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No. 1598773

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No. 1598792

>A girl without a dick is like an angel without wings
So, like… A person?

No. 1598827

File: 1658907165939.jpeg (81.27 KB, 828x847, 59D4F038-CFED-4A23-8655-1C836D…)

Why are zoomer men like this?

No. 1598829

File: 1658907183142.jpeg (276.55 KB, 1280x1067, A447FBB7-665A-404E-8F99-830627…)

No. 1598842

File: 1658908263014.jpg (36.25 KB, 680x540, 93f.jpg)

>testosterone is a neurotoxin that rots your brain and turns you into an angry warmonger

No. 1598856

Coom addiction + male ego + male pandering/controlled society = rampant male degeneracy.

No. 1598860

Not even a joke tbh. Look at other male dominant imageboards like 4chan, porn everywhere, and bunkerchan with troon shit and porn everywhere, etc. Even 4chan has troons because men are degen coomers.

No. 1598867

>testosterone is why moids are trash
>is still a groomer despite taking hrt
Testosterone fucks you up yes, but lowering your testosterone levels will not cure your moid brain. You're already too far gone.

No. 1598890

We have porn but not in unrelated threads, etc. We have containment zones, while scrote degeneracy is uncontainable due to its vastness, such as 4chan having tv thread pics be mostly porn, video game thread pics be mostly porn, doll threads being about fucking the dolls, etc. And true on the 4chan being the origin of current troonacy, it started with the 'no homo' joking and 'traps>women because traps = men' stuff developed by seething scrotes who can't get dates. It's why it thrives in nerd communities (+ autism).

No. 1598935

Who the fuck cares? Stop derailing, and mods ban this troon troll

No. 1598945

The quote is implying real women are incomplete/broken and only dick havers, men, are complete. It's literally the most standard kind of misogyny of men thinking women are less human than men. I've seen the phrase countless times yet no tim or TRA has called it out for being transphobic towards post-op troons, almost like they know it only refers to real women not having dicks and that troons are somehow excluded from the phrase… because they're really just men with inside-out dicks.

No. 1598963

It's not even necessarily that the autist men are girly or interested in female dominated hobbies, just look at the average autist programmer gamer troon. Most of them have typical male dominated interests. But they think they're not manly enough if they're not arnold schwarzenegger, and can't relate to men around them (because they're autistic) and they think that means they're women. So it's not that they relate to women, they just grew up NOT relating to men. And since they don't know what real women are like they assume since they're "not like other boys" they must be like the women, because that's what they wokesters are telling them and they're too autistic to realize it's not true until they've chopped their dick off and it's too late. Like 90% of all detrans people I've seen are autistic.

No. 1598964

it's interesting how nerds went from being all NO GIRLS ALLOWED in the 2000s to now insisting that they are the girls

No. 1598974

I see a lot of older woke gay men say
>"people said us gays were groomers and that was a lie, so trans ppl being called groomers is also a lie!".

But in reality the trans community actually does have massive grooming problems. And gay people didn't advocate for mutilation, sterilisation and purposely creating developmental disabilities in children and teens to "rid them of their flawed bodies". It's a ridiculous comparison, it's like comparing a papercut to murder.

No. 1598975

File: 1658922771240.png (2.55 MB, 1080x1997, Matiabcx.png)

what's wrong with his mouth

No. 1598977

It's fascinating because autists are more likely to fall into the troon trap, but then also the most likely to get out of it. Maybe 20% of all troons are autists, but the ones who then detrans are 90% autists

No. 1598980

I hate cuckchan, but it's somethingawful where tranny shit REALLY took root and half the userbase and mod team trooned out in the 2000s. The reason why is because people like Blanch-tard demanded that AGP ('transvestite fetishism' up to that point) be a valid criteria for transition and that happened in 2004 or so. It made it a lot easier for AGPs to transition domestically and since somethingawful was already full of leftist academic pseuds overdosing on Sartre and Althusser saying shit like 'the age of consent should be 10' and outraged by early AGP exposés like 'The Man Who Would Be Queen' they started to troon out. That's what troon means, it's a term from somethingsensitive meaning tranny + goon

A lot of the original trans pre-chris chan lolcows like Wetflame (had an unpleasant experience with this thing on a KIDS FORUM as a preteen when it was already displaying all the typical behaviors listed ITT but it was so rare back then it was insane to try to interpret, nowadays its a /tttt/ poster lmao) and Fire came from that shithole. They also had a major player on that place who was a troon who raped two little boys (later on, on tumblr, they tried to organize a campaign to free this person because 'trans girlzzzz 4 prison abolition')

Troons spread their TIM filth to livejournal and it truly metastasized on tumblr and the handful of goons that created weird twitter (along with the legions of fandom TIFs). Finally it infected cuckchan's moderating team and demanded they create /tttt/ where the trans infestation that was already critical on several boards became terminal. Thats when Reiko and co swooped in to 'convert' incels and /pol/scum. I think the only oasis from troons is /cgl/ now

No. 1598984

File: 1658923324925.png (3.22 MB, 1080x2009, ibshicks.png)


No. 1598990

>cgl is an oasis from troons
Boy do I have bad new for you.

No. 1598993

Autism + NPD. Maybe NPD is the deciding factor if they recover or not? Even some of those who do recover still retain the mentality which lead them to trooning, only de-transing once facing repercussion in anyway (unable to coom, date, make friends, etc) while not being against rigid stereotypes which are necessary to believe in to troon in the first place.

No. 1598994

They even infected that too???? God I cannot stand troomers and their enablers

No. 1598995

I don't visit cgl but other anons who have state that they have recently begun infesting there in typical fashion.

No. 1598996

File: 1658924579604.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1988, project_Devil.png)

this hp lovecraft-in-a-wig lookin' dude is obsessed with posting wiener pics to reddit. so, typical troon, really

No. 1599003

They also have a shitload of male posters posting porn in there I hear. Afaik the "blue board" rule (no porn on sfw boards) was also lifted recently. I also stupidly mentioned a thread I visited in this thread months ago, and right after that the thread was overtaken by trannies coomposting.

No. 1599005

Why do they always look so fucking grotesque? The messy hair, the smudgy makeup and the mismatched fashion makes him look like he smells.

No. 1599014

File: 1658925712206.png (2.06 MB, 1080x1763, iexireneeluna.png)

thank god his wife is leaving him

No. 1599017

He’s going to be turning heads all right, but not for the reasons he thinks.

No. 1599021

File: 1658925993914.jpg (348.63 KB, 939x873, 1658925712206(1).jpg)

KEK why do these moids always make the ugliest and unhinged expressions

No. 1599022

File: 1658926045538.jpg (27.65 KB, 373x235, 1655017205051.jpg)

I saw this on the frontpage, and this pic expresses my feelings perfectly.

No. 1599027

File: 1658926539992.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1809, MarigoldSkye.png)

not even trying

No. 1599036

Him showing up to court looking like a deranged rat is the best thing his wife could have ever wished for.

No. 1599041

File: 1658928503063.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 334.34 KB, 750x2652, 23E50591-748F-43F1-8CCD-4F4F40…)

how is this not straight up mutilation?

No. 1599044

File: 1658928821192.jpeg (372.14 KB, 750x1587, C69A9727-E69B-4220-BD5E-9AF1EF…)

Brilliant. All straight and bi women should do this.

No. 1599047

That looks like something in a butcher shop window

No. 1599048

i bet he’ll begin his transition once his victim (wife) is pregnant. they always do that.

No. 1599051

Fortunately all the troons in the comments are telling him to break up with her. I hope he does, no woman deserves to be trapped in a marriage with a potential troon. I hope he joins a polycule and fucks off.

No. 1599056

IAWTC. I hope he gets piss proud and dumps her. He'll be single at 30, he'll look way older, and won't be able to rope in another naive woman under 25 again.

No. 1599057

She’s stupid for not just immediately dumping.

No. 1599059

File: 1658930862092.png (2.3 MB, 1080x1981, goffick.png)

just straight-up admitting he has AGP lmao

No. 1599062

This, honestly. If it’s a matter of her or her family already having put a lot of money down for the wedding since it’s so soon, I would just be straight up to them about his degeneracy. It is abusive to throw this at someone last second and the entire family needs to be aware.

No. 1599063

File: 1658931893113.jpeg (190.9 KB, 750x811, 8FF79662-81AC-4E2C-A313-1F289D…)

yes, still a cow. a butchered one.

No. 1599064

A fragment of its former self

No. 1599066

File: 1658932397677.jpeg (599.41 KB, 1447x2398, CCF302BA-9C54-4D19-9673-82852A…)


No. 1599072

Trans people be like, “look at this red rock! It’s no longer beef!”

No. 1599078

It’s like one of those schools that was selling “hamburgers” that were too pink the middle and kids wouldn’t eat them. Turns out the hamburgers were soy dyed to look like Patties. Doesn’t matter what you call them they’re soy. They won’t ever be beef. The second the school disclosed no kid wanted to eat a soy burger either pink or not. kek

No. 1599088

That does not make any sense lol. Better analogy would be trannies calling beef chicken, if you want to go with food

No. 1599090

File: 1658934138203.jpg (33.1 KB, 769x900, top-view-fresh-raw-chicken-iso…)

My brain can't even process that as a human body part. It's just raw chicken

No. 1599104

I think they’re trying to make an own similar to the one that gets used against pro-lifers (acorn is not an oak tree, which makes sense). This one doesn’t make sense because calling the meat beef doesn’t mean it wasn’t part of a cow. It’s still literally the meat of a cow. Beef is not some other creature or thing. Idk it’s stupid lol.

No. 1599107

i mean its their constant go to whenever they raid lc. that or gore.

No. 1599124

why do their surgeons completely forget about the existence of clitoral hoods..?

No. 1599125

What would be the point? It’s not like there is a clitoris anyway.

No. 1599137

OT, nonas, but I don’t know where else to ask. Currently living on the west coast, but I can’t deal with all the 300lb rape apes in school girl costumes. Thinking about returning to the east coast, but I don’t want to end up in the south. Where is it semi-safe? I know troons are everywhere, but I’m hoping for somewhere where it’s still socially shameful for a whole ass man in a dog costume on a leash to be lumbering around a park filled with kids and families. Boston? Philly? DC? Where tf do I go?

No. 1599152

Atlanta? Traditionally home of a good indie music scene, but still conservative enough that these monstrosities would be hounded out of public.

No. 1599158

Unfortunately, no, there are a shitload of troons in Atlanta. The suburbs are okay, but the closer you get to the city - and the closer to Decatur, which has become tranny central - the worse it is.

No. 1599159


>Decatur, which has become tranny central

Why Decatur? I don't know metro Atlanta that well but I think of it as just being a suburb

No. 1599168

I think the South is one of the few places that doesn’t tolerate trannies. At least in my area, trannies are openly mocked and laughed at. I rarely if ever see a TiM and if I do, it’s at a tech store. It’s a huge trade-off though, and even I want to try moving East coast. You won’t deal with tranny pandering and being called a “uterus haver” down South (at least in the small conservative towns), but there’s still a whole lot of misogyny.

No. 1599169

The south has the highest number of trannies come out of it anon.

No. 1599170


Sad day when there does not exist an American city where I a) am described as a woman, and adult human female, and b) am not considered less competent because of it

No. 1599171

Same, personally I’ve seen none, not at least openly. I see them in the north and on the west coast.

No. 1599173


I live in a rural area and still see these chuds, but not super often. They're permeating everywhere, even the elementary school in this Trumpy bible basket town has secret uwu pronoun meetings at lunch ran by the counselor. Hope to hear of some sane cities, but idk if they exist. I'm hoping this shit calms down before my kid gets in school, that's my current worry bc teenage stepdaughter has been completely groomed into genderspecial shit from school and peers. It feels like they all joined the Hitler youth.

No. 1599177


Lol wow it is Lovecraft, but he used a "Michael Jackson nose" filter.

No. 1599179

>It feels like they all joined the Hitler youth
Hard agree. Talking with anyone under a certain age without fail results in the regurgitation of gender special bs they got indicated at school into. It's frightening to observe that level of conformity that goes against reality and facts. Even more so when you realise they'll be running the world based on indoctrination.

No. 1599181

PSA: if a healthy person complains about their disabilities, it is NOT your place to point out that they are completely able bodied.

No. 1599182

Absolutely based. What a queen, I would do the same if I was going to marry my moid

No. 1599184

And trannies are like plant based meat, kekek

No. 1599185

I mean…what do you do? Homeschool? How is it possible to still live a basic, normal life?

No. 1599187

Ew, why is it purple inside?

No. 1599189

This is not true at all. I don’t even live in a huge city and they’re out in the open all the time. I live in the Deep South too, not Maryland or somewhere. Nowhere in the US is free unless you live in a tiny town.

No. 1599193


Just completely lost. Homeschooling might help, but only if you kept the kid home 24/7, because whatever friends they make will be indoctrinated into the gender cult. Christian school, maybe, but we're not religious and there aren't any Catholic schools nearby, just some weird Baptist ones that seem really shitty. Even when you keep them off of the internet, no one else is doing the same to their kids so they're just getting the same grooming by proxy. And I've seen people say "I'd never let my kids fall for that", but it's insidiously promoted to them at a time where they naturally want to rebel from their parents. It's horrifying to deal with, I feel like there's so much misogyny in my home now and it's baffling, because we had a very low-drama family unit that didn't promote stereotypical gender roles for the adults or the kids. No idea what to do, I wanna sperg irl every day but idk if it would help. Talking about it is just getting gray rocked because that's what they teach them to do to their horrible parental abusers who are threatening their right to "exist". Everyone needs to know that once the seed is planted- every fucking adult in their life but you will egg them on with bullshit just to groom kids and look woke.

No. 1599198

they may be onto something here nonnas. right idea wrong execution

No. 1599199


Look, the best chance you have to keep your kids out of this is to talk to your kids about this shit. Early and often. If you don't talk to them, and just send them off to school, of course they are probably going to fall prey to this nonsense.

And find stories of how parents got their kids out of the gendercult and do the things they did before your kids fall into it. Have Socratic dialogues about troon ideas. You gotta present the arguments they will hear from troons and then debunk them, before the TRAs can get to them. Tell them that their teachers are going to be lying about this, that most people desist or detransition (show them stories from detransitioners), that sex is immutable, etc. Get your kids involved in something where they use their bodies, dance, sports, whatever. Monitor the hell out of their internet access and limit it as much as possible. Watch movies about cults and cult behaviors and then talk to your kids about what happened. Come up with a plan for how you want your kids to handle it if one of their friends troons out and tell it your kids.

Look if you were an atheist or Christian, living in a heavy Christian/Muslim area, you'd talk to your kids about how thier religion is nonsense and your beliefs are the right way, right?

You need to do the same when it comes to genderwoo (and also porn. You are talking to your kids about porn right?)

No. 1599200

File: 1658943831724.jpeg (868.1 KB, 1254x1620, 41177B46-632D-4474-A60F-F0ED38…)

No. 1599201

File: 1658943879535.jpeg (620.5 KB, 2160x1486, 2C53F35B-B3BC-4DF3-9B09-6C1326…)

No. 1599202

File: 1658943954646.jpeg (100.26 KB, 1241x342, D7BC6BE2-74E3-4473-876D-BD27C1…)

press x to doubt

No. 1599203

i thought that was an actual lesbian sub? why are the bitches so dumb there

No. 1599205

It's so stupid because you know if some tranny made a "I LOVE SUCKING GIRLDICK!!!" "I LOVE GOCK" "TRANSGIRL PUSSY TASTES SO GOOD" nobody would even be allowed to feel offended or imply it's exclusionary in any way.

No. 1599207

Nonas… I want to a-log so badly, nothing real anymore, even concrete things like biology. I am really tired.

No. 1599209

File: 1658944340726.jpeg (918.36 KB, 1162x1663, 1497A90D-B44E-46F5-B84C-539FD4…)

So even a delusional black tim thinks black female face structure is so similar to a black male’s, that he should be unclockable? Insanity.

No. 1599210

Kek some Reddit moid thinks a surgically made slit is attractive, betting on my life that he watches creepy hentai porn

No. 1599212

File: 1658944802943.jpg (1.1 MB, 810x2828, Screenshot_20220727-135802_Chr…)

Here's hoping his ex gets the 100% custody she's seeking.

No. 1599214

>b-but all my friends say I pass!!
Of course they do, they are just not trying to hurt your feelings and avoid tranny rage assault

No. 1599219

Lol of course it's deleted and locked

No. 1599223

Decatur used to be known as an extremely lesbian-friendly city (nicknamed "Dick Hater" kek) because of Agnes Scott College and generally being a more progressive Atlanta suburb. It's also been a hipster haven for decades, so the woke cult got their claws in early. Being known as a lesbian town of course attracted all the gross AGPs in the area and it's become unbearable the past few years. Nothing quite like seeing old troons in fetish gear at the Kroger.

No. 1599224

I don’t think this is the own the troon thinks it is, his lawyer sounds extremely weird. Who asks someone to compliment their ex in the middle of divorce proceedings?

No. 1599228

It might be the lawyer is trying to go for parental alienation. She would be trying to prove the soon to be ex-wife's feelings of dislike toward the troon are irrational since she couldn't even come up with some good things about him and the only reason she wants full custody is due to hate and not because it's in the best interest of the kids. Family courts are very biased against mothers.

No. 1599239

File: 1658947430899.jpeg (362.98 KB, 984x515, 4BBFABA3-CD9D-4315-B22B-92F245…)

Such a dick. The female roommate’s probably better off anyway.

No. 1599240

Hope she sues and puts him on blast on the news.

No. 1599245

From my relatively wealthy but majority-black county near DC, I hardly see them. Well, except in the con/cosplay scene, but that's a given.

No. 1599247

…and this is EXACTLY why people are not honest to trannies

No. 1599249

Is the greater DC area this way, or just your particular county? Sounds like a vast improvement—I’ll take what I can get lol

No. 1599252

File: 1658948778383.png (478.13 KB, 463x637, avon.png)

thanks for the troon history lesson nona, from an ex-byob poster. not many people are aware of SA's contribution to trannyism.

also I had NO idea wetflame grew up to be leighanna rose walsh

No. 1599253

So, apparently you can sue people for having sex pattern recognition now. Except that even children have sex pattern recognition. What’s next, troon teacher sues preschooler for having eyes?

No. 1599256

no bio woman could ever get away with looking like this

No. 1599268

Considering there are a ton of neurotypical AGPs I think it’s more narcissism and autism just colors in the blindness to Norms. Plenty of spergs are good hearted and not CWC, what makes CWC is his narcissism

No. 1599270

Based Tomie.

No. 1599271

File: 1658949892612.png (157.39 KB, 1088x770, Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 21-23…)

They started colonizing women's life before the internet. Janice Raymond published the transsexual empire in 1979. The full pdf online:

>bio woman

No. 1599278

>worked full time while she stayed at home the whole time

she had 3 young kids what the fuck else was she meant to do?! PARENTING IS REAL WORK AND A REAL JOB YOU FAGGOT

No. 1599283

why 'ew'? you realise all of lolcow users ae bio cis females right

No. 1599290

nta but you do realise most of the users here avoid using any terms other than woman to refer to us because it's playing into the whole goo goo gaa gaa cis women and trans whymen.

No. 1599293

>bio cis females
holyshit, leave. We are women here.

No. 1599297

oh i see how you mean. yes, I meant to say women. my bad

No. 1599299

How do I not get this? It is a cow. What’s the point? Pork is pig, chicken is chicken.

No. 1599301

Because their comparison doesn’t make any sense, that’s why

No. 1599304

Same me too, west coast is done for. Does anyone Iive in the west or Midwest. I wonder if small red towns are this bad too?

No. 1599305

lol thanks

No. 1599307

File: 1658951531798.jpg (522.75 KB, 810x1684, Screenshot_20220727-154841_Boo…)

This was the rapey comment OP was calling out.

No. 1599318

Have you considered moving out the country? I know that is like a lot. I’ve been thinking about it, because once kids go to school it’s almost like a pressure to be apart of this. Hitler youth group is right on target.

I wonder what counties would be less tolerable of this behavior because the states are fucked. Maybe in 5-10yrs this shit will come down, but 5-10yrs of growing up in this shithole can do a lot to children.

No. 1599325

Im sorry but what? They are kicking this girl out because she figured out the troon was a troon? This can't be true

No. 1599331

I live on the west coast and find that simply living in a suburban area I don’t have to deal with any of that silliness. All of my friends are even completely tired of the topic. Tbh, I feel like the tides are turning and will continue to turn.

No. 1599336


im from the midwest but sorta close to Chicago. there are lots of TiFs and they/thems but ive only ever seen one TiM in my almost-30 years here. to be fair, i live in an area under the poverty line, so it might be different in better areas.
sorry, forgot to sage

No. 1599341

File: 1658953134707.jpeg (610.9 KB, 1196x2304, D461B751-057E-48D1-A879-D34275…)

No. 1599343

That last comment is pretty funny ngl

No. 1599345

The troon said she was moved to another dorm and he filed a Title Nine complaint.
She could have been moved because the RA realized he was a narc and she shouldn't live with him. If her college has any sense at all, the Title Nine complaint will be tossed.

No. 1599348

in another post this retarded troon went as far to tell people to suck his transfeminine dick kek. how are they this stupid that they dont see the aggressive behavior they exhibit is proof that no amount of horse piss will outweigh the raging testosterone in their bodies

No. 1599351

File: 1658953750043.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, 3A8C1210-AA40-452E-B3C8-7ED540…)

(Videogamesperg) And before you say it’s fake - this was on the official BioWare twitter.

No. 1599355

bring back shame

No. 1599356

you know he is wearing the mask because he thinks it helps him pass better. It does not kek. What if trannies had to stop using pictures of teenage anime girls in their hyper sexual memes and had to instead use photos of irl troons. We already all know the reason they do not do that is because they hate actually looking at themselves in grotesque detail because it is obvious they are men and not anime girls.

No. 1599366

File: 1658954615833.png (1.47 MB, 1728x2304, AA098BE1-CAF3-49BD-8210-66264A…)

The only picture of him is cropped and angled of course. Blue eyeliner doesn’t make you a woman sir.

No. 1599368

I live in the Deep South too. That’s why I said in my area in my post though. I’m sure huge cities like Dallas and shit have a lot of trannies, that’s to be expected in a metro area and large population. I specifically said smaller towns in the South have less troons and libshit.
Too bad you guys live in tranny towns?

No. 1599372

Northern states in the middle of the country. I live in one that's liberal enough, but troons are only seen at cringe cons.

No. 1599384


I live in a west coast city…I come from a liberal area in the NE, and figured I knew what to expect. I did not. I don’t understand how people live here for more than a month without peaking. A few things that I can count on seeing every time I leave my house:
> at least a dozen posters/fliers advertising kink munches/fetish nights/“erotic festivals”/sex related events that I did not even know could/would exist, many being held in venues that, in any other city, would probably be described as “family dining”
> multiple men in full on fetish gear. At least one set of cat ears and one school girl costume, every time I go out, without exception. I should make a bingo board ffs. Many, many people in collars—not chokers, and probably not intended as fashion accessories, as they usually aren’t matched with corresponding outfits. It’s extremely common to see furries or people being walked on a leash. This is during the daytime, btw, not at nightclubs or something.
> tons of sexually explicit anti-terf graffiti (typically either bragging about one’s dick or threatening rape), including in nearly every public restroom (including the bathroom at a nice restaurant, etc.)
> all the post-Dobbs posters I see center trans people; after the ruling, when you would have expected to see a rash of pro-choice messaging, instead, we were treated to a rash of pro-trans messaging.
> literally so much mask off sexism everywhere. Constant unfavorable comparisons made between actual women and troons. Weird rules and policies designed to shame women and support troons (eg I’m not allowed to workout in a plain black sports bra but it’s fine if some mtf hon shows up in a hot pink, glittery one; otherwise basically being expected to hide my body so as to not make anyone feel bad)
I promise to stop derailing, just needed to get this shit out. I feel like I’m going insane—like I must be the crazy one. This stuff is happening all around me all the time, and everyone is acting like it’s completely normal.

No. 1599394

they are jealous of the attention and free money and gifts they assume every teenage e-girl is showered with

No. 1599398

>I would date a tranny
Kinda deserved

No. 1599402

i’m sorry, but that’s a level of misogyny i would expect to see in india or the middle east, not a first world country. what the actual fuck. nona, you need to leave that shithole.

No. 1599404

so, I'm not from the US, we don't have that cultural history with black people like you do, but why do those people always say that black women have male faces? I've seen a lot of black women from different cultural backgrounds and every single one looked like a woman, you couldn't mistake even one for a male. Their faces had female structures and their bodies looked female as well. Please, explain this bullshit to me, I don't understand it, because I've never seen a black woman looking like a man/troon.
Also, hope those troon gets a new, very horrible roommate, maybe someone that read on lolcow for some time, who knows.

No. 1599407

File: 1658957639487.jpeg (250.02 KB, 828x2095, 99E53E5F-0DA9-4D17-9288-B8F815…)

There’s nothing manly about black women, that’s some shit racist white troons made up to cope with the fact that they will never be women.

No. 1599409

It’s just racism. There’s not a grain of truth it’s based on or anything like that. It’s just straight up mask off racism. Literally everyone knows and can tell that black women are women.

No. 1599411

its bullshit that only americans believe and understand, since black people as an ethnicity have the highest % of sexual dimorphism between sexes. meaning, black women have overall higher chances of having hourglass type of bodies compared to women of other races.

No. 1599412

It’s some shit white guys say to be racist/misogynist like remember when everyone shit on Michelle Obama and said she wasn’t womanly enough because she had some semblance of arm muscle.

No. 1599414

I feel like crying reading this. At least im not the only anon who’s suffering. Sounds like you live in my west coast city. I see men in full lingerie from some sex shops walking in the streets. You can see the outline of their junk and is disgusting. I could go on and on about the horrors of just living daily life. I can’t even use public restroom bc of the faggots jerking it. I’m way to shy to go to a employee and tell them “ by the way there is a trans individual jerking their pecker in the womens bathroom. “ honestly I doubt anyone would believe me half the time and tell me to fuck off. My favorite coffee shop has been turn into a trans hub, with sex themed events weekly. Use to be a hippie chill spot all about self love, now self love means let’s say women are less than trans women. Just so much bullshit

No. 1599418

File: 1658958138730.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, FYsSjnnWAAMlqVm.jpg)

and as I was a girl back years ago, playing videogames, getting told by mostly every boy that I only play to attract them and get into a relationship. Also got told that videogames aren't for girls, girls don't have the brain for it. I hate this so much, if women would have been supported from the start, we would have so many women working in the gaming industry, but no, computers and videogames aren't for women, we only play to get dick.
Just googled to see which games Bioware has out right now and found picrel, and let's not talk about Corinne Busche, I want to scream, I'm just so done with all of this.
(reposting, forgot the pic, sry)

No. 1599420

It’s white people (men) trying to put black women down. I’m white and I see racist shit all the time from these mtfs . Remember most mtf were some nazi before. Every single black women I know or am close to looks like a women, most look more feminine than myself. They just hate black people, that simple.

No. 1599422

Oh god the stuff they said about Michael Obama was unbelievable. I can’t even type it out, it makes me feel sick.

No. 1599423

thank you, sadly just what I assumed. Wish we could take the internet away from every troon out there. How awful you have to be to spread that bullshit just because you hate yourself.

No. 1599424

>male brings up male genitalia in female spaces
What else is new

No. 1599429

File: 1658958912845.jpg (128.95 KB, 1180x1177, valbella-foods-jeff-von-rotz-t…)

smart moid

No. 1599433

>smart moid

No. 1599435

It’s just racism, back when Obama was the US president a lot of republicans online would say that Michelle looks like a man and call Obama gay for it and when Trump became the US president those same republicans started saying how finally the first lady loos like a lady.
People aren’t used to seeing certain facial features eg: to most non-asians east asian men look more “feminine”.
You don’t have to be rude about it just recognize that you’re holding prejudiced beliefs.

No. 1599440

this is why those misgendering laws are so fucking horrifying and dystopian. makes no legal sense.

No. 1599446

white male autists think dark skin = male/masculine because of video game and anime tropes

No. 1599447

The more I think about it, what probably happened was they talked to the poor girl privately, she said she didn't fully know the roommate was trans and now that she does know, doesn't feel comfortable living with them. So the college moved her. Meanwhile dumb troon thinks it was his doing.

No. 1599462

He's coping so hard. Even if you ignore the blatantly racist bullshit, if it was just a matter of being black and "not being used to black faces", 90% of black women would honestly be mistaken for men/troons for most of their lives
Begging these delusional, misogynistic men and their dumbass handmaidens to fuck off

No. 1599464


No. 1599467

went to my small local asian grocery store to pick up some necessities and there were 2 troons walking in everyone's way. literally never moved out of the way for anyone so everyone was constantly dodging them. i hate trannies

No. 1599468


On top of what other nonas mentioned I think a lot of it is fear, but they are also too ashamed to admit they are scared of a woman so they deny womanhood. Like a lot of the racism directed at Michelle Obama was them trying to cope with the fact she could run the country whenever she felt like it.

No. 1599471

Uh what? 90% of black women aren’t mistaken for men. They look distinctly female

No. 1599474


You just know the real anger is not being able to pass despite being 19 and on hormones. It is all downhill from there.

No. 1599475

I live in a liberal, midsized city in the Midwest. There's definitely some troons here. Luckily, kweer zoomers don't overlap with my circles much these days but I do still see them from time to time. My TA for my gender studies class was unsurprisingly a TiF - maybe the first one I ever met idk. I've worked with one enby on T, who was fine, and one creepy TiM perv. There was a very clockable tranny at my previous apartment complex who seemed autistic and super anxious. I recently saw a big, boxy one lumbering in overalls at a farmer's market, failing to larp as an art-hoe-aesthetic girl kek.

No. 1599476

You misread my post, anon. I'm saying that's not happening

No. 1599477

sage for blogpost, but my country is in the process of voting for the ultimate tranny constitution. what’s the most transphobic country that isn’t also a misogynistic hellhole i could move to if it passes? terf island? i just wanna be a terf in peace.

No. 1599481

Same nonna. I feel like the only two options are to live in a misogynistic hellscape where men can openly rape us and force us to be their bangmaids, or to live in a tranny ~uwu kink paradise where we have to play along with this degeneracy lest we get arrested by the thought police and sentenced to death-by-girldick. I feel like I'm going insane.

No. 1599482

Oh, apologies nona

Sage for OT but I’m a dark skin East African woman and have been used as an example of how anti trans rhetoric hurts “cis black women” by white handmaidens and mtfs in my political science classes. Keep in mind I have the stereotypically feminine features these trannies get surgery for, small upturned nose, full lips, big eyes, and v line jaw that are common in East African women. These handmaidens and troons are not afraid to use your skin colour as a talking point and we’ve come back full circle.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1599484

It really never crosses their minds that bisexual women might want partners with intact genitalia and mental stability, does it.

No. 1599486

Nightmare fuel.

No. 1599494

Kek you sound gorgeous, I can't believe how openly deranged their rhetoric is getting

No. 1599495


No. 1599497

Child grooming trannys attempted to get this moid to sponsor their event, which he says is aimed at children. He runs a gourmet food business. He doesn't want to sponsor the child grooming trannys.

No. 1599501

File: 1658963905030.jpeg (374.78 KB, 750x914, DB0FBF06-4E9E-4AE9-9E70-44DC2A…)

they’ll never be women, but good to know this is a thing that pisses them off.

No. 1599503


Part of me wonders every time a story like that comes out if they are actually trying to get out of the wedding and are just too cowardly to admit it.

Like the whole "uwu I'm just going make myself as repulsive as possible 3 months before the wedding. Just finding myself at 30 years old" who does that shit?

No. 1599504

No worries, and exactly, I've seen the same nonsense so many times. They think dragging down black women will give them a leg up. They've literally always been racist, and part of me is glad they're showing it so openly. It just means fewer black women will fall into their self-victimizing BS

No. 1599511

You know these are the same dumbasses who manspain everything to women, can’t take a little bit of their own bullshit? They hate being reminded of how scrotely they are or that they’re trying to conquer something they will never have.

No. 1599512

>A cis woman complains about the “exact same thing” as me except she has been dealing with it since 13 and she didn’t bring it on herself
>For some reason she gets more sympathy & headpats than me!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Pure narcissism. YWNBAW

No. 1599516

File: 1658964727860.png (Spoiler Image, 644.88 KB, 739x1216, 00451461-62C6-4FD7-A2B9-3475F9…)

scrote pregnancy fetish, dude is pumping air into his ass to inflate his stomach

No. 1599517


just realized this is the real life version of the parts in tropic thunder where RDJ tries to gripe about the black experience to actual black people and gets relentlessly shit on

No. 1599519

Nah. Most men don't give a shit about women's needs and expect women to accept everything, otherwise we're prudes, terfs etc.

No. 1599523

Please spoiler moid ass inflation next time because my future kids will be born traumatized by this knowledge, but thanks for your service on the ground soldier

No. 1599525

Samefag, she did spoiler it, it is so visually scarring that my short term memory was fried there or something sorry

No. 1599530

No. 1599531

lmao I am so sorry nonna. I know it’s a lot to take in. I hope you won’t be permanently scarred.

No. 1599534

white male racism + white male autism

No. 1599537

Jesus Christ, this is so gross

No. 1599541

Pretty sure you can get an embolism from this

No. 1599544

Nothing will stop the coom

No. 1599546

Not just kicking her out but since his is Title IX his roommate could lose her financial aid if she gets charged. These are the same penalties that college rapists get FYI.

No. 1599549

what could she do to get out of this situation? play dumb to the max and pretend she didn’t know the roommate was a man? they can’t prove she’s a transphobe is they also can’t prove her eyes work properly.

No. 1599550

They walked it back already. The terf was fired (or retired) and the business is kissing troon asses all over twitter already.

No. 1599556

Yeah I guess? I feel like they'll be biased against her as a woman and take the side of the black troon. He said she's 'conservative' which I assume means a normie white woman. She probably needs to start thinking of how else she can pay for school because the chances of escaping this unscathed are slim even if she didn't do anything to him.

No. 1599558

File: 1658967789866.jpg (18.69 KB, 354x360, 1488756180391.jpg)

male clownery knows no end
you just know he'll keep doing this even after his inevitable visit at the hospital

No. 1599565

Idk why, but perhaps he'll die

No. 1599567

Don't spread false hope

No. 1599574

for real

No. 1599577

File: 1658969776795.jpg (157.27 KB, 1080x1219, FYsscldVEAEbt9t.jpg)

This is so disgusting I dont even know what to say

No. 1599579

File: 1658969838644.jpg (199.95 KB, 1080x2101, FYssdCMUcAA0vdn.jpg)

No. 1599583

I’m so sorry anon, that sucks so much

No. 1599586

imagine having to smell to tell the difference

No. 1599598

File: 1658971215749.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 595.86 KB, 750x1226, 918ADC5E-E105-4F85-A387-7A58C5…)

literally raw chicken.

No. 1599601

imagine them thinking this is making them a woman or is in any way a part of a woman's experience. barf.

No. 1599603

The lack of a clitoris is always so obvious. This one looks like a pile of dirty clothes near the bottom. I almost feel bad for the guy, maybe he’ll peak now.

No. 1599605

File: 1658971801978.jpeg (320.66 KB, 750x1951, 3CC11D3C-77E4-4CF5-B401-F0F9B0…)


No. 1599606

nah, he probably thinks it looks amazing and that he’s having female orgasms, if he can feel anything down there at all.

No. 1599615


This a handy picture to have for whenever people ask why women live longer than men.

No. 1599617

Canada's out I guess.

As a Euro-anon, I would advise not Germany although it has lots of good factors it is very trans-friendly. Nordic countries, too, have a lot of trans-pandering. Italy and Greece are places I've travelled without seeing this bullshit.

No. 1599620

If i could give these no-efforts just ONE thing, it would be an eyebrow pencil.

No. 1599625

Nonnies what the actual fuck. What a dire premonition of what the rest of us may suffer soon. I live in a liberal city in the middle of a red state, but my governor is a sane human so I think we’re safe for now. Just…what the fuck? This sounds like a troll. How can this be allowed to happen?

No. 1599629

File: 1658975159772.jpeg (619.21 KB, 750x1192, D125D492-FB18-438A-8F1A-002398…)

the power of placebos and male stupidity cannot be underestimated.

No. 1599635

kek, all it would take is someone saying "have a good day, sir!" and he'd melt down

No. 1599636

Seriously, I keep saying they should just be given sugar pills and it'd have the same effect on them. They're all absolutely delusional.

No. 1599637

Ntayrt but what are you saying? That anons are going to make him kill himself? Men die more on average because they don't take care of themselves and have no aversion to risk/danger

No. 1599638

File: 1658975797138.png (389.89 KB, 600x715, average death grips fan.png)

rateyourmusic is full of troons, finding an actual woman on there is like finding a needle in a haystack

No. 1599640

Of course it is. No wonder their games suck ass these days. Which sucks, because I used to LOVE them

No. 1599644

File: 1658976520128.jpg (328.91 KB, 1036x1150, voidmoid.jpg)

>troon makes this comment
>make mistake of looking up his twitter
>its full of lolicon with animals and him using the chad meme to death in relation to comments supporting rape, incest and kid diddling

took a while to report all those tweets but can tell if troon or just 4chan troll (I know most of the time its the same person) but so many troons are like this online

No. 1599648

Yeah apparently here in Finland, the "worst country for troons", we have "rainbow clubs" in elementary schools where teachers suggest maybe the sex you are born with is not for you to KIDS.

No. 1599653

I can't stand this lipless motherfucker

No. 1599654

Um, Boston is the last place you should go if you’re trying to escape trannyville kek. No offense nona but that’s like asking if LA would be a good place to move to for lower gas prices. Take a stroll down Cambridge or Brookline, talk to anyone from BU all the way to UMASS Boston, and you’ll see what I mean.

NC is decent from what I’ve seen, even though Charlotte is getting a lot of traction. Maybe VA even though that too is very left wing especially near DC. You’re kind of dreaming if you’re looking for a big city to like Bos or Philly if you don’t want to be around them. You’re better off looking for a suburb, like Braintree or something in MA. Look at small cities/towns, otherwise you’ll waste money and be v disappointed.

No. 1599655

/pol/tard to troon pipeline

No. 1599656

That pictures like this are a fun way of showing evidence of men’s recklessness towards their health and safety.

It’s not just dangerous jobs and fast driving - but also pornsickness.

No. 1599659

Anti-semitic troon wants stonetoss cancelled because he also calls out trannies, but understands that historical connotations of antisemitism are a lot more useful to try and get the man cancelled, while being of the same kind of person he says stonetoss should be cancelled for. How shocking.

No. 1599660

just try to pull that shit elsewhere than southern Finland, some emäntä/isäntä would kick the teacher's ass.

No. 1599676

the f?

we can only hope

No. 1599677

I wish more was written and said about male jealousy. Women don't realize how deep it goes, even in "nice" men who seem intelligent enough to know better.
I agree that it's unbelievably stupid, but I think this is most men. Their whole adult lives are just one big midlife crisis.

No. 1599678

File: 1658979597439.jpg (104.75 KB, 676x960, FYtY372XgAE_gB3.jpg)

just wear a speedo fucking weirdo

No. 1599682

File: 1658980046787.jpg (87.7 KB, 808x895, 20220728_054522.jpg)

No. 1599683

wtf high school not college??? and no, he still looks 47 and a man who stole those clothes. i’m so sick of them.

No. 1599684

File: 1658980315998.jpeg (604.78 KB, 750x1266, 8B8D55D6-6A58-4BE5-A58F-DA2A5F…)

>i’m not like the other troons, i’m a nice troon!

No. 1599686

File: 1658980497404.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.87 KB, 718x687, Screenshot_20220728-055023.jpg)

Saw this on TikTok they sampled bellybuttons and found thousands of new bacteria. Image of they'd sample amholes instead does anyone have that picture where they compare vaginas to axwounds and the amount of "unknown" colonies is very high in TIMs?

No. 1599694

he’s disgusted by perverts in his reddit forums but not idk disgusted by men in every aspect of women’s lives, psyche, and physical spaces including bathrooms and gynecologist’s offices. he’s disgusted as a “trans woman” but can’t make the connection how much more invasive and fucking creepy it is for women who can’t understand those male perversions, or have been deeply traumatized by them. imagine if he actually had or suffer male violence, abuse, and rape. i hope they do this shit to each other more but it still will never get them to empathize with women one iota.

No. 1599701

No. 1599711

Bioware is currently doing some lgbtqblabla shout out thing and so far it has only been white troons…no poc lgb folk working at bioware or what… It's quite telling…

No. 1599737

File: 1658985439563.jpg (422.36 KB, 1701x1595, image (1).jpg)

Fyi, FaceApp creates AI generated pictures incorporating components from real photos of women (such as forehead, jaw, eyes, hair, lips, teeth) to alter a face on a photo. It's exceptionally creepy considering TiMs use it for "motivation" to transition. This guy is a 37 year old Coder incel who took the pink pill and I'd convinced he wants FFS after using the FaceApp.

No. 1599743

Yeah nonna, I’m further south too and I see absolutely none this far down. If they did come out like that they’d get bad looks.

No. 1599776

>I look at least 15 years younger
37?! that's funny bc I thought he has 15 years older than that, at a minimum. moids age like milk proven time and time again.

No. 1599783

South central texas doesn't seem to have alot of troons as long as you're further south than Austin. San Antonio has alot of fatties though (I think they are one of the fattest cities in US)

No. 1599828

dallas has a couple trannies, but it's not as often as some place like the pacific northwest or even the midwest in cities like chicago. most of them in dallas are the old school trannies too.

No. 1599848

Holy shit they are so fucking dumb. PS can't give you a whole new face. Do they even look at before/after pics of actual surgery results and not photoshopped selfies? Shaving your brow ridge and jaw is a serious procedure and they can't even go through the effort of informing themselves on what is actually possible? They really do live in a complete fantasy. He will probably spend the rest of his life in misery over the fact that he can't afford the magical ffs that would have totally turned him into a cute teenage girl and not the same sad old man with slightly less bone definition and too much space between his nose and lips.

No. 1599849

I used to feel bad but honestly rn I just laugh to the fact these guys delude themselves into spending lots of money on something that is impossible, only to later complain nobody told them it wouldn't be this fantasy they thought and then neck themselves.. fucking grown men!
No way this guy will ever look like this. I thought he was 50, not 37. The only thing I feel bad about is that they are never single and without child, they gotta ruin other peoples lives too.

No. 1599858

Now I know who to blame for the gender special abomination that was Dragon Age 3.

No. 1599859

Men as a whole cannot even spot the most blatant photoshop sometimes so it's not surprising. If anything, them getting tricked by photoshopped selfies is just further proof that they're men kek

No. 1599868

why do they ruin my teenage years like this

No. 1599876

ew, it's that moid zinnia jones, he has a KF thread and, unfortunately, kids. horrifying

No. 1599912

an average looking/ugly and autistic woman talking about her hobbies passionately would never be put in the spotlight like this. they always handle trannies with kid gloves and its so gross

No. 1599936

File: 1658994129610.jpeg (600.49 KB, 960x1538, 0AFB1F71-77A3-4808-8073-F10601…)

do you guys remember that troon “okidonthaveone”? he’s back and posting more retarded memes about how “feminine penises” are allegedly more feminine than actual vaginas. even enablers in the comments aren’t buying it kek

No. 1599937

and it makes it so much more ironic when they say shit like "life would be/is so much easier as a girl!". but one of the defining characteristics of moids is a lack of self awareness so what else can you expect from them?

No. 1599966

File: 1658995723989.jpg (350 KB, 1080x1758, Screenshot_20220728-100841_Twi…)

No. 1599968

I don't feel sorry for them because their lives are always run by porn, and, like you said, they always hurt other people. Porn addicts make a relationship hell. If he could fool some woman into bothering with him, he would make a hundred little negative comments to her every week, show that she doesn't really matter in 100 little ways, and her sense of self worth would end up ruined eventually. IDK if it's intentional or just instinctual. It's better that they troon out and make themselves completely unattractive.

No. 1599971

always funny to see how they really think they pass and are confident and everything and want more validation and be praised for passing, just for them to be told they don't pass kek. The username is horrible too and they really wantt o make us believe this is not a fetish and a hyperfocus on sex(uality), when literally their whole personality is about genitals

No. 1599979

At least they're stopping actual blocker treatments for kids here.

No. 1599982

File: 1658996695984.png (291.38 KB, 810x685, Screenshots_2022-07-28-16-22-0…)

redditor explains the skinwalking behavior of agps

No. 1599983

Call them openly out. Make your minority goup go against the way smaller tranny minority group, so that all these SJW cannot use you anymore and cannot use the "if you are gaianst trannies, you are also against cis black women" bs. Make the group splitter, the more they are devided the more this bs will stop

No. 1599997

I'm starting to think men are just wrong. In general. Even when they
have self awareness. Even when they explain AGP. Like something is just wrong with most of them mentally which is why they can trick themselves into thinking those Face Apps pics are real, get so focused on one thing…skinwalk the women they want to fuck with no ounce of self realisation and demand validation from women at all points. Like some ego thing in men makes this behaviour and troons are just more extreme examples. But considering I've met men who can convince themselves they're right just by virtue of saying so…yeah. Idk.

And to think…women with strong emotions were literally locked away for it and medicated.

We live in a weird fucking time. I still cannot for the life of me understand how we got to the point where women had their own voices and viewpoints and opportunities for life outside the home and without a man dictating her place. And now? We have men literally telling us what we have to accept and what to do and to sit down and shut up about our own issues, our own struggles. Co-opting them even and pushing us out of our own experiences.

I hate this timeline. I hope the next life is better.

No. 1600017


i wish they would put it together that literally over 99.9% of people do not have diagnosable gender dysphoria. the "trapped in the wrong body" troon virtually does not exist. it is fetishist all the way down.

No. 1600020

File: 1659000184586.jpg (127.58 KB, 960x960, 1658359252819341.jpg)

>it's extremely common to see people being walked on a leash

No. 1600022

Men should stop trying to pseudointelligently explain troons in their midwit terms and start murdering them more instead

No. 1600025

It really doesn't help that parents correct and even mock girls when they mess up, but just let it slide when boys fuck up. Girls learn to walk on eggshells. It double doesn't help that hippy dippy coddle mommies have spent decades now trying to raise "empathetic" sons, all they did was teach moids how to manipulate women even harder, become even more self-focused in a solipsistic black hole way.

No. 1600027

File: 1659003542761.jpg (405.35 KB, 2048x1366, gettyimages-1097004046-2048x20…)

holy shit this dude, the most famous agp in my country - that's a really filtered picture lmao, picrel is what he actually looks like

he's a pretty famous dj, wears ONLY fetishwear and those weird plastic boobs from aliexpress, i've even seen other mtfs hate him for being "bad representation"

No. 1600030

File: 1659003666818.jpg (256.43 KB, 1080x1174, Screenshot_20220728-122042_Red…)

>he's completely straight
Press X to doubt

No. 1600031

File: 1659003693957.jpeg (508.16 KB, 1242x1854, AC19214D-985C-4005-8A5B-173175…)

No. 1600032

There’s no relevance to the topic at hand in this, what a dumb post. Also the ~mysterious~ bellybutton bacteria is from clothing being shipped overseas.

No. 1600039

File: 1659004157204.jpg (2.03 MB, 1288x4096, pt2022_07_28_12_29_11.jpg)

pornsick bi moids are the worst

No. 1600044

Idk, maybe the chad facial structure, the wide muscular shoulders, the long monkey arms, the moobs, the wide ribcage, the big man hands, the curveless waist and hips… It's a mystery

No. 1600047

The better question is what part of him does not get him clocked and does not need to be changed? Answer: Nothing

No. 1600054

Guy's literally built like a JoJo character. He should just give up at this point.

No. 1600064

File: 1659005831413.jpeg (200.77 KB, 960x732, BA91B0F8-5D10-465E-B2A4-6E4F71…)

when did “reee terf” turn to whatever this mechanism is supposed to be

No. 1600071

They do that in the states too, Florida just passed a bill banning gender ideology from K-3rd grade to avoid this. Wokies call it Don’t Say Gay, but the actual name is Parental Rights in Education.

No. 1600074

How do you spin lovingly cupping another mans full cock and balls in your hands as straight.

No. 1600080

Faceapp has turned so many moids into trooning out good god

No. 1600084

File: 1659008279625.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1988, TheAtomicPunk5150.png)

those transphobic "karens" are based and you don't pass

No. 1600095

Looks like a drag queen from Mad Max.

No. 1600101

File: 1659010035315.jpeg (1.06 MB, 822x2273, EC417156-C2E9-44E2-9963-C3BA2A…)

17 yo girl is told she’s being dramatic and a prima donna for not wanting to share a room with a TiM team member who said he “always imagined having her body”. Of course the coach who called her a prima donna is a scrote.

No. 1600103

No. 1600104


you know in a way nonbinary really screwed them over. a lot of people are polite enough that they would understand what mtfs are trying to do and go along with it even if they don't actually pass.

but now since you don't know if it's a they, a gay dude, GNC, or whatever it just puts people at an impasse where the only they're really sure of is that they aren't dealing with a woman

No. 1600112


I live in a capital city in the deep south and I see plenty of them at my workplace (department store). More MTFs shopping than FTMs or female enbies. I work with one MTF and a few female he/hims and they/thems. This may just be because it's also a college town, but I lived in a smaller city even deeper in the deep south a few years ago and came across several back then too.

No. 1600116

File: 1659012409668.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1714, tavistock.png)

TERF island news: the tavistock clinic for "trans kids" is getting shut down?? based???

No. 1600118

the beginning of the end for this ideology

No. 1600121

that’s huge! go terf island!

No. 1600123

I think in the end, if you live in a city, midsized and up, you will not be free of troons. I don’t think it matters where in the country because most cities have a more open-minded atmosphere than smaller towns, even in the South. Idk why a lot of nonnas think that living here makes it safer, statistically we have a huge percentage of them because of the very rigid gender stereotypes and so much religious bullshit that infiltrates the culture. Of course there are repressed pornified men suddenly saying they’re women and honestly, in my own city I think I see more TiFs than TiMs, but both are everywhere and I can’t even run to Target without seeing a genderspecial. I don’t live in a massive place like Atlanta or Nola either. It’s not like the South doesn’t have internet or anime and furry cons or whatever, and a lot of TiMs are as well versed with guns as Bubba down the street and don’t give a shit about making themselves known. The only way to escape them is by moving to the tiniest town you can because THEN maybe they would be too shamed to come out. I’m not saying other places don’t have it worse because apparently they do, but you shouldn’t come here expecting to never see them. You will.

No. 1600126

File: 1659013112230.jpeg (69.32 KB, 635x557, E5E50132-6C34-4493-8DE8-AFDB39…)

Excellent news. Have a blahaj nightmare.

No. 1600131

they are closing this one, but planning to open two new clinics, now with more doctors so kids might get their autism diagnosis before getting put on puberty blockers

No. 1600136

File: 1659014325951.jpg (29.93 KB, 409x244, mamenco.jpg)


No. 1600142

File: 1659014726239.jpg (66.4 KB, 1080x466, thenumbersdontlie.jpg.jpg)

>joined last month
>already 3/4s of a 1000 tweets

don't you love when they keep being a stereotype

No. 1600145

Why are you directing a hateful mob at some kid? You have way worse issues than they ever will.

No. 1600146

Samefag, i meant 1/4. Fuck im so dumb.

No. 1600148

It's because you're projecting your self-hatred onto strangers. That's not healthy.

No. 1600151

I see a depressed person working to feel better about themselves, and you see a vulnerable target to go after. That says everything about what kind of person you are.

No. 1600153

>"Some" kid
There are many cases like this, all stemming from discord grooming

No. 1600154

Go back troon, stop being offended by the truth.

No. 1600155

File: 1659015265883.jpg (42.85 KB, 680x454, fascinating behaviour.jpg)

Working 'to better themselves' with horse piss that doesn't work even after 8 months?

No. 1600156

Sounds like this kid got harassed by a couple women who should know better. It's sad you're so eager to join in a hate mob you didn't even see.

No. 1600158

>"telling drug addicts to keep going is helpful actually"

go back to preddit

No. 1600159

I'm not trans and I do see some fucked up behavior in these threads, but that isn't it. That's a kid with mental health issues you're beating up on.

Hormones definitely work. I didn't say they were bettering themselves, I said they were working to feel better. That's why I'm supportive of some of this trans acceptance, it's basically helping some people who feel bad, feel better about themselves. By changing my wording, you completely changed the meaning.

I just think you should stop bullying random vulnerable people. Calling them drug addicts is very strange, you should work on thinking more coherently.

No. 1600160

Thy were right, he looks like a man because he is one.

Too long didn't read, terfs were right about your kind.

No. 1600162

Wow! Good for you guys on terf island, that’s great news

No. 1600163

lol if you're one person, that was literally a one-line response. But are you saying all those responses were just to you? You can't read 4 lines? Sorry you're illiterate bud, lol

Again, not trans, I just think it's sad you're bullying strangers, most of whom are kids.

No. 1600165

Tranny Blaine

No. 1600166

Nah. I've seen troons who still look like Tommy Wiseau after 5 years of HRT. Instead, they get liver complications such high AST levels (which means that it's damaged).

No. 1600169

If you're really a woman then prove it with a hand pic.

No. 1600171

i’m sorry, but if you’re a disgusting troon, you have no right to complain about your girlfriend or wife being unattractive. trooning out is literally the most unattractive thing a moid could do.

No. 1600176

Go clean your foreskin or something, what the fuck is this shit.

No. 1600177

You going to go stand up for every female who gets mocked on this site? Or is it just the moids you’re here to defend?

No. 1600178

File: 1659016929989.png (958.73 KB, 763x743, hotep.png)

They're incels and being a 'femboy' is the only thing that can get them laid from other zoomer incels

While I agree with the white troons being racist answers (they all are), a lot of the biggest propagandists and boosters for this bullshit of Black women not being 'feminine enough' (like Laverne, Kevin Samuels, Umar Johnson, Billy Porter, D'Angelo, the cast of Pose and the rest) are black MALES themselves, a lot of the literally who twitter users in this thread saying it have been black males and certain Black female handmaidens like Khadija who are just lost.

A lot of it comes down to misogyny and the same bullshit the black 'manosphere' ilk level against Black women - that we aren't as 'feminine, submitting and obeying' as white (or asian, or latina) women, that we're women left on the shelf, that any dark skinned woman is automatically manly, that ~attractive women support [whatever males] and ugly bitter women don't, etc. Black male left-wingers regurgitate this bullshit 24/7 and no one calls them out on it.

That and pic related type insanity from certain reactionary segments easily translates into unhinged troon bs about 'black womenz were never regarded as female until 2 yrs ago!!1111 yall fish are menz and jealouss of hot trans gurrllz!!'

Then we have certain men outside of the black community basically shunting this bullshit downwards and politically weaponizing anti-TERF rhetoric against various groups of women, threatening us if we don't get in line. So if white men like Hasan, Hbomberguy and Vaush are saying troons are the apex of womanhood 24/7, then misogynistic idiots just act accordingly.

Black TIMs also never call out white TIMs while shitting on women and TIFs of all races 24/7. This is a rule.

No. 1600180

This. Why is it that every male who talks shit about how is wife or gf looks is fat and disgusting? They need to look in the mirror, way easier for men to lose weight and get in shape so what’s their excuse?

No. 1600182

It's a troon, so the only women worth defending are men in his eyes. Women who believe troons empathise with women because they identify with women don't know that they identify as women because they see women as sex objects.

No. 1600184

Honestly, I do go around defending a lot of women on this site too. I came to this site to go after cows like Onision and kanadajin3, and I contributed a lot to their threads. I think this site can be an effective tool for calling out and going after predatory, abusive people. However, I think its power is actually lessened by people who go after random vulnerable people on the internet, whether out of a need to bully because of their own insecurities, or sociopathic/sadistic personal tendencies. I know people whine that they're here to "milk cows," but I think moralism is an important component to when this site is actually useful. Finding random people to harass is sad and pathetic.

No. 1600185

No, you're projecting shit onto me to try and invalidate what I'm saying. See >>1600184

I've defended way more women on this site than trans people, and that's because people like you actually attack way more women than men. It's just this time you're going after trans people.

No. 1600188

Why the hell should we care about some troon's feelings, wow they'rea teen but the second they're adults it's free game when they're already balls deep in the agp? if anything, we're doing a public service by being terfs here.

No. 1600191

Nowhere's totally free of them, but you'll see far less of them and they'll be far less pandered to in NYC(sans the trendly brooklyn neighborhoods)+Hoboken+Jersey City or Philly due to the large populations of working-class people and immigrants, and when you see them they're way more likely to be pretentious limp-dicked enbies or black or hispanic HSTS rather than anime-inspired coomers. Philly is jam-packed with miserable assholes though.

No. 1600193

Yeah, as if teenage agp women haters and rapists are somehow better than adult women haters and rapists. Troon must be coping, seething, and dilating hard realising that this is a womens imageboard and everyone saying he WNBAW are actual real women. Sprry to the troons reading that women don't support brothers masturbating in their sisters underwear and think they should be stopped in their coom addiction.

No. 1600194

>Why the hell should we care about some troon's feelings
Because if you're attacking random people, then when you criticize the people who actually deserve it, it's less meaningful because people just see you attacking anyone. People who get harassed on this site can rationalize that this site just bullies random people. This site would be a lot more effective and meaningful if it went specifically after people who abuse, scam, etc. My concern is that those more important threads get lost in the noise of ones like this (or more specifically, the people I pointed out ITT, because others ITT are more worthy of criticism).

No. 1600195

I still don't give a shit about your feelings troon, kick rocks.

No. 1600197

>"N-no, you can't go after women hating incels if they like being women hating incels"
YWNBAW. Troons are part of the reason abortion was revoked in the US, having taken over womens organisations and diverted their resources to support a male supremacy movement.

No. 1600198

The femboy bullshit is extremely misogynistic so why should nonnas care for it?

It's not just being an androgynous male or being incidentally not-clockable (like 'trap' used to mean in reference to visual kei artists or characters like Haku). It's a sexualized fetishistic-crossdresser identity loaded with disgusting assumptions about women, based off of characters like Astolfo and Felix that are AGPedo archetypes for moids to coom to. The femboy stuff ALWAYS comes with heavy pederastic and pedophilic elements, sex denial (chastity cages), self abuse and extremely reactionary ideas of sex roles and what women are. I've been in their shitty ass servers to troll around so I know what I am talking about. And the racism is just something else

It's also frequently as time goes on a chosen identity of someone who looks like a linebacker or Toad from X Men Evolution stealing their sister's panties, not something pushed onto a feminine boy

No. 1600199

and what about the countless TiMs traumatizing women and children alike? you love to say 'this never happens' but it seems like every week i see a new headline about some pornsick agp raping someone. their feelings matter that much to you?

No. 1600200

It's the schitzo tranny that has been spamming /meta/ for days talking to himself, sleeping only few hours every day and spending the rest here. Even got a Farmhand to respond, can you imagine!

No. 1600201

I showed my friend this thread and the previous ones, she used to be a hardcore libfem but now she is even more terfy than me. Trannies showing their true nature is the best thing a terf can ask for.

No. 1600202

Kek how is it an attack that some anon posted a screenshot of some teen troon acting entitled and delusional? I don't think you should be posting or even lurking if you're this much of a bleeding heart handmaiden, no one is gonna view a troon as a victim in this case, a victim to the troon ideology maybe, but not in the way you're trying to push it.
gotta nip that shit in the bud

No. 1600204

I'm not trans. I even called some of the trans people here men, which would be considered transphobic. Get your head straight.


Again, not trans, and I don't know what you're talking about. This is the first time I've been back here in a while. It's ironic you're calling me "schizo" when you're mixing me up with random people. And now you've double-posted.

No. 1600205

They matter because it's another pornsick tranny, the one that has spammed CP on here. Best to ignore it.

No. 1600206

I don't know what you're talking about, and you're clearly mentally ill.

No. 1600208

Bless you nonna

No. 1600211

I didn't say that never happens, some of the people at those drag queen story time things have been disturbing. I'm not even blanketly defending trans people here. The people I specifically responded to looked like depressed loners you're attacking for no reason.

No. 1600215

Schizo samefagging tranny blaine, we have all this evidence and you have nothing. I can't wait to show this to my other detrans friend, she's going love this.

No. 1600216

they're all men, seriously why the fuck would a handmaiden come here in the first place? why just not hide the thread?

No. 1600218

When will you leave Blaine? We don't want you here because you're an attention whore, you being a tranny scrote is just a bonus.

No. 1600220

If your really not Blaine, the post your hand. If your really a woman then it would be no problem. Unless your chickenshit that we clocked your ass.

No. 1600224

File: 1659018645769.jpeg (198.35 KB, 750x511, EEF1C13F-6AA6-4120-98A6-C9F32E…)

>do i have to wash clothes?

No. 1600225

I have no idea why anon would even want to post here, saying shit like they it's a he I'm sure even call some men men! okay, you want a fucking cookie for sometimes being realistic, pathetic.

No. 1600228

Actual retard

No. 1600229

"""Witchhunting""", you ruined the Rachel threads because you wanted internet brownie points from anons and now we can't laugh at her being a retard because you got her kicked off.

No. 1600231

So you admit that you go to /pol/ Blaine, how typical of trannies.


Nice deflection Blaine, stop avatarfagging.

41% Blaine, you have nothing to live for. Thats why you hang here all day because your not important ot special enough to do anything meaningful in your life.

No. 1600232

You obviously have to use a pink washing machine with heart shaped laundry pods and a special womanly washing board that every woman receives when she gets her first period in order to maintain the beauty and craftsmanship of your polyester Amazon skirt

No. 1600233

Idk where that aggression came from but you say that like it's a bad thing

No. 1600235

No. 1600236

Are you replying to the right anon or are you just a little upset

No. 1600237

I was talking about the killing men part, nona

No. 1600239

You're literally not a fucking woman, what space are we taking away from you?

No. 1600240

Wow, this is advanced autism.

No. 1600242

Post hand or Noone will ever believe you. This is your last warning.

No. 1600243

It's male, so autism is to be expected kek.

No. 1600244

ISTG they think starving a woman will counterbalance the existence of their own gross fupas. One of my exes tried to make me go full Karen Carpenter while his ass got fatter every year that I dated him. That tranny can't be a pound under 200. They all think that going to the gym (while staying fat) makes them better than women who don't go to the gym. Who even knows how fat "fat" is to some of these scrotes. They're so entitled they can be over 300 and still ragging on some little <110 pound woman.

No. 1600246

>Dude you drive people away all the time, one posted to meta this morning, it wasnt me samefagging.
This is a site for women only, please leave.

No. 1600249

Post hand or else we'll all hate you even more. If you don't the we know for a fact it's you Blaine, all bark and no bite. You live a miserable life.

No. 1600250

The only thing that will potentially work post-puberty is >Have Socratic dialogues about troon ideas. If you bring this kind of shit up proactively and tell kids that their teachers/the world is out to get them then you're basically setting them up to become a paranoid ovarit-style weirdo or rebel through gendershit as they get older. How many kids do you know who secretly did drugs or lost religion while growing up in an anti-drug or fundie household? Vocally hardline parents are infamously good at churning out rebellious and straight-laced weirdo kids.

The best protection against this is to try to the best of your abilities to get your kid to internalize the belief that they are fine just the way they are and that their sex is in no way a barrier to accomplishing whatever they want to do, and for female children in particular, surrounding them with strong female role-models and challenging stereotypes about women. Getting them involved in sports so they're more comfortable in their own body and build self-esteem. Challenging gendershit if it does come up (in a fact-based and positive way, e.g. 'it seems to me that x is based on gender stereotypes, and as we know, it's perfectly okay for girls to do y') and possibly engaging in age-appropriate "street epistemology" to identify the core of and bust those beliefs.

No. 1600252

File: 1659019284128.jpg (80.34 KB, 1443x1080, 20220407_210023.jpg)

How about you take your medication and stop caring about what anonymous people are saying about you on the internet?

No. 1600253

If you had no wifi you wouldnt be posting here Blaine, stop being more retarded than you are. Post hand pic or leave you gollem looking motherfucker.

No. 1600254

Report and don’t engage with the troon because he will literally go on and on forever until he gets his posts deleted

No. 1600263

Take your meds, Jess.

No. 1600266

We got a loony bin escapee

No. 1600272

Blaine’s mommy and daddy took away his Internet. Kek that’s why he has none.

No. 1600273

File: 1659020978199.jpeg (199.28 KB, 952x548, 2BD956C3-E85E-49C9-8644-56CA46…)

Man he’s so pathetic and delusional it’s sad

No. 1600276

File: 1659021103797.jpg (104.25 KB, 479x1200, FYwda1mXkAAv2n3.jpg)

but remember to support your sisters, not just your cisters folx!

No. 1600277

it's the first time I post in days but sure tranny

No. 1600278

Jesus Christ, Jess. You're starting to sound like Rachel now.

No. 1600280

File: 1659021174100.jpeg (2.15 MB, 3516x6218, 1AB44275-2167-412A-9BEC-A2B502…)

No. 1600283

Blaine's real name, it's the scrote that keeps shitting up the board.

No. 1600284

Anon I literally looked him up to see if there was anything to mock him in the mtf thread instead of arguing derailing like the other anons. I reported him and took it to meta. Maybe you should follow the rules? If you think I’m scrote bait don’t respond. (I’m not).

No. 1600285

nah she doesn't, your derailing tranny ass does though

No. 1600287

Yeah those women tortured by hanging from the rafters and covered in oil and burned were epic complainers and having to not sew pockets to avoid men torturing us is an overreaction. The world will be a better place when these freaks 41%

No. 1600289

Kek I have, I’m an openly proud TERF which makes them seethe even more and allows them to justify their racism because hey, I’m a piece of shit right?

These handmaidens only keep black people around as their token diversity friends. When you stop dancing for them you become a pick-me. I’ve received several messages from anonymous accounts calling me a pick me for white conservatives despite being a very liberal radfem. All of my black acquaintances are also anti troon so it couldn’t possibly be them. Idk I hope I see more women becoming open TERFs in academia and such although I understand it can feel like it’s going to fuck your career.

You’re 100% right nonna. Black men can honestly be fucking vile

No. 1600292

the way that they talk about women keep revealing that they really don't think of themselves as women at all. they just get off on violating women by trying to skinwalk us and force their way into our spaces.

No. 1600293

>they're all men

Sorry, I left the thread for a while because it was getting a little crazy.

I said I called some of them men, not that only some of them were men. My point was I specifically called some of them men. Do you want me to respond to each and every trans person ITT, calling them a man?

Work on your reading comprehension.

No. 1600298

You literally just repeated what I said and made up some lame-ass strawman to argue against. I didn't say anything about being hardline or sitting your kids down for a lecture on why troons are degenerates. Of course, these conversations need to happen in a natural, age-appropriate way. But the best way to get ahead of this is to talk to your kids about this before they hit the indoctrination program in schools.

There is no reason to wait for it come up, when, as an adult, you should be able to engineer natural seeming opportunities to talk to your kids about this. You can just put on a movie or tv show with a trans character or troon content, watch it with your kids, and talk with your kids about it. Watch things with gnc men and women and talk to your kids about that. If your kids are old enough, watch the Leah Remini show about Scientology and talk about the tactics used by scientologist and the effects they had on people who fell into that cult and hope they can extrapolate to tra practices.

Before it happens, talk to your kids about puberty and how difficult some people find it and talk about how you felt about it, so they don't fall for the becoming uncomfortable with puberty makes you trans or nb line. Talk to female children about sexism, sexual harassment by boys in schools, and how puberty will change how people treat them and might make adult males act like perves and how to deal with that. Talk to your kids about their interests and if they are into anything even remotely gnc, find adult women or men who are into as well, irl or just news stories or whatever. On teachers, if you knew your kids teacher was going to be teaching creationism/covid is a hoax/global warming is a hoax/jesus is a real (or a lie) etc in your kids classroom, what would you do about it? Do that for trans stuff.

tl;dr If you are really serious and willing do the work, read stories from detransitioners, look for the reasons they transitioned in the first place, and try like hell to address those reasons with your kids so if they run into any of those issues, they won't think the solution is being trans. But since this needs to be said, this isn't lecture time, it's find a way to naturally introduce these subjects time.

No. 1600300


Does anyone ever consider the suicide rate in context? Like it is probably not a coincidence the suicide rate for mtf and the suicide rate for white males with autism are both really similar.

No. 1600301

You're a lot more than that. I'm not against TERFs. I'm also not against lesbian separatism. But you literally want all men to die. You encourage them to kill themselves. There's no point trying to reason with you, it's literally the same as trying to convince a fascist that minorities are human. Everything you believe and stand for is driven by fear. Logic won't break you out of that. The only way to get you out from that headspace is to teach you empathy and a little bravery. I hope you get out of the dark place you're in one day.

No. 1600302

File: 1659022653595.jpg (41.8 KB, 600x729, E2p2U7HUUAYU0WT.jpg)

>you literally want all men to die.

No. 1600304

I hope you have a horrible day for making me waste 2 seconds of my life reading your garbage and nonsensical reply, scrote

No. 1600305

>femcel memes
I have that skull but with brown skin though

No. 1600307

File: 1659022831740.jpeg (729.71 KB, 750x1100, B0568A70-5389-4311-91B7-27ECBC…)

Stop enjoying my favorite show you disgusting freaks, first the avatarfag and now this pigman looking thing from Facebook.

No. 1600309

>another coping troon claiming women fear trannies out of jealousy
kek, the only time we fear you is when you try to sleep with us or bring your dick and balls into our bathrooms. we’re not threatened by you and you will never be or even be considered as a woman by society

No. 1600310

Wow scrote, way to prove you have literally no idea what it's like to be a woman lol. Sit down, you don't know shit

No. 1600315

File: 1659023211650.jpeg (353.8 KB, 730x374, E300792C-A505-4220-99B1-E5B39C…)

Faceapp was a mistake

No. 1600316

The dude looks about 48 so he's probably 32.

No. 1600322

He’s 33, and also a “trans lesbian” of course

No. 1600324

I never said you were jealous. Unfortunately you're still illiterate.

You fantasize about entire groups of people dying. That says everything about you that I need to know.

No. 1600325

it says that she's unbelievably based

No. 1600326

You should check out /pol/, you'd fit in perfectly over there, they're your kind of people exactly.

No. 1600327

Someone should make a bingo card of all the bullshit the tranny says, it would be great to list his common insults.

No. 1600331

That is a the spitting image of Blaine, it's not only a wojack but a premonition of what he had become. I guess life does imitate art.

No. 1600334

And it's perfect in everyway, really captures his fractured psyche.

No. 1600335

Still not trans. Keep crying, dear.(infighting)

No. 1600336

Blaine post hand

No. 1600338

File: 1659024263547.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 525.9 KB, 750x1088, 381A91C6-D39F-49F4-843D-F2EBB2…)

nice deflated scrotum.

No. 1600342

File: 1659024582666.jpeg (520.75 KB, 750x1148, 88922282-734C-48A3-B6CA-BFE34D…)

if only.

No. 1600344

Kill all men #KAM

No. 1600350

That's terrible. Can't even have a bit of privacy

No. 1600351

No. 1600352

Wow. It really is like a mathematical formula with troons. Trooning adds 15 years to their faces.

No. 1600353

File: 1659025343055.jpeg (352.86 KB, 750x2372, BB49FFB9-D1B0-4170-9392-B9E081…)

psycho eyes.

No. 1600354

Rightfully hating men for what theyve done to women is not hitler-esque, anon. If men are so offended by this they should probably leave the site and go back to 4chan and reddit

No. 1600357

I think its odd that people expect women to be warm and open to intruders (trannies/troons/males), but men are allowed to be as hostile and dehumanizing with no regard for women in thier own spaces. I just find that a little suspious….

No. 1600360

We just need Plato’s theory for a perfect society and men are the ones locked in pens kept away. The more men talk and invade the more I’m certain of it.

No. 1600363

why is his skin so oily

No. 1600364

Blaine, post hand. femcels dont exist and you need to 41%

No. 1600365

imagine writing a copypasta to shame a black woman back into social justice mammydom

No. 1600367

Men don’t know how to bathe Noni. They’re literally grease and shit monkeys on a regular basis. Trannies are that more mentally ill so… kek

No. 1600368

You sound like a man.

No. 1600385

You know what? You come move out to the PNW with me and then you can sit here and tell me all about how the poor poor twans are being abooosed by the meanie terfs.
Our rights and humanity are being stripped away, but go off about some misogynistic scrotes feefees. I hope you’re a tranny, because if you’re a handmaiden, I’m ashamed for you.

No. 1600401

What a beautiful morning to wake up in a 100% natural 100% female body, wouldn’t you agree, fellow anons?
I just love the way that no matter how schitzo trannies seethe at us, they will never be women and we always will. Anyways, I’m off to go enjoy a long and productive day filled with absolutely no dilation at all, because I have an actual vagina, and therefore don’t need to dilate. Cheers! <3

No. 1600402

none of this is ever driven my fear, but an acceptance that even with all these years, men don’t fucking change. they are dangerous around women, and the fact that the only “good” men are the ones that had to live by themselves for a long time is a testament to that. it is practically in their DNA at this point to be violent and shitty to women. im hardly a terf and understand that. even the women in my life who are the farthest thing away from feminists know this. any female above the age of 12 know this, so fuck off scrote.

No. 1600406

>sexual pleasure
i’d rather be a free woman unchained by 200 pounds of male than one that gets dick. anyway post your hand blaine

No. 1600407


Noooo that's disgusting to silence a concerned teenager. I hope she asks a parent to chaperone. It just hurts me that young women are being trained to shut up and deal with the issues men are causing them. Sick fucks. Women don't matter to anyone.

No. 1600410

Lol this guy is really trying to be le epic leddit troll in this thread, pathetic

No. 1600411

File: 1659028376133.gif (736.57 KB, 258x200, A0D5F1F7-E44D-4203-94C9-30AFAB…)

>I have a husband and a bull
Oh my god are you for real?

No. 1600416

Can you retards please stop responding to very obvious bait. Just report and move on

No. 1600431


Aw, adorable. A hideous, old, mentally challenged man dressed in Wish fetish attire. Is there some science behind these sewer trolls thinking anyone on the internet would agree they're adorable? Reverse body dysmorphia?

No. 1600433

File: 1659029590718.jpeg (316.81 KB, 640x1041, 4B575245-83CC-4FC9-9154-154EDC…)

No. 1600439

Apparently showing up to court without your data and refusing to give it doesn’t work long term? Who would have thought. Get fucked Tranny-Stock.

No. 1600445

File: 1659030863822.gif (217.6 KB, 220x124, FA96651C-F119-4BF4-94EC-F7672C…)

> “ Dr Cass's report said there was a lack of understanding about why the type of patients the clinic was seeing was changing, with more female to male patients and more autistic children.”

No. 1600449

File: 1659031156934.png (44.14 KB, 671x220, autism.png)

Autistic males should be banned from using the internet.

No. 1600452

The idiots were joking about no future gay kids in emails. What did they think was going to happen? Ffs this is a good day. I’m buying an espresso to celebrate.

No. 1600457

I read about one case where a family had tried to get their daughter to get assessed for autism but got nowhere for over a year, meanwhile she was fast tracked down the gender clinic in mere months. She's clearly not an isolated case, autistic girls need to be steered away from the gender nonsense with proper treatment and hopefully the new clinics can help with that. The fact people are finally putting two and two together with rapid onset gender dysphoria and autism is about time.

No. 1600467

This is absolutely wonderful news. I'm very excited to know how the situation will be in about 5 to 10 years. Here's to hoping transgenderism will be completely eradicated in a few decades. Womens dignity and safety is incompatible with transgenderism

No. 1600474

Speaking as burgerfag, I'm anticipating trans ideology being stomped or by force once the right wing comes fully into power and starts to install a new fascist Christian theocracy. Hint it will become an even worse country for women at that point.

No. 1600475

*stomped out by force

No. 1600477

Even if you’re attractive you’re met with misogyny, especially if it’s a male-dominated hobby. The “life is easier as a girl” mentality just shows how men never listen to women or consider the dangers that women face everyday (rape, kidnapping, assault, murder). They literally do not listen to us at all or consider our perspectives to be any sort of testimony because at their core they believe that we are lesser than them and thus they can’t just ever take a woman’s word for it.

No. 1600482

File: 1659034370638.jpg (62.41 KB, 964x1280, e5e6fe130ac2f5727d9739b256dc76…)

No. 1600484

File: 1659034465916.jpeg (2.71 MB, 4032x3024, 1A1AB9A9-5AD0-4624-A67D-F5C69F…)

Spotted in my local drugstore

No. 1600490

File: 1659034649278.jpeg (660.93 KB, 750x1315, 3A5178C2-8778-4029-A232-E4C21E…)

based rando.

No. 1600492

LMAO almost missed this one

Why do always men with massive jaws and shoulders wider than my bf could ever dream of having decide to troon out? Kek
Also the tiny gyno moobs pointing out what a clown

No. 1600500

they don’t think we’re human. we’re just empty vessels for their projections and fantasies, or useful props. occasionally, they can emphathize with a family member or partner because they see them as extensions of themselves, but no man has empathy for women as a whole.

No. 1600504

> “so I can perform my femininity”
I don’t know quite what it is about this that stands out to me—it’s just so clear that the assumption is that performative femininity = woman.
We don’t have to perform femininity to be female because we just are female.
It’s like saying, “and after all the work I put into performing blackness/gayness/whatever!” Imagine feeling entitled to asspats for your offensive, bad mimicry.

No. 1600505

It's a kids headband?

No. 1600509

It brings me such joy that me not putting any effort in anything feminine, hairy, in shitty clothes eating chips belching and farting is still more female than even the most "passing" tranny.

No. 1600511

They've made the first association for parents who are against transition in my country a couple of months ago, they translate the studies about trans people who have worse mental health after surgeries, T being bad for women long term, the rate of autism in trans people etc. The site has testimonies from detrans people too and some parents who made their kid desist. There's also a site for feminists who are against the erasure of women

No. 1600517

I would have loved this as a sperg little girl who was obsessed with cats and glitter. It makes me want to alog that these hulking troons have taken cute accessories made for actual little girl children (not uwu adult men anime girls) and co-opting everything in that realm so they can have their "nostalgic euphoria lil girl" boners. Children (especially girls) can't have anything now without it having some kind of vague troon vibe associated with it. Mermaids, unicorns, glitter, cute socks, things with ears and even the color pink are all things made for actual children to wear and enjoy. Even though they can chop off their genitals and shave bone from their face they will never be able to rid themselves of their male socialization. They'll never think to themselves "maybe I shouldn't take these cute things made for little girls and end up sexualizing until those things become synonymous with creeps in the mainstream because it's wrong" they feel so entitled to everything and they want to sexualize themselves as little girls so they'll happily take things meant for children from children like the spoiled selfish useless moids they really are deep down.

No. 1600519

No. 1600527

but troons are more women than you cuz they’ve earned it, sweaty. if you don’t earn enough woman points, you get transformed into a man and lose your vagina privileges.

No. 1600533

I'm so angry kek this is so fucking wrong and to gaslight the girl and tell her she's being a prima donna for not wanting to share a bedroom alone with a whole ass man with a creepy fetish who dreams of having her body? Like what the fuck. She even went out of her way to find another solution and the coach is mad about it, he's probably a fucking perv too. Even if nothing happens her performance will be impacted by the stress. So much sympathy for the troon and not a speck for actual vulnerable girls.

No. 1600536

I promise you no children are buying that headband. There aren’t really families in my neighborhood.

No. 1600539

Oop, you’re right, you got me -vagina falls off- kek

No. 1600540

I am sorry but this is a bit retarded tinfoil tier shit nonna

No. 1600542

I see dudes in cat ears every time I leave the house, but go off. Thought it would be amusing to post some of the stuff I see in the wild ITT, but if people don’t want it, I’ll stop.

No. 1600544

This makes me so angry
> I see dudes in cat ears every time I leave the house
lmao where do you live (don't actually answer this kek) but I'd definitely be looking to move soon
This is starting to look better and better if it means fewer catboys and girls not being gaslighted into rooming with rapey scrotes tbh

No. 1600550

>they will never be able to rid themselves of their male socialization
best take

No. 1600586

File: 1659039345822.jpeg (135.72 KB, 1080x1760, 3F5DE998-35DE-4925-8732-428BBA…)

No. 1600591

No. 1600597

Your trolling right omfg

No. 1600606


scrotal recall it will be called

No. 1600607

Why are you posting a random picture of a headband for 5-year-olds on a MTF thread?

No. 1600627

How high are you? Do you even lurk?

No. 1600628

We all know they arnt sellin those for children. When’s the last time you saw a child were those? I wouldn’t let my kid. The world would see the cat ears and try to convince my child she is trans to be or non.

No. 1600630

NTA but I think you should chill

No. 1600631

lol yikes “your never getting rid of me until you do what I say” kinda proves our point about trans pushing themselves into unwanted female spaces. Please keep going off. Prove us right.

No. 1600632

It’s my first post in a long time, chill about what?

No. 1600633

Is this literally your first day ITT? I won’t post any more of the troonery in the wild I see in my day-to-day, but come on, the people buying that headband are not kids.

No. 1600636

File: 1659044000991.jpg (477.89 KB, 810x1844, Screenshot_20220728-131124_Boo…)

How tranny pornsick do you have to be to believe penis is the height of femininity?

No. 1600639

File: 1659044381860.gif (1.66 MB, 480x270, 1454187079307.gif)

Meanwhile I obviously look like a woman with my unshaved upper lips, armpits, legs, and while wearing my baggy, comfortable pjs. I don't even remember when was the last time I used makeup. I love my life.

No. 1600652

I think you need to take a break and pop and valium nona.

No. 1600653

I don't know if you've ever had the misfortune of wearing badly adjusted glasses or indeed a tiny headband but that shit will give you a headache kek.

>men giving themselves pressure headaches to roleplay a little girl

small comfort

No. 1600654

These kind of posts are so funny because they think “even in this clearly female outfit I’m still getting gendered as male, I worked so hard, what more do I need to do to not get gendered as male?” And it’s like… it’s not that you got ‘mistaken for a man despite your outfit’. It’s not that people didn’t get the memo that you’re actually a trans girl Barbie. People see a man because you’re a man, and no matter how many sprinkles you put on top of a turd, they won’t think “oh, my bad, I now see that that!s a dessert!”.

No. 1600658

File: 1659045223523.jpg (248 KB, 852x1136, THE POWER OF PUSSY ROLLS.jpg)

This is it, we're claiming 'vaginity' in lieu of 'femininity'. Femininity was a performance anyway, I never felt like wearing makeup or being placid and overly kind.


No. 1600660

>super saiyan god goku

please also be an autist DB fan.

No. 1600668

Holy shit lmfao. I wish a friendly lady would post this advice to them. Funny how men are so violent because they can’t take jokes, might be why they’re so obsessed with invading women’s spaces in case SOMEONE with a UTERUS is LAUGHING AT THEM; MAYBE, ALMOST, OR NOT AT ALL but they need to MAKE SURE.

No. 1600670

They keep talking about high suicide rates, but we all know that most of them are cockroaches who absolutely refuse to fuck off and die

No. 1600678

>I tried SO hard on my costume, but they could still tell it was me. Hate crime!

No. 1600679

Kek nonna ngl that's the only good moid body type and it's pitiful to see it wasted like this

No. 1600684

File: 1659046394936.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1453, Screenshot_20220728-181126_(1)…)

I checked his profile and oh my God, what a fucking travesty. He was so fucking hot before, why…

No. 1600694

File: 1659046672182.png (101.4 KB, 1069x840, Screenshot_20220728-181552_(1)…)

Sorry anon, I had to delete to capture the title. He knew it's a waste but everything for the coom, I guess. Also, this troon is married to some poor woman, and lmao this post. Being a woman is all just a costume to them.

No. 1600702

That is actually tragic. It's so fucking unsettling to see guys who look like that troon out b/c it makes you truly realize how many of them are hiding some weird AGP shit under a "normal" male mask. You can have the porn-rotted Swiss cheese brain of a 90 lb programmer socks acne-ridden redditor and still look like Chad on the outside

No. 1600706

>It has a lot of emotional significance to me, but validating my coom fueled LARP is more important
I hate men so much

No. 1600723

taking a drug as an instant gratification magic solution is not "working on yourself" you idiot tranny

No. 1600736

Nightmare scenario is a hot guy I'm interested in or talking to hiding some agp bubbling underneath the surface

No. 1600739

File: 1659048270188.jpg (110.53 KB, 1175x1143, b9pd4dkwyva81.jpg)

He's a retard so it's not a huge loss

No. 1600741

happened to me, ask them about it right away under the guise of being super open about porn categories as a joke.

No. 1600757

the hormone blocker IQ decrease study is quite a strong point if you want to send one to support them. Fucked up how they irreversibly fucked with an 11yo boys body and mind both

No. 1600788

File: 1659050452337.jpg (518.12 KB, 1080x1915, 56789998765444665456.jpg)

Sure buddy

No. 1600791

on the one hand:
on the other:

I can't imagine living like this. He must be insecure about practically every little thing from his "past life" he still uses or looks at. This is a mental prison.

No. 1600792

The schizophrenia of it all. If this was real and some random tiktoker had discovered the secret of male birth they're lock him up in a top secret government facility and dissect his body

No. 1600796

Men will fuck each other and leave us alone? God, let's make male pregnancy real

No. 1600800

His other tiktoks say "it was satire" and "I was trollin y'all" in captions, at least they are not as insane as they appear, just attention-seeking

No. 1600801

Seethe, dilate and gtfo.

No. 1600802

Cope boymom

No. 1600808

Penis is the height of feminitiy like blackness is the height of whiteness, skinniness is the height of fatness, and illiteracy is the height of education, of course.

No. 1600815

File: 1659052295182.jpg (515.42 KB, 1080x2022, Screenshot_20220729-015119_rif…)

I found a 70 year old tranny who transitioned while young. It's kind of interesting

No. 1600820

I'm high af right now and just had a thought: what if the reason so many narc men troon out right around when they get married/wife is pregnant is because they think to themselves "Finally, I've fulfilled my duty to society by becoming a successful normie man on paper - now I can follow my REAL life's goal - cooming as much as possible".

No. 1600829

How do you react though if they mention this kind of thing? I wouldn’t be able to keep my shit together and would just leave.

No. 1600833

This is everything I want. To be free from male attention.

No. 1600839

Wouldn't the trooning negate the success of the normie man on paper, it's like getting a university degree then setting fire to it along with the university itself

I think it's just attention seeking, marriage and pregnancy is when most women get the most attention from friends and family

No. 1600849

File: 1659053666264.jpeg (133.79 KB, 1170x436, 4710D926-9D77-434C-9737-CD735C…)


No. 1600855

File: 1659054061702.jpg (3.39 MB, 810x8700, Screenshot_20220728-200912_Boo…)

Get a load of this hulk

No. 1600857

why do men look so hideous in women’s clothes? even if it was normal for all men to dress like this, they still wouldn’t pull it off.

No. 1600861

Because they don't actually think/care about how other people will react to their "look" - all that they care about is whether their outfit makes them coom or not. Some of them intentionally dress shitty because they get off on being humiliated by looking like a freak in public.

When an AGP is his own waifu his opinion is the only one that matters.

No. 1600862

File: 1659054677280.jpg (185.89 KB, 960x960, nasty ugly scrote.jpg)

This seems like bullshit and a half to me. Plenty of men like Pete Burns and Mana and Walter Mercado lived androgynously from cradle to grave without trooning out. Michael Jackson and Prince were like this too (in a more muted way)


They (with a few exceptions) all wear the same horrendous dogshit, the anime clothes, the big socks, the miniskirts with pleats or ruffles, the heels, the thigh highs, there is no individuality or masculine element to counterbalance any of it. I presume what this one wanted was the validation of being a 'femboy' + asspats + fetish ali express clothes + estrogenated body. Nearly all 'femboys' troon out now anyway cuz it's a sexual fetish (AGP), not an aesthetic choice or direction of one's identity

No. 1600863

how is this a bad thing, let them fuck each other and get stds

No. 1600864

ah yes, the new sexes: raw chicken crotch gay, arm skin phallus lesbian, agp catgirl retard, and pixie cut gayden.

No. 1600865

The only based thing about Hitler is he would have gassed troons like you kek

No. 1600869

File: 1659055161681.png (24.68 KB, 1044x195, superior terf eyesight.PNG)

and it fucking has 5k upvotes now
also holy kek at this crypto anti-genderists praise

No. 1600870

> Women are epic complainers which is why i skinwalk them and complain about them and why i can’t be them
This type of projection and irony should be criminal at this point.

No. 1600881

How does he know a normal person wouldn't clock them though? They just pretend they pass because they're nice

No. 1600885

They seem to think people don’t play pretend out of fear of being attacked, not wanting to be seen as a ‘bigot’, or out of a misguided belief that pretending a man wearing a women costume is progressive. It’s why men like Alok are shocked that people who say TWAW and are straight still won’t date him. Ultimately it’s a lie and everyone knows it but goes along with it for various reasons.

No. 1600897

the way his toes are GRIPPING the heels is fucking killing me KEKKKKK

No. 1600906

this ruined my day. i know expecting logic from scrotes is giving them too much credit but fuck. so retarded

No. 1600913

File: 1659059890704.jpeg (30.59 KB, 606x456, xzhwEFn.jpeg)

he-man irl
and the 3rd pic proves that bigfoot is real

No. 1600917

we can only hope

No. 1600931

late, but I see he also got the foundation on his tongue

No. 1600945

File: 1659063727257.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1170x2122, 78B0D11B-4D19-41E6-B9F7-721D09…)


No. 1600952

File: 1659064465411.jpeg (576.98 KB, 750x1068, FCC99311-9A38-4EE8-BC8A-B0B8C7…)

dat karen haircut.

No. 1600953

File: 1659064622944.jpeg (850.78 KB, 750x1209, 2E61D917-0CF5-4A43-9CE6-C185E3…)

there’s no difference!

No. 1600954

File: 1659064674488.jpeg (254.79 KB, 828x1512, 16CEA39D-C336-4260-B288-2747E4…)

Kek he popped up on my FYP this morning and I couldn’t help but screenshot. Delusional male.

No. 1600977

it's like no one knows what tf satire means anymore. satire of what you dumb fucking scrote? you just said something really weird and when ppl were like "uh no that's not possible" you went "haha it's SATIRE, get it?"

No. 1600979

Coomer to trooner. Porn rotted brain.

No. 1600986

he went from The Deep (and probably the pornsick rotted brain of him too) to some tragic timothee chalamet looking troon. sad.

No. 1600987

File: 1659066433962.jpg (521.87 KB, 1315x1430, Untitled.jpg)


No. 1600995

Every outfit trons put together are autistic image shots burned into their memory when they saw an attractive woman. That's why their clothes look like it's from what women and girls wore in the past. This troon in question seems to have hyperfixated on the white girl college girl aesthetic from the mid 2010's, which makes sense considering he is 33. This just further proves they have a fetish and skinwalk attractive women they have coomed to.

No. 1601011

Sage but does anyone else know how to differentiate between long haired gamer guys and troons now?

I had a male come in with red dyed and ratty hair who dressed pretty male, 10 years ago he would be classified as a geeky young adult and now I’m scared to misgender him and get fired, considering how easy it is to get in trouble for misgendering someone who makes no effort to pass.

No. 1601026

No they won’t so don’t say dumb shit like that, read the old threads and see why that’s a bad idea. Troons/men don’t need to reproduce like that at all.

No. 1601057

Pass? Id like to see his ugly mug

No. 1601061

What a waste of nice eyes

No. 1601063

hearty kek

No. 1601067

So they really believe that gender roles are not a product of sex discrimination but some inherent preference for pink and leg hair removal innate to some humans but not others? And everyone else thinks these people are intelligent enough to give informed consent to have their dicks flipped inside out? Lmao

No. 1601087

They're always so close to getting it right
>men messed up gender roles for millennia by sexualizing everything women do and insisting on owning/controlling women to various degrees
fixed it

No. 1601108

Honestly if the people who thought women biologically like pink and shit mutilated themselves but weren't given the opportunity to push sexism and harass and harm women I would be all for it.

No. 1601148

god he looks so white trash

No. 1601152

File: 1659082947446.jpeg (104.88 KB, 828x562, 9C2745E8-3B43-4299-A627-0B9A8F…)

>”Kamala Harris said that her pronoun is ‘she’ and that she is a woman," Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov said. "In case she is not identified with one of the countless genders that have bred in the US over the past 20 years - from the so-called queer to downright fairytale creatures. So now we are in the know. The most intelligible statement for the entire period of her vice presidency."

The tide is turning

No. 1601153

They all have Narc face

No. 1601156

thats the proper reaction

No. 1601161

What the fuck, I love Russia now. Let 'em have Ukraine.(bait)

No. 1601162

Melania looks trannyish in my opinion because she's had so much plastic surgery. Michelle Obama looks more like a normal woman imo.

No. 1601163

even a broken clock

No. 1601165

No, killing civilians and assassinating political dissonants is not okay just because one Russian politician made a lame joke about Kamala introducing herself with pronouns (which she was probably told to do by PR people anyway.)

Russian politicians and trannies both need to be launched into the sun. Don't try to tardpill us with pro-Russia garbage, /pol/faggots.

No. 1601166

Wow, that character design is fucking hideous even when it's not being cosplayed by a troon. What colorblind scrote designed this?

No. 1601168

I mean… yeah, it's still part of a cow. That's why Hindus won't eat it. It doesn't turn into tuna just because you chop it up, which is ostensibly what trannies are arguing when they say that having a butchered crotch makes them female.

No. 1601173

how fucking dumb are you kek

No. 1601174

Why does this sound so scrotey? Sorry you can't tell women from hormoned up subhumans, y chromoid.

No. 1601175

What's scrotey about what she said?

No. 1601181

russians always try to sound "based" to manipulate slower people from the west who don't like gender nonsence into liking russia.

No. 1601185

Responding to old post but didn't nazis have cross dress fetish officers? I remember seeing pics here

No. 1601186

File: 1659092160183.jpg (23.7 KB, 253x512, 5oy5r95wi3e91.jpg)

No. 1601190

We should make collages of all the best ones from every thread fir the next threads threadpic

No. 1601194

Somewhere in the book The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, there's a bit where he laments that boys grow up seeing exclusively one style of woman, but by the time they're adults, the women have all changed, and you can never find that type of woman unless she's some kind of awkward pauper who shops exclusively at thrift stores. I thought that was just some babble from a gay man who never had a physical interest in women, but it seems like that really is how men think.

No. 1601197

I said she looks trannyish. She's still obviously a woman and no one would think otherwise. It's just that her botched face slightly reminds me of the Ken Doll troon.

I was trying to denigrate Republicans who squawk about Melania being more "feminine" when in reality she's just more botched.

No. 1601200

We've been in desperate need of a better thread description ever since that stupid tranny intentionally butchered it like 20 threads back.

No. 1601205

Black men hate black women more than any racist whiteoid, especially the faggots.

No. 1601206

Interesting. Idk how they do it because if you walk into any fast fashion store it's filled with the current trends

No. 1601207

Oh right, lmao. Why wasn't it changed back?

No. 1601208

Umm I don't think so sweaty, you just look like an ugly podgy man in a wig

No. 1601209

Samefag but this fatty is only 20 yo??? Men age like milk kekekek

No. 1601212

File: 1659095960528.jpg (286.62 KB, 1079x1624, Screenshot_20220729_135805.jpg)

Oh girl oh girl, do I have some news for you, kekk

No. 1601220

use they it's not that hard

No. 1601223

didn’t he also say in that book that he was friends with an anorexic woman who would take really strong sedatives, and her other males friends would rape her while she was passed out? that really stuck with me because of how disturbing it was.

No. 1601228


No. 1601229

Nonas, why troons have a weird obsession with periods, by claiming they have them? It is one of the most unpleasant (not to mention expensive) experiences of being a woman and I wish I didn't have it, but they love faking them? Is that a weird fetish or something?

No. 1601230

he looks like a dad impersonating tiktok teens no way this mf is 20

No. 1601231

because womb envy. same with their autistic obsession with pregnancy and lactating/breastfeeding. they fetishize these things that we go through due to their pornsick paraphilia and expect normies to go along with it. honestly, it's made me appreciate my period more.

No. 1601232

iirc they think that having blood come out of your vagina: gender affirming. Also a delusional way to cope with rotting neovaginas

No. 1601234

Because it a powerful biological reminder that they are excludes from womanhood no matter how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they spend on surgery and chemicals.

No. 1601237

why was the "agp smirk" comment deleted from below this post? it had other responses so the anon didn't delete it. did a mod do it? why?

No. 1601240

What it upsets me most is that if it was a woman who looked ugly and unkempt and did such a shitty cosplay like this troon, she would be thrown to the wolves and endlessly humiliated and berated because of it. The standards are so low for them.

No. 1601241

A mod bulk deleted the tranny spammers comments, so it was either him or someone who used the same free VPN

No. 1601243

Solanas was right to try and kill him.

No. 1601244

Was this deleted? I couldn’t find it.

No. 1601253

File: 1659102166541.jpeg (436.29 KB, 1242x1731, 750FD076-D7AE-4E9E-8968-682893…)

Couldn’t even shave the stubble kek

No. 1601254

File: 1659102191046.jpeg (277.77 KB, 1242x1600, 963FEEB4-96C3-42CC-85D7-E8FBEE…)

Same troon

No. 1601261

Love the skid mark contour

No. 1601263

No. 1601270

File: 1659105331253.jpeg (996.98 KB, 1284x864, 20FB42FD-AE71-4CB5-9816-7C0440…)

The Gaston jaw

No. 1601275

Are you going to get fired if you call a man, a who's dressed like a man, a man? Seriously, is your boss that much of an asshole or are you just freaking out.

No. 1601276

File: 1659106217114.png (724.16 KB, 791x682, sir.png)


No. 1601283

>sissy in reddit username
yep checks out

No. 1601285

File: 1659106748549.jpeg (487.17 KB, 626x1100, 2AD8DEBE-829C-40E4-B71C-AFDA5E…)

Whatever you tell yourself …

No. 1601288

Any oldfag who browsed /cgl (before the troon pandemic) when anons would bash ugly white girls in frumpy cheap cosplays? At least those girls were going through their weeb phase and couldn't afford elaborate cosplays. These are grown ass men. End times are nigh.

No. 1601290

File: 1659107121907.jpg (521.87 KB, 2205x4005, o8t457ubmzx51.jpg)

those girls back then just weren't stunning and brave enough. Look how much effort trans women put into everything they do!

No. 1601296

File: 1659107786915.jpg (650.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220729-111207_Red…)

What the hell is up with this incel's mouth?

No. 1601301


No. 1601302

I don't remember that, but there were several pages dedicated to a woman on amphetamines describing how she would get high and clean her whole apartment and herself. She had to specify that she would only clean the exterior of her vagina, not scrub the inside of it. I wish I could have one weekly dose of that for my Saturday chores.
This guy is fat as hell. I didn't realize it from the earlier photo.

No. 1601304

File: 1659109178304.png (699.24 KB, 1000x915, Fall-seaglass.png)

just saw this hulking monstrosity. of course he's married and gets "euphoria boners" from wearing ladies' clothing. pray for his wife.

No. 1601307

Is there overbite THAT bad? I think he's just trying to be anime kawaii

No. 1601308

Jesus christ, poor wide. I hope she leaves ASAP.

Also, of course she has that heart tranny collar. I thought those were unironically cute at one point (I know, I know) but now they are fucking ruined

No. 1601310

why is he dressed like robin hood kek

No. 1601311

The wife should cut her losses and LEAVE. No amount of money is worth that bullshit (since he'd spent the money on troon shit anyway)
>I'm convinced I'm a transwoman because peepee feel good when wearing dresses

No. 1601318

he used to be outside so obviously a downgrade

No. 1601320

He looks like a sewer mutant with rat genes. So damn ugly.

No. 1601324

Oldfags need to be more on top of new thread creation. Us newfags do our best when the "thread lock soon" message has already been up for hours but by then it's a rush job to try to get the new link in the old thread before it's locked. That's why a lot of the thread pics have been unsatisfying lately.

No. 1601325

File: 1659111957794.png (4.05 MB, 1170x2532, 2598028D-7A3E-46C9-AD60-FA65F1…)

i literally came here to post this because i guess the algorithm has picked up on me being a crypto terf and has decided to test my patience by showing me trannies like this way too often. i can’t believe they’re this delusional. even worse are the people kissing ass in the comments though. these were some of my favorites

No. 1601329

That poor wife. This isn’t what she signed up for, she married what she thought would be a man. This is why if I marry a moid, we’re writing a prenup that states absolutely no transing. Seems any male has the chance to troon out.

No. 1601331

>She was projecting
Again with the “mature women don’t pass uwu” bs

No. 1601335

She??!! Nona, that is Hulk with a wig

No. 1601337

Its not just a fetish, he's literally trying to skinwalk his wife while co opting her identity to show his contempt of her. It's basically like that fucking movie Single White Female but with a husband doing it

No. 1601352

He’s sucking in his lower lip lol. Doesn’t realize it makes him look like he’s missing a chromosome

No. 1601395

Kek oh no I typoed "wife" into "wide". Love that you immidiately assumed he is what I meant by "wide" lmaoo, very accurate

No. 1601396

Zelenskyy banned gay rights in Ukraine lol

No. 1601402

File: 1659118924779.jpg (247.59 KB, 517x540, 1659118860241.jpg)

Surely this must mean he's really a woman kek

No. 1601403

you said "she has that heart tranny collar" though

No. 1601405

Oh my god I did, I think I had a brainfart since I was talking about the wife in the sentence before, jesus christ

No. 1601406

Overbite, they suck ass.

No. 1601407

Omfg no it’s a overbite he needs 40k-50k jaw surgery and orthodontist care, he probably will prioritize fake boobs or some shit.

No. 1601425

Anon you forgot a womanly apron and to make sure he has makeup and heels on [with a definite boner] to show how ~womanly~ he is
He's good looking but he has an extreme narcissist face going on in the first photo. And why the hell is he butt ass naked with his nether regions completely shaved, what exactly was he taking the picture for originally? Grindr?
More like the wife being pregnant puts it into perspective that they have to be the "protector" (aka the provider). Oh no, you got a woman knocked up and now you have to be a parent potentially! The horror!
Like it's really pathetic if you know of the toll that pregnancy does on a woman. Women who give birth often tear and will have to recover/nurse at least for a bit. Most if not all men do not want any responsibility of another person that doesn't give them narcissistic supply. This is with the exception of their child which is really 'mini-me' and 'muh lineage' at best.
In summary the expecting father to trans pipeline is basically your average man (coddled man-children) being off-put by potentially being tied down and having to take care of someone and earn money for the household. Too much responsibility for them, eek! Then running away and grasping at a conveniently trendy, totes oppressed, pornified lifestyle for all manchildren right now (cooming gamer turned trans gal).

No. 1601426

i almost posted him. i scrolled down his profile trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with his face. he just doesn’t have a lower lip, it’s a deformity.

No. 1601431

CMV: being trans is just an excuse for misogynists to post selfies, objectify themselves, and get asspats from other deluded moids the way that they assume women do. Men are so starved for attention even though they get the most of it when they announce themselves in female-spaces. It's narcissism that never ends and even contorts itself into extreme perversion (posting nudes, making an OF to be 'slutty').

There has to be a connection between man who complains about not getting compliments and thinks women have it easier and being trans. My thinking is that the man who says that shit clearly is a misogynist and doesn't listen to what women really say to/about each other which we know troons do because they're so sexist and embody porn/media stereotypes.

No. 1601462

im a woman who uses mens deodorant and has never worn thongs. guess ill troon out now

No. 1601470

>"insane" euphoria boners
>she "doesn't think" it's what she signed up for
i hate these retarded fags and i hope they all kill themselves

No. 1601493

File: 1659128443916.jpg (210.14 KB, 828x942, Tumblr_l_132782560996105.jpg)

poor girl
1/2 of this reddit post

No. 1601496

File: 1659128563287.jpg (286.96 KB, 828x1070, Tumblr_l_132933663601678.jpg)


No. 1601502

the amount of moids who are jumping straight into hormones and surgery after like a month of "questioning" is the weirdest thing

No. 1601504

Alok ("little girls are kinky") is bringing his pedo freakshow to the Fringe. I hope the Scottish TERFs protest the shit out of his show.


No. 1601509

yeah, what happened to it just being a fetish behind closed doors and moving on with your life like normal?

No. 1601512

Being a troomer comes with no deficits outside of the health catastrophe that moids are too stupid and cum-brained to understand. Any moid who converts to being a troomer is literally teflon, no one can ever defy the Queen Bee ever again

No. 1601514

its because other troons groom stupid pornsick scrotes. its like the worst pyramid scheme in history, except this time you get a botched rotpocket AND debt. i feel like they trick those moids into thinking they can become even better than 'cis women' becaues if they believe it, then their schizo beliefs will have some merit

No. 1601515

Same nona. I prefer more masculine scents for myself in general. Have worn thongs but that was when I was a stupid teenager who thought it was cool and didn’t care about my own comfort. These people are obsessed with gendering every little thing and following stereotypical bullshit.

No. 1601517

Why do men always use that kind of shit to describe their erections? Things like “insane” or “raging”. It’s so disgusting.

No. 1601518

can't troons see what other troons look like? do they think they're going to be the one exception to the rule?

No. 1601521

File: 1659129563265.png (338.2 KB, 742x499, 2C7C8413-83D5-4662-8785-54BD16…)

There was a follow up. Saw this going around on tumblr and everyone so thrilled over it.

No. 1601524

KEK that's the fakest story I've ever read

No. 1601525

File: 1659129789972.jpg (100.67 KB, 1024x576, 1599886143155.jpg)

1)they think they're going to be the exception (FaceApp is totally giving me hope guise!!)

No. 1601526

Kek oh my god I am waiting for those pics

No. 1601544

>can't troons see what other troons look like? do they think they're going to be the one exception to the rule?

They're so internet addicted and pornsick they believe those filtered, edited, basically a new face and hair superimposed photos are actually possible irl on their male bone structure, rough, lined skin, receding hairline and alcohol bloated bodies

No. 1601554

>What the hell is up with this incel's mouth?
Mental Retardation?

No. 1601561

in this context they probably think it adds emphasis and subsequently, validity to their "gender euphoria". when the fact that its a fucking erection should clue them in to the fact that the whole thing is sexually motivated

the only other emotion they feel with such intensity is rage. rage at women who don't cater to their delusions. this is why i have no hope for them. it's all about cooming and raging and nothing else, hence their disgusting "raging" erections.

No. 1601565

tifs always talk abt euphoria being a happy feeling/comfort in their own bodies and i always thought it was the same for tims. i cannot believe they expect us to coddle their feelings when euphoria was code for boners all along.

No. 1601574

Why not contribute instead of derailing?

No. 1601576

File: 1659132060961.png (6.81 MB, 4060x3088, 2egmdcj7n5351.png)

So many trannies esp boomerhons don't have the self awareness or mental capacity to edit themselves. They just blatantly, unashamedly put their ugliness on display and while bragging about how hot they are. For the trannies who do try to pass (eg HSTS) you gotta wonder what they're thinking. Does it piss them off because it makes transgenderism as a whole look like a joke for hideous fetishists? Do they spitefully enjoy it because non-passing trannies make them look better in comparison? Do they just feel second hand embarrassment and relief that they aren't like that?

But yeah I agree it's mostly pornsickness, they're attracted to feminine markers and supernormal stimuli rather than actual female bodies, plus whatever risk taking, self deluded, overconfident idiocy is in a moid's nature to ensure he does whatever he can to shoot his shot regardless of how likely it is to fail.

No. 1601578

File: 1659132154121.png (77.24 KB, 997x813, huybgv.png)

This shit didn't happen. It's a fetish account kek

No. 1601579

I'm not complaining though

No. 1601582

File: 1659132367773.jpg (489.34 KB, 1067x2247, Screenshot_20220730-010522_Red…)

Look at the fucking forehead of this thing, how the fuck does it look so swollen and hairy, this almost grosses me out more than the axe wounds somehow.

No. 1601587

>what should i get done on my face

is shaving off your forehead an option?

No. 1601588

File: 1659132558740.png (80.19 KB, 637x722, kojnk.png)

No. 1601590

Kek lmao, did none of the commenters notice?

No. 1601596

transitioning into tammy slaton's forehead I see

No. 1601603

Redditors are extremely gullible, especially when it comes to troon-related things

No. 1601619

File: 1659134359254.png (285.46 KB, 742x891, 15.png)

>old man can't play in womens rugby anymore

No. 1601621

God dammit you said it before me, kek though.

No. 1601624

File: 1659134573465.jpeg (437.49 KB, 750x1188, F5EF52F4-98F2-4528-9FEE-687B86…)

poor dimwit can’t breast boobily despite taking all kinds of titty skittles, sad face emoji.

No. 1601627

File: 1659134972418.jpg (35.04 KB, 677x669, a5yae.JPG)

Are they stuffing horse piss up their ass too? LMAO

No. 1601633

>No AFAB in my family has small boobs
What the hell would that even matter? A man doesn't gain female genetics from estrogen. You still have a Y chromosome and no amount of horse piss will turn you into your mother's daughter.
>Nothing I've tried has helped, and I've tried almost nothing besides shoving pills up my ass. I can't even be assed to Google implants, but I'm going to rope if I can't grow big tits to coom to!
Kek good. Have a less than pleasant day.

No. 1601641

File: 1659136070205.png (70.22 KB, 812x567, 05.png)

Anthony posting this when the sample size is just a measly 29 participants. But if it encourages more troons to cut off it's penis so be it, the more the merrier.

Oh and they use heterosexual for the "lesbian" troons.

No. 1601643


No. 1601644

Kek what, her post was reasonable?

No. 1601647

I'm pretty sure it's the schitzo troon or one of his discord friends, report and ignore nonitas

No. 1601651

>janny obsession
>picking fights over nothing

the deranged pedo tranny has logged on again I see

No. 1601652

It’s definitely the kiwifarms attention whore troon trying it’s hardest to blend in and integrate, report and ignore.

No. 1601655

How do they see improvements in sexual satisfaction after literally removing their dicks?
Everything a trans person or TRA posts like this actively misinforms and harms people.

No. 1601658

File: 1659136891344.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 686.86 KB, 750x1190, C6E05CF3-CD8B-454D-954E-F4BA4B…)

i have no words, this is a monstrosity.

No. 1601660

Those are full sentences, but okay. I didn't know I wasn't allowed to post a saged comment without a satisfactory joke. I won't do it again, so please don't report me sir- I mean ma'am!
If you sacrificed your healthy body, friends, and family all for coom and end up with a Frankensteined raw chicken crotch with shit leaking out of it, I can see why you'd cope by saying it's awesome.

No. 1601661

stop fighting in the tranny thread, this isn't ot and you're killing the vibe

No. 1601662

File: 1659136999036.jpg (255.91 KB, 1019x1742, ew1.jpg)

edits pictures to oblivion

No. 1601663

File: 1659137001107.jpeg (66.02 KB, 1200x675, 5DF62DEC-72BF-4B52-833C-AB6D47…)

looks like a blobfish

No. 1601665

>quick lemme squish my fatass man tits together this is what women do amirite fellow ladies???

No. 1601666

File: 1659137098797.jpg (20.62 KB, 284x359, eyes.jpg)

No. 1601670

File: 1659137267777.jpg (181.37 KB, 634x949, normal-woman-sees-izzard.jpg)

No. 1601672

he still confuses me, why was it ok for him to be openly just a gross crossdresser but all of a sudden, he is a "woman"?

No. 1601674

>Hey if you want the threads fast and often my mistake completely.
what in the name of esl does that even mean

No. 1601679

his face express no fucking emotion, its hard to look at. it looks like these fucking AI robots on that Will Smith movie, i feel like my eyes are burning from seeing this fad tranny

No. 1601680

File: 1659137810759.png (1.96 MB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20220730-003619.png)


Used to love Eddie and now I absolutely detest him lmao. Did you see this fuckin monstrosity? And STILL with the total Dad trainers.


No. 1601683

I am not a fucking zoomer but I bethink I knoweth who thee art, scrote.

No. 1601684

File: 1659138046414.jpg (342.83 KB, 1536x2048, FY13f79X0AAD5Tq.jpg)

gremlin core

No. 1601685

Jesus christ, trainers with dresses can be cute but this looks perverse. Did he ever talk what lead him to fully troon out, at least socially?

No. 1601688

he looks underage

No. 1601693

File: 1659138531128.jpg (623.17 KB, 2048x1536, FYdk1rbWYAM0wWO.jpg)

yes he dresses like that on purpose Ill let you guess why

No. 1601699

I genuinely have no idea what the fuck you're on about, it's actually pretty unsettling to see cognitive issues this clearly just via an imageboard.

No. 1601701

But he's not? He dresses like that because troons love dressing up as little girls.

No. 1601702

File: 1659138957651.jpg (127.32 KB, 648x1056, 1659039345822.jpg)

No. 1601706

File: 1659139249248.jpeg (282.85 KB, 1170x1398, 5BAA1B84-5047-47D4-884B-9ED41F…)

just fyi there is a deeply literally schizophrenic tranny itt and in other threads on the site trying to stir infighting and pretend to be a woman, usually trying to pretend to be a few different people at once by samefagging and abusing vpns. check meta for more info

No. 1601707

I am gonna be nice here but stop thinking it's only one anon replying to your ass, I haven't sperged out about posts having to be funny, I just wished the text posted here didn't sound like a seizure patient wrote it.

No. 1601708

(basically just report and ignore him)

No. 1601711

well what the fuck, I fell for it. That's wtf I get for always avoiding meta.

No. 1601725


Mr. Izzard is apparently making up for having no tits by giving himself two full racks.

No. 1601727

File: 1659139846881.jpeg (45.97 KB, 400x400, 090A427E-9D2A-4C5C-A70B-C3FA2C…)

Sadie Switchblade (G.L.O.S.S, Dyke Drama, Future Girl) had multiple SA allegations on message boards around the time Gloss broke up that never really materialized. Does anybody remember this?? It got memoryhole’d so hard

No. 1601728


Lol scrote alert. Like literal scrotum. Because they just left this dude's hanging there. Hope he feels euphoric after castrating himself and having the doctor make it look like two weird hot dogs hanging there.

No. 1601731

if a post here sounds unhinged just ignore it

No. 1601733

doesn’t Trans Day of Revenge have a song about killing terfs

No. 1601734


Applauding the effort you put into making this infographic. They're all hideous.

No. 1601739

this is 100% quality thread pic material

No. 1601740

the surgeon got paid tens of thousands for doing this. lmao

No. 1601743

Oh my FUCKING god. The deflated nuts are just… What the fuck.

No. 1601746

I can't even get mad at these surgeons anymore, all of these delusional smegs deserve this. I officially respect the surgeons hustle.

No. 1601751

I bet this is why they broke up

No. 1601752

the balls are still there? at least the quack that did the ladyboy surgeries removed them on another retard

No. 1601761

Imagine actually implying you'll kill yourself because your hormone experiment didn't work like it did in your fetish fantasies

No. 1601763

If I was out walking on the sidewalk and saw a group of men like this, I would stop dead in my tracks, turn around and run.

No. 1601764

Do none of you backread before posting? Scroll up.
Ooh I think I know what you're talking about, just barely. I recall some former troon acquaintance complaining about how it was all bigoted lies and that "of course they're attacking this brave trans woman and accusing her of rape, so transmisogynistic". That in of itself leads me to believe it's true.

No. 1601766

File: 1659142587913.jpg (497.06 KB, 1080x1400, Screenshot_2022-07-29-17-38-13…)

>My reason for wanting a vagina is because IT SOUNDS SO FUN. Like, I keep imagining the fun things I can do with it
Ah yes, my vagina and me love going to Karaoke on weekends… she prefers 80s hair ballads and I'm all about 90s R&B, but we make it work. She's so funny, too! We just laugh and laugh all day. We have so many inside jokes. She's way better at Scrabble than I am, but she lets me win sometimes. We have so much fun together!
Kek seriously though, what makes him think a neovagina would be more fun for him to masturbate with than a penis? If he's like every other troon, his neoclit will bring him no pleasure and possibly a lot of pain. God speed, tranny.

No. 1601767

File: 1659142752734.png (398.08 KB, 2048x1421, chrome_screenshot_165914241473…)

the comments, are these scrotes blind?

No. 1601775

Girls just wanna have FUNgus ridden festering smelly pus leaking smegma stone filled hairy inside out cocks that necessitate digging a flesh hole into your pelvis and dilating 3x a day…amirite girlies! Purrr!!!

No. 1601778

Weird that you think that editing photos is better than not editing. Their problem is that they're ugly, not that they don't shoop their faces.

No. 1601782

File: 1659143612112.jpeg (215.84 KB, 750x1196, DF1A7DDD-6382-438F-9C87-EBE008…)

No. 1601785

Considering these kind of guys (by their own admission in countless online posts) think seeing any cis woman is a violent attack on their existence, running sounds like a good idea

No. 1601787

File: 1659144096855.jpg (52.23 KB, 622x813, FY4INf7XoAAr7lO.jpg)

lol self own

No. 1601791

at some point acting retarded online has to feel worse than fake internet points holy shit

No. 1601792

So they admit all trannies are incels, like how would anyone read that and jump to transphobia unless they identified as an incel

No. 1601794

Don’t forget how notoriously controlling and insider the PNW scene is. They exclude any act for being vaguely TERFs. Happened to Kathleen Hanna

No. 1601807

File: 1659145355177.png (723.96 KB, 1078x974, stage 1 brain cancer.png)

No. 1601817

What I see during sleep paralysis kek

No. 1601821

>Happened to Kathleen Hanna
Whats the story here? She never came off as remotely TERFy to me. They really will go after anyone.

No. 1601822

a win for the incels i guess?

No. 1601828


They shove progesterone pills up their ass. Troons think this is less hepatotoxic than taking the pills the way they were supposed to be taken

No. 1601829

nta, iirc bikini kill played the michigan womyn's festival

No. 1601832

What did I tell you nonnas about black men being some of the biggest abetters of this type of rhetoric? This fool is literally equating himself with incels when the OP probably had a distinct group of deranged scrotes in mind

But, still, appropriately so that he's all in his feelings, because he IS a worthless misogynist scrote appropriating women's essences. No amount of 'purr'ing and equating Black women with men will ever get his musty linebacker ass away from that

No. 1601833

troons say they’re women, but they still feel called out when women complain about men kek

No. 1601835

go outside and touch grass mf.

No. 1601837

Lmao someone please post the montage of troons standing next to black women to trigger them again

No. 1601849

She isn’t even a terf she played a TERF festival and they blacklisted her because of it. They’re gestapo.

No. 1601851

I'm surprised she did something that based. She always came off like a libfem who read a little bit of radfem literature once. She also caped for troons on social media if I remember right. Oh well, never cared much for her music anyway.

No. 1601852

File: 1659149270331.jpg (78.87 KB, 641x732, 4343864.jpg)

After the idiot above getting terminally enraged at being called an incel and seeing he wants Black women who dont date black men to die, I thought about how he is the black version of cafebeef. So I went to see if cafebeef is similarly malding as usual.

In what fucking universe is the right prevalent at all? Is he equating retard trap drawings with the bodies of 10 yos in bikinis he cooms to with actual video game character design? I dont even remember any risque male outfits outside of Fire Emblem. Also no 'gay man' would want LESS unclothed males, he is so obviously AGP it is hilarious.

No. 1601855

I see the right in fan art sometimes that women draw for fun, or as parodies of older comic art. Rarely, it'll pop up in actual comics, though usually humorously (like the Lobo pinup with DANGER CONTENTS WILL BITE on his codpiece).

No. 1601860

>They’re not women’s clothes. They’re my clothes. I bought them.
That was what he had to say about what he wore, or at least used to until he trooned out and invalidated that sentiment. He was just a dude in a dress, just wore what he wanted to, it didn't ever seem like he was trying to perform femininity or be a mockery of us. I never cared that much about Izzard, but his trooning out felt like a total betrayal of the idea that it being fine to be GNC.

No. 1601889

File: 1659154901787.jpeg (220.69 KB, 750x1121, D95E6C2C-4889-4B1C-A5FA-A80644…)

This infamously annoying self-admitted AGP tranny from tumblr just got bolt-ons and is really feeling himself kek

No. 1601892

It’s a wound with no musculature or natural lubrication, not to mention it is the opposite of self cleaning and has been found to have an absurd amount of bacteria and even fecal matter? There’s no g spot, and no sensitivity, I can’t imagine it feeling good at all to have the literal wound fucked, or a man to fuck the literal wound?

No. 1601897

This nigga should’ve gotten facial feminization or something first

No. 1601898

KEK nona.

No. 1601899

File: 1659155858036.png (2.81 MB, 1192x1920, 82769077-D61B-4937-84EC-8C497F…)

Oh, this guy.

No. 1601904

File: 1659156112158.png (Spoiler Image, 2.2 MB, 1196x2950, finallyzoealt.png)

Get your credit cards ready nonnas kek:

No. 1601905

File: 1659156183247.jpeg (250.11 KB, 826x1286, A98533DC-83C1-440D-9B92-8CD887…)

The “got sir’d” and selfie combo never fails to amuse me

No. 1601909

can’t wait until he discovers how fun dilating and douching apparently is like.

No. 1601913

wow. a moid that might wipe his ass properly

No. 1601919

I can only imagine what an absolute fucking moid unit this fridge is IRL. Probably almost ALR tier + an extra foot of height.

No. 1601930

File: 1659159738169.jpeg (119.95 KB, 750x367, 9D68E5B9-E649-4B44-A86B-875571…)

get a clue!

No. 1601938

why did i burst out laughing

No. 1601939

just bc the skin folds doesn't make it labia kek

No. 1601944

File: 1659160691626.jpeg (664.27 KB, 750x1089, A559A752-B2ED-455F-A0EB-C23B76…)

holy hell he’s ugly.

No. 1601947

File: 1659160966953.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 444.99 KB, 750x1208, 8A994F1D-F59B-4B74-8999-D9BDBE…)

the self-harm wounds are so disturbing.

No. 1601960

>purposely choosing an outfit where he can show off fresh cuts
>no other visible scars on his body
fetishizing depressed teen girls and women i see

No. 1601963

IDK why some company can't make a cheap silicone patch with hair rooted into it, so men could just glue that over their fucking bald spots. I bet this donkey isn't even 30, and his hairline has already receded over and inch.

No. 1601979

They make those nona, it’s called a toupee kek

No. 1601996

File: 1659163699531.jpg (295.5 KB, 1080x962, Screenshot_20220730-023416_Boo…)

>Transitioning cured my sissy porn addiction:

No. 1601998

File: 1659163750845.jpg (395.35 KB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_20220730-023850_Boo…)

>And I'm totally infatuated with myself:

No. 1602000

File: 1659164080561.jpeg (220.22 KB, 1125x719, 912CE674-EBC7-4D55-A724-B8696F…)

chris chan is still trending on twitter and the shit opinions are in full force

No. 1602002

File: 1659164365888.jpeg (236.11 KB, 750x1475, 5C7F33FD-E53C-4700-B144-E0D307…)

they try so hard to live in a fantasy that what they call dysphoria is just reality hitting them in the face.

No. 1602007

what recovery is he talking about? he got so addicted to his fetish it became his whole identity.

No. 1602010

File: 1659165018252.jpeg (255.33 KB, 750x680, 515A3473-BEE4-4BFC-B7C1-369F56…)

>being in positive and supportive environments.
never leave your hug-box!

No. 1602018

It literally is a privilege, even to TRAs, it’s acting on the logic of being tolerated.

No. 1602030

Jump scare

No. 1602041

File: 1659170240899.jpg (806.53 KB, 810x2700, Screenshot_20220730-042136_Red…)

Blatant as it gets:

No. 1602043

but agp ain’t real! women jerk off to their own thighs too!

No. 1602044

Sage for OT but I don't get this burgerland obsession with having perfect, Stepford looking teeth and blowing stupid money on it. 40-50k? That's crazy. I could buy a really nice house with that money where I live. I actually like overbites in men, My husband has a bit of an overbite and I think it's adorable. Unless it's effecting your health, it's a personal choice. I have crooked teeth and I have also decided not to fix them, since they don't effect my health or dental hygiene in any way. I like people with unusual teeth. I think it's endearing. It must be so boring seeing everyone with perfectly straight glow in the dark teeth. By all means I don't want to see them brown or rotting or unbrushed, but burgerland's obsession goes beyond personal hygiene. I have lived in various countries and nowhere one else cares that much about cosmetic dentistry.

No. 1602045

File: 1659171046356.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x1967, 32EBF310-96FA-4BE9-9B79-C0F93C…)

Love the elderly's dedication to being based

No one gives a shit about your ugly moid's ugly teeth

No. 1602046

Kek, this reminds me of the troon with the 3D printed octopus.

No. 1602048

What does it mean?

No. 1602050

Jesus CHRIST what a ghoul

No. 1602052

"That's a woman with a penis"

No. 1602058

No. 1602074

File: 1659178298517.jpeg (284.63 KB, 1242x682, 5FB1E035-A51F-4148-B4B6-108142…)

they’re trying to frame this data like trans people are so owo victimised at work but in reality they’re just demanding unnecessary accommodations /underperforming hoping they can sue for discrimination

a probably fired becuase they started a job at Target expecting special treatment for a made up disability

No. 1602078

Mtfs often also make women patrons uncomfortable and can be very sexual predatory. No shit people don't want to be served by incel dudes, especially in places where sex segregation prevents creepy men from getting off, like not having men head womens rape shelters.

No. 1602095

The what

No. 1602096

File: 1659181314960.jpg (76.63 KB, 680x680, aHR0cHM6Ly9hcmNoaXZlb2ZzaW5zLm…)

genuinely kinda sad over this, for a brief moment he was perfect and he ruined all that cause of his likely self hatred of his body

No. 1602098

check your eyes nona, who the fuck even is this?

No. 1602101

He looks like a schizophrenic circus animal, nonnie.

No. 1602102

A lot of nonas really need psychiatric help if their type is 'obviously going to troon out in 5seconds emo kid'

No. 1602106

is that a nose job? scary

No. 1602107

File: 1659182404197.jpg (283.38 KB, 2048x2048, FIC50NRVcAArjZl.jpg)

I can't help if my type is alt dudes and he was actually hot at one point, but he trooned out during the pandemic and it was really depressing to witness cause he seemed like a cool dude

No. 1602108

i actually agree he looks conventionally cute minus the hair in the left

No. 1602112

Pride in my city today and of course it's full of tranny shit, sooooo ironic considering 90% are straight scrotes in wigs.

No. 1602116

Pretty much. Most are straight scrotes who hate gay women who don't fuck them too, not even straight but not homophobic, but the worst kind of straight guy for gay women is a part of pride now.

No. 1602121

File: 1659183811170.jpeg (49 KB, 680x508, 7887Fgh9830oi10.jpeg)

No. 1602123

this is the woman who groomed her wife into chopping off her tits and becoming a demi-boy

No. 1602130

Some 25 year old tranny "student" joined a college girl cheerleading camp, then got called out for being a man and choked one of the girls. Men are so fucking stupid. He posted a video of him hounding her at her dorm room door, where he admitted to touching her, and claimed it was just a joke. Now he's claiming everybody is racist and he never touched her and nobody has any evidence. Dumbass. At least the college kicked him out of the program. They get so used to lying and getting away with it, they self-own.

No. 1602134

Oh god, that dick was like a jumpscare. I didn’t notice it at first. Gross.

No. 1602136

Looks like he drugged my drink and is waiting for me to pass out so he can take me home and kill me in order to wear my skin.

No. 1602138

Why do they defend these rapists so much?

No. 1602140

It’s also probably just because they’re major narcissists who turn everything into a personal attack and are just miserable to work with. If someone couldn’t get along with the rest of the employees and made the environment toxic, I would fire them too.

No. 1602143

File: 1659186349922.png (1.53 MB, 1248x854, 939B626C-77E0-4537-AA57-FABC9F…)

Why do they even fucking go? It’s not like they ever were doing shit to help people with SSA, they make shit up and rewrite history all the time. At one point pride was about gaining and maintaining civil rights, now it’s just a place grown men can go expose their fetishes and force people to participate in their exhibition. Most lesbians don’t even feel safe going anymore because it’s clearly not for the people who actually need it any longer.

No. 1602145

Then that’s just sad because she can’t even listen to her fellow women.

No. 1602150

lol it's obviously so fake i'm wondering why no one has picked up on it yet

>my uwu bi mommy gf made me troon out

>i looked like i had been born a woman (with no shaving, no HRT, no surgery)
>she whispered in my ear (like we're in a romantic comedy)
>the gf's name is Emily, because of course

No. 1602156

Are you me nona? Let's find an imaginary town and run away together
Trans women don't have to tuck their penises, but everyone else with a penis is expected to tuck theirs away… Why is that?

No. 1602157

File: 1659187461350.jpg (100.36 KB, 600x593, katy-perry last-friday-night-t…)

They really think real life is like a fucking movie or tv show. It never registers with them that the actors were already good looking, and had uglified makeup to make them look bad. And that nobody ever says witty trailer quotes IRL.

No. 1602159

This is one of the most autistic things I've ever read

No. 1602165


you really have to not show up or actively sabotage your work to get fired at this point. they are desperate for anybody. even with all the recession stuff everywhere is understaffed except the bloated managerial level.

No. 1602173

File: 1659189138122.jpg (126.4 KB, 1280x720, doesntthisjustgetyousteaming.j…)

Okay nonas I'm asking for your help.

I'm compiling images and examples of literature / quotes / old advertisements & media etc. which are examples of the ideas of "the past" that are currently being straight-up regurgitated by this supposedly feminist ideology.

For example, historical depictions of the "women are incomplete men" idea as shown in picrel, mirrored with this thread pic.

No. 1602174

>men have more teeth than women
??? moids have always been idiots huh

No. 1602179

Hilarious considering the fact that males are a mutation and are incomplete females. Men have been coping since the dawn of time. They have so much womb envy they think any bullshit they spew from their lips is equivalent to being able to create life. Very ready for them to die out considering how wholly unnecessary they are.

No. 1602180

His grandmother was Klingon

No. 1602193


Is it weird the first thing that jumped into my head was the Ms.Pacman thing? Like where it was a whole thing that her design is simply pacman with a bow on to indicate womanhood. Except it is now seriously argued that womanhood is essentially the bow - the performative aspect.

No. 1602195

Reminds me of how every animated male animal looks like the normal animal but the female ones have eyelashes or accentuated curves.

No. 1602203

File: 1659191602746.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1022x1620, 0BBDEFFD-6D08-44C3-8EF6-590EE2…)

This is why HSTS are no better than AGP and aren’t our friends.

No. 1602205

Dude had a wife too. He just couldn’t fucking count.

No. 1602208

File: 1659191996989.jpeg (733.1 KB, 878x1603, 8501E838-FD58-4A93-B415-EA777B…)

A lot to unpack here.

No. 1602210


Why do they want to appropriate being lesbian so bad? Even the ones that aren't even pretending to be women are trying to claim it.

No. 1602212

Idk but even the way the question is phrased is so ridiculous. “Are all cis lesbians terfs???” No Harold, they’re lesbians.

No. 1602214

if he sees himself and his fellow troons as no different from other women he should have no problem dating them

No. 1602217

File: 1659193772786.jpeg (288.7 KB, 480x3521, B23FE68E-2014-42DF-B50F-48C6BC…)

For real, why are they always the “exact same” as us except for when they aren’t? They say they get periods, they are indistinguishable from “cis” women in every way, they don’t need to out themselves before a date because they’re just women or whatever. But then when it has to deal what THEY want and what THEY’RE attracted to, it has to be a real woman, because all of a sudden they can tell the difference. Otherwise it will end up like the comic (sorry to post it again in this thread, it’s just relevant). If we are all the same and they pass so well, how are they even able to spot these “cis” lesbians?

No. 1602222


I notice it has become a status symbol. If they are just dating it'll be vague, but if they are dating a cis person they'll make sure you know it. One of the first things they do with any kind of fame or money is try to get a cis partner ie Contrapoints.

No. 1602224

File: 1659194852541.png (90.65 KB, 314x314, i'm starting to get TGT.png)

>that kind of body, in a female cheerleading team

No. 1602234

I'm curious how much fuckery is in this troon's past, he's 25 and was still apparently enrolled in the fall semester. I know some people start late, but this guy obviously hasn't been working minimum wage jobs.

No. 1602239

What's wrong with being 25 and still getting your degree?

No. 1602243

Lmao just like that reddit post posted here a few days ago.

No. 1602246

Nothing if you've been working. Everything when it's somebody who fails core classes over and over.

No. 1602249

If they "prefer" real women then they should be able to understand why women don't want to be with trannies. Oh wait, women's needs don't matter

No. 1602259

File: 1659199050782.gif (Spoiler Image, 497.08 KB, 500x300, image-asset.gif)

The urge they all have to fuck themselves is so unsettling, the only case I've ever seen of this is Patrick Bateman (gifrel).

No. 1602271

Patrick Bateman is supposed to be a mega psychopathic narcissistic misogynist. Troons are slightly milder versions of that

No. 1602272

It seems entirely male. I'm pretty sure that even the TiFs who won't shut up about how hot they are, or who try to be IRL yaoi, aren't tugging at their clits in a mirror.

No. 1602278

Not to sound deranged but if weren’t straight I would definitely fuck myself not because of any narcissistic reason but I’m just my own type, which is probably also the case for TIF’s. The males are just demented narc psychos though.

No. 1602279

File: 1659200864109.png (1.42 MB, 974x3899, A9EA1947-8C5E-410B-8B77-DA0A48…)

Their AGP and autosexuality made me think of this comic I saw posted a while ago in another thread. It’s about how women often objectify themselves during sex and are so focused on looking sexy to their partner, they don’t enjoy it themselves. TiMs will see something like this and think women have AGP too completely missing the fucking point that women have been socialized into thinking that all that matters is how they look and perform for the other person rather than finding their own pleasure. It’s sad. I think the comic is so poignant though.

No. 1602289

I'm going to sound like a cunt but I will never understad this shit, scrotes are animals that will screw anything given a chance do you seriously think they even care or notice about good angles and whether your butt sticks out right whilst they're about to cum? Most moids can't even tell if you're wearing makeup unless it's neon colours women really need to collectively stop caring about this nonsense.

No. 1602296

Somebody just watched the danish girl…kek.

No. 1602297

You’re not wrong, but I think a lot of women have internalized how men talk about women’s bodies and how things like body hair or cellulite or wrinkles are somehow massive flaws despite being completely normal. It’s just so pervasive in media, both sfw and nsfw too, that a lot of women feel like if they aren’t doing every single thing to look and act just like the ones in porn they’re going to be mocked by these men or abandoned or whatever else. I think women should stop giving a shit too, absolutely, but the reality is that many of them won’t and don’t because they don’t even realize how much it’s influenced them. Got to hope they wake up from it at some point since straight men couldn’t give less of a shit how they themselves look or perform during sex. They don’t even care about their partner’s pleasure anyway because they’re immature and egotistical as fuck. Deleted to edit, but just to bring this back to the trans thing, the point is just that TiMs will claim women are AGP when in reality it’s more like the comic.

No. 1602299

friend of mine never dated a man before and is now dating a troon, so I guess it exists. Except she's not a lesbian anymore if you ask me.

No. 1602304

You're both right. It's silly to worry so much about what men think of how you look ESPECIALLY during sex, but I also understand why normie women internalize this considering most of our media is based around the idea of the male gaze

No. 1602314

Let's not forget, there are men who will go in hard on a woman they are in a relationship with who has public hair or cellulite or small breasts, etc. They will still have sex with her, just insult her a lot about these qualities and/or pressure her to change.

No. 1602318

>for trans men hrt actually works and isn’t a sick joke that just makes you look like a man with tits
>t4t feels like a psyop designed by cis lesbians so they don’t have to admit they see us as men

No. 1602337

He has it figured out. The answer to all his questions are yes. But honestly it shouldn't actually be that hard to pull a female girlfriend if she's self hating and desperate enough for wokie points

No. 1602344

File: 1659207130500.jpg (143.58 KB, 1085x1532, FY6PIHAagAE6mxe.jpg)

I can never tell whats satire or not

No. 1602345

This observation is so point and aligning with material reality that I'm almost sure it has to be a terf astroturf kek. Even down to the middle-aged transwidow case.

No. 1602347

These exaggerated poses and the AGP smirk kek

No. 1602353

When I finally get my concealed carry license I will no longer have to worry about trannies when taking a dump in public restrooms. Can’t wait.

No. 1602355

i doubt a troon would actually accost you in a toilet nonna

No. 1602357

Has anyone noticed that femboys tend to really like fujo porn? They gush over it and like to imagine themselves as the bottoms. Like imagine a normal straight dude who develops AGP due to frying his brain with porn and then becomes a femboy because of his AGP and then he ends up cooming to gay porn made by and for women. Crazy.

No. 1602360

Are you like trying to call me out rn anon?

No. 1602365

Well I wish they would.

No. 1602366

Traps aren't "fujo porn". Most fujos hate them and rightfully consider it a misogynist coomer male fetish.

No. 1602371

Dear god can we please get a lesbian subreddit that isn’t run by fucking trannies

No. 1602373

Scrote alert. You guys all type the fucking same Jesus Christ.

No. 1602376

File: 1659209347333.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 634.5 KB, 750x1166, 8F4A2439-43BC-4DEB-A97E-73C85D…)

this is hands down the grossest thing i’ve ever seen. rot pockets are vile, i wanna vomit.

No. 1602383

why tf does it look like a fungus?

No. 1602384

many such cases

No. 1602390

words cannot describe the way this must reek

No. 1602392

Anyway, the reason we’re at a point where we can’t even call groomers “groomers” is because there is too little women in stem, specifically coding/computer stuff. If you actually want to make a positive difference for women’s voices in the digital age, you need to start coding right now. I got banned 10-ish times for hate speech on fucking tumblr, the app that hosted child pornography until recently. They won’t take down actual illegal content but literally gangstalk your IP address (?) and ban you the very day you remake. The censorship is insane. All of your favorite websites are controlled by males.

No. 1602396

I'm pretty sure some cis bi women may be open to dating an mtf

No. 1602402

Well a lot of coders are autistic, so of course it's way easier for them than for normal women

No. 1602406

Not trap porn, but like actual fujo porn made by women, where all the dudes actually look like dudes. I see comments by "femboys" on these posts all the time on rule34.

No. 1602409

sage your nonmilk pls

No. 1602412

Do you think it's an accident IT is dominated by dudes? Once coding/computer programing switched from being viewed as boring secretarial work to being kind of respected, women were driven out of it by men, and they still work to keep women out.

Anyway, it's fairly easy to get around an IP ban, if you want to go back.

No. 1602425

It wouldn't matter. You can't divide by 0.

No. 1602428

It's because home computers were first seen as toys in the 70's-80's and they were marketed as "boy toys" like everything that wasn't just dolls (i.e. "girl toys"). So only boys were familiarized with computers and programming and that bred an entire industry filled with men. There are a lot of interesting articles about why IT is dominated by men and that has been pinpointed as the most important turning point.

No. 1602432

we need the possibility to post bold red text, cause I always unspoiler before reading. And now, I've got to ask, is that thing alive? Can it walk? Does it have a name and a gender?

No. 1602438

File: 1659213844466.png (Spoiler Image, 992.64 KB, 1286x1194, Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 1.44…)

spoiler for fucked up axe wound lmao what the hell man

No. 1602442

This, they don't even look at our faces. Most women care about their faces above other body parts, yet as trans"women" have proven, all men see is hair, clothes and body.

No. 1602443

File: 1659214013688.jpeg (207.51 KB, 750x1287, 9588C176-BFCF-43A3-A02D-1D374E…)

i love natural selection.

No. 1602445

the hole is so down below. everything looks so wrong, it always does.

No. 1602446

Inshallah trannies realizing that only chaser want them.

No. 1602451

jesus fucking christ how can even understand this

No. 1602453

Is this the singer from Rammstein or…?

No. 1602461

>In what fucking universe is the right prevalent at all?
I've seen people saying Kratos or whoever the fuck from western games is the equivalent of the right picture, except all the characters shown are ugly as fuck, the clothes they wear look comfortable or even historically accurate regardless of the amount of skin exposed, and in their 40s.

>I dont even remember any risque male outfits outside of Fire Emblem

Play Fire Emblem Fates. Several of the guys look slutty in specific classes. That game is the exception more than the rule though.

No. 1602465

stop bumping with pointless shit

No. 1602467

File: 1659215236390.png (416.75 KB, 860x955, 590-5905022_iphone-curious-emo…)

>seeing he wants Black women who dont date black men to die,
when does he do that, I know those types of hoteps exist but have never seen that come from a black tranny who are usually HSTS

No. 1602469

it's eddie izzard

No. 1602472

I’ve known 2 spicy straight girls who are married to normie cis male husbands but have poly relationships with MTF troons on the side. It works out for both parties - the spicy straight girl gets to pretend she’s “queer” because she has a True and Honest “girlfriend” and the troon gets to pretend he’s in a “lesbian” relationship because he’s dating a vagina-haver. The normie husbands in the love triangle…eh, I guess they either don’t care that their wife has a sidepiece, or they’re too cucked to be able to do anything about it.

No. 1602474

This made me laugh IRL. Looks like a deflated balloon. It looks like a hotdog somebody nuked in the microwave until it dehydrated.
I wish more women had the nuts to tell these guys to fuck off. But I know they start small, and then after a few months you're getting a whole body check and critique after sex.

No. 1602475

Because if black women don't center black males then he'll have nobody else to protect them. Usually black women who refuse to date black men are focused on protecting actual black girls/women and fighting actual injustices, this makes the black male furious because he has no mule to march for him.

No. 1602485

These people transition in hopes to finally get love but they still don’t realize that they’re also ugly as fuck

No. 1602488

Work on your reading comprehension retard

No. 1602491

He's too autistic to actually read, the pedo troon is malding.

No. 1602496

Sorry nona lol, I posted it bc I really do feel like it permeates a lot of male/female relationships and that’s just depressing. I could relate to it too although that was when I was younger and have since come out of it. It makes me mad when I see AGP scrotes act like women experience it too, because so often that “sexiness” women feel while wearing lingerie or “feeling herself” or whatever is due to the fact that she’s going to be having sex and is aroused by that or because she’s almost “expected” to at least pretend to be aroused while dressed that way. It’s all weird and male gazey and I just wish women could enjoy pleasure the way THEY want instead of having to appeal to men’s sexual tastes.

No. 1602499

Anyway what is it about being a troon that drops iq into the negatives, they always assume that they are intelligent but don't realize that the vast majority of them will 41. They think they look like women and get upset when clocked easily, they get upset when minority women are chosen instead of them, they don't have any reading comprehension. Finally they attempt to derail when all they do is cry into the void because nobody but chaser care. Why does the y chromosome make them fundamentally broken?

No. 1602500

LOL FBI marichka on lolcow.farm

No. 1602503

I think one of the funniest things about troons is how they always feel like they have to overperform “femininity”. They’ll wear the skimpiest, most provocative outfits to regular ass events or places where women would just dress normal. Sorry scrotes, wearing Pleasers to Walmart won’t make you any less clockable.

No. 1602507

All it does is heighten thier maleness when they attempt to larp as women, I swear they don't even try to wear appropriate clothes or learn how to do makeup well. It's just about the coom, the irony is women bend backwards for males who don't even met their own standards.

No. 1602514

Women are marketed to so fucking much to change everything about ourselves to look our best. Take a look at color seasons, kibbe, plastic surgery, weight loss, makeup, and skincare to name a few. Troon however refuse to do any of this shit and just want to larp as lolis or anime girls. They even wear things no self-respecting woman would leave the house in while looking like garbage, to make matters worse they demand to be treated like young girls (because they are all pedos). It never fucking ends with the hypocrisy

No. 1602516

Why are you pretending to be one of us? We use slurs here all the time

No. 1602517

No woman believes the pedo troon is an oldfag, only he believes his lies.

No. 1602520

holy shit this one is from some weird kweer drag/amateur pro wrestling scene in my area

No. 1602523

Schitzo pedo tranny please get a hobby, you're here everyday shitting up the thread with your nonsense, infighting, samefagging, anime, "I'm an oldfag", etc etc get a hobbyyy

No. 1602524

Are you serious anon, what a weird ass combo. I guess it's for the humiliation fetish, but that's unnerving.

No. 1602528

At thus point he's frothing at the mouth because he got dropped on the head as a baby. People with normal childhoods don't act like this, also he is lying about being molested because he wants attention like the whore he is.

No. 1602533

Don’t worry when he gets bored here, he’ll probably kill him self. When you soul purpose is to invade women spaces, you really don’t got much to live for.

No. 1602539

You loook better to who? Your on some image board trying to prove yourself to a whole bunch of random women who don’t even know your name

No. 1602542

made one post. as someone who had put a child rapist in jail, go fuck yourself to death.

No. 1602544

Then go fuckin fine some retard. Oh look at the hero, the master of typing rants trying to piss off strangers on the internet.

No. 1602547

Proof? Articles? Sources? Or do you want us to eat up what comes out your ass?

You want us to expose our identity? Kek.

No. 1602548

this isn’t my site, go bitch and moan to someone who cares.

No. 1602550

stop replying to the scrote, just report him.

No. 1602555

Don't cheerleaders have to lift each other up? How would these girls lift this hulking monstrosity?

No. 1602556

so you can’t provide.


No. 1602558

are you high?

No. 1602562

I hear this topic being brought up so much in my community, it’s really sad honestly

No. 1602565

are you the retard from yesterday that got banned? mods please ban this scrote again

No. 1602568

Anon, it’s no use, he will just brain damage sperg here and we should just report and try to ignore, even if it’s annoying as fuck

No. 1602571

File: 1659219622736.jpg (53.57 KB, 828x1001, FY8ivPoXEAIleFq.jpg)

what he looks like w/o the edit

No. 1602572

god look at that meaty claw

No. 1602573

File: 1659219791199.jpg (138.97 KB, 1200x654, FXWsydsXkAA_EoY.jpg)

nonas does your vagina smell like yogurt teehee~

No. 1602580

anon is fine to use but i don't get why he misspells and types like a retard when hes a fully grown man

No. 1602584

I was going to say "the egirls thread has a bunch of girls who do this" and then I realised thats what he's skinwalking

Literally a skinnier Chris chan. Look at that face, that is Chris whether he likes it or not

No. 1602594

File: 1659221434949.png (93.52 KB, 492x552, President_Hathaway.png)


Literally picrel

LesbianActually was made with the intent of escaping from the troons

No. 1602599

HR Geiger was right.

No. 1602610

I thought it was Lovecraft who said the thing about manmade horrors.

No. 1602621

File: 1659222852155.png (318.61 KB, 696x359, A56C8F02-D049-4296-A955-0E716A…)

Wtf is this pic that Reduxx used of him?

No. 1602623

Did they photoshop another person's face on him? It's not just a different skin color it's like a different race lmao

No. 1602625

I think it was Tesla actually lmao

No. 1602635

Funny thing. Someone was talking in the FTM thread about transing long dead historical figures. In Praise of Shadows did a very TL;DW video essay about H.P. Lovecraft and came to the conclusion that he was actually trans.

You know what? You troons can have the shut-in manchild with the tentacle fixation who was so horrendously racist that even by the standards of the day people found him a bit much. The dude who literally had a mental breakdown and wrote The Shadow Over Innsmouth because he was so appalled and disgusted that his ancestors might have been Welsh? He's all yours. He was totally a heckin' valid and awesome trans gal.

No. 1602640

I mean he was an infamous racist so that theory isn’t far off.

No. 1602647

Even nature agrees. Female is the default sex unless otherwise expressed by the SRY gene. The subjugation of women by men all throughout history is a massive cope that women are the superior gender.

No. 1602650

it’s a different species, he doesn’t look human kek

No. 1602651

wtf is this shit

No. 1602675

Yeah kek. Men are completely retarded and just declared themselves the best because they couldn't cope with being the lesser role in reproduction. They cope using shit like religion even, trying to claim well ackshully God is a man and created everything, therefore women aren't the bringers of life but muh scrote self. Remember, don't reply to the scrote tranny who has been chimping out for days and further stands as proof of mens retardation.

No. 1602678

You got to be fucking kidding me, he looks exactly like jack nicholson. Does he not own a mirror?

No. 1602682

File: 1659228850538.jpg (102.85 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2022-07-30-19-51-11…)

Sorry nonna but you reminded me of this otaku scrote indirectly accepting his AGP in a retarded anime analysis kek

No. 1602717

This might be the worst one I’ve ever seen. It looks like dead flesh. Now I wanna kms

No. 1602718

File: 1659231320315.jpg (589.16 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-07-30-20-34-30…)

What a weird thing to defend. Even "true trans people" reject him.

No. 1602720

File: 1659231631381.jpg (115.06 KB, 500x739, 20220730_203844.jpg)

Samefag but shit, if only they had enough self awareness to realize this isn't just a Chris Chan problem.

No. 1602732

What porn does to a man

No. 1602736

Trannies: if someone says they’re trans believe them! They know themselves better than anyone else! There’s no difference between a trans woman and a cis woman, it’s wrong to separate them!
Also trannies: this person isn’t truly trans because ehhh uhhh also raping your mother not a tw related crime, its something any other woman does!

No. 1602752

The meme should instead be the iceberg meme with chris chan at the tip of the iceberg and every agp trait underneath it

No. 1602798

That is a pic he posted himself to his facebook. It's in the article, under the pic: Source: Averie Chanel Medlock/Facebook.

No. 1602802

No. 1602878

File: 1659240413917.jpeg (645.62 KB, 1242x2386, A00D2810-38A3-4F82-8DBD-C6CC70…)

what an oddly proportioned creature.

No. 1602961

>nonbinary trans lesbian

How does that even work? How can you be both nonbinary + trans? And nonbinary + lesbian? Wouldn’t the trans label mean you are identifying with a binary (or else all nonbinary people would technically be trans)? Is this post a troll?

No. 1602975

File: 1659245349935.jpeg (254.03 KB, 750x2148, 4A6FC492-6258-40F0-A069-DC5217…)

>i’m literally blind

No. 1602980

File: 1659245458304.jpeg (530.26 KB, 1536x2048, F6646FCC-0560-4F91-BEAE-FD94E4…)

still hotter than the tranny fagging up this thread

No. 1602981

File: 1659245458498.jpeg (733.41 KB, 828x1389, AA5E4CBB-2B26-4920-8E59-0E3F12…)

lmao idk id personally think “that’s a man”

No. 1602982

>non-binary trans lesbian
translation: straight man who’s too lazy to put effort into his woman costume.

No. 1602984

File: 1659245504049.jpeg (409.48 KB, 1536x2048, FC98EA51-09B0-4790-8AB5-524C95…)

tee hee ♥

No. 1602987

File: 1659245895884.jpeg (298.09 KB, 750x967, 78237A67-073D-436A-ABAD-D13E11…)

tims can’t win at being women because they’re not women, period. people need to stop telling them femininity is what they’re failing at, they’re failing at being female.

No. 1603004

if you’re so smart, why is your bitch ass here seething and getting triggered like a retard? KEK. go dilate your feces and pus filled rot pocket because you will never be a woman, scrote. die mad.

No. 1603012

Oh my god this guy is genuinely dedicated like 18 hours a day to this shit

No. 1603013

This episode is wild.

No. 1603014

I know it’s like wtf are they on disability or somethin?

No. 1603023

Are you jerking off as you spend every waking second switching from tab to tab of each sub board begging for attention, Chris Chan 2.0?

No. 1603024

It reminds me of Taylor’s 2am wild meth rants or Canyon in his thread. Pure desperation for attention. Burns your eyes to read the cancer.

No. 1603025

File: 1659247434930.jpeg (546.03 KB, 1241x2875, 95CE7BF9-18E3-41E3-BAA4-A61AB6…)


No. 1603030

I think it's twofold. First, the wife or girlfriend getting pregnant could cause a crisis in prviously suppressed trans feelings because it's something men can't have no matter how hard they troon out.
Secondly, it's when the woman is at her most vulnerable. Already married? Easy to paint as "my horrible wife wants a divorce because she's a TERF" and make her the bad guy. It's basically trapping the woman in a marriage and kids then pulling the rug out from under her feet.

No. 1603033

File: 1659247959289.jpeg (1022.7 KB, 2320x3336, A5162B80-E0BB-43AA-8D76-256B9F…)

how do they even reach this level of ugliness?

No. 1603041

their delusions

No. 1603042

Is this Blaine?

No. 1603044

File: 1659248709638.jpg (13.06 KB, 300x400, GE6zkqN.jpg)

this creature is staring into my soul

No. 1603047

yeah people most likely view him as gay but not the way he wants

No. 1603049

Looks exactly the same to me

No. 1603050

kek no one cares about moid rape, get over it or keep crying Y chromoid

No. 1603053

I would straight up kms if I was a moid and cursed to be whatever this is. no wonder he unyieldingly seethes.

No. 1603054

kinda looks like kevin gibes if he lost weight

No. 1603056

You would be thinking about children being raped, wouldn’t you

No. 1603059

cry more failed male

No. 1603065

No you aren’t. We can see you through your camera lens btw. You should cover that up.

No. 1603066

trannies are demented perverts we get it, you are a danger to women and children and everyone around you, thank you for reminding us about that but we already got approx 1000000000 specimen of trannies to see that

No. 1603072

why does this tranny think we care about dick shaming shit or whatever this deranged fetish is like does he think we get offended

No. 1603077

guess how i know you're a larping tranny

No. 1603085


schizoposting off the charts

No. 1603089

lol he's too methed out to even raid properly, imagine having these real schizo hours over someone named "anus cabbage"

No. 1603091

File: 1659249794684.jpg (127.54 KB, 640x1193, hwps7rhjiue91.jpg)

His pigtails lmfao

No. 1603094

>i’m gonna act like the unhinged sociopathic y chromosoid i am in front of the women who hate men the most! that will show them troons are women!
fascinating behavior.

No. 1603097

Libfems, this is what a troon looks like. Pickmes, this is who wants to do the picking.

No. 1603099

learn to sage retard tranny

No. 1603102

Grimes got fat

No. 1603135

you self-post in almost every MTF thread with the same hideous pictures. You were a fat greasy mexican before and you an ugly mexican troon now. No woman to have sex with you.

No. 1603138

man-made horrors beyond our comprehension

No. 1603167

File: 1659263206871.png (6.53 MB, 1170x2532, 38CBCF2E-B43F-4705-B027-D88970…)

this has got to be one of the highest levels of copium possible all TERFs i know are hot + this is just some random photo of a woman filtered

No. 1603175

File: 1659264080258.png (238.14 KB, 1390x820, Screenshot 2022-07-31 at 11.41…)

Nightmare fuel.

No. 1603179

And he still has the will to write this into the most dramatic fanfic tone possible.

No. 1603184

Its so terrifying how they speak of their womansonas in third person. "Where is Kellie?". Even more disturbing is the fact that he's a middle aged man and is giving himself a kids name. This is just horrifying on too many levels

No. 1603189

At this point, I don't give a shit about adults regret transitioning. How do you look at the majority of trannies and not see that they don't even pass or aren't mentally ill. At least if they were a child it wouldn't be their fault because they would have been groomed, but this is a grownass adult that should have noped the fuck out from researching on all of the complications.

No. 1603195

Men proving that they think hot = women, and women who aren't hot aren't actually women. They always think with their dicks and don't see how this is sexist and just retarded. They really want to say women they don't care about/don't see as useful aren't women and shouldn't count like incels who think all women can get laid, ignoring ugly women. A pretty man is still a man retard moids reading.

No. 1603196

Same kek. No empathy for incels and coomers, only jazz-types who's family hated their potentially gay or just 'effeminate' and therefore 'not a man' son from retard gender stereotype families.

No. 1603199

the whole 'non-binary lesbian' sctick is when you identify as a woman but in a not-like-other-girls way

i see a lot of cis women on twitter do that shit too

No. 1603201

This is a little ot but it's wild that women are supposed to look like bimbo sex kittens from the womb, but trannies can look like absolute dogshit yet be stunning and brave. Straight men will also chant that trans women are women but never date them because trannies look like bad female imitations that don't make them coom, even having subreddits based on dominating only "cis" women to violence/rape. They won't however respect lesbians because they think women shouldn't get a say in what we're attracted to.

Straight men refuse to do any self-reflection about how they harm actual women. Like how the fuck do they dump a troon as soon as they realize it's a man but don't see that they are attracted to femininity not women. No man sees women as people and only as sex machines as evident by the amount of trannies that think a woman's life is easy and exactly like porn.

No. 1603202

Do any of you read the post? It’s about a FTM

No. 1603208

1. Why is it posted in the mtf thread?
2. Still, only feel bad for ftms doing it for sexism escapism (if they also don't then throw women under the bus), ftms can still hate women.

No. 1603209

The schizo dramatic story telling made it confusing

No. 1603210

Also, it isn't an ftm? Read it again. He says he has hair on the inside of his urethra, so it's a male with a rot pocket with hair inside. When he says he sees a man and where's Kelly, he means his woman larp identity Kelly, he isn't a woman.

No. 1603211

Samefagg, irony of telling people to read the post and not reading it correctly and thinking it's an ftm.

No. 1603213

I can tell the unique schizo phenotype from the text that is newgent who is a tif detranner talking about a disabling fleshtube installation

No. 1603215

Late but those things must smell like death. I feel nauseous just looking at them.

No. 1603217

No. 1603219

Read the article retard. It was written by FTM Scott Newgent who is an advocate for ending childhood gender transition

No. 1603220

Ah, I see. Then why post it in the mtf thread. My bad, the writing really is confusing. And they expect older people to understand this shit and not get bad. Please remember to post in the right threads anons.

No. 1603221

No need to be an asshole, don't post it in the mtf thread. Reading the post it reads as mtf.

No. 1603234

Anon are you ok

No. 1603236

I hate to break it to you but every ftm throws women under the bus in their "sexism escapism". They hate you. They think youre disgusting and repulsive, which is why they dont want to be like you. Theyd rather be associated with literally any rapist agp troon in this thread than with you. Quit having sympathy for them

No. 1603238

i think thats extreme. ftms who larp as misogynists to feel more 'euphoric' exist and can go fuck themselves, but more often than not, escaping womanhood is stemmed from a traumatic puberty and/or SA.

No. 1603262

This isnt the ftm thread so Im just gonna keep it short. Transition due to trauma stems from the fact that they think they didnt deserve their trauma because theyre not really women. Which means that they think women identify with and invite rape and misogyny. How about you go have a look at some ftm spaces and then come to your own conclusions about the raging misogyny present there. Its not hard to find ftms who think all women are pornified braindead whores who love being roughed up by men and pumped and dumped behind the gas station. And since they dont like that, theyre must not really be women. Having sympathy for ftms is losing game. Theyre not on your side

No. 1603287

Then why the fuck was it posted in this thread? Don’t get mad at other nonas because you’re a newfag who posted in the wrong thread.

No. 1603289

Damn I didn't know ftm also grew hair inside their fake ugly genitals. I thought it was a mtf talking about the infected axe wound.

No. 1603304

File: 1659278227637.jpg (110.83 KB, 592x802, trannyism in its death throes.…)

Didn't see it posted in the thread, but more actual good news.

No. 1603310

I think people are finally starting to realize the bad effects of troonism and finally there seems to some backlash against it, now it comes down to how mainstream left wing parties in the west will react to this, finally realize how fucking retarded the whole issue and just quietly drop or continue to supports "trans pedophile rights" and alienate 90% of the population

No. 1603319

Yes exactly. Virtually all women have traumatic puberty and are victims of male violence and harassment in one way or another but most of us don't literally want to become our oppressors to escape it because we're not like the other whores who wanted/deserved it. Do I feel worse for TIFs than sociopathic fetishist TIMs? Sure, but they're not my sisters.

No. 1603321

Great. Now can society finally wake up and realize that the sole function of puperty blockers is creating a class of people who will remain childlike and cognitively stunted forever so tranny pedophiles can rape them?

No. 1603326

File: 1659280138129.jpeg (313.87 KB, 627x1274, AEB54AA9-CE99-49E1-8974-F34EAB…)

u/okidonthaveone is slowly becoming a personal cow i truly cannot stand this faggot. cant wait til his dick atrophies and goes limp

No. 1603332

>but the other parts of my body will never be how i wish them to be
He just wants "boobs." He will trade his penis size for the size of his gynecomastia. He is weighing the pros and cons of losing penis size for gaining man fat boob chest size. And growing out his hair, which he thinks he cannot do without estrogen I am guessing. Wow, the mental hardships these poor poor men go through.

No. 1603339

File: 1659280725148.jpeg (707.24 KB, 960x1599, ACD43430-D167-4E68-ADD3-7B44A9…)

also thinks being on hrt for a month will change his bone structure. actual schizophrenia.

No. 1603343

my brother in christ you are giving yourself osteoporosis

No. 1603349

It didn't make sense that an MtF would have hair inside their urethra when that's just rearranged or something. The urethra is lengthened in FtMs, so it makes sense for that to have hair inside it.

No. 1603352

hrt literally doesnt change mens bodies after puberty. like at all. all it does is give them the boobs of a 14 year old girl (which tbh they probably like, being pedos and all that) but hrt literally doesnt have ANY impact on a grown males body. youre just gonna end up looking like the freak abomination you are

No. 1603355

"Chemical dysphoria"??

No. 1603367

TIFs are pathetic, but I don’t give a shit about them because they’re not appropriating an oppressed group’s identity and don’t pose a threat to women like TIMs do. Unlike TIMs, some TIFs do pass, which is fine by me, women have disguised themselves as men to get a tiny sliver of privilege and freedom for centuries.

No. 1603383

I think they interpret their bodies making their appropriate hormones "dysphoria" because it's not what they want!! They're so schizo that they consider being born male a "birth defect".

No. 1603385

File: 1659283966067.jpeg (749.25 KB, 828x1336, 0ACF712D-8249-455E-8CC6-38FA70…)

Now they’re advertising binders for men with negative breasts on Tiktok. I can’t even describe how retarded this ad was.

No. 1603395

File: 1659284313321.jpeg (749.24 KB, 712x1365, 040D6D01-45AF-474C-B1CE-B32063…)

No. 1603403

File: 1659284697396.png (55.64 KB, 672x422, FXzHSr3VUAUcd_B.png)

this what trannies want when they say they can breastfeed their child

No. 1603404

File: 1659284726448.jpeg (572.09 KB, 714x1198, 2C14447B-4935-4A4E-8083-FCFA70…)

Psycho eyes.

No. 1603406

I mean, it literally is a birth defect but they don’t deserve medical treatment for it because they’re paying for the sins they’ve committed in a past life.

No. 1603410

File: 1659284940670.jpeg (492.42 KB, 1125x1044, FB39C2A2-2B64-4FEA-892F-069DAD…)

And are those who are “fuming” in the room with us right now? We don’t give a shit.

No. 1603413

holy shit the retard is back. don't engage nonnas

No. 1603416

File: 1659285224762.png (411.68 KB, 820x801, Screenshot Capture 03.png)

He also promoted and encouraged puberty blockers after that study came out. How the fuck did this guy end up in the position he did when his bias is so obvious?

No. 1603419

If there’s a silver lining to the mass trooning of society, I think it’s that many women are coming to realize how naturally beautiful we are and how ugly, misshapen, and beastly the male body is. Tall women, short women, skinny women, curvy women—we are so beautiful. Natures art. Of course we can clock all trannies, their ugly and malformed male bodies give them away, no amount of hormones can ever erase their broken Y chromosomes.
And then they try to compare themselves to one another “I pass better than that troon over there!” It’s like trying to gas yourself up by saying you smell better than a pile of shit.

No. 1603421

Retarded boy thinks he can get “growing pains” despite pushing 20. In 5 years he will be hitting the wall and he still conceptualises himself as a teenager inside his demented head. What is it with scrotes and overplaying their youth?

No. 1603422

These people are so tiring. A ton of social media sites just use “they” for everyone because like the other nona said, it’s being used as a singular pronoun. Does it send the people who are fucking insane about pronouns into downward spirals when these sites use “they” instead of their beloved “she/her” or “he/him”? I’m sure they’ve complained about it before. To most normal people it’s never been a blip on their radar of things to give a shit about. Pretty sure Rowling has better things to do like enjoy her bday.

No. 1603424

Binders for men?? Why, for what purpose?

No. 1603426

twittertards that think misgendering is a crime punishable by jail time are laughing that Twitter uses they/them pronouns to misgender a female author they don't like, ironic.

No. 1603428

Idk but always really skeeves me out that he worked with girls with EDs at one point. No man should be working around teen girls who are in vulnerable and precarious states like that.

No. 1603429

Late stage capitalism.

No. 1603430

Guess that dude needs to be reported for misgendering. Play their own games.

No. 1603431

File: 1659285543025.jpg (193.97 KB, 1080x1745, FY-c0qxXkAA8ph8.jpg)

No. 1603432

i remember reading something about how men can stay boys inside their own heads forever because they don't have milestones like we do. we go through things like menarche, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause which are reminders that we're getting older. they have nothing like that other than balding and eds (which many young men get too).

No. 1603434

Woman is when spend money on useless shit. There is no doubt in my mind these men were already consoomers before.

No. 1603435

This literally is not happening I'm sorry. Normie women are so cucked and pickme that they literally think some grotesque tranny is prettier than them. Just look into the comments of any tiktok starring a tranny. Women who feel ugly transition into fakebois to delude themselves that they're not affected by beauty standards and misogyny anymore. I can't think of any women who feel genuinely better about themselves compared to trannys except anons on here and some radblr users

No. 1603436

Disney panties? Wtf? Fucking pedos

No. 1603438

Pickmes don’t actually believe it though, most of them are just being nice to be nice or for woke points. I was a hardcore TRA at one point and never saw TiMs as anything more than grotesque, I just thought I was supposed to be nice to them and gas them up to make them feel better.

No. 1603440

File: 1659285855136.jpeg (71.88 KB, 680x473, DD4AA7D7-498B-483D-9EB9-D49057…)

no shit. some people still think troons are all attractive gay men who pass as women, when in reality most of them are incredibly ugly and wearing feminine clothes only emphasizes their maleness.

No. 1603441

Kekkk oh my god no they do not believe that. It's like telling your ugly fat friend "ur so pretty omg girl!!" to feel like a good person.

No. 1603443

there is nothing more insulting than having other women fawn over you because you know that means they think you're ugly or actually retarded

No. 1603444