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File: 1563937090848.png (839 KB, 800x800, pixielocks_threadimage.png)

No. 59471

Previous Thread: >>>/w/42916

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos repeatedly; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; is highly dependent on her mother Louise Vessey in social events, often referring to her as her "bestie" and dragging her along to overseas trips, and has based her choice of college in a nearby city so as to not be far from her during college
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; examples include leaving one boyfriend of two years for his best-friend-turned-accessory whom she "loved all along" and stringing along a girl who came out for her for clickbait in a Christmas video and to boost her LGBT status before dumping her and keeping her Christmas gifts for "not being attracted to her"; formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; is currently dating and living with one Stephen Clarke and has formally come out again as bisexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience, and posts publicly about drinking while prescribed on medications; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

Last Thread Recap:
- Steadily gaining weight at an alarming rate
- Spent 2 weeks in Japan, had about 30 minutes of actual footage outside of her hotel rooms
- "Graduated" her foundation year, tassle and all
- Friend group seems to have ditched her entirely at this point, save the moonmist girls doing one cosplay together
- Did 2/3 planned cosplays for Animaritime 2019 - somehow got worse at making cosplay clothing since she first started
- Featured in Kei Club zine, a magazine made by western weebs with a passion for graphic design
- Talked about ~kawaii~ body modification - discussed anime, tattoos, and her mental health
- New self harm cuts revealed in latest tattoo vlog tell us she's had another relapse since December

Old Threads:

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
Cosplay Facebook Page: https://anony.link/https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 59473

Hope this is okay, anons. I'm not great at or well versed in making threads but they last one was completely locked. Mostly copied off info from last op. There wasn't a vote for thread image so I just compiled some of the most interesting screencaps + added that god awful dress. Hope it's fine!

No. 59533


yeah man this is great, was about to make one myself. so the old thread got capped so idk how people will find the new one but soon enough I'm sure everyone will migrate over

also you really got the best pictures of jills chunky junk in your collage, i give it a 10/10

No. 59543

You did good OP, I was just about to make a new thread but hadn't been following it close enough to recap it again like the last few I did. Jillian just hasn't done much to keep up with, but I can't say I'm surprised that she's relapsed into cutting again.

That Shiny Luminous wig still makes me sad tho.

No. 59596

omg same, in the smaller photo it literally looks like she glued gold ribbons to her head, nothing close to Luminous' hair lmaooo

No. 59647

File: 1564058549675.png (56.58 KB, 270x300, jillmadoka.png)

I know this is nitpicky but I just saw that this is one of Jill's saved playlists…
So she does like the anime after all? Next she's gonna get a Madoka tattoo and claim she's loved it all along.

It's petty but it's just one of the things that makes her seem so disingenuous and fake to me, I wish she was more honest about the things she actually liked or disliked, it just makes her whole ~I'm so obsessed with mahou shoujo uwu~ thing seem fake when she keeps changing her opinions on shows like CCS, Madoka & Utena so much.
Sorry for the autism.

No. 59650

Her latest videos encourage me to diet even more. Holy shit(no1curr)

No. 59668


Hadn't seen her in a while so that shot of her fat jiggling around as she paraded around the tattoo shop was unreal

I swear her voice has deepened in the couple months since I last watched, side effect of gaining weight on her neck? Or has she given up the baby voice

No. 59669

File: 1564086811384.jpeg (342.32 KB, 640x642, 7AD649E7-FFA8-4161-9F3E-E72034…)

No. 59677

Good for her if this means her mental health is improving. I hope for her sake she no longer feels that there’s a big chance of her flunking out of her upcoming fashion program. If she works hard and continues mental health treatment she can definitely keep building up her life and start using her YouTube/confetti club branding to make some actual business moves if she wants to. But she needs to commit to working on her skills and really sewing consistently, not a couple times a year for cosplay and one shiny costume material dress.

No. 59695

>continues mental health treatment

She's not doing any.

No. 59702

Doesn't this always happen though? She gets a new bright colorful tacky tattoo and all of a sudden everything's looking up until the novelty wears off and she's looking to fill the void with more plastic, fast fashion, and another tattoo

No. 59704

Seems like it. It's great that she tried to get treatment for whatever mental health issues she had recently, but she always follows the same cycle of being depressed, buying useless shit, getting a piece of kawaii uguu inspiring animu shit tattooed to her, riding off the buzz of that for a hot minute, then getting depressed again, repeat cycle til end of time. She does this rather than actually attempting to keep up with treatment.

No. 59715

Her tattoos are going to age so poorly. The linework on the cure piece doesn't look like it's going to stand the test of time. The bright colors in all of them have so much potential to fade into gross, garish colors, especially over scar tissue. I almost feel bad for her for having the money amd taste level she does with accepting parents because her tattoos are some CHOICES.

No. 59805


This, I feel like she gets tattoos as a 'pick me up' when her confidence or mood has been low.

She's getting fat so time for another tattoo on her thigh and footage of her doing a catwalk strut in hot pants.. all to combat the fact that she must be miserable with that weight gain. I don't buy that someone can go from a history of disordered eating to being fully ok at her current weight, not at her age.

She's tatting over the fat like she tatted over the self harm marks, she doesn't seem all that ok

No. 59806


At the end of the tattoo vlog she's sat on the bathroom floor and her grin while she talks about the various pink things that she bought looked so fake, next thing she starts talking about tattoos being pictures all over her corpse…not her body, her corpse.. WTF

No. 59862

Isn't her entire interest in magical girl stuff just escapism anyway?
I know she claims that she's been into it since middle school but her obsession with it started around the time she was closer to graduation.
It's pretty clear she was afraid of moving out/being independent/becoming an adult so it feels like she got into magical girl anime to get away from that.
The only series she really seems to have an interest in are Pretty Cure and Doremi, definitely some of the more childish ones where it's mostly just about cute girls overcoming small obstacles and then eating cake together, something Jill seems to idealize and see as strong/beautiful/inspiring.

I think everyone has some stupid or childish interests to get away from reality sometimes, but most people wouldn't really go out of their way to get those things tattooed on their body.
Jill seems to believe that she will like these things for the rest of her life even though she's in her early twenties and has cycled through a lot of different phases before, plus she's struggling with mental issues right now.
The tattoos will probably age poorly in a bunch of different ways, but I guess if she just keeps covering her one thigh with them they're in a somewhat easy to cover place later on in life at least?

No. 59923


The -happier- she is in vids the less I actually buy it. It's like her life motto is to put on a brave face or 'fake it til you make it' type thing

Years of buying shit to fill a void that is bottomless is sad but the tattoos that are there to cheer her up might turn out to be painful reminders, she doesn't seem quite right lately (not that she ever did)

Her whole obsession with aesthetic is escapism and a poor coping mechanism that she's passed on to others. She has the kind of mental health issues where her identity could very well change every 5 years

No. 59974

Sorry for small blogpost but I watched doremi when I was like 11 and even then I thought I was too old for that shit. Like there isn't a problem liking cute or childish things as an adult, but to watch a show thats literally about 2nd graders dealing w elementary school issues and say "wow that's so empowering it changed my life!" Is so pathetic. If she equates the issues that child anime characters go through to her problems that caused her to cut thats super fuckin sad

No. 60029

File: 1564216607674.jpg (40.67 KB, 350x350, 631ab541ced26b328a2442a8685765…)

sage for useless weebing but I love how the artist (I know mostly at Jill's request but still) shoehorned Shiny Luminous into the Precure 15th logo which is why this looks so bad

the artist truly messed up drawing White's nose too, this is gonna age so terribly in like three months lol

No. 60047


She's had an easy and (I hate this term but) privileged life so far and even with emotional and financial support she's struggled through it anyway. With the exception of her mom being sick years ago I don't know what she can honestly say was hard in life, and luckily her mom did recover.

Even taking depression into account, the sheer amount of fluffy pink escapism and babying that she requires to get through day to day life is too much. The more she delves into her pink fantasy world the less equipped she is to deal with the sucky or mundane aspects of adult life

No. 60060

File: 1564256377132.png (868.76 KB, 1354x784, Screen_Shot_2018-10-25_at_11.0…)

what you mean getting magical girl tattoos isnt mental health treatment??

No. 60070

Sage for blogpost but I feel like that every time I get a new tattoo, I'm sure most people do
Like "wow this looks great I love my body"
but then the newness wears off and you just remember all the things you don't like

No. 60077

Jill was actually in Maggies ((onyasumi)) Animaritime vlog im shocked. Maggie started her own youtube channel as well.

No. 60078


No. 60079

File: 1564269545337.png (367.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190727-191747.png)

No. 60080

>"Sadly my friends didn't place"
Hahaha get fucked, Jill.
No wonder she's been relatively quiet about animaritime/her shiny luminous cosplay

No. 60081

File: 1564270271335.jpeg (642.69 KB, 750x987, 34B350C4-8227-4B6F-906C-5793A6…)

No. 60082

No. 60083

She's…..actually wearing jfashion for once….?

No. 60084

Maggie's mannerisms are pretty much on par with Jill's. The matching maid dress thing made me kinda feel bad for Jill in a way (even if she's very likely a shitty friend). She was obviously left out, I wonder if we'll get an animaritime vlog from her but I doubt it. Seeing Steve and her in the same part of Maggie's vlog made me wonder if she mostly just latched onto him all weekend.

No. 60088

That’s entirely likely anon, I don’t think Steve went tho because one anon recounted that Jill was waiting outside by herself while the contest was still going. The theory that she not part of that group anymore adds up

No. 60091

Ehhh not really. It's a lame attempt at decora, she has so much shit she could've thrown on but Jill never tries

No. 60092

a lame attempt but at least an attempt. usually the shit she wears isn't even remotely close.

No. 60094

She has enough plastic junk jewelry she'd fit right in the decora style, but I see she's finally wearing that pompom shirt she made ages ago.

No. 60097

This is kind of disturbing. I can't tell who was skinwalking who first at this point, but she has almost the exact same voice and mannerisms. Maggie seemed more relaxed, only bought 4 things at the con, mostly stickers of something she seemed genuinely into. Jill does everything to the extreme: she has to be the biggest superfan with the most merch, she has to have huge haul videos showing off her wasteful purchases, can't get a tattoo without it becoming An Event and video series complete with tragic backstory. I doubt Maggie has the reach/obnoxious personality required to get even close to Jill's level of popularity, but she has a lot more palatable brand of alt pastel weeb.

Why someone who looks as homosexual as Steve has basically dated the same girl twice in a row is so strange to me. I know bi people exist, but I feel like there is no overlap between people who casually cosplay twink spongebob and people who are sexually attracted to women.

No. 60122

Even Jill‘s former secret roommate was part of their maid group. Must suck if your friends leave you out of stuff, even tho you‘ve been a literal con maid before

No. 60124


There's no way Steve is straight. I just get zero straight vibes from him. And yeah, Jill was completely left out of that maid thing. She must feel like crap

No. 60127

i wonder if the fact she had the Entrapa(?) cosplay planned is why she wasn't involved. She's done the maid thing before maybe she wasn't interested.
I'm not sure though since she has been severely absent from that friend group.

No. 60132

Somebody pointed out in the last thread that they most likely aren’t friends anymore.

No. 60141

Is she a Jill skinwalker? She talks, sounds, and looks exactly like her. Her inflections are almost identical, just more whispery. Both look like fat stumpy rainbow monkfish, she just has a man nose instead of a pug nose like Jill. She even copies her filming angels while vlogging.

No. 60145

I mean… we’re already aware that he isn’t straight. He’s said that himself.

No. 60164

It’s more likely she had to come up with the Entrapta cosplay because she was left out of the maid group.

No. 60198


. . . is this the fucking "Liquid Chris" saga of Pixielocks? Like, Jesus Christ, this is disturbing.

No. 60223

>>60141 im pretty sure maggie was a fan of jill before they met? They met via a lazy oaf sales group on facebook. Its all documented in old threats but I cba to search rn.

No. 60227

lmao i always forget about the secret girl jill kept in the basement
that shit gets to me

she actually looks kinda cute here tbh, its better than the super bright lazy oaf shit and its ncie to see her wear something she made herself
are things looking up for jill? i hope so

No. 60527

No. 60530


Her mic made me deaf

No. 60531

>>60527 ah yes, show of your very distinctive front door. that's not dangerous at all.

No. 60532

>>60527 the microwave broke. She didn't say how?

No. 60533

Um. She used a stool to put her rainbow glitter shoes on. I get having a stool in an entryway to sit down if you need to put on particularly tricky shoes, but she uses it as a display for keeping a pair of shoes that DON'T FIT HER? It's like a super nitpick, but I am still baffled she even bought them for one. And then she kept them. And deemed them good enough to move across the island with her. They don't fit. Why.
And it's a problem in general I have with this video and I only watched 2 minutes of it. She dragged all that crap with her. IC shoes she doesn't wear, puppy surprises, tons of peeps and other plastic shit, a fucking pinata? A giant peep and her children's piano make an appearance too. Do you really need all that shit in a rental you have just until you finish college?

Another turbo nitpick: her necklace is pinched in the back for the first half of the video. Could she have not worn a fitting one in a vid where she is going to turn around?

She still has tinsel where cats can get it, not to mention all the wires.(time to take a break)

No. 60539

File: 1564588242095.jpg (76.09 KB, 656x707, nbyh.JPG)

Think it's about time she invests in some new clothes…that skirt is definitely riding up her waist because it doesn't fit correctly anymore

No. 60540

File: 1564588621313.jpg (577.69 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20190731_175640_com…)

so many precious gems in this vid

No. 60541

File: 1564588749714.jpg (633.29 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20190731_175850_com…)

She also kept the broken microwave.

No. 60542


Dude, not a WK, but she is living there. Why shouldn't she bring her peeps and piano and her other bullshit with her? It's bullshit stuff, but it's her stuff. It's not like she moved into a dorm room with limited space that she'll be out of in six months. Have you never rented an apartment?

No. 60543

She’s probably gonna end up living there longer even after college is over. Unless she really feels the need to go move back in a small room, with mommy. She’s put so much work (ugly work tho) into the place and it’s her place. I think she’s gonna stay.

No. 60545

I honestly don't care about Jill's weight, but this just looks uncomfortable, and it's probably causing her to look even heavier than she is.

No. 60552

Wrapping paper on the walls? Why?

No. 60555

I couldn't stop thinking about how tiny that skirt is on her it's like 4 sizes too small. Definitely needs some new clothes to flatter her new body. Cheap J-Fashion style clothing (or any loud/alt fashion for the matter) absolutely does not work on anyone who isn't ultra slim.

No. 60558

Especially in the kitchen like right in front of the sink, the paper will start dissolving in a few months

No. 60565

That's not necessarily true. I've seen bigger girls look good in alt fashions like Rockabilly or Victorian Goth, with mermaid skirts and fit and flare dresses. It depends on how someone carries their weight. Anyone can really look good in most styles so long as they wear clothes fit for their shape.
That being said, Jill doesn't do this and as a skinny person who wears jfashion, you're right about the Jfashion sizes. It honestly just doesn't fit people who are past a size 5 US.
It's terribly tragic considering Jill is supposed to be a seamstress, yet she can't even upcycle already made clothes to fit her, let alone make them from scratch.

Meh. Cute idea, mediocre execution.
Honestly I don't think it's horrible, but only in spaces where it's not going to get damaged like the kitchen. I think it's a cute idea to add some easy temporary patterns and colors to a small section of your room or a hallway, especially since you can easily remove it and put up a different type and not ruin the wall… but for the kitchen, do contact paper or at least add a splashboard to minimize water damage. Of course Jill can't seem to think through her decisions that far.

sorry…Deleted and reposted because I can't speak english properly apparently.

No. 60567

I can't be the only one who finds it really sad that Steve has been living with her for almost a full year and there is no indication that he lives there. Sure he has his shoes at the door but that's it.

No. 60573


The fact that the vinyl record on that trendy case record player is hot pink makes me think it's purely for decoration, and not for music.

No. 60582

File: 1564608298996.png (792.22 KB, 805x726, pic77.png)

No. 60585

she had a St Vincent phase last year or the year before (same time as her totes~~ lesbian phase) i think she genuinely enjoy the music, it's not somehing new but she also wouldn't leave the record on if it wasn't pink

what i got from her house tour it's super impratical and only for show: the shoe stool, warping paper, fake art corner, that monstuous coffee table centre piece

No. 60589

I dunno why but her kitchen was okay aside from the plushies around it. I mean, shoes and plushies in a kitchen area sound like a recipe for germs. The house tour wasn't as awful as i expected, but i would never live in that pastel nightmare.

No. 60590

I dunno why but her kitchen was okay aside from the plushies around it. I mean, shoes and plushies in a kitchen area sound like a recipe for germs. The house tour wasn't as awful as i expected, but i would never live in that pastel nightmare.

No. 60592

Haven't anons in a previous thread already posted/found which townhomes she lives in? I imagine it's probably not too hard to find out even without her showing hints tbh

No. 60593

Haven't anons in a previous thread already posted/found which townhomes she lives in? I imagine it's probably not too hard to find out even without her showing hints tbh

No. 60596

File: 1564611684440.jpg (544.27 KB, 1640x960, MYXJ_20190731152123_save.jpg)

Serving up kawaii rainbie Ursula lewks uwu

No. 60601

File: 1564615234345.png (196.17 KB, 395x537, NoGagReflexMakesHerPukielots.p…)

Simply too easy.(autism)

No. 60602

File: 1564615389130.jpeg (410.51 KB, 1099x1298, 0F159D07-E447-4F17-9459-9B5E4F…)

No. 60606

File: 1564616761519.jpg (631.78 KB, 1613x1063, Screenshot_20190731-193845_You…)

Jilian: i did not like tokyo mew mew
Also jillian: owns a tmm strawberry bell etsy necklace, tmm manga and talks about how she wants the toy of strawberry bell that is $200
Just showing how she lies about liking shows as long as they have pink plastic merch

No. 60607

She spent 1k on a glass table and it busted within a year? Kek

Her house is a reminder that she can't have anything without spending her mom's cash to get her the more expensive, pink version of it. I'm sure most of us had to go to the dollar store if we needed a certain item because we had nothing after moving out, Jill has every kitchen item she needs in rainby pastel and her materialistic hoard spilling into every room, with literal baby toys holding the curtains back to boot. Her art area doesn't look inviting, if she was less concerned on shallow looks and more about function maybe she would spend time making her art not basic.

No. 60608

I think she meant she spent ~$250 because she said she spent a quarter of what is was going for online. It was confusing though.

No. 60610

Her having her candles in her living room right next to a set of books and her tv gives me so much anxiety. Not only that but her cats could knock them over or burn themselves. Not only that but her house has clutter that it’s a massive fire hazard if spreads she’s got a small chance of getting her and her cats out if they’re upstairs

No. 60613

Okay, how in the hell does she afford all of this? Her own big house, travelling all over the place, and tons upon tons of crap and trinkets that she fills it with, the mind boggles at how much she must spend on the regular. How loaded are her parents?

No. 60618

Yeah it was alright, I actually like her kitchen aside from the toys and shit that doesn't belong in there. I cook with stuff similar to hers so I can't fault with her on that. The real issue I have is why she had to explicitly say my floors are always crunchy. Like bitch vacuum you clearly have time. Also the fact that it's been almost a year and she has managed to fill that house up to the brim just shows how deep her addiction has gotten

No. 60619

Think I remember from somewhere that Jill's dad is a professor and her mom is a photographer as stated so many times. Then factor in the scrounged up bucks she gets from her cult Patreon. With the way she shops it seems like Jill would be in debt at this point

No. 60641

I thought it was pretty clear it was a voltage issue.

You need to get off lolcow and take a breather, you're way too bothered and somehow surprised the Jill of all people would surround herself with cutesy plastic shit? Even if she was going to live there for only 2 or 4 years or however long college takes for her I don't think it's totally unthinkable that she would bring her things with her?

Yeah I thought that was gross too. I wondered if I was misunderstanding something or if she was really just saying her floors are always dirty…

No. 60643

Doesn't she get enough welfare from Youtube and Patreon? I don't doubt her parents are helping her in some capacity but I'm sure the money she bilks outta the Confetti Clan is bountiful.

No. 60651

File: 1564635327408.jpeg (321.03 KB, 1080x1080, 84E8CBAC-2C30-4A91-944A-8A7DAC…)

Is this new news?

No. 60653

File: 1564636497632.png (621.79 KB, 760x1058, Screenshot_20190801-011402.png)

Jill's modelling again

No. 60654

No, I'm pretty sure Jill was talking about the creaky the floors were when they'd walk around. hence the jumping when she said that. kinda weird she chose to say 'crunchy' but the way she speaks has always been kinda q u i r k y

No. 60660

She's been skinwalking Emilia Fart hardcore the past several months, minus the introspection and genuineness.

No. 60662

This is absolutely no contribution but I've been watching a lot of Angela Clayton lately and I really wish that was the content Jill put out. I would much rather watch a 40 min video of her explaining her process of making a dress than a 15 min vlog of her buying half functional things for her home. Hell even her half-assed home remodel series was more entertaining.

No. 60664

She's not going to fit into any of 6%'s clothes aside maybe the boyfriend line. Kek
I also like how all the other people on the promo image are older than her probably….but she straight up looks mid thirties or older
Jill for the love of God take care of yourself more.

No. 60678

No wonder I couldn't understand the baby talk squueeeing is getting out of control

No. 60694

Seeing that crafts glitter so close to her eyes makes me anxious, I'm really glad that she seems to have stopped doing that kind of make up now before she accidentally ruined her eyes.

No. 60701

How can you classify any of this shit as kawaii aka cute!?

No. 60702

No, you are not. I know he doesn't pay rent but surely he pays for something?

No. 60718

They'll take whatever they get. Or it's that these clownish alt fashion meltdowns have big followings and they're trying to cash in on that. I don't understand how in the west anything colorful is considered kawaii. Like how in the confetti cult they have no distinct style they're just wearing bright shit

No. 60724

>I don't understand how in the west anything colorful is considered kawaii.

Oof this. The only brands any of these people wear are Lazy Oaf, Sugar Thrillz/random Dollskill stuff and then just cheap pastel stuff from H&M/Forever21 & Bonne Chance Collections. None of their outfits look like any current Japanese street fashion, yet they somehow consider it J-fashion or 'kawaii' just because they're wearing a pair of Wego earrings or some bag from a taobao reseller or something.

I guess Jill was chosen for this because she's one of the few (or the only?) Canadian alt-fashion 'influencers' that 6% Dokidoki has done stuff with before? I am really curious to see her modeling…

No. 60727

I’m really surprised she was chosen at all. The girl who’s running it is friends with LovelyLor. Lor really doesn’t care for Pixie.

No. 60741

Idk why you guys are ragging on all of them. I know the two in the top left corner actually work for 6% DokiDoki. The girl came in after that last guy left.

No. 60760

Has lor ever said anything about jill?

No. 60769

yeah i thought lor like despised jill a bit? i think lor got mad at jill once for joking about changing her mind about quitting lolita

No. 60781

Lor and Jill’s fued goes way back to the LACE drama because Lor didn’t support LACE or something along those lines. And then came the whole Jill’s April Fool’s joke about coming back to Lolita at a time where there was a massive scare about J-Fashion dying out

No. 60785

If someone who tries to be nice like Lor doesn't even like you, then that's kind of sad..
Then again Lor is honestly down to earth/doesn't see herself above her following in any way, where Jill clearly does (though to her credit just looking at the confetti cult thread, it's not for no reason).

As for the fashion show goes, I'm calling it now, Jill isn't going to wear any of the clothes 6% has because she can't fit any of them. Unless it's a jacket or one of the boyfriend tees or something.

No. 60903

File: 1564789333470.jpg (287.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190802-163144_You…)

I thought it was interesting that Jill liked this vedio about low cost witchcraft materials. Jill first mentioned being a witch like, 4 years ago? You would think she would have a good grasp basic concepts in witchcraft, and with all the crazy things she buys and how important somones spiritual practice can be, you would think she would be willing to splurge on fancy incense and herbs (maybe instead of more anime figures),,, sage for nitpick

No. 60943

Idk anon, it feels a bit like you're grasping at straws analysing her YouTube likes
She could just like the aesthetic of the video or something, plus we already know she has no intention of becoming an "actual" witch

No. 61033

Jill has no intent of being an actual witch beyond flaunting any of her magical girl shit in an aesthetic photo that barely fits the witch theme. She used Clow Cards in a witchy IG post a while back, she's not gonna commit to it completely unless she can hamfist the kawaii-magical-girl angle into every aspect in it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but has Jill even mentioned this yet?? How tf is confettiiclub gonna break the news before Jill does?

No. 61035

same way jill broke the LACE news before kate lmao

No. 61045

>Correct me if I'm wrong, but has Jill even mentioned this yet??

This seems like this would be an exciting thing to mention to your patrons lol. If there any Patreon anons around, does she ever actually share any kind of exclusive information on there? Looking at her locked posts they seem really spaced out and lackluster, basically the same kinda stuff she shows/mentions a few days later somewhere else anyway.

No. 61198

File: 1565029354967.jpeg (1.46 MB, 2550x3300, CE920BE2-51D6-41B8-BFEF-70A3CC…)

““Hello my sweetest Patre-pals!!
Another month has zipped by again! This summer has been vewy vewy fwuitful so far for me and I hope you guys are all feeling that productive sunny energy!! <3 
I'm also vlogging the design & construction of my 6% runway look which will hopefully go up on YT before Otakuthon (wee!!!) and the con I will of course vlog as well!
What have you cutie pies been up to? Had any fun adventures? Hot goss? Spooky stories???? Give me that sweet iced T 🌻✨✨✨✨✨
Love you loads! 

I’m calling it now hooked on the look or whatever that show I called is the series she is on

No. 61200

This has been said so many times but she is just incredibly amazingly lazy. This is just nothing at this point

No. 61203

i still can't get over how much she used to talk about how "tea/goss" was problematic or w/e but uses the lingo now since she started watching rpdr
Then again it wouldn't surprise me if she is only okay with it when said tea/gossip isn't being spilled about her

No. 61205

Wait… last time we were aware, doesn’t Steve live in the basement because his parents are religious and didn’t want them sharing a bed? And now the basement is for packing merch?
I know there was some comments about Steve not having very much to himself when the house tour video was released, but man…..

No. 61209

they probably sleep together now anon

No. 61243

His parents won't have to worry since he's gay af.

No. 61245

And if they’re sleeping together now, he’ll have even LESS space to himself.

No. 61256

I hate to be that person, but if Steve's out of the basement and into Jill's bed, how long y'all think we got until we get an engagement announcement?

No. 61271

Haha more like 6% knew she can’t fit their clothes so she has to make her own. How is that faux fur going to work with a 3D wavy hem lol

No. 61280

Nitpick, but i really hate that her fashion design sketches still essentially look the same even after her arts foundation year.
Makes it seem like if she has learned anything at all she's been unable to apply those things to her own non-school work.

I noticed during the house tour that all of the art pieces she showed off were the exact same ones she's shown in other videos or on IG before which makes it seem like she just really doesn't draw much? I mean that whole art corner looked quite dysfunctional.

No. 61281

She’s going to get eaten alive in the fashion course / fashion business. Her art isn’t the best however I would have loved to see her take the route of illustration or even working on her fine art instead. I feel like her style of work could have been used well if she hadn’t taken fashion

No. 61337

Literally never

No. 61359

Lol why are you acting like he didn't sleep in her bed while he had the basement room? Jill only gave him that room to appease his religious parents I bet he never slept in there when he moved in.

No. 61378

You’re focusing too much on what bed he was sleeping in, instead of the fact that a room that was intended for Steve has eventually succumbed to Jill’s influence.

No. 61439

File: 1565181729495.png (203.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190807-084048.png)

Here we go, yall.
It was 2 hrs and 32 mins after editing it down for a day.

No. 61440

lol is it gonna be a video where she shows off every useless plastic trinket and toy she's ever bought?
I can't imagine her having any actual content to fill that much time with

No. 61444

File: 1565185468163.png (117.7 KB, 760x465, Screenshot_20190807-094419.png)

No. 61466

Maybe some kind of life update video?? I really am struggling to imagine what it's going to be

No. 61467

probably a closet tour

No. 61471

Tbh I'd enjoy a closet tour but that means we'd get an up close view of all her stretched out shit

No. 61474

I'm calling it as her ranking and rating pretty cure or magical girl series

No. 61484

File: 1565213321374.png (2.11 MB, 750x1381, IMG_1789.PNG)

No. 61486

Fashion vlogger in shiny Halloween fabric, boots that don't match and a fucking baby toy that she uses to hang back her curtains as a hair accessory. I guess she doesn't have to be good at fashion at all to pretend to be a fashion vlogger.

I like that she bought a balloon, one of the first things every zero waste person says to stop buying. Not loving plastic must be very difficult for this spaz.

No. 61487

The back of those boots aren't even zipped up all the way…

No. 61490

define 'working' and 'full time' please

No. 61492

Her identity would crumble without plastic. Even half the shit she has tattooed on her is cartoons made to sell plastic to kids, which she buys as one of her loudest and proudest hobbies.

No. 61493

God she's enormous. Would 16 year old her be weeping at the sight of her obvious descent into landwhale territory?

No. 61496

I used to think that anons ragged too much on Jill for being fat. But it's scary how much weight she's gained in a couple of years. What the fuck is she eating?

No. 61540


Please eat a vegetable Jillian.

No. 61580

So many Jillian skinwalkers these days.

No. 61583

this has already been posted, long ago, in the corresponding confetti club thread that we made specifically for jillian skinwalkers. you bumped the jillian thread just to show us a CC video that's also old and curdled milk?

No. 61585

Because it's a selfpost lmao

No. 61587

Yeah, I guess you could call what pixy does "working" but it doesn't really fit the definition.

No. 61640

My God the amount of unoriginality is absolutely painful to watch. Skin walking done in truy poor taste.kek

No. 61704

ngl i thought this was an abipop video, the thumbnail is a carbon copy of hers kek

No. 61705

File: 1565362840694.jpeg (103.1 KB, 594x345, 6CF2C954-D958-4BDA-AFA2-76C665…)

No. 61724

stop with the ot selfposting please

No. 61727

File: 1565383199010.jpeg (990.7 KB, 828x1689, B6A62D9D-F565-4043-847F-E9B4D7…)

Well we know what the video is now?

No. 61730

>not knowing abipop
how fucking new are you?

No. 61731

>GIANT season-by-season Precure guide and review

God this sound incredibly boring. Who would seriously want to hear her talk about Pretty Cure for 2+ hours? I assume anyone who actually enjoys the series doesn't need a guide/her unintelligent reviews of it and it's gonna drag on for way too long for anyone who's not into it.
I think a 20 minute guide/review would've been a better choice.

No. 61738

been here since 7, why would i know who abipop is? she isnt jill, or friends with jill, which is who these treads are about
either way its off topic

No. 61739

She never sews unless she absolutely has to. From Halloween fabric to faux fur. Oof that poor fabric, she's going to butcher it.

Who asked for her to review every season? Didn't most anons here say it was a kids show that they found boring?

No. 61740

>been her since 7
uh what the hell does that mean.

sorry sweet summerchild but it isn't really OT if jill is seemingly copying the video. jill has copied others since her lolita days, it's on topic.

No. 61742

I do wonder how much better her designs would look if they were made of cotton or something
maybe its some kind of weird tactic to distract from the lack of skills lmao

Since thread number 7
And thats not Jill's video, its a cuntfetti club skinwalker video from forever ago that was copied, maybe watch the videos
If you wanna talk about her followers go on the confetti club thread

No. 61745

Calm down anon, you sound super new. Most of us have been following jill since before she was party kei.

No. 61746

Nta but abipop aint a skinwalker lmao. She's been that way since her old as hell videos unlike the skinwalker who self posted upthread w 900 sum views. Jill hasn't been doing the cheeky grandma kei thing long enough for someone that popular to try and imitate it
Inb4 "fuck of abipopfag"

No. 61747

bitch if i looked like that i would not be posting myself here

No. 61748

>I will be modeling some of my own creations paired with 6% designs
Whichever anon said she isnt going to be wearing clothing from 6% for the show was right on the mark. I'll bet anything nothing fit her. Wonder if the other models will be "wearing their own creations" too kek

No. 61754

I was talking about how the girl in >>61580 is a skinwalker, not abipop
but anyway, this is a mess

itd be almost cruel if they had the other models in their clothes, like why ask someone to model for you if they cant wear anything?? seems like such a strange business move
plus trusting jill to make an outfit thatll work in your show is.. brave

No. 61760

She has only watched 3 or 4 of the seasons but is making a whole guide?

No. 61763

Sewingfag nitpick but isn't it going to be a real bitch for her to sew a chunky zip into faux fur, considering she tends to do a pretty shit job of putting in zips even with easier fabrics? I don't know why she wouldn't just use elastic tbh

It looks like she's planning on doing a boxy top (I think with the "blue cosmic print" she mentions in the notes).
Honestly I can't see that kind of silhouette looking flattering paired with a big fluffy circle skirt.
I'm excited to see this though, it's always interesting to see Jill's sewing. Part of me wants to root for her for doing something productive but it usually turns out like a dumpster fire.

No. 61765

she’s watched all of them, anon.

No. 61766

Here is June’s live stream it’s really late

No. 61767

jillian voiced steves poetry? she talks in that typical slam peotry voice and dear fucking god lol

No. 61768


She high as hell.

No. 61771

Skipped through to a part where she says she wants to stomp the runway at her high school reunion, like wear a crazy outfit like a ballgown. I'm sure everyone would be jealous of her chubby ass in a low quality, shiny homemade outfit that doesn't match her dirty boots. Wonder how many of her old classmates follow her or this thread for the laughs.

No. 61774

She has a hooked on the look video coming out. Desperate for more attention for being a tacky hoarder.

No. 61777

Knew we wouldn't get a blog because she didn't place. Wish she'd just say it was because she was never around with her friends, probably because she had to go nap uwu

Also I can't be the only one that thinks Courtney/Callie/the kei club is shady as all fuck, right? All this talk about how the magazine "is good for the community"…what community, Jill? The confetti autists? No one who actually wears jfashion wants anything to do with that shit.

No. 61800

She’s always been the same, she will only do things if it positively impacts her. Not to mention that she is also a huge bully to anyone who doesn’t agree with her. She’s shady af, no wonder her and Jill are so close.

No. 61838

From the stream
-Jill says she's off birth control and makes a face while opening the stream then says "I'm not going to have a baby, that is the least of our concern" implying her and Steve dont sleep together?
-She says her highschool bully apologized and asked her out to coffee
-Jill is going to do another beach shoot with a self made swimsuit
-Jill talks about how she loves body posi shoots in swimsuits and lingerie and jokingly says she'll create a premium snapchat, then seriously says she wants to do some risque shots
-says shes going to a seven week pagen course and has a much more open veiw of religion
-she doesn't want hooked on the look to feature her alter because she doesn't want "people to be like oh shes into magical girls and that's why shes into witch stuff because she thinks she can do magic"

No. 61855

File: 1565503912758.png (469.19 KB, 638x356, midpixie.png)

the pagan course thing made me think of midsommar

No. 61860

Kinda ot but can someone explain the Jessica from Hooked on the Look situation Pixie kept talking about? What was the problem? I can’t find anything about it.

No. 61861

It was regarding rottingd0ll or whatever her name is online, she actually has a thread on here

No. 61865

I bet Steve is either 'waiting til marriage' or gay/asexual and Jill is waitinnf for that change
That's kind of sad really, she does seem to love him

I wonder if thats where the need for wanting to do lingerie/risque shoots has come from
blogpost but when i dated someone asexual i went the route of camming and shit just so someone would give me attention sexually, it feels like jill might be following the same route?
i do hope not though because i bet she will regret it

No. 61870

>Self made swimsuit
>Loves doing body posi shoots

She's gonna make herself one of those kiddie tutu swimsuits but adult sized and then shop herself to death once the pics roll out. I can just see it

No. 61876

>people to be like oh shes into magical girls and that's why shes into witch stuff because she thinks she can do magic
What's bothersome about this is that it would be completely fine for her to tell this truth. It makes her look tryhard to act like spirituality is a huge part of her life when it's not, and fortunately, paganism doesn't really call for people to be all that deep if they like it.

No. 61883

No. 61884

>>61474 was pretty close, shoulda known it was gonna be an hour and a half of jill vommiting abt precure. Does she realize most of her fans dont give a shit about it?

No. 61885

godspeed to the anons who actually watch all of this, I couldn't last the first 10 minutes

No. 61886

About 10 minutes in when she dances/sings to the precure opening and shows off her precure tattoo gave me Chris Chan flashbacks

No. 61887

Just watch it on 2x speed if you do because she pads a lot of the time with gesturing and using filler. She doesn't even start talking about the subject until the 2:00 mark, and doesn't actually start the review until 7:00, if that gives you a clue.

I kek'd. Skip to 10:05.

No. 61889

Is that a fan buzzing around 15:30 or weird music in the background?

No. 61899

Gross can't believe anyone could sit through that shit show. She looks mentally retarded with that stupid looking outfit.

No. 61901

How is it possible this video is an hour and a half? with proper notes, she could have squeezed it into 30 mins tops. this is insane

No. 61904

listening to Jillian “review” is like listening to 13yr olds tell you why teen titans go is the devil

No. 61906

I wonder if she came off birth control because it made her balloon. Some people do.

No. 61907

She looks worse to me in this vid than she has in a long lime… I'm somone who loves the cute aesthetic and has always watched kids anime,, but this vedio is just so substanceless and boring.
Jillian could have done any other vedio with the 6+ hours she spent on this one and could have had a better vedio.

No. 61911

I tried watching seriously but it's not even a guide, it's just her opinion of each season.

No. 61926

I got through 45 minutes… Gonna try to finish the rest, but I don't think I can.
Basically all she's doing is describing the main characters and saying if she likes the villains or not and giving the season a rating. She repeats herself like 5 times throughout about how she started watching HeartCatch in grade 8.

No. 61930

>-Jill says she's off birth control and makes a face while opening the stream then says "I'm not going to have a baby, that is the least of our concern" implying her and Steve dont sleep together?
This can mean a load of shit, but with Jill turning the basement into her studio space, I'm sure they're at least sharing the same bed…. If Steve ain't sleeping in a spare bedroom or the couch lol
>-Jill talks about how she loves body posi shoots in swimsuits and lingerie and jokingly says she'll create a premium snapchat, then seriously says she wants to do some risque shots
Oh buddy. There's no way that won't go south for her, body posi or not. I get that there's a growing number of kawaii Youtubers/IG users/cosplayers doing risque accounts for money/Patreon support, but it's not up Jill's alley to do that kind of thing. >>61865 might be on point if it is connected to the ambiguity over Jill and Steve's bedroom activity, which is unfortunate if that's the case, but if Steve is still carrying that "waiting 'til marriage" aspect from his religious family, then I feel more sorry for Steve than Jill if she goes through with it.

No. 61936

>Jill says she's off birth control and makes a face while opening the stream then says "I'm not going to have a baby, that is the least of our concern" implying her and Steve dont sleep together?
She's too fat to take combined BC safely given her sedentary lifestyle now so she's probably not allowed to take it anymore. and progesterone only will likely not help with her weight gain or mental illness as it has been linked to poor outcomes for both, the latter far more than the former. She could of course mean off BC as just being off pills, and now has a non-hormonal IUD or something.

Also anon, condoms exist as does non-penetrative sex.

No. 61942

God this outfit and thumbnail make her look mentally challenged, she reminds me of Little Britain characters… She's strayed so far from the cute aesthetic by now.
Also she mentioned a few times by now that she's aware that anime videos are the worst performing content on her channel yet she still dedicates so much time to it? It'd be a different matter if this was actually deep or engaging content but you could just look up a wiki summary for all the seasons and basically have the same information that she gives, what an absolute waste of time.

No. 61952

IUDs are still considered birth control by like everyone though
The comment she added with it sounds kinda bitter too, I bet they're just not doing anything

Holy shit the Little Britian comparison is spot on anon, I just choked

No. 61953

File: 1565620562718.jpeg (138.11 KB, 828x749, E9D90191-5D05-485A-9147-28D12B…)

No live stream yesterday and so far no updates as to if there is one today

No. 61956

correct me if i'm wrong but on the stream, jill says shes out of birth control and that she needs to get more… not necessarily that she's off of it. at least in the beginning of the stream. not trying to derail or wk, i just dont think the speculation about her weight being the reason she needs to stop and IUDs has much to stand on considering what she actually said.

No. 61957

File: 1565627893637.png (1.02 MB, 752x644, wtff.png)

I don't follow Jill but jesus what did she do to her ears? How is this even remotely kawaii? Good luck trying to get popular in japan when you have gross AF ears…

No. 61959

Her hair looks absolutely disgusting.

No. 61961

I watched this whole thing last night and tbh, I think it’s one of my favorite videos she’s done? Not that I’d rewatch it or anything but still. It was nice to see her talk about something she clearly cares about and I think the video was good enough and got its point across. She seemed to genuinely enjoy talking about Precure and even if it doesn’t do good on her channel I’d rather she do stuff she seems excited about than stuff that brings in more people.

That being said the reviews seemed… unhelpful? Maybe it’s because she’s reviewing shows with little content but it seemed like the only thing she could really offer was reviewing the characters, villians, and visuals at base level. It seemed more like a guide for cosplayer’s looking to watch a single season so they could cosplay a character than someone with an interest anime learning where to pick up the show. I wish she would’ve included a few spoilers and give examples of moments that make each season interesting or tell us about some more minor plot points past “evil bad precure good save the world” formula rewritten base explaination everytime.

No. 61966

your thing with her ears is the funniest thing to me, idk they look pretty normal

No. 61967

I think the reviews were bad because she was using old notes from when she initially watched some of the seasons years ago (or as far back as middle school). In most of the reviews she keeps saying, "I don't know", "I don't remember" or questioning what her vague notes said. She also spent a lot of time constantly complaining about the baby characters and complaining that certain characters were mean so she can't like them since they're not trying to be nice to everyone all the time.

No. 61968

~kawaii body modification~

No. 61979

Stupid but facts I was just watching Baz Luhrman's Moulin Rouge and there is a character named Toulouse who sounds just like Jill. Kek

No. 61980

She stretched her ears during her punk phase and I'm guessing they couldn't shrink back to normal, so she decided wearing something in them just looked better than wearing nothing at all. Or maybe she still likes stretched ears? Idk.

No. 61981

File: 1565635883782.png (1.91 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_2019-08-12-13-50-13…)

>first precure of color
>they're all japanese

No. 61982

Jill's actually kind of right about it - the character is half Hispanic

No. 61985

well, precure is set in Japan so that would technically make all the characters (who are presumably japanese) poc

No. 61986

She let them shrink down a bit but they never fully closed, and now she's re-stretching them.

She's so stupid.

No. 61987

Serving some hot deranged grandma looks. She could be an extra in that awful live action version of the cat in the hat

No. 61989

I think some stretched ear jewelry can look neat but the tunnels or plugs or whatever she has look like weird condoms and aren’t cute at all.

No. 61991

Looks like pastel pink silicon tunnels. They wouldn't look so bad in another color, but the fact they look flesh colored next to her skin do make them look kind of gross.

Also, that lip color is ghastly.

No. 61999

i don't usually post on here but fuck. pretty rich for her to talk about her highschool bully, considering that i went to high school with her and witnessed her bully and defame multiple girls who did literally nothing to her. she could get really nasty. so much for "girls supporting girls". makes me angry to see her acting the victim when she was the one tormenting people.

No. 62022

Anymore deets anon? What was the main reason she targeted other girls? Or was it just at random?

No. 62024

jealousy it seemed. like if she felt threatened by other girls or they got opportunities that she wanted. she was rly good at victimizing herself tho and basically turned things around and spread rumours about multiple people that she mistreated. she would also confront ppl in front of others about how they had allegedly been horrible to her and make them look bad. i've talked in depth to a couple of girls who went through it so it's rly annoying to see her painting herself as a tormented sweet kind female-empowering victim when she was the one who was making other girls miserable. i don't usually feel much contempt for people, even if they're kinda shitty, but she's one of the few people i've seen who i genuinely think isn't capable of empathy

No. 62025

You must be made of steel, anon. Yeah, it's like she had no script for this at all and went on a massive tangent. It's ridiculous. Who would sit through this unironically??

No. 62026

i dont get weebs obsessions with ~POC~ characters when they're always just slightly tanned japanese people. rofl Japan doesnt give a shit about pc points and being 'woke.'

No. 62037

japanese people will scoot away from you on the train if they see you're not japanese (even if you're white) so lmfao @ jill thinking her preshoosh nipponland is so wOkE for introducing literally one single slightly darker character to a literal kids' show

No. 62053

Sounds about right. I think by now we've all heard that she was really upset over another girl getting the lead role in the Grease show they did and subsequently split from her theater friends' group while with the guy she did lolita with, so it's not all that surprising that she'd be shitty towards any other girls that even remotely did better than her.

No. 62067

tbh this is so vague and unmilky I have a really hard time you’re actually someone who knew her irl and aren’t just here as some rando farmer trying to generate fake milk, maybe be more specific anon.

No. 62068

Underrated comment, kek

No. 62079


No. 62090

I watched the whole thing as background noise while doing homework. My issue with this video (other than all the regular grandma kei cringe nonsense) is that this is such a bizarre way to do this video. It would have made more sense to break up the review into a series, do one or maybe even two at a time. She has a lot of skinwalking fans who pretend to be in to precure because of her, but even to them watching a hour and a half long video can be incredibly daunting. A series of 10-15 minute videos would be easier to watch, and it would have provided her with a small backlog of videos instead for weeks when she skips her uploads. She could have still filmed the whole thing at once too, it wouldn't have been that much extra work and the videos would be much more manageable to watch if she really did want to expose people to precure

No. 62247


She already said her anime videos get less views. This will get even less due to the unwatchable length.
Breaking it up would get more views and more ad revenue.

No. 62255

You would think Jill would have figured that no one gives a damn about stupid Precure to begin with. It's literally just a stupid children's show she latched onto for the crappy aesthetics. What type of self respecting anime watcher would actually subject themselves to that level of retardation?

No. 62309

>self respecting anime watcher

No. 62508

File: 1565957184786.jpeg (561.61 KB, 640x744, FBB95B11-341B-429C-A660-21FC94…)

No. 62509

File: 1565957283278.jpeg (188.83 KB, 640x369, CA3C30AD-ACAE-49A0-903F-F26288…)

I can’t wait to see this monstrosity. I’m placing bets she’ll have a meltdown the day before because she rushed it last minute and it looks awful

No. 62510

Crapp I'll be at that con lmaoo I don't wanna see her(no1curr)

No. 62523

But this is a chance to see a cow in the wild anon!

No. 62524


Please snap a picture, we need to see Jill unedited!

No. 62528

do it for the thread, anon

No. 62529

The con starts today, so she's already there.

No. 62558

Is she even gonna be able to fit into anything?

No. 62560

She's apparently made her own outfit to wear along with 6% Dokidoki accessories >>61198

No. 62600

pics please… i so badly want to see how bad things are without editing

also odds on that outfit actually getting finished in time?

read the thread

No. 62614

>also odds on that outfit actually getting finished in time?
That's a very good point because she's had at least a full week to sew what looks to be a basic circle skirt and MAYBE a boxy top but if you'll allow me to tinfoil a bit here, I'm pretty convinced she's left it pretty close to the deadline.

I'm willing to bet that the reason there were no updates on the live stream patreon anon posted about here >>61953 is because she had to work on her runway look and had no time to do a livestream.
A sew-along video for her 6% look was meant to be uploaded before Otakuthon so it seems like she's been too busy to edit and upload that.
I think there's a good chance that it'll be unfinished or sloppy and she'll freak out about it just as >>62509 anon called it.

No. 62615

If that's the case she's really stupid as fuck.
She spent such a long time on that awful Precure video that no one cares about… She always goes on about how much she loves 6% and being a fashion designer and whatever so this would've been a great chance yet she just procrastinates on it? I'm sure the majority of her fans would've preferred a sewing video.

No. 62627

Actually, scrap what I said about Jill having "at least a full week", the sketch she did for the outfit is dated July 15th so she's had at least a month.
Apparently the fashion show starts at 11am today, I'm genuinely excited to see this shit.

No. 62645

File: 1566055238321.jpg (244.9 KB, 1440x1440, FB_IMG_1566055231673.jpg)

No. 62648

Poor Masuda just cant escape her

No. 62649

File: 1566058776786.jpg (1.79 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20190629_211949993.jpg)

Basic asd pinafore dress I patterned from scratch still better than Jill's mind you I'm a junior in high school.kek(no babies allowed)

No. 62650

Jill seems like a miserable fat bitch.

No. 62651

Same bonne chance dress and YRU shoes and what looks like a bag from swimmer, why isn’t she at least wearing her 6% necklace when she is surrounded by people wearing 6% and there to represent the brand, she looks so basic and as per its not j-fashion, I had hope when an anon posted she recently wore decora but as per, a disappointment

No. 62656

No one cares, you have to be over 18 to post here

No. 62667


No. 62675

Even if she is the hammiest one there I still think there has to be something from 6% that she could still wear….just please tell me that the fashion show pics will be better.
Which speaking of I'm surprised none have surfaced yet on IG, or even other tagged pics of her.

No. 62687

File: 1566072666349.jpg (717.97 KB, 960x1512, MYXJ_20190817131106_save.jpg)

No. 62689

Like you can even sew lard ass.

No. 62690

that hairstyle is actually really cute she looks closer to her real age in this look. way less grandma-kei

No. 62691

Really? Looks like her hairline is receding and she has a comb over

No. 62696

anytbing is better than the scraped up scrunchie bun and massive grandma glasses

No. 62697

>not saging
>childish insults
Wew lad I hate underage posters. Your attempt at a humblebrag is embarrassing and the pinafore doesn't even look that good.

No. 62709

Can somewhat see her (in what looks like her fashion show outfit) on the far left on the screen here


No. 62713

lmaooo the other guest models are front and center where Jillian is shoved off to the side. also looks like that outfit from con pics is what she wore to model. Is that boxy white T-shirt even a design they sell/part of their main clothing line?

No. 62714

File: 1566084802888.png (574.62 KB, 634x634, shirt.png)


It's their "colorful rebellion" shirt

No. 62718

Her skirt is bother me so much. It looks like a rug.

No. 62728

Doesn't even look like she's part of the group, just a fan who wanted to snap a pic and move on.
So the only thing she's not too fat for is their t shirt but everything else had to be made by her? Why did they even bother contacting her tacky ass

No. 62729

literally can't even see her honestly

No. 62736

I think she's the one at the very left, only visible on the screen in the back

No. 62737

File: 1566092839787.png (708.69 KB, 720x820, 20190817_214659.png)

No. 62738

That highlight only accentuates how deep the hollows of her eyes are

No. 62744

Can't tell if it's the face that she's making that makes her look special needs or everything else
dollfille doesn't look any better to be honest

No. 62745

her coord is pretty trashy but at least she's wearing something resembling j-fashion for once lmao

No. 62784

Darrelyn and another girl spent the night at jillians after animaritime

No. 62793

Proof? Why are you telling this so late

No. 62951

File: 1566221161384.png (846.63 KB, 935x599, z.png)

side swoop bangs didn't last too long i guess

No. 62964

I thought people in the Confetti Club looked a lot worse than her which is why she didn't interact with their group, much but my god she looks exactly like yet another fat special needs CC member now. That skirt waistband is screaming and holding on for dear life.

No. 62972

Sometimes I wish Jill would stop trying to promote this lazy kawaii ideal it's not helping anyone and the confetti cunts are real live proof of that

No. 62976

most confetti cunts like jill simply because she promotes their own shitty lifestyles, not because they like jill. she didn't make them like that, they just gravitated to someone who would validate it.

No. 62984

2017 and onwards Jill is such a confirmation bias for fat weebs with no taste and look horrific in their cheap western-made j-fashion. As well as letting them feel ok with spending all of their Claire's salary on plastic garbage every month. Really allows these womanchildren to feel comfortable in their shitty delicate mindsets and habits.

No. 63003

File: 1566233331677.png (230.77 KB, 374x282, Screenshot 2019-08-19 at 12.48…)

No. 63004

How hard is it to just close your fucking mouth. How do you even make this expression? It looks painful. Just smile naturally. >>62687

No. 63014

File: 1566237944750.jpg (57.09 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1566215204738.jpg)

Her arm looks massive here

No. 63019

File: 1566238998343.png (1.06 MB, 1024x768, download.png)

Good god what did she do to that skirt, pic on the left is from her japan trip in 2017

No. 63021

She gained weight and now the waistband is warping by her rolls trying to escape it.

No. 63034

this is actually heartbreaking, she really should be getting help

No. 63035

File: 1566249485127.jpg (289.06 KB, 768x518, CYMERA_20190820_001628.jpg)

She's gone off the wagon, I just don't get how someone who has so much money doesn't take care of their hair and looks even though it's their job. I hated the large bowl cut bangs but even that was better than now

No. 63038

Honestly her rainbow bangs are like 50% of her brand, you'd think she'd be able to justify getting them professionally done.

No. 63068

Wow side by side you can really see how she let herself go and just gives no fucks anymore…… she actually used to look cute in a little kid kind of way.

No. 63086

File: 1566263492514.png (508.63 KB, 425x849, 20190819_202234.png)

No. 63101

We all shat on how she looked then. She didn't look good. She just looks worse now.

No. 63116

File: 1566270629445.png (3.73 MB, 1365x2048, oh no.png)

Agreed. Reminder that pic related was taken a couple days later on this trip.

No. 63118

File: 1566271733730.jpg (88.87 KB, 1080x493, IMG_20190819_212602.jpg)

Lol you think she's lurking again? (pic related)

Why does she think that outfit and pose was good enough to post? It looks like an ad for a cheep escort company.

No. 63124

wow it’s incredible that standing next to a girl who appears to weigh more than she does she can still look dumpier and more unflattering. That’s the thing, being overweight in and of itself isn’t a laughable thing. The way pixie does it makes it sooo obvious just how big she’s gotten

No. 63125

Lmfao and we thought she was fat then

it’s incredible that standing next to a girl who appears to weigh more than she does she can still look dumpier and more unflattering. That’s the thing, being overweight in and of itself isn’t a laughable thing. The way pixie does it makes it sooo obvious just how big she’s gotten

No. 63126

File: 1566274157276.jpeg (351.16 KB, 1211x1653, D48C6A50-355C-4C3C-89BA-9604FE…)

With Pixie liking all the “far girl” posts recently I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts saying she’s a “plus sized qween uwu” and uses that as an excuse to further ballon up. Could you imagine if Pixie for to the the size of the girl in yellow.

No. 63128

File: 1566274544168.png (786.19 KB, 774x494, 2019-08-19 21_15_53-Window.png)

Hams will make excuses for obesity all day long. Jill, we know the crap you eat and we know you do nothing all day. Throwback to her eating an entire plate of cheese sticks.

No. 63129

the ppl who are fat but eat healthy are very rare just as the people who are thin but eat a ton are rare. especially if we are talking beyond teenage years as metabolism slows down.
plus thin people can eat a lot but still a) have a healthy diet and b) exercise enough.

also seeing Jillian like this is funny because we know all she eats is sodium/carbs and drinks sugary shit all day.

No. 63143

And it isn't always about the amount you eat. You can eat a small amount of shitty food, and it will probably have way more calories than a large amount of good food. Jill's nightly serving of tendies probably has two or three times the amount of salt she should have per day, so she probably retains water like crazy.

No. 63203

No. 63235

File: 1566321005425.png (836.66 KB, 720x906, 20190820_130945.png)

No. 63271

>>63203 this is an image board. post caps

No. 63457

at least the girl in yellow looks like she takes care of her skin, fashion and hair, plue her body is proportionate. She already looks better than pixie in her current state.

No. 63484

File: 1566358669423.png (952.21 KB, 760x1253, Screenshot_20190820-233808.png)

No. 63491

wow, the angle of this pic does wonders for her shape

does the girl look like jill or have i gone mad?

No. 63505

File: 1566360449367.jpeg (179.09 KB, 640x790, 5258C76C-DF06-4630-9B4B-F7C711…)

lmao she fucked up the french apparently

No. 63508

but shes fluent in 3 languages haha

No. 63514

Maybe this is a personal peeve but I really hate when Jillian refers to anyone who might not have any noteriety and knows of her as a member of her "confetti club cutie uwu" cult. I actually hate when antyY Yers or anyone does this. Comes wildly across thinking you're better than everyone else but then again seeing the confetti club in question even putting Jill's sodium inflated ego aside, I can't 100% blame her.

Saged for slightly o/t sperging

No. 63519

This… is exactly what Jill wrote.

No. 63522

Why is she signing a pride flag when she is a straight woman?

No. 63525

im assuming thats after she changed it?

No. 63557

The other person in the photo probably asked her to sign it.

No. 63558

That is beginner level French. I don’t know what her mistake was but she shouldn’t be making any mistakes at this level if she’s “bilingual” as she claims

No. 63657

I can't get over how greasy and disgusting her hair is. I get wanting to keep the color as long as possible but yikes please wash your hair, it's so gross.

No. 63698

I might have the wrong person but isnt Dollfille a racist or something (at least by sjw standards)? I remember seeing a last week lolita news on it but the username was R0ttingD0lt, idk if she changed it or something. I only ask because the style of makeup is extremely similar, if they do turn out to be the same person then thats not really a good look for Jill to be friends with this person considering every member of confetti club is an uwu sjw

sage for off topic questions

No. 63699

Thats a different person, Rotting Doll copies Toshi "aesthetics"

No. 63721

File: 1566482424608.jpeg (447.13 KB, 606x908, 395BEE36-B6E2-4203-A325-1D771F…)

6% posted fashion show pictures on fb and insta and that group picture is the only one with Jill in it and you can’t even really see her, every other model has a solo or with another person close up from when they were walking

No. 63728

She literally looks like a child they brought on stage to do a photo op. I mean, at least its actually Jfashion, but holy shit does she look so out of her league

No. 63735

Not gonna lie…I can see why Jill doesn't have a solo pic. The side swoop hair makes Jill looks like Martina from Eat Your Kimchi. Jill needs to at least drink more water as her skin looks trashed for her age. She knew of this event well in advance and she shows up as if she just found out 1 day ago about her having to walk the stage. Her outfit is just Cheap Jojo Swiwa style at this point to me.

No. 63736

Like everyone else is wearing clothing actually from the brand…Jillian only has on what, a shirt and leggings and maybe some accessories? No wonder she doesn't have a solo shot - she was probably only invited bc of her following + status as "kawaii leader".

No. 63766

That rug skirt though. Good lord. Her side swooped bangs looks like dry trix yogurt.

No. 63771

File: 1566508379080.png (938.93 KB, 945x756, pixiefashionshow2019.png)

Guys why is this so funny. It looks like shes a younger sibling that had to be included.

No. 63776

The skirt is giving me caterpillar vibes… or maybe grandmas upholstery vibes, not entirely sure. heebie jeebie inducing regardless

No. 63778

I like how in her livestream she was crying about how she thought she was "a has-been" and then was relieved of this affirmation of being in the show (I guess relieved she still has clout among people like 6% I guess?)
Jokes on her since she got shoved to the side and clearly looks like a dumpy mess compared to everyone else. And with her history of needing the spotlight and being hungry/greedy for fame and attention? Serves her right.

No. 63789

File: 1566512107762.png (126.67 KB, 166x339, Capture.PNG)


No. 63791

She wouldn't feel like a has-been if she had continued growing her business but instead she gave up on things like making pins despite their success because, oh no, it involved some actual work.

No. 63792

Holy shit the Bows that she just hot glued on the side of that jacket. Jojo Siwa-Kei

No. 63793

I don’t think the leggings are even 6%… Her big project was really a faux fur skater skirt that is horribly bulky and unflattering, and glueing some ribbon onto a jacket?? I hope she at least feels a little ashamed

No. 63796

All the chub. Her horrible pulled back bangs. The skirt looking like a piece of carpet. The light up shoes. The fact that she doesn't match the rest of the group. How can any sane, self respecting person be given such an opportunity only to show up looking like a fat, spoiled, child?

No. 63798

File: 1566514674892.jpg (150.83 KB, 1280x720, jojo.jpg)


I got serious Jojo vibes as well and that's not a good thing.

No. 63799

styles like these where you usually layer on things need the worst on people like Jill. she looks enormous. definitely the worst dressed in the crew.

No. 63802

File: 1566516946793.jpg (491.63 KB, 960x1169, MYXJ_20190822163422_save.jpg)

They are, it's these I'm sure

No. 63815

Jill has a consistent problem with sihlouettes she always makes herself look fucking huge

No. 63816


Jojo Siwa is at least technically a successful brand (her hair bows are even for sale in Claires shops in Europe).

No. 63820

I just did a quick Google search of 6% and it's so clear how off brand Jill's look is. I get her trying to maybe keep her integrity of pastels (??? She been about brighter colors recently I thought tho) but most 6% models seemed to pair neon or mostly neons, and her silhouette isn't something I saw. She could have poofed her bangs and pulled them back and put on a hella teased pony if she insisted on pulling her hair up, and maybe added elastic to the bottom of her skirt to make it a pencil skirt to show off her uwu ~*thicc*~ figure, and she would be more on-brand. I spent 2 minutes on Google images, ya'll…

Also, why in hell did she think she could get away with not wearing makeup while representing the brand at this event? Honestly it was disrespectful to her co-reps and the brand/convention. Crazy unprofessional for a "fashion youtuber."

Sperg over

No. 63830

If I’m not wrong that’s the jacket she was planning to customise with her huge pin collection she acquired last year. She said she would make a video making her battle jacket. I don’t see no pins tho

No. 63831

I don't understand why jill insists on having no bangs/side pieces framing her face. It would do a lot to give her face some shape and look more flattering. Maybe she enjoys her face looking like a moon, I guess.

But wow anons were right, it looks like she was let onto the stage out of pity. She looks absolutely out of place.

No. 63853

I dont get why she went so pastel, like 6% is so bright?? like the rainbow pastel with the bright shirt looks so jarring, she should have just gonee with a bright pink skirt and ditched that jacket, would have looked so much more put together

also ot but does anyone know where that fur fabric is from?

No. 63854

I dont get why she went so pastel, like 6% is so bright?? like the rainbow pastel with the bright shirt looks so jarring, she should have just gonee with a bright pink skirt and ditched that jacket, would have looked so much more put together

also ot but does anyone know where that fur fabric is from?

No. 63858


they just let her join this show cuz she has a big social media following but also i feel like its “lets have this poor special needs girl join the show cuz we don’t wanna exclude retards” vibe. Cuz thats how she looked this entire trip.

No. 63872

legit looks like a troon

No. 63874

Jill. You are a youtuber and a child of a photographer. You should know WAY better than to think the camera won't find and push forward all your faults. Silhouettes are your friend because the weight you have on right now does not allow you to be sloppy and wing-it.

No. 63891

File: 1566580042520.gif (243.92 KB, 400x225, ed4dca4f-61cc-448f-b62e-694b7a…)

No. 63892

If her hair, makeup, and skirt was slightly different, maybe this would be salvageable. Like 6%'s whole thing is to be crazy with colors but still relatively cohesive with hair and makeup. This is a big old yikes.

No. 63900

File: 1566585748615.jpg (53.81 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1566585715425.jpg)

New fan photo

No. 63904

She looks genuinely deranged in this one, good god.

No. 63906

File: 1566593399809.jpg (16.04 KB, 300x199, IMG_6066-300x199.jpg)

Oh Jill

No. 63938

come on anon, that kid looks sweet

those glasses are just so awful like everytime she wears them they somehow make her look older but also like a child, its terrifying
that one decora picture from a while ago was just false hope

No. 64002

File: 1566633213994.jpg (373.02 KB, 1000x1015, Large-Rose-Floral-Crown-Pastel…)

I was looking up pics of fairy kei on Ecosia/Bing and this was one of the top results. Apparently this is Jill just six years ago. It's a huge shame how she has let herself go over the last couple of years and used to dress so much better.

No. 64011

Mikan uploaded a video about how she is getting on at her Japanese fashion college and it’s insane that Jill gave up on that dream, she showed the first item she has ever sewn and it was a skirt that looked much nicer and more professional than the faux fur mess pixie just trotted out, her second item was a blouse with a collar and again, looks far nicer than anything Jill has churned out, it’s crazy seeing what could have been if she was actually a go getter like she claims to be and wasn’t just a lazy big mouth, her I know everything I’m the best delusion really has ruined her

No. 64021

It is sad to see how much potential Jill wasted, but let's be honest, she would never last one day in a competitive fashion program and in Japan, no less. When she first moved out for college she kept crying for her mommy, and that's with her being within reasonable driving distance from her hometown, not very far away at all. And she insisted on bringing her cat with her and adopting a new kitten too. I can't imagine how homesick and lonely she would be in Japan, not to mention the culture shock once she realizes that living in glorious Nipponland is not all rainbows and kittens like her kiddy cartoons.

No. 64022

idk i think she looks pretty awful here too
like that cheapr wig and ugly flower crown, everyhting being pastel rainbow without even trying to match, two differetn shades of pink

to me it looks like nothing but her weight and colour saturation have changed

No. 64024

This is still horrible the only difference is that shes skinny and had potential to learn and fix her mistakes. Jill never learned to properly coordinate anything so she's still stuck with just slapping anything colorful on and calling it a day

No. 64035

This was bad six years ago and it's still bad today.
Just proves that Jill only ever got popular because she was propped up by other style-deaf people who were bad at dressing themselves and wanted an icon that represented their need to throw on whatever they wanted.

No. 64047

File: 1566669083781.jpg (542.35 KB, 720x1020, 20190824_185158.jpg)

No. 64048

File: 1566669246040.jpg (509.28 KB, 720x988, 20190824_185429.jpg)

No. 64050

the filters make this photo a mess. Also, why doesnt jill not know how to pose at all?

No. 64052

Really milking interacting with Dollfille for a day for all it's worth huh? Are they even friends?
Then again I think Toshi is trash since she's openly defended a rapist before.

No. 64055

Wow, im surprised she didnt photoshop her body to hell and back here. Sorry to nitpick about laugh lines but jesus fucking christ she genuinely looks like shes in her mid 30s

No. 64129

Yikes that skirt though… It was ill-fitting in the first place but this is just horrible.
I imagine it would suck having to admit to yourself that you've outgrown a skirt you only bought a while ago, but who in their right mind would wear something this stretched out to an event where they're appearing as a public figure/model??
It looks uncomfortable as fuck and it's embarrassing to look at.
Probably doesn't help with her body issues, I think anyone would feel miserable about themselves wearing clothing way too small.

No. 64154

it looks so bad. youd think someone who spends money like its nothing wouldnt mind investing in clothes that fit now, and retiring some old pieces that no longer fit - especially for someone who is so ~body posi~ youd think shed at least try and dress properly for the body she has now. she could even make her favorite style of video, like a "chubby girls kawaii haul" video or something.
my actual assumption is that she actually ISNT comfortable with her body at all (since weve seen her photoshop her body even when trying to make body positivity posts), and in her head "plans on losing weight". like in her mind the weight is temporary and she will eventually get back to her old weight. but she probably doesnt have the willpower to stop shoving tendies in her face, or getting out of the house for even the lightest of exercise.

No. 64164

No. 64165

No. 64166

File: 1566757178982.png (325.58 KB, 760x411, Screenshot_20190825-141932.png)

I guess she hasn't completely abandoned the Confetti Club

No. 64167

A word of warning to those who havent watched it yet, skip througu the fashion show. Its actually the cringiest fucking thing ive ever seen, like one of those childrens live shows. Jill got more fucking cheers than Sebastian Masuda it was disgusting to watch. At least it seems like her and Toshi are actually friends

No. 64169

Fashion show starts at 9 minutes in

No. 64172

Her weight gain is honestly so distracting. It's so bizarre to see people fangirling her. I have so many questions. How did she manage to make a video almost 30 minutes long with barely any interesting content? Why did she need a whole apartment for herself?

Her skirt looked like hot garbage. Sure Jill, it's an "accent zipper" and not you no knowing how to secure a garment or use a zipper foot properly. She couldn't even sew the damn bow to the skirt. The painting on the jacket looked sloppy. And yet she's delusional enough to think she can have a booth at a con one day.

She only seemed to interact with Toshi and none of the other models. It would have been nice to see close ups of the actual fashion and less of Jill rolling around and rambling in an airbnb and making people drink Tim Horton's.

No. 64174

"Here's Toshi….and everyone else!!!" Jesus Christ Jill, make it more obvious that you only befriend people for clout. I'm sure she thought everyone else there was beneath her, even the girl that actually collaborated with 6% on this event kek

No. 64176

File: 1566760529194.jpg (228.61 KB, 926x928, 3197556_afsfafsfafs.jpg)

>1000 calories of sugar tea in her hotel room fridge for the weekend
That helps explain why she became obese so fast. She always has juice and other sugary drinks in her videos. She could lose weight easily and get a much better looking silhouette for modeling outfits just by drinking water.
At least she made some more clothes even though as usual they're low-effort and show no progress in design or sewing skill. As nice at it is to see her doing more things like the DIY jacket, she was already making better customized jackets and handsewn skirts in high school, both in pic related.

No. 64177

unpopular opinion because lolcow hates fatties but i think she looks way cuter now than in these throwback pics.

No. 64178

She always looked creepy in those pictures because of her weird shoop so it's hard to tell. I think she naturally has a pretty cute face.

No. 64181

Yeah, I agree. Her face looks bizarre in these old pics. And she looks far from obese now. Chubby, yes. It doesn't help she insists on wearing the most unflattering shit that makes her look huge.

I just caught a glimpse of the thread pic collage again while posting. God, she looked so much better with that blonde hair she had a little while ago.

No. 64184

she looked best around first japan trip imo, like not really that overweight, not skinny
she seemed happier then too

No. 64186

>>59471 dumb question but there has to be diet ice tea in Canada? You can get it easily in the UK. I know some people have a real thing about sweeteners, but it would be way better than 1000 calories of pure sugar.

No. 64187

To be honest, and I'm not saying she's not overweight because she is, I think she looks at least 20 pounds heavier than she is because of the styles of clothes she chooses to wear. Or really, because she continues to wear the same clothes she wore when she was smaller without at least sizing up. But it wouldn't be Jill without the kawaii rainbie style, so I don't expect her or even want her to change.

If I saw her in real life she would register as a chubby girl but I wouldn't be like "oh god how do you live with yourself" like some of these anons. I would not even think twice. It's like pretty typical anyway for people to gain weight after recovering from ED or even just going to college/living away from parents. I'm not trying to white knight but I just don't understand the fixation on her weight gain/posting these old pics of her as if they look better. It's no longer news and her weight is not even interesting. Sage bc who cares

No. 64188

File: 1566762142434.jpg (106.16 KB, 514x510, jillfridge.jpg)

she's as wide as the fridge

No. 64193

>>64164 at the end of the video she said she had a massive panic attack on the plane, and that she had to stay a second night. She didn't say if this was because of the panic attack, but if it was does this means she held everyone one bc she's a uwu mentally ill baby.

No. 64194

Holy fuck watching this amateurs try to walk a runway is giving me a stroke. Insane to think these people are walking for a legit brand jeez youd think they'd have gotten at least an hour long tutorial on how to walk a runway this is a shit show

No. 64195

it's just an anime con fashion show, it's not such a big deal or worth the hassle

No. 64196

Right? Who the fuck cares about these autists modeling this tacky ass trash fashion for an anime convention lmao. As if it was gonna be anything besides cringe.

No. 64198

why did she big up the 'travel goss' panic attack thing..? she wants to talk about it so bad

No. 64200

She has a really strange problem with humble bragging about her mental illness. I'm all for anyone in the lime light talking about their mental illness struggles. But jill does it in such a way that it seems more like a trophy of uniqueness rather than something emotionally or mentally deteriorating.

No. 64202

Am I the only one that found it kind of shitty she was sort of half-filming her autograph section? Also wouldn't be surprised if there were people who bypassed her to get an autograph from the other two.

Also that first person that she filmed coming to her booth was exactly what you'd picture when you imagine anyone that's a self proclaimed confetti club member kek

No. 64207

I might be alone here, but I don’t think it’s the skirt that’s making her look big, but the jacket. It adds a lot of bulk to her arms/shoulder area and makes her look more top heavy.

Also, Toshi did her WRONG with that makeup lmao

No. 64215

No I agree anon. If the skirt was a bit smaller and she ditched the jacket, she might look like she had an actual shape. Later in the day she took it off and looked a lot better imo.

No. 64218

if she knew it was hot, why didnt she just uber to the con? it's not like she couldnt afford it. also, i like her going 'THIS IS THE OFFICIAL SAKURA COSPLAY' Like who the fuck cares?

No. 64219

"Let me know if you want me to do a storytime" like what the hell? If this were me I'd rather die out of embarrassment, jfc. I just cannot imagine holding up a whole plane because "muh panik attak".

No. 64220

I've noticed that too. It's completely unhealthy because the attention she gets for it just encourages her to not get any better. And of course it's really bad when her impressionable young fanbase copies everything she does.

No. 64221

the people praising jill as an inspiration honestly make me wanna puke . Poor sebastian should have stayed in Japan

No. 64223

rofl I wanted to point out Toshi is such a fake bitch. We have a tim hortons in NYC. I believe two locations, and they have been there for years. So i dunno why she acts brand new about it. Also, will Jill be skin walking toshi now?

No. 64225

I bet the idea of not being recognized as Pixielocks or being surrounded by people who actually aren't shit at cosplay like at ant dinky maritime conventions scared her into going back and changing

No. 64238

>last 20 minutes in Sakura school uniform to get ~snackies~
>complained about the heat
>wears a fur skirt and denim jacket to 6% rehearsal
oh. ok

No. 64263

new york does have tim hortons but they're like lowkey hidden and not that popular so it makes sense that toshi's never had it before and according to some candians the americans tim hortons is gross

No. 64266

OMFG, The skirt was pleated? this whole entire time I thought it was a circle skirt. No wonder it looks extra bulky. does she not realize that heavier fabrics make you look heavier if not silhouetted correctly?

No. 64294

Towards the end she says "this is the first time Toshi and I met in real life". So she completely forgot Toshi came to her confetti club meet in New York. There was even a clip in that vlog of her gushing over how amazing Toshi is.

No. 64314

I have to wonder, does he work for a company now that forces him to do shitty PR stuff like this and also invite her to be in the show/'autograph' table? Or is Japan just not really into 6% anymore and he feels the western market is the only one buying his brand? Each event he does outside of Japan with the exception of his exhibit is so bad. They look so unprofessional and a lot of those who participate in them look terrible, you'd think he would be embarrassed. Plus he seems so uncomfortable around Jill with each interaction, she seems like the last person he would want to rub elbows with if it weren't for her sm number.


No. 64320

im cracking up at the fashion show, first girl walks out marching like a damn tin man

No. 64338

I would say it's a mix of both. He definitely works with Kawaii.i and nhk but he's also had a lot of interest in overseas events especially in the last decade.

No. 64339

She might mean it's the first time they hung out one on one but knowing her I wouldn't be surprised if she did just forget.

No. 64611

Just watched the video and she bought a top from them and was wearing it so it clearly fit, so why was she in the cheap generic white logo t-shirt in the fashion show when they had a more on brand expensive looking item that fit, this coupled with her not being in the pictures much really makes it seem like they don’t care for her

No. 64647

Yeah I noticed that that as well. Maybe the other models already owner a lot of what they wore where she didn't own really any main pieces from 6%

No. 64666

They gave her the fashion show stuff cause she sweated and stretched it imo

When I watched the video I felt so bad for Sebast at the autograph session. How humiliating

No. 64688

honestly i think the skirt is actually quite nice. just not on her. seeing it in her video the idea is cool i guess?? but it just makes her look huge

No. 64694

Yeah, if she has coordinated it differently without a massive bulky jacket, made it out of less bulky material, or maybe even flared it out more it would look better on her

No. 64707


im sorry but you must be blind if you dont see that jill is obese

No. 64745

I wouldn't call her chubby, she's definitely 'fat' now, but obese? Have you even seen an obese person before? Jill has a long way to go before she would be considered obese. Please sage next time if it doesn't actually contribute to the thread.

No. 64746

File: 1567035304798.png (967.04 KB, 1067x869, schoolodmomomakeup.png)

i see her and momokun consulted the same outdated video for cosplay makeup

No. 64749

How she carries her weight, she's most likely borderline obese. Every time people think obese they think death fat, but that's far from it. The reason why so many North Americans are considered obese isn't because they're morbid but simply because they are a little above overweight and Jill definitely looks like she qualifies.

No. 64750

She's wearing such heavy makeup for a character who is supposed to be 13 or 15 (??) fresh faced would be a better look, but this is jill

No. 64773

File: 1567049401554.jpg (207.42 KB, 1080x1270, Screenshot_20190828-222844_Chr…)

A BMI of 30 is considered obese. It doesn't take as much as you think. This is an example, not saying it's what jill's measurements are.

No. 64782

who the fuck cares sage this shit

No. 64785

How much you guys talk about her weight is seriously annoying.

No. 64803

Yeah neither the make-up nor the wig look like Sakura to me at all, but I actually really like these bangs/this hair color on her. It looks a hundred times more natural than the stupid rainbow bowl cut.
I know that she thinks it's her brand or whatever but if you spend 99% of the time just having your trademark looking greasy or pinned up in some bun maybe it's time to give it up.

No. 64826

I used to think people nitpicked Jill's weight. But I think it's alarming how much weight she's gained in the last two years.

No. 64827

Agreed, she does look better than usual. A natural color would make her root growth look less glaring and motivate her to keep her hair clean; she avoids washing it to keep the color, but then pulls it back because of the grease and/or fading colors anyway. She could just clip in her rainbow extensions like she used to anyway. Her hair being flashy doesn't help her kaweewee brand if most of the time it's an unstyled greaseball pulled back to show a thick line of muddy roots that contrast against all the rainby colors.

No. 64836

No. 64843

The video itself was nice to watch but that outfit is so fucking disgusting upclose. Did she ring out her hair on that greasy ass bow she pinned on the skirt?

No. 64846

File: 1567113751524.jpg (538.46 KB, 720x1138, 20190829_222042.jpg)

No. 64847

>>64836 she called herself squishy squishy and admitted she cant fit into 6% akirts

No. 64848

File: 1567113895167.jpg (456.58 KB, 720x986, 20190829_222537.jpg)

No. 64850

Maybe it's just me but she looks weirdly different here.

No. 64852

She had two weeks to make this?? she wasnt in school at the time and doesnt have a job, so why is this outfit so sloppy?

No. 64853

I cant believe she claims to be a seamstress but doesn't know a simple technique like 'stitch in the ditch.'

No. 64859

She had more than two weeks notice as well, didn't she go to Japan in June?

No. 64860

Late february/early march

No. 64861

jfc her jowls.. does she not look at her pictures before she posts them?

No. 64862

Her eyes look farther apart. Does she rarely ever take front facing lens selfies?

No. 64863

Is amy the girl that made her french fry dress?

No. 64864

She could have wore this years ago when she worked at Claries and it'd be fine because it looks like a Clarie's Halloween custome, but not now.

No. 64878

i assumed they gave her such a short notice because she claimed of wanting to be a pro fashion designer so they assumed she already had some pieces on hand

No. 64904

i think its the weird angle, the huge lashes, and the fact that she isnt raising her eyebrows up to her greasy hairline.

No. 64908

Anyone notice in her new video that she said she chose the lime green zipper because she had had it for a while and that it was "laying around from a different project" but then when she showed the receipt for the rainbow furry fabric the zipper was listed as well?

No. 64909

File: 1567149761197.png (367.42 KB, 473x612, Screenshot_20190830-021134~2.p…)

I just double checked and she definitely said she had the zipper for and idea she had years ago, yet the receipt shows it from a month ago.
Maybe she bought a different zipper that day, I'm kind of hoping so because this would be a really lame lie to tell.

No. 64916

Ok this might be tin foil but is anyone else completely BAFFLED by 6%s interest in her? Masuda goes to her NYC event, she visits the store for her TV nonsense, and now this??? It's clear someone at the 6% label actually likes her for them to want to continuously make content with her…. but why??? WHY. Tbh I'm going to conspiracy theory and say it's because she makes everyone else on stage look better.

No. 64921

The only interest is bc she promotes them so much. No one else takes her seriously so she'll keep posting about the attention shes getting, and it seems to be working for the both of them so why stop yknow?
Holy shit that is hilarious. No way she also bought a green zipper that day, but why lie about it?

No. 64922

jill said she wanted to make a more "wearable" version of the skirt. she probably bought the zipper for that

No. 64926

I’m gonna be honest…I don’t really know why it’s surprising to anyone that a fashion brand famous for kawaii rainbow vomit would be interested in a cute girl also famous for kawaii rainbow vomit. Yeah cute is subjective but she’s not seriously deformed. 6% isn’t high fashion or something and she’s kind of the target demographic. I feel like you are all blinded from logic and reason by your hate sometimes.

No. 64929

This. She's a relatively popular public figure from the west who can shill their products to an international market.
The only thing that makes me "Hmm" is the fact that they just seem to ignore that she's fat, but I guess since she's not completely hideous or anything, it can be overlooked.

No. 64933

I do think that they didn't know that she had ballooned that much, it's not really clear if you're just scrolling a social media account as a business, you don't start looking into it further than "oh, she could sell our products".

No. 64937

I agree. I'm baffled by the idea that people think the average kawaii J-fashion wearer in the West is some sophisticated, fashionable person who coords well. They're not - they tend to look like Pixielocks and the keiclub more often than not. So why not hire Pixielocks when she has such a big following?

No. 64946

What I wonder is… why her specifically? These rainbow vomit people are a dime a dozen. And Pixie doesn't even wear 6% or j-fash anymore. And if she wanted to start again, she wouldn't fit in it now.
Seems strange to pick someone who has zero connection to your brand really. Is that just because of her follower count and the kawaii leader thing?

No. 64949

>Is that just because of her follower count and the kawaii leader thing?
Yes. She has lots of followers across many platforms and has been deemed a kawaii leader by popular vote. It should not be this surprising to people that 6% wants to work with her. It's marketing 101.

No. 64951


The zip on the receipt is closed end, the one on the skirt is separating.

No. 64971

Because maybe when they were contacted by Nhk they looked her up and her 6%dokidoki lucky pack showed up. Jill is good at video production so maybe they liked it. Although she was kind of upset with what she got, but whatever I think Sebastian doesn’t speak english anyways.

No. 64973

They saw her in japan so they def know she's fat. They probably judge foreigners differently anyways so it doesn't matter if she's chub as long as she isn't a complete slob. Jill also speaks pretty well of them so they are probably flattered by her.

No. 64979

Hmmm, really side eying anyone on a literal weeb board who think the Japanese people who work with her genuinly don't notice or care that she's fat. Yes, 6% is bright af and tacky, but Jill stood out like a sore thumb in that fashion show which seems tough to do with a group like that. Even if the brand isn't to your taste, it doesn't generally look like ill fitting home sewing. There are cohesive prints and motifs, not struggle hand painting and pinned on bows. Even if she has a big following, she somehow manages to cheapen a brand aimed at her target demo.

No. 64990

yeah, seriously! do you guys not know how social media works? i wish this thread would autosage since it's just sperging about her weight and this kind of ignorance. when was the last time there was actual milk?

No. 64997

Looks like Jill is following Trisha paytas’ advice to look skinny: wearing oversized things. Big hair and fake eyelashes omg I’m so skinny I can’t stay I’m too busy being skinny

No. 65006

She literally made a few videos showing her wearing her own ~clothes~ instead of being a model for a brand like a normal person. That’s the milk. She got invited by a real Japanese brand to go to a con and she hid their stuff with a jacket she pinned bows on.

She also is admitting she is fat now so take that in. She is aware of her eating issue at some level

No. 65016

Pixie is still the most popular of the rainbow vomit people. Is there anyone like her who is more popular? I'm curious.

And Pixie doesn't wear J-fashion all the time. But she has made videos about it before. I also don't know any vaguely J-fashion youtubers more popular than her. Maybe there's some lolita youtubers, idk, but that's obviously not who the brand is looking for.

I personally think Pixie fits with the brand pretty well even though she looks unattractive. The brand clearly agrees with me lol. Who would you rather see?

Why does it cheapen the brand? Body positivity is all the rage for fashion advertising these days.

No. 65042

File: 1567230151006.jpeg (398.87 KB, 2048x666, AC01DF5D-7F19-4066-A94B-919A5F…)

Her downfall in appearance is really showing when YouTube pulls random videos of her at different phases in a single row.

Maybe she should look into a new series ‘Kawaii Fitness Adventures’. There are cute gym clothes and she could brag about her mental health issues.

No. 65062

none of that is milk

No. 65086

Oh man I became a fan of Jill around the time of her Japan trip 2 years ago. Seeing this comparison reminds me of one of the reasons why I stopped being a fan lol.

No. 65093

She could also put her pastel kitchen and utensils to good use and do cutesy cooking videos. A lot of people enjoy comfy videos like that and it might even encourage some of the confetti club to lose some fucking weight.
It's clear that Jill is in that downward spiral where she does fuck all because she's depressed which just makes her even more depressed. I feel kinda bad for her.

No. 65097

Straight up controversial opinion:

Jill making less videos is good. She is moving on with her life, she is going through proper growing pains but pushing through.

She has her own home and seems to be more focused on long term goals (ie school).

OK, she still indulges in Precure and makes poor fashion choices but… haven't we all been through that period? Her focusing on actually her day to day life that has a proper structure probably has helped her the most.

A year ago she cut herself off from her work and used others (A) to fill her life. Now she seems to have actual experiences in her life other than unboxing stuff.

Her getting tubby is an evolution to itself. Starting to realize living life is more important than being fixated on weight is a step in the right direction. Sure, she gained weight, but she has also shown clear interest in losing weight in a better way than relapsing.

No. 65100

saying she's focused on school is a bit of a stretch she missed tonnes of school last year for youtube stuff and uwu mental health. She's focused on the idea of being in school and constantly reminding us of the fact.

She's focused on playing house with her twink bf

No. 65101

>She has her own home
She has an oversized pink playhouse that she can't keep clean enough that it took her over a literal year to film a tour of.

>focused on long term goals (ie school)

Her shitty craft fair school doesn't really count.

>OK, she still indulges in Precure and makes poor fashion choices

She more than just indulges.

>Her focusing on actually her day to day life that has a proper structure

Eating tendies in bed all day and skipping weeks of classes to go play in Montreal and Japan?

>Now she seems to have actual experiences in her life other than unboxing stuff

Care to give an example?

>Starting to realize living life is more important than being fixated on weight is a step in the right direction

She is still fixated on her weight. She photoshops herself to death and constantly self assures herself she's okay with her current weight.

>she has also shown clear interest in losing weight in a better way than relapsing

Again, wanna give an example of this?

No. 65102

Thank you for saying this!!!! I totally agree!

No. 65103

Jeez anon this is ridiculous. You’re making so much assumptions by saying all this as if you have some actual view into her personal life unless you know her in person everything we know about her personal life comes from behind a screen. We don’t know what actually goes on behind the scenes so what you’re saying just sounds dramatic(newfaggotry)

No. 65104

The jill stans and ex fans really did ruin these threads huh

No. 65105

I'm literally just commenting on what she presents to the public. Go ahead and refute anything I've said.

No. 65106

People pay her monthly for her to make videos, anon, it's her job
They pay her rent and if they don't, mommy does
She has been in 'that period' for years and used it as a way to block out reality in an unhealthy way

She isnt happy, surely you can see that? She's struggling more than ever right now and imo needs something like a youtube sceduel to focus her and keep her mind active

No. 65108

Idt body posi is all the rage to japanese designers but ok. Just take a look at their garment sizing. Even if she keeps getting hired as a popular token fatty, her shitty construction and lazy approach to everything doesn't really scream brand ambassador to me or anyone with eyes outside of her little cult.

I hope all the wks jumping in are strapped in and ready for the school year when she produces no content because uwu stress and anxiety and mental iwwness~ At least you can look back at all the videos she made this summer, oh wait.

No. 65109

6% has always been super "alternative" and shouldn't be anyone's standard for a conventional Jfashion brand. A lot of the Japanese brands (and other weebs that run online ""jfashion"" stores) that she envys are pretty cheap and lazily made too like OTA-Q or Wego. Ik anons like to think she'll be unsuccessful and hit with reality, but I genuinely see this working out for her despite her lack of consistency and a work ethic.

No. 65117

was there ever any proof that her mom paid her rent? I don't doubt it, but I also feel like between patreon and youtube revenue she must make a decent amount and be able to afford it.

No. 65137

Her parents pay for her tuition, but there's no confirmation of them paying for her rent. Either way, they're subsidizing her living costs.

No. 65142

File: 1567359174471.png (1.19 MB, 1186x992, Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 1.32…)

Not replying to this particular statement but also at the bunch of replies bringing up her personal expenditures.

Sure this reeks of upper middle class white family privilege, but it's not really milk… can we get back to the fashion train wreck?

Anyways, here you guys go, this was a studio shoot but the this could've been much more flattering even considering her size.

No. 65143

I agree. Like, parents paying tuition and helping with rent is pretty standard middle class white person in Canada thing . . .

Her hair in this though, why did no one wash and style it?

No. 65145

despite delusions of grandeur, japanese brands usually don't give a shit about westerners other than to try to shill towards the western audience. they probably aren't putting much stock in this since their main preferred audience is in japan.

No. 65148

I hate commenting on her body as I myself am not super skinny, but you can‘t tell me that anyone looks at this and doesn‘t think she’s modeling for some gaudy plus size brand one of her obese followers „created“.

No. 65150

You can't even see the 6% shirt because of the jacket and hair covering it. And she's not even wearing the 6% tights.

No. 65153

think she was just showing off the parts she made, anon.

No. 65155

Are we just… not going to talk about the shoes? The color scheme is completely different to the rest of her outfit! Where did they even come from??

No. 65156

Yea im not really one for hating her for her weight, but her proportions are just not good to look at. Even as a plus sized model she would be no good. Her legs are so stumpy and her waist is the same size as her hips. That shitty outfit is doing everything to bring out her terrible proportions imo

No. 65158

Are we just… not going to talk about the shoes? The color scheme is completely different to the rest of her outfit! Where did they even come from??

No. 65159

Are we just… not going to talk about the shoes? The color scheme is completely different to the rest of her outfit! Where did they even come from??

No. 65164

you can't have a big bulky top AND big bulky bottom Jill
learn2sihlouette. silhouette is crucial when you're heavier and you can't get away with as much as skinny girls.

No. 65166

Yes and especially since she's "sooo into fashion" think she'd know better.

No. 65176

File: 1567394134516.jpg (69.93 KB, 350x350, irregular-choice-scarpe-i-m-th…)

Not only do the colors not match, but the theme doesn't either. It's all rather random.
Those are Irregular Choice shoes, with Thumper from Bambi on them.
She's literally not wearing anything else Bambi or even Disney related.

No. 65177

I like the shape of the pleated skirt but it looks like she's wearing a bedroom rug. While I like the ribbons on the jacket it is doing her no favors to balance anything.

She must be sweating in that getup. It looks bulky, hot, and clunky. Could explain why her hair looks so flat and greasy too.
Those heels are horrible but that's a given. She always tries to shoehorn the worst footwear into her outfits. But at least it's not her scuffed platforms that she used to wear with everything.

No. 65179

There's so much space behind her heel in those shoes. Why does she think her feet are so much bigger than they are?

No. 65181

I have a baffling theory for this one:

Jilly still hasn't caught on that North American shoe sizes differ from than UK ones. A size 8 in the UK is a size 11 in the US. I think she buys her 'go to' size without taking in the difference hence why they are too big.

An understandable mistake if you only buy online but a very odd one if you have gone in store. Like she has when she was in London.

No. 65184

The only other semi-logical explanation I can think of for why she buys larger sized heels, would be to avoid getting blisters. Iirc she said she tries to only wear her Irregular Choice shoes for special events and photoshoots, so maybe she always gets them bigger in an effort to prevent foot sores? Especially if it's an event that'll have her on her feet for a long time.

…or maybe that's giving her too much credit. Not understanding shoe size conversions is not something I'd put past her honestly.

No. 65187

Since the beginning of her YT career she's always messed up when buying shoes.
Either she buys them too small and has to 'break them in' or they're too big on her. I don't think she owns a single pair of shoes that actually fits her right, even when she's tried them on at a store before.

No. 65192

She has said in the past she's a US 8, and that's already really uncommon for someone her height. If the shoes in the pic were a UK 8, I think they'd be even bigger. I think she just genuinely doesn't know what size her feet are.

No. 65201

I feel like the akirt would have been better if it was a pencil skirt instead. It definitely would have been a lot better for her shape.

No. 65203

>gossip site
>weight gossip literally the most classic kind of gossip

remember where you are anon

No. 65210

What are anons takes on the jacket itself as a stand-alone though, I have to ask? It’s certainlty not fashion design, more of a craft, but I think it’s kind of cute? I can’t tell if it’s just my brain turning into mush because muhprettycolors on the sleeves though.

How do other anons feel?

No. 65211

i think the painting on the back was really cute but it's simply too bulky for Jill at her current size and really unflattering.

the pink denim and the bows are kinda cute although tacky but they DO fit in with 6% doki doki.

shame that she actually only made 1 of the pieces and simply painted on & embellished the other

No. 65212

I think the art she did on the back is cute. I think the ribbons look a bit tacky, and if she just had one on each wrist cuff, that would have been a bit nicer.

No. 65214

Weight gossip is the most boring gossip there is

No. 65233

File: 1567463462416.png (10.1 MB, 1242x2208, 37761E11-5AD1-4641-9671-D8566A…)

Maggie just posted at Jill’s house. I don’t get it… are they friends or not?

No. 65249

She doesnt look super happy to be there and its just a pic of her….maybe shes there because shes still friends with steve?

No. 65274

So lovely lor did an event with 6% too and god the videos are worlds apart, lor promotes the brand, talks about sebastians art and various projects, shows off the looks and promotes the social media of all the models, thanks the organiser and does a shout out at the end to the event, makes Jill look totally classless in comparison, her video was me me me look at me and had basically zero information about the brand or the tour

No. 65286

Honestly, I feel justified finding Jill's video long, boring, and barely relevant. She really wanted to make it seem like she was a super special model and designer for an exclusive event when it was actually a stop on a larger tour.

It would have been more interesting to show people making art or to have an edited version of the fashion show, not forcing her audience to endure the cringe in real time. Wks in this thread are so obvious. Like uwu good for her she did some last minute crafts for an event, she definitely has so much potential and a future in j-fash! Hand painting with craft paint and pinning bows to a fast fashion jacket is not even close to what being a designer is like, but please keep blowing smoke up her ass.

No. 65297

It's because with Jill EVERYTHING is all about her.
I remember back at her NYC party she ended up snubbing the artists that were vending there. She didn't even take time to show them or talk to any of her vendor guests. A few of them were kawaii fashion related and they didn't look like they were doing too well since everyone was there exclusively for sucking up to Jill.
One of the vendors ended up getting kinda popular recently since I followed her after meeting her at the event since she was genuinely nice to talk to and her art was very cute. It's kind of a shame Jill doesn't care about anyone unless they're up on her dick 24/7

No. 65328

Funny how Jill dares to criticise the events organisation. She’s not an expert …

No. 65357

This was actually well shot and edited. I dont even care for Lor, but Jill could learn a lot from this type of video.

No. 65373

Not trying to WK but they're definitely worlds apart because Lor went to school for documentary and filming and specializes in doing videography stuff for conventions

No. 65377

And Jill has a pro photographer for a mom and has been on youtube for years. She has all of the resources to improve her content, but she has zero self awarness and doesn't seem to think she needs to improve.

She's constantly hyping up all of the videos she's going to make. If she actually followed through, stuck to a schedule or routine, and had a critical thought in her head, her channel might have improved.

Jill has been coasting on the audience she gained from being spoiled enough to get
filming equipment and whatever she could buy to show off instead of developing an actual personality or skills. It's not only embarrassing to witness but sad to see other anons rush to defend. The bitch is lazy af. How little she's been able to grow and improve on her "full time job" where she has complete control and freedom shows that.

No. 65382

File: 1567590862433.jpeg (269.6 KB, 1486x871, D7524956-9BEF-417D-9339-27ADBB…)

No. 65396

Day one of classes, where they basically hand you a syllabus and just describe your classes to you, and she's already "learning" things, because she has absolutely zero knowledge of anything fashion related. It's kind of sad.

No. 65414

To be fair, the curriculum does include making clothes.

No. 65420

I know who you're talking about. She does conventions in the NY/NJ/PA area. I checked her twitter and she's mutuals with quite a few popular artists I follow, but apparently she's mutuals with Daniel.

It doesn't look like she's following Jillian anymore though. Maybe she was just trying to get on her good side before the party to try and "get in" with her for the popularity.
I honestly wouldn't be surprised.

(saged for sperging)

No. 65479

Wasn’t that what all the vendors were doing? Banking off the success of a “popular yootoober’s” audience for a quick buck or for some popularity?

I remember one of the artists had stuff stolen from their booth and there was a Guy was selling stuff that really didn’t fit the “aesthetic” of “kawaii society” and was all ugly girl art. Not even j fashion or kawaii related. Just a comic dude.
What’s worse is if you watch Jill’s vid of the meet again you can see they were totally overbooked on vendors. They’re packed in there super tight.

No. 65487

Are you talking about techycutie? (I’m not sure who other anon is talking about because techycutie isn’t popular tho)
I didn’t hear anything about someone getting stolen from tho.

No. 65514

She definitely was there, she's definitely not popular, but has popular friends or at least popular twitter mutuals.

Just tinfoiling here but she might be forcing herself in with popular people to get fame. If she unfollowed Jill after the party that kinda shows. Her art is all kinda boring and same-ish?

No. 65541

You smell of vendetta, looking this deeply into some random who was doing what all artists trying to making a living do? Make friends with influential people in hopes that their art reaches a wider audience?

No. 65561

Someone stole stuff (their pre-party meet and greet gift) from an art vendor and they posted about it in an artist alley Facebook group. That’s all I remember about that.

No. 65594

File: 1567777346568.png (92.71 KB, 720x548, 20190906_094233.png)

I guess they're friends again?

No. 65595

There's a good chance that some of Jill's friends didn't stay in Fredericton for the summer because they'd rather save money by living at home while working a summer job because they don't have strangers on the internet to pay their bills whilst they do nothing, and now they're returning, so we'll see them hang out again.

No. 65626


There wasn't really any evidence that Jill stopped being friends with any of the girls, other than her not appearing in some photos. She was most likely busy with her 'youtube life' and hung out with her boyfriend and cats instead of heading to the club. Not that interesting.

No. 65684

other proof was that jenny had unfollowed jill for a little while though.

No. 65708

Imagine if she just invited herself over all the time? She seems insufferable. Genuinely sounds like she’s just tagging along uninvited. Maybe she’s 3rd wheeling.

No. 65734

basment girl and jill don’t follow one another either

No. 65740

File: 1567885810368.jpeg (243.89 KB, 750x770, 4831EDAB-AAEA-4097-BEDB-ED8402…)

A mental image I really could have done without. It’s strange to imagine her moving fast when she is so lazy and sluggish

No. 65749

Well there's Jill's 30 seconds of exercise for the day bahaha.

No. 65750

Thanks for this. I'm homophobic now

No. 65876

File: 1568031471581.jpeg (466.56 KB, 828x811, DCC07A20-4570-4830-8D60-A1365A…)

This doesn’t look aesthetic at all Jill. This just looks cluttered and clashing

No. 65884

clashing yes, cluttered not really, this looks pretty standard.

No. 65888

Isnt that lemon stuff the gift wrap she taped to the wall??
in the fucking kitchen, behind the sink. what the fuck.

No. 65898

Are those actually the cups they sell in the kids section of Ikea? What does she drink out of it? Shots?

No. 65902

The disharmonious colors and patterns make Jill's space seem visually cluttered. If you had the same objects in the same arrangement, only in colors chosen by a person with good taste, it wouldn't be such an eyesore.

No. 65942

Why can't she make up her mind? If she wants to do rainby shit then do it, pastel vomit fucking do it, even the lemon picnic theme would have been cute. But no she just slaps whatever together cause her monkey brain wants to overdose itself wit tacky

No. 65993

File: 1568119169619.jpeg (618.25 KB, 811x1173, A6CA5ADA-0708-41B1-B89F-5DD948…)

But Jill. You don’t go to an accredited college or University. You’re literally going to arts and crafts class for 3 years

No. 65995

Also, what schools did she tour??? That seems like a lie to me

No. 66003

>not in my price universe
wtf, she is literally rich, they just wouldnt let her in

No. 66013

I mean American college definitely has a lot of fucked up things about it but ???
>don’t go to college buy a house instead
With…what money Kelly? I don’t know many 18-21 year olds with enough funds or credit history to buy a house nor will most well-paying jobs hire just anyone who doesn’t have some sort of degree. Not everyone can become a well payed social media brat either. I agree that American college has become almost more expensive than its worth in the current job market but saying “just buy a house instead” is also incredibly idiotic. All that splat is seeping into her brain.

No. 66096

Jill isn't rich. She just has a credit card.

No. 66111

oh shut up she’s fucking loaded

No. 66121

According to social blade she makes $51 to $800 dollars a month and she makes about $779 from patreon so realisticly from adsense and pateron she is earning about 800 to 1.2k a month given her upload schedule so she definitely isnt rolling in it

No. 66122

oh please. its obvious mommy pays for everything. no one said she's earning tens of thousands monthly and paying the bills. all that revenue is petty pocket money to her.

No. 66136

a credit card mommy and daddy pay off, come on anon

No. 66137

Keep in mind, those numbers are in USD, so it's a decent amount more in CAD. She probably earns about $1500/month through her YouTube/Patreon together, and her cost of living is incredibly low because she lives in a small town in Canada.

She definitely isn't rich herself, but she can afford to live more than comfortably, especially since her parents are well off, and they pay for things frequently for her (like trips to Montreal as presents or paying for her craft fair college).

No. 66174

is this rich bitch that has mommy pay for everything seriously talking about money issues with school? Canada definitely has way more affordable colleges than America. She doesnt even pay rent for her town house.

No. 66184

Agreed. Any other student her age would not be able to afford to rent let alone decorate and fill a townhouse, plus care for multiple animals. Just the sheer amount of shit she has bought since moving, the trips shes taken etc - she may not be rich but she is making more than enough money to fund her lifestyle.

No. 66208

I know a lot of people want to shit on Jill for her school choice but tbh it seems like a decent technical college for the Canadian market it sits within. 2 year college diplomas are more respected in Canada than associates in the US and for fashion a technical school is way more worth it than a 4 year BFA where you'll spend more time reading about fashion than actually sewing. Her entitlement last year about having to do the foundational year though was dumb af, and I am so surprised she made it through

No. 66217

File: 1568257271436.jpg (840.13 KB, 1044x846, 2016_Fashion_Show-web_8.jpg)

>it seems like a decent technical college

lmao it isn't
pic related for what someone who finished the program showed off in their end of year fashion show

No. 66234

wow. that looks like mid-level cosplay with cheap satin fabric.

still better fitted than anything Jillian's managed to produce. Ever.

No. 66267


Sage, but I've been to one of the school's fashion shows, and with the exception of the occasional cosplayer, most of the fashion lines are pretty good. They just can't teach creativity.

No. 66284

Most schools with alumni that accomplish anything or who get regular work in the industry tend to put a spotlight on those students. No one who goes to Jill's school goes on to have any kind of real fashion career unless they're continuing their education at a real school that actually gives students professional training.

No. 66359

>>65382 such a fashun designerr
Kek Jill is truly mind blowing how she is always labeling herself for attention. How the fuck can she even be a fashion can designer when she has next to zero education in actual fashion design, the industry and lacks a career of any sort related to fashion design. Easy to claim something she has never worked for. Kek. Lazy bitch is barely able to sew mediocre cheap ass cosplay tier shit.

No. 66378

File: 1568434251309.jpeg (477.14 KB, 1228x1681, 873A5FAD-752D-4F05-B83A-99EBB2…)

“Hewwooooo my Patre-pals!!
Welcome to September! I wanted to be able to tell you about my first week at fashion skool, so I hope you didn't mind the delay with this newsletter I have sooo much to share with u
Are you back to school or werk?? What do y'all do in the day time? I have class Tues-Fri now so I am attempting to formulate a weekend film/edit/upload routine >:)
Love you loads- don't let the chilly weather get u down!!!!

No. 66380

How much do suckers pay for this?

No. 66383


No. 66388

>back to (school or) work

She realizes that people who actually have to work don’t get a summer break, right

No. 66395

Newsletter, more like two minute note then ten minutes editing on crayons and rainbows.

No. 66396

I would like to see the other workspaces. I’m sure there are people who are actually taking this stuff seriously instead of spending all their time making sure their space fits their instagram aesthetic.

No. 66397

nitpicking but i hate how jill uses that shade of mustard or sunflower yellow in with her pastel colours all of the time

No. 66403

She only has class 4 days a week and she still cant organize a youtube schedule?

No. 66458

Jill talks like she's in a "cool" 90s kids commercial

No. 66675

Gee I never thought Id see the day where Jillybean's milk runs dry. I miss her!

No. 66742

Her channel has died a cruel death kek nothing but empty void shit.

No. 66765

For some cows getting away from social media is a good thing, but considering Jill's supposed dreams and ambitions it's baffling that she's letting her source of popularity go down the drain like this.

No. 66832

File: 1569017372290.jpg (121.58 KB, 720x976, 20190920_180654.jpg)

Honestly if she cant even maintain a youtube account I don't know why her end goal is to run a shop by herself because she can't motivate herseld for shit. Side note, what happened on the 17th?

No. 66838

youtube occasionally deletes old accounts and that will remove them from subs so maybe that

No. 66942

No. 66944

>>66942 that intro. they're trying so hard to be jenna and julien.

No. 66953

Stopped caring after five minutes. But holy fucking Hoarders.
Also, are my phone speakers dying or is that audio pure dumpster fire levels of quality?

No. 66955


I know. Maybe it's because she keeps screaming and it's too much for her mic to handle.

No. 66956

Something about all this decor makes me feel anxious. It assaults the senses. I can't imagine living in this chaos. No wonder her mental health took a nosedive.

No. 66958

That one closet full of "boxes", AKA everything Steve owns.

No. 66965

This house seems near impossible for a mentally ill student to keep clean but she looks cute in this IMO.

No. 66966

It's clean because none of it ever actually gets used. She said she has no sewing projects currently, so that whole room is being unused other than the computer for editing for her one or two videos a month she puts out. She just sleeps in her bed. And she takes baths. She said the walk in closet was a mess with boxes and laundry, so they probably just throw all of their dirty clothes in there. It's not hard to keep a space clean when it's essentially not there to be used and only exists to be looked at.

No. 66968

only watched to see how bad it was and oh mygod that was so uncomfortable jesus
its so blatently mimicking jenna, its actually creepy

No. 66969

I haven't watched her videos in a hot while but holy shits, that intro does reek of Jenna vibes. She tries to switch between a JM type of behavior and still use her baby-speak and it's so awful.

No. 66970

I haven't watched her videos in a hot while but holy shits, that intro does reek of Jenna vibes. She tries to switch between a JM type of behavior and still use her baby-speak and it's so awful.

No. 66971

Jenna and Emilia Fart. Very cringe.

Also, she says people ask her where she got her sheets from, but how can that happen when she never uploads? Trying to make yourself seem more popular/social than you are? Just tell us how you commissioned a bed set.

Lastly, her wearing a cross bag is killing me. She's filming a vid INSIDE HER OWN HOUSE. What did she need to carry with her that she can't get in 3 seconds?? Even if it is for her outfit, it's just ridiculous. This with her mimicking is making her seem less genuine each video.

No. 66972


I believe the purpose of the bag is to hold her microphone pack

No. 66973

File: 1569106058430.jpeg (444.5 KB, 1233x1227, FD81740D-F050-4F64-AA31-7B4779…)

I really hope she didn’t buy that jacket from the intro. I really hope it was a gift because it’s $150 and clashes with EVERYTHING SHE OWNS.

No. 66975

She bought it. She owns headbands from Hester, too. She was a contestant on Project Runway and makes the Confetti Club tier stuff Jill wishes she knew how to make.

No. 66977

sage for nitpick but is it just me or is the audio quality in this really shit? whenever she raises her voice slightly its borderline earrape lmao

No. 66978

I love how Jill ends the video by apologising for owning a plastic toothbrush after 25 minutes of showing off her plastic hoard

No. 66983

8:23 cringing so hard when she got to her alter..

No. 66984

nah, the audio is so rough and choppy. she really uploaded this video without giving a shit

No. 66985

it would be one thing if she was living alone in a one bedroom or something, but this is an entire townhouse she decorated. Steve is living there, but there isnt a single thing that belongs to him in view. Yikes

No. 66986

>the bathroom was white, so we had to paint it pink

Is there nothing she wont paint pink or pastel? she's like a fat canadian Kelly eden

No. 66987


when she started talking about tampons, it was so cringey. "We got these for guests who need to come over and have periods, they can plug her up."

Why is she so gross considering her audience is very underaged?? not saying periods are gross (obviously) but how she speaks isn't quirky. It's gross. it's like she's trying to be one of the dudes. Also, who keeps them tampons out in the open in a bowl??

No. 66988

yeah, she's like 'ewil plastic! gonna get bamboo soon' disregarding all her plastic garbage and other things she clearly doesnt need, but has for 'kawaii' points.

No. 66989

Does the basement she refused to show belong to him now?

No. 66990


Once again, she is high as hell.

No. 67004

Just so much shit. Jill if you describe it as hell then change that shit! I stopped at the closet part cause we all know damn well she wears none of it and probably 1/3 actually fits her. How many times have we seen that gingham dress on her I feel like its been 5 thousand already

No. 67013

No, it used to be his room, but last month (some one posted a cap on this thread) she said she's going to redecorate it into an art studio for her self.

No. 67036

It's so clear that she just does ""witchy"" stuff for the uwu magical girl aesthetic and doesn't understand what her spirituality actually is or means.

No. 67040

literally almost barfed during the bathroom segment. From the 'gucky' naked lush stuff, to the whole thing about the tampons and then she held the toilet scrubber SO CLOSE TO HER FACE. fucking hell she's gross.
also, getting milky fawn vibes as well as jenna and amelia fart…

No. 67045

That bathroom segment was the most cringe.
The open bowl of tampons exposed to the elements and fecal matter still doesn't make sense even after she explained (joked? I cannot tell..) why they're there for. What the actual fuck, Jill.

Other than that, meh. Just a boring ass townhome that's painted up and stuffed with pink plastic shit. Actual taste not found.

No. 67046

God isn't that house a capitalist nightmare. No wonder her mental health took a tool indeed. I cringed a little when she said she wanted her figure shelf to look like a mandarake display, come on Jill, that kind of place is awful for motivation and leaves you drained.
Other than this I kind of like her Jenna Marbles routine?? I mean, it's a bit obvious but also more entertaining than her last stick.

No. 67047

as gross as 'plug her up' is this is a nitpick anon
The tampons are in plastic wrap

No. 67050

Haha thanks for reminding me how she leaves her gross ear plugs in a rubber duck in view next to the toilet. For when her female guests want to reach over those to grab a dusty tampon.

No. 67052

On a positive note, she looks a little bit slimmer in the new video.
Keep it up jillion

No. 67054

File: 1569180770981.jpg (41.2 KB, 534x508, line_1569180732243.jpg)

No. 67056

I didn’t say she’s model thin anon kek
She’s probably still a little bit overweight but she does look slimmer than in the last house tour

No. 67059

If it’s ANY consolation, it definitely looks like that brush has never been used. (Yes, I’m aware that it’s still next to the toilet)

What I’m lol-ing at is the fact that she’s expanded her hoard since even part one of her house tour, but STILL hasn’t gotten light switch covers. It’s been over a year, Jill.

No. 67064

Holy Mother of God!!! Her townhouse is a massive plastic shit bomb. It's sad that someone this old willingly chooses to behave like a mentally retarded woman child who hoards garbage.

No. 67067

it is lolcow so I get why it happens but like….am I the only person not really bothered by her collection/house? I'd even find it cute if it weren't someone greedy and grubby like Jill, or someone who you know, actually worked hard for all of it. Milkyfawn is a good example, she had a lot of dresses and stuff but she at least worked long hours for it.
I also dont really believe in someone needing to set up their space based on what others would or wouldn't find liveable, within reason, like maybe it she were a literal hoarder endangering her cats or herself then I'd get it (I get she kind of does this with the tinsel and the broken table though)

sage for obvious reasons

No. 67070

It doesn't bother me either, other than the fact I find the colour scheme a little ugly and cluttered.

I actually enjoy her collection, just not how she chooses to present it.

No. 67072

Nah it doesn’t really bother me either. There are plenty of girls out there with a similar aesthetic who have even more cluttered abodes. My biggest gripe is her acting like she’s works hard for all that stuff when her parents fund it. For most early 20 somethings decorating that big a space that quickly just isn’t feasible without some monetary help.

No. 67075

Even if you want to judge it by rainby pastel qween standards, I think the paintjobs are the best part of the townhome.
Other than that, the organization and presentation of her belongings are mediocre for someone with the money that she has.

I don't want to give her tips to improve in case she's lurking.
I just found the bathroom particularly hilarious because it's the perfect mix of an area she can't really do the plastic glam thing to + clearly doesn't invest in any higher quality items which makes it look trashy.

No. 67107

OKay nitpick but I was thinking the same thing. Jil, love ya but please cover up the lightswitches, I don't love the whole aesthetic thing because it's not my taste but the lightswitch covers are so easy please

also is it just me or does the fact that her toothbrushes and tampons are just out in the open right next to the toilet (like no toothbrush cover or place to put the tampons away from the germs) make anyone else a little queasy…? I'm generally concerned about her health because that's lowkey super bad because of the germs every time she flushes……..

No. 67108


same, ngl it's disgusting. not only that but the fact that she's waiting until her toothbrushes are unusable before she changes them. Jillian we know you lurk, please do something about that, it's nasty.

No. 67109

ot, milkyfawn worked a lot but also stole cash from the til to fund her wardrobe.

No. 67110


definitely not wk and definitely not important but those are the kind of tampons that don't have applicators, that come wrapped in plastic, that you insert w your fingers. I've only known a few people that preferred those. she's crusty but she's not that crusty.

No. 67136

File: 1569247298025.jpg (410.72 KB, 720x960, 20190923_150024.jpg)

Shes fucking massive and looks like she has special needs

No. 67139

Any time I think she's started to figure out styling and color coordination she comes back with another posed public photo of herself with her unwashed hair pulled back to show a strip of black swamp slime roots front and center and an outfit with zero cohesion.

No. 67140

Omg, deets?

No. 67141

I’m also grossed out by her ear plugs being right there too. Imagine putting those shit-infested things into your body.

No. 67143

This is so cringey. She is name dropping for relevance so hard right now. That Hester jacket and her sudden interest in Lizzo is clout chasing at its finest.

No. 67149

she is such an ego boost tbh. This is motivation to eat right, learn to coordinate, and to actually pursue a career instead of playacting fashun deziner. She is queen womanchild leading her flock of womenchildren to landwhale status

No. 67172

What bugs me is the fact that she named her style and created a community for it but then deletes or hides things. In the room tour video you can see the rainbow dresser she made a video for but then deleted because too many people were starting to make it, she purposely didn't pan over to it. Then you can tell she wanted to show off her new makeup palette and mentioned that its a "zed palette" but doesnt tell her viewers where she got it. She wanted a following but is so scared her fans will actually want the same things she owns.

No. 67180

To be fair, she's got some pretty hardcore skinwalkers like Cheeky Sparkles and Lindsey Bluebird (to name a few) so in a way I get it? I didn't know she deleted her video on the rainbow dresser….or did she even make a video on that? I thought she just mentioned it in a video or something.

No. 67182

those girls wear pastel but dont label it as part of jfashion as Jillian does. there was a video of her showing the exact paint colors and where she bought the knobs from and I just think she realized it was stupid of her to give exact details if she didnt want every pastel girl doing the same thing but the video vanished like 3 months later

No. 67186

Uhhh yeah they definitely do label it as that. I can tell you that for sure. But again I could be wrong but I don't actually remember Jillian doing a video on her dresser

No. 67187

That's such a pathetic attitude to have for a wannabe fashion designer though! In her delusional mind, when she eventually starts producing garments for her uwu hole in the wall boutique that her parents buy her, what is she going to do if something gets popular and it gets replicated by a fast fashion company or other designer? She doesn't own rainbows, pastels, or the concept of painting furniture. Other people buying what you have is the entire point of being an "influencer" or designer, she can't have it both ways.

No. 67188

anon you're replying to here, I agree with you on that but she's also just that - a wannabe. She's also always been afraid of anyone doing what she does better than her, probably why she only ever shared confetti club members who were dressed poorly or maybe not as attractive.
Jill's fear of competition is no secret.

No. 67192

Like the custom made sheets lmao

No. 67200

She's so cringe. Kammie pomerian is always open and friendly about her items on her IG and she is everything Jill wishes she was. Rainbow and pastel coords, but actually looks nice in them.

No. 67201

File: 1569273814716.jpg (75.51 KB, 540x675, 8a026497813530ba56af43b0c70fd3…)

meant Kammie Pomeranian

No. 67203

Afaik fecal matter still is aerosolized when you flush a toilet which is why if it's getting on her toothbrushes and ear plugs, it's getting onto the plastic wrapping of those tampons that women will touch before they go to touch their genital areas.

She can't just keep them in a box under the sink, nah. Clearly the granny candy style bowl full of tampons is peak kawaii aesthetic even if it makes no sense.

No. 67204

Right? I can't imagine living somewhere and having literally no trace of myself in any room.

No. 67207

>not closing the toilet lid before you flush


No. 67216

Jill turns and looks at her poop while she flushes because she considers it art.

No. 67227

used to live/interact with kammie a lot. it burns my biscuits she doesnt get the same clout jill does when shes legit a giant sweetheart- shes def a bit stuck up since shes well off and can run around as she pleases, but she embraces it if that makes sense. she loves the following, loves sharing, loves helping out. like jesus jill

No. 67228

I don't think this outfit would be that bad (its bad but not the worst thing she's ever done) if it didnt have that ugly Hester jacket! The pattern and colors are so odd they clash with everything, and that cut is doing her no favors.

I still don't think that Jill is obese, but she is definitely a larger person now and she needs to start dressing for her body type. Boxy clothes like that jacket just make you look even wider!

No. 67242

Lol Jillian talking about how having three mirrors in her room makes her seem vain. Jill, you are vain, you could have a hundred mirrors or none in your room and nothing would change this.

No. 67244

I feel like Kammie still does have plenty of clout, with the right community and not autistic twelve year-olds. And that's fine. Her wig shop is successful and she seems like a nice enough person unlike Jill where you can tell she looks down on her fanbase unless you're "at her level".

No. 67258

File: 1569307068322.png (714.83 KB, 917x495, ohlawdshecomin.png)

No. 67266

Next thread pic please

No. 67273

This is actually the ugliest fucking cordinste she's ever done. How could anyone defend pink gingham on top of vomit plaid with the world's ugliest fucking jacket. At least the chick modeling the jacket knew that you have to mute every other part of your look to make it have any semblance of appealing because it just makes Jill look as loud and cluttered as her house

No. 67282

I think Jill's BMI must be in the 30s by now which would technically make her obese.

Her clothing really does her no favours though I can't believe she thinks her outfits look ok. Even tho she is very much overweight she could still look cute if she switched up her default disastrous fridge sihlouette she keeps going fo

No. 67296

I don't know if its an exact word for word coppy of the Jenna and Julien skit but did Steve just admit to not paying any rent?

No. 67302

>>67258 next thread pic pls

No. 67304

He shouldn’t. I think the only thing of his we saw in the whole house tour was his toothbrush. He’s basically just an accessory she keeps hidden in the basement until she needs him for something.

No. 67332

Steve is basically just one of jillian's things, like the cats.

No. 67390

Agreed, worst outfit to date. If I didn't know better, I'd say she was trolling with this one.

No. 67445

I was going through her older videos from last year and wtf she looks so much more different in these videos, like younger and prettier looking almost and it was only barely just a year ago??? It's like she didn't pull as many weird ass "Quirky" faces like she does now in every photo she's in and idk if it's a weight gain thing or not cause it wasn't like she was exactly thin back then either.

No. 67455

This is said every year. Jill has always looked bad. She just keeps looking worse. It only seems good in comparison to how bad she looks now.

No. 67485

This. If he's living in the basement rent free, that's probably why he's putting up with her pastel vomit antics. He's probably saving his own money for whatever he wants to do in the future. Is he attending the same college as Jill or no?

No. 67515

I don't think he attends school - I think he has some job as a journalist?

No. 67687

>>61883 (this is the precure review video)
OKAY so this is kind of old milk and ot so sorry but I actually wanted to talk about this video because yall saw how it was 90 MINUTES…. so i didn't have to time to watch it through until today but I actually have a lot to say about it.

I realized something. Jillian's whole stick is about her loving precure with all of her heart and soul and this video almost seems like her wishing to prove this. Although Jillian generally seemed like she was talking about something she was passionate about, I actually found her whole view and description on the video pretty pessimistic.. For most of the series, she seems to only talk about the negatives of each one, very glossing over the positives and talking about how annoying and boring barebones etc each season is, but then following it up with "I rate it a 10/10" or "I still love it though" etc. I found the whole thing to be pretty disingenuous and it felt more like she was doing this to keep up a persona rather than she actually truly enjoyed the show as her favorite show of all time.

It makes me wonder if she is going through a depersonalization period or -of course not caused by drug usage- but something resembling a longterm ego death. I feel like as of latley she seems to loose more of the things that she personally enjoys and is just trying to skinwalk almost as a cute kawaii leader girl rather than generally being herself. I wonder if she's just trying to do the whole "pretend your cute and happy when you're dying inside" type thing. I don't know actually, sorry if this was a little all over the place it just got m thinking about her whole personality and her changes as a whole when she went off to college. What do yall think??

No. 67689

I think I've said this before on Jill's thread, but it's pretty common for people who deal with mental illness in their formative years to latch onto media rather than develop their own personality traits. She spent her tween/early teen years dealing with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder, and that can really fuck you up in terms of what your personality becomes. Kids that age just see themselves as their illnesses, so their personality gets determined by what they're into, and a lot of them never grow out of it. So yeah, it is a shell, because Jill doesn't really have any personality traits underneath this. She isn't known for being particularly funny, witty, compassionate, outgoing, etc. She's known for being a rainbow who likes magical girls, because that's all she is.

No. 67700

File: 1569783624152.jpeg (340.85 KB, 750x765, 48BA4167-6936-4921-822E-C2CC82…)

Poor guy

No. 67701

Dyeing Steve’s hair? He’s officially become Colin 2.0

No. 67702

poor steve jfc

No. 67719

He looks like he does not want to be there or do this.

No. 67720

they… didn’t even show the results after they dyed it… they waited until it started growing out. What?

No. 67726

Maybe I'm retarded but does the wording of Steve "finally lets me dye his hair" bother anyone else and really nails down the fact she treats her partners like accessories? Like i get this picture in my head that she has been bothering him about it for months and he finally gave in.

No. 67727

File: 1569787003268.jpg (140.5 KB, 703x734, MYXJ_20190929125509_save.jpg)

The face of a man questioning if living rent free is really worth it

No. 67732

1000% hope he comes out as gay and leaves jill for another dude so we can see her have a meltdown and him get his own personality back

No. 67735

Does she keep her hair dryer plugged in at all times? I noticed it plugged it during her house tour as well. that's a pretty bad habit and hazzard.

No. 67737

She bleached it twice?! this bitch has zero idea about hair care/dyeing after all this time. Virgin hair takes bleach easily, so she could have bleached and toned it. I'm shocked his hair isn't crispy af

No. 67738

She uses Ion, which is really cheap dye. She could have at least sperlged for some manic, which washes out easily, but will not damage hair at all. Ion is really chalky in texture and just doesnt take to most hair. that's like $5 a box dye, vs arctic fox or even manic, which would be $13-$15 but will take better.

Also, arctic fox donates to animal rescue. Didn't jill get a sponser from them a while back?

No. 67739

I noticed that. It looked like she showed the results two weeks later?? his hair grow out and it's brassy (needs toning.) Also her own roots are disgusting. She has no clue how to do hair. Steve looked like he wanted to die

No. 67743

File: 1569792072725.png (986.67 KB, 1432x924, Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 4.20…)

ladies and gentlemen, this photo says it all

No. 67747

don't tell me they're in Jills basement at the end? if so, she's pixie ranbow-vommed that too.
maybe Steve has to live/keep his stuff in the bit with the white wall.

No. 67749

The hair will match his pink irregular choice shoes Jill got him because he made the comment: I could wear that xD(xD)

No. 67751

I've seen girls in alternative fashion date men who have their own alternative style, or just average men, but Jill is the rare breed that only dates naive men she can force her lifestyle on. Reminds me of how she had all her friends over when she first moved in and they had to watch the anime she liked. No wonder nobody wants to be her friend. Doubt she can enjoy simply hanging out without screeching about herself.

No. 67752

It's so incredibly pathetic that with every new boyfriend Jill gets she does the exact same things to them. Dye hair, force them to wear fugly clothes, make them join her shitty videos. They're nothing but accessories. She will never learn.

No. 67759

File: 1569797706788.jpg (35.55 KB, 600x591, nowneitherofuswillbevirgins.jp…)

How very.

No. 67769

I am absolutely losing it does she lurk here just to take our worst fears as earnest suggestions?? Someone with more time than I have should go back a few threads and find when people were joking about how long it would take until she gave him uwu rainbie hair, im…

No. 67771

File: 1569801656265.png (294.31 KB, 637x401, Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 5.55…)

No. 67772

File: 1569801691034.png (239.21 KB, 590x388, Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 5.57…)

No. 67773

blink twice if you need help, stephen

No. 67775

It’s worse than we thought. He doesn’t even get a basement, he gets a corner

No. 67777

This is the exact same hair she gave Colin. Is Steve not creeped out by the fact that she's making him look like her ex?

No. 67778

File: 1569803081319.png (1.02 MB, 769x833, dslkfjsldkfj.png)

increasingly similar energies

No. 67780

can't wait for jill to be that fat

No. 67799

If you know absolutely nothing about hair maybe keep it to yourself. Ion can last for months whereas arctic fox and manic panic lasts days to weeks.

In the iconic words of Freckle: "sometimes things that are more expensive are worse".

No. 67807

lol not that big of a deal, dude. Jill is gonna fuck up his hair no matter what product she uses.

No. 67808

File: 1569809198014.png (98.27 KB, 221x275, 4A353C93-3DD4-4DAF-AA73-AD11E1…)

How long until he looks like this?

No. 67812

Jill is so damn straight it hurts.

No. 67815

OT but who is this?

No. 67820

I can't imagine putting up with this to appease conservative parents and live rent free. I'm getting the vibes of every closeted dude I met in hs. Of course Jill is oblivious and happy to have a live in gay bff that she can make tryhard rpdr references to or whatever her current phase is.

It's obvious she blatantly ignored his request for pastel pink from how dark and saturated that conditioner "diluted" color was. There was no way in hell that color was going to come out pastel or fade anytime soon. Bright pinks like that take forever to fade, she did him so dirty. She really should have known better having once had lighter shades herself.

No. 67823

The poor dude looked so unhappy the whole video, free rent is not worth the shit that Jillan puts him through.

No. 67829


same anon, they're a duo of cringe-fame tik tokkers. their whole shtick is that they're "totally dating" when he's about as straight as a circle

No. 67830


not long, our boy steebie already has the thousand-yard stare down

No. 67847

I’m surprised no one brought it up yet, but it’s so painfully obvious Jill is trying to cash in on Jenna’s videos where she gives Julian a make over of the sorts. The only reason it works for them is because Julian is totally up for it and doesn’t look like he wants to die every second of the video.

No. 67862

not to stereotype but those glamour shots are like.. so, so gay
biiiig 'gay best friend' vibes, yikes

No. 67866

steven is so obviously gay watching them together feels like being gaslit by god

No. 67901

I think I remember this. AF emailed her for a sponsorship, but she was so piss-poor about checking her email that she missed it until months later.

As a matter of fact, if I remember rightly, she did this same shit to Steve before they were dating when he wanted to do an interview with her; source should be from one of her first videos with him.

That is Colin, the last boyfriend Jillian had before she got with Mystery Girl and Steve. He was with her when she got into her party-kei phase and is probably more well-known for being the only one to have dumped her rather than being dumped like the others during her YT period, if not being the reason behind her breaking up with her boyfriend before him.

No. 67905

I love #Steveabuse and the Jilly brainwashing.
Don't wanna pay rent and ride the coattails of your YT girlfriend? Then pay the fucking price, beta.
No man with self-respect would live in a rainby pastel hovel, being belittled on camera, while being unallowed to express himself in any fucking way whatsoever. Unless he was a lazy piece of trash willing to have his balls crushed by Jill's Irregular Choices in exchange for some free housing. What a pathetic male.

No. 67913

Chill out bro who hurt you

No. 67914

Do opinions on cow's dating choices usually threaten you this badly?

No. 67915

Stop trying to cause infighting, retard.

No. 67919


I've never seen a more defeated man on YouTube. Steve: embrace your sexuality and stand up for yourself man! This isn't worth it!!

No. 67940

Ntayrt but they weren't referring to the photo of Colin, they clearly were replying to this photo of these two odd looking individuals
Pretty sure we all know who Colin is and what Jill did to him. Every boy she gets her grubby hands on falls to the same fate.
#stevensgreatescape when kek

No. 67943

Does anyone have any idea where Collin is now? Has he recovered from Jillian’s vomit rainbow dream life

No. 67952

Says the person who tried to infight.

No. 67956

IIRC he looks pretty normal now (he has black hair, glasses and just wears t-shirts), an anon found his tumblr account (the same one he used while dating Jill, can’t remember it for the life of me) and he just does twitch gaming streams every now and then. He still identifies as non-binary

No. 67959

His tumblr used to be wohki, but it seems like he deactivated?

No. 67960

File: 1569904041763.jpeg (50.63 KB, 750x231, 482637D2-DC3F-418C-9CE5-79780F…)

Found his Twitter. Holy shit, what a mess. It’s definitely him. His twitch goes by the same handle.

No. 67961

Why does everyone think Steve is closeted? I’m genuinely curious and I guess I’m too dense to see the signs. Let me first disclose that I do NOT get straight vibes off of him at all, but I’m not picking up on the obviously closeted gay vibes like the rest of you. Maybe lack of experience?

No. 67962

>non binary and bi

oh lord, everyone jill dates is like this, aren't they?

No. 67963

File: 1569908312553.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, 63837135-FCDE-464B-90C3-913F72…)

He looks so different now though? It’s crazy if it’s the same person, just shows the damage of the pixielocks train wreck

No. 67965

I could be wrong, but I thought he was saying he’s trans like a year ago. I thought I saw it on his Twitter after being mentioned here.

No. 67966

Samefag I mean trans as in male to female

No. 67967

He’s always been trans for as long as he’s been involved with Jill, I was mostly referring to giving himself a ~special snowflake~ name and using that annoying “____ as fuck!!” language.
He looks different because of his glasses and jaw surgery. He got it right before they broke up iirc.

Anyway, I’ll stop derailing.

No. 67971

Sorry if this is derailing or if this was mentioned in past threads but was it ever found out why he broke up with her?

No. 67972


Saged for OT but what is that cute as fuck griffin toy on his shoulder? Does anyone know where I can get one?

Thanks and sorry guys

No. 67973

As someone who was following Jill at the time of the break up there was no official reason given on either side because Collin just didn’t talk about it and all Jill did was flip flop between whinging about being the victim and talk about how she was a ~*Strwung independent wumahn who didn’t need no man*~

No. 67992

I mean Jill wold constantly go on about how she would be lesbian if it wastn for Grey/Colin having a dick and if they are trans that is pretty awful
Plus she would push her own shit on them constantly, just like shes doing with her new toy

No. 68003

Yeah, i dont think she ever officially announced the reason. He kept quiet and Jill was passive aggressive for weeks. She used him like an accessory, then tossed him. She's gonna do the same shit to Steve. lol

No. 68023

I'll never get over how she does this same shit with each of her bfs, but when she was dating Alyssa she suddenly wanted to "keep her romantic life private"

No. 68031

Especially since we know Alyssa wanted to be in videos and stuff.

No. 68033

File: 1569962399123.jpeg (568.92 KB, 1509x2048, 01C9F0D4-994B-4B22-BE30-74C90A…)

Who wants to bet that Candy stripper dress isn’t zipped up at the back

No. 68037

Sage for ot but it's an owlbear (a dungeons and dragons monster), not sure where you can get one though but I hope this helps

No. 68038

It's an ULTRA•PRO Dungeons And Dragons Owlbear Figurine.
Have fun anon, it looks adorable on a shelf

(I hope I saged right. I don't post much sorry)

No. 68040

Still can't believe she spent 150 bucks on a slip dress. Dolls kill is selling an identical one for like 30 bucks

No. 68051

File: 1569969301506.png (1.03 MB, 946x733, pixyyikes.png)

she's so fat it's aging her badly. pixy come on already, just go on a diet before you look like someone's mum

No. 68065

Ugh this is the thing though, i just wish that she would at least dye her hair something more manageable because she clearly can't be fucked maintaining the rainbow bangs and such. So in stead of having fucking washed out ugly ass swamp green and yellow bangs with gross roots that compliment nothing, just dye your hair fully pink or some other color, wear a fucking wig, or just maintain what you already have because it does not fade out well at all.

No. 68066

I'm so sorry, I just realized I was talking about the wrong post. I thought the anon was talking about Colin, I' no clue who the other two are tho.

No. 68067

the fact that she lives in my city makes me sad as fuck. lol. (I live in Fredericton btw). Just so you guys know, New Brunswick has one of the most highest obesity rates in Canada. Also, the fact she came to New Brunswick out of any province for fashion is just pretty hilarious. New Brunswick is literally filled with fat slobs with no unique fashion what so ever.

I know this is my province and I know I sound like I hate it (I mean, I do) but really Jill… You have so much money and you could have went to a college and province that was more promising… -sigh-(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 68071


Don't give us your actual email, newfag. -sigh-

No. 68078

I agree with other anons about her transforming all her boyfriends but they are lowkey cute together ngl

No. 68080

File: 1569987891472.png (13.57 KB, 388x116, Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 12.4…)

Down another $25 this month on patreon.

No. 68081


You are awesome, thank you so much anons!


No. 68096

Jfc your arms girl. Please just hold off the tendies for one fucking day and eat a salad. I’d feel for this bitchs weight gain if she wasn’t such a nasty person

No. 68097

I’m not really surprised she hardly posts at all on Patreon

No. 68108

same, I didn't actually mind the photo because it's not an awful one. A little cluttered yet but for the whole 'aesthetic uwu' type thing I thought it fit you know? but jesus the hair just ruins it for me. Jil looked so much better with her easier to maintain hair choices. I mean, even the rainbow with the blonde looked better than this because at least she'd really only have to deal with the rainbow maintenance and occasionally redying the roots (this is assuming she uses some type of toner containing shampoo because i mean she is constantly dying her hair so I'd assume so) but with this pink it adds an extra layer and just looks messy over all. i think maybe a more solid color would do her some big justice and clean up the look way more because it's almost too much going on (it being the messy fade with the messy roots not blending AT ALL) with the busy patterned clothing she usually wears

No. 68109

File: 1570011640779.png (1.49 MB, 944x1194, Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 5.18…)

jesus christ jill this angle isn't doing you any favors at all? you would think that she would try to take flattering photos of herself since she's a "full time fashion blogger" but this is just…. goddamn

No. 68118

Can’t even be assed to fix her bra strap. She looks so trashy now.

No. 68119

She looks cute but it feels like so much of her time goes into her kaweewee aesthetic she has no energy left to truly care for herself on the needed levels given her poor mental health.

No. 68145

Anon I don’t know how to tell you this but she doesn’t use toner or re-dye her roots. She bleaches and re-dyes her entire head every time.

No. 68150

Jesus, why does she bother spending all this time using 12 different colors to fill in her kaweewee rainbee brows and crap if she's just going to leave her hair like that. The swamp roots ruin any "lewk" she was going for.

No. 68151

Yeah, I'd be shocked if she ever used any kind of toner in her life. Any blonde style she had always looked yellow as fuck.

No. 68157

No. 68159

I think her outfit is cute

No. 68161

File: 1570049141572.png (164.77 KB, 768x347, no.png)

>her outfit is cute

Please respect yourself anon
Also Im pretty sure the shirt/dress is that thrift store thing she got and then slightly altered and did a video on

No. 68167

I stopped following this mess forever ago and this video came up in recommended so I came here to say
her thumbnail is so bad, it does not make her look good at all, I legit thought it wasn't even her at first.

No. 68175

It kinda irks me after all this time and access to good quality products her makeup still looks bad

No. 68177

File: 1570051809468.jpeg (522.17 KB, 761x1105, 8EAEF2DF-7F10-44D1-8536-AE068B…)

No. 68178

All the freaking out and noises she makes over basic sewing supplies reminded me of that Jojo girl's screeching. These are all beginner supplies she could have gotten years ago when she was sitting at home and learned how to use rather than wait this long, embarrassing.

No. 68179

Maybe it’s just me but the pastel overload in every video hurt my eyes.

No. 68180

Kek, she kinda looks like a fat Shay in this picture.

No. 68181

File: 1570052687452.png (1.27 MB, 855x772, raversoccermom.png)

that second chin is coming in hard lasses

No. 68182


…..ooooooooooooh oh no. that's- I-

I mean I guess that does explain why her blonde hair has always looked kind of crusty and brassy but… that's SO bad for your hair and just looks bad. it's even cheaper to do because it can keep your looks cleaner in the long run. I would think she'd know that by now too because it's one of the BASICS of hair dye and hair upkeep… most fashion bloggers mention the importance of it too…. ughhhhhhh

JIL IF YOU'RE LURKING PLEASE please take some of the money you spend on your accessories and put it into your hair…

No. 68184

Her bangs look so disgusting. They're literally just yellow and green at this point, nothing rainbow about them. For fucks sake Jill

No. 68186

The greasy hair and rainbow eyebrows make me want to VOMIT

No. 68189

God this thumbnail is so unfortunate she looks so old and haggard in this. Like I know people say this time and time again but she really looks like she’s a 40 year old who just caked on her foundation. Also she should seriously think about contouring her cheeks because she can’t pull off just blush anymore because of how heavy she’s gotten

No. 68190

Why do basic bitches always call design school "fashion school" so fucking annoying. I went to Parsons for apparel design and no one ever called it that so retarded. Then again morons like Jill can barely construct a burlap sack and have little to no knowledge of silhouettes, textiles, fit and cut.(no1curr)

No. 68197

File: 1570062241315.png (3.08 MB, 1136x640, 625B6511-8DFD-495A-BD08-9F99E0…)

when was she in New York recently? She has a metrocard in the bottom of her backpack

No. 68208

Oh my god, that bag looks filthy!! She never cleans it?? the fact she has a metrocard from 2 years ago is crazy, and all those greasy bobby pins too. She lives in pure filth. What's with spoiled rich brats like Jill and Momokun who have so much money but never can do basic cleaning or hygiene??

No. 68209

Jesus Christ would you just look at all that filth. That's vile, Jill. Get a new bag.

No. 68211

Yea thats disgusting but ofc she wont get rid of her Vintage Ojamajo Doremi Redbubble bag

No. 68214

Does it really count as filth if it’s just charcoal? Obviously yes, she should clean it. But charcoal tends to get EVERYWHERE.

No. 68218

Letting it sit and not like, throw it in the washing machine or clean it by hand is pretty grody. I've worked with charcoal and I don't leave things a sooty mess when I'm done. Is she just tossing it all in her bag without at least wrapping up the charcoal in something? How hard would it be for her to just put it in a ziploc? Or a paper bag, since she's still trying to claim she's anti-plastic or whatever.

No. 68227

This moron doesn't even know how to use the word amalgamation correctly.

No. 68234

That bag only came out earlier this year. I doubt it's a card from 2 years ago.

No. 68237

Did she speed up her voice like 2% in this video? She borderline sounds like Bart Simpson. I haven't heard her voice in a while, but I don't remember it sounding this high. Maybe she's sick?

No. 68252

She takes crayons with her every day because she saw a woman on tv do all her designs in crayon and wanted to be her, imagine being in a college class as a young adult and the pastel mess next to you busts out crayons. Also she has bought so much, are all the students expected to drop this much on all this stuff or is most of it provided in school and she bought it all because she has already said she is going to break the rules and work on things at home

No. 68254

She said she has help editing now so she will be able to get content out easier, Jill you aren’t short on time, lack of time isn’t what is stopping you making content, what did you do all summer when you didn’t have school? do we think she has actually hired someone or is she now using Steve as free labour too

No. 68255


I am in an art and design university too which also offers a fashion design degree(though in germany but anyways) and we had to buy everything. School only has big shit like cutting machines, green screens, ackdrops, sewing machines but small shit we had to get orselves. Plus you need it at home for homework and studies too

No. 68259

tbh im happy she's making school-related content. i think it's really positive for her to be doing something constructive and she seems to be enjoying it.

No. 68267

It's Steve. She has him credited in the description.

Also is no one going to talk about her whole "I'm sorry its plastic, everything is plastic because I have to buy the brands the school requires. Trying to be more sustainable teehee!" bit. No ones going to burn you for the one plastic bin, it's the landfill of a house you live in that's already the issue.

No. 68272

Of course it's Steve. She's so desperate to be codependently emeshed in a straight relationship, it's both astounding and pathetic.

No. 68293

File: 1570121170500.jpeg (116.22 KB, 618x720, FF7B7697-3C9E-4034-ACB0-EF404F…)

>I went to parson’s for apparel design
>apparel design
bitch your fellow graduates look like this and you all went to “fashion school” too. chill

she probably just hasn’t cleaned it out since her NY trip.

No. 68297

File: 1570124763393.png (566.17 KB, 611x501, Capture 1.PNG)

A lot of u keep saying she hasn’t cleaned it since her NY trip but that trip was in March of last year and the wc x ojamajo doremi was first announced on February of this year.

No. 68305

I agree. I feel like her mental health is getting better too which is a good thing. I feel like she was more upbeat and positive in this video than she has been in a while

No. 68309

File: 1570135427580.png (1.19 MB, 1230x640, Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 21.40…)


No. 68315

File: 1570139891632.jpeg (277.35 KB, 1242x1133, 3A31279B-550D-4DEF-8C65-2BCFBC…)

@ jill, i get that you’re excited about learning a new word but sweet lord

sage for nitpick maybe

No. 68322

yeah, she seems pretty happy here which is nice to see! i almost kind of enjoyed this video if it weren't for the baby talk and her hair. good lord her hair.

No. 68333

how did it get so filthy so quickly lmao

No. 68334

clearly none of you have ever worked with charcoal

No. 68351

Chill, Jill stan. I've worked with charcoal, and she could have at least wiped it out with a baby wipe or something. Letting your shit get filthy is just laziness.

No. 68362

Lol she litterly only buys impulsive items that look nice, she could have gotten a charcoal setting spray so she could bring it home clean. Even fckng hairspray works to set charcoal. The artschool I go to has a fashion deparment to and those people are at school from early morning until night sewing, does she really think she is going to make process at a school if she is not experimenting, not using school equipment and not even taking care of the stuff she made,she is the type of girl that goes to a mediocre artschool does minimal (new) things, and leaves the school only 10% more developed after.

No. 68363

Next thread pic please. People need to see this whales true form

No. 68365

Depends on the school. I majored in fashion and we were given all of our basics (rulers, French curves, tailor’s chalk, shears, seam ripper, etc.) in addition to bobbins and thread to use on the school machines. Most of the people in the program ended up buying some of the same things that were provided to us anyways, usually for ergonomic reasons.
It is really rare for a university to just give you supplies. Every other person I know who went to art school had to buy every single thing that they used unless it was some kind of machine, which is then (obviously) provided by the school.

Holy shit next thread pic pls.

No. 68383

Just realised she seems to be confusing "amalgamate" with "accumulate" considering the context she uses it in.

No. 68407


I request this as next threadpic also, but with little transparent visages of steve's thousand-yard hairdye stare around her head

No. 68546

File: 1570373143706.png (3.81 MB, 2768x1440, PicsArt_10-06-04.38.08.png)

something like this?

No. 68547

The Kermit shirt makes this so much better

No. 68548

Lmao, saved. Good work anon. Here's my vote for next OP.

No. 68576

File: 1570389661551.png (3.61 MB, 2768x1440, PicsArt_10-06-04.52.08.png)

made another one as well but it might be too aRtSy

No. 68595

Collin in the top left is killing me. lmao Great work

No. 68687

The more I look, the more I see. Amazing

No. 68690

No. 68693

>>68690 she admits her cat tattoo sucks

No. 68696


her face in this thumbnail is giving me real like, princess fiona/shreks ogre baby in the face vibes? the pasted-flat-to-her-head-with-grease hair look is not helping tho

No. 68697

File: 1570486423560.jpg (690.38 KB, 1366x768, pixietatt.jpg)

>>68690 her new tattoo design mock up. She wants it going from her wrist to elbow and wrapped around her entire arm.

No. 68700

Oh god please no… does she have… any idea how tattoo anatomy works?

No. 68717

jesus christ, i don't understand why jill won't let an actual tattoo artist design her tattoos. im sure she could find a ~~kaweewee~~ tattoo artist who could end up designing a cute tattoo that would look sooo much better than any of the tacky crap she thinks up herself

No. 68718

Steve's editing is real fugly. Doesn't match pixie's style at all.

No. 68726

The traditional tattoo text mashed with her kaweewee kitch nonsense is so jarring. I really hope her tattoo artist advises against it, if they have any self-respect as an artist.

No. 68757

i keep forgetting she's only 21 and has 4 ugly tattoos, mostly from depression binges. Just yikes

No. 68758

She would be a really cute shirt. Wh–whyyy would anyone want this garbage as a tattoo??

No. 68760

The fact that she's upset about people on fb saying dont get her ugly tattoos shows how much her maturity isnt there. she's really sad as a person whose entire persona and life is based on trends and fads.

No. 68761

Any screen shots?

No. 68766


Why is she speeding up her videos? It's fuckin' weird.

No. 68779

What confused me was that she says the ones where she gives the artist more control come out better, but she isn’t giving them any control, her images she provides are what she has, she also said she has sent this design to the artist to check but she hasn’t got an appointment, that is a big no no, artists are very busy and would normally ignore you if you did that because they get spammed with stupid emails like that

No. 68791

Honestly like if the only person's whose opinion matters on the tattoo is her own than maybe dont post your kindergarden clusterfuck online for public validation lmao. I hope someone gets a tattoo that Jill already has and she loses her fucking shit over it lmao

No. 68793

That shit on her head doesn't even look like hair. It looks like some kind of neon nun's habit veil.

No. 68796

her boy toy edits now so it must be his odd choice

this really, really wont work as a tattoo
I dont get why she doesnt make a rough sketch (also makes that sketch on a photo of herself) and uses that instead? I dont know anyone else who make the art for their own tattoos like this, its weirdly narsacistic

No. 68797

Her current version is a retouched one which she loves. She was referring to the original iteration of the cat tattoo which was way wraw

No. 68817

So she says in her video that she drew the sketch at 3am… a very good way to be productive in school is going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier. Maybe your boyfriend wouldn’t have edit your videos if you did, because he also has a job.

Also, Jillian has always had her subscriptions public, and she subscribes to many new people every month. I think she consumes too much YT. By the way she’s subscribed to a ASMR BDSM channel.

No. 68860

What is with her voice? She gets all nasally and throat strained.

No. 68862

image board, post screenshots
what the fuck does an asmr bdsm channel look like

No. 68865

File: 1570571166329.png (240.56 KB, 750x1334, 5BFB4A19-138F-4ABC-965F-72DE9C…)

I’m not the original anon, but I took a look and I can only assume its this channel “Blood Doll”. It features a bunch of ASMR roleplay videos with titles like “Psychotic dominatrix kidnaps you and makes you her slave”, “Mommy domme comforts her little during a panic attack”, “Psycho lesbian first date”, etc.
She really should have a separate account from her main one to watch shit like this on. Lul

No. 68869

File: 1570572728812.jpg (344.29 KB, 720x1151, 20191008_180929.jpg)

That's disgusting but also hilarious oml. The fact that she pb sees herself as a powerful sexy dom who takes care of her bf, only to have a panic attack herself after sex kek what a delusional bitch

No. 68892

I doubt that bruh. I think she's the sub and fantasies about getting to be a pillow princess to a hot alt girl.

No. 68905

I’m honestly really surprised it doesn’t seem like that’d fit her aesthetic at all and since she’s picky about her aesthetic I’m surprised she’d watch it?

No. 68919

Fucking shit lmao I can't believe she's into BDSM shit. Fuzzy pink handcuffs and hot pink tape?

No. 68923

Didn’t she say in a live-stream before that they’re into ddlg, and it’s okay to be kinky?

No. 68928

this bitch is trying one community after the other. Reminds me of Kelly Eden and you all now what kind of person she is.
On behalf of the BDSM community,
We actually respect people and don't treat them like shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 68932

honestly this is a huge reach, theres like what? 2 BDSM themed videos in that lineup, it doesnt mean she watches them, let alone practices kink

No. 68937

Seriously, there are hundreds of videos people put out that viewers simply just don't watch, there's a huge reach to say she's into hardcore BDSM because someone she's subbed to posts videos of them. I get it about the valid hate on other shit she does but this is a massive jump in assumption.

No. 68952


On behalf of the BDSM community - we accept everyones kinks aslong as it is consent.
If she likes it okay, she does not force it on anyone(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 68953

No one cares about what the ~BDSM community~ thinks. Shut up.

No. 68987

Oh, i'm not on her FB, but she mentions it in the video >>68690 but if any other anon who follows her has screen shots, they can post them.

No. 69008

Oh okay sorry about that

No. 69020

Its in super old threads. She posted the upside down CCS wand she wanted to get on her arm and she got a lot of feedback about it. Such as "its upside down" and "its a bad idea to get a lineless tattoo"

No. 69021

He's probably switching it up by posting her face on "random lol" image macros because he's exhausted of just seeing her. Could you imagine looking at raw uncensored footage of Jillian for hours?

No. 69022

[same poster] Not only living in her rainbow prison but sleeping next to her… that is his waking nightmare. I'd want some visual variation too. Grey and neutral colors to pull from the hyper-saturated eyefuck I'd wake up to every day.

No. 69092

Congrats to all the anons that called Borderline Personality Disorder lol

No. 69093

No. 69094

Can one of yall summarize this bc im not about to watch this dumbass spout about how sad she is for 22 minutes. OT but I also have bpd and the fact that shes so casual and unashamed talking about it is super weird.

No. 69096

Everything about this bullshit video is self serving. Jill never fails to be an attention starved cow bitching about her over privileged pathetic existence. There are so many more pressing matters to be concerned about in the world than being such a narcissistic selfish fuck Jill. Hope her tattoos failures don't hinder her life.

No. 69098

No one cares that you have borderline

She says that she decorates her house because of borderline and she picks up emotions and accents

No. 69099

TBH, I didn't hate her personality in this video. It seemed more real and down to earth than the constant omg ranbie babie talk. I wish that she was like this in more of her videos.

No. 69100

Oh of course she has bpd. It's mad cow disease lolcow edition.

No. 69102

File: 1570759800395.png (29.05 KB, 160x136, Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 9.09…)

im not sure if it's just me but I actually really appreciated and enjoyed that video. its one thing to just be like a lolcow and not have any self awareness at all but, she generally has bpd and that's a serious mental illness. i generally felt a lot of compassion for her after this and I think she did a good job explaning the baby voice and at least we know she isn't "uwu"ing on purpose….

however, and sage for nitpick but i can still see your lightswitch and please cover it up it has been months we all need you to put a lightswitch cover on it please god please

No. 69103

ngl she looked pretty in this video? i think that the blonde and less all over the place colored hair is a really good look for her and for the first time in a while i feel like she's lowkey got a vibin aesthetic today

No. 69104

ok jill(hi cow)

No. 69105

No. 69106


Thank god it aint just me. The light switches are killing me, for a fashion blogger could you put 5 minutes in to at least not display them in every video.

Also we been knew she had BPD? One of the anons on here guessed it a while back I'm pretty sure? Im too lazy to go find the comments but it was on the thread before last

No. 69107

>>mentions going to the hospital at 15 for "suicidal ideolations"
>>was given a psych eval and diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and Disordered Eating
>>told her she has hints of Borderline Personality Disorder but she was too young to make a conclusive diagnosis
>>April 2019 she was formally diagnosed with BPD. Goes on to define it and it's symptoms.
>>Feels a disconnect between her rainbie pastel sunshine online presence and the harsh definition of BPD
>>Hopes the video will help stop the stigmatization of BPD
>>Worries that even if she tries her best explaining her feelings in this video, some of her viewers will fear her and/or see her differently
>>Says people with BPD have high suicide rates, mentions constant struggle with suicidal feelings
>>Says she is coming to terms and accepts she will have BPD for the rest of her life
>>Mentions that in class, she's overly excited about every little thing - "If I'm ever the only one in a room doing something, it's probably [BPD]"
>>"My environment has a huge impact on my mental state"
>>Talks about the ways she tries to regulate her emotions
>>Had a sudden realization not long ago that she makes her house the way it is to make herself happier
>>Talks about how she gets a little too immersed in movies so stressful kinds of movies are difficult for her to sit through
>>soaks up others' emotions "like a sponge"
>>Talks about mimicking and vocal tones
>>Her changing her tones, higher pitches and lower, doing accents, and doing baby talk - she attributes to BPD
>>"It's entirely subconscious and very frustrating and very embarassing"
>>Uses the example that if she watches too much of a certain youtuber, she will start talking like them without meaning to
>>Talks about feeling self aware about how her feelings are sometimes irrational band tries to stay logical about things
>>Says she sometimes has to tell people to "disregard the look on her face and please only take what she says, from her mouth, as what she's feelings"
>>Mentions that some people regard BPD sufferes as pathological liars but that she is the exact opposite, feeling anxiety about lying and saying she doesn't have the energy to lie
>>Was experiencing dissociation more often but after her doctor changed up her mix of medications, it got a lot better
>>Anxiety gets so bad sometimes, she gets nauseous
>>Has been experiencing an increase in sensory overload recently - if rooms are "too hot, too cold, too bright, too dark", she says it messes with her head
>>Hopes this was educational
>>Wants to be happy. Says she is not an angry person, not a malicious person, that she is just a girl born with "brain chemistry and had some not so great things happen in her life"

No. 69108

loooool so many anons have been calling it being BPD for a while now (myself included)
And as stated just know of COURSE it's BPD, every lolcow or spoiled center of attention brat like Jill has it.

No. 69109

>Some not so great things happen
Like fucking what, being "ana"? Getting 99 instead of 100 presents at Christmas? Her family and everyone surrounding her spoiling bet rotten and when they don't they're labeled "toxic" by her? Jumping from cock to cock and then having a short lived lesbian phase where she treated the girl like shit because she wasn't "kawaii rainby aesthetic" enough?
What a hard life it is to be an upper middle class Canadian twat who doesn't have to work a real 9-5 job and happily grabs at the wallets of her autistic following instead.

No. 69110

Samefag, sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes but I tried to take notes as she was talking to condense it for those not wanting to sit through 22 minutes of her just sitting and talking. Now I actually believe she has this and it seems like it really is a very emotionally exhaustive disorder to have. Obviously that doesn't excuse her poor behaviors of the past, I just hope she isn't trying to use this as a catch all get out of jail free card for any time she's mistreated those around her. Having BPD in itself is not a cow thing, it's using it as some excuse for not taking responsibility for one's actions. That's what upsets me about cows, anyway.

I also like her hair like this, although I'm still someone who would prefer she go all blonde if she insists on her rainbow wardrobe because it's easier on the eyes. I just hope her bangs aren't blonde rn only because she about to dye them rainbow again. One can only hope.

No. 69112

File: 1570762166400.png (235.62 KB, 1415x728, jillianvessey_bpdvideo.png)

Oh yeah and forgot to note she ended the video with this and then included suicide prevention help lines for the US, UK, and Canada in the next slide. And that's the whole video.

No. 69113

I agree that it definitely doesn't excuse her shitty actions in the past and the way she's treated people, such as Alyssa, her exes and her ex friends. Though I do think it explains is her childish taste and obnoxious mannerisms. I don't think anyone cares that she watches kids anime anyway, it's more that she has to act like the biggest and best fan of everything that is annoying.

The baby talk and the way she mimicks youtubers are things a lot of us have picked up on. She should just have Steve edit it out if she finds it embarassing and gets comments on it, because it's really not cute. Does she even get many yt comments about it or was it just us she was responding to? Do people call her out on doing it in real life?

No. 69114

We know she lurks but who can say honestly.

The way she gets choked up at the end about talking about how not great things have happened to her seemed to reek of self-pity. And how she says she's incapable of lying but has lied about things and tried to sweep things under the rug makes me really question that point.

No. 69115

Thanks for the summary anon.
Has she ever made it clear whether or not she's actually getting real consistent professional help? BPD is a nightmare from what I've seen of other people with it and only remotely manageable with a lot of work. CBT would probably help her.
Definitely explains her using hair dye and tattoos to cope with depressive bouts.

No. 69119

She should be having DBT, it's especially for people with BPD. Also a lot of the symptoms do get better with age but she's going to have to work on it. I'm sure her parents are buying her all the therapy time she needs.

No. 69124

>And how she says she's incapable of lying but has lied about things and tried to sweep things under the rug makes me really question that point.

remember how she said Neko her cat come from a horrible breeder and she'd never go back, and then got Stickers from the same breeder and praised them?

I dont believe it for a second. Shes been caught lying or just ignoring things to make her seem better in the past before

No. 69133

Vehemently defending herself over the lying thing also makes sense for BPD. There’s a lot of keeping up appearances that people with BPD feel the need to do to not be villianized but I don’t feel like it’s going to go so well for her as a public figure, people have and will catch on to her lies.

I would imagine BPD has high suicide rates due to it not being understood so much & also the amount of psychiatrists who either don’t believe it’s a thing or believe it is the “female” version of APD. Like, neglect to treat any illness and it’ll get worse right? I just hope she actually goes to therapy consistently now rather than how she has described it in the past.

I guess this means the mimicking and INTENSELY holding onto anything rainbow and pastel by the scrotum will not end anytime soon so all hopes of Jillybean maturing have died for me RIP

Also, not trying to blogpost but I had a very similar experience with getting my own PD diagnosis, so I believe her with that one. I feel like it sounds fake to just the average person that a mental health professional would breadcrumb that you have a personality disorder but can’t be diagnosed yet bc age so I just wanted to throw that out there lol.

No. 69137


>I feel like it sounds fake to just the average person that a mental health professional would breadcrumb that you have a personality disorder but can’t be diagnosed yet bc age so I just wanted to throw that out there lol.

I think that they probably told her mom this and then she found out later on after having conversations with her parents on her diagnosis

No. 69138

but BPD comes from abuse and trauma from a young age, what abuse and trauma has she suffered?

No. 69139

For one, her narc mom holds her hand for everything because she's the golden child. It may not seem negative and more like she's spoiled, but it's been known golden children have a harder time adjusting to adulthood.

No. 69140

I think Jill is an annoying and spoiled person who lacks an identity but I'm not seeing her show any of the most notable signs of having BPD. I've read time and time again that BPD people are supposed to be completely unreasonable to deal with and that's why BPD is such a serious disorder. Like they'll be violent, threaten suicide, or accuse people of abusing them. I haven't seen any of that in Jill's actions.

No. 69147

>mimicking other people's voices
>sensory overload
these actually sound like autistic spectrum traits, esp if she's saying she's not an "angry person"

No. 69149

That's not necessarily true. Obviously some people experience more obvious traits than others, but not everyone with bpd is violent and manipulative, the few people that I know with bpd are the sweetest people and still struggle internally every day.

No. 69150

people (especially women) with high-functioning autism are sometimes misdiagnosed with bpd because some of the symptoms are so similar. honestly, her narrow interests, mimicking, etc. are all signs of autism first and foremost, not bpd.

No. 69153

blogpost but i personally know 3 autistic women who were misdiagnosed with bpd at the same age as jill

bpd comes from being abused as a child, jill has not been abused or traumatised by anyone

plus people with bpd dont mimick or get sensory overload like you said, plus she doesnt have the bpd jealousy freak outs

her diagnosis of bpd is bs and she only has it because its the popular ~cute suffering~ illness right now

No. 69156

She has actually accused two of her past exes of abusing her, the punk phase boyfriend and the made up first girlfriend
Remember her theatre kid days, she definitely had jealousy freak outs when she wasn’t cast as the lead, she fell out with all the other kids because of her jealousy and acting out for attention and she has no friends from that phase of her life

No. 69157

>her diagnosis of bpd is bs and she only has it because its the popular ~cute suffering~ illness right now
nah, i'd say it's because of her doctor's incompetence. the one obvious bpd sign she has/had is self-harm, but i can't think of anything else. her childish behaviour and mannierism, mimicking, scripted speech, weird body language, sensory overload, narrow interests are all obvious signs of autism. suicidal thoughts are pretty common for autistic people. average autistic person dies at the age of 36, and one of the leading death causes is suicide.

No. 69160

I actually don't think pixie has Borderline Personality Disorder. It's over-diagnosed in young women, but even reading the comments she admits she doesn't have what is considered a major part of the disorder which is mimicking (skinwalking, in other words)
She doesn't have short, troubled relationships, she keeps the same guy around for years. She has a pretty consistent personality. She has depression for sure but I'm very doubt.jpg about this one, based on my experience with BPD people.

No. 69161

Samefaggotery, it reminds me of Kenna with her autism diagnosis. I think Kenna does have autism but she took the opportunity to really act up her autism in that video, rocking back and forth and stimming and so on. This video is pixie jamming her square self into a round "BPD" hole that she doesn't quite fit into.

No. 69162

first gf was found on deviantart, they dated for like 2 weeks then broke up because it wastn working out, not abuse because they posted literlly all of it publically and uma seemed more hurt than jill over the whole thing
saged for old milk

No. 69163

I might be wrong but isn’t a specific test the only medical proof of a certain mental illness? I can’t remember the name, but it is a 1/2 hours long test with a lot of questions that has to be analized with a software after, it also detects lies and stuff like that. If a therapist is only diagnosing using his own knowledge, on top of the possibility of being wrong, it could also specifically say that to gain more money/hours of therapy. I feel
like half the girls I met with weird colored hair told me they have bpd because of this

No. 69166


You don't need to go through any lie detector tests/software. However it takes a few weeks to diagnose mental illnesses, such as ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar & BPD. You can't diagnose within just one session unless it's something simpler (like GAD/Depression.) I hate to say this but I don't think you guys should deny her illness. One of the biggest telltale sign for BPD is self harm such as cutting, so it's quite likely that she does have it. But mental illness is not even that milky tbh, I'm here for the antics.

No. 69170

Loads of people cut, anxiety, ed, depression, all of which jill has no? its milky because she is going to play it as an excuse for everyhting she does, like she was in the video
also i bet she will start with the whole ~abuse victim survivor~ shit now

No. 69171

I guess because of my poor english some things got lost in translation, but I wasn’t implying any lie detector test, I was just trying to explain how this pretty serious test works and how I tought every therapist used it. I got diagnosed by doing that, that’s why I’m trying to explain that. What my therapist tought was my diagnose was similar to the actual result but not spot on. For some reason everyone has bpd now and someone has to be a liar.

No. 69173

There are some widely used psychological assessment tests like the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and the Revised NEO Personality Inventory (these are common in the US and Canada; there are probably different ones used in other countries and languages), but they’re not at all required for psych diagnosis in the US and Canada.

No. 69178


No, BPD comes from childhood trauma of any nature plus genetic factors. If someone has a genetic predisposition a much smaller trauma in their environment while their brain is developing can lead to bpd later in life. The traumas include childhood abuse but aren't limited to it. Its also not a heavily diagnosed disorder. Only around 1.5% of the population has an actual diagnosis. I don't know about Canada but in the US we're heavily discouraged from throwing out personality disorder diagnosis because they're lifelong labels. (Blogpost but I am in the field with a doctorate) There's no medication specifically for them and therapy can only teach you to recognize the signs of what you're doing and help you cope. There's no reason for people to not believe her other than just hating her and being obstinate. You can't say it's her incompetent therapist when in the hospital other psychiatric workers mentioned she had symptoms of bpd but wouldn't diagnose her with it. Usually diagnosis are just made using the DSM criteria. Unstable relationships don't usually mean many quick intense relationships. People with bpd often have long friendships or relationships with people that have intense highs and intense lows. They go from thinking you're the and wanting to spend all their time with you to treating you like an object or like shit. You see that in all her exes and ex friendships. Especially if you remember how many of her exes have gotten either really depressed after the breakup or have changed a TON after it.idk there's no reason to be debating if she has it or not.

No. 69195

calling horse shit on accent mimicking being such a telling BDP symptom. humans mirror accents because it subconsciously signals to the other person you’re similar to them and therefor trustworthy/part of their ‘tribe’. it’s the same with body language mirroring. all people are hardwired to mimic to fit in.

No. 69198

File: 1570845047380.jpg (52 KB, 500x550, idunnowhat.jpg)

everybody here saw this from a mile away. also i don't like how she was fishing for pity the entire video.she essentially blames her bpd for everything people point out on here.
also bpd isn't a permanent diagnosis. you can recover with proper psychological treatment.

No. 69202

>Especially if you remember how many of her exes have gotten either really depressed after the breakup or have changed a TON after it.idk there's no reason to be debating if she has it or not.

…but the only ex of hers that we know was depressed was Alyssa because of how she was treated and dumped. Her other two exes seem to be relatively normal young people with normal changes and phases that occur in people who grow up and don't cling to rainbows and baby talk and children's anime.

I highly doubt she was traumatized as a child and that's the sole cause and explanation for her spoiled and self absorbed behavior that's been documented for years. You're giving her too much credit. Honestly, BPD is such a copout disorder that barely anyone who has it is willing to do the work to not treat everyone in their life like shit. It pisses me off that there are people like that out there that are coddled as hell and never have to face real consequences. Whenever Steve gets worn down, Jill will just find a new lackey, when she's shit at fashion design and production, she'll just get her fans and parents to powder her ass while she floats through life with no purpose.

No. 69213

>Especially if you remember how many of her exes have gotten either really depressed after the breakup or have changed a TON after it


>idk there's no reason to be debating if she has it or not

Right, because she doesn't.

No. 69221

>pretending like Collin wasn’t a shell of himself after wrestling away from her claws
I swear there’s so many new people here who are just looking at the past year and haven’t seen her shit from the start. She’s 100% someone with bpd

No. 69228

Watching the video and based on the comments here, on whether or not she has BPD, she was diagnosed with it (taking her word for it), and even if it's a misdiagnosis, is it really her fault? Wouldn't that be more of a systematic issue?

But honestly hopping on the mental health day bandwagon is a trend done in poor taste. So many people are using it for self-serving/narcissism. Social media is so bad for mental illness and there are better ways to spread awareness imo.

No. 69229

She has claimed in the past the relationship was abusive and the age gap was a factor, she made out that the girl was manipulative and controlling which is the same she said about the punk era boyfriend

No. 69234

i believe uma was 16 and jill was 14 when they dated, so not exactly an abusive age gap
and they literally dated for a like a week and it was jill who left uma upset, telling uma she would love to stay friends and such, its all screenshot in one of the earlier threads
i know because i was the one who foumd her deviantart, its been deleted now i think

saged for more old milk but the whole abusive girlfriend is bullshit, their entire relationship played out on deviantart pretty much, including arugments over smoking i believe

No. 69236

Yeah a few anons got told off for armchair diagnosing this a while back

The whole vid is really a big pity party for her but personality disorders aren't like depression.. it's having a series of maladaptive behaviours and often the people around them suffer

It's not unusual for people with bpd to lie constantly and then claim to be 'the most honest person on earth' like she did in this vid lol. Being abused is one of the main lies they tell. They rewrite their own past to garner sympathy

She also spoke about it being 'a lifelong thing that she has to deal with' but there are remission rates for bpd if a person will simply get behavioural therapy and take ownership of their behaviours to change. Really shitty that she's spreading a message of it being a lost cause

No. 69237

>average autistic person dies at the age of 36, and one of the leading death causes is suicide.
lmao. source? you sound like you're pulling statistics out of your ass

Jill would never commit suicide. She lacks the will to.

>It pisses me off that there are people like that out there that are coddled as hell and never have to face real consequences. Whenever Steve gets worn down, Jill will just find a new lackey, when she's shit at fashion design and production, she'll just get her fans and parents to powder her ass while she floats through life with no purpose.
That's just rich people in general. Look at Caroline Calloway. Or any other kid with a trust fund safety net.

No. 69239

The autism obsession is seeping into alot of threads lately

She ticks nearly every box for bpd (you only need 5 out of the 9 traits) and even if some anons think bpd is over-diagnosed in women (I agree) I could still see her benefiting from dialectical behavioural therapy if she'd just stop playing the victim and work on herself. Her claim that it's a permanent issue that she can't help goes against what professionals say

No. 69251

Ik I’m late but this video baffles me. I’m sure she has something wrong with her, but I’m not sure if this is it? I feel like regardless she has narcissistic personality disorder instead of ontop of it.

There’s multiple questions after watching this video. Why is she so happy about this diagnosis? Is the fact she lied about being unable to lie part of her illness as a pathological liar, or is she genuinely that delusional (“I have delusional feelings but not delusional thoughts”) to believe she doesn’t lie? Her saying she cares about her friends feelings and absorbs their emotions over the smallest thing clearly isn’t even true when we’ve seen screenshots of her blatantly doing the opposite and dismissing her friends or even being outright rude to them. Clearly her friends feelings weren’t brought into any consideration when she fucked Tracey’s manfriend.

Are her explanations of BPD accurate? Watching the video felt like watching someone have their first ever conscious thought. A lot of the things she listed are normal human thoughts or behaviors.

The aura this video gives off is basically a checklist of everything ever complained about here, which she now excuses as BPD. It just really rubs me wrong. I hope with a diagnosis she at least gets help and improves on her behavior a bit but I highly doubt anything will change. I don’t really care about her copying dialect but I certainly do care about her wreckless drinking/sex & emotional swings, pathological lying, & wreckless tattooing.

I find it funny as well that she says she changed her meds and suddenly felt better. If she’s being prescribed one wrong medication I wonder how many others she’s taking are effecting her negatively.

No. 69261

Her sole example of how she "dissociates" which was that she was walking along and thought "was that fountain always there? These trees are so tall!" is the weakest thing I've ever heard. When she's listing off the traits she says "BPD" in a cutesy voice like it's a nice thing.

She reminds me of Umbridge from Harry Potter. The overly happy and cute relaying of messages which may not be entirely true.

No. 69263

I still think about how she has literally never used any of the garbage that the confetti club gifted her in that giant mystery box, I bet it all ended up in the local goodwill

No. 69264

No. 69265

forgot to sage

No. 69268

AYRT here: Thanks for providing me with the link. It's interesting, but it looks like you only looked at the headline. The first study was about how ASD raises the risk of accidental death in children especially with drowning. As clueless Jill is, I doubt she is going to fall into a swimming pool anytime soon. The other linked ASD an a very low life expectancy with also having a learning disability. It's probably talking about people with severe autism. Jill is stupid but she seems cognitively normal to me.

No. 69269

She's certainly not unusual in having BPD and claiming to be 'the most honest and caring emotional sponge' when in reality that's not what the disorder does.. it's typically overly sensitive people feeling alot of their own internal pain and lashing out at those closest to them, then hiding that side from the rest of the world if they can

Her biased and self serving explanation of BPD was dressed up to make her look better. You can usually tell a borderline is recovering and getting real help when they can admit to some lies and shittiness or see how they were both a perpetrator and a victim at different times.. not just a constant victim

No. 69273

>Especially if you remember how many of her exes have gotten either really depressed after the breakup or have changed a TON after it

That's an exaggeration. Alyssa's reaction was understandable given what happened, but she, Colin and Tristan were able to re-adjust to their normal lives post-Jillian. If Tristan was depressed, it wasn't something we were really privy to (though we can assume he was upset at Colin for a while) and Colin had no reason to be depressed because he's the one that broke up with Jill in the first place.

No. 69280

okay so not to wk (I'm am more or less a newfag so this is more me being ignorant. i have been trying to read old threads but I haven't finished them) anyway, are we sure she hasn't had any other trauma from her earlier childhood? Have any of you been following her long enough to know and be aware of any other trauma or do we think she is generally manipulating the audience with the "breakup" story?

No. 69282

I'm wondering if she was bullied at some point, but I don't know enough on it to justify that kind of trauma becoming BPD. Other than that, unless we can count having some kind of lasting emotional issues from her mom battling cancer (or do we have an actual timeline for that), I'm thinking she's mostly BS-ing.

No. 69286

>it's typically overly sensitive people feeling alot of their own internal pain and lashing out at those closest to them, then hiding that side from the rest of the world if they can

>You can usually tell a borderline is recovering and getting real help when they can admit to some lies and shittiness or see how they were both a perpetrator and a victim at different times.. not just a constant victim

this, exactly. Source: DBT did me a lot of good (sorry for blogpost)

If she genuinely has BPD, and is genuinely a caring person being crippled by a crap disorder, then she'll throw herself full force into DBT therapy. It is so effective that people who give their full effort typically go on to reduce the symptoms so significantly that they no longer qualify for the diagnosis after several years (even untreated, most people no longer qualify by the time they hit middle age, people learn their lessons and chill with age…just way slower than typical emotional development).

It -used- to be considered the Absolute Hell Forever Disorder, but these days it's basically "curable," (for lack of a better word) when people do the extremely difficult emotional work to get through it. I do sympathize with the desire to destigmatize the disorder, just because it is so treatable and the less stigma, the easier it is for people causing serious chaos to fix their sh*t. Even if she's being self serving by wanting to participate in destigmatization (again - presuming correct diagnosis), tbh that's to be expected at this point. It takes quite a bit of time for significant improvement, and Jill clearly is a very narcissism-flavored borderline, if she does BPD.

Also, you guys do realize that people can have BPD and ASD at the same time, right? Growing up as a girl with undiagnosed ASD is significant enough trauma for a genetically-predisposed brain to develop BPD as an adult. Girls in particular are underdiagnosed, and more sensitive to the peer rejection and adult criticism that are typical responses to autistic behavior & traits – especially when there's no sense of "this is annoying but we know she can't help it," to temper things.

Sorry for so much armchair? Since it's the topic of the video, presumably this is all reasonable discussion atm.

No. 69291

anons have said that she was the school bully before, no idea how true that is though
but what trauma has she been through?

No. 69294

The only "bullying" she's experienced was debunked with that cringey video she did with her mom where she whined about her drama class hating her because they were jealous of her talent, while in reality Jill was insufferable and threw a fit over not getting a lead role in a play.

The things she decribes as awful experiences are her overreacting, overstating the truth, or straight up lying. Every time she travels she has a social media meltdown and won't stop posting about vomiting, anxiety, staying in her hotel room all day, wasting all of her money on children's anime toys until she runs out of money in a foreign country, having "the worst con ever" because of minor inconviniences and then getting blackout drunk on benzos and alcohol…she is a trainwreck of her own creation. She will never grow and learn how to have accountability or deal with less than perfect situations like an adult.

No. 69298

File: 1570934696404.png (997.71 KB, 1042x768, Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 12.4…)

havent posted here before so sorry if I do something wrong, but I honestly didn't realise how much weight she had actually gained until I went back and looked at her old vids. First and second image are only 7 months apart but holy shit she looks so much worse, she's starting to resemble a pig that got forced to play dress up with a toddler kek

No. 69303

She seems like the kind of person to say that she was horribly bullied when in reality it was probably the typical school yard teasing. A narc mom that always praises their kid for breathing is a helluva way to fuck them up. Raising them to not understand that not every negative comment is an attack.

No. 69314

Chances are, she caused her own trauma. Cutting at a young age and suffering an eating disorder at 14 is enough to make things worse. Inb4 Jill lurks this forum and leaks the actual diagnosis papers because everyone is armchairing it lol

She's much younger than a good chunk of her fans, let's not forget. She started out in her early teens, is a social media presence at that age even good for mental health? And to pair that with her obsessive personality to boot.

What >>69303 said is also quite likely. Pampering/coddling your child is a form of negligence and we all know she is a snowflake

No. 69326

Willing to bet that her medication change was taking her off benzos and putting her on an atypical antipsychotic like seroquel or zyprexa, which are know to cause significant weight gain - sometimes even with a balanced diet & moderate exercise (for the ana chans lurking).

Agreed. Having an NPD parent is traumatizing enough - whether you're the golden child or the scapegoat. BPD is biopsychosocial - i.e. genetics loads the gun, enviroment pulls the trigger. With those genes, a much less "traumatic" environment causes more significant distress than it would to someone who isn't predisposed (which would explain why her brother managed to turn out alright).

No. 69327


We can figure her mom has NPD, but wasn't her mom really sick when Jill was a little kid? That could be something traumatic.

No. 69328

its not just any trauma, its something that makes the person lose faith in relationships, so like abuse

No. 69331

>even if it's a misdiagnosis, is it really her fault? Wouldn't that be more of a systematic issue?

The mental health care in this part of Canada is a joke at best. I've seen many doctors and therapists, and all of them take my own diagnoses as fact. There is a huge chance that Jill went into this thinking she has BPD, told her doctor that, and then essentially got her doctor to "confirm" it by telling her all of the symptoms of it she has, and then asking her doctor for a medication commonly associated with it.

So yeah, while it is somewhat systemic, I'm gonna guess Jill essentially just diagnosed herself and the doctors here are so mediocre that they won't bother to check.

No. 69337

sage but I just realized the face of the pic on the left is giving me Yaniv vibes

No. 69342

How does that explain anything about her brother? If he's the scapegoat to her golden child, why is he so normal and well adjusted while his sister mades a show of imploding on the internet? I don't think that's how it works with narcissistic parents or even mystery bpd genetics.

I feel like some of you like to throw around terms like you know what you're talking about without using any critical thinking. It would great if we all could stop throwing around trauma as an explanation as to why this cow is awful when, by all indications, she has had a normal pampered life. Trauma can obviously happen to anyone, but plenty of people face violence, sexual abuse, etc. without becoming coddled, emotionally stunted, washed up youtubers.

No. 69349

this is a good point, I know most of us are jil's age or older but I feel like even then none of us are therapists. although i do feel like maybe the way her mom brought her up could have had an affect. also her mom might just be one of those moms who are more connected to girls rather than boys/ someone who always wanted a girl at first because that could explain why jill was so sheltered/became coddled and sheltered? I think that as much as it shouldn't exist, maybe jill is just treated as the favorite child and is unaware of that and her brother is which is why he is more in touch with reality then she is?

No. 69350

Mental health care in general is a joke

How do you know her brother is well-adjusted? He doesn't seem that way me to me

No. 69357


>>>Trauma can obviously happen to anyone, but plenty of people face violence, sexual abuse, etc. without becoming coddled, emotionally stunted, washed up youtubers.

Not to whiteknight but this statement sounds like a fallacy to me. Yeah other people go through worse and still adjust well to life, and some don't. But guess what, most of her fanbase are snowflakes with munchausen's (plus many of them are broke but use their money to skinwalk Jill rather than do something with life) and that milk is what keeps this forum going anyways.

No. 69361

He's more "well adjusted" because he never had his hand held doing adult things so he got the hang of it faster. He may seem more normal because he picks and chooses what he shows on social media. That's the plus side of being neglected by your family, anything regarding the scapegoat's mental illness is mainly shared by the scapegoat at their choice.

No. 69368

Wow, you're right, poor Jillian is so fragile, how could anyone expect her to function going through so much unfathomable pain. Some people are super sensitive and can't handle less than positive attention even when they are literally paid public figures. Such trauma to live in a whole house you designed paid for by videos of spending money on fast fashion and makeup, so much hardship.

Some of you need to dip a toe into reality.

No. 69394

i think that this is a bit harsh. Obviously those aspects of her life are great but think about the non-dreamlike aspects of her life. Her mom had cancer when Jil was young and that can have major affects on perceiving time as when dealing with life or death experiences, it warps your perception of time. For a few of the people I know, and myself as well, these types of events can cause you to have trouble visioning the future (for some its seeing a month ahead and for others about 6-8 months ahead). This could explain why she constantly spends her money and freaks out at small things and smaller traumas (or mini-traumas depending on whether you're taking psychology or psychiatry, I think that there are other terms but my brain is blanking) due to the fractured perception of herself throughout time, and the inability to conceptualize that things will pass and time heals, can lead to more fractured thinking and processing. Not only to top it of with MDD and GAD (if I'm correct, I believe that she said she has Major Depressive Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder) which when combined can noticeably inhibit the brain from processing and adjusting to events and topics as clearly as one normally can- which can lead to her being more susceptible to trauma and even more fractured thinking. With the combination of this, along with the fact that she has been sheltered and supported for the majority of her life (I can't say all of her life as I mean I wasn't there for her middle and lower school years- however we know for her teenage years she had a large support system) can cause the move to college and being faced with smaller conflicts- such as the weird interactions and exclusions from events with the moonmist girls- to hurt her much more and heighten these childhood traumas by proving her unrealistic view on life and emotional bonds not being permanent to be proven with these interactions by her friends. I think that there is a general reason for her to have gone through at least minor trauma which may have transformed to moderate through her fragile perception on life.

Yes, Jil is annoying but, I do not think we can throw out the possibility for AT LEAST some minor trauma along with her treatment (wealthy and strong support system) by her parents to going off to college and being on her own to be a noteable factor into creating her BPD - of course she could be misdiagnosed because although I haven't finished Med School, I'm not entirely convinced that she could be diagnosed with BPD, however my knowledge on the subject is about 2nd year level so I can't say for sure.

No. 69396

File: 1571015605577.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1847, 2829FF03-C2F0-4857-886F-0F4296…)

Ever her fans draw the grease roots now

No. 69398

the art is kinda cute, but looks nothing like her.

No. 69399

also it is possible that trauma happened to her that we don't know about. Sure, she posts a lot online and we can also dig up a lot, but its possible that things happened to her and she did not share them with the online world. I also kind of doubt the BPD diagnosis, just because I have a close friend who has it and I have first hand encounter with the symptoms (but also I know people don't always have the same symptoms or they can display differently, blah blah blah.) We can speculate all we want, but we can't 100% without a doubt say that she never had trauma that could cause BPD(armchair blog)

No. 69401

File: 1571019706225.jpg (27.17 KB, 350x250, DKfzSocUIAEgVrE.jpg)

No. 69403

ayrt: lmaooo thats true tho, you're right about that I was just purely talking about it from a medical perspective (2 years into med school & completed basic psych lmao so not entirely armcharing but kinda armcharing since I'm not done lol) but you are right. we talk about this in class actually and apparently it's the correct thing to do as a psychologist especially when diagnosing, it's putting yourself in the perspective of the entitled patient, where it's like, nobody can realize they're entitled and privileged until they have a relatively clean brain (as far as dealing & coping with whatever mental illness they have). I guess since Jill isn't here, although she lurks, she wouldn't be able to see it so I don't have to speak it out while ignoring the privileged behavior.

anyway yeah that picture is priceless(armchair blog)

No. 69406

didn't Jill bring up her mom having cancer in a tattoo blog in a really inappropriate way? also remember that time when she nearly killed her emotional support cat because she had to have kaweewee tinsel decorations…then proceeded to keep said tinsel around regardless like she learned nothing?

Nearly every person I've known who claimed had BPD was also incredibly selfish and inconsiderate so she fits the bill on that for sure kek

No. 69427

Not so great things like what? She has been pampered all her life and her relationship with her family seems good.

No. 69429

I would think that super coddled people get affected by smaller things than people in normal situations, ie your parents having a bigger fight and shouting at each other, so it might even be something like that. And, of course, everyone gets affected by different things differently. Just because her life is effortless and she's rich, doesn't mean that nothing bad has ever happened in her life, however minuscule. I would also think that having a mom as your best friend and not as your parent and guardian can fuck you up somehow. Not that we can ever confirm if anything ever happened, since even if she spoke about something traumatic happening she is a known liar so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

No. 69589


God, this made me laugh.

And just my 2 cents: I really do think Jillian has BPD. I know the early 50s version of Jill. She always has to get a prize - first prize - for everything. If she isn't rewarded as such, she freaks out, as would be expected. She does well at what she does for the most part, but it's more for the prize than for the actual doing it. This woman has 2 daughters she raised like reptiles and emotionally tormented all their lives (they now have nothing but resentment and hatred for her and have nothing to do with her). Her daughters took the attention away from her - how dare they! They could never be as beautiful and talented and as exceptional as her!

She reminds me oh so much of Jill. I think she really does have star power but she lacks true charisma as a result of BPD. She's always acting. It's always The Jill Show, and her entire life is a performance.(blog, armchair)

No. 69659

What is sad about Jill is her disingenuous nature. She's so staged and fake. It's hard to take her seriously.

No. 69699

i feel this. even if something was wrong with her it's hard to even believe her or care.

No. 69818

new videos up

No. 69819

>How I Maintain My Rainbow Hair

You don't???

No. 69820

File: 1571352136598.png (1.3 MB, 1418x734, jill_roots.png)

She actually calls herself out on this, probably because we point out her greasy looking roots so often. Kind of makes it worse that she doesn't care, though?

Also I'm this anon
>> I just hope her bangs aren't blonde rn only because she about to dye them rainbow again. One can only hope.
Sigh, I just knew I shouldn't have hoped for different, she just won't let them go despite the fact that they look so bad.

No. 69822

I hope that this is the last video she ever films in that bathroom. The pink walls just messes with the white balance and makes her look read faced and bloated.
Also, has she ever thought about leaving her hair in the natural brown but keeping the rainbi bangs? It would be less maintenance and she can still have her rainbow look.

No. 69825

>>Says she is coming to terms and accepts she will have BPD for the rest of her life

ok not true, with a combination of medication, individual therapy, and something like DBT she can absolutely learn to manage her emotions and improve her coping mechanisms. she just needs to not be fucking lazy and actually do the work.

No. 69827

The cake face. Much style rainby qween forever. This bitch is the absolute worse when it comes to her hair but she can’t lose her aesthetic even if she’s lazy af

No. 69835

that's real funny jill because you….don't

not to parrot >>69819 but I literally came here to say the same thing

No. 69844

nitpicks: WHY did she not take her earrings or plugs out when dyeing her hair, and WHY did she use one of her nice plates to mix dye on. Why.

No. 69865

File: 1571372435841.png (710.23 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20191017-211826.png)

Why God why?

No. 69888

That bathroom gives me a fucking headache and I hate when she films videos in there. I don't know why she chose the ugliest, most obnoxious shade of pink to paint a small windowless room. A pastel pink would've been much more pleasant while still fitting her precious aesthetic.

No. 69889

not to defend her but she'll still have it for the rest of her life? Sure you can manage but your brain is still different (still its not an excuse)

No. 69893

No.It's not like you have to actively manage it forever. A lot of people have other things along with it that they do have to manage forever (like depression or anxiety) but with proper therapy, most of the distorted thinking that leads to destructive behavior can be re-adjusted. It's a personality disorder, the brain factors really aren't a factor for lifetime management like they are for mental illnesses. Sage for obvious reasons.

Jill can get better. It's up to her to do it. She can go on to live a totally normal life, but it takes time and some people take years. It's actually a disorder that tends to resolve itself by the time people are middle aged. But good god I hope Jill doesn't just fart around with half assed therapy acting like a womanchild until life forces her to get her shit together.

No. 69950

Her overlining the lipstick is so wonky in this video, I couldn't look away.

No. 69985

File: 1571435165847.jpg (56.12 KB, 800x450, red.jpg)

Reminded me of this guy kek

No. 70192


late on this but there are kawaii workout gear options from lots of brands in pretty big sizing (the official USA pusheen shop sells pusheen leggings and sports bras and stuff up to a 3 or 4xl and she loves pusheen); she could even just do lots of jpop dance covers as exercise and film or stream it.

No. 70506

No. 70507

New video

No. 70510

File: 1571774386941.jpg (50.2 KB, 935x529, delicioustinsel.jpg)

I can't believe this is what she considers 'halloween decor'

Also, there's that cat friendly tinsel she refuses to take down. She epends nearly 9 minutes talking about bullshit before she actually 'decorates' anything

No. 70521

File: 1571783972302.png (1.77 MB, 1796x932, Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 5.24…)


I thought that the white table behind her was her KITCHEN table? She doesn't have a dining room table, I can't imagine eating on that tchotchke filled table every day… poor steve

anyway, >>70510 that's ALL i could think during this video. Her halloween decor seems to be just autumn based items such as pumpkins & candles (this may only be loosely autumn based depending on where you're from), the only real halloween decorations are the small jack-o-lantern lights and bobbles and the two skull cups.The pumpkins were all "aesthetic uwu" pumpkins… either pastel flower pumpkin pots, or painted pumpkins with puff balls on them which takes away the halloween aspect of them, and along with some astrology…. items? I'm not sure how that qualifies as a halloween decoration to be honest.

then the "decorating" session was just putting them on her tv stand and leaving the rest of the pastel pumpkins to clutter up her kitchen table.

i know she's trying to make more content for youtube but this video felt nothing like a "halloween get ready for me" even with her aesthetic. I feel like if she wanted to keep the kawaii pastel partykei aesthetic she could have atleast switched the main colors to be purple, green and orange pastels for her fake pumpkins and stuff… the mood I got from this was easter

i dont know, i just feel like this was a whole mess of a video, but the editing steve did was funny with the saw part and although it's a bit jarring for her aesthetic, i laughed out loud once so it's alright

No. 70524

this video is so dumb and pointless but at least I dont hate her lewk. I like the side swoop bangs….

No. 70530

Her hair looks so much better here and she actually looks cute with the side bangs.

No. 70535

File: 1571792552015.png (1.35 MB, 1421x755, jills_house.png)

The c l u t t e r makes me anxious

No. 70538

I feel like this video could have been a lot more effective if she had crafted more. She could have made the little witch hats and painted glitter pumpkins on camera. Sadly, that takes effort. Just showing off decorations could have been achieved with an Instagram post.

No. 70556

She actually looks cute for once?

Her halloween decor was pretty tame, she could have just DIYd some pastel spooky stuff rather than quickly showing some rainbow pumpkins..

No. 70577

Dust sweeping must be a pain in the ass in her apartment

No. 70583

anon you know she doesn't dust

No. 70584

ot but that was the first time i heard her speak french?

No. 70748

Her french is so bad ,Holy shit.
Anglophones in the intro classes at my uni have better pronunciation than her lol
For someone who boasts about how good her french is… Yikes.

No. 70777

Trilingual my fucking ass. She barely speaks English well

No. 71107

Anyone else find it completely bizarre how invested Jill is in this mentally retarded anime cartoon that is geared towards children? And then goes on to act like she's the supreme authority in Precure fandom? Kek it's literally the most pathetic thing I think I've ever heard or seen in my life that an adult woman is this obsessed with something so stupid and pointless.

No. 71109

damn anon calm down it’s just a cartoon
im not into precure myself and ive only seen a few episode of the kirakira one, but im always amazed how absolutely enraged and spergy anons become over the fact that it’s a kids show. Shrug. I’ve seen more pathetic on this site.

No. 71113

No. 71123

if you don't have anything to contribute then at the very least sage

No. 71127

Didn't know you were a fat sweaty egghead nerd Jill devotee Anon. Kek that is nearly as pathetic.

No. 71129

fucking chill.

Anyway, I do NOT understand how you can make a 13 minute video of speculation based on just a logo and name. Or rather, why she thought it was a good idea? This was one of the most boring videos she’s put out in a while.

No. 71130

At least post the video in question ya turds.

Not really. Most sentai and magical girl animes like Precure are designed to sell merch anyway and fans like Jill buy it. It feeds her plastic desires, it's no rocket science that she's obsessed with it. Her acting like a genius about it is really only 'cuz she panders to the English fans of the series that follow her, so it draws her views in.

No. 71132

You know, I gotta give props to Jill for figuring out how to sperg over a fucking logo for that long. She really, REALLY loves PreCure, you can tell this is a genuine interest of hers, I'm glad something actually pleases her. Tbh, majority of this sperg was repetitive & probably just her going off her head like someone usually does during their downtime, she's just doing it in front of the camera.

No. 71555

I always think adults that are obsessed with actual children's media are creepy. Jill isn't the worst (Bronies take the cake there,) she sure does autistically focus on her choice of kid's anime.

No. 71557

I skipped through the video
>Jill spergs about her favorite precure season, a la Mode
>Google it: is exactly like Tokyo Mew Mew?
Isn't that the one Jill said she didn't even finish because she didn't like it?

No. 71593

No. 71596

On one hand I'm glad she's thrusting more

On the other hand, i have seen better thrift hauls than this, hell I have thrifted better items than this.

No. 71597

*thrifting! Yikes

No. 71598

File: 1572650421827.jpeg (62.78 KB, 551x744, 8A52ED5F-E8FD-4046-8A74-C928B2…)

No. 71599

>>Bought a pair of pink cherry patterned pajama pants that she states will definitely not fit her but will be using as materials to make something else
AKA instead of someone else finding it in the thrift store and getting a cute pair of pj pants, it's going to rot away with the other project materials she's totally going to use someday. That's just wasteful.

No. 71600

File: 1572651779738.png (4.35 MB, 1800x1800, 34B452B5-5383-4B17-91A2-81EEA9…)

holy christ jill. i was never a fan of anachan jilliebean but it’s getting ridiculous now. side note but did she seem very manic/all over the place in this video to anybody else?

No. 71604

this is a goofy reach….. the animal theme and name gimmick are similar, but the themes of the show and action in precure are different

No. 71605

File: 1572654746171.png (81.32 KB, 1018x442, Capture _2019-11-01-20-29-34~2…)

Confetti Club is Satan, confirmed.

Sorry for potential-but-unintended autism. Just clicked on the video to cringe-watch and that happened to be the number of likes.

No. 71606

File: 1572655158111.jpg (326.27 KB, 673x746, jill.jpg)

Jill is going to just keep ballooning, its only going to get worse from here.
In a year from now she'll be 30 pounds heavier and constantly making fat positive content/ pushing the whole plus-size beauty influencer bit harder. Im calling it.

No. 71608

OT but I hate how body positivity has completely thrown aside flattery of clothes. Someone needs to tell Jill the pencil skirt does nothing for large round bellies.
Stick to the pleated a-lines, Jilly bean.

No. 71610

At least sage your dumb shit.

No. 71613


Oof imagine living in that pink hell, I really do feel bad for her boyfriend, not even the basement walls can have a nice neutral color, everything needs to be obnoxiously pink. Her thrifts are meh but I really do like that lavender jacket she said everyone compliments, it would look really nice with a normal outfit.


Yeah I got the manic vibes too. She was baby talking a lot too, but at least she is getting out of the house and, I assume, up to date with her college work.

No. 71620

File: 1572664091206.jpeg (72.5 KB, 740x725, E9657BCE-96FF-4644-8B04-51BD3D…)

the bangs…..

No. 71625

File: 1572667577246.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, 3C8D8501-8191-4CD9-A8A1-4FCA11…)

Looks like she dressed up as Patrick while steve was spongebob for halloween.
Kek, how perfect for her.

No. 71627

holy shit shes obese, how much calories does she eat per day ffs

No. 71635

I didn't realize how big her newest precure tattoo was, seeing it now in comparison to the rest of her body, its fucking massive. I know she wants to make her whole leg magical girl themed, but so far they all seem pretty disconnected.

No. 71636

not a jill stan just wondering why every time she posts something you all repeat the same thing about her being fat and liking precure and rainbow stuff as if that isn’t her brand.

No. 71638

because every time she makes a new post she's exponentially fatter than the last

No. 71641

why are all of her skirts so short it scares me

No. 71643

Anyone else find it odd that she didn’t try on the gem shirt after stating it was a 2X, made a point of saying that jacket is an Asian large (I don’t believe it was, she thinks it looks made in Japan but western brands have made items like that before) and then didn’t say what size the pink shirt at the end was

No. 71644


this is prob the most annoying nitpick but are those kitchen shears she's holding?? they have the nut cracker thing

No. 71661

>made a point of saying that jacket is an Asian large
It's hilarious because it's not an Asian large, but a Junior Large. I figured out what brand the Jacket was, Plugg. She tried obscuring the name in the closeups.

No. 71669

I don't even think it's in juniors sizing, but women's sizing. All of the stuff I can find for that brand is listed as men's/women's, and their models are like, grown women. Not a brand geared towards younger people.

No. 71691

Wish she'd wear scirts that hide her massive ass. Especially when planning to sit on tables.

No. 71693

This is OT but I started watching She-ra the show Jill cosplayed a character from and as soon as that character started talking it was eerie because Jill is mimicking they way she talks, that thing she does now where she just randomly shouts “HAH” is directly ripped from the character

No. 71694

She wasn't kidding when she said she looked terrible in hats.

No. 71704

the "japanese size large" jacket looked horrible on her

No. 71718

The character suits her, loud, obnoxious past the point of being annoying, self involved, self serving, backstabbing as a result of her self interest, all ways you could describe Jill

No. 71942

File: 1573038756599.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1544, Screenshot_20191106-121119_1.p…)

she looks like she's pushing 40…

No. 72032


jill would really benefit from the IG makeup style technique of outlining your brows with concealer, as well as a solid moisturizer. she should opt for a dewey foundation as well if she wants to keep wearing bright unflattering colors, it would age her less.

No. 72082

No. 72084

It's amazing how much younger she looks without the clown make up. She actually looks her age vs looking like a middle aged mom like normal and it's so frustrating she doesn't see that.

No. 72085

File: 1573148705444.jpg (457.09 KB, 1366x768, fallout.jpg)

>>72082 the fallout

No. 72086

File: 1573148808129.jpg (442.66 KB, 1366x768, chins.jpg)

No. 72087

File: 1573148873521.jpg (450.12 KB, 1366x768, chins2.jpg)

>>72086 this have to be part of the new thread pic

No. 72089

I definitely feel like it's the combination of bright lipstick and bright eyeshadow that makes her look 20 years older. If she kept the eye makeup colorful but somewhat simple with a less overbearing lip color or went with bright lips but kept the eye makeup somewhat basic she'd look way better….but we know that won't happen since those are too normie and not kaweewee enough

No. 72090

Her blush goes all the way to her lower lash line. What the fuck.

No. 72094

i kekked when she admitted to having moonface

No. 72097

She says she starts off barefaced, but there's clearly eyeliner and also stuff in her eyebrows. It's so gross that she doesn't properly wash her face.

No. 72098

Jesus has she always applied her blush like a toddler or is it specially bad for this video? because I genuinely don't remember it being this bad

also yeah I agree with anons that if she toned down her lipstick her makeup would look much better

No. 72099

File: 1573154582171.png (2.04 MB, 2070x1084, Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 2.22…)

Her skin looks so dry and crusty. She uses WAY too much product for everything-highlighter, foundation, blush, eyeshadow- it's so garish.

No. 72100

File: 1573154718444.png (3.03 MB, 2076x1086, Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 2.25…)

No. 72101

yeah it looks super bad, especially how uneven the placement is on one side compared to the other

No. 72102

File: 1573155657200.jpeg (130.41 KB, 839x749, B5F673A0-473D-4429-A363-CE8747…)

Good lord shes looking dry

No. 72109

She looks like PeeWee Herman in this shot. The fucking over matte makeup and bulgey eyes.

No. 72113

Does she even need the foundation and powder? Her skin looked fine before it to me. It's just aging. The rainbow eyes and brows with eyeliner and lashes do look cute though.

No. 72124


No. 72138

It's not that weird, and helps cover some dark circles. The problem is that it's too heavy and she has heavy eye makeup with it.

No. 72150

She could probably get away with just a little dewy strategic concealer to brighten up her under eyes, it’s hardly full blown cystic acne and bad enough to warrant a full cake base. It would make her routine quicker and the makeup nicer to wear as well, she must feel so uncomfortable having that full cake on for full days, no wonder she doesn’t wear it every day

No. 72151

All these white girls do igari blush which is a Japanese blush style and all act like they don’t know why they do it and like they invented it, just say you like a Japanese makeup trend and stop acting like everything you do is so unique and special

No. 72153

she's really manic in this video it's kind of scary.
anon i dunno if you're blind but she still looks old without makeup.
if she says she doesn't know what she's doing when she does her makeup what does she do with all the make up she's been hoarding during all those hauls she done the past couple of years? you'd think with all the products she has she could've taught herself some basic things.
her blush application looks so horrible because she doesn't blend it out properly or apply it evenly. her nose blush looks like accidental fallout.

No. 72154


Why does she look like Kelly Eden here

No. 72155

If Jill became a beauty YouTuber I actually would watch her more often kek She's entertaining.

No. 72164

honestly I love the rainbow highlight, but I wish she'd let that be the focal point, instead of throwing bright shades all over the place
Also the uneven blush placement kills meeee

No. 72181

Pretty sure she's just doing draping, something from the 80s - it's not Japanese. It is absolutely making a comeback but she's going way too harsh. Draping usually coincides with light foundation and is suppose to be a color that compliments your skin.

No. 72185

She says she looks like "gross plastic" before she sets her foundation with that matte pressed powder - but she looks so much more youthful and cute with the dewy finish!

No. 72196

That isn't what igari blush looks like.

No. 72203

She needs some gd concealer or to not apply the cool tones of the highlight directly under her eyes, it's incredibly distracting and almost reverses the effect of the foundation.

And no, not everyone needs extreme contouring, but it's so mind boggling to me that she refuses to do it while calling herself a double chinned moonface in the same vid. There's a solution. It's called actually trying. Tbh I just need to find better creators, watching her flounder in arrested development is sad at this point.

No. 72214

No, it's literally opposite. Igari focuses on the nose being flushed, it's more center of the face focused.
Draping focuses on the temples and upper area of the cheekbones.
Please use Google.

No. 72319

Every product she uses looks old af or expired. Also, why did she put eyebrow bleach over clearly dirty brows? she lives in filth

No. 72332

They also weren’t very pale afterwards I wonder if them being dirty was a factor but do people not usually make them much paler than that, which would have made the colours she put on much cleaner and brighter looking, seemed not really worth the effort for that result

No. 72445

new video. this is one of her worst looks yet.

No. 72450

>"Saint Hugh-burt"
Not even English speakers say it like that Jill lmao
>Didn't know you need change and not bills to take a city bus

No. 72453

>>72445 she literally called the experience traumatising. How pathetic.

No. 72460

wait I'm confused…so the plane landed in her home province and they said they had to turn around and fly back?? is that something they actually do? or is she lying because she doesn't want to admit she missed the plane?
sage bc maybe I'm retarded but I'm so lost right now

No. 72463

Fuck this cow. I reeeeally hope real life hits her hard one day. I couldn't make it past 5 minutes. How can a person be so shamelessly proud of being such a dumbass disaster that they can't do the basic of things without having a massive public meltdown and then making a 20+ minute video sharing to the world how much of a stupidly giggling completely sheltered and coddled adult baby they are?

No. 72464

she's SO HARD to listen to in this video, she's so dramatic, doing these boop boop sounds and flailing her arms around and into the camera so much more than usual
Also riding the ~uwu i can be open about my BPD brain stuff now~ train, she mentioned it several times

No. 72467

File: 1573506762655.jpg (718.55 KB, 1210x2160, 19-11-11-13-10-31-173_deco.jpg)

Jfc, both of them seem EXHAUSTING and completely insufferable. I'm sure their classmates and peers are relieved to have all of that crazy contained in a creepy rainby funhouse.

No. 72473

I think this look is cute…. if jill was a middle aged woman.

I don't know what is going on with her hair in this vid but it ages her so much