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File: 1661090468833.png (575.64 KB, 748x776, 1660975732521.png)

No. 1621590

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No. 1621592

File: 1661090982730.png (985.22 KB, 782x1030, Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 7.08…)

I feel bad for the women that have to share the restroom with this malding troon

No. 1621600

File: 1661091247959.jpeg (817.23 KB, 828x1323, 5D677BD5-F8CD-42A2-BCEF-DB081A…)

Why cant they get the hint? If it was a woman it would get heavily downvoted because the make up is frankly god awful, but no, we HAVE to coddle men. 330 upvotes.

No. 1621605

>Troons: we are not sex pests, we just want to pee
>Also troons: radiating "sex pest" like the sun

I'd go find another bathroom if I saw this obvious kiddie diddler in the ladies

No. 1621614

File: 1661093308351.png (2.13 MB, 1872x1976, 7F1C5461-1156-48EA-B7CA-61FE8F…)

No. 1621623

Oh yeah just what everyone wants, a fat porn-addled crypto bro who thinks he’s a lesbian.

No. 1621624

The face could be a woman's (at least in that low res photo) but why is it stuck to a fat, flabby nerd male body kek

No. 1621651

>fat fridge body
>negging in the first line
>27 but still in university
>crypto AND onlyfans

Even if you're a trannylover I see some problems here

No. 1621655

Today i found out the trans women get rid of all the mirrors in their house and don't like being on webcam because it causes dysphoria. this would explain why they are so terrible at doing their own makeup and hair.

No. 1621662

Lmfao what? Have you missed the hundreds upon hundreds of mirror selfies posted in these threads? Looking at themselves in the mirror and taking selfies is their #1 favorite pastime. The reason they fucking suck at make up and hair is because they're retarded moids.

No. 1621663

nta but i've seen trannies complaining about webcams, particularly webcams in online work meetings or classes, not so much about mirrors though.

No. 1621666

That's because webcam doesn't allow them to fully control the angles while using 400 filters + FaceApp

No. 1621669

Oh yeah, that’s so funny. Wasn’t there some kind of thing during the pandemic where they were getting upset in TiM support group zoom meetings because they saw how ugly they all were and it made them feel bad about themselves?

No. 1621704

File: 1661101978223.jpg (379.7 KB, 1080x1078, 9eb8eeb234501f5fdf672763a1c54b…)

nta but yeah. kek

No. 1621707

Anyone know who this is? Part of the black pampers and took part in the Manchester clash that happened a few months back.

No. 1621714

ok but what are those marks? is he claiming they're hickies? because they look so small and self-inflicted lol it's pathetic

No. 1621719

he said he was a tranny orgy or something like that

No. 1621720

Bitch that is an agent in a wig pretending to be transgender to amplify the divide

No. 1621721

They spend 23h a day wanking off in the mirror nonnie, get real!!

No. 1621723

nah this mf held a vacuum cleaner nozzle to his neck

No. 1621728

Idk, trannies are pretty notorious for having orgies

No. 1621737

>let's talk about why your music taste is wrong
why do moids think this kind of behaviour will make them look attractive

No. 1621744

Right kek, even if it were a woman, making that your introduction on a dating site just makes you sound like an asshole and makes me not want to interact with you.

No. 1621748

The moid elitism mentality seem especially bad around music. Maybe they're just as bad with video games, but I don't play any really. But I have spent a lot of time in music spaces, because its fun discovering new stuff. But I had to phase it out eventually because so many of them are just assholes who still act like they're 16.

No. 1621771

File: 1661106807720.jpg (102.03 KB, 1284x639, Fas-CVtXkAEWC02.jpg)

tranny cope

No. 1621774

Oh they're definitely like that with games. Animal Crossing, The Sims, Stardew Valley are "girl games" and therefore bad. I've even seen moids same non competitive games aren't real games kek

No. 1621776

moids think it's not a real game if it doesn't make you want to throw your controller at the wall

No. 1621781

File: 1661107520831.jpg (177.54 KB, 1046x1440, 1661050213151.jpg)

No. 1621783

No. 1621786

File: 1661107802088.jpg (59.7 KB, 523x311, 1661035387093.jpg)

Then they tell us that we have a 4th grade understanding of Biology when they say dumb shit like this

No. 1621791

I really hope he gets arrested soon

No. 1621792

isn't this one a literal rapist?

No. 1621808

actually I see trannies saying they're 100% identical to infertile women all the time

No. 1621809

File: 1661109224801.jpg (90.8 KB, 594x458, 1660975561093.jpg)

No. 1621814

What does cis and trans mean, then? Nothing?

No. 1621815

Keep dreaming!

No. 1621816

File: 1661109906998.png (1000.62 KB, 1352x1140, totally not a fetish.png)

i know eggirl is practically cheating but none of them have any shame

No. 1621817

cis doesn't mean anything anyways.

No. 1621829

File: 1661111253443.jpg (558.27 KB, 1080x1739, Screenshot_20220821-154717_Twi…)

>Ana Valens
>In July 2020, Ana wrote a lengthy essay, which argues that those against public sex are exercising “white privilege and systemic racism”, “classism, gentrification, and police surveillance”.

No. 1621832

wasn't this posted like 24 hours ago? I guess I can use this opportunity to remind everyone Eli Erlick is an admitted rapist–one of his female victims killed herself bc of his harassment after she came forward

No. 1621842

i wonder if anyone screamed at this moid for implying sex work isn't an empowering line of work and that prostitution is an unfortunate circumstance job

No. 1621844

idc if i get banned for saying this but i hope he dies

No. 1621853

didnt he played fall guys with a vibrator up his ass?

No. 1621855

remember when this ugly tranny tried to play it off as if the gc cis women in question "toooootally consent" in this fucked up moid fantasy of hers when other troons called him out on it

No. 1621859

me too, nona. you should have to register as a sex offender for saying this type of shit, and be ordered to stay away from all women for life. or just straight up shot.

No. 1621861

File: 1661113885532.png (49.48 KB, 797x542, 1661037509446.png)

On the 18th he literally said that the ONLY inherent difference between troons and women is that troons were assigned male at birth. The only thing these motherfuckers love more than cooming is gaslighting.

No. 1621864

they get rejected for jobs because they are visibly insane and a legal risk

No. 1621868

Getting real tired of this faggot

No. 1621869

Trannies getting BTFO’d is my favorite

No. 1621872

They can run but they can’t hide their retarded moid egos.

No. 1621877

>one of his female victims killed herself bc of his harassment after she came forward
i have never heard about this?

No. 1621880

This is one of the ones who really aided in my peaking. That tweet was just so insane I was done.

No. 1621891

File: 1661116525503.jpg (385.59 KB, 1075x1726, 20220821_211300.jpg)

>a 10
Lord, grant me the confidence of a far below average male.

No. 1621892

File: 1661116555313.jpg (84.93 KB, 669x900, 20220821_211031.jpg)

What the fuck is this outfit

No. 1621894

File: 1661116601486.jpg (3.11 MB, 2448x3264, horror.jpg)

All of its friends are equally horrific to look at.

No. 1621895

File: 1661116715247.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.05 KB, 591x680, 20220821_211241.jpg)

This is the worst body type. Anyone with low self esteem needs to look at this image and appreciate that no matter what, at least you'll never look like this.

No. 1621896

More like he's dressed like a 10 year old who used deviantart in 2010

No. 1621901

They love to get off on this fantasy of terfs being attracted to them and wanting to force feminize them or consent to sexual shit with them. Like true scrotes they think everything boils down to sex when all of us are sickened by them, a lot of us are victims of abuse already, anything like that is the last fucking thing I ever want to imagine occurring with them. Idk how men want to claim women are frigid and then also say we are just desperate whores who want to be fucked at any given moment. My hatred runs so deep nonas.

No. 1621902

File: 1661117168774.png (16.33 KB, 654x123, purged.png)


scrubbed from reddit and google's cache, but:


>MASSIVE TW: Mentions of sexual abuse


No. 1621905

moids are also obsessed with the idea of hatefucking and project that on women

No. 1621907

This, when the entire office is disrupted over one person why would anyone want to hire them?

No. 1621914

no surgery or hormones in the entire world will ever eradicate their degenerate scrote behavior where everything and anything they do revolves around sex and their limp dicks. you wanna wear a skirt and call yourself a woman? women dont use rape as a gotcha.

No. 1621922

But see that’s when they argue that they’re just a different KIND of woman (read: the “superior” kind) because THEY understand moid sexuality and therefore are better than us stupid little vagina havers.

No. 1621927

its actually a tactic that scrotes use and think works and gets passed around like negging and pick up artists
the idea is to say to a woman "let me tell you why your wrong"
and the woman will pay attention to you as your clearly some chad alpha with opinions of his own, not some simp who would agree with whatever a woman says, as all women just ultimately want to be told what to do and what to think and arent actually looking for a romantic partner but instead a boss/slave driver

No. 1621930

I work in software for big tech, and let me just say, if you apply as a tranny and you’re a high school dropout you will still be instantly hired.

No. 1621933

Both negging and this kinda shit always makes me so angry when I speak with men, are there any women that this actually works on? I ghosted quite a lot of guys after they tried this because I'm not trying to have a pissing contest about why I'm wrong/dumb/have bad taste with them, I want a pleasant conversation. I kinda doubt it works unless your self esteem is beyond nonexistent.

No. 1621935

Those big manly hands kek

No. 1621937

some women unfortunately respond to moids treating them like shit with trying to appease them

No. 1621944

this >>1621937
unfortuanlty these tactics work as some woman have been conditioned since childhood to appease men and not think for themselves

No. 1621947

>a 10
Are we comparing to chimps at a zoo to arrive at 10 here?
It's probably good as a technique to surface the suckers who think men's opinions hold any worth whatsoever, men's music taste is similar to their taste in women in that it's dependent on peer approval (aka current trendy/cool thing, changeable and insincere) rather than actual taste derived from their own likes/dislikes, moids also tend not to listen to lyrics and like very MOR music as a result.
But that line itself is negging, just part of the beta male playbook.

No. 1621948

>I kinda doubt it works unless your self esteem is beyond nonexistent.

Precisely what they're looking for, women with low self esteem will do a lot for a shit tier man/take a lot of abuse

No. 1621953

Oh shit kek

No. 1621954

>men's music taste is similar to their taste in women in that it's dependent on peer approval (aka current trendy/cool thing, changeable and insincere) rather than actual taste derived from their own likes/dislikes,
i think that's almost all mens taste in everything
my bother only listens to what ever music is popular, watches whatever films and tv shows are popular, only plays popular video games…. i asked him once what was the last film he actually watched and enjoyed, he imediatly named a popular one, then i asked what was a film he enjoyed that wasnt popular and he went blank
most men have no personality, they are infact personality vaccuums

getting back on topic that is why troons have to skinwalk they are incapable of forming a personality and have to steal one or stitch togeather several stolen ones

No. 1621961

Exactly. I have played the sims for almost 15 years and everytime I bring up it's my favorite game in some gaming space, moids say "I am talking about real games"
They are dumb as shit and now I can't even play my loved games in peace because the Animal Crossing/Stardew Valley is starting to get riddled with troons. And EA is pandering to their bullshit with neutral pronouns and the gender settings.

No. 1621971

I play “real games” and they still come for you. It’s nice when you can beat their ass in the games they claim to be oh so good at though. But they just want to shit on women regardless. Even if you play “real games”, they’ll say you don’t get it or you’re not good even when you platinum the games and could give lore explanations that would make their head spin. Moids are just losers.

No. 1621974

Exactly, I work in nonprofit management and they are DESPERATE for diversity hires, and would hire a troon in a heartbeat. The problem is basic professionalism. Sex work is one of the only careers that will allow you to wear anime loli outfits and programmer socks on the job.

No. 1621977

Men already want to fuck the things they hate, it's so ingrained in them that they don't realize how utterly pathetic and degenerate the entire concept of hate fucking is. It's like no, I am not secretly sexually attracted to the people I claim to hate because I'm fucking normal.

No. 1621982

I was decent at MtG and men fucking seethe so bad when I won against them. It's kinda scary tbh.

No. 1621983

Your post reminds me of when, in /v/ pathologic threads, there was a y chromosome cripple who kept bringing up the women who like the game whose existence he apparently just discovered, he felt the need to keep sharing it like he just discovered the existence of bigfoot or something kekk. guarantee he never really enjoyed the games and that shook his feelings on it

No. 1621985

>tranny just continues to gaslight himself kek

No. 1621989

The fact that a white man in a dress counts as diversity now would be funny if it weren’t taking jobs away from people who would actually be diversity hires. A company could essentially just hire white male troons to avoid hiring any women or PoC and that’s just dandy I guess!

No. 1621998

there's already been firsthand accounts of this happening if you look back at some older threads and it makes me so sick. especially when the nonnas explained that the troons were less experienced, less professional, and had worse resumes/interviews/references but got hired as the diversity hire anyway. they always lie and say their existence doesn't take away anything from us but it does. it literally does. they're taking away our safety, privacy, rights and jobs.

No. 1622011

>I'm better than you creepy breeders
>troon patriarchy where we high five each other while gang raping enslaved women
I don't want to live on this planet anymore

No. 1622024

Men don't see sex as mutual pleasure of two consenting people, it's domination/"look how good at sexing you I am". They cannot exist without hierarchy and competition.

No. 1622026

exactly, which is why basically every scrote ever finds ''hatefucking'' appealing, when no normal woman would want sexual relations with someone they despise/their enemy

No. 1622027

This, it really doesn’t matter what game you play. I haven’t played animal crossing since GameCube days, and people are still up my ass about it. If I make one mistake in “real games” people lose their shit. Could never make a single mistake and people still lose their shit. Their issue is that you are a women, has nothing to do with the games you like or your skill level.

No. 1622028

hatefucking is just code for rape for scrotes

No. 1622033

File: 1661129074907.png (533.18 KB, 812x762, Screenshot 2022-08-21 204518.p…)

seethe and cope

No. 1622038

literally no one is saying that. also since when does not being able to have children equal being child free?

No. 1622046

Imagine being this much of a self-hating gay
>is liking cock straight guys?

No. 1622047

the absolute mental gymnastics scrotes will go through to convince themselves theyre straight..

No. 1622050

this is so retarded, vaginas are self-cleaning so they aren't filthy meanwhile smegmoid dicks need to be washed daily or they stink and get nasty crusty buildup
butts don't bounce around either unless someone is really fat or jiggling it on purpose
the tranny porn addiction is strong with this one

No. 1622051

File: 1661131098692.jpeg (358.69 KB, 1170x812, 48B6649D-FA6B-4897-A79A-F39B40…)

Nitpicking but why does he have an icon of what appears to be an anime child while calling himself a bimbo

No. 1622053

File: 1661131284004.png (761.59 KB, 2048x1895, chrome_screenshot_166112028205…)

The irony of a TIM calling anyone an incel.

No. 1622058

>male making fun of women for having periods
wow how womanly of him!

No. 1622059

checked his likes and he has a few sexualized lolis in there so that explains it, also this guy spends like every moment of his free time on twitter holy shit what a loser

No. 1622060

>who bitch about it enough

i hope he gets a seeping rotpocket

No. 1622063

Men with aspergers are really obsessed with their opinion being “right”. I dated an aspie for years, they will just tell you you’re wrong over and over if you like something they don’t. And Troons are mostly autistic

No. 1622066

File: 1661132319739.jpg (231.94 KB, 1440x810, FaduU6fWIAE0wey.jpg)

found this on his twitter. oh yeah terfs really have to jump through mental hoops to explain why a man isn't a woman. it definitely isn't the troons who chop their dicks off in an attempt to become even slightly less male.

No. 1622068

samefag he really likes vaush too (and keffals kek) - a pedo scrote supporting another pedo scrote, can't say I'm surprised

No. 1622072

Howe the fuck dumbass lib fems can still handmaiden these shits knowing these people exist is beyond me.

No. 1622087

I have literally never seen a woman that cute advocating for trans rights past performativity putting shit in their bios on social media kek

No. 1622088

Shouldn't be diversity hires anyway. They're just deadweight. Unqualified. Clearly they're desperate for anyone because of this unnatural pressure or requirement.

No. 1622092

>vaginas are filthy
Yes, unlike dicks, where people had to make up a ritual to cut the skin off to avoid filthy ass smegma encrusting it.

No. 1622108


Only been maybe a month since roe v wade was overturned and they're calling women breeders? And you're not a real woman, you're a trans woman. I think I might have peaked, it just seems like mental illness that's being validated as reality. Sort of how when someone has the urge to amputate their arm. Also I noticed how women and womanhood is constantly picked apart but that same logic is rarely given to manhood.
Trans women being in sports is simply unfair to cis women and it's selfish as fuck for them to take spots from women.

No. 1622125

>Also I noticed how women and womanhood is constantly picked apart but that same logic is rarely given to manhood.
This. Men aren't even hounded to discuss manhood, sexuality, sports, etc, in relation to "cis men vs trans men". I guess it's because men know that trans men pose no threat to them whatsoever. They can just say "fuck no" and move on without much backlash from anyone, including the rabid troon rape apes who usually love to screech about transphobia. Women are acceptable targets and everyone takes advantage of it.

No. 1622128

>you're not a real woman, you're a transwoman man

No. 1622136

Diversity hiring exists to solve a problem men created ironically even though they are the ones that ree about it, a problem which trannies are the end result of. Men are degenerates and need women as a barrier to ensure that their degeneracy doesn't fuck over society, such as we see within homosexual men being more promiscuous as their is no mitigating factor of women preventing them from trying to coom all the time as a man who fucks a man does not have to worry about pregnancy or the fear of the greater likelihood of their partner abusing them due to it being a more physically even playing field. But men are degenerates and understand that preventing degeneracy like pandering to coomers isn't what they want even if it will prevent society from growing and becoming more advanced/safe/etc, so they after preventing women from entering the work force through law, culture, and even physical measures, have to try something else thanks to the two world wars which made it necessary for women to take on positions men once filled because the men were sent to be used by other scrotes as cannon fodder, making women now expect the benefits the men were given from this work as opposed to the work women once did where there was no compensation and therefore no gain of societal power which they could use to free themselves of relying on the lower shit tier men, or the compensation they did get eventually was controlled by the husband, including preventing women from being able to have their own bank accounts etc. They did this by using the fact that most positions were filled by men to diversity/nepotism hire other men, as a workplace filled with men would not attack another man for sexually harassing a women or indulging in degenerate, violent, or sexist behaviour due to tribalisim. This is bad not just for the lack of hiring the best for the job but also for the fact that these retards who only wish to appeal to the coom and violent antics of their brothers are the ones deciding laws and shit. Eventually this was attempted to be fixed thanks to womens gain in rights but even now men indulge in these retard hiring practices, as we see with the recent male period officer debacle, where a position about an experience men can never have was given to a man, something which he can only rely on relaying second hand information from those who do. Men, like trannies which is why majority of trannies are male, identify as correct, identify as the best candidate for a position kek. While hiring the best for the position is the best way to go, it has never actually been that way, with degenerates enabling themselves and nepo hires trying to remain the ruling class in a world without monarchy and corporations being the new kings.

No. 1622160

Can someone please tell them that nobody gives a fuck about their taste in oonts oonts and music. God the men you put on this earth to be Marshalls managers are making tier lists for pop musicians all night.

No. 1622167

are you there god? it's me, nonnie. please kill all the troons. thank you.

No. 1622172

File: 1661140629385.png (806.53 KB, 1389x4119, leftypol on fitness.png)

I occasionally browse leftypol and let me tell you this is a very common fantasy bunkertrannies have, see they genuinely believe that they will "win" in the end(cause real communism is the natural conclusion of history)
they frequently bring up fantasies about force femizing the jocks that were rude to them, establishing public brothels filled with the "mean girls" who rejected them and just overall pathetic and degenerate make-believe but at the same time I laugh cause that's all it ever will be, a make-believe fantasy by people who will argue that physical fitness is fascist

No. 1622191

Bunkertroons are scrotes mask off.

No. 1622205

this place is just /pol/ for unwashed tankie scrotes, filled with racist woman-hating pedo troons

No. 1622222

File: 1661147958234.jpeg (105.5 KB, 640x757, 1965BA88-90A5-45C4-8B4F-E99155…)


No. 1622231

what, nonnie??? you don't want to oggle his feminine neck hair?

No. 1622233

File: 1661149115321.png (1.66 MB, 986x1650, 5768o876etdrfg.png)

The delusion

No. 1622234

Indeed men are actually retarded kek, which is why they believe they can change sex.

No. 1622237

Right ? What even is this shit?

No. 1622241

Who wants to tell him that plenty of real women choose to be child-free? Having a uterus doesn’t mean we’re obliged to use it, seethe harder tranny

No. 1622248

File: 1661151795880.jpg (342.89 KB, 750x1845, d2047136-74d2-5ba8-9953-a59ddd…)

Daily dose of child abuse.

No. 1622252

sounds like the child has some disability or developmental disorder… being 6 and only starting kindergarten sound weird

No. 1622256

File: 1661154464204.png (689.49 KB, 1440x2194, Screenshot_20220818-235034.png)

"accept us as we are! It's not a fetish to call it a girldick it's not weird to want a woman with stubble!!"

No. 1622259

Okay this is getting a bit weird, pretending that many women don't want children is blatantly untrue

No. 1622265

NTA but no it’s not, some of us don’t want to have kids (especially sons), fuck off

No. 1622266

>meat is a vegan food

No. 1622269

File: 1661156917351.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x1726, F0DD7D11-AF7B-49D8-87EB-8A433E…)

growing your hair out and painting your nails means youre a woman and can totally call women bitches now

No. 1622270

many do and many don't, but starting that wanting to be pregnant is something only a TIM would want, is blatantly untrue

No. 1622272

there is nothing wrong or factually incorrect about >>1622241's comment. all she's saying is that more and more fertile women are choosing to be child-free. and none of us rad fems lump those women in with troons like he's claiming.
ntayrt but she never said anything close to that at all.

No. 1622273

women typically want to be pregnant to have a child though, troons want to be pregnant because they have a pregnancy fetish.

No. 1622274

Tinfoil but I get the suspicion tims either fake having autism or never stfu about having it because they think it makes them cuter or more feminine. They are obsessed with autistic girls because they think it means you're a quirky mentally handicapped infantile innocent clumsy vulnerable kawaii chan. Like they saw how their 4chan incel buddies are obsessed with the imaginary aspie gf and want to become the imaginary aspie gf. Whenever someone comes up with a new fake ideal gf, no matter how retarded, degrading, or unrealistic it is, there are hoards of tims who try so hard to fit the archetype.

No. 1622276

It's probably a shoot off of bimbo fetishism with the added layer of the possibility of molesting them without realising what the scrote is doing. Their fucked up behaviour knows no boundaries so I would not be shocked if this was the case.

No. 1622278

Reading comprehension sis

No. 1622280

You either can’t read or you’re being wilfully obtuse. No one said “all women” want to abstain from having kids. I’m sure I’m not the only farmer who dislikes children and doesn’t want to carry around a parasite in my womb for the best part of a year. Some of us just aren’t maternal, that doesn’t make us lesser women.

No. 1622282

Are you a moid or just retarded?

No. 1622285

It's the troon currently spamming the site. Report and ignore.

No. 1622289

File: 1661159544526.png (73.62 KB, 721x483, 535235235.png)

Based mother sees right through her husband's bullshit. Even the most upvoted comments agree with her assessment, but she probably got enough threatening PMs that she wrote a two-page long edit for clarification how gender struggles are totally valid.

No. 1622293

"Wahmens prisonz less safer than men's so its ok if trans women go there the cissies wont get hurt" https://archive.ph/vCm6F

- "Men's bathrooms are cleaner and better, much safer too!", so why still fight to use the women's bathrooms "as a transwoman"? https://archive.ph/mDRpj

*not reposts on Kiwifarms

- TW need uterus transplants https://archive.ph/sYMkU

-Claims objectification and sexualization is okay and harms no one https://archive.ph/aI1RQ

*Says he has a wife so still cooms and comments on Twitter images to objectify

Hetransitioned because a mix of want to rapemaxx harems of girls and AGP

No. 1622296

Why is it that the ones who play video games for hours on end like a retard always troon out? Maybe because being a tranny is a way to avoid responsibility and make them immune to accountability?

No. 1622297

Yes, this. Their idea of a pornified autistic woman is their ultimate defenseless clueless kawaii bimbo to larp as. It's in the middle of a spectrum (kek). One step after slutty prostitute bimbo larp, one step away from being a goo goo gaga diaper shitting baby larper.

No. 1622298

Vaginas have depth. Something men and trannies will never have.

No. 1622304

Why the fuck does she go on an unhinged multiple paragraphs long rant about why JKR is a bad transphobe towards the end wtf kek

No. 1622310

Why are they like this? No, it's the troon agenda which indoctrinates (and sterilizes) autistic people. They keep doing these "no u" switcharoos and this is the dumbest one I've seen in a while, seriously has to be bait.

No. 1622317

>believing men are men is indoctrination

ok lad, males never stop projecting for even one minute, whatever they accuse you of doing they know full well they are doing

No. 1622319

Wow, crazy when you make your whole life about your genitals and gender and impose that on your kids, and kids being kids they say it all out loud, who'da thunk this could happen

No. 1622321

File: 1661163880579.jpg (474.69 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20220822-122418_Red…)

>My name is Chewbacca and I go by ligh/saber!
Hilarious. The bro is beyond based

No. 1622324


>I have literally never seen a woman that cute advocating for trans rights past performativity putting shit in their bios on social media kek

The terven being full of hotties makes sense since cute girls are very aware of how men's communication and interest in women is 100% penis driven and therefore this whole movement is suspect and aimed at gaining sexual access to women. We all understand this but hotter women obviously get harassed more so have more exposure to these degenerates. and thus, TRAs are never attractive women, always low self esteem crawlers.

No. 1622328


Revan LOL

Listen buddy I loved KOTOR too but REVAN? lawl. What a retard. Didn't even pick the name of best girl Bastilla? Oh that's right. Because Bastilla is fucking based and she'd kick troon ass. Same with Kreia. None of the women in KOTOR got time for your dumb shit 'Chewbacca'

No. 1622329

File: 1661165407916.jpeg (390.96 KB, 2048x1536, nYI38ON.jpeg)

> Women fighting for their rights is mental illness.
Charcot called and he is extremely proud. Terfs have hysteria. It all makes sense now. Thanks random male on the internet.

No. 1622339

File: 1661169034805.jpg (272.14 KB, 971x1872, 20220822_134801.jpg)

Imagine thinking a bill to protect kids from the brainwashing of TRA and getting hormones and surgeries as a minor, is the same as a genocide

No. 1622340

File: 1661169093624.jpg (176.72 KB, 972x1729, 20220822_134805.jpg)

Concentration camps for trans people lmaoooooo

No. 1622341

File: 1661169181001.webm (5.82 MB, 848x464, ssstwitter_1661168831.webm)

Vidrel is why you can't ever argue with a TRA. they won't just say a "lie" like women can have penises. for them It's obvious women can have penises and any opposition to this must be because you're evil and it's objectively ridiculous to think otherwise. Gender ideologues like vaush see humans as mere sentient blank slate meat blobs that are sometimes born with either a "penis", "ovaries" or some in-between deformity and then we "assign" (or "impose") a "gender" to them

No. 1622345

Of course, there's at least 1 woman in the comments saying she had a hysterectomy so women don't have to have wombs. Why are they so self hating

No. 1622346

I got sick of it too. I have now started doing it to men and it has been quite fun!

No. 1622347

Actresses commonly do advocate for trans rights. I think in their case it's just their PR team because otherwise they could lose their career.

No. 1622348

@//Sputzeed twitter could very likely be an MRA larping as a trans woman and intentionally supporting tra talking points to start crap

No. 1622349

No point in even humouring people like vaush because he will always be right in his mind. He makes me want to alog so bad.

No. 1622350

Samefag but by this logical couldn't an argument be made for being transracial??

No. 1622351

That's like asking
>'why aren't dogs bipedal',
and being bewildered by
>'because they are born with four legs',
answering to that
>'but some dogs have two legs so why aren't dogs bipedal'
and thinking you won when the person answered
>'well they just aren't'.
Like what does he wanna hear.

No. 1622356

>help trannies escape to Europe
no thanks, please keep them

No. 1622358

Its funny, these are the same people who would laugh celebrate it as progress if religious people said they would be genocided if it was being illegal to raise children religious and for churches to no longer receive tax exemption.

No. 1622364

Fucking tranny burgers thinking Yurpeans will ever accept their retarded asses.

No. 1622366

File: 1661173406866.jpeg (60.1 KB, 540x540, A44ABE95-2FCB-42AB-9F94-225B54…)

has this podcast been discussed before? this particular tranny acts exactly like a stereotypical gay male, which is so funny since he’s out here claiming to be “outperforming cis woman”

No. 1622367

>In the beginning, he likely had postpartum depression
how can there be postpartum depression if there was no partum i wanna alog

No. 1622368

It can, which is why they always struggle to answer questions like "If you can feel like a woman while being a man, why can't I feel black when I was born white?. They just fall apart, it's the same when you ask them "what is a woman".

No. 1622370

>If you don't think that trans women are women you think earth is flat!
haha what

No. 1622371

way too much self-promotion going on disguised as milk. no one cares about this literally who dime a dozen troon podcast. you can't farm hate listeners here.

No. 1622373

quit derailing, you're not slick

No. 1622378

Kill all transgender identified males immediately. I’m not messing around.

No. 1622380

I know troons occasionally self post here cause they’re weirdos but I promise I am not one of those freaks, I just wanted to know if they had been brought up before because I stumbled upon an episode while watching detrans videos and was so put off by the way he was acting, and then I found this quote from him which is just the cherry on the self delusion cake. I feel quite sick that you think I’m a troon self posting though goddamn nonna, what the fuck kek.

No. 1622383

File: 1661175725567.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1785, 15B66B5A-06A2-453A-9ED3-A7B17D…)

No. 1622384

File: 1661175834454.jpeg (928.42 KB, 1242x1764, 8CF456C5-403C-4A49-B1EF-5C4022…)

No. 1622389

This shit is so insulting to people who have been murdered by genocide and their families, do they even hear themselves. Not being able to get titty skittles is nothing like the systematic violent murder of innocent people for racist/political/war reasons. You can still be a tranny without your titty skittles anyway, not like more than 2% of them pass regardless of surgical or hormone intervention.

No. 1622390

>escape into canada and europe
we don't want you either, and also they are the most delusional fucks on earth, nobody wants to round them up and house a bunch of spinny skirt wearers in a camp, they just are forced to make legal changes to prevent perverted males from treading all over sports, school, and women's spaces. These laws would not need to happen if trans "women" hadn't spent the last few years steamrolling their way into absolutely everywhere (via threats and manipulation) and insisting we all lie down and take it.

No. 1622392

Bruh in another comment on her profile she claims to have caught him downloading porn with a 14 year old. Please stop marrying scrotes, I beg you. They literally are pathetic, coombrained leeches.

No. 1622394

These histrionic troons could conveniently go back to dressing and presenting as the men they are literally any time they wanted, if they're that shit scared of being genocided.

No. 1622396

The part of her post you didn’t post is kind of unhinged.

No. 1622399

No one is trying to kill them but themselves. Even if they don’t take their own lives they’re completely fucking up their bodies and making themselves medical patients for life. Side note but I hate that phrase like the one that was used in that post, “this is NOT up for debate”. Um, clearly it is lol.

No. 1622401

Yeah you could say it about any other group and they wouldn’t give a shit. If women were the ones being “genocided” they’d be the ones helping.

No. 1622402

Anon you can’t go around saying random messages in italics. This time you’re saying admin, in the conspiracy thread you were saying ‘kill men’ which is based but what are you trying to achieve by this. Your typing style is way too identifiable

No. 1622403

Men think being told to stop being sexual predators and sexist retards is genocide. They think it is genocide because men think telling them no is abuse.

No. 1622404

>neurodivergent men fall into alt-right politics
>trans wahmen almost always have an alt-right phase
>b-but they're totally female brained!!!! nothing to see here

I love how they keep contradicting themselves, kek

No. 1622405

>outperforming cis women
>in a system set up by and for men to succeed
Okay TiMmy.

No. 1622408

I think people are just more on edge than usual bc of the spammer, and sometimes troons do come here to self-post/promote. Don’t take it personally.

No. 1622409

Ooh. Good catch, nonny.

No. 1622410

exactly, never fall for the trap that is marriage. sounds like a boomer making a misogynist joke, but studies show that heterosexual marriages literally bring women to their graves faster and that they spent their lives unhappier than unmarried, childless women. for men marriage is the ultimate win, having a woman to bear their offspring and take care of it. for women it just means having another person to take care for who leeches off of you, and not even in a way a child would. a child uncoditionally loves you, a married man just talks shit about you behind your back and cheats on you with pornography, whores or affairs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1622415

I mean, seeing places like /r/womenwithautism, /r/adhdwomen et al. filled with males that were diagnosed in school ages did help peak me, but not for the reason this peener wants to believe it made me a terf

No. 1622416

Based. Men will ree about cucking but then expect women to love them and be with them when they literally do not give a fuck about them and spend their time wanking to porn rather than having a fulfilling sex life with their girlfriend (not to mention the exploitation of women by porn and how it shows how men view us and that they can look the other way to abuse that the industry is rife with and supports if it is for coom sake, etc). If scrotes thing being an onlyfans creator is cucking/cheating, how is men watching porn also not cheating/cucking? Rules for thee and not for me.(derailing)

No. 1622426

File: 1661180051736.jpeg (652.5 KB, 1284x2080, 249A346F-80A0-4CF2-A7CF-61EBE9…)

Benedict Cumberbatch has been looking quite rough lately.

No. 1622427

andy should kill himself

No. 1622429

Typical moid behaviour to gaslight women, to discredit their opinions by calling them mentally ill or "neurodivergent".

No. 1622431

They sound so much like a religious cult it's unreal.

No. 1622434


Sometimes this shit makes me wonder if it would be worth it to just go back and document that "terfs" was really just the feminist movement. Like the initial mainstream feminist reaction to SOPHIE was that he should stop pretending to be a woman for clout. Everyone memoryholed that Grimes of all people was saying that.

No. 1622435

I got banned for replying to the italics anon, I think a farmhand thought I was the crazy anon who's obsessed with the farmhands when I was just pointing out that anon's secret code is unhinged. rip
Idk if we should just ignore secret code anons if farmhands are gonna misunderstand our replies and think we are the unhinged ones.

No. 1622437

File: 1661181074458.png (93.52 KB, 1440x447, get a hobby.png)

my reply fyi which was deleted

No. 1622443

Put out to pasture for what?

No. 1622450

I feel like a farmhand went a bit ban crazy just there, maybe some mayhem is happening elsewhere to put them on edge since that was just a typical tangent for this thread (another anon's reply was redtexted for derailing? considering how many trans widows they are it's on topic)

No. 1622452

I guess because it's derailing, which is bs because we're talking about trannies who troon out years into a marriage. Mods don't want to hear the truth

No. 1622457

I was the one saying "kill men" and I did it as a joke because I didn't know it was the tranny, I'm sorry about that. All the other messages aren't mine.

No. 1622463

I wish the tranny would get a hobby which is not shitting up a women's gossip board, men are pathetic

No. 1622476


I honestly wonder how stuff like this will play out long term. They can play up the socialist angle as much as they want but it is objectively way better for working class families if their kids never hear about any of this stuff. All the celebrity parents with trans kids can pawn them off on maids, give them token jobs, and the cost aren't a problem. With a normal family you can get completely wrecked for a generation.

No. 1622482

File: 1661183702665.jpg (762.48 KB, 1284x1627, 292837383883393029.jpg)

twans women are as oppressed as ethnic minorities and dont u forget it

theyre so gullible and easy to bait

No. 1622483

Men were responsible for the holocaust so technically the terf’s statement was true kek

No. 1622490

More gaslighting. Trannies brag about being nazis all the time

No. 1622491

you just unlocked something from my memory cave

No. 1622499

File: 1661185431112.jpeg (946.18 KB, 1284x1699, 1D2532CE-B76D-48DF-8BAD-B036AC…)

samefag, looking up random keywords in the mtf sub is very entertaining. this is a comment in a post about someone getting a euphoria boner after a pregnancy dream or something. couldn't be fucked to read the whole thing let alone past the first few lines


No. 1622500

wasn't it the nazi's who were the crossdressers?

No. 1622502

same anon again sorry for flooding

scrotes referring to heterosexual sex as ‘breeding’ is nauseating. and the concept of ‘infertility dysphoria’ is making me fucking wheeze!!! sorry but ywnbaw

No. 1622512

The bill sounds based, tbh. Why should troons get all of those free rides while women with real issues have to pay out of pocket? Why should minors be put on life changing meds and mutilating surgeries, when they can't even drive, vote, get a tattoo, smoke, or drink?

No. 1622515


No. 1622521


i kinda hope the trend of describing everything as dysphoric keeps going until hear you stuff like people having superbowl dysphoria, MCU movie dysphoria, workplace dysphoria, back to school dysphoria. it'll come full circle and there will be a news story where someone says "SIR, please leave the women's restroom. You are making our patrons dysphoric"

No. 1622526

>we are the root of all evil it seems
Oh are they finally beginning to understand what being a woman feels like?

No. 1622528

>infertility dysphoria
They are the ones making themselves infertile! They have fucking nothing in common with how it feels to actually be an infertile woman.

No. 1622531

They are already talking about butchering us for organ harvesting.

No. 1622533


They do this with everything. It reminds me of people having to point out to contra's fans that having a lot of money and spending it on surgeries and pills is not the same as being poor.

No. 1622542

They really do try to colonize everyone else’s struggles. Just look at the bathroom thing. Idk how they can’t get it through their brains that black women with vaginas using the women’s bathroom is not equivalent to huge men with intact dicks using them. We’ve seen how they film themselves jerking off in womens restrooms WITH OTHER PEOPLE THERE to “own the terfs”. They’re just telling on themselves. I’ve never seen any actual female masturbating in front of the mirror in a bathroom and if she did I would call security on her too tbh.

No. 1622551

File: 1661189103076.jpg (Spoiler Image, 700.31 KB, 1440x3038, bd8-f1fbe8565cf5.jpg)

This is a really fucking weird case, a 10 year transmodel(basically pedo-bait), the boy's biological mom (the dark haired mustached one on the right) started dressing him in girls clothes when he was 4 and was telling everyone that he was trans, she claimed the biological father wasn't acceptive of his identity and tried to force him to wear his brother's clothes. The father lost custody and the mom (Dee McMaher) later got together with another woman, and she later came out as a TIF and other woman came out as an enby. So these two are now parents of McMaher's two sons and the enby's baby
also despite being 10 and being on puberty blockers he still looks more masculine then his TIF mom

No. 1622555


i swear sleepaway camp was so ahead of its time in the absolute worst way

No. 1622563

This is honestly incredibly dark. The psychological layers here would make your head spin. This is some crazy ass autopedophilic narc abuse

No. 1622565

legitimately threw up in my mouth a bit

No. 1622577

No. 1622580

gender dysphoria is a chronic mental illness that should disqualify the parent from receiving custody. i hope this 15 minutes of fame can be enough evidence to revoke custody.

No. 1622601

I hate nazi troons but these aren't Nazis, these are German soldiers, its like saying everyone in the red army was a committed communist, literally every adult German male was conscripted during ww2 so it shouldn't be surprising that included many crossdressers

No. 1622604

>Everyone memoryholed that Grimes of all people was saying that.
Lol, receipts? I trust you nonna but it just goes to show that I had no idea this ever happened

No. 1622608

Nonas, I swear to God, their propaganda is everywhere and they are taking everything, especially healthcare. Sage for blogposting but today this morning I went to take another dose of my covid vaccine and while I waited was looking at the pamphlets in the message board and one of them was like: "Trans and other gender minorities can now use their social name in public healthcare system according to the city law blah blah and the the national law for LGBTQIA blah blah" and the picture of a troon that absolutely didn't pass. I was very surprised because it is a somewhat conservative and homophobic country and yet they were pandering to them. Now I can't even go to doctor in peace, smh. It's everywhere.

No. 1622609

File: 1661194245955.jpg (48.64 KB, 680x423, blahaj.jpg)

I'm never donating to Wikipedia again

No. 1622613

This might be an unpopular opinion here, but for me troons are simply a symptom of a decaying neoliberal civilization, the pendulum is already gradually shifting in most of the western world, right wing parties are growing more and more mainstream and when they take power they won't leave cause the left tears its self apart

No. 1622616

File: 1661194716110.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 41.01 KB, 779x569, real sophie.jpeg)

>“It’s really fucked up to call yourself SOPHIE and pretend you’re a girl when you’re a male producer [and] there are so few female producers…I think it’s really good music. I probably shouldn’t have said that.”

This was before SOPHIE came out as a troon.

Also I can't understand why his music was so popular, most of it was at best mediocre. The troon halo effect is real, if an actual woman wrote songs with thought-provoking lyrics such as 'c-c-candy boys, l-l-lemonade' she'd get blasted by critics.

No. 1622617

My biggest problem is how troon culture is gaslightly towards women who have a bad feeling about strangers. I don't care about men wearing dresses, but a middle aged man with bad hygiene who dresses like a pre-schooler gives me stranger danger.
>reddit: you can't judge people for not washing in months, maybe he's despressed

No. 1622620

I am done with these fucking misogynistic perverts, how can they keep getting away with shit like this? and then if someone calls them out they are all like "uwu respect trans women we are fragile and delicate, we only want to use the bathroom uwu" ugh I hope this freaks joins the 41%

No. 1622621

>troons are simply a symptom of a decaying neoliberal civilization
That doesn't explain troons in Iran or other wildly homophobic countries. I do think, in the modern era, troons have taken off so much due to neo-lib academia (and big pharma, of course), but this shit exists in conservative as fuck places too.
It's so insane to me this shit ever got this far. It's like everyone suddenly decided flat earth is real, because its impolite to say otherwise.
>maybe he's despressed
In the case of messy people, this is usually right. And yet they still fail to make the connection that troonery is a mental illness.

No. 1622622

Yeah, it sucks. As a side note, I wish they would stop lumping LGB with these people. I have nothing to do with that insanity and don’t want it reflected upon me.

No. 1622624

she should leave one night while the future troon is sleeping and leave everything behind and not look back. Scrotes are trash you would probably have a better connection with a Replika than a useless scrote that might possibly become a tranny someday.

No. 1622630

>gender minorities
The rise of troonism helps rightwingers enormously since most sane people don't want to be near a masturbating 6'4" man in a school uniform, so it makes it even easier to wheel out any troon as "evidence" against lefties and why we need to go back to the "old days" etc

No. 1622631

I want to claim Blahaj for terfs. Troons take our slogans (Women’s Rights Are Human Rights), our colors (suffragette flag colors for genderqueer flag), our dinosaurs (that twitter terf meme), our clothes and bathrooms, our names, etc. I want the shark.

No. 1622632

Mens weaponized incompetence is so transparent.

No. 1622635

i don't understand where this meme even came from, what does an ikea shark have to do with being a troon?

No. 1622639

6 is normal for kindergarten, though. pre-k is 4-5 and kindergarten is 5-6.

No. 1622640

This makes me so sad. Imagine having a whole baby with someone who's supposed to love you but all he cares about is cooming to kids

No. 1622642

The naming varies by country as well, eg. in some places 0-5 is kindergarten and (5)-6 is preschool. It's mostly arbitrary.

No. 1622644

I want our dinosaurs back, too. If I had the time and money, I would design a plush dinosaur and a shark, with our colours, with a package of stickers, tampons, buttons and little flags, they would only be sold to terfs or women about to peak and they would look so much better than that ikea thing.

No. 1622645

Maybe this is a nit-pick but phrasing it as "the short list of people who are allowed to see her private parts" is so weird and icky to me??

No. 1622650

Cooperate psych-op

No. 1622651

Same, it's the obsession with children's genitals. And they say WE are the ones obsessed with genitals, this person sat down to write about a 6 year old's penis jesus christ

No. 1622653


I think it was already posted here before but the Alden Bunag thing(teacher from hawaii) who was tweeting about TWAW - "we just wanna teach kids about gender" and socialism right up to the moment he was arrested for diddling kids was the perfect encapsulation of all this. I'm a lefty but what the fuck do you even do with that? I don't want to enable this.

No. 1622668

I totally agree. That wording just sounds predatory to me.

No. 1622671

That but uterus doesn’t only make babies, it has a lot to do with our hormones and memory, heat regulation as well.

No. 1622672

Revan would be an obscene name where I’m from so this is even funnier to me

No. 1622673

File: 1661199145578.jpg (87.77 KB, 594x458, keffals.jpg)

>the only way I can live a normal life again is if Kiwifarms is deplatformed from the internet.
Bro just get off the fucking internet kek turn off your computer! also does anyone else get "manic episode" vibes from this whole Two Retards Fighting (lucas vs kiwifarms) thing?

No. 1622675

Aw poor doggy fucking moid. There is a simple solution to his dilemma. It involves the numbers 4 and 1.

No. 1622682

Good. Never know peace again, groomer. If he really cared about his own wellbeing, he would quit it with the constant baiting and leave the internet. He'll huff and puff and claim his actions are "activism" but it's very obvious that he thrives on the attention more than any supposed altruism. Twitter trannies are always open books

No. 1622685

Derail but I never understood how suicide is considered a crime. It’s the victims’ fault for killing themselves.

No. 1622686

He just crowdfunded $90,000 for himself and he still has the audacity to complain people are reading and commenting on his social media posts?
He should team up with Lillee Jean on Bullyish.

No. 1622693

Trans exist in conservative cultures as crossdressing homosexuals, any heterosexual crossdresser in those cultures would do it privately or among a likeminded group. In the West, the het crossdressers have swallowed whole the idea that they can buy their identity and present it publicly as long as they pay enough into it, or hold a high enough status. This is why troons don’t come out until they feel they have consumed enough horsepiss to “girl mode” and/or after they attain the proper social status (becoming a father, reaching a certain level in their career, becoming a politician, etc.) The idea that they can buy womanhood is at the core of the ideology.

No. 1622694

I went to check if this was actually trending. It’s not. TERFS is treading on Twitter (in North America) rn and reading the comments is giving me hope kek

No. 1622698

I finally fully peaked my Nigel just by sending him occasional Reddit screenshots. Trannies are truly digging their own graves all by themselves.

No. 1622703

The same with how most older millennial women at least subconsciously know by now that leftie men are just going to abuse them, and "male feminists" are sex pests. Worthless men win big just by being worthless.

No. 1622708

Men blaming women for something other men did. What’s new.

No. 1622739

So true. I was plat in Overwarch and stupid scrotes would say I got carried to plat. jealous nasty idiots.

No. 1622740

File: 1661204591988.png (288.85 KB, 826x535, 1655180124246.png)

>what does an ikea shark have to do with being a troon?
pic related

No. 1622742

Even in media where troons will get paired up with women and this is a "gay" couple and now homophobic wokies have a loophole to avoid putting homosexuality in shows and movies

No. 1622745

>outperforming women

No. 1622754

File: 1661205333609.jpg (1.03 MB, 2560x1920, 22-08-22-22-55-27-320_deco.jpg)


No. 1622759

File: 1661205717976.png (Spoiler Image, 10.43 MB, 4000x4000, lku.png)

KEK you could literally replace TERFS with trannies, and it would actually make sense. Most trannies are diet incels and many were groomed into it. Also anti-tranny/terfs are made of a lot of normal women and men outside the internet bubble.
I know retards on tiktok would believe this thought.

also never forget r9kcute

That's an interesting way of coming out of the closet

No. 1622767

File: 1661206352681.jpeg (912.52 KB, 1284x2148, D134CAD5-55B8-4921-A3FF-425F2D…)


No. 1622768


That reminds me of when they got super mad at cyberpunk for the dick ads because it's on point commentary about what gender as a commodity would actually lead to. The idea that if the technology was there you'd literally get sold this entire identity as cheap toxic garbage from a megacorp vending machine really messed with them.

No. 1622776

File: 1661207227151.png (1.02 MB, 1006x1322, Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 3.27…)

stolen from reddit lol sorry but I couldn't help but notice the sign has a male gender symbol and a whole bunch of other bullshit ones but not the one for women.

No. 1622783

they wasted a shit ton of money printing these signs because it only makes me want to point and laugh at them more

No. 1622784

>using facilities that they feel safe in

As if women didn’t fight for years to have access to our own safe same-sex spaces. Fuck trannies and their feefees.

No. 1622788

No. 1622790

Are those gender symbols or PlayStation symbols? Type of symbols on PS controllers. If every girl was a RedFem Men wouldn’t be so Trash and this behaviour wouldn’t exist

No. 1622794

if a tranny is getting beat the fuck up in the women's bathroom I will not protect them from harm lmao

No. 1622796

Wait they were upset at that? I thought they liked that part.

No. 1622797

This. Why is their feeling of safety the only one that matters?

No. 1622798

I would love to see women beat up one of these perverted scrotes. Too bad it never happens and TiMs have nothing to complain about. They want it to happen so bad and yet they are the ones consistently harming women.

No. 1622807

What the fuck if I were a normie and I went on Wikipedia and saw this I'd be like "what the fuck" no normal person gives a shit about a furniture store's stuffed animal being the face of random crossdressers.

No. 1622811

Same. Negging loud and overconfident men is extremely satisfying.

No. 1622820

>free from barriers
these deranged MRA's are really going all out and masks off, huh

No. 1622830

File: 1661210842951.png (73.53 KB, 924x503, pedo.png)


No. 1622836

File: 1661211428512.jpeg (68.3 KB, 1000x541, yaniv.jpeg)

>bill passing to close the legal loophole of scrotes molesting children which have been going on for a god damn decade
>crying about muh persecutions
These scrotes deserve much worse than a simple concentration camp. Everyone knows this and their days are numbered, get rekt pedo moids. I just hope that basic women's rights come next and all of the women's shelters that were destroyed by troons are rebuilt 10x better.

No. 1622837

File: 1661211462376.jpg (49.42 KB, 597x292, 1661025577778.jpg)

oh colon

No. 1622840

Kek they always seethe the hardest about media representations because it’s essentially free advertisement for their ideology. They desperately want it to be about intangible gender feelings and not what it actually is; a commodity. That’s why they are pushing it onto young people on Reddit and in their Discord communities, because teenagers are on the cusp of becoming true consumers, and by creating a customer base of so many young people it opens up decades of continued pharmaceutical sales. When the body is viewed as something to be “modded” (like people have increasingly been doing with plastic surgery), the illusion that medical care is a human welfare issue dissolves. Working transsex hormones and plastic surgeries into routine medical care allows for the monolithic for profit healthcare companies to make bank on it and drives us further from making basic care available to the impoverished and lower working class populations. But you know, coombrain moid feelings are more important than some rural granny’s access to a doctor. The fact that so many troons call themselves leftists is true irony.

No. 1622842

God this is so regressive! It’s just fucking stupid, I wish GNC people weren’t made to feel this way. Anyway dude needs to just leave and go live his gay dreams or whatever, I don’t know. The poor wife has to be surrounded by this shit every day, she’d probably be better off on her own.

No. 1622844

Lol what? Do they just expect people to drop everything and head to the streets instead of being at work and having shallow convos about whatever? Why do they think they are so important? Does he not realize most people don’t actually give a shit about things that don’t directly affect them?

No. 1622864

wow so hes just not gonna work at all and leave his coworkers to do it just because hes butthurt his coworkers arent petting his hair and calling him oppressed? jeez

No. 1622866

Yeah no there's many many ick things about that post and the obvious fact they talk for hours every day about their child's genitals and who can and can't look at said genitals is definitely one of them. I had 0 minutes of conversation about my genitals with my parents, or anyone else, through my whole childhood (bar probably some normal stuff about periods in my teens) that post is 100% written by a pedophile

No. 1622885

this is what happens when a kid who is told that all he has to do to be a girl is like the color pink is introduced to other children who were raised correctly. the poor kid has no real argument to fall back on so he flashes the other children bc his mommy said that girls can have penises.

No. 1622891

The top comments on that thread are so reassuring, like people are actually noticing the midlife crisis transition trend and its problems. It's painful to watch people recommend the mypartneristrans subreddit which is so unsupportive and toxic. Is it cowtipping if someone dms her to tell her to avoid that place without mentioning lolcow at all?

No. 1622893

Oh fuck off, tranny. Women all over the US had to work the day Roe V Wade got overturned, and that's exactly what we did.
The worlds smallest fucking violin.

No. 1622898

It looks like he also has a fetish for tiled bathrooms kek.

No. 1622911

Why does this article try to draw a relation between normal crossdressing as a joke at the time and LGBT? There is none. All this stupid fanfiction pulled out of nowhere about a pretty simple matter that has no further implications and was obviously not stigmatised or restricted. If there's more German photos, which might be a lie as well, then it means the opposite: The authorities were more lax than Allied authorities and let them have fun as well as take more pics.

No. 1622917

what does this troon think we had to do after roe vs wade? i spent the entire fucking day crying but my boss didnt give a fuck. honest to god no self awareness, moids btfo

No. 1622925

This is yet another one of those troons who is so low effort that instead of clocking him as a tranny, I would assume he's just a regular moid. I instantly know a scrote when I see one, but it can be impossible to know they identify as genderspecial if they're a "butch" transbian. Kek it's so ironic that they never ever pass as women but they are viewed as a non-troon moid if they forgo the wrinkly Japanese schoolgirl uniform from Aliexpress and musty programmer socks.
Also Roe v Wade actually got overturned. This MTG shit hasn't even passed yet.

No. 1622930

They're not even GNC most the time. They just fixate on nonsensical gendering of things. They're the least GNC because everyone else does not care.

No. 1622933

I think he's just saying he got doxed for the grift lol. KF users are just too dumb to realize that.

No. 1622944

File: 1661219084461.jpg (50.15 KB, 828x598, Fab8JCoXgAAP0vU.jpg)

No. 1622947

File: 1661219291145.jpg (64.5 KB, 1080x705, FayH8H9WQAAiaW6.jpg)

We can find your old pictures Colon

No. 1622950


No. 1622961

File: 1661219879307.png (34.02 KB, 777x382, creepy.png)

No. 1622974

Jesus fucking Christ, what even is this made up scenario? Troons know NOTHING about female life experiences and they prove it time and time again. If this actually happened to a girl it's highly unlikely she'd ask a stranger for help. Like wtf. Suggesting a male STRANGER in a public bathroom should get a little girl a pad and "tell her what's happening" is so fucking disturbing.

No. 1622975

Wtf is this stupid fetish porn scenario? Do these people actually believe the shit they say?

No. 1622979

lmao okay yaniv. so much for him being an outlier huh?

No. 1622980

File: 1661220843671.png (Spoiler Image, 2.28 MB, 828x1792, 380A8825-0705-4695-9786-20D883…)

accidentally didn’t spoiler but genuinely having to see this shit on twitter (or anywhere) makes me want to claw my eyes out. genuinely i am just simply transphobic i stopped acting like i’m not i will proudly say it if someone asks. all of these mentally ill men who get off on literally exposing themselves and pretending to be women shouldn’t feel safe or accepted. i feel like a peak more and more everyday sage bc blogpost sorta

No. 1622981

Do all these weird bathroom scenarios ever happen? I've only ever had to give someone toilet paper when their stall is lacking it. None of this other shit I've ever even heard of.

No. 1622982


>muh high kultured progressive inclusive european life yas kween

I'm not an expert on this subject but isn't most of mainland europe much more strict on tranny shit then the USA? I just 10 days in two major cities in Germany going to museums/vegan coffee shops/techno music spaces and saw exactly 0 troons whereas the same type of spaces in any major USA city would be infested with them. Scandinavia has rolled back significantly on self-id shit too and for obvious reasons southern/eastern europe aren't an option so… they are all just moving to France/England? Whenever braindead liberal/sjws/TRAS talk about fleeing to europe to escape american fascism and esp Germany and.or Scandinavia I just kek inside, Denmark won't even give homeless war refugees from Syria the right to apply for residency and are forcing them to go back but they want some deadweight troons that needs thousand of dollars of medical treatment a year

No. 1622983

Samefag, but this becomes even more disturbing when you think about the fact that most girls get their first period when they're 12

No. 1622993

Wait, is this creep implying that little girls don't know what periods are until they get their first one?? To the point where they'd need a stranger to explain it to them?! What the fuck man

No. 1622996

my mom is a retarded pickme but even she would tell me never to go to a non single unisex toilet. and i wouldn't tell a strange man about something happening with my fucking vagina. sick pervert

No. 1622999

>Is it cowtipping if someone dms her to tell her to avoid that place without mentioning lolcow at all?
No. And why would you mention lolcow anyway?

No. 1623003

The fact that there's 9 years olds getting their periods makes this whole scenario even more disgusting.

No. 1623006

I want to a-log so badly

No. 1623010

and they learn about periods from their mothers even before that. Children are curious so if they ever saw pads or tampons in their household they'd ask what it was for.

No. 1623012

I guess his only reference is Stephen King's Carrie.

No. 1623019

File: 1661223746600.jpeg (12.85 KB, 190x266, 92FE7B9D-11A4-402D-9CB5-3910F5…)

ofc the catfish is a troon

No. 1623023

I found it interesting that the catfish trooned out after getting public backlash for his actions.

No. 1623032

File: 1661224429608.jpg (386.44 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20220823-051129__01…)

At least a lot of the comments are reasonable, as expected of terf island
Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/CasualUK/comments/wv0bxz/someone_spotted_this_sign_in_the_bathroom_at_alan/

No. 1623037

and it's totally okay that this guy's life and career was destroyed because he just wanted to be a girl all along!

No. 1623040

>protect them from harm
excuse me?? troons trying to larp like uwu smol beans who need to be protected are the worst, especially since they're always MASSIVE.

No. 1623042

File: 1661225593854.jpg (311.34 KB, 972x1899, FazFd1TXgAQUJSR.jpg)

No. 1623044

i fucking hate this in mom groups and parenting circles. "well my husband was really depressed after we had kids i think he had postpartum depression" HOW? DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION IS? what the fuck could he possibly be depressed about? the fact he can't be 50% as lazy as he was before? the fact that if he leaves you, he can't pretend you don't exist?

No. 1623045

File: 1661226295383.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 332x332, A5DF1346-6D33-4C08-9F42-B6A933…)

My only consolation is that he will 41% at some point and everyone will sigh with relief. Spoilered because the picture flashes a bit.

No. 1623049

sage for derail but this is a really cute idea. I’m sewing lots of plushies these days and I really want to try to do this now… Thank you nonnie!

No. 1623054

Is this all it takes to be a woman lmfao

No. 1623056

The entire time the troon kept talking about how horrible he felt and how it all affected him, typical troon

No. 1623057

Why would you be in a support group for mothers just to whinge about your own issues that have literally nothing to do with motherhood. Oh that’s right—

No. 1623059

its also laughable how retarded he is, yes keep invading spaces and kicking women out - the estrogen is working, youre definitely not acting like a manchild! stunning and brave

No. 1623072

OT but ty for spoilering this kind of thing. Some of those flashing gifs really hurt to look at.

No. 1623100

File: 1661230651132.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x1887, 3A58505D-50D3-4166-BE2B-5C02B9…)

>not a fetish
>big bouncing titties

No. 1623121

Looks like Randy Stiar

No. 1623134

File: 1661233846024.jpeg (136.81 KB, 1242x609, 653C6F9F-EA14-44B3-B1F5-2073DC…)

It’s trending on my ‘For You’ page but not the actual trending Twitter page. I follow a lot of radical feminists though so it’s no wonder it ended up on my screen. Just get off the fucking Internet you loser.

No. 1623144

This made me wonder, how many "please help an uwu transwoman" ebeggers are probably just regular dudes who are scamming gullible libfems ?

No. 1623145

It's a prime example of corporations buying out the alleged "left". Trannyism opened up several whole new markets for cosmetic surgery, literal children, butch women, and filthy men who never willingly groomed themselves in their whole worthless lives. And when it comes to frivolous retail spending, regular troon moids will happily drop several hundred dollars a month at stores regular women might spend $100~300 total/year as treats. Because men are raised to buy the top of the line if they want it, they don't get trained to be ashamed of buying nonessential goods, or trained to downgrade their purchases to the dollar store version.

No. 1623146

all of them

No. 1623161

File: 1661238619792.jpg (26.63 KB, 500x501, feminist icon.jpg)

Sharks are feminist as fuck and don't belong to troons. Simple as

No. 1623194

They're so fucking creepy. We just want to be left ALONE.

No. 1623204

WOW. Whoever the fuck "Jay Geis" is, he has tweeted under that tag over 100 times in the past two hours alone, and I didn't bother to scroll past the 2 hr mark.
He's just sitting there posting more butthurt shit literally every single minute for at least two hours straight. Organic twitter usage is completely indistinguishable from spam.

No. 1623205

I’m late but wasn’t Alan Turing chemically castrated by the same puberty blockers they put kids on.

You know the treatment that sent him spiralling so far into depression he fuckin killed himself?

No. 1623208

Yes, they chemically castrated him using puberty blockers because he was a homosexual which was illegal at the time.

No. 1623209

Samefag, maybe not puberty blockers (not sure on which drug specifically), but some hormone and testosterone fucking drugs which is why they try to claim him.

No. 1623226

I think he was actually receiving estrogen. I’ve seen trannies claim he was trans based on him being FORCED to take estrogen as well as on the fact that the original Turing test was about distinguishing a man pretending to be a woman from a woman (and then a machine pretending to be a woman from a woman)

No. 1623229

>Turing was ordered to undergo chemical castration by taking doses of the female hormone estrogen to reduce sex drive.
>The pills made him impotent, reduced his ability to think and grow breasts. They also greatly depressed him.
>Two years later, the motive for his apparent suicide, at age 41, remained unclear and left many questions. At the time, Hodges wrote, known homosexuals were denied security clearances, which meant that Turing could not be involved in secret work during the Cold War, leaving him excluded and embittered. While a coroner deemed the death a suicide, the telltale apple at Turing’s side was never forensically examined.

really depressing what happened to him

No. 1623249

And they push this homophobic shit as progressive and try and claim him as one of theirs. Things haven’t changed, they just try to find loopholes to do it all again.

No. 1623278

>I guess she expected the other moms to back her up but they were silent
the scrote is clueless, the other moms stayed silent either because they're scared of the troon and/or that's the only way they could show support to the woman he got kicked out
>hateful messages
you know if they were genuinely hateful he'd have capped and posted them, outed them out for being evil terfs too. no, I bet there was reason in the messages and he doesn't want that getting out

No. 1623279

my ex bf beat the shit out of me and he trooned out. It's like assuming a new identity.

No. 1623286

I think, in a lot of ways, trannies are their own worst enemy. They literally cannot shut the fuck up and every time they open their mouths they only end up alienating/irritating/disgusting more people. There's also a sense of 'the lady (kek!) doth protest too much' about the whole movement that normies instantly pick up on.

It reminds me of nothing so much as back when the whole brony thing was popular with moids online. You'd have these dorky failmales talking at length to every who would listen that being a brony is actually totally cool and normal and not a sign of weird, creepy, psuedo-paedophilic sexual degeneracy at all, ackshually, nu-uh, no sir. And then another brony would come along and say, "Hey everypony. I've been collecting my sperm in a jar that has a toy pony in it."

The masquerade is not sustainable. The more they talk, the more the mask cracks.

No. 1623290

File: 1661254072016.png (125.73 KB, 529x498, 164933628254785.png)

>admitting to abusing your child to own the "cisters" for Twitter clout

No. 1623293

>This was before SOPHIE came out as a troon.
yes and grimes is still being called retroactively transphobic for this because "her remarks discourage closeted transwomen from coming out"

No. 1623297

Honestly nowadays I see far more troon characters in opposite sex "same gender" relationships (MTF with women, FTM with men) than "straight" relationships (MTF with men, FTM with women).

No. 1623304

File: 1661255600810.png (76.99 KB, 257x312, 1661007550132.png)

as a mother the idea of these degenerates anywhere near children both angers and frightens me, also
>she is of lower income and a disadvantaged background, Is it wrong to say that I don't care? Because I really don't. And I don't feel guilty either
I have no words

No. 1623316


No. 1623321

Pretty much. It’s why you so often hear people say they peaked just by listening to trans people. “They told me to educate myself and listen to them, and it just made me realize how horrific they are.” They really are their own worst enemies and the fact that they’re proud to say things like >>1621829 and >>1622053 just shows how hateful and deranged they are. People were accepting initially but the more they let the mask slip, the more people are waking up. I consistently see new people on Twitter reading screencap posts like those and saying “wait, they think like that? I thought they just wanted to pee.” Once you push the envelope too much, the pendulum will swing back. I’m just scared of what that will end up meaning for women and the LGB.

No. 1623323

They tried to make a funny haha comic but it just falls flat when so many of them are actually abusive narcissistic fathers.

No. 1623346

File: 1661261124272.jpeg (206.28 KB, 1284x345, F9751187-3429-4334-A2B3-BD494A…)

Breaking news: Biology has always been about transphobia

No. 1623359

These people really do remind me of the extremely conservative Christians who act like humans are above everything including the basic biology that is present in other animals.

No. 1623360

File: 1661262575471.jpg (350.24 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20220823-092423_Bra…)

No. 1623366

Now show us a non-angled picture where you’re standing with a group of women.

No. 1623400

TERFs has been trending the last few days on mine, and I'm in the US. However, like you, I follow a lot of rad fems, so it could be algorithm shit. I haven't seen anything about Kiwifarms trending.

No. 1623465

File: 1661272047105.webm (334.11 KB, 640x360, CM.webm)

sage for no real milk, just posting a short clip from an old episode of Criminal Minds

>The unsub is a white male aged in his 30s to 40s who, judging from his knowledge of circuitry wiring, works as an electrician or an electrical engineer, a job which gives him access to his victims' homes or workplaces and therefore enough time to observe them. He targets successful career women because he finds them strong, righteous, and unattainable, so he seeks to tear them down, reduce them to basic sexual creatures, and punish them. He is a clear sexual sadist of the anger-excitation typology, meaning that he becomes sexually aroused by his victims' suffering. Technically, the killings come afterward for he is actually after the pain his victims feel, and he takes his time to exact maximum stimulation. It is believed that he takes his victims' clothing for rehearsal fantasies; by dressing up as his victims, he can relive the torture, and it is during this time that he most likely pleasures himself in order to reinforce his association between suffering and gratification. When he eventually becomes dissatisfied with reliving the torture, he seeks out a new victim. He has been killing women for a long time and has also been thinking about killing for most of his life. He will continue to evolve his M.O., finding new ways of challenging himself and increasing his stimulation threshold; there is no bond holds for him. It was also revealed that Jeremy frequently called women "bleeders", which is a misogynistic term that refers to menstruation.

This is from Season 3, Episode 13 of Criminal Minds and it aired in early 2008, I'm sure the writers wouldn't have expected that just a decade later, "bleeders" would become the more politically correct term for us dirty menstruators

No. 1623486

Troons have no understanding of the solidarity between women. (not counting handmaidens)

No. 1623500

There's tons of real crime shows such as forensic files depicting men who steal the clothes of their victims and wear them to relive the moment. It's fucking sick.

No. 1623526

>it aired in early 2008
I was wondering if it was just old or if they had no fear of internet mobs. Bleeders does sound like something a serial killer would say.

No. 1623534

File: 1661277147750.jpg (281.58 KB, 1558x1226, FazzXzMXkAEwMZC.jpg)

Nobody cares about this? Trans qween attacking the enbies?

No. 1623545

I thought sex work was empowering? also I can't deal with this I wanna an hero.

No. 1623550

>these retarded lazy fucks immediately go to sex work instead of any normal job bc they suddenly have titty skittle mosquito bites
>bc they suddenly have titty skittle mosquito bites
yeah tbh it's definitely misogynistic that since they're now "women" they instantly jump to "sex work"

No. 1623552

Nah trannies all to blame for their own demise, they couldn't stay in their lane and now there's consequences to getting the spot light on them.

No. 1623553

>forcing more of us into sex work
Lol he wishes, worthless AGP bum.

Also, why specifically black transwomen? Randomly racist despite crying against the conservatives.

No. 1623554



it really does illustrate the schizo hypocrisy going on that they applaud screwing over a poor mom in a support group, but still have to try and co opt black poverty.

No. 1623555

because black transwomen are considered the "ultimate oppressed minority"

No. 1623560

they can't work at mcdonalds or have a normal career because they might experience the dreadful transphobia

No. 1623562

but women getting followed or harassed or assaulted raped or killed is just a normal daily occurence.

No. 1623565

This definitely feels pedophilic. The reverse is an obvious pedoporn scenario too: boy pops his first public boner in a unisex bathroom and needs a female stranger to explain what's going on.

Minors shouldn't trust strangers.

No. 1623569

File: 1661279324497.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 3000x4000, vxr630suwfj91.jpg)

nsfw axe wound
whys he growing another penis after his grs

No. 1623571


that reminds me that even the shitheads on the coli noticed how fucked up it was that so much of the early troon stuff was them uploading videos trying to humiliate workers in retail and fast food places. i wish they would just admit they look down on most people and don't want to do real work after uni.

No. 1623575

File: 1661279626960.png (616.42 KB, 900x580, BTK.png)

cause tons of real life serial killers did that, even gay killers like jeffery dahmer kept the underwear of the boy's he'd murder and mastrubate with them, BTK had a fondness for recreating his killings while wearing his victims clothes

No. 1623578

>sign completely justifies women walking in and turning the mens' room into a brothel to suck cock for cash instead of actually working
Nothin personnel, kiddo. B) Carry on with your day and respect our privacy!
Troon rights are a joke and invite more problems than they solve.

No. 1623604

File: 1661281388500.jpg (Spoiler Image, 703.3 KB, 1500x2000, 0rvdfhoge5j91.jpg)

nsfw axe wound
>looks normal

No. 1623606

Honter liked it, huh. It’s fun to see them eat each other.

No. 1623608

File: 1661281451415.png (100.83 KB, 542x800, FavF8IsWIAAewN9.png)

No. 1623622

honey, you're seeing that all wrong, that's his girl clitoris, it's tiny and fragile and there is no difference to a natural clitoris. I assume you never saw a clitoris before, please go and educate yourself. If it's not clear, I'm sarcastic, his thing is honestly disgusting, hope the doctor made good money with that and is female.

No. 1623631


i wish the media never sold them the idea that every woman wants to dress them up and teach them everything.

and to be perfectly honest it's way more fun to do stuff like that with men who aren't trans because it's basically like putting clothes on a dog. it doesn't really understand what's happening or why it's amusing to you and doesn't invest emotionally in it. the layer of mental illness ruins everything

No. 1623635

If anything, enbies are the ones that are actually trying to stop the binary views of sex tbh, by being gender non conforming (even if that implies having the most retarded pronouns and names) they're more against girl = pink/ boy = blue, than:
>I was born a man I was into computers and maths, but now I'm a sexy bimbo slut that can't open jars teehee and I'm literally like totally super like dumb and stupid and lol xoxo I forgot how to use a computer and how to maths teehee wearing female underwear makes me have boners and everyone must refer to me as a little girl
It's kind of weird that they're throwing the enbytards under the bus, I thought they needed them to keep everyone confused about what being a tranny truly meant.

No. 1623643

The 'girly sleepover makeover/ugly girl teen movie transformation' is part of the fetish.
>it's basically like putting clothes on a dog
I lol'd, you're so right

No. 1623651

I'm ashamed to say this but whatever I'm a straight woman. I was listening to The Green Flame's (environmentalist podcast) episode "Pornography", basically 4 people discussing Dworkin's book. There's a guy in there, I have no idea who he is, his name isn't listed in the description. His takes on porn, men and capitalism were so good it kind of turned me on? I'm not turned on by the stuff he's saying, more that he is a man and he is this based. I wish I knew his name. Sigh… Straight nonnas, we all deserve him. I know, he's a moid, but I want him so bad. He sounded hot idc.
https://open.spotify.com/episode/2nT5uWTd1hykJvopBee0eG?si=8f9f3793842c45c0(bait or self-post)

No. 1623652

>If anything, enbies are the ones that are actually trying to stop the binary views of sex tbh
nona enbies are mostly women who think not wanting to wear skirts doesn't make them women and men trying to escape accountability/seem spicy by painting their nails. they aren't trying to do anything, they're just as retarded as your regular trans person except they can't even fall back on dysphoria

No. 1623656

terf used to talk about this already years ago asking troons that if they don't have a medical condition why do they need any treatment kek

No. 1623657

This is not the thread for your nameless scrote fangirling or shilling, anon.

No. 1623658

NB's are just lame attention whores and just like trannies they also prove the sexist stereotypes.

it's the scrote shitting the thread up, ignore him.

No. 1623659

why should it be paid for by society is the real question, they can get all the axe wounds they want but why should it get paid by tax payers?

No. 1623661

File: 1661286206630.jpg (16.57 KB, 591x239, 2ak23k2ky1i91.jpg)

No. 1623666

these idiots really don't realize how they just keep telling on themselves

No. 1623672

"Philosophy" as an interest or career is just old timey gender studies for white guys. A way to dress up navel gazing.

No. 1623685

>girl no think, only sucky sucky

what trans "women" think of women, and what we are supposed to support as actual women

No. 1623686

Up there in top 100 most pathetic selfposts, "we all deserve him" "listening to this scrote turned me on" mighty kek at the high opinion podcaster scrotes have of themselves.

No. 1623691

The fucking period obsession again, women don't need "help" with their period and every time this is discussed itt anons have either never or very rarely had an experience of another woman lending a pad or tampon (outside of their home/family), we only bleed once a month and tissues can do the job in an emergency.
It is pedophilic, like other anons said, pedotroon even mentions the imaginary girl's genitals in his post.

No. 1623702

File: 1661290212659.jpg (40.86 KB, 640x563, FazWX83XwAMe4QL.jpg)

Always so violent and rapey, like true moids

No. 1623703

You can't seriously be this fucking retarded. Moids pretend to be feminists to get pussy all the time. Maybe you're him idk

No. 1623708

Most likely these manwhores became cumdumpsters to moids who wants to pump and dump some piece of meat

No. 1623719

It's definitely a selfpost, it's very amusing to realize podcaster scrotes actually think women are attracted to them ("he's so hot" lol) rather than think it's hours of men enjoying the sound of their own voices while offering 0 wisdom. I've tried listening to podcasts before and it's 80% men saying nothing new and 20% men laughing at their own unfunny jokes (usually involving sexism)

samefag as >>1623691 I'm gonna pretend to give pedotroon the benefit of the doubt and analyze his unlikely scenario
>12 years old
>first period
>probably have a mother, sister, or female cousins in your life, as well as female friends from school
>oh, but I'm in a public bathroom that has a fully grown strange male in it
>what do
>since I'm 12, and am in a public bathroom with a fully grown strange male in it, I can assume I'm neither at school nor at home, the two places a 12 year old will spend most of their time
>12 year old are not allowed many places, so I'm probably in a cinema or shopping center
>12 year olds generally hang around with their family or schoolfriends in public, rather than on their own
>So I, as a 12 year old in a public bathroom with a strange male in it who has just got my period can simply go outside and mention this to my female family member(s) or my female schoolfriends, one of whom will 99% be with me in the cinema or shopping center or wherever I am
>This pedotroon in the corner with his dick out is the last person I'd ask

No. 1623728

Thinking the world owes you something, wanting to be the center of attention all the time, typical of weak and violent people, as soon as all troons are.

No. 1623730

File: 1661291908360.jpeg (371.33 KB, 828x1188, 67234340-B045-4F40-B9B3-562A57…)

No. 1623731


What could they possibly relate to cis moms about? That's what I don't get. There's no point of similarity in experiences so why not just make your own space instead of taking over ours and complaining when we don't "get" you

No. 1623732

>her proximity to whiteness and wealth

No. 1623735

Kek even if you can’t get employed in a normal job why the fuck are they so quick to jump to sex work as the only other option? There’s thousands of other options to work from home or have a side gig to make money from besides prostituting yourself. Internet brain rot

No. 1623737

File: 1661292335436.jpg (42.3 KB, 640x446, 85afa5713d678a3c26688e204c57bc…)

No. 1623738

Terfs preoccupy their minds since all terfs to them are just women. It’s a female only thing so of course they hate it. And they can’t be one without serious cognitive dissonance. I hope they keep talking like this. It keeps leaking more people and public acceptance continues to drop

No. 1623740

Is the joke supposed to be that they treat babies like men stereotypically do? And that's not a realistic drawing

No. 1623741

Good, eat each other. If this makes a few enbyshits wake up, then all the better.
Enbies aren't breaking anything. They claim they are outside the binary because they are girls with short hair who like pants or whatever, shoving everyone else into the "binary" group, as if we're okay with 1950s stereotypes about our sex. If anything, enbies are just NLOGs.
Claiming being a tranny is being an oppressed class is, bar none, the greatest scam moids have ever come up with.

No. 1623742

audible kek

No. 1623748

>the layer of mental illness ruins everything
It just seems like they were putting a lot of pressure on their friends and why would they jump at the chance to teach you how to be a girl. Aren't you already a girl? How does wearing different clothing and cosmetics make one a girl when James Charles is right there?

No. 1623749

File: 1661293356700.png (54.45 KB, 590x287, 1658541699480.png)

They love whores, and are always completely delusional about how other men treat women.

No. 1623750

And by "love whores", of course I just mean the concept of a prostitute and access to her. Not any fondness for an actual woman.

No. 1623752


Girl too stupy to think. My god

No. 1623756


A lot of the time they are just pulling this out of their ass. Tims used to only have sex work but clearly things have changed. This is no different than the fake Martha p Johnson stonewall story. I doubt op is even a sex worker outside of OF at the most

No. 1623767

Exactly. Most girls at least know something about it through school or family or other girls talking about it. When I got mine I didn’t say anything to anyone but my mom and my best friend because those were the people I trusted most. Never in my fucking life would I ask a scrote of all people about anything related to that. And like you said they seem to think this happens constantly (or at least girls/women needing menstrual products). I’ve been asked ONCE in my entire life when I worked at a park and it was by a pregnant woman who was in a pinch. They do not understand anything about being female.

No. 1623768

File: 1661294609415.jpeg (702.62 KB, 1157x1147, 7FC8A9B5-864F-4BB1-8AEB-60DBA9…)

No. 1623773

I hope they don't even give him a single dose of penicillin.

No. 1623776

File: 1661294856865.jpeg (492.16 KB, 1156x1151, CDB9FA90-621A-49E6-ACFC-12738D…)

No. 1623781

I had my period in school and I had to go to the nurse because I didn't bring anything wth me because it was unpredictable back then. She wasn't there, so I asked a girl in my class for a pad. Guess I should have asked a male teacher to help me.

No. 1623783

Misgendered and ignored? How will he ever survive? I bet the person he killed would have loved to have been ignored by him instead of killed by him.
It's wild to see this murderer so entitled and butthurt he's not getting everything he wants, when he wants
I hope he got an infection that actually castrates him.

No. 1623793

He broke into the home of his former foster parents and murdered his foster father in a botched burglary, after carjacking a couple with a baby. He deserves death.

No. 1623799

File: 1661296168035.jpg (192.83 KB, 720x997, 20220823_180629.jpg)

Lol kinda wish I was a fly on Josh's bedroom wall right now,

No. 1623802

tranny has a point, mass peaking started when theyfabs started to appear everywhere on social media. most people cannot understand the bullshit that is "non binaryism" and you can see it on their faces every time a person is introduced to this post modern concept. but people have to pretend even if they don't understand

No. 1623803

File: 1661296385919.jpg (1.54 MB, 2560x1920, 22-08-24-00-10-58-852_deco.jpg)

Why do troons spend so much on hormones and pointless surgeries that don't change anything but never fix their fucking teeth

No. 1623805

Good. Now cut the other one off too

No. 1623806

lol I know right? And all because some moidette who thinks ratio-ing means anything got pissy over Joshua's forum exposing how he was a groomer. Its a predictable pattern we're all used to tho. Taking down KF doesn't do shit.

No. 1623808

How dare they get mad at enbies for "ruining" the definition of being trans with vaguely when that's exactly what they've been doing to the definition of womanhood. The fucking lack of self awareness.

No. 1623809

is KF down because of Keffals or is Null just doing something with the site?

No. 1623810

FIRST FEW WORDS and I already laughed
>hopeless, and as if i was being ignored
What a fucking freak, why wouldn't you want to be ignored when you're in a fucking prison
>i wanted the pain to stop so i began cutting off my ballsack with a rusty blade
>because of my transgender diagnosis im 5x more likely to commit suicide!
Who the fuck speaks this way? Not suicidal people.
>they call me gay in men's prison, you can't send me there!!!!!
Being called gay is worse than rape

No. 1623814

Isn't kiwifarms always going down and getting ddos'd and if it is gone for good, he'll just make another site. Just like Keffals has nothing but his audience, Josh has nothing but Kiwifarms. It's his life work and even if I dislike Josh, I think Kiwifarms is more important then Keffals.
At least Kiwifarms has decent threads. Keffals is so annoying and he genuinely seems like he'd stupid. It's not just because he's a Troon, like seriously when you watch his streams he seems stunted.

No. 1623815

No sympathy. These people shouldn't be kept around using my tax dollars.

No. 1623816

File: 1661296987126.jpg (152.59 KB, 602x645, main-qimg-175b35af3f84f72787df…)

>serial killer calling women bleeders
>trannies calling women bleeders and menstruators
>long established links between crossdressing and serial killers
>trannies often have that psychopath eye expression

really makes you think

No. 1623818

Honestly I have no idea, will have to wait and see what happened when the site is back up. Keffals and his army of groomed underaged boys are treating it like a huge victory though.

No. 1623819

This whole feud is like tow retards slapfighting over the last safety helmet. KF goes down monthly anyway. Gotta echo >>1623814 though. At least KF can make me laugh and can have good threads, even if its riddled with the lowest value of scrotes.

No. 1623820

>who doesn't believe that I don't deserve rights
Ignoring the slip up with the double negative, the story went from her telling him that he can't understand the experience of being a "cis woman" (true fact) to her suddenly wanting to strip rights. I'll bet she did no such thing and was putting him in his place when he tried to make someone else's struggle all about him.

No. 1623823

File: 1661297889936.jpg (20.81 KB, 332x332, floppaTERF.jpg)

I bet you they were talking about birth. Troons seethe when women bring up the one thing they can never and will never do

No. 1623826

Even if I hated Kiwifarms, I wouldn't want it to go down because people like kevin Gibes, Keffals and all the truly disgusting people it covers. Keffals is a whiny baby, even made Destiny look sane for 2 minutes. Kiwifarms will be back in one way or another. Does he think the scrote that runs it is going to go, "well that's it". No, he'll either start a new site or give it to someone else. Either way a new kiwifarms will be made. Also wouldn't cloudfire getting rid of kiwi cause some kind of drama? People say a lot of shady places are hosted by CF.

No. 1623827

File: 1661298334468.bmp (764.92 KB, 590x442, 6fh802.bmp)

No. 1623830

All troons in 3rd world countries are homosexuals trying to avoid being persecuted for being same sex attracted, while in the west we have rapist moids adopting a fake identity to prey on women.

No. 1623836

"Trans people" in third world are in their majority deranged, violent narcs who wants to mimic import bullshit from America

No. 1623847

>I’m totally a real normal woman, nothing to see here folks!
>Wahhh, why won’t the lesbians and bi-girls do teh emotional labour of teaching me how to be a woman

Pick one, sir

No. 1623848

>women are brainless sex objects

And they wonder why “cis” women fear and mistrust them

No. 1623856

File: 1661301566400.jpeg (190.39 KB, 449x1280, 2B974E61-9EC5-4673-BBF2-03B385…)

>people say a lot of shady places are hosted by CF

Yeah, but it's usually not nearly this big a PR issue. The sheer volume of terminally online trannies blowing up their Twitter could actually have gotten them to stop providing their services to KF.

There's even a Vice article out about this today, and it points to a few examples of cloudflare discontinuing customer's service.
also kek at a platform that connects prostitute and clients being a "public good"

That all being said, Kiwifarms will be back, with or without cloudflare.

No. 1623868

My Nigel was sympathetic to Keffles until I showed him the tweet from Keff hoping someone else got SWATted kek

No. 1623870

> treat me like any other female friend
We can't though. Mention anything body related, relationship, sex, children and oh no we've set off their dysphoria.

No. 1623876

Soldiers behind the lines on both sides would dress up, put on shows, entertain themselves. Including playing women's roles because there were no women. Not gender/sexuality related, just downtime in a very awful situation.

No. 1623878

In my 25 years of menstruating I have asked for a tampon once in a queue for toilets at a music festival (forgot mine in my tent), given one to a friend when her period came early while we were out. That's it. No one needs to go around with an aisle's worth of pads and tampons in their purse "just in case" someone needs them let alone loiter around the ladies' with a sign around their neck reading TELL ME IF YOU'RE HAVING YOUR FIRST PERIOD.

No. 1623881

> based transphobic Turing test

No. 1623882

Manti is a retarded Mormon and therefore prime target for scams but the troon responsible for torpedoing his life is a seriously fucked up person. it's so obvious the power trip he got out of it all and sincerely amazing the gall he had to even get on there and share his side of the story and show his disgusting body as if any of his actions could be even the slightest bit justified in any way. he should be in prison.

No. 1623883

File: 1661303948210.jpeg (371.26 KB, 960x924, 6524257C-6AE3-4730-8BA3-DD9683…)

Trannies have been celebrating Keffals for “taking down” kiwi farms.

No. 1623884

isn't it already back up though

No. 1623885

I'm all for sociliazed healthcare but we just aren't there right now. So why should hormones and SRS be free but pain relief and insulin and physiotherapy isn't? Trans aren't that special.

No. 1623887

They always say its not a mental illness so it should be regarded as non essential plastic surgery.

No. 1623892

File: 1661304947982.jpeg (60.91 KB, 542x566, 7DE87752-B36A-4254-BF25-796AE4…)

I think there was an association with uwu anime girls at first

No. 1623896

Well that would certainly explain why troons latched onto it

No. 1623899

The IKEA shark itself was a meme in Russia before troons got to it though.

No. 1623901

I think Keffals has an overinflated sense of self. KF is up as of right now, and as anons have said it's always going down due to something or another.

No. 1623909

Not only the site is working their chatroom is working just fine thought

No. 1623916

Josh has been to court multiple times over Kiwifarms, it's hilarious that Keffals thinks that throwing a fit on Twitter is going to be the killing blow

No. 1623922

I remember seeing it as a meme on tumblr, along with the big djunkelskogg bear. People just liked the ikea stuffed animals but idk why trannies like the shark so much specifically besides their desperate attempts to act like a young girl due to their hentai consumption.

No. 1623939

File: 1661309702054.png (81.65 KB, 590x563, the josh cries out as he strik…)


>uhh actually null is playing 12-D transphobic chess by pretending kiwi farms was shut down by skiddies for an hour.

No. 1623946

I've become skeptical of troonery just recently. I'm genuinely wondering with how different gender roles can be all around the world, how is "the feeling" being standardized. A Troon in one of the last threads mentioned how they hated having their chests exposed as an example of being a girl but there's women in other parts of the world who regularly have their chests exposed. And why do they need to be like cis women in appearance if they're already women and sex isn't linked to gender. Also what exactly is the definition of gender dysphoria if it isn't a mental illness. It's not adding up

No. 1623948

Last post of sperging but they don't seem to have something that unites them aside from not wanting to be their natal gender. Like they have completely different experiences and motivations behind being trans. Like how am I supposed to keep taking this seriously.

No. 1623950

apparently he also had a 41% joke on the down message page too

No. 1623952

File: 1661310974773.png (298.61 KB, 712x705, lol.png)

what a waste of a nice dress

No. 1623953

File: 1661311012672.jpg (812.16 KB, 2172x2715, FZ4zkyqUIAAPzMZ.jpg)

more of this dude

No. 1623975

the undeniable male body kek

No. 1623977

File: 1661313363536.jpeg (27.89 KB, 500x529, 9464C17D-F948-4EEF-8ED3-4DE3AC…)

jesus fuck his body is hilarious, that poor dress, also was this an intentional reference to Buffalo Bill or…?

No. 1624067

female themlets are a good babby's first gender critical argument and it all goes from there and he knows it and hates it lmao

No. 1624069

>I think Keffals has an overinflated sense of self
All trannies do.

No. 1624075

Hopefully they continue to infight and destroy eachother so none of them are left.

No. 1624091

The owner of Cloudflare has said many times he regretted his decision to boot off the Daily Stormer and 8chan. Also both of those websites are still online even without Cloudflare.

Losing Cloudflare does not guarantee a website to go offline, it just means that they lose their DDOS protection (until they find an alternative provider) so basically trannies like Keffals are admitting they just want to DDOS KF to take it down and Cloudflare is standing in their way. DDOSing is a federal crime btw. Posting someone's tweets and making fun of them is not.

No. 1624127

because to many people troons are operating on a binary where even if it’s clearly a man it’s still acknowledging men and women exist. Let the sad weirdo pretend in the corner.

With Enbies I see a lot more visceral confusion and hate, and I think it’s because it’s much more of an open attack on the individual. Even more than troons non binary people work by recruiting you and telling you everything you believe about yourself is wrong. Troons are literally tolerated out of retard pity, Enbies are outright trying to argue against your existence.

No. 1624132

I'm always shocked how hard normie or mildly liberal men go for trannys. Sage for semi-blogpost but I was watching a video game review by a man who has never even mentioned anything political whatsoever but he suddenly launched into this cringy performative anti-"terfs" speech because one game he was reviewing has a bunch of trannypandering in it. It shouldnt come as a suprise how much men love and support other men but its always jarring to hear complete normies defend trannys. Its absolutely not true that normie men see trannys as an abomination or as a lesser man. Male recognizes male. Doesnt matter in what form. Males will always love and support and defend male trannys. Especially if it gives them an excuse to shit on the bigoted terf bitches

No. 1624134

File: 1661333517149.jpeg (271.05 KB, 750x507, A244D196-2759-4B8A-B003-487AC1…)

yet another case of a basement dwelling scrote skinwalking his goth crush

No. 1624135

poor Doug walker he didn't do anything bad enough to get memed by shitty zoomers just because they think he's cringe

No. 1624137

i remember back in the day he actually used to be almost worshipped, particularly on tvtropes for some reason

No. 1624138

I like his videos honestly, especially the ones with the AVGN. The early 00's is something zoomers will never understand, it was just dumb film students having unironic fun instead of wannabe ironic self-hating zoomers that think everything is cringe unless it's covered by 20 layers of irony. Miss me some early 2010's yt

No. 1624140

That's pretty clearly not the same person

No. 1624141

They wish they couldve reached the same level of genuine notority shlubby mediocre everyman doug walker has

No. 1624142

the make up ends too early on his forehead? or is that part of the wig, what's going on

No. 1624158

Since men can't directly shit on liberal feminists and SJW's anymore without being considered conservative nazis they found a group of women that they can still shit on because the left says it's alright: TERFs. Men have always found some reason to justify their hatred of women and now they even got women on their side defending them. It is bitter.

No. 1624189

Wish he would’ve done that before raping two women pregnant. But they’re only victims among men, aren’t they? Hope they bust open his prostate in there.

No. 1624190

That's basically how it started with me. Even in my balls deep in Tumblr days, I thought nonbinary and genderfluid shit was retarded. It'd take a bit longer, but I got there about troons too, usually because troons themselves acted like retards.

No. 1624192

Man can’t not be the centre of attention for 2 minutes. Now anything more masculine, I’ll wait.

No. 1624205

This happened to me the other day. I was listening to a male-hosted podcast for a game franchise I enjoy and have been a fan of the podcast for years because they focused on the games and nothing else. It was a new season and out of nowhere they mentioned tranny shit. Never have heard them bring up any sort of political matter before. Said they were “on the left and unbigoted” but didn’t speak a word about the rest of the LGBT or racial minorities or women’s rights. It was just TWAW. It almost feels like people do this shit as a disclaimer to keep the insanity off their backs, but I instantly turned the podcast off anyway and unsubscribed.

No. 1624215

Read the book Trans by Helen Joyce.That will answer all your questions about troons and troonery.

No. 1624220

File: 1661347677385.jpeg (475.62 KB, 960x1539, 2EA19832-3878-41FA-8BA7-E90D60…)

No. 1624227

File: 1661348134112.png (32.74 KB, 668x339, troons.png)

>man does something that upsets trannies
>trannies find a way to harass a real woman for it still
Psychopathic fucks.

No. 1624229

They really don't see us as independent humans huh? We're just mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters responsible for what men do

No. 1624231

Yeah no way that isn’t a grooming subreddit.

No. 1624232

What the actual fuck is wrong with them?

No. 1624234

Jesus Christ, how many subreddits do they need? Asktrans, selfie train, transadorable and now this?

No. 1624239

There are way more than even that. It’s ridiculous that they have so many and yet women can’t have a single space there for our own shit, they colonize everything like 2X and actuallesbians, even subs that aren’t related to anything must cater to them or risk the banhammer. I’ve never seen another “oppressed minority” as they call themselves with this much power.

No. 1624250

yeah exactly, it’s fun to dress up and do each other’s makeup with other girls, because we know it’s not some weird sexual gratification thing. it’s fun to dress up a male friend and do his makeup for the same reasons you mentioned, but when I & my friends have done this in the past it’s always felt clear that the guy wasn’t getting off on it, he just thought it was kind of dumb but entertaining. I’d never feel comfortable doing the same thing with someone who was obviously too invested in it and viewed it as some pornified “initiation into gwirlhood” or expected everyone to give him a full makeover and then fawn over him for it.

also there’s this weird undertone in the post you replied to like the guy thinks women just naturally love to be endless wells of makeup advice. like no, when we enjoy doing our friends makeup it’s because it’s a fun bonding experience, not because we all have an uncontrollable urge to be servile makeup artists kek

No. 1624258

File: 1661350782898.jpeg (768.3 KB, 2316x3088, wtrqjc82jhh91.jpeg)

This dude I found on r/transpassing used eyeliner as eyeshadow kek.. also that philtrum

No. 1624260

and also what 12 year old girl doesn’t know what periods are and needs someone to “explain what’s happening”??? even if her parents are completely incompetent and her school has decided not to give basic sex ed, I remember other girls talking about periods well before then. so more likely it’s
> be 8-10 year old girl and fairly sheltered
> for some reason be in a public bathroom, no parents/female friends/siblings to be seen (in what scenario would this even happen???)
> oh shit im bleeding
> probably be a bit shaken up but most kids around that age have no sense of self-preservation anyways
> maybe get some toilet paper and wait till you get home, entirely ignoring the grown man lurking by the toilets
> problem solved, grown man unnecessary

it’s disturbing but also just fucking confusing how many times this scenario is brought up by them. where do they even get the idea??? why are they obsessing over this in particular?? I truly hope it’s not some kind of existing porn scenario but I’m trying not to think too hard about that.

No. 1624261

Because they are pedophiles. People with paraphilias (such as AGP) never just have one, they always have a clusterfuck of sexual dysfunction and degeneracy going on.

No. 1624262

You could land a plane on that philtrum, thatw gotta be the longest space from nose to lips ive ever seen. Even people with paper thin lips dont have that much philtrum. FAS looking ass

No. 1624264

Lmao, what a creature

No. 1624277

Yes, exactly. I got my period when I was 8. I knew what periods where but didn't connect that the bleeding was my period, so when I noticed the blood, in my bathroom at home, I was "oh, shit, mom, I'm bleeding from my vagina. This is clearly bad." She was like "dude, that's your period." and I was like "Ooooh, right." If this had occurred in a public bathroom instead of my house, there is no way in hell I would have talked to some strange ass man about it.

No. 1624278

lol he deleted his account

No. 1624282

Good. Shit is downright predatory and he had no reason to be acting like some sort of authority on something he doesn’t even experience.

No. 1624285

I dunno I disagree. Most normie men I’ve encountered can’t stand trannies and find them disgusting. Even the performative feminist scrotes laugh at trannies.

Men may recognise men but I feel as if MTFs are seen by other men as men who are just predatory/gay fetishises(sage)

No. 1624286

File: 1661353654748.jpg (354.46 KB, 1459x2048, Tumblr_l_272058273129288.jpg)


No. 1624289

Men age so bad

No. 1624299

In a bygone era this would have just been considered funny but now it's like we are all holding our breaths and waiting for what seems like the inevitable. God dammit I want to go back. I can't stand how tranny shit is infesting everything. Please god don't let him troon out.

No. 1624300

They laugh at trannies until they can weaponize them against actual women.

No. 1624302

File: 1661354837330.png (2.89 MB, 1289x4979, smells-like-bullshit.png)

some developing drama in my local area, I just know there's more to this story than they're telling

No. 1624305

Ever since I woke up to this nonsense, I've become dissociated by just how evil this all is. Boys and girls who clearly have underlying mental issues & unable to conform to gender roles are being sterilized and mutilated "willingly" as if they can fully consent to it, and this is supposed to be "woke".

This is being cheered on by the left as if it weren't the most peak capitalistic thing you could imagine: the medical industrial complex exploiting mentally ill & damaged people into becoming lifelong patients by crafting a fake problem for a fake solution (just like the military industrial complex) and injecting them with experimental toxic hormones used to sterilize pedos based on only little to know evidence in biased studies to the point where it is just metaphysical quackery trying to reach an impossible standard.

The whole thing happens really fast too when a teen who is going through an obvious crisis is confused into thinking they have "rapid onset gender dysphoria" and is gaslit and frightened into thinking if they don't transition soon they will live a miserable adulthood "in the wrong body" (since when is it okay for doctors to say this like wtf) and likely end it to soon, instead of learning that puberty is confusing and temporary and having healthy coping mechanisms. Do we tell anorexics to starve themselves??? Do we tell schizophrenics that their voices are real? Etc. etc. The worst part is that in Canada, a 13 y.o. girl going through a mental crisis thinking she is trans and by law they have to pump her with hormones. Dad tried to 'kidnap' (rescue) her and now he's been on house arrest for 4 years now can't even leave his province.

A young lesbian stud showed me her 'chicken bone' arm where they take the skin off to sew a useless appendage as well as her 'top surgery' scars that look HORRIBLE not to mention her teenage boy voice and her nipple stickers. Yes NIPPLE STICKERS. To put where her nipples used to be. I could see her eyes drift off and water a little when she talked about "how far they've come in trans affirming care". Like you could see the dissonance in her eyes. I wanted to lose it. She's only 24 years old. I know a gay femboy who is even more miserable after years of hormones yet he blames it on transphobia. Wow dysphoria cured huh! On the train the other day I saw an old man wearing a pink tutu. Everyone just kind of looked down and had awkward smiles. Insanity.

No. 1624307

"There was a time where I was called a girl so often that when I discovered the idea of transgenderism I considered myself to be more of a girl. So I identify with trans people and women a lot because I was a girl to a lot of people growing up." In June 2015, Way tweeted that he uses he and they pronouns.

from: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerard_Way

it was inevitable…

No. 1624309

This. This is why so many of them ask “hurrdurr where are the feminists?” while simultaneously saying “this is what feminists wanted”. They know what they’re doing and will use it just to tear women down if the opportunity arises.

No. 1624311

KF has currently been disabled. Any chance of it coming back on or is a decade of archiving creeps who receive media accolade gone?

No. 1624317

isn't it just another ddos? they get that plenty and it has never stopped KF

No. 1624318

It will be back in one way or another. And I can’t imagine it isn’t backed up somehow anyway. Say what you will about Null but he has a handle on things most of the time and he isn’t the only one involved with the site BTS.

No. 1624319


Yeah something is really fishy about this. The math ain't mathing. They really want people to think that people are 'transphobic' for no reason, just pure hatred.

It's like the Wi Spa incident where they wanted the narrative to be that a 'transphobe' just didn't want a man in a female space, which of course is wrong but it's normalized now. Of course it wasn't the case, and turns out he was a sex pest exposing himself. Every time.

No. 1624322

File: 1661355938148.jpg (211.78 KB, 1196x764, z5RfsA0.jpg)

No. 1624323

NTA but god I hope that’s the case. I don’t even care for KF and Null is a saggy ball sack but I can’t stand seeing trannies win just because they’re so abusive and obnoxious. It’s like these absolutely failed men really will do anything to win an argument/punish anyone who forces them to be even a LITTLE self aware for one second. Arguing with troons and their dumb fucking rhetoric is exactly like my malignant narc ex. 41% for all of them imo.

No. 1624324

It's confirmed a DDOS attack that has been going since Friday. Kiwi farms goes down somewhat regularly because of DDOS attacks, there are plenty of cows who want that website down and are willing to pay money for DDOS bot farms.

No. 1624331

File: 1661356237181.jpg (124.69 KB, 818x1023, gerard.jpg)


This is the pic used on his wikipedia which usually should be the best recent picture of someone. Looking at him now, he definitely has that 1000 yard porn addict coomer stare. Just look at that greasy hair. I can see him trooning out soon to be cool, especially since zoomers are just 'discovering' MCR since they love romanticizing the emo era which was just as embarrassing as the e-boy scene now but people act like it wasn't.

No. 1624338

Yeah it’s kind of funny because most of the people celebrating are Keffal’s underage catboys who think it means anything. Not to sound like a dumbass but they don’t get KF has a sort of legacy and experience this stuff weekly. They’re just naive and obsessed with holding power over other people.

No. 1624369

This is fucking unnerving but I get it, a lot of those pop punk and emo bands of the 2000s would often get called "sissies" and "faggots" because of their less than rugged looks and the wearing of eyeliner and having hair longer than a crew cut. It was pretty homophobic but it seems like some of them internalized this and with the popularity of trannification with retarded zoomers and some millennials, some of these old musicians from that scene may think trooning out will be the next best career (or attention) move for them.

Unfortunately Gerard Way seemed like the biggest candidate for it. I remember seeing that quote you pasted which is just him essentially saying he's nonbinary and like the pipeline goes, tranny is next.

Same thing happened with that singer from Against Me, guy grew his hair out and eventually trooned out in the early 2010s. Someone needs to do that meme of death knocking on every door only this time using musicians who've trooned.

No. 1624373

He will. He’s already a he/they and look at all the troonery going on with UA. Cut your loses.

No. 1624378

that was from a Tumblr AMA form 2014

No. 1624395

Jesus Christ we should bully moids into using some makeup (with no trooning involved) because their skin sure as fuck isn't pleasing to the eyes

No. 1624397

So they took a cat away from an owner because the owner was injecting the cat with illegal drugs that aren't available in his country. Sounds like the shelter did the correct thing to me…

No. 1624398

File: 1661359568518.jpg (84.55 KB, 1080x486, Screenshot_20220824-184643_rif…)


No. 1624399

Also if KF actually went down permanently, this place would be next. Trannies won't stop seething until they control the entire internet and nobody is allowed to criticize them anywhere. I'm honestly surprised we don't get DDOSed more often.

No. 1624400

File: 1661359590481.jpeg (102.1 KB, 1170x1714, 1661309839041.jpeg)

Crossposting from celebricows because he looks like such stereotypical AGP troon here

No. 1624427

File: 1661360506914.jpg (242.59 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20220824-185950_rif…)

Kek this shit is hilarious. Apparently just by identifying as a female you get boobs and your eyelashes get longer! (Even though men have naturally longer lashes because they're hairier). Definitely not mental illness/delusion

No. 1624430

Looks like Keffals took it down but the freak retweeted some barely known lolcow threatening to kill herself if Kiwifarms isn't taken down (funny enough their thread on KF notes that she is a massive attention seeker). I hope people realise Twitter has done far more doxxing and harassing than that scrote nest

No. 1624435

I saw Philosophytube make a tweet about K*wifarms, maybe he paid for its current DDOS. It's not KF's fault he made a hilarious play based off his own romantic drama

No. 1624445


You can check the telegram to get updates when KF is down.


No. 1624450

I am happy for this thread and it’s my first time here; I would like to say though that not all men are horrid. My dad hates this shit because his mom was marching with NOW back in the 60s, his grandma was a suffragette in the 20s. He’s always had a mutual respect for my mother and understands he doesn’t know shit about how women think about things, and cannot relate to us at a certain level. But just like us he’s pissed at this trend of “men” thinking they can roll back the clocks and gains his mom and grandma made with actual marches protests etc. By playing dress up and making everyone fear losing their livelihood because they get called out for their bullshit. I heard him tell my mom if he ever found one of these guys in a woman’s bathroom he’d make sure they didn’t walk out unharmed. He taught my brothers the same- that jail is the lesser of concerns. His opinions aren’t from the “uwu girls need protecting” so much as “you idiots make men look worse than they already do” idea. I get my dad is a rare specimen and getting rarer but that’s the only complaint I had reading here- it isn’t all men at all. Just the terminally online idiots.(blogposting)

No. 1624457

>not all men
No one cares about your dad or brothers or Nigel or any other man’s opinion here. There are plenty of men out there who are “nice” but the issue is wider and more systemic and blogging about “one of the good ones” isn’t helpful.

No. 1624462

people dont know what crystalcafe or wizardchan are too, and i dont think they will care about it, for them the only board thay exist is 4chan. also there’s nobody who claims that someone killed themselves bc of the board so we good.

No. 1624465

Ugly troon reviews monster high dolls

No. 1624466

No one gives a shit about your dad anon. Stop blogposting

No. 1624467

All men are shit and your dad watches porn. It shows how stupid you are when you put "men" in quotes as if bad men aren't men

No. 1624470

File: 1661362216311.jpg (802.68 KB, 1440x2399, whatthefuck.jpg)

i died laughing at this, posted to r/femalefashion and he didn't manage to hit either requirement! not female, not fashionable. kek

No. 1624471

Jesus christ he's ugly, wtf is wrong with him?

No. 1624476

>I now get horny in the top half of my body
Does he think women get horny in their boobs? His brain must be hentai rotted

No. 1624478

his upper body appears extremely masculine

No. 1624479

>that’s the only complaint I had reading here- it isn’t all men at all.
I can't believe you seriously did "not all men" here.
Unless your dad has actually been to jail for defending a woman, he's just talking shit to make himself feel good and doesn't mean a word of it as any man who wants to get violent to defend women has plenty of opportunities to do so.

No. 1624480

I know you meant well nonnie but listen to >>1624457

No. 1624485

eyelashes suddenly becoming longer kills me for obvious reasons

No. 1624491

OT but he used to be so cute wtf happened lmao

No. 1624492

It's up for me at least again

No. 1624496

With his puffy face I hope he is not on hormones already

No. 1624501

This, honestly.

"Not all men" doesn't help anyone. The only purpose it serves is to shut women up when they voice legitimate complaints. No one actually thinks literally all men. Obviously humans are varied, but there are alarming behavioral trends consistent among males from every place and time on earth and we have the right to speak about it. Think about any other situation in which you feel something is wrong, and then imagine people constantly pointing out the tiny exception in response, the exception that has no effect on you or the people you love who are continually being hurt by the overwhelming majority. When you not all men you're just stroking your own ego and telling those who have suffered or who want to prevent others from suffering to shut up. It isn't noble or intelligent in the slightest.

No. 1624523

Nonna I have husband and a son(whom I love more then life its self) but even I don't ever "Not all men" cause I know it ultimately doesn't matter, its just women venting

No. 1624529

If he troons out it would peak so many women actually

No. 1624531

>I get horny in the top half of my body
What the fuck

No. 1624535

Yeah, for now. What do you think will happen when this is the last place online where you make fun of troons? None of the dead lolcows from Kiwifarms ever said they are killing themselves because of the forum either (except for Byuu but he isn't dead). Kiwifarms hasn't done anything actually wrong other than laugh at troons, same as this place. They want to shut it down because they want to control discourse on the internet entirely in their favor and want to ban all criticism. They don't need a real reason for it other than they don't like it when women get to laugh at them.

No. 1624546

Im guessing he was born with severe cleft lip/palate, the surgeries as a baby often gives them a very weird looking nose and lips that have to be corrected after puberty

No. 1624548

File: 1661366060430.png (207.8 KB, 566x787, chrome_8Ebr4pcmWT.png)

MCR drunk the koolaid and one of the members (who types like a retarded teen btw) wants to sell binders as merch. wouldn't be surprised if he or some other members turned out to be groomers

No. 1624551

File: 1661366252368.jpg (80.43 KB, 966x882, Screenshot_20220824-133444_Chr…)

I fell down a rabbit hole. Wanted to see how much increase there actually is for trans prevelance since it seems to be spreading like wildfire. Looked at subreddit subscriber stats for r/trans and r/mtf too. This is a screenshot for r/trans. Not labeled but I will post link, label was at top. I understand the user base of reddit as a whole has exploded, but this is exponential…https://subredditstats.com/r/Trans

No. 1624553

That, and women don't necessarily know how good the "good" ones are until the shit hits the fan, and they usually fail. I worked most of my life to be the coolest cool girl possible, and thought my dad was one of the "good guys" until I accidentally eavesdropped a few of his phone calls and realized that he thinks I'm a raging bitch for offenses like the fact that I say "no thanks" to foods made with meat substitutes. That's when I realized that I might as well do and say whatever I want in the moment, because I'll just be judged as a bitch for the tiniest fucking things.

No. 1624557

The whole kiwifarms and keffals thing reminded me how on /ic/ there was some drama with a tranny on a discord group that ended with the trannies mass reporting a famous mega that contained a bunch of resources for young artists and people looking to start learning how to draw.
Trannies stop ruining things for everyone challenge

No. 1624568

That's exactly what they did with the superstraight guy. I hate these dickheads so much.

No. 1624573

Oh you’re so right, I forgot about that. I can’t believe they went after his mother like that, they don’t have a rock bottom.

No. 1624575

I hope he kills himself or another inmate kills him

No. 1624576

Is that why that mega was taken down? Fuck I hate trannies.

No. 1624577

ew why is your moid sympathetic towards a tranny?

No. 1624579

Maybe if they stopped behaving exactly like this, people would stop pointing out and mocking them for behaving exactly like this, just an idea.

No. 1624580

Normal peoole will rightfully think this is going too far/Josh's mom has nothing to do with this but trannies and tras will do mental gymnastics to justify harassing and doxing an innocent elderly woman. I hope this peaks more people.

No. 1624582

Nta but your experience reminded me of when my faggot father would accuse me of being manipulative before I even knew what the word meant. I was like 11 and he was screaming at me and I got upset and hyperventilated. It happened semi-regularly. One time he burst into my room after such behavior and told me (I will never forget this) to "go ahead and spit your poison" because I went to my room and slammed the door and he saw me get on my computer. It was like 2002 or something idk but social media wasn't really a thing yet and I was fucking 12. Faggot pedophile

No. 1624594

Lmao, moids are so fucking stupid and refuse to take responsibility for anything they do. if you want to be treated like a woman, maybe don’t impregnate women at the women’s facility you were lucky enough to get into. They should put all the money he wants from the state for “gender affirming surgery” into a scholarship for his kids, and let him rot.

No. 1624602

i don't like kiwifarms but i feel like something has to give. sometimes i browse reddit with the undelete sites they keep trying to kill off and it's really common to see upwards of 30% of any given discussion is being deleted now. i really doubt the numbers are much different on twitter or youtube. it's also not just people getting banned for being racist or spamming. there's so much stuff that seems to get axed for no reason and so much completely fucked stuff that's being protected for reason I don't get.

it feels like they are intentionally trying to make people crazy

No. 1624605

What was the reason they gave for mass reporting it?

No. 1624606

Half the time just straight up an innocent question or someone who clearly genuinely mentions if that isn't too much is what's getting deleted. And then at the top of the thread it just so happens to be a trans mod who's angry about people daring to discuss things so the thread is now locked.

No. 1624607

He does actually look like he is lol

No. 1624612

Men really do spaz the fuck out if women and girls don't do exactly what they want, some just hide it better. And they love to accuse you of being "manipulative" when you just don't do what they want, literal manipulation on their end.

No. 1624617


yeah one of the big shifts i notice is that it's not like they are responding to reports or the users being upset anymore. instead they are actively browsing every thread and trying to edit the discourse as it happens. you see a lot of two people cordially talking and then all of a sudden one part of the conversation is deleted.

No. 1624619

File: 1661370409111.png (70.99 KB, 1039x313, 1643658007770.png)

They said that the owner of the mega was a tranny hater

No. 1624620

Man, Lucas is one smug fuck. The farms go down periodically all the time. I can't wait for more people to find out about this degenerate.

The dude sharing the degenerate's tweet is some tranny that works for google and I believe has some history of trying to combat kf before. Also has a partner that gets off on pretending to be a snake.

No. 1624621

File: 1661370491654.jpeg (87.26 KB, 968x281, 645DE6B9-9193-456A-9402-6605F0…)

I’ve seen some people say he was molested in the foster home and wanted revenge against the foster parent for “letting it happen”. If it’s at troon with hypothetical trauma, than murder is justified? Insanity. Also this crazy ass comment under the post when people were asking “If he identified as a woman, why was he still using his penis to impregnate female inmates?”

No. 1624628

>3TB of data lost due to troons
All of my hate. The /ic/ torrent now is just shy of 1TB. I guess no one else archived the whole thing before those faggots took it down.

No. 1624629

what was the horrible shit that he did? he got arrested for something but they talk like transphobia is the worst crime he's ever done boohoo

No. 1624635

Surely someone has downloaded it all and could reupload it?

No. 1624643

File: 1661371783396.jpeg (125.33 KB, 768x960, 22B7297D-3225-45CF-B920-3180A9…)


He looks so bad. Totally serving Hollywood sellout pedophile energy.

No. 1624644

File: 1661371811815.jpeg (87.57 KB, 858x960, 2BB511D8-0C2A-48CC-8143-7E1305…)

No. 1624645

I'd assume as much, but that'd involve some /ic/ crab actually doing something good for once. Maybe it'll happen eventually.

No. 1624663

I'm sorry nonnie but gerard way trooning out has been in the cards since he said he was nonbinary. Its pretty much inevitable. It's giving washed up desperate has been. I think he's grappling with the fact that he's old and ugly now and wants relevance again

No. 1624685

Big "I jack off to anime schoolgirls" energy radiating from this image

No. 1624699

MCR hasn’t put out good music in more than a decade so idrc. Never trust your faves especially if it’s a moid.

No. 1624701

I checked his age, and he's 45. So he's legitimately old old and busted. I thought he was under 35, probably because he was shooped and fed to literal children over a decade ago. He still fell HARD and hit every ugly stick on the way down.

No. 1624703

Is that a cheerleader outfit? This dress gives me huge fetish vibes, I think if he actually cared about dresses he would have tried finding a beautiful one instead of making himself look like a tranny on a halloween.

No. 1624706

I've never paid attention to MCR, but yeah, in my experience watching genderspecials online, if its a female claiming "nonbinary", 8 times out of 10 its just a stepping stone to trooning. It might be slightly less for males, or more, for all I know.

No. 1624719

he's probably only wearing it for attention and because a huge portion of MCR fans are female trannies who treat him like an anime boy. But I agree he looks like a fetishistic pedo, if I didn't know who he was I'd think he's a future serial killer

No. 1624721

>yo why the fuck does everyone think we are deranged psychos???
>wait i have the solution! Let's act like deranged psychos!!!
The male sex is truly beyond help.

No. 1624724

File: 1661377263535.png (313.66 KB, 800x800, fucktroons.png)

Me @ Null and KF

No. 1624749

this is how you know it’s a trend. i thought binders were a private medical thing. what sense is band branded binders.

No. 1624756

The troons are already looking at lc now apparently

No. 1624761

Are they crowing about kf still being down?

No. 1624763

Does anyone else remember when Lyn-Z said something about Gerard being much more "feminine" in the relationship than any other guy she'd ever met or something along those lines? Maybe I'm just being optimistic but I'm choosing to believe if he troons out it's not due to a fetish but rather being a GNC man in the "alt" community where transing is encouraged at the drop of a hat. inb4 I am naive

No. 1624772

They should try with the /pol/tards next instead kek

No. 1624784

Yup, and there are some mentions of lolcow. It's in the twitter hashtags

No. 1624796

File: 1661382524907.png (281.04 KB, 596x551, mtg.png)

because this clearly wasn't done by a troon desperate to get KF shut down.

No. 1624797

why exactly do trannies hate kiwifarms so much?

No. 1624798

I’ve always been amazed they don’t constantly raid this thread tbh.

No. 1624799

narcissists can’t handle rejection, same reason I have literally heard troons talk about ragelurking sites like lc and ovarit, they can’t handle women rejecting them

No. 1624801

File: 1661382968096.jpeg (850.42 KB, 1284x1981, C71FB26A-7D74-4674-A860-D627D1…)

Some of them are turning against Keffals too for something. Does anyone know about this Jai person? https://twitter.com/vapidpigeon/status/1562316349556379648?s=21&t=lEL1oLUB2DdMGdbT7TlYQA

No. 1624802

Nonnies, sage for retard blogpost, I am flabbergasted of how they have to courage to say they pass. I was in a random clothing store looking at some clothes and I spotted a troon wearing cat ears, I am not good with heights but he was easily over 1.80. The Hulk in a dress was in the same floor with some older women, me and two teen girls in school uniforms. It was very jarring, I legit never seen someone wearing cat ears in public like that and the older ladies were probably commenting about him. But the atmosphere was very awkward. My first time actually seeing one and he is a copy paste of a Reddit troon.

No. 1624803

Also, in keffals' case specifically they have (had) documented evidence of him trying to groom minors, with bathtub hrt sellers and his weird fart fetish.
Probably of other troons too, but I don't lurk KiwiFarms very much

No. 1624808

File: 1661383421748.jpeg (403.83 KB, 750x812, C6595FB5-08B7-42CE-9FA6-74DB4D…)

No. 1624810

Literally came here just to say this kek. I’m seeing losers on twitter using “they/them” pronouns for him because he apparently once said he uses “he/they”, and isn’t this one of the first steps? I will be so letdown if he lets this shit taint his mind. Once upon a time I would have loved to see him in a dress like this but these days I can’t help but associate it with tranny shit so it just makes me cringe. I hope Lindsey is a baby terf or something, please keep your husband in reality.

No. 1624812

File: 1661383790280.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

>black troon being a kiwifarms user

No. 1624813

No need to question it, let me make it clear we hate ALL men, men who hate other men are still men

No. 1624815

>"whose entire personality revolves around men"
unfortunately most of us dont have the luxury of mining gender euphoria boners from sexual assault and rape. stupid fucking troon. they really think theyre ever gonna be on the same level as us by equating femininity with being raped and then cry when we take issue. join the 41 already

No. 1624816

i know this is old but fuck the other day i saw an article by a tran talking about how animal crossing helped them explore their gender identity and it literally made me want to punch somebody
can’t they just let us have ONE thing without making it weird as fuck

No. 1624819

Black males can also suffer from autism, weebism and terminally online-ism. Open your mind

No. 1624821

It's pretty obvious keffals is only interested in the clout and the money that comes with it. Even the mentally ill have eyes. Waiting on keffals to pull a "no u. ratioed!"

No. 1624827

Don't know much other than he had a back and forth with Lucas and Lucas went full schizo accusing him of having a kiwifarms account and wouldn't elaborate when jai asked for proof.

No. 1624829

Saw a troon in the wild, for the first time since moving here. He was easily 6' not accounting for the literal 8" pleaser stripper platform heals he was wearing. The entire look was v tragic.

No. 1624838

Back in the day these scene boys actually tried to fight gender nonsense like the idea that only gay men wore makeup and quite often cross dressed for fun. Conservatives would tell them they were gay or secret women, sad to see them basically say that those guys were right

No. 1624851

that's one hell of a honker

No. 1624852

troons pretending to menstruate
except instead of boyfriend on the phone it's "real women who pretend to be your friend because they don't want to be beaten to death"

No. 1624854

File: 1661387836909.png (1.28 MB, 1302x2048, chrome_screenshot_166138775969…)


No. 1624857

File: 1661387921238.png (137.77 KB, 499x433, 1661387297037.png)

This is obviously sarcasicm but the smugness of this idiot pisses me off and makes me laugh. He's lurking the kiwifarms thread waiting for a "cute" remark to make, or he truly thinks he looks bad ass? Kendall acts like how I'd imagine Shayna would act if she got popular on Twitter and went against lolcow.

No. 1624859

File: 1661388041797.png (1.9 MB, 1554x2048, chrome_screenshot_166138802857…)

You look like a pig. Oink

No. 1624860

he looks 12 this is so sick

No. 1624861

I’m already peaked af but I’m reading this now and it’s oddly refreshing to see what we all know about troons laid out in an almost dry, academic way. Really helps to lay bare the insanity. Wish I could get others to read it so they get it too!

No. 1624862

god grant me the confidence yadda yadda

seriously wtf is that … everything

No. 1624863

File: 1661388419215.jpg (247.35 KB, 720x960, 20220824_194617.jpg)

Can't help but get manic vibes from Lucas.

No. 1624864

Omg he is so stoked to be taking credit for this. What a pathetic sad idiot

No. 1624869

Check out Female Erasure by Ruth Barrett and The Abolition of Sex by Kara Dansky too. The first is an anthology that again, lays so much of this shit bare, and the second discusses the legal ramifications of this garbage in the US. sage for no milk

No. 1624877

Awesome, thanks for the recs! Crazy that the first book was written in 2016 and not only was it prescient, it’s gotten so much worse. Praying for a mass peakening kek

No. 1624881

File: 1661391131103.jpg (485.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220824-223113_Twi…)

Man I like Jenny Nicholson but since following her I get all troons on my tl

No. 1624891

>your nemesis is an evil billionaire
As they consume every single thing these billionaires produce out of their asses, they are the embodiment of what a highly capitalistic society does to someone, communism is just another for product to them.

No. 1624893

>your nemesis is an evil billionaire

How is that true when the trans agenda is supported entirely by trans billionaires in the pharma industry??? I kek bc if I don’t, I will cry

No. 1624895

File: 1661392442298.png (44.09 KB, 254x199, 02E38E07-6127-4839-8FB3-432764…)

No. 1624904

File: 1661393269362.jpg (933.64 KB, 1196x991, KS57575.jpg)

troons and their handmaidens are so delicate, this is their idea of "transphobic" tweets?

No. 1624911

why is this tranny using a pic of a real woman as a vessel for his hilariously pathetic vent?

No. 1624917

this has to be a child. if not i bet he gets a lot of attention for it from other trannies either way. makes me fucking sick just knowing beyond reasonable doubt that where there are vulnerable children, there are men preying. where there are adults who looks like children, there's men who are willing to pay 100x what they would for someone who looks like an adult.

No. 1624919

File: 1661394097345.png (389.63 KB, 511x578, lol.png)

guess he has a death wish

No. 1624920

I think this is shooped, Nona. Look at the edges of the tank.

No. 1624921

>crossdressing 99%
this is why

No. 1624927

File: 1661395000345.jpg (1.73 MB, 1440x3104, Screenshot_20220824-222023_Chr…)

Woke dad: Help me, troons! My wife became a feminist (the bad kind).
Troons: You must leave her and seek custody of the kids:

No. 1624928

yeah I'm blind woops, however I wouldn't put it past them to inhale helium

No. 1624931

I'm so fucking tired of the modern left and their assumption that they can lie about businesses and organizations all day long. I hope more places start calling an attorney the second these scrotes start shit.
That unintentional admission that their side is full of violent psychos and would happily murder another person for posting on fucking kiwi farms.

No. 1624934

Someone should convince troons to huff helium. They will do anything for a "euphoria boner".

No. 1624937


didn't her brother troon out?

No. 1624939

just let them eat themselves, its funny to see the troons fighting and gripping each others wigs

No. 1624940

do you really think a black person can stand kiwifarms ? they use n**rs every minutes, even null does

No. 1624946

>comparing racism to hating troons
Like clockwork.

No. 1624947

A black scrote suffers from a lot of self-hatred, lots of non-white scrotes go on kiwifarms to deface their own ethnicity kek it’s super common

No. 1624948

this post is fake and gay

No. 1624951

File: 1661396844015.jpg (235.67 KB, 1170x1158, 1651366821347.jpg)

It's the internet nonnie people call people names, it probably doesn't offend them.

No. 1624952

File: 1661396874819.jpg (74.98 KB, 600x736, copetrannies.JPG)

No. 1624958

File: 1661397318370.jpg (450.29 KB, 2052x2048, FZZVdplXEAMD7dC.jpg)

>r*ddit isn't grooming your children

No. 1624959

File: 1661397513262.gif (13.97 KB, 352x34, D1D6E376-CEB4-4EDE-B95F-76E654…)

A tranny can’t even be a superhero because that actually requires you to be able to hide your actual identity

No. 1624962

The OP is fake, but the reply shows just how delusional these gender experts are about male behavior. 99% of men are never going to leave a wife and care for multiple children alone, even when the woman is physically violent. Children are a manchild's ticket to being tethered to a Mommy #2 for life, the absolute opposite of being a caregiver to children.

No. 1624965

Why so defensive of men if not one? Isn't the definition of trans being that one's gender identity is opposed to their sex? I want to fast forward to the time where this shitty self-contradicting ideology has been fully unravelled and no one humours it anymore.

No. 1624966

File: 1661398030322.png (757.18 KB, 1428x2048, chrome_screenshot_166139787797…)

Lol, being shit at sport still doesn't give you a right to play on women's teams. 1/2

No. 1624967

File: 1661398035572.jpg (172.14 KB, 2031x1032, 7ad3y0ob8qj91.jpg)

No. 1624970

Anon no one cares about your daddy because he’s realistically apart of the grand problem. He’s likely just a retarded homophobe who confuses gender with sexuality like they all do and that’s why he has a general distaste of it, he will never have his spaces invaded by these weirdos, he will never be reduced to “birthing person” because all he ever had to do was shoot his pathetic nut into your mother while she had to birth you and release all of the organs out, blood and all, he will never have to be forced into silence because you don’t want these people delving so much into their delusions and taking titles that belong to actual women. I don’t care if your daddy hates or loves them, he will always be apart of the problem and is lucky your mother even chose his sorry ass in the first place. This is about patriarchal expansion and their dominion over everything, they’re sexual failures and are incapable of functioning as reasonably normal humans and the elites have no idea what the fuck to do with the abundance of these freaks especially in India and China where they continue to commit femicide just to birth a son for fucking what?

No. 1624971

File: 1661398085774.png (546.1 KB, 1081x2501, chrome_screenshot_166139777358…)

No. 1624972

I was called a "dyke" a lot growing up but I'm not one. You don't have to become what people taunted you with FFS Gerard.

No. 1624973

File: 1661398334579.jpg (556.19 KB, 2736x3648, W0Xolr4.jpg)


No. 1624974

Hell yes to this entire reply

No. 1624975

nta but chill

No. 1624976

>my mum
> my state


No. 1624978

If Davy Havok troons out I will cry.

No. 1624979

Greek tragedy mask lookin ass

No. 1624980

he's morphing into christine weston chandler

No. 1624981

yes to all of this but "apart" means the opposite of what you mean.

No. 1624982

It's amazing how "biological females don't exist" until a troon feels butthurt, isn't it?

No. 1624983

Who was it? I want to laugh at them

No. 1624984

Oh the AFI guy, I didn't actually know his name. He's quite handsome.

No. 1624985

>gets off on pretending to be a snake
what now

No. 1624986

>married couple
>new conflict of beliefs arises
>unchanged party (male) is unwilling to learn more about the other party’s change in belief
>unchanged party (male): “maybe we just need to split”
wtf lol, talk about a communication breakdown

No. 1624987

File: 1661399445738.png (24.74 KB, 1091x379, dumb.png)

Trans women are just like women who went through cancer and needed to get a mastectomy and can't give birth, teehee

No. 1624989

>she changed during those 6 months, become much more opinionated on things
>I told her to stop since her opinions in public will affect ME
That alone shows why he is so mad about his wife being a TERF, along with the typical woke pandering moid, that's it. He is mad because he can't manipulate the wife and she is not the docile handmaiden she was and is more afraid of his reputation than listening to his wife and her valid arguments.
I hope the wife leaves him tho, it must suck having a cultist trying to suck you back in and make you drink the kool aid

No. 1624990

>you can do amazing things with your body
Ah yes, like stuff silicon into your chest, bloat up from estrogen, leak all kinds of colors from your atrocity vagina…

Meanwhile actual women can grow other human beings in their organs, push them out, and sustain them for months using just their bodies. Seethe about it.

No. 1624993

No one is stopping this teen troon from running. Running can still be a hobby, good for mental health and a release. They're stopping him competing against actual girls. Even tho he's shit kek

No. 1624994

Gender is a social construct like race right? And constructs are not upheld by the individual but upheld but is coordination with other human beings. So why do you need to chop off your dick and act like a bimbo to be "a woman"?

Mental illness I swear

No. 1624998

Your sister is female no matter how many surgeries she gets, and you are male no matter how many you have. Not a hard concept to understand.

Also there's a big difference between being a cancer patient and being a delusional, LARPing misogynist.

No. 1624999

Based Nobel laureate. I hope the day comes that public TERFing is less certain to smear your name than it is now. All of us science nonnies are going to be btfo’ing the “you can’t say X because you’re not a biologist” shit

No. 1625000

they keep bringing up biological women who can't children as a 'gotcha' but like terfs aren't the ones saying that, troons are.

No. 1625001

kenny vs spenny lookin ass

No. 1625002

File: 1661400658599.jpg (10.94 KB, 243x207, agape-kittyfox.jpg)


an amputee with a fetish. thumbnail because the troons are having their weekly temper tantrum at KF. actual deviantart profile contains troon nudity, no snake cosplay.

No. 1625004

According to TRAs, gender and sex are social constructs, but race is an immutable hereditary trait. Also 0.0001% of the population being intersex means that there are more than two sexes, but when it comes to race, everybody is either white or POC, with biracial people being POC so long as they're not "white passing."

No. 1625005

Does Lucas seriously think this is the first time KF has experienced downtime because of tranny DDOSes?

No. 1625006

Sage for blogposting, but this thread peaked me recently and I've become so much more aware of how disgusting the troons I know are towards women. Nonnies how do I distance myself from these degenerates? They're always talking about their girldicks and anime girls and sharing loli hentai memes 'ironically.' If it were online it'd be easier, but I know these people irl and I don't want to be branded as an evil TERF because I live in a progressive area and that could hurt my reputation a lot.
The state of the feminist movement depresses me. Don't hate men too much because it hurts feelings and trannies feel 'invalidated', don't act wary towards men because they call themselves women now and that means we HAVE to trust them, allow anyone into OUR bathrooms without question because as long as they call themselves women it's perfectly fine. I'm so tired of it.

No. 1625007

Trans billionaires?

No. 1625008

Article on neurobiology of same sex attracted people

>"This study shows that sexual orientation is reflected in brain structure characteristics and that these differ between the sexes."

Article on neurobiology of trans people.
>"Although brain imaging studies have consistently documented brain differences between cisgender males and cisgender females, this has not been the case for transgender persons. Thus far, no clear explanation or neurobiological underpinning of being transgender has been identified"

No. 1625011

File: 1661401011271.jpeg (26.25 KB, 250x342, 882FB473-9477-4C4C-B2A7-2230EC…)

Agreed anon

No. 1625013

File: 1661401090943.jpg (412.34 KB, 1079x1136, Screenshot_20220825-001831_Red…)

No. 1625014

It's intentional. Trannies have "reclaimed" Buffalo Bill. I've seen several with the same bleeding cut tattoo Jame Gumb had on his ribs.

No. 1625016

Australia exists

No. 1625017

I'm in the same boat sort of. I'm just gonna be cordial and mainly hang out with my cis friends. Because what exactly can people do if I'm a full grown adult and don't want to hang around you. You can also drop hints about being busier or going on a self improvement journey and basically fade away. If you're still in school, become a need and pretend you're obsessed with getting the best grades so you can't hang out.

No. 1625018

Can't you just be polite to the troons without getting too close to them? I know they are paranoid and demand reverence from everyone around them (bunch of narcissists) but you are not obligated to be their friend

No. 1625019

Prove it

No. 1625020

fridge in a dress

No. 1625021

He really is not okay. Said so in his song.

No. 1625022

Sage your greasy husbando, summerfag.

No. 1625026

Was he the one with the blind item about having a micropenis or am I thinking of Billy Joe Armstrong?

No. 1625027


He's never come out as nonbinary. That comment was from almost a decade ago when people were still fighting about "they" as a singular, neutral pronoun. They guy was trying to be nice and empathetic, and the current crop of gender cultists run with it. No one who is friends with him irl calls him anything but he.

Also, the cheerleader outfit is just a stage costume. He's worn a fucking clown suit on this tour, suits covered in fake blood, slathered himself in dirt/grime makeup. You sound like twitter retards making it some statement of identity, instead of some dude who has always been gnc and theatrical doing something weird on stage.

Also, the binder thing was his poor dumbass bandmate buckling to all the MTFs begging him for a merch binder, because The Used did it. It's been months, and it still hasn't actually appeared, so his "I'm researching it and looking into it" could have just been to get them off his back until they were distracted by the tour.

Ugh, this is dumb. I've just been holding my tongue through to many fucking idiot gender morons' takes on twitter.

No. 1625028

>could hurt my reputation
what reputation is that?

No. 1625034

File: 1661402092262.jpeg (399.44 KB, 750x749, FD0F8DAA-8CCF-40AD-AD97-D0410B…)

Why are trannies obsessed with black lipstick? It draws attention to their thin male lips and five o clock shadow. Is it because they think it looks cute or is it a skinwalking thing? The e-girl hearts on the cheek make me think it's a skinwalker.

No. 1625036

these trannies make me feel so genuinely sick. i want to literally vomit

No. 1625039

Google Jennifer Pritzker

No. 1625042

No one is disrespecting those women who get cancer or are infertile but TiMs. And even those women are usually aware they are outliers and they’ll still be out there showing up at women’s marches and shit bc they know what being a woman actually is. No one thinks they aren’t women idk why troons bring this up all the time.

No. 1625046

Men always love to say feminism ruins women because that means they aren’t as easy to control and manipulate anymore.

No. 1625051

I could be wrong but it seems fairly unlikely that Gerard Way would troon out at this point. MCR has made their coin many times over. what’s left to be gained from pandering that much to this specific subset of perverts/misled youth in their fan base? it’s enough just to cross dress on stage and tease the idea a bit

No. 1625052

Men sacrifice their entire lives for the coom, careers, kids, lifelong marriages. What would make Gerard any different?

No. 1625053

Mf looks like a dollar store Halloween decoration kekkkkkkkk

No. 1625055

File: 1661403322479.png (Spoiler Image, 2.66 MB, 2066x4740, triforcehero1998.png)

The handmaiden who made the transwomen are like infertile women and breast cancer survivors comment is a feeder whose boyfriend just trooned out kek.

No. 1625058

My theory is that anything goth/alt is sexual to them. I've found over the years that men expect even mall goth chicks to be kinky or degen in some way. Same for quirky blue hair alt fashion. Your innocent fashion mistakes in Hot Topic as a teenager with birthday money had wildly different connotations for men with porn goggles on. So they become what they fetishise. They're just communicating their degeneracy even more.

No. 1625064

Why are we getting so many blog posting posts like these in every thread now? There's always one or two of these posts in every thread. Is it the scrote shitting the thread up again?

No. 1625066

Holy shit, she lives her whole life as a handmaiden, the feederism/tranwife is one hell of a double whammy. Thanking the universe im not this bitch kek

No. 1625067

Fuck she's dumb

No. 1625072


Nothing. But he hasn’t. Guy was on stage tonight in normal jeans and a tshirt. A stage costume doesn't amount to trooning out to anyone but gender tards. Men and women are allowed to just be GNC. The guy isn't MTF or an NB. He's just a GNC musician who fucks around on stage and tries to be nice to his retard fans by empathizing with them.

It would be nice if we didn't do the same "gender non-conformity means you're trans" bullshit as the gender morons.

No. 1625073


The idea that race is so changeable based on your environment further reinforces it as a social construct. But you are right in that these same people tend to be fat activists who like to make sweeping generalizations on black people's bodies.

No. 1625075

Is KF still down? Larping as women is what bored incels like to do. Main reason to want KF to survive.

No. 1625077

This makes me feel so much better. Sorry for blogpost

No. 1625086

Not a scrote, this is just the only place I can talk about this without being crucified for twansphobia.
I do freelance work in a career that's overrun with trannies. I don't want to lose connections or be blacklisted by anyone.

No. 1625088

You really should not let random scrote possibly trooning out affect you this much nonna

KF is a nest of misogynist incels too so I would not shed a tear if it went down

No. 1625097

So he didn't even care enough about her to marry her, but she still wrecked her own body for him, put herself at greater cancer risk while her own sister has had midlife cancer, all so he could know that she can't escape. And now he's going to leave her soon, anyway. 100% brilliant person to be handing out advice to anyone.
We need to go back 15 years to the understanding that black lipstick doesn't look good IRL.

No. 1625098

If we really want to sperg about a band guy and trans bullshit, it should be Laura Jane Grace (troon) from Against Me, or Anthony Green from Circa Survive who has a trans kid.

No. 1625104

/ot or /g might receive your blogs better, there's no rule against it on those boards

No. 1625106

The against me singer wasn't he involved with cult stuff during his trooning out? (And learn to sage)

No. 1625110

I believe this. I've experienced it first hand. I've been alt ever since I could dress myself, settled into gothic attire at 13. Men automatically thought I was kinky. Had some dude want me to peg him when I was 16. Men are sick fucks. I also had to deal with being called a whore a lot for fishnets or red lipstick. No 13 year old should get scaleded because their parents heard someone say they look like a slut or stripper. Sorry for blogpost, it just struck a nerve.

No. 1625116


I don't know! I keep thinking there must be dirt on the guy, because he's a tranny lesbian, and they're all fucked in the head. But if there is, he seems to keep it under wraps, possibly by obscurity. I only ever see his fans sucking the girl cock and talking about how stunning and brave he is.

No. 1625120

tranny lesbians are basically the psycho sanpaku eyes personified

No. 1625122

It's true, probably has been since the very birth of alt fashion. I bet even in the sixties scrotes had decided that hippie chic meant girls were sluts. Back in the early days of egl on livejournal, there was some skanky suicide girl reject who was posting her local egl meetup photos to FetLife and telling the scrotes there that it was an ageplay meetup.

No. 1625126

File: 1661408172565.jpeg (245.08 KB, 750x1036, 7A4280B7-ADBC-43B5-BAE8-814B45…)

if you have to watch a video to come up with a counter argument for your entire identity then how could you possibly be secure in it? you can't even justify yourself in your own words. get triggered again, tranny.

No. 1625127

he looks like he’s about to skinwalk elsa and abuse animals

No. 1625128

File: 1661408775459.jpeg (581.74 KB, 750x1099, 708CF8FC-0AEF-48A2-915C-714CA7…)

No. 1625130

File: 1661408973926.jpeg (597.38 KB, 750x1091, A5CB1BAC-565A-45D5-9BC9-65FF41…)

skinwalking inception

No. 1625131

File: 1661409153020.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 267.29 KB, 750x1019, BEB030D0-6467-4EF5-9F3C-E5E525…)

Picrel is definitely one of the most revolting tranny accounts I’ve seen

No. 1625132

File: 1661409345122.png (31.28 KB, 983x270, Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 02-36…)

Yet another one with a wife

No. 1625135

The anxiety he feels is knowing perfectly well that TERFs are 100% right and not only will he NBAW, he will never convince others he's a woman either.

No. 1625140

I know a friend's ex who did this, abused her then wanted to play video games and Jack off all day so she booted him and he made a GFM for his "toxic living environment" when his family offered to let him stay for free. guess being told to man up is too hard for them

No. 1625144

File: 1661411752644.jpg (1.44 MB, 1493x1186, tiddypills.jpg)

>biological woman

No. 1625145

File: 1661411775589.jpg (226 KB, 1200x882, FTUc6C2XoAEo-zb.jpg)

feat. troon with actual biological woman kek

No. 1625146

Honestly reads like some loser is LARPing as her and using this unsuspecting woman's pictures.

No. 1625149

It always baffles me when they bring up "therapy". What the fuck good "therapy" going to do for your wife? If therapy could change your wife's sexuality, gay conversion wouldn't be a scam.

No. 1625153

41% isn’t enough, it should be 100%

No. 1625159

The reason we're in this mess is because we let men get away with prancing about in dresses, they do it because it turns them on not muh gnc crAP, Gerard and all other scrote celebs are doing it to pander to their retarded fat emo fans.

No. 1625161

how can someone have such skinny arms with a belly like that

No. 1625162

yeah trannies often "ironically" call themselves biological women as "reclamation". i've even seen one calling himself a "trans identified female"

No. 1625164

I watched 30 seconds of one of Jenny's videos and could immediately tell that she's a massive troon handmaiden. Huge turn off

No. 1625167

With things like this, it's more likely than not regardless of what it reads like, yeah. Internet is just lying and regurgitation.

No. 1625170

File: 1661414788717.jpeg (397.22 KB, 750x824, D719FE0D-EB21-445D-9AA9-92061D…)

No. 1625172

I assume she's like Nikocado and bloated full as a tick.

No. 1625173


nonnies fluent in gendershit can you kindly explain to me wtf those words mean.

No. 1625174

TME: trans misogyny exempt, aka transmen/non binary TIFs
m-spec: male spectrum, aka bi and gay men
monosexual: anyone who isn't bi/pan i guess

No. 1625175

went through his twitter and he has pics of his manly fridge body with the troon flag in the caption kek
he's also a super autismo moid obsessed with mtg and star wars and posted about how he was anti-feminist growing up and got yelled at by his mom for it
what a loser

No. 1625176

TME means Transmisogyny exempt, which means anyone who arent a troonswoman (because yes, in the gender hierarchy, the troonswoman suffer the most and deserve everything for whatever reason) opposite is TMA (transmisogyny affected) is males suffering from misogyny (its just the new AFAB/AMAB, since they decided that it is too oldschool for them)

Monosexual means a person who is in a relationship with one partner, i mean, a normal relationship. the opposite is polysexual/polyamourous, which means someone who is in a relationship with more than 1 partners.

No. 1625177

Maybe someone simply does not want to interact with your stupid fucking penis and the violent misogynist person attached to it

Literally every woman on earth, lesbian or not, understands that feeling and boundary. Weird how trans mtf can’t learn that simple law that no means no, almost like they are not at all “women trapped in male bodies”

No. 1625178

actually m-spec is "multisexual spectrum" so just bisexuals, including bisexuals in denial

No. 1625179

They do not give a single fuck about misogyny though what the fuck is this shit

No. 1625180

misogyny yeah sure they dont care about it, but god forbids transmisogyny! literally the most oppresive shit that a male can experience!

No. 1625181

based nona

No. 1625182

also monosexual is anyone who is not bisexual (so just heteros and homos lumped together for no sensible reason), "polysexual" is "attracted to multiple genders but not necessarily all" (whatever the fuck that means), polyamorous is the harem and/or cuck fetish, monogamous is a normal person who is not into harem or cuck shit.

No. 1625183

life saving medicine

No. 1625185

>"polysexual" is "attracted to multiple genders but not necessarily all"
huh? i thought they came up with « pansexual » for this? wasnt it enough for them?

No. 1625188

This gave me brain cancer, most of it doesn’t even make sense, in fact the more I try to make sense of it the less sense it makes. No one who lives in the real world actually speaks like this, and in my experience the terven don’t use dog whistles, we’re all explicit in our vocal opposition to TRAs

No. 1625189

what does "suicide baits a trans person" mean
terfs threaten to kill themselves in front of a tranny a lot?

No. 1625190

Slightly OT but funny how the only people in “poly” and/or “ethically non-monogamous” relationships, along with anyone who is into “kink” are all fucking ugly degenerates?

No. 1625194

I think just telling them to off themselves or make them want to

No. 1625198

TME just means biologically female, they only use it to imply women and transmen are privileged, they never use it for 'cis' males

No. 1625200

yeah pansexual is "all genders" polysexual doesn't always mean "all"

No. 1625202

they do claim TME means anyone who is not a TIM including "cis" males but it's true that the way they actually use it only refers to biological females

No. 1625207

I love how the troon is the same size as the other moid. Chefs kiss

No. 1625209

The siege of Kiwifarms vs Keffels is the longest troons have ever been on the battlefield without spamming porn and dead women. Funny how when they think they're dealing with men, they don't resort to that huh

No. 1625219

this is good, yet she shouldn't refer to the troons as she/her

No. 1625225

File: 1661423955134.jpg (38.71 KB, 639x476, type of man.jpg)

Here's a lot of whining about lesbians. It's so common in men to have mantrums when a certain group of women don't want to fuck them. Trannoids do this bc lesbians don't want their dicks and incels do this when young & pretty women don't want their dicks. The entitlement is atrocious.

No. 1625228

Hmm, it's almost as though transgenderism is a socially constructed identity not an innate characteristic. And troons love to say science is on their side.

No. 1625229

For what it's worth he has connections to Mindless Self Indulgence who have been doing this kind of stuff for years. His wife's even in the band.

No. 1625230

pansexuality isn't real

No. 1625233

pansexuals are just bisexuals but with 0 standards and mentally ill

No. 1625235

I saw some discourse recently about them saying how “pansexual” is now transphobic because it means not seeing TIFs/TIMs as “real men/women” and other…

No. 1625245

File: 1661427818605.jpeg (353.43 KB, 750x1047, F9FAE503-712B-4FBC-AB94-09BA1E…)

Troons’ brains are sex-typical. It is same-sex attraction that’s associated with sex-atypical brain structure.


No. 1625246

so transbians and gaydens just have regular straight male, respectively female brain patterns? lmao.

No. 1625250

covid really lead to this becoming popular because men were too bored
troons are delusional druggies, who get plastic surgery, not superheros. What is going on in their mind?
we all know that she will get the kids kek. They are so delusional to think that something like that is a reason to get the custody

No. 1625256

Attacking themselves isn't a smart move, nona (although they do keep doing it to themselves kek)

No. 1625257

> I am doing my best to respond to her needs, which I never cared before and she should appreciate it and fall in love with me but she doesn't and I am too exhausted because for the first time in life I am actually doing things for her and not me. And now I am looking up how to guilt and brainwash my wife into staying by doing couple therapies

No. 1625258

It's a lot easier to spam gore on an imageboard. They have apparently been spamming loli in the Keffals thread but Null disabled new registrations so they can't sign up new accounts to spam. New accounts on KF also have to have all their posts approved for a couple of days. The only way they could spam KF is if they had old accounts to burn through. I'm sure they would spam dead kids and women there as well if they could.

No. 1625262

File: 1661430072950.jpg (175.73 KB, 800x575, IMG_20220825_133806.jpg)

… the troons won. Kiwifarms was complete shit but it was one of the last bastions of free speech where you could actually criticise people like Keffals or the trans community. So I guess we're next(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1625263

holy fuck I'm astonished

No. 1625265

Ohh no Anthony Green trooned out his kid? I'm heartbroken.

No. 1625268

File: 1661430339262.jpg (74.71 KB, 1080x805, Fa7ICawXwAAF8TI.jpg)

No. 1625269

Threatening relatives of person you don't like? Truly, a thing only woman would do!

No. 1625270

I can't believe it either. The entire media and actual dogging from the authorities, needing to move continents several times, and 5 years of constant DDOS attacks weren't enough, but one tranny pedophile and a handful of psychotic crew using the doxx of Josh's family did it

No. 1625271

is this recent? it almost sounds like the uncle thing form a few years back. the telegram message didn't say anything about this.

No. 1625272

In light of this I will continue to be a crypto terf. It's extremely dangerous to out yourself because of these psychotic, degenerate men. I have even more respect for the brave women who can somehow manage to fight back.

No. 1625273

File: 1661430605085.png (190.05 KB, 505x732, Screenshot from 2022-08-25 05-…)

No. 1625274

Do you mind sharing the link to this?

No. 1625275

File: 1661430640808.png (196.61 KB, 507x745, Screenshot from 2022-08-25 05-…)

No. 1625278

Keffals hasn’t posted this cap and it’s not on the site. I want to say it’s fake for now lol.

No. 1625279

it's not just you. it's going to be down for a little while.

No. 1625282

This screenshot is being shared around Twitter at the moment. I posted this a second ago and deleted to correct myself about not being able to get on the farms, apparently it's not just me and the farms are up and down as usual

No. 1625284

Tinfoil: they want people to visit the site to check if it’s real to cause a ddos attack.

No. 1625285

If it's fake then to be honest this is a really food ploy. People think it's down, people dont understand that it's always down, they move on and forget while the kiwifags sneak back into their site and continue to be the bane of pedophiles in obscurity

No. 1625286

I hope this is it tbh lmao

No. 1625287

honestly I'd be dissapointed if it was really down. Issues aside, you can't deny the KF is amazing at having archives of deprived individuals who still try to weasel themselves into the public eye or even political functions. Half the time it's the ONLY place that even dares to speak up which is astounding honestly.

No. 1625293

I’d like to think there will always be free speech on the internet. What’s stopping someone just making a new kiwi or imageboard? stop being dramatic… you’re acting like this a government thing like in china and not just some programmer sock losers seething

No. 1625294

I am 85% sure this is fake

No. 1625295

the point is I hope it actually isn't down, but people believe it is?

No. 1625296

I won't believe it until its posted on Telegram since that is where Null has been communicating about site issues.

No. 1625297

I suspect that since a politician was involved maybe some fed power shut it down while investigating. I really doubt it is gone for good, maybe not even for long. Site would benefit from the public believing it is down forever long enough to forget it existed…so a day or two maybe.

No. 1625299

KiwiFarms is down right now. If that wasn't posted on the site, where would the original screenshot have been taken from?

No. 1625302

Ms paint

No. 1625304

File: 1661432321972.jpg (81.27 KB, 727x590, keffals.jpg)

No. 1625308

More of keffals being a dumb ass. That error message rotates. Him and his followers also think cloudflare is hosting this "transphobic" message when that is not how it works.

No. 1625309

If you really want prescient, check out The Transsexual Empire, written by Janice G Raymond, in 1979. This menace has been in female spaces since at least the 70s.

No. 1625310

He uses cloudflare kek

No. 1625311

Those huge shoulders and head kek

No. 1625312

That is why he won't call for a boycott of CF. He just wants people to throw tantrums and harass the innocent employees on social media.

No. 1625313

Null is an autistic moid but i can respect him for sticking with his site, Moot and Hotwheels dropped the hot potato when it got out of their hands.

No. 1625314

I agree. It does not sound like Null wants to give up in his latest statement. Hopefully Cloudfare fixes this and they do not give in to the troons, who will stop sdemanding KF to be pulled down soon. Honestly, maybe more people should send emails to Cloudfare to not pull KF down. Cloudfare is literally so powerful with their maarket share, I hope they don't give in or other sites will follow because the troons are to organized

No. 1625317

File: 1661433057845.jpg (96.64 KB, 576x747, troonisaslur.jpg)

I have no hope

No. 1625318

serious question anons

how do i stop letting my disgust of troons overtake my brain? i feel like i get triggered seeing a fucking trans flag and instantly angry. i really don't want to be like this. i had a period of hating men (not that men don't deserve hate but i was also obsessing over this.) i don't want to be so fixated. any advice?

also asked in the ftm thread because i'm desperate

No. 1625319

Its not a CF issue. The ddos has been going on since Friday and has barely affected the site. The problem is the upstream providers for kiwifarms. Their service is dropping in and out but won't answer Null when he asks why.

No. 1625320

Jesus Christ. Some asshole is swatting people, and pretending to be from kf, so kf's network/bandwith providers are no longer supporting the site and ghosting Null. Goddamn.

No. 1625323

File: 1661433347744.jpg (531.89 KB, 849x4096, FbAMH5MWQAAOeUC.jpg)

No. 1625324

Pretty much. Not much Null can do about it. ISPs themselves have a little sway over who they use for the upstream providers, but no ISP is going to change that just for one site. Even changing ISPs won't guarantee that you will get a different upstream provider.

No. 1625326

everyone write with these * so that Twitter won't ban y'all. I hate Twitter for being like this. They won't remove content about harming women but remove every little thing for troons

No. 1625327

41% nonnie, 41%. They are all going to die eventually either of an heroing or STDS or their gash wounds infecting and rotting, they also live such miserable lives that's why they hate women so much, because we are happy.

No. 1625328

thanks, I thought their upstream provider is Cloudfare. I clearly have no idea how this works

No. 1625329

KiwiFarms surrogates lolcow.org and onionfarms are being DDoSd too.

No. 1625330

isn't that from before when someone went after his mom

No. 1625331

KF is beyond retarded but if it gets taken down, it's setting a dangerous precedent. No doubt we'll be next.

No. 1625332

Man if Null is right and they let the trannies win and shut down KF for the fake swatting I’m going to lose the last remaining faith in the feds and really believe they don’t do anything when child grooming illegal hormone keffals can break the law openly on Twitter with no consequences

No. 1625335

call me schizo but i think the feds and the government are all behind this, they want to have the right to shut down everyone they like due to ''hate speech'' and they are just using keffals and other trannies are proxies.

No. 1625336

first of all, bingo!
second, terfs are definitely not the ones that coined the fucking non-men loving non-men definition, why are they putting that stupid shit on us

No. 1625337

trans-identified females exist..
Can we get less retarded sperging about men and more posts about troons? Enough of this site is dedicated to the former(sage)

No. 1625338

>This source is wrong because it's old
GCs use lots of old sources? The better argument would be that we're over reliant on them, but that requires actually knowing the first thing about us. We also acknowledge that feminists don't always agree with each other. That's why "libfem" and "radfem" are used as distinguishing terms.

>Pretends to also care about bisexual and [gay men's] labels

Gay men are fending for themselves just fine, and they get away with standing up to troons way more often than we do. When we post about them, that's specifically what we're saying. We're not feigning concern. Bisexuals are generally unaffected by the trans fad for a variety of reasons (trannies don't find it as "validating" to date bisexuals, for one.)

>Comphet is a transphobic term coined by a TERF

It was coined by Adrienne Rich, who died before the term "TERF" even existed. Also it's used by plenty of normie queer academics.

>Uses "invalid" unironically

As someone who's been in these spaces for several years, I only ever hear "valid" and "invalid" used mockingly.

>Lesbians are only attracted to one gender, but also non-binary people

GCs don't believe in gender bullshit. Lesbians are attracted to female people. That includes "afabs" who call themselves non-binary.

>Ruining the sanctity of lesbianism

I've never heard it phrased this way in my entire life. The problem isn't that lesbians are losing their "sanctity," whatever the fuck that means. Lesbian bars and lesbian gathering places online are literally vanishing because they've been taken over by spicy straights and trannies. Lesbians often give up these spaces willingly because they're terrified of being branded with the "TERF" scarlet letter.

>Lesbians are more oppressed than bisexuals

It's not a fucking competition, but yeah, lesbians generally have it worse because they don't have the fallback of marrying a guy. It's not rocket science.

>Only people who fit the label of "non-men loving non-men" are lesbians

What TERFs is this guy talking to? We hate the "non-men" crap and oppose it entirely. Lesbians are females exclusively attracted to other females. That's the definition we use.

>Radfems kicked bisexuals out of the community

If radfems actually had the power to kick people out of the community, this whole debate about trannies wouldn't be happening in the first place.

No. 1625347

File: 1661435246345.jpg (109.48 KB, 618x782, based.jpg)

Nice. More and more women are speaking out against this fucking cult. Link to the video is here: https://twitter.com/WomenReadWomen/status/1562101167093841921

No. 1625349

I'm sorry for the women who had to go through this. It's upsetting that this was the breaking point for most normies.

No. 1625350

Running is his ‘escape’ and he’s been told her can still run with the other males but obviously that’s not enough, because it’s not about the sport, it’s about being around girls and knowing you don’t belong so you can larp and coom

No. 1625352

Hell yeah. Too bad she will most likely get multiple death threats from insecure moids

No. 1625356

If Kiwi Farms loses, we all lose.
Fuck Keffals. Fuck trannies.

No. 1625359

as if lol catboy ranch will come to his rescue

No. 1625360

This is an old message from like… 2014 or something when a crazy british man was threatening Null's family directly, got his mom fired from her job and called in fake bomb threats to hospitals and schools in Null's name that got him swatted and arrested by the FBI. He decided to take down the site to protect his family but the guy who was doing it didn't stop his attacks on him, so he put it back up cause it didn't matter anyways.

No. 1625361

Retard, did you even read what the post was in reply to. Read the thread before sperging out because someone called scrotes mentally ill enough to think they can change sex 2 days ago.

No. 1625362

Major companies and organizations don’t want to be known as “transphobic” because the trannies and their handmaidens will eat them alive like dogs. Worst timeline

No. 1625365

was mostly sarcastic, but he reached 90k on his gfm. He'll prob be able to continue to get away with a lot.

No. 1625367

Majority of troons are men. Cope for the retard sex.

No. 1625368

Trannies won't stop until every place on the internet that allows criticism of them is shut down. They are all autistic tech nerds (the most male hobby imaginable) and terminally online. They have nothing else to do all day other than masturbate and work on censoring the internet. They weasle their ways into positions of power in tech companies so they can censor people more effectively. Because they are men they feel entirely comfortable oppressing people and threatening violence.

The only hope we have is that normies wake the fuck up, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen before a ton of damage is already done.

No. 1625369

whitepilling. I hope more women come forward and speak up against this

No. 1625370

They always do, just like they always use them for writing their fetish stuff.

No. 1625371

What’s worse about this is that when kf is down we usually get an influx of retarded kiwifags flocking to the site to shit up threads and chimping out when called retarded. It means we get fucked over too.

No. 1625372

insert optimism rainbow here but i really really hope you're right. spoiling and humoring these perverts and their retarded "communist" ideology (as defined as gimme what i want now reee) is going to blow up in everyone's faces. and we'll have nowhere to legally complain and say TOLD YA! saged

No. 1625375

If people think kiwi goes down Keffals/Troon squad won't focus on lolcow next they are crazy. The flat out LIES I see people blatantly making about KF with thousands of likes, using the deaths of people, also are all the "victims" of kiwifarms Trans? I can swear one was an abused woman who was groomed by a grown ass man and was very mentally ill. I always hear they are killing Trans people but they forget the woman they claimed was killed by Kiwifarms, which makes this even more retarded. I could go on Twitter and say, "Josh moon punched me in the mouth yesterday!!" And they'd 100% believe it. I don't like that scrote but yes, if Keffels get Kiwifarms down every single space will get the same attention. However, I do think Keffals is going to fuck up, he's seriously dumb. He loves the clout and attention. It just makes me.sick how much sympathy they get. Then that scrote who literally gives play by plays, of gore/shock tapes also made a video defending Keefals and claiming he was in danger.

No. 1625378

Wtf, how can you reclaim something that was never used against you? Black people reclaimed the n word because it was used in a derogatory manner against them. Some gay men (actual ones) call each other fags for the same reason. TiMs have never been biological women, they’ve never experienced the specific shit we go through including some of the specific slurs we get. I don’t get it. How can you “reclaim” something you never had? On another note I hate the ones who say they are “biological women” because they’re made of organic manner. Like good one reddit bro. I think the one on Trevor Noah did that and it was pretty funny to see in an interview. Idk how I feel about Trevor Noah but he treated that troon politely while continuing to side eye him and it was entertaining. Recently he had a pageant winner on who’s platform is menstrual hygiene and they used “woman” the entire way through talking about it and it was so much nicer to see. Everyone is so much more visibly comfortable with troons aren’t involved and you don’t have to tip toe around their delusions.

No. 1625382

The following people have supposedly killed themselves because of harassment from Kiwifarms

By now confirmed to have faked his death, the US reports every single death of American citizens that happens overseas and the Japanese are VERY diligent about paperwork. His death was not among the reported US citizen who died within the alleged time period. His husband in the US never received his "remains", instead his co-worker presented a cookie-jar on twitter saying it had his ashes in them. That's all the "proof" they had for his death. Japanese Kiwis never saw his death mentioned in local newspapers who regularly report on suicides. Confirmed fake.

Chloe Segal:
Was a trans woman whose Kiwifarms thread was inactive and had not posted in for 8 months at the time he killed himself. He had BPD and was kicked out by his fellow troon roommates to be homeless living on the street because he was so toxic. Before he set himself on fire he held a long speech about how there are not enough resources for the mentally ill in the US and how mistreated mentally ill people are, also he was very upset about how he was treated by his own troon community from which he received no help during the time he was homeless. Kiwifarms was never mentioned by him.

Julie Terryberry:
A mentally ill girl who was in an abusive relationship with a man who was 10 years older than her (started when she was 17 and he was 27). He beat and cut her regularly and called it "BDSM". Her family was extremely poor and abusive to her, she had several untreated mental health issues. Her boyfriend threatened to leave her and she said she would kill herself if he did. He left and she killed herself. Again, nothing to do with Kiwifarms (who actually tried to get her help several times).

No. 1625383

Really interesting how most of these are about the group of people TiMs are most obsessed with, lesbians.

No. 1625384

His head is even bigger than the other moid kek

No. 1625388

File: 1661439042262.jpeg (262.99 KB, 1121x555, 2BD93BF7-2471-423A-ACC1-5BA8D0…)

No. 1625389

troonism in itself is claiming things that were never for/about you

No. 1625392

yeah the wrapper is the mental illness

No. 1625393

Thanks for you and the others for cleaning it up. People need to do some actual research before they just go posting things.

No. 1625394


People don't know about the secret board and think this is tranny general. Anons I am begging you to go to radfem board we want your blogposts

No. 1625395

As a fellow lesbian thank you for articulating everything I was too lazy to address. The whole fucking bingo card makes no sense to anyone who is not terminally online and actually interacts with other functioning human beings. Typical trannies fabricating outrage to perpetuate their circle jerk of validation and victimisation

No. 1625396

It would be nice because that board is so slow.

No. 1625397

Frankly, I can't blame moot. After GG shit and then Drumpf faggotry, I'd probably be willing to cut my losses too. Plus he'd been in charge of that sideshow since he was 15. Still, I do kind of miss him.

No. 1625398

Just imagine if it had been that way with misogyny and women getting things shut down as efficiently if there were jokes about rape or abuse or whatever else. It would never happen because we don’t have the power of moids, but the way it has happened so fast just shows the extent of male privilege. Even TiFs don’t get taken as seriously since they are female.

No. 1625403

I feel for her so much. You can sense her anger about this as well as her fear. What’s that saying? Speak up even if your voice shakes? That’s exactly what she did. Good for her. Glad to see a lot of people have her back, too.

No. 1625406

>that scrote who literally gives play by plays, of gore/shock tapes also made a video defending Keefals and claiming he was in danger
Man fuck that faggot if he's in danger it's his own fault for speaking so condescending to his viewers and random 4channers who happen to click on his low effort videos, literally poking the bear. Can't believe someone who willing watches gore videos thinks he's better than the 4channers who do the same.

No. 1625408

I agree. It's no shock that most AGPshits are former GGers.

No. 1625409

Wow, troons really do just love to take shit and manipulate it into lies. When they do things like that it astounds me because so much of their behavior is exactly what marks narcissistic abusers. The manipulating, the gaslighting, the threats of self harm and suicide and saying “it’s YOUR fault if I do this”. I will never understand why that behavior is considered unhealthy with anyone else except troons.

No. 1625410

What's GG?

No. 1625411

can you give me the / /? I forgot what it was

No. 1625413


No. 1625414

No. 1625417

I think this is the message that Null posted on kf when byuu supposedly “killed” himself

No. 1625421

No it's not. I already explained it here >>1625360

No. 1625431

What's with the "cross out any bonus space if directed at transfemmmeee" that isn't how bingo works

No. 1625432

jennifer pritzker and martine rothblatt

No. 1625436

the lawsuits are taking too damn long. these people will become statistics when all this pain and suffering was completely avoidable.

No. 1625437

don't tell an unsaged poster details like that!!

No. 1625439

This. They smelled like balls.

No. 1625440

This info did exist in 2014. I remember reading all the possible side effects known at the time of puberty blockers and hrt when I was in trans groups as a tif before 2014, even had the knowledge of the dilating thing around that time (and I'm not even american!), you just had to search it a little but these people don't look the bads, only the goods, they don't wanna hear if you tell them something is not exactly like their fantasy. I used to feel bad for these detrans guys but I know how they are, and they are no different of the other troons, they only see the truth after it destroys them. The trans community is to blame, they hide this stuff from their own, they are paving the path for their own destruction, bunch of dumb fucks

No. 1625451

shut up keffals stan

No. 1625452

File: 1661443687832.png (373.64 KB, 810x1077, Screenshots_2022-08-24-22-51-3…)

why do i have a feeling this woman's husband's gonna troon out?

No. 1625456

Can confirm KF is still around. I was able to get into the Keffals thread along with a few other people, but again the upstream issue is still going on so connect to the server is fragile.

No. 1625458

that has to be a trollpost. I refuse to believe something so stupid happens and is anything other than bait

No. 1625460

Maybe better fitted to Reddit hate thread on /ot/?

No. 1625462

File: 1661444884991.png (57.27 KB, 515x105, 9CED3E08-3B29-4125-99A4-0AC33B…)

No. 1625463

Really? It's not the first time I've seen a story like this. Men are weird

No. 1625483

this is retarded
>immutable fact
proof? why do they like coming up with shit like this? their math is like "if woman is oppressed and tranny is oppressed then trans whamen is ultra oppressed!1" I can't stand these motherfuckers. I hate how they think a regular woman is somehow oppressing a they/them man who wears nail polish

No. 1625484

what are you even talking about

No. 1625489

there was one farther up the thread that said something about a legally-bonded moid watching hours of porn a day instead of, ya know, being a functional member of the household or society. how the fuck is that not a massive red flag to leave the useless piece of shit? it's sad there are women out there who think they should make allowances for them.

No. 1625511

Oh my fucking god

No. 1625520

Women nowadays are taught that men watching hours of porn a day is normal and that "You can't find a man who doesn't watch porn and if he says he doesn't he's lying to you" and that if they have a problem with it they are just being insecure and not supportive girlfrinds/wives because they are "shaming" their poor moids for this thing that is "completely normal and natural". That's what they are brainwashing women to believe.

No. 1625526

its billie

gerard is a fatty. he always had wide face and chubby cheeks and was mildly obese as a child so its not a good indication of hrt use in this case. i still believe hes probably gonna troon out anytime soon tho.

No. 1625558


Honestly I am convinced that all of the people that ignore what is going on and mindlessly allow their corporations to support trans shit is actually just sexually into it (mostly male GAMPs that are directors and producers). How did CTV cover keffals yet never mention the fact he was targeted bc people don’t want him to advertise underground estrogen to kids? Why does no one mention the effects of puberty blockers on mainstream news when they speak about “anti trans protesters” and why they might be angry?
It’s because these men think it is the best way to get their prepubescent sissies.

No. 1625563


it really feels like the goal at this point is to kick all the actual oppressed groups out of the social justice sphere and replace them with micro identities.

No. 1625571

File: 1661451779533.jpg (139.44 KB, 1080x1464, FbBdus_XwAA71RF.jpg)

No. 1625574

At least he's somewhat self-aware.

No. 1625580

Pornsick men who fuck troons but claim straight, still cannot convince themselves sucking/touching a dick isn't gay. Theres a large amount of thristy "straight" claiming men who can't get women and/or know that getting sex from trans is easier and they have lower standards. I knew a BM who tried to convince me that he wasn't bisexual cause he watched Troon porn where the guys only do anal and don't interact with the dick, so it's not gay. He was saying he'd fuck a Troon with a big ass and tits but it's not gay because be didn't touch the dick. This was on a dating site BTW. I think some chasers just want quick anal and don't like dick, while others love it. Both are pornsick and should be avoided.

No. 1625582

I saw people mentionned these facts and everyone shuts it down or don't see a problem with it cause something about saving lives and genocide and alt right. Even normies are brainwashed at this point.

No. 1625591

Imagine the absolute shitstorm the troon would have raised if a female partner did the same thing as this guy. Even when enabling each others gender-bender fantasies, men really do treat each other differently.
Women are the only ones who are not allowed to have boundaries, huh? Chasers can, because they are straight uwu.

No. 1625592

to eventually defang all actual social justice movements and render them useless and docile to the government and/or big corporations. wouldn't be surprised if there've been strings pulled to get to this.

No. 1625596

How the fuck do men even manage to get skid marks? Do they know you're supposed to clean your ass?

No. 1625609

Many men unironically think washing your ass or even WIPING is gay.

No. 1625612

lol @ troons who admit that their hygiene gets better once they transition.

No. 1625618


i have trouble seeing it any other way. i mean how fucking stupid do they have to be to subscribe to an ideology where 99.5% of all people everywhere are the evil oppressor. it's literally turning TRAs into enemies of the people.

No. 1625628

Only because girly toiletries are so cute and pink and glittery and dress go spinny ugh kill me

No. 1625630

I see KF incels arrived

No. 1625631

Oh the good old. "We have no choice but to fuck each other. It's not because I'm gay/bisexual/porn sick!! I have to fuck this troon/dude in the ass and date him, it's the women who are the issue not me!" Excuse

No. 1625636

Good. We don't want your ugly ass near us

No. 1625650

looks like an overfiltered photo of what probably is a regular man in real life, like those old Japanese or Chinese men who use feminizing filters to get simps online

No. 1625651

Of course it posts porn, coombrained moid can’t do anything else. Pathetic.

No. 1625652

Not to sound like a leftcow thread selfposter, but in all seriousness this is why people should learn to use Urbit

No. 1625656

where in that post have you seen a question mark retard? Nobody cares about your butthurt gayness fag

No. 1625657

File: 1661456857752.jpg (671.24 KB, 1125x839, IMG_3061 2.jpg)

Following the emo boys/Gerard Way chat, I saw this posted by a trans-enby type on Twitter today now i want to burn down a Hot Topic

No. 1625663

fuck off moid

No. 1625664

>can't stand being an incel anymore so I'll just fuck a man
Lol. Lmao. Incels never fail to make me laugh, they either kill themselves or fuck each other.

No. 1625666

File: 1661457335657.png (73.58 KB, 570x800, chad.png)

lol incel

T. Stacey

No. 1625668

Is that all you can do? You are just embarrasing yourself kek. Learn to read posts.

No. 1625670

File: 1661457544670.jpg (354.22 KB, 1219x2048, Rh3QN61.jpg)

At least this one is self-aware

No. 1625671

Kek and that won't be my problem because you fags either kill yourselves or fuck each other.

No. 1625675

if you're fucking other men that would make you childless too

No. 1625678

More like a faggot pipeline

No. 1625680

Incels die cold and alone too, you know because they usually rightfully themselves

No. 1625681

File: 1661457980265.jpg (129.78 KB, 640x635, tumblr_15dc87c02a105f5b01f1d05…)

they are all clones of the same person with the same tired insults

No. 1625682

you live in a selfdestructive fantasy, that's not how it is in real life and sooner you'll understand it you'll stop being an incel. Mf travel outside your town, outside your country. The rest of the humanity doesn't work like your personal hell bubble. You have delusions and your fatasy will never happen. But if you want die together with your incel buddy or a rot pocket, while we actually live in a functioning world.

No. 1625684

Kek is the moid really proud and excited to die with a dick in his ass rather than being alone?

No. 1625685

if a woman wants kids she can just buy sperm kek

No. 1625686

Certain moids really treasure sex over everything else and i'd call that monkey behaviour.

No. 1625691

sex selective ivf

No. 1625692

so what? it's the circle of life.. at least we don't have hurt male ego to have a problem with basic natural things

No. 1625693

genuine question, why are you in the troon thead on lolcow talking about incels and cats?

No. 1625696

Kek this scrote is way more pathetic than the others recently. You know he plays with his asshole in the shower.

No. 1625698

so if you don't have kids, you'll die alone and be eaten by cats, but if you do have kids they'll either be troons or pornstars. what do you propose women should do?

No. 1625700

moids don't have sexual orientations. they just have fetishes and most moids have a fetish for femininity. you could put lipstick on a pig and most moids would have no problem sticking their dicks into it.

No. 1625702

he wants us to die already so he can do gay shit and not be shamed kek

No. 1625705

I could make a chat bot that scraped a few incel sites that would be more enlightening to talk too, too. all his takes are unoriginal down to the wording and the fact he'd fuck a tranny is a big enough insult to him and his family we don't even need to add to it

No. 1625706

actual tradwife(ish)-anon here, BTW, we're out there, and you'll never have one of us, you wouldn't have had one in 1950 (you'd be in a state mental facility) or 1550 (you'd be a monk but not one of the cool ones illuminating manuscripts, they needed people to mop the floors too)

No. 1625709

>the fact he'd fuck a tranny is a big enough insult to him and his family we don't even need to add to it
Truer words have never been written. Scrotes gonna scrote.

No. 1625710

the internet has been a disaster for autistic moids. they could be useful in their own way before it's invention, but now all they do is become incels or troon out (sometimes both).

No. 1625711

b-but i bet you're fat!! or your husband is black!!

No. 1625714

and that one here that's the delusion i was talking about.

No. 1625716

schizo show is over now

No. 1625717

All manosphere scrotes are NPCs

No. 1625718

Stop engaging with the moid, retards, he most likely has his cock in one hand while he refreshes for more attention with the other.

No. 1625719

Wtf does any of this have to do with trannies

No. 1625720

the most female attention he's ever gotten

No. 1625732

That literally sounds fucking awesome
Yeah die with your dicks in each other while I die surrounded by fellow stacies and our cute cats

No. 1625733

Women got overinflated egos? have you seen some of the aggressive weak chins that flock to dating apps? Is it hard to think that women are possible of the same high standards that incels hold. Incels seek TIMs the same way other sad losers seek out 'traps' its close enough to their performative conception of a woman, and its desperate and lonely like them. (Because it is one of them)

No. 1625735

well, what you just witnessed was an incel and they are just trannies without the trans-identification part

No. 1625737

>autistic moid in 1500s-1700s
>silent farmhand who is terrible with people and animals but is good at dragging a plough so he does that all day
>autistic moid in 1800s-1950s
>obsess over collecting and compartmentalizing bugs and lizards in a lab somewhere or doing factory work who knows
>autistic moid in 2000s onward
>obsess over fictional characters and porn, will cut their dicks off or inject themselves with drugs to imitate the fictional characters or porn

No. 1625743

I have faith in KF to continue as usual once this blows over. They're like a cockroach it never dies

No. 1625765

Only sad scrotes who hate women think those are the requirements. No one’s truly cares about any of those things. We care about who you are as a person and how you make us feel. Simple really.

No. 1625770

What. The. Fuck.

No. 1625771

File: 1661462711773.jpg (283.85 KB, 2000x1333, Jamie-Clayton-Hellraiser-b3852…)

Not really milk and sorry if this is derailing but I just found out Jamie Clayton is playing Pinhead and I have never been so confused over a casting choice…. Just how?

No. 1625773


2014 was at the birth of this and there was a lot more trutrans and people who realized they were mentally ill sharing info. you have to really try and look to find side effects or anything except "100% safe and reversible" language for puberty blockers now.

No. 1625810

Kinda related low hanging fruit but I put on AHS stories as background noise and it was shit but they also had a tranny playing Bloody Mary looking like a drag queen. Wow how incredibly woke having a male in a villains role…oh sorry I mean an “actress”

No. 1625812

Great, so TIMs can take away female acting roles but still also fall back on male acting roles somehow without getting dysphoric.

No. 1625815


they are probably going to try and spin the fact that book pinhead was androgynous into a progressive thing. at least i don't think they have the guts to follow through with barker on using the idea of androgyny to further sell how much of a demented sadistic fetishist the cenobites were. people would flip the fuck out if they kept the part where pinhead just fucked himself up so much you couldn't tell what he used to be anymore.