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No. 1690826

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No. 1690830

nahh mr pringles went too far this time

No. 1690840

Threadpic rel: the (actually female) ~witches~ of this subreddit who think they're special because they have purple hair, slander jkr and have a "lesbian" troon partner should be ashamed. If souls do exist all the women in history who have been burnt for witchcraft are keking at their expense.

No. 1690841

File: 1667303916682.png (1.47 MB, 960x1643, tranny.png)

More expert tranny makeup skills

No. 1690842

File: 1667304134450.jpeg (383.74 KB, 750x837, FE41F562-C1FC-4939-9324-20D552…)

rip the alphabet community, it’s straight men all the way down.

No. 1690843

File: 1667304451793.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 312.09 KB, 809x2367, 31E16CD0-5BDD-4432-B2F3-96025E…)

spoiler for thread pic grandpa in a bikini. my eyes.

No. 1690846

File: 1667304658274.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 823.02 KB, 750x1214, EEE8663B-CCC5-468D-8439-79B175…)

it gets worse.

No. 1690851

say what you will about makeup, but it makes agps look like clowns every single time, and that’s a win in my book.

No. 1690855

kek did a chola reject him in high school 30 years ago

No. 1690859

No. 1690880

This scrote would've definitely burned witches back in the day

No. 1690908

Who's tio is this lmfao

No. 1690929

Mi hija no te preocupes, ahora soy tu tia

No. 1690933

why is he acting like being an old man with moobs is anything special

No. 1690947

Exhibitionist fetish

No. 1690953

The lesbian reddit subs ought to have discussions on the male gaze vs female gaze in media (including examples). Maybe the troons in the sub might realize which gaze they view women through. I'm sure there are other ways to trigger them into feeling how male they are while skirting around language that would get them banned.

No. 1690956

didn't a troon post yuri on there a while ago and get ripped to shreds? i think it was in one of the earlier threads

No. 1690962

File: 1667318467539.jpeg (225.54 KB, 750x837, D5801A51-87BA-4B79-AC53-D1F7E8…)

no, you’re a man with moobs. womanhood denied.

No. 1690964

No woman talks about her breasts this way, what the fuck?

No. 1690970

File: 1667318835254.jpeg (406.72 KB, 1021x2212, 96A20794-D68C-4EB4-9692-7B2D78…)

this got posted to the troonsbian sub. troons have definitely created their own culture, and it’s got nothing to do with womanhood.

No. 1690979

unfortunately, if there’s anything we’ve learned from troonism, it’s that women are a few screws loose away from chopping their tits off at any given time.

No. 1690994

This kind of gross sexualization of the female body is why teen girls chop their breasts off. They just don't want these porn sick men to desire them in any way.

No. 1690998

File: 1667322511763.jpeg (256.3 KB, 827x1174, 1F6A25F6-939D-4713-9CE9-F27925…)

Midwife posts tik tok about the language being ‘birthing people’ as opposed to mothers etc. A few peaks.

probably more fitting for other thread but this is where I am.

No. 1691001

>I relate to men more than women
Yaaas queen TWAW
I went to the OBGYN recently and they’ve removed all reference to women. It’s now “people who can become pregnant” etc.

No. 1691002

I really can’t stand how so many of these people use passive aggressive emojis when others are asking extremely fair questions. They’re so patronizing.

No. 1691004

Precisely, it's the same thing I went through as a young teen and im sure most us did. I cried, daily, and wanted my boobs off of me. My mom even offered to help me get a reduction when I turned 18. Fortunately I never went through with it and love myself a lot more now, but these girls deserve better. They should never have to endure such disgusting, monstrous behavior and be subjected to these maniacs.

No. 1691006

Dylan can say ‘I want to be a mother some day and I can be’

Mothers will be referred to as birthing people though.

No. 1691012

>sbian in username
>i relate more to trans women than cishet women

Trans women, who constantly sexualize lesbians and women in the most overt, public, and demeaning ways possible? Male hands typed this.

No. 1691013

I had the same. I was sexualized so early because of having a moderately large chest. Losing weight when I got older and losing almost all of my boobs still makes me cry with relief. Fuck these troons ugh. I’m sorry you went through those painful feels too, nonna.

No. 1691017

>"women who identify as women"
Oh so there are WOMEN who don't identify as women? And that's still a group of WOMEN, that's what you're saying?

No. 1691019

I want to a-log badly. I want to cut that moids moobs off and make him eat them. You do not have breasts you're a fat, sad man and reddit.

No. 1691020

File: 1667324653496.jpg (5.57 KB, 216x233, index.jpg)

Same but at least I know it looks like picrel with the way these weirdos can't handle any form of conflict

No. 1691044

I wanna give you big hugs, nonna. We gotta stay strong and help these young women learn their own strength. If we don't stick together, the pornsick moids and troons win. At least we can rally in solidarity.

No. 1691046

File: 1667326542620.jpeg (546.03 KB, 750x1278, F504B551-D062-41E6-98CD-4E432B…)

these men are always obsessed with teenage girls, it’s so predatory.

No. 1691052

and they get their idea of what being a teenage girl is like from movies and tv shows written by men. i remember my teenage years as just being awkward. i wasn't giggling with a group of other girls at a sleepover wearing pink pyjamas.

No. 1691053

fantasizing about "teenage girl life" aka sexual fantasies and delusions. it is so gross, everyone knows that what they chalk "teenage girl life" is, is just an abysmal coomer addled, befouling debasement of what it actually is like.

No. 1691064

>jealous of teenagers
>"first third of my life"
So what, he's 50-60? Fantasizing about being a teenager again? Just go buy a car you can't afford for your midlife crisis ffs.

No. 1691103

and just like that you got them.

You can change the language but it won’t change how they’re seen even by enablers

No. 1691107

I was one of those girls who did have a friend group that had sleepovers, but they were mundane little gatherings where we just played games and ate pizza. Men are always trying to sexualize those events, and the idea of sexualizing a group of kids getting together to beat each other in video games or put on stupid outfits or make fart jokes tells me how pornified and idiotic they are. My neighborhood had lots of kids and sometimes we even had co-ed sleep overs (when we were under ten or so). Nothing was any different at those, same sorts of activities and parents keeping an eye on things anyway. Did these men just never speak to a girl their entire life? They act like girls and women are another species that is so hard to understand and have completely different interests than them. It’s like they’re incapable of viewing us as humans with a mix of experiences and things we like. Everything boils down to what they know from porn instead of real life.

No. 1691118

I have to kek because if not I will alog. Being a teen girl is shit, no one takes you seriously, males everywhere harass you, you have to have a period in a school setting, all the casual misogyny in high school, never having any money, you hate your body because of bullshit societal standards, your clothes are constantly policed by either your parents or teachers even when its literally a tank top, the list goes on. I know this kind of male mindset is irritatingly common but truly these idiots are on crack if they really think being a teen girl is "weeee slumber parties oh em gee I have a crush on this boy!!!!"

No. 1691121

The delusion that being a teenage girl would somehow instantly mean you’re liked and popular despite any other personality traits or qualities.

My teenage years were spent hating my body, falling out with other girls (honestly teenage girls can be so cruel), literally being taken advantage of by older men/boys. Being called frigid or a slut. Constantly put down by males. Having close friendships was a plus but not all girls had that. It totally trivialises how hard those years were. I’m so angry

No. 1691170

Sending big warm hugs to you, too. I agree, the more solidarity we as women can find and maintain with each other, the stronger we are against this influx of sick, maladaptive creatures. Cuckoos trying to force us from the nest, all of them. They won’t win.

No. 1691171

It’s because they think women live life on easy mode - they are incels

No. 1691172

I hear you so much. I still hate my chest more than anything and it only made the issue worse that I wore a binder for a long time which made my breasts saggy and look bigger. I can’t wear the clothes I want, I feel uncomfortable constantly and it’s fucking horrible. I also developed all of a sudden being a late bloomer and that was even more difficult to deal with. I fucking hate troons and how they talk about breasts. They will never have them no matter how much they want them, because at best they have alien, sad looking moobs that aren’t able to feed babies- they aren’t mammary glands. Sorry for a-logging I just hugely relate to this sentiment

No. 1691184

It's unbelievable how much agp+app troons whine about "missing out" on trivial shit in their perfectly normal childhoods.

No. 1691187

Men in general have a hard time with viewing women as humans with emotions and not preassembled robotic bangmaids, so ofc the ones with the sick fetish and addiction to coom don't see us as people. We're literally nothing more than fetish fuel and validation for them, so the things we do gets sexualized. Even down to teenaged girls having sleepovers or getting their first period. There's no respect for women, just coombait.

No. 1691188

Do FtM wine about missing out on teenaged boyhood as much as the MtF coomer wines about missing out on puberty for girls? I don't think so.

No. 1691189

>to have parents
Teenaged boys don't have parents?

No. 1691191

They do but it comes off as being resentful that they weren't allowed to be carefree children like boys were and had to be pretty little dolls/decorations

No. 1691201

KEK I thought the same. A lot of them sure don’t fucking act like they have parents tho I will say…

No. 1691211

Yeah, tifs complain about misogyny, while tims fetishize misogyny

No. 1691222

Exactly. At least with TiFs I can understand where it comes from on a level that relates to female oppression most women the world over experience in some form. Men just think with their dicks and have no empathy for anything that isn’t them. I think it’s why they scream so loud about being oppressed, they’ve been coddled and uplifted for forever, so anyone (read: women) saying “no” or calling out their behavior is a huge affront against them. Like another nona said once, the only oppression men experience is on the intersection of things like race, where they live, poverty, but they’ll never experience misogyny in any form no matter how badly they want to jerk off to experiencing it.

No. 1691223

Yes and he acted fucking incredulous and somewhat ashamed even, when a bunch of people responded. It was hilarious, maybe it was a moment of realization but probably not.

No. 1691245

I can tell this woman is intelligent. God bless her and fuck her degen son

No. 1691249

File: 1667341436915.jpg (4.51 MB, 3072x4096, 22-11-01-15-17-59-881_deco.jpg)


No. 1691257

I agree. She wasn’t even completely dismissing him, she offered therapy and tried to be reasonable. A lot of parents wouldn’t even do that. I think offering to speak with a counselor or some other mediator is a good choice because otherwise it can get more emotional than it needs to. If I were his mother I probably would have gone no contact already, and I can’t believe he posted her to a sub called r/insaneparents when she sounds way too giving to begin with.

No. 1691263

It's insane that this is what troons think an abusive parent is. She clearly cares a lot about him which is why it's so devastating for her that her son is doing this.

No. 1691269

Today people in my art school class people were talking about how transwomen can get pregnant too. Maybe they were mistakenly referring to transmen as TW but It made me go white in the face. Gen Z is so fucked.

No. 1691287

File: 1667346213240.jpeg (864.39 KB, 1242x926, 4BB84B47-39A0-4936-A541-9B30CB…)

They’re coming for fucking mumsnet now. Lmfao. We called it.


No. 1691288

File: 1667346426686.jpeg (571.29 KB, 750x1033, 77361267-AB5F-45B4-ACC1-0AC1EC…)

Actually vile

No. 1691292

>Awful smell just taking off your pants
So is it a rotting wound in the crotch or just lack of hygiene because neither I nor my girlfriend ever smell distinctly bad when we undress

No. 1691301

They were talking about Kikomi kek don't be afab transwomanphobic

No. 1691302

File: 1667348424276.jpeg (874.4 KB, 1410x1674, 7B909524-5738-4CB1-8172-9D577F…)

this cope is too funny and this tranny is beyond delusional

No. 1691306

samefag but after looking through his profile, this guy is deranged. he has an obsession with jerma985 has has seemingly countless post on his subreddit. scary.

No. 1691311

not only disgusting, but these delusional idiots actually believe this is what happens to a normal woman.

No. 1691324

File: 1667350084070.png (366.73 KB, 748x981, Twitter.png)

blah blah blah

No. 1691325

File: 1667350128941.png (406.56 KB, 748x725, _ Twitter.png)

>identify as a disabled trans woman

No. 1691327

File: 1667350230463.jpg (25.9 KB, 500x301, 260d4527400bbecd823f84d6ec9ff0…)

Fucking Potter.

No. 1691328

File: 1667350286103.jpeg (11.8 KB, 400x400, 69FC5217-2685-41A8-B790-8838F1…)

Reading this made me need to go out to my garage and beat the shit out of my picrel.

No. 1691329

>draco's actor was the the lesser evil of the two

No. 1691333

Floating depression face vs Radiant auntie FIGHT

No. 1691334

File: 1667351202126.jpg (139.24 KB, 595x751, breastplate sensei skydives 1.…)

omg I am wheezing, apparently breastplate troon shop teacher went skydiving on Halloween. more pics to come, including when his wig fell off.

No. 1691335

File: 1667351262112.jpg (119.17 KB, 598x638, breastplate sensei skydives 2.…)

getting strapped in… he is HUGE

No. 1691338

Don’t leave us hanging nonna!! I need to see that wigless fucker lmao

No. 1691339

File: 1667351468809.jpg (381.86 KB, 1559x845, breastplate sensei skydives 3.…)

wig gone with the wind. look at that fucking make-up

more pics here: https://twitter.com/Voodoopornstar/status/1587467374344773632>>1691335

No. 1691342

Is…is that a latex mask?

No. 1691345

I don’t know but he does have airbags if the parachute malfunctions.

No. 1691347

File: 1667351989567.jpeg (36.82 KB, 224x224, DE4C4B6A-AA2C-4ECD-AD34-574EF8…)

He looks like he would fit right in picrel kek

No. 1691354

he's so old and decrepit that his skin has naturally morphed into leather

No. 1691357

And they wonder why we call them rot pockets.

No. 1691360

The irony is bittersweet.

No. 1691367

Just imagine being a teenage girl and seeing this eldritch horror of a face on his gargantuan body and knowing he gets to call himself a woman with the full backing of the people in charge while you have to carefully refer to real women as “egg havers” and other such horseshit. Clown fucking world. Wanna a-log.

No. 1691377

isn't he just cross/fetish dressing? but then again I haven't kept up with this dude for a long time

No. 1691380

a guy crossdressing once doesnt make him a troon. Its retards like you why troons exist.

No. 1691385

>implying all troonery isn’t fetish crossdressing

No. 1691393

>"your cis friend is hot, is she here to support you girls?"
Sentences that no real life person would say.

No. 1691394

I hate manlets so much.

No. 1691399

Reads like absolute cope to me.

No. 1691401

I hope I see him getting called out.

No. 1691409


It all boils down to sex with them. That's all they see women as tools for male sexual pleasure and troon validation. A real woman would be incredibly disturbed at people sexualizing her so much because we're actually threatened by it. Not these 6 ft monsters though.

No. 1691438

that is 100% a faceapped smile. KEK it looks so uncanny valley

No. 1691455

if she "respects other peoples choices about how they prefer to be known" she wouldn't be calling people "BIRTHING PEOPLE" as "a group or in general" when its been made clear many people find it offensive and demeaning.

And its not like the majority of woman are asking to be called that, its literally disrespecting and neglecting the feelings of close to 50% of the population and reducing them to a function just because it makes a small minority of people (likely men) feel better.

No. 1691498

File: 1667372133753.png (755.56 KB, 1076x1015, tranny2.png)

Neither hot nor a dyke

No. 1691499

File: 1667372221793.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.41 KB, 1908x1146, twins.jpg)


No. 1691500

File: 1667372245895.png (2.22 MB, 975x1754, tr.png)

HRT won't fix your teeth or your hairline

No. 1691506

If this really some sort of protest against woke shit like that one 4chan post said, he's really fucking dedicated. Doubt it but this is hilarious.

No. 1691511

Yeah because it was actually for nothing. Also I had to look up what that flag next to the pan one was, it's literally a flag for poly people. That's it. As if poly was a sexuality under the LGB umbrella…

No. 1691515

This is like how moids get all depressed about missing out on "teenage love" when they're 25+. Maybe stop centering your entire life on cooming and realize that there's actually more to life than whining about how you didn't get laid when you were 16.

No. 1691522

a grown man dosing himself for 2 years with copium

No. 1691532

File: 1667374636131.png (2.36 MB, 964x2402, troon6.png)

Gabe Newell trooned out?

No. 1691543

File: 1667378970885.png (774.49 KB, 862x661, jorund.png)

>Jørund was a man, but now realized that she felt like a woman. And had an intense desire to be paralyzed from the waist down.

This is bizar. He has a wife and 2 kids.


No. 1691544

This dude looks like Mr. Dink from Doug.

No. 1691545

there are real wc users who can't afford a chair that nice, and this scrote has one for his larp. clown world.

No. 1691546

Well.. tbf it's Norway so wheelchair users are probably taken care of. He doesn't receive benefits and handicapped parking etc.

No. 1691548

I love the juxtaposition of these images kek. Virgin manlet vs. terf Stacy.

No. 1691551

He mistakes people staring in shock and taking a second look at the freak with people checking him out lmaoo

No. 1691576

File: 1667386996768.png (1.07 MB, 1081x4935, chrome_screenshot_166738694231…)

These people really don't get how sexual attraction works. You will never be a woman or a lesbian.

No. 1691579

the utter delusional male narcissism to think that a "lesbians" who'd fuck a male body are the default, not exceptions who are either bullied into it by this kind of shitty scrote, or not lesbian at all

No. 1691580

>the hardest part wasn’t that she rejected me
>entire post is a raging incel seethe about how she’s a bitch
The comments make me want to a-log just as much as the post itself Jesus Christ

No. 1691583

The absolute incel entitlement… just because she’s a lesbian doesn’t mean she is forced to date you even if a genie magically transformed you into a female. So many of them just bitch and whine about not getting laid, and how women mistreat them for not giving them sex. How do more people not see the transcel problem?

Seriously replace transitioning with hitting the gym/dressing nice/ having money to get stacie and a moid chimping because he got rejected. They’re so entitled and autistic and don’t see women as people, just gatekeepers to sex and if they earn enough points (by whatever measure their chimp minds figure) they are owed pussy. I hate men so much. I hate how having access to women is considered an inalienable right and it’s a crime against humanity to ever deny them.

No. 1691585

i don't think this is even really terfy? even in very "liberal" pro-trans circles i feel like a lot of people accept that lesbians can choose not to date trans women because they're just not attracted to them as long as they are "nice" about it. as in, maybe not bringing up their genitals or male-specific things when rejecting them, even if those were their reasons. You know, like someone who maybe isn't into fat people can reject a fat person without flat out saying "no sorry, i hate fat people". The issue here is that they purposely pushed and tried to find out what their reason was, thus making her "admit" to it being because of their AGAB. I don't know, I don't think that even makes her a terf, just someone who's been pressured to reveal the uncomfortable reasons why she isn't into this particular person.

No. 1691586

sage to add: Just like if i was rejected by someone I wouldnt go out of my way to ask them why, and make them tell me its because my legs are too big and my laugh is weird or whatever. You're just setting yourself up for disappointment

No. 1691590

Only moids get pissed off when rejected because consent and mutual attraction doesn’t matter to them in the first place. Needing a woman’s permission to access her body is just something men begrudgingly accept because they’d get arrested otherwise.
Moids don’t care if the woman they are with actually loves and appreciates them so long as he can use her for sex/labor. It’s why they’re so entitled to women way past their league and why they want to force women into loveless marriages, among other things. You will almost never see a woman try to shake down a man for sex if she knows he finds her undesirable. Women actually see sex as an act of mutual love/intimacy and not an act of violence where one person conquers the other. It’s impossible for romance to happen if one person simply doesn’t want to be involved.

This man feels entitled to this woman and would be happy if she grit her teeth and fucked him out of fear of being called transphobic. He would be happy to have her be his house slave while she pops depression pills and contemplates suicide daily. He’d rather have that over being alone and sexless. This is one thing among many things that really separates men and women, and troons make sure to let us know they’re no different from the men they supposedly no longer identify with.

No. 1691606


No. 1691607

He has not dated any lesbians. He has dated trannies, bisexuals, hets. If he's even dated anybody. >>1691576 is how every actual lesbian thinks, we all say the same stuff amongst each other in safe company. It's so fucking annoying how cowardly handmaidens are for enabling this delusion that these moids are welcome under the lesbian label. It's an insult.

No. 1691610

Why are these fuckers trying to associate communism with themselves, why, WHY!?!?

No. 1691611

Hell yeh trooning out and buying new clothes and makeup and expensive surgeries and HRT and putting your individual identity above the rights of women is so anti-capitalist!

No. 1691612

File: 1667392760269.jpg (303.14 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20221102-133905_Red…)

What a dumbass…

No. 1691613

>She rejected me, what a bitch!

You couldn't make this shit up. they are all so typically scrote

No. 1691614

Yet another victim of the creepy, heavy-mouth-breathing Christian boy to sex predator pipeline!

No. 1691616

File: 1667393062936.jpg (72.38 KB, 536x780, lxhil9z625f91.jpg)

Wtf. Human Shrek is real?

No. 1691620

File: 1667393252924.jpg (471.01 KB, 1080x1804, Screenshot_20221102-134529_Red…)

Almost every single post from r/MTF is degenerate. Not a rare wtf post here and there but instead almost all posts are screenshottable, sexist and disgusting. If only normies would check that sub, there would be mass peaking.

No. 1691624

Since everyone else already mentioned the obvious issues.. these folks tend to also fail to understand that love and physical attraction are separate. She will love you as a friend or something akin to a relative but not be attracted to you at all. That’s fine and acceptable but because it doesn’t benefit the OP complaining, it’s a problem.

No. 1691625

Hey is this dude wants to get fucked in the ass by another man and call himself a lesbian, I’m all for it. Whatever makes them leave actual women alone. T4T

No. 1691627

File: 1667393764722.gif (1.72 MB, 500x463, 6908DCC9-6D1D-49EF-AAB7-3261C4…)

I hate that they are propagating a gross, coomerfied “me so horny” stereotype about women and the naturally occurring chemicals in our bodies and the way we experience sex, arousal and attention. I FUCKING HATE IT REEEEE

No. 1691628

Samefag *attraction not attention but still REEEE

No. 1691632

She didn't even admit it to him, she admitted it to mutuals and they showed him the screenshots. She should run from the whole friend group, none of them can be trusted to take her side instead of spying for him.

No. 1691633

I actually do get kind of like that… but only for like two days before my period. And I'm too distracted by bloating and cravings and crying to act on it. High progesterone for me means horrible PMS, it isn't some magical horny chemical, it's a tug of war between misery and confusion. And unlike him, I can't just opt out of it because it's "just pms" and doctors don't care.

No. 1691635

File: 1667394938635.jpg (4.69 KB, 214x200, index.jpg)

>as a cis woman

No. 1691636

File: 1667394985722.jpg (167.26 KB, 1080x1323, FggsgjTXEAAdkBT.jpg)

Thats not how it works Monty

No. 1691637

AYRT and I totally get what you’re saying. Hell, I definitely get very very horny during my ovulation week, but I guess what bothers me more is the language being used by this fucking troon. Like “wants to be pounded like a bitch in heat” I would never talk about myself or another woman that way. It just reeks of scrotedom.

No. 1691638

That incel entitlement is actually really, really vile. Only the most basic of scrote reactions I suppose.
Reminder that rejecting these people and being gay is "TERFy and shallow".

No. 1691640

They will never know what it is to be us, they will never experience a single authentically female experience, their sexualities, arousal, and bodies are inescapably male. For all their cope about ~hormones~ and ~pussy smell~ and ~totally real female orgasms you guyyssss!!!~ they will never experience even a second of what it is to live in a female body, and that makes them seethe.

No. 1691644

The sad thing is reddit handmaidens actually type and talk likethis reddit is full of gutter ppl kek

No. 1691647

Why do scrotes refuse to have even the most basic skincare routine

No. 1691648

>they aren't even as dangerous as cis women
Citation fucking needed boy

No. 1691649

>edit: This is not a post about tiktok
kek, did he get mad that people started commenting about things other than his sob story?

No. 1691650

rowling should never have given this bitch a career

No. 1691651

So then why are transwomen factually disproportionally jailed for sexual crimes against "cis" women and children? Is he gonna explain it away by crying "not all (transwo)men", or is he gonna say the evil terf women and terf children are lying about the sexual abuse? Transwomen factually commit the same level of crimes as "cis" men despite hormones and surgeries.

No. 1691655

Even human shrek looks better.

No. 1691658

You tell no lies. The posts from that sub are what led me to see the complete encapsulation of their degeneracy. They say anything that springs to their mind without remembering it’s a place anyone can visit. Most of it is so vile and sexist, it’s like the worst men have to offer, like reading a forum for incels or predators. They wanted us to “listen to trans people in their own words” and we did! Turns out the majority of MtFs are the most misogynistic people out there, which makes sense seeing how entitled they seem to be to sex, attention, and spaces they don’t belong in.

No. 1691661

Why tf did her friends send screenshots of her messages to this creep??

No. 1691664

It’s like every other incel who gets his feelings hurt when female friend rejects him. He can’t just say ok, that’s fine, and continue being her friend. He has to make it an entire ordeal by calling her names, trying to ruin her reputation, or by hurting or killing her at the worst. Even regular guys are terrible with this, they only want the transactional aspects of the relationship. Even if you thought you were good friends before, once you decline them sexually, you serve no purpose to them and the friendship is over. They can’t just be happy with the love that comes with friendship only.

No. 1691668

Loyalty to the trans cult supersedes loyalty to friends or family.

No. 1691674

File: 1667398555246.jpg (550.06 KB, 810x2004, Screenshot_20221102-101102_Boo…)

Nice cuts on your arm there

No. 1691676

File: 1667398614665.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.12 KB, 588x407, DfI7XeyWsAAcNzd.jpg)

Same energy as picrel

No. 1691681

can troons even exist without copious amounts of public-facing self harm scars?

No. 1691682

File: 1667398908287.png (66.39 KB, 300x168, cutting scars.png)

they never go deep enough, do they

No. 1691683

I absolutely cannot wait for mass peaking and all these celebs looking like absolute clowns for being on the side that castrates and mutilates children against their consent (because they can't give it; they are literally children).

This is spergy as hell but it's cute that the Harry Potter franchise now represents healing through self-love for detrans people in a world that hates them, and it represents standing up for your rights and never giving up. And it's funny how
>Voldemort took a new name (like trans people)
>people fear to say his name (like deadnaming)
>tore apart his own soul and body to reach his own self fulfilling goals (like trans surgeries and hormones)
>he had a cult following who were encouraged to do the same (like trans social media)
>his biggest enemy that he tries to and eventually suceeds to kill is the most powerful gay wizard (like how trans people hate gay people)
>the wizard government refused to believe he was back and murdering people despite all the evidence until he was right at their door to kill them (like how handmaidens and celebs refuse to admit trans ideology is dangerous)

No. 1691685

Is he literally wearing a razor blade as a necklace? So edgy.

No. 1691692

they are so fucking easy to clock even through text.

No. 1691709

>male is friends with woman friend
>male isn't satisfied with just friendship
>male manipulates situation to try and get his way
>male calls friend bitch for rejecting his advances

Checks out.

Males are gonna male. They can't help it no matter how much makeup or skirts they buy. His true gender socialization jumped out.

No. 1691710

the razor blade w the troon symbol kek, only shows that this community will harm itself forever

No. 1691711

he needs to do it vertically and hit the veins !

No. 1691712

even if this is a woman, she could have gotten pregnant. makes me think this a troon because women would know no birth control is 100% reliable.

No. 1691718

File: 1667404451251.png (60.15 KB, 657x425, Capture.PNG)

Saw this on the Daily Mail, Don't know how true it is but this pissed me off-
>>In his August filing, the former athlete claimed he had legal right to make decisions on his daughter's behalf, and that he was only informing his ex-wife 'as a courtesy'.
I don't know what went down but I never ever trust rich moids who get custody of their childern over the mom. They can easily protray her in ways they should'nt or could've been apart of their downfall. Personally i find the Wades (gaberille and Dwade) to be disgusting. He also said he cross dressed as a child, cheated on Gabrielle and she eats his ass (Yuck). The mother should have a say in what goes on with her child and flaunting an child around like this should be illegal regardless of if they are trans or not. He's only getting these oppountities not because his "looks" or talents but simply because he's trans. It's not just nepotism. (sorry if this is all over the place). Dwade is rich so I don't think it's money, I think he's just a sick fucked up moid, whose DL/bisexual and would rather have a "Daughter" then a gay son, like living through his son or something.

No. 1691724

File: 1667405112151.png (70.71 KB, 407x796, Fe3xHM1XEAAERX7.png)

These freaks really think making a hole into your body is automatically a vagina, even to the point where they want to get a random hole made and keep their penis.. i mean whats the point? I genuinly believe they think the hole is gonna have sensitivity like a vagina, when the only sensitivity a neovag has is from their old penis parts - aka, when you get a "vagina" hole under your penis, it has no penis parts and therefor no sensitivity whatsoever, much less than your asshole

No. 1691728

thinking a vagina is nothing more than a hole is peak misogyny. their axe wound is not going to be self-lubricating, it's not going to expand or lengthen in response to arousal and it doesn't lead to a cervix. it's never going to be anything like an actual vagina.

No. 1691755

God, I hate that her she had to give an explanation to why she don't want to date the troon to her "friends" and they told everything to the moid. A simple no won't suffice to this narcissistic creep. I hate those assholes so much. Peak incel.
I try so hard not to a-log

No. 1691763

the kind vladimir ilyich would have shot everybody here…

No. 1691773

loooooool its uncanny

No. 1691777

I know this wasn’t what that post was talking about, but it gives me a lot of happiness knowing they’ll never actually know what having a vagina is like. Reading their stories about how they can’t get pleasure after surgery is the ultimate schadenfreude because they sexualize us and our experiences so much, that’s karma.

No. 1691778

The lawsuit was filed in california so siovaughn will most likely lose but god I hope she wins.

No. 1691781

I was talking to my mom and she was like,
"You know if they vaginas were like the real thing, all these men would'nt shut up about them and how much better they are then ours, how they don't need us anymore, they can sleep with trans women…" and I was like, "yep".
The only people bragging about transgender vagina, are transgenders and literal TRA shills who've 90% of the time are women or men who never dated/slept with a trans person at least one with a neo-vagina. I know it's petty but it always makes me smile, because even their "Cis Chaser" brothers, don't even go that far. I swear I've heard more "positive" reviews of trans vaginas come from screenshots in terf spaces from Lesbians trying to be nice. Kek. I lowkey feel like even then "transbiens" would be extra happy if men were big upping their manholes.

No. 1691785

Unless "she" has injections, patch or an IUD, birth control pills have 7 mock pills for you to have your period or they only come with 21 pills like the one I take, Diane. I have never seen a woman call it "female hormones" just bc or the pill

No. 1691792

Who would've guessed inserting something in the hole where your poop comes out doesn't feel good sexually

No. 1691800

It’s all cope. And women don’t even need to say or do anything, just by us existing they freak out and need to spew cope everywhere.

No. 1691806

File: 1667410690141.jpg (202.11 KB, 1045x2048, FewLe8cXwAA5wId.jpg)

Another AGP receipt. Doesn't get any more blatant than this.

No. 1691821

the reddit poster does sound male and/or completely retarded, but it's not true that all bc pills come with a week of placebo. Mine only has 2 placebo so I almost never have a period, so that part of the post isn't so unbelievable.

No. 1691823

This is a young moid, my honest question is, can AGP be cured? Or is it something they're just born with? The internet makes it feel like the majority of moids are actually AGP.

No. 1691825

moids will always be degenerate but i do believe a lot of modern agps wouldn't have become the way they are if they never had access to anime and hentai. maybe five years of no internet access would do the trick.

No. 1691827

From what I've gather, AGP is learned during early childhood and becomes fixed during puberty. There's probably an innate predisposition to paraphilic sexualities, but paraphalias themselves are learned. I don't think AGP can be cured. But it can be managed.

No. 1691833

>can AGP be cured?
Yep, they just need to be yeeted off a cliff. There are too many useless males in the world anyway

No. 1691844

The only way to cure AGP is getting rid of misogyny so men can't fetishize womanhood

No. 1691854

File: 1667413992808.jpeg (193.47 KB, 750x518, 9952C392-783E-461D-BCC5-9B702F…)

trannies mad celebrities can pay to get their faces done but they have to beg for their “life saving” bolt-ons

No. 1691855

File: 1667414106222.jpeg (451.89 KB, 750x1112, 7D225BE7-38E0-4906-BBF8-0941D0…)

missing the point that people with hormonal imbalances are prescribed hormones and not to trigger unnatural changes and growths.

No. 1691856

File: 1667414162296.jpeg (390.68 KB, 750x826, 121765C2-ACCD-4C54-883E-211E46…)

trannys die malding

No. 1691860

"plastic surgery in cis people = gender affirmation for trans people" is going to backfire so one day, maybe.
It's such a deranged comparison

No. 1691861

It can't be cured, but it can be hidden away like any other depraved sexual fetish. That is what happened for the last thousand years to moids who wanted to wear their wives underwear, it is only recently that we allowed them to consider it a lifestyle and not just a weird way to get off.
kek what the fuck is this troon's point? sorry you haven't saved up enough money to get a stink ditch and uwu lip injections or something. Those people paid for their surgeries, many of these perverts expect the state to pay for their jaw shaves.

No. 1691863

>triggered snowflakes
What do you want to bet this guy has a huge fucking meltdown spergfest any time someone “misgenders” him

No. 1691867

how is a man getting a hairline transplant "gender affirming"? kek. is male-pattern hair loss not a masculine trait now?

No. 1691871

File: 1667415135850.jpg (184.35 KB, 1780x853, tonyongazelle.jpg)

Really dating myself here

No. 1691873

isn't kaceytron a twitch "thot"?

No. 1691878

yeah she's not a troon. she's just very, very stupid.

No. 1691897

File: 1667417264024.png (626.26 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221102-162440.png)

The cringe in the comments smh

No. 1691898

Isn't Kaceytron a troll?

No. 1691909

didn't this manlet talk about how he had a lot racist friends and that them being racist didn't make them bad people or whatever?

No. 1691912

File: 1667417992751.jpeg (60.37 KB, 680x680, FgZndYlXgAEQHIh.jpeg)

A ciswoman would get called names if she cammed while looking like that.

No. 1691922

File: 1667419085994.jpeg (804.4 KB, 828x1373, BD03C57A-95DB-4213-9142-A350DA…)

who saw that coming

No. 1691923

that fucking lump there i'm cackling
they'll never be us. never.

No. 1691924

Is his "costume" just his online communist witch trannysona?
It sounds like they harassed her into explaining herself more than just questioning it a couple of times, too. "No one is forcing you to date trans people," but lesbians can't just say "no," their reasons are highly scrutinized, and they probably lose all their friends for not complying, regardless of her own needs, wants, and interests. Even if she didn't say anything, what are the odds that she would either date an actual woman or turn down another AGP after this, and accusations would fly, regardless?
Nonnie, you forgot about the prostate.

No. 1691926

And he's doing the arm thing to squeeze them together so they look bigger lmfao

No. 1691928

Literally who is this and why should we care?

No. 1691930

File: 1667419569546.jpg (31.21 KB, 563x609, 1106bead9f3b4082a95060e345d0dc…)


No. 1691934

Moobs looking like a 90s cartoon buttcrack kek

No. 1691935


I can't get over how unnatural these look. So far apart to start but so close together. Perched up on a shelf like a slab of meat on a cutting board. Tiny little tubes since real breast tissue also falls on the side of the body under the armpit. It's like they're desperately floating. Fucking tear and share pull apart monkey bread tits.

No. 1691937

No shit, HRT is used for people with medical issues more than for people that want to cosmetically alter their body. Can these retards use their brain for a second

No. 1691938

Did he ever used to present himself this way? It seems like he is trying extra hard after being called a man numerous times. I know he did porn but i have only seen him wear frumpy man clothes.

No. 1691940

KEK NONNA those infomercials are my childhood also spot on comparison I thought it too

No. 1691941

It could just be an extreme libfem pick me, hard to tell https://www.reddit.com/user/mylatestphase/

No. 1691955

>90s cartoon buttcrack
>Fucking tear and share pull apart monkey bread tits.

KEKKK oh my god i love you anons

No. 1691962

File: 1667421518810.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.22 KB, 249x300, 8A00ABDB-EEA3-4A27-B3F2-F11557…)

This is all I can see lmao spoilered for crass 90s cartoon buttcrack (hated this cartoon)

No. 1691985

File: 1667423245319.jpg (1.91 MB, 1100x4742, pt2022_11_02_22_06_55.jpg)

Lmao what a creepy pervert

No. 1692053

File: 1667426633430.jpg (254.57 KB, 1080x905, Screenshot_20221102-180200_Red…)

Fun fact, no they don't

No. 1692055

Tiddy vein on fake tiddies, I didn't even know that was possible.

No. 1692056

How would he know? I wish they'd stop mansplaining how our bodies work

No. 1692058

File: 1667426890584.jpg (48.41 KB, 720x933, 1667419273661722.jpg)

No. 1692061

You’re telling me normal people can’t just go get whatever they want done like the ultra rich? Gasp! Who would have thought. Lots of stuff I want done too but since I’m not any of those people I have to pay for it myself, plus insurance won’t cover any of it for me since I’m a lowly “cis” woman who can’t use gender dysphoria as a ticket to surgeries.

No. 1692062

And yet wasn’t there a report about how menopausal women aren’t able to get HRT because of all this nonsense?

No. 1692064

File: 1667427268044.png (Spoiler Image, 65.73 KB, 300x348, thumb_big-hair-man-boobs-blank…)

Yes, cis men with moobs get them too. Pic related, you can kind of see them under the hair.

No. 1692065

This is actually not true and I think it depends on country. A lot of packs have 28 pills with the expectation that you take a break before starting the next one, but no physical placebo pills.

No. 1692068

They think everyone relates to the concept of gender in the same way as them. Elon Musk is a regular “cis” man so of course any procedures he has must relate back to that and his own concept of gender identity. Women are AGP because we obviously don’t have our own sexualities unless they’re viewed through the same lens that men view us through.

No. 1692074

Me too, they will never know because they’ve never experienced it. They only know what it’s like to live as men with hormonal imbalances and I get so sick of hearing them talk about things they don’t know anything about.

No. 1692076

Honestly the most male behavior in existence besides being a sex pest: being completely unqualified but still talking over women who are experts at anything/in any field. Including BEING WOMEN. Hard not to a-log.

No. 1692079

They should keep saying these things. It's nice to see them admitting what all the plastic surgery operations and constant cries for validation are really about.
When a biological woman wants massive triple D fake titties, and to be affirmed in her eating disorder because she identifies as a skinny big-titted anime girl, everyone has a problem because it's mental illness. But when a 40 year old man does it, it's different…until it isn't, clearly lol.

No. 1692101

"I watched Welcome to the Dollhouse and it made me so sad I was never a young girl :'( "

No. 1692105

File: 1667430241788.jpg (401.11 KB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_20221103-000215_Twi…)

Man I hope this happens. Too bad he's just a moid trying to be edgy and doesn't see the actual problem with trannies

No. 1692109

File: 1667430825670.png (1.11 MB, 993x661, girl_being_bullied.png)

The actual teen girl experience for them would be excruciating

No. 1692119

leave my husbando out of this nonnie.

No. 1692161

Keffals has tits like that because his wide as chest and tube breasts. This woman just needs a proper bra and her breasts have a little sag. She doesn't have a triangle of mystery meat forming a v like keffals does.

No. 1692169

offtopic but the girls who do the bimbo aesthetic always look so sad (emotionally I mean) like isn't looking cute supposed to be fun? What's the point if you hate it?

No. 1692172

Ohh yeah women handle rejection from men worse because you daily see cases in newspapers about a woman killing her partner because he didn't want sex with her that night right? What is your next hot take? Men suffer more sexism than a woman?

No. 1692190

Those look like Shayna's deformed tits

No. 1692191

Insane. Some men literally go on killing sprees because 10/10 women don't want their loser dick, but 'women probably handle rejection worse' according to you? Leave.

No. 1692193

Men don't even reject women, they'll pump and dump or settle until something they actually like comes along. Men react violently to being shot down in the most delicate manner possible, but women are crazy clingy psychos if they are even slightly upset by the absolutely sociopathic way men treat women they find undesirable.

No. 1692200

File: 1667436727971.png (446.12 KB, 794x831, Screenshot (178).png)

No. 1692212

fuck off retard

No. 1692216

File: 1667438729002.png (267.73 KB, 687x1088, Private DMs scantily clad stud…)

>Tranny teacher hangs out with "trans" kids while wearing inappropriate costumes and kids touching each other

No. 1692217

literally what the fuck. Any more details on this?

No. 1692219

No. 1692220

No. 1692223

Holy shit this is cursed. This teacher is doing SO MANY things wrong. Talking to his students on discord is what irks me the most, it just screams groomer in disguise (albeit a shitty disguise)
If a normal moid did this he'd immediately be fired

No. 1692226

File: 1667440320897.png (18.23 KB, 760x244, Sall Grover on Twitter.png)

This is something we need to start advocating for kek

No. 1692229

Yeah, I was put on the pill in college due to ED induced amenorrhea, and even after regaining weight I never got my period back while on the pill. I had my first period in 4 years the week I stopped taking it, though.

No. 1692245

I’m speechless and disgusted. My babies are never stepping foot in a brick and mortar school Jesus CHRIST. The discord thing is a glaring, huge red flag, not even touching the blatantly horrifying grooming going on during school hours. That video with the kids grinding in a CLASSROOM on the floor during school hours when they should be in a REAL class was so disturbing I feel sick. Sorry to sperg I’m just. Filled with a helpless kind of rage.

No. 1692246

Are you saying it's not true that BC has no placebo, or the other way around?

Obviously it depends on the country and the prescription brand, but it can be either. Still, do you mean 28 active pills? A "regular" cycle is 28 days, and seven out of those are generally your "period" aka placebo. Or, only include 21 active pills.

Sage for trying not to go off topic, but from personal experience mine was 28 pills a pack with 7 of those placebo.

No. 1692248

climate change can't kill everyone soon enough

No. 1692252

I remember being in high school and teachers would always get on students for "PDA" just for holding hands or hugging/sitting together too close in the hallways. Then we have this actually inappropriate nonsense now.

I know it's not widespread in every school, but the fact it's even being allowed to happen anywhere is atrocious.

No. 1692267

Whaaaaaaaaaat theeee fuuuuuck

No. 1692268

nice plan anon, homeschooling is known to produce well adjusted individuals with ample social and interpersonal skills.

No. 1692270

this is stupid. what kind of woman would actually think this? feels like bait.

most adults realize that others have preferences or biases. most well adjusted adults aren't going to dwell on rejection for long b/c it's frankly unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

rejection or disappointment is not dealt with in a healthy way when you lack life experience and have made a habit out of unhealthy behaviors like trans IDing teens do. They enshroud themselves in pessimistic and fatalistic bull that's misleading as hell, keeping themselves in a perpetual state of panic and anger which leads to shit that is incredibly unusual - like that TiF who participated in a mass shooting.

No. 1692274

Kek the nail polish part

No. 1692276

As much as I see tons of people clutch their pearls and claim that homeschooling is the only way. I can't imagine how hard it is. I guess there are online programs or curriculum to make it easier but it would literally be full time job trying to be a teacher in all subjects for your kid. But I doubt it's impossible to raise a decent kid with homeschooling. But it is prone to people doing it because they think their ideals are best and that sometimes gets…a bit biased.

If you send your kids to public school, it's still your responsibility as a parent to teach them things, and how to be responsible and stay safe. Ask them what they're learning in school, or get on a school board. Monitor their social media use or ban it outright if they're still young. It's almost inevitable that they will reach an age where they're rebellious, take on influences from other classmates, etc. But I feel like the example above and others here is in large part to bad parenting to begin with.

No. 1692288

What the actual fuck. I used to be sad about not having kids, but the more shit I see, the more glad I am that I don't have to be responsible for navigating a child through gender koolaid hellworld on top of all the normal shit parents have to do to raise a well-adjusted child

No. 1692293

men have decided women’s entire bodily existence is a porny VR game, but here’s the catch: they can never get to play it because they don’t fit in the suit, and they don’t have the headset, or even the console. i hope they all cope, seethe, and dilate until their mangled bodies and minds collapse from the sheer exertion of having to live as a mockery of what they can never be.

No. 1692301

AGPeter Griffin

No. 1692310

flawless interpretation of the plot of HP, nona.

No. 1692311

Can you learn to sage?

No. 1692322

Imagine people taking insulin because they "feel" they need to take it and they start talking about diabetics needing it way before.

I can't believe we are truly living in the most retarded era.

No. 1692329

>Children should be raised without fathers
Yes, look how well that has worked out for the African American community.

No. 1692330

Male bands typed this post

No. 1692331

You’re roght but the inevitable incel scrote reeing about muh blacks has been summoned like clock work. Moids are so predictable. Funny that race isn’t the factor uniting 90% criminals, but sex.

No. 1692332

File: 1667451056370.png (1.3 MB, 1024x1672, troon7.png)

No. 1692333

XY delusion is something else.

No. 1692334

the cope is staggering here

No. 1692336

Fathers aren’t necessary, what is necessary is a lack of abusive males during a child’s development. Lack of exposure males is a guarantee that no male will abuse a child, while having a father around is a diceroll. It’s likely they won’t outright rape their children but there’s a 99% chance they’ll be uninvolved/neglectful/entitled.

Most issues with “fatherless” children is that their mothers still bring men around, since stepdads and boyfriends are infinitely more likely to abuse a child that they didn’t sire.

No. 1692337

Probably the same racist incel on cc who has been reeling about race and homeschooling for the past week.

No. 1692338

So weird how everything for them is sexual. I know it doesnt happen because its controversial but there should be some research about how hrt rots the brain like that

No. 1692344

Sure a woman might be upset if a male rejects her but what woman bullies a man while demanding he give in to dating/fucking her even if it would be something he doesn’t want? Women want reciprocal relationships, men don’t care.
This is XY behavior, not woman behavior.

No. 1692345

Anne Lawrence, the self admitted autogynephillic and author of 'Men Trapped in Men's Bodies', believes the best cure for AGP is to castrate boys who show signs of it when they hit puberty.

No. 1692348

One men develop paraphilias there is no turning back tbh. The only thing they can do to “change” is escalate. But that just creates a worse problem. Male sexuality is in incurable illness.
I don’t believe castration fixes anything since armhole troons are still creepy, predatory perverts. The only thing you can do is manage them via harsh punishments for and display of inappropriate behavior. The man himself is a failure and should die alone, without spreading his defective genes. This needs to happen to the majority of men tbh.

No. 1692351

People were ragging on Keffals's manly hunchback from those pics at Twitchcon and the gun range. After that he's been trying to appear more feminine.

No. 1692352

File: 1667453765296.jpeg (80.65 KB, 659x900, Fgm9LDuXEAE4N8J.jpeg)

Very early-and-lowkey transitioned TiM claiming he's a 'cis' woman or just a stupid handmaiden?

Now these troonfucks are writing against predator stings. Liars, how inaccurate can it be, amateur or not, if the whole principle of the thing is the groomer thinks he is talking to an underage child and still goes ahead with the sexual rhetoric and nasty shit?!

No. 1692354

Bumping b/c of CP. Really wish I didn't see that

No. 1692355

Yeah, handmaidens and male-attracted women like to be forgiving but they too should know that sex crimes are irreversible and should not be forgiven.

No. 1692358

>like that TiF who participated in a mass shooting.
Is that the teen TiF who shot up her school in 2017 I believe? Did they send her to a men's prison when she turned 18?

No. 1692359

The mere fact that trannies would spam cp and even have access to cp, just because they're upset over "not being called a real woman" proves they are inherently evil males, moreso than the manosphere, and that trans rights are wrongs after all. What if it got revealed to Bette and the other handmaidens that trannies always have cp on them, so they are inherently anti-women and rapey failures who should be terminally single?

how Bette and all the handmaidens look at all the rape and violence threats from trans "women" against other women and think its ok to support trannywombmen and say TWAW, even though they themselves say "its never ok to rape someone for any reason at all" and they hate rape threats and the same behaviour from men themselves. How do the handmaidens not peak when they look at the rapeyness and sex-obsessed pervertedness behaviours of trans "women"? Should there be image threads posted in their tweet replies to notify them everytime? How many receipts do people need to dish out, is it possible to show celebs evidence?

No. 1692367

File: 1667455739714.jpg (848.73 KB, 720x6085, hoard.jpg)

saged for whatever reason so reposting.
north america can you finally sort yourself out pls.

No. 1692373

i'm beginning to believe that all troons are pedos

No. 1692375

I find it interesting that the majority of these comments are speaking in third person about a situation and how it affects a group of people but every response by the poster is "I, I, I".

No. 1692383

BEGINNING to? Where have you been these past 2000 years?

No. 1692385

And yet narcissistic mothers can exist, too. I'm fucking grateful my dad was around to protect me from my insane mom.

No. 1692389

Says the guy who was in "Equus". Fuck off, horsefucker

No. 1692392

he's trying to get a new chaser after having his fiance break up with him, unfortunately for him chasers don't want post-op men

No. 1692393

And pedo women can exist too but 99% of pedos aren’t women or the retard class claiming their necessity while being violent retards kek.

No. 1692394

Yes but nobody wants a fucking pedophile for a parent, male or female. Whereas some people may NEED a father to save them from an abusive mother.

No. 1692395

>Voldemort took a new name (like trans people)
>people fear to say his name (like deadnaming)
what i'm hearing is voldemort is the new trans icon

No. 1692397

If you can’t read the thread without being triggered and having to seethe not all men it’s time to hide it.

No. 1692415

nobody is advocating for executing all fathers immediately upon getting someone pregnant. You know who else can save a child from an abusive mother? Another mother. A female teacher. A therapist or counselor who reports. A family friend. You can “not all men” when women commit 98% of all rapes and women and girls stop getting killed by male family members every 10 minutes.

No. 1692416

File: 1667468407903.jpg (58.52 KB, 680x501, FglsjoNakAAmrAp.jpg)

Always the word gymnastics trying to cope with the fact everyone on planet earth knows trannys arent women

No. 1692417

Its rare to see trooning out the kid though, its usually always the mom, I consider it a subset of munchausen by proxy

No. 1692418

holy shit that is the roughest 18 year old i’ve ever seen kek

No. 1692419

File: 1667469131603.png (24.82 KB, 1023x259, Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 05-50…)

Gender affirming panty liners to absorb that gender euphoria juice

No. 1692421

File: 1667469536200.jpg (345.66 KB, 1170x1995, Fgl0uM9XgAI4CRS.jpg)

Any hole is a pussy to these people, wtf is the point of this surgery, just making a gaping hole to nowhere youre not gonna get any pleasure from beneath your penis?? Its not even gonna look like a vagina, how can you do this and claim its not a fetish

No. 1692422

So going by this guy's logic, your grandma who passed away in her sleep is apparently not a woman… because… death is the opposite of biology? What is this retard even trying to say. Holy shit I hate these trannies they're so full of shit and are incapable if having a single intelligent coherent thought

No. 1692425

File: 1667470517408.png (118.29 KB, 1033x1120, Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 06-07…)

Already wrecked his 12 year marriage after less than a week on trans reddit

No. 1692428

Just because you had unusual parents doesn't make men good. You're like pick mes who tell women who've been abused by men to find better men because your boyfriends weren't abusive

No. 1692429

God give me the confidence of a fat, acne ridden, unwashed, greasy haired AGP.

No. 1692430

Some have speculated Gabrielle trooned out Dwayne's son to get back at him for knocking up another women when they were separated.

No. 1692433

File: 1667472188962.jpg (429.19 KB, 1080x1263, Screenshot_20221103-063946_Chr…)

Cruella Devil has him questioning his gender. You can't make this shit up.

No. 1692437

assuming this is an actual boy, genz kids are fucked. doubt they can ever recover from speaking like that.

No. 1692443

>have a male sneeze fetish account
>I force myself to like gay things
Bitch no one's forcing you to have a degenerate account for a male fetish. Go jerk off and leave women alone

No. 1692446

i refuse to believe that's a teenager. there's no way in hell.

No. 1692447

They’re all retarded boys but refuse to admit it because they identify as muh logic gender kek.

No. 1692448

Only moids bitch about “narcissistic” mothers and imagine fantastical stories of poor fathers rescuing their kids from child rapist mothers as if it actually happens lmfao. Did you “narc” mommy tell you to wash your crusty cumsock pile and damage your ego for eternity? Please show me one single instance of a father rescuing their child from a pedo rapist mom. Just one.

No. 1692449

>> 1692448
Btw I’m not saying narc mothers don’t exist, but saying your mother is a narc and crying about female pedos in response to women complaining about men is textbook failson seething.
I’m starting to think nigels and decent father figures do damage overall because they create pickmes who try convincing other women to let their guards down around other men and prevent women from addressing our issues with their constant moid caping.

No. 1692450

>There's a sneeze fetish forum

No. 1692453

I wish every man who has ever unironically said the phrase “easy mode” in relation to women suddenly disappeared. Life would improve so much for everyone.

No. 1692455

>my sneeze fetish
>I force myself to watch gay porn
This reads like it was written by someone with coom induced schizophrenia

No. 1692457

it's scary how they can go from discovering trans subreddits to coming out as trans within less than a week. how does this even happen?

No. 1692459

Women really just can never fully comprehend how depraved and sex crazed moids are. They’ll throw away their entire lives for a single 15 second orgasm. Always keep in mind that this is how moids are programmed and act accordingly.

No. 1692467

File: 1667478083313.png (722.38 KB, 1765x2048, chrome_screenshot_166747801955…)

No. 1692474

Trannies shaming women for literally being women is the funniest shit ever because we're naturally beautiful and they're the ones spending all their money to try to become us

No. 1692478

No, you don't pass, fuck off faggot

No. 1692481

No trannies truly pass, including HSTS

No. 1692482

File: 1667480557628.jpg (649.52 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20221103-090159_Chr…)

Fat lol

No. 1692483

I was saying that not all pill packs come with placebo pills. I have endo so I've been on every birth control imaginable, but none of my pills have ever come with placebo doses.

Sorry I probably got the number of pills wrong as I was taking packs back to back with no pause (my endo was gluing my organs together so didn't have a choice).

No. 1692484

blog but i never identified as any form of trans but as a teen i definitely dreamed of chopping them off even though i have fairly small breasts and it’s all bc i was made to feel disgusting for even daring to have boobs
thinking back on it now, i can’t even imagine how fucked up i’d be if i was allowed to actually cut them off instead of being taught it’s not my fault society sexualizes women no matter what we do

No. 1692485

he looks like a teen boy

No. 1692487

File: 1667480932391.jpeg (195.09 KB, 663x910, 81160213-B7CB-495F-A3A7-FB56B4…)

genuinely surprised by this reddit comment and how many upvotes it has, love to see people being honest FOR ONCE

No. 1692489

they suffer when the mother doesn't have enough money. Those problems disappear if the mother is a millionaire. That's the only reason a man is in the house.

No. 1692496

File: 1667481405777.jpg (399.86 KB, 1080x1820, Screenshot_20221103_135203_com…)

Pretty and graceful.

No. 1692500

straight people stop saying the word queer challenge

No. 1692501

TIFs and TIMs all look disgusting in their own ways.

No. 1692502

Wtf does that even mean? Sage your shit moid

No. 1692503

They're both deluded degenerates, just the gay ones are slightly less predatory to women.

No. 1692507

File: 1667482265691.jpeg (105.48 KB, 1080x281, 4A9F457E-8E05-460C-820D-FDC6DC…)

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Because lesbians don’t like men. Because lesbians don’t like men.

No. 1692508

File: 1667482285342.jpg (312.79 KB, 1080x1965, Fe86aCZWAAwiMLC.jpg)

When being trans doesnt magically give you all the attention you desperately want

No. 1692511

Homosexual transsexuals are less of a physical threat to women but still view women as sex objects. Both HSTSs and transbians think they do womanhood better.

No. 1692514

Parents are now coming together to form homeschool groups which is pretty neat. Basically one parent has the small group one day per week and they rotate, with all the parents group chatting that evening what was taught. Basically just a checklist and boom you're on your way. Some teachers are now forming groups after resigning and creating tiny schools of their own. I know several people who have been homeschooled, a couple didn't have lots of social interaction but their parents sent them to camps which helped. Those who were homeschooled I noticed have great independent problem-solving skills and more confidence in their day to day tasks.

That all said, what REALLY needs to happen is all parents need to rise up and hold public education accountable and work on fixing this problem. I don't believe the solution is abandoning ship, as that means many children will suffer in those psychotic institutions and that's not acceptable. Many parents can't devote the time to homeschool or afford private education, we shouldn't leave those kids behind. Not in a civilized society like we claim to be.

No. 1692519

I read this entire article, and I just want someone to explain to me where the bad part is. They seem to be arguing that
> sometimes, vigilante groups are disorganized
Shocking. Sometimes, the police dgaf, and your options are limited.
> sometimes, the predator kills himself.
Oh nooooooo child rapists killing themselves? That’s so saaaaaaad /s
What the fuck is up with this push to defend fucking child molesters? They SHOULD kill themselves.

No. 1692524

Jesus Christ, dude, just be a bubbly/affectionate man who puts effort into his appearance. Why do all of these terminally online moids think they’re not allowed to put work into their appearances? You all look like shit, putting more effort in (without trooning out) would be a serious improvement.

No. 1692525

My pedo detector is going off. Imagine wanting to be noticed by a random kid that much.

No. 1692526

>”us hsts pass and we are JUST like one of the girls!”
>wow you fat brown skinned bitch I bet no one wants to fuck you
Call a troon a man and he’ll instantly prove he is one.

No. 1692529

The fattest woman on earth still has female fat distribution, meanwhile troons at any weight are clockable from across the street.

No. 1692530

Is that why trannies wear the trans pride flag shit all the time ? Because they think they pass so well no one would know they were trans if they didn’t see the cotton candy lanyard ?

No. 1692532

They don't even try

No. 1692534

>cotton candy lanyard
Sorta-related question, did they pick baby pink and baby blue on purpose? I rarely see those pastel colours together outside of gender reveal gimmicks.

No. 1692535

I don’t think men can have hobbies or even do things in general without focusing on sex or their moid hierarchy games. Whenever men enjoy (colonize) a typically female hobby they turn it into a degenerate shitshow. An example that comes to mind is my little pony. Sure these men liked rainbow horses who had friend adventures and sure, at face value, it is “feminine”, but they enjoyed it the same way men enjoy anything. Jerking off to it, terrorizing girls with their porn/gore drawings, and being unwashed, unsocialozed fanboy creeps in public.

I don’t think there can be a genuine gnc movement where men can act more stereotypically feminine and still be… normal. Whenever I see a man in a skirt I am going to assume he’s a fetishist pervert and I will be right with 99.98% accuracy.

No. 1692538

Literally because of the association with children.

No. 1692540

Fucking true. Idk if the Sims was always a more female driven player base (it felt like it to me) but the mods that exist now are so disgusting. There are pedo mods and bestiality mods, as well as rape and murder etc. It reeks of male invasion. They can’t let us have anything nice.

No. 1692541

File: 1667485241292.png (1.42 MB, 1247x2048, chrome_screenshot_166748509920…)

No. 1692544

All humans are women it's confirmed

No. 1692547

Holy mother of grease. His helper forgot to bathe him on time I see

No. 1692553

That person didn't even mention women pedos. Stop trying to pretend psychotic mothers don't exist. What the actual fuck.

No. 1692554


Gosh no wonder these fucks always 41% themselves, if they're not constantly being "validated" or "affirmed" (read: jerked off) for being stunning and brave, they're "invisible." Gosh. And it's so telling that he's so fixated on a CHILD'S view on all this. Disgusting and pathetic.

No. 1692555

Penises look like gross worm aliens so no.

No. 1692557

File: 1667486603738.png (5.08 MB, 2347x1684, 41CBC1CC-1813-4285-9EA4-17CF5D…)

Yet another scrote who was mediocre in the men’s group decides he wants to call himself a woman and cheat. The actual winners beside him were Eliana Hulsebosch and Jenna Hastings.

No. 1692559

Ban this scrote mods

No. 1692560

Would be funny if all sports were segregated by weight, height, and build. With rare exception all men would be competing with other men and trannies could only seethe about it

No. 1692561

File: 1667487096103.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1125x2148, 249AA8C1-859B-47BC-B02F-B5EA71…)

The faces of the people in the background of troon pics always tell such a rich story don’t they kek

No. 1692562

Yeah, Man's primary goal is sex. A lot of deeds and actions they carry out can usually be explained by that one word. Even moneymaxxing and 'improving themselves' is because men want to get to fuck women. Almost everything a man does is for sex.

No. 1692564

speaking of troons in sports, weren't they making a biopic about Fallon Fox(below mediocre male athlete who was beating peak female athletes when he was in his late 30's)

No. 1692565

File: 1667487300859.jpeg (510.29 KB, 1284x957, 9D3044AA-8687-439A-934C-DCB1EA…)

No. 1692567

Also hate the way these mtf trannies think they will suddenly transform into "all natural" women just by copying the feminine stereotypes or having girly objects and calling themselves "she/her" pronouns. Womanly objects and actions and pronouns do not make males turn into women, they are just things. They are coping idiots.

No. 1692568

Why do they feel the need to celebrate a man who cracked a woman’s skull and was cheerful about it on twitter? He’s such a piece of shit.

No. 1692569

If you don’t have milk, put sage in the email field. It’s getting ridiculous on this site lately.

No. 1692571

the worst thing is that they somehow manage to delude themselves into believing that they get things like periods.

No. 1692572

i think the problem is people just dont believe it. He cracked a woman's skull, legend has it she wasnt even told he was MTF. my family outright didnt believe me when i said it and said im moral panicking. Cant take it any more.

No. 1692576

No. 1692577

File: 1667487831007.jpeg (239.24 KB, 1284x575, 036069BD-9A4A-47CD-84E0-8C5D37…)

Someone sent me this from a TiM on FB. The reason I’m not voting blue (or at all) this time, is because it’s literally becoming a life or death situation for women. No one has our best interests at heart, I’m not putting anything in either bucket. Maybe that’s stupid, but I can’t take watching our reproductive rights get taken away on the right and women get pushed aside and threatened by men who hate us and want to wear our skin on the left. They’re so overdramatic anyway, it’s such a male thing for them to gain all this power over the course of ten odd years and expect all of society to cater to them. Oppressed my ass.

No. 1692578

troons are so absurd that you have to drip-feed the truth to people to not come across as a total loon. i've had people refuse to believe that they're placing male sex offenders in women's prisons too.

No. 1692580

Trannies are the most selfish grpup and still have the gall to be so pious and pretentious about it. Also, feels like the tranny-chasing misogynists on the left and the male supremacy misogynists on the right are secretly working it like that so that women don't want to vote and therefore, they are sneakily taking women's voting away. Hating women is bipartisan and the el-ites seem to be perpetuating it from both sides.

No. 1692581

Normies have been too scared to believe anything bad about trans people and have to write off truths as "lies" just cause they don't wanna seem "not left" and took the "be kind" too far.

They need to be told trans people are not above the law and shown how sick transfolx can be with their cluster Bs and shit.

No. 1692582

File: 1667488502038.jpeg (682.37 KB, 828x1248, A22A4847-3A92-47ED-920D-401882…)

who let jeff bezos take the hrt

No. 1692583

I’ll still vote blue because I’d rather women have reproductive freedoms and ability to get healthcare while pregnant without being treated secondary to a fetus. And social assistance programs/environmental reasons too. Trannies are just such a drop in the bucket compared to the shit republicans want to pass, I’ll never cheer for a red wave like some gendercrit women do.

No. 1692585

you’re a cuck bc the blue will put the trannies above you

No. 1692586

I am so ready for this red wave, you have no idea. Half the shit thrown around about the GOP is troon propaganda anyway

No. 1692589

What was this replying to?

No. 1692590

Tamikka Brents(another opponent) got a broken orbital bone, concussion & 7 staples to her head.
>During Fox's fight against Tamikka Brents, Brents suffered a concussion, an orbital bone fracture, and seven staples to the head in the 1st round. After her loss, Brents took to social media to convey her thoughts on the experience of fighting Fox: “I've fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because she was born a man or not because I’m not a doctor. I can only say, I’ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right,” she stated. “Her grip was different, I could usually move around in the clinch against other females but couldn’t move at all in Fox’s clinch…

No. 1692593

I honestly thought this was Anna from Red Scare when I saw the thumbnail on the front page

No. 1692594

Sometimes a political reset is necessary, leftist cancel culture, tranny-chasing bs, and toxic positivity of pretending it's fine when their policies go wrong, writing censored and fluffy media narratives just to own the conservatives, has gone way too far.

No. 1692595

And the red will put everyone above you because they think women should stay home popping out babies. Never thought republicans would be so praised just because democrats identify with cringe woke shit. You know you don’t have to choose one over the other, just the best of the worst.

No. 1692599

Trannies pretending to be 'cis' women trying to trick people into still voting blue just so their hormone and grooming trends can go on be like…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1692601

Sage for nonmilk blogpost but I was catching up on Laetitaky's posts and realized one of my favorite well known-ish artists has been liking her posts. And it's someone with pronouns in her bio, who seemed pretty neutral on the trans community. I'm afraid to say the name, in case of lurking troons, but it's nice to discover she's a cryptoterf or at least recognizes reality lol
Its a good feeling that I hope all you nonnitas can experience it with your favorites.

No. 1692602

>Says the unsaged newfag

No. 1692606

sex is "assigned" shortly after conception, not birth

No. 1692607

I literally have never posted this before but can the non-saging tards PLEASE LEARN it’s NOT HARD. Come onnnnn

No. 1692608

Some trannies really do devolve from even lookimg human this thing doesn't look male but certainly doesn't look like a woman either, what a strange fucking creature.

No. 1692610

You know, it’s interesting. I noticed several people I follow on there follow her too, and some of them are small companies that are popular with libfems. I don’t understand it but I was glad to see it.

No. 1692611

File: 1667490098526.jpg (102.46 KB, 720x1016, FglEpU4XoAIHR9_.jpg)

"cis bitch"

No. 1692616

Men pretending to be radfems trying to trick people into voting for red so that women have less rights be like(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1692618

I'd rather share a public toilet with moids than lose access to abortions, BC, employment, and even no fault divorce like a ton of RWers want. Begone retarded /pol/moid

No. 1692619

Okay, show us the rest of your body then moon emoji

No. 1692620

Honestly sometimes trannies pass as ugly women to me. But that's just first glance, I'm sure if I actually stopped to look at one in the wild I'd clock in like 3 minutes. I think a lot of trannies are aware that's the only way they pass, kek.

No. 1692621

Way to fall for tranny leftist propaganda lol

No. 1692629

Watch the trannies pulls some fuckery and make it so that they're the only ones allowed estrogen. Women won't even have access to BC pills if the tranny agenda gets their way. They also want to force women to reproduce. Most of them are still conservative male minded, that's why they troon out instead of just presenting feminine.

No. 1692630

just use your voice and you'll get clocked

No. 1692634

File: 1667490901614.gif (814.32 KB, 200x200, 6CDD2E3A-577A-46FE-B5AA-5023A2…)

>i rather share the bathroom w men who wish they would skin me alive, take pictures of them jacking off in the toilet, listening to how women pee, rape me at anytime, call the police on me because i felt unsafe infront of them

No. 1692635

Seems like the left won't stop enabling troons, rolling stone is still supporting dylan mulvaney. A lot of men on the left love trans women more, they just might make a patriarchy 2.0 in a wig and dress if they get enabled more.(ok now sage)

No. 1692638

centrists not looking so bad these days amirite

No. 1692639

this. same with abortion, they would ban it because of MUH DYSPHORIA until they can get uterus transplants and do it themselves. and with retarded leftists narratives, your corpse will be forced to donate your uterus to trannies

No. 1692641

And what with gay men demanding surrogates

No. 1692643

>roe v wade literally overturned
>people being encouraged to rat out women crossing state borders to get abortions
>women being prosecuted for miscarriages
>t-that's just tranny leftist propaganda, reds aren't coming for your reproductive rights

>Women won't even have access to BC pills if the tranny agenda gets their way
Citation needed
>They also want to force women to reproduce
Bitch where? I have never even seen troons saying they resent women for getting abortions instead of carrying pregnancies to term because they're jealous and wish they could get pregnant. Which I HAVE actually seen multiple times from alt-righters, who rebut the "if men could get pregnant abortions wouldn't be controversial" with "if men could get pregnant they would never consider abortion".
>they would ban it because of MUH DYSPHORIA
Even among all the coom and insanity I have never seen trannies even considering anything remotely like this before.

/pol/moids be fucking gone

No. 1692644

Seems like the retards won't sage their posts

No. 1692645

Hallelujah. Whoever picks a candidate that has no sexual assault allegations can have my vote.

No. 1692649

You troon should get banned from here

No. 1692650

There’s an influx of /pol/ moid opinions on here and multiple threads downplaying abortion bans pretending it isn’t a problem because you can simply fly to Cali. It’s just like the trump election too, anons are tired of woke shit and think it would be funny to stick it to those annoying Twitter leftists by voting for terrible people as some troll moment. Because we all saw how great that turned out for 4 years.

No. 1692651

There is no law that would prosecute women for miscarriages. I rest my case.

No. 1692654

troon hands typed this. leftists nowadays don't even care about working class struggles, it's all about big pharma favorite pets, so fuck off. ywnbaw

No. 1692655

not a tranny but unsaged posts are annoying

No. 1692656

but you have no WOMMMBSSS you have no OVARIIIESSS you have no EGGSSSSS you are a man twisted by drugs and surgeries !

No. 1692657

Fags in wigs selling their bung hole and dick pics for pennies on onlyflops have a following of closeted fags in comparison to normie girls casually using twitter to follow their fave celebs, who would've thought it?

No. 1692661

This >>1692594. A change is needed about now, and not just against the leftist toxicity you mentioned, their economic policies & constant overspending on Ukraine, how NYC and San Fran have become shitholes

No. 1692662

I agree, I've definitely had times online where I didn't clock until I heard their voice or saw something in their bio, but irl they look SO different. "Skeleton structure" discussions online are always brushed off but irl when they're 2 feet taller than you and have balloon heads and lineback shoulders, their perfect makeup and "FFS" plastic surgeries don't quite work the same.

No. 1692663

>What was this replying to?
The r/amiugly troon from last thread

No. 1692664

It's not that the law would directly target women for having miscarriages, it's that miscarriages could be mistaken for out-of-state abortions and reported by rando right-wingers. A woman who just had a miscarriage having to prove it to not face legal prosecution would add trauma onto trauma.
I don't personally like abortion and don't care much about Roe v Wade (not interested in arguing why here) but this is a concern in right-wing states that even pro-life people have expressed. It's not propaganda to consider the unintended consequences of a law.(enough with the abortion derailing)

No. 1692666

File: 1667492843972.png (313.97 KB, 638x516, Troon_pedo.png)

another day another instance of a prominent trans activist being a pedophile

>Trans and HIV activist Lailani Muniz was arrested last month in the Bronx after corresponding with someone whom Muniz thought was a 14-year-old boy identified as “Josh” on the LGBT dating app Grindr, according to the criminal complaint obtained by Fox News Digital.

>Muniz, 39, began messaging with “Josh” in March and had acknowledged the supposed teenager’s young age before soliciting oral sex,

>“I’m about to shower brb. Np. What u looking for and into. Are u cutting school and looking for company lol. Are u into guys and trans girls? Any xxx pixs,” Muniz responded to “Josh” when asked if Muniz cared if he was only 14 years old, according to the criminal complaint.

>“I can’t front, I am nervous,” Muniz wrote in another message to “Josh,” according to screenshots posted to the Creeps Spotlight Facebook page. “I watch too much TV [because] I know you’re young, it reminds me of that show To Catch a Predator where they set people up attracted to minors.”
>Muniz ultimately arranged to meet up with “Josh” and was met by FM, which was documented in a video posted to NY Creeps Spotlight’s YouTube account last week.

>The criminal complaint states Muniz told arresting officers: “We did have a conversation before. It got sexual, it got racy, then we stopped talking for a while. We started talking again and I agreed to go and meet him. He told me to bring condoms.”

>Muniz is facing five charges, including attempted forcible touching, attempted endangering the welfare of a child, and attempted sexual misconduct. Muniz is expected to make a court appearance on Dec. 2, the District Attorney’s Office told Fox News Digital.
>Muniz is a vocal trans and HIV activist in the city who was honored earlier this year during a pride flag raising ceremony at Bronx Borough Hall to kick off Pride Month.

No. 1692679

Shut up. Troons are failmales in bad dresses and ugly makeup. They view women the same way their "conservative" brothers do. They just don't say it because they live off of handmaiden support. They transition because they don't fit the gender roles they feel they should be as men. The only viewpoints that they are willing to change are the ones that directly relate to them and their coom. Most of these fuckers are very socially conservative, just TRA activists. They view women as broadmares the same way right wingers do. That's also why do many of them fetishize pregnancy and periods.

No. 1692685

Why the fuck would I ruin my perfectly good vagina for a rotting tube sock? It's disgusting, they ruined their bodies and now want everyone, even people without dysphoria to do the same.

No. 1692686

nta but let me guess, you think conservative christians and Muslims are actually totes supportive troons(for the record I hate all three groups but I'm smart enought that these are separate groups and not create an elaborate theory in how they are secretly working together)

No. 1692692

>ladied up
Christ alive.

No. 1692693

AYRT, I was abused by a man. Retard.

No. 1692694

>Muniz is a vocal trans and HIV activist in the city who was honored earlier this year during a pride flag raising ceremony
Imagine supporting the side that is honoring pedophiles as beloved members of the community and thinking you're on the right side of history. Even if they argue that it's "not all transwomen" the rest of them still tries to silence and deny it and refuse to condemn literal pedophiles because they think the victims are less important than protecting the trans ideology. The only times I've seen a trans person talk about it is to say "ugh they make us trans people look bad"

No. 1692709

The left is removing women as a sex class. How are we going to argue sex based rights like abortion when we can’t even argue the source of the oppression? The Supreme Court literally quoted the Dems as the source of the abortion turn over and the fact they weakened the claim of abortion being a sex based right by claiming it’s for trans men too. Women in CA just lost their right to single sex spaces to pee. Newsom did that. The dems are taking womens rights and paving the way for the republicans. Not stopping them.

No. 1692719

I wish more people would ask “aren’t you afraid?”. Any woman getting that sort of attention during her day to day would be wildly uncomfortable and likely feel unsafe.
If his mind were truly that of a cis female, he wouldn’t have made the post in the first place.

No. 1692725

KEK you're gonna make me alog

No. 1692727

>he has an obsession with jerma985 has has seemingly countless post on his subreddit.
I bet he's one of those fags who wants catboy Jerma. He's gay and he can't admit it.

No. 1692728

File: 1667496882971.png (369.86 KB, 763x497, dude.png)

This is why I hate trannies. a Gay black man gets beaten so badly that he'll never see again out of one of his eyes and his attackers walk free due to who they are. Meanwhile a hyper privileged freak in a dress is declaring a GENOCIDE because people are refusing to let him and his ilk groom children into his lifestyle.

No. 1692730

File: 1667497052901.jpg (111.43 KB, 1024x619, FglhQ1aWYAMy8GC.jpg)

Here's my perception, troons(both MTF and FTM) are a symptom(a notable one) of the limits of neo-liberalism, no sense of religion, patriotism or ideology to guide them to functioning members of a society, people just coom and consume, of course you'd have TIMs, TIFs, and other sad degenerates in such civilization, voting won't help, I think all we can do is just prepare for the eventual collapse

No. 1692733

Don't you know crime is a simple issue? Stop focusing on crimes (who cares anyway) and start focusing on TRANS RIIIIIIIIGHTS!

No. 1692734

File: 1667497201661.jpg (463.01 KB, 810x2036, Screenshot_20221103-132738_Boo…)

Easiest way to counter this "cis people gender-affirming care" nonsense would be to point out that "cis" men getting laser or electrolysis in order to make shaving easier would count as gender nonaffirming care by their retarded logic.

No. 1692767

If they’re going to call those things “gender affirming care”, they should be included under “cis” peoples insurance too. I can also play this game by their rules. Then they’ll start complaining about us making their waitlists longer but why? By their logic, everyone should have access to these procedures under that guise.

No. 1692770

File: 1667499519599.jpg (81.91 KB, 1170x710, IMG_3334.jpg)

not to blogpost but at my job, i said the word 'dude' around a troon- as in "dude thats crazy" and he went on a huge rant and started yelling about how that was misgendering and women need to listen to trans people. meanwhile i had to stand there and take it in front of a bunch of handmaidens, trying not to laugh bc of the risk of losing my job. didnt apologize though

No. 1692771

queen shit. wait another week to do it again and say that u just forgot lmao

No. 1692773

that's so annoying is he ugly af or what. depending on the job I would have walked out

No. 1692776

the town where i live is so troon pondering it is insane. it's a pretty small, liberal town and had i said anything/walked out bc of it word definitely would spread that i am a terf and there would be consequences beyond my job. it is actually insane

No. 1692780

this has been deleted

No. 1692781

is the whole maoist MTF thing just cultural confusion? like in china a lot of the young chinese who support all of this are actually more to the right wing, they are liberals who don't actually like mao. the hardline chinese communist don't actually go for all this because it's a materialist ideology and all of the gender stuff is idealism.

No. 1692786

File: 1667500865256.jpeg (278.34 KB, 1508x2048, 2396E886-5012-461F-B5E1-4E33B7…)

Pretty sure that’s a wig

No. 1692794

its a bit complicated, but here's my attempt to explain it, after the sino-soviet split, the CPC began courting and funding anyone who would join them against the Soviets, see the Soviets had dismissed western Marxists in academicia as being "debauchee" and not worth their time in the first place, the maoists saw that and began courting them and began presenting themselves as being "real communists" and claimed that the Soviet Union was counter revolutionary, that's why a lot of the really crazy "POC communists" are maoists

No. 1692796

I’m sorry nona, that’s stupid as hell when “dude” has become a meaningless word anyway. Any time I’ve heard someone use it it’s just like a filler word, I can’t believe someone got offended over it.

No. 1692797

I work in academics and saw the scariest troon I've ever encountered in real life. Skeletal masculine face, stringy gray hair hidden under a beret and dressed like a school marm. He has this open mouthed smile and opened eye looked that seemed like it was right out of a horror film.

No. 1692799

I can understand that, but I do not take people chimping out on me like that well. I would have prob cried. Props to you for dealing with it.

No. 1692802

Collegefag here. Academia attracts all kinds of fucking weirdos. I saw this rainbow haired (wig) black troon a couple weeks ago and I saw him again today, freaky shit. Also this other troon who ALWAYS wears like 8 inch hooker boots, every single time I've seen him. Definitely not a fetish

No. 1692804

I had been lucky enough to not encounter many of the seriously creepy looking ones in my city. I'm even okay with my friend's friends that are trans women since they never trigger me with TRA stuff or dress in a fetish way. This guy was either a class observer or class room assistant. No idea, but I was incredibly unnerved especially how he kept looking around the classroom at the students.

No. 1692808

Fuck jannies and fuck juice(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1692814

Notice how rape ape 1 is off handedly insulting rape ape 2 by implying he doesn’t pass as well as he does. Crazy male cattiness never goes away.

No. 1692818

Is that a tif?

No. 1692819

>we need religion and patriotism
>we need more tard scrote worship, that’ll fix things
Fuck off transparent tradfag shill. We need a society not run by men willing to destroy everything to pander to male desires. Isn’t women mostly pushing this shit, techbros, antifafags, big pharma scrotes, bros before hoes moids, and the troons themselves. Only women pushing it are handmaidens, the left wings equivalent of the right wing pickme. Even in more religious and patriotic times scrotes were still rapist degenerates. It’s a male violence and sexuality problem.

No. 1692822

exactly, why do they want a CHILD to notice them that bad. it's disgusting.

No. 1692850

File: 1667508330212.jpg (537.63 KB, 1768x1994, Screenshot_20221103_134441_Fre…)

Ugly, delusional troon wants people to fund his transition/self-indulgent narc movie


No. 1692851

File: 1667508359674.jpg (1.1 MB, 1768x1591, Screenshot_20221103_134228_Twi…)

I can't handle how creepy he looks

No. 1692853

EW he’s so SCARY lmao nonna I’m going to have nightmares

No. 1692856


So how exactly did this go, Queen? Did they just keep sperging until they ran out of steam or did anyone be like "I think you're reading too much into it," because my workplace is pretty woke but I couldn't fathom them taking that reeeeee seriously.

Did they just awkwardly stand around after? Enquiring minds want to know. This shit would be social suicide for any other person.

No. 1692868

File: 1667509657485.png (123.27 KB, 668x584, Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 4.01…)

spotted in the wild on bad roommates. Disgusting troon preying on a girl in her own home. She tries to hide the fact that its a moid but its interesting to see that most comments assume its a guy and are telling her to get pepper spray or to gtfo.

No. 1692869

File: 1667509685927.png (95.23 KB, 626x521, Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 4.02…)

No. 1692874


I wish I could shake them and get them out :( "Scared of how Moid will react/will react negatively" they're already behaving negatively, but the only one suffering is you! It's about time he felt like shit. Men will take liberties no matter how gentle you are with their feelings! Team up with Roommate and get an intervention for this now, record all the creepiness, and have police and any decent Nigels you know on speed dial to move HIM out the second he puts you in danger; because knowing moids, they will (and you'll be grateful for everything you recorded).

Every time I see a Nonnie at risk from one of these coomer freaks I just wanna a-log so bad.(:()

No. 1692879

>cis bitch
>trans girl
totally not a misogynist tho. kek funny how they recognize their own kind never passes but still lack self awareness.

No. 1692883

>illegal immigrants
racist incel to tranny pipeline, I see. fuck the entitled male privilege forgetting that women are fighting for our most fundamental rights this election. do racial minorities getting hate crimed not count to his narc ass?

No. 1692885

I know. it scared me reading it after what has happened recently to the poor woman who was stabbed by her roommate/bf because she said no to sex.

No. 1692893

File: 1667511201892.png (218.26 KB, 727x802, troon.png)

the unkempt frizzy hair, the bright lipstick, the massive mouth and psycho eyes. this person is so fucking scary, reminds me of the smiledog image. creepypasta troon

No. 1692896

ironically but unsurprisingly the fitness dude has a prettier face, bigger butt, and nicer hair than the troon
pisses me off seeing the commenters using the troon's preferred pronouns but nice that several threads had some based terfy responses
start calling every girl "dude" all the time but never call the males including the troon "dude" and watch how it makes him seethe

No. 1692911

He's barely 18 so yes, a teen boy.

No. 1692914

Ah yes, the guy who bragged about having racist friends is here to tell women who to feel about being women. Of course.

No. 1692917

File: 1667512823835.png (1 MB, 1072x1686, troon8.png)

No. 1692918

Back to the kitchen, tradthot.

No. 1692924

I personally do not call my friends sluts or bitches or cunts, but keep on with your oh so believable woman LARP, tranny. UGH. The a-log is strong in me when I see this shit.

No. 1692930

You’re right, it’s externalized misogyny

No. 1692937

It's because their beliefs only exist for benefit in online interactions. To be a Maoist for them is to be the furthest in support of the most oppressed people. Most of them could barely tell you anything about the actual ideas, but they don't want to think about anything, and they want to be the only ones who're allowed to talk about anything. The comfort it gives them is the same you see in American evangelicals.

No. 1692938

literally there is no reason other than typical male arrogance and misogyny for moids to be speaking out against women's experiences/rights on issues that affect women and don't hurt moids

No. 1692947

File: 1667516196314.png (385.29 KB, 745x689, Gays Posting their L's Online …)

wow how surprising..

No. 1692948

Recently a rape victim in the UK was denied surgery by a hospital because she requested a all-female nursing staff after a TiM nurse walked in during a procedure. How long before Planned Parenthood refuses abortion or BC for women with terfy views?

No. 1692949

Given how busted troons look, I have to wonder if part of the hate boner for The Danish Girl is because they know that Eddie Redmayne, a dreaded "cis" man, passes better than any of them. Not saying he actually passes, just saying he passes more than "real" trannies.

On another note, it's so fucking obnoxious when trannies try to make it seem like it's their bodily autonomy that's being contested. They have every right to mutilate themselves all they want. It just doesn't make them women.

No. 1692968

do you know what posting Ls means?

No. 1693000

File: 1667520154674.jpeg (795.86 KB, 750x1224, 6277DDA0-3A05-4ED6-884C-C8F8C2…)

why are men

No. 1693004

File: 1667520451884.jpeg (495.38 KB, 750x1126, 06C93E5F-A203-42B3-85AC-D2276D…)

why is this person asking a bunch of strangers how to fuck his boyfriend in the ass, what even is reddit.

No. 1693007

do you?

No. 1693009

>wants to be able to finish from me penetrating her or from foreplay of and around her anus without me touching something else
that is what the g spot is for. am i missing something? what does he need help with?

No. 1693010

Me too. I run in a couple libfemmy circles and I’ve never heard any of the women in those groups use these gendered slurs on me or each other. Even they know it’s too much. These days the only people I see calling each other or women that are drag queens and TiMs, so men.

No. 1693011

Every time. There’s always some underlying degenerate paraphilia.

No. 1693012

Looks like a cat trying to throw up a hairball.

No. 1693014

He wants advice on how to have sex with another male without it being gay.

No. 1693016

MTF don’t have a g-spot…

No. 1693018

No. 1693019

maybe they meant the p-spot or something?

No. 1693021

That would be on account of they are biologically male. If anything, the guy should be looking for the prostate.

No. 1693022

LMAO fuck i meant prostate, not g-spot jesus christ

No. 1693023

It’s okay kek. Get some rest nona.

No. 1693035

File: 1667522522301.png (170.41 KB, 1376x1479, reddit pedos.png)

Found a 14 year old posting on r/MtFSelfieTrain (not posting his pic because he's a child) and to no one's surprise there are pedophiles waiting to pounce. One is into incest, diapers, and sissifying and the other is a dad cruising for young boys. Are these pedophiles allowed to stay there?

No. 1693037

i'm also not voting. dems need to be taught a lesson certainly but if you vote republican they'll count you as a loss or blame it on constituency aging out of the democratic party. the best way to send a message as a woman is to abstain from voting at all.

No. 1693039

dangerously true and based

No. 1693046

I'm worried about that kid's safety. No doubt there are degenerates in his inbox rn smh

No. 1693055

It's always with the genocide baiting. No one is fucking killing you on a systematic level

No. 1693077

completely off topic but lmao we watched some weird shit as kids huh

No. 1693112

ahegao was always a mistake but it is extra cringe when uggos do it

No. 1693121

explains many things

No. 1693129

my retarded ass read that as trans people posting Ls Jesus christ nona forgive me

No. 1693139

File: 1667529290434.webm (2.37 MB, 720x398, Tranny Exposed.webm)

No. 1693152

Kek I see it, but cats don't deserve such a comparison.
What is actually wrong with this state?? another Madison anon, so I just expect to see & deal with them everywhere There's truly something deeply wrong with the males in the midwest.

No. 1693171

File: 1667532535963.png (5.53 MB, 1242x2208, 9FBAE322-3CB9-4EFB-9A9B-252E66…)

Did anyone see this? The comments are based as fuck though.
(Heres the link: https://youtube.com/shorts/oWnkKNeeXxU?feature=share) the yt field didnt work for me for some reason.
Whats with these troons who want to be a woman but cant let go their privilege of being a cis man? Its like they want to dress up like a woman and see us as a caricatures to seethe over rather than understanding our problems?
Get the full package or gtfo.
Im glad that dylan is getting called out for his creepy behavior, women had enough when scrote infantalize us and these cunts just set us back years into the past.

No. 1693185

File: 1667534656934.jpg (248.67 KB, 1080x1006, Screenshot_20221028-180656_Twi…)

Can an anon explain to me what it means to play games with a feminine touch? Have I been playing games like a man my whole life.

No. 1693188

That two tone hair lol

No. 1693215

Agreed but u should switch it up and say bro instead- make it less conspicuous

No. 1693230

"my culture is not your costume" is cringe af

Biological sex is not anything like "culture" but the rest of the video is on point.

No. 1693233

File: 1667539723758.png (810.73 KB, 1440x2578, Screenshot_20221104-012158~2.p…)

I found this really creepy AGP in the comments of this video about a channel owner collecting seizure videos for his own weird fetish. He's complaining about "being a victim of fetishists" while admitting to being one himself.

No. 1693239

>we ladies
Not a lady and not one of us.

No. 1693244

File: 1667541308790.png (598.71 KB, 2048x1584, chrome_screenshot_166754127993…)

No. 1693250

yeah sure that's why you're sick of them. not cuz they're deconstructing the pathetic lie you live or anything like that

No. 1693255

This is the video for context
https://youtu.be/UZ9wjqwMejQ(not embedded)

No. 1693256

File: 1667546202963.png (231.13 KB, 1440x2188, Screenshot_20221104-031328~2.p…)

Apparently AGPs aren't real

No. 1693267

File: 1667547791213.png (1.69 MB, 1097x2048, chrome_screenshot_166753763203…)

that lipstick, did you even try?

No. 1693272

The way they lump in puberty blockers with purely cosmetic surgeries is very telling.

No. 1693281

he literaly failed to be a man lol

No. 1693282

lol the tranny acc is owned by zerca (or zercro) or smthg like that, he was a friend of Byuu (that fag who faked his suicide over a kiwifarms drama) and he also went to support keffals’ grift campaign. this faggot is a non binary furry and alleged pedophile too, iirc he has a thread on KF on the zoosadist category

No. 1693288

Don’t sage milk

No. 1693289

You are implying he is not one

No. 1693320

File: 1667555415477.jpg (397.34 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20221104-204708__01…)

I swear anything past LGB and it's just an excuse to broadcast their fetishes/sex life to impressionable teens like anyone is interested.

No. 1693332

File: 1667556812032.jpg (53.15 KB, 600x600, Elmers-Washable-School-Glue-St…)

No. 1693336

File: 1667557379363.jpg (698.69 KB, 810x1813, Screenshot_20221104-061759_Red…)

Just in time for the Weird Al movie

No. 1693337

The only ‘date’ he will ever receive. Ba dum tsss

No. 1693339

My heart goes out to all the nonnies having to vote in the US. Truly either choice is poison.

No. 1693343

Nonna the scream this made scram

No. 1693368

File: 1667562568827.jpg (25.6 KB, 720x736, 5f3.jpg)

No. 1693369

neither a man or a woman, just an useless existence that needs to be deshumanized to the most

No. 1693371

File: 1667562999536.jpg (184.58 KB, 1080x692, Screenshot_20221104-074430_Chr…)

Remember when TIMs spammed r/TwoX with selfies last year? Well, it's currently happening again on r/WitchesVsPatriarchy. Just look at the hottest 100 posts:

No. 1693373

I hate how the men who would burn witches now want to larp as witches. Get me out of this simulation

No. 1693384

Yeah there are definitely some problems with it but I'm genuinely surprised how big this is! It's hopeful… kinda.

No. 1693386

That's not really surprising tbh. It might as well be a troon sub since it's infested with them.

No. 1693391

I didn't know Gordon Ramsay trooned out

No. 1693394

I’m so sick of them defending this obviously male bullshit as “uwu trans girls early in their transition are still learning about makeup, just like teenage girls!”
I have NEVER, never ever ever ever ever seen a teen girl go out of the house like this. Let’s be real—she would get ripped to shreds, by her peers, and also by literal fucking adults. Trannys would never know this, because they are male, but teenage girls that were into/wore a lot of makeup practiced at home a LOT before taking a look out of the house. I didn’t even wear much makeup growing up, but I still watched michelle phan’s channel back in like 2008 to learn the basics. The girls I went to high school with who were serious about makeup were basically professionals compared to the average MTF.
YWNBW and your ‘my first finger painting’ makeup job is just one more extension of your inherent and incurable maleness.

No. 1693398

File: 1667567328143.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.73 MB, 960x12944, Screenshot_20221104-090302_Boo…)

Figured it was worth a collage. Spoilered because long.

No. 1693406

> They showed me the screenshots of their conversation
Can't trust anybody
It's literally the definition of trans exclusive

No. 1693410

the only time I saw such a look on a woman was on Halloween, even the girls starting to use lipstick wouldn't leave the house like that. It's one of the reasons I don't wear make-up, my skin doesn't like it and I look horrible with it. Those troons don't have a bit of self awareness, they love themselves to damn much, I wish women all over the world would be at a point where they say "fuck you, I don't care" and leave the house with bad make-up and hairy legs and still feel beautiful and valid.

No. 1693412

it's horrible, I will have nightmares for the rest of the year, kek.
(Thank you for your hard work, nonna)

No. 1693413

File: 1667568397243.jpg (13.96 KB, 218x250, image.jpg)

No. 1693416

File: 1667568767682.jpg (247.7 KB, 909x2048, Fgt_iNuXoAAn9pJ.jpg)

They really do keep lying to themselves and eachother. Weve all seen the pictures

No. 1693418

A competent surgeon wouldn't attempt to make a new organ out of a completely different one and pretend it's anything but cosmetic

No. 1693419

Phone at 41% checking in

No. 1693425

The cope here is so immense and heavy I’m choking on it kek. The best they can hope for is something that looks like two chicken cutlets hugging a weird little hotdog tip.

No. 1693427

You don't have to spoiler for length, the pic shows as a normal sized thumbnail no matter the resolution

Is the thread on autosage again?

No. 1693429

Good lord there's some specimens on there

No. 1693435

It's incredible how age tells on them so much. Androgyny falls off men so fast by their mid-20 but they still play the 'uwu im jus a wil kitty' shit looking like Keith from plumbing.

No. 1693438

Ngl this is a weird comment. He’s still a man, and that will never change. I think talking about dehumanizing or exterminating or anything else starts to sound really creepy and it’s usually what they want to do to “terfs” because they talk about how we aren’t people and how we all need to die. They love to call people who don’t agree with them “nazis” but they’re often the ones speaking about others the way nazis would, with tweets about lining us against a wall or creating breeding camps.

No. 1693439


No. 1693441

Me too. I don’t subscribe to witchcraft just because I’m not spiritual or religious or any of that, but witchcraft has always been a way for women to find power in the face of misogyny and it’s insulting that they think they’d ever even be capable of it or welcomed by other witches.

No. 1693445

I don’t get how they can say that when they’ve never had one. They don’t know what it actually feels like, they don’t know how it responds to different things, most of them don’t even seem to have actually seen one before except in porn since so many are incels. I don’t understand how they can assume women couldn’t tell (especially gynos, who are taking the piss to make them feel better). They really think a doctor who looks at vaginas all day every day can’t tell the difference? Idiotic men might not be able too, but most of them can’t even find the clit on a woman. But women who have lived with them their entire lives? Get real. Any woman who acts amazed and mystified is absolutely doing so because of female socialization or out of fear. Imagine telling one it looked like shit and not like the real thing at all, he’d probably beat you up, or if you’re a gyno, he’d probably work to make you lose your license.

No. 1693446

It wasn’t bumping most of yesterday either, so likely autosage. I don’t know the reason though.

No. 1693469

She's right, cope.

No. 1693482

File: 1667575933721.jpg (893.94 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20221104_163128_com…)

No. 1693487

File: 1667576365286.jpg (264.56 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_20221104-113431_Chr…)

Fucking hell, practically a tranny sub now.

No. 1693498

They can fucking have it.. "against patriarchy", as if it wasn't right there in the open being applauded.

No. 1693508

oh nooo those poor ftms, they are literally indistinguishable from a typical normal butch. id ma’am them in a heartbeat if i saw them in public

No. 1693509

There are 72000 subs she could have asked this in. Why does every thread have to cater to it when it isn’t even on topic?

No. 1693516

It's been that way for a while tbh. Turns out subs like 2X subtly remind troons what being a woman entails. I.e. most of the posts there are about female-specific topics like abortion or experiences or even the name. Despite being a pretty adamant pro troon sub, trannies still at least get some kind of hint and end up shitting up more "neutral" subs like witchesvspatriarchy. That's my theory anyway; saged for autism

No. 1693517

LOL though, this is giving me some speed run ban ideas. Let's see if I can up my amount of subs I'm banned from. 12 seems like a boring number. Let's go for a nice 13. For the witch bitches/bitch witches and all..

No. 1693527

File: 1667578661269.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 456.21 KB, 828x941, B899A01F-FD43-4BB9-A508-1749F2…)

This just looks painful. Gynecomastia is crazy like…

No. 1693536

I'm sure it's painful as shit, but the Coom is prioritized above all

No. 1693559

You can tell they’re men because they have to sexualize fucking everything. I’m not even into the whole “witch” thing, but as far as I can tell, it started as a way for women to celebrate womanhood through our own eyes, rather than the womanhood that men teach us to aspire to. I can’t think of anything more at odds with this sort of philosophy than wearing lingerie, literally being tied up with rope, or wearing a collar, a literal symbol of being owned ffs.
Women’s empowerment is about little girls being able to love themselves and feel okay in their bodies. It’s about women not being assaulted, it’s about women who are assaulted getting the justice they deserve and feeling confident in being able to advocate for all of that for themselves.
And these creepy, misogynistic, perverted men take that and turn it into one more thing to coom to. I fucking hate them, nonnies.

No. 1693562

File: 1667580794529.jpg (188.86 KB, 1080x824, Screenshot_20221104_174800.jpg)


The replies are so delusional

No. 1693565

File: 1667580954457.jpg (384.87 KB, 1080x1276, Screenshot_20221104_174904.jpg)

No. 1693569

I'm starting to think these are trolls trying to ruin trannies' lives. Don't dilate, really?

No. 1693578

Honestly same, except I think it's a bitter post-op troon who wants to ruin everyone else with the same lies he was told as revenge on the community

No. 1693579

>i can take a hand

jesus christ, do thoses people really think that the bigger thing they put into a hole, the better the sex is ? are they proud of getting hand fucked ? why are they telling all this shit, is that some kind of body dysmorphia but insteat of seeing themselves as balding fat fucks, they see an uguuu kawai animu waifu ?

No. 1693581

“Self lubricating” means pus leaking out.

No. 1693585

Reclaiming the word "witch" started as a good thing to remember and bring attention to the horrific witch hunts and trials women endured just for being women. Now it's all crystals, stockings and sexy male-gazey stuff. No wonder transwomen flock to it. I hate this world.

No. 1693589

Raw sexism. The vagina is a muscle. It’s not just a flesh tube, and it’s not as simple as the inside being “ridged,” we’re not fucking flesh lights. The vagina is a complex organ made up of different, specialized parts. Humanity would not exist if not for the awesome power of the vagina. Skinned dicks have literally nothing to do with it. The parts are basically the same? I didn’t realize dick skin had an anterior fornix, vaginal rugae, and bartholin glands tucked up in there somewhere. It feels the same? Science really is amazing if it’s found a way to make hollowed out, rotted dick skin contract and expand in response to stimulation and arousal the way the muscular vagina can!

No. 1693593

"Tourist"? Nobody wants to be a tourist at the troon clinic, trust me.

No. 1693597

General rule is to not trust someone who is friends with a troon. A man can't transition without feeling entitled to females and female spaces, they're giant man babies demanding validation and affirmation from everyone so to be friends with them you have to be a handmaiden by default.

No. 1693604

File: 1667582578299.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1514x1504, 78EDFF15-810D-46A3-BBA8-E04930…)

>take a hand
Why did he feel the need to say something like that? Fucking gross and weird.

No. 1693609

It’s definitely the sexism like you said plus the crabs in a bucket mentality. I think so many are unhappy with their results they just don’t want to suffer alone. It’s messed up, and probably one of the same reasons they hate detransitioners, who are brave enough to speak the truth about the system.

No. 1693610

Not to mention it regulates itself and has all sorts of microbial flora to protect itself. Last I checked, tranny gashes can't even stop themselves from rotting.

No. 1693611

Was that a typo? I don’t get what he meant by that.

No. 1693614

>"selling us out"
by revealing the sick (mal)practices that harm children and mentally ill trans people? Playing by their "only 1-2% detransitions" rule, these fucked up experimental surgeries are done on "real" trans people 98-99% of the time.

No. 1693617

File: 1667582994556.png (27.61 KB, 488x450, 9189F23A-6027-48CB-90DB-D9714D…)

Took from ovarit, I don’t know how more women didn’t peak during the Roe v Wade protests. I don’t know how TiMs can get mad at women for using these slogans when they don’t even mention womanhood at all. Yet I distinctly remember them labeling women with those kinds of signs as terfs when the slogans are a work-around for not coming off as transphobic. I can’t imagine being upset or jealous because you’re not oppressed for something, it’s so insane.

No. 1693620

Their rotpockets don’t even deserve to be compared to anuses—anuses can be a healthy part of the human body and perform necessary functions for life. The only comparison that can be made is to wounds. They call our body parts “gashes” to degrade us and then turn around and give themselves actual literal gashes and try to pretend it’s the same thing.

No. 1693623

They’re angry they’re not the “uterus owners” and don’t get to make the decisions about women’s bodies, because in the minds of misogynistic men (troons), women’s bodies and biological functions are a commodity for men (them) to own.

No. 1693634

And this is why I see no difference between men on the right and men on the left. They all want to control women and our bodies, our speech, and our rights.

No. 1693639

The problem will never be solved so long as men have say in woman’s bodies in any capacity. Bodily autonomy is not meant to be run like a democracy. It’s a fucking dictatorship, and if it’s not your body, your opinion is fucking irrelevant.

No. 1693641

Probably for greenhorns not saging.

No. 1693642

Why do you care about beauty pageants? How is this based in any way?

No. 1693643

How is it based? It’s just like the porn subreddits that say you can only post cis women for them to jerk off to. They only care about us when we can portray our womanhood in a way that makes their dick hard. Otherwise this would be applied to things like sports and bathrooms, but I guess that’s not a venue where women are supposed to prance around to be judged on their beauty.

No. 1693644

Even the least unsightly "neovagina" has a gaping opening and thick scaring up either side. In what world would a woman look at this and be like "yep this is normal"? I can see moids being unable to tell because their usually only after their own coom and brainless. But a woman? She'll know.

No. 1693646

How is this based? I don’t give a crap if men take over beauty pageants, they can have them. This is just a way for non TRA man to pat themselves on the back because they think every woman needs to look like a beauty pageant contestant

No. 1693649

Bathrooms for women only: transphobic and unacceptable
Sports for women only: transphobic and unacceptable
Sexist beauty pageant where males judge women based on their physical appearance for women only: based, apparently?

No. 1693652

It is really nice when nonnies can think critically instead of seeing blatant misogyny pushed on women and finding it “based”.

No. 1693657

You think with how much porn these creeps watch, that they'd have a little better understanding of what vaginas actually look like and would realize how utterly ridiculous these statements are

No. 1693661

True, but a lot of vulvas in porn don’t even resemble most women’s anymore since vaginoplasty and bleaching is so common now. These men already live in pornified delusion, so it’s not a stretch that they’d think there are no differences if they squint hard enough.

No. 1693669

I think, in addition to autistic face blindness, they also have some kind of autistic pussy blindness. I don’t really watch porn, so maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t imagine a surgery that would make a woman’s vagina so featureless and botched that she would even sort of resemble a mtf. Like, do they just take the labia And clit off entirely and then randomly stab the vaginal opening until it gives up, melts, and dies? Even the most tragically butchered vagina is still a vagina.

No. 1693681

You and I both know they're staring at the dicks.

No. 1693683

Amateur porn is the main form of porn these days though and those women aren't getting labiaplasties lol
This is the real answer kek

No. 1693687

>Amateur porn is the main form of porn these days
Source? Because that sounds like bullshit

No. 1693691

File: 1667586877072.jpeg (113.13 KB, 828x628, C298D624-DCE4-4897-85CF-B702EB…)

Does any other LA nonnas remember when a DSA tranny randomly lied and ruined a local business last year? For no reason at all? They are such lying narcissists and they’ll do anything for attention

No. 1693692

More like a Downsie.

No. 1693693

Uh, any porn site? Pornhub for example is almosy entirely self-uploaded porn now.

No. 1693695

Sage for blogpost

Hi nonnies, I just want to say I’m so grateful there is a space here for actual feminists. I grew up on tumblr and was brainwashed into thinking I had to be supportive of troons and keep my mouth shut. I was so afraid of being called a terf for simply wanting women to be acknowledged and treated with respect. This thread has opened my eyes and now I know there is no truth to transhood it’s just the patriarchy repackaged to once again demean and fetishize women. Recently I found out my abusive ex from highschool trooned out (he was 17 and I was 14 and would beat the shit out of me and it really fucked up my ideas of how I should be treated) everyone is flocking to support him and I started feeling crazy for not wanting to “validate” him. Why do women have to carry the burden of holding these men’s hands and why do we get chastised for standing up for ourselves? I’m lucky that I’ve been able to see other lesbians on here that understand this but in my real life it’s all just handmaidens wanting brownie points I’m getting so fed up. Sorry for long post I just really needed somewhere to vent where I won’t get called a bigot, proud to be a terf though ;) love you nonnies !!(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1693697

Do lesbians hate transbians? Its like they always have to coddle them in order to not be deemed as a transphobe. Getting away from men just to find men in a womans disguise, fuck troons and their entitlement.

No. 1693698

It’s so fascinating how trannies will throw each other under the bus like this when pretending to hold each other up, they really do not understand girlhood or solidarity girls have

No. 1693699

>Highland Park
There's yer problem.

No. 1693702

you triggered the anti-birth control trad scarethots with this one

No. 1693703

What’s wrong with highland park? I don’t see any particularly higher amount of troons there than any other part of the city tbh

No. 1693705

How much is Big Donkey paying you?

No. 1693709


No. 1693725

Sage retard

No. 1693726

this is a pro Dworkin site scrote

No. 1693731

File: 1667589456883.png (539.87 KB, 810x1164, Screenshots_2022-11-05-03-16-1…)

saged for meme

No. 1693734

It's porn industry shit made to look amateur so coomers think it's "real". The body types remain the same

No. 1693742

Holy shit i'm surprised this gained any traction. I'm assuming this subreddit is more right leaning?

No. 1693744

Top right doesn't exist lol, otherwise based

No. 1693754


i feel like something has to give soon. the TRAs are just committing fraud constantly, all this shit polls horrible even with democrats and their elections chances are shot now. i know a lot of people who basically peaked but kept quiet because it seems like they were hedging their bets in case the TRAs won.

i think once the november results come in people are going to get scared. it won't be everyone but a lot of democrats are going to be more worried about becoming a regional party than being called a bigot by TRAS.

No. 1693765

surprisingly enough, there are more libleft leaning users in that sub than any other demographic (the sub track the user flairs iirc)

No. 1693766

Almost every liberal I know over 40 secretly hates trannies or views them as retarded so I think once the midterms and 2024 bombs reasonable democrats will wise up to them being a terrible campaign strategy

No. 1693801

I hate the narrative that the only people who detrans are just idiots who were never trans in the first place. These people are indistinguishable until that point, they went through the system, were diagnosed with gender dysphoria, followed the advice of their doctors and therapists, and it failed them. The only difference between detrans and “true trans” is capacity for self reflection and willingness to live a lie.

No. 1693804

It's almost exactly like how Muslims view non-Muslims, or those who get out of Islam.

No. 1693829

File: 1667595347426.jpeg (512.41 KB, 750x1113, 39C2B5DA-DFB3-4536-99AA-4643E8…)

>I keep having violent thoughts
how much of trannies’ paranoia is projection? they think everyone wants to kill them because they themselves are violent, hateful people.

No. 1693831

Nonny… amateur porn isn’t actually amateur. Quite surprising you’d think that, I didn’t think anyone actually believed it. Even coomers realise that.

No. 1693836

File: 1667595654793.jpg (97.17 KB, 1200x675, troonadmiral.jpg)

>Plus my Boyfriend's in the navy

No. 1693839

why the fuck is here an incestconfessions reddit

No. 1693845

It’s very frustrating, because it’s so easy for people to get sucked into anything without fully realizing the consequences of what they’re doing. People fall for scams all the time, whether it be through products or support groups or medical “advice”, anything really. When TRAs get so up in arms over detransitioners it just makes them come across as even more cult-like, as anyone who questions the narrative even for valid reasons becomes an instant enemy. Nevermind the trauma that those people probably sustained and the life they’ll never get back. It makes them seem utterly heartless.

No. 1693848

i for one support men being delusional enough to mutilate their dicks. i think all trannies should get stinky amholes, i’m happy they’re grooming each other into getting butchered. men are stupid like that.

No. 1693852

I’m an ilinoisfag and I’m desperate to get Pritzker the obese troonlover out of office tbh even though the alternatives are NOT great. Now I double hope he doesn’t get re-elected. There are so many trannies in the Chicago area it’s legit disgusting sorry 2 sperg

No. 1693856

They also seem to really overestimate their self-importance. Most people aren’t thinking about them at all on a daily basis, let alone making plans for some sort of genocidal uprising. I’ve never actually seen anyone say they want them dead unless it was to be obviously edgy like on 4chan. Like you said, it’s projection. They are the ones posting violent tweets directed at anyone who dissents, even in if the dissenting is in a calm and reasonable way. They are the ones showing up to protests with weapons and in black bloc when the protest was supposed to be peaceful to begin with. People just want them to shut up and stay in their lane. The reason they do get backlash is because they refuse to do so and instead make conscious decisions to stir up as much degenerate bullshit as they can all while trying to bring others down with them. If this is what they think after just a few years, they really can’t even start to imagine what it’s like to be a woman or a racial or sexual minority. I say that because most of them seem to be well-off straight white men who wouldn’t know true oppression even if it bit them in the ass.

No. 1693874

I still dont understand if he is trolling or not.

No. 1693881

He obviously is and idk how people don't see it

No. 1693910

Me, too, nonnie. I can't help but be around them in fuckass cali but I am always sure to be super validating about how great srs is. The more shitty they are the more enthusiastic I am. Brings me joy knowing they will have nothing but a puss filled copehole until they die.

No. 1693915

File: 1667600243436.jpeg (1.33 MB, 2045x2727, CAFD5E90-E780-4680-A74F-44F1CE…)

I have to work with this fucking tranny Ethel Cain who blatantly co opts themes of women in repressed conservative religious backgrounds and serial killers who target women and they just get their girldick sucked like they’re breaking new ground. It makes me so fucking mad it’s so blatantly fetishizing trad misogyny. He also has his own groomer parody cult

No. 1693928

Single issue voters are so stupid.

No. 1693933


Sometimes I really wish other lefties would just check them on how stupid it is to larp like they are european jews in the 1930s. America has an actual underclass, it has actual minorities that the government has attempted to wipe out and enslave before and guess what? Most of them live in red states just going about their daily lives. Shit isn't going to happen to a bunch of upper class white guys in the suburbs and metropols no matter who gets voted in.

Even the most bleeding hearted liberal has no reason to vote for the safety of trans people. It makes ZERO sense to look at the sate of the country and start blubbering because the tv man said lia thomas should go compete with the boys when that was what 99.9% of Americans already believed in what I guess is supposed to be the infinite hellscape of the 2000s where there were a grand total of zero trans pogroms and no hate groups specifically targeting trans people.

No. 1693938

File: 1667601040201.png (743.82 KB, 720x1582, Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 6.29…)

i know i'm late, but i cannot believe any human arranged words to say this, i'm gonna fucking a-log. i was gonna green text the worst parts but it's all fucking disgusting

>take a hand
you apparently have a huge fucking gaping wound. one that your own body recognizes as a wound and forever tries to close. you don't have a contactable muscle

No. 1693954

Of course it's Liz Dong Gone. He doesn't consider for a second that most people don't become "consensual" sex workers because they want to. He drastically underestimates the amount of human trafficking plus the extremely disadvantaged that have no choice but to turn to prostitution. He isn't really worth the time but holy mother of troon arrogance, I wish I could a-log too.

No. 1693958

It's really telling when he's like "caring about non-consensual distribution is cool and all, but…"

No. 1693962

that pasty white face and those soulless eyes. i can’t imagine how much creepier he must look irl.

No. 1693963

Wait, that’s the person I see people on tumblr shitting themselves over? From the name I thought it was a female folk singer but I’d never seen a picture of him. Idgi.

No. 1693966

This, plus we know a lot of what we see on those sites and on sites like Twitch or OF aren’t what they seem. Look at what happened with Amouranth for example. Most women don’t enjoy “working with kink”, someone is pulling the strings behind them, typically a male.

No. 1693967

It’s queer people ruining Nicole Dollenganger

No. 1693969

Whenever I've seen women in straight porn engaging in something violent, they look absolutely terrified. Whatever, say a woman wanted to be asphyxiated with a plastic bag. She's still scared because its an inherently dangerous act, deathly even, and at the hands of a fucking man. It's terribly socially irresponsible, but a man like Dong-Long-Gone wouldn't understand that.

No. 1693970

File: 1667602687647.jpeg (212.79 KB, 1139x1080, F8E09721-BFCB-4771-A87E-0C5284…)

I know nothing about this troon except what I’ve read here in the threads, and I gotta say he looks like he wishes he was one of the poor little FLDS girls who Warren Jeffs forced to marry him/other old men. Fucking gross. He’s so eerily ugly like a body that’s been possessed by a demon for too long and the host is dying kek

No. 1693974


the pro-prostituion people always feel like you are talking to a think tank or something. you can just tell nobody is coming up with any of it spontaneously. the way they all have the same talking points to dance around the inherent problems of commodifiying people's bodies reminds me of the way every military recruiter has the stock line about how you don't have to kill people if you join up.

No. 1693976

Exactly. And women don’t want to talk about their fear and discomfort while on set or at all while they’re in the business. Once they’re out, however, many of them will speak about how traumatizing it was. The same is true for women who are strippers or other “safe” sex work jobs. Men cannot seem to come to terms with women viewing sex differently than them due to trauma, abuse, and objectification.

No. 1693977

“I’m a man with a fetish and think it would be fun to be a porn star, fuck trafficked women and girls!”
How do they get away with saying this shit in public? There’s no hope for society.

No. 1693978

Hassan Piker gets away with going to underage brothels regularly

No. 1693979

I can't wait until OF girls snap out of it, and speak about how retarded and demeaning it all was

No. 1693980

I don’t mean this in a tradthot way but I think the embarrassment of your nudes when you were 19 being easily accessible online will lead to some suicides.

No. 1693982


I don't know how the people who do the incest mommy porn and then go and actually have kids manage it. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night, you just know the kid is going to find it.

No. 1693984

let the trannies convince each other to get expensive surgery that doesn't do anything. Nonnies will always get the last laugh.

No. 1693988

the only thing funnier than a troon getting a botched poopwound is them paying for an expensive facial “feminization” surgery and ending up looking just as manly or manlier.

No. 1693990

For any troon who decided to transition well into adulthood, I agree, fully support self-neutering coomers. But I feel really sad thinking about anyone who started transition as a kid and got the surgeries asap. Having your childhood medicalized for cosmetic procedures that make it so you've never had an orgasm and then alienate you from both the sex you actually are and the sex wish you are? It's fucked up, and kids who start transitioning are often abuse victims in the first place. It's gross that the medical industry is taking so much money from abused, often gay and autistic kids just to castrate them for woke points.

No. 1693991

File: 1667604262907.jpg (73.91 KB, 320x454, 1611791672745.jpg)

This is beautiful.

No. 1693994

File: 1667604336943.jpg (132.29 KB, 1076x565, FOBcxA6WUAEXyuu.jpg)

>Liz Dong Gone
muh sides

No. 1693995


No. 1694002

Is the thread on autosage? I couldn't find on catalog

No. 1694004

I find it funny that on most of these trans posts, the comments start with "every1 is welcum here!11!! no haturs!" They are always so defensive.

idk what thread it was in, but there was some woman on OF who was apparently known for doing scat porn and got interviewed. It was creepy as hell. How could someone live with themselves knowing there's videos of them eating their own shit on the internet? I wish OF had gotten banned.

No. 1694008

i've seen some former-OF girls on tiktok talk about quitting (after selling their photos for little to no profit online) and about how demeaning and humiliating it was, with some others who felt the same in the comments. i can only pray more of these girls start to wake up tbh

No. 1694019


I've seen a lot of people assuming that because there is so much porn it won't stay with them. It'll just be lost in the sea of information. I think the reality of the fact that people collect porn, sort it out and archive it for decades hasn't really sunk in.

In some ways it's actually much worse now because it used to be a lot of clips weren't attached to any social media or names like on OF. Nobody would've known who it was so there was nothing to track.

No. 1694023

TERF queen Nanami!

No. 1694038

File: 1667607300809.webm (3.49 MB, 576x1024, IMG_0756 2.webm)

I found this troon on TikTok and I’m literally crying rn. This faggot looks like he has been consuming cement.

No. 1694040

>I self lubricate
every time they say they sell lubricate they just mean they ejaculate cum, don't they?
>I don't dilate, I fist
ffs its unbearable that the same troons who are saying they're tighter and real women are looser are the ones whose gaping axe wounds are so prolapsed they don't even need to dilate.

No. 1694057

Oh yeah, it’s naive to think moids don’t save pictures then upload them to Free OF databases. Especially for small time people who cannot afford their pics to get taken down

No. 1694156

wtf why do they look like that??? inflamed?? so disgusting

No. 1694168

maybe because tims are always bragging about fondling their own moobs and squeezing them like stress balls.

No. 1694174

Weird Al Trankovic

No. 1694175

File: 1667616266434.jpeg (115.94 KB, 750x685, 38B59E8A-38AC-4ED6-83CB-098679…)

are they trolling each other on purpose? the entire thread is full of terrible advice.

No. 1694176

it kills me bc before they start talking about the literal trauma that shit left them with, they always preface with some form of “sex work is work and i think it’s great but it just wasn’t for me” like?? it is not for everyone

No. 1694179

File: 1667616552773.png (4.63 MB, 828x1792, 86E48716-2847-42CB-8868-F588AB…)

what an absolute nightmare. all of the comments are overly positive and you just know it’s because they have some poor internet working overtime deleting comments lmao
totally not getting these tips from teen movies written by old men with 20/30 year old actors

No. 1694181

intern* not internet

No. 1694208

>Although modesty codes seem weird, most cis women will adhere to them because, well, we don't want everyone seeing everything. Some men will do creep shit like use knowing the color of your bra, underwear or seeing an intimate birthmark as proof that he's slept with you or at least seen you naked. In other words, strange men knowing intimate details about your body or clothes is a liability.
Since when do women cover up their birthmarks so a man can't prove he slept with her? Why does this sound like aliens attempting to explain human behavior?

No. 1694238

File: 1667620860554.jpg (257.32 KB, 474x318, MPTTiOB.jpg)

lmfao i love how they all think moving to canada will be so easy
do they think they'll be approved as refugees??? refugees from what? terfs? we have them here too!
this creepy ass mf looks like a mannequin from oh mikey

No. 1694250

File: 1667622722737.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1170x2122, 63D83DB9-B4D7-49BA-9CC4-A7C001…)

You are just a straight man. Bisexual man at most.

No. 1694267

>it’s just a joke!!! I just also agree with it

Why are moids like this

No. 1694268

File: 1667625525996.jpg (170.42 KB, 1053x1349, Screenshot_20221104-220914~2.j…)

WOW. When I was in school GSA meant the Gay-Straight-Alliance.

No. 1694278

He's also acting/larping as a 'cis' female now, claiming to have a 'vagina' in one tweet. Never reposts any 'trans vote blue' viral tweets or dylan mulvaney at the white house though…

No. 1694316

this man activates my fight or flight reaction for some reason, and he’s so fucking nasty looking too i wonder if he’s ever washed his hair since he decided to cosplay as a woman

No. 1694317

File: 1667632142341.png (384.75 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20221105-010424.png)

She's just a major pick-me handmaiden. Looks like she had an IUD. She posts lots of Tumblr libfem shit too. The only other troon post she made was about what kind of mythical creature TiFs would be.

Funny though, she realizes IUDs don't stop peroids forever and make you infertile. I had a hormonal IUD before my bisalp too and while my periods were irregular and I'd skip a month sometimes, I still had them.

No. 1694330

File: 1667633818983.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1170x2224, 15CAAF1E-1539-43E2-AC57-3C5AD7…)

i run a clothing rental business and someone by the name of Riley minford returned one of my pieces completely stained and ruined and almost refused to pay the full replacement fee… i look them up and lo and behold it’s a fucking tranny influencer. guess the disgusting male habits never die out, picrel is his tiktok

No. 1694352

Transgender Adults Have Higher Rates Of Disability Than Their Cisgender Counterparts


Wonder why, kek

No. 1694363

File: 1667640587215.png (2.12 MB, 1050x1971, troon9.png)


No. 1694397

File: 1667645657910.jpeg (665.95 KB, 750x1176, 820EF310-6B59-4DA1-AF81-21058A…)


No. 1694403

File: 1667645914405.jpg (326.64 KB, 1080x973, Screenshot_20221105_115350.jpg)

In the replies they agree and state they are not "ready" to call themselves women yet, they might be 40 and up but hey second puberty riiiiight. But they also say that "girl" makes them feel cuter

No. 1694407


No. 1694408

File: 1667646780672.png (733.66 KB, 934x742, unknown.png)

Found this one claiming that the concept of "appealing to the male gaze" doesn't apply to camgirls and such. I wonder why he'd be so against this term when used on real people…

No. 1694411

File: 1667647069287.png (963.59 KB, 1064x1302, tranny.png)

No. 1694414

>wahh terfs r all ugly/old !
God I love how wrong they are about that. It’s always the same shit. Also Jesus Christ the pure aggression they all radiate from these kinds of tweets is nothing but XY. If I didn’t know how abysmal they all are at makeup, I’d think a real woman said something “mean” to him from the way his eye makeup is all runny and smudged kek. Cope & seethe foreverrrr

No. 1694417

Moids would choose current age Greer and especially JKR over a man in a wig every time.

No. 1694428

> they are full of shit that's how they can smell a neo from a natal vagina

No. 1694434

Can someone translate what he's saying? I don't speak retardese.

No. 1694439

Um what

No. 1694443

Why the fuck are adults allowed to make school clubs "vehicles for deep social change"? Why should a middle school child care about something like that?

No. 1694444

Because if you get into their brains early, they become good little lobbyists without any further effort.

No. 1694473

File: 1667653698936.jpeg (261.65 KB, 960x791, 3C6B9BE5-8C0F-4E32-BEE4-B7C01A…)

tranny got mad that people mishear his stupid ass name and when a well adjusted person tells him its gonna be okay he lashes out femininely. the power of estrogen

No. 1694476

No, nona.. You are just unhinged.

Yes, men suck. Many of them. But to say a child is better off growing up without a father is beyond retarded. You need help because you sound radicalised.

No. 1694477

he kept repeating that 'dude' is not gender neutral and that he hates being called it by cis people. lol. then my manager talked to the whole staff about not using gendered language.

No. 1694479

Stop sperging about a 2 day old post because it shits on scrotes for seething about single mothers while statistically being worse for society.

No. 1694482

Oh no, the poor men. How will they survive if you don't defend them in a female imageboard?

No. 1694484

>Implying single mothers aren't enough
>Implying lesbian mothers wouldn't be enough
>Implying that a father is somehow completely necessary to development
>Implying no amount of resources, love, community, or mutual aid could ever replace a father
>Implying that an abusive father is better than no father
NTAYRT but you sound like you've been duped into buying into conservative "traditionalist" beliefs, and it's embarrassing.

No. 1694486

those dirty ass shoes on that white carpet. Stupid scrote. distusting

No. 1694487

Truly kek. Like please ignore it being a response to seething about women being responsible for moids retard violent actions and used as an excuse why they are loses or haven’t achieved what they deludedly believe they are entitled to. Nooo can’t have women saying men are unnecessary nooo.

No. 1694492

Men need to convince women they are necessary even on basket weaving sites because they chympout at the loss of another chance to coom peddle while actively despising mothers and women for not throwing themselves at them.

No. 1694500

>Implying that an abusive father is…
None of those post said or implied that, nona. I'm sorry your shit dad abused you. Have you tried therapy?

No. 1694502

File: 1667655009950.png (116.28 KB, 601x508, FS4hjFeWYAEh7YR.png)

Can't tell if pickme or moid.

No. 1694510

They are just repeating movie tropes,

No. 1694511

Nice derail, retard.

No. 1694529

Looks like any other gay man, idk what he’s talking about.

No. 1694538

File: 1667658231201.png (2.04 MB, 2409x1295, 8147F96B-72AD-4F59-82C4-3FBD75…)

This ugly fuck is trying to be relevant again. I’m starting to think he has a humiliation fetish on top of a breast fetish. Why should we care about a man being verbally bullied in the military when women are raped and assaulted in it every day? When I see this man, all I can think about is how unhappy his daughter looked in that youtube video he was in. I’m sorry for linking the daily mail, but I guess it’s fitting since they’re both trashy.

No. 1694539

File: 1667658367209.jpeg (700.72 KB, 1284x809, 407BDE06-6341-43C1-94F7-A9E36F…)

Here’s the picture with his daughter. I can’t imagine how insulted and betrayed I would feel if that was my dad. She looks like she’s holding back pain. I remember their entire house was filled with merchandise and art depicting enormous breasts in coomery styles, it’s disgusting how much that’s the focus of his life.

No. 1694543

he needs more money for bullshit

No. 1694544

the way he keeps his home should signal abuse, the state should intervene

No. 1694545

army needs to disqualify autists

No. 1694553

IL is ground zero for troon shit, all stemming from the pritzker family money. it's where abbivie is headquartered. if he attempts a presidential run, it will be either extremely bleak or blow his family business open like the sacklers.

No. 1694555

sabotage him

No. 1694557

"tech career" bro you had to start your own company to be employed after you nuked yourself at google because you wouldn't stop shoving your nasty troon sex life in everyone's face.

No. 1694563

*Men not people

No. 1694608

big boobs=femininity

No. 1694618

No. 1694620

yes wearing pants makes you a man rolls eyes

No. 1694622

File: 1667663985005.png (266.52 KB, 740x645, ttranny.png)

yup never happens

No. 1694648

This is why I hate the word 'womanface' because no matter the real point it makes - troons will always make it seem like we're just gatekeeping makeup, hairstyles etc. and equating that with what makes us women.

I honestly wish we could just let makeup become an exclusively tranny (male) thing.

No. 1694649

I've seen this creep in so many news stories now and it's always that ridiculous filter photo they use. Has anyone found other pictures of him? How did he manage to go unnoticed?

No. 1694652

right?!! they're either so brainwashed or so afraid to be dogpiled by the mob for daring to criticize something that exists solely for the purpose of humiliating and demeaning women. it's so depressing

No. 1694665

>seeing an intimate birthmark as proof that he's slept with you
wtf that's literally just the plot of the tragic Shakespearean play Cymbeline

No. 1694672

This headline says he "duped" staff which implies lying about being trans, but he was staying in the unit for trans women and lying about not having a violent criminal record. I have no doubt he decided to shack up at a refuge where children are allowed for perverted reasons though.


No. 1694674

Me too. I feel the same way about that beauty pageant thing. Who cares if men want to torture themselves with beauty standards they helped perpetuate? I sure don’t. They don’t get that the “womanface” thing isn’t about wearing makeup or certain clothes, it’s more about the invasion of our spaces, like this one >>1694622 or like with support groups that pertain only to disorders the female body can have, or stealing spots women athletes rely on for scholarships, etc. It’s not a fun haha game for us. It took centuries for women to get anything we have today. The invasion and colonization is what’s maddening, because it strips those rights away from us and puts us back at square one. No one cares what you’re wearing or about makeup, any of that. Ultimately it comes down to rights and health and safety.

No. 1694676

File: 1667670104730.png (21.56 KB, 646x92, Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 17.40…)

also sorry for samefagging but someone give this 10 year old girl a medal and a puppy please

No. 1694678


Using the incorrect pronouns for a male, rapist pedophile makes me want to a-log. I'm going to start working as an editor so I can make corrections.

No. 1694681

They always care more about that than the actual victims.

No. 1694685

The garden was a shared area for the women/kids/troon pedo. Suffice it to say, every kid has had to be interviewed.

No. 1694692

based lesbians

No. 1694701

My organization posted on its website a list of “four of the most inspiring women who work here.” One of them is a middle aged male exec who abandoned his wife and kids to troon out. As though there weren’t any true and honest women more deserving of that spot than an AGP going through a midlife crisis kek

No. 1694703

Imagine being so morally bankrupt, you handwave concerns over women being asphyxiated! What the fuck?! But misgendering is literal violence? Fuck this timeline. Fuck this depraved asshole

No. 1694709

Can you submit an anonymous complaint? Even better if you're able to find his secret trans coom accounts on reddit/twitter/facebook that he for sure has and can use it to show his degenerate ways. Don't stay silent on women losing out on being recognized just to be replaced by a man

No. 1694711

this is at the very least indirect child abuse.

No. 1694719

hey nonnie, you don't have to put anything in the name field. just put "sage" in the email field if you don't have milk and nothing if you do

No. 1694720

File: 1667675585919.jpg (971.34 KB, 1080x2845, mtf1.jpg)

No. 1694724

File: 1667675685874.jpg (199.8 KB, 1080x1250, mtf2.jpg)

No. 1694725

>being seen as a trans woman makes me not feel like a woman
hm i wonder why

No. 1694726

>it made me want to die
>this is starting to get to me
>I don't think I can handle this
Shut the fuck up, Lily.

No. 1694736

kek Lily was my first thought too. Sorry to any nonas named Lily since they all seem to flock to that one. It’s a nice name when it’s not one a TiM picked out.

No. 1694737


that "some reason" is probably autism

No. 1694739

File: 1667676963763.jpeg (31.24 KB, 620x372, Katie-Dolatowski.jpeg)

Found this one of him running from the court kek

No. 1694743

Video of 6' 5" trans paedophile "Katie" Delatowski running from court.

No. 1694745

So genuinely fucking glad I’ve never seen a troid w my very specific Slavic Feminine Name kek I also am sad for any nonnas w names troons like to steal.

No. 1694751

i have seen a couple of troons with my name, but not enough that i think it's considered a "troon name" yet. i hope it never comes to that.

No. 1694764

File: 1667679113933.jpg (619.71 KB, 720x1069, 1667678795885.jpg)

Because hair=gender

No. 1694768

Why the fuck was he let into a women’s shelter to begin with? Inclusivity purposes? I know they didn’t think this person was actually female. I’m sorry but it’s enraging to think about women and children in crisis having to exist around male humans when 99.999999% of the time the crises they are in are due to males. Why do these shelters pander so much to male feelings? They should be staunchly about protecting the vulnerable people they were made for, otherwise this will happen again and again. I remember seeing a pic of one TiM who was bragging about staying in a women’s shelter and exposing himself to them. I wish I could find it. If they really are having their own crises they can set up their own shelters like women did. No one who have been abused by men should have to endure the fear and loss of dignity that comes with these predators sneaking into these spaces.

No. 1694770

Do they think men can’t have long hair? Why are they obsessed with gender roles and stereotypes?

No. 1694778

File: 1667680149842.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 31.15 KB, 510x680, tyler-porter-naked-selfie.jpeg)

Think you're talking about Tyler Porter (picrel of his gross selfie) but there were a couple of other similar cases too, one leading to rape - Shane Jacob Green. It absolutely baffles me how far organisations whose sole purpose it is is to protect women and girls from predators, to allow males into those spaces. Any female-only spaces are now shut down. Truly unreal times.

No. 1694781

File: 1667680565941.jpeg (220.99 KB, 1080x1777, DB85C785-6055-41F4-AC42-2A42EE…)

Yeah, this is the one. Thanks for finding him.

No. 1694783

lmao i have months lurking these threads and yet i've never seen a troon with my name or it's variants, even when its fairly common in europe and where i live, but not in brainrotten america/canada

No. 1694789

shirt hiding fridge body

No. 1694810

I pray neither of your names become known troon names, darling nonushkas. God I loathe them so much it’s hard not to a-log every damn day kek

No. 1694813

I was thinking about how little sense the whole "A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman" thing makes from a TRA perspective. Even for them if a little girl identifies as a woman it's not like they say "Okay, here's some smokes, a driver's license and a beer, have fun!" They are able to clearly delineate she is not physically a woman. She gets denied the privileges of a woman.

This is even though there is way more mental and physical overlap between a 15 year old girl and an 18 year woman than there is between either of them and a male. This is even though the arguments for variance in rates of aging and maturity are way more concrete than the argument for a sex spectrum.

No. 1694838

because misogynists think that woman = lesser man. so when a morally and physically defective male claims to be a woman, everyone goes “oh, well, that makes sense”. gender is a hierarchy and women are at the bottom, so any male who fails hard enough in life can get demoted to woman if he wants, apparently. at least that’s the logic behind transmaxxing, if you can call it logic.

No. 1694846

File: 1667687604463.jpg (318.49 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20221105-182719_Chr…)

>Am I a lesbian if I only like men?

No. 1694857

>I am scared of women but I am a lesbian.
Do troons really…?

No. 1694868

File: 1667689687364.jpg (1.17 MB, 1125x1736, 1667636919862270.jpg)

No. 1694869

File: 1667689708520.jpg (358.68 KB, 1080x1595, 1667637311245865.jpg)

No. 1694871

They all have disgusting unkept backgrounds.

No. 1694873

File: 1667689820530.jpg (1.05 MB, 2320x3088, 1667639177368925.jpg)

No. 1694874

File: 1667689878672.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1920, 1667640070439851.jpg)

No. 1694876

File: 1667689996574.jpg (543.25 KB, 2448x3264, 1667640138910081.jpg)

No. 1694877

File: 1667690021106.jpg (535.84 KB, 1912x2048, 1667640425836281.jpg)

No. 1694883

this one hurts

No. 1694884

i cant imagine what his daughter must be thinking. this tranny had a whole docu style episode or video about him, and i could barely stomach it. his daughter has to see him making a masquerade of her sex, and if not out loud, proclaim that all she is is a fetish and skinsuit to walk in. i hope this guy gets dick cancer on god. sage for sperging

No. 1694890

I know they’re literally all men in dresses as it were but this type is legit just a straight up man man man man wearing a dress and it’s fucking ridiculous. His scraggly chin pube situation makes me SICK. Sorry 4 sperg I just. Ugh.

No. 1694900

File: 1667691293985.jpg (135.82 KB, 885x1453, 20221105_183157.jpg)

No. 1694902

this is very close to where I live and I am resisting the immense desire to a-log right now, that poor child

No. 1694904

absolutely coping seething dilating malding at the fact that even the butchest woman is, at the end of the day, a woman, something himdia will never be

No. 1694905

How is this an own, it literally just peaks people and makes them hate you more, thus ruining the reputation of your own movement even further.

No. 1694908

File: 1667691556644.png (199.54 KB, 1013x1004, notallcislesbians01.png)

No. 1694909

I don’t know. It’s the ultimate display of misogyny. I could never trust a man like that if he was my father, it shows how little he thinks of women and men like that should be left to rot alone with their cum stains.

No. 1694910

not all men is about the rape apes that walk among us trying to gaslight us into accepting them as broken helpless moids. i want to a log so bad right now but the likelihood of this moid's suicide is bringing me inner peace kek. theyre all loser rapist incels

No. 1694911

willoughbOy being retarded, homophobic and sexist all in one

No. 1694912

She isn’t looking like a man though, India. Clothes and hair do not a man make. They’re so stuck on this aren’t they?

No. 1694914

File: 1667691773985.jpeg (70.55 KB, 615x356, 56BC7FFE-66F8-436D-9850-188DCD…)

holy shit i actually saw him on botched the other day, his wife is heavily heavily disabled too, this dude is such an awful creep openly preying on vulnerable family members but its cute and quirky because he’s a man, what an absolute horrorcow (will embed botched clip in next post)

No. 1694915

No. 1694917

The “queer equivalent” of “not all men” is literally “not all men”. They continue to spout the same shit they did when they weren’t claiming to be women. Every time a TiM predator comes up they’re spewing that crap.

No. 1694919

Omg I feel so so so bad for his wife. I hope at some point she and her daughter can get free.

No. 1694921

anyone got an archive link for this? i think he deleted it

No. 1694922

File: 1667692571295.jpeg (67.27 KB, 640x854, 0854B40C-4C37-4045-9A91-62A92E…)

KEK THIS IS WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE. bro looks like the men from “not all men”. if i saw him walking down my path id hold my breath and cross the street jfc

No. 1694925

This is one of the most tranny pandering subreddits that isn't explicitly for trans people and it still isn't good enough. They love threatening handmaidens by accusing them of not doing enough.

No. 1694926

So he admits it? Transition is just stereotypes?

No. 1694932

moids hate butches so much it's hilarious. They hate butches more than femmes because even the most stone butch dyke is unquestionably a woman.

No. 1694954

Hmm maybe I should start dressing as a billionaire if all it takes is some clothes and a haircut to turn you into someone else.

No. 1694959

The most stone butch dyke will always be more attractive and better in bed too. Moids stay losing.

No. 1694961

can you elaborate? I thought Muslims just murder apostates

No. 1694964

File: 1667697368128.jpg (72.56 KB, 720x674, FF4U_rvXIAIJ763.jpg)

>anyone got an archive link for this? i think he deleted it
I searched everywhere for it, even Google and Bing cache, and couldn't find it. Here's another banger he's since deleted.

No. 1694973

File: 1667699717765.jpeg (74.8 KB, 590x870, Will Oh Boy.jpeg)

Arghh! how can more people not see how homophobic this is?
If he said this without the makeup, surgery, dress etc. (picrel) it would be seen as horribly offensive by most.

No. 1694979

File: 1667700095590.jpeg (835.28 KB, 750x1376, 6738BB99-2B6C-4E06-A9F3-18711F…)

i just saw this on tumblr, wtf.

No. 1694989

there’s no such thing as socially transitioning. transition is an awful category of body modifications at best, and self-harm at worst.

No. 1694991

if this was my dad, i would change my name and flee to another country where he can never find me.

No. 1694992


No. 1695034

File: 1667706900987.png (148.77 KB, 2046x1360, cisfemalebetrayal.png)

I guess the catty gay trannies only show up on trans reddit on the weekends kek:

No. 1695039

>expected me to hold the door open for her
common decency. does he think women don't open doors?
>or lift heavy stuff
because you're stronger than her and its common decency

No. 1695050

Honestly half the population of burgerland/the West is fucked because of the lack of passable male role models. The likelihood of partaking in dangerous activities, joining gangs, and getting groomed by trannies or provocators who radicalise them online only increases when they can't get that dopamine hit that comes from the fatherly validation they crave. Women are also a lot more likely to be the target of abuse in their sexual relationships. And statistically both are more likely to be the victims of childhood trauma. I don't have a solution though because it's not like it's our fault a moid suddenly starts being abusive or troons out the moment he gets her pregnant. Obviously removing yourself and a child from that kind of situation is more beneficial than staying for muh shitty father figure.

No. 1695064

who in their right mind would want to steal a troon’s man after said troon gave him who knows what std? men are gross and decease ridden in general, but especially the chasers. thanks for the helpful list of ‘micro aggressions’, though. i’ll try those on the next troon i meet.

No. 1695091

Timmy Turner didn't age so well I see.

No. 1695098


No. 1695108

File: 1667716088248.jpeg (597.55 KB, 1170x1706, AC20FC5E-1C81-43DA-8E7C-E9EA70…)

Two troons arguing about abortion on Twitter. One is some porn riddled creep and the other, well, the way he talks about wanting to get a uterus is highly concerning. I don’t know which one scares me more. One would definitely rape me, but the other would want to harvest my organs.

No. 1695115

They’re all deranged but they’ll never get it nona dw, reality will continue to shit on them as it should

No. 1695119

i rather see this fag staying w his deranged comrades instead of going to lesbian spaces. sucks that he still steal this word tho

No. 1695126

Shut the fuck up polmoid. 99% of trannies are coomers who only give a shit about their dicks. It has nothing to do with lacking father figures. I’m tired of moids trying to astroturf for male role models like they’re actually necessary. Moids will act like chimps regardless of idolizing other men. In fact often times the idolize men who encourage their chimp behavior.
You’ll never create a demand for your useless ass, failmale.

No. 1695127

>She looks like she's holding back pain
Not as much back pain as him

No. 1695139

theyre so misogynistic its fucking insane. they think the crux of womanhood is perfectly shown in movies and tv shows, its their woman bible. i pray these faggots realize women are fully fledges actualized adults and not larping or a shell of a stereotype to feel alive, unlike troons. why is it that every woman is suddenly catty to them? theyre literally more likely to be diagnosed w npd. leave normal women alone

No. 1695145

Are you actually retarded? You think boys seeing real-life examples of men who are aware of their male instincts, punish other men for succumbing to them, and find a way to be productive in society and reduce the amount of harm they do does nothing for anyone?

No. 1695152

can you guys shut the fuck up already? this conversation got old days ago, nobody cares, you are not changing hearts and minds on lolcow and you guys are probably the same 2 or 3 anons sperging at each other from the other day, make a little group chat or something

No. 1695154

Trained animals aren’t morally superior to human beings (women) who don’t have violent monkey urges in the fist place. The only thing “father figures” do to stave male depravity is putting the fear of punishment or deprivation in them. Males are not inspired to act right by seeing good examples of other men. They are majority selfish hedonists who will only act right if they are afraid of the consequences of acting wrong. They always do what they think they can get away with. There’s nothing deeper or more complex about it. Stop assigning males emotional complexity where there is none.

No. 1695165

hilarious but also gross, assuming the troon even slept with the moid to begin with.

What got me was the troon saying they spent "hours of their time" talking about the agonies of their transition. God, could you imagine? That's enough to induce a TBI, but trannies are narcs and can't resist talking about themselves at every opportunity.

What a pathetic life handmaidens live, if they actually sit around and listen to this instead of doing literally anything else.

No. 1695167

Nah <3

Keep patronising though, that'll definitely make them stop

No. 1695175

Can you stop derailing too?

No. 1695177

I wheeze laughed like an old man at this oh my god

No. 1695182

File: 1667734630812.jpg (20.75 KB, 250x282, IMG-20221022-WA0007.jpg)

It was more fun when these threads weren't insane lesbian radfems vs tradthots containment spaces

No. 1695184

Shitty meme, shitty post

No. 1695188

No. 1695200

Nona where is this from?? He looks exactly like a moid I know and I'm Worried

No. 1695202

File: 1667738211382.jpeg (92.11 KB, 1069x800, 8C7148AF-86D8-42D9-B64F-330EAD…)

they only call you a woman to either make money off of your delusions or to avoid you chimping out like the male you are.

No. 1695205

File: 1667738877219.jpg (106.55 KB, 640x670, 76ac5fb531102cba9de6f4305164a1…)

I remember a post about TiM trannies being the ultimate consumer, I tend to agree.

They have the purchasing power of men in typically high-paying tech roles, the lifetime of "gender-affirming" purchases like lipstick and spinny skirts and medical problems they'll need paid revisions and pills for.

No. 1695206

annnd I hit enter before finishing my point; that's another reason people are willing to maintain the tranny cope. Financial incentive is one of many cogs that keep up the lie.

Aware of how tinfoil I sound but we're in a clown world where walking gay jumpscares like Mulvaney think they're an authority on womanhood

No. 1695208

they are the biggest consoomers of all in that their identities are purely purchased and that in order to keep up with appearances they have to keep spending money. i would love to see any of the ones who claim to be commies actually spend a few years in a communist society and see how that goes.

No. 1695210

File: 1667739827982.jpg (122.76 KB, 1080x503, Screenshot_20221106-074140_Chr…)

Stupid take from one of Colin's irl friends. He's getting called out right now after accusing women of constantly groping him. I can't be bothered. Here's the link in case he deletes:

No. 1695219

>I'm a woman because I say I'm a woman
>you can't say you have no gender that's a lie!!!!!

No. 1695231

File: 1667742906790.png (207.46 KB, 744x890, Screenshot.png)

This is scary I hope the employers can tell that they are men and not hire them anyways.

No. 1695233

>your mannerisms says you're a man
>your sex says you're man
>the fact that you need surgery to fix your face and get an axewound says that you're a man
>the fact that that your own family needs to lie to you says that you're a man

No. 1695240

Agree. I want to laugh at trooncel sob stories and gawk at rotpockets, not scroll over text posts that won't convince anybody. The one thing radfems and tradthots can agree on is that troons are not women so you'd think they'd get along here.

(Repost for wrong reply.)

No. 1695245

It's like witness protection for perverts, criminals, and creeps.

No. 1695249

File: 1667744609682.jpg (51.42 KB, 640x854, 1wufmhfv0lv51.jpg)

Women from that sub should just take over the women only porn subreddits (because lets be real there's no more normal subreddits that women only), that way no tranny can come gaslight them there.

No. 1695261

File: 1667745846236.jpg (117.28 KB, 1080x1053, Fg4qNmkX0AIWDhe.jpg)

Troon has a meltdown over pussy posts in lesbian thread part 1

No. 1695262

File: 1667745880052.jpg (173.5 KB, 621x1200, Fg4qP48WAAAwQPq.jpg)

Part 2

No. 1695263

File: 1667745991433.jpg (105.95 KB, 304x1200, Fg4qP5cXgAA-x3F.jpg)

Part 3

No. 1695265

found the troon

No. 1695269

File: 1667746399152.png (853.11 KB, 2314x724, not a fetish.png)

same guy

No. 1695271

>there are people who don't like thinking about genitalia outside of sexual contexts
>we should only talk about vaginas and vulvas if they are posted in a sexual context and I'm personally offended if I scroll and see something I don't like
The coom is more important than acknowledging biological as a matter of
fact, function, and necessity. How (not) surprising.

No. 1695276

File: 1667747015092.jpeg (71.14 KB, 750x562, 462C39BF-6F7A-4B1D-A87A-A99A00…)


No. 1695280

what the fuck is wrong with his ear

No. 1695283

more like this is the day i try to fuck the favela king and end up like a strainer

No. 1695284

>wah wah wahhhhh my male feewings!!!
Shut the fuck up and get your nasty deflated peepee out of my face and the world while you’re at it UGH these screenshots just exhausted me.

No. 1695285

File: 1667747708678.png (8.87 MB, 1125x2436, 793002AF-CEB1-4418-88CE-C5F6FC…)

“Challenge for the queer community stop revolving your identity around hating men
1) it makes transmasculine people feel weird
2) it makes people attracted to men feel weird
3) (and this is the biggest one) it makes men feel like they are incapable of change “
Bout to a-log nonnies

No. 1695286

"Stop hating your oppressors, it hurts their fee-fees!!!"

No. 1695288

"Transmasc" means TIF.

No. 1695289

File: 1667748191821.jpg (219.66 KB, 1080x1997, FgzPR_uX0AIU3e5.jpg)

No. 1695290

File: 1667748311717.jpg (226.83 KB, 1074x2048, FgzPSc1XEAAuj4s.jpg)

No. 1695292

File: 1667748442912.jpg (253.24 KB, 1080x1934, FgzPS5QWAAs6SAt.jpg)

No. 1695293

Lmfao implying women don't know about their own anatomy just because men don't. We are very aware that our "front hole" is not a cloaca, thank you

No. 1695294

>Sex ed has failed many women so lesbians won't know the difference
How do they not realize that even most straight women have stuck their fingers inside themselves at one point or another and could absolutely tell you what the inside of a vagina feels like? These men think everything is sexual, but somehow they can't fathom female self-exploration resulting in more than just ambiguous sexual pleasure from nothing in particular? Also kek at that one TIM subtly admitting he had never had sex with a woman by claiming men couldn't feel the specific texture of vaginal walls with their dicks.

No. 1695296

File: 1667749217152.jpg (167.8 KB, 1080x1433, Fg49hRMWIAICbMf.jpg)

This moid is on a QUEST for those vaginal ridges good lord

No. 1695298

>seeing my unaroused vagina during sex
Wtf do they think the vagina is? The labia? How could someone possibly see your vagina without tools

No. 1695299

the funniest thing is that they're so blatantly male. no amount of estrogen or 'studying femaleness' will ever not out them by way of their testerical behavior. he goes on to type an absolute essay in each comment much like any moid would because how dare an actual woman be correct and not me??? and he keeps going thinking others will agree yet digs deeper into his grave. its comical

No. 1695301

love that these pervert pornaddicted moids can claim brave and stunnery to act depraved and get away with it

No. 1695302

That’s exactly what they think, nonette kek they have absolutely no idea what actual female anatomy is and they tell on themselves with every single one of these turbo retard coomer takes.

No. 1695303

Skimmed through this and the 10 year old girl he tried to molest punched him and ran away before he could do anything.

No. 1695307

Lily was one of the most popular baby girl names in the mid to late 2000s, so it’s a common teen girl name (at least in the UK). It really is the most common name troons choose and it makes me want to unironically change my name

No. 1695308

File: 1667750278316.jpeg (842.58 KB, 1284x1438, 746B7EF8-B78B-4860-B070-AA04C2…)

I had to go look at his profile and I swear most of his posts in AL are about this same stupid topic. Man has issues. Who would have guessed lesbians like to make jokes about and talk about vaginas and vulvas. It’s not like it’s already such a taboo topic everywhere else, heaven forbid they want to discuss it in their own fucking spaces.

No. 1695309

I didn't know it was possible to be even more of a complete failure than a pedophile. Being a pedophile tranny who lost a fight with a literal 10-year-old girl must be a brand new record for how low a human can go.
I'm pretty sure that particular choice in name is because of the lily = lesbianism connection in Japanese media, but now that you mention it, I have noticed these pedophiles tend to go for names that are currently associated with teenage girls.

No. 1695310

Obviously male discomfort is more important than female safety and solidarity. TiFs are always so ready to throw other women under the bus.

No. 1695311

The obsessing over this is almost hilarious. We give them dysphoria just because we having vaginal rugae what the hell lol.

No. 1695312

>Wah wah women complain about unsolicited sexual advances from men they're so unfair
>B-but women are talking about pussy in a space devoted to female homosexuality! It's exactly the same as male unsolicited depravity, if not worse!
I wish this entitled moidchild a very pleasant 41%.

No. 1695314

>im sick of all the fucking pussy posting in this sub
Then leave. Didn’t realize the sub was supposed to cater to one delusional manchild.

No. 1695323

File: 1667752275143.jpg (281.41 KB, 685x2048, FgPatqoXwAEg9X4.jpg)

No. 1695327

File: 1667752378780.png (587.79 KB, 600x912, stacycay-literallyabikinimodel…)

From the linebacker collection

No. 1695328

Someone come get their schizo grandpa

No. 1695331

Always with the careful angling of his torso to try and hide the utter maleness of it kek

No. 1695333

>The reason for the hypersexualization of a transgender person is because more than likely they have the genitalia of a male, restricting access to the full experience of being female, classifying it as perversion, instead of the purity she has undergoing the transsexual process
>This is spiritual prejudice.
>We recently became attuned to this term, we call it the Divine Feminine.
They hate on people calling them cult-like, but then say shit like this.

No. 1695342

File: 1667754510128.png (273.97 KB, 828x1792, 55830995-DE32-4BB7-AADE-A977F1…)

i can promise no one has grabbed his moobs before this is insane

No. 1695343

20k likes for blatant lies

No. 1695359

ok??? i regret missing out in high school too. it's a pretty common thing.

No. 1695365

>"You rejected me? You're a bitch!"
>"A women doesn't want to have sex with me? She doesn't see me as a human!"
I can smell the male-pattern baldness through the fucking screen

No. 1695382

They want this to be the narrative so badly, kek. And tens of thousands of people can't see how clearly this is a fetish for them? Bleak

No. 1695383

WHO are the real women supposedly assaulting these agp men? theyre delulu

No. 1695394

File: 1667760886141.jpg (72.27 KB, 735x588, hzxXBwn.jpg)

this was on twoxchromosomes on reddit.
ironic because troons are the ones oppressing women. they always want to project and blame "terfs", when (radical) feminists have been fighting for women's rights the most.

No. 1695398

File: 1667761055800.jpg (37.26 KB, 741x315, oIJOgck.jpg)

samefag, i guess it's true, the next tranny takeover is on witchesvspatriarchy. they piss on everything that is meant for women.
>planned parenthood provides both abortions and gender affirming care under a shared mission of reclaiming our bodies from patriarchal control
you're both men.

No. 1695408

Wdym by next? I basically their subreddit now

No. 1695411

Someone post the pic of him next to the woman he did the comedy routine with kek

No. 1695433

no women does this wtf

No. 1695442

face looks so male even with sunglasses lmfao

No. 1695448

File: 1667765033942.jpg (123.96 KB, 518x1200, FfSI7m9XkAAZ38C.jpg)

What a disgusting, tonedeaf, awful thing to fucking type out on a forum, these moids are so gross I cannot even begin to describe it.. this makes me want to alog!! Not a gram of empathy for those victims, just thinking about themselves in every single second of their lives

No. 1695455

>gay people are weird, but lesbians are cool
that’s called being a lesbian fetishist and a homophobic piece of shit.
>i don’t have dysphoria, i’m ok with being male, i just want to crossdress and be a creep without getting called out for being a creep.
textbook agp.

No. 1695459

i suppose it's too much to ask for this scrote to be ripped to shreds in the comment section if not physically.

I dont know how they typed that diatribe on reddit and didn't realise what a fucking mongoloid they are

i want to a-log so bad.

No. 1695461

so his reaction to finding out his friend was raped was "how do i make this about me?"

No. 1695465

This is it. I have to take a break from the threads or I’m gonna a-log so hard

No. 1695483

I hate republicans and am not trying to alog about roe but it’s going to be so satisfying seeing the pushback on troon shit that comes with these midterms

No. 1695484

I think there is something seriously, fundamentally wrong with males.

No. 1695604

>fucking men who fuck troons
This "friend" needs to have more self respect.

No. 1695611

ba-dum, tss!

No. 1695644

File: 1667790170587.jpeg (95.47 KB, 750x648, B372C357-DE2C-48F7-A868-966D27…)

No. 1695647

That's when you laugh in their face and walk away. Don't even engage.

No. 1695648

>I’ve tried this multiple times
Sure you have
>it always works
This must be a new fantasy kek. I don’t feel like any woman is going to engage with that. Plus, we don’t need to prove it. Cope, seethe, dilate etc.

No. 1695655

What point exactly is he making here? The Yellow Wallpaper was about the intersection of misogyny and ableism that basically said "if a woman is acting up (not being a docile bangmaid), lock her up" and "depression isn't real," and the real consequences of hiding women away like dirty secrets when they act like humans instead of Stepford wives. Saying "mentally ill people should get treatment for being mentally ill" isn't comparable to that at all, because it communicates a desire to help the people with mental health issues, rather than just punishing them or hiding them away out of shame.
It seems like he thinks that recieving the care that would actually benefit him and bring him back to baseline is "oppressive" because it doesn't affirm his delusions or fantasies. I've seen this mindset before in people with bipolar, BPD, or schizophrenia–they think that treatment is oppressive because, to them, their feelings and understanding of the world are 100% logical and fair, and they're being told that their thoughts and feelings are genuinely crazy and harmful. Of course, the thoughts and feelings being addressed are crazy and harmful (there would be no point in treating delusional people's delusions if they didn't result in harm to themselves or others), but they believe they're neither of those things, so it just feels like hate and unfair judgement to them.

No. 1695689

File: 1667796466229.jpg (357.02 KB, 1080x2049, IMG_20221107_014539.jpg)

>smiling male
even an AI can clock trannies lmao

No. 1695712

>Ethan Klein

No. 1695725

File: 1667800147391.gif (1.39 MB, 500x300, 1667783824320205.gif)

No. 1695769

File: 1667807334212.jpg (15.62 KB, 1200x600, felicidad.jpg)

I love how obvious it is that any of the "woman" parts of the AI's analysis come from extremely stereotypical imagery that isn't true to life like picrel, and everything else clocks him as a man. If you took away the pink shit, the AI would just call him a man.

No. 1695784

File: 1667810931482.png (1.98 MB, 805x973, Screenshot_20221107-024138.png)

Anyone else remember these two troons, Miss London and Ella Grant? The used to hang around Blaire White about 4 years ago. They both basically got out of their internet presence in the past year. Miss London's testosterone is really kicking in and it's showing. He's looking even more obviously male, the long hair is doing nothing. Ella is going through the same, but hiding it with layers of clothing and makeup.

No. 1695789

Unlike troons I don't have a meltdown if someone "misgenders" me, it doesn't ruin my day, I am unbothered, now shoo male go chop some wood

No. 1695797

File: 1667812418434.png (109.88 KB, 1196x650, sam.png)

Some perpetually partying and drunk/high women could do that, they probably love drag queens and see him as one. With that said it's really gross how he's trying to make it out like "actually women are the ones sexually harassing us men with boob jobs"

No. 1695799

I think “Ella” actually got a rot pocket kek

No. 1695802

File: 1667813489786.jpg (328.88 KB, 1492x2048, 20221107_042528.jpg)

around 3 years ago this moid who goes by first name Alice (shocker) last name Atlas and who considered himself "stealth" (lol) sent me his estrogen penis after we became friendly over communist stuff. sorry if this is blogging but idec anymore, there are so many tranny menaces alongside the typical male bullshit in leftist spaces, they need to be exposed

No. 1695803

"El-la" was one of the most arrogant troons ever. Especially in his hard RW phase. He thought he was so "great 'n hot" just by being a poor, ugly and male draggy imitation of old hollywood dames, and speaking against dating trans men, cis women, and his other stupid deleted vids. The pompous haughtiness was just oozing out of his demeanour.

Now he's a "soft" right-winger, still very jealous against cis women and has hooked up to become transbians with another who calls himself Theryn, is an MRA but wants to still be in the class of "woman". Ironic. Still low-key arrogant, but "El-la" has twink death in his face now, and after shaving his jaw, just looks more male and incel-y soy now.

No. 1695806

File: 1667814048305.png (191.42 KB, 794x874, unhinged.png)

Anyone remember the unhinged troon who chimped out on the supposed terf putting stickers up in the workplace bathroom? Here he is going on a rant about eradicating old people. How is this man real? He is a danger to society

No. 1695807

File: 1667814144885.png (76.87 KB, 788x350, uwow.png)

Does the age gap really surprise anyone? I feel bad if their partner is an an actual woman having to put up with this. She must be insane too

No. 1695808

>theyby girlfriend with an unsavory 10 year age gap
Checks out. God I hate them. 21 year old women should stay far away from men 30+

No. 1695812

How do even the nastiest rapey, violent trannies have pickme women willing to date them?! Has she not seen his posts on wanting to take revenge on the terf in his workplace, possibly hatefucking aka raping her out of anger, his crazy agp-addled posts?

Why do gen z girls not use their heads and always automatically assume that femme men or trannies are "safe" and "nicer" males? How is it so easy for young women to be pickmes even for troons?

No. 1695826

File: 1667816394802.jpg (161.25 KB, 1080x694, Screenshot_20221107-051638_Boo…)

>lesbians are nonmen loving nonmen
says the transbian

No. 1695835

Final stage inceldom. Transition and accuse women of sexually assaulting and harassing you.

No. 1695853

This "gotcha" makes no sense because "terfs" don't even believe gender exists in the first place. I have also never once seen a terf give one fuck about being called a man. They try so hard to get under our skin and it never works because our factual reality of being female doesn't depend on the perception of others.
Just a reminder that this guy is pre-op everything so there is literally nothing that differentiates him from the average man besides a costume. Being this genuinely delusional has to be a form of mental illness.

No. 1695869


sage for blogpost but I've seen some absolute savagery from the next gen and while I've been working and this meme unlocked a memory. Overheard something very similar to this last year, maybe the tranny menace wasn't quite as pronounced? I've only just recently began paying attention (because they make it almost impossible to ignore them now). I heard an actual "It's ma'am," - they all were late teens, early 20s at MOST (I'm bad at telling ages on sight) anyway.

This moid in a bowling alley with the least flattering a-line dress who I am only now is clocking was likely a "girlmoding" while looking like a box on legs. The TiM kept trying to talk to the girls who were having some kind of birthday party or some shit, it was just as restrictions locally had lifted to allow small congregations and the first few parties were happening so the last thing they wanted was some weird man trying to chat them up. I kept seeing him walk over and he's obviously not in their party so it was weird all around.

Moid spoke like a mumbly autist so I couldn't make out much of what he was saying but every so often there was a shrill "Okay sideburns," or "Okay Adam's apple", "Okay creep," tier remark where the short one of the group basically kept aggressively shutting him down while listing an ugly trait/insult and saying "We're busy, can you go?" louder and louder. Presumably to get the attention of staff who managed to shuffle the autist away and encourage him to quite literally stay in his lane. I wondered why they didn't outright kick him out at the time.

Looking back, I don't think they sussed it was a troon/uwu innocent "I just want to pee/live my trueself!" tranny, as much as they thought it was just some weirdo male with boundary issues and were quite literally trying to bully him away from them. The alley was probably just trying to keep the peace. I quit the job shortly after and went to a back-office one where I don't have to suffer the general public.

So re: picrel - you could just probably respond similarly and watch the utter seethe as you dismiss them and remind them why they're irrefutably male.

"Prove you're a woman, terf."
"Whatever, manhands."

No. 1695877

>This "gotcha" makes no sense because "terfs" don't even believe gender exists in the first place
They call everyone they hate terf, it was probably some older lady who has a normal life away from the online troons and thinks the world isn't insane enough to think women/men are exactly the same

>"Okay sideburns," or "Okay Adam's apple", "Okay creep,"
Based kek. They're obsessed with their transness so they don't understand that normal people aren't obsessed with having strangers "validating their gender". Women don't need or crave the approval of troons the way they do from us.

No. 1695909

An actual woman can take on any aesthetic she wants because she’s..an actual woman. Troons try so hard to emulate what is effortless because it’s biological reality. Even these so called high femme unclockable troons will never be satisfied because deep in their hearts they know the truth, that the butchiest “manliest” woman will pass better than them.

No. 1695912

File: 1667829227991.jpg (104.91 KB, 1200x900, james-byrne-who-had-his-thumb-…)

Is there any situation where they repurpose one organ to function as another that is actually convincing? The closest I can think of is when they replace thumbs with a big toe and even that looks freaky.

No. 1695919

Never once heard the inverse of this used for gay men, probably because “man” is seen as the default person. If they tried to tell gay men that gay means “nonwomen loving nonwomen” they’d be shut down immediately.

No. 1695922

I was gonna say the same. Notice how it all comes down to men being the default/baseline/“true” people and the rest of us are just non men. Fuckkkkkk this gay earthhhhh

No. 1695933

Why are all of their tactics for trolling terfs things that would only work on them? I don’t need to “prove my gender” to some unwashed moid a) I know everyone knows I’m a biological female because of sex pattern recognition and b) I care about people knowing my biological sex so that I can receive appropriate medical care, for instance, not so that random strangers can giving me ~gender-aligned compliments~ or some nonsense like that. If some weird troon wants to tell themselves that I’m a man, I literally could not care less—it’s just one more drop in their delusion bucket.
I think it just goes to show the level of narcissism—they literally can’t empathize with us enough to understand how to insult us.

No. 1695944

omg i know this person via alt lit/weird fb circles. yuck anon i'm sorry that happened to you

No. 1695953

Yes, every time man in kilts I say they're wearing womanface. Dumb fuck. Every time I see a priest I say they're wearing womanface. That's like saying white people who tan are wearing blackface. The lack of critical thinking.

No. 1695957

File: 1667838079595.jpeg (845.6 KB, 828x1320, 647A6049-1BC8-4176-B3F8-4989B9…)

>they are not feminists they are terfs
they really use terf in place of transphobe. like what do you think terf stands for? news to me that you aren’t a real feminist if you don’t prioritise men in your feminism.
they’re in the comments talking about radfem “indoctrination” as if the absolute cope of trannydom isn’t. which side is convincing young people to mutilate their bodies and distance themselves from their family again?

No. 1695970

File: 1667840263562.jpg (941.44 KB, 810x3262, Screenshot_20221107-113901_Chr…)

Why are trans girls so rapey kek

No. 1695971

Because they're incel moids living their fetish 24/7.

No. 1695977

>trans girls
they're men

No. 1695981

I know anon. I was mocking the title of the post.

No. 1695984

>Interacts with more TIMs than the average person
>Finds that they're all predatory
>Asks why so many TIMs are so sexual
>Downvoted into oblivion
>"They literally act the same as cis women"
Cope seethe dilate, but don't forget to gaslight, too.

No. 1695989

>i haven't noticed any difference between trans women and cis women with this
they can't possibly believe this is true

No. 1696005

based deborah

No. 1696006

those slideshows often talk about rape and having to grow up fast in elementary school due to sexualization. is moid validation so important to this queertard that shes happy throwing women under the bus? pathetic

No. 1696008

that person is lucky to have such normal looking toes.

No. 1696076

File: 1667851332417.jpg (Spoiler Image, 254.14 KB, 978x1764, Screenshot_20221107-205850_Red…)

is it ok to laugh at that micro pp or am I going to hell(Self-poster tranny)

No. 1696079

dying at this pic

No. 1696084

Most toes look like that?

No. 1696091

I’m glad you can at least laugh nonna, I’m personally gonna barf if I unspoiler it again kek how grotesque

No. 1696138

these self-harm scars make me think he's underage
sad tbh

No. 1696143

Well, yes they do because they think all women are porn characters and those who aren’t are all but invisible to them. So basically they’re just men lol

No. 1696145

…they’re all manufactured by the big guys, they just use phone cameras so you think it’s amateur.

No. 1696147

>”sissy fairy”
>diminutive “pp”
Self posting tranny who gets off to terfs looking at his genitals.

No. 1696148

File: 1667858374294.jpg (161.13 KB, 630x629, hon.jpg)

No. 1696158

Probably because idk why that was posted here. It's not funny and it seems like a femboy and not a tranny

No. 1696172


Its so easy to clock trannies even in online anonymous spaces. It seems like he didnt even try to sound like a true nona, just like every other self poster ever

No. 1696224

whoever that last reply was I hope she lurks here kek

No. 1696236

File: 1667867482369.png (34 KB, 598x284, Sophie draws comics sur Twitte…)


No. 1696239

File: 1667867534686.jpg (1.54 MB, 2139x2160, FggFjJ7XoAA61Pg.jpg)

No. 1696245

File: 1667867704391.jpg (148.77 KB, 1024x725, 0B20BB09-9ED3-4930-A6A1-387473…)

No. 1696247

autopedos are pedos.

No. 1696250

File: 1667867881927.png (59.66 KB, 500x301, tmang56hc9gx.png)


No. 1696251

This man makes furry p*rn by tracing photos of people’s infants btw

No. 1696253

Trannies are the only group of people that think pretending to be a child is a normal reaction to having had "your childhood stolen from you". It's almost like they're just pedos

No. 1696255

File: 1667868300118.png (66.7 KB, 589x367, hrt1.png)

I hope this is true

No. 1696257

File: 1667868489265.jpeg (387.99 KB, 1242x871, 07C529DA-910F-4A89-84A3-5560EC…)

They don't realize that Dylan is exactly like them

No. 1696258

File: 1667868694110.jpg (159.95 KB, 576x1024, 3789128-d3f29d3085aee2dae5dd56…)


No. 1696269

File: 1667869327111.png (1.13 MB, 929x1041, Day-1-vs-day-225-I-think-the-m…)

No. 1696272

Imagine just being this disgusting and degenerate for everyone to see…the Y chromosome really is defective.

No. 1696275

Of course this white guy tries to speak over the black woman when she expresses concern that there is a man flashing children in the changing room.

No. 1696284

File: 1667870241738.jpeg (307.71 KB, 750x1698, 65E7D794-7677-42A1-A610-87B70C…)

TIL trannies are constantly leaking precum. what a horrible day to be literate.

No. 1696290

File: 1667871105297.jpeg (726.82 KB, 750x1106, 8D114D54-DC13-4CA9-B1CE-3747CE…)

this one jumpscared me nonnas

No. 1696293

>it’s fucking eyes
Men will claim to be women yet have no soul behind their watchful orbs. Curious!

No. 1696294

Old AGPs gross me out even more than the young ones for some reason. Like they could just be out there living their golden years as a nice grandpa but they choose to coom themselves into the grave. Freaks.

No. 1696295

Ew did this meth addict really shoop his face onto a woman's body?

No. 1696306

Does HRT really make men's genitalia smell vagina-like? I've seen this a few times and assumed it was delusion

No. 1696308

No, it just smells bad because it's inverted dick skin. They think real vaginas stink, so it must be the same

No. 1696309

You know very well what the answer to that question is

No. 1696313

Reading his kiwi thread is a trip of pure ecstasy. I highly recommend it

No. 1696317

Being a Chinese citizen and trans? That will definitely knock you down a few hundred social credits kek

No. 1696318

File: 1667872931918.jpg (204.29 KB, 851x1378, 1667870810566503.jpg)

I want to know what prompts people to post pictures like this.

Isn't that character supposed to be a child? Is this troon unironically trying to normalize kink for kids?

No. 1696319

I remember reading a study pretty much saying that the neovagina produced a foul smell in most respondents. I'm sure someone knows it

No. 1696320

I'm not talking about neo vaginas though, I'm talking about men who take hormones but haven't gotten surgery yet and still have a penis

No. 1696321

File: 1667873105583.png (146.94 KB, 546x610, puke.png)

wouldn't be the first time

No. 1696337

gross fetish aside, this shirt really triggers me because it makes no sense grammatically. "Was/were" are not pronouns, it's a verb. Sorry for the autism. I know they just think it's clever, but it's one of the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

No. 1696347

Tell us you’ve never seen irl or touched an actual vagina without actually telling us. Wtf. Can’t wait til these fuckers turn 41 and I don’t mean a birthday. What a pathetic life. Fuck.

No. 1696373

Blog but my ex trooned and was on hrt for months before I left (I know…) and no, nothing about their penis smells, looks or feels like a woman. They just get erectile dysfunction