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File: 1663977013909.jpg (793.22 KB, 2034x2045, breastplatetroon.jpg)

No. 1655909

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No. 1655935

i wish the shop teacher tranny happened a few weeks later. i don't know if canadian schools let kids have enough fun to do a costume/Halloween day, but imagine dressing up as ridiculously as that tranny especially as a female student (extreme mode: as a fellow teacher) and then being sent home for it while he is a "protected gender identitty" kek

No. 1655941

File: 1663979223671.gif (948.06 KB, 500x281, 4367626fe514e0b1b4ef33cf54c435…)

Everyday is Halloween in that school either way.

No. 1655949

Sort of OT but I see a lot of troons using the 4chan incel terminology of women hitting the wall (always at like 20) and thinking they’re exempt from it as if twink death isn’t real. Men age like shit. It will never freak me out how many men are fucking pedophiles and open about it.

No. 1655958

kek why did someone use a meme about a real woman as threadpic and not the agp teacher instead

No. 1655959

tinfoil but it was probably a tranny. theyve made threads in the past and admitted to it before

No. 1655963

they probably think selfsabotage and self hatred makes them more feminine

No. 1655968

Canucks protesting breastplate-kun. Looks like a decent crowd.

No. 1655969

File: 1663980989275.jpg (102.75 KB, 588x662, canucks standing up.jpg)

pic of the Twitter link. sage for samefag

No. 1655975

where’s the real woman? are we talking about this thread pic or another one?

No. 1655983

there was another thread that got locked with a girl as the image and a stupid name, if you go in the catalogue you can find it.

No. 1655987

File: 1663982421711.jpg (58.45 KB, 720x634, 7172649q0937728292.jpg)

> when you finally realize what shit is happening around you

No. 1655996

File: 1663983012053.jpeg (485.16 KB, 828x1246, 1663980488676.jpeg)

Pulled from the KF thread. How can you tell the difference? What if this is an true MtF? Why can't you call "her" out for being inappropriate? Why does the community need to divorce from "her" entirely? Why is your fetish lifestyle more valid than "her's"? The "no true trans!" argument, same as we saw with the Loudon School rapist. Bad optics, disowned. Great community.

No. 1656000

And the People of Walmart don’t just appear at Walmart anymore.

No. 1656002

Something that makes me hate the retarded moid tranny is that his cult friends are defending him by saying shit like
>oh, women have big breasts, why can't a man have them as well?!!?
And it's infuriating because a woman doesn't suddenly wake up and says "I will have ridiculously big boobs" and then puts on a breastplate with gigantic boobs to go to work. A woman doesn't just chooses to have ridiculously big breasts, and if she just got them, she couldn't just take them off at home the next day and go back to work like nothing happened.

No. 1656010

I can't believe any student would want to take that class willingly with that abomination of a man as a teacher. It's uncomfortable as hell and I'm not there to see that fetishist in motion.
>A woman doesn't just choose to have ridiculously big breasts, and if she just got them, she couldn't just take them off at home the next day and go back to work like nothing happened.
This is how you know that these TiMs are just trying to wear a woman costume. It's revolting as hell and disgusting how they try to cheapen womanhood. They will never be women and I wish them nothing but tragedy.

No. 1656013

Always the annoying Blair white “one of the good ones” types. You’re all mentally ill crossdressers please stfu.

No. 1656017

File: 1663985230302.jpeg (144.67 KB, 531x1004, CD37A795-F2CC-40E5-80CB-369075…)

No. 1656033

Literally nothing sounds familiar, no. And as a romance book lover if there's a trope I hate is the "her breasts hardened in arousal" it's such a male thing to write. What even is that thing about feeling arousal as a unit that tims always rave about? They're hopelessly insane. Also mind orgasms?? Arousal that just doesn't go away so they need to be careful? Literally what?? They think we're aliens, there's no other explanation, we're a foreign species to them, males are so ignorant about womanhood that even as they skin walk us they can't even begin to comprehend us, so they make up all these mythical stories, like the female orgasm, periods without the need of a uterus, and the hardening breasts, everything is so penile to them. It wouldn't surprise me if a tim started saying with full conviction that he stopped shitting after starting hrt.

No. 1656037

File: 1663986603313.png (1.07 MB, 883x969, trash.png)

>Yeah omg I’m starting to realize that maybe I’m pretty? People just hand out compliments to me. Like go out of their way to tell me I look good.
>people want to sleep with me, and that’s all they want
That's because they're chasers that want to fuck a tranny, Daniel, not because you're uwu pretty, you daft scrote

No. 1656046

How are they so delusional that they believe a feminizing "pic switch" filter changes their appearance in real life kek
Only chasers will find him attractive and the only reason why they want to have sex with him is because this troon is a man too.

No. 1656048

>A building awareness of all the skin on my body as a whole unit, instead of pieces in distinct areas
The autism is palpable

>It wouldn't surprise me if a tim started saying with full conviction that he stopped shitting after starting hrt.
KEK I can see that happening

No. 1656070

File: 1663989651611.png (438.97 KB, 1284x1445, antifaa.png)

Antifa twitterites are protecting Kayla Lemieux.

No. 1656073

File: 1663989907834.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 269.99 KB, 828x1370, A2B39D6C-D5DA-4F95-9CA1-00A3A3…)

sorry for this nonnas but i could not stop laughing when i saw this, it’s just so hilarious how disgusting and deformed their mantits/nipples look all while they post over and over again about how cute or hot they are. the cope is almost impressive

No. 1656074

File: 1663989964937.webm (2.19 MB, 640x360, teb.webm)

Rebel news got previously unseen footage of Kayla, including a video where you can hear his voice.

No. 1656075

File: 1663990117684.webm (157.57 KB, 640x360, ono.webm)

No. 1656084

I do feel bad for the teens who have to deal with this fetishistic creep and may be genuinely uncomfortable. But I also have no doubts that behind his back they probably rip him to shreds and laugh about it as well. That clip to music of him bouncing down the road is hilarious. The boobs don't even register as boobs anymore. They're lower than his belly button and just look like tumors.

Sometimes I wish I had even a fraction of their confidence. I really do. But what they have crosses the line into shameless.

No. 1656088

barreling through the halls like a linebacker

No. 1656092

of course he's using a horrendous falsetto voice

No. 1656099

all the trannies on twitter are saying "it's fake, it's staged, just a troll created to make us look bad!" and the entirety of left leaning twitter is just buying it and leaving the situation even more convinced trannies are the victims. Even after THIS. All it takes is for a man in a dress to say it and everyone accepts it as truth. There's no hope, is there?

No. 1656103

File: 1663994846822.png (508.54 KB, 595x352, tf is this.PNG)

The woman at 1:04:49 claims that breastplate-kun/the shop teacher has a pedo symbol on a shelf of his classroom, is she talking about this thing in pic related?

No. 1656107

File: 1663995256787.jpg (80.04 KB, 749x1196, CyHB5QMUQAAfFJH.jpg)

Probably. It looks vaguely like a pedo logo.

No. 1656112

>Generic art student Spiral is now a pedo symbol.
>antifa is now involved
Now we just need the Q-anon people and it's Wi-Spa 2.0.

No. 1656115

has to be body modification, right? no way this grew on it's own. imagine having your nipples swell so bad and still continuing hrt

No. 1656116

It's HRT. Some men grow weird tube boobs when they take it. This one had a particularly bad reaction to hormones.

No. 1656120

File: 1663996176846.jpg (84.45 KB, 768x1024, oSQfatIYu-EAxMfkZowgDqG7yA-0EW…)

Antifa's involvement isn't surprising. Many accounts are run by troons.

No. 1656123

File: 1663996509608.png (366.73 KB, 656x702, 238747328.png)

No. 1656126

nah i only see trannies themselves saying it's staged. people who live in the area are livid

No. 1656134

the way I screamed

No. 1656147

File: 1663998074927.jpeg (182.05 KB, 750x465, 8F8C4BE7-5CDF-4265-B017-1261CE…)

terfs aren’t saying any of that, YOU are saying you consider women inferior due to our bodies and implying they only exist for reproduction and the sexual gratification of men.

No. 1656148

literally what radfem has EVER said this lmfao

No. 1656151

God I hate what they've done to antifa. Unpopular take here I know but I swear they used to be made up significantly by trots who tended to be TERFy and MLs who were just not having that bourgeois degen shit. Twitter then turned it into an aesthetic and it became a fucking joke. Surely a psyop to castrate the left literally and figuratively.

No. 1656152

lmaooo the most popular slogan of the entire GC movement is literally just
>women: adult human female

If we ever mention female body parts or behaviour it's because TRAs force us to argue the universally known, instinctively understood, completely obvious fact that men cannot be women. It shouldn't take any further explanation, but they use woke sounding word salad and play dumb and refuse to take no for an answer, and eventually we get railroaded into being more specific with our discussion of the female experience.

No. 1656159

>>railroaded into discussion

Which they then co-opt to try even harder to pretend.

No. 1656166

File: 1664000537505.png (191.68 KB, 1004x1715, troon collage 1.png)

fat troon describes how orgasms feel after starting HRT, part 1 and 2
some highlights:
>Sometimes it felt like I was being dragged around by my penis, like a predator in search of prey.
>The ache settles into my perineum and the back of my scrotal cavity, where my vagina would be. This is usually accompanied with moisture along the penile shaft, which typically comes with an increase of odor.
>My fingers and toes curl, and my pelvic and abdominal muscles start to buck on their own. My breasts will swell and my nipples will become rigid.

No. 1656167

File: 1664000642289.png (92.08 KB, 985x822, troon collage 2.png)

part 3!
>At it’s worse I find myself desperately wanting someone to molest me and just use me, and it can feel painful at times, because there just is no way for me to satisfy that itch.
>Around 11 months I started to notice cyclical period symptoms, and part of that is a libido spike right before my period (which I mark by the onset of a depressive episode), and right in the middle of my cycle, around day 14-16, when my body is trying to induce an ovulation that obviously can’t happen.
>Touch down there feels so good, and it responds to oral exactly like cunnilingus. It smells like a vulva, the skin feels like a vulva, and from the right angle it actually looks like a vulva.
>And yet, it still is nothing like how it once was, because this is no longer a male penis, it’s a girldick. It doesn’t get hard enough for penetration (we’ve tried), it doesn’t enjoy being stroked (the skin is too thing and tears easily). It wants pressure, it wants vibration, it wants slick skin against slick skin.


No. 1656168

is this that pudgy black dude from the last thread

No. 1656169

File: 1664000726295.jpg (26.17 KB, 400x400, fat lol.jpg)

this is what he looks like if you're wondering

No. 1656170

File: 1664000800129.jpg (460.72 KB, 1536x2048, anotha one.jpg)

okay im done. i just had to share this kek

No. 1656183

File: 1664002035612.jpg (61.2 KB, 750x931, FdTsyQhaUAAx_sd.jpg)

No. 1656187

Sounds like lycantrophy tbh he's turning into a werewolf

No. 1656191

Ffs, sage for a blogpost, but the visage of a troon looking at me while wearing the exact same shirt I'm wearing while scrolling the tread was kind of uncomfy. Go back to trashy Lolita dresses/pleasers.

No. 1656192

truly, it is bold for a tranny to wear something that exposes their man shoulders

No. 1656199

File: 1664004183804.png (5.25 MB, 2366x1537, curvyandtrans.png)

Found this on his IG, him and his wife. He's wearing rainbow sandals here >>1656170 and she's wearing rainbow socks in picrel. You just know they call themselves lesbians.

No. 1656204

File: 1664004694026.png (409.1 KB, 590x676, oppaisen.png)

No. 1656205

File: 1664004701600.png (2.32 MB, 1501x1490, curvyandtrans2.png)

And another clearer pic of them. She's got a lot a lot of grey roots in the first one, but some go grey earlier than others. Here she looks significantly younger than him though, appears to be at least a 15-20 year age gap. The child is blurred out in the background of this pic >>1656169 but seems like he's 8-10, so knock that age plus at least a few years to get an idea of the woman's age when she got trapped into all of this. This guy is a creep.

No. 1656207

everytime I learn these ogre's are married and have kids, I just stop taking Incel complaint about not being able to find a gf seriously, cause of this >>1656205 guy could find someone who is willing to be with him, why can't they

No. 1656213

File: 1664006117669.png (242.25 KB, 575x510, sav.png)


Couldnt find the original video on youtube, I seriously wanna puke.

No. 1656214

>i-i-its just one bad apple, pls dont hate us!
oh? like how troons harassed women's rape shelters, vandalized them & got them shutdown in the past decade? Or the countless cases of harassment toawrds lesbians for saying "no"? Or perhaps how legit pedophiles with criminal records just so happen to crawl into lgbt youth groups in positions of power? And censor everything so victims can't communicate with each other or express greviances towards their protected class abusers?

I've been sick of it since ~2015. They had so much time to "clean house" yet they were complicit to everything. Hope more people peak and see these scrotes for what they truly are.

No. 1656215

not that it matters in the sense that we all know this guy is a fetishistic misogynist who gets off on exhibitionism etc but this is obviously pitched, right? the sound just seems off. so if he was speaking without the pitch being altered it would be even more falsetto?

No. 1656217

do you mean the student’s voice being distorted?

No. 1656221

Women including theirs leads to discrimination, of course, men don't care nor understand this. Instead, as usual, it's mens feelings > womens safety and fairness.

No. 1656228

In the past few years I've noticed a sharp increase in the number or women using they/them pronouns who don't exactly come off as the attention seeking sort, and I'm convinced that these women are desperately trying to avoid this sort of harassment and discrimination from men.
Of course there's no winning. Hyper misogynistic men who aren't troons will slam them anyway for any use of pronouns, meanwhile the other hyper misogynistic men who have trooned get to use she/her while real women can't.

No. 1656230

I've noticed this happening a lot at my work from my peers and supervisors putting their 'preferred pronouns' in the email signatures and on their name badges. Hilariously enough its only the cis people that do this. None of the Trans or enby folk do. I also work in a medical field so why they chose to do this, I do not understand. If the company makes this a requirement I will sue for forcing me to disclose I am a biological woman and it's not anyone else's concern

No. 1656231

i don't think the teacher's voice is pitched, only the kids. presumably to protect the identity of those recording/in the video.

No. 1656240

>being horny like a woman
>pressure and pulsing of my penis

No. 1656242

File: 1664013666601.jpeg (72.83 KB, 500x500, 6BE5FDBB-11EF-45F2-83C5-DBECBF…)

So there’s this popular internet musician called Sewerslvt. I immediately could tell it was a tranny - autistic electronic music with super porn imagery. It’s really disturbing to see men call themselves sluts. The best part is he was a former /pol/ racist.

No. 1656243

File: 1664013843661.jpeg (16.86 KB, 550x300, B1007DD0-9A2B-482A-B921-8B5033…)

Does anyone else think Tonetta was at the forefront of AGP?

No. 1656245

His name is a reference to that Japanese girl who was tortured and murdered by a bunch of scrotes. He also included real CP/mutilated children in his album art. I'm sure there's even more to dig up about him. Apparently no one cares thought because troons can do whatever they want.

No. 1656246


Didn't he used to use pictures of murdered children in his videos? Edited, but you could still tell what it was. Or he wrote about murdered children? Or was that the 4Lung pervert or whatever

No. 1656247

I’m usually desensitized to edgy moid art, but that really feels like something beyond that, like really fetishizing it.

No. 1656248

Iirc he even use to use that girl's name as an alias before he started using sewerslut, too. The info I saw was on kf, but it's down so I can't double check.

No. 1656250

File: 1664014568532.jpeg (213.91 KB, 821x1715, 7DBCBB23-7E01-4C09-979C-B8B779…)

No. 1656254

File: 1664015253466.jpeg (89.11 KB, 806x985, FdV40XdXwAApJWp.jpeg)

>sometimes i cover my head to embrace feminity

No. 1656258

an anon in the last thread posted an archive link to a canadian site with this video on it, and it makes me really sad honestly they seem like really sweet, thoughtful kids who deserve better

No. 1656260

tone deaf for obvious reasons, but also:
>not even covering his head/hair
>neck and wrists visible
those women wish they could "embrace their femininity" (lol) like this

No. 1656263


I've actually been thinking the same. I've tried to talk to other lefties about the fact they've basically got things where during and after wi spa antifa was showing up to harass normal people out of politics instead of fighting the state or fascist. Even if people agree something is wrong in private they aren't going to upset the AGPs running the left now though.

The contrast between antifa pre 2014 or so when it was usually young guys in all black throwing bricks at a bank store front and now where you have them at wi spa shoving around an old lady who doesn't want sex offenders in the changing rooms is insane.

No. 1656266

There's no contrast. Antifa has been attacking normal people and actual dissidents for decades now with little or no cause to do so. They just want to hurt people. Most of them are there to escalate violence to no end but wanting to hurt and kill random people. You simply fall under the wrong team now.

No. 1656268

I embrace his right to wear a full on burka.
I'm glad at least someone is making a couple of bucks selling these videos.

No. 1656269

Nta but true. Moids, left or right, look to form retard militias to feel more powerful and harass anyone against the coom degens.

No. 1656274

both sides are full of feds and are fueled by feds

No. 1656283

I really miss Trump. I'm not an American so I didn't have to deal with, y'know… his policies.

But goddamn was he the final boss of shitposting.

No. 1656286

worth noting most people who self-identify as antifa are muh epic vaush reddit mod anarchist/ancom twitter tranny types - these are mostly teenagers or mentally stunted adults and everyone else i know who’s lefty in a marxist sense just makes fun of them lol

No. 1656287

sorry for a-log but i wish he gets stoned

No. 1656288

File: 1664020668852.jpeg (174.19 KB, 828x554, 26333AA4-3C39-4AD7-8369-38DAB3…)

samefag, i will not excuse for my a-logging, he truly deserve it

No. 1656291

File: 1664020996208.jpg (122.29 KB, 767x767, channels4_profile.jpg)

Not sure if this has been posted already, but here's the teacher's voice:

No. 1656292

His very existence is an affront to mine. God what I wouldn’t give to a-log loud and proud and public.

No. 1656297

Men are so weird about cats. I know this is kind of stupid, but I really do think there is something to how men can’t respect the boundaries of cats just like they can’t do it with women.

No. 1656299

File: 1664022516076.jpg (198.43 KB, 717x1275, 20220924_092740.jpg)

>be me
>have no idea what homophobic troon is talking about
>realize it's the islam fetishist troon up thread
>search zinna islam on google
>he fucking misspelled it
>homophobic islam fetishist is indeed homophobic islam fetishist

No. 1656300

You’re right and you should say it.

No. 1656301

embed the video in future

No. 1656302

From the thumbnail I thought he'd be designing his oppai.

No. 1656307

>I really do think there is something to how men can’t respect the boundaries of cats just like they can’t do it with women
It's retarded but cats and dogs are even culturally coded as women and men, respectively; cats are girls and dogs are boys.

No. 1656310

File: 1664023561632.jpeg (177.69 KB, 1360x1338, o9UXrIr.jpeg)

Sage because blogpost

Honestly I'm not even angry about this anymore, I'm just sad.
These perverts get to live their coddled perverted, pornsick lives, protected by their workplaces, the media, and big corps, meanwhile women's rights are being eroded before our eyes and if we try to speak up about it we get branded as bigots because we're not being "intersectional" enough.
I wish I could just erase my brain of all of this men-in-black style and go live a comfortable life in a cabin somewhere and never have to see these disgusting people ever again.

No. 1656311

tranny voice aside the all pink google chrome theme is whats really getting me lmao

No. 1656314

incels don't want the kind of women they could realistically get though, like mr. orgasm's wife there. they're hypocrites.

No. 1656317

They don't like not being able to control them like dogs. You can't give orders to a cat, it has to just like you and come to you on its own terms. It enrages moids for some reason. Plus they are literally jealous of cats and that women like them so much.

No. 1656320

Yeah I had to stop visiting this thread because it no longer makes me laugh, it just makes me sad. The absolute state of this planet

No. 1656321

What's the chance he actually IS just trolling? He was supposedly a rather manly/bro type until last year (though it's from unverified sources), and the tiddies are theatrical prosthetics.

No. 1656323

>what's the change he actually is just trolling
you must be new here

No. 1656324

File: 1664025332547.png (2 MB, 1080x1719, emilyv99.png)


No. 1656328

Jesus thats some nasty teeth. And I was ashamed mine are turning yellow but look at this, men are so fucking nasty. And you just know he's gonna spend any money he gets with dumb stuff instead of a dentist
Kek I love this meme I can even hear him

No. 1656329

No. 1656332

File: 1664027151691.png (446.03 KB, 1080x1071, Newgidoz.png)

wow, they continue to act like raging perverts even after they chemically castrate themselves. quelle surprise!

No. 1656335

your fat moobs are not breasts and no one’s breasts swell during arousal, cumbrained pornsick troon. they only swell during menstruation, which he’ll never experience anyway

No. 1656336

a toothbrush wouldn't cut it nonna, you'd need a toilet brush mounted on a power drill

No. 1656338

Ugly moids need putting down

No. 1656340

File: 1664028181466.jpg (91.35 KB, 684x1024, 3borei2msx591.jpg)

An oldie but a goodie

No. 1656344

I don’t know why but my attention span immediately activates my third eye whenever I see pictures of chestplate sensei like i can’t get enough I need more.

No. 1656349

even funnier considering all the TIM Snape headcanons kek

No. 1656350

I really don't think they hate it. It feels like their sneaky way of exhibitionism. They wanna tell people how horny they are but not be called creeps and agps so they say it's soooo horrible. I don't buy it. Moids just love exposing others to their boners.

No. 1656355

Isn't this the guy who spliced audio from CP into his music?

No. 1656359

God, I hope not, that means there are multiple. There’s that guy with the Scorpion album whose name I can’t recall that made an album that is just recordings of it.

No. 1656360

It is and he named himself after a tortured Japanese school girl who suffered significantly at the hands of degen scrotes. He is literally not human.

No. 1656361

Samefag but looked it up, they’re younger than the scene I remember from the time that was prevalent. I don’t think so, at least I hope not.

No. 1656369

Yeah Pseudoscorpion, at first i thought it was some hoax but this shit is real. it’s fucking unbelievable that he hasnt been put in jail

No. 1656370

Actually, it isn’t. Pretty hefty accusation there. The album you are thinking of is Pseudoscorpion by Zenjin, which you can’t listen to on clearnet. Also is this even someone who has actually transitioned or is this another case of “mediocre electronic musician who lives as a man with no intention if being anything otherwise pretending to be a transgender woman online for attention”? Because given the subject matter it really feels that way

No. 1656372

this is fucking horrifying what the fuck

No. 1656374

Most of us are immune. My uncle would get drunk and sing this song like weekly.

No. 1656375

>Also is this even someone who has actually transitioned or is this another case of “mediocre electronic musician who lives as a man with no intention if being anything otherwise pretending to be a transgender woman online for attention”?
does it matter? transitioned or not they're all degenerates or at the very least enabling degenerates. no point in going "no tru trans"

No. 1656376

it reminds me of I feel fantastic, i cant watch it again, it gives me nightmares for some reasons

No. 1656377

There is a distinction and it’s funny to me that in passing comments I’m seeing about this person it’s about how deep and genius they are when their stuff is all regurgitated 2012 edgefag shit for a younger audience. No photos makes me think it’s a moids pet project.

No. 1656378

>moids pet project
of course it is, mtf trannies are moids

No. 1656380

Pseudoscorpion is available on the clearnet, i wont say on which app, but it exists on some p2p shit. it’s horrible but sadly it hasnt been deleted everywhere

No. 1656383

I don’t think you’re grasping the point I’m making since you want to be autistic. My point is that the only reason they receive praise and attention for regurgitating 2012 electronica and visuals is because they’re claiming to be a trans woman, and the same people who are acting like it’s genius would all be upset and stop caping for and defending using the name Junko and cp if it were a garden variety moid.

No. 1656384

The only way you would know it wasn’t a rickroll is if you listened to it. I doubt it’s real.

No. 1656385

File: 1664031763299.jpg (21.87 KB, 500x270, raps_a_1944408_f0002_oc.jpg)

I'm wary of martyr-complex style thinking, that suffering in itself causes a better future, but I think things are changing steadily at a snail's pace. Here's some good news from South Korea, pic related.
Even in countries that treat women and girls like shit, they still recognize who is generally more productive, more caring, less criminal, less violent. Just admitting that husbands, boyfriends, and even sons are a shit investment can change a lot.

No. 1656391

that's true but you're the one who's acting like this is a "man pretending to be a transwoman" as if "real trans" are not absolute degenerates

No. 1656392

nobody here is arguing that lmao stop being a sperg

No. 1656397

I didn’t act like anything, I’m talking about the music enjoyers god damn

No. 1656399

File: 1664032356412.jpeg (99.12 KB, 688x668, B90F8407-84A6-4119-8BC1-9BD4B3…)

he has his own thread on KF, apparently he’s obese as shit https://archive.ph/zmBbQ

No. 1656405

it was the "pretending to be a transgender woman online for attention" phrasing which implies separating the moids from "real transwomen" that made me think you did, if that was not your intention then my bad.

No. 1656423

i wont listen to some fucking cp. it's on soulseek, try it if you want but i'm not dealing with

No. 1656426

No surprise there.

No. 1656433

Oh me either I’m just saying its got to be a rickroll cause there’s no way that shit would stay up for more than a week

No. 1656437

soulseek has no real moderation, bots just delete your acc if you have a bad ratio (peer2peer shit) but idk if people reported it

No. 1656449

Luckily, people always report it.

No. 1656450

how is this good news? this just shows that families prefer to throw all the responsibilities on daughters instead of teaching boys how to be better men. girls have to take care of siblings, single women take care of their parents and once you marry you have to deal with your family, the husband's family and preparations for any holiday. all while men play games, watch hidden cameras and revenge porn footage and go cheat on their wives in room saloons. if you go to any korean female separatism community first thing they will recommend you to do is to cut contact with your family because of how fucked up that is.

No. 1656453

this is when men existed to bring wealth and status to their families (and carry on their family name). it's no longer the case because the social system is vastly different (basically nonfunctional).

No. 1656463

File: 1664035377064.jpeg (462.29 KB, 828x1112, 2A573E40-E16F-4F56-B546-CEA058…)

So, Alex is mad because this mom won’t let the mob groom her kid.

No. 1656466

yes, there's a rumor that buffalo bill was based on him.

No. 1656468

how telling how according to him cutting social media = cutting contact with friends

No. 1656472

he even looks male in his anime filter

No. 1656491

Tonetta is an oldschool AGP. Back then, they acknowledged they were unhinged with a fetish. Nowadays they're unhinged and are surrounded by people to enable delusions which in a way is far crueler than getting them real help

No. 1656497

TBH the best thing for kids these days is to cut down the internet and force them to only talk to other kids their own age. At least that way they they won't have random middle aged basement dwellers of either sex trying to groom them and normalize dysfunctional, life-ruining behaviors.

No. 1656498

Tbh he's right. Forcefully removing your kid from the internet to make then "not trans" most likely won't work and will royally backfire. She'll just pretend to be "detrans" and thank her mum but with friends she'll just make fun of her mum's sad attempts. That or she'll resent her mum a really long time.

No. 1656505

His supreme court justices just allowed states to ban abortion. Fuck you, anon.

No. 1656524

oh this makes sense, ty anon

No. 1656526


Don't really feel like arguing, but I don't really expect kiwi refugees to know since they are mostly right wing. I'm just talking about what I've seen firsthand and there has been a huge shift.

No. 1656527

She's 13, she'll likely find her Aiden phase super cringy in like a year and forget about it. I wish teenagers were still into weeb shit or became emo for a few months and the maximum damage was a few shallow cuts on their arms, these days they're lopping their tits off. The fact people can't see this is a trend is unreal, the way it disproportionately effects teenage girls and autistic men.

No. 1656528

>implying everyone who isn’t right wing supports antifa

No. 1656533

And what would you suggest otherwise? I think that’s the bare minimum and I’d do the same. If my kid hates me for it and never talks to again then fuck them.

No. 1656534

>Muh "thar she blows" ZZZ-cup booba
>Muh erect nipples + protruding Montgomery tubercles
>Muh early 1990s bimbo attire (checks out for someone born in 1981)
>Muh ratty blond wig
>Muh totes girly pink Google Chrome theme, tee hee uwu
>Muh strained falsetto that is on the verge of breaking
>Muh odd forced lisp that sounds less feminine and more like a speech impediment

Allow me to reach for the stars and be charitable for a moment: this sounds like a midlife crisis. Did his wife leave him in the last year or something and now he is left cosplaying as his "ideal" caricature of a woman in order to "cope"?

Lol, me too.

No. 1656537

NTA but I don't think she was saying she agreed with his policies.

No. 1656538

Idk mom. Forcibly deleting all her social media might make her double down to get back at you. If I were her, I would have dressed up as some embarrassing caricature of a fakeboi and talking about troonery and "dude bro king" shit, even in public too, hoping she'll think it's cringe and stop.

No. 1656539

The internet is really really bad for you especially developing brains that need socialization. It’s the number one trigger for young men to become isolated Nazi shooters

No. 1656545

I'm aware, anon. I'm saying missing anything from Trump is pathetic considering the harm he's done. He's a rapist moid that needs to have a heart attack already.

No. 1656562

I'll take what I can get, as long as mothers start investing more resources into their daughters. Imagine how little traction male feminists and troons would have been able to seize if mothers really did ferociously defend their daughters.

No. 1656563

>"thar she blows" ZZZ-cup booba

Also yes anon, that is exactly what’s happening

No. 1656570

I've read multiple accounts on sites that feature user submitted detransition stories of this exact thing working, but only on ftm. A lot of these children only have a fairweather friend or two in real life that supports them, the bulk of the damage is done in private online communities. The parents completely disconnect them for a few months, leave out documents and studies on the reality of transitioning, engage them in real world activities like camping or hiking, have regular talks with them about how it's normal to be uncomfortable with puberty and if they're girls they can discuss feminism and how uncomfortable it is to be female in a sexist society. The parent has to be extremely knowledgeable in the reality of trans "healthcare" for it to work though. You can't argue with pictures of neopenises kek. Again, this only seems to work with ftm, probably because they're motivated by sexism and not pornsickness, and also because it only seems like mothers care enough to try and do something about it.

No. 1656574

mom is just as internet poisoned if she's grandstanding about this lazy parenting move to her twitter followers. if she has a phone and internet access of any kind (which are givens for a 13 year old now), the social media will come back. she needs her time filled up so she cant sit alone in her room and scroll, and she needs to talk to her kid about why she feels that way.

No. 1656576

File: 1664043971278.jpg (72.39 KB, 474x576, th-2201400788.jpg)

kek same, breastplate guy is so over the top ridiculous to me, he's like something from a cover of Weekly World News or something

No. 1656581

File: 1664044573650.jpg (213.24 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_mebcyj25NR1rlo1q2o1_128…)

He's Mrs.Garrison but IRL.

No. 1656583

File: 1664044710099.png (236.01 KB, 1024x1024, tumblr_inline_p1z2882zmX1vucrx…)

Welcome to America, pick your political party!
Republicans: Women are property, we know what women are because we own them.
Democrats: Women are a costume and we cannot define a woman when the cameras are on us.
The Patriarchy put on a dress and people just fell in line. My so-called feminist friends are too concerned with not hurting feelings to realize it. It's like. You've seen the nigthmare on elm street. Where they think they've beaten freddy but in reality, they're still dreaming? This is what we're living in. They think they beat freddy, but in reality, he just put on a wig and is calling himself Nancy Kriger. AND I FUCKING HATE HOW I TYPED FREDDY IN A WIG AND GOT THIS
Children don't know how to socialize anymore. An entire generation of young men and women who can't hold conversations, randomly do fortnite dance moves , record themselves doing meaningless activities and trying to flex or show off how virtuous they are for other people. You take away a modern child's internet and they go insane, it's just another cradle to the grave addiction.

No. 1656591

File: 1664045264827.png (2.39 MB, 972x1830, c95.png)

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

No. 1656600

I was thinking about how disturbing it is to see zoomers meaninglessly recreate TikToks / reference tiktoks in public without adding anything resembling a joke or relevance to them - it’s so mechanical, in a very scary way.

No. 1656603

honestly, this guy is based for ruining the rest of his movement:

No. 1656609

This motherfucker dresses like a serial killer and he’s allowed to teach children. I guess Canadian parents are too nice to beat the shit out of paraphiliacs who definitely look up their daughters on social media and jack off to their vacation photos

No. 1656610

File: 1664046960551.jpg (374.21 KB, 1499x936, xxv.jpg)

you can't argue that the internet has ruined countless millions of children and exposed them to shit they should never have seen

No. 1656611

its gonna be fucking crazy in like 30 years when the kids who's parents didnt let them online are the only functional adults left lol, im half joking but i really do think there'll be a big divide

No. 1656617

The backlash is already starting, I think. It’s really not normal that young men refuse to get jobs and just play video games and watch porn all day. Even boomer scrotes are freaked out.

No. 1656623

I will not eat the bugs
I will not live in the pod
I will not put pronouns in the bio

No. 1656627

>that feminine feel when u get horny and (checks notes) piece your skin together while licking your teeth and giggling

No. 1656629

This shit is why I don’t let my young kids even touch a fucking iPad. I remember the things I saw online because it was the early 2000s and my poor mom didn’t know how to put up safety controls. Men have ruined the world and continue to piss and shit on the ashes.

No. 1656633

So glad someone made this. I was thinking about this tweet in regards to this troon the other day.
I'll never forgive his ass for his Supreme Court appointments. But yes, his posts could sometimes be funny.

No. 1656635

He bought tissues. I wonder what else.

No. 1656647

It's going to be a real clusterfuck as the boomers die off, and failsons are left to sink or swim. Dating apps are going to be swamped even more with resentful goony beard men looking to become "a stay at home dad" 20 years too late.

No. 1656648

File: 1664049474676.png (32.25 KB, 900x250, Screenshot 2022-09-24 at 15-54…)

Another predditor from the same post. But they're not incels!:

No. 1656653

File: 1664050045535.jpg (156 KB, 938x922, 74848.jpg)

This is what he considers conventionally attractive.

No. 1656654

File: 1664050047481.png (1.69 MB, 828x1246, you know nothing.png)

A few months back when nohijabday was trending I saw this guy for the first time, always meant to post picrel but completely forgot about it until now. I can't believe he still exploits the suffering of women to boost his ugly mug

No. 1656660

Ignore him, the bloke is coping hard because his people would force him to transition to hide gayness from his God and thats it. He's a HSTS who got the short end of the stick by coming from a Muslim background. In any other circumstance he'd just be a random gay man

No. 1656666

No. 1656668

The moron doesn't realize that he got a pay raise because everyone feels sorry for him, or uncomfortable around him so they placate him.

No. 1656672

File: 1664051008578.png (192.59 KB, 2046x1770, ejaculatedinfrontoflasertech.p…)

Jizzed in front of his laser tech. Played the trans card after it happened. Certifiable Yaniv moment:

No. 1656678

File: 1664051488874.jpg (410.25 KB, 1080x1848, part 1.jpg)

He's not the only Muslim MTF, though. Muslim sissification is a whole genre of porn.

No. 1656681

That may be, but at the same time he is threatening other gay men from his own culture, which makes him even more of a massive asshole, and he deserves to be posted here.

No. 1656683

File: 1664051588341.jpg (563.82 KB, 1080x1766, part2.jpg)

No. 1656686

Lube. I'm sure of it. He probably can't wait to get home and jerk off every day after forcing minors to stare at his fake tits.

No. 1656687

yeah but those are mostly white dudes into some weird overly specific raceplay scenario

No. 1656693

big difference between the two, paki is a self hating gay HSTS who is from a sexist country who views gay men as being the same category as women, the other are guys with racial fetish

No. 1656694

i was going to post this before i went to bed but forgot, im glad you did it! Its really shocking the amount of people who think a child not having social media is child abuse. The comments and quote retweets are insane

No. 1656696

File: 1664052912242.jpg (133.63 KB, 980x852, twittere9a706f27ec8.jpg)

I really want picrel related to Mr.Breastplate to be true. If so it could really open a good discussion.

No. 1656698

I see this theory floated around, but other sources say he's been presenting like this for a while.

No. 1656699

kek wtf, will read this masterpiece to my partner as a bedtime story

No. 1656700

no way this is true. men dont “debase” themselves by playing at being a woman unless it’s their sick fetish.

No. 1656701

nta, but most evidence suggests he is a long-time cross dresser that "earnestly" transitioned, not even sure which scenario is worse

No. 1656702

File: 1664053374877.jpeg (378.23 KB, 1170x1015, 33C5C54F-877E-4F0A-BBF9-026B9E…)

They just give award nominations to anybody these days

No. 1656703

Yeah, I'm cynical, he's putting putting himself and others in danger by wearing that plate in workshop just to troll the libs? If so, he's as mentally ill as an agp who unironically wears hentai cosplay to school.

No. 1656718

There's no truth to this post. I was following it on pol and people were asking him to show proof of something. He just posted a ra Don pic of a Toronto subway and then dipped out. I think people are trying to spin the narrative a little too much.

No. 1656719

File: 1664056424541.png (69.06 KB, 383x680, E7WDz8-XIAI8G1x.png)

He got nominated for this incredibly cringe twitter thread: https://twitter.com/Azure_Husky/status/1420177932518137862

No. 1656731

holy shit i cant get through this, it reeks of tumblr speech. and it got nominated?

No. 1656737

kek who would have thought only a few weeks into this shit male npcs have already convinced themselves that probably the most perverted delusional tranny of all time is actually heckin based and redpillederino

>there is no other explanation

kek god dammit

No. 1656739

I think it's more likely the anon who claimed to be a student was an adult troon who has never set foot in Ontario. Kayla Lemieux looks like a legit troon to me, not a larper. Guys like him are a dime a dozen on fetish sites, the difference is that they're usually unemployed.

No. 1656741

Oh, yikes. Thought he does look vaguely like this girl I worked with once who had leathery skin from never wearing sunscreen.

No. 1656748

Men be normal and not grossly sexual about every fucking thing challenge.

No. 1656750

What book that he wrote got nominated? I’m guessing it had some gendercrap in it.

No. 1656778

oh my god, i remember when people would write fake text scenarios for kpop boys on tumblr and they were way more compelling and well written than this, if only jungkookkawaiisluttytexts6969 could have known what opportunities were out there for her

No. 1656781

Hearing his voice I highly doubt it's a troll. He spent hours watching those voice feminization vids. It would take a special type of autism to be that commited to a joke.

No. 1656789

File: 1664060166116.png (60.21 KB, 383x680, E7WHx-AWQAEbrSl.png)

"Screenshots created in AndroidFakeTextMessage.com"

im fucking cackling, at least the girls on tumblr texted themselves to make it look believable, grown men trying and failing once again to achieve artistic depth beyond that of the average 14 year old girl

No. 1656791

GCSE creative writing tier

No. 1656801

also what's wild to me is that if this is supposed to be a serious piece of writing, there are so many better ways to present this - a story in this format that's written by someone who isnt a lunatic and formatted nicely on a well-made standalone website could actually be very tasteful and unique lol, writing it on a shitty fake text site as someone who considers themselves to be a professional writer is just so shoddy and lazy it's unbelievable

No. 1656802

Even if he was dropping redpills I'd take it as a sign of the incel to troon pipeline over 5D chess.

No. 1656818


I checked and it's not on Soulseek right now, so I guess they must've cleaned it up

No. 1656837

Oh, this insane man. Once you see him in motion…he's even more unpleasant to look at and to listen to than you can imagine. Completely repulsive. This is an attempt at asmr where he's pretending to have a period. He does actually believe he has them and the video is him going through that delusion.

No. 1656839

There are a lot of anons popping up on 4chan claiming to be students and many of them offer conflicting narratives. I would take those threads/posts with a grain of salt tbh.

Don't get me wrong, I did consider that this guy was possibly taking the piss or trying to bait the administration into sacking him for a big discrimination pay out. I'm leaning toward him being a genuine AGP because I doubt that a troll would go through the trouble of playing this charade off school grounds and wearing this cosplay in public spaces.

No. 1656842

>trooning out
kek, that fits most poltards too

No. 1656855

I think that if he had really been outspoken about how dumb troon shit is, the one lone former student protestor would have been aware of it.

No. 1656866

"no, there has to be some greater plan! men can't be the bad guys!!!"

No. 1656868

yeah he was going to the public pool by himself to get looks and to leer at kids while wearing the boobs.

No. 1656877

I read that wrong the first time and thought it was about kids being exposed to porn, then I reread it and…oh my god.

No. 1656879

Not removing your kid from the internet when they have have started on this spiral is definitely going to backfire. Part of the grooming is to make them resent and reject any parental resistance no matter how gentle. When the kid is this young and therefore can't really go anywhere else, it's better to try something to salvage their welfare and your relationship.

No. 1656895

Found this link on a tranny subreddit, they're claiming it's legit. The account was made in May and there's only one video uploaded at the same time, seems legit kek.

It's a video of Breastplate-kun explaining how to use a design software, in his breathy boomerhon falsetto

No. 1656905

File: 1664066705540.png (332 KB, 501x841, 1664014016578697.png)

No. 1656909

File: 1664066829775.gif (544.63 KB, 555x913, 1664018528992280.gif)

No. 1656912

File: 1664066924794.png (243.94 KB, 837x714, 1664023641916372.png)

Kayla's deadname may have been found.

No. 1656916

so WHO the fuck is "mr hannah" ????

No. 1656927

If you’re talking about the Snapchat, that was a case of mistaken identity on the part of the student who took it

No. 1656933

>me seeing this bullshit while I am on my awful and painful period
Lord, grant me all the force to not a-log, because I am really trying not to.

No. 1656935

Like a woman who has been murdered and mutilated? Multiple men? What is the state of scrotes? I mean fuck. I should know this is the state of scrotes, but my radfem is coming in fucking strong, anons.

No. 1656945

That dialogue was so unnatural right from the start. I wondered why the replies were so aggressive and then they actually explain it out later on that the trans version is more "assertive". What an artless way to do this.

No. 1656947

Back when bestgore was around, comments under pictures of dead women were always full of coomers. I'm not surprised necro gangbangs are a thing.

No. 1656966

Yeah kek. Just seems like the usual copium of 'Men aren't retarded degenerate coomers, were only pretending to be retarded degenerate coomers!'.

No. 1656968

File: 1664070040077.jpg (34.35 KB, 450x334, hey-baby-wanna-kill-all-MEN.jp…)

No. 1656975


An unhinged TiM who pretends to be a "Chinese-Indigenous born female", he just replies and reblogs all terf shit mainly with fear-monger stuff that the trans movement is doing better and how 'actually the public loves trans people and dont support terfs' to contrary evidence a terf posts.

Also loves to twist abused radfems stories as they are lying and retells them to be the terf abuser who deserves it cuz they dont believe twaw! So much for calling himself a "feminist" who believeallwomen. Also racist and fetishizes asian females and femboys.

Has not been banned for YEARS.
Has alt accounts like tygressoffaera on tumblr and Tia's Truths on twitter, argued with Limpida on twitter before.(imageboard)

No. 1656991

File: 1664072628929.jpg (120.6 KB, 825x1024, 1664000033236854.jpg)

No. 1656998

It looks like his own hair is sliding off his head.

No. 1657019

Wasn’t this posted months ago?

No. 1657063

File: 1664080152851.jpeg (634.33 KB, 1728x1141, E595180E-BA33-49DA-8A44-51159E…)

I was a little concerned when they made Pinhead a woman in the new Hellraiser (because I felt like it was unnecessary since there are actually a decent number of female characters in the previous movies.) But the actor’s a FTM and that actually makes sense. A bdsm demon who tortures it’s victims in hell.

No. 1657064

The raspy ftm voice is actually pretty sinister kek

No. 1657081

You mean MTF? Since that's what I'm getting looking up the actor (Jamie Clayton). Their birth name looks like Sebastian or something? Either way I suppose the original point still stands.

No. 1657087

File: 1664081518079.jpg (468.61 KB, 871x1000, Cenobites novel.jpg)

resposting from the previous thread, in the original novel the cenobites were originally human beings who embraced hedonism, depravity and sensations of the body that they become monstrous demons, the cenobites were so mutilated that it was impossible to tell what gender they were

>Why then was he so distressed to set eyes upon them? Was it the scars that covered every inch of their bodies, the flesh cosmetically punctured and sliced and infibulated, then dusted down with ash? … No women, no sighs. Only these sexless things, with their corrugated flesh.[5]

pinhead specifically is described as

>“Its voice, unlike that of its companion, was light and breathy-the voice of an excited girl. Every inch of its head had been tattooed with an intricate grid, and at every intersection of horizontal and vertical axes a jeweled pin driven through to the bone. Its tongue was similarly decorated.”

and another one

>“Frank had difficulty guessing the speaker’s gender with any certainty. Its clothes, some of which were sewn to and through its skin, hid its private parts, and there was nothing in the dregs of its voice, or in its willfully disfigured features that offered the least clue. When it spoke, the hooks that transfixed the flaps of its eyes and were wed, by an intricate system of chains passed through flesh and bone alike, to similar hooks through the lower lip, were teased by the motion, exposing the glistening meat beneath.”

so cenobites being troons is a perfect fit

No. 1657088

but if I said that these creatures need to be put in cages or put down the I'm the "aggressive bitch feminazi"

No. 1657106

Interesting how that bone structure still reeks of masculinity. I also feel like whoever did casting had to be trolling.

No. 1657114

This is such an autistic post. To start planning a fictional country's politics, infrastructure and civil engineering aspects for your fetish, instead of just the usual sex stuff, that's fucking abstract.

No. 1657166

I think that's "pic STITCH," like, stitching the photos together.

No. 1657173

What are the odds that it was a /tttt/ poster trying to do damage control? Every time an obvious TIM does something deranged, TRAs try to spin the "actually, he's secretly a redpill MRA who is pretending to be trans to make real trans people look bad, or to make fun of true and honest transwimin" story, unless the man in question is undeniably retarded like Chris-Chan.

No. 1657185

>"Being a lesbian is easier than being a straight man for us"
>"I get more dates and sex as a woman"
Literal MRA mindset.

No. 1657188

I've been slinking around on 4chan and caught the tail end of a thread about breastplate chan. In that thread I observed the following:
>troons defending pedophilia
>troons saying mass shooters and mental illness aren't linked to eachother
>troons saying this was just an out of touch tranny who needs a gay teacher to sit "her" down and tell "her" it looks bad, as if it's an ugly haircut or something
>Tucker Carlson specifically set this up
>troons saying fetishistic exhibitionism is ok at schools because they think it's not really pedophile shit unless they rape someone
>"the children are conservatives conspiring together to say the poor trans teacher is making them uncomfortable"
>troons talking about how black people used to not be allowed to have jobs as teachers in white schools
>breastplate chan is an American evangelical Christian TERF agent sent undercover to start transphobic drama
>troons saying breastplate chan was just a regular troon and nothing was wrong
And the final thing:
>a single FtM asking if they would feel the same if she wore a gigantic cock and balls to her job as an English teacher

No. 1657191

I definitely would support more TiMs in horror films, it just fits.

No. 1657192

Unironically they would love it and in a roundabout way we would be getting women more jobs in movies that aren't degrading

No. 1657207

Ironically they're right about the mass shooter thing, but they would never admit to what the actual common links are, since the vast majority of mass shooters are male and cite hating or envying women as a primary motivation. It would be like shooting themselves in the foot.

No. 1657213

They almost have it right but not quite. Incel to troon pipeline is absolutely a thing, there are even a lot of troons who have very publicly admitted to this. Breastplate sensei is just a classic example of it, that's all.

No. 1657214

This is mtf thread, take it to ftm

No. 1657226

this was all in this or the last thread

No. 1657242

you should watch sleepaway camp if you havent.

No. 1657243

Mass shooters generally are mentally ill to some degree. No normal well adjusted mentally healthy person goes out and shoots a bunch of people for any reason

No. 1657257

So it’s like Sandy Hook tinfoiling but by men on the left this time.

No. 1657278

That mental illness is called having retard moid entitlement and ego, XY chromosomes. Men externalize their destructive behaviour, while women internalize it.

No. 1657283

File: 1664104453196.jpg (141.47 KB, 890x580, 879999999.jpg)

No. 1657288

There's trainspotting and then there's troonspotting.

No. 1657292

iirc he used a picture of a little girls body as an album cover

No. 1657301


read any of their manifestos like none of them are out of control or unaware of what they're doing. if mass shooters are mentally ill then so are any other destructive, self centered men. Men literally raped women to the grave via pregnancies in the not so distant past, not to mention make it so no women could avoid being treated like shit by males their entire lives - why would they do that if they weren't faulty by design?

No. 1657308

File: 1664106148764.jpeg (115.47 KB, 750x546, 81E512EE-AD97-421C-B698-22A009…)

No. 1657310

|write schizophrenic, barely coherent manifestos that are deranged and look insane to everyone of both genders
|"read any of their manifestos like none of them are out of control or unaware of what they're doing"

Stop writing retarded Reddit-tier shit, we're better than this

No. 1657312

Nta but why isn’t there any equal amount of mentally ill women committing mass shootings? Why do they try and hide their crimes, criminal insanity considers criminals hiding their crimes as proof they aren’t insane and understand the consequences of their crimes. Stop coping and name the problem, male violence.

No. 1657317

File: 1664107246909.gif (Spoiler Image, 305.96 KB, 220x258, attack-on-titan-funny.gif)

found an abnormal (image is just anime nudity with no genitals)

No. 1657321

who the fuck calls boobs a “rack” anymore

No. 1657322

Please learn to greentext

No. 1657323

File: 1664108279194.jpeg (78.63 KB, 640x828, nametheproblem.jpeg)

> How could MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE do this!
Picrel in real time kek.

Why are these criminals rarely found mentally ill by the police or by a doctor trained to find the signs of mental illness while on trial?

No. 1657335

File: 1664110176673.png (22.76 KB, 653x518, Screenshot 2022-09-25 08.48.04…)

hmm (oh wait your picrel was from 2019) but is that a tranny with the nerve to talk about males being the problem? I can't really tell from the tiny pic, could go either way.

No. 1657338

retarded tinfoil tbh

No. 1657340

No. 1657345

Touch grass. If you can't see a woman without thinking she's a tranny you need to get banned from the internet

No. 1657351

?? who said it's a tranny

No. 1657359

ayrt ok I'm retarded I was making an assumption off it being a cap in the timmie thread

No. 1657364

File: 1664112995252.jpg (1.18 MB, 810x3734, Screenshot_20220925-092852_Red…)

r/traa relates to transmaxxing kek:
>Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if lots of incels are trans women deranged by the rampant abuses of a transphobic society. I myself really struggled to not be pulled in by my seething jealousy of cis women.

No. 1657396


People who wear silicone titty vests

No. 1657424

>a single FtM asking if they would feel the same if she wore a gigantic cock and balls to her job as an English teacher
I wish some brave lady would do this to prove the point kek

No. 1657429

This is correct, they're really just bragging about their male dicks like any other man. They want other fetish males to confirm to them that it's ok for them to partake in this fetish and they won't get called out for their AGP boners

No. 1657446

They whine when they're anything but heroes. Sleepaway Camp and An Incident in Ghostland have both gotten flack for 'portraying trans in a bad light', lets not forget Silence of the Lambs (despite the material and the writer explicitly stating that Gumb was not trans and that trans people are 'overall harmless' lol). There is a subgenre of horror that caters to the LGBT, if they wanted 'positive representation' they should've stuck with their Logo channel stuff but that's not good enough, they want mainstream horror to cater to them too.

No. 1657452

File: 1664118359782.jpg (590.38 KB, 1080x2084, Screenshot_20220925-170431_rif…)

>male invades female space

No. 1657455

File: 1664118522661.png (1.13 MB, 656x842, 1658724556469.png)

At first I read the last line as "it feels so good to be violated by the people closest to you!" which is pretty apt to how troons think. They really accept sexual abuse as an integral part of the female experience and then fetishize it, because they know for them it's just a fun costume to wear so they can coom harder. There's no real danger for them. Absolutely vile and sick, anyone who thinks like this should be killed and I'm not joking.

No. 1657457

File: 1664118597013.png (38.41 KB, 681x241, Screenshot 2022-09-25 100837.p…)

I had to look up what 'transmaxxing' is and by god that is grim. When I looked it up I found this Reddit user's explanation of why the transmaxxing reddit was created. So you're telling me they brainwash/coerce sad, stupid incels into mutilating themselves to fuck around with other mutilated weirdos?

They really are cenobites.

No. 1657466

oh fuck null turned into keffals

No. 1657467

File: 1664119145479.jpg (116.23 KB, 625x702, IMG_20220925_081755.jpg)

Me and trannies when they see the completely plain black PC that I built myself because I hate flashy pink shit

No. 1657475

That's so fucking retarded. My pc and other stuff is just black/white too. And I also play shooters. That's not what makes one a man, it's the y chromosome bro

No. 1657495

he's so hollow and autistic. most people who obsess about gaming equipment and belonging to a video game community are neckbeards, which he is.
being trans is just an excuse to consoom and coom

No. 1657504

What did troons think about Whiterose from Mr. Robot? He's a villain and portrayed as completely unhinged, but his mental illness is also shown in a somewhat sympathetic light.

No. 1657533

Another troon ignoring normal women and comparing himself to popular twitch streamers and influencers who create an aesthetic. Most women just have a regular PC set up. That's what I hate most about trannies. They don't want to be regular women, they want to be an ideal, a superficial veneer to get attention and praise. They'll never know what's it like to be a real woman.

No. 1657534

A woman would know better than to expose kids to something like that unless we literally sent Soren in or something

No. 1657547

so fucking craven to beg for attention from real women like this too, just completely shameless kek

No. 1657550

This is the hilarious thing about the whole "he's a red pilled agent!" theory. Even if you ignore all the evidence to the contrary and actually believe that he's only wearing the giant breasts to make a point, he's still a man being a degenerate around children. This is still sexual harassment of minors by a grown man. A woman would never risk the mental health of children just to be like "gotcha!"

That's all a moot point though, because this man is a textbook tranny. Nothing he's doing is shocking by tranny standards so I don't get why there's even a theory that this is some big game of 4D chess. He's acting perfectly in character for what he is.

No. 1657553

File: 1664124234189.jpg (543.94 KB, 3791x1750, moreliketroongamers.jpg)

had to look. why am I not surprised to see that r/girlgamers has this much overlap with tranny exclusive and tranny infiltrated subs?
bet you at least half in that sub with the all pink battlestations are troons.

No. 1657569

Definitely one of the things that made me not use preddit often. Girlgamers and witchesvspatriarchy are crawling with troons. 2X also has a bad troon problem but I surprisingly don’t see a lot of troon posts on there, mostly just in the replies. Problem is most of reddit is a troon infestation and female-centered boards are destined to be as well.

No. 1657575

This guys is completely clueless about womanhood, wow. I don't know a single woman who would invest thousands of dollars on her battlestation, it's such a dude thing to obsess over.

No. 1657583

Why is there no woman centered reddit clone? r/thedonald and r/drama made their own splinter sites after they were banned. Girly subs could do the same.

No. 1657586

Ovarit / Spinster exist, as well as I think there may be some subs on SaidIt?

No. 1657587

So women can't own nice tech stuff?

No. 1657599

File: 1664127645979.jpg (121.74 KB, 640x480, Inspiring-Battlestations-Desig…)

It's just rare. Battlestation discussions are always dominated by men and troons, look for yourself. For most women, what happens on the computer is more important than the computer itself.

I guess if I was Jeffica Bezos I would deck out my gaming room like this but without being rich it's just not worth the money imo.

No. 1657602

I spent 2k to put together my PC, I didn't get the tacky rainbow LEDs or the streamergirl pink shit, just a simple and clean black case and components. I would never call it something as autistic as a ~battlestation~ though. Women like tech too, they just don't tend to turn their hardware choices into a pissing contest to rank themselves on how much of a real gaymer they are.

No. 1657607

god what a waste of money, troons are the biggest consoomers

No. 1657609

This is just funny, trannies are like
>MUH ~battle station~ is MANLY because it has black, blue, gray and white!! I want a PINK WOMANLY WOMAN ~battle station~ with PINK lights, PINK backgrounds, FLOWERS and PONIES because that's what WOMAN like!
And then they have the balls to say that they're fighting against gendered shit, gender norms, misogyny, misandry and whatever else.

No. 1657618

File: 1664128932833.jpg (469.89 KB, 1454x1267, 308348111_1303959657102328_429…)

Sir you literally look like a dragqueen

No. 1657619

I think I can safely speak for everyone here when I say that I do not envy men their maleness, I do do not want to be a man. I do not want a male body, I do not want to do male things. Most modern men live lives completely without meaning, entirely of their own volition. Just witnessing how men are makes me not want anything to do with that.

No. 1657624

they may be female only, but why bother going to them just to talk about trannies more than i ever would on any other site when the whole point is avoiding them

No. 1657628

Didn’t even need to move his hands kek.

No. 1657630

>I think radfems and especially TERFs are the same. Just trans men whose jealousy of cis men
no, we just hate men.

No. 1657636

It’s getting to the point where anyone with heavy drag makeup, fillers, fake tits, and the dead-eyed instagram model stare looks like a tranny to me. Hyperfemininity only enhances the fake, uncanny valley vibes that troons already give off naturally.

No. 1657642

File: 1664131207930.jpeg (16.6 KB, 308x185, maleghetto.jpeg)

Are you telling me you don't want to live a life where a broken leaking minifridge is half your TV stand?

No. 1657646

File: 1664131317982.png (56.16 KB, 901x705, fuckdemtrans.png)

so I was browsing TwoX (yeah I know I shouldn't bother) and of course a fucking troon feels sympathy for the fucking degenerate coomer

No. 1657647

Just by the hands anyone can tell.

No. 1657649

2 trannies at work have some sort of association for trannies in workplace and the name of the association is something relating to "butterfly ladies". Seeing this pic… I want to be sick.

No. 1657653

File: 1664132258386.jpg (30.08 KB, 327x500, 514FPqZIi0L._AC_.jpg)

No. 1657656


No. 1657657

Lol does this guy realize he's saying all trans women steal underwear to cum on and don't think that's a big deal?

No. 1657658

I think it's a reference to that retarded analogy about troons being like caterpillars that turn into butterflies when they transition.
Ignoring that butterfly metamorphosis is part of their natural life cycle and thus more analogous to the male puberty that they are trying to stave off/reverse.

No. 1657659

This. A good female centric site should have a section to gossip about troons and other sections to talk about normal stuff, kind of like here. Really here is great, the only downside is that there's no way to get rid of dedicated spammers.

No. 1657660

File: 1664132591357.png (406.66 KB, 561x578, uglytroon.jpg.png)

nta but this is what the tranny looks like, you can see the degeneracy seeping from its pores, god this thing is so ugly

No. 1657661

File: 1664132603480.png (5.05 MB, 828x1792, 2B588374-E66D-4F86-871D-54642D…)

look at this shit that came up today on my fyp . im speechless

No. 1657662

pretty much, the fact that he says "one of us" says it all

No. 1657663

I would get an awful headache on that room.
I only have a console and single laptop and they are simple (black and white, respectively). I enjoy minimalistic decoration and the oversaturated RGB lights decoration that troons love is very ugly, not to mention how it scream consoomer and gives me manchild vibes.

No. 1657670

What a weird projection. Dylan looks like a dying skeleton while most terfs are healthy

No. 1657679

Kek those paws

No. 1657689

Geriatric ErinInTheMorn

No. 1657707

But they do, look at the MTF subreddit, there's daily posts there about scrotes stealing and masturbating with their little sisters/mothers underwear and being praised for it by their community.

No. 1657716

that skirt is not something any woman would be allowed to wear to teach in oakville. this person is enacting a sexual fetish around minors - that is never appropriate and you cannot hire someone who does that.

No. 1657723

He wasn't even bad looking before tbh. What a waste.

No. 1657725

No, he’s pretty awful looking. He had a snivelling little pudgy pigface. Now he has a snivelling little pudgy pigface but with longer hair and no beard. Also autism eyes.

No. 1657726

those kids give me hope.
i hope the troon gets fucking fired. the girls already know how to hide their discomfort but that first boy who talks i think is representative of how violated and skin-crawly all the UNDERAGE CHILDREN who have to be around that teacher feel. they're afraid of him, and their senses are correct.

No. 1657728

being humiliated gives them a boner and being a woman is the ultimate humiliation to them

No. 1657729

I will never see an issue with living like this

No. 1657732

(OT) I occasionally hear about women with male roommates like it’s a casual thing? Isn’t that dangerous? I’m not American btw.

No. 1657735

christ he sounds like a monty python character

No. 1657736


No. 1657738

Doubt many of the TWAW girlies venture into r/mtf. It's something that he feels comfortable enough to post in a women's subreddit about how common stealing female relatives'/roommates' underwear is to these men and that it was even downvoted

No. 1657739

but in sleepaway camp the kid was force-transed so why do troons claim him as one of them?

No. 1657741

what a gunt

No. 1657748

to me that style looks like it smells like bowling alley nacho cheese

No. 1657750

They love grooming kids, so force transing kids is just another gross fetish for them.

No. 1657752

I think most people would rather have a same sex roommate. But the housing market sucks everywhere, so this kind of situation happens more often because there's no other choice.

No. 1657759

does he think terfs are scarethots?

No. 1657768

No. 1657775

File: 1664141100323.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165.78 KB, 640x635, 50478470198_93f4192bda_z.jpg)

Old school sissy stuff is something else.

No. 1657776

how about some images

No. 1657779

File: 1664141209177.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.04 KB, 451x480, 6dcf2c1163b9b1004f6e8a5511883e…)

The worst part is how you can tell today's troons have the same mindset.

No. 1657784

> starving themselves
Says the starving larping twink

No. 1657787

File: 1664141887537.jpg (815.73 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20220925_173700.jpg)

yikes. what it's like to live with all troons I imagine.

No. 1657788

For fucking real. Happy to see the downvotes. Show these pervy men they aren’t welcome and they aren’t women. I don’t see how anyone could have read that op’s post and think “oh yeah, that’s totally fine and normal!” You know that scrote that wrote that comment has stolen things from his female family members or friends.

No. 1657789

File: 1664141987586.webm (10.85 MB, 320x568, M8TP5rO2HJcdR8Jg.webm)

Dylan walked in New York fashion week

His walk is truly something else

No. 1657792

I feel like a lot of these things are troll posts

No. 1657796

Don’t you think it’s funny how on so many women’s subreddits, the TiMs end up getting downvoted by the women there? Then they end up complaining that we don’t see them as real women and they screech that the whole subreddit is terfs because of the downvotes. No one can actually say anything, so this is how women have to speak and the men still get upset about that.

No. 1657797

Dude honestly just looks and acts like a discount Ben de la Creme.

No. 1657798

same. the ig baddie look reads male 100%. if you have to cater that hard to the male gaze, to the point you start looking like a troon, that’s just ugly and sad.

No. 1657799

How does getting special treatment not make him dysphoric? A ciswoman who looks like him wouldn't get the opportunity to walk at New York fashion week, he's there exclusively because he has a penis.

No. 1657800

I can tell from this description that he tried to skin walk coquette girls and they bullied the fuck out of him for being an adult man interfering with teenage girls who aren't afraid to call out their big man shoulders

No. 1657805

Just be a drag queen already

No. 1657808

kek anon this is brilliant

No. 1657809

File: 1664142943914.jpg (1.95 MB, 540x15611, degenerate tranny.jpg)

screenshotting and cropping on mobile is absolute hell

No. 1657812

Yall need to prune the OP. Maybe the last 20 threads is enough?

No. 1657815

A lot of western women (particularly from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK) genuinely believe in "not all men" to the point that it's "barely any men" in their minds. They trust that men they meet are honest with them and don't expect them to act any different than women do, and they are genuinely surprised when a male turns out to be disgusting, misogynistic, violent,
or some mix of any or all of the above. But then they always end up thinking that he's an exception, and that most men aren't like that, no matter how many times they experience similar situations. Female socialization in the west seems to emphasize the "not all men" angle more than the "female purity" angle that other cultures focus on.

No. 1657819

literally pedophile men who want to be in the role of the victim.

No. 1657825

Western socialisation seems to be a "all men are good until proven otherwise" and then sticking your hand in the fire to ensure you give them an opportunity to prove otherwise. I'd still prefer that to getting beaten to death because I wore my headscarf the wrong way though (female purity culture as this anon mentions >>1657815)
Having the onus on how heroic and perfect the men are versus how (projection) sordid, inferior and sexually depraved the women are is unfortunately the better of two options.

No. 1657827

Trannies get away with any sexual , physical or emotional violence towards us as well as having the right to be completely blasé or even brag about it.

No. 1657831

>a pickmeisha who has a long line of similar unfortunate events in her future unless she wakes up: my roommate (male) was sexually degenerate with my clothing items
>a troon, sidling up: "he sounds like one of us" (sincere)
We thank you for your honesty sir

No. 1657832

File: 1664144243106.png (28.69 KB, 679x187, 2022-09-25 (2).png)



No. 1657835

Well that was fun lol. This part afterwards of one of his fans trying to defend him was also pretty good

No. 1657836

File: 1664144400747.png (59.79 KB, 498x606, 2022-09-25.png)

dumbass me forgot to include the pic

No. 1657837

File: 1664144457888.png (886.74 KB, 1507x2109, tfw8ucmq70q91.png)

Boo hoo

No. 1657842

Why are socially maladjusted people so obsessed with hoodies?

No. 1657849

The pedophilic tones in those are so disturbing
And the dress in the first one reminds me of dresses Shirley Temple wore while she was a child actress. Notice the real women in the drawings are dressed and compare to the 'sissies'

No. 1657866

I wore men's hoodies for the longest time, still do. Never had a complex about it. This is supernova level retardation.

No. 1657869


AYRT. I agree with >>1657750 and also a lot of TIM's started with forced fem/sissification before transing. Its also association, just like how I pointed out Silence of the Lambs, Gumb wasn't trans, it doesnt matter to them.

No. 1657874

File: 1664146228720.png (45.29 KB, 631x285, 2022-09-25 (3).png)


just admit it

No. 1657882

most empathetic “female brained” tranny. and the irony of this happening in twox

No. 1657886

Jesus Christ anon, if you're a straight woman I feel so fucking bad that you see that tism'd up Quasimodo and think it's cute

No. 1657894

File: 1664147677690.jpg (257.44 KB, 966x1706, RDT_20220926_00542171283684884…)

Look at him. A 52 year old man telling a woman that a pervert he doesn't even know is safe and that stealing and cumming in women's underwear is typical transwoman behaviour. Defending a man accused of something serious even when the man is a stranger to them is peak degenerate male behaviour. So lovely that he's explaining to us what transwomen are like while acting like a typical male. Some would say it's the same behaviour. Everyone's so shocked.

No. 1657898

is that an attempt of an attempt at self tanning or did he roll around in manure

No. 1657899

That’s a cryptid if I ever saw one

No. 1657906

It’s the neon pink socks that got me.

No. 1657918

Shut the fuck up you deranged retard. No one is talking about Psuedoscorpion. He literally calls himself Junko, and explained it previously as being related to Junko Furuta. Go and find an archive of his KF thread before chatting shit again.

No. 1657919

File: 1664149067209.png (66.6 KB, 711x380, 2022-09-25 (4).png)

Once again confirming that this is a factor of being a troon. How can handmaidens deny it now when it's coming directly from the horse's mouth?

No. 1657940

Damn that's the sexiest tranny I've ever seen
Cool pics of post transition dudes

No. 1657941

Waah wahh I'm a man I have a penis I commit suicide because no one cares about my feelings waaahhhhhh

No. 1657947

KEK, that's exactly what he sounds like malding over us. I never felt so powerful as a woman by just seeing this troon lose his shit over not being us by posting gore. I feel so blessed to have XX chromosomes.

No. 1657948

Jesus, I did not know about that Junko Furuta case and just read the wiki article on it.
This is some of the most depraved shit I've ever read - four teenage males kidnapped a girl and proceeded to rape and torture her for months, murdering her once she had become totally disfigured.
The leader of the criminal gang only got 20 years in prison, the others less than a decade. None of them regretted their deed, and almost all of them got rearrested for other violent crimes within a few years of their release.
I don't say this lightly - I'm not usually a fan of capital punishment - but for this level of depravity and senseless violence the death penalty seems absolutely justified to me.

No. 1657957

The lead moid's mother kept denying it to the end, saying he was a good boy. Women like her deserve the rope too.

No. 1657958

This absolutely. Being a woman is hell but I'm so glad I'm not man, holy shit

No. 1657961

laughing my ass off at the girl referring to him just as "the teacher" and pausing before saying "she"

No. 1657962

Imagine being a man and still trying to explain away your fellow man's actions with shit like this.

No. 1657968

Should've focused on learning to draw instead of BAWWWing over hoodies.

No. 1657969

I wasn't disagreeing, I know it's extremely common, it's just insane that this guy is trying to claim it as a 'trans girl thing'

No. 1657970

It's Canada. You know he won't. The school will bend over backwards for the troon and force the parents and kids to accept his pedophile ways. And the parents will be good little sheep and go along with it.

No. 1657984

it’s one of the worst. like top 3 for me. Only cases that come close are Sylvia Likens and Jyoti Singh.

No. 1657990


Didn't he used to use pictures of murdered children in his videos? Edited, but you could still tell what it was. Or he wrote about murdered children? Or was that the 4Lung pervert or whatever>>1657948
It's fuckn awful, dude. One of their mother's vandalized Junko's grave and blamed her for ruining her family and son's life. The boys got out of prison and are still bragging about what they did, how big and bad they are. Pieces of shit.

Read about the Hello Kitty murder if you're going down a YES ALL MEN rabbit hole.

No. 1657993

He used an edited picture of a dead naked child as cover art for one of his albums

No. 1658009

As far as I know, this was brought up before on another of these threads, his "artist" name or whatever "sewerslut" comes from the murder of a girl.

No. 1658022

>YES ALL MEN Rabbit Hole
>Fong admitted to enjoying torturing Fan for total immunity to prosecution.
>Gets to walk after assisting scrotes torturing another woman.
Before I A-log, I just want to mention that the troon music dude had Lain porn for one album Cyberia lyr1​+​2 and a heavily distorted picture of a dead kid on the sacrifice album. Once the racism and other fun things emerged, a lot of people quickly dropped him - but of course, the reddit coomers are still trying to absolve him of any wrong doing.

No. 1658027

File: 1664157047695.jpeg (707.75 KB, 828x1234, 89BFD068-53D0-4CAC-962C-44B9D7…)

JK must live in all troons heads rent free, doesn’t she? It’s KF related, but we know it’s general daily tranny ranting at JK Rowling.

No. 1658029

File: 1664157235778.jpeg (408.39 KB, 750x846, DBE2C246-87C8-47CD-8F96-92AC8E…)

i can’t imagine anything more gross than a troon putting his balls on my face, yuck.

No. 1658030

File: 1664157320279.jpg (547.04 KB, 2048x1469, Fc2f_9EWYAQaHQZ.jpg)

new brave and stunning play by oliver thorn

No. 1658031

only people who do shitty things get KF threads, the only way they're getting 'bullied' is because people are archiving said shit behavior.

No. 1658033

KEK the brow on the cryptid behind him

No. 1658039

I'd sooner believe this guy is pulling an elaborated performative gayop than oppai-sensei. He's just like a bad comedy actor.

No. 1658057

File: 1664160951398.webm (3.84 MB, 320x568, MTyHxi7vPuKCQPGX.webm)

No. 1658058

File: 1664161151078.jpg (253.08 KB, 1248x846, 1664154809644186.jpg)

Did this guy have a thread on KF? He seems nearly as cringe worthy as Kevin Gibes.

No. 1658070

They're telling on themselves, in typical male fashion. They envy women so they hate women, then they troon out. They think we think like them.

No. 1658073

File: 1664162118219.jpg (585.21 KB, 1211x1848, boyfriendsweater.jpg)

Stuff like this is, to me, some of the funniest shit troons think because it's just one of those little things that so subtly shows how they are not women and never will be. And they have no clue why either!

You know what's a super feminine look? A woman wearing a man's sweater. There's something about an oversized sweater, hoodie, jacket, coat, etc built for the shape of a man's torso that when on a woman, accentuates her natural femininity like nothing else. It's much in the way women's clothing on a troon merely accentuates his maleness, though instead of filling society with disgust, a woman in a man's sweater has the exact opposite effect. Most find this look cute and adorable, some find it sexy even.
This look became so popular outside of the context of relationships that stores started selling men's sweaters in women's clothing shops. The shops even called these garments boyfriend sweaters. Of course sweaters of this ilk will only look like a man's sweater on a troon because well, he's a man kek.

Also I am convinced this is hardly a modern phenomenon either. Classic chivalry oftentimes depicts a man throwing his coat or jacket on a woman to shield her from the elements. A display of protection, or so they say. It's all but an older variation of the boyfriend sweater. Men love seeing the women they have an affection for in their own clothing, especially sweaters, jackets, etc.

picrel: the ugliest frumpiest men's sweater on a woman, yet she exudes an effortless and natural femininity that a troon would never be able to evoke if he were to wear the same thing.

No. 1658086

File: 1664163120497.jpg (184.6 KB, 971x1688, media_FR1VwlSXwAAjSze.jpg)

No. 1658087


I’m amazed how Oli has the face of someone in their early 40s and he’s not even 30. Lmao just that one photo is hilarious, more more!

No. 1658095

I'm in the minority cause I kinda like some of the fancy battlestation setups, they can look nice. That said how is it at all dysphoric? If this clown has 7k to spend on a computer, why doesn't he just buy some "cuter" parts and accessories? Hell they go all in on the electronics but in photos that show their bedrooms in the background, they're usually such visibly male spaces. I don't know how to describe it exactly, as I know plenty of women are messy or not into decorating, but you can still tell an actual woman lives there without it being tryhard.

No. 1658120

All of that surgery did nothing. Honestly hilarious

No. 1658122

what is that tendies schizo scribbling on the wall behind him lmaooo
also mansplaining 101

No. 1658132

honestly his cat tie-dye shirt @ 1:01 is super cute

No. 1658134

Kill all the troons(a-logging)

No. 1658144

…why would you write "sex work is work" on your wall like that

No. 1658148

File: 1664171605301.jpg (313.82 KB, 1080x1261, troon.jpg)

People called him a creep but he still insists it's normal for transwomen to jerk off in other women's underwear.

No. 1658149

File: 1664171647414.jpg (354.95 KB, 971x1688, IMG_20220925_225252.jpg)

Nonnas I made you all a super inclusive uwu male version of this handy guide! Hope you can all start being more progressive with your language xoxo

No. 1658150

I think the difference is that moids actually put themselves into debt for these battlestations, while we hold back unless we have the space and money. A lot of those dudes, the rest of their place is a fuckin dump

No. 1658156

File: 1664172037517.jpeg (1.05 MB, 750x4475, 30E99CB1-6940-45CC-B4B3-0C9284…)

another botched rot pocket, more news at 10.

No. 1658157

File: 1664172078783.jpg (60.78 KB, 1080x248, sunburn.jpg)

This dude rubs lipstick in his beard and thinks it looks like a feminine sunburn instead of facial hair. I really wish he posted pics.

No. 1658159

At least the 3rd time, please lurk more nona.

No. 1658160

it can work as a color corrector if you apply a high coverage foundation on top. red cancels out the greenish color of a 5 o’ clock shadow.

No. 1658175

just saw the pics, god it’s ghastly… is that pus i see?

No. 1658176


His most lunatic years were 2020 - 21. Lostelvenqueen troon seems to think he's entitled to barge into womens circles cosplaying as one just to get the "girl privileges" of hugging and touching them casually but hornily in his mind only, and wants a "cis girl harem clique". That's why he's still pushing liking woman stereotypes, looking, acting girly = "gender Im a wahmen!", even though there is no base to it AND you can still be a man and do all those things.

Then contradicts himself and pretends to acknowledge masc women too. If there are no proper markers to being a woman and anyone can identify into it, then why not use term "people"? Its also umbrella. And why so dysphoric about it? Its literally anyone's game now.

No. 1658180

If this is what they give Hugo's for nowadays then I'm never doubting myself again. I'm not a ESL autist, I'm the next Asimov.

No. 1658181

Except it doesn’t. 5 o’clock shadow is more blue than green, meaning putting red on top will make it show through as purple under foundation. He’s not hiding it, he’s just changing the color slightly, but he can’t tell the difference because of his male color vision.

No. 1658182

This troon should perhaps identify as Lovecraft instead of thinking himself to be a woman, especially after penning at length such eldritch horrors as these.

No. 1658185

This is what the gender dysphoria (that supposedly makes them want to kill themselves) looks like: wanting male clothes as a man but feeling uncomfortable buying it because it reminds him that he's a male drawn to male-typical stuff when he's trying to convince himself and others that he's a woman. And they actively argue it's not mental illness.

No. 1658190

File: 1664179435348.webm (10.9 MB, 1280x720, UxbQCmp_gw7pn0UU.webm)

its already happening, This is Italy’s new(just elected last night) Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, she won simply by being less retarded then the left wing parties who were fighting amongst themselves and whose voters were tearing other apart for not being woke enough, same thing happened with sweden where historically leftist counties all went to the right. cause people were just fed up with the bullshit
same thing might happen with Canada, do you think people in the county where boob-chan teaches will just vote for the same people who allowed this to happen in the first place, I know I wouldn't

No. 1658191

God this is so funny, you just know he lookes at anime coomer shit and expected to grow big tits and THIS is what he got instead. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes

No. 1658199

That would imply he’s a girl, say boob-kun instead
t. autism

No. 1658201

I'm 100% convinced at this point that this is what the last 10 years of gender nonsense was all working towards. A win-win situation for men, because no matter what the result they maintain power over us.

No. 1658205

Aside from the religious bullshit she seems based and at least she's a woman

No. 1658206

Yeah, men generally push for their own selfish desires, left or right. It's a male problem where men generally try to use empathy to achieve a self serving goal which is why you will get shit on both sides of the political spectrum sadly. Women's political party when? Probably could get a decent chunk of voters.

No. 1658208

Its not just the trans issues, zoomers and radicalized left wing voters just demand way too much from the mainstream left, they refuse to vote, they fight amongst themselves and constantly accuse others of being fascist, and your advocating for the same thing, creating a women's party will just drain away more voters, unity is what has given the right wing victory in the last decade, they don't have to win just last long enough to make sure the left loses

No. 1658209

File: 1664181590971.png (332.94 KB, 3604x1873, exploitable ethics.PNG)

In the words of a local legend.

No. 1658210

File: 1664181652080.png (317.41 KB, 1747x1813, morality externalisation.PNG)

No. 1658215

File: 1664182158101.jpg (133.31 KB, 1268x454, Screenshot_20220926.jpg)

she's a pro-life and a fascist (not in the internet speech kind of way but an actual fascist). i don't have time to screen but this article was posted earlier on ovarit and i think it's a good summary https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2022/09/giorgia-meloni-italy-election-fascism-mussolini/671515/

No. 1658216

>mod.php screenshot
What are up to farmhand?

No. 1658217

Yeah, just saw news about it (though the news is sus nowadays especially) and according to it she's anti abortion, super religious (the kind that pushes it onto others), idolised Mussolini and Putin (prior to Ukraine not sure on current support), etc. Sadly, just because it's the opposite of the genderretard candidate, doesn't mean she is good for women and others.

No. 1658218

A previous farmhand dropped a collection of manifesto-chan posts. I'm not a mod, just have the file.

No. 1658220

File: 1664182746603.jpg (139.61 KB, 1170x1684, 20220926_105730.jpg)

A woman is not just those superficial things

No. 1658221

The current political situation puts people in a "this or that" situation. The general public finds tranny and gender bullshit so repulsive they are prepared to vote for political parties that erode their rights in other areas to stop it.

No. 1658222

Be born female.

No. 1658223

tinfoil but ngl it's been super interesting to see things evolve as if everything was orchestrated for bringing the far-right back

No. 1658227

i've been a leftist my whole life but seriously considered sitting out my country's last election entirely

No. 1658231

that's exactly it nonna, this is how the right is winning globally, people are just so tired of neo-liberalism that they are either are voting for right-wingers or just not voting all together

No. 1658233

File: 1664184445194.jpg (64.5 KB, 640x480, 1110842.jpg)

She's a good speaker and it's a very pretty speech. A lot clearer and easier to follow than a Jordan Peterson diatribe but with about as much real substance behind it.

No. 1658235

I'm firmly a classical liberal who normally votes for liberal parties but I'll vote for right wingers next election due to the third world immigrant and tranny situation in Europe.

No. 1658254

Classical liberals in Europe are already right wing though?

No. 1658255

File: 1664187026475.png (125.83 KB, 1024x512, my fellow liberale.png)

Same, nonnas. It makes me sad tbh. Still firmly believe in those classic liberal ideas, it's not like we suddenly change to become a massive right-wing. The left has been constantly moving the goalpost of how much insanity you have to accept in order to be called 'left'.

No. 1658260

Oh you’re so mad. They were, because they said he had cp spliced into his actual music—he never has, he’d be in jail if he did. I’m not defending him and I clearly think he’s disgusting but saying someone has cp audio spliced into their music when they don’t is deranged as well. I was stating an actual fact, not defending the creep. Is that triggering for you or something.

No. 1658272


people were right about kiwi getting killed off making this place worse. most of the other threads are still okay but this one is filling up with far right wing moid memes and talking points.

No. 1658273

It's the natural flow of things and has happened literally all of human history. Once the pendulum swings too far left, it starts swinging right again.

No. 1658277

I happen to think the liberal shift away from allowing people a sense of national identity and pride (England flags are racist… that line of thinking) and poor immigration policies (2004 EU accession countries in the UK, poor record keeping, too fast) plays right into far-right hand, I also think that, while the family is absolutely a source of violence and oppression towards women, it is the root unit of society. Things like the surrogacy industry and queer theory attack the family in anti-woman ways I do not like, I blame neo-liberalism more then anything for this

No. 1658279

Same tbh, Europe is currently such a clown world where as a woman you get sexually harassed by the most ass-backwards muslim men who think showing ankle makes you a slut on the way to university where I am forced to tell everyone my pronouns in class as you sit between a troon and a girl in a hijab. It's a tragedy.

No. 1658288

look at JKR. she used to be considered really hardline liberal and the right thinks she's insufferable. then she started saying mundane shits like "you can't change your biological sex" and "women exist" suddenly she's a hatred-fueled far right.

No. 1658293

No. 1658295

lol chan is also used for boys/men sometimes and kun for girls/women and you know it.

No. 1658312

im sorry but its so funny to see americans blab like this about countries they’re clueless about and immediately get shot down when someone has to break it to them that they are a fascist and not a based girlboss lmao, personally i wouldnt vote for a conservative if they hooked my nipples up to a car battery because im a socialist who enjoys having at least some paltry measure of civil rights and trannies are a very dumb thing to be a single-issue voter on but i can sympathise to an extent, just dont go completely off the rails like this(nobody cares)

No. 1658340

some people would vote for thatcher if they could be “shes actually female and a girlbos!!1!1!”(derailing)

No. 1658352

Kek I'm not American, I'm slav, funny how Americans make some of you so irrationally angry even when totally unrelated.
And I don't know much about her, hoped someone would provide more info when I made the comment and they did. It's not that deep.

No. 1658398

Stop embarassing yourself.

No. 1658406

File: 1664201548113.png (129.92 KB, 1058x637, Screenshot 2022-09-26 161213.p…)

quite common in pedos

No. 1658408

File: 1664201714171.png (296.76 KB, 282x855, Kazuma_Kiryū_(Like_a_Dragon)_(…)

behold a girl

No. 1658428

disgusting that he thinks women are…that.

No. 1658429

She's not the one who's embarrassing herself

No. 1658431

That's Majima's girlfriend.

No. 1658432

it's never enough

No. 1658433

t4t trans lesbians are so valid.

No. 1658442

No one likes a stern woman.
To be more serious, both mainstream left and right as we know it now are more authoritarian than we once remembered them to be. Normal people applaud JKR's ability to say her opinions. I particularly think she is cringe for bringing in "diversity" into her books when they were perfectly fine as is. I could see her being pushed to fit requirements and that could explain her actions, but even with that, I like her going against the grain speaking against the popular opinion that "no one should question".

No. 1658454

File: 1664206263782.jpeg (471.55 KB, 750x2827, 08BF66FB-551C-4864-B482-54019B…)

that happened

No. 1658455

Absolutely demented

No. 1658456

the only valid transbians.

No. 1658459

File: 1664206416949.jpeg (271.68 KB, 749x999, FAB45659-56F5-4856-9F02-7AF73E…)

Big disgusting football coach trying his best to dress like 2012 era Alexa Chung

No. 1658462

ALWAYS the schoolgirl outfit. ALWAYS

No. 1658463

Dressed like 2022 Gerard Way.

No. 1658469

Where did he find a skirt that has wider waist than hips?

No. 1658472

probably stretched it

No. 1658476

Ok new to all of this and I guess i don't understand what femme means because if I was walking around with a beard and chest hair like that I'd be mortified.

No. 1658479

And then everyone clapped

No. 1658486

Slavs don't have to deal with troons and gender specials. I'm a Brit living in a slav country and the only troons you see here are stealth HSTS. A lot of them fund their body modifications through prostitution.

No. 1658490

This is such a male thing, women dont give a crap about wearing men's clothes is always moids that go ''eww a pink shirt, yucky that's for fags''

No. 1658491

Lmao he looks like he's holding his breath because if he exhales the entire outfit will explode and kill all those bystanders

No. 1658492

Almost as good as MTFs who post themselves in porn subreddits not specific to trans porn.

No. 1658494

File: 1664209083781.jpeg (551.98 KB, 1025x1367, A885A17B-3B86-46D7-B0C8-639D28…)

Portland is so overrun with these unfashionable fucks. I don’t know what could possibly be making these hairy smelly faggots feel like women, because it is absolutely not their taste in fashion. They can’t even commit to basic hygiene yet somehow I’m supposed to swallow the pill that this man is “the same” as me just because he wants to throw a skirt on.

No. 1658495

a vast swathe of complete douchebag hipsters moved there 20 years ago and these are their spawn.

No. 1658497

kek, love you nonna, will use the "people with prostates" for every future discussion with people with prostates.

No. 1658498

is the photo distorted or does he really have a xenomorph skull in real life?

No. 1658499

I wore a mens hoodie and pants before and never had this kind of brain shart about it. Wtf even is this? Lmao. Literally picking a struggle.

No. 1658503

I took this while walking so it might look a little blurry but he had a big ass early evolution Pangea head. The brow ridge was sticking so far out in person I thought it was gonna touch me

No. 1658505

i still cant believe we managed to undo years of progress in less than a decade. I thank Xenu that i was born too late, i could imagine some troon teacher trying to convince me i was trans because i made my club penguin penguin male.

No. 1658508

They always have the ugliest fucking shoes imaginable

No. 1658513

>actual women exist and get disregarded, shamed, held to insanely high standards and degraded if they don't fit them
>gay dude shows up and says "I'm a girl uwu" and gets special/preferential treatment, invited to speak at forbes' women summit within 6 months
That's called male privilege babey

No. 1658518

i started wondering if post-op troons have prostates but then i decided i didn't want to know and especially not see

No. 1658527

I'm wearing men t-shirts all the time, the current fashion just doesn't provide t-shirts for women that are long enough for my taste. I've gotten fat and don't want to show my stomach to the world. Also, I hate most sleeves on t-shirts for women, they are cut in a way that your arms look strange. I never had the thought that I might be a man for wearing clothes are made for men, it's like searching for a problem when there aren't any in your life.

No. 1658535

>Male Privilege
Nonnie, scrotes like him are enabled by anyone who think it's cute. The "Yass Girlfriend" shit has to stop. They're not fellow women. They're not girls. They're not queens. All concepts need to be purged from the lips of handmaidens and scrotes.
>Cat Ears
Every single time.

No. 1658536

quick google search told me that they keep their prostates, and if it wouldn't be the case we would just call them "former prostate owner"

No. 1658550

Nta and I'm probably better off not thinking too much about it, but I wonder if the prostate just stops producing liquid if the penis is gone or if it's meant to go to whatever channel urine goes through, those surgeries are such butcher experiments.

No. 1658556

I don't need them to be canonically trans. Just more horror creatures which happen to be played by TiMs. Since what they are is already body horror. Then they can also stop complaining about not getting enough roles.

No. 1658557

m*jima is her deadname you bigot. her name is goromi.

No. 1658571

They always talk about depth. what work is done to make these rot pockets. do they just shove all the organs aside and hope to god they don’t rupture the bowel while they shove in their mutilated cocks?

No. 1658578

True. Also 12 years ago it became very fashionable to move to Portland if you were a musician or artist in any way. I know three who moved from Houston to Portland, all three were hipster men who transitioned either right when they got there or a few years later.

No. 1658586

The back is fine unless they cut hole directly into the anus. It's usually only the penis that gets mutilated. Remember, there's not a lot of room to down there in Men.

No. 1658587

Men really can't write women, do they really think someone would demand a strange man whip out their dick in the man's home during a confrontation? Holy hell they never even spoke to another person

No. 1658589

File: 1664212040066.jpg (Spoiler Image, 316.08 KB, 1080x1805, Screenshot_20220926-190637_rif…)

omg I laughed. Obese hank hill ass man asking if he would benefit from a BBL

No. 1658594

this is true. I was the house

I don't think it's that deep. He does it for the fame/money and that's all, he might not even be an AGP. Though he must really be having the time of his life, getting all these opportunities and shit just by being a misogynist in a bimbo costume saying retarded shit on TikTok.

No. 1658596

Any reason these are the only two posts to be redtexted even though they were responding to an already happening conversation?

No. 1658601

I mean, there’s nothing to improve upon.

No. 1658610

Faggot is mad he will never be one of the fashionable young women (or able to afford cocaine)

No. 1658624

troons have cured my body dysmorphia

No. 1658625

File: 1664213688002.webm (5.85 MB, 720x1280, videoplayback.webm)

This guy wears baby clothes in public.

No. 1658629

is he 7 feet tall??? he looks like a giant

No. 1658638

Bring back war so more of these genetic failures will get shot by extremists.

No. 1658640

When you think public transport can't get any worse.

No. 1658642

File: 1664215015385.png (769.42 KB, 618x842, Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 10.5…)

was trying to think of what this freakshow reminded me of and…kek, found it.

No. 1658643

you understand the meaning of femme correctly nonna, this troon does not

No. 1658649

Not only are you never going to be a woman, you will also never be French.

No. 1658651

or a lesbian

No. 1658653

this i why i bike i would rather get run over than sit near that

No. 1658659

File: 1664216177151.png (1.39 MB, 1536x2048, 1664047850811101.png)

Same thing happened in France. If Zemmour hadn't split the conservative vote, Marine Lepen would have won.

I really wonder how things will go for America. Of course Americans are also tired of troonshit and identity politics, but once upon a time the majority of people were also against racial desegregation. The left hasn't lost the culture war here in nearly 100 years. I'm scared maybe gender nonsense is here to stay.

No. 1658663

They really can't. Everything about that interaction reads so male it's absurd.
"I think you're secretly a man, prove it to me you're not!" is peak scrote behaviour. The whole "prove you're not trans" is a negging tactic men use to try to get nudes from from women. They are always the gross neckbeard sort, the kind you could immediately tell are 4channers, somethingawful goons, or incel redditors.

Men like this always try to pin their own behaviour as something terfs do. They are so clueless and of course the comments pointing out that this reads as fiction are getting deleted. A woman who feels threatened by the presence of a man is not going to goad him into whipping his cock out. Troons do not ever pass in real life either and would never have gotten a terf to come back to his home for this scenario to even take place either.

No. 1658666

>comparable to Le Pen
No idea if it's a comparison with the father or the daughter but either way, good luck to Italian anons.

No. 1658670

kek he looks like Shayna

No. 1658671

This fanfic should have been posted on AO3, not on reddit.

No. 1658678

what fucking cope

No. 1658679

can't stalk someone in a different state from you. reading tweets isn't stalking
"he makes me puke" isn't a threat
reposting public posts isn't harassment

No. 1658680

if they're not rapists then why do they always make such guilty facial expressions
they all look like they took their hand out of the cookie jar just as their mom walked in

No. 1658683

he may benefit from a BIH (Bullet In Head)

No. 1658684

so all women's rights are reproduction related? he thinks equal pay, title IX, are reproductive rights?
j/k i know he doesn't think of those things at all because women are only fuckholes to him

No. 1658687

File: 1664217951247.png (37.56 KB, 586x243, 1664200285744541.png)

No. 1658695

spoiler any women you are fucking is not a lesbian. simple as.

No. 1658697

he looks the way a fart smells

No. 1658698

if it's about the clothes then why do they never go buy their own underpants and bras to jack off in?

No. 1658700

that hospital looks like one of those super-fast/overnight tourist-trap ones. you get boobs or botox there, not some highly experimental fantasy frankenstein shit. is he blind? look at the rooms. there's probably an outlet mall and a bar with tacky indoor waterfalls on the ground floor

No. 1658702

Lmao at the last sentence. Keep dreaming, hon.

No. 1658703

The way they think being canceled on twitter is such a death blow to any normal person Lmfao nobody who lives in reality gives a single shit about that. The cope is intense.

No. 1658708

why are the portland and austin ones all so dirty and retarded? non of them have jobs and they just sound like the woke buzzword version of the city people from south park going "latte. latte. wifi. bottle water."

No. 1658717

that fucking GUT
are they all alcoholics? they look like they're smuggling beach balls

No. 1658722

File: 1664222220885.jpg (68.3 KB, 735x803, 12ee70f4e006d9d6f8c8df07e1caf5…)

I bet the "cancelled" terfs' profiles don't even have their faces or real names.

No. 1658730

>"The Lesbian Princess"

Without even getting to the fanfiction, you just know that AGP troon hands typed that post from the username alone.

Even when standing next to a frumpy, masculine woman with a large frame, this guy is still easily clockable. You don't even need to be an anatomy autist to break it down because on an instinctual level, you just know.

No. 1658735

I bet they're just other deranged tranny fags, legit the only time i've ever seen women with troons is when they initially married a scrote.

No. 1658739

File: 1664223224690.jpg (270.52 KB, 1080x1332, woman.jpg)

This is normal woman behavior right

No. 1658743

Terf death squads when?

No. 1658744

File: 1664223375419.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.56 KB, 1080x1208, wom.jpg)

No. 1658748

oh no cancelled on twitter, the absolute horror kek
hope he deathgrips his dick so hard it becomes dysfunctional

No. 1658749

File: 1664223615487.jpg (Spoiler Image, 295.33 KB, 1080x1184, wm.jpg)

No. 1658751

Post-parody stuff, why you want to remember you're a gross unwashed otaku in your own fantasy? Male autists are fascinatingly gross.

No. 1658777

I’ll take CaNcElLaTiOn in twitter over rape, thanks

No. 1658780

>the implication that calling Goromi by her family name is deadnaming

No. 1658788

File: 1664225345697.jpg (299.41 KB, 1080x1239, 747.jpg)

No. 1658808

Honestly, guys like this make it incredibly clear that trooning out was an instinctive panic response caused by coming close to realizing that they were speeding towards being the death of their genetic line by having absolutely no prospects or value. "I'm fucking so much" yeah I'm sure you and the other pathetic failson trannies have a lot of gross, desperate sex with each other that ultimately results in the same post-nut grief you get from deathgripping your infertile micropenises to increasingly deranged shit. It's just ten times more agonizing because you feel alone in the company of likeminded coombrained males due to the fact that XY chromlets are naturally compelled to think that they only have value through jizzing in things they find attractive and reproducing, neither of which any of you actually accomplish.

No. 1658818

Wish we could find a safe way to meet other like minded women in this city, but it dose not feel safe to express your options on the trans if you don’t “fall in line”. I saw so many of them out this weekend, all in crazy and revealing clothes. Strange world.

No. 1658820

nah sadly a friend of mine is with a troon lmao

No. 1658821

File: 1664227253719.jpeg (580.78 KB, 750x1038, D9245A40-DB56-47FC-B32B-631BD8…)

No. 1658822

File: 1664227282935.jpeg (499.8 KB, 750x901, 9276585E-C9D7-483E-9D30-2C59B5…)

>similar features
>emma watson

No. 1658828

Emma Watson does so much to pander to males, and for what? To be compared to Tom Hiddleston and Riff Raff's paraphilic lovechild?

No. 1658829

>your eyes are so expressive!

yeah, looks like he wants to murder someone legit.

No. 1658830

This has to be a troll.

No. 1658833

There was a meetup in the finfag thread, if you are really careful it can be done

No. 1658843

Literally looks like Patrick Bateman

No. 1658850

Maybe Bateman's not as good looking, estranged, NEET, troon brother who is also a serial killer.

No. 1658854

The cold, vacant stare of a serial killing fetishist. Muy bonita.

No. 1658860

ya the trannies do keep their prostates and the prostates keep producing fluid like normal. in theory, everything that normally comes through the male urethra (including prostatic fluid) continues coming through even after a TIM got his penis inverted. when the post op TIMs “get wet” its basically semen without the sperm. the gender surgeons are essentially just polishing a turd, but apparently theyve gotten so good at it that only a biologist can tell what a woman is nowadays. so ive heard.

No. 1658865

The cope is hilarious. There was a tranny further up who went into extreme detail about how he can't get it up anymore and how hormones have turned his dick into a girldick uwu. Then he mentions that penetration no longer works between him and his wife, I wonder why kek

nobody fantastizes about cucking their husband with someone else who has a flaccid dick. If anything, it's the flaccid dick-havers (like troons) who are more likely to get cucked because of their HRT induced impotence

No. 1658878

no way this person isnt in the sex offender registry

No. 1658880

File: 1664231087020.jpg (35.71 KB, 440x376, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-G80Z…)

these mfs delusional

No. 1658883

i thought the top pic was jerma

No. 1658886

it's him….the american psycho

No. 1658892

do we still make fun of him if he's downy? he looks downy. it's the eyes/eye placement

No. 1658898

File: 1664232603448.jpg (309.28 KB, 1080x1339, troon.jpg)

That moid is so pornsick he put porn on his keyboard.

No. 1658900

Honestly, at this point killing himself would be more of a service to him than anyone else.

No. 1658906

Why is it that the manliest of men troon out? Like just look at this dudes bone structure. wtf who told him he had a chance at passing.

No. 1658918

probably every handmaid and fellow transbro

No. 1658929

File: 1664235422332.jpg (146.13 KB, 800x591, 0003-1427868758412.jpg)

>the rest of the room

No. 1658935

File: 1664235654477.png (73.94 KB, 1251x454, begyourpardon.png)

Did he get fucking swatted?

No. 1658936

when the fuck is DGR going to start wiping out humanity like they fucking said they would???

No. 1658944

looks like kevin from the office

No. 1658948

Jesus fuck that appears to be a kitchen.

No. 1658960

I'm a huge hellraiser fan and obviously gender critical but this is one of the few situations I can see no problem with a troon, it's actually quite fitting. Cenobites are mangled androgynous creatures from another dimension.

No. 1658969

That means he either had illegal material, or is a terrorist. And I don't think this guy is terrorist material.

No. 1658970

Cleanest AGP room

No. 1658974

Look this is her

No. 1658977

onion brow and eyes honestly. just isolate the eyes… absolutely onion tier

No. 1658991

The feds don't just keep your stuff for months for no reason. Yet another troon being a pedo and playing it off like something was done to them instead of them being in trouble for their actions. They are perpetual victims and it's so transparent to anyone with two brain cells

No. 1659001

I really feel the same way. We women need to stick together, and even though I don’t feel shy to express my true opinions and just state literal facts I do feel disappointed each time I meet a woman who’s fallen in line with the “trans women are women” shit so that she doesn’t get raked through the coals. And I noticed that too! I go on walks all day long because I have nothing better to do with my time and there was an abnormal amount of fugly trannies dressed in a way that would make me cross to the other side of the street hence how I got these photos and more kek

No. 1659003

He looks like an aged out twink not manly at all but still plainly male.

No. 1659005

Here’s him and his ex gf

No. 1659018

Okay, lemme try: “In various cultures in the past and present people were oppressed by people. People were not allowed to inherit land and only people could vote. During the war people left to go fight with only people left behind, they were given jobs they were not able to have before and when people came back from war they wanted those people out of their jobs. People then-“

No. 1659023

Sounds like a cp case

No. 1659032

File: 1664241040802.jpeg (488.66 KB, 750x786, 8DF0DE83-3390-448E-8B0D-700F28…)

the male urge to oppress and fetishize female homosexuals, and redefine lesbianism to include men.

No. 1659033

very Josh Duggar-esque. I remember when they seized the computer at his car lot and not long after that it was confirmed he had watched daisy's destruction.

No. 1659040


No. 1659052

I want to alog so bad.

No. 1659060

In my experience, people who exclusively buy pink hardware spend more time meticulously arranging their desk for ~aesthetic~ Instagram posts than that do gaming or working on the computer. It's not a "woman" thing, it's an egirl thing. Seriously. Nothing says bippie like obsessively buying pink versions of everything.

There isn't anything pink on my desk whatsoever. Nor is there any plastic consoomer crap. It's a workspace, not a dollhouse.

No. 1659064

My friend did, but she's a sound engineer, so she enjoyed the technical aspect of building her own PC. Women definitely do it, just not as frequently as scrotes.

No. 1659070

I feel sorry for his kids.

No. 1659106

i just realized this is from 10 months ago, did he get sentenced?

No. 1659132

Why can’t I see videos on mobile

No. 1659133

I'm sorry the 2018 tumblr coquettes said you couldn't sit with them.

No. 1659145


iphones can't play webm

No. 1659156

Phone just happened to be at 41% when checking in to the thread for the day, terfs are never alone

No. 1659159

File: 1664252576450.jpg (329.76 KB, 1152x2048, FQXwwZNWYAEyuxI.jpg)

would bet money that's what it is

No. 1659162

File: 1664252692259.jpg (118.58 KB, 1080x525, raw.jpg)

This is a troon, I checked.

No. 1659167

>I checked
I assure you there's no need

No. 1659168

If somebody accused me of having CP, at no point would I defend myself by saying that they don't know the full story.

No. 1659169

No Blaine White and Buck Angel are not some sort of pivotal geniuses and I’m not saying that but I did like that they pointed out that a lot of the people who nosedive into transitioning when they don’t actually have any of the “symptoms” of being transgender are all white and come from middle class. It’s the same with agps. It is so rare to see poc itt, this really needs to be addressed in their community.

No. 1659170

Like 85% of Reddit is fanfic yeah

No. 1659176

Exactly. You can be assured this is not a woman typing when you read this repulsive nonsense.

No. 1659178

No. 1659181

Honestly, not really. Smells like piss and male bullshit either way.

No. 1659197

Could also just be that he got committed to a mental institution. I know many allow phones, but he would never be allowed to have all his equipment (especially wires lol)

No. 1659211

File: 1664260141211.jpeg (42.82 KB, 576x864, FFBC2046-E1BC-4FD1-AD13-48A547…)

There’s plenty of slav AGPs nowadays

No. 1659212

File: 1664260691912.jpeg (220.32 KB, 827x1280, 333232C8-864B-46D1-AC65-A7953C…)

Looked into this guy a bit and… wow. He's a nutcase.

This is probably old milk to a lot of you, but here's s rough timeline I figured out from a quick search of his Twitter and other socials. No screenshots because I'm phone posting.

>2014, posts told of pictures of his 5-ish yr old daughter and newborn

>late 2015, troons out
>pictures of children immediately cease
>self harm scars appear on arms sometime after beginning transition
>claims to have periods that happen as frequently as 3 times a month
>obsessed with pregnancy
>is skinwalking a cis redhead named Chloe that has an asmr channel called "Miss Chloe ASMR"
>legally changed name to Chloe Louise
>posted censored drivers license on Twitter to prove this
>seems to no longer be in contact with any of his 3(?) children
>diagnosed bpd, self-diagnosed schizophrenia
>tried to kill self with Tylenol in 2019
>was supposed to have srs in 2020, delayed or cancelled for some reason.
>having a consult for gender confirmation surgery in November

Also found this Graham Linehan substack piece from late 2021 that recaps some stuff nicely and is likely partially responsible for the mtf's disappearance from YouTube.

No. 1659213

File: 1664260758136.jpeg (207.83 KB, 453x1280, 38289F9F-53A7-4986-A322-1DF30F…)

No. 1659214

File: 1664260935220.jpeg (482.52 KB, 1125x1146, A04C6D87-9E30-402A-A4D5-30C8A9…)

>how can I be a pedo if my application to the police department was looked at

No. 1659222

>if I was to get pregnant for the 4th time
Stolen valor.

No. 1659227

I wouldn't say plenty. It's way less than in the west but it's still too many

No. 1659230

File: 1664263951429.jpg (2.29 MB, 1559x4096, foto_no_exif.jpg)

typical twitter pornsick transbian posting nothing but pictures of anime porn but himself has manface, receding hairline, man ass and potbelly kek

No. 1659231

Does anyone have an archive link to Dylan's KF thread?

No. 1659233

>unclean background with alcohol/beer
>dirty mirror
>ugly man

she deserves it, considering she also support the mermaid organisation, which wants to make it legal for children to be trans and get operated. I hope they skinwalk her and that every post of her/about her is full of porn sick troons. She is even mentioned in the Panama Papers but acts like she is a socialist

No. 1659236

ACAB - all cops are boys
This guy is just bragging that he'll potentially be in a position of power, which is very typical of male predators to crave. Someone who is openly going "omg guys I'm totally not a pedo!" is most definitely a pedo, a normal person wouldn't be so casual about being accused of something so vile

No. 1659250

I don't see them where I live. I'm sure they exist but they don't declare it publicly. There's lots of out lesbians and no one really cares about them but men who are even slightly effeminate have a hard time around other males.

No. 1659256

that's what they're all like, they seethe of jealousy and call oppression, only to turn around and claim they are real women with periods and they can get pregnant and have perfect vaginas. pick a lane

No. 1659257

someone making that kind of tweet isn't going to be any kind of police. red flags or what. usually the pedos become teachers or care home workers.

No. 1659260

here's a terrifying angle to troon orthodoxy i hadn't even thought of


No. 1659270

File: 1664271510740.jpeg (391.87 KB, 750x936, CA6A56BD-2A6D-40B6-90C6-A0521A…)

consenting for other people to receive body-altering medication.

but it’s not a cult.

No. 1659271


beautifully put nonna

No. 1659272

>Uses the anime rendition of a 14 year old boy and 25 year old woman
They're not subtle with their delusions or who they're targeting are they?

No. 1659273

File: 1664271914080.webm (1.6 MB, 576x1024, FullSizeRender.MOV 2.webm)

I don’t understand what teen girls on TikTok see in this mediocre faggot.

No. 1659274

File: 1664272022210.png (1.5 MB, 1152x2048, chloejenkins1.png)

for anyone with free time this guys twitter is a hilarious read
his deflections about being a pedo are so fucking funny too, "well, um, the cops didn't charge me and also once i was allowed to babysit a young girl and no one called me a pedo then!"
doesn't this dude have kids of his own? why didn't he use those as an example for why he isn't a pedo? hmmm, i wonder

No. 1659276

Your eyes are not "deep set" mister, you have the brow bones of a neanderthal.

No. 1659279

lmao out of all white people to make an exception for she picked this creature. black women who simp for white trannies while claiming to hate white women or white people in general are a special kind of embarrassment

No. 1659281

File: 1664273368535.jpg (129.42 KB, 828x1792, 20220927_115856.jpg)

Cope harder

No. 1659292

File: 1664274697249.jpg (481.59 KB, 1080x1831, 101411_Facebook.jpg)

look at this little girl nonnies. so wholesome, just being her true self.

No. 1659295

he is 50 years too late to describe himself as a little girl. Fucking pedo failure tranny

No. 1659296

how to announcr you're a serial killer that hasn't killed anyone yet

No. 1659300

both of you have to be retarded and social media illiterate, the OP video is using an audio from an unrelated video from 2 years that's talking about an actual white woman supposedly an actress
yet you had to turn this to a race thing and mock the ladies accent
fuck u lol

No. 1659304

File: 1664276266497.png (46.2 KB, 634x421, chloejenkins4.png)

more samefagging sorry, but here's his father comparing his pedophile sons children getting taken away to the stolen generation in australia lmao, u can't make this shit up, the entire family looks inbred too
his dads entire facebook (until he died) seems dedicated to complaining about how north yorkshire social services stole his grandchildren - pretty stark comparison to his son, who's entire persona past this is larping as a woman, making "dark humour" about kidnapping women and petting panties infront of a camera while whispering "may i touch you?"

No. 1659311

sorry that i'm not aware of every single twitter/tiktokfag zoomer meme kek
and it still doesn't change that an unironic edit replacing whoever this actress was with him exists and the attitude i described >>1659279 is unfortunately very common for some reason

No. 1659317

troons are telling on themselves, this is actually more accurate than they intend. misato does groom and manipulate shinji, not for her sexual pleasure but for her military purposes.
though i guess they think they're innocent little shinji

No. 1659318

File: 1664278290841.jpeg (844.31 KB, 1125x1900, 053DFD0A-BA06-4889-8B36-1907F5…)

KEK hear that, nonitas? He’s stealing all the hot str8 men!

No. 1659320

Lol OP's character is neither black or of what appears to be a woman and the OP is also Salvadorian very much not black
Your attempt at whatever that was, was a misfire and very embarrassing to witness barking on about black accents and how miserable black women are and whatnot
You can die

No. 1659326

File: 1664278918996.png (670.39 KB, 865x404, chloe.png)

ok i wanted to see the skinwalking for myself and kek. why would you want a virgin actual woman when you can have a chad ratty tranny who needs but one tooth to allegedly creep on children and hand out his hard drive to the FBI

No. 1659334

File: 1664279728364.jpg (194.75 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_20220927-214607__01…)

Holy shit anons has this been posted yet? I don't have footage from YouTube to embed so you'll have to forgive me for the shitty website link and image but this is absolutely disgusting. Obviously the little girl has absolutely no idea what she's doing, she just likes the sensation of the sequins on this degenerate tranny's mermaid outfit, and yet no one makes any attempt to correct her. If that was a woman she would have taken the girls hand and let her know gently that isn't a place she should be touching people and diverted her attention to something else. Instead the disgusting moid just sits there giggling while it goes on for what seems like an eternity. He doesn't even make an attempt to move her fixation out of the gential area. I can't believe parents willing take their kids to this child abuse.


No. 1659338

Just say you posted that tiktok

No. 1659339

File: 1664280197787.jpg (24.68 KB, 559x460, 51aa1ab9cdfdf66629c3a7d8e4857c…)

can't believe I have to share this site with people like this lol
I didn't make any comments suggesting stuff about your race go to sleep retarda

No. 1659340

I know its hard admitting that you're a race sperging retard

No. 1659341

/pol/tards are so weird, they tend to think anyone who's not white must be black. Anything's an excuse to racebait for them kek

No. 1659342

In my anger I neglected seeing this video sorry nonnies

No. 1659345

saged for ot/blogposting, im so sick and tired of troons infiltrating every single space that they know deep down they’ll never belong to, axewound or no. they’re in every female based subreddit, theyre in female saunas and spas, they’re in our bathrooms jerking off, they rekindled the “feminazi gets owned” trend. i know these are all hypervisible online and at the moment im far from that irl, but it makes me think about the future. on leftist spaces, people are mocking women fighting to keep changing rooms segregated and claim that the women who endured violation of privacy are all hateful spinsters that exaggerate because theyre “terfs”. between this and this alleged cotten ceiling, they’ll be enraged if we start refusing to get raped atp.

No. 1659347

Nta but you're just as big of a race sperg fuck off baiting people with not so subtle yt peepo tiktok shit and then expecting them to realise the audio is completely unrelated when
>You have to be over 18 to post here
Now can we get back to dunking on autogynephilic moids?

No. 1659351

damn he looks slow as fuck

No. 1659352

ok, any non-white people who claim to hate white people while worshipping white trannies are an absolute embarrassment, happy now?

No. 1659360

what the fuck does this mean lmao it's just a cluster fuck of words
how is any of my posts racebaiting
if anything replying to u is just taking bait so argue amongst yourselves you sound mentally challenged with the way you cant even tell the context of my posts and what I replied to
and no I'm nta who posted the tiktok

No. 1659371

File: 1664282543603.jpg (47.3 KB, 828x392, FdmyRIXXwBkzQ1O.jpg)

Almost like being a woman has nothing to do with makeup

No. 1659379

based customer

No. 1659382

File: 1664283516075.jpg (179.5 KB, 864x1330, front_fr.20.full.jpg)

monster munch looking ass

No. 1659385

File: 1664283742848.jpeg (52.89 KB, 409x599, 1662724399774.jpeg)

>Narcissistic moid puts on make-up for male attention because he thinks that's what a woman would do
>Man still doesn't respect his disingenuous larp

No. 1659388

More than likely the troon battered and abused his ex wife. The UK social services take children from domestic abuse victims all the time even if they leave and stay away from their abuser. They don't really care all that much about pedophiles. In fact they have been known to let pedophiles foster children.

No. 1659395

nta but can you retards shut the fuck up or start contributing to what this thread is actually for.

No. 1659396

Just why have you been replying non stop to a dead argument with even more stupid shit don't you get tired retarda

No. 1659397

I didn't post shit. I can tell you're from Kiwi Farms because only moids from that garbage site are this autistic, easily triggered and unfunny. You clearly don't understand how imageboards work, and you never will. Stop shitting up this place.

No. 1659398

Good, he can have them. I wish all men a very fuck off and leave us alone.

No. 1659403

File: 1664284854966.jpg (134.13 KB, 849x405, Screenshot_20220927_091917.jpg)


I saw that fucking smirk and I knew she was going to defend it. Why are some women like this? "Oh it's not inappropriate but it shouldn't happen again - just remember that calling drag queens pedophiles is worse than protecting kids!"

No. 1659405

AYRT and yeah honestly; not a single one is even anywhere near the realm of being a prize. Let them fuck rotting amholes lmao.

No. 1659407


Shut the fuck up and stop the infighting. This ain't the place.

No. 1659410

File: 1664285113347.png (213.34 KB, 720x722, 86A61A37-08EB-473A-A89A-DD0535…)

No. 1659411

holy shit I didn't think that video would cause all this spazzing. just say its fucking retarded and move on lmao.

No. 1659415

It's just one autistic male screeching that his cover's been blown.

No. 1659416

Thank you anon for actually paying attention to my post kek. If I wasn't so agitated by the scrote in the mermaid outfit I would have mentioned this disgusting creature too. What an unabashedly male take coupled with the typical APG smirk, makes you wonder if she's even a woman at this point.

No. 1659419

God, please don't tell me that's [redacted's] favourite word or something?

No. 1659425

The moid doesn't own the word, nor does he even deserve to be referred to by his name.

No. 1659427

File: 1664285834994.jpg (562.77 KB, 1079x1457, Ashley.jpg)

oh yes how dare people have eyes.
literally cannot believe these perverts, trying to make normal everyday humans be so invested in strangers life to be gaslighting themselves that picrel is a woman.
lemme tell you one thing "ashley", the only reason people (women) call you "ma'am" is because they are being polite and don't want to cause an autistic tantrum in public.

as a woman who dresses in comfy not very girly clothes I have been called "sir" sooo often, especially when it was big pandemmy compulsory mask time. all it is to me is a funny story I might tell my friends. like who tf cares, get your head checked Ashley.

all this blogging just to say that making a point to misgender troons on purpose is the cool and good thing to do as most of those nerds just go back to leddit or whatever to moan about them being hatecrimed

No. 1659439

I get major self hate vibes from her which is probably why she defends the drag queens and trannies to begin with, they're the only community that'll take her. I know her type.

No. 1659445

The saddest part is if she dropped the handmaiden act and worked on her self esteem, she'd likely be accepted by actual women with open arms.

No. 1659446

We are clearly being baited hard right now.. No one even reply to the tranny claiming to have basically raped two women in the bathroom. What the fuck lol, I thought these degenerates slept in till at least noon.

No. 1659471

I really love it when troons reveal how retarded they are

No. 1659474

I know you're getting hate for this but as a mixed race woman myself I see a lot of other woc simping and being handmaidens for white moids simply because they wear a cheap wig whilst screaming about their "oppression". I hate to say it but there's plenty woc of colour who hate white women and blame white women for all racism, I'm not trying to racebait but it's just what i've witnessed myself especially amongst left leaning younger woc. I think a lot of nonas think woman automatically equals ally and not a threat there's plenty of women no matter the race/ethnicity/nationality that would chose a random peverted scrote over siding with muh evil terfs or even a normie woman, kek. Anons here are really quick to start with the twitter tier racism crap, can't have any type of conversation regarding race without being called a /pol/ moid

No. 1659475

File: 1664288785302.png (14.29 KB, 250x202, 1608638156815.png)


No. 1659480

> I'm not like other girls
some people enjoy their room being pink anon, it's not that deep

No. 1659483

it's mostly east Asian women who pander to loser "white supremacist" white men by playing into the submissive uwu Asian waifu stereotype and then whine about being fetishized.KEK

No. 1659484

nobody cares stop going off topic

No. 1659485

>No bright colors allowed it’s a work space
You sound retarded and this spergy paragraph you wrote sounds less and less believable the longer it goes on. I just know your desk is cluttered and dirty KEK

No. 1659486

The thread is infested with scrotes trying their hardest to sound like le based redpill racist women who can't stop reeeing about "WOC" and proudly sexually assault other women in bathrooms. It's all the shittiest kind of bait.

No. 1659491

Ot/weird rant or victory? My bf doesnt want to talk about gender identity issues because he is a straight white male and does not want to get involved with any of this nonsense but I do know deep down he is at the very least borderline terf. Works from home and doesn't get fixated on things like I do sometimes (been reading feminist books etc after peaking, sucking up all the terf ideology). Yesterday overheard him on a video call with a coworker. Coworker complainimg about 'they/them' pronouns on an actual woman's zoom profile or something he had to have sales meeting with. Dude called her she by accident and because company is based in Cali pronoun games are more common and us southerners just cant keep up. Dude was set straight, got talked to after meeting, confused on how to fix his blooper and worried he may get a strike towards the coming layoffs. Bf engaged with him, talked about how insane it is and try not to worry etc. Just sat n listened to the complaining from them both, kek. Dude who called the 'they' a 'she' one time seemed genuinely worried that he was at risk for a writeup or something. Very polite about it but obviously confused and bewildered. Got her pronouns right the rest of the time, kek. So ridiculous. Glad I heard my bf join the complaint though.

No. 1659493

that sounds oddly specific, could it be that you're projecting nonna?

No. 1659495

Projecting how? Can't scroll up?

No. 1659496

>Could you be projecting the baits and raids, nonna?
I swear the newfags and males always reveal themselves without even trying

No. 1659497

>trans milf mom
one is not like the others

No. 1659499

>new fags
>doesn't even sage

hmm ok

No. 1659501

Ok all lowercase

No. 1659503

We get it, your nigel is a normie who doesn't care about women's issues and we're supposed to celebrate him doing the bare minimum. Now can we get back to making fun of trannies

No. 1659506

I’ve been using this website for upwards of 7 years and I’m surprised that not saging is enough to make a newfag feel justified and comfortable calling me, a geriatric farmer, a newfag kek
Nobody gives a shit? This board isn’t your diary

No. 1659507

File: 1664290528047.jpeg (500.16 KB, 689x1042, 77974998-F19F-4331-A71D-A13E36…)


No. 1659508

>me use lolcow long time, which means I'm better than you.

No. 1659510

ehehe so uwu gawaii anime senpai japan!!
in his mind he looks like a cute anime girl

No. 1659511

That lipstick hurts me… do scrotes not have eyes

No. 1659513

Fuck off with the infighting and derail attempts you mongoloid

No. 1659515

>not relentlessly shitting on troons together with your boyfriend
Kinda cringe, ngl

No. 1659518

>yorkshire police not pedos
Rotherham says otherwise.

No. 1659530

>woc of colour
>woman of colour of colour

No. 1659531

because by now they are able to get away with it

No. 1659533

they always dress like it's the early 2000s, do they think they'll pull it off like those tiktok zoomers obsessed with y2k
I would have to act on my intrusive thoughts and roundhouse kick that motherfucker he looks too ugly to be walking about like that

No. 1659537

What I wouldn't give to see troons trying to fullfill their youthful ugu kawaii larp by attempting to squeeze into one size fits all jfashion. Even the most anorexic troons would look even more shamefully male. I suspect they always resort to AliExpress cheap knock off stuff because deep down they know that would peak even them kek.

No. 1659541

>redpill racist women who can't stop reeeing about "WOC" and proudly sexually assault other women in bathrooms
what? the only thing i’ve ever heard of is hair pulling

No. 1659545

The word TERF has genuinely lost all meaning.

No. 1659546

Men can’t be radical feminists. Your moid probably jerks it to jailbait porn when you’re not around.

No. 1659548

the word terf never even had meaning, it was made up by troons as a slur to put the blame on the evil bigoted women ruining it for the poor men- i mean trans women

No. 1659552

it's not a slur it's factual as much as they want to turn it into something evil it will never be that

No. 1659556

I was in a record store with some green cargo pants and a band shirt and some guy said "excuse me, sir." I turned around and said "oh sorry! sure." and smiled. He looked really embarrassed and seemed like he wanted to apologize but who gives a fuck. These men know they aren't women and no trans women are real women will EVER make them feel comfortable because reality is too stark.

No. 1659558

File: 1664294705913.jpeg (583.64 KB, 828x1357, 534BC793-75BC-466C-BA16-2C699B…)

There’s this weeb degenerate guy that I kinda knew couple years back and curiously checked up on him, not really a personal cow since we never talked… Not even surprising that he trooned out tryna be an uwu anime girl with the name “Yuki” along side that 4chan Japanese girl profile picture in the snow. Ofc he surrounds himself with woke supportive white alt girls who he probs was misogynistic to in the past. Like clockwork yuck

No. 1659560

They can never force us to be their friends or to like them, they can't force us to actually see them as women or as one of us. I love hanging out with my female only friends without any troons ever being able to be part of it because we despise them and their mockey of womanhood. They try so hard to infiltrate all female spaces, but they never can. Women will always know they're men and that they don't belong.

No. 1659561

I thought I remembered this case, but it turns out I was thinking of an incredibly similar case of a TIM having his phone confiscated for investigation of CP charges. Last time it was "Kadence" Pinder, a TIM YouTuber that also worked with children in his mother's daycare (which iirc is what initiated the investigation), and the claims against him turned out to all be accurate. Handmaidens get mad at generalizations about TIMs being sex offenders and paraphilics, but it seems to be fairly consistent. At this point, claiming "most transwimin aren't like that" is a cope on par with "the Titanic isn't sinking."

No. 1659565

Not what I was getting at, it is the general consensus around me in my area that gender identity issues and women's issues are still separate. I think it is okay to talk to someone about how they are not. Esp since so many do not see it at one. I didnt either til recently. Id love to discuss the books I have read recently with someone irl as most people around me are just not up for it kek. He is a women's rights supporter but hates the trans stuff bc it is dumb, and he doesnt realize how widespread it is getting. I am glad the door opened a little for him to peak harder. But I get it, not a diary sorry y'all I am shutting up now and won't comment this type of ot stuff in the future.

No. 1659566

genuinely, people nowadays are incapable of making the difference between a terf and a transphobic normie. every time someone calls the new uk pm a terf, a fairy dies

No. 1659578

Can anyone who's pro-genderspecialness explain how being both genders, and no gender, and one specific gender all at the same time is seen as valid?

For real they all keep spewing shit about "define woman" but I swear these fuckers can't define what trans is in a way that includes ALL trans people and excludes ALL cis people.
>"trans is when you have gender dysphoria and feel alienated from your assigned sex"
That excludes trans people who do not have gender dysphoria, which is a large portion of trans people. And it includes the majority of cis teenagers going through puberty almost by deafult. So that definition clearly fails.
>"Anyone who feels trans IS trans"
Oh so detrans people don't exist? Except they clearly do, so that definition failed as it includes detrans cis people in the trans category, also including ones who haven't yet realized they're not trans and currently still identifies as trans.
>"ok then, trans is anyone who isn't cis (and thus doesn't feel like their assigned sex)"
That would make the majority of "cis" people fall into the trans category, as we've been saying the whole time we have no fucking idea what "feeling like a woman" means because we do NOT "feel like our sex" despite being actual women. It would also exclude all the non-binary/double binary trans people who identify as both sexes - so another fail.

To all lurking troons and TRAs, I dare you to find a definition. We have one for women already: Adult human female. What's yours?

No. 1659584

So far the best definition aside from the obvious Adult Human Female for 'woman', is 'A person who cannot identify as a Transwoman' kek

Nothing makes sense. It is all circular. But if a TRA actually attempts answers, I am interested.

No. 1659592

It is used by them as a slur and that makes it a slur. A bitch means a female dog, but it's used as a slur so it is one. TERF has never actually been aimed at Radical Feminists, just look at how they consistently call conservative men (and women) who hate women and female rights TERFs. Literally the opposite of a feminist. The problem for them is that this backfired and it just gave the people they attacked a word to reclaim so they could use it to find each other.

No. 1659594

It was originally unironically coined by a "trans inclusive radical feminist", it only later started to get used as a slur.

No. 1659605

He's right inasmuch that men are worthless, and nothing a woman can do can make one act like a decent human. You could be a literal model, and some moid would cheat on you with a 16 year old just for the ego boost of being a chimo.

No. 1659611

Women often shop in the men's department for clothes that are comfortable, practical, and cheaper as women's clothing has a tendency to be the opposite. If he had that magical woman brain and soul, he would know that.

No. 1659623

I wanna complain about the people on the discord server I used to frequent. Like half of the guys there trooned out, and it's really funny how many "trans women" are there compared to actual women. Guess how many of them also just so happen to be "lesbians". It feels like every other week some new loser decides to get attention by changing their name and adding pronouns. You know how you can tell someone's just doing it as a fetish? If they use real-world female names and put on an anime pfp. I've seen it happen like three or four times already.

It's a real fucking slippery slope, when you get sucked into an echo chamber and constantly egged. I don't see any of them as women. I hope this society becomes untenable for troons to continue existing. It's funny that the 'late stage capitalism' a lot of them will complain about is basically the only reason they can exist.

No. 1659626

If a cute girl like me wore this skirt I would get called a whore & harassed in public. I am adorable with a heart of gold and I will never be able to live this freely. Faggots in skirts don’t deserve this comfort. Look at this ogre. The hunchback, the bug eyes, greasy hair… it’s so ugly and naked. I’m beautiful and clothed. Life is so unfair. I hope he gets dahmer’d in the butt. Amen.

No. 1659636

so not a radical feminist

No. 1659640

But to them, if you say you're a feminist but that you don't accept trannies, you're an evil monster that wants to burn people alive in front of their dying families.

No. 1659649

Misusing "TERF" is a way to shit on feminists in general. If the people who say it didn't respect TIMs more than women, they'd just say "transphobe." But nah, gotta find an excuse to trash feminism, so suddenly everyone that would normally get called transphobic is instead called a (transexclusionaryradical) FEMINIST.

No. 1659659

Manifesting day of the triffids for you anonita, but it only affects men. Or a male-only blindness parasite. Either would be perfectly fine. Death to voyeurism

No. 1659687

fridgebro to troon pipeline

No. 1659688

Where the hell do you live that you’re going to be called a whore for wearing a 2006 ass layered frill skirt? An orthodox community?

No. 1659692

yeah, it's a pedo. men who beat their gfs, get arrested for breaking and entering, or go to jail for drug trafficking don't get their laptops taken away. guys who do 10 years for drug dealing leave their electronics with friends or family. the only way your shit gets locked up like this is if you have CP. and much of the time, the only way to gain access to CP is to trade CP that you yourself have produced. you can easily learn the stuff i just typed even if you don't work in LE. anyone supporting him is either retarded, a pedo, or both.

No. 1659699


Oh, I hate this shit. Normal teen girl weebs get called evil colonizers for nicknaming themselves Aiko or whatever on social media, but Naia Okami and other troons get to legally change their names to random ass japanese words and somehow, no one ever calls them out for their "cultural appropriation"

ntayrt but where do you live where women can wear skirts this short without facing harassment ? Because I'd like to move there.

No. 1659700

nah it probably takes way longer than that to get sentenced in the USA. they have so many people

No. 1659707

legit i live in toronto canada and if you are in a muslim suburb or even a neighbourhood with lots of senior citizens someone will make a comment. probably not harassment but some man will stare and an old lady might complain if her waitress has a skirt more than halfway from the knee.
in big cites in east asia though i have noticed that dressing "hot" or "slutty" doesn't seem to get judged. as long as a woman looks "not ugly" whatever you wear is fine. there was a clerk at a records office in hong kong i went to that was wearing borderline club wear and had crazy manicures every time i went in.

No. 1659741

something i make note of when trying to spot a tranny online is if their handle is an irl women's name, and as you say they have either an anime pfp or something similar (often a picrew, never their real face). in contrast real women online still tend to make an effort to mask their gender online to some extent. it really shows how desperate trannies are to convince everyone of their femininity

No. 1659748

This is so true, which is why 'La Princesa Lesbiana' from >>1658454 is so obviously a tranny with a fantasy. Women rarely use female sounding names, much less their real names.
Blog but I used a female character's name in Overwatch when I started playing because I didn't know any better and the sexual harassment I received was insane. Trannies get off on that so it makes sense.

No. 1659752

Yeah. Chika, Poppy, Scarlet, Kathleen, "Catherine" is one of the latest apparently, Olivia, Alice (lol), Lain, Brooke, Caitlyn, Charlotte, yadda yadda fuckin yadda. Men. All of them. And all of them autistic, leftists, unable to take care of themselves, highschoolers or just coomers. I'll never forget the day the first one to troon out started posting about creepy melon sized tits you could detach and the whole skirt spinny meme. Made me peak immediately. Before then I was just vaguely sympathetic.

You know, one of them literally got groomed into transgenderism by his 'girlfriend' in Canada. He was in highschool and the 'girlfriend' was like early 20's. It's funny how much social media can warp your mind.

No. 1659769

File: 1664305515052.jpeg (757.9 KB, 1170x1266, EB37FEDC-3F0A-403D-9E45-3DE23B…)

if by “thick” you mean beer gut, then you’re surely getting thick

No. 1659780

I work in HR in a different country, sometimes I see the American branch of my company doing webinars and inviting everyone to teach us how racism in the workplace is bad and how misgendering your coworker is just as bad. I didn't know this shit was that widespread irl in the US.

No. 1659791

File: 1664306609252.jpg (218.05 KB, 1080x1969, Fb_T43UXgAg-7ax.jpg)

Theres women being brutally murdered in the streets just for being women in Iran right now, but troons want to kill themselves over their imaginary genocide

No. 1659799

He should kill himself. They all should. Do themselves and us all a favour!

No. 1659802

>woman expresses fear of being raped by man
>mere seconds later woman demands man to whip dick out
yeah totally checks out.

No. 1659806

Day 139 of claiming they want to put trannies in camps, still no camps. What’s taking so long

No. 1659836

its so fucking narcissistic of them to masturbate to this mythical martyr fantasy of camps when women are denied actual healthcare in case we get pregnant and harm our rape baby. i hope they all 41%

No. 1659847

And I'm supposed to believe these schizos are mentally sane

No. 1659855

You know you're insane when the born again Christian sounds logical.

No. 1659872

Lilith (extremely pretentious), Lily, Emma, Emily, Ruby, Jade, Ada, Chloe, Sophie and Avery are telltale tranny names. At this point when I encounter a 'woman' with one of those names online I automatically assume it's a tranny.

No. 1659887

File: 1664310681966.jpg (20.29 KB, 640x367, 0 days without.jpg)

Any drag performer willing to preform sexualized routines for children are just as bad as tranny pedophiles. You know exactly what you're doing, who you're doing it to and you just don't care.

No. 1659889

Isn't drag just burlesque? Why not let burlesque dancers read to children?!

No. 1659919


Oh my God. This was horrifying to read. The most horrified I've been in a while. My heart was POUNDING as I went to get a look at the photos, not knowing what horrors were ahead of me. Wasn't that bad, mostly because nothing I was looking at even registered as a person. Gross, but phew.

No. 1659937

that doesn’t work because men without delusions of womanhood also can’t identify as TIMs. So a woman is any WOMAN who can’t identify as a TIM.

No. 1659951

We have a drag cows thread, post it there

No. 1659984

No one cares about your Nigel and his coworker's slapfight with a female genderspecial. Post milk.

No. 1659988

Looks like if John Oliver trooned out.

No. 1659998

Don't forget Alice, Kate, and Roxy.

No. 1660000

England has some truly cursed moid genetics.

No. 1660017

File: 1664317377531.jpg (45.58 KB, 813x383, ywnbaw.jpg)

would love to see what the biologists say when they claim that there will be no way to tell if a skeleton was male or female in the future

No. 1660042


No. 1660049

ngl, this reads like it was written by a tranny. Not a lot of women on this board refer to themselves as "girls," let alone "cute girls" emphasized further by "adorable" and "beautiful." I'm all for having confidence in ourselves, but the adjective choice is suspicious. Same with the clear Netflix true crime obssession hinted at by the last sentence. Either you're an actual girl and therefore a minor (in which case you shouldn't be on this site), you're a TikTok obsessed gen z (in which case I hope you learn to value yourself for more than your looks), or you are a tranny pretending to be a woman. In which case YWNBAW.

No. 1660058

File: 1664320357393.jpg (175.99 KB, 754x1186, 0979823456789_95432.jpg)

i'm not awake enough yet to process this nonnies. "give me free shit or I will kill myself". please do, my dudes.

No. 1660064

completely agree, that post screams moid.

No. 1660068

But you still don't pass.

No. 1660069

why don’t you stop acting and looking like a lunatic? a white male such as yourself should have plenty of opportunities unless you’re completely deranged, or even if you are. there’s no such thing as passing, no male troon passes irl.

No. 1660073

File: 1664321029519.jpeg (298.5 KB, 828x1361, 2D9C6EC7-5FD3-4435-8B55-A7463B…)

Even the best make up and most natural looking wigs will never help them pass, because they are ugly and male and nothing will ever change that.

I was lurking on the 4troon subreddit out of curiosity and it’s really telling how these men talk about themselves when they think no one is looking.

No. 1660086

I wear miniskirts and I've never been harassed… And girls around me wear miniskirts and revealing clothes all the time. Misogyny is real but this feels like a psyop

No. 1660099

What an autistic way to describe yourself. No one cares.

No. 1660104

Anon, what the fuck is this sub you made me visit? I mean, there is nothing being said we didn't already know, but it's so weird seeing it on reddit, the façade just dropped, they even use no no words like tranner and agp. When is it getting deleted for being a terf sub?

No. 1660111

Gee I wish I could just turn into a man when I don't feel safe. Yet we are the privileged ones.

No. 1660118

A while back, I saw a giant hulking tranny for the first time in real life walking in front of me. A gnarly beast of a thing, probably 6'3 and 400+lbs, wearing a black strappy dress with small colorful polka dots. Had the rattiest, thinnest oil slick hair I've ever seen. He was walking with a short young woman which made the sight all the more comical. She had rainbow socks on so probably his spicy straight girlfriend. I was with a newer friend at the time so I didn't want to take a pic. He was walking super slow in front of me and I wanted so badly to say excuse me sir when I walked around him but I chickened out kek. I got a look at his face and he had a collosal Travolta sized head and a massive neanderthal protruding brow.

No. 1660133

your writing has some nice zip to it, nonna

No. 1660137

your writing has some nice zip to it, nonna

No. 1660140

File: 1664325462014.jpg (69.9 KB, 513x1024, 1663904918579085m.jpg)

Clearest face pic

No. 1660148

NTA but whenever I'm wearing a short skirt I get catcalled. I'm in Europe.

No. 1660149


This was posted in the last thread

No. 1660165


Bigtitty teachers old Twitter account (now deleted): @techdesignteach

Google image cache has a picture a posted by this Twitter account that might be the big-tits teacher pre-transition.

However, it also might not be so I won't post it.

No. 1660186

>don't you dare tell me things like makeup and hair are not essentials for daily living
They really don't get it. This infuriates me more than a lot of other things, surprisingly. For them it's all about their feelings and being accepted. For women it's actual safety: physical, mental, and sexual.
And yes, as a woman who doesn't wear makeup and used hair products maybe 5 times in life, I will tell you that makeup and hair products are in no way essential for daily living. Fuck this coomer.

No. 1660192

i dont think thats ever going to happen, and its allowed because the posters are trans (or men who take estrogen to look feminine) themselves. its just self-awareness.

No. 1660213

at least they're attributing the fictitious concentration camps, genocide, and lobotomies to conservatives instead of rad fems this time. funny that the born again christian is confirming the far right to tranny pipeline tho.
srsly. it's now legal to let women die due to fatal complications from nonviable pregnancies but poor twannies didn't get to be the center of attention during normie's roe v wade discourse. oh wait no, they shrieked over all the women who are actually affected so never mind.

No. 1660218

TiMs are literally given job opportunities in male-dominated sectors over real women all the time and they've even admitted it themselves. why am I supposed to feel sorry for these beggar scrotes and pay for their wigs when women with hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy don't get state-funded wigs? it's not like they're going to magically pass if they wear mascara and foundation kek.

No. 1660228

> If a cute girl
agp autopedophilia
> like me
agp narcissism
> wore this skirt
go spinny
> I would get called a whore & harassed in public.
fantasized catcalling
> I am adorable
> with a heart of gold
hooker with a / princess storybook
> and I will never be able to live this freely
borrowed from tranny rhetoric about living freely
> Faggots in skirts don’t deserve this comfort. Look at this ogre. The hunchback, the bug eyes, greasy hair… it’s so ugly and naked.
larped meangirls cattiness
> I’m beautiful and clothed.
narcissistic agp self-affirmation
> Life is so unfair.
because ywnbaw
> I hope he gets dahmer’d in the butt.
typical creepy scrote
> Amen.
yeah, reads as troon-on-troon violence to me

No. 1660229

File: 1664330286752.png (1.48 MB, 1834x1529, Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 11.5…)

disgusting how the troons father validates his identity even after assaulting his child

No. 1660241

File: 1664331470395.jpg (294.49 KB, 1448x1080, Moozzi2_Brother_Dear_Brother_2…)

Reading shit this vile only makes you hope it's fake

No. 1660264

File: 1664332457519.jpeg (296.51 KB, 750x1411, A559BA82-B672-45B1-A676-E6B89D…)

YWNBAW, especially a lesbian. die mad and male.

No. 1660271

>My hobbies include going to the gym and being active with friends and family.
Yeah, sad middle aged fail male body, you sure go to the gym all right.
Bro used ALL the filters, kek.

No. 1660280

File: 1664333270137.jpg (32.1 KB, 400x400, qO0rUKkh_400x400.jpg)

Link to the archived tweets from that account:

There are about two dozen tweets from that account archived through the wayback machine with this as the pfp. There are a few other photos of him as well in some of the archived tweets. And if I were to judge him on the accounts he interacted with in the scarce archives I would assume he was at least center left politically, if not strongly left leaning.

No. 1660296

File: 1664334645362.png (29.06 KB, 866x279, cope.PNG)

he almost gets it

No. 1660299

Link doesn't work, has it been wiped?

No. 1660306

No, it's still there. The problem is it has the archived link with * on either side for the twitter link which breaks the link on here.

No. 1660309

Oh damn, he was a pretty handsome guy! Such a shame he trooned out.

No. 1660323

kek don’t be delusional, he’s average and evidently a gigantic coomer

No. 1660329

I just was going off of federal medicare coverage but idk, I don't know anyone with personal experience. wigs are considered cosmetic and therefore are not covered under original medicare parts a or b, even with a doctor's prescription. it seems like a lot of private insurance will, but only for medically induced hair loss (not just for being too impatient to grow out short hair like these TiMs). the point is I doubt hirsute women are given free laser treatments and I doubt women with masculine faces are given free plastic surgery. if we're supposed to believe TiMs are women, and identical to the real ones, then why should they be given preferential treatment other than their male privilege?

No. 1660340

File: 1664337062615.jpeg (181.67 KB, 1242x413, 7E775F67-EA36-42F0-8D35-B0F381…)


But what are YOU doing here, NounaMae? Kinda suspicious that you hang out on a. Terf site ngl.

No. 1660341

File: 1664337313610.jpg (2.66 MB, 1564x1689, 1664335963643.jpg)

White trash pipeline

No. 1660345

>nothing seems to really happen when I find things like this
Add it to the pile of instances of TRAs accidentally admitting that "TERFs" aren't actually a threat to them, and, by extension, the demonization of "TERFs" is just a silencing tactic.

No. 1660354

What surgery did he get to turn his gut into a raisin?

No. 1660355

Time to log off lolcow for a while, the trannies will come back here to post their terabytes of CP and gore like usual.

No. 1660361

I posted this in Leftcows but it just made me think about how out of touch liberals and TRAs are: On the latest episode of chapo they were making fun of Tucker Carlson for talking about the hentai boob tranny and said the vast majority of voters think it’s weird that -him- and -concerned women- think it’s weird. It’s just total leftist misogyny. They said right wingers are the “20%” of the country that is transphobic. It really just shows you how much of a bubble these nyc guys live in and how little they understand common sentiment in politics. When the backlash happens it will be monumental.

No. 1660363

looks like he put a sour warhead in his bellybutton

No. 1660365

Preemptively mentioning how extremely male it is to have several irl gore pictures saved, especially if they're focused on female victims of hate crimes, and how even more moidish it is to send that sort of image to women in a fit of testeria after they said things that hurt your feelings (especially if what they said was true). Same with CP.

No. 1660381

Some big names were trans inclusive for a while, like Dworkin, so I won't go as far as automatically "not a radfem". Even with the trans inclusive shit, the woman who coined the term wouldn't have fit in with libfems, because there's more to being a radfem than just the trans stuff. Also she came up with the term when AGPs weren't as common and does think things have to be in place against "pretenders", so by now ironically enough she would be considered a terf herself kek.

No. 1660385

File: 1664340189785.png (518.06 KB, 1280x840, 9ebd1f826b01a5acb7a9262dadb6a7…)

more like a thicker skull

No. 1660390

>58.9% of imprisoned TiMs are convicted sex offenders
>16.8% of imprisoned men are convicted sex offenders
>3.3% of imprisoned women are convicted sex offenders
so you're telling me that trannies are 3.5 times more likely than your garden variety moid to be sex offenders? checks out. hysterical that they delude themselves into thinking they are female brained when they outdo even other scrotes at male pattern criminality and are 18 times more likely to be a sex offender than a real woman. we gotta stop counting tranny rapists towards women's crimes statistics.

No. 1660394

Repeating that you’re a ‘girl’ doesn’t make it true, also the fantasy about being harassed for wearing a skirt outed you

No. 1660407

File: 1664341953421.jpg (336.96 KB, 1536x2048, FdsPfXmWIAY_AnR.jpg)

Yes, yes you are.

No. 1660409

nonny you didn't get the recognition u deserve for this post, i love you

No. 1660418

He just lost the massive beergut and the skin never snapped back. He also is sucking it in making it even worse.

No. 1660429

Trannies usually cope by saying the majority of arrests are probably sex work related so it doesn't count. It would be great if there was a way to see what specific crimes the troons were arrested for.

No. 1660433

isn't prostitution legal in the uk though?

No. 1660434

it's fine for them to say these things but everyone else has to pretend not to hear it

No. 1660435

mental illness. stop fantasizing about random people watching CP

No. 1660437

I've seen moids on 4chan making fake posts on reddit that are a lot like this in order to bait responses from sincere trannies. It definitely reads like that. Not that most the shit on reddit isn't made up anyway.

No. 1660439

seriously, what the fuck. any bus seat could fit 90% of people. why do literal orcs always become troons?

No. 1660440

Nta but she's right, radfems are male excluding. We should really be called merfs.

No. 1660441

Testosterone triggers growth hormone release in puberty and it seems an abundance of testosterone leads to an abundance of degeneracy.

No. 1660448

the fact that they obsessively lurk here makes me giddy. hope you all like seeing troon stats!!

No. 1660451

Typical scrote, smile doesn't reach his dead, coomer eyes. Women, if you meet a moid and his eyes are like this, run.

No. 1660452

Most oppressed, harmless group in the world, right? …right?

No. 1660453

This right here. Troons may try to infiltrate hobby groups, but they can never enter female friend circles and it drives them insane when they see it

No. 1660458

File: 1664349606725.jpg (923.95 KB, 810x3332, Screenshot_20220928-030041_Chr…)

No. 1660463

Nonnies I have nowhere to talk about this I'm sorry for blogposting I'll take my ban bc I never post anyways but I'm stealthing as a handmaid irl and I had a run in with a troon at work and nowhere to go. Hulking, gangly limbs, grey stubble all down his neck, beer gut and sad little soy boobs. He approached me and I thought it was a weird old hippie guy because of the long ratty hair and the fucking chrome dome of a receding hairline elevenhead, floral prints and bright colors, then I see the nail polish. I help him with thickly veiled ire, and send him on his way, only to be met with "Hey, weird question…" In that fucking voice all tranny men seem to have. He asked me where I get my hair done. Then where I get my clothes from. Then he asked me if I knew some weebshit anime because he thought I looked like a female character from it. I lied and said I didn't know so he asked for my social media and he would send me a link, thank fucking god we're not allowed our phones on us at my job because I still can't think of a good excuse I could've pulled out. I was getting really freaked out, I had lied my ass off to not give him any useful answers to skin walk me or learn about me, but it was starting to get obvious I was being vague on purpose and he seemed frustrated, I tell him I have to get back to work and he was still trying to talk to me as I ran away. Creepiest thing was that I'm a very young adult, and this scrote looked easily late 40's. If this was just a man and not a pornsick tyranny this creeping surely wouldn't be ok, he didn't isolate me, there were other people close enough that they could totally see/hear the interaction- I think that even another woman if she was making me as obviously uncomfortable as this old man was would get at least weird looks so why the FUCK do troons get away with this. I'm just so mad and upset that nobody gave a shit and I can't express to what few friends I've managed to have by pretending to be woke to blend in with people my own age how unsettled I felt because s(he) was just being brave and stunning by approaching an evil cis woman oppressor for help with (his)er euphoria quest or whatever the fuck.

No. 1660479

use this experience to peak them. you cant be outright with your wording, you have to be ver specific with what you mention and what you dont. it sucks playing into their game but a lot of us started as handmaidens and a perspective change is all we needed.
sorry you went through this and i hope your safe now. please think about alerting a manager about him and try to find security footage, i hope they take it seriously.

No. 1660481

They get away with this creepy shit cause normies pity them and think "oh poor ugly man, he clearly is trying his best to look feminine but he needs help and women should help him and make him feel better". They don't realize its all a fetish and he is getting off to harassing you.

No. 1660502

Thank you, I thought about it but I'm anxious because its not like he touched me or made any physical threats etc, our security cams don't pick up audio, only visual, so it'd be my word against his if I laid claims of inappropriate behavior since it was all verbal. Even a non-0 risk they'd believe him over me is too much, I really need this job. I wish I could peak my friends but the attitude amongst my peers is "trans rights are just common sense," it's the default so acting in any way like you don't support tra ideology is a death sentence socially. It's a shame I can't tell my opinions without fear of this, even fucking pedophiles and open racists can find some kind of comraderie and lead normal lives.

KEKK I USED TO DO JUST THAT a crazy troon I was friends with (he was the one who peaked me, he was fucking crazy and ended up moving out with an underage TIF after she labeled her family abusive for not letting her take hrt, he apparently bought a chest plate one cup size bigger than hers because it made him feel "dysphoric to have smaller tits than (his) partner") still labeled me a terf even after I bent over backwards to help him with earnest intentions to make him happy, doing his hair and makeup, taking him shopping or showing him websites I liked that were affordable for a jobless leech on benefits who did nothing but play cities: skylines and masturbate all day (obviously pre pedo shit, I cut him off before that happened or that she/they would've become a was/were)

No. 1660503

sage for ot but anyone notice how tims claim female brain yet mansplain to you all the time? in my handmaiden days i hung out with more tims than i should’ve and every single one would mansplain things to me. things i obviously knew more about than them. that male confidence does not budge

No. 1660506

I feel like I already know the answer based on your story but if they were genuine friends they would be concerned having realized your boundaries getting crossed when you felt extremely uncomfortable w the troon asking about you.
Female solidarity is so lackinngggg.
Sorry you experienced that nonnie.

Prior to both being feminist (both rad and lib leaning) I was a major pickme and didn't know how to address the internal shame and outward disgust i felt for my thinly veiled troon friend's agp over japanese girls. Learned to burry it during my libfem days but years later it fucked me up that their culture is all agp skinwalking.

No. 1660507

smells fake tbh, if you're a father and your children commits a criminal act, the least thing you do is to talk abt it on reddit

No. 1660508

Yes oh my god, I used to be friends with a tim who would mansplain my own music back to me. I'm into x genre? What a coincidence so is he and he has so many opinions (despite not being able to name a single band that I didn't directly show him) he literally went into my guitar case uninvited, found my capo and started explaining to me what it is, does, and how to use it like it isn't… my fucking property I bought and actively use. So aggravating how they act dumb and confused when you react to them talking down to you about shit you know more about than them, it's like they can't stand not being the center of attention by letting women have their own interests and they have to be omniscient in everything or they feel shown up somehow by not talking over you.

No. 1660510

i think this is fueled by their “subconscious” (sex) need to feel superior over women (power fantasy).
why is it always music? always with the music.

No. 1660525

>uncle iroh pfp
kek of course they'd stan the old pervert. they really tell on themselves

No. 1660529

im so sorry, i have experiences with random trannies coming up to me in the street aswell, sometimes i swear they smell the terf vibes or something, i seriously commend you for not answering any questions properly. female brained niceness can be a serious curse sometimes.

No. 1660533

Just detransition and go get that job you're severely underqualified for, faggot. Women get denied opportunities for just existing.

No. 1660534

Maybe someone can correct me on this, but I am pretty sure it's only legal in the UK if it's done privately, not publicly. Pretty sure pimping and running a brothels are illegal there too. Anyway good catch because unless the troons in that report were pimping or publicly soliciting johns, it can't have been prostitution that landed them in a UK prison.
Not the UK but I would love to know exactly which crimes are being committed by troons who get sent to prison in the USA. Prostitution is very much illegal here in every state except Nevada, but cops don't really go after prostitutes all that much. The rates of violent crime are way too fucking high in every major city here, cops really don't have the time and resources to go after prostitutes when they are regularly dealing with car theft, murders, arson, robberies, and so on. Unless it's for something else (like a fight), most women I have heard of getting booked for prostitution, it is almost always in conjunction with drug possession. In that case, getting sent to jail or prison is often how a life saving measure because of how bad their addictions are. It's so fucked up, but that's how it is here. (Which makes it so much worse that troons are being put into women's prisons because most women in them are not in for violent crimes).

With that all said, troons are not getting targeted extra in these major cities either. Again, cops are way too busy dealing with a whole lot of other more serious crimes to bother with some dude in a dress who's whoring himself out in some biohazard of an alleyway. Troons love to think they are targeted more, but this is simply not true. I have known two people who were killed randomly within the past year here, finding murderers who go after random civilians is what cops are dealing with here, like I really can't understate how stupid troons sound when they act like they are worth the time of law enforcement when there's shit like that going on.

Also women who resort to prostitution are almost always doing it to fund their drug habits and drugs are the only way they can deal with what they're doing. Troons are not like this anywhere near as much, they might do some drugs, but most claim they love hooking and that they do it to pay for their surgeries. Their addictions, if they have them at all, are usually not anywhere near as serious as the addicts living on the streets. I would not be surprised at all if troons are found with drugs less often than women are when they're booked for prostitution. Makes you wonder what troons are really getting picked up for because there is no way it's the narrative TRAs constantly push.

No. 1660535

Here are handy excuses I have used in similar situations with prostatoids:
>I only use [insert social media you don't use] for friends and family, sorry!
This works well since if they try to search you, they won't be able to find you.
>Sorry, I don't friend people I don't know after I got abusive DMs and dickpicks, you know how it is for us girls, also no exceptions cause you know
This has worked on troons because they think you're validating them, which sucks, but it also gives you a solid excuse not to add them.
>I don't use social media because [insert autistic privacy rant]
Makes you look a little unhinged which is good.
>Give me your handle and I can add you
Risky, since the person might come back to the store. Works if there's no chance you'll have to see that person again. Block that profile.

No. 1660537

Sorry you're going through this. It sounds like you're working a public facing job with customers? I wouldn't say much, but tell your boss and coworkers that if someone comes in asking for your name or information about you to not tell them anything because you had someone pester you for contact information. Just keep it short and simple and keep it focused on the inappropriate behaviour. Wait for them to ask for a description. Once someone does, that's when you can say that you're unsure if it was a man or transwoman if you feel you need to. If you're worried that you'll get crap for misgendering, they can't get mad if you say you simply don't know. After that keep it focused on the behaviour and his age and don't bring up the trans status.
On a positive side, I don't think you'll need to try to peak anyone, the tranny's doing that on his own.

No. 1660550

It's because they're socially retarded and don't know how to make conversation in general (outside of talking about their dick and boobs on Discord I mean) so they will just dump info on whatever is in front of you and if there's no such subject at hand, they'll creepily ask about your clothes or hair.

Trannies are like the mentally disabled kid at school that others pity and keep around because it makes them look tolerant and kind. Some of the more well adjusted HSTS don't need this pity party inclusion shit because they actually know how to socialize, but are still considered gay best friends with extra steps.

No. 1660551

lol you're nicer than me. I'm mean with no filter so I just ask them outright if they have just recently learnt this stuff and feel the need to parrot all of it back at me to help them learn better. Cause it should be obvious I have an pre-established working knowledge of the things and interests I'm introducing to them. And then I offer to help them learn more if they are having that much trouble retaining the info correctly without the knowledgeable parrot show. Then I act real happy to help and comment how much I love sharing my interests with him and lay on the underlining, I feel sorry you are having so much trouble learning let me help you my poor stupid moid.

No. 1660559

I hate how troonery has become socially accepted. You're right, people would give these men looks and stares and the mood would be instantly killed, but now they're othered by their fellow moids with a "Oh thank god you don't want to be associated with us, let these women handle you now." I fucking hate how both of these types of men get away with this.

No. 1660564

File: 1664364187664.jpg (339.8 KB, 1080x1706, Screenshot_20220928-212041__01…)

More men taking advantage of transgender legislation. The worst part is the woman who was accosted has been gaslight by society into thinking she can't criticise this, or that it's her fault.


No. 1660566

File: 1664364327796.jpg (231.81 KB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20220928-212347__01…)

The comments on Reddit are absolutely abysmal as expected. No, locks on doors will not prevent men from abusing and objectifying women.


No. 1660572

I remember working in a Primark part time years ago in France and as soon as the changing rooms became unisex (because women and men had the same number of rooms but women were by far trying more things more often) we had weird shit happening. The signs to indicate men and women weren't removed yet btw. Like when a guy started to try red jeans every Thursday (when I wasn't there thank god) and masturbated in the changing rooms everytime until the police got called, or when some trannies were asking me if they could go to the changing rooms for women and looking happy when I had to tell them yes. Once a guy forgot his wallet in a room, panicked and opened it when a woman removed her shirt too, it was a complete accident that nearly ended with a fist fight. Changing rooms shouldn't be unisex.

No. 1660573

it's typical woke-washing and money saving combined. A win-win for the corporation. Meanwhile girls and women get walked in on, and eventually even some old senile moid is going to fuck up either by being walked in on or walking in on someone. Good luck explaining that and getting the benefit of doubt.

No. 1660577

They're cheap as fuck, they don't want to spend a cent on devices used to prevent shoplifting, they're using regular security for everything to save money and they're expecting regular employees to pay attention to everything. I used to be treated like garbage by costumers and was told to just take it and smile and apologize. They let retarded customers do stupid or dangerous shit all the time so I wouldn't be surprised if that was also their strategy to save money like the cheap, greedy bitches they are. I also remember former coworkers telling me more stories, I had one who saw a guy remove his trousers and underwear in front of everyone, steal new underwear, put that on, put his trousers again, walk away and he left his dirty as fuck underwear on the floor in public while the security guy was too shocked to act. And a shit ton of couples like to fuck in changing rooms too, and making the rooms unisex helps them a lot.

No. 1660582

Yeah, when I see shit about >>1660566 locking doors, it just makes me think it'll just make removing pervs and horny teens harder. Like you either break down the door or hope they cooperate.

No. 1660585

In the US prostitutes don't get arrested for being sex offenders, they get arrested for soliciting and disturbing the peace.
If trannies say a sex worker was arrested for sexual assault, it's because they were a pimp, trafficker, or a john

No. 1660590

File: 1664367244404.jpg (537.56 KB, 4096x3072, Troonsspotted.jpg)

None of this surprises me, unfortunately society hasn't reached peak retardation yet but it feels like it. Also spotted the trannies in the comments. Picrel

No. 1660591

>”Not to invalidate your experience teehee”
>invalidates her experience in the same breath.
Literally would kill a tranny if I knew I could get away with it. Also sage for ventblog this is small town gym-anon from the last thread, the Chad tranny has dyed his hair the same shade as my natural color (it’s not a common color at all) and I legitimately am boiling with rage because there is nothing I can do. I don’t even use the locker room anymore, just put my shit in the cubicles in the weight room and change/shower at home.

No. 1660593

>Chad tranny has dyed his hair the same shade as my natural color
You not giving the narcissistic, skinwalking moid the satisfaction of being in your space as you change/shower is the best thing you can do. It's not fair but it's the reality we face now as women.

No. 1660596

it just shows the male brain. a woman respects the curtain is closed for privacy. even in open gym changing rooms women will dress in a bathroom cubicle or under a towel or face the wall. not necessarily because they don’t want to be seen but because not everyone wants to see you.

also it’s just so fucked up. they purposefully opened on this women and it’s everyone’s fault but there’s for not respecting her privacy.

No. 1660599

File: 1664368647074.png (28.45 KB, 928x278, 2022-09-28 (2).png)

Enjoy some unddits from our precious allies. Because troons simply cannot rape right?

I wonder how they would weasel their way out of this:

No. 1660602

>Women being raped/assaulted is an alt-right dog whistle
You honestly can't make this shit up

No. 1660605

>having sex segregated facilities couldn't stop literally every rapist
>therefore we should have no protection for women at all

i understand more and more everyday that men see women as acceptable victims. women are supposed to get raped, so why bother trying to stop it? especially if it might hurt a mans feelings.

No. 1660606

And what about the women who have cystic acne, facial hair or who suffer from hair loss? What about black women who are denied job opportunities for wearing their natural hair texture? Should they get free wigs too?

No. 1660608

Every single time, without fail: DARVO, DARVO, DARVO. God forbid a single instance of their ideology backfiring (or working as intended, in the case of the AGPs) be called out for what it is. It gets harder every day to be empathetic to the HSTS or internalized misogyny troons because they ultimately helped cause this. If anything, people pitying those types has been what's gotten trans ideology this far, but no one ever wants to accept accountability. Even detrans people and desisters play up the victim card without ever mentioning how they helped fuck the world.

No. 1660609

Lmfao right? By their logic then, all actual women should also be getting free cosmetic procedures out the fuckin wazoo. Where’s my free juvederm, government? I’ll wait kek

No. 1660610

Lmao that sounds great. Next will be UBI for emotional damages kek

No. 1660611

They claim it's victimized transwimim prostitutes–sorry, sex workers. See >>1660534 and associated posts for debunking on that. The other argument I see often is "wrongful arrest based on bigotry (on the part of an accuser or an officer of the law)" which is absolutely just a rehashed MRA argument ("muh false accusations").

No. 1660613

I wish the woman who was collating all of these stories continued to do so because it is absolutely unequivocal evidence that trans ideology is a danger to women and children. Some anon posted it in one of the kiwi threads a while back, and I would love for an up-to-date source I could reference when people want to make stupid arguments like this instead of engaging with their delusions.


No. 1660615

That tumblr is so dead and I see it at the top of every MtF thread. The last time it was really active was 2017. Yes, it has a lot of examples, but someone's gotta step up with theysaythisneverhappens2 sooner or later

No. 1660617

They just call it cherry picking, no matter how many separate receipts you have. It wouldn't matter to them if 90% of trannies were some variety of sex offender, because they believe it's "wrongful arrests," those aren't "real" trannies, or "I'm not like that"/"I have trans friends, and they're not like that." They're all riding the sinking ship down into the freezing depths, because they're too stubborn to admit that they were wrong or to stop huffing lethal doses of "not all men 2.0" flavored copium.

No. 1660624

Yeah I was wondering how they're possibly going to wiggle around penetrative rape but that's probably how. And I mean you're absolutely right, it is an MRA argument because it is. Only difference is the men are in dresses now and magically transformed into a "protected class".

No. 1660627

Not related to something in specific, but I'd heard that Chuck Palahniuk had initially written 'Fight Club' with a woman as a main character - I thought it might be worth checking out and it was a huge mistake.

>be a man

>"let me write a book with a FMC"
>writes a caricature of a blowup doll with a troon as her "princess"

No. 1660630

This sounds bad, but I don't fully understand it. I think I prefer ignorance in this case, though.

No. 1660631

File: 1664370674048.jpg (853.22 KB, 4096x3072, Degenerateprimark.jpg)

Rip I was hoping there might already be a 2.0 I'm not already aware of. And you're not wrong anon, it's just a whole lot less effort than reasoning with insanity- having the added benefit of peaking actual women and men as opposed to trannies who are 100% a lost cause. Speaking of peaking normies there's a Primark specific twitter thread being advertised on that Reddit post. The faggot who responded first is of course being disingenuous. If you actually read the twitter thread there's plenty of changing room specific incidents.


No. 1660633

so a misogynistic stereotype but also dating a tranny?

No. 1660636


Yeah, definitely do not recommend the book (called Invisible Monsters just in case). The main character is meant to be a woman, but she is described in peak moid manner. she literally has internal monologue of something like "give me any emotion whatsoever. flash." No internal wishes, just what she is wearing and being provocative and just gross moid pandering stuff.

I could have chalked it up to just moid writing, but the side character the main character treats like a goddess is a troon, described again in super porny terms.

I usually try to at lead have a full readthrough of a book to get a proper opinion, but this was too much.

sorry for bad synthax, just overcome by disgust temporarily.

No. 1660637

I just feel hopeless because I've lost two "cis" friends at this point by telling them that the situation is putting more people in harm's way than it could ever help. Mind you, both of them knew I was a former TWAW type, and both knew that I'm a lesbian feminist. There is no rational way either of them could confuse me for an ignorant bigot. Even some of those who aren't trooned out have their heads completely buried in the sand, because they've already sworn allegiance to validating their petsonal trans friends.

No. 1660640

Chuck Palahniuk also wrote Invisible Monsters, which is a book about a supermodel who shot herself in the face and gave her identity to her troon brother so he could live her life I think Palahniuk himself is an AGP, but then a lot of men are. I’m starting to think it’s a feature of male sexuality, along with other atrocities, not a bug.

No. 1660642

It's horrible that you have to lose friends over their bigoted views on women anon. It's not much consolation, but they weren't very good friends to begin with if propaganda can regulate their opinions on you, someone who is having their dating pool subverted by mentally ill men. I've noticed just this year more and more stories are coming out in the open just like this one. Eventually something's got to give and hopefully more people will come to their senses.

No. 1660647

Wouldn't he be HSTS since he's gay?

No. 1660650

HSTS are also AGPs. They all get off to the idea of being women, it’s the same shit.

No. 1660651

moids just don't get it, ever. In a ton of places where it's easier if the rooms don't have locks because the staff, a friend, a mom can bring extra sizes easily without fussing around as much. Curtains make it easier for the person in the room too since one of the aforementioned individuals can slip in without leaving you exposed to a stranger passing by. Of course something universally respected by women is not only invaded by men, but then when we have a problem with it, they propose changes that make it less convenient, if not terribly uncomfortable to shop, as that woman in the article experienced.

No. 1660652

see also all the "gay men" who become troonbians

No. 1660659

Thank you. Honestly the worst part about this is realizing how much even the seemingly good, rational, not conservative fundamentalist, and "cis" people actually hate women. Especially when they're women. They all claim to be liberal, even "feminist," but I can't bring myself to think the majority of people have genuinely thought about sociopolitical topics further than what they've been told is right by someone else (it used to be in church or university, but now it's on tumblr, Twitter, or Tiktok). Troon shit really opens your eyes to just how misogynistic another woman can be while still thinking of herself as "progressive" or even "feminist."

No. 1660669

>isolated incidents
At my uni, which granted, was a large one, there were several rapes a year that happened in bathrooms and locker rooms. Sorry for the blog here, but in the field I was studying (something STEM), rape in the bathroom was such a common occurrence that they locked the women's bathrooms and we couldn't access them without a key. This was not the norm in every building, but we had so few women in that entire department (including the grad school departments) that it was the only solution. I'd never even heard about a man in this department who'd attacked a woman, it was always men outside the department who knew to target areas of buildings for areas of study that had a notorious lack of women. Predators look for situations where their targets will be vulnerable, and they go out of their way to do so. I am so so so sick of troons and their bullshit.

No. 1660690

All women universities when?

No. 1660692

until they bring psychologists to gaslight women into accepting troon classmates

No. 1660701

A few American girls who went to UNIFI with me were on exchange from Smith, and they were all lesbians complaining about how the school was having some kind of drama about allowing troons. I believe the troon in question was a TIF but I’m scared to look and see if they allow troons now (this was back in 2018) Small liberal arts college so, probably. Any Smith-anon able to weigh in?

No. 1660721

by the end of the book tho the brother admits he's not really a "trutrans" and did all that mutilation as a form of self harm. it doesnt save the entire story but its not a 100% positive and uncritical look at troonery

No. 1660740

File: 1664380426454.png (30.66 KB, 765x263, AF788CFB-70B4-43EE-87F1-61FD0C…)

I love when they get so excited about having a “vagina” so they can experience real, earth-shattering female orgasms only to not be able to coom at all.

No. 1660749

>feel like I've been sterilized
Kek you don't say

No. 1660750

File: 1664380912468.jpg (62.13 KB, 800x450, lisa.jpg)

>I seriously feel like I've been sterilized


No. 1660752

File: 1664381035436.jpeg (54.58 KB, 640x482, 8EEC4B9F-264D-42B2-88DC-8CF57C…)

No words only laughs

No. 1660755

fatdoctorUK is the same. they're very-low-IQ female sociopaths. like crocodiles, but a person basically.

No. 1660756

lol he also wrote a short story about a group of women attacking / doing a genital inspection on a member of group that was suspected of being a trans woman for being too beaootiful and perfect. What a joke

No. 1660758

So years ago, once the trans bathroom stuff was first introduce, Target announced that it was unisex or trans friendly or whatever. I had a friend who was a mom of young girls and said she would just go home if her girls needed the bathroom. I argued with her and she was even being friendly and saying "I'm not afraid of trans women, just of a pervert saying he's trans." I said "THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN" and other shit I was completely clueless about. My conservative friend stepped in for her and argued with me instead pointing out she's not anti-trans and I said something about setting up a hostile environment for trannies or something. Years later, I peaked and I regret that conversation to this day. I'm thinking of DMing her to apologize, but we only knew each other in middle school and it would be weird. How dare I, someone without children, argue with a woman who is doing more to keep her young girls safe. I hope your dumbass friends figure things out quicker than I did, anon. But don't lose hope. I'm liberal, work in academia, and progressive and I still had enough sense to open my eyes when being shown actual posts, proofs and commentary by the trans community, especially the TRAs.

No. 1660759

sage for blogpost but i used to know this moid who trooned out after being accused of raping his gf (he said the accusation made him come to terms with his femininity kEK) and now he got srs. i wonder how much time it will take for him to regret it. he posts about it constantly on instagram and he clearly wants to show off his neovagina because he does everything for validation but in private he cries about how unpleasant it feels. troons just want to be oppressed so no one can call them out on the shit things they do. and a bunch of women validate their oppressor out of fear. we really are living in the most retarded era of humanity

No. 1660765

also it has literally no meaning. radical feminism includes trans men, because they are female and they are women. there's no exclusion of trannies, only males.

No. 1660771

>60% of TIMs in prison are sex offenders
>these are just the ones that have been caught
>the chance that any random TIM you meet is a sex pest is practically a guarantee
>thinks about how creepy men can be
>multiplies that by 3.5
>the absolute state of the y chromosome

No. 1660774

This gives me hope. One of my friends actually didn't cut me off, but definitely thinks I'm irrational about the trans stuff, and has told me she won't change her view and that we shouldn't talk about it anymore. I agreed to that, but there is a pit in my stomach thinking about how she values male egos over concerns of a lesbian that are proving to be a little more than just "concerns." She also thinks she's oppressed for her tqa+ identity (not queer, thankfully), and has gotten mad at me for even implying that she doesn't face oppression for it (she has admitted to never even having a crush on another woman), and for saying that queer is a slur. I honestly think women like her are so deep in the mud that it's hard to have faith in recovery.

No. 1660778

looked him up and he's a victorian kek wonder what he thinks and says about actual asians (j/k i know what)

No. 1660779

fucking horror at a human centipede level. these people are garbage

No. 1660783

File: 1664382744148.png (2.1 MB, 2038x1171, twitter.png)

No. 1660785

Everything about their existence has something to do with women. Same with gay moids. They call their assholes "boy pussy", Two moids cant have sex/romance without referencing women. Lesbians don't pretend that their strapon ejaculates sperm and the woman might get pregnant

No. 1660788

File: 1664383160862.webm (499.45 KB, 540x960, qbibUGrDAM2AVG6N.webm)

love this recent troon cope, that other moids can fuck them without worrying of them getting pregnant, like this isn't the "owning" you think it is

No. 1660790

It's funny that they think moids forgot that they were giving anal. Men obsess over that, and "not being gay"–he won't forget that you're male.

No. 1660812

I would shoot this thing between the eyes if I could

No. 1660813

His head would look so funny on a stake

No. 1660817


No. 1660823

File: 1664385169912.jpg (329 KB, 1080x1579, 20220928_131232.jpg)


No. 1660827

Samefag who posted this >>1659507 here but I’m just looking at this photo and thinking about how in the same neighborhood that I took this picture, yesterday a woman got murdered (all the way dead) in broad daylight in the same place just for existing. Wasn’t provoking anyone, wasn’t on drugs, was just walking by. Men feel comfortable getting into woman face because they know that even if they put on the costume and insist that their coworkers use “she/her” when addressing them, they’ll still never be in a quarter of the type of danger that the women of Portland are constantly subjected to simply for existing. They insist that “trans women” are an “oppressed group” when more actual women get murdered or are left for dead in this city on a daily basis, whereas troons literally get whatever kind of treatment and accommodation they want because everyone is afraid of getting sued. I’m really gonna murder the next autogynephile I see in public. I mean it. This is not going to be a safe world for their kind. Absolutely fucking not.(dont a-log)

No. 1660833

He can't decide what kind of gf he wants to skinwalk. Shameful. At least know your bit before you commit to a full-time misogyny LARP, you lazy indecisive fuck.

No. 1660834

Moid detected. A-logging fugly twitter trannies you think are uglier than you won’t make you any less of a man. Go back

No. 1660835

stfu tranny. your kind will all be wiped out soon.(infighting)

No. 1660836

You will never be a woman. Next time try to make your pity points “wahhh the lolcow terfs are threatening to literally murder me!!!” selfposting less obvious.

No. 1660839

Me wanting autogynephiles dead doesn’t make me a man. Can’t believe I’m getting called a moid for being outraged about women being murdered on the street that I live. You sound fucking ridiculous.

No. 1660842

>You think troons don’t deserve to live? That must mean you are one
You sound like you’re missing a chromosome

No. 1660845

File: 1664387122425.png (223.01 KB, 521x326, whens the manifesto.png)

Drag is the male mockery of women. I don't support it and never will.
Burlesque is adult entertainment and should be kept separate from children's entertainment.

>Manifesto-Chan Rising.

No. 1660848

File: 1664387272947.jpeg (512.56 KB, 1235x2001, 5A58C99E-1466-4BCF-8DB4-719496…)

Lmao please I’m crying rn even with all that shit make up on his face you can still tell his ass is a man. You can keep all the closet queen gays to yourself babe, trust me the terfs don’t want them. Especially the mf you got.

No. 1660854

>men will eat shit from the buttholes of other men
>surely this is an own against women

No. 1660857


No. 1660859

thats a biological woman you retard. whats your problem? is this your ex's new squeeze?

No. 1660860

There's been increasing amounts of violent posts on these threads lately. Gayops by troons wanting this site gone and "proof" terfs are violent genociders or something?

No. 1660862

Makes sense- the Twitter troons are losing and infighting and impotent so they gotta shit up everywhere else. Nothing new

No. 1660863

I noticed it too, but didn't want to call out and start a retarded derail for "defending troons", should just have reported them tho.

No. 1660864

What's with black troons and thinking that women don't feel jealous when a scrote they like or is in a relationship likes troons, they feel he's gay, disgusted and/or betrayed? Nobody cares this goofy goober likes you. Real women don't feel in competition with gay men/troona unless they like bisexuals. I've yet to meet a woman jealous of a Troon, more so "oh he likes Trans? Damn, he's bisexual/gay/ a coomer".
Nobody cares

No. 1660865

*not "don't " I mean, "thinking we do feel jealous"

No. 1660866

There's an actual manifesto-chan that the farmhands keep muzzled; but beyond her and that scrote schizo posting there's just trannies seething that KF is back online.

No. 1660867

Glad somebody else noticed. I’ve pretty much only ever seen 41% comments, never anything genuinely violent. I just don’t want to go the way of KF

No. 1660868

I was too timid to post anything violent but the previous posts encouraged me.

No. 1660872

Honestly I didn’t think it was that bad. I thought the Troon brother was meant to be an asshole villain and I liked the book a bit better than fight club. I wasn’t pinkpilled yet when I read it so I might have different opinion if I read it now. Btw I met Palahniuk and he’s a manlet.

No. 1660875

Really? Even after the BLM and Antifa shit?

No. 1660877

The bf looks like a special needs teenager.

No. 1660879

>If you have violent feelings you’re obviously not a woman you have to be a troon
Ok, well if me thinking that men who murder and abuse women deserve to be killed makes me a “violent terf” then so be it kek…doesn’t bother me if that hurts the lurking twitter trannies feelings.

No. 1660880

Well, go complain to admin and mods for making alogging against the rules.

No. 1660881

But I thought trannies were always saying how they were constantly in danger of being raped and murdered and therefore needed more safe spaces??

No. 1660885

The difference between real, grown women being murdered just for existing (the way we always have been) and a troon whining and screaming
just because they saw something on the farms that they don’t like is that only one of those things actually, regularly happen.
I may have violent feelings, but am I, as a 20 year old woman in a highly “trans-inclusive” actually likely to act on them? No. Because at the end of the day, it is always the troon men who do the killing of women.

No. 1660892

It’s not about hurting their feelings, it’s about being worried for the fate of this site as the violent messages could get this site nuked. Plus yes, I think murder fantasies like that are unhinged and very moid-tier.

No. 1660893

This is just "My uncle works for Nintendo"

No. 1660895

a-logging is against the rules for a reason nonna

No. 1660896

If the posts get reported to the police, they do not care if you are achsyally going to do anything, just the fact you are talking about doing it is enough to get the site in trouble.