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File: 1617152339502.gif (617.97 KB, 768x768, ezgif-3-0abd1afdaa0f.gif)

No. 143253

Previous thread: >>>/w/127283

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads
>Has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image
>Formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; currently with her live-in partner Stephen Clarke and both came out as bisexual, but now Stephen is nonbinary and pansexual - the same fate as one of her other exes who became nonbinary after dating her…
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t selling anything yet, but plans to sell bad Lazy Oaf knock offs
>Uses the word ‘pandemie’ and gets called out for being insensitive, but a fan claims she was just speaking French
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact.
>She won’t stfu about her stims and super scary ‘restrictive’ eating disorder
>She receives PR from Wet n Wild and throws a bitch fit about the plastic in it
>Makes a video which clearly had editing on her voice, but claims the unnatural high pitch is just a symptom of her bpd
>Anthony Padilla announces he is making a video on BPD, Jill gets her confetti cunts to beg him to put her in the video. He had already picked people to be in the video.
>Buys a $100 too small vintage romper, only to break it with her fat immediately
>Gets her fans to attack a small business owner with a similar cardigan design, despite the fact that Pixie designed her cardigan way after.

In the last thread…
>Pixie claims she has "severe dissasociation/depersonalization" >>127350
>Calls some random girl on Twitter a classist asshole for saying you should buy expensive perfume >>128227
>NEW VIDEO! It's shitty Christmas arts and crafts… after Christmas has passed. Horray! >>129197
>Pixie sees a shrink, thinks she has to write a trauma narrative >>129368 >>130464
>Fashion collab with "Kawaii streetwear brand" My Violet, claims it's ethical when it's VERY likely not. Also terribly done instructional document. >>131054 >>131328
>Twerks. Sexiness ensues! >>131406
>Steve in hospital. >>132736 >>132737
>Anons notice Pixie is using gender neutral pronouns for Steve… >>132743 >>132750
>Pixie begins retweeting random DID garbage >>133146
>NEW VIDEO! Morning routine. Advertises razors that come with individual blades - anons think it's a bad move. HAS to point out that she has a lamp for SAD. >>134361 >>134373 >>134406 >>134536
>Pixie celebrates her 10 year "traumaversary"… meaning, 10 years since her online relationship with a girl on DeviantArt. >>134893
>Rages at Toei Animation (Animation studio that made PreCure, her 'tistic fixation show) for being transphobic, or something >>134914
>Goes on random mental health site searching "complex trauma", posts about it to Twitter saying "don't look at my tabs!" >>135173 >>135246
>Removes - then puts back - "Neurodivergent" from her Twitter bio. >>135273 >>135427
>Steve posts about his homosexual behaviour. No, seriously. >>135981
>He also makes a tweet about front-line hospital workers about Jill. >>136248
>Pixie buys from Colourpop, despite them being unsustainable >>137990
>NEW VIDEO! It's about "trans discrimination at Toei Animation". Explicitly states that precure is one of the most important issues that she wants to "stand up" for. >>138140 >>138147
>Horrifying, horrifying pictures. SFW. >>138294
>Pixie retweets some dumb shit about why she calls Steve "my partner". >>138669
>Another user, "meyoco_", creates flowery cardigan. Pixie (and her fans) think Pixie has copyright of the design; Pixie dirty deletes after realizing she's dumb as hell. >>138712 >>138714 >>138722 >>138890
>Steve likes tweet about being nonbinary. >>138991
>NEW VIDEO! It's about Kawaii Monster cafe shutting down. >>139018
>Pixie says she's sapphic. Lesbians everywhere rejoice! (Not.) >>139443
>Lists some of her alleged disorders in a tweet - trichitillomania and BPD "with structural dissociation". Says this makes her neurodivergent. >>140134 >>140178
>Equates dissociation to daydreaming… >>140693
>NEW VIDEO! It's about her daily routine… again. Claims she has a new video coming up about a "mental health breakthrough" >>141882
>NEW VIDEO! She paints shoes. Terribly. >>142418
>Uses the phrase "personal neurodiversion" (what?) >>142553
>Steve comes out as Nonbinary and Pansexual with they/them pronouns, successfully fulfilling Pixie's dream of having a "queer" relationship. You heard it here, folks! >>142715
>Pixie breaks her phone filming. >>142820
TL;DR: Anons suspect Steve is now nonbinary, and they were right. Anons suspect Pixie might claim having DID. Pixie whines about transphobia on Twitter. Pixie has barely started finishing her collection for her arts and crafts college.

Old Threads:

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
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No. 143262

kek love the OP picture

No. 143273

File: 1617163607419.png (890.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2021-03-31-15-01-35…)

She seems to have started the house skirt and a crop top out of that pink fabric. Can't tell if the pink fabric draped over the rack is actually meant to be something too. The fabric looks like extremely cheap cardboard either way. Her collection is going to be hideous I can't wait.
Also, her cats look like they've never been brushed in their life.

No. 143275

The size of those cats

No. 143279

Thanks for making a new thread love the op picture choice kek

No. 143282

File: 1617171223704.jpg (149.6 KB, 620x1489, 1617171192357.jpg)

The pink fabric draped over is the skirt to her weird "shower-curtain-inspired dress". You can see the top piece on a hanger on the side of the rack.
She doesn't have a single outfit done and she has how many months left? Maybe 2?

No. 143285

sage for ot but why are all BPD-chans obsessed with having a white cat

No. 143287

File: 1617180818358.jpg (338.04 KB, 1080x1623, Screenshot_20210331_104103_com…)

Did you guys see her comments on Zendaya's dress(met gala 2019). As if she has any leg to stand on, her designs are wonky as shit.

No. 143288

File: 1617180866627.jpg (348.52 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20210331_104113_com…)

Second pic cuz I didn't know if I could post two photos in the same post

No. 143289

Looks like the garden trellis dress is somewhat there too. I'm wondering if she will use petticoats for her designs.

No. 143295

So PrOFessiOnuhL

No. 143338

Her acting like the design of this dress wasn’t intentional. Doesn’t have to be her taste but good god her school couldn’t teach someone to design for anyone let alone zendaya!

No. 143341

wasn't the theme of this met gala 'camp'?? being ugly and gaudy is literally the point

No. 143342

Yes, lol her dress was Cinderella inspired in the original tale of Cinderella she makes her own dress. which is why there are imperfections. It is intentional.

No. 143345

Bitch like you could do any better with your seams flying in the wind

No. 143352

File: 1617232313088.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1985x1164, 09203F41-CE9A-4638-8CFF-034C0D…)

And yet the only dress she has posted on her own “professional clothing designer” social media accounts has all these nasty frayed edges lol Jill really can’t back up any shit talking that she does

No. 143355

Exactly! This is just one more reason she isn’t even remotely close to becoming a designer OR having any knowledge of fashion design. Her school is a flop and she is talentless.

No. 143359

The utter gull, nerve, and audacity of this colorblind circus monkey to think she has a leg to stand on saying this shit.

No. 143367

lol never be allowed because no one that goes to her arts and craft camp would be able to make anything like it

No. 143382

To be fair, I don't think the visible stitches were planned: if they were, they wouldn't have used basting thread. I believe that it is a last minute alteration done by the stylist to accentuate the bust, which could be due to Zendaya losing some weight between fittings. They are still just barely visible, and the only option for an alteration on the fly without extensive deconstruction of the piece.

Anyways, this is just one more example of how little Jillian actually knows about behind the scenes work in fashion.

No. 143400

Although this is plausible, the dress was hand sewn. Having a hand sewn Cinderella dress is an impeccable touch if wanting to really utilize the fairy tale plot line. This entire look was meticulous and thought out due to the fiber optics inside to light up the dress. I highly doubt any designer at the met gala (let alone Tommy Hilfiger, the particular dresses designer) would allow something to go out that was less than their idea of “perfect”. The issue is pixie doesn’t read nor understand this. Everything about the dress was intentional….down to zendaya leaving a glass slipper behind.

No. 143401

File: 1617285309279.jpeg (168 KB, 828x260, 1C41EF38-E334-4711-8CBA-7B31EF…)

No. 143428

File: 1617306716926.png (673.02 KB, 906x603, Screenshot (85).png)

not the ~cleavage~. barf.

No. 143429

kek at the messy dye job on her forehead

No. 143431

Why are the whites of her eyes so blue? Did she edit them?

No. 143432

File: 1617307466493.png (833.38 KB, 2048x1713, Screenshot_20210401-130328.png)

Blue scleras are a thing, I've seen a few people with ones just as blue in real life. It could be edited but I don't know why anyone would want to fake having thin collagen layers in their eyes?

No. 143433

Probably just where she’s edited it to enhance the colours in her hair

No. 143444

she edits every single one of her pics colours. there is no way her hair is that bright irl. let's not be stupid

No. 143516

File: 1617373186070.jpg (299.33 KB, 1080x2038, 20210402_161633.jpg)

Made me kek how she liked almost every comment on her shoe crafting video if you scroll down, except for this one with good and basic advice

No. 143545

She’s such a conceded bitch who can’t take advice or constructive criticism on anything. I wonder how she even manages in her art and craft school? Surely they have to be having discussions and critiques on their work, but maybe not since Jill hasn’t improved during her time in the program. I imagine her teachers hate her.

No. 143557

It’s probably a hug box, it’s not like the entry requirements are remotely high (no portfolio needed) nor do they have any reputation to uphold, there is no way any of her teachers are paid enough to care enough to argue with this goblin nor will they likely have the kind of prestige where churning out crappy students could negatively impact them professionally to be blunt

No. 143566

Please learn to sage your fucking posts, you’ve consistently posted without sageing anything you say for weeks.

Also that’s not even true about the portfolio, if you go on their website they do require a portfolio for admission. I don’t think they did when she entered 3 whole years ago but ever since then they’ve required one.

It would be hilarious if she had anything to do with that though because of her talentless minions taking up space in the programs

No. 143567

Didn't Jill do like a general foundation arts and crafts course before getting into Fashion? It makes me think she didn't have any portfolio at all and had to do a course just to build it up. Did she even do any art or anything in High school or was she just a theatre kid?

No. 143568

>suspicious at anon's level of intel

Are you one of her coursemates? Please dish, if so.

No. 143569


One google search worth of material is suspicious level of intel? It says directly on the site you need a portfolio anon

No. 143576

Even her followers attack anyone in the comments who remotely criticize her, it’s no wonder where they get it from. She can dish out all this hatred for brands and fellow youtubers but she can’t even stand to acknowledge her own followers trying to give her useful advice

No. 143588

something i still don't understand is how jill doesn't even entertain the idea of pursuing more education or getting relevant experience after graduating from her arts and crafts camp. surely that certificate could help her get a foot in the door with a high quality fashion program in montreal or toronto, where she'd initially wanted to go. or at least get some hands on experience in an alterations shop or under some local designer, while shitting out occasional dresses to auction off for her confetti club on the side. i just can't believe she really thinks the 2 year, 4 days a week, certificate program which only makes you create like 4 garments (outside of her "collection" she only made pants, skirt, shirt and a beret, if i recall correctly) is going to equip her with all the skills she needs to start her own design house off the bat? i've been trying to give her the benefit of doubt, but she just keeps proclaiming that she is approaching her very last final days of schooling ever and how she's going to be a "free woman". idk maybe her still being this naive at 23 and after 2 years of "fashion school" shows how sad the quality of instruction is at that college

No. 143594

because she doesn't want to leave her cushy rainby house in hicktown new brunswick where all her "friends" are, she was reluctant to move far away from her mom/enabler, what makes you think she's capable of moving to a bigger city even further away from louise? also if she transferred to a better school she would realize just how unskilled she actually is, at her arts and crafts community college she's probably the best one there/the most "famous" person in town, she wouldn't even compare in cities like montreal or toronto

No. 143601

at some point she was taking of getting into no less than Bunka, I guess she eventually realised she didn't have the skill level

plus as >>143594 said, she'd much rather be a big fish in a very small pond

No. 143607

it makes sense that she obviously wants to outshine everyone around her, but i wonder what her plan is even in the long run? maybe she doesn't want to move or go to japan anymore, but she still wants to be a small established designer. i can't imagine that her ego would be so fragile that she couldn't handle letting her narcissism take a step back in favour of working on technical skill to achieve genuine improvement. she is either really stupid, or has no real interest in fashion beyond looking at kawiwi pictures of japanese models and hoarding forever 21 (or now i guess thrift store) crap

No. 143608

i wish she still had ambitions to open a boutique at least, she used to say she wanted to open a boutique like spank, she would be better off doing this since she seems to have an affinity for collecting random pastel crap, maybe she could open a curated shop or something rather than try to sew lazy oaf knockoffs

No. 143611

If Jill even… gets to Bunka, I doubt she’ll have a good time. How come every foreign bitch who’s gone there sucks ass to an extent? Some idiot named Sakimichan went on an islamaphobic rant and well…

Do I even have to mention bird nose?

No. 143620

sage your fucking post

No. 143622

She can't take basic advice for shit cause she sees it as a personal attack, kek

No. 143623

It didn't require one before when she got in though

No. 143624

She's probably scared of being 100% on her own, plus if she went to a real fashion college she wouldn't be the most speshul skilled popular and "famous" snowflake there is. And she can't deal with rejection/not being the total center of attention.

What a sad life to live, if anything, she should tackle the fact she doesn't know how to live without attention for even one second in theraphy. Not her """"catatonia"""" kek. It would do her wonders, but oh well. What a womanchild.

No. 143626

>i wish she still had ambitions to open a boutique at least, she used to say she wanted to open a boutique like spank, she would be better off doing this since she seems to have an affinity for collecting random pastel crap, maybe she could open a curated shop or something

As a former fan, I honestly would love to see this.
She has an affinity for decoration, graphic design, collecting stuff, thrifting and crafting. I would love to go to a store with her aesthetic, but like, I wouldn't in my life fly to PEI to go see it lol.
I wish she wasn't "sustainable", I know she's a plastic hoarder but at least I liked when she used to do her hauls and see what she got. I know she got a lot of flack for that here though. If only anons knew how she's fakewoke now…

No. 143633

Jills in fashion design which is a 2 year course that requires either a one year FVA from the same school or other documentation that shes had one year of post-secondary education and yes it asks for a portfolio but they ask for work even a sped could do. I think Jill fucked up doing an FVA foundational year with them rather than taking a one year course in something that could actually help her before she started her two year FD thats literally only gonna result in a single garbage diploma that will not help her anywhere in life outside of minor trite hobbies she wont hold onto forever.

No. 143648

Its funny to think about besides a few of those monetized trips she hasn't traveled anywhere and never actually looked for local fashion. She only went to Otakuthon as a guest and likely didnt explore Montreal much, she has never been to Toronto. Only been to some local cons that she seemed over. The biggest thing she has actually done is go to New York but she didnt use it to look at local fashion either she got the same junk she could have online.

She only is into fashion as a job because she can make easy money scamming her viewers, she was never serious about it.

No. 143652

Anon she was clearly into fashion and has been for a long while, or maybe fashion is too specific, she’s been into aesthetics. Her real problem is she won’t get out of her own way, she already thinks she knows everything there is that she needs to know so what does she have to learn?

Her main scammy attribute is her woke bullshit about sustainability. She’s clearly not into it beyond how her fans respond.

She would’ve been better off doing hauls and exploring fashions and aesthetics but she stagnated because she found a niche that got her the attention she wanted and called it a day. It’s kind of sad because she did seem to really enjoy stuff and then around the time she changed her intro (from the cute gummy opening) she just seemed to start phoning it in.

Now she’s a woke idiot who thinks having a mental illness makes her so speshul and uwu kawiwi. She’s like nails on chalkboard.

No. 143669

File: 1617468088034.png (572.47 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20210403-102907~2.p…)

She's already becoming holier than thou since she went to a craft college for fashion. She needs to understand that she could've easily made amazing cosplays before going to school but she's a lazy slob that doesn't do any outside education. If she actually did that sht might have been able to go into a more prestigious school by building a proper portfolio.

(She claims to be an amazing designer when creators like Angela Clayton and Micarah Tewers are leagues better with out proper schooling)

No. 143678

These are quite literally just leather gloves with a fucking heart cutout. It's embarassing that she thinks she needed to go to fashion school in order to create something "of this caliber". I guaranteed anyone with at least an ounce of sewing skills could make these using free youtube tutorials and patterns online.

No. 143679

Yeah, anyone could make these with sewing skills, but Jill would make them and they would end up looking like a hot mess. I imagine so many loose threads and messed up fingers. She can barely make a shitty lazy oaf knock off, I don't think she could make gloves. Maybe mittens would be more her speed…

No. 143686

sage but it pisses me off that she sees these vw gloves and relates them to fucking precure of all things, also when has she ever worked with leather at her shitty ~FaShUn~ school?

No. 143688

See, the thing is, she isn't into fashion like you'd like to believe.
Being into fashion is knowing VW is an icon of fashion. Being into fashion is traveling to where fashion happens. Being into fashion is understanding fashion brands. Being into fashion is more complicated than whatever she's doing.

What she's into is looking like a clown and screaming for attention. She probably got the dream of being a seamstress from lolita and cosplay, and this is also why she wanted to have a store in Japan (kek). She was never seriously into it. This is why she sees some VW gloves and the only thing she can think of is precure, like the womanchild she is.

No. 143689

Hint: animal products are never sustainable, Jillibean.

No. 143695

You’re so right anon, she should have left this shit as a hobby if she wasn’t ever going to take it seriously.

Why did she never run an online store with curated fashion she enjoyed? With her YouTube money and her mom supporting her it probably wouldn’t have even been hard or out of her price range.

Have to wonder she sees herself going in the future with this? Does she honestly believe her skills have improved enough to start selling? Has she even ran an online store prior to this or is her churning out unlined bag dresses really where she plans to start?

Jill really embodies the hubris of humanity.

No. 143699

She did had an online store when she was like, 16-17 and was into lolita. She selled hotglued garbage and couldn't keep up with orders kek. So it doesn't really count.

No. 143703

Does anyone remember the headband that was children’s mini craft pompoms hot glued to a bulk bought eBay hairband and the price was way higher than it had any right to be kek

No. 143706


"Embodies the hubris of humanity"

Kek, Jill sucks and is a poser but come on with the purple prose, this is lolcow, you pretentious turd. Are you in your first year at college?

No. 143708

I always wtf hard at the anons who think she has any talent/interest in fashion or design whatsoever, she clearly doesn't and very transparently chose this path because she thought it makes her speshuful and superior in some way (same way she tries to be the "very best super fan" with things).

She doesn't have any genuine enjoyment from these activities and literally just wants asspats/validation/attention, that's also why she goes for what's the most gaudy and loud vs anything aesthetic or cohesive in her appearance. There's no point in wanting her to channel her inner "creative bean" into a more refined or profitable version of these things, because she has none.

It's so clear to me any kind of "talent" she claims to have (sewing, art, theatre, music, whatever) were things she showed mild interest in, in her youth and got some kind of positive feedback for, and now only likes the positive feedback/attention aspect of those things. She doesn't actually enjoy the activities themselves nor does she have interest. If she had to be alone long term with no one around and no one to show anything she wouldn't give two fucks about any of this stuff. She would never do any of it just because she likes it; she doesn't authentically like any of it. Her love for the attention/validation it brings is being conflated with love for these things.

She's emotionally and mentally stunted from being coddled/spoiled her entire life and as a result has never developed a real self or personality. This is also why she comes off "bpd" or whatever. She lacks the emotional development, sense of self, etc that you typically see in bpd. Her "abuse" of others is also due this lack of emotional development. I can see why a shrink diagnosed her with it, because her+her mom probably lie/exaggerate her past/"past trauma/self harm" and don't realize themselves what the actual root of her issues are: that she needs to face the real world and learn proper coping mechanisms to combat the complete lack of them she has from being so extremely coddled/spoiled.

I can't even feel like I'm armchairing at this point, this should be so obvious to literally anyone who even occasionally glances at her threads. Like you don't need to be nice, anons, having everything in her life severely sugar coated is exactly what got her to this womanchild state.

Jill was abused, in the sense that spoiling your kid as thoroughly as she was/is should be considered a form of abuse with how maladapted it makes them when they need to face the real world. All of her problems, anxiety, everything, stems from her lack of life experience/never being made to face reality. She would need some rehab tier cbt away from all the enabling things in her life to ever have any hope of an actual, healthy future the way anons are thinking of. There's literally no reason for her to change, there's nothing to force that change, she's gonna be a woman baby her entire life.

No. 143711

i always wondered if she was genuinely ever interested in precure, i wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't actually like the shows and just latches onto the cutesy aesthetic

No. 143712

File: 1617493157010.jpeg (121.14 KB, 828x725, DBF5170A-6457-412B-A910-CCD40A…)

after we mentioned it, jill now loves peeps again

No. 143714

Drinking wine with a peep on it while eating a huge slice of carrot cake… she can't keep using the former ED excuse for her shit diet.

No. 143721

I don't think so. I think she is in the sense that she's so stunted something childlike like that might be on the level of what she can almost enjoy, as she's never grown past that. But I personally don't think she even knows what actual enjoyment other people have is, because she's never grown enough to experience it. I think SHE thinks she enjoys these things, even if all she really likes is the attention/validation. She has no basis of reference to understand this about herself, so self awareness of it as her issue is impossible. Outside of validation/attention, her sperg into mental illness/self diagnosis may be in some way her attempt of "figuring this out". I say that very loosely because like I said, she's too stunted to be capable of comprehending the actual problem.

I like to imagine it like how when you have a weird nonsense nightmare, the nonsense things in it often a way of your subconscious trying to process some kind of stress in your life. Ie. When they say having a dream about your teeth falling might indicate you're dealing with self esteem issues or whatever. Her mental illness reaching might be her mind trying to point out her stunted development, and her trying to understand it. Unfortunately it's completely overshadowed by her love for that spoiled-coddled reward/praise shit, so it will lead no where but to more wrong diagnoses, virtue signaling and attempts at pushing it as an excuse to avoid working on anything.

She's not a "full fledged person". She can't fully like fashion. She can't fully like precure. She can't fully like anything. She never learned how and stuck herself in this enabler hug box environment that will never teach her, because she also has never learned how to work for or follow through with anything.

No. 143723

damn she's been drinking a lot lately, no wonder her face has been ballooning up

No. 143729

let's be glad that the carrot cake at least is providing her only source of vegetables in her diet

No. 143768

She started having an interest in precure after she started skinwalking some girl, this is also where the rainbow bangs come from if I can recall well? Please some anon confirm this.

No. 143769

You wrote a very big wall of text kek but you're absolutely right.
>Jill was abused, in the sense that spoiling your kid as thoroughly as she was/is should be considered a form of abuse with how maladapted it makes them when they need to face the real world.
This. This is the only abuse I would ever think she has passed through.

No. 143770

God that's disgusting in so many ways

No. 143786

Yes her name is kamiepomeranian on ig. And Jill absolutely stole the girls aesthetic, popularized it amongst her community then claimed it as her own. If recall correctly Kami doesn't even follow Jill but Jill follows kami

No. 143789

File: 1617547547929.jpg (252.86 KB, 1064x1339, Screenshot_20210404-074245_Ins…)

yikes. this is clearly what jill wants to be, but never will be.
i've been so disillusioned with jillian thanks to her raging on social media and to lolcow. i can't believe that when i first saw her on youtube, i actually thought she was nice and original and felt like this is the kind of person you'd want to be friends with.

No. 143799

Holy fuck, I've followed kammie for a while but didn't connect the two because kammie is so polished. I think kammies first post with rainbow bangs was in 2015/2016 whereas jill got them in 2017… Don't think jill has ever said who inspired her

No. 143802

To be fair, I don't really think rainbow bangs is an original concept, rainbow hair has been a thing for like forever so someone getting rainbow bangs doesn't exactly require some stroke of genius.

What is suspicious though is that Jill follows her and has never mentioned it as far as I'm aware. Like considering kammie is pretty noticeable in that whole kawaii (if you can even fucking call it that at this point literally anything slightly colorful is considered kawaii now) style then just be honest if someone else inspired you.

No. 143836

File: 1617572605734.png (580.8 KB, 1467x783, Screenshot (88).png)

holy fuck (her personally written "autobiography" on her website). did she seriously write stunning looks? also why does she insist on airing out all her mental health history on the internet

No. 143837

samefag. forgot to sage

No. 143842

Funny thing too is Kammie actually owns (?) (works for?) minty mix too. A place you can easily buy wig that look like Jills hair and would save Jill all the trouble with the dye and her roots showing all the time.

No. 143858

her autobiography has been discussed multiple times in previous threads

No. 143864

not to wk jill, but are half of the anons in this thread autistic? this would explain why a lot of her obvious jokes and sarcastic remarks (even if they are shitty) fall flat on some of y'all

No. 143891

IDK anon, it does read as very sarcastic but in the context her saying that they're mentally unwell (we all know that jill thinks she's the poster child of BPD) but hot actually sounds like she's being genuine but is just being hyperbolic.

Thinking it over I don't think Jill has ever admitted to feeling that she's ugly, even when she explains her past "ED" she always made it sound that it stems from a place of anxiety rather than from feeling unattractive. I could be wrong, but with a narc mom making her feel pretty and special I wouldn't put it past her thinking that she's runway model material.

No. 143897

File: 1617608991792.jpeg (115.51 KB, 640x721, 652DFB30-3026-4E28-8ECD-9348C9…)

sage for derail from jill; but her best friend from her “cosplay group” (& model in her fashion show) jenny blew up in the last 2 years of knowing & hanging out with jill. maybe it’s something about being around jill that fucks ppl up, i’m truly surprised steve isn’t 300 pounds yet.

No. 143902

Ngl, I think she looks pretty cute.
If anything, this makes it even more apparent that Jill could present herself so much better if only she were willing to dress in a way that compliments her figure.
It just baffles me how unflattering her outfits are most of the time, considering presenting herself well is pretty much her job.

No. 143903

Wtf anon she looks like a hippo

No. 143906

what did she look like before?

No. 143907

File: 1617620882041.jpg (519.86 KB, 1988x2048, 32336808_236595437109511_63173…)

>>143906 in the pink wig

No. 143910

>obvious jokes and sarcastic remarks
She has 0 sense of humor, I could barely call anything she says funny. The kinds of jokes she makes are distasteful.
I mean, too bad she became fatter because she was very cute before but she still looks very cute now. At least she knows how to dress herself. Hoping she dumps jill and loses weight (if she wants to).

No. 143912

Kek I love how you can see two average and kinda cute girls and then see jill being a fucking goblin

No. 143923

tbh it's the maritimes. everyone there is fat and they have the highest obesity rates in canada. if you check out her con vlogs or previous threads where she has posts full body pics with friends, you can tell that a lot of them are overweight

No. 143946

She's overweight but not obese, which is in the limit of being healthy. It deffinitely matches XIX century beauty standars of her etnicity XD like eastern european or bittish lady from a few centuries ago.(no XD'ing allowed)

No. 143960

There’s no way she isn’t obese.

No. 143962

File: 1617669908656.jpg (392.24 KB, 2187x3568, George_Romney,_Emma_Hart,_Lady…)

No, beauty standards were never this large, that is a myth perpetuated by fat women and men who like fat women. Variability in figures seen as the ideal for beauty standards were generally influenced by eminent members of society; Emma, Lady Hamilton is a pretty good example of a fuller figure than generally idealized in the 20th century who was widely seen as desirable in her time, she is much smaller than >>143897. Renoir was laughed at for being a weird coomer when he painted The Large Bathers and etc in the 1880s.

No. 143975

Seriously. These girls are closer to the Venus of Willendorf than the Crouching Venus. kek

No. 143996

She's clearly morbidly obese anon. You might wanna look into getting some new glasses.

No. 143997

Agree with all your points anon, but the large bathers was painted by Cézanne, not Renoir

Sage for art sperg

No. 144028

No. 144063

File: 1617750786999.jpg (461.39 KB, 2896x2896, 20210406_190555.jpg)

How the hell did she fuck up the name little twin stars.

No. 144072

because she doesn't actually like sanrio lol I think she even said so at some point herself that she doesn't, probably because it's not uwu speshul (even though liking precure isnt either and she got into it from following several fairy kei girls on tumblr who did, like peachie)

No. 144077

File: 1617769852075.jpeg (99.5 KB, 1152x1030, F2F02A8F-18AB-4B7A-9342-B989B1…)

No. 144111

No. 144117

File: 1617817609001.jpeg (245.29 KB, 827x1426, BBECC92C-46A7-4E74-96E0-D11BBA…)

Shut the fuck up Jill, the precure shit you watch has exclusive white/light skinned girls 95% of the time, save for the occasionly lightly tanned girl people cream themselves over while screaming “representation!!!!!”

No. 144118

Omg no don’t start with this race sperging

No. 144121

sage for replying to this old unrelated post. I'm pretty sure the reason jillian even knows about precure is because of princess peachie. Princess peachie is another youtuber who used to make a lot of videos about lolita fashion and sweet lolita. Peachie is a fan of precure and other kid's shows and I wouldn't be surprised if jill skinwalked her a little back in her early lolita days. I'm also pretty sure Jill drew fanart of her, posted in one of the other threads, but I could be wrong.

No. 144123

File: 1617819205629.gif (2.02 MB, 348x200, face palm 5.gif)

No. 144130

Wow pixie is like so wOkE calling out the white people in lord of the rings.

No. 144132

I don't even know why Steve bothered showing her LOTR honestly. There's no way she was gonna enjoy it. Does she even enjoys or cares about anything he likes?

No. 144170

Yeah I know, it's also referenced in the article here >>144028
>A similar subject later appeared in a series of paintings by Paul Cézanne.

No. 144192

You just know if Steve talked shit about Precure or any of the magical girl shit she makes him watch Jill would lose it

No. 144194

File: 1617829064120.png (515.39 KB, 1874x831, pixielocks.PNG)

No. 144200

My girl Lashawntere over here knows what’s up

No. 144201

Hahahahaha I love even more that Pixie was trying to look woke and special and a black lady called her out for being a fuckin' moron

(The real problem with LOTR is there's literally two female magical elf characters and no other references to females until the Hobbit series)

No. 144215

>so many white people
But she's white herself, the fuck?

No. 144216

Of course she skinwalked Peachie, she loves skinwalking youtubers (Like she does with Emilia Fart). The least she does is copying their mannerisms, which is creepy, autistic and retarded in itself.

No. 144217

>Does she even enjoys or cares about anything he likes?
I doubt so considering only 10% of the basement is for steve to live in lmao
Although she did pretend to get into star trek in halloween, she suddenly was "such a fan", and now we hear nothing about it kek. Stevia shouldn't even had bothered showing her shit if she never cares.

No. 144220

File: 1617835877242.png (55.54 KB, 587x595, aaaa.png)

That black girl is right.
Also, funny how even though precure is also about friendship and character driven, pixie can't see how LOTR might be similar (or gasp perhaps better). She's just used to consuming the equivalent of fast food trash in media. Bright colors, uguu kawaii moe shit, in your face childish dialogue, everything served in a rose tinted plate for you to swallow whole. She has 0 critical braincels in her immature brain. I know LOTR is not for everyone, of course, but she's acting like a fucking 5 year old toddler by being bothered by the race of the actors and saying how boring it is to stevie after just 15 minutes (less than a third of the movie). Like… jesus woman could you please enjoy something not catered to your tastes for once? You know, something people you care about might want to show you? And sit through something that isn't rainbow colored garbage?
Kek exactly. Stevie just has to sit down through his daily dose of precure torture. Imagine living in a house where everything is bright all the time and there's anime girls screaming at every second… jesus christ

No. 144221

On a work computer (oops) so can't screenshot, but Jill screen-capping her tweet three times to make a tweet calling her out was a little much, oof.

No. 144222

File: 1617836249130.jpg (473.08 KB, 1503x2689, 1599275006341.jpg)

Lmao I imagine this unbathed autistic fatass womanchild that smells like burnt sugar and fat rolls sitting on her small ass couch looking all deathfaced and saying like a toddler "noOoOoOoo this is soo boring stevieeee, put on 3 more hours of precure NOW"

No. 144226

File: 1617836553514.png (159.33 KB, 591x467, aaaa.png)

>Jill screen-capping her tweet three times to make a tweet calling her out was a little much, oof.
YEAH, it was too much period. Autistic levels of harassment, actually.
Like, imagine the SEETHING that took place because a black woman called her out lmao. She gets so angry whenever someone criticizes her or corrects her. God, what a sight to see.
Imagine screencapping the thing 4 different times… god this is CWC levels of insane. She's the one clearly throwing the tantrum lmaooo.

No. 144229

Thank you anon for posting, and also the other person calling this women fake for trying to "start shit". Jill needs to learn to take crit, and the girl made a good point too about LOTR being made during a time of war, so people didn't wanna see it, I had never even thought of it even though I used to sperg on Jill's precure level over LOTR.

No. 144239

She cant process any media thats not brightly coloured and made for children. So she went down the fake woke route to make herself feel smart.

isn't precure like 99% white people or light skinned anyway?

No. 144249

It’s set in Japan, they’re mainly japanese

No. 144250

Does Jill not know what the word tantrum means? A dig at her intelligence is far from it especially when she does nothing but prove the other person right. I bet if the hobbits in LoTR wore rainbow outfits she would be more into it.

No. 144261


Inb4 Jill gets cancelled by her woke followers for tone policing a black woman lol

No. 144279

I can't stand people who go off on their partner's interests. She makes a big fuss about loving her partner, but she doesn't even take the time to understand his interests, or at the very least not talk shit about it. Meanwhile, the house they share is only full of the things she likes. Does he even like Precure? If I recall, he only watches it to placate her. She might have to look for a new accessory soon if she's gonna treat her boyfriend like this.

No. 144282

>Stevie living in a house which is 95% tailored to suit Jill's obnoxious interests
>Hey babe want to watch a movie I like
>It's Lord of the Rings, that obscure unpopular movie series
>Oh poo, Steve! I can't believe you'd make me watch this!
>desperate to find some woke way to dismiss his interests
>The actors are *white*, Steve.

She's literally insufferable.

No. 144283

nah she seems to be a normie. if she was a troon or some nb queer maybe but on the twitter scale jill is more oppressed.

No. 144285

Jill is one of the few cows I frequently wish to see people actively call out and am always disappointed. She surrounds herself so thoroughly in her hug box victum mentality and backpedals/runs if there's even a whiff of things going against her. Plus her weird fanbase will blindly believe and defend anything to do with her; probably because most of them lack the awareness or mental capacity to have any actual opinion on anything themselves

No. 144292

It's funny, she literally has a house decoration that says "Learn about your friend's brains!" but she can't even learn about her friend's interests lmao. I guess it doesn't go both ways, it has to be about her.

No. 144303

rofl based

No. 144304

This woman calling her out is right and of course she screen caps the comments , totally not virtue signaling her retarded followers after her. Jill has lived in a bubble her entire life. it's insufferable

No. 144308

File: 1617883293118.png (253 KB, 509x406, 1521855240749.png)

Jill: complains about too many white people

Jill when she meets a black person:

No. 144318

even so, asia has a major anti-black, skin whitening problem, but jill wont talk about that

No. 144327

is… is she petting her!?

No. 144331

god this photo is a fucking classic

No. 144346

>>144327 touching her braids

No. 144348

tbh there's something a little suspect about the account calling her out, going through the tweets she's pretty pro white in her posts. And super into Zack Snyder movies?

However, the imagery of Pixie ignoring a black voice so she can sound Super Woke is pretty great. She is literally the walking billboard of ultra liberal fake woke person it's hilarious. Way to stomp all over a black voice Pixie.

No. 144352

File: 1617902016326.png (584.64 KB, 500x629, 62b47e267157bf5a7f85425c883394…)

Can't imagine dating someone and not even having an open mind about their interests.
Lord of the rings was released months after 9/11 and was pure escapism.

No. 144353

Is anyone on twitter correcting her for this or celebrating her bafoonary?

No. 144425

This picture should be on a textbook, can't believe how discriminatory it looks

No. 144432

This pic aged even worse than I expected it to, looks like it's from the 50s

No. 144479

File: 1617950699071.jpeg (17.58 KB, 280x194, A021155B-D45F-4FB4-8A03-80C263…)

Something about her makeup, hair, expression and the general ridiculousness of the setting reminds me of vaudeville performers, like she’s about to burst out in a jazzy tune with the kind of ‘comedic’ lyrics that age really, really badly.

No. 144494

It has been over a month since the last livestream and I was getting kind of pissed.

But she released an update video and Jesus, she has had an odd month. She hasn't replaced her phone since it drowned in the piss bin so its more difficult to navigate n such, and both her and steves cars are in for repairs or dead. She seems to be making good progress on her dresses and her mum is going to be the photographer for her collection shoot in may.

Why does she and Steve both have cars? No wonder she was complaining about lack of money after her first year of college. I feel like any normal person would of sold the less efficent car and have the person who was out all day get the bus (before pandemic) I doubt Jill has even been on a bus so she would probably be disgusted by the idea even though its probably more eco friendly than having two fucking cars!

No. 144495

>Reeee Jillybean doesn't have to take the bus like I do!!!!
You sound like a bitter stan and the car thing is such a nitpick compared to the fact that she just flakes on everything she does. Sorry you're poor. Jill complains about money the same way all rich kids do - shocked that she has to actually spend money on uwu boring unfun things like bills and food - and because she knew she could get her little rainbow autism brigade would feel bad for her and not unsub despite getting minimal content.

No. 144497

Sounds like a Jilly bean herself.

She didn't seem to complain about money until her second year of college, and if steve didnt have a job for like two years why would he need a car?

I'm allowed to bitch, this is a bitching site. Get over yourself cow.

No. 144506

Could you sound more sheltered and privileged jfc. Jillian is rich and reacting the way that rich kids do! Yes, that's the whole reason she has several threads. Financial security has made her a complete dumbass unable to function in life.

No. 144509

you mention her complaining about having lack of money AND having cars as if their parents don’t pay for them, and as if Jill didn’t blow all her money on dumb plastic shit when she moved out

No. 144516


yikes, nta, but it's reasonable for both of them to have cars tbh. they both live in a small city in the middle of nowhere and come from outside the province. it's not like they are a married couple with common budget. steebie is paying for his own car, parents' money or not. new brunswick isn't some densely populated state with impeccable transit

No. 144526

NTA either and complaining about people having cars must be the weirdest nitpick I've seen so far in these Jill threads lmao. Who cares? People need to drive places separatedly. Even married couples in my 3rd world country rather have a car for their own needs and schedules. It's practical and I would understand not wanting to take the bus if you already have a car yourself (Jill's car might had been a present from her mom I think). Like, imagine if you were Stevie and had to depend on Jill to drive around… I would off myself, she's already an asshole when it comes to Stevie's personal space.

No. 144540

File: 1617989457083.jpg (232.65 KB, 1809x1363, jilly.JPG)

another appearence of baby jilly

No. 144570

The creator of this should see Jill's fashion now

No. 144591

That's for the 2020s edition

No. 144616

>Awful fashion trends
>Everyone looks good
>Jill looks 1000x better than now

No. 144622

>awful trends
Besides Jill I think the other two look fine?

No. 144626

I guess the one criticism you could give over the car thing is Jill seems to drive everywhere and to places that are walking distance whilst preaching being an eco warrior, for summer she could even get a kawiwi bicycle and brag about being eco and help her health and she could use it for going places that are just out of easy walking distance but biking distance

No. 144642

I don't care about the car sperging but because you guys are on it, I just looked up places in proximity to her house: From their house to King's Place (bus-stop, fast food) is about 5 minutes, house to the nearest market/grocery is about 5 minutes, house to arts-and-crafts-college-campus is a mere 8min, and house to Sobeys (grocery) is a 16min walk. She lives no more than a 6 minute walk to every downtown art store, bar and fast food joint. If she really wanted or needed to go to the mall for some reason, bus fare is like $2.75. Not only that, but if she wanted to visit her mom she could take the Maritime bus to go from Fredericton to Charlottetown.
If ANYONE doesn't need a car, it's pixie.

No. 144648

We are talking about Jill here. The same person who complained that she had to walk a block and a half from her car to a convention center. 8 minute walk for her mind as well be 4kilometer marathon.

No. 144658

File: 1618029277113.png (295.63 KB, 586x402, Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 11.3…)

No one's calling her out for how she didn't even ATTEMPT to match the print across the seams, so I guess I have to. I know this is just a prototype, but it looks so bad… and yet, she's getting ass pats for 'clean piping'. just goes to show you how little her fans actually know about/care about sewing.

No. 144668

that looks absolutely hideous. no one would wear that irl except jill in her rainbee lunacy

No. 144687

I don't understand the red gingham with the clouds, but I don't see any real issues with the pattern matching for the cloud material

No. 144690

In the middle the clouds are cut off.

No. 144691

this is so friggin ugly, clown clothes for a clown girl

No. 144692

Godh I can’t wait for her to open a shop and actually having to deal with customers. Future milk will be delicious.

No. 144699

A bike would be incredibly easy to match to her aesthetic, too. She could paint it in various pastel colours, get a white basket to decorate with ribbons and fake flowers, etc. It also fits very well with the whole sunny home-and-garden, picnics in cheery flower meadows lifestyle she’s been trying to push for a while despite probably spending most of her time eating tendies in front of her tv.

No. 144702

This is too ugly for words, and it’s not fashion in any way, shape or form. But it’s perfect for all the colorblind, AliExpress-obsessed adult baby clown fetishists that follow her on Twitter - at least she knows her audience!

No. 144705

plus she could loose some of that chicken tendie weight

No. 144708

Right? Even Jill looked cute in a 2010 tumblr girl way.

No. 144710


This looks like some Toy Story Bo Peep inspired thing.

No. 144712

You need new glasses anon, she's a horrific photoshopped creature in that picture.

No. 144715

File: 1618066870596.png (413.36 KB, 648x370, 1611173149087.png)

Reposting this because it's easy to forget what she's trying to make

No. 144719

File: 1618067877549.png (1.01 MB, 969x677, Untitled.png)

I needed to put the two next to each other to compare what she's trying to make here. Because she's already completely deviating from her 'sketch' here.

- Why the piping, she doesn't show the piping on her sketch.

- The bodice on her sketch looked to be a solid blue, and it seemed she originally wanted the cloud to go into the design along the hem.

- Impossible to tell from here but is she even doing the cups? Is the piping going under the cups? It's going to look so strange and make it seem like the cups are floating?

I didn't really expect her to actually follow her garbage looking sketches for her ugly outfits but this is a whole new form of lazy.

No. 144754

so, you can see the outline of the cups on the bottom, and the piping is going straight through them. She changed it to a two piece cup instead of a four for some reason? I think the saddest thing is that she actually made her original design worse. Maybe she doesn't understand pattern alterations at all. That would explain a lot. She manages to match the cups, honestly one of the harder things to do, but not the side seams? This wouldn't have been a problem at all if she had stuck to a solid color in the first place.

No. 144757

is she too retarded or too lazy to pattern match? what kind of "fashion school" would let you get away with such a sloppy piece, it's embarrassing to look at.

No. 144760

I guess it’s supposed to be the dress third from the left, but what’s the pink fabric? There’s no pink fabric anywhere on the dress in the picture…

And what is the fourth girl from the left wearing? A garden fence? So many questions…I’m looking forward to seeing her try to make that wearable, though, lol.

No. 144767

You're right, I didn't even see that before. Why would she have the piping go through the cup, that's going to look awful

No. 144784

She's said before the fourth one is based off a trellis and it will be worn over something like a skin colored bodysuit.

No. 144790

When is this all supposed to be finished by?? Sorry tried to find it in the previous thread but gave up.

No. 144806

I think this must be the inside of the dress since in her uh illustration, the inside is gingham. Hence the piping. Is the fabric printed on both sides? Would explain what we're seeing here.

No. 144807

Also she is showing it upside down, I can see the cups appear on the edge of the photo where it cuts off. The scissors are close to where the waistband should be, for reference.

No. 144840

She livestreamed yesterday. The only notable thing to come out of it was that she talked about wanting to do Drag.

No. 144849

Cool, can't wait for her to look even more outrageous and act even more obnoxious.

No. 144884

She had that phase before when she watched rpdr. Unfortunately drag requires actual effort and skill so we can count on her debuting as a drag performer right after she opens a little boutique in Tokyo.

No. 144895

queen or king?

No. 144896

She’s already basically in drag…

No. 144904

Most colleges end at some point in May, so I'd say a month or maybe a little longer.

No. 144918

Nope. If you look at the pink part, it's obvious that the pink section is the lining, which will get flipped under. I wonder if gingham was somehow too expensive so she used it for piping instead.

No. 144926

Do you realize where you are?

No. 144933

go back to twitter faggot

No. 144961

That post was from 9 days ago lol leave it to a bunch of retards to try and find a way to derail the post.

No. 144983

File: 1618245745335.png (170.09 KB, 1080x659, Screenshot_20210412-104016-731…)

She's really going to try drag isn't she? God she's going to start it and say her drag persona is her alternate personality or some shit.

No. 144985

File: 1618246096931.jpeg (150.69 KB, 828x784, B4CDD186-3149-4C59-8A0C-F1164D…)

Emn i think it is female impersonation?

No. 144986

She really tracks down some of the most stupid opinions on Twitter and sincerely retweets them.

No. 144989

I do look forward to hear getting roasted by seasoned drag-doers. She can’t even do her eyebrows, not sure why she feels like she belongs in the drag community.

No. 144991

Probably because her eyeliner is bigger than everyday make up. I mean I obviously understand the temptation to dress up or do extreme make up but it just misses the point if it’s not a man doing. I doubt she’ll do drag king since she’s so uwu hyper feminine. Jill you can experiment with out of the box make up without putting a label on it.

No. 144992

The opening of Jill's first room tour when she lived at her parents was word for word exactly the same as Peachie's.

That was only the tip of the iceberg, she wanted to skinwalk her hard.

No. 144998


There are female drag queens that are extremely talented. But what they do is something jill couldnt. The amount of extra work that goes into their drag compared male drag queens. She will fail big time get ripped apart and blame misogyny

No. 144999

new video

No. 145000

this video is a legit gold mine

No. 145005

>Age regression
Kek ok Jill. The real world fucked her up so much that she needs a bag full of plastic dollar toys to keep her from floating away into being a normal person.

No. 145006

Dafuck is wrong with her voice now. Too high pitched.
Also can't believe she has a bag just for dissociation or whatever.

No. 145007

High pitched clown voice for a clown

No. 145009

>>144999 she says that she needs lip smackers so she can remember her memories…

No. 145010

File: 1618259136571.png (1.15 MB, 788x892, why.png)

It's just a bunch of toys lmao
She said she keeps one of these in her class so she can play and threaten her friends lmao
Imagine being in class with her… so fucking annoying

No. 145011

I don't think she has trauma at this point. I think she's literally retarded in the special ed way. I think there's something wrong with her.

No. 145013

File: 1618259850100.png (513.29 KB, 766x394, jill.png)

It's weird having to see this helium high pitched adult toddler talk about baby toys wearing a bdsm-ish bra that doesn't fit at all. The absolute state of Jillian.

No. 145014


Someone please release me from this degenerate version of reality. I want the fuck out.

No. 145015

File: 1618260286971.gif (5.85 MB, 520x293, Whats_In_My_Panic_Bag_CUTE_ITE…)

God imagine going to class with this bitch, I would off myself

No. 145017

>>144999 she also suggests people should keep band aids in their kit in case they get boo boos (self harm)

No. 145018

This girl will literally try anything to cope, but go to therapy.
And to top it off with a Function of Beauty sponsorship too? lol anyone with frizzy, dry ends, stay far away from this brand.
Also, someone PLEASE make a gif of her when she whispers "i fucking love these" at 8:20 KEK

No. 145019

Oh no anon that's where your wrong, she does go to therapy its just that her therapist plays into her delusions and doesn't make her critically think about herself.

No. 145021

Is no one going to mention that she was inspired to make the video because of Multiplicity And Me, who is a DIDtuber…? Considering she's talked about ~structural disassociation~ and shit…

No. 145022

i still can't believe that this 20-something year old woman is falling for the did youtube scam. and what's happening with her voice in this video? is this an early sneak peek into one of her alters?

No. 145023

anyone else feeling like we’re gonna get some kind of new ‘coming out’ vid from jill, like ‘i’m autistic’ or ‘i’m an age regressor’ or something? she seems to be leaning towards a New Trendy Diagnosis.

also side note but her voice sounded fucking crazy in this vid

No. 145029

Yes. It’ll be “meet my alters; lesbian jilll, baby jillybean, boss bitch Jillian, Jim my gay alter”, or some fucking obnoxious shit like that.

No. 145030

Do anons think she actually takes these out in public and uses them?

She talked about how she’d had this bag set up for a while but she seemed surprised and confused about every other item.

No. 145032

We need a banner of this and at the end lolcow.farm should fade in above her clapping hands
If there's a crafty anon out there reading this please make it happen

No. 145033

Damn she really admitted that she plays with the beanie babies feet like a baby rattle when she’s watching kiddie anime on the couch….then said “oops we are getting personal today”

No. 145036

She's really… Trying to be something special in that video

(It's really anxiety inducing with all that unnecessarily forced movements and that voice, the duck is it always changing within that one video… She don't have issues, she induces those issues in others)

No. 145038

I know lolcow kinda generally thinks her bpd is a misdiagnosis for autism or something but this video is pretty convincing as a manic episode. The fast strange talking, "sexy" bra top, and overly animated gestures are all classic mania

No. 145041

there's no way that this ISN'T her baby alter.

No. 145044

she says she does it on class lmao

No. 145045

File: 1618270119462.gif (5.22 MB, 520x293, Whats_In_My_Panic_Bag_CUTE_ITE…)

No. 145046

File: 1618270348040.gif (2.05 MB, 520x293, Whats_In_My_Panic_Bag_CUTE_ITE…)

No. 145047

Sorry for blogposting, actually autistic here, but I can't believe a grown adult would carry around a million stim items. I keep a silky ribbon in my pocket and that's all I need. Frankly, being clocked as autistic in public is embarrassing; how can she be anything but exaggerating for the attention?(no1curr)

No. 145049

File: 1618270620780.gif (8.13 MB, 520x293, Whats_In_My_Panic_Bag_CUTE_ITE…)

No. 145050

File: 1618270752024.gif (7.9 MB, 520x293, Whats_In_My_Panic_Bag_CUTE_ITE…)

No. 145052

Can someone do a TLDR;? I watched 30 seconds and her voice is too much.

No. 145053

She acts like a retard and plays with toys for 10+ minutes

No. 145054

her face and mannerisms remind me so much of that jazz troon. i bet she is practicing in front of a mirror how to appear the most queer, she looks like a parody.

No. 145055

It's one thing to make your mental health a personality trait but this caricature she's playing is painful to watch. It's insulting to everyone who's actually autistic or whatever she's trying to be. She isn't neurodivergent, she's just fucking retarded.

No. 145057

I found it hilarious when she mentioned her mum and Steebie saying “give her something so she stops freaking out”. God it must a nightmare to live her, I was seriously questioning why Steebie still lives with her, then I remembered the free board

No. 145058

I swear it’s fucking infuriating because this bitch has the nicest supportive parents and probably the smoothest childhood one can ask for.

I’m not going to argue about her anxiety and depression she may have experienced cause it’s a chemical imbalance, but if she’s gonna try and claim shit like trauma and DID (trauma of WHAT? Her online gf from 10 years ago that did … something?) I’m going to lose it.

Those people are addicted to their “coping mechanisms” and just creating new fictional disorders to excuse spending $$$ on junk toys.
Jill you’re an adult. Let’s say you do want a stimmy toy for your anxiety or whatever, just get ONE that can fit in your pocket, not a full ass bag of obnoxious toys you find at the cash register that are aimed for kids. Fast fashion and ecology my ass.

No. 145059

I can't believe it either, i grew out carrying my tangle with me at like 12 cause that shit was embarrassing. I could not imagine carrying a bag full of plastic shit. Even just a string hanging off a jumper is enough to stim wtf.
Jill needs to stop this bullshit and get real help, her audience is so young and is going to think it so quirky to play with stupid shit just cause you are feeling a little anxious.

Sorry to take this to a rant and kinda blog, but my hatred for this girl grows everyday with the bullshit she keeps pulling. Someone needs to give her a reality check.

No. 145060

If that moment ever comes it’ll just cause her more twauma that she can make a video and cash in on.

No. 145065


I hate to say it, but once she looses her mom she’s gonna fall apart. Just like Chris Chan, and Pixy, little missy is gonna loose herself and nobody will be able to save her. Hopefully someone snaps her out of this mess before she does because idk if she knows this but, people with future plans are wayyy cooler than a rainbow aesthetic.

No. 145068

If she wants to be a retard so bad then maybe she should get sterilized.

No. 145071

Imagine waiting in line at the grocery store, and you notice a badly dressed overweight woman in front of you has nothing but bags of frozen chicken strips in her cart.
Then, you hear her already labored breathing start to increase rapidly.
Suddenly, she pulls out an ugly bag and unveils a fist of rubber worm-like toys.
She starts flailing them, loudly slapping them against the chocolate bars in the checkout isle.
You think that the situation couldn't possibly get more awkward; people are staring in the adjacent checkout line, and even the cashier has slowed her scanning to look up at the commotion.
But then, it DOES get worse, because she pulls out a small beanie baby and begins to rub it against her face, all while humming loudly and softly petting the bag of tendies in her cart.

You decide the package of panty-liners in your hand can wait, and you exit the store promptly.

No. 145072

This is golden

No. 145073

yeah that's one of the things I don't get even if the girl did do something to Jill most of the disorders she claims to have stem from years of abuse not just one traumatic occurrence.


No. 145074

What do you have fucking flashbacks to, Jill? It's so insulting to people who have actual trauma for her to throw around words like this.

No. 145075

Seconded, perfect banner material.

No. 145076

Thanks gif anon for blessing us with this retardation. Her makeup looks neat for once in these clips, which I presume is why she thinks she's a drag queen now

No. 145077

This is a really obnoxious """stim""" it seems like she's just using her fake illnesses as an excuse to be a fat, bullying baby in public
>Er Jill do you mind not hitting me with your toy I'm trying to work
>You ableist bitch! I will report you! I will cancel you!
>Oh, er, ok Jill moving away

No. 145085


"She isn't neurodivergent, she's just fucking retarded."

The quote to summarize this chick's entire life.

No. 145087

it looks neat but it feels like an odd caricature inhuman face, like plastic lol

No. 145088

…who the fuck stims like this? I know several autists and not one flails shit around like that, it’s embarrassing

No. 145089

she's just annoying and wants to bully people and wants attention

No. 145095

File: 1618297112760.gif (1.46 MB, 300x100, babyjill.gif)

here you go

No. 145096

If you call attention starved clown makeup "neat" then… sure…

No. 145097

Aha thank you anon, it's perfect.

No. 145104

As if one look at her pastel vomit aesthetic didn't give you a hint that she's some form of retarded.

This. Let's pretend she does bring the fucking bag of toys out in public on the regular, how much you wanna bet she forgets half the shit that's in there and only whips out the toys when she wants to attentionwhore in public as some technicolor trainwreck.

No. 145115

Good lord

No. 145116


she saw sia's movie and took it seriously it seems

No. 145117

I love this so much. Beautiful Anon, simply beautiful

No. 145119

I am slightly curious as to what her "trauma" is/was. She seems to live a very coddled protected life.

No. 145124

at this point we just need her to make a video on it to see what kind of fucked up stuff she claims to have.

No. 145125

Her trauma is searching for diagnoses on Webmd

No. 145147

File: 1618332915372.jpeg (459.87 KB, 1242x1509, 39A439B4-31E6-4F13-8ED4-EEBF98…)

“No I’m not diagnosed with ASD!” Yet.

No. 145151

So she acts like she has autism but wouldn’t this give you bad sensory overload if you did have it like everything is incredibly bright and she chose things with a strong smell. Everything all together colour wise was too much for my eyes and I’m not neurodivergent.

No. 145155

Jill: I have trichotillomania!
Also Jill in her function of beauty ad: This is the healthiest my hair has ever been!
Lol what?? Does she pick at her arm hair or something for ~self harm~? At least she didn't claim catatonia in that gaudy list. Unless that's just a symptom of her dissociation. She's seriously insane. I can stand and giggle at the terrible fashion and the pseudo sustainability, but her diagnosis shopping addiction is what pisses me off.

No. 145159

The older I get, the more I am starting to realize I’m probably autistic.

Jill is just retarded.

No. 145168

It's funny because this isn't the first fan to think she's autistic. She really needs to see a real shrink so she can get a second opinion on her diagnosis.

No. 145175

Same anon kek

No. 145183

I can hear how insufferable she is in that gif

No. 145190

The way she talks about the feet of the rabbit and uses them like a rattle is really unsettling. Is she into ddlg stuff? And really willing to expose her young audience to that?

No. 145192

when will jilly realize that she's really just a coddled narc

No. 145194

>did you know that beanie babies are not actually thousands of dollars
>this [second-hand stuffed bunny from ebay] was like $30

No. 145195

File: 1618353638043.png (106.17 KB, 732x526, Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 5.38…)

spotted a wild pixie on this Swell Entertainment video about Deadly Illusions. She's going suspiciously hard for the DID'rs

No. 145196

good to know she's spending that patreon money on the necessities~

No. 145211

thankfully I guess that isn't DID and maybe she has tics with anxiety, but even if she is officially diagnosed by an actual psychiatrist, it does feel like she exaggerates the symptoms in her videos and social media. in her rare serious videos, you never see her exhibit these overblown traits, even without edits. The only reason to even believe her is that BPD can sometimes cause people to exaggerate stuff for attention, which is her entire brand at this point. Is she lying? Probably not. Is she exaggerating and making a mockery of herself and others? Yes. Do any of those disorders classify someone as neurodivergent? No! And she should take that shit out of her social media because it is extremely misleading and hurtful.

No. 145215

I don't know what kind of googling she did to come up with "secondary structural dissociation" but wow is her narcissism showing. Jillybean can't just have regular ol' BPD dissociation, no it has to be super special and unique and twauma based!

No. 145223

Well if you do google it, it's supposedly incredibly normal with a lot of different illnesses, she just thinks that she's special because she found the term. Literally every mental ill person 'dissociates' in that they have a depressed side vs an outgoing public face but she calls attention to it for brownie points. I don't know, I guess this is tinfoiling, but did she have a bad relationship with her dad? because there's no way this trauma was from that brief online relationship or her mom.

No. 145237

she saw her dad in a vlog and said she loves him so i dont think they have a bad relationship.

No. 145244

It's sad how Pixie attracts actually ill people with actual disorders while larping as someone with a disorder. Notice no sympathy in her reply, she views it as a competition, so of course reels off her diagnoses instead.

No. 145246

She seemingly has a very close relationship with all of her immediate family, the christmas present wrapping videos she’s put out have some examples iirk.

No. 145260

File: 1618393015488.jpg (36.94 KB, 640x412, wholesome-soft-meme-heart-meme…)

It's perfect nonnie thank you mwah

No. 145293

she’s only said good things about her dad (the incident where he gifted her a rotary cutter unprompted, helped her with the lights in her cosplay along with her brother, and tried to help her with her European microwave all come to mind), but her interactions with him have always seemed distant to me. Thinking back to Christmas gift wrapping videos, his gifts always seemed to be less thoughtful (imo), and also in her brand name reveal video (at around 2:20), she includes a clip where her dad is asking her about her brand’s name, and she completely ignores him (her mom has to ask her if she heard him talking to her).

No. 145301

Yeah it's really fucking shitty that she just listed off all of her diagnosis when the person simply asked if she was autistic. she seems almost angry in the reply as if she was offended that the fan thought she could be autistic. That's pretty ableist Jilly-bean.

Knowing Jill she probably hates her dad for something dumb like he wanted her to have a realistic standard for life and wouldn't feed into her narc delusions.

No. 145344

The mental illness she is claiming to have would develop from her father raping or beating her at a very young age. Not from being "sort of distant".

No. 145347

Well researched video on why the brand Jill keeps sponsoring isn't good. There's also a mention of how much unnecessary extra trash it creates.

No. 145360

Sorry, saying you care about the environment while eating only chicken nuggies is like saying you care about the homeless and not bating an eye at them.
Jillibean your sustainability is SHIT if you keep on eating animals and their products.

No. 145378

File: 1618460423807.jpg (275.97 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20210414-211900_Chr…)

imagine commemorating your graduation from community college with a tattoo. and i thought class rings were tacky enough…

No. 145379

why is she getting a tattoo over an iron burn? it'll just heal in a few months at best or a few years at worse, if it's 2nd degree. its not permanent.

No. 145385

she just wanted to mention that she was going to get a class tattoo for her arts and crafts course, in the form of a stupid dramatic story that no one cares about

No. 145387

Right, this is how she tells every story
>random boring thing
>second random boring but bonus, narcissistic thing
>presented like exciting news

Also not that hard to not burn yourself on an iron, or treat it with cold water/ice so it doesn't scar. Talking enthusiastically about accidental self injury to her audience of sensitive pastel babies seems inappropriate.

No. 145389

I dislike Jill's munchie tendencies and deem them highly disrespectful overall. However, you never really know if someone was sexually abused as a child. It doesn't have to be her father, it could have been an uncle or teacher, or something else negative could have happened. On the one hand she might have alluded to it somehow, but on the other, we really just might not know. So I'm just curious to hear the reason why some anons don't deem it plausible she experienced something very traumatising when she was younger. Not meant to start drama or defend, I'm just genuinely curious

No. 145397

You have to fully heal before you can tattoo over a scar so she should wait that long anyway if that is her intention. You can’t tattoo over a fresh scar, a lot of doctors and artists recommended a minimum of a year after getting the scar many recommend way longer, it’s dangerous because the texture of the skin of a newer scar isn’t compatible with the process and you could bust it open and make it worse. Some artists also just don’t tattoo over scars because you need to know the trick to it because it’s not the same as doing it on regular skin. It’s concerning that Jill has tattooed over scars in the past and doesn’t know any of this though it seems her go to artist is irresponsible and just does whatever she asks even though it’s not what she specialises in (which shows in her tattoos in how off they are)

No. 145404

That sounds more like it's Jill's problem and the dad wants to be involved but she clearly has a favorite parent, her "cool friend mom"

No. 145405

Plus aren't peeps overprocessed garbage inside plastic containers?

No. 145406

>>145389 Jill is a chronic oversharer. She's spoken at great lengths about her 'trauma' and has never alluded to csa. Your point stands true, just not in this case.

No. 145419

Even if she was, something like DID is caused by consistent, repeated trauma/abuse in early childhood. Yeah its possible she was sexually abused but if you see the stories of women who have real DID they go through extremely fucked up and long term abuse and are basically unable to function because of it. It's not caused by a single incident and it's not something they'd be bragging about on twitter.

No. 145426

i don't believe she was sexually abused as a child simply because jill would have said so or at least alluded to it before. i suspect that most that could happen (and what probably happened imo) would be some kind of hormonal teenage attempt at intimacy with uma, but even if it was non-consensual, it couldn't possibly wreck her whole life and make her what she is trying to be now. obviously, sexual abuse isn't easy to talk about, but at this point she would have at least vaguely referenced something of that sort, because, again, she shares too much

No. 145453


Jill has literally one single issue in life and it's called "Affluenza." Nothing more, nothing less, and like I've said before, her therapist makes way too much money off of her to tell her the truth.

Affluenza and classic narcissism. That's it, that's all, and one day she's going to fucking realize it. Loser.

No. 145469

Semester ends April 23.

No. 145479

so jill is supposed to be finished with her whole collection in a week when it looks like she hasn’t made any meaningful progress except on her flower cardigan?

No. 145481

It's gonna look so bad and I can't wait to see it

No. 145484

>they’re all children’s toys
Her new phase is gonna be ageplay.

No. 145503

It's not age play she's going to push. It's going to be DID where one of her alters is a toddler or some shit so people don't attack her for being into a problematic kink.

No. 145514

Historically the runway is done at the end of their winter semester so yes, but Jill does have one more semester of school which takes place in May and June so they may be putting it off with the hopes they could have some sort of IRL runway show?

No. 145556

File: 1618575573848.png (248.67 KB, 598x371, pixs.png)

Well she's in "crunch mode time" now.

No. 145557

File: 1618575661701.png (314.81 KB, 583x417, pixs.png)

also this is kinda sad

No. 145558

That green material looks cheap af! Never do shiny fabric with clown clothes, it makes the item appear bargain bin, not ‘designer’

No. 145571

she said in her shoe video that her mom will be taking pictures of her collection in may

No. 145611


>pre-fashion school

doesn't she have anything else to show off that isn't 3-4 years old? or did she sew nothing in ~fashun~ school except her egg pants and half-baked collection that's coming up?

No. 145612

not to mention 2/4 of the pieces are just tennis skirts and the rest is a shitty painted denim jacket and aliexpress quality dress

No. 145617

I remember this dress
she made it out of cheap costume material from a commercial pattern
said shed wear it to a meet and greet
was to embarrassed to wear in public and wore something else
(theres an image somewhere of the back and how poorly the zipper was attached but i cannot find it)

No. 145618

a legit question that if asked by someone on twitter would make Jill flip the fuck out. but why? seriously, does she have absolutely nothing to show for all this time when this is what she's supposedly been paying to go to school for

No. 145621

why did she include a jacket that she didn’t even sew in her portfolio

No. 145622

if she was going to show old stuff, she should have atleast showed her precure cosplay she made. atleast that’s way more impressive than those hideous tennis skirts

No. 145625

I’m convinced her mom or someone else made that for her, because sewing skills don’t regress like that. Maybe she’s afraid to get called out on it.

No. 145627


I’m like, offended on behalf of her teachers. I know some influencers, and they graduated college and moved onto amazing things while keeping up with the Instagram grind. If. I were her teacher I’d smack her so hard with reality because did she just really waste all this time?

No. 145629

File: 1618600852183.png (343.91 KB, 512x394, 1520865216977.png)

I got you anon.

saged for old milk

No. 145644


This. If you look at her cosplays in order, they regressed over time. Probably a relative helping less over time.

No. 145647

Omg I remember this one! Wasn’t there a whole in the zipper or she fucked it up somehow so she put that little flower there topkek

No. 145651

her “good” cosplays were made by becky who’s in almost all her con vlogs. she made her cure flora cosplay & i believe the one after that (i don’t remember which one)

No. 145663

File: 1618619131939.png (36.23 KB, 1157x301, Screenshot 2021-04-16 162458.p…)

Looks like the fashion show will be from May 30th - June 5th
so about a month and a half left to go

No. 145687

"I'm a fashun designer!!1!"

>Doesn't know how to hide a zipper

No. 145709

I know nothing about sewing or designing clothes, but is it normal to take this long? I have watched micarah tewers make dresses that look pretty intense in about a day. Jill has had months and doesn't have to work and go to school like the rest of us.

No. 145711


I can’t sew either but my mom would make my sister and I clothes and she could whip out some cuteeee skirts, coats and hats for my sisters and I in about a week. We were pretty small but she made ya cosplay one time and it took her like, maybe a week max.

No. 145716

Yeah, it can totally take this long. It is pretty standard.

Jill just makes such low quality stuff and isn't actually putting in the effort to work on it that it seems like it is too much time.

No. 145726

yeah i wouldn’t have any questions about her time if i had any faith she was going to put out a good quality product

No. 145734

That big mismatching zipper pains me.

No. 145762

Literally all she had to do was look up a YouTube video on how to do it too.

No. 145878

She probably just rips out her pubes like everyone else with trich & no visible bald spots

No. 145949

These are not good portfolio pictures. Yes, they're cute, but they look like outfits from Shein, laying on the floor. These pictures don't show if the gartments are well constructed or if they have a nice fit on a human body, so they have the same value as a sketch.

No. 145950

She's so selfish… She proposed the tattoo idea to her classmates so her tattoo would match with other new tattoos of hers. She's always forcing everybody into her aesthetic.
Remember when in those videos of the Moonmist Girls she would talk in the name of the group and she would speak in singular instead of plural? She doesn't know how to actually be part of a group.
Or when she HAD to be Frenchy in Grease, and the little girl in Mary Poppins… and then she made a video with her mom explaining how other kids in the musical were mean and jealous and that's why she had to leave.
Like, gorl, it doesn't hve to be everything about you, specially if you're in a group.

No. 145951

also…how on earth are they going to match? doesn't she only get her tattoos done by helena darling, i doubt her classmates are all going to get drive to halifax or whatever to get it done, unless i just don't know how class tattoos are supposed to work

No. 145960

It's like when she got "matching" cat tattoos with her mom, she will just do her thing without matching the resto of the group eventhoughit was her idea.

No. 146017

How do we know that she was one who proposed it?

No. 146040

She said that they were considering getting a needle and thread tattoo as the class tattoo, and considering that she's mentioned getting a sewing related needle and thread tattoo a long time ago (can't remember which video and I cannot be fucked to dig through and figure out which one) I think it's highly likely that she wanted an excuse to get the needle and thread tattoo, so she proposed it as a class tattoo.

No. 146056

I think the idea of a "Class Tattoo" is fucking wild tbh like I wonder if everyone in the class is getting them?

No. 146076

Oh god. No don’t ever do that. That’s like just as bad as people getting sport logo tattoos. No no no

No. 146101

You know, I would be willing to believe something happened between Jill and Uma we aren't privy to that could have hurt, even traumatized her. I can even believe that an age difference of a couple years or so could have set up a power dynamic between the two of them, since among teenagers even just one year, let alone two or three can make a pretty big difference. If Uma wanted to attempt sexual experimentation, I can see how this could have affected Jill negatively. But Jill ruins her credibility by exaggerating the shit out of it. This doesn't cause BPD. It doesn't cause DID. Those are disorders caused by pervasive trauma since early childhood, something Jill almost definitely never experienced. Furthermore, while I can acknowledge it could have been upsetting to Jill if Uma DID seek out sexual experimentation in their relationship, I don't think it's fair to act like she was some sort of predator and demonize the shit out of her. Maybe something happened that really sucked for Jill, but the idea that Uma did anything out of the ordinary for a teenager seems like a total reach.

No. 146106

File: 1618948042863.png (1.29 MB, 1214x1212, Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 3.45…)

I feel like this is low-key backhanded to post underneath a photo of a small business/independent artist's picture of their products even if it is under a quote retweet.

No. 146107

it's not that low-key

No. 146110

Isn't this right up Jill's alley? Or is she upset someone else with the alias Pixie is doing what she's doing, but actually making good progress?

No. 146113

ding ding ding

No. 146125

considering she was 13 at the time, i just can't see how it would become the "major trauma" for her unless she thought that sex was a form of hugging. she wasn't 5 or 8, and she certainly wasn't innocent to the point where a failed sexual act would cripple her. many, if not most teenagers experiment in that way around that age. and yet they haven't all developed PTSD or DID. i definitely think something happened between them, but imo it would give her more credibility if she hasn't referred to that relationship as the source of her problems and instead just milked the mental trauma from her self-destructive behaviours caused by some inherited brain chemical imbalance

No. 146126

Oh but god forbid someone say the same thing about the cheap fabric costumes she made in *~fashion skewl~*. Like I know Jill can be insensitive at times but this is downright rude.

No. 146160

File: 1618974954287.jpg (45.2 KB, 597x391, Screenshot 2021-04-20 210343.j…)

She really proved our point that she only talks about her dad when he does nice things for her.

No. 146165

She's the "kween of positivity uwu" unless it's toward a more successful kaweewee artist. Lol. This is clearly a backhanded compliment out of jealousy/insecurity

No. 146188

Her dad is always doing cute little nice things for her. I wonder why she doesn't at least try to have a better relationship with him? I understand you can't force chemistry with people, that includes loved ones but I wonder why she doesn't at least acknowledge him. It seems she only drops his name when he does stuff for her. She only ever misses her mom she never says she misses her parents or can't wait to see her parents it's only ever just her mom. She treats are dad like a "sugar daddy" where he only gets a mention when he gifts her something.

No. 146189

Saved for same fag, but Jill and her mother's relation ship kind of remind me of that one episode of wife swap where. The mom spoiled the hell out of this little piece of shit and the kid only saw the dad as a bank account. I can't find the episode or I would post it.

No. 146199

>five petal flower
God, I hate the name/logo for her "brand" so much. It just sounds so dumb. Sage for nitpick.

No. 146203

Reminds me of the five points of calvinism. Aren't they sometimes described with a flower? TULIP is the acronym.

I guess I got something out of that history of religions class after all.

No. 146210

Yeah you got autism, because holy shit, it's literally just a flower

No. 146211

File: 1619015284497.jpg (100.47 KB, 1280x787, polly_pocket_logo_by_mmmarconi…)

i saw someone in her replies said it looks like the polly pocket logo lol

No. 146217

Omg, Jill, Polly Pocket stole your flower design

No. 146218

File: 1619021062165.jpg (334.99 KB, 1080x1119, Screenshot_20210421-110406_Twi…)

No. 146222

Her "catatonia" is probably her feeling tired all day because of her seroquel kek

No. 146233

why the fuck is she taking seroquel? maybe all those meds prescribed for conditions she doesn't have are frying her brain

No. 146235

>>146233 she's been taking it for years even before her bpd diagnosis

No. 146236

She's been getting sick and having flu like symptoms. Sounds like withdrawals of an addict. Yikes

No. 146239

Jill thinks any actual lesbian she dates wanting to be anything other than a prop for her is trauma. She's a self-hating heterosexual.

No. 146240

>someone called pixieeeshop running a small kawaii business, being vaguely critiqued by pixieelocks who is starting up a small kawaii business, despite their kawaii products being extremely on brand for her

Is she giving away how she talks about other small businesses/competitors? Think this could be considered a microaggression.

No. 146248

I got seroquel prescribed to sleep better, does anyone know how big dose she takes?

No. 146255

Sometimes I forget she takes antipsychotics because she goes a few days without mentioning it so I appreciate the reminder

No. 146256

Doctors are prescribing seroquel like candy. Even mildy depressive people get it prescriped along an antidepressant.

No. 146266

I don't get it either.
I got a Seroquel prescription for use as a sedative antidepressant a couple years ago, but in her list of diagnosis from >>145147 she doesn't mention anything that Seroquel would be used for and she specifically referred to it as "her antipsychotic" in >>116226.

If it's a low dosage for, say anxiety related sleep issues, that Tweet of hers is bullshit.
If it's for psychosis, then I find it odd she never added that to her list of illnesses/symptoms, considering how open she is about taking the meds (and literally everything else mh related).

Also this >>116423 .

No. 146284

She has since deleted this reply thank god. Not sure if people called her out or she was just lurking. She's going to have to deal with the fact that everyone who owns a small business is doing it way better than her until she wakes the fuck up and actually works hard for once in her life. The way she stamps her "neurodivergence" everywhere (including her PORTFOLIO SITE) shows me that she expects her success to be handed to her just for being speshul uwu

No. 146285

Find a doctor that isn't retarded or just enjoy your future psychotic disorder

No. 146286

She would talk on deviantart all the time about how she was a virgin and wished she wasn’t or some shit during and after she was with Uma

If she’s taking a big enough dose of Seroquel (for mood stabilising/antipychotic) she would have withdrawals that night. Also throwing up isn’t a withdrawal symptom of Seroquel
Source is being on a big dose of seroquel and experiencing the withdrawals from it

Imagine if she was pregnant kek

No. 146292

She didn’t delete it, it is still located under tweets and replies

No. 146297

She's been on her meds for years but she's never though to get the dosages updated or to try new medication? If she's still experiencing bad depressive episodes/catatonia (just to humor her since I highly doubt she has catatonia.) it would be smart to talk to a doctor and a real phycologist to see what cocktail of meds would work better.

Don't put that out to the universe anon, the last thing we need is a kawiee back dropped video titled "my abortion story". Because there is no way in hell Jill thinks she's mature enough to raise a child when she has to be babied by every one in her life.

No. 146303

>The way she stamps her "neurodivergence" everywhere (including her PORTFOLIO SITE) shows me that she expects her success to be handed to her just for being speshul
yep, its gonna be sad when her parents die and she realizes shes a grownup adult.

No. 146338

Oop, my bad. I can't see it for some reason.

No. 146354


Jill is on seroquel for sleep and has been for probably 7 years at this point. She's saying antipsychotic to sound like she takes it for something else.

No. 146395

why does she feel the need to tweet this jfc forgetting to take meds for a day is a common occurrence jill, you're not special

No. 146412

oh so she can't see how to make these fit into her horrendous style but she wears a dollar store flower that isnt even a fashion accessory wrapped in her hair. seeth more lmao

No. 146425

File: 1619115285018.jpg (593.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210422-140835_Twi…)

Pixie your eyeliner is crazy uneven

No. 146443

new video lol

No. 146445

Did she not just critisize a clay jewelry maker?

No. 146446

not even 3 days after making that comment on how clay jewelry looks uncomfortable under someone’s post kek

No. 146447

sorry for double posting but apparently she’s making her poor models wear her jewelry

No. 146450

File: 1619117701179.png (1.35 MB, 930x888, Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 2.54…)

is that a big cut on her arm?

No. 146451

File: 1619117882474.png (832.56 KB, 1366x507, 1619117772940_1619117763687_pi…)

No. 146453

looks like it but it could come from a number of things considering she works in fashion with a lot of stuff that could cut you and does have cats

No. 146454

God this hilarious! I can't believe Jill low-key tried to say these were ugly when she made clay jewelry that a toddler could Do. Jill's jealousy is becoming more transparent. You can tell that she is not confident in her capabilities as a designer.

No. 146458

she posted recently that she burnt her arm really bad on an iron.

No. 146459

It's most likely the burn from the iron mentioned here >>145378

Not to WK but she's praised the jewelry maker's earrings before (which is where she stole the idea for today's video). But her shading the rings is still shitty since she doesn't have to bring down the shop owner especially since the original tweet she's replying to doesn't mention anything about styling them.

No. 146460

If that's her iron burn it doesn't look accidental, you'd have to hold your arm in position for a few moments to get a straight line like that. Makes her cheery Tweet about it all the more odd.

No. 146463

Her true colors (pun unintended) are starting to come out.

No. 146470

lmao no wonder she left those comments under that small business

No. 146476

It seems cringy that she has her burn showing in the thumbnail?

No. 146485

I can’t agree with this. I’ve had burns like that before from an iron so it’s not that outlandish. Not everything she does has to be picked apart. Not WK’ing her either because she’s an idiot.

No. 146497

why does she have to moan like she's making a porno whenever the lifts the clay… wtf Jill

No. 146525

i was going to say the same thing. i had to literally turn down my volume

No. 146526

Right, weird burns and cuts can happen anytime in the weirdest of places when you work with hot and sharp objects…

That said, it’s front and center on her thumbnail? Even if it was an accident she wants attention for it and again she has an audience of self harmers, seems counter to her mental health warrior shtick to subject easily triggered fans to that shit but she’s done it numerous times so no surprise.

No. 146528

Besides the intro she's speaking in her natural, deeper voice. This just proves to me she's putting the high pitched shit on because as soon as she focused on crafting it went away.

No. 146551

Why show the burn on her thumbnail. Attention whore.

No. 146552

File: 1619143448788.png (376.67 KB, 597x451, ew.png)

they look so ugly and tacky

No. 146560

I do actually agree. After looking more at I think it could’ve easily been left out of the photo…might not have been an intentional burn BUT was an intentional photo so that is something I do now understand why would be picked apart.

No. 146568

jfc, she sounds absolutely insufferable in this. i usually enjoy watching >2 year old jill's videos while doing stuff around my home, but this one i could barely sit through. i always keep thinking this is the end, but every time she somehow sounds even more like a retarded child. and the jewellery came out so half-assed. something about this whole "five petal flower" branding really irks me all over
not to metnion the borderline erotic moans while cutting out the letter. we certainly did not need to know what steebie gets to hear in the bedwoom

No. 146574

Why would she not get these 3d printed

No. 146580

Sad. Just sad. Some of these actually looked rather nice but she ruins it by doing it once and being happy with the first attempt instead of seeing what works and what doesn’t.

The purple hoops with the rainbows are ill thought out and it shows in the way the purple of the rainbow blends in. Duh jill THATS the one you put clouds on to match the freaking theme!

Also could have done without the children’s show host/random erotic moaning voice over weirdness. What was that!? Attempted asmr? It was difficult to listen to.

No. 146587

File: 1619160739699.png (824.52 KB, 1009x792, blushdaisy.png)


I was struck by how similar these earrings looked to the ones made by blush.daisy, so I went on her website and found these two to compare the pair. Then I checked her instagram…

No. 146589

File: 1619160851352.png (84.86 KB, 750x456, image0.png)


Yep. Called it. Pixie was definitely '''inspired''' by these earrings lol

No. 146592

I hope to god they call her out. If I was them I’d fucking scream.

No. 146594

I don't know if her school requires that she makes all the accessories as well but couldn't she simply just buy the earrings? that's really shitty that she ripped from a small business and tried to shill that she got the idea from her sponsor skill share. She's going to burn every bridge with small businesses before her shop launches.

Also (sorry if anyone saw me dirty delete) what happened with her collaboration with that violet flower (or what ever it's called) shop? it's been months since it was announced but she hasn't posted any updates. Is it even going to happen?

No. 146596


AYRT! Just two months ago Jill was whining that another small indie brand was '''copying her clothing designs''' ( >>138712 ) and now she's straight up copying earrings from a small business owner lmfao what a joke

No. 146604

I can't believe how sincerely she talks about her designs when comparing Jill's preschool project to an actual business doing the same thing is so damning.

No. 146640

i actually think she could have bought the accessories because i think she said that she wanted to make them homemade as possible or something of that vain implying that she didn’t have to make it. in the shoe video, she also just recolored already made shoes and i don’t think that counts as making shoes

No. 146652

Jill: critizices better quality indie brands and says theyre copying her
Also Jill: copies indie brands with 0 effort so they look terrible

Seriously how come no one has called out on this yet? her fans are retarded

No. 146660

File: 1619195304106.jpg (730 KB, 2896x2896, 20210423_121808.jpg)


Omfggg you're so right. This isnt cool at all. This is awful. I'm sorry she couldnt spend 45$ on earings.

I really hope someone reaches out.

No. 146669

File: 1619197404020.jpeg (595.09 KB, 1242x2119, 4C3AB730-9472-438A-A915-71462D…)

It’s not cow tipping if it’s doing the right thing. Guys jump on it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 146672

>matter-of-fact tone
>As an influencer
Lmao you sound so condescending. And that, kids, is why you dont cowtip then brag about it.

No. 146673

I think they meant for Pixiee being the influencer, I don’t think this is a bad thing to do. You guys said reach out so what? Let’s just not?

No. 146674

its not too late to delete this anon, this is embarrassing

No. 146676

Retard alert

No. 146677

It's one thing to cowtip. It's another thing to post it here, brag about it and act as if you're an honorary citizen god for doing so.

No. 146679

i know it's against the rules, but i'm with the anon here. probably shouldn't have posted about it here, but i hope jillybean gets put in her place. maybe we'll get a meltdown lol

No. 146686

cowtipping, especially for milk, is against the largest rules and maybe we have that rule for a reason

No. 146688

It's rare for Jill to be called out. I suspect this person (the artist making the nice jewelery Pixie is ripping off) is a nice person and won't do anything about it. Also Pixie's stuff is so unashamedly shit I don't think she's any real competitive risk, Pixie is just a delusional narcissist who probably thinks these wobbly rainbows and fried egg looking "flowers" are acceptable.

But anyone with eyes will obviously opt for the professional product e.g. the person she's ripping off, so that person has no financial worries regarding this. And Jill's copies being of such a poor standard only serves to emphasize that they are copies. Very ironic though as this anon pointed out >>146652

No. 146690

I don't mean to WK Pixie but I can't see any resemblance between the designs other than >>146552 and >>146587 (which is a blatant rip-off, I'll give you that).
>>146660 feels like a reach because people have been doing clay earrings in these shapes and colours for quite some time now, especially ever since this trend blew up on tik tok.

Sorry for the dirty delete but I had a typo lol

No. 146692

even though this is cow-tipping, if you don't get banned I wanna see their response if they do respond?

No. 146693

She's ripping off a couple of the designs, but she's not doing anything illegal lmao. What are they gonna do, file a cease and desist against some no-name aspiring fashun brand? Jill isn't mass producing these to sell, she's making a couple pairs for her god-awful collection.

No. 146695

I sincerely don't think the other jewelry maker has anything to worry about. Jill's look awful and amateur.
It sucks to have an idea copied but I genuinely wouldn't care if that were me, who wouldn't feel smug looking at those pastel turds?

No. 146701

File: 1619207016764.jpeg (45.05 KB, 595x345, A6046993-35DB-4B26-92EE-8AFDAD…)

No. 146724

There are a tonne of etsy sellers making ugly ass earrings like this. She might be copying this one, but they aren't doing anything unique either.

No. 146749

agree. they'd look silly claiming hearts, rainbows, clouds, and graphic mod earring shapes.

No. 146809

You're a holier-than-thou a la Jill herself. Ask me how I know.

No. 146839

nta, how do you know?

No. 146840

>big NONO
kek hilarious, I know she copied the stupid blue heart with clouds and rainbows but come on

No. 146983

Only because she's fishing for a DID diagnosis now.

No. 147021

File: 1619337256638.jpg (328.6 KB, 1080x1298, IMG_20210425_084949.jpg)

Oh god, what now?

No. 147022

And knowing her it won't be something that's actually considered neurodivergent but she'll shill it as such for woke points. (Money is on her having DID, but I'll be hilarious if she was diagnosed with NPD or HPD)

No. 147025

I hate how she constantly shills BPD as neurodivergent when it's a term meant only for ADHD and Autistic folk. She's even responding specifically to an ADHD account (see username)

It's just disinformation at this point.

No. 147049

I don't think she is gonna get a DID diagnosis. I think possibly ASD or ADHD. DID and schizotypal are so niche that if she did get diagnosed with one of them I would be suspicious.

No. 147056

Thank god we can count on Jillybean and she’ll update us on the details soon

No. 147059

Can you be a clinical case of a vapid spoiled bitch?

No. 147168

damn, was really hoping this was the one time people actually dragged her in public. I'm so sick of her shit honestly. saged for no contribution

No. 147188

Have you not paid attention to the DID community on YouTube? There’s loads of them, they even claim having DID is as common as people with ginger hair so by their logic jillybean could definitely have “DID”
It’s not a real condition regardless so

Yeah, HPD/NPD can come from someone being overly spoilt and coddled from my understanding

No. 147217

Which DID utuber claimed it's as common as having ginger hair? Also just because a bunch of weebs on utube claimed they have MP doesn't mean it's not rare.

No. 147234

Just tried to watch pixies newest clay video and that moaning!!!! once it started I had to turn it off. It makes me want to gag why does she do that????

No. 147237

no joke, I think she thinks it's gay

No. 147315

I have a theory that she is copying Trixie Mattel and her moaning over make up products and other stuff. She has mentioned being a big fan of Uhhhhhn

No. 147348

File: 1619488391783.png (8.44 MB, 1242x2688, 3B625FC1-6F8B-4C1B-8779-D4D16A…)

has anyone seen pixies depop likes recently? the stripper heels and bodysuit make me feel like we’re gonna get an onlyfans announcement soon

No. 147351

rainbee onlyfans when?

No. 147355

For someone into “fashion” and being an influencer, you’d think she’d know that sw’ers aren’t fans of civilians wearing heels that are meant for dancing….it’s not hard to understand why it’s an issue so I find it bizarre she’d be into the style and liking it on depop. Seems sus but very on par for her tacky idiocy.

No. 147361

>For someone into “fashion” and being an influencer, you’d think she’d know that sw’ers aren’t fans of civilians wearing heels that are meant for dancing….it’s not hard to understand why it’s an issue
I hope she buys those shoes and triggers as many hoes as possible

No. 147364

why did she like the sky jeans that she already own ?

No. 147368

What was your point with this comment. What sexy person hurt you?

No. 147371

Same. Forever laughing at them calling people "civilians" LOL.

No. 147372

anon I hate that you made me think of Jill's stubby fat body in thigh-hi pleasers.

hopefully to gage how much they go for since the pair she owns most likely doesn't fit her any more, she already had to get a new Lucy and Yak boiler suit since the yellow one doesn't fit.

No. 147375

Civilians is meant to be an lol. It’s not deep.
Obviously you two who want Jill to upset sw’ers are just dumb fat fucks that are jealous. Personally I could give two shits what Jill does but the point remains that someone who is so sensitive and attempts to be PC you’d think she would be mindful.
Enjoy your fat fuck life on these message boards, wishing you were someone special or at the very least wishing your dumb body was desired enough for you to be a stripper.

No. 147376

Nobody even brought up sex workers except you. No one cares, you assblasted slut.

No. 147380

Pretty sure a good percentage of us could be strippers if we wanted to anon, but we're actively choosing not sell our body for the entertainment of scrotes kek

No. 147381

All the fatty sex workers would be seething at all that body shaming, tsk. Anon is clearly just a mad ho who feels civilian Jill is appropriating her work culture by selling ugly shoes lmao.

No. 147405

Jill liking stripper heels is hilarious to me because she can barely walk in her 5 inch irregular choice heels what makes her think she could walk in 7 inch stilettos with no ankle support?

No. 147411

more likely that she’s going to do drag than onlyfans.

No. 147416

>What was your point with this comment. What sexy person hurt you?
Strippers pretending that they have a sacred culture that can be appropriated and calling women 'civilians' never will not be hilarious to me. If you don't see how ridiculous that is, I don't even know what to say.

No. 147424

>at the very least wishing your dumb body was desired enough for you to be a stripper.

Why do sex workers always think being some scrotes fap material (((by degrading themselves for dolla))) is a high honor? Most of them get off on the degradation, not how uwu sexy you are. Like how Belle memed herself into thinking all these guys thought she was insanely hot and then was surprised at their disgust when she actually did piv/etc.

It's not a compliment baybee, and learn English for fuck's sake and you might be able to get a less dubious job. Your post is littered with grammatical errors.

t. hot, slim girl who doesn't think selling your body to strange creepy men is empowering

No. 147484

Anynody who calls themselves hot an slim is probably some fat retard men wouldn't even pay to objectify on their good days. I agree that stripper culture isn't some high brow thing. However women who think that, that job is beneath them are usually women who will open their legs for any rightwing trogledyte who calls them pretty.

Fuck off don't you have an abortion meeting to attend to get rid of yet another illegitimate trumpies child.

No. 147489

Holy thread derailment, Batman. Lmao Jesus girls get it together

No. 147504

Amusing of you to insult the intelligence of some imaginary strawman trumpie while continuing to post barely literate word salad+derailing.

No. 147511

Saged for derail

Wow you got a trumpies dick out of your mouth long enough to reply to me how sweet.

No. 147512

File: 1619563746529.jpg (651.49 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20210427-174837_Twi…)

Do you see what I see?

No. 147515

wtf is this her new phase? strawberry shortcake?

No. 147518

>mfw a sex worker is trying to slut shame me by inventing a strawman unappealing scrote who I have intercourse with

Is this cognitive dissonance you are experiencing anon?

No. 147520


It's a beauty filter app.

No. 147527

no wonder her color correction sucks, Snow's filters make everything too cool.

Also the fucking eye strain on that holy shit, you need to squint to see what half the apps are since the background is so fucking bright.

No. 147564

oh god, she must be going insane. it's not even just her phone. when you remember that she's permanently dressed like a clown, spends most of her time locked in a house where every wall is a bright accent wall and every piece of furniture is cluttered with chaotic neon trash… i swear her uwu anxiety and disassociation have to be exacerbated by her surroundings. it's not healthy to live like this, especially if she's autistic like most of us think

No. 147610

File: 1619606289793.png (48.49 KB, 920x322, god shut the fuck up.png)

Pixie's performative wokeness is truly just as bad as her mentow iwness LARPing. She really just hits rt on any "woke" looking tweet huh? Imagine unironically believing this

No. 147660

Yeah, she either wants to blind herself to oblivion or she's literally insane and needs everything to be bright pastels. Imagine living like that.

No. 147661

I'm just waiting for the time she retweets the wrong woke thing or a troll. kek. Hoping it happens soon.

No. 147716

File: 1619694010740.jpeg (612.5 KB, 828x863, 5B8399F7-C174-472C-8A5E-4A985B…)

No. 147717

>another day of being autistic and an eyesore

No. 147718

There's no fucking way she hasn't finished the coat yet oh my god. She could've made about three of those in the time she has barely made one.

No. 147728

>Another day of cringey positivity tweets to cope while I actually have a breakdown because I know I’ll never finish this shit in time

No. 147737

Did she run out of green and had to use a more muddy one is it the filter?

No. 147739

the way those earrings are all bending upwards…. holy shit that's awful, she should've looked up how to dry them properly but of course she's too lazy to actually put long term effort in after getting the asspats she craved from youtube…. also the flowers on every panel of that jacket is so gaudy, should've spread them farther apart or not added them at all

No. 147747

no you're right anon they're 2 different colors lmfao. how can she just not…. pay attention to those kind of details? if she thinks she can sacrifice coherence in the color palette without people noticing I can't possibly imagine how botched the rest of the collection will be.

No. 147757

Babby's first lesson in dye lot numbers, holy fuck. Nice to know that once this thing starts to fall apart at the seams after a few washes and pills under the armpits terribly that it will become a huge, multicoloured heap of plastic in a disposal bin. In place of a-logging, all I'll say is that I hope her mind is a battlefield and that being alive is agonizing. She's like if a hog could produce permanent waste, like actual shit that could never biodegrade.

No. 147777

File: 1619724438348.jpg (8.62 MB, 3017x4304, ooof.jpg)

In a patreon livestream she said all of the colours apart from the pink are different as she used different yarn, I don't think she gave a reason as to why. Kinda sloppy considering this is one of her final pieces. This is what she showed us in her last livestream. (its fucking massive)

No. 147787

How do you actually prevent those type of earrings to bend?

No. 147788

why use different colors? why are threads dangling? also why aren't you posting more of her livestreams nonna?

No. 147791

I've tried but couldn't figure out how to upload long vids to youtube, I have the insight but I am also dumb

No. 147792

you're supposed to set something heavy on them while they're baking, like a stone or something

No. 147835

File: 1619736553262.jpg (247.09 KB, 872x813, Screenshot_20210429-234305_Ins…)

Sage for absolute nitpick tinfoil sperg but the face shes making in the top panel seems to be her current go-to face when it comes to full body shots and looks like she's straining super hard to do the tongue-on-the-roof-of-the-mouth thing to lessen her double chins.

No. 147844

It looks like she's trying to shit out a big one but can't

No. 147845

upload them to dailymotion duh

No. 147846

The real question here is: if she's going to sell this cardigan thing, will she make every single one only with the colors she has laying around? How long will it take for each order? also this knit seems so basic.

No. 147853

Her place looks so dingy and dirty. It might be the lighting, but tbh no wonder she abuses tf out of the saturation in her videos

No. 147875

I can’t be the only one who thinks she added the extra bottom part to the cardigan because she realized the proportions looked far from normal. It goes from the squares being flat and semi-consistent in quality across the shoulders and back to the bottom squares being a mess. They’re curling at the corners and looks rushed and loosely crocheted/knitted

No. 147894

She didn’t bother to sew in the ends on the squares like you’re supposed to so now there’s threads all over the place

No. 147899

It’s still an antipsychotic even at low doses it’s honestly really bizarre their are places that prescribe it specifically for sleep

No. 147901

File: 1619754984833.png (126.1 KB, 788x408, lable.png)

the patch work look can look cute but the way Jill did it is just so fucking bad. especially since she went from bright saturated acrylic yarn to what seems to be a more natural dyed wool yarn (based on this label). She should've stuck with plastic or all wool, especially since it fucks with washing and maintain the garment.

No. 147906

What’s with all the hanging threads?

No. 147908

DissociaDID and others, DID is a bogus disorder. Sage anything irrelevant next time

Good god this is hard to look at

The non matching colors look like shit. Also what does she have against orange? She always leaves it out

No. 147910

File: 1619757268153.jpg (114.89 KB, 640x640, snarrry hyles.jpg)

This is just rainby Harry Styles cardigan.

No. 147920

wtf is this a wearable tent?! It's hideous.

No. 147923

what bothers me is there's no pattern to it? i don't know if that's important, but it really feels like she haphazardly threw it together instead of planning which colors go where.

No. 147928

File: 1619761626038.jpg (141.54 KB, 1000x900, iuWPHT5Q91.jpg)

This is what this uh garment reminds me of

No. 147940

File: 1619768021473.jpeg (583.25 KB, 828x1162, 6B2B1695-6B82-4BB9-B954-1913CC…)

No. 147941

File: 1619768060600.jpeg (204.45 KB, 756x458, 75ACF136-1507-43F6-84E9-98357B…)

No. 147942

>the world revolves around me I'm a special snowflake

No. 147943


Go sew your shitty collection instead of doing this shit on twitter please Jillian

No. 147960

Imagine being this butthurt over a harmless joke from a children's cartoon

No. 147962

File: 1619782025581.jpg (596.39 KB, 1582x2330, 1619781841329.jpg)

No it isn't lol. The world doesn't Revolve around celebs bonnie. Patchwork sweaters have been around for ages. If it's a copy of anything. Than its a copy of this shopfluffy crop cardigan.

No. 147963

i think anon just mentioned the HS cardigan because last year during quarantine it became this huge thing among tiktokers to learn crochet just to make a similar one for themselves lol i 100% believe it since jill is known for doing the most surface level type of research

No. 147964

File: 1619783573825.jpg (600.24 KB, 2160x3840, 20210430_135254.jpg)


No. 147969

It’s interesting how in candid shots you can see she has a small chest in reality when she tries to push the idea that she has big boobs and a big ass often, probably to make herself feel better since the societally acceptable kind of plus size is curvy women, not very body posi of her

No. 147971

The amount of time it took her to make it if she paid herself a living wage for the hours she put in it would be insanely expensive, didn’t she show some stuff before that was knitted by a machine at her school for an assignment, why wouldn’t she do that

No. 148028

The ever increasing propulsion to her onlyfans saga

No. 148031

This is professionally made and still so hard to look at. Her collection, like her home, sweet, sweet, codependent home is going to be a shitshow.

No. 148037

Jill isnt a designer. Shes just a crafter at most and thats an insult to crafters. She just draws then makes. She puts zero effort into testing and exploring the materials/techniques shes choosing. As we seen when she made the earrings. She had no idea if it would work. She hasnt taken weight or function into account. Of course she hasnt planned where the colours on the squares would go. She doesnt plan anything out. Her entire process i want this. So i make it

No. 148038

Christ almighty Pixie can you at least pretend to be happy for your collaborators/“friends” whatever for five minutes instead of throwing passive aggressive uwu shade because you didn’t get your way?

No. 148039

File: 1619804133761.jpeg (451.38 KB, 1242x1270, 54A4BE17-7B85-43DC-BDAC-91FBD3…)

Whoops, sent before the image.

No. 148052

ironic considering she's openly admitted to ghosting companies until she decides the product is actually useful to her, like with an extensions company

No. 148059

File: 1619810280371.jpeg (142.94 KB, 828x358, FD621D8A-6DFB-4B05-ADF8-C9756F…)

i wonder who this could be about

No. 148070

File: 1619817392453.png (66.29 KB, 1080x198, Screenshot_20210430-122054-633…)

Therapy must be going well.

No. 148094

Honestly she should just make these to sell as blankets. Aside from the messed up yarn colors it looks cute hung over the couch like that. Too bad she’s making poorly fitted cardigans instead.

No. 148095

File: 1619831788251.jpg (848.88 KB, 2896x2896, 20210430_211348.jpg)

Her outfits are so far from the design. The house dress looks so wrinkly, the clouds at the waist dont match the design, and that front middle seam kills me. The pattern is mirrored for the houses it looks really bad. I'm so afraid of the lattice dress. Theres no way that could look good. And for her pink dress just looks whack.

No. 148097

She didn't fully commit to the lining in the house dress either.

No. 148103

I can't wait to see her fucking store fail and see every order looks different to each other and they don't follow the promised designt and they look like shit

No. 148106

Would it kill her to put some effort in? She does one pass of things and calls it done. Also what has she been doing for this whole course that these look like a first attempt!? Have they never made skirts/dresses/etc before? Is this part of the course meant to push them out of their comfort zones? Her work always looks so unpolished.

No. 148107

Yes that's exactly why I posted it! The designer even posted an in-depth tutorial after it got popular.

No. 148108

why do the boobs look so saggy on the pink one kek

No. 148111

Putting two of the same building right next to each other, front and center… I can’t

No. 148147

Half of that lattice monster is pinned, how behind is she, has she actually finished anything yet, the cardigan if she calls that done that’s laughable with all the hanging yarn, I thought she was crunching uwu but seems like she has done sod all

No. 148148

I don’t know much about sewing but that skirt looks like the circle skirts she has made in the past that people can hammer out in a few hours

No. 148149

Absolute lack of polish aside, Is ANY of her stuff actually true to the sketch?? Idk anything about her kaweewee fashion school, but surely completely deviating from your plans would count against you, no?

No. 148153

Cute how the only piece even remotely close to being completed is the one that she's going to wear. I expected nothing less from our Jillybean.

No. 148165

…..Holy shit. That big ass seam right in center on the house dress..I'm actually at a loss of words. That is the most important part on a graphic dress like that, it should be the MOST perfect part. Did her years of wearing lolita teach her nothing about graphic prints?!?

No. 148168


Is there any sign of the purple dress? I feel like we have only seen the accessories

No. 148174

Yeah the purple dress and the yellow jacket we haven't seen anything of.

No. 148177

of course it is just a basic shitty circle skirt, the only thing she half assedly knows how to make.

No. 148179

In any legitimate design school, fashion, graphic or otherwise, deviating too much from the original design in a way that it makes it worse than the sketch or original planned idea, without any deliverate improvement at all, should be an automatic fail. Considering already that the garments she's making have zero to none markeateability beyond her delulu followers, and the clothes aren't flattering or user friendly at all, this project is a fucking mess and should be graded with a 70/100 if we're being generous. But knowing Jill's illegitimate craft school, they'll pass her while asskissing her shitty attempt at unsuccesfully sewing two pieces of tacky fabric together. Then she'll feel proud of herself for doing the bare minimum, like she always does, and believe she's ready for real life with the skills of a beginner tier seamstress. She learnt absolutely nothing in the time she spent at school, because she still does the same shitty mistakes, she still sticks to her comfort zone. Why? Because she rather play with children's toys and annoy her classmates with them, all while being a complete eyesore. What a sad thing to see.

No. 148180

She isn’t wearing any of the pieces…..Learn to read

No. 148182

I wonder how she'd react if she gets a really shitty grade on this

No. 148183

She said that her instructor said that they're all allowed to drop one garment. But it is sus that she hasn't shown progress of her house jacket since that seems to be the piece she was second most excited about.

She's not walking the runway in the but you know she's sure as hell going to keep the cardigan for her personal wardrobe.

No. 148184

do we know what some of the projects of her classmates look like yet?

No. 148188

File: 1619899607881.png (3.23 MB, 1920x998, This image is sin.png)

The purple dress is happening, but the yellow coat seems to have drifted into the abyss. This is a screencap from her livestream. Sorry for my terrible paint labeling

No. 148193

File: 1619909177989.jpg (279.14 KB, 1500x1001, 200828120335-blackpink-selena-…)

does Jill follow kpop groups by any chance? Because it was Black Pink who made that sweater hella popular with their Ice Cream video.

No. 148196

File: 1619911581448.jpg (698 KB, 1974x1831, 2021162459.jpg)

idk if anyone else was curious how her classmates are doing with their collections, but this is what i could find

No. 148197

here's a case where the sketches look simple/boring, but the actual work impresses me. It looks professional.

Note: I don't know anything about making clothes.

No. 148198

It's weird that she hasn't started the yellow jacket being that she was crying about someone "copying her design" 2 months ago.

No. 148200

I know she said before that they were allowed to cut one piece out of the collection, so I guess she cut the coat.

No. 148203


Jills is going to look so shit next to rachelles. Shes put way more effort in to hers. Especially for a crap course. And rachelle has gotten a Muslin piece in a gallery. Thats quiet impressive.

No. 148205

Isn't the character on the far right meant to be her?
She drew herself wearing it, so it is made specifically for her.

Maybe she didn't consider seam placement when ordering the print, so there wasn't enough fabric to have a continuous pattern.

No. 148211

Nah. If she did she would be posting about kpop all over twitter calling herself a stan and shit.

No. 148212

File: 1619923142186.jpg (940.26 KB, 2560x1978, sarah_morphologie_lingerie-1-s…)

shit, those croquis are so awful. It detracts from the entire purpose of showcasing the designs. Picrel, this is how it should be done, and they are not unrealistically proportioned either.

No. 148213

First of all, what acceptable fashion school ever lets their students cut one piece out of their fashion show?

Second, she was being so fucking annoying about how much other artists are copying her fugly coat. And now she's cutting it off??? so she complained for nothing? what a fucking asshole

No. 148214

I want to see the rest of her classmates.

No. 148219

That’s literally not her. It’s one of her friends/models. Go back and watch the collection video again

No. 148220

>Go back and watch the collection video again
No thanks

No. 148224

Maybe she was so depwessie about the “design theft” that she couldn’t find the motivation to work on it anymore.

IIRC it’s supposed to be this model

No. 148226

they're the ends of the granny squares she crocheted. generally you would weave those back into the square or otherwise finish them off securely, but she hasn't done that yet

No. 148241

she needs to block this project. it’s a technique of wetting and pinning the garment into shape it’s this lack of finishing that makes the cardigan look curled and bubbled and overall sloppy and unfinished.

sage for crafting sperg

No. 148247

File: 1619964856056.jpeg (516.75 KB, 828x871, 807361F2-9097-4C3B-AB40-3E5436…)

No. 148259

this is going to be a shitfest. The fucking audacity to make the font all kiddie too, kek.

No. 148260

Piling onto your crafting sperg with my own crafting sperg, it seems like some of the squares are made with 100% wool yarn and some are made with 100% acrylic >>147901 so it’s going to be very hard to block and/or wash without the entire cardigan getting fucked up.
I get it’s a shitty school she went to but you’d think she would’ve been taught a bit about how fibres have different attributes and care requirements?

No. 148283

jill just do your fucking project holy shit

No. 148285

BPD is a serious topic, why would she portray it like this… Also why is the text so small and hidden? The image doesn't even do it's job. Would it kill her to sacrifice her aesthetic for anything? NVM, BPD is solely an aesthetic to her anyway.

No. 148287

guess she didn't get the memo about May being AAPI Heritage month. feels a little more important right now than her narc fest.

No. 148290

and this bitch isn't even going to cite any information that she puts on these cards? jillian, anyone access wikipedia and mayoclinic

No. 148299

You would think Jill would care enough to research the materials shes working with. Like a designer.

Bit strange its only bpd awareness since other personality disorders exist. Bet she doesnt keep up and spreads false information. If she cant bother to do research why would she for this.

No. 148302

File: 1619981987719.jpeg (321.17 KB, 2048x1148, DB4F5755-A0C6-45CD-8A15-BDF822…)

Just in case

No. 148331

That's just all personality disorders. She can't be vague like this to her audience since most of them will take what she says at face value with out any outside research. The least she can do is link research papers along with each post so they can learn more.

No. 148334

She seems like a ddlgfag undercover since she tries way too hard to make things not specifically kawaii, but infantile.

No. 148344

this is so fucking gross, the fact that she had to make a card to match her aesthetic and I bet she will either not keep up on it or spread false information. I wish someone who mattered would call her out on making serious topics kawaii, like they did with others, like lovely lor, for posting BLM cards only when it matched her aesthetic.

No. 148487

File: 1620067347683.jpg (451.52 KB, 1080x997, Screenshot_20210503-204220_Eco…)

No. 148488

File: 1620067386759.jpeg (305.98 KB, 2048x1150, E0eIQrXWYAMy8Ul.jpeg)

Why is she so bad at elementary graphic design

No. 148489

File: 1620067559866.jpg (568.61 KB, 1080x1148, Screenshot_20210503-204550_Eco…)

Probably reading into this, but…implying? Lolcow shade or..?

No. 148490

This makes no sense, the flower is more of a focus point than the text, between many other design sins. Gasp, its like she thinks she has any authority in things she barely knows about.

No. 148506

she bragged about getting it at jump+. which is an authorized Apple retailer who only sells Apple certified refurbished products. They only sell “used” phones that are brand new and their boxes are just damaged or opened. Meanwhile Kijiji is swimming with iphones that are half the price she paid. Jill spent at LEAST $650 according to jump+ website for that phone kek

No. 148508

iPhone 11 second hand is still expensive though. She was literally better off getting a brand new phone

No. 148555

…is this a joke? Who would. voluntarily label themselves as "emotionally unstable" lmao. That reads as way more degrading than Borderline regardless of outdated origins.

No. 148596

Emotionally unstable is the modern diagnostic term for that personality disorder.
Borderline already is a subtype of the former.
It's called that because people with it are,in fact, emotionally unstable.
For once she's actually used correct terminology.

No. 148603

File: 1620138399522.jpeg (797.49 KB, 828x1115, 1602F944-CF65-47F9-8291-1B549E…)

No. 148604

This shit needs to be used for a course on designing infographics to demonstrate what NOT to do. How any anons can suggest she take up graphic design as opposed to fashion after both her website AND these cards would be beyond me.

No. 148605

for some reason i feel like her graphic design skills and sense of colors are somehow getting worse. i used to find it cute but now it’s a literal eyesore

No. 148606

She's really trying to push this idea that "BPD is a spectrum uwu" because she has such special sympt– sorry, doesn't actually have it. Like jesus fuck I'm all for mental health awareness but this is just so enraging. BPD destroys lives, don't fucking pretend it's some quirky personality trait you fat sow.

No. 148607

File: 1620138913007.jpeg (388.9 KB, 1511x2048, E0i7Y3GXMAMHaWR.jpeg)

Jill is entering wannabe queer bimbo e-girl territory at a rapid pace, now. It won't be long until the pixiethot saga commences.

No. 148608

File: 1620139023204.jpeg (340.5 KB, 1182x2048, E0i71iAXMAIj2K8.jpeg)

Her rug… Those boots… She and Shay would have so much fun together.

No. 148609

When is she going to throw out those boots already. Holy shit they’ve been horrific for years and only get worse.

No. 148610

File: 1620139240155.jpg (355.13 KB, 1080x992, Screenshot_20210504-163925_Eco…)

I was going through the comments to see how people were reacting, and apparently these cards were for a course….how?????? She's never going to mature if her environment is such an unchallenging hugbox.

No. 148611

Her eyes look so dead here.. and this strained face.. I can’t. Looks like she’s working on the right posing and editing to become a ‚thirst trap'. For whomever.

No. 148612

If this is really for a "art for social change" class, I'd fail her because it fails to communicate anything through art. This is just bad graphic design that doesn't make you think.

No. 148624

It doesn’t have to be gray scale, but maybe something that doesn’t hurt the viewers eyes would be nice… for someone who claims to be over stimulated easily she sure can handle some stimulating shit.

No. 148626

Anyone with a form of visual stress is going to struggle to read it. Which isnt exactly inclusive of her.

I genuially dont think Jill has the ability to create something other than the rainbow vomit style she has. Like if she was asked to make graphics inspired by say bauhaus. I think she would have a break down.

No. 148632

Sounds very milk. I bet she’ll equate her e-thotness as a “empowering” and “fashionable” way to make extra income with her queer sexuality. Steve won’t be able to say anything because he doesn’t want to be a regressive partner.

No. 148633

Why pair super saturated rainbow accessories with pastel clothing? It doesn't work at all, if the belt was gone then maybe it wouldn't be too bad. But then again the rainbow on the back of the trousers would clash with both the bag and the belt. Ugh

No. 148636

jfc has she never had to make a powerpoint presentation before? who tf claims to be a designer and then vomits a wall of text on a pastel brick too small to even fit the whole thing? do her instructors not tell her that when you're listing things on a slide you are supposed to make an ACTUAL LIST to get your point across? and again, where tf are your sources, jillian? for a college level class at any respectable institution, this would grant a fucking F for plagiarism, uncited material and terrible composition

No. 148639

those fucking jowls

No. 148640

graphic design fag here. if I were to turn in an infographic like that as a class project I would've gotten an instant fail. besides the graphic design sins and horrendous colors, it's clear that she's making those infographics for HERSELF and fitting to HER aesthetic, not to a general population or a specific target group. the aesthetic used for infographics are meant to be appropriate to the subject at hand and her uwu pink yellow vomit makes her bpd awareness text seems like a joke.(no1curr)

No. 148641

forgot to sage, got heated my bad

No. 148656

She’s dumb. She could’ve easily gotten a refurbished one off of eBay, where plenty of USA mobile phone shops resell the phones they repair for completely reasonable prices. Also, her vanity and narcissism is hitting heavy with this one. “For anyone keeping score” you should be doing this shit because you believe in the merit of it, not because you’re worried people will “judge” you for it. Talk about performative

No. 148659

Samefag but her outfits are looking worse and worse as time goes on, and I think it’s simply because she’s ballooning like Shay and most of her wardrobe just doesn’t fit her anymore

No. 148664

unfortunately, jill doesn't wanna hear about how she made these for her and not to spread awareness. working at an art university in the states, this would be something the graphic design department would come to the breakroom and ROAST. It would be the laughing stock among staff for the semester. I hope she furthers her educations somewhere (she won't) just so she can get a real dose of the art world and what it entitles without mommy's money and ass pats.

No. 148679

She’s mentioned so many times now that she will be done” will school when she ‘graduates’. She’s so arrogant that she just assumes she’s never at any point going back to school to further her education so she can actually LEARN designing skills, business skills, marketing skills, etc. Her parents will seemingly always be her safety net even if her business does not take off so she can be self sufficient. She is extremely privileged because of it, and it’s also seemed to have made her think she’s perfectly skilled the way she is.

No. 148686

This is tripping me out her face looks so much like Shayna's in this picture

No. 148698

Did she shop her tits bigger? This entire photo looks so uncanny

No. 148703

Holy shit this is truly graphic design is my passion complete with text warp

Absolutely incredible to not only post this online, but submit it as part of coursework.

No. 148725

Possibly, but she looks like she is wearing the same pink racerback pushup bra that she's had for years. So lots of padding, coupled with a cup size too small makes her look like she has cleavage. I don't know how she does it, the waist band must be suffocating at this point.

No. 148726

For once, her putting off tailoring her clothes smaller actually had a positive outcome. The orange at the bottom is still gross though

No. 148729

File: 1620223319325.jpg (321 KB, 2048x1151, IMG_20210505_100153.jpg)

No. 148731

The uneven margins… someone teach her how to turn on the grid.

No. 148732

Ah yes, let's water down this incredibly harmful and toxic mindset as a kaweewee lil flower saying "I hate this!" or "I love this!"

No. 148735

It looks like shes trying to explain a harmful mindset to children.

If its for her art for social change class. I cannot figure out how this is supposed to create social change? Or how these "info cards" would be used to do so.

No. 148737

She's so fucking bad at this, I'm astonished. I cannot even begin to describe what is wrong with this card, let alone the others…

No. 148738

things other 'then' people
grammar going downhill too?
sage for nitpick

No. 148771

The flowers are cute, she should do stickers instead of this tomfoolery

No. 148804

Just realized she’s injecting her five petal flower brand into this mental health awareness thing.

No. 148817

I…I really don't think she's ever made a PowerPoint in her life.

No. 148839

I agree I think that if she made stickers they would sell well

No. 148840

The bright background colors make it very hard to read and look at. She could’ve still made it her “aesthetic” without the blinding colors

No. 148841

How is she going to accuse people of stealing her designs, and then make her branding entirely based on a real life object that someone else designed?

No. 148845

that was my thought too anon, all these cards are literally just "five petal flower" themed

No. 148870

is her aesthetic these days not mismatching blinding colors?

No. 148880

File: 1620284289967.jpg (206.3 KB, 1500x1428, 81FzqtjeJNL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

my thoughts exactly

No. 148888

File: 1620289112029.jpg (452.46 KB, 1080x1653, IMG_20210506_091541.jpg)

So she is still making the yellow coat…? Cure black is the middle one with orange hair and I'm pretty sure Jenny was the model for the yellow coat in the sketches. Either she has been hiding the coat from us or its going to be uber rushed. Place your bets now, mine's on it being rushed.

No. 148896

File: 1620293293623.jpg (620.4 KB, 810x2254, Pixue.jpg)

Dr Jill's valuable input on "neurodivergence"

No. 148904

It was coined in 1998, relatively new my ass

>The term neurodiversity was coined in 1998 by an autistic Australian sociologist named Judy Singer, and was quickly picked up and expanded upon within the autistic activist community.


No. 148905

Real autistic people don't even use the term neurodivergent anymore because of dumbasses like Jill.

No. 148925

it's fanart, dumbass

No. 148930

File: 1620314350764.jpeg (735.33 KB, 828x1291, 5C61D272-1074-4468-B415-E4C0B2…)

what has to be jills favorite slide

No. 148931

File: 1620314376874.jpeg (340.35 KB, 2048x1149, 16A4849A-9D94-4767-9498-B5D5FE…)

No. 148934

>especially when people say whatever they like on Twitter

The lack of self awareness is painful

No. 148940

I believe their point was not the picture itself but that the model for the coat she seemed to be potentially leaving out of the collection still appears to believe she's going to be wearing it.
So either she's stil planning on making it or she just completely failed to inform the model.

No. 148948

Jill's claimed before that she suffers from structural dissociation right? So that means she's definitely running with the narrative of having multiple traumas, whatever the fuck those are.

No. 148968

jill suffers from the human equivalent of furbaby doggie separation anxiety. just like a spoiled pet, she is an attention whore whose multiple traumas comprise all instances of not being the centre of attention, mommie leaving her alone at home to get groceries, or her friends not responding in the group chat for several hours. she said before that she is constantly talking to someone through text whenever it's not in person. whenever she minutely imagines having to settle completely alone for work or education in a foreign city, she has her emotional support boytoy to stim with while watching children's anime. it's not healthy, and her twitter hugbox only worsens the problem by isolating jill inside a toxic positivity bubble. that's all there is to it.

No. 148974

By that logic most mental illnesses make you neurodivergent. Fucking depression is messed up brain chemistry, depression doesn’t make you neurodivergent?

No. 148975

Did she just buy the patches and sew them together? Is there proof she knows how to crochet and actually made each square herself?

No. 148977

File: 1620327065971.jpeg (350.76 KB, 750x657, A9F12963-C8E9-4B6E-B1AA-369842…)

The one wearing the yellow coat is cure black

They look like shit and even jill can make granny squares, they’re something a child can do pretty easily

No. 148988

Other than suddenly dumping her old girlfriend and being an overall bit of a trainwreck, I'm trying to think how Jill even remotely fits the description of BPD.

She talks about dissociating all the time I do not think she knows what it really is

No. 148989

Well, suddenly dumping her because she couldn't keep up the lie of pretending to be attracted to her, even if I'm sure the YouTube $$$ from the "mystery girl" videos was great. Actually I'd say it's one of the most rational things she ever did, realizing she can't keep stringing a girl along because she's not into pussy.

No. 148990

Yes but BPD is unpredictable, being impulsive and backing out of decisions is common. Jill wrecked the relationship herself. The decision was hardly thought through in the first place, not wise

No. 148991

Nitpicking - the slides are horrid I can hardly read the text

No. 148994

>that last sentence
I cannot wait for the kaweewee DID diagnosis video. She’s setting it up so hard you could see it from space.

No. 148996

File: 1620337562376.jpg (77.17 KB, 600x678, 1618161249940.jpg)

>jill suffers from the human equivalent of furbaby doggie separation anxiety. just like a spoiled pet, she is an attention whore whose multiple traumas comprise all instances of not being the centre of attention, mommie leaving her alone at home to get groceries, or her friends not responding in the group chat for several hours. she said before that she is constantly talking to someone through text whenever it's not in person. whenever she minutely imagines having to settle completely alone for work or education in a foreign city, she has her emotional support boytoy to stim with while watching children's anime. it's not healthy, and her twitter hugbox only worsens the problem by isolating jill inside a toxic positivity bubble. that's all there is to it.

No. 149016

>she is an attention whore whose multiple traumas comprise all instances of not being the centre of attention, mommie leaving her alone at home to get groceries, or her friends not responding in the group chat for several hours.

This is 100% it and why the queen of oversharing is yet to divulge her traumaws with her viewers

No. 149020


Sorry if I'm missing something obvious about internet culture or something but what the fuck are these cards or slides FOR? Just for other retards to repost on Twitter?

No. 149021

I just realized why she's falsely shilling BPD as neurodivergent after reading your comparison to depression.
Depression, and BPD, are both things you can work on to improve where Autism and ADHD are structural, you're born that way and they aren't imbalances to fix or that put you in a danger to yourself or others.

She refuses to fix her BPD (and probable NPD) so she shoves it into "neurodiversity" as a get out clause. She just has a speshul brain and shouldn't feel pressured to change it! When that's a core misunderstanding of mental illness and rather disgusting attitude to promote that you should just embrace more destructive mental illnesses like BPD, depression and schitzophrenia (not even gonna go there to discuss why it's offensive to lump very severe illnesses in with ADHD and Autism, but she's absolutely begging for a callout video at this point)

No. 149025

Yes, and the thing is is that it's not even "woke" since it's very "ableist" with the bright colors. People have already complained to her that they can't read it and she still hasn't done anything to fix it. It's all for self gratification with zero effort to actually inform, if she wanted to inform she would post articles and studies along with each slide.

No. 149052

what difference does this person see between people "saying whatever they like on twitter" and people "who consider themselves neurodivergent"

No. 149070

File: 1620377581596.jpg (473.44 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20210507-105226_Eco…)

She's already claimed it explicitly.

No. 149072

You beat me to posting that screenshot but I think it’s pretty sus that Jill was diagnosed on her first session. Idk if it’s just because of stuff I’ve heard about ALR claiming being diagnosed in her first session with a new therapist being unrealistic and unprofessional

No. 149074

Holy shit. Did she really just say she has a DID diagnosis from one fucking session with her gay witch therapist ??? That’s not even how therapy works? You don’t just go there and lay on a couch Freud style and spill your life story holy hell

No. 149076

She needs to realize that second opinions exist for a reason. Any therapist that diagnoses on the first meeting should not be trusted especially if they push some weird "new age" method of therapy. She's just going to make herself worse if she doesn't see a real shrink.

No. 149086

I bet their therapy sessions look straight out of a comedy show, hastily scribbled diagrams and all
>Therapist is a witch
>Diagnoses DID on first session
>Thinks spilling your whole life story in one go is an appropriate or healthy way to pursue therapy

No. 149122

File: 1620403332866.jpeg (321.68 KB, 2048x1145, 2C3188F5-CDF9-4385-A319-51A785…)

last slide

No. 149124

All of these slides where only made to talk about her dissosiciation.
This was less informative than a first grade school project.

No. 149135

100%, it isnt even the defining part of BPD, and it isnt the one that needs "understanding". She just want to sound cool when she talks about dissociation, instead of talking about actual bpd issues like black band white thinking.

Wish someone called out on her implying you can cure it.

No. 149140

seriously. all we got from the 5 days of "educational cards" was that
>bpd is not rare! (but i won't give you any sources to back it up)
>it makes you a sensitive bitch and can result in DISASSOCIATION (conveniently tie it to DID with an illustration of multiple flowers representing one person)
>it's okay to have it (no helpful tips, strategies or examples of coping mechanisms given. no attempt at advice to someone who has friends or family members with bpd)

you'd think at the end she would at least direct people to further resources, but i guess dr. jill is the final authority in bpd. this, given that all of her symptoms are, according to herself, very rare and uncommon, but only because she is so special and not because she was misdiagnosed

No. 149149

She didn't even focus on the symptons that are toxic like intense rage, self harm, risky behaviours, drug abuse, compulsive shopping, etc. I guess she didn't want to be related to the symptons that aren't kawiwi and don't fit her aesthetic.

No. 149156

not to WK, but you can "recover" from BPD if you actually work to get better, like seeing a good therapist, that isn't a witch, and taking the right meds for your diagnosis, not ones you've been taking for years pre BPD diagnosis.

No. 149177

I find this slide interesting coming from her. She has happily made her BPD diagnosis her personality and pushed really hard to make it her public image. So it's weird to me that she would post this slide suggesting she's trying/able to cure herself when for so long she has pushed the narrative that she's just "different"

No. 149185

And this is why BPD doesn’t make you neurodivergent, you can recover from it

People can also ‘grow out of’ BPD through time passing from their trauma and naturally finding better ways to cope, it is a really manageable thing

Going to be interesting to see what excuses jill comes up with to not get better from her ‘BPD’ now she’s said this

No. 149200

Secondary structural dissociation isn't really DID. Supposedly it's just a concept that gets applied to a variety of different disorders. It's more emotional states than like actual "alters", at least that's what it seems from a quick google search. So it's like, pretty common I think.

No. 149218

How much do you guys wanna bet she's lying to her dumbass witch therapist anyways?

No. 149233

At around 7:18 she says that 'BPD isnt something that you cure and it goes away, I'm going to have bpd until the day I die'

Sorry if this is old milk, but this has always struck me as misleading and kinda scaremongering for her fans who may be actually suffering from this disorder and may have been discouraged or given a reason not to get proper treatment. I'm thinking she should take this video down and make an updated one especially because it seems her opinion has changed

No. 149255

Sage for slightly off topic,but remember when there was that "some what" popular youtuber (forgot her name) was living in Japan and was constantly doing story times of her sexcapades living in Japan, then she revealed she actually suffered from bpd. Yeah my point of bringing this up is that this is around the time both Mikan and Jill started expressing the "mento ewness" before those videos jill was adamant about not going to therapy, matter of fact a lot of the "traits" Jill supposedly has didn't become apparent until she started talking about her possible bpd. I remember her hinting on facebook about having bpd because her around this time. I'm not saying Jill doesn't have something, but she definitely wanted to milk the bpd diagnosis to seem more spechul

No. 149277

No. 149278

It’s already off to a bad start. What is on her face?

No. 149279

File: 1620506766897.jpeg (207.49 KB, 467x521, 7E262781-E23C-4479-8ABB-022E7F…)

Forgot the photo

No. 149282

Ngl, I actually liked this vid. Less annoying voice, she hung out with friends who seemed to enjoy her company, and its nice to see her eat a good meal and not use the 'I don't feel comfortable showing my food' excuse because its chicken nuggies.

No. 149283

File: 1620507103123.png (3.58 MB, 1334x750, 9E43198F-7AD3-4F29-9873-7B212F…)

No. 149285

File: 1620507657270.jpg (203.39 KB, 953x720, IMG_20210508_235915.jpg)

No. 149289

if only they could see what her collection truly is

No. 149290

nitpick but


No. 149296

File: 1620514714236.png (1.92 MB, 1560x1248, Screen Shot.png)

So much so that she retweeted herself bc she didn't get the attention that she wanted.

No. 149303

Oh my god, she looks so gross, crusty and unbathed. Why did she think this was a good look.

No. 149305


this is nitpick as hell but her eyebrows are always the worst part of her makeup to me, especially the retarded rainbow she does on them

No. 149307

"Very Cohesive Branding. Good color cohesion. Marketing on point!"
"Color is well thought out Good structure diversity"
God, this bitch is so delusional…

No. 149312

wait, did she write that or did her instructor write it?

No. 149314

It looks like papers from a school critique from other students about her work

No. 149319

couldn't even paste it into word for a quick spell check. if her fucking instructors give her more than 90% again, i will lose it lmao

No. 149320

I wouldn't get too upset about it, Jilly's college is more akin to adult daycare

No. 149326

She is copying a thing a lot of the kawaii drag queens do, it’s a super exaggerated highlight like you would do on a piece of kawaii art, the placement is a bit strange but she is terrible at art so her not knowing where a highlight like that should be placed makes sense

No. 149332

File: 1620554472842.jpg (24.35 KB, 235x235, IMG_20210509_105812.jpg)

Oh no, the stairs…

No. 149341

sage for not really contributing but i read somewhere ( i think on Quora from someone with diagnosed DID so take this with a grain of salt) that the criteria for a DID diagnosis includes having the trauma from under the age of 8. im pretty darn sure jill makes out that her big twauma is her devianart gf from when she was 13 so i dont even think jill did enough research on the condition she is so desperately hinting at having. sorry if my information is incorrect and i'll look out for the thread i found the info on

No. 149344

As far as i know majorty of dissociative disorders like bpd and did. Are caused by severe trauma as a child. Since its the dissociative problem is created by the brain trying to cope with trauma. It can develop in adults but thats from witnessing things like war and natural disasters.

So unless something happened to jill under the age of 12. Something very bad. She can't of even developed bpd let alone did.

Could be slightly off but thats as far a i know as a bpd anon. who's actually in treatment. Because bpd its uwu cute. Its horrid

No. 149351

Do we have any proof of her being diagnosed with anything? She's been pretty adamant about her bpd so I'm willing to buy she got a diagnosis, whether or not it's correct is obviously up for debate, however the other ones could just be her hearing what she wants. The doctor might just have said something along the lines of:
>this behavior is typical with people suffering from [thing]
>this thing you experienced is similar to [thing]
>you show some tendencies of [thing]
And she decided it was enough to be considered an actual diagnosis because it fits with her needs to be the most special of snowflakes. The psychologist or whatever might just be considering the possibilities of other disorders (which they might change their mind on depending on her development), not actually pushing the fact that she might have them.

No. 149361

Why did she highlight her forehead wtf

No. 149366

Is….is that huge clumps of cat hair, does the bitch own a vacuum

No. 149384

File: 1620604465743.jpg (41 KB, 423x328, IMG_20210510_005323.jpg)

Kek, theres the vacuum. They just dont know how to fucking use it it seems.

No. 149413

From my understanding she doesn’t actually have a BPD diagnosis, a doctor just said she had traits of BPD when she was 16 or something (and honestly what 16 year old doesn’t have traits of BPD)

No. 149431

If she had filled out the pdq-4. Which is a questionnaire commonly used in the diagnosis of personality disorders. She would of posted about it.

The questionnaire i used as a baseline then in further sessions. Then its used to compare to what they say in sessions.

Sometimes theres a form they use to score trauma. Eg emotional abuse in childhood.

No. 149432

Yes she said in her BPD video that she finally got diagnosed with it. Although a doctor told her that she had some traits when she was 16, she couldn’t be diagnosed yet because she was too young. She got diagnosed in the end. Please do your research before posting repetitive stuff

No. 149500

File: 1620708012442.jpg (999.84 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210511_003926.jpg)

If jill has DID/multiple personalities then tess holliday actually has anorexia too. Liars both of them, two sides of the same narcissistic coin. They even talk in the same self congratulatory, "look at how martyristic i am"-cadence.

No. 149542

How easy is it to get the result you want though, like it’s very easy to do the one for autism and skew the results if you are not autistic, that kind of thing only works if you are honest and not a pathological liar, Jill is both a habitual liar and delusional

No. 149729

File: 1620832429355.jpeg (189.98 KB, 1141x198, A7A5874E-B516-4C79-9233-5D78E6…)

looks like the due date on her collection is 5 or 6 days away…. who wants to bet the fence dress isnt done yet and the yellow coat isnt even started?

No. 149745

I thought her mom is her photographer? Maybe I remember it wrong

No. 149755

Her mom is a photographer, but because of rona no one can get in or out of PEI/NB/NS. If her mom wanted to come here she'd have to self isolate for 2 weeks in a hotel etc

No. 149757

location scouting? wasnt she supposed to "build a set" in her basement? ?(but failed to as usual)

No. 149768

Her mom is going to photograph her collection after she does the photos to submit for grading. She want's pics for her own personal collection but I believe once she submits them to the school she no longer owns the photos.

No. 149793

Guarantee the location will be photoshopped rainbow vomit. Its going to clash with the close and be a nightmare to view

No. 149848

File: 1620900738706.jpg (270.44 KB, 720x946, IMG_20210513_131208.jpg)

No. 149852

I can't tell if the photo is extremely pixelated or if her eyeliner is really that chunky and wiggly? She's always worn cake-levels of makeup but it seems like she's piling on way more than usual lately. When will she drop the moldy gummy worm eyebrows?

No. 149854

nope. its really just that poorly applied

No. 149859

What does that mean my brain can’t

No. 149861

Twitter had been cropping photos when you'd post them, but they removed that feature so the entire photo without being cropped is posted.
Most people are using it to post photos they'd taken that Twitter decimates due to cropping, I'm not sure why Jill is using it for a weird selfie.

No. 149862

She's a sentient picnic blanket now.

No. 149872

She'll take that as a compliment. Anyway, a picnic blanket is actually useful and helps others, unlike Jill.

No. 149933

crusty ass makeup

No. 149947

File: 1620967957016.jpeg (309.41 KB, 828x657, 76C11FBC-DA50-4CDA-8AE8-3548BD…)

I sincerely disagree with this, I feel like she’s gotten so much worse over these past two years. It feels like she’s just used this diagnosis as an excuse for her shitty behaviour and an need to be coddled constantly

No. 149953

I wonder what would have happened if she was never diagnosed. Kek

No. 149957

Yeah my depression is my BEST FRIEND UWU so quirky and validating xoxoxo
I wish I was in this mindset, it's make living way easier.
Go fuck yourself Jillibean and your glorification of illnesses.

No. 149960

Wouldn’t have happened, she’d have kept paying different psychs until one did diagnose her

No. 149961

OF COURSE she would get so much better in just a couple of years from a disorder average people struggle with for potentially decades, she's just THAT special and unique.

No. 150101

Why is not everything about me??!?

No. 150102

this is just another example of how, even she should know BPD is not neurodivergent. things like adhd and autism, yes a diagnosis could help find support, but you're not gonna have a rapid increase of life quality unless you're adhd with really, really good drugs. There's harmful thought patterns, and then there's actually having a brain disorder. therapy can literally get rid of bpd.

No. 150120

File: 1621084188268.jpg (196.65 KB, 1080x585, Screenshot_20210515-140831_Twi…)

Just as expected jilly is foreshadowing her collection being ruined/ incomplete purely because of her mentaw iwwness

No. 150121

"I'm better than I ever was 2 years ago!"
2 years ago:
>went to japan
>went to london
>got a new cat
>got a new tattoo
>got a new boyfriend
>got a new house
>going to her dream school
Yeah, looks like you were really struggling, Jill.

No. 150123

holy shit that was TWO years ago? what has she even accomplished in that time?

No. 150124

She has at least ballooned up and lost friends like flies.

No. 150145

fuck this handmaiden.

No. 150154

This sounds so fake… how in the fuck

No. 150168

File: 1621109182761.jpeg (335.77 KB, 750x1091, A5CE515E-6B39-4353-8CBE-5022E2…)

from her school's fashion show instagram page, featuring her one (1) finished garment.

No. 150169

File: 1621109240979.jpeg (364.72 KB, 750x1030, 80812033-6535-4565-9900-A5C086…)

No. 150170

File: 1621109370645.jpg (48.73 KB, 639x356, IMG_20210515_160919.jpg)

Why does this look like bad photoshop?

No. 150172

File: 1621109675483.jpeg (154.39 KB, 750x849, F3C8F03F-F7AB-41C2-9685-BB9F82…)

its funny how the least fashionable people on the planet want to become fashion designers. i wonder what the teachers must think.
also- is wendy a first year? i thought she'd entered this college at the same time as jillian.

No. 150173

I'm pretty sure she mentioned one friend didn't get into fashion design, and that could of been wendy so she would of had to have repeated foundation year.

No. 150175

she called herself trixie in her new video.

No. 150176

She said she is doing her sixth garment as a summer project so that I'm guessing that is the house coat. You guys were right, its never happening kek

No. 150178

It probably is, doubt she filmed her tour and the voiceover on the same day and wouldn't be wearing the same exact outfit. This is Jill we are talking about, she needed her nap and tendies straight after coming home from college. No time for extra filming

No. 150179

No. 150180

Coats are difficult. Shocker she doesnt want to challenge herself. I was looking forward to that monstrosity

No. 150182

for someone who claims to be trying to live sustainably they sure love showing off all of the kitschy landfill they store in their rainbow vomit house

No. 150183

anon I hate to tell you this but the coat meant to have crocheted flowers on the squares she hasn’t finished anything kek

No. 150187

Noticed she shortened the cardigan, thank god. But maybe she did it so she didnt have to crochet more pink binding or whatever that is called. Old pic here >>147777

No. 150191

File: 1621114349976.jpeg (197.68 KB, 1112x828, DFDEF92B-BBF0-412A-A625-1CAE26…)

I find it hilarious that A. 2 models have already her and B. she hung a Nile Perch shopping bag on the wall. She takes so much inspo from fairy kei but obviously could never pull it off. Also has anyone noticed her weird plastic flower obsession recently? She should maybe… I dunno…
>actually garden
but that would require actually seeing a project through and performing maintenance.

No. 150210

Yeah, I noticed this too but just thought it was something I didn't get. NOW I realize it's totally her AltEr

No. 150215

File: 1621125088451.jpeg (227.02 KB, 640x273, 14016931362_5fd2b26fa3_o.jpeg)

The post is from 7 weeks ago before she had lengthened it.

Sage for crochetfag, but that fucking cardigan just symbolises how incompetent she is. A granny square cardigan is the most basic garment anyone can make. Not fashion school standards at all, yet somehow she has still struggled with it. One of the first beginner patterns you learn is a granny square with a flower crocheted INTO it (pic related) It's much faster, slicker and uses less wool than what she has done.
Just by looking at it you can see has no planning skills because of the change in shades halfway through the piece. She should fail for that alone, not buying enough wool is an embarrassing rookie mistake. Not sewing the loose threads in until the very end for such a large piece is time wasting, however at her pace I don't think that would make a difference. Someone who crochets in their spare time could make the whole thing in a few weeks, yet Jill who is a full time student hasn't even finished in 5 MONTHS. It's almost as if she's gone out of her way to be as inefficient and wasteful as possible.

I'm really sorry for the crochetfag I just can't fucking take it anymore.

No. 150262

I hate that I know this, but it's probably a reference to Trixie Mattel's YT videos.

No. 150364

Where exactly??

No. 150366

Around 8:08 minutes in

No. 150367

Her concept truly remains confusing and vague to me. What exactly is she trying to convey with her collection? Nothing about it is nostalgic, as she chose almost exclusively modern cuts. Aside from that, the prints are extremely modern and most comparable to the early 2000s considering their quality and horrid saturation. For the rest, what does it have to do with homes? The clothes don't resemble a house in the slightest, especially not in the innovative and creative way a fashionable article of clothing ought to. There is genuinely nothing coherent or inspiring about her style and collection. It is thoroughly awful.

No. 150374

File: 1621170445482.jpg (419.81 KB, 1080x1634, 20210516_090727.jpg)

No. 150379

That commenter is wrong since Pixie's narcissism means she could weigh 400lb and still think she was hot stuff, as evidenced by absolutely everything she does and posts.

No. 150380

Aha this reminds me of how snow cow Alythuh hangs up color wheels on the wall to try and look more legit artistic
>hanging up measuring tape
much sew very design, Pixie.

No. 150383

Why do non-recovered anachans constantly project?

No denying that Pixie has an extreme delusional ego, but to say that no one ever truly recovers from ED mindset is just crabs in a bucket mentality.

No. 150385

It's not projecting, it's literal fact. Once you have anorexia you can recover and live normally but the thoughts will never go away completely. Jill probably still has some form of disordered eating, just on a different side of the spectrum.

No. 150386

Source or it's projection.

No. 150389

put in the effort to google it yourself or something

No. 150391

>wanting people to do the legwork for your sperging
Don't argue if you won't put in the effort.

No. 150397

so is no one else gonna point out how shaky the desk footage was, or-

that shit was headache inducing

No. 150414

In a previous thread, >>150391 anon you can find it yourself because we are not going to spoonfeed you, when that video came out we guessed she was sucking in her stomach during those shots. Also wearing a cup size too large to make her tits bigger so it might 'balance' out her body, so sure Jill, you totally love everything about your body…

Pear body shapes are beautiful, hourglass is not superior. I hope she realises this.

No. 150425

Hey now, let's not forget Jill never had anorexia. She was barely skinny, completely normal for her age going into puberty. She had a bad case of shooporexia and admitted it.

No. 150430

but you don't have to be skinny to have anorexia. besides, by her obese province's standards, she was tiny. and we don't have any facts to back up any speculation about her ed past, because she wasn't oversharing online at that point. just because she is obnoxious now, doesn't mean that she didn't struggle then

No. 150437

No. 150438

The first indication that Jill's lying about something, or exaggerating, is that it came out of her mouth.

No. 150455

Anon she had a deviantart page where all her journal entries were just her over sharing. She posted photos of her self harm (bleeding cuts) i imagine she would constantly talk about how spooky skinny she was due to her anorexia at the peek of her over sharing. She just wants a woke shield so people don't make her feel bad for becoming obese.

No. 150465

not entirely true. It honestly depends on how deep into the disorder you get and for how long (just to name a few factors).

No. 150471

It's her stupid cope to just make clothes she wants to wear herself, her clothes make no sense.

No. 150472

This person is probably a dumb anachan but she's right, Jill is pretending to be better when she's just gaining weight and hating herself.

No. 150473

I know the thoughts after having an ED really never go away, but seriously, healing is an option and you can get mentally better and stop the thoughts if you really decide to change. Healing is an option, sadly for Jillian instead of getting better she just got fatter and pretends to be better. Lol.

No. 150477

File: 1621227075366.jpg (450.99 KB, 1080x1730, 20210517_004800.jpg)


I'm w e a k. It literally is photoshopped. No wonder it looked so weird.

No. 150481

How did I miss the measuring tape draped around her neck like a scarf, in tandem with the one hanging on the display.

She is actually so bad at graphic design, this photoshop job and her BPD slides are total eyesores and probably actually impossible to see properly for people with visual processing difficulties.

No. 150482

Samefag, not being pedantic but I saw someone on Twitter the other day who was RT-ing something with a similar color scheme to Pixie's usual one (glaring bright color with no contrast or dark tones) and she said the text was impossible to read and it just looked like a blur of pretty colors (paraphrasing) so some of her target audience of chronically ill enbies literally can't see her content.

No. 150509

File: 1621251046297.jpg (251.29 KB, 1080x1022, Screenshot_20210517-123042_Twi…)

The cope is immense

No. 150530

Why do people think chubby equals thicc, it doesn’t, she has small boobs that she pads to hell and a normal size ass she shoops, she isn’t thicc she is chubby, honestly if she is body positive she needs to stop feeding into this whole thing about how she is hot because she is thicc and manipulating her body to reflect that, it’s a socially acceptable standard of being plus size like how plus size models that are considered attractive don’t look like irl fat people, how are you body positive if you are just setting a standard for being overweight and hot it’s just the same thing people do with skinny people

No. 150532

Do you have a screenshot you can post? I need to laugh.

No. 150533

I want to suck Jill's tits and clit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 150534

She isn't thicc and juicy, she's obese and lardy. 0 curves, 0 ass, sad looking boobs. Its not even the weight, she looks like a fucking grown up toddler with a retarded face that pretends to be sexy, its extremely yucky and disgusting all over + combined with her stupid piss baby mental health antics she's far beyond what anyone would consider "hot"

No. 150553

anon pls
this is just depressing and embarrassing to read. does any fat person ever post this and actually mean it without it reeking of cope? she can’t possibly feel good about the fact that she can no longer fit into most of her clothes that she spend like hundreds if not thousands of dollars on over the years.

No. 150563



a bit harsh, but I do hate the whole thicc culture. promoting unhealthy eating isn't an aesthetic.

No. 150583

File: 1621291942812.jpeg (119.33 KB, 750x725, EC3E83DA-CE7E-4EE9-9618-3060FC…)

seems like she might give up. i hope she makes it, honestly.
i wonder why she was bleeding.

No. 150587

I'm guessing she pricked herself with a pin. I hope she makes it too, I'm excited to see the collection.

No. 150614

People who are comfortable with their body don't constantly have to rehash to the public "SRSLY GUYZ IM LIKE SO IN LOVE WITH MY ROLLS IM SO HAPPY"

If you're comfortable with your appearance you just….exist. Kind of like how only broke people "flex" their money and wear tacky clothes with dollar signs all over them.

No. 150620

File: 1621308585545.png (2.73 MB, 1536x2048, efwffew.png)

No. 150621

File: 1621308693262.jpg (548.19 KB, 1536x2048, E1R8J94WEAUkDJ_.jpg)

No. 150622

File: 1621308822104.jpg (393.13 KB, 1536x2048, E1R8J94XEAcn-of.jpg)

No. 150623

Maybe if you weren’t such a fat lazy slug you’d be done by now Jill

No. 150636

In all fairness, this post is from four days ago. I doubt it looks like this now, also thank God she decided to make the rings white and not all different colours. It would of been so garish.

No. 150637

Whoops, was supposed to tag this. Disregard my comment.

No. 150638

Has it been mentioned that they look suspiciously like shower curtain rings?

No. 150640

I'm not a regular in this thread and my first thought scrolling was, "she's making a shower curtain???" I'm right there with you anon.

No. 150641

She said this dress is inspired by her shower curtain or 'flower shower'. Her collection was originally based off each room of her house but she changed it, this shower curtain dress seems to be the only one that remains from that original concept.

No. 150644

If it isn't based on each part of her house anymore, then why the fuck is her collection still called home street home?
She makes no sense

No. 150647

those unfinished seams bother me so much. Why did she serge everything else, but not that fabric that looks like it's literally falling apart as we speak? It's uneven and wrinkled, too… The seams aren't even the same width? And those hems… How did she even get through the semester not being able to do the most basic things like ironing and measuring?

No. 150648

It irks me that she didn't sand them and they're not symmetrical. She needs to realize that if she's going to craft materials to use for her clothes she can't just do things half assed. I know for a runway show the clothing doesn't have to be absolutely perfect but if she plans to sell any of these she's going to be criticized so hard if non confetti cult members buy her shit.

Also once again only mentions father-pixie when he does something for her.

No. 150656

She couldnt of taken 5 minutes to learn some basic cad skills to make them a bit nicer and polished. Make a better flower shape. Come on jill

No. 150674

lmao what happened to the blue one jillybean

No. 150679

The pieces are based off house activities and motifs instead of specific rooms in her/other peoples houses now.

So the theme is still there, like the coat is supposed to be the outside of a house, the long blue dress is a street, the purple dress is supposed to be a garden with a picket fence, the white dress is a flower creeper, the only one that is super out of place to me is the cardigan. It doesn't even have flowers on anymore and looks more like a picnic theme.

No. 150681

File: 1621350259472.jpg (215.36 KB, 1080x663, 20210518_110409.jpg)

Uh oh. Here we go. How much you wanna bet shes gonna make Stevie do it.

No. 150682

She's still planning on adding flowers to the cardigan, you can see her crochet a daisy in this video >>149277
As this anon pointed out >>150215 she's weirdly planning on sewing them to the cardigan instead of just making granny squares with daisies incorporated into them.

No. 150697

Idc, but, if she was a serious designer she would make the theme more obvious and not throw a bunch of different things there that feel mismatched

No. 150722

you're looking at the inside of the lining. none of that's going to be seen when the piece of done. she didnt press the seams because its not flipped the right way yet. im not wk'ing her, but its pretty obvious.
to be fair, her dad made them for her lol

No. 150724

>to be fair, her dad made them for her lol
It was her design, he only printed them

No. 150737

It's not even that the seams are unpressed, it's that she isn't even aligning the edges when she sews them, they're all different lengths and widths. clearly it's not a lining, you can see her trying to hem it and it's all different… Also, she used pen on her fabric?? that better be washable.

No. 150791

Her half assed nails bother me.

No. 150792

Yup the original model used for the print looks half assed. She didnt bother to make the symmetrical. Smooth out the edges. The design didnt need to be flat at the bottom. Then after printing she barely bothered with clean up. People have 3d printd entire cosplays yet she cant even do a belt thingy well.

If only she could put in effort.

No. 150796

i think she hemmed it with the hope of trying to get away with not making a lining all together. she was probably told she needs to line it and couldn't be bothered to unpick the hem.

No. 150797

this is going to be such a mess. the top is going to be attached to the top petal, but since since the flower isn't symmetrical the skirt is going to be hanging from the flower at an angle? did she really not think this through at all?

No. 150800

oh shit, anon. I didn't even notice that, I cannot wait to see what it looks like in the photos. I'm wondering if they even made proper mockups…

No. 150811


The question is why did he print them? They have 3D printers on her campus for student use.

No. 150816

I think the flowers might work out if she attaches one petal at the top and two petals to the skirt area or vice versa. I don't know if she's thought it through that much, though.

No. 150823

I think that’s her plan, but in that photo, the bottom right petal is a bit fatter and longer than the bottom left one, so either stuff is gonna hang janky, or she’ll have to make some straps longer than others to keep things level. It’s gonna be a mess either way. >>150621 really shows how they lack any sort of uniformity.

No. 150824

Because that would involve her learning to 3d print and model properly. Shes way too lazy for that.

I can almost guarantee she made the original model. Half assed it. Her dad probably went in fixed the model that more than likely had mistakes. And made sure the file was suitable for printing. Then set it up for print and printed it

No. 150833

File: 1621450369971.jpeg (137.64 KB, 750x1161, ED521742-96A4-48F7-AE8E-C8755E…)

the unfinished pink fabric is literally the inside of the lining, it just hasn't been attached at the bottom and flipped rightside out yet. the unfinished part of the fabric that's flipped up is the inside of the lining. you can see that its been flipped rightside out correctly where the lining attaches to the neck and arm holes. how are you guys not seeing this? it's literally lined.

No. 150839


I wonder if she crocheted this blanket >>145015

No. 150843

she stated somewhere that she didn't and bought it at a thrift store.

No. 150881

I never said it was unlined, I said the seams are uneven. How does that even correlate? Lined shit still rips, and there's 0 excuse to be putting shit under the presser foot without even matching the fabrics so they line up. The middle panel is way shorter and there's no indication of that being intentional, and you've got one side of the seam being 3/8 and the other 5/8 or whatever random nonsense, when there's no reason for her to grade it so you know she just eyeballed without even pinning. Also the gigantic seam allowance on the outer fabric… saged for sewing sperg

No. 150882

Also you can hem things that are lined to close them up. Something can be both lined and hemmed, it's extremely common.

No. 151002

i honestly feel bad for all of her classmates who actually have to try hard with their pieces for the shoot, while jill can just slap garish flower designs on cheap fabrics and call it a day

No. 151008

Sage your useless contributions

No. 151058

File: 1621623157824.jpg (114.39 KB, 1080x643, Screenshot_20210521-115049_Chr…)

i know it's just a retweet, so it's not milky, but jill and this clown are definitely perpetuating the idea that every modern qUiRky person (aka "artist") has to have something wrong with their special brain, and if not they really have to find a kawiwi disorder to identify with

No. 151067

Yeah, this is shitty to suggest all artists have a "broken brain" as if having a saleable skill is some inherent failing.

No. 151084

This advice is so shitty, it's even shittier it is aimed towards young people. Why nobody wants to fix their mental problems in a healthy way and instead they make them "quirky"?

No. 151087

File: 1621638117777.png (425.74 KB, 580x1020, pixs.png)

her "mental illness" is so fucking annoying, all she can do is pretend to be ill for pity and attention.
>my plastic lamp gives me life
never change

No. 151088

File: 1621638159213.png (14.34 KB, 460x82, pixs.png)

drag queen saga incoming

No. 151098

sage for non-con

Being in for three months I can tell you, it's fucking work, shows how you fucked up in life, how others fucked you up and shows you your demons which hurts af.
Better wear your kawiwi illness as an accessory.

No. 151107

the what

No. 151112

take your meds

No. 151131

No shit? this tweet is stupid. Has pixie seriously never heard of drag kings? so much for being an uwu woke kweer icon

No. 151136

The tweet is inferring to cis women being drag queens since the person who made it is a real woman that's a drag queen. She just wants to have ass pats when she becomes a misogynistic caricature of a woman since she's just so *~ **hyper feminine** ~* .

No. 151427

File: 1621775007474.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x2560, 21-05-23-14-00-10-743_deco.jpg)

Does she never brush her cats? This is from her shoe painting video at the end of march, and this was her hand after petting Serena at end.

No. 151437

Blown away she even lets the cats in her sewing room. If she plans to sell clothing she’s created in there surely she recognizes that the cats can’t be coming around the materials she plans to use. Not just the whole hair situation (hope she has plenty of lint rollers) but because of clients potential allergies.

No. 151463

not to wk, but doesnt jillybean always say her cats are hypoallergenic??? still shouldn't have them in the workspace, thats just dirty

No. 151524

File: 1621805031847.jpg (459.92 KB, 1080x1248, 20210523_172336.jpg)

No. 151532

You know she submitted that herself, her ass is not neurodivergent

No. 151539

There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic animal, it's just a way to push breeds from breeders.
Her cats will still cause allergic reactions with people, besides the fact that they carry fecal particles on their feet/fur and it's unsanitary.
As much as I love cats, it's just not safe to have them in her sewing room for the people who will buy her things OR for the cats to be around needles.

No. 151560

And threads, those cats have eaten her sparkly background before.

No. 151569

punchable face

No. 151572

Why the fuck does this bitch lie about having autism or adhd? She is NOT neurodivergent

No. 151575

Labelling herself as neurodivergent is so embarrassing. Imagine she decided present her work at a show for industry professionals. And for her designer statement had neurodivergent in it.

She needs to get a grip and let go of that crutch. A lot of artists and designers are mentally ill. They dont all label themselves like a circus freak. Only if it related to a project. Which this isnt

No. 151579

File: 1621818812362.png (108.02 KB, 500x504, jazz-jennings-im-doing-great-t…)

No. 152358

To answer your question anon, hell no. When long hair cats need a brush their fur looks cracked and shaggy. Her cats are so unbrushed you'd think they just came off the street! If cats aren't brushed they injest a LOT of fur which can lead to all kinds of health problems. The only borderline Jill is is a borderline animal abuser.

No. 152359

Oops, I misread "never" as "ever". Look she doesn't brush her cats and it's fucken bad

No. 152371

>DISCLAIMER: viable only if you’re a middle class white kid with an excellent support system and access to mental health resources at the drop of a hat

No. 152374

Why is she using this old ass photo? She hasn't looked like this is over a year. Surprised she didnt use one of her "uwu I'm a swexy lady thot shots" for this.

No. 152413

It’s because of ‘the BPD’, she seems to think that makes her neurodivergent

No. 152416

I stg you anons were all freaking out when she wiggled around too much when she talked in her videos and saying she had a mental illness/was manic because of her stupid baby talk, and as soon as she says she has a mental illness you’re all mad again. She’s clearly neurodivergent, it’s cringe that it’s in her designer bio, but she’s not neurotypical.

No. 152432

There are multiple people in this thread nonny.

Most of us are mad she’s adopting these labels to feel uwu spwecial and to get away from accountability or expectations, she can’t do better because she’s uwu mwentally ill and neurodivergent, meanies dni

Also just because anons speculate something and she suddenly claims a word doesn’t mean she is that thing. Bpd isn’t neurodivergent, it can be treated with therapy and medication, and if she puts the work in she may even recover.

No. 152433

File: 1621873547636.jpg (531.1 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210524-122538_Twi…)

No. 152465

File: 1621885465872.png (481.34 KB, 722x553, WasExpectingMoreOfAHorde.png)

providing context to the zoom in. she was recreating lady gagas squishmellow picture. ngl her hair looks nice like here, and its refreshing to see her without terrifying amounts of eyeshadow.

No. 152480

She actually looks cute here but I'm 100% sure she edited her face to some capacity since she looks more mature and I highly doubt her bone structure changed overnight.

No. 152505

It must be the hair style, having her hair framing the sides of her face slims her down a boat load. Its a lot more flattering than when its pulled completely back.

No. 152506

I always think people stopped doing that duck face and then I see another picture of Jill

No. 152535

File: 1621902500997.jpg (392.47 KB, 1080x1565, 20210524_202750.jpg)

Uh oh. What is she going to do. She's such a hot mess, lmao

No. 152536

Didn't we call this?

No. 152539

We did.

No. 152541


I’m so tired of her constant whining about how hard this is. Like she’s the only person who has ever had to crunch for finals. The difference is that she’s had months to do this and seemingly put off the bulk of the work last second and wants to fish for sympathy for it. Sorry but you did this to yourself.

No. 152549


What makes this even more aggravating is the fact that she said that everyone else has had theirs done for a week, so it's not like she had an unfair deadline to reach, literally everyone else did it besides YOU Jill, that's 10000% on you. And before she cries "well they didn't have a mental illness to deal with!!" in the beginning of the semester when they made their videos explaining what their collection was about, one of her classmates made her video about how she struggled with some form of mental health issue like depression or anxiety I don't remember, but clearly she was able to finish her collection despite those challenges so there's no reason Jill shouldn't have.

No. 152572

How can she expect to own a sustainable clothing brand if she can't even follow the deadlines for her class? The only way she can actually have a clothing brand is if she out sources the work but absolutely no out sourced factory is ethical in their practice.

All of this should be a huge wake up call for her but she absolutely won't take it and will just find excuses for everything.

No. 152576

>Another one of my models

I wonder if she spams them with 100 inane messages a day and two(?) of them decided enough was enough

No. 152590

I’m imagining
>Hi my sugarsweet baby! Just wanted to let you know that I just finished putting another button on the dress! I’ve been dissociating in and out of catatonia all day, it’s a part of my BPD lol. I’ve gotten so much done despite my neurodivergencies (emoji spam)

No. 152597

File: 1621915814706.jpeg (51.41 KB, 750x256, 7A00E50F-3A9D-45F1-99F9-461A7D…)

gotta manage that fashion school stress somehow

No. 152620

>everyone else has had theirs done for a week
lmao, even the bipolar chick with a more legetimate muh mental health excuse arsenal outdid her. so, last week jill posted pictures of multiple unfinished garments like the day before the scheduled shoot. she's had this whole semester to work on her collection with no outside worlds temptations, since everything is closed due to covid. what has she even been doing this whole time? she didn't post on youtube citing her busy schedule at the college, but she was also fucking around instead of sewing

No. 152659

File: 1621942430705.jpeg (360.24 KB, 1536x2048, jillian.jpeg)

No. 152665

honestly why would anyone feel bad for her at this point. she’s had months and months to work on this project and kept putting it off. you get what you deserve jillybean

No. 152666

pixie took “convention crunch time” or whatever it was out of her Twitter handle, probably because she doesn’t want to think about how she wasted so much time procrastinating on it, kek

No. 152667

i meant collection, I’m a retard

No. 152670

Is that tear tracks from her makeup? Such an attention-whore

No. 152678

File: 1621953421368.jpg (257.22 KB, 1080x1105, IMG_20210525_143242.jpg)

Don't know if this is a call out tweet or not. But having a model drop out of a catwalk sounds way more stressful than a photoshoot that isn't as time sensitive. If she got her pieces done earlier she could of already finished the shoot and be sitting pretty right now.

No. 152715

Nobody wants to be involved in a project where the leader doesn't have their shit together. Yeah, I'd leave the project too tbh.
Watch Jill wheel mannequins on the catwalk.

No. 152716

stupid jillian getting what she deserves kek

No. 152718

She just played with her stim toys and watched anime, duh

No. 152719

TBH it's very sus all of them are dropping out. I guess she's just very insufferable like that, hence why her "stuffies" are her only friends.

No. 152720

It's gonna be disastrous, this "collection" saga is so milky, someone should make a summary of it.

No. 152728

Does anyone else remember her project runway phase? Didn't she also say how she would love to participate some day while even then she wasn't even able to finish anything in any sort of timeframe. I hope that she now at least knows that there is no way in hell that she could ever make it. Her work is so sloppy already, imagine her trying to finishing a garment in the little timeframe they have on the show.

No. 152730

Nit pick for pixie (not your post) but did she ever even mention her fabric was sustainable? If she’s still buying bullshit fabric made in sweatshops from fabric stores wouldn’t her clothing just be handmade, not even sustainable?? It just seems like none of her fabric was a sustainable manufactured cloth….but I could be wrong about her gingham and whatnot.

Sage for picking the word sustainable apart but I don’t even think she truly understands what that word means.

No. 152733

Of course she doesn't know what sustainable means. She doesn't know what any fucking word she uses means, she makes up shit and assigns it a pre-existing word. Like "neurodivergent", "fashion designer", etc. She's a special snowflake who gets high on attention after all.

No. 152737

File: 1621969540614.jpeg (260.78 KB, 750x773, A8F1F118-C72D-4EE0-93E5-22FD92…)

Looks like they didn’t drop out after all, she just wanted all her models to be there for the shoot on the same day at the same time kek

No. 152739

Wait, she wants a five person group photo consisting of people who don't hang out regularly and some are from out of town? I mean, she could easily remedy this by editing the missing model into the photo, she knows how to photoshop quite well so this shouldn't be too terrible. But it just seems odd to want a group photo during a pandemic, unless they are going to be socially distanced. Sorry for pandemic nitpick

No. 152741

a lot of anons have brought this up in previous threads. knowing her, the fabric she got was some cheap stuff and not “ ethically sourced “

No. 152747

File: 1621974469494.jpg (227.11 KB, 933x571, 5.jpg)

Not really milk but her craft college put this out as a promo for the fashion show in 5 days. I'm seeing earrings for her models, flowers for her trellis dress and bias binding I'm assuming for that purple picket fence dress?

No. 152748

this is so fucking ugly

Lmao, so she was overreacting over some girl not being able to show up for a photoshoot? bitch please

No. 152749

She only has findings on like two of the earrings, why wouldn't she add them before this photo or at least take it before she put them on those two? Looks really bad

No. 152751

>If she’s still buying bullshit fabric made in sweatshops from fabric stores wouldn’t her clothing just be handmade, not even sustainable?

You know she'd mention it constantly if her fabrics were sustainable, definitely just your standard fabrics. Sustainable or ethical fabrics cost 4x the price which can be covered in your sales price if you happen to be an influencer with a big audience, but fuck that, amirite?
She misuses "sustainable" constantly, just as she misuses "neurodivergent."

No. 152752

Those uneven satin flowers, why is everything she does so halfassed?
Also Home Street Home continues to be a jarring collection name which brings to mind homelessness.

No. 152768

Thanks for replying. I must have missed it in previous threads but no surprise people caught on and commented about it!
It really grinds my gears how much she misuses the term “sustainable”. Glad it’s not unnoticed…

No. 152772

a sweet grandma could had done a better and prettier 5 than that

No. 152803

Neurodivergent isn’t the same as mentally ill, idiot. Nothing she is ‘diagnosed with’ makes her neurodivergent.

I could be wrong but I believe one of her classmates talked about having bipolar at some point

Ugh the vile cheap satin crap makes a return

No. 152871

It's a super fitting name actually, after the collection is released and inevitably her "business" flops, she is going to be rocking these looks on the downtown street corner! Trèe homlèss chic!

No. 152912


Being upset about a model dropping out is one thing. Posting about it publicly is another. Don’t publicly guilt trip your model who more than likely had a legitimate reason for not being able to make it.

Don’t publicly drag others into you being upset and likely make them feel even worse because of it.

No. 152917

christ on a bike what is happening to her face??

No. 152922

I thought the same. I get being frustrated but vilifying the model to her 1000s of followers was super scummy. Especially if she was already in the midst of struggling with some sort of personal or family emergency, not that I presume to know exactly what happened but I'm willing to bet she had a legitimate excuse.

No. 152930

What isn't happening with her face? Her jowls have always been her demise and unfortunately for her her face isnt ballooning sideways like amberlynn, which is much easier to hide, but instead quickly engulfing her neck. Its awful, she rants and raves about loving thicc Jill but she has also said she hates her chin/s. It obviously upsets her a lot, so I don't understand why she wont do anything about it. If she doesn't mesh well with the gym, swimming is a fun alternative she could consider.

No. 152941

File: 1622054512351.jpg (46.56 KB, 1280x720, shit.jpg)

EVEN if the model didn't have an emergency and just isn't available that day, Jillian should respect it. It's business ettiquete, it's something a boss would respect. And if she wants to be the #girlboss with her stupid half assed brand, then she should be learning from the get go. Respect is earned, and she's disrespecting her model by making these things public, anyone with more than 1 braincell knows NOBODY with a business roasts one of your workers (in this case, model) publicly, especially not in front of so many people. It's not like she's going to pay her either, the models are doing it for free I presume, so what is she complaining for? If the girl can't show up for a play-pretend "fashion photoshoot" then so be it.

But she comes from a place of priviledge, and I'm not talking about how much money she has, I'm talking about how her mom raised her to be an attention-whoring narcissist and snowflake who is boo-hoo always suffering and shit. Everyone but HER is at fault and she can't see anything past her own fucking nose. Zero empathy. She just cries and cries about minimal shit that can be solved by becoming smarter and learning coping skills. But she herself rather enable her own shittiness, and cry to twitter when ANYTHING goes wrong in her sad little easy peasy life.

Don't get me started on roasting other brands, because as a brand owner, that is something you shouldn't do in the public either. I am just waiting for the day she inevitably outsorces her shitty designs to a sweatshop and cries because the workers can't do shit faster. And then she'll have the nerve to call herself "ethical" or "sustainable" or whatever the fuck.

And then I'll laugh, becase she for sure, will become a sad caricature of Tim Burton's Willy Wonka. Eccentric, ugly, treats people like shit, but still has the nerve to cry about it.

No. 152966

Also, Jill rescheduled the shoot because of photographer issues (which she could have taken over or already had a backup lined up for). So, the model couldn't make the new time that she decided and she cries on the internet instead of problem solving?

The more she interacts with other people like this the more likely one day someone will actually speak up about her.

No. 153007

File: 1622080873755.png (402.71 KB, 594x494, no.png)

Happy for more plastic rainbow shit that she does not need… never change Pixie
It doesn't matter if the packaging is biodegradable if she is going to act like she always has.

No. 153008

File: 1622080947773.png (246.2 KB, 586x448, no.png)

it just sounds like she has autism to me

No. 153013

The biodegradable packaging is irrelevant if it’s not properly cared for once it’s tossed. A lot of times biodegradable products don’t reach correct temperatures to degrade in home composting OR landfills. Don’t be fooled by gimmicky labels. Thinking packaging like this makes you sustainable is the absolute floor/bare minimum of helping the planet. She’s so annoying.

No. 153019

she doesn’t need it but if i were to wk pixie a little bit, one of those pieces are from lucy and yak ( the brand that made that ugly ass boiler suit she owns ). they say their pieces are made ethically by some guy in india and not a sweatshop like her fabrics or other overpriced plastic shit. however it’s not eco conscious considering it had to be shipped to the us from the uk and first india.

No. 153060

Sage for nitpick but biodegradable ≠ compostable. Biodegradable packaging just disintegrates into microscopic particles, which is worse for the environment in the long run. Also "Biodegradable & Recyclable" seems like an oxymoron, it's basically just a thin plastic bag that you can maybe use a few times before it starts falling apart.

No. 153072

File: 1622103909334.jpg (85.12 KB, 595x533, Screenshot 2021-05-27 021837.j…)

It's all green washing bull shit. If she actually wanted to be sustainable she would be buying thrifted clothes/ making clothes (from thrifted material) or trying to find local slow fashion, if she has the money to buy dungarees that are 100+CAD and the extra 150 CAD it cost to get them from customs she can spend the money local.

It also doesn't help that she only bought it because some drag queen was shilling it.

No. 153073

File: 1622104286051.jpg (Spoiler Image,151.27 KB, 1200x960, 269049456.jpg.gallery.jpg)

She never showed what packaging the clothes actually turn up in, is it a box? Or one of those thin grey plastic bags?

On another note Lucy & Yak have been shown to parade around that they are size inclusive when their sizing is wack and their xls can barely fit an anorexic teacup Guinea pig. Not a good brand at all. Also, nitpick, its a Ginny Lemon line of clothing and barely five items out of their over thirty piece line is near enough their shade of yellow or even recognisable as being related to them. Sounds like they just slapped a drag Queens name so they could get more attention and sales, kinda scummy and Jill fell for it.

Spoiler: Ginny Lemon for people who don't know drag race. She wore yellow all season.

No. 153087

I ordered from them recently and they're packed in paper bags. Yeah their sizes are wonky and their models don't exactly show you how the pieces fit.

No. 153208

Fucking thank you anon. I’m sick of “sustainable fashion” shillers who somehow think adding more clothes to the net total of garments on the planet is somehow a win for the environment. Not enough designers/makers utilizing thrifting or thrifted clothes and Jillybean is no different.

No. 153258

I have wondered about the thrifting things for fabric like she isn’t good at making garments from scratch so why not do what some j-fashion brands do and do “remake” fashion where you take a second hand item and mod it or combine pieces to make new one of a kind designs. Her “slow fashion” isn’t made in a factory sure but the fabric will be, thrift stores have tons of stuff that has decent fabric but the item design is undesirable so it ends up as waste.

No. 153271

File: 1622208414514.jpg (75.35 KB, 586x155, jillian.jpg)

No. 153276

what do you guys tgink the validating news could be?

No. 153278

Probably the "therapist" loving pixie's mental illness farts. She probably has a laundry list of diagnosis.

No. 153284

The DID diagnosis coming right up

No. 153311

>validating our next step
DID diagnosis incoming

No. 153327

>>153311 I think she means our as in her therapist and her?

No. 153338

Jill stop putting so many fucking emojis in every tweet challenge

No. 153401

not original anon but i think it’s did too because she keeps talking about dissociation and did traits on her twitter.

No. 153403

That therapist sure loves validating all her made up illnesses, she even uses the word validating in her Tweet. She's such a munchie.

No. 153480

File: 1622324454883.jpg (609.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210529-174027_Twi…)

The flowers look trashy but ots not as bad as I thought it would be from this angle. This must've been the model who canceled on her.

No. 153486

File: 1622325720769.jpeg (291.66 KB, 835x1504, 2E15ADDE-195C-4C44-BEB8-359F21…)

Pixie OnlyHams imminent. She’s giving some upskirt panty shots in her new TikTok under the guise of showing off her tattoos.

No. 153488

File: 1622325868800.png (156.74 KB, 595x567, hell.png)

Oh boy here we go

No. 153490

so it is did. her did diagnosis video is going to be a trainwreck

No. 153495

God fucking dammit. I can’t take this anymore lmao I’ve been a fan for like 5 years and watching this descent has been maddening. I can’t fucking believe she’s actually going through with this.

No. 153503

I agree. I used to be a fan of her and really enjoyed her videos but after all this stuff it’s hard to have the same point of view and enjoy her content

No. 153505

sage for non-con
I literally called it in the pre-previous thread. Brb giving myself an internet medal.

No. 153508

I can see it now. Her fashion line fails and she HAS to open up an only fans to make enough money to pay for where she lives.

This bitch genuinely thinks that her having a thought is a different personality.

No. 153509

Yeah i feel you, i was a fan first too, haven’t been for about 3 years now. Pixie has only gotten unejoyable and i seriously feel like her videos would only be enjoyed by lobotomy patients.

No. 153526

Imagine being Jill's mom and having to deal with the fact your daughter is LARPing having specific mental illnesses (BPD, DID) which only generally arise from extreme child abuse/CSA/early childhood trauma, while knowing Jill had a perfect childhood and nothing ever happened to her.

No. 153537


No. 153540


No. 153550

Her channel sucks, like sometimes the content is still quite good but its ruined and overshadowed by her contant need to be a living mental illness or by being an attention whore. She is going to parade this new diagnosis around like she did when she got diagnosed with BPD and even though I'm excited for the milk, its just disappointing that this is the only thing to get excited for since her channel has gone so downhill.

No. 153551

File: 1622370831070.jpeg (510.35 KB, 828x1186, C639F520-A54A-4F9D-AD67-93B683…)

Here we go

No. 153552


here we go, munchhausen queen!

No. 153554

Oh god she's going to design a collection around each of her alters, isn't she?

No. 153556

She's really going to do this multiple personalities larp, huh? I wonder how much she's going to regret this in 10 years

No. 153581

What I want to know is how they get a doctor to sign off on the diagnosis, therapists can't diagnose people. Like what doctor would seriously look at her and go, yep, she definitely has this extremely rare disorder that (may or may not even exist and) stems out of horrific trauma as a child? Like >>153526 said imagine how her parents feel when their spoiled pretty princess is larping abuse to this extent. They probably don't even question it tbh, they seem like the kind of parents to never actually challenge their child about anything.

No. 153590

It's unethical but there's doctors out there that will give you whatever diagnosis you want if you pay them. Shopping around until you find one is munchie m.o.

No. 153603

I wonder what her 'system' name is going to be, like DissociaDID or the pinata system. Confetti system.. yikes

No. 153604

We all know she is a whore for alliteration, its going to be sisters of the system or some shit.

No. 153605

File: 1622400004753.jpeg (210.59 KB, 750x993, D878897A-C31F-4118-8CD9-8753DB…)

it begins

No. 153606

File: 1622400067390.jpeg (79.73 KB, 750x461, 0C946E94-7061-4B75-9367-AD53E9…)

No. 153607

i was originally a fan and found this thread (and site tbh) years ago just googling her for her instagram once, after reading through here and seeing her descent i started to hate her too, she used to be way more fun and interesting and actually make content she was interested in instead of pandering to people, i cant believe she has taken the larp this far

No. 153608

Why must she be at the very top center? dumb.

No. 153611

she looks photoshopped in

No. 153622

If they are all this close with no masks then why aren’t they just having the fashion show and filming it like they usually do just without the audience, the model photo she posted is in her house and the model isn’t wearing a mask and they have to make physical contact with the models for fittings. Why bother with the having different photographers and this cluster fuck where Jill has been left to her own devices so obviously hasn’t finished on time with her peers. It’s unfair to the others that she has had this extension and has been using it to continue working on the stuff when they all met the deadline. In a real university where I live if you miss the deadline you are docked marks for each day you are late.

No. 153623

File: 1622407608108.jpeg (586.59 KB, 1582x2048, B74AA548-3335-4C5A-B68A-D457E1…)

Looks like Jill's collection will be revealed on june 4th.

No. 153626

File: 1622410147702.jpeg (109.67 KB, 750x1147, 5FC15BA6-2D25-4322-B5E0-C0F05B…)

compared to jillian's work in her first year, wendy's doing great.
i'm surprised jill did such little makeup on her. thank god.

No. 153629

Seems a bit strange for someone who barely wears lolita orinvolved at all with the community to be making lolita.

No. 153630

File: 1622411926553.gif (1.13 MB, 498x498, 58fde03dc4c22c6bb55ec0a3c5d6c7…)

Well i'm ready for the cheeky rainby kawaii system saga. May this new pixie arc give us creamy milk.

No. 153634

Nah they look bad and disappointing. If she had worked from before she would had done another flower making technique.

No. 153635

Ugh what the fuck

No. 153641

Inb4 she has a personality for every color of the rainbow and it’s some autistic shit like

>red for when she’s mad

>blue for when she’s sad
>yellow for when she’s happy


No. 153647

Once she starts saying she has DID I’m gonna fucking lose it. Id pay for a documentary about Pixie tbfh. How can one womanchild fall so far from kawaii grace. Truly becoming a confetti club member herself

No. 153657

You ARE aware that rococo existed before lolita, right?

No. 153667

There definitely will be a lesbian one, a poc and a ~non-binary~ one. Because somehow this rich straight white fat mommy's girl has to be oppressed and speshul.

No. 153671

That account is all pastel historical fashion, anon. At least check before you say things

No. 153672

I saw that their show is part of a FB page, I don't know if we need to request entry to see it.

No. 153674

Shit, its a preorder. Sorry, I'm big dumb dumb

No. 153676

I hope she becomes a full on DIDtuber because the milk unleashed would be unreal

No. 153681

Don't forget one with a scawwy eating disorder

No. 153722

I don’t keep up with the DID ‘community’. Are poc personalities for white hosts (or whatever it’s called) an accepted thing, or would that get her torn apart by the woke crowd? I could see her come up with a sassy black woman or Japanese magical girl alter if she thought she could get away with it.

One’s definitely going to be a drag queen, though.

No. 153727

having different races is common enough. one of the most popular dissociadid had a native american alter. some people justifiably criticized her but her kid supporters kind of ignore the weirdness of a white british person having a native american alter

No. 153729

I can't fucking believe pixielocks took advice from all the stupid DID youtube videos she watched and now she thinks she has it, wtf

No. 153733

File: 1622498221834.jpg (414.48 KB, 1080x1417, Screenshot_20210531-235522_Fac…)

Uh-oh, kek

No. 153736

Context, anon?

No. 153742

I think it’s obvious it’s similar to pixies brand no?

No. 153744

>>153742 it looks directly stolen from pixie. even the balloons were her thing back when she coined "party-kei" (barf). The wig on the left one is ridiculously obvious.

I'm not one to agree with "copying" usually, but that is fucking blatant. The tinsel on the wall is even similar to Pixie's set-up back in her parents house.

No. 153745

File: 1622504532761.png (1.17 MB, 972x804, Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 00.41…)

>>153744 kek there's even a massive peep. This surely can't be coincidental.

No. 153752

I do think it’s very similar to pixies whole dea BUT how can anyone do this sort of tacky rainbow aesthetic without looking similar? The balloons are so common in many different styles (not limited to rainbow vomit fashion). It’s just not original for pixie or anyone else. Still real creepy similar.

No. 153757

File: 1622509890505.jpeg (93.3 KB, 750x605, A61C478A-7D56-43F0-AC0F-D0285E…)

"wtf lol im bi and i was still called dyke during my single brief relationship with a woman ten years ago"
wow, you're SO oppressed, jill.

No. 153760

File: 1622510321348.jpeg (97.73 KB, 750x739, FCDB91A9-C990-49B5-8ED8-1F3316…)

this was in her twitter likes. we're officially in the DID stoner pixielocks phase

No. 153770

don’t forget her brief relationship after that with a girl who she swiftly dropped after using her for content

No. 153778

Can’t wait for her fans to go after her family for the “horrific abuse they put her through”.

What is with them all using that cheap satin for everything?

Hopefully she will get destroyed like DissociaDID did over on Kiwifarms, maybe people from her offline life willeven come forward and proof any “abuse” fake. We can hope.

She doesn’t look like a lesbian and she’s never openly been in an actual lesbian relationship, why would she ever be called a dyke?

Fairy alter incoming. What a fucking mess she is.

No. 153782

They definitely are inspired by pixie specifically (peeps, rainbow bangs) but also every pastel vomit influencer looks the same.

No. 153783

the 20% off text is very 6%dokidoki. if pixie does notice, it will be in the form of a passive aggressive compliment/insult. “I invented this look!!! ME ME ME!!!”

No. 153794

That was during her alternative phase, didn't she cut all her hair off? I can kind of see it.

No. 153796

Jillibean you pos, you call yourself lesbian all the fucking time. She definitely is high.

No. 153797

of course she would completely miss the point in orer to cry about her twauma. d*ke is a slur for lesbians, jill.

No. 153801

She was probably called a dyke by one edgy Chad in 7th grade. Oh my god the trauma.

No. 153803

She was probably called a dyke over her mowhawk that she got because she was dating a guy into punk girls. Lmao

No. 153806

All the alt kids at my school got called dykes or fags regardless of sexuality. It’s pretty much the go-to insult for anyone who doesn’t perform conventional femininity/masculinity.

No. 153809

File: 1622556923381.jpeg (382.1 KB, 1242x1594, A25C3BBC-4E6F-4D06-BB8C-F9DB6C…)

Some more DID gems from pixies likes

No. 153810

File: 1622556955241.jpeg (480.85 KB, 1241x1980, EF5FE6FF-CA6F-4F17-95D1-A9ACE4…)

No. 153820

Can she come out as DID larper already I can’t stand the anticipation

No. 153824

I know this is supposed to be for Jill only. But her classmates collections are god awful too. So yeah this college and program is a joke.

No. 153825

She's gonna sound like she's lost her marbles if she starts spouting this shit about alters and fusion. People will do literally anything for views.

Pls post some of them

No. 153835

File: 1622569582284.png (3.03 MB, 828x1792, 0E32FEFC-BA84-4A23-8673-A7C271…)

Here's the lattice dress. What a mess

No. 153836

Imagine how much she could get done like cleaning her cat hair ridden house, working on videos for the patreon and YouTube, sewing clothes for her new fashion business, lose the weigh she keeps packing on, etc. but instead chooses to read DID nonsense on Twitter and fixate on her pretend mental illnesses seemingly 24/7 to advertise herself and her brand. Jesus Christ

No. 153837

File: 1622569973309.jpeg (243.84 KB, 1992x1328, 174532F9-E66B-42B5-92B8-8F7BB2…)

sage for being unrelated to jill, but here’s a couple pics from her other classmates

No. 153838

File: 1622569999752.jpeg (196.28 KB, 1462x2048, 5474A86F-222E-4E86-991E-2D9026…)

No. 153839

File: 1622570126184.jpeg (269.3 KB, 1984x1417, 0056C248-3257-43A9-ACA9-C6FE87…)

No. 153840

File: 1622570248130.jpeg (132.68 KB, 1929x1382, 3A0FDB25-866B-4005-A041-5451A1…)

No. 153841

Christ, this is literally the only person who's made something semi-decent

No. 153844

File: 1622571297185.jpg (89.79 KB, 720x533, IMG_20210601_211455.jpg)

oh god it's coming

No. 153845

Is this the collection made by the mummy chick? I hope her pics come out I'm curious to see what her collection looks like.

No. 153846

You can view some of the collections here: https://nbccd.ca/nbccd-fashion-week/collections/

No. 153847

it says she was inspired by egyptian architecture, so i assume yes

No. 153850

File: 1622572025801.png (546.89 KB, 2048x1976, Screenshot_20210601-122543.png)

Everyone's going to see neurodivergent in her bio and automatically assume she's a massive retard.

No. 153852

File: 1622574230920.png (2.93 MB, 828x1792, 10A5BBBB-E23A-4610-BCA4-BEB5C5…)

here’s a collection i found on the website. how can their professors let them spend this much time on god awful clothing

No. 153853

From what I can see most of them only have 5 out of 6 garments done. They're all as lazy and sloppy as Jill.

No. 153860

This is embarrassing. It makes sense that Jill is getting good marks when this is the comparison. That bad fabric choice only highlights the bad fit. Also imagine not ironing out the wrinkles before presenting.

No. 153863

File: 1622577182117.png (575.37 KB, 1447x2048, Screenshot_20210601-135116.png)

This is Marlo's collection. I remember anons were rooting for her when their sneak peek videos came out. Her collection is subtle and not so on the nose like Jill's is and tells a story.

No. 153865

I would argue affordability as well Jill has youtube money that afforded her a comfortability and disposable income to use different fabrics. I'm guessing the rest of the students are actually working class individuals who do not have that privilege. With that being said even if they could afford better fabrics their designs are still…eh..questionable and some quite boring.

No. 153867

Uhhh, what the fuck?

No. 153868

that's some ugly shit

No. 153870

my god it's like a shark that you can see coming in the water, or a truck going straight into a collition. You can see it far away, but you don't move or anything…
Jesus christ, I don't think she has DID. I don't think any of them have DID