled and ugly to boot.

No. 1588838

File: 1657910721904.webm (10.09 MB, 576x1024, erininthemorn3yearsago.webm)

There's an accompanying video kek

No. 1588843

I saw a tranny personal cow of mine admit to having a sockpuppet account with opposing views to his own, they can't help themselves. Someone he was trolling wrote a positive message to his sockpuppet which he thought was an epic pwn, rather than realising it outs him as a sociopath who runs sockpuppet accounts with the express intent of manipulating others

No. 1588844

>Life is beautiful.

But you, sir, are clearly not.

No. 1588851

This person has said he has gotten feminizing facial surgery, im like… where?? Did you pay money for it?

No. 1588865

LOL what is that voice he's putting on?

No. 1588868

He's just a dainty anime waifu teehee

Kek how would a positive message like that be an epic win?

No. 1588869

Does he still have the reddit tattoo on his arm lol

No. 1588870


No. 1588873

kek his teeth

No. 1588879

File: 1657913504243.jpg (375.09 KB, 720x1237, 20220715_113335.jpg)

The right side of history.

No. 1588886

Pretty much kek,.

No. 1588896

nta but it's on his bicep and it's huge haha

No. 1588897

File: 1657915325656.jpg (113.73 KB, 533x718, reddit tattoo 2.JPG)

Yeah he's that pathetic lmao

No. 1588898

File: 1657915362362.png (1003.55 KB, 1024x1024, EBE97ED9-8442-44D8-965E-197713…)


No. 1588901

this should be pinned in OP along with the other links

No. 1588905

File: 1657916025498.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 391.27 KB, 750x987, F2493E12-3EE7-4495-BDBA-DEF67B…)

shit looks necrotic.

No. 1588907

File: 1657916406986.jpg (302.91 KB, 1152x2048, FWxhQyKXoAA6nP9.jpg)

clown makeup suits him

only men can do this

No. 1588908

It wouldn't surprise me if half the accounts on social media sites (that aren't commercial spam bots) are owned by deranged fucks who do sock puppet gay ops. In the long lost FDS archive, there was a post where a woman discovered her boyfriend had like 20 Reddit sock accounts just to defend pedo shit. And everybody has seen how troons love to flood sites with shill bots.

No. 1588909

Is he going to die?

No. 1588913

File: 1657917112655.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220715-162830_Red…)

I fucking gagged anon

No. 1588916

truly some Frankenstein's monster looking shit

No. 1588930

I mean, I shouldn't say I'm not surprised troons are retarded enough to out themselves for fabricating their own self destruction and making it a whole online soap opera, but I am surprised. The retardation of it all, even I couldn't fathom coming up with something this stupid. The delusion is truly something else.
Troons will really seemingly come out of nowhere online, already have some sort of small following, say the most mundane "duh" shit that some group of people can agree with to some extent and then rest is completely deranged statements. It has to be some sort of gay ops.

No. 1588935

File: 1657919001729.jpg (220.63 KB, 1080x806, Screenshot_20220715-170124_Boo…)

>Cis-women pay to have tight inner lips like ours.

No. 1588938

kek where are the "inner lips"? that's not what the labia minora looks like

No. 1588940

kek and you dont ? you were born with it ? what is that even supposed to mean

No. 1588941

Incel logic, might as well say those fucking cis roastie whores with their long labias are so jealous of my uwu virgin loli smol hentai pussy

No. 1588953

File: 1657921038155.png (282.92 KB, 1452x1103, 180579618795216837.png)

Man bitches about his wife getting more attention from women at a gay bar.

No. 1588955

Do they mean that health insurance pays for this mutilation?

No. 1588957

File: 1657921308233.png (131.56 KB, 1451x514, 913571279065280901972.png)

here's a solution: leave lesbians alone and go suck on a limp troonbian dick

No. 1588958

Men like these are part of the reason so many women do feel uncomfortable with their perfectly fine natural body parts. You just know this dumbass is a huge incel who calls women “roasties” and thinks the more dick someone has the looser she gets. They have to pay to have something that doesn’t even resemble or function like a vulva or vagina in the slightest. What is more pathetic - a woman who was shamed into getting a labiaplasty because her trash asshole of a husband wanted it or because she felt insecure due to men and porn OR a male who thinks he can ever obtain a fraction of the evolutionary perfection that is a natural female reproductive system? It’s absolutely the male. There is hope for that woman because she can learn to love herself. These men are mistakes who need to be shamed to death.

No. 1588961

You love to see it.

No. 1588964

File: 1657921829459.jpg (1.23 MB, 2560x1920, 22-07-15-22-49-33-262_deco.jpg)

Not really milk but everyone in the comments of this video are saying this hideous wax figure looks like Dylan the tiktok troon

No. 1588966

His kf thread is fucking wild. They uncovered so many of his old posts on a forum and discovered he used to be a drug dealer and used drugs heavily himself. There's nothing positive about him. Everything that comes to light is always some horrible man bullshit.

No. 1588967

It’s always about outward aesthetics too, they will never have anything close to a vagina or a clitoris or feel pleasure as we would from their natural internal structure. So the only bragging point they have is the arrangement of their skin into a crude imitation of a generic diagram of a vulva.

No. 1588969

If anything it’s embarrassing for them. I’ve thought about what it would be like to be a TiF and have a bad excuse for a penis on my body and it would be so mortifying if anyone knew about it or saw it because it always looks so uncanny and obviously doesn’t belong there. It is really fucking pathetic that TiMs are SO jealous of women they need to mutilate themselves to try and become us lol. Males are so stupid and sad.

No. 1588971

Kek, based lesbian couple.

No. 1588977

File: 1657923399738.jpeg (558.16 KB, 1223x1925, 110D7DAF-D681-4244-B1BB-920FF1…)

This poor boy.

No. 1588982

I think gender reveals in general can be silly but I think it’s funny how so many people like this shit on regular gender reveal parties then have one for when their kids come out.

No. 1588984

this dude is pathetic

No. 1588989

dear lord why is it fucking blue? do they all look like this just post op? i've seen a lot of infected nasty rot pockets but none of them have been this color

No. 1588998

>shaken baby syndrome
isn't this just cope for infanticide

No. 1589001

whenever there's a post on /r/unresolvedmysteries where a newborn has been left to die in a toilet/ditch there's a really weird collective outpouring of comments about how women should never be judged for that sort of killing

No. 1589006

I don't get the "children are androgynous" cope that trannies use, they aren't, anyone that has been around kids knows this, the boy in that picture looks like a boy in a dress because he's a boy in a dress, he doesn't look like a girl, he won't look like a girl, and he won't grow up to become a woman because he's a boy with male chromosomes.

No. 1589007

Yeah, (mostly) deranged moids shaking the babies so hard till they die. Not cope but rather a name for this type of infanticide

No. 1589012

This entire thread should be pinned to /snow/ too, I want to help as many women peak as possible

No. 1589013

File: 1657926930086.jpeg (518.96 KB, 750x1254, 393C29A8-2D93-4E97-A64D-B09862…)

man gets short haircut. revolutionary.

No. 1589020

a lesbian haircut? with THAT hairline? kek

No. 1589024

I love this idea. I'm always struggling to scroll old threads for peaking material, would be bangers if we could have peaking links at the top of every new thread

No. 1589026

Right? It's rare that you can't tell the gender of a child just by looking at them. The skeletal, muscular and mental differences are all there, girls and boys are completely different since before we're even fully formed in the womb. Some people really think we are exactly the same until puberty

No. 1589036

Tranny "comedian" can't take a joke xD(xD)

No. 1589053

Please don't stop talking. There those of us listening who wanted to be exposed to "the other side" as part of basic critical thinking and since we are not allowed to publicly explore dissenting opinions on modern social media, have found the ingredients for clarity here through your discussions and exhibits. Please don't stop talking.

No. 1589057

what the fuck this shit looks like its gonna explode

No. 1589059

File: 1657930474951.png (301.16 KB, 548x415, Screenshot 2022-07-15 201330.p…)

He really thought this was a glow up, this is why we need to bully men more efficiently

No. 1589063

File: 1657930590918.png (371.31 KB, 652x697, Screenshot 2022-07-15 201612.p…)

also found out what happened to every autist that wore a suit every day in high school

No. 1589065

File: 1657930641780.png (463.18 KB, 660x576, Screenshot 2022-07-15 201717.p…)

another clear autist

No. 1589066

File: 1657930712048.png (445.98 KB, 548x707, Screenshot 2022-07-15 200356.p…)

last but not least, a military psychopath turned crossdresser. oh how the mighty have fallen, this is hilarious.

No. 1589067

File: 1657930749533.jpg (114.01 KB, 922x2048, FXL2pfYWYAAv66Z.jpg)

another "glow up"

No. 1589068

File: 1657930824675.png (1.41 MB, 1178x1098, 923829912.png)

this is batshit insane, moids are asking how the fuck did we let this happen, these cowards dont fucking understand that we're being silenced

No. 1589070

the smell must be putrid here

No. 1589089

>cat ears and skirt = wanting to be a woman

No. 1589100

File: 1657933330591.png (1.42 MB, 932x1069, 3405473.png)

>we let this happen
Lol, okay scrotes. Who owns Lockheed Martin, Merck, Nike, Mondelez and so on funding this trans bullshit on a massive scale since it first appeared on shitholes like SomethingAwful and then spread to LJ and finally dumblr?
The level of money, shilling, propaganda, swift political victories, industrial power, corporate support and the rest underlying the AGP Superiority And Female Castration Movement has no precedent. No 'rights movement' of any group ever steamrolled everything in 10 fucking years. Maybe just maybe it's because the people in power and AGPs are like an overlapping venn diagram?

You cant even compare this to HSTS trans shit (the stuff that used to be known as 'transsexualism') you'd very rarely see about documentaries about sissies in the wrong body, ladyboys and the occasional troon 'Bond Girl' that existed pre-dumblr, because scrotes didn't give a single fuck about funding or even shilling that except when it made them coom.

No. 1589101

jfc what a clown world we live in.

No. 1589109

>they/them wife who enables his autogynephilia
This is why women need to be exposed to aggressive peaking material at every opportunity, I hope she comes to her senses and ditches his degenerate ass. Side note but I wish we lived in a world where all women were lesbian terfs

No. 1589112


Sunglass v mouth ration absolutely stunning

No. 1589122

Homestuck was a mistake

No. 1589131

File: 1657935708963.jpeg (265.13 KB, 827x1092, 817C43EE-3A6D-44B1-A792-F99359…)

No. 1589144

This anon is peaking in realtime

No. 1589154

Most of the shit straight men find sexy are things they've been memed into liking. High heeled shoes, false eyelashes, weird duck lips, tiny Who noses, etc. None of that shit has anything to do with survival or reproductive success, it's just garbage arbitrarily forced on everybody by companies trying to sell products to acquire those features.

It doesn't shock me that a lot of supposedly straight men find this cultural crap sexier than normal female bodies. Men will find just about anything arousing if you drill it into their feeble minds hard enough. It's how bullshit like foot binding becomes a beauty standard.

No. 1589162

If I was seeing someone and they waited until the third date to tell me they were republican, I'd be pissed, and that isn't even about sex. Concealing something you know is a deal breaker is fucking retarded and a waste of everyone's time. Just date someone who's okay with your lifestyle from the get-go.

No. 1589163

how have we as a society not recognized wearing your female relative's clothing as a form of covert incest?

No. 1589171

This is just a reminder to abort any male fetus you may carry because he could turn out a degenerate.

No. 1589173

It's a combination digestive problems from horse piss and the placebo effect.

No. 1589176

I agree. Without even going that far it should at least be recognized as a gross and reprehensible thing to do

No. 1589178

I don't hate being a woman, I hate being mistreated because of my sex. This is like accusing black people of hating themselves when they talk about discrimination.

No. 1589182

i think the only reason transracialism hasn't taken off is because there is no tech/surgery for changing skin colour and/or facial bone structure that works.

No. 1589187

No, it’s not even that, its because people would get pissed off waaaaay faster by it.

No. 1589188

File: 1657940188487.jpg (39.82 KB, 369x600, FJfWLAkWQAQnaG2.jpg)

MOC are allowed to be angry, but women of all colours have to bite our tongues

On another note, let's talk about how gross hijabi sissies are.

No. 1589195

File: 1657941044209.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1141x2163, 60828660-6097-4426-914A-48002A…)

chemically castrate all moids when they hit puberty

No. 1589196

A troon I know argued with me and tried to tell me that skin bleaching is valid because people tan so they should be able to bleach as well. And that I was invalidating their experiences of colourism. Mind you I’m brown and he’s white lol, it’s all mental gymnastics

No. 1589198

My theory is that it hasn’t taken off because TRAs loudest voices are composed by violent, assertive white men trying to shut up women who are socialized to be compliant and accepting, whereas transracialism doesn’t really have leading male spokespersons. Black people, especially men, are quick to shut that shit down on sight and gatekeep (rightfully!) their racial experiences. You know the taboo behind being non-black and using aave or dreads? Women of any race aren’t taught that their sex experiences are important enough to gatekeep in the same way. Which is insane because misogyny played a huge part to the oppression black women have historically experienced.

No. 1589203

Um, I would be so fucking horrified if I was his mother. Like, traumatized forever. The poor little sister, I hate the “I gave me euphoria!” excuse… I’m happy they are separated now, no doubt the little sister was in danger.

No. 1589204

their sex mutilation surgeries don't work either though

No. 1589217

And this is exhibit A of what porn does to the mind of a kid that has been exposed to it. Just never have minimoids, they don't deserve being alive, they're too retarded and too easy to groom by other moids.

No. 1589226

Lol how much you want to bet that he was listening to that bambi sissy hypno shit all these pathetic creeps get groomed by

No. 1589229

Fucking sick. This is exactly why I don't trust men when they insist they've been victimized. This sick fuck has been jerking off in his little sister's underwear, and now he's crying on the internet about how not sexual it was. If it wasn't about incest, he would have gone on SheIn or AliEx and bought his own whole outfit for $15 total.

No. 1589236

this is why i’d rather die than give birth to a moid.

No. 1589237

wow good on the parents for keeping the sister safe and recognizing he is a dangerous creep instead of doing the whole "boys will be boys" thing or even worse enabling him trooning out, hilarious how he basically just peaked his own family too

No. 1589250

File: 1657946270035.jpeg (241.86 KB, 750x675, C8623F79-03A3-4AF5-9DE2-8EEC36…)

gyns, I think these they/them crypto terfs are onto something.

No. 1589254

File: 1657946508596.jpeg (366.89 KB, 1170x1244, C55B16B6-5AB1-4013-A462-5B4C1D…)

Some hope for my nonas that are doomscrolling this thread. The moids are scared.

No. 1589258

Same. I'd abort that shit in an instant. The mother sounds like she's aware of what AGP is and these moids are so porn sick they get it at 16. Good on the mother for protecting her daughter.

No. 1589260

women go through this every day. you choose to be this way.

No. 1589268

She has the patience and mercy of a saint for not performing a 67th trimester abortion right then and there.

No. 1589276

He's scared of the fact he's not female and we all know it, not of being killed. Troons are always pretending they're in danger for social clout and to guilt people into blindly supporting them.

No. 1589285

File: 1657948765566.jpg (221.05 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20220715-204828_Red…)


No. 1589289

he looks like duckie skin walking molly ringwald

No. 1589291

It is relieving and horrifying to see that my experiences with MTF characters are a trend. I thought I had a sort of moral duty to keep quiet because my bad experiences with trans people were outliers and if I spoke out it would put our entire community in even more danger. So if it feels like there is no hope as you visit this thread please know that you are actually helping people and changing things by not keeping quiet.

No. 1589292

I bet Time makes him person of the year or at least athlete of the year 2023

No. 1589293

File: 1657949611918.jpg (993.4 KB, 3024x4032, 3m6m021e5qb91.jpg)

>stealing your mothers medicine for your fetish
could these men get any lower?

No. 1589295

fucking hell, if you breathe a hint that it might be a fetish or that theyre cosplaying womanhood from a deeply misogynistic and dehumanizing lens you’re a ‘terf’ who deserves to get raped, no questions asked; but they’re fine to openly discuss euphoria boners, coining things like COTTON CEILING and getting in circlejerks about lactation. take me back to when i hadn’t peaked.

No. 1589304

>no locks
>mom is home
>sitting there with headphones on jacking off while wearing your sister's too-small clothes

It's a bit obvious he wanted someone to catch him, if this story is true the mom did the absolute right thing to kick him out and call him a predator.

No. 1589308

>I told her I am trans and she said no I'm not and that I am a monster and not her son

Unfathomably based mom

No. 1589313

File: 1657950515720.png (410.32 KB, 713x705, crazy.png)

oh fuck

No. 1589316

File: 1657951027381.jpg (87.93 KB, 502x1200, FVidX-dWYAEP131.jpg)

No. 1589321

I hope his father kicks him out too, zero tolerance for this future rapist

No. 1589323

lmao this is such bullshit. She did ballet from 6-9, then jazz and tap for a few years, and we're supposed to believe this was some heinously damaging body modification? Girls dancing for a few years when they're young is insanely common, they don't get fucked up from it unless they were in some abusive russian academy or some shit. Bet this girl really enjoys being seen as a former ~ballerina~ and intentionally turns out when she thinks someone's watching.

No. 1589324

File: 1657951974767.png (589.5 KB, 800x500, 1651077453226.png)

Another example of someone who doesn't know how puberty blockers work. Anyway, if this is true, doesn't it just make the case that parents should be made more aware of how ballet and other forms of dance could adversely affect their child's body, or does this person just think it should be ignored?

No. 1589327

Lifelong dancer here and this woman is talking an unfathomable amount of bollocks. You just know she loves bringing up the fact that she’s a ~dancer~ when it’s nowhere near relevant to conversations when in reality she did kiddy dance classes for five minutes before losing interest. Fucking retard.

No. 1589329

Can any of you think of any actual situation where a woman would place a hidden camera in another woman’s bedroom with the purpose of voyeuring her for as long and as often as possible? No, right?

No. 1589333

i did ballet from 5-16 and no doctor or physio has ever been able to tell or anything, doubt this is legit. also I bulk pretty easily

No. 1589334

first few years of dance, like "ballet" is complete bullshit and a waste of time

No. 1589337

Louis Theroux and his autistic sister Lewis Troonoux

No. 1589344

These chauvinist pigs do not deserve children. That poor little girl. Imagine growing up knowing your parents hated you so much that they filed a lawsuit. You just know that poor girl is going to grow up with psychological issues.

If I was the surrogate I'd be pissed, not at the clinic, but at these scrotes. She destroyed her body for them and the perfectly healthy kid she gave them isn't good enough.

No. 1589345

Same. No way you'd get permanent body modifications from the first three years of dancing lmao and nobody can tell unless you tell them first or maybe if you're dancing another style while still having ballet mannerisms

however to be fair my physical therapist is convinced my herniated disk is in part due to the constant overextension in ballet. I doubt it since it was like 2h/week but he is adamant

No. 1589356

This is probable bait, nonnas. New account, only post, no comments.

No. 1589358

File: 1657957188877.jpg (50.61 KB, 718x393, Screenshot_20220716-093430.jpg)

I cant stop laughing at this. The stupidity of moids.

No. 1589369

I genuinely believe every man has a voyeur fetish and it is the most pathetic thing that they can’t control. You can call them out all you want in places they should never fucking be, and they will act like ugly toddlers if you point out they’re acting like one who is convinced you’re mommy and they demand access to your basic privacy and sanity.

No. 1589370

I admit this is so fucking classically stupid and blindly egotistical it made me laugh. Where to begin.

No. 1589376

It's so refreshing to see some people prioritize their daughter for a change.

No. 1589381

the stupid sappy music. the mickey mouse voice. the hilarious way he looks exactly the same except he grew his hair out and put on ugly lego earrings
"Thank you. It's been a wonderful life."
i wish he would've jumped off the ledge after saying that

No. 1589382

this motherfucker is so genetically challenged it's laughable. what an ugly creature

No. 1589395

You know I'm not a MUA or anything, but W H A T is that blush good lord

No. 1589401

Yes, yes. Show us how many death threats ebil terfies make vs. how many the kill all terfs crowd does

No. 1589415

I am kind of glad I’m not the only one thinking this. It doesn’t sound like how a kid that age would write and it just hits too many bullet points. It sounded fake to me, I really hope it is.

No. 1589419

File: 1657975123719.jpeg (167.92 KB, 1284x386, D45252CB-D6FA-4025-B130-CD29C3…)

And yet the actual murder rate is incredibly low and some of the murders didn’t even relate to them being trans. Apparently from 2008-2021, 11 trans people were killed in the UK. Eleven. If that’s how bad it is in terf island wooooo damn yeah that sure is a genocide. I totally see why they feel so unsafe all the time. Eleven murders over the course of thirteen years. They need to just be real and say they hate hearing women say words they don’t like.

No. 1589422

Why do they always act like this is normal? This is a male body with an extreme hormone imbalance. Do they think women just naturally lactate all the time? Does their only knowledge of female anatomy come from anime and porn?


God they are so fucking annoying with their “uwu hewwo wesbians do you mind if a twans gorl is here”. Like fuck them to hell. If they really considered themselves women they would be learning the culture of a place and settling in, not trying to make shit about themselves 24/7. Also disgusting with their gross yuri. Most yuri is for men anyway so it checks out.

No. 1589433

From 2009-2018, over 1400 women were murdered in the UK. Their “fear” is laughable.


No. 1589436

Yeah like I realize they are lower in number in general but it actually infuriates me when they act like they’re being killed off at rates similar to women at all. Babies are literally murdered simply for being born female. The majority of female murders are at the hands of men (including at their hands like we’ve seen numerous times in these threads, whereas not a single woman has killed one of them). They have no fucking clue what true fear is and they want to act like it’s so hard and scary to go outside but usually the most that happens to them is someone making a rude remark or calling them by their correct sex. As a woman I have been approached at gas stations, parking lots, trying to walk from from work to my car through a city, been followed, been touched, been choked by a man in the middle of the day with other people around. There are days I really am too afraid to go outside because these experiences have made me terrified of men. I’m not even very attractive either, just an average looking woman, but I know what the fear is of how men look at you and treat you. So sorry not sorry, my sympathies towards grown ass white men in dresses being frightened of nothing is extremely limited. The article I had posted makes a point to mention most murders of TiMs are done in third world countries where they are prostitutes. Imo that IS an issue, but some dude wearing programmer socks in his moms basement in the middle of Ohio or whatever? Lol no I could not give less of a fuck about his feelings when he’s just as misogynistic and entitled as all the rest.

No. 1589439

File: 1657978899348.jpg (24.12 KB, 426x599, img_61e75766df6a1.jpg)

>male ballet dancers only look sort of muscular and don't bulk up
Has this person never seen a male ballet dancer? They look very muscular to me. They're just expected to stay somewhat lean so their big bulking frame doesn't fuck up their lines. It's doesn't have to do with their muscles forming differently. If they eat like someone trying to bulk, then they would also bulk up. They just watch what they eat because the aesthetic standards for ballet are strict. The female dancers don't look the way they do because their muscles formed differently either. They are also visibly muscular but less so than the men because they are expected to starve themselves to keep a certain look and be light enough to make lifts easier for the men. Their bodies look the way they do mostly because of the aesthetic standards of ballet. If you have the "wrong" body type, you often just will straight up not be hired by companies even if you are a skilled dancer. Of course engaging in any physically demanding activity at an elite level for multiple years will have possible consequences that a physician may be able to notice. I've never had one comment on it so I don't think it's as obvious as this person is trying to claim.
That being said, having possible joint issues because you did dance for years is very different than halting puberty and taking hormones of the opposite sex before you're even old enough to drive or vote or drink. Ballet doesn't cause strokes or pancreatitis. It doesn't make essential organs atrophy away. And kids don't want to join ballet because they think some fundamental fact about themselves is untrue. Kids don't threaten to kill themselves if they can't take dance classes (if a kid did do that, they'd be recognized as clearly mentally ill). Ballet doesn't demand people to completely restructure their view of the world and have a large scale impact on social relations between men and women. To make this comparison is utterly retarded and I don't understand how these people can say things that are so obviously stupid and have the science SO WRONG and not be challenged on it at all

No. 1589441

Duh, 99% of the time the baby was murdered by a moid, and if it was murdered by a woman she was probably so severely mentally ill she can't even take care of herself

No. 1589445

File: 1657979657129.jpg (22.83 KB, 749x362, EYw7V2CXQAQc6PH.jpg)

No. 1589446

I think this is what happens to everyone, we let ourselves be gaslit into thinking that if we trust our own experiences and our own minds, then we’re evil and transphobic…and also genocidal nazis?
It’s just more classic male manipulation.

No. 1589449

Wow, I didn’t realize that kids who took ballet classes ended up with mineral deficiencies, brittle bones, anorgasmia, possible cancer, and life long complications. I didn’t realize that their bodies basically stopped functioning according to plan and fell apart in a biological mess of shame and unrequited online horniness. TIL.

No. 1589450

File: 1657980175918.jpg (57.32 KB, 800x947, D6TKYoKUYAA1bWb-orig.jpg)

i can't enjoy yuri anymore because of troomer and straight male fuckers infesting the field. i searched this shit comic to laugh at it and it came up with a comic with the same title but equally pedo garbage. scrotes make everything pedophilic

No. 1589453

File: 1657980507061.png (1.03 MB, 1173x1013, D250B312-0237-4D5C-82CC-2CDA0E…)

Body of a twink, face of a serial killer.

No. 1589456

>I thought we made a good match, so what’s the problem?
So fucking male. The vibe was off, she’s attracted to different things in friends vs partners, she’s attracted to actual women because she’s a lesbian, she could sense that you would rape her the minute she let herself be alone with you for too long…there are a thousand reasons she could have said no, and he’s really not entitled to any of them.
Love that he was such a fucking creep that he fully kicked her out of her friend group. Stay classy, transbians.

No. 1589460

"no indication of a current risk", ignoring warnings, troon kills one day after… ich kann gar nicht soviel fressen, wie ich kotzen möchte. Well, they did a nice job protecting vulnerable women in a psychiatric ward from an aggressive troon. Hope they will keep on ignoring that he is a danger to others and he will have to share a cell with other men in a Bavarian prison, might be a fun time for him.

No. 1589462

File: 1657981247268.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1080x1983, F780A8C6-018C-4B0C-ABA2-6B201F…)

nsfl, “waxy skin cells and sweat” excavated from a rot pocket

No. 1589467


No. 1589468

Oh fuck the damn abomination produces tonsil stones by the handful

No. 1589473

and now imagine, those troons get to the age of, don't know, 70 and have to stay at a nursing home, I feel very sorry for all the nurses having to clean their rotpockets.

No. 1589476

Here’s hoping they all kill themselves first or die of infection.

No. 1589484

Lol yeah I was being pretty long-winded about it but I just know a lot about ballet so this person's analogy was particularly annoying to me. I hate how people can just spew whatever nonsense they want without knowing anything about basic biology

No. 1589485

That anon that said in another thread that men should only be allowed be nurses to deal with violent autistic kids can add this task to that list. Also: kms fuck Jesus ew

No. 1589500

I've never even thought of that, jesus christ

No. 1589502

We should make young troons take care of old troons so they can see where their “bravery” will get them.

No. 1589504

Is there even a way to draw Yuri/gl in a way that turn troons and scrotes off? The only thing that seem to scare moids is bl tbh

No. 1589505

File: 1657985484566.jpeg (146.31 KB, 1179x351, 35A78487-FC9D-4AD5-B38C-256557…)

It’s even worse to think about since that thing came out about how so many elderly patients forget about being trans and get upset because they are confused about why they don’t have a penis any longer.

No. 1589511

Anime shit has always been pedophilic. Idk why it took troons liking it to make people realize that. It's always been creepy old pervert men drawing high school girls.

No. 1589514

hopefully they will close on their own. unless the poor nurses have to dilate for them.

No. 1589520

If gl/yuri was full of butches/masc woman they wouldn’t be into it, I on the other hand would love yuri if that was the case

No. 1589521

>she has been so warm, nice to me that I honestly expected her to at least give me a chance
peak male entitlement jfc

No. 1589523

dilation is nigh impossible in an elderly care context. there's no way you can do it without violating so many rules. its another example of how the scrotes who thought up the surgery in the first place were thinking with their dicks and not of long term consequences

clearly they still aren't as i'm reading a paper by some surgeon scrote saying 'age related limitation of srs surgery is not justifiable'

No. 1589525

Draw women over 30 who look 30. Scrotes and troomers genuinely hate that

No. 1589531

True, make it something nice and career or female hobby oriented with more emotional stuff and a slowburn on sex and intimacy and they’d probably hate it.

No. 1589532

File: 1657988388995.png (110.82 KB, 2156x1140, neovagdentata.png)

Neovagina dentata anyone?

No. 1589534

File: 1657988573801.png (352.92 KB, 720x981, Screenshot_20220716-112105~2.p…)

No. 1589542

lol wtf. i massage my breasts all the time because i suffer from breast and back pain and never once have i lactated an actual drop of milk. i'm on an ssri where galactorrhea is a potential side effect too. either fake fetish shit or dude has a hormonal problem

No. 1589544

What thread was this posted in? There’s no doubt that some posters are probably scrotes in these positions since some have been called out before on the site in general, but I do think a lot of posters here too are newly peaked women or oldfags who just come to laugh. That said, I think more people should be careful about what they say about their life and experiences because the males probably use it as fap material.

No. 1589545

>dude has a hormonal problem
I mean yeah, he’s on HRT. He’s basically giving himself one and somehow that is validating.

No. 1589549

File: 1657991328394.jpg (604.1 KB, 1080x1387, Screenshot_20220716-130234_Twi…)

Searched #transselfie. First. Fucking. Page.

No. 1589555

They’re making eggs now? Sure, they’re scrambled, but I guess these men really are becoming females!

No. 1589557

Chad where? Kek

No. 1589558

Right lol the narcissism is astounding

No. 1589559

I would laugh but I'm too busy throwing up in my mouth

No. 1589562

File: 1657993031138.png (18.99 KB, 597x162, cliffe.png)

i can't tell if this is joke or not

No. 1589574

It's amazing that they don't realize they look like parodies of themselves lol

No. 1589577


wait, do they just kind of ignore that if you truly were internally what you identified as this shouldn't be possible? like "woman" would be your default state regardless of dementia, amnesia or anything else.

No. 1589586

Yes let’s try to have our moms get cancer and completely stop any collegian reproduction.

This is very dangerous to take the medications from someone with a hysterectomy.

No. 1589587

File: 1657995685786.jpeg (194.87 KB, 750x560, 8AD9769D-12D2-441F-8ECB-AC7AD8…)

i wanna throw up.

No. 1589591

but lesbians aren’t allowed to say no to them on the basis of ‘genital preference’ if they get a revolting hair filled, smelly junk producing second bellybutton, right? disgusting.

No. 1589599

This kind of shit gets on my last nerve mainly bc as a preteen/teen girl you’re made to feel uncomfortable and shameful about puberty and being sexualized in these new ways while you’re still a child. It really feels so pedophilic and gross seeing grown men say these things and also use things like the tanner scale to describe their moobs.

No. 1589601

Samefag but I know me saying that is just one of those things they take to be like “women just don’t appreciate their womanhood or getting to have girl puberty” but they don’t understand how fucked up that sounds.

No. 1589602

that and the fact that even men pushing 60 will refuse to acknowledge that even in their wildest dreams the best they're getting is being an old 'woman' yet their pornsick pigheaded brains will never stop them from saying that they're 'technically going through puberty so they're toooootally mentally just 16 and boycrazy.' fucking degenerate faggots

No. 1589607

gock sounds like a racial slur

No. 1589608

There are many mtfs who looked like chads but of course the one who calls himself one wasn't one of them kek

No. 1589611

File: 1657998514828.jpeg (455.07 KB, 750x1268, 61B32723-52A3-48D6-8D4C-644A9B…)

my hate for men is deeper than the ocean

No. 1589619

>itching and achey happiness

Never thought I'd see the day when men were intentionally getting moobs and cheering it on, you can truly meme someone into anything online

No. 1589624

>This is very dangerous to take the medications from someone with a hysterectomy.
Men's selfishness knows no bounds.

No. 1589628

when mom gets cognitive decline, osteoporosis and vaginal atrophy, but at least you're "euphoric"

No. 1589635

that's it, it takes many women all around the world years to be open about breasts, body hair, menstruation, because they get shamed for it, not only by men, also by other women. Girls in my school many years back would get bullied if they had their period, it took years before it was normal to take about it. And those guys sexualize every single bit, from growing up as a woman to being a woman, there is nothing about our body that isn't sexualized by them.

No. 1589642

I hope I sound so scary and horrble while sneezing and giggling that every stupid man around me will dissolve into thin air out of fear

No. 1589652

File: 1658002131781.jpg (723.96 KB, 810x2091, Screenshot_20220716-160342_Boo…)

>It feels more like I have a highly abnormal vulva than a penis. The only downside is that these changes make it harder to pee without getting it all over my balls and I really can't shake out the drips because of that cleft, so wiping isn't just for gender euphoria anymore, but necessary for hygiene.
These pervs are constantly talking about their shriveled dicks yet we're the genital fetishists kek.

No. 1589658

All of these changes are consistent with weight gain.

No. 1589663

File: 1658003547517.png (911.58 KB, 664x771, Untitled.png)

why do they always look like this

No. 1589668

File: 1658003845679.jpeg (491.86 KB, 750x1156, 5F7610D3-8FDB-46EC-A136-2E4260…)


No. 1589672

>and yes I’m a trans girl just to get that out of the way
Yeah we could tell.

No. 1589676

This made me vomit. I wish I was exaggerating. I usually have a very strong stomach. But this shit made me actually vomit. Feeling especially grateful for my real-deal, holy-feel vagina.

No. 1589679

kek imagine facing the horror of having your dick removed every day anew each time they take a piss

No. 1589687

File: 1658005307279.jpg (293.84 KB, 1080x1831, 20220716_160031.jpg)

>I have been on HRT for 24 days, and I've started using minoxidil drops so hopefully things go well. I've known I was trans for about two years and the stress and anxiety was eating me up inside and one time during an argument my brother said something like "Stop being such a girl" and I said I am a girl.

No. 1589693

This head shape scares me

No. 1589698

File: 1658006470271.jpeg (571.92 KB, 750x1195, 33CF04EF-0D45-4911-87BD-80BB6C…)

waist indent? where? also, those puffy sleeves emphasize his man shoulders. i love how feminine clothing makes them look more male because it’s designed to flatter the female form.

No. 1589708

Everything about this made me want to throw up. What the actual fuck

No. 1589724

lmaooooo can you imagine hearing a grown ass male giggling and trying to make his sneezes and yawns 'adorable'. Not even women can get away with trying too hard to sound cute, no doubt he sounds like an absolute lunatic.

No. 1589728

So does seeing other troons make troons feel bad because they realize they all look terrible and obviously male? Or have they deluded themselves into thinking "well at least I don't look THAT bad" and it makes them feel better that they're not the ugliest one?

No. 1589730

Yes actually the ones on /tttt/ make fun of hons all the time.

No. 1589732

finally in fashion

No. 1589735

Rather then asking "what is a woman" we should ask troons and TRAs "what is a trans woman". I wanna see them struggle to define troons in a way that isn't terfy by calling them biologically male in some way kek

No. 1589736


is there a name for the ones who are basically trying to transition into anime girls? i finally realized the reason a lot of them look off fashionwise is because of this. it's the convention costume look.

No. 1589739

yes they are called autists

No. 1589747

No. 1589763

They'll just say assigned male at birth or some dumb shit.

No. 1589767

We know trannys and scrotes do this shit but this reads like a troll.

No. 1589768

File: 1658014520072.jpeg (281.55 KB, 828x951, 1D73474F-2442-4ED6-ACA7-A08612…)


No. 1589770

What the fuck

No. 1589771

Only on Reddit kek. All the mods are groomers, so it makes sense they’d start banning the word

No. 1589772

>wiping isn't just for gender euphoria anymore, but necessary for hygiene.
Why are men

No. 1589773

So, how do they think this is going to play to normies?

Because surely a normal person will take one look at this and think, "How are people supposed to report grooming now?"

No. 1589781

groomer is a slur but terf isn’t? goes to show preddit is a pedo troon shithole.

No. 1589783

she will get canceled eventually for portraying a troon like a massive ogre and not a smol anime girl.

No. 1589784

File: 1658016176566.png (293.06 KB, 1200x1136, A44F7E21-A26B-47A4-ACE4-7EFD06…)


No. 1589791

Seriously, what do you even do with a kid like this? Theres obviously something wrong here, so what can be done? Can therapy fix this? I truly want to know

No. 1589792


i think this will probably backfire in the mainstream. it will be super easy for matt walsh and all of them to dig up reddit's extensive history of promoting pedophilia.

No. 1589795

File: 1658017637004.jpg (187.55 KB, 1080x1395, FXyiPihUEAEzZQ_.jpg)

No. 1589797

Legitimately what is wrong with him? Does he have some kind of syndrome?

No. 1589805

Yeah it sounds like buried penis syndrome.

No. 1589810

God these retards are disgusting

No. 1589811

fuck matt walsh, but i’m not going to complain if he does deep dive on preddit’s pedo mods and degenerate communities.

No. 1589826

I hate this app, they cater to troons 100%, every other person i saw on there was a man or a she/they, uninstall and save yourself, noona.

No. 1589831

Good thing they wont live that long, taking all all those chemicals starting from puberty blockers as a teen will kill them before they hit 70 if they dont 41 before then.

No. 1589838

File: 1658028519221.jpeg (550.6 KB, 750x920, 52222883-D216-4D55-A4CF-267820…)

sorry about your face, bro.

No. 1589839

File: 1658028645757.jpeg (403.76 KB, 750x1086, 0A332789-642A-47B9-8B37-EE3B6E…)

fucking gross

No. 1589841

File: 1658028750724.jpeg (1.06 MB, 750x1446, 13E833AB-6915-4F7E-866E-C4631A…)

literally lipstick on a pig

No. 1589843

File: 1658028923130.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 708.91 KB, 1536x3211, AE130453-83E7-44B3-8F9C-3B61D7…)

this is what i call a successful chop.

No. 1589845

File: 1658029234777.jpeg (867.13 KB, 750x1376, 96C3B617-C7DB-4E5E-B612-DF1449…)

when your friends secretly hate you.

No. 1589847

File: 1658029329501.jpeg (906.1 KB, 750x1292, BB04DFBA-4571-44B2-882B-BD31D7…)

that’s not how you apply highlighter.

No. 1589849

File: 1658029419568.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 776.44 KB, 750x1323, B18D09C8-CDFE-4AFA-9204-88CDDB…)

oh boy, this one’s extra bad.

No. 1589855

kek i hardly even wear make up but even i can recognize how awful the entire look is. and that wig is tragic.

No. 1589863

The more you look at his makeup, the more is wrong…
>Overlined upper lip (But I've seen ethot cosplayers do this too)
>Terrible highlighter that is too dark and actually accentuates his browbone
>Eyelashes not applied properly, inner corners sticking out
Also, I wonder why this troon got botox in his chin. Usually trannies want to shave that down.

No. 1589864

File: 1658031995637.jpeg (805.2 KB, 1170x1396, E9E79542-4DDD-472C-A798-A46419…)

I’m sorry, it taught you to what?

No. 1589865

File: 1658032072561.jpeg (518.16 KB, 750x767, A775BB01-47D1-4076-8CA9-03FBA5…)


No. 1589866

he’s a turbomisogynist now.

No. 1589868

File: 1658032466308.jpeg (261.37 KB, 750x2047, 286AC527-B90A-4942-9198-4303D7…)

I weep for this fetishist’s wife and kids.

No. 1589872

I am going to put money on it that any comments with suggestions/help will be met with hostility. Moids can never handle criticism, what he really wants are ass pats and “omg you look amazing!!!!!! I thought you were Angelina Jolie at first!!!!”

No. 1589876

Looking at that wedding ring Im more sorry about their wife puts up with.

No. 1589878

Yeah just accentuate your hyper masculine and out of control glabella. There are Botox ads targeted towards girls that aren’t even old enough to get it yet, the conditioning girls have to live through exclusively is so fucked up. We don’t need to compliment men smearing things on their faces to combat sexism which is what handmaidens/false feminisms think, love and protect your actual sisters. The socialization jokes we each make about each other’s misplaced highlighter can be really lighthearted and playful, men literally cannot process that and will feel like you’re rejecting them and they have to kill you. But they’re TOTALLY women.

No. 1589882

File: 1658034535283.jpg (77.73 KB, 534x1005, 1658034013671.jpg)

That's not how any of this works
27 going on 47. They always look so shit for their age.

No. 1589884

File: 1658034930978.jpeg (678.3 KB, 750x1249, F3B62CD8-69F3-49FD-94AD-069155…)

if this is your true self, do the world a favor and jump off a bridge.

No. 1589887

File: 1658035369494.jpeg (656.46 KB, 750x1151, 963018D3-16A4-4ED0-BBF2-4AB97C…)

why do his eyes look so crazy? is it a brow lift or psychopathy?

No. 1589888

File: 1658035399338.jpg (278.57 KB, 1367x758, Untitled.jpg)

>look at steam's "pride games"
>tranny game flooded with attention and reviews
>game made by actual lesbians remains largely ignored


No. 1589890

where exactly is the estrogen going

No. 1589891

File: 1658035700850.jpg (Spoiler Image, 906.55 KB, 810x2682, Screenshot_20200805-055930_Boo…)

This pig used to have all kinds of degrading sissy and misogynistic content in his profile.

No. 1589892

File: 1658035744394.jpg (277.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200805-060105_Boo…)

No. 1589893

It's a Japanese game that's actually cute. The other artstyle looks like generic shit

No. 1589894

File: 1658035811010.png (28.61 KB, 618x253, 1658032813033.png)

>lost my family and my loving girlfriend
>but at least I get all these asspats from twitter

No. 1589895

File: 1658035856911.png (223.43 KB, 599x860, 1658028346314.png)

No. 1589897

I feel you, nonnas. I also suffer from the endo and ovarian cysts. Hearing these human trash bags speak as if they can even relate to the pain we endure monthly makes me want to shove shards of glass up their wounds and assholes just so they can get a real appreciation of the pain. Now that there is a shortage of feminine hygiene products in some areas and they're shrieking about not being considered "biofem", my contempt has only grown.

Actually, I wouldn't do the glass stuffing. I'd hire someone else to do it.

No. 1589901

how do troons get consistently uglier and uglier? every time i think i’ve found the ultimate eyesore, an even uglier troon shows up on my reddit feed.

No. 1589903

>tranny lesbian game is good because it’s japanese
Fuck off retard

No. 1589914

File: 1658039657999.webm (6.89 MB, 608x1080, Little-Aussie.webm)

Someone check this man's hard drive.

No. 1589918

i thought chettachop and suporn were the best a trans could get?

No. 1589920

this one is a crypto terf account having some laughs

No. 1589921

okay im actually living for that dress

No. 1589924

How is his face worse after he lost weight?

No. 1589927

Seeing the most misogynistic men on earth get botched gives me so much fucking joy. You just know how much they think of women like objects so knowing they will be in pain forever is the best thing I could ever imagine. I mean this from the deepest regions of my heart.

No. 1589928

It's having shaved off his beard in the after. Also I don't know why, but most troon's faces bloat after they start taking hormones.

No. 1589930

File: 1658042565889.jpeg (149.68 KB, 1170x406, AECEA8B6-9886-4153-9D91-8AF16C…)

I pray for this faggots daughter

No. 1589931

File: 1658042639367.jpeg (258.33 KB, 1170x782, C7F015CC-94EE-4EB6-919B-392B2A…)


Samefag but this makes me want to a log. I hate trannies so much

No. 1589934

Holy shit, jesus christ I regret being open about my bisexuality now, being associated with… THAT. And I can just hide in het relationships, I'm so fucking sorry for homosexuals. They are making the "slippery slope" argument fucking real in people's eyes.

No. 1589935

I can’t even begin find the words to describe how horrifically ugly this creature is. I don’t even know what to compare it to.

No. 1589936

What will the next banned word be? Paedo?

No. 1589937

Woman is when:
>flower cup
>no beer teehee

No. 1589940

I don't understand reddit. there are multiple 'jailbait' subreddits, racial slurs are fine and dandy and not banned, but 'groomer' is

No. 1589946

File: 1658044613684.png (1011.84 KB, 2118x782, 1615556631374.png)

Well we all understand, they're pedos and racists and loathe women more than anything. I just don't understand how they can get away with it, it's just so fucking blatant.

No. 1589947

Holy shit nonna, this is so depressing. I fucking hate reddit

No. 1589950

Lol whys he so upset, didnt get that perfect porn pussy you dreamt of? Men are so pathetic, imagine killing yourself because you got big labia

No. 1589954

He should just be fucking grateful that there’s no pus leaking out or gigantic gaping mystery holes filled with hair it looks much less horrifying than >>1589849

No. 1589955

Aww but I thought you wanted this experimental butcher surgery? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1589958

But they are supposed to be designer luxury vaginas cis women wish they had, hmh?

No. 1589960

File: 1658047573469.jpg (497.04 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20220717-044355_Chr…)

Transition speedrun here we come!

No. 1589961

File: 1658047635348.jpg (425.77 KB, 810x1453, Screenshot_20220717-043954_Chr…)

No. 1589964

hope the wife doesn't put up with any of his misogynistic coomer garbage and signs the divorce papers asap

No. 1589979

>Over 9k likes
Let me guess, the comments are full of "what an evil bitch harpy bigot" about the wife not accepting her boomer moids fetish?

No. 1589982

And this is why you can never underestimate online tranny groomers. This guy seems mentally ill anyway but they managed to make him fully troon out in a matter of days. This is what they're doing to children on discord and twitter right now. This is what they're doing to 13 year old girls and boys right now

No. 1589984

File: 1658051004640.jpeg (726.56 KB, 2208x1242, 2919783D-C645-4B35-8FC2-6B73FB…)

>be fat ugly agp
>post furry hentai all day long
>pretend fat rolls are hips that magically appeared because you’re uwu estrogen sensitive !!
>stop cutting your nails and now suddenly have feminine hands wow !
>stuff disgusting hairy moobs into a bra thats too big to live out your creepy mommy milkers furry fetish
>jiggle around and jerk off to disgusting moobs

No. 1589985

Based wife, I hope she packs his bags for him, or better yet, just dumps all his shit outside and changes the locks

No. 1589987

Yeah and if adults fall for it this easy, how much easier is it for them to fool naive children

No. 1589988

File: 1658052501551.png (235.97 KB, 720x529, Screenshot_20220717-125748~2.p…)

I found this documentary and it's about 30 years old.


A bunch of trans women are being interviewed on a 90s talk show.

It was as if back then they at least had to try and pass and fit in with women if they wanted to live as one. None of this shit would fly what with them being trans age 13 year old girls at 30 and diaper wearing baby girls back then. They simply would not have been accepted if they would have behaved that way.

I think modern transgenderism is a symptom of our modern culture overall. Anything goes, nothing is openly shamed anymore especially in liberal spaces. Whose to say how a woman behaves? Women don't have to act or dress their age. Women rub their vaginal scent on their necks as perfume (google it if you don't believe me) and wives and moms dress like teen girls in little shorts and crop tops and do onlyfans now. While a lot of people might choose to still shame this behavior libfems shout the loudest and own the media and run the internet.

Whose to say what a woman is and how it's acceptable for one to behave? Whose to say what is age appropriate? Now most normal women still have some shame. But the loud libfem minority who owns and rules everything says there are no acceptable standards of behavior anymore. Don't kink shame, don't age shame, there is no definition of a woman or a man. I think most normal people are disgusted, but they just don't want to seem intolerant or face the social sanctions of disagreeing with the common narrative that has been set.

No. 1589992

I live in a developing country and there are troons here. They are expected to pass and integrate. People are generally pretty tolerant when they do. You get the odd homophobic meathead but most people don't care about troons, lesbians or gays.

No. 1589996


they all looked perfectly average before their "glow-up", we should send more men to therapy

No. 1589998

The looked deeply below average anon.

No. 1589999


You could really see this in the difference between the new roe protest and the old ones. You can't say "You know, maybe twerking isn't appropriate for this. People will think we're a joke" because whoever proposes the maximalist position immediately gets the support, will call you a fascist and kick you out.

I saw an argument over stuff like "folx" where someone was asking why we're doing this to words that are already gender neutral and it looped in circles until the other person admitted they were intentionally trying to alienate people. Somehow this was supposed to result in trans rights because older protest alienated people too. It's like they warped things to the point alienation is the goal in and of itself instead of a negative byproduct from politically necessary actions. They take the fact that normal people are grossed out, confused, and want all this to stop as validation.

No. 1590001

>talking about misogyny in video games
>missing the point
This is so tiresome

No. 1590003

>it's all libfem's fault men are degenerate pedophile trannies!! all women are whores!!! wahhh

Want to know how I can tell you're a moid? At least try to integrate

No. 1590004

File: 1658055344751.png (50.63 KB, 426x111, chrome_JmJpsYEafA.png)

Serial mansplainer

No. 1590005

File: 1658055386595.jpeg (383.01 KB, 1734x2048, FXbQ8-nVQAITThG.jpeg)

Faceapp is genuinely making this grandpa think he's gonna de-age 20 years.
Why did they make the genderswap AI make the males look way more attractive as the female version than they do as males? It always makes them much younger and gives them full locks and full face of makeup. I've seen newly cracked egg trannies claiming it's because of faceapp and weirdly getting obsessed with the image countless times. It's like the mirror of Erised for pornsick men.

No. 1590009

File: 1658055957693.jpg (68.94 KB, 1080x370, Screenshot_20220717-130409_Chr…)

No they're insinuating his wife is gonna rape him

No. 1590010

You crazy ugly stupid faggot, she wants to take the kids and run away. Not have sex with you.

No. 1590013

They define 'corrective sexual violence' as the wife still wanting PIV and normal hetero sex btw. Making him have sex like a man is literal rape in their minds, the wife should be pegging him while he wears women's underwear instead if she really saw him as a woman!

No. 1590014

yeah it's not love because this gross balding moid decided he'd sabotage the entire marriage for his weird misogynistic fetish without considering his wife's feelings at all, simply because a few pedos on twitter told him it's a good idea

No. 1590015

I agree, I don't even see what's wrong with it besides hyperpigmentation. He should have already been aware of how his own body makes scar tissue.
Modern activist culture is like teenagers going, "Let's go to the mall and freak out the normals!" It would be nice if the left simply told them to STFU for a minute, and ejected the people who want to go full Brave New World. But they won't. The right keeps on making wins because they're happy to lie and sugarcoat shit. For some reason, the left can only sugarcoat child abuse, and barely even that anymore.
It's DARVO time! That special time when men accuse women of doing the things men do. Which is all the time.

No. 1590017

…and him wanting to have uwu lesbian sex with her most likely straight wife is not that? She did not consent to a """"lesbian"""" relationship, but a straight one with a man.

No. 1590035

File: 1658063834995.png (66.69 KB, 600x488, Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 09.1…)

I hope he didn't request and get a fitting.

No. 1590036

the whole site should've got the 'seized by the FBI' splash page after the r/jailbait thing came to light.

No. 1590038

So much cope. Need that pic where he’s seething over a pic of his family looking happy together.

No. 1590039

They literally can only think like men and in terms of what men would do.

No. 1590040

>tranny comes in to try on bras
>starts getting "emotional" over the experience
>employees fearfully ask their manager to take over the situation for fear of all troons notorious instability
>troon leaves pleased & everyone breathes a sigh of relief

that's what "they got their store manager onto it" means, none of the rest of employees felt comfortable

No. 1590043

Maybe to get rid of "manly" dimple in the chin? I have one too, moids tend to make fun of it.

No. 1590047

I never said it was women's fault. I think you misunderstood me. It's the common narrative now that there is no standard for people's sexual behavior. Of course filthy scrotes are going to take advantage of this and claim "I'm a toddler girl because I like wearing a diaper so that means I am a woman" when back then they never would have been socially accepted as trans, people would have just seen as a degenerate pervert. Most normal people still see that person as a degenerate pervert, but the people in charge of everything make it so they are not allowed to express it. These AGPs behave nothing like women when years ago troons would have been at least expected to. This would have encouraged the biggest nastiest perverts into the closet.

The left used to be about people's personal freedoms and questioning old authoritarian institutions like religion, but there was still an expected standard of behavior. Now identity politics and revolting behavior has taken over.

No. 1590049

File: 1658065721923.jpg (1.32 MB, 1058x1693, RDT_20220717_08451914671611119…)

According to these people loving grandparents that simply don't use your fetishname deserve to burn in eternal hellfire.

Seriously these people need to leave the little old ladies that had to grow up in a world where they couldn't even have bodily autonomy or their own bank account alone.

No. 1590050

He's not a woman but a hulking huge man making misogynist stand-up routines. Fuck him.

No. 1590052

If Jesus cared so much to damn your grandma to hell for misgendering you, why did he allow you to be born in the wrong body in the first place?

No. 1590057

File: 1658066689839.png (1.11 MB, 1200x2980, stacycaybunchanazis.png)

Here anon

No. 1590068

Thank you nonna! Only someone very happy about losing their family would make eight tweets getting so upset over a normal family pic.

No. 1590072

His first thought is imagining his sister’s husband wanking it because he thinks his sister should dress slutty. Totally normal woman thoughts

No. 1590081

I mean he's not completely wrong, they do look like the sort of people who would silently choke on their water bottles if someone tripped accidentally in church. There is definitely a snobby vibe about all these people. You have to wonder about why he turned out to be so fucked up.

No. 1590083

clearly they did very well not to talk to this snarky scumbag fag

No. 1590085

My best guess is that they are super religious and uptight, the kind that never talks about their true feelings and never slips out of that Stepford smile and trusts gawd with everything.

Those are often the kinds of families who produce troons and other degenerates. they have so much pent up angst that as soon as they get the smallest taste of opposition from the outside world they go to the other extreme.

No. 1590088

>And yes I am a trans girl

Like, why do they always feel the need to say it. Anyone with eyes can see they are a man in drag. Fuck's sake.

No. 1590092

You already lost as a parent if you let it get to this point.

No. 1590094

File: 1658069895808.jpeg (518.1 KB, 1242x1463, 461DC002-FF8D-486B-B7BD-3A1335…)

it keeps happening kek, everything is so retarded

No. 1590102

File: 1658070744879.png (889.82 KB, 874x1025, 1658070197432.png)

reposting from the reddit thread on /ot, the tranny rage coming off the third section is giving me life. You know when they say LGBTQ they mean specifically trannies, which means the mass peaking happening right now is triggering them so much they feel the need to ban the word groomer specifically

No. 1590103

Another good thing to ask is literally “what is gender?”, as they also don’t know what it is as an entity or why anyone should care about it. Making “woman” gender rather than sex related is how they can keep it vague and meaningless.

No. 1590104

Too bad they are taking the LGB down with them

No. 1590123

Yep! its funny whenever anyone says a troon is X they come out with "stop discriminating against lgbtq+" and its like, no, its just you freaks kek.

No. 1590124

File: 1658072243685.jpeg (324.52 KB, 1284x664, ED8A52DF-8418-4BAE-AB9C-FF07CD…)

Lol forever chasing that female orgasm

No. 1590126

> no genocide denial
> no referral to TRA forged suicide statistics
How else are they going to convince anyone of genocide then? “You make me sad and I kms” is the only angle they had??

The psycho cocktail of being a reddit moid-mod-tranny cultist has fully removed them from reality. The average TRA handmaiden doesn’t believe in there being a literal genocide at hand nor that gender dysphoria etc is anything other than mental illness akin to BDD or depression. How fun to watch them spiral into themselves like this.

No. 1590129

This is one of the funniest lies they perpetuate. You won't be having a "female orgasm" because you're not female, bud

No. 1590130

hate to be the bearer of bad news but both of those are troon games.

No. 1590131

the fact that they believe this would happen is the most anti-science thing to develop in the last decade.

If I have doctors craft me flesh-antennae on my head that doesnt mean I can suddenly gain the ability to sense odor particles and waves through them like a real insect.

No. 1590140

>game made by actual lesbians

lol someone hasn’t played in a while

No. 1590141

not a fetish though!!!1!!1!!1!1!

No. 1590143

trad can’t handle shorts. gtfo moid.

No. 1590149

File: 1658074666951.jpg (491.42 KB, 810x1658, Screenshot_20220717-121240_Boo…)

No. 1590151

dem freaky eyes

No. 1590153

Face app and Twitter were a mistake

No. 1590159

>forgets that bra sizing will be bigger for their moid bodies

No. 1590161

You are as deranged as that tranny for making such cazy assumptions based on nothing but a totally normal photo of totally normal-looking people.

No. 1590166

they're both trannies aren't they

No. 1590167

Is the "girlfriend" a tranny too?

No. 1590168

File: 1658075781157.png (32.27 KB, 1111x210, retard (2).png)

oh its this guy

No. 1590170

This tbh like who’s to say they didn’t just go out for dinner and that’s why they’re dressing that way. They do look like more conservative people but the main takeaway wasn’t about his family causing him to do something (a conscious choice HE made when he could have gotten therapy or whatever else, tons of people become estranged from their family for whatever reason and are able to remain composed). The main takeaway was that he looks like a lunatic saying how happy he is now that his family is gone while also spewing vitriol of them having a get together, on public twitter even. I can understand family drama and sharing it with some friends but he looks deranged and very unhappy saying these things on a public forum like that. We know next to nothing about the rest of his family and all is rant did was prove how “unbothered” he was (he was obviously very bothered).

No. 1590173

File: 1658076469162.png (2.14 MB, 2066x1718, newideasarescary01.png)

No. 1590176

No. 1590198

you feel bad for a pornsick retard who gets off on imagining himself as a "good little wife"? you feel bad that the genes of chris chans understudy here wont be preserved and continued? castration is the least you can do to males like this

No. 1590201

Who are these protest signs even for? People who are against abortion will see a sign that says "it's not just about women's rights!" and go "good, I also hate trannies and gays."

No. 1590202

>feeling bad for troons

No. 1590203

Wtf is this fiction kek

No. 1590218

Not going to lie, I can't wait until this tranny faggot does his post FFS face reveal. I hope he's botched to fuck.

No. 1590239

No. 1590249

This is coming from an autist anon: don't feel bad for them. The only autist genes worth keeping around are the ones who don't fall for this shit kek
I'm only half joking.

No. 1590255

Reddit already went out of their way to protect a troon pedophile years ago, I'm not surprised in the least. Reddit is quite literally 100% pro-pedophilia, as long as it's done by troons.

The fact that they'd rather protect adult men in wigs from having their feelings hurt, than real child victims of grooming says a lot. The natural reaction to a community being accused of child grooming is to take it seriosuly, hunt down any groomer and develop ways to prevent and report it to make sure every child is safe. Not to blatantly deny it and make it easier for the groomers like reddit did. They fucking know what they're doing.

No. 1590263

Oh no, there are quite literally 100% pro-pedophilia when it comes to all men.

No. 1590323

File: 1658091868588.png (431.69 KB, 640x782, 52C526F9-17D8-4B76-9C80-3E76B3…)

Don’t forget to PRAY after you see a post made by an Evil Woman.

No. 1590341

>When you can't even spell the personality trait you claim to have

No. 1590343

File: 1658093053101.jpg (27.49 KB, 214x275, 1612197804940.jpg)

The fact that we are so powerful that seeing a simple post will shake trannies to the core and to the point where they have to fucking regroup and meditate. Women stay winning just by existing.

No. 1590346

This person must be doing a bit, even the boldest trannies don't speedrun it in a week. Either that or he's just severely mentally ill.

No. 1590348

This is so over the top. Imagine getting this up in arms because a woman complains about her oppression. All this whining because they can’t empathize with women while at the same time claiming to be us.

No. 1590349

rape apes get hobbies that aren't porn challenge

No. 1590353

What if a white person wrote this because they got upset every time they saw a black or brown person bringing up things that affect them or had been done to them in the past. It would be cancel worthy. Why is it okay when it’s about women?

No. 1590376

File: 1658094442518.jpg (41.62 KB, 709x332, 20220717_164500.jpg)

"Even if I were a pedo, validate my AGP"

No. 1590385

This is retarded because when you refer to a tranny pedo groomer with his "preferred pronouns" and his made up or stolen name, all people do is make his fantasy come true like, it just validates him, and that's not what anyone wants while prosecuting a pedo groomer, which leads me to the next point, referring to him only by his stolen or made up name, removes the guilt from his real name, so if he says
>oh well I did what I wanted, now I'm a moid again
That makes him a free man, because the name with the grooming and pedophilia charges is the woman's name he stole, not his real name, he can do whatever he wants if he self-ids as a moid at a preschool, because all he needed to do was to take off the woman's clothes and put on his ugly ass moid clothes saying
>oh that wasn't me, it was another pedo tranny groomer, I have a beard and he didn't have a beard when he committed those crimes
How is that not terrifying to anyone with half a brain? Come on.

No. 1590390

Any male who does violent crimes against children or women should never be allowed to change his identity. You’re so right that it just makes it easier for them to get away with this.

No. 1590405

they look like a smiling, normal family retard. how did you even deduce that from a picture

No. 1590426

this account is literally blackradfem on insta trolling please stop responding to the tranny posting it to own dumb lolcow terfs

No. 1590439

A stay at home moid is the most worthless thing of all. He won't clean or cook. He'll just be jerking off, cheating, and getting inebriated all day long. It's not destroying any gender stereotypes, this is one of the big reasons women had to fight so hard in the first place to get divorce and the right to work as something other than a maid. Men are happy living in absolute squalor as long as they do jack shit all day.

No. 1590448

this person just seems incredibly low IQ
it's always that or autism with troons because that's the only way they can believe the shit they tell themselves

No. 1590449

File: 1658106277559.jpeg (289.22 KB, 1170x915, D4CAB107-8545-485E-9B93-A0FB44…)

these people are so terminally online all my normie friends irl love harry potter

No. 1590454

i've literally talked about this with ezra miller and some handmaiden said "oh so if a black man disrespects you its okay to call him a nigger?!" whaaaat?

No. 1590464

Sage for blog posting but I just found out through a friend that a girl I was at a very small party with was actually a TiM. I was kinda shocked because he passed pretty well (he is very short, that helped a lot I guess), but during the whole night I was confused about why was “she” acting like a gay man, and I also felt something very off about “her”. This goes to show that it doesn’t matter how much you pass, you literally will never be a woman

No. 1590468

File: 1658107974337.jpeg (53.18 KB, 605x599, 1654879535390.jpeg)

looking for a way to deflect how racist they are, as always

No. 1590470

File: 1658108058220.jpg (85.29 KB, 1186x676, EnoRyzvW4AEwVpl.jpg)

why should anyone care about whether a random tranny on the internet is worried whether youre an evil terf or not, that seems like a personal problem kek. time to block anyone online who's ever talked about harry potter i guess. its also funny that they say this since i never see any terf pages on twitter or tumblr actively make their account harry potter themed besides putting a jkr support tag in their bio or something so its just paranoia. these fuckers are so obsessed with telling other people what theyre allowed to enjoy or not

this is just funny as fuck. it just makes me imagine your typical unwashed dangerhair having an absolute fucking meltdown in their pigsty over a woman writing words on the internet. theyre such babies holy shit.

No. 1590471

Rowling really lives rent free in their heads. There are authors who have done way worse who they don’t even bat an eye at. JKR dared speak out about things that affected her as a woman and TRAs lose their absolute minds. It’s so stupid. I’m not even a big HP fan, I just think the hypocrisy of dumping her while continuing to support other celebrities who are rapists and pedophiles and criminals is ridiculous, not to mention the male celebrities who say anything about trans matters rarely see this kind of vitriol. In the end, it’s a fucking children’s book series and people are allowed to enjoy it if they want, whether they approve of JKR or not. It’s almost funny how much she really gets under their skin.

No. 1590476

As much as null has terrible views on things, it's hilarious how much Keffals has been sneeding about kf ever since he streamed about him. I haven't caught up with half of what's happening but man it's fun to see the troon groomer get what he deserves.

No. 1590486

context or gtfo, not everyone is a loser who hangs out on kf

No. 1590490

Honestly, it might be a bit weird to be a fully grown woman who still buys Harry Potter merch and has their hogwarts house displayed in their profile, but if it keeps the trannies away I will do it. Rowling deserves the money for her unwavering support of real women.

No. 1590509

Lesbians on dating apps have apparently been listing Harry Potter as one of their likes to signal that they don't want to date/aren't mtfs because the minute an mtf or ftm sees that they ree about JK.

No. 1590511

Stop shaming women for the things they like, it's like some nlog shit, only moids and trannies criticize such things.

No. 1590514

it's honestly hilarious to me that trannies and handmaidens hate hp and hp fans so much because as soon as you go out and touch grass, you realize how many normal people don't give a fuck at all what JKR has said. it's kind of the opposite in real life. as soon as i met someone who's like "ew no i don't like harry potter anymore" i just know they're one of these stupid TRA fucks.

No. 1590516

In that case you have to first off, tell that retard to not say those kinds of slurs even as an example because that's just racist, and second, say that it doesn't make sense because in the case of a person with a certain color of skin, it's something that they can't just change with a haircut and letting their beard grow.
Like, tranny shit and race shit can't ever be the same because the issue is that if you wake up one day and just put the tranny flag on your social media accounts, whatever you do will be defended by a bunch of unhinged moids (as long as you're a moid yourself of course, tranny moids hate tranny women) while as a person of color, you will get hate from racist people just because of the color of your skin, and you can't change it because no bleaching will change the way you look, the way you were raised and the way you view everything based on your experiences as a person of color.
Meanwhile, a moid can take off the wig, wipe off the shittily applied makeup, throw away the stolen women's clothes, and put on a random pair of pants and a shirt, and nobody will bat an eye because he will go back to looking like a moid without the shitty womanface disguise. He can cut or shave off his ratty ass hair again, he can let his beard grow, he can change his name to whatever the hell he wants and nobody will care because he's a moid.
He can commit a crime while named Lilith D'arkness Dementia, looking like shit as all of them look like, and just take off the disguise and change back his name to Daniel Smith, the guy with a clean record, get a job at a school and do whatever he wants until he gets caught again, just to say that he's actually not a moid and that he wants a reduced sentence and to be put with women that won't beat him up to death as he deserves.

No. 1590518

That's a great idea, women should be using that on twitter as well so trannies can block them automatically.

No. 1590519

File: 1658113371100.jpg (256.7 KB, 1242x1550, FX3f5dEWIAEya-T.jpg)

No. 1590521

KEK who’s the baldie???

No. 1590522

Its a twitter ss? I'm not a tranny, I just saw this tranny saying that & thought to post here. I wasnt aware its a radfem trolling, they make a pretty convincing troon lmao

No. 1590541

File: 1658117158932.png (739.05 KB, 723x814, stunning and brave.PNG)

Sam Brinton. He's an official in the Department of Energy

No. 1590547

Afaik he's just a crossdresser/GNC and doesn't claim to be a woman though, and actually also qualified for the job too

No. 1590549

We need to burn it down and start all over.

No. 1590550

It's not shaming women for having interests just to say that it would feel weird to buy merch and plaster your social media with stuff you haven't thought much about since you were a kid. Touch grass and stop taking things so personally.

There is so much wrong with this outfit and it isn't even the ugliest one in this thread. Tragic.

No. 1590557

File: 1658118667088.jpg (752.62 KB, 810x1881, Screenshot_20220718-002955_Boo…)

Look at them meaty paws

No. 1590558

I love how troons can never dress appropriately as a "woman" at formal events. All they ever think about is sex, so they never pay attention to anything except party dresses, club wear, alt girls, and cosplay.

No. 1590563

still having dick cheese,nothing changes

No. 1590605

No. 1590606

File: 1658123945314.jpeg (768.43 KB, 1242x3414, 06008AAB-3B65-4840-BCEF-BD2CB7…)

Apologies if this was posted before I didn’t see it. It’s not exactly about trans people moreso regarding Matt and this guy here but I feel like it belongs in this thread as a few nonas have very much said the exact same thing JKR posted. It would’ve been too perfect if she had mentioned that Matt reiterates talking points from women on top of everything else she said.

No. 1590610

File: 1658124281997.gif (4.81 MB, 200x150, 29CD9FDE-7959-4894-B4EA-502B00…)

>passed pretty well
>why was she acting like a gay man

No. 1590612


No. 1590613

This gif freaks me out more than some of the neo vaginas itt

No. 1590614

File: 1658125168313.png (57.85 KB, 420x294, 1638677000741.png)

It's hilarious how they have to convince each other and themselves
>the TERF was wrong, they are bigoted
because they read TERFposting and are confronted with rational, truthful arguments and the reality that they will only ever be their biological sex. I don't need to remind myself that incels are wrong and bigoted when I read misogynistic posts, because that is self evident and requires no copium to accept.

No. 1590617

This reminds me of when I started to question the TERF bogeywomen back in the day on Tumblr.

Like, there was this whole thing about 'OMG, don't EVAR read or interact with TERF blogs bc you'll turn into a TERF!"

I can read Nazi shit, Holocaust denial shit, incel forums, etc. and I won't magically transform into any of them, though.

No. 1590618

File: 1658126664748.jpeg (860.02 KB, 828x1419, 00CC36B8-9F88-48EB-88A6-78C362…)

If my husband ever did this to me I swear to god I’d pull a Lorena Bobbitt

No. 1590619

File: 1658126905670.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 800.3 KB, 828x1282, D8FE39A7-5378-45CF-95E5-CC235D…)

Samefag but I had to share this one too

No. 1590620

Kek this image is my edit and I'm happy to see someone enjoyed it. Sage for pointless
Ily terfanons

No. 1590621

File: 1658127803430.jpg (123.45 KB, 758x1024, Tumblr_l_44803016337856.jpg)

No. 1590624

File: 1658128319334.jpg (570.38 KB, 1080x1588, Screenshot_20220718-030844_Chr…)

Really says everything

No. 1590634

File: 1658129309645.jpg (169.23 KB, 1077x1087, FXjbxyrWQAE8kQf.jpg)

sage for OT but how much do you think this current obsession with femboys is just a way for men to subtly express their pedophilic inclinations, like If you look at femboy depictions they are almost always depicted as hyper feminized pre pubescent young boys, like tell me this doesn't look like a 12 year old child next to an adult man

No. 1590637

thats exactly what it is. supposedly "straight" men used to have sex with underage boys because they thought boys were feminine enough - like women (idk why they think that).
most femboys ive seen are either barely legal (<22 years old) or have/edit themselves to have childlike faces.
most men are pedos what's new?

No. 1590638

File: 1658129890220.gif (693.66 KB, 300x198, 1D5F7F6F-E625-4EB7-A26C-3A2C36…)

Me af.

No. 1590644

File: 1658130583525.jpeg (213.39 KB, 828x1182, 44F44461-F204-4B72-A76D-4FA5BA…)

My favorite part of this is how the rest of the world refused to put up with it.

No. 1590645

Rowling being an unapologetic menace is so refreshing. Thank you for posting this.

No. 1590646

I’m positive that’s what they think they’re “gaining” out of this, males who block their puberty young enough that they look more “feminine”/less damaged by testosterone (never mind the bone structure and every thing else this is a male concept), and women who transition who will never have had the structural and chromosomal issues of born men, so they are typically much, much smaller and still have female conditioning deep down.

It’s interesting how grown women are “for some reason” literally never involved in pushing for this, other than to of course over extend themselves to enable male degeneracy thinking it might get men to accept women owning a sliver of their own sexuality and human rights. Where is the pressure of the female gaze to be a biological and dehumanizing anomaly that cancels out your existence?

No. 1590653

You two are making weird assumptions. You're projecting just as hard as the tranny.

No. 1590659

File: 1658132777859.jpg (65.71 KB, 320x180, h1VvxD-pSCw4-2UafrXbzh0IIcw@32…)

>grown women are “for some reason” literally never involved in pushing for this
eh to an extent some do, usually faghags and fujos, like the this poc >>1590634 was made by a fujo artist and yaoi in general is filled with sexulized ukes who look either female or like pre-pubescent boys paired with older adult men

No. 1590663

Please shut the fuck up im not talking about your gay cartoons I mean in actual reality. I don’t know if you’re autistic so I will literally spell this out, do not ever try to explain this to me or anyone else that can understand any of your chosen languages. I urge you to do heavy drugs and never go back down any path that brought you to having written that.

No. 1590666

KEK washed

No. 1590667

Paki-chan I'm manifesting your internet being cut for all eternity if you don't shut the fuck up right now

No. 1590675

t.trigged fujoshi

No. 1590690

File: 1658141597367.jpg (358.73 KB, 855x2048, 20220717_094227.jpg)

serial killer alert

No. 1590692

File: 1658142083220.jpeg (284.34 KB, 1932x2576, qwiy02c80h491.jpeg)

He also photoshops his face on pregnant women's pics. This is why i dont post pics online

No. 1590693

This is just insane. Seriously, these men just want to be pregnant because of some mystical feeling or some shit, like I can't even begin to comprehend what they're chasing for, well, it's the coom, but what even makes them go there? When they don't even have the required organs? Do they really think being pregnant is just like eating too much? Like I just don't understand, this is baffling.
These men also never talk about raising babies at all, they just think the baby just comes out and stops existing, it just dissipates in the air.

No. 1590694

very telling that he goes into autistic detail about everything except the "swap organs over" surgery itself

No. 1590698

Any movement where people are so adamant on not letting it’s members interact with viewpoints that might not match with their own is insidious imo. Everyone should be allowed to see things from different angles and question things. Even as a big bad terf I have done that, used to be a pretty big TRA. I just found that a lot of what was said was illogical and this side made more rational sense. It wasn’t like I got brainwashed by it more just, well, actually that’s kind of right and aligns with what I know to be the overwhelming experience of most women. My thoughts weren’t based on hatred, just reality.

No. 1590699

obv. that will be super simple, basically a one-step process, see: step four. just take organ A, remove, and plug in organ B!

that's how the human body, works, right?

it feels like it took him such effort to write this.

No. 1590704

in mental institutions

No. 1590705

File: 1658144312876.png (10.5 MB, 3260x2956, FAEFE781-F236-4C8C-9B22-5ACF5F…)

He makes a lot of shitty, delusional memes. And surprising no one, he has a period fetish too. Saw him talking about “Aunt Flo” in a post. I wish these autistic men could just leave us and our bodily functions alone.

No. 1590706

What an absolute retard with delusions of intelligence. He wrote out all those idiotic steps with zero actual knowledge or experience with any surgery. Like, thank fuck this guy is here to invent sterilized surgical tools, I'm sure that's not standard procedure and doctors would never have thought of that on their own. All that bullshit to hide the fact that he has no idea what the actual surgeon would do.

No. 1590708

That made me laugh. He acts like this entire process is so simple and he’s the only one who has figured it out. Yeah! You just swap the parts and put organs into a male’s body that it has no idea what to do with.

No. 1590709

File: 1658144595925.jpeg (901.71 KB, 1284x1808, 71423D2C-5A0B-4BE2-8063-D1D1BF…)

Is there anything that doesn’t trigger them? Like genuinely. Why does every little thing need to change because it gives them a sad.

No. 1590712

If a woman dressed like this ESPECIALLY in such a position she would’ve been fucking crucified.

No. 1590713

File: 1658145116299.jpeg (276.52 KB, 1161x513, A1B07F2C-5914-4F3D-A378-F7B4E0…)

BBC interviews man who boasted about cracking the skull of a woman open “like an egg” during a women’s boxing competition.

No. 1590714

The fact they are so triggered by that bone identified as male meme ahah. And banning groomer on reddit. Honestly the fact they are this triggered is a very good sign to me that support is dwindling.

No. 1590716

Legitimately surprised they issued an apology on behalf of women.

No. 1590718

oh, can they just stay offline and cry into their pillows? Honestly, archaeology was male centred over so many years, it's still believed men did all the hard work, were leaders, etc, while there is no real proof and years ago I even read about archaeologists identifying bones as male because it didn't fit their view on the world that a woman in ancient times might have been a leader or more important than males. If they identified as a wolf, a sheep or a cockroach, if it's not written down it has to be said that the bones are male or female, those people are dead, they won't complain or hunt you down for speaking the truth.

No. 1590723

he dresses like a pervert so he might as well be an agp/future tranny

No. 1590734

A member of my PhD cohort has been doing research like this to suggest that akshully many female bones were a man/third gender because they were found with a sword. I struggle every time she talks about her work. I can't question it because I'll be deemed transphobic or whatever, but nor can I support it. I just smile and nod while raging inside. What good does it even do to reclassify long-deceased persons by "contemporary understandings of gender"? I still have a few years left with her, so pray for me nonnas.

No. 1590735

So fucking annoying and regressive.

No. 1590736

File: 1658148889397.png (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 745x1725, 11CB9939-5584-47C0-BE74-049CE3…)

This one seems dangerous to be around. Spoilered for some gory manga panels.

No. 1590738

File: 1658149135782.jpg (477.7 KB, 2355x1180, 78ec8.jpg)

So technically not related to MTF's but still felt this belonged here, Lil Uzi a rapper who has a history of DV and drug addiction just came out as non-binary

No. 1590739

the first tweet made me nauseous and I had to figure out if he was joking. It's a copypasta

No. 1590741

Know she’ll be laughed at like the dipshits from the state universities in a few years and will probably struggle for work in her field by the end of her life. She’s sinking her career.

No. 1590742

>Barely legal

Anon, please. 20, 21, and 22 are not “barely legal.”

No. 1590744

These "memes" radiate nuclear autism

No. 1590749

The whole meme about when archeologists find their bones in the future has really been getting their ill-fitting panties in a twist lately. I've seen a lot of autistic wee-woo 'corrections' of the meme lately on social media so this was the (il)logical next step for them.

One can only hope, academia has been going off the rails lately.

No. 1590760

It hurts to see these cringey foolish women who think that men will finally respect women if women say the right magic gender words, or play the right mind games. And even if it worked, what's the fucking point? That you have to deny biological reality to be respected? It obviously doesn't work, but still.

No. 1590761

This one looks like and reminds me of Fupa (anyone who follows the Shayna thread knows who I'm talking about).

No. 1590764

I want to know his reasoning for this.

No. 1590765

Right now but they’re already having the medical community eat each other. The trans train will derail and a lot of people in a few decades will be written off and not respected. They’ll fade into nothing. They remind me of Dasha never making it to the succession after show party.

No. 1590770

Glad for that but it does sound like something they would actually do. I was scared lol

No. 1590773

I hope for this but I also worry because of all those “right side of history” types. They never shut up. Do you think some day they will feel enough shame and regret over it they’ll shut up and fade away? I feel like men with fetishes seem incapable of that because they want their coom so badly.

No. 1590783

You’re not getting pregnant, not now, not in the future, never. Organs are not plug ‘n play toys. My God, Russia, China, anyone, just nuke us already so we don’t have to deal with this stupidity anymore. Take me now God, this is too much.

No. 1590784

Wait so, what happened to the indian doctor doing this? Did he quit, then why is this troon proposing this
or did they realize it’s all still very stupid and impossible

No. 1590788

>surgeons and nurses wash hands
Because they don't for other surgeries? This guy has to have some mental disability kek

No. 1590793

This is some Behind The Yellow Door tier shit.

No. 1590797

cancer will be cured before trannies can get pregnant

No. 1590798

this sounds like a onion article

No. 1590802

File: 1658159310102.png (327.24 KB, 798x592, 14.png)

No. 1590809

>kind of embarassing but i loved it
humiliation fetish, every. single. fucking. time

No. 1590814

How does “pregnant people” help girls in these situations? Call them what they are. Children and girls who have been the victims of rape. Calling them “pregnant people” just lessons the seriousness of the issue.

No. 1590818

They act like adult and child are different genders. Like jeez I wonder why it's women AND girls that get pregnant, it's almost like we have something in common

No. 1590820

>Listen guys, I finally got it! I know how twans women can get pregnant
>You see, it's super simple, you just take the two organ and - listen carefully - just swap them! Problem solved!
>I'm a fucking genius

No. 1590827

Nope, not even then. It’s not happening at all.

No. 1590850

File: 1658163471653.jpg (1.29 MB, 810x3733, Screenshot_20220718-124521_Chr…)

This dumbass is quickly making a name for himself.

No. 1590852

Artificial wombs would probably come first but they don’t even want those in reality because then they don’t get the “pleasure” of being pregnant (plus most of them don’t even want kids, just the fetish experience). The womb envy is so strong the only thing they care about is having the uterus of a dead woman inserted into their bodies so they can get off to a process their own bodies aren’t even suited for.

No. 1590854

trans (adjacent) people haven't proven themselves to be very concerned with child welfare

No. 1590855

You could have just posted the actual screenshot instead of this bullshit. Probably Anna Slaz selfposting to get more twitter followers. Nobody gives a shit about having your stupid reaction image included in this.

No. 1590858

I agree with you. It's almost as if a child isn't supposed to be pregnant and referring to a girl as a "pregnant person" just to comfort transwomen is blatantly ignoring the actual issue at hand.

No. 1590859

>calls jk rowling a pervert
>photoshops a picture of an innocent pregnant woman to indulge his pregnancy fetish

why do they always project

No. 1590861

They seem to always think that when we criticize what they are doing that somehow means we are sexually obsessed with them and want to hatefuck them because they can’t empathize with or even conceptualize how women think about and experience things. In their male minds they can only see things through the lens of sex.

No. 1590863

File: 1658164464696.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1342, michael hari.png)

terrorist-to-tranny pipeline?

No. 1590865

I think you found the next thread pic

No. 1590868

Yes. Just like the psychs who were responsible for the fake memory panic of the 70’s. A lot of those men are alive and hide that shit. The right side of history people forget that they have to be the ones to write books and papers and pass it on. The trans lobby hates studies and stops them. A medical fad gets picked up every 70 years or so, but there’s minor ones in between. Lobotomies, False memories, oxy, trans lobby. All of these things will be thought of as outrageous and people who pushed it are to be thought of as crazy people who were never “ahead of their times”. Have hope anon.

No. 1590871

Hate when criminals blame something like that for their actions. Speaking as someone who went through some shit, there is no reason to harm innocent people when you could make the decision to seek therapy or outlets that are more positive and will actually help you recover. It’s like how every school shooter or teen boy murderer blames women or society for their actions. No. You made that decision yourself, and it was one that took planning and a complete lack of care for human life.

No. 1590874

Super telling that he goes into minute detail about hand washing and sterile equipment (the only two things he seems to understand about what surgery entails) and then gives no detail about how the fuck you would actually connect a uterus to a body with none of the structures designed to support one. They literally don’t even see women's organs as organs that need the support of the surrounding body to survive—a vagina is just a hole and a uterus is, apparently, just a big ol’ baby bag that you can just shove up there and voila, baby.

No. 1590879

File: 1658167774249.jpg (283.61 KB, 1079x1681, Screenshot_20220718_200845.jpg)

In todays news of men invading women only spaces.

No. 1590883

>Calling them “pregnant people” just lessons the seriousness of the issue.
Crazy that the same people who got so triggered about being called groomer that they banned the word on reddit are also trying to minimize child rape

No. 1590885

I can’t even be topless in my own house out of fear that some creep walking down the street might see me and these trannies are talking about their “itty bitty titties”… words can not describe my disgust and hatred for these men. I wish the “trans genocide” they keep talking about was real.

No. 1590891

Dude thinks the more accessories and jewelry he wears, the more feminine he'll look

No. 1590892

>the high estrogen/low T male gut bloat

No. 1590906

File: 1658171425668.jpeg (551.58 KB, 2400x2400, Un84BYN.jpeg)

Not sure if it was posted already but wife-beating rapper Lil Uzi Vert is the latest celebrity to go they/themby. I guess these scrotes are taking notes from the Ezra Miller playbook, trooning out and claiming they're being "misgendered by terfs" when people call them violent scrotes.


No. 1590910

Literally posted a few messages ago. I beg of you, use ctrl + f to search "uzi" for example, there are options on mobile too in your browsers menu

No. 1590914

Kek I read it in full after your comment and you are right, he is so fucking dumb

No. 1590916

Could you simply ask her some time what makes her think a woman with a sword is a man? Or why can't a woman have had a sword?

No. 1590942

In Gulag.

No. 1590948


it doesn't really make sense even if you buy into gender ideology 100%. like the correct term then would be female. there is no reason for "pregnant people to exist" other than TRAs are afraid of sounding like MRAs.

No. 1590985

File: 1658178110987.png (731.34 KB, 1081x3615, chrome_screenshot_165817791815…)

Life saving treatment…

No. 1591001

Didn't Marci Bowers also botch Jazz? Why are they choosing to go to him?

No. 1591008

File: 1658179564391.png (581.51 KB, 1166x542, Screenshot 2022-07-18 at 10.25…)

Anyway Tomie is a TERF

No. 1591042

Hmmm anon I think you might be on to something

No. 1591053

how can a mother do this to their child? loling at them thinking they could handle college while also nursing a forever wound. it's so fucking sad that they think they can get a fresh start as a new person with an insane surgery, when they could just reinvent themselves at college by like behaving normally and making an effort to connect to others.

No. 1591057

File: 1658183231440.jpg (616.38 KB, 810x2373, Screenshot_20220718-181848_Boo…)

No, people treat you "extra nice" because they don't want to risk setting off the lunatic.

No. 1591058

They literally NEVER get this. Women are almost always nice to people who appear pathetic and sometimes who appear threatening and because the social climate is so against treating these people with anything more than kid gloves, they think this means they are real women and now life is on easy mode. The lack of understanding of female socialization jumps out every time they make one of these posts.

No. 1591064

File: 1658184408029.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1284x1963, 8EB039CA-9F1A-4177-BF73-CB0D61…)

men were a mistake

No. 1591066

File: 1658184582121.jpg (1.32 MB, 810x4084, Screenshot_20220718-184714_Red…)

So approachable!

No. 1591067

>Bar, gun store, Costco

>women complimenting his anything, and especialy overall "cuteness"


No. 1591071

This is just pathetic.

No. 1591078

if transitioning is covered by insurance it must be classified as a mentall illness, and this mental illness should bar them from being able to purchase ANY firearm.

No. 1591100

File: 1658188693605.jpeg (718.44 KB, 750x1263, F6840C32-7410-4A70-A2DC-676643…)

weird looking dude to weirder looking dude transition.

No. 1591110

why do his legs look much lower in the second picture

No. 1591112

because he's wearing a tunic-like shirt which only highlights his long moid torso even more

No. 1591113

what do reddit trannies mean when they put the negative number on the left? it can't be his age cuz that moid is way older than 10, wtf else is it?

No. 1591115


slenderman’s day off

No. 1591121

how many years before starting hrt they put as negative. years taken hrt they put positive.

No. 1591136

as in years "knowing" they're troons but not taking hrt yet? kind of weird for them to keep track of since they're always harping about how you can still be a troon without ever doing hrt

No. 1591139

Holy shit, we have a troon Jeffrey Dahmer in the making. That alone could be a scene for a horror movie about a cult of pregnancy obsessed troons that kidnaps women and steal their wombs to try implant on themselves.

No. 1591146

Yea infertile women wanting a baby are totally the same as deranged scrotes chasing the coom dragon. God they're so fucking disgusting.

No. 1591160

Sage for blog but I was in a work meeting and the topic of gender neutral language came up (whether we should greet our emails with " guys and girls") . My coworkers then started making jokes about non-binaries, basically making attack helicopter jokes. Stuff like, "what if I identify as a cat???" These are people in their mid 30s-40s and don't have a reason to spend too much time online to get exposed to the gender nonsense. This made me wonder how common knowledge the trans/nb shit is to normies and made me realize that even they know how ridiculous and insane this gender bullshit is.

No. 1591161

She is a "non-binary" she/he/they. So instead of saying that the society was not a clear-cut patriarchy, or that maybe there were GNC women who were exceptions to a general patriarchal structure, she jumps to "if sword then man" logic.

No. 1591164

They act like they’re on the cutting edge of gender theory but everything they think is so regressive in the end.

No. 1591167

File: 1658193381955.jpeg (648.79 KB, 1170x1049, 3082294D-567F-43B0-95AF-FDCA61…)

Turns out identifying as a woman doesn’t stop you from objectifying them.

No. 1591170

Tbh it looks like the mirror is warped or something. Those skeletal proportions look all wrong. The neck and head look way too long and wide for the shoulder/chest area.

No. 1591171

another troll timeline, c'mon

No. 1591177

OP here. Of course they’re different guys (left is from a meme video) but the right is definitely a troon. I’m just tired that they think they can get away with objectifying women because they claim to be one.

No. 1591186

Do they think using ugly fat moids as a before pictures makes them look more fem/pretty?

No. 1591192

what the fuck is wrong with this person. I want to believe this is a moid larping because I don't even want to think a handmaiden is this depraved.

No. 1591195

File: 1658196242236.png (2.23 MB, 2066x2144, ingratetroon.png)

What a fucking ingrate

No. 1591197

looks like a bloated corpse

No. 1591200

I feel so bad for the mom, she wasted 18+ years of her life and hundreds of thousands of dollars in child expenses only for her son to troon out and join a community full of failedmale pedo coomers

No. 1591201


No. 1591204

This guy positively must have some kind of chromosomal microdeletion or duplication.

No. 1591208

File: 1658197788115.png (60.62 KB, 2066x538, ingratetroon02.png)

We could write a book on their fictional passing tales.

No. 1591210

It’s obviously male or a troll, maybe both.

No. 1591211

Same and honestly I’m starting to feel like no matter what mothers do they can’t control their moid children’s natural fucked up impulses once they are old enough. The potential for the worst types of degeneracy are on the Y chromosome. There is really no hope for men and I feel like so many of these particularly awful ones are just going to die alone while covered in cum.

No. 1591217

File: 1658199213628.png (162.68 KB, 1966x1248, ingratetroon03.png)

Reddit and YouTube literally targeted him and cracked his egg. You can't make this shit up.

No. 1591223

whats the bet set set it off by looking at too much tranny porn kek.

Google AI grooming moids now kek.

No. 1591237

I hate that weird pointy aspergers Anglo face AGPs have.

No. 1591238

File: 1658200933650.png (502.92 KB, 1088x1374, 4CF95F21-6A09-4577-9834-1E4AD1…)

No. 1591242

Dangerously based. KEK.

No. 1591243

File: 1658201570788.jpg (456.03 KB, 2048x2048, FTb6Dk5WUAEeJXb.jpg)

From the Celebricows thread, Julia Fox took her took her infant child to some pretentious tranny art show(filled with predatory degenerate troons) wtf is wrong with liberal women ? why do they put their own children in these situations where they can be abused and molested

No. 1591246

File: 1658201882482.png (355.02 KB, 1081x2082, chrome_screenshot_165820180287…)

Having long hair and swaying your hips while you walk makes you totally a woman. Lol

No. 1591250

I know she’s a parent but no one at all at the event had to allow the kid in. She made a bad call but she’s not the only one. The way you worded it made it seem like she’s more at fault than the actual potential predators.

I also just do not give a fuck about mommy shaming anyone, go blame the father and again, every single other adult there that is trying to convince anyone that it’s appropriate to admit a kid.

No. 1591251

I love my body hair and hate bras. What does that mean for me?

No. 1591252

you really defending the crackwhore libfem(who supports troons) as a good mother, some women just should be allowed to be mothers

No. 1591255

I didn’t defend her and I said she made a bad call. I’m just not absolving other people of responsibilities just because a woman is present and they feel they can 100% blame her.

The kid should not have been able to be admitted, period, that’s the fault of security, management, and any decent person in a show involving sexual content. Someone’s mother is only human and shouldn’t be the only person, and almost always the only parent, that’s crucified. Where was the father to take the kid somewhere else or put his foot down?

No. 1591257

Male puberty is complete crapshoot, and almost all boys lose. I feel sorry for mothers of boys, because so many try so hard, and then their sons just turn into solipsistic, sociopathic moids. This shit obviously spreads like wildfire because the men are already severely fucked up.

No. 1591264

File: 1658204270905.jpg (135.98 KB, 1080x683, Screenshot_20220719-001423_Tum…)

this moid is training to be a librarian, hopefully he won't work in schools tho

No. 1591266

nayrt but no, the negative number is years before HRT the first picture was taken

No. 1591268

File: 1658204933889.jpg (1.1 MB, 2500x1992, Richie, Brooklyn.jpg)

you know its not that hard to just not take your one child into some tranny artshow, with troons posing like picrel

No. 1591272

She’s a sex worker with an obvious amphetamine addiction, this is likely on the milder end of what that kid has been exposed to

No. 1591278

File: 1658205677850.jpeg (261.08 KB, 1277x1174, 08C535E1-1B58-4AF4-84A1-E78F5B…)

The mentally ill should not own firearms

No. 1591300

oh ok that makes a lot more sense

No. 1591301

File: 1658209071870.jpg (245 KB, 1053x1302, Screenshot_20220719-003048_Fac…)

This just popped up on my local news and I had to share it somewhere. Hilarious, I can't wait for more normies to peak. Thank god it was consensual.

No. 1591303

He’s 5’4” and fears losing relevancy

No. 1591310

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't think this could be considered consensual since these women became pregnant while incarcerated. But I guess the clowns will attempt to frame it as, oh, just women having sex.
Deleted my original post due to mistakes.
Oh, and now how will this work? Do these women have the option of abortion or will they be forced to carry to term? Can a law anon give some insight?

No. 1591314

Holy fuck I love this.

No. 1591328

File: 1658210681140.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 882.79 KB, 1148x1755, 13C7E1FB-D091-4EBA-A204-71F7DD…)

> have gunt
> be transcel
> every1 in the comments affirming him telling him he as a womanly fat distribution

No. 1591332

uncomfortably young

No. 1591336

samefag, hes on HRT and constantly posts about college work

No. 1591338

File: 1658211142117.png (5.98 MB, 1170x2532, 9B057034-8D30-467E-83B2-C711F2…)

ladies, is this hopefuel? who wouldn’t want to look like a Jewish schoolmarm!

No. 1591341

Sex workers are as bad as trannies, they’re all actively harming us. That kid doesn’t deserve having such a festering waste of space as a parent, she’s total scum and an example of why I don’t support all women. My feminism is not for the handmaidens and their internalised misogyny.

No. 1591342

paying for sex has been around since forever ur a retarded crusty cunt who cant hustle a nickle outta any man(sage your shit)

No. 1591343

I imagine its different in the US. But in Australia the mothers usually get to raise the children in prison in more domestic looking cottage areas within the prison. Depending on the state the child can live with the mother till 3 to 6 years old.

In America its different state to state, but they can often be taken away with 48 after birth and you only have 9 prison nursery programs in the country I believe. They can with be placed in a relatives care or put in the foster system. Its quite sad for the children since its been proven to have a huge impact when they are split up from their mother early. And I feel they have a much better chance at life being cared for in the prison under supervision then being sent to foster care. The foster system is a nightmare.

And the choice of abortion I believe would also be a state by state thing now as well. But I believe the story is in New Jersey so they should be able to have an abortion if they want to.

No. 1591351

No one cares about you or your thick skulled misogynist bullshit. Wipe your brow.

No. 1591354

nta but you new here? I am assuming you do not read any of the other threads if you are defending sex work because sex workers are resoundingly hated, especially on this board

No. 1591357

I’m sure he’ll be fine.

No. 1591368

I just got banned from a Facebook group for saying that 'uterus havers' is a dehumanising way to refer to anyone. Clown world. I'm so fucking fed up with this, why are women playing into this? Why are they against me for saying that I want to be called a woman? Did they forget where we were just 50 years ago?

No. 1591374

NTA but being against prostitution and calling women who are prostitutes "total scum" is not the same. I understand not liking handmaidens but seething at them this hard while there are moids doing far more deranged stuff seems weird.

No. 1591375

File: 1658215129618.jpg (538.98 KB, 810x1529, Screenshot_20220719-030923_Boo…)

No. 1591378

ntaryt but are you fucking lost kek

No. 1591382

So has puppy drowning and gonorrhea, your point?

No. 1591384

File: 1658216360762.jpeg (102.41 KB, 1170x733, 16915D7A-D8C6-4D5E-BF64-ABD8AC…)

No. 1591385

File: 1658216446758.jpeg (779.63 KB, 1170x1543, 4345E1F0-E017-4847-878F-A22986…)

the faggot in question

No. 1591391

File: 1658217414408.png (724.82 KB, 576x768, faceapp.png)

These gay geezers, I swear..

No. 1591420

Men will never get that these pity compliments are actually a diss, because they were never and will never be high school girls who have to learn the hard way that women almost never compliment someone they are actually envious of, but will hand out tons of compliments to someone who is sad/pathetic/ugly looking because they feel so bad for you being such a fucking freak.

I've lived long enough to never give pity compliments to men ever, they do not understand it and they will always think it means you want to fuck them. Only ever compliment men you actually want to fuck.

No. 1591423

Can you stop with the misogynstic 'women are catty jealous bitches who never compliment anyone genuinely' narrative. Real compliments are perfectly normal and common, it's true that women compulsively pity-compliment when they feel bad for someone but we are also capable of being friendly and secure enough to say nice things and mean it ffs.

No. 1591428

I was just about to say the same thing, giving genuine compliments to other women isn’t anomalous. Especially those of us who are not from western countries where this “mean girls” culture is the norm

No. 1591434

File: 1658222569126.jpeg (746.23 KB, 1122x1457, 6D9BB65E-8268-4415-AEF1-238EF5…)


the seething kek. He said she was ‘gigafiltered’ in another tweet.

No. 1591446

File: 1658225134269.jpg (308.08 KB, 1080x1654, IMG_20220719_110507.jpg)

Nothing is going to fix that FAS face hon.

No. 1591448

Funniest shit i've seen in a while

No. 1591450

File: 1658225437048.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 171.86 KB, 750x889, 71D48EFC-7BB2-47D3-BCC1-E454E5…)

this autogynephile seems pretty milky, some meme page reposted his misogynist tiktoks where he just imitates „white cis women“ and i‘ve seen a few of his tiktoks and he conveniently sticks to that. it‘s always about that unwashed cis white girl about to give you chlamydia (the PROJECTION) or that cis white girl being annoying about her boyfriend etc. etc. but this post of his took the fucking cake. his instagram profile is a disturbing case study about what a personality disorder, autogynephilia and daddy issues can make of a man. his @ is senilewaif i think on tiktok aswell

No. 1591453

File: 1658225733336.jpeg (227.03 KB, 750x965, 9990708E-5A51-41C2-BCF0-A6C5AE…)

samefag that first tiktok i was describing was by another moid who has the same horseface kek but this whole making fun of women tiktok genre seems to be quite a thing amongst trannies. i wonder why (i don‘t)

No. 1591456

If i looked like that i’d simply kill myself. What even causes that chin that looks like a flap of skin on the neck

No. 1591459

File: 1658227038703.jpg (78.05 KB, 540x540, feminazgul.jpg)

troons in the black metal scene are a chapter for itself


No. 1591463

If I saw this person I would have no idea that they’re trying to imitate a woman. They just look like some alt guy with guyliner.

No. 1591464

No. 1591467

Crazy that the trannycels who will only ever be touched by other trannies feel the need to mock stereotypes of women, who they will never actually lie besides, other than perhaps a lesbian traumatising herself for woke points

No. 1591469

The reflection, this is art.

No. 1591470

>Album is called 'No Dawn For Men'
>Lead singer is a fucking tranny

Feminazgul are a fucking joke.

No. 1591471

What pisses me off the most is that libfems enable this misogynist fuckery. If a moid-presenting moid mocked stereotypes of women they’d be lambasted but the troons get away with it because lel le ebic own of the cishets

No. 1591481

I used to quite like Neckbeard Deathcamp when they first came on the scene. Then I saw them selling T-shirts and stickers that said 'End The Statistic. Arm Trans Women.'

Yeah, by all means, let's give mentally ill autistic scrotes who to a man have issues with women access to high power assault weapons. What could possibly go wrong?

No. 1591485

NTA but I think most of us here are just so used to “deliberately misgendering” troons that we automatically refer to them as “he”

No. 1591502

We should refer to men as what they are

No. 1591506

File: 1658232474915.png (356.25 KB, 332x486, Herman Lehmann1.png)

sage for super OT(not at all directly related to TIMs or TIFs) but this is a man named Herman Lehmann, he came from a German immigrant family, when he was a child he was kidnapped by Apache natives, taken as a slave and later assimilated into their tribe, rising all the way to the rank of petty chief. He fought in multiple battles with the Apache against Texas Rangers and eventually fled from the tribe after he killed a medicine man in revenge. He was later accepted into the Comanche tribe and eventually adopted by a head chief Quanah Parker, most white people thought he was an Indian as well, his skin had become so tanned due to frequent exposure to the plains that he was "as dark as an aborigine" the only thing that revealed his white heritage was the fact he had a beard and had blue eyes, him and his tribe were eventually captured by the US government and forced on a reservation, even after the revelation of his heritage the US government identified him as an Indian rather then a white man
so here's my question if this man who is 100% white could pass as plains Indian and lived as an plains Indian, does not that prove transracialism has more of a basis then transgenderism

No. 1591511

File: 1658233195349.jpg (89.85 KB, 800x800, FRuwmA8VkAEQz57.jpg)

also OT, it should be noted that this was no Dances with Wolves scenario, he was not treated as an equal in their tribe(originally). Lehmann notes that he was tortured and kept mainly to be a slave for the tribe, particularly the Chief Carnoviste. Lehmann even hints that he was sexually abused:
>"We herded the horses and I waited on my master, Carnoviste, the chief; he stole me, so I belonged to him. I would get his horse, bring his food, light his pipe, bathe his feet, paint his skin, tighten the spikes on his arrows, catch lice on his head and body, and attend to what other chores he required, some not decent to put in this book."
despite all that abuse, he still fought and lived with his tribe. cause that's how he was raised and that's all he knew, even after fleeing he joined another tribe rather then live with whites cause didn't know how to live any where else but the plains and cause he couldn't speak English anymore

No. 1591512

She’s just like me fr

No. 1591513

kek nonna this is on point

No. 1591516

I really don’t see the relevancy honestly. Some random chance scenario has nothing to do with any of this and just seems like a grasp at straws to defend transracialism over transgenderism, which imo shouldn’t even be on the tablet regardless.

No. 1591525

No actual 13 year old girl would describe herself as a ‘little child uwu’ unless she’s been exposed to ddlg shit

No. 1591529

This is true, I bet it's a 40+ male larping pedophilia in messages to other adult males

No. 1591530

I am not defending transracialism, I'm saying that transracialism(which is obvious stupid concept to literally everyone) has more legitimacy then transgenderism, that's my point, there's no instance of a man raised by women and passing as a women for all his life

No. 1591540

Really failing to see the humor here. How is women getting raped in prison funny?

No. 1591543

Transracialism does have more legitimacy as an argument overall, since race and ethnicity are socially constructed unlike sex. As in, although people tend to pay attention to visible attributes such as skin colour and associate them with ethnic groups, these don't correlate very well with actual genetic diversity in humans. Genetically identical groups could consider themselves to be ethnically distinct, or an ethnic group might be genetically very diverse internally. Sex is either male or female.

No. 1591546

nayrt and this is true, I personally give genuine compliments to other women all the time when I like something they’re wearing and to maybe lessen the awkwardness of a situation. But in cases were I used to be a TRA, I would give those pity compliments to TiMs so they would not feel so bad about themselves, the same way I would to people who looked more unfortunate and you could tell felt ugly. I never thought the TiMs looked good or female, I just wanted to make them feel better. Obviously this isn’t true anymore just pointing out that I agree not all women are catty but giving pity compliments is definitely a thing and it’s not usually done out of cruelty but to be sympathetic.

No. 1591557

File: 1658237654063.jpeg (85.62 KB, 1280x720, 9484EE1E-945C-4ECB-A6F9-924835…)

lmao someone on ovarit made this in response

No. 1591564

File: 1658238013175.jpeg (420.83 KB, 1282x1315, 271BE8F7-6DAC-49A0-A793-9B853A…)

Sorry if this isn’t the correct thread, but in this CNN article about monkeypox, why did they word it this way? Why do men get to be men but women have to be “individuals who were female at birth”? Why always “men” and whatever random descriptor they feel like writing that day for women?

No. 1591566


When you are not smart, nor good looking, nor have a sense of taste or a hobby… So your entire personality and style is the fact you are an ugly tranny - so you hang a tranny flag on your wall and/or just HAVE to wear it on your body somewhere.

Tacky, pathetic… And weird.

No. 1591571

Yesterday on Reddit I saw a video of a rly old lady looking closely at a fake frog. After like 5 seconds of staring at it she says "it's a frog, innit?"

If this storry happened; Old ppl are blind. It's not a big deal if they think a big blob with pigtails is their daughter.

But it didn't happen.

No. 1591574

Men = people, women = whatever men think they should be.

No. 1591580

Since they are just testing men, I presume it means 8 cases among transmen, based on the depraved things TIFs write on reddit I can see a TIF catching something from her Validation Gay hookup and then getting double validated by lining up to test for monkeypox.

No. 1591589

maybe it’s because i’m not american but i truly can’t imagine a woman regularly going to a gun shop and getting this kinda shit like that’s such a (deranged) male activity to me

No. 1591590

There are some women who are into it but almost always it’s because their husbands are really into it and they’re usually trad types who follow along with whatever hubby says. Not that some women don’t have them for protection, but usually if that’s the case it’s a small handgun or something. I don’t really know any women who are as into guns as TiMs are.

No. 1591594

ur an egg uwu you just need to be cracked by good old brainwashing and indoctrination!

No. 1591608

No. 1591609

I don’t think it makes sense to hold hosts of an event more responsible for a child’s well-being than the mother. I agree that people should look to the father more, and not just the mother; I think people often assume (and are often correct) that the father is basically a waste of a parent and that the mother is the only hope for the children. They’ve basically used strategic incompetence to escape the responsibilities of parenthood wholesale.

No. 1591615

this word isn't new at all

No. 1591621

why do they get cellulite on the front of the leg?

No. 1591635

This is a prime example of the failedmale mind revolting against its owner. He knows he is worthless genetic dead end and has SEVERE womb envy.

No. 1591640

Trigger warning: 4chan TiMs are posting pictures of their dickless crotches here, begging for affirmations that their flesh pits aren't vomit inducing mockeries of a real vagina

No. 1591642

thanks for the heads up nonna

No. 1591643

There's someone on that thread pretending to be a girl saying "all vaginas look weird so it's not like neovags are any different" lmfao. Cope.

No. 1591645

>fucking lol. my gf eats my pussy better than any man could.
Imagine being that man's girlfriend and eating their disgusting festering wound… Reminds me of that post on Reddit where the woman confessed she has to pop Xanax just to bear to get close to the axe wound… Ew! Fuck! That's so fucking disgusting!

No. 1591646

I miss when 4chan would mercilessly bully those weirdos off of the board..

No. 1591647

the "gf" is probably another troon. they always specify if they have an actual woman as their gf.

No. 1591649

File: 1658247947260.png (66.54 KB, 601x518, Screenshot 93.png)

this man punched his ex in the face in board daylight and yet wokies will "respect his pronouns" they will bend over backwards to not call use he/him, this is genuinely funniest thing in the world


No. 1591651

File: 1658247984591.jpg (40.93 KB, 800x450, nogirls.jpg)

KEK at the incels pretending to be "AFABs" saying that tranny axe wounds look normal

No. 1591654

if ted fucking bundy was alive today and claimed to be non-binary these people would throw a fit if anyone pointed out what he did was male violence

No. 1591664

File: 1658249626528.jpeg (626.13 KB, 1284x1397, 52A101CE-CB9C-4909-BDA4-BA9F3E…)

This shit made me laugh earlier. I know these people are probably posting this “ironically” to be funny but it is actually funny because it’s just sad.