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File: 1585722679743.png (288.13 KB, 480x360, 8D142F5C-C39D-402D-81B8-55864B…)

No. 87679

Previous Thread: https://lolcow.farm/w/res/74104

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image; formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; currently with her live-in partner Stephen Clarke and both have formally come out as bisexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

Last Thread Recap:
>still claiming BPD at every chance without ongoing therapy or confirmed diagnosis
>adds another tattoo to her lower arm repping PEI by her previous tattoo artist Helena Darling
>various other videos include: Christmas decorating video (she's totes a witch guys), stretched ears video, style evolution video (+ hating on her lolita phase), Valentine's Q+A video with Steve
>does a video about her fast fashion consumption; links it to BPD as well
>her website goes live; it's still poorly designed as of April 2020; also starts up more of her pins to sell, but runs into an issue with the shipping labels
>publically gets upset at a fan copying her Neko heart tattoo rather than handling it personally
>gets into Dungeons and Dragons; her character is a pastel mess with a mental illness just like her
>had an ongoing project for the fashion show challenge; as of April 1 2020, the fashion show has been cancelled due to the current Coronavirus pandemic
>jumps on the Trisha Paytas critic-train following her DID video; also publically drops support from h3h3 productions after popping off on Ethan Klein on Twitter, and makes a response video calling Trisha out for exploiting mental illness despite all of her videos covering anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, and (you guessed it) BPD

Old Threads:

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
Cosplay Facebook Page: https://anony.link/https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 87747

File: 1585827512361.jpeg (761.57 KB, 828x1194, CAFC057D-898F-499F-A20C-8C8718…)

For anons believing that Jill is still buying plastic shit and only being ~*thrifty*~ and eco-friendly for the camera and because mummy cut her funds, you are absolutely correct

No. 87749

What the fuck is that

No. 87750

A fairy from precure Heartcatch.

No. 87754

Damn that thing is huge compared to usual figures and it’s from heartcatch so likely out of production, I wonder how much that set her back because I imagine it was $$$

No. 87755

So wait. She is worried about income and the current global situation yet still can order 25.00usd worth products? Wow Jill.

Also I know she liked Heartcatch Precure because of the blue girl but she didn't rate it highly in her review. So why buy merch of the ugliest fairy in the franchise?

No. 87756

I looked it up and the figure is limited edition so that’s probably why

No. 87757

Sage for Samefag, it’s around 50usd if she got it when it dropped (it was limited so if she didn’t get it on the drop then who knows what a scalper would charge) so not hugely expensive but ofc there is shipping and the infamous Canadian customs fees to add on top so who knows all in what she actually paid

No. 87761

No. 87762


No. 87766

“Now that I have a whole townhouse to myself” I guess Steve is just another part of her collection and not an actual person who lives there. He literally doesn’t even have a room…

No. 87770

At least she sometimes acknowledges Steve, unlike that roommate she had locked away in the basement.

No. 87772

She got that precure mighty bean from her local anime store "the other day".

breaking quarantine to buy plastic anime junk amazing queen never change.

No. 87774

Of course she has to mention how much it's all worth like the tacky bitch she is

No. 87775

Does she even like half of these shows? Like I'm pretty sure she said she didn't like ccs or sailor moon that much? Didn't she only start liking precure because of princess peachie?

No. 87776

"I've been collecting for several several years now" bitch you started like six years ago if not less than that. also yeah she did, she started liking precure because of peachie and others she followed during her Lolita/fairy kei phase

No. 87778

Did she give a total?

No. 87780

Sage for ot, we know jills lurked here a good few times but I was curious as to if she’s ever posted her or even her mother dearest? It came to mind earlier but I’m not sure if she has or not

No. 87781

It's the title of the video.

No. 87782

I'm 99% sure I caught her self-posting once. And I believe someone pretended to be her mom on here at one point.

No. 87785

How can one person be so tacky and tasteless? I really can't understand how she manages to out tacky herself every single time she does these trashy videos bragging about her overpriced plastic garbage hoard from China? Really now. It's made even worse when you consider how poor and autistic her viewers usually are. Jill acts as if she is the only one who has ever watched magical girl anime like the mentally retarded adult she is. She's a poser and hoards garbage for bragging rights, not even because thoroughly enjoys it.

No. 87786

File: 1585869365354.png (370.71 KB, 565x458, Pix.png)

Is she 50

No. 87787

File: 1585869387701.png (377.49 KB, 517x503, Pixx.png)

No. 87791

I love that she mentioned the broken arm, on one of the figures. Then said she thought it might be a bootleg. Gamezilla (game stores in NB) is known to sell fakes.

No. 87792

File: 1585871090036.png (446.95 KB, 633x540, Cringe.png)

There's seriously something wrong with her.

That bag segment came out more as an autistic try hard take at comedy than something genuinely funny. It was unnerving really. Plus
>I can justify buying things that have are useful, as an adult
Yes bags are useful at any age, but rainbow vomit children toy bags and printed rubber backpacks with anime girls on them are not "useful as an adult".

No. 87793

The wobbly cam made this hard to watch, skipped through it with the sound off because I like dolls.

I assume her boyfriend filmed? A tripod would be way better, especially with small items like these. Her dolls are cute but I get the impression it's just a collection of random tat from Japan that she bought for the sake of it, rather than that she really likes any particular figure. They seem to be generic looking and chosen to fit the rainbow aesthetic.

Some terrifying facial expressions in this video, especially in the bag section.

No. 87794

This title of 5,000 value feels way too low. Just because looking at her Japan magical girl haul alone showed a value of over 1,000. The Precure store is expensive, like the seasonal wands and compacts with the accessories cost a pretty penny if you look at reseller prices (mentioned reseller as we know she can’t go to stores directly for these merch)

No. 87797

File: 1585894804068.jpeg (211 KB, 828x542, 95A8BA58-8465-47A6-8E84-77F49E…)

Do you mean: the entirety of the Confetti Club

No. 87798

She also clearly doesn't care at all because most autistic people have said they prefer to label it as Autism Acceptance Day rather than awareness.

No. 87802

i like how she mentioned shows she’s openly disliked as classics to try and gain more of that magical girl street cred like anyone actually cares
also lol at the animation(?) at the end, even your fans clock your shitty regrowth jill

No. 87804

Sage for rambling. This is embarrassing she doesn’t even know the names of some of the items when she is totes an expert, she also got the name of Tokyo mew mew wrong? Are her cats just not allowed in this room because that would be chaos. Also she is a pri para huge fan? She said she skipped a bunch (whole seasons) before just like she admitted to skipping most of CCS when she was being honest about not actually enjoying it because in her words “there was too much filler”. Also had a shoutout to utena which she said she didn’t like (because it was confusing) before deciding she was a lesbian then loved it. This fake personality she has cultivated around liking things she actually doesn’t for perceived clout is so bizarre

No. 87805

This. Given just how huge her colection is, it seems really hard to me that it's just 5000 dollars (did she mention if it was canadian or US???). I know she doesn't really have any high quality figures but just the Q Poskets are around 40~50 US dollars each.

No. 87806

I wonder if a lot of her stuff is fake and that's why she went for that price.

Also the odd video combined with the title makes me tinfoil that she just recently insured her collection for 5k (I read that collections should be insured separately) and this is her proof video in case the house sets on fire or something and she needs to claim.

No. 87807

File: 1585921317403.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.28 KB, 604x698, Screenshot_20200403_143556.jpg)

This thumbnail and her makeup is making me feel really uncomfortable. I don't know if it's the pink eye shadow in the inner corner or the severe lack of eyelashes… Or a combination of the both. The eyeliner is way too thick for the length of her natural lashes to not wear a fake lash. Come on dude. And the eyebrows are just… Ugh.

No. 87808

The I think it’s supposed to be blue and green one looks high key mouldy

No. 87810

Anon idk where you shop but if you're buying a Q posket for $40-50 you're being scammed. They're $25 at Gamestop…

No. 87811

And you can pick them up on Y!JA for under 1000 yen all the time.

No. 87816

Her figures are a mix of bootleg and real. Like in some of her con videos she has bought bootleg merch, I remember her even mentioning not caring. But 5000 still feels too low. Jill isnt thrifty or a haggler, she buys what she likes when see she sees it. So I dont see her buying at the lower price ranges but the average to high (depending on supply).

Like the only KNOWN cheap things she bought at deals were some of the sailor moon items as she bought second hand from friends or goodwill (the kaleidoscope wand and cutie moon rod I know for sure)

No. 87817


This would have been an amazing thread pic. If only Jill kept a upload schedule, we would have been able to catch this gem in time.

No. 87818

The Sugar Sugar Rune wand she has in box. That has to cost 300 usd minimum, with is a steal if you are that crazy about the show. Out of box with missing decorations is charged at 90 usd….But either way it does not make sense for Jill to drop that much on a wand that isnt in Japanese. Didn't she always bring up how disappointed she was that Collin got her a Korean version of a Heartcatch mascot toy?

No. 87824

File: 1585946018029.png (1010.64 KB, 760x1068, Screenshot_20200403-163115.png)

Looks like Jill cosplayed her dnd character with her shitty shoes

No. 87826

THAT is her fuckin' D&D character? How fucking lazy and uninspired is she? Like come the fuck on, Jill. Your fantasy game character is you, just uglier.

No. 87830

sweaty fucking christ this is the smuggest face i’ve ever seen.

No. 87831

christ its the fucking boots back from the grave

No. 87832

File: 1585954309696.jpg (372.34 KB, 720x986, 20200403_235010.jpg)

New insta post

No. 87833

File: 1585954430530.jpg (434.61 KB, 720x1034, 20200403_235341.jpg)

No. 87834

File: 1585954522464.jpg (360.26 KB, 720x960, 20200403_235458.jpg)


No. 87838

File: 1585958277211.png (177.2 KB, 760x674, Screenshot_20200403-195715.png)

No. 87841

File: 1585958389671.png (211.61 KB, 760x709, Screenshot_20200403-195736.png)

No. 87842

Her foundation is so yellow it makes her look like she's dying of liver failure

No. 87844

Bet you anything if she got a message from one of her autistic followers asking to buy her some expensive useless shit she doesn't need right now she would be scrambling to reply kek

No. 87854

Well, one way to find out…

No. 87857

This is purely headache inducing, it's so attention seeking like "Look at me i play d&d too, how cool am i." She's exactly like Kelly Eden, they clearly think they're being so different and unique by creating an aesthetic based mary-sue lookin ass character, you aren't different you just look like a fucking idiot.

No. 87858

Are the others dressed in their D&D characters or all they all just gothic expect her? >>87824

No. 87859

Why is she making it sound like it would be too hard to play a quick game via video chat. Most people play it that way you can still socialize with friends doing some thing you all enjoy. Every post she makes really shows hos stupid and spoiled she is.

No. 87860

>i've had a problem since i was 10 and have never addressed it and choose to never address it. i don't want to grow as a person at all so y'all better just adapt to my ineptitude tee hee. does she hear herself?

No. 87876

lol is she trolling?? it's like she's trying to make herself look as autistic as possible with every post/video of hers

No. 87877

Well she's actually trying to make herself look as BPD as possible, but that's difficult when you don't actually have BPD.

No. 87879

File: 1586021164300.jpeg (544.74 KB, 828x1435, A66369FF-5608-46D4-90E0-17AF8C…)

This probably explains why Jill burnt through a lot of her old friends, they wouldn’t take here uwu mental health bs and saw her for the shitty friend she was. It wouldn’t surprise me if most of her New Brunswick friends are those super liberal types who walk on eggshells because god forbid you hate Jill as a person because that equates to you hating all mentally ill people

No. 87949

File: 1586100966845.jpeg (812.32 KB, 1125x1879, 50D85B3F-E91A-4652-B7B9-BB3EA2…)

Because your life in your rainbow castle is so much worse than everyone else’s right now

No. 87951

does she really think that's unique to people with BPD? my depression has been coming and going for years, doesn't everyones?

No. 87953

Wasn’t she supposed to make an animal crossing vid like 3 videos ago? who is asking for a video of her bragging about thousands of dollars worth of plastic? also HER DAISY PANTS ARE HORRIFIC

No. 87954

File: 1586102398789.jpeg (168.96 KB, 640x727, 20084147-0B4F-40FF-B9A3-02B259…)

samefag bc forgot pic but with all her free time, she couldn’t be bothered to make the petals even whatsoever?

No. 87955

i put an egg in my pocket
and walk.

No. 87956

Yes, that's how any mental illness works.

She also doesn't seem to understand the difference of a mental illness and a personality disorder. You can have any mental illness (including multiple) alongside a personality disorder. It's so odd to me how much she constantly spews "muh BPD" all while constantly saying things about it that are misinformed, uneducated, or outright wrong.

No. 87961

Wow a reappearance of depression when you're in quarantine for a global pandemic? No one would expect that /s
You're not special Jill, take a look at the Covid 19 thread in /ot/ and tons of people are talking about their mental health being shit.

No. 87968

Lmao I thought this was meant to be an egg, the "petals" look uneven and wobbly like a fried egg.

No. 87972

I keep thinking it’s some kind of Irregular Choice style picnic breakfast thing. I think IG is hideous but at least it’s intentional.

No. 87973

Didn't she say that she felt the same highschool depression her first year of college which is why she started self harming again? She's not special to be feeling depressed during the quarantine and if any of her confetti-cult points out their depression due to isolation she'll just spew a fake "im glad im not alone uwu".

No. 87987

Like literally everyone’s mental illnesses can come and go like that?? Also being depressed among a pandemic quarantine, how unique and ~BPD~ of you Jill

No. 87997

Uh… isn't her entire career based on 2020 tech? Jill, you literally wouldn't have an income without technology. Maybe this should be another reason to try and improve on things that are hard for you rather than putting all of the work on everyone else to accommodate you.

No. 88002

I'm glad I'm not the only one who interpreted it as an egg instead of a daisy xD(xDDD)

No. 88007

because she doesn't have BPD. she doesn't understand it or remember its symptoms because she doesn't have it. it's just a badge of honor to her. also personality disorders are mental illnesses so idk what you mean. lots of things can be comorbid. is that your point? idgi

No. 88065

this is rainbow emilia fart. change my mind.

No. 88072

Emilia Fart is funny, Jill is not

No. 88113

That's debatable. I feel she's less funny than Drew Monson, who isn't that funny imo. I can see why Jill likes his style of humor: the self hating, faux manic, hyperbolic hashtag Relatable bullshit

No. 88118

File: 1586227399429.jpeg (288.48 KB, 828x706, 47ED0A03-9017-479D-9A80-42A454…)

I’m starting to understand why Steve is still with Jill

No. 88119

not sure what this is trying to imply? he's clearly still with her because um hello free room and board and he doesn't have to get a real job? like it's such a shocker that two people with pink hair are progressive kek.

No. 88122

I mean, is he wrong though? He's a flake, but this is a bad take anon. kek.

Also the clout. Jill is a nobody is the grander scheme of things, but he can still leech off her following to some degree.

No. 88136

Price seems right, maybe even too much. It's a lot of cheap small junk. If I recall correctly what she talked about in another video before, she actually knows her stuff and buys a lot of second-hand at Mandarake and YAJ rather than where ever collector newbs get scammed at. Japan tends to price that junk at like 500-3000 yen each. Only some wands might be expensive.

No. 88141

Not to mention roughly half of her wands (most of the more expensive ones) are gifts from Louise, ex-boyfriends, friends, and the confetti club.

No. 88146

ma'am, this is lolcow not 4chan, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of users are left-wing

It's funny for me how they talk more about American politics than Canadian.

No. 88167

i mean it's pretty on trend with canadians, currently canadian politics aren't happening with trudeau being re-elected last year whereas the american politics are happening right now. also pretty much all canadian politics are impacted by american so most canadians pay more attention to america than canada.

No. 88204

for someone who loovveesss animal crossing so much & “based their townhouse” off of animal crossing, it looks like she’s played only for a couple pics

No. 88205

File: 1586320454013.jpeg (518.06 KB, 2048x2048, 930361A6-5691-4A0E-A631-205C6D…)

No. 88222

Nobody can tell me that is NOT an egg

No. 88223

Why the fuck is she holding a tangerine peel?? For a pop of color?

No. 88225

Ew her nail polish. Why would she post this?

No. 88226

Why would she even be eating a mandarin while playing animal crossing? would her fingers not be sticky? is this supposed to be proof she eats fruit or something?

No. 88228

File: 1586354873518.jpg (92.2 KB, 598x450, aaa.jpg)


>is this supposed to be proof she eats fruit or something?

fucking lmao, but this is the context of the photo if anyone cares

No. 88230

File: 1586360023187.png (4.56 MB, 828x1792, 04A6812C-842D-4389-92EB-D8B794…)

Little cult member keeps doing shitty fashion things(wrong thread)

No. 88233

Wrong thread, learn to sage.

No. 88240

How difficult is it for her to Google the spelling of "Neil Cicierega"?

No. 88249

No. 88250

>>88249 she said shes desperate to have another tattooo. she wants fabric scissors on her upper arm.

No. 88253

Not gonna lie, her makeup looks better than usual here in the thumbnail, the wing eyeliner makes it look really neat and that lip color suits her.
Too bad her eyebrows are still a mess. I wish she did normal brown eyebrows but I guess those are not kaweeweee enough.
Even her outfit and barettes look fairly normal. But that hairdo, god. I wish she painted her hair just one color all over, all pink or all liliac. Jillybean will always be a mess…

No. 88254

her face in the thumbnail literally looks like she's in pain

No. 88255

File: 1586376809921.png (54.88 KB, 1342x226, Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 1.10…)

The feature confetti club member in this video was someone who reposted art, nice job Jill. If you look at the persons instagram post it credits the original artist, but Jill credits the reposter in her video. I guess she doesn't actually look at the captions of any of the posts people tag her in.

No. 88256

Right?? What makes her think that face she pulls looks nice?

No. 88260

lol is the person jill shouted out some 300lbs whale autist who’s in massive amounts of debt?

No. 88262

File: 1586380950830.png (668.13 KB, 760x1105, Screenshot_20200408-172008.png)

It's even in the description of the post she looked at

No. 88264

They forgot to put in her dark roots

No. 88271

trying to prove she isnt being a fat bitch during quarantine

No. 88272

Sage, I haven't actually watched her in ages and she just comes off so spoilt and ridiculous here. I don't know anyone else who can use baby talk while simultaneously being condescending about current events

No. 88274

if this wasnt Jill and obviously supposed to be something I would absolutely buy "Egg in my Pocket" pants.

Granted also they would be made by anyone other than Jill and come in less hideous colors.

No. 88278

why does her face look so long? I thought she stopped photoshopping bc ~~uwu bOdY pOsItIvItY uwu~~

No. 88279

Yes! Camora Ralph Loki Thompson or whatever the fuck, they were constantly posted about on the confetti club thread back when it was still active

No. 88280

Of fucking course Jill clings to Spinel from Steven Universe because of her ~*bpd*~. Also massive kek at her saying she’s like Demi Lovato because they both got internet hate

No. 88281

the fact that she still orders from amazon proves she’s only an environmentalist for camera, she couldn’t be any more transparent.
also 13:53 very mad lol

No. 88296

Where is the new confetti club thread?

No. 88327

The way she flips her switch and new ipad pro around one handed without a thought of how breakable/expensive they are just shows how fucking entitled and spoiled this girl is jfc

No. 88329

Holy shit she is so tryhard and annoying. She wants to be unique and overdramatic so badly. Feeling bored, low energy, sad, even hopeless right now is NORMAL for human beings being trapped inside for long periods of time, deprived of socialization, work, outings, and sunlight. It's not some super special beepeedee power. I swear she has almost no empathy or concept of what other human beings experience.

No. 88431

File: 1586581986544.jpg (106.21 KB, 1080x682, IMG_20200410_230942.jpg)

Well time to tin foil, how long until she announces that she broke up with Steve

No. 88433

Huge reach, she could be referring to any of her exes or just generally

No. 88437

Funny Jill cause you did this to mystery girl

No. 88446

Lmao this is going to be good. Can't wait for the sitting in front of the camera crying "My Partner And I Are…" video.

No. 88508

if this isn't about steve it's even cringier because that means she's still bitter about past relationships while in a new one kek

No. 88516

This is sad. Jill really needs to work on herself as a person. She's selfish and entitled which makes for a lousy relationship. I hope she learns how to stop being so. No quality man will be attracted to a poor quality woman especially if Jill ever wanted to pursue marriage later in life. She's got everything going for her, these kinds of posts make her come off as bitter and snide in her demeanor.

No. 88525

you lost me at "she's got everything going for her." lol

No. 88528

Her trying to become a mental health advocate is worrying considering how badly she takes care of herself and doesn’t work on herself, it’s setting a bad example

No. 88571

No. 88573

her newest video… holy shit bro. that cheap synthetic wig and those i’ll fitting outfits?

No. 88574

she just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. wonder how steve is feeling about this weight gain?

No. 88578

hes gay i highly doubt he cares.
my dude is a closeted queen and nobody can convince me otherwise

No. 88580

hard to believe this is the same girl who bragged about her 20 inch waist all those years ago.

No. 88582

File: 1586715569573.jpeg (88.7 KB, 828x466, D2AB4751-C514-4974-A092-D13F1B…)

oh Jill honey

No. 88583

File: 1586716226374.jpg (56.6 KB, 562x724, help.JPG)

No. 88585

At first I was like “nah she doesn’t look that fat, if anything she looks a little skinnier” then I saw that poor checkered skirt she bought like 2 years ago look like it was puckered and ready rip from all her quirky posing and shit”

No. 88587

bruh there is no way you thought for one second that she was looking skinner. she must be at her highest weight yet. her face is losing all bone structure whatsoever

No. 88589

spends 5k on anime figures but can’t buy shoes that fit lol

No. 88590

The audio is garbage
She seemed like she didn't even want to make a video at the end, her energy was weird

No. 88591

File: 1586718228869.jpeg (799.64 KB, 785x1194, 5DF8C4B6-8B57-4DB6-BC63-92A90B…)

No. 88592

File: 1586718288870.jpeg (274.41 KB, 828x588, A1E99990-9F1E-4539-B354-1CEC5C…)

This Twitter exchange makes me want to vomit

No. 88593

Putting multiples of herself in the thumbnails is starting to look like a DID Youtuber. Pixie's next self-diagnosis coming up.

No. 88594

They are like the sickly sweet "normie" families in a Tim Burton movie

No. 88595

She will soon wear a scarf like Emilia Fart to hide her fatneck

No. 88597

That video was so…boring. Her content lately is so freaking boring.

No. 88598

In that video she's wearing clothes that I know cant fit. Those clothes CAN'T be comfortable. My weight has been up & down forever and at my high weight I couldn't fit into Nile Perch or any jfashion brand for that matter. Like she really just squeezed herself into these clothes. Probably couldn't zip anything up all the way.
She's probably still hoping that she'll just lose the weight so she's keeping her "skinny clothes" for when the weight just falls off magically.
Antipsychotics (which is what people with BPD are typically given) almost always cause weight gain. Makes you insatiable and tired.
I mean she could go to therapy or learn DBT or something but we know she won't.
(although tbh I personally think she is autistic)(armchair blog)

No. 88600

File: 1586721433948.jpg (334.29 KB, 1080x1956, Screenshot_20200412_205042.jpg)

Is anyone else annoyed that she did a poll before the upload and completely disregarded it? I wass fully expecting a narrated lookbook, but maybe that was too much work. She just wanted to pump out a video or she didn't want to take away from "fuzzy Stevwie's" editing. That being said, I did enjoy the animal crossing style. The wig ruined it though, it's the wig she got for Jenny to wear in the fashion show so I guess she's got to find another use.

No. 88603

Who cares? He ain't perfect either, and clearly he's simp enough to let Jill take the reigns and drive both their lives. He isn't man enough to set boundaries or be himself, two co dependent humans in a pod.

No. 88604

She could've shown off what she learned in uni and made Animal Crossing inspired coords from scratch

No. 88606

Dirty shoes that don't fit and torn tights. Very classy Jill.

No. 88611

ngl I thought the intro with the title and tom nook was cute, but everything else about this video was beyond offensive to the eyes. The yellow sweater and plaid skirt might have been cute, but it looks like shes about to bust out of it. Jill, you've admitted that you've gained a large amount of weight, next step is to wear clothes that actually fit you.

No. 88613

It would take her five years to make one outfit.

No. 88614

I wonder if that hideous wig came dyed like that or if she did it herself

No. 88617

File: 1586725561156.jpg (365.59 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_2020-04-13-00-05-03…)

is this the skirt she made for school?

No. 88618

I agree, anon, she was giving me Lillee Jean vibes in the video, like she was not 100% there.

Jesus, does Jill ever clean her shoes? that looks disgusting

No. 88619

She looks so Hefty in those blouses like Jill you’re too fat to pull off the uwu colorful school girl vibe. If she’s so accepting of her weight gain now why hasn’t she gotten new clothes that fit her? Or does that contradict with her new piss poor eco friendly vibe

No. 88620

File: 1586728962890.png (1007.76 KB, 984x686, skirtwork.png)

Yeah, that's definitely the skirt that took her 7 weeks.
I wonder why she never showed off the skirt when she finished it? It looks pretty small for her, maybe that's why?
From the last thread:

>looks like

>waist is 86 cm/32.9 inches
>hipline is 150 cm/ 58.1 inches
>length is 40 cm/15.7 inches

Neither her skirt or her egg trousers are in her portfolio on pixielocks.ca either. Has she done absolutely anything with that site since the big reveal?

No. 88646

The waist of this skirt is 33 inches and it's now too small for her? She can no longer fit in standard size clothing. No wonder she doesn't buy clothes anymore.

No. 88647

lol maybe her newfound environmentalism is actually just tying into the fact she can’t fit into normal sizes anymore

No. 88648

File: 1586745053432.jpeg (215.48 KB, 1125x1297, D4325C75-63B4-4662-8710-6C38C7…)

she is hell bent on making literally everything about her BPD? bizarre.

No. 88650

if he's a decent boyfriend he won't really mind.

No. 88652

File: 1586746276615.jpeg (212.84 KB, 1722x1139, 9F3E76B4-4778-483A-B0A5-EA8B2D…)

Did she not tape the wig down?? Is that what the awkward shadow is at the top of her forehead?

No. 88653

File: 1586746420842.jpeg (338.18 KB, 2048x1128, 3F12DCCC-D312-45F3-9A83-F3BB5D…)

This definitely is not a cohesive look. The yellow mustard cardigan doesn’t match with any of the other colours in the outfit.
It would look better without it.

Also by changing the socks and shoes.

No. 88655

File: 1586746583023.jpeg (346.39 KB, 2048x1139, CB4A3637-6168-49D4-BEEA-71E2EF…)

Sage for samefag
Without the cardigan.

Its like with every video/post she’s losing her sense of coordination

No. 88656

I almost think its the edge of her wig cap if she even wore one.

The more I look at these the more I wonder about how they’re supposed to fasten around her ankle properly. Why can’t she just get rid of shit that doesn’t fit her anymore??

No. 88657

Is there a chance that her ankles are too big for the straps?

No. 88663

File: 1586749012202.jpg (45.32 KB, 779x456, gaping.JPG)

nitpicking at this point, but i immediately noticed that the button-down gaps really badly around her boobs. usually a sign of cheap fabric and/or that it's too small. ngl i've seen this exact shirt at walmart.

No. 88664

I have these shoes and I think it's a combo of not seperating the two ankle straps and tightening them too much so it looks like string around a sausage

No. 88665

I really dont get why she does close ups of shoes that look like crap, these are details you wouldnt notice unless she highlights it.

Def too small for her bust, gaps are common for busty people. She needs to size up and alter it to her waist, if she ever figures out how to dart things.

No. 88666

Just buy new clothes Jillian. Not random fast fashion releases or j fashion you couldn't fit into three sizes ago. How many thrifted pieces made it into this lookbook?

Gaining weight can feel shitty in the moment, but holding onto things that make you look like overfilled sausage links is offensive to everyone involved. Especially since she more than has the means to invest in a sustainable, versatile, but still quirky wardrobe.

An actually broke but creative and resourceful youtuber might make a casual wardrobe update video, or actually care enough about clothing and being a fashion designer to like, actually design clothing for people with her short, lumpy body type. Or wearing one of these dorky, ill fitting outfits while streaming the game. She can more than afford a capture card. She has so much in place if she ever decides to accept reality and try to improve herself or sewing or business or branding skills.

No. 88667

Googled the lyrics to this… There is not a single line that is "bpd"esque in this garbage fire. Was her reasoning literally just 'I like this so it must be bpd'?

What the hell…? Goes beyond desperate reach to delusional lmao

No. 88670

Are her knees normally that red?

No. 88687

She is massive in this video and it's obvious she's trying to cope. She isnt even going to school right now, so what's stopping her from buying work out weights and eating better?

No. 88689

She was just thanking steeb for doing some more-complicated than normal editing anon

No. 88697

someone has been giving Steeby Weeby a wittle Sucky Wucky uwu (barf)

No. 88700

I think the actual answer is that she was probably kneeling on that fake grass to talk to her cat that's in the cat house.

No. 88708

I can’t get over how effin ugly she looks now. She’s getting fatter and fatter. Like some anon says she’s loosing her facial structure and will soon look like mama june lmao

No. 88715

>>88652 next thread pic pls

No. 88720

I haven't followed this cow in a while because i find her mind-numbingly boring, but I just checked out her latest video and WOW she still can't dress herself to save her life lmfao how she ever expects to have a future career in fashion is beyond me

No. 88734

she didn’t have one to begin with. let’s be real. she produces extremely basic shit that you could buy cheap anywhere else. pink tennis skirts aren’t exactly revolutionary lol. i still can’t believe she calls her college ‘fashion school’. i know fashion/costume design students and the work they produced at the same age as her is fucking crazy… i can’t believe she thinks she’s talented because she can sew a circle skirt.

No. 88760


I think that the concepts behind these outfits are cute, but the execution is terribly poor and unflattering. I know she’s trying to be all low-waste and eco-conscious, but she should really invest in clothing that actually fits her. She will look and feel so much better,

No. 88764

File: 1586848992077.png (795.95 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20200414-001715.png)

Why does she wear these cheap look gross asf, filthy ugly ass shoes? With all the money she squanders on cheap garbage plastic shoes you would think she would invest in some beautiful, well made leather shoes? There are a ton of amazing designers that create unique and quality kawaii shoes for morons like Jill.

No. 88766

File: 1586849113544.png (604.14 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20200414-001831.png)

She looks like an autistic hamshank dancing like a retard.

No. 88768

I've seen my friends 10 year old daughter create more masterful pieces of clothing just messing around on a sewing machine. Kek
Jill's clothing is barely descent enough to be forever 21 tier crap.

No. 88772

now that you say it, even f21 would be a stretch for her and that's saying something. she takes weeks/months to create something that's below f21 tier. and i genuinely think she knows that and that's why she has been hesitant to share things coming from her fashun skule. she knows she's not that good but she thinks her passion will make up for her lack of work ethic kek.

No. 88775

She seems to fail at realizing that her cheesy smiles and poses only looked cute back when she was younger and more petite, now she just resembles that one weird aunt that you dread seeing at family gatherings…

No. 88791

it's just a plain white button up, you can buy them anywhere
Jill has no excuse for not having one that fits or at least sewing snaps between the buttons to help with gapping

No. 88795

File: 1586883856888.jpeg (136.52 KB, 1242x680, 86FAD0DF-610C-40C9-BF27-DD2725…)

sage for nitpick, i know she mentions that she got this at claire’s when she worked there, but is this not a flower crown that she glued one of those glittery, silicone beauty blenders onto? like they sell at f21 or whatever

No. 88799

She looks more like a confetti cunt now than ever, she could blend so well with the rest of the retarded landwhales in there

No. 88800

This looks even uglier than anything sold at forever21
I doubt it is from there, looks like dollar store crap glued together

No. 88805

File: 1586891925021.jpg (286.38 KB, 720x821, 20200414_201814.jpg)

No. 88807

File: 1586892043344.jpg (334.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200414-202029_Ins…)

>>88805 special needs smile

No. 88814

File: 1586893626949.jpg (1.66 MB, 1920x2715, CollageMaker_20200414_14362274…)

I made a collage with three pink cute dresses currently on f21's website. All of them bought together are cheaper than some of the lazy oaf she has got before.
They're trendy, cute, pastel, femenine, and could be styled in a street fashion way. They come in diferent sizes. They seem to be better constructed than the pieces she has sewn, too. And obviously they look better.
Saying her clothes are "cheap plastic f21 crap" is funny but not as accurate. The shit she wears is even worse than f21 fast fashion clothes. The shit she hoards is so tacky and badly styled that honestly even f21 looks good when you compare it to her outfits. This is without even mentioning her lack luster "kaweewee" bright vomit inducing styling, seams busting and ill fitting sausage dressing, and horrid horrid greasy hair and makeup.

No. 88817

File: 1586894750342.png (306.75 KB, 539x805, F21.png)

Hell even this tacky hot pink f21 dress looks way better than

At this point I wonder if she's even passionate about fashion and style, she clearly looks like she isn't. Watching any other fashion channel makes it evident, she never wanted to look good, she only wants to stand out like a sore thumb and feel special. She still has the nerve to call herself a fashion designer and want to be coddled by everyone.

It has always been like this, even before her lolita days. Always wanting to stand out even if she has never done anything that would be worthy of attention. A lazy slob who throws some crap on and calls it passion. This is beyond disgusting, this is just sad.
She will never get better, she will never change, she will never admit she's done wrong. Hence why she's spiralling down and looking worse with every thread.

No. 88823


Anything you can buy from a store would be nicer than her fashion at this point. She just reuses a bunch of worn out pieces from indie brands that either don’t fit her anymore or are dirty looking. I don’t get why she wastes her money on more plastic instead of investing in clothes her size or shoes that aren’t musty.

No. 88844

ew, your all gross. this site is full of self conscious judgmental bitches who have nothing better to do with their time then fine everyone that’s wrong with successful people on the internet. Y’all sound jealous af. I can’t believe websites like this exist. Disgusting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 88847

Ok cool

No. 88855

Is Jillian Vessey aka Pixielocks succesful? Is anything she does succesful?
She lives by hoarding plastic children toys and acting autistic on youtube while dressing like a colorblind toddler picked up her outfit… all while still not showing any skill for her so called passion, sewing
Is that succesful at all? Nope. It isn't

No. 88881

File: 1586946635189.gif (1015.92 KB, 386x244, tenor.gif)

No. 88922


No. 88969

File: 1586993314143.jpg (68.85 KB, 628x479, high glycemic.jpg)

holy shit she is H E A V Y
it's literally insane to see how much weight she has gained since going to college, she literally needs to exercise and stop eating so many fucking chicken nuggets, this is like pre-diabetes level bodyfat percentage

is steve a feeder because like how can he be attracted to this vs like when they met a couple years ago (she was still slightly chubby but NOT like this)

No. 88970

File: 1586993561491.jpg (142.24 KB, 1140x1110, 1531480893759.jpg)


No. 88978

File: 1586999200733.jpeg (173.63 KB, 1571x466, 1586715569573.jpeg)

No. 89000

Why does this comment smell of moldy peeps and depressed cat hair

No. 89002

sage for OT but honestly everything everyone points out as her "faking bpd" seem legit to me, as a person with bpd and a BA in psych

No. 89003

Saging for OT and semi blog but I got misdiagnosed some years ago with bpd and even though I do not have it (only some traits, I do not fill out the whole criteria) and seeing her throw her diagnosis around feels so uncomfortable, having bpd isn't cool and she's trying so damn hard to make it cool and relatable, she makes it look like a bad tacky fashion accesory and not an actual concerning mental illness that ruins your life and relationships…

No. 89004

sage your armchairing. i have a psych degree too and trust me this girl has no idea what the symptoms of bpd even are. at one point she claimed that her bpd causes her to not know when someone is upset until they tell her. that's literally the opposite of bpd. self-sabotaging relationships due to paranoia is bpd. she's also said multiple times that her "bpd" causes her to not understand social cues. again, not bpd. it's actually pretty common for girls with autism to be misdiagnosed as bpd and i think that's what happened to jill. autism is underdiagnosed in women. that or she's neurotypical and just a spoiled brat tbh.

No. 89005

sage goes in email field newfriend

No. 89008

Traits of bpd she likes boasting about on social media:
>spending too much on tacky things
>unstable relarionships (due to her selfishness and stupidity)
>wanting love and attention because that's what her mom conditioned her to want
>sometimes she feels happy and sometimes she feels sad while watching a precure episode
>she cut when she was a teen (like a lot of teens do, teens who do not have bpd mind you)
>??? That's it

Actual bpd behaivors:
Having sex with any stranger because you need to feel something, being addicted to drugs, spending your grocery money on alcohol instead of a meal, going into any toxic relationship expecting love just to be abused multiple times, relapsing into childhood trauma, laughing like a maniac then immediately crying for no goddamn reason, putting people on a pedestal to then just drop them like trash in a week, yelling and fighting people over one single small thing like looking at you in a certain way, between many, many other things.
Bpd isn't pretty and Bpd is not like that one steven universe character that she likes. Doing any quick google search will tell you this stuff. Saged.

No. 89012

I feel like she does lurk here, because for the longest time a lot of anons in these threads theorised she might have bpd and she kinda started posting about it on twitter before she truly "came out" with that diagnosis.
But it makes so much sense what anons say about her having autism. That would explain her delusional ideas, I mean, just look at her here
And tell me she doesn't look a bit autistic…

It would make sense if she's reading these threads that she then would mention autism here:
She would never talk about anyone but herself otherwise

Plus, here
That's not how bpd works…

No. 89048

No. 89052

jesus christ she is a lot more annoying than usual in this video. she keeps moaning into the mic it makes me physically cringe

No. 89053

Seriously, idk what is going on with this specific video but she is beyond aggravating. I hope she forgets about animal crossing videos the way she's forgotten about every other series

No. 89054

Why isn't she using a capture card???

No. 89056

she doesn't realize capture cards work with the switch's hdmi port and to my knowledge she doesn't own a pc. Her mac laptop is definitely not strong enough.

No. 89058

She has an iMac and a Chromebook. The iMac can definitely handle it.

No. 89061

Why did she feel the need to moan? She seemed high key manic.

Also interesting that she hyped up animal crossing so much and claimed to be a veteran player, and even bought a switch in anticipation, but she plays like she is brand new to the franchise and has only been interested in buying shit for her player. (lol typical). Also her island is so underdeveloped for someone who’s had it since launch???

No. 89074

I know I'm gatekeeping but her town is pretty ugly lol. No trees and barren af, she caught an orchid mantis, a very common bug, for the first time onscreen and didn't even acknowledge it, didn't know where the villagers even lived and had to check the map. For someone who bought a switch and custom colored cases, she really isn't even into the game? Idk just seems so fake to me.

No. 89078

** I mean she bought a switch and skins (whether that's plastic or sticker idk) ONLY for this game that it looked like she doesn't even play that much.

No. 89080

im sorry, but what are some kaweewee brands that make quality kawaii shoes?

No. 89084

Jesus christ. she’s half-assing her island like she does her sewing projects and everything else in her life. I could harp on the fact that she hasn’t upgraded her house past the first room, or that her island looks as bare as Hiroshima did after the bombs dropped, instead i’ll focus on the fact that she’s too dense to figure out that you can just sell duplicate DIY recipes. If she’d played the last game as much as she said surely she could just intuit a lot of this stuff? apart from crafting NH is like every other animal crossing game. 0/10 you didn’t even try jillhad

No. 89088

The uwu soft community on twitter hyped up the game so much and that's the only reason she claims to be a veteran. You can tell from how she speaks about the game in this video she hasn't played much AC in the past lmao. Also the angle and all the screaming makes it impossible to watch..

No. 89090

I don't think she likes video games at all? This is just another phase. She'll stop playing within a month, move onto another trend. Just like she did when animal crossing pocket camp came out.

No. 89098

Anything on aliexpress, claires or f21
Even shit at walmart sometimes can have lace or pastel colors

No. 89104

Anon please say sike, all those places you listed off are so fucking cheep that the shoes don't even last a month.

Irregular Choice has some cute simi-everyday wear shoes if you get them from their permanent collection. other than that converse and vans have pastel colored sneakers that you can DIY to be cuter by simply changing the laces.

For a while I had a feeling she made Steve lurk for her here, some of the way the WKs talked about her made it sound like it was him. Ether way there is some one that's close to her that lurks here, there's been too many WKs recently for it to be a coincidence.

No. 89110

So her island and skill level shows she hasn’t played much but also she hasn’t made anything new so what has she even been doing with her time?

No. 89112

Samefag but she had a squirrel villager say “nutcase” and screamed about how it was a slur because she is mentally iiiillll, can she go one video without mentioning it. Also she is dirt poor in game, she said it’s because she has been splitting her cash between different things but nothing is upgraded, the island is barren and the storage capacity in your house isn’t very big when you have one room so she can’t have bought that much stuff. So she can’t have played much. If she was a newcomer fine I wouldn’t gatekeep but she screamed about being the biggest fan ever and bought a custom switch as soon as the game was announced?

No. 89114

Ali is ok for specific brands there but most sizing for asian produce is for small feet lmao. The reason so many ppl go for yru and dk shoes is because despite the overpaying they are few of the brands where the shoes are over the top and provide for bigger feet sizes
Irregular choice yeah if you like heels . Jillian seems to own some but IC is very hard to co-ord unless u do a very specific theme so she shouldnt rly go for them lol. Considering her budget she could have picked up a pastel bapesta

No. 89115

sage for OT, but I have size 8.5 shoes and as far as I know, that's slightly bigger than average as a white female and I have no trouble buying shoes from asia. Who is saying they can't buy ali shoes and dropping $$$ on yru that's basically the same quality but 3x the price

No. 89121

I think its important to consider that for her, buying the custom skins and console/preorder or whatever she did is not indicative of any grand connection she has to the game. Buying shit is just not a big deal to her. The tweeting and excitement for the launch and comparably unplayed game is where the discrepancy lies. You don't have to ask her twice to spend on objects, especially the cute and hyped!

No. 89133

I can’t believe she said saying “nutcase” is a slur this is so mind numbing

No. 89135

ngl her new obsession with animal crossing is not surprising, it's definitely just going to be used as another excuse to buy more cheap cutsie plastic bullshit

No. 89137

sage for ot; US? or UK? i am size 10-11 US shoes bro. size 8.5 US a pretty normal size where im from.
ali seldom makes custom shoes for bigger feet tho and it is definitely a better worth than paying a fuckload for branded but cheaply made stuff

No. 89153

Yeah, she is total trash like her acnh island.

No. 89161

she had her swicth custom painted, which is crazy expensive but i guess she was better off financially when she moved in to that townhouse

this, i have watched and played my fair share of acnh and she just seemed to do absolutely nothing this whole episode? steve apparently also got bored with the game extremely early on too

No. 89171

Irregular choice is super tacky though
Like, just go to any other store irl when they open again and you will find cute shoes that don't look like hot messes

No. 89174

Holy shit so she's also very bad at managing her money on an easy as fuck videogame… art imitates life. What a mess
All her life revolves around buying plastic shit and having no priorities so it fits
She bragged about having her switch painted for AC, yet she seems so uninterested in it… again the whole "I'm the best and biggest fan!!!", bragging without meaning it
But anon she's SOOO mentally ill. I wonder if people even know what being mentally ill is at this point

No. 89180

>the angle
I couldn't watch mainly because of that too. Should've layed the Switch flat and just crane her head around the camera if needed, also zoom the camera more on the Switch and less on her plastic shit around it.

No. 89188

Steve is the secondary player meaning he can’t progress the story and wouldn’t get a ton of the DIY’s so if she isn’t playing much or doing much he wouldn’t be able to do much of anything, also I don’t imagine Jill would let him have any control over how the island looks or be open to sharing the island down the middle, I mean she said she planned to have her house the top of the hill at the back of the mountain swap bang in the middle, the centre of everything, I wouldn’t play either if I had to share with her like that

No. 89190

File: 1587204052379.jpeg (150.79 KB, 640x822, C364C2B9-609A-49CB-AADD-A4B704…)

steeb is a glorified errand boy at this point

No. 89193

He's a fucking slave and a clown

No. 89196

Totally woth a tweed huh? Jeez she has no life

No. 89198

The pharmacies in her area of Fredericton are all within walking distance. Jfc get out of your pastel trash pile for a moment, Jill.

No. 89200

Jill’s double standards never stop giving me the shits. Like two weeks ago she left the house to get plastic shit from the anime store (as mentioned in her magical girl collection video) yet she apparently is too lazy or didn’t think ahead to refill her meds and made her boy toy get it for her. Un Fucking Believable

No. 89208

If she went herself she wouldn’t have had an excuse to remind everyone that 1) she’s so mentally ill she needs meds!!!!! and 2) that she has a live-in trophy boyfriend.

No. 89212

Why wouldn't you pick up your refill (or get Stevie to do it) when you saw there were like 4-5 pills left in the bottle? You've been on the same meds for almost a decade. You know how many come in the bottle.

No. 89222

Why wouldn’t she just get them delivered? It’s not like she can’t afford it and unless it’s a controlled substance surely it’s not that difficult

Makes me wonder how seriously she really takes her mental health. Seems extra careless given how much she goes on about it, setting an alarm or reminder is also an easy fix

No. 89273

Poor dude Stevie needs to get out, it's starting to get ridiculous

No. 89283

poor fucker probably ran at the chance to escape the pink pixie pad and her royal pinkness for even the short amount of time picking up meds would take…

No. 89363

She didn't use a capture card because she said that with the delayed shipping rates, she didn't get it in time. Which is just plain dumb if she knew she wanted to make Switch content, she should have bought it awhile ago. Everyone knew things were going to become more locked down back in like February and if she had ordered it then in anticipation for making content, it would have gotten to her in no time. But when has she ever managed her time and work efficiently?

No. 89367

No. 89461

File: 1587500356375.png (524.91 KB, 1018x1200, Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 10.1…)

bro didn't canada just have a mass shooting? and shes said nothing on the matter aside from boohoo precure is on hiatus, she really is a fucking monster jesus christ

No. 89465

File: 1587501017852.png (854.56 KB, 1218x1266, Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 10.2…)

Imagine not giving well wishes to the people affected by a tragedy in your own neck of the woods steve

No. 89467

Dude not everyone has to post "1 like = 1 prayer" when a tragic event occurs.

No. 89469


What would make this cringey is if Precure is being put on hiatus due to CoVID. People are dying, Kim.


Similarly, this is cringey because it's not even just the boomers who are complaining, it's Gen X. I don't think the boomers are even the driving force behind the protests.

No. 89472

it was literally a tragic event that happened pretty fricken close to them and its not like shootings happen really often unlike the us, and its literally the worst one to happen in canadian history, its in pretty poor taste

No. 89473

Complaining about people protesting has nothing to do with the shooting though, I don’t get how this is relevant at all, you could say the same about literally any Canadian who didn’t post something about the shooting

No. 89476

Many Canadians from around her area haven't said much about the shooting. People are already too tense from COVID lockdowns to want to fixate on more tragic news tbh

No. 89505

I think anon just meant that crying on twitter about your children's show right after a mass shooting on your own coast is tasteless. I don't know why her boy toy's tweets were brought into it though everything he posts is so grating.

No. 89514

Jill’s no stranger to being tasteless, what with her Youtube Space post right after the YT headquarters shooting. Steve’s issue is that he’s doing all this commentary on American issues while his own country is just as bad off during the CoVID panic, never mind the NS killings being a legitimately horrifying situation just one provincial border away from them.

No. 89522

Yeah Jill is gross whining about Precure after the shooting but it was Steve Anon was talking about which makes no sense
It’s truly incredible how Jill can consistently make the covid situation about only herself and her interests

No. 89535

Someone gets it. What’s with him talking about politics outside his own sphere yet a mass murderer being in an area jill visits semi regularly (the shooter was on his way to Halifax before being caught) not even on the radar?

No. 89546

Not that anon, but the screenshot is showing how tasteless Stevia is about people protesting covid. Like, over complaining on things that in the end don't matter to him.
There's people with jobs who are losong everything they have and the only thing their knowledge gives them is to protest, and then there's Stevia, a literal flamboyant man staying at Jill's pink mansion/slave dungeon for free.

No. 89547

This. Jill is fucking tasteless. I mean just look at her. It's not just the outside… it's the inside too.

She's a womanchild who only cares about herself, hence this twit
literally screams "me me me". She has never cared about anything else but herself and her wants (she doesn't even seem to grasp the concept of a "need" or she would be completely different).
In part I know she was raised to be the center of attention by her mom but you can only do so much with that. This is completely her wrong doing by now.

I feel like even if she wanted to keep her content "family friendly and light" she could still say something akin to "prayers to the victims". Of course not everyone has to care or give a comment, but this only proves how rotten she actually is.

No. 89548

Samefagging but pretty much I think her outside actually gives you an idea of what is going inside her
The way she dresses screams conceited between many other things

No. 89561

No. 89562

christ. the wig.

No. 89563

the fact that jillian lets her cats sit so close to her sewing machine makes me extremely anxious

No. 89564

The fact that the cats are even allowed in the sewing room makes me anxious. I work in a vet, I have seen many accidents with cats relating to sewing needles, thread, stuffing, ect. We're going to have another 'Neko almost died because I'm careless but its ok because he lived' situation.

No. 89566

The violet outfit in her new video is the best one she has ever worn. It's not that good, it simply… matches.

No. 89567

File: 1587580075864.png (1.34 MB, 1688x886, Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 19.25…)

ewww fukin why is there a mug stain on her machine.
like, why wold you put a drink there in the first place, and then WHY would you not clean it.. especially if you know its going to be visible to a wide audience..

No. 89569

Seeing the shirt in the background, I was thinking, 'wow that doesn't look that bad. Maybe she's actually improving'. But the minute she showed it up close, yikes Jill. It fits so awkwardly, if the teacher supposedly approves all the patterns I don't understand how that could have been given the okay to move forward in the project. Her fabric is so horribly cheap looking, she keeps using fabric that should only be used on a children's halloween costume. I bet if she used some decent fabric it would be a big improvement in her pieces, regardless of her careless sewing mistakes.

No. 89570

Even if my pockets look like eggs….does she lurk

No. 89572

Pretty sure she does, wouldn’t be the first time for sure. Confuses the fuck outta me on how she can read all the criticism here and still chalk it up to haters are big meanies!!!!

No. 89573

that shirt could have looked good but there’s so much going on with it … like if it didn’t have the flags or that fabric that is used in preschools curtains

She has definitely lurked in the past so probably

No. 89576

she felt like she had to tell people what bunting is? lol like she actually explains what bunting is. bitch, we’re not stupid.

No. 89580


People on her Facebook also pointed it out.

No. 89581

Her mom‘s going to model for her? Or why would she order her a wig? Must suck to not have any friends left.

No. 89586

you realise covid is a global pandemic and it's effecting canada too right? There are people in Canada protesting the same shit. Like I said, he's grating but this isn't about american politics lmao

No. 89590

I'm curious about her school. it looks similar to something I have done but personally wouldn't call it fashion school, like that makes it seem it's art school and….. it's def not

No. 89591

No, she definitely has “friends” who would model for her, but I believe she got a wig because she needs everything to be colourful and kawiwi. But it also doesn’t make sense because the fashion show theme was to make an outfit out of muslin and she managed to arm twist her way into putting some form of colour on it, because god forbid Jill wear/make something that’s an earth tone and not something that has a rainbow thrown up on it

No. 89593

She says that a yoke is a piece of a garment that is put on something for style, and that's literally entirely wrong. A yoke is the most structured part of a garment that allows free-flowing fabrics attached to it to have some shape.

No. 89595

"I didn't have to sit and think and let my brain churn in between each action to make sure it was prefect and that I wasn't making a mistake. And I didn't have to seam-rip every other move and like, sewed things on backwards."

>made the collar wrong and didn't notice, isn't fixing this mistake

>sewed the sleeve plackets on upside down and will have to seam-rip them off to reattach them properly
>couldn't figure out how to sew the buttons on with her machine and says she constantly ruins fabric trying to make button holes

Yeah, Jill, you're a real seamstress now.

No. 89611

considering the etymology of the word yoke you’d think she’d realise she was totally wrong…

No. 89614

She's so lazy and gross. i cant imagine she even cleans her house. I bet she makes Steve clean it.

No. 89619

What is there to be proud of Jill? Your work is ugly, tacky and shitty ass hell. Can you imagine being 21 years old claiming that you are a fashion designer and barely learning how to sew at some home economics glorified Holly Hobby crafts daycare? Kek embarrassing. That shirt was wonky and.

No. 89620

That’s her final project? A basic button-down shirt was my first fashion school project and it was a week-long project to get people who’d only used home machines before acclimated to industrials. Everything she posts about her school is worse and worse.

No. 89626

Yeah when she said that the shirt took upwards of 3 weeks i was confused, something like that shoild only take a week at most.

No. 89629

File: 1587607068437.jpg (50.13 KB, 574x682, pixbra.JPG)

is that just a poorly fitted bra underneath

No. 89635

I noticed that too, the cups in that push up are way too big wtf

No. 89638

And this bitch had the audacity to compare her crafts college to Bunka

No. 89639

The cup shape doesn't flatter her at all. She needs a demi cup from what it looks like.

No. 89643

Fashion design fag here. No way in hell that should even take a week to draft,fit, true up and cut/sew. I make cassocks for seminarians from scratch pattern, drape, sew and all in less than three days and mind you I am a junior in college. Kek That shirt is basic asf.(no1curr)

No. 89653

I’m >>89514 and wasn’t talking about the protests being America only. Steve started tweeting about the presidential election back in March just after Italy locked down. He’s made a few tweets related to the pandemic, but mostly if it’s not Animal Crossing or some other nerd shit, he’s been on the election. What irked me was that neither one of them were at the very least commenting on the NS situation with them being so close to the area it happened in.

Why are the cuffs on her sleeves so fucking big?? I get the big sleeve look but why such big cuffs?

No. 89654

YIKES those roots! They’re possibly the worst they’ve ever been. In the new video did she mention anything about them? (Don’t dare say she can’t go anywhere to fix them bc of covid rn this girl has always bleached her roots herself.)

No. 89655

Again with the cheap nasty fabric. Her garments would look SO much better if she invested a bit more into her fabrics and didn't buy whatever is bright and tacky.

No. 89657

she mentioned she was wearing the wig because her roots are so bad but she can literally buy bleach and developer on amazon??? like where's the logic that you can order a wig online but not bleach? is it just laziness? i'm so confused. because you're right- she's always done it herself. so the quarantine wouldn't change anything.

No. 89665

Doesn’t help that the pink fabric is pretty see through and really thin, I think she is wearing a white bra to try and disguise that but if you look at it on the dress form in the background shots you can see the lines on the form very clearly through the fabric

It’s good to know that years of her hair always looking grown out and filthy most of the time that this is her limit on that. Everyone is making and looking for at home hair videos at the moment so ofc she isn’t making one because that would make sense

No. 89669

File: 1587635291168.png (542.96 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20200423-035058.png)

>I'm trying to build a careerout of this, so probably don't copy my design

Bitch what? No respectable person with sewing knowledge would try to replicate the shiny ass mess you just did there. And specially, no serious designer would ever watch her videos.

Completely disagree. The violets on her outfit don't match at all. The beret is cool toned, the shirt is warm toned, the lacey lingerine on top does not accommodate her body and looks horrendous. Not to mention that wig.
>inb4 nitpick
She being colorblind and not matching any color has been an issue since her lolita days and hasn't changed a little, she has no will to learn.
Next time sage your fan squeals about how good she looks because I see this outfit as bad as any other she has pulled out.

No. 89670

Imagine how horrible it is to actually live in her house with all the dust and filth on top of her figures and plastic crap
It's like everywhere you see is so bright with no space to breath or relax your eyes and inbetween all that you have crust and chicken nuggies crumbles. Now imagine the bathroom and how slimy it must be. Plus, the fact that her sewing machine has coffee/tea stains means that she has no respect for this trade. Who the fuck puts liquids on top of a sewing machine even?? That can fuck up her projects so easily.

Holy shit she should just grow out her hair at this point, that looks so bad

No. 89671

Wtf she's giving me serious grav3yard girl vibes, her uwu talk and mannerisms are getting ridiculous

No. 89689

If I were her teacher, I'd fail her . She didn't even draft sleeves, she just cut out rectangles and gathered them down.

The cuffs are supposed to button closed, she just hasn't added buttons and button holes yet.

No. 89691

Like she even grasps the concept of how to properly draft a sleeve nonetheless mechanics of how the anatomy of the arm works. Kek Anon she is lousy at drafting patterns. It takes talent to draft patterns, Jill lacks talent as a wannabe seamstress.

No. 89693

I can see her ass-kissing fans shelling out coins to buy her tacky designs if she theoretically were to actually manufacture them for public, but would people outside her circle jerk actually buy any of these garments? They seriously look like Gymboree clothing in adult sizes.

I know she is going for "Jfashion" inspired, but actual Jfashion wearers like clothing that is feminine, subtle but cute, not childish and loud. I'm just so confused what the audience for this would be… adult babies?

No. 89694

People who shop on Dollskill.

No. 89696

Why the flying frickety frick didn't she just sew the buttonholes by hand? It's super easy and would've taken her 2 hours tops. You've got all the time in the world now Jillybean, how hard can it be?!

No. 89697

Her landwhale followers and fellow color blind worshippers. She has no taste and no style we all know Jill loves brands for the sake of brands. The thing is that her fan base has shown themselves to be poor af so Jill couldn’t price these super special designs for $100 or whatever cause then no one would buy them

No. 89703

Let’s be honest, the stuff she wears these days has absolutely nothing to do with J-fashion

No. 89713

File: 1587662672046.jpeg (98.43 KB, 480x720, 353F7AA3-BD50-4570-8BB3-D27411…)


>not childish and loud

You sure, anon?

No. 89714

Tinfoil but I wonder if “don’t copy my design” comes from lurking, from when she did the pants & I mentioned making them myself but properly & posting it here? It seems weird for her to say especially considering in the past when she made the rainbow skirt she “unknowingly” stole someone else’s design

No. 89716

I keep getting upset whenever she mentions being eco friendly. She still uses carcenigogens and endocrine disrupters to keep that rainbow hair of hers, she acts as if buying new fabric (still new and manufactured in sweat shops) is better than biying from forever 21 and constantly shows off new plastic trinkets. It just irks me. You being eco friendly isn't just buying slow fashion and lush products. She needs to stop dying her hair or use more eco fiendly dyes, she needs to stop constnatly buying clothes and plastic trash. Even used clothes and plstic trash is still perpetuating the cycle of consumerism. BPD is a serious disorder and her constantly buying stuff is not quirky it's a legit symptom and addiction that needs to be treated by idk someone like an actual medical professional? She keeps flaming people like Trisha and yet uses her own mental illness as an excuse for her behavior or is using it to exploit 14 year old tumblr girls into thinking this is anway of coping.

No. 89717

i dont think u understand the scope of variety in jfashion
what you are thinking is more likely the more normative trendy j-fashion than harajuku fashion/trendy alt j-fashion
cute, childlike and loud is a very common aspect of the latter (see some of OTT sweet lolita, decora, pop kei, yumekawa and spank kei)

speaking of jillian though, she barely ever scraped the surface of jfashion after quitting lolita though. despite modelling for 6%dokidoki i do not think she has worn anything jfashion except WC/WEGO which is the most basic. she seems to mostly own lazyoaf clothing which is not considered jfashion obviously (though fits into "cute style" umbrella). i do not think i have seen her wear listen flavor, nile perch, galaxxxy, or ACDC RAG (the latter tend to offer bigger/wider sizes sometimes) which are quite the base for kawaii fashion

No. 89719

File: 1587665839739.jpeg (140.69 KB, 734x958, 2E10A3E9-B624-43DF-8F1E-6C2FB6…)

Her fans are so incapable of criticism and/or understanding of color like herself.

No. 89721

that style has been out of style for years anon

No. 89724

yeah it’s been out of style for a long time, that’s why 6%dokidoki is still in business

No. 89725

why do people still not understand that these niche fashions still exist, they just aren't a fad anymore. these styles all started out with only a handful of people wearing them, got super popular, and then people moved on to a new fad. but the people who like it still wear it. i hate when people ree about "dead fashions" just because they're not on the cover of magazines.

No. 89728

I don‘t care about fashion, since it‘s taste depending. But color theory and basic painting skills are not to someone‘s liking.

No. 89732

I dont want to assume jill has an individuality complex but it does seem to me like she is okay with copying other peoples ~aesthetic~ but she probably feels like hers is off limits.

No. 89734

it's not the cups, t-shirt bras are universally flattering she just doesn't buy her size. In her "i gained weight" video the bra is a demi cup and she still has gaping. she keeps trying to push an hourglass *UWU thicc kween aesthetic which is counter productive since she never wears clothes/under garments that actually flatter her enough to give the illusion.

No. 89735

>I dont want to assume jill has an individuality complex
anon that’s the least that you could assume about jill kek

No. 89813

She lives in a constant state of identity crisis and is constantly looking to be unique or whatever for a sense of self, major bpd behaviour she clings to aesthetics and objects shit in hopes it will replace a personality that she lacks. One thing I don’t get, what damn trauma did she go through? She’s had such a privileged life but she clearly has a lot of bpd symptoms so what happened? Idk. As someone with bpd I can relate to her spergy behaviour sometimes with the whole jumping from one thing to another shit but at other times I question her a lot. Think she just has identity issues and spoilt child hehe look at me I am number one disorder.

No. 89817

She jumps from one attention whoring edition of herself to another.
I think she doesn‘t even know who she really is.

No. 89828

> she clearly has a lot of bpd symptoms so what happened

She doesn't.

No. 89912

File: 1587830999009.jpeg (426.42 KB, 828x932, F65E0E6D-CFF5-4282-814F-787DD7…)

lmao that entire thread had so many good points about the topic and of course it just falls on deaf ears with Jill

No. 89918

Does she even know animals have feelings too? And being in a shelter is super lame? And raising the demand for breeded cats is stupid?

No. 89927

File: 1587841598005.jpg (367.18 KB, 720x1000, 20200425_200626.jpg)

No. 89928

File: 1587841645890.jpg (350.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200425-200739_Ins…)

>>89927 she looks rough

No. 89929

her and Shayna start to look so alike its horrifying

No. 89937

I wonder if she will make her model wear a bra or not

Anon, you're giving Jill way too much credit, she doesn't make clothes thinking of an audience, she makes clother she wants tô wear, it's a completely self centered hobby

No. 89947

>she doesn't make clothes thinking of an audience, she makes clother she wants tô wear, it's a completely self centered hobby

Exactly, she literally went on a long sperg about how she needed to double serge her seams because the material was scratchy and she needed it to be cumfy wumfy uwu because she wanted to actually wear it. I guaranteed if she didn't use trash shit fabric she wouldn't have that problem with her seams being too scratchy.

No. 89948

Her face is a fucking BALOON

No. 89978

> i do not think i have seen her wear listen flavor, nile perch, galaxxxy, or ACDC RAG
that cherry slip dress that looks like lingerie (and is completely unflattering on her) i believe is listen flavor, if you look in her first series of japan vlogs. randomly remembered that but yeah instead of investing in higher end statement pieces from important jfashion brands she just went to wc and wego and bought a bunch of cheap shit

No. 89979

The cherry dress is from Candy Stripper.

No. 89980

She wears the nile perch shirt with strawberries on the collar too. She wore it for her ACNH outfits.

No. 89981

mb anon u right i didn't actually go back and check, i felt like she had a listen flavor piece when someone mentioned it

No. 89995

Say what you want but I like her spirit in this, even though the design itself is horrid imo. She should take the motivation and pride she gained from improving(even if it's just slightly, she mentioned she became faster) and finishing something, and use it to get better and to keep going (and not sleezing off like she does with all her other hobbies).

No. 90004

She has a white sweater from Listen Flavor that she bought on her last trip to Japan. I think she wore it in the last part of her Japan vlog.
She seems to just wear it as loungewear, tbh it seems like she only bought it because it was one of the few jfashion items that will still fit her.

No. 90022

Yeah, wish jill had a more natural haircolour too though, it would definitely suit her more. It’s weird though how much they look a like lol.

No. 90025


At this point, she can’t really change it because its her ~brand~ to have rainbow bangs. But yeah, they just accentuate how much weight she’s gained and make her look gaudy.

No. 90055

Wonder what she's going to do when she no longer fits into any Japanese brands…

No. 90057

The same as she does now. Pretends she can fit in them despite not owning or wearing a single piece.

No. 90098

If she were to stop the rainbow bangs now would be the time since she's trying to push this ~save the earth uwu~ message on her channel ever since she "quit fast fashion", and she could talk about how slathering harsh chemicals in your hair isn't really the best thing for your hair or the environment. I have absolutely 0 faith that she actually will do this, but she technically could ditch the rainbies while staying on brand.

No. 90110

not to white knight but most colorful hair dyes are pretty environment safe, its just cream and vegan pigment most of the time.
Heck you can even tint white pets with them with not harm, remember when colorful poodles were trendy?

No. 90111

File: 1588001171673.jpeg (442.67 KB, 1242x1193, 8B730C79-06DB-4858-BFC9-62D9AD…)

ah yes, tendies disorder

No. 90113


Hasn't Jill always referred to her eating disorder as being in her past?

No. 90119

Her eating disorder is dragging her mom at Wendy's while they're in Japan

No. 90120

What Ed causes you to never eat vegetables though? There’s a difference between being a picky eater and having a disorder, Jesus Christ Jill needs to back off telling random people on twitter about her disorders
Again, being a picky eater is a huge symptom of autism

No. 90121

Nah b, I'm gonna agree with this Ashley person. Picky aadult eaters are trash. It has nothing to do with your eating disorders, Jill. You just cant cook and hate anything you cant microwave or get at a drive thru

No. 90125

No. 90128

she about to become kelly doty, just like she became emila fart

No. 90129

>>90125 Jill is hosting a tattoo contest where she'll get the winning design tattooed (probably)

No. 90132

will a artfag farmer enter and sneak something into the design - like the morse code for ‘COW’ or something. imagine the chimp out if she got it tattooed

No. 90133

I fucking hate these tattoo videos. Tattoos for Jill are just another excuse for her to talk about herself. She's such a narcissist.

No. 90134

the ribbons tied to her earrings look so stupid and were so distracting the entire video

No. 90135

I shall sneak myself in, once she got something tattooed, I‘ll share my designs.
Any suggestions?

No. 90137

There is Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) which can cause you to avoid foods because of strong flavours or unpleasant textures.

No. 90138

That is true, but Jill has never mentioned having anything like that before. The tweet comes across as her trying to start drama or bring people to pity her. Her reply comes out of no where and she easily could have scrolled past the tweet.

No. 90139

In the punk scene, there was a term called "fashion punks", they were people who adopted the look, but had no genuine interest in it, and would ruin them from the inside, and then leave and live the life they were always wanted to.
Jill is like this; and it really makes me think.

No. 90140

I think that tweet touched a nerve because Jill really is a picky eater and uses her past eating disorder as an excuse to live on tendies and peeps tea every day.

I think she's said before that she's worried about trying to lose weight in case it triggers a relapse.
It's sad if she's actually scared of that and it's not just an excuse but she seems to be overweight at this point. If she really wanted to lose weight she would talk to a therapist about it instead of going to like 3 therapy appointments to get a BPD diagnosis and then quitting.

No. 90141

File: 1588018864934.jpeg (559.59 KB, 828x1347, 0BD1D48E-750D-46E9-82B3-36589C…)

Lmao someone called her on exactly that and she tried to back pedal and pretend it wasn’t all about her kek

No. 90142

File: 1588019036887.jpeg (269.02 KB, 828x529, 2BE6C344-F584-405F-A565-2B7656…)

Also this bitch is cut throat, is this a farmer? Or someone from the public genuinely calling her out of her self victimising antics

No. 90143

>ARFID is similar to anorexia in that both disorders involve limitations in the amount and/or types of food consumed, but unlike anorexia, ARFID does not involve any distress about body shape or size, or fears of fatness.

>Although many children go through phases of picky or selective eating, a person with ARFID does not consume enough calories to grow and develop properly and, in adults, to maintain basic body function. In children, this results in stalled weight gain and vertical growth; in adults, this results in weight loss. ARFID can also result in problems at school or work, due to difficulties eating with others and extended times needed to eat.

Took me two seconds to debunk her.

No. 90144

Yeah she would be sickly thin if she had it and you dont really have this if you are also dealing with body issues. It is a type of condition where you cannot handle eating foods and as you age you eat less and less varieties, as well as start to not go to social things to avoid dealing with having to eat around people. You also would feel not hungry or have no interest in eating food overall, they see it as a chore they need to do.

None of that is Jill, who has a history of bad eating habits and wanting to be thin and then binge eating to the point of gaining a huge amount of weight in a year and enjoys talking about food because she loves to eat crap.

No. 90146

"I had bullimia so now I can only eat chikin nuggies!!"

No. 90152

On one hand I'm glad she's let the 'my waist is 20 inches' or whatever it was go, but she's treading dangerously into the territory of 'anyone concerned for my health is just a hater because I'm #bodypositive'

No. 90154

I find it really weird that she claims shes so into tattoo culture but she's only looking up clips with kelly doty, if you're so into it Jill why not watch the entire show she was on? Its not like she's short on time. Everything about her screams 'I'm just into this right now because its trendy'

No. 90155

I think Jill's tweet was full of shit, but I'd like to mention that some people who are barely in recovery from certain EDs (Jill said herself it's been a year since her un-diagnosis, so I really don't think this would apply to her at this time) will struggle with making healthy eating choices without over-fixating on calorie count, sugar/carb intake, etc. With proper therapy and mental training, the fear of over-fixation on food consumption will go away. Jill has been in therapy since her ED, am I wrong? She's either lying to her therapist about this part of post-ED stress or is well over it and wanted some "I don't have my life together, I'm so quirky!" clout.

No. 90165

didn't watch the video…
that's kinda shitty of Jill… if she isn't planning to pay for any of these designs?

No. 90168

haha of course not anon - some very special confetti club member (or cunning farmer with a subliminal meaning hopefully) will be compensated by having the one and only jillybean getting their art tattooed on her precious body…

No. 90171

She's such a passive aggressive bitch. I'm glad this quarentine is happening because her "uwu kindness°•~" mask is slipping

Everytime she mentions her love of fashion she sounds like one of those autists that think they have savant syndrome because they're autistic, so everything they do must be amazing.

No. 90172


it's a common misconception people with ARFIDs always lose weight. it's possible that 'safe foods' for ARFID can be things like potatoes, chicken nuggets, etc - it's often linked with autism in that way. children's foods are common safe foods because of their inoffensive textures and lack of flavours. it is incredibly hard for it to be diagnosed if you're overweight, though, so i'd find it difficult to believe she'll be properly diagnosed with one. sage for food sperg

No. 90175

Isn't ARFID extremely common among autistic people? I'm sure she'll try to pass it off as another "BPD thing"

No. 90184

Lmao this bitch is completely terrified of any accountability whatsoever. Just admit you are autistic as shit or have the taste level of a literal 4 year old. Not everything is an obscure disorder Jillian.

I used to have an ED!!!1 And now I can only eat mcgarbage or I will relapse!!! In fact, my inability to stuff my face with anything but garlic fingers and freezer nuggets is an eating disorder itself!!!!! Grow up, jfc.

Whatever happened to her ~cooking~ moment where she made stir fry with waaay too much pineapple because she was Healthy Independent Cooking Woman? Never saw any attempts at aesthtic food shots again until her joke of a party planning video.

No. 90187

I know everyone's ragged on this comment already but lmfao get off it Jill she really does like to shove her eating disorder in places it doesn't belong. God she needs to be uwu special at every turn stuffing your face with chimken nuggies isn't a disorder

Even if she has something like >>90137 I HIGHLY doubt she can't eat ANY fruits or vegetables on this entire fucking planet

kek bet, the more people that submit a design the better chances we get of something being in

Lmao I love how she just . . . expects everyone on the planet to know about every single event in her life. Like how the fuck is this guccigurl bitch supposed to know that you stopped calling yourself anorexic on this specific date and now you're being diagnosed with xyz

how much money you wanna bet we'll see a "why I regret my tattoos" breakdown video eventually

No. 90188

I’ve never replied to any of this before. Used to be a fan of hers until like 2 years ago when I found this site and realized how dumb she is. I got sick of it. But yes. Thank you. takes a bow nice to meet y’all. Format is gonna be wrong on this reply but I’ll learn.(admitting to cowtip)

No. 90191

sage goes in the email field if youre not contributing newfriend

No. 90193

Got it thanks. Glad y’all thought I was cut throat though. Made my day

No. 90200

I’m an artist and have a “kawaii” type of art style that could easily be disguised as something a “fan” would be into. I also think this would hilarious BUT doesn’t she lurk here? I wish I had a random email or something I could give y’all to like give me suggestions of what to enter bc I also don’t down the road want my followers to find out I did something a drama channel could turn it into something cruel and ruin my account. I just hit 30k and starting to consider commissions and need the extra money. But I’m sure this doesn’t apply to just me. ANY artist that wants to enter something be careful bc some fans lurk here to wk once in awhile and so does her family and herself and it’ll suck for whoever ya know. If y’all give specifics of a tattoo or even share images etc someone will be able to see it and “expose” you. Again I wish we had a private way of messaging bc it would indeed be hilarious. Also is she seriously not gonna offer to pay? Does she seriously think a shout-out is enough payment? Idk I didn’t watch the video till the end I couldn’t stand her miss pronunciation (sage for how long this is)(nobody cares)

No. 90201

That entire thread was fucking dogshit lmao not surprised Jill would agree with the masses that were screaming "hhh b-b-but saying adults shouldn't live off of chimken nuggies is ableist!" and then when someone dared to criticize her she completely fell apart and used her uwu eating disorder as a crutch lmao if any anons haven't looked at the whole thread go look it's fucking sad

No. 90203

File: 1588049318317.png (39.32 KB, 1240x239, jilly receipts.png)

I checked her comments and she clarified that she would pay the artist and award them prizes, but she didn't say exactly how much.

No. 90204

I want her to just grow out her hair. It kills me how horrible her roots are! And they’re so greasy! She can have her natural dark brown hair and still style it with clips etc. also I think she keeps it this horrific rainby mess so she has an excuse for not having to wash her hair that often. ALSO her being a picky eater is another symptom of autism. Can someone make like a chart of her actual symptoms (not her made up ones for attention) and compare the list for autism and bpd

Another thing is did Rebecca Sugar confirm spinel had bpd? Or is that a fan theory? Regardless that’d suck for her to get that for that reason alone and find out she was actually miss diagnosed.

No. 90211

What do you exactly win in her tattoo contest? Is it money, merch? Someone enlighten me please, I want to enter.

No. 90212


>Lmao I love how she just . . . expects everyone on the planet to know about every single event in her life. Like how the fuck is this guccigurl bitch supposed to know that you stopped calling yourself anorexic on this specific date and now you're being diagnosed with xyz

Lol right on point
It might be the self importance from autism

No. 90214

only pay 1 person rather all the people who take time to try and design her something. she needs to just commission 1 person who style she likes and work with them, you know like a normal damn client.

No. 90217

She mentions messaging an artist multiple times, how annoying, they generally really don’t like that and tell people not to DM them and to just wait for announced dates so Laura might dislike her already lol, also she charges $$$ more so when she travels because (fair enough) its a business trip and she has costs to cover, I just don’t see Jill dropping big money like that on a tattoo, also she says that the rainbow valley tattoo looks sooo different from her sketch and it really doesn’t, Helena basically just copies out what she wants and sometimes tweaks and lots of artists, especially well known ones who have a specific style like Laura, that’s not how it goes, you have to accept that the artist knows better than you and idk if Jill would handle that well

No. 90220

Convenient that she now knows what ARFID is and is claiming to have it since Rachel of Rachel and Jun has been talking openly recently about how she struggles with it and is trying to get better, it sounds like it actually effects your life as an adult like it’s embarrassing and makes it harder to socialise and as someone else mentioned Rachel said she struggles with her low weight and trying to get it up

No. 90222

File: 1588062579203.png (34.68 KB, 1143x285, that tattoo chick 1.png)

kek it's literally in her FAQ not to contact her about traveling dates because she's so busy, guaranteed she's at least a little bit bothered by Jill. I tried to find a price but for the life of me I couldn't find shit so I have no idea how expensive these tattoos would be but based on how many clients she has and how much hype she has surrounding her it's gonna be PRICEY for Jill if she's serious about it.

No. 90223

File: 1588062856324.png (33.76 KB, 586x194, that tattoo chick 2.png)

She also mentions that even if you do pitch an idea, she might not accept it if she sees something better, so even IF she travels to Canada there's no guaranteed that she'll want to do whatever Jill wants her to, but as long as it's some kawiwi rainby magical gurl shit then I bet she'd want to do it. Still, the whole thing is a huge gamble so I feel like her chances of actually getting one from this chick are super low. I bet she thought she could just contact this chick and she would immediately drop everything to travel to Canada for one client

No. 90227

She charges over double maybe triple what Helena does and I mean you get what you pay for, regardless of liking the style on a technical level there is a big difference >>90223
Getting a slot with her is hard and I mean it’s fair for her to be discerning because she is high demand and she needs to curate her portfolio, a good artist wont just slap anything on you. Jill probably thinks she would travel for her because she is uwu famous in her mind. I think something Jill doesn’t understand is that when artists travel they guest at a shop and in Laura’s case she usually guests at shops run by her friends for example Invasion Club in Japan is owned and run by a friend of hers, so she doesn’t randomly travel places, she would need to have a contact with a shop in the area. She doesn’t just go on holiday randomly and tattoo out of her hotel room, she is a professional.

No. 90231

Oh the whole thing was super annoying. Like if she really has this ED, wonderful, that’s not the point. Even though she definitely doesn’t. The whole point of what I was saying is that she is NOT going to make any steps towards getting better. This diagnosis will just be another shiny trophy to put in her bio. But I’m a “Karen” for pointing out so.

No. 90232

Gotta make it known that she know longer is anorexic just like she had to make it known that she no longer identifies as pan, or queer, or any of the other labels she stuck on herself a few years ago even though she’s clearly straight. Just label hop you whatever is most popular.

No. 90233

Idk why she even makes it such a big part of her personality that she refuses to consume any food that was not processed to hell and back and either served in a paper bag or sold in a plastic wrapping. She doesn't even post food pictures, just keep your dignity and don't admit online that you've never had a vegetable since leaving your mommy.

No. 90234

Everything must be about her and her uwu speshul disorders that she doesn’t have and even if she did wouldn’t get any help for.

No. 90236


This is jill when she tries something to eat that isn't chicken tendies

No. 90245

yikes brother, the quarantine weight gain hit her hard…….

No. 90251

Those earrings trigger me, they seem like such a recipe for getting your earrings caught and ripped out of your ears

No. 90263

This girl is nothing but direct. Jill is no longer in her safe space and she has no idea how to react to people calling her out for being a snowflake. It's hilarious

She's going to be covered in ugly anime and rainbow tattoos before she's 25. Just big yikes

No. 90269

Ah, that's where I heard it from. Thanks for the reminder. Kek. If course she's claiming she has this disorder now. Not sure when that Rachel & Jun video came out, but a quick search the only other time Jill ever said ARFID on Twitter was back in December replying to a post about white J-vloggers

No. 90270

She can’t handle the truth and neither can her followers if you look at the replies.

No. 90326

She's trying to get diagnosed with as many things as possible so she's the most mentally ill person uwu and it's mad annoying. Please just get diagnosed with autism and be done with it

No. 90333


The telling bit is that she's "seeking diagnosis for suspected ARFID." Not, "only fast food appeals to me so I've scheduled an appointment with my doctor/therapist/nutritionist to try to figure out why that it is," it's "I'm looking for a diagnosis for this conveniently newly recognized disorder that I've decided I have thanks to Google." She is 100% shopping for another professional who will give her the diagnosis she wants so she can have yet another excuse for yet more poor behavior on her part. She's full of shit.

Really, why not sautee some veggies with butter or put some cheese on them? Ever heard of ranch dressing? Yes it's bad, but better than literally never eating fruits and veggies ever. How about making your own french fries, but bake them instead of fry them? How about a hamburger made out of beans instead of meat? There are tons of reasonable substitutes for comfort foods. She just doesn't want to try.

100% disgusted by her for constantly making excuses, refusing to take any responsibility for herself, and refusing to ever even try. Just try, for fuck's sake, Jill.

No. 90335


Samefag, just wanted to add that this is the same thing I believe she did to get her BPD diagnosis: shopped around until she got what she wanted.

No. 90336

Literally in her video about the tattoo contest she fucking sperges about how cute and dewicious strawberries are, like if they're so fucking tasty and cute then eat those instead of chicken tendies bitch. There's so many fucking uwu fruits like strawberries and peaches that she could be eating but that's more work than eating processed foods so we know she won't.

Oh she would never admit to having autism because it's not as uwu soft amd baby as having an ED or depression. She only wants issues that are "cute" and will get her more fans. Think about how many youtubers you've seen promoting mental health and body positivity, now think about how many you've seen raising awareness for autism. I'll wait kek.

No. 90337


>Literally in her video about the tattoo contest she fucking sperges about how cute and dewicious strawberries are, like if they're so fucking tasty and cute then eat those instead of chicken tendies bitch. There's so many fucking uwu fruits like strawberries and peaches that she could be eating but that's more work than eating processed foods so we know she won't.

You're probably right. I haven't watched the video yet, I don't know if I can handle it lol.

I also don't understand the stigma amongst cows regarding autism. Like, BPD is really a "better" diagnosis than autism? Really? You think a personality disorder is better than being on the spectrum? Yet that seems to be the way they all think. Idgi.

No. 90339

lol that's what I was thinking anon, there's enough people out there who can just admit to themselves they enjoy eating garbage food and don't get that fucking pissy on social media while blaming it all on a possible diagnosis which they don't even have yet

either have some humor and self awareness about your bad habits or keep them to yourself, this is just embarrassing

No. 90343

File: 1588115050006.jpeg (128.89 KB, 828x331, A24A24E8-EFD8-4433-9845-D9CE9E…)

No. 90365

This feels so shitty because of Alyssa.

No. 90370

Was that the chick she used for clickbait by making a "Christmas gifts for my girlfiend" video and then she proceeded to immediately fuck her over by outing her to her family, dumping her, and then kept all the gifts? Or am I thinking of another chick?

No. 90371

File: 1588129058847.png (28 KB, 752x213, Eat chimken and slurp butter t…)

Speaking of shit Pixie has liked recently

No. 90375

Not sure why you'd need to ask that when Alyssa's the only girl she's ever dated. Unless you actually count her 2 week relationship with that girl when she was like 13.

No. 90379

What a sheltered baby, kek. Seeking
validation to continue being a delusional obese autistic after feeling threatened by a vauge random ass tweet. I can't wait for her to try to be an adult when she's done with school, gonna be a shit show.

No. 90380

Why do people think like this? Why would you eat like shit and then act like it has zero consequences? She's acting like this is due to an eating disorder so is she saying it's okay to have an eating disorder cause that's all I'm getting from this?

No. 90382

sage but wasnt there a vice video about a guy with ARFID who only ate velveeta mac n cheese

No. 90385

Also there are plenty of studies that show there's a link between fast food and things like depression.
Food can actually have a huge impact on our psyche and emotions; I think it's really shitty that Jill constantly preaches about self care and being mindful when a) she's just making her own mental and physical state worse and b) she's basically supporting the worst parts of the food industry with her chicken tendies diet.
Like it or not Jill but if you happen to be an ~influencer~ and you choose to publicly talk or tweet about a topic like this people do in fact give a shit.

No. 90388

Yeah, found it. Honestly the personality between this guy and Jill are like night and day, he doesn't make it his entire personality to have an eating disorder and throughout the entire thing he doesn't act like it's fun to eat only mac and cheese he constantly says "this is a fucking problem and I need help" unlike Jill who is like "eat whatever you want and you're valid!!!! Even if it clogs your arteries and kills you!!!" like I don't want to armchair but after watching this dude and comparing him to Jill yeah there's no fucking way she has anything close to this dude. This dude has like, a legitimate problem linked to his abuse and Jill just wants to shop for an excuse for her already shitty eating habits. Sorry for the rant but god she makes me sick lmao

No. 90389

The school Jill goes to is not even a real fashion school. It is barely even an art college for Christ sake. Can not believe how often she calls it fashion school

No. 90394

It's almost impressive to have the gall to claim your junk food fattie diet is due to an eating disorder, like eating peeps and tendies doesn't even make sense as a progression from anorexia or bulimia. Anorexics are obsessive about what they eat, tend to eat a variety of carefully chosen items, bulemics binge on the worst guilt foods they can find. You can have a mix of the two disorders but how the heck does it progress to "I am incredibly fussy about what I eat so I only eat select binge items"

wtf Pixie

No. 90395

This post exactly, well said. Those food suggestions are great too.

No. 90403

The behaviour towards it is one of the reasons I am fine with Rachel talking about it because she is trying and is giving tips on what she is doing and it’s working, at no point did she glamorise it in fact she did the opposite and like this guy wants to change and be better, Jill just wants an excuse to eat what she wants and gain weight, she got her BPD diagnosis as an excuse for her being a c*nt to people and now it’s on to the next thing she wants an excuse for because she will never take a good hard look at herself and actually try and do better

No. 90405

>every day until you die
So, like 10 days because on that diet you'll get obese and die? Got it

No. 90408

I wonder if it has anything to do with 99.9% of the Confetti Club being diagnosed somewhere on the spectrum. They already hold a very unflattering mirror up to her when it comes to fashion, hygiene, obesity and general functionality in life and it wouldn’t surprise me if she’d be mortified to have yet another thing in common with them.

No. 90410

for real. actually knowing people with ARFID too, they take forever to eat and have to be watched. the times jill eats on camera, she puts away junk food extremely fast like its no problem. i wish shed just maybe touch ONE vegetable

No. 90412

we could have a whole thread dedicated to this girl too, shes so fucking annoying.

ARFID is an extremely common diagnosis with autistic children. But with food therapy, you can work on it and help the kids learn how to eat some vegetables and fruits. eating bland, fat laden food is a sad excuse and calling it an "eating disorder" is a cope

No. 90427

She’s literally just gluttonous, lazy, and immature. So she has to gorge herself into morbid obesity and make her body and face totally unrecognizable because if she doesn’t she… will remember that ONE time almost a decade ago that she went on a crash diet for a couple months? Seriously? And she won’t even stay consistent between whether it’s a serious condition she has that needs medical attention or if it’s just a choice to eat what she wants. Meanwhile if she keeps this up it’s not a personal choice, especially in a country like Canada it’s being a burden on your healthcare system, your society. EMTs often suffer serious injuries from lugging landwhales out their doors when these types of adamant “I refuse to stop living off nuggies and do some cardio” fatties have heart attacks or their feet die and rot off from diabetes later in life as these dietary habits go unchecked for decades. But it’s just their personal choice until they die, huh?
Just make a smoothie and have your mom give you her elliptical, Jill. You have plenty of room for it in your townhouse.

No. 90436

File: 1588205597710.jpg (29.31 KB, 595x175, lol health.JPG)

sage for sperg kind of because yeah dead horse and all that. but kek jill will never reply to direct call outs like this because her M.O. is "uwu i hav a pwoblem but i'm not going to work on bettering myself in any way so i expect you all to just enable my unhealthy coping mechanisms and refusal to even attempt any kind of treatment." imagine thinking "eat a vegetable" was a controversial statement i-

No. 90495

tbh if she has a disorder its binge eating / comfort eating at this point to gain so much weight..

No. 90498

File: 1588280515153.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20200430-145902~2.p…)

She looks exactly like Shay in the second picture. At least she's wearing different shoes even if they are hoochi boots

No. 90510

Why does it look like she shopped her tummy/sides smaller?

No. 90512


why does she keep wearing that wig. it is not flattering at all

No. 90514

Probably because her roots have grown out even for her standards
This whole look is ugly and makes her look even more goblin-like than usual

No. 90518

File: 1588284719684.jpg (570.64 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200430_161050.jpg)

3rd pic found in the comments and jesus how hard is it to find clothes that actually fit

No. 90519

idk what is worse about her face here, the autistic open mouth expression or the fact that by this point her features are drowning in fat
like she's very much obese at this point

No. 90520

File: 1588285592552.jpeg (118.6 KB, 814x718, C4CB43B5-549E-4125-8A6E-899761…)

This isn’t a cute face, Jill.

No. 90521

i'd put a pic of yaniv if his mf face didn't anger me so much

No. 90522

>full-length mirror set up
>takes a pic crouching

No. 90523

Omg that fatface! She’s honestly shocking me more and more. I’d love to see a timeline of her getting fatter and uglier

No. 90524

Those earrings have to be the ugliest fucking things I have ever seen. I know she got them for free from a little shop so she's kind of obligated to like them but still it does absolutely nothing for her, they're so cheap looking.

I was about to say that I prefer the wig to her roots, but the fact that wearing a wig gives her another excuse to not wash her hair for an eternity makes me feel otherwise

Jesus fucking christ she looks forty

No. 90525

File: 1588286240718.png (207.59 KB, 750x1334, 30289238-3837-45F0-990F-387BC1…)

People still pay her entitled self more money. That‘s more than my 30-hour/week job pays me and I don‘t have parents shoveing money up my ass
Also, anon who made the pdf: did you get any legal issues? I did the same for an eceleb and they sued me lmao

No. 90529

File: 1588286768844.png (109.11 KB, 1380x785, Perks.png)

Jesus I cant believe 88 people looked at these perks and thought "yeah I want that" what could POSSIBLY be so fucking interesting in her life that people keep paying for these newsletters? Every single one we've seen has been a tease of some project that she released a full youtube video on anyways. I just feel like what people are paying for is just her normal ass content that you can get otherwise besides the ~totally private uwu~ interactions

No. 90530

God that skirt looks like it’s going to burst off her at any second. Jill please just buy clothes that fit you, just go to the thrift store if you still want to keep up the *~uwu eco-fwiendly~* act. Or even sell/trade your stuff that doesn’t fit on that second hand lazy oaf fb group you mentioned you were a part of

No. 90531

It says 88 remaining, so she has 62 people at that level,

No. 90533

Thank god her cats tail is censoring what could’ve possibly been an upskirt shot, yuck

No. 90534

Oh I'm fucking stupid, thanks for pointing that out. Still, 62 people paying for her "newsletter" every month still feels like a lot.

kek I didn't even notice how perfectly framed that was first time around. Even in >>90498 she's like a fucking centimeter from showing everything

No. 90535

vote for next thread pic jfc

No. 90537

I thought the tinsel was actually attached to the wig then, like it wasn’t childish enough already

No. 90539

Oh so she’s gonna try and pull off the “e-girl fashion” of chains and tall laces heel boots now but make it uwu soft and rainby and try and make herself look like a “bad binch”.

No. 90550

File: 1588299515297.jpeg (839.75 KB, 2449x3265, DFEDBBA0-88FE-472D-A3B8-5DBF30…)

Crappy PicsArt edit of my fav Jill faces

No. 90552

vote for the next thread pic
although you need to add the shitty some of us have eating disorders tweet.

No. 90555

File: 1588304375041.png (4.82 MB, 2449x3265, Don't kinkshame me, Ashley.png)

Not the original anon but

No. 90556

Thank you for making my shitty edit so much better with that tweet I love it looool

No. 90561

Kek. Off topic but what’s this flower called I see not so infrequently? Have been seeing it since I was a child, wtf.

No. 90566

It‘s this 1$ plush flower she bought and uses in her hair as well as several of them as ~ kawaii decor uwu ~.

No. 90603

File: 1588364722036.png (2.65 MB, 750x1334, 7B57641A-4112-4050-98E6-8B43C7…)

steve is almost completely de-pixiefied

No. 90604

Damn he looks like a different person.

No. 90605

File: 1588365291189.jpg (353.79 KB, 1500x1648, 2.jpg)

He's literally wearing this.

No. 90606

hey, I said almost not completely

No. 90607

I'm unsure if I should call this "handsome" because he looks like he works at the gas station, but he looks way better for sure. Only thing is that now he looks like an animecore twitter trans pedo.

No. 90613

I just choked omg. But for real since he started his relationship with Jill there’s no light behind his eyes. I don’t blame him either Jill isn’t easy on the eyes or brain

No. 90619

his eyes are retreating into the back of his head to protect themselves from all the neon pink in pixies cave kek

No. 90621

jesus he looks like joe from you's autistic younger brother

No. 90627

I wonder why he isn’t doing his hair and such, surely they still have access to bleach and due online if not in store?
Steve, are you finally rebelling? You can escape the pink, we believe in you

No. 90630

File: 1588382967932.png (518.26 KB, 540x917, 20200501_202916.png)

his smile and optimism: gone

he looks seriously dead

No. 90632

I imagine if they had access to bleach Jill would have done her roots by now since she's probably bored and she enjoys doing her hair. It looks to me like he re-dyed it brown unless his hair has grown out that much since he last colored bleached it. Either way, wearing a loli shirt as a grown ass man in your 20s is pretty cringe, honestly any adult wearing it s bad. Please Steve- dont. It's not worth it.

No. 90633

>that disgusting rug filled with dust, dirt, cat hair
so rainby and kawiwi

No. 90634

File: 1588385468304.png (1.82 MB, 1252x678, Jurassic-World-Jurassic-Park-4…)

i honestly feel bad posting this but i thought of this immediately

No. 90635

don't google jfashion and find out that most of the people who wear and all the people who make it are over 18, you might have a stroke and shit your beige khakis Karen

No. 90637

just wearing a pastel loli shirt isn't jfashion though, it looks more like "I tried to look cute but I just look like a degenerate pedo" fashion.

No. 90639

damn anon really hurt your fee fees huh

No. 90640

lmao you really thought you did something there, huh.
These shirts are ugly AF and you outed yourself for owning one.

No. 90646

that shirt isn't even kawiwi enough, and it looks like a cheap as fuck aliexpress 3 dollars knockoff, therefore it isn't even j(japanese)fashion lol

No. 90648

File: 1588386712029.jpg (202.48 KB, 514x392, meanwhile.jpg)

His dead face reminded me of the dick flattening meme so I had to do it.

Also, is it me or will Stevie come out as trans/queer/nonbinary at some point? He represses his gay man self so much and dresses in such a shitty manner that it might be possible. Plus then Jillybean would have the excuse of calling herself queer or whatever.

No. 90650

It's an Ocean in Space shirt. It's a pretty big weeb brand in Canada and you pretty much cant go to a con up here without seeing them all over the place. Wouldnt surprise me is Pixie owns every shirt they've put out

No. 90652

big talk coming from a samefag who needs to go on a three post tirade over being called "karen" lmao
you don't have to like it but even just you calling it a "Loli" shirt shows you're just pulling shit out your ass
gb2twitter tumblr refugee

No. 90668

yes newfag, everyone who disagrees with you is the same person. why don't you report us then?

No. 90669

Trans? I don't think so.

Qeer/Nonbinary? Absofuckinglutely. I guaranteed if he even mentioned that he might possibly be even slightly non straight in front of pixie she would either have slipped and mentioned it in a video/on twitter or go full ham and be up his ass about how she thinks he might be queer and to accept himself and come out because it would make her fans shit themselves and she could go on twitter and pull some more "people have eating disorders" queer edition on all of the Ashleys out there

No. 90670

ain't because everyone disagrees but the fact that those three posts were made within minutes and the same style of speech is what gave you away but whatever helps u feel better kek
just say you're sore about someone calling you the dreaded k-slur and go

No. 90671

File: 1588391896607.png (1.07 MB, 700x811, CU29zTmm.png)

lol nah u said dumb shit and people called u out, that's all. besides, we're typing the same way! does that mean i'm… u?

No. 90676

File: 1588396107076.jpg (29.92 KB, 543x543, FB_IMG_1588396063671.jpg)

New old photo uploaded by louise on facebook

No. 90677

File: 1588396350984.jpg (73.67 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1588396298134.jpg)

I'm pretty sure this is another unseen photo. She looks so chunky.

No. 90678

fuck is her mom trolling her. she looks so much better skinny like that. now shes a bloated flushed ass marshmallow.

No. 90680

You know sometimes I think some of the anons are exaggerating her weight gain, but then I see how she used to look before . . . and jesus. She looks like two totally different people. Her mom looks exactly the fucking same though kek

Jeez haven't seen any content of her brother in ages, wonder what the fuck he's up to

No. 90682

>>90680 he has a computer science degree and is working in tech.

No. 90683

He's being an actual human being with a job.
You sound like a confetti cunt with my oh so sacred jfashion shit. I replied to you saying it looks like aliexpress garbage and I typed differently because guesss what faggot anyone can do that anytime.
The "karen" insult does not even deliver anymore, can barely be called that as it comes from tumblr dot com like you probably do. Learn to integrate and stop infighting or gtfo.

No. 90684

God damn, good for him. Jilly's been sitting on her ass and fucking around with "fashion school" while he's got a whole ass career. I mean I'm not surprised he works in tech though he fucking looks like it kek

No. 90686

damn, being called karen and a samefag ain't the end of the world anon, I promise
ain't about "muh sacred jfashion" it's about how weird it is to be in a thread about someone who dresses like a clown and nitpicking some dude over an ocean in space shirt lmao
>learn to stop infighting
the fuck do you think you're doing right now? are you retarded? you you have no room to call anyone else a newfag

No. 90687

yes, welcome to the matrix faggot

No. 90688

nice samefagging my dude

No. 90695

She already gloats on how they're both bisexual and she's so glad to be in a queer relationship.

Also it's really fucking shitty on how she outed him so easily when she her self admitted that his parents were very religious. How could she feel it was okay to parade the fact that their son is bi on her very public social media accounts as if that information wouldn't come back to them.

Sorry for the sperg but this bitch is so self absorbed that she'd be willing to ruin her boyfriend's life just to get ass pats.

No. 90696

no fucking shit you room temperature IQ retard, I don't pretend to be multiple people like you do

No. 90697


Jesus fucking christ I didn't even know about that that means she's outed TWO people just for the sake of clout, you'd think if she actually did give a shit about being a "good member of the lgbt community" she would be more careful about potentially ruining peoples lives.


Can we please shut the fuck up about this now

No. 90698

File: 1588409372260.jpeg (639.14 KB, 828x864, 77CD2705-3348-47C1-8F02-3F9E0F…)

Oh hey look, it’s the time of the year Jill remembers she’s a practicing witch

No. 90699

Of course she's a "practicing witch". Also I hate people like this, who only give a shit about something for like .5 seconds the entire year. Bitch don't pretend you actually give a single fuck about Beltane besides the kawiwiness you shove into it.

No. 90700


lmfao, of course she would be one of those who think het relationships are queer~

No. 90704

How in the flying fuck do you keep a picture like that?!?! Ew Jill…

No. 90708

How do fat uggos like Jill have so much confidence? I don’t even have the confidence to post a picture if there’s a small detail that’s off like my face looking slightly more bloated than normal.

No. 90714

He has the same expression certain pedigree cats that are photographed all day long have. Must be weird being the pet of a kawaii Youtuber who ages a year every month.

No. 90716

She's pull off the anime look a lot better at this weight since she has naturally large features.

No. 90719

but anon she was ~super scawy underweight uwu~ back then, I'm glad she's 'recovered' and at such a healthy weight now lmao

No. 90730

Thank god your sperging ass got banned. Might do you some good.

No. 90742

her eyes and lips looked so much bigger before, She looked pretty cute.(at least compared to now)

No. 90796

File: 1588443867591.jpeg (158.63 KB, 640x757, 6FBA55C2-F558-416B-835C-EA3932…)

jilly you sit in front of a camera & brag about your money & everything you buy with it. i can’t imagine how hard of a job that must be for you

No. 90815

Oh my fucking god get off it your "job" is not hard by any means lmfao

No. 90838

She literally has the soy boy face

No. 90851

File: 1588487653284.jpeg (383.12 KB, 828x658, 28645DF3-F18C-424C-B864-3D1A1F…)

Of fucking course she chalked up her laziness to BPD because of BPD awareness month. Jill just admit you have autism, you are as much a bpd creator as you are a fashion designer, which is not at all

No. 90855

This legitimately pisses me the fuck off. I've never seen a more blatant cry for pity and attention in my life. And it fucking worked, just look at all the "uwu mama pixie its ok!! take all the time you need!" comments sucking her dick and giving her validation. What a slap in the face to people who legitimately have bpd, it's not cute to use your mental health issues as an excuse for literally everything that goes wrong in your life.

No. 90858

She could not be more coddled or catered to, but somehow putting on makeup and turning on expensive lights in her house that has been completely customized to her taste and is paid for by her parents and equally autistic cult to make the most low effort possible videos about literally whatever she wants is like, so hard she breaks down crying.

She's lucky her fans are sheltered and delusional af. If she was being kept afloat by more well adjusted people, it would be hilarious to see them jump ship considering the current state of the world and how little she contributes anything meaningful or entertaining.

No. 90860

I'm >>90858 but also:
Massive tinfoil, but is this a tantrum in reaction to Steebie having a normal hair color/rejecting her forced aesthetic/something else equally petty? Like that's probably the only other person she really interacts with this point and he has little to no excuses to run away to do errands or have an opposite sleep schedule to avoid her. She would never cop to having relationship issues or having unreasonable expectations that drive "partners" to insanity, especially while trapped inside the same ~too messy for social media~ rainbow nightmare house during a pandemic.

No. 90862

File: 1588501836966.jpeg (704.18 KB, 828x1172, 688A1F27-D44B-4F9B-9F0D-C56072…)

Anon you may have a point, I found this reply thread hilarious because not only did Steve just not respond, but he didn’t even like the post lmao. He’s fucking done with her shit

No. 90864

File: 1588502888029.jpeg (615.33 KB, 828x1311, B4610312-815F-40F6-A2C1-582B13…)

Sage because I know this is kind of old but Steve tried to come for Ashley’s “stop being a picky eater” tweet only to get put in his place, the best part is Steve kept sperging trying to get the last word in, the reply thread is kinda lolworthy but here is a snippet of it

No. 90865

ever since her uwu BPD diagnosis, she's been a total cunt and so damn aggressive. Her true colours are fully showing now

No. 90866

The madness comin' thru in that Tweet, what the fuck is "bake this OP into a cake and explode it" supposed to mean?

No. 90867

Is only eating tendies and peeps a "psychologically approved method of challenging eating disorders"???

No. 90869

I've never seen someone bitch so hard about their mental illness and do absolutely nothing. Did she ever say if she was taking meds or doing regular actual therapy? This isn't tumblr, sitting in a bath bomb and deciding you'd rather be fat from tendie feel good binges isn't going to help you. This is all leading to her claiming she's too mentally ill for a real job and getting disability or publicly justifying her mother taking care of her financially.

No. 90870

She's been on the same meds for almost a decade. They clearly aren't doing anything for her. She only ever saw a therapist when she was dealing with her ED, and she didn't like her because her therapist dared to suggest that Jillybean was using lolita and anime as coping mechanisms and escapism. She hasn't seen a therapist since.

No. 90872

Exactly. People with normal lives face emotional hardship and breakdowns in the middle of work too, but the difference is they have to learn to calm down and keep working. So much of Jill’s supposed BPD can be chalked up to her never HAVING to calm herself down, refocus, and act like an adult. She has the sheer privilege to let momentary feelings take center stage, as long as she lets herself spiral and act dramatic enough to excuse it as muh mental illness and therefore, in her mind, not a personal failing.
Same with her junk food habits that she eagerly describes as an ED for no legitimate reason. It’s a way for her spoiled ass to feel unique and above criticism and it comes easily to her because she’s never seriously faced the alternative, which is a normal adult life of shutting up and getting over yourself.
The experiences of less spoiled people make them stronger, calmer, more resilient. She has paper skin and a glass heart because she gets to live in her little rainby magic animu arts and crafts school world with almost zero pressure.

No. 90876

Im assuming that how one of the precure fights goes. Still a "wish physical harm on someone with a different opinion" regardless of how uguu kawaii she's trying to put it

No. 90878

He also liked this person's tweet calling Pixie's responses "questionable" but then unliked it the next day. It's too bad I didn't screenshot it.

No. 90892

I'm so sick of her blamming laziness on the BPD. I got it, it's thankfully managed with therapy and some meds. I know how it feels to be on the depressive slide and not wanna do anything. But you're a fucking adult Jill who has responsibilities and you just have to do it. But no because your mommy shoves money down your throat and cant even sit in front of a camera to make some money from them ads. You can put out a shit video and your confetti cunts will still watch it.

Sorry for the sperg.

No. 90897

She's such a spoiled cunt jfc.
Even by youtuber standards she puts such little effort into her work.
Most professional content creators I know actually see it as a full time job and spend 8 hours a day editing or streaming 6 days a week, those are the ones who actually care about putting out content on a consistent schedule.
Jill doesn't even have to do the editing part because she has a slave to do it for her, nor does she ever do anything exciting or challenging, she always just sits on her ass and talks about shitty cartoons or shows of her possessions.
Just look at her animal crossing video, I think most people would feel blessed if they'd get paid to lazily play a game without any preparation or doing any research.

No. 90905

wtf is up with people and not cleaning their floors before taking “exposing my gross body for attention” photos? why is her floor covered in lint and loose strings? does she want her cats to eat something they’re not supposed to?

No. 90907


>Just look at her animal crossing video

speaking of which, where is the second part? I want to know how little she did since last time lol

No. 90908

I know for a fact it’s not impossible to get supplies to dye your hair, even with everything going on. she’s just being lazy at this point. it’s obviously too much effort for her to send steve to find supplies or god forbid lift a damn finger to point at what she wants so steve can place an order online.

No. 90918

she got bleach from a friend, she had bleached roots in her live stream this morning

No. 90919

Did anyone record the live? I'd love to see.

No. 90920

did steeewie escape the bleaching?

No. 90924

God damn that therapist was on point. Of course she didn't listen to her lmao

Oh my god that's so fucking funny. I wonder if he originally disagreed with her but they talked about it irl, and then she basically bullied him into agreeing with her. Tinfoil but think about it, if she threw a bunch of "that's ableists" at him then he'd feel like an absolute dick and agree with her publicly to make himself feel better.

No. 90925

File: 1588536874497.png (478.13 KB, 752x2311, muh disorder.png)

I was curious so I went to the thread. Jesus Steve is acting like such a massive dick to this dude even though he was civil with Steve even though he was taking his words out of content and shoving shit in his mouth he didn't say lmao he's so fucking vindictive on behalf of Pixie it's hilarious.

Also it includes the tweet >>90878 mentioned but in all fairness he does suck Steve's dick for a few seconds so he was probably liking that part and then realized oh fuck Pixie won't like this. Sage because this shit is a bit old but I cannot fucking get over it this whole crying fest over this one tweet was fucking hilarious. Imagine being THIS upset over someone telling you to stop being a picky cunt, and then you prove her point by being a cunt.

No. 90926

File: 1588537224851.png (866.52 KB, 750x901, nice.png)


>I'm watching kira kira with my partner!!! fun times!!

>So Jill was watching precure and I shut it off

oh my fucking god he really is 1000% done with her bullshit lmao I could not imagine having to listen to this shit all day in the background though I'd lose my fucking mind

No. 90927

Of course Steve is faggy enough to use clapping emojis
The original tweet wasn't about EDs, and I'm almost positive the reason Jillian and Steve are so burnt over it is because it hits way too close to home and any suggestion not even aimed at them to try and be better might as well be a personal attack. I'm sure Jill saw the same in Wendy getting help for her issues and that's why they're no longer friends. Jill only wants to be enabled.

I think that could be part of it, plus I don't doubt she lurks and maybe seeing just how fat she's gotten and seeing people comment on it and zoom in on her Soylent grin drowning in blubber has really hit a nerve combined with whatever else (like not being able to get her fix of rainby shit in the mail due to the virus' effect on postal services)

No. 90930

File: 1588538940475.jpeg (694.87 KB, 750x1191, 8AEBE97A-BBAE-4EB4-9AC4-BB6A76…)

I often wonder what would’ve become of Jill were it not for Steve stepping in and holding her hand through everything. She would have no emotional support, editor, sex toy, or personal enabler. She was quick to lock him down as soon as she moved out. Remember that leaked Patreon video of her crying with a messy bun and saying she wanted to die while smiling?

Side note: Anyone keep up with Maggie? That’s her to the left. She seems to be thriving and she no longer skin-walking Jill. Good.

No. 90931


damn, maggie and jill really switched their weights lol. She looks cute here but why does she have to travel now? Girl better stays at home …

No. 90932

File: 1588539654769.jpeg (377.39 KB, 750x927, BE39BB3E-6E1F-4457-B500-EBA4F4…)

>Implying she actually does anything, let alone do more than skilled older women who’ve been doing it for decades

No. 90935

This feels so fake. How many elderly women are spending hundreds on a hobby they've never tried before?

No. 90937


sage for blogpost, but i'm on so many facebook sewing and craft pages where old women will ask for recommendations for expensive machines, buy them, and then list them on the marketplace after trying to use them for a few days and failing because they're impatient, or the machine has a learning curve that's too steep, or even just because they cant use it with their stiff old lady hands.

it absolutely does happen and as much as i hate to say it i kinda gotta agree with jill, thank god for the grannies who do this shit. my own grandma's love of impulse purchases won me an adjustable dressmakers mannequin and a serger, lol.

No. 90942

the other girl in the picture is jill's old "spooky" roommate that stayed in the basement of her town home. She moved out and unfollowed all of Jillians accounts. These two, and Wendy and Jenny considered themselves their own unit without Jillian for a while.
Maggie and her are still friends with Wendy, but have both unfollowed Jenny, who was on Jill's side.

No. 90946

I was wondering if this was Georgina! I can kinda tell because she never liked the online clout. She’s always had a very small Instagram account and hardly has followers or follows anyone. I remember Jill treated Georgina the worst. The Christmas video where she literally only gave Georgina a recycled gift she didn’t like and called her “spooky.” I also remember her unfollowing Jill everywhere.

It’s interesting how Jill and Maggie were besties and allegedly Jill had feelings for Maggie (lmao), but Maggie, Georgina, Wendy, and Jenny formed their own squad. Then Maggie and Wendy would call each other “wifey.” Now Jenny is also not in the picture? Oh to be a fly on the wall to hear the shit they all talk on each other.

Which reminds me.. what on earth happened to Kenzie?

No. 90951

File: 1588546501780.jpg (408.3 KB, 835x578, pixie.jpg)

I know we have the gift of hindsight now, but I think she looked her best around the first Japan trip in 2017. During her lolita-anachan phase her features looked way too big for her face, and now her face is too big for her features. Actually, her everything is too big and her clothes are so, so small.

She just needs to hit a comfortable middle ground between photoshop-skelly and whatever the fuck is going on now. Maybe she was an acceptable weight because living at home meant she was in the general vicinity of at least one vegetable a day. There's no way she would have been eating them, but maybe she could just like… inhale some nutrients? Vitamins? Minerals? You know, the things chickie tendies don't have.

No. 90956

File: 1588547936127.png (629.04 KB, 588x594, Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 6.19…)


this was my fav era of hers

No. 90962

Same. She had already done downhill so much by the time she went to Japan.

No. 90965

Maybe my vision is skewed because of what she looks like now, but she legitimately looks pretty damn cute in this picture. Normal blonde works so much better than any other hair color she's ever had hands down. I wish she would just ditch the greasy rainby shit and pick ONE color for her hair. I still believe any natural color would look better than artificial ones but still one color would be leagues better then the rainbow hair she's been trying to do because she's so bad at keeping up with it.

Especially the rainbow eyebrows she does. Sorry for sperg but jesus fucking christ I have an irrational hatred for her stupid fucking rainbow eyebrows. It just looks so bad no matter how she tries and does them I don't understand how she thinks it looks good.

No. 90966

yeah your vision is 'skewed' because she's still ugly and fat in that pic

No. 90967

She's not fat in the blonde pic.

No. 90969

Ugly? debatable. Fat? She's at a completely normal weight in that pic dude.

No. 90973

go bonerattle in the pro ana thread ffs

No. 90976

>>90931 this is an old pic. she went to japan a while ago.

No. 90979

If that post about Jill fucking Tracey’s crush on New Year’s Eve is legitimate then Kenzie probably cut Jill out at the same time the rest of that friend group did.

I was rooting for Jill to improve for a while but I honestly think this diagnosis is the worst thing that could've happened for her since in her eyes it’s a get out of jail free card instead of a chance to actually identify and work on her unhealthy behaviours.
It’s only downhill from here, but it’s entertaining to watch her uwu rainby facade break down as she becomes more and more of an asshole on twitter now that she has an excuse.

No. 90980

lmao you can literally order bleach and developer on amazon. it's just jill being lazier than usual. also his hair is literally two inches long so i'm pretty sure he just grew it back? sage for sperg

No. 90981

File: 1588558812417.jpg (1.07 MB, 3264x2009, old v new.jpg)

she was so much more self-aware before. also i feel like she didn't look or act autistic until relatively recently. just look at her IG. 2017 jill was a completely different person. it's a devolution lol

No. 90990

File: 1588560951991.jpeg (221.89 KB, 638x1095, D9AF6D8C-45B8-474A-B541-038ABC…)

Kek, I forgot Kenzie was part of that cosplay friend group. They probably also argued once Jill dropped her from her cosplay dance crew after this shitshow. I also think Jill used her diagnosis as a scapegoat because she’s a shitty friend, seeing as how she can’t hold on to one friendship.

No. 90991

Chicken tendies are one hell of a drug

No. 90992

Kenzie wasn’t entirely dropped by Jill post Tracy/Jill fall out. I swear she brought up Kenzie in one of her tattoo vlogs, I’m pretty sure it was self harm scars cover up on her upper leg. Because the next tat she got was the clow card one and at that point she was dating Steve (and was public about it) so she had no need for Kenzie

No. 90993

Samefagging, but I just realised her magical girl cover up one was before the 2017 NYE incident, but I fucking swear on my life Kenzie was brought up after this incident

No. 90995


she was so calm and normal in her old videos compared to now

No. 90996

She mentions Kenzie at around 10 minutes, so they were still friends post Jill/Tracey fallout

No. 90997

Real talk. I miss her old intro. It was genuinely cute and charming and for some reason she felt the need to change it to some garbage sparkly photoshop mess. Maybe I'm just biased because I used to be a fan around this era kek but literally shit went down hill as soon as she changed her intro that was the first sign.

No screeching? No uwu baby talk? I don't think this is Jill this has to be a different person.

No. 91019

Kenzie isn't a good friend to her either. I met her at a convention once and she immediately started bragging about how she knew Jill and telling me personal stories about her, including ones where she was wasted and puked everywhere during con parties

I think she just likes the idea of being friends with people she considers famous. I've seen her orbit around ALB for hours

No. 91020

God damn, she was actually tolerable then - both in style and in personality. She should have stayed at this weight, too. Though I am sure much of her uncanny valley too-big features from her barely underweight spoop days was just heinous photoshopping, she has (had?) big eyes and a cute smile when she isn't pulling that goblin grimace. Now all her features are swamped by the weight gain. Truly tragic. Love yourself, Jill, jeeze.

No. 91035

Jill is that old lady tf
She was also just a kid in her skinny days, so it's hard to judge if her face would still look like that if she were at a lower weight today. Aesthetic preferences aside, she really needs to get her fat gain under control because she's fucking her health and soon she won't be able to go back without loose skin, etc. It'd probably help her other mental health issues (whatever those may be…) if she stuck to a routine and ate better and got some exercise in.

No. 91040

>implying she couldn't wipe her ass with 10 dollar bills and still be able to buy those thing full price

No. 91042

"Be nice to everyone and spwead positivity and wainbows uwu" but "FUCK YOU IF U CHALLENGE MY OPINIONS!!1!"

God, she is the absolute worst kind of fake.

No. 91043

File: 1588608853957.png (1.2 MB, 1066x962, Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 12.1…)

Just look at how much better she looked with her natural hair…..

No. 91044


christ. this is what i imagine i will see before death.

No. 91045

I legit didnt know who this was for a second, i was about to tell anon to sage their random selfies before i realized it was jill

No. 91048

She looks a lot like her mother here

No. 91050

I feel u anon, i also enjoyed the old into

No. 91051

She looks like she's about to yell at a minimum wage worker and ask to speak to their manager.

No. 91053

But then she wouldn't had been ☆special and kawiwi☆ anon lol
Jesus she has such an unfortunate peasant face but at least I see that girl wearing something cuter like cottagecore or soft clothes. A nicer haircut and a smile would had made her look 100 times better than today. But then again appareance is not everything, she's still a spoiled self centered hypocrite calf.
She's so insufferable and thinks she gets a pass, acts like a little shit and then acts like the victim.

No. 91055


In my honest opinion, this s the best she has looked.
Normal brown eyebrows
Average weight
Cute genuine smile
Normal cool makeup
Straight brown hair with a good haircut (shorter, less wide bangs look good on her)

Jill it isn't too late to incorporate some of this in your life. You can be a kawaii egirl and look so much better. Please ditch the rainbow hair and get clothes that fit. Nobody cares where you shop them from. Your personality will still stink but at least you wont look retarded.

No. 91056

File: 1588615061313.png (306.26 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20200504-125707.png)

Throwback to when she was still passionate about something

No. 91058

She could do this look again and it would still be kawaii but look a million times better

No. 91059

File: 1588615799456.png (485.95 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20200504-130737.png)

Always spergy

No. 91060

File: 1588615907543.png (478.47 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20200504-130952.png)

She could do a look like this now snd even though she's wearing a costume in this pic, whatever she wears now looks horrendous compared to it

No. 91069

Her natural hair color is so nice? And isn't dark natural hair super trendy now?

>You can be a kawaii egirl
Yeah, no she isn't cool enough for that. She's too far gone into the austic weeb deep end. It's too bad she can't fit into lolita anymore. That kind of shamelessly girly and femme style could really suit her if she was ever able to learn to coord.

No. 91076

I mean, it's theatre practice from the looks at it. Everyone is crazy in theatre especially in high school. In fact it's probably one of the better outlets for some one who is… a lot. I wish she still had an outlet like this that forced her out of her echo chamber. She would probably love making costumes for productions and being on stage again. And as an adult, hopefully she would have a better experience since ideally everyone else has less hormones rampaging their no-longer teenage brains so they could deal with her emotional/social shrotcomings more maturely. Though she would have to figure it out and learn how to be more professional around others who won't ass pat all the time.

No. 91079

Honestly even though it's a costume it gives me heavy cottagecore vibes and that shit is IN right now. With a few tweaks this could be like legitimately cute to wear on a normal day. Even if you hate the aesthetic, you gotta admit it's better than what we've got now.

I'm genuinely surprised at how healthy looking her virgin hair is, and the color is really cute and fits her so much better than the rainby shit. Especially in this >>91055 her hair looked so much better.

Sidenote but one of the comments mentioned that she seemed happier before all of the youtube shit happened, and I have to agree.

>That kind of shamelessly girly and femme style could really suit her if she was ever able to learn to coord.

Well come on now. We all know she'll never learn how to coord lmao.

No. 91082

If she never did try her youtube shenanigans she might had just been an awkward theater kid who actually pursued music (something she is good and passionate about) while dressing maybe alternative but not like a clown who wants attention on purpose

I think that Jill might had wanted to get better instead of being coddled by a tween audience and having escapism fantasies over children cartoons

This is just sad to think about

No. 91091

File: 1588637549882.jpeg (698.26 KB, 1124x1910, 1E624460-3991-4DAB-AC4E-0B612E…)

No. 91096

Listen i am no one to judge fashion choices, in fact i encourage anyone to wear whatever they want because who gives a fuck…but why is she wearing a peignoir over a sweater???

Maybe, basing this off the caption, she wanted to show off her uwu thrifted items and show how much of a totally sustainable "queen" she is. Which, to me, makes this outfit even dumber.

No. 91098

I love how this happened right after we were all sperging about how her natural hair is so much better lmao. Also Jill's idea of "thrifting" is just a secondhand store. Maybe I'm gatekeeping but to me thrifting is you go to an actual thrift store and wade through lots of shit until you find some gems, but Jill's thrifted pieces are all "I went to a special curated secondhand store in Japan" but maybe I'm being a nitpicking bitch

No. 91104

I do think there's a difference between going to a thrift shop and a curated secondhand/vintage boutique. I'm not sure it's too important in this case, especially if we're talking about shopping in Japan (it'd be pretty hardcore to do serious thrifting on vacation in another country, although I'd have respect for someone who did).

On the other hand, passing yourself off as some boho thrifting kween when you actually paid serious cash at a vintage boutique is definitely bullshit in my view. It's how you present it that matters, I guess.

No. 91107

>It's how you present it that matters, I guess.

Yeah you're totally right, I think this is what bothered me so much about it, like not the exact terminology but the fact that she acts like this "super sustainable thrifting kween!!!" when she only swore off fast fashion like what a month or two ago and all of her thrifted pieces were probably like $50 at LEAST but she pretends like she's just "one of the gals" who thrifts as a hobby or to save money. I genuinely feel like the only reason she gives a shit about sustainable fashion is because it's super trendy right now. When her fans were calling her out for supporting dolls kill and other fast fashion brands she never gave a shit until it was trendy to give a shit.

No. 91109

File: 1588645244846.jpeg (270.21 KB, 750x882, 047BE19A-60F3-42D3-8C7C-D40904…)

I just don't understand why she always has to make that weird duck face! It's literally duck lips!

No. 91124


sage for nitpick? but yes hot damn that face is the most unflattering shit i've ever seen. Also I wish she would do thinner eyeliner. The liner makes her look like even more of a hot mess than usual.

No. 91142

lol she made it private??

No. 91143

that was a present from a cosplay photographer to jill. it's not a cheap t shirt, i remember the video where she talk about it, she faked liking it.

No. 91144

Care to link the video where she talked about it?

No. 91154

It's really unflattering, not a cute look at all.

I know it's a huge nitpick but her eyeliner really bothers me for some reason. I find it way to big for her and her style, plus that she isn't good at putting it on.
It's like everything else with her, it's just too much.

No. 91180

I can still see it.

No. 91181

Steve is trash just like Pixie. Calling someone out when their tweet wasnt even directed at you is sucha dick move and he honestly comes off as a child for doing this. Trash begets trash

No. 91198

why doesn’t pixie just jump on the tacky earring trend? she could make an entire video turning all her anime key chains into earrings and her fans would eat that shit up

No. 91203

File: 1588710579817.jpg (348.9 KB, 720x1154, 20200505_212911.jpg)

Theres a few entries into Jill's tattoo contest. Most are trash and look like theyve been done by small children.

No. 91206

There were entries like literally hours after she posted that video, which honestly I'm kind of impressed. I felt bad shitting on them because it's obvious most of them were made by literal children, like I checked out some of their profiles and it's not just the fact that they had a childish art style but they were literally like 12-15 from what I could see. I'm curious to see what her older fans come up with though, I want to see if there's anything that's like legitimately good.

No. 91209

a lot of these designs are from genuine tards too. Can’t wait for jill to try and decide between getting one of these disasters tattooed or risk a PR nightmare by announcing she didn’t like any of the designs and won’t be getting a special confetti club tattoo kek

No. 91212

File: 1588716667712.jpg (690.26 KB, 1076x1514, Screenshot_20200505-170927_Twi…)

I wonder how Jill feels to see this girl that looks almost exactly like her but better lol

No. 91217

Looks like a skinwalker but better in some ways, namely the not drowning in fat part
….is this Ellie bean person British? Just curious, and definitely not at all cued in by those fucking teeth

No. 91218

File: 1588718701341.jpeg (90.55 KB, 631x540, 83AE72A9-63D6-462F-862E-F11CEA…)

Ellie is British yeah, she does have less than perfect teeth and some sort of speech impediment but not nearly as bad as some of the other British Jill skin walkers (pic related)

No. 91220


Fucking hell.. braces aren't free in England??

No. 91222

>>91220 they are but only under certain circumstances. idk if she would have qualified.

No. 91223

The fact that she has a speech impediment and is still more tolerable to listen to than Jill is really telling.

I will always hate that color of pink and the rainbow bangs, but her makeup is LEAGUES better than Jill's. It's subtle and even though I hate that color of pink she at least fucking knows how to match it to her hair. If the color was literally anything else I would think it was legitimately cute.

If she is a skinwalker, Jill should be embarrassed that some chick with teeth this fucked up still looks better than her kek

No. 91225

File: 1588719280908.png (540.21 KB, 916x670, Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 23.54…)

"really schoopid hair decisions"

No. 91229

File: 1588719622390.jpg (435.04 KB, 1281x776, r a i n b y.jpg)

She literally admits in her video that she's joining the rainbow Pixie gang kek. I was wondering if she really was a skinwalker or if it was just "a huge coincidence" but at least she's fucking owning up to it. I've never heard of those other two chicks before but I can just fucking tell they're cows too.

No. 91233

Her teeth are actually worse than the pic, they are really yellow. I think her teeth are probably too bad for braces, I’d feel bad for her but I’m pretty sure she’s a munchie like the majority of Jills fans.

No. 91234

Holy fucking shit in this video she says that she's doing a fashion course. This is a literal Jill clone. Sorry for sperging on this bitch so much but this is the most on the nose skinwalker I've ever seen.

No. 91238

She also goes to a nobody college that does uni courses from what I gather, and her skill is probably on par with jills, not as much of a cow though because she does seem like a pretty nice girl

No. 91240

they’re free on the NHS if you qualify- and she absolutely would. speaking from experience your teeth only have to be a millimetre out of line to get you free braces, but with teeth like hers it would cover several teeth extractions to fix the overcrowding and then the actual braces and retainers as well. she’d be sent to the closest specialist by the looks of how fucked her mouth is tbh. unfortunately teeth whitening would be cosmetic so she’d be paying for that out of pocket. sage because it’s completely irrelevant kek

No. 91242

who is this?

No. 91243

Queen Jellybeany on yt

No. 91244

I thought the anon I replied to said that was someone different, not ellie/jellybeany

No. 91245

Nah this isn’t Ellie, her YouTube handle is Jessica Juniper and itsthatjess on insta

No. 91246

These are Juniper

These are Ellie.

Only saying this because I was fucking confused too kek. They look really similar in certain clothes.

No. 91249

File: 1588723753512.png (391.2 KB, 522x560, Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 8.08…)

holy shit. That is the worst mangle mouth I have ever seen

No. 91254

File: 1588724392080.jpg (34.43 KB, 600x678, f36.jpg)

Holy shit, kill it with fire.

No. 91256

Jesus christ I feel legitimately bad for her. That looks incredibly painful…

No. 91259

damn, he finally has that same thousand yard stare colin had in all the videos right before he broke up with jill

No. 91262

holy fuck i honestly feel so bad for her. i can only imagine what that bite is doing to her poor mouth and gums. but like why wouldn't you do anything about it?? would be right on the top of my fucking list. seems like it would be affecting her a lot.

No. 91264

Fuck dude I don't even think you can fix that at this point. I'd legit get them all ripped out and get dentures lmao like I cant even imagine how much painful reconstruction you would have to go through to fix that abomination. I feel bad for her.

No. 91265

Listening to her speak is upsetting, it’s like she’s trying to hold marbles in her mouth while she talks. I’ve known some people who’ve had visibility rotting teeth like her and you always end up wondering why they never seem bothered or that they never try to get it fixed. Some light discolouration or staining on your teeth is completely natural, but if they’re dark orange and impacting your speech maybe they need to be pulled…

No. 91266

I think that’s why I have a problem with her specifically, you’ve got this massive issue which needs addressing but she still buys plastic shit and cheap fast fashion.

No. 91267

Yeah the only option here is dentures or a full mouth of implants. Dentures would be way cheaper. How can anybody live like this? And on top of all that, have a youtube channel where you broadcast your face. Why would you not fix this? It's genuinely hard to look at and looks extremely painful.

No. 91269

Can we shut up about the skin walker already? Here to read about Jill not the manglemouth.

No. 91278

Jill isn't even doing anything milky right now. I'd understand if the skinwalkers were disrupting some legitimate shit but nothing has been going on with Jill anyways but these chicks are fresh content since Jill shilled out the one girls giveaway.

No. 91293

File: 1588739561643.png (450.28 KB, 540x835, 20200505_191857.png)

Don't forget cheeky sparkles too. Shes also pretty obnoxious. I have seen her interacting online with a friend of a friend and that shit reeked of attention whoring.

Is the confetticunt thread dead? If so we should maybe make a Jill skinwalking thread?

No. 91294

In defense of Ellie, she's actually a pretty decent artist and works really hard on her brand (its called dipstick i think) and her giveaway is meant to spread positivity in quarantine. sad to a see a skinwalker doing things that these threads have been encouraging jill to do for years tbh

No. 91296

Oh fuck I forgot we even had a confetticunt thread. Last I looked at it which was like a year ago there was only one bitch that was semi interesting and the milk was very dry. I would be down for a skinwalking thread though god that'd be spicy.

Even though I've shit on her a bit I do genuinely think she's like a better version of Jill lmao like she does still seem kind of obnoxious but at least she doesn't come off as an outright cunt like Jill does sometimes. I'd rather someone be obnoxious than be obnoxious and a bitch.

No. 91301

I found the link to her shop, it's not like officially launched but yeah it's called dipstick. Some of the stuff is only slightly less tacky than the shit Jill has been sewing but some of the stuff I think is legitimately cute. Regardless of if you think all of it is shit you gotta give props where it's due at least she's actually maintaining her brand while Jill made like what two pins and then her "shop" dropped off the face of the Earth.


No. 91326

yeah the confetticunt thread has been almost dead for a while now. >>>/w/28809
i'd be very interested in a skinwalker thread though. the list is looooong.

No. 91338

I would recommend The Stirchess because unlike Jill she actually tries to be conscious with her consumption and really creates gartments. Is inspiring to watch someone that get things done.

No. 91359

Any rundowns? We might have a thread idea going
So far we have Cheeky, Ellie, and Juniper. I know I have seen a couple more calfs that skinwalk Jill on instagram and youtube. And even though they might just be very obnoxious and not as milky, skinwalking someone is very creepy and… just yikes.

No. 91367

File: 1588758732783.jpeg (164.03 KB, 828x920, B81ECA72-D7D7-4A55-8C3A-3EB26D…)

For Brit skin walkers they have a whole group, pastel Ophelia is one (she is the girl who met Jill when she went for the sims event in london)

No. 91374

File: 1588759502414.png (411.07 KB, 828x920, oh god.png)

She looks like a fucking corpse

No. 91439

It's so annoying that Jill hasn't bothered with something like this even just for a lookbook or something because the clothes are just pre-made (probably thrifted) and altered slightly with patches, buttons, embellishments etc.
You only need very basic sewing skills to do something like that and it isn't very expensive or time-consuming compared to sewing a garment from scratch so there's nothing stopping her. The last time I can remember her doing something similar is when she put those ribbons on her pink denim jacket for the 6% Dokidoki show and that was just her plan B after she said she'd make a top from scratch as well as the fluffy skirt.
For someone who wuvs sewing and fashion uwu so much, Jill is the laziest bitch ever.

No. 91491

sage for rambling but this actually really upsets me. On top of being painful as fuck, teeth this severe must impact her confidence hugely. My God I hope she is able to do something about them, her parents should have helped get them sorted when she was younger.

No. 91498

Christ why do all British women look like….this
Also iirc synthpop circus gave up skinwalking/the kawaii aesthetic?

No. 91540

i look at this and then
has she shooped herself thinner or am I just imagining it

No. 91546

File: 1588801333220.png (1.22 MB, 976x755, why the fuck you lyin.png)

Since several anons have said the same thing, I made a side by side. Yeah she definitely shooped her waist, and her face because she looks a lot thinner there too. I don't know if it's posing or shop but she did something to take that big crease in her midsection away too.

What was that she was saying about never ever photoshoping herself ever again because she doesn't care about her weight and loves herself no matter what? I must have imagined that . . .

No. 91559

There is no problem with her weight since she‘s not obese and probably not suffering any serious problem. She‘s chubby. Why the need to photoshop, really?

No. 91561

lol she's not chubby, she's a fucking hamplanet. god bless burgerfags

No. 91564

Why is it she can’t figure out how to wear a wig properly?

No. 91571

She was chubby like 4 days ago but that nuggie diet does wonders!

No. 91575

>she’s not obese
On what planet? She may have been just overweight several months ago but she is absolutely obese now.

No. 91582

All of these girls could be posted in the uk wannabe thread and katystraub is already being posted there. We don't really need a new thread for them. I was mutuals with a few of these girls and their mindless consumerism/daily hauls is what turned me off of the "kawaii community". They're all vapid and have massive shopping addictions, just like our queen pixielocks

No. 91585

out of curiosity are there any halfway decent "kawaii creators" out there at this point?

No. 91593

looks like she did something weird to her outer thigh too… why's it shaded so strangely?

No. 91594

slight wobble in those drawers. wouldn't be too noticeable were it not for them being perfectly straight in the unedited pic.

why even bother

No. 91595

As someone mentioned earlier, The Stitchess seems pretty good but god she just radiates "I must tell everyone they are ableist/racist/homophobic even though I'm an able bodied straight white woman" energy just like Jill does. I honestly think the whole community is just full of shit, there's other communities that have like ~cute aesthetics~ but aren't fucking unbearable, like the sewing and thrifting community on youtube is pretty solid.

samefag but I thought so too, it's like weirdly blurry and dark too. I don't know what the fuck she did to it though because it looks exactly the same as it does in the non shopped photo besides the weird dent. What the hell was she going for.

No. 91616

it looks like she was trying to make it look like she has a huge ass?

Just looking at the two pictures side by side is a little hilarious and sad since the one on the left looks like one of those Photoshop collages where they over do the color correction/saturation to make it look "real"

No. 91626

the stitchess is good friends with cheeky sparkles, the other skinwalker. she also is very new wave feminist and makes shitty "zines" and sells her tumblr feminist circa 2012 art overpriced on etsy

No. 91645

Let's just say every other "kawaii" content creator is either a sjw cunt that acts very self righteous and cancels people over opression points or they're just extremely stupid and cringey.
For some reason, the pastel and kawaii community is full of these kinds of retards, and police others to be as accepting as they seem to be. It's weird, years ago this wasn't the case, nobody preached on what's right or wrong, people just made cute stuff while wearing cute stuff and that's it. I guess tumblr ruined it all.

No. 91648

>it looks like she was trying to make it look like she has a huge ass?

In her older videos she ALWAYS used to talk about her ass and hips being too big like she had a massive donk or something, so it wouldn't surprise me if she did photoshop it to be bigger.

No. 91650

I don't understand how a community where the only basis on being in that community is that you like cute pastel shit attracts all these fucking tards. You'd think everyone would be chill since the only thing they're consuming is ~uwu soft aesthetics~ but everyone acts like they're kicked up on adderall 24/7.

Oh get off it Jill. The only reason you have fat fucking thighs is because of the nuggs.

No. 91666

Milkii Princess is pretty cute, and it seems like she got her shit together unlike our dear jellybean

No. 91681

File: 1588868277284.jpeg (280.71 KB, 736x1123, CEB4D4CF-C88C-4734-89B1-AF48EF…)

Idk if anyone would find her annoying or not but I really like @crayo.lina - she’s smaller but I think she actually pulls off the kawaii/cutesy style pretty well and as ridiculous as the fashion is I think she matches things pretty well?? Idk she really doesn’t have any milky shit going on either from what I can tell. Also sorry I’m new idk it this has to be saged or not

No. 91682

Jill has forever ruined this hair color. I feel it would take a special someone to pull it off, but god, it's bad on everyone I see.

No. 91683

I'm a dumb ass and put sage in the name field.

No. 91684

It really doesn’t matter whose into the super colorful side of kawaii fashion. They all look tacky af cause everything is so fucking loud

No. 91694

this isn’t really any better than anything jill wears, down to the out of place amy winehouse eyeliner

No. 91705

It really annoys me how so many girls have the rainbow bangs and bright pink color, it looks so weird on every single person because it is obnoxious and too loud
And yet Jill is the """""original""""" (she copied it from a Japanese girl, forgot her name) and she's the one who looks the worst?
Tinfoil but, maybe Jill still has these shitty hair colors because so many girls have them, but she's the only one who is recognized by this trait? Like if she got off that ride, she would lose her charm or something, since so many people congratulate on her hair

Exactly because the community's only standar is to wear cute shit (unlike some actual jfashion that has rules, but that's also debatable) people confuse how easy it is to join with openess/acceptance, so you see a bunch of people saying "trans rights" and fakebois or whatever. Plus a lot of people who join are teens, they can't truly think for themselves yet, they just do as told. Like Jill's entire fanbase, they see nothing wrong with her and just support her blindly.
Not to mention that most kawaii people are hypocrites who change their opinion to be accepted.

She still looks bad but way less autistic than Jill.

No. 91710

File: 1588879862335.png (248.93 KB, 472x416, Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 2.30…)

do you mean the stark line? I don't even know how she would have missed it…

No. 91711

File: 1588881757308.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1320, what.png)

I'm assuming that anon was talking about whatever is going on here, but yeah I noticed that line too. I've sperged about this before but again I hate how she's trying to be ~uwu bodi posi I never photoshop anything~ but you'd have to be fucking blind to not notice her "photoshop" job, if you can even call it that because it's so botched kek

samefag but, same. I have an irrational hatred for that fucking hair color I have not seen ONE girl that it looks good on. Honestly, the best rainbow bangs (and I use best very very loosely) were when Jill first did hers and they were blond in the back and rainbow in the front. That looked pretty damn decent honestly and it's probably because she actually got them professionally done and didn't do it herself.

Maybe I'm outing myself as being a massive fucking weeb but genuinely I think this look is cute. The hair and makeup are still shit ngl but the actual outfit is well put together. Like the purple in the shirt actually matches the purple earrings, and the star shaped earrings match the little purple star on the front of the dress. It feels like she actually tried to give a shit about color coordination, I dig it. Even if you hate the style overall, you gotta admit she does look better than Jill since this chick can actually color coordinate. Jill would have used like three different shades of purple.

No. 91713

File: 1588882107623.jpg (386.79 KB, 1282x813, uh.jpg)

The rainbow hair in question. Ngl it actually looked a lot better in my head lmao no yeah this still looks like shit I take it back.

No. 91734

File: 1588890810495.jpg (493.97 KB, 1500x2000, EXco9iRXYAA21hT.jpg)

No. 91736

File: 1588890902096.jpg (356.77 KB, 1500x2000, EXcofNYWsAYGAnA.jpg)

No. 91739


why are 2nd and 3rd prize the same though?

No. 91744

To be fair most places do shit like that now. Only the main winner gets anything when contests or sweepstakes are involved. I don't think it's that's big to keep the two the same. At least you get two winners who don't have to feel shitty about not getting the better option.

No. 91750

Yeah it was a girl named kam she copied off of.

No. 91758

kammie wasn't the only one, there was a famous decora girl who had it, and i think kumamiki did too?
point being jill definitely not the first to have rainbow bangs by far

No. 91770

Is $250 (I’m assuming canadian) a proper price for someone designing a tattoo for you? I’m not counting the monetary value of the other prizes since they’re virtually worthless

No. 91772

File: 1588904065966.jpg (700.74 KB, 1080x1612, Screenshot_20200506-113521_Ins…)

the middle shoop

No. 91775


>toeless shoes with socks

oh god this is atrocious

No. 91779

I know this girl from a cosplay group I was in 2-3 years back and she was super arrogant and rude because she made a basic corset once lmao.

Tattoo artists work hourly, so $250 CAD would get Jill a small design drawn by an actual tattoo artist. Anything larger or more complicated costs more, obviously.

No. 91781

This is extremely common in fashion though. It's just a running joke that men doing it with slider sandals are disgusting. Almost everyone in jfash and kfash magazines wearing sandals or strap heels have some form of socks. They even have translucent ones out of soft mesh fabric to cater to people who want that stability when in the summer, but want the socks to be less noticeable.

No. 91782

$179 an hour for a tattoo artist in US?? Anon what tattoo artist are you going to and small tattoos usually start at a base price for the shop which can range from $65 to $90 US usually. Holy fuck. $179 an hour better get you started on a massive back piece.

No. 91783

sage for OT but the only person I've followed who hasn't ended up grating on my nerves is manonmarguerite. She's not as colorful but she is into jfashion and has a really nice style. She also has an actual sustainable and really well done clothing store were she makes very beautiful pieces from second hand kimonos.

Other than that anyone who comes to mind irritates me in some way. I would say ALBinwonderland but she's more vintage now than kawaii, and idk her attitude some times just rubs me the wrong way for some reason.

No. 91796

Her style is pretty bland and basic though I don’t think it would actually count as jfashion. Some of her shop creations are hit or miss though, some of it’s cute but girl really goes to town on those ruffles and lace up details

No. 91797

>I would say ALBinwonderland but she's more vintage now than kawaii, and idk her attitude some times just rubs me the wrong way for some reason.

The fact that one of the first videos that pops up from searching her name is a "my sexuality" video with a big ass rainbow as the thumbnail, and then the entire video basically sums down to "lol I don't like labels so idk what my sexuality is" yeah I can tell what kind of vibe she gives off lmao. If you have to rely on your ~mysterious sexuality~ to be interesting your personality is probably boring as fuck.

I was worried Jill wouldn't pay enough as a prize but honestly $250 is pretty damn good, I imagine that's a pretty fair price for a tattoo commission. I still think the whole contest is kind of stupid and she should just go commission someone for a tattoo anyways because promising someone that you'll tattoo their art on you without knowing what it is yet is a pretty big promise. I know she said that she """might""" tattoo the winner's art but come on let's be honest the winner is probably going to be upset if she doesn't get it tattooed since that's the whole point of the contest. I think she should have just held a normal art contest tbh.

No. 91798

File: 1588910447047.jpg (40.35 KB, 560x522, images-2.jpg)

For comparison sake (and to point out how Jill isn't original at all), this is how kammie looks

No. 91799

File: 1588910570792.jpg (51.59 KB, 474x711, downloadfile.jpg)

and this is Kumamiki

No. 91800

She should try this kinda style again, she looks way better with that black dress

No. 91806


Holy shit, because of the hair I seriously thought this was an old picture of Jill at first glance. Like, SUUUUPER old, before she picked up the tendies. (ofc, it's clear now that there's no way that's a picture of pixie - she would never wear an outfit thats cute with colours that are coordinated.) But she gets to stomp around the internet and screech whenever someone does something vaguely similar to her?? lmfao, tragic

No. 91815

sage for slight OT/blogposting but man
I hate that especially colorful jfashion (like decora or yumekawa? fairy kei? pop kei? I don't even know what terminology is correct anymore) has next to no decent content creators. You've got Jill, clones of Jill, insufferable "sjw" types or those two combined.
I get that unfortunately that's the kind of people it attracts but it's so depressing

No. 91824

Tattoofag here: if you were to pay 179$ for a back piece, grab your stuff and run.
Proper artists and I mean actual ones with straight lines, consistent style and anything Jill‘s tattoos tend to lack take about 150$ an hour. That‘s just the tattooeing; letting them design something will add up.

No. 91827

Do you think $250 is a good price to pay for getting art designed for you? I'm assuming by tattoofag you mean someone who does tattoos but if you meant you're just a tattoo hobbyist then I'll quietly shut the fuck up lmao

No. 91831

File: 1588926496272.jpg (407.49 KB, 1071x1092, Screenshot_20200508-092712_Ins…)

skinwalk harder

No. 91837

Honestly, the rainbow hair has been so unbearable for me because she's not even trying with new styles of putting up her hair. It's either down or in that fan bun that every 12 year old on tiktok is doing. At least when she was living with her parents she was still trying to make her hair interesting instead of just relying on it being coloured.

No. 91853

Does all it take is pastel hair to be a skin walker? That one girl looks like her but how is the rest of them relevant to jill

No. 91858

I‘m a tattooist, and I also sale art.
250$ ist about 2 hours of work including counselling with the buyer. If the design has to be tweaked, you add these hours to the total. Since Jill‘s tattoos are nowhere near original and are just merch/anime, at least I would refuse to tattoo them. It‘s copyrighted material and you need to hand me an official response by e.g. Toei Animation if you want a PreCure tattoo.
To sum it up: 2 hours of work would be her price. Considering the recent entries, it‘s a great deal- I think she‘ll steal the best, let them tweak and never get back to the original artist.
obvious sage for blog.

No. 91867

File: 1588949621484.jpeg (148.88 KB, 640x805, 7B759BB7-B5B7-49AD-8498-53933B…)

No. 91869

File: 1588949755772.jpeg (583.21 KB, 1365x2048, 0D1AD17B-305F-48DE-9D08-7DCC43…)

No. 91871

File: 1588949862470.jpeg (580.19 KB, 1454x2048, E93C0FA6-EFD9-4D1E-BF46-277273…)

No. 91874

is this a dig at an ex friend or something? otherwise its just randomly unwarranted negativity. what happened to throw kindness around like confetti jill? does that only apply towards you? just say you listened to a kyary song and go.

No. 91875

No one bases their entire life around something they watch once except you Jill. That’s highkey projecting.

No. 91879

Wtf is this outfit though? She looks like she’s melting. Kyary is adorable af and her outfits in Pon pon pon and fashion monster actually made sense and fit the theme.

No. 91880

File: 1588954213733.png (156.21 KB, 472x475, kawaii.png)

What the fuck? Who has ever done that? Like, base their entire identity around one song??
this is highkey projecting lol, no one in 2020 even listens to kyary anymore
Funny that she's being this annoying twat so bluntly though, where's muhh possitive vibes Jill??
>ughh I hate ponponpon!! fuck people who like ponponpon!!
>not me though, I listen to FASHION MONSTER I'm speshul!! even though all kyary songs are basically the same
>look how much I can complain and throw shade!! also look how kawiiwiii I am in these lewwwks
>praise me for being special!!

what a retarded brat

No. 91882

Anon this looks like a drag queen, not kawaii at all
This person's hair looks waaay better than what Jill's hair has ever looked? The fluffy sightly side-swept bangs and the messy bun look cute, like clouds. Jill's bangs look too wide for her face and her bun is always greasy and looking like she doesn't know how to make a bun at all. That outfit too, even though I'm not into kawaii fashion, I know it looks good because of how all purples match.

No. 91883

Haven't the woke kaweewee girls cancelled kyary or am i thinking of someone else?

No. 91884

I thought she was outed as a pedophile? pretty un-SJW of jill…

No. 91889

When did that happen? Sage for offtopic

No. 91892

"Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is being alleged to have been a paedophile 7 years ago by an overseas twitter user, after it was revealed that she expressed her love for a 12 year old boy in various ways when she was 19, at the start of her fame. When the tweets/blog entries were made in 2012/13 they did not trigger any alarm, but now some foreign fans are expressing outrage. The 12 year old was a member of KPP's dancers, and so the star was clearly in a position to exert control over him, but it is impossible to say whether this strayed beyond power harassment, and into real sexual harassment without knowing the context and social relationship between them. i.e. if this was a relationship between a senior idol and junior idol many would think it was cute, if it was a male manager and an idol many would be asking for his head!"

No. 91898

not pic related but there are a lot of UK girls that seem to follow the pastel rainbow vomit trend

No. 91899

File: 1588960405589.jpg (702.18 KB, 1077x1358, Screenshot_20200508-185319_Ins…)

No. 91900

File: 1588960686204.jpg (568.9 KB, 1079x1204, Screenshot_20200508-185822_Ins…)

No. 91901

and Americans ofc

No. 91902

File: 1588960919449.jpg (1.04 MB, 1065x1473, Screenshot_20200508-190130_Ins…)

No. 91903

File: 1588961045918.jpg (762.57 KB, 1079x1502, Screenshot_20200508-190241_Ins…)

No. 91907

yes, for sure. i've never gotten a colored tattoo (which I assume costs more) but getting a detailed chest piece costs around 78$ (where I live at least) so at least she is actually paying a really good amount since you don't usually pay for tattoo designs, you just pay the person who gives you the tattoo.

No. 91910

At least this is more like actual j-fashion like she claims her usual outfits are. Usually its just basic shit but pastel.

No. 91913

No. 91916

take a shot every time she says bpd

No. 91918

sis needs to speak more often to a therapist. every yt video feels like a diary entry lately. i understand you're going through it (most ppl are) but damn her transition into i am bpd, bpd is me was overnight almost. i thought this would be a crafting video….

No. 91921


it's a twitter meme. it's like "bitches will blah blah and then base their whole life around it" etc

No. 91926

she is so happy to have uwu beepeedee. Transforms into the Cheshire cat whenever she gets to mention it.

No. 91929



anon was commenting on the number of times Pixie says "bpd'. emphasising how often she says it.

No. 91930

do you really have to mock people with bpd? do you also make fun of people with depression? with cancer? fucking assholes

No. 91931


she says 'bpd' a LOT. that is all we were getting at, not the disorder(s)

i don't think this website is for you.

No. 91932

>>91930 fuck off newfag

No. 91933

thank you for your useful insight

of course she's going to say bpd a lot when shes talking about her mental health issues wtf do you want her to say instead. just admit you hate mentally ill people

No. 91934

People who says this are the worst, like Jill and that other fat spoiled wannabe "bio drag queen" Tori/happyunbirthday

No. 91935


i second the anon above.

Fuck off newfag.

No. 91936

the anon above is talking about something else dumbass can't you read?

No. 91937

Nobody said they hate mentally ill people. The issue is the way she flaunts it around and uses her diagnosis as a crutch/trendy label to garner attention and justify her own shortcomings rather than focusing on self-improvement.

No. 91942


I really think she's trying to be the DissociaDID of BPD (albeit failing at it, as all she does is use BPD as her get-out-of-jail-free card for everything instead of educating people about it).

No. 91943

haha see I really love those ruffles and lace up details, if I could afford it I'd definitely get a set from her. She used to be into more jfashion style while she was living in japan, and she used to do lolita too but you're right. Looking at her ig now it is more basic. I still like it tho tbh

No. 91944


learn to scroll up dumbass

No. 91945

No I just hate Jill and how she uses her mental illness as a free pass to be a bitch. She could assault someone and still squawk beepeedee and then act shocked when she realizes her actions have consequences.

No. 91947


real talk is bpd even stigmatized in the way that jill goes on about it?

most people i know wouldn't even know what bpd is and when i started hearing about it and it was under the context of "everyone thinks people with bpd are terrible but they're not!!" everywhere but i feel like most people don't think this because bpd is actually pretty rare and most people don't know someone with it?

No. 91952

There are thousands upon thousands of people who share online that partners, family members, and friends with BPD did mind-bogglingly horrific things to them. When BPD comes up online there are often people who are victims of BPDfags who will respond sharing how they were abused, assaulted, stolen from, gaslit, manipulated, etc. That’s probably the “stigma” she’s thinking of. BPD actually isn’t just an eclectic mash-up of anxiety, depression, and EDs like Jill would like to think. I mean, it’s laughable how Steve says he can deal with her “BPD” mood swings by just ignoring her because they’re “not a big deal.” Sounds way more like standard anxiety and depression which Jill was diagnosed with in the first place.

No. 91954

I don't think they have anything to do with Jillian though. Is this vendetta?
Jesus Jill go see a therapist

No. 91957


Does anyone know if she's actually been diagnosed for real? I know she speaks about "her diagnosis" constantly but did she ever talk about actually seeing someone?

The thing that bugs me about her (and most things don't idc that she's rich and spoiled it's whatever) is that she acts like things have to be one way forever and does nothing to better herself. Just like with her weight, the way she talks about it makes it seem like she gained weight and that's just how it's going to be from now on. Like you can lose weight??

No. 91958

Its "stigma" is that people who have it are shitty and thats because it is true. The whole disorder is labeling people who act without thinking, start fights, prone to blow up at people, and will act out in ways such as threatening suicide, basically doing destructive behaviour especially within relationships. Its the definition of unstable. There is a reason that multiple people talked on this site have it.

And while Im sure some people are better at controlling it and keeping it to be more self destructive, it ends up being acting out at people or to keep people around, hence the many experiences of abuse from others.

No. 91961

File: 1588971707030.png (513.27 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20200508-155913.png)

Holy shit what

No. 91962

File: 1588971767332.png (350.27 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20200508-160051.png)

This was legit terrifying and very self aware of her

No. 91969


anon was talking about people with rainbow hair or jumping on the rainbow bandwagon jfc learn to read.

No. 91971

Someone help him.

No. 91973

Her? Doesn’t he edit her videos….

No. 91976


They both do but it's mainly him at this point from what I can tell, it feels like she is slowly but surely also dumping all of her youtube responsibilities on him

No. 91977

I wonder if trivia night consists of just shit that Jill is interested in or her in general

No. 91983


>Does anyone know if she's actually been diagnosed for real? I know she speaks about "her diagnosis" constantly but did she ever talk about actually seeing someone?

She says she was. I believe her, I just think she shopped around until she got the diagnosis she wanted, same as what she's doing now for that appetite disorder diagnosis she wants.


The thing is that it can, in some cases at least, be managed to some degree, but that requires actual therapy, which Jill is not involved in. That's what gets me.

>muh BPD
>cries about how BPD just means you have trouble regulating your feefees, it doesn't necessarily mean you're toxic, abusive, manipulative, etc.
>not in therapy or seeking any help other than medication, which can only help somewhat manage the symptoms and doesn't actually address the problem
>squeals over how much she relates to Spinel from Steven Universe, a character with a tragic backstory but who is also homicidal
>BPD is often the result of early childhood trauma but she's still not in therapy
>Claims it's affecting her ability to work and her entire life, but she's still not in therapy
>Keeps citing symptoms of BPD that are not actually symptoms of BPD, but more in line with autism
>Now "actively seeking diagnosis" of an illness to excuse her junk food addiction

No. 91985

I feel like she's drastically overplaying how much stigma she received because of her bpd. She literally backtracked in the video because she was like "Yeah most of the comments are positive . . . but like even the positive ones aren't accepting" like what??

EXACTLY. Like in her "I lost weight lets talk about it" she acts like losing weight is just completely unfathomable and this is the way her body is now. She acts like bpd has become her entire personality and there's nothing she can do to contain it. Like bitch people can change.

Maybe my humor is shit but legit that sequence was funny. The way the music turned on and off too you gotta admit that was kind of fucking funny.

Maybe I'm just being a bitch but god it bothered me the way she went on and on and on about how hard quarantine has been like she's special or some shit. Bitch literally the entire world is going through the exact same fucking thing, shit is rough for everyone, you're 55 days in quarantine is not special welcome to the club. She acts like staying inside all day is like the worst thing ever when she hardly goes outside anyways and she's living perfectly comfortable while some people have legit lost their entire livelihoods over this. I feel like she's trying to be relatable like "quarantine sucks am I right ladies" but it just sounds extremely out of touch.

One thing I do legitimately feel bad about is that she can't participate in the fashion show anymore. Like listen the thing she made for it was absolute shit but she did seem actually excited about it and to have something that she was looking forward to be canceled does suck I get that feeling. I hate her attitude afterwards though, like when she said “yeah technically we don’t have to finish it anymore so aaaaa” implying that she’s not going to finish it just because it’s not going to be in the show anymore. She’s crying about her uwu beepeedee but wouldn’t focusing on a sewing project that she enjoys be helpful instead of just completely giving up on it?

No. 92030

Ever since Steve has been editing her videos it just reminds me of the editing in the 'shit pixie says'. Like, the last one was in December 2018. I miss them.

No. 92050

I got 5 minutes in a couldn’t handle her bpd rambling, I feel legitimately bad for bpd anons who have had to deal with Jill going off about this for months, sometimes giving harmful misinformation about the disorder. It must also be shitty for anons who actively try and recover from their bpd have Jill day it can’t be fixed because she wants to wear it like a label

No. 92057

Plot twist; Steve was making the shit pixie says videos

No. 92063

jill, none of this is "muh beepeedee." literally everything she describes just sounds like symptoms of depression and she seems to think she's the only one experiencing these things?? like everyone's lives have been derailed. not just yours. it's not uwu speshul or rare to be going through it with your mental health right now. jesus, jill. get some fucking therapy. zoom and/or phone therapy are still options. sage for sperg but this is embarrassing. i know you lurk, jill. please get professional help and stop using your mental illness to excuse your behavior. god this intro really got under my skin sorry kek.

No. 92088

Steve is getting “a wardrobe refresh mama”, poor guy, she says that they made a joint order from Lucy and yak which is sustainable but is shipping it from the UK to Canada very sustainable, also it’s pretty expensive I don’t see him being the kind to buy from them so I wonder what she chose him

No. 92089

File: 1589013256039.jpeg (53 KB, 750x1125, 20CF3DA7-C017-4FAA-A5B5-9CB96F…)

Sage for samefag but this is what she has ordered for herself for those who couldn’t sit through the video

No. 92090


well thats hideous

No. 92091

yeah i saw this and was immediately so confused. not only is it tacky and ugly but it's literally nothing like jill's style at all? like is it just me or has she been sacrificing aesthetic in the name of "sustainability"? (which btw you don't have to do.) i just can't imagine her actually wearing this.

No. 92093

I think she just wanted to buy anything from them for the sake of it because it’s a popular name brand and that is the most garish item they currently have in stock, she mentioned Steve got two dark coloured pieces which makes sense because most of their stuff is colours that are too toned down and neutral for the queen of colour vomit prints

No. 92094


I actually kind of dig it, but regardless this looks NOTHING like Jill at all. There's no way she's going to wear this more than once, if that. I just don't see why she would pay so much money for something she's obviously never going to wear if the brand is as expensive as everyone is saying it is. I feel like she has so many fucking clothes that she should do some ~quarantine closet upcycling~ or something instead of buying new shit.

No. 92095

File: 1589016097272.jpeg (109.46 KB, 758x775, positivethinking.jpeg)

No. 92096

i think like other anon said, she's just buying it for the sake of buying literally anything from the brand. supposedly it's sustainable (but she's still having it shipped internationally so uhh go off i guess). an attempt at virtue signalling perhaps? but i've noticed this with most of the "sustainable" stuff she's been buying. none of it is her style. she can definitely afford to buy from curated vintage shops so idk why she doesn't just do that? maybe she just can't wait till post-quarantine. (see: shopping addiction.)

No. 92149

i think this type of stuff is just her style now, she changes her type of style every few months anyway

No. 92175

File: 1589041601719.jpg (165.78 KB, 1080x992, Screenshot_20200509_172331.jpg)

Are we allowed to post about Steve? If so he should be uploading a video today, was supposed to be yesterday but he forgot to make a thumbnail to put context to the screenshot. I wonder if it will just be him or pixie related

No. 92204

OT, but I hate that his handle is StevieTV (or rather, thestevietv, which is even worse). Get something original, dude. You're not even in TV or a big media maker under that name. StevieTV is an established youtube channel and TV show by the late Stevie Ryan who committed suicide a in 2017. It's extra grating and blind for someone so ~woke~.

No. 92226

No. 92229

This is giving me STRONG idubbz feels

No. 92244

I don't know if he is actually going to do it but I'm not too sure how to feel about him talking about sex since we know pixie is the current red kneed person. It's kind of odd. Will he be forced by Jillian to be sure to make everyone know he is a raging Bisexual/Gay TM? Who knows? time will tell.

No. 92247

Yes 100%, but somehow ever so slightly more annoying?

No. 92249

Yeah I'm not watching that. Someone sum it up pls.

No. 92251

this has the exact same vibes as jenna marbles irritating boyfriend - date an already established youtuber and then start your channel, knowing you’ll already have a guaranteed audience due to the crossover.

No. 92252

I got the same exact thoughts. Is Steve a fan of idubbz or the trash crew /whatever when they were more established?

No. 92254


what is it about audio that he gets it so fucked up every time. ever since he started editing jills videos there've been issues and he cant figure it out on his channel either

No. 92257

He's just a idubbbz clone which makes me wonder if Jill also liked the cancer crew at some point. That wouldn't be very "uwu pawsitive" of her.

No. 92262

What the fuck is up with that audio? I listened to it on my computer and his speak seems to be ineligible.
It's really scummy of him to be using Jillian for views. Maybe that was his plan all along, and he'll soon be making a video about coming out and leaving Jill or something.
My same exact thoughts

No. 92263

Steve is a clout chasing faggot who probably has an actual boyfriend on the side. Jill being an unattractive landwhale gives it away that he isn't attracted to women at all lmao. Jill is probably a lesbian herself. They're both accessories to each other and it's the only reason their relationship currently works.

No. 92266

I highly doubt that Jill is a lesbian, otherwise, agreed.

No. 92270

Jill got super pissed at Tracey a few years ago for liking idubbz so probably not

No. 92271

She's only ever dated men. Theres no way she's a lesbian. Even her calling herself bisexual is questionable.

No. 92289


she really needs to stop dating men

No. 92301

Ashamed of not shaving his douchy chin hair and eating beans out of the can…wow who fucking cares. Steve is just as much as a stupid cocksucker as Jill.

No. 92324

How the fuck can he act like eating beans out of a can is something to be ashamed about when he admitted he drinks chocolate soy milk (fitting) straight out of the carton and drank chocolate milk out a styrofoam bowl when Jill went away most likely because he was a lazy slob who didn’t want to do dishes. Get the fuck outta here Steve

No. 92341

File: 1589070813388.jpg (148.11 KB, 1080x1268, IMG_20200509_183013.jpg)

Is it just me or has Jill been bringing up her "disassociation" more often after Wendy made her Instagram post talking about her mental illnesses? It seems like every other vlog/post Jill has to shoehorn it in.

No. 92342

I was thinking the exact same when i saw that tweet lol.

No. 92367

It looks like Jenny and Wendy are following each other again. Jenny still hasn't followed back Jillian, though.

No. 92390


Oh fuck, I hope she doesn’t jump on the DID train. The only thing about this that even makes me think she might is that she didn’t misspell “dissociating,” which means she might have actually been READING. Plus…

Shoot me for not screenshooting, but she left a long ass supportive comment on DissociaDID’s “Trisha Paytas made me split” video, I think it was. It was all uwu positivity and said something like “I can’t imagine dealing with the all the pressure you’re dealing with after ~*only two years on youtube*~! Ur so strong bb.” It read as super insincere and like thinly veiled envy over DissociaDID getting so much attention lately. I’m going to go insane digging for it.

Sage for sperging and describing what should be a screenshot, but in reality I’ll probably give up on finding the comment so I thought I’d mention it in case someone already took one.

No. 92392

File: 1589095119717.png (950.58 KB, 750x1334, 25F904A2-16AF-4597-94EF-5D0005…)

Samefag. That comment I mentioned must have been on the first Trisha video which has 30k+ comments so fuck that. But here’s one, proof she’s a DIDtuber fan.

No. 92401

File: 1589099939141.png (675.79 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20200510-033829.png)

Dissociation is more of a mental state that has to do with depression, it's like being awake but not being there. Like you stare at something and don't come back to normal for a bit. But you do make a strong point, she's been copying those DID videos
Can't wait for her to make a "meet my alters" vid, after that it is just going to spiral out of control into madness, and if she starts doing camwhoring we'll have a full fledged lolcow

I was looking back at the video from pic related and I remember when it was posted here and the comments about how ugly and childish she looked. She is for sure a spergy womanchild but she was so much more bearable back then, and looks cute without looking obnoxious like now. We surely didn't know how bad it would get.

Can't wait in 2 years to see where this clusterfuck goes. Even more because stevie is a disgusting as fuck youtuber now. Seriously, he looks so desperate.

No. 92403


This. I actually still liked her back then. Yeah she was still obnoxious but not, idk, gross? like she is now. I feel like her uwu bpd and moving out caused her spiral and made her the way she is. Idk man I kinda think she needs to move back home. Sage for blogpost.

No. 92415

It's also a symptom of BPD, and we all know how much she likes to exaggerate symptoms of BPD, even if she gets them wrong a lot.

No. 92419

Dissociating is not a symptom of BPD. Dissociating is mainly caused by anxiety or trauma, and those are often comorbid with BPD.

No. 92421

File: 1589118134166.jpeg (68.31 KB, 758x348, dis.jpeg)


Its also a symptom of un-diagnosed autism.

No. 92445

I can't wait to see her looking like a sausage in this

No. 92447


you know she's gonna make that duck lip face when she wears it too. i can just imagine it now.

No. 92459

Plus she’s gonna wear it with the gaudiest, most unflattering accessories. That jumpsuit is already gaudy and tacky, she’s gonna make it even more clownish. I get that it’s a j fashion thing to just overload every outfit with bright colors and accessories, but god it’s unflattering on her since she has a larger build.

No. 92476

Hnnnghh, she's gonna straight up look like a whale wrapped in an ugly bedsheet in this…

No. 92502

just watched the new pixie vid. holy shit. she’s making the entire covid situation about how much it affects her and her interests. people are fucking dying dude, stop crying over not being able to show your ugly garments at a craft college fashion show, or how your little girl anime is cancelled. this is a global pandemic and all she can focus on is herself. fucking wild. the lack of self awareness is pathetic and completely off putting

No. 92503

jill has also been acting like more of a sperg in her latest video too… failing to see issues outside of her own bubble, being proud of overly simple tasks and crafts, etc

No. 92537

Didn’t she literally say that her pieces are still going to be in the fashion show next year AS WELL as in a gallery,,, so basically she’s getting more exposure for her stuff,,, seems like she just doesn’t sound happy sharing the stage with more people cause she wants the spotlight focused on her

No. 92539

No wonder it took him years to start a channel. It’s much easier to start knowing he has a solid audience already bc of strategically dating Jill instead of starting from scratch . Probably his plan all along to be honest

No. 92553

that or the mr. bean smile that she for some reason thinks actually looks cute. she used to relax her face so much more in pictures (and video) and it looked so much better. now every single picture looks… strained? forced? either it's not genuine or she has actually gotten more spergy.
nitpick af but "pandemic" means it's global. everyone who's been saying "global pandemic" looks kinda tarded.

No. 92557

Is this set part of the pixie house? Is he at his own house?

No. 92564

I believe that is her basement. It was supposed to be his space but she then made it pixie vomit, besides that little sliver, if I recall.

No. 92576

File: 1589152662571.png (119.33 KB, 1100x721, Coattail.png)

If he's trying to get famous via Pixie, it's going…uh. Not sure that like to dislike ratio is a good sign.

No. 92577

Samefag but something about the combination of his face and kawaii sweater makes him look like a pedo. Someone else said this upthread and I don't know what it is. The kawaii is not being expressed by anything other than the clothing, nothing about his mannerism, expression or personal care is matching up with the clothing, so it's probably the dissonance.

No. 92579

File: 1589153766499.jpg (473.58 KB, 1080x1080, fhhvgnfx.jpg)

Just riffing on him, we have 0 evidence he is a pedo, but

>This man is smiling at your child


No. 92583

I love how he doesn't even have enough space of his own to have a backdrop without some pink paint in it.

No. 92590

cackling at him only getting to have his colour scheme for half a room

No. 92591

File: 1589155592003.png (12.69 MB, 3300x4200, APRIL NEWSLETTER 2020.png)

No. 92593

god even her hands are fat now

No. 92598

File: 1589158436272.png (287.07 KB, 1080x1097, Screenshot_20200511-014029_01.…)

Lmao spotted Steve's tweet in a Shoe video. She had to hide his name so he wouldn't get hate for saying something so dumb.

No. 92603


wait she’s using her HOUSE as her design inspiration? Most designers base their lines on emotional concepts or aesthetic ideas or base them around art movements etc. but no pixie is literally using her plastic hoard to “inspire” her.

I could not fathom being such a narcissist.

she could have used this as an opportunity to talk about what inspires her style or hell she could have made each design based on an imaginary magical girl and each outfit could be based on a different power - that would actually be cool and on brand and be about something that clearly actually INSPIRES her. idk it just seems so lazy

No. 92604

Also her house is literally just… pastel. How is that very inspiring?

No. 92605

Why does that mask look too tiny for her face? Also, shouldnt she be encouraging people to make masks to help others and do SOMETHING good? Her letters are so boring.. I cant believe people pay for this shill

No. 92606

I wish he'd keep his mouth shut on american politics and focus on Canada and feeding Jill her chicken tenders when she's hungry

No. 92609

Wow when two worlds collide

No. 92610

I thought so, too, and then I realized it's a precure designed mask… likely made for children. She's wearing a children's mask. Having a proper fitting mask is important but she just needs her kaweewee precure characters on it. Fucking idiot.

No. 92625

love that jillian mentions everything that somehow correlates with her bpd but doesnt ever mention one of the most obvious symptoms of bpd, self sabotaging her relationships and putting people on a pedestal and hating them for absolutely hating them the next day, that symptom is the only reason why i think she might have bpd but she obviously most likely has autism too tho

No. 92626

Because she doesn't do this. All of her relationships with the exception of Alyssa have been long term stable relationships.

No. 92630

File: 1589172283122.jpeg (14.83 KB, 260x139, 1A926A82-AB78-4F73-B1AD-026B11…)

>Stable relationships

Anon you clearly haven’t been here for more than a couple of months, Jill is notorious for cycling through friends like she does her fashion phases. The most recent friendship group she cycled through was Wendy and co who all don’t follow her anymore and have not been pictured with her since last year

No. 92632

I've been following Jill since her lolita days. I was mainly talking about her romantic relationships. And her partners have pretty much been her only friends. Besides that, she's still friends with Kenzie who she's known for years. It's only the group with Wendy and Jenny in it that she's had any real fallout with.

No. 92645

God this was so beyond boring to sit through. He droned on forever without actually saying anything, this could have been a two minute video or even a thread of tweets. Steve, stick to editing. You're not very good at that either, but at least then we don't have to hear you talk.

No. 92664

Is this teddy fresh merch? I have never been a fan of H3 so I’m not sure, seems odd to wear in a video though if it is, I thought after the recent fallout they were no longer H3 supporters and basically advertising their brand like that is odd if that is true

No. 92670

File: 1589193874618.png (366.37 KB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 11.4…)

No. 92693

£74 well spent to embody that pedo chic look.

No. 92695

Even the stock photo guy has a gross mustache. Steve used to look relatively normal before Jill got to him with her tendie fingers Jesus Christ

No. 92696

I’m assuming he brought that particular teddy fresh piece because it has spongebob on it too, kek. his cosplay as spongebob is still burned into my brain as one of the most embarrassing things i’ve seen.

No. 92700

Yikes. Teddy fresh is really that expensive?? Guess Jill gave Steve a bigger allowance

No. 92719

Wouldn’t be shocked if the hypocrites are still watching H3 after Jill threw her dummy out the pram to try and get attention from the DID community, she was still supporting Trisha openly after all she has said and done over the years including that trans scandal when Jill claims to be uwu queer

No. 92720

ot but yikes shoe is such a hypocritical pick me, Jill looks good in comparison

No. 92726

Holy shit that's one big pink wall of borderline illegible writing. Would it kill her to make the template look like lined paper, or at the very least use paragraphs like any other functional human being?

No. 92735

Don’t get why she can’t write it on lined paper and just edit out the lines. It would look so much nicer and more “aesthetic” which you’d think she’d want

No. 92737

Back then we mostly disliked her because of her shopping habits and lack of taste. Now because of her lazyness and being so self centered.

No. 92750

I really can’t believe it’s been 4? Or 5 years like what a downgrade. Jill is my age and I thought that she would eventually mature and grow up but everytime I come back to the thread she either makes me sad or angry at her dumbass choices.

No. 92757


For any anons who can't be bothered to decipher this scrawl, or are just as retarded as I am and can't read cursive very well, here is the newsletter typed out

>Hello my friends

>I hope you are all as well as can be! :) I won’t re-hash things from my newest video but April brought a number of curve balls including the complete cancellation of my fashion show. The muslin star lantern dress I have been sharing here will no longer be walking any runways so I am debating on shifting my focus to my graduation collection which will now be also my first/debut . . . agh.

>Trying to focus on a shiny, new, future collection helps keep me hopeful and motivated, so toying with ideas for that has been fun! So far, my concept is “Home Street Home”, flashy runway streetwear inspired by different rooms and design elements in my current home :) I will keep it @ that to not spoil too much but I also gossed a bit about it in our last live stream if you missed it :)

>Take care of yourself and be kind. I love you!

No. 92766

File: 1589242794052.jpeg (136.37 KB, 713x645, 16E6051D-26C4-4977-80AA-FE70F1…)

Her fans are to feel sorry for. Everyone has bpd or any other personality disorder wth

No. 92777

I swear she even tries to sound like Jill

No. 92785

OT and blog but I think seeing the downfall of Jill becoming this weird fat "mentally ill" rainbow persona instead of becoming a more mature person has really kept me on check and helped me become an actual adult (I'm only 2 years older than her)
She could still be cute and act her age and awknowledge she has been shitty in the past
I thought Jill made another AC lookbook lol this is very harcore skinwalking

No. 92787

>HELLO and welcome back to my channel!
Holy shit she really does sound like Jillian here down to mannerisms, voice likeness and tone

No. 92791

Holy fuck it’s actually creepy how much she’s trying to sound like her, as much as I dislike Jill it must be unsettling to have people copying everything about you, from your speech patterns to the way you move your hands. It’s one thing to unconsciously pick up things from people you watch, but this is borderline stalker shit

No. 92806

File: 1589261617344.jpeg (678.08 KB, 750x1039, 87351911-EE16-404F-B642-4E6765…)

I know it’s offtopic, but I found someone who could be Jillian’s twin. But she’s skinny and she likes 1960’s aesthetic. Huh, so this is probably what Jill would look like if she wasn’t into kawaii fashion and happened to be the same weight she was at 16.

No. 92823

I strongly disagree that she could be Jillian's twin.

No. 92826

If you looked at the rest of her Instagram you’d know she looks nothing like Jill lol.

No. 92828

>Egg in my Pocket" pants
I no longer have sides

No. 92833

She looks (like she's shooped herself to look) like Audrey Hepburn, not Jillian.

No. 92839

she looks like the galaxy chocolate advert where they CGIed an actress to look like hepburn… she’s got the same ‘features to big for her face’ look that skeleton/shooping jill had but she doesn’t look like her, especially current year jill

No. 92842

Wo, this belongs in the bad photoshop thread.

No. 92852

File: 1589301491349.png (520.09 KB, 473x592, Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 18.3…)

Different anon than the original poster, but she actually looks like that. Don't think it's shooped besides the filter

No. 92853

^^^Sorry, forgot to sage

No. 92857

does anyone know this girl? she has a small channel, she seems to like kawaii fashion, never knew of her until now

No. 92861

Posts like this always reek of self-posts.

No. 92863

shameless self promotion ;)
of course it's me silly xD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 92880

Please stop promoting channels that have nothing to do with jillian or her skinwalkers, no one cares

No. 92893

Fr, do you all need a weeb cringe general or something? Revive the confetti cult thread or something. No one following this specific thread is here for every random on ig that reminds you of Jill.

No. 92912

Really tired of this stuff clogging up the thread can you guys just make a new confetti club one instead of posting here? It’s what it’s there for

No. 92913

I think that if people want cute or jfashion channel recs they should make a thread on /OT/… Not here, unless it's milky, then make a kawaii drama general idk

Not every kawaii channel is a copy of Jill either, they have to be creepy skinwalkers like Cheeky to be worth discussing

No. 92914

The clogging makes my ocd nuts. I just want to see Jill and her spergy antics.

No. 92936

The self-defense after they do so is what sends me. Like >>92863 trying to "own" it and "She actually looks like that", as if anyone but the person and people who know her IRL would know that.
They might as well have their own containment thread for content creators they like, and self-promo disguised as posts about content creators they like.

No. 92946

File: 1589324770543.png (159.83 KB, 1080x497, Screenshot_20200512-170210~2.p…)

Here instead of sperging over skin walkers let's talk about how Jill is trying to restock her wardrobe with 70's inspired clothes which might be a mark of a new era of Jill.

No. 92951

Most sellers will ship internationally if you message them and ask for a quote.

No. 92969

Going more vintage reminds me of Kate Gabrielle of scathingly brilliant. She always wears bright vintage florals and she also has the same lifestyle as Jill by living on her parents dime and taking naps all day. OT but Kate’s fame has faded big time and I imagine pixie will too once she hits her late 20s to early 30s. The rainbow shtick wears off once you’re that old and doing nothing new

No. 92989

I'm probably late to pointing this out but she definitely lurks here because this video is apparently unavailable now but others from the same time period are still public? I really don't know why she's coming in here that often, that can't be good for her mental health.

No. 92990

idk how to tell you this but this photo isn’t really 60s fashion. if you got rid of the long sleeves or you wore it with a pair of shorts or flair pants, i’d be more convinced, but those heels sure as fuck aren’t anywhere near the 60s. this outfit is more 70s.

and what ever happened to head bands and hair bows? that was totally 60s. big L on this one.

No. 92993

>my closet is gasping for fresh printz
translation: this pandemic is inconvenient to my consumerism addiction. i hope she's actually buying shit that will fit her newly bloated body because wearing her old smaller shit just emphasizes how much weight she's gained because it so clearly no longer fits her.

No. 92994

It's still available, just not for embedding. A lot of videos don't play right on lolcow but just click to watch it on youtube and it's still there. She definitely lurks but she didn't do anything to the video.

This is her shopaholic tendencies peeling through her "so ecofriendly and thrifty" persona. She is just addicted to having things that are new to her. Maybe she'll at least buy some things her actual size? She needs to sell off a lot of her old stuff, she's heading to a point of no return with her weight and lifestyle choices.

No. 93001

nta but most reputable tattoo places ive been to in canada have base prices anywhere from $150 CAD & up, $250 would get you maybe a palm sized piece

No. 93053

anon with bpd here, i find it less offensive & more hilarious how she describes the symptoms of her “bpd.” none sound remotely like bpd & if she went to an ACTUAL therapist regularly & not a school sanctioned one that also sees 400 other people at a time, they’d almost immediately tell her she’s been misdiagnosed. but of course, that won’t ever happen. she needs the attention of a mental illness that isn’t as common as anxiety or depression. sage for personal bs

No. 93055

she could open a depop and sell off her clothes that don't fit, or sell older anime figures when she wants to buy a new one. I'm sure her subscribers would jump at owning something of hers

No. 93088

She's sold a few of her clothing items from her stage between lolita and party kei, and all of it was stained and in bad shape. She doesn't take care of her clothing very well at all.

No. 93125

File: 1589389684486.jpg (37.29 KB, 734x231, hfjhjk.jpg)

No. 93144

“They never ship to Canada”

Jill, who regularly orders clothing from indie brands and has probably had to use a shopping service before… can’t figure out how to buy something off depop, type in an American friend’s address, and have them forward the package?

I always thought she was dumb but this is just another level of peanut brain from her.

No. 93190

Is it a BPD symptom to constantly humble brag about your new ventures
"I miss thrift stores so bad" girl you went thrifting twice and only go to one thrift shop.

No. 93208

Is there any proof that Jill does lurk here? I've been following her for a couple years and as far as I can tell she's never responded to anything that's been posted. Like some cows make it really obvious (Dakota, Lori, etc.) but I haven't seen Jill do that. I actually think it's like the one healthy thing she does if she's really avoiding this site.

No. 93245

there has been proof on older threads, because something is mentioned here and then she says or acts upon something on her twitter or instagram

No. 93249

wrong thread? but kek this broad sounds entitled af. some of us are actually working "essential" jobs and don't have the luxury of working from home. if you work from home, you're in a very small minority. but please, tell me how exhausting it is to sit on your ass in your pajamas all day. sage for sperg also i have no idea who this bitch it lol.

No. 93250

samefag just saw that this is something jill retweeted. we don't really post that in here bc it's not something directly from the cow's mouth. my statement is still accurate af, especially for jill who considered filming one half-assed video a week "working"

No. 93251

No but Karen syndrome will leave you to hate follow people you dislike just to shit talk about them because anyone actually doing something productive with their life will not have time to waste like this. But who am I to talk I just like seeing women hate on other women, it feeds my sexual desires

No. 93257

The internet has become a place for people to shit on each other for fun. And it is fun, especially to people who deserve it. Jillian literally shits on people who disagree with her as well so I don’t know why you think you’re special for white knighting Jillian in this thread

No. 93259

most of us don't hate jill, newfag. actually, most of us used to be fans until she started treating people like shit and using her misdiagnosis as an excuse to be shitty. take your creepy ass to 4chan or some shit.

No. 93293

this person keeps repeating karen as if it meant anything. We know you watch pewdipie, stop. Reeks of maleposting.

No. 93317

Oh yeah baby say it harder now. Tell me you hate more women. Fucking makes my dick hard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 93319

You wanted this baby ;) The internet is for shit posting and sexual desires

No. 93320

You think I’m white knighting her, how cute little girl. Wanna use that mouth for something productive

No. 93323

Said Karen once but I guess Mommy needs to see the manager(samefagging)

No. 93358

Imagine being this sad and thirsty you go to post about your dick on… Pixielocks' lolcow thread. She doesn't even post sexual content, this person's brain is absolutely riddled.

No. 93361

That or it’s Steebie or another wk thinking they’ve found a clever way to disguise their posts.

No. 93362

>assuming Jill has friends, let alone friends in the US she can trust to forward her packages

what she means is she misses shopping in person, it's just that thrifting is now her only outlet for that now that she's gone "ethical"

No. 93378

Oh it’s definitely cuck Steve trying to defend his widdle weeaboo wife lol

No. 93380

I did consider it was him but I thought that might be a reach. But which other human male would venture to this thread?

Also we have been roasting him lately and he is likely very triggered about that.

No. 93385

To be honest it gives me steebiewie vibes too. The harsh tone, dead meme, and talking about his dick. Gives me the vibe as when he copies idubbz or posts angry tweets, and he probably thinks he's clever by doing so

No. 93386

This is only a tinfoil but, you know Jillian built her channel by herself right? And how stevie is seemingly trying to reel the attention from her channel to his
What if eventually he infiltrates little by little on her channel to the point that its 2 people instead of just Jillian? Like with Jeffree Star and Nate, one coexisted with another, or with Shane that you expect to see Ryland with him?

No. 93387


the irony of this person WK jill because "you shouldn't make fun of whaymen" while simultaneously talking about their genitalia and making sexually explicit comments to a board possibly full of women has to be the most paradoxical thing i've seen on the internet in about a month.

No. 93406

Did anyone catch the wk replying woth more sexual stuff around 2-1 hrs ago?

No. 93411

Yup. Just more sluts this, bitches that, and bragging about how he's such a loser when it comes to women, he comes here to jerk his niblet. Oh, you don't know the number of men who come here to do just that. Sluts.

More of the same. I assume he's banned, but will get around it so he can continue trying to prove to himself only unwilling or paid women will talk to him. I mean, that he's superior.

I doubt it's good ol' Steeevie. He's pathetic in a whole 'nother way.

No. 93430

Pathetic like girls who hate follow each other

No. 93439

but you're hate following this board though lmfao retard

No. 93447

File: 1589517743264.png (178.39 KB, 268x262, Capture2.PNG)

We're on lolcow, anon. Can anyone here fault anyone else for keeping track of people who they dislike?

No. 93497

To be fair, none of those are natural to Jill either because she copies other Youtubers - even her signature rainby fringe was copied from that j-fashion girl discussed earlier in this thread.
How realistic is it that she'll find "aesthetic" clothes her size from the 70s though? It really wasn't common to be overweight/obese back then.
Ah, that's unfortunate. I was thinking similarly that she could make some masks from her clothes that no longer fit and sell them to her Confetti Club, but if all her clothes are dingy and dirty (which seems right) maybe it's a bad plan.

No. 93502


No. 93503

she even has that same tacky pink/yellow sprinkles dress that jill has, good lord

No. 93517

Not to blog but fat people aren't a new invention. When I was heavier in high school I leaned hard into thrifting and vintage and retro styles. It takes a lot of effort, knowledge of fashion, and the ability to put an outfit together none of which Jill possesses. Online shopping just adds another level of complication.

Anyway can y'all just ignore and report blatantly obvious trolls in the future?(n1ocurr )

No. 93642

File: 1589597231613.png (266.54 KB, 589x401, 1.png)

Did she just call the wasps… waspies

And why does she have the need to paint her awful bangs on her villager, they look like smears

No. 93646

we need a new confetti cunts/party kei thread asap

No. 93657

Catching wasps is incredibly easy in this game. Just have your net out before you shake a tree. Why brag about this??

No. 93658

Because she must feel special about everything

No. 93670

Bad news for you anon she seems to be doing this baby talk with other things. Also apparently she does curb side pick ups for her plastic anime shit, so much for being *~eco-fwiendwee~* Jill

No. 93671

File: 1589621786052.jpeg (1021.16 KB, 828x1321, CEBEF419-FD75-467B-A6B3-FF5B5B…)

Sorry I’m retarded and dropped my pic

No. 93675

Hard agree

No. 93697


I made a new thread >>93696
I hope it's ok

No. 93895

File: 1589671028671.jpeg (1.76 MB, 828x1450, 476455E1-2A94-4B1F-BC26-24A98E…)

i wonder if her depop likes indicate her upcoming style

No. 93912

I can imagine some of these clothes being cute, but jill is definitely going to style them horribly. I imagine she'll wear the satin robe thing as a cardigan or as a dress with a sweater with it too, ugh imagining her wearing 70's loud I'll fitting granny jammies as regular clothes to go to go ~to a fwends house for DnD~ or ~downtown to thrift for tweasures~ is just sad to me…

No. 93913

I’d be laughing if I didn’t think this was so sad. She’s literally morphing into her blobbiest fans all the way down to crazy mismatched colors and prints. All the confetti cunts are obese and poor asf so they use vintage thrifted duds to dress themselves. Jill used to stand out with brand and being relatively thinner but now she’s one of them. Then again I’m excited to see how she’ll look end of the year

No. 93920

I predict her trying to skinwalk the 60s/70s gang of girls but claiming all her idea and making it neon and tacky. Basically taking what girls like devyn crimson do and absolutely bastardising it. Can feel it coming.

No. 93938

Wasn't she close with Beckii for a minute??? Beckii just posted a few stories recently starting to do a more 70's vibe look or at least dipping into that genre.

No. 93976

File: 1589713803805.gif (495.83 KB, 500x379, T8tLOL9.gif)

That white trash LeWk! She's going full TPB to honour her Maritime pride.

No. 93980


Pretty much everything listed can be only worn with other basic stuff. Like this eye cancer butterfly shirt can only work as a single it piece with some denim jeans and leave it like that. The other thing is that most of the things will be either too tight and small for her or too big which makes her look bigger than she already is.

No. 93993

Ngl I think that yellow jumpsuit is cute. But Jill would definitely ruin it by throwing on even more neon and probably clashing patterns.
Some of them could be cute if she knew how to style items as a statement piece. Make it the main piece that catches your eye instead of wearing even more statement pieces.

No. 94002

File: 1589728459761.jpeg (879.47 KB, 1125x1783, 3D4A66EB-8DD9-4E92-B034-81C00A…)

i think jill doesn’t realise that a lot of these clothes only look good on super skinny models. the tweety pie dungarees are just going to make her look like an oversized toddler

No. 94012

Honestly 90% of these clothes will make Jill like an ABDL roleplayer.

No. 94030

No. 94040

File: 1589736573593.jpg (484.69 KB, 1366x768, jilllll.jpg)

No. 94058

She's so much more tolerable when she's doing the voice over, I wish all her sew-with-me vlogs were just voice over with zero face cam.

No. 94059

File: 1589738888358.png (1.07 MB, 1356x754, Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 1.07…)


i will still never understand how her style got like this. i started watching her when she described herself as "princessy elegant sweet" and how do you have this kind of downfall

No. 94068

In this video she says she didn’t want to take the class about her “favorite” style of beret because it looked “too physically taxing”. Wow she really is passionate about fashion huh?

No. 94070

because she's got bOrDeRLinE pErsOnaliTy diSorDer and she is owning it!!1!1!

she's so delusional. it's literally just a downgrade feat her gaining weight, but you know she tries to make herself feel better about it by claiming it's her nonexistent bpd to blame. people jump on a diagnosis and use it to justify abandoning all efforts of improvement. besides wasn't she cutting and with an ed and uwu depressed when she was normal and dressed nice? how is she gonna blame a relapse on the absolute physical trainwreck she's become?

No. 94084

poggers jill emote for when steve becomes a basement streamer?

No. 94104

God that screencap looks like Shayna

No. 94108

File: 1589748145234.png (394.92 KB, 575x646, bloomin pants.PNG)

No. 94114

roast me if i’m being an armchair psychologist but the more i learn about pixie, the more i think she’s autistic. the mimic of speech patterns, the obsession with childish non threatening aesthetics and interests, the very intense fashion obsessions (alternative to lolita to now),
the weirdly close relationship she has with her mom (invited her mom to her birthday party to meet her friends? what 20something does that lol)(armchairing)

No. 94121

Sage perhaps but I absolutely agree tbh. I think she was misdiagnosed as bpd. Usually women are misdiagnosed.(armchairing)

No. 94123

File: 1589751380918.png (362.62 KB, 760x986, Screenshot_20200517-173525.png)

Not to mention she admitted to chewing plastic as a kid, along with her childhood phase of eating a chair…

No. 94156

agree i think she is autistic and either has been misdiagnosed or isn't telling us because maybe thats a "yucky" diagnosis to her. BPD is far more stigmatized, and would cover her ass (in her mind) for her distasteful behaviour so she may not even be seeking to see if she was misdiagnosed even if she suspects shes autistic.

No. 94161

I'm actually interested on how these things are autism signs? I mean she might be just weird. But I agree that taking her mom to her birthday party and her mannerisms seem off
How is changing her fashion an autistic thing, too?
I'm legit asking as I know nothing about autism diagnosis

No. 94168

An autism diagnosis in women is much harder to detect due to women being more social then men. The main symptoms of autism are little to no reaction to social stimuli/struggles with social cues (Jill has mentioned being unable to express herself emotionally). Obsession/s with a particular hobby or interest (for Jill, when she gets into an interest, she gets into very deep, reading up on every little thing), sensory overstimulation such as not liking particular smells/food/colours/clothing (for Jill this would be the fact that she only eats chicken tendies/has a limited pallet) (look at her 1st Japan trip)(armchairing)

No. 94171

To be fair, if she is on the spectrum, she's on the less severe side. What would previously have been called aspergers, until they got rid of that diagnosis and put everything on the autism spectrum.
It's hard to know for sure based only on what she presents online. A lot of it would depend on how she acted as a child in regards to socialization and such.

No. 94173

Which is ironic since people expect those with BPD to get better since it's a developed disorder while you're born with autism and it takes a while to learn/pick up on social ques.

Chewing is a common stim for those with autism. Her obsessiveness with the style changes is a huge indicator too. she doesn't just change her wardrobe she changes every aspect of her life to fit what ever aesthetic she's following. A lot of times people with autism develop co-dependent relationships with their caretakers because doing average adult things can be overwhelming/overstimulating, even to those on the more functional end of the spectrum.

No. 94175

I always remember her inviting her mum to her birthday party as being really weird. I understand that some people have joint family+friend parties for big birthdays like 18ths, 21sts and maybe even 25ths or 30ths, but it’s usually the whole family and extended family (if you’re close with them). It strikes me as so bizarre because surely in your 20s your realise you don’t have to introduce your parents to your friends

No. 94176

Isn't changing your entire identity or style a bpd thing though? What's the difference?

Do you have anywhere where I can do some futher reading?

No. 94180

… google?

No. 94181

Can you really just trust a google search when it comes to mental illness though?

No. 94198

what, rather than anonymous posters? just google it and read some reputable websites

No. 94221

By that logic Taylor R, kotakoti, Beckii Cruel, and half the OG kawaii flake crew in their mid 20s all have bpd lol. People change styles. Japanese kawaii fashion speifically has fallen out of fashion. And sometimes you downgrade into a cringey whale because you no longer fit into kawaii clothes and watched too many Emilia Fart videos. But that's humiliating and hard on your self esteem. And when you're too lazy to get better you latch onto muh mentew iwness uwu to feel better about yourself. Especially one as severe as bpd. Just like Simply Kenna latched onto autism to excuse her behavior and attempt to accuse people of ~ableism~ for dragging her for being a bully and a self-absorbed dick.

Nothing about Jill screams bpd. It's a nightmarish disorder that can make you treat the ones around you like shit and push you into things like drugs, unsafe sex, unemployment, and financial ruin. On social media? Historically, it turns you into a ~cancelled~ dickhead and/or a global laughingstock trainwreck JUST like Trisha Paytas. Just like bipolar disorder sent Britney Spears and Kanye West into bizarre nervous breakdowns the world mocked and laughed a them for.

We never got anything close to that with Jill. We would've seen symptoms of her having bpd long before she sought treatment for it. And yet her downgrade started specifically AFTER she got diagnosed with bpd and began treatment.

No. 94247

If she’s going for this new aesthetic she should go back to being blonde. Having rainbow pink hair will def ruin the aesthetic she’s going for and will clash so much

No. 94249

>before she sought treatment for it
kek she never sought treatment. she says herself she's not in regular therapy, let alone CBT or DBT. and she's been on the same meds for a decade and they obviously don't work anymore. she sought a diagnosis, not treatment. sage because no one cares lol

No. 94250

This video is QUITE long but it is an actual psych seminar on diagnosing autism in women. Basically, similar to schizoid personality disorder, autistic people tend to wear bizarre clothes they find 'comforting' and/or practical over fashionable. Women with autism tend to feel like a fraud or alien when they have to dress formally (or if they enjoy dressing formally, in a way that is outside of their typical style for an event). As children, they tend to try to memorize social interaction by getting dolls to recreate and re-enact social scripts (conversations and body language) they learnt they throughout the day, as opposed to fantasy-based play.

But nonetheless, autism takes many structured interviews to diagnose. This process takes hours to ensure that it's not better explained by Schizoid personality, social anxiety, or other disorders with overlapping symptoms. It's possible Jill is just a weird and maladjusted adult due to whatever variety of factors, no diagnosis necessary.

Sage for medfagging and armchairing.(armchairing)

No. 94257

it is cute, but one thing it and all these other clothes have in common: they won't suit jills body type for half a second. she's going to look stumpy and fat(ter) in all of them, if she even fits..

No. 94258

Thanks for the explanation anon.

No. 94261

Did she post the measurements for that hideous shirt she made, because you could input all that into a body visualiser and see if you think those are honest measurements

No. 94264

So she didn't even show herself wearing the berets?! Probably because they'd look like huge fluffy caterpillars on her 'noggienognog'…

No. 94265

in the first part of the video she recorded her zoom meeting, I wonder if she got permission to do this? Isn't there some sort of law about recording people without their knowledge? If I was in her class meeting I probably would be uncomfortable with the idea of the meeting being shown in a youtube video. She could have blurred out the screen or even skipped over this since it wasn't even interesting.

No. 94271

They probably looked like shower caps on. They looked way too big and lacked any kind of structure (I think due to her poor fabric choices).

No. 94326

This was the first video in a while that I didn't have to click off of. She actually looks ok in that dress and with her vomit bangs out of her face, it makes her look at least a little younger. Pissed he didn't get to see her ugly beret on, like the said. Oops for sperging.

No. 94449

I came here literally to check if anyone else had an issue with it, how hard is it if you want to record to blur out their faces or just don’t record the laptop screen? I’ve seen people vlog their “quarantine college day” and have Zoom calls but they just record before and after the call, I dunno it just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. I hope she asked in advance but knowing Jill that’s not too likely

No. 94460

File: 1589851683092.jpg (63.93 KB, 972x671, no1curr.JPG)

sage because this is the spergiest thing i've ever done on this site but i'm wayyy taller than jill so i have no frame of reference for whether she's lying or not. waist and hip measurements taken from the pants, bust measurement from that abomination of a shirt. i'm not sorry…

No. 94467

it’s not technically illegal to record people in public but I don’t know how it works with zoom calls. Here in the states though it’s against copyright laws to record and distribute college lectures because the college owns the rights to it. I imagine the same laws apply in Canada.

No. 94469

The inseam on the pants is 25 inches, and those worked when she had platforms on. I think her inseam is more like 23 inches. She should be a lot stumpier.

No. 94485

File: 1589857076451.jpg (415.84 KB, 1080x1107, Screenshot_20200518-215601_Ins…)

Is this one of you anons trolling lol

No. 94487

To be fair, this is exactly what I expect out of the average confetticlub member

No. 94505

Crying, even after its explained I had to stare for a good minute to work out what was what. End me

No. 94511

I thought that was a wonky pineapple omg

No. 94605

it's…not a pineapple?

No. 94629

Not usually one to shit on people’s art as we all have to start somewhere, but uh they might not be ready to enter a tattoo contest lmao

No. 94661

Has she not been taught anything about textiles yet? I know it's a fucking arts and crafts college, but you'd think the professor would at least explain to her why certain fabrics won't work for her design.
How deluded do you have to be to think you know better than your fucking professors when it comes to knowledge of working with the medium YOU chose to study?

No. 94703


I didn’t think he would do it

No. 94720

and he continues making obnoxious videos looking like a pedo

No. 94731

fucking hell what an edgelord. i wonder how jill feels about these videos? i actually just assume that until he specifically calls out consumerism, mental health, or obesity, she doesn't care. but this isn't very uwu positive. couldn't get through it either.

No. 94734


No. 94735

I'm not too sure who his target audience is bc it cant be Jillian's right? it's not edgy or controversial enough to have an edgy commentary channel kind of audience (that's the vibe I feel like he's trying to go for but I could be wrong). Either way, I haven't seen her promote his content so that in itself speaks volumes.

No. 94755

Why is he putting out these kind of videos first and not the movie stuff he mentioned? Like most creators in the commentary circle usually, jeez I don’t know, commentate on current events on YouTube? I know some go into personal stuff but not right out the gate like Steve is doing, like anons have mentioned, he’s definitely trying to mooch off being Jill’s bf for views

No. 94761


ew he looks just as greasy as Jill.. hat means not having to wash hair, right?

No. 94790

especially when it’s about how he developed a porn addiction - it’s your second video dude that sort of reveal is saved for when you’ve got no more content and you need to shock people

No. 94809

Maybe it just proves that they’re both narcissists lol. He probably thinks what he’s doing is a new take on commentary YouTube but like no one knows who he is or gives a fuck. He’s most known for being Jill’s tendie slave why doesn’t he try building an audience by talking about more well known events than his personal life?

No. 94812

>pedo aesthetic
>talking about porn addiction in second video

He came across a lot better before his venture on Youtube. This is embarrassing.

No. 94819

I actually kind of sympathised with him when he was still Gay Spike but now he’s becoming more cringe than Jill.

No. 94862

File: 1589995013099.jpg (1.04 MB, 2048x1475, pixlr_20200520140952075.jpg)


Speaking of the tattoo contest, I believe we already have a winner? It's the only design that she commented on (and with such praise) and she only liked the designs by this artist, aside from 2 others.

This is such a bad PR move , Jill lol at least pretend you give a bit of a shit for the other sped entries, since they pay you for just existing.

Ngl tho, this is probably the best design so far I actually think it's pretty cute, so I don't blame her for liking this one better, she just should hide it better before the deadline rolls kek

No. 94870

This tattoo is going to look like a huge mess if it's not done by someone whose style matches this.

No. 94896

so itll match the rest of her tattoos?

No. 94928

>i would love to be tattooed by you one day
>username has "tattoo" in it
maybe she's actually just accidentally commissioning a tattoo for real and she'd get it done by the artist who made it? it would be pretty cringe if she picked this design- something an actual tattoo artist made- and then ran to someone else to get it shittily done

No. 94938

This looks like a Laura anunnaki knock off

No. 94946

Those colors are hideous on white, going to be even worse on skin
That hot pink with the mint is gross, then again at least it isn’t a crayon scribble
How tacky of her to only comment on that, the other entrees must feel pretty shit

No. 94950

Unless it's huge, that tiny little peep is going to look like a bright yellow blob.

No. 94972


is it just me or is including the youtube logo in the design super tacky? We all know Jill is a narcissist, and prob already goes around spouting off that she's a youtuber before she can say her own name. This just feels like too much.

Also, I agree with >>94950
That peep is gonna look like it was fried in a microwave if it's rendered so small.

No. 95032

The artist seems to be decent, but despite that this piece looks unfinished, she seems to work on an iPad but still some of the pearls overlap into each other and some of the spaces between the heart and pearls aren't even colored in. Pixie just likes it because it's shiny and way too bright

No. 95049

File: 1590057621559.jpeg (2.67 MB, 2048x1534, 80F64AB9-6778-44CB-A68B-C6429E…)

Sage for sperging. These hearts with the pearl surround and dangling chains are a staple of hers, the only difference is this girl put the heart upside down though Laura does so many of these there is probably an upside down heart gem somewhere in her portfolio, when she started doing this style it wasn’t a thing anyone else was doing. It’s kind of shady imo since the artist will definitely know who Laura is and Jill knows and follows her

No. 95053

I've seen quite a few tattoo artists on Instagram who do this gemstone heart surrounded by pearls idea so it's not original in the slightest, no idea who did it first though.

Perhaps the artist from >>94862 used the upside down heart in reference to Spinel from Steven Universe? Since Jill seems to be obsessed with that character bc bpd representation uwu

No. 95065

Saged for rambling. Laura has been showing them on social media since 2013 (She May have been doing them and not uploading to insta before then) and it’s her signature at this point and she is famous on the scene for her style, it has been imitated by other people sure but that doesn’t make it less suss, tattoo copying is very frowned on and that one is just too similar to pass that test. Jill knows Laura’s work and says she wants a piece from her so getting a cheap imitation isn’t a good look. Looking at this artists profile she is pretty new and most of her tattoos aren’t this style, the ones that are most of them look like imitations of pieces or concepts done by other Kawaii tattoo artists, there is zero originality which really isn’t a promising trait in an artist in any medium.

No. 95068

I'm pretty sure in Jillian's recent tattoo video she talks about wanting to someday be tattooed by Laura and how she always pesters her on Instagram about coming to Canada. If she picks >>94862 as the winning design (which is a blatant rip of Laura's art style) would it not be a bit awkward if she ever does get tattooed by Laura?

No. 95069

Man, if this copycat's submission wins…. nothing like getting paid, what like, $200 for practically copying someone else's work.

No. 95110

Sage for blog
Being a professional illustrator myself I was actually really looking fowards this contest. But the way she already picked up a winner is so shitty and scummy, even more because she's only paying 200 to an amateur who copied the design.

No. 95128

Are you the scribbly pinapple submission >>94485

No. 95133

Wasn't jill, only a month ago, crying about tattoo copying?? If she decides to go with this piece how will she explain that its a knock off.