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File: 1546390259550.jpg (196.94 KB, 687x493, 1546372918134.jpg)

No. 3116

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~
>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her

>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to overseas trips, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during college
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; is currently dating and living with one Stephen Clarke and has formally come out again as bisexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

In the last thread (please hold for extreme word vomit):
- Double unboxing video of Irregular Choice Disney shoes based on Dumbo and Bambi; her unprofessional lack of research on the movies makes anons and fanbase salty
- Steve gets his first appearance in a tree decorating video; said tree is a hideous pink monstrosity that Jill bought for up to $500 USD; Jill also gets featured on Canadian Heritage for their Christmas program representing PEI but not for her French-speaking skills
- Stickers gets an introduction video; fans lash out at Jill buying from a breeder rather than buying a rescue initially, but the video also reveals Stickers being bought at the same breeder as Neko; previous comments on another video have Jill claiming they reported Neko's breeder for keeping the cats in terrible conditions; Jill posts an apology falsely claiming she never questioned buying from a breeder vs. adopting from a shelter; Jill's own treatment of her cats gets called back into question when posts are brought up regarding previous incidents that have endangered or affected her cats (see the cat house video, the desk painting video, Serena eating pizza/Q-tips/teeth whitening strips, Neko eating tinsel (or foam as she said later on) and nearly dying from it, moving Serena from cats she was familiar with then not being paid proper attention before buying Stickers to keep her company)
- Another gift-wrapping video is posted this year; visions of last year's clickbait-y gift-wrapping video dance in anons' head
- Moommist Girls' account posts a dance cover, heavy sighs were had all around at Jill's lazy definition of "content"
- Jill complains of patrons' payments not going through but doesn't want to block them; she eventually makes a video exclusive to her $10 Rainbow Babe tier on Patreon explaining that she isn't profiting off doing the 60 handmade letters/postcards despite the math proving otherwise, and decides to switch to a monthly online newsletter to make things easier on her
- A call-out video regarding Jill's treatment of Alyssa is created and posted to the thread, and massive traction is gained; during this time, a now inactive YT user and former Confetti Club fan sends an anon screenshots of a Twitter conversation with Alyssa from four months prior confirming Jill's behavior as described by her sister Emily and reveals the fact that she got harassment from Jill's fans and her insistence that she no longer wants to be associated with Jill, despite promising Alyssa that the conversation wouldn't be shared, the former fan insists that it was time to reveal the truth; the post hits Jill's sights right when she claims to be sick and being at "rock bottom"; Jill claims the relationship just didn't work out, that the breakup was very calm, and that no bad blood existed between the two (despite very clear evidence stating otherwise); she goes into "damage control" liking defending tweets and blocking those who disagree, while also insinuating Alyssa and Emily are not credible sources; ultimately Jill decides to get back into contact with Alyssa to ask her - in the process of proving her actions, she doxxes Alyssa's name on Facebook; following this, a sequel to the Alyssa call-out video and one about Jill's cats have been made as well, as well as her old Instagram going private

Old threads:

youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Old Da (very milky) https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/

No. 3117

thanks for the thread, anon. the describtion is pretty accurate kek

No. 3118

File: 1546400144848.jpg (40.77 KB, 900x560, 1546400099164.jpg)

No. 3119

Wonderful! Another showcase of expensive extravagent gifts based on Jill's fleeting fancy of the month that we will never see again: 2018 edition

No. 3120

God, she’s not self-aware at all, is she?

No. 3121

File: 1546401349910.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 466.48 KB, 750x748, 5F362A51-2C9D-49F4-9B6D-79F5F2…)

The old insta is down but I found another old insta. Here’s a pic of Jill’s thigh proving that she was a attention seeker back then.

No. 3122

Keep giving your fans polls to interact with despite the fact that you always upload hauls no matter what the results are.

No. 3123

File: 1546401993524.png (326.94 KB, 568x1420, lgbtnonexcellence.png)

I know the birth control thing came up sometime last year, but I found this on Twitter a little while ago. I've got the YouNow stream saved that it might be in if anyone wants to check it out.

No. 3124

This cunt is such a poser it's hysterical.

No. 3125

Regarding the whole Patreon drama, it's shocking (to say the least) how ungrateful Jill is to be given money every month for doing jack shit. Every other Youtuber/streamer/whatever gives lots of asspats and thank yous to their fans for supporting them, mentioning it in every video but with Jill it's the other way around. She hardly talks about the fact people financially support her gross spending habits to a significant degree like it's to be expected. I guess that's what happens when you're a college-skipping, dependent-on-parents-money deadbeat who is so lazy that you can't even work 10 hours a week retail or write some postcards to thank people for throwing their money at you once a month. All with the muh mental illness excuse in hand, of course.

No. 3126

Shame on you for voting yes, more people should vote no but then again I guess it's potential milk…

No. 3127

Is anyone else under the impression a newsletter would be HARDER than just sending pt signed postcards or maybe I’m missing something…

No. 3128

It's free for her, that's the difference. She wants to keep the $300.

No. 3129

>>3121 what is the insta called?

No. 3130


yeah it's a digital newsletter, not physical. She can spend 10 minutes in photoshop and still keep every cent of her paypigs' money

No. 3131

it would also be less personal, which she obviously struggles with.. empathy. lol, this bitch.

No. 3132

proof this is Jill? Also can anyone read what that says? I don't really know anything about the topic but is cutting words normal?

No. 3133

it looks like it says 'darling'. sometimes sh'ers do cut words into themselves even if only to brag about it tbh.

No. 3134

I haven't read this before. She's such a massive attention seeking cunt. I know she lurks here and we've said it before, but jill, you're straight. Just accept your heterosexuality, be an ally and move the fuck on.

No. 3135

File: 1546441290339.jpeg (617.65 KB, 750x1191, AFAC42FC-DA91-4754-8C57-B2E823…)

This is Jill’s other account. It was made in 2011, and has pictures of her friends on there. Most of the pictures are rare.

No. 3136

she looks like the autistic theatre geek here. so weird how she has turned out.

No. 3137

File: 1546441855692.jpeg (581.23 KB, 750x738, A195CBFF-0E48-4077-B1CD-3E5F8A…)

No. 3138

yall look at her arm omfg

No. 3139


Damn, Axl Rose didn't age well…

No. 3140

File: 1546442482647.jpg (322.19 KB, 720x997, 20190102_152109.jpg)

She obviously loved showing of her self harm

No. 3141

File: 1546442613024.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.36 KB, 720x1016, 20190102_152247.jpg)

Thought I would cap this with her user in

No. 3142

the one with her in fake dreadlocks and in school in a shitty hatsune miku wig are gold, had a good laugh, someone make sure and save all this

No. 3143

File: 1546442945447.jpg (41.07 KB, 594x595, instajill.JPG)


even when this style is everything that was popular on tumblr at this time, I still find this so much better than whatever she is wearing now …

No. 3144

File: 1546442991209.png (425.73 KB, 596x596, dreads.png)

Great find thank you anon

No. 3145

this gives me flashbacks to when she made a joke about being a strong independent black woman, you get that cultural appropriation sheltered white girl kek

No. 3146

Jillian is one of the few girls I have seen that actually physically stagnated growing up, (Alot of the nitpicking on girls when they've been seen from 17 to 20 something is just 'ur old and ugly now' when they look like any other normal woman)
Now I have seen several men and women stagnate mentally as they grow out of teenhood, yet Jill did both.
I can't believe she got uglier inside and out, i would rather she be another skinnyfat tumblrcore kid who is ok being straight and thinks shes not like the other girls etcetc cause thats managable. You can easily veen them off that shit and get them to open up to other women being just as individual as them etc but instead shes turned into an attention monster who goes to extreme lenghts to feel/appear "special" or what she perceives to be out of the norm (but still popular). its easier to teach old Jill that her behaviour is embarassing cause present Jill has been so indoctrined in online validation that no matter how mild the critique she has some form of exscuse peppered with "sassy" emojis while she tries to sound sweet and "adulty" which in turn sounds patronizing (on purpose)
Bring back crash dieting self harming Jill, she might still feel enough shame that one can teach her how to not be cringe and gain some self awareness…followed by empathy, maybe boost that intelligence and learning money management. Idk the more i think about it the shittier she becomes because there really is no redeeming quality besides the bullshit "shes learning, she didnt mean it, she doesnt know" etc type excuses that could honestly be said about any human being ever in their defense.

No. 3147

File: 1546445383448.jpg (151.94 KB, 1082x722, kek.jpg)

why wouldnt this be a good thing if you are one

No. 3148

Even as a 12yr old I didnt associate a pixie cut with being a Lesbian but a sheltered white girl who uses the word 'queer' as a descriptor, verb, noun and thinks liking feminine things somehow makes her in any way gay is just such a cherry on the shit fest pie, it foreshadows her behaviour really well. Good work Jilly bean(cool story bro)

No. 3149

Does anyone have any shopped pics of her with black/brown hair and a non shitty cord??

No. 3150

File: 1546447516697.jpeg (12.58 KB, 200x300, 6D2ABB2A-FFB4-4B9B-9508-F629A0…)

No. 3151

Jill, please don‘t take pictures next to normal/skinny people if you want to keep on denying that you‘re fat.

No. 3152

She looks like a children’s party clown.

No. 3153

File: 1546454349939.jpg (427.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190102-102654_Ins…)

I had heard that Rin was Jill's first cosplay but it looks like this nurse miku came before that. She even wore the wig to school

No. 3154

No matter what phase shes in, she and her room always look so grimy

No. 3155

im assuming she meant in terms of ones she made bc i doubt jill would be able to make something half decent now never mind back then

No. 3156

This looks pretty generic teenager room, she at least had interests even if she was cringe and bragging about the self harm.

No. 3157


yeah, it looks like it has a bit more soul and personality going on than her entire house that she has now.

No. 3158

She has photos on that Instagram of her making that dress. My first thought was "How do you possibly get worse at sewing?"

No. 3159

File: 1546459483460.png (724.5 KB, 597x597, NishieeeeMikuDress.PNG)

Pic related. Looks like she bought a pink dress and sewed on the details?

No. 3160

oh lmao idk how i missed that- she definitely has gotten worse at sewing for sure
>>3159 thats probably what she did considering it was her first cosplay-
and yet it still looks better than the ones she makes now lol

No. 3161

File: 1546460221502.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, D4EE729F-6FE5-413E-A327-1C4A03…)

Maggie really has lost weight.

No. 3162

Ow that’s maggie? Her body looks cute

No. 3163


Good for her!

No. 3164

off topic from what yall are talking about rn but jill deleted the patreon video

No. 3165

Wow, so Maggie is a skinwalker who is now a better version of Jill herself, kek. Maggie, if you ever read these threads, you should dethrone Jill and steal her fanbase.


Of course she did. Did she ever acknowledge the call-out comment?

No. 3166

>>3165 last time i checked on it just seems like she deleted it because she knew they were right lmfao

No. 3167

She's almost unrecognisable here

No. 3168

The thing that solidified that Jill is 100% heterosexual to me, is that she never went for Maggie but instead went for Maggie’s boyfriend.

She obviously wants a shy, normal guy who will marry her and let her live her luxurious lifestyle the way her dad lets her mom. She’s as heterosexual as it gets.

If she was actually someone who “preferred girls” I don’t understand why she wouldn’t go for Maggie, who was basically like a skin walker. It would get her a lot of “queer points” and they really match each other aesthetically. But she’s not into girls.

No. 3169

File: 1546462701790.png (209.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-02-14-54-55…)

Her first RB newsletter has gone live. I can't view it tho since I'm not at that level.

I might be wrong, but I think I saved the video before she deleted it.

No. 3170

that annoys me so much that she associates short hair on a woman with lesbian. like what kinda backwards ass thinking is that.

No. 3171

I feel this way too, anon! I don’t think it’s a reach to think this way because we all know that a huge reason why Alyssa didn’t work out is because she was too normie. Maggie would be a good match for Jill, they’re practically the same person. All signs were pointing to Maggie being Jill’s new gf, to the point where Jill’s fans were asking if Maggie is Mystery Girl. But no. She went for her ex instead so.

No. 3172

Some anons were suspecting an open relationship between Maggie / Jill / Steve since he started dating Jill while living with Maggie at the time and all of them would hang out together. they all have a weird dynamic

No. 3173

File: 1546465687406.jpeg (362.87 KB, 1218x1583, AE38A2D1-A237-44D2-9213-0EAE17…)

Somewhat interesting—George uploaded this to her Instagram. She only made herself, Jenni, Wendy, and Maggie—but not Jill.
Kek. I don’t blame her based on how shittily Jill talks about George in her videos.

No. 3174

File: 1546465735863.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1909, 3899596C-97BC-4CED-B06C-EF02A8…)

Must suck to be the bad friend of the group.

No. 3175

File: 1546466047157.png (4.14 MB, 2550x3300, decemberpatreonnewsletter.png)

Patreon anon here. Here is the newsletter

No. 3176


>My Dudes

No. 3177

I'd be filing for a chargeback. These people all paid for postcards.

No. 3178

What the fuck is this? The anon who made the parody newsletter was almost spot on, except their rendition is better. More effort went into the spoof newsletter than this one. The hand-writren digital letter reads of an elementary school assignment where you write to your imaginary pen pal, fucking cringe. Literally nothing new other than her school project. She could have delved into why school is stressful, but that’s too much effort.
Also, I like how “cheery” this is when she barely made a whole ass video saying she’s literally dying. But no mention of her breakdowns.

No. 3179

File: 1546466504158.png (847.01 KB, 700x994, Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 6.01…)

>"I love my school but wow the word load is intense!"


No. 3180

File: 1546466828736.jpeg (695.83 KB, 1800x1299, 589E0F99-6F6F-4E4D-903E-230034…)

The extra space between “babe” and “exclusive” on Pixie’s real newsletter is killing me. How much more low effort can this get?

No. 3181

I had low expectations for the news letter, but this is insane. How the hell is worth $10, there is hardly any new exclusive information for her patrons. Also, how do you get 93% on that small project!?

No. 3182

wtf you would get in trouble for handing that in during secondary school graphics class.
I know you guys said her uni was bad but bloody hell

No. 3183

This picture is funny for so many reasons. Like good job Jill this is actually a funny and clever concept, but then to imply that this was a hard project to put together and took a lot out of you is just sad.

But seriously why would you pay $10 for this? Basically they're paying for their name at the end of her videos at this point. The newsletters will probably be leaked on here every month (if patreon anon keeps donating/posting, bless u you're doing the lord's work) and it's not like they contain new information or insight anyway. Honestly this feels suuuuper constructed and not at all personal or unique.

If she starts posting to instagram more like she says she wants to, she's going to have to come up with new content to post because it seems like she was scraping the barrel for even this.

No. 3184

I don’t think anyone in the group actually likes Jill, judging from their Instagram stories and posts, they all sort of tolerate her. They spend a lot more time with each other and post about each other and Jill is kind of an after thought. I suspect that the two girls (Jenny and nanamidoll) use Jill for the idol group clout, and Maggie is probably only friends with her because of them and Stephen. Because based on Instagram stories, Maggie/Goregina/Jenny/etc spend a lot more time as a group of four without Jill.

No. 3185

She really reached a new low with this one, 2019 will be promising lmao. The fucking recycled Moonmist Girls picture that has already been plastered on Instagram. Not exclusive at all.
If this is supposed to be ~personal~, why not include a conversation on your embarrassing meltdown, if anything to be a PSA to your fans to take care of themselves? Why not include anything related to your relationship?
Thank you, Patron anon. I have a feeling that this is written in such general terms because she knew it’d be leaked.

No. 3186

>>3175 god bless you patreon anon

No. 3187

File: 1546468082197.jpeg (384.74 KB, 1242x1640, A27E789F-3E65-43E1-9183-74528F…)

You’re right. Let’s not forget George is Jill’s former basement roommate. After living with Jill, you’d think this type of relationship would make people even more close, but it probably drove George away from Jill. Also, in the comments of their selfies, you can see Wendy playfully call Maggie her wife, and they all call each other girl gang and gas each other up. You only see Jill try-hard commenting every so often. She is never included in cute posts like this one.

No. 3188

The first time I met Wendy in person, she immediately asked me if I knew Jill, and she bragged about being her friend.

No. 3189

This is just a ripoff for those patrons. Jill's rewards for her Patreon have always been disappointing, but this is just terrible. The anon's parody for it is loads better.

Implying Jill's famous enough to warrant friendship bragging rights. I wonder if that was early on in their friendship. Hell, I wouldn't doubt Jill hyping up her "fame" to Wendy and Jenny to get them to like her.

No. 3190

This is just a ripoff for those patrons. Jill's rewards for her Patreon have always been disappointing, but this is just terrible. The anon's parody for it is loads better.

Implying Jill's famous enough to warrant friendship bragging rights. I wonder if that was early on in their friendship. Hell, I wouldn't doubt Jill hyping up her "fame" to Wendy and Jenny to get them to like her.

No. 3191

Only three days to film and learn an entire dance? No wonder it looked so shitty.

No. 3192

Are Jenny and Wendy cousins or something? They have almost exactly the same unfortunate face.

No. 3193

File: 1546473975736.jpeg (132.38 KB, 1242x408, D529E035-985C-4642-A396-E90010…)

I wonder if this supporter ended up pulling their Patreon pledge. If Queerbaitgate wasn’t enough to convince them, the pathetic newsletter should be enough reason for them to stop monetarily supporting Pixie.

Let’s keep track of her Rainbow Babe tier. Right now, there’s 56/60 people who are pledging. Did the number drop?

No. 3194

Yes, the tier was previously full at 60, so four people have dropped out already.

No. 3195


Jill met them at her meetup at Animaritime; They were already fans of hers. After the meetup they spent the rest of the weekend together.
They were happy to meet their ~idol~ (they were in highschool at the time so it was probably a big deal to them) and she had people to shower her in praise for the weekend, so it was love at first sight.

No. 3196

Fucking kek. So 4 people dropped, and one supporter is a farmer. I foresee another 4 dropping by next month.
The sad part is, there will be other retards to take their spot. But I doubt Jill will have a high retention rate once they see the newsletter.

No. 3197

jill's process when putting this together:
>reuse the same backgrounds/clip art/text she has used for years instead of designing anything new because she knows people will eat this shit up regardless
>repeat same generic broad bullshit we all know in the text, share nothing personal or special and only talk about herself because interacting with people is so hard
>find pic off her spam insta to throw in that everyone has already seen, too lazy to look for unused pic in her phone
>promised exclusive art so uses the only piece of art she has made in the past months for a school assignment that took less than 20 minutes to make in ps
>also doesnt want to spend over 20 minutes on this thing because $1000/hr is poor people wages so images aren't even centered and loads of blank space left over
>too lazy to even consistently add hearts over all the i's

the anon parody letter was more effort than this, going out of hte way to get caps from videos lol. i hope she loses patrons over it because its scamming at this point. how completely ungrateful and shitty can she be to not feel an ounce of guilt releasing this trash as if its worth $10?

No. 3198

did anyone posted this here yet?

No. 3199

I feel like this has been posted a million times

No. 3200

I saved the video but I dont know where is best to reupload?

No. 3201

They’re totally using Jill, Wendy has a boring YouTube channel. Wendy’s speaking mannerisms are just like Jill’s, it’s odd. Maggie calls Jill her “wifey” in this vlog, but now Wendy is her wifey, huh. Unless she’s one of those annoying girls who calls everyone a wifey, but Maggie and Jill aren’t as close anymore so I want to think she replaced Jill.
Also kek at 7:35 where Wendy says they’re all eating garlic fingers, and Jill is eating both garlic fingers and chicken and says “I’m eating mother fuckin’ chicken”

No. 3202

File: 1546483012775.png (4.82 MB, 2208x1242, 805C78CA-C0B4-425C-AF8F-F0D143…)

No. 3203

Same here. I just put it onto Dropbox along with the video she made announcing she got her Patreon.

No. 3204

Similar experience, I was friends with Tracey and it was clear Wendy was using Tracey as a bridge to get close to Jill. Animaritime is sooo fucking small. I don’t know why these girls boost talentless hags like Jill up on big tiers when there’s far better cosplayers who attend regularly they could leech off of instead.

No. 3205

Anon I just tried to click that video to watch it and it says "Video Unavailable"..

No. 3206

That’s odd. It’s not that milky, but here’s the link again anon.


No. 3207

File: 1546486678661.png (50.17 KB, 429x364, UM.PNG)

Yeah IDK what the deal was, it was probably just a one-time goof-up.

But that vlog was a trip. Kek at Jillian with her chicken and the bacon slices that were as thick as a fuckin' fingertip tho. But it sounds like Wendy and Jenny shared a room while Jillian got a room by herself? Did I hear that right?

No. 3208

If Jenny and Wendy are trying to use Jill to get clout, they chose the wrong person lol. Jill has barely done anything to plug either of their YouTube channels.

No. 3209

This ‘newsletter’ is just sad. When one envisions a newletter they think 2-3 pages, a few articles, exclusive and relevant pictures and a detailed closing statement that outlines the plan for the future. She wrote 4 paragraphs and included 2 pictures one of which any ‘pixie stan’ would’ve already seen. This was written up in under an hour, I’m guessing closer to 30 minutes. What an absolute joke. She thinks $600 dollars (my apologies, $560) is worth 1 hour of work?
I think she is just money hungry and lazy but if this is truly ALL she can consider notable enough out of a full month… that’s just plain sad

No. 3210

File: 1546490952884.jpeg (361.6 KB, 1242x478, 1586411D-6549-4E43-B2DA-D0775B…)

Just checked the “About” on Moonmist Girl’s channel. There’s nothing there. On the description for their videos, only Jill’s channel is plugged. It wouldn’t take more than 3 seconds to plug in Jenni’s and Wendy’s channels too, but I guess Jill is just more important. What happened to support smol channels? It’s evident who is in charge of the group and social media pages.

No. 3211

File: 1546491588400.jpeg (262.56 KB, 1242x1555, B7A57677-170E-4184-A75F-8A36B6…)

The top two comments on the dance video, both insinuating she’s fat kek.
>giant peep

Emphasis on giant.

No. 3212

This looks exactly like the joke one an anon posted upthread. Actually that anon put more effort in.

It's so impersonal. Baffling that she thinks this is an acceptable reward for $10 a month. Maybe this + some mini prints and a keyring in the mail would be acceptable. This is laughable.

No. 3213

File: 1546492130367.png (1.5 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20190102-203036.png)

tfw you get bumped up to journeyman with the big spooky girls instead of stealing a novice/beginner win from an actual newbie who actually worked hard on their cosplay; had the big meanie judges tell you to your face that you entering in novice for the 5738364th time/trying to skirt by with Jenny and Wendy being beginners is "not fair".

PiXiElOcKs Is ToO aMbItIoUs!!!!!!

No. 3214

Exactly! I thought at LEAST she was going to print it out and maybe put a few stickers on it,sign her name then send it because that way it'd be less time, but she literally can't even send something - somehow - more impersonal and inexpensive than before. This is the second biggest cop out she could have possibly done, second to completely abolishing the patreon tier altogether.

Like, for fucks sakes, we all know she's making a profit, and that's even when she's actually buying the paper, cute envelopes, etc. But poor jiwwybean is more concerned with queerbaitgate BULLIES and LIARS to put in effort, coupled with her low course load at arts-and-crafts college? Oh, spare her! It's all too much!

No. 3215

tfw the star on her chest is attached with a BLACK ZIP TIE

No. 3216

I think that's the LED wire. Still trashy that it's not disguised tho

No. 3217


No. 3218

I genuinely don't think people would lay on Jill if she was bi but preferred men. Like, that whole video about her sexuality was overcompensating for not dating as many women.
You would think you could "be yourself" within your own platform that supports that idea, but if you think that people only support you for being a minority, you may want to reevaluate whose money you're taking.
I just got back into watching Jill's vids after a LONG break, but somehow I'm not really surprised that there's a few dedicated drama channels for her now.

Jill, if you're lurking, you really don't need to sell yourself as a gay kawaii baby for people to like you. Admit to your wrongs and move onto being a genuine person.

No. 3219

i mean that's like 100% of cows, they don't own up to their bs. jill lies to try to craft an image but she can't keep it up.

No. 3220

lol what I got from that was a fucking 3 day stupid dance video was the big focus of her month.
She gets a working wage from her patreon and should fucking treat it as such. She's such a lazy shit

No. 3221

Nah im pretty sure even if she stuck to strictly saying she was bi, the way she poses her (very straight) relationships to somehow be in any way gay (or in her disgusting misguided tumblr words "kweer")
She tries too hard to act like she belongs in the gay community cause she likes rainbows and pink, its disgusting and alot of anons are tired of men and women who try to push their way into what they perceive as popular/bandwagon statement of the year.
She hasnt even really dated a single woman, she strung along one chick for the sake of click bait and has been riding nothing but dick pre & post.

(Seriously the amount of youtubers who suddenly come out as bi but have never even showed moderate interest in the same sex but wanna suddenly talk about how relieved they feel before never mentionig it again besides as a shoe tier argument for why they're right on a subject they shouldn't speak on)

No. 3222

if Jill is moving from doing physical rewards to digital a monthly newletter like this is truly pathetic. she could easily do weekly updates, like more in depth behind the scenes diary type content in this style. Or is she is such an 'artist' create downloadables like kaweewee rainby graphics for journaling or coloring pages since the CC are 90% adult babies who would love a big boy rainbow babe coloring page for muh mental health.

This would take maybe a couple hours a week and you could easily fit it around school. Jillybean please get off your ass and give something back to the people who are literally giving you free money every month

No. 3223

But anon, she wasn't like, um, profiting, remember?

No. 3224

That sounds like waaay to much effort for poor Jill, 30-45 minutes a month on a newsletter is already pushing her a little to hard.

No. 3225

Shit, Jill could definitely make some like, monthly boxes or mail out monthly exclusive pins/can badges she designed.
Can badges would be cheap enough, too, but you could still tell she put in effort in the art.
Like, who tf wants a monthly letter that vaguely tells you about one person and how they feel?

No. 3226

File: 1546530081757.jpeg (153.38 KB, 640x701, 24E057EE-DCE0-4917-8EF9-0B4D21…)

New Jill-O critique video gaining traction.

No. 3227

Jillian bought her new kitten from someone she described HERSELF as being unfit and that alone to me is enough reason to call her an animal abuser and a supporter of animal abuse and neglect. For ONCE I would like to see her actually own up to her shit but all she does is fabricate more ridiculous stories and excuses about her not being ~aware~ that she hurt someone or contributed to something negative. I am done with her shit. She is not an animal lover, she even said herself she doesn't like dogs once – not sure which video or stream but I do recall it clearly. She's only obsessed with cats because they're kaweewee and relevent and fit her asthetic and there's plenty of kaweeweeness surrounding cats and kittens. Gross.

No. 3228

It was hilarious how she tried to defend herself by saying she "saved" the cat from the bad environment when she shelled out hundreds on it basically supporting the breeder and giving them more reason to keep breeding these cats. What a lying snake. If you want to "save" cats go to an animal shelter where they live in little cages and get euthanized if they aren't sold.

No. 3229

What gets me is that she admitted herself that they were an unfit breeder. I'm definitely in the minority here when I say I don't mind breeders - However - If those breeders are clearly abusing their animals why would you support them?
I got my cat from a shelter, and he grew up to be one of the most beautiful ~kaweewee~ cats out there. If she bought for looks she could EASILY find a beautiful cat at a shelter.

No. 3230

>>3226 i have a feeling Jill won't respond to the video because its just another ~hater video like the more videos, the less validity they have?

No. 3231

new video!!

No. 3232

Jill is such a joke for a make up artist.

No. 3233

This bitch spent $260 CAD on a makeup collection!!

No. 3234

AND on a makeup collection relating to a show she never finished!

No. 3235

File: 1546551598970.png (311.89 KB, 616x354, Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 21.39…)

was there any need for her to insert this screencap? legit just a hamy showoff.

No. 3236

she will probably never use it lets be real

she just throws her money on things to be able to say how much money she spends on everything to little kids

No. 3237

but she has a tattoo related to it and her other tattoo features it so her opinion is more valid than yours! I personally believe she just got those tattoos so she can flex if people question her

No. 3238

kek and another thing is she keeps saying "oh its really good i really like it!" but she keeps talking about how its so sheer and she doesnt really like that color and oh the contour is "basically just her skintone" (its not lol)

No. 3239

She'll only use the pink, you know she's never going to use any of the nude shades, but most likely it'll just get thrown in her hoard and never seen again.

No. 3240

But anon, she's such a big CCS fan, she just had to buy this set to show her appreciation for the series she never finished!/s

No. 3241

>>3231 Jill, wash your bangs jfc

No. 3242

bet she's not going to clean up those 'haa beautiful protective plastic sheets' that she just tosses aside. that'll be good for the cats to find

No. 3243

I can't attest to the quality of these items but isn't Japanese makeup in general deliberately more sheer because that is what the market wants, people don't wear insanely heavy makeup there on the daily

No. 3244

>i'm sucha CCS fan guyz!!!11 i got my tattoos cuz i love the show, guyz!

She's so insufferable.

No. 3245

jfc jill u aint a huge fan of a series you never finished

like its okay if youre in it for the aesthetic but i highly doubt she likes the series so much its a kids show right??? so the topics are probably boring to an older viewer like herself

No. 3246

Her trying to 'correct' people who pronounce clow the right way actually pissed me off. It's CLOW (as in ow) in both English and Japanese. The jp ver obviously have accents, like when they say words like coffee or cake. Bitch, shut up.

No. 3247

I wouldnt call CCS a kid's show. Granted, i got into it when i was 15 and still can rewatch it in my late 20s and see the appeal. I think it was aimed at teens, but not kids kids like her doremi bullshit and precure.

No. 3248

Cardcaptor Sakura had enough content that it could easily attract both children and teens. If she's labeling it a strictly kids' show, it makes me wonder if she grew up watching the Nelvana dub of the series, because that was strictly treated as a kids' show.

No. 3249

Not really? I never thought that series was marketed as a kid's show, esp since most of the fans were young and older teens (even early 20 somethings.) kinda the same audience who enjoyed Sailor moon. It had a darker storyline and adult themes, which is probably why Jill couldn't finish it tbh.

No. 3250


LMAO an Anon called it a few threads ago.
Wasting all that money just for the pink eyeshadow and then be thrown away in her hoarder trash rip

No. 3251

i never really comment on here so i dont know how to reply to certain comments etc, i usually just read through but shes been really ticking me off lately esp with her cats

anyway thanks for clearing it up its not a kids show but still shes obviously not that much of a fan if she hasnt finished it

to tattoo something on my body i would have had to ever rewatch the series and be a real big ass fan but hey, she's in it for the kawaii bullshit

No. 3252

I know it was a lottery item, but it's like she kept mentioning how 'YOU CANT BUY IT GUYS' to feel special, over and over.

No. 3253

her views are confusing (probably because she lies all the time) because she hated madoka magica because it was edgy, dark and mainstream, then she found Utena confusing and wasn't keen but later changed her mind and decided she loved it, so she likes more adult themes if there is something to be gained by liking it like the uwu lesbianism in Utena >>3252
you can buy it though lol, there is whole sites dedicated to re-selling lottery prizes because they have a lot of them for very popular properties

No. 3254


she's acting like there isnt shop services that sell lottery items, it's not that hard to get them, i have many animal crossing lottery items and they restock and do them again also people will probs go sell them on ebay so she needs to stop acting like shes special, other people in the world own that pallet jill…

No. 3255

honestly, with every new high ticket haul/review she does, it feels like the chances of her getting robbed grow exponentially

No. 3256

probably for the best that its sheer, no talent, a heavy hand, no blending and very pigmented bright colours is why she looks like a clown

No. 3257

hasn't she put loads of stupid info online like her college and even the layout of her hosue via the sims

No. 3258

Do a quick search on google for "cardcaptor sakura makeup" a bunch of stuff comes up. Makeup, brushes, mirrors, tons of stuff a "die hard" fan such as pigsylocks would love. Of course she only went for the crazy expensive set. This is why she needs that extra $300 from her patrons, so she can buy more stuff she'll never use.
I can't fucking stand her.

No. 3259

>>3257 also her parents address lol

No. 3260

it stresses me out how much of an idiot she is

No. 3261

She has exposed:
Her parents’ address
Her school & previous places of work
Her car in specifics (rainby detailing)
Her college
The layout of her front porch, door and decor that identifies her house
The general size and layout of her house in the sims game and what it looks like inside
Her house key through a detailed and up close picture of it on her front porch
When she will be in/out of town and away from her home

This girl is a mess when it comes to online safety. I’m not saying I would be happy if she got robbed but I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if it were to happen.

No. 3262

When you spend hundreds on some anime makeup, you tend to convince yourself that the cardboard packaging is worth it. At least the SM set had compacts and wands.

No. 3263


but if u own hundreds of dollars worth of stuff that you openly talk about online why would you even

GOD she is so stupid and annoying

No. 3264

She once even flashed her debit card in a video

No. 3265

i love that she pronounced sakura wrong at the start and end of video "sak-oora"and tried so hard to watch her pronunciation while showing the makeup jillian vessey #1 css fan and queen of mastering japanese my dudes

No. 3266

Not only that but she has some creepy, unstable fans in the confetti club group. I'm surprised one of her skinwalkers hasn't shown up on her porch out of the blue.

No. 3267


There was no reason to mention how much everything costs in her video. I would be pissed to hell if i signed up for a 10 dollar tier postcard mark on patreon, and then she complained about how much it costs for stamps, etc. Then she makes a video spending nearly $300 on makeup a week later…

No. 3268

Not to mention, she axed the physical card aspect in December AFTER everyone had already paid for it. Greedy lil goblin.

No. 3269

why did she say "mirage" with an accent though

i don't watch ccs so is this something from ccs? or is she just being weird

No. 3270

Wait didn't she say the set costed more like 30$? Not 300$?

No. 3271

disregard this I'm a tard

No. 3272

Bless, thanks anon

No. 3273

No, she's just retarded.

No. 3274

How the fuck is Jill a makeup artist

No. 3275

I know a lot of uwu kawaii doll youtubers edit their faces in their videos and honestly I kinda wish Jill did that. Please just brighten the teeth and smooth the laugh lines so its bareable…

No. 3276

Am I delusional in thinking she looks pretty cute here?

No. 3277

Granted I want to punch Jill in the face. I want to slap that bitch with some Pat McGrath palettes from my collection! The glitters from the Mothership palettes would make her pee herself with happiness. She really needs to learn about high end makeup that caters to more creative types then over priced kids make up. SMH(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3278

Does her face looks so much rounder when she wears turtlenecks these days or is it just me? I even noticed the double chin comes out more every time she reaches for something on the side…..jesus jill please go for healthier eating this new year.

No. 3279

Tbh idc if she eats healthier. I wanna see how fat she can get.

No. 3280

the parody newsletter looks better….wHYYYY!

No. 3281

I can’t sit through this video so can someone tell me what site she used to purchase the collection? I went looking for it when I was in Japan and it was sold out

No. 3282

Wow, she’s spoiled as fuck. So with that purchase, she really could have sent out her hand-written card rewards. Thankfully someone downloaded her Patreon meltdown video, I have a feeling it will be useful in the future. If only her dumbass fans could comprehend she’s virtually a con artist.
Rainbow Babe tier is at 57 members, so one person joined. Not surprising someone else has replaced one member. Considering how many fans were upset that there weren’t any slots open a few months ago though, I’d expected the tier to be full again. Hopefully Jill is slowly losing traction.
It must eat Jill up knowing one of her financial supporters is spilling milk to us, kek. She can’t address it because it will only redirect more of her fans onto this forum. The last thing she wants is more people turning on her.
Her next resort is to cull her members list, but then she won’t be making her ~uwu profit~.

No. 3283

>struggles to pronounce mirage like it's not an english word
>"the number D"
how does she not catch this shit when she edits?

No. 3284

She lost nearly 300 subs a few weeks ago, and her overall subgrowth is in the negative today and yesterday. If she doesn't get her shit together, 2019 is going to be a bad year for her channel.

No. 3285

I would hope it’s because of the three ‘exposing jill’ videos YouTube anon made but I’m sure it’s just because of the complete lack of uploading. Before this video she hadn’t uploaded since before Christmas where she quite literally just talked about stuff she bought whilst she decorated them in coloured papers. I think the negative sub counts are mainly due to her uploading inconsistently and low effort videos.

No. 3286

I thought the same. Yet another prime example of what dropping that fried rainbow hair mess could do for her.

No. 3287

Are there any screen caps of Jill saying that she didn't finish CCS? If she just stopped the fillers that would be fine, although it contradicts the whole "The biggest fan is watashi!1!" thing.

If Pixie actually took care of her body, wore less statement pieces, used nautralish makeup (such as the ones she just bought) and kept her hair to ONE non ridiculous color, she could be really cute. Although we know she would never do any of these things… I used to thing she was so cute and I'm really sad to see her like this.

No. 3288

File: 1546565696581.jpeg (245.71 KB, 1164x713, 614BBFB5-17BD-4F9D-8922-C5C75C…)

Slightly OT, but in the video of Pixie being exposed for being a shitty pet owner, there’s an annoying wk who has just reduced Pixie’s treatment of her pets as “shit happens” after a whole thread of comments proving this fan wrong. Many of the people engaging this fan have studied in fields related to animal medicine and care, but this fan thinks they’re right because they’ve owned cats before. Imagine losing an argument so hard that you just say Pixie’s abuse is “shit happens” because you know you’re wrong. She’s also implying that those people who studied to be vetenerians don’t own pets themselves, so only her ~experience~ with cats matters. Her fans are fucking insuferable. Saged for sperg.

No. 3289

She said she got it in an auction on Yahoo Japan though for the life of me I don't know what that means
Also, maybe I'm being nitpicky but isn't it a bit weird to make a video about a product aimed at fans and not discuss anything about the show itself? I fully expected her to talk about which season/character/outfit etc she liked the best but no comment on it whatsoever other than correcting people (wrongly) on how to say Clow.

No. 3290

she bought it on Yahoo Japan Auctions through a site called Buyee.

No. 3291

ive been lurking the comments too and this is the most idiotic wk for sure there.

Its obvious sometimes things do happen, but then afterwards you take extra precautions and care to make sure its avoided. Unlike Jill who's entire aesthetic is based around tinsel party decorations

No. 3292


I legit thought this was an anon edit. How can someone be so tactless

No. 3293

Youtube anon should make a video about Jill's lack of tact and bragging. There's a loooot of example of that.

No. 3294

I never bought it that she was spoiled just for making hauls but everything in this video screams spoiled and bragging it is sickly to watch

No. 3295

File: 1546574378854.jpg (378.07 KB, 1076x1194, 20190103_225706.jpg)

Cows support cows, kek.

No. 3296

God, does it annoy anyone else that she didn't even do anything with the makeup? She just swatched it. For being a "makeup artist", you'd think she'd you know… Do some makeup art. This is just a boring, show off video. Just like she said, just a bunch of regular makeup, if not for the kaweewee packaging.

No. 3297

>I went looking for it when I was in Japan and it was sold out
It was a lottery prize, they're around only for a short time and then they move on the next prize goods designs. If you miss em you'll need to take your chances at YaJ or Mandarake. I searched Manda myself but makeup isn't something people would resell, so logically they're being scalped on auctions.

If you were there in time you would buy a ticket for about 500 yen and you get a lettered prize, "A" prize being the best, which in that series was the pallet with the Sakura art. The lowest letter consolation prizes would be those individual card palettes.

No. 3298

Jill never does anything creative in terms of cosmetic artistry. She's as basic as it gets. I actually wish she would be more creative with her makeup skills, might actually get herself some views if she got good enough.

No. 3299

It always sounds like they don't understand why the video was posted to begin with. It's not that they broke up to begin with, it's highlighting the shitty behavior that Jillian had during the relationship and why it's getting the shit it's gotten.

>"makeup artist"
>do some makeup art
… Does she actually call herself a makeup artist?

No. 3300

File: 1546577011766.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20190103-232851~2.p…)

sage for reach, but is that maggies fried ass hair in the corner or some kind of faux fur top??

No. 3301

definitely a reach, it looks like some sort of fluffy pillow/blanket

No. 3302

God, it physically pained me to listen to her describe the single shadows. She obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about and is trying so hard to bs her way through it.
“desaturated navy blue”
“warm toned white”

No. 3303

God, it physically pained me to listen to her describe the single shadows. She obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about and is trying so hard to bs her way through it.
“desaturated navy blue”
“warm toned white”

No. 3304

God, it physically pained me to listen to her describe the single shadows. She obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about and is trying so hard to bs her way through it.
“desaturated navy blue”
“warm toned white”

No. 3305

Yikes, sorry for the spam. Wasn’t showing up on my computer.

No. 3306

with all the shit she buys and then forgets about/decides she doesn't care about, she could easily do giveaways for her fans. maybe patreon exclusive giveaways so they actually might get something

No. 3307

shes angled the video so far down in an attempt to hide her fat lol we still see it jilly

No. 3308

I hate how she pronounces the word Sakura, you try to be Japanese or what, nobody says it like that

No. 3309

File: 1546585302825.jpg (643.24 KB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_20190104-015926_Ins…)

This is what jill wants to look like but her unfortunate face and body just doesnt cut it rip

No. 3310

Kammie's face really isn't any cuter, but she's good at coordinating and at least seems well kept.

No. 3311

i like kammies face in a unique way but youre right anon

No. 3312

Kammie is at least not a blob and has her life together, and knows how to coordinate an outfit

No. 3313

"Has her life together" lmao she's a trust fund baby who is spoiled as all shit by her parents. She does at least try to make her own business and doesn't seem half as much of a boastful goblin as Jillian. She is better than Jill but it's not hard to be.

No. 3314

being a trust fund baby isn't her fault or her decision, she at least doesn't act "so hard working uwu" like Jill tries to

No. 3315

It‘s super nitpicky and doesn‘t scream abuse or anything. But can she try to at least keep her cats eyes clean? I know my cat hates it but I still try to clean them whenever the inner corners get all gross and sticky, mostly because cat‘s can‘t really clean it themself, especially not kittens.

No. 3316

Did anyone catch and upload the deleted patreon video?

No. 3317

some anon said they saved it

No. 3318

Sage because who else cares but you could try Otamart, I have bought past lottery items there, its individuals selling like ebay for exclusively otaku goods, you do need a shopping service but you would need one for Yahoo auctions JP or Mbok anyway as well

No. 3319

Hi, old Confetti Club "fan" here. I fell on the video about her and Alyssa yesterday and then on this website and honestly… i binge-read the last 2 threads and it opened my eyes about her.
I follow her for a pretty long time (2 years) because I liked her style but she changed her style and not in a positive way. Most of the clothes she buys are ugly af, especially these terribles Irregular Choice shoes, her roots are showing even with a beret and she's basically becoming a mess. Even her videos aren't entertaining anymore, I used to watch every single one of them but now… idk she just became boring. Seeing how much of a shitty person she is just adds more reasons for me to stop supporting her when there's a ton of alt cute fashion youtubers who deserve more my support than her (like synthpop circus… this girl deserves more subscribers). I'm glad I have an adblock and therefore never gave her money.
Also I know it's old but her lack of french skills really annoys me. She's Canadian for god sake, she has NO reason to have such a terrible level. I'm 100% sure Canadians get french lessons at school, just like French Canadians get english lessons. As a french person, hearing her mispronouncing my beautiful language triggers me a lot and if she can't speak french then she just should stop trying to speak it.

Anyways I know this comment is getting long but about her latests video: I don't know why she keeps buying magical girls inspired makeup when a huge majority of them are just bad and she can't use makeup properly. It's not like if she was doing a review, and even if she did, no one in their right mind is going to buy a 230$ card captor sakura palette. This palette looks beautiful but the quality is so bad, if it has such a bad pigmentation on swatch, there's no way it will show on her eyelids. And because of paper packaging she'll have to throw it away in a few months. At this point she would burn 200$ in front of the camera and it would be the same.

No. 3320

this is totally different, false equivalency, if your cat goes outdoors you don't control that environment, Jill is 100% in control of the cats environment and chooses what to do with it, this would only make sense if you deliberately kept a house plant that you know would make the cat sick but did it anyway because you like it, she willfully keeps the tinsel in the environment with the cats when she knows full well the danger involved

No. 3321

sorry for double posting but also she should stop trying to use japanese pronunciations: she can't speak japanese and it just make her look like a weeaboo who's trying to be edgy. She's not looking cuter because she boycotts english pronunciation

No. 3322

I think she was trying to say it the french way in her horrible butchered oh so fluent teehee way

No. 3323

Welcome to the farms anon!

No. 3324

File: 1546610299562.jpg (578.1 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20190104-085702_Twi…)

Full on art kid that does weed now? Ok

No. 3325

Burning $200 in front of the camera could actually create and impact

No. 3326

I think it's pretty funny how she even said at the beginning of the makeup video that it was just "something to make a video about"

No. 3327

This makes me think about how much she gets with ad revenue alone because how can she excuse spending 300 dollars for only one video? With her patreon income that would be ridiculous.

No. 3328


Here it is anons, watch it while its still up. Since im sure it will soon get DCMAd

No. 3329

am I the only one who finds her constant use of describing herself as "ambitious" really funny, especially in these situations where she's the direct opposite? She did it when talking about her breakup with Colin, she did it while crying over her LED lights for her cosplay at Animaritime this year (which she undoubtedly worked on last minute), and now here.
Jillian, you are not "ambitious". You are a lazy sack of shit, and you think you deserve an honest earning for doing absolutely jack shit.

No. 3330


Not only that, but her make up is not as clownish as usual, too.


Ty, anon, I missed it the first time!

No. 3331


She keeps hinting at being suicidal, literally says she is 'on the brink of death' with her mental health. How can anyone post a vid like that and not expect to be escorted to hospital for their own safety?

No. 3332

File: 1546633485317.jpg (81.14 KB, 547x960, 10984890.jpg)

Hello there, just discovered this site. Not sure if anyone remembers that time Jillian got doxxed, alongside the guy she was with, at the time. But it was hilariously a good time. All the rage she displayed, all the emotions she put out, her fanbase warning others of my existence. This all happened on Facebook, can't remember the year, but it was at the time she dated some dude named Tristan, I believe. Got her personal info, got his personal info, she got REAL scared, and that day she begged for mercy was pretty sweet. I'm just surprised I'm not mentioned in any of her greentext stories, I guess I wasn't that impactful, even though she clearly displayed hugely impacted emotions and reactions. The whole thing is a long story, but if you want, I can greentext it for ya, so you can better understand this picture.

No. 3333

File: 1546634134493.jpg (77.84 KB, 540x960, 12084174.jpg)

Hi, I'm Nadia, by the way.
Don't care about name dropping.
>years ago
>see this bimbo using my pic on her tumblr
>I use her pic on my facebook
>she gets mad for pretending to be her
>she send her army after me
>I lay out the big guns and dox her ass
>her bf gets involved, I dox him too
>they both get scared and get even more mad
>her army backs off because they too get scared
>huge heated arguments between Jillian and I go on for hours
>I exposed her, I owned her, completely rekt
>there was no response from her
>she ragequits and I happily delivered 5 pizzas to her house. (unpaid)

No. 3334

I hate Jillybean as much as the next farmer, but you seem like an edgy asshole.

No. 3335

File: 1546634473525.jpg (410.61 KB, 720x1119, 20190104_204047.jpg)

No. 3336

Literally why

No. 3337

>I use her pic
>pretending to be her

No. 3338

Good to see that she's using that card captor sakura clow mirror sticker she got that she's such a NUMBER ONE FAN OF….oh wait lol

No. 3339

Those were the days, man. Back then was pretty great.

No. 3340

It was painful, did't even make a separate account, just uploaded a random pic of her as a temporary default pic, then she gets all pissy. I'm sad I'm not mentioned as the one who made her more secure about her info. I'm not cool enough to be memorized at the one who stepped up and did something about her.

No. 3341

>>3328 honestly it feels like she is guilt tripping her patreons into accepting the change otherwise she'll ~kill herself hehehhe

No. 3342

>>3340 only you didn't make her more secure with her info tho Jill continues to doxx herself. I hope mods ban you for being a try hard edge lord.

No. 3343

This site is based around 4chan, the internet hate machine, ad the Snow board is full of people worse than me. Mods banning me would mean they'd have to ban almost all the users here.

No. 3344

Jill seriously needs to see a therapist. She's 20 y.o, she's too old for the whole "i don't want to see a therapist because it ended badly with the one and only i've seen!!!" thing. She's an adult, and an adult is supposed to be responsible and take care of their health. Guilt tripping her patreon fans is wrong and immoral, it's not their fault if she's sick. And her mental health is not an excuse for not doing the job she's paid to do. Isn't therapy refunded (? idk if that's the word, sorry english is not my 1st language) in Canada? Even if it's not, if she stopped her compulsive buying habits (which would be solved by seeing a therapist!) she would have enough money to afford therapy.

No. 3345

>This site is based around 4chan, the internet hate machine

Keep this up and you'll have your own thread.

No. 3346

lmao i think they mean you'll get banned for being an annoying cowtipping retard.

No. 3347

Something tells me this nimrod would love that. Just ignore them.

No. 3348

At least Jill acknowledged that she needs to go back to therapy in her deleted patreon vid. She's not pulling the "I had one bad therapist so therefore NO THERAPY FOR ME" thing anymore.

No. 3349

Having my ow thread o Lolcow? Wow that would be amazing! I can already predict what would be said about me, what would be posted, man that sounds like a deal, give me that clout, man!
Retard, eh? I guess people who hate Jillian are against others who actually hate Jillian, lmao.
See this anon understands.

No. 3350

Also in Fredericton - the therapist I see is about $100 an hour. I'm pretty sure there's ways to have it lowered VIA insurance that comes with your job, but she… doesn't have one, of course. She could definitely see one if she, yknow, didn't buy the goddamn cardcaptor "sakuwa" makeup set, but i guess being vain > being happy…

TL:DR yeah, she could probably go to a therapist if she wanted to/knew how to actually budget anything ever

No. 3351

This screencap has been posted before and it was old news back then, too.

Although I’m not surprised you don’t realise this drama is several years old since you seem to be permanently stuck in about 2009 when people still used the phrase “internet hate machine”.

No. 3352

>rage comic in 2019
Hi, Nadia. Please lurk some more before posting milk so old it's spoiled. Also, don't fucking dox people, you look like an asshole.

No. 3353

>>3348 i must admit that i've haven't watched the whole vid, but there's a big difference between admitting and actually doing it. it's not the first time she's talking about seeing a therapist but from what we know, she never did it. I think she's either trying to find an excuse so people won't tell her to see one or really wants to do something about her mental health but won't do it because we all know she's too lazy to search for a therapist. Either way, I don't think she will take that step and we will see her in a few months complaining again about her mental health

No. 3354


Feels exactly like that

What I found strange about the vid is that she wasn't all that vague when she says things like -my mental health is trying to kill me- in the vid. I would think that there's a risk of being sectioned when you make comments like that? Wasn't the only morbid comment either. While I think she's being melodramatic, it's the kind of thing family members could send you to inpatient for.

No. 3355

Can't you attentionwhore on /b/ or something? Lolcow was never in favor of doxxing and cowtipping.
Neither is most boards on 4chan btw

Why does she keep saying that she "undersold" herself? Ffs, Jill, a postcard for 10 dollars a month is in no way "underselling", i've seen bigger YouTubers with better rewards at that same price range.
I also fail to see how her workload is too high for her at the moment, maybe if she showed more of what she does at school/home I'd be able to see have some sympathy but as it is she just seems lazy

No. 3356

Hmmm, cowtipping, must be something the general /snow/tards get annoyed of. Seeing as how I'm new here, my lingo and presence gives off the wrong vibe, so pardon my conversing skills. This just came off to me as a Jillian hate thread, therefore I displayed events that happened in the past, because why not look back at some good times.
My popularity on /b/ is washed up, so no point in me doing that again.

No. 3357

File: 1546636908415.jpg (47.63 KB, 540x960, 14732395_1877742082461252_6305…)

Saged for slight irrelevance, but if this is the person shitting on Jill in the thread, she's literally no different than Jill. Her facebook is full of attention whoring and wanting to le epic pwn people for relevance (??)
Conservative Jillian.

No. 3358

Damn you got me there, man! Wow I feel so attacked now, going to go cry and slit the wrists!

No. 3359

100% no one wants you here, go away. You've added nothing relevant and you're just baiting for attention.

Mods, if someone could, ban her please.

No. 3360

What happened to her card captor Sakura sticker mirror thing she made a big deal of?

No. 3361

Gee, no wonder even /b/ is tired of this bitch, can't go much lower than that
At least Jill isn't this pathetic

No. 3362

Yall just ignor that stupid fag

No. 3363

Another one! wow I'm so hurt i my feelings, man. This is getting to the point where I call my mommy and ask for it all to stop! waaaaaa
They won't, their ego demands another say

No. 3364

Honestly, if all your responses are you defending yourself, you've simply joined the thread to attention whore and nothing more. You really should leave.
People aren't trying to hurt your feelings either, you simply have no real room to talk about Jillian when you aren't much different.

At least bug the people in the Confetti Club thread, the Confetti Club is your people.

No. 3365

> I'm not cool enough to be memorized as the one who stepped up and did something about her

kek anon you didn't do shit. Wow sending 5 pizzas to her address?? Amazing we're so impressed by your edginess

No. 3366

Confetti Club, eh? Nice.
Farewell, my presence won't be missed, I'm sure. Keep on making these threads thinking it will do something to Jillian, lmao.

No. 3367

The website isn't meant to change people, it's meant to document and discuss behavior.
Next time, lurk before you post, especially before posting your actual fucking name.

No. 3368

Name dropping isn't my concern, but thanks for the tip!

No. 3369

no one is concerned about you, we're concerned about you shitting up the thread and not integrating.

No. 3370

I don't expect any concerns, I am well aware of my actions. You keep doing you, man.

No. 3371

this is some next level cringe

No. 3372

File: 1546640296913.gif (1.04 MB, 498x274, AEE3B430-7123-4D58-9DF7-372BAC…)

No. 3373

Not entirely sure how Canadian insurance works with your healthcare, but wouldn't she still be on her parent's insurance? She must have some kind of psych care to be on the meds she's on, unless Canadian GPs can prescribe those.

No. 3374

You're not mentioned in the greentext because you're a pathetic cowtipper and you broke about half the rules of this site. Do not go real life you twit.

It's clear you want attention for being an edgelord and we are not here to give it to you. I seriously hope you're 12 years old to be acting this way. Begone, slag.

No. 3375

File: 1546643294583.jpeg (89.41 KB, 735x897, 89AF66A6-3C8B-4DD7-AF4E-5E2600…)

This is in her likes from a few days ago
Idk how much of her recent behavior is an excuse for her behavior (MG and cat drama) and trying to get asspats, and how much of it is actually her spiraling downwards. I'm starting to think it's a bit of both

No. 3376


Don't know about Canada but where I am a GP can easily prescribe meds for depression/anxiety or renew prescriptions that were originally set by a psych.

She needs to organise help. She even went into her baby voice during one of her passing suicide comments, it's such a messed up thing to put out there to a young-ish audience.

No. 3377

File: 1546643537926.jpg (10.77 KB, 206x241, 48397004_2312229385679184_4000…)

unfortunately she's an adult with a job and shit. She's lucky no one cowtips her and doxes her, call her job or something cause she's admitted to a lot with her actual name.
inb4 "I don't have a job" if you don't have one, you'll just look pathetic saying it.

Is it illegal to send people food without paying for it?(stop)

No. 3378

Stop talking about this nobody, seriously. You'll just bring her back into the thread. Please for the love of god stop derailing.

No. 3379

File: 1546644643530.jpeg (210.34 KB, 750x601, B910F853-2D08-47E9-84C4-2F5D68…)

No. 3380

Is she getting into DDLG like all her fans? What is this "agwee"?

No. 3381

People still do p90x? Jill just stop eating tendies and move around more.

No. 3382


Her baby talk is at -undeniably into age regression- level.

Maybe she'll come out of that closet soon and claim it somehow makes her fit into the LGBTQ even more

No. 3383

What’s P90? All results i get are weapons or guitars

No. 3384

Weight machine thing at her parents house in their basement gym. 100% will never be used again after this day by Jill but she probably wants to make it seem like she's doing something about being massively fat.

No. 3385

P90x is a bodyweight workout video series that was very popular around ten years ago. It's supposed to get you fit in 90 days, hence the P90. It's alright as far as workout videos go, so long as you put genuine effort in since you don't use weights.

No. 3386

a gimmick that isn't going to work for jill because she eats like shit, anyone with half a brain knows your diet controls your health more than working out does

No. 3387

Weight almost entirely depends on diet but exercise is very important for health, especially mental health. It's good that she's getting some exercise, but she should honestly use some of those adbux for a couple of sessions with a personal trainer at a gym to show her how to not hurt herself and actually get something out of it. P90x includes a lot of stuff like shadowboxing which can be useless flailing if you don't know what you're doing. Jumproping would be perfect for her, she could get a cutesy one and it's excellent cardio exercise that no one can fuck up. At least she's moving around though

No. 3388

It’s just true to form for her. She knows P90x is a ~big name~ workout with a reputation for being ~super tough!!!!~ and so she won’t do any more research than that

No. 3389

This was posted in the confetti club thread five days ago and nobody cared about it then either.

No. 3390

but do they know jilly's not attwacted to girls

No. 3391

I don't even blame anon for posting it, that vid came up in my recommended a few days ago (which is weird because not even jill's vids are suggested to me anymore) and I watched it out of morbid curiosity. It's not only creepy because of how desperate she is for jill's attention but also how closely she tries to imitate her expressions and mannerisms. Then she literally tries to pose at the end and calls herself cute despite looking like a child with early onset diabetes, although she's evidently an adult.

I have a feeling this is how bad Jill would look if she didn't have rich parents.

No. 3392

Canadanon here. In my province (not sure about the rest of the country), you can be on your parents insurance until you're 25, but I think there are conditions for it. Something like you have to be in university or college I think? At least that's the case for me.

You can also be prescribed anxiety/depression meds by your GP. I'm not sure if it's limited to certain types or dosages of medications, but I've never had to go to anyone outside of my family doctor for things like Celexa, Ativan, and Effexor. Again, it might be a province by province thing, so I'm not sure of the rules for PEI or Nova Scotia.

No. 3393

oh so she's one of those >>> girls.
the "i'M NoT LikE oThEr GuRlZ uwu"

honestly at first i thought what she posted
was funny. until she kept talking.
god why are these bitches so embarrassing

No. 3394

This is off-topic, but was there ever a reupload or something of her LACE video. I can't find it and want to be informed on all the old Jill drama, since I may upload a drama vid about her and her whole past soon.

No. 3395

in NB she could probably go to an after hours clinic and get medication for anxiety/depression, but she'd also need to go see a psychiatrist/psychologist regularly as well to continue getting medication. Mental health is free in Fredericton but wait lists are long but if she's going to be doing a 2 year diploma its worth going and filling the forms out.
There are benefits as well with the school where counselling is covered up to 500$ in one school year, so 1,500$ for all three years. its relatively easy in NB to get mental health help if its just anxiety/depression and if shes gunna kill herself or plans to mental health will put her ahead of other people. might be the same in PEI, also if any suicide attempts/self harm that gets her taken to the hospital will also put her up on the list.
(not milk but just how nb deals with mental health)

No. 3396

I think (I might be very wrong) it was reuploaded at one point by someone else? but wound up being removed. All that's really left of that era of her drama is the video made by Super Carly 64 and what was covered on the early Jill threads.

No. 3397

File: 1546656936464.jpeg (310.71 KB, 750x927, 61CB474E-4ED7-4837-8376-4097EF…)

No. 3398

File: 1546656959773.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 8DFA7546-5E6C-4EEE-BF60-4F752F…)

They’re at the club

No. 3399

>being this retarded
>judging others

I prefer jillian tbqh

No. 3400

I just watched the Patreon video and wow, how is Jill not on suicide watch or in inpatient therapy or something? It's terrifying that she isn't getting treatment other than popping benzos. I honestly don't understand why her parents haven't done anything. Seriously, even if she's just attention-seeking or trying to use her mental health as an excuse to be lazy, someone in her life should do something. Either she'd get the help she actually needs or she'd learn not to fake or exaggerate again, win-win.

That said I'm not Canadian and don't know the laws around this type of thing there, maybe her parents can't legally do anything?

No. 3401

They all look so shitty. Why?

No. 3402

Yikes, Jill honey, that skirt does NOT fit you anymore.

No. 3403


They're at a super drama filled gay bar called Boom.

No. 3404

File: 1546657715517.jpg (52.57 KB, 600x600, 1512026302164.jpg)

No. 3405

Thick legs that max out the skirt with little, uncomfortable looking bra

No. 3406

It looks like the same girl copypasted 4 times

No. 3407

latex constricted sausage lewk~ uwu

No. 3408

she's literally in fetish gear wtf lmao

No. 3409

Ladies and gentlemen… we might have got 'em?

No. 3410

I don't get why she insists on wearing those berrets when we can see her roots anyway.
Jill, that does not go with these kind of outfit, stop!

No. 3411

all of them have the same face lmao

No. 3412

She's not actually going to kill herself. She has enough resources and ridiculously supportive parents. She seems like she would be thrilled at the prospect of calling her mommy if she were in actual crisis, but she wants to pretend that her strong independent woman life (complete with built in manservant and designer cats) is true suffering and that she deserves, like, a lot of money every month for forcing out one or two mediocre videos she's able to make only because she's been so spoiled for years.

No. 3413

daaang maggie looks like jill did a year and a half ago or longer. good for her. now get better friends kek. also the girl between them (wendy/jen can never remember) looks like she gained a lot cos her thighs look basically the same size as jill's.

No. 3414

Jill looks like such a goblin. And it looks like she's posing/sucking in so the skirt doesn't look so tight…but it's not working. At Al.

No. 3415

I think that's Georgina. Hell, it looks like she and Jill could almost pass for each other if they tried.

No. 3416

Emphasis on ‘roll’…

No. 3417

That's Jenny, not Georgina.

No. 3418


Man! They all look so gross! Imagine this goblin crew screeching and rolling around in a club! And Jenny's (the one in the white shirt, I think that's Jenny) head is the same width as her neck! Such an unfortunate collection of genetics!

No. 3419

horrific outfit but WOW maggie is losing weight so fast good for her. i wonder if maggie's weightloss has been triggering jill

No. 3420

This entire photo is a perfect example of
>just because it looks good on a cute skinny Japanese model doesn’t mean it will look good on you
Although tbf whatever Jill is wearing would look bad on anyone. She’s special that way.

No. 3421

File: 1546682437608.jpeg (514.09 KB, 2048x2048, 417FF517-4264-4B05-BC36-63577F…)

No. 3422

im really late, but my god, that makeup palette is garbage. why would you throw $300 on literal dollar store makeup? such a waste! i feel like jill was making excuses for the palette the entire video as well.

No. 3423

honestly, jill's outfit is really cute (if we forget the béret, damn i'm sick of seeing that btssb béret when i actually really like it) but it doesn't suit her at all. the skirt is clearly too tight for her and it makes her stomach look weird. She would've looked good in this when she was ana-chan (or when she was still fit).
Also wearing this kind of outfits in a lgbtq bar mmh… is she trying to say she's into some weird kink?

No. 3424

File: 1546685181107.png (681.53 KB, 750x927, jillioncrew.png)

No. 3425

Anon your a bit late to the p-


No. 3426

This pic is hilarious but all I can think of is how much better Jill would look if she had normal colored hair like Wendy and Jenny do.

No. 3427

File: 1546688214476.png (406.84 KB, 445x557, whenwillyoulearnthatyouraction…)

That's all I was thinking while editing it. Jillian's skin tone doesn't work with the pastel hair colors she does because it makes her look yellow af. I didn't even have to color correct any of the faces because her skin is so multi-color.
If Jill had normal hair, I'd imagine she'd look like this girl.

No. 3428

You can’t really believe Jill would be into kinky shit. Also how tf is that outfit cute? Looks trashy as hell.

No. 3429

That video definitely isn’t enough to be hospitalised. I was in psych units for most of my teenage years and I can recognise when someone is exaggerating to get attention. Annnd she definitely is. Unless she’s manic or something nobody in that state of mind would smile while saying they’re in extreme mental distress. She’s having us on so the cuntetti club feel bad for second guessing her. She’s feeling guilt for being caught so she’s pretending to be ultra mega sad. I’ve seen it so many times before and it makes me sick. I genuinely think she has a lying problem because this is getting out of hand. If she does get hospitalised for whining on the internet I hope it’s a wake up call for her. Sage for blogpost

No. 3430


>just because it zips doesn't mean it fits

Looking at Jill is almost painful. I really hope that she didn't plan to sit down in that skirt because it would burst with how tight it jesus Also the bra isn't doing any favors either, hopefully she kept her fur coat on >>3398 bc that would be less awkward for everybody.

No. 3431

File: 1546698560178.jpg (201.96 KB, 595x546, Untitled-137.jpg)

people are only just receiving their October post card jfc

No. 3432

This looks + reads like something your 5 year old niece would send you, not a 20+ year old 'professional' content creator lmao

No. 3433

>Tiny ass postcard/too big font so everything is all cramped
>Two random stickers and shitty sparkles added as after thought
>That absolutely boring message
"Muh aesthetic!!" Jill can't even be bothered to stick cute shit in a nice way? I wonder what the other side looks like, is it her own design? If not idk what the fucking point would be.

No. 3434

Is THIS the thing that she says she doesn't have enough time to make anymore? If this took her 3 minutes that's too much.

No. 3435

the message is so generic…. i wouldn't be surprised if she writes the exact same stuff to everyone

No. 3436

Thread pic really makes her have a punchable face

No. 3437

Yep, totally worth ten bucks.

No. 3438

File: 1546703333408.png (560.8 KB, 551x457, Octobercard.png)

No. 3439

Most people would be overjoyed if they had 60 fans all willing to give them $10 for such a low effort product, yet Jill thinks it's still too much work, wanting to get paid $600 a month for just one shitty .png instead… Pathetic.

No. 3440

Why didn't she just print out a postcard (using her mom's equipment) double-sided which the writing printed on to save time then decorate it nicely using stickers and hand sign it.
It looks so ugly and messy.

(OT but I wrote to Taylor Swift in 2009 and even the people who sent those out put more effort into it and probs has 100s of thousands to do).

The only one that doesn't look awful is the blue girl. Maggie looks like Little My from the moomins. Jill looks like she couldn't even walk in that extra tight bdsm-looking outfit.

No. 3441

The twitter account behind this is creepy and cringe af.

No. 3442

Jill, either lose some weight, or start buying clothes in your size please. Girl looks like a stuffed sausage in that outfit. You can tell that Wendy knows she's the "hot one" in this picture though kek.
Because she's a manipulative little asshole? Since we have public healthcare, waitlists are long and crisis services prioritize people who NEED the help. I don't doubt that Jillian is very ill, but she has a big support group (even if it's full of enablers) and her parents can also afford private counselling and facilities. There's nothing that can be done to keep an adult in psychiatric care if they demonstrate that they aren't a risk to themselves or others, and I doubt Jill's even genuinely suicidal tbh - she just knows she can trot that out as an excuse and get away with her maladaptive coping skills.
Jill exudes a weird dirty vibe to me, like a lot of weebs do. She wants so desperately to be so ka-wee-wee but she has no sense of aesthetic. It makes her choice to get into fashion really puzzling.

No. 3443

Source on Kammie being a trust fund baby?

I wouldn't be surprised at all but it kind of sucks knowing that these kinds of people only can do what they do because they don't need to work or have a career.

No. 3444

File: 1546714380548.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1629, DBB4FC84-AA89-4CFD-9129-1525A9…)

Why are all her fans terrible at art, they either draw her super fucking fat or super fucking ugly. It’s pretty hilarious honestly.

No. 3445

File: 1546714967197.jpg (13.55 KB, 200x310, Pikku_Myy.jpg)



i couldn't remember what Little My looked like but fucking hell you couldn't bemore acurate

No. 3446

late but I can picture her as a "sexy mime" in this pose … and mimes don't talk like babies

No. 3447

I'm convinced the reason she said she doesn't think she's "um, profiting" is because she actually nets more money from the tier below rainbow babe because she doesn't have to spend any money on that one. There are 121 patrons in the "glitter babe" tier, all paying $5 a month. That's $605 from just that tier, and all they get is access to her patreon streams (can patron anon confirm how often she does these? Are they any good?) and their name in the descriptions of her videos. She's making less money off the $10 patrons because she has to spend money on materials.

If she would have explained that, rather than rattle off the costs of her postcard materials and then imply that she wasn't making any money from those patrons when simple math proves otherwise, I think there would be way less of an uproar about this. She clearly lied (or fudged the truth and left out important details) and that's why there were so many downvotes on the deleted vid.

Tbh I think this misleading habit of hers is her biggest character flaw. She's so concerned with presenting herself in a certain way online that she's never been fully honest and truthful. While it's true that you can't be entirely brutally honest about everything that is happening in your life on the internet, there are times when you owe your subscribers (or in this case, your patrons, which you owe more sincerity to because they are directly paying you money) the honest truth with no misdirections or half-truths. I hope that Jillian will learn this as she matures.

And on that note, I'd like to inject a bit of reality back into some anons' brains. Jill is 20, not 30. While she's nearing the point of no return on maturity, she's definitely still quite young, and many people don't learn these lessons until after they are past college age. Not trying to negate her wrongdoings, just giving a bit of perspective. She was in high school two years ago. While she likes to pretend she's a big girl in her big girl house with big girl responsibilities, I truly think that's just her kidding herself. She's got a lot of growing up to do still.

No. 3448

She streams to Patreon once a month.

No. 3449

For how long? What does she talk about?

No. 3450

Is any of you anons a Patreon for some reasonable person? I’d like to see what are ‘normal’ rewards. I can’t picture anything that would made me send someone 10$ a month for anything tbh

No. 3451

Patreon anon here. She usually streams between 1-2 hours and just talks about what is going on in her life and responds to the chat. She also talks about what she is currently working on video and nonvideo wise. In today's stream she said she was working on an outfit for the kawaii.i episode which is happening mid-February and editing a sewing video on the outfits the moonmist girls were in the dance video.

No. 3452

Oooh thanks for the date on the next japan trip, it's been up in the air for a while.

No. 3453

>>3451 did she speak more about the postcard situation today?

No. 3454

Anything new on the surge of recent videos exposing her?

No. 3455

I was trying to think of actual decent youtubers who have Patreon, the only ones i could think of were RedLetterMedia. They don't have a $10 tier but $15 gets access to behind the scenes, outtakes, and videos that aren't released anywhere else. They also make nearly $30k a month so clearly people think that's worth paying for.

Pixie could easily do something like that, offer outtakes or additional footage from her videos, but she does absolutely THE LEAST and for some reason people still pay her.

No. 3456


>kawaii.i episode which is happening mid-February

Jill's Kawaii International adventure: Big in Japan edition

No. 3457


>kawaii.i episode which is happening mid-February

Jill's Kawaii International adventure: Big in Japan edition

No. 3458


>kawaii.i episode which is happening mid-February

Jill's Kawaii International: Big in Japan edition

No. 3459

This is like the note a seller sends WITH a product. I owe people a lot of money if "Thanks for your generous purchase

Is worth $10

No. 3460

Yeah I am for two diff girls - one who has an enamel pin club - I get one pin, a sticker sheet and art print specifically designed for every month.
Another I get an new art print and stickers (and also usually a sweet or something else small like a badge but that's just an extra).

Cost similar to Jill's with way more effort. But I guess in Jill's defense (lol) it's not exactly her profession.

No. 3461

>>3460 this reminds me, didn't jill buy like 500 extra pins to sell? what happened to that?

No. 3462

but, anon! putting those pins onto a piece of paper was too much work for poor jilly! i am curious what she actually did with them though. like is her "hoard" limited to one location like the back of her closet? either way, from recent pics it seems like it's beginning to spill over into the rest of the house kek

No. 3463

The simplest thing she could do is provide $10 patrons with a discount on her merch… I've seen $1 patrons that get behind the scene footage (with other creators) and Jill can't even send a postcard…pathetic.

No. 3464

Oh gosh Jill is making her own outfit for the Kawaii.i video… The other winners are super pretty too this is gonna be milky i already know.

No. 3465


A realistic estimate for 500 pins would be $1250-$2000 CAD
Itd be absolutely retarded if she had them rotting in her closet instead of turning a profit

No. 3466

tbh i’m so curious on what the opinions of her old classmates are, lwhat was it like interacting with her daily? is there something like that in some of the old threads?

No. 3467

Yes. There have been anons in previous threads alleging to be former classmates of Jill’s. Off the top of my head is the common remark of her being an attention whore and needing to be the center of attention. She threw giant bitch fits when she didn’t get lead roles in “Grease” and “Mary Poppins,” as she was a theater kid. There seems to have been a lot of drama within their drama club (where she met Tristan, Colin and her “gay ally BFF” Jon) surrounding her. No one liked her, so she had to quit. This is a video from her high school days. According to anons, the other actors in the Grease production were pissed off that Jill took up most of this video’s spotlight when she wasn’t the main character. Jill centered herself.

No. 3468

If you mean her school mates then lurking on her ask.fm would give you a pretty good idea of how she was percieved. It was shared on previous threads. Mainly they were eating up her bs and treating her like The Only Creative Kaweewee Snowflake In The Village.

No. 3469

it's almost sad to watch her and see what she looks like now compared to her past. i mean, she was still a brat and an attention whore but in this video alone she's A LOT skinnier, cuter (by comparison to her current looks), is participating in what seems like a genuine hobby that also gets her out of the house and makes her exercise/socialize, her hair doesn't look horrible for once, when she talks to camera she does it in a normal, tolerable way that makes her a lot more likeable than the forced baby-talk she keeps pushing in all of her videos, and she doesn't look so much like a grandma off her meds. if i didn't know who she was and i stumbled upon this video, i'd actually find her endearing.

jill is just…sad. everything about her makes me sad. she's a giant, painful wasted opportunity.

No. 3470

File: 1546739453143.png (80.53 KB, 685x498, SKJJKSFJSF.png)

almost entirely off topic but this made me lose my shit laughing and i don't know why

also, yeah, looking through is essentially "OMG i love you,, you're so cute and creative and kaweewee,,,, i wish i were you…,,.,.,..,.,,..!!!!!111!!!one" which makes me wonder how much of it, if any, was her sending the asks to herself, but again it's not really relvant

No. 3471

now I am trying to imagine Jill saying lil nigs/nigga in her Canadian white way of talking as well as her fucking kaweewee baby uwu talk and I'm gonna shit myself, thanks anon

No. 3472

Doesn't surprise me. She dated that edgy white punk rocker dude for like 2 years and he always seemed to have ~off-colour~ humour.

No. 3473

Walker? I tried finding pics of Jill and him or his account but I can’t find anything. Wasn’t she dating Tristan around this time?

No. 3474

oh fuck off, i'm in tokyo mid-feb as well. maybe i'll try to spot the elusive tendielocks in the wild

i totally forgot she was even doing the whole kawaii-i thing, she's barely spoken at all about it. weren't there things she was supposed to be doing last year as an ~ambassador~?

No. 3475

Hey so I uploaded by Jillian's deleted coming out video

No. 3476

Anon you are a fucking legend

No. 3477

Woah that video and the other one on your page. It's actually sickening how much she insists she's ONLY a lesbian,
>I like women and feminine people

when as calculated by an anon in this thread
>dating men: 6 years+
>dating women: 9 months to one year

Kinda sounds like you like men, Jill. Just not speshul enough to say that. Also in the other clip from a livechat she really reminds me of a bully I worked with, who was described by multiple colleagues, male and female as the worst person they've ever met. Her current baby voice shtick is obviously to conceal that more recognizable personality type as seen in the chat clip.

Sage for blogging

No. 3478

you're a legend i don't think I've ever seen this.

OT but Jill cuts her attractiveness in half whenever she wears a full fringe/bangs and/or glasses

No. 3479

>a couple years later we broke up (first girl that was older and she claims was abusive I guess)
>Then I dated a dude for a year (Walker?)
>Then I had a thing with a girl and a crush on another girl (???)
>Then I dated a dude for 2 years (Tristan) and now I'm with a non-binary person (Collin)

I thought she only dated the first girl when she was 13 for a couple of months, and there were girls between Walker and Tristan? Something doesn't add up here.

No. 3480

I think a couple anons back in 2017 debunked her dating girls between Walker and Tristan because of her basically dating Tristan and Colin throughout the entirety of high school. Could be wrong though

No. 3481

Ahh ok, I thought it sounded fishy. Also her ask.fm page is gone.

No. 3482

Kek so she’s still lurking here after her meltdown? Gotta be prepared to make up lies in advance for when she’s exposed, I guess. Nice one Jill but we still have caps of you justifying your usage of the n word (which if your apologize for would be fine because you were younger) but why just wipe your ask.fm? Afraid cancel culture is catching up to you?

No. 3483

Woof that was quick, it's not usually so obvious when she or an irl informant is lurking.

No. 3484

she sounds so disgusting between 9:30-9:36 that fucking croaking sound she makes when she says she isn’t “attracted to men at all” holy shit.

Can a farmer please clip that short part specifically for the lulz? I already did, but it won’t upload.

No. 3485

W-wait I thought that screen shot of her ask fm page was altered and not real. Are you telling me this is real and that she uses the N-word?

No. 3486

In the past she was a full blown cringey edgelord trying to prove that she was 'not like the other girls!!' all the time (there were older asks on her tumblr were she said she basically couldn't get along well with females cuz they all just have too much drama and shit like that lol).
I guess seeing how quickly that stuff was deleted now it seems like Jill is afraid of it being discovered, like another anon said it would be OK if she just properly apologized since she was just a stupid teenager at the time but of course she has to be all shady about it again.

No. 3487

nayrt, but im pretty sure that screenshot is real.

tbh though i kinda doubt she uses the n-word liberally nowadays considering that most of jill's friendship circle are all very ~kweer~ and ~progressive~, but who knows.

No. 3488

kek i hope this video goes viral too, but it probably wont

No. 3489

She, and most of her friends, are white kids from the Maritimes - there's no way casual racism isn't a normal part of their conversations kek. Jill's also proven before that she doesn't really care about soc jus aside from getting SJW internet points and using LGBT identities to be unique.

No. 3490

>>3486 evidence of her been an edge lord can be found here https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/ (how long before she takes this down kek)

No. 3491

oh im definitely not doubting that there's casual racism. i'm just saying that there's a difference between that and someone (especially someone who's a somewhat popular youtuber) going around spewing the n-word lol

No. 3492

File: 1546785527644.jpg (582.75 KB, 1386x602, foreshadowing.jpg)

look guys, jillian predicted her future self back in 2012!

No. 3493


13 minutes of confused rambling, if she googled 'unstable sense of self' she'd see why her sexuality keeps changing

No. 3494

This is a bit naive tbh; my experiences with white people, from small towns in particular, is that they definitely have no issue saying variations of the n word when they think they're "safe" to do so. Popular Youtubers have been caught saying it casually before too, because they're used to saying it with their friends/family off camera.

No. 3495

on jill's DA she says shes visited NYC but never visited a country other than her own lmao

No. 3496

File: 1546789394223.png (422.11 KB, 467x706, d3epivm-cfb302ba-24ad-4fb5-95a…)

I'm shocked at how genuinely cute she was

No. 3497

File: 1546789563146.png (144.1 KB, 1705x957, xhellodecemberx's Journal _ De…)

wow this kanda makes me sad

No. 3498

>>3497 'i got to the ends of the earth to hide it' uh huh so whats with that insta showing it off constantly?

No. 3499

it really is a shame that she let all her potential go to waste and became what she is now wow she was really cute

No. 3500

>>3496 wow and >>3497 wow
What have you become Jill

No. 3501

>tfw you peaked when you were 13 years old

No. 3502


Honestly, I'm kind of surprised that she's stuck with Japanese fashion as her aesthetic for this long. A lot of old, popular, j-fashion tumblrinas have since moved on from styles like that and just kind of do their own thing now. It's hard to stick with such a polarizing aesthetic for so many years. Then again… anything to keep her youtube consistent probably works for her.

No. 3503

I kinda hope youtube anon see/uses this. Just for the shitstorm it would cause.

No. 3504

wait but wasnt her girlfriend named Uma? one of her posts says she stole it from Uma but all of the questions are like omg my boyfriend Walker teehee. I dont understand this because why would she talk to an abusive ex?

No. 3505

File: 1546796882768.png (434.7 KB, 640x480, CC1E7F80-3211-4006-9F1C-1995F9…)

Uma most likely wasn’t abusive. She was always taking pics of/with her. They stayed friends after the breakup and Jill claimed that Uma caused her ed/sh/depression and anxiety.

No. 3506

Don't worry she also claimed Walker was oppressive towards her but then still defended him years later so.

No. 3507

anon who posted it - yeah, that wasn't edited. i can't really prove it since it's all gone now, but it was there

No. 3508

Peachie runs a patreon with tiers similar to Jills. However instead of hoarding 60 postcard patreons, she kept it limited to 6 max. She’s good at previewing content and knows her limits however, she just announced closing her po box as it got too much. Compare this to jilly taking 2 months to change the tiers and address how lazy she is with it.

No. 3509

File: 1546804590084.png (832.38 KB, 899x567, 95e23118-2b36-45d7-93d4-20d9a6…)

Jill is basically Dolores Umbridge

>only wears ugly pink clothes

>treats everyone like trash and feigns positivity
>beta male servant always around
>cats are just an aesthetic choice
>evil goblin smile
>racist (lol)

I think the n-word ask fm thing is just her being a dumb edgy 12 year old who doesn't know any better rather than a racist, but if her followers caught on to that she knows all hell would break loose so no wonder she's deleting everything. This is what happens when you overshare online and attach your name to every stupid thing you say but she has still not figured this out apparently.

No. 3510

this is amazing

No. 3511

she's clearly not a racist but it's just so milky knowing the current climate of "cancelled" culture so as someone with a fanbase wrought with SJW ultra sensitive snowflake landwhales and as someone who has already pissed off tumblr twice, she'll be shitting her pants.

Cancelled culture is whack as fuck but it can be fun to witness it looming over cows you don't like.

Not to WK but I hope this doesn't actually blow up bcos it's so stupid and harmless and she doesn't deserved to be cancelled for that of all things but again it's fun to see people squirm when they know something like this is floating around out there

No. 3512

File: 1546806942267.jpeg (407.74 KB, 750x545, 74774E22-85B4-4F24-BA44-4934B2…)

No. 3513

File: 1546807290154.png (3.71 KB, 521x94, Untitled.png)

No. 3514

Looool that's hilarious but calling everyone a faggot was pretty normal back then (not sure if so on little Canadian islands tho)

Number 25:
"25. Your best friend starts dating your ex. How do you feel about it?

- I would… die."
(Can't seem to screenshot on phone).
That's so funny considering she does this to Tristan.

No. 3515

Her current boyfriend is Maggie's ex lmao

No. 3516

Yeah I agree. Funny as it all is, it's better if any really public/viral criticisms of her focus on her actual wrongdoings and not dumb things she said as a middle schooler. She's accountable first and foremost for her adult actions like exploiting others.

No. 3517


No. 3518

how can stephen have sex with her like the thought of that just disgusts me and i’m a lesbian

No. 3519

>>3518 sage your shit, newfag

No. 3520

Lol she did this with Gillian, Tracey and now Maggie. Yet she's well-aware how wrong it is, this girl has issues.

No. 3521

jesus christ ive been following jill for so many years and just now found this because of the video and this makes me wanna puke

No. 3522

dont show this to jill she’ll balloon even more

No. 3523

Im betting sometime this month we will get a video "addressing" all of the recent drama but she'll just play the victim and dodge shit honestly

No. 3524

File: 1546821491235.png (590.3 KB, 596x597, Capture.PNG)

No. 3525

Gosh I must get my hands on these one day, they provide such lovely aesthetic shots!

No. 3526

File: 1546821617899.png (3.43 KB, 267x60, Capture.PNG)

No. 3527

get your hands on..what, a camera? genuinely confused

No. 3528

File: 1546822689434.jpg (127.81 KB, 816x583, jill collaga.jpg)

sorry i had to kek

No. 3529

File: 1546822822885.jpg (144.23 KB, 720x738, 201916_195914327.jpg)

No. 3530

lmao i think anon was talking the cats as an "aesthetic" to mock jill?

No. 3531

why does qcknd wanna dm jil,,,

No. 3532

Nayrt but I think they mean the cats, talking about them like they’re objects like Jill does
Eww no not qcknd

No. 3533

Funny considering she had no issue fucking Tracey’s man lol

No. 3534

sage for me just speculating

i wonder if some of the content from these threads has gotten around to other creators and people in jill's outer circle. im sure like steve knows and shit but i wonder how her personal and professional life will be affected. maybe other youtubers will distance themselves from her (ie: no more shopping meetups) or maybe the opposite and people will start making vids? as this gains traction im very curious as to how far outside of jill's immediate circle it will go…

No. 3535

same. i wonder if the rewired soul saw any of the videos after sucking up to her in her comments and gushing over how much of a role model she is. i really like him as a creator and i just wonder what he thinks about it all

No. 3536


fuck no, qcknd. she's like the anti-tendielocks.

No. 3537

I think qcknd is vegan and against animal testing which is leading me to think that the email might be regarding the video about Jill and her cats

No. 3538

Ngl, I like these walls much better than the rainby ones she has in the living room. Just wish they didn't remind me of old 70s striped wallpaper but in cherry red and pink

No. 3539

I think if the red stripes were pinstripes (like I think she intended them to be??) it would look better.

No. 3540


It might be about this but idk… When qcknd (another really dumbass youtuber- go read her gurugossip thread) starts shit she always seems to do so on accident. I don't think she'd personally go to Jill and be like "hey I think what you're doing with your cats is wrong". If anything it'll be something along the lines of "look at all of these haters being big fat meanies to the both of us doesn't that suck"

No. 3541


Then again… Jill did mention qcknd in a couple vids a while back when she was about to get her first tattoo. And qcknd has recently run dry on decent content to create, so she probably needs external sources for that. She probably wants to collab with jillian

No. 3542

File: 1546860405178.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, 1532043621718.png)

No. 3543

I don't understand why she didn't just get temporary wallpaper tbh - it would've been easier than painting and then repainting when she's done renting the house and moves back home.

No. 3544


haha I love how you added in that we DEFINITELY know she's gonna move back home hahahha

No. 3545

well, even if she gets her diploma she eventually will have to leave the house to go to another and bigger city or whatever. Sage because lowkey vent but I'm not canadian but my sister is studying fashion and if there's a thing i know it's that you only find fashion design jobs in big cities. So probably in Toronto and Vancouver, maybe in Montréal ans that's it.

No. 3546

Sage goes in the email field, friend

No. 3547

She won't be doing that because her rinky dink diploma won't allow her to actually work in that field.

No. 3548

Yeah I was gunna say didn’t an anon already find out this school doesn’t give diplomas but “certificates” of completion so it’s effectively useless for trying to get into any field

No. 3549

her other old ig is still up so she must not be able to get into it to private it lmao

No. 3550

i went with a screen capture program and recorded my screen scrolling through all of it, in case she ever decided to private it and/or nuke it. i know there's not a lot of milk there but y'kno, just in case. won't upload it bc plenty of anons have capped it on the thread already.

No. 3551

Kek, it’s great that we’re archiving her past. It seems we’ve come to a common consensus that since her using the n word and saying faggot is in her early teen years, it isn’t milky. However, if we ever did need to trigger some of her fans, there is proof. Again, all of this wouldn’t be an issue because she was underage and now knows better. It’s just super suspect that she privates or deletes said accounts once they’re dug up. Why not just acknowledge your past and say sorry? Sadly, I feel like these would cancel Pixie faster than Queerbaitgate and her inability to take care of pets. Confetti cunts seemed triggered by words, after all. It’s just good to save these for a rainy day because we know Pixie’s being a hawk lately and trying her best to not piss off more fans.
I can already picture her white knights saying Pixie can say faggot because she’s ~Queer~ and it’s a reclaimed slur for her. But they can never justify the n word unless “well she was young!!!” comes up. But Pixie tries actively hiding it, rather than confronting it. There’s been other social media thots canceled for less.

No. 3552

File: 1546917449147.png (1.04 MB, 1270x672, Capture.PNG)

Sage because this is ancient milk and barely relevant, but I've been rewatching some of her old videos and it looks like she's got a habit of posting close ups of her keys. This was her mailbox key back when she lived on PEI.

No. 3553

I know this is almost a year old but I came across this looking for the KERA interview that Pixie was supposed to do during her meet and greet and I don't think this has been posted before.


No. 3554

File: 1546932280004.png (831.68 KB, 720x710, Jill.png)

Idk who these people are, but I saw this on Instagram just now and it reminded me of someone.

No. 3555

someone photoshop jillian and stephen or colin's face onto these two please

No. 3556

We are not here to cowtip, or “cancel”
Remember lolcow is for observing cows

No. 3557

File: 1546963002754.jpg (352.86 KB, 720x710, queeeeeeeeeeeeer.jpg)

No. 3558

Beautiful, anon.

No. 3559

File: 1546964186948.jpeg (458.19 KB, 2048x2732, 560114B2-DD34-4E56-8935-64ECDD…)

There’s not much there that we already don’t know but she pretty much mentioned us. She could just change her behavior and address her mistakes. And she mentioned being excited to bring more “fashion design” stuff onto her channel, what there has been none of. Her school has a fashion show coming up sometime in the fall, I wonder if she’ll participate.

No. 3560

This is so lame in the best way

No. 3561


No. 3562

She can't directly participate, iirc, because she is not a fashion student. First years do a 'challenge' that usually involves making an outfit out of one chosen material. The year after, they do a full fashion line. She is still just in the fundamentals course, not the fashion program.
She could however, volunteer to help behind the scenes, or be asked by someone to model an outfit.

No. 3563

Im a lurker and the one who made that dumbass video ty for appreciating my life's work. I pray that pixie sees it

No. 3564

And this is why you learn to archive shit.

No. 3565

I'm so sad the original lace video is gone forever. never got to see it

No. 3566

“We need to have a talk, about something that is in the Lolita community…and that is…ALL OF THE HOUUUURRIIBUL THINGGGSSSS…that people say…about Lolitas”

No. 3567

This gave me war flashbacks.

No. 3568

lashy's video is still the funniest shit ever.

No. 3569

File: 1547006753843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 271.78 KB, 640x526, IMG_3642.jpg)

did some digging on that anon that said something about one of her cronies being wiped and deleted I found out who it was after that wrapping video! seems like its the blonde one that hanged around with them alot in the beginning with the other two that goes to jills school

No. 3570

ohhh yeah i remember didn't they have a lot of pictures together?????

No. 3571

I'm sad..I was really looking forward to a christmas haul I love seeing her obnoxious materialistic side

No. 3572

File: 1547010589449.png (19.25 KB, 843x237, where it go.PNG)

yeah…. what ever happened to this, jill? literally who would say "nah, thanks but i don't want a creator to post content." (kek i mean as mediocre as it is as far as content goes.) it almost feels like texting your boss "r u sure u want me to come to work today? :/" i know it's not the same but it is technically still one of her main sources of income.

No. 3573

I get you. I thought these polls are more for hyping up the vid like “do you guy really want me to post??”

No. 3574

File: 1547021299787.jpg (1.05 MB, 2048x1301, 20190109_080614.jpg)

Saged but Jill used to be so cute but something changed and I cant out my finger on it. I know she has gained weight in her face but I feel like there is something else? Her facial expressions look more granny like, especially when she smiles.

No. 3575

File: 1547021774494.jpeg (59.45 KB, 634x557, main-qimg-32ff475ebe1a970cc3d1…)

with some ppl weight gain goes straight to their features like her nose has gotten bigger too

No. 3576

i think she needs some beauty rest and a bit of exercise. also her lip colors are probably not the best choice.

No. 3577

I think it's the color palette. Pastel colors suited her better than the garish ~*rainby*~ shit she's doing now. Plus her makeup was softer and more natural

No. 3578

File: 1547024361760.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.28 KB, 280x400, BV_headshot_for_web_0.jpg)

I think the reason she looks the way she is aside from her lifestyle habits (or lack thereof) is the fact that she has a lot of her dad's features, especially his striking eyes and nose. Her mom has a more approachable looking face. It's not something she can change but choosing makeup that flatters these sort of features and getting more sleep and eating less processed foods would definitely help. She's only 20, most people start visibly aging in their mid or late 20's.

No. 3579

File: 1547024963497.png (647.88 KB, 560x553, pixie2016.PNG)

Samefag as the previous post but this is an example of what sort of makeup suits her face from 2016. Bold colours seem to age her quite a bit. Y'all used to make fun of her in 2016 but she actually looks really decent in this photo in comparison to her current lewks.

No. 3580

Although her features are quite prominent, I think she would definitely look cute if she stuck to natural makeup, especially natual/nude lip colours and simply eye looks. Instead she opts for green hair, piss yellow eyebrows, 2 shades of pink smeared over her eyes, glitter and metallic hot pink lip shades.

No. 3581

It's a tragic combination of weight gain, poor skin care and her fashion, hair and makeup choices getting worse.
I think she's naturally gorgeous and looked amazing as a lolita with softer make up and hair colours.

Shes a slave to her current personal ~burando~ of expensive mismatched rainby clown vomit and has to implement that aesthetic into every aspect of her life (as she does with any phase). I guess she locked into this style for now since it's the style she had/was developing when her channel really started taking off.

And obviously the weight gain is probably the biggest factor in her looks deteriorating

No. 3582

Personally see way more of her mum in her. Its clearly her nose and eyes (and lips)

No. 3583

You know you're really deteriorating when the same people who were calling you ugly for the past 3-5 years are digging up those same photos of you they mocked in the beginning and saying you actually looked gorgeous then, but horrible now. Wew.

No. 3584

it looks like she stopped shooping her nose and embraced its goblin nature

No. 3585

the oversaturation, shit dye job + mismatched color palette, equally mismatched yellow gingham ribbon and her make-up make her look like a crazy trailer trash mom already, but it's the shrek eyebrows that do it for me. they're the most unflattering part of this mess, you couldn't get the prettiest woman in the universe to pull off these monstrosities, but on jill they only make her look uglier.

jill on the left IS cute. the color coording is coherent, it matches her aesthetic. pastels suit her, maybe the angle (and the fact that she wasn't whalesielocks back then) helps a lot too. jill should've just stuck to lolita: she might've still been a cow, but she wouldn't have looked as disastrous as she does now.

No. 3586

Does anyone remember when she said she was into witchcraft? I remember it in a video, but I don't remember how it all ended, if she still practices, or if she just did it for the aesthetic, etc.?

No. 3587

lmao remember when she was buddhist for the longest time?

No. 3588


yeah there were complains of her trendhopping for religions, but witchcraft isn't religious in and of itself so idk

No. 3589

was she just into witchcraft or did she say she was into like wicca or paganism? bc some people practice those as religions so if she was just like 'im wiccan' for the uwu witchy aesthetic and not the actual religion thats pretty shitty

No. 3590

She was 'wiccan' insofar as she'd take aesthetic pictures of crystals and her CCS cards.

Very committed.

No. 3591

She claimed to be pagan and spoke as if she was a part of that religion

In her Christmas vlogs from 2017 I think she was saying shut like 'Halloween for us (pagans) is more important, Christmas is more commercial'

She spoke about it on a few occasions and spoke as if she was all knowing/ experienced/ valid as a pagan

No. 3592

File: 1547065626333.png (830.21 KB, 750x1334, 93ABECDF-38B1-47C3-B88B-F24C8D…)

She mentioned Samhain pic related.
This doesn’t necessarily mean that she celebrated, but she does have knowledge.
She has also mentioned having alters but I’m still looking for those mentions.

No. 3593

Less is more Jill. I remember having this principle drilled into my head in any fashion art or design class i took . I know she’s just starting but I hope it catches on I actually like Jill and I want her to succeed but idk anymore…she seems defeated as fuk lately.

No. 3594

File: 1547069988575.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7935.PNG)

No. 3595

File: 1547070044865.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7936.PNG)

In this one she calls herself a witch.

No. 3596

If you want to get people hyped about a video, then make 2 and have the audience choose which one you post first. Post them every week and repeat. I'm sure Jill could think up enough content or projects to make 2 a week and take in more money if she can get innovative. That's how you maintain a channel professionally.

No. 3597

>using those CCS cards instead of tarot cards because muh aesthetic

No. 3598

I wish she would’ve sticked to paganism, it would’ve grounded her a little at least.

No. 3599

She lives off sugar/processed carbs, started drinking, and probably doesn't exercise or sleep well - of course she looks worse than she used to, weight gain aside. Other anons are right that she almost purposefully chooses unflattering colours and styles to wear too (or her taste level is extremely lacking), but I think drinking and popping pills are just as major culprits.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but pseudo tumblr witchcraft would've been more interesting than whatever Jill's doing now. The lulzy pictures of "rituals" and angry pagan anons would've provided a lot of milk.
irrc the ccs cards can be used as tarot cards, but anons who have experience with that said Jill still did it wrong?

No. 3600

Genuinely don't understand why this is a problem. Tarot cards are a card game deck as well as a divining tool, there's all kinds of variations on the deck that change up the pictures. As long as you know what represents what you could use napkins with the card names written on them, it doesn't matter.

There's official instructions from clamp on how to use them for fortune telling, but it's pretty much what you'd do with a tarot deck anyway.

No. 3601

I guess neither of you find her constantly trying to push the idea that she's a CCS superfan in everything she does annoying?

No. 3602

well, yeah but the anon I was replying to framed it like it was offensive for her to do it.

No. 3603


It's just annoying that she uses them because, in terms of divination, there are much easier, more simplistic decks to use. Especially for beginners, there are decks that illustrate or hint to the meaning through the imagery, not to mention that if you start with a deck that doesn't use the traditional format, it will be significantly harder to start using a different deck later.

So while it is personal preference, it's just kind of annoying and stupid that she'd choose one just for the aesthetic and not for practicality if she was at all serious about witchcraft.

No. 3604

kthanks, sage your derailing pagan sperg next time please since it's not contributing anything to the topic at hand

No. 3605

File: 1547082158501.jpg (601.33 KB, 1080x937, 20190109_210159.jpg)

No. 3606

you're almost 21, jill. grow the fuck up.

No. 3607

I don't know, flying to a foreign country by yourself at 20 seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to be nervous about.

No. 3608

She's been there before though and it's a free fucking trip. I highly doubt NHK would really leave her in the lurch anyway

No. 3609

>Trump magick
Is this about Donald Trump?

No. 3610

She's also HEAVILY photoshopped in this pic, but yes, the lighter/more natural makeup suits her way better

No. 3611


It was. I was answering a question. You're just butt hurt because I gave an opinion that was contradictory to yours.

Regardless, Jill is cringe, that's the point

No. 3612

She's not going to be alone, she'll be surrounded by NHK staff the entire time. In Kelly Eden's disastrous lolita video she mentioned barely having time to go back to the store because they were filming all day every day that she was there. so the only time she'll be on her own is getting on the plane, which i certainly hope a 21 year old can manage by herself.

No. 3613

pfft just realized jill is basically becoming the next kelly eden cant wait for her to regret getting shitty fake boobs and obviously more to come!

No. 3614

for a witchcraft user you seem to be having a hard time finding the sage, it goes in the email slot

No. 3615

File: 1547092648840.jpg (30.94 KB, 480x360, kek.jpg)

No. 3616

It's "sah-geh" not "sage"

No. 3617

your determination to ruin the joke makes me think you're the butt end

No. 3618

literally everything Jill does/buys/chooses is for "aesthetic". There is no way in hell she'd use regular non-rainby non-kaweewee cards.

she undoubtedly picked paganism as her fake religion solely based on aesthetic potential

No. 3619

Kek in pagan

No. 3620

We all know she's just using witch craft for the aesthetic. Half of the posts in the coven are just aesthetic things and the other half are people who do take it seriously and they themselves are done with this BS. kek blogpost

No. 3621

Almost all her old accounts, such as lookbook, last.fm etc mentioned buddhism in her bio.

Google says this is from her last.fm:
>"I'm Buddhist, and often meditate and practice mindfulness"
Anyone happen to get a screenshot before she took it down?

No. 3622


what coven??

No. 3623


>"I'm Buddhist, and often meditate and practice mindfulness"

wow, spoken like a true poser

No. 3624

Not that anon but I think there’s a “confetti club coven” Facebook group for fans of Jill to post about witchcraft or something.

No. 3625

File: 1547131391950.jpeg (444.67 KB, 2048x2048, 71874F4B-5AB9-4A7B-8F32-DF5ACF…)

I think she’s taken down everything related to her Buddhism phase, most of it was probably on tumblr. I remember she made a post explaining that Buddha would be happy for her materialism because consumption makes her happy and Buddha would totally understand.

No. 3626


Oh wow, yeah I think I remember that from a while back! Materialism and Buddhism are exact opposites. She's always looking for ways to justify her materialism, but using religion that's completely anti-materialism for the aesthetic and then spreading misinformation to her audience is so low

No. 3627

i'm p sure jill announced inn a video once that she would no longer be talking about being a witch due to hate?

No. 3628

She's a witch for aesthetics too. She wanna be Doremi and thats how she justifies it. Magical witch girl jill uwu

No. 3629

as if witchcraft is a real thing in the first place. i’m not surprised jill subscribes to something so stupid

No. 3630

File: 1547151544330.jpg (82.62 KB, 459x334, peeps.jpg)

Jill is so going to sperg over these

No. 3631

Does she even still give a shit about peeps? Just seems like she keeps forgetting about all her ~quirky interests that she's super into~, haven't seen her mention crayolas in a while either.

No. 3632

>>3631 she still posts peeps tea

No. 3633

i wouldn't be half as mad at her if she ADMITTED openly to her followers that she goes through aesthetic phases. it's okay, people do that all the time, young people esp. but no, she just HAS to claim authority and ownership over everything and anything she remotely gets into. that's why people hate her: not because she likes peeps, but because she claims to be this amazing #1 superfan of peeps and she's the biggest peep fan in all of the universe and she's got more peeps merch than you

No. 3634

Just like with the crayola phase omg she just tries to fill a void, I think it’s that easy

No. 3635

File: 1547160758318.jpeg (934.14 KB, 1242x1408, 0490EE02-CB24-4AA0-BEAD-104F43…)

Jenny’s cover photo, love how Jill refuses to show her body kek

No. 3636

File: 1547164965490.png (14.85 KB, 496x155, Capture.PNG)

No. 3637

File: 1547165006225.png (8.92 KB, 483x76, Capture.PNG)

She actually posted in the CC for once, weird.

No. 3638

File: 1547166961542.jpg (375.02 KB, 612x682, Image3.jpg)

No. 3639

my fucking sides

No. 3640

File: 1547168345419.jpg (388.34 KB, 612x682, image4.jpg)

I felt inspired.

No. 3641

honestly, vote for next thread pic kek well done

No. 3642

It's like if Jill were Eggman.

No. 3643

File: 1547187114740.jpg (55.31 KB, 638x349, art.jpg)

this took longer than i'd like to admit…

No. 3644

Jill has always been a poser nothing new there. Kek

No. 3645

When is she gonna be in Japan?

No. 3646

Mid February.

No. 3647

File: 1547337156284.jpg (270.21 KB, 2048x2048, International-Delight-Peeps-Co…)

No. 3648

I've never understood "marshmallow" flavoured things. Marshmallows are just vanilla.

No. 3649

File: 1547342889565.png (136.03 KB, 640x1136, 3440C921-CEB5-4516-9BF5-61519C…)

Queerbaitgate comments have been consistently leaking into her comments section. This was on her latest community post about the “what I got for Christmas video”. We’re still yet to see that shit show. I doubt she’s even doing it at this point. For someone who considers YouTube a career she sure is slacking. I guess it’s because of her fake crisis

No. 3650


fatties gotta fat

No. 3651

Her channel is dying so fast. It's comical.

No. 3652

same lol vanilla and extreme sweet

No. 3653

type "sage" into the E-MAil fiels pls

I still want her to upload, for the keks

No. 3654

File: 1547375412445.jpeg (126.18 KB, 750x1206, 080EE664-0D08-4D3A-8C86-65C5DE…)

You’re not wrong, anon…
(Pic of the her YT analytics over the last couple weeks)

No. 3655


If Jill would actually put effort into her channel and upload regularly and actually deliver the videos she promised to her followers (how to sew shit and DIY tutorials), she would actually be near 500k subscribes by now. There are tons of younger people who loves that tacky ass "kawueweu" lifestyle thing.

Also one thing that I remembered: One patreon anon said that Jill is currently busy with sewing something for her trip to Japan next month (bless) and I can't believe that this girl hasn't learned yet that sewing some shit with her below sewing skills for such special events (Last Japan trip, birthday dress etc. etc.) ALWAYS ended in a goddamn mess because she never practices in between the times of not such events. I bet that she will sew some ill looking clothes (prob a dress), realize during the day of the departure how bad it looks and have meltdown again. I mean she regretted all her other creations and so will she feel the same about the upcoming one lol. If she wants to present her ~designs~ in front of a large audience, good, but make sure it's actually decent looking.

No. 3656

The fact that she had 9-10 whole months to plan her outfit and create something to show off her "skills" and yet she's only NOW starting to work on something has got to be the laziest stunt she's pulled so far kek I'm not surprised though and can't wait to see the disaster outfit she comes up with.

No. 3657


I feel like she probably just wants to go to the Japan interview and be able to say "I designed and made my outfit" like a harajuku god or something, when in reality, she's too lazy to do something like that, and procrastinated until the last minute. I can only imagine what it's going to be like when she has to make a full collection for school. She'll probably drop out tbh

No. 3658

File: 1547405479868.jpeg (110.82 KB, 640x683, C013D32E-EDC7-4C47-944D-6AAC5F…)

Her fandom is falling apart. A fan account on tumblr is re-branding due to the drama. I’m so proud of this community coming together and exposing a scumbag!

No. 3659

i stalked jill's ex who has now transitioned to a guy and hes living his best life

No. 3660

Which ex?

No. 3661

caps or gtfo

No. 3662

dude just look up onlinepixie on instagram. It's the ex formerly known as alyssa.

No. 3663

What the fuck lmao thats not the same person??

No. 3664

Proof that's Alyssa? Tbf I don't really know what she looked like but I'm not seeing anything on onlinepixie's insta to suggest that he dated Jill ever.

No. 3665

are you an idiot? That's not Alyssa, its someone who jill follows on instagram.

No. 3666

This isn't anyone Jill dated.

No. 3667

OnlinePixie/Alyssa is another girl that went to Jill’s school. She was a art/theatre class kid. Nb trans boi. Uma and Alyssa/MysteryGirl are the only girls Jill was with. Colin was the only nb person she dated but he was a regular looking soft guy.

No. 3668

File: 1547411300155.jpeg (64.92 KB, 750x417, 51AC53D0-F059-442F-9529-2EA8F6…)

That’s not the same Alyssa, please sage your posts.
This is Alyssa’s insta for future reference

No. 3669

lmao you're an idiot, that specific alyssa was transitioning while still friends with Jill, so I've even seen Jill use their new name/pronouns, whereas she's publicly referred to her ex as 'alyssa/she/her' as recently as a few weeks ago, you must be really dense to get those two confused lol

No. 3670

I thought the other Alyssa was Jill's lesbian friend who is now a guy?

No. 3671

File: 1547416980544.png (97.21 KB, 720x605, Screenshot_2019-01-13-15-59-36…)

Anon you need your eyes checked if you thought this was Mystery Girl Alyssa

No. 3672

a new vid was uploaded!

No. 3673

I love how every time someone calls her out on common sense stuff like breeding or not mixing alcohol with meds, Jill's response is "ooh i had no idea!!"
She is either legit retarded or cant keep up with her own lies anymore.

No. 3674

Great video! Well put together. I hope a lot of non farmers watch this as well for the truth

No. 3675

good job anon. you provided caps and posts both from and outside of lolcow. everything you present you back up with specific posts and videos, and that's what's going to sting jillybean where it hurts: she can't claim you're making stuff up or lying now, her fans can't whiteknight her when most of the stuff she's accused of is backed up by posts or videos she made herself.

No. 3676

Also just remembered how she did the same when someone told her queer had a history of being a slur lmao

No. 3677

Also just remembered how she did the same when someone told her queer had a history of being a slur lmao

No. 3678

File: 1547424617553.jpg (474.49 KB, 1080x1069, 20190113_195914.jpg)

No new milk but I'm amazed she managed to find some of those worst pics she's ever taken of herself

No. 3679

Does she know what glow up means?

No. 3680

"i always have been weird"
yes jill, you're the only teenager that's ever dyed their hair, wore altfash and had band posters up in their room. you absolutely don't look like the average tumblr user in 2013.

No. 3681

lmaooooo bruh. your head didn't grow. you got fat. her features looked larger when her face had less fat on it. does she actually think this is a thing that happens with age?? i'm just…. speechless.

No. 3682


It looks like there are 15 years between these photos, not 5.

No. 3683

JFC the pic on the left genuinely looks like shoop. And she sure as fuck didn't glow up one bit, her face just got fatter.

No. 3684

She looks just like louise on the left. that isn't a compliment

No. 3685

her features didnt look that disproportionate outside of her awkward editing attempts

No. 3686

and that pic isn't even recent. holy weight gain lol

No. 3687

File: 1547426862528.jpeg (23.66 KB, 309x463, 8B5F86F5-C341-4DA8-8CC0-1B63D7…)

Ok but… Why did she have a framed photo of Gerard Way from when he was in high school..

No. 3688

File: 1547427327439.jpeg (59.23 KB, 913x206, 5EDBE9DE-B191-4A9A-8A5E-E31CA1…)

Rainbow Babs lost two subscribers.
She went from 60/60, to 57/60, back to 60/60 and a week later she’s lost another two people and she’s at 58/60. I foresee she will never be able to retain a full 60 people from here on out.

No. 3689

She went down to 56 right after she changed the rewards.

No. 3690

I'm fucking laughing, she had a sense of humor back

No. 3691

And she crawls right back into her delusion. I see absolutely no improvement whatsover. Jill on the left looks salvageable, but Jill on the right is long gone

No. 3692

File: 1547431012904.jpg (275.07 KB, 1080x946, 20190113_195928.jpg)

No. 3693

I'm sure this is for cosplay, speaking of which has she said what she will be working on next?

No. 3694


shit left jill as bad as she was
so much better than now

No. 3695

That hair is so bad, that it actually looks shopped.

No. 3696

Maybe she's finally working on that Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay she mentioned on her list of videos/goals on patreon back when she started it?

No. 3697

Could be for the dress she's making for her Japan trip, if she's really going all-out on it.

No. 3698

Also just remembered how she did the same when someone told her queer had a history of being a slur lmao

No. 3699

she legit looks demonic on the left. her teeth look awful. gurl…….

No. 3700

The full hair, curls and bangs actually suit her so well tho. If she had that hairstyle now in brown it'd flatter her so much more than whatever the hell she's got going on now. It's slim her face a bit and she could even do a little color in it like pink or something.
She looks a little crazed on the left and her features make it look like it was one of her /too/ thin times, but how can she not see she used to be cuter.

No. 3701

It also helps that she’s smiling in the left picture. Idk why she always tries to pull that “sexy smoulder” look with such a bright, colorful style. She’s trying to look cute, right? So it’s odd that she defaults to a more “serious” expression.

No. 3702

oh come on jill as if these pictures aren't both heavily photoshopped, I love that she addressed how fucking weird she looked facially in her old pictures but made out it was natural, anyone with a brain can see how intensely shooped it is

No. 3703

It‘s funny that who ever is making these videos puts out more content than Jill does.

No. 3704

Jill is like those bitches who buy d.va merch and dont know what overwatch is wtf

No. 3705

saged for OT

is there a specific reason jill hasnt posted one of her monthly fave videos since august? they seem like pretty low effort content to put out, especially just on a monthly basis. they also pull in fairly decent views for her… i cant imagine why you'd drop a series as easy to make as that one

No. 3706

Hi anon! Here let me answer your question:

because she's an entitled lazy piece of shit.

Hope that helped!

No. 3707

On the note of videos, didn't she tweet something about how she was busy making videos so she could post over the Christmas period?

No. 3708


Yes, they never happened, just like this promised video >>3118 lol

No. 3709

It's actually sad to compare Jill to this old friend of hers

Back when they would hang out, that girl used to say she wanted to move to montreal and attend art school, and now she's doing exactly that. In some ways, that can also be compared to the fact that she said she was queer/gay and well … she's now been post-op/on hormones for a while and hangs around the lqbt club scene doing drag often. She also does performance pieces that deal with gender issues, i'm guessing for school. If anything, this person does exactly what she says. She talks about her dreams and then gets it done.

Compare that to Jill who's abandoned every single "dream" she's ever had of moving to montreal, toronto, halifax etc and stuck to the most convenient vocational college closest to her parent's home. No matter how much she lied about being gay and tried as hard as possible to impress the queers, Jill is simply all about the hetero life. She was never a lesbian, unlike her friend group who legimitely dated each other.

Despite pretending that she was into drag for a minute, Jill never once actually supported local drags or participated in queer nightlife (she only ever goes clubbing with her straight friends and the "bunny hops" babysitter group). She's not actually into DIY/secondhand fashion at all because she buys everything brand new, despite lgbt clothes swapping groups being commonplace in the community. She doesn't support sharing economies (sharing rentals for queer-friendly living spaces/art studios, sharing transportation with disabled/poor queers, sharing food at potlucks or trading food for other necessities etc), since again she buys everything brand new and requires an entire 3-floor condo for herself. She doesn't support any type of anti-oppression politics and most definitely does not support actual poor & struggling young artists that legitimtely live off their art.

Her friend is just a perfect case study for comparison to Jill's fraudalant identity.

No. 3710

File: 1547482855620.jpeg (682.24 KB, 2048x2048, 26433857-E3A7-4BC9-B82F-E140CB…)

>Serena doesn’t hang out with the other cats, she doesn’t like anyone other than me

No. 3711

i get the point you're trying to make but the friend is a TiF and if that's not a fake identity then i dont't know what is

No. 3712

File: 1547497966837.png (895.67 KB, 1134x574, Jillian Fart.png)

Does anyone know if Jill kept the gifts she got Alyssa or gave them away? I'm gonna rewatch her makeup vids and see if she uses any of them.

No. 3713


Anon don't do Emilia dirty like this kek

No. 3714

Emilia Fart is an iconic blessing to the world how dare you.
Besides, Emilia is self away, Jill isn’t.

No. 3715

anon how dare you
emilia is everything jill can never be

No. 3716

At least that girl is committed to her fake identity and actually lives out the life she claims to have.

Jill will straight up lie about being a person she isn't and having a life that she doesn't have. She isn't just a poser, she's also sloppy and blatant about it.

No. 3717

How DARE you insult Emilia like this. Emilia is a million times the woman Jillian wishes she could be, she's actually self-aware and smarter than Jillian's dye-fried bird brain

No. 3718

Haven't you heard? Jill's a baby narcissist.

No. 3719

Who's Emilia


No. 3720

At least try to google before you want someone to derail.
Emilia Fart.

No. 3721


why does every time emilia fart is mentioned ANYWHERE in comparison that there is inevitably a comment saying "don't do her dirty like this" or some other bullshit. like. why do you guys care so much? does she need to be defended so intesely? she's just a loose mental case that makes people laugh with her honesty. and nothing to really be praised so much. i don't get it.

No. 3722

it's kind of a meme, we're insulting jill by saying it's an insult to be compared to her. plus people like emilia bc she's very no-nonsense and embraces her ridiculous persona. don't take it so seriously and stop derailing over who emilia fart is and why we defend her so much on jill threads.

No. 3723


that's pretty good clarification, i didn't intend to derail but i did want to know why, because it's a recurring theme in these threads, so thanks anon.

No. 3724

File: 1547532937508.jpg (140.76 KB, 720x757, 2019115_1156730.jpg)

There is a Tumblr page dedicated to her feet…

No. 3725

Men are fucking gross.

No. 3726


Why anyone would want to look at Jills dirty wart feet is beyond me

No. 3727

If I were to compare Jill to another Youtuber it be Amberlyn Reid, they have a lot in common

No. 3728

File: 1547564209842.jpg (339.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190115-095541_You…)

Damn 4/5 of the videos that come up when you search her now are hate. It makes me so happy to know she's definitely seen my beforr and after pixie video lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3729

YouTube results are customized to you. You're watching a lot of Pixie hate videos, so they're recommending them to you. If I search her name in an incognito tab, I only see one of them as a result in the top 5, and your video isn't even in the top 50 recommended.

No. 3730

It seems like you're just filtering by upload date, since those are the most recent videos related to her.

Also, that video is useless and retarded, why would you be happy she saw that? You sound like a teenager.

No. 3731

As someone has followed Amberlynn’s antics for a couple months, they definitely have a lot in common when it comes to impulse control. However Jill doesn’t seem to have a destructive pattern, destructive behaviour yes, but no destructive pattern.

No. 3732

I would say she's almost identical to Kailyn Wilcher besides having a kid. I guess you can count animal hoarding instead.

Geez, MG video already at 16k views, that's nuts.

No. 3733

Jill never gave us classics like rosebud slave though kek.

The thing about Jill is that she's not particularly special. Beyond her ugly clothes and bizarre put on persona, she's really just a spoiled weeby straight girl who has depression and anxiety.

No. 3734


are they though? I don't follow pixielocks drama other than occasionally reading this thread once in a while (I've only watched a couple videos of hers) and when I searched "pixielocks" I got almost the same order of videos minus the before/after video in the screenshot by "mayor trunks"

No. 3735

File: 1547663177387.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1987, D7D32F26-CF05-43AE-AE2C-0C8A5D…)

I haven't watched an of her videos in months, and not fully. These are my results. The "how she treats her cats" video is fairly far down there. I wouldn't be surprised if she watches drama videos on her, since itsbpretty suspected she lurks a bit. But they aren't going to be everyone's first result when looking her up. I'm sure they're suggested to her fans tho.

No. 3736

File: 1547669763596.jpeg (67.72 KB, 799x213, 8C870B06-AEFF-443E-96DA-C220F8…)

Patreon Update

No. 3737

File: 1547677567702.jpeg (48.25 KB, 750x147, 7E6F862E-5B6D-413B-A1F3-506D1B…)

This made me laugh

No. 3738

File: 1547691523090.png (697.38 KB, 591x586, snow pix.PNG)

new insta post so i guess she's still in school

No. 3739

File: 1547691558883.png (6.14 KB, 296x99, what.PNG)

No. 3740

File: 1547692125657.png (283.7 KB, 495x554, oie_Z5uKKIxfqfWu.png)

newest fan art inspired me kek

No. 3741

Am I going crazy or does she look kinda cute here?? If her bangs where blonde I’d give it a solid 7/10

No. 3742

I feel like she always looks better when she wears her bangs down. But yeah having it straight blonde would be much better.

No. 3743

Nah you’re right. This picture is pretty good compared to her usual. I still hate her bangs though, not just the colour, but the shape. They’re soooo wide and round like her mom cut them with a bowl or something. It’s like every time she gets them trimmed they cut them a bit wider.

No. 3744

File: 1547694833180.png (501.94 KB, 591x586, 1547691523090.png)

It's not the best job I've done, but yeah, she'd look better if it were all one solid color, or if she'd just stop over-processing it in general.

No. 3745

Natural makeup/little makeup, almost normal hair color, no weird facial expression. I haven’t seen her look this close to her age since summer. Cute.

No. 3746

she's actually cute here, good on her, let's savor it while it lasts

No. 3747

No. 3748

the light reflecting off the snow really helped her face out in the photo

No. 3749

clean your gross house too babe

No. 3750

When she cuts the video to after she's done "cleaning" look at the pile of stuff all over her bed in the reflection of the vanity

No. 3751

There she is again "the patreon postcards were FINANCIALLY UNSUSTAINABLE".

Gurl. Stop.

No. 3752

File: 1547775956172.jpeg (501.58 KB, 2048x2732, A0988414-579A-4048-AD8F-B87143…)

Can’t make House tour your bc the whole house is messy
Did work over winter break bc “vomit” and “much didn’t happen”
Name drops her school bc doesn’t care about internet safety
Loves school
Has “situations with her brain” so she went to the people at school. She’s had one appointment. Steve spoke to her asking for help, ending the email saying that she can be a “strong precure princess” because Jillian told her that Precure is her role model.
Loves her 2d design class, loves her drawing class and likes drawing from observation (fruits and shapes) because she’s excited to get better at drawing.
“I’ve always wanted to do fashion and maybe book illustration on the side”
oh my god.
Showed us her art
Says that she loves ceramics
Loves foundation year
Might break up house tour into parts.

No. 3753

File: 1547776145019.jpeg (642.38 KB, 1819x2729, A49D5105-A631-4734-BF93-AB6E79…)

Her first time doing a realistic drawing, and her painting about anxiety attacks in her arms.

No. 3754

holy moly, she's huge now. Also, kek, she admitted to watching Emilia Fart. Is she becoming self aware? Her art school sounds like a scam

No. 3755

Her complaining about the foundation year made me roll my eyes so hard. Also, her sperg about LGB comm is the worst. she's still pretending to be gay when she's the straightest girl in Canada?

No. 3756

Wow, her art is not good at all.

No. 3757

File: 1547776806528.jpeg (138.46 KB, 750x774, 2904B25E-D3B4-4AC1-8A51-15B94A…)

This is Jill

No. 3758

File: 1547776821669.jpg (624.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190118-122727_Sam…)

She has opened her top tier pateron to more people. She now has 63/150 on the $10 month tier.

No. 3759

Wow, that's brazen. She mentioned her patreon changes in this new video. I'm sure she did that so more of her audience would be aware of the tier so she could open up more slots and make that uber easy $10 for each of them.

I did actually like this video, though. Like obviously she's nasty for having such a dirty house and having that be the reason she hasn't done a house tour, her art is actual garbage, and the lbs she's packed on are very evident in this video, but I liked her chatting. Her editing was also funny.

No. 3760

Does this girl not know that liking rainbows isnt a personality trait

No. 3761

I know we all say this is the worst she's looked everywhere a new video is out but seriously this is the worst she's looked. She just keeps finding ways to top the last look and her body shape is a literal blob

No. 3762

She had nothing but free time last year to work on her drawing skills and learn on her own but she's just now getting into it because she has to for school. She might enjoy school but I'm sure she'll be the same lazy Jill once she's done with it. I couldn't imagine her being able to juggle multiple art forms, it takes time and dedication and she's someone who can't write 60 small cards a month or package pins.

No. 3763

im surprised that cat looks as good as it does considering how all her fashion sketches look. she has potential. too bad mommy and daddy probably already told her she's a great artist and everything she draws is good. she'll never surpass where she is now.

No. 3764

What’s wrong with her art? Not WKing, I’m just curious. I think it’s decent compared to her wonky art where she had the same skill level for 5 years.
Her school seems like it will shelter her even more, most small art schools don’t have standards that low (no portfolio, unprofessional employees).

No. 3765

Does she keep the first aid kit in the vanity next to her bed for self harm reasons?

Old friends of mine who were chronic self-harmers would keep first aid stuff around their bedrooms in case they accidentally hurt themselves more than intended. But that was usually to hide everything from their parents. Whereas Jill doesn't really need to lock herself away in the bedroom since she has the entire house to herself.

So idk it could mean absolutely nothing, but keeping that stuff in her vanity seemed kinda weird to me.

No. 3766


The graphic peaking out on the friggin long sleeve is killing me, why? Is this really a thing now?

No. 3767

Agreed. This is her best video in a long-ass time. But she's still scamming her patreons with this "postcards are too expensive" lie and pretending to be totes qweer is shady af.
Maybe this is her turn around though, the video had more editing and actual "content" than she's produced in a while. Maybe she's on an upward swing.

I don't see the point in bashing her art or weight or any of that shit, that's petty. I wish she'd come clean about all the lies though and then just admit that she's not perfect and stop pretending she's a magical queer ethical fashion goddess. She's a young woman who with a shopping addiction who likes her own crazy fashion and shares that with the world.

No. 3768

The government of New Brunswick should really be more clear about what type of institution it is, it's not accredited as an actual college or university. It's clearly just a rip off from the neighbouring province's art school, Nova Scotia College of Craft & Design, which is a fully accredited university with a long history.

Obviously gullible kids like Jill will think ~oh the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design is exactly the same~ when in reality it's a vocational school and people only go there to stay close to home/because they're not academic.

No. 3769

bit of a tinfoil, but wearing less/natural makeup does seem like a result of her not having the energy to do her usual rainbow mess. it looks a lot better but somehow i think it's probably depression related. also i know it's not kawaii to be problematic (kek), but it would really behoove her reputation and mental health to actually address all of those vidoes about her IN a video. she's just in constant denial about every aspect of her life and it's so gd frustrating. and good on her for at least trying to get help but girl….. you need to make the leap and start getting regular therapy especially if you're taking psych meds like wtf

No. 3770

This the same chick who posted body positivity uwu bullshit last summer but it was all shopped to hell and back. I think picking at her weight is fine considering she's the hypocrite

No. 3771

File: 1547783570506.jpg (140.56 KB, 1080x478, 20190117_191227.jpg)

She's been whining on her FB lately

No. 3772

File: 1547783599078.jpg (284.58 KB, 1080x1166, 20190117_141723.jpg)

No. 3773

File: 1547785978405.png (1.28 MB, 1156x676, chunk.png)

No. 3774

>Jillian told her that Precure is her role model.

Well that explains her being into "book illustration" She wants to be Cure Flora from Go Princess.

No. 3775

probably a nitpick at this point, but she would literally look 20 lbs lighter if her posture wasn't so completely shite. that skirt sure as hell isn't doing her any favors either. i dont remember any of these clothes tho? am i dumb or has she finally admitted that she's gained and started to buy new shit?

No. 3776

She looks like a waaaay uglier and less interesting whatshername Hacker woman from Criminal Minds.

No. 3777

The white long sleeved shirt she's wearing is from Swankiss and she's had it for quite awhile now I believe. I've definitely seen her wear it before.

No. 3778

File: 1547788147470.jpeg (866 KB, 1125x868, E534031D-7BAA-405B-8069-653530…)

No. 3779

I love how she said that her Rainbow Babes were positive about the patreon change when the private video she put out was mostly disliked and the comments (which she deleted lol) were negative.

No. 3780

IMO Jill's art is fine for being in design school. The thing that confuses me is… if its a DESIGN school then why is she doing studies and figure drawings in a foundation year? It makes sense in an actual ART school, where you would need those things to go into fine art/illustration/animation but this is a DESIGN school. Her learning about impressionism/ fine art history is also strange in this context. I guess this just goes to show that she doesn't even care if her school will actually give her an education

No. 3781

File: 1547799983603.png (113.85 KB, 231x221, cea2c1da076af2d8ffb7e6b361671f…)

No. 3782

That fupa though lmao she really is turning into one of her cult members.

No. 3783

Idk if I'm alone here but despite knowing all the awful shit about Jill and being able to look at her and everything she does with a critical eye I still really like her and want her to succeed. This is a great video. I know she's co-opting the shameless/'owning my flaws and disgustingness' content style of Emilia Fart/Garret/Drew/Shane but I like it I think it's a good direction for her much better than shitty make up tutorials and hauls.

Jill has a charming personality when she's not trying to put on a facade or doing personality-lacking videos like hauls.

Despite you being a spoiled entitled queer baiting overly sensitive vapid brat, I'm still rooting for you Jill…..

No. 3784


same. i felt like she didnt put on too much of her usual baby voice either in this video

No. 3785

I'm an artist attending art school and I've been around a lot of art and in a lot of art classes in my life. Her art isn't completely useless, it has potential. The cat looks proportionally correct and the piece itself just needs to use more contrasting value in places, but that's (hopefully) the kind of stuff she'll learn in school. The other painting does look beginner, BUT at least she was able to think of a concept and bring it to fruition.

No. 3786

I haven't seen anyone mention her other works from the video (knitting and photography) yet.

The knit was pretty basic, but if she made the pattern herself that's decently impressive for the first time and the stokinette + sewn in ends were very clean.
The photography, however, felt overused and boring, like an instagram filler photoshoot.

No. 3787

She looks genuinely autistic here.
I like laughing at Jill, but agreed. I think the hate boners some anons have towards some of the more harmless flakes and cows really spergy - all this talk of "taking her down!!" when we're just here to follow and gossip from a distance. Jill's an asshole, sure, but she's only 20 and I'd like to see her grow and mature, and really start taking things seriously.

No. 3788

NAYRT but on this subject, maybe this is just me or I'm going too far and being a WK but all the increasingly popular recent videos that use caps from these threads as primary sources just seem like cowtipping to me. I'm not here for callout culture, just to watch what Jill does next and talk about it with others for fun.
As a side note, her posts about the world being cold and people not being nice to her are also probably in response to those videos and her fans turning against her due to them.

No. 3789

I agree, the videos are pretty cowtippy. I do think the good they're doing outweighs the harm, though. While it's funny to just sit back and watch Jillian be a dunce, at some point you start to feel like she's taking advantage of her vulnerable and naive followers monetarily, and that shit ain't cool.

No. 3790

Patreon anon here:
Most patrons respond to the actual post and not the video on YouTube, all the responses on there were positive, it was quite obvious that the thumbs down and negative comments were from people on here and not actual patreons

No. 3791

i hope she can grow past all of this and in a few years, maybe when she's well into her 20's and has matured, she can look back and cringe at her old self like most well-adjusted adults do. she has potential to be better, but she'd need to do a 180 on her life and actually put in consistent, prevalent effort despite the ups and downs that come with recovery.

No. 3792

For sure, obviously people that like her enough to give her ten dollars a month won't be turned against her simply by her claiming she's "overworked and needs to take a step back uwu."

No. 3793

My main concern is her cats. We've seen too many cows on this site accidentally kill their pets from neglect and/or stupidity. Especially in the cosplay scene where they are doing DIY stuff in their house

No. 3794

tbh same. i wouldn't be that worried about serena because she's older and would probably only eat something shiny out of boredom. but she has a kitten now. he's a bit older but he's still a kitten. and as much as i want jill to learn and improve from her mistakes, i think i speak for (hopefully) everyone when i say that i hope to god it doesn't take losing a pet for jill to snap out of her current state of denial/willful ignorance. she honestly doesn't deserve her cats in the first place because she treats them like fucking objects, but no one deserves to lose a pet. sage for cat sperg but you get my point

No. 3795

Sage your posts

No. 3796

By far, her most annoying video. I understand real artists who aren’t neurotypicals often create art about their trauma and mental illness, but Jill seems like the type who never shuts the fuck up about her mental illness irl and uses it as a personality. The fact that her boyfriend had to email her counselor for her and that her counselor brought up magical girl stuff is pathetic. Jill’s painting of her arms to represent her anxiety ticks—I can see her going on in class about how she’s a mentally ill bean and how hard she has it, and people pitying her for it. Everything about her is so try-hard and self-absorbed. Saged for sperging.

No. 3797

Have you seen her old art anon?

No. 3798

I’m a little iffy on the callout videos as well. Thread #25 got placed on autosage because of that anon trying to make a video and others contributing to that google doc/folder. It’s bordering cowtipping, so in the future maybe only use text and Jill’s own content to prevent lolcow from being referenced.

No. 3799

This art doesn't look bad, it's just so simple and incomplete. You think she traced her cat from a picture? Possibly the arms too.

No. 3800

I can see the videos being a benefit if it sparks a discussion between Jill and her fans, where she owns up to the more problematic issues they relate to and she improves from them. However, it becomes full-on cowtipping when the video gets spammed to Jill's twitter like the Alyssa video did, and that whole thing got way out of hand IMO. I think enough has been covered by the videos that we don't need any more of them unless something major happens, and by that point the video should be done without caps if possible like >>3798 said.

No. 3801

she used a knitting machine, she didn’t hand knit

No. 3802


whether or not she used a knitting machine or hand-knitted it doesn't have anything to do with what I said.
You can use a knitting machine and still design the pattern yourself and after you use the knit machine you still have to sew in the ends by hand

No. 3803

Anon was probably referring to how you said the stockinette looked clean, which is easy when you’re using a machine. I agree that it looked pretty nice, though.
Do more knitting, Jill!

No. 3804

EXACTLY what I thought, anon!
one thing that turned me away from the idea was the fact that she had band aids - if you look at her scar cover up or just her scars in general, i feel like they'd be too big to actually be covered with a band aid, but she DID have gauze if i recall… sage for tinfoil, but i thought the same thing

No. 3805

To be fair I keep first aid stuff in my room in case I cut my finger or something when I’m doing art stuff, this is really a reach

No. 3806

I don't think they're traced, they're slightly too wonky and warped to be traced, especially the cat.

No. 3807

I agree with the Alyssa situation getting out of hand and that we should stop it with the videos. All the important/big issues with Jill have been addressed and any more would just come across as petty/definitely like it belongs on a bitchy gossip site.

I don't necessarily see anything inherently wrong with using screencaps from lolcow threads though, especially because this is really the only place on the internet where you can get screencaps of exactly what people find wrong with her. The rest of the internet loves this girl for the most part, with that changing just a little bit out of her favor recently. If lolcow screencaps are included in the video, unless for some reason a huge amount of weight is put on the fact that "these screencaps came from lolcow guize, credit to lolcow kekekek," I'm fine with it.

No. 3808

Agree. I think the fact that the videos sparked critical thought among her fans is important since she'd been doing shitty things with zero backlash or criticism from her fans.
Yeah this is pretty much the only place to find unbiased criticism of Jill. It sucks when people use tonnes of screen shots of the threads in videos though as a lot of people will instantly tune out if they see information from lolcow or kiwifarms since we're 'dubious bully sites'.

Video anon should type any opinions/time lines they want to use for themselves and NOT use lolcow screen shots

It's true this is the only place to get the info you'd need to fully criticise Jill but using so many screenshot is cowtippy. Use the info but try not to link lolcow to it

No. 3809

If Pixie did videos on doing the Konmari method it could be pretty amazing. She could ride the wave of how popular it is and get a lot of new subscribers I bet. As a bonus it would probably greatly help her anxiety having a little less around.

Jillian, if you are lurking this would be so cool to watch. You don't have to throw out Precure stuff if it sparks joy!

No. 3810

she is an emotional shopper so I don't think in the long run it would make any difference, she hoards garbage in the first place to try and fill a hole so its likely even with that method there would probably be too much that she is emotionally attached to, and even if she did clean things out she would probably just end up getting into the same state again by buying more again, before tackling the stuff she needs to tackle her emotional issues that cause all the stuff to accumulate

No. 3811

Jillian isn’t anxious because she’s loosong subscribers, she’s anxious because there’s been several videos released which has caused her fans to see the true her. She should seriously just apologize to her fans and change (if that happened then there really wouldn’t be anything to post about anymore on here. The “hate” could stop). We don’t want to see her clean her messy house, we want to see her be honest and do more chatty videos instead of mass producing boring hauls.

No. 3812

Actual art student here to tell you she doesn't have potential and this is what talented people draw when they're 12, not 20. Her art is fucking hideous and her school is a scam.

No. 3813

No one cares about your pretentious opinion anon.

No. 3814

No. 3815

Jills venture into abstract expressionism

No. 3816

This is probably going to be a VERY unpopular opinion, but I think she looks really cute in this video. Her sweater is really cute, and her skirt doesn't emphasize the size of her tummy. I also like her hair like that in a pony tail.

No. 3817

I agree anon, I think she looks a lot more put together then normal.
As for the video, while she's no de Kooning, she honestly seemed more human in this video. I liked her doing something she wasn't confident in and ending it on "well, its a thing, it's not great, but its a thing"

No. 3818

You're not alone I actually think she looks better, considering her top half isn't something baggy. More like an actual young adult and not a granny in her experimental phase.

No. 3819

for someone so creative who "wants to make art until she dies" she really has to take ideas from Jenna marbles (who I love but she isn't an artist or an art channel) and can only be inspired to "get off her couch and stop watching pripara" by the prospect of poaching her views, it would be fine if she made any other art content ever but she doesn't then she just braggs all the time about how she is an artist!

No. 3820

you say this but I was genuinely worried I was going to see her snatch at points, that skirt was riding up dangerously high and kept moving between cuts so she was clearly trying to pull it down a lot

No. 3821

Please I wish she would just fix her hair color. I know it’s nitpicky but if her hair is such a big part of her aesthetic and she has the money, you think she’d be better about keeping it up.

No. 3822

I googled the yellow machine that her mom got her for christmas that she proceeded to stain with paint, it is a $300 cutting machine, the example video shows cutting your own iron on decal for clothing (which actually involved quite a few steps), I guess the machine would be useful if you made a lot of clothes or cosplays but why does Jill need something of that level oh right because she is delusional, rich and its yellow, for all the money she has thrown at tech for making clothes its shocking that she chose a sham school and course

No. 3823

It’s nice to hear that she’s not doing a “what I got for Christmas haul” and wants to focus on making more art related and chatty videos, seems like that’s a better direction for her channel

No. 3824

as someone who is an artist for a living… wow lol
why would anyone think this is a good idea
i don't usually come to these threads but holy shit. why

No. 3825

She use to suck up to big youtubers on twitter and in their comments, why not copy their video ideas too. It doesn't take any skill which means easy art points for someone who never spent any of her free time doing art for her self or to improve.

No. 3826

I think it could provide for some interesting videos…
It would be nice to see how she learns and improves.
I'm excited to see how her skill grows!

No. 3827

File: 1548002657169.jpg (153.71 KB, 1440x798, KhZqOMX.jpg)


how did jenna marbles make better art than she did wow. pixie really doesn't know how colours work together at all.

No. 3828

I'm sorry you don't understand the art world buddy.

Her new video proves my point again.

No. 3829

sounds like the overlocker all over again, more machine's she doesn't need that are above her level that she will never use, what a waste, with all the machines and money for high-quality fabrics she has she could make some really great pieces

No. 3830

Me and my siblings actually pitched in to get our Mother one of these for Christmas. It's pretty multi-purpose, and can be used for many things- printing out knitting patterns, making stickers, etc. I don't think it's a very bad purchase, personally. And while my mother probably does a lot more than pixie as a teacher, I actually borrow it occasionally so I can see why she'd want one.

No. 3831

Oh wow, and ACTUAL art student who understands the ~ aRt WoRlD ~, that is so impressive and cool!

I got so triggered when she just dunked her brushes in water and left them there, RIP. Also, how do you use an entire tube of white gouache for a painting class exercise, unless the exercise was done on a huge paper or canvas? The tube wasn't even that small. I bet she just bought bad quality paints and the white was absolute shit so she had to squeeze it everywhere.

I kind of liked this video as background noise, but her pieces came out pretty bad. It's like she's colorblind or something.

No. 3832

tbh I get the feeling that she’s just wasteful and probably squeezes out too much paint to seem more ~artsy~. like she posted that one photo of herself practicing and there was paint gooped absolutely everywhere and it was clearly just to give the impression that she’s artistic and messy and quirky

No. 3833

Gouache sperg incoming

I have that Holbein gouache set and it's really nice and buttery out of the tube, terrible if you let it dry in a palette and try to reactivate it because it becomes chalky and it's almost impossible to get it back to that buttery consistency. Anyway, I have two theories for why she used the entire tube, which is actually really easy when you're new to gouache and that's actually a tiny tube because it's part of a set. Most colors are ~15ml tubes and white is ~59ml/2oz especially in brands that use more pigment than fillers (like M. Graham), you need to add white to everything so it's not completely transparent.
>She used the paint straight from the tube and barely mixed it with water so she would get full coverage like with acrylic, this is not how gouache is meant to be used
>She used white to make pastel colors and because of the dry shift probably had to mix them several times until they dried light enough. Usually to get pastel gouache you buy pre-mix or add a speck (much less than you would assume if you've used acrylic) of color to white. If they were painting values, she might have messed up her mix because the black in that set is srs bizness and it's easy to make a big muddy mess with it

No. 3834

Didn't she say at one point in a video she didn't like Jenna Marbles? Wild considering how much of her persona is lifted directly from Jenna, and now her videos, lmao

No. 3835

I'm not disputing it's a cool thing to have if you actually use it, I just don't think she will use it, the other anon above you mentioned the overlocker, again, something that is great if you spend the time to learn to use it and then proceed to use it, how many items like this does Jill have that she gets because of some fanciful idea of herself she has then never uses or uses once and then just leaves to rot in her hoard

No. 3836

saged because samefag but shout out to the anon who previously predicted that she wouldn't clean that palette, the crusty paint was alive and well, she also somehow had paint from that session inside the cap of the red paint

No. 3837

Another good video. She looks her age, and is not another haul/look-what-I-brought type video. If she would improve her personality and habits then I think that she would become more likable.

No. 3838

Agreed. I think the colour blocking in her outfit she went with here is pretty nice. Her natural coloured brows make her lipstick shade look cute as well. The only thing I would nitpick is her hair; otherwise, it’s a big improvement. Good for her.

No. 3839

I think you’re remembering her saying that she didn’t like how little effort Jenna put in, but got so many views on her videos. The thing that Jill doesn’t realise is that Jenna has been on the platform for a decade and has put a lot of effort into her previous content (like the skits she did, especially around that 2012-2013 era where the “shit ___ say). Another difference is that Jenna has a very likeable personality and can carry a video doing absolutely whatever (as proven by her making entire videos about her dogs).

Jill, however, can’t do that because most of Jill’s personality is curated on materialism and whatever flavour of the month she has going on like Precure or Crayola or Peeps

Sage for sperging

No. 3840

File: 1548013653361.jpg (186.7 KB, 584x340, fanmail.jpg)

No. 3841

she’s still awful at color and uses way too much paint, but this was a million times more interesting than the various hauls. I hope she keeps up this trend of art and chatty/activity videos. i also agree w the anons who said she looks much more her age and cuter for it

No. 3842

The paintings were awful but it was a cute video tbh

No. 3843

Penelope at least had a real job

No. 3844

Wrong you are anon I have a masters in art history. No gives a shit still.

No. 3845

Wow, when fucking Julien is better at color coordination than an art student then you know something is wrong.
Also, I'm not really into painting but it somehow felt like she didn't really know what she was doing? I mean, in Jenna's video there where somewhat specific steps that they both followed (and they even mention where they learned it from) but Jill just started using a brush out of nowhere and barely did the geometric shapes I thought these kind of painting was supposed to have?
I agree, however, that these kind of videos are a step up from her channel.

No. 3846

As for understanding the art world you sound like an amateur who attends a community college takes art 101 and assumes they are an expert on art and technique. Kek anon Gtfo Your art is probably as shit as Jill's.

No. 3847

She's definitely unskilled but it's a relief just to see her genuinely trying new things and working on becoming more creative instead of just a consumer. This is a good new direction for her content. Who knows, maybe one day her "designer diaries" will be revived with real sewing videos.

No. 3848

Nitpick, but why would her art school allow her to use craft paints? Those are the shittiest and cheapest paints. Even if it is frustrating creating colors on your own, that's what artists do. Practice and figure it out until you get good at it.

She also has plenty of money to drop on clothing, pink appliances and a tree, but she wants to save money on art supplies aimed at students who have less money than her? Way to invest in your artistic career.

No. 3849

I can't believe this video. Jill goes to art college, learned art history, and has no concept of non-objective art. Non objective art is based on the elements & principles of design, one of the most basic concepts that she should've learned by now, yet she still cannot apply them to this painting. It's fine to paint something for fun, but jesus christ she goes to ART COLLEGE
>no predetermined colour palette
>no composition whatsoever
>shitty water based paint
Sorry if this is too OT but it grinds my gears that she has no clue about this sort of stuff.

No. 3850

When you’re practicing/experimenting/learning you don’t want to use nice stuff, this is such a nitpick

No. 3851

I agree. She was just putting the paint on randomly. There was barely any rhyme or reason to it at all. I paint for fun and have only ever taken intro-level art courses, and I can still implement things like form and negative space.

No. 3852

…She really has no idea what she's doing or how colors work. Holyshit, what a mess.

No. 3853

This might be old but I was watching her wrapping vlog from this year and I notice that she got Davis’s tea for Steve’s parents but last year she didn’t got anything for Alyssa parents or sister.

No. 3854

Good job sending out Nov cards when we're almost in Feb, Jill.

No. 3855

is this really a surprise, or considered milk? we all know jillian's a hypocrite and a terrible friend/girlfriend + that she only favors her straight relationships

No. 3856

She even admits that she should have known better than to mix yellow and purple.

No. 3857

kek yup my immediate reaction was "well that explains why she doesn't understand what toning your hair does"

No. 3858


Pixie is determined to be a "bad egg" at the Peeps factory and is ejected down the garbage shoot.

No. 3859

Exactly, I mean she even mentioned line and shape at the beginning so maybe they even taught her about them but she just discredits and doesn't care about what her teacher says. This may be far fetched but my theory is that throughout college, Jill will ignore/wont apply the things that she learns because she wants to be ~unique and original uwu~

No. 3860

I'm actually in multiple galleries already and about to start my painting masters at an internationally known academy. Sorry to disappoint you anon, but can we now please drop it. All I did was criticise jillybean's art.(no1curr about your art)

No. 3861

As an artist myself, i dont feel offended by that video, although shes not making art. Id consider it a craft, as those painting dont have any meaning at all. What it bothers me is that she considers that art and shes studying arts in school… i dont know what shes learning.

No. 3862

>blogs about self as if anyone cares
>has to make a bragging post defending themselves as if anyone cares

"pls just drop it"

No. 3863

isn't the whole point of art that it's expression? stop gatekeeping you egotistical losers.

No. 3864

Unless you are going to give name drops to backup your 'credibility' as a artist stfu. No one cares about your art gatekeeping.

No. 3865

Just report them for blogposting this is getting ridiculous.

No. 3866


I'm sure there's some theory behind it as well, but these art anons are starting to remind me of the fashion anons in previous threads that would constantly blog and sperg about how much better than Jill they are.

If you need to compare Jill's "work" to your own in order to feel good about your own work, you're a shitty designer/artist.

No. 3867

Anons no one cares about your pretentious art credentials. This is about Jill's autist art. Not yours. Stop derailing. Go be a self important ass else where.

No. 3868

This is embarrassing anon

-also an artist

No. 3869

Attention starved people labeling themselves as "artists" isn't attractive anon.

No. 3870

How pathetic.. Even if this thread was about art in general ( which it's not… ) literally no one cares, and no one asked lmao

No. 3871

I just got through watching a good portion of Jill's video oh my God I can't believe the atrocities she's committed on that poor canvas. And the whole time saying she's an artist. This really is a severe case of self-delusion. I really do hope Jill's lack of skills improve. This is utterly embarrassing. She can barely sew as it is, she's even failing miserably at smearing paint on a canvas in an aesthetically pleasing form. I really have to wonder how she was raised exactly, I wonder if her parents realized they had an incredibly untalented and unimaginative child, and figured if they kept deluding her into believing that she was talented and an artist that maybe one day she might wake up with some potential talents. Kek

No. 3872

stop art gatekeeping. the video is fun, and her finished piece is fun. i actually enjoyed it. it isn't a masterpiece, and i agree with the anon that said it's more of a craft than art. i don't get where all of you art snobs came crawling from.

No. 3873

Why is everyone kissing her ass for doing an art/craft video even though the "art" looks like an elementary schoolers art project? This serves even less purpose than her hauls, she's got no talent and it was boring.

No. 3874

I agree that she's not skilled but it's more interesting to see even an unskilled person play around with paints while chatting than it is to have them flex with their shopping addiction.

Like other anons have said actual crafting/designing videos would be more interesting (and more relevant to her brand), but this is still something.

No. 3875

I feel like she looks a lot better in this video and her speech wasn't as unbearable as it usually is but lol at her getting paint on her $300 cricut and then talking about how she got it last month and hasn't even bothered using it yet

No. 3876

File: 1548111234240.jpeg (203.85 KB, 1408x992, 498C13EC-B3C0-4E25-A102-BEF05C…)

saged for ot, but i was watching emilia’s new video and i saw jill comment. has she always watched emilia? this thread talked about her very recently so if not it could be from jill lurking again

No. 3877

lurker or not, i admit watching a soulless, bland, no-personality-havin-ass basic bitch like jill attempt to copy emilia's shtick (which is being her genuine, raw self and unapologetic about it, as well as posessing a level of introspection and self-critique jill could only wish for in this life) would be very entertaining.

maybe she'll drop the rainbows in a few months and stick to skinwalking emilia.

No. 3878

File: 1548130699117.png (8.13 KB, 458x103, gee thanks.PNG)

idk if anyone has realized this but Jill is only 20 years old. and i know where she is from 18 is the drinking age but in New York it is 21 which means she was not allowed/supposed to drink alcoholic beverages in Dylans candy bar/at her meet up so she either a)wasnt drunk at her meet up or b)she was drunk and illegally did drink and that clip from the "problems with pixielocks" video makes the latter seem more sense… sorry for the old news just wanted to bring that to attention if no one noticed?

No. 3879

Why don't you actually read the previous threads and see that this was discussed to hell and back?

No. 3880

drag queen? I don't know emilia but I thought she was a bio woman who just had weird makeup, I apologize if I am wrong and being ignorant

No. 3881

she is a woman, IIRC in the video she described herself looking like a drag queen and that's what jill is referring to.

No. 3882

>idk if anyone has realized this but Jill is only 20 years old

nah we've had 31 threads about the bitch but we don't know how old she is

No. 3883

File: 1548192263891.jpg (205.21 KB, 439x726, 20190122_212232.jpg)

YouTube story

No. 3884

so she cleaned out her vanity then bought what looks like three pieces of furniture, a rug and something smaller….jesus christ Jill are you serious? you said yourelf the house is a trash heap you need less not more, all more furniture does is enable you to hide the junk and justify more junk

No. 3885

Season 2 of the Konmari show should have her visiting Jill.

No. 3886

i can only imagine how entertaining it'd be watching a polite japanese woman deal with someone like jill

No. 3887

What part of her house is this even for? All of her room's are already furnished. Unless it's for steve's dungeon - I mean basement room

No. 3888

Anyone else have a feeling she has a shit ton of credit card debt piling on? She spends like she has a decent salary job. Making a thousand bucks off Patreon and some trivial amount off YouTube does not look like it would cover all the shit she buys especially with how she spends hundreds at a time.

No. 3889

Her mother seems like the type to pay for furniture because "my baby can't just not have furniture!!!" If she's fine with paying for Jill's rent and car, I could easily see her being fine with helping with lots of other large costs as well.

No. 3890

How hilarious would it be if it turned out that basement WAS a sex dungeon?

No. 3891

Not at all cuz I don’t want to think about that

No. 3892

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if her parents are sending her a monthly allowance as well

No. 3893

I'd be willing to bet her parents pay her rent/bills/tuition, so all Jill has to worry about is shopping. A lot of students in the EU/UK are funded by their parents until they graduate, maybe with a weekend job to supplement, but most aren't earning a fraction of what Jill is

No. 3894

the tragedy would be if he doesn't have his own actual room does he have to sleep in Jills filthy pit of a room, never forget that she said before when she lived with her parents that she at one point had so much junk on her bed she was just sliding under the duvet and sleeping under the junk

No. 3895

File: 1548278034271.jpg (352.9 KB, 810x1611, 20190123_221246.jpg)

it was supposed to be a hehe joke but she actually bought it

No. 3896

This is just a really shitty digital camera. She can't make anything with this.

No. 3897

how much was this?

No. 3898

File: 1548280465633.jpeg (117.18 KB, 640x987, 18F3A5CF-7ED9-4AC6-A4BB-33660F…)

Found it on Amazon. It’s $20, not including shipping. Hobestly, Jill is going to end up a hoarder one day if she keeps buying all this useless plastic crap just because “colorful!” And “aesthetic!!”

No. 3899

>one day
Anon she already is a full blown hoarder. The townhouse is enough evidence.

No. 3900

She has absolutely no self control whatsoever and it's tragic. Sees something and immediately buys without any thought into "am I going to use this just once" or any other common sense questions before buying unnecessary crap. This kind of behavior is expected from teens/tweens not 20+ year old "adults". Is Louise the same way or does she just not say anything about this to her own kid?

No. 3901

okay but imagine it this way: she actually does make a video in the artsy vein she's been going with lately, and uses it for some fauxtography. this has the potential to be cute, and the camera is gimmicky enough to get clicks from people otherwise disinterested in her. i think… i think she read our feedback about how to fix her failing channel and is doing it? though maybe thats a bit too optimistic…

No. 3902

this is pretty low. getting a plastic camera because it fits her shitty aesthetic vs a real camera

No. 3903

File: 1548338118660.jpg (216.32 KB, 444x717, 20190124_135435.jpg)

YouTube story

No. 3904

is she cosplaying that new Precure character or something I'm guessing?

No. 3905

This doesn't match the designs of the new PreCure.

No. 3906

I think you have high expectations. IMO realistically she will take a couple pictures with it, realize it's a garbage Chinese cam and just have a haul video then it gets lost in her plastic trash hoard forever. She never puts effort or creativity in her videos but that's my opinion

No. 3907

This. It's probably just going to be her taking photos with them and then either laughing at the quality or just doing some lazy photoshop on them with some filters and her handwriting and posting like a "vintage digital camera photo tutorial."

No. 3908

Who wants to bet that Jill has already ordered items from the Esther Loves you x Lazy Oaf collaboration?

No. 3909

File: 1548383493744.jpeg (188.96 KB, 749x1063, 3132EFD3-F243-48C6-9B14-B08463…)

I like how Jill’s never included

No. 3910

no, >>3907 is exactly what i expect, that's just still that much of an improvement over endless hauls of shit she'll never wear/use again. it'd be low-tier content, but the gimmicks of the cute camera and her OTT appearance will get clicks. cmon jillybean read this and take a hint.

No. 3911

I feel like this is because Jill barely leaves her rainbie home.

No. 3912

File: 1548433704958.jpg (469.93 KB, 720x921, 20190125_082427.jpg)

I mean It might be a cure star cosplay? Probably not but it is the first thing I thought of. The new Precure series is astrology and art themed. As an art student witch, Jill is probably all for it. More stuff to buy, I guess

No. 3913

File: 1548452679187.jpeg (763.43 KB, 750x1091, 3653F7B5-8B3D-47B5-8D89-454B95…)

No. 3914

Already has the new Lazy Oaf cardigan I see.

No. 3915

Very metal shop appropriate clothing Jill well done

No. 3916

Aesthetic is more important than learning a skill.

No. 3917

I was the one who posted the Emilia meme here and she definitely lurks here because I don't believe Jill watched Emilia before.
Honestly, my only hope in posting that comparison picture was that Jillian becomes more self aware by her 30's, because it's very interesting that she's all about her fashion defining her as a person, but she rarely is genuine with her feelings or actions.
Jill has a full buffet of options to work from, unlike Emilia who didn't, yet doesn't use them for anything worth while and it's depressing so many grown adults and kids want to be her.

No. 3918

all of her hair crammed in that beret, have a shower Jill jesus I feel like I can smell her through the screen

No. 3919

that's a $100 cardigan she's wearing while at the metal shop, jill never ceases to amaze me

No. 3920

if she's retarded enough to wear her nice clothes to a metal shop then i hope they get ruined/stained, she deserves it.

No. 3921

People have posted Emilia here before and Jill has been lurking for years

No. 3922

I have that same cardigan kek(no1curr)

No. 3923

good for you. sage next time.

No. 3924

Why is she wearing an oversized cardigan with sleeves so long they go over her hands in a metal workshop? Anything for the “ aesthetic” until that shit gets caught in a machine

No. 3925

Aesthetics over safety!

She's not even wearing glasses or safety glasses. She really isn't very bright.

No. 3926

its probably because theyre not doing any actual machine work in her bs scam school

No. 3927

I think y'all are over-estimating what they'd throw at beginners in a metal/jewelry class.

She's sawing metal by hand. Probably given a small piece (copper, brass, etc), which you clamp to a table or something and saw through it then.

I doubt she'll interact with any machinery. Glasses will be handy when welding and working with patinas, etc.

No. 3928

yeah that's a jeweler's saw. She's just doing tiny cuts on some thin metal, theres no real reason she even needs to be wearing a mask tbh. I did this shit in middle school.

Just being in that room there's still a high chance she'll get her $100 cardigan dirty though, and I wonder what she wears for her drawing/painting classes because you DEFINITELY get dirty in those. I went to an actual art college and most students wore sweats, torn/stained jeans, old tshirts, etc to class because you are just going to get dirty anyway. But jillybean obviously cares more about aesthetic than what is pratical to wear to class.

No. 3929

File: 1548533920482.jpg (71.03 KB, 586x121, jill1.jpg)


No. 3930

File: 1548534014675.jpg (81.43 KB, 720x640, 20190126_201937.jpg)

No. 3931

can any facebook anons see if she has posted more there?

No. 3932

Dumb bitch probably saw through her finger and is now being over dramatic.

No. 3933

Three theories: either she SH too hard, got hurt doing something art or daily life related… Or she's there for a family member and wording it in an amabiguous way for attention. All we can do is wait and see I guess.

No. 3934

File: 1548535267699.jpg (589.18 KB, 1080x1080, 20190126_164025.jpg)

This is the only thing she's posted today

No. 3935

using the words "personal life" makes me think she attempted. if it were something like accidentally cutting her hand in shop, she'd probably just say she had an accident. then she says "hoping to be out soon" and to me that sounds like she's waiting to be discharged. not really something you'd say when talking about another person. and ofc she's seeking attention. everyone seeks attention and approval from other humans, unless they're fucking sociopathic kek. all jokes aside, i really hope she gets the help she needs. how she's living really isn't sustainable, attempt or not.

No. 3936


I really hope it's nothing serious because the Japan trip is around the corner and I would cry of disappointment when she won't go. Maybe she choked on some peep or chicken nuggies.

No. 3937

Maybe something to do with Steve potentially? It wouldn’t be unlike Jill to make everything about herself in a situation where she isn’t the one is centre of attention

No. 3938

If it was something physical, it would be everywhere… like remember how much she posted about the vomiting over xmas…. I think this must be mental health related.

No. 3939

My guess is that someone in her immediate family is ill, like her mum. That would be about the worst blow and she has been ill with cancer before. Maybe that's why they have done so much together because she might have gotten a poor diagnosis.

No. 3940

Jill said she herself was in the hospital, so whatever it is it's Jill that's sick not a family member.

If it was self harm or a suicide attempt, she'll be put on a psych hold for 72 hours minimum and they'll take her phone.

No. 3941

>>3940 she has been liking tweets regularly since making the initial tweet?

No. 3942

Can someone with FB check her friends and family’s posts?

No. 3943

She could be in the ER still, if she physically hurt herself she'll need to be treated there for her injuries before being sent to psych. But if she's still active online over the next few days then it's safe to assume it wasn't an attempt.

No. 3944

Probably nipped her hand putting together her IKEA furniture and wants to use it as an excuse for not having a video out kek

Like other anons said if she was admitted for attempting then she would not be liking tweets. Maybe she self harmed or something? I don't know if that's considered the same way

Curious if Louise is posting anything on FB? Since neither of them EVER keep any info to themselves

No. 3945

The tweet says she is in the hospital, never that she is there as a patient. Another anon guessed something could have happened to Steven. It could be also something really mundane, like Steven injuring his back digging snow. She learned the hard way to keep her romantic life private. If she can find a way to not post by being dramatic, she will take it.

No. 3946

Nobody tweets that they’re in the hospital when they’re just visiting someone. She would have specified if she was visiting someone. As much as I like laughing at her terrible fashion I think it’s quite insensitive to laugh at her at this point. I think we all know this is probably mental health related. She practically threatened suicide in the patron video. Even if she is a rainbow goblin I genuinely hope she’s okay. Maybe we should step back for a bit? It seems like the respectable thing to do if she’s in hospital for mental illness

No. 3947

>I think it’s quite insensitive to laugh at her at this point.
>Maybe we should step back for a bit? It seems like the respectable thing to do if she’s in hospital for mental illness
lmao what? How new are you?
If reading here is making her emo it's her own fucking fault. Anons who were borderline cowtipping with their drama videos may feel guilty but that's also on them, not on everyone else who read the rules before posting. If you like her so much just tweet something nice at her, it would be much more productive than trying to make mean anons stop posting.

No. 3948

who would send a cryptic tweet like that to their worried fans if they were just visiting someone in a hospital? if she was fine why wouldn’t she reply to the people asking if she was okay but keep liking tweets? and saying “hoping to get out soon” when one of your friends or family is in the hospital would be very insensitive. i’m not trying to WN, but i just don’t think that she is so attention-seeking that she would try to make it seem like she was hospitalized when she wasn’t.

No. 3949

Yeah, I agree it's likely to do with her mental health and possibly SH due to all those factors and her general decline in mental health this semester. Also, an injury such as one from the metal shop wouldn't account for her saying "personal life" unless she was intentionally going out of her way to deceive people about the nature of the hospital stay.
I'd been thinking her recent relative productivity after her public admissions of relapse were pointing towards her improving again, but this is worrisome. She needs to get consistent professional help, at least therapy.

No. 3950

Seems like some bullshit. I don't think she attempted anything as other anons have pointed out, there's no way she'd be allowed to have phone or computer access in an inpatient setting, even if she is a ~famous youtooober~. I know mental health issues are no joke, but this bitch is coddled as hell and has every resource available to her, she doesn't need my sympathy.

No. 3951

thats what i was thinking too. i've always heard the first 24 hours you can't have your electronics. she's probably just exaggerating. plus she was just posting about sewing so? why would she even bother sewing if she was going to attempt a day later.

maybe her bf did? idk.

No. 3952

Before you go to inpatient you usually spend several hours in the ER. They have to treat you for any physical injuries before transferring you. They don't take your phone in the er so she would still have access for a little while, but yeah, if she goes to inpatient they'll take it and she won't get it back until she leaves.

No. 3953

I'm gonna take a wild stab and say she got an abortion.

No. 3954

It could really just be the flu guys. Sometimes people get nasty influenza in Canada and the ER can be packed during the winter because complications can require hospitalization, this year it's hitting younger adults harder than older generations.

Or it could just be food poisoning or she slipped on the ice and fractured a bone or maybe hit her head or any other benign nonsense.

No. 3955

yeah, this. let's not forget her diet is fucking trash and she's just asking for immune issues.

No. 3956


I doubt it's a family member or something physical. If it was she would have said so straight away. I think it's likely that she had suicidal thoughts. If she actually attempted then she definitely wouldn't have access to her phone.

> Maybe she choked on some peep or chicken nuggies.

I kek'd

No. 3957

that precure anime she watches had some people furious over the ending, maybe thats why kek

No. 3958

I'm sure both Jill and Steve are at least smart enough to fuck each other with any kind of protection they can get their hands on. If his family is as religious as previously claimed, they'd go ballistic at the news of Jill getting pregnant, and might not play well with her getting an abortion. If she's mentioning her personal life, it seems more likely that she's self-harmed.

No. 3959

Not sure how America/ Cananda works but over here she’d definitely be allowed her phone. Unless she got sectioned or put on a secure unit she’s basically free to do whatever. Again I have no idea how their system works but I don’t think it’s that far fetched to say she’d be allowed her phone.

No. 3960

I think its possible she's in er for SH, but I think it's also possible that it could be a pregnancy scare or something else gynecological like a cyst or something. That's something most people keep private, even youtubers.

No. 3961

It sounds actually more like she is at a hospital with a relative and "needs to stay" because it´s a tough situation. As some anon mentioned, maybe it´s her mom.

We can just specualte…

No. 3962

File: 1548601914897.jpg (188.5 KB, 598x495, jill2.jpg)

the fact that she's liking stuff like this suggests something happened to her

No. 3963

Why would she post a tweet where the first thought people get is that she attempted to kill herself? Even if she did attempt, the tweet is super vague and it's a terrible thing to tweet out to her young and 'easily triggered' fanbase. Is this another way for her to get attention? To see her exploit every little situation like this is disgusting. Did she do it on purpose? Probably not, she's just that ignorant. She could've made a tweet announcing a general hiatus without adding all the hospital drama. Meanwhile she's liking tweets without providing further clarification… Absolutely terrible.

No. 3964

I do sort of agree that it’s poor judgement, but if she really is in the hospital from self-harm/attempted suicide I guess she’s not really going to be too focused on PR right now.

No. 3965

File: 1548609968590.jpeg (306.87 KB, 1242x553, 8856AC1F-5DE9-4A65-A0B4-5B2D04…)

Update on hospital situation

No. 3966

File: 1548610107204.jpeg (313.95 KB, 1242x573, 9230A2A4-AD8E-4AE2-B4B2-D6F4F2…)

Any ideas?

No. 3967


uuhh… an allergic reaction maybe?

No. 3968


No. 3969

The school nurse measured her blood sugar and they found out she's diabetic and cant have peeps tea anymore?

No. 3970

If she's out of the hospital so soon I'm thinking it wasn't SH so the vague way she worded her tweet was really gross imho, considering its probably the first thing her fans would probably think of. Seems super attention-seeker-ish.

No. 3971

if it was for an attempt, do you think this is the start of her dropping out?

No. 3972

She didn't attempt. She'd be kept a minimum of 72 hours if that were the case.

No. 3973

do you really think she'd be "Back to trying to pump out vids" if she just attempted suicide yesterday? obviously that's not what happened

No. 3974

she really is attention seeking and i agree that she posted it so vaguely because she knew it would get everyone riled up

No. 3975

Welp I was wrong. I genuinely thought jilly bean was in crisis and needed sympathy. I can’t believe she would pity bait that shit. Jillian truly is an attention seeker to the max. Fucked up

No. 3976

File: 1548619724296.jpg (313.22 KB, 720x983, 20190127_200755.jpg)

Her mum has been active on fb but posted nothing about jill or hospital

No. 3977

File: 1548620142537.png (157.99 KB, 720x937, Screenshot_2019-01-27-14-03-10…)

Whatever it is, she's planning on speaking about it sometime soon. It was probably something like a minor health scare since she eats so much junk food and drinks little to no water.

No. 3978


Imagine coming from a wealthy family and being given a huge townhouse to yourself, expensive clothes from overrated "indie" designers- and then suffering from third world illnesses like malnutrition bc you're too much of a special fucking snowflake to eat a goddamned fuckin vegetable.

The privilege is disgusting. Hell, across the border tons of Americans cant even afford to go a hospital OR eat decent. The audacity of this bitch.

No. 3979

>>3978 malnutrion hasn't been confirmed tho? It could be anything at this point even something unrelated to her awful diet?

No. 3980

You kidding now that she’s seen everyone lose their shit on this thread she’ll probably try putting it into an oh so suicidal act, muh mental health! Instead of probably something stupid which is the most likely of what really happened.

No. 3981

In the US and Canada, if you are on a hold for suicide watch they take all of your personal belongings, including your phone, and you are only allowed monitored phone calls.

No. 3982

Top kek.

Doubt it's mental health related like being too stressed or having panic attacks from school and youtube. Probably the flu or like others have said, health issues from eating poorly, never exercising and possible genetics making those things worse. I want to say diabetes scare. Didn't she go to the doctor last year and was too scared to go back when they told her to?

No. 3983

Does Jill actually actively eat the peeps when she’s not filming though?

No. 3984

>>3983 she had a full peeps drawer at one point

No. 3985

this is confusing as shit, which i think is honestly what she wanted, intentional or not. like "i'm in hospital" to "i'll get back to pumping out vids soon" is a bit of a 180 if you ask me. we can only speculate at this point and i think that's what she wants- to make sure everyone pays attention when she finally reveals the "big secret."

No. 3986

tbh the mental health system in NB sucks and she is honestly better off not staying in the hospital bc most of the time the doctors don't really care. they let people go all the time and only ever really keep them to stay over night if its v serious (i.e someone is severely injured due to suicide attempt)

No. 3987

Speaking from experience with Canadian MH care, they usually just keep you overnight, give you meds, and put you on a list to see a psychiatrist unless you are an immediate danger to yourself or others. My guess is she just had a bad panic attack.

No. 3988

i'm gonna go with dehydration from binge-purging.

No. 3989

That character even has her bowlcut

No. 29465

I’m guessing kidney stones. Between her super sugary/salty diet and the fact she only drink tea/coffee, it’s plausible. They can be extremely painful and send you to the hospital, but you’re usually sent right home as they’re easy to treat/diagnose.

No. 29574

I'm sorry but when was the last time she actually tried to 'pump out videos'?
During the last year her upload schedule pretty much went from 2 videos a week to 2 videos a month, it's ridiculous that she acts like this is a one-off kinda deal when she's constantly not uploading videos on time.

No. 29589

Love how this poser quotes "I like my coffee black just like my metal." Mindless Self Indulgence's Shut me up. Fucking poser. I've loved MSI since 1999. Doubt this bitch ever listened to them beyond one song.(https://lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 29602

no one cares

No. 29603

I thought the same thing. Like her upload schedule has been so inconsistent, why even bother tweeting about missing a day? It’s not like we’d notice. But of course, can’t lose dat sweet sweet attention

No. 29622

The thread got moved? Is weeb a new thing?

No. 29625

No. 29634

File: 1548712857667.jpg (95.27 KB, 575x258, jill3.jpg)

she's on twitter rn i wonder how long it'll be until she disclosed what happened

No. 29635

File: 1548712964065.jpg (41.72 KB, 625x137, jill4.jpg)

>>29634 nvm she liked this tweet i guess she'll keep as a secret so she can milk the attention

No. 29640

I think the anon(s) who think she had a panic attack / muh anxiety are right and now she's attention whoring about it. She recently has been on a guilt trip with her followers lately I'm not surprised at all.

No. 29646

yikes what’s it like to be almost 30 if not older and getting this defensive over mindless self indulgence

No. 29667

Lmao ikr

Shut up you probably dont even know what black metal is if ur still listening to msi at ur age.

No. 29685


Pointless post is pointless. Who gives a shit about an unrelated genre of music in a thread about someone who never even mentioned it. Gtfo.

No. 29686

Doubt you know anything about MSI anon. Who mentioned shit about black metal? It's a lyric from a song, unless you are too damn retarded to actually know that in the first place. Kek

No. 29688

this thread is about jill gtfo

No. 29689

Stop derailing about music

No. 29706

File: 1548772577161.png (307.12 KB, 600x550, 1512529018633.png)

maybe this whole thing was just a way to guilt her followers to let her have a vacation?
tinfoiling on this bit but maybe she was never even in the hospital

No. 29714

Even if she wasn't sick, her followers would buy anything she says

No. 30366

OT but does anyone have her LACE video? I'm missing those days.

No. 30371

I’ve been trying to find the lace video for months.. the recreated version just isn’t the same

No. 30377

I don’t think you’ll ever find it. She deleted it after being posted to Lolita confession sites. There was a reupload in YouTube but that got taken down after a year.

No. 30383

Actually the reupload was from May 2015 and wasn’t taken down until last year or so. I was actually pretty shocked because that means Jill had that video on her mind for like 3 years until she figured out she could submit a copyright claim or she actually does just lurk and was reminded that she should have it removed since it used to be linked in every thread OP.

It was truly one of the best Lolita memes and I remember when /cgl/ blew up with threads about it for like a week after she posted it. Same with BtB secrets. It’s really too bad she saw the error of her ways for once and backed down, although that did lead to her milky transformations post-Lolita.

No. 30407

as a canadian that’s been on suicide watch in a psych ward, you’re allowed your cell phone unless you give them a reason to take it (like if you took pictures of other patients or shit like that)

No. 30427

wow canadian psych wards are lax. In the US they take it the minute you are checked in and you dont get it back until you leave.

No. 30431

Sounds fake. Blogging, but since this is actually related to the topic on hand: I lived in NB and attempted suicide and they only kept me overnight, and let me go as soon as I saw a the hospital psychologist and said I didn’t feel suicidal anymore

No. 30458

I can second this. As long as you tell the psych. what they want to hear, they'll let you go.

So Jillian's hospital stay could still be anything. Whatever it is, it's likely minor and she's being coy to milk ass pats.

No. 30466

File: 1548879242191.jpg (369.03 KB, 1080x957, 20190130_161158.jpg)

So she's still not confirming anything but her posting this really makes me think she was in the hospital for either an attempt or self harming too far

No. 30468

File: 1548879289107.jpg (103.01 KB, 1080x383, 20190130_161221.jpg)

She commented this directly under the above post

No. 30471


As much as I enjoy the cringe that Jill produces, I really hope that if this was an attempt, she seriously gets therapeutic help bc girl really needs it.

But if she makes another video about how bad everything is but don't want to change anything or get some help and trying to cure her mental health with peeps tea or so, well then I will never pity her ever again.

No. 30473

If she attempted there's no way Louise wouldn't have come to see her/driven her home to PEI. I don't doubt that she's suicidal though, and if this is something serious I hope she takes some time away from social media and the "Pixie" persona and really works on her health.

No. 30474

>being this fucking naive

No. 30476

maybe her and her boy toy split and she's had a breakdown bc of it

No. 30483


Nah, he was the one who had her admitted I think. He's the one who booked her psychology appointment. Jill doesn't do shit for herself, needs others to baby her.

No. 30486

I’m actually surprised that her mother didn’t comment anything.
At leadt it’s confirmed that it was actually her that was hospitalized. Why would you call a hotline if you’re not having suicidal thoughts?

No. 30516

File: 1548911308016.png (66.91 KB, 640x885, IMG_2552.PNG)

ik facebook can be wonky and randomly adjust your settings but maybe this says something

No. 30517

Seems she just set up the graduation year.

No. 30531

Bit presumptuous of her..

No. 30575

No. 30580

'gloss will show all the fingerprints'
not if you clean your friggin' hands ya nasty..

No. 31116

>>30575 'I didn't know if it was a good investment or not'
>implying anything she buys is a good investment

No. 31118

Is it just me or was Jill sounding extra obnoxious in this video?

No. 31119

I love how she just spend $300 on the switch and around $100 or more on the custom controllers just to play one game.

No. 31120

Lame video, disappointed but not surprised she would spend a fortune making her $300 console kaweewee and also buying the pro controller just to also make it kaweewee.

I was rooting for you after your last video Jill we were all rooting for you.

No. 31121

Nah, it's pretty insufferable to describe herself as a diy queen who can't leave anything she buys in it's original state, when in reality she outright purchases most of her pastel crap already in garish colors with the money she scams off of her dumb fans.

Also it's pretty fucking stupid to spend close to $500 to play one game, jfc. And out of touch to act like that's a justified or normal purchase. She doesn't have time to make videos regularly with school, but she's going to find the time to play animal crossing? Good luck with that Jill.

No. 31124

File: 1548961720888.png (37.74 KB, 1080x354, IMG_20190131_110615.png)

Relatable and kind diy queen flaunts her wealth again, we stan

No. 31125

File: 1548961754136.png (96.11 KB, 1080x548, IMG_20190131_110723.png)

No. 31126

>>31122 the only reason she got the console is for animal crossing and she states that

No. 31129


i found her whole "i am the biggest animal crossing fan ever" shit pretty obnoxious, considering she tends to just do something for 10 minutes (like cardcaptor sakura) and then drop it while still using it for "aesthetic"

iirc she played pocket camp for three days and then quit. it is super low commitment too. she bought happy home designer for a video and then never spoke of it again. and the last real full game (new leaf) she admitted she never touched after release.

No. 31130

It's not even out yet though so why now

No. 31131

>>31130 because jill is incapable of controlling her shopping habit

No. 31133

Can’t watch the video right now, does she adress anything regarding the hospital?

No. 31135

No. 31137

Her mental health issues were cured by the power of spending a ton of money preparing for a game without a release date. The best medicine.

No. 31143


This and as a someone who also waits for Animal Crossing, I would wait with buying a switch for it now but WHAT if Nintendo releases an AC themed Switch when the game comes out?

Of course Jill would buy this one too lol

No. 31144

Yo so animal crossing for the switch isnt even dated to be released until Dec 2019. So she probably just bought the switch immediately after hearing the news, and now itll gather dust under her tv. Like it literally doesnt make sense that she bought it so early.

No. 31151

Im certain they will bring out a themed one lmao

She could have waited for the price to drop, but of course not

No. 31152

I wonder if she knows that a lot of time games get delay and move to another year.

No. 31154

File: 1548971152232.jpeg (462.63 KB, 1003x884, 2EB5391E-3CD7-4773-AEB2-8B6C43…)

No. 31155

I just find it annoying that she was sooo desperate for AC that she had to buy a new console, but she hasn’t even played WW or Lets Go to the City, and those would be 100x cheaper?? Like Jill, you can get your fix without mindless consumerism.

No. 31158

Not to mention she could actually play those, since the new Animal Crossing won't be coming out for about a year.

No. 31159

Yeah, the “DIY Queen” remark also rubbed me the wrong way. Especially in this context. How is it DIY to drop over $100 on customizing your Switch when she isn’t the one doing the work? She’s paying for someone else to do it. All Jill did was pick the colors she wants for the console and controllers.
Imagine if she had actually “cut” the Rainbow Babe tier like she said she originally wanted to do, even though we know that’s a lie. She never intended to cut it, just wanted to garner sympathy. Without Rainbow Babe tier, she wouldn’t be able to make these pathetic purchases as often.. though knowing Jill, she’d use her mom’s moneys to buy shit like this anyway:

No. 31160

File: 1548973055076.jpeg (68.45 KB, 936x180, AF468F2D-DBD4-4C95-B3C7-D59F81…)

Double post but it’s interesting that she opened her tier to 150 people a month ago, and she only sits at 69 Patrons. I would have thought all the people who were crying for a spot to support her “art” would have flocked to it. The tier has only increased by 9 members. Hopefully she’ll lose them with this month’s newsletter.

No. 31164

>I'm the queen of DIY!

>gets someone else to customize her switch controllers

Why is she so damn stupid?

No. 31165

>I was rooting for you after your last video Jill we were all rooting for you.

No one was though

No. 31166

I was just gonna say. that game isn't out for almost a year. this bitch is so dumb.

No. 31174

As the “biggets animal crossing fan ever” she forgot the name of WW and thought it was called “Wild West” or some shit

No. 31177

the part that weirds me out the most about this video is she didn't even bother to put any links for where she got her customization done from yet she was basically reviewing the job they did, and even saying what specific custom colors they made her controllers

No. 31182

idg why she started the video saying she's the "queen of diy and customisation and upcycling" just to…say that she bought a pre-customised switch…that's not upcycling. it's not even diy

No. 31188

This switch probably cost more than her first semester tuition
Most of the shit she has bought has probably cost more than her tuition like the thousand dollar christmas tree

She hasn't changed at all in years, still uses shopping (and not just like buying cheap shit for a quick fix, but getting pretty expensive 'luxury' things on a whim) as her coping mechanism for "muh depression"

I expect her to use the hospital thing as an excuse to be late or not release the newsletter at all for January and all her followers will chant the same old "its ok jill focus on your mental health uwu" anytime she is too lazy to do anything requiring effort
Or it will be even lower quality than the first newsletter

No. 31197

i'm legitimately confused. why did she buy this? if animal crossing isn't coming out for another year, why did she buy this now? it's just going to collect dust

No. 31198

Because she has a shopping addiction and no impulse control or financial accountability

It really is that stupid… I mean, simple

No. 31200

I know some anons are against drawing conclusions based on her twitter likes, but I had seen her “like” a tweet about Animal Crossing 2019 and just knew she’d fucking buy a Switch just for that game. Her interacting with one Nintendo post was enough. I understand being dedicated to a game, but jfc there’s a reason she couldn’t upkeep her gaming series. I doubt she plays that much, considering how she was butchering titles. None of her “#1 fan” shtick justifies the purchase either. She has to wait a minimum of 11 months for the game. Sage for sperg.

No. 31201

>tweets repeatedly about a possible hospital stay due to mental breakdown/suicide attempt/???
>uploads obnoxious cheery kaweewee unboxing video of some shit she'll never mention again
never change jill

No. 31203

I'm kind of disappointed she just did plain pastels. For miss queen of DIY you'd think she would at least get more creative than just pastel pink and blue.If she likes animal crossing so much and wants to hype for the game why wouldn't she get the joycons painted to look like her favourite villager or something? She could've even put animal crossing in the title to profit off that hype that's going right now. I'd have mad respect if she did her own shell exchange and painted her design but I know that would never happen. Pressing buy now is easier.

Also if she needs controllers for smash why didn't she just buy the pink gamecube controllers? They're like 25 dollars. She could've bought a bunch but instead she pays over 100 for a custom pink and blue pro controller to play a game that isn't even out yet.

No. 31204

anyone else notice the thumbnail's missing a space between controller and unboxing?
Maybe a nitpick but you'd think she'd take more than 2 seconds to look over the literal thumbnail of the video…. (then again it's jill)

No. 31209


Jesus christ I didn't realize how bad her bangs were until this video. They're going to turn into an actual bowl cut by the next video she puts out at this point

No. 31210

anyone notice how she tried to say this was upcycling?? what part of paying someone to paint a fucking gaming controller is diy or upcycling in any way? This unethical consumerist bitch knows nothing about what upcycling really is. I swear the only time she’s spoken about thrift shopping or buying things second hand is when she bought useless trinkets years ago which she probably doesn’t even display anymore.

No. 31220

They bother me so much. Literally all of the parts that are pink and purple SHOULD NOT be bangs, and even like half of the yellow and green areas as well.

No. 31221

They're way too wide, but them being cut in that awful arc doesn't help one bit.

No. 31227

Remember those roller skates she brought a few months back? Yeah she should probably use those. Getting outside and doing exercise is really what she needs right now. Not saying it cures depression but it certainly helps. Those poor expensive skates are probably just collecting dust in a cupboard. I’m concerned about how many purchases she doesn’t flaunt online. We’re shocked by the amount she spends in her hauls but just think of those secret hauls she does to cure her muh depression. She must be racking up the credit card debt.

No. 31240

File: 1549044353649.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-01-13-59-14…)

No. 31250

What is she making a chainmail?

No. 31266

File: 1549061975665.png (526.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-01-16-56-47…)

possible update to >>3903 via Patreon

No. 31267

What are the updates about?

No. 31268

It's like, -25C daily in Fredericton. Way too cold to do anything outside. She would need to do exercise inside, so either at her place or a gym (and she won't join a gym)

No. 31269

File: 1549063329932.png (408.53 KB, 630x1000, dcvl6tn-f9ca6087-dca9-4e36-83b…)

Is that supposed to be a cosplay of cure star?

No. 31271

aren't the materials and pinks completely different ? I'm more getting the impression that this is some retarded "I only know fashion from watching anime" dress.

No. 31272

File: 1549064323962.png (216.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-01-17-34-58…)

Mostly just announcing when the newsletter and livestream will be. (1/2)

No. 31274

File: 1549064472011.png (216.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-01-17-35-05…)


No. 31276

so the weeb animu magical precure wannabe dress is for her japan tv appearance.. i'd feel embarrassed for her but we all know she won't end up finishing it/wearing it

No. 31279

>I have been making custom dresses for each birthday of mine for the past few years

It was two. Two years. And you never wore either of them. For the first, she only ever wore the top, and she never dared to touch last year's abomination.

No. 31280

File: 1549066470114.jpeg (201.43 KB, 566x773, n.jpeg)

Ok, the dress can be cute if is well made but knowing Jill that is not going to happen. Not to mention her body shape is not going to help her. Also, my money is she is going to wear these shoes

No. 31281

She never wear it tho in her nyc vlog she have a pink dress not the green flower one she made.

No. 31283

That's what I said, dipshit.

No. 31284

kek, of course it'll be these

No. 31287

Maybe this is a moonmist girl thing? And wow for being in school for fashion design you’d sure think she would’ve gotten better at planning this kind of stuff out.

No. 31298

I think if it was moomist related it’d be more yellow since that’s her colour

No. 31299

What are the other WIP pictures like?

No. 31302

The dress is her birthday/trip to Japan for Kawaii.i, not the Moonmist Girls.

I tried to get the other pictures but none of them would download onto my phone properly save for the last one, which is only the dress again but with blue bows rather than pink.

No. 31309

…..screenshot? but eh we'll see it eventually. that is, if she does end up actually wearing it. somehow i feel like her "muh anxiety" won't allow her to wear something of her own creation on tv.

No. 31310

File: 1549081141597.jpg (203.62 KB, 755x1024, PicsArt_02-01-11.16.45.jpg)

I made a quick edit of all of the wip photos together.

No. 31311

hmm… not much "progress" to speak of. i guess it's really all just for the aesthetic. but oh dear god i hope she's not enough of a rock to let her kitten get stabbed with a needle or some shit. sage for cat sperg bc i know everyone's sick of it but she really is a god awful pet owner. she can't even take care of herself or her house. tell me again how it's "totally cured" her depression to have the added responsibility/burden to care for two other living things? the logic jill i s2g

No. 31313

These cheap-ass fabrics are going to look awful no matter what.

No. 31314

Looks like she’s sewing the dress out of plastic bags

No. 31317

More cheap, tacky fucking fabric. She couldn't spend a couple dollars on something worthwhile? Like, instead of a custom gaming system she'll never use?

No. 31323

The bitch could have used colored Venus Muslin at worst. She's always using poor quality textile and I am certain the incorrect needle size as well as incorrect thread type.
Watch it come undone after one wearing. Hope she does French seams and lines the interior of the dress.

Sage for sperg apparel design fag

No. 31327

She never learns, does she?
If I was too embarrassed to wear my handmade outfits the last two times I tried, I wouldn't plan on sewing an outfit for a TV appearance. She should've at least started months in advance so she could've had more time to fix it up.
Also that design looks incredibly childish and unflattering for he figure, plus I can't imagine those shiny fabrics looking good on camera…

No. 31339

File: 1549105764537.jpg (72.05 KB, 362x355, Screenshot_20190202-110836_Ins…)

I fear she will have her hair scraped into a bun and giant glasses when she wears this.

No. 31344

in the room tour video from 2017 this bitch showed us that in her parent's basement bedroom she had an entire fucking cabinet full of fabrics and shit for sewing. and I mean FULL, that shit was filled to the brim.

and out of all that shit, she can't fucking use any of that? she HAS to go buy more instead of using what she already has? or is all of it dirt-cheap tacky looking fabric?

No. 31345

That dress could look really cute if it weren’t for the cheap ugly fabrics
Like that iridescent plastic stuff and the cheap overly shiney satin will always look like a dress up princess dress for kids; she should use lace and cotton to make it look actually appealing
It’s a shame that she doesn’t seem to understand why her last two birthday outfits failed

No. 31347

considering how much we’ve been flaming her bangs recently, she almost definitely will. we do stan a lurker

No. 31349

Can’t someone take one for the team and tell her the fabric is shit? Not cow tipping but honestly curious how she would respond, it could end up as constructive criticism.

No. 31353

No, why even do that? let her burn. she isn't a child, and she claims to be in the fashion industry. Anyone over the age of 15 should know how cheap fabric works vs quality stuff.

No. 31358

Did she do the drawing herself ? It'd look to good to be true

No. 31364

Yeah definitely looks like a random dress she stole/traced.

It's a literal magical girl cosplay-tier princess dress design. If you're going to look like a weeb wearing a costume might as well just wear lolita again Jill.

No. 31368

>one sleeve significantly larger than the other
>lopsided bows
>star detail is off-centered

I don't know if I'd call it good, anon…

No. 31369

it's certainly better than her previous crayon drawings.

No. 31371

the bar we have for her is so low…

No. 31383

File: 1549149878256.png (4.52 MB, 2824x3748, januarynewsletter.png)

Patreon newsletter

No. 31384

Pathetic as ever. Low-effort, again, looks like a third grader’s writing assignment to sum up how their winter break went. Three shitty pictures that aren’t very telling. How is the mock newsletter the anon made a month ago much better and telling than this one? This is just a regurgitation of what you can find on twitter or her videos.

No. 31385

>Publicly shares what will be her exact location on a specific day of her trip.
Smart Jillian always safety conscious as usual.

No. 31387

imagine if someone broke into her home and stole all her shit (like the Nintendo Switch she publicly announced she had, or her macbook if she doesn't take it to Japan). lol that'd be a real milk spill.

No. 31389

I can imagine her struggling to think of content to fit into 3 paragraphs, bare minimum for it to be considered a letter
Wonder if she will ever expand into multi page newsletters or it will always be the same structure?
Looks like she didn't even change the layout of it at all since the last one lol

No. 31391

What kills me is how she could expand into pages if she put in another extra hour of effort.
>Learning new mediums in college!

Elaborate, Jillian. This isn’t even a full sentence … create it into half a page and expand on what exactly you’re learning. Talk about your opinions on the crafts. Talk about how it relates to the field. Use this as an opportunity to reflect upon how good you are at said craft, or talk about how you can improve. Jfc, it’s not hard.

No. 31398

Imagine being stupid enough to pay $10 a month for this.

No. 31400

I think she is probably not explaining in detail because she's extremely bored by the topic. It's like trying to write a meaningful message in a card to someone you don't care about for Christmas or something, you don't know what to say besides generic "have a great holiday hope you are healthy bluh blah"

She doesn't connect with her audience and/or she gives no shits about the major topics like school and life events, the many haul videos she prefers to do instead are enough evidence for that

Reading her newsletter it seems like she is forcing herself to be interesting/creative instead of being genuinely passionate about something. I mean she couldnt be assed to take a cool picture and instead went into her bathroom for a mirror selfie, at least it wasnt something already posted on her IG like last time but still hardly any effort whatsoever. If there was at least more interesting story telling involved the other atrocities like her sloppy handwriting, lazy repeated layout, boring photos etc would be more excusable but she puts no effort into any part of her newsletter lul

No. 31403

jillian…..jillian…..there is no doubt in my mind that these ruffle sleeves you keep wanting in your outfits will make you look wide as hell, and I KNOW you are not about to cinch in the waist enough / make a fluffy enough circle skirt to keep you from looking like a refrigerator box

No. 31404

File: 1549155434251.jpeg (255.58 KB, 640x1050, AEA4177E-8DCD-423D-BC9D-BD3F57…)

Too lazy to even edit the background properly, it’s not that hard

No. 31406


Every time she starts a project she's so eager to post her WIP stuff. She should learn to not share every time she decides to lift her lazy ass to do some work. Her stuff is always so amateur and the choices she makes from step 1 are baffling (that fabric). She should only start sharing the moment it's finished or nearing completion. But that goes against all her ideals of course. She probably gets more motivation from being able to post her 'progress' than the drive to actually finishing a quality piece of work.

No. 31410

>ianuary new sletter

No. 31411

File: 1549159486610.png (233.16 KB, 870x546, Untitled-2.png)

Notice that the star confetti has stock image watermarks on it. Stay classy Jill

>watermark I believe is from https://www.dreamstime.com

No. 31412

fucking kek as if it couldnt get any worse now shes stealing content

No. 31417

>feb 21-mar 7
Didnt kelly eden say she was only in Japan for kawaii.i for 4-5 days (in the AP dress shitshow) but here jillian is staying two full weeks

she has to be paying out of pocket to cover the rest of the two weeks she’ll be out in japan, wtf

No. 31418

Yeah, I was wondering why tf she's staying so long too. Two weeks out of school in the middle of a semester?

No. 31419

Doesn’t she have school!? The teachers will probably be okay with it, seeing as she keeps getting away with special snowflake treatment.

No. 31422

File: 1549165872398.png (346.03 KB, 1422x306, graphicdesignismypassion.PNG)

The top right photo is literally covering the text. Either that or she left out a word in the phrase "on the go". So fucking lazy.

No. 31423

>>I have had a ton of projects the go lately


No. 31426

Going to Japan AGAIN? She's such a spoiled lil shit

No. 31427

Anon come on, it’s for the kawa.ii leader thing, not out her own pocket
(Although she is spoilt)

No. 31429

her back is going to be an absolute mess if she's sewing on that stool, it's way too high for the height of her table

No. 31430

At least some of it is out of her own pocket. They aren't paying for the precure resort she says she's staying in, for sure, and kawaii leaders only get 4-5 days in japan as mentioned. the rest of the two week trip she's paying for herself

No. 31431

TBH for some one who is "so inclusive" she really shouldn't do these damn news letters in hand writing. That weird cursive hybrid is hard to read.

No. 31435

I get the feeling it's traced or copied somehow too. It looks too neat for what is most likely a first pass (im assuming this isn't finalized from multiple drafts because it's the only design she's shown off). She seems to have the bad amateur habit of sticking to whatever her first idea is which is going to absolutely bite her in the ass as a designer, thumbnailing is so important in any kind of drafting or design work.
For real, even as someone with no impairments that shit is excruciating to read. Especially the white text against light pastel backgrounds. The blurb on the right is impossible to make out without zooming in really close

No. 31436

It looks like she wrote it in one go without even thinking, too.
How can one be so fucking lazy?

No. 31438

>cat walking on a table with sewing machine plugged in and on, needles and pins

What can go wrong?

No. 31444

File: 1549192484597.jpg (113.07 KB, 650x858, 51788b900e7b6.jpg)


I checked the Pre Cure twinkle Star rooms and of course it's something that is aimed towards small children. Looking this up shows you only 5yo or even smaller girls there with their families and nothing that young adults would enjoy. I mean it's good that she is going to see something outside of tokyo but I feel that homegirl will only spend the entire day in the hotel room and do a half-assed video about it than going out, since it looks like a huge resort with lots of nature around it. Also makes me wonder how she is going to the resort because it's super far away from tokyo, specially when she was already overwhelmed with using the public transport within tokyo.

Idk I'm just super excited. I can't believe that it's been already 2 years since the last trip.

No. 31456

Ugh, how can anyone sleep in a room that obnoxious