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File: 1591859137716.png (12.92 MB, 4736x3248, 1591189230782.png)

No. 99779

Previous thread: https://lolcow.farm/w/res/87679

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings; opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads; has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image; formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; currently with her live-in partner Stephen Clarke and both have formally come out as bisexual
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not

Last Thread Recap:
>jill continues to sperg out about the importance of eco-friendly purchases while showing off her mountain of plastic crap
>claims that keeping up with her friends is overwhelming because of her beepeedee. she's not a terrible friend you guize, she's mentally ill uwu
>posts an animal crossing lookbook despite not making much progress in the game. every outfit is ill-fitting and terrible.
>jills illustrious fashion career really takes off with a pair of pants with an egg in the pocket, a cheap nasty yoke shirt made from scratchy fabric, and a gingham dress fit for a toddler
>steve is still in the basement
>jill runs a tattoo competition. half of the entries are submitted by children and she's clearly chosen a laura anunnaki ripoff as the winner
>calls out marina and the diamonds for being ABLEIST
>finally remembers to post some things about BLM for clout.
>claims to protest in person then donates $36 usd to the minnesota freedom fund
>scrambles to find examples of a black person she's spoken to, promotes black kawaii creators like the creator of ota-q, who is a shitty person
>opens her newest upload with herself crying over BLM before jumping right into another closet video.

Old Threads:

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
Cosplay Facebook Page: https://anony.link/https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 99780

First time making a thread, hope it's ok!

No. 99781

latest video for reference and less needing to click the previous thread

lmao holy shit she is faking it so hard in the beginning and how fast she changes the subject to congratulate herself. good job jill, great ally work there!

No. 99784

File: 1591861276811.png (140.33 KB, 760x362, Screenshot_20200611-034010.png)

How many years has it been since she moved in and she STILL can't bother to put the light switches back on

No. 99785

The crying at the beginning (like a lot of anons pointed out) is super fake, especially since it seems like she’s turning it on and off. I understand certain words/feelings can trigger genuine tears when talking about something difficult. But there’s a point where she’s talking about a woman dying and she smiles like the fucking Cheshire Cat, it’s not even a nervous smile, it really rubbed me the wrong way

No. 99787

File: 1591870938044.png (177.18 KB, 670x827, PicsArt_06-11-08.12.20.png)

Enjoy my autism. Tried to capture the duck grimace but to no avail. I am sorry I am no art anon

No. 99789

She says that her dress was technically a mock-up and that she might make more, but then says she doesn't have muslin, as if that would stop her. Jill, you made the mock-up. Why would you need muslin? Why do you still not understand basic pattern and garment making?

No. 99795

File: 1591874407893.gif (3.11 MB, 520x293, FupaDance.gif)

No. 99813

So she has in their bedroom two In built closets packed to the brim with clothes and junk, a rack and a dresser. One of the closets has a handful of things that are Steve’s but where are the rest of his clothes? The closets in the spare room house her sewing stuff, does he go to the basement to get dressed?

No. 99815

This video simply brings up 3 things to mind:
1, Did she really make all her past cosplay? Looking at the level of the Cure Flora and Doremi cosplays to this mess of a mumu really just don't add up,
2, That whole moment of an intro was just a no, Jill is really laying on the white guilt thick when we all know she never speaks on any race except White and Japanese,
3, She is has major attachment issues with clothes. After moving most people lose 1/2 their closets but she hasn't lost more than a few articles of clothing. And she really needs to try on these clothes and throw out what doesn't work. Her shoes as well.

No. 99827

File: 1591882189680.png (538.5 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20200610-193921.png)

Jesus christ lmao

Do yall think this is how wide she will end looking?

No. 99835

This should be incorporated into a banner

No. 99836

Enough room for her to „grow“ lmao

No. 99837

Unpopular opinion: The dress would be cute on a person who stylized themselves for it. When your best shot looks like this >>99729 one probably shouldn't model their own clothes. She looks bloated and the terrible wig and tattoos aren't helping.

No. 99851

File: 1591888458016.jpg (257.35 KB, 720x1228, 20200611_161418.jpg)

Jill is starting her brand

No. 99852

File: 1591888480313.jpeg (404.05 KB, 750x1246, EB863E4A-722E-41F4-AFF6-2DD03D…)

Are we not gonna talk about this?

No. 99853

File: 1591888540617.jpg (523.57 KB, 720x1122, 20200611_161627.jpg)

No. 99854

File: 1591888626748.jpg (290.31 KB, 720x1108, 20200611_161807.jpg)

No. 99860

Someone should copyright this name because she definitely hasn't.

No. 99865

I know its not shocking but everything about this is so childish and haphazard. She has no design sense.

No. 99875

File: 1591890895512.jpg (629.22 KB, 2896x2896, 20200611_115536.jpg)

Oh no…

No. 99876

File: 1591891347016.jpeg (375.42 KB, 1125x1878, 4CE1E5CC-B33D-4340-BEC0-C8EF5C…)

her school posted a pic of her to promote their graduation ceremony that’s online lol

No. 99882

Place your bets on how many times this shitty name gets changed before the actual "launch".

No. 99887

File: 1591893385059.jpg (196.21 KB, 974x645, Screenshot_20200611-173701_Gal…)

ok this is getting out of hand…

No. 99901

>handmade ethically
Huh uh, what organic environment friendly materials is she going to be using then? What speical care will she put in materials and packaging to avoid waste?

No. 99903

This is such a funny joke. It’s taken her a month at best to sew anything she’s made so far. What is she going to do, sell 12 pieces a year, stop cosplaying, and stop sewing for herself? Even her self made clothes don’t fit HER own body, let alone the weird distorted bodies her confetti club have. Is she going to turn her basement into steevies sweatshop and have him do it all for her? There’s no way this will work out for her. This new ig will be dead in 3 months I’m guessing.

No. 99910

Seconding this notion

God bless you anon for making this

No. 99913

>>99795 this would be an amazing banner

No. 99918

Is there a word for this kind of snarl-smile? Grimace doesn't seem right. It's like she's about to bare her teeth and go in for the kill.

No. 99920

Delias already exists, Pixie. So far this all seems like 90s revival and not offering anything new. Will she use slave labor in China to manufacture or will they be handmade?

No. 99926

My bets are on sourcing slave labor while pricing remains indie.

No. 99927

But Jill you already had a shop, remember? You sold hot glue garbage for $$$ then gave up super quickly

No. 99930

>>99927 she's had that (pixie and cherie) and her merch store

No. 99942

Weirdly obsessed with that toddler flower toy, beyond hideous dress giving off ddlg vibes. It's slow fashion all right but not in the way she thinks…

No. 99966

Someone make this a banner please

No. 99976

Newfag but are we going to gloss over the fact that out of the millions of pieces of kawiwi shit in her closet she’s only getting rid of like….. 10 pieces and some bags? Even though we know damn well half of her current wardrobe doesn’t fit her?

No. 99982

I'm more curious about the pricing and if her fans are going to get real creepy about owning some of her clothes

No. 100019

Where are the things she is getting rid of listed? I want to know which awful clothes she kept and which ones she didnt. She didnt seem to get rid of the things that dont fit her anymore because she still has the awful bodycon vynil pencil skirts that make her gut stick out

No. 100022

Oh, you know they will

No. 100029

File: 1591933186161.png (1.86 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200611-213528.png)

I don't think she acknowledges that she's gained weight, most of the clothes she likes are xs-s. Also ot but those all around zipper shorts are fucking gross.

No. 100040

Its about time honestly. she does have a pretty decent and loyal following to sell her stuff. She already has 6000 followers. the only thing i can think to critique is the name of the brand. she only named it that because she is obsessed wiyh daisies atm, but in another year she is going to be obsessed with something else.

No. 100085

File: 1591944650146.gif (1.31 MB, 300x100, jillian_banner0.gif)

An attempt was made, hope it's okay

The fucking sleeves are what get me, along with the weird collar. Nothing about this looks like it was made for a human body, wtf. Her measurements for each section must have been so wonky.

No. 100100

I love you anon

No. 100130

She looks fat but really cute and natural compared to her usual smirk.

No. 100166

This is perfect, god bless you anon.

No. 100219

File: 1592008841531.png (140.86 KB, 1080x520, Screenshot_20200612-183725~2.p…)

She went from BLM back to this shit so quick it gave me whiplash.

No. 100221

File: 1592011522981.jpg (613.04 KB, 1080x1704, 20200612_212150.jpg)

Thank god shes fixing the ugly tablecloth baby wanna be lazy oaf style dress.

No. 100244

Stealing LO designs is not designing, Jill

No. 100253

Why not get rid of the collar all together, the collar the ruffle upper bodice and sleeves are waaaay too much, it makes the dress look too busy. she had to many ideas and applied it. its already colorful and the silhouette is a mess

No. 100270

File: 1592042866922.jpeg (344.67 KB, 720x1122, 56891133-F369-4259-9647-08C876…)

Hack job because I’m on mobile but if you take off the sleeves, take away the collar and the chest bit to make it a strap dress (and remove the Jill to get rid of the ugly styling) the dress would look like this

No. 100301

If she made it like this i literally would be willing to buy it. Something like this you could layer. or by its self. thats what consumers are looking for. and if she was trying to make this a "statement" dress its still too much going on.

No. 100346

File: 1592061779064.jpg (379.67 KB, 1050x1050, XF006653.jpg)

I thought that was one of these baby bibs lol
Funny how she mentions she is going to fix the collar when someone in this thread pointed it out

I think that this dress is still ugly and ill fitting, but alright to each their own
It has the potential to look cute but it is still so lackluster and clownish from the way it is cut
I would find it better if it was like yellow skirt x pink bodice and the arms had just a bit longer sleeves with cuffs. I would like that a lot instead of 3 colors in the same dress.

No. 100369

Don’t forget she has to fix the back too. The fabric on the front (the small ginham) didn’t match the fabric in the back (large ginham), if you watch her vid you can notice it at one point looking at her shoulders. I’m assuming the back is all one piece and she didn’t use a yoke.

No. 100400

File: 1592081032384.jpg (466.07 KB, 720x1032, 20200613_214302.jpg)

No. 100401

File: 1592081132875.jpg (60.11 KB, 719x230, 20200613_214520.jpg)

No. 100405

>it’s one unfinished dress

No. 100406


Massive fucking nitpick but I'm so sick of all her weird baby talk, like "Kyute" and "Luvly" like >>100219 said it's such a whiplash going from BLM back to "hey luvlies!!! Muah! Look at these KYUTE facemaskies!!" I love how earlier she said how awkward it would feel to go back to her old content, but clearly she got over it really fucking quickly because we're back to her usual bullshit lmao

samefag but agreed, I like the idea of the dress but honestly there's so many problems with it that she might as well just make a completely new one. On top of the sleeves, the collar, and what >>100369 said, she might as well just say fuck it and make it again. At the end of the day even if she made tweaks to look good it's literally just the lazy oaf dress in different colors, so why would you ever buy any of the shit Jill makes when a superior version exists somewhere else. Even if she made tweaks I think the silhouette is still garbage, even the original dress looks unflattering imo

No. 100411

This is great. She should just do this. This is fun and just outrageous enough to fit her style. The current piece looks like 4 different dresses frankensteined into one.

No. 100438

>Manages to sew a facemask
>Fashion designer uwu
Bet she makes a handful to sell then quits or just completely forgets bc muh bpd and school stress

No. 100446


No. 100461

What design did she steal? Obviously it's a shit knock off attempt of the overall style but what did she specifically rip off?

No. 100486

File: 1592116825728.png (561.54 KB, 402x747, sokawiwi.png)

Dude I could not get past her tiddies flopping around the whole time.

No. 100489

File: 1592118556472.gif (1.66 MB, 320x240, 36989136-137C-4DA5-B3CE-1E3BD7…)

Lol I didn’t even notice that because I was so focused on her FUPA

No. 100500

they look normal to me anon? boobs dont stay up like in hentai

No. 100507

Jill tweeted 6 days ago that she would feature black artist and then proceeded to announce her ‘brand’ and give no more attention to the eairler tweet. What a joke. Her fake tears in the video And her calling it a political issue just proves she doesn’t give a damn. She just wanted to seem ‘with it’ while “it was cool” or save herself from getting chewed out.

No. 100514

Sure they look normal, but that doesn't mean we want them to be flopping in our faces

No. 100516

youre right about that.
i kinda miss her old self now. Sure she was cringe but she was just a typical weeb

No. 100581

there’s another pixie says video out, too stupid to embed it

No. 100595

>>100581 this one?

No. 100598

Kek they didn’t hold back with this one did they?

No. 100717

I was thinking the exact same thing. We all know that Jill goes through phases with her likes and "aesthetic."

No. 100919

File: 1592269890147.jpg (42.94 KB, 176x259, 103597438_266785967731688_7204…)

OT but Steebie made it on the front page of Reddit

No. 100929

Does steven know you can be asexual and gay. like not being sexually attracted to someone does not devoid you being emotionally or romantically attracted to people.

No. 100939


I get where he's coming from but the way he phrased it is loaded for no reason. The people sharing it aren't queerbaiting they saw the official tweet from Nickelodeon and obviously they interpreted it as him being gay.

But let's be honest here if one person said he's asexual, and one person says he's gay, no one is gonna fucking think that he's an asexual who is also gay they're either gonna run with one or the other. Sure it's technically possible for someone to be both asexual and gay but frankly no one fucking cares about the specifics lmao

No. 100945


1. Assuming most people are going to acknowledge or care about a Word of God statement from the creator of a children's cartoon series made 18 years ago, before cartoon creators became well known as online personas
2. They already disrespected Stephen Hillenburg by greenlighting a shit-tastic spin off series, which he never wanted for his show
3. So are you, you dumb fuck???

No. 100947

Stevie would know a lot about queerbaiting for clicks considering pixie's history.

No. 100995

asexual didn’t even mean the tumblr bullshit it did back in 2002, pretty sure a biologist would have meant it in the biological sense.

No. 101019

asexual=/= gay and he's a sponge. I cant believe this is even a debate right now. It's really dumb

No. 101021

Does it really matter? Asexuality isn't real and neither is a cartoon sponge. 60% of generation z identify as not straight and Nickelodeon slapped the general pride rainbow over him for kids to project whatever they want. If Steve cares so much, a rainbow instead of an ~ace flag~ doesn't change anything lol. What an embarassing thing to rant about.

No. 101042

File: 1592324779373.jpg (97.95 KB, 1378x639, pplive.JPG)

from her patreon livestream

No. 101045

I honestly found this video kinda endearing lol… Was it supposed not to?

Is that her new haircolor..? Everything she's wearing is clashing against each other.

No. 101047

Asexuality has been used as "not experiencing sexual attraction to others" since the 90s. AVEN was founded in 2002.

I do agree that the creator probably meant it in the biological sense, but the word has a much longer history than tumblr. Hell, even the Kinsey scale has acknowledged asexual people, just without that specific word.

No. 101048

yeah she said hair video coming tomorrow. but basically she ditched the rainbow bangs and just dyed her entire head rainbow instead

No. 101058

I see! I'm glad she got rid of those awful rainbow bangs. But please don't tell me that she substituted it with something even worse… I was hoping for something that would suit her better.

No. 101059

Glad she finally let go of the rainby bangs but they've just been replaced with something equally as ugly, if not more. I wish she would go back to having just one color. She looked cute with blue hair, honestly.

No. 101079

Good to see that the expensive Lucy and Yak boiler suit (that cost more than her BLM donation before even considering shipping from the UK and customs) does in fact look as ugly on her as we theorised. Does it not somewhat go against the point of being sustainable to fly your new clothes across the planet.

No. 101092

She looks like a fat scene kid. This 70s flower phase is going to be such a mess kek

No. 101094

File: 1592337809659.jpg (10.1 KB, 236x236, 7fbc918a022af709d14738f7988b32…)

I hope she went back to this. i know back then a lot of people hated this hair, but it was personally my favorite. also her style back then was more subdued and she wasn't wearing a lot of bright makeup, so this hair worked out for her.

No. 101099

I dont understand why she didnt just make herself a jumpsuit.

No. 101101


This one would be a loooot better but I miss her purple rainbow hair. Also I think she should go short again.

No. 101109

Getting strong Karen vibes from this still.

No. 101111

Morrissey has been called asexual since the 80s, so agreed it's way older than Tumblr and also he's a sea sponge.

No. 101120

Did she go to a salon for this? It looks so dry

No. 101121

what a weird thing to be defensive about. probably in denial that he too will have to step out of the glass closet someday

No. 101141

File: 1592399836631.jpg (127.38 KB, 1080x1080, 83d925c85089ffc3d2da2b39b9e58a…)

bad edit to see how she'd look with a natural brown

No. 101156

i dont like it, looks like her mom

No. 101177


No. 101226

No. 101228

File: 1592430480506.jpeg (104.39 KB, 1017x449, F510DE79-93D3-479B-AE80-FE66DF…)

I’m disappointed but I guess having any expectation at all was my own fault.

No. 101235

Oh it’s so…. blocky
It looks like when middled aged women decide to ~go a little crazy~ and get an inexperienced hairdresser to do bright colours
It looks kinda cute from the front with just the pink/orange/yellow, but all together looks so tacky

No. 101236

It looks like she's having fun, this video was quite enjoyable
She looks really rough with the fried platinum blonde, she looked cute without makeup tho.

That being said the end result is awful, bright pink into mushy rainbow.

No. 101237

I wish she would stop doing yellow, it always turns out a swampy mess

No. 101244

I just dont understand how she is content with her hair being so destroyed. its inevitable to have a fair bit of damage when you home bleach but this is excessive? she must be cross processing multiple times and on top of that straightening the shit out of it every day just to make it look presentable. Jesus girl. just leave it. You only need to bleach twice max

No. 101245

she looks like an greasy trans man in this photo

No. 101246

ok I hadn't finished the video but I just have to comment on "my hair naturally grows into a floofy untamable mess and thats why its a permanent fluffy bun"

no Jill. its because its fucking processed to shit

No. 101247

File: 1592436940876.jpeg (125.94 KB, 640x826, 738711B3-7F54-47C9-82CC-5390BD…)

steeb “bwought” her flowers. jillian you are a 22 year old woman. STOP TALKING LIKE THAT. idk if she thinks the baby talk is cute or quirky or what but it’s not cute jill.

No. 101248

Don’t give her ideas anon

Have they really been together 2 years already? I swear it’s been less than that

No. 101249

She’s been damaging her hair through processing it over and over for years - doubt she remember what her natural hair is really like anymore.

No. 101257

File: 1592440561285.jpg (450.1 KB, 2896x2896, 20200617_203355.jpg)

It's so fucking bad yall. She looks like a troll doll mixed with sonic. And that swamp green. It should've been dyed differently and even amounts of color. The amount of pink looks so stupid.

No. 101270

Jill made multiple videos saying that she doesn't color strip or let the colors naturally fade out she just bleaches on top of her already bleached hair any time she wants to change her color.

No. 101271

She seems to forget that her hair is curly? Like yeah, your hair is gonna dry extremely puffy and frizzy if you bleach over it multiple times and straighten it every day.

No. 101297

File: 1592453221971.jpeg (58.23 KB, 749x413, 31258DA7-9366-40F8-9201-A4615A…)

No. 101301

Would look 10 times better if she just stuck with one or two colors like the pink and yellow IMO

No. 101303

I know this is an unpopular opinion but to be honest she looks cute in that boiler suit

No. 101326

I think it’s because it’s jsut one thing/pattern, when usually she’s got like 15 different shades of pink clashing and a bunch of patterns that don’t work

No. 101330

File: 1592480574605.jpg (670.08 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200617-221302_You…)

Fuck it
Visceral fat check

No. 101346

File: 1592496424298.jpg (241.78 KB, 720x880, 20200618_170606.jpg)

No. 101348

At the end when she says, "straight is pretty fun" and then tapers off to, "for hair." Cover your bases girl.

No. 101352

Her ditching the bangs does her face favors imo. I think she looks pretty good, actually. It's cute. But letting her slug tongue out constantly like a toothless chihuahua throughout was not it sis.

No. 101358

Personally hate the color but I'm glad she's growing out the bangs since all she ever did was shove them up in a bun anyways

No. 101364

glad she's getting rid of the bangs but oof… her hair looks so damaged and thin, she looks bald in some spots?

No. 101372

File: 1592507277057.jpeg (129.98 KB, 512x640, E8B44A62-1732-499A-85A8-BAC29F…)

the way she described it in the video made me think she was gonna do something like this and i’m honestly a bit bummed she didn’t because this arguably would’ve been a lot cuter for her

No. 101379

File: 1592508346932.jpg (280.09 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20200618-151743_You…)

Not to wk but her makeup looked really nice in the intro and she looks a lot better without her blunt bangs. That being said I'd rather have her old greasy bangs back instead of this shit dye job

No. 101384

Because it's a simple one color with a darker shade in the crease that doesn't clash with everything else. That plus natural brows would be a quite nice look for her.

No. 101425

the hair looks nice and vivid, i really want more blue and purple to show through

No. 101444

File: 1592536014908.png (746.14 KB, 899x1066, foundation.png)

Nitpick but
>the color match

Also I couldn't watch the "Beauty Guru Montage" because it was so cringe and uncomfortable with her sticking her tongue out every 3 seconds. Not cute.

No. 101472

That back view is horrific, why is her top layer of hair so jagged and so much shorter than the rest

No. 101491

Looks like she has a chemical cut now

No. 101503

That face Stevie sees at night huh?

No. 101505

first off, you can tell she did a shopping spree at sally’s bc of her brand selection. IroIro fucking sucks. second, the shit going on with kristen leanne has been known for years?? we all fucking knew she’s a racist animal abuser but conveniently jill decides to ignore it to fuel her autistic fixation on rainbows until she can use it in a video to make herself look good.

No. 101506

the extensions make it look so much worse

No. 101538

I think it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t care about racism or animal abuse. She only cares about her perfect purebred aesthetic cats lol

No. 101547

Sage but holy shit she looks like the girl from Unorthadox here.

No. 101548

Misfire im a mobile faggot

No. 101550

That pink ham arm and her yellow wannabe-japanese foundation. Lel.

No. 101560


Goddammit anon, lmao.

No. 101562

Oh my god anon imagine Stevie nutting on Jill jesus christ, nightmare inducing
…If they even nut, at all kek

No. 101563

Jesus she needs to switch foundations

No. 101592

Woah…this is the most fried I think I've ever seen her hair. She'll only keep losing length at this point, in another year or so I expect the breakage to be up to her ears and then the extensions will no longer be able to blend without being super obvious because she'll just have no real hair to layer and work with. Clip in extensions also yank out real hair as well. This is gonna get reaaaaaal bad unless she stops the bleaching.

Like look at this balding and hair loss, it's so shocking…!! Jill, I know you wanna be rainby pastel uggu barrbee 5ever but you can just wear a wig.

No. 101595

right my bad. she only cares when she can us it to her advantage, i.e. get asspats for being a basic decent human. god she’s so superficial

No. 101619

She could probably get a spons for a human hair wig too, being able to switch her hair colour for some outfits would be more creative too, she could do monochromatic looks or do full pink and red looks with pink hair

No. 101709

File: 1592692025880.jpeg (149.25 KB, 1792x828, 972929D4-8055-426E-9E7E-AFC9B6…)

What is going on in the circled part? Looks like a weird bald spot or something?

No. 101712

she probably didnt put the color all the way down to the scalp, so the blonde is blending in with her skin and making it look like she's losing hair lol

No. 101735

Pretty sure the white thing is the clip for her extensions

No. 101823

File: 1592770009860.jpeg (549.59 KB, 1242x1721, D45D3E79-4C60-4A16-84B9-278609…)

in Pixies likes. do you think we’ll get a misdiagnosis video?

No. 101827

she put neurodivergent in her twitter bio (cringe but whatever)
isn't that an autism thing?
did anons make her realize she has autism? if so, good for her.

No. 101830

Just looks like a bad extension to me.

No. 101833

File: 1592778354822.jpg (399.41 KB, 720x1046, 20200621_232445.jpg)


No. 101834

people are dying jill

No. 101835

File: 1592778783155.jpg (373.63 KB, 720x1127, 20200621_233220.jpg)

Old but it hasnt been posted yet

No. 101836

File: 1592778836549.jpg (67.38 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1592778706885.jpg)

No. 101839

It’s about time she figured it out, Jesus
Maybe this will be a step in the right direction?

It’s meant to mean ASD and ADHD only from my understanding but every mentally ill internet person calls themselves neurodivergent now

At least some of her fans have gotta call her out for saying “pandemie” right? That’s actually gross

No. 101840

Jill: do NOT call the police mentally disturbed. It is insensitive, out of line, and disgusting for you to belittle the mentally ill.
Also Jill: PANDEMIE UWU (´ε` )

No. 101842

Sorry but is pandemie a reference to something I'm not getting?

No. 101843

It isn’t even saving letters, pandemic and pandemie are the same length. Why’s it got to be cutesy?

No. 101844

File: 1592785809582.png (895.62 KB, 1178x738, Untitled.png)

steve is still sperging about the whole spongebob gay thing.

No. 101849

It’s just Jill making random words “cute” like she does
Jesus, Steve is quickly becoming a standalone cow himself

No. 101860

Steve, this sounds like denial of your own sexuality… Could it be?!

No. 101869

File: 1592802701021.png (224.58 KB, 1440x1751, Screenshot_20200621-230257_3.p…)

Someone actually did call her out on it and she changed it. She doesn't seem to actually give a fuck though.

I genuinely think Steve is putting out enough content now for him to have his own thread

No. 101882

>I-I totally meant the French word even though I didn't include the accent and also never shoehorn in random French words!
Sure Jill.

No. 101906

You know it is lol that's why he's so irrationally peeved. Everyone can tell he's gay from 50 miles away.

No. 101918

Lmao are people out there actually BULLYING people who do these things on a normal basis or does their autism cause them to interpret every offhanded internet comment as a personal attack?

No. 101933

Yea they do, ive been bullied irl for being a picky eater myself, but I can’t imagine Jill has ever experienced any of that (not counting online comments ofc) considering how coddled she is lol

No. 101942

English as a second langiage here but…what is bad about the zusage of that word?

I am German and here it is called a pandemie all the time, Pandemie bring the translation of that.

Someone give me a hinter what the problem is here?

No. 101950

It may be a word in other languages but it clearly isnt what she was trying to do. She was trying to make it cute with baby talk like she does a lot, by ending it softer with the "ie". Its also stupid to assume she would randomly use a word from a different language when she is a native english speaker who knows exactly what it is supposed to be.

No. 101951

Sage your bs, no one cares.

No. 101961

File: 1592865192222.png (2.68 MB, 1300x1628, notacoincidence.png)

Okay but his title immediately reminded me of Philip DeFranco's way of titling his videos. Maybe it's a stretch but Steve has never seemed like someone with a shred of originality to me so idk.

No. 101962

I’ve been seeing her like tweets about ADHD and ADD and istg…. if she starts saying she has ADHD or ADD oml…. it’s so hard to diagnose yourself with it at such a old age so it’s not even believable at all. As someone who has ADHD and ADD and was diagnosed with it literally the day I was born just mortify me to see this girl pick out a mental illness and say OH I have it now… smh(newfag)

No. 101963

I had a look at the post and it wasn’t Jill who said that, it was a fan but I bet she’s mad she missed out on that excuse lmao
This was my first thought too, he’s so incredibly cringy

No. 101967

He looks like a scared child on the verge of tears in that thumbnail.
Come get your son, Jill.

No. 101980

listening to him talk like he’s some established youtuber who’s been doing videos for years when he’s got less than 500 subs is pretty funny. also the fact that he was acting like he was going to make ‘scathing’ videos about youtubers with of millions of subs who would never notice or care about him kek

No. 101986

>Diagnosed with ADHD at birth

come on now. It's incredibly easy to diagnose in adults, and anyone diagnosing a newborn with a personality disorder is a crook.

And it's not a mental illness. Bad troll is trollin'

No. 101987

This is the chad and incel meme in screencaps

No. 101992

Literally since you were born? I'm gonna hope this is a hyperbolic statement. i'm guessing you mean since you were younger.

Jill has is on a role to collect mental disorders. she like a pokemon trainer of mental illness. now, i personally don't have a problem with people getting diagnosis especially to seek help. but we all know jill is not going to do that. shes gonna get her diagnosis and use it for quirky cool points and to manipulate her fans. i can just see it now "sawwy to the confetti club. as you guys k owi have bpd as well as adhd and my bwain has been on a slow but also fast spiral down to crazy land. because i have adhd it's hatd for me to focus on task and i get super overwhelmed, so i decided to raise my patreon prices and for now on i will be only doing 1 video a month. sawwy again!"

No. 101993

Are you the same anon that said ADHD was a personality disorder in a different thread? Please stop posting.

No. 102026

ADHD and Autism = neurodivergent, it's a type of brain you are born with and doesn't negatively affect others (unless you think being weird is a crime)

Mental illness are generally onset by environmental or physical factors, for example nobody is born depressed. Conflating neurodivergence with mental illness doesn't help anyone.

No. 102027

This is the dumbest thing I've ever read. How the fuck would you even diagnose a newborn with adhd lmao

No. 102028

Presumably "diagnosed with ADHD at birth" was trying to imply as above; you are born with it.

Personality disorder is a closer description than mental illness; you can't "fix" ADHD any more than you can fix your skin color. Also it's literally called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Anyway, I don't believe Pixie has it based on the information we have about her.

No. 102049

Self-diagnosing ADHD is just an internet thot cope for being failures despite having every advantage thrown their way - it's big in tumblr SJ circles with weird fat girls who have no friends and smoke a lot of weed.

No. 102057

Who won the tattoo contest???

No. 102058

Not me, though she didn‘t even notice I put a hint of Madoka Magika in the submission lol

No. 102059

What does that have to do with what I said? I wasn't the one who said you could be diagnosed with ADHD at birth, why do you still think it's a personality disorder?

No. 102063

this is the most confusing attempt at bait I have ever seen.

No. 102066

it’s not on her instagram - maybe a video announcement?

No. 102073

I actually hate her.

No. 102075

He's 100% emulating those obnoxious opinionated YouTubers, that thinks everyone just HAS to hear their ~insight~ on EVERYTHING. They also think they're sooo hilarious too. Which Steebie does. They both like shitty annoying YouTubers. Jill and Steeebie are one and the same. He def needs his own thread. He so up his own ass, just like his cow gf.

No. 102081

Once again I must say I cannot even hate-watch him. He is so unbearable its not even fun to watch him for how terrible he is it's just grating.

No. 102085

It's not nearly as unwatchable as I was expecting it to be, which isn't saying much, but like another anon pointed out it's so fucking bizarre the way he's acting like he already has an incredibly established audience that gives a shit about his opinions on everything. Like the way he talks about "gee are there any sleuths out there that can figure out if this is stock footage" Steve you have 400 fucking subscribers lmao that joke doesn't make any fucking sense because there's not enough people who care. It also feels like he emulates jokes and personalities from other Youtubers without understanding why people like those jokes or what makes them funny. Like the whole cinematography bit is clearly him trying to emulate Pewdiepie's humor but it doesn't fucking work at all. It literally feels like I'm watching an alien who absorbed thousands of hours of youtube content and is trying to emulate that content without understanding human emotions.

No. 102114

Steviewewee is for sure milky but he hasn't done much to warrant a full thread, besides I like reading the updates about him over here. Gives me another reason to check the thread

I hope you're only being retarded, but Jill said "pandemie" not in a german or french way, but in a uwu cutesy way
Like pandemiewiwie uwu so cute kawiiwii you get it right?

No. 102142

Her fabric choices are irritating to me because I've seen those gingham in fabricland and they are 100% polyester, yet again shitting on any kind of sustainability she supposedly cares about(and is also just shit to wear imo). It's also kinda dumb since it's a regular ass fabric store so she can't get bulk pricing. Everything she does is so half-assed even when it comes to what she considers her ~passion uwu~

sorry for the sperg but she is so hypocritical and dumb I can't

No. 102149

I also fucking love how she has like three different sizes of gingham squares, therefore limiting herself to what colors she can put together anyways, or if she does mix and match print sizes, it'll look fucking stupid. I'll put money on the second one.

Also not to blogpost but getting fabric from a regular fabric store and not in bulk is fucking retarded because I guaranteed each of those were at LEAST $5 a yard, and that's being generous, so if you take let's say 2 yards to make a dress that's $10 per dress, if she's seriously trying to make this into an actual business it will cost her $100 to make 10 dresses. If she plans to turn this into an actual fashion brand, which I think we all know won't actually happen, those prices don't sound very appealing.

No. 102167

she lives in canada so it’s def closer to 12$ a meter. an absolute scam, especially when you consider she’s buying new fabric instead of sourcing her materials from sustainable practices uwu

No. 102188

Honestly I was about to comment something similar to that other anon, cause it's how it's written in a bunch of European languages

No. 102227

No. 102229

>Naomi Campbell is so uwu spooky scawy
lol we see you jill

No. 102230

If it was anyone else, I could believe that they just referred to it as a pandemie because of where they were or maybe a family member says it that way, but because we know Jill likes to babify everything and the fact that she has no clue how to handle tragedies with taste (ie the selfie she posted after the youtube headquarters shooting), I HIGHLY doubt that she was saying it because of that.

No. 102231

this whole fashion brand thing feels very sudden and half-assed. it’s so bizarre how little research and effort she puts into projects and still expects to make a successful “name” for herself. she acts like she’s the next big bud press or something. i don’t think she knows what sustainability really means?

No. 102236

Wait what was the video - she’s taken it down. More self congratulation on her fashion brand with zero clothes or lines?

No. 102242

New link to the reupload

No. 102246

I don't know why she mentions not wanting to audition anymore bc of Heidi and Tim leaving, she would never even come close to qualifying for one of those shows. And her complaining about Amazon is meaningless when she just showed off her fabric purchase that was made in an underpaid Chinese sweatshop.

No. 102248

that thumbnail jfc
>‘They can’t even sew’
Bitch neither can you?

No. 102258

but she isn't european kek stop defending her

This, it looks so bad, so loud, and with different gingham patterns and colors going all over the place. I don't get it, it's like a child designing her first dress in home economics
Like how can you expect her being good at picking fabric if she's not even good at dressing herself? her outfits never match colors, watching any other actual fashion channel they always talk about this kinda basic stuff that she doesn't understand
Plus this fabric looks so plastic, wish she used cotton at least

No. 102259

a small tinfoil but I think she saw her skinwalker queenjellybeany launch her brand recently and do really well even with a smaller fan base and that's what inspired jill to launch hers so suddenly. The timing of it is so close and you're right that it seems very sudden and poorly planned. Skinwalking a skinwalker.

They're both obviously trying to rip off lazy oaf too lmao the "kawaii community" is so full of unoriginal copycats it's laughable. The only saving grace for the other girls brand is that she took a legitimate fashion course and actually knows how to sew and design patterns.

No. 102263

I wonder if Jill will try to push the 'UwU sustainable' brand without checking her fabric sources just for the woke points. I feel like its pretty much obvious her sustainability is only in front of the camera and only suits her when she wants eg. still buying cheap plastic anime crap.

No. 102266

File: 1593036545173.png (182.37 KB, 593x448, muhhhbpd.png)

woow jill no need to be this aggressive lol

agreed entirely
Plus this video that she uploaded makes her look insufferable considering she can't fucking sew shit

No. 102267

So, is she paying for prime to watch this? After she said she doesn't wanna support Jeff?

And sorry to sperg, but this video was soo boring and lame, and obviously minimal effort. Come on, Jill.

No. 102269

how old is ellie? watching her launch vid she seems way too old to be fishing for children’s money with her uwu overpriced fashion brand.

No. 102273

seriously - does nobody know how to pirate stuff these days?

No. 102282

She has just graduated from her degree or whatever it was, so probably like 21 ish?

No. 102286

he looks like a fakeboi i used to know.

No. 102342

I feel like Steve is emblematic of just how far Jill has fallen. He's by far the most obnoxious person she's ever dated. Fitting for how worse and worse she gets over time. Her exes all seem like decent people who made the mistake of getting caught up with her for a short time. Steve on the other hand is clearly a fellow cow.

No. 102350

Her skinwalker outdoing her and making a ton more and better quality pieces that look exactly like things Jill would have come up with if she had more design sense is hilarious. And I’m still not even saying it’s good, just better than Jill’s sad attempt.

No. 102440

File: 1593106631158.png (74.66 KB, 758x502, 355d6003036775dd0f519eeefa6fee…)

Jill all of this means jack shit if you continue to buy polyester fabric that is probably made in the same conditions. It's not even like she's the average consumer who buys a yard or two here and there, she's buying dozens of yards of fabric. I hate how she's getting up on her soap box to preach about worker's rights and saving the planet and all this shit when she doesn't actually know what she's talking about.

No. 102442


Thought the same thing and seriously have mixed feelings upon looking her up. On one hand, she's basically doing Jill's entire aesthetic except better. She has more sense of color coordination, her hair and makeup don't look like utter shit, and she's clearly more talented and willing to actually work hard. She came off as a little annoying to me sometimes but not nearly as much as Jill. On the other hand, MAN is she a skinwalker. If I was Jill it'd honestly creep me out a bit. Down to buying all the same brands and everything. It's just weird imo. It wasn't quite as blatant before she did the rainbow bangs thing but that really made it awkward.

No. 102460

She said she couldnt finish watching next in fashion because "that Tan guy" was cringey. fucking yikes who is gonna tell her.

the fact that she hasn't seen Queer eye yet despite harping on ANY queer character or celebrity is mind boggling

No. 102479

When she said that I cringed, good job Jill for shitting on a Pakistani gay man just because you don't get his dry humor. So woke of you!

No. 102481

That video was so fucking insufferable I couldn't even finish it. The way she goes on and on and on about ethics and shitting on the people who couldn't sew while having a pile of polysester trash and her horribly constructed dress sitting in the background was the most un self aware ironic shit I've ever seen in my entire life.

No. 102487

That combined with her saying that she’d cry if Naomi criticised her she’d cry and that she was scary shows her true feelings towards people who aren’t white. She can watch cringey animated segments with the two white hosts just fine though.

No. 102488

Sage for no contribution but I read this to the tune of “somebody that I used to know”

No. 102491

Naomi is literally known for being extremely mean and having made other black models cry.

No. 102514

Way to show how much of a real bisexual qween you are Jill by being too stupid to realize who tf Tan France is. I hope someone mentions it in the comments and pops her precure and tendies lard bubble.

No. 102548

she probably senses that Tan would want to burn her disgusting closet and dress her in something gasp actually stylish or matching and therefor doesn’t like him

No. 102571

Tan isn't even that great of a stylist but you are spot on. Like there are ways to incorporate or focus your wardrobe around rainbows and pastels and cute silhouettes that doesn't make you look like you got mauled by kindergarteners.

No. 102605

It’s odd she doesn’t get his humour when she likes to say her mom is British, has been to the UK multiple times and was friends with the Uk kawaii YouTuber crowd, you would think she would be accustomed to it though I guess all those people are white…..

No. 102642

Did her mum actually grow up in the UK? and if yes was she a southerner or a northerner? Obviously there’s a massive cultural difference. If Louise wasn’t even born in the UK then she’s obviously not going to be ‘culturally’ english if that makes sense

No. 102659

Given the fact that it’s whiter than mayo queen Jill we are talking about making these claims she is probably as British/European as the rest of the white people in North America who like to brag about that

No. 102779

File: 1593230565545.jpeg (301.82 KB, 828x585, 50A9D4BD-8BC2-4E34-A15C-2AE253…)

Therapist? Is she fishing for a new diagnosis?

No. 102788

There was 0 point to this video it was boring

No. 102794

File: 1593240400214.jpg (390.55 KB, 2000x1333, EbeV6bPXkAAItf-.jpg)

those seams…….

No. 102795

why the fuck does that look so shit when she's already been sewing for literal years?

No. 102796

Holy shit this dress is fucking atrocious lmao. It looks like a giant version of the dresses on cheap toy babies. It just looks so…. cheap. And tacky. And bad. Not even in a charming kitschy way. That paired with the bad wig she just looks like a fucking mess.

No. 102797

File: 1593242357327.jpg (337.41 KB, 720x813, 20200627_000723.jpg)

Oh boy… theres apparently an irregular choice x care bears colab and my predictions are that jill will probably… A. be tweeting about it soon in hopes thst she'll get that sweet sponsorship B. she'll cry about not having enough cash to buy everything or- C. she might "bravely announce" that irregular choice does not fit her high moral criteria for a brand or D. Secretly buy them to hide her insatiable consumerism from fans but let a casual picnic shot of the shoes slip into her twitter or insta feed

No. 102798

File: 1593242388383.png (142.36 KB, 410x348, fuzzy.png)


what the fuck is this?? is the hem already falling apart??

No. 102803

Is she actually into care bears? I know she's in to general kidcore stuff but I never really seen her with a care bear or even showing an interest in the toys/cartoons.

Also I realized that Kidcore is just a more popular version of the party kei bullshit Jill tried to appropriate from J-fashion.

No. 102806

She has that iron fist care bears wallet that I think she bought off of a fan if I'm remembering correctly, but otherwise I can't remember her having anything else care bears related. Honestly I'm surprised she hasn't had a care bears phase, they're literal rainbow pastel bears and they're super trendy right now.

No. 102807

looks like cat hair

No. 102812

She bought that wallet from Beckii Cruel. In her old room tour she has old Care Bears figurines near her accessories. She made once a haul that include two Care Bears tote bags from the dollar store she had been looking for. And her 2017 holiday giveaway included a care bear plushie.

No. 102813

>>102794 Funniest part is her hands placement trying to be dainty xD(xD)

No. 102823

Place your bets now on the new diagnosis guys, is autism exciting enough? is she ballsy enough to shoot for DID?

No. 102825


My money is on autism. Can't wait for the 10+ new videos about her "mental hell-th".


Why does she always use the same type of checked gingham for everything? She bought so much fabric through out the years, even went to this "project runway" store in NY to buy something there. None of it has seen the light after that. I just - don't understand. Also steve sucks ass as a photographer.


Not a sewingfag but this looks like when you cut fabric with the wrong scissors?

No. 102828

I've actually studied sewing for close to two decades now and I just need to run down a shit ton of issues with this, not counting the godawful color choices:
-the belt loops are uneven and you can tell she didn't use interfacing on them (those lil shits are gonna be weak af)
-the hem on the sleeves is so horrendously uneven
-uneven hem on the bottom
-the collar looks like it doesn't have interfacing either (pretty necessary to keep it stiff and lay properly), needs a second layer of fabric, and top stitching to keep it in place
-the fabric in general is just too thin. this really needs a lining of some kind.
-the strands around the hem are from the fabric shredding itself already. it means she didn't shear the fabric with "zigzag" pinking shears (which prevent edge shredding)

No. 102839

I have very basic sewing knowledge but the entire construction looks like a mess, I feel like she has no clue on actual pattern construction as it just seems very boxy with no attempt at an actual shape. It looks like shes shoved a belt on there in order to try and hide the fact the dress has no shape, its gathered so messily.

No. 102843

File: 1593269235671.png (1.3 MB, 870x1110, 590c0a3277280.png)

Agreed. She needs some kind of shaping on the top, especially since she's clearly using woven fabric. If she's going for a babydoll style dress, even some darts hidden under the belt loops, or along the back, would make it look way better.
It looks like she's trying to rip off this silhouette from Lazy Oaf, but she's ignoring that the weight of the jersey cotton (a knit fabric with better drape) and simplicity of the shape are what makes it attractive.

No. 102853

I dislike how tacky lazy oaf is but the reason why this dress works aside of what this anon said is that, ignoring the fabric choices, this dress is actually very minimal. Comparint it to Jill's:
>The sleeves aren't giant
>The chest and neck aren't busy like hers, this uses a simple mock neck
>The part where the skirt is attached is just the skirt, no belts or anything

Jill really thinks that putting a lot of bullshit on her dress means it is better. But not at all. Her dress is wayyy too busy and stupid looking. But more the merrier for her I guess, she really thinks that's what people want for some reason.

I wish she went back to doing hauls instead of pretending to be this ecobuyer designer shit.

No. 102854

Yeah, she’s spending way too much time making her things quirky and not enough on making them well constructed. Just embarrassing.

No. 102855

seeing a full body pic with all her tattoos visible is like a slap in the face they really are so awful

No. 102857

No, her mom didn't grow up in the UK. If you listen to her speak, she sounds entirely Canadian. I believe Louise's parents moved to Canada from the UK.

No. 102862

File: 1593276698689.png (407.72 KB, 427x640, flower princess 4.png)


will never not be a little sad about how her style went so downhill into non salvageable territory

No. 102866

wow… I feel like the tattoos are the worst decision she’s made regarding her appearance. She looks almost sophisticated in her old photo and she will never get that look back. Even after she’s done with her uwu tendies and toddler food phase and loses the weight she’s still going to have those giant thick BLACK outlined rainby tattoos all over her body

No. 102872

>>102779 my best is on psychosis. It's the perfect scary illness for her to have. Although would she want to risk being put on more medication idk?

No. 102876

File: 1593281306302.jpg (55.63 KB, 580x580, m_5cc46ae62eb33fea257b370d.jpg)

Jesus christ every time I see one of her old photos I just think what the fuck happened that led her to think her new style is better than this. This is like legitimately fucking cute, I'd wear this in a heartbeat but I would never be caught dead wearing any of her current outfits.

I feel like she took the idea of this dress, and the silhouette from the other dress

Honestly I hope it's autism because I could believe she actually has that, plus I guaranteed some of her audience has autism so they might call her out on some of her bullshit where she blames treating people like shit on her mental illness.

No. 102879

how do you come this far and even “launch” your own fashion brand and not own a serger? invest bitch! if she didn’t keep spending her money on clashing fabrics or plastic garbage she’d have enough spare change for a decent serger

No. 102880

A year or two ago, she dropped a ridiculous amount of money on a serger just because it had some pastel colours on it so she definitely owns one. She either doesn’t know how to use it or she’s just too lazy.

No. 102881

Psychosis is a symptom, not an illness on its own.

No. 102882

When will Jill bless us with another Animal Crossing video lmao her fist episode was posted two months ago

No. 102885

File: 1593284417088.png (5.82 MB, 1242x2688, 2D132967-E7E1-4DF0-9D7D-E868E1…)

uh oh

No. 102886

Who wants to bet she'll throw out any unfavorable assumptions because of "the affects to her mental health" and just keep ones that are like "I bet you're a super kind and sweet person irl!!! uwu"

No. 102887

File: 1593285856287.jpeg (214.73 KB, 640x1096, EC1B214F-98AF-4F09-811F-CD7D6C…)

No. 102888


what's the problem here? Are they triggered that people like oversized clothes or telling them that they are too big to wear? Are they offended that they have big cloth sizes??? w h a t

No. 102889

File: 1593287054580.png (99.25 KB, 602x404, Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 2.44…)

No. 102891

I think it's retarded on both ends imo, sperging about it like this is dumb but I agree that it's almost seems bodycheck-y to put a listing up about how it's too big and the seller is so smol uwu
It's one thing if you're looking for trades but it still seems like a weird flex, idk it's not that deep though

It's funny as fuck in Jill's case because of her bragging about her waist size in her LACE video only to see how far she's fattened up now so it now bothers her kek

No. 102895

Ewwww what the fuck dude
A lot of her audience is minors, but that aside… this is just trashy as fuck
Also can you really think of Jill raising like… anyones dick??? When she looks like… that?
Plus steweewee is gay lol

No. 102903

This is so uncomfortable for so many reasons.

No. 102904

Sorry if this is slightly off topic but I have been wondering this for a while. When anorexic people see Jill or that bodyposipanda girl or anyone who claimed to have an eating disorder who is now ‘recovered’ and fat, do you think it makes them not want to recover? Jill is acting like she’s this body positive role model but if I had an eating disorder and saw her I would never want to ‘recover’ for fear of getting as fat as Jill, I wonder if these body positive girls are doing more harm than good. Saged and sorry again for OT

No. 102907

Sorry but that dress is ugly as sin and should only be designed as something for a toddler to wear. I have no idea what the fuck she was thinking, knowing that the majority of the people that are going to buy and wear this are her fat shapeless blob fans. There's nothing remotely flattering about the silhouette, she could have added a bow around the waist to give it a little shape, which looks flattering on people of all sizes.
There's a way to do pastel colors and cute designs without it looking like something made for a fat toddler.

No. 102910

I've been following Jill's threads on here for what feels like ages now, but I have a potentially retarded question about her YouTube engagement.

She has ~230k subscribers on YT and seems to get around 50-70k views on most of her videos. I know that her like/dislike ratio is good; but is this number of views indicative of a failing channel, or is it normal for a channel her size? I guess I would expect around a 50% engagement and I just now realized that it's less than that.

No. 102914

>bragging about her waist size in her LACE video only to see how far she's fattened up now
Jill would probably claim that she's grown up sooo much since then because she's so uwu bodyposi now but I wholeheartedly believe that if she never blew up she'd still be humblebragging about how smol and petite she is.

No. 102915

Absolutely yes. A lot of anorexics fear that if they begin recovery, they'll come out the other side with a huge amount of weight gain. Looking at Jill or other people who are now 50%+ more what they weighed just a few years ago are definitely going to confirm that fear for them. And sadly, it often does happen. People with bad eating habits tend to keep having bad eating habits.

No. 102916

Every time she wears something with a babydoll/smock cut I smile a little because I distinctly remember one of her much older videos (2 years ago?) were she hauled a pink velvet baby doll dress. In that haul she talks about how she isn’t sure if she’ll like the dress because it’s not a flattering cut, and considering she was a lot thinner back then I’d love to show that pixie the picture of her in that handmade disaster. Like the ghost of christmas future for her weight gain and deteriorating fashion sense

No. 102942


Is it just me or is referring to your therapist as "sweet" kinda weird? Like idk, that's a medical provider not a friend

No. 102962


I find more issue with her placing her therapist in the same category as friends and family tbh.

Many psychologists are kind when treating their patients. It isn't rare to consider a therapist to be a friendly and supportive figures in one's life, but that doesn't mean they're a friend. Jill is literally paying someone to "listen and learn and help" and then screeching about how nice they are for doing so.

Friends and family do that because they actually care (and have to live with this shit) instead of any financial obligation, so it's a little weird to lump them all in together.

No. 102975

I have the lazy oaf dress and it is AWFUL, I haven’t seen it look flattering on anyone so what possessed Jill to make what is essentially the same dress but worse is beyond me. Wrapping an actual picnic blanket around yourself and calling it fashion would probably look better.

Sergers aren’t even that hard to use once they’re set up. How can she brag about being in fashion school and creating her own brand and put out items that are unfinished, look like nothing more than a beginners high school project and won’t suit a huge portion of her audience. I really want to see how she will price this stuff and how long she can even keep up with the demand of running a brand before she uses her ‘uwu BPD’ as an excuse as to why she can’t keep up. Especially if she plans on sewing everything herself.

No. 102993

I think that's normal for a channel her size. 50-70k is pretty good imo

No. 102995

File: 1593323514939.jpg (380.71 KB, 1000x1500, Dash-of-Darling-Caitlin-Lindqu…)

I don't get it… why would anyone want to look like a shitty fat toddler on purpose? Is this an age regression thing?
There's cute ways to make gingham look nice, pic related

No. 103069

Idk saying that an item fits well oversized is important imo. It increases the amount of people who will buy your shit, plus if someone is looking for an oversized fit they'll know it will actually look good worn like that. It's not really a flex, feels like they're just taking some off-hand comments and internalising it cause deep down they hate how big they are.

No. 103086

I unironically agree that this shit is annoying and it's just insecure skinny bitches wanting to body check their size and tell everyone how sm0l they are.
>teehee an oversized item fits baggy on me~
No fucking shit, speds. Thanks for the non-contribution review. They don't even typically say in what way the fit is, just "emagerdddd bigly size1!1!!"

No. 103142

I agree with this too, a lot of girls on depop or instagram like to brag about how thin they are and how "omg this L shirt is literally a tent on me, I could fit 3 more people inside!! I'm so skinny uwu" like, it's annoying and obnoxious, you don't have to be obese to feel weird at that kind of comment.

Yeah but compare this:
"Hi guys, I'm selling this shirt in size L, I wore it oversized."
To this:
"Hi guys I'm selling this enourmous shirt in size L, this is soooo big that I looked like I was walking inside a tent hehe, the fit looked gigantic on me because I'm very smol, it is just soooo huge that I wore it oversized like a dress even though it's a size L tshirt"
It's just a stupid anachan body brag check. Annoying as hell.

No. 103145

I was literally just about to say how I like the IDEA of the lazy oaf dress but the execution is just childish. This literally fixes that issue you can make gingham look nice without it looking like it was a child's dress sized up to fit an adult. I guaranteed you could even make different colors of gingham look good on one dress if you have enough sense of how fashion works.

Not to blogpost but I have a serger and I set it up once and it sits there and doesn't need anything else done to it until the threads run out and it needs to be rethreaded. I can't fucking imagine that someone who went to a literal fashion school doesn't know how to use a serger if it took me two youtube videos to figure it out.

> I really want to see how she will price this stuff and how long she can even keep up with the demand of running a brand before she uses her ‘uwu BPD’ as an excuse as to why she can’t keep up. Especially if she plans on sewing everything herself.

Calling it now I think she will use her beepeedee excuse before the shit even launches, I highly doubt she will even be able to make a single dress for her "brand" considering she couldn't even make one for her personal use.

No. 103177

File: 1593382152749.jpg (454.92 KB, 720x1040, 20200628_230912.jpg)

No. 103178

File: 1593382206937.jpg (393.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200628-230705_Ins…)

>>103177 why does she keep pulling that grimace

No. 103183

When you have to pull this kind of face to look like you have "biggy-iggy, joosy-oosy" sexy IG lips it's time to stop trying so hard.

No. 103197

I wonder if the dress will come in different sizes, as ugly as it is im really excited for her to put it out and laugh at all the photos of her land whale fans wearing it

No. 103200

File: 1593392551915.jpg (403.99 KB, 720x1028, 20200629_020223.jpg)

No. 103204

These earings are pretty cute

No. 103206

literally nobody talks like that but go off I guess. Like yeah, the tent comment is obv a lot but also it's just an off-hand comment, the girl probably didn't think anything of it and was just trying to make small talk. It's not a personal attack on you or anyone else. I think getting so butthurt over dumb shit like that proves how insecure and unhappy fat people actually are over their bodies imo. Like get over yourself lol

literal moon face emoji. and that damn smug expression again makes her look so unlikable

No. 103229

File: 1593410229677.jpeg (232.14 KB, 875x978, 231F73A4-C6D9-4B11-9D52-428433…)

The moon looks better tbh

No. 103249

Wait, Valentines is February 14th- that‘s when the dresses will come out? In over half a year?0

No. 103251

I'm calling it. She'll do MTO/Pre-order style anticipating delivery to buyers by late Jan but come like Dec, she'll make a video, apologizing that she just got so overwhelmed by her ~mental healf~ and either refund people, or they'll wait months and months. We all know she can't produce what people pay her for so this won't be any different.

No. 103295

She complained about how much work it took to put 100 pins on to cards to ship them. I seriously doubt she has the willpower to make clothing for sale.

No. 103325

I mean a few people in the thread have confirmed that people do in fact talk like that but please continue to be obtuse and call everyone who doesn't agree with you fat.

I guess reading isn't everyone's strong suit. She definitely said valentines colors and she is aiming for an early fall release. Which sounds hilarious given how long it takes for her to poorly make a single anything.

No. 103359

Do we think she’ll actually attempt to make all the dresses or outsource the work? I kind of figured she’d eventually “attempt” to get into factory manufacturing because her skill set is so shoddy.

No. 103371

I couldn't say goodbye to someone who I loved with all my heart because of restrictions due to COVID19. So I couldn't be there during their final moments.

They had to die around complete strangers and I couldn't be with them for our final goodbye. I have been traumatized from this happening as well.

But sure, Jill. "Pandemie."

No. 103384

lmao anon nice. you're right about the moon, it does look more pleasent

No. 103392

Of course she will outsource the hell out of it. Jill can't sew one dress, imagine when she gets 5-10 orders. If she tried to make them by herself, all of them would look diferently and wonky with various questionable degrees of quality. Maybe some would come out dirty or full of cat hair too kek.
And I doubt she will get more than 5 orders being really honest here. That dress is horrendous. But who knows, her fanbase is stupid, can't wait to see other people wearing her tent dresses.
For someone so "passionate" about sewing she really is worse than mediocre.

No. 103394

File: 1593491500392.png (316.8 KB, 577x716, pisielocls.png)

No. 103395

10/10 anon lmao
I hope this gets added to the next thread pic

No. 103416

I wish this had been entered in the tattoo contest.

No. 103427

I don't know the first thing about sewing and I can see that Jill does not have the capability to be a professional seamstress. There is no way she can open a store and take orders.

Someone way back said she should study fashion merchandising. Why doesn't she do that? She could open up a fake hobby business like her mom did. And she definitely has a fanbase to sell things to.

No. 103446

Fashion Merchandising sounds ideal, she already does it anyway. Like, that's what Jill is truly good for, and she seems into it. I hope Jill lurks beause that's one very good advice.
A "fake hobby business" isn't that bad to be frank. People like her are really suited for it.
I see her opening an online boutique with all kinds of indie creators that fit her aesthetic. She could call it party kei or whatever. And then you have the eco-design part of it and the small business side too that she's going for right now. Then she can move onto a physical store.
Hell this is even more likely and more Harajuku than wharever she's doing right now. Harajuku is all about small boutiques that showcase unique designs (ofc some are bigger and some are more on the craft side). Like she's so very stubborn about having a brand and being a seamstress that she's not truly looking inside to all the oportunities and potential she truly has in areas she hasn't even thought about. Because honestly she's good at aesthetics, but not at dressing herself or sewing, at all.

No. 103452

OT, but i think jill likes to lurk here because we are the only ones that would tell her the truth, her fans think everything she does is magical and without critique. Lurking here for good constructive critisism isn't all bad for her. i gaurantee you she is gonna reform her dress because she has seen people here correct it.

No. 103456

The remake trend you see in those boutiques would also be good for her because she would be recycling clothes and she wouldn’t have to construct the actual garments. She could also design and have patches made to add to stuff

No. 103459

Yeah but the thing with her is she's on one hand taking constructive criticism from her thread but denouncing it on the other/denouncing and mocking any criticisms towards her shitty behavior and things she's legitimately done wrong or the way she treats her partners/friends in the past.

Don't need to hear praise from her about her thread obviously but it's sad that she'll lurk and take in criticism when it comes to things that will potentially get her more money like an upcoming brand but will scoff what a lot of people who were and maybe still are fans of her saying the way she acts is shitty

Speaking of all the times she's referenced/talked about the thread or at least what gets talked about here and in her call-out videos….does she even do her live streams anymore? Are any recent ones up?

No. 103473

I kind of feel like she will sell a good chunk but whether she can fulfill the orders is up in the air to me. Her followers are too up her butt to not purchase. Plus so many YouTubers have ugly merchandise so I think people feel like this is more nichey and cutesy than a shirt that says pixielocks on it ya know. Doesn’t mean it’s a good idea though lol

No. 103474

Also to the people who were saying she was having a hard time with packaging her pins, how would she fufill orders. she has steve this time.she is probably going to make a bulk of items then have stevie package them and send them off, he has to earn his keep one way or another.

No. 103482


At first I agreed but then I realized that this picture was taken at last years graduation, which means if that's how she looked naturally back then, who knows how she looks without her wide angled youtube shots now,,,

No. 103485

I'm surprised she didn't put her patchwork picnic blanket dress on https://www.pixielocks.ca/gallery

seems like, just like all of her other weird fixations, she has stopped caring about her website and moved on to her….. "store". i'm sure the store will flop in the same way this disaster of a website did.

No. 103559

What about her tattoo contest? Am I tripping or the results are long overdue?

Not that we don't know that the Laura Anunnaki rip off won, though kek

No. 103573

there is no doubt in my mind that, that anunniki copy won. i just wish she would announce it instead of leaving her fans hanging. that's a shitty thing to do.

also is she on some type of new medication where she easily forgets things. like she forgot about the website she launched, she forgot about her tattoo contest and i am positive she is going to forget about brand. she really needs to look into that.

No. 103574

Nah man, she doesn't forget anything because of medication.
This is an abandoned blog of her that was last used in 2018. It still has her very old aesthetic and logo.

No. 103575


I partly agree with this but I think the problem now is that her reputation is pretty much soiled among genuinely creative, talented people who run in the same spaces as her. Only kids with no taste really like her. That would make it difficult to organize something like this. I mean really think about it, the only indie brand intended to be vaguely "J-fashion" (and even then it's not really) that she's done advertising for is ugly artscow shit. No other actual prominent J-fashion people like her; I've heard rumors of bad blood with Lovely Lor, for example, and seen fairy kei and decora folks on Twitter shade people who just wear shit like Lazy Oaf and call it J-fashion, obviously referring to Jill and her skinwalkers. The only way she might be able to make something like this work for herself is if she admits she's not really J-fashion anymore (occasionally saying you totally love but almost never wearing 6%DOKIDOKI and like no other Japanese brands just doesn't count) and relabels as just colorful alt fashion or something. But even then, I think too many of her fans are just kids with no taste or talent. I can't see any indie creators/brands really wanting to work with her. I think somehow marketing to the dumb kids that make up her audience is pretty much her only hope now, which she IS doing with her current brand, but the problem is many of them will surely grow up someday.

No. 103586

File: 1593665312831.png (331.57 KB, 621x442, oie_WEux9gmiWopu.png)

No. 103588

File: 1593665680292.png (58.5 KB, 623x384, oie_JtsWSGF8C8NX.png)

I know this is old but she followed shane and jeffree star cosmetics on insta until yesterday I took screenshots on my phone but like a dumbass I can't find them

No. 103590

Why was she defending him was this after he molested his cat or…

No. 103591

recently people have been cancelling shane because hes racist and done pedophilic shit, its been in the open for years and people are just now catching on

No. 103592

this was from 2018 when a clip from shane dawson's podcast resurfaced where he called a six year old sexy, said he looked up child porn on google, and said he that naked babies were sexy.

No. 103597

and now there's more accusations of his degeneracy regarding pets and children. Threads are here if anyone is interested

I swear to god I know she might be naive and stupid but she's so quick to change anything, including her opinions. Good she doesn't stan them anymore but "I WILL DEFEND X TO THE GRAVE" is such a serious thing to say that now looking at her changing her opinion is hilarious.
This is why I find so dumbfucking stupid that she called her store "5 petal flower" because of her current obsession with flowers. Like, Jill, a brand takes time and effort, don't base it on one thing that you randomly thought about. But she has donde this with everything including her band phase, cosplayer group phase, lolita phase, jfashion phase, whatever. Be it LACE, Party Kei, Confetti Club, Moonmist Girls, you name it, always named after a current obsession.

She really needs to get her shit together and start thinking more in the long term.

No. 103598

Holy fucking shit I forgot Moonmist Girls was even a thing. I honestly really like her brand name though, 5 petal flower ironically sounds like a brand name that people would catch on to if it wasn't Jill's, but either way it's still blatantly named after one of her short lived obsessions so I think she should have named it something cute but generic so it applies no matter what phase she is currently in.

No. 103603

To be completely honest, the brand name isn't suuuper bad, quite generic, but it doesn't roll on the tongue quite right and idk, doesn't seem right to me for some reason

That aside, she
Named the anti lolita bullying shit she and another lolita had "LACE" because lace is an important part of the style
Named her style Party Kei because she was very into jfashion, mostly Cult Party Kei and Larme Kei
Named her cosplay grup Moonmist Girls because she had a brief witchcraft phase alonside her current magical girl one
Named her fancult the Confetti Club because she had a brief confetti and party decoration obsession
Named her store 5 petal flower because she's into ecofriendly shit and is having a flower phase
and also, named herself Pixielocks because she had a pixie haircut at the time

No. 103604

literally how cute would it have been if she named her brand “jilly bean” like wtf?? it associates the brand with specifically her and it’s uwu cute. instead she decided to name it after what they call a “bib flower”

No. 103606

This is the first time I've ever heard about how she named herself, I assumed pixielocks was some random cutesy name she came up with as a username and it stuck so she kept using it but the fact that she named herself that just because of a haircut is actually hilarious because of the fact that it's lasted this long

Jill if you're reading this change your brand name now Jilly Bean is a good brand name and think of all the cute logos you could make out of a bean shape

No. 103607

File: 1593682855400.jpeg (32.25 KB, 300x505, 763EDB98-A710-463D-9C74-044A46…)

The moonmist actually comes from an ice cream that’s popular in that area of Canada, it’s three flavours swirled together so the three girls are the three colours of the flavours

No. 103640

Lurk in older threads or older vids anon, she explained this a long time ago
Frankly, the name pixielocks still works because pixie is a type of fairy and candy as far as I know

No. 103648

File: 1593715262234.jpeg (338.19 KB, 750x774, 11AB7889-A709-482E-A61E-65A330…)

This should be good or it’ll all just be “uwu Jill I think you have a hard time sometimes!!”

No. 103649

No. 103650

>>103649 she actually looks like she has downs in that thumbnail

No. 103651

File: 1593716243450.png (288.89 KB, 722x406, unknown.png)

No. 103653

Spoiler it's mostly all uwu bullshit but two things that gave me a good laugh were when someone asked if she read gossip boards and she swore she's never read any ever since her first year of being a YouTuber, and the fact that she kept getting questions asking if she was 30-35 kek

No. 103656

File: 1593718822788.png (390.85 KB, 833x558, Screenshot_20200702-154001.png)

She says she stims and that she always has

No. 103657

It really grinds my gears that she keeps excusing poor cleaning skills and cooking and adult like adaptation because she is “only 22”. Everyone develops differently but 22 is not a damn baby. That’s full ass adult. Might not be as emotionally capable as someone older but she’s not a spring chicken. Why is that viewed as cute to downplay age?!?

No. 103662

FR like she decided that she was old enough at 20 to deserve her own whole ass entire house decorated to her aesthetics, but actually maintaining that same house like an adult is too much and sooo hard? Like just a regular apartment you can handle you complete dipshit.

No. 103666

i've never seen an assumptions video where they were 98% positive she def left out all the "scwary meanie weanie" ones to make it all uwu sun shine & rainbies she had to put in the one about gossip pages in to prove she doesn't lurk here and then mentions gg funny bc her thread there isn't really active

No. 103674

did she ever actually list the things from her wardrobe refresh video on depop??

No. 103677

She brought up childhood trauma, I bet she’s starting to set up for the next diagnosis lmao

No. 103681

File: 1593734667341.jpg (362.5 KB, 1080x1170, 20200703_100254.jpg)

This comment though.

No. 103683

File: 1593736723267.png (853.34 KB, 760x1257, Screenshot_20200702-203816.png)

Nope! It just has the same stuff she sold over a year ago.

No. 103689

The comments about her feet being fucked up “but not anymore” are fucking me up… Why the hell would you address that of all things and not explain anything? Has she talked about getting a Grody Footectomy in the past? Doesn’t she know not to answer anything foot related for obvious reasons? So many questions plague me.

No. 103690

File: 1593742067739.gif (824.53 KB, 397x158, tongue.gif)

No. 103692

wasn't there a tumblr blog that just posted pics of her feet?? I feel like she knows lol..

No. 103694

autism diagnosis when

No. 103696

I forgot all about that, I remember being a fan and looking for her on Tumblr and finding that mess.

No. 103698

No, thats even older. When she made her decluttering video last year saying she would upload everything left on depop after showing the items to her friends first, she never got to upload any of the clothes.

No. 103703

I never kept up with her on there so I had no idea about that. kek Gettin’ a lil cheeky n not at all sneaky there with her foot fetty fans

No. 103729

I feel like even if she is she’ll never seek out a diagnosis because we’ve been calling her a massive autist for years.

No. 103780

I’m just so confused what her “trauma” is, I usually don’t think it’s my business when people actually seem like they have issues or trauma but I can’t imagine what hers could be? Other than being coddled or the -totally mean- girlfriend when she was like 15 or whatever

No. 103784

I would imagine she was an odd duckling and got made fun of for her it so that’s her trauma. Doesn’t seem like she was abused by her parents and hopefully it’s not sexual abuse.

No. 103790

If Jill was ever sexually abused she would've been milking it on twitter in the same way she brings up "muh BPD!!!" whenever she gets anything close to criticism.

No. 103794

She looks like Milo Otis in the thumbnail….

No. 103796

File: 1593817908896.jpeg (576.13 KB, 2048x2048, 81E10BAF-3F98-4B2D-B143-E912BC…)

The resemblance is uncanny….

No. 103797

OT but holy shit this is a throwback, what even happened to Milo? Did she nuke her channel cause I can't find cant evidence she existed.

No. 103801

I never thought I'd say this, but I'd take Pickmelocks over that disgusting walking contradiction of a creature any day.

No. 103828

had to hold back my vomit but here you go anon

No. 103855

They both lok very eastern european

No. 103865

She was really defending him then?? Wow, well here we go on this hill she chooses to die on. I wonder if she'll remain quiet now

No. 103875

I kinda assumed her "trauma" was the relationship with Uma? and probably the eating disorder. and if Uma is a factor… that's honestly really gross how she's basically claimed horrible things about an innocent person. Not to mention the fact that whenever she's dated a girl, it's resulted in demonizing her, using her, and just treating her like shit in general. I honestly don't have much opinion on Jill's sexuality, mostly because I don't really care. It's obvious she milks it either way, but I'm willing to believe she might be bisexual and the issues with Alyssa had more to do with her obviously being a rebound after Colin. However I def think she could be straight and the bi thing is for online brownie points. I think that SHE thinks she's bi tho, whether she is or not, faking it for attention seems like a stretch to me.

also correct me if I'm wrong but didn't she claim Walker abused her too or something? she also demonizes Colin. which… someone should tell her that BPD can't develop from these things. like. everything she's able to point to is from early adolescence. BPD develops from EARLY childhood trauma. The idea that anything happened to her as a young child, considering her family and living situation and all that, seems incredibly fucking unlikely. It just seems odd to me that if she's going to be "transparent" and "open up" about her personality disorder that she doesn't even talk about how it develops or what the source is.

also for whatever it's worth, decided to look back at interactions between Jill and Uma and honestly, Jill reminds me so much of an ex of mine with narcissistic tendencies. Not emotionally abusive or anything, but at the very least a manipulator in the making. The way Jill interacted with her just seemed like someone trying to get back in favor with someone. Btw wasn't Louise fine with the relationship with Jill and Uma? so doesn't it seem a bit weird that Jill is claiming it was like some huge age and power difference if her own loving MOM was fine with it?

No. 103898

Let's be real, her mom has probably never put her foot down about any of Jill's behavior in her life. She's too busy being ~best friend mom~

No. 103902


True but I think you'd be hard pressed to argue Jill's mom doesn't genuinely care for her. I think if she genuinely felt Jill was in a concerning relationship, with toxic "power dynamics" or whatever she said about it, that she would step in.

I suppose it's possible Jill has experienced some kind of early childhood trauma, but I doubt it, mainly considering the fact that if she did it's hard to imagine she'd be capable of not detailing it online.

No. 103910

True, I just mean that if Jill was adamant that she loved that person or smth her mom would probably roll over unless it was like, blatantly physical or something

No. 103915

Yeah, I really don't get it. She has speaked about her ED and bullying so much that it would just make sense

Inb4, maybe her dad is abusive? She doesn't have a good relationship with him

No. 103920


I think that's a bit ridiculous to assume about someone we barely know, who seems pretty decent overall, and is still in a seemingly just fine relationship with Jill's mother who we know loves her. I think she's just closer with her mom.

No. 103932

I don’t think she has a bad relationship with her dad, she used to talk positively about him all the time

No. 103942

She has a good relationship with her dad. They just aren't BFFs like her and her mom.

No. 103949

Saged because unrelated.

I think jill didnt start her brand until she saw the success that ellie had. i feel like jill looked at her "competition" before ellie, and thought she didnt need to make an effort so soon. looking at most of these "japanese inspired western kawaii brands" most of it is unimaginative, putting gaudy prints on a skater dress or tights with only 4 diffrent colorways isn't exactly what i would call design. so ellie and jill, in comparison to these other shops are definitely miles ahead. but like i was saying earlier i think that jill peeped that ellie was actually making somewhat good product and decided to launch. i feel like jill is definitely competition oriented.

No. 103980

Sorry, but who's Ellie?

No. 103984

Ellie is QueenJellybeany Who is part of the British confetti cult skin walker group. She recently launched her ‘fashion brand’. A few anons have mentioned her in comparison to Jill starting her brand. I can’t help but feel Ellie and her launch being mentioned several times that it’s either a self post/ someone she knows. Nothing she made is that remarkable to receive praise on here

No. 103987

Op here, thats an ambitious assumption. I have not seen anyone (including myself) praise ellie. i, like others have pointed out that it's just suspicious that jill announced her brand seemingly out of no where. only making the connection To ellie because she has an aesthetic that in comparison is better (not good individually just better in comparison) to the onslaught of "western kawaii brands" who only claim to fame is putting garbage prints on skater dresses and over priced tights. my initial presumption was that jill possibly also took notice to these "brands" and possibly didn't think she had "competition" because of the aformentioned skater dresses. that is until ellie launched something "different" (and i use that term loosely) that then i saw jill finally drop a "brand" with no thought behind it. that was my point.

No. 103988

you don't need to praise someone to feel jealously because they are delivering a better product, Jilly is not blind.

No. 104022

I know that. white knight. this is a discussion board where i brought up something i wanted to discuss. i have no idea why you are so adamant on being overprotective of jills sanctity. calm those titties honey

No. 104100

nta but the only titties that seem to need calming down are your very own. you say that this is a discussion board, and that person was replying to you with a different opinion, which is part of discussion.

No. 104102

It wasn't a different opinion it was an unecessary over correction. Or can you not read as well.

No. 104112

File: 1594063281018.jpg (432.87 KB, 810x2227, 20200706_141950.jpg)

No. 104114

says she’s into “sustainable fashion” but then buys a kit of plastic beads for an ugly, non-functional purse. I see where you stand Jilly and it’s on a mountain of plastic garbage.

No. 104116


She didnt even follow her own design. The bag she made and the plan are two different things.

No. 104120

File: 1594073067558.jpg (68.18 KB, 850x611, NINTCHDBPICT000579237167.jpg)

>Aminal Cwossing

No. 104131

You're that anon who used the Ed reaction image in the Venus thread, aren't ya?

No. 104155

>my brain likes to watch pretty bead slide down string and make rainbow o w o
made me groan, I can't even tell if she's trying to be cute & quirky uwu or just as autistic as possible anymore

No. 104191

I noticed that too. Queen of inconsistency.

No. 104266

File: 1594169902852.jpeg (528.16 KB, 1125x1232, BFF7E576-9EAF-4A82-833D-C5AD04…)

No. 104289

ok but is this not everybody? we all wake up on the wrong side of the bed jill it doesn't mean anything deeper than an emotional ebb and flow.

No. 104330

whoa. Imagine what talking therapy is like.
literally. does she not get that everyone has bad days. smh. its like people claiming anxiety in a situation where its perfectly normal to be nervous.

No. 104422

No. 104423

not to be dramatic but i could not hate the name five petal flower more. the wavy font she has used as part of the logo is genuinely awful and i cannot imagine it translating well anywhere

No. 104424

I have never heard her talk about how much she loves nature? And she never talks about the witch stuff anymore

No. 104428

>>104422 at around the 11min mark Jill says she has a lot of problems trying to get food down her esophagus…..if that was true you wouldn't be obese Jill

No. 104429

Im A dEsiGnEr HuR dUr

the logo is plain aweful.

No. 104430

The majority of this video wasn't even about her brand. Surely she'd have more brand-related things to talk about if she were so passionate about it. Strange.

Kek, that was what I was going to comment on, too. Jill, we know you love to underscore how special you are with your ~mental illnesses,~ but having difficulty eating is just not one of those struggles. You're actually fat; please don't try to cosplay an anachan.

No. 104446

you know, I'd believe she has a lot of problems with eating different textures and stuff cause people like that tend to usually stick with tendies and shit. Like we know she doesn't eat veggies lmao. Also explains why she never tried anything other than curry when she was in japan.


I love that she was talking about milks that are good for the environment and then proceeds to gush over timbits cereal, good job jill.

Also she's using that polyester gingham for the masks she's selling, but afaik masks are supposed to be made out of cotton fabric? (not sure why but that's what every tutorial I've read says lol)

No. 104460

Do you think Jill has ever been hiking? I doubt she would last an hour outside

No. 104468

There are a few contradictions in this video,
1, I bet she never thought of that human thing about the brand name. She just thought her dad’s idea sounded uwu unique and claimed it was a hidden meaning. We all know she thought of the name due to those cheap toy flowers she likes to have all over her home.
2, She never leaves her house outside of photoshoots and shopping. How does she love nature? We never even seen her backyard
3, I swore she said Ojamajo Doremi was her all time favorite anime.

Jill, if you are lurking please chill with the baby talk. It being a BPD symptom in your mind doesn’t mean it really is. Also never do wings again, that mess on your eyes look like crap.

No. 104495

Just looked up the mask fabric thing:
>In general, natural materials are a better option than synthetic ones. Because synthetic fibers (like polyester) tend to be smooth, they don’t filter out particles as well as the rougher texture of natural fibers (like 100% cotton).

So yeah, hope she decides to at least go for cotton with the ones she's planning on selling…
As always she just goes for 'aesthetics' over functionality lol.

No. 104499

File: 1594284078733.jpg (492.88 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20200709-093946_Twi…)

Lmfao at her literally doing this at around the 9 minute mark talking about buying a shirt in a large so it could be super loose and hang like a dress

No. 104500

That bit with her dad was really weird, he was talking to her and she ignored him completely and was filming the cat then her mom had to try and get her attention and repeat what her dad said twice and Jill still didn’t respond she just zoomed in on her dads face, it was really odd and rude

No. 104503

when you’re blatantly rude to your parents bc you’re uwu sO qUiRkY. better not let jill see this comment or she’ll call you ableist and blame it on her beepeedee again

No. 104504

Also he definitely gave her that idea. There's now
way she thought of it herself and just didn't tell anyone

Give your dad some credit Jill

No. 104505

lmao she so obviously never thought about that metaphor, i have no idea why she is pretending otherwise
also, fansub is better than crunchyroll most of the time Jill, why would anyone be this excited is beyond me

No. 104506

idk anons, i believe in it because it sounds a lot like ARFID which tends to be a comorbid disease with autism and doesn't necessarily mean she would be skinny because her "comfort" foods can be very unhealthy/caloric
we have seen this sort of behaviour from her whenever she travels outside of canada, like her brown foods in london or the just eating fast foods in japan thing

No. 104510


This logo looks like some Limited Too shit

No. 104511

that part where she went on about having to visit 'seedy' websites to watch precure was so dramatic, has she never heard of torrenting before?

No. 104516

>Five Petal Flower
>a head, two arms, two legs
>says that it represents a “human being”
Jillian, don’t you think that’s a little bit ableist? kek

No. 104526

File: 1594302590740.gif (874.62 KB, 320x180, FAmCVr.gif)

ia anon I think it's a bit of a reach. Aside from the skellies in Supersize vs. Superskinny (who either have unusually low appetites or are straight up ana) it's not uncommon for pathological picky eaters to be overweight. Pic related

No. 104541

Not watching the video but her shit tier logo is straight up ripping off the likes of bigbudpress and all the other similar pseudo vintage slow fashion companies of that type. So predictable

You just know she visited whatever website to watch it, got a porn ad of some kind and felt violated and ~seedy~

No. 104551

Man, if she really wants to be a Professionalität, she should have paid a graphic designer and a brand specialist

No. 104558

She's too up her ass about HER ~aEsThEtiC~ and "art" for that! Don't you know she invented bright colours, and rainbiees?? She's so unique!1!

No. 104576

File: 1594332821184.png (76.87 KB, 495x495, new_big_bud_logo_2018_495x.png)

Looked up the big bud press logo and yeah, hers lacks so much. This one might look childish but on a design perspective it's not that bad
Don't wanna go on a graphic designer sperg (I'm a graphic designer) but let's say her logo is amateur at best and has no thought put into it, I kind of feel like redesigning it

No. 104577

File: 1594333011971.jpg (8 KB, 640x640, lazy oaf.jpg)

now comparing it to the lazy oaf one yikes her logo is shit lol
Does anyone have other store suggestions that have the kind of vibe she's looking for? I want do a comparison

No. 104579


I’m a graphic designer too anon.

You’re not wrong. It’s shit.

No. 104591

File: 1594340206016.png (27.15 KB, 656x232, autism speaks.png)

imagine being her friend, so insufferable

No. 104592

File: 1594340251453.jpg (33.22 KB, 526x680, Eb7v2ykUYAMt_YC.jpg)

why has no one posted this

No. 104595

File: 1594341490825.jpeg (65.08 KB, 728x485, E42262C6-0ACF-4731-B13D-755E75…)


No. 104596

Straight up admitting to echolalia are we now, jill? Might as well start getting out the puzzle piece pattern merch now because if that ‘diagnosis’ she alluded to wasn’t autism then i’ll eat my hat.

No. 104604

She's not actually an anime fan besides the 4 magical girl shows she froths at the mouth for. It isn't surprising that she doesn't know how to torrent or even where to get them.

No. 104677

someone should make a logo for her here and see if she changes it lmao

No. 104680

I mean it's barely a logo. Even with the shit name, there's so many possibilities for a cute logo. A flower with 5 petals, and she has that ugly egg looking attempt at a cute logo? She has absolutely no eye for design (but her target groep doesn't have that either so it doesn't really matter, I guess?).

No. 104681

The thing that sucks most about her logo is that it looks like a first draft. When designing logos most go through maybe 10+ design drafts before finding a solid vision. Hers looks like a dollar store offbrand barbie logo.

No. 104685

It’s literally just the Mary Quant logo. It’s exactly the same

No. 104691

File: 1594438446486.gif (12.5 KB, 383x499, fee4e8a17ab33cf16f031cfe6a3648…)

No. 104692

the only thing that looks similar is the fact that they both used 5 petal daisy's. also do you really think that jill is that fashionably knowledgeable to know who mary quant is. she just name drops gucci for cool points.

No. 104699

File: 1594445852249.jpeg (1.57 MB, 3464x3464, AD905B8F-4091-4243-86D5-3EAE7D…)

She’s very much so ripping off gloss and shimmer, a brand she talks about a lot in her videos with these earrings she’s making. These photos on the right are from Patreon

No. 104700

"pickett fence earrings" wat
who the fuck would wear those???
also her flowers look so ugly compared to gloss and shimmer's

No. 104710

File: 1594450195961.jpeg (770.33 KB, 828x1365, 9AA73A9E-58C0-4653-A0BE-A80475…)

No. 104712

Having her hear back really fucking accentuates how fat her face is

Also I like how in her favorites video she talked about buying that colorblock shirt "in a size L so it'd big on me like a dress"….you know, that very thing she bitched about depop sellers doing on Twitter (also must have been a men's L because there's no way a women's L would be big on her obese ass)

No. 104713

so shes admitting shes boring and doesnt go out? kek

No. 104723


That boiler suit is fucking hideous

No. 104730

File: 1594472056591.jpg (133.21 KB, 1200x1200, gypsy-rose-blanchard-and-mothe…)

No. 104739

A lot of people are making these right now, I follow at least 3-4 accounts. She’s definetly inspired by it but I wouldn’t say blatanly ripping them off, more like just following a trend that’s about to be a beaten horse.

No. 104741

Yeah I think you could be right

No. 104742

I never thought I'd say this but I wish she'd just go back the 'rainby bangs'. This new hair makes her look even more like a special needs toddler.

No. 104766

agreed, I have a friend making earrings like this and she just started like 2 months ago

No. 104776

I have seen them on websites like aliexpress too, I don't think they'll be a thing next year

the one on the right or the left anon? kek
Just kidding, the story of that woman is terrifying.

No. 104790

I agree I don’t think she is trying to rip off other brands/companies/whatever but I do fully think she is not creative at all and isn’t doing anything original. I think she assumes being colorful and on YouTube equates to an individual aesthetic but she’s not very special or creative. Her “design” is similar to what a lot of other companies are doing and she most likely won’t ever grow out of doing knock of trends. I credit part of her lack of creativity being based around coddling and going to a second rate arts and crafts school but never growing actual skills or talent. Anyone can be successful if they find the right niche but she’s not gifted.

No. 104797

I agree. i believe her lack of creativity comes from being spoiled as well. Everything she ever wanted was given to her. Even at her school. Remember when she convinced her teacher to do their muslin project in pink even though that is not what the assignment called for. when she started her "sustainable fashion" journey i was hoping for more diys and upcycling and thrift flips. but instead she just buys more things fron slow fashion places. she could have really used this new journey as an excuse to excercise her creativity but instead she spluges on useless shit because that's what she is used to.

No. 104815

File: 1594569844174.jpg (436.7 KB, 720x1124, 20200712_170233.jpg)

No. 104816

File: 1594569921799.jpg (360.15 KB, 720x981, 20200712_170523.jpg)

No. 104817

honestly, I think this is the best-dressed she's been in quite a while. not rainbow garbage. Wish her hair was a natural color though

No. 104818

imagine her hair being a nice blonde,with pastel rainbow bangs. Still her, but tasteful

No. 104819

I honestly thought this photo was okay but then I zoomed in onto her face and I was horribly mistaken

No. 104820

>all pieces here minus accessories are vintage/secondhand

So… the dress and peignoir?

No. 104822

This isn’t even remotely cottagecore? Does she know what a cottage is?

No. 104830

File: 1594583223263.gif (590.81 KB, 244x202, ednafat.gif)

jesus her face is so fat. is that why she can't control her awful downsy expressions?

jill pls put down the tendies, or do your hair in a way that flatters your fat cheeks because pulling it back makes it worse. she does need bangs and a hime cut too to frame her moon face better.

No. 104834

This is Jill anon. Tacky qween of being god awful when it comes to aesthetics. She made her own fashion style and couldn’t even follow the rules she made up herself. This look is more hefty 50s housewife on her 6th kid. She’s just missing a cigarette and a dirty martini and wooden patio furniture

No. 104844

File: 1594591976869.png (58.3 KB, 340x181, B3E97408-4CFC-42AD-B982-71945D…)

Does anybody else get very low budget totally spies from her logo?

No. 104845

*totally spies vibes

No. 104847

anon are you blind? she looks like a granny's summer day out

No. 104848

This is NOT cotttagecore jill. Colors, silhouette, accesories are all wrong, you just lke calling it whatever because you're an idiot. No, what you are wearing is not jfahion either. God she's so stupid

No. 104859

hoarding useless plastic junk and living in a house your parents bought for you is the furthest from cottagecore.

No. 104866

She's sticking her neck out so bad she looks like a caricature of a hillbilly

No. 104884

I think she needs a new foundation bc her face looks hella yellow in these photos

No. 104886

File: 1594630031057.png (769.22 KB, 966x708, cda2d143fa19091929d4e93eaadfd7…)

finally figured out what the face she's pulling reminded me of

No. 104897

Her thought process was "it's got flowers on it, so… it's cottagecore, right? Because there are flowers outside?"

No. 104914

Episode 574280 of Jill adopting a new aesthetic with zero understanding of it just because it's trendy atm

No. 104939

Lol at this. I was literally thinking how she seems to be trying to transition to a new aesthetic…but she’s so deep in rainbow that she really is just constantly flailing at being appealing in her style.

No. 105039

I suppose I’m not surprised. She cherry picks the parts of witchcraft and sustainability she likes and completely disregards the rest. I guess asking her to know how to pick an aesthetic without insulting it is just too much.

No. 105044

File: 1594749156930.png (42.4 KB, 520x520, 5petal.png)

No. 105049

File: 1594750518188.png (4.33 MB, 750x1334, 2E1C1FC1-ED80-41C4-A645-57DD6D…)

Is it just me or does it look like she’s wearing dirty socks with holes in them?

No. 105054


“I’m a boss babe fashion designur”

doesn’t know how to darn a sock

No. 105055

I know it's nitpicky but this is the exact sort of detail that Jill misses that will hold her back in the fashion/art world - she had no matching clean socks without holes to wear? She couldn't darn the socks? It's not something I'd notice or care about if some normie posted this on their insta, but this is Jill's big girl uwu job, right? She's always so unpolished and everything she does/makes/owns is slightly off and dirty looking.

No. 105057

This photo could even be fixed by her having bare feet. It's a picnic, so it's not that weird to be barefoot.

No. 105075

>posting barefoot pictures to the internet
anon pls

No. 105076

Wasn't there a tumblr blog dedicated to her feet? If she was smart she'd keep the socks on…

No. 105078

I don’t understand why she didn’t just fix it in photoshop?

No. 105079

Let`s be real: She might make more moey showing her feet than with her clothing design skills

No. 105091

File: 1594764782927.jpg (461.72 KB, 720x1052, 20200714_231141.jpg)

The whole caption again. Notice #cottagecore

No. 105093

Isn’t the whole aesthetic of cottagecore meant to be like, all natural? Natural hair colors, outfits mainly consisting of browns, whites stuff like that? She couldn’t be further from that with her rainbow hair n shit, but I guess this isn’t anything surprising

No. 105101

File: 1594767885271.jpg (83.88 KB, 625x310, tea-in-Miss-Honeys-cottage-Mat…)

Cottagecore is essentially what you'd imagine a woman living in a cottage. Think of Miss Honey from Matilda she captures it perfectly.

I find it so funny how Jilly has to hop on trendy aesthetics but make it rainbow UwU.

No. 105102

the text is too little, that 5 looks too random, but the flower is an overall improvement, I will work upon this design if you give me permission anon

No. 105103

that would had been cuter.
I don't get foot fetish though

No. 105104

Yeah, it's basically western mori girl.

No. 105113

File: 1594769958056.jpeg (430.91 KB, 828x724, BBD48A5B-9D98-4FF1-8E3B-0DC669…)

I think what she was trying to go for was pink cottage core, which can work because it’s complimented by neutral colours like white and beige and even mossy greens. Not to mention the pink that looks the best is that soft blush pink used for the tea set. But of course Jill doesn’t understand that and makes everything super saturated and rainbee which just makes it look nothing like cottagecore and instead just look like every other photo shoot she does in the summer

No. 105114

File: 1594769959352.jpeg (196.26 KB, 750x883, 014B79E8-5EAE-4AF4-B5DD-FBA6B9…)

Logo so atrocious I could doodle a better one with my ass(fanart)

No. 105116

Weird to see her take uwu dainty tumblr arty picnic pictures while having the fuller figure she does. It doesn't quite work but I like the concept, I think?

No. 105132

Why are her and Kelly Eden suddenly on the whole cottagecore bandwagon at the same time all of a sudden? It's really weird..

No. 105133

The term cottagecore is popular in the AC community, especially on twitter, so I assume that's where she got it from

No. 105134

Because they are both attention starved, unimaginative, unoriginal cows anon who try anything trendy to stay relevant or at least attempt to. Imagine Jill trying to be original for once in her life… Kek. I find it bizarre that Jill is so fixated on that stupid flower logo and even more idiotic name. She's a shit sewer, can't design anything appealing to any demographic beyond the land whales cunfetti club and has zero ambition to better her shit sewing skills. But some how has the nerve to call herself a fashhhun deezzignurr. Total wannabe and poser.

No. 105145

this is just another shabby chic revival for the aesthetic obsessed zoomers.

No. 105154

I actually kind of like the concept of this photo compared to other recent ones, I know it doesn't quite fit cottagecore but at least she tried something new.

Showing the soles of her feet will attract some creepy DMs though.

No. 105205

This picture would look a 100 times better if she had a natural hair color, the rainbow hair just looks like a cheap party store wig and will never fit a more natural aesthetic.

No. 105211

Her position is so fucking awkward. In her knees but upright to make sure you can see the aesthetic blanket on the floor as well as the one she's wearing, and the weird ass arm position to show her basket

No. 105326

File: 1594868125102.jpg (65.29 KB, 531x529, phd09fpv4s2qbwe.jpg)

i might be reaching but it reminds me of hester sunshine's logo

No. 105366

Literally every flower drwn by 5 year olds look like that

No. 105429

can we stop with the reaching please? it's literally a generic 5 petal flower. I'm not a pixie fan but saying she ripped it off from another brand is just plain ridiculous.

No. 105433

and that person ripped off esther loves you by esther kim lol. no one is original.

No. 105440

I think the problem is because pixie has no original creative thoughts the logo she’s come up with this painfully generic, but I don’t think she’s directly stolen it like some anons are implying. she should have tried to come up with something that isn’t just derivate of an already common symbol.

No. 105541

OT but Hester Sunshine has been making these hats for YEARS anon, well before Esther Kim’s bunny was popular.

If you wanna accuse people of stealing that phrase you may wanna check a few hallmark Easter cards…

Art theft is an actually serious thing so can we use some common sense with these unoriginal cows please? You can’t rip someone off if the thing you’re “ripping off” was already popular in pop culture to begin with.

No. 105562

No. 105564

I'm laughing at Jill shading herself about not being able to fit into last summer's clothes, and the part where she has no anecdotal evidence of being influenced by friends to buy fast fashion at the mall cause in truth she shops alone for lack of them.

16 minutes of her saying nothing much at all.

No. 105565

Rich her saying she’s making active efforts to leave fast fashion when she’s more than happy to hoard other plastics like her anime collection and other pointless knick knacks she refuses to let go of

No. 105568

Half of this was rehashing the same shit she said last time and the other half is her whining about quarantine. Like she really needs to buy anything new right now!

No. 105569

Her only complaint about dollskill is the fast fashion aspect and not… the racism? Or other terrible things the company/owner have done? Ok

No. 105571

Why does she make it sound like she almost couldn't try to start leaving fast fashion at first because people might be critical of her? If she's really doing something because she knows it's the right thing to do, why does what others think matter that much?

Also what kind of saying is "We give our money with our dollar," anyway?

No. 105574

She only ever produced one product that didn't come from some site like Redbubble and where did she have them produced? In China, as cheaply as possible. She's such a hypocrite talking about fast fashion.

No. 105576

i think she was trying to say vote with your dollar cause that’s what every sustainable youtuber says

No. 105579

It's like she doesn't seem to realize that buying clothing that she'll only wear a few times before getting bored and buying more to fuel her shopping addiction is still not sustainable. All she's doing is swapping H&M for sustainable brands like Big Bud Press and still treating it like fast fashion.

No. 105581

omg why is she making it seem like you have to throw everything out and replace it all with ethical brands? You could literally just…. not buy more clothes if you don't need them. The most ethical clothing is the clothing in your closet jill! stop buying shit! she's such a fake ugh

No. 105600

I think the thought of not buying anything and just wearing what she has brings her out in hives

No. 105603

File: 1595058504882.gif (3.71 MB, 520x293, download (1).gif)

No. 105628

Maybe this is a bit generous of me, but I do appreciate her being self-aware to some extent and trying at least a little to change some of her shitty behaviors.
That said, her wardrobe is all statement pieces with no basics and part of her continued obsession with buying new items is that she can't mix and match much.

No. 105629

I actually was kinda okay with the start of this video I was thinking ‘oh this seems less vapid than usual’ and then I got to the transition scene where she used the animal crossing music, because she can’t let us forget she totally plays animal crossing guys!! She loves it so much!! A little stupid of me to assume she’s changed from fast fashion or the fact so many people have changed yet don’t shove it in the internets face every two seconds

Anon, I love you. Someone please make this a banner I beg

No. 105630


Chances are because she soley buys statement pieces. She will repeat outfits like crazy. Making her think she wears the same stuff all the time. If she had more basics. She could make way more outfits. Plus they would be less insane.

No. 105656

File: 1595092917695.gif (941.97 KB, 500x272, 481B7012-8612-4464-9291-611E97…)

i’m sure this is what passes for “stimming” nowadays but all i can see is a bratty child

No. 105725

Yeah I'd actually be interested in seeing something like a capsule wardrobe video or one where she styles one piece of clothing in 3 different ways (only using items she already owns), those kinds of videos usually do well and she could show of how much of a ~creative designer bean uwu~ she is but alas… When you only own tacky statement pieces and not a single neutral it's impossible to build a lot of different outfits.

No. 105752


Like say her wardrobe had 5 tops and 1 skirt. So 5 outfits. Then she buys another skirt. Boom 10 outfits. Like its not that hard. But she keeps buying dresses over and over. Which are less flexible. Especially the ones she buys. She makes it hard. Then blames the industry

No. 105794

File: 1595178766943.png (693.46 KB, 830x1056, Screenshot 2020-07-19 at 18.11…)

still no update on the tattoo contest.
this obviously took a long time for someone to make but surely they saw that it looks like dicks?

No. 105837


Is it an upside down recycling symbol? For the environmental kawaii queen

No. 105925

It’s even funnier if you imagine it’s upside down because it’s supposed to be a boob framing chest piece

No. 105944

File: 1595282441957.jpeg (414.54 KB, 1295x2215, 783A1BB0-B115-4BCE-8AF2-374943…)

This is what level Jillian should Be at right now according to her schools Instagram story promoting their fashion diploma lmao now compare that to jills seam abomination

No. 105963

File: 1595294649943.jpeg (124.66 KB, 639x952, 521A7ABF-7D73-40C5-8C84-65A0E6…)

Wendy’s design brand. No way Jill would be able to do the stitching, or embroidering w/e it is, like that.

No. 105975

This still looks a bit wonky because it is amateurish but it is miles better than what talented youtuber superstar jillian vessey is doing, not only in style but also in how it is made

No. 106057

I think those are really pretty

No. 106066

It's just two layers of fabric sewn together.

No. 106088

That you don't even need to use a sewing machine for, masks are even less skilled than what Jill is doing.
I do feel like Wendy's designs would be much nicer than Jill's however

No. 106091

File: 1595361113905.jpg (871.68 KB, 1080x1480, 20200721_165001.jpg)

So Jill hung out with some other group of painfully mediocre white girls and is probably only just the worst dressed one there by a hair

No. 106092

File: 1595361177061.jpg (662.09 KB, 1080x810, 20200721_165053.jpg)

Just what the fuck is this photo? It feels cursed. What a fucking goblin she's become! Kek!

No. 106093

File: 1595361302997.jpg (612.86 KB, 1080x1521, 20200721_165420.jpg)

What a numbskull

No. 106094

File: 1595361371452.jpg (264.12 KB, 1080x1078, 20200721_165435.jpg)

No. 106095

File: 1595361566582.jpg (831.42 KB, 1080x1840, 20200721_165814.jpg)

I think I only don't hate this as much as her recent "lewks" because it's more toned down pastels instead of neon rainbie

No. 106098

This definitely looks inifinitely better than most of the ~*lewks*~ she posts to her insta and wears for videos. It’s not perfect by any means, but it doesn’t make my eyes burn and the style looks cute and casual, the silhouette is cute too

No. 106099

unrelated but Sad Panda is such an unfortunate name

No. 106101

That shirt is actually so nice, the crop is flattering too
With some high waisted jeans and more natural/muted colored hair that would look great on her, maybe she’s finally improving?

No. 106108

Sad panda is the nickname of a major hentai site

No. 106110

idk what you're all smoking but this fit is terrible. The shirt is nice, yeah, but the night gown over top does not go well together with it and the purse clashes too. without the night gown and with different earrings and purse it'd be cute tho.

No. 106116

I wonder if she dressed like this because we said she looked better in >>102862

No. 106133

When you’re so chub that your own mother shoops your legs thinner

No. 106134

Shitty job too, you can really see it on her shin. Ironic, considering in her weight gain video she made a big deal about how she no longer photoshops and loves her body

No. 106140

big yikes lmao how unfortunate

No. 106141


Less skill but easier for a beginner to produce and sell. Plus it looks like her designs will be more refined and tasteful. And not throw everything at the wall and see what badly sticks together like Jill.

No. 106176

File: 1595397506792.jpeg (457.13 KB, 828x940, DB8DE402-0B9A-499E-AF83-D23DEF…)

Maybe don’t have your cat lay in your work space and get hair everywhere? Like just lock the cat out of the room when your working, god this is so unprofessional

No. 106178


So I assume she will give out warnings to those buying from her ‘collection’ that there is a risk of triggering cat allergies? Just saying because we all know she won’t take the final protects for get pressed and cleaned professionally.

No. 106183

Lol her arm is blurry too. Good job mom!

No. 106210

I mean they are cute and look wellmade but…15$ for these? Plus pretty sure that lace can`t be washed at 90° C to kill off any bacteria.

Before making a brand maybe think about these things. Guess they are just as silly as our lovely jill

No. 106212

Jillian could seriously kill someone if she doesn't take the proper precautions. I didn't find out I was allergic to cats until my early 20s. Knowing now that there's cat hair dandruff/hair possibly in her pieces just disgusts me.

No. 106215


there will absolutely be cat hair in this shit, if she doesn't have the common sense to lock her cats out of her sewing room then there's no way she gives a shit about cleaning the cat hair off in the first place. I honestly think she's normalized living in filth to the point that she doesn't even register that having your cats rolling around on everything and getting their hair everywhere isn't normal.

No. 106223

Masks can be steam cleaned too, a lot of independent mask makers recommend this instead of throwing them in a machine.

I would hope she would at least wash her pieces before sending. I understand there is a few sellers who have pets in their home but always disclose this and disclose that pieces will be washed etc before sending. Though I’m worried that some of Jills pieces might not even survive going through the washing process

No. 106229


Majority of small businesses that sell from home state if they are or are not a smoke/pet free home. Jill is stupid and can only think about her self.

No. 106233

She bullshits about how her cats are hypoallergenic and that’s why they spent $$$ on them not because they are elitist uwu

No. 106234

i hate that. she should just be honest. she's gotten more hate lying and making excuses.

No. 106235

Plus she could get her boyfriend to look after the cats while she's working, keep them entertained and shit.

No. 106280

People who have their nasty cats or dogs lying where they are cutting fabric are the worst.

Was just about to say this. If she's planning on selling these or even giving them away, they are product for the face. Why the fuck would she want cat hair on everywhere. Even if someone isnt death allergic, it's a disgusting habit

No. 106403

In one of her videos she said that they learn how to be a serger to work at a factory. I don’t think it’s something bad learning that but she’s lying to herself and to her viewers

No. 106414

Jill is making a crop top. The masks are being made by Wendy. keep up, it's not hard.

No. 106471

Jill literally mentioned in a recent vid she's thinking about selling gingham face masks to start off her shop, anon. Keep up.

No. 106493

That’s odd. Her school must have really been just a fancy crafts school then. We learned to use industrial machines at our school since day one.

No. 106556

Jill doesn’t care about racism. On Twitter she posted she wanted to showcase Black kawaii designers and the dropped it to announce her shitty ‘brand’. She would still support them if she wasn’t trying to force herself that she’s into slow fashion and being sustainable.

No. 106580

File: 1595603283907.jpeg (175.11 KB, 640x918, D7E2243C-1CD1-4A38-9F38-96DCBB…)

No. 106582

File: 1595603387609.jpeg (123.55 KB, 640x827, A956F28F-9875-4CC2-8D85-44A570…)

No. 106591


No. 106595

Sorry where is this Lolita?? And since when is she wearing it again?

No. 106600

She didnt say she is wearing it again or that 2020 is Lolita. This just refers to the 5 years ago.

Our jilly bean simply cannot Phrase things well

No. 106609

No. 106610

I thought this was Kelly Eden for a moment. Why are they both jumping on the cottagecore trend but not understanding it AT ALL?? Not a single one of these looks was cottagecore. She's such an idiot…

No. 106619

LOL at the apron that's longer than the dress, it looks so dumb. None of these looks flatter her figure

No. 106620

Funny that she mentioned all of the patches on her strawberry misscandyholic dress came off in the wash, I knew their clothes looked like terrible quality but nice to have Jill confirm it

No. 106621

'Mom be sure to say that I'm just like Emilia Fart to the camera so they'll think I'm cool and quirky!!! uwu'

No. 106623

File: 1595619248686.jpeg (372 KB, 1080x856, 069A86B7-F73D-4D4F-80EE-9CDDCD…)

i’m dying

“cottagecore” because this totally looks like stuff I would till a field in

No. 106624

I was about to say the same thing.

No. 106625

Look 3 is the absolute worst one. What the hell is any of this. She cant coordinate for shit. No wonder she left lolita fashion.

No. 106626

At 4:25 she straight up admits this isn’t real cottagecore and she’s just titling it for clicks what a poser

No. 106628

at least she admits she's only calling it cottagecore for the attention.

I actually like look three in theory but it's definitely the least cottage core looking.

No. 106632

Thhere is not one natural fibre in this. Since when cottagecore = plastic clothes

No. 106639

but anon she thrifted that one cotton sweater that one time so she’s totes sustainable and woke now uwu

No. 106643

She looks like Raven Symone from That's so Raven in the 3rd outfit. Big Raven vibes.

No. 106644



I really cannot stand this girl's fucking face.

Also: does anyone else feel like Ilona on Canada's Drag Race gives them hard core Jillian vibes? In terms of spoiled, histrionic attitudes?

No. 106652

the self drag is amazing. why would she post these together like this? also she still over edits her pics lmao

No. 106655

How does she think she looks better now or had a glow up? All i can think is

“What happened to her?”

No. 106672

the only slightly cottagecore item is the apron and she didn't even buy that one herself
her friend picked it out for her

No. 106674

Honestly. She should have named this 'Animal Crossing New Horizon Lookbook'. Her old one was trash and this one she could have shared design codes of these outfits to get her fans excited to own a free creation by her.

No. 106690

This video is so cringe. Louise really has zero clue what a retarded woman she raised Jill to be.

No. 106692

Jill reminds me of a fat toddler stumbling about on the picnic blanket in the footage of her first outfit. That dress + apron outfit makes her look massive. Also I got massive second hand embarrassment from her at that flower place posing and dancing about like she was special needs. Also that 3rd outfit with the pants doesn’t look good with the super tight crotch area and then flaring out, it makes her look stumpy

No. 106699

Louise complimenting Jills flabby saggy ass and hyping her up is so cringe

No. 106727

It kinda creeped me out in the bloopers how her mom talks to her.

No. 106740

Watching Jillian shake her flabby ass at the camera was not anything I needed to see, ever

I agree, I mean it's not really news but the way she treats the relationship with her daughter as like "I'm not her mom I'm her best friend" almost is really weird to me and imo it's probably part of the reason why Jillian is probably so infantile. Or maybe Louise knows her daughter is autistic even without any real diagnosis

No. 106789

File: 1595726838632.jpeg (82.71 KB, 750x579, B097A80E-977F-4A0A-97E5-00E456…)

Her fans giving her ass pats for trying when she really doesn’t give a fuck about styling

No. 106794

>I've been in cottagecore before it got popular

sometimes I actually forget how obnoxious identity can be in young people..

No. 106796

Wtf is cottagecore? It sounds stupid enough.

No. 106797

Sincerely. Cottagecore is the name of a visual aesthetic that started on Tumblr. It's not a "community."

No. 106800

>cottagecore is more about the lifestyle than the fashion
unless you're living in a literal cottage eating mushrooms and knitting blankets all day, it's not
it's literal a style aesthetic in both design and fashion

No. 106863

I feel like this whole video was just her trying to push the fact that's she is REALLY LGBT GUYS, since a lot of the reason why cottage core is getting so much hype at the moment comes from the cottage core lesbian trend on tiktok.

Also, I hate how every outfit has statement pieces with the potential to be cute but she throws them all together into a giant mash..

No. 106880

She should trying to making nightgowns/peignoirs over regular clothes happen, especially with that dumbass Polly Pocket purse.

No. 106896


Look 1 is fine and actually rather cute imo, however Jill will surely ruin it with tacky, poorly-applied makeup looks. The dress in look four is cute but everything she picks to go with it is stupid. The rest are horrid especially 3.

"Cottagecore" is basically just mori girl with more emphasis on lifestyle elements and overall aesthetic. If you include fashion as part of the experience, then it's basically just going to be mori girl, or maybe some otome kei. Nothing like what she's doing. But I agree cottagecore isn't as much a fashion style. It's mostly just about reblogging pictures and making posts about a life these kids wish they could have.

No. 106910

you have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 106969

Dude fashion is a huge part of it and most of it barely looks like mori girl or otome kei. Girls are posting pics of picnics and they’ll be wearing simple gingham dresses or floral sundresses with bandanas or braids in their hair. It’s simple but feminine. Mori girl and otome look way more done up then what’s trending in the cottagecore tag. And none of those pieces (except the hat and the apron) work at all even without Jills shit styling.

No. 106979


You are talking out your ass now. Cottagecore is ‘Little House on the Prairie’ mixed with ‘Little Women’. It is that basic old times country look. Nothing about lifestyle, you can’t say it involves a lifestyle and still have a phone that has Instagram. The lifestyle is just Amish with better fashion if that is the case

No. 107011

All we want to see is natural colours for a cottagecore look. Not Easter Sunday at the park. She could pull it off if she wore a white flowy dress.
she should take inspo from Heidi O'Ferrall https://forestgirlclothing.com/forest-fashion

No. 107067

Sorry but these looks are hideous, I don’t think anyone should take inspo from those

No. 107260

File: 1595999371248.png (344.03 KB, 1267x642, uglyshorts.png)

Who would pay for these monstrosities?

No. 107263

Sorry for being an idiot but what do these say?
Stay coyy? Stay corny? Stay comfy??

No. 107264

stay cozy

No. 107265

Thanks anon!

No. 107270

Is she seriously using an owo in a design sketch? Love how she didn’t even draw in a back seam.

No. 107276

sage for design talk

honestly, she could sell these to her confetti club as opposed to submitting the design to BLVUCCI.

if its indication of her designing things for other brands, then yikes. doesn't fit the brand image at all.

No. 107277

From the back this just looks like a glittery diaper

No. 107281

Jesus christ.
Just the "rhinestones owo" gives me a full body cringe.
Also love that she drew the front seam of the shorts and not the back seam.

No. 107285

It annoys me that the slogan is on a diagonal, it would be better if it were simply horizontal. Still, this design screams tacky.

No. 107290

There's too much going on and they look uncomfortable

No. 107295

Those shorts are gonna lose rhinestones so fast. It should be in a sparkly font.

No. 107296

I’ve never owned anything with rhinestones on the ass but surely they would dig into you when you sat down? Especially with the quantity that jills design has

No. 107305

Rhinestones applied to clothes are made with a flat side when glued on and aren't as bulky so they aren't uncomfortable. This of course if you apply them correctly.

What would make the most sense would be to embroider the text with a metallic thread. It would hold better and be the easiest to mass produce. Plus would be cheaper.

But those shorts are absolutely hideous with stupid details that will look unflattering on everyone.

No. 107311

brb designing these shorts better

No. 107328

File: 1596054947881.jpg (2.02 MB, 1515x957, IMG_20200729_213451.jpg)

Jill you look retarded. Learn to criticise your self. Gain some ability to critically think.

No. 107329

love how she STILL hasnt shortened the dowel on their steve and jill banner lmao

No. 107333

This tongue out looks people do makes me gag. It’s not cute or funny, what’s the point in doing???

No. 107339

she tried to do the instabaddie tongue out shit but she just looks bad. This pose already looks silly on hot girls, Jill just looks like a bratty toddler.

No. 107346

File: 1596064644314.jpeg (193.16 KB, 500x600, CDED7D5B-BB38-4F95-89EB-97F7A4…)

Those pants are supposed to be worn by a skinny Asian not her fat ass, and even then the look is questionable. But we all know she has no taste.

No. 107347

She's been wearing that La Vie en Rose nightie over clothes for years and she really just needs to take the thing out back and put it down at this point.

No. 107350

File: 1596067735284.jpeg (93.62 KB, 639x640, 5193CF85-B10A-492B-835F-1F4240…)

her new hair reminds me of 6ix9ine

No. 107352

At least his roots are done

No. 107353

File: 1596068248421.png (907.41 KB, 828x1792, 5950AF78-865D-4EC1-A733-26E676…)

No. 107370

Sounds like she wants to play remixed animal crossing music for her polyester "cottagecore" collection. She could search for one herself, which is something artists do when they are passionate about their vision, but why work when she can get someone else to do it for free. Her runway is next year? She'll need the extra time to figure out how to sew.

No. 107371

File: 1596080017255.jpeg (320.15 KB, 828x881, 71201CAE-5943-4303-B58E-9CD3E8…)

Pixie autism era coming soon? She seems to cling on to any mental illness that all the other “uwu not like those NORMIE girls” type girls claim to have lmfao.

No. 107395

she's the type that pays artists with exposure? Yikes

No. 107422

File: 1596118681613.png (279.55 KB, 1050x1212, Screenshot_20200730-151108_01.…)

Nitpicky but what was the point in her replying with this, like she didn't add anything to the point and it just comes off as her seeking approval and compliments for just displaying basic respect to someone who is trans ???

No. 107426


Jill has a best friend? Who, her fucking brother?

No. 107427

she just wants people to praise her for being so woké
>basic respect to someone who is trans
Anon come on lmao

No. 107436

Wait, is she talking about Jon? Her high school friend from PEI? He was in a couple vlogs.

No. 107439

I'm pretty sure Jon is the only friend she's managed to keep for longer than a couple years so it must be him

No. 107469

just as soon as she goes through doctors, and gets the diagnosis she wants

No. 107542

File: 1596219766885.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1580, D5341D93-CA8A-4B88-A940-8C9FB2…)

she’s finally gonna try and fix her hair

No. 107545

No. 107549

Love how at around 10:00 Jill refers to anger as a BPD stereotype, and states she doesn’t have a problem with it, whilst ignoring or not realising it’s a major part of the disorder.

No. 107550

her hair makes her look like a giant toddler.

No. 107551


>Shied away from posting a lookbook bc weight

She's literally said in different videos that the reason she doesn't post lookbooks very often is because its too much work. Just admit you're lazy and go.

No. 107556

I got the impression she was going to show examples of how her old pictures were photoshopped - to show people exactly what influencers usually fake and what she was insecure about - but this was literally just 14 minutes of nothing of substance.

She talks about photoshopping bodies being morally wrong but doesn’t say why, doesn’t talk about what helped her recover and how she coped with seeing herself in images outside of whining about it being sooo hard guys!!! …but why was it hard? What made it hard? How did you manage to get over it?

This just gives me the impression that she didn’t stop fully until VERY recently (if she stopped at all) and doesn’t want to admit she was editing herself while also being all ~body posi~

No. 107560

of course she didn't stop being bothered about it, she just justified it a different way. she's extremely superficial and all she does is surround herself with praise from her cuntfetti club uggos. and use her relationship as an accessory. this entire video is probably just her trying to make herself believe it all.

No. 107576

Funny how her thumbnail for the 2020 her still isn’t a real photo of her worth comparing to that photoshopped mess. She should have been fair and posted a photo of similar clothing, meaning form fitting. Not a twirl in a dress that is angled to not show your true waist size.

No. 107579

Yeah, I don’t actually believe she likes her body at all. If she was soooo happy with how she looks she would have actually shown the old pics and talk about where she changed them and why it gives people the wrong impression about how bodies should look.

No. 107601

I think its really interesting that she won't refer to herself as 'fat', she always calls herself 'thicc'. One of the main points I always see on these body positive accounts is how 'fat is not a bad word' or whatever.

No. 107613

It‘s probably to avoid rousing one of her deathfat confetti club members from their sugar induced slumber only to be smitten by their shimmering, greased hamfists for not being fat enough to claim the title but brazen enough to try. That or she’s in denial and feels ashamed so tries to play it off like she isn’t headed toward long term obesity

No. 107619

It’s absolutely denial

No. 107625

I fucking hate how misused of a term 'thicc' is nowadays, Jill is just a doughy stumpy overweight girl with a nuggie gut, there's nothing 'thicc' about her.

No. 107629

when she first got her uwu diagnosis she was acting like such a cunt on twitter but she claims she's not having problems with it? sure then it was all an act?

No. 107630

File: 1596278394224.jpeg (191.86 KB, 750x1057, F0717C5A-3373-4D84-97D7-66A1A0…)


No. 107632

File: 1596278648918.jpg (19.47 KB, 500x375, 1484080136300.jpg)

WHAT THE FUCK? i would never have noticed that. she'll probably is going to make some weird excuse that they are for her cats

No. 107637

You never moved houses and just asked everyone you know for empty boxes and ended up with diaper boxes to kitchen gadget boxes?

Not to wk but you do not have to interpret something into everything.

No. 107638

You really don't think Jillybillyuwubean could be into the ddlg abdl scene?

No. 107639

Totally could imagine that, but I am very sure she would get some very expensive handmade kawaii printed adult diapers then. Her butt would not fit at all into baby ones.

No. 107648

because she could totally fit actual baby diapers lmfao anon pls

No. 107651


they're for stevie

No. 107656

File: 1596293099743.png (378.98 KB, 722x406, surejill.png)

Jill pretending to have a restrictive eating disorder whilst being the size she is o k

No. 107660

she's just trying to claim ARFID in preparation for the release of her shiny new disorder.

No. 107661

Avoidant? Jillybean you had no problem scarfing down that entire plate of garlic fingers at that con two years ago. You also didn’t avoid eating Steve’s Mac and cheese when you were still calling him a friend to hide him from the cuntfetti club 2 years ago. I’m sure there is more recent examples of her eating poorly that doesn’t align with this AFRID stuff she’s pretending to have

No. 107663

ARFID is not like anorexia, its just exteme picky eating, actually eating only chicken nuggies and mac n cheese like 9 year old is a major symptom lol
Jill is claiming the one disorder that lets her eat like shit

No. 107666

No. 107672


Yeah not buying that she has ARFID. She says she finds the “entire process of eating unpleasant,” often doesn’t have an appetite or cravings, and her brain “doesn’t let her know when it’s time to eat.”

Her weight wouldn’t still be ballooning if that’s actually the case.

I think she’s just stress eating comfort foods and, as usual, can’t bear to acknowledge that or take any responsibility (even just to admit that that’s what’s going on — it’s not healthy but it’s understandable), so she needs a ~*diagnosis*~ to use as her get out of jail free card so she always has an excuse. And then no one can ever criticize her without being “ableist.” Much like her BPD ~*diagnosis*~.

No. 107673


Sorry, forgot to sage.

No. 107676

There’s no way Jill fits into pampers lol. Adult diapers come in totally different packaging. I really wish I didn’t know that.

No. 107678


Yeah, what she’s describing sounds like an aversion to certain food textures. Common in babies but some adults never grown out of it. You can have this and not have ARFID!

I don’t believe that you have to be a certain weight to have an eating disorder but even that guy who went blind from only eating french fries wasn’t overweight. She just sounds like she wants a shiny rare disorder to make her special and feel like none of her problems are actually her fault. She might also see a different eating disorder as an excuse to blame her weight gain on so she can avoid responsibility. I don’t need to work out! I have a SUPER SCAWY ILLNESS! Part of me wonders if she uses anorexia as an excuse to blame her photoshopping on because then no one can criticize her for it even though it’s a shitty thing for anyone to do regardless of medical diagnosis.

No. 107680

All the ~littles~ (puke) ITT need to stop reaching. Seriously. They're literal BABY diapers… Like another anon said, it could be a box for storage. that they got from somewhere. Doesn't Costco give you boxes, from product in place of bags? Or just maaaaybe, a relative, or acquaintance (of probably Steebie) is having a baby, and it's a gift.

No. 107689

or they're for her cats.

No. 107715

yeah was just gonna comment i've gotten that same box at the costco checkout to bring stuff home in. anons are reaching this time

No. 107719

>gains close to 50 lbs in two years
>"I struggle to get food down" "I don't have an appetite"

Yeah, ok.

No. 107722

And when she does eat, it's shit food. Such as her famous tendies… She doesn't leave her house much, or exercise. Thus, the weight gain.

No. 107741

She’s in denial because she still loves the idea of having a restrictive ED, hence why she’s spent YEARS harping on and on about the couple months as a middle schooler she spent on a crash diet. That was it. A couple months a very long time ago. Her real issue is just not being able to balance her current life or reconcile it with her underlying idealization of undereating. To be fair though a ton of her calories come from juice.

No. 107820

Hasn’t she already made this video (uwu photoswop bwad) like 4 times already?
having aversions to food textures is a huge part of autism, why can’t she just accept she’s autistic and not BPD already

No. 107828

I think she keeps making videos with the same topic over and over because she's really unhappy with how her body currently looks.
So instead of working out or changing her diet she'd rather keep telling everyone (and herself):
>I-I was super scawy sickly thin back then and it was all shooped anyway uwu there's no way to be slim without being unhealthy or faking it!!
If she just genuinely liked her body right now she wouldn't feel the need to keep going on about this and constantly dismissing her being a normal thin weight as this 'dark ED past'.

No. 107843


>implying that overeating isn't an eating disorder

No. 107847

Not necessarily. Binging is an eating disorder, but habitually overeating a crap diet can easily make you fat without being a disorder in itself. Only takes a few hundred extra calories a day to gain quite a bit of weight over a couple of years.

No. 107848

A 15 minute video just to say 'I stopped photoshopping my body because I got too fat for it to be believable'

No. 107872

sounds more like sensory disorders related to autism. but it sounds more like she’s trying to glorify her fake ed without outright saying it

No. 107873

yeah i dont think she has arfid either even though some of her symptons match, like the picky eating. rachel from rachel and jun has arfid and has talked extensively about it and how it made her gaining weight almost impossible.
i remember seeing some anons armchairing that she maybe has arfid before so she probably lurked and is running with it to justify her eating habits

No. 107887

This is obviously what's going on. I've actually seen this a lot with people who used to have a restrictive ED, even if it was a long time ago or only for a short period. They still have body image issues and secretly still want to be that thin, so they tend to think back to and talk about that period of their life a lot.
For Pixie, emphasizing how unhealthy she was and how terrible it was is a way to compensate for feeling that her body looks worse now. So in that sense while it is obsessive I don't think it has to be bad. Repeating how much happier she is in her current body might allow her to grow to like it a little bit more.
Obviously she'd be better off excercising and getting to an actually good looking and healthy body shape, but she at least tries to not idealize her thin weight, even if deep down she really still does.

No. 108038

File: 1596559258266.jpg (323.15 KB, 1068x1087, Screenshot_20200804-123818_Bra…)

UwU so eco friendly

No. 108039

She doesn't even need to exercise to lose weight. She should just change up her shitty diet. I do wonder if she has ever exercised before.

No. 108046

Is she going to have merchandise in stores? Why is she making hanging tags? Seems like an unnecessary expense

No. 108053

okay what about the actual fabric? still looks like cheap polyester bullshit

No. 108054

i have never seen proof of her exercising. literally evrey youtuber i watch have some sort of gym regime, sport they play or have a job where they're on their feet. Jill does.. nothing like that?
exercise also helps towards mental health and clarity, no wonder she's always a bit of a state.

No. 108056

Well remember during new years she like bought a Fitbit and said she was gonna work out, like one of those idiot people who think buying a fitness thing will motivate you to START working out. But that disappeared like immediately after she only mentioned it in one vlog and only wore the Fitbit like twice

No. 108057

Jk I can't find proof of the Fitbit so maybe I made it all up

No. 108064

Wasn't it in one of her What I Got For Christmas videos? Pretty sure her mom got her one for Christmas or her birthday.

No. 108146

She talked in her videos from high school/gap year that her family had a home gym and she would watch precure/anime while working out

No. 108189

Every other word in this sentence is like proof of how ridiculously privileged this cow is.

No. 108207

File: 1596723308491.jpg (139.48 KB, 1016x594, line_1596723302222.jpg)

Jill is over a month late to her own tattoo contest.

No. 108215

now see Jill anouncing the contest winner in a twitter post comfirming she forgot and had to be reminded by this thread

No. 108223

She probably just hates all the entries. rofl it should have been a tshirt contest, but she's insane

No. 108231

Betting on her blaming the pandemic despite her announcing the competition in a pandemic in the first place.

No. 108255

She got that one from a real tattoo artist who she said she wanted work from anyway, it’s the only art she commented on

No. 108347

File: 1596822055842.png (4.88 MB, 1785x1493, Ee0n9UjXYAIhVO1.png)

Jesus… that fupa… please Jill this crocheted shit looks awful on you…

No. 108349

File: 1596822344939.png (18.89 KB, 585x127, Ee0n9UjXYAIhVO1.png)

What if… instead… you buy better fabric… and better your process… and stop pretending?

No. 108354

Alreasy posted
But yea, she has ~eco friendly~ tags but is still using cheap, polyester plastic fabric crap that probably comes from china so whats the point.

No. 108365

At least something you have to give her that

No. 108366

I think she's trying to go for sexy insta baddie with her facial expression in the left one but it just looks gross.

Also this is probably a nitpick but is anyone else bothered by the fact that her tattoos are only on one side of her body?? At least the ones you can see in this photo. Not that they're good tattoos anyway but it feels unbalanced.

No. 108368

no. those tags are a tiny part of the clothing and won't help shit.

No. 108385

Her facial expressions…and that armpit. Please no.

No. 108386

This is actually a very fitting style on her, she just needs to use better materials

No. 108393

Are were not talking about her armpit hair?? Just waiting for it to be rainbow colour

No. 108401

File: 1596856491768.jpeg (191.32 KB, 730x825, ABD68AF9-5062-4A1A-A4C3-49F21B…)

What is that?

No. 108404

Probably her bra

No. 108408

She doesn’t even need labels as they aren’t going to be sold in store and they’ll just get thrown away immediately

No. 108468


Arm pit hair a completely natural thing. Isnt the worst thing about the photos anon

No. 108476

It‘s 2020 and you guys keep hating on women for rolls dice
having body hair

No. 108479

I hope she knows that the duck lips really look like she is holding food in her mouth due to the fat on her face. She needs to find a new default 'insta look' to better suit her now moon face as well as deeper smile lines.

No. 108480

You can't tell me she doesn't look like a 35 year old trying to pass as a high schooler in a early 00s film.

No. 108490

Idk how to break this to you anon, but woman grow hair. Shocking I know.

Can we please stop nitpicking and comment on her ACTUAL issues please

No. 108491

its dumb but i can’t stand how you can tell when she’s high af in pics and videos

No. 108498

File: 1596936452457.jpeg (121.1 KB, 746x674, ECD84049-2AFA-4AB7-BF1A-CF1043…)

I mean you’re not wrong.

No. 108517

She definitely has Never Been Kissed vibes here.
Don't be obtuse, radfem-chan, arm pit hair is not common enough in young influencers that it isn't worth pointing out, and that anon wasn't even negative aside from saying that Jill seems like the type to do rainbow pit hair and make a big but ultimately shallow show at her queer feminist politics.

No. 108541

No. 108552


the scream at 25:11 tho lmao what the fuck was that? Prob what steve has to hear every night kek

No. 108553

I don’t care that she wants her villagers to be ones she actually likes like basically everyone else who plays animal crossing, but it’s still hilarious how annoyed she is at the 2 villagers that don’t fit her kawaii uwu aesthetic

No. 108560

she looks legit retarded in that thumbnail

No. 108566

Wonder if she's really not regretting posting pics like these considering her ed was supposedly so hard to get rid of (at least when you believe her ways of describing it)?

Eds just don't heal that fast. But if she did manage to recover to this point in just a handful of years, good for her. I still wouldn't believe her if she said she doesn't ever look at herself these days thinking "Damn, when did I get this fat?".

No. 108568

Is it just me or is it extremely weird this obsession she has with her mom? I get mothers wanting to spend time with their children, but her mom playing with her on AC? It might not be the most ridiculous thing, but everything else considered, it's kinda creepy.

No. 108586

I'm pretty impressed by the fact that she seems to actually be playing the game. Some of her island is cute but some of it just hurts my eyes.

No. 108587

I know that there is no wrong way to play animal crossing but she's really focusing on the aesthetic so much so that it looks like she got rid of most of her trees, how does she craft or make money?

she's the embodiment of that tweet of girls with cute islands abusing their non-cute villagers.

No. 108588

Wow, incels sure get triggered over the smallest things. All she did was lift her arms and you’re upset, frothing at the mouth and calling it politics?

Chill out dude, there are far better things that criticize her on than body hair. It’s 2020, grow up. We all grow hair.

No. 108591


I haven't watched Jillybean in months and is her voice way deeper now or is she ill? What happened to the sickeningly sweet high-pitched voice?

No. 108598

When people gain/lose weight, their voices often change.

No. 108606

you know she was faking her voice yea?

No. 108612

They aren’t wrong that gaining or losing weight changes your voice

No. 108613

but that has nothing to do with her faking her voice.

No. 108626

I know what you mean about the fake voice. It’s obvious in confetti club segments. Her voice used to come from higher in her throat, and even higher depending on how sweet she was making her voice. Now that she’s gained weight it comes from lower in her chest. Maybe it’s too taxing on her lungs to speak higher now so we are graced with the Emilia fart voice

No. 108630

Is she using a bootleg or cheap capture card? Or did she fuck with the settings and decided not to fix it after reviewing the footage?
The colors of her game seem way off than what it should be

No. 108650

Forgive me if this is a retarded theory but what if it's because shes a ~stoner~ now? Smoking anything has an impact on your voice.

No. 108664

God her screeches. She sounds like those old Pewdiepie playing happy wheels videos when she's just playing AC, the overreaction.

Also this is the first time I've seen her mention Jfashion stores and Harajuku since her ~eco~ kick, I wonder if eventually her fans will turn on her for still supporting business that aren't "sustainable uwu".

Lately I've seen more and more pressure from youtube comments in that kawaii/crafty sphere to ditch sellers that aren't completely ethical, even more when they are asian products. Makes me wonder if she's running herself into a corner with pandering to them and will have to eventually quit "promoting" anything to do with harajuku or kawaii.

No. 108686

File: 1597079080895.jpeg (856.69 KB, 1242x2006, ECC37947-E893-418F-BDB3-F5E6FF…)

i’ve never seen such an ungrateful reaction to a pr package before

No. 108687

I don't really understand how receiving PR works but how would Wet n Wild be able to send it to her home address if she didn't give it to them? It's not like they magically doxx you and get your home address without you knowing, you have to give that information to them yourself, right?

No. 108693

File: 1597081313975.jpeg (300.94 KB, 1125x696, 5974BB69-51B7-43CD-BC0E-FC4584…)

The replies are sending me. The concept of viciously boycotting “fast beauty” and then this. Is the reason she’s freaking out so badly because she feels raped by this ~disgusting ecokiller corporation~ sending her a box of Sanrio makeup?

No. 108703

Wet n’ Wild is cf and vegan

No. 108705

This is weird but I don’t see how a company that large could just magically get her address??? Seems really not feasible especially since she’s not as big as other youtubers (like the Paul brothers or J*)….confusing.

No. 108706

wow Jill go choke on a fucking chicken tendie you fucking ungrateful lard ass.

No. 108707

No. 108708

How ungrateful can one person get? To outright tell people to not buy something because ~UwU too much plastic~ but to go and buy other plastic crap is honestly disgusting. If she could only open her eyes and look around her house and see how not sustainable she is in every other part of her life is. Its like sustainability only matters when you can get woke points on the internet

No. 108714


I know it doesn't need to be said, but: damn that girl has gained weight. She giggles with every motion.

And I think the deepened voice is legit from the weight gain. She sounds like she has a goiter.

No. 108716

Packages with makeup usually come with tons of plastic to protect the product - most often at least a few layers of bubble wrap and various fillings (yes, there are better ways). The package itself doesn't look excessive to me, she probably has more plastic on herself while writing this.

Btw, if she shows products on her twitter, it means she already promoted them - if she's so disturbed about the matter, she should address the company directly. Instead, she broadcasted to bunch of her followers, who may not follow makeup market, that wet and wild has a collab with sanrio. Good job! Also I'm fully convinced she made her address public at some point, just forgot about it.

No. 108726

File: 1597092223967.jpg (324.05 KB, 1080x1227, 20200810_164040.jpg)

Found someone calling her out but of course her fans simp for her. Endless plastic anime characters are totally acceptable guys uwu bet next they'll say her plastic hoard helps her metal health and everyone will just have to accept her pick and choose sustainability

No. 108728

File: 1597092283129.jpg (374.62 KB, 1080x1119, 20200810_164010.jpg)

No. 108732

I hate this. I hate zoomers.

No. 108736

I mean she could at least do a giveaway to her followers of all the stuff she gets sent for free? Also I highly doubt she will ever come to realization what zero waste really is about

No. 108739

Yes because cheap candy figures and precure toys which don't have the same collectable value as say sailor moon wands are "treasures"…

And honestly I don't judge her for collecting that shit it's the sudden eco friendly shit she's trying to pull while simultaneously collecting it that bothers me.

No. 108742

Getting into animal rights issues would probably require Jill to give up her mcnuggies so she doesn't give a shit about that.
She picked one single issue to care about for clout, which means she's 100% ethical uwu and gives her the right to shit on anything or anyone she deems less ethical than her.

No. 108743

This could be true if it was just one figurine, and if every other aspect of Jill’s life wasn’t pure hedonism, but that’s not the case. If Jill needs 400 plastic figurines, plus all of her imported kawaii clothing that doesn’t fit, plus her overindulgent diet that consists of mainly individually packaged frozen crap… you have to draw a line at how much harm a single rainbow vomit adult can do to the planet for the sake of “treasured items.” Not to mention she’s a drop in the ocean of this epoch and when she dies in 40 years, this shit is still just going to end up in a landfill.

Not to pearl clutch obviously, I’m not going to sit and pretend like Jill is singlehandedly destroying the planet. This is just a bad take.

No. 108745

She needs to realize that fashion is not an eco-friendly profession and never will be. If she wants to be a friend to the environment then this is not the industry for someone who wants to be so ethically friendly. I know there are plenty of great manufacturers with amazing practices, but Jill needs to realize it's not that cut and dried.

Take into account the actual footprint of producing and distributing clothing items

-Cost of land to water and grow materials
-Amount of Water to produce textiles in production
-Fossil fuels to ship products
-Having to sell her products for exorbitant prices to cover the cost of her production and entrepeneur expenses

Besides supporting a market which leaves a footprint producing plastic items, the fabrics she has always bought for her cosplays were likely from cheap shops like Michaels, large retailers like that leave footprints

She could do the ethical thing like…get her items second hand from individual sellers? Find places or people getting rid of their sewing items? Thrift stores? That is a much better place to start experimenting with prototypes before ordering newer materials

No. 108747

absolutely fucking hilarious. just don't say anything and move along jill, no need to be so aggressive for no reason.

No. 108753

I bet her kitchen is filled with plastic wrapped food and food containers that are cardboard and plastic. She needs to chill, even Captain Planet was not this extra.

No. 108756

Am I the only one who found it comical when she brought up how Steve lives rent free on her island and he said “and in real life” and she almost fake cackles? It’s almost as if they’re self aware

No. 108757

She's so fucking stupid because a big part of zero waste is using the things you already have AKA use the shit she was gifted by the brand and by many other people who has given her shit

What those little shits don't realize is that those toys and figures made in china with dubious labor also come with a lot of plastic packaging… lmao

No. 108764

Does she not realize the absurd amount of plastic that comes with figures for the packing alone?? It’s full of plastic

No. 108776

But her special disorders mean that’s all she can eat Anon

No. 108778

She probably contacted them/applied and gave them her address on the off chance they’d send her pr and like the professional she is totally forgot about it.

No. 108780

Going to tinfoil for a moment, but she probably bought it for herself and didn't want to get called out for buying sanrio plastix waste. She's always coming up with elaborate lies, this is no different.

No. 108781

Companies keep selling buyer information, wouldn‘t be surprized if that‘s what happened.

No. 108785

If veganism became the next trendy thing in the YouTube weeb community (although veganism is already very trendy among well-off zoomers to be honest so idk) I could definitely see Jill mentioning she’d do it but her pretend AFRID means she can’t

Remember like a month ago when she posted that followup video on quitting fast fashion and criticised a bunch of youtubers for being too militant about fast fashion and shitting on people who still buy it? Guess that’s already gone out the window.

No. 108797

Not only is she a hypocrite, but this is insanely stupid and unprofessional. Any other company that sees her make posts like this will not want to collaborate with her.

No. 108798

The most likely thing that happened is that this was sent to her old PO Box, but since her town is so small, they recognized her name and passed it along to her proper address.

No. 108808

Watch her regret tweeting this and blame it on her ~bpd~

But no matter if she's ill or not, you just don't do shit like this, especially if you're claming to be a profesional.
Like she could've just messaged the company privately explaining why she's upset about the packaging and how they could do better, giving constructive criticism and such.

No. 108813

File: 1597169143468.jpg (428.09 KB, 1536x2048, Pixiiii.jpg)

Anon you didn't share the best part.
This is all the plastic she's complaining about when her figurines are shipped with significantly more plastic products for protection.

We stan a hypocritical kween uwu

No. 108815

she clearly turns up the saturation on her videos whoops i mean she makes steebie weebie do it muh aesthetic

No. 108816

That's possibly one of the least plastic-filled PR packages I've ever seen. I hope Pixie enjoys the brand blacklist.

No. 108818

She could’ve just said she didn’t remember being on PR but since she’s working to be more ethical with products she’s going to recycle the shipping material and donate to a shelter so people in need can use the products. Or do a give away to her fans. Or just have shut up and used it and said nothing. Easy peasy, took me less than a minute to come up with three great solutions.

No. 108821

Her old PO box was in Charlottetown. IIRC, had never had one in Fredericton. Why would everyone at a post office in another province, and city, know everyone?? And for the millionth time, both of those places are cities, small ones, yes, but not small rural secluded towns, like anons make them out to be. She's probably on some mass PR list somehow, and doesn't want to admit it

No. 108822

That's the bare minimum when it comes to packaging, she's being ridiculous

No. 108824

This is true and beautiful, and the 40 years part made me laugh harder than I have in months.

No. 108825

Pixie is unwell mentally. That box and bubble wrap is reusable. She doesn’t have to be such an extremist all the damn time.

No. 108828

>Pixie is unwell mentally.
No, she's being dramatic

No. 108830

File: 1597176449433.jpeg (430.11 KB, 1121x1660, 9244EC91-AB53-4DA5-A021-356EA9…)

pretty ironic that pixie liked this..

No. 108831

What a stupid and painful level of virtue signaling, she's becoming more of an unlikable clown every day.

No. 108843

A bit of a nitpick but she also follows and praises brands like 6% doki doki in which the entire brand consists of over priced plastic. She states she unfollowed all unethical brands but a quick check shows this only applies to non-Japanese brands.

No. 108844

c'mon anon, we all know that Steebie's not getting any action. Not that he wants any, ha!

No. 108858

I mean, most of 6% doki doki isn't fast fashion. It's made in small batches and people are usually pretty devoted to the style to wear it so it's not like it's a trend that gets thrown away in a few months.

No. 108860

Lmao no almost all their accessories are plastic fast fashion, chocomint and even PEA had the same beads from their "iconic" candy bracelets etc

No. 108861

File: 1597199775155.png (107.51 KB, 500x596, captain-planet-laughs-heartily…)

>She needs to chill, even Captain Planet was not this extra.

I love you

Holyshit, she's really complaining about this? She's such an ungrateful fake bitch

No. 108876

File: 1597209284180.jpeg (265.42 KB, 735x696, 673E93DC-C393-43F2-BFE5-690D60…)

Sorry for the shitty edit but the similarities are endless

No. 108887

Most of the beads 6% uses can be bought in bulk on aliexpress for next to nothing. Even if its small batch they still use cheap most likely unsustainable materials that probably take advantage of child labour.

No. 108889

The sad thing is the sustainability stuff is just going to be a trend for her

No. 108895

So is Jill gonna make an apology for not even checking the amount of plastic packaging before going on a Twitter rant? Lowkey, the photo looks like her mom opened to check the mail and sent Jill a photo and miss pastel tendie flower child used one photo as a valid reason to rant

No. 108913

No. 108914

“symptom of my chronic illness”
Chronic illness?? Absolutely not what bpd is stop claiming to have things you so don’t have jfc

No. 108915

File: 1597255164327.png (521.28 KB, 722x406, pixievoice.png)

No. 108916

Did she put this here because we were all JUST talking about her new deep voice? Jesus, Jill. Be less obvious.

No. 108918

File: 1597256225815.jpg (20.66 KB, 624x101, ASDFGHJKLJHGF.JPG)

hmm my my how interesting

No. 108922

Jesus fucking christ what is it this time??

No. 108923

More than a chronic illness it feels like she pitched up her voice while editing lol. She never did this weird voice before so how come she suddenly has a chronic illness? Jill you are an over reacting hypochondriac.

No. 108924

Chronic Illness? BITCH WHERE?
Is this about her BPD or are we betting on yet another more physical diagnosis.

No. 108925

File: 1597260001046.png (16.58 KB, 489x123, not so ethi.png)

she completely brushes over the fact that the dress is made out of cheep plastic material and the glitter is the worst kind of glitter for the environment and it's adhered using cheep glue.

She keeps trying to push BDP on to autistic traits and it's really getting annoying.

No. 108926

>>108915 autism isnt a chronic illness nor is bpd this bitch is so fucking dumb??? whats killing her and cant it hurry up please

No. 108927

this self diagnosis shit cannot continue
people talk in a higher voice out of pure excitement jfc

No. 108928

Interesting how all talk of ethical and environmentally conscious shopping is thrown out the window when the company is known to hand out free dresses to influencers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 108930

definitely edited. shes so fucking obnoxious.

No. 108932

her voice in this video is higher than it was her videos from 2 years ago.
pathological liar?

No. 108934

Those 2 ideas exist independently.

I cant wait until she gives us a mental health update and talks about how she has embraced her autism diagnosis.

No. 108936

She almost sounds like she was inhaling helium

No. 108939

She’s one voice edit away from sounding exactly like Milo Stewart

No. 108941

Does anyone else think she sounds like Lillee Jean? wtf

No. 108945

Yup, 100%! Not surprising since she over saturates her videos, and pics to shit. And its so bc anons brought up voice change & weight gain. LOL Keep spewing that fake body positivity uwu bullshit Jillybean, and maybe you'll actually believe it. Or just blame your fake symptoms, on your fake bpd, w/e works for you. Her still claiming to have bpd, and blaming EVERYTHING, including things that aren't part of bpd on it, is beyond laughable, at this point. How does she seriously manage to make herself more, and more insufferable… IS2G this girl.

No. 108946

“I’m really lucky I have a massive wardrobe that I can go to pick out clothes from so I don’t need to buy as much” but Jill, most of those thing you brought 2-3 years ago when you didn’t ballon in size

No. 108948

Her mom got her a rainbow skirt for xmas and it was way too big for her, foreshadowing right there anon. Mama Vessey saw the rate she was consuming tendies at and acted accordingly.

No. 108951

File: 1597270823459.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1789, 088EF766-87B8-4943-B8DC-89E79D…)

New leather bags from across the ocean? But it’s okay because bright colors right? Even her fans are trying to discourage her from buying this crap

No. 108952

Is jill saying bongs are being made slaves? What recent event is she talking about?

No. 108953

I think she’s talking about a recent scandal the UK brand Boohoo had where staff in Leicester were only getting paid £3.50 an hour. It’s known as a fast fashion brand anyway so I don’t see why she’d only have a problem with them now

No. 108954

File: 1597273924304.jpeg (220.95 KB, 750x1334, FullSizeRender-1.jpeg)

Kinda silly, but I had replied to Jill and another girl had agreed with me, and I complimented the girl who replied and Jill liked it, assuming she thought I was talking about here, and unlike it so fast I couldn't get a screenshot of it being in her likes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 108955

File: 1597273974321.jpeg (169.94 KB, 750x1334, FullSizeRender.jpeg)

No. 108960

>>108954 idk if it matters to you, but you failed to cover the 'replying to @' at the bottom near the tweet your reply box

No. 108974

File: 1597278896873.jpg (141.92 KB, 752x600, sanrio-_main_banner_desktop.jp…)

I know this is a massive tinfoil but I think the biggest deal for Jill and getting things for free is when she gets things she doesn't want or requested for

When her mom gives her EXACTLY what she asked for: Omg, I love my mom, my mom is the best, she gave me exactly what I requested
When a fan or friend gives her something that doesn't match her aesthetic 100% and: Hahah okay thanks… (and is never seen again)

And since the kuromi and mymelody collab do not match her super special original rainbow aesthetic, she sees is as extra waste. So she's not going to use them, and not do anything with them. I think she's super conceited.

No. 108977

The My Melody eyeshadow palette would be nice if she was actually attempting cottagecore. It has neutral browns, pinks, and even a bright yellow for a ~daisy pop~ but noooo Jill had to throw a fit before realizing she could use it to try out a more flattering look and give the rest away. Maybe it’s too usable and Mundane for her rainby aesthetic like the previous poster mentioned. What a fucking waste.

No. 108978

File: 1597281328153.png (377.87 KB, 600x600, 7C2469BB-C1EA-47DF-A086-62A656…)

You might be right, actually. Didn’t Jill buy the entire Sugarpill x Little Twin Stars collection which seems to have a similar amount of plastic packaging? I can’t remember if that was before or after pretending to care about the environment.

No. 108979

Let’s not forget her crayon phase, when she bought all this shit makeup despite being aware of the horrible reviews

No. 108989

I kinda think if she got the correct diagnosis (likely autism) but ALSO received proper treatment/medication she would be both happier and a less terrible person, but who knows

No. 108992

>>108913 can someone give a tdlr on the whole video? Im confused other than her ""disclaimer"" and being generally hypocritical, but what's the sudden issue with the strawberry dress in particular?

No. 108996

Basically she's upset with people wanting to buy knockoffs of the dress, which costs $500. She says she gets that not everyone can afford that and that neither can she but that it's not a necessity and people shouldn't be supporting knock offs on aliexpress or amazon or what have you. But it comes off really hypocritical, obviously.
And now seeing >>108925 where it's made of shitty materials, it seems like a rip off anyway.

No. 109001

I’m new here but why is no one talking about how she is a month and a half late to announcing the winner of her tattoo contest? I’m guessing she just doesn’t have the $250 grand prize(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 109002

I mean it's cute that you think she follows even self imposed deadlines. The hypocrisy and sustainability handwringing is off the charts lately.

Blaming anything she wants attention for on vague spooky illness isn't new. It's like you hope when people's threads aren't being updated a lot they could be potentially changing and growing. My life is so different from when Jill first moved into the rainby shack and she's still holding this gay dude hostage, pretending she's getting things out of school, and not really doing anything different besides wanting to justify spending even more money on even more rainbow or kawiwi bullshit, but it's fine because it's not fast fashion! And she has no choice but to shove frozen nuggets down her throat, she has an eating disorder and food is like really hard ok??

Like this bitch needs to hurry up and get her participation trophy degree so she can actually experience real life.

No. 109006

No. 109009

Isn't some of her anime goods knock offs? Wasn't she also a off brand lolita and sponsored a off brand fashion site with a lookbook video?

Jill needs to learn to pick one battle at a time and not go eco justice warrior when her home is the image of pastel capitalist fastfashion

No. 109029

she had a reverse ball drop and her bpd followers in the comments are all "wow I do that too uwu", despite it being pretty obvious her audio has been edited

No. 109047

File: 1597336228799.png (6.93 MB, 2436x1125, 32FF7A1E-85B7-457B-9BBA-4FAA36…)

my jaw dropped. 8 seconds in and this is what i’m greeted with…..

No. 109049

Really convenient how this is a thing after discussion over her voice took place here
But sure, Jill, you totally don't read here or anything

No. 109061

she says chronic illness like she's some kind of spoonie. you just shopped around for a diagnosis of shit personality jill.

No. 109068

Yeah her biggest gripe with the lolita community was that they were big rich meanies who didn’t support replicas because they were elitist.
And here she is now parroting the same thing hundreds of us lolitas tried to explain to her at the time. We tried telling her replicas were not a good industry to support and she lashed out and claimed we were just bullies lmao.

No. 109069

>My voice is higher bc of anxiety! But that's not ~speshul~ so instead I have a chronic mystery illness that I'm not aware of that changes my voice for me in a way that just so happens to also work with my target aesthetic!

Why do people who mainly live for internet attention always end up cringey like this? Like they're not allowed to have a bad day or human flaw, so they BS some excuse.

No. 109077

File: 1597361386476.jpg (601.33 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20200813-182959_Gma…)

Here's the tattoo winners

No. 109078

all of these will be shit tattoos

No. 109079

If she gets the rainbow part of the confetti with no line ink, it's gonna age like fucking milk, not to mention, tattoos of hands are so easy to fuck up.
Shocked she didn't go for the Annanuki knock off, but chances are she knew she'd get called out for it

No. 109082

All of these look awful and will look like shit regardless

No. 109092

Cute illustrations

Terrible tattoo designs. Designed by people who know nothing about tattoos. Surprise there

No. 109106

She should have just picked the only one she commented on. All these look like shit hot topic decal stickers.

No. 109130

What’s with the first one just having the word “Girl’s” what does that even mean, looks totally random

No. 109131

I assumed it was Jill queer baiting again

No. 109137

The Peeps balloon will look like a poop emoji balloon from a distance or to anyone who isn't familiar with Peeps, which I feel like is most Canadians as they aren't big here. However, I hope she does the rainbow one because it will heal the worst kek,

No. 109138

None of these are going to match her current tattoos, especially not the lineless rainbow hand
It’s going to look so janky lmao

No. 109150

They should've dotted the i with the balloons instead so it says girls instead of having some weird apostrophe that doesn't make sense. girl is…. what? what is it

it took me way too long to figure out that was supposed to be a peep. peeps are well known in canada though? it's just so shittily drawn you can't tell what it is kek

No. 109157

File: 1597421749652.jpg (394.37 KB, 720x1218, IMG_20200814_130556.jpg)


I must say I am genuinely surprised she didn't pick the upside down heart with the pearls.

Her picks are so underwhelming? Maybe she chose smaller designs so she could still compromise with getting an unprofessional ugly design (for a tattoo) without hurting fweewings, because at least in my case, when you search the house, most top results are way cuter than what she chose. Especially the wands (maybe she thought she has too many wands tattooed already?)

But as other anon said, this should've been a t-shirt contest kek "design my merchie werchie for me uwu"

No. 109176

some of these could actually be good tattoo designs, the ones she chose are ordinary to say the least.

No. 109178

Any farmers who entered want to reveal their designs with any subtle references to the thread?

No. 109184

a lot of these designs are just rips of ccs or sm wands and lockets.

No. 109193

I wish I won, I really tried my best to appeal as uwu as possible. :((:()

No. 109200

she was probably in a rush to pick winners after being reminded here

No. 109205

oh dis gunna be good, shes choosing a shit tattoo design that will age like ass, its going on the SAME arms as the other ones, and theres so much potential for the hand to look like shit. 10/10 jill cant wait for more shit ink

No. 109219

Did she honestly picked the ugliest designs or the first to enter the contest? Like look at the losers….what a downgrade in choices.

No. 109225

oh my god. Really now Jill. They're ugly. Get rekt.

No. 109226

imagine if she got the girl’s one tattooed lmao how fucking embarrassing. I hope to god she chose these at random

No. 109234

I'd never seen Peeps in stores or even heard of them before Jill went crazy for them. Maybe it's regional or maybe I just don't know anyone who eats that kind of processed food-style sugar bomb. It's such a weird thing to make your brand, particularly considering it's already a brand? Is she going to get a kawaii Grimace on her chest to represent her love of nuggies too?

No. 109263

File: 1597505210305.jpg (30.16 KB, 400x400, a96516b159a3a8f93a72d1ee7888d7…)

Peeps come out with the seasonal holiday candy. They're in that aisle. If u, or people u know don't eat junk, that's why you've never seen them. It's not regional. They're widely available…. Why is this a reoccurring debate itt?

No. 109274

I believe they're only available in America/Canada. You cannot find them in Europe, maybe in tourist trap american candy stores but I believe they're regional in terms of continents.

No. 109275

I'm shocked she didn't pick any of these and went with the ones she has.

Jill, get the Confetti Club as a tramp stamp lmao.

No. 109279

Did any of her fans on the Facebook or Instagram come forward and say they made these yet?

No. 109282

File: 1597517411785.jpeg (180.11 KB, 750x1001, 0973C24A-A46A-445A-9FA0-EDA016…)

ot but im dying to know if anyone has seen this tattoo

No. 109287

What replica did she even have? I don’t remember seeing it in her old vids

No. 109288

Theres EU/UK shops that sell them as well (that are not tourist traps), I think anon just literally never come across them or forgotten she has kek.

No. 109292

File: 1597521850078.jpg (134.82 KB, 720x1280, 1559267_114641185540257_891212…)


Isn't it this one? It was posted in the very first thread.

No. 109293

File: 1597522360893.jpeg (64.94 KB, 640x342, B08A8D5A-532B-403E-ABAD-FD43D3…)

No. 109294

O.k. This is probably the worst mental health lie yet. Catatonic people aren't posting on twitter. She is self aggrandizing

No. 109295

She honestly thinks that laying in bed for a few hours because she has no energy due to solely existing on Peeps tea and tendies is the same as having a break from reality.

No. 109299

Exactly. Catatonia often leads to death. It's not common, there is no catatonic club. That club is likely in facilities laying in their own waste. This is the first time she has made me feel disgusted rather than irritated.

No. 109300

Can we just classify Jill as a munchie? Self-diagnosis is the biggest excuse for all these especially fragile youtubers who dont want to do their jobs

No. 109302

This barely looks like her, maybe the hair/flower crown was inspired by her selfie but she herself admitted her pictures were heavily photoshopped in those days so does it even count as a tattoo of her "face" or just what she wishes she looked like kek

No. 109311

What the fuck. She's a munchie now

No. 109327

File: 1597540825970.jpeg (26.49 KB, 185x250, D6CC602B-F771-4A20-BF9A-6625C7…)

It’s this pic from back in her lookbook

No. 109328

Lying in bed is not fuckin' catatonia, holy shit why does everything need a diagnosis with this girl

No. 109333

Can she not just admit that she had no energy or even simply just having a lazy day. It’s ok to just not exist for a day but fucking catatonia? Girl has a new diagnosis every day.

No. 109337


But being a fat lazy pastel uwu does not get clicks or followers. But seriously, Jill should stay off of WebMD and the Disability Youtubers videos. She likely only have autism or depression and trying to push further to seem more unique and not like other girls

No. 109343

File: 1597558330396.jpeg (188.21 KB, 750x1001, CB3174BA-FA9E-41AC-BD66-E56CD7…)

No. 109345

The more she talks about it the deeper hole she's digging. She needs to talk to a real therapist and stay offline for a while, she's in a hug box and any one calling her out on this will be written off as a "hater uwu" even though she has a lot of underaged fans that will follow her footsteps.

No. 109346

She’s literally just describing a shutdown like with autism (especially next to the stim comment)

No. 109348

>I experience catatonia daily but it’s usually not so disruptive to my life

w h a t

No. 109352

>>109343 lost 3 hours, couldnt get into normal brain mode. perhaps because theres a pandemic going on and everyone is struggling to keep on top of things without feeling burnt out? youre not special. go for a walk.

No. 109353

Isn't she on like a whole cocktail of medications that she also smokes weed and drinks with? And 3 hours in bed is what most people would call a rest, not catatonia my god she's dramatic.

No. 109354

Could this be the beginning of a schizophrenia saga? Maybe ECT.

No. 109355

Munchie Jill wasn’t the arc I expected but i’ll be damned if 2020 doesn’t keep on giving us shit like this…

No. 109366


autism just isn’t a stylish enough diagnosis

No. 109374

Oh my god this is prime milk. Shes legit retarded, she hit the wall. Peeps really did leave her mentally stunted. Rip her braincells, not that she used her much either way

No. 109378


Gonna go against the grain and say:

I don't believe Jill is autistic. It's borderline personality disorder. That, or she is a straight up, average, run of the mill narcissist. She gets off on explaining her piece of shit personality away with mental disorders. It's sick to witness.

No. 109384

I also don't believe she is autistic. I read up on bpd and one of the traits of bpd is emotional manipulation. Often times people believe emotional manipulation is vitriolic but in a lot of cases, especially those with bpd emotional manipulation helps them offset any responsibility they don't want to take. And other times emotional manipulation, of course, makes those around them feel pity. That's what Jill is doing. Using buzz words for things to make them sound worse.

Ask yourself this, why does Jill seem to constantly bring up her random symptoms to her followers. What will it benefit her followers to even know these things? The answer is nothing. This only benefits Jill.

It's weird because she has never shown these symptoms before. Catatonia? Never heard her even so much as describe this symptom in the past but suddenly now it's a big part of her personality.

No. 109385

She doesn't have BPD. She has almost zero traits of BPD. She only has stable relationships (all of her actual relationships besides Alyssa have been longterm), has no ability to perceive others' emotions (BPD makes you hyper aware of others' emotions), is not impulsive or reckless (lays around and watching PreCure all day; couldn't even move more than one province away from her mom), does not experience loss of reality (her description of dissociation was noticing a tree for the first time), etc.

The only traits of BPD Jill has are the ones that coincide with depression because she is depressed.

No. 109387

She's a mental hypochondriac, plus it negates any responsibility she has for being a shitty lazy rude ass person. I'm not a bitch, it's just my bipolar borderline depressive anxiety catatonic autistic diagnosis!

No. 109390

Jesus fucking christ Jillian Vessey you really outdid yourself. You clearly have no fucking idea of what catatonia is, nor what a catatonia patient looks like. You probably went into wembd and thought OMG that's sooo me. You're such a fucking hypochondriac woe-is-me snowflake munchie.
Catatonia is often associated with Schizophrenia and severe cases of Autism. Not with stupid retarded people like you. You seriously don't know how much these people suffer, but how would you know, you have no fucking empathy, and your coddled womanchild ass could care less.

You are a tard, Jill. I'm not sure if you have autism or not, but an official diagnosis would not change the fact that you're an unlikable piece of shit. It would make sense because you keep sperging about random shit wanting to feel special, but trust me, no one cares in the real world if you sit on your lard ass all day in bed sobbing to children's cartoons and call it "catatonia".

You live inside a bright pink rainby prision paid with mommy's money and with your very own special sex slave. This house is full of bright plastic shit in every corner and teenager anime girls screaming in the background. ANYONE, I do really mean it, ANYONE would have a sensory overload or a meltdown inside that dungeon that you call your house. You seriously don't know shit. You don't have your priorities straight. You're useless and expect to be praised or pitied with every single step you take. You're a full on useless, talentless, tasteless womanchild. You don't have "catatonia", you're a depressed emotionally stunted girl who would rather be in bed all day and call it a "mental health day uwu" than facing reality and getting your 20+ year old ass together.

No. 109397


I’d give you a standing ovation if I could, anon.

No. 109408

May I add:
- you constantly use serious disorders as excuses for your shitty behaviour (people struggle, but you need empathy to get that)
- you gaybait ANYWHERE you can (sexuality is not a character trait and people get fucking murdered for not being straight and you use it as a ~kawiwi accessory uwu~)
- you change your style constantly every six months and expect people to think that‘s normal (you‘re not in puberty to chase any trend you spot online)
- you keep claiming you‘re such a seamstress when your shit is literal crap and my handsewn curtains with a month of experience look better than you with your ~fashion degree~ which isn‘t a serious degree either
- you photoshop to hell and back (and lie to your following about it)
- you change your voice in order to sound kawaii (humans have different voices ffs?)
- alyssa
- the fact you‘re never going to pay any artist that won your contest
- that you don‘t even mention to your followers to shop second hand which is MILES more sustainable than any new made garnment, instead saying „It‘s okay if you buy from Aliexpress if u need lots of stuff xxx“
- the way your treat your cats, living feeling animals,, like kawiwi decoration.
- your general attitude.

No. 109428

Nice addition to the post anon, I really agree. Wonder if Jill and Stevia who we know lurk here will read it and cry.

No. 109445

File: 1597622818512.jpeg (193.69 KB, 828x311, D5677947-7A34-49E6-B43B-5179ED…)

Apparently her daily catatonia didn’t stop her from running her hug box- I mean, patreon stream

No. 109460

>there's a reason for the price
yeah lmao capitalism, it's a semi luxury brand, they put their prices high in clothing bc its part of the appeal Jillian, you should know that by now, people buying knock-offs wont affect it at all

No. 109467

ugh i hate that condescending head tilt thumbnail so much yes jill please tell us much better you are than everyone we all know you're a shitty person

No. 109500

File: 1597679097568.jpg (122.96 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20200817_174503.jpg)

this comment under her last vid

No. 109504

Jill probably Googled Kosovo, saw it was "in Europe," and assumed it was ethical based on that.

No. 109513

Jill‘s skinwalker also called „Made in US“ fair work (it‘s unpaid prison laber but okay) and also claimed minimum wages in Europe are fine. I doubt her or Jill think twice, I think both assume because it‘s Europe, people have better working conditions.
Europe is not just France, Belgium and Germany. Poland is also in the US and there women can‘t even get abortions- sO eThIcAl cAuSe eUrOp!!

No. 109514

in Europe, not US. Jesus

No. 109518

Abortions aside, I know about a factory that paid its workers about a dollar per hour. The workers were mostly middle-aged and older women, who supported their whole families, because there wasn't any other work available in that area. It's also a common practice to buy in bulk basic items like t-shirts from Bangladesh or China, add some details or print - then you can legally add your label and claim that the item was made in the EU.
The point? You can't really know if the item was made ethically unless you know every piece in the production chain or you know production is not outsourced. Also, Jill is blissfully ignorant about reality of the industry she wants so desperately to be part of, not to mention how her knowledge about what is ethical is pretty shallow. After all, ignorant and shallow are best words to describe her.

No. 109523

Not to mention the fact that Jill contradicts herself all the time when it comes to being ethical. Even her own fans are pointing it out but as usual Jilly always ignores the 'criticism' while praising the people sucking up to her.

No. 109529

I feel like she's trying to prepare her fans for whenever she ends up putting out clothes at a high price point

No. 109534

Will she ever realize that going into the fashion business will never be ethical or ???

No. 109543

File: 1597719136128.jpg (139.13 KB, 800x800, -777217245-942843339.jpg)

Do you think Jill is actually fucking dying inside to get more plastic shit but her need to be liked and have that sweet ecofriendly clout is stronger? Pic related, found this on aliexpress. I bet she's DYING to get this kind of stuff since her entire personality is buying shit. I bet she regrets this choice every fucking day but just like her catatonia and bpd lies (or we can go even futher back… her lies about Alyssa, photoshopping, her exes, everything really) are too strong now to stop.

No. 109551

My theory is that she doesn't actually give a shit about buying ethically. In her video about 'quitting' fast fashion, she mentioned she was getting backlash for constant fast fashion hauls, so I think this is all a big show so that everyone will pat her ass instead of criticize her. What's to stop her from purchasing these clips (or any other items she might want) and lying and saying she got it second hand on depop? I don't even think buying on depop should be considered ethical because a large portion of the stuff sold on there is dropshipped from aliexpress anyways, or some girl buying out shit at goodwill and flipping it for a much higher price. Saged for the rant, but yeah I don't think she actually cares and it would be easy for her to lie about it.

No. 109552

I think she just loves reading her own thread.
No one outside us criticized her for her plastic hauls, but then she became ecofriendly.
No one outside anons theorized she might have bpd (and now autism).
No one hated her bangs outside here.
It's funny to see she does read the thread. Jill just drop the facade. Go buy your plastic shit again and stop virtue signaling, it's annoying lol.

No. 109554

you'd be surprised how many "socialist/communist" confetti cunts there are.

No. 109561

bingo. but her untalented ass should not be selling clothes, period. How many pieces has she actually made?

No. 109569

To be honest I try to not look st the confetti cunts because they creep me out. All of them are fat and deranged

This. She is in no way qualified to sell anything

No. 109580


I mean, we all know that she is a liar but this is the most blatant lie of all. Her video is very clearly sped up, hence the high voice. Anyone on Earth would be able to tell this. Stop lying, you fuckin' fraud. Maybe if you actually told the truth for once and stopped trying to manipulate people, we'd be somewhat kinder and more understanding of you.

But you're just a fraud.

No. 109596

If she actually does read her thread here THAT obsessively, then maybe she really is autistic.

No. 109602

File: 1597821448506.jpg (739.48 KB, 1080x1700, 20200819_001632.jpg)

At this point I wouldnt be surprised if she started an OnlyFans. Shes starting to look like a porn star.

No. 109604

File: 1597822691116.jpg (365.96 KB, 1080x687, 20200819_033806.jpg)

She needs to bring back her bangs if she wants to make her style look good.

No. 109605

no, jillian, that tired baby doll is not versatile and much less layerable ffs you just look ridiculous

No. 109608

Wow significant improvement anon.

No. 109615

Jesus never thought I would mksd her ugly bangs. Next time I hope she gets sideswept bangs though, would improve her face a lot.

That face is ridiculous and an onlyfans would make it worse like Shayna.

No. 109620

Her bangs never looked this good.
99% of the time they were greasy as hell.

No. 109627

File: 1597858812250.jpg (450.08 KB, 720x1021, 20200819_183945.jpg)

An old image, or she's back in pei

No. 109628

File: 1597858934815.jpg (72.52 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1597858949976.jpg)

New image from her mums fb

No. 109630

How do you make your eyeliner so bold and then forget to use mascara?

No. 109633

The mask she made isn't very well-fitted at all. There's huge gaps on either side of her nose.

No. 109634

think i'm having a stroke reading the caption.

No. 109645

Can anyone remember if Jill was ever sent anything from Sanrio? ALB uploaded a video of the My Melody & Kuromi Wet n Wild, and she didnt know she was getting it, or who sent it. But, that she has been sent stuff from Sanrio before.

No. 109650


Old image. This is her 2nd older photo in a row for Instagram. I think she likely gain more weight in the face and is trying to hide it. I mean, she did denounce photoshopping and stuff so she is taking the Kelly Eden route and reusing old images and hiding parts of her body that looks bigger.

No. 109656

Yeah, she has this little twin stars palette.

No. 109665

I think she bought that one herself and hated it. She has dropped so much money on makeup just because of the brand or aesthetic and then trashes them when she discovers they aren't part of her rigid rainby mould. This sort of lack of versatility also shows up in her designs.

No. 109666

nta but if she signed up for sanrio stuff they probably forwarded her info to their collab with wet'n'wild.

No. 109667

She likely asked to be on Sanrio PR list long ago and finally got put forward to get items. She mentioned before she doesn't check her emails in timely manners as well as she actively went out for PR. (Pusheen, Irregular Choice and those fast fashion sites)

No. 109669

Jill strikes me as the type that doesn't care about sanrio because it's not different or unique (read:autistic, like obsessing over peeps or crayola) enough for her. Even if she wasn't on this psuedo Evo friendly kick she likely wouldn't care about the makeup she was sent.

No. 109692

Since she reads here, it's probably just a matter of time until she brings them back

No. 109705

Honestly I feel like she was having one of those """"bpd moods"""" (read: spergy tantrum) and wanted to bash on anything. It does not fit her rigid rainbow aesthetic so it got her mad that it doesn't 100% fit. The plastic shit is just a virtue signaling excuse.

No. 109707

She looks like her mom's rainbow doppelganger

No. 109712

File: 1597947203355.png (395.57 KB, 750x1334, CBDA8960-98B7-432B-B34A-A48EBC…)

Suck your own dick more, Jillian.

No. 109719

Reading this makes me head explode. How do you even come out as non binary? it's not a sexuality

No. 109720

If people assume you're cis and you want them to know you're not, then of course you have to come out. It applies to gender as well as sexuality.

No. 109723

ironically depending on how her friend is she can ree at her for using the wrong pronouns since some of those gender fluid people go strictly by they/them. She inadvertently outed herself as a bad friend for ass pats.

No. 109728

We're in 2020, assuming all people are hetero-cis is pretty…uff. Like assuming girls with lots of make up are stupid bitches and men with long hair are gay. It's 2020 ffs, let people be.

Jill has shown she is a crappy friend all over the place. Can some of you remind me of an instance where she treated her friends well? Where she wasn't using her fucking girlfriend as clickbait because hurr durr im soo gayy ?

No. 109733

Genders are bullshit. Her friend is probably just as retarded. You don't come out as a gender kek

No. 109745

File: 1597964640007.jpeg (570.94 KB, 828x1173, 7D3E70E8-C2BA-4CB4-B658-97E296…)

No. 109747

Welcome to the real world. You‘ve been spreading your name along with your family name like I spread peanut butter all over the internet, anyway. Do you really care?
In some countries even commercial websites have to mention your legal information, that‘s called security measurements. No biggies.

No. 109748

File: 1597966987201.jpeg (158.4 KB, 750x685, 6E384240-CE78-4CF8-A97B-2097B8…)

Also don‘t forget her needing to reassure us every week that she
~is a queer baby uwu~ and her bf is
~totally not gay but bi uwu~

Jill you were two weeks with Alyssa, treated her like crap and used her for queer points. Your past is full of attention-seeking actions and your sexuality is no different.

No. 109749

Big yikes. they do realize that even if someone is bi, being in a straight relationship makes them privileged as fuck, even if they are both bisexuals. sorry, not sorry

No. 109750

In some countries, sadly, yes. Doesn‘t make them less bi and you don’t really choose your love.
my point is (and I think you get that) that she uses any. way. possible. to make her look homo. Seriously.

No. 109752

Being assumed straight is not a privilege.

No. 109754

Samefagging, I forgot to add: Jillybean said she was lesbian, showed up to pride with a bisexual flag, broke up with 2 girls becaused she missed dick- that‘s all in ep. #20 of her being a shitty person. Available on lolcow!

No. 109762

I mean it is? It's dismissive of your identity but people aren't going to discriminate against you because they think you are hetero. I feel like you need all of 2 brain cells to understand that if you know what privilege is. Spoiler: oppression is not the gays saying you can't sit with them.

No. 109764

I didn't say anyone would discriminate against someone because they perceive them as straight. Don't know why you're acting like I did.

Erasure of someone's identity is discrimination.

No. 109797

ntayrt, nobody cares about strangers' uwu sexual identities and neither should they. what's relevant is the milk.

No. 109800

Uh, lots of people care or there wouldn't be discrimination to begin with. You really thought you had something here, didn't you?

Also, there's no milk.(derailing)

No. 109809

Are you deranged? People get murdered and assaulted for being gay, passing as straight and still living a fulfilled life is absolutely a privilege. Have you ever actually been in a same sex relationship or are you totally bi for the girls in your bf's porn?

No. 109813

Okay, boomer

No. 109834

With this logic, single gay people are privileged more than those in relationships because people will assume they're straight. That makes no sense.

No. 109844

No, gay people are discriminated against but bi identity erasure is another, albeit lesser, form of discrimination
Both being discriminated against can coexist it’s not a only one situation(derailing)

No. 109846

sage for obvious but
we can all agree that Jill is still a queerbaiting piece of shit.

No. 109849


I mean, yes, to a disgusting degree.

No. 109850

File: 1598056654498.png (463.6 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20200821-203710~2.p…)

She's been hinting at how she wants to be "sexy" for a while now…

No. 109857

File: 1598063366276.jpeg (351.75 KB, 1242x654, 5D7CB489-DEDB-4815-8A6D-A948C2…)

Don’t worry she fixed it. Don’t think we will see the jilly only fans anytime soon

No. 109862

File: 1598066016300.jpg (233.48 KB, 720x1047, 20200822_035004.jpg)

No. 109865

>My living cash machines. I am. Validated! My desperate need for attention by the internet is proving lucrative, your interaction with my video has pleased the algorithm. To anyone I'm leeching off, thank you for giving me coin to spend on more plastic hoard bullshit. [insert kaweewee emojis here]

No. 109868

Oh god anon… you're so dumb, lol stop sipping on that tranny juice

Oh my god, yes. Get your tiddies out Jill. I need this milk. Shayna vibes.


No. 109901

magical girl lingerie??? it just looks like some pink bdsm-lite generic lingerie tho?? i am confusion

No. 109904

Also they should maybe start using the rght sizes on their models- the bra is clearly not her size.

No. 109911

File: 1598111536568.jpeg (101.18 KB, 640x689, F5E20D77-9382-4A6C-87B2-B8E7F7…)

Well this sounds like it’s gonna be absolutely insufferable!

No. 109913

Anyone noticed she always says that she edits her videos? She uses phrases like „I‘ll out the photo up here“ or „I‘ll show you a clip there“ but it‘s all Steviebabies job.

No. 109914

No. 109916

So the hand one gets money, do I recall correctly?

No. 109917

Since a long time she says he does the editing. I guess it’s his “job”

No. 109918

She will need some space filler tattoos for her arm if she is going to place the tattoo there. Her are just reminds me of someone who just slapped random stickers on a journal

No. 109919

File: 1598120094666.png (1.42 MB, 1222x696, Screenshot 2020-08-22 at 19.14…)

not complaining about the plastic packaging of this shit little toy she will use once?

No. 109921

we know she does not give a single fuck about the environment. She did now even start going veggie- and scientists agree that going vegan (all of us) could make the climate catastrophy less bad.
But again, no fucks given.

No. 109922

okay so i'm only halfway through and she is literally just commenting on the tattoos, i haven't seen any submissions that look like they're from us, if one of yalls submissions got put in please lmk i'm so interested. Also most of these would age so terribly due to the colors, i'm shocked on what jillian thought was "good tattoo quality"….. yikes

dude just interact with the thread w/o bringing up your opinions on others identities when it's not pertaining to the milk on the thread. like no need to globalize hate to minorities, we're just here to discuss the milk smh

No. 109923

After seeing all of the designs I am really just wondering why she chose the one she did… the top 3 were not that great.

No. 109927

she probably choose them since the designs are simple so she can make it small and hidden, all of the actual good/interesting ones were way too detailed and would need a large amount of space.

No. 109928

I want to spread milk up to now I think it's best to wait if she really gets it tattoed. Then I'd like to show who I am, which one is my submission and why tf I took part in it. Sorry to not contribute yet- if anyone wants an edit, I can offer that now. :)(:))

No. 109931

She says the winner is such a good design as a tattoo but that rainbow and hearts having no outline, that will become a hideous blob

No. 109932

The submission at 9:30 has to be a farmers submission, the shaker is clearly a Yakult bottle. Yakult are weird milk Probiotic drinks here in the Uk, originally from Japan I believe. I guess the link is her being milky?

No. 109936

File: 1598130290351.jpeg (40.67 KB, 554x554, images - 2020-08-22T180207.113…)


Yeah, it's a yakult bottle, a fermented milk that is also popular to drink with soju. It's just a common kawaii theme, they are a day to day thing in Japan/Korea, like there's these water bottles shapes like it even

… Which our kawiwi kween clearly didn't know about. Are they not common in Canada? I thought Canada had a big Asian population

No. 109939

Can someone post the top three she coose so we don’t have to watch this?

No. 109940

File: 1598131174317.png (1.52 MB, 1702x1046, Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 4.19…)

No. 109942

I still can't believe she's getting that nasty hand tattooed.

No. 109946

why tf is the hand yellow?

No. 109948

I honestly don't think the hand is that bad, but I hate the random hearts. I hope the tattoo artist change it for something with a better composition/flow to it.

No. 109951

>>109946 is she going to get the hand coloured, or just leave it has her skin colour….?

No. 109955

Doesn’t she go on about how she ‘knows about tattoos’ and how she ‘watches tattoo youtubers’? Surely she would know that getting a tattoo like this won’t last at all and will either fade to hell or just blur into an ugly blob. The tattoo has no outline at all. Or maybe that’s the plan so she can get a coverup and call it a bad job after all?

No. 109960

Maybe the idea is that she’ll take these to her tattoo artist where they will explain to her that “sadly, these designs won’t come out well,” which she can tearfully relay to her followers as to why she can’t get any of the designs tattooed on her. Easy out.

No. 109961

Can we talk about how there were so many gorgeous designs that would’ve actually looked good that she showed in the video and then it’s like HUGE BUILD UP AAAAAANNNNNDDD womp womp these won. If I was one of the artists that genuinely spent their time creating a good design for this I would be pissed.

No. 109962

There were so many better ones that she didn’t show in the video in favor of shittier ones. I liked a lot of the simpler strawberry designs people drew but Jill didn’t show any of those. It really is like all she cares about is having the most obnoxious rainbow bullshit all the time. Bitch is a walking Claire’s clearance section statement piece.

No. 109964

right? i agree with both of these things. also she chose one without a lot of strong lines and pastels, shit is going to turn into a big ass blob.

No. 109977

Question, were the rainbow hand and girls balloon ones the only tattoo that people who did not know she was a youtuber would think it was a LGBT tattoo?

No. 109979

oh shit anon i think you're on to something.

No. 109982

Makes sense. This way she can say it's a confetti club tattoo but she knows she's queerbaiting.

No. 109983

waist shoop

No. 109984

That's some srs bicep shoop too. Wtf Jill stop lying to people. Is she going to blame her editing slave for this one?

No. 109992

File: 1598160864048.jpg (1.46 MB, 1503x1149, Tattoos.jpg)

Here's all of the tattoos she put in the video for anons who don't feel like wading through 20 minutes of shit. Sorry for the weird formatting but I didn't know how else to do this

No. 109993

>>109992 none of these would function as a tattoo

No. 109994

File: 1598161177311.png (423.25 KB, 837x1079, Screenshot_20200822-193736~2.p…)

Just kidding my dumbass actually missed this one

No. 109999

while I agree with most of them, not being good tattoo ideas- some of them are doable as tattoos pretty well

No. 110005

Yikes on the painted skin one

No. 110016

Hello, anon, and ka-ching: you solved the riddle.
That‘s how I won one of those places- by showing what a queerbaiting person she is.

No. 110028

The only possibly working tattoo would be the YouTube play button, but I don’t know to what extent it would really be representing of the whole confetti club thingy. It’s so sad that the artists sent such pretty illustrations, specially
It’s fucking cute and I don’t even like peeps.

Pixie has a huge case of shit taste.

No. 110034

yeah, i feel like some could work well, like top right with the peep and "you're fab" candy if only the colors weren't so faded

right some of these are really cute, i also like the yakult bottle one
this really should have been a limited t-shirt contest for her brand but jill is stupid

No. 110044

t-shirt or maybe an enamel pin set? I don't think the designs would be completely awful in a format like that and she's done pins before.

No. 110045

What are the rest of the entries? Is there anything worth looking at? Or anything that could work as a tattoo? I don't have instagram.

No. 110046

She should had stated she wanted something lgbtqueer in the first place and stop fucking around with everyone.

No. 110047

The hand is too ugly and it gives me creep vibes anon
Is it anatomical correct even?
And the girls one gives me OCD anxiety. Only the banner one is somewhat alright. What a shit taste jesus christ

No. 110053

File: 1598195291116.jpg (1.34 MB, 1169x2048, pixlr_20200823120248651.jpg)


I am kinda surprised with some choices she chose to left out.
Like, I understand not showing literal child's scribbles, but some of these clearly had more talent and dedication.
I think the rabbit peep one would work nicely as a tattoo

If I was a fan I would be very disappointed, because she did promise showing all entries and couldn't show even half. She talked for longer about a kid's anime and her dolls, so I don't believe it was just because of the video length…

No. 110054

Naw the scissors one is really pretty! Surprised she didn’t get a ~fashun dedign~ tat yet can’t wait to see her ugly tattoo though lmao

No. 110056

She got an I'm so queer- one, that's worse.

No. 110058

wtf the scissors hand one is so much cuter than the hand one she chose. it’s a rainby scissors, jillian. is that not gay enough

No. 110067

Tinfoil but maybe she didn't want to promote artists who are clearly better designers than her. Top left would be genuinely cute as a postcard or something.

No. 110070

Plus the tattoo artists she goes to are not THAT skilled and I guess she knew she'd have to cash out to get one of the elaborate ones. So half asked.

No. 110076

The woman who has done all of her tattoos except the one of her cat (although she did the touchups for it) is decently talented, but her style doesn't match Jill's at all, so the tattoos end up coming out looking a lot worse than if she went to someone who does her style (or got tattoos more in line with what Helena does).

No. 110079

i honestly dont think she wants an obvious reminder of her youtube channel or even her fanbase, she made a comment in her recent video about saying that she will say "she used to have a youtube channel" in the future.
whatever her dumbass ambitions are theyre clearly not all related to her confetti club or her channel. she'll drop them when she finds a new place to reap validation and attention.

i know it's not realistic to see a youtube channel as a lifelong career but a lot of creators seem to still maintain followings and fanbases for more than 10 years. jill is ugly and fat so she doesnt even have to worry about her looks fading she'll always be an attention seeker and that's enough to force a spotlight on herself for a long time.

it's unfortunate a lot of people followed her shitty prompt even though she's clearly leaning on not wanting anything specifically alluding to her youtube career. she wasted a lot of people's designs and time on a dumb impulsive whim she quickly changed her mind on.

No. 110084

But what other career would Jill be able to get bum pats for doing the bare minimum? I don’t imagine the fashion industry being kind to her by any chance. Knowing Jill she’d cry to Twitter about people in the industry being mean to her and not understanding her *~powsitive rainby~* style

No. 110085

Scissors and hands are a bad theme for someone with a history of self-harm. I doubt she will ever get into sewing or dressmaking seriously considering her efforts so far, so it wouldn't make sense.

Weird she included so many peep submissions, like it's a food item. It's like getting a hamburger tattooed.

No. 110087

>>110053 I think the main reason she didn't pick any of these is because they would be relatively expensive to get. The ones she picked as finalists are tiny and a lot cheaper. I think she was being a cheapskate from the start and never actually planned on getting a big tattoo just a tiny one. That's just my tinfoil tho

No. 110089


But I wasn't even talking about getting them tattooed, just showing them in the video. People were probably looking forward to see their designs in her video since she promised to show them all.

No. 110091

Both of you learn to sage
And money isn’t an issue for her Anon, she is grossly well off and spoilt and can afford any tattoo she wants

No. 110092

i agree with you but her dumbass really thinks she'll survive without her shitty confetti club and her youtube channel. she has no talent or skills outside being a plastic hoarder with a terrible fashion sense.
she is literally the epitome of a rich kid who's youtube channel only took off because she had the money to buy all the tacky shit tumblr kids wanted. her channel was a tumblr blog in video form.

she will never make it in anything else because of how coddled and sheltered she is. jill ceases to function without a constant hugbox, and fashion is the worst industry for someone like her to try to make it in. she got in a glorified basket weaving school and the closest thing i can think of as a watered down fashion industry is trying to sell ugly crafts on etsy or tshirt designs on teespring.

No. 110094

Who's her tattoo artist?

No. 110096

No. 110099

File: 1598227343707.png (11.6 MB, 3296x3296, pojihpoj.png)

Wow, yeah, she's pretty good when she does her own thing. I like what she does.

But when Jill is in the picture, the results are… questionable

No. 110108

I feel bad for the artist, Jill probably gives her a lot of exposure but its always on a shitty crappy tattoo

No. 110128

I forget that croissant head exists. So tragic.

No. 110210

its been two months and she still hasn't updated her depop lmao

No. 110212

I noticed that too lol I'm surprised nobody's brought it up to her (or they have and she's ignored it?)

No. 110236

I wonder if she’s going to make her regular tattoo artist do this monstrosity or if she will get a rando local artist

No. 110356

File: 1598493183117.jpeg (486.48 KB, 750x882, D67C3E06-471A-4A66-AC83-27AA1C…)

I saw Emilia fart uploaded after a while and I decided to check it out, I almost forgot how much she liked to cosplay as Emilia now (saged for no milk and ot)

No. 110358

File: 1598494950761.jpg (919.2 KB, 1240x2006, 20200826_222257.jpg)

No. 110359

File: 1598495603725.jpg (783.56 KB, 2896x2896, 20200826_223209.jpg)

I guess she cant shove a petticoat underneath it anymore. Her thighs are more than enough anyways.

No. 110390

It’s stupidly obvious she shooped her legs, what about being embarrassed about over shooping when you had an eating disorder Jill? Aren’t you happy with your tendies diet body?

No. 110391

File: 1598506709414.jpg (337.58 KB, 1080x980, Screenshot_20200827-153635_Chr…)

You can literally see the wavey/lumpy distortion on either sides of her thighs…