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No. 1626800

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No. 1626805

File: 1661567190818.png (527.66 KB, 755x950, continue.png)

No. 1626808

File: 1661567345097.jpg (406.69 KB, 1242x1666, FQHupVzaQAA4DMa.jpg)

No. 1626813

File: 1661567923539.jpg (2.39 MB, 4096x2730, GridArt_20220826_223612718.jpg)

Came across this user earlier. They actually make me want to die. I will never understand why these people butcher themselves. The middle photo contains a post about a troon who was unhappy with their vag surgery so decided to get phallo, but then killed themselves. fucking bleak.

No. 1626814

At least one of them got "granted" castration. Are these from an Instagram account?

No. 1626819

File: 1661568282202.png (400.46 KB, 1621x711, fake.png)

Fake story or not this is why we don't want men in the womens washrooms.

No. 1626822

File: 1661568432133.png (260.14 KB, 756x695, rapist.png)

>troon refers to women as breeding cattle because they can get pregnant and he can't

No. 1626824

Insta and twitter

No. 1626826

File: 1661568794534.png (33.86 KB, 752x371, colon.png)

Colon with his smart takes again

No. 1626832

this is so funny because trannies actually do this to lesbians/men all the time. and then they shame the person for being transphobic because they don't want to fuck a troon kek

No. 1626833

troons definitely have a pregnancy fetish. they're also the only people i see saying such hateful shit about women. they literally use the excuse that 'this is totally what the evil terfs think!!' even though i've never seen any radfem or terf reduce women to their ability to get pregnant.

No. 1626835

No. 1626837

File: 1661569850380.jpg (110.5 KB, 1284x1206, Fa37SzoX0AAEdtN.jpg)

men looking like this while advocating for shared space in the womens washroom

No. 1626839

File: 1661569887293.jpg (182.03 KB, 823x1161, Fa9JB6qXkAA4192.jpg)

No. 1626840

File: 1661569928344.png (34.66 KB, 767x365, 23.png)

No. 1626841

File: 1661570011791.png (193.1 KB, 720x650, violent moid.png)

No. 1626842

File: 1661570434967.jpg (225.33 KB, 1200x1200, FbAXLXDaMAAv5kk.jpg)

No. 1626843

Men thinking telling them no is violence.
Men threatening violence against women. How shocking.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

No. 1626844

File: 1661570626192.jpg (57.9 KB, 597x887, FbFn8h4aAAIunlK.jpg)

Look its peter griffins tranny doppelganger

No. 1626845

File: 1661570677837.jpg (135.75 KB, 1125x1242, FbDfJx4VUAM7QhV.jpg)

No. 1626847

It shocks me men wonder why women don’t like them, when men cape for men who hate women. Maybe if you retards held each other accountable and sunned and punished men who hate women rather than trying to control and subjugate women, women would actually be interested. But then I then a lot of men are pushing this stuff the same way they used to say no homo because other men fear gay men so they’ed rather force everyone to pretend it’s not gay to fuck another man pretending to be a women than to not be homophobic. Why must we suffer for their behaviour?

No. 1626848

How progressive to call on middle aged white men to get unruly women back into line. Yawn.

No. 1626850

File: 1661571089760.png (1.11 MB, 1950x1024, pedo troon.png)

No. 1626852

Ok, I laughed at this one, absurdism aside, as if most of these self-righteous trannies weren't white men.

No. 1626854

pretty sure fascists and radical feminists are not aligned lol

No. 1626857

The sexual greed of modern failmales never ceases to amaze me. This scrote should be eternally grateful if even one woman would touch his body.

No. 1626863

All scrotes demand this from their wives after trooning out. This is why no woman should stay, he’s already shown you he’s a pervert and it’s only a matter of time before you get stuck entertaining his perversions.

No. 1626869

File: 1661572466209.png (1.8 MB, 1213x956, SURELY.png)

troon had a 'hit tweet' about danny devito and got mad his ugly selfies didn't get any attention kek. their hair is always so greasy.

No. 1626870

File: 1661572672084.png (25.47 KB, 753x325, dumb takes.png)

No. 1626871

Puffy sleaves with large shoulder, what a basic mistake, you attention whore

No. 1626873

I don’t get why this stupid non-argument got so much traction. Yes, everyone is born a baby. A male baby or a female baby.

No. 1626875

File: 1661573315415.png (425.16 KB, 736x496, 21.png)

No. 1626876

File: 1661573351395.jpg (111.05 KB, 1080x1156, Fa38JGzXEAAkiJs.jpg)


No. 1626882

Is this some kind of rethorical exercise or supposed to be a thing that actually happened? Because, to be fair, I could picture a scrote who is secretly, or not so secretly, a tranny chaser doing that.

No. 1626887

The post he's responding to posted that they were catfished by a tranny and were disgusted and ashamed by it.

No. 1626893

Men think being told no is facism so they think they’re aligned kek.

No. 1626895

> men and other
How progressive.

No. 1626896

File: 1661575031978.jpg (43.62 KB, 1211x369, FHoU9SXXEAAK9YF.jpg)

No. 1626897

>no reason
>shouldn't be
Twisting around in a triple negative just to avoid saying the w-word.

No. 1626905

this was clearly said by a male who has never experience any sort of sexual abuse.

No. 1626914

File: 1661576023778.jpg (128.2 KB, 851x999, FbGXP4XXoAA4KYr.jpg)

No. 1626916

no one fuck with his favorite porn category or its mdk all day

No. 1626923

If Marks and Spencer sell this I am going to encourage all the women I know who shop their to drop them and their affiliate companies.

No. 1626928

So why are there no non-women? Why is it always “men and people who menstruate.”

No. 1626937

File: 1661578979251.png (688.92 KB, 1035x1855, Screenshot 2022-08-26 160945.p…)

She needs to dump this agp. Idk if she's been brainwashed or is lying to keep her job

link: https://www.insider.com/spouse-transitioned-female-her-choice-of-bathing-suit-surprised-me-2022-8

No. 1626946

>maybe a little jealous
this is definitely troon fanfiction. no woman has ever looked at a tranny and felt jealous.

No. 1626952

She's in too deep, just look at her other articles.

No. 1626976

>It's empowering for our daughters to grow up with a father who is a pedophile with no sexual boundaries and a bimbo fetish.
Fixed it for her.

No. 1626980

What are some good German TERF or GC channels on YouTube? I'm learning German and would like to expand my (terf) vocabulary kek. I okny know PersiaX.

No. 1626988

File: 1661586606491.jpg (1.46 MB, 2160x2160, 4533535864464.jpg)

Im sorry but in what universe are you a chick sir

No. 1626993

I know she was a bit cringey and probably a cow in her own right, but God, I miss Vanessa Vokey. I wish she still made videos.

No. 1627010

this is one of colon's worst takes yet
not sure about what it's like in other countries, but in burgerland, the major dating apps have been banning people if they say on their profiles they don't want to date anyone trans.
i've not used dating apps in many years so don't know if this part is true, but I have heard of some (lesbians of course) getting warnings for quietly declining (like swiping left on tinder) all transwomen as well.

so which is it colon? lesbians aren't allowed to be public about their unwillingness to date transwomen. if the stories are true about the lack of matches, they're not even allowed to quietly decline someone either. what option do they have left when it comes to saying no?

by the way if anyone has proof of those warnings, I'd love it if they could get posted somewhere (maybe even send them over to reduxx?). not doubting it's happening in the least, but that's the kind of stuff that needs to be out there for the public to know about.

No. 1627015

found their side account, its just an insta full of creepshots and ratings of girls asses he had taken in public

No. 1627016

isn’t his account “carpet muncher.” I remember seeing this guy a while ago in a post like “I love pussy I’m such a dyke pussy pussy pussy” and that was his username.

No. 1627037

Damn DarksydePhil's constant ebegging was for trooning out after all.

No. 1627059

File: 1661595708973.jpg (76.99 KB, 772x662, 1518951506330.jpg)

Agreed, a lot of non-men

No. 1627064

Where can I get that suffragette lanyard? If I can scare troons off with just that? Fucking win.

No. 1627068

Imagine the smell

No. 1627071

Youre right, his account name on tiktok is @realcarpetmuncher
Fucking disgusting, he also has several videos where he just stands in a dress with the caption "I was made to worship kitty"

No. 1627073


You can get all kinds of shit like that on Etsy, lanyards - or subtler suffragette-coloured stuff like earrings if you're genuinely looking.

No. 1627082



I feel the woman writing this article is SO close to getting it - you can tell by her rational reaction to the bikini and the thought process she has, but ends up critiquing herself just before she peaks and faces reality. It's infinitely safer to do that than to criticise her AGPs "gender journey". Even if the woman feels her bikini days are behind her, she can do better than this.

I feel like so many normies are about that close but end up going the safer route of self-criticism instead of challenging these behemoths in bikinis.

No. 1627085

the rapist of women Eli Erlick talking about how we talk about women? ironic. one of his female victims killed herself after being assaulted by him, btw.

No. 1627087

Elly Arrow is German but I'm not sure how much German she actually speaks on her channel

No. 1627088


I hate the amount of mental gymnastics progressive language allows for. Of course he deletes the thing and goes on a rant about terfs. Most women on the planet would be considered terfs if you asked them about any of this. How the hell can they pretend to be empowering women when at the same time almost all women are in a category they openly hate and say should be silenced immediately? There was a time before this when he would've known better or at least getting a huge backlash from women would've severely cut his ability to play feminist for brownie points.

Now they can just do the most stupid misogynistic shit under the guise they are really being trans inclusive.

No. 1627089

yet he doesn't get cancelled for "vagina fetishism". really makes you think…

No. 1627103

>There's no legit reason why at least 45% of gaming professionals shouldn't be non-men
I'm ESL can someone translate this without all the negatives please.

No. 1627104

File: 1661604790480.png (42.5 KB, 738x438, troons.png)

They are already planning to come for us next.

No. 1627105

What is your first language?

No. 1627106

at least 45% of gaming professionals should be women which of course i don't disagree with as long as all of those are actual women

No. 1627107


No. 1627108

Thanks. Now I see that in the original. Why do they have to make it so complicated only to avoid saying the word woman?

Don't wory nona I thought it was bad English but it seems that it wasn't so bad.

No. 1627109

Men vs non men. Hombres, y gente sin pene. Ellos dicen que la parabla "mujer" no es correcto, es correcto decir "gente sin pene" o "gente no son mujeres"

I think that makes sense, not fluent but translating negatives is weird in english to spanish

No. 1627112

you do know those moids would rather wear a tacky dress and a partycity wig and then larp as a woman than actually make the gaming industry be welcoming to actual women right?

No. 1627115

"Gente no son hombres*"

No. 1627116

because "wAhMeN" iS nOt InClUsIvE tO kWeErS

No. 1627117

File: 1661605366034.png (294.95 KB, 760x1010, Untitled.png)

No. 1627118

File: 1661605402419.jpg (51.52 KB, 640x660, breeding_facilities.jpg)

Wow wonder why this guy has a thread? Poor innocent man who wants to rape women in breeding facilities.

No. 1627119

making uncomfortable statements about ones sexuality/body is only okay if youre a troon then? kek is anyone actually supposed to feel bad for this rapist? let me get my tiny violin

No. 1627121

File: 1661605573887.jpeg (206.39 KB, 2047x758, E0071E3A-BB12-42A6-AB0A-19BF7A…)

moid fragility

No. 1627122

> “not everyone who can get pregnant is a woman!!”
> women talk about pregnancy and he immediately thinks of hanging himself

No. 1627123

File: 1661605705563.jpg (240.81 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20220827-090724_Chr…)

Unironically describing your husband's transvestism:

No. 1627127

Aw nona you translated it. A criticism: It should be palabra not parabla, otherwise it's very good. Espero que te vuelvas fluida nona.

Las mujeres no puedan ser reducidas a "aquellos sin pene". "The Woke croud" quiere destruir el idioma y la cultura para limpiarlos mientras despoja a las palabras del lenguaje necesario para describir nuestros experiencias.

No. 1627129

So he couldn’t/didn’t push the stroller as a man?! Wtf are these men these women are reproducing with

No. 1627132

He couldn’t experience gender euphoria pushing the stroller as a man, and what is the point of spending time with your toddler if it doesn’t contribute to the coom?

No. 1627133

The audio of him describing his fantasy is even worse and it's still up on twitter: https://twitter.com/acvalens/status/1300778782836523009?s=20

He fantasizes about raping cis women so hard that they have to be "rotated out" because he "destroyed their pussy".

No. 1627135


Kek I tried, thanks for the pointers! Sorry for butchering your beautiful language. "Aquellos sin pene" makes more sense than "gente", grammatically but not literally. Like wtf is wrong with society right now. Female erasure equals equality somehow?? Also… As a white girl let me apologize for the whole 'latinx' thing we started doing…

No he estudiando durante 2 meses. Ahora sé mis planes para el fin de semana.

No. 1627136

Wtf does this even mean? Raping someone = treating them like a woman? Disgusting.

No. 1627137

God fuck this. Trannies are all for free speech until their feefees get hurt, then they don't even try to hide it.
Side note but if they get KF taken down (unlikely) I don't think we'd last very long. Null and half the KF userbase is autistically devoted to that website, meanwhile we have a couple jannies and an admin that only appears once every couple months. We're fucked.

No. 1627139

men dont view rape as a threat or even a possibility because men are not likely to get raped. men are likely TO rape, however.

No. 1627143

Being raped would be the ultimate gender affirmation in their eyes I suspect. The men who want to be sexually desired so so so bad, yet are not, have to restrain themselves from overpowerimg a woman due to his own horniness, gets mad that a woman seemingly has endless supply of those who desire her sexually, decides to take on that 'womanhood' in order to feel that endless sexual desire bombard 'her' everyday, cosplays the sexually desirable traits he thinks make a woman sexually irresitible, gets so mad 'she' is not actually desired at all still, becomes obsessed with the idea that he can pit himself in situations where sexual assault is more likely and dresses as though 'she' was 'asking for it' (though it is never a victim's fault) and hangs out places alone or in sketch areas to bait a rapist…because he wants so badly to be desired sexually to such a degree someone would literally force and overpower them to get it. Gender affirmed.

Fucking sick

No. 1627145

Legit nonnie you're probably right. KF won't stay down long imo but it's only a matter of time before they go after GC shit.

Fuck troons. Fuck Keffals. You'll never be women. You can attempt to shut us up but you can never change reality. Even if I have to cross stitch coded fucking messages to a PO Box to my girl friends, I will still continue to laugh at pathetic ugly men in dresses thinking they're uwu cute anime girls.

No. 1627147

the exact same degenerates that get gender euphoria boners from getting catcalled. they're lucky they get called 'trans women' by the media at all, and not 'tranny perverts'

No. 1627149

She was definitely a cow. A sad thing about a lot of online radical feminists is that they desperately agree with conservatives when it comes to transgender politics and allow conservative ideology to further dictate the rest of their own belief which is what happened to her. She didn’t really have any hard belief system with her, she was just an honest to god grifter and a mess

No. 1627153


does anyone else feel like troons would probably be a lot happier if they never adopted the TWAW thing? i guess it is obvious, but the only place i've really seen them suggest they should come up with a framework that doesn't require a constant state of denialism is the detrans board.

No. 1627154

kek isn’t that one of the target pride shirts? he couldn’t even buy merch from a poor suffering twans woman?

No. 1627156

I can’t believe this is real. If you told me ten years ago men would be this upset over something like suffragette colors I would have laughed. Actually no, nevermind. Men always hate feminism and women so it makes perfect sense.

No. 1627160

I think I have a pretty strong spine from these threads but this one almost broke me. That is so fucked up.

No. 1627161

He really thought he did something with this one.

No. 1627162


they so desperately want the optics of the average terf to be a 6ft tall neo nazi or something so they don't have to deal with the fact they're just threatening to beat women for speaking out.

No. 1627163

I see it as being she’s jealous a man has the ability to explore his fetish and be “free” while she has the responsibility of being a mother and staying in the line women are expected to fit into. Which is stupid because she should just leave his ass and experience her own happiness herself. Somehow his came first.

No. 1627164

Act like a cow, get a thread. Why don’t they defend any of the actual women who have threads there? It’s always just about them.

No. 1627165

Really the picture of mental wellness.

No. 1627166

I don’t even want to listen to this. I have to see enough rape threats from them in these threads and on twitter. Don’t want to hear it as well.

No. 1627168

Exactly. They're so narcissistic

No. 1627169

>Even if I have to cross stitch coded fucking messages to a PO Box to my girl friends
ily nona

No. 1627174

Their world is very fragile, they create echo chambers on twitter where people either enable their delusions or get banned. Places like Kiwifarms existing reminds them that there are people out there who see them for the gross perverts that they are and who hold them accountable for all the dumb shit they say all day long. Being confronted with reality hurts too much when you are that far gone that you convince yourself a man can become a woman.

No. 1627181

the "funniest" thing about this was some twittertard saying that mumsnet should be one of the next targets. just that should be enough to push handmaidens towards peaking.
normies can understand why the farms are bad, but fucking mumsnet? a completely normie site made up by normal women who are mostly mothers? now, why would they target such a site, hmm? really makes one think.

No. 1627182

File: 1661610096528.png (268.22 KB, 758x1500, Untitled.png)

troons: raping women is HILARIOUS!! why are you mad lol?
also troons: nooo hawassment pwease!!! YOU HATE ME CAUSE IM TWANS!

No. 1627184

if this doesn't peak non GC (yet) women then I have no hope.

No. 1627185

i have no words. they hate women so much. how do people not see it

No. 1627187

ill say this much, its not a surprise these overweight rapist men squeezing their orangutan frames into aliexpress dresses stick so loyally together since absolutely no one in the entire world would. all i see is a group of rapists, just like andrew taint fags.

No. 1627188

Me too, nonnie. I can't believe that handmaidens read this shit and be so blind that they don't question it.
Funny thing is that I was one one year ago and Ovarit, KF, even the moid sub TiA (RIP) and mainly helped me peak. That's why they are so scared of here, they know that once you see their uncensored deranged minds and far away from public eye, people will see what they really are and will express their true feelings about the TRA cult.

No. 1627202

File: 1661611896288.jpg (271.28 KB, 957x2048, FZiGcqPXkAIjJiO.jpg)

No. 1627206

It’s so funny when they say “my wife isn’t attracted to women” like the moids claiming to be women is going to make it true. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of women say that just so they don’t have to be intimate with the perverted man anymore.

No. 1627207

>"egg cracked" in the spring
>2nd child due in october, so pregnancy confirmed during the spring
like fucking clockwork

No. 1627208

kek as if he could ever be seen as a woman by anyone let alone his wife.

No. 1627211

Yup every time, in regular selfish moid fashion. They just can’t handle not being the center of attention and somehow the wife’s pregnancy cracks so many of them.

No. 1627212

>joking about raping people is HILARIOUS
The thread isn’t about you being transgender it’s about you being a worthless creep

No. 1627213

Why they always troon out when their wives get pregnant? Narcisistic fucks.

No. 1627215


>Wife recently gave birth/is pregnant

>Has the name 'Emma' in his display name. Emma is the artefact.

>Emma is now taking over the host after his 'egg cracked' and it's probably going to destroy his family.

Classic AGP situation. They are all exactly the same and play out exactly the same.

'my wife doesn't like women'

They always repeat this, as if it would make any difference.

Even if she did like women, she wouldn't want to be married to an autogynephilic artefact.

No. 1627217

If Kiwifarms goes down we will still have /r/Translater as a reliable archive full of peaking material for new TERFs. I don't ever think I've seen a post from there that wasn't creepy.

No. 1627218

"ana" valens went private and yet troons are saying feminazis dont get what jokes are. why hide if you have nothing to apologize for?

No. 1627220

Apparently HRT doesn't just give you mantits, it also makes you unable to predict consequences from your own actions.

No. 1627223

Exactly, nona. I am bi and I would never ever date a troon, if my Nigel trooned out I would kick him out. She should do the same.
I wish I had the skills and autistic motivation and determination to create a similar site to KF and document all troon degeneracy to peak more people.
Though one thing I have noticed lately is that more people are fed up with them, even here, the threads are getting maximum replies and closing quickly. I can only hope this will end soon.

No. 1627224

So this father needed to become 'Stefanie' to do basic parenting tasks such as pushing his child's stroller? How little self awareness does this woman have?

No. 1627225

File: 1661613258270.jpg (84.37 KB, 612x625, ^.^.jpg)


Now they can screech how they literally want to put twanswimen in concentration camps!!1!!!!!1

No. 1627226

apparently all that's needed to combat weaponized incompetence is a little agp

No. 1627227

File: 1661613312683.jpg (705.41 KB, 1079x1850, Screenshot_20220827-101439_Red…)

Kek went to that r/traaaaaaans place just now this is the ad showing on it. Never in my life got something like this. Probably on a list now.

No. 1627230

File: 1661613547065.png (104.63 KB, 585x843, john's ambienposting again.png)

>6'2" man in a dress: "Men, I don't know what's going on with you. Also, Y'all."

No. 1627231

weird, I just typed the handle showed in pic and only got a locked account with only one follower

No. 1627232

now thats what i call a 'man to man'

No. 1627236

File: 1661613749489.png (39.27 KB, 422x156, lol.png)

he thinks hes slick

No. 1627240

Why would you be put on a list for a CBD ad?

No. 1627242

>sad lonely men can be easily groomed
Wow, the absolute lack of self awareness on display here.

No. 1627247

Christine Burns is actually a woman, surprisingly.
Her net worth is estimated to be around 5 million, she's making good money by turning a blind eye to what women have to deal with.

No. 1627251

File: 1661614515479.png (19.51 KB, 591x129, not surprised, just disappoint…)

No. 1627252

and how many killers were convicted because of the contents of their trash? fools

No. 1627253

>Posting people's public tweets on a website is like digging trough their garbage
Why are twittertards so fucking dumb?

No. 1627254

wasn't that whole documentary don't fuck with cats using tons of kiwifarms sleuthing? people didn't seem to mind it then, and journalists and filmmakers don't seem to mind it when they are mining it for easy content.

No. 1627255

"digging through garbage" for clues is actually detective work and what journalists should be doing, not writing what your editors hand you that day.

No. 1627261

It is all anime girls advertising body cremes, I have never had an anime ad for anything but all the ads on that subreddit are anime girl compilations. I meant I may be getting anime girls advertising things to me across the internet now since I looked at that subreddit and the Algorithm might think I wanna be one and will buy stuff from em….my post was not very clear my bad

No. 1627262

if it wasn't for kf, lowtax might still be alive, rolling in money from his troon hookers and lickspittles and beating women.

No. 1627263

I like that they are basically admitting that their twitter is like a garbage can. Very accurate, especially for the blue checkmark people.

No. 1627265

He didn't kill himself because of KF, he killed himself so his wife and kids wouldn't get any child support.

No. 1627271

lol no he didn't want to go to court and deal with the responsibility of a dead beat father paying off child support.
He could've payed his wife the amount of money and it'll be over.

No. 1627272

theres already a hashtag #boycottMarksandSpencer on twitter

No. 1627274

Look how gleeful they are in their sexual fantasies that they mask as shitposting. Another example of how male behavior can never be surgically removed. Fantasies are all they have since no one wants to fuck them lmao

No. 1627276

Yet another handmaiden tweet from Jenny. RIP my faith in her, though I have to wonder if she ever saw the breeding farm tweet

No. 1627277

does colon understand if you put "afab only" or "female only" in your bio you get reported and blocked on most dating apps, especially lesbian ones. if i could put terf in my bio without being insta-banned i fucking would lmfao

No. 1627280

File: 1661616478630.png (42.25 KB, 588x305, kiwi farms is a forum dedicate…)

the inner monologue of the troon:
>me me me everything is about me

No. 1627285

He looks like he's a wax figure or wearing a mask or something. Fucking terrifying, he literally looks like a caveman

No. 1627286

That first person is just describing everything trans do? Anyone says one little thing about them and they lose their shit and have a meltdown.

No. 1627289

Rules for thee but not for me is what trannies live by.

No. 1627291

This picture needs to be shared everywhere. The world needs to know. They don't just want to be women, they want to conquer them and be a "superior" version of them.

No. 1627295

Jenny Nicholson is American. Did her history class never teach her what a muckraker is?

No. 1627300

Yeah they want to talk about crybullies but they are the biggest ones out there.

No. 1627304

File: 1661618614535.png (111.49 KB, 937x537, Screenshot 2022-08-27 094136.p…)

picrel, the American education system has failed. chromosome disorders don't make you a biological female, idiot. ESL? the user claims to be from Texas.

notice how the only other people who thought it was funny are other trannies

implying that troons don't also go around larping as smol beans that dox and send rape threats to everyone that disagrees with them

No. 1627311

account is locked with 1 follower now?

No. 1627312

I hope they realize that deleting every site that makes them want to 41 will NOT make us want to fuck them. It also won’t make us join “inclusive” male dominated communities that are “for women”.

No. 1627313

They will never, ever accept that we don't want to fuck them. That's how you know they are scrotes.

No. 1627314

>rape joke
>no one has a sense of humor any more
Scrotey as fuck. Men are the only ones who find humor in rape jokes.

No. 1627320

If anything it will encourage women to be more secretive and keep things locked down. There are already hidden discord servers for GC conversation. Women will keep going and having our private talks wherever we can.

No. 1627321

he changed it to @anaxocv

No. 1627322

The goal is to unironically put us in breeding camps one day, that's their end goal. If troons get their way (and it's looking like that) rejecting a troon for sex will soon be transphobia and transphobia is a hatecrime.

No. 1627327

File: 1661619927212.png (126.52 KB, 590x900, most normal diaper fetishist.p…)

No. 1627332

File: 1661620259768.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.41 KB, 813x1023, EhAg43tU4AAEmOL.jpg)

holy Klinefelter…

No. 1627333

why are they always massively overrating their own looks

No. 1627334

It's hilarious how he's instantly clockable from the back. His center of gravity is showing in a way I can't describe and his wingspan is huge.

No. 1627336

Seriously how fucking retarded are trannies that they think things they post on their PUBLIC TWITTER ACCOUNT will never be posted elsewhere? You can't post your nudes on twitter and then cry "my nudes were shared without consent".

No. 1627337

pillsbury doughboy is that you? also kek since when did he have a blue tickmark

No. 1627342

He is a "journalist" as in he writes a sex column about troon sex for The Daily Dot.

No. 1627343


she has to be kind of vague here because people like contrapoints are sifting through the garbage of the guy sifting through the garbage.

No. 1627345

Everything they claim is happening to them is what they want to happen to women. They talk about death camps like that’s on the horizon but they would love nothing more than to put women in them to torture, rape, and kill us. It’s so disturbing.

No. 1627346

Yeah no woman is going to sign up to be raped Kevin.

No. 1627347

And with their legal names. No shame.

No. 1627348

its always the most unfuckable rejects that are the most sexually repressed

No. 1627351

lol, cow crossover

No. 1627353

I’ve been trying to figure out how to subtly say I won’t date genderists or anyone who supports them, now I just avoid dating apps altogether

No. 1627354

>They love to talk about me shitting my diapers despite how rarely I wear them and the fact that poop is a hard limit for me.
God I wish LC had random.txt

No. 1627358

any real woman looking like this would've already killed herself from relentless bullying and self hatred

No. 1627364

They make stupid shit up because they read other people's stupid shit and think it's real. It reminds me of all those murderer interrogation videos where a murderer says he just "blacked out" and then the victim was dead. The police know that's bullshit that doesn't happen, they just never say it so more idiot murderers will unintentionally confess.

No. 1627365

How to not have a thread on Internet gossip sites: don't act like an idiot online
And if you do get one: resist your need for attention and log off

No. 1627367

he is a man and he will always be a man and this is proof. His wife is destroying her body to carry that baby. I’m not gonna describe the changes bodies go through when we are pregnant because I’m sure we all know. Her body will never go back to how it was pre-pregnancy. Society will always expect her to put her children first. If she wants a career, she will be expected to wait until her children grow up and move out. Meanwhile, the only thing this man is worried about is his fetish.

I am tired of these dumbass men not knowing what a menstrual cycle is. There’s a tim in a friend group I’m in who is the same way. Fun fact: a woman’s period is triggered by a drop in estrogen and a rise in testosterone. Also, you have to have a uterus to have a period, but that’s pretty obvious (to us, not to them and their poop cramps).

I guarantee the name “Emma” was either the name of a girl in his childhood he was obsessed with or he has a daughter and that’s the daughter’s name.

No. 1627370

File: 1661623026132.png (237.92 KB, 749x791, badmath1.png)

No. 1627372

File: 1661623065061.png (38.61 KB, 1218x121, badmath2.png)

that says 5 MILLION there my dude

No. 1627373

File: 1661623071254.jpg (70.34 KB, 397x612, ywnbaw.jpg)

If I have to start using carrier pigeons, I will.

No. 1627375

Why does he monologue like a super villain

No. 1627377

Cause he is addicted to the rush of his botted twitter updoots.

No. 1627379

NO fuck off

No. 1627380

File: 1661623644255.jpeg (76.69 KB, 511x721, images (8).jpeg)

This ass ugly manga from over a decade ago.

No. 1627382

Lmao male fat distribution

No. 1627383

This, most cows are women. Kek.

No. 1627386

No. 1627391

File: 1661624685588.jpeg (700.02 KB, 2056x1627, CFBD86B4-EA4D-41F3-9E8B-4A53A4…)

went to an anarchist event in my area and was greeted w this. “Bimbo” pasted over a trans flag gradient. the left literally does not gaf about women. i hate it here.

No. 1627392

What I don't understand is why in one photo, his gross moobs are uncensored, but in the other two, there's an emoji covering them. Which is it, troon? Pick one.
He knows he's still a gross moid and recognizes the maleness of being able to bare your chest.

No. 1627397

>just that should be enough to push handmaidens towards peaking.
You know that won't happen because all TRA's have to do is just label the website as a fascist terf website that radicalizes mothers and women and no one will bat an eye.

No. 1627402

No. 1627403

File: 1661625557831.png (191.09 KB, 752x814, Untitled.png)

It's very interesting how when you're a tranny you are allowed to literally run week-long mass harassment campaigns on twitter against people you don't like and even call for your followers to mass-report people. They really play by different rules.

No. 1627407

How much does your ego have to hurt that you do this? You can always focus on yourself and your I assume existent friends. Truly a male moment.

No. 1627410


wannabe hall monitor ass behavior from a 28 year old man.

No. 1627411

Kek hormones fried his brain so much he forgot how to read

No. 1627413

they spam cp, gore, physically or verbally attack women, assault in private places, snuff out any corner where there isnt another troon to be the 1st or "better" "woman" that will kick out real women, call anyone out who doesnt mention their cult to cry twansphobia regardless of content, get the person banned and mass reported, get them doxxed, ruin their job, call lesbian/bi/straight men who draw wlw content genital fetishists then demand an actual woman to be lesbian with, and of course ruin crime statistics, waste tax payer dollars, take resources for women like scholarships or women's slots at companies, and fully able to talk about their sissy hypno pedo furry fetish shit without a blink of an eye. they play by a whole other world of damn rules.

No. 1627416

Null is talking to a lawyer about Keffals in a couple of minutes.

No. 1627417

dont forget shutting down rape crisis centers

No. 1627418

Did this manga killed your pet

No. 1627421

File: 1661627039682.png (80.81 KB, 584x531, muh ded name.png)

>I'm so triggered by my birth name that I'll screenshot it and blast it out to thousands of people on twitter that will sure show them evil heckin' terfs and kiwinazis

No. 1627423

It's all about playing victim.

No. 1627425

The way he stalks and snitches is so annoying. Does he not have a life? He acts like a little fucking kid instead of the 6ft male he is. He runs and tells twitter like he's telling the teacher.

No. 1627427

Like I get it he's being talked about, but lord, every five minutes he's raising his hand, "Mx.Twitter, Mr. Moon is looking at me"

No. 1627428

He's absolutely drunk on power from his perceived success of shutting down the forum. His ego is swelling to previous unheard of proportions.

No. 1627438

Lmao anon

No. 1627441

File: 1661628670977.jpg (518.62 KB, 1080x1937, 683537375753753.jpg)

We love to see a completely normal man presenting male and being male, being like omg should i use the girls bathroom, because he slapped a non binary title on himself

No. 1627442

based terf pigeon

No. 1627443

This reminds me, what happened to our very special and brave Dylan lately?

I had to deactivate my TikTok due to brain rot so I no longer get to see his gay agp face! The normies turned against him yet?

No. 1627450

File: 1661629701076.png (135.19 KB, 769x648, Untitled.png)

Troons don't know anything but snitching.

No. 1627455

File: 1661629930565.png (53.69 KB, 762x266, Untitled.png)

No. 1627463

women should be able to go to domestic abuse shelters to get help if their husband troons out.

No. 1627466

It's true though men aren't people kek

No. 1627467


>People like him want me dead. He wants all of us dead.

"DARVO is cute ween twans do it"

No. 1627471

he's on such a power trip holy shit. he's one of the most terminally online people i've ever seen.

No. 1627474

whether or not this is true LMFAOOOOOOOO I can't deal

No. 1627475

whether or not he raped his mother, his feelings were hurt and that's the core issue here. men's feelings. btw learn to take a joke ladies, rape is funny.

No. 1627476

They really should, because trooning usually goes hand in hand with abuse via incessant mind games, insults, and degrading behavior. Just because it hasn't escalated to violence (yet) doesn't make it not abusive.

No. 1627477

Hea not acting like someone scared and afraid for other people. He acts like someone butthurt that Kiwifarms/Josh won't shut the fuck up about HIM. He's genuinely using the deaths of people that he doesn't even care about truly. Because they flat out ignore the woman who they claimed was "killed" by kiwifarms. Regardless of if Kiwi exists or not people will still feel how they feel.

No. 1627478

He must be absolutely seething that his mass reports aren't working and Null and Rekieta are currently talking about him and his sordid history to over 6,000 people.


No. 1627479

From the description of this video:
"A true David and Goliath story, if David were autistic and Goliath were trans." lol

No. 1627486

File: 1661632405985.png (138.11 KB, 593x423, uh oh spaghetti-os.png)

No. 1627496

File: 1661633021670.jpg (63.52 KB, 1209x822, IMG_20220825_090010.jpg)

I can not get over what a blatant out in the open hypocrite that skinny fat parody of a woman is. Literally he was posting from his OWN ban evading account and retweeted the posts to his main account the moment he became unbanned. Fucking hell "Clara" get your shit together

No. 1627498

Rekeita Law is discussing Keffals and his various crimes with Joshua right now

No. 1627506

Anthony Padilla posted a new video interviewing troons. Of course, that psycho Dylan Mulvaney is in it.

No. 1627508

He's vibin

No. 1627510

File: 1661634014640.jpg (159.04 KB, 1124x417, neovagina.jpg)

Rekieta reading this was so funny. A true classic.

No. 1627516

Ugh there he is, still living

No. 1627519

what the ever loving fuck is he wearing? the whole outfit is such a disaster. the frankenstein yarn dress over a sleeveless turtleneck with like office lady heels that aren't even the same shade as his top.

No. 1627522

Oh for fuck sake, Rekeita Law just mentioned lolcow. Get ready for all the troons lurking his stream to start flooding this thread goddammit

No. 1627523

>it happens all the time
>last year around 45 trannies killed
>2021 is the deadliest year for troons!!
>POC trans people receive the most violence
>most of the time it's committed by people who love us
clicked through to the 'violence against trans women' and lmao. so what you're saying is only white people tolerant troons and that the biggest danger to troons are men.

No. 1627525

Will someone post a pic? I don’t want to watch it.

No. 1627531


No. 1627533

File: 1661634834011.png (159.18 KB, 752x976, Untitled.png)

This tranny is fucking losing it. How much more dramatic can he get?

No. 1627537

kek he thinks of himself as the mlk of troons

No. 1627538

This is actual libel btw, calling Null a murderer for no reason. Troons continue to commit the crimes they accuse others of doing.

No. 1627554

>when even his cartoon avie looks like an ugly troon
This guy is such a failure at life kek

No. 1627558

Is that a way of saying Null is a manlet?

No. 1627559

File: 1661636268458.jpg (27.99 KB, 593x395, post the whole gif kevin.jpg)

in the movie, the next cut is to a child soldier saying "I'm doing my part!". great thing for someone who is not a groomer to post!

No. 1627564

well don’t you see he has a tote bag? so obviously that’s not a man, truly a gender non conforming king/queen/monarch idk

No. 1627568

idk. It just amused me at him straight out insulting Null by calling him autistic.

No. 1627572

File: 1661637211340.png (4.45 MB, 1792x828, BD42B3CD-B0B6-4285-B7CA-920AA1…)

he really only has that one dress huh

No. 1627573

Null and Rekieta friends who have streamed together many times. They always riff on each other a bit, that's just how guys socialize I guess.

No. 1627583

He's like this because he doesn't just have sand in his amhole, he has an entire pink eldritch creature tentacle bursting out of it.

No. 1627585

Yaaass serving us twink death crisis mama

No. 1627589

>anarchist event
Anon why did you expect anything other than stinky moids who live in their mom's basement and play videogames all day

No. 1627591

File: 1661638283269.png (Spoiler Image, 528.68 KB, 626x802, disgusting.png)


Keffals amhole is truly disgusting. That puffy hole is actually his urethra, the neovagina is actually underneath that under that weird skin fold.

No. 1627594

what the fuck is the thing between his fingers in the top picture? it almost looks like a tiny dog dick…

No. 1627595

what's the thing poking out???

No. 1627596

This is legitimately grosser than most of the infected ones posted here.

No. 1627598

he looks like kitty farmer from donnie darko. cross sex hormones are so aging.

No. 1627599

File: 1661638743290.jpg (159.81 KB, 640x1256, surpassedgod.jpg)

wow his surgeon really surpassed god with this one! women are absolutely seething and in shambles rn

No. 1627601

That's the "clit" aka his chopped up dickhead.

No. 1627603

This is some of the biggest cope I’ve ever read.

No. 1627611

Theres literally porn videos of him shoving a small butt-plug into his neo-hole and him looking and sounding like he is in pain the entire time. There is no way this guy can coom, that's why he is so fucking pressed online all day long. Twitter updoots are the only way he can get dopamine.

No. 1627618

I don't get it, if you're making porn, aren't you more marketable with a normal dick than this?

No. 1627622

he couldn’t possibly be more botched. is that part of the fetish now? getting the weirdest looking mutilated junk and post it online for everyone to gawk at in disgust? it has to be.

No. 1627624

If I squint my eyes, it almost resembles a vulva… until I read that the huge puffy hole is the urethra. WTF???

No. 1627625

File: 1661641357923.png (70.79 KB, 746x530, Untitled.png)


No. 1627626

why is it so…….wide

No. 1627627

File: 1661641526786.jpg (Spoiler Image, 529.26 KB, 1080x1546, lmao.jpg)

The state of his rotpocket does add another level of hilarity to the situation(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1627628

That "clit" literally looks like he got a thumb tack stuck on there

No. 1627629

trannies give null way too much credit

No. 1627631

it's kevin gibes, no surprise there

No. 1627632

Stop derailing about kiwifarms and take it to the actual kiwifarms thread. This is a general thread for subjects that wouldn't warrant their own thread.

No. 1627636

Seriously why is it the color of regular skin???

No. 1627641

Why? Keffals is a troon and this is the biggest troon happening that is currently in development. Also the Kiwifarms thread has reached its reply limit, dumbass(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1627642

Yes, especially to tranny chasers.

No. 1627646

Last thread has already reached the 1200 posts limit, any nonas want to make a new thread on KF?

No. 1627647

and they said that thailand’s surgeons are the best KEKKK

No. 1627654

Black men specifically, because most of them kill the (also black) troon due to perpetrating violence against prostitutes in general, gay panic, them being exposed as bottoming for a troon, or some drug thing gone wrong.
How this bullshit mythology got to the point of being used to justify the idea freaks like keffals are bottom of the oppression pyramid and are at risk of being lynched 24/7 since 2010 or so is hilarious. Woketards are completely braindead

No. 1627656

File: 1661646111911.jpg (979.76 KB, 991x1296, 1661646028528.jpg)

WTF does this even mean, lmao?

No. 1627658


>one drop of HRT makes you a heckin' valid biological woman, even if you have a beard or are hitler

No. 1627664

its true, but that also means they would have to agree to have hitler on their side kek https://theweek.com/articles/482449/bizarre-plan-turn-hitler-into-woman

also the person who made the first vaginoplasty surgery on someone was a nazi surgeon that participated into Dachau experiment (freezing people to death), his name is Erwin Gohrbandt

So yeah all of these tranny experiment were pioneered on/by nazis, but you would never hear a twanswimmen saying that out loud

No. 1627666

they really thought that some drops of estrogen would make his mustache disappear in a hour kek

No. 1627667

This is mega retarded lol that literally means they side with hitler

No. 1627673

File: 1661647790720.png (886.93 KB, 1178x716, Capture d’écran 2022-08-28 à 0…)

this is the most annoying troon ive ever seen, minecraft head looking ass

No. 1627674

sorry in advance for the autism, but it's crazy that he thinks WE talk about ourselves like breeding cattle when TRAs are the ones who has insinuate as much. why are all of these freaks so obsessed with the female -> cow comparisons? they also love the little cow lingerie sets. vomits. i'm not gonna start blogposting, but it pisses me off that these scrotes sexualize the exploitation of dairy cows. likening our struggles to animals who have historically been exploited for their bodies (i.e., their breast milk) says a lot about how they see us: as breeding cattle lmao (this is the autism i was talking about, sorry again nonas).

No. 1627676

wtf is '#pluralgang' and why are so many trewns in it

No. 1627677

It’s a porn thing. They focus on literally treating women like breeding sows. It’s sick and I do not recommend looking further because it’s infuriating and GROSS

No. 1627678


at 40:22 nona

No. 1627680

People who've internetted themselves into thinking they have DID (multiple personalities). If someone does have DID, and dissociates to the point where another "personality" takes over, they are generally not aware this is happening.

No. 1627681

From my understanding plural is something related to DID (dissociative identity disorder, formerly multiple personality disorder).. Like you and all your alters are s "plural system"?! Feel free nonas to correct me here

No. 1627684

ayrt, go figure that out. i know that at its core its a weird rape fetish thing, but it HAS to be a bestiality thing too, right? why are so many of them into shit that involves animals in some way?

i'm newly peaked and ive seen a bunch of posts where they compare us to cows or allude to a breeding farm in some way god i want to fucking alog so bad right now jesus

No. 1627686

oh ok, i didn't realize that's what plural meant in this context. why do so many tims pretend that they have it? anyone know the science behind that, or is it a terminal uniqueness kind of thing? trying to be oppressed on all axes?

No. 1627688

TERFs are worse than literally Hitler, because Hitler was a transwoman

No. 1627690


iirc the main problem with the stats was that the murder rate for black MTFs was actually lower than for black men before transition. i think progressives have a bit of a crisis because the entire academic take that the most oppressed people are at the intersection of different identities is not borne out in data.

No. 1627693

Also farmhands could've at least linked the kiwifarms thread, it's buried deep in the catalog.

No. 1627699

File: 1661651070409.png (66.63 KB, 1896x572, howdoimanipulatemywifeintobeli…)

>How do I manipulate my girlfriend into believing she's a lesbian?

No. 1627702

thanks nona!

No. 1627709

How does this not embarrass the shit out of them?? This absolute hulking Chad linebacker motherfucker.

No. 1627713

First of all DID isn’t a real disorder. People with psychosis may experience severe mood swings (thus appearing to act like a different individual) - but there is no such thing as multiple, distinct personalities. Unfortunately big pharma wants money so “Dissociative Identity Disorder” was put on the DSM. Troons (“Gender Dysphoria” - also a big pharma phenomenon ) like to claim as many oppression points as possible so yes.

No. 1627716

File: 1661653489538.jpg (1.06 MB, 1841x2220, 22-08-28-03-23-30-534_deco.jpg)

No. 1627718

File: 1661653532749.jpg (1.82 MB, 2560x1920, 22-08-28-03-24-06-534_deco.jpg)

Specimen from the replies

No. 1627721

Very common, they’re narcissists and don’t care. Also, lately AGP is not just in older men, plenty of “lesbian” guys in their early 20s, they don’t even hide being addicted to porn and anime

No. 1627725

>my id photo makes me look like a pedo

maybe bc you are ?

No. 1627726

faggot got so flooded by misogyny bc of his retarded religion that he became one, i fucking hate seeing these men being above us in our laws

No. 1627767

the fact that people take dylan seriously and actually stan him makes me feel like i’m going clinically insane.

No. 1627772

My theory behind all the troons who larp having "DID" is that they are all very well aware that they are male (one personality) and are very well aware of the female character they try to play (another personality). Then some take it further with all the sexual roleplays and fetishes they have. A maid larp could be an "alter" their furry fetish is another alter, and so on.

No. 1627775

why isn’t this actual rapist in jail?

No. 1627779

How hard is it to just get a new ID with an updated photo? If the glow up is so great wouldn't they both have trouble getting served?

No. 1627809

File: 1661659611250.png (44.41 KB, 594x315, ukrainians have nothing better…)

>survive six months of war
>the phone rings
>it's some American troon screaming at you to stop hosting a forum

No. 1627813

troons are fucking brainless, how can't he see how fucking in bad taste this tweet is? Also sucks to not know any languages, stupid scrote.

No. 1627823

File: 1661660173559.jpeg (269.78 KB, 1152x2048, 51E533E8-DAF0-442F-9C09-AF12A2…)

Derailing/spoonfeed but what is that symbol on the patch of his sleeve

No. 1627829

quick googling says 45th infantry division, some murican korean war and whatever thing idk I don't go there

No. 1627844

File: 1661660917251.png (127.2 KB, 2046x1160, transcelbelievesvaginanaturall…)

Transcel believes vagina naturally smells fishy

No. 1627845


looks native american/first nations.

>45th infantry division
looks like it. used to be a swastika until 1939 for obvious reasons.
>The new insignia featured the Thunderbird, another Native American symbol, and was approved in 1939.

No. 1627862

File: 1661661593397.jpg (85.3 KB, 722x600, image0-2.jpg)

Not sure if bait

No. 1627863

File: 1661661647238.png (215.56 KB, 536x899, IMG_0142.png)

No. 1627891


No. 1627897

Research shows men tend to self-rate their looks higher than women do, and overestimate their intelligence while women tend to underestimate theirs.

No. 1627900

this was posted like last thread and it does seem like bait because it uses the word "tranny" but
>a 9/10 tranny
no such thing, doesn't exist
>vaginas are filthy
>being fragile and needing protection are inherently female qualities
>women's bodies are underwhelming, they're nothing without penises
the whole post has so many layers of misogyny it's like a sexist onion

No. 1627909

and remember all the Ukrainian troons who collectively opted out of helping? TiM troons crying over not being allowed to leave, TiF troons who leapt at being able to, meanwhile badass old ladies stayed to fight
doubt Ukrainians have much sympathy for troons right now, just saying

No. 1627914

>rape ape says it's the rad fems, not troons, who treat women like breeding cattle solely because we believe sex exists
>troons openly fantasize about running "breeding facilities" where they gang rape "cis" women in "breeding stocks"

No. 1627931

File: 1661665742469.jpg (69.86 KB, 600x400, ucsb-shooting-elliot-rodgers-o…)


>breeding camps

this was in elliot rodger's manifesto at least once.

No. 1627941

It blows my mind how even men who have absolutely below average looks still think they're above average. Dude, look at Harrison Ford or George Clooney at age 30, look at yourself in the mirror, and tell me how you're closer to them than to Alfred E Newman.

No. 1627974

File: 1661668960385.jpg (306.96 KB, 1001x1038, Screenshot_20220828-024302_Chr…)

No. 1627976

Trannies are incels except society takes them seriously.

No. 1627978

File: 1661669122653.jpg (707.65 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_20220828-024317_Chr…)

Fucking narc

No. 1627980

File: 1661669257780.jpg (221.23 KB, 1080x1041, thicc.jpg)

Sir, you aren't thicc, you're just fat.

No. 1627982

File: 1661669437476.jpg (1.12 MB, 816x3264, chinnnnnnn.jpg)

I love how he tries to hide his infinifat-tier chin by drawing a black line over it in his selfies. He hasn't figured out how to do it to his videos yet though so we get to see his goiter in all its glory.

No. 1627983

File: 1661669507338.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.06 KB, 900x675, moobs.jpg)

Nonnas why do his aereolas look like that im scared

No. 1627984

File: 1661669530015.jpg (1.22 MB, 1087x3263, mOtHeR.jpg)

No. 1627992

my guess is that the implants are making them look like that

No. 1627999

File: 1661670446887.jpeg (90.5 KB, 768x1024, FY1ToX7WQAAKqJy.jpeg)

The multiple bulges–

No. 1628005

Horse piss makes men's areolas disgustingly puffy and disfigured.

No. 1628034

Somebody send this pic to Junji Ito, it's so disgusting he could create a whole chapter of manga around it.

No. 1628041

Unfortunately those aren't implants. He will be getting implants soon though, as if his tits aren't something Lovecraft dreamed up in his darkest nightmares already.

No. 1628045

They do know they can't right? We don't post anything that can dox people. We're like twitter but without the ass kissing

No. 1628054

>locks his account
Who's the one who can't take a joke now?

No. 1628064

You’re actually kinda right. The guy that recently murdered a woman in a woman’s shelter and murdered two women and (tried to?) rape(d) a little girl before that said in an interview that his violent and murderous side was his male identity and that the softer side was his female identity. Something along the lines of he hated when the man in him came out and he had no control over it (like when an alter came out or when the person switches, whatever it’s referred to). He didn’t claim DID but he did claim those separate sides, definitely as a way to avoid responsibility for literally murdering women.
They are aware that they will never get rid of their maleness, so it’s easier to accept it as an “alter” so they always have something to fall back on when they act like a male, and then go back to pretending what they think female is.
Bonus for those sweet mental illness uniqueness and oppression points

No. 1628082

File: 1661675504886.jpg (707.91 KB, 1038x1540, 34.jpg)

No. 1628102

File: 1661676108651.jpg (196 KB, 1080x1063, e.jpg)

>buying this game will kill trannies
>posting on this forum will kill trannies
>not letting them use the women's washroom will kill trannies
Why is this a recurring theme with them?

No. 1628110

Cool. Gonna buy 10 copies.

No. 1628134

File: 1661678343784.png (211.81 KB, 591x508, stalk the server.png)

>the stalking forum isn't stalkery enough, let's show them how it's really done

No. 1628135

File: 1661678352942.jpg (152.22 KB, 736x619, 113cb0ebc272a674dca5c8ba595a5d…)

how fucking dare you kaori mori draws women beautifully

No. 1628137

File: 1661678544489.jpg (72.62 KB, 540x781, tumblr_4ce8650462062c5dd737e54…)

also there is no way she isn't a lesbian

No. 1628176

File: 1661684616299.jpeg (303.96 KB, 1080x1542, EE522C9A-E195-4DAA-AE8E-E4617A…)

No. 1628178

i'll take 100 copies please

No. 1628179


No. 1628208

they should go and do some it's ma'am scenarios in gamestops.

No. 1628222

I ask you, nonnies, what will not kill them if everything kills them?
>buying a game inspired in children's book
Literally genocide kek

No. 1628226

They will never provide it because they know it is not true and troons are more likely to be the agressor than the victim.

No. 1628229

>Source: me because trannies are always always the victims I say so!!!

No. 1628237


None of them can stop hufflepuffing rowling's farts no matter what they say. More trannies are going to buy that harry potter game than bothered to support the last matrix movie.

No. 1628243


Interesting how trannies insist on painting themselves as trannies (as if we can't tell) by putting the emojis next to their names/stating their are trannies in their bios, wearing patches with the tranny flag, etc.

If they really thought they are just a woman on the inside, why not just live as a normal woman - instead of a tranny?

I also think it's interesting how they are rarely a "normal" tranny. They are almost always mentally unstable. DID, autism, depression, anxiety, etc, etc, etc. Have you ever met a mentally sane tranny? Because I haven't.

No. 1628246

File: 1661690773495.jpg (2 MB, 945x6255, Screenshot_20220828-084149_Chr…)

No. 1628248

Samefagging to add, no diss to nonnies with autism or any other mental health issue. Most of you are lovely people and I wish you the best. I just want the society to stop validating the degen trannies that have a whole alphabet of mental health issues on top of being pornrotted coomer men who like to larp as what they think is a woman.

No. 1628258

Ok cool your wound is trying to close in on itself? Who the fuck cares if it’s tighter; men also say assholes are tighter so let them fuck each other. Such incel logic might as well say how at least they’re not roasties like „cis women“

No. 1628281

File: 1661693549812.jpeg (328.63 KB, 750x969, BEC9FC48-4E28-4D98-8EA9-82DF48…)

No. 1628296

It’s an insult to people with mental illness to call these freaks mentally ill. Trannies self-diagnose all of their “illnesses.” Whatever psychiatric disorder gets it’s time in the spotlight, trannies will take on because they have no fucking personalities beyond their fetishes and fursonas. Most will adopt whatever illness seems to get the most pity, but some will also be edgelords and claim BPD, NPD, AsPD, etc. Whatever is wrong with them ultimately doesn’t matter because they don’t want to change and will remain sex pests for life

No. 1628333

I hear you but I also think people who diagnose themselves with illnesses for the "fun" of it are clearly mentally ill. Healthy minds don't do that.

No. 1628344

Wtf? Are they going to vandalize or bomb it or something? They are so deranged.

No. 1628349

It’s just jealously. Men have always loved to claim women have penis envy because we aren’t them, but it’s projection. They hate that they aren’t capable of what we can do with our bodies.

No. 1628355

At least that one is being normal about it. Really JKR lives rent free in their heads more than any other celebrity in anyone else’s. And she hasn’t even really DONE anything. She’s talked about her feelings, her essay was far kinder than I would have been. It wasn’t until they started harassing her more and posting constant threats of rape and murder that she peaked even more and just stopped caring. She knows they are bullies now. This is what happens when you “listen to trans voices”. Anyway, the game looks fun and playing it isn’t going to kill anyone. They’re so dramatic. Meanwhile they’re probably playing those VNs that show female characters being brutally tortured and rape and think it’s funny since misogyny and rape jokes are apparently the pinnacle of humor for them.

No. 1628359

nayrt but I agree and I do think some of them probably have actual personality disorders.

No. 1628368

Bad people can be mentally ill too, anon. In fact, they're more likely to be mentally ill

No. 1628409

File: 1661701215321.png (1.1 MB, 662x827, zq1.PNG)

I just came to make fun of my friend's horrible ex who recently trooned out. He's your typical wannabe commie who pretends to be a feminist but raped and cheated on my friend. Just bask in the ugly.

No. 1628413

File: 1661701256789.png (1.12 MB, 662x832, zq2.PNG)

And of course he does the troon smirk. Why do they always smirk like this?

No. 1628423

Kekking at the guillotine earrings. Yeah you show em middle class white man!

No. 1628430

jfc that hairline

No. 1628434

the makeup????? the smudged, over-lined lipstick, the crayon-eyeliner…

No. 1628441

File: 1661702528018.png (1.2 MB, 663x839, zq3.PNG)

lol his parents are very comfortably middle class. I remember back in the day my friend told me that his parents bought him a $1000 gaming laptop on year. Such a comrade.

This was him before he trooned out.

No. 1628450

He honestly should have just kept being an edgy alt boy, it works better for him.

No. 1628457

File: 1661702995970.jpg (117.32 KB, 1080x1105, 20220828_180643.jpg)

Notice how much troons love showing off their bodies, even their axe wounds. No woman besides porn makers would just show off their vagina and boobs. Especially not to friends or random people. TIMs dont view their neo vagina and boobs as their intimate bodyparts, but as accessories

No. 1628462

How did his makeup skills get worse???

No. 1628475

The only people I don’t mind seeing my body are people I’m close to. I don’t think it’s that weird to be honest. But I do agree that TiMs tend to show way more to everyone regardless of anyone wants to see it. Like we’ve seen they have no shame with what they show to the world on public accounts. They always overestimate their attractiveness too.

No. 1628481

File: 1661704201014.jpg (781.17 KB, 1079x1690, Screenshot_20220828-113033_Red…)


No. 1628484

File: 1661704731346.jpg (566.54 KB, 972x3403, Screenshot_20220828-113910_Red…)

This just posted. Upvote to get them out of AL?

No. 1628489

File: 1661705037412.png (572.24 KB, 1226x706, anarcho_gender.png)

why do these men exist

No. 1628493

Autism and being chronically online

No. 1628497

Add dubious sexual morals and possible severe mental instability to the list

No. 1628504

File: 1661706126520.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x2234, E71E460C-690A-457A-9DC0-DF703D…)

What does this even mean and why do they feel the need to post it to a lesbian subreddit when they have 5000 trans meme ones?

No. 1628508

Is this thread on autosage or something? It isn’t getting bumped to the top with new posts.

No. 1628512

Wouldn't be surprised if the mods autosaged it to discourage tranny spam and keep the kiwitard refugees contained to the pinned thread.

No. 1628514

I was just trying to figure that out. It surely seems so

No. 1628517

If Edward Scissorhands’ cousin of 81% Neanderthal admixture got brain damage because he got stuck in the birth canal for 16 hours due to the narrow vaginas of early hominids and excessive inbreeding after a tough ice age that left the global human population at a mere 3000.

No. 1628527

Bullshit story. I as banned from r/actually lesbians for saying just ONE time that trans men are not women.

No. 1628529

Take a shot every time this weirdo says "quite frankly"

No. 1628533

Trannies don't dilate to stretch it they dilate so the axe wound they have won't close. Completely different.

No. 1628540

File: 1661707984141.jpg (144.13 KB, 704x1200, FbQl-uSWAAI53xb.jpg)

New drinking game, take a shot everytime a TIM makes a post on reddit about his serious medical issue instead of going to the doctor

No. 1628546

>ducts or glands forming
what a knob

No. 1628547

lmfao look how proud this dude is for having a stinky wound that never closes between his legs. We don’t even have to do anything to them, they constantly selfown.

No. 1628561

They do not live in reality. They think HRT is magic that somehow actually changes their body female. The fact that he thinks he’s forming milk ducts and accurate female breast anatomy is so mind blowing from people who claim to believe in science.

No. 1628576

File: 1661709765873.jpeg (910.08 KB, 1170x1309, 6230A56F-F0D8-47C4-A279-A85AD7…)

IDK if this belongs here but this is such a red flag. Girl run.

No. 1628581

File: 1661709980082.png (405.96 KB, 726x1687, Untitled.png)

man tells women, man is safe in women's space

No. 1628587

this is exactly while they'll win because they use the struggles of PoC and religious minorities to argue. If you don't like transwomen peeing with your 12 year old daughters while they rape them then you hate black people!!!! simple as TERFs!

No. 1628590

File: 1661710269127.jpeg (265.06 KB, 1242x1979, 1F237A80-2327-4E73-81F3-7F57BE…)

Lol what the fuck? Nothing beats being referred to as a Menstruator when checking my email for the day.

No. 1628593

Meanwhile they won’t listen to the huge amounts of terfs who are WoC because they’re, well, women. They’ve created a white Karen terf boogeyman they love to use as a gotcha.

No. 1628594

It's one thing if a guy is comfortable in his sexuality/identity and wanted to wear androgynous styles. Being confident in your masculinity doesn't mean you can't dress how you want. But if a guy I dated ever "questioned"/wanted to "explore" their gender identity that's code for get the heck away fast.

I recently noticed a friend of mine was posting lovey dovey selfies with some guy who wasn't her (now ex) boyfriend and removed her relationship status. I glanced at her ex's profile and it all fell into place when I saw he had changed his profile pic to an anime character and made his pronouns she/her. Godspeed friend, for getting away while you could.

No. 1628597

Ntayrt and sage for late OT sperging but to my understanding DDNOS and DID are real disorders, they're just completely misinterpreted and co-opted by retarded wokies. Dissociative disorders are characterized by fragmentation of a single personality, not several distinct ones like trannies like to claim, and even then they're not separate. It's as complicated as any mental illness is, but it boils down to avoidance (referred to as dissociation), intrusive thoughts/emotions/behaviors/etc. (intrusion), and fucked up memory/processing cognition. I'm not at all explaining it well but there's a book that goes into it called Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation by Suzette Boon & Kathy Steele that makes a lot of sense.

No. 1628598

clown world

No. 1628601

and troons using public toilets their entire lives? where motherfucker. I swear this was all different 6 years ago what the FUCK happened

No. 1628606

Write back to them nonnie and tell them to stop erasing the word Woman

No. 1628609

I feel like this is something more of us should be doing, making noise over the erasure by contacting the companies directly. It works for trans when they flood things with negative reviews, I don’t see why we shouldn’t do the same.

No. 1628625

Yet another company to stop buying from

No. 1628636

File: 1661712073893.jpeg (495.54 KB, 1242x957, 099739CF-073C-48C5-A8D4-A2F62A…)

Let’s see how long it takes them to unfollow lmao

No. 1628651

File: 1661712651356.png (407.57 KB, 1178x674, unhinged.png)

A very reasonable and not at all unhinged reply

No. 1628662

File: 1661713071823.jpg (126.43 KB, 1080x933, Screenshot_20220828-205826_Twi…)

No. 1628688

An unhinged moid thinks violence against women to the point of death is acceptable. Like the other nona I bet money that the person who took the photos put the signs there himself. Unless the company is just extremely based, HR would throw a fit over something like this and be slapping some wrists. But these things don’t really happen so it’s just a make believe victimization story.

No. 1628689

neanderthal looking ass, look at his fucking upper lip. He will lose his dick against his will inshallah.

No. 1628711

>I'd rather hang myself than listen to women talk about their life experiences! I feel suicidal when not about me!
I hate moids so much

No. 1628713

File: 1661715010379.jpg (36.84 KB, 536x300, hypocrite.jpg)


No. 1628725

It’s weird. Most people can realize when a group is talking about things they don’t relate to and just keep quiet or feel a little awkward until that part of the conversation ends. Making the jump from that to wanting to kill yourself because women are discussing pregnancy is just beyond mentally ill. Even infertile women don’t do this kind of thing if pregnancy comes up, and many of them have experienced real trauma with it if they’ve tried to have kids.

No. 1628729

This is so embarrassing, idk how women don't realize that these men just see us as NPCs to feminize them [to ultimately make them into 'better' women than us barf].

No. 1628734

File: 1661716060508.png (342.31 KB, 640x639, A5DF7297-FC88-4B01-B8CF-8DF6D5…)

No. 1628850

File: 1661720850707.png (66.46 KB, 740x801, openlygrooming.png)

man with a troon fetish telling a 15 year old boy how to quickly troon out

No. 1628879

File: 1661721902774.png (57.28 KB, 885x287, Tejaimulana.png)

No. 1628882

File: 1661721947619.png (55.35 KB, 882x283, sylphidpuck.png)

No. 1628885

File: 1661722066937.jpg (679.94 KB, 1944x2592, sylphidpuck selfie.jpg)

No. 1628893

can somebody PLEASE tell them they just need to fart ffs
thats a jumpscare kek

No. 1628897

they're such unabashed pedophiles, using terminology for little girls going through puberty.

No. 1628906

>feel like I'm actually passing
Any opthalmology Nonas who can tell me the name of the xy chromosome related vision impairment 99,9% of males seem to suffer from?

No. 1628913

Mhm. Now apply this logic to your own troon shit and leave women and female spaces the fuck alone.

No. 1628922

Jenny Nicholson is a Breadtube adjacent Disney obsessed adult with a troon brother. I don't know why some Nonas are still surprised by this obviously retarded handmaiden having retarded handmaiden opinions.

No. 1628934

File: 1661723719444.jpeg (421.54 KB, 750x930, 6F9EED4C-26C0-4F2C-AEBD-6CB36F…)

their franken amholes can’t even fool dudes high out of their minds kek

No. 1628940

>doing weed
this made me chuckle. also even without the disgusting scarring, no rot pocket will ever resemble an actual vagina. he'll never be able to trick a male.

No. 1628951

File: 1661724653079.jpg (136.09 KB, 1080x814, IMG_20220828_230912.jpg)

No. 1628963

These men think their hormone overdose diarrhea is comparable to my actual periods that have ended up in me going to a hospital? Do they also have ovulation pains now?

No. 1628967

Stuff like this is so disgusting. It’s so far removed from how women think. I’ve never been aroused thinking about outfits I wanted to wear. I just want to wear them because I like how they look on me or feel (not in a sexual context, just comfort or feeling put together). Thinking about wearing mens clothing doesn’t turn me on. Thinking about wearing lingerie might make me feel cute or flirty, but not aroused by my own image. If he hates the “euphoria boners” so much, maybe he should log off or seek therapy.

No. 1628971

File: 1661725902412.png (54.42 KB, 848x206, safe return.png)

our favorite rapist is taking another twitter break it seems (this is ana valens)

No. 1628991

…..nipple material? does he mean the bumps from the milk ducts?? I swear to god these men are all fucking mentally challenged

No. 1629006

LMFAO I love you so much, Nona

No. 1629031

File: 1661728658219.jpg (51.29 KB, 1080x653, FaKyjHRWIAEnxWJ.jpg)

uh duh nonnie the first two are mental illness I can't believe you don't know that!!!

No. 1629040

File: 1661728846282.png (625.48 KB, 602x725, no she calls you shrek.png)

No. 1629050

File: 1661729601773.png (Spoiler Image, 769.93 KB, 1288x813, regrets.png)

all the comments and no one is pointing out how bad and necrotic it looks.

No. 1629053

File: 1661729699122.png (321.87 KB, 732x563, reddit.png)

No. 1629063

File: 1661730236889.jpg (115.45 KB, 817x1200, 20220829_014306.jpg)

Women have prostates now lmaoooo

No. 1629065

File: 1661730391279.png (333.79 KB, 737x827, 78.png)

No. 1629066

File: 1661730427808.png (451.92 KB, 723x555, troon things.png)

just troon things

No. 1629076

File: 1661730823472.jpeg (85.35 KB, 653x1200, 961CB311-435E-4C0C-B6E4-F36B1E…)

This dude is 6’6 with a strong jawline, which of course are usually deemed attractive traits but when you’re a potential agp who is interested in “feminine outfits” (aka the color pink and little purses) it’s just cringe and looks ridiculous. The girl is clearly retarded to encourage this behavior, but also looking at his face… he had a troon look to him already, I can see the thousand coom stare. She’s gonna have a hell of time down the road.

No. 1629079

File: 1661731047222.jpg (107.34 KB, 1189x1140, FbKrYVoVUAQ_nFL.jpg)

No. 1629084

File: 1661731110753.jpg (93.32 KB, 750x1334, FbIGokKVUAEGehz.jpg)

No. 1629088

File: 1661731377105.png (159.83 KB, 581x564, wombwheels.png)

hotwheels is going to troon out before the end of the year. I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord.

No. 1629094

Lol nonnie I remember him being a ‘born again Christian’ with his Filipina wife on some podcast interview I listened to him do a year or two ago… wtf happened??

No. 1629115

This is embarrassing. These women think it's just a harmless game of "dress-up", but they don't know the sinister, fetishistic intentions of their boyfriends.
It looks like she is letting him borrow her clothes, and that is even more embarrassing. He wants to skinwalk you.
Yep, a gamer guy that likely watches futa hentai. After looking at her twitter, she does seem like a retarded pickme. It's guaranteed that when he inevitably turns into a full MtF, she's going to become a "lesbian" for him and he's going to beg for an open relationship, so he can pursue chasers that'll fuck him in the ass for "validation". Always the same story.
Never buying from there now. Disgusting.

No. 1629124

File: 1661733314448.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 1242x15378, F4CCF877-C55D-4A96-93FD-D6BBA3…)

NONAS I am howling in laughter at the absolute ridiculous lengths these insane men go to have ANYTHING at all that even resembles a vulva I’m losing my mind.

>The FuFu Clip is a new feminizing product that aims to hide a bulge and prevent expressing erections. It is similar to a chastity device, but unlike the ball-catch chastity cages that make up most of the current market, the FuFu clip restrains the penis and balls behind it, leaving the wearer with a smooth front that mimics a female presentation.

Have you got your FuFu clips yet?!?

SPOILER: Contains images of men literally squashing their flaccid penis inbetween their balls to mimic a vulva. The last image is a video of a man on Reddit using a dildo in his arse to make him cum while the device is secured onto his knob. Hahaha. I love the subreddit names too, r/LimpClittySissy.

No. 1629135

Spoiler this

No. 1629136

spoiler this

No. 1629137

Just curious is this on autosage now to keep out kiwifags/other tangentially related autists?

No. 1629142

I’m so sorry everyone I didn’t spoiler. It won’t let me delete it either and there’s weird spacing inbetween the thread and 70% of posts won’t load. Can a farmhand delete this please! Sorry.

No. 1629163

Can’t help you with your post but it sounds like you have “hide saged posts for this thread turned on. The button/link to fix this is under “expand all images” close to the top of your screen. Leaving this post unsaged so you can see it.

No. 1629171

Thanks. I realised that I had somehow toggled it. I went to the technical thread and it said you can’t delete posts after 30 minutes but I’ve been trying since 5 minutes after I posted it and realised I’d left a lovecraftian horror show for all to see kek… Very big fuck up.

Thank you to the farmhand that hid it!

No. 1629183

its a cheaper neo vagina

No. 1629184

File: 1661737233683.png (Spoiler Image, 733.6 KB, 735x721, 34.png)

No. 1629186

File: 1661737350313.jpg (436.31 KB, 2048x2048, FbQ485sXoAAj9To.jpg)

No. 1629190

Nonas I think there’s something wrong with me like I’m becoming more femdom with time, when I see this shit it’s disgusting but I also want to degrade these fuckers, I don’t really want to touch their hideous fat goat cheese smelling selves but maybe step on their disgusting imitation pussy. Idk, since they’re definitely all ugly in the face I probably wouldn’t, but if there was a decent looking guy doing this shit I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of demeaning him

Blog but when I was younger I did some femdom stuff online and there was this one moid who went on cam and I’d make him eat dog food and put his head in the toilet, he was so ugly and pathetic and back then I only did it for the money but these days I get a twisted enjoyment at the thought of doing it again(blog)

No. 1629216

Please fuck off

No. 1629220

Troll harder, kiwifag.

No. 1629224

shut the hell up, bad larp

No. 1629225

File: 1661739971398.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x2019, 8B9F19DE-EBD6-45DA-B549-390D73…)

This man posted this ugly pic and it has been making the rounds in a “why you should homeschool” graphic. Now he’s mad. Trannies stop self posting challenge. The internet can’t know about what no one inputs. But the narcissism + agp desire for them to show us their misshapen bodies and faces won’t let up

No. 1629254

File: 1661741116075.jpeg (414.26 KB, 750x807, 5D25B2F4-2391-4ADA-993F-A65E83…)

This was found on a suicide website where people incessantly whine about life and want to eventually kill themselves “peacefully” taking away resources from people who are actually suffering from physical illnesses like assisted suicide.
>why can’t you leave us alone!?
>cares about feminism but can’t even tell us what a woman is and trying to redefine it
>bitches to the stupid government to give you undeserved rights and privileges that should be given to actual women
>insistent on your clear host of mental illnesses and internalized homophobia

That is exactly why you’re on a suicide board. Enough said, I can’t stand this shit it’s so disingenuous.

No. 1629288

File: 1661743172207.jpeg (248.29 KB, 1536x2048, D1AC9D12-6903-4110-89DC-EDE2AB…)

Does he live in a crack house jfc

No. 1629369

File: 1661749878216.png (4.51 MB, 1200x6088, just_deli-disconnecting.png)

Cringy transfem comic. Apparently, displaying any sort of social awkwardness around a tranny is considered transphobic.

No. 1629376

So scenario 1: they don't really know this person who's sat down at their table, or 2: they are normal people whose friend has spent the pandemic being groomed into transing on Discord and now they have no idea how to talk to them. I mean, how would you talk to a friend who wears a literal trans armband kek

No. 1629403

This is a rather interesting read.


A quick breakdown in regards of MtF surgeries:

>The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the largest plastic surgery organization in the world, includes a single sentence on the risks of vaginoplasty on their website, "Risks from vaginoplasty include infection, bleeding, pain, along with rare complications."

>Vaginoplasty is a complex procedure with a high rate of complications, with 20 percent to 70 percent of trans-identified male patients reporting to have experienced complications from surgery.
>Rectovaginal fistulas, in which bowel contents can leak through an opening, allowing gas or stool to pass through the neovagina, occur in 2-17 percent of vaginoplasty patients.
>Urinary tract infections are common, since the urethra is shortened during the procedure. Urethrovaginal fistulas are another type of fistula. 79 percent of vaginoplasty patients reported "dribbling" urine, and 15 percent reported incontinence according to one study.
>9.5 percent of intestinal vaginoplasties resulted in a foul smell
>Out of 240 patients who underwent penile inversion vaginoplasty, 10 percent experienced wound dehiscence, the reopening of a surgical incision, where underlying tissue is exposed.
>Eight percent experienced neolabial necrosis, the death of body tissue that occurs when too little blood flows to the tissue, and 15% experienced neovaginal necrosis. A 13-year review of surgical outcomes for vaginoplasty found wound healing disorders in 33 percent of the subjects. A French study found that 15 percent of their vaginoplasty patients required a blood transfusion.
>Pediatric gender clinics around the United States have issued guidance showing that they allow 17-year-old minors to obtain vaginoplasties.

This is unrelated to the thread and I apologise for being off topic but regarding FtM surgeries:

>51 percent of trans-identified female phalloplasty patients have urethral complications, often involving urethral strictures, scarring that narrows the tube that carries urine out of your body. It is treated with a catheter and urethroplasty, another surgery to correct the closure. Urethroplasty is required in 94-96 percent of affected patients and fails in up to 50 percent of cases.

This is a massive percent hike in comparison to male to female surgeries. Regardless, for anyone here that took the time to read, or want to have info backed by stats on troonery, this might be a link to keep handy. If this was any other type of actually necessary surgery they would look at ways to make the complication risk much smaller.

No. 1629415

My god those numbers are fucking bleak. Imagine being so completely and utterly coombrained you choose to have medically unnecessary surgery with such high risks and with such horrifically disgusting complications - rectovaginal fistulas, foul smell, necrosis, incontinence?? Absolutely fucking horrendous. Couldn't happen to a better group of people.

No. 1629422

A literal tranny nazi armband wearing freak is there to police every word they say and wokescold them if they go "out of line" and the group feels relieved and able to speak their mind once the troon isnt around

No. 1629431

I love how you can always tell when a scrote took his photos at his own hovel, or at his mom's house/the house his wife decorated. Check it out:
>destroyed sofa in the cheapest possible cover, or a twin mattress on the floor, pressed up against decorative glass doors
>cheapest, ugliest possible curtains in a fucked up position (actually surprising they exist, tho)
>scuffed door
>Christmas lights just slopped over the doorframe
>that ugly cheap Rent-a-Center chair from 20 years ago
The bland colors of all these items, combined with the ugly blonde woodwork from the late 80's-90's, are what I dub The Scrotehaus Pallette. The only thing missing is a piece of some grandmas's 1970's bicentennial pretend colonial furniture.

No. 1629435

I went on kiwi once and it looked boring, what about my post makes it seem like I’m larping as a kiwifag genuinely curious

No. 1629446

why the autosage?

No. 1629454

Probably the KF drama. Only thing I can think of.

No. 1629467

ehh I like guys who can be gender non conforming, as I come from an alt scene myself back in the day. But I feel like it should be done in a way where it is an obvious growth of ones individual style and not some costume that is wildly different than their norm. Otherwise it just seems like a fetish of sorts to me.

I would never let a moid wear my clothing like that, makes it feel like he is trying to wear my identity like a skin and I'm nothing more than a concept and ideal for him to try on and not an individual.

Like most girls can wear male clothing and style it in their own way, why can't men do the same without being so fucking creepy about it. Like I bet aidens don't go asking their boyfriends to dress them up…

No. 1629514

This screams tranny larp

No. 1629516

Same fag but this kind of degeneracy always ends in the moid trooning out, sub men are bottom of the bottom of the barrel. If it's a genuine fetish seek help and never get in a rel with a sub moid they'e always the most abusive type of male.

No. 1629518

Muslims are not a religious minority by any definition of the word

No. 1629537

You'll never be us. Cope

No. 1629556

Gender non-conformity is great but I like guys who can dress themselves which is not troons.

No. 1629567

File: 1661776818349.jpg (15.58 KB, 408x406, 1651700478021.jpg)

No. 1629601

File: 1661782908611.jpeg (227.54 KB, 1284x1426, 39113FD5-E25B-476D-BC63-169402…)

all she’s there for is to show him the ropes and get cheated then?

No. 1629603

in another reddit post they said their testicle sweat is "women's cum". And they of course downvoted the only user who said no it isn't

No. 1629632

File: 1661785863363.png (2.71 MB, 1080x1971, petermobeter.png)

so feminine! this guy's reddit is an autistic goldmine

No. 1629637

File: 1661786412902.png (382.92 KB, 760x847, clueless.png)

Anthony is so clueless, whats he doing lurking ovarit anyways kek

No. 1629639

File: 1661786543898.png (1.27 MB, 771x1195, free recs.png)

>Americans literally handing out referrals for surgery in some park
>trannies defend this

No. 1629641

File: 1661786606763.png (709.33 KB, 732x1180, 12.png)

No. 1629642

File: 1661786646528.jpeg (243.38 KB, 1280x800, TELEMMGLPICT000306238710_trans…)

>tranny front and center

No. 1629643

he's like 20-30 years older than them

No. 1629647

im confused. if there’s an hrt shortage and if cis women going through pregnancy/menopause/etc are to blame, why recruit more?

No. 1629655

He loves to cherry pick from there.

No. 1629671

kys scrote

No. 1629674

i can smell this picture: cheap overpowering bath and body products covering smegma and water damage. how the fuck does nail polish even get that chipped?

No. 1629696

The dripping paint on the lettering is giving an appropriately threatening aura. And the "4" is totally professional right?

No. 1629709

These are the same people that say detrans people are dumb because they rushed into it instead of researching more

No. 1629713

File: 1661791735284.jpeg (1.09 MB, 750x4064, 3FF79EE9-1C3E-4E5A-B9E6-755BF9…)

psycho troon stalks and harasses an autistic woman. i can’t express how much i despise these men.

No. 1629714

File: 1661791755435.jpeg (286.73 KB, 947x2048, 8F3D0DE0-BDEE-423A-8A16-1D37CB…)

No. 1629734

>"I wish nobody knew about trans people and just left us alone."
>Starts post with "I'm a trans woman."
Their worst nightmare is being ignored. Their "uwu oppression points" are like heroin to them.

No. 1629736

I desperately want to leave them alone, but they make it impossible when they shove their dicks into everything.

No. 1629755

File: 1661794571086.jpg (107.84 KB, 763x1200, FbM6ZFyWYAErUA6.jpg)

I think this must be a troll but its so hard to tell with these people

No. 1629756

Jfc, that post was obviously not written by a scrote. Can you and the rest of the overly aggressive retards calm the fuck down and realize that some Nonas who've recently peaked still use "cis"?

No. 1629769

File: 1661795192603.png (56.15 KB, 1169x401, ten million.png)

Canada is spending $100 million on the "Federal 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan 2022" (referred to as The Plan which is sickly ironic). The federal government suddenly cares about the squaws and Indians because they have a cultural version of twanspeople. Want clean water on the reservations? Access to decent health care and services? Naaahhh too expensive. Want cops and authorities to treat you with respect? Only if you're gender special enough. Then they have to.

Another troon who wants to be praised for doing nothing but existing. The autistic woman is doing everything to repel him without saying I want nothing to do with you point blank (actually, she kind of did). The troon wants that, though. He wants someone to not coddle and like him so he can call twansphobe and get even more praise for his bEaUtIfUl BrAvErY. Like the kids that poke and poke and poke until the receiver pokes back. Then they are victim, not perpetrator.

I feel bad for this woman. She's being borderline stalked by this freak and the second she complains the response will be "you just don't understand her" guaran-fucking-teed.

No. 1629777

The part where he was following her into a secluded area is genuinely so scary what the fuck. The fact that he swore at her and then apologized makes it sound like he was saying sorry for what he was planning to do to her

No. 1629779

Ive been peaked for 10 years now but something genuinely broke inside of me anew when I read "is my vagina coming in". Like. What the fuck. Is this genuine retardation? This isnt normal cognitive ability. Hes either completely psychotically delusional or massively retarded and weapons grade autistic, in which case he definitely got groomed because literally every autistic male online nowadays gets groomed into trannydom. If hes "just" disturbingly delusional than hes psychologically broken to the point where he gives me the vibes of someone about to do some buffalo bill type shit upon realizing he will never grow a perfect pink hentai pussy. Sorry for this sperg but this may have been the worst sentence I ever read in my life

No. 1629791

File: 1661796624339.jpg (688.35 KB, 810x2414, Screenshot_20220829-140720_Boo…)

Denying transwomen experience periods is transmisogyny kek:

No. 1629795

men with bigger bones and more muscle tissue are more oppressed than cis women? being retarded doesnt make you eligible to vulnerability.

No. 1629804

File: 1661797133606.jpeg (927.64 KB, 1242x4704, 3AEB283D-48F6-4DB4-8FC7-8AD566…)

Apparently Chris Chan escaped from jail (a courtroom) by going to the bathroom and jumping out through the window. Naturally this brings up the very serious and legitimate discussion of whether or not he’s a true transwoman.


No. 1629811

File: 1661797284074.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x8664, 8C2DF7E9-5AA2-4047-9F1F-9145CB…)

Good to see majority of people not going along with revoking someone’s trans ID cause they’re a degenerate. As one Twitter user said, if you removed all transwomen who only became trans to get with a lesbian you’d be left with no transwomen.


No. 1629812

lmao so he's on the run? lmfaoooooo run tranny run

No. 1629824

The only thing running is the skid marks from his sweaty unwashed ass on his jail issued underwear, maybe he’ll rejoice and believe he’s having his first girly period.

I really love people using trans people’s logic against them whenever Chris chan is brought up.
>I am a brave transwoman who gets euphoria boners from wearing spinny skirts
>not him though he’s not trans he raped his mom and did other bad stuff he’s not trans
>but I am definitely a transwoman and heckin valid so sleep with me and suck my girldick and if you don’t it’s transphobia

No. 1629831

>sure they don’t bleed, but they get emotions from it
You heard it here ladies, periods are just emotions. There is no biological reality or hard science involved, it’s all about feelings. Did you know that even men, children, and old ladies who’ve gone through menopause experience periods too? Incredible, isn’t it? Sidenote but every time they open their mouths they make it so clear how much of an MRA movement this is. They hate when we try to talk about our own lived experiences or discomfort and instantly need to shut us down because we are ruining their oh so titillating fantasies. It’s no coincidence that the loudest ones are wealthy straight white men, they’re angry because wealthy straight white men are finally being held accountable for being terrible people and harming so many other groups, so this is their get out of jail free care. Put on a dress and a wig, legally rename yourself (even if you’ve committed crimes like rape and murder), and voila! You’re the most oppressed group to have ever existed in the history of earth. Sorry to reword and repost, I’d interrupted the other nonas chris chan posting and I hate when I do that.

No. 1629833

>It’s no coincidence that the loudest ones are wealthy straight white men, they’re angry because wealthy straight white men are finally being held accountable for being terrible people and harming so many other groups, so this is their get out of jail free card.

preach it girl

No. 1629834

I’d love to see them sit for a day with endometriosis. How quickly they’d go back to short hair and calling themselves Dave again. And don’t worry nona there is plenty space for pointing and laughing at troon antics

No. 1629835

You don't realize that there's handmaidens here that go on mtf to kiss tranny ass? Obviously you haven't been paying attention but in previous threads there was mention of "cis" a couple of times and nonnas responding not to use that to describe women.

No. 1629840

File: 1661798335118.jpeg (279.38 KB, 1440x1440, EEA3B68D-FBBC-4159-96E2-EDAD9A…)

kek the 41 o’clock shadow on this troon

No. 1629848

What about using that money for important things like making sure nurses are paid a livable wage?

No. 1629855

nah trannys are the most oppressed. how else will they continue to sit on their asses all day and sustain their degenerate lifestyles?

No. 1629869

What do you mean this isn’t Chris chan

No. 1629871

File: 1661799516049.jpg (101.62 KB, 720x1520, FbAKgydaQAI_EAi.jpg)

wins women's surfing competitions

No. 1629872

someone should tell him it's not his trannyness, it's his autism

No. 1629873

File: 1661799591053.jpg (177.26 KB, 972x1847, FbBQC41WQAAapYN.jpg)

just another tranny pedo befriending a 15 y/o

No. 1629875

File: 1661799616680.jpg (143.84 KB, 1080x1533, FaXlEY-XkAIXe3t.jpg)

No. 1629879

File: 1661799645954.jpg (349.94 KB, 1536x2048, Fa3JJAMUYAAymCN.jpg)


No. 1629880

I'm admittedly kind of ignorant on the "two-spirit" thing. Is this just another one of those "third genders" which is, in reality, just effeminate (and often gay) men?

No. 1629887

i hate how troons always reference studies about how 'good' gender affirming care is for children, like science has never been wrong before and pills/medications haven't been pushed onto kids by big pharma before. like in the 90s when any little boy who couldn't sit still in math class was put on literal speed, parents were told the child 'needed' the medication. like scientifically gender dysphoria was a classified mental illness until they decided it wasn't.

No. 1629892

I was looking at a nail painting subreddit and some of the comments said shit like "sexy" so I looked at their profiles and of course they post in sissy porn subs. Reddit is 99% AGPs and I feel sick

No. 1629893

File: 1661800395626.jpg (64.03 KB, 680x580, FbVKLf1WAAAnHoz.jpg)

No. 1629894

No. 1629895

er.. unfortunately some true and honest women have autoeroticism
i have a wg fetish and can only get off to the thought of my own body gaining weight
unfortunately i'm also an anorexic
funny how that goes

No. 1629898

Don't forget they once recommended cigarette smoking too.

No. 1629901

Transwomen don't count as women

No. 1629905

you would like it if i posted tits agpchan
have encountered other examples of women who are like this
we exist (unfortunately)

No. 1629907

men are so fucking entitled. apparently it's ok to go through someone's stuff because you want to play dress up. you know if his sister went into his room and fucked with his stuff he'd have an absolute meltdown.

No. 1629909

god you type like an absolute retard, fuck off with your blogposting about your weird fetishes.

No. 1629912

sorry merely knowing about the bizarre ways that people can be fucked up is intolerably scary to you
but if i can live with being this way from childhood you can live with knowing about it
i didn't choose this and i've sought every form of help imaginable

No. 1629914

tinfoil some of the anons on this board have been posting strange things since kiwifarms went down i wonder why

No. 1629919


how big was that god damn window?!

No. 1629921

and of course the troon thread is going to be the first one they infest

No. 1629924

we're literally in a thread where men chop of their dicks for the coom and groom little boys into doing the same. if you want to talk about your deviantart tier fetishes go somewhere else.

No. 1629926

the fact that actual women actually can sometimes experience agp-like sexual dysfunction is relevant information to this topic

No. 1629934

This thread is about trannies not women. stfu

No. 1629939

gtfo nasty troon

No. 1629941

>actual women
source: trust me bro

No. 1629942

no, i'm still salty about you accusing me of being a pervert troon when i don't even act on the fetish in any way
i don't even really have a sexuality any more because my anorexia cancels it out
just goes to show that this isn't actually about accepting women on the sole basis that we are women it's just a circlejerk for reactionaries who want to kick mentally ill people when they're down

No. 1629948

How much do you nonnies wanna bet its the spamming moid again?

No. 1629950

bye troon

No. 1629952

why are you afraid of me being someone who's telling the truth?

No. 1629953

It is retardation. Remember when Chris-Chan believed he had listened to enough binaural beats to grow a vagina and then cut his taint wise open into an infected wound? Pure retardation.

No. 1629955

For the last time: this thread isn't about YOU. Why the hell should we care that you're anorexic or whatever? Get a hobby

No. 1629957


No. 1629958

it’s either him again or a kf scrote

No. 1629959

Exactly my thoughts, if she didn't turn around and he didn't see her face, who the fuck knows what would've happened. I kinda wanna know what happened then, I hope she can be left the fuck alone.

No. 1629961

Retard tranny faggot fuck off to the MTF subreddit and post a meme of an anime girl or something

No. 1629965

go blog about your fetish in the confessions thread

No. 1629966

Lol I wanna see them go through endometriosis that causes tumors and shit, but yes, it's just my emotions.

No. 1629969

Sorry for the blogpost nonnas but I’m terrified and disgusted, I’m starting on my master’s degree in a few days and i just found out that the other three “ladies” that I’m gonna have classes with are trannies and the rest are regular scrotes. Help.

No. 1629970

oh boo hoo i made you experience cognitive dissonance and invalidated the simple story you've told yourself about what women and trannies are like
harden the fuck up

No. 1629975

File: 1661803223625.jpeg (940.74 KB, 2070x2403, 5F696CB1-1D17-4FFC-B2ED-AC45E1…)

New Dutch troon (Marjolein Schepers, 31) needs to play on the girls’ soccer team - not even the womens’ soccer team - because of genderfeels. He’s a teenager with all of those hormones, he says.

No. 1629976

Are you c-sci? Me too and my condolences.

No. 1629978

>it's just a circlejerk for reactionaries who want to kick mentally ill people when they're down
idk chief it sounds like you're the one who needs to harden the fuck up lmao

No. 1629980

That fucking sucks, anon. Try not to stay alone with them and never let them know any personal details about you, think of any facts of yourself as a treasure.

No. 1629984

yeah otherwise they'll try to skinwalk her. there have been several stories posted about girls getting skinwalked by troon coworkers.

No. 1629987

Troons made me realize that almost all men have shitty hairlines lol

No. 1629993

join the 41% tranny

No. 1629994

File: 1661803777596.jpg (8.35 KB, 275x241, 1661797854297.jpg)

>31 y/o troon was allowed to be in the changing room with 15 y/o girls

No. 1629998

File: 1661803878100.png (262.44 KB, 802x500, iqgv6nhddnk91.png)

you're mom won

No. 1629999

File: 1661803917473.jpg (172.36 KB, 896x2048, FbBSzJWWYAApCY_.jpg)

>watches lesbian porn
>troons out

No. 1630005

Yeah, it's kinda like with normal creepy men, but now you give in even less because troons will not only maybe assault you, they will steal your personality even before that. Then spin it into being your fault.

No. 1630008

>the best gift he could get was changing in the womens dressing room
>says he’s full of hormones and feels like a 15 year old girl
Absolute noncery. How is it even allowed for him to play with girls that age? That makes no sense even in a place that supports this shit. Maybe trans age really is the next thing they’re going to aim for.

No. 1630011

I can honestly say, I utterly regret ever supporting the T in any sort of tiny way. The whole thing was a fucking mistake. Fuck these shitty moids. They deserve the rope.

No. 1630013

AGPs are always talking so much about how they’re such lesbians, but then in lesbian spaces they have to change every aspect of what being a lesbian is, from the definition (a homoSEXUAL woman) to the culture (no talking about the real joys or hardships of being a lesbian, only headpats and oversexual top/bottom jokes).

No. 1630019

men are just jealous that they'll never get to experience lesbian sex, even if they troon out and get a rot pocket. they're created this fantasy in their head about what being a lesbian is.

No. 1630034

>’no hate but woman to woman, most cis-women’

Stopped reading right there. 41% yourself. How dare they larp amongst themselves calling each other women and sisters when they refer to us, the original, the blueprint, as cis. To apply such a fucking label to us is truly the most egotistical trait that a male can possibly possess and enact upon.

I’m not a cis-woman. I am a woman. Both transwomen and men themselves have such trouble referring to me as a woman. It baffles me how they’ve taken that word for themselves and gave us scraps while decrying the use of us calling them transwomen.


No. 1630059

How in the fuck do they type these things and deny that their lives are based on a fetish. The lack of self awareness and narcissism is breathtaking.

No. 1630064

It would be super cool if the parents of these girls could get together and beat his fucking ass. I know if I had a teen daughter around this gross asshole I’d certainly want to!

No. 1630094

this is kinda true, the skene's gland is really similar to the male prostate. the fact that he doesn't want to have "male organs" when his whole body is male is pretty funny though

No. 1630102

why is their “art” so ugly? i don’t think i’ve seen one decent trans comic lmao how are they not embarrassed to post this deviantart looking shit

No. 1630122

Men did this with “humanity” also, they labelled women the second sex when we’re the blueprints and they’re retarded genetic abominations. Not surprising at all.
(hashtag take “man” out of “humanity 2k23)

No. 1630129

Chris didn't escape, it's a 4chan meme that people fell for

No. 1630131

File: 1661809690439.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 694.73 KB, 750x1229, 2E6973D2-19ED-4F5B-A711-E8B9D3…)

wow, that literally looks like a wild animal bit off his junk.

No. 1630143

Designer pussy, even better than the real thing! Gynecologists can't tell the difference!

No. 1630168

his surgeon surpassed god's own design!

No. 1630176

The moment I saw this picture, my brain sent a signal to get ready to inhale the stench. Trippy stuff.

No. 1630180

>Is this just another one of those "third genders" which is, in reality, just effeminate (and often gay) men?
It's not even that. It's some bs term literally created in the 90s to pretend like there was some widespread common third gender in Indians.


No. 1630198

>If this sounds pedantic and tedious, you may have a point. The embrace of Native American concerns by that strata of academia which uses obfuscatory and confusing language has formed a sort of crust, preventing the wider public from directly listening to Native Americans themselves without this impenetrable terminology.
I wish this shit got called out like this more often. If you're into anything that has an academic side, you've seen these buzzards circling, trying to make knowledge HARDER to access, while pretending to be "academic".

No. 1630199

>chris is as much of a trans woman as the rest of them.

i mean. true?

No. 1630216

My thought exactly.

No. 1630233

File: 1661814176350.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1916, E89A4F7B-6B96-4257-B96B-5B2399…)

God how I despise males.

No. 1630258

File: 1661815411910.jpg (302.09 KB, 1080x1739, FbLet10VUAAmMHD.jpg)

No. 1630261

File: 1661815649738.png (52.68 KB, 1318x598, wow almost like you do the sam…)

sounds familiar

No. 1630270


One of the worst parts of this is that women know what a man means when he says something reminds him hormonally of being a teenager. It’s so disgusting. I wonder if he ever “excuses himself” from the locker room

No. 1630273

He deserves it. At least the cockmince won’t be able to coom

No. 1630274

File: 1661816305593.jpg (30.91 KB, 1004x233, ggggggghhhhhhh.jpg)


Wonder why this fantasy appeals so much to the person who would've been the abuser keeping their wife financially hostage if this was 80 years ago?

No. 1630275

how are people this ugly even born who is birthing them

No. 1630278


It's almost like, that's exactly what it's like to be a woman, dumbass! The fun doesn't end with dresses and makeup, Kai.

No. 1630280

File: 1661816637490.png (Spoiler Image, 722.41 KB, 1961x1301, am hole.png)

tranny regrets his hole

No. 1630281

What immediately jumps out to me is “I’ll wake up the kids when breakfast is ready.”

Any mother knows that young kids, especially toddlers, wake up at the ass crack of dawn. This is especially guaranteed to happen if you have plans to wake up before them to get things done. Their “mother is awake, time to cause disruption” sense is unparalleled.

The spouse and children in this fantasy are not living individuals, merely props to furnish the fetish. I’m glad so many troons chemically or physically castrate themselves before this fantasy can come to fruition.

No. 1630282

lmfao thank god you can't rape anymore

No. 1630283


Me too. I was like, have his only experiences with seeing women been when watching Disney movies?

No. 1630291

all troons should meet this fate

No. 1630297


It's not like a ton of people told him not to do it because it would end up exactly like this /s

No. 1630298

Took the words right out of my mouth. If men hadn't controlled women like slaves for centuries, men this ugly wouldn't even exist. It's literally the son paying for the sins of the father, and they deserve it. Ugly as sin.

No. 1630313

>79 percent of vaginoplasty patients reported "dribbling" urine, and 15 percent reported incontinence according to one study.
>9.5 percent of intestinal vaginoplasties resulted in a foul smell

Almost every complication he mentioned is in this post. Like pottery

No. 1630317

Oh my god, he got a stinkditch from a donated penis. Very feminine, much girl. Mega kek

No. 1630326

File: 1661818612892.jpeg (557.32 KB, 1242x1219, D4CCB5DD-BE06-4173-AEFD-BFF2CE…)

He posted this 20 minutes ago holy fuck! This guy is permanently online. Close the website down, go outside. Ireland is beautiful. Go see a castle, go down by the coast. Go to a historic museum. Fuck I don’t know go to the Titanic museum in Belfast. Fuck me man.

No. 1630329

File: 1661818860537.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1499, 5BD8A1E0-538B-4A0C-906C-1C1300…)

Name me one woman who got verified on Twitter from being harrassed and abused

No. 1630333

>don't really get a say when it comes to a much more oppressed group than them
Black people are much more oppressed than Asians but I'm pretty sure if one of them started doing a Mickey Rooney-style racist caricature mocking them no one would argue against Asian people telling them to knock it off. But this is obviously how TRAs think, that they can do whatever they want now because any criticism is just transphobia. Why even disavow fucking your own mother, cis mothers aren't as oppressed as trans people right?

No. 1630339

File: 1661819439421.jpeg (773.78 KB, 869x1308, CFF7861C-C42A-4BA6-B288-447E60…)

No. 1630341

We know he would never do this shit IRL. Most men on their own won't even wash their bedsheets once a week. If they adopted kids, the kids would just end up getting screeched at and neglected.

No. 1630344

This is facts. Third gender theory is applied to explain gender nonconformity among indigenous people.

No. 1630345

Exactly. It’s all a coom fantasy for them. Switch this asshole with a mother of five and he wouldn’t last a fucking day in her shoes. Fucking delusional

No. 1630348

moids do adopt kids with other moids (I know you already know this) and we’ve all seen how that goes. Watching 2 gay men screech and squeak over what cute designer baby they can get through a surrogacy to groom and sexually assault makes my skin crawl.

No. 1630364

>trannies are narcissistic so they post selfies everywhere including reddit accounts where they ask other trannies for advice on how to remove hairballs from inside their stinkditches, full photos visible with a couple minutes of scrolling
Are they asking for someone to photoshop the aforementioned stinkditch on top of their face? To have a sepsis-leaking gangrenous hole replace their mouth? Do they want their mothers to see on Facebook what has become of their sons after an edgy page reshares the image? I wonder how it must feel to be seen as so disgusting that anyone who is attracted to you is considered to be a sex freak. Do they know they’re the best argument for aborting male fetuses? Or are they blissfully unaware, rendered retarded by the abundance of chemicals their bodies can not tolerate. So many questions.

No. 1630366

File: 1661821115226.png (564.25 KB, 1078x605, cinemassacre.png)

ryan from cinemassacre is trooning out

No. 1630368

No. 1630380

File: 1661821901846.jpg (87.97 KB, 827x1036, info.jpg)

So apperently the scrote who wrote the "White girls fuck dogs" song dates a troon, he made some comic (I guess he does comics) and the Kiwi's thought it was pro kiwifarms, but it was pro-keffals. They started posting stuff about him and I found out he used to be cool with stonetoss, but stopped when people started calling him gay for dating a TIM. Also, he makes a lot comics simping for troons/femboys, so clearly it's a fetish and clearly he IS gay/bisexual. Anyway, I went on his instagram and I saw a few scrotes clocking the GF and a few couldn't but then would be like, "Oh my god she's so hot" when they found out. Not important but something.

No. 1630381

File: 1661821927320.png (903.3 KB, 861x540, troon girlfriend.PNG)

No. 1630402

File: 1661823485545.jpg (446.02 KB, 810x1929, Screenshot_20220829-213517_Boo…)

>Wants to be a housewife
>Doesn't even know how to clean or do laundry

No. 1630415


No. 1630417

of course his mom had to do all the work

No. 1630429

just the other day i was thinking about bringing back the draft for scrotes. it seems like with their lack of anything productive to do, lack of positive male role models, along w/ late stage consoomer brain they instinctively turn to porn, video games, trannyism etc… all self indulgent activities that contribute nothing positive to society. maybe we need to go back to the days where they were too busy with war to get addicted to satisfying their own egos?? sage for blog sry babes

No. 1630430

>laundry and cleaning the bathrooms
So fucking nothing. He's never cleaned in his life. Now you know how they end up living in a crack shack. Depending on his age, you know he's made some landlords absolutely miserable.

No. 1630437

Before the modern era, society sent useless scrotes to mining towns, the army, merchant marines, penal colonies. Even more of them were involuntarily celibate, and nobody felt bad for them. The leftover women were house servants.

No. 1630439

File: 1661825551859.jpeg (33.48 KB, 400x400, 43343736-4334-4A56-B2C4-C77759…)

Who could have known that a man who’s entire life is video games and movies would have trooned out a year after starting a podcast with another man about video games and movies

Big Ryan fan btw

No. 1630440

yes love it can we reduce them back to the worker drones that they are

No. 1630443

pop culture worship is a port in a storm for useless males

No. 1630479

File: 1661827333864.jpeg (79.14 KB, 686x534, EC40432A-A4BA-4EC5-8202-1F4350…)

No. 1630482

A therapist suggested something that could put your life at risk?

No. 1630493

File: 1661828302290.png (2.88 MB, 1109x1477, literalpedophile.png)

totally not groomers! (zoom in on the glasses)

No. 1630495

nonnie I can't be certain but I think he means his own dick when he calls it "donor tissue."

No. 1630496

It seems like there’s been a slight bit of a shift re: trans ideology in the last few years- the nonsensical, reality denying rhetoric has finally reached the normies and I’m seeing a bit of a pushback.

I think a lot of this stuff is just a fad and it will pass. I can’t reassure you completely bc I don’t know where the future is going but I personally think this current “trahnsrightsssz” climate will burn itself out. Most normal (non-online folks) are against the adolescent hormone treatments, men in girls’ sports, feminine prostates, etc.

I wouldn’t fret too much about it nona. Like all social contagions it will have a way of burning itself out.

No. 1630497

That is so much fucking weirder omg

No. 1630501

men stop being pedophiles challenge

No. 1630505

He's prooobably just trying to be ironic but like… no actual real woman would wear that shit, even just for irony.

No. 1630506

I think it's because they experience "bottom dysphoria" so they like to make it sound like their penis isn't actually theirs and create even more cognitive dissonance kek.

No. 1630510

His therapist is a woman so I’m going to larp and say this woman regularly browses this thread and deliberately wants to put another delusional mentally ill moid into a scary and dangerous profession so that he gets murdered and dumped in a ditch that stinks as much as the stinkditch he’s been sorely wanting.

No. 1630511

infinite onion layers of mental illness. and thrice as stinky

No. 1630512

even if it was ironic nonna, why ??? would someone wear those
>trannies get accused of grooming and pedophilia
>I'll wear my pedophile princess sunglasses to show them!!!!
pornsick scrote logic. they are all the same, it's so tiresome.

No. 1630515

no therapist would suggest this, if anyone is larping it's the troon who posted that to reddit in the first place

No. 1630516

I just realized the left side says "baby magnet" I want to a-log.

No. 1630518

Knowing to put the triangle is a little much for irony and also being trans lol
This shit is so fucked, giving pervert sex pests a way to blame their family and society for reacting normally to being involved in their perversion and traumatized

No. 1630523

File: 1661829540597.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x7497, 0B6CDFEC-24D7-4530-B34D-88F975…)

It’s fun to laugh about Reddit troons but larger scale things like this also need attention.


They’re trying to do damage control about offering organ removal to minors who think they are the opposite sex. This thread also links to information regarding the high risk of complications and what each complication is and means for the patient with percentages. See my link to my other post breaking down the percentages: >>1629403

These are long reads but if you’re just a surface level browser who likes to point and laugh it’s also a good shout to take in changes that are happening globally in first world contries to our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews etc in the medical world.

No. 1630527

Genuinely thanks for posting this stuff it’s important

No. 1630535

am i stupid? why couldn't I find this thread in the catalog

No. 1630536

not stupid, I think it was temporarily “hidden” bc of the kf events

No. 1630538

File: 1661830937693.webm (3.68 MB, 640x360, david reimer.webm)

i thought it was BS but its literally true. why did no one see an issue with this and allow this happen, also the guy supported pedophilia as well


No. 1630541

Thank you for sharing nonna, we need more of this in the thread.

No. 1630545

that's scary that a hospital is actually trying to cover their tracks after being exposed.

No. 1630546

File: 1661831352500.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x6834, FC569A2B-D9C9-4058-9547-26C618…)


No. 1630548

this is gonna be such a flop. Are they attempting to reboot Hellraiser for zoomers? Lmao

No. 1630551

You just know it’s gunna have a scene with some tryhard cosmic hell horror retardation about genders being all swirly and transcended beyond what mere silly humans can comprehend.

The new plot centers around a drug addicted woman using the lament configuration. So basically a transwomen is trying to make a real woman suffer for all eternity for something she accidentally did without knowing the repercussions of, what else is new with troons

No. 1630555

>troons comes on to give a new spin on a old classic

No. 1630559

File: 1661832095783.png (8.52 KB, 217x233, 2303D5CC-745D-44B2-897F-739135…)

new spinny plot for spinny skirt wearers

No. 1630569

holy shit that's so sad, i feel so sorry for those kids…

No. 1630576

File: 1661834615803.jpeg (411.78 KB, 1170x2141, AF9F2451-86C8-44C2-A83A-7C4ED8…)

i hate troons so much. he literally is the fugliest creature i’ve ever seen. they’re so delusional. all of them

No. 1630599

File: 1661836965791.jpeg (480.83 KB, 1242x1458, 1F401A1F-611C-4D99-8444-A03E14…)

A Google gallery of around 1700 images containing transwomen or TRA’s wishing violence or death on terfs:


No. 1630600

File: 1661837222331.png (30.05 KB, 775x291, colon.png)

why can't these people get a hobby, making hating JK a part of your personality is quite sad.

No. 1630601

File: 1661837283598.jpg (303.72 KB, 1000x1500, FbWJ60ZXgAEGfxa.jpg)

No. 1630603

File: 1661837400360.png (462.81 KB, 746x747, dumb.png)

>animal shelter is transphobic because they decided to put down a cat that was suffering with FIP
>the own of the cat took too long to respond to inquries and the drug that can save the cat isn't even allowed in Canada

No. 1630606

File: 1661837627448.jpg (178.44 KB, 972x1965, FayRVZfXgAAMtsi.jpg)

No. 1630610

File: 1661838074771.jpeg (2.25 MB, 1242x11045, 72033F40-A805-4A1C-BC18-C12D66…)

A continuation from this. The Washington Post has released an extremely falsified report on Libs of Tiktok discovering the surgeries performed on minors. Essentially they are calling the entire thing untrue. Fortunately the majority of people understand that this is false reporting by what is seen as an impartial and genuine media outlet.

I believe the Washington Post reached out to Libs of TikTok or whoever it was that discovered the surgery on minors being done, and went ahead with a report on the phone calls without actually getting in touch with the research who discovered the practices within the Hospital. I’ll find that image so 1/2.

No. 1630611

File: 1661838249913.jpeg (1.59 MB, 6582x2208, EA941942-CB4D-4E85-8FB1-1CFB8E…)

2/2. Cropped it together horizontally this time because I’m a bit of a kinkster.

No. 1630617

File: 1661839182580.jpg (468.61 KB, 871x1000, Cenobites novel.jpg)

well kinda sorta, in the original novel the cenobites are so mutilated that its impossible to tell what gender they were

>Why then was he so distressed to set eyes upon them? Was it the scars that covered every inch of their bodies, the flesh cosmetically punctured and sliced and infibulated, then dusted down with ash? … No women, no sighs. Only these sexless things, with their corrugated flesh.[5]

pinhead specifically is described as

>“Its voice, unlike that of its companion, was light and breathy-the voice of an excited girl. Every inch of its head had been tattooed with an intricate grid, and at every intersection of horizontal and vertical axes a jeweled pin driven through to the bone. Its tongue was similarly decorated.”

and another one

>“Frank had difficulty guessing the speaker’s gender with any certainty. Its clothes, some of which were sewn to and through its skin, hid its private parts, and there was nothing in the dregs of its voice, or in its willfully disfigured features that offered the least clue. When it spoke, the hooks that transfixed the flaps of its eyes and were wed, by an intricate system of chains passed through flesh and bone alike, to similar hooks through the lower lip, were teased by the motion, exposing the glistening meat beneath.”

No. 1630623

Terrifying. Thanks.

No. 1630650

I think he made up his therapist and just got the idea and does not want to be looked down upon because he came up with the idea to sell his body and wants it to seem more legitimate because "if a professional says this, then you all should support and encourage me to do this".
Or if she exists she is afraid the troon will commit suicide, if they cannot get enough money and she will be blamed

No. 1630703

Talking to journos is always a mistake. If she had done the interview then they would have still written the same hitpiece just with quotes taken out of context.

No. 1630727

Gender therapists aren't real therapists, they're yes-men who will "validate" their clients delusions at all costs and they aren't legally allowed to NOT validate them even if they wanted to. So if he comes in saying "being used and seen as a sex object makes me feel like a woman so i've been thinking about doing prostitution" this therapist (possibly a fetish troon themselves) is going to say "yaaas girl, get validated and earn some coin". There are enough crazy gender therapists and school teachers spewing even worse nonsense on tiktok that this is a fully plausible scenario.

No. 1630734

File: 1661860502524.jpg (464.09 KB, 1080x1977, 4tran1.jpg)

No. 1630735

File: 1661860613720.jpg (569.39 KB, 1080x1987, 4tran2.jpg)

No. 1630737

File: 1661860711908.jpg (592.2 KB, 1080x1971, 4tran3.jpg)

No. 1630738

File: 1661860871911.jpg (498.99 KB, 1080x1824, 4tran4.jpg)

No. 1630751

File: 1661863564874.png (482.17 KB, 1080x1186, Africansage01.png)


No. 1630762

File: 1661866119400.jpg (941.8 KB, 2242x2267, coomer to troon.jpg)

moment of honesty from TIMs, openly admitting they trooned out due to porn

No. 1630764

>i hate her bc shes a billionaire

if she was a TRA this fag would never say anything against her being wealthy and instead he would be very happy to have a billionaire on their side

No. 1630782

File: 1661867861253.jpeg (578.11 KB, 2088x3464, 08DEC9EA-60D2-4903-B443-4594A8…)

139k popular IG account ran by a communist non-binary transfemme tranny recently came out as a MAP (minor attracted person), unironically. Claims to proudly be a ‘pedophile’ that would never interact with minors as they all claim.

No. 1630783

File: 1661867919962.jpeg (241.1 KB, 750x725, A78B5E6D-9192-4F04-9856-EFB626…)

No. 1630790

I think tifs have proved penis envy is a real thing lol.

No. 1630791

Far more men have vagina/vulva/womb envy than women have penis envy so overall it still is a projection.

No. 1630797

>I've been enjoying my girlfriend

She's tied up in the basement, isn't she?
Seriously that phrase sounds psychopathic

No. 1630798

File: 1661869865734.jpg (340.95 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20220830-093124_Ins…)

Scrote that used to be a counselor at my old Jesus camp posted this earlier. I wanted to respond so bad. Instead I'm posting it here so we can all collectively roll our eyes back into our skulls (:

No. 1630817

For real, he makes her sound like a toy. "I've been enjoying my PS5"

No. 1630818

why would I use "they" for someone whose sex is obvious

No. 1630824

I mean, sure. “They” has a couple common usages that everyone is familiar with. It is used when you don’t know or want to reveal the gender of the person you’re talking about or when you’re speaking about a group. These days I just say the name of whoever I’m talking about and then we don’t have to play stupid games. I don’t understand why they get so concerned about what pronouns other people use to talk about them when they aren’t even there. It’s always really awkward when you’re talking to someone about another person and they correct themselves like “he…sorry, she” because it doesn’t fit into the conversation and doesn’t really matter and I don’t care. They aren’t here to hear you and I already know who you’re talking about. People get “misgendered” all the time because of how their voice sounds on the phone, because they’re GNC in appearance, etc. The majority of them don’t make a big deal out of it, they usually just correct the person and move on, and normally the misgendering doesn’t happen through use of pronouns, it’s by calling someone Sir or Miss or whatever. This has never been such an ordeal in society before now, it’s so strange. Why would I care what pronoun someone uses to talk about me? They could call me he, it, or skunkself and it won’t affect me because 1) didn’t even hear it and 2) it has no bearing on who I am as a person. It’s such a minor thing to get upset over, irrational even.

No. 1630830

File: 1661871304762.jpg (2.75 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20220830_105058302.jpg)

Person who posted about regretting their surgery posted to suicide watch an hour ago. I'm gonna be keeping an eye on this one..

I know I wouldn't want to live having made a decision like that.

No. 1630838

File: 1661871786597.jpg (157.99 KB, 865x1200, 20220830_170207.jpg)

They're so gross

No. 1630840

I knew what map meant but not "nomap" so I googled it and now I want to a-log.

No. 1630848

>I can’t coom life is meaningless
Sorry your elective genital mutilation surgery rendered your penis useless who would have guessed. If you can’t find any reason to live beyond nutting it’s probably best you 41%

No. 1630856

File: 1661875229372.jpg (Spoiler Image, 826.84 KB, 1080x1566, Screenshot_20220830_120022.jpg)

men are literally psycho. kek one in the comments of this post said he can't tell if the smushed dick in this OP was a penis or vagina, wtf

No. 1630862

I don’t understand what they think they’re signing up for. They’re getting rid of the organ they use for pleasure in favor of a terrible approximation of another that will never fully look or function like the real thing. They will never have that elusive, mysterious female orgasm they lust after. Even if by some miracle they can cum after years of healing, it’s not going to be the same. They don’t have the muscles around the vagina, the internal anatomy of the clitoris, none of that (not saying the parts they get are actually vagina or clitoris, just that it wouldn’t be the full functional anatomy anyway). I don’t get how someone is so porn-addled they think a surgery will magically make it so they can have lesbian sex and girlgasms and all the other things they think about. It is a medical procedure that can only reach levels humans are capable of, and humans are not gods. The complication statistics are out there, as well as post after post of how it went badly with pictures attached. No amount of yass queening will fix how botched some of these men end up. There’s a schadenfreude to watching someone who is so misogynistic they make their entire lives about mocking women even to the point of operations finally get their just desserts. Men not being able to have an orgasm after dedicating their lives to porn and hatred of women is wonderful to see.

No. 1630864

Holy shit, speedrunning Edward Scissorhands surgeon

No. 1630873

The funniest thing to me about this whole… “show” is when they try to bring body positivity into it. Your entire identity revolves around wanting to be an entirely different person. Self acceptance is the ontological opposite of your existence. Homosexual Transgenderism (we’re talking about men) is a mental illness that makes truly loving oneself impossible, and Autogynephilia mimics this like the reflection in a mirror. As much as they delight in seeing their bodies change, they love an idea they will never embody. And when the tranny claims he has finally learned to accept himself, what he means is that he replaced his object of desire. He still only desires what he can never be. He can never be a “dick girl” or a “futa.” These archetypes are not supposed represent the tranny himself. They are the very things they will never be, the girl with the dick. Read the (actually nevermind don’t do that) things they write for a sneak-peak inside their brains- the reader is constantly reassured these creatures are inherently and undoubtedly female. Even the limited sexual pleasure they can feel (before the “titty skittles” eventually kills it) revolves around hating themselves.
TLDR: You will always be an impostor, a prisoner held hostage in your own body. When you finally understand what you did to your body, it will be too late. You will never achieve internal peace. You will never be satisfied with what you have. No amount of communist larping can make you not a slave to consumerism. You’re like a dog chasing it’s nonexistent tail. You will never get there. It’s all in your head.

No. 1630877

File: 1661876475451.jpg (103.46 KB, 547x1200, Fbaes21XoAYgCfw.jpg)

No. 1630879

>all women want to be housewives deep down uwu
>being a housewife sucks though

No. 1630897

File: 1661878192770.jpeg (224.98 KB, 828x706, 30CCA9E8-4AF6-4115-962D-DC1165…)

Women manager “harasses” transbian man. Story seems a little sus, they always cry on twitter.

No. 1630899

File: 1661878387374.jpeg (620.54 KB, 828x1071, E723EFE8-E60E-4034-BC51-5C0071…)


No. 1630924

>men stop being pedophiles challenge

No. 1630929

Elliot would probably be a troon had he not shot up all those people like a loser.(sage)

No. 1630930

do you know who made this video?

No. 1630932

First question, where is the proof and the story of exactly what happened from both sides and from witnesses? Second question, why would you not take this to HR directly instead of posting it to Twitter? The way people use this sort of social media activism now is surreal and strange. If something like this happened to me (or something related to sexual harassment or assault), I would be contacting higher ups directly and gathering all the proof I had that it occurred, recording every instance. It’s like they want clout that comes from this. I just can’t imagine a lot of women even putting this out there let alone wording it so nonchalantly.

No. 1630940

should add chin implant to the FFS list

No. 1630944

"Kati" is obsessed with a gender bent version of Wallace from Wallace and Gromit and "Ava" admitted on his very twitter that he fantasized about committing violence with an ax and attempted to rape a girl in his basement in high school. kek.

No. 1630946

You forgot the third question. Why would she need to ask what genitals he has when he is so clearly a man?

No. 1630948

this is the third time this image has been posted in this thread Jesus Christ

No. 1630949

Well, true. I’m just saying if something I considered harassment happened to me at work the first thing I’d be doing is not posting to Twitter.

No. 1630951

>if this doesn't make lesbians scream (in FEAR), i dunno what will
fixed it

No. 1630958

File: 1661882734162.png (61.03 KB, 707x501, LEL.PNG)

Troon mad that gf is treating him like a male

No. 1630964

I’m thinking it was ripped out of context for e.g. maybe he wanted to use the girls room and after a confrontation with the manager it essentially boiled down to the manager finally dropping her mask of kindness and asking ‘well, what genitals do you have down there then?’ and he’s taken full offense to it and went to his safety box on Twitter to whinge.

You’d have to be daft to be a manager in a fast food joint and not know how to deal with these wannabe women at this rate.

No. 1630967

He’s all but implied he wants his fellow predditors to say she’s transphobic and for what lmao. Cooking him meals every morning and treating him nicely are definitely red flags in a relationship… totally. I don’t think it’s her making him feel gross. It’s himself and how he views himself next to this girl. He thinks this girl is trying extra hard to impress him by being nice and doing shit for him when it turns out that’s just female socialisation at work. We are expected to do shit for men, it’s a fucking given. Whereas he’s being hit with a dose of reality and realising that he is a man and will always be a man because he was socialisation as a man to do fuck all if there’s a woman around to do it for him. He’s already called this woman a housewife like come on. The calls are coming from inside the madhouse.

No. 1631001

File: 1661884519333.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x7361, E7F02B7A-779F-4D74-901B-F9B5CA…)

Some J.K. Rowling trolling in her new book.

No. 1631007

holy shit… even when a girl is being nice to these fucking freaks they still bitch about it, honestly nothing is ever enough for them nothing… This makes me so mad, I hope she gets tired of him and dumps him

No. 1631017

the only person who thinks 'tight' is a good word for a vagina are virgins and troons. they're mistaking a lack of elasticity (axe wound) with the contraction of muscles (vagina). when women are tight it means they aren't turned on or have a medical issue like vaginismus. a vagina SHOULD feel relaxed during sex, but men who don't care about women's pleasure would see that as a negative. so many men have ruined their dicks from chronic masterbation so they probably blame the woman for being 'loose' rather than acknowledging that their dicks are broken.

No. 1631018

she literally gets death threats all the time so those ppl can fuck off
should have called them out lmao

No. 1631019

But yeah she does get rape threats and she has gotten doxed plenty of times and some of these psycho freaks even stood in front of her house trying to harass her like what?

No. 1631026

File: 1661885288953.jpg (53.28 KB, 735x320, idwtlotpa.jpg)

I wish we could all fuck off to our own planet and leave the troons behind. Too bad they wouldn't be oppressed anymore.

No. 1631029

obviously he's a man, but does he genuinely think that lesbians are incapable of being housewives?? he's obviously insecure because he's brainwashed himself into think that troons are even more 'feminine' than actual women and now he has to face that fact that, when near an actual woman, his maleness is so obvious even to himself

No. 1631030

you know who commits crimes against women? MEN. do you know what trannies are? MEN. if you actually look at the troons killed it's almost always by their boyfriend's. meanwhile women actually do get assaulted and murdered just for being women.

No. 1631031

Adding to this, Mia Moore(troon at the top of right) is a dude absolutely obsessed with pegging, I learned of him regrettably on fandom Twitter where he had some popular tweets about how peter parker gets pegged in every reality, he also does cringy "auditions" of female fictional women and again the topic is always about pegging


No. 1631056

This level of unfunny confirms my "all thoons are autistic" theory.

No. 1631080

retarded trannies don't know the difference between genderbent and trooning out. for all the fanfiction and weeb shit they consume you'd think they'd be able to figure it out.

No. 1631099

they do know the difference, but they think the former is transphobic and should be replaced by the latter

No. 1631113

fuck that's terrible acting

No. 1631145

He is literally the worst. The perfect combo of simultaneous self loathing and narcissism on constant display. It seems like he had a tranny fetish as a kiddo and that plus being teased for being effeminate warped his brain into whatever this turbo autism is. His starving artist shtick almost annoys me more than the woman face, but it really seems like he's recently been more and more consumed by the coom and less and less about his "artistic" pursuits. I found him facinating for a minute since he tried really hard to constantly justify himself and vilify TERFS (which obviously a huge red flag for some self awareness) but when he inevitably descended into onlyfans I got bored. Men are all the same and it's so tiring.

No. 1631164

His face reminds me of current day Kevin Bacon

No. 1631168

File: 1661895644859.jpeg (935.47 KB, 1242x1656, 7E249E79-C420-4725-BFA4-D40E3F…)

>one rule for you, one rule for me, because I’m a man who thinks he’s a she!

No. 1631184

File: 1661896840555.jpeg (652.02 KB, 1284x1373, D5C50824-21F6-42F3-8AA4-08F762…)

Male NCAA swimmer is scuba certified and has begun desecrating shipwrecks by writing “trans rights” on them. Saw this on ovarit, sorry for the shit website that uses female pronouns for him.

No. 1631198

I stopped attending a yearly woman’s festival focused on goddess worship because of stuff like this. Seeing women being walked like dogs on leashes by their male doms, people parading around in fur suits, and the red tent section festooned with signs making sure all the ladies knew that bepenised people were more than welcome inside too.

Much like third wave feminism itself, womens events have become a catch all for kink and degeneracy.

No. 1631205

Why do they always go on these extremely pathetic and borderline illiterate rants? He makes himself sound like the embodiment of impotence.

No. 1631206

I think this is actually a dirt common moid meltdown, one of the reasons why they act moody when there's nothing apparently wrong. A scrote knows when a woman is too good to him, and then he feels "emasculated" (embarrassed) because he knows he looks like a worthless piece of shit next to her. But he still wants to take advantage of her. One of my ex scrotes had a meltdown about this once, "AAAAAAAH WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO NICE? DON'T YOU EVER GET TIRED OF BEING NICE?" I had no idea what the hell was going on.

No. 1631213

Imagine finding out your boyfriend had these kinds of thoughts while you were having sex

No. 1631226

“Engrossed in the female lifestyle”

I need a troon to explain to me exactly what this means with a straight face.

No. 1631260

I'm a destroyed cool girl, and so it's surprising to me how often "women" and "feminism" stuff is infested with women 100x worse than I ever was. Many (most?) of the alleged liberals are even more dedicated to gender role stereotypes than anybody else. Here's a recent pile of shit from the zone of "gender neutral" liberal mommies:
A pair of lesbians trooned out a toddler just because he was "sensitive", and it looks like they never had any epiphany about gender role stereotypes, just realized that the troonson was confused, because their other son got confused as well.

No. 1631264

A lot of women turn to this sort of spirituality or other forms of worship often did so after rejecting a prior religion that treated them poorly so troons making it about them is particularly offensive. Most of them were loud and proud atheists who would belittle things like paganism or astrology. Often they'd mock women for it too. And of course they never had to deal with the worst of what the major religions push onto women.

No. 1631271

I feel like the ultimate TERFs are surgeons who perform SRS. We sit here and make fun of the troons, but our terf queens actively ruin their lives by mutilating their useless diseased genitals. Love them.

No. 1631274

Same, I don’t live a “female lifestyle” because I don’t even know what that means. I’m just female. It’s a biological sex not a fucking subculture.

No. 1631347

"Gay lifestyle" is a phrase that usually tips people off that someone is a homophobe. Viewing femaleness as a lifestyle choice should equally be seen as misogyny, because it is.

No. 1631359

I was thinking the exact same thing.

No. 1631363

what even is a female lifestyle? keeping up with hygiene and makeup/feminine clothing?

No. 1631381

Okay troons first things first. The life of the 50's housewife was not like those paintings you see or those wholesome little drawn ads. Only the incredibly rich lived that way and if you were wealthy enough to live off of one stream of income, you were wealthy enough to have a nanny. If not, your middle class ass was working too. And it wasn't all sunshine and apple pies for those housewives. Being the property of their husbands was miserable and many women were doped up to hell just so they didn't kill themselves.
But why do I bother ranting, we're just NPCs to men.

No. 1631387

According to twitter, sharing tampons with random minors in public bathrooms. Carrying around purses full to the brim of every menstruation product imaginable. Breaking out an overhead projector in a bathroom to graphically explain to some poor confused girl about what is happening to her body. And being dumb at maths.

No. 1631392

Feeling like property while being doped up to hell seems to be a huge dream for most of them.

No. 1631414

they make it sound like theyre hunting down for this hypothetical pubescent young girl

No. 1631422

> goddess worship festival
> expecting it not to attract degenerate freaks

No. 1631423

File: 1661912763359.jpeg (204.24 KB, 1087x798, 4B6A28ED-94E6-4FCC-B2AF-06A239…)

>they make it sound like theyre hunting down for this hypothetical pubescent young girl

Yeah… sounds like…

No. 1631429

You are not wrong, but you’d just expect annoying Wiccan women and crunchy types, not full blown males.

No. 1631430

Yaniv was riding on some kind of ferry just so he could lurk in the bathroom, because obviously girls on the ferry had to go into that one bathroom if they had to pee

No. 1631451

Sadly true in this day and age. Many years ago, they came after Zsusanna Budapest, for Dianic Wicca, which she practices, being "trans exclusionary" aka no men allowed. Cope trannies. That's been the rules of Dianic Wicca since it started in the way early 70s.

No. 1631455

File: 1661914100509.jpg (179.61 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20220831_032743.jpg)

No. 1631456

i really hope this is another troll because at this point this is getting really grim.

No. 1631457

File: 1661914258334.jpg (Spoiler Image, 226.51 KB, 1080x1079, FZ2aaalXwAElD7u.jpg)

No. 1631467

File: 1661915105130.png (1.08 MB, 933x727, 1661875604248.png)

>hot girl

No. 1631468

File: 1661915131255.png (2.56 MB, 769x1363, 1661874757045.png)

hulk in a dress

No. 1631470

File: 1661915184330.png (148.47 KB, 1757x516, 1661866875375.png)

No. 1631472

File: 1661915230063.png (1.43 MB, 852x1194, 1661874609087.png)

ugly man in dirty washroom

No. 1631489

File: 1661916458732.webm (2.81 MB, 720x1280, 0a.webm)

he looks like a regular dude that lost a bet and had to dress up for Halloween

No. 1631504

>honestly at this point I just feel sad for cis girls that they don’t get to have a dick

Don’t want one, never asked for one, yet your kind covets everything we have to the point of mutilating surgeries. They projecting harder than a drive in. Ywnbaw bitch ass~

No. 1631520

You couldn't pay me to live in the crumbling basement of a hundred year old building.

No. 1631525

does this dude talk about nothing but getting pegged and his penis on his twitter?

No. 1631572

Calling it. Next thread pic right here. Greasy, nasty, dead-eyed, smirking AGP, cheap cow costume bursting at the seams, shitty granny shoes, S-tier Buffalo Bill level autistic rat nest basement…this pic has it all.

No. 1631584

+1 to this, there’s something about this pic that really curdles the soul.

No. 1631585

>poorly hung black curtain falling off the wall
>pipes and wires everywhere
>framed erotic dinosaur art
>large bottle of lotion on the floor
I'm obsessed with this, it's very Silence of the Lambs.

No. 1631591

File: 1661925163094.png (278.34 KB, 784x1443, 2c.png)

I'm sorry but God I don't feel any sympathy for this woman, I feel her children should be taken away from her, I don't care how much she regrets her decision, her and her partner made the decision to gaslight her son into thinking he's trans and as a mother of a 3 year old I just can't get over how they'd think that a 4 year old would have the comprehension to know that he thought of himself as a girl, they let their son believe that he was a girl for 4 years(till he was 8) and did nothing about it, cause they were scared what other wokies would might about them

No. 1631598

And the thread title should be buffalo bull

No. 1631599

File: 1661925990760.png (429.86 KB, 810x1406, Screenshots_2022-08-31-13-58-0…)

askwomen thread asking for opinions about the documentary 'what is a woman'. as much as i hate matt walsh im glad it made some normies peak due to the controversy surrounding it, basically streisand effect at play.


No. 1631606

File: 1661927049840.jpeg (292.33 KB, 750x1167, F0F9BD94-FEB0-4D0F-B495-4C496E…)

I went to look up the comments because I couldn’t believe people would just go along with him literally coming out as a pedophile but the account is private now.
Do you remember what the comments were like?
This is his private account btw
>big baby

No. 1631622

File: 1661929879288.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x7518, BA84E8CA-E39F-46BE-B3B4-C0677B…)

Anon there’s an awful lot of people disagreeing with the sentiments over this documentary and citing it as hate towards transwomen but it is Reddit after all so I shouldn’t really complain.

Picrel made me chuckle though, this is a completely neutral sounding user and look at how long their thread is with nothing actually remaining.

No. 1631623

Samefag, this Reddit mod is apparently a lesbian, she’s posted pics of her acne riddled face onto skincare reddits

No. 1631629

askwomen is full of troons nonna, its a miracle that a few women there actually managed to get their 'mildly' dissenting comments still up (they usually delete dissenting comment n users are banned cuz tRoOnSpHoBiA).

No. 1631632

looks like a druggie lefty you see at a rest stop drinking his life away

No. 1631641

Remember when this all started and we were told to feel bad for trans people because "they're so uncomfortable in their bodies they want to commit suicide"? That's why normies even accepted them, to be nice.
But now trans people are all publicly comfortable saying "i love my dick, cis women are gross and inferior to us dick-havers", clearly proving the initial statement wrong. I wish media was brave enough to do actual research and reports on all this

No. 1631658

File: 1661937174515.jpeg (921.84 KB, 1170x1788, D2E02C1C-DE8E-4079-9434-7A79FD…)

Lesbophobia is gender affirming hunnies
I hope this is one of those things that didn’t happen.

No. 1631662

>tech companies stumbling over each other to hire me
anything as long as they get to not hire actual women

No. 1631674

This is so obviously fake, from the looking like a lesbian, the teenage girls (bc of course teenage girls) to the compliment. Prob took it from a tv show like skins

No. 1631676

File: 1661938910934.jpg (45.71 KB, 524x523, FaWvaY7UEAA5d62.jpg)

sorry if this is somewhat ot but do any other nonnies itt remember a bunch of threads ago when there was that tweet where a chinese mtf cut off his balls and then went to the hospital after? well apparently the chinese mtf community rabbit hole goes much deeper than that.

if anyone else on here vaguely keeps up with chinese-speaking internet I don't know if you've noticed how many fucking mainland MTFs there are congregating on twitter (thousands of them) that act exactly the fucking same as western trannies bar the language difference despite growing up and living in wildly different facets of society. it's insane, they've imported so much western troon shit while combining it with the most autistic of domestic ACG (weebshit) culture like wanting to become yuri anime and touhou irl. a lot of them also post the same garbage like selfies wearing stripy thigh highs and cat ears, and some of them are even mentally ill enough to post pictures of fresh self harm scars and their gross nudes. I fucking hate it here. moids are moids no matter where they're from, cumbrained pornsick chromosomal defects all of them

No. 1631681

This is why China tried to ban sissiness. I hoped they would be successful just because I see what it has done to the western world. Also to see how it changes because all of our males will become more limp dicked than normal. But very sad

No. 1631689

They're all the same because it's just a trend. It's like how emos and goths are the same in every culture

No. 1631712

Why they are so obsessed with cow bikinis?

No. 1631713

something something cows = dairy -> lactation fetish

No. 1631734

where exactly do you think the shitty cat ears, aliexpress skirts and striped socks are coming from? America? kek nonna ure funny

No. 1631738

theyre embracing that #lolcow lifestyle

the other nonna is accurate tho,it probably has something to do with the obession with "mommy milkers/cow tits" and lactation

No. 1631741

Wtf does that even mean. Those aren't inherently tranny things otherwise Japan would be the country with most trannies

No. 1631742

Do they not get they’re helping to solidify exactly some of the things that were in the film? I’m not going to talk about MW because I hate him but they’re just proving his point that you can’t even have a discussion around these things at all. In the film many random people didn’t answer the question he asked because they knew they would get in trouble for it. Asking what a fucking woman is. How is that a hard question that has come to this?? Any disagreement is just wiped away, so people have to word things “politely” when you can tell their true feelings or people who are confused are left to be confused or start to peak because they see “wait…we can’t even talk about what a woman is or the differences between women and men”? You can tell some of the users there are extremely frustrated, some of the women’s comments that are left up are obviously angry but they can’t say anything on Reddit. Glad the mod was getting downvoted at least.

No. 1631743

This absolutely never happened.

No. 1631744

Post a link anon so we can know who this cow is. Reverse image search doesn't work because the photo is likely marked sensitive.

No. 1631745

I think it’s additionally because egirls had that trend several years ago and TiMs are always behind in what trends women are following.

No. 1631748

>implying japan dont have a crossdressing/trap culture

it all started with trap culture, troonism is trap culture on steriods CMV

these weeb consoomer products that are made in china may not be inherently tranny, but it is trap adjacent

No. 1631753

File: 1661949012943.png (351.8 KB, 750x1334, 434EF19B-7EB9-4670-B47A-B921A8…)

some insane schizo tranny blazed this post containing his tragic life story from his completely reasonable point of view. won’t spam the thread with a dozen images but it can be read here:

No. 1631754

File: 1661949111874.png (3.57 MB, 750x1334, D8237586-C39F-4BA0-A6A2-1A3EA9…)

post ends with ugly images of himself and his wife. he paid real money to make me look at this (2/2)

No. 1631755

File: 1661949143218.png (3.88 MB, 750x1334, 6F68055E-FAB2-48AD-8372-DDD193…)

one more

No. 1631762

His wife is gorgeous. She doesn't deserve this

No. 1631769

File: 1661952021117.jpg (461.14 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_eedfcd31affc110dd42513d…)

looks like see is already fed up with him but is in it for the financial commitment. Maybe she was banking on him being so batshit crazy he will off himself soon.

No. 1631774


No. 1631776

File: 1661952606763.png (271.84 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_20220831-162256_Tre…)

She posted an update, but it got removed by mod.

No. 1631786

>14 kids
Even Musk and Nick Cannon haven't reached that many kids, also of course he has an asian trophy wife, I feel bad that he got raped(no one deserves that) but still he's a degen moid and he doesn't belong in women's spaces

No. 1631790

>I feel bad that he got raped
That’s just his Lawrence of Arabia fantasy

No. 1631822

File: 1661957248051.jpeg (270.99 KB, 1125x1589, A1D88497-1972-48BA-9C7A-C0C8DC…)

‘Germaine Greer, 1989. On Why Sex-Change Is a Lie. The Independent Magazine, 22 July 1989.’

Terrific read. I implore anyone here to give this your full attention. Incredible how spot on this is today.

No. 1631871

this is absolutely pathetic

No. 1631911

they're confusing the fuck out of these poor kids. if they just raised him normally this wouldn't have happened. kids will latch onto what you give them, that's why it's your responsibility to help them. i bought my son toy monster trucks and you know what he likes? monster trucks. he's not asking me if he's a boy or a girl he's just existing peacefully. the fact that a three year old doesn't understand they're a boy is so unbelievably weird. it reminds me of when girls aren't taught about sex/periods and how scary it is for them.

No. 1631916

she better watch her back I'm scared for her

No. 1631927

Slight ot, some ex classmates are planning a college reunion and I've discovered two are now troons. There were already two tifs but they were harmless, now there are two tims. One followed me on insta and he looks fucking tragic, like a fat 40 year old in a dress with straggly hair but I think he's in his 20s. How do I keep a straight face if they decide to come to the reunion? How do I avoid them without making it obvious?

No. 1631933

Since he's a soldier I'm assuming she married him to try and leave whatever country she's from. No doubt he's some yellow fever scrote and now he's evolved into a troon. Hopefully she can take a huge life insurance policy out on him and just bide her time

No. 1631934

notice how the boy kept asking and his mom kept giving him the same convoluted answer. kids are very easily influenced and want to get the approval of their parents. i've also heard of plenty of cases of munchie by proxy troon moms asking their kids "are you a boy or a girl or something else" over and over until they get the "right" answer.

No. 1631936

just make it obvious. everyone should treat weirdos as weirdos, otherwise they get too comfortable.

No. 1631940

hopefully we'll look back on rot pockets like we look back on lobotomies. i'm curious as to who the oldest troon with bottom surgery is. i assume they all 41% themselves before they reach old age but are there even any long term studies done on this?

No. 1631943

Gender "neutral" parenting is such a fucking joke because its always people pushing boys toward feminine shit and then confusing themselves as the parents because they STILL associate dresses and dolls with female. Their concept of "gender" is always evolving to the latest trans fad which is just more and more regressive as time goes on. I always think about the castrati and how the parents who gave their male children up to it to attain social standing were ignorant and short sighted. Messing with children's genitals (which is where gender "neutral" parenting is now leading) just sets them up for lifetimes of abuse. If you strip away the trans ideology, transing kids is just medical molestation.

No. 1631944

Ayrt I do want to, except I think the others might accuse me of twansphobia bc they enabled the two tifs during college.


Yeah we weren't close so I agree I shouldn't start now and just ignore, I just worry I might blow it by bursting out laughing when someone calls the hulking tim "she" kek

No. 1631950

Oh wow. Thanks for sharing nona. 1989…
>Gender transcience is a lie. You are a man. Piss off.
Also I like that argument about women who had plastic surgery changing their birth dates. Never thought about it but it's a very good comparison.

No. 1631954

it's emotional abuse (and physical abuse). they're basically gaslighting toddlers into thinking if you're even remotely feminine you're a girl. how about just tell them it's ok to cry?? you can't just be vague about things and except a small child to 'figure it out on their own' how is that not neglect?

No. 1631961

All of the responses that aren't trans women or handmaidens have been removed. So fucking annoying

No. 1631965

Exactly, they make it all about dresses and pink when they could easily just focus on the emotional aspects that supposedly cripple men when they grow up. I watched a vice documentary about these nonbinary lesbians raising their male (of course) children gender "neutral" in Sweden and just allowing the children to play with whatever toys and have long hair wasn't enough. The "mapa" was asking the kid over and over how he wanted to be referred to that day and the kid every time got uncomfortable and would say "why are you asking me that all the time?" The child is confused and hurt by dumb shit like this. The school he was going to was doing it sort of right imo because they weren't hyperfocused on turning little boys into eunuchs. The focus by the trans crowd is always feminizing people, even the TiFs get shit if they don't go "even boys can wear dresses!" And put on a dress for twitter/Instagram occasionally.

No. 1631967

File: 1661965921199.png (1.03 MB, 1075x946, trantok.png)

Came across this guy on tiktok, i just don't understand why trannies want to have periods so bad.

No. 1631968

the fucking enby comment… guess an 'average' woman can't have endometriosis, only gender specials.

No. 1631969

Second comment is literally "I'm not like oter girls". Lmao, like she doesnt have any endometriosis, no, she has SPESIAL endometriosis. Cis girls just don't get it.

No. 1631972

Lmao right, I’m sure a man who has never experience a menstrual cycle in his life understands it sooooo much better than those gross annoying women.

No. 1631973

I'm trooning out! I'm trooning out! I'm trooning out! I'm trooning out! I'm 25, I have no friends, I've got no brows, I'm round and pale yeah I was born a ginger male

No. 1631984

File: 1661967199405.jpeg (931.92 KB, 1125x1392, 570DD2D2-3083-4E96-837E-3194E8…)

This is under a video making fun of Dylan.
Don’t know whether the person is a troon or a handmaiden but lol.

No. 1631987

If ladybrain exists, why not scan all troons' brains to prove they're really women? Too scared of finding nothing but retardation?

No. 1631991

i've seen them site these studies before and the studies basically say troon brains more closely resemble the female brain but isn't that more of an indication that there's something wrong with them (their brain and body being disconnected) then them being 'actually a woman'? beyond all that shit though you'll never be a woman despite what your fucked up brain tells you because you're a man down to your DNA kek

No. 1631996

samefag but i read through multiple studies and they were all incredibly small in scale and half of them ended with 'more research will need to be done' so they probably shouldn't be touting it as fact just yet.

No. 1631999

>a woman is a woman because of the size of her brain
meanwhile they also say
>reducing a woman to biology is outdated and bigoted
make it make sense

No. 1632002

the can't stop crying for a week comment is something even my 60 year old sexist boss wouldn't say nowadays. tranny moids must be so happy they can be misogynistic deviants and still have their ass licked by everyone.

No. 1632004

ok but even if SOME trannies do happen to have brains closer to female patterns why is it even relevant? men tend to have stronger lung capacity than women but that doesn't mean a woman with strong lung capacity comparable to the average man has "male lungs in a female body"

No. 1632009

they only say it's outdated if they don't have some sort of 'gotcha' lmao

No. 1632017

It's a "hucow" thing which is basically breeding fetish mixed with lactation fetish.

No. 1632019

This really brings out my tinfoil tendencies, that this whole trans kids thing is just an elaborate method to creep on young children and turn them into sex toys for elite paedophiles, could someone post those pinkpill sceeencaps about historical troonism's relation to paedophilia

No. 1632022

Pederasty with eunuchs comes to mind.

No. 1632025

As far as I know there were also some studies that said gay people have brains more similar to the opposite sex so it doesn't mean shit

No. 1632039

Literally the dumbest fucking comment I've ever seen. Even if we followed these parameters, it would vastly only apply to a few gay moids and disqualify a ton of natal women. It's almost as if brain sex isn't reliable and there's no sexed brains, only patterns. Idiotic

No. 1632046


They'll most likely say some vague shit "Living as a woman, being a woman" then whe you ask for them to elaborate it's "being my true self, expressing who I know I am inside". You'll never get actual answers from a troon because they're mentally ill

No. 1632051

So funny how saying something as simple as women have vaginas is bigoted and misogynistic and reducing women to body parts but saying each minuscule part of every women's brain is the same is fine. As if that is even remotely possible

No. 1632097

We already know that the majority of troons are AGP and developed their "gEnDeR" from deeply stereotypical ideas and pornography. It's so disingenuous for the pornsick TIMs to make it out to be some big brain, transcendental identity movement when they know for a fact their "eggs were cracked" by sissy hypno porn or discord groomers. Except in the cases of some GNC kids who faced trauma for expressing themselves differently, none of these troons "felt like a girl" as children. But they construct this fantasy adjacent to other taboo and immoral internet speheres where pedophilia, misogyny and dressing up like cartoon animals are the other big fetishes; isolate themselves in echochambers and refuse to interact with people offline unless they kowtow to their fetish; and proclaim themselves social trendsetters/"on the right side of history" for wanting literal children and teenagers to be indoctrinated into their fetish. NONE OF THIS would have happened as quickly as it had without pornography and male degeneracy. If it were just TIFs behind the movement, they would just be rightfully labelled as "alternative lifestylers" and sometimes featured on the news for getting pregnant. The children affected by this are going to grow up with weak boundaries and low self-esteem for being constantly questioned about what should be one of the most unquestionable factors of their physical being, and they are going to become victims as a result. I'm not saying it's a conspiracy, but it's a social phenomena that is much, much closer to NAMBLA than it is a civil right's movement.

No. 1632129

wanting to be in charge despite being actual morons, being delusional enough to think everyone likes them, and accusing their victims of transphobia for not reacting well to their narcissistic abuse. textbook troon shit.

No. 1632166

File: 1661981593504.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1242x13328, 2C687B1F-FB36-4298-A060-CA28FF…)

This is an absolute fucking doozy so be warned.

A black radfem lesbian who was victim to FGM argued with TRA’s and transwomen.

No. 1632169

File: 1661981687860.jpeg (318.37 KB, 1242x613, 1968ECB7-B286-4037-A060-449A21…)

Bonus image. The comparison between trannies and black women from 2 years ago.

No. 1632174

Every time. They are all about raising up black voices and listening to black women speak until she says something that insults the feelings of a privileged white man in a dress.

No. 1632178

after all this time i keep seeing stuff like this it still shocks me that people like this breathe and wake up every day…. i can't even comprehend the existence of these evil people. We live in a nightmare.

No. 1632179

>big brolic beasts in musty wigs

Why is this dripping troon-wound talking about himself?

No. 1632181

This is what happens when cannon fodder doesn't have the decency to die in combat.

No. 1632185

I remember this vidoe by the majority report where two white libfems genuinely argued that "Transphibia" among women was simply driven by white supremacy and colonialism and they tried to argue that TERFs didn't see non-white women as human, meanwhile the actual comment section was filled with actual black women, telling them to STFU

No. 1632225

i hate them so fucking much aaaaaa. also no you don't have a 'clit', retard. this poor woman was willing to share her traumatic experience to make a point and of course men say she's 'using her trauma'. they can't relate to the trauma of being a woman so they get mad when women dare to speak up about what they've been through.

No. 1632248


Sorry for being dumb and not knowing how to embed, but I couldn’t pass up this random find on Imgur. It’s catboys shooting guns, complete with tail butt plugs and all

No. 1632251

>butt plugs
they're on top of the skirt anon. Also these aren't trannies

No. 1632284

File: 1661990662802.jpg (732.62 KB, 1080x3699, Screenshot_20220831-200104_Red…)

Not sure if I posted this already but look at this based lesbian subreddit

No. 1632304

Lol i got cancer surgery all alone with no visits nor support due to covid and the fact that it was a womens hospital aka lots of babies and pregnant women around, but sure, poor transwomen.

No. 1632308

Not the wiped off chunk of eyebrow

No. 1632312

she's trying to tiptoe so hard around troon feelings, it's really sad. idk why she's even asking, obviously nothing is more hetero than a man and a woman having sex and if she's a lesbian it seems like a no-brainer.

No. 1632316

File: 1661993133761.jpg (181.14 KB, 427x1245, Screenshot_20220831_204143.jpg)

No. 1632350

Yeah the bar is pretty low on reddit but anywhere else she'd be dogpiled and banned so it's an improvement

No. 1632393

File: 1662000421091.png (93.94 KB, 1137x676, troon.png)

shit that totally happened

No. 1632397

Slightly OT, I used to watch MR everyday while working my boring ass job. I used to really like Emma and her takes, except when it was about this issue. I finally said goodbye to MR for good a couple months back when Sam introduced the next segment, about Lia Thomas, and said this swimmer won athlete of the year or some bullshit and Emma immediately spoke over him with so much spite and anger in her voice - "GOOD." Plus the MR livechat seems to be full of TRAs.

No. 1632406

true self = living in misogynistic idea of a women

No. 1632411

Somehow it always comes down to stuffing a boy into a pink tutu. I would love to see more women trying to teach accountability, responsibility, the ability to internalize and react to accurate criticism, work ethic, a non-entitled mindset towards using/abusing other people, etc… Just stuffing a boy into a dress and breastfeeding him too long, and other hippy mom shit unfortunately doesn't fix anything. SMDH just look at the Seattle radio child rapist scrote, he was immersed in "feminist" liberal mom shit since birth, and still turned out a child abducting pedophile. That story disappeared out of the news fast.

No. 1632413

I agree with you except for the fact I think it should be MEN teaching boys those things. They abdicate responsibility for any kind of nurturing/childcare/parenting though so even suggesting that sounds laughable.

No. 1632414

File: 1662002801668.png (637.94 KB, 1381x727, Screenshot.png)

No. 1632419

I agree with that completely. I've seen people say that one of the ways girls are disadvantaged for life is because mothers spend all their time alternating between doting on their sons and desperately trying to reprimand them. At the end of the day, the boys have probably devoured the majority of the mothers' parenting hours. And the fathers weren't even at home, out there trying to make more children to neglect.

No. 1632422

I actually knew a man who as it happens was raised by a radical feminist lesbian and he was just a guy, his mom raised him be just accountable and not act like a creep and that's it, other then that he seemed like a well adjusted man with a family and just very normal

No. 1632431

File: 1662004563515.png (681.92 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220901-005557.png)


No. 1632432

File: 1662004602139.png (948.65 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220901-005607.png)

2/2 this is pathetic lmao btw "Nicole" is a troon

No. 1632433

File: 1662004628101.png (686.56 KB, 438x688, unknown (2).png)

Never heard of philosophytube so I looked up this guy to see if he passes off as a woman, and watching his youtube videos I was acutally shocked at how well he passes. And the voice actually impressed me

But then I looked up some candid shots and saw this youtube video

Is it just me or is the voice completely different?
I swear he edits the pitch on his videos to be higher lol

No. 1632436

>directly funding their oppression

o wow I didn’t know a purchase of the wizard child game also included a mandatory donation to Trans Genocide(tm)! better purchase 50 copies then kek

No. 1632440

Funny that their activism only stops at Rowling and not their character being included in Fornite, that being made be Epic Games, tencent owned company.HMM

No. 1632441

File: 1662005090907.png (477.89 KB, 493x847, g1.png)

>TIM sub sissy with his enby dom gf
do these people ever realize how fucking ridiculous they always end up looking, there's nothing sexy about this, its just awkward

No. 1632442

Nonnie he edits his pictures to hell and back.

No. 1632445

Gawd he comes off as such a narc in this video..

No. 1632447

File: 1662005412192.jpg (494.27 KB, 1580x2048, FbQnTElXoAEtWij.jpg)

any of you nonnies wanna watch harry potter on his 5 head?

No. 1632449

File: 1662005514162.png (428.5 KB, 736x498, lol.png)

this guy thinks he looks good after his ffs when he still looks the same.

No. 1632450

r…..Ricky from trailer park boys?!!

No. 1632454

File: 1662006436959.png (23.75 KB, 750x295, ew.png)

No. 1632456

Joe Dirt NOOOO!

No. 1632457

File: 1662006973010.jpg (227.46 KB, 720x1911, ffs.jpg)

imagine in this economy throwing thousands of dollars into a ffs and still looking like a man in drag

No. 1632458

the fact that those descriptions fit a neovag to a t lmao

No. 1632459

Thousands of $ and still doesn’t look female, rather a weird, shaved down male. Teehee! Much girl!

No. 1632460

sorry if this is the wrong place for this but I was wondering about the status of the girl who was parodying Dylan Mulvaney. is she still around?

No. 1632461

File: 1662007826877.jpg (41.63 KB, 400x400, s-l400 (2).jpg)

I'm also blaming the proliferation among loser males of transformation anime, and regular escapist fiction. IMO they probably conflate "childhood feelings" with jerking off to Sailor Moon or Ranma type henshin fantasies. Completely oblivious to the fact that if they did get a henshin, it would be into a 35 year old legbeard who still keeps erotic fanfics from middle school in this binder. I think even a John Carter or Gor type escapist fantasy would be too much for a bloated puffy fail male, that doesn't make them women.

No. 1632462

Shoutout to this kickass post, I wanna bump so others see it

No. 1632463

File: 1662008065849.jpg (174.79 KB, 720x1449, agp.jpg)

you read it nonas - 93% of women are agps. quick, admit which ones of you get arroused by wearing skirts and makeup?
also a reminder to myself to never go on trans twitter accounts because every single tweet fits this thread.

No. 1632467

So you agree, transgenderism is a cult?

No. 1632469

>when terfs call someone agp what they really mean is perverted tranny faggot

…yeah, and?

No. 1632473

trans AND an army dude? how is he not embarrassed to share this

No. 1632475

kek i guess questionnaires are now science. also do these retards even read these studies? the sample size was TWENTY NINE women. also notice how they made a separate scale for women because quess what, troons aren't women. also if a woman wants to be turned on at the thought of being a woman that's literally her god given right lmao.

No. 1632480

>venus botticelli looks like a trans women because she has small hips and small tits.

Philosophy tube actually said this in his recent live about his video. Trannies are rewriting women to be trannies because all women are, are big boobs and ass.

No. 1632481

there was a recent study published that debunked this fyi

No. 1632487

File: 1662010138941.jpg (403.51 KB, 1536x2048, FbfOVx6WAAU-5pJ.jpg)

why does he look like he's wearing a puffy mask as a face?

No. 1632489

The bar is in hell and I can't believe I'm saying this but India Willoughby actually doesn't look that bad compared to most other troons. It must be an age thing. The older ones seem to be more likely to try to pass (I said more likely because there are enough 50 year old bald men in a dress). He still has the AGP facial expressions and he talks like a squeaky man but I don't think I would clock him if I just glanced at him in a public place.

No. 1632490

File: 1662010809795.jpg (102.53 KB, 1200x1200, India-Willoughby.jpg)

it's called photoshop and angles, look at the tranny in motion and you'll see he doesn't pass at all.

No. 1632492

File: 1662011092510.webm (6 MB, 320x568, yjMvGw5PZhiXuQHb.webm)

found this lovely slide on twitter

No. 1632494

she’s still around lmao (apparently you can’t embed this kind of yt link srry)

No. 1632498

File: 1662011461290.jpg (580.76 KB, 1536x2048, FbLNDVEVQAAeUp5.jpg)

No. 1632502

kek nonna thats some top tier shitpost

i wonder what the replies section looked like

No. 1632503

It wasnt a twitter post, just a reply, but I would love to see it happen lol

No. 1632505

>But that such and iconic character is now connected to the old pink, white, and blue is a very big deal.
Of course it’s a troon playing the role of a hedonist demon who has nothing left but pain from the indiscriminate pursuit of pleasure, due to being obsessed with material reality and sensations of the body. Pottery. I almost can’t believe it, how did they miss the point of the movie so badly?

No. 1632508

File: 1662012792825.jpg (482.72 KB, 1536x2048, FOd9IjjXIAsaVK9.jpg)


No. 1632518

trannies are review bombing JK's new book on goodreads. how pathetic

No. 1632520

"At these support groups we were told what good parents we were. How kids on the autism spectrum (which he likely is), simply "know" they are transgender earlier than other kids." holy hell LOL

No. 1632532

> "..and now I'm 19"
I hope he accidentally used a one instead of a 3… He actually reminds me with the long hair of the human form of the beast in the beauty and the beast kek

No. 1632533

>You just won't use 'they' because you don't see us as real or worthy of your respect.
Absolutely correct.

No. 1632537

>Transvestite freak using the word patriarchy to defend policing the way women speak

I'm dying inside

No. 1632541

Well done reddit for continuing to aid the peaking of women. Of course, the actions of crazy troons does enough of the peaking itself, but the fact this has been deleted along with other commenters will be the cherry on top.

No. 1632557

This is what happens when people are allowed to change their gender legally, important resources get wasted on people who don't need them and people who do need them get left without it. If he keeps getting invited it means the timeslot is booked up and a woman is left without care.
And it's bad for his own health, he's probably not getting invited to the medical check ups he should be doing on his male body.

No. 1632570

File: 1662022673016.jpg (96.21 KB, 759x753, abloo.jpg)

I love how the problem isn't that men can't stop raping, even when surrounded only be other men, the problem is that those men should be put in women's prisons so they can do the raping instead of being raped. Why is male-on-male rape a problem women should have to deal with? Stop men from raping people for fucks sake.

No. 1632572

They should make a trans prison at this point

No. 1632573

cant find any real evidence of women being released after being raped hundreds of times in some cases. Interesting. Also, he was in for burglary, one of the most MALE crimes. Tried to blame his boyfriend for it. Twisted disgusting freak world we live in

No. 1632574

samefag, *in for breeching parole, on parole due to burglary

No. 1632575

plenty of men get raped in prison. are they trying to say that it's somehow worse if they're trans-identified?

No. 1632581

keffals must've been so happy he finally got a transwoman got raped article after dozens of news on transwomen raping and impregnating women in womens' prisons.

No. 1632588

Yes because troons are the ultimate victims and must be coddled and protected at all times, even if they are criminals. Their comfort should always be above everyone elses.

No. 1632597

kek thousands of dollars just to look like a male faggot

No. 1632598

as greer(and feminists as far backas the 1900's) pointed out here >>1631822, 99% of what we consider "femininity' or stereotypical tings associated with girls, was/is made up by men to impose their fantasies on the female sex, the same doesn't apply for many stereotypical "masculine" things, because while many are arbitrary, the fact is that many stereotypical masculine things are natural for both sexes and should be promoted for both boys and girls growing up

No. 1632610

File: 1662030806609.jpeg (398.07 KB, 1284x970, DE7069DA-3061-4F43-8AA0-6EC37E…)

i had to see this cringe now so do you

apparently hes a rapist too

No. 1632612

Same thing.

No. 1632617

They’re only going to make it sell more copies by bringing so much attention to it kek

No. 1632624

File: 1662032672925.jpeg (622.65 KB, 1284x1763, 4E7D465C-E129-4DBE-A2A4-193D6B…)

i need eyebleach

No. 1632627

File: 1662033110501.jpeg (82.23 KB, 700x933, F1E9D0F1-EDF5-44C9-81F6-FDDE85…)

Only a fucking man would think that was in the realm of appropriate attire for any kind of interview, be it job or otherwise. Imagine if any of us showed up for an important career move wearing THAT. We wouldn’t be hired and we would probably be mocked, maybe even openly. Imagine posting that online, women would be shredded for how tacky and incongruous it is. Sorry4rant but GOD I hate them so fucking much. Take your stupid socks and your stupid cheap polyester skirts and self-immolate starting w your droopy pervo “””“gock””””thx

No. 1632629

File: 1662033788959.png (363.66 KB, 1094x516, Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 13.03…)


It's a man nona. Also a Tory lmfao (every time)

No. 1632635

>women are AGPs too
Nonnies, how many of you get aroused by painting nails, wearing dresses, bras or any sort of female clothing? Because I never did

No. 1632636

and behold, he is still a TiM

No. 1632644

File: 1662036059573.jpg (32.92 KB, 550x450, 1606518285997.jpg)

he's probably a diversty hire for a programming position lul

No. 1632648

File: 1662036227883.jpeg (982.97 KB, 1284x2170, 5536E0DD-3C30-4D12-A87C-7C84C5…)

if you think thats bad look at this
those ugly socks over tights

No. 1632651

troons always remind me how effortlessly beautiful women are if I ever happen to feel bad about my appearance

No. 1632652

They are so deluded if they actually think this. Lesbians can’t speak out about their hatred of this or they get attacked (sometimes physically, we’ve seen vids at protests). But even on places like the lesbian subreddits, the upvotes on “transphobic rhetoric” and downvotes on the “lesbians love dick” post are starting to become telling. If there are such rampant transphobia problems in these spaces that must be constantly policed, then how are lesbians accepting of it? I guess those so called terfs there aren’t real lesbians according to troons. If lesbians were just fine with it, why would there be any “transphobic” posts at all?

No. 1632654

They ALWAYS say this. Too bad it was debunked. The new study was posted in a previous thread but I’ll see if I can find it again.

No. 1632657

File: 1662036917815.jpeg (336.47 KB, 1283x1250, 115BF0FD-047C-43E4-8AD1-840AFB…)

apparently if you dont fit into this idea of what they think women look like then i guess women dont pass as women and ur probably a troon to him LOL

No. 1632658

File: 1662036922789.jpeg (976.53 KB, 1284x2418, 92EDB71F-FE61-46AC-A455-119FA8…)

From June of this year. Troons can go fuck themselves because we all know that’s what they want to do anyway.

No. 1632660

Their only power is screeching until people comply. I’m so tired of seeing them scream over the new HP game and how if you get it you’re complicit in their “genocide”. I didn’t really care about it before they started getting so upset over it. It looks fun so I’m excited to play it.

No. 1632662

boo hoo mofo get some FFS because even ~cis~ women have gender affirming surgeries, right? castrate yourself before you assault innocent women

No. 1632664

This. Why should I care? TiMs have also gotten women in prison pregnant just this year, when Roe v Wade is now gone. Why should I feel any sympathy at all? They don’t for us.

No. 1632667

I’m so tired of the stupid diversity hiring of TiMs. How is it progressive to hire a white moid in a skirt rather than a woman? It’s not doing anything but keeping them in power, which I realize is the point. But there’s nothing worse than getting excited to hear about a woman in a STEM field or in a hobby that isn’t traditionally female only to find out it’s a male. Then in those same fields the actual women who are there get belittled, skinwalked, sexually harassed, and everything in between. Man’s world.

No. 1632670

apparently he already has

No. 1632674

Apparently all women look like kpop idols

No. 1632676

I don't think you're supposed to pull that skirt up to your moobs. He's definitely flashing his dick

No. 1632680

File: 1662038293231.jpeg (362.45 KB, 1284x797, 1D929E41-8A5C-4FE0-A583-8D0A76…)

oh holy shit i just saw this
just get a fucking job you freak

No. 1632685

File: 1662039052484.png (260.54 KB, 600x980, coomer moment.png)

well he also talks about sissy porn a lot(but under a layer or irony)

No. 1632687

not disagreeing with you but its likely hes just hiding that beer belly lol (funny how hrt is magic but wont make their male fat distribution chnage)

No. 1632691

how is it even possible that still so many troons get money from gofundme? It starts to slow down (aka I see many not getting any money) buty it is still insane

No. 1632722

I just always assume it's fellow men helping them. White middle aged men who pretty much make up this movement are rich.

No. 1632727

but lots of them are jobless or will soon be? Probably a mixture out of rich men, who are rightfully too afraid to want to do this, handmaiden and other troons

No. 1632736

Maybe I'm stupid but I can't get my head around how would you even define agp in women. How can a woman be aroused to the thought of being a woman when she already is one? I simply am a woman. I don't have a set of thoughts, imaginery or rules of what would turn me into one.

No. 1632740

He came out as trans and started transitioning in 2021. In the UK you get called for a cervical screening every 3 years. He might've gotten one initial letter and a reminder, but that's it.

No. 1632742

lmaoooooo schadenfreude

No. 1632747

One thing they like to say is that we get aroused by ourselves in lingerie, which many people have pointed out is untrue in the same way it is for AGPs. Feeling like you look attractive or getting in lingerie before sex and being aroused because you’re going to be having sex isn’t the same as jerking off to yourself in a mirror like Buffalo Bill. Not to mention that a lot of times women are looking at ourselves through the male gaze because so many of us have internalized it, so sometimes we are thinking more about if we will appear attractive instead of thinking about how hot we are and getting off on that (wish I could find the comic that’s been posted here on the farms about this, it was pretty apt - it was on a pink bg if anyone has it). The other thing is that we are apparently AGP because we masturbate and fondle our breasts or whatever which is like you said, how is it AGP if we are pleasuring ourselves based upon what our bodies feel and are designed to do? We don’t have a fetish for being what we are, we live in these bodies as women. Men are so fucking stupid, throughout all of history they’ve tried to come up with things about female sexuality that reflect their own thoughts on their own sexualities because clearly they can’t understand that women experience pleasure too, albeit in our own way.

No. 1632758

men masturbate and stick shit up their asses they have no room to talk lmfao

No. 1632762

File: 1662044441000.jpeg (399.19 KB, 1242x1731, 6BF3465F-20F3-421E-8A6E-656FCC…)

No. 1632763

File: 1662044463441.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3312x1472, C1667F79-E874-4DB0-82C5-7829A6…)

So Creepy

No. 1632765

moids believe that all their virtues are exclusively male and that women share all their vices. that's why they will twist themselves into pretzels to convince themselves that women are just as degenerate as they are even though it's obviously not true.

No. 1632766

psycho killer eyes

No. 1632769

Why is he opening his eyes like that wtf

No. 1632775

he looks like a tranny version of that girl from love on the spectrum and lillee jean. ugly from the tranny part but also autistic and psycho

No. 1632783

absolutely correct

No. 1632789

it's an automated mailer you twit!!

No. 1632793

This how Madison ended up with more trans and non-binanry people than lesbians. It's so bleak.

No. 1632794

God, I can't stand Jennie Nicholson. Her videos are good but her tranny worship is unbearable. The absolute Stockholm syndrome of feeling like she has to donate money to tims just because she made a video where she bought a huge spider plushie that just happened to be Harry Potter merch is demented. But I cant even blame her because she would've definitely gotten shit for it if she hadn't. And I know her and Lindsay Ellis are besties with that incel scrote Contrapoints. I feel like I can't watch any female youtuber without some nonsensical male worship anti-terf donate all your money for trannies boobjob funds bullshit anymore.

No. 1632816

Maybe he's trying to have uwu anime doe eyes and failing hard or something, or just very autistic

No. 1632850

i used to know an autistic guy who would look at you like that when you were talking to him

No. 1632859

They’re masculine (yang) coded killer eyes. Very common in trannies especially.

No. 1632864

Burglary is heavily correlated with rape.
The crimes are absurdly similar in nature when you think about the mindset of the criminal that's doing them. Both tend to involve trespassing personal boundaries (the home vs the body) and they both tend to operate from the same sort of opportunism.

You'd think the same would be true for say, robbery, but it's nowhere near what it is with burglary. Robberies do not necessary involve unlawful trespassing or crossing of boundaries.

It's absolutely damning, the number of troons who are in prison for burglary who seek access of female prisons.

No. 1632873

File: 1662053461874.jpg (449.44 KB, 1440x1920, IMG_1518_1.jpg)