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File: 1554352913994.png (1.23 MB, 1280x743, 1550622233074.png)

No. 42916

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~
>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her

>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to overseas trips, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during college
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; is currently dating and living with one Stephen Clarke and has formally come out again as bisexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

In the last thread (apologies for possibly poor recap):
~ Jillian addresses the lack of videos in the past several months, claiming many personal reasons while not addressing her hospital stay in thread #31
~ Posts a Q+A video with Stephen, addressing how she and Steve met (Jillian wanted to Maggie but was turned down by her and barely remembered Steve until the third time when he asked her for an interview), talked about being bisexual while also ranting about the thread and people "reaching" about her and Steve's sexuality
~ Japan trip finally happened; Jillian films with Kawaii.i and 6% Dokidoki, and planned to get her fourth tattoo while overseas, but experienced issues with withdrawing cash from her Visa had to cancel the appointment
~ Her birthday arrives; Jillian almost finishes but never wears the special dress she had made for her birthday - another of many creations she spends a long time working on but never wears; also leaves to go to Montreal with her mother despite missing school for two weeks
~ Does a small artist spotlight on a creator that sent her a new dress, without doing research to find out that the dress was not hand-made
~ Redyes her hair to pink and dyes her bangs lime green
~ Still awaiting her Kawaii.i episode; is now posting her Japan vlogs

Old threads:

youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Old Da (very milky) https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/

No. 42921

Those piss brows haunt me

No. 42924

File: 1554356067928.png (678.87 KB, 1487x2048, 1444764734.png)

Some comments from her recent rainbow dress picture. Love how her white nights have to jump to her defense because "h-h-how dare someone question the actions of our queen!!"

No. 42927

The sudden weight gain could be that she got new meds maybe
And adding to it will be her lifestyle of being lazy and over eating

No. 42928

the fact she does special 'secksie' photoshoots with her mom will never not be weird as hell

jill is seriously a trainwreck at this point

No. 42930

File: 1554362592606.png (1.64 MB, 1408x702, pixie.png)

Re-posting pic with a rough photo timeline for the anons who missed it in the last thread. Pictures are shot and edited by her mother so the photo- shopping is pretty consistent across the photos.

No. 42931


Is it bad that I actually like her 2019 pic?

No. 42932

no just makes you a chubby chaser
also she looks best with the bangs

No. 42937

Would she be better looking if she just dropped the rainbow shit and dressed/wore her hair like a normal person?

No. 42944

Has she shooped her boobs bigger in the latest one because she has always been pretty small chested and one looks visibly bigger than the other when it never did before

No. 42945

She gained weight, so some of it could have gone to her chest. I think the strong lighting and shadow makes the cleavage look deeper than it really is though, and the dress being so tight on her probably has a push-up effect.

No. 42946

i feel like the haltar neck is what is making her seem so massive. Jill has quite broad shoulders and I never noticed until seeing her in this outfit. She's got the tiny head massive shoulder look Momokun has.

I don't think her body looks that bad at all except for how tiny her head looks vs how broad her build looks but it's certainly a dramatic change from a year ago.

Jill's body will be changing from a teenager's body to a woman's body now so perhaps thats why she seems so broad in build compared to the Feb 2017 photo even aside from the weight gain

No. 42948

>Attractive picture
Do these cunts not see her fucking legs? Jill is gonna ham up to obesity levels and her cult will stay shriek body posi qween!!!! even though it's so blatantly obvious she shops

No. 42950

Has anyone seen her wear that crushed velvet skirt since her old vday lookbook lol?. Honestly at whatever size she is, she needs clothes that FIT well.

No. 42952

Holy jesus her legs are huge now.

No. 42953

She's got cute tits

No. 42954

File: 1554383028472.jpeg (483.61 KB, 750x983, DDA8F1CC-065A-4F14-A4EA-011CCC…)

NHK have posted the summary for her Kawaii-I episode

No. 42955

File: 1554383052867.jpeg (951.67 KB, 750x1294, F0D5BAA8-F683-470E-A2A6-813550…)

Part 2 with blurb

No. 42958

Sebastian Masuda critiquing her "designs"??

No. 42963

>>"Dreams really do come true if you're rich enough to buy them!"

No. 42971

Lmao that's the only part that isn't her being spoiled and that seems entertaining.

No. 42972

comments are turned of on her newest pic now

No. 42973

I already feel bad for the dude and the look on his face when he sees her costume satin monstrosity. Honestly Kawaii International would be taken seriously if they ditched the contest and just focused on the fucking fashions and hired someone else to do the voice overs, they're such a joke

No. 42976

Lmao, were their too many comments about her photoshop bullshit?

No. 42977

what r u talking about, they´re on and she has currently 1.416 comments

No. 42979

In the last thread it was proven that the building curves behind her from editing, why is she blatantly lying like this?

No. 42990

The new dress is super cute but not on her due to the fit and her hair. Girl needs to learn about balance.

Oh my god, she looks like an adult baby in that photo. Fashion idol, my ass. Kawaii International is a joke. It’s not even about style, voting based off likes is the dumbest way to do this so here we are. An untalented, unfashionable Jillian as an ambassador.

No. 42992


Jill really ballooned up, she's for sure on the higher end of overweight by now.
This isn't going to do any better for her already shitty health.

No. 43018

Yeah for sure. But y’know guess she’s going for ~thicc kaweewee bb~ now kek. Wonder if her friends irl are supporting/enabling this or not.

No. 43022

File: 1554433102826.jpeg (145.99 KB, 1122x571, C9F025E7-AE68-42A1-99EB-18981F…)

ok but these two figures are SO different

No. 43026

I went to check out the comments myself and noticed a few people asking her to stop supporting Dollskill/sugarthrillz lmao.

No. 43029

File: 1554439047227.png (478.32 KB, 2048x1070, 953933131.png)

Here's the comment. Doubt Jilly gives a single fuck about the ethics of who she supports at this point though.

No. 43034

inb4 her typical "ohh i had no idea!!" response

why do her fans think she gives any shits about ethics? she prides herself in collecting plastic and constantly buying things. even her pet cats are purchased from inbreeders purely for the aesthetic. she engages in art theft herself kek (those badly shooped background stars in her first or second patreon newsletter had copyright all over them)

No. 43039

File: 1554448361738.png (6.59 KB, 324x159, sss.png)

also this one heh. The one you posted is definitely less accusatory.

No. 43047

No. 43048

File: 1554462711707.jpeg (278.22 KB, 750x1035, 4D5FFDF0-CF7E-4351-82A7-F7D9AE…)

No. 43049

File: 1554464177748.jpeg (383.62 KB, 750x408, A9B9B4DB-B986-4718-96F6-23D495…)

Jill’s wishlist/recap of episode:
>Find out the latest trend in fashion.
Jill couldn’t find the trend on her own and needed a clue. Earlier when asked about her first outfit and what she was wearing she said “innocent fluffy pink feeling look with rainbow accents” instead of the brand, bc she doesn’t wear j-fashion brands.
>Get professional opinions on her design
(They went to 6% doki doki which Jill says is her favorite store due to their age and use of color.) Sebastian told her that she worked hard on the intricate hemline and that she could make more pieces both for herself and others to get more experience so she could get better.
>Become a magical girl. Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay photoshoot.
>Eat Kawaii Food.
Strawberries and chocolate/cake.

No. 43050

OT but is there a dog wearing a diaper at 23:25. What.

No. 43051

omg I´m DYING!! It´s finally out! While watching this I felt like a child, problably because of the weird narrator… but tbh I found it actually an enjoiable episode

No. 43052

Why don't they get a new narration jfc.

No. 43053

Her voice sounds so different in this.

No. 43054

File: 1554465790374.jpg (43.35 KB, 900x497, 1554465776646.jpg)

Kinda flashed her bra in the last seconds

No. 43055

maybe she has her period and the human doesn´t want her to bleed in the house

No. 43057

The fit ofthe dress is so wonky…It could be cute if she ould spend on good fabric, inlays, maybe even corset boning

No. 43059

No. I like it too. I think it’s because it looks like she actually has shape again because for a while with her gain she was appearing like a tube, but here, since she isn’t wearing frumpy clothes, you can see her curves.

No. 43060

File: 1554468335668.png (1.19 MB, 969x543, kawaii leader huh.PNG)


No. 43061

This is so, so bad. Imagine wearing this in front of your "favourite" (and I use that term lightly since the only 6% thing Jill has ever bought herself was that cheap necklace) designer and expecting anything but secondhand embarrassment from them.

No. 43065

File: 1554473037564.jpeg (52.4 KB, 332x421, 8237522D-D90A-409B-AE38-E3B464…)

The bodice fits so poorly…. how can you be comfortable wearing something like this? Wouldn’t you notice how baggy it is?

No. 43066

OT but dogs have periods???

No. 43067

why wouldn't you just google it if you want to know, ffs. yes, when a female dog is in heat, she bleeds. it's not monthly like with women. >>43048
omg the cringe levels are sky high.

No. 43069

oh god this is horrendous
is it me or is she speaking with a slight "japanese" accent?? like she's trying to sound like a japanese woman speaking english
those giggles too, its so uncomfortable

No. 43070

I don't know what you're talking about, I thought her Canadian accent was out in full force.

No. 43071

Proof fat dorky white girls like Jill need to stop trying to be kawaii clowns because it's an embarrassment.

No. 43074

Really anon. The nitpick of all nitpicks.

No. 43075

I heard it too. Sounded ridiculous.

No. 43077

> Sebastian Masuda critiqued her designs
Even though I was basically just as stupid as Jill when I was her age, and am willing to forgive a lot of her fuckery- the fact that she showed Sebastian Fucking Masuda her bullshit Party Kei attempts, and will in no way learn from any of this fills me with rage.
She essentially stole the place of someone who would have actually benefited from this experience. I’m livid.

No. 43078

I’d honestly chalk it up to nervousness. From the video it sounds like she’s speaking in a higher pitch which is common when someone is nervous, and she appears to be following Misha’s vocal cues instead of talking how she normally does since she’s probably afraid of saying something wrong or creating an awkward situation.

Also could she seriously not name a single brand of the clothing she was wearing? When she asked Pixie to talk about her outfit, all she did was go “It’s pink and innocent!”

No. 43081

Jill may be a dumb fuck but even she knew how bad it'd look to list off American brands on a show about Japanese fashion

No. 43082

Same, the thing that bothers me the most is someone who actually deserves this could've had it but instead it's given to this untalented, spoiled, entitled wretch

No. 43084

I'd be highly embarrassed to present myself to any Japanese brand owner in that hot mess. Her socks and glitter dirt boots make it worse as usual.

No. 43086

He basically showed up, said “uh, keep trying.” and left. Very little effort on his part, and the show advertised his work and his store rather favorably.
It’s not like he gave her any insider fashion secrets.

No. 43088

Maybe he really didn't like her and didn't want to be like "you look horrible you're untalented ew"

No. 43089

File: 1554484543670.jpeg (148.15 KB, 625x1077, 5F12DD51-00EA-454E-A1A7-76E6BD…)

Did they edit the boots to look lighter pink here? Or is it just the lighting?

No. 43090

Could also be an old dog with incontinence issues.

She'd look so,much better in the last pic if she just had normal hair and didn't wear that shitty bow thing and her topknot bun.

Jfc why is it so baggy?? I know Jill knows how to properly fit to her chest, she's made relatively better fitting things before, so what the hell happened herem

No. 43093

Zooming in like this makes it seem like the photo is of a child wearing their mother-child sewing project or one of those cheap birthday party entertainers with a one size fits all costume. How she is a 'kawaii' leader is beyond me, it could have looked so much better if it was actually made to fit and with higher quality material. I feel like Jill is losing skill the more she sews.
A sewing project along the lines of the dress in >>43089 would have been a way better way of showing off skills for the show.

No. 43096

File: 1554488076295.png (368.68 KB, 349x428, oof.PNG)

dear lord

No. 43099

whoever took this picture wasn't kind enough to tell poor Jill she looks even more obese and absolutely un-petite from this angle. it exacerbates how huge she's gotten and how unflattering a children's uniform cosplay looks on her

No. 43100

File: 1554488769065.jpg (1016.13 KB, 2560x1920, 19-04-05-19-24-29-734_deco.jpg)

(From SheSoho's insta stories, a lesbian bar) I'm extremely disappointed in whoever submitted Jill as a lesbian role model and anyone who voted for her

No. 43101

> lesbian role model
Jillian is literally dating a cis dude with a fucking penis and has only dated cis dudes with penises half her life. she was with a chick maybe ONCE for less than two months. you can stretch it and call her bi if you want, but calling her a LESBIAN when right now she's literally dating a cis dude and has since deleted her "coming out" video is hysterical.

No. 43103

It would probably look better if it were actually fitted to her body rather than just being something that they were like "yeah, this size will fit her" and just gave it to her. But those sleeves look gigantic on her, aside from making her look bigger around than usual.

But nah, it doesn't fit and she's not gonna alter it to fit.

No. 43104

the icing on the cake is the fact this was taken at a cosplay photo studio, like we even got to see the photographer tell her how to pose and even say "move your hips in exaggerated ways to look more like the character" then we get a shot of this.

No. 43105

This video makes me so uncomfortable. Does anyone else feel like everyone she talks to in these types of event streams/videos look put off by her? Idk why, but everyone I see around her seems so annoyed/uncomfortable to be around her if they aren't her close friends.

No. 43107

uh, this video…
The narrator voice is imbearable, every interaction look soooo awkward and Pixie gave me second hand embarrassment.
First, with Sebastian Masuda : I would have been mortified to show such an ugly dress to a worldwide known designer. Japanese politeness saved the day, but everyone knew her dress was shit.
Second, the girl who accompany her : it seems like they're trying to play the "kawaii friends" card but they got no alchemy, it's painful to watch. When they go to the dessert buffet, the girl doesn't eat and awkwardly watch Jill glumping down her plate…

Does Jill know japanese? She doesn't say a single japanese word except for the "itadakimasu~" part. But when she listen to the people talking she's like "mh mh" nodding as if she understands them.

And why does she feel the need to look amazed by every single thing??? It's so forced. Especially the part where she looks at the Sakura CC stationary set screaming "OMG IT'S SO CUUUTE". (also I was shook when she said she wasn't born yet in 1996… She looks so much older)

No. 43111

She knows only the most basic Japanese phrases even though she has tried before to make people believe she can have small conversations. And she definitely was playing up her amazement at everything due to nervousness and trying to meet the over-the-top cutesy aspect of the show (like the narrator).
I'm sort of empathetic to her situation because of the nerves and language barrier, but some of this is also her own fault for not studying Japanese like she said she would, not practicing sewing like she said she would, not caring about Japanese fashion, etc.

No. 43113

What kind of LESBIAN/BI rolemodel poll is this?
>pixie (need I say more?)
>LJG, transgender (man to woman)
This shit is so annoying (not even les/bi). Jill being uwu so queer rolemodel just doesn't work, because she likes feminine MALES.

No. 43114

File: 1554492785724.jpg (62.7 KB, 660x406, pixie.JPG)


pic related sums up how it feels like to torture yourself through the first 10 minutes of this video. God, this is hard to watch. I don't dare to count how many times they already said KAWAII.

No. 43120

That pop quiz thing was bullshit though. Just from an entertainment/ video making perspective.
They should have at least had a bit more scripted content or behind the scenes prompting/coaching. Telling two strangers to wander around a store and “be kawaii” is just a recipe for awkwardness

No. 43121

File: 1554495033976.jpg (334.58 KB, 720x1001, 20190405_211007.jpg)

No. 43122

File: 1554495467058.jpg (28.31 KB, 324x383, onthefloor.JPG)

No. 43123

File: 1554495556147.jpg (39.2 KB, 763x429, snooze.JPG)


This entire shoot was a joke. The photographer took the pictures with her smartphone?

No. 43124

Uh they've basically produced no content so far (and when they do it's only like once a year), a Q&A just seems so awkward…
Like the only reason anyone even knows about the group is cus of Jill, otherwise no one would give a shit.

No. 43126

The more I watch the more I’m convinced this was a prank pulled on Pixie.
Or maybe this is just the shit quality of this show, I can’t say I’ve ever watched other episodes

No. 43127

Do the other two even have YouTube channels

No. 43129

Wait, this was the 'professional' magical girl photoshoot? Great quality from a pretty big company. Her mum is a photographer, why doesn't she just get her mum to do a shoot for her instead of doing this as a wish. She would have gotten better results and just a quick google search would have helped both her and her mum position for poses.

No. 43131

Nothing she's wearing goes together. Especially those fucking shoes. How is she not embarrassed?

No. 43133

Having watched the episode it looks like the photographer was a cardcaptor Sakura super fan who also did cosplay, and the photo shoot was to give pixie advice on how to pose for cosplay photos.
I’m also guessing she wore the school uniform because it was the only cosplay outfit the woman had that could fit her.

No. 43134

That's her own fault. She's fake af. She acts like she follows or cares about japanese fashion when she doesn't even own any to wear in front of Sebastian Matsuda.

No. 43141


Probably on her period. We have to put diapers on my dog, and you can even get doggy pads. Sorry for the low-key blogpost btw.

No. 43157

I agree with what you're trying to say, but from the way her back looks, I think she has her arms in her lap in the second picture, meaning her back looks smaller due to the fact that she is hunched forward.

No. 43158

File: 1554504260628.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2250, Screenshot_20190405-163700~2.p…)

Oh Jesus, did she always have rainbow mixed in with her pink or am I blind and missed it? All the comments are going off about how snatched her hair looks but the rainbow shit is getting old and it looks tacky as fuck because the color is fading from her bangs

No. 43159

the extra colours in the back might be extensions, she wears them a lot since she has a chemical cut, those bangs are awful, looks like a bowl cut, is dumb and dumber kawiwi now?

No. 43163

Who sees that face in a photo and thinks "this is good enough for thousands of people"

No. 43165

Thought the same thing but its a video. Anon just got a lucky shot

No. 43166

“when i was in middle school i found out about cardcaptor sakura” is it just me or is this a lie? i thought she watched it when she was like 17-18? i might be wrong though

No. 43170

Yes, it was deffinatly a lie. Jill's first anime were a slice of life, k on, the 90s sailor moond dub, and pokemon. Eventually she found precure because she was looking for cute anime stuff online. She says in a con haul where she shows off the $50 sakura cards that she was on ep. 30ish, and she was about 17. They probably had her say CCS because it's more relevant and popular.

No. 43172

>And why does she feel the need to look amazed by every single thing??
This is Japanese TV in a nutshell.
>Shiloku Granny’s secret ingredient to most delicious fried fish is salt?
D-list celebs and comedians in studio: HUUUUUUUUUEEEERRRRR well fuck me I never would have guessed! Salt? What innovation, what genius! Let’s taste it here in the studio and we’ll all scream UMAI and have spontaneous orgasms

No. 43176

In all honesty you could screenshot any second from this video and it would be gold, she's acting so forced happy to hype up her show so she's straining her smile the entire time

In this old video https://youtu.be/l2tom5PtC4o she said she discovered it in 2012 so she would have been about 14 I believe? The timeline actually matches up on this one but I could have sworn you were right

No. 43190

>She essentially stole the place of someone who would have actually benefited from this experience
No offense anon but who do you have in mind that could've benefited from this experience? Every other contestant is also just a kawaii girl who spends a lot of clothes on money and makeup.

No. 43196

Some of the contestants were lesser known creators who could’ve gained positive exposure from winning, and maybe they would’ve used it to launch their careers instead of sitting on their ever expanding ass like Jilly bean does. However, that’s just speculation.

No. 43198

Out of the top 5 contestants, only 2 (Emily Meow and Sano) really had any sort of special schtick beyond looking cute and owning a lot of clothes. I do wish there was some kind of way that NHK would have a say in who becomes the kawaii leader by looking at each contestant's merits too but I suppose that's too much work for them.

No. 43202

LOL when they eat the desserts, the host has to tell Pixie to show it to the camera. How dense ccan you be?

No. 43210

File: 1554527083740.png (2.24 MB, 1672x1039, Untitled-1.png)

The way Jill stretched out all her words when speaking and was screeching every few seconds makes the video hard to watch but there are lots of hilarious stills to be captured

No. 43213

I found that part so weird. Also that the girl who was with her didn’t touch her food at all and was just looking at Pixie?? When she ripped apart that pastry thing I had to cringe so hard man

No. 43222

File: 1554536451534.jpg (596.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190406-084004_Ins…)

Looks like jill wasnt invited again

No. 43228

she has mentioned watching it for the first time way more recently than that and said she couldn't finish it because there was too much filler, so what is the truth then

No. 43232

this is so funny, I wonder how much the moonmist girls are going to be hating their lives in that up-coming probably forced Q&A

No. 43242

watching her nod and go "mm" like she knows what sebastian is saying is so fucking funny
also "i look up to you sooo much" "ok ok see you next time"

the heil hitler salute that other girl kept doing had me in tears, this fucking video is gold

No. 43244

Re: Naming brands, iirc they don't typically name fashion brands on Kawaii International, so it might be because of that. I could be wrong though, it's been ages since I watched this show.

No. 43248

So the point of kawaii international is they fly kawaii leaders to japan, and film them being impressed by a few stores/people in japan.
I sincerely do not understand the point of all this. The focus seems to be entirely “isn’t Japan awesome? It’s so kawaiiiiiiii!” Which I feel cant make good television no matter who you put in Jill’s place.

No. 43249

The shows mostly about fashion culture and trends, shit like that but it's delivered in a really cheesy way with how the host and the narrator are. The kawaii leader contest and episodes are just extras that nobody needs or wants. Like watch your fave scream kawaii for a good half hour, there's no purpose

No. 43250

Is this all the Kawaii International stuff that Jill will be shown in?

No. 43253

Seems so. They announced the new Kawaii Leader contest is starting this April, so looks like Jill is done unless they call in former leaders for an episode (which they've never done).

No. 43255

It seems like the whole point was to take advantage of Jill’s fan base. Everyone who follows her will watch her episode, and a lot of them might continue watching other episodes too now. So it makes sense that they’re quickly moving on to other “leaders” with other fan bases.

No. 43257

>The focus seems to be entirely “isn’t Japan awesome? It’s so kawaiiiiiiii!” Which I feel cant make good television no matter who you put in Jill’s place.
It's basically mild propaganda to encourage tourism. It's not supposed to be deep or entertaining, it's supposed to encourage weebs to book a holiday and spend a ton of money.

No. 43263


I'm pretty sure she's picked up precure in her lolita phase when she wanted to wear princess peachie's skin. Princess peachie's been a big precure fan long before jill even was into jfashion. Remember when jill made that princes peachie fanart.

No. 43302

It's shown on NHK International which is basically just news and shows that promote Japanese tourism/show Japan in a nice light

No. 43308

That's definitely one way but another is a lot of people in the fairy kei Tumblr sphere liked and would talk about precure too, Peachie included. Was her skin walking Peachie before or after her yt took off? I wanna say that by the time she got to yt she was skinealking milkyfawn instead.

No. 43313

File: 1554631227945.jpg (768.52 KB, 1080x1440, 20190407_065954.jpg)

No it looks like Jill went this time but she didn't have any fun

No. 43314

Why does she only date confused gay guys? Does she want to be a beard forever?

No. 43315

everyone including steve is wearing matching shirts and she didn't want to join in because muh aesthetic I am guessing, good way to alienate yourself

No. 43320

She likes feminine guys and soft guys. She doesn’t like masculine men. Tristan was a soft guy, Colin let her do anything (him being ~nb~ made it worse). And Steve seems like he also doesn’t care/likes being turned into a different person because of Jill. She can’t have any relationship where she leaves the person alone and let’s them like their own stuff. She probably has a fetish for feminine men.

No. 43322

Her peachie skinwalking was before youtube, her milkyfawn skinwalking probably started when she was throwing things around in her haul videos and buying knock off rilakkuma.

No. 43326

Maybe he went and she didn't.
He has the shirt and maybe she just wore the bunny ears for the picture.

No. 43327

you could be right. the pic is taken at their home, and she could've taken his bunny ears and snapped a pic just before he left the house. i wouldn't be surprised if only he was invited

No. 43332

File: 1554656913434.jpg (2.09 MB, 1080x1440, 1554631227945.jpg)

I think she has the shirt under her jacket. You can see the bunny face peeking out.

No. 43336

What the hell is the pink thing she's got on then? I think you're right but the perspective of it doesn't make sense

No. 43354

It looks like she just has it tucked under her arm, and will put it on once she leaves the house (ie. after photos to not ruin her aesthetic)

No. 43355

File: 1554678064711.png (238.56 KB, 400x425, Goblin_Slayer_LN_Profile.png)

mfw I see Jill's face in the pic on the right

No. 43365

Ah, good catch.
On one hand, good for her still hanging out with them.
On the other, why is she not in any of their group shots? She was there so it seems odd.

No. 43370

Gonna take a guess and say she's only being invited because Steve asks her to go and hangs on to him the whole time out of awkwardness.

No. 43372

Aren't Jenny and wendy in the pic too? Also Maggie has called Jill her wife of whatever so I would figure most people are cool with it

No. 43408

maybe Jill was with Steve at the time, or just didn't have to go piss. the rest of them went to the bathroom, pissed together, & then took the group pic. probably doesn't mean anything that Jill wasn't in the picture, it's pointless to speculate. no milk there.

No. 43426

File: 1554736661675.png (622.8 KB, 691x887, cosplay.PNG)

looks like she decided on her cosplay for animaritimes

No. 43427

File: 1554736794177.png (683.04 KB, 702x1000, Shiny_Luminous_1.png)

Well that's gonna be an incredibly unflattering cosplay for her…

No. 43433

Wonder if this means Jenny and Wendy will be black and white.
I'm a little surprised they aren't doing Star Twinkle honestly, since it's the current season.

No. 43440

Unflattering, yes. But since Luninous's outfit is already a sack Jill will have an easier time. However she's gonna use shiny costume fabric and fuck up the sleeves, and end up looking even more terrible cause of her freshman 50+. Jill seems to be totally clueless on how to sew for her body size, seeing how her last dress looked

No. 43466

File: 1554750051344.jpg (293.55 KB, 720x1000, 20190408_200045.jpg)

No. 43468

That is actually not that bad. I am glad she tries sth new and actually seems to put in effort

No. 43470

this is very good tbh, especially if it really is her first time with ink.
getting a grasp on real life/not anime anatomy could really help her in conceptualising garments

No. 43471

Glad to see her school actually teaching her things. Her lack of self-motivation is a big issue for all of her work, but formal training should help immensely even if it's relatively low level training. Better than nothing since she has refused to self-teach and her art and sewing skills have stagnated for several years.

No. 43476

File: 1554755866560.jpg (89.49 KB, 1080x1080, 54248157_471769220265869_88236…)

these are some solid figure sketches, I'm surprised. Dude looks a bit like Michael Myers on the left but it's aight

No. 43479

Hope this isn't too much of a blogpost but I took a painting class and working with ink was actually hard as shit so if she can do that much with it I'm actually surprisingly impressed.

Hopefully she can keep with it but let's be honest she'll probably post about it once and lose motivation to keep with it because it's not kawiwi rainby colors and doesn't fit into her aesthetic.

No. 43486

File: 1554760192577.jpg (157.32 KB, 1080x480, 20190407_065912.jpg)


No. 43487

File: 1554760252042.jpg (180.31 KB, 1080x564, 20190407_065936.jpg)

No. 43489

Why the fuck are you puking in containers and not the toilet? You're not a child. Drag your ass out of bed.

No. 43490

I mean didnt we already talked about basement girl not following Jill anymore? I thought this was known milk

No. 43492

Looks like she's giving credibility to that "drunksylocks" claim

No. 43508

it's so embarrassing that she calls her Japan series 'pixie in japan,' exactly like 'peachie in japan'

No. 43509


woops i meant princess in Japan but you get me. the skinwalking was strong.

No. 43510

Nitpicking, she honestly just called it whatmt it is. Her in japan. Nothing creative about that, tons call it that way (Sharla in Japan is the best example)

No. 43528

I doubt she was skin walking Peachie when she went to Japan. Peachie is a Lolita who likes my little pony? Jill has more followers than her now and has created her own brand without copying others due to her very loyal mentally ill and young fanbase.

No. 43539

peachie is gross tho.

No. 43541

at least sage your non contribution

No. 43546

New video. At least she acknowledged she's fat…?

No. 43547

>>43546 she said she greatly cut down on the amount of shopping she does?! bitch where

No. 43548

File: 1554842739863.jpg (357.94 KB, 1366x768, jill.jpg)

>>43546 was this shot really necessary

No. 43549

It made me sad how she kept going on about being tired and in pain. Like…

No. 43550

>>43549 "my back will never be the same" all she did was walk? you probably would do more exercise by doing a retail 8 hour shift? Jill stop eating tendies

No. 43559

When she was talking about her 15 minute Japanese conversation with the Listen Flavor shop girl, she let slip just how terrible and non-foundational her Japanese is. She said that her ability to communicate in Japanese is "dependent on the vocabulary," and then she said if they're talking about "fashion, anime, or youtube" she can speak really well. How about, like, talking about food? Money? How to find the restroom? You know, the basics that you learn before you travel to a foreign country. It's so obvious that she doesn't actually know Japanese outside of niche vocab.

I also found it funny that when she was talking about how ~awesome~ she is at Japanese (@8:18), she clearly edited out a section where she tried to say something in Japanese, but while she was editing she realized it wasn't right at all.

No. 43562

That bottle of apple juice she says she is going to chug before bed is giant, she had a different family size bottle of fruit juice the day before, is she really consuming that amount of sugar and liquid calories, no wonder she crashes and needs naps in the middle of the day after not doing much of anything

No. 43573

Oh so she’s into sustainable fashion now that it’s popular huh
Shame nothing will actually come from it.

No. 43577

File: 1554857151652.jpg (222.87 KB, 1071x589, 20190409_204346.jpg)

Pale skin, bright red lipstick with make up besides eyes, rainbow hair, bright clothing. She really looks like an actual clown here.

>Thrifting, better for the planet!!

Imported from America clothing and you paying the jacked up prices for it. What a fucking retard. She'll only thrift when it's across the globe for the pretty items someone else took the time to find. She's imported more bullshit this year than ever plus her constant traveling -concerts, to the UK, back and forth home, etc- puts a bigger number on her carbon footprint. Read a book, Jill, your bamboo toothbrush and buying one secondhand item isn't doing anything.

No. 43578

Sorry to nitpick but god her fuckin bangs drove me insane. Theyre so uneven and blunt and make her face look so much worse. Please jill just get them professionally done

No. 43579

Why does she think she can get away with pretending she's good at speaking Japanese and she only ever says the same basic words and phrases to "prove" it? It sounds bad whenever she tries

No. 43580

yeah those hearts on her cheeks are not making her seem less like a clown either lol. but yeah that lipstick… too bright.

No. 43583

File: 1554861136123.png (1.87 MB, 2528x1315, Screenshot_20190409-193458~2.p…)

Her lipstick in this video was absolutely atrocious, it's just so unflattering and distracting. She needs to tone it down a few shades or something.

Also I hate how she goes on and on about how tired she is but at the same time I almost feel bad because she literally just walked around and shopped and she's in this much pain. Her weight must be affecting her health a lot more than she's willing to admit.

No. 43584

Is she really just going to the exact same places she visited in her first trip? kek

Jill has probably never stood on her feet for more than like 2 hours so it's not surprising with her dozens of pounds weight gain plus being lazy all her life and never worked an actual job over 4 hrs

No. 43591

She’s probably still in the beginning phase where saying even one Japanese word will elicit the standard Japanese response of “jouzu desu ne!” so she thinks she’s very good at it.

No. 43608

Did anyone else notice the weird turning Rs to Ws in words at the beginning? Please let this sorta "dress stweets vewy best" baby talk not stick
Also lol @ her saying she's wearing the same outfits because she's been shopping less when we know she's bought a ton of shit that isn't documented. Just say it's because you can't fit into a lot of stuff you own anymore, Jill.

No. 43609

She's been doing that shit for a few months now. It's that stupid uwu Tumblr (now Twitter) trend that she's just deciding to run with. I hope she realizes how stupid it is soon…

No. 43610

I believe she actually had a job at Claire's, if I remember right. She quit a few years ago because she jumped into YouTube because she was treating that as a full-time job instead.

Unfortunately, I think that lack of structure of working/doing physical labor by being on her feet all day has really made it easy for her to slip into this weird mental slump. You can see her gaining more and more weight, which isn't inherently bad, but I worry that all she does is lay around and mope instead of even maybe taking walks to clear her head… If she doesn't see someone about her fucking mental health, she's going to suffer greatly.

No. 43611

File: 1554875267775.jpeg (169.9 KB, 750x1093, 915B1754-4EF7-480A-85AD-0C3F56…)

Maggie’s at her house, so they’re probably still on good terms.

No. 43621

just noticed jenny doesn’t follow jill on instagram.

No. 43622

So did jill not get the tattoo done in Japan?

I remember her complaining about missing an appointment but it wasnt confirmed the tattoo app

No. 43640

She confirmed on her pateron livestream that that was the appointment she missed.

No. 43646

Neither is basement girl. We’ve known this for a while.

No. 43655

she posted that she wasn't carrying enough money and couldn't get more out because of a problem with her bank so she didn't have the money to pay for the tattoo

No. 43661

I hope she let the artist know, it’d be really rude otherwise

No. 43662

File: 1554917743714.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3000x4000, 8433E70F-997C-4F1B-8C8B-CA6948…)

No. 43663

This would be pretty neat if this bitch wasn't so terrible at coordination and we all know 3 of those dresses don't even zip up all the way. She's just torturing herself now to be kawiiwii when she's way too big for Bonne chance

No. 43664

I feel like these outfits aren’t interesting enough for this. Maybe if she included extra accessories and shoes but these pics are just kind of sad honestly. Probably would look better as flatlays imo

No. 43667

You know the outfit is bad when the flat lays are boring.

She has a habit of wearing dresses with small spaghetti straps with shirts which doesn’t hide how unflattering it is. Would have been better to layer on top with a boloero or a short jacket to give shape and ditch the big LO jacket

It also highlights the issues of her pallete choices, the jacket and beret match nothing as usual. So even without knowing she is getting fat these are bad outfits, and would be on anyone.

No. 43673

Some of these outfits have potential but she pairs so many fucking mismatched accessories that the outfit falls apart. The purple dress with the shirt underneath it is actually a good start but then she pairs it with a dark purple beret and pink accessories. It would look so much better if she just ditched the accessories and had a white purse but then it isn't 'harajuku kawiwi' enough for her.

And she actually has some cute pieces like the pink gingham dress is absolutely adorable, but then she puts a frumpy cardigan and a shitty beret with it so the dress never has a chance to shine.

I also don't get what her fucking obsession is with pairing that cardigan with pastel pink dresses, it looks bad every single time.

No. 43675

These outfits are actually pretty nice. How come everything looks terrible when she's actually wearing it? Is it just because all the clothes are way too small for her?

No. 43676

I mean in this example it's rude to cancel on the day, most artists book far in advance and a lot don't take walk-ins (which you can't rely on as a sure thing anyway) cancelling on the day leaves them no time to fill that appointment which has them missing out on most likely hundreds of dollars, most artists take a non-refundable deposit usually for an hours work (they usually charge per hour), so it was both rude and Jill likely threw money away on the deposit, sage for who cares

No. 43678

Just noticed that this photo it’s not anymore on the moonmist Instagram profile. Plus, Jenny not following pixie anymore…. probably the group broke up?

No. 43679

Really? Doesn't feel like she's done it as much or at least not that specific thing until now, at least in videos

No. 43680

Willing to bet Jill snapped at Jenny or something when they went out drinking (Jill saying she gets slightly more mad than normal while drunk now)? Plus Jenny was mostly Wendy's friend more than anything else iirc

No. 43682

3 of these outfits look exactly the same. Didnt she buy some plaid pants from lazy oaf awhile back? She couldn't have thrown those on?

No. 43692

>doesnt know who Lum is

wow, trash

No. 43693

Agreed. her complaining about walking 5-6 hours is insane. She's really that out of shape? Maybe she needs sneakers and not those shitty glitter boots.

No. 43694

Maybe she should break in a pair of those yru shoes that she paid a hundred fucking dollars for kek

No. 43695

No. 43696

Has she worn them at all outside?

No. 43698

This is painful to watch jesus.

No. 43705

am i imagining it or is she more… breathy than usual? like she can't catch her breath. but yeah i couldn't get through the first few minutes jesus fuck

No. 43706

Maybe she's a little ill or just because of the bad quality? Her cheeks look a lot puffier in this video too imo.

No. 43709

I can't tell whether she's drunk or her behaviors just seem incredibly weird live.

No. 43715

Later in the stream she says she's I'll, so that's probably why. She's constantly sniffling during the entire thing.

No. 43718

No. 43719

Most milky bits from the stream:

>2:10 acknowledges weird voice in the kawi.i video, claims she "picks up accents" from places she visits, and in Japan she wanted to speak in a way that the Japanese people would understand

>5:37 talks about how her mental health makes her miss assignments, admits she wasn't sure if she was going to pass or not, considered taking a mental health leave from school, but stayed because she got accepted into the fashion course
> 8:45 praises her two best friends for going to school every single day kek. Mentions that her school is open until 11:00 pm if you're in the fashion program and you can work there whenever you want, even on weekends.
>19:15 some good milk, someone turning 20 asks Pixie for advice and she goes on about how she's "a badass bitch" because she's an adult now and she has her shit together kek
>20:00 starts crying after literally just mentioning her mom, absolute gold please watch
>25:00 closed her cat in a couch that day, add that to the list of neglect
>30:40 talks about stretching out her ears again
>Two patrons have told her that she's forgotten their names on end cards or on something or another
>34:00 talks about a $300 "smart canvas" smart watch, tinfoil but might be seeing this purchase soon
>47:20 wants to release more pins, says she will pay people to help her package and ship things because storenvy fucked her over
>Made a website pixielocks.ca, her cake pin is back in stock, says her site is not finished yet so don't judge her kek
>50:00 some Patrons bought pins on stream, she fucks up the shipping so some lucky kids got free shipping
>Sits for 20 minutes trying to figure out her online shop on stream
>1:04:00 ordered a VIP k club zine, says she might be in the next one
>1:07:49 talks about selling photo prints of herself and donating some of the proceeds to charity, also wants to sell small sewn things

No. 43720

File: 1554947907565.jpg (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-185522_Chr…)

The store set up is so frustrating to watch. Its not that hard.

I just checked it and the free shipping is still up for anyone in the USA. Canada is $5 CAD to ship

Shes going to be in for a rude awakening at the post. Shipping pins from cad to USA is about $7 CAD no tracking. Not including packaging supplies

No. 43721

File: 1554948020064.jpg (1.47 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-185610_Chr…)

Image is check out with canada address
> I didnt purchase just checking prices in the cart

If free shipping is also on int I'll laugh. Shipping untracked overseas from canada is around $10 CAD

I never knew she was THIS dumb

No. 43722

File: 1554948133211.jpg (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-190146_Chr…)

Checked int with UK England. Free shipping currently. I'm dead, I hope she didnt have to many patreons buy lmao

No. 43723

Hope this isn't blogposting but I have a small Etsy shop and the last package I shipped to Canada was $10 for shipping. I ship pins just like Jill and I used the cheapest shipping option. Needless to say, if she can't figure out her shipping prices she's a little fucked. To be fair USPS might be more expensive than the Canadian post but still.

On that note I don't understand why she's trying to make her own website instead of just using Etsy because it's really hard to fuck up the shipping, Etsy literally makes labels for you and figures out the pricing so you don't even have to touch it.

No. 43724

I run a pin store from canada so I'm very familiar with the prices and run down. I can't believe they are still available on her store a few hours after stream. Just click them off to be unavailable!

I don't think it's a terrible idea for her to have her own site. She has enough of an audience she draws her own customers to her store. the biggest benefit of etsy is the on site SEO. But she doesn't really need that. The benefit of having your own storefront is its more branded as well, which I do think suits her image. When people buy something from etsy and someone asks where they got it from, they are less likely to say the artist/brand and just go "I got it from etsy!"

Sage for estore info

No. 43726

Thanks Anon!

No. 43727

Damn that actually makes a lot of sense, considering I get most of my traffic from Etsy but Jill wouldn't need that.

That actually was a smart move on her part, wether intentionally or unintentionally. Hopefully she figures out her shipping though because I do think the shop is a good way for her to build up some work ethic. You have to ship things out eventually so she can't lay around 24/7 and take "mental health breaks" constantly otherwise her customers will never get their shit.

Saged but genuinely thanks for the ecommerce info

No. 43728

She did have a job at Claire's but it was part time and like 4 hours max per shift afaik which is hardly a job

No. 43729


Remember her first release of pins? She definitely can drive her confetti cult to her products. Really she should click those off though or adjust the shipping. All it would take is one patreon leaking it or party kei member seeing it here, and posting it to the facebook or something to be inundated with orders.

from the stream she said the website wasnt finished. The mobile site is a complete hellscape so I hope she remembers to fix that

And no problem about the info, you are too nice anon haha

Unrelated to the shop. Another frustrating thing about her stream is how she complains shes not doing well mentally, missing school assignments, and generally being burned out. But all of those problems were problems she sort of… created. With self imposed youtube work, traveling so much between visiting her mom in cities, the UK trip, and Japan. Girl needs to know her limits, and do what she can youtube wise (instead of creating new projects for herself all the time), and focus on her school work if shes serious about it.

I cant remember if it was confirmed before but she confirmed shes got a spot in the fashion course for year 2

No. 43730

Shit, really? I thought she had normal shifts but honestly that doesn't surprise me. I was too hopeful thinking she ever had to worry about work and money… She really is pretty spoiled.

No. 43731

She did have normal length shifts. She just never was full time because she was originally working two part time jobs (Freak Lunchbox and Claire's).

No. 43732

These are actually pretty good, I would say more loose work like this suits her more than trying to do kawaii perfect anime drawings, which end up looking amateur

No. 43733

I feel like there is a running theme of
>Pixie loves food! she sure loves food! Here's some food!

like they stereotyped her as a fattie (even though by western terms she is only average now) and ran with it.

The random highschooler maru in the clip seems cool. The western host seems to be barely containing her disdain throughout the show, is it the same one narrating? It all seems so sarcastic

No. 43734

That weird guttural laugh is something to be desired. I think she tried to match that host's demeanor without sounding too "butch"

No. 43737

File: 1554960254346.png (3.83 MB, 750x1334, 19162DA7-F089-4F17-B658-633C87…)

Shipping is free to France as well. Get your shit together hog body

No. 43753

It's so sad that this is her branding for her website. She's a "fashion designer" in head to toe fast fashion. Like why is she trying to flex that she has a hideous lazy oaf jacket on her checkout page? Where is the self-awareness? Why even make a website go live to sell your creations and self promote as a designer to model other people's work? Design a damn bg pattern or illustration or something relevant or grow a brain cell or something, jesus

No. 43754

Pretty sure shipping is free to everywhere else except canada, kek

No. 43760

she's doing free shipping to AUSTRALIA. at that point she'd completely lose whatever profit she made and then some

No. 43761

File: 1554979753733.jpg (985.4 KB, 934x734, sc.jpg)

God the whole site just screams 'graphic design is my passion', good job making the fucking item description completely unreadable against that shitty photo background.
Doesn't her brother do something related to IT/tech or am I misremembering?
I'm sure she knows at least someone who could've helped her set up the site/shop, this is just embarrassing.

No. 43766

File: 1554988078104.png (1.37 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190411-090739.png)

The blog and about me sections are full of sample posts….

No. 43767

She said her dad helped her with the shop but she was super vague with what he actually helped with so who knows. But the thing is she used Wix, isn't that literally designed for people who have never made a website before and it's supposed to be super easy to use? People on stream even complained about how hard it was to read and she still hasn't fixed it.


I'm heavily considering buying a pin to see what it's like kek. I wonder how long it'll take her to ship them out and what her packaging is like. On one hand I don't want to give her money in general because I know it'll go towards more lazy oaf shit but on the other hand this is actually a positive thing and I want to see her create more things herself.

No. 43768

File: 1554988262327.jpeg (838.34 KB, 828x1792, D675ED5E-DDB2-47B5-9EC7-8C4C92…)

What happened with the KERA interview? I mean it hasn’t been talked about since the m&g last year. Was it even published?

No. 43769

I went out that night and I seen all of them there and they didn’t even interact at all. Jillian was with Steve the whole night, so that isn’t the reason.

No. 43777

Oh my god, I can't with the crying. She acts like her parents are dead or something.

No. 43783

On top of that, didn't she literally just go on some trip with her mom? I'm genuinely worried that she's breaking down this much over her mom who's like a few hours away. Even when she just moved out of the house her mom went down and visited her like that week as far as I remember. It's okay to be close with your parents but Jesus this is kind of too much.

No. 43784

In a country where half the fridges in the convenience stores are full of different kinds of sugar-less, high quality teas and she chooses apple juice. Like, barley tea (mugicha) is caffeine-free and the kind of thing most Japanese people drink on a daily basis. I guess that isn't cute enough though.

No. 43785

Sounds like a case of separation anxiety to me.

No. 43919

yeah usually people get this when they're 18 and living on their own for the first time, whether in college or otherwise. it just feels a bit odd because jill is older but hasn't really matured beyond a college freshman. all her gap years did was stunt her growth which is unfortunate.

No. 43950

80 fucking tabs, anon? How old are you? Even my 56 year old mother knows how to close those things on her phone browser.

No. 43971

File: 1555179067554.jpg (5.8 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

She looks like Egg from Arrested Development in this video. This just makes her shoops from Japan look so much more obvious.

No. 43986

Shop section is empty now, wonder if did she figured it out on her own or from lurking here? Overall the page is set up pretty badly (that hamburger menu on mobile…), she definitely shouldn't have it published yet.

No. 44028


>It's basically mild propaganda to encourage tourism.

…. So like, an advert?

No. 44036

I started watching that playlist of her patreon streams a while ago and I think in the first one (May last year) she was talking about working on her website too.
I really don't understand how she's been 'working' on it for almost a year and it's still so shitty/dysfunctional.
If she's really this bad at it she might as well hire/pay someone to do it for her, in today's age it's pretty important to have a presentable site & shop.

No. 44041

No. 44072

File: 1555280849693.jpg (407.9 KB, 720x1078, 20190414_232727.jpg)

No. 44075

>My love for this brand keeps growing

Jill didn't own anything from Nile Perch prior to this lmao

No. 44089

File: 1555286778337.jpg (257.12 KB, 1365x2048, 56811521_2220719704701908_3399…)

No. 44090

File: 1555286805212.jpg (265.24 KB, 1365x2048, 56947177_2220719831368562_1629…)

No. 44091

File: 1555286866328.jpg (290.77 KB, 1365x2048, 57012595_2220720954701783_8110…)

No. 44092

Jesus christ on a crutch. What happened to her?!

No. 44093

File: 1555286912834.jpg (200.25 KB, 1365x2048, 57129630_2220719044701974_3926…)

No. 44094

File: 1555286952113.jpg (271.72 KB, 1365x2048, 57238904_2220720524701826_5307…)

No. 44097

what is she even wearing?!?

No. 44098

i wanna say something one of her "kawaii" followers whose in the first year program. (it didnt win)

No. 44108

Oh girl, those boob and back rolls. Whoever took this photo did her dirty.

No. 44113

Tbh i like this mcdonalds french fry dress and besides the fitting issues with her bust and the franksly terrible makeup and design hair choices, it looks nice

No. 44115

What are those things hanging off the hem of the skirt??

No. 44116

what a ugly color scheme lol

No. 44119

Honestly I think whomever constructed the dress did the dirty. It doesn't fit her at all, and from what I can tell, that bodice design wouldn't fit anyone who isn't totally flat.
If this is what her school puts out she should run for the hills.

No. 44120

maybe all her trips fucked up measurements?

No. 44126

Nah, the bust on the dress isn’t designed for breasts, even before the trips she had a bust. The side view highlights the poor construction

No. 44130

her friend amy designed it. she (amy) definitely used her own body to do measurements (has less of a chest)

No. 44131

File: 1555295106268.png (1.16 MB, 860x928, Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 11.2…)

dress designer with the dress on

No. 44134

File: 1555296039175.gif (7.9 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

jills walk.
this is currently everything i have from the fashion show

No. 44135

File: 1555296074485.png (57.73 KB, 508x238, proud.png)

not milk but shes proud of the dress maker

No. 44137

File: 1555296870678.jpeg (627.09 KB, 1207x2362, 038CA212-57C5-4BD4-BF52-4B7131…)

Is this supposed to be some weird reimagining of Cardcaptor Sakura’s dress? A bit of a stretch but the purple hair and the fact that she’s an acquaintance of Jill’s pegs me as potential weeb.

No. 44138

not sure. the school is full of weebs honestly.

No. 44141

What is going on with her boobs? I can't figure out what I'm seeing in the picture. Is she wearing some sort of bralette underneath?

No. 44142

File: 1555297615583.png (786.1 KB, 900x900, 1555297591726.png)

What is this?

No. 44145

I'm guessing it's a padding insert that is just angled weirdly and looks like a weird white ball due to the curvature. Dressmakingfag here.

No. 44150

Screws or golf tees

No. 44158

File: 1555304129987.jpg (534.64 KB, 1080x1623, 20190415_065523.jpg)

No. 44162

Only talking about Wendy when Jill walked too…. something definitely must have happened between Jenny and Jill.

No. 44173

Jill looks awful here. I almost didn’t recognise her. Freshman 50???? We criticise the photos she posts but this just shows how she really looks. Bitch knows her angles

No. 44184

But aren’t Wendy and Jenny dating so? That would make sense that she’d mention her over Jill

No. 44186

No. 44192

Doesn’t she realize by now her school doesn’t produce competent designers and they wont have any sort of career following the program.

I understand if she was genuinely disillusioned before going there but now that she can see for herself what a joke the institution is why doesn’t she just run??

No. 44195

She can't actually get into anywhere better is the thing, the real schools want a competent portfolio and she was too lazy and incompetent to make one

No. 44197

Those shadows make her look so haggard. Idk if anyone would look good in that lighting but the makeup and chipmunk cheeks can’t be helping.
I’d argue it looks more Azula inspired. Not sure what the yellow screws dangling from her ears and dress bottom are meant to represent though

No. 44198

Even her jaw has abandoned her

No. 44199

Dear god she has no idea how to walk on a catwalk

No. 44201

she doesn't know how to do the face for the catwalk so she's sucking in her cheeks mad hard. (which is why she looks so weird)

No. 44216



No. 44225

jesus, i was genuinely confused as to why you'd posted so many pictures of some random but…. everything about that look is.. something

No. 44237


really? i dont really see the cheeks being sucked it moreso the face being made particularly weird looking because of the odd colored contour (intentional) and the weird angle/placement of the contour (probably unintentional)

No. 44265

Why didn’t she get someone with the same body type as her to model? I guess she has her name out there now, pretty clever tbh

No. 44316

File: 1555483222087.png (240.58 KB, 400x550, Cure_Scarlet_Render.png)

Saged for weeb tinfoil but her dress looks inspired by Cure Scarlet to me

No. 44336

Thats what I thought too. And judging by the designer's pink hair it might be.

No. 44376

And judging by the fact that she’s friends with Jill, who forces her interests on everyone.

No. 44516

jesus, that friendship didn't last long
what did the winning design look like? because the one wendy is wearing looks pretty awful too

No. 44526

File: 1555711860965.jpg (149.25 KB, 1123x1224, 56896985_2220718821368663_9936…)


All the first years participated in the "first year challenge". Often its "produce your entire outfit using only X material" (rope, crinoline, etc.). This year, they had to design a dress based on a specific sculpture at the local art gallery (can't find a photo). It was pretty abstract, so you could kind of do whatever.
I think they're graded on it, but the crowd votes on their favorite as well. Neither of Jill's friends placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd (winner in photo).

Wendy wasn't modeling for the challenge, so she couldn't "win" anything. She was modeling for a second year's line.

Also, there were a bunch of legitimate designers, and you could easily point out who was a real designer, and who was a cosplayer. Massive differences in quality.

No. 44538

Why do you guys think Jill has such a hard time holding onto her friends?

No. 44539

Her sense of entitlement and being an attention whore. Her need to be the centre of attention probably causes problems as she makes everything about herself. Not to mention she seemed to have had a track record of hooking up with male exes of close female friends which causes some troubles. Not only that but I think Jill is just a spoilt brat that’s never really had to share anything/work for anything because mummy has always gotten her/helped her with everything she’s wanted/needed. So she’s never had an experience which has truly humbled her.

No. 44544

Seconding what the other anon said. She doesn't like to share, it seems. From all the threads posted, she seems very much a 'i get what i want' type person because of parents, esp her mom spoiled her so much. She's entitled and she's never had any real critique in her entire life. She's gonna have a life crisis at 25, I bet.

No. 44566


She also moves through phases very quickly and gets bored easily. If her friends don't fit her new identity of the month she might lose interest.

No. 44592


Well, this pretty much seals the deal. Seems like the Moonmist Girls and anyone who is a friend by extension are drifting from Jill.
Georgina/basement girl: Seemed to not like Jill after living with her. Immediately unfollowed her on social media once she moved out. (Imagine how awful she felt when Jill was REEing about how she doesn’t live with anyone and she’s so independent, when she has Georgina living in the basement?) Not to mention, Jill didn’t seem to like Georgina either based on her Christmas gift video where she gave Georgina a recycled gift and called her “spooky and scary.”
Jenny: The pic where she only uploads Wendy’s accomplishments, but doesn’t talk about Jill at all indicates something happened.
Wendy: Probably only keeps it friendly with Jill because they go to the same school. Who knows their friendship status, but it’s likely she shit talks about Jill with the other girls when Jill isn’t around.
Maggie: I don’t believe this whole story about Jill liking Maggie originally, then dick hopping onto Steve. She was in it for a Steve all a long and we know Steve and Maggie dated. That’s starting off the wrong foot immediately, and it seemed like it did impact their friendship slightly because Maggie and Jill posted pics with each other a lot before Jill and Steve became official. If Jill and Maggie are still friends (but they’re not close friends anymore,) it’s for Steven’s sake. He still hangs out with Maggie.

This has all been building up. Jill is never with them, and the other girls are always leaving cute comments on each other’s selfies, take pics together constantly, and seem to have better chemistry. Even for the Easter event talked about above, Jill wasn’t in their group shot. Jill didn’t go to Maggie’s birthday party. Obviously this is all speculation, but it’s been building up over time.
If the girls are still clout-chasing and piggyback riding off of Jill’s fame, hopefully one of them comes forward soon and can talk about Jill. Jill really can’t seem to hang on to friends at all. What even happened to her friendship with Kenzie!? Also, weren’t the Moonmist Girls suppose to have another video together by now?

No. 44593

File: 1555786460998.jpeg (874.71 KB, 1242x1636, 21415EEE-E806-4C42-AC29-549E51…)

Double post but Maggie just uploaded this. Good for her. It seems like she’s replacing Jill for good kek

No. 44594

Also- the fact that Jenny unfollowed Jill's accounts the other day. They follow eachother again, but pixie doesnt follow her on her spam account, nor does she follow it back.

No. 44595

Okay, but if all the first years participated, why didn't jill make something? Or does just modeling count for her participation?

No. 44596

I think it's the first years from the fashion program.
Jill is in her foundation year rn and will start the fashion program after, so she probably has to make something for the next fashion show.

No. 44606

Jenny and Wendy have been friends for years, and they only became friends with Jill when they went to her own picnic she was late to at Animaritime a couple years back.

No. 44661

File: 1555821794210.png (350.65 KB, 1918x1080, delete.png)

this thread is the 2nd result when you google her name. i even double checked using an incognito tab. holy shit

No. 44672

Damn, Maggie lost a ton of weight, she looks good. Meanwhile Jill keeps getting bigger and bigger…

No. 44693

>>44592 jill only wants friends when she isn't dating someone

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