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File: 1549942212742.jpg (588.36 KB, 1280x720, 1549657391801.jpg)

No. 33281

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~
>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her

>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to overseas trips, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during college
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; is currently dating and living with one Stephen Clarke and has formally come out again as bisexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

In the last thread:
~ Jill goes live with her new Rainbow Babe newsletters, which are as lazily done as anyone could've expected from Jill; she has also raised the patron cap but fails to keep up full capacity like previously
~ Jill buys the Cardcaptor Sakura makeup set and continues to sperg about being such a big fan of it despite never finishing the series
~ Signs of Jill lurking here include the deletion of old social medias, including her old Instagram and ask.fm pages and possibly following Emilia Fart videos
~ January newsletter goes live: her Kawaii.i trip is officially February 21st-March 7th; Jill has begun working on her next dress project to wear for Kawaii.i and her birthday during the trip as well, despite never wearing the dresses she made previously
~ Posts a design school video; in it, she reveals the lack of a house tour was because of a messy house, how much she loves her school, and talks more about her mental issues, where Steve (not Jill) is the one to make her first appointment.
~ Posts an artsy painting video; she attempts a style of Abstract painting - the same style that Jenna Marbles had attempted four days prior; despite being a borrowed idea, it's arguably one of Jill's more better-received videos (not by result)
~ Jill posts a tweet about something happening in her "personal life" and winding up in the hospital. She's back out the next day, with no hint or mention of why she was in the hospital in the first place; mentions that she will talk about it some time soon
~ Posts a pastel Switch controller unboxing video; her only excuse for buying a Switch is so she can play Animal Crossing, while she claims to be the "queen of DIY" when she actually got the controllers commissioned
~ Her January Patreon stream reveals that she was conditionally accepted into the fashion program, possibly due to her YT status
~ Drops a hint of applying for a Japanese work visa via Twitter (possibly Kawaii.i-related)

Old threads:

youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Old Da (very milky) https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/

No. 33320

I used to be a huge fan of Pixielocks, I thought she was such a nice, cute person, but now I am utterly disgusted at her and her behaviors. She is simply revolting, and so is her endless spending.

I do deal with mental disorders, and I have nostalgic toes to the Precure series. I've followed every single thread since the beginning, and I've seen many say that it's lacking enough content to be interesting. But it's messeges have helped me stay positive, and I do enjoy the cute themes. But this is horrible and redoculous, the CCS makeup set, the relentless spending on wands she never even takes off the shelf, all of this clothing that she lets go to waste, and the weight. Oh god, the weight. She needs mental help for so many reasons.

No. 33321

I used to be a huge fan of Pixielocks, I thought she was such a nice, cute person, but now I am utterly disgusted at her and her behaviors. She is simply revolting, and so is her endless spending.

I do deal with mental disorders, and I have nostalgic toes to the Precure series. I've followed every single thread since the beginning, and I've seen many say that it's lacking enough content to be interesting. But it's messeges have helped me stay positive, and I do enjoy the cute themes. But this is horrible and redoculous, the CCS makeup set, the relentless spending on wands she never even takes off the shelf, all of this clothing that she lets go to waste, and the weight. Oh god, the weight. She needs mental help for so many reasons.

Saged for blogposting

No. 33325

I feel like jill has been hyper reading these threads and has been scared to post anything that she could be critised for, shes not posting on insta or twitter much anymore (last couple of days)

No. 33327

File: 1549967452709.png (503.51 KB, 641x645, Capture.PNG)

Do u guys think she will buy them, cause u know she is the biggest fan.

No. 33328

We're no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

We've known each other for so long
Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it
Inside we both know what's been going on
We know the game and we're gonna play it

And if you ask me how I'm feeling
Don't tell me you're too blind to see

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Never gonna give, never gonna give
(Give you up)
(Ooh) Never gonna give, never gonna give
(Give you up)

We've known each other for so long
Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it
Inside we both know what's been going on
We know the game and we're gonna play it

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry(unfiltered autism.)

No. 33330

Kek that would be hilarious, those bags look too normal for our Jillybean…I'd be surpised if she got them, but then I wonder why tf I would be surprised by this cow anymore

No. 33331

Sorry for samefagging but you need to sage that for rick rolling kek

No. 33332

truly honored that my crappy 5 minutes edit made it as the new thread pic lol

Also, 9 more days until the Japan trip farmers! Do you guys think that will do something cultural this time around or are we going to witness the same claire's shops in Harajuku like last time? I hope she gets forced on camera to eat some sushi or something else ~exotic~ lmao

No. 33333

I doubt it since her mum won’t be there, she will just use the excuse that the kawaii leader shit took up too much time, I’m calling it

No. 33334

So Good Smile announced a full set of Doremi nendos at WonFes…
5 figures at ~4000Y each… think Jillybean will go for that?

No. 33350

I was thinking this too. She’s been extra quiet recently, may be with school or mental illness but I still would have expected something. Wonder what she up to

No. 33351

Yes. After her Confetti Club latched onto Precure like the ageplayers they are, she doesn't talk about it much anymore. I haven't heard anything about Hugtto from her at all, and Star Twinkle started and we haven't immediately gotten new cosplans from that yet either. Doremi still makes her unique, so she will definitely get these.

No. 33354

why post this at all? you know she reads these threads, idiot

No. 33361

I get the feeling she didn't even finish the last show. Let's be real she's been forcing herself to watch ever since she found out about it from princess peachie or something. It's a kids show, how interesting can it be?

No. 33363

Nah, a lot of depressed people and troons latch on those shows because you can turn your brain off and they're full of positive messages.

No. 33378

I’m so excited for the milk and cringefest yeas bih

No. 33379

I think she’s super stressed with sewing her dress

No. 33380

Looks too normie for Jill, imo

No. 33383

I know this wasn't Jill but this is absolutely how she would troll lol and then she'd get an anxiety attack from the excitement and hide somewhere in her house popping pills

No. 33390

Is it ironic that one of the precures this season is named Milky?

No. 33391

I'm so afraid we might get another Moo situation and a dry Japan trip.

No. 33393

Fucking kek

No. 33399

I don’t think so, if anything it would probably be more milky considering the fact Jill will be followed around by camera people who will catch her at her most unflattering (both physically and behaviour wise). Plus we’d probably get some milky tidbits from her trying to show off which anons will catch out as lies or desperate attempts at ass pats

No. 33401

In Jillian's recent patreon stream she talks about how she looked up to Kelsey, Kelly Eden, Beckii, etc and then as she got a larger following she had to pretend not to be a fangirl/think they're the coolest….kind of shows that she really only admires people who are higher in influence than her and once she is at their level she has to pretend she doesn't? I know this is common for people on social media but it seems so weird to me. Are you not capable of looking up to anyone with a lesser following than you or something?

No. 33414

why would anyone look up to kelly eden, shes such a horrible, manipulative person and doesnt seem to ever actually have anything good going on

No. 33437

This, and also because of the videos that were made of her pointing out her slip ups. Ever since those were posted and gained relevancy she scaled back. I think part of it also has to do with her wanting them to blow over and act like nothing happened. But according to anons in her Patreon they did get to her. She definitely knows she’s losing fans.

No. 33440

Jill has always had a superiority complex with her 'not like other gurls' bs as a tween and 'not like other fans' bs now. Plus she has no respect for her own fans so of course she treats everyone with less of a following than her like some sort of peasant

No. 33452

I hope she cosplays that one.

No. 33497

She wouldn't, shes not pink

No. 33499

Or the main character. Jill always has to have the spotlight

No. 33514

File: 1550067420635.jpeg (393.46 KB, 750x1067, 7C96F5B1-6432-4F98-B98B-640D7D…)

wearing those grimy boots AGAIN

No. 33515

Jesus, she couldn't have edited the shoes to look clean, ergh.

No. 33520

Ken found his knock dollar store half-melted face Barbie

No. 33521

File: 1550069180454.jpg (77.7 KB, 1080x208, Screenshot_20190213-094609_Ins…)

Oh boy, they're filming a q&a

No. 33529

this is more Trailer Park Aunt Kei than "Party" Kei

No. 33533

Her bangs just keep getting worse and worse.. not to mention the stark contrast between them and the actual hair pulled into a ponytail. Her bangs look smooth and shiny, while the hair on her head looks rough, textured, and brassy. What in the world?

No. 33539

Does he realize hes Collin 2.0? Is he wearing makeup here? Wtf is wrong with Jill always doing this to her boyfriends? It's hard to tell if it's forced or they want to be sissified

No. 33544

What's on his chest? A flat fanny pack?

No. 33546

>Jill: I don't want to talk about my relationships on my public social media anymore, that's personal
>Also Jill:

No. 33547

Jfc run motherfucker run! This dude would actually look normal if it weren't for that fannypack placement and the weird contour that Jill obviously did. And of course we have our can't coordinate for shit queen looking cheap af and boasting about how she's living the edgy pinkxblack straight couple dream and pretending like she's not living in a hoarders paradise

No. 33548

How long is it going to take for Jill to realize that the bra/bustier/thing over a sheer top "lewk" is NEVER going to look good?

No. 33550

Possible valentines day couple lookbook?

No. 33555

he looks incredibly photoshopped, she does as well and I wonder if it's in part to make her look less crazily edited by comparison

No. 33566

I’m getting “Spike as a Twilight vampire” vibes from him and I don’t like it at all

No. 33571

Omg that’s really on point!! I like his jawline though

No. 33581

New milk hopefully

No. 33582

she looks a lot better when she wears eyeliner the fuck

No. 33586

her makeup looks somewhat good but her face looks so unfortunate in the thumbnail

No. 33587

File: 1550093597972.png (78.66 KB, 395x113, restretch.png)

is she restreching her ears???

No. 33589

File: 1550093907072.png (Spoiler Image, 86.49 KB, 257x245, wh.png)

i paused at a good moment

No. 33590

>>33281 her eyebrows look awful holy shit

No. 33591

Hey Jill is it true he’s your best friend’s ex? No seriously someone will ask how they met, and that’s going to have to come up. Let’s see how she dodges that and what lies she’ll tell.

No. 33594

>>33581 does anyone else think she's trying to copy Emilia Fart's mannerisms? The hand movements, the almost philosophical references?

No. 33596

Yea i missed her doing liner! Also she looks mature in the thumbnail?? What’s happening

No. 33597

>>33581 double post sorry but she referenced drama videos, saying how negative they are and how people need to stop consuming them. They really got to her kek.

No. 33598

Someone had asked if she "convinced" him to dress this way, or if he was already into this type of fashion

No. 33599

But.. those “drama” videos aren’t even that harsh? They’re just caps of things she herself has put out there and/or her Queerbaiting, which again, she herself did. It’s no secret they’ve had a toll on her. She honestly shouldn’t be a social media personality then because there are people who get critiqued worse than her. The fact she acknowledges the videos, but doesn’t own up to her behaviors and deflects the actual issues by saying ~muh mental health~ verifies how self-absorbed she is. Just apologize and admit your wrong doings. Jill.

No. 33600

Her saying that she based her entire moral compass on a fucking children’s anime says it all honestly. It explains how incredibly shallow she is because she (surprisingly) admit she’s not resilient (as proven that those drama vids got to her. She has the child’s understanding of what kind is (such as giving friends gifts, shallow compliments and encouragement) and she doesn’t focus on any sort of inner beauty as proven by how vain and shallow she is

No. 33601

Holy shit her bangs are SO uneven

No. 33602

>"I hate my personality"

So are you gonna actually change or are you still gonna be obnoxious and stupid as hell?

No. 33604

The tangent about drama videos being bad and how they hurt youtube is stupid. I understand if you personally don't like them, but saying youtube would be better without them is stupid. Checking creators and exposing people's dark sides hold them accountable and lead to a better platform with more informed viewers.

No. 33606

You don’t have to tell us, we’re on lolcow…

No. 33610

Aside from the usual using her mental illness as a crutch in this video…

The last part of the video really made me mad. She knew that she was going to Japan again and didn't bother to learn anything new language wise. So, once again, she's going to be an anxious, rain-bee weaboo mess in Japan. She has the goddamn opportunity to do this Kawaii Qween thing and doesn't bother to maybe study in between her kindergarten art school classes? Girl, just take thirty fucking minutes out of your day and practice. If she had done that when she learned that she won, she wouldn't have to be a clumsy ass weeb terrorizing Japan with her awful bright colours and awkwardness. Just learn how to be a decent tourist, Jill, not a fucking sideshow.

No. 33615

File: 1550100888009.png (486.06 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-13-17-29-38…)

Sneak peek at her next tattoo via Patreon

No. 33616

File: 1550100938785.png (247.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-13-17-29-47…)

Accompanying text

No. 33617

Oh boy this is going to be some real milky shit, can you imagine the squealing pig mess she’s going to be? Also this is going to be amazing because she probably won’t do her research and pick the wrong tattoo artist and she’ll cry about how big of a mess it is

No. 33618

Jill… no.

She does not know enough Japanese or about Japan to book a proper tattoo shop, which means she's probably going to a super overpriced touristy one that's easily found on Google.

Also why would you get a tattoo above your knee two days before you fly home? It's going to be swollen and sore, and you're going to be stuck on a plane for about 20 hours with your leaky, flakey tattoo.

No. 33622

File: 1550102429030.jpeg (1.64 MB, 3000x3999, C3127DA2-0B12-4159-8117-38959E…)

Yeah Wearing bulky fanny pack as cross body bags has been a thing in streetwear for a few years. its maybe the only thing vaguely stylish or on trend about that photo and they used the wrong kind of fanny pack so it looks stupid.

No. 33623

That’s not that weird tbh I’ve done it before, if you use tagaderm (which as far as I’m concerned should be industry standard at this point) you won’t even notice it on day two or have anything to worry about.

No. 33624

she's probably going to the place sharla showed in a vlog once she kept going on about how foreigner friendly it was. bc you know how japan feels about tattoos

No. 33625

File: 1550103410513.png (1.18 MB, 1136x640, B659B1E1-8549-4F1E-824D-DF990C…)

Again with the tinsel that the cat can reach. Does she not learn?

No. 33628

Damn, that'd be a big stretch if so…seems painful.

No. 33629

She's annoying as fuck in this video and i can't tell if she's trying to be real or fake, but her voice and body mannerisms are extra irritating.

No. 33630

She's been getting tattoos left and right. maybe it's time to stop, Jill. Those ugly tats aren't gonna age well either

No. 33631

Above her knee? Won't that be really close to her scar cover up? I feel like they should be more evenly spaced.

No. 33632

File: 1550105709398.png (327.47 KB, 455x336, Capture.PNG)

Why are there huge gouges in the wall to the left of her? Her uwu rainby paint didn't look nice for too long.

No. 33633

I mean apparently lots of folks who self harm start getting tattoos cause it gives them the same kind of relief as cutting, so I'm not really surprised she got addicted to it.

No. 33637

She mentions getting a leg sleeve but….don’t people usually have connection between the various tattoos on their sleeve? Like I have a friend who has a pandora box theme sleeve and each sin is connected from by a mist coming from the box. But for Jill, I honestly can not imagine a connection since they will have various magical girls and art styles since they are all by different tattooists

No. 33644

Isn't it hard to get (good) tattoos (legally) in Japan? Or am I thinking of China?

No. 33645

I agree. Jillian has relapsed into self harm about two times this year and I feel like she’s getting them as coverups/replacements for self harm. She already has a pretty cure tattoo and keeps talking about how that’s her favorite show and she’s the biggest fan. She needs to stop getting these huge anime based tattoos on her. Why not get something more
important or personal low something about body positivity or mindfulness? Or why not get a Muse tattoo? It does seem like she’s stretching her ears again. If she was going to do a new style, she should combine pastesls and rainbows with her other interests other than anime. Similar to her look book days.

No. 33646

I don't think her ears ever shrank. She's always had cat butthole ears.

No. 33651

File: 1550112731861.png (39.86 KB, 734x405, Capture.PNG)

regarding her ears

No. 33663

She said she's going to get "proper counseling" starting on Valentine's, and not just "in-school counseling." So that's something, I guess.

No. 33665

She actually looks pretty good in this video, but I can't figure out why that is.

No. 33669

can't believe jill's big change in her life is watching better youtube videos kek

No. 33672

File: 1550119355548.gif (1.83 MB, 427x240, 1549932520896.gif)


No. 33677

"i haven't been eating"
bull fucking shit whale

No. 33682

nah you're right. if i remember correctly, it's technically only legal if a doctor does it. but it's not like fucking doctors are becoming tattoo artists, because why the fuck would they, so it's pretty much an underground illegal thing. knowing jill though, she has no fucking clue about this and i wouldn't be surprised if she somehow got her (illegal) artist in legal trouble.

No. 33683

sage for ot but while true, tattoo shops are everywhere in Japan because this law is essentially not enforced. but the mayor of Osaka has some sort of tattoo hateboner and actually prosecuted someone who was later acquitted. so it's unlikely the law will be enforced in the future.

No. 33701

well most of the hair in her ponytail isn't her real hair but cheap extensions. So that would be why.

No. 33711

there are some amazing artists in Tokyo, some who do anime style pieces specifically (who post on their own social media because its not a law that gets enforced, its a technicality and has only really been an issue in Osaka) but there is always a long waiting list for a good artist so who knows when she booked and if she secured a good one, it's also pointless her doing a sketch that is just a copy of the source material, the artist will draw it themselves unless they are dodgy

No. 33718

Shes so fucking ugly and fat how has she not killed herself yet(a-logging)

No. 33721

Most people get the fillers after unless the entire sleeve is completely planned ahead of time (which is rare)

No. 33726

what happened to her being so fluent in Japanese that she accidentally uses Japanese words when she is talking kek

No. 33738

Is it just me or is it cringey as fuck to get a precure tattoo in japan (aside from the obvious) considering they're gonna know its a show for preteens… like what is the tattoo artist gonna think of this grown woman (who needed a ~comfort stuffie~ during a previous tattoo) shrieking about this rainby baby show lol

No. 33741

Being an otaku isn't super cool to start with in Japan so it doesn't really matter what age group the show is made for. I don't think it is that uncommon for a woman to like Precure is they are already an anime geek.

No. 33743

That's good to hear. Jill's done a lot of ignorant, selfish, and immature things, but I don't think she's an irredeemable person who doesn't deserve to get help and better herself. She's been an absolute wreck this semester, but she's at least now starting to show some awareness of how she needs to change to become not just a happy but also a productive and motivated person potentially capable of building the type of future she talks about. For her sake (as well as her fans who shill out money for her low-effort content) I hope she does get real help and improve herself.
It does also sound like she won't be accepted into her school's fashion program next year if she doesn't keep her grades up or improve them.

No. 33744

Always wonder what Jill will do when she grows out of her PreCure Magical Girl Kawiwwiwii Phase. She plants an entire sleeve, how the fuck is she going to cover this up or remove it? I'm here for the free expression of your personality with tattoos and such things, but she changes her Interests every few years and how does it look like to have tattoos of things like PreCure that is aimed for Preteens when you are in your 30s?

No. 33749

Precure has been running for so long it already has achieved nostalgia levels of investment from people. You were a fan as a child and it had been there through your teen years and now as a young adult.

It's like Sailor Moon for a younger generation kind of. It's about as embarrassing as getting a nerd tattoo.

No. 33752

didn't that anime only come out a couple years ago too like…what. I could at least understand if it was a kids show she grew up with

No. 33755

It's been on since 2004, and she got into it around 2012 or 2013.

No. 33772

My think about Jill getting another tat is that she has them all on the same side of her body. It might be nitpicking, but wouldn't it look better to maybe put something on her other leg or arm?

No. 33783

She's planning on covering that whole let in magical girls, so she won't be stopping there any time soon.

No. 33794

having a single sleeve (leg or arm) is pretty common and can look really good
emphasis on can

No. 33797

“Drama videos are BAD” lmao anyone remember those caps of her youtube history and how it was full of keemstar and kuckian shit?

No. 33810

I can see her clawing at the wall when she doesn't get her way.

No. 34970

File: 1550219264098.jpeg (271.33 KB, 640x811, 5E1826F8-9EA9-4038-A9C1-825993…)

The post that was quote tweeted was basically saying that there are far more popular YouTubers who deserve to be called out because they’re Nazis. Those drama videos really did get to you? Didn’t they Jilly?

No. 34972

I mean that’s obviously the reason why she went through that whole “depression” phase since Christmas. Shes acting like they don’t get to her but keeps bringing them up, lol

No. 34977

yeah but she specifically said go princess precure which didnt start until 2015 ?

No. 35019

>It's a-okay to look up to girls richer than us with no depth to their personality, treats loved ones as objects for aesthetic points, and pushes a hardcore materlistism makes me happy agenda because other YouTubers aren't politically correct enough for twitter.

No. 35023

Her behavior the last week or so is really getting to me. Doing all these horrible things & then dismissing them as drama videos reminds me of when she was in hs (or was it middle school?) and claimed her entire theatre group hated her. It’s probably the same scenario. She does something wrong and convinces herself it’s just jealousy and hate and I’m sure mommy sits along side with her. Pair that with the new video and I’m disgusted. The manipulation is clear as day, she purposely put a LOT of emphasis on hating herself, pixie 3.0, new person, ect to try and excuse her past actions and separate herself from them. (“That was the old pixie!”). I don’t know how anyone can be a fan of her anymore at this point.

No. 35029

Honestly who cares if she gets a dumb tattoo, her mistake… Calm down. Not really worth talking about.(learn 2 sage)

No. 35049

I love how much they oversimplified everything Jill has been criticized for and think because x is worse than y then people can't care about x. Yeah obviously the many many people calling out Jill are just mad because she "has exes." These cretins have no brain cells to rub together. By the same but more extreme logic then, white supremacists are "just people with a preference for white" and women who get beat up by their husbands are just regular wives. And whichever one of those is "worse" (on some unknown scale) than the other is the one people should care about!!!

No. 35054

Very true anon. Let's also not forget the similar scenario of when colin escaped her clutches. "I was too independent/good for him/motivated for him!!!"

No. 35056

sometimes i wish colin and tristan would start a support group for Jill's former trophy boytoys and invite Stephen over

No. 35058

Considering they basically blocked her out of their lives completely I think they're embarrassed to have ever been associated with her tbh

No. 35059

Weren't Colin and Tristan best friends before Jill got between them? I hope that Jill didn't ruin their friendship by using Tristan to get to Colin back in the day.

No. 35076

ayy sage for logic sperg, but yeah it's a logical fallacy known as "relative privation" and i agree that it is the single most illogical and obnoxious way to defend something/someone. like sure ok jan, i mean shit at least jill isn't a fucking serial killer amirite? like god forbid she receive any constructive criticism whatsoever because providing an opportunity for growth is hate!!!1!1

No. 35111

File: 1550303118387.png (1.6 MB, 1100x854, five-steps-back.png)

They were. Sperg ahead because it makes me really salty, but it was common knowledge during Colin's time with Jill that she strung Tristan along for two years before getting with Colin, who Jill claimed she'd loved all along. It's funny because Tristan was supportive of Jill's venture into Youtube, was supposedly interested in ouji style by his own volition, helped her with her eating disorder and tried to keep her from going onto sites like this and PULL because he knew how hard she took criticism, yet threw him away to be with Colin, who she bent to her kawaii queer rainbow aesthetic before he just got sick of it and quit her. If they've managed to piece their friendship back together, it's through their shared experience of Jill's bullshit.

Pic is comparison of Jill's prom pictures with both Tristan and Colin. No real reason for posting it now, but I had made this edit a few threads back and never used it.

No. 35123

i'd almost forgotten about that monstrosity of a DIY prom dress that Jillian the Fashion Designer made.

No. 35144

Don’t forget that Jillian “was in love for 3 years” before she dated Colin. They met in theatre class and after being rejected, Jillian still liked Colin.

No. 36031

she does know you have to travel to the outskirts in order to get this shitly traced tattoo right? Japan has laws against tattoos. Stupid as ever

No. 36034

She definitely peaked at 16, which is an awful thing to say but really. She looks 38 now and looked about 22 at 16.

No. 36039

File: 1550340253189.jpg (318.95 KB, 720x1028, 20190216_180405.jpg)

No. 36080

God, I can't wait for her to give up vloging on that camera because she "forgot it in her bag :c"

No. 36085

You’re thinking about Korea, anon. At least get your info straight

No. 36088

no it's pretty frowned on in japan too

No. 36095

Backtrack in the thread where this was previously discussed and debunked. The laws against it are basically unenforced, except for one time, and the guy won his appeal.

No. 36096

FFS, there are plenty of tattoo shops in Japan, especially Tokyo. They are frowned upon as a society overall and she won't be able to go to most hot springs or pools with them, but it's silly to pretend that tattoos aren't a thing in Japan. They aren't underground you can find plenty online that even have English language support.

No. 36107

Lazy oaf lucky pack 2017/2018

No. 36110

thanks, I'll delete my post so not to derail

No. 36120

File: 1550381941366.jpg (1.21 MB, 3264x1975, prom shite collage.jpg)

sage for sperg/derail. tbh these two pics are a great example of how it seems like she never really loved tristan at all and was just using him to get to colin. attached: jill with tristan "please send help" vs jill when "omg i have an excuse to touch colin!!!11!1" (i'm not cherry picking either, i swear. pics with tristan all seem serious and awkward. pics with colin all goofy and genuine.)

No. 36125

she looks really good here

No. 36126

she looks so innocent and young here too, her eyes are so bright, this is sad tbh

No. 36138

File: 1550413186390.jpeg (518.94 KB, 2048x2048, FF4FEA8F-98C1-4959-B0B8-E6FEA0…)

No. 36140

>innocent and young

ew gtfo pedo(no contribution)

No. 36148

Nayrt, but wtf. They obviously didn’t mean it in that sense and the fact that that’s what you first thought of is creepy. Go back to your echo chamber on tumblr.

No. 36155

Comparing these photos to what she looks like now is actually pretty sad.

No. 36165

No. 36167

>>36165 'Maggie, good friend of Steve.' ofc she left out they have dated

No. 36168

>>36165 'being bisexual is both a big part of our personalities' that's not a personality trait sweety

No. 36169

>she’s so beautiful
>she’s so kind
>she loves animals

No. 36170

>4 minutes in already brings up how salty she is about people 'reaching'
shes not hiding how pressed she is that people made videos about her kek

they both seem very immature for their age ngl
steve comes off quite naive and like an enabler just like jill likes her s/o's

No. 36171

Can someone tldr? Not about to watch 35 mins of that.

No. 36172

She’s developed a new incredibly annoying laugh

No. 36173

Reverse the order of the pictures and this looks like some PSA warning the youths against the dangers of… idk, YouTube? Peep tea?

No. 36174

I kinda like him. I seems like he knows who he is and acknowledges that Jillian's interests tend to be childish and a little over the top. I feel like he's rubbing off on her in a good way

No. 36175

File: 1550442174685.jpg (265.93 KB, 725x759, jill44.jpg)

No. 36176

did she change the description on her vid after she saw the comment on here about her laugh??

No. 36177

>>36176 no, i'm p sure it was there the whole time.

No. 36180


Jill says she had a crush on Maggie but Maggie was straight so then she started dating Steve.

Steve has mentioned how open he is about Jill's interests and any time he mentions stuff he likes e.g. dark themed anime she has to say how much she hates it.

around ~15 minutes in Steve admits "Jill wears the pants in the relationship" and then goes on about how beautiful, kind, loving of animals Jill is and how fortunate he is to be with her (kek), he seems genuinely passionate about the relationship. This goes on for like several minutes while Jill only had like a sentence or two to say about what she appreciates about Steve

Both mention bisexuality multiple times like it's a personality trait like anon above mentioned.. bloo bloo "WE'RE BOTH flAmInGlY QuEeER" around 28mins in, Jill makes it obvious she reads ITT bringing up that it's annoying when people "call her straight online bc she only dates men" and then says @ 31:38 she has a crush on a female anime character (kek such bi)

Don't think I missed anything else funny/interesting.

No. 36182

>Crush on Maggie
Wow she really wants to fuck someone who looks just like her, doesn't she? I also like how she conveniently left out that Steven was Maggies ex.

>Rant about being bi. Scared to march in pride holding a bi flag because people will judge and their relationship wasn't public yet.

Literally no one cares that you're bi Jillian, everyone just calls you out because you treat both your male and female partners like total shit and then act like being LGBT is a fun personality trait instead of something that people get disowned, abused and harassed for. No one is telling her Bisexuals aren't part of the community, but no one likes it when some rainby bowlcut gremlin in a straight passing relationship cries for LGBT asspats and oppression points after spouting transphobic "I'd call myself a lesbian if I wasn't dating someone with a dick" bullshit.

Having said that I do think Steve seems far more comfortable that Colin ever was, he looks less like he's being held against his will and more like he actually is open to the things she likes. It doesn't really seem like she reciprocates it but she's becoming a bit more self aware from his influence. The bit about paw patrol and her realising she only watches childrens shows was funny.

No. 36184

Don't forget to mention that Steve met her 4 times before they started hooking up and that she forgot who he was each time.

No. 36185

File: 1550444082058.png (260.14 KB, 540x409, tumblr_nc69njhhUu1qzqnxxo4_540…)

>'being bisexual is both a big part of our personalities'

Unless you peg him that doesn't mean anything Jill. But you don't, because you're a bottom.

No. 36187

Granted I find Jill totally obnoxious and gross, I can't help but notice how happy she is with Steve. She's so heterosexual it hurts.

No. 36193

She had a bit where they were trying to compare themselves to an anime couple, and she said "there's not very many bi couples in anime"… Jill… did you forget about your Ichiban favorite anime Cardcaptor Sakura? Sakura and Sayorian are both bi.

No. 36195

>totally hate when people think I'm straight
Because people have only seen you in heterosexual relationships Jillian kek and the only homosexual relationship we know about was for gay pandering

No. 36198

Everything about this is stupid. Why get a tattoo in Japan of all places? It's going to ruin her trip and doesn't she know how taboo they are there?

No. 36202

I am glad jills found another decent guy; he seems like a really good influence on her.
but im waiting for her to dump him like she did with tristan for some other doormatt like colin.

No. 36203

being bi and maggie are the only things they have in common

No. 36205

i didn't hate this video
with that being said i think people, for the most part, hates when jill uses her sexuality as a personality trait. she has been doing that for years.

i know she lurks here so i'm here to tell her to fucking stop.

No. 36206

People like Jill use their fake sexuality as a personality trait because they lack personality and substance all together. Not shocking though kek

No. 36210

File: 1550452296274.png (588.3 KB, 644x467, kek jill.PNG)

i really feel like i've noticed a dramatic change in her in the last two videos. like 90% less baby voice and trying to put forward this false "uwu perfect" aesthetic/persona. tbh it might just be because pretending to be happy was draining the shit out of her. and she's a lot…. er…. louder now. but i mean at least she's opening up and being honest with herself? wait to set the bar low jill kek

No. 36211

I agree anon. I don't think he's the peak of maturity or anything, but he's definitely more mature than Jillian. He seems to bring her back down to earth a bit.

No. 36212

sage for queer sperg kek. but yeah she mentions it every 10 milliseconds because she has to remind people (and honestly, probably herself) that she's uwu totes bi- just in case you forgot. she should really join an LGBT club at her art school. her level of comprehension about queer history is basically "rainbies teehee." but i guess anything more would be too uwu stwessful for poor jill anyway. is she really that sheltered or does she just not care because… maybe it doesn't concern her?

No. 36215

that's how she was in her lolita days.

No. 36217

God, I would kill for her to go back to how she was during her lolita days. I hope she keeps improving, but knowing her… it'll fall apart fast.

No. 36224

'bi erasure' is ultimately a privilege, and not saying it isn't a thing but you get the societal benefits of being straight whereas a same sex couple wouldn't stfu jill and tristan 3.0

No. 36227

What’s with this whole “straight passing” and “straight looking” couple bs they’re going on about? They’re a male and female in a relationship together. It’s a literal straight relationship. Yes Jill, even if the individuals themselves aren’t straight.

No. 36230

File: 1550456626352.jpeg (147.52 KB, 1242x394, 3540045A-F8DE-4D7F-9AC2-4F0024…)

No. 36233

File: 1550456925314.jpeg (85.44 KB, 254x329, F2C0342D-6BFC-4F26-985B-4A3316…)

No. 36234

File: 1550456979517.jpeg (346.7 KB, 1125x1800, 50AC02B8-2A2A-46C8-A4FB-96A1B0…)

No. 36235

sorry to be an obnoxious tumblr user and be nitpicky about this but what happened to Jill being pansexual? Like what Steve said towards the end like equally seeing EVERYONE including non-binary sounds like more like pansexuals and Jill even used to label herself as pansexual? and lol i think the pansexual flag fits her aesthetic more as well? i just wonder if its a trans phobia thing kinda of her thinking i need to date someone whos genitals match what they look like.

No. 36236

That's such a lie she have been after Steve for years

No. 36238

It sounded like pansexual to me as well. Pan and Bi have very minor distinctions but Jill went by pansexual from the very start of her internet presence and what Steve said was pretty much the exact definition of pansexual. It was only those brief few months toward the end of her relationship with Colin when she was all "look I'm basically a LESBIAN uwu anime girls only except I love my boyfriend's PEEN" where she went by anything other than pansexual. Now she's Bi? She likes dick? We been knew.

Bottom line is that her and Steve are never going to have to deal with discrimination or laws against same sex couples. They are never going to be harassed because of their current relationship. They can walk around holding hands without people giving them a second look, let alone getting the hatred spewed at them that same sex couples have to deal with. I hate sounding like a sjw but that's the very definition of straight privilege and they need to acknowledge that instead of this bullshit bi discrimination rhetoric. Bi people in M/F relationships and even cishet people go to pride all the time. No one even bats an eye.

If she never went on such a "look at me I'm a qwirky qweer lesbian" tirade in the first place, only to lead Alyssa on and ultimately go back to dickhopping her friend's exes/crushes and deleting her coming out video no one would've even started questioning her pan/bisexuality and attraction to women at all. She brought it upon herself so I have no sympathy for her being "accused of being straight" like it's a bad thing that negatively affects her in her daily life.

No. 36242

File: 1550460204083.png (138.1 KB, 258x356, screenshot.png)

Jills new laugh and other certain mannerisms in this video really remind me of Tana Mongeau

No. 36243

b-but anon, if jillybean acknowledged that she had privilege, how could she simultaneously get oppression points from all of her confetti cunts? hmm… why am i sensing a theme here? not to armchair, but come on, this is textbook bpd shit. i mean, a lot of her behavior can be explained by simply untreated bpd combined with her continuously enabling environment. call it armchair all you want. i call it a case study kek. (but she's an adult now so it's on her for doing jack shit about it despite having every resource at her fingertips.)

No. 36246

Jesus. Was her goal to look like a demented, skanky clown?

No. 36247

She went by pansexual (or "gender blind" as she called it) for years until the end of her and Colin's relationship, when she said she'd call herself a lesbian if her current partner didn't have a penis, which I'm gonna guess was one of the final straws for Colin.

Then after her short-lived lesbian dreams came crashing down on her, she started using the label bisexual. I think she's a bit more conservative/traditional thinking than she likes to admit or likes to have people believe, and I think she ultimately saw Colin as a guy in her head, no matter what she said online.

No. 36248

>she ultimately saw Colin as a guy in her head, no matter what she said online.
I think this too. Aside from using they/them pronouns and referring to Colin as 'partner' all his gender identity meant to her is that she could dress him up in her pastel sissy looking shit. He looked humiliated and uncomfortable in all the videos and photos where they were together and she treated him like a prop, not a person. Going on about Colin's penis on livestream and how she'd be a lesbian otherwise was probably the final straw that broke the camel's back.

No. 36255

She loves animals so much that she keeps dangerous tinsel around for her cats to digest, seperates a cat from her original home and she buys from breeders. Steve's got a catch!

No. 36256

She's so gross. Honestly, this makes me sick that is using Steve like some plaything. I don't doubt Steve is bi (i dont know him, but all the info we gathered, he more than likely is) but Jill is 100 percent straight. Why cant she just admit she's straight? no one would shame her. The fact she uses 'bi' for some kinda privilege when she is in a heterosexual relationship and all she has dated was men proves she knows nothing of the struggle of real gay people.

No. 36257

>Bottom line is that her and Steve are never going to have to deal with discrimination or laws against same sex couples. They are never going to be harassed because of their current relationship. They can walk around holding hands without people giving them a second look, let alone getting the hatred spewed at them that same sex couples have to deal with. I hate sounding like a sjw but that's the very definition of straight privilege and they need to acknowledge that instead of this bullshit bi discrimination rhetoric. Bi people in M/F relationships and even cishet people go to pride all the time. No one even bats an eye.

You're totally not coming off like a tumblry-sjw type, anon! This is real life. Gay people are still being murdered for being gay. In places like the carribean, you can be murdered for 'looking' gay, even if you aren't. There is extreme homophobia everywhere and it's sad and heartbreaking.

Jill is a rich, straight white girl who will never ever experience real discrimination because she will only date men. She's trash and it's deceiving to queerbait people like her life is so magical being 'bi' when she is straight and only dating men.

No. 36275

yes! Something I’ve noticed about “queers” like Jill are that they place too much importance on their sexuality being obvious to others for the appearance of being queer. As she said being bi is a huge personality trait for her. This sort of proves (to me at least) that her bi-ness is obviously very performative, sort of like how she has to be the biggest pre cure fan she has to be the biggest queer she knows too. Find girls cute or whatever, but your pride feels more like you’re trying to convince yourself and your followers. I’ve had enough of people like Jill using queerness like it’s an accessory for them to flaunt and make them feel different as if it doesn’t get actual queer people killed. People not thinking ur bi when your in a relationship with a boy isn’t oppression at all. she should be glad people think she’s heterosexual when she walks down the street holding his hand (I’ve been harassed and shot dirty glances for being in a same sex relationship…) It’s like she feels like she’s oppressed for not being oppressed like real gays.

No. 36281

Sexuality sperg but nah, bi people are still pariahs in the lgbt community, largely due to 'passing privilege' (and somewhat due to trenders like Jill) Pretty much anyone can go to pride, but it's not a reflection of the community day to day any more than Mardi Gras is a normal day in New Orleans.

>place too much importance on their sexuality being obvious to others for the appearance of being queer.
waves to the pansexual and asexual communities

Anyhow, I don't think it's that deep. Jill lifted an identity via tumblr that she thought
would play into her ~quirkiness~ without requiring any real commitment. She didn't realise she'd have to actually follow through, so yeah, she probably does feel very hard done by and that's pretty funny.

No. 36306

Im always blown away by how much Jill has to try to convince herself and others about who she is trying to be. It's sad. Everything about her comes across as forced and staged nothing organic. How mediocre to be so invested in this image.

No. 36323

jill and others in the comments whining about being "straight passing" are sooo ignorant to what the world is actually like??? they all think tumblr is representative of the real world

No. 36333

Holy shit, this is thread pic worthy.

No. 36360

The bottom left as the next thread pic, her double chin is melting into her face, it's disgusting yet amazing that Jill has gained so much tendie weight

No. 36377

i thought this was edited for a moment. damn . Please next thread photo

No. 36414

File: 1550533208113.png (1.07 MB, 1353x743, um.png)

higher res repost
>when the boyfie callsies you a beautiful kind animal-loving queer goddess uwu

No. 36432

why has she hung up a dirty used plastic pallet on the wall in the middle of her livingroom

No. 36437

because everyone mustn't forget she's a quirky little artist

No. 36441

I know it's been said a million times but Jesus Christ she's gotten so fucking fat. Freshman 15 more like freshman 30. At least the outside of her is just as ugly and goblin like as the inside.

On another note I like how before she moved she bought all this shit for cooking and being aesthetic and how she was gonna be a ~hostess extraordinare~ only now all she can apparently actually cook is fucking potatoes. Really goes to show the uwu rainby aesthetic dream college life you fetishised before leaving the nest isn't what you thought it'd be, huh Jill?

No. 36443

is it just me or is she extra obnoxious in this video? like the seedy raspy voice/laugh isn't attractive jillian??

No. 36455

sage this

No. 36488

Yeah she's being especially weird in this one. I've never heard her do that gross laugh before. She seems like she's nervous around Steve.

No. 36511


No. 36514

the weird raspy laugh is something tana mongoose does like, ALL the time
absorbing other people's personalities and manorisms because Jill lacks her own seems to be a running theme or is that just me??

No. 36516

She also wouldn't stop going on about how amazing her house tour video would be, all the while people were predicting her inability to maintain a whole ass house moving out for the first time while also doing school and youtube. She's a delusional narcissist that sweeps her failures under the rug unless she can exploit them for attention, sympathy, money, views, etc.

No. 36521

Can you sage, your sage demands.

No. 36524

File: 1550574583209.jpg (31.17 KB, 500x371, 8ab557f10a51bd578df541665d449b…)

this is her during sex
this is fucking priceless. she has the Tom Cruise laugh now. love it
they both kinda gross me out with their noises or lack of during weird pauses and with heir verbal and physical displays of affection.

No. 36527

File: 1550574816837.jpg (69.49 KB, 1280x720, 0Pyvzqm.jpg)

No. 36530

File: 1550579179653.jpg (5.17 KB, 243x207, Ed4LdEW.jpg)

No. 36569

aka “sage ur demands for others to sage”

for “storage” lmao

also general agreement w/ other anons about her new laugh, it’s so bad

No. 36571

It was saged, that's why they're confused you told them to sage.

No. 36575

File: 1550595758509.png (7.4 KB, 476x358, ba4.png)

Two more days until the japan trip guys

No. 36587

we’ve probably moved past this (sage for ranting) but:

it’s fairly obvious jill isn’t involved in the lgbt community irl. honestly no one gives a shit that she’s bi and dating a guy irl, no one is going to kick her out of pride or gay clubs or stop her from doing fundraising for the lgbt community or whatever.
whatever she’s complaining about is guaranteed 100% to have occurred on the internet (probably tumblr). if she got outside she’d realise that the lgbt community is not as bad and exclusive and ~biphobic~ as she thinks it is

No. 36596

File: 1550602450684.png (342.16 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20190219-105110.png)

I just realized Jill looks like a fucking lump of fat wearing a cheap ass from the Dollar Tree. On top of dressing like a retard.

No. 36598

Yeah the actual LBGT community is pretty accepting. But if she goes to a gay bar everyone would probably think she's they typical fag-hag tbh

No. 36602

I still can't get over her posting a 35 minute q&a about her straight relationship after how dirty she did her gf and her uwu I'm going to keep my relationships private from now on pls respect that decision. And the NERVE of her to act like she's being persecuted by all the meanie gays IRL for daring to love a man.

No. 36611

wasn’t me but noted, I thought the phrasing confused them my b
sage for no1curr

No. 36613

At this point we all know her saying she wanted to keep her relationship private was a bullshit move. She's literally doing the same shit she did with Colin, I just wonder gow long it'll take before he decides he's done with her.

No. 36617

i'm fairly sure she's talking about a 50k+ note tumblr post making fun of her for calling her relationship with colin "queer" lol
even though most of the responses were pro-jill

No. 36624

No. 36627

>>36617 50k responses? damn that blew up

No. 36661

Somebody who is decent at photoshop needs to edit Pixie's deranged laughing face over this. Please.

No. 36663

File: 1550622233074.png (1.23 MB, 1280x743, jill_cruise.png)

I'm not very good at this but I had to see it done

No. 36664

You're a hero anon and I'm still not able to wrap my head around the fact that Steve sleeps with this pig goblin in her garbage infested home. Boy must be clinging hard to be financially stable in these times

No. 36665

This is amazing and should be the thread pic until the end of time.

No. 36672

beautiful, anon, you did what I couldn't, you absolute madman

No. 36676


No. 36710

I'm pretty sure all the people in straight relationships talking about how gay they are just mean they fap to gay porn.

Still having heterosexual sex in real life though

No. 36714

I can literally hear this picture sfdsDgsdrhgxdgsdfd

No. 36747

Next thread pic please!!!

No. 36757

I just wish Jill would understand that the problem here isn't that she and her boyfriend are bisexual people in a straight """"""""""""""passing""""""""" (lol) relationship. It's the queerbaiting, the lies and the manipulation. I wish someone would confront her about all of the lies regarding her sexuality in a situation that she couldn't back out of or whine about to get out of. Or at least acknowledge that this is why people have issues with her still trying to rake in queer points.
Not sure if this is blogposting but sage

No. 36789

she's always gonna figure out a way to back out and whine out of the situation. the videos exposing her didn't attack her for her looks like the boards do, they made very valid and objective points based off of documented evidence, most of which she has posted herself, so she had nothing to whine about there other than "muh haterzzz!!!". she even used it as a chance to apologize about the purebred cats situation because she DOES realize how that can make her look bad and lose following.
but she'll never ever admit to the queerbaiting and poor treatment of Alyssa and all her Male exes because of several reasons: because she knows exactly what kind of fanbase she has and they're all equally snowflakey lgbtrenders who would never hold it against her (bc they'd have to admit to themselves maybe THEY are part of the problem too), because she knows pretending to be queer for tumblr points brings in new viewers, and because it feeds into her qUiRkY not like other girls uwu persona that she needs to survive. without this fake persona she has put up for so many years since her early youth, jill would have to admit to herself that she's an empty husk of a person with no real personality outside of her vapid interests and laughable YouTube channel. she's picked this as her hill to die on, and until a therapist gets a proper hold of her and makes her do some introspection for once in her life she will never ever apologize for the things she does wrong or for the people she hurts with her actions.

No. 36792

wtf are you even going on about. You realize men watch the most lesbian porn and they're still massively straight and assholes, right? jill is just an idiot attempting to queer bat.

No. 36793

Exactly. Jill will never have to explain herself because her fanbase is part of the problem, pretending to be gay for cool points and thinking that being gay means you can wear colorful rainbow coloring and nothing else, like the actual opression and violence real gay people face. fuck them all

No. 36798

Anon is the real MVP. If this ain't the next thread pic, we riot.

No. 36881

File: 1550712574239.jpg (617.62 KB, 1080x1428, 20190220_212924.jpg)

No. 36882

File: 1550712615875.jpg (495.63 KB, 1080x1012, 20190220_212913.jpg)

Cannot wait for the rich frothy milk!

No. 36883

Yikes. Here we go

No. 36885

am i blind or are her bangs not uwu rainby here

No. 36891

Why did she get a visa? Canadians don't require visa to visit Japan for either leisure or business
Is this just for show kek

No. 36893

If she plans to earn money in Japan she does need one. If she were just going for tourist reasons she wouldn't though

No. 36894

Of course, not a single piece of actual jfashion to be seen.

No. 36895

She said a little while ago she needed a work visa for Japan. I think because she’s doing some promotional work and stuff for Kawaii.I. She didn’t have a visa when she went on her 2017 I don’t think

No. 36901

it's because she's being paid for the kawaii.i thing so she needs the visa since it's technically "work"

No. 36903

File: 1550720891077.png (918.46 KB, 594x596, jill blonde.PNG)

it might just be the 8 billion filters she put on it (like how the color is way off in most of her pictures). or maybe she momentarily gained some insight and dyed/bleached it for the photo? god, jill… we know you lurk so can i just say you look like a literal different person when your hair is clean and just one solid color dyed well. pic for reference because this was late 2015 and doesnt even look like the same person. sage for sperg and no1curr

No. 36904

Wow she’s really bad at packing. How did she manage to make so little fill an entire suitcase? I’m glad to see she’s actually using her ita bag though, considering it hasn’t been mentioned in forever.

No. 36926

The picture hurts my eyes, Jill for the love of god learn how to fix your saturation.

No. 36932

File: 1550738656036.jpg (70.03 KB, 718x342, 20190221_034327.jpg)

My friend starting to get sick of her bullshit hmmm

No. 36937

good job fitting 7 bulky items of clothing and a ginormous heart shaped bag you could easily carry yourself during the flight. I'm not a packing guru myself but even i can manage to pack more than 10 things in a suitcase when I'm going to travel halfway across the world. it's not rocket science, Jillian

No. 36939

omg I´m so excited for all the milk bish get me cookies

No. 36940

what is that a recent pic? she actually looks so much better with the blonde!! (still ratchet tho)

No. 36941

that is probably just the case to show off and then she has another one with non-kawiwi items and space for shopping(spamming, replying to every post separately)

No. 36944

No its from when jill worked at paper cakes pretty a small nail boutique about 3 years ago; from what i remember the owner had a fuck ton of milk on her too

No. 36958

I don't see the dress she was sewing for the event in that suitcase. Either it's not in there because it didn't fit the aesthetic for the picture, or its birthday party 2.0 and she realized it was too uggo to wear for the event.

No. 36960

Or she is lazy and didnt finish it also

No. 36962


Why the hell did she blur out her sex on one side? We all know you are female. It's also visible on the other paper. I hope she isn't going to start claming she's trans

No. 36968

nice catch anon. i thought for a sec that there could be a chance it says 'm' on the top and it turns out she's actually mtf but nope lmao

inb4 kawiwi enbie tendie phase~~~~~

No. 36978

fucking kek anon her priorities

leave full name, location, and birth date visible but blur out the little F to leave some mystery

No. 36980

Meh she probably just blurred the passport number and thought the F was part of it and either didn't notice or didn't bother to erase the blur. Y'all are reaching.

No. 36985

God, I hope Jill troons out to avoid the fallout of being a fake dyke kek.

No. 36991

Well, her packing skills suck. The only reason it looks totally filled is because she brought bulky pieces and rolled them up to make them even bigger. Also, she brought that bulky polly pocket purse… for what reason? It can hardly hold anything.

I'm ready for this milk though.

No. 37002

File: 1550774487215.jpg (335.12 KB, 1080x969, 20190221_144115.jpg)

No. 37004

She says this as if it probably doesn't already take up an entire day on her schedule.

No. 37007

She is never satisfied with what she has, never misses an opportunity to get MORE plastic shit to lug back home. None of it serves any purpose either, just collects dust on a shelf. Just WHY?

No. 37011

i think based on how she plays around with queer identities it isnt too far fetched to think shed start faking being trans
maybe its a backup just in case she pretends to be trans in the future lmao

No. 37012

Uggh she's gonna be twice as annoying parading around 'Trans is Kawaii' bullshit and saying 'I'm he/him' but continue to wear makeup, feminine clothing, and not do anything that proves she's a guy

No. 37013

if i remember right they're talking about allowing a third gender (x), legally, on legal documents, around here, so she may be planning on suddenly saying she's non binary/gender fluid the minute it becomes a legal possibility

No. 37015


Agreeing with >>36980

She doesn't even bother to blur it on the other side. She probably just did it accidentally.

No. 37017

I mean she interacts with that gothfruits and that is a whole mess

No. 37022

File: 1550785249583.jpeg (404.5 KB, 640x897, 0C83210C-504D-46AB-88FA-037341…)

Jill must of redone her bangs because despite it being pulled back I can still seem some colour in them

No. 37023

a little OT, but someone could easily break into her house…

i guess it's reasonable we know when she departs, but fuck dude - i wouldn't want to display that kind of shit when i KNOW my address is very much so available to the public


No. 37029

I hope so, and hopefully they take pics so we can finally get a kawiwi hoarders edition.

No. 37031

I wonder if Japanese people get tired of insane white people visiting and parading around in psychotic pastel kawaii outfits

No. 37033

They do. They very much do. And our Jillybean is the absolute cream of the crop of psychotic 'kawaii' white people.

No. 37040

Steve lives with her, it's not like her house is wide open for the picking.

No. 37064

…did she not redye her hair for this trip? She’s going to be on tv, right?

No. 37065

Jill is all about immediate satisfaction, she wouldn't be able to wait a week to post about how she went to Japan like a reasonable person so as to not get their house broken into.
But also she probably told Steve to guard the perimeter like a dog

I am eagerly awaiting her photos of Red Robin and Mcdonalds food once again. The food photos were the best parts of her last trip

No. 37072

national television, if i remember correctly. bc kawaii.i. her hair looks seven shades of puke and who even knows what she's going to wear at this point (i would venture a guess that she didn't finish that dress). i'm honestly feeling secondhand embarrassment already kek.

No. 37078

Kawaii.i isn’t broadcasted on TV in Japan. You stream it on the NHK app and it’s mostly westerners that know about it. Sage for no real contribution

No. 37080

I know Jill has landed, does anyone knows if she’s posted anything to her Facebook?

No. 37082

File: 1550817606721.jpg (298.76 KB, 1080x1002, 20190222_023952.jpg)

She should be landing soon

No. 37083

that's interesting actually. we know she lurk and we were mentioning before how easy it would be to find/rob her house while she's gone. then suddenly, her new bf of a short period of time moves in. interesting.

No. 37085

…what? Am I misinterpreting this or is she implying that she bought plane Wi-Fi because she's too much of a baby to ask an attendant for juice?

No. 37088

Just imagining her holding her phone up instead of asking out loud because her brain is broken

Bringing someone in is basic common sense, I think it would have happened thread or not

No. 37103


because all these cows need something in stead of lack of personality.

kelly with her gamr gurl/bondage shit

pnp with her bhad instagram plastic binch

tuna and her smack

kenna and her weeb/disney obsession
this bitch and her weeb collectathon.

No. 37108

No. 37139

File: 1550847680394.jpg (492.04 KB, 1080x1417, 20190222_110023.jpg)

She's in

No. 37141

Ngl that's really cute and nice of whoever made that.

No. 37145

File: 1550848492168.gif (3.71 MB, 420x236, chair.gif)


I'm ready

No. 37146

PLEASE don't be a Momo in Japan 2.0, let thy milk floweth!

No. 37158

I think we're definitely going to get a less candid trip than last time. It's a shame.

No. 37169

saged because it's mostly about someone else but the youtuber Mikan just announced she got into a fashion course in Tokyo, there was an entrance exam but no portfolio needed, its insane to me that Jill never even tried, Mikan got into a Japanese speaking school but said that was personal choice and there is plenty in English so Jillybean wouldn't even need to improve her Japanese

No. 37177

remember when she wanted to go to Bunka kek

No. 37181

she has such a warped sense of superiority that is completely unfounded, she talks so big all the time about how ambitious and amazing she is then just…..does nothing, so delusional and lazy and in denial about how normal and mediocre she is, which hey, there is nothing wrong with being average, she just can't get that through her thick skull and all the layers of her mom telling her she is amazing and the best and a prodigy and everyone is just jealous!

No. 37196

Mikan mandarin or?

No. 37202

File: 1550877267367.jpg (73.24 KB, 720x251, 20190222_231428.jpg)

No. 37206

She can’t even the manage the effort to throw something together to put in her queue?

No. 37211

No videos? Nothing new girl

No. 37212

Wtf she even said she had a video already filmed in her last video.

No. 37222

File: 1550885170024.jpg (325.07 KB, 1080x937, 20190222_212556.jpg)

No. 37223

File: 1550885291823.jpg (499.3 KB, 1080x1559, 20190222_212616.jpg)

No. 37224

Isn't this the same thing she "worried" about 2 years ago when she first went to Japan? Did she post this for uwu curvy girl body image points or is she so privileged that her only worry is shes kinda fat?

No. 37226

I mean I'd be worried being her size and on TV. Camera adds 10 pounds so she gonna be looking extra porky. And Jill can't even fit jfashion anymore so she's gonna be repping her fast fashion shit while she spouts about being so honored to be a kawiwi leader

No. 37234

Her school’s study break is March 4-8, so why is she missing an extra 6-7 days of classes for Japan? She admits skipping class constantly and last semester she missed a week for her London trip yet she claims to maintain an average of high 80s, which is like honours-level grades.

I remember back in high school she would also go on random trips with her mom in the middle of semesters but also bragged about being a star student? I’m starting to wonder if she’s delusional about her academic success or just lies about it because typically maladjusted people with mental health issues that constantly miss class don’t manage to get top grades.

I hope her conditional admission to the fashion program gets revoked since she’s been wasting away her foundation year. That spot could go to a hard working and legitimately passionate person instead of her. I’m sure even Wendy is a more reasonable student than Jill.

No. 37237

really, she said 85+? imo that's low score for a hobby school AND first year introductory courses. if its anything like community college in the US, you have to be doing really shitty work and/or skipping to not get an A for art & etc courses since the professors have easier scales for older adults.

my gut tells me she lies about being a 'top student' because she lies about being the best at everything constantly, we have yet to see her make one intelligent decision or progress. probably because she didnt continue her education or work like everyone else after high school and instead sat around for 2 years doing nothing and cant get out of that lazy mindset. now she continues to make stupid decisions by skipping classes shes paying for because she likes instant gratification more than long term success. regardless, who brags about being a 'top student' so bluntly? how obnoxious, humble yourself jill.

No. 37240

Her arts and crafts club that barely counts as a school doesn't have high requirements to do well. Everyone is probably getting As.

No. 37243

yeah i wouldn't exactly call that something to brag about, but jill's probably counting on the fact that her audience is mostly americans in high school so they have no frame of reference. also like >>37234 alluded to, if she were really pulling high Bs after skipping several weeks out of the term, then i think it's a safe bet that this "college" will teach her jack shit about the real world and its expectations for success. that or she's actually close to flunking out and is in deep denial, but i have a feeling this is the kind of school where you can't really flunk out. like if she gets a bad grade, her mom could just pay for her to retake the course for a better grade. that kind of place.

No. 37246

There have been photos posted here before from her school's final fashion show for people FINISHING the fashion program, and they look atrocious. It's a joke.

No. 37259

No. 37262

File: 1550913281289.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_BB58A45CDFB0-1.jpeg)

Steve is already out with Maggie. (From her story)

No. 37270

does it count as tinfoiling to still assume these two are fucking behind Jill's back?

No. 37274

Yeah. Maggie has a bf (his acc on private but he was mentioned on Valentine’s Day on her story, plus she mentioned him putting a desk together for her)

No. 37278

Wish we knew how Steve felt about Maggie now losing tons of weight and Jill just getting bigger and bigger.

No. 37280

He made his choice. And he chose free housing

No. 37286

maybe he's a feeder/chubby chaser kek would explain why maggie lost weight after they broke up.

No. 37291

LMFAO anon best comment ever.

No. 37313

why did this whore cover her gender LMAO

No. 37322


im just expecting her to come out as a fakeboi now and say that seeing her sex on documents makes her uncomfortable

No. 37325

Y'all are late and repeating the same points that were already talked about it. It was clearly a mistake/not intentional because she only did it on one side.

No. 37327

what if she just forgot to censor it on the other side? i wouldn't be surprised if she started claiming she's nb or genderfluid

No. 37328

Can we stop this useless speculation now. She just blurred it accidentally. Move on

No. 37331

File: 1550954777262.jpg (528.08 KB, 1080x1302, 20190223_164546.jpg)

No. 37332

File: 1550955113622.png (217.76 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20190223-125158.png)

She looks like Miss Piggy from behind kek

No. 37333

again with those FUCKING SHOES. anon was right, she's probably going to be wearing only those for the whole trip

No. 37334


Isn’t the harajuku fashion kinda dead? Most Japanese into that fashion already have businesses the same as Jill anyway so why is she any different

No. 37335

I can't get over how fat her calves and ankles are. Those awful shoes aren't doing her any favors either.
kek she truly does

No. 37337

100% guaranteed she didnt take them to a cobbler to fix the soles thatre splitting apart and we'll see it in the kawaii.i videos

No. 37339

Why does Jill never post to her instagram story? It seems like an easy way to keep her fans happy

No. 37351

I mean kawaii international is a part of NHK which is always playing segments to educate others on Japanese culture and what not. People who are in the know are aware that the crazy Harajuku style is dying out, but they still show that stuff for the 'wow' factor that regular people will think. If anything this is gonna paint Jill in that 'quirky, creative girl wearing weird Japanese fashion' light instead of the reality which is fat uncoordinated white girl wearing American brands while promoting Japanese fashion

No. 37357

Yeah I'm confused as to why she posts on facebook all the time. Her followers are young, they don't use facebook. With the exception being the confetti cult.

No. 37360


maybe she tries to get as a little attention as possible this time around, compared to last time when she broeadcasted evetything on both Insta accounts. I really think the the recent call out video scared her off, so now she tries to post as little as possible to be not so ~problematic~ but then again she could use this trip to gain new followers idk

No. 37365

Jill wouldn't know how to manage potentially positive publicity. For the sake of damage control to her shitty channels content. To possibly re-brand her image and boost her subscriber count which is mediocre at best. She's an old dog without any new tricks to show for it. Which is a con in her case

No. 37369

dont forget the sims camp where in the livestream everyone was tearing her apart kek

No. 37370

newfag here, can you tell me a bit more? I must have missed that

No. 37371

her sims trip to the UK starts in the following thread

No. 37393

lmfao she was vague in her video but i actually think Mikan is going to be attending Bunka, she didnt even need a portfolio to get in either. Jillian could never

No. 37397

File: 1550976770892.jpg (310.05 KB, 1080x941, 20190223_225151.jpg)

No. 37401

wtf is going on with the back of her knees?

No. 37403


the skin around knees is tighter and her poor body is trying to find storage space for her weight gain

No. 37404

File: 1550978265038.jpg (175.84 KB, 1080x583, 20190223_231727.jpg)

No. 37405

omg such a prodigy (gag)

No. 37406

Ugh here we go again with the trilingual nonsense. You can't speak French, Jill.

No. 37408

Hey Jill, remember last time when you couldn't even read the hiragana in the purikura booth?

No. 37410

Also, asking like that sounds mega bitchy. It’s asking as if the cashier is in the wrong for not speaking English in the first place. If, that is true of course.

No. 37413

File: 1550982580437.jpg (35.24 KB, 379x254, sure jill.jpg)

this sounds like 90% made up kek. i mean, i don't doubt that a cashier made her feel stupid. but like, cmon jill. we're not stupid. either you haven't spoken japanese in over a year and you're uwu just a lil babby or you're trilingual. she really can't decide if she wants asspats or sympathy like damn.

No. 37415

Fucking kek. Sorry, but Japanese people know a westerner when they see one. Jill is as white as they come, no way in hell would a cashier even attempt to speak to her in Japanese (if they can speak English of course. Many Japanese can at least get by in English for work settings). I doubt anyone sees Jill and tries speaking to her in Japanese.
Let’s not forget her national TV broadcast where most of the creators filmed their segments in French, and Jill was one of the few who did theirs in English. Also her 1st grader Hiragana books that no native or fluent Japanese speaker would even touch.

No. 37418

bitch stop lyin'

No. 37419

yeah, i watch another youtuber who has been living in japan for 8 years and she said that if a japanese person met a foreigner they are most likely to practice their english skills, or speak english as best as possible.

i imagine jill probably was like "sukoshi nihongo o hanashimasu" and the japanese guy was probably like "okay you otaku bitch it's your funeral" and started popping off with conversational japanese we all know jill would not be able to understand.

No. 37424

>i imagine jill probably was like "sukoshi nihongo o hanashimasu" and the japanese guy was probably like "okay you otaku bitch it's your funeral" and started popping off with conversational japanese we all know jill would not be able to understand.

This is exactly what happened, if any of this story is even true.

No. 37426

here is what actually happened:

>jill, looking down at google translate: kaneecheewa, 私は3つの言語を話すことができる、私はピアノの天才、私はYouTubeのスター、そして私のクラスで最高の学生

>7/11 cashier: …

No. 37427

No. 37428


Absolutely. If Jill isn’t lying, a Japanese person is most likely to impose and speak English rather than having her /struggle/ to speak Japanese. It has to do with Japanese hospitality and wanting to be a good host, as well as for them to flex their English skills. Plus with how Jill butchers words, they’re not going to speak more than a go-to, genetic Japanese phrase to her.
I can imagine a Japanese person speaking normally and her thinking it’s too fast and spooky uwu even though she clearly isn’t fluent enough to immediately translate what they’re saying.

No. 37429

Liz Lisa Takeshita location closed around the end of January. Unless she means the Alta store? Anyway I doubt it lol

No. 37430

also jill said she was at yodabashi camera, which if you google it, they are a huge gadget store kind of like a best buy. they literally ship to america, why the fuck would someone randomly speak Japanese to her at mainstream, gadget store in the middle of Tokyo where most foreigners might visit. i'm-

No. 37431

File: 1550987161994.jpeg (957.31 KB, 1074x1127, 1FD02ECA-37F6-43A3-8C5B-4D8A29…)

No. 37436

Hooray, she's vlogging!

No. 37437

Did you accidentally draw lines on that or do your screencaps include cracks in the screen?

No. 37448

That isn't how screen cracks work baby.

No. 37468

I can’t fucking tell why the way she talks pisses me off.

No. 37469

Only in Jill's delusional mind can she be considered trilingual kek. I studied eight years worth of German and Spanish, with regards to English being my first language and would never claim to be trilingual. Granted I can read, write and speak in both lingos. Jill can barely speak properly in English. She's a classic example of a special snowflake. Poor deluded clown. I'm so embarrassed for her.(Blogposting)

No. 37475

Simply Kenna is in the comments asking to meet up. I hope they do, it be so awkward and boring.

No. 37477

quit flexing anon we can all speak more than one language no one cares

No. 37479

japanese people, esp shop staff in tokyo/foreigner-familiar areas, are usually very receptive if you try to speak the language. so i can imagine her approaching the register like “ohayou gozaimasu~~” & the cashier rolling with it because maybe her precure-practiced greeting was pronounced convincingly enough.

No. 37483

fitting that she compared herself to albert einstein, this is the definition of that happened lmao

also can't believe shes still claiming she's bilingual when her attempts at speaking french are honestly painful to listen to

No. 37485

Unfortunately in this world it’s delusion and unwarranted self confidence like that that gets you far.

No. 37489

So true. Works best in social media.

No. 37494

Trilingual anon, she knows at least one sentence in three whole languages

No. 37497


No. 37512

File: 1551032750624.jpg (919.31 KB, 1080x1578, 20190224_142522.jpg)

No. 37514

she looks like a straight up clown with that makeup, more than ever

No. 37517

File: 1551034118552.jpg (448 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190224-184808_Ins…)

Is this stickers? If so, Maggie is chilling with Steve again

No. 37518

File: 1551034265357.jpg (214.51 KB, 720x1003, 20190224_185048.jpg)

>>37512 her lipstick application is so bad she looks like Ronald McDonald

No. 37519

File: 1551034446746.png (115.61 KB, 250x210, u deserve so much better....pn…)

nope, Stickers has grey ears… didn't know maggie had a cat, though
bye, breakfast

No. 37524

its sad that this mess is the most cohesive outfit she's had in a long time

No. 37529

I know this is repetitive but jfc Jill you are a literal dumpy fat ass. Just look at her fucking knees and her lazy oaf cardigan adds an extra 10 pounds

No. 37530

Maybe it’s just me but does her face look thinner? Something about this photo reminds me how she used to look during her punk phase

No. 37532

nah she still has a fat face.. it must be the lighting.

on a different note, I always thought you aren't supposed to wear boots with shorts/skirts cause it makes your legs look shorter and fatter. I wish someone would tell her that. those shoes are a crime

No. 37534

why tf is she wearing a summer dress with a fall/winter cardigan and beret? and those shoes go with nothing? who wears ankle boots with a dress like this?

i think everyones mom at some point has called out their kid for wearing inappropriate season clothes except for louise who just let jill do fuck all she wants constantly as a kid, and now shes this uncoordinated mess of a person, all her friends are too shitty to tell her she looks bad too

No. 37537

File: 1551039753198.png (33.97 KB, 310x310, 08xzELR.png)

honestly i didn't hate these boots the first couple times i saw them but WHY does she wear them so much? of all the shoes to lean on with every outfit, why some fucking beatle boots? out here with that Sid from Hey Arnold silhouette

No. 37548

honestly, it feels like nitpicking at this point, but she would look so much more pulled together if she would just buy things that flattered her figure (or what she has left of a figure)- instead of just "oooh this is pink and has hearts on it and is expensive!!1!" but seriously, she could only get away with wearing that giant ass cardigan if she had something fitted on underneath. and because you're reading this, no jill, i don't mean booty shorts and a crop top feat. muffin top. fitted imples that it fits.
oh no hahah why is this so accurate rip in peace sid.

No. 37550

cannot unsee from the last few threads that this dress doesn't even zip up to the fullest so she wears it halfway zipped. and she still was idiotic enough to bring in an item of clothing she knows doesn't fit properly. jfc

No. 37553

That's what the huge ass cardigan is for. To cover up the fact that she refuses to acknowledge she can't fit the dress anymore and to save her the embarrassment of exposing her fat ass to the people forced to film this chick

No. 37559

I pray this is the trip in which those damn shoes break

No. 37560

Jill doesnt even have close to the entry requirements for bunka (from a quick skim it seems you need 12 years higher education.I feel like Mikan has a degree, a high level of Japanese, and a guarantor already in japan. None of which Jill seems to have

No. 37562

They're already broken. She just needs to throw them out.

No. 37566

Maggie is so cute now woah I wonder if she's good with jill? Or jill might be triggered that she lost weight and is so cute now

No. 37568

Do you guys think she will do the newsletter for February?

No. 37569

Maybe in time for April.

No. 37570

Same way she clings to her berets to hide the fact that her extensions don't blend.

No. 37575

why has no one mentioned that PURSE? Is that supposed to be a heart?? It looks more like a lopsided triangle.

No. 37581

>every outfit
So where’s your special handmade birthday dress?

No. 37583

File: 1551057937514.jpeg (892.76 KB, 828x1487, 88DEECA1-9E05-4902-A182-0390F4…)

No. 37584

Predictions for contents of her newsletter:
>I went to Japan for Kawaii International and was interviewed!
>I went shopping in the exact same stores as my last trip! I spoke so much Japanese and so many people recognized me on the street!
>It was so much fun! (no specifics)
>My favorite place to visit was the Precure store and 7/11 and Starbucks. (insert picture of sakura flavored latte and shelf of precure shit here)
>No mention about how she missed school or her education at all

No. 37593

Stay hydrated? Its feburary jill,,,, or is this a water will fix your depression kind of reminder?

No. 37596

so wait…. did she redye her bangs or?? in her twitter pic they looked faded to all hell. also >>37593 yes because in jill's mind, all you need to cure depression is water, sugar, and plastic.

No. 37600

Wait, so your telling me she didn't pre record for February neither did she wright a newsletter for February? Can someone who is a patreon confirm. Because if she did none of those things that's a huge spit in the face for people who pay to see content

No. 37604

She also claimed she was "cranking out videos" after that attention seeking cryptic hospital stay. She probably believes her own lies about working hard and being super busy at this point.

No. 37629

Yea too bad she’s so anti-black-clothes in her outfits. She would really profit from black skinny jeans or pencil skirt

No. 37676

File: 1551117988897.jpg (145.28 KB, 1080x488, 20190225_140511.jpg)

No. 37678

Kek this is too accurate
I wanna fucking punch her and her stupid flex and her humble brag uwu

No. 37679

Jill better soak it up, we all know this bitch peaked early and her slide into diabetes and hoarderism is only beginning

No. 37700

of course Jill, she recognized you, you went to Spank! last time you where in Japan, plus if you look at Spank! insta there are more pics of other costumer so I’m pretty sure she remember more customers too. So no Jill I don’t think she is a fan of yours

No. 37709

Ok is this a staff member or??
I don’t believe half of the shit she tells. It might’ve happened in Jills head but in reality it was just miscommunication lmao

No. 37721

Jill buys every pink, expensive garbage under the sun and is too lazy to put pins on a backing, Tavuchi remakes clothing to be kawaii, supports vintage and runs a successful shop that influenced Japanese street fashion. How can you be influenced by her when you're the complete opposite, Jill?

No. 37739

File: 1551139744820.jpg (7.41 MB, 5005x4059, pixlr_20190226000546929.jpg)

No. 37740

is she seriously wearing that awful cheap-ass dress?

No. 37745

Is she wearing two precure bags at once?

No. 37746

I think one is a passcase.

No. 37763

The closest thing Jill could get to Jfash is wearing a cheap sailor moon dress and two bags from a fucking childrens anime. She really is a walking Walmart Kei hag

No. 37769

God she looks so huge. The pic on the balcony wasn't so bad, the cardigan helped hide most of her girth but holy toledo that dress does nothing but make her look bigger.

No. 37770

It's the owner of Spank!

No. 37794

The Liz Lisa on Takeshita closed a month ago. Stop lying

No. 37801

File: 1551175165494.jpeg (285.7 KB, 750x1078, 30157AC3-4D3C-41C8-A5EE-BC3F41…)

Oh no…

No. 37804

File: 1551179325518.jpeg (196 KB, 640x685, 7D58785E-AFC4-466B-A80C-5FCFDB…)

Despite the popular belief that Steve is only lives in the filthy hoard because Jill is his Sugar momma, this gives me the impression they’re both lazy hoarders who can’t be assed to clean the house

No. 37806

This makes me believe it. Just do the goddamn dishes dude, who the fuck raised these lazy ass filth mongrels

No. 37820

wtf, do they not have real dishes? jill's so concerned for the planet, but keeps styrofoam, one of the worst things in her house

No. 37822

Not surprised Jill buys styrofoam shit, I mean it's cute and squishy uwu, more likely it will get stuck in her cats throats (big bonus apparently as she has tinsil and other toxic shit all over), AND she gets to ingest her favorite material plastic easily herself!
Doubt she owns actual non plastic plates or bowls because she couldnt find pastel ones

No. 37825

>>37820 she has dishes, I'm sure she's just too lazy to wash them so they're either for display only or sitting in the sink dirty for long periods while they use disposable instead.

No. 37830

I'm foaming at the mouth, just IMAGINE

No. 37832

Lmao you need actual working experience as fashion designer (probs a few years at least) for the role as with all FD roles, idk why it was even posted here.

No. 37834

There’s more than one Liz Lisa in Harajuku.

No. 37859

File: 1551207268182.jpeg (427.29 KB, 750x867, 2D02B8BC-0A45-4B64-A88A-DBC5BE…)

I have nothing bad to say about the art, it’s pretty cute, but this is like the 4th “Jillian as precure” post someone has made. Why doesn’t Jillian cosplay one of these? I think it would be cute and a nice way to show she cares about her fans. It’s not like her usual cosplays are good enough to matter anyways to begin with, and she has enough money and time that doing an off-cosplay like this shouldn’t distract from her regular once-a-year cosplaying.

No. 37863

File: 1551210386736.jpg (960.46 KB, 1080x1859, 20190226_154515.jpg)

No. 37864

File: 1551210418845.jpg (922.48 KB, 1080x1502, 20190226_154536.jpg)

No. 37865

Jilly looks like a box of broken crayons. I hate to nitpick, but her eyebrows are drawn on so badly, they don't go with her smile at all.

No. 37866

>inspired to become a designer by a woman using a gluegun

Sounds about right.

No. 37877

>making jewelry with a glue gun and calling yourself a fashion designer
absolutely discusteng

No. 37879

Probably just glueing on backings or something. Still, can't help but find it funny that she acts like she cares about Tavuchi's work when she last time bought a few pieces that she never ended up wearing. "Too fairy kei not rainby enough" I imagine.

Also can't help but find it funny that Tavuchi is twice her age yet it looks vise versa kek

No. 37881

People like Jill age like fucking vegetables, Tavuchi looks so fresh faced compared to the haggard monster Jill is. And if she's such an inspiration, then take fashion cues from her and learn to not wear such disgustingly flamboyant shit. Tavuchi is all pastel but still toned down, whereas Jill is nothing but attention seeking vomit

No. 37885

rofl ok, glad i'm not the only one massively bothered by that. At least she has a brand and store, but girl. glue gun making jewelry? Jill scraps that barrel

No. 37895

>I can't wait to go into faahion design
Uh… Does she not realize that she doesn't need to wait for her dinky college to start their fashion program for her to do fashion design? That she can perfectly draw clothes on her own time and make them using one of her machines that's collecting dust right now?
She's so lazy, I don't get how she's not ashamed to keep on pretending she has any drive.

No. 37917

What's sad is that Jill could actually do something in terms of fashion design on her own accord. But she keeps hanging on to this delusion that she is an accomplished and talented designer, when she has never sewn anything beyond a mediocre costumes and some cheap home-ec tier crapcake dress. I actually hope she does something. Her prom dress was hideous but it was interesting and something that she designed. As a fashion designer I would imagine you would want to improve your skill set and really practice your art form.

No. 37919

File: 1551240895814.jpg (672.68 KB, 1080x1642, 20190227_001417.jpg)

No. 37921

I love how she makes her birthday wish for Steve all about herself instead. So his only good qualities are that he tolerates her and gives her asspats? Cant think of a single other thing you like about him? I'm waiting for the day Jill makes a post that isnt narcissistic as fuck, I don't think its possible.

Louise is gonna cry when she reads the '#1 cheerleader' bit.

No. 37924

She must be' serious' with this dude if she's saying she loves him already

No. 37929

anon…they live together…

No. 37948

It’s always felt off to me when people gush about their partners but only mention the stuff their partners do for them and not like, who they are as a person
But Jill being self-centered is nothing new

No. 37953

File: 1551270858544.jpg (83.95 KB, 601x147, jilltweet.jpg)

No. 37954

You are allowed to be wrong, Jill. You're allowed to make mistakes and have flaws. But you don't own up to your mistakes, you don't take responsibility for the shitty things you've done and worst of all, you don't learn from your mistakes. You just gloss over shit or make excuses, and when you put yourself out there as a youtuber people will notice these things and will call you out on them.

Ngl I'm sad for her. I want to hope that she grows out of this and actually learns from her mistakes instead of running away from them and pretending everything is ok, but she doesn't seem to be headed that way and it's sad to see.

No. 37959

File: 1551274709369.jpg (175.76 KB, 1080x585, 20190227_093838.jpg)

No. 37961

Bitch doesn't even attempt change. It's always a boohoo pity party for her baby adult ass. So long as people enable her and coddle her, she ain't growing, reality needs to slap the fuck out of her face for her to really come to her sense, but there's no one in her life that will

No. 37966

I wonder the irl situation required google translate as well.

No. 37969

I dont get why he isnt just calle Niko, since that's how they say his name?? Like they dont pronounce it "neko" and its a dumb as fuck name

if youre thinking of that sprinkle dress, she didnt design or make that

No. 37977

Dude that’s nothing to be proud of

No. 37984

But his name isn't pronounced the same. This isn't embarrassing. Or did your weeb ass just want to say "neh-koh" to a real Japanese person that badly?

No. 38005

Saved for nit pick
How does she know the kanji for "watashi" and "namae" but not the kanji for "neko" which is literally the easiest kanji to learn. Im-

No. 38014

This is the most Jill thing ever kek, of course she only learns how to talk about herself

No. 38038

File: 1551307555218.jpg (553.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190227-224522_Ins…)

Maggie hanging out with Steve again possibly? It could be an old photo. But if it isnt, it's kinda sus the only time they appear to hang out is when jill isnt there.

No. 38042

It looks like she came over to their house while Jill's away.
Usually exes don't stay "best friends" so it is pretty suspect and usually they don't hang out at each other's houses alone but Jill & co never seem to go outside and do anything. Maybe Jill will finally get her karma for all the times she was a homewrecker?

No. 38046

But Maggie has a bf now, it would be pretty unfair if she was still hung up over Steve and only just started dating a new guy

No. 38053

Oh, like Jill did the entire time she dated Tristin?

No. 38057

Jill said her mom didn't want her to name him "neko" so they have to pronounce it "niko" despite how it's spelled.

No. 38060

File: 1551315082415.jpg (684.24 KB, 1080x1422, 20190227_205057.jpg)

No. 38061


She did the same in the Moonmist girls outro, talking in first person while her friends where in the frame. And in her storytime when Rainbow Valley broke up too.

No. 38062


Birthday sexxx

No. 38075

This is the most basic level, non fluent, BEGINNER Japanese I've ever seen.

No. 38080

Why is "kawaii" written in katakana?

No. 38083

I'm not sure why but there are a bunch of Japanese companies which use Japanese words and write them in katakana. Subaru is an example.

No. 38084

Her nose is really looking like a pig snout in that angle yikes(nitpicking)

No. 38085

sage for tinfoil, but i feel like maggie and jill aren't exactly on the best terms and that's why maggie only hangs out with steve when jill isn't there. i remember jill mentioned in her vid with steve that she basically tried to hit on maggie and was rejected cos she's straight. she tries to pretend they're all still uwu besties, but it seems like the most awkward situation from the outside looking in

No. 38086


thought the same when I saw the pic of them together again. I feel like Jill is probably a bit embarrassed by her feelings for Maggie not being reciprocated and the idea of having to see her regularly gives her anxiety. poor Steve can't just hang out w his friends, lol.

No. 38088

Offtopic language talk, but using katakana basically allows it to be read as the title of the show in Japanese without having to use the hiragana for it.

Honestly I think Jill should've just stayed single for a while longer before trying to hook up with anyone. Her living with Steve feels a little sketchy considering her past relationships, and I'm surprised she even thought it smart to say that she tried to get with Maggie in the first place.

No. 38089

It's pretty pathetic she "settled" for Steve because she was so desperate to be with someone again. She admits basically showing no interest in him until Maggie rejected her IN HER OWN WORDS in their video and then latched onto the first person she saw, like christ. How are either Maggie nor Steve not skeeved out by that?

No. 38091

I'm not an expert, but I believe it's a way for words to look cool like using a different font

No. 38092

it's also trendy.

No. 38093

it's trendy, but kawaii.i is super lame and weeby.

No. 38095

See, this was her problem with Alyssa. I know everyone's tired of hearing about her, but there's no way Alyssa was not intended to be a rebound after what happened with Colin. She wasn't single for very long after he broke up with her and she handled her relationship with Alyssa like trash, so her only benefit from going into this thing with Steve is that she didn't go in with a broken heart like before. But she's still so needy for attention from someone that she tried to ask out Maggie, failed, then wound up with her best friend and ex-bf. That's weird even with the context of how they met.

No. 38099

This is assuming that Jill is gay and didn't just say that to get "gay points" in a vid.

It's pretty obvious she was aiming for Steve and used this narrative about Maggie to get closer to him/make it look like she wasn't simply aiming for him.

No. 38111

>assuming Jill is gay
Again, even with full context it's still weird, if not even worse. We all know she's full of shit in the sexuality department, but to the viewers it still looks like she had something with Alyssa and then tried to have something with Maggie

No. 38120

Maggie and Jill not being on good terms makes me wonder if Jill has any friends left.

No. 38122

TBH when she was explaining the story of how they met it felt so fabricated on Jill's end. Like how do you "forget" someone who is constantly around the person you're trying to date?

No. 38127

I honestly feel like she didn't even like Maggie or try to get with her, she just said she did to get more uwu qweer points

No. 38133

anyone see her at 6% on her instagram story?

No. 38135

File: 1551356102062.png (2.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-02-28-08-14-20…)

No. 38138

>>38135 I cant believe she is wearing that fugly robe outside.

No. 38139

I don't see a handmade dress kek also come on Jill what is with her, she owns so many clothes and she just wears the same two dresses and one pair of shoes constantly

No. 38140

saged for same fag but 6% is an official retailer of irregular choice, she could have worn any of the number of shoes she owns from them

No. 38141

Tbh that mess of a cord next to her makes jill look real put together

No. 38142


I doubt it at this point. She used to gush about how much she loved her friends but barely talks or posts about them anymore. Some are for sure not friends with her anymore.

No. 38145

Who are even her friends at this point besides the moonmist girls and her mom?

No. 38146

Those shoes are the only ones she brought to Japan, isnt it? Also, that person beside her is a mess too

No. 38147

Her cats. But seriously though, she can't fit into Bonne Chance anymore why does she keep squeezing her whale ass into those poor dresses?

No. 38149

We don’t know if they’re even still friends but there was those 2 porkers at her college and basement girl..and Maggie of course but we won’t ever know the full story.

No. 38153

File: 1551364912434.jpeg (98.73 KB, 828x515, 92974586-1372-46AE-8025-628346…)

This was on the comments of some fan pages post kek

No. 38162

I get the feeling that she can’t walk in heels so that’s why she doesn’t wear them. Why piss away your money on expensive shoes, but not wear them Jill??

No. 38163

What happened to the shoes she bought in nyc?

No. 38171

>>38163 she couldn't even do one pair up because of her weight then, so there's no chance she can wear them now

No. 38174

The only shoes she has that look decent are the YRU cloud shoes and i cant remember her wearing them at all though

No. 38177

Because she buys horribly fitting uncomfortable clothing and shoes and never learns from it, has 600$ worth of shoes sitting on her kitchen shelf as "decoration"

No. 38182

as expected not a single item from a Japanese brand, j-fashion qween

No. 38183

Can’t wait for her Japan haul full of items she’ll never wear

No. 38184

I have a feeling a haul would be full of trash and accessories
Less clothes as I'm not sure many will fit her

No. 38185

I was wondering where these had gone too
Tbh I have some YRUs and they’re shit, so hers probably fell apart

No. 38188

The last time she was in Japan, she bought one of those iconic 6% doki doki necklaces, and Sebastian gave her a 6% bear pouch thing at her meet and greet (not to mention the lucky pack she bought from them), why wouldn't she think to bring those if she knew she was likely to be visiting the store and filming there?
I know she's basically a poser of j-fashion by this point, but at least try to convince people of your lies jill

No. 38189

Last time she was in Japan, she could only buy elasticated items and accessories. She can't even fit into that stuff now. She's just gonna come back with a bunch of Pretty Cure purses and Doremi transformation items.

No. 38192

Will Jill consider losing weight if she can no longer fit her pretty cure purses? I honestly wonder what her breaking point will be or if there is none

No. 38194

I hope Jill does loose weight for her own good. She's so negligent of herself and it's only getting worse for her. I pray for her.

No. 38214

Didn't she say at one point that she can't think about dieting or changing her eating habits because it triggers her ED, and also that that's why she only eats the same foods over and over?

No. 38225

File: 1551401962504.jpg (450.66 KB, 1080x1019, 20190228_205844.jpg)

No. 38226

File: 1551402020593.jpg (218.54 KB, 1080x837, 20190228_205908.jpg)

Some highlights from the comments brought to you by mama Vessey and Jill herself

No. 38227

Her bangs literally go back to her ears, wow.

No. 38229

her mom is so creepy

No. 38231

Louise get some new hobbies, cut the damn cord already

No. 38233

Don't get me wrong it's great she's so close with her mother, but as someone who's also close with their mother Louise just comes across as very overbearing and possessive

No. 38239

She either needs to admit that it's shitty eating or get help for her eating disorder. If she was actively in treatment no one would say anything because obviously there's a real problem.
I predict that as soon as she gets back from Japan she'll have a "breakdown" and drop out of school. Hopefully she'll get real help but it will probably be an excuse to do nothing and spend more of her parent's money.
Please get real help Jill.

No. 38257


This is our Jillybean in the future…(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 38258

I hope her school counselor and Steve hold her accountable for going to the outside counselor. We all know that mama Vessy would just coddle her and tell her to quit when it gets "too hard". She needs more people in her life to tell her "hey this might suck but it'll help in the long run". But we already know she has way too many people enabling her shitty behavior.

No. 38273

File: 1551452961905.jpg (205.42 KB, 1080x595, 20190301_110640.jpg)

She's so fucking spoiled it's sickening

No. 38274

File: 1551453016454.jpg (160.13 KB, 1080x638, 20190301_110658.jpg)

No. 38284

How much longer is she in Japan for? Can’t wait to see all the stuff she bought and will never look at again.

No. 38313

Mid March

No. 38325

its because this anon senses serious narcissistic parenting issues with Louise, watch it culminate a few years into Jillybean being on her own and realizing her home life/relationship with her mother wasn't healthy

No. 38339

Excuse my sperging but anons please can we not call her Jillybean, its vomit inducing kek, where did it even come from

Has there ever… EVER been a time she hasn't bragged about how much (expensive) stuff she has? Utterly classless as usual

No. 38340

It could be wishful thinking, but I think I recall her going through a v e r y brief phase where she went on about thrifting, upcycling, customizing etc.

That lasted for like, 2 videos? Then was never mentioned again.

That count?

No. 38342

Poorfags whining about Jill being spoiled. Please freaking stop it, such a stupid immature nitpick.

No. 38343

So, they give her a lot of thing for an anime she loves so much that she never finish, never cosplay, got a shitty tattoo just to brag that she is the biggest fan out there and bought some crappy thing for the mirror that she never used.

Also, Jill never uses the things people give her only if they are from her mother and those things have to be clothing. Or she just shove them some where like the genji book that she ask for, but never opened, the small pink piano that she never use and is nowhere to be seen. The gift that Sebastian give her ( the bear pouch) she never used it, the pandora heart that a fan give her on the NYC trip she also never used that. The magic wands that her fan send are just shove in the shell. And so many other things, she is so ungrateful.

No. 38344

One has to be poor to be disgusted by her constant hoarding of over-priced plastic junk that she uses/wears once and promptly forgets about?

Sorry though. You're right. We ought to be talking about her shitty bangs, and tacky as shit sparkly booties.

She whines about being a poor, struggling artist college student, and gleefully takes money from her confetti cunts, most of whom actually do seem to be poor, for nothing. Gets shit handed to her for free constantly and doesn't even bother to pretend to appreciate it half the time.

It's not a nitpick so much as a glaring character flaw.

No. 38345

This. Bragging in general is also a childish trait most people grow out of, whether it’s about skills or possessions or whatever. The girl knows nothing of being humble or having humility.

No. 38347

You know you're a mindless spender yourself when you resort to calling people jealous poors bc you get offended that Jill receives criticism for buying endless plastic/polyester junk & plastering how much she spends in exact dollars everywhere, kek. Why is there ALWAYS an anon like this every time this topic is brought up?

'Mature,' secure people don't make uncontrollable spending part of their personality anon, nor do they feel the need to post all the stuff they get on social media constantly OR prove to the world that they make x amount of money.

No. 38351

Salty anon. Kek Jill has issues that is a fact. Then again why shit on her spending habits when I am certain there are anons here who are probably equal to or worse than Jill.

No. 38354

She literally takes money from her fans and hardly gives them a thank you then just shoves them in her hoard never to be seen again and doesn’t even sound like she cares about them

No. 38356

bragging about free gifts for a show she doesnt even like pisses me off so much.

No. 38361

This is clearly a troll, but the average person is working or in school and not leaning on hundreds of people in worse circumstances in order to support themselves in exchange for the valuable content of showing off their undeserved wealth and bad spending/life choices because they are spoiled, lazy, and entitled.

No. 38402

There are people who go out of their way to be less wasteful every day, to use less plastic, be thoughtful with purchases.. it's not all about being rich or poor

It's not all about money(blogposting)

No. 38405

it's been board culture for a long time to call her Jillybean, to the point where I'm not even sure which thread it started in.

I ain't about to stop now, as long as she's a kaweewee rainby widdle fashun designer magical babby she'll be our Jillybean

No. 38407

This had me curious so I checked through Jills instagram followings and she still is mutual with all except the girl she lied about living with. I don’t recognize her name in the list.

No. 38483

sorry for the random nitpick but it really pisses me off that she always retweets things about Tokyo Mew Mew even though she says she dislikes the show. why does she do that?

No. 38488

she disliked Cardcaptor and Utena as well then lied about ever thinking that after the fact, its because she is fake and just wants to be more obscure and speshul than people who like sailor moon, I am just shocked she hasn't spent bank on mew mew items to show off since they are on the rarer side. She said herself that she hated Madoka because it was mainstream.

No. 38489

I remember she said she wanted to buy the Strawberry Bell item from Tokyo Mew Mew for some reason, why would she if she doesnt even like it?

No. 38491

because its ~pink~ and ~kaweewee~

No. 38493

Ugh this annoys the fuck out of me. I feel like all that collector merchandise is wasted on her. I mentioned in a previous thread that Jill obviously isn't into sailor moon because there are so many sailor moon collectors with way bigger more expensive collections. I hope someone comes out with a huge precure collection to make her feel insecure. It probably make her drop the show too.

No. 38502

merch items like that from mew mew are on the rare and expensive side and what does she like more than flexing

No. 38510

I don't even understand why she dislikes Tokyo Mew Mew or Sakura? both are magical girl shows with kawaii aesthetics for little girls and have very easy plots to follow, I don't know if I can compare them to precure but they're right up the same alley. it makes a little more sense for her to dislike shows like Utena or Madoka bc they're more adult-oriented/have darker themes and dont focus on being kawaii to sell merch, but if she loves Precure so fucking much it makes no sense for her to hate shows that are very similar to Precure?

yes, I know she's poser trying to be yoonique, but anyone with half a brain could call her out on this. also, it's rather obvious she hates shows like Utena for example bc there isn't a whole lot of official merch or collectibles, maybe a few figurines at best but most of the merch is fanmade, and Jill can't be a fan of something she can't buy merch of to show off what a hardcore #1 fan she is (nor would the self proclaimed Fashun Designer ever make her own stuff for a show she likes). Utena could be another cookie cutter magical girl show like precure but if it had 0 merch she'd say she doesn't like it.

No. 38516

Sorry if this is asking for spoonfeeding but can somebody point to where Jill says she dislikes CCS? I've been following since the first thread and I don't remember her ever insinuating she doesn't like the show. Although it's true that any time she has shown interest in it it's been for superficial reasons (buying the wands, makeup, the clow cards set, even the tattoo)

No. 38520

I don't get why people are complaining that Jill is a fake fan of shows for elementary school girls. Given that we're supposed to be adults here, I'm not sure how any of us can be "real" fans of anime for kids. I've never finished watching CCS but I have some merch and I wouldn't mind getting free merch. Does that mean I can never own CCS merch then? I do think it's ridiculous she got a CCS tattoo though. But anime tattoos tend to be cringe in general.

No. 38521

I´m sure it´s the anon overreacting. I also follow this thread since the early days and don´t recall anything. I do remember her saying she can´t get warm with Tokio Mew Mew and Madoka was too dark for her.
It pisses me off that some ppl try to spread shit that isn´t true

No. 38525

Well, since she did say that she never finished the series, and had to force herself to watch what she did… it's not 'spreading shit that isn't true'.

Want proof? Look for it yourself.

Also - kek at how fucking dramatic. As if it's horribly damaging to her life, reputation and psyche to say she doesn't actually like a show she tries to claim Uber Fan status for.

No. 38527

her argument against CCS was that she couldn't finish it because it had "too much filler" and she doesn't watch filler and got bored, utena she found confusing but amended her opinion when she became lesbian for that short while there
I think its just annoying because everything in her life is fake, she invents interests she thinks she can brag about, it's like the fashion design thing, she screams about wanting to "make art until she dies" and how she is a designer then never produces a garment

No. 38528

Oh, she produces garments. She's usually just too embarrassed to wear them.

No. 38529

speaking of, what is everyone's tin foil about the fate of the birthday outfit? Will we ever see it again?

No. 38543

Yeah the only reason why she loves Ojamajo Doremi so much is probably because shes the only one that really knew about it and has all the merch for it kek

No. 38544

Not all the merch anon. That Liz Lisa collaboration with Ojamajo Doremi, Jill didn't buy any of pieces cause she 'didnt like the designs' even though we all knew it was code for she's too fat for jfash.

No. 38545

>"too much filler"
What? Precure is literally filler for japanese elementary schoolers. So I wonder if she's actually enjoying it, or just forcing herself to watch it?

No. 38546

funny thing is i don't think anyone would mind if she just said "hey i don't really like this as much", like just admitting hey maybe i don't really like this show, or i like it but i'm not like a superfan. we wouldn't hold it against jillian to like non-kawaii shit and still having a "kawaii" aesthetic, a lot of people have a certain aesthetic they present themselves with but have plenty of interests outside of it.

what we hold against her is that she claims to be the #1 fan of things she clearly doesn't like or isn't genuine about. you don't need to be the biggest fan of sth to get merch of it, she could just say "hey i like these wands bc i like how they look even if i don't really like the shows that much". jill is dislikeable bc she isn't genuine about anything, she can't just be a casual, she can't just openly like something that's outside of her aesthetic (why not get a Muse tattoo? you're a bigger fan of the band than of CCS anyways) or even openly admit that she might dislike a cutesy anime for children bc anime for children is dreadfully boring when you're an adult. we don't give a shit if Jill isn't a superfan of Doremi or CCS, we give a shit that she's a poser about it at the age of 21.

No. 38550

She tries to be so ~quirky~ uwu because shes 21 and likes a childrens anime bc that makes her so much more like a wittle baby who doesnt know anything pls be nice to me!!

No. 38553

I'm sure she never finished it. Last we saw it looked like she was working on the sleeves, but I don't know if she ever posted anythi,g else following it or if she started any bigger part of it.

No. 38558

>jill isnt into sailor moon because her collection isnt big enough

Is…are you trying to say that she isnt a fan of a thing bc she doesnt have enough merch of the thing? Or are you trying to communicate that she has to be the biggest fan of a thing in order to talk about the thing? Either way wtf.

Unrelated example: she's blatantly been a big Muse fan since she was a kid but never talks about them because her fanbase doesnt care. Does that mean she isnt a Muse fan because she doesnt have enough Muse merch tacked to the wall? This thread is always autistic but im genuinely confused now.

No. 38559

She has to be the biggest fan. She stocks up on merch and clothes from companies, characters and aesthetics that she likes. You can see this happening in all of her phases, especially the rainbows, peeps and precure/doremi phases. You could see it in her punk, Lolita and j-fashion phases too. It doesn’t even matter, useless talk about tiny stuff like this when Jill isn’t posting a lot or busy clogs up the thread. Who cares?

No. 38560

Okay, I understand now. Sorry for clogging but I never come to this thread because, uh…this girl never actually does anything.

No. 38572

If you don't read the thread…how do you know that she never does anything?

I do wonder what some of the Japanese people she works with for this actually think about her. I don't know how I'd respond to some foreign person talking to me in baby talk and random anime phrases in outfits that have nothing to do with any Japanese brands (for the most part) and is representing something they clearly know nothing about beyond "it's kuhwahe"
I think the closest I get is non black people talking to me in a "hip-hop " voice…it's just awkward.

No. 38613

No, What I meant was Jill sees having lots of merchandise from a franchise as being a big fan. You don't need to have any merchandise to be a fan of anything. It's just how Jill measures her "level of fan" She can't complete with sailor moon fans because it's much more popular and already has a pretty big collecting community. Whereas most precure/doremi fans with collections are just japanese.

Muse isn't cute bullshit so obviously she's not going to show it off in her "kawewe" house.

No. 38616

I'm kind of surprised shes never talked about Star vs the Forces of Evil, since thats technically a magical girl show.

No. 38635

It’s not an anime and too many people like it/know about it for Jillybean to watch it ….

No. 38644

Yep, she's never talked about miraculous ladybug or lolirock either and those are kinda magical girl shows(and french shows). I imagine they're too western or too popular for her.

No. 38710

I watch her vids & whenever I have looked at the thread I would end up correcting a ton of info you guys have all wrong. annoying for the both of us tbh.

so as a courtesy i stopped. Because whiteknights reee get out. I'm leaving now

No. 38716

Seems more likely that you just have bad reading comprehension based on your only comments in here so far.

No. 38735

File: 1551761567460.jpeg (352.46 KB, 1229x1395, 0922ADE9-07B1-4240-A2B4-92F2C0…)

More jfashion she’ll never actually wear. Also, there is no way Jillybean will fit into properly. Galaxxxy runs really small.

No. 38741

I'm surprised she hasn't hopped on the She-ra train because it's ~so queer~

No. 38742

File: 1551764194946.jpg (106.79 KB, 1080x958, FB_IMG_1551764180674.jpg)

There's another photo galaxxxy posted on Facebook as well

No. 38744

She has lol, she said she “totes has a big gay crush on Scorpia uwu”

No. 38748

I cant remember where, maybe in an old stream. She mentioned it not being her thing. I guess people kept recommending it to her. And she said something like it's too slapstick for her…?

No. 38749

jillian vessey
please release your hair down from
that fucking scrunchie

No. 38756

I wonder if her hair will start receeding, its not good for your hair to be tied up all the time, it doesn't look super tight but it's not great

No. 38765

The thing is she doesn't wash her hair and let's it get greasy which is why she keeps it up all the time

No. 38778

File: 1551800985742.jpg (279.78 KB, 1080x951, 20190305_114840.jpg)

No. 38779

Imagine being on a free trip to Japan for your birthday and calling it worse than every other birthday you've ever had.

No. 38780

File: 1551801115943.jpg (522.64 KB, 1080x1440, 20190305_114859.jpg)

Its the worst cause she couldn't spend money for a like half a day

No. 38781

your card not working in a foreign country is certainly stressful but it's not the end of the world jill, come the fuck on.

No. 38782

File: 1551801263640.jpg (219.64 KB, 1080x670, 20190305_114915.jpg)

No. 38783

Jesus Christ Jill

No. 38786

Aggressive, rude attempts at pick-ups as well as stalking are fairly common there actually. J-vloggers mention it often, like Cathy Cat vlogging a man stalking her all day, and I think it was maybe Venus who talked about having to act crazy and bark like a dog to get aggressive men to back off. Mikan, another weeb who lives in Japan, had a story about being harassed and stalked too, with the guy watching her go home and knocking on her window when she went inside. It's not a good habit to make any kinds of sweeping utopian generalizations about a country based on a couple weeks tourist experience.

No. 38787

The bitch fucking needs to wake up. As if dating in Canada is a life threatening thing

No. 38793

Omg i saw her in shibuya
She was the only one who looked „special“

No. 38794


>Venus who talked about having to act crazy and bark like a dog to get aggressive men to back off.

I feel so bad about laughing about this but damn I need to remember this when I'm in a similar situation again wew

But on a serious note, 100% this. Sharla also once talked about how one dude sat right next to her at the empty train, so he could act like he was asleep just let is head fall on her or down her breast area. Even when she pushed him away he didn't stopped. And let's do not forget how the japanese police does absolutely NOTHING when you get harassed as (foreign) woman.

No. 38797

Okay, so this situation does kind of suck, and in a foreign country is going to be stressful.
But you find out whats going on and sort it out. Move on. But instead Jill just complains instead of spending time resolving it then going out. Also, couldn't she just go out, I've never been to Japan but it does look gorgeous. Go for a walk Jill and take in your surroundings whilst things with your bank get sorted instead of moping in your hotel room feeling sorry for yourself instead of going out and appreciating that this trip was free.

No. 38798

Is the appointment she had to cancel for the new tattoo?

No. 38799

Jill isn't skinny like Venus or Mikan so we know this story is fake af.

No. 38802

You don't have to be skinny. Western/white women are seen as easy, so lots of Asian men hit on them with the hopes for a quick lay. It's probably easy enough to look at Jill and see that she loves kaweewee Japanese culture and they probably hope she's frothing at the mouth for some j-dick.

No. 38805

She is actually having a Dudley breakdown because she couldn't get more presents

People like Jill who romanticize Japan are ultimate retards, in the case you ever DO get assaulted in Japan for being an obvious attention seeking foreigner, nobody including the police is going to give a shit because they dont want to deal with it. In every other country people get involved most of the time they see someone in trouble. Why is she so stupid constantly, it's like everything she posts has no thought put into it.

No. 38811

Oh lord this bitch. On a free trip, given free gifts….what a shitty fucking birthday.

No. 38813

I was literally about to say this. Japanese men get laid more with foreigners than they are with local woman.

No. 38815

this is so not true…. japan is awful for getting harassed, especially as a foreign woman
i bet they just asked if she was lost or something lmao

No. 38824

or workers trying to invite her in to venues lol

No. 38835

How fucking stupid is she? When I went to Japan I only went with a Canadian
debit card and I could take out money at 7/11.

No. 38839

im not canadian, so i dont know if this applies, but sometimes even if you go out of state without notifying your bank it'll lock the account whenever you try to make a purchase as safety

so you know if she went out of country and bought something weird or didnt notify the bank while withdrawing money in japan im sure her account got locked, which is stressful but i feel like she caused this problem herself

(repost, forgot to sage)

No. 38840

I'm guessing that she already took out too much money and hit the withdrawal limit.

No. 38841

Correct me if my logic is wrong, but if you are going to a majority cash only country like Japan wouldn't it have made more sense to make sure to withdraw/exchange a decent amount before going? Or did she already spend an excessive amount?

Surely she would be able to use her train card to go travel to a temple for the day or another cost-effective activity?

No. 38842

>>38841 i'm p sure she has mentioned Japan being a cash country in her videos before as well.

No. 38844

Doesnt this spoiled brat have cash on her? Japan is a cash based society if she thought could just rely on her card the whole time on this trip she thought wrong,,,

No. 38856

File: 1551835277057.jpg (175.06 KB, 1080x588, 20190305_211918.jpg)

No. 38857

Holy shit that kyun kyun thing is disgusting wth jill

No. 38858

She likely brought money, but maybe she didn’t bring enough. Or maybe she only withdrew enough that she wouldn’t have to claim it at the border, wanting to avoid being investigated/taxed. In which case I’d be concerned because that would be a LOT of money to blow so fast.

No. 38862

but they only get suspicious if it's some stupid outrageous amount like 10k.

Also, 7-11 atms take debit cards… it even says so on their website

No. 38871

Maybe she realised what a bad idea the tattoo was and made up this story to cover it up.

No. 38874

not to tinfoil but god i hope so? as much as i really, really don't like jillian i hate knowing she's permenantly ruining her body with this garbage

No. 38876

This used to be an issue but in the last few years my Canadian bank didn’t need a heads up on my travels. Plus they have 24/7 support lines to call. Also if they block a charge because it’s suspicious you can just call them and confirm it’s you and they will let you try it again. Had that happen with buying tickets before. Either way it is maybe a stressful 5 min to sort out.

No. 38879

but poor lil jillybean can't make a phone call because of her anxieties

No. 38891


Japan has a huge issue with stalking and sexual assault. I actually got mad reading this post.

No. 38894

Regardless of what the reason is for her being unable to withdraw cash, it all points back at her for being unprepared so the person that made her to have a “bad bday” is herself kek

No. 38913

I feel bad for the tattoo artist if it is in fact about the tattoo she was going to be getting. There goes their income and time because Jillian was too unorganised to withdraw cash before the day of the booking.

When I was in Japan last year I used my Australian debit card at heaps of 7/11's, she must've gone over the withdrawal limit or something??

No. 38915

Speaking from experience for sake of speculation, but if Jill uses Scotiabank and didn't notify them of her travel they would 100% lock the credit card since that's how they do it. But if that's the case I don't get why it never came up on her other trips.

No. 38930

Clearly didn’t call her bank beforehand to let them know she was going abroad. Borfday is wuined T_T( T_T)

No. 38933

didn't she say that the tattoo would be the end of the trip for ease of healing?

No. 38934

Because mommy took her to the bank to get her yen on her other trip, so the bank would have been aware of it.

No. 38939

File: 1551887457983.jpg (910.94 KB, 1080x1873, 20190306_114723.jpg)

Low key flood coming. Can't wait to watch the vlog about this cringe fest.

No. 38940

File: 1551887511060.jpg (950.61 KB, 1080x1869, 20190306_114739.jpg)

No. 38941

File: 1551887587022.jpg (967.74 KB, 1080x1612, 20190306_114756.jpg)

The full pic. I feel like this is the best she's looked in a long time. Those bangs do her no favours. Also looks like she's lost some weight? Or she shooed herself which is not unheard of.

No. 38942

File: 1551887659985.jpg (537.15 KB, 1080x1048, 20190306_114810.jpg)

Her legs are still super fat though so maybe she just got a good angle?

No. 38943

Is this genuine precure artwork? It's awful.

No. 38945

She does look better! Probably because she doesn’t look like herself in here. I wonder why she’s not into meitu or Facetune??

No. 38946

Lmao expectation vs reality

No. 38947

She looks good! I think it's because she's wearing pastels rather than horrendous mismatched bright rainby vomit and has hidden her bangs. She always looks better without bangs in her face and her current bangs have been particularly horrendous.

No. 38948


Sorry for double post but I just realised she changed dresses between these two pictures for some reason?

No. 38949

mrm nice prune lips jill(nitpicking)

No. 38950

she looks good, but she doesn't look anything like herself, she looks like a completely different person

No. 38951

Honestly? With the half-assed ducklips, the braids, and all the clashing pinks, she looks a little like Shaytard here.

No. 38963

How much did she pay for this… I expected something overly cute but this is pretty poor? Just some precure posters and a blanket, even the carpet is a basic ugly hotel one and the room looks kinda old

No. 38967

Anyone know where her cardigan is from?(sage your non-contribution)

No. 38968

I agree she’s looked pretty good most of this Japan trip. The face she’s making in this photo isn’t helping any though. Hope she keeps up whatever she’s doing though. She actually looks cute for once. >>38942 is a cute pic too. God I hope this really is “Jill 2.0” or whatever and she turns around and fixes herself. Doubt it but praying.

No. 38972

The resort itself seems like a wilderness/rural area resort, this room is for kids

No. 38974

Her face looks cakey as hell but still a bit improved from the rainby bangs. I just hate how she always makes her eyebrows a gross color.
It's probably from sugar thrillz or dollskill. Looks like one of those designs

No. 38981

Her face is pretty heavily shopped

No. 38982

She looks less bloated to me. I agree she looks good. If it isn't photoshop maybe traveling did her some good.(non-contribution)

No. 38985

Agree I was wondering why no one was noticing this. Her face isn’t pudgy like normal and her eyes are really big. She has eye enhancing makeup on but her eyes aren’t that big.(non-contribution)

No. 38986

I think part of it is her finally wearing eyeliner plus falsies. She said she stopped wearing eyeliner because of how bad she thought it looked during her last Japan trip, but the eyeliner looks sooooo much better than just a smear of eyeshadow.(non-contribution)

No. 38987

I’m also happy to see the eyeliner back! It’s a big game changer in her case and the lashes look cute as well(non-contribution)

No. 38992

I think pastels accentuate her weight less than the obnoxious vomit neons she's usually in?
this definitely looks like a picture taken with snow or one of those other oblivion slider apps

No. 39012

Even before expanding the image I thought she looked like Shay here, lmfao(non contribution)

No. 39028

She always looks a million times better with eyeliner + falsies.(no1curr, non-contribution)

No. 39043

is the kyun thing supposed to referencing the star twinkle ending theme because…it's supposed to be "pyun", jill. What a super fan. I almost wish she sang along just so she could embarrass herself.

I get that the bar is already set low since it's Jill, but this doesn't look any better than she normally does. Less gremlin and more Shay =/= an improvement. Those brows and that ducklip exrpession she's doing ain't cute. I also feel like bold lip colors age her more but maybe that's just me.

No. 39048

No, kyun is kind of an onimonipia for sqealing. She may be a fake fan of CCS, but she does seem to enjoy precure, although she only started watching as an excuse to buy kaweewee merch

No. 39057

Yeah it's from mune ga kyunkyun suru/munekyun, which means something along the lines of my heart skipped a beat or I have butterflies in my stomach. It's mega cringy but at least she's using it correct-ish.

No. 39111

RE: Japanese male harassment
Is it illegal to carry a taser there or something?

No. 39117

they're legal but the whole "carrying weapons for self-defense" mindset is non-existent in japan. this has nothing to do with jill anyway

jill is one of those cows i feel ambivalent about, but her complaining about how terrible her birthday during a free trip is the last fucking straw lmao

No. 39122

If you retaliate against someone (if you’re a foreigner) you’re just as guilty in the eyes of the law

No. 39125

lol her socialblade(if you have milk, post it. do not vagepost)

No. 39127

Provide screencaps or say something more useful than "lol socialblade" if you're going to make a retarded unsaged post.

No. 39140

File: 1552018774190.jpg (655.89 KB, 1080x1722, 20190307_231938.jpg)

No. 39141

File: 1552018875129.jpg (623.94 KB, 1080x1835, 20190307_232131.jpg)

No. 39143

the teeth whitening was a good move. as derpy as her face looks in this (like oh god i don't want to be here someone save me kek), she looks so much better when she smiles normally. related kinda tinfoil, but the new face she's been pulling and the editing like in >>39140 kind of gives me maggie vibes? idk maybe just me(non-contribution)

No. 39145

I'm confused as to how Jillian changed her face. This looks wrong as fuck. Did this yaaaaaneee girl shoop Jill?

No. 39146

It looks like she did a photo filter for both her and Jill's face. Their eyes give it away.

No. 39147

File: 1552021602165.png (724.93 KB, 815x471, what.png)

The first one is obviously shooped to hell and back what what about the second? For one she doesn't look fat but overall looks different and like a different person, pic related from her patreon video(nitpicking)

No. 39149

first ever pixie wk: shes pushed her face in a diff angle and shes posing more, jutting her chin out. shes wearing falsies and eyeliner with change her face for some reason and make her look more attractive. shes wearing more makeup and you can tell her nose and face look the same its just that shes at a different angle and forcing a single chin. she may even be sucking in air so her neck doesnt look fat(nitpicking)

No. 39150

File: 1552022775460.jpeg (71.16 KB, 280x250, FC47E445-D187-4F30-B01B-E55518…)

Patron pic is a bad pic, you know she has a double chin when she laughs, and lighting makes her look like she has no neck.
She’s visibly chubby faced in her vids and photos but her double chin isn’t that pronounced. Weird how she’s posing more. We’re going to see her in videos.(nitpicking)

No. 39152

its just angles and actually wearing makeup/not throwing hair into a bun. pixie looks infinitely better with eyeliner and I've been saying this for centuries(non-contribution)

No. 39154

File: 1552026689459.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, yuckdog.gif)

That Jill shoop is some uncanny valley shit.(non-contribution)

No. 39185

I agree, it's creeping me out big time.(non-contribution)

No. 39188

Jill went to Japan and got magical huge kawaii eyes out of nowhere!(non-contribution)

No. 39191

i think the girls in the pics are using some kind of beauty cams.

No. 39200

Probably gonna get blocked for this but…what is up with this fucking admin. They are flagging everything. And its vagueposting not "vage posting" if your gonna be an admin how about not being a fucking retard

No. 39203

yeah, what the fuck honestly

No. 39206

>And its vagueposting not "vage posting" if your gonna be an admin how about not being a fucking retard
Oh the irony.
This whole thread is cancer, its been endless nitpicking and blogposting for ages now. Good riddance.

No. 39207

The preview for Jill's Kawaii International episode is up:

No. 39209

Oof that voice over is annoying.

No. 39211

I agree, but if you want to see any change you should probably post in /meta/.

I know there’s no footage from the episode here, but I’m almost certain she abandoned the birthday dress idea again this year. I hope we’ll at least get a terrible video about it like last year. I’ll be genuinely disappointed if we don’t get to see her kawaii fashion designer dress.

No. 39212

But why ban for non-contribution when all those posts are saged? It's not like they aren't talking about Jill…

No. 39213

Saging has never been an excuse to break the rules. Besides,
>7. The following contribute nothing, even globally.
7.1 Nitpicking
7.2 Repetitive comments

Since last thread there has been zero milk and only sperging about how she spends money/how she's fat etc.

No. 39214

Dishing out bans for comments that have been deemed completely fine in the past is no way to moderate.

No. 39225

When’s the last time she wore something she made that wasn’t a cosplay, i.e. a costume of someone else’s design? For a wannabe fashion designer she doesn’t seem to ever actually design anything at all.

No. 39247

rules have been updated and stricter moderation is happening in a lot of threads, moderation has been too lax prior to this. Take it to /meta if you want to discuss it.

No. 39251

OT but does anyone know where that cardigan is from?

No. 39282

>Mod redtexting everything in the thread(take it to /meta/)

No. 39305

It's so painful. I've seen two episodes of the show in the past because I wear jfashion and found the topics interesting, but the constant voice over during any sort of transition make the show seem childish and distracts from the interviews that we came to watch.

No. 39312

Omg is that Stacy? She used to run the Lolita comm that Jill was part of back in the day. She was only going to jp for a year originally but I guess she stayed long term and it looks like she’s lost hundreds of pounds, good for her!!

God knows the rest of that comm needs the inspiration.

I have to admit it’s sweet of Jill to make time for a non-famous acquaintance she knew from years ago. Or maybe I just have low expectations since Jill is always sucking up to people more popular.

No. 39314

She went for a year, came back, and then moved back to Japan somewhat recently.

No. 39367

I agree with other anons, this cardigan is cute as hell, I really want to know where its from lol

No. 39375

sugarthrillz. i googled "pastel rainbow eyelash cardigan" and found it in 20 seconds. now stop clogging the thread with your self-replies. sage for mini mod bc this mod can suck my chode

No. 39444

File: 1552256527133.png (507.72 KB, 1517x1223, Screenshot 2019-03-10 at 22.17…)

I'm not sure if this has been posted, but this instagram account reposts EVERYTHING pixie posts, down to tweets
its fucking creepy

link? nothing is showing up for me

No. 39446

File: 1552257994724.jpg (331.46 KB, 1405x2000, LXJNrTkydUBNWQ0r6g4jGVERgQ8MAL…)

Mate, think you're gonna have to find it on your own. This is the only sugarthrillz rainbow cardigan I could find, and all other searches are Lazy Oaf or WC striped ones

No. 39452

Yeah, this is the girl who organized the birthday videos, right?

No. 39490

I have that cardigan. It’s scratchy and absolutely miserable to wear. I know blogging is not allowed but I don’t want the anons who like it don’t waste their money like I did.

No. 39511

File: 1552317045395.png (1018.43 KB, 1080x1707, 20190311_151007.png)

No. 39513

Yep, prime stalker
She's also the one who reposts all the livestreams on youtube for us to gather proof of shit pixie has said from, she's our hero lmao

No. 39521

She’s doing the lords work man

No. 39535

is the missed work her college work or her supposed fulltime youtube career because either way it was a free holiday and she is asking her fans to wait because she is sick and tired uwu because she didn't pre-prepare anything because she is lazy as per

No. 39579

anyone noticed kenna’s comment on pixie’s new instagram post? do you think they hung out, she is living in japan

No. 39590

>>39579 this is an image board. post caps.

No. 39617

File: 1552359175450.png (599.08 KB, 884x487, kennainsta.PNG)

NTA but here you go

No. 39641

saw this and still not sure if they've met in person or not? i feel like as problematic as kenna is, jill would be the type to ignore it bc muh aesthetic. also kek i wouldn't be surprised if jill just edited that wall pink

No. 39768

File: 1552443597264.jpeg (300.74 KB, 750x1334, D4E918DC-31C1-450F-9A2A-8E2D30…)

No. 39788

Poor woman has ZERO IDENTITY.

No. 39831


Those are mostly Pixie as a high schooler, right? Thats when people explore different identities. As someone as flamboyant as her, of course it's going to be a bit crazy. Not milk

No. 39836

agreed. i hate how fake Pixie is but if we're gonna resort to dragging a high schooler for doing high schooler shit that literally everyone goes through that's lame even for us.

No. 39848

File: 1552503589984.jpg (74.88 KB, 720x446, IMG_20190313_125836.jpg)

No Jill, you can't have someone help you with day to day stuff because you don't even know how to do it when your not sick.

No. 39851

She could postmate medicine and groceries.

No. 39853

like um.. couldnt her boyfriend take care of her while shes sick? At the very least buy groceries and run to the pharmacy

No. 39854

maybe Stephen has school or a job, he's out of town, or maybe he's out balls deep into Maggie

No. 39857

it's cute that she thinks she is capable when she doesn't have the flu, Jill you don't do shit even when you can, just nap, whine and watch anime. I have been thinking for a while that it's stupid she has two instagram accounts because she can't post on either with any frequency, even when she is doing something interesting like this trip she barely posts, nothing on her spam insta for this trip and two pictures on her main one of which was a selfie, how hard is it.

No. 39858

Canada doesn't have postmates and even so with a small ass city like the one Jill lives in even Ubereats probably wouldn't have the grocery option or a pharmacy option. I live in Toronto and it's not even an option.

No. 39859

I'm amazed what a few years can do. In like half of these she actually looks cute and likeable. And I really do like her in natural hair colors, she looks way better

No. 39861

Ofc it’s not milk, that’s why it’s saged. I just wanted to post some rare pics bc thread is dead.

No. 39864

A lot of people in the comments are saying “isn’t that what Steve is for” which I get the sentiment of having a partner help out when you’re unwell, but as other anons mentioned that he’s got his own stuff to worry about like a job. It kinda gross that Jill’s followers are implying he’s no more than a manservant to Jill

No. 39870

Christ she complains so much and it's always about the dumbest bs, shows how lazy she really is. Either get off your ass and do something simple, or go sleep if you're so sick and helpless instead of whining online. She never cleans her trashed hoarder den anyway so this sounds like another bizarre excuse

No. 39871

she actually looks decent in some of those pics,, she did not age well yikes

No. 39872

File: 1552510909218.png (78.56 KB, 184x197, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 5.00…)


personally I think these are the pics that she looks the best in

what do u guys think

No. 39877


you can literally see every thing that became trendy on tumblr at some point in this picture from pop punk to sooo indie i like thte smiths, im lolita, i have green hair im just so alt, i have pastel hair i just love pink, i have two haircolors ala melanie im just so original, to dr who to the skrillex haircut in the bottom for when she felt edgy.

like… she thinks she's so different and has a style of her own but she's just TUMBLR the person. only thing missing is a picture of her holding a nutella bottle


i agree, she's actually super cute there and light blond would look so much better with her current """"style"""

No. 39881

Your house was a mess before you got sick.

No. 39909


Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but I really enjoyed her overall look during her Japan/Early post Japan videos. Looking at the videos, to me it seemed like she started going downhill when she started doing her eyebrows purple… I think some girls look good on the curvy/chubby side. Yes, she was still very problematic, but her overall vibe was nice. Might be a bit biased as a used-to-be confetti club member and this is kind of the pixie I fell in love with after she stopped doing Lolita, so I hope I don't come off as one of her deranged fans.

No. 39929

Nah i get this. Personally I wish she would use eyeliner more, go to an actual salon, and maybe do some cardio so she had an actual shape instead of just "round". Other than that she isnt unnattractive. I think shes finally finding makeup and clothes that are more flattering

No. 39932

i think i speak for a lot of anons when i say nah it's cool. a lot of us used to be in the confetti cult (myself included) and ultimately, i think most anons want her to succeed. also >>39929 is it just me or is she only toning down her makeup because she doesn't have the energy to keep up with it? idk that's the vibe i've been getting. at least since christmaspocalypse.

No. 39946

File: 1552538223459.jpg (757.53 KB, 2048x819, pixlr_20190314042340392.jpg)

Sage for ot (and delete if this too ot mods)
But remembered Colin and he now seems to be very trans (as opposed to being nb like before) - the first tweet is 2 weeks old. I wonder if they broke up because Jill's comments (re: dick) affected him because he has gender dysphoria over the physical body aspect, considering Jill stating she'd be a lesbian - rather than just her poor/controlling behaviour (I mean she does seem nice to people in general).

No. 39960

what I am reading here is that Colin is still nb, a fair amount of nb people on the internet now consider themselves trans, some do undergo surgeries in the same way traditionally trans people do like top surgery, so it's not that Colin is trans now and not nb it's that they are both

No. 39961

the only thing concerning here is that there is only one wig and that momma and popa Vessey allowed all this hair dyeing (and more)

No. 39967


>trans nonbinary

This is maximum cringe. Jill really fucked him up, rofl

No. 39972

It's wild because she's still so young and look so rough.
Jill is a self-centred dumbass, but she dodged a bullet with this one tbh.

No. 39973

Trans…. magic the gathering??

No. 39977

File: 1552582065437.jpg (792.76 KB, 1080x1610, 20190314_164748.jpg)

No. 39978

File: 1552582386552.jpg (444.96 KB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_20190314-164852.jpg)

No. 39980


Good lord she couldn’t be bothered to fix her petti?

No. 39982

She has different shoes!!! That still don’t match!!!
The petti pisses me off as well

No. 39984

Oh no what is that. Surely as a fashion student she should know how to actually put together an outfit that actually looks presentable.

No. 39989

oh wow, I didn't know japan had bendy doors and walls.

No. 39991

I feel like she's trying to do better fashion-wise and tries harder which is kinda nice. Or maybe she couldn't avoid learning a thing or two at college. The bright pink and the lavender and the rainby bangs clash hard though. I hope she doesn't just drop "party kei" / rainbow colours in favor of pastels without improving her understanding of colour theory.

No. 39992

I hate when she poorly colours backgrounds like this. Her outfit being bright and colourful against a more plain background makes her outfits pop more. It's like that god awful edit she did of her and Stephen on the stairs.

No. 39993

sage for am stupid, but I can’t see what you’re talking about

No. 39995

File: 1552592689010.jpg (98.21 KB, 540x606, oof.jpg)

different anon, but i added a green line for perspective. this green line is exactly vertical to the edge of the picture, believe it or not kek

No. 39996

>what is perspective

No. 39997

File: 1552593408507.jpg (1.25 MB, 3264x2033, oh dear (1).jpg)

and these were supposedly taken days apart? something tells me jill is going to keep ballooning and not do shit to fix her diet as long as she can shoop her photos

No. 39998


I agree that this was edited but to be fair, drawing a straight line on a photo isn't going to tell you anything because camera lenses are round and photos all have a subtle curve to them

No. 39999

File: 1552593658749.jpg (463.46 KB, 1080x1212, 20190314_200038.jpg)

Chill out guys it's just a flattering post and a strategically placed bag strap

No. 40001


Also, I'm pretty sure the balcony is just rounded, I don't think it has anything to do with her editing skills

No. 40006

God, I saw this and thought "holy shit Jill looks cute?" and then I saw the full pic >>39978 and vommed at the sight of those sandals + socks.

No. 40010

After being on these threads, I know Jill can only be cute by accident, when she tries it's just goblin kei. And not a single Japanese brand in site unless you count the precure bag

No. 40011

I think you can buy those earrings on takeshita street, but that's a stretch. Such a kawaii ambassador, wow.

No. 40012

oh I see, thanks anon

No. 40035

damn, this entire outfit is a mess. Nothing even remotely goes together.

No. 40041

It's kind of weird she coloured the walls to match her outfit? I guess to try and make it look cohesive because she can't accomplish that with her fashion sense. I don't doubt she edited her figure a bit while she had it in photoshop to paint the walls.

No. 40060

Her knees look like she's wearing bjd tights

No. 40196

File: 1552773113318.jpeg (240.97 KB, 750x1099, AEC1BDE3-D3EA-48C8-846D-D3625F…)

So… her first video after getting back from Japan is her showing off new clothing. Okay.

No. 40198


She looks so much cuter here with the lashes, liner, and the longer bangs. Take our advice jill

No. 40199

Jill, RELAX YOUR FACE. Pulling the corners of your lips back makes you look like an idiot.

No. 40205

I hate when these kawaii etsy stores send free things to people like Jill. She has enough money to buy it and give an honest review but instead she gets it for free and will say it's great because the girl who made it helped host her NY meet. And we know she'll only wear it once but her skinewalkers will buy it regardless.

No. 40217

Honestly it all looks like overpriced abdl shit, hardly even looks appropriate for jfashion or Lolita.

No. 40223

File: 1552786992070.png (2.26 MB, 1676x1676, AC7D3013-546A-40D4-A556-A1A64E…)

Pretty much spot on

No. 40226

Can't believe she wants 80$ for this ugly ass dress, I get that it's handmade but it looks like shit.

No. 40229

she could literally make this. how embarrassing

No. 40235

I thought that maybe the appliques were handmade since the fabric looks cheap and the design is otherwise extremely basic…you can get them on AliExpress/Etsy/ebay for cheap and it took no effort to Google search and find the exact ones. Smh this bitch really thinks this shit is worth close to 100 a pop? It doesn't even look sewn well

No. 40263

I asked this a bit upthread but when’s the last time Jill designed, made and actually wore a piece of clothing that wasn’t a cosplay? If she can so easily take weeks off her schooling to go abroad, her schoolwork must not take up that much of her time. Is ~fashion designer~ just part of her gender identity and is it gatekeeping to expect her to actually do it?

No. 40264

in her Patreon livestream she mentioned she finished her birthday dress and showed it off a bit, it looked shit but at least she tried I guess

No. 40265

Wasn’t she planning to wear it in Japan?

No. 40270

Did you take any caps of it anon? I’m curious how shit it turned out because of how much she rushed it

No. 40276

File: 1552822713265.png (1.1 MB, 721x706, fefrt.PNG)

No. 40277

File: 1552822735770.png (1.23 MB, 811x778, fefrs.PNG)

No. 40278

dear god, it looks horrendous.

No. 40279

Is this supposed to look asymmetrical??

No. 40280

She even looks very unsure of herself

No. 40286


Why does she ALWAYS use such cheap, shiny, low quality fabrics?? It looks really bad and imo the dress looks poorly constructed, which is concerning since shes so set on going to fashion school

No. 40287

File: 1552825531678.jpg (840.13 KB, 1044x846, 2016_Fashion_Show-web_8.jpg)


Thank you for the caps, anon.

Jill's styling, the ugly ass dress and the entire surrounding makes her look like a middel aged mum from the 80s that shows you how to make a costume for your kids.


This. Still wonder what happened to the fabric that she bought back in NY. But when I recall the final presentation clothes from her fashion school, I doubt somebody will tell her how awful this shit looks like because they seem to be okay with that kind of fabric.

No. 40288

Taking about Patreon have she done the newsletters or the live streams of February or March.

No. 40289


It's not handmade. She's outsourced them to some chinese factory to get made.

No. 40290

No she hasn't but she said it'll be done by this weekend.

No. 40291

misscandyholic is the most cringe brand, whose construction and garment quality is on-par with Jill's garbage. the designer who runs the brand also puts together a lot of sad events for New York City area broke, underage weebs. Their next event is at a municipal library in NJ. The clothing that they sent Jill to review is going to be some ageplay trash with puckered seams and horrible construction, I guarantee it.

No. 40293

I didn't expect anything of quality and I'm still completely let down. Jill, what the fuck is this?

No. 40297

wow she really outdid herself in terms of bad!! it literally looks like a kids dress up costume from walmart

No. 40304

The only thing I can think of is that she had stars leftover from her pripara cosplay and just decided to slap them on just for the hell of it

No. 40318

File: 1552846723028.jpg (338.44 KB, 720x1116, 20190317_181826.jpg)

No. 40320

File: 1552846901945.jpg (189.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190317-181921_Gal…)

Some awful editing

No. 40321

File: 1552846933677.jpg (187.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190317-181935_Gal…)

No. 40324

This picture looks like a graphic as apposed to a photograph, it's edited that much.

No. 40325

Her hairline on the back of her neck is ruined from always being pulled up into that topknot.

No. 40330

target audience for this picture: amputee fetishists
its got such a creepy aura to it…

forever using the same faux satin shiny cheap fabric

No. 40333

The clothes in the final presentation at least seems to have some sort of shape and construction to it for example to 'scale' look. Jill's dress just looks like she picked up some dollar store fabric, threw it together and just said 'that'll do'

No. 40336

File: 1552856365913.jpeg (231.66 KB, 640x558, AF9BAC75-CACD-4AD5-A65A-6F88E4…)

No. 40360

What is that crap? Damn Jill has no style, she's a total trash heap of tacky. Maybe she really is that mentally retarded kek

No. 40361

File: 1552859436613.png (4.41 MB, 2550x3300, 99F0F69A-2705-46ED-B745-658816…)

Newsletter for last month

No. 40362

I can't help but find it funny how she said before she hates "tea" but uses the phrase for clickbaits like she did with her ask me and my bf video and now this.

No. 40363

Surprises this cheap bitch never thinks to buy items while abroad to have for a give away as a way of thanking her delusional fans. Kek Such a greedy goblin.

No. 40364

No. 40365

>so many stories to tell I can't fully say yet
>patreon exclusive monthly newsletter

No. 40366

Is t just me or does she seem a little bit thinner here? Might be the Japan cardio but she doesnt look that bad

No. 40368

She looks full on special needs ageplay in just the icon alone, also using that hand to cover her jowels kek

No. 40371

funny how she was talking about how this girl bianca is amazing at sewing and her clothes are great quality and then put pictures of the clothes and they look absolutely ridiculous and made with very cheap fabrics

No. 40372

File: 1552862128341.jpg (99.95 KB, 1352x1210, 1552862090728.jpg)

Jesus christ, Jill.

No. 40373

>>40364 the new intro looks awful

No. 40374

Jill your skirts are "uncomfortable" cause they're sizes too small..

No. 40375

Jillian about the dress "you're such a talented seamstress this looks factory made" if >>40289 is true then….whose gonna tell her

No. 40376

The dress is like a sack on her

No. 40377

7:10 why did she make the Mark Zuckerberg laugh? Kek

That keychain jar looks like something like Dreamy Melmel, I think, made, I always see pictures of these stuffed animals with clear circle stomachs reblogged on fairy kei tumblrs. Expect hers looks cheap.

The dress is itself is so unflattering and purposely made oversize to fit to all the Lazy Oaf obsessed trend.

No. 40380

I imagine any anon on this thread could sew better than Jill or Bianca. That dress is so unflattering and unstructured it pains so. If she was going to design such a sloppy and shapeless sack of a dress why not at least sewing a cheap elastic waist band to get the waist in to give it some shape even if lazily done. Damn I really want to chop that dress up.

No. 40384

Seriously Jill do some research in her description for the dress she said “This dress is very exciting for me because it’s is my first design working with a manufacturing company! “so no she did not make them.
>>40289 Also this can be really true cause she mentions that is a sample so once enough pre orders are filled they will be ordered in bulk. It will also explain the high price cause the lest orders costs more and a lot of order costs lest make. Jill what she send you was a sample given be the manufactures not a dress made by her hands. So Jill she is not doing this out of goodness or to show her love to you, she is just doing this to get you to send your fans to buy this poorly make dress and make her profit.

No. 40385

File: 1552866211849.png (18.57 KB, 1893x149, Capture.PNG)

Yep, dresses were factory made.

Jill is so insanely unprofessional that she just gabbed about the gifts without doing any research whatsoever. Imagine how awkward that'll be for Bianca, who Jill complemented for the garment construction and now has to come out and say "haha yeah um actually I didn't sew that."

Also her new intro looks terrible. I actually really liked her old intros where she set up props and backdrops on her floor and filmed it. This is just computer generated garbage.

No. 40386

I also found it funny that Jill in the beginning mentioned something about Bianca making her a custom dress… except nothing they sent looks custom made for Jill.
Then again this IS Bianca, the one who ran the shoddy event for Jill in NYC where minors weren't being carded and it was a mess

No. 40387

It's been a while since I watched one of her videos and damn she's seems as insufferable as ever. Hopefully the milk in the japan vlogs makes them stomach-able.

No. 40389


If she's letting pixie believe that she made everything (bear bag is manufactured too) then she's not going to correct her that it isn't. She's going to let all the idiots that give her money believe that it's handmade because they don't read descriptions.
Tho I think you'd have to be blind to not be able to see the difference in "quality" between what was made by her hand and what wasn't.

No. 40396

File: 1552875437316.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, E532C445-63A8-4C39-AAA3-57B27D…)

Yep. Posted on her story, and no correction in sight lol

No. 40398

File: 1552878084470.png (87.43 KB, 230x230, Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 1.27…)


> saying "meow-meow" and "coinkydink" less than five seconds between each other

No. 40399

I physically cringed when she copied Emilia fart’s iconic zoom in+tongue pop… like I get it you’re also a bi Canadian with weird makeup and want to be at the same level of uniqueness as Emilia. copying someone’s fun signature thing to be more quirky? this ain’t it chief

No. 40425

File: 1552911770203.png (1.14 MB, 814x681, yikes.PNG)

it looks like she has a stain on her top
it's juuust out of frame for most of the video but here, this is definitely a food stain or something
at around 9:50

No. 40430

Her fringe is so baaad. I feel like if it wasn't so thick it might look better? but the rainby vomit colours and unevenness are really not doing her any favours

No. 40437

this stuff is very expensive for what it is, the bag is $67.77 it looks like something you could get at Claires for far less, also it seems a bit off that she is so big on supporting small businesses only when they give her free stuff, she won't put any of her wealth into the businesses but expects people with less to do so

No. 40451

That outro and intro look like she skin walked her own tacky ass to make an even more cringe product… girl change it back. That’s a mess.

No. 40460

File: 1552934810157.png (745.96 KB, 585x564, gross.png)

a big ol' yellow stain. reminds me of her dirty clothes she sold before.

No. 40465

So in order to give small businesses a spot light, she's getting freebies? how nice of you Jill. Such great charity.

Also, I am amused at her trashing the esther loves you WC bag after getting her candyholic one.

No. 40466

Her going 'frick off' every few seconds is actually insufferable. It's crazy how she's praising Bianca for her sewing and bleh bleh, when it's super basic shit… Shouldn't she know how to do this herself?

No. 40475


No. 40488

File: 1552957648225.png (4.2 MB, 1334x750, B8A483E1-BE67-4636-8957-5B1ED0…)

I feel creepy for remembering this but I could have sworn she talked about staining this ages ago, so I went back to her wardrobe 2018 your and she spoke about getting lipstick on it and not bothering to clean it off. If this is the same stain then, girl…

No. 40491

Even most of the things that are handmade she doesn't sew herself unless it's really basic. She hires other seamstresses to sew them for her. There's a post somewhere on her facebook looking for seamstresses..i'll see if I can find it.

No. 40499

Christ she could at least put a brooch on to cover it
What a slob. Remember that white & rainbow knit dress she had with the yellow deodorant staining that we never saw again?
I dont think she even washes her clothes

No. 40529

Yea theres no doubt in my mind that this is a way to get free shit from indie brands. Its also a video that takes zero effort to crank out and she can still get paid for it

No. 40540

File: 1553020440340.png (1.21 MB, 915x571, Blue.PNG)

Girl ur bras is showing

No. 40541

seeing the irregular choice boxes reminds me, has she even worn any of her heels out apart from those ice cream heels that she wore for her prom? i'm rewatching her irregular choice videos and i just wonder if she's worn those toy story or rainbunny heels out

No. 40549

she has so many of those very expensive shoes and never wears them

No. 40552

why is she buying dark colored bras when a significant chunk of her wardrobe is pastel

No. 40558

she can't because none of them fit her

No. 40571

what the FUCK is that fucking makeup oh my god. she literally looks like a drunk trailer park aunt, right down to the ugly bangs and ill-fitting clothes

No. 40576

Next thread pic please. I've never seen her look dumpier, bitch got triple chins for sure

No. 40618

File: 1553095510859.jpg (198.99 KB, 720x1347, Screenshot_20190320-121840_Ins…)

I'm actually surprised Pixie is not mutuals with PrettySourLaura, I follow this chick and they have the same aesthetic, Laura has launched her own eh, "clothing line" (it's just one dress so far), they both have kaweewee hair and wardrobes and an interest for rainbows and do the feminism shtick. Laura follows Pixie, but Pixie doesn't follow back, I wonder why? Jill usually goes crazy for these types

No. 40619

Might be the fupa or the fact that she's unknown

No. 40624

That Lazy Oaf "Introvert" dress is a knock-off.

No. 40644

this must be the most obvious selfpost of all time

No. 40654

File: 1553119375299.jpg (168.25 KB, 1080x554, 20190320_185713.jpg)

Looks like Jillybean is back in breakdown mode

No. 40656

File: 1553119428832.jpg (353.59 KB, 1080x1036, 20190320_185726.jpg)

No. 40657

File: 1553119610860.jpg (370.39 KB, 1080x1714, 20190320_185744.jpg)

No. 40659

This is pathetic. She makes enough just from patreon/her confetti cult throwing money at her for doing nothing, her idea of "hard work" is throwing on her stained clothes and doing a haul video…and her idea of being underwater or overwhelmed is that maybe she can't order out expensive rotisserie chicken takeout every day or buy an entire collection of ill fitting shit off of dollskill. Pathetic.
Side note doesnt Wendy or Jenny work?

No. 40660

Why are they having this conversation over Facebook comments? I'd understand it's with a random FB friend, but your mother?… Just call eachother ffs.
Also love how her mom is kinda lowkey calling her out and saying "don't complain" lmao.

No. 40661

Jill makes a video about once every 10 days. What is so time consuming about her job? How long can it realistically take her to film a video and edit it? Her content isn’t even creative, 90% of the time she’s just sat in her house talking about something she bought. She could easily spend an hour or two per day on YouTube and have one video per week plus plenty of time to work on school. The laziness is astounding

No. 40667

>>40654 if mummy and daddy didn't pay for everything, she would have to have a job like most students. A real job as well, not making a half arsed video every fortnight.

No. 40668

lmao getting called out by mommy doesn't feel so good huh
she gets 1k a month for doing n o t h i n g
why doesnt she just quit youtube and pursue her '''fashion dream''' if life is so fucking hard for her?

No. 40671

LMAO wow i love louise actually being a parent and telling her the dead ass truth

No. 40680

Wow, I never realized this before, but I actually hate Jill. This is the first time she's made me angry. How hard is it to make one vid per week? Working 20h/week is very normal for students and I really doubt filming and editing ONE video takes that much time. She's the laziest bitch ever. She already has an audience that idolizes her. Making low-effort content for them is not hard at all. Why can't she vlog about her college assigments? I hate how stupid and ungreatful she is.

No. 40681

kek i am living for this. a bit late to be a parent tho, isn't it, louise? but yeah this is probably because she's missed so much school. she's only "playing catch up" because she let herself get so behind in the first place. also lmaoooo "time consuming"?? in what universe? i'd say it's a few hours per week MAX. plenty of people work part or even full-time while going to school. cry me a river. sage but this legit pisses me off.

No. 40690

yes jill you're the ONLY person who works and studies at the same time. the only one. people don't usually have to work to support themselves through college WHILE going to class every day. people don't have (multiple) children to take care of while they work AND study. it's abnormal. nobody else does it, nor has it ever been done ever before you, a 20year old womanchild who hasn't had to work a single honest day of work to put food in her mouth in her goddamn life, came by to complain about how HARD adulting is and how NOBODY else has to juggle multiple adult responsibilities literally every non-rich kid has to juggle sometime in their adult existence.

No. 40693

also, she doesn't have to go to a specific work location and work for a higher up for 20-40 hours a week. she can go out, do whatever, it's her job as long as she has a camera (or phone) and says it's a cheeky vloggy uwu
she literally infuriates me she could do a series 'go to uni with me' and vlog on campus and boom two birds one fuckin pink rainby stone

No. 40698

What does she mean "I don't do 40 hours a week now and I am suffering because of it"? Is she saying that she's suffering because she isn't doing YouTube as much so she's getting less revenue or is she saying she's already suffering at her few hours, so she'd be even worse with 40 hours a week? I don't see how either point is relevant to what she's blabbering on about.

No. 40708

Does she not have a ton of Japan vlog footage? She could literally just spend a couple hours a week editing the clips together and there you go one video a week. She wouldn't even have to film anything, provided she did some actual filming in japan since you know, it was a work trip and she promised japan content. It's not like she does any kind of special editing or puts out truly time consuming or creative for fucks sake. She makes hauls.

Also her fans have the lowest standards, if she's really strapped for cash even with the 1k/month her patrons give her for sitting on her ass she could whip up a few wonky drawings in photoshop with some unoriginal positive uwu phrases and confetti aesthetic, slap them on some new merch and her fans will eat it up because she's such a ~creative independent designer starving artist in college uwu~

Also kek at her mom not kissing her ass for once
>I don't think you work 40 hours on YT, I worked in college too
>Stop spending money at sephora
>you can get your savings up during summer
both imply that Jill's excessive spending means that she doesn't have contingency savings for situations that would affect her YT revenue such as getting sick/having to sacrifice YT time for school, another adpocalypse etc. I can't say I'm surprised she doesn't think ahead since she's had her mom bail her out of car trouble in the past, but she's what 20, almost 21? She should be smart enough to have savings to cover a few weeks off if she can have an entire townhouse. Does she just expect Steve to pay the bills when she gets like this? Funny thing is it's not even like Jill's slaving away doing some extensive course in college, she's doing a foundation year towards some rinky dink barely accredited diploma. Sometimes I wonder if her life is just some elaborate performance piece because no way someone could have so little self awareness.

No. 40710

tbh i thought it meant "i could never do 40 hours!!1! i can't even do 2 :/" but the former actually makes more sense with her mom saying "then stop spending so much at sephora." but if she is struggling monetarily, it would only be because she's living outside of her means. with how flakey youtube income can be, any sane person would be hoarding as much money as they could for a rainy day, i would think.

No. 40713

I'm actually so sick of her… I'm in college full-time and I work 40hrs a week at an actual job.. This is the last straw for me

No. 40715

She's was posted once in a previous Confetti Club post for having awful rainbow fashion.
I used to follow her but I couldn't do it anymore. Whenever she would post images inside of her apartment I'd be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of STUFF and clutter inside such a small space.

No. 40716

Agreed, this is the maddest Jill has made me. I’m wondering if all the time Jill has taken off from school for these international trips is finally catching up to her. This post could signify that her grades are dropping, or her standing in her program is no longer good. This reads like a primer to her announcing she’s dropping out of school soon. This is her justification.
In the US, most colleges will only let you work 20 hours max if the job is on campus. There’s students who wish they could work more hours to actually survive. Jill, your “career” is something you could do from your basements. You have all the access there is, stop being lazy.

No. 40717

She posted 3 videos in November, 4 in December, 4 in January, 2 in February, and 1 so far for March. That's less than one video a week. 6/14 of those videos are hauls. Fuck off. Your "job" is pathetically easy.

No. 40719

When I was her age everyone I worked with studied AND worked, and both her work and study are very much on the easy side. Her mom actually called it, she's just tired

No. 40720

Jill, hire this woman

No. 40727

exactly. Her job is easier than most because she can just vlog her day and make money for that. she hasn't left her house. japan is the only 'exotic' location she's been to and she's never even gone to the beautiful temples and other areas that make it Japan. she's lazy af

No. 40731

I think she mentioned once before that her school knows he does youtube and social media stuff, so I imagine she's getting special treatment in terms of assignment deadlines and attendance. She has it so incredibly easy and still manages to complain while earning a decent amount of money off Youtube, going on trips (England and Japan recently), Having lots of financial support from her parents, and doing what seems to be the bare minimum at art school.

Its really insulting seeing her complain constantly. As someone who has to work retail part time and study at uni full time. I feel like I never get time off and there's NO WAY I could go on holidays mid semester like she has (I understand it was for her 'work', but still). I would honestly kill to be in her position, I don't think she realises how privileged and how lazy she actually is??

No. 40754

why would a youtuber or social media influencer get special treatment for deadlines and assignments? a youtuber job isn't something you pick up to pay the bills, you actively work for and choose to become a youtuber bc you have the time (and maybe the income). as in, you don't just become a youtuber bc you have to pay rent and it's what was available, you actively have to make content and upload it to the platform consistently in order to be a youtuber, you're CHOOSING to do it, it's not like working retail or an office job that you need to sustain yourself with. i don't know how lenient her "college" is when it comes to justifying absences due to work-related travel, but if her school is genuinely giving Jill, a D-list youtuber, privileges for a job she not only CHOOSES to prioritize over her education (and she doesn't even do it properly, if she does it AT ALL), then it's an ever crappier school than i imagined.>>40731

No. 40764

Nayrt but Jill mentioned before that her school was very supportive of her taking time off for her London trip and Japan trip. Honestly it seems like such a shitty school that they’re just happy to have someone they see as a “public figure” attend.

No. 40769

I mean this is a girl that had an article in the local paper written about her being a Youtuber, so by PEI standards she's a well-known name, but IDK about the province Fredericton and this college are in.

No. 40840

sage for OT but the youtuber lilylike.com managed to not only make multiple, varied, and beautifully shot/edited videos weekly while attending LAW SCHOOL but also ran her own business at the same time. Oh Jillybean, youre really setting yourself up to get roasted

No. 40845

File: 1553235138972.jpg (525.18 KB, 1080x1418, 20190322_030943.jpg)

She's back to pink and ~rainby~ and she's bleached and dyed her brows to match this time

No. 40848

File: 1553235192672.jpg (89.67 KB, 1080x293, 20190322_031005.jpg)

No. 40852

she must have felt too ~normie~ with blonde hair

No. 40853

Is she joking.. I’m in college as basically a full time student, I work full time and I make yt videos… bitch bye. I have actual financial struggles. Jill is nothing but a soft piece of kawiwi garbage

No. 40857

I don't know what it is about kawaii fashion that looks so cheap, mismatched and tacky on Westerners like Jill. Somehow J-fashion works beautifully on well coordinated Asians. Just my opinion.

No. 40859

There's plenty of frumpy kawaii 'fashionistas' in Japan, you just rarely see them. Jillybean stands out so much because she is really putting herself out there.

Personally, I think she'd get a pass if she didn't try to label herself as j-fashion. At this point, everything she wears is Western brands.

No. 40877

Milkiiprincess studies biology and has an online presence too. She also sells her handmade pieces on Depop.

Do you guys think Jill has started smoking? She made that joke about keeping "drugs" in the teddy bear bottle

She only has to upload 4 times a month. Just by placing the camera in front of the wall and chatting 10 mins once she arrives froms school would be enough. Then she would have a month to edit. I don't remember in which video she finished by saying: "i'm going to go now because this video is ten minutes already". She only does the bare minimum if she doesn't enjoy it she should stop.

No. 40883

Jill since we know you lurk here, just letting you know your brows are shit and it doesn't make you quirky to have them the color of raspberry piss

No. 40891

File: 1553268204187.jpeg (267.22 KB, 750x556, CBC9A493-7CD0-4638-889B-EA710D…)

Sage for not providing milk but I was scrolling through reddit and I found this picture and this girl looks so much like Jill to me LMAO(no1curr)

No. 40954

File: 1553297418330.jpeg (176.68 KB, 1242x627, 09DEA34D-3439-4629-A5DB-480335…)

Has anybody ever posted this yet lmfao?

No. 40955

Yup. Was amongst one of her first posts after getting to Glorious Japan.

She's already been proper dragged for the sheer idiocy of it.

No. 40959

Such a lesbian kek she's so straight it hurts.

No. 40962

I thought someone photoshoped Jill's face on the body of a girl
still looks better than her

No. 41051

File: 1553376988579.jpeg (151.55 KB, 640x924, 3282B841-63D9-49E3-B893-D54740…)

Jill wasn’t at Maggie’s birthday

No. 41053

>>41051 the fact that Steve was invited, but her is milky af.

No. 41057

She was probably invited but is just SOOOOO busy with arts and crafts college and hectic YouTube schedule!!!
or is just oh so depressed/anxious.

No. 41060

she couldnt be bothered to visit her then-girlfriend alyssa when her pet died. She doesnt seem to be that supportive of a friend/SO

No. 41062

If this actually happened, and that's a big if, they were not trying to 'pick her up' for the reasons she might be expecting…

No. 41063

Something is definitely off. Another anon said that Georgina (Jill’s former basement roommate and the “spooky” friend Jill didn’t know how to shop for according to her Christmas present video) unfollowed Jill on Instagram. A good friend would push their plans aside to make it to one of their bestie’s parties, but Jill’s relationship to the girls who aren’t part of Moonmist Girls seems fractured and forced. She probably did blame her absense on her YouTube “career” and ~fashion designer~ woes. Is she even a part of the group anymore? The girls always hang out without Jill, and are just as busy if not busier than Jill is.

No. 41066

I wonder if Maggie would stay in Fredericton, if it wasn't for her friendship with the others. Didn't they all pretty much move, there "with Jill"?

No. 41071

Sage for being a sperg/self posting but I really hate when girls go to japan and say shit like this. It’s leading girls who go to japan into a false sense of security. It’s simply not true that japan is safe when it comes to sex crimes. Literally every Japanese woman I’ve talked to says japan is more dangerous when it comes to sex crimes than other developed countries. I thought japan was safe & gaijin women weren’t targets until I got groped x3, grabbed around the waist while walking home, raped, if You’re even a little drunk then men constantly harass you bc they don’t think of fucking drunk women as bad

No. 41086

Yeah, even Lor has a video about being targeted when she was in Japan and how a guy followed her for a really long time, grabbing her arm and trying to convince her to go with him.

No. 41093

hey everyone
long time lurker, first time poster here. always been nervous to post here but decided to now. i go to Jill's school (i know, poor me bleh) and have been in a couple classes with her and ooooh boy! do i have some milk for all you anons! i used to be a confetti club member (saying that makes me sick now but whatever) i don't even know where to start. i can say for sure Jill 1000% got into the fashion program because of her youtube status. she failed photography class and possibly others but everyone could care less as long as shes baiting more pixie skinwalkers to attend the school. Wendy also applied for the fashion program but didn't get in. Jill is honestly so annoying. during lectures shes just distracting, talking to her friends, aggressively nodding when the teacher says something she likes, and even fist pumping the air when they talk about an artist she admires. clearly just has to be the centre of attention. one time i deadass saw her snort something up her nose, pretty sure it was just one of those nostril clearing things for when you have a cold but still, wtf? and i mean, she can wear what she wants, but always wears super short mini skirts with bare legs in like minus 20 weather. shes always surrounded by a creepy little group of ~uwu kawiwi pastel~ skinwalkers that clearly are desperately leeching onto any notoriety they can by hanging with her. want more milk? just ask!

No. 41094


So she's bombing at least one class? No wonder it's photography, the pictures she's posted that she took/edited were fucking terrible. She doesn't have a damn artistic bone in her body.

Does she ever actually wear anything she makes to school? Does she actually make anything like, at all, that's remotely wearable through school? Or are her skills still in making dresses that are not only ugly as sin, but look like they'd fall apart the first time they were worn?

Do you have any proof that you're at the school/in her classes? No offense, but, standard question when someone come in saying they know a cow.

No. 41096

She's such a fucking try hard I'd be embarrassed for her, but this is Jill and her annoying attempts at being the super quirky art girl whose so so creative makes me wanna punch her dough face. Bitch can't even settle down for lecture

No. 41098

Proof or fake milk

No. 41100

You look like a Jill skinwalker and your facebook friends who go to the school do too. Is that a requirement to get in?

No. 41101

no offense taken but honestly i think youll just have to take my word for it. i mean im not gonna post my student card or anything. also if this was fake milk i would be making up way more outragous stuff. ive never seen her wear anything she made to school, it's always western brands like lazy oaf she wears. maybe this shows she has some self awareness and is ashamed of the stuff she makes? at this point though she is in the foundation year. during the foundation year, media classes like photography and fashion are only 6 weeks each, 3 hours per week. so no, shes not making anything through the school since the 6 week fashion class basically just shows you how to make a scrunchy and some sketches.

No. 41102

absolutely. all the time

No. 41103

huh? who exactly do you think i am?

No. 41106

Molly. It wasn't hard to find you.

No. 41107

huh? who exactly do you think i am? >>41106
lmao nope guess again>>41106

No. 41108

You used your email address. Feel free to try to backpedal, but it's clear it's you.

No. 41109

are you an admin?

No. 41110

NTA but try clicking the "anonymous" in your original message >>41093

No. 41111

Nice catch.

You should have read the rules before posting. Compare your email field with someone else's, you'll see what you did wrong.

No. 41112

Okay stupid me. I'm so sorry. Could you please delete my name from the comments?

No. 41114

Only the anon that wrote that comment with your name could do that. Pretty sure the time limit is at 10 more minutes but no one has any reason to delete it.

No. 41115

Okay stupid me. I'm so sorry. Could you please delete my name from the comments?
I'm not saying anything else unless my name is deleted from the comments

No. 41116

The reason to delete it would be to be kind. I feel terrible now. I thought this would be funny. its not.

No. 41117

Asking someone to be kind to you when you came to a board specifically to shit talk someone is a bit hypocritical.

No. 41118

Just delete her name, anon. We can get some milk. Hope you’re willing to share, Jill’s irl. No surprise Jill is failing school, kek.

No. 41119

Yes it is, I should not have done this.

No. 41120

Thank you for sticking up for me, but this went too far, I didn't think they would expose my name but it's my own fault.

No. 41122

you're the one who asked them what your name was tho lol not sure what you were expecting?

No. 41124

Yeah sorry, should’ve lurked more. Also, to me that was barely any milk. It looks like you stalk her at school, lol. That snorting bit was just… idek what to say. Just go, or stay and don’t make the same mistake.

No. 41127

This is so pathetic I feel bad laughing. You were nice in not posting her last name as well. Molly, you should change the name where you've pinned your etsy listings.

No. 41129

I'm so sorry for everything. I made the post because I was really angry at her problematic behavior but I see now I should never have done that. I made shit up because I thought I was funny. I'm not funny. I am really genuinely terrified now. You found my etsy, pinterest, fb, I'm so scared this one stupid mistake is going to follow me now. Please leave me alone.

No. 41130

no one's stalking you, turnip. you made a snarky comment and stupidly put your own email in it, you're rightly being mocked for acting like a knob about your own mistake. be more worried that jill will know exactly who you are.

No. 41133

just read the thread sis. and sage while you're at it

No. 41135

Sorry, what does sage mean?

No. 41139

No. 41140

>>41101 take a candid of jill then we'll believe you

No. 41142

Wait, so you made that shit up? Not only are you being a pussy because your weeb queen will know who shit talks her so you were "wrong" all of a sudden - but you also lied to get some attention? Wtf

No. 41143

File: 1553432774742.png (5.17 MB, 3200x1707, Mermaidmementos.png)

>I'm not saying anything else unless my name is deleted

Fucking love when random non-farmers who may know a cow IRL think their info is such a special and precious gift to us and we should praise them for gracing us with their presence and beg them for more.
Molly M, we don't give a shit about your weak milk. You self-doxing and then shitting your pants when you realised you fucked up and all your confetti cult friends will see is the most interested thing that has happened in this thread for a while so thank you for that.
Sad to see you've bawwwleted your etsy, pic related.

No. 41145

Wow what a pathetic bitch. People are really desperate to take Jill down huh. Honestly most of us are hoping she gets better and arent gonna make up fake shit just to keep the thread alive and if you dont think the same then you should go

No. 41146

No. 41151

I don't know why you would post that picture from my etsy, I made that years ago and honestly hate it. And its irrelevant here.

No. 41154

Honestly I wish the best for Jill in the future. And I deserve this online bullying from you all because what I said about her was bullying.

No. 41155


sis just stop posting

No. 41156

Why the hell are you still here?

No. 41157

Tf are you so worried about Jillybeans fat ass knowing? Like damn, you really wanna remain a part of her cult that bad for internet clout?

No. 41159

I'm not in the confetti club, not sure why you all think I am.

No. 41161

Of course I'll leave, I just want to know that none of you will reveal my full name. I am genuinely scared of my name being attached to this. Which is something you should all be able to empathize with seeing as you all choose to remain anonymous. Please let me keep my last bit of privacy.

No. 41162


literally anyone who googles your email can find your full name immediately, if you didn't want your name attached to this you shouldn't have posted with your email. your name is already attached to this.

No. 41163


fuck off, Molly

No. 41172

Nah, anon, I think she is backpeddaling now to lessen the damage (I don't blame her, Jill seems like a bit of a bully irl) so I'm sure the information about Jill bombing photography is accurate.
It makes sense too, everyone was doubting how well she does in school since she barely even seems to attend.

No. 41173

Everyone knows your full name. Just searched for Molly in Maggie and Stephen’s friend list. You’re from Charlottetown, aren’t you? Too easy.

Seriously, just go. It isn’t funny anymore, it’s pathetic.

No. 41174

You mean NOW that your precious little reputation is compromised, NOW you wanna wish all the best to her? KEK

No. 41175

Nope, that's not her.
Her name does start with an M tho, but looks like she deleted her FB.

No. 41176

her last name* dammit

Let's not throw this on Jill right away, lol. She's a shit person but Molly is 100% responsible here.

No. 41177

Huh, I see. Good riddance.

No. 41180

She didn't reveal anything we don't know anyways. People are desperate for some milk lately. There's nothing going on with Jill. She's so unugrateful to her followers that voted for her so she could go on a trip to Japan. Not an update or a picture, what kind of "Leader" is this?

No. 41181

It's an anonymous board, molly. Anonymous is the DEFAULT.
You're the one who made the decision to attach your own email, we don't empathise with you because we're not attention seeking idiots. >>41154
Bold of you to say what we're doing is bullying you. You self-doxed. No one here has bullied you. You're the only bully here trying to take down one of your class mates and hoping to get attention for it. You're getting what you deserve.

No. 41182

Clearly you haven't been lurking long enough.

Who the heck is this Molly anyway?

No. 41183

Oh, I didn't mean to try to blame Jill on this. It's just that Jill is a bit scary considering her "cult" and she did just reveal personal info to a gossip site.

No. 41184

See this post >>41093

A classmate and confetti cult member retarded enough to leave their real email in the email field whilst trying to take down Jill.

No. 41185

Molly is the funniest thing to happen in this thread in ages.

No. 41186

Sorry, thank you, I should have been more specific. Is she also trying to be Jill's friend while secretly hating her? She said she used to be a CC, so I am wondering if she still sucks up to Jill on social media/attended events with her and stuff. Wasn't sure if anyone checked her mutuals.

Regardless, this is hilarious. Jill has some of the trashiest orbiters, but I guess trash attracts trash so it makes sense.

No. 41187

I'm only gonna say this and then I'm gone. I made up the thing about her failing photography and getting into fashion because of youtube. I thought you all would find it funny since you were already criticizing her about that stuff. In reality there's no way i would have that personal info about her. And yeah, it's incredibly pathetic of me.

No. 41188

You're right. An alarming number of actual confetti club orbiters are also farmers here it's fucking sad. What a horrible fanbase

No. 41189

File: 1553442895556.gif (1.19 MB, 400x224, yikes.gif)

No. 41193

That's worse than being a normal anon here who just laughs at her or criticises her. You actually know her irl and you "make up" shit about her. Pathetic.
Agreed with the anon above - what a fucking wonderful fanbase.

No. 41194

She wasn't friends on facebook with Jill, but she follows her on insta, not that that really says a lot.

No. 41195

How did you find my insta? my full name isn't on there.

No. 41196

jills going to be really mad when she reads this soon and finds out you told everyone she's failing! that's kinda personal! lmao

No. 41198

Do yourself a favour and stop posting, Molly. You messed up, Jill will find out and that might make things tense for you at school, but it's not the end of the world. Just remember not to use your email address next time you want to attention-whore on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 41199

How can someone simultaneously have an ~80 something average while also failing a class?

On one hand i can believe Jill getting accepted to the fashion program due to favouritism but she mentioned it’s conditional admission based on maintaining a high average? So if she’s failed a class then it would seem clear that she won’t be starting fashion in the fall.

So what’s the truth?

No. 41200

The truth is I'm assuming she's doing really well in school. She's not failing. I don't work for the school so how would I know anyways?

No. 41201

Your insta has your first name in it. It's not like there are 8000 Molly's following Jill.

I can't believe your first post said you were a long time lurker. It's just becoming more and more apparent that you don't really use this site.

Molly's milk is questionable at best, but it wouldn't surprise me if Jill's craft fair community college would bend their rules because of her popularity. If you look up the school on facebook and see who's attending, you can tell there are a bunch of confetti cult members. Jill probably noticably increased their enrollment, sadly enough.

No. 41202

But how would you know which insta was mine?

No. 41203

>anon tells you how they found it
>you still ask how they know
You're not exactly smart, are you?

No. 41204

Molly, keep not saging your posts so you bump up the thread so the confetti monsters tell Jill asap ;)

No. 41205

what does sage mean? I don't understand.

No. 41206

someone already told you, scrub >>41139

No. 41207

Funny how you didn't learn to check the email field even after exposing yourself. Nor read, apparently, as you've already been instructed to the info page.

No. 41208

File: 1553446897625.jpg (46.92 KB, 829x238, lol.JPG)


Sage is what you should've done to prevent to embarrass yourself here like this kek

No. 41209

I don't understand how you can all still see my email address? I don't see it anywhere.

No. 41210

Hey remember an hour ago when you said you'd leave lol
You're finsished, info is already out there, bye

No. 41211

File: 1553447404879.jpeg (40.4 KB, 474x355, 5D71BF9A-77AE-4173-89B8-B13C4A…)

It’s in your original post. Why haven’t you scrubbed your pinterest yet, Molly M? You have nothing to lose but a gallery of poor dead starfish you hot glued shit on.

No. 41212

I don't know why you're bringing up stuff i made when I was literally 15. My art was shitty and no one cares.

No. 41213

Come on farmers and stop teasing…just post her last name. Molly made her bed and now she can sleep in it kek.

No. 41215

I’m telling you so you can WIPE your LAST NAME off of PINTEREST you dumb bint.

No. 41216

It can be found withim seconds anon, there's really no point

I actually feel bad for her even though she lied

No. 41217

I cant believe you showed my face thats horrible

No. 41218

please just stop all this I'm so scared now I'm panicking this is the worst mistake I've ever made

No. 41219

Almost as horrible as making up shit to get attention on an anonymous image board…hm..

No. 41220

you doxxed yourself. you really don't know where you are, do you?

No. 41221

There's no reason to feel bad for her. She's an adult who decided to badmouth her classmate online to get attention ; she should have at least read the rules before doing so. It's not as if we're going to hurt her in any way or stalk her, all that's happening is that Jill will know Molly shit talked her online and might confront her about it.

Love how it's cool to talk shit about your classmate but having your own face shown is "horrible".

No. 41222

I’ve deleted it. You should just delete the pinterest as a whole, the username is still the same so we can still see your full name.

No. 41223

NTA but The people of this board owe you absolutely no privacy or courtesy. Please remember this is all because you gave us your real email willingly whilst lying about your classmate who you likely suck up to.

It's best Jill knows your face for sure so she can avoid your ass like the plague.

No. 41224

oh, grow up. you're a petty idiot, you didn't try to frame her for murder or something.

No. 41225

>>41219 I just want all this to end. I'm so sorry for everything. This will hurt me. I will loose my friends. People will google my name and see all this.

No. 41226

Thank you for the deleting the photo of me

No. 41227

Stop posting and anons will stop talking about you. They're only giving you attention because you're begging for it.

This is all your fault, though. If you want to be a petty cunt online, don't attach your name to it.

No. 41228

You tried to imply that Jill was snorting drugs and failing school. These are accusations that actually could have consequences. You getting caught posting on a catty image board and losing friends because of it is your own fault.

I have no sympathy for you.

No. 41229

>>41227 The whole thing started as a sleep deprived prank which I never should have done and didn't mean. I had no idea anyone would see my name because I'm an idiot and didn't know how to post properly

No. 41231

Oh boo hoo your friends will find out you're a two faced bully after you willingly posted it on a public website for meaningless clout and attention from a bunch of strangers how sad for you.

I hope you apologise to Jill.

No. 41232

That was a joke that I never should have made. I have the worst sense of humor but also remember Jill was joking about doing drugs in her last vid, that's where i got the idea

No. 41233

>>41229 you're actually fucking pathetic, molly murdock. I hope your friends find this and realise that.

No. 41235

File: 1553449592651.jpg (59.88 KB, 400x558, 20190324_174427.jpg)

Different anon, but once something is on the internet it's on there forever

No. 41236

Please delete that. I don't want my life to be ruined because of this one stupid pathetic mistake I made.

No. 41237

>>41236 begging isn't going to work. You should have thought twice before posting lies about Jill.

No. 41238

Your surname and photo wouldn't have ended up on this thread if you'd have just stopped replying hours ago. You're making yourself look worse with every post and every flimsy pathetic excuse or attempted guilt trip.
I sincerely hope you apologise to Jill, she doesn't deserve people in her real life being such fucking snakes.

Once again the users of this board owe you nothing. You made this bed yourself.

No. 41239

Your life isn't going to be ruined. If you lose friends because of this then that's on you. If someone doesn't want to be friends with the type of person who spreads lies about others then they deserve to know the kind of person you are.

I hope the rush that lasted five minutes when you first posted here was worth it, lmao.

No. 41240

If she confronts me about this I will sincerely apologize. Jill if you are reading this I'm so sorry. I never should have done this. I was being malicious and so terribly unkind. I wish you all the best.

No. 41241

I love how through out this whole ordeal jills white knights were able to creep in, in the middle of all this chaos to "expose" her classmate for talking shit about Jill.

Like you all who are attacking this girl. didn't even realise that someone ousted her before she could even spill more milk. Usually when someone makes a rookie mistake on these boards we just warn them. But no this girl was ousted immediately without warning and then bombarded with hate before she could even spill more milk.

Congtats to this board for officially being infiltrated by jills confetti cult of white Knights.

I personally think what that girl said about Jill was true. but because her confetti cult got a hold of her before farmers actually did. Now we will never know more.

I honestly can't stop laughing at the fact that their are literal post on here getting mad because a classmate was exposing Jill. Even though that's what we have been asking for, for ages. Hahahahahh this is the new confetti club

No. 41242

>>41241 she literally admitted she lied about it all and made it up. it isn't milk.

No. 41243

We want milk but we don't want fake unverified milk. Molly lied and would never have made an effort to confirm she IS a real classmate of Jill's, she just happened to accidentally self dox.

Anecdotal milk without proof is useless to us and she was clearly lying for attention anyway.

We're not whiteknights for Jill we're jumping on Molly because shes a two faced liar.

We don't need lies about Jill, the real milk she gives us is enough and this thread will always call her out on her actual milk but Molly is a liar and an attention seeker.

No. 41244

She only backpedaled when people leaked more information about her lol. Like I said before. Usually if someone makes a rookie mistake on these boards farmers just warn them. Not expose more of their life.

I honestly don't think ahe was lying i think she just said that because she got scared of her information being out there.

No. 41245

not that deep. its just funny to put these randoms who expect ass pats and praise for dropping in here with low effort made up milk on blast. this thread has been a snore.

No. 41246

File: 1553451440419.png (Spoiler Image, 436.2 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20190219-153002.png)

No. 41247

Where the fuck have you been? If someone posts their private information they get ousted and that's always how it's been. She fucked up and wouldn't lay off of it, so she deserves it. If she had just shut the fuck up after her info was blasted out there, we wouldn't have laid into her so hard but she just kept bitching.

No. 41248

And how do you know she would have never made the effort to expose jill? Only a few hours had passed since making her original post before people start leaking more information about her.

I would understand if this was 3 days after her original post but its literally been 10 hours kek.

Anectodotal milk? You mean like when jills ex girlfriend sister came to the board? Was that not anecdotal? At the time we had absolutely no proof that what this girl was saying was true. But we took her word for it because her story was consistent. Luckily a year later we found out it was true.

Who cares of jills confetti friends or irl friends are two faced!? We are not her to make sure kill has "UWU LOYAL FRIENDSIES"

we are here for milk anf now we possibly can't get any because. Y'all care to much about being loyal to jill.

No. 41249

Here's the thing. I think Jill is the biggest waste of rainbow garbage space as much as the next person, but you would not have gotten this kind of backlash if you were at least saying the truth and just owned up to it?

I can't tell if you are actually backpeddling to save face with jill (if so, good lord why) or if they really were lies, but regardless you keep digging yourself deeper with each post because you are trying to play both sides. When someone knows a cow and has dirt, as long as it is honest they usually are not antagonized, especially if they are not trying to stay on good terms with said cow. That is two faced as fuck.

You'd be lucky if she doesn't report you to the school for harassment or hell, make a shitty 'storee tyme i wuz bullied!!1" video about you for asspats and to smear your name.

If you did lie for whatever reason: This is why making up lies as milk is incredibly stupid. It's fine to hate a cow or relish in milk, but making up shit to suit your own agenda is dumb and unnecessary. You deserve all the backlash you get, 'long time lurker.'

No. 41250

She literally admitted that she was lying, dumbfuck. We're here for actual milk, not lies veiled as milk just to create drama.

No. 41251

Who is this? Is this meant to be Molly?

No. 41253

Jill's ex's sister verified who she was on twitter and posted screen caps of convos between Alyssa and Jill. There was no questioning it was real. What are you on about?

Ranting about how the "true farmers" didn't get to this girl in time when you're the only one against what happened is hilarious.

No. 41254

"She Already Admitted ShE Lied" only after more of her personal information was exposed you stupid cock sucking bitch

No. 41255

First off, sage your bitching. Second, it's her own fault she had her personal information leaked. If she had really been a ~long time lurker~, she would have known the rules and how sage-ing works. Get the fuck over yourself.

No. 41256

Go back to PULL if you want a nice thread

No. 41257

I'm the only against it? Oh no burn the martyr! Shun the non believer yall really that hive minded jesus Christ!

Listen maybe the part where she only got into school because she is a youtuber was fabricated in part of jealousy. But i truly believe jill is failing or not doing well and a class or 2. Everyone knows jill is emotionally manipulative and constantly wants ass pats. I wouldn't put it past her to whime and complain to her friends that she was failing photography hence how Molly got the information in the first place.

Literally happened to the notion of "ask questions later" I would not mind this board tearing this girl apart AFTER we got as much information we could out of her. But yall are so damn impatient and fucking stupid we are never going to know now.

No. 41258

Molly stop samefagging.

No. 41260

File: 1553453714807.jpg (343.96 KB, 720x1128, 20190324_185253.jpg)

I find this image so sloppy looking. Normally she spends ages editing an image, but she couldn't even crop out the table or fix the messy stripe on the right?

No. 41261

File: 1553453823534.jpg (401.21 KB, 720x1125, 20190324_185656.jpg)

No. 41262

"Go bAcK to PULL if YoU wANt a NIce ThREad"
Oh my god you're so edgy!

No one said anything about a nice thread lil homie. But we haven't had proper good thread in what feels like forever. And y'all ruined the one lead we did have.

These threads have been filled with people begging for someone who "knows jill irl" and then when we get a possible lead its "omg ur so much an unloyal fwiend to my jilly bean how dare you be two faced to my favorwit persin EVER…i love her kawawiwi cardigans does anyone here know where to get them?"

Y'all just afraid to admit we been infiltrated and thats okay

No. 41263

>we got as much information we could out of her

It doesn't mean anything without verification. If you want to believe Jillybean is snorting coke in class, there's nothing stopping you.

Also keep calling us the confetti club when you don't even know how to sage. It's cute.

No. 41264

as much as I don't care for pixie, you're so incredibly lucky, Molly, that pixie is likely a nice enough person to not report you for violating your colleges code of conduct, because you absoutely have according to what I could find kek

No. 41265

If you think I'm Molly then that means you are admitting what she said about Jill was true? And that you did possibly ruin a good lead

No. 41266

if you are ~such a real farmer~ why are you failing to sage like actual farmers know to do? your flailing is not milk.

No. 41267

Lol what the fuck are you even talking about. If you read mollys post she only said she thinks it was nasal spray. I'm- like y'all really showing much of stupid white bitches y'all truly are.

Are y'all really trying to make fun of me because i chose not to sage in a couple of post. Hahahahh im dying and dead y'all so fucking stupid

No. 41269

So where are the mods? Ban the dumb bitch, she's spewing so much shit that it's littering the thread with nothing of substance.


>stupid white bitches

Okay Molly. Learn to integrate into board culture if you're going to sit here and whine.

No. 41270

I'm not Molly and i know you don't want you queen pixie to get upset and that you are trying to protect her you feelings. But i don't give a shit what she does with molly. I mean it sucks for her but…

No. 41271

I’m admitting you’re shitting up the thread with unsaged sperging, maybe trying to bury your flub so this thread gets archived faster, and are too dumb to function.

No. 41272

Stop typing like a twitter user. You stick own like a sore thumb and you don't even sage your non-contributions.
Learn a little about board culture before vomiting all over threads please.

No. 41273

Then why are you still responding to me fucking rookie. If I'm banned you should be too.

I love how I made valid points but the austitic confetti cult only response is "lol you must be molly" "shun the jill anti she's not wanted here"

No. 41274

kek how are you so dumb, if you aren't molly then you are absolutely larping as her if you actually look at what I replied to.

No. 41275

How do I know you're not Molly trying to save face? Confetti club is autistic and weak as fuck

No. 41276

We literally have a thread bashing the Confetti Club, why do you keep assuming that any of us are them? Are you really that stupid? Go back to PULL or Twitter, you don't belong here.

No. 41277

because molly would absolutely be telling herself she deserves to get in trouble with her college for violating the student code of conduct, right.

No. 41278

I don’t know if it’s just the angling and the filter, but Jill looks like a horrorfying photoshopped clown here.

No. 41279

Jesus that double chin. Also still claiming the items she got are handmade when they aren't. Is anyone ever going to correct her or what?
You can definitely tell Jill is in charge of the moonmist ig, also of course she has to be center.

No. 41282


Thou protest too much!
Delflecting. Yeah that will show me your not a CC member.

Anyway im done here i don't want to get banned for making fun of the retards here

No. 41283


Why does she always announce when she dyes her hair! No1curr jill just post your selfie and go

No. 41285

Does anyone know where to watch her uploaded patreon streams? Or did they get taken down? I can't seem to find them but I could have sworn someone had uploaded some a month or two ago.

No. 41286

This thread is chock full of mentally retarded cunts who lack substance and depth.

No. 41287

Remember when you said you'd leave

No. 41289

Wow, thought I would come back for some good milk but you all just turned this into a shit ton of nothing. Can this Molly person come back and give us some more lies, at least that was interesting.

No. 41298

yeah it appears as though one person armed with twitterspeak and clapbacks think they “cracked the code” and we all are stans sitting idly by. this thread was dead we were desperate for milk. as IF molly would have delivered even if we entertained her shit, she started apologizing like a bitch before anyone even properly accused her. alyssa’s sister back in the day was open about her identity and willing to help prove it from the get-go, unlike “you’re just gonna have to take my word for it”. also come on, she tried to imply jill was snorting lines LOL. molly FYI if you really lurked you’d know she probably smokes weed, like at the very least tell me she took a vape to class. keep your fanfic in character!

having said that there’s clearly one individual poster responsible for dragging the infighting on and on and derailing and sperging … and it’s not even molly. lol
(unless it IS…)

No. 41303

Well we were only waiting for the rest of her Japan vlogs and the Kawaii.i episode, so it's not like we were really dead, but idk what the hell the past several posts have been on

I have some saved, but not on hand atm

No. 41304

Lol you care too much. Wow we will never know if Jill really failed her photography class. What will we ever do without such amazing milk? kek

No. 41306


>the Kawaii.i episode

When will they show it? I thought I read somewhere that they will broadcast it around mid March? I finally want to see this mess in motion.

No. 41309

Friday April 5th according to their website

No. 41315

i feel lowkey sorry for Jill. does she not have a single person in her life to tell her "honey, i know you're trying, but that make-up is HORRIBLE, please take it off". does everyone just let her get out of the house and upload pictures like this and let her humiliate herself online?

No. 41316

She would throw a shitfit if anyone did. That and we live in a day where any criticism is evil and terrible no matter how it's said or the place it comes from.
It's also likely that her friends let her look like a goblin to make themselves look cuter, like it's been speculated that she does with her friends to make herself stand out.

No. 41324

Nice to see that she is actually wearing this stupid ugly dress she got for free and barely fits but still refuses to put on any of the expensive shit she buys.

No. 41333

damn, molly has some nasolabial folds.

No. 41342

Stop derailing over the newfag, move on.

No. 41350

this may or may not be milk, i've just seen her around the city and these are things ive observed.

not that anyone cares but she doesn't know how to dress for a new brunswick winter. lots of short skirts without tights have been worn since we got snow in october. wears a faux fur pink coat that honestly can't be that warm.

she's awkward when getting complimented on her fashion as well and seems to not really know what to do with herself (at least in the few interactions i've seen). seems kinda like she doesn't want people to compliment her or at least people that seem normalish?

media grades don't really matter btw, so theoretically if she failed photography (which is literally impossible unless you don't do assignments) she'd be fine to go into fashion. I would be more likely to believe she'd be failing the art history class especially with the times she missed by going on trips.

also first year fashion tends to have a good amount of people drop it before christmas and even less make it to second year. its one of the more difficult corses to take, so if she's having a hard time now with youtube and school, wait until she actually does the fashion program. (only three graduates last year)
I'm also assuming her grades during the fashion media must not have been the greatest because of her being 'conditionally accepted', or she's waitlisted for the program and just using the 'conditionally accepted' as a cover?

so uh thats the 'milk' i have for stuff that goes on at the school/how jill dresses in fton.
(i hope none of this is considered blog posting)

No. 41375

Here is an updated playlist of them with the new stream from last week.


No. 41379

i skipped around a lot but not much to report…
>"super determined to clean and make it less terrible"
>steve set out to clean house and didn't even though he had two weeks
>missed 2 weeks of school
>precure haul coming in vlog, 8 japan vlogs total upcoming
>"having a crisis" hence dyeing hair pink again and bleaching brows- says she's gonna film it but not sure if she did
>woman at sally beauty was condescending to her so when she went back to get bleach she complained about it
>started wearing makeup again
>zodiac rambling including the gem "i dated 3 aquariuses in a row"
>had an ambiguous meeting with some brand coordinated with kawaii.i
>dRAnk ACtuAL bEeR
>shows off horrible dress "it looks weird when it's not on an actual person" sure, jill
>talking about measurements, kind of let it slip that her waist is ~30"
>possibly making more "sustainable" merch in the future

No. 41382

But… no mention of making her endless purchasing more ethical? No more fast fashion? Which, am I remembering wrong or did she swear off fast fashion at one point, or at least say she was gonna stop supporting it?

If she stopped buying cheap, mass produced plastic shit altogether I'd consider revising my opinion of her some.

No. 41386

She never said she would stop buying it, just that she would stop showing it in hauls.

No. 41388

>face posted on a women's gossip board
>life ruined

You're over-reacting, if you'd just ran as soon as you realized you doxxed yourself, instead of posting another 20 comments, it would have been dropped already.
Self-sabotage at it's finest. I feel bad for you. Just drop it and maybe troll somewhere less google-able next time.

No. 41426

i think she is definitely bigger than 30", that sounds like bullshit to me (maybe 30" if sucking in… even then that's a bit of reach)

No. 41450

Tbh it seems quite reasonable to me. She isnt exactly huge. Maybe a 32 but certainly not too much bigger

No. 41455

Shes built like a cylinder, I doubt that her chest/hips are also 30in.
Also does any one know how tall she is or like a rough estimate? Cause that really does effect how weight looks on a person.

No. 41456

I'm not saying she massive or anything, but with how often she wears those giant, shapeless dresses and shirts, whatever size she looks, she's likely bigger.

No. 41457

>"isn't that what they say at funerals? forever hold your peace."

Pretty sure that's weddings… but okay, Jill.

No. 41458

IIRC she's pretty short

No. 41459

>>zodiac rambling including the gem "i dated 3 aquariuses in a row"

She would be retarded enough to believe zodiac stuff, wouldn't she?

>>woman at sally beauty was condescending to her so when she went back to get bleach she complained about it

I wonder what happened.

No. 41468

She’s always claimed that she’s 5ft.

No. 41469

She's definitely around that height. I've met her, and she's shorter than me and I'm 5'2".

No. 41474

>I wonder what happened.
she was really vague about it. said it made her almost not want to go back. honestly, if she went in with her hair looking fried to hell, maybe they tried to advise her how to fix it and we all know that constructive criticism is "mean :("

No. 41488

So they gifted her a original CCS uniform cosplay, they gave her an XXL, she said it’s to big and already thinking about selling it. Well good job jill