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File: 1660410144631.jpeg (974.21 KB, 1200x5436, 1660154658725.jpeg)

No. 1614966

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No. 1614984

Not sure if this thread was too early to make. You tell me, nonnies

No. 1614995

Maybe a little, it’s usually fine to wait til the old one hits 1200. But it’s okay, people will move here once that one is full, just link it over there.

No. 1614996

Glad this pic is the one getting used this time.

No. 1615067

File: 1660417840054.jpg (31.21 KB, 540x244, seigheil.jpg)

The thread image is great but also very upsetting. I can only describe as a south park episode, except it's real.

No. 1615098

They sound like nazis. I know it’s because most of them are and will even admit it, but seeing them actually write out rhetoric that nazis would use is always chilling. I know they are using “terf” as a stand in for the word “woman”, but they would just as quickly say this about other oppressed groups. We’ve seen their racism firsthand as well.

No. 1615137

File: 1660422931340.png (591.59 KB, 746x560, 664.png)

>most of them are
exactly nonny

No. 1615168

nazi trannies never fail to make me laugh, how can anyone take that seriously? it's just a man in a cheap wig and cheap fast fashion clothes talking about gassing da joos and getting rid of anyone who isn't like him kek

No. 1615174

File: 1660425364470.png (323.46 KB, 1336x360, Capture d’écran 2022-08-13 à 2…)

i mean.. they got some recognition kek

No. 1615175

Fascism is a faliedmale club. Trannies are faliedmales even among other faliedmales, do the math.

No. 1615188

File: 1660426491089.jpg (279.07 KB, 2048x1070, FaDYy9DWAAEpVvw.jpg)

Tfw you dont even get an instant hardon from putting on a skirt like you usually do

No. 1615219

File: 1660428816367.webm (5.82 MB, 608x1080, Trans women have vaginas shor…)

The cope.

No. 1615227

Genuinely don't understand why HSTS like this don't just spend all their energy into larping as real women online at least since it'd be easy enough to fake. Guess getting over the bitterness of not being a real woman gets to them, that male socialisation and entitlement, despite probably never having been able to hide their flamboyant gayness, is still there. Also what the fuck do they know about vaginas anyway, they're actively repulsed by them and think we all stink of rotten fish. It's all just dress up to them. I wonder how they deal with aging as a plastic surgery project when twink death is already such a major issue.

No. 1615235

File: 1660430033314.jpeg (369.85 KB, 1242x2280, D6CB4898-0224-4218-9B41-29D1D4…)

He got dropped finally LMAO funny he didn’t say why… See you on HBO Max sir.

And the dramatics from the handmaidens in the comments… saw one that was like “you paved the road our daughters will walk on”. Embarrassing.

No. 1615240

File: 1660430352996.png (792.46 KB, 646x736, Capture d’écran 2022-08-13 à 2…)

yeah but afaik you aint a 6 weeks embryo anymore and you are officially born with a weiner, which revoke the femaleness characteristic that you are drooling over. now you are just a mentally ill man with a rotting pocket inverted penis filled with stitches, hair and pus inside that you have to constantly dilate to get at least 1 inch depth for fake sexual intercourses only. you will never be a 6 weeks embryo again !

No. 1615250

You know the browser extension, Shinigami Eyes?
How about we use it to make friends with each other and write reviews about we found terf safe spaces?
For those who don't know: the browser extension "Shinigami Eyes" lets you mark as TIM/TIF friendly some sites or even fucking someone on social media. it highlights their names, green for tras, red for terfs. It's basically a nazi fetishist thing for them(sage your shit)

No. 1615259

File: 1660432646004.png (Spoiler Image, 169.07 KB, 454x558, Development-of-the-Internal-Ge…)

Its not even anatomically true that "everyone starts off with a vagina" because the vagina and vulva have to develop through the course of gestation just as his dick and ballsack had to. So of course he can't be trusted to compare his neovag to a vagina when he thinks a fetal cloaca is literally the same as a vagina.

No. 1615263

Iirc the creator is a legitimate pedophile.

No. 1615286

File: 1660434786744.png (Spoiler Image, 255.75 KB, 1364x1118, 8-Figure4-1.png)



>What do you mean? No intersex person is both sexes, there's no "true" intersex, they're all either a male with a disorder, or a female with a disorder. Stop reinforcing tranny bs such as 3rd sex, why do people keep talking about intersex people when they know nothing about it

There are actual conditions where a person really does have a mutation where they have ambiguous genitalia. Those people are rare and are not trannies. People claiming to have a brain of a sex opposite their bodies, however….

No. 1615294

Pretty sure you and that anon agree with each other

No. 1615318

I revel in the fact that me being a non white woman make troons seethe so much. Idk, nonas, seeing them seething over exclusive women's experiences like periods and pregnancy makes me enjoy them more and more confident over being a woman. We are rad.

No. 1615325

A man: I want to invade womens spaces, rape lesbians, take pics of little girls in the bathroom, have access to vulnerable women in hospitals or crisis centers, and be totally overlooked for racist beliefs because of mental illness "I am anime girl"
Women: want to exist as people rather than objects of desire or looks, be left alone, allowed their own space from men, be given the same opportunities and social roles. Immiedeitely called a piece of shit and shut down for not believing in or allowing the "I'm anime girl" mental illness man into their already limited spaces. Will never even have the same respect/privilege as an "im anime man" mental illness due to female body. Incredible.

No. 1615330

What are you even trying to say? Ambiguous genitalia doesn't mean you're an in-between sex. If I'm born without fingers, am I a rare new type of human, or has something gone wrong?

No. 1615344

File: 1660442073423.jpg (333.71 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20220814-114407__01…)

Idk if this has been posted but International rugby is suddenly based. England and Ireland have already changed the rules I can't wait to see more countries follow suit.


No. 1615356

This is great news but also makes me kinda sad because you know the only reason they did this is because Rugby is a high contact sport where women would actually suffer serious injury if troons were allowed to compete. It'll be a slow change for non-contact sports like swimming, baseball, etc.

No. 1615371

You can’t read. They meant based on chromosomes, not genital development or genital disorder. Gender isn’t in just one part of your fucking body.

No. 1615372

File: 1660445593870.webm (1.42 MB, 608x1080, Transgender HRT at 12 shorts.…)

How gay boys think women act

No. 1615373

no, do not do this. and ngl this comes off as bait.

the creator of that extension is bardfinn, who is a troon and a pedophile. there is plenty about this disgusting individual in his thread on the other farms. he is notorious for collecting info on people, groups, doxing them, starting brigades, and so on.

there are plenty of other safer ways to meet like-minded terfs without using an extension (or outing places safe for discussion) made by someone who gloated about collecting info on most of the gendercritical subreddit userbase before getting it shut down

No. 1615385

they look like 15 year old boys
also fuck the parents

No. 1615392

Not even TikTok full body filters can keep them from looking like prepubescent drag queens… bleak.

No. 1615395

File: 1660447493530.jpg (49.23 KB, 500x491, EhGamqmXgAE4V3q.jpg)

ngl the thread's title is kinda problematic, like I get the intention behind it but it frames black women as the "other" separate from "regular women" and any troon tra could screenshot and post this on twitter and for most libfems who are not aware of racist TIM's, will only start believing the narrative that "TERFs" don't see BW as just regular women, and black libfems like khadijha and mbowe will be further convinced that TERFs are their enemies and poor TIMs are just poor uwu women being judged

No. 1615397

I see where you're coming from anon, but to me it's nothing but a good gotcha to their endless racist bs about how black women are manly.

No. 1615399

It's literally a response to troons insisting that black women are so masculine that we have to accept literal moids as women too. The point is that they think black women look like men, and the thread op is about how they don't.

No. 1615404

did you read my post, I am aware of the intention, but it can easily framed by TRA's as "TERFs using bw to compete against TIMs" for most liberal normies who don't have context of racist TIM rants see the title as just kinda racist

No. 1615417

File: 1660449339578.jpg (116.58 KB, 900x1200, Dy8EaIvV4AAz40x.jpg)

You know the wildest thing, the Naiz troon whose pics you have probably seen a couple times here, is actually a gay puerto-rican, he posts on leftypol as well where he identifies as a juche, I think he just likes getting a rise out of people

No. 1615418

I read it, I just don't think there's some huge risk of that happening. If they wanted to lie to paint the site as racist, they could just screenshot the threads that /pol/ moid keeps spamming about "the black problem". It just seems silly in comparison to worry about this.

No. 1615454

File: 1660453843608.jpg (Spoiler Image, 410.79 KB, 1080x2003, tranny.jpg)

If I had to see it so do you.

No. 1615456

It's pretty obvious that's not what the picture represents, it's very obviously a response to these racist fucks claiming black women are ""other"" women just like them!!! when next to a black women they look like the fucking men they are. Move on.

No. 1615459

File: 1660454647434.jpeg (590.34 KB, 750x2610, A58ED606-501C-4ABF-B42F-9331BF…)

this guy’s post history is hilarious.

No. 1615461

i would absolutely love to see him out and about without the filters and carefully controlled angles.

No. 1615463

>back door is off limits due to an injury
I really want to know the story behind this.

No. 1615464

As we say here on Hellzil, "I get the purity
from the children's response"

No. 1615468

i bet he got a gerbil stuck in there

No. 1615474

File: 1660456706314.png (621.22 KB, 1920x1080, 7d6.png)

based little girl, seriously I bet even a baby could tell he's a man

No. 1615475

>"what's wrong with him?"
>"he's a man"

No. 1615477

File: 1660456893768.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1816x4032, DB28879D-38E3-4FCF-AB44-5C1E4A…)

for fucks sake, can you at least try to be less of a stereotype?

No. 1615481

Very tangentially troon related, but J.K. Rowling got threatened by a pajeet after tweeting about Salman Rushdie.


To be fair, if I were Rowling and given some of the deranged behaviour TRAs have exhibited towards her, I don't blame her for being nervous about what happened to Salman Rushdie.

No. 1615484

imageboard, also already been posted

No. 1615499

File: 1660460889148.jpeg (351.56 KB, 727x1174, 6A52C791-28E9-4C7A-8E76-782DDE…)

another troon that gets triggered by women’s mere existence.

No. 1615502

File: 1660461958028.jpeg (207.73 KB, 750x623, 3C1E36D4-B159-4940-BE17-F670BF…)

please, stop it with the breastfeeding fetish.

No. 1615503

Check the post right after yours. TiMs are nazis. They don’t care.

No. 1615504

This kind of stuff is hilarious. Cry harder moids. “MtFs are the exact same as cis women”. Okay Hons. Not us and never gonna be us. Even if uterus implants were a thing even if artificial wombs were a thing, they will ALWAYS be men seeking to conquer what women can naturally do. They will never be female. The entire world knows that. I hope they rot knowing that.

No. 1615508

Joke's on you, I don't unspoiler on this thread and whatever mushroom-skinned troon this is can die unseen by female eyes!
Absolutely pathetic. This is my one comfort in these threads full of pedophilia, tampon thievery, and crotch rot, that our existence makes them seethe this fucking hard. They try so hard to spread the lie that womanhood is only a burden, they indoctrinate their tif handmaidens with it all day every day in order to prove how oppressed they are, how no tim would ever 'choose' troonery, but in the end they know. They hate that they can never have what we were given by birth, even when we resent it. Fucking sad.

No. 1615517

Everyone has a cloaca at six weeks gestation, therefore by tranny logic we must all actually be birds.

No. 1615521

I honestly agree, white people in general are weirdly obsessed with black people be it racism towards them or arse licking/fetish.

No. 1615525

File: 1660465693265.jpg (308.14 KB, 1638x2048, lin3wjrjphe31.jpg)

I'm the one who posted that guy, like I'm pretty sure a gay hispanic femboy who identifies as a follower of juche(the state ideology of north korea) and who frequently posts on leftypol really doesn't believe in actual Nazism and is likely doing it for the Lol's, like everything about him as just an elaborate shitpost that only people obsessed with politics will understand, like the flag he has behind his back is trans recoloring of a strasser flag, an obscure nonsensical German left wing patriotic group that existed in the 1920's

No. 1615576

File: 1660476431699.jpeg (830.44 KB, 2208x1242, 7E210A8C-EC2B-490B-9C33-39E17C…)

stumbled upon some freaks and thought they were funny and ugly enough to post. i fully support their t4t lifestyles though, leave real women alone and date each other please. cannot get over the dude with the she/her earrings paired with the badge, kek just like a real woman would need to wear!

No. 1615584

File: 1660477980202.webm (16.9 MB, 576x1024, SnapTik_7124943020264262918 (1…)

Grown man cries about boobs

No. 1615586

Good lord being male is such a disease, imagine crying because you can't jerk off to your reflection, gross

No. 1615589

Mmm yes explain in detail how it's like being prepubescent and sad, even suffering as a female girl. Yes girl crying and thinking about sexual things and having low self esteem mmm fap fap fap

No. 1615590

Another Brazilian nona! Anyway, I love children they are brutally honest lmao
I wish 100% of them couldn't stand next to women because we can get pregnant and stuff and be far away from us. Our lives would be 1000% better and they wouldn't invade our spaces.

No. 1615591

Jesus Christ most women who entered puberty early have experienced traumas due to being bullied and their bodies being sexualized, even to the point of no longer being treated as a child at all despite maybe being as young as 12. THAT'S traumatizing, not being the last one to grow tiddies you disgusting fucking freak.

No. 1615594

Nah I'd rather you just kill yourself than answer that. He's getting off to any handmaiden responses.

No. 1615605

ikr, sage for blogposting but I've started developing at 10 and I just felt so ashamed and inadequate because of it. The boys used to make fun of it and some girls too. I hated when someone pointed out I was turning into a "woman" I wasn't and till this day I try to hide it in baggy, large clothes because I can't bear people sexualizing my body, and now I have to witness middle aged Augustus Gloop with extensions on TikTok use this as fetish fuel.

No. 1615606

If these faggots didn't infiltrate women's spaces and only harassed each other then no terfs would have a problem. It's too bad that it isn't a reality and trannies always demand to be everyones preference, It's funny how they don't notice that women are happy when these ogres hate each other and it's only chasers that whine about wanting to date them.

No. 1615607

they think stereotypes from movies are real life

No. 1615618

How fucking stupid do you have to be not to realize voluntarily making yourself a eunuch is going to negatively impact your sex life? Moids destroying themselves for the coom until they can’t coom anymore, loves to see it kek

No. 1615619

File: 1660482778841.jpg (106.39 KB, 616x873, D4lW7sBVUAAYeQY.jpg)

This is what being constantly ironic and never being genuine does to a mfer

No. 1615621

the absolute state of moids

No. 1615625

You do realize “liberal normies” already think we’re evil for not uwu validating the troons and would run screaming away from this place, right? Why are you so concerned about the hypothetical mainstream optics of an imageboard thread making fun of troons for being racist?

No. 1615628

I see what you mean now, you right, I cant read

No. 1615633

(my original post)
You're right, any woc who comes here and sees the bullshit whote troons spreg will become an automatic terf by the end of the day. Anyone can lie about lolcow not caring about woc but only the truth seekers will be able to see white men's degeneracy in full force and reject other lib-fems who promote that shit.

I honestly think that anon is a twit-tard or a white lib-fem, nobody will ever look at the thread pic and say "look at those racist terfs are saying that black women are masculine", when white troons say that crap all day in an attempt to convince themselves that they're women. The thread pic literally shows how feminine black women are compared to white men because black women will always be biologically women no matter how much white troons screech about it, I mean it's ironic that the dehumanization of black women also came mostly from white men who do it to this very day so they're literally the most racist. Even white troons make jokes about them being /pol/tards before transitioning so I don't get where the racist terf shit came from. If anything terfs are the ones dismantling racist bs because we don't support racist porn stereotypes and want biological women to be safe from these predators.

No. 1615636

I'm black(half) myself, all I was saying is that the thread title is bad optics, listen I have normie libfem friends(I occasionally try to pink-pill them) you have no Idea how they see the world, everyone is problematic and they look for what they consider "dog whistles" seemingly everywhere, and this applies to both white and non-white libfems

No. 1615640

oh YEAH i really enjoyed boys touching my breasts at school and family and teachers excusing it as boys being boys! i loved old men sexualizing me at 12-years old SO much that i chopped those fuckers off at 16. seethe and cope moid, i cut off the tits that you whine about not being able to have as your own solely for your sick desires.

No. 1615641


No. 1615643

it's his "i'm such a vulnerable litte girl uwu" voice

No. 1615644

I'm fully black and we have to stop being afraid of what libfems think of us, they are already a lost cause and need to fuck off from the conversation. If they see everything as dog whistles then they never respected black women in the first place and have no place in judging anyone here. They have no idea about what woc go through but will do everything in their power to protect white troons and for that they can seethe, also a majority of them have no problem simping for their /pol/tard bfs because when a man is racist I guess it's just peachy keen for them.

No. 1615652

kek fr all of the theybie libfem white girls are always dating the biggest neo nazi edgelord they can find

No. 1615655

Who gives a flying FUCK what libfems think on lolcow of all places? Who hangs out on a thread making fun of rot pockets and worries about “bad optics”? You sound like a libfem yourself trying to police a terf imageboard. Everyone who spends any time here knows what the thread title is referencing, and if a libfem accidentally stumbles across this thread they’re going to find WAY more “problematic” things than a throwaway joke about black women looking better than troons. Let it go.

No. 1615656

I’m not sure if bragging about mutilating yourself is really owning the troons like you think it is, nonna

No. 1615658

have you ever had normie friends, while its true that libfems usually have bf's that aren't even 1/10 th as progressive as they are, most of the guys they date are bland liberal dudes, not edgelord nazi's

No. 1615660

Please find a less “problematic” place that won’t hypothetically trigger your libfem friends, nonna. Problem solved.

No. 1615661

nta but i dont think she was bragging, just explaining the trauma of puberty since scrotes like him will never understand

No. 1615662

File: 1660486010379.jpg (169.93 KB, 1080x1675, 20220814_160254.jpg)

Another troon going on reddit instead of the doctors with a clear medical issue

No. 1615665

My friends are as normie as they come and they are even more terfy than me at times, I think you need better friends. Bland liberal dudes can also be nazi bfs, it's no coincidence that a majority of libfems have racist bfs but women who are more rad leaning have normal non-racist bfs. A lot of libfems are racist and keep the nazi bf just look at the state of female breadtubers and see which men they pander to before converting into libfems.

No. 1615667

that isn't normal

No. 1615670

>giving yourself a hormonal imbalance is normal

No. 1615671

I don't think that's a thing, I have never seen it IRL, like can you name 2 breadtubers who dated actual nazis like you claim

No. 1615673

To think there's men out there thinking that women suddenly lactate either for no particular reason or because we're horny is so bleak, lactation outside of pregnancy is definitely not normal, therefore that moid is dying or some shit because moids can't lactate.
Jesus this tranny shit is what happens when the education system fails and when nasty people use that for their own sick benefits.

No. 1615675

That's spot on. Most libfems I know have racist boyfriends. It's disgusting

No. 1615678

>weeping brown fluid
Gross, wtf?
It's happened to me as a medication side effect, but it wasn't fucking brown

No. 1615679

Off the top of my head I got oliSUNvia and iilluminaughii

No. 1615688

I love how non white women can be more vocally based and terfy, because if the trannies reee at you you can call them racist kek.

Stay based sisters.

No. 1615702

These are sure some… specimens

No. 1615704

I had a tranny on a discord server, mald over Asian women and their culture. While bitching about people making fun of pronouns.
They are the most racist sensitive people and you guess it, they are a white male of course.

No. 1615715

File: 1660490334178.jpg (249.34 KB, 1284x1865, FaE1D4wUYAEMW0s.jpg)

Elizabeth I made some speeches claiming she had the "soul and heart of a man" to show the lords that she wasn't some feeble woman, whether or not she actually believed this is impossible to know, but in no reality does this translate to her being "non-binary"

No. 1615728

Shouldn’t this go in the fakeboi thread? Is this group just obsessed with saying women who didn’t keep in line were actually men or NB? >>1613778

No. 1615733

File: 1660492240923.png (130.24 KB, 594x1005, Joan.png)

I think it kinda counts, cause many TIM tra's are pushing/supporting this to "trigger' TERFs
also regarding the they/they Joan of arc play, its funny out of all the figures in History they choose to trans they picked her, because by every account Joan was a religious nutcase, I bet their play isn't going to include her chasing prostitutes out of her camp with a sword. Or her making all of her soldiers attend daily mass, she would murder every single TIM if she came across them

No. 1615744

If they get that from the thread title, but can't see it when trannies compare black women and transwomen they're retarded and deserve to deal with troons

No. 1615745

>the Globe Theatre has been bending gender identities on stage since the year 1593
Ah yes, the progressive and very feminist tradition of getting boys to play female characters because bleeders were too gross and vagina-y to be on stage.

No. 1615753

File: 1660493516333.gif (4.53 MB, 640x380, rose-moira.gif)

Newest gender affirming surgery completely obliterates the taint, merging neovag and anus in one big hole. Caw caw!

No. 1615766

They don't make me laugh, because 90% of non passing troons are the same kinda scrotes that used to populate /pol/.
It's the same unhinged, angry and hateful incels, just now larping as women while wearing grandma's dress and having a boner from it.
Normies are just too retarded to notice that most twitter-troons actually push heavily anti-women and homophobe talking points.

No. 1615768

Most incel scrotes turned troons got all their ideas about women from porn in the first place.

No. 1615771

Sir, that's a sign of breast cancer, go check that out (or dom't that would make me happier)
>lactating should be normal
They really think we lactate all the time?

No. 1615774

Right lol, it’s not the win they want it to be when men played all the roles anyway.

No. 1615811

File: 1660498069807.jpg (124.8 KB, 1080x1792, FaIJMjzXkAEiv29.jpg)

Yes because thats what the vagina is used for it. Not like its an organ with many functions, all of which you are never going to have. They just want a fuckhole

No. 1615823

File: 1660498959762.jpg (92.92 KB, 686x686, FaBzlorWQAERLmK.jpg)

your post reminded me of this meme

No. 1615834

A woman was so mentally deranged that she believed she was meant to be blind. A doctor blinded her with chemicals. It's a good argument, but doctors will do anything for money.

No. 1615837

All men feel like this, it’s just that trannies are mentally ill enough to admit it. I get it through, if I were as barren as a man, in flesh and in blood, I too would be seething with jealousy.

No. 1615838

wait what ?

No. 1615840

No. 1615841

first two never happened, last one probably is real.

No. 1615856

File: 1660501559934.jpg (512.07 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20220814-132424_Red…)

No. 1615860

OK at some point during gestation, you don't have eyes. Am I actually just an eyeless person who may now go demand a hack pluck my eyes out?

No. 1615863

Bitch blow your nose and speak up. Or no actually, shut the fuck up.

Motherfucker sounds like he's about to die from throat cancer.

No. 1615868

I have friends who had to hop on birth control aka hrt at 12 due to Major issues, should they too make tiktoks like this kek fucking scrotes, have fun with the osteoporosis

No. 1615871

there's a lot typos in there but what really got me was
>in joy

No. 1615883

File: 1660503506994.jpeg (547.11 KB, 750x1226, 250BCF04-38FE-4981-9A41-B21364…)

ofc he has an erection.

No. 1615887


The thinly veiled hatred for women is what really gets me. No, its not the men who are killing you that you want this to happen to but a demopraphic is has/is very much oppressed in society and being killed by men as well. A lot of these people on tumblr didn't learn about to be better humans to marginalized people but to have their sexism and other isms repackaged in different ways.

No. 1615894

Black and Asian women live rent free in the heads of anime Nazi tranny moids. I think their deranged womb envy gets even worse around women they view as racially “inferior” to them, but who still effortlessly mog them in every way. All their rich white moid entitlement can’t buy them what they want the most, and can never have. The seething is delicious kek

No. 1615907

Has a terf/woman ever actually killed a transwoman?

No. 1615909

No, if that happens you wouldn't stop hearing about if from tims.

No. 1615914

>Male lesbians
That's an oxymoron, damn I feel so bad for you, lesbian nonas… At least with me being bi, troons don't want to date bi people like me because they (correctly) think I see them as men.

No. 1615938

they all have yellow fever despite larping as 'white supremacists'. however i do believe they genuinely hate black women for the same reasons that they fetishize asian girls.

No. 1615945

Ha! There’s no way around it now, they’ve created an opportunity to make r/Female_Lesbians in solidarity with this sister subreddit uwu.

When they inevitably try the argument that only one should be allowed as an oppressed group, they’ll have to admit they’re implying
a) males are oppressed by females
b) females/lesbians are not oppressed
c) “male lesbians” doesn’t exclude transmasc nonbinary intersex agender lesbians
Which they can’t, even in pretend good faith. Female lesbians also have unique experiences and issues to discuss that could otherwise overshadow important trans crap 0wUoW

No. 1615948

>try to educate him on the difference between a drag queen and a trans woman
Trans women are more dedicated to the LARP, that's the difference.

No. 1615953

Idk most of them are lazy. They’re dedicated to their orgasms.

No. 1615954

How do I find this guy's Tiktok? I NEED to read the comments, I cannot imagine any sane person would think this is okay.

No. 1615973

you sound retarded

No. 1615974

looks like someone didn't grow out of her fakeboi phase

No. 1615975

File: 1660511419758.jpg (1.59 MB, 1077x4096, pt2022_08_14_23_10_44.jpg)

Average actuallesbians user

No. 1615985

File: 1660511890764.jpg (193.26 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20220814-231756_Red…)

Bonus pic mid ~euphoria~ with absolute gorilla hairy arms

No. 1615999

I would feel bad for the wife but she seems to really be condoning this. Imagine thinking you’re having anything other than straight sex when you’re a woman fucking a man.

No. 1616001

File: 1660512844840.jpeg (251.63 KB, 750x703, 58A7CAE7-1A36-4EF7-B988-C07F7B…)

he’s jamming a medical dildo into a fresh wound, why would he expect not to bleed?

No. 1616003

File: 1660513216996.jpg (304.44 KB, 1295x1144, 321312312231312321123.jpg)

Saw this tranny with baboon ass lips post on tiktok about being a sugarbaby, and then getting mad he instantly got clocked as a man

No. 1616006

File: 1660513343392.jpeg (344.13 KB, 1080x2074, 65C85B91-7BF9-4DBB-95BB-044EDA…)

>pink choker
>cheap school girl skirt
>scrunchie as a bracelet

this man is 30 btw.

No. 1616010

What the FUCK are those arms kek? Even for a moid

No. 1616011

Lip injections might be one of the worst things to ever happen to plastic surgery. Absolutely disgusting. I want to pop those bloated sausages with a needle.

No. 1616013

r/Biological_Lesbians was banned but this shit stays up? Lmao. Isn't this invalidating to poor twans wimmin too, saying males can be lesbians?

No. 1616082

File: 1660520239445.png (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 763x1434, 02DE0EA0-1EC9-4CBD-A8B9-E74373…)

What the fuck is wrong with the moobs on this one?

No. 1616092

Isn't the "everyone starts off as females" wrong though?

No. 1616098

why did they get lip fillers at 12 yo?

No. 1616108

It wouldn't surprise me if his nipples look like that because he's used a breast pump

No. 1616115

his face truly makes me think that he could set up a mass shooting in the future

No. 1616119

File: 1660521969958.png (880.6 KB, 768x958, honest troon.png)

Sorry about the shitty collage but this troon's Tinder profile had this beautiful ancient TiM proverb.

No. 1616122

not yet sadly

No. 1616130

Someone should put this to the test

No. 1616133

Does r/male_lesbians accept submissions from transmasc lesbians?

No. 1616137

Wtf are those bruises? What is wrong with this troon? The botched implants are an easy guess, but I don't know the reason of the puffy nipples.

No. 1616158

This guy looks just like the "people actually posting about sex on Reddit" comic.

No. 1616160

Loads of young girls/women act like this, but these two are just skinwalking fags that will be hit by the twink wall in 3 years tops, they look like little boys playing dress up.

No. 1616175

Ewwww I can't belive troons are invading brazillian tinder now, I'm sorry you had to see this nonnie

Also that's a hard 29 and of course he has a jojo tattoo.

No. 1616177

>schizo bible thumping teen girl mowing down troons by the dozen for viewing her as some ungodly creature

No. 1616186

god the one on the right looks like he's still 12. wow you look like teenage boys in drag AND your dicks don't work, if only we could all be so lucky

No. 1616208

And confirmed rapist - within the trans community, too therefore shunned by most of them. it's Wesley 'Laurelai" Bailey. One of the ex-army scrotes IIRC.

No. 1616211

Ambiguous genitalia at birth can indicate a disorder of sexual identity (DSD) in which a person has an abnormal chromosomal pattern (eg XXY) or resistance to specific sex hormones. Some of these people identify as Intersex.

I don't know how else to explain this. Missing fingers isn't comparable because there's no 5-finger-Human/2-finger-Human chromosome.

No. 1616220

Horsepiss makes their nipples puffy, sometimes only the nipples grow while the moobs stay the same.

No. 1616222

nonny, the fuck is transmasc?

No. 1616227

Unlike you, nona, I felt excited because I was desperate to stop being an awkward pre-teen and wanted to get taller, have breasts, be more confident etc.
What I got was groped by 4 boys and a staff member at my school during my time between 6th-10th grade. So yeah, I learned quickly that "womenly assets" come with a caution to stop trusting all men even if they're 13.
Of course, tell that to a moid crying over his lack of tits and he'll start jacking off because he's got the mindset of one of the boys.

No. 1616229

Getting excessively large breasts reduced isn't uncommon especially if it's causing the woman (or teenage girl) pain and misery.
I knew a girl who had hers reduced at 15 because she was otherwise small-framed and they were killing her back and making her burgeoning singing career difficult.

And it is kind of funny rubbing it in the moid's face tbh. We have them, we can choose not to have them, they still can't grow 'em.

No. 1616236

Except the chromosomes do contain blueprint for physical disabilities, which is why parents pass on genetic defects or predispositions to certain diseases. Same way intersex, a genetic defect, sometimes only manifests in certain sexes.

No. 1616237

nta but trans-masculine woman. Gendie umbrella term for tifs.

No. 1616238

But drag queens actually bother to tuck.

No. 1616240

Some look like hickies, others either bite marks or lipstick kisses. Definitely a sex thing.

I think if not for the tubenips this one would pass if I took my glasses off.

No. 1616243

I guess sex chromosomes are just special like that? I'm not a geneticist, I just play one on TV.

This did remind me of this very cool thing though, an African tribe who tend to have a genetic trait of 2 toes!


No. 1616348

File: 1660543049711.jpg (69.17 KB, 716x426, mlp.jpg)

>my little pony

No. 1616352

I dont know that comic can you post it?

No. 1616355

File: 1660544157836.jpg (375.47 KB, 1896x2048, FaKJb-RWYAEK26Z.jpg)

one ugly mofo

No. 1616362

File: 1660545692042.jpg (1.03 MB, 2448x3264, FaHsZO2XkAIlLNA.jpg)

nvm this is

No. 1616367

this is why i come to these threads. whenever i feel like i want to kms, i remember i’ll never be as much of a failure and a waste of oxygen as the average moid posted here.

No. 1616369

File: 1660546569796.png (378.5 KB, 660x436, fivehead.png)

No. 1616372

agp is one hell of a drug.

No. 1616373

except now no one will fuck you

No. 1616374

an angel dies every time an attractive man becomes a troon

No. 1616384

File: 1660547900281.jpeg (324.59 KB, 750x1783, 7AA1C9C4-3189-4B67-A95A-D88771…)

it won’t be an all women “sapphic” space as long as you’re there, mr. manly man malepants.

No. 1616386

Imagine the response if an actual woman said this

No. 1616389

File: 1660548893091.jpeg (369.22 KB, 750x859, 1AA4E1BB-EB16-4A16-8036-7F7FDE…)

it’s called being heterosexual.

No. 1616392

File: 1660549295457.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1814x4535, 6283C923-B134-4CA0-8B0A-E3FD91…)

ugly pervert.

No. 1616394

File: 1660549469073.jpeg (765.38 KB, 750x1189, 82D28967-52AE-480B-9D18-EB25B0…)


No. 1616395

If I entered a cake shop and saw this creature, I'd immediately leave.

No. 1616397

Nonny he looks like some Average White Guy NPC. He just has muscles.

No. 1616416

What the fuck is up with his arms? Is that some sort of skin condition?

No. 1616426

I think he's just old, look at his legs. Or even not that old, just a man kek

No. 1616427

That receding hairline don't look like it changed though.

No. 1616429

Congrats on moot for finally going all in on turning into a little girl

No. 1616436

Him actively sneaking in woman's clothing is definitely not indicative of him having a taboo fetish. That's just normal behavior of course.

No. 1616437

File: 1660556121290.jpg (Spoiler Image, 642.46 KB, 810x1700, Screenshot_20220815-053426_Boo…)

NSFL grandpa body

No. 1616444

File: 1660556818386.jpg (97.52 KB, 1170x1199, 20220815_105107.jpg)

No. 1616450

This def a parody. Even the account name looks like a joke

No. 1616455

File: 1660557997480.png (186.76 KB, 753x459, Screenshot 2022-08-15 6.04.24 …)

nonna is right, kek, but it says a lot that I legit had to double-check. with troons, is it even parody anymore? how could you tell? I at first thought the Yaniv stuff was made/exaggerated for quite a while because of how outlandish it is for example. Like a TERF psyop or something to make the troons look bad (worse). Nope. Makes me wonder though where the pic came from although the mouth at least looks edited to me.

No. 1616462

been away from these threads for a while - who is this?

No. 1616466

It is kinda right but not in the way that troon is portraying it.

There are cases of pseudohermaphroditism where there are males who appear to have female genitals but once they hit puberty they "grow" a penis, except they have a genetical hormonal imbalance that only gets corrected via puberty. In other words, all genitals do appear female in the earlier stages of fetal development (this is why males grow nipples even if they dont need it) BUT you cannot change chromosomes, you may change your genital appearance via hormonal imbalances but it will not make you the opposite sex.


TL;DR: moids do start off having female looking genitals but it does not make them female because of XY chromosomes and growing out their penis requires a surge of T

No. 1616471

Also people with CAIS (complete androgen insensitivity) are genetically male but do not get effected by testosterone hence they develop genitalia that externally resemble those of females (vaginal depth varies from nothing to still much less than a female, nothing above that is female, no cervix, no womb), they are often mistaken for and raised as females (vs partial androgen sensitivity is more likely to look "in between") and the troons love to bring them up as an analogy which they aren't at all (being, to begin with, a medical condition and not a vague "feeling I'm a woman").

No. 1616477

troons made me hate this word so much. I don't think of bi or lesbian women when I read this, I think of moids in AliExpress skirts. Which, they are ruining every lesbian and bi women's spaces

No. 1616480

Why do I feel molested by this dude? My breasts grew at 14 for like 2 weeks then it stopped. Never was insecure about them until I started dating moids. Same with girls who grew large breasts early puberty, they don't feel "euphoric" because they anticipate sexual attention, it hurts and it's a body part. Then you learn your moids view your body as a sexual object.

No. 1616487

women need to abort moids more, srs.

No. 1616489

No, before 6 weeks the fetus is neither male or female and NO gentials are developed that early. The female fetus develops at the same week as the male. Females are not underdeveloped moids nor do we have underdeveloped moid genitalia. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1616494

File: 1660564153067.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 42.52 KB, 640x480, 05AEB224-9526-4D39-BC41-D3203B…)

No. 1616497

File: 1660564377811.png (131.59 KB, 744x696, incest_tranny_using_sisters_cl…)

this tranny (16) used his 15 year old sister's clothes and "accidentally" semen was on it and the strictly religious mother found it. Now tranny thinks about if he should let his sister suffer, let their parents think she sleeps with an older guy and thinks that he probably "saved her from a marriage with an abusive guy" (which even the other trannies called out as bs) or if he should confess he wore it and "risk conversion therapy"… Even trannies called him out and said that it is weird that the mother noticed and that there is more to the story and he admits in another comment that he used it as a "jizz rack". The more he writes the worse it gets https://www.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/wo55nz/do_i_come_out_to_my_evangelical_christian_parents/

No. 1616499

Oh my god, the fuckwit trying to frame himself in a positive light. Not even he believes that shit.

No. 1616501

File: 1660565123921.jpg (134.56 KB, 512x960, image0-1.jpg)

No. 1616503

The hilarious thing about troons is a lot of it is parody but the troons often never realise and support it.

No. 1616504

idk about this one, the sister being accused of fornication is a little too much like something out of a disgusting postmodern trooned-out Shakespeare comedy, maybe being a kid he added that for shits and giggles, but the grossness of the whole thing rings true to troonery. I particularly hate how he talks about crossdressing and then in the next sentence there are semen stains on his sister's panties and no connecting sentences in between.

No. 1616507

samefagging to say the mother should put this guy out the day he turns 18 ,he sounds like a malignant narcissist with no regard for the people that care about him, absolutely disgusting … if his mom is covering up her tattoo for this reason he is bullying (he says they have "a lot of fights … but she refuses", she got silent and removed herself when asked to show it off, holy shit yikes) her already and he says it's "not enough". types in an autistic-sounding way but also this behavior is just far beyond that,even past spoiled and just narcissistic like that. the mother must be mortified but also at a loss for what to do (likely had a fucked up parenting style) and who knows if he's threatening her or suicidebaiting.

No. 1616508

Cheap choker is a d20. Disgusting. Please get out of my hobby.

No. 1616509

This is so transparent. Like dudes who hate other men so much they only want to hang out with women are sus as fuck. All they wanna do is skeeve and try and sleep with them.

No. 1616512

there are enough troons who definitley do this. Who knows if the parents are some kind of inbreds too? Maybe he exaggerated it at least a little and is just part of a religious family and maybe added the strictly part to point out why he should not confess and maybe hoped the others would agree, so he does not have to feel bad about it anymore

No. 1616522

This is a TiF my good retard, says so in the first sentence. It's already posted on the ftm thread.

No. 1616523


Lol, came here to say this. It's such a troon tell – the only time any actual woman (lesbian or straight) ever says "sapphic" is if she's literally writing a dissertation on Ancient Greek poetry.

No. 1616526

>the sister being accused of fornication is a little too much like something out of a disgusting postmodern trooned-out Shakespeare comedy
How so? I can 100% believe it, because of my own upbringing. If I were that girl at her age with my own parents I would have been treated even worse. Instead of just being verbally accused of being a slut, I would have been severely beaten up as well.

No. 1616529

File: 1660567898470.png (47.69 KB, 587x346, Screenshot 2022-08-15 144922.p…)

you don't get it, nonnie, "it just happened"

No. 1616531

I believe that part but the whole connection of the troons cum-stains, it feels too much like a joke, a comedy of errors.

No. 1616536

re-read again retard. i never claimed they are females nor females are undeveloped moids, i said all genitals by default (pre-developmental fetus genitals) "appear" to look female as seen in Guevedoces phenomenon where males develop their genitals late and outside the womb and the CAIS phenomenon like the other anon said, had we not seen these phenomenon we would assume that it'll look ambiguous except we now know thats not the case.

this does not change the fact that chromosomes still determines your reproductive function/how your reproductive system will develop, these pseudohermaphrodites may look like they have female genitals but they do infact have male reproductive system (they have testes and a penis) therefore they are males with a medical condition.

i dont know how troons connect people having a medical condition to them having a mental disorder.

No. 1616545

His behaviour is so fucking disgusting, but they are so hypocrite, holy shit. There are tons of post of stealing female family members clothes on that sub and it gets praised and "omg so validating", now they are criticizing him because it shows how perverted they are, nonnies…
That little shit fails to see the privilege to be born a moid, he can study, he is free to date and do whatever he wants but he fetishizes his sister's struggle. I am so fucking mad, the Y chromosome is a mistake.

No. 1616548

I don't know, I can believe that part because of how retarded teenage boys and coomers can be, and he's both at the same time. But the story as a whole seems a little too much. I'm not sure what to believe on the internet but if this guy is making up a story to see how others will react, I still wouldn't be surprised if similar situations happened else where.

No. 1616551

Men don’t have a sense of “family” as we do. They call you ‘my blood’ one day then masturbate in your underwear and post about it on Reddit the other. They’re all opportunists.
Notice how there’s no female Chris Chan, no daughters raping their demented geriatric fathers, no sisters shoving their brothers’ boxers up their vaginas, it just doesn’t happen. He will roleplay “family” until some other dynamic is of greater benefit to him. Soon enough, you’re just another hole to use as a “jizz rag.”

No. 1616556

It's definitely bait. New account and this post is their only activity. There so much legit content out there. Nonnas need to stop picking the low-hanging fruit.

No. 1616564

kek, drop the invite to that discord nonnie

No. 1616567

File: 1660570754543.png (60.16 KB, 734x605, why.png)

Which woman would talk that way? Have they really never interacted with one?

No. 1616569

I'm the anon who made the thread, I really wanted to use this pic because I thought it was funny and nonnies requested it several times in the previous threads.
But I wasn't so sure about the title. I hesitated for a while about using the word 'mogging' or 'mogged', because it sounded too incel-y to me.
I also thought that pointing out that they were black women specifically could be interpretated as racist.
All in all I'm ESL and not Black, so maybe it was in poor taste for me to take the decision to make this thread. I apologize if I made anyone uncomfortable.

No. 1616575


I’m Black and I found it funny. Honestly I am very annoyed at troons saying that Black women are equivalent to them. They need to see that we actually generally are more dimorphic from males as far as body shape and bone structure. I think it is good to show the lurking trannies that “we are not the same” lol

No. 1616605

Not really since throwaway accounts exist. It's common for moids to ask retarded shit on a forum somewhere one time then never return.

No. 1616606

It’s ridiculous when they get mad when a woman has a breast reduction for her own comfort. They act like breasts are objects that only exist for them to gawk at and it’s fucking disgusting. I don’t even get their line of thinking because bigger isn’t always better (esp in terms of heaviness/discomfort). They’ll still demand their female partners get implants despite the risks involved or wear uncomfortable bras to push them up to the high heavens. They don’t give a fuck about anything but their boners. Men are so unevolved I swear.

No. 1616607

>buys a little girls t shirt and then engages in likely alcoholism bc his life sucks so bad
Yeah, totally a W.

No. 1616610

It sounds like he just wants to try and form his own harem free from other moids. I’m just imagining a group of women actually inviting him to do something and the entire time he acts like a creepy perv. Like you said, any space he would be in where women are becomes mixed-sex by default.

No. 1616613

Not White here but not Black either, I thought it was funny. Troons really do bring up the Black women thing a lot though, their favorites are Michelle Obama and Serena Williams because there have been considered mannish and memes about them being trannies but nobody who's not an actual schizophrenic believes that, it's just tranny cope and racist tranny cope at that.

No. 1616614

Why do these people try and force themselves to be attracted to someone when they just aren’t? Why put yourself through what’s essentially a form of conversion therapy? You’re never going to make yourself gay, lesbian, bi, or straight if you aren’t already. It’s so stupid. And for what? To appease people who are going to find fault in you some other way? Not worth it.

No. 1616633

babe it wasnt mutilaton i got a breast reduction and i think its funny how many moids tell me "NOOOO WHYD YOU REDUCE THEM YOU'RE SUCH A RETARD"

No. 1616666

File: 1660576977006.jpg (160.01 KB, 750x707, 908708y8.jpg)

that pic feels like i am going to get my face and hands ripped off

No. 1616697

File: 1660578875409.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 982.31 KB, 750x1306, 3E1C8474-DB09-4BC7-B7F2-6E2EAD…)

>(vomits violently)

No. 1616702

>Mom and surgeon say results look good and normal
>Press x to doubt

I know tranny rot pockets always look bad but this looks particularly disgusting. I bet you can smell his fetid wound from across the room.

No. 1616705

This looks like the wound I have on my ankle from wearing bad quality shoes

No. 1616706

HE MADE HIS MOM LOOK AT THIS???? Absolutely fucking disgusting. Jesus all rot pockets are so horrifying and so deserved. Hope he enjoys dilating.

No. 1616709

I'm convinced these surgeons half-ass the surgeries as a money grab

No. 1616711

File: 1660579982077.jpeg (841.05 KB, 1667x5344, F5F3C5CB-0799-4553-A6CC-34E8AB…)

the delusion.

No. 1616714

File: 1660580169027.png (315.11 KB, 1195x1068, 197124701974.png)

Reminder that the best thing to do as a woman if your scrote (dares to) come out as a tranny is to leave and never look back. Once they come off the tranny narc high they realize they will never see pussy again. It's prison gay from here, scrote. Bonus point if you don't have any children, then it's guaranteed these scrotes will die alone without since they can't leech of their children.

No. 1616718

>trying to
>doing its damn best

Females don't have to try being female, moid. We just are.

No. 1616720

File: 1660580289759.png (633.28 KB, 736x844, kek.png)

This is what he looks like. Literal cave man.

No. 1616721

File: 1660580420729.png (657.69 KB, 756x854, I look hot.png)


No. 1616722

Honestly so interesting how the mommy-mcbangmaid housecleaner phenomena plays out in males who identify as trans. They really expect the exact same thing as "cis"men but claim to be women. Please leave these freaks don't be burdened by autogynephilia and LARPing as a lesbian, being embarrased everywhere you go.

No. 1616724

nope, all you're doing is just good old damage. You could be eating plastics for a while for a similar effect

No. 1616726

I love a happy ending

No. 1616727

Why are we expected to validate this level of mental illness again?

No. 1616732

i know some women who have dated or date trannies and they have the exact same complains about them as women have about common men, that you gotta make all the plans for them you have to do all the house work for them and so on.

No. 1616733

If I had to doubt anything, I'd doubt that he is at true risk of being sent to a conversion camp.

No. 1616757

You think they’d looooove doing chores and housework since women are so expected to do those things but the most they do is put on a maid outfit and jerk off. Can’t even perform emotional labor let along domestic.

No. 1616768

File: 1660583994344.jpg (217.95 KB, 951x2048, FY_rxTyXoAMewyZ.jpg)

Again with the trans sissy hypno porn
Its so hilarious to me how many of these moids outright admit to having a huge porn addiction with sissy hypno and crossdressing themes, and still somehow wont admit to themselves thats why they are suddenly into the idea of being trans

No. 1616776

it's even more jarring when they're dating TIFs, they expect their fakeboi girlfriends to do all the housework and call it groundbreaking because it's the "man" who does all the work

No. 1616795

they actually banned me for telling a tranny he is not a woman, yet they keep so many of these sick fucks there.

That sub deserves to die to scrotes, i don't care.

No. 1616802

I believe him.

No. 1616812

an axe wound only a mother could love

No. 1616824

The concept of my partner trooning out scares me as much as being a single mother. I would probably lose my mind. There needs to be a better way of educating women that they don’t have to deal with this. Also to leave their partners if they sense that they are going to do this!!!

No. 1616830

lmao exactly i'm >>1616732 and
majority of the women i know who date trannies are tif enbies and they have such heterosexual dynamics in their relationships it's unbelievable, like what i mean is that sure they're het couples but for people preaching about how so queer or lesbian they are they sure act very trad

No. 1616832

reminds me that i have seen some weeb gendertards who headcanon that ex-yakuza househusband and his career-oriented wife from that one manga as "t4t" like…

No. 1616839

I've seen some sisters obsessed with their brothers.

No. 1616851

Yeah but you haven’t seen them rape said brothers so shut the fuck up. Exceptions don’t change rules.

No. 1616857

File: 1660590272137.jpeg (616.63 KB, 2000x2500, 781ED540-3163-4F09-9A75-9CCC06…)

so i just found out patti harrison is trans. it feels so obvious in retrospect but i honestly had no idea. i’m kind of depressed over this one if anybody wants to join me for a moment of silence

No. 1616862

Why don't you justify your whataboutism by posting a link to literally any account of a girl stealing her brother's clothes to masturbate into. Because I can post 10 links of the opposite just by casually browsing Reddit troon subs.

No. 1616865

Dude has definitely had whatever that brow ridge surgery is called. Probably a jaw shave too.

No. 1616892

I found out a little over a year ago. truly the only TIM I've not been able to clock until I was told about it. had me a little crush and everything rip

No. 1616895

no he's just asian lol. actually asian trannies don't really bother me. they usually only fuck men and often end up better looking as women, it's white men who should never be allowed to troon out.(racesperg)

No. 1616900

No idea who that is but not dressing like a sexual caricature nor like a stereotypical basement dwelling nerd helps a lot in passing.

No. 1616902

See this is a perfect example of why passing does not and should not ever matter in the question of whether or not a tranny could ever become the opposite sex. Obviously this man looks like a woman due to the various freak body modification hes undergone. Congrats to him. He has succesfully butchered and twisted his body into resembling the one of a masculine looking female. But is he a woman? No. Can he get anywhere near becoming even slightly like a woman? No. Hes a man and he will die as a man. Passing shouldnt matter

No. 1616905

where is his butthole??

No. 1616911

Your weeb thinking is making you believe that Asian moids are decent in any shape or form, all male trannies are stupid for even thinking of becoming women even if they're fucking other moids.

No. 1616918

File: 1660594053944.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.44 KB, 922x2048, FaNbhcWWAAAMlZG.jpg)

why do all troons think they need an OF

No. 1616920

File: 1660594110154.jpg (Spoiler Image, 278.77 KB, 922x2048, FaNbhKGWYAE8B8O.jpg)

No. 1616933

File: 1660595571457.jpeg (26.84 KB, 240x240, 0B50729F-BE29-48C0-9F86-99CF4F…)

The incel who sings Scott pilgrim vs the world ruined a generation of women is transitioning lmfao

No. 1616936

I don’t hate Patti because he at least tries to blend in, but I don’t understand anyone thinking Patti doesn’t stick out as a man. Have you seen videos of him talking or moving his head? It’s better than the average troon but it’s still glaring

No. 1616939

Hold up Im gonna need a little more proof than that. No way

No. 1616943

because one of the reasons moids troon out is to get all that easy sex work money the lazy slutty bimbos they think all women are supposedly make.

No. 1616947

Man, "gender envy" is universal in porn addicted scrotes.
A happy ending, the woman finally escaped, though she'll probably need years to recover from all the shit he put her through, the shit he's never going to mention in public to another soul.

No. 1616949

all men who larp as women are misogynistic, sexist pigs taking opportunities from women, it doesn’t matter what race they are or how convincing the larp is. wake the f up.

No. 1616951

i'm not saying they're good people, just that they're less likely to bother women since they're fags and also have features that are better suited for woman larping. actually no men of any race should larp as women but at least asians look cute doing it and often they look better than they did as non-tranny men

No. 1616954

someone who frequents reddit please try this

No. 1616956

I've seen that video floating around my feed but never checked it 'cause I could smell scrote from the title alone. What was the video about exactly? How the movie led to the creation of e-girls and how It's shuper oppwesive it is for moids 'cause "oh no! Attractive women on the internet who'll never fuck me reeeeeeee" or some shit?

No. 1616958

They're not 12 in that video, anon. They started HRT at 12

No. 1616962

shooter would never do this to us. Where's the proof nonny

No. 1616966

This one is a comedian right? I thought he was a woman too but it’s like other nonas said, he’s not and never will be. Most TiMs will never achieve this yet they’ll try to use this one as a gotcha.

No. 1616968

Do people actually pay for this? I mean it’s not even an attractive troon. I can’t even imagine chasers being interested.

No. 1616970

File: 1660598059112.jpg (1.52 MB, 3264x2950, almostready.jpg)

Ahhhh, she's so close. So close to just telling the truth.

No. 1616974

I'm so glad when hideous absolute specimens like this remove themselves from the gene pool. Imagine anyone having that for a father or husband.

No. 1616976

they said the same shit w blaire white, we wont accept nor validate any troon. fuck them

No. 1616977

>Scott pilgrim vs the world ruined a generation of women
Like, that's the name of a song? Did I underestimate the relevancy of Scott Pilgrim or did he overestimate it?

No. 1616979

>often end up better looking as women

alert scrote alert scrote

No. 1616989

gimme the link to this, I wanna see

No. 1616997

No. 1616999

Some of the comments are infuriating, telling OP that there is no “right” way to be a woman and that she’s sounding terfy.

No. 1617002

File: 1660600407867.jpeg (4.79 MB, 4032x4030, A41E0BA2-59B5-4696-9FEC-1607C1…)

the last point is cracking me up lmao this post can’t be real or op is just fucking blind

No. 1617006

Yep. I was a late bloomer and it never bothered me besides wishing i looked grown like "all the other girls". But when i saw how my cousins and friends who developed earlier were treated by moids and moidlites, that jealousy stopped really fucking quickly.

No. 1617009


Of course they are, because the malebrains are interpreting her complaints as being annoyed that her "partner" isn't presenting female enough - because looks are literally all that matter to them.

The ACTUAL women immediately clocked that OP thought she'd have a relationship with an equal distribution of labor and emotional intimacy. Womp womp.

No. 1617011

learn2sage for blogposting

No. 1617012

Do trannies not get bored of making up stories on Reddit?

No. 1617022

nice fanfiction

No. 1617029

that thing is fucking revolting. jesus christ

No. 1617035

anime isn't real life, retards

No. 1617037

Don't worry. When his rot pocket inevitably gets a rectoamhole fistula it will double as an asshole.

No. 1617038

File: 1660603209382.webm (3.44 MB, 1920x1080, Tall_bois.webm)

Some bro-tier shit from this "biological female"

No. 1617042

no, fuck off.

No. 1617047

disgusting male feet and legs.

No. 1617048

File: 1660604077344.png (950.74 KB, 858x863, bosco.png)

I don't know if it was talked about here (because noone cares about drag queens) but S14 of RPDR had a tim queen. While shooting or after the season four other moids trooned out. None of them really changed except for their pronouns but oh god, this guy looks like a blow up doll.

No. 1617051

He overestimated it, as if Scott pilgrim’s fanbase isn’t 99% moids who want a manic pixie dream girl. Once again males projecting. Also, I think it shows how out of touch autistic nerds are, SP was peak popularity in the late 00’s early 10’s.
do you seriously enjoy this absolute disgusting chud’s music

No. 1617057

>this guy looks like a blow up doll
No, he really doesn't. He looks like a lanky male with long hair.

No. 1617060

Okay, maybe blow up doll is wrong. I just get creepy non-human vibes from him.

No. 1617063

jimmy fallon with a blonde wig

No. 1617073

pleas forgive me nonna

No. 1617078

File: 1660605649133.jpeg (153.74 KB, 1280x960, 3EDECBEB-4BD8-4961-8D51-F93CC6…)

The censored Adam’s apple KEK

No. 1617102

Should have gotten a clue from this! I saw him in a I Think You Should Leave skit and was fooled myself, it happens anon.

No. 1617103

"actually she is extremely gorgeous and beautiful, otherwise I never would have put a ring on her"
Most of this is probably fiction, but that last part is male FACT. Women need to stomp fucking flat every movie, cartoon, or book telling girls the lie that it's what is on the inside that counts. Because men are already a hollow lie, what you see is already better than what you're going to get. Only other females could possibly deserve a benefit of the doubt, and not even all of them.

No. 1617110

idk why this one has me cackling. which poor egirl is he skinwalking

No. 1617113

>do you seriously enjoy this absolute disgusting chud’s music
I like him because he's just like me

No. 1617137

yeah I think he has either psoriasis or eczema

No. 1617167

you really have to hand it to these scrotes for being the biggest idiots of all time. they're calling brown discharge "lactation". I repeat: brown. but yeah beside that idk how moids have made it this far thinking anyone other than postnatal women lactating is normal.
exactly. we've been saying this ffs.

No. 1617182

It's actually fact that babies are pros at distinguishing between the sexes. Babies can clock a tranny every time because it is evolutionarily advantageous to know that women could feed them and moids are dangerous. I can't find the study I was thinking of but linking something related anyway. It discusses how infants as young as 3 months can determine what gender faces they see are. It probably would be earlier, but newborn eyesight is actually really poor at birth and early infancy. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6680589/

No. 1617183

he's got one eye on trap doujinshi, the other on discount colourpop.

No. 1617190

File: 1660612196441.jpeg (136.37 KB, 750x1027, DAF83DCA-16C8-40FD-A2A8-3051B2…)

found these trannies coping by shitting on us under some woman’s joke tweet about wanting to cum inside of moids

kek but completely indistinguishable and identical to women, right?

No. 1617198

File: 1660612494413.jpeg (142.89 KB, 734x1015, 31F0FDFA-FF89-4A38-B2A1-88BF4D…)

and fwiw in the same thread I also found this stereotypical scrote response of
>I fucked ur mom with my girldick
gotta love how they try to deny being a moid in the most male way possible

No. 1617200

>passing does not and should not ever matter in the question of whether or not a tranny could ever become the opposite sex.

Exactly. I've wanted to say this for ages. I get that it's lolcow so anons will clown on the low-hanging fruit but it's not like better transing technology would change the fact they decided they were women based on their external male guess of what that means. We don't value counterfeit notes or artwork the same as the original just because they're convincing dupes. Provenance matters.

No. 1617207

File: 1660612930565.png (670.66 KB, 573x957, lmao3489.png)

>literally we're so far ahead of them
The irony of saying this while desperately trying to fund multiple surgeries to even look like a caricature of a very ugly cis woman. kek

No. 1617209

>ever since I discovered sissy hypno porn I've wanted to troon out
>my girlfriend says I want to troon out because of the sissy hypno porn
I genuinely can't imagine being as dimwitted as this rape ape.

No. 1617215

>provenance matters
this is so beautifully put thank you nonna it makes me feel even prouder to be a rad fem woman

No. 1617221

File: 1660613504450.png (665.87 KB, 1473x1200, twittercol.png)

Please tell all your friends that "house husbands" are not a thing that you do. She worked full time for a decade, still had to clean the toilets, while he jerked off to porn all day until his brain finally melted and he trooned out. This is always what happens with "house husbands", they turn into some kind of hypersexual monster even if they don't troon out.

No. 1617222

of course the groomer tranny can't resist pedo jokes. all I'll admit is that his hands are pretty feminine for a moid, not that it matters anyway.
>he looks like a blow up doll
no tf he doesn't. he wishes he does, but he still just looks like a moid no matter how he dresses or does his makeup.

No. 1617226

File: 1660613876876.jpeg (606.25 KB, 750x1167, 3956F23F-0192-43FC-B1CE-DB89A0…)

I never interact with these freaks but they’re always on my fyp

No. 1617242

I don't understand…if you nonnies truly frequent this thread you all should have been able to clock this gross, unfunny moid the moment he started speaking. Looks and sound just like a man.

No. 1617245

File: 1660615907373.png (93.69 KB, 1595x500, Screenshot 2022-08-15 191207.p…)

I don't know why but this is the funniest shit I've seen all day. His head looks like it was photoshopped onto his body

anyways here's some copium

No. 1617249

This scrote is a pathetic, skilless house husband for 10 yrs…they have a 2 yr old which by his own words was TRAUMATIC on her body and this fucking deadbeat piece of shit has the audacity to fucking complain about his situation as if he wasnt an absolute burden on his wife and humanity itself. i hope she fucking leaves him and he ends up homeless and unloved. ladies pick scrotes wisely, tbh the safest choice of all is to not even fuck with xys. pathetic

No. 1617261

Someone should send the thread to his parents. What he did is basically sexual assault.

No. 1617265

Neovaginas are much much higher compared to real vaginas, they're placed like at the front of the pelvis so you wouldn't be able to see it. They can't even get the placement right.

No. 1617268

this is the absolute most based i've seen a tranny's wife. still nurtured his pornsick neet ass but at least laid his ass out.

No. 1617284

Good god he looks like a fucking corpse

No. 1617288

You just know that when these scrotes get a chance to use women's own kind words against them, they sit there with smug agp smirks on their faces. " Fucking dumb bitch slut, who's being right right NOW?" They can't treat women as human beings, they have to be spiteful and shitty about everything.
Dumpy ugly middle aged men who wear teenager clothes deserve every ounce of harassment that a dumpy ugly middle aged woman would get.

No. 1617294

I sincerely hope he does. I wanna see the shitshow when he proves the incel to troon pipeline is real.

No. 1617315

EVERY single time they take a pic or video from this angle they do that cross leg pose. I don't ever think I've seen an actual woman make that pose in a pic, it drives me insane every time I see it because it's been drilled into my head.

No. 1617316

Looks like a better groomed keffals

No. 1617319

The amount of comments saying "his safety is priority" like he isn't showing exceedingly dangerous behaviour. They really will defend a rapist than an actual woman, let alone a child.

No. 1617324

How do you argue back when TRAs tell you that trannies are oppressed

No. 1617338

has a very obvious male body lol. And the facial expressions feel off because he is probably faking them to appear feminine. Gotta give his plastic surgeons credit though when he just stays still he passes a little. passing means nothing tho, still a man

No. 1617339

lol i’m the anon who originally posted about him and i think it’s because i had never seen him act/speak outside of the context of ITYSL, in which he’s playing women - all of which he chooses to play with obnoxiously high pitched nasally voices. i just thought he was an unfunny woman, honestly, but i was just happy that a woman had such a significant role in a funny tv show so i didn’t pay too much attention. i watched an interview the other day that came up which is when i definitely realized something was up

No. 1617342

File: 1660623820334.jpeg (527.52 KB, 828x1031, A47B542D-1C0D-4AAE-A348-FF7B58…)

maybe niche but meet “cher strauberry,” the skate community’s latest darling. women have been cast aside in skateboarding forever (to the point that one of the most notable female skaters trooned out and is an aiden now) and when i finally hear about a popular “girl” skater getting notoriety this is what i see. so stunning and brave uwu

to no one’s surprise, he sucks ass at skating. clearly just a hideous moid who knew he’d never get attention for his mediocrity so he threw on a skirt and called it a day. oh, he’s a punk riot grrrl too. because of course he is kek

No. 1617343

Gock is one of the grossest words they’ve come up with. It makes my mouth fill up with vomit. Idk why I feel that way but it just sounds fucking disgusting.

No. 1617344

Imagine saying you’re “far ahead” of anything when you look like the missing link.

No. 1617346

File: 1660625306099.jpeg (559.49 KB, 1170x1158, 8C772E2D-BACE-4C07-AF6F-3DAB41…)

are you even trying bro

No. 1617347

Remind them that they're privileged transvestites. That transition is the ultimate first world privilege and that they're more privileged than "cis" people because they receive additional social, medical, and cosmetic benefits. And that being critical of their transvestic exhibitionist lifestyle isn't oppression. Apologies for the quick shitty wording, but you get the idea.

No. 1617354

Gock sounds like it'd be a synonym to cloaca.
Kek the moids in the back.

No. 1617361

I really respect your dedication to being a farmer while also being completely blind. I didn't think lolcow was such an accessible website.

No. 1617363

File: 1660627500417.png (82.43 KB, 342x270, Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 10.2…)

No. 1617366

File: 1660627686884.jpg (32.63 KB, 396x594, gettyimages-1381925670-594x594…)

I dont know who this is but he's pretty noticeable tranny.

No. 1617367

File: 1660627733190.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1850, CEC389E4-DB84-4CD1-BD17-7295C4…)


Julie, an 80 year old women, received heckles and chants of ‘trans rights are human rights m’ throughout her speech. Eventually she stopped and someone behind her snatched her flag. Above link has the full video.

Noticeable time stamps:

>14s in lovingly referring to herself as the old lady in her introduction

>35s onwards, beginning of dissenters (read: the mentally ill moids and handmaidens) in crowd
>43s in ‘One will encounter men who identify as women undressing and showering with women, I object!’
>1min mark heckling starts becoming louder
>1min 23s ‘trans rights are human rights’ clearly being shouted by a male
>1min 38s someone comes up behind them and snatched the suffragette(?) flags off the wall. Lady on right tries to go for her/him/it and get the flags back

There was a live chat as well and someone wrote ‘Not the men screeching in the background LOL’ based online chatter.

This is disgusting and especially hearing MEN shout against this old woman who just wants to swim pisses me the fuck off. It’s all fine and good (and honestly entertaining) laughing at the pornsick troons on Reddit and tinder but shit like this makes me feel fucking hopeless. At one point, Julie asks if there’s any police, she’s clearly starting to feel afraid. The woman on the left holds Julie’s arm as reassurance. It’s pitiful what these mentally sick cunts do to us.

No. 1617377

I doubt it given he made this spin-off. Where are you getting it from?

I don't think he's actually serious and I don't think he makes these edgy, inflammatory style of songs anymore. This genre is literally called incelcore but I don't think any of the artists are actual incels and many have moved on to better music (which is good because it sounds like shit).

No. 1617379

Go away scrote

No. 1617388

She has 2 children. I want to be sympathetic, but WHO the fuck supports a failmale for an entire decade, including after experiencing a traumatic childbirth? It was probably extra-traumatic because she had to return to work to support him before her body got a chance to heal. This waste of oxygen can’t even fulfill the most BASIC purpose of keeping a moid around - instead of building a life for his family, he’s nothing but a drain of resources on them. We have to do better, ladies. Pick-mes are fouling up the gene pool by not letting these useless moids become the genetic dead ends nature intended them to be.

No. 1617396

i don’t mean to sound vain but if i was as ugly as all of the dudes posted here (especially after spending god knows how much money to look like that) i’d literally kill myself

No. 1617398

File: 1660631117449.jpg (315.88 KB, 1920x1080, 38.5.jpg)

No. 1617401

It probably involved a lot of the gender role blackmail that ends up in these threads. "Well how can you wear pants and have a job if you won't let me be a house husband?" "Oh, I guess you're right about that. It is a double standard and I'm being unfair."

No. 1617404

File: 1660631572980.png (1.36 MB, 2066x1600, r-mraaaaaaa.png)

Just another day on r/mraaaaaaa

No. 1617407

File: 1660631727231.jpeg (166.05 KB, 1080x1512, FZ9k_C0acAAnj4e.jpeg)


No. 1617408

In what chapter of Death Note did Ryuk troon out?

No. 1617409

File: 1660631758258.jpg (289.17 KB, 1080x1497, e.jpg)

No. 1617411

File: 1660631782350.jpeg (87.61 KB, 1080x897, FaO-uGEXwAMwCV4.jpeg)

No. 1617413

File: 1660632222866.jpeg (270.76 KB, 1125x509, CC818E9E-233C-427B-BA86-5B45AA…)

Of course the “house spouse” moid started trooning out right while his wife was having a traumatic birth. Of course.

No. 1617415

they can't stand the attention not being all on them for one second

No. 1617417

File: 1660632568134.jpeg (174.7 KB, 1125x469, FC51A273-1A72-43C2-AEC8-F05094…)

Samefag but I found his profile and he literally bums around the house jerking off into women’s clothes and playing vidya while his wife works with autistic kids to support him. The audacity of moids.

No. 1617419

File: 1660632820063.jpeg (697.03 KB, 1125x1282, 4F075314-4337-4679-A93A-51181B…)

This man is a horrorcow

No. 1617421

File: 1660632989845.jpeg (308.16 KB, 1125x750, 7DF9F347-DB8A-40FE-9DF2-20E908…)

Ok I’m going to stop now because I’m too disgusted. I wish his wife a very happy divorce and I pray she gets the poor kid away from him.

No. 1617427

Holy shit. This is what straight-to-internet horror movie posters will look like in 30 years
>My body is literally pulling a 180 on my genetic expression
Citation needed

No. 1617431

>imagine if I, a man, told a woman to cover up!!!!
I don't have to imagine it, retard

No. 1617432

That's because it's porn tier wording. There's this distinct way that porn words are constructed that's essentially straight to the point in descriptiveness that's comes off as simple to get but also adds some layer of objectification to it. Words like shemale, titfuck, etc.

No. 1617433

File: 1660633549418.jpeg (832.17 KB, 1114x1468, A713EA82-95D6-42D2-A772-0B5798…)

Bonus “house spouse of horror” round: grooming his baby; patting himself on the back for not raping his wage slave while explaining why he deserves an open relationship because she’s too exhausted & traumatized to give him the “intimacy” he is owed.

TL;DR - Moids were a mistake.

No. 1617435

>"as long as I can keep living with my best friend and our kid, I think I'll be good."
This lazy, absolutely fucking worthless leech. Of course he wants "poly", anything to keep his cushy no work/jerk off all day lifestyle going.

No. 1617440

>my miniature painting experience

Such a typically feminine, not at all nerdy male-dominated hobby.

No. 1617443

moids. not even once.

No. 1617446

Just one more giant money pit this jackass has spent a decade throwing his wife's money into. I hope when they split she lists it as an asset and he has to surrender 50% of his overpriced tin soldiers. He's probably one of the troons who sits around making $200 Sephora and Victoria's Secret purchases while his wife wears Hanes and Cover Girl.

No. 1617453

Hey he works hard, doesn’t he deserve to fuck other women in between his busy daily schedule of vidya, wanking, Reddit poasting, feeling sorry for himself, Shein & Sephora hauls with his wife’s credit card, and exposing his “bulge” to unwilling family members?

No. 1617455

File: 1660635696646.png (211.92 KB, 605x508, 69366449-A93F-4A35-A6AD-5AD5AF…)

I know it’s /tttt/ but you know there’s moids out there that unironically think this

No. 1617456

File: 1660635777959.jpg (703.13 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220816-093744_Red…)

What a pervert.

No. 1617459

Is it a-logging to say I hope he gets his wish?

No. 1617462

nta and I honestly feel kind of bad saying this but same. at this point I literally don't care about what degenerate moids do to each other as long as they don't involve women in their perversions

No. 1617464

how can she "take everything" when she is the bread winner kek? I doubt the child would later on want to hang out with him. She is stupid for letting him stay home for 10 years and still doing household chores even before they had a child, but at least with the divorce she will absoultly win. He will probably not be able to get a job (even if he is not a troon in pulic) because he has not worked for 10 years and it will definitly show even in "simpler" jobs, that he cannot even clean anything and will now have to actually do house hold chores AND work (I hope she will not have to pay alimony and that him being a jobless troon will make him lose custody)
the entitlement urgh. "I hope the more confident self I am becoming can help us out of the drought". Please tell me the people also callem him an asshole.
I hope someone calls the cops on him for wearing that in public for sexual harrassement

No. 1617466

File: 1660636443851.jpeg (906.04 KB, 1125x1716, 9F893BF1-5D28-4FFF-BAAE-F87B93…)

More rambling about his penis, and of course he stole his mother’s lingerie for the coom. This scrote is the final boss of AGP bullshit.

No. 1617474

Cripes, #3. So he's also probably got PIED and can't keep it up if he also has to make the bare minimum physical effort of missionary position.

No. 1617476

File: 1660637068149.jpg (254.83 KB, 1080x1119, Screenshot_20220816-095812_Chr…)

NTA but I found his photo (he uses the same username everywhere). His poor wife is a doctor. I don't get how a quite good looking doctor gets with such an ugly perverted leech. What a gremlin looking scrote.

No. 1617477

>over 3k likes

>or even assaulted
Yes, my eyes are fucking assaulted when you walk around with your dick out

No. 1617482

Hey now, WAAAWHAMMEW has woman hobbyists too! Just look at this obviously woman channel GirlPainting! Oh, wait, it's a fat old German man

No. 1617484

File: 1660637597471.jpg (26.31 KB, 400x400, 200637_355243777887616_1125817…)

This is what the dainty Gorl looks like


No. 1617487

File: 1660637937314.jpg (14.1 KB, 300x201, 6e1c1f3d-820c-4bf2-8925-9d2939…)

OFC he's already gone completely gray and balding. By the usual troon timeline, he's probably under 45.
What an absolute troonit.

No. 1617488

>it's uncomfortable but I tuck
Women do uncomfortable shit to look good in clothes all the time. Deal with it or cut off your dick kek

No. 1617491

i wish she could see what he's writing online so she would finally kick him out on the street

No. 1617502

Was his transition goal 'The Pale Lady from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark going through her Tumblr girl phase'?

No. 1617503

Don't forget that other stunning and brave pillar of the female WUORHUMMAR community - failed tranny pornstar turned shit miniature painter, Dana Howl.

Guy from Midwinter Minis was totally sliding into his DMs for some girldick behind Penny's back - that's why they split up. Change my mind.

No. 1617504

File: 1660640019244.jpg (194.97 KB, 869x597, Screenshot_20220816_115231.jpg)

I mean, he kinda does pass as this niche female Finnish youtuber who shits on the street on video

No. 1617507

Guy trooning out arc incoming in the future, mark my words. He is fucking obsessed with the tranny, spams his face on every single video. I bet he watches the video of Dana doing a dick helicopter every night before bed.

Also btw unrelated to thread but they split up with Penny also because he cheated on her.

No. 1617508

>Dat ridiculous Mickey Mouse voice
>Dem gigantic flapping paint covered moid hands
Come on now.

No. 1617509

so just a normal man

No. 1617510

What does any of this mean

No. 1617517

Tifs are still socially cucked by Tim's on the Troon reddit because of socialisation and Reddit being male majority userbase. Male user ignorantly asks why talking over women all of the time and making their opinions a minority is considered bad in meme format. Fem-male says that trans women are men and that's why they talk over women all the time via behavioural science and gets downvoted by trooncrabs for becoming sentient.

No. 1617518

I know. It's sad to think that this guy is pure trailer park tier white trash, but he's lived a respectable, comfortable middle class lifestyle due entirely to his wife, been given actual love by his wife, and he has traumatized her, he probably made her life shitty for the entire decade. It's never just the crossdressing.

No. 1617520

Honoring pride month by painting a horde of ugly gaudy clown goblins seems very appropriate somehow.

Also, anybody else bothered by how seemingly reluctant this obvious troon is to disclose the fact that they're actually a troon? They're happy to admit they're 'one of the gays' and 'queer', but won't go the whole hog and just admit to being trans too. I wonder why.

No. 1617521

File: 1660641530611.jpg (534.4 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20220816-051623_Chr…)

They're ascending kek

No. 1617522

with that voice there's really no need to disclose anything tbh. everyone can already tell.

No. 1617525

"To protest the increasing commercialization of Pride Month, I have chosen to paint this piece of commercially available plastic that I purchased for $85 (plus shipping and handling) in the colors of an internationally recognized fast food chain mascot. I am very intelligent and not a consumerist."

No. 1617526

File: 1660642107672.jpg (542.41 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20220816-112855_Chr…)

No. 1617528

He's hoping the lonely moids who watch his channel and are too retarded to clock him for what he is just assume he's a bi girl into the same nerdy hobbies as they are.

As if anybody that's subscribed to his channel hasn't already seen the countless videos online of him jerking his stubby, ugly little cock.

No. 1617530

>i don't want to be a fucking woman but i can't stop acting like one
letting your moid degeneracy rule your entire life is the exact opposite of acting like a woman actually

No. 1617533

Things like this remind me why unrealistic stories about "romantic love" exist. Women can actually control themselves if they know the truth, 99% of men should be permanently blue balled virgins.

No. 1617536

This is what being the inferior mutated sex does to you. They call themselves "superior" but they act and are inferior in literally every fucking way. They can be memed into everything (even fucking other men because male sexuality doesn't exist) and they won't even know. They have no self-awareness. They succumb to other male-made porn so easily. It's obvious thet were only made to carry around sperm.

No. 1617542

Basically. Like. Women nut up and do whatever the heck we have to to survive, to take care of ourselves and our families and do it unselfishly.

Superior gender. Yeah. Okay. Whatever. The superior gender will throw thousands of dollars at women just to see us naked or even talk to them. They're a slave to their own coom. And once you realise that it makes them so less impressive and intimidating honestly.

No. 1617545

Holy shit this guy used to pop up in my feed all the time when I used to paint figures I always thought he sounded like Mrs. Doubtfire

No. 1617555

Mine too, and the first time I was like "oh what's this, a female mini painter? lovely!" but immidiately after opening the video I was disappointed for obvious reasons

No. 1617560

That's why it should have a clausule in pre-nups about your future husband moid trooning out should be immediate divorce with no custody and ailmony.

No. 1617566

Whenever troons try to invade women's changing room or space areas claiming dysphoria, I wonder how it would go down if we cis women would say we feel dysphoria seeing their their male body and thinking we're at the wrong changing room? Play by their stupid rules

No. 1617570

File: 1660650913725.jpg (916.25 KB, 810x2330, Screenshot_20220816-074557_Chr…)

Based auntie for not inviting this degenerate.

No. 1617571

she's afraid your gonna tard rage through the wedding like you did with scissors through your bangs, what the fuck are those man

No. 1617572

File: 1660651198932.jpeg (225.16 KB, 750x1530, EE9D2B9B-8E1E-4845-BA8A-DAF835…)

Sorry have to upload in parts because I’m not home right now to stitch it on a computer. 1-5

No. 1617573

File: 1660651229017.jpeg (243.78 KB, 750x1530, FDE8D81F-CD6E-4CE4-AD54-09AB4B…)

No. 1617574

File: 1660651328601.jpeg (258.9 KB, 750x1528, 93F93861-F918-4AE2-8BE3-27429E…)

No. 1617575

File: 1660651434198.jpeg (247.36 KB, 750x1532, F7496A3B-E654-4889-A2E7-28DC8A…)

No. 1617576

In their subhuman minds a woman= objectified body.

No. 1617579

File: 1660651675347.jpeg (232.55 KB, 750x1532, 37411052-2CEA-4DB9-86C8-DC8030…)

>told point blink you’re an abomination so someone doesn’t want to be seen in public with you.
>beautiful lesbian said “ew” and blocks you when you try to advance her
>adds more steam to the incel to tranny pipeline by saying “ I TRY HARDER THAN MY ROOMMATES SO I SHOULD HAVE A Gf!”

No. 1617583

File: 1660651893213.jpeg (333.74 KB, 1159x2048, FaI1VqBWYAQm8s3.jpeg)

He's definitely got the "Erin/Anthony spent two hours on my hair, but it looks like I did absolutely nothing with it after I got out of the shower" look down kek

No. 1617591

File: 1660652488949.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.66 KB, 640x853, Untitled.jpg)


lots of horrifying tranny tattoos done by this themlet. imagine having this on you forever

No. 1617594

File: 1660652988410.jpg (57.31 KB, 438x357, 0823501591830.jpg)

They all look like they smell of ammonia and unwashed clothes/fungus. Another "I don't know if his hair is wet or if its accumulated grease" troon.

No. 1617595

I can write a whole essay on this post, holy fuck man. Scrotes are intelligently deficient.

No. 1617596

I bet it smells like unwashed shein

No. 1617598

WHY would someone get this tattooed on themselves?? Of course it's a woman getting fucked by trannies, MtF or FtM

No. 1617604

File: 1660654284767.jpg (3.49 MB, 4096x2730, GridArt_20220816_085134510.jpg)

For anyone who missed it last thread, I found a tranny on the r/insaneparents sub that was gaslighting their mom and talking about their uwu cute house.. well he's back and even more crazy. Telling his mom about his suicide plans. These screenshots are so painfully cringe to read.

First post:

New post: https://www.reddit.com/r/insaneparents/comments/wp4lju/update_on_my_mom_im_19f_since_some_people_were/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

No. 1617605

But we’re the evil ones for not believing “male victims

No. 1617608

File: 1660654836379.png (220.74 KB, 439x313, Untitled.png)

lol i never played celeste but it had that tranny aura around it so i avoided it. good to know i dodged a waste of time

anyway based mom hope she kicks him out and estranges from his toxic ass

No. 1617610

>she’s afraid I’ll be prettier than her daughter

Only moids actually think like this. They’re always in brute sexual competition with each other so they just assume the same as us.

No. 1617613

yeah the creator is a troon and has said the character is one too iirc

No. 1617618

What a fucking bastard. I'm glad his mom isn't letting him gaslight her. And what's that book even about? If that made him troon out then it either is some hypno sissy shit or some other moid talking about how being a woman is some ezpc life mode.

No. 1617619

File: 1660655665486.jpeg (62.34 KB, 750x430, D9B36853-DE0E-413C-B2C5-B78D05…)

These fucking troons have the audacity to post about shit like this and in the same breath swear up and down they aren’t a bunch of opportunistic moids.

No. 1617623

File: 1660656079836.jpg (295.16 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20220816-091957_Sam…)


Nah the book is set before sissy porn was a thing I think lol. This tranny turned to Satan.

No. 1617629

I’m so fucking done. All of the ugly smegma’s who tell tales of that one time they got molested by their uncle, the faggots who cheat on their wives in jail and tell her they “got raped”.. they can go blow their brains out for all I care. I don’t believe any man, with absolutely zero exceptions. They’re all sluts who will accept and enjoy absolutely anything. Assrape isn’t real, they all want it deep down. “Straight” men love having their prostates busted open by bigger, taller males.
We’re being gaslit by society. First, we’re told men getting assraped is just as bad, perhaps even worse than actual rape, because they have dignity unlike us womenfolk, so they feel embarrassed about admitting what happened. They’re real people and not livestock meant to be raped, so we wouldn’t get ‘How Hard’ it is for them.
Then they turn around and admit how they enjoyed it and wanted it all along and laugh in our faces. We’re evil wenches for doubting anything that comes out of their mouths, but they’re lying. You know they are. I know it. We all do. But you’re not supposed to talk about it, you’re supposed to sit silently and listen to how hard males have it. You just wouldn’t get it. A man’s shithole is holy.
Everything men say is the opposite of truth, turned upside down on it’s head, like the reflection on a spoon. Everything they say about women is true about themselves.
They’re all demented needy sluts. They have no morals, no dignity, no individuality.

Gobble cock, lie about getting raped then gobble cock again. Rinse and repeat!

No. 1617630

Wait this was also posted on the TiF thread, you need an instagram account to view the story (which the poster will see). Is this a honeypot to trap ebil twansphobes?

No. 1617637

Really makes them look like sane, upstanding citizens. This is how they’re killing their own movement.

No. 1617640

kek yeah it’s “trans women” too. The way they shout over every female whether “cis” or “trans identified” just shows how male they are. They think they’re being so victimized and oppressed when they yell at TiFs for bringing up things like how their socialization is different. It’s almost hilarious. The men want an excuse to yell at women so bad they think shouting “you’re a man now so you’re oppressing me!” at a TiF means it’s actually true in any way and other people see it too. Transmisogyny is not a fucking thing. It’s people being rightfully disgusted and annoyed because they’re being spoken over and abused by fetishistic men. The fact that they say these 5’2” TiFs hold any sort of societal power over them is flabbergasting. But they don’t even believe it themselves. Like yeah sure Pete, an 18 year old girl who thinks she’s a boy has more privilege than your ass, a 55 year old man who is the CEO of a tech company. It’s literally just another excuse to treat women like shit.

No. 1617644

>you look more like a man than me
And? The ugliest woman on earth is still female. They can seethe about that forever.

No. 1617645

I thought they wanted to be treated like women? Is this not good enough?

No. 1617650

No. 1617652

Why do these people think sexual fantasies mean anything? I have some weird ones but I can fucking recognize it’s something I do and then I’m done with and go about my real life of being responsible. I would never take that shit to mean anything. It’s a fantasy for a reason. They become obsessed with them until it’s a full-blown fetish and then send their entire lives spiraling down the drain. I swear men just have something completely wrong with them for getting that addicted to sex. And like any other addiction it just gets worse and worse over time until they’re tearing their families apart and until it’s overtaken their lives.

No. 1617656

Why do they all look so much older than they actually are? I thought estrogen was supposed to be ~magic~ for them (idk if that guy said he was on it). Is it just because they’ve never taken care of themselves before or is mens skin just worse?

No. 1617660

>they’ll throw thousands of dollars at naked women
And yet they’ll say this is the fault of the woman and call her every name in the book. I’m not defending SW but I just find it hypocritical of them to get so mad at women for trying to make bank while they’re the ones who obviously can’t control themselves or close their wallet. They really hate the power women hold over them.

No. 1617662

Legit question. How is trooning out not exactly like the estrogen based chemical castration that men who were sentenced for buggery had to undergo in the 50s?
This troon shit is literally regressing society back to 50s conversion therapy shit, where gays and lesbians were forced to transform into whatever gender identity society saw fit for them.

>Turing was convicted and given a choice between imprisonment and probation. His probation would be conditional on his agreement to undergo hormonal physical changes designed to reduce libido, known as "chemical castration."[145] He accepted the option of injections of what was then called stilboestrol (now known as diethylstilbestrol or DES), a synthetic oestrogen; this feminization of his body was continued for the course of one year. The treatment rendered Turing impotent and caused breast tissue to form,[146] fulfilling in the literal sense Turing's prediction that "no doubt I shall emerge from it all a different man, but quite who I've not found out".[

No. 1617663

This is why I always laugh when they make posts getting upset they weren’t accepted by groups of women. When we see something about a woman doing something that’s a traditionally male interest, it’s exciting especially if we’re into it too, because a lot of women don’t get the same kind of attention for doing those things. Then when you find out it’s actually a moid, it’s completely deflating. Why would I want to see a moid doing something they already do? Who cares? It reminds me of GDQ and how every “female” speedrunner ends up being an autistic scrote in a spinny skirt. Why would I watch that? As far as general groups of women go, it’s really funny sometimes when one of these men tries to enter a conversation and it just shuts down completely because they have no idea how women actually talk to one another and think it will be just like their polycules. Unfortunately that means they usually say something sexual that makes the entire group uncomfortable.

No. 1617667

I do get trauma from seeing them naked after having been raped, but their trauma from not being born female is apparently the only one that matters.

No. 1617672

>Notice how there’s no female Chris Chan
There absolutely is digusting mentally unhinged women abusing their family members. That's why even though scrotes think "Wow the hot aunt seducing a little boy" is like their porn fantasies in reality its often some obese unwashed cat lady forcing herself onto a kid and traumatizing for life.

No. 1617675

anon did you really have to post that pic. aleast spoiler ffs.

No. 1617676

This. Even if a woman did think she was prettier than the bride, she would never post or say that out loud unless there was already some kind of drama between them tbh. I think we are taught to keep a lot of thoughts to ourselves and men just aren’t. I even remember growing up and my dad pointing out women to say how fat or ugly they were and it was astonishing because I would have not ever mentioned it even if I thought it. Really fucked with my self-perception too because many of those women were fine and I wondered if all men thought like he did where the slightest thing would be scrutinized.

No. 1617678

don't you dare do vauhtimursu dirty like that

No. 1617679

When women offend sexually it's usually because they have dependent personality disorder and BPD and do it under the instruction of a moid. Female pedophiles as per the DSM definition do exist but they are extremely rare.

No. 1617680

File: 1660659453011.jpg (89.14 KB, 882x1318, FE3pRKAXIAA_RI-.jpg)

>vulva things
Why doesnt ANYONE ever call those perverts out for reducing the entire female sex onto whatever porn-fueled delusions their serial masturbator brains can come up with?
In their minds a woman is a towering homunculus made of a giant vagina, lactating tits and dick sucking botox lips.
It's basically women blackface.

No. 1617683

Just fyi there are some sites you can use to merge things on mobile. I usually use pinetools because it’s pretty quick and easy.

No. 1617686

Wait is that pic his “cute little house”? Do these guys ever clean?

No. 1617689

Trooning out is just the golden ticket for misogynist and homophobe scrotes to get away with ANYTHING.
It's the same hate filled chuds that used to harass women online for existing. Now they found a way to do it and get asspats from indoctrinated normies while they're at it.

No. 1617691

His ramblings remind me of when I first tried to go no-contact with my BPD mom. The mixtures of “I love you”s and attacks, the endless texts. Narcs are really all the same huh.

No. 1617692

Sooooo do they want to be seen as men or no? Because dick pics are one of the first parts of the aggressive moid playbook.

No. 1617694

Wouldn’t be the first time. Always make sure you look at the links and where they lead nonas.

No. 1617695

Imagine if he ever gets together with a real woman. "whoa vaginas arent supposed to look like a shotgun wound and smell of rotten flesh and feces?"
That being said - troons and troonchasers just need to fucking get over their internalized homophobia and just be gay men. Would spare them and all women a lot of suffering.

No. 1617697

KEK what the fuck, I hope the mom of that moid reads this shit book and blocks him everywhere. Seriously, how is he allowed to fuck up his body if the book that "saved his life" is literally about a schizo doing blood rituals for fucking Satan at home? KEK

No. 1617699

nayrt but it’s kind of funny. The pic really shows the self-importance and lack of self-control that men have. A woman could see a male doing that and vomit then go on her way. But a man has to pray for divine intervention so he doesn’t “accidentally” rape her or something. So out of control he needs God to hold him back.

No. 1617702

Marry me nonna, I promise we can live a happy life away from moids.

No. 1617703

Being autistic over videogames being the number one troon hobby is the biggest proof of the incel to troon pipeline being a real thing.

No. 1617704

>I didn't give you permision to touch that
Wait, is he implying that it'd be ok for his toddler to touch his cock if he gives him permission?
Isn't this a HUGE red flag about this pervert having even deeper issues than his AGP fetish?

No. 1617706

File: 1660660796399.jpg (80.32 KB, 960x540, anastasia-biefang-101__v-video…)

Painting their little toy soldiers with chainsaws pink is just such a uwu feminine thing to do, because all gurls just love pink, sparkles and ponies, am I rite laaaaaaaaaydies?

No. 1617707

lmao imagine for a second you marry this ugly goblin moid, you work your ass off - he stays at home all day, masturbating and playing with his expensive toy soldiers and then blasts his brain with so much porn he decides he's a woman now.
Like the absolute fucking state.

No. 1617709

A almost foolproof way to identify troons online even if they try to hide it is them calling themselves shit like warhammer_girl or (retard scrote hobby)_girl.
That's such a moid fantasy - "in women's brains everything always revolves around around them being a woman - so obviously they'd need to empathize being a woman in their online handle"

No. 1617710

Not trying to be mean, but can you start saging so the thread doesn’t keep getting bumped?

No. 1617711

same, but we just need to suck it up anon, we are so fucking privileged to have been seen as our gender you know!

No. 1617713

Will do.

No. 1617718

Yeah, I can deal with seeing a naked man in the context of art or whatever but it’s different when it’s a whole male invading a space for women with the intention to make them see his penis. It’s the same kind of power trip they want when they rape a woman.

No. 1617738

My sister has severe schizophrenia and texts shit like this as well. So this dude might also be clinically insane/delusional instead of being only your average AGP pervert.

No. 1617753


No. 1617766

“I look AND SMELL better than ever” kekkkk

No. 1617787

I thought genitals don't matter.

No. 1617788

Makes you wonder for how many of those agp scrotes taking a shower was the first step in transitioning.

No. 1617789

A little late but help nonnies, I’m going to pass out. This man is “lactating” clear and brown liquid? Is this what they are “feeding” their newborns when they want to live out their fantasies?
I know there was an article posted on here about an australian moid talking about breastfeeding because he was “lactating” so that means his poor little baby was eating THAT??? I’m going to throw u

No. 1617806

I find these gay troons who larp as feminine women really funny because they have anal sex meaning the room fills with the smell of shit as they "make love" to these "straight" moids. Nothing more girly and womanly than anal sex, shit and E.coli, nonnas.

No. 1617834

No, I think they're just acting like Louis XIV and putting perfume on their unwashed bodies to mask the BO.

No. 1617836

lol, that's probably what it is
>now that I'm a true girly girl I can finally wear this raspberry-bubblegum scented perfume

No. 1617842

this looks like a very young person…

No. 1617843

tranny with a god complex, what a nerd

No. 1617844

in the new netflix documentary about the guy who catfished manti t'eo, "the girlfriend who didn't exist," the guy who did it trooned out. he basically has no remorse over what he did or how negatively he impacted manti's life.

No. 1617846

>puzzle piece fitted.
extremely low iq

No. 1617863

File: 1660672105134.jpeg (115.13 KB, 750x691, 39A26833-0FCD-43FF-AEAD-A9A92E…)

same anon, I got it wrong, it was an american redditor whose post I just came across while looking up “lactating” in the mtf subreddit. Here is the article incase anybody wants to read up on it but tl;dr: with the help of a lactation consultant, he took a bunch of pills and hormones to produce milk and then breastfed his daughter


Additionally, I saw man made fetishes beyond my comprehension. (picrel)
I have never seen any woman refer to it as such, it sounds like precum and of course their mind would go there.
They all only talked about getting either clear or whiteish drops but the first secretion a woman produces is colostrum which is yellow and thick and very rich in nutrients and antibodies, also commonly referred to as “liquid gold”.
There is no way whatever they are producing is actually nourishing. Why isn’t this classified as child abuse

No. 1617868

why even mention taking prenatal vitamins? those are to decrease the risk of birth defects, not to induce lactation.

No. 1617872

>it’s what our bodies are designed to do
No, it’s what the male body does when there is a hormonal imbalance.

No. 1617888

File: 1660673954420.jpg (143.05 KB, 1080x1563, FaDVRf6XgAAWU1v.jpg)

Zero empathy with women at all

No. 1617893

>"just abortions"
this reminds me of when people say feminism isn't "just about women". they make it so obvious that they consider women and our issues to be trivial.

No. 1617897

IKR. It looks like every beige/greige rental moid den ever, complete with broken, dinged up tasteless furniture from the 1990s, and a literal box of toys.

No. 1617901

Wasn't that the exact plot of a south park episode?

No. 1617905

File: 1660675747611.jpg (106.94 KB, 1080x565, Screenshot_20220816-204905_Red…)

Mom: barely replies
>she's getting off on the back and forth!!!

No. 1617917

File: 1660676638626.jpg (59.01 KB, 960x956, 37411827_10155910847201902_794…)

No. 1617919

I hate how these scrotes only care about R v W because of what it means for them. They don’t have a scrap of empathy for women.

No. 1617921

For real. Having been in the moms place with someone like that, the best thing to do is just not even read the texts. Gray rock and ignore and eventually they will tire themselves out until the next moment they decide to berate you for twenty messages.

No. 1617926

I stg I would add chemical castration agents to all men's water supplies for a month, just so they could experience the world as rational human beings for a time. I don't know how they can even pretend to be self-respecting when this is the kind of thing they worry about, and they don't notice an enormous driving force in their life is just a FETISH. Absolutely boggles the mind.

No. 1617933

Has there ever been any write up on how for about a 2 year period MTFs tried to take over the mod teams of any leftist communities and immediately started mass banning everyone and destroying them? I know people have talked about the links between government agencies and this stuff, but it feels like the entire thing got memory holed.

No. 1617940

Fetishes aside, sex is a huge dominating factor in most of their lives so that's probably why they don't notice. It's normal for them
>They really hate the power women hold over them.
This is why they have to tell themselves they're superior. They're obsessed with us and they know there's an imbalance. We aren't obsessed, we don't go crazy without them in our lives or go out on limbs for access to them, they are expendable to us. Women would be completely fine without men if they didn't make us rely on them for resources or protection (from other men lol). The need for both is decreased in modern life so now they're going crazy like a monkey whose food got taken away, or an abusive narcissistic ex we abandoned (exactly what they are in the grand scheme of things)

No. 1617948

File: 1660679409736.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 757.82 KB, 750x1202, 73005F70-E4C5-4C21-9E1A-A8D4F2…)

this doesn’t look like any recognizable human body part.

No. 1617950

>meet my mother she used to be really cool and nice to me idk what happened
Maybe it was a sudden degradation in his personality in the time leading up to transing, treating her worse and worse without explanation, and then meeting all genuine questions about it with haughty disdain until she peaked, just a wild guess

No. 1617959

Ew, god, this one looks like some kind of alien organism

No. 1617975

I want to kill myself after looking at these. If only scrotes had emotions so they could feel the same way.

No. 1617978


I really hate that we're far gone enough that someone can post a schizo rant, threaten to hurt their mother, threaten to commit suicide to emotionally blackmail their mother and it gets that amount of validation. All they do is complain about how many homeless troons there are when they spend all day telling people to destroy their families and run away. Like there is no way in hell any of them believe the person making that post can support themselves.

No. 1617980

File: 1660681698757.jpg (127.14 KB, 1080x718, Screenshot_20220816-232744_Red…)

No. 1617983

I thought trannies were supposed to be brave kek

No. 1617985

I mean, 4 brave sipfuls

No. 1617991

He moves as if all he's ever seen in life are drag queens or stereotypical mean girl movies, not a minute without swaying his hair/wig.
The comments underneath those videos can be quite brutal, but if a troon puts on sunscreen before skincare it of course doesn't matter…

No. 1618001

Kinda sounds like severe depression and not gender dysphoria? Trying to commit sudoku because you don't have anime titties, yeah maybe you are deflecting from the actual issue at hand.
None of these people will ever get help for their actual issues, just get humored by the tranny brigade, it's the most hateful, damaging group out there which ironically claims those who speak out against it are the hateful ones
>don't seek mental health care, just mutilate your body
- the woke and moral thing to believe, apparently

No. 1618002

File: 1660684663839.jpg (398.96 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20220816-171819_Red…)

found this after I myself was planning to find this man's wife on Facebook and tell her to look at his deranged account. if that counts as cow tipping I'll take my ban but kek this is so satisfying. whoever did it, bless u

No. 1618003

File: 1660684687355.jpg (175.43 KB, 820x1200, FaS02OyXEAY-1K7.jpg)

They really just want the world to revolve around them

No. 1618004

you're right, he won't stop moving, he just needs to calm the fuck down and tie his hair to make the video less annoying.

No. 1618007

The fact that she showed him makes me think he has her on a short leash already and probably beats her. I'm not sure what cow tipping will accomplish besides him taking away all her privacy

No. 1618008

the amount of name dropping here is fucking pathetic, this fucking mengele baby

No. 1618018


I guess this is the only place any of this stuff could really go. Since dysphoria really just means self awareness and shame while euphoria is vanity.

No. 1618019

sometimes i feel like cowtipping only at troons is funny and shouldnt be banned kek, but this one is a creep i almost think he's gonna harm her bc of that

No. 1618022

When I read premilk to I was like umm does he mean precum? But nope.

No. 1618023

he has such a piggy face holy shit

No. 1618024

his manly asf hands kek

No. 1618026

File: 1660687313240.png (1.01 MB, 996x2048, ew.png)

Not milk but I watched the Transitions episode of Law & Order SVU. It's clearly supposed to be a sympathetic portrayal of trannies but some parts are pretty accurate

TIM wants to be girl because he likes makeup and barbie, punches mom in the face & gives her a black eye, steals hormones to give to other kids, beats up classmate who got mad at him using the female toilet & constantly threatening to kill himself kek

Pic for tranny tax

No. 1618030


I think back a lot to the fact that literacy rates in the US basically say most people can't actually read and understand what any of the academic writing on gender dysphoria says and that the statistically least literate are zoomers from NY and California.

No. 1618032

File: 1660688154423.png (194.62 KB, 1376x508, retard.png)

good riddance

No. 1618033

File: 1660688260961.png (1.74 MB, 2048x1983, chrome_screenshot_166068797203…)

How flattering

No. 1618034


Imaging hating little girls simply for existing. I hope he drinks bleach. The world and little girls are safer without this gross degenerate.

No. 1618035

Ugh, I didn't realize it was this same guy from weeks ago. This is the kind of obsessive creep who abducts and murders little girls, the world is honestly better off if he does kill himself.

No. 1618037

File: 1660688827493.jpg (67.48 KB, 556x500, 6q60gm.jpg)

No. 1618048

He’s probably actually going to kill someone (if it isn’t himself first).

No. 1618081

i hope hes dead now

No. 1618087

File: 1660694689591.png (101.8 KB, 1344x356, rscreen001.png)

Sadly still alive, but he became brave enough to take one more sip

No. 1618095

Hope someone convinced him to call poison control or something.

No. 1618098

File: 1660695041083.gif (1.12 MB, 498x372, 657P.gif)

No. 1618099

fuck off retard

No. 1618109

>is it concerning?
It's concerning that someone might reply and tell him it's nothing to worry about when actually it's very fucking concerning.

No. 1618114

File: 1660696387358.jpeg (156.53 KB, 718x1207, truth.jpeg)

The mods just deleted the truth.

No. 1618116

nta, but you probably are right nona, that's grim.
I really hope he doesn't beat her because of that

No. 1618123

so this moid is a security guard that mopes around at his job when he sees little girls. he's most likely a pedo

No. 1618125

Major kek that the person who screenshotted is the only upvote

No. 1618129

why do they always have sausage fingers KEK

No. 1618147

This guy is a fucking pedo. Troons are always the most jealous of the type of "woman" they most wish they were. This guy is a fucking AGPedophile.

No. 1618155

Imagine posting about your sudoku attempt on reddit for a measy 4 comments, even the other trannies don't care (probably because he's a pedo)

No. 1618157

>respect the trans community

huh, reminds me of when abusive men demand that you respect them while they abuse you, funny that. The guy is even threatening the other redditor about something happens to you if you don't take back what you said chilling

No. 1618161

Imagine a well-meaning adult directing a lost little girl to this guy for help.

No. 1618165

watching it now, it doesn't not make hsts troons look good, but like the sociopathic rapists who will do anything to get what they desire that they are. more fuel for the christians.

No. 1618166

I’m really praying for the wife to get away from him. Even through his self-absorbed rants, you can tell how depressed & defeated she is with this creep. His entire Reddit presence gives such malevolent vibes. Even little throwaway comments like going to therapy “because people find me weird and a liar” shows he’s semi-aware of his sociopathy, but would rather play the victim than change anything.

No. 1618167

the bardfinn thread on the other farms has a little info about what his league troll group is doing on reddit, but not specifically about leftist reddit communities.

No. 1618168

As a mother this is so terrifying. He’s 100% going to hurt, molest or kill a child.

No. 1618170

I hope they didn’t, he’s a dangerous pedophile.

No. 1618171

of course it's drewie poodle, another nasty pedophile who gives children hormones in his home. this dude needs to be in jail.

No. 1618179

ISTG the amount of serial killers is going to skyrocket in the next decade. At some point half the offenders on Dateline will be troons, and the narrator will read their horrific posts from reddit, twitter, and discord.

No. 1618182

File: 1660705710265.jpg (683.48 KB, 810x2583, Screenshot_20220816-230151_Boo…)

Troons threatening violence on r/MtF

No. 1618187

I would literally die if I lost muh moobs- stupid tranny

No. 1618188

The fuck are they going on about? Did anything happen in their state or in the usa or are they just fantasising about violence for the sake of it?
Reminds me of when digibro crooned out and his brother said something like if it meant he'd take better care of himself as woman, it was fine, but digi continued to be his unwashed self.

No. 1618192

File: 1660707603766.jpg (172.62 KB, 1049x687, Untitled.jpg)

historians will wonder why "female crimes" had a sudden spike

No. 1618193

Moids are such fucking schizos, always looking for reasons to justify their Y chromoid violent tendencies. You didn’t see women in the US or Poland threatening to build explosives and beat up pro-life faggots when the right to abortion was taken away. This is why “hysterical” as a term is absolute bullshit and should be replaced with testerical. You have well-off white moids who are convinced a “literal genocide” is upon them when big pharma has been pushing their “civil rights movement” unlike any other. You cannot make this shit up, it’s hilarious and so telling of how dramatic and wimpy scrotes are compared to women kek.

No. 1618195

Really wish they would at the very least make a sub category for crimes committed by TIMs because we all know what those % would look like.

No. 1618197

I don't think they'll wonder. I think this shit will be documented and spoken of often in the future with disgust, horror, and disbelief. The only thing they'll wonder is why so many people went along with it in the first place.
I appreciate that the moid's pic is always at the top of the article in cases like these. Everyone can see the male is maleing.

No. 1618200

clocked him in together together. his voice gives it away

No. 1618206

the way he wrote this post sounds less like complaining and more like getting off on it.

No. 1618214

File: 1660710776057.jpg (2.14 MB, 810x6860, Screenshot_20220817-003054_Boo…)

Some epic attention whoring

No. 1618217


This person has posted hundreds of times in CD/Sissy/Trans subreddits in TWO MONTHS alone. I just can't understand how you could be this addicted to coom.

No. 1618219

File: 1660711657539.jpg (165.74 KB, 1075x1200, FaLNF4MWIAAQ51w.jpg)

No. 1618220

File: 1660711833324.jpg (74.09 KB, 600x589, ugly.jpg)

No. 1618222

File: 1660711946886.png (26.38 KB, 473x283, FaP_95EWQAAfLoY.png)

What a liar

No. 1618223

You're still a kid when you go through puberty pedo

No. 1618224

i love how they don't realize estrogen will blow them up

No. 1618227

What a nostalgic image. Thank you for posting it.
>shithead Matt Walsh and rapist Eli Erlick slpafight
Whoever wins, we lose.

No. 1618229

Burgerfags are constantly threatening violence nonna, plz don’t judge it’s just our culture

No. 1618231

The comment was written by a she/they so it might actually be a tim in agreement with op, but everyone misinterpreted it because the thought that tifs could have male patterns of behavior is unbelievable even to them kek

No. 1618233

>You didn’t see women in the US or Poland threatening to build explosives and beat up pro-life faggots when the right to abortion was taken away.

God I wish they would though

No. 1618235

Why do I think this is just a humiliation fetish?

No. 1618246


No. 1618257

File: 1660714657847.jpg (499.8 KB, 810x1948, Screenshot_20220817-013345_Boo…)

/u/Dark420Light needs a SWAT team visit:

No. 1618262

File: 1660715711967.jpeg (469.84 KB, 750x974, A8EBE7C9-CA72-49F6-A49B-0B17D2…)

it’s so creepy when men steal their family members’ clothes. if someone did that to me, i’d feel violated.

No. 1618264

File: 1660716167588.jpeg (2.03 MB, 2208x7471, D43D4557-F5DE-46A8-810C-3B985A…)

>transgender nonbinary demisexual demigirl
so many words to say he’s fetishist and dumb as a rock. i hope his wife will ask for a divorce before he can do it.

No. 1618268

File: 1660716738428.jpeg (287.48 KB, 750x1748, 83A257F4-FD50-4572-AE52-6D5DC4…)

literally the guy with bitch tits from fight club kek

No. 1618273

File: 1660717031111.png (245.03 KB, 700x680, dark420light-murderisalwaysano…)

No. 1618275

Typical case of sissification kink. So gross.

No. 1618280

the fact that so many troons come from wealth and many of them are millionaires is genuinely terrifying. no wonder they have so much power.

No. 1618282

He's proud of himself because he's shocked he hasn't died of a heart attack. Go on a diet, tubby

No. 1618292

Can we use this to get their subreddit shut down lol

No. 1618295

File: 1660718265605.jpeg (264.75 KB, 750x1156, 78DED3BA-77D3-4391-8399-B1389A…)

do they even have muscles around the wound? is it really like a second anus? kek

No. 1618296

who’s gonna shut it down? it won’t be the troons who run the entire website.

No. 1618298

I'm sure they can afford to buy a cheap dress in their size. I'm sure he buys a lot of vidya and shit and has some money of his own. Why do they always steal from family members? Are they into incest shit?

No. 1618304

they’re into violating women’s boundaries in every way possible.

No. 1618306

they will definitly know that it was troon. In the future they would look back and say which crazy person came up with this ides and why did it got so much support that even biology was ignored. Just like in some cities in the past they tried to send orphaned children to pedophiles because they thought that their theory, that the children will be loved will become true and that it is better for them than staying in an orphanage. Long story short: Several children were sexually (and/or emotionally) abused and had to take on the role of a spouse not only physical but also mentally

it will be even funnier when he realises that he will get less sex as a tranny and more people will be disgusted by him than they would be by a feminine gay men

No. 1618308

The funny part is no they don't. It's just a severed axe wound.

No. 1618309

File: 1660720539211.jpeg (713.47 KB, 750x1314, DC9E9BDF-8705-4063-9701-9978AA…)

>pass 85% of the time

No. 1618310

File: 1660720683837.jpeg (198.06 KB, 900x1431, D16BABE4-6762-4A11-9B25-1EFB27…)

his profile is even worse. neanderthal looking ass.

No. 1618318

Chicken's not even being transphobic, he's obviously showing concerning behaviour and clearly being disturbed by the thoughts. The most logical and empathetic choice is to send him to professional help, yet he and his troon enablers are in fucking denial. If a non-troon posted this anywhere, people would be clamoring for them to be seek help immediately and tell them they aren't at a right mindset at all.

No. 1618321

I think the only muscle scrotes have down there is the one they can use to make the pp bounce a bit, which are definitely not kegels and probably gets twisted inside out anyways lol

No. 1618326

Troons exposing themselves as nothing more than bourgeoisie fetishists? You love to see it.

No. 1618328

Vauhtimursu doesn't deserve this, she's gigabased and my hero for trolling cheater moids on sexchats.

No. 1618331

arching my brows constantly lmao, i can only imagine people reacting to his lunatic faces. maybe he does pass from afar, being fat is the only kinda effective technique for tims.
this one's not too ugly, just fat and ofc batshit. if he were fit i'd see him be some kind of broody emo man

No. 1618336

not too ugly? are you high? this is one of the ugliest mfs i’ve ever seen.

No. 1618346

File: 1660725008236.jpg (308.74 KB, 1084x2048, FaTjrfCXEAAtnHe.jpg)

Jewish tranny is madly in love with Randy Stair and is going to die for his pronouns.
https://twitter.com/ripandrewblaze/status/1559262177453899777?cxt=HHwWgoC87YyszqMrAAAA fucking hypocrite

No. 1618347

File: 1660725154761.jpg (180.79 KB, 798x805, 23.jpg)

No. 1618349

File: 1660725248132.jpg (131.4 KB, 790x800, 5.jpg)

Andrew is muh beautiful queen blah blah blah respect her pronouns uwu

No. 1618350

File: 1660725307192.jpg (106.53 KB, 783x804, 9.jpg)


No. 1618352

File: 1660725415704.jpg (130.66 KB, 787x548, 7.jpg)

He is obsessed over a guy who shot up a supermarket and was driven by a delusional fantasy that he would turn into a ghost girl in the afterlife

No. 1618353

File: 1660725495787.jpg (123.18 KB, 791x811, 12.jpg)

"unusual girl" no ur just straight retarded

No. 1618354

File: 1660725588667.jpg (71.13 KB, 786x480, 56.jpg)

Troon is 25, unemployed, lives with his parents and dedicates his own existence to running a twitter page about dead mass shooters lol

No. 1618355

File: 1660725667786.jpg (116.82 KB, 793x682, 8.jpg)

"her" holy fucking shit i hope someone will help you to blow your brains out

No. 1618357

No one cares moid

No. 1618358

File: 1660725732966.jpg (67.29 KB, 783x512, 45.jpg)

No. 1618359

File: 1660725849088.jpg (91.87 KB, 797x729, 786.jpg)

I'm in the mood to dissolve you in the acid bath

No. 1618360

File: 1660725906679.jpg (221.89 KB, 1242x1160, 7.jpg)

No. 1618361

File: 1660725974127.jpg (110.26 KB, 638x718, 8.jpg)

No. 1618362

File: 1660726029130.jpg (165.33 KB, 797x593, 000.jpg)

hes also a lolumbiner

No. 1618363

File: 1660726121410.jpg (91.08 KB, 787x528, 666.jpg)

No. 1618364

File: 1660726180143.jpg (107.48 KB, 730x814, 8.jpg)

No. 1618365

No. 1618366

File: 1660726309413.jpg (78.9 KB, 781x647, 34.jpg)

I hope there will be a hole in his head instead(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1618369

Go back to twitter.

No. 1618371

Hi Brody

No. 1618380

Nothing gets me out of bed like Acdelco Green Antifreeze with Creamer

No. 1618381

He's giving elvisXthe croods

No. 1618383

File: 1660731125119.jpg (467.46 KB, 1228x2345, 01571075107591275017957210.jpg)

TIM radfem!

No. 1618384

File: 1660731227078.jpg (29 KB, 680x387, f91.jpg)

No. 1618385

File: 1660731462882.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1944, FA59663B-044C-498F-B6AF-5A6B39…)

womanhood is a porn caricature!

No. 1618388

>Fascist America

No. 1618394

These posts always baffle me because it's like posting a picture of a decorative plastic apple and being like "if plastic apples aren't real apples then explain this!". Yeah with a lot of work it might look close to a real apple….but it's still fucking plastic. And you're still a man with surgery. Not the gotcha he thinks it is

No. 1618395

>settler descendent
>"post-colonial" world
>US empire
>Illini and Osage land
Good grief, take the stick out of your axe wound and just say you're white and living in the fucking midwest or whatever. I would say consider donating to native charities if he really wants to help but troons are the least charitable group of people I've ever seen. They firmly believe in mutual aid but only if the money is flowing in their direction.

No. 1618396

At least he has a hobby that doesn't involve masturbating.
>fiance of 9 years
He proposed as a last effort so she wouldn't leave, making her a mommymcbangmaid. So happy she left. He should suck the girldick and stop being transphobic against trans gurls.

No. 1618397

I noticed TIMs with gfs/wifes want them to stay around until they "pass", ie: hormones for years and surgeries, then they leave. It's like a fantasy for them but it follows the same moid pattern where a moid cheats but stays, only leaves when he got another girl to be with secured. If the spouse leaves immediately, they have no one to get narc fuel from so they suicide bait online.

No. 1618399


The thing that gets me is that there's no internal consistency to it. Like if you go by their logic they acknowledge a crossdresser who passes isn't a woman. A they/them who is actually female and completely feminine isn't a woman.

If whatever broader truth of womanhood was truly in self identification and not biology these kind of post wouldn't happen. If being a woman isn't a biological state then how the hell would mimicking the biology of women make you a woman?

No. 1618400

Explain what? The Adam's apple, the gigantic paws or the sad silicone pancakes in a bra that's two sizes too big at least? Easy: it's a scrote. Next.

No. 1618404

manipulative piece of shit fake crying to get his coom fantasy fueled. i hope he dies soon of diabetes

No. 1618405

Why does he look so sweaty?

No. 1618412

File: 1660736070326.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1125x1746, BF8406F2-9975-4541-B41A-0A91AE…)

Get fucked tranny. He commented that him and his gf contacted Sephora about the “incident”, troons are so pathetic with how they try to make it everyone’s problem when they get “misgendered”

No. 1618427

File: 1660738112979.jpg (53.39 KB, 498x808, That's a man.jpg)

Why are they all acting as if they were beautiful women? They are underweight men with bolt-ons. https://www.tiktok.com/@hazelrosedee/video/7025904024389946629

No. 1618428

is that jamjars

No. 1618429

damn angles really are everything kek

No. 1618430

File: 1660738791704.png (2.33 MB, 2066x966, catgirlbartender.png)

I leave

No. 1618433

call the police

No. 1618436

He's dressed for a gay nightclub for, what I'm assuming is, a job at a latin american restaurant judging by what I think is an empanada on his shirt.

God help anyone that has to be served by this greaseball.

No. 1618438

File: 1660740525698.jpg (370.64 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20220817-084844_Red…)


The OP of the original post about little girls then went on a tirade about drinking anti-freeze lol. Chicken was right, we need to start involuntarily admitting people like this.

No. 1618441

This is exactly what turned me into a "terf" in the first place. Genderists are so fucking manipulative it's unreal. They claim that womanhood is a social identity/construct which has absolutely nothing to do with biology while simultaneously using hormone levels, breast implants, facial feminization surgery and hypothetical uterus transplants to "prove" their "femaleness". Like which one is it? You can't have it both ways.

No. 1618442

they don't have a coherent ideology beyond hating actual women and womanhood

No. 1618452

judging by the way his eyebrow overlaps his bangs and the bizarre blurriness connecting his nostril & philtrum, photoshop explains it

No. 1618458

File: 1660742906406.png (197.28 KB, 1424x893, darvo.png)

sorry for the shitty edit but look at this troon i found. he sexually abused his wife, pressured her into sex acts she didn't want and then calls her the abuser for coming out as a lesbian.

No. 1618463

HOLY SHIT no way he's a real human being there's no way he can look this fucking goofy oh my god just 41% my dude there's no saving that.

Yes it is

No. 1618466

File: 1660743857413.jpg (378.63 KB, 1316x723, asrs382r58431.jpg)

this is what he looks like.

No. 1618480

Right I feel the same shit with my little girl. It's so scary.. I never let her out of my sight.

No. 1618495

I like how he says he’d die if he lost tiny moobs but then says he’s strong in the same sentence. Women who lose their breasts to cancer are strong, a small-brained moid who would kill himself if someone took his HRT away is not.

No. 1618496

i would imagine they still have the muscles that cover the root of the penis which is inside the body, idk. that makes me kek to no end bc all post SRS trannies are still walking around with a chunk of penis that they will never get rid of. men literally know fuck all about their dumb ass anatomy , let alone a woman’s

No. 1618497

Me too, but at least women come together and figure things out to do secretly. Always have. Men stomp their feet and their logic is “well if they’re dead they can’t argue with me so nyehh”.

No. 1618499

File: 1660748706077.jpg (136.94 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_20220817-105556_Boo…)

Fucking sadist. Also, this entire post:

No. 1618500

Exactly. They are just like any other abusive pieces of shit who switch the narrative at any given moment to fit their beliefs. Another example that comes to mind is how so many call themselves butch lesbians and post on subreddits for actual butch lesbians, but then when JKR had that luncheon and some famous radfem butches were there, the same troons were calling them men. Nothing they say makes any sense, it’s just whatever props them up and shits on women.

No. 1618503

File: 1660749366330.jpg (177.28 KB, 726x1200, FaVJlAOXgAQ75Kn.jpg)

He is denying when people clock him as trans but you know everyone already knows, so whos the real idiot here

No. 1618507

he wants a pity party thrown for his male ass but he alone made the decision to go down this path. play stupid games, win stupid prizes. while he's at it why not cry about the hormones giving him early onset dementia and cancer?

No. 1618508

Their whole existence revolves around us. We are their gods.

No. 1618511

Lol why does he think anyone should care? Women are made to do uncomfortable shit all the time. Does that not give him euphoria?

No. 1618516

File: 1660750354076.png (133.04 KB, 1156x690, Untitled 2.png)

Love how they just insert their dicks even when no one said anything about wanting them.

No. 1618517

Protect your babies, nonnies. I never let my little one out of my sight either. If any of these freaks dared to so much approach us I would castrate them on the spot, thereby giving them the freedom from their "gocks" they so desperately crave. Fucking degenerates.

No. 1618521

A huge part of my terf awakening was giving birth to a daughter and realizing 1) how hostile the world still is for girls despite all the much-hyped “progress” since my childhood, and 2) how much mothers contribute to society and how hidden and underappreciated their labor still is. Men could never understand, and the fact they think they can by incompetently LARPing as us is frankly offensive.

No. 1618525

he literally looks special needs oh my god.

No. 1618534

File: 1660753597574.jpg (1.25 MB, 2560x1920, 22-08-17-11-18-00-477_deco.jpg)

Male moment

No. 1618535

File: 1660753734733.jpeg (132.5 KB, 1169x1718, 6BF4DFDE-F8E9-4A7F-9B50-31A789…)

100 gecs has cancelled their whole tour and Lollapalooza gig in support of a new album because of sexual misconduct/grooming rumors from Laura Les. Their discord is in full damage control mode

No. 1618540

No way, Laura Les is a confirmed creep? Happy to have more of a valid reason to hate this shitty band lol

No. 1618543

Right now it’s just rumors and their discord server deleting posts, we’ll see if a media outlet is willing to put their twans princess

No. 1618548

There doesn't seem to be anything about it on twitter so far but canceling an entire tour seems like a pretty big deal, so it's only a matter of time before the internet catches on

No. 1618554

He drank antifreeze
Wtf. Do you have any links to articles or anything about this nonny?

No. 1618567

File: 1660757117969.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x2560, 22-08-17-18-23-47-045_deco.jpg)

His face is even more disturbing than his body
Also some based comments

No. 1618568

Is Laura Les the tranny member? What did he do?

No. 1618575

Where is she? Is she behind the ugly man?

No. 1618590

I keep seeing the intersex discussion in multiple threads. Here's a good explanation of the phenomenon that helped me understand this whole thing.


No. 1618595

i fell like radfem is going to become the new marxist: a new way of looking edgy while understanding nothing to radfem theory so that you don't sound "like the other wokes"

No. 1618600

reminds me of the mid 2010s tumblr "baeddel" clique who called themselves radical feminists while hating "CAFABs" ("cis" women but even more so TIFs, they took literally every single reason to hate MTF trannies and projected it on TIFs) because "CAMABs are the most marginalized of womyn". unsurprisingly nearly all of them got outed one by one as predators

No. 1618602

File: 1660759764836.png (963.86 KB, 608x933, F83406CA-83A5-4372-93A4-07B645…)

What on earth is the deal with this one? Does his wife play along with this? Is she being forced into it? Is she even still actually alive or just a corpse he’s propping up?

No. 1618604

his head is almost twice the size of hers. incredible.
i just hope she's not sharing her lipstick tube, they have the exact same lip tint and moid mouths are disgusting.

No. 1618605

Absolutely disgusting, but I must say I enjoy scrotes chopping off their dicks and mutilating themselves. Next step is 41%.

No. 1618619

File: 1660760896064.jpg (573.3 KB, 2261x1920, FaQlNWKUcAE4X_2.jpg)

Imagine giving birth to a child and it ends up becoming this

No. 1618623

She' got to see that her husband is basically skin walking as her, right? Like, this isn't cute or normal. Its fucking creepy.

No. 1618636

He looks like a fucking angry bird

No. 1618638

File: 1660762607961.jpeg (357.67 KB, 750x794, E5A47F0E-84EC-4A98-8871-5C3283…)

No. 1618643

Definitely looks like she's playing along or at least did his make-up herself.

They have the exact same make-up down to the same shitty eyebrows. Not only do they likely share the same lipstick tube, it seems like they share the same everything else as well.

No. 1618645

abort all male fetuses or die trying. women have the power to stop birthing our oppressors. that’s why men always legislate against abortion.

No. 1618646

This is severely creepy and unsettling.

No. 1618648

no one was ever debating if you degenerates exist or not. That's pretty fucking loud and clear. We're debating the fact that shouldn't be in our spaces and claiming you (men) are women. Hope that's easier to understand!

No. 1618649

he’s skinwalking her.

No. 1618662

File: 1660763633565.jpeg (23.52 KB, 400x300, 1133307_Genesis_and_Lady_Jaye.…)

This is giving the same horrorcow vibes as when Genesis P-Orridge trooned out and got plastic surgery to skinwalk his wife. And of course he was also another AGP misogynistic abuser:


No. 1618685

my reading comprehension might suck rn but i don't understand. did laura les abuse someone or did he come forward with allegation against someone else? any more pressing evidence than a cancellation notification on this? before i realized that one of their members was a tranny i got tickets for a show of theirs in europe which got moved multiple times because of covid. if he sexually abused someone i sure as hell won't go there, was debating it anyway but since i already bought the tickets i already gave a tranny my money technically kek

No. 1618687

I hate when people defend Gen so much. A sick pedophile freak. Look up the TOPY children

No. 1618691

i can't find anything about this online & this screenshot talks about a gig that was meant to be played last month, i don't doubt that there's grooming rumours to do with them but we need more proof

No. 1618692

any updates? i hope the discord was archived. can't believe they have so many pathetic minions to cover for them.

No. 1618704

File: 1660768212465.jpeg (74.72 KB, 586x680, FaEXoLQWYAAfSVB.jpeg)

Reaction to an ugly moid

No. 1618705

File: 1660768262704.jpeg (151.77 KB, 777x1507, FaEXoLOXwAA2Ngr.jpeg)

vs a literal pretty princess.
But us womenz live life on easy mode, amirite?

No. 1618716

This was posted before.

No. 1618720

friendly reminder for those unaware but Eli Erlick is a self admitted rapist of women

No. 1618723

not doubting you, do you have a screenshot?

No. 1618730

File: 1660770385266.jpeg (471.15 KB, 750x1527, 7D56C00C-83C6-4F0E-BD0D-4854CC…)

A TIF posted her story on tumblr: https://archive.is/z07KC

No. 1618732

File: 1660770951816.jpg (115.82 KB, 720x895, Screenshot_20220818_001615.jpg)

IDK if they tried to be ironic….

No. 1618733

I mean, at this point they’re right kek

No. 1618734

File: 1660771009769.jpg (601.04 KB, 1880x2931, FaXjHFCX0AUAKsE.jpg)

how sexy pukes

No. 1618735

File: 1660771048513.png (605.21 KB, 725x818, drag.png)

>drags are considered trannies now

No. 1618741

can't find anything with that search criteria nona

No. 1618743

File: 1660771881159.jpg (258.81 KB, 1284x1962, FaO6iDtWIAAOlHE.jpg)

No. 1618744

File: 1660771912676.jpg (106.88 KB, 752x1443, FZ_PxY8VUAAOLhn.jpg)

No. 1618750

File: 1660772385671.jpeg (702.55 KB, 1170x1869, B825D2A8-7852-48FD-9437-D7938A…)

troids shut up challenge

No. 1618756

File: 1660772538755.jpg (638.45 KB, 1536x2048, FaMkdcGXEAAq9PR.jpg)

>still editing his alien chin

No. 1618759

very feminine of him to protect rape apes over women. sisters not cisters amirite

No. 1618763

File: 1660773168089.png (315.72 KB, 775x843, oof.png)

troons and the alphabet people calling publicly available videos from Boston Childrens Hospital,"harassment" just because the libs account pointed out what they're doing.

No. 1618769

It's funny that a moid like this is into getting choked when he could get killed with more ease because his Adam's apple is like an auto-destruction button that if pressed too hard it would kill him.

No. 1618770

God, the blur in this makes me feel like I need new glasses.

No. 1618772

File: 1660773826717.png (537.05 KB, 731x888, where.png)


No. 1618777

>and then u ask a guy to choke you and slap you and he’s like "uhh idk i don’t wanna hurt you"
No shit retard this hypothetical male wants to hurt women.

No. 1618779

Wow, I thought it was, like, natural for him - being “feminine”
I mean, he feeeels this way, right? He always was a woman, right?

No. 1618782

File: 1660774436471.png (3.98 MB, 1865x1268, 3453455435445453345345.png)

Imagine making tiktoks about wanting to swap lives with your sister and how you lived your life in jealousy of her to the point of skinwalking her

I would be so scared for my safety with my brother being such a psycho

No. 1618791

That is the most masculine frame I've seen in a long time, pure inverted triangle massive shoulders.

No. 1618792

It looks like he got stuck in a funnel

No. 1618795

he looks like my ex brb killing myself

No. 1618805

hips? Wait until I enter that bathroom and push him out with my female hips and elbows.

No. 1618807

File: 1660775856975.jpg (2.37 MB, 2560x2560, 22-08-17-23-23-53-153_deco.jpg)


No. 1618810

Both these scrotes exemplify why teenage boys shouldn't be allowed to date. They both latched onto some poor girl's vagina, took the person for granted for a decade, and definitely dragged her through turmoil until it finally became too much and the woman had to run away. They end up even more entitled and abusive than average scrotes. Both those women have had their whole lives absolutely derailed and ruined.

No. 1618815

File: 1660776711630.jpeg (196.35 KB, 826x961, 77E245D1-B5F0-49D0-89C6-FE5EDC…)

No. 1618837

In the early 2000s I was really into ptv and I loved their pandrogyny era at the time. I really looked up to genesis because I was young and naive. He did tarot readings for me and sent me very sweet letters, I was 16. When I found out all the pedophilia accusations I was really genuinely gutted. In hindsight I feel stupid but I was a teenager.

No. 1618838

this is so fucking disgusting, holy shit. the amount of trauma and confusion this girl is gonna go through because of this is so heartbreaking.

No. 1618839

isn’t that the troon that steals pictures of women? im pretty sure i’ve seen him in one of the previous threads pulling this shit.

No. 1618843

Yes, this is the scrote who's obsessed with posting pictures of women from like the 80's, mostly Sigourney Weaver, and claiming it's him to own the terfs or whatever

No. 1618846

holy shit if he sucks in any harder he’ll disappear

No. 1618847

Wtf is up with the weapon belt

No. 1618849

Goth mark zuckerberg

No. 1618851

File: 1660780292502.jpeg (482.42 KB, 1536x2048, FXfJyg3XoAE14Jf.jpeg)

No. 1618852

File: 1660780445243.png (1.7 MB, 1239x2048, chrome_screenshot_166078045809…)

No. 1618860

Men like this are suicidal because deep down they know they deserve to die. This scrote even wants to pretend there's some separate Mr. Hyde personality that a bog standard psychiatric medication is suppressing. They'll do anything except admit that they're pieces of shit.

No. 1618861

he works at target and can drive a forklift, so guess he needs a knife to open boxes, nothing more to that belt. And now I feel sick, because I looked at his twitter for more than 3 minutes

maybe today I will have nightmares from someone else instead of my mother, thank you, nona. Why do I always look at their twitter, it's horrible and this one is very, very horrible. He thinks he is hot, hot, doesn't he have eyes?

No. 1618862

Based song about 90% of zoomers who are too lazy to work so they make OFS nasty scrote though.

No. 1618864

File: 1660781017153.png (9.82 MB, 1242x2208, 03568CEF-19D7-4DC6-A676-EB830C…)

No. 1618865


Holy Christ on stick, I guess at a certain point troonery is the only way you’d ever get any attention.

No. 1618868

File: 1660781160932.jpeg (989.28 KB, 1242x1505, A150DF93-7E67-4F12-BA64-638528…)

No. 1618870

File: 1660781329384.jpg (751.41 KB, 810x1648, Screenshot_20220817-200518_Boo…)

Now he can physically abuse women without social consequence

No. 1618880

File: 1660782613106.png (691.01 KB, 1298x2048, chrome_screenshot_166078233229…)

Troon 'hurt and angry' that his wife doesn't find him sexually attractive anymore.

No. 1618884

>maybe I'm not as bi as I thought I was
not sure from the post if she actually is bi or only claiming so to validate her husband's womansona but being bi doesn't mean she has to be into trannies

No. 1618888

File: 1660783856891.jpg (489.46 KB, 1668x1021, FaEQUU_WIAIJjzJ.jpg)

that forced smile

No. 1618889

I'm 99% sure she's trying to validate her troonband's ways. It's an easy way out.
>Be woman
>Have husband Troon out
>Easy way out is saying sorry I'm straight/not bi
>Do not get cancelled/posted on reddit because it's okay, you're not a lesbian

No. 1618892

lil orphan Mannie

No. 1618895

They literally cannot let us have one damn thing to ourselves. My hatred for males is eternal

No. 1618897

Poor wife. She wasted her entire youth on this scrote. Men act so entitled, it's amazing. And he's the one angry at HER.

No. 1618906

No. 1618907

this thread makes me audibly say "ew" so frequently when I check it that my Nigel called it the tranny-hater sound

No. 1618908

Yeah it’s easier than saying she’s not attracted to a man on HRT who acts like a perv all day.

No. 1618911

Lmao fuck yeah love to see a based couple

No. 1618921

File: 1660787507755.jpeg (161.16 KB, 715x999, what a turd.jpeg)

No. 1618923

This dude literally sounds like he’s retarded. Kudos to his ex for getting the fuck out.

No. 1618924

File: 1660787949526.jpeg (148.34 KB, 719x1352, true turd.jpeg)

So retarded even half of mtf reddit told him to STFU.

No. 1618928

Goddamn you truly have to be a special case for the Reddit hivemind to turn on you!

No. 1618931

Christ he's fucking bitter kek I hope he never sees the kids again, you just know he'd be ranting to them about how much of an awful evil bigoted whore he thinks their mother is

No. 1618932

you cannot debate yourself into existence!

No. 1618933

Someone hook him up with Kathy the Park Bench pinup, I heard she’s looking for finsubs

No. 1618936

Dude is trying some narc manipulation bullshit on a redditor who gave him practical advice, I can only imagine what his wife has had to put up with.

No. 1618937

Girl don’t even read that shit, just forward it to your divorce attorney and yeet the selfish scrote.

No. 1618938

Nonny, I think he's supposed to be the findomme, but they could always do a latex tea party photoshoot together.

No. 1618939

Women are out here reproducing with just anyone, aren’t they? How is this man a father of FOUR(!) when he has the mental capacity of a toddler.

No. 1618950

Ikr, like not to sound like a bitch but maybe women should be pickier. I’ll never understand a woman who willingly latches herself to a dead end male

No. 1618959

Exactly. The love the huge boobs, they don't care about the back pain or the sweat rash but they'll scream if they see a patch of intertrigo like you want huge boobs mate? That's the reality.

No. 1618960

It's sort of surprising how troons run all of reddit, but mtf itself isn't even a big or particularly popular sub.

No. 1618962

I caught onto that too, the
> biohacking

so am I biohacking my brain chemistry? no I'm just taking ritalin. Nothing amazing/cyberpunk about it. Just pills.

No. 1619002

Kek it's for the same reason that gender neutral bathrooms are empty or only used by normies because they are empty

No. 1619010

Not just sexually assaulted, full on raped. With her female penis.

No. 1619012

File: 1660795577842.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x2142, EDA40954-826E-42FB-9F2E-C212DE…)

how have his lips not burst

No. 1619013

there's a tranny at my work who used the work slack channel to take suggestions for his roller derby name. infuriated me.

No. 1619014

He's probably so close to killing himself.

No. 1619016

buddy looks like those humans from ice age with that unfortunate brow bridge lmao

No. 1619018

Apologies I'm a data scientist and not really good with medical/horrific crimes against nature expert. But by this same vein, how do they not all prolapse? Like how does the hole stay internal to the axe wound? I just always assumed its like a dress pocket just shoved up in there not really attached to anything internal. Is it sewn along the anus to keep upright? And that's why so many breach through?

No. 1619025

what a fucking loser, what drugs is this absolute lunatic on. the soon to be ex-wife must be thrilled she can finally be free and turn her life around.

No. 1619026

>4 kids
Who the fuck has time with 4 kids to find a whole new identity? Demigirl probably was fine with not being so demi with traditional gender roles in child rearing.

No. 1619040

File: 1660799383518.jpg (496.18 KB, 810x1872, Screenshot_20220818-010345_Boo…)

Same troon just posted this passing validation tale. Why are they all like this kek

No. 1619044

For real. If men had to raise their own kids, they wouldn't have so much free time to cause trouble. "There's nobody as single as a new dad." I think we found one, a father of fucking four. They really never stop thinking of themselves as single and free of any adult responsibilities. And then watch how mad they all get at actually single childless women who just won't play into any of it.

No. 1619045

>Legally change gender marker
>Order drugs from e-doctor using my shiny fake female gender marker
>Doctor thinks I'm the most hideous woman ever but has to trust whatever I put on the paperwork
>Doctor prescribes drugs better suited for female bodies
>They don't work
>Doctor has to pull out the big guns
>Coom when she likens it to an abortion pill
>Euphoria when I inform her I was just sexy roleplaying on my healthcare paperwork
>I totally passed! Male fail amirite fellow ladies?

No. 1619046

File: 1660801036521.jpeg (491.97 KB, 750x3502, 0C2BAE54-FE5E-437C-946E-D38BF3…)

so apparently a troon used pictures of an actual woman to catfish trans reddit. creepy af.

No. 1619049

This isn't even the first time I've seen moids brag about lying to a customer service rep or doctor, and then act shocked or amazed or offended that the person played along. That's just corporate policy, dumbasses. If you just go off the information the customer provides, they have less opportunities to sue or file a complaint.

No. 1619060

File: 1660802694084.png (4.3 KB, 418x44, Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 02-02…)

Wonder why the transvestic skinwalker got suspended? I agree something's really off here. Anyone think this is a shoop or something? Would explain the suspension. Here's some caps from his old account:

No. 1619061

This is what my body dismorphia tells me I look like

No. 1619062

… a relatively normal girl?

No. 1619066

i checked her insta out of curiosity and she’s very cute. the person who created the catfish account is probably a guy she knows irl who seethes with jealousy at her mere existence and wishes to wear her skin.

No. 1619079

this is why you should never post any pictures of yourself to the public. Scammers and troons can use it too and you will have to pick up the pieces. Poor girl

No. 1619081

File: 1660806207619.jpeg (251.28 KB, 750x2231, 45FE00B5-EAE9-4BEB-83A5-3B495D…)

he’d been asking people to draw pictures of this girl while pretending to be her. so fucking creepy. i hope she’s safe, some psycho is obsessed with her.

No. 1619086

File: 1660806589328.jpg (682.26 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220818-090844_Red…)

Surprising considering they post swingers and polyfag shit all the time. I guess he has to look real repulsive now.

No. 1619088

File: 1660806703733.jpg (359.61 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_20220818-091133_Red…)

Jesus christ what a winner

No. 1619089

File: 1660806715048.jpg (108.74 KB, 640x852, iq0w2f2d30a71.jpg)

Found some specimens while snooping for the catfish's purged activity.

No. 1619090

File: 1660806786153.jpg (2.27 MB, 3120x4208, kh8jnuxp8nk81.jpg)

Fucking wow

No. 1619095

File: 1660807318436.png (223.84 KB, 320x427, aHR0cHM6Ly9wcmV2aWV3LnJlZGQuaX…)

She kind of looks like Shayna tbh (still a million times better looking than any troon will be though)

No. 1619098

File: 1660807646676.jpg (316.34 KB, 1080x1161, Screenshot_20220818-092820.jpg)

damn I thought it might've just been an anon trying to troll and piss off trannies by posting random pics of girls, but there's probably an actual creepy troon scrote behind this. Grim.

No. 1619099

File: 1660807777835.jpg (920.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220818-032725_Boo…)

That's /u/cutejessli. We had some good laughs about him like 30 threads back. First before pic I've seen of him.

No. 1619100

File: 1660808318350.jpg (74.72 KB, 640x853, 5h2mks3hmjl71.jpg)

No. 1619105

Stop posting this random girl's selfies, this is the mtf thread, not a victims of catfishing thread.

No. 1619111

What pisses me off the most about this sort of this sort of stuff is that it deprives people who really do need the drugs the use unnecessarily with their retard larping. The entitlement of men knows no boundaries.

No. 1619122

That would just encourage more people to troon out

No. 1619125

this one simultaneously looks like a toddler and an elderly person wtf…and I would never ever guess he was even trying to pass if I saw him anywhere else

No. 1619126

not relatively. she's straight up normal and cute. I feel bad that she's being cyberstalked and who knows what else.

No. 1619144

Fuck, he deleted his account. According to her, he made "owo I'm so dysphoric" posts and all the troons were licking his ass. What a fucking creep. Did someone at least archive his front page?

No. 1619148

No. 1619151

ot but anyone else feel bad for objects that are forced to be inside homes with these goblins? like the hoover in the back… it could be in a nice home with normal people, but its stuck in a tranny shithole that smells of mildew, piss, and old semen.

No. 1619154

kek how do these troons expect a moid to take them home to their family looking like that? can't even babytrap a moid

No. 1619156

She had every opportunity to get out, this moid is a walking red flag. I can't really feel sorry for her. Wasted all that time on a degenerate moid, that shit has to hurt.

No. 1619157

I feel dispare after reading his posts.

No. 1619160


What peaked me is realizing they are literally all the same it’s not a few “bad apples” that are acting inappropriate it’s all of them they’re all degenerate freaks living for the coom

No. 1619170

exactly. this is obviously another case of AGP, but even HSTS have AGP tendencies and they are just as misogynist as the AGPs.

No. 1619172

What sane person would transition from chad lite to looking like a smack head granny hooker if it wasn't for the coom, kekek

No. 1619183

I've noticed a large increase in troon in my very small norf fc city kek, the contrast between them and actual women is INSANE. They all dress like teenage e girls making a tiktok video even though you can tell they're 30+ yo very funny.

No. 1619184

File: 1660822356130.gif (1.56 MB, 480x360, 5CCFAB4A-4CA7-4881-9816-4C1A9F…)

No. 1619201

File: 1660824529320.jpg (145.66 KB, 1080x978, Screenshot_20220818-080730_Tik…)

>@Ann Rios:as someone who used that exact excuse to say i wasn’t trans i’m glad to see im not the only one and that it definitely gets better
>"exact excuse" being a fetishist
>picrel, that bio

No. 1619204

Goddesses, they all look and act the same. Is that the rise of a new religion?

Transgenderism is christianism and patriarchism is judaism. They still hate women but now sex isn't real but also we still have magical souls that differentiate men and women? Men are so hateful and always lying.

No. 1619233

don't forget that
>they probably also have a really bad camera, use filters or are in an overlighted/underlighted room and this makes the doctor think they really are the most ugly woman they have ever seen
Also, I see since last month more troons since in comparison to before too. I am really good at clocking them and a lot of them are very tall men mostly over 40 transitioning…

No. 1619243

It’s already disgusting that he did this but the fact that it was with lollipops makes my skin crawl. I hate men so much.

No. 1619263

it's like the creepy tranny from the manti teo doc

No. 1619284

You only get banned if you take credit for it here so tip away kek

No. 1619290

UK suffragettes used bombs to get the vote. If women could be relied on to use violence when it's appropriate we'd still have abortion rights nationwide. Violence is the only tool that has ever won any underclass any rights in all of history.

No. 1619295

File: 1660836059074.jpg (Spoiler Image, 506.18 KB, 1726x1666, 018959752901571057091.jpg)

This pedophile is allowed into women and girls' changing rooms.

No. 1619303

same fag but just a heads up nonnies if you want to link something from tiktok it will be connected to your account unless you use a burner

No. 1619313

File: 1660837057074.jpg (53.85 KB, 750x546, tumblr_osmws4WaWM1vev0lro1_128…)

he subconsciously knows a lesbian wouldn't like him for being a man lmao.
what a womanly experience for a lesbian to forget she is one.

No. 1619328

File: 1660838663165.jpeg (51.95 KB, 526x526, 18A436E1-F73B-49A8-B1F6-018481…)

Trannies stop comparing your larp to the historical reality of black people in the United States challenge

No. 1619330

File: 1660838829014.jpg (86.13 KB, 1200x588, FaY5bnGXkAAMoFU.jpg)

Fucking disgusting porn coomer brain

No. 1619336

File: 1660838993807.png (39.23 KB, 946x320, delusional.png)

This delusional moid is purposely mistaking his gastro issues for period cramps.
>few good 7/10 cramps where it felt like my pelvic region was being squeezed
>I feel really affirmed
Fuck off lol. Nothing pisses me off more than AGPs fetishizing women's pain. Actual women who have painful cramps and heavy cycles are dealing with tumorous fibroids or endometriosis. Both can cause infertility if left untreated and endometriosis increases the risk of cancer. Most women are underdiagnosed so they aren't aware of these issues until it's too late. This shit is not uwu cute and affirming.
I'm black. We do not like trannies and we will never accept them kek.

No. 1619339

This is the new Munchausen

No. 1619340

File: 1660839130772.jpg (75.82 KB, 768x768, dbpv5s0-a5975737-0d70-484d-b49…)

This is fucking appropriation, Columbiners are a female community, males are not tolerated and trannies are hated(seriously I have met some uber-based women in the TCC community)

No. 1619341

Worshipping school shooters is even more deranged than being a tranny.

No. 1619350

I hope more trannies follow in his example, let's help these pedos join the 41%

No. 1619354

Lmao fuck off cow, hybristophiles are just as deranged & degenerate as troons. Cooming to mass murdering moids isn’t any more “based” than cooming in your mother’s bra.

No. 1619378

White men want to be oppressed so bad.

No. 1619379

File: 1660843096841.jpeg (184.72 KB, 828x910, 787B0D7D-8B1F-491D-8896-C8B134…)

this shit is so repulsive to me

No. 1619380


No. 1619382

anyone have an update on the whole laura les thing? i’m actually super curious about that

No. 1619384

it’s always some weird fucking zoophile shit with them LEAVE THE BUNNIES ALONE!

i know a tranny irl and once they were talking, in reference to his cat, about how he’s like a “bratty bottom - he’s protesting but it’s all part of the game” when said tranny was trying to pet his cat. that moment actually peaked me. they’re so fucking disgusting

No. 1619386

Trans women would in reality probably abuse their pet rabbits they're obviously talking about. Rabbits are such special animals which require an immense amount of knowledge to care for them properly. Fuck off troons.

No. 1619388

His real train of thought was probably more like "she wouldn't like me because she's a lesbian and im a dude" "oh wait im a transbian teehee" They are fetishists and they also know it.

No. 1619412

He has obviously never even looked at neovagina result pictures.

No. 1619420

Troon logic is always so god damned porn-brained and warped.
>your family is religious so they'll probably prefer incest to you being a tranny
What the actual fuck.

No. 1619428

File: 1660847670627.png (122.24 KB, 402x439, 20E5B62A-1E02-477F-BA2B-18DAF4…)

i didn’t see this posted anywhere but the pic made me laugh

No. 1619434

Which place, left or right?

No. 1619438

One eye on the tiddies, and one eye on the terfs

No. 1619443

What laura les thing?

No. 1619450

this is him looking at the average troon boobs

No. 1619456

File: 1660850472804.webm (1.04 MB, 576x1024, IMG_5764.MOV.webm)

No. 1619458

the fuck does this even mean

No. 1619460

You’re not as quirky as you think you are posting this. Go outside and get some empathy, hideous males who murder innocent people aren’t worth building a community around and circle jerking how you’re different and could’ve saved them but uwu they’re so cool and dangerous. Sick freak. Hope you never have to experience violence like that because it’s not something to idolize.

No. 1619464

Kindly fuck off. You and your brain damage are not wanted here.

No. 1619466

Literally everything is porn to those deranged moids

No. 1619469

And of course this wasn't said by a black person lol.

No. 1619471

someone tell him that cramps are caused from uterine contractions. they literally have no idea how the female body works.

No. 1619474

File: 1660852130880.jpg (65.83 KB, 780x836, 1660074019957.jpg)

AH yes George Takei, a man who was convinced he was gay when an older man began a groomed and began sexual relationship with him when he was just 13

No. 1619485

hes shit but why did you copy this word for word from the celeb thread

No. 1619493

File: 1660854023497.jpeg (1.29 MB, 2448x3526, 435CED5B-E9FF-44F7-B65E-1E9E43…)

holy crusty foundation.

No. 1619500

One eye looking at you and the other looking for a bus around the corner

This is bollox tbh. Its gay men and spicy straights doing BDSM with eachother. I rarely EVER see real lesbians doing BDSM

No. 1619505

there are some cool "old leather" BDSM women in my city, but they're a tiny minority compared to the gay moids and spicy straights. it's mostly degenerate scrotes and whatever hapless women they can suck into it

No. 1619524

>>1619340 shut the fuck up scrote

No. 1619562

Fyi Eric and Dylan would 100% be AGPs in 2022. They both are the two types of troons (psychopath who wants to hurt and control women and self loathing ugly sadboy)

We’re going to get a legitimate tranny school shooter in the next 2 years I bet. Uvalde was just gender special; we’re going to get a real, anime pfp, Chapo listening trannoid who takes out an all girls school at some point.

No. 1619581

File: 1660862031946.png (476.76 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220818-193218.png)


No. 1619583

If I saw that as I was drowning I would just inhale the sea into my lungs and embrace the void instead of calling for help

No. 1619588

I can’t even figure out what’s going on here between the face and body.

No. 1619590

Troons not revealing their fetishes in every statement challenge (impossible)

No. 1619592

Why are his shoulders like that but the rest is skinny

No. 1619595

Well at least he’s sending death threats to conservative moids and not terfs this time

No. 1619608

File: 1660864180586.jpeg (94.23 KB, 1200x634, 46217962-9617-45F5-8879-EFD120…)


He has the shoulders of Ronnie Coleman, literally a joke

No. 1619697

File: 1660869061053.jpeg (145.58 KB, 827x951, E6EFB94F-8619-48AC-8192-8221EB…)

This is not a fair comparison

No. 1619707

File: 1660870089398.jpg (45.44 KB, 680x703, 1654659551890.jpg)

Because having a discussion would just result in proving that the troons have caused reprehensible damage to society. There's so much damning evidence and
examples out there since 2015, so they have to resort to physical threats >>1617367
since they know they have no leg to stand on.

No. 1619709

Check the thread before posting. It was only posted nine hours ago. >>1619328

No. 1619710

because that's how scrawny scrotes are built it's just male anatomy

No. 1619726

This should be the next threadpic.

No. 1619727

File: 1660872097855.png (158.99 KB, 814x837, FaeaD3LXgAA-zKu.png)

bleak. no way this kid's friends aren't absolutely roasting him behind his back, too.

No. 1619729

samefag but they're also THIRTEEN. they don't fucking 'love' each other, they're children who have been 'dating' for a month.

No. 1619733

Is this not the singer from Buckcherry

No. 1619735

Not to derail, but he was actually appointed to office to keep an eye out for Selener.

No. 1619737

File: 1660873547805.jpeg (446.91 KB, 1170x2499, EE1F82D8-B60F-43D6-B23F-82BA54…)

>dick ratings
so is he asking for dick picks? are the dick ratings free or is he charging for them? kek.

No. 1619738

conservative suburb, the kids met at a baseball game, his 13 yr old guy friends don't care as long as "she" plays MLB The Show 21 with them (I don't know a single teenage kid who plays MLB lmao that franchise is fucking dead) and his parents can tell he LoVEs "her" and have no problem with them being alone in his room together even though he hasn't even had the talk yet

this is just some scrote writing out some sick pornsick fanfic.

No. 1619739

the way I cackled

No. 1619742

File: 1660874012578.gif (2.39 MB, 498x308, scary-maze-exorcist.gif)

No. 1619745

Considering the rest it does seem like it's a "service", I wonder if he actually makes any money if that's the case

No. 1619747

kek at his name being ''dakoda rose''

No. 1619750

Even leaving the trans issue aside, who allows a 13-year-old to date?? These parents are nuts.

No. 1619751

Obvious SW account nonna

No. 1619759

i know, but why would someone pay for a dick rating? especially from that creature. men are so fucked in the head.

No. 1619767

that’s just how men be

No. 1619769


The eyes are giving shotgun victim

No. 1619772


Not to derail, but at least when I was in elementary, I definitely wasn't 'allowed' to date.. but it was one of those things where I think my parents were just like meh, gonna happen anyway, let's just make sure she's informed… Everyone "dated" when we were 13.

No. 1619785


No. 1619788

This sounds fake as hell honestly. It’s even written like a writing exercise.

No. 1619797

File: 1660881509871.jpeg (591.24 KB, 750x1257, E27DDA45-1320-4270-A015-DE6798…)

this shit is so sad, fuck troons who trap women into miserable marriages.

No. 1619798

Fuck this is too depressing. Why can't they just die with that shit being a secret? Why burden her with this information unless you plan to push her and your goal post again and again? These women put so much into these relationships just to get the worst conclusions jfc.

No. 1619801

File: 1660882537038.jpeg (149.97 KB, 1170x591, EBED057C-3D91-4D25-9FFF-CB4AB7…)

TiMs hide your porn addiction challenge (failed)

No. 1619812

File: 1660884533249.jpg (472.78 KB, 810x1753, Screenshot_20220819-004637_Chr…)

>Lotta trans girls who are technically victims of american fgm

No. 1619815

File: 1660884959516.jpg (118.65 KB, 1080x1669, FB_IMG_1660884668445.jpg)

I keked at the troon with the cane, I clocked him even before seeing the troon flag bag. Obviously a feminist film festival has to include them.

No. 1619817

File: 1660885138514.jpg (324.53 KB, 1080x998, Screenshot_20220819-005847_Chr…)

>a girl's foreskin

No. 1619818

what country ?

No. 1619820

Montréal in Canada.

No. 1619821

fucking hell, If someone turns rightwing seeing that posted I wouldn't blame them

No. 1619824

It does have every stereotypes, the dangerhair fat white woman, the hijabi woman, the token black woman and the the disabled troon.

No. 1619827

So he's mad because some moids and minimoids get their foreskin removed out of the concern of the doctors and parents because the retard never learnt how to wash his foreskin.
The religious aspect is dumb, but if it's for medical reasons due to the neglect of his own hygiene then it's honestly a dumb shit to mald about. Like, if you think about it, a circumcised moid that isn't a Jewish is probably so nasty that he had to get that shit removed.

No. 1619828

File: 1660886446497.jpeg (462.59 KB, 750x704, 305DF58D-55D9-481F-8880-DB8E7B…)

He looks fucking sweaty and fat like one of those hams with string kek

No. 1619838

you hilarious angel you

No. 1619854

They don’t know what FGM actually is, do they

No. 1619856

So do we leave keffe|s to the other farms?

No. 1619858

He gets posted on occasion when he does something stupid but we don't monitor his every move like kf does. Didn't he just get doxed twice in a row, though?

No. 1619859

File: 1660892446492.jpeg (57.83 KB, 700x394, fetchimage.jpeg)

His forehead is so small. Ice Age Baby looking ass.
I would. I don't want those scrotes shitting up the place when their site inevitably gets DDOS'd again.

No. 1619860

Looks like he pulled the wig down way too far, probably balding.

No. 1619861

hope the wires are still connected to the power jack, sick freak
why ar eyou even upvoting this? It sounds fake as hell like 90% of the reddit stories
damn, why does she even stay if she is the bread maker, pays for HIS children and cleans most of the time?
at least they are right about the disabled troon part, although they are only mentally disabled and not physical. Sad disabled women have to be put together with troons as a person in the poster instead of being represented by an actual women and not as an afterthought

No. 1619868

and ofc the black one is also a tranny, peep the troon symbol tattoo on his forearm

No. 1619872

They shouldn’t even give them an explanation just tell them that’s the most scrote sentence in history and leave it at that.

No. 1619873

>why ar eyou even upvoting this? It sounds fake as hell like 90% of the reddit stories
nta but this could very well be someone else's screenshot and nona only uploaded it here

No. 1619879

>supported him and his children for 7 years financially 100%
why are these women marrying these leeches??? why???

No. 1619886

I'm sorry but with each of these posts I wonder why women are like this. How is your husband telling you he "feels" like a woman and popping estrogen pills not enough for an IMMEDIATE divorce/break up? Especially since he's been mooching off of her for years and no young children seem to be involved. I just don't get it. He was a useless piece of shit before and now he wants to live out his coom addiction induced by too much free time. Hope she makes he right decision. Fast.

No. 1619888

same, I feel bad for these women but so many seem to be in relationships with men who are openly porn addicts and coomers who will troon out in any moment, like there was one story of a woman who was dating a guy who revealed he was a "sissy" and for someone reason she went along with this relationships and hope he'd turn out normal, she ever got pregnant with his child and mid-way through her pregnancy the guy came out as trans, and she was apparently heartbroken over this
but the whole time I was like "what did you expect"

No. 1619894

I was actually in a Games Workshop store the other day and a troon walked in. He literally just looked like an unimpressive specimen of moid. Wispy receding blonde hair, gamer posture, the only thing that topped me of that he was one of the trans brigade was a pin badge of that ugly fucking pastel pink and blue flag attached to the camo jacket he was wearing.

We really ought to be bullying nerds more.

No. 1619912

Gambler's fallacy.

No. 1619923

It's not that easy. They have been with the men for years, and got married, started a family with them. The moids 100% got them fooled by being lovely and charming in the start. When it starts getting worse, they remember the good times and hope it gets better. You don't blame domestic violence victims for staying, do you? Maybe the women actually believe the hormones and shit the moid starts will help, as 99% of what you find in the internet and from healthcare professionals is just affirm, affirm, affirm.

No. 1619943

Men are so fucking stupid and self-obsessed. I think a lot of people these days will agree that male circumcision is wholly unnecessary, especially if it’s just for aesthetic reasons or “well that’s what my parents did so I’m doing it to my son too”. They should taught basic fucking hygiene and it would be okay. But when males compare it to FGM it boils my blood so much. They aren’t held down without anesthetic. They aren’t having this done with the pure intent to keep them from ever feeling pleasure. They aren’t having most or all of their dicks removed (though obviously that’s what they want so they’re just bringing up shit they don’t actually care about to try and own the women). Like other nonas have said they clearly don’t even know what FGM is to even compare the two.

No. 1619950

a lot of women marry too young and they’ve been too brainwashed by liberal feminism to know any better. they think empowerment means supporting a deadbeat “househusband” who doesn’t even cook or clean, never kink shame, and treat troonism like a legitimate civil rights movement. even though the post is about a gen X couple, the wife isn’t too old to have been groomed by liberal feminism into becoming a living doormat.

No. 1619956

File: 1660909569241.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 209.68 KB, 750x1703, 0D87E8E1-0A31-4B28-915A-6EB619…)

>it’s gonna be one of the pretties kitties that has been posted here.
i mean, the bar for rot pockets is in hell, but i doubt it. also, i hate the word ‘kitty’ as an euphemism for genitalia.

No. 1619958

Wtf? Is that gaping thing supposed to be the “vagina” or is that his asshole?

No. 1619961

File: 1660909943938.jpeg (528.23 KB, 914x2435, BD1A29ED-71D2-4C51-B6CD-866473…)

your height is the least of your problems, bro.

No. 1619973

Trannies cry that nobody wants to hire them and then post shit like this kek

No. 1619980

Absolutely based

No. 1619986

Wow I love him kek that was perfect

No. 1619987

File: 1660912076455.jpg (349.5 KB, 810x1709, Screenshot_20220819-082412_Boo…)

You know what they say. You're not truly trans unless you went thru a nazi phase kek.

No. 1619991

i hope he doesn't harassed from the song though, troons are a rabied bunch that pulls a tantrum even for a song that's only gonna garner 20,000 less views.

No. 1619992

I’m sure he gets plenty of it already. He’s been doing it for a while now and has associated with a lot of GC people.

No. 1619993

File: 1660913100232.png (193.01 KB, 1545x869, coomer.png)

No. 1619996

It looks like they just stuck the dick head on the outside and called it a day.

No. 1620008

he's a man so he probably doesn't get a lot of harassment

No. 1620009

>ywnbaw the song
Perfect! This should be sent to all troons.

No. 1620011

Don't really know where to put this but here goes. My mother is a manager at place that doesnt deal with the public, only business entities, where said business entities bid and purchase bulk product from her company. She is mid 60s, and maybe 1 of 5 women who work in the office. The nature of the business is extremely male dominated , a female customer of hers is rare.

They hire a transwoman to work behind the counter. Because the tim was best suited and despite being super conservative area no discrimination in hiring happened and everyone gets along great.

Except now there is a bathroom issue. Hundreds of men come through each day, and use the men's bathroom. Only the few office women use the female bathroom, there are 2 toilets in it, one of which has not worked in a decade or more, so essentially a 1 person with a stall. Men's bathroom has many partitions due to customer base.

The bathrooms have a deadbolt on the main door leading in. Usually not used. Turn it and it says 'occupied' or 'vacant'.

The transwoman is pre everything except hormones I think, and is very easily clockable. People try their best to not slip up pronouns and apologize when they do, it is mostly older women who arent on the internet and they are showing incredible acceptance. But the women are uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with a biological male. TiM wants in women's bathroom.

Solution: the women begin locking the deabolt to the main door of the women's bathroom while using it, so instead of another person being able to come in and wait at the mirror/sink for the one working stall to open up, the entire bathroom is off limits to anyone except the person who is pissing.

TiM freaked out accusing all the women of seeing him as a man and implying he is a sexual predator and saying the women are afraid of being raped by him and he is being discriminated against.

I agree that the TiM using the male bathroom is literally dangerous to him due to his appearance, in this particular scenario, because the male customer base will no doubt harrass and/or assault him. Which is not cool. So to make everyone comfortable, the womens bathroom gets locked by anyone using it, even the TiM.

Now my mother is terrified of a discrimiation complaint because several meetings have occured and the hiting manager and herself are in a back and forth with HR.

The TiM wants the women to keep the door unlocked, because he is a woman and by locking the main door it implies he is dangerous and not recognized as a woman.

Wtf is going on in this world. I am so mad. The solution was perfect and the TiM rejected it, and wants to control how other women use the women's bathroom. Is that not the most stereotypical male trait?

I peaked recently and keep peaking, like y'all said. Sorry 4 blog.

No. 1620015

remember that there's always a fetishistic aspect to every troon. he's angry they might think he's a pervert because he knows he is one. narcissists like him hate when people see through them. it triggers narcisstic rage.

No. 1620017

Mr. Menno is based as fuck.

No. 1620019

I want to feel sorry for these women, but I can’t fathom the level of pickme-ism it takes to financially support a failmale and clean up after him for 15 YEARS. I’d boot my Nigel to the curb for any of that mess, let alone trooning out.

No. 1620023

They don’t remove the clitoral hood, they remove the entire clitoris you stupid fucking moid. It would be the equivalent of crudely chopping a baby’s entire dick head off.

No. 1620024

File: 1660917103237.png (142.27 KB, 555x400, Screenshot-2019-04-15-at-14.34…)

>removing the clitoral hood

No. 1620027

>The transwoman is pre everything except hormones I think, and is very easily clockable
>the TiM using the male bathroom is literally dangerous to him due to his appearance
this is contradictory. it's not dangerous for a man to use a bathroom for men. gay men use the mens restroom, very effeminate gay men use the mens restroom. it is not dangerous for them and it isn't dangerous for him in this situation either. either way he has to lay in the bed he made for himself, if he does get harrassed by other men then maybe he shouldn't come to work in whatever getup makes him get harrassed. the solution to this isn't women making room for a male, it is male has to obey the office rules like everyone fucking else.

No. 1620028

Come on, nonna, that woman was surely raised to believe that she was a nobody without a man, and that she needed to have kids and take care of a moid for a kiss on the cheek and maybe -maybe- some flowers on her birthday. Do you really think it's that easy to forget that? Specially if she's surrounded by other women and moids that believe in such bullshit, of course she wasn't going to wake up any sooner.

No. 1620033

>Unsaged blogpost
>Reddit spacing
>Saying a TiM should still be allowed to use the women's restroom for his own "safety"
Newfag detected

No. 1620042

I agree to an extent but there are literal cops there because fights between men do break out kek. I am certain that the TiM would get beat up if seen in men's bathroom. But you are totally right I do not understand why the women are the ones to accommodate his safety instead of asking the men to, or moving a cop to inside the male bathroom if it really gets to that point? Everyone seems to agree that the men will act unreasonable and that's just life… which is so incredibly shitty. So yes I totally agree but I also do forsee the TiM getting jumped when trying to go in men's….not the women's problem though….I do think a person shpuld be able to wear what they want and not be a target, bio male or bio female, unless it is advocating violence like a nazi symbol or something extreme. I hate this so much. So much 'men gonna men, why try to fix it' with the bathroom issue it is so horribly sexist.

You're right I am newfag here, newly peaked and it just keeps getting worse. I think I understand why it is still and issue he uses the female bathroom despite it being single occupancy…the more I think on it. It is not the women's fault nor responsobility to accomodate him because men are shitty….wtf is going on in the world.

Sorry for no sage thought I did on 1st one realized I did not on these replies.. forgive me. Or not. I will learn. I typed sage in email for sure on this one.

No. 1620056

File: 1660919943205.jpg (192.97 KB, 1241x2001, 3ExihGQ.jpg)

Chris Clymer’s hot take on troons in sports 1/2

No. 1620057

File: 1660919966403.jpg (244.29 KB, 1239x1650, rAdErGa.jpg)

And Reddit troons’ racist responses 2/2

No. 1620058

This thread is making me want to become religious, but sadly most religions treat women as lesser. Either way I feel like a small old lady in a soap opera, gripping her rosary and praying after seeing this.

No. 1620062

File: 1660920284601.jpeg (713.64 KB, 828x1696, 928BBFF0-50F8-4E4E-A81E-B89B21…)

>2 miles away

No. 1620065

>name from anime about gay underage girls

No. 1620068

>Currently pretty broke
>horse piss moobs
Gee, I wonder where all that money is going…

No. 1620070

Ngl that looks like a stuffed small bra

No. 1620076

File: 1660921460660.png (2.6 MB, 1195x1640, 9.png)

so this is how trannies picture their feminization kinks, some beautiful dominant woman will do all the work for them and they magically transform into a beautiful bimbo sex doll

No. 1620080

Troons stop naming yourselves after anime characters challenge (impossible)

No. 1620083

"Will only work out if it's for coom"

No. 1620086

Keffals fucking around and finding out is hilarious