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File: 1554352913994.png (1.23 MB, 1280x743, 1550622233074.png)

No. 42916

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~
>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her

>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to overseas trips, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during college
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; is currently dating and living with one Stephen Clarke and has formally come out again as bisexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

In the last thread (apologies for possibly poor recap):
~ Jillian addresses the lack of videos in the past several months, claiming many personal reasons while not addressing her hospital stay in thread #31
~ Posts a Q+A video with Stephen, addressing how she and Steve met (Jillian wanted to Maggie but was turned down by her and barely remembered Steve until the third time when he asked her for an interview), talked about being bisexual while also ranting about the thread and people "reaching" about her and Steve's sexuality
~ Japan trip finally happened; Jillian films with Kawaii.i and 6% Dokidoki, and planned to get her fourth tattoo while overseas, but experienced issues with withdrawing cash from her Visa had to cancel the appointment
~ Her birthday arrives; Jillian almost finishes but never wears the special dress she had made for her birthday - another of many creations she spends a long time working on but never wears; also leaves to go to Montreal with her mother despite missing school for two weeks
~ Does a small artist spotlight on a creator that sent her a new dress, without doing research to find out that the dress was not hand-made
~ Redyes her hair to pink and dyes her bangs lime green
~ Still awaiting her Kawaii.i episode; is now posting her Japan vlogs

Old threads:

youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Old Da (very milky) https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/

No. 42921

Those piss brows haunt me

No. 42924

File: 1554356067928.png (678.87 KB, 1487x2048, 1444764734.png)

Some comments from her recent rainbow dress picture. Love how her white nights have to jump to her defense because "h-h-how dare someone question the actions of our queen!!"

No. 42927

The sudden weight gain could be that she got new meds maybe
And adding to it will be her lifestyle of being lazy and over eating

No. 42928

the fact she does special 'secksie' photoshoots with her mom will never not be weird as hell

jill is seriously a trainwreck at this point

No. 42930

File: 1554362592606.png (1.64 MB, 1408x702, pixie.png)

Re-posting pic with a rough photo timeline for the anons who missed it in the last thread. Pictures are shot and edited by her mother so the photo- shopping is pretty consistent across the photos.

No. 42931


Is it bad that I actually like her 2019 pic?

No. 42932

no just makes you a chubby chaser
also she looks best with the bangs

No. 42937

Would she be better looking if she just dropped the rainbow shit and dressed/wore her hair like a normal person?

No. 42944

Has she shooped her boobs bigger in the latest one because she has always been pretty small chested and one looks visibly bigger than the other when it never did before

No. 42945

She gained weight, so some of it could have gone to her chest. I think the strong lighting and shadow makes the cleavage look deeper than it really is though, and the dress being so tight on her probably has a push-up effect.

No. 42946

i feel like the haltar neck is what is making her seem so massive. Jill has quite broad shoulders and I never noticed until seeing her in this outfit. She's got the tiny head massive shoulder look Momokun has.

I don't think her body looks that bad at all except for how tiny her head looks vs how broad her build looks but it's certainly a dramatic change from a year ago.

Jill's body will be changing from a teenager's body to a woman's body now so perhaps thats why she seems so broad in build compared to the Feb 2017 photo even aside from the weight gain

No. 42948

>Attractive picture
Do these cunts not see her fucking legs? Jill is gonna ham up to obesity levels and her cult will stay shriek body posi qween!!!! even though it's so blatantly obvious she shops

No. 42950

Has anyone seen her wear that crushed velvet skirt since her old vday lookbook lol?. Honestly at whatever size she is, she needs clothes that FIT well.

No. 42952

Holy jesus her legs are huge now.

No. 42953

She's got cute tits

No. 42954

File: 1554383028472.jpeg (483.61 KB, 750x983, DDA8F1CC-065A-4F14-A4EA-011CCC…)

NHK have posted the summary for her Kawaii-I episode

No. 42955

File: 1554383052867.jpeg (951.67 KB, 750x1294, F0D5BAA8-F683-470E-A2A6-813550…)

Part 2 with blurb

No. 42958

Sebastian Masuda critiquing her "designs"??

No. 42963

>>"Dreams really do come true if you're rich enough to buy them!"

No. 42971

Lmao that's the only part that isn't her being spoiled and that seems entertaining.

No. 42972

comments are turned of on her newest pic now

No. 42973

I already feel bad for the dude and the look on his face when he sees her costume satin monstrosity. Honestly Kawaii International would be taken seriously if they ditched the contest and just focused on the fucking fashions and hired someone else to do the voice overs, they're such a joke

No. 42976

Lmao, were their too many comments about her photoshop bullshit?

No. 42977

what r u talking about, they´re on and she has currently 1.416 comments

No. 42979

In the last thread it was proven that the building curves behind her from editing, why is she blatantly lying like this?

No. 42990

The new dress is super cute but not on her due to the fit and her hair. Girl needs to learn about balance.

Oh my god, she looks like an adult baby in that photo. Fashion idol, my ass. Kawaii International is a joke. It’s not even about style, voting based off likes is the dumbest way to do this so here we are. An untalented, unfashionable Jillian as an ambassador.

No. 42992


Jill really ballooned up, she's for sure on the higher end of overweight by now.
This isn't going to do any better for her already shitty health.

No. 43018

Yeah for sure. But y’know guess she’s going for ~thicc kaweewee bb~ now kek. Wonder if her friends irl are supporting/enabling this or not.

No. 43022

File: 1554433102826.jpeg (145.99 KB, 1122x571, C9F025E7-AE68-42A1-99EB-18981F…)

ok but these two figures are SO different

No. 43026

I went to check out the comments myself and noticed a few people asking her to stop supporting Dollskill/sugarthrillz lmao.

No. 43029

File: 1554439047227.png (478.32 KB, 2048x1070, 953933131.png)

Here's the comment. Doubt Jilly gives a single fuck about the ethics of who she supports at this point though.

No. 43034

inb4 her typical "ohh i had no idea!!" response

why do her fans think she gives any shits about ethics? she prides herself in collecting plastic and constantly buying things. even her pet cats are purchased from inbreeders purely for the aesthetic. she engages in art theft herself kek (those badly shooped background stars in her first or second patreon newsletter had copyright all over them)

No. 43039

File: 1554448361738.png (6.59 KB, 324x159, sss.png)

also this one heh. The one you posted is definitely less accusatory.

No. 43047

No. 43048

File: 1554462711707.jpeg (278.22 KB, 750x1035, 4D5FFDF0-CF7E-4351-82A7-F7D9AE…)

No. 43049

File: 1554464177748.jpeg (383.62 KB, 750x408, A9B9B4DB-B986-4718-96F6-23D495…)

Jill’s wishlist/recap of episode:
>Find out the latest trend in fashion.
Jill couldn’t find the trend on her own and needed a clue. Earlier when asked about her first outfit and what she was wearing she said “innocent fluffy pink feeling look with rainbow accents” instead of the brand, bc she doesn’t wear j-fashion brands.
>Get professional opinions on her design
(They went to 6% doki doki which Jill says is her favorite store due to their age and use of color.) Sebastian told her that she worked hard on the intricate hemline and that she could make more pieces both for herself and others to get more experience so she could get better.
>Become a magical girl. Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay photoshoot.
>Eat Kawaii Food.
Strawberries and chocolate/cake.

No. 43050

OT but is there a dog wearing a diaper at 23:25. What.

No. 43051

omg I´m DYING!! It´s finally out! While watching this I felt like a child, problably because of the weird narrator… but tbh I found it actually an enjoiable episode

No. 43052

Why don't they get a new narration jfc.

No. 43053

Her voice sounds so different in this.

No. 43054

File: 1554465790374.jpg (43.35 KB, 900x497, 1554465776646.jpg)

Kinda flashed her bra in the last seconds

No. 43055

maybe she has her period and the human doesn´t want her to bleed in the house

No. 43057

The fit ofthe dress is so wonky…It could be cute if she ould spend on good fabric, inlays, maybe even corset boning

No. 43059

No. I like it too. I think it’s because it looks like she actually has shape again because for a while with her gain she was appearing like a tube, but here, since she isn’t wearing frumpy clothes, you can see her curves.

No. 43060

File: 1554468335668.png (1.19 MB, 969x543, kawaii leader huh.PNG)


No. 43061

This is so, so bad. Imagine wearing this in front of your "favourite" (and I use that term lightly since the only 6% thing Jill has ever bought herself was that cheap necklace) designer and expecting anything but secondhand embarrassment from them.

No. 43065

File: 1554473037564.jpeg (52.4 KB, 332x421, 8237522D-D90A-409B-AE38-E3B464…)

The bodice fits so poorly…. how can you be comfortable wearing something like this? Wouldn’t you notice how baggy it is?

No. 43066

OT but dogs have periods???

No. 43067

why wouldn't you just google it if you want to know, ffs. yes, when a female dog is in heat, she bleeds. it's not monthly like with women. >>43048
omg the cringe levels are sky high.

No. 43069

oh god this is horrendous
is it me or is she speaking with a slight "japanese" accent?? like she's trying to sound like a japanese woman speaking english
those giggles too, its so uncomfortable

No. 43070

I don't know what you're talking about, I thought her Canadian accent was out in full force.

No. 43071

Proof fat dorky white girls like Jill need to stop trying to be kawaii clowns because it's an embarrassment.

No. 43074

Really anon. The nitpick of all nitpicks.

No. 43075

I heard it too. Sounded ridiculous.

No. 43077

> Sebastian Masuda critiqued her designs
Even though I was basically just as stupid as Jill when I was her age, and am willing to forgive a lot of her fuckery- the fact that she showed Sebastian Fucking Masuda her bullshit Party Kei attempts, and will in no way learn from any of this fills me with rage.
She essentially stole the place of someone who would have actually benefited from this experience. I’m livid.

No. 43078

I’d honestly chalk it up to nervousness. From the video it sounds like she’s speaking in a higher pitch which is common when someone is nervous, and she appears to be following Misha’s vocal cues instead of talking how she normally does since she’s probably afraid of saying something wrong or creating an awkward situation.

Also could she seriously not name a single brand of the clothing she was wearing? When she asked Pixie to talk about her outfit, all she did was go “It’s pink and innocent!”

No. 43081

Jill may be a dumb fuck but even she knew how bad it'd look to list off American brands on a show about Japanese fashion

No. 43082

Same, the thing that bothers me the most is someone who actually deserves this could've had it but instead it's given to this untalented, spoiled, entitled wretch

No. 43084

I'd be highly embarrassed to present myself to any Japanese brand owner in that hot mess. Her socks and glitter dirt boots make it worse as usual.

No. 43086

He basically showed up, said “uh, keep trying.” and left. Very little effort on his part, and the show advertised his work and his store rather favorably.
It’s not like he gave her any insider fashion secrets.

No. 43088

Maybe he really didn't like her and didn't want to be like "you look horrible you're untalented ew"

No. 43089

File: 1554484543670.jpeg (148.15 KB, 625x1077, 5F12DD51-00EA-454E-A1A7-76E6BD…)

Did they edit the boots to look lighter pink here? Or is it just the lighting?

No. 43090

Could also be an old dog with incontinence issues.

She'd look so,much better in the last pic if she just had normal hair and didn't wear that shitty bow thing and her topknot bun.

Jfc why is it so baggy?? I know Jill knows how to properly fit to her chest, she's made relatively better fitting things before, so what the hell happened herem

No. 43093

Zooming in like this makes it seem like the photo is of a child wearing their mother-child sewing project or one of those cheap birthday party entertainers with a one size fits all costume. How she is a 'kawaii' leader is beyond me, it could have looked so much better if it was actually made to fit and with higher quality material. I feel like Jill is losing skill the more she sews.
A sewing project along the lines of the dress in >>43089 would have been a way better way of showing off skills for the show.

No. 43096

File: 1554488076295.png (368.68 KB, 349x428, oof.PNG)

dear lord

No. 43099

whoever took this picture wasn't kind enough to tell poor Jill she looks even more obese and absolutely un-petite from this angle. it exacerbates how huge she's gotten and how unflattering a children's uniform cosplay looks on her

No. 43100

File: 1554488769065.jpg (1016.13 KB, 2560x1920, 19-04-05-19-24-29-734_deco.jpg)

(From SheSoho's insta stories, a lesbian bar) I'm extremely disappointed in whoever submitted Jill as a lesbian role model and anyone who voted for her

No. 43101

> lesbian role model
Jillian is literally dating a cis dude with a fucking penis and has only dated cis dudes with penises half her life. she was with a chick maybe ONCE for less than two months. you can stretch it and call her bi if you want, but calling her a LESBIAN when right now she's literally dating a cis dude and has since deleted her "coming out" video is hysterical.

No. 43103

It would probably look better if it were actually fitted to her body rather than just being something that they were like "yeah, this size will fit her" and just gave it to her. But those sleeves look gigantic on her, aside from making her look bigger around than usual.

But nah, it doesn't fit and she's not gonna alter it to fit.

No. 43104

the icing on the cake is the fact this was taken at a cosplay photo studio, like we even got to see the photographer tell her how to pose and even say "move your hips in exaggerated ways to look more like the character" then we get a shot of this.

No. 43105

This video makes me so uncomfortable. Does anyone else feel like everyone she talks to in these types of event streams/videos look put off by her? Idk why, but everyone I see around her seems so annoyed/uncomfortable to be around her if they aren't her close friends.

No. 43107

uh, this video…
The narrator voice is imbearable, every interaction look soooo awkward and Pixie gave me second hand embarrassment.
First, with Sebastian Masuda : I would have been mortified to show such an ugly dress to a worldwide known designer. Japanese politeness saved the day, but everyone knew her dress was shit.
Second, the girl who accompany her : it seems like they're trying to play the "kawaii friends" card but they got no alchemy, it's painful to watch. When they go to the dessert buffet, the girl doesn't eat and awkwardly watch Jill glumping down her plate…

Does Jill know japanese? She doesn't say a single japanese word except for the "itadakimasu~" part. But when she listen to the people talking she's like "mh mh" nodding as if she understands them.

And why does she feel the need to look amazed by every single thing??? It's so forced. Especially the part where she looks at the Sakura CC stationary set screaming "OMG IT'S SO CUUUTE". (also I was shook when she said she wasn't born yet in 1996… She looks so much older)

No. 43111

She knows only the most basic Japanese phrases even though she has tried before to make people believe she can have small conversations. And she definitely was playing up her amazement at everything due to nervousness and trying to meet the over-the-top cutesy aspect of the show (like the narrator).
I'm sort of empathetic to her situation because of the nerves and language barrier, but some of this is also her own fault for not studying Japanese like she said she would, not practicing sewing like she said she would, not caring about Japanese fashion, etc.

No. 43113

What kind of LESBIAN/BI rolemodel poll is this?
>pixie (need I say more?)
>LJG, transgender (man to woman)
This shit is so annoying (not even les/bi). Jill being uwu so queer rolemodel just doesn't work, because she likes feminine MALES.

No. 43114

File: 1554492785724.jpg (62.7 KB, 660x406, pixie.JPG)


pic related sums up how it feels like to torture yourself through the first 10 minutes of this video. God, this is hard to watch. I don't dare to count how many times they already said KAWAII.

No. 43120

That pop quiz thing was bullshit though. Just from an entertainment/ video making perspective.
They should have at least had a bit more scripted content or behind the scenes prompting/coaching. Telling two strangers to wander around a store and “be kawaii” is just a recipe for awkwardness

No. 43121

File: 1554495033976.jpg (334.58 KB, 720x1001, 20190405_211007.jpg)

No. 43122

File: 1554495467058.jpg (28.31 KB, 324x383, onthefloor.JPG)

No. 43123

File: 1554495556147.jpg (39.2 KB, 763x429, snooze.JPG)


This entire shoot was a joke. The photographer took the pictures with her smartphone?

No. 43124

Uh they've basically produced no content so far (and when they do it's only like once a year), a Q&A just seems so awkward…
Like the only reason anyone even knows about the group is cus of Jill, otherwise no one would give a shit.

No. 43126

The more I watch the more I’m convinced this was a prank pulled on Pixie.
Or maybe this is just the shit quality of this show, I can’t say I’ve ever watched other episodes

No. 43127

Do the other two even have YouTube channels

No. 43129

Wait, this was the 'professional' magical girl photoshoot? Great quality from a pretty big company. Her mum is a photographer, why doesn't she just get her mum to do a shoot for her instead of doing this as a wish. She would have gotten better results and just a quick google search would have helped both her and her mum position for poses.

No. 43131

Nothing she's wearing goes together. Especially those fucking shoes. How is she not embarrassed?

No. 43133

Having watched the episode it looks like the photographer was a cardcaptor Sakura super fan who also did cosplay, and the photo shoot was to give pixie advice on how to pose for cosplay photos.
I’m also guessing she wore the school uniform because it was the only cosplay outfit the woman had that could fit her.

No. 43134

That's her own fault. She's fake af. She acts like she follows or cares about japanese fashion when she doesn't even own any to wear in front of Sebastian Matsuda.

No. 43141


Probably on her period. We have to put diapers on my dog, and you can even get doggy pads. Sorry for the low-key blogpost btw.

No. 43157

I agree with what you're trying to say, but from the way her back looks, I think she has her arms in her lap in the second picture, meaning her back looks smaller due to the fact that she is hunched forward.

No. 43158

File: 1554504260628.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2250, Screenshot_20190405-163700~2.p…)

Oh Jesus, did she always have rainbow mixed in with her pink or am I blind and missed it? All the comments are going off about how snatched her hair looks but the rainbow shit is getting old and it looks tacky as fuck because the color is fading from her bangs

No. 43159

the extra colours in the back might be extensions, she wears them a lot since she has a chemical cut, those bangs are awful, looks like a bowl cut, is dumb and dumber kawiwi now?

No. 43163

Who sees that face in a photo and thinks "this is good enough for thousands of people"

No. 43165

Thought the same thing but its a video. Anon just got a lucky shot

No. 43166

“when i was in middle school i found out about cardcaptor sakura” is it just me or is this a lie? i thought she watched it when she was like 17-18? i might be wrong though

No. 43170

Yes, it was deffinatly a lie. Jill's first anime were a slice of life, k on, the 90s sailor moond dub, and pokemon. Eventually she found precure because she was looking for cute anime stuff online. She says in a con haul where she shows off the $50 sakura cards that she was on ep. 30ish, and she was about 17. They probably had her say CCS because it's more relevant and popular.

No. 43172

>And why does she feel the need to look amazed by every single thing??
This is Japanese TV in a nutshell.
>Shiloku Granny’s secret ingredient to most delicious fried fish is salt?
D-list celebs and comedians in studio: HUUUUUUUUUEEEERRRRR well fuck me I never would have guessed! Salt? What innovation, what genius! Let’s taste it here in the studio and we’ll all scream UMAI and have spontaneous orgasms

No. 43176

In all honesty you could screenshot any second from this video and it would be gold, she's acting so forced happy to hype up her show so she's straining her smile the entire time

In this old video https://youtu.be/l2tom5PtC4o she said she discovered it in 2012 so she would have been about 14 I believe? The timeline actually matches up on this one but I could have sworn you were right

No. 43190

>She essentially stole the place of someone who would have actually benefited from this experience
No offense anon but who do you have in mind that could've benefited from this experience? Every other contestant is also just a kawaii girl who spends a lot of clothes on money and makeup.

No. 43196

Some of the contestants were lesser known creators who could’ve gained positive exposure from winning, and maybe they would’ve used it to launch their careers instead of sitting on their ever expanding ass like Jilly bean does. However, that’s just speculation.

No. 43198

Out of the top 5 contestants, only 2 (Emily Meow and Sano) really had any sort of special schtick beyond looking cute and owning a lot of clothes. I do wish there was some kind of way that NHK would have a say in who becomes the kawaii leader by looking at each contestant's merits too but I suppose that's too much work for them.

No. 43202

LOL when they eat the desserts, the host has to tell Pixie to show it to the camera. How dense ccan you be?

No. 43210

File: 1554527083740.png (2.24 MB, 1672x1039, Untitled-1.png)

The way Jill stretched out all her words when speaking and was screeching every few seconds makes the video hard to watch but there are lots of hilarious stills to be captured

No. 43213

I found that part so weird. Also that the girl who was with her didn’t touch her food at all and was just looking at Pixie?? When she ripped apart that pastry thing I had to cringe so hard man

No. 43222

File: 1554536451534.jpg (596.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190406-084004_Ins…)

Looks like jill wasnt invited again

No. 43228

she has mentioned watching it for the first time way more recently than that and said she couldn't finish it because there was too much filler, so what is the truth then

No. 43232

this is so funny, I wonder how much the moonmist girls are going to be hating their lives in that up-coming probably forced Q&A

No. 43242

watching her nod and go "mm" like she knows what sebastian is saying is so fucking funny
also "i look up to you sooo much" "ok ok see you next time"

the heil hitler salute that other girl kept doing had me in tears, this fucking video is gold

No. 43244

Re: Naming brands, iirc they don't typically name fashion brands on Kawaii International, so it might be because of that. I could be wrong though, it's been ages since I watched this show.

No. 43248

So the point of kawaii international is they fly kawaii leaders to japan, and film them being impressed by a few stores/people in japan.
I sincerely do not understand the point of all this. The focus seems to be entirely “isn’t Japan awesome? It’s so kawaiiiiiiii!” Which I feel cant make good television no matter who you put in Jill’s place.

No. 43249

The shows mostly about fashion culture and trends, shit like that but it's delivered in a really cheesy way with how the host and the narrator are. The kawaii leader contest and episodes are just extras that nobody needs or wants. Like watch your fave scream kawaii for a good half hour, there's no purpose

No. 43250

Is this all the Kawaii International stuff that Jill will be shown in?

No. 43253

Seems so. They announced the new Kawaii Leader contest is starting this April, so looks like Jill is done unless they call in former leaders for an episode (which they've never done).

No. 43255

It seems like the whole point was to take advantage of Jill’s fan base. Everyone who follows her will watch her episode, and a lot of them might continue watching other episodes too now. So it makes sense that they’re quickly moving on to other “leaders” with other fan bases.

No. 43257

>The focus seems to be entirely “isn’t Japan awesome? It’s so kawaiiiiiiii!” Which I feel cant make good television no matter who you put in Jill’s place.
It's basically mild propaganda to encourage tourism. It's not supposed to be deep or entertaining, it's supposed to encourage weebs to book a holiday and spend a ton of money.

No. 43263


I'm pretty sure she's picked up precure in her lolita phase when she wanted to wear princess peachie's skin. Princess peachie's been a big precure fan long before jill even was into jfashion. Remember when jill made that princes peachie fanart.

No. 43302

It's shown on NHK International which is basically just news and shows that promote Japanese tourism/show Japan in a nice light

No. 43308

That's definitely one way but another is a lot of people in the fairy kei Tumblr sphere liked and would talk about precure too, Peachie included. Was her skin walking Peachie before or after her yt took off? I wanna say that by the time she got to yt she was skinealking milkyfawn instead.

No. 43313

File: 1554631227945.jpg (768.52 KB, 1080x1440, 20190407_065954.jpg)

No it looks like Jill went this time but she didn't have any fun

No. 43314

Why does she only date confused gay guys? Does she want to be a beard forever?

No. 43315

everyone including steve is wearing matching shirts and she didn't want to join in because muh aesthetic I am guessing, good way to alienate yourself

No. 43320

She likes feminine guys and soft guys. She doesn’t like masculine men. Tristan was a soft guy, Colin let her do anything (him being ~nb~ made it worse). And Steve seems like he also doesn’t care/likes being turned into a different person because of Jill. She can’t have any relationship where she leaves the person alone and let’s them like their own stuff. She probably has a fetish for feminine men.

No. 43322

Her peachie skinwalking was before youtube, her milkyfawn skinwalking probably started when she was throwing things around in her haul videos and buying knock off rilakkuma.

No. 43326

Maybe he went and she didn't.
He has the shirt and maybe she just wore the bunny ears for the picture.

No. 43327

you could be right. the pic is taken at their home, and she could've taken his bunny ears and snapped a pic just before he left the house. i wouldn't be surprised if only he was invited

No. 43332

File: 1554656913434.jpg (2.09 MB, 1080x1440, 1554631227945.jpg)

I think she has the shirt under her jacket. You can see the bunny face peeking out.

No. 43336

What the hell is the pink thing she's got on then? I think you're right but the perspective of it doesn't make sense

No. 43354

It looks like she just has it tucked under her arm, and will put it on once she leaves the house (ie. after photos to not ruin her aesthetic)

No. 43355

File: 1554678064711.png (238.56 KB, 400x425, Goblin_Slayer_LN_Profile.png)

mfw I see Jill's face in the pic on the right

No. 43365

Ah, good catch.
On one hand, good for her still hanging out with them.
On the other, why is she not in any of their group shots? She was there so it seems odd.

No. 43370

Gonna take a guess and say she's only being invited because Steve asks her to go and hangs on to him the whole time out of awkwardness.

No. 43372

Aren't Jenny and wendy in the pic too? Also Maggie has called Jill her wife of whatever so I would figure most people are cool with it

No. 43408

maybe Jill was with Steve at the time, or just didn't have to go piss. the rest of them went to the bathroom, pissed together, & then took the group pic. probably doesn't mean anything that Jill wasn't in the picture, it's pointless to speculate. no milk there.

No. 43426

File: 1554736661675.png (622.8 KB, 691x887, cosplay.PNG)

looks like she decided on her cosplay for animaritimes

No. 43427

File: 1554736794177.png (683.04 KB, 702x1000, Shiny_Luminous_1.png)

Well that's gonna be an incredibly unflattering cosplay for her…

No. 43433

Wonder if this means Jenny and Wendy will be black and white.
I'm a little surprised they aren't doing Star Twinkle honestly, since it's the current season.

No. 43440

Unflattering, yes. But since Luninous's outfit is already a sack Jill will have an easier time. However she's gonna use shiny costume fabric and fuck up the sleeves, and end up looking even more terrible cause of her freshman 50+. Jill seems to be totally clueless on how to sew for her body size, seeing how her last dress looked

No. 43466

File: 1554750051344.jpg (293.55 KB, 720x1000, 20190408_200045.jpg)

No. 43468

That is actually not that bad. I am glad she tries sth new and actually seems to put in effort

No. 43470

this is very good tbh, especially if it really is her first time with ink.
getting a grasp on real life/not anime anatomy could really help her in conceptualising garments

No. 43471

Glad to see her school actually teaching her things. Her lack of self-motivation is a big issue for all of her work, but formal training should help immensely even if it's relatively low level training. Better than nothing since she has refused to self-teach and her art and sewing skills have stagnated for several years.

No. 43476

File: 1554755866560.jpg (89.49 KB, 1080x1080, 54248157_471769220265869_88236…)

these are some solid figure sketches, I'm surprised. Dude looks a bit like Michael Myers on the left but it's aight

No. 43479

Hope this isn't too much of a blogpost but I took a painting class and working with ink was actually hard as shit so if she can do that much with it I'm actually surprisingly impressed.

Hopefully she can keep with it but let's be honest she'll probably post about it once and lose motivation to keep with it because it's not kawiwi rainby colors and doesn't fit into her aesthetic.

No. 43486

File: 1554760192577.jpg (157.32 KB, 1080x480, 20190407_065912.jpg)


No. 43487

File: 1554760252042.jpg (180.31 KB, 1080x564, 20190407_065936.jpg)

No. 43489

Why the fuck are you puking in containers and not the toilet? You're not a child. Drag your ass out of bed.

No. 43490

I mean didnt we already talked about basement girl not following Jill anymore? I thought this was known milk

No. 43492

Looks like she's giving credibility to that "drunksylocks" claim

No. 43508

it's so embarrassing that she calls her Japan series 'pixie in japan,' exactly like 'peachie in japan'

No. 43509


woops i meant princess in Japan but you get me. the skinwalking was strong.

No. 43510

Nitpicking, she honestly just called it whatmt it is. Her in japan. Nothing creative about that, tons call it that way (Sharla in Japan is the best example)

No. 43528

I doubt she was skin walking Peachie when she went to Japan. Peachie is a Lolita who likes my little pony? Jill has more followers than her now and has created her own brand without copying others due to her very loyal mentally ill and young fanbase.

No. 43539

peachie is gross tho.

No. 43541

at least sage your non contribution

No. 43546

New video. At least she acknowledged she's fat…?

No. 43547

>>43546 she said she greatly cut down on the amount of shopping she does?! bitch where

No. 43548

File: 1554842739863.jpg (357.94 KB, 1366x768, jill.jpg)

>>43546 was this shot really necessary

No. 43549

It made me sad how she kept going on about being tired and in pain. Like…

No. 43550

>>43549 "my back will never be the same" all she did was walk? you probably would do more exercise by doing a retail 8 hour shift? Jill stop eating tendies

No. 43559

When she was talking about her 15 minute Japanese conversation with the Listen Flavor shop girl, she let slip just how terrible and non-foundational her Japanese is. She said that her ability to communicate in Japanese is "dependent on the vocabulary," and then she said if they're talking about "fashion, anime, or youtube" she can speak really well. How about, like, talking about food? Money? How to find the restroom? You know, the basics that you learn before you travel to a foreign country. It's so obvious that she doesn't actually know Japanese outside of niche vocab.

I also found it funny that when she was talking about how ~awesome~ she is at Japanese (@8:18), she clearly edited out a section where she tried to say something in Japanese, but while she was editing she realized it wasn't right at all.

No. 43562

That bottle of apple juice she says she is going to chug before bed is giant, she had a different family size bottle of fruit juice the day before, is she really consuming that amount of sugar and liquid calories, no wonder she crashes and needs naps in the middle of the day after not doing much of anything

No. 43573

Oh so she’s into sustainable fashion now that it’s popular huh
Shame nothing will actually come from it.

No. 43577

File: 1554857151652.jpg (222.87 KB, 1071x589, 20190409_204346.jpg)

Pale skin, bright red lipstick with make up besides eyes, rainbow hair, bright clothing. She really looks like an actual clown here.

>Thrifting, better for the planet!!

Imported from America clothing and you paying the jacked up prices for it. What a fucking retard. She'll only thrift when it's across the globe for the pretty items someone else took the time to find. She's imported more bullshit this year than ever plus her constant traveling -concerts, to the UK, back and forth home, etc- puts a bigger number on her carbon footprint. Read a book, Jill, your bamboo toothbrush and buying one secondhand item isn't doing anything.

No. 43578

Sorry to nitpick but god her fuckin bangs drove me insane. Theyre so uneven and blunt and make her face look so much worse. Please jill just get them professionally done

No. 43579

Why does she think she can get away with pretending she's good at speaking Japanese and she only ever says the same basic words and phrases to "prove" it? It sounds bad whenever she tries

No. 43580

yeah those hearts on her cheeks are not making her seem less like a clown either lol. but yeah that lipstick… too bright.

No. 43583

File: 1554861136123.png (1.87 MB, 2528x1315, Screenshot_20190409-193458~2.p…)

Her lipstick in this video was absolutely atrocious, it's just so unflattering and distracting. She needs to tone it down a few shades or something.

Also I hate how she goes on and on about how tired she is but at the same time I almost feel bad because she literally just walked around and shopped and she's in this much pain. Her weight must be affecting her health a lot more than she's willing to admit.

No. 43584

Is she really just going to the exact same places she visited in her first trip? kek

Jill has probably never stood on her feet for more than like 2 hours so it's not surprising with her dozens of pounds weight gain plus being lazy all her life and never worked an actual job over 4 hrs

No. 43591

She’s probably still in the beginning phase where saying even one Japanese word will elicit the standard Japanese response of “jouzu desu ne!” so she thinks she’s very good at it.

No. 43608

Did anyone else notice the weird turning Rs to Ws in words at the beginning? Please let this sorta "dress stweets vewy best" baby talk not stick
Also lol @ her saying she's wearing the same outfits because she's been shopping less when we know she's bought a ton of shit that isn't documented. Just say it's because you can't fit into a lot of stuff you own anymore, Jill.

No. 43609

She's been doing that shit for a few months now. It's that stupid uwu Tumblr (now Twitter) trend that she's just deciding to run with. I hope she realizes how stupid it is soon…

No. 43610

I believe she actually had a job at Claire's, if I remember right. She quit a few years ago because she jumped into YouTube because she was treating that as a full-time job instead.

Unfortunately, I think that lack of structure of working/doing physical labor by being on her feet all day has really made it easy for her to slip into this weird mental slump. You can see her gaining more and more weight, which isn't inherently bad, but I worry that all she does is lay around and mope instead of even maybe taking walks to clear her head… If she doesn't see someone about her fucking mental health, she's going to suffer greatly.

No. 43611

File: 1554875267775.jpeg (169.9 KB, 750x1093, 915B1754-4EF7-480A-85AD-0C3F56…)

Maggie’s at her house, so they’re probably still on good terms.

No. 43621

just noticed jenny doesn’t follow jill on instagram.

No. 43622

So did jill not get the tattoo done in Japan?

I remember her complaining about missing an appointment but it wasnt confirmed the tattoo app

No. 43640

She confirmed on her pateron livestream that that was the appointment she missed.

No. 43646

Neither is basement girl. We’ve known this for a while.

No. 43655

she posted that she wasn't carrying enough money and couldn't get more out because of a problem with her bank so she didn't have the money to pay for the tattoo

No. 43661

I hope she let the artist know, it’d be really rude otherwise

No. 43662

File: 1554917743714.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3000x4000, 8433E70F-997C-4F1B-8C8B-CA6948…)

No. 43663

This would be pretty neat if this bitch wasn't so terrible at coordination and we all know 3 of those dresses don't even zip up all the way. She's just torturing herself now to be kawiiwii when she's way too big for Bonne chance

No. 43664

I feel like these outfits aren’t interesting enough for this. Maybe if she included extra accessories and shoes but these pics are just kind of sad honestly. Probably would look better as flatlays imo

No. 43667

You know the outfit is bad when the flat lays are boring.

She has a habit of wearing dresses with small spaghetti straps with shirts which doesn’t hide how unflattering it is. Would have been better to layer on top with a boloero or a short jacket to give shape and ditch the big LO jacket

It also highlights the issues of her pallete choices, the jacket and beret match nothing as usual. So even without knowing she is getting fat these are bad outfits, and would be on anyone.

No. 43673

Some of these outfits have potential but she pairs so many fucking mismatched accessories that the outfit falls apart. The purple dress with the shirt underneath it is actually a good start but then she pairs it with a dark purple beret and pink accessories. It would look so much better if she just ditched the accessories and had a white purse but then it isn't 'harajuku kawiwi' enough for her.

And she actually has some cute pieces like the pink gingham dress is absolutely adorable, but then she puts a frumpy cardigan and a shitty beret with it so the dress never has a chance to shine.

I also don't get what her fucking obsession is with pairing that cardigan with pastel pink dresses, it looks bad every single time.

No. 43675

These outfits are actually pretty nice. How come everything looks terrible when she's actually wearing it? Is it just because all the clothes are way too small for her?

No. 43676

I mean in this example it's rude to cancel on the day, most artists book far in advance and a lot don't take walk-ins (which you can't rely on as a sure thing anyway) cancelling on the day leaves them no time to fill that appointment which has them missing out on most likely hundreds of dollars, most artists take a non-refundable deposit usually for an hours work (they usually charge per hour), so it was both rude and Jill likely threw money away on the deposit, sage for who cares

No. 43678

Just noticed that this photo it’s not anymore on the moonmist Instagram profile. Plus, Jenny not following pixie anymore…. probably the group broke up?

No. 43679

Really? Doesn't feel like she's done it as much or at least not that specific thing until now, at least in videos

No. 43680

Willing to bet Jill snapped at Jenny or something when they went out drinking (Jill saying she gets slightly more mad than normal while drunk now)? Plus Jenny was mostly Wendy's friend more than anything else iirc

No. 43682

3 of these outfits look exactly the same. Didnt she buy some plaid pants from lazy oaf awhile back? She couldn't have thrown those on?

No. 43692

>doesnt know who Lum is

wow, trash

No. 43693

Agreed. her complaining about walking 5-6 hours is insane. She's really that out of shape? Maybe she needs sneakers and not those shitty glitter boots.

No. 43694

Maybe she should break in a pair of those yru shoes that she paid a hundred fucking dollars for kek

No. 43695

No. 43696

Has she worn them at all outside?

No. 43698

This is painful to watch jesus.

No. 43705

am i imagining it or is she more… breathy than usual? like she can't catch her breath. but yeah i couldn't get through the first few minutes jesus fuck

No. 43706

Maybe she's a little ill or just because of the bad quality? Her cheeks look a lot puffier in this video too imo.

No. 43709

I can't tell whether she's drunk or her behaviors just seem incredibly weird live.

No. 43715

Later in the stream she says she's I'll, so that's probably why. She's constantly sniffling during the entire thing.

No. 43718

No. 43719

Most milky bits from the stream:

>2:10 acknowledges weird voice in the kawi.i video, claims she "picks up accents" from places she visits, and in Japan she wanted to speak in a way that the Japanese people would understand

>5:37 talks about how her mental health makes her miss assignments, admits she wasn't sure if she was going to pass or not, considered taking a mental health leave from school, but stayed because she got accepted into the fashion course
> 8:45 praises her two best friends for going to school every single day kek. Mentions that her school is open until 11:00 pm if you're in the fashion program and you can work there whenever you want, even on weekends.
>19:15 some good milk, someone turning 20 asks Pixie for advice and she goes on about how she's "a badass bitch" because she's an adult now and she has her shit together kek
>20:00 starts crying after literally just mentioning her mom, absolute gold please watch
>25:00 closed her cat in a couch that day, add that to the list of neglect
>30:40 talks about stretching out her ears again
>Two patrons have told her that she's forgotten their names on end cards or on something or another
>34:00 talks about a $300 "smart canvas" smart watch, tinfoil but might be seeing this purchase soon
>47:20 wants to release more pins, says she will pay people to help her package and ship things because storenvy fucked her over
>Made a website pixielocks.ca, her cake pin is back in stock, says her site is not finished yet so don't judge her kek
>50:00 some Patrons bought pins on stream, she fucks up the shipping so some lucky kids got free shipping
>Sits for 20 minutes trying to figure out her online shop on stream
>1:04:00 ordered a VIP k club zine, says she might be in the next one
>1:07:49 talks about selling photo prints of herself and donating some of the proceeds to charity, also wants to sell small sewn things

No. 43720

File: 1554947907565.jpg (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-185522_Chr…)

The store set up is so frustrating to watch. Its not that hard.

I just checked it and the free shipping is still up for anyone in the USA. Canada is $5 CAD to ship

Shes going to be in for a rude awakening at the post. Shipping pins from cad to USA is about $7 CAD no tracking. Not including packaging supplies

No. 43721

File: 1554948020064.jpg (1.47 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-185610_Chr…)

Image is check out with canada address
> I didnt purchase just checking prices in the cart

If free shipping is also on int I'll laugh. Shipping untracked overseas from canada is around $10 CAD

I never knew she was THIS dumb

No. 43722

File: 1554948133211.jpg (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-190146_Chr…)

Checked int with UK England. Free shipping currently. I'm dead, I hope she didnt have to many patreons buy lmao

No. 43723

Hope this isn't blogposting but I have a small Etsy shop and the last package I shipped to Canada was $10 for shipping. I ship pins just like Jill and I used the cheapest shipping option. Needless to say, if she can't figure out her shipping prices she's a little fucked. To be fair USPS might be more expensive than the Canadian post but still.

On that note I don't understand why she's trying to make her own website instead of just using Etsy because it's really hard to fuck up the shipping, Etsy literally makes labels for you and figures out the pricing so you don't even have to touch it.

No. 43724

I run a pin store from canada so I'm very familiar with the prices and run down. I can't believe they are still available on her store a few hours after stream. Just click them off to be unavailable!

I don't think it's a terrible idea for her to have her own site. She has enough of an audience she draws her own customers to her store. the biggest benefit of etsy is the on site SEO. But she doesn't really need that. The benefit of having your own storefront is its more branded as well, which I do think suits her image. When people buy something from etsy and someone asks where they got it from, they are less likely to say the artist/brand and just go "I got it from etsy!"

Sage for estore info

No. 43726

Thanks Anon!

No. 43727

Damn that actually makes a lot of sense, considering I get most of my traffic from Etsy but Jill wouldn't need that.

That actually was a smart move on her part, wether intentionally or unintentionally. Hopefully she figures out her shipping though because I do think the shop is a good way for her to build up some work ethic. You have to ship things out eventually so she can't lay around 24/7 and take "mental health breaks" constantly otherwise her customers will never get their shit.

Saged but genuinely thanks for the ecommerce info

No. 43728

She did have a job at Claire's but it was part time and like 4 hours max per shift afaik which is hardly a job

No. 43729


Remember her first release of pins? She definitely can drive her confetti cult to her products. Really she should click those off though or adjust the shipping. All it would take is one patreon leaking it or party kei member seeing it here, and posting it to the facebook or something to be inundated with orders.

from the stream she said the website wasnt finished. The mobile site is a complete hellscape so I hope she remembers to fix that

And no problem about the info, you are too nice anon haha

Unrelated to the shop. Another frustrating thing about her stream is how she complains shes not doing well mentally, missing school assignments, and generally being burned out. But all of those problems were problems she sort of… created. With self imposed youtube work, traveling so much between visiting her mom in cities, the UK trip, and Japan. Girl needs to know her limits, and do what she can youtube wise (instead of creating new projects for herself all the time), and focus on her school work if shes serious about it.

I cant remember if it was confirmed before but she confirmed shes got a spot in the fashion course for year 2

No. 43730

Shit, really? I thought she had normal shifts but honestly that doesn't surprise me. I was too hopeful thinking she ever had to worry about work and money… She really is pretty spoiled.

No. 43731

She did have normal length shifts. She just never was full time because she was originally working two part time jobs (Freak Lunchbox and Claire's).

No. 43732

These are actually pretty good, I would say more loose work like this suits her more than trying to do kawaii perfect anime drawings, which end up looking amateur

No. 43733

I feel like there is a running theme of
>Pixie loves food! she sure loves food! Here's some food!

like they stereotyped her as a fattie (even though by western terms she is only average now) and ran with it.

The random highschooler maru in the clip seems cool. The western host seems to be barely containing her disdain throughout the show, is it the same one narrating? It all seems so sarcastic

No. 43734

That weird guttural laugh is something to be desired. I think she tried to match that host's demeanor without sounding too "butch"

No. 43737

File: 1554960254346.png (3.83 MB, 750x1334, 19162DA7-F089-4F17-B658-633C87…)

Shipping is free to France as well. Get your shit together hog body

No. 43753

It's so sad that this is her branding for her website. She's a "fashion designer" in head to toe fast fashion. Like why is she trying to flex that she has a hideous lazy oaf jacket on her checkout page? Where is the self-awareness? Why even make a website go live to sell your creations and self promote as a designer to model other people's work? Design a damn bg pattern or illustration or something relevant or grow a brain cell or something, jesus

No. 43754

Pretty sure shipping is free to everywhere else except canada, kek

No. 43760

she's doing free shipping to AUSTRALIA. at that point she'd completely lose whatever profit she made and then some

No. 43761

File: 1554979753733.jpg (985.4 KB, 934x734, sc.jpg)

God the whole site just screams 'graphic design is my passion', good job making the fucking item description completely unreadable against that shitty photo background.
Doesn't her brother do something related to IT/tech or am I misremembering?
I'm sure she knows at least someone who could've helped her set up the site/shop, this is just embarrassing.

No. 43766

File: 1554988078104.png (1.37 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190411-090739.png)

The blog and about me sections are full of sample posts….

No. 43767

She said her dad helped her with the shop but she was super vague with what he actually helped with so who knows. But the thing is she used Wix, isn't that literally designed for people who have never made a website before and it's supposed to be super easy to use? People on stream even complained about how hard it was to read and she still hasn't fixed it.


I'm heavily considering buying a pin to see what it's like kek. I wonder how long it'll take her to ship them out and what her packaging is like. On one hand I don't want to give her money in general because I know it'll go towards more lazy oaf shit but on the other hand this is actually a positive thing and I want to see her create more things herself.

No. 43768

File: 1554988262327.jpeg (838.34 KB, 828x1792, D675ED5E-DDB2-47B5-9EC7-8C4C92…)

What happened with the KERA interview? I mean it hasn’t been talked about since the m&g last year. Was it even published?

No. 43769

I went out that night and I seen all of them there and they didn’t even interact at all. Jillian was with Steve the whole night, so that isn’t the reason.

No. 43777

Oh my god, I can't with the crying. She acts like her parents are dead or something.

No. 43783

On top of that, didn't she literally just go on some trip with her mom? I'm genuinely worried that she's breaking down this much over her mom who's like a few hours away. Even when she just moved out of the house her mom went down and visited her like that week as far as I remember. It's okay to be close with your parents but Jesus this is kind of too much.

No. 43784

In a country where half the fridges in the convenience stores are full of different kinds of sugar-less, high quality teas and she chooses apple juice. Like, barley tea (mugicha) is caffeine-free and the kind of thing most Japanese people drink on a daily basis. I guess that isn't cute enough though.

No. 43785

Sounds like a case of separation anxiety to me.

No. 43919

yeah usually people get this when they're 18 and living on their own for the first time, whether in college or otherwise. it just feels a bit odd because jill is older but hasn't really matured beyond a college freshman. all her gap years did was stunt her growth which is unfortunate.

No. 43950

80 fucking tabs, anon? How old are you? Even my 56 year old mother knows how to close those things on her phone browser.

No. 43971

File: 1555179067554.jpg (5.8 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

She looks like Egg from Arrested Development in this video. This just makes her shoops from Japan look so much more obvious.

No. 43986

Shop section is empty now, wonder if did she figured it out on her own or from lurking here? Overall the page is set up pretty badly (that hamburger menu on mobile…), she definitely shouldn't have it published yet.

No. 44028


>It's basically mild propaganda to encourage tourism.

…. So like, an advert?

No. 44036

I started watching that playlist of her patreon streams a while ago and I think in the first one (May last year) she was talking about working on her website too.
I really don't understand how she's been 'working' on it for almost a year and it's still so shitty/dysfunctional.
If she's really this bad at it she might as well hire/pay someone to do it for her, in today's age it's pretty important to have a presentable site & shop.

No. 44041

No. 44072

File: 1555280849693.jpg (407.9 KB, 720x1078, 20190414_232727.jpg)

No. 44075

>My love for this brand keeps growing

Jill didn't own anything from Nile Perch prior to this lmao

No. 44089

File: 1555286778337.jpg (257.12 KB, 1365x2048, 56811521_2220719704701908_3399…)

No. 44090

File: 1555286805212.jpg (265.24 KB, 1365x2048, 56947177_2220719831368562_1629…)

No. 44091

File: 1555286866328.jpg (290.77 KB, 1365x2048, 57012595_2220720954701783_8110…)

No. 44092

Jesus christ on a crutch. What happened to her?!

No. 44093

File: 1555286912834.jpg (200.25 KB, 1365x2048, 57129630_2220719044701974_3926…)

No. 44094

File: 1555286952113.jpg (271.72 KB, 1365x2048, 57238904_2220720524701826_5307…)

No. 44097

what is she even wearing?!?

No. 44098

i wanna say something one of her "kawaii" followers whose in the first year program. (it didnt win)

No. 44108

Oh girl, those boob and back rolls. Whoever took this photo did her dirty.

No. 44113

Tbh i like this mcdonalds french fry dress and besides the fitting issues with her bust and the franksly terrible makeup and design hair choices, it looks nice

No. 44115

What are those things hanging off the hem of the skirt??

No. 44116

what a ugly color scheme lol

No. 44119

Honestly I think whomever constructed the dress did the dirty. It doesn't fit her at all, and from what I can tell, that bodice design wouldn't fit anyone who isn't totally flat.
If this is what her school puts out she should run for the hills.

No. 44120

maybe all her trips fucked up measurements?

No. 44126

Nah, the bust on the dress isn’t designed for breasts, even before the trips she had a bust. The side view highlights the poor construction

No. 44130

her friend amy designed it. she (amy) definitely used her own body to do measurements (has less of a chest)

No. 44131

File: 1555295106268.png (1.16 MB, 860x928, Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 11.2…)

dress designer with the dress on

No. 44134

File: 1555296039175.gif (7.9 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

jills walk.
this is currently everything i have from the fashion show

No. 44135

File: 1555296074485.png (57.73 KB, 508x238, proud.png)

not milk but shes proud of the dress maker

No. 44137

File: 1555296870678.jpeg (627.09 KB, 1207x2362, 038CA212-57C5-4BD4-BF52-4B7131…)

Is this supposed to be some weird reimagining of Cardcaptor Sakura’s dress? A bit of a stretch but the purple hair and the fact that she’s an acquaintance of Jill’s pegs me as potential weeb.

No. 44138

not sure. the school is full of weebs honestly.

No. 44141

What is going on with her boobs? I can't figure out what I'm seeing in the picture. Is she wearing some sort of bralette underneath?

No. 44142

File: 1555297615583.png (786.1 KB, 900x900, 1555297591726.png)

What is this?

No. 44145

I'm guessing it's a padding insert that is just angled weirdly and looks like a weird white ball due to the curvature. Dressmakingfag here.

No. 44150

Screws or golf tees

No. 44158

File: 1555304129987.jpg (534.64 KB, 1080x1623, 20190415_065523.jpg)

No. 44162

Only talking about Wendy when Jill walked too…. something definitely must have happened between Jenny and Jill.

No. 44173

Jill looks awful here. I almost didn’t recognise her. Freshman 50???? We criticise the photos she posts but this just shows how she really looks. Bitch knows her angles

No. 44184

But aren’t Wendy and Jenny dating so? That would make sense that she’d mention her over Jill

No. 44186

No. 44192

Doesn’t she realize by now her school doesn’t produce competent designers and they wont have any sort of career following the program.

I understand if she was genuinely disillusioned before going there but now that she can see for herself what a joke the institution is why doesn’t she just run??

No. 44195

She can't actually get into anywhere better is the thing, the real schools want a competent portfolio and she was too lazy and incompetent to make one

No. 44197

Those shadows make her look so haggard. Idk if anyone would look good in that lighting but the makeup and chipmunk cheeks can’t be helping.
I’d argue it looks more Azula inspired. Not sure what the yellow screws dangling from her ears and dress bottom are meant to represent though

No. 44198

Even her jaw has abandoned her

No. 44199

Dear god she has no idea how to walk on a catwalk

No. 44201

she doesn't know how to do the face for the catwalk so she's sucking in her cheeks mad hard. (which is why she looks so weird)

No. 44216



No. 44225

jesus, i was genuinely confused as to why you'd posted so many pictures of some random but…. everything about that look is.. something

No. 44237


really? i dont really see the cheeks being sucked it moreso the face being made particularly weird looking because of the odd colored contour (intentional) and the weird angle/placement of the contour (probably unintentional)

No. 44265

Why didn’t she get someone with the same body type as her to model? I guess she has her name out there now, pretty clever tbh

No. 44316

File: 1555483222087.png (240.58 KB, 400x550, Cure_Scarlet_Render.png)

Saged for weeb tinfoil but her dress looks inspired by Cure Scarlet to me

No. 44336

Thats what I thought too. And judging by the designer's pink hair it might be.

No. 44376

And judging by the fact that she’s friends with Jill, who forces her interests on everyone.

No. 44516

jesus, that friendship didn't last long
what did the winning design look like? because the one wendy is wearing looks pretty awful too

No. 44526

File: 1555711860965.jpg (149.25 KB, 1123x1224, 56896985_2220718821368663_9936…)


All the first years participated in the "first year challenge". Often its "produce your entire outfit using only X material" (rope, crinoline, etc.). This year, they had to design a dress based on a specific sculpture at the local art gallery (can't find a photo). It was pretty abstract, so you could kind of do whatever.
I think they're graded on it, but the crowd votes on their favorite as well. Neither of Jill's friends placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd (winner in photo).

Wendy wasn't modeling for the challenge, so she couldn't "win" anything. She was modeling for a second year's line.

Also, there were a bunch of legitimate designers, and you could easily point out who was a real designer, and who was a cosplayer. Massive differences in quality.

No. 44538

Why do you guys think Jill has such a hard time holding onto her friends?

No. 44539

Her sense of entitlement and being an attention whore. Her need to be the centre of attention probably causes problems as she makes everything about herself. Not to mention she seemed to have had a track record of hooking up with male exes of close female friends which causes some troubles. Not only that but I think Jill is just a spoilt brat that’s never really had to share anything/work for anything because mummy has always gotten her/helped her with everything she’s wanted/needed. So she’s never had an experience which has truly humbled her.

No. 44544

Seconding what the other anon said. She doesn't like to share, it seems. From all the threads posted, she seems very much a 'i get what i want' type person because of parents, esp her mom spoiled her so much. She's entitled and she's never had any real critique in her entire life. She's gonna have a life crisis at 25, I bet.

No. 44566


She also moves through phases very quickly and gets bored easily. If her friends don't fit her new identity of the month she might lose interest.

No. 44592


Well, this pretty much seals the deal. Seems like the Moonmist Girls and anyone who is a friend by extension are drifting from Jill.
Georgina/basement girl: Seemed to not like Jill after living with her. Immediately unfollowed her on social media once she moved out. (Imagine how awful she felt when Jill was REEing about how she doesn’t live with anyone and she’s so independent, when she has Georgina living in the basement?) Not to mention, Jill didn’t seem to like Georgina either based on her Christmas gift video where she gave Georgina a recycled gift and called her “spooky and scary.”
Jenny: The pic where she only uploads Wendy’s accomplishments, but doesn’t talk about Jill at all indicates something happened.
Wendy: Probably only keeps it friendly with Jill because they go to the same school. Who knows their friendship status, but it’s likely she shit talks about Jill with the other girls when Jill isn’t around.
Maggie: I don’t believe this whole story about Jill liking Maggie originally, then dick hopping onto Steve. She was in it for a Steve all a long and we know Steve and Maggie dated. That’s starting off the wrong foot immediately, and it seemed like it did impact their friendship slightly because Maggie and Jill posted pics with each other a lot before Jill and Steve became official. If Jill and Maggie are still friends (but they’re not close friends anymore,) it’s for Steven’s sake. He still hangs out with Maggie.

This has all been building up. Jill is never with them, and the other girls are always leaving cute comments on each other’s selfies, take pics together constantly, and seem to have better chemistry. Even for the Easter event talked about above, Jill wasn’t in their group shot. Jill didn’t go to Maggie’s birthday party. Obviously this is all speculation, but it’s been building up over time.
If the girls are still clout-chasing and piggyback riding off of Jill’s fame, hopefully one of them comes forward soon and can talk about Jill. Jill really can’t seem to hang on to friends at all. What even happened to her friendship with Kenzie!? Also, weren’t the Moonmist Girls suppose to have another video together by now?

No. 44593

File: 1555786460998.jpeg (874.71 KB, 1242x1636, 21415EEE-E806-4C42-AC29-549E51…)

Double post but Maggie just uploaded this. Good for her. It seems like she’s replacing Jill for good kek

No. 44594

Also- the fact that Jenny unfollowed Jill's accounts the other day. They follow eachother again, but pixie doesnt follow her on her spam account, nor does she follow it back.

No. 44595

Okay, but if all the first years participated, why didn't jill make something? Or does just modeling count for her participation?

No. 44596

I think it's the first years from the fashion program.
Jill is in her foundation year rn and will start the fashion program after, so she probably has to make something for the next fashion show.

No. 44606

Jenny and Wendy have been friends for years, and they only became friends with Jill when they went to her own picnic she was late to at Animaritime a couple years back.

No. 44661

File: 1555821794210.png (350.65 KB, 1918x1080, delete.png)

this thread is the 2nd result when you google her name. i even double checked using an incognito tab. holy shit

No. 44672

Damn, Maggie lost a ton of weight, she looks good. Meanwhile Jill keeps getting bigger and bigger…

No. 44693

>>44592 jill only wants friends when she isn't dating someone

No. 44709

Today's jilly beans favorite excuse to eat like shit, wonder how much weight she'll gain from her cups of peeps tea

No. 44710

She went home for Easter, so I'm sure Louise gave her an Easter egg hunt with lots of Peeps.

No. 44741

Lmao imagine how many people in japan watching the Kawaii international cringe have checked out this thread about her especially since it’s the second link when you search her name

No. 44745

People in Japan don't watch Kawaii.i

No. 44750

I thought college pixie would be interesting and bring us some good milk but all it's done is make her boring.

No. 44760

anyone know where her jacket is from?

No. 44765

Lazy Oaf.

No. 44808


it looks like she has no idea how to walk in heels either, she's got the foot pattern down but not the bit where you don't fucking stomp like a T Rex

No. 44837

Right? It would be one thing if she was getting better as a person so there was nothing to talk about, but she just stopped broadcasting her bullshit while we get little hints that confirm it is still happening.
TBH she's probably done the right thing getting off social media more, I hope it helps her get her shit together.

No. 44843

She's probably not on social media as much because she has her live in bf for asspats and validation and acceptance of her hoarding, and is overwhelmed trying to keep up with community college with basically zero other responsibilities kek. I doubt it's some sign of growth or developing boundaries.

No. 44859

No. 44861

Wow, the difference in her face from the thumbnail to the way she actually looks on camera is crazy.

No. 44864

File: 1556046033955.jpg (943.3 KB, 1366x1536, jilly.jpg)

>>44859 her face has gotten massive

No. 44865

First off bitch, CDs are not retro… Secondly, she says over and over she was supposedly inspired by the owner of Spank! but a month later, has done shit all about making her own stuff

No. 44866

I can't get over her weird way of speaking when she narrates the vlog. I don't understand what/who she is trying to sound like.

No. 44874

The end of the video where she's talking about having her own boutique makes me realize how above her current skill level she thinks shes at. I feel like with her current work and specifics of the style it is an impossibility especially if she plans on going alone and not a sort of group of designers. Even most of the larger brands of the same style don't have their own brick and mortar store

No. 44878

so six minutes of this ten minute Japan vlog are filmed in her parent's basement in Canada, is this a joke? The basement which Louise has completely re-done, there isn't a shred of Jill left, ouch. Also this "emotional storytime", go on the spank! instagram, Tavuchi takes pictures with customers all the time it's really not that deep Jill, she really is deluded

No. 44880

She could've already had a booming online business by now if she wasn't so lazy. She has an insane following that eats her stuff up, all she needs is to invest time in creating merchandise and clothing. She technically has the means (money) to do this, design simple stuff, produce it in china and sell it to her audience. Nowadays this is not that difficult, but it takes work and planning. It's insane to me that after all this time, she has not capitalized on any of this. Instead she's going to her crafting college for what reason? I don't even know.

No. 44883

It’s undoubtedly a consequence of her fearing failure, and not wanting to start until she’s “perfect” without realizing that she cannot improve without trying first.

No. 44884

of course she didn't show actual japanese cultural stuff, its another fucking store vlog and shes going to do another haul vlog again. japan is wasted on this little bridge troll

No. 44885

File: 1556061485708.png (83.96 KB, 1458x418, Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 1.14…)

Jill trying to spread lies again. Didn't she get him from the same cat breeder as Nina? Wouldn't that make her hypoallergenic too? But wait, they aren't and the breeder was awful and horrible, but she got her new cat from them anyway. Can't keep your lies straight can you jillybean

No. 44886

The fact that she always puts all dnher hair up with no pieces framing faces does her absolutely no favors. She even tucks it behind her ears when its down. I think having some pieces frame her face would actually make her look a little cuter and less granny/goblin.

No. 44887

I think you meant Neko but yea

No. 44888

Good lord, she didn't learn during the last cat fiasco, did she?

No. 44895

Stop buying cats, you fucking cunt. Stop supporting breeders. Seriously, Jill should really do the exact opposite of what she feels is right.

No. 44896

She sounds like some basic bitch who wants to seem more important than she actually is. Like other anons have said, she has done nothing since getting back from Japan. She hasn't made or created anything in almost a month.

No. 44904

No cats are truly hypoallergenic. I wish people knew this. Some cats can have less of the enzyme in their saliva that people are allergic to, but that's it.

No. 44906

kek at her excuse to do more shopping than visiting cultural sites. because it was sprinkling outside.

No. 44907

The shittiest thing about Jill is that she knows exactly what's "right" and ethical and preaches it to her fans, she just doesn't care enough to do it herself.
She said she'd cut back on fast fashion and then changed it to "I'll still buy it, but I won't advertise it."
She bought those bamboo toothbrushes to pretend to care about the environment, but dropped the whole thing as soon as she realised that caring about the environment requires effort and not just buying new shit.
I kind of understand that those kinds of things are a pretty big lifestyle change and she may have realised she's not ready to make such big adjustments, but it's a bit shit of her to backpedal instead of just being honest, like how she's back to pretending she bought Stickers from a breeder because he's hypoallergenic and not just because she wanted a specific breed of kitten.

No. 45186

File: 1556263222763.jpeg (223.87 KB, 640x542, 5CF2BA42-B0E8-4F1B-94A8-A06E1B…)

God she and her bf are pathetic, I understand missing mommy during the first few months of college but this is fucking ridiculous she’s almost been moved out for a year (not really since she still occasionally pisses off from school to hang out with mommy and/or she comes to visit Jill on the weekend)

No. 45198

I don't think the two of them crying over missing their moms is that bad, that's something that makes people emotional.

I find it more pathetic or worrying that Jill is really pushing this "can't do anything remotely responsible or adult" persona and plays it off for laughs, which is really manipulative when she's receiving money for a service that she half-asses all the time. It leads to her customers not holding her accountable when she makes mistakes.

No. 45247

Jill's old idol Annika stated Lazy Oaf isn't ethical in a recent video. Think Jill will finally listen?

No. 45289

Jillian Vessey, the girl who's bought all her cats designer even AFTER being told on her platform that breeder cats are unethical and cruel, isn't going to change shit. Her own mother could tell her Lazy Oaf is a shitty company and to stop supporting them and she'd much rather emancipate herself from her than change any of her ways. Strict therapy and a no-nonsense therapist that can hold a tight grip on her is the only thing that can turn her back now.

No. 45318

She won’t, the screenshot highlights that there isn’t enough relevant information to rate lazy oaf meaning Jill can use this as an excuse.

No. 45387

File: 1556399689789.jpg (446.54 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190410-192656_You…)

Here's a screanshot from her latest patreon stream of her current goals.

No. 45390

Was this the one after she got back from Japan? Oof the Moonmist content one. I wonder if they actually split up.

No. 45392

…Does that say "buy microwave"? I'm sorry, what?!

And fix oven? How is she breaking all of her appliances?! What a fucking mess she is.

No. 45393

On one hand I wish Jill would put up a "I broke my own oven!!!" type video since it would be more interesting than another fucking haul, but then I know she would just be all I'm too baby to adult :((((( I need mommy to buy me another oven

No. 45394

I'm laughing so much. Her microwave probably died because the converter wasn't doing a great job. What a fucking idiot and what a waste of hundreds of dollars.

No. 45395

Still painting things? She should have got a rent to own house instead of putting so much effort into a college rental. Where is she going to go after college with her arts and crafts degree? Guess we'll get another house painting video in a few years right after she finally finishes organizing this one, or another basement painting if she goes back to mommy.

No. 45400

This girl was too picky with her microwave and couldn't buy another pink one that worked in a Canadian household holy shit. This girl has some money to blow and it's hilarious seeing her stressing over it all.

No. 45407


Wait? She's so special she needs a pink microwave so had to get one in Japan? omg that's hilarious!

No. 45412

She ordered it from the UK, and she didn't realize she'd need a converter, so she had to buy one of those as well. I think the whole thing ended up costing her $500 or so.

No. 45426


>house tour

I feel like it will never happen tbh.

Also, why does she need to fix so much in her kitchen? Buy new microwave, fix oven, paint the kitchen etc.? What happened?

No. 45433

if her microwave and oven are busted then what is she eating, yall have postmates in Canada? Someone to deliver the queen her tendies and garlic fingies

No. 45448

we have skip the dishes. its possible she just lives next to a bunch of restaurants up around the south side.

No. 45479

No. 45480

God all these vlogs are so boring, at least with her first Japan trip the vlogs actually featured her doing shit, even if it was just shopping and eating

No. 45482

A less than five minute video and most of it is just her being lost. Why even upload this as its own video? This seems like intro/outro footage.

No. 45483

She rents, right? Why does she needs to fix her own oven? The landlord should take care of appliances.

Also good lord, the microwave. How is she not insanely embarrassed about it? If I were stupid enough to buy a microwave that doesn't work in my country, I would return it. Not buy a converter, post about it on social media, break it after a short period of time, and then post on social media again about replacing it. She is so shameless about her idiocy and spending habits it's insane. How is she so un-self aware? She really is a stunted teenager in an adult woman's body.

No. 45496

am… am i just used to good parks or is this a really basic ass park that wasn't really worth vlogging? like sis, pretty sure canada has fucking bushes kek. she's so desperate for content this is depressing

No. 45497

holyshit, that was so insanely boring. Her editing is horrible and she sounds so dumb, like she has no idea what she's talking about half the time.

>tree skirts. what's up with that

>omg bushes!

No. 45498

Nah, dude. she was filming the most easy to see flowers and trees in most countries. Pretty much all of North america has those types of trees, flowers… and if they're not cherry blossoms, why bother?

All of her vlogging felt so disjointed.

No. 45510

I don't think she actually managed to find Yoyogi Park. She seemed to just walk past it, and those were just some trees/shrubs in the city.

No. 45515

Wow so innovative looking at graffiti/city funded art and making ~art student observations~ about them! SUCH GOOD CONTENT!!

No. 45517

Boring and pretentious

No. 45541

Is it normal for her to get this little views in 15 hours? It's not even at 10k…

No. 45543

I think I'm reaching a point where I just can't put up with Jill anymore.
It somehow actually feels like she's been losing brain cells over the past few years, she just keeps getting more stupid/boring/infuriating, she hasn't matured one bit.

These vlogs feel like they're from some alien, has she never left her house before? How is she so amazed at some basic ass bushes & graffiti? And how the fuck did she keep going the wrong way and missing the park?
Like the other anon said her last Japan trip was at least entertaining because of her atrocious fashion choices and tendie trips, she somehow manages to make Tokyo look like the most boring place in the world in these new vlogs…

No. 45575

Her Japan videos are not doing so hot. The majority of her old ones have at least 100,000 views. Maybe its because they're older and have had time to accumulate views but part of the problem is she probably lost some of her viewership from inconsistent uploads.

No. 45583

Her last videos were full of touristy weeb shit that garners views. Most people don't care about watching her wander around the streets for 4 minutes in an attempt to find a park.

No. 45587

It's almost May and Jill is still uploading her Japan vlogs wtf
That's pathetic, come on, this should have been included on one of her other Japan videos.

No. 45594

honestly, i dont mind jill's vlogs for the most part but that was actually her worst video of all time. why would she show a mural for literally 3 minutes of an extremely short vlog? she should have just not posted this one. it was really horrible…

No. 45634

Nitpick, but anyone else think it's weird she 'pinned' her old precure Japan vlog to her YouTube rather than her new one?

No. 45635

File: 1556640847053.jpeg (563.06 KB, 750x815, B6F4E883-41FB-4039-B83D-2CE514…)

She’s doing the same stuff she did when she was in Japan a few years ago her most recent Japan vlog flopped.

No. 45636

Wow, we lose 5 minutes of run time for each subsequent Japan vlog. Will the next one be zero minutes?

No. 45637

I predict it will be a one second video of her at Japanese Mcdonalds eating her nuggies in ratty, unwashed clothes she got from Japanese F21.

No. 45638

No wonder when this vlog was so boring. She could have done the kind of more detailed hanami video that actually gets interest and views: find a real cherry blossom viewing area and bring a bunch of seasonal limited time only snacks to show the viewers with the flowers in the background. Possibly could have even done a little impromptu picnic setup since she went through that picnic aesthetic phase.
Youtube as a career attracts some of the laziest people and encourages them to skate by since their schedules and workloads are so self-determined. It's why she can't even handle introductory courses at a hack craft school without skipping half her classes and procrastinating to the point of panic and emotional breakdown.

No. 45640

Her thumbnails looks nice. I guess that is as far as she got before her effort ran out.

No. 45669

File: 1556655514729.png (16.12 KB, 188x268, Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 5.17…)

Down again this month on Patreon.

No. 45785

No. 45786

No. 45787

I wish she had made two separate videos: one showing vlogs behind the scenes and then one talking about her experience, because it's lazy as fuck to see like five mins of video, then all talking… it's not a true vlog, but what can we expect….

No. 45789

Wow, you could've literally watched the NHK episode because this was a summary, not a individual video.
I wonder what she considers BTS? This was boring…
I wish she fleshed out the video by showing off the cosplay studio, etc.

No. 45790

This bullshit is hardly a behind the scenes. She literally just shows about 30 seconds of footage from each location and summarizes what she did, which the audience already saw so it's pointless anyways. The only new things were the back of the bus and the gifts she got. The rest of the time she just sat down and sucked the dicks of everyone putting on the show.

I also find it gold about how she goes on about how amazing it is that the people doing the show have a passion about sharing kawaii culture. They literally share the most surface level shit that every weeb already knows about like harajuku and 6%. It's literally just a huge circle jerk where weebs can drool over their favorite kawiwi kweens and imagine themselves going to Japan. If they really gave a shit about spreading "kawaii culture" I'm sure they would go into the current trends and show some more obscure areas of kawaii culture.

No. 45791

god it's just like when she got sponsored for the Sims 4: Get Famous EP and she got invited to an exclusive reveal party that was prime material for behind the scenes vlogging and we got to see maybe 1 minute or 2 of ""footage"" from it and a whole ass video of her talking to a camera. brands need to stop sponsoring this stupid, ugly moron that can't edit or film content properly for shit even after she left Claire's behind for her yootoob "career".

No. 45808

File: 1556752530753.png (17.57 KB, 224x278, Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 8.14…)

I should have waited until today. This is hilarious.

No. 45809

Yikes, how'd she lose 21 patrons in a day? Did she do something crazy I missed? That just seems like a lot.

No. 45810

Since it's a new month, people probably didn't renew or she removed them for non-payment.

No. 45811

Ah, that makes sense. That still seems like a lot of people that didn't renew/got kicked because of nonpayment but tbh Jill attracts Walmart-kei poorfags so I suppose I'm not too surprised.

No. 45818

Sounds like this would have worked better as a teaser if she had posted it before the episode aired.

No. 45839

>"i think i found my friggin soul.. this has definitely proven to me that im on the right path and i know where im going"
>talks about hoarding toys, eating cake, and receiving gifts the entire time

No. 45859

Why is she talking like that? Like she's not even talking like an adult what is this

No. 45875

This is my first time actually watching this whole thing and for someone who has a background in theater, it's surprising how awkward her on-screen presence is.
Maybe it was the chemistry (lack of) between the host and her, but the whole thing felt so uncomfortable I could barely sit through it. It seemed like the host was babysitting their special needs 12yo cousin and trying to keep her occupied with ~bright colors~

No. 45881

Omfg, that's so accurate lol.

No. 45884

Tbf the host of that show always seems like that. Her chemistry with people is always kind of awkward. The only time it's not is when she is speaking with her co host

No. 45949

the difference between how she looks in this video and the show, wow, she really knows her angles because she looks so different when she isn't in control. Says the cosplayer is going for the world record for largest CCS collection and asked her if she knows if anyone holds it for precure items, JILL PLEASE DON'T GO FOR THAT, her house is already a trash heap, you need less not more

No. 45963

It pisses me off that she's such a spoiled bitch. She isn't even a fan of the show and she got gifted all that merch that's Japan only. (that hair dryer is adorable. ) and then she talks shit about her mom's 'hand me down' hair dryer. Why is she acting like she can't afford a nice one? it's like she tried to humble brag but came off even worse.

No. 46007

I'm glad I'm not the only one that was pissed the fuck off from that hair dryer interaction. Sorry that you're too much of a spoiled brat to appreciate the free shit your mom gave you. If it really was that bad you can get a pretty decent hair dryer for like $25 but let's be honest Jill would probably buy one of the fancier ones for like $50-$100. Still, you have money to piss away on fast fashion but not enough to buy a hairdryer?

No. 46008

File: 1556838798995.png (885.59 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190502-170854.png)

I looked the hairdryer up on eBay and she could potentially have a $200 hairdryer assuming it wasn't a bootleg. Including all the other merch they got her, they were rediculously nice to her. No wonder she said that was one of her favorite days kek

No. 46166

It was made by super groupies and was ¥ 9,500 before tax when it was new, it was discontinued a while back though so the prices will be higher now if it is the real deal, there is plenty fakes out there

No. 46169

So I only just got around to watching her NHK episode, but why all the Cardcaptor Sakura? I swear I remember her saying she never really got into it (this was a while ago to be fair) but I don't get why they didn't centre the final around her interest in precure instead? .-.

No. 46172

Because finding someone with a bigger precure collection would kill her lmao
Plus most of the precure fans are little children, so it wpuld have been kind of weird

No. 46215

because clear card was a big deal and meant a lot to a lot of people and she has to be the centre of attention as always, the biggest fan, the person who everything means the most to

No. 46216

I definitely know some who have a bigger collection than her and have been collecting longer than her. If she met those people she'd probably have a meltdown.

No. 46258


CCS is broadcast on NHK, Precure isn't so kind of makes sense they'd latch onto whatever show she has shown interest in that they broadcast rather than one they don't.

No. 46268

Blogpost but honestly Pixie was not that bad in the TV show, she has some personality, but the host was cringier than her in terms of body language. Asked my sister to watch it with me for some cringe, and even she felt bad for Pixie. Wouldn't be surprised if the host lurked this thread while looking up Pixie and not being impressed by the tea.

No. 46274

Remember when Jill pretended she cared about the environment for 20 seconds? Collecting plastic anime garbage is not very eco-friendly!

No. 46279

What IS the deal with the host anyway? Does she just hate her job or what?

No. 46303

Jill was screeching and acting like a tard the entire time, did we watch the same episode?

No. 46708

File: 1557290268978.png (3.41 MB, 2185x3000, 89C15E52-4750-4E57-8272-A8FD64…)

April Newsletter is here

No. 46709

God this is pathetic. Any fans still giving her money after this are genuine retards.

No. 46710

Killing plants and growing mold all over my townhouse is so therapeutic uwu

No. 46719

Sage for plant sperg, but you can't put a dieffenbachia, a tropical houseplant, outside in Canada in May overnight, is she braindead?

Just stick to the plastic shit Jill, you can't care enough about anything to learn to care for houseplants. Over watering is the number one killer, if she was so "obsessed" she could do a damn basic Google search before drowning her plants out of boredom. Those poor cats.

No. 46721

How embarrassingly incompetent.
Strangers fork hundreds of dollars while she can't even care for a plant, or update with a newsletter that's over 500 characters.
It's so low effort, shouldn't be shocked over it by now yet it still is irksome.

No. 46727

These newsletters are so useless and disappointing. If she were an actual creator they could be cool by showing exclusive peeks into her creative process like each month's design sketches, fabric swatches, sewing steps etc. showing viewers how she's making garments before they're revealed to the rest of her viewers. But she doesn't make anything except a couple cheap, wobbly, shiny cosplay or cosplay-like unwearable dresses a year. Who gives a fuck about some flowers you killed?

No. 46754

How long before we get another expensive vet visit story time because Jill brought a plant that was toxic to her *~precious furbabies~* and left it in plain sight for them to nibble on? Then she whinges and cries about how “she didn’t know any better” or “she is just a first time plant mom~ pls be gentle uwu” kind of bs

No. 46822

i hate to say it but this thread is so dead lol

No. 46825

I think that's a good sign for pixie. The less she's on social media, the more she's focusing on herself and mental health. At least hopefully.

No. 46837

Imo her lack of posting is a bad sign bc it shows that she can't do anything.

No. 46842

Not whitekighting but with mental health usually therapists tell you to take a time off social media and do a social media detox

We do not know what she is doing. Just because she isnt posting doesnt mean she doesnt do anything.

No. 46931

if you look in her twitter likes she liked some posts about cheaters being bad so maybe she finally caught on about steve and maggie and it went to shit or something

No. 46936

File: 1557461008684.png (399.13 KB, 596x594, vid related.PNG)

sage for no 1 curr but youtube/social media is her literal job. in a recent survey, youtube was actually the only platform with a net positive for mental health. i'm sorry but one of her last IG posts was her holding a drink and on may 2nd she posted vid related (screen only sorry). maybe tinfoil but i think she's just frantically trying not to flunk out of "college."

No. 46939

I don't get it. Painting hangers pink? Why? What's it to do with homework?

No. 46941

Looks like she’s tied pastels to the hanger and is waiting for the wind to blow them around and draw on the paper below them.

No. 46944

She's probably liking tweets about the ProJared drama

No. 46950

That… seems exceptional even for her.

No. 46962

Maybe it has to do with an assignment? About having nature guide you or whatever

No. 46976

If she tied the pastels vetically they would have a better chance at making a mark on the paper.

No. 47007

I think this has to be some shit abstract art assignment, I had todo a lot of them in college.

No. 47027

That is honestly such a silly idea. Those crayons will barely leave any color on the paper without pressure. Maybe if it was extremely hot causing them to melt but… If this is what she comes up with for her assignments that's just tragic.

No. 47040

theyre chalk pastels, are you anons fucking blind?
and its def something school told her to do, art foundation is full of pretentious shit like this

is it really that interesteing or is the milk this dry?

No. 47053

They're nitpicking bc milk is dry. Honestly this thread dying is for the best, shows that Jill is getting better. Even Kawaii.I is proving to be dry so the reaching on twitter posts makes sense

No. 47065

>shows that Jill is getting better

Jill not posting her every move on social media anymore doesn't mean she's getting better. We know she's still living in filth, gaining weight at a rapid pace, losing friends, and hoarding plastic shit.

No. 47123

No. 47126

…wait so is she already done with her Japan vlogs?
why is she dragging out the tv show stuff so much, wasn't she in Japan for 2 weeks? even a haul of shit she bought there would be more interesting than this

No. 47128

I think we may have reached peak narcissism

No. 47130

says in the show that she watched card captor in middle school and it got her into kawaii fashion, Jill we know that isn't at all true. She says she loves 6% and Sebastian but she doesn't wear that aesthetic or their clothes, seriously, scroll through her insta and see how long it takes you to find a photo where a main piece she is wearing is from a Japanese brand, she doesn't wear J-fashion

No. 47131

That narrator needs to be fired. Honestly this would've been more bearable if they just had a normal person who wasn't trying to be cutesy narrate this.

No. 47136

No. 47138

This kind of feels like she's ripping off lovely lor's reaction videos, which is funny considering th two of them really don't like each other.

No. 47166

>When Jill realizes she needs money for more Lazy Oaf
>31 minutes, 4 ads
Get that YouTube money Jill, kek

No. 47176

Jesus this was so fucking hard to watch. You can tell she's just milking this tv episode for all it's got because she doesn't have anything of actual substance to say for most of the video. This probably could have been a ten minute video if she edited it down but she just had to show her reaction to every God damn second.

> Most of this is just me screaming!


No. 47244

File: 1557670089508.jpeg (80.55 KB, 828x489, 7EF820DA-8548-4AAA-B033-72B830…)

Makes sense since she posted this on Twitter

No. 47247

I didn’t know they even knew each other, but that’s definitely saying something if even Lor can’t at least pretend to be sweet about her.
On top of that, Lor knew better than to react to something that she HERSELF was in, and had Tyler react to the documentary episode she was in instead.

No. 47252

File: 1557679214666.jpg (480.19 KB, 720x891, 20190512_173956.jpg)

No. 47253

File: 1557679265329.jpg (116.12 KB, 720x398, 20190512_174111.jpg)

>>47252 the caption

No. 47254

I'm still not over how much her weight gain has aged her she seriously looks like a middle-aged woman having her 2nd mid life crisis

No. 47255


No. 47259

the scene is so beautiful without the rainbow editing, why does she always have to make everything so obnoxious

No. 47261

Lmao I understand people having a pair of comfortable shoes they wear most the time, but jfc can she get a pair that at least looks good with her other clothing. Idk why the colour editing irks me so much too, it looks so tacky and the photo would just look better without it.

No. 47265

full outfit from dollskill, what a j-fashion queen

No. 47268

File: 1557685311072.jpg (25.87 KB, 334x260, 1557679214666(1).jpg)

quit making fun of her shoes, those are her hooves you bitches

No. 47271

I will never unsee this.

ily, anon. <3

No. 47276

I'll see if I can find the caps, Lor kinda snapped at Jill back when she made an April fool's post about wearing Lolita again. There might be other interactions between them as well but that's the one I remember the most
Lor seems legitimately nice, doesn't care about the social status of friends she meets/talks to online and at least the people who follow her aren't all fat autissitic walmart-kei

No. 47287

This is the fugliest edit she's done as of date, hands down. Her taste only seems to decline.

And of course she's the only idiot on the street wearing a short skirt and a short sleeve shirt when there's still ice on the ground and passerby's behind her are in coats and winter boots. Jill lives in her own bizarro land

Not even shocked that she didn't fix the soles since months ago when they started splitting and dragged those miserable broken shoes to Japan

No. 47429

File: 1557775131925.jpg (258.86 KB, 1080x634, IMG_20190513_131554.jpg)

Kek, who's ready for all the farmers armchairing her since she'll probably be vauge about it for a while.

No. 47432

Hey, good for Pixie. Hope she'll finally go to therapy.

No. 47437

10 bucks says she got a BPD diagnosis like every other selfish kid who can't function and has no coping skills.

No. 47442

Idk I'm betting on some bogus PTSD diagnosis from like being ~exposed~ as a YouTuber and leaning on her past shit to show how emotionally fragile she is. Or she has adult ADHD and that's why she can't upload a damn video or do community college to save her life. She seems too rich and coddled to have anything but the type of doctor to hand out benzos or Adderall to whoever wants it and whines about it after going on webmd.

No. 47446

>>47429 can any fb anons come through? i'm sure she will post more about this there.

No. 47448

File: 1557785982815.jpg (274.67 KB, 720x878, 20190513_231706.jpg)

Louise's pp. She never posts photos with him. Its always about jill.

No. 47449

File: 1557786054104.jpg (469.91 KB, 720x1141, 20190513_232000.jpg)

Jill missed mothers day

No. 47450

File: 1557786113535.jpg (335 KB, 720x959, 20190513_232113.jpg)

Another pp with Giles.

No. 47451

File: 1557786409261.jpg (131.14 KB, 720x520, 20190513_232412.jpg)

Do you think something has happened between Louise and Jill? Obviously its normal to post about both of your children, but louise has always posted jill jill jill nonstop. Enough so that I expected to add something like "ps my daughter is super succesful as well. They both make me so proud!!"

No. 47452

File: 1557786457580.jpg (305.91 KB, 720x999, 20190513_232501.jpg)

No. 47453

Poor fucking guy. It's clear who the favorite child is. I'm sure I've heard about him before but I literally forgot Jill had a brother because he never comes up at all, all Jill and her mom do are talk about each other.


I love how she harps so much on the fact that Jill and her mom couldn't be there instead of just being happy about who is there. Why even mention it at all I'd feel like absolute shit if my mom posted a Facebook post about how "oh man my favorite kid couldn't come visit so I guess I'll hang out with my son"

No. 47454


Maybe she's lowkey annoyed that Jill hasn't visited in a while or that she's moved away at all.

No. 47455

I feel like she's overcompensating for the fact that she never posts about Giles. Like "oh yeah shit I guess I do have a son better spam my Facebook with him for a few days then go back to talking about the child I actually give a shit about"

Or maybe Jill is failing her classes a lot worse than we all thought and her mom's kind of pissed about that? Like seeing your son succeed then your daughter fail she might choose to focus on her son out of embarrassment.

No. 47471


big armchair but I can smell louise's narc parenting from here, this is such a blatant (and classic) golden child / scapegoat flip

No. 47473

it seems like giles just graduated, which is a very "normie" thing to do so he gets his designated attention for that now and then she'll go back to coddling her favorite child. but yeah honestly >>47471 is right. i mean here's jill posting about finally getting a mental health diagnosis that will aide in her treatment, and then her son who graduated (university i assume?) kind of obvious who was coddled to be the golden child (jill) and who actually succeeded because he wasn't coddled (giles). sage for huge armchair tbh but you'd have to be blind not to see it so idgaf

No. 47491


yep, same anon >>47471 she didn't get the narc supply she wanted out of jill for mothers day so she's flipping the coin and making it all about Giles, who she normally neglects in her social media oversharing/oversentimentalizing.

I'm sorry to pull out not just an armchair, but an entire foil-covered big comfy couch, but four threads from now when she's posting videos about repressed memories, PTSD from her childhood, and how hard it is going NC with her mom I just want everyone to know I BEEN callin it

No. 47506

jfc, she sounds like such a bitter bitch. Her son is with her, but he isn't good enough? Neither is her husband? Why is she so obsessed with Jill?

No. 47511

So I can see where the other anons are getting the narcissist ideas, but I think this is more so about celebrating a womens holiday with fellow women in the family, which is pretty typical, so… all these comments calling Louise a psycho narcissist neglecting parent are reaching.

Jills brother seems much more low key and probably takes after his dad which is why Louise hardly mentions him, or maybe he doesnt want his info and photos constantly blasted online like she does with Jill. Anons are forgetting not everyone in this family is an attention seeker and shares their personal lives and drama online every day.

No. 47525

Both can be true though? Jill's narcissism almost definitely came from her one way or another. How is it a reach to notice that a cow's enabling mom is making social media posts passive aggressively calling out her favorite child for being absent on mother's day while also remembering she has a son for 5 minutes?

No. 47534


I think its a reach. Some people just don't post their lives on social media, or take selfies with their parents. Louise just likes to post on her FB but has less material anout him. Or maybe its to protect him, because there is no way she doesn't know she gets quoted here.

No. 47537

I remember pixie mentioning him a few times in her videos. I think she bought him power tools once for Christmas or smth and said something along the lines of “I’m nervous because I have no idea if he’ll like this or not”
I always thought it was weird she had no idea what her brothers interests are, but they must be incredibly different people.

No. 47538

She bought that drill thing for her dad, not Giles.

Giles is really into drones and weed.

No. 47550

I'm pretty shocked jill didnt go to see her mother for mothers day given how much she talks about missing her mum and having mental break downs because she doesnt see her mother on a daily basis.

No. 47566

the tools was for her dad, I believe she got her brother H3H3 merch because they are both fans and she wanted something too and to have a deal on shipping by ordering a gift the same time, sage for sperg

No. 47591

Of course she had to get something out of it too kek

No. 47604

File: 1557884966860.jpeg (446.62 KB, 640x912, B23FA6D1-7024-4FB7-BBE0-C9C07A…)

No. 47608

Nothing wrong with this tbh

No. 47646

File: 1557900229930.jpg (359.61 KB, 720x1008, 20190515_070344.jpg)

No. 47648

Anon, why are you bothering with every post? There's nothing milky here.

No. 47649

apart from the fact that it's a one of one from an artist that she was gifted and she uses it as a cat bowl, this particular one isn't listed anymore but it doesn't say on the site that any of the bowls the artist produces are food safe which, with ceramics please always make sure the item is food safe before you use it for food or drink for yourself or your pets, some glaze actually contains lead

No. 47741

Not that anon but I thought generally people liked to archive everything on this site.

No. 47758

seeing her capture genuine expressions on her face is surprisingly cute, jill stop doing the smarmy snorty tonguey faces in photos where you intend to look cute, bc this is way better

No. 47841

Legit what I was thinking, that second photo is actually pretty cute. I don't know if Jill still lurks but if you are please take notes because you look so much cuter when you aren't forcing your expressions. Can't say the same about those eyebrows though, I absolutely don't get the colored eyebrows shit I've never thought it looked good.

No. 47928

File: 1558071352239.png (4.04 MB, 750x1334, DBDE22A0-C22B-4CBF-8301-BCB1B3…)

looks like someone wasn’t invited again!

No. 49362

File: 1558452542591.jpg (233.49 KB, 720x880, 20190521_162759.jpg)

To add to the Giles saga. This is Louise's business page.

No. 49799

No hate on him but he looks like jill with the masc snapchat filter

No. 49804

Well….yeah anon……that's what genetics do

No. 49805

No shit. I have four siblings and none of them look literally identical to me but with facial hair. Are they twins?

No. 49807

He's older, and honestly I don't see what you're seeing
He has the same face shape and similar eyes/nose but other than that…?

No. 49817

>He has the same face shape and similar eyes/nose but other than that…?

Yeah that's literally his whole face except his mouth? which might look like Jill's too if he made that duck pout she always does

No. 49845

I have the exact same face as my brother and everybody points it out when they see us together. I also know a lot of people that look exactly like an opposite sex sibling. It’s funny but happens a lot.(No1curr)

No. 49973

File: 1558562280479.png (22.15 KB, 1057x153, stardewvalley.png)

> people itt nitpicking Jillian's brother

No. 50069

this should be the next thread pic honestly

No. 50530

File: 1558669118678.png (5.7 MB, 1242x2208, 441B64DA-A8C8-438A-84B6-6BA08D…)

Speculation, but I’m thinking this about good old jilly bean

No. 50569

It could also be about her ex turned close friend.

No. 50575

Wonder what's up with her, probably crunch time around finals. She seemed at risk of failing and/or not getting into the fashion program.

No. 50688

No. 50693

File: 1558796352712.jpg (409.24 KB, 1366x768, 111.jpg)

>>50688 her face is so bloated her eyes look tiny?? also she says she has two weeks less of this semester.

No. 50694

File: 1558796484509.jpg (584.26 KB, 1366x768, 112.jpg)

>>50688 what a messy job

No. 50695

Honestly with all of the bloating and her saying she's going for mental health help, I wouldn't doubt shes purging

No. 50696

>>50688 she says she has more japan vlogs

No. 50710

wtf that hat is ugly as hell
ALso she looks like a jew(read the rules)

No. 50719

buying a bunch of pre-made shit and using hot glue to attach it to your grad cap is not DIY. this is so fucking embarrassing. She goes to art school and this is what she makes? I know it’s not a great school, but come on…

No. 50728

wtf is up with her makeup after the light change

No. 50729

File: 1558806215385.jpg (48.35 KB, 594x384, Untitled 1.jpg)

this is a new low

No. 50730

Oh no, she is. She is looking horrible.

No. 50731

Its more like the freshman 50 if you ask me

No. 50732

Walking at graduation for completing one year of classes is kinda weird, but I guess that’s how the school rolls. No doubt she’ll insist mom take it as seriously as her brother’s actual graduation. In the video she said her HS didn’t do caps and gowns, so I guess this is her getting to do something she missed out on.
The actual decoration itself just seems like she is doggedly determined to not let anything she learned in school affect her awful aesthetic.

No. 50733

oh this is 50 miles past schadenfreude, now i actually feel bad for her. girl's clearly spiraling, she needs a professional to get a grip on her right now.

No. 50734

She has a cricut that she could've used to cut everything evenly

No. 50739


former-ED anon, the swelling around her cheeks could well be classic "hamster face" long term purgers tend to get

No. 50740


I think you get to "graduate" from Foundation Year at art school.

No. 50756

she didn't even remember to cut the rainbow down, so its over size.

No. 50760

jill please for the love of god your face will look less swollen if you wear face framing bangs, WEAR YOUR THICK EYELINER in videos you always look better with it and MATTE face makeup, the dewey look is making you look more hammy

No. 50772

Those weird sex noises…

No. 50774


this is such a stupid tinfoil. ed cheeks aren't actually the cheeks, it's the saliva glands under the jaw. and she's obviously still fat af so her compensation sucks ass. ergo, she just has a crap diet and can't fix it.

No. 50776

She looks like a working class middle aged mother. She needs to learn to cook healthy meals and get an exercise bike or something ASAP to counteract her reliance on junk and binge eating. When your physical health deteriorates it often traps your mental health in a bad place too because your body simply feels like crap and your brain will not produce the endorphins you need to feel happy in a steady fashion throughout the that way. IIRC there was even a study showing that junk food gave people a big immediate opioid release in the brain that wore off quickly but a more nutritious option created a slow, stable endorphin release throughout the day. Jill is definitely turning to large volumes of junk food to cope with her stress and it's only making things worse for her.

No. 50783

Christ why does she look like my 50 year old aunt
She used to be so pretty, what tf happened?

No. 50785

I mean, she could be purging but she’s also just getting fat as fuck.

No. 50798

At normal art schools, you don’t graduate from foundation year. You graduate in four years. Is this like a participation award?

No. 50809

she literally reads the rules for decorating her cap within the first minute and it says "no higher than four inches from top of board." either my depth perception is way off or that rainbow is taller than her entire hand is wide. honestly though i wonder if they'll just let it slide because the school has a fucking graduation ceremony for a year of pre reqs. this is depressing.

No. 50812

I saw this video and thought the cap was cute, but like – it really is only a surface-level thing, huh? Like when you look at it more closely it's a little disappointing. I was genuinely shocked by her weight gain, though, because last time I watched her stuff she was not as… bloated?

No. 50815

Seeing this in my recommended made me snort laugh for thirty seconds straight.
What the fuck kind of college has their FRESHMEN walk?
Looking at >>50729 and >>50694 makes me realize that Jill is exactly like her graduation cap.
A bunch of cheap tacky colorful materials sloppily covering up a generic mass produced template.

No. 50823

>Is this like a participation award?


No. 50827

Everything about Jill makes me think about all of the waste that sits in landfills and takes a thousand years to degrade. She could've drawn something like everyone else but she just has to buy more ugly garbage to hot glue on. Everything is an excuse to buy more stuff with her. Such artist.

No. 50839

Why does it look like she's suddenly gained 50 pounds? It's actually shocking and has me kind of worried for her.

No. 50850

Am I the only person who would be embarassed if my school was the kind to make me do a graduation walk for a single foundational (art) year? To make it even worse I could never publicly announce this to a moderate social media following who also know ive been there less than 365 days to boot. She seems so excited by something that any normal adult would honestly find rather humiliating. At the same time considering how sheltered and stunted she has shown herself to be over time makes me less shocked that shes this … pathetically blind to how her shit looks to any other person that isnt an aspie weeb.

No. 50861

File: 1558869904595.gif (19.2 MB, 560x315, jill3.gif)


it's even worse in motion. Her hairstyle, makeup and silk shirt are doing her more harm than favors.

No. 50862

File: 1558870028855.gif (10.6 MB, 560x315, jill2.gif)

No. 50864

There’s a graduation for going to school for nine months? Wtf. And Jill missed a bunch due to trips and depresshun. Her orgasm noises no thank u.

Despite those minuses, this is actually decent content from Jill, doing some ka-why diy stuff. Yeah she bought a bunch of plastic crap but at least she’s doing something crafty with it.

No. 50867

I wish she would drop out and give us full time yt again. She was my fav cow now shes boring and dried up.
I doubt shell finish college anyways but I wish shed hurry up about it

No. 50873

Is she wearing a pyjama top as a shirt?

No. 50875

I honestly can't believe she's become such a whale. And it's only been like a couple of weeks or a month? Since her last video. Whose gonna tell Jill to put down her tendies before she becomes obese kawaii

No. 50880

she moves like a hyperactive autistic kid. the trailer-park-alcoholic-cat-hoarder-auntie look she's rocking isn't helping her either.

No. 50886

it's one of the WC ojamajo doremi collab items, she wanted to buy them when she was in Japan but they weren't out yet then, I guess she bought them since then, shocked there was no haul video

No. 50887

Maybe she "graduated" into the actual program she's studying? At my school everyone took the foundation courses and then we were separated into our major after we had completed them and passed portfolio reviews.

No. 50947

kek. in before she cries "unfair" bc no reading comprehension skills

No. 51071


I gotta admit I actually like that. Like, the background/area looks well put together and fits, she looks cute (in my eyes, gotta like trashy 90s pastel shit) nd it kinda looks like it could be some sort of childrens craft show. I actually like it

No. 51093

I dont think 'kids tv show' is really a look anyone goes for

No. 51101

wym she loves precure

No. 51160


There are TONS of youtube channel dedicated towards kids and basically act like a kids show, npthing wrong with that.

If she would actually put some more effort into the stuff she makes I actually could see her being succesfull with that concept and how she made her surroundings look like

Then again she cant even cut a nice rainbow shape

No. 51188

Honestly, same. Not trying to White Knight, but these types of videos work for her. Minus the weird sex sounds she makes at disturbing pitches, I kind of enjoyed this vid. I'm an ex fan of hers & this is the shit I signed up for originally.

No. 51209

File: 1559076593789.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, B45DCBA1-8726-403E-81EB-7ABEFF…)

Pins apparently were shipped out

No. 51222

"I can't believe I'm graduating from college" bitch you took one semester of 101 courses and your school gives a pity parade for it, that ain't graduating ?

No. 51223

File: 1559080980564.jpg (1.36 MB, 2560x1920, 19-05-28-15-02-29-448_deco.jpg)

Obviously it's not news that she's tained weight but in watching the "I'd call myself a lesbian" clip, just…wow

No. 51226

File: 1559082049570.png (698.18 KB, 486x700, 555.png)

I bought one because I wanted to see what the quality was like but was wary about posting because it turns out only 13 people ordered one.

The quality of it is really bad. The colours seem kind of faded. The metal on mine is really scratched up and there are spots where the enamel is missing. Personally this feels like B grade quality to me and gives me the impression that she didn't sort them when she recieved them from the manufacturer. Also weirdly it has a brooch back instead of a pin and butterfly clasp?

No. 51228


So she went for the cheapest option and pocketed the difference?

No. 51231

> gives me the impression that she didn't sort them when she recieved them from the manufacturer.

She didn't. Her first order, she sold every pin that she got. I think it was 300, and she sold all 300, when anyone who does this kind of thing knows there will always be a handful that aren't the best quality.

No. 51288

File: 1559113494856.png (217 KB, 352x275, cc.png)

OOF that enamel divot

Also I find the brooch back really fucking weird. I'd have to guess she chose that specifically because manus will always default the the pin posts imo

Backs like that arent as sturdy because of the moving aspect. Its easier to break over time.

I thought her first order was 100. I remember her going on and on about how she stocked 98 or 97 because she wanted to keep one for herself, her mom, and her bf maybe..? Then she reordered a bunch and sold some at that event she attended and is finally getting around to the online shop

No. 51342

File: 1559149372780.png (311.88 KB, 682x403, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 18.02…)

surprised no one screenshot the second section of the video after she smashes her lighting.

No. 51344

The stream from this month is up.

Playlist of past live streams here:

No. 51348

can any brave kind anon give a summary?

No. 51349

Bright side of this outfit is that she’s guaranteed to get the senior citizen discounts!

No. 51352

why do you spend all your time talking about a person who hasn't even done anything wrong yall even talk about her weight, that's low, half yall fat yourself so instead of looking like you don't have a life go find a job and try to be successful(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 51354

like so what if she gained some weight she seems more thick than fat,and there's a huge difference. i can understand trying to look out for her "health" but like skinny people can get the same thing if they eat like idiots

No. 51360

talking about it has the added bonus effect of triggering fattychans like you~

No. 51368


>a person who hasn't even done anything wrong

Please read the other threads.

>she seems more thick than fat,and there's a huge difference

Yes there is, and having a 40 inch neck isn't what makes you thick.

No. 51369

shes an awful person though…

No. 51373

>>51344 I don't know if I can watch the whole thing but here we go:

> is only eating bananas because she doesn't go grocery shopping

> sleep schedule is a mess. went to bed at 2am even tho she had to get up at 7.
> washes hair once a week
> will only wash hair if it is unbelievably greasy
> doesn't know what she'll do when betsey johnson does, or baddie winkle
> thinks meds are turning her into a zombie
> says she is a total hippie now
> says she trying to eat new foods
> wrote an entire paper comparing two runway looks but never collected the marks
> gets to watch movies in her class
> says she passed this semester
> lowest mark is a 73
> missed way too much fucking school
> did get into fashion

that's it. I got 18 mins in.

No. 51374

her talking about how she gets a cheeseburger at a fast food place and just wants the cheese beef and bun…..is that an ED/post-ED thing?

No. 51375

>>51374 it could be, but honestly I think it's just because Jill is such a picky eater.

No. 51376


>Says she hasn't eaten yet today, tried to eat a banana but "it wasn't happening"

>Needs to grocery shop, all that's in the house is fruit and it's all she's been eating

>Her sleep schedule is fucked, went to bed at 2am even though she had to get up at 7:30 the next day

>Started washing her hair only once a week so the colour will last longer

>A fan asks for advice in dealing with depression and anxiety, Jill says she finds it easier to get out of bed knowing she has to get up to feed her cats and water her plants.

When she was in high school she would motivate herself to get up by thinking about what outfit she would wear that day. She encourages the fan to see a professional.

>Had (has, at the time of the stream) her first psychiatrist appointment on the 13th, excited to speak to them because she thinks her medication is turning her into a zombie. Says she's tired all the time

>Recommends meditation to help cope with mental illness, "i'm like a total hippie now, I love meditation and plants". For fucks sake, Jill

>Wrote an entire paper for college comparing a Moschino runway piece to a Sebastian Matsuda design, hasn't seen what mark she got.

>Says the teachers at her shitty craft college tell them to watch movies (she used Inside Out as an example, so, not like fashion or art films) when they've submitted their work for that class, rather than telling students to work on their classwork for their other classes.

She skipped the movie days to catch up on work for the other classes.

>Admits she's taken more absences than she'd have liked

>As mentioned before, the fashion program has 12 spots available. Jill got in but some of the people she thought would be joining her got waitlisted.

>Talks about how you can like Moomins without having read the books/watched the shows, says she loves Rilakkuma but isn't interested in the Netflix show, makes a comment about how she wouldn't be surprised if someone uploads a video calling her a "fake Rilakkuma fan".

>A fan asked for advice on dealing with rejections while trying to apply for a job, said Steve got rejected a ton of times before recently getting a job

>Said she's going to a "sexy heels dance class" with her friends, one of the friends she made while she was modelling for the fashion show teaches the class. Shows a photo of her showing that horrific French fry dress

>If she's still in the fashion program next year she'll be doing a look for the fashion show

>The college doesn't allow you to use domestic machines for homework, you have to use the industrial machines at college. Jill is still planning on using her domestic machine for small parts despite being by a lecturer that you shouldn't do this.

>"Working on" a Shiny Luminous cosplay for Animaritime in 2 months. All she's currently done is drafted the front bodice pattern. Says the pattern is going to be completely self-drafted so this gon b gud

>Bought a made to order piece by Sunshine by Hester

>Working on a lavender dress which was posted as a sneak peak on Patreon

>Says that her mental health has taken a toll on every aspect of her life, is trying to "re-water" her life. Implies her social life has suffered as a result of her mental illness

That's pretty much it, I think

No. 51377

File: 1559164574145.jpg (120.51 KB, 591x575, jacket.jpg)

Here's the Sunshine by Hester jacket she bought.

No. 51379

>>51377 wow totes hippie

No. 51380

Why does Jill attract retarded white knights that put their actual email in the email field?

No. 51384

Of course she's proud of buying something this hideous.

No. 51388

Thanks for your input, Chloe Chester. Is it nice and cozy up there in Jillian's asshole?

>As mentioned before, the fashion program has 12 spots available. Jill got in but some of the people she thought would be joining her got waitlisted.
It's really fucking sad that someone like Jill got in because of her small bit of internet fame rather than someone who might actually have passion, motivation, and drive for a career in fashion. I know it's a crappy arts and crafts school but there might be students going there as a intro to art/fashion before heading to a real art college. Like when people take their gen eds at community college? Idk I just definitely feel like there was definitely someone more deserving of her spot and she'll just waste it completely.

No. 51391

>>51389 bye Chloe Chester

No. 51395

How'd you even find this board if you don't spend time on it or you don't watch her content? Go away, Chloe.

No. 51396

Our buddy Chloe deleted her comment. I've copied it for your viewing pleasure. Sorry, bro.

>First of all bro I'm not fat so you got to come down on that secondly I don't even watch her stuff like that because I'm not really into her aesthetic I don't dig that I'm white but I still want to be Japanese and Kawaii sort of stuff I mean now I see why y'all don't like her but still making a whole form about this it's kind of weird

No. 51397

deleting your comment won't erase the fact that you doxxed yourself, chloe chester kek

No. 51398

Oh another white girl who wishes she was a halfu so she could be as kawiiwii as her queen despite her bullshit claim

No. 51399

I agree. When she was talking about how she'll need to produce a look for the fashion show when she's a first year fashion student next year, she said something along the lines of "if I don't drop out with my mental health issues, which is a possibility".
I feel bad for her because her mental health clearly has been suffering quite a lot, but about halfway through the stream she was talking about how bad she feels for her friends who got waitlisted and then says shit like "I'll have to make something for the fashion show if I haven't dropped out by the end of the year".
Like, why don't you give that spot to someone who intends to actually pass the course?

No. 51400

I'm just going to say this I watch anime yeah sure, but I've never had the desire to be Kawaii I actually take fashion stuff seriously all I'm saying is I don't see why you guys spend time on this is not like she cares and honestly knowing her she might as well just get this stuff deleted anyways I mean stick to what you want but it's just interesting

No. 51401

I'm not even White I'm freaking Indian!

No. 51402

>>51400 sick back pedal there, chloe.

No. 51403

That is a really good point. I know that if my mental health was suffering that much, knowing that I was given one of very few spots for my program and that my friends couldn't get in would just stress me out further and make me more likely to fail. I predict she drops out next fall semester and she alienates whichever "friends" of hers were waitlisted just so she could drop out.

No. 51404

Secondly, if you're wondering how I found this my friend was forcing me to watch her stuff and I told her I'm not into it so I decided to look her up on Google and I saw this and I'm just like Oh shoot what did she do now only to find out that people just come here to complain about weird stuff I mean I can see not liking her but still I guess people do have the right to do this though so no point in really complaining about it😕

No. 51405

Are you ten?

No. 51406

Oh yeah I'm definitely 10 I definitely watch Kawaii Desu YouTubers… are you dumb or something? what type of ten-year-old would spend their time on this honestly I don't even know why I'm here myself, but I'm a lot older than you think bro so…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 51407

>>51406 accusing others of being dumb whilst doxxing yourself…

No. 51409

I'm surprised no anon has found this Chloe online yet. They immediately did so last time someone doxxed themselves in Jillian's threads kek when will these whiteknights learn?

No. 51410

Babe, please stop, youre embarassing yourself… There have been so many others before like you and its just going to cause you more trouble the more you reply
Big advice, just leave
Youre wasting our time and opening yourself up to a whole lot of shit, especially as you doxxed yourself and you carry on the fight, please leave

No. 51412

I tried checking through the confetti club FB group. There are plenty of people named Chloe but no one named Chloe Chester so at least she wasn't a Jill stan larping.

No. 51427

Is this from her meetup last year? Why are you posting this now?

No. 51519

File: 1559237989819.jpeg (892.85 KB, 828x1386, FAF60965-2B6E-4D02-A029-B52DFF…)

She is going to cosplay Entrapa from She-ra

No. 51525

I get struggling to get through school because of mental health problems but it's sad that she's pretty much setting herself up to drop out before her program has even started.

>Jill is still planning on using her domestic machine for small parts despite being by a lecturer that you shouldn't do this.
Just do what you're told, god damn.

No. 51535

File: 1559245551400.jpeg (592.44 KB, 828x932, 8E71B792-3B49-4B87-9239-A1F004…)

No. 51537

"kawaii body modifications" is an oxymoron.

No. 51540

not to all the obese ita edgelords that shell out money to read this shitty "zine"

No. 51547

That’s such a weird choice for her. You think she’d go for She-ra or Glimmer

No. 51557

File: 1559257473148.png (71.34 KB, 356x537, EntraptaRender.png)

can't wait for her to fuck up the wig

No. 51562

thank you so much for the summaries, anons. I could not sit through her rambling more than a few mins.

No. 51563

I was just thinking that. What a weird way to phase 'i want attention.' for jill and her cult fans.

No. 51574


it basically just means pastel/magical girl tattoos right?

No. 51607

Everything about this is embarrassing. The "geek chic" issue? Discussing paying too much money to get objects from children's cartoons permanently drawn on your body to distract from self harm scars? Where is the self-awareness?

No. 51647

Around 28 minutes into the stream vedio she talks about the tattoo she was supposed to get in Japan.
>she didn't get it because time and money complications
>She asks her fellow Witches if they think it might be a sign from the universe not to get it and the Witches say "it might be a sign if you feel it was"
>Pixie decides to still get the tattoo done but in Canada. She hasn't planned dates or anything though
>She wants the precure 15th anniversary logo but without Luminous because "I feel like 3 little anime faces on a tattoo like this big would be too busy"
>She says it hurts her because Shiny Luminous is her baby but she is okay about it because red she "already has a shiny luminous shrine shelf above her computer and a tattoo of her (weapon) so there's enough luminous rep already"

No. 51711

She asked her fellow "witches" if jer plan for a tattoo was a sign from the universe?
NO JILL that is a normal part of life. Plans will fall through.
She's so religious. No wonder she dealing with anxiety.

No. 51717

ngl I'm a bit spiritual but jill…. girl….. it's not that serious……. she can get another tattoo at literally any other point.

No. 51720

>"guise i spent too much at the precure store and now i can't afford my tattoo. is this a *~*sign*~* from the universe???"

No. 51732

Dif anon and thats all well and good. But it was really shitty of her to bail on her app for the artist last minute. The artist could have filled that spot to make money but instead Jill did this

No. 51735

Agreed. I don't know much about Japan's tattoo culture or if they do deposits, but I hope Jill lost money on this, because the artist certainly did.

No. 51809

No. 51812

>less than 3 minutes of japan content and rest is pointless rambling
>admitting she doesnt wash her hair for days

No. 51814

Not washing your hair every day is pretty standard practice especially if you have heavily processed hair like she does. It's damaged enough as it is.

No. 51816

File: 1559508135828.png (3.83 MB, 2830x1570, Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 3.41…)


Lawd she comin

No. 51817

So shes fluent enough to have whole conversations but not enough to ask for fabric cuts correctly. The word for meter is even the same in Japanese and English.

No. 51818


That reflection is unfortunate.

No. 51822

She gets prettier with each "unready" step. Jill why is your "ready" form always your weakest?

No. 51823

File: 1559513346464.jpeg (94.52 KB, 640x491, A13BF073-3CBE-4ADC-92AE-8AECD3…)

She didn’t walk out on her retail jobs… She quit. I hate how she constantly inserts herself, to show off.

No. 51826

Video seems to be down?

No. 51835

It's not on her channel either.

No. 51934

>actually washing your hair every day, even if it's virgin
Are you an aspiring chrome dome or just clueless about personal hygiene?

No. 51936

File: 1559527948012.jpeg (132.61 KB, 828x672, 172AD764-9B55-4E04-9B0E-EF767D…)

It’s because YouTube was down

No. 51949

This was a vlog about the tokyo textile district. It was uploaded to YouTube and has since been made private. I don’t think it has anything to do with YouTube going down as at the time it was uploaded it was viewable.

No. 51958

sorry to hear about your rat nest hair anon, but normal hygienic people don't spray layers of dry shampoo on their head for days on end

the video was viewable for a good amount of time after the upload and yt never went down, wonder why she's lying

No. 51960

can we not sperg about shit that is different for every individual and agree that jillybean obv doesn't wash her hair often enough for her hair type, based on the state of her bangs alone

No. 51972

File: 1559544587969.png (16.62 KB, 578x107, milkless.PNG)

i think it was just a local connection issue. saged because this cow is dry af

No. 51974

File: 1559554400765.gif (1.93 MB, 200x112, and i oop.gif)

oh fuck I saw that picture of Jill and thought "why would anyone post some random ss?" then I saw the reflection

No. 52000

Why would a local connectivity issue make her already uploaded video disappear?

No. 52007

It didn't. She probably just took it down and is brushing it off as ~technical issues~. What I want to know is why she took it down.

No. 52019

Especially since it's taking this long to re-upload. It wouldn't take this long to simply put back up a video without doing some editing or something.

No. 52025

She didn't cut the video, it's exactly 9:59 min like before

No. 52040

Jill they were asking people who had shitty job experience that lead them to leave if it affected them in any way.
They are not asking spoiled (at the time) 17yo who worked a total of 10 hours a week at a job they actually like. Then left bevause they had a big break to work for themselves how they felt. Stay in your lane and stop trying to be relateable

No. 52041

I think it's cause she noticed the video was doing piss poor viewership wise. I remember when I watched the original video a day later it had like 500 views. She's re-uploading for the views

No. 52049

File: 1559618123789.png (656.58 KB, 746x650, Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.1…)

It's insane how much better she looks after taking off that stupid hat

No. 52052

How does every vlog she uploads have less than half of its footage actually filmed in Japan? These videos are so half-assed.

No. 52053

File: 1559624722035.jpeg (256.84 KB, 960x565, 9DCFD079-38D3-40C1-8032-3017C3…)

Her new profile picture on Facebook is interesting…

No. 52054

oh my god those bangs.
whoever said she looks like she's on a kids show is right. this look like something that would say "airing 7pm cst!" over it.

No. 52055

Am I the only one that feels like these obnoxious lip colors age her further/draw attention to her wrinkles and jowls? Especially this one, wtf is up with the metallic pink? I know it's nothing new but it's been bothering me for a while.

No. 52056

Goblin genes are strong in this photo

No. 52057

Here is Sunday’s live stream

No. 52059

I might do a summary, so far she's implied being on a web series documentary thing "that many of (my) friends and also problematic people have been on"…..calling it now, it'll probably be Hooked on the Look kek

No. 52061

She's back on her ethical clothing/thrifting - anti fast fashion thing right now, wonder how long it'll last for this time lmao

No. 52064

>yeah i buy a ton of plastic crap
>remember the peeps/crayola thing? totally wasn't a phase
>let's just tuck some sewing supplies in the corner so people don't forget am a fashun designer hurr

sage for absolute nitpick

No. 52069

File: 1559650805540.png (142.47 KB, 336x187, tn.png)

similar pic from Dec 2017 for comparison

No. 52071

This one is just so much tamer compared to the new one and her face isn't bloated to hell and back good lord
This is such a gross brag of how much shit she has. I couldn't imagine owning as much crap as she does, Jill needs fucking shopaholics anonymous this is ridiculous. But also if she decided to go full kids program I support cause she already talks so obnoxiously and acts like one, just drop the cursing.

No. 52081

Speaking of, if she’s going to own that many plastic toys and stuff, why not do a tour of them or something? Like show the precure figures and polly pockets. She could go full kids show then - they might like that lol. Also perhaps other collectors would. Her vids are just so boring rn.

No. 52082

Have I gone mad or does she look really good here ? Like the bangs dont look ridiculous at this angle (if it was also blonde with a little chunk of colour it'd look great)and the less forced expression, simpler makeup and not arched to hell eyebrows… She just looks so so much better

Here however…. oof
Like this pic could be real cute if her face wasnt so crazed-looking and without the clown hair and makeup…

No. 52083

File: 1559656530855.png (852.69 KB, 888x676, Untitled2.png)

No. 52086

Why do her eyebrows look photoshopped to hell, probably why her bangs look extra janky

No. 52087

File: 1559658173405.jpeg (40.83 KB, 1280x720, 9E4E6551-DD71-4157-82A4-30C3E6…)

No. 52093

she uploaded the video to make it 10 mins long lol

No. 52105

Fushimi inari taisha’s not in Osaka, Jill…

No. 52111

So in this she mentions she went to her psychiatrist appointment and got diagnosed with the thing shes thought shes had for years. She doesn't say what it is because of ~stigma~ around it.

No. 52112

NPD? Come on anons, I want to hear all your armchairing.

No. 52114

She not so subtly hinted at borderline personality disorder a few months back.

No. 52115

Me too lol
My guess would be BPD or NPD
If it's so spooky scary for her

No. 52119

She's sheltered and iconsiderate, but that doesn't mean she has NPD. Another cluster B personality disorder seems more likely.

No. 52121

>>52114 deffo bpd. she posted so many memes abput having it on fb a while back. The thing is people normally develop bpd because of child hood abuse/ shitty parenting. Jill has parents that spoil her?

No. 52122

File: 1559671540479.jpeg (407.92 KB, 972x1242, FABD5959-EAEE-41C0-9FFB-B3178E…)

Considering her relationship with her mom and the way she handles her romantic relationships BPD would make the most sense for an illness with a bad reputation.

Losing her mind over her mom living several hours away, and throwing friendships down the drain for a chance with a boy fall in line with the way borderline folks idolize (and subsequently demonize) certain people in their life.

No. 52125

Borderline is also really common among people who are spoiled (either in wealth or emotionally or both) and selfish. I'm sure being coddled has done her no favors and I'm sure she will eventually use it to be a selfish, greedy cunt in the future. Not that she seems to have needed an excuse for that so far kek

No. 52126

I'd say being spoiled rotten counts as shitty parenting

No. 52133

I thought bpd formed in people who were severely abused and now can't regulate their emotions and relationships.
Not "bpd is common in assholes uwu"
While I'm sure its common for assholes to claim illnesses to excuse themselves I don't think what you said is remotely true.

No. 52135

there's a load of doctors who will diagnose any young-ish woman who self harms and is kind of obnoxious in some way with bpd regardless of if they meet all the criteria for it or have a history of abuse. It's not unlikely she got diagnosed with it.

No. 52157

Idk why NPD is so far fetched. She's a complete narcissist which her mom and confetti cult totally fed into. She treats her romantic partners and pets like accessories, and she can't maintain a friendship to save her life.

No. 52159

i would say hpd more than anything.she doesnt have a traumatic past for bpd. hpd and npd tend to go hand in hand though. i dont understand why bpd is the go to armchair on this website. why is hpd forgotten?

No. 52168

I’ve never been to a therapist before but I think they’re paid to find problems instead of just saying “I diagnose you with brat.”

No. 52171

Okay but which cow on this site COULDN’T be classified as histrionic tho

No. 52181

Maybe it's autism. I dont think there is a stigma around autism though

My second guess would probably be narcissism and bpd are the only ones I can think of

No. 52184

>Doesn't think there’s a stigma against autism
Are you retarded

No. 52185

it's disgusting that she mentions near the end how she doesnt wash her bangs. she only puts dry shampoo in it. It's so easy to wash your bangs only.. She's lazy.

Also, she said she wanted to go to osaka to eat takoyaki?? She lives in canada. there are plenty of good Japanese spots to eat there.

No. 52186

File: 1559689533333.jpg (42.32 KB, 904x531, 186b73.jpg)

Reminds me so much of the spiderman meme

No. 52193

Would you like to refute As of why there is a stigma around autism. Or are you fine with just quoting me and slinging an ad hominem.

And im probably just as retarded as the woman who decided to give birth to rather than opting for a late term abortion

No. 52196

>And im probably just as retarded as the woman who decided to give birth to rather than opting for a late term abortion
I mean…

No. 52205

Oh, you’re actually autistic. My bad. I’ll explain the joke.

There IS stigma against autism. To the point that it has become a common slur to throw at strangers on anonymous message boards. If Jill received an autism/aspergers diagnosis she might be hailed as a progressive princess within her own community, but she’d be flayed on sites like this.
Although I HIGHLY doubt that’s the diagnosis her therapist gave her.

No. 52212

So how does her being hated by people who already hate her prove that their is a stigma surrounding autism. I mean you said it yourself that her autism diagnosis would have her lauded and praised even more than before. And from what I have seen, people in general, are more sensitive towards autistic people. So your rebuttal is flawed.

Also, explain to me how you are clearly on the defense of someone using the word such as autistic as an ad hominem On "one of these sites" when you yourself has used the words retarded and autistic as a logical fallacy before even refuting me.

Your argument is the reason why I advocate for woman to swallow cum instead of later on dealing with parasitic waste that they birthed.

No. 52214

I'm pretty sure it's bipolar. She goes through cycles of being really up and getting a lot done, vs. deep depression. Maybe bipolar 2 though, because I'm not sure if she's fully manic. I would say she's sometimes grandiose, which happens during manic episodes? Bipolar is fairly stigmatized, too. I don't think she's BPD because she's in long-term romantic relationships; if she was diagnosed with BPD that was very irresponsible of the clinician.

No. 52217

No decent doctor is going to diagnose a mental illness or personality disorder after meeting with them once.

No. 52218

File: 1559702426058.jpg (115.71 KB, 1080x1279, 1558171279402.jpg)

sage your breathtaking stupidity and maybe seek help

this thread is a shambles lmao

No. 52220

Continued derailing and armchairing will result in lengthy bans.

No. 52260

she does claim to have a traumatic past though and the psych will only know what she tells them, she claimed the older girl who she was dating abused her then she claimed her punk era boyfriend was abusive too, I could see her also claiming she was bullied by the theatre kids who hated her because she was a tool >>52214
define "long term" and I wouldn't call her relationships healthy by any stretch even if they last over a year, the way scoring tristan is what cured her eating disorder, then she dropped him and loved colin all along, was talking so seriously about their relationship so soon, how hard she spiralled when she got dumped then went on a power trip with the alyssa thing

No. 52311

File: 1559765687182.png (10.47 MB, 3433x5088, 5243C98B-8EFA-47A9-B3CD-4B802C…)

May newsletter

No. 52314

She writes like a middleschooler, but then again I guess that’s her audience.

No. 52315

For an uwu bisexual i'm surprised she wasn't trying to milk everything out of pride month. Then again, she probably doesn't even care/remember since it's clear she just uses her uwusexuality for views.

No. 52322

Itll get a mention in the June newsletter probably and we'll likely get a PRIDE 2019 UWU vlog where she and her "flamingly bisexual" boyfriend will march with an obnoxious "BI PPL WHO LITERALLY ONLY DATE THE OPPOSITE SEX ARE VALID" sign

No. 52323

Thank you patreon anon for your hard work. With the milk so dry, your posts are really a godsend in this time of need

>everything written we've already seen, not really a behind the scenes jill
>only new never before seen content is her deck photo I believe
>girl should really get some longer skirts. She makes a small bend and her ass is flying out in no time

No. 52333

File: 1559781783219.png (1.04 MB, 960x565, 15596247220351.png)

shitty edit, I tried to de-goblinise a bit

No. 52338

God it's so obvious she writes those in one go. Can't she feel the space correctly, or make an effort for her handwriting to be legible? What about her uwu dyslexic patrons, how ableist of her.
Her newsletters are more and more pathetic as time goes.

No. 52340

gg, you somehow made it worse.

No. 52353

jfc how long can it take someone to clean up their house??
>getting at least the main level of my house camera ready
sounds like she's just gonna move all of her crap upstairs and not actually clean/get rid of stuff
I know anons predicted that her house would be a fucking mess before she moved out but I never expected it to be this bad

No. 52374

File: 1559826631025.jpg (659.94 KB, 719x960, CYMERA_20190606_160443.jpg)

I honestly don't understand why she insists on the drag eyebrows? I removed the arch, made her bangs straight and tried to do a slightly softer makeup and she immediately looks better. She also should smooth her skin a bit for pics like these, her job is to look good so editing would be expected and ok..
She could have unnatural hair colors and still look ok but she just has to have some rainbow vomit always, idgi.
Point of this post: she could look ok but chooses not to

No. 52376

That's actually an improvement. I fucking hate everything about her eyebrows so much. I guess she enjoys making herself look older and more haggard.

No. 52379


>That's actually an improvement

The fuck it ain't. Anon made her look like a haunted porcelain doll that comes to life at night and murders the people who disturb her plastic horde.

No. 52486

Her face looks way less harsh in your edit- she looks much better. Still goblin-esque but better.

Also >>52379 seriously? It most certainly is an improvement compared to the ursula eyebrows she's sporting in the original.

No. 52530

File: 1559865961142.png (713.86 KB, 1812x1416, pixie.png)

I apologize for the fanart tier time spent on this but the deed is done. It really goes to show the few changes she could make to not look like an aging clown but still wear her kawiwi clothes

No. 52664

File: 1559903620967.gif (472.7 KB, 960x565, 1559624722035.gif)

made a quick gif while im bored at work (fixed the timing)(fanart)

No. 52666

I know we all have dumb stuff that we waste time on, but wouldn't you have more fun either editing OC so you can share it with your irl friends, or even just playing a game on your phone?

No. 52668

Stop with the fucking edits. I keep thinking some actual info is being shared in this thread

No. 52669

looks like a russian album cover from the 70s

No. 52733

Oh boy

No. 52734

i'm not even going to watch this shit, but can someone tell me if jill is as stupid as i think she is and doesn't realize that she likely caused the mold herself?

No. 52735

God she is fucking stupid, special meeds outfit and all

No. 52736

>>52733 I don't understand why she is acting like this is the worse possible holiday from hell situation? You had four hours from between each hotel. Wow. Such horror.

No. 52737

She just booked a shitty cheap air bnb and expected it to be as cute as the edited picture but their was mold everywhere

No. 52738

Wow Jill! It's almost like what you pay for is kinda what you get, huh? Must be spooky without Mommy there to carry your bags and pay for an expensive Airbnb while she has to sleep on the floor and you take the bed uwu

No. 52739

File: 1559936575162.jpg (369.25 KB, 1366x768, Untitled-122.jpg)

No. 52741

File: 1559936691968.jpg (378.55 KB, 1366x768, Untitled-123.jpg)

No. 52742


oh no. poor jillybean doesn't realize real life isn't always kawaii uwu~.


No. 52743

File: 1559936781024.jpg (412.69 KB, 1366x768, Untitled-114.jpg)

>>52741 so much edit potential

No. 52745

>tfw you want the money shot but aren't sure it will match your rainbow vomit clothes

No. 52746

File: 1559936922365.jpg (422.2 KB, 1366x768, Untitled-119.jpg)

No. 52752

File: 1559937599225.jpg (766.55 KB, 1885x1024, PhotoEditor_20190607_155314364…)

This is the equivalent of someone going to a cheap ass motel and then having a panic attack because they saw a roach. Well no shit you dumb bitch.

Mold on the window seal where water is more susceptible to accumulate sounds normal for a run down motel you paid pennies for jill.

Also 25 bucks for a rainbow cardigan is a rip off but go off sis

No. 52757

When is this ~family friendly~uwu peen girl gonna learn that if it involves sex then her underage fan base shouldn’t be hearing that from her? Or how no one on the internet needs to know about that? So she thought that being in a place around prostitution and human trafficking would be fun? As a foreigner? Alone? She’s such a unaware ass clown.

Be fucking prepared, when you go traveling Jillybean. If it looks too good to be true, then it most likely is. And if you’re stressed or having a panic attack then half of time it’s your fault.

No. 52758

not to defend jill, but i don't really think that mentioning the redlight district is a big deal. this sounds like a super american sensibility.

No. 52760

Are you new? She’s had multiple instances of saying that she’s family friendly and then mentioning stuff like sex, dildos, and “peen”. She also has a “girls girls girls” pin and sad that sex work was empowering when it’s human trafficking and a huge issue outside of the U.S. and Canada. All to her underage highly impressionable mentally fragile fan base.

No. 52764

>Also 25 bucks for a rainbow cardigan is a rip off but go off sis

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that!! $25 for a rainbow cardigan from a thrift store??

No. 52772

God every time Jill uploads a video like that I remember why I can't stand her.

A lot of poor people have to permanently live in moldy places because they don't have the means to move somewhere else, especially elderly people and single parents…
Yet she's out on her 2 week ~fun Japan shopping vacation~ and acts like it's the end of the world because the place she picked herself to stay in for a few days isn't a 5 star hotel?

She could've easily just done a 10 minute vlog solely about the ~kawaii~ thrift stores & gallery places and whatever, you know like actually fun stuff that her fanbase of weeby kids might be interested in? But no, has to spend most of it complaining about how oh no it rained and she had to carry her luggage all by herself and she had to wait for a couple of hours!! How awful!!

Sorry for the spergy rant.

No. 52778

instead of complaining about her hotel room and her stupid mistakes, i wish she would focus more on the independent art spots in tokyo. that actually interests me and it's something i don't see in a lot of tourist guides!

No. 52793

its kinda pathetic at this point how she has to have pink-everything in her life even if it involves staying in a dirty sex motel. what is wrong with her?

No. 52802

whatever it is, her and kellyeden have that in common, no wonder they're friends and nominated kawaii.i leaders lol

No. 52815

The amount of luggage she brought completely boggles my mind. I would get that mistake if it was her first time traveling, but it isn't!

Also I found the hotel https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/25872017 - you get what you pay for.

A brief mention of being in the red light district is seriously not a big deal. Yes, Jill isn't exactly a shining example of family friendly but come on, there are much worse things in any PG-13 movie

No. 52824

46 bucks a night and she was crying…also doesn't she have tons of "friends" in japan why didn't any of them let her stay for the duration she was there?

No. 52827

what the hell does the rest of that have to do with my specific point?

No. 52843

Rents a $50 sex room in Japan that looks like it was decorated in the 70's while also expecting it to be roomy for all her shit and to be pretty and high chain hotel level clean. Imagine being this delusional.

And once again, bragging about supporting secondhand clothing but only when it's likely something that has already been dragged across the sea from America to Japan.

No. 52877

It looks exactly like what she stayed in, why is she so confused.

No. 52878

I once stayed in a hotel that was right beside a constantly noisy street, in a room that was right beside the fluorescent sign attached to the hotel so the room was bright even with lights off, had old pizza slices tucked away behind the desk, had beds that smelled of cigarettes, and was full of mold. This bitch has nothing to complain about, if anything that little hotel room seems kind of charming especially for its price.(blogging)

No. 52892

I didn't think she could possibly piss me off more. Do your fucking research when looking for an air bnb you idiot.

No. 52897

Other farmers have pretty much said it all but holy shit what a whiner.
Does anyone else feel like she looks for a "crisis" like window mold and a check-in time in order to make a YT video here? Perfectly possible that she's just spoilt and doesn't understand that lack of space and maybe some moisture mildew on the window is actually pretty standard for a cheap room in Japan. Even in the US most check-in times are in the late afternoon and check-out is in the morning.
So without this rant about the room and check in? Her video is about her blase shopping experience in that area that is barely 2 minutes of content.

I give it a yike.

No. 52902

I checked the Airbnb listing and it seems borderline that Airbnb might remove the listing because it has only 4 stars. Airbnb has standards for hosts and being cheap won’t be a good excuse. So if Jill really does feel slighted by the listing she should leave a bad review.

Though I’m so surprised Jill was so cheap about the listing when she is usually careless with spending money.

No. 52918

File: 1560019933470.jpg (109.67 KB, 575x391, thiccc.jpg)

No. 52920

I'm assuming she didn't have as much money saved up as we might like to believe, considering she also had to skimp out on that tattoo.

She claimed it was a bank problem but I think the only 'problem' is that now that she is living on her own and spending extra on every little retarded thing, she probably just blew through her 'savings' and is living 'youtube paycheck to paycheck'

No. 52922

lmao, 'girl power'??? the whole ep is fine from a music standpoint, but its basically gabbie sobbing over an ex and shitting on the idea of getting professional help + antidepressants (since medication will ~stifle her individuality~)
sage for slight off topic

No. 52926

Lol "as a thicc girl" shes literally just fat, not thicc like gabbie. i dont even understand her lmao

No. 52938

Nah, it’s definitely an instance of being careless with money. If she could afford to spend $300 at the precure store, she could afford to spend money on that tattoo. Not to mention that having a piece of art on your body from a trip to a country you admire is much more valuable than having a hoard of plastic shit you’re gonna throw away in a few years because you ran out of room for it.

No. 52949

File: 1560033209536.jpg (233.86 KB, 1080x1350, 56354071_417887275632604_83557…)

>Jill thinking she can relate to Gabbie body-wise and that Gabbie is being bwave on behalf of fat women by showing her own incredibly fit hourglass body
No wonder Jill won't get a handle on her ballooning weight issue if she thinks Gabbie showing off her body even remotely represents Jill in any way.

No. 52951

Gabbie looks fantastic. she has muscles and is fit! Yeah, jill is losing it. she's ballooned up and it seems to be affecting her mental health.

No. 52966

sage for sperg but this legitimately pisses me off. gabbie has worked SO hard for her body, training almost seven days a week for eons. jill has a body by tendies. you're not thicc, jill. we've seen your fucking shape. you're a large rectangle. you don't work out. you pile nothing but sugar and bread into your hole. i'm honestly not sure how she can be that delusional. this is depressing.

No. 52968

I think Jill remarked that she had to buy luggage there which a lot of people do, it's just bad planning on her part on how to carry it around with her.

The main problem with her is she talks about all the research she does for the trips she takes but then doesn't even bother to use luggage forwarding, lockers or stations that have places where you can check in your luggage. I get that it would be a little bit more but if she planned for it ahead of time into her actual budget it would be so easy and then she wouldn't have to complain about waiting until check in.

No. 52973

I'm watching her vlogs because I need inspiration for new places when I go to Tokyo in a month and in her harajuku vlog she says she is "completely beat and finally back at her apartment and all done for the day" at 2pm. Seriously girl? You fly all the way to Tokyo to spend 4 hours out then spend the rest of you day in the Airbnb are you serious??

No. 52982

File: 1560073407189.png (57.34 KB, 761x173, ohgodwhynomoreplease.png)

this cursed image is now her youtube icon also. the previous one (which is still her twitter icon) was cute and more icon appropriate. this new image is definitely one of her worst photos to date.

No. 52991


Gaining weight isn't lolsome in itself, but Jill hasn't accepted that unless you make the effort to shed it then she has to adapt her style or get new clothes else she'll just look ridiculous.

No. 53054

wow, she has gained so much , it's showing in her face. She looks like a goblin.

No. 53202

remember how Jill bought a switch for animal crossing, they just announced the date has been pushed back top kek

No. 53213

was this really worth bumping the thread over, anon?

No. 53332

new video… this hotel looked so not worth it

No. 53335

omg this is the nastiest looking hotel room. she really paid to stay in a dingy 80s looking cheap hotel room just because they hung up a couple of pretty cure posters?? lmfao shes such a dumbass

No. 53341

god she really does waste money at an insane rate, always springing for the unecessary because kaweewee like it's not enough to just do the expensive thing like buy a console or have a trip to Japan she needs a special hotel room and a custom pro controller, I really wonder how much she spends in a month and how that is covered by her sham job, does anyone think her parents give her an allowance

No. 53342

The hotel room looks so fucking ugly, how the hell did she think that was worth spending almost 300 dollars? (rounding up the initial charge of 20,150 yen plus taxes)
It looks like some kid went to walmart and begged their mom to buy them all the shit they sold of a brand they liked so they could decorate their room.

No. 53350

So many, if not all, of the posters are the same pose for the characters. This is such a low quality themed room it makes me sad. I guess little kids wouldn't notice the difference, but jeez Jill, value your money and walk away from rip offs like this…

No. 53356

File: 1560377841639.png (31.7 KB, 666x373, 879247529475.png)


Seems some of the comments agree.

No. 53358

she literally stayed at what's the Precure equivalent of the Nickelodeon Hotel

No. 53359

File: 1560379582217.jpeg (70.41 KB, 550x367, AF40A97A-FF71-416B-A0AA-A90838…)

this is definitely one of the dinkier hotel tie ins I’ve seen but maybe they figured kids won’t care? honestly though this precure room from 2017 even looks better

No. 53364

i guess that's why she stayed in that cheapass place a different night? girl really doesn't know a single thing about budgeting. like she could have just stayed at a nice chain hotel the entire time. i already thought she was complaining about that cheap place for idiotic reasons. now i remember that she has no idea how to spend money.

No. 53365

sage for nitpick but why does she call herself a businesswoman when all she really does is youtube, if you can even count that as she never posts. I've never heard another youtube class themselves as business people unless they have like 3 other side ventures going on

No. 53366

She looks really cute in this video, good for her.
Anon… that was pretty clearly a joke, don't nitpick.

No. 53367

File: 1560387143856.jpg (9.98 KB, 284x177, download.jpg)

This looks like someone decorated their dorm room with cheap merch. If she wanted to stay in a more pricey aesthetic place, she should have stayed in the Sakura room in Harajuku, At least it looks nicer.

No. 53372

It's hilarious to me that she went out of her way to publicly call out her Airbnb, but this older, poorly decorated room literally for vacationing children was so tooootally worth it. If she loves looking at cure posters so much, she could very easily buy them and even have a dedicated wall or room in her house (which I still can't believe she has.)

No. 53376

…She is literally impressed by the most basic shit. That hotel room was not worth what she paid for. It only had a few posters up and decals? really, girl? Jill is seriously such a spoiled lil shit with too much money.

No. 53386

It could have been a joke but if it was I didn't get it.

No. 53392

Okay, as a fan of Kamen Rider AND Precure, I gotta say that Jill is so fucking oblivious when it comes to popularity if it's not her keweewee show. Her comment doubting that there are any Western Kamen Rider is proof that she really suffers from tunnel vision in her dingy, poorly themed Precure room. I can promise you there are far more Western fans of Kamen Rider than Precure. Both are dumb and fun in their own ways! But not worth a room like that. If it was cheap? Sure. But these things are stupid expensive because they are a RESORT. It irked me that she didn't even embrace the resort and just hid in her fucking room, only to go out (presumably late in the day) to ONLY do the Precure thing. For God's sake stop sleeping in, you ditz, and just go outside. It's why you're so fucking out of breath all the time. You can do the thing you like and try something new, you dolt.

Also, just own the shit you like, Jillian. If you like a baby show, just talk about that instead of bringing up the fact that people think you're stupid for liking something. If you were really a fan of something so much that you got a fucking tattoo of that you just have to own it.

For as big of a fan she claims to be, doesn't it feel weird that she never talks about the newer series when they come out? We get in in passing and in spastic tweets but she never really commits to 'geeking out' about the damn thing she's obsessed with.

TL;DR Jillian wasted her money on something useless. She doesn't ever seem genuine about shit she likes and just absorbs it like it's a personality.

No. 53399

I just don't understand how she's able to pay for her lifestyle. She's got her own house yet still has money to travel to Japan, buy hundreds of dollars worth of shit contantly, and stay in expensive (yet cheap looking, holy shit is that room ridiculously lame and quickly thrown together) hotels? How on earth?

No. 53404

I honestly felt bad for her because the room was so cheap looking and not worth the money… she tried to act excited, but I feel like she was secretly disappointed in the room. Her excitement seemed so fake.

No. 53415

>For as big of a fan she claims to be, doesn't it feel weird that she never talks about the newer series when they come out? We get in in passing and in spastic tweets but she never really commits to 'geeking out' about the damn thing she's obsessed with.

Because she only consumes, she doesn't create. She isn't interested in making art or discussing theories or reviewing episodes. She just wants to plop down on her Peeps couch with a jug of juice and stare at the bright colours on the screen because they make her happy.

No. 53416

this is the final Japan vlog from this batch and again the majority of the video is her chatting shit in her hotel room alone, I would love to see if anyone has the time a breakdown of how much of these vlogs was Japan footage and how much was her sat in a hotel room alone bs'ing about faux deep shit and how inspirational uwu everything is and how much of an artist she is

No. 53421


It's pretty obvious that her parents pay her rent, since they'd be paying for her room and board if she were living in a college dorm at a more typical school. It's not like she is a mortgage holder.

No. 53424

I am confused by her claim that multiple women saw her "precure tattoo" and told her they loved precure too, for one, it's on her upper thigh so how would they see it and its also in my mind not a "precure tattoo" as she always claims, its an ojamajo doremi wand with the translated slogan from princess precure slapped over top, so these women saw her upper thigh and also knew what the slogan for princess precure is in English?

No. 53427

I haven't watched her much lately but did she stretch her ears again?

No. 53436

if she were genuine about her interests (and actually funny) i think her content would be waaaaay more enjoyable. she could still pull off the kaweewee rainbow shit and it'd be pretty much on brand with Pretty Cure content.

the closest example I could compare this to is Jenny Nicholson, who's around the same age as Jillian I'm guessing (maybe older) and is a HUGE Disney nerd. both Jill and Jenny are adult women who make videos in their bedrooms and like to collect stuffed animals/merch of shows and movies they enjoy. if Jill were a genuine person with a real personality she could've gotten big on Youtube years ago, way bigger than she is right now, and she doesn't even need a big, complex shtick to pull this off. she could just make videos on her bedroom talking about PreCure, the new series, or reviewing other anime she likes. she could make witty/funny jokes about how dumb some of it is, because let's face it most media is stupid to some degree and it's fun to watch a fan of said media tear it down for laughs while still genuinely being into it. she could do this in cosplay to keep a theme, or wear the outfits she likes so much. there is SO much Jill could pull off is she just had the will and the personality to give a shit.

No. 53452

But if she actually talked about precure in depth, more people would know about her super speshul obscure magical girl anime. People might actually realize she's deranged for being obsessed to the point of crying in public over a series for 5 year olds. People might realize it's a generic children's show that she's hyped up as an excuse to buy crap and feel like the number one biggest fan ever.

No. 53483

If this isn't the most accurate depiction of Jillian Vessey I've ever heard

No. 53568

I got curious and actually spent half an hour breaking it down. I broke it down into two parts: her being outside of her hotel/showing Japan, and in her hotel room. Some parts of her videos are just text and intro/outro so that wasn't included. Hope this formats ok.

Day 1 (20:56 minutes): 3:10 spent outside, 14:52 in hotel
Day 2/Harajuku and Shibuya shopping vlog:(15:08 minutes): 4:15 outside, 10:09 in hotel
Day 3: (10:06 minutes): 2:43 outside, 6:54 in hotel
Day 4 (4:26 minutes): 4:05, literally the entire video
Day 5/Garment district (10 minutes): 2:44 outside, 6:50 in hotel
Day ????/Kawaii Int. vlog (18:16 minutes): 5:53 outside, 11:50 in hotel
Day ????/Tokyo Airbnb vlog (10:59 minutes): 2:23 outside, 8:10 in hotel
Last Day/Precure hotel room vlog (21:48 minutes): 1:38 outside, 19:54 in hotel

The results speak for themselves. Her vlogging the "Nippon Experience" was pointless.

No. 53616

maybe spend more time outside, anon.

No. 53620


Actually no keep doing this shit kek, I knew most of her vlogs were sitting in hotel rooms but this puts into perspective just the sheer amount of them are boring, lazy, non-vlog material. The fact that the outside footage split between eight vlogs probably could be put together to make one vlog is a sign at how scrapped for content she is.

No. 53639

File: 1560584799618.jpg (523.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190615-084549_Ins…)

Looks like jill wasnt invited again

No. 53675

File: 1560626645239.png (416.64 KB, 590x597, -4- Twitter 6-15-2019 12-23-02…)

>Almost nothing on it.

Jill, you're a weird hoarder so it's hard to believe you haven't been abusing this table for god knows how long to make it snap like this.

No. 53676

seems to me like yet another thing that she bought for the "aesthetic" and not the actual functionality tbh.

No. 53677

There's no way a coffee table just spontaneously snaps with "nothing on it". I bet she did something fucking stupid like put down hot pizza pans from the oven and the heat made the glass weak.

No. 53678

Why is she letting her designer cat hang out under a broken glass table? Jesus, Jill not every photo needs to be aesthetic.

No. 53679

if the cat bowl was under there when it broke there could be broken bits in the cat bowl but hey let's take a picture before making sure the cats won't get hurt

No. 53681

I'm surprised this post wasn't about her freaking out to make sure her cats were ok to show how much of a "totally responsible good cat mama!!!" she is.

No. 53682

File: 1560629558334.png (403.47 KB, 1440x2011, Screenshot_20190615-141018~2.p…)

No. 53695

Why is she @ing Homesense? They're not going to send you another table, Jillian.

No. 53696

Probably hoping that her fans will send some shade towards the company

No. 53698


If you want to give her the benefit of the doubt, there's a chance she's telling people the store to make them aware of the quality (if it even is a quality issue) in case they were thinking of buying it or already have one so they can be careful with their own.

No. 53787

So, the first thing i do when something breaks is grab my phone for a twitter photo op. Poor cats man…

No. 53798

File: 1560764627932.jpeg (460.57 KB, 828x920, C4EC0FC3-E155-4866-BBD3-A1B948…)

So apparently her school had their convocation on Friday. All the programs graduated the same day. I even saw posts from some of her classmates who are graduating from their foundation year and going into fashion design. So Jill was definitely supposed to graduate and yet no posts about it? No grad pics with friends? No vlog?

Seems sus

No. 53799

samefag, I checked Louise’s social media and she’s posted nothing about Jill’s graduation either, so I think it’s safe to assume she just hasn’t graduated?

No. 53803

File: 1560767698902.jpeg (641.86 KB, 750x1112, F917CAD5-79B7-417D-9629-7C206F…)

Nah I think she did graduate, Jenny (I think) made a post about it

No. 53805

>>53803 she couldnt't even be arsed to wash her hair for graduation?

No. 53807

>cap isn’t showing
Is it possible she was forced to change her design for not following the rules, or maybe it fell apart? She could be not posting because she doesn’t want a million questions about why her cap looks like shit
Alternatively, I like the galaxy design with the lace.

No. 53825

I’m still so confused about why the school has a first year graduation. Is this normal for art schools or something? I went to a regular old public university so I just don’t understand what’s going on with that.

No. 53827

Well she does technically get a college certificate. Not a diploma or degree, but still 1-year college certificates do exist.

No. 53829

Doesnt make it less fucky when the class consists of people there for a longer education. Its a foundational year, you cant do anything with it on its own.
It would be the same as having full on graduation walks for every year of high school you go through.
(The fact that Jills cap has an ugly hem from the faux grass underneath she didnt bother covering versus her classmate who actually thought hers through is such telling signs of things we've said about her character all along lmao)

No. 53835

File: 1560789445463.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, vomiting.jpg)

her hair…

No. 53850

It's so jarring seeing Jill next to normal people. Like girl on the right looks infinitely more put together and thought out, you can tell she actually gives a shit about where she is. And cut to Jill, shit sticking out over her cap fake cut grass making an ugly visible outline and hair looking messy and probably unwashed. Like if I were Jill I would feel really bad about myself if I presented myself in such a lazy way at my graduation, even if it's just for a foundation year. It's really a sign of how unaware she is of her image and how she's incapable of feeling shame at this point.

No. 53856

She has the face of a fat mother of three. Jesus hell

No. 53878

If not for her outfit, she actually looks like she's their crazy "i'm so hyp" mom that is posing with her daughters for graduation.

No. 53899

Congrats to this lovely mother for graduating alongside her adult daught-oh nvm it's Jill

No. 54478

No. 54479

"I didn't buy much clothes" Jill why can't you just say it's because you can fit hardly anything there and not because you're trying to suddenly be ethical.
Also that Nile perch dress is going to look like a disaster on her

No. 54482


Gotta say I really like how she put up the video frame, the background etc - it looks really nice honestly!

The haul itself - eh.

No. 54484

does Jill not realize you can wash clothes? who the fuck keeps around blood stained articles of clothing?

No. 54485

File: 1561148169053.jpg (449.81 KB, 1366x768, hair.jpg)

her hair jfc

No. 54486

File: 1561148340772.jpg (418.66 KB, 1366x768, airmpit.jpg)

what's up with her arm pit?

No. 54487

File: 1561148431803.jpg (449.39 KB, 1366x768, roots.jpg)

>>54485 those roots

No. 54488

>WC is my favorite spot in Harajuku
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't WC comparable to something like Forever 21? Her favorite spot in Harajuku is some mass produced fast fashion store?

No. 54489

File: 1561148767376.jpg (56.58 KB, 1288x715, lololol.JPG)

Of course Pixie, the Fashion Designer, wears the thimbles the wrong way.

No. 54490

Looks like a rash from having her sweaty skin rub against the cheap fabric of her overpriced dresses.

Jill looks tragic, how is she comfortable presenting herself like this?

No. 54491

loses a figure accessory that is small enough for a cat to swallow then finds it on the floor, the negligence never stops, says she stood on a needle that pierced her foot so also needles on the floor

No. 54492


Chinatsu Wakatuki was scouted in Shibuya 109 and came out at the age of 17.
In the year of debut she enacted many covers of the famous magazine and sweeps over a photogravure community- and became the top bikini model.
After that, she also made a place of activity in variety show,and popularity was collected.
In 2009,she established her own apparel brand “w♥c" and acts as a designer /producer/model.

Since it's launch in 2009,
w♥c has been consistently pioneering a new approach to fashion.
The band's desiger/producer,Chinatsu Wakatuki chooses a new theme for each collection every sason and creates truly original and unique yet real “everyday clothes."

No. 54494

Yea iirc WC started out as a gyaru brand, specifically when gyaru was at its peak. Wouldn't really compare it to Forever21 regardless but they probably do use sweatshops

No. 54506

her crooked ass muddy colored bangs look so bad. Her clothing haul was trash and that Spank shirt looks like a bootleg shirt.

No. 54507

I had a longer version of that cardigan in a different shade and it was over sized as fuck. Good for hiding those arms as she continues to practice self love with tendies.

She's so proud of herself for buying handmade Nile Perch but still wears nothing handmade of her own. Such a fashion designer.

No. 54508

WHy does she keep replacing her 'r's with 'w's?? she keeps saying flowies and cwaft. it's so disturbing

No. 54511

File: 1561157668329.png (636.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0987.PNG)

So this year we get blessed with 3 messes from her. How exciting

No. 54512

We haven't seen any progress pics of any of these. There's no way they're all happening.

No. 54517

Her double chin just out and about and we all know that dress is struggling to hell and back to keep her fat in check and not spilling out

No. 54518

File: 1561162195045.jpg (122.8 KB, 394x608, 20190621_165958.jpg)

It's a bit funny to me that Jill is doing a costume of Emiru pretending to be a cure rather than her actual cure form? I guess she realizes she wont be able to make an accurate, form fitting Cure Marcharie costume she can be proud of. Her three cosplays are
> 1. The simple child emiru costume
> 2. Shiny Luminous pillow case dress that will make her look huge
>3. Entrapta costume she probably won't take seriously because she's not an anime chareter (and look how she butchered the Pizzaz costume last year)

No. 54519

I wonder if Wendy and Jenny are doing hugtto precure/futari wa cosplays with her? Assuming at least the latter but not sure about the former. Also surprised she didn't pick Cure Yell since she is the main cure.

No. 54523

File: 1561163851437.jpg (6.85 KB, 189x267, download.jpg)

Cure Yell's outfit shows her stomach so that might be part of it.

No. 54525

I kinda feel bad for Jill, did her mom or dad never teach her how to cook healthier meals? I understand being busy with school but she's ballooned up so badly in less than a year. It's not like she can't afford vegetables and fruits.

Anyways it still makes me wonder what her other "moonmist pals" are going to do for animaritime.

No. 54529

Not WC, I presume you are confusing it with Wego, which is everywhere in Harajuku.

No. 54534

Jesus Christ, how can she afford all that crap?

No. 54544

similarly to how she writes purchases off as ""business expenses"", there's no price too high for mEnTal HeaLtH anD wELLbEiNg UuwWuUu

No. 54546

Eating tendies and garlic fingers is self care anon uwu. It's all on her, even if she claims to be so busy all the time its not like she couldn't buy pre packaged salads or cut up fruits for convenience.

No. 54548

It’s not owned/run/designed by her any more, it’s a property of WEGO (fast fashion harajuku clothes). Just a pastel and more expensive WEGO

No. 54585

Jills sudden obsession with astrology is really annoying. i’m sure the only reason she cares about it is because of the astrology theme in the new PreCure season.

No. 54602

Okay yeah Wego is the one I was thinking of, my b.

No. 54695

That shit can be just genetical so its hard to tell if Jill's to blame for that :/ Im struggling with it my whole life and im not as far as overweight as she is (seriously Jill, start cooking on your own its more fun than you think, and eat healthy)(read the rules)

No. 54698

i haven't seen her content for probably at least six months now and by god has she ballooned up! she was already pretty chubby back then but she's really getting into genuinely fat territory now.

No. 54726

God I can’t wait to see this mess & get photos for you guys. How many others of us are going I wonder?

No. 54770

File: 1561351821775.png (1.94 MB, 2516x1333, Screenshot_20190623-224745~2.p…)

If anyone wanted their entire week to be ruined here's Jill ahegao

No. 54781

Good lord, brush your tongue, Jill.

No. 54811

This is so disgusting. Is this what current bf gets to see before he finishes?

No. 54813

bold of you to assume he keeps his eyes open during or that it's in a well-lit room

No. 54838

bold of you to assume it's even happening at all

No. 54861

I’m sure Jill’s insatiable cocklust is keeping him occupied.
It’s the price an emotional support boytoy has to pay for free food and rent.

No. 54897

File: 1561471446779.jpg (238.17 KB, 1080x1377, _20190625_150313.JPG)

A glimmer of hope for milk this summer

No. 54913

Calling it now, she's getting a barcroft episode.

No. 54928

does she mispronounce Japanese words ironically? did anyone catch her butchering “konnichiwa” towards the end of her latest video? I thought she had all these amazing conversations with the shopgirls in Japan??

No. 54951

She can't speak a word of Japanese. Her saying she has conversations with the shopkeepers is a straight up lie. They're probably just nodding and going "hai, hai" with a smile on their faces to hope that Jill spends more money.

No. 54959

My theory is that she does it to mask the fact that she claims to speak it when she doesn't ,if she said the words earnestly then people would be able to tell instantly so if she puts on a stupid voice every time then she can hide behind that

No. 54972

It doesn't make her look any better putting on a voice. It makes her look more like she's lying about the fact she can speak Japanese. At least her fans would probably believe her more if she even threw in a word or two in japanese.

No. 54992

She’s trying to imitate how Kero-chan (CCS) says it. He has a Kansai-ben accent so Konnichiwa sounds different

No. 55016

if most of her mass is in her lower half, all i have to say is holy shit. because she sure looks heavy from this top half view.

No. 55064

she does it with every Japanese word she says not just Konnichiwa or character refrences >>55016
it confuses me why she keeps trying to push this idea that she is thicc and has a big ass when its so obvious to anyone with working vision that she is just wide and has a flat ass, is she really that in denial

No. 55201

File: 1561640650201.jpg (330.65 KB, 720x1109, 20190627_140255.jpg)

No. 55204

How exactly is this clusterfuck of an outfit "70's"?

No. 55208

70s where…

No. 55215


No. 55225

Calm down. I'm pretty sure it's referencing snapchat, not Jill.

No. 55325

There's a tumblr called 'pixielocksfeet'. Self explanatory. How in the everloving fuck does a fan get to this point.
And to top it all off, the user has spelled her last name wrong in every single one of the tags. 'Vessy' instead of Vessey.

No. 55356


No. 55381

So it’s just 100+ entries of the either the orange dirt stained boots or her glitter boots?

No. 55400

While that sounds like a nightmare I don't want confirmation of, this is an image board. If you're going to bump the thread, at least contribute something.

No. 55405

File: 1561739465249.png (344.48 KB, 287x802, Capture.PNG)

No. 55423

Is Jill at animaritime? I’m here and haven’t seen her yet today.

No. 55445

File: 1561757407269.jpg (434.19 KB, 720x1041, 20190628_222757.jpg)

>>55423 maggie uploaded 4 photos with friends and jill wasn't apart of that. Either she didn't go, or she's lost all of hee friends.

No. 55447

File: 1561757531988.jpg (383.13 KB, 720x1111, 20190628_223120.jpg)

There's no photos with fans in her tags either

No. 55450

The wording, not the person. Jesus Christ.

No. 55453

File: 1561758779753.jpeg (2.37 MB, 4032x3024, 2866ADB5-6BF7-4732-A073-9E500F…)

No cosplay?? What happened to the precure one

No. 55496

File: 1561778188640.jpeg (581.24 KB, 1242x1830, D26E9B0B-5B07-4757-9B62-4B575D…)

only fan who’s posted with her lol

No. 55513


Everyone looks like a pile of clowns lol lord

No. 55527


so much for that cosplay lineup…

No. 55532

File: 1561824141533.jpeg (2.76 MB, 4032x3024, 5C2D82B5-4CD4-481B-8DAD-12797A…)

She’s here

No. 55533

Jill has claimed for years that she’s prepared 2-3 cosplays for a con, but then only ever shows up wearing one.

If she did actually prepare 3 cosplays this time, it’ll be a first.

No. 55535

The peaking bra strap is such a nice touch

No. 55536

I hope Jill does an update on if she's been getting professional mental health treatment since AFAIK she hasn't said anything about it after stating that Colin was encouraging her to get in touch with a counselor or something like that, and she's continued to say concerning things about school-related anxiety, breakdowns, thinking she'll flunk out of next year, etc. and her weight continues to steadily rise which likely points towards bad habits of increasing isolation, comfort eating, drinking, etc.

No. 55539


No. 55541

I am desperate to see what the front looks like

No. 55543

I’ll see if I can get a pic later, but it’s not great. Her friend with her (she’s the black and white precure, not pictured) looks like 10x better. Don’t think it’s Wendy or the other one from moonmist, they don’t look like either, but maybe I’m wrong.

No. 55547

Anon I'm begging you to get a pic from the front

No. 55548

File: 1561830173662.jpg (675.21 KB, 960x1048, MYXJ_20190629104223_save.jpg)

No. 55549

God bless you anon!
Holy shit I can't get over the wig, I don't know much about cosplay but it looks pretty cheap

No. 55550

Whenever I think Jill‘s cosplays can‘t get any worse, she proves me wrong.

No. 55551

nta that's at animaritime, just found this pic on IG

No. 55560

Legitimately forgot the difference between the two guys for a second since she made her new boy toy into a cookie cutter clone of what she wanted again.

No. 55562

jenny looks miserable, and i see jill is too good to wear her badge

No. 55563

I honestly get the feeling Jenny and Jill don't like each other (or at least Jenny doesn't like Jill) but play nice because their mutually good friends with Wendy. Speaking of, why isn't she dressed as cure white with the two of them?

No. 55564

File: 1561835620523.jpg (562.95 KB, 960x914, MYXJ_20190629121318_save.jpg)

Perhaps I spoke too soon

No. 55566

Wtf is going on with her wig, it's like floating above her head. And that fucking armpit chub with the bra showing.

No. 55567

Jill immediately left after she performed. Contest was still going on At 5, she was sitting outside alone without the other girls waiting for a drive. Maybe they fought?

No. 55568

Also I wanna add the other two are still here. It’s just jill who left.

No. 55572


that skirt is so creased, she couldn't even be bothered to iron the damn thing. no doubt she left it lying around underneath all her hoarder junk.

No. 55580

So… are we ever gonna see a group cosplay that doesn’t align with Jill’s interests? I know Wendy’s into Love Live and idols, but all we’ve seen are Precure and Pripara (which Jill was already into).

No. 55581

Kawaii fashion is her passion! Her dream came true when she met Sebastian Masuda!

No. 55583

She watched love live but I think her and Wendy have the same favs and it isn't rainbie and unique enough for her to want to cosplay from it probably. It's pretty obvious that the center of their ideas on what to cosplay as a group have always revolved around Jill since she's the internet famous one so she's the queen bee

No. 55587

File: 1561852455884.jpg (60.64 KB, 720x960, 65394370_1010079655848579_5379…)

Her cosplay

No. 55589

'shes here' sounds so cryptic i snorted
couldnt she have atleast ironed the fabric?? the skirt looks like it came from a sales rack in forever 21

the hairline…. oh she has so much money for a lacefront wig this hurts

No. 55592

This is a hella nit-pick, cause i know the charter has golden blonde hair but damn I wish Jill chose an ash-blonde wig, the warm blonde just makes her look really trashy.

No. 55595

I don't know, it's not terrible(not cute either) but she could have done better. Don't you guys always say she's lazy or whatever cause tgis definitely shows it.

No. 55596

Plus i agree that jill is getting big but she doesn't look like super fat.(newfaggotry)

No. 55598

It looks decent for an amateur cosplay… but Jill acts like a professional. This definitely doesn't look professional. Does anyone have a reference of what it's supposed to look like? I'd google but I don't know the character's name.

No. 55601

File: 1561864275431.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1851, 19C3BB7C-9132-42C0-B46B-FE145F…)

her shoes are so nasty

No. 55605

File: 1561866249831.jpg (1.57 MB, 3264x2529, oh dear (2).jpg)

she's supposed to be cure luminous. she changed the entire silhouette though. maybe she knew it would be unflattering but at that point why not pick a different character

No. 55606

File: 1561866382990.jpeg (522.03 KB, 1793x1444, 14E7E597-F574-4E11-8198-A3114D…)

I brightened up the image to make it a little easier to see, but
She couldn’t even get new shoes for this cosplay? Come on.

No. 55607

So many missing details, jesus…

No. 55608

With the amount of screeching and hoarding she does about this show you'd think she cared more and make it more accurate. She's always spending stupid amounts of money on the wands and the toy weapons, but she couldn't find the little pouch or at least make one? And if she'd stuck to the original silhouette she'd look more blob like than usual

No. 55609

not trying to wk or anything but cosplayers to typically try and take the badge off for photos/conceal it somewhere

No. 55610

File: 1561868884516.jpg (154.57 KB, 1331x1936, FB_IMG_1561868672639.jpg)

This is way less offensive than her last cosplay, that one had a horrendous sihlouette.
Im glad she changed the sihlouette to suit her figure better, the cosplay is still recognisable as the character.
The wig is abysmal but the costume is way nicer than last year IMO

No. 55615

Oof. She clearly didn't finish this in time for the con. tons of missing details and inaccuracies, and that wig is disgusting. It's 2019, it's not hard to acquire a decent lace front.

No. 55616

I'm sad she didn't keep the empire waist line, it can be flattering on larger girls especially if they have a large bust. I feel like is she managed to sew it right it would've looked better than this "I bought and made a pattern from k-mart" dress.

No. 55618

In what universe is it flattering on larger girls?

No. 55621


Nayrt, but I think it depends on how a person's weight is distributed. I think the empire-waist silhouette can be flattering on a bigger girl who carries most of her weight in her belly/hip/thigh area(s) (if the dress has some flare to it, like Shiny Luminous' costume should).

No. 55624

Paint chips off shoes. She used the clay dirt from back home for color. Kek

No. 55633

I gotta disagree. She looks like she cared more last year imo.

No. 55635

I’m just hoping that this fashion course may actually help her in her sewing, if she is willing to learn and take con-crit that is. I feel like some actual lessons may make her cosplay and general clothing making skills move up to the next level.

No. 55656

Holding out the skirt + the leg pose + the flared sock things really help her disguise her weight, I gotta give her props for that in any case.
I’d say this looks better, but it’s also a heavily edited photo in a controlled environment. The bangs make a world of difference for the wig, but I’d say over all the construction of the actual costume is about the same in terms of quality.

No. 55658

yeah i couldn't be bothered digging through the vlogs for a candid shot but the cosplay last year was seriously unflattering

this year's isn't amazing but I think she's done a better job of flattering her own figure at least

No. 55667

I mean when it comes to Jill's body she doesn't look right in any weight(to me) but some people are just not made to be thick or slim thick or even fat. It just not appealing on her, abd the clothes and hair make it no better

No. 55668

what is her huge calf tattoo?

No. 55669

File: 1561916333042.png (2.22 MB, 958x1276, Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 18.38…)

god awful CCS card

No. 55672

No Jill at the con today that I saw. Didn’t see the others either, but maybe I missed them. It was dead though so I can’t blame them if they decided not to come.

This makes me think though. Jill clearly doesn’t finish her cosplays. I wonder if the other two made & finished cosplays and got fucked over by Jill? Or maybe all 3 of them just couldn’t manage to finish? I’m curious

No. 55683

File: 1561927127649.jpg (367.37 KB, 720x1086, 20190630_213750.jpg)

Once again, jills old friends without her

No. 55689

It really wouldn't surprise me if wendy/jenny associate with jill mainly for clout at this point. Maggie doesn't seem to hang out with Jill anymore, and I'm sure Jill getting with her ex might play somewhat of a part.

No. 55692

File: 1561932873607.png (760.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190630-181243.png)

I guess she did cosplay her

No. 55694

Oh god the return of those hideous boots

No. 55697

File: 1561936984375.png (580.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190630-192049.png)

Its not even accurate. I really do feel like this was halfassed. It would be okay if it was her first cosplay. But I have higher standards for her since she has done better cosplays in the past. Especially her Doremi was so good!

No. 55698

I wonder if Jill reads threads because if she did that would be so funny and honestly if she doesn't I would love to go to her Instagram comments and right "hey you should go check out these threads about you there so sweet and funny" and then see if she would make a video about it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 55700

Cowtipping is against the rules, and yes she knows about these threads. A couple of people have made Youtube videos with thousands of views which include screencaps of these threads.
She referred to them vaguely at the time iirc.

No. 55701

Oh my god she looks so so so much better in darker clothes though?? Like I couldnt figure out why she looked good here for the longest time then realised itd the lack of mismatching pinks and rainbow
also ot but who is that other person cosplaying? i cant place it and its bugging me

If youre going to post irrelevant shit, please read the rules
the email should be 'sage', no cowtipping (ie hasseling cows about this site), no emojis
its already known that jill reads here

No. 55702

I have to admit I was expecting a way worse wig. There have been some real monstrosities out there.
At least she’s putting the cow tits to use?

Also those two people catching sight of each other in the background, wonder if there’s a story there.

No. 55703

seriously i was confused too but god she looks a million times better. one solid hair color, normal colored eyebrows, wearing black and white… this really says something about how low our standards are for her kek

No. 55705

File: 1561941259249.jpeg (139.68 KB, 960x768, 2CD099F3-69DA-46C2-ABFE-EF1FD6…)

No. 55706

File: 1561941293902.jpeg (457.89 KB, 2000x1600, A9E4EFF7-70A9-4825-80B2-CA22EE…)

No. 55707

what is with the quality of this photo??? god it looks awful and wendy looks miserable

No. 55711

Sorry I'm new here i don't really post i just read. I'll keep that stuff in mind

No. 55712

Sorry man wasn't trying to be dumd.

No. 55713

Type sage in the email field so you don't bump the thread if you aren't contributing.

No. 55714

It was taken on the competition stage by a “professional” before the show.

No. 55717

fuck the boots, but i really think she looks so good in darker clothes. the eyebrows don't look half bad either!

No. 55723

File: 1561953866546.jpg (44.87 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o9yvkdOWEI1qfdplwo1_500…)

It's become pretty clear that she rushed the hell out of her cosplays this year. I honestly believe that Jill is/was a decent cosplayer; the Doremi one is great. Even her other recent Pretty Cure cosplays were good. But man, the jump from last year's Animaritime to this one is just wild.

I feel that Jill is the kind of person to just rush a project just to say they made it on time, even though she could have just put it off until the next con she goes to. She could have just reworn her other better cosplays instead of looking like a newbie. Hell, it's not like she HAD to cosplay anyway. Could have just done J-fashion or her usual kitschy kawaii nonsense and called it a day. Maybe she didn't want to let her friends down?

No. 55726

I wish she'd go back to punk Jill. Even though she was an annoying edge lord (but who wasn't at that age) she seemed more tolerable at that phase than this "UwU rainbie babbie" mess.

No. 55739

She looks so cute here! As expected she didnt put as much effort into the western character as she puts into anime characters but it's a decent costume and she looks really good.
Wendy always looks miserable in Moonmist Girls stuff

No. 55743

File: 1561980847689.png (123.66 KB, 235x210, vcbcv.PNG)

A professional shot this? Or what? Because they did Jill and the others dirty.

No. 55745

say it with me, everyone: grandma kei

No. 55748

she kinda looks hot here. dark colors suit her.

No. 55751

Jesus Christ, she looks so much better here. I didn't even realize it was Jill at first

No. 55757

didnt she get help with this one?

shes got this instathot vibe (in a good way)
especially vs >>55743

No. 55761

File: 1562000572803.png (512.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190701-130002.png)

I wish she'd dye her hair all lavender. It so pretty on her.

No. 55763

i keep thinking this is momokun

No. 55766

She looks sooo good! I hope this triggers a new era of look for Jill. She truly looks her age here, and so much cuter than usual. The cosplay works well on her body, too.

No. 55769

File: 1562007414392.jpg (454.01 KB, 1080x1702, 20190701_154021.jpg)

Probably a tinfoil but this seems to confirm her and her friends not doing so well

No. 55770

>It's so hard to be a youtuber out of school with barely any responsibilities who doesn't make content but still makes thousands a month for not doing anything, why don't my friends understand me.

No. 55774

If I have to see these nasty ass boots one more fucking time, I think I'll kill myself. It's so disgusting seeing how dirty they are now compared to when she first bought them Jesus.

Also it's so sad seeing how actually well done her Doremei cosplay looks in comparison to her newer ones. It really goes to show how much mental health impacts one's passions and interests, she's so far gone that she can't even put genuine effort into the things she loves anymore.

No. 55789

If I remember correctly her early cosplays were made, at least in part, by her former friend and "con mom" Becky.

No. 55792

File: 1562019679391.png (17.09 KB, 204x272, Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 7.18…)

She's down another 50 bucks a month on patreon this month.

No. 55801

I feel like Wendy and Jennys pripara(?) cosplays they did were actually quite good, and these look trashy. I think you can tell that they really didn't care about this cosplay, it was probably all Jill's idea. It doesn't help that all three of these outfits are so unflattering, even if they had been executed well the weird arm and leg things are hard to pull off and the dress silhouettes make them all look fat

No. 55802


This is also the first time those girls lived away from home, so most likely they didn't have their moms around to help with the hard parts.
Their costumes were great last year even though they had never sewn anything before.

No. 55812

File: 1562028294766.png (885.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190701-204033.png)

No. 55818

This is like Halloween costume tier even if anons want to lick her ass for wearing dark colors? Such growth, much cosplay.

No. 55825

Christ she chonky

No. 55827

Cosplaying as the infamous character Piggy Peg Legs

No. 55833

File: 1562044532910.jpeg (131.92 KB, 828x928, 6F89FE0B-61D5-4E3E-8832-58F147…)

No. 55838

Oh god those glasses were a bad idea…
I thought she looked nice in the other picture but in this one she looks like one of those grannys who dye their hair purple

No. 55871

Did her and Becki have a fall out?

No. 55873

Becky her con mom and Becki Cruel are not the same person.

No. 55885

Jill is most likely avoiding social media due to the trauma of the recent P.E.I. plastic bag ban.

No. 55888

File: 1562111996216.jpg (134.18 KB, 1080x1063, IMG_20190702_175608.jpg)

Jill, we already know it's probably BPD.

No. 55895

it's probably one of those volunteer photographers that does a photobooth at the con. They don't do any editing at all :)

No. 55896

What do you do? Post attention seeking bullshit on Twitter, obvs.

No. 55921

I actually know her brother, he's a really cool guy. Super into drones. And yeah, very neglected in general by his mom. Still, I would rather be him than Jillian

No. 55929

I’m sorry, but that’s easily seen on Facebook.

No. 55941

I know I meant becki her con mom. Her name is with an I, too.

No. 55945

Does he ever say anything about his sister?

No. 55955

I'm pretty sure it was discussed in a previous thread. It was around the same time her and Tracy had their falling out after Jill fucked the guy Tracy was into

No. 55960

File: 1562184047652.png (8.61 MB, 3024x4032, 41D99570-13CC-4F20-A8BF-31E9FC…)

No. 55962

This newsletter is so boring to me. There is nothing new here that you couldn't find as a fan doing a bit of digging. These newsletters really are the bare minimum, and because they are being leaked they lose all feeling of exclusetivity. I wish she had more progress photos, photos of her painting, and sneak peaks of her house.

No. 55964

“What a difference paint can do”

She couldn’t even make a rough draft and proofread it or something? People are paying money for this mess…

No. 55965

File: 1562185072746.png (1.23 MB, 760x1006, Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 21.16…)

minus the duck face, she actually looks quite good. edgy big sister vibes

No. 55968

She definitely looks better in high waisted pants

No. 55992

File: 1562201966504.jpeg (291.06 KB, 1350x1080, 08543044-F45A-4D70-B46A-A843F4…)

No. 55994

Did jill and her friends win anything at the contest?

No. 56000

She's not an edgy big sis though? She does community college and scams her mental ill fan base while living in a rainbow funhouse nightmare they pay for? But she wore black and pants one time so it's fine now.

No. 56002

Jesus, they all look tragic.

No. 56010

Anon was specifically talking about how she looks in that picture. Stop being autistic.

No. 56014

It's not autism to notice a bunch of posts praising a really mediocre cosplay and to be completely confused. Oop at me for not being impressed

No. 56015

Is her bra cup really hanging out the sides?

No. 56016

I wish she would stop using this shitty satin all the time

No. 56037

am i imagining it or is there something weird going on with her right boob? like it looks like she has something very angular under that shirt. sage for no1curr it's just odd idk

No. 56038

They all look worse at an angle. But looking at Jill's knees and double chin is both sad and hilarious cause I would seriously love to know how many tendies she's gorging on in one day alone.

No. 56039

That wig and outfit are so unfortunate, she looks like a spoiled fat child from an old family movie lol.

No. 56055

This is shopped to fuck. Her waist/gut is 10x bigger than that irl.

No. 56065

Everyone is saying she looks better in dark clothing, chill out
Shes still an asshole and no one is saying otherwise

No. 56069

File: 1562257762273.jpeg (18.71 KB, 259x194, 6933501D-E6B6-4510-84D1-CF5A87…)

I knew she reminded me of something, turns out it’s the little shit from Cats Don’t Dance.

No. 56076

makes sense. Jill sure is Big and Loud

No. 56078

No. 56083

So her year of "art school" consisted of her gluing cardboard to a foam head, drawing Precure fan art, and making metalworking projects so bad that she threw them out.

No. 56084

Why did she make the Precure charater's head like that kek

She didn't care for most of the projects it seemed like and her sketchbook is very plain and boring. Despite claiming to be a fashion designer, artist and going through a year of classes, she's still basic and not willing to be more creative or put in the effort.

No. 56085

>>56078 this made me so glad I did a 'real' degree kek

No. 56097

So she did all the same stuff as I did at 16. Hardly impressive.

No. 56098

Does this college actually push their students to be better? Because to me it feels like Jill's art is kinda stagnating. Even if she is trying new things she doesn't seem to enjoy any of it, even the fashion part which she claims to be so passionate about, for example the Lady Gaga Met Gala prompt. She confines herself to this rainbow cutesy magical girl uwu box when a good artist expands their horizons to all different kinds of ideas and techniques and the like, constantly looking to improve their art and not just settling for a mediocre piece at best just to fit a deadline. How she is going onto the fashion programme where there are limited spaces is beyond me.

Also the photos of the outfits she made are hideous and I wish she would stop using that awful shiny fabric.

No. 56099

File: 1562279217914.jpg (291.5 KB, 1237x655, oof.jpg)

jillian, we know you lurk: this saturation is NOT doing you any favours.

No. 56102

I feel like any school that encourages fanart is one to avoid…
The AF I did was really alike this one and I still passed after not turning up for most of the second half and avoiding paperwork so her passing and such doesnt really represent anything

I feel like she's going to be stuck in this rainbow pastel magical girl bubble forever because no one is pushing her out of it… and like, shes never going get a job besides youtube with such a narrow mindset

No. 56107


I did not expect her to look this awful without bangs

No. 56113

Her phoney ass wannabe designer/artist schtick is so mediocre and played out just like her shitty craft projects and home ec tier sewing. I feel second hand embarrassed for this poor blobby mess.

No. 56118

>I feel like any school that encourages fanart is one to avoid…
Definitely. I've seen people draw fanart for classes at "reputable" art schools like RISD and it makes me question the school.

No. 56124

How is it even a college if it's only a year's worth of studies? What "degree" did she even get?

No. 56127

seriously. every time she went to hold something up, it was like “oh hey, I bet it’s going to be pink and weeby” and sure enough. Like it’s BORING, try something else already.

No. 56133

Inb4 whiteknight but I genuinely enjoy seeing her talk about school. She seems to genuinely enjoy a few of the other art forms she's been working with this year. Idk, I know it's a rinky dink arts and crafts school but I guess I prefer this barely-college place to her just rotting away in her mother's basement, drowning away in her plastic hoard alone and depressed. Just me? She's also been going to therapy and just… she's one of those cows that I kind of have hope for which is fucking rare. Most of the cows on here are psychos.

That being said - how weird is it that the school is "totally chill" about fanart? Isn't that a big no no in real art schools? Yikes that's not something Jill should be broadcasting about this place, they must have an absolute shit reputation locally.

OT question, but I've seen RISD be mentioned several times in Jill threads - is it actually a good art school? I live by it and have never heard anything exceptional about it lmao it's weird to think it's actually something

No. 56137

RISD has like a 30-something percent acceptance rate and you can cross-register for classes at brown so yeah it's like a 180 from jill's craft college. kek literally just googled it

No. 56138

I just noticed she cut her hair. I just want her to grow it out and cut off all that fried damaged shit but I know that's only a dream. The bangs (that are clipped back) look especially tortured. No wonder she has them back.

Yikes, I don't think anyone talks about it locally - but shit, when Brown is right around the corner, all the local colleges kind of lose a leg. Also "art" colleges are just… not the same as real colleges anyway. Way off topic, though, sorry. Don't want to derail.

No. 56141

Jill mentioned she’d like to learn how to knit and I’d honestly really like to see that.
It probably wouldn’t take much to learn some basics and find some easy patterns on ravelry that she could knit in kawaii rainbow vomit colours. A lot of people find that knitting helps to relieve anxiety, and she can do it while binge watching TV so it’s the perfect hobby for lazy fucks too.

I genuinely want to see Jill succeed. It’s just disappointing that she rarely puts any effort or passion into the things she claims to care about.

No. 56147

Honestly I wouldn't be so worried about Jill. It's really not a big deal that majority of her art projects are fan art or failures. She'll probably learn some basics on textiles and patterning in her actual fashion courses next year along with some of the business aspects of manufacturing garments. It's not like she's aspiring to be the head of creative designs at a major fashion house or work a commercial job designing for a high street brand. A special snowflake like her will probably want to start her own kitschy "label/ brand," which honestly wont require much design knowledge just capital. All she has to do is come up with some drawings(they don't even have to be very good). The factory will make samples, basically do all the real design work, and her following will eat it up. Just see brands like Golf Wang, by Tyler the Creator (really basic low quality clothes but still is popular because he has a lot of fans). If I was Jillian, I would be focusing on taking more business management and marketing classes if she really wants to own her own brand.

No. 56156

she hasn't this is her actual chemical cut hair length she always has, it doesn't seem to be able to survive past this length when its longer than this its extensions, extensions that look scraggly and thin and damaged so I can see why people would think it was real hair

No. 56163

I would agree with you, but hasn't she talked about how her dream is ~having her own little boutique where everything is handmade uwu~ before?
She seems to really idealize that for some reason, even though she doesn't seem to enjoy the actual work aspect of it lol.

I remember quite a while ago on a livestream she was talking about how she wants to start selling handmade clothing (never actually happened, probably because she's too lazy).
I've always felt like she could've been successful with her merchandise if she a) was actually better at consistently advertising it b) somewhat regularly released new designs c) branched out a bit and sold more different stuff like the pins she did before.

A surprisingly large amount of fans bought her shitty t-shirts and pins despite their lackluster quality, if she had just gotten better at managing that (aka learning about the business management aspect of it like you mentioned) and was fine with coming up with a new low effort design once in a while I think she could do OK?

No. 56186

I could actually sit through this. I like some of her art (the one with the two arms looked really cool, as well as some of her color theory stuff). But holy shit, her fashion design stuff is shitty. Plus, she needs to stop talking about precure. Kind of weird and childish; she should at least be trying to step out of her pastel little bubble but I guess she's not interested.

No. 56196

What I find so sad about this video is that it seems as if Jill hasn't progressed at all in her art or sewing attempts, it's really weird how someone could spend a whole year in a school and not improve their skill set?

No. 56197

Yeah, that precure fanart she did looks exactly like the shit she's been drawing for years. She really never goes out of her comfort zone.

No. 56239


Imho, the most disappointing one was the one with pastels (that she hung to a coat hanger or something?) She said another student used cigarettes and stuff, which seems cool. I mean, her portfolio will be coherent, but this was really her opportunity to grow her skill set and she didn't take advantage of it.

No. 56244

shame it was such a snowflake concept, I can just picture her telling everyone about how its called "panic attack" and it's based on her panic attacks and how she is sooooo mentally ill! and her glowing in that attention and ass pats

No. 56262

All of her 'art' is just weeb trash. It's likes he has no originality of her own. it's actually really pathetic. Why is she even going to art school if she really isn't there to learn?

No. 56284

inb4 whiteknight but the concept of panic attacks isn't snowflakey. the fact that jill thought it was a good subject to focus her project on is what's flakey. having mental illness doesn't make you a snowflake. pretending it's a personality trait does. just like how jill's weight gain in and of itself isn't milky. it's her constant shooping while preaching "bodi positivity!!1!" that's milky.

No. 56291

File: 1562464063218.png (264.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190706-201847.png)

No. 56293

>works real full-time hours for one day
>squealing like it’s a super exciting experience


No. 56327

File: 1562485801964.jpg (132.14 KB, 945x756, Playful Pastels.jpg)

Tbh I thought her precure was trash but after watching her in this video it was kind of cool. Her bracelet thing lit up when they hit them together and she also had the actual weapons with her! However that poor wig needed to be pulled forward.Lighting and angles really do do wonders! Its really good to see her happy in this video I hope we get a vlog from this con. I feel like she work hard on the precure it was just poorly executed.

No. 56329

Sorry but the fact that the coolest thing about her costume is the purchased toys and the only reason she even looks mildly ok (read mediocre as fuck but its a leap from her irl looking like babbus first cosplay circa 16yrs old) is because she had control over the cameras says enough.
She looked like garbage irl and I really dont understand how any anon can say any of jills cosplays are anything besides Party City tier from the fit, to construction all the way down to her loving choice of only tacky reflective fabrics that look like it cost 1$ a yard and is 50% plastic.
Makinf a decently fit costume that doesnt assault your eyes, even from a show like pre-cure isnt difficult once you hit 20's but if ur Jilly Bean tm you can get away with whatever and still be called "decent" because she isnt asherbee levels.

No. 56331

The light up effect is actually a let down considering last year her cosplay had color-changing leds that she worked into the dress…

No. 56346

File: 1562513737872.jpg (162.46 KB, 510x906, 20190707_083231.jpg)

No Cure Emiru costume after all… I'm disappointed but not surprised.

No. 56358

It's more likely she would follow her mother's footsteps as a photographer than owning a physical boutique that only sells handmade items. Most places in Canada doesn't even get enough foot traffic to support a store like that, even if she was talented and hardworking. it would be hard to survive just on handmade items. At her commitment level, at most she could be an etsy seller with other side hustles if she wants to stick with handmade.

No. 56365

She's probably planning to move to Japan and be the next Spank! because shes always going on about it and the creator

No. 56438

File: 1562600978480.png (1.15 MB, 1080x721, Screenshot_2019-07-08-10-36-25…)

Saged for old milk, but I never knew she used to make handmade accessories. Isn't this what she wants to do? Why'd she even stop? It's pretty generic weeb merch, but that's what sells at cons. Jill has to stop dreaming about her kaweewee boutique and actually start something

No. 56445

Yeah and she could sell prints of the work she has done for school too. I’m sure that someone would buy them in her cult. Or even her old art.

No. 56465

File: 1562619170616.png (1.12 MB, 760x1239, Screenshot_20190708-165052.png)

Fredricton Tourism is tagged, guess that's what she was being filmed for today?

No. 56468


She should, I actually like this weeb shit. There’s effort put into this. Wow, where did it all go.

No. 56472

Her effort got shot to shit once she realized she could use mental illness as an excuse for laziness. I actually enjoyed the days where Jill would customize her clothes from the thrift store, compared to nowadays where she's just sinking into a mountain of fast fashion. It wasn't high quality stuff, but at least it had a certain handmade charm to it.

No. 56478

I own quite a few pieces from when she ran that shop and even when I was a big Jill fan, I recognized that there wasn’t a TON of effort put into her pieces even then. Everything was so fragile and poorly made, she couldn’t even finish the ribbons on her rosettes, so they frayed immediately (just through the shipping!). I had to fix all the issues myself.

But tbh, I still wish she ran with it. She could have improved so much and exercised her creativity, motivation, AND created one-of-a-kind pieces for her subscribers, which would set her apart from normal Youtubers that just have merch mass-produced (which she ended up doing with her t-shirt designs).

No. 56481

So like, is she still with that guy? I notice he deleted his Instagram.

No. 56488

Steve's instagram is still up, not sure if you're talking about Colin or the other guy.