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File: 1627244708285.png (1.96 MB, 1270x1772, 1626044609370.png)

No. 164089

Previous thread: >>>/w/154731

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads
>Has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image
>Formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; currently with her live-in partner Stephen Clarke and both came out as bisexual, but now Stephen is nonbinary and pansexual - the same fate as one of her other exes who became nonbinary after dating her…
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t selling anything yet, but plans to sell bad Lazy Oaf knock offs
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact.
>She won’t stfu about her stims and super scary ‘restrictive’ eating disorder

In the last thread…
>Still posting cringeworthy Tiktoks, including, but not limited to, thirst traps and BPD awareness.
>Keeps posting on Twitter about her chronic UTIs but won't go to the doctor.
>Changed her pronouns to she/them/him/any, but gets offended if anyone refers to her with female pronouns.
>Told a minor to suck her cock. >>162725
>Started a new twitter page for her "drag" persona Villiany Swells.
>Followed a lot of DID Youtubers on her drag Twitter. >>162869
>Celebrated her 3 year anniversary with her they/them partner, Steebie.
>Changed her preferred name to Pixie instead of Jillian.
>Got Colourpop PR. Tried to convince herself and her followers that Colourpop is sustainable.
>Cherry picks what is sustainable and what is not.
>House is still super dirty with cat hair everywhere.
>Visited with her mom.
>Made a YouTube video on what it means to be neurodivergent. Was recieved poorly, and she ended up deleting the video. >>157620
>Still doesn't understand that BPD is not neurodivergency. Mental illness =/= neurodivergent.
>Keeps insisting she hears multiple voices in her head.
>Started doing her makeup in a new (and unfortunate) way.
>Admits her and Steeb don't sleep in the same bed. >>157990
>Goes to a J-fashion meetup and doesn't even wear any J-fashion.
>Designed a dress in collaboration with ShopMyViolet

Old Threads:

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/villianyswells
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
Cosplay Facebook Page: https://anony.link/https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 164090

File: 1627244874117.png (556.05 KB, 735x613, villianysmells.png)

Samefag but I wanted to grace the thread with this nightmare screenshot.

No. 164091

File: 1627245193740.jpg (583.75 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20210724-133153_You…)

Is it sad that I've been in this thread so long that I'm legit starting to get upset that this was what pixie looked like a mere four months ago. This was cute. I felt a pastel mod era on the horizon. I felt a semblance of taste forming. And then,

No. 164093

Came back to this cursed website two years later and looked for this thread and I didn't even recognize her without the thread name on top because she looks like someone's obese middle aged aunt. Rough.

No. 164094

File: 1627245420884.jpeg (98.29 KB, 610x660, 0653AACE-5569-45E0-A345-A42184…)

>it's Jillybean's first day of kindergarten!

No. 164095

File: 1627245532268.jpeg (69.64 KB, 440x763, DC6F8F32-B60C-4494-9DEE-2481E1…)

Here is a semblance of what the dress might look like on a thinner model. This obviously isn't the finished design but I don't understand why they changed the ruffled sweetheart neckline. It would have been much cuter. The finished product, construction-wise, looks so much cheaper in comparison.

No. 164097

jillany, what I don't understand here is why you'd design a fit and flare silhouette, insist that you keep it oversized, wear the belt in the official release photos and then not cinch the belt.

Or tie it up that high on your chest when your boobs and waist are lower?? Please I am begging you

No. 164099

but anon its not that she can't make well tailored clothes, she just so happens to love oversized Lazy Oaf knock off sack dresses! She has such a unique style, us normies wouldn't get it /s

No. 164103

ruffling takes time. shitty lace that you can just tack on with a running stitch doesn't.
based on the quality of other MV 'originals' (literally the most basic patterns, done in 'quirky' fabrics) they're not using a high-quality team of in-house 'sewists' and I would be genuinely surprised if they had any in-house staff doing the work & were not just outsourcing it to the nearest L.A. slave labor factory. If MV is really using 'ethical' labor processes then you think that would be something they brag about on their site, but there is zero mention of where these clothes are being made on any of their promo material. My guess is that sweatshop labor by undocumented immigrants is definitely involved (LA is notorious for it, ffs) but Jillian knows there's no way to confirm that, + can justify her dress being The Most Expensive item on that website by preying on people's sense of moral obligation.

No. 164104

based on the hoard of plastic and trend-based clothing she owns that will end in a landfill when she moves on to the next obnoxious style, she doesn't actually give a shit about the earth or slave wages

No. 164105

I've kept up with pixie for years and every few months her style evolves into something even worse than the last… each style makes the last one look good by comparison

No. 164110


That is the ugliest fucking dress I've ever seen in my life. Looks like Dollar Store quality.

No. 164111

File: 1627251517008.jpeg (389.45 KB, 1242x922, AC94074D-323B-4EB1-8F43-D0CB01…)

Extremely ironic coming from the queens of glamorizing and using their mental illnesses as a shield for their shit ass behavior.

Also unrelated side note, does anyone remember when Jill stated in her body posi video talked about cutting off people who promoted unrealistic beauty standards? And yet she’s besties with the queen of pedaling plastic surgery and lying about it to her underage fans? Or did I just imagine that?

No. 164112

she says that and uses a knife emoji to accompany DID without a hint of irony. she do be kinda stewpid

No. 164138

File: 1627263138042.png (389.81 KB, 1174x476, villainy.png)

kek is this his inspiration when he created villainy?

of course jill doesn't have an original thought in her mind.

No. 164139

What's with all the milly posting across lolcow today? kek

No. 164143

Major nitpick but she really shouldn't try to sell a product if her armpit hair is in the awkward growth period it just looks so weird and patchy.

She has no sense of irony does she? Her using those emojis when she's saying not to villainize mental illnesses has an alter called "villainy swells". She needs to get off of TikTok because all its doing is giving her brain rot.

No. 164148

Her hypocrisy is sickeningly infuriating. Sensationalizing mental illness is basically her "brand" at this point. Seeing the people in her comments with neurodevelopmental disorders who expressed hurt over her Neurodivergence video should have been a wake up call for her but she only seemed to dig her heels in deeper after that. I really can't fathom why her fans still support her at this point. You only need to scratch the very surface to realize that everything really just about her and she embodies the very things she criticizes others for.

No. 164168

OOf. that could had been way better for her than what we got.

No. 164185

it already looks like something by 'little for big' and the model isn't even wearing it properly yet

No. 164216

That hairstyle actually looks so cute on her

No. 164217

File: 1627304061575.png (4.65 MB, 1792x828, AA80FEB8-DE44-4151-B134-B62CA8…)

Grabbed from her last video and it looks like her body is really starting to deteriorate from all that weight

No. 164219

Funny though because her legs look normal it’s really her thorso who carries most her weight and maybe 25 percent her face kek

No. 164230

Little late cuz I was hoping the whole Pixie/Villainy/Not-Jillian thing would blow over (lol) but can we talk about how her mom asked if she wanted her to call her Pixie and not Jillian in her "coming out" video but Jill said no?? Any actual trans person or person who experiences any level of dysphoria (as she claims to) that I've heard of would LOVE for their parents to accept their new name and offer to use it instead of their deadname. If she's gonna be all "well you're my mom you NAMED me so you can keep using it" THAT MEANS IT'S JUST A NICKNAME OMG. Why does everything have to be a new identity not just a new style or a nickname or whatever?? It's gotta be soooo much more serious and oppressed than that eyeroll

No. 164280

she had to make having a nickname speshul and, of course, out troon steevie. More than half of her fans already call her pixie, maybe she is running out of video ideas. Her videos seem pretty boring atm, I never thought I'd miss hauls man.

No. 164292

Truth, I genuinely enjoyed her old content but for the last 3 or so years the woke bullshit just keeps getting worse and worse she's so hard to watch now

No. 164307

I guess Jillian wanted them to do it her way and her way is definitely not the best one

No. 164357

File: 1627370028472.png (451.96 KB, 386x574, efgvtegvegf.png)

She looks better than Jillian in this dress…

No. 164358

File: 1627370121873.png (40.47 KB, 574x250, efgvtegvegf.png)

Is she talking about Shane Dawson? and doesn't mention his name because she's afraid of getting cancelled?

No. 164359

File: 1627370371325.png (41.7 KB, 574x342, efgvtegvegf.png)

Any clue who it might be? a lot of comments mention a "he"

>you're the ray of sunshine everyone needs
Lmao if they only knew

No. 164361

I‘d guess Drew, he still gets comments daily & she’s a huge fan
(Slightly creepy sometimes imo)

No. 164363

If its dissociadid that would be extra funny because she's a DID faker just like Pixie.

She used to be obessive about her and yes still follows her IG

No. 164365

Agreed, mostly like is Drew Monson, she was forever talking about him and his videos

No. 164367

Why does she think she can message people like that out of nowhere? She gives herself way too much importance for someone who isn't even that famous. She's a Z list youtuber lol

No. 164380

She really thinks she's special and somehow her presence makes everything better

No. 164382

She’s just as fat and ugly as Jill but afaik she isn’t milky

No. 164384

File: 1627392569400.png (335.53 KB, 410x547, Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 15.2…)

Saged because its old now, but this was from her new face new pronoun video. The yellows brows look fucking awful wtf, you can see every hair and its making me want to vom. Also why would you put on that much makeup just to cry it off at your therapists?

No. 164390

It's been at least a year since I've viewed any of her content, and I just watched the neurodivergent video. Why is she putting on such a different voice than she used to have???????

No. 164393

welcome back, she does it all the time. constantly flip flopping between voices.

No. 164457

even if she is “fat and ugly” like Jill, she still looks better and isn’t insufferable to listen to

it’s extra creepy because he looks just like her brother lol

No. 164468

I genuinely think her "therapist" is making her worse. Enabling, if not encouraging, her detoriation. She is a mess. I understand the struggle of trauma, but coddling people is not the way forward. Particularly, when they make it their whole personality like she does. Medical malpractice, really.
saged for not giving milk

No. 164478

This creeps me out. Next she will be eating her own poop like rottendolly does.

No. 164480

Jill is definitely talking about Jenna Marbles.

No. 164541

File: 1627429636167.png (77.75 KB, 1080x328, Screenshot_20210727-174630-240…)

You would probably be right on your theory, especially when she posts shit like this.

No. 164551

How does a therapy session even become "poggers"? what is her therapist doing at all?? Probably validating her weird new identities and makeup

No. 164563

File: 1627435694375.jpeg (204.49 KB, 750x595, 26374F57-CE93-44C0-948E-343858…)

From who Jill? Your 5 min relationship with that girl online???

No. 164566

>most of my '''trauma''' comes from women so i have no preference uwu

congrats jill you're still implying you have a preference for males by saying this. this made me particularly mad for some reason, what does she even mean by this

No. 164572

Probably middle school bullies, same shit everyone goes through

No. 164586

Probably because it's very thinly veiled not like other girls misogyny. She just prefers the company of men, because they are incapable of inflicting trauma. It's kind of just patently stupid.

No. 164587

Whoops, dropped sage

No. 164589

Not like the other girls everyone, evil girls hurt me!

Wait does she mean her deviantart relationship and maybe this forum? And the kid who called her a lesbian once at school?

uwu such trauma my personality is splitting everyone!!! It sounds more like critique of any kind = deep trauma for Jilly and women are more likely to say something about all the shit she does.

No. 164591

Honestly seems like they have an unprofessional relationship based on her Tweets, they are not at all suggestive of someone working on their issues, and coincide with her becoming more and more of a clown with more and more imaginary mental illnesses.

No. 164592

>my trauma comes from other women
Yeah, and who convinced you of such thing? Your degenerate male therapist and faggot male boyfriend?

What a fucking nlog pickme. Oh shes totally not like other girls, thats why she has to paint her face like a shit eating retard and make up a new "male" persona who tells others to eat cock. But no, women are the problem. I fucking hate this insufferable cunt.

No. 164594

I bet she doesnt even mean her narcissitic mother who coddled her.

No. 164599

She's so comfortable with men, that's why she speaks so highly of her dad and brother. Oh wait.

Anyway, if her mom's parenting (and you could mistake her for being raised by a single mom the way she exclusively mentions her bff mom describing her upbring) resulted in this, it was some kind of fucked up and it's own kind of abuse. Setting her up to think really highly of herself whole she publicly spirals.

No. 164604

File: 1627447657413.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1056, shitfuck.png)

You forgot to link the previous thread op!

No. 164616

File: 1627454028399.jpeg (53.55 KB, 750x286, BBEC1F1D-E7CE-4969-B633-0AE342…)

but anon, her therapist is a lgbt icon who uses he/they pronouns!

No. 164618

Sounds like a fucking groomer. I wonder who this therapist is. I think a quick search on fredericton therapists with pronouns might say who this asshole is.

No. 164624

This is highly inappropriate. She shouldn't be talking about her therapist like he's her best friend.

No. 164632

I know she's always been kinda cringy but this last tweet coupled with the caked on makeup selfies at the office convinced me she's finally lost it. Literally nobody talks about their therapist like that, even if they were young and close in age. Twitter fried this bitch few braincells

No. 164633

A couple times Jilly brings up having depersonalization and derealization. Her interpretation of it is such a LARP. You usually only get DP/DR when having intense anxiety. "I feel different at different times." Yeah, that's called anxiety. She needs a new therapist because this one isn't doing shit.

No. 164634

Honestly? I feel like she's doing all of this not just for attention but to cope with weight gain.

Ugly makeup? it attracts attention to the face away from her belly.
Sudden hate of her female body? because she gained weight on her boobs.
Wanting a binder? because she isn't used to being so big. and so on.

No. 164647

No. 164649


And there's also this FTM, whose "counselling approach is informed by queer theories and harm-reduction philosophies".


No. 164650

100% agree, and adding:

Male/nb pronouns? can't be an ugly woman if you're not a woman
Desperate for a trendy diagnosis? Need an excuse for suddenly feeling insecure that makes it "not my fault, it's just who I am" so she doesn't have to admit she has flaws
Thirst trap tiktok? Trying to get external validation to make up for now feeling insecure about her body

it's so obvious her weight gain has taken a massive toll on her confidence and made her feel less womanly

No. 164651

File: 1627464114579.jpeg (51.58 KB, 411x486, 40967925-40C1-43B6-8582-61F61B…)

Good find anon he looks like he smells like grease

No. 164664

It might be that one since he also offers video calls, which iirc was Pixie's first session.

Are both linked people FtM? They kinda look it. It might explain why Jillian is suddenly a they/them/he if her therapist is trans. That one specializes in working with lgbt and Indigenous which will be mighty useful for Jillian as a cis straight white woman who's only trauma was her brief online relationship with a woman

No. 164674

Is this why Jill is so mean to her friends. Like everytime Jill has a falling out she is always the common denominator. She puts so much pressure on her female friends to be the perfect friends, and unlicensed therapist to her and when they are not that she blames them for being shitty. Meanwhile she knew Steve for all of 6 months before she kicked her roommate out to let her enby bf stay with her rent free.

No. 164678

Checks out if true. Trannies are so miserable that they try and manipulate anyone into becoming trans if they can.
Of course she's a shitty friend.

No. 164689


The Lee Thomas one is definitely a female, looks like a typical ~he/they nonbinary transman~

Stel Raven's more ambiguous imo but the trans stuff focus is a giveaway, also his face, while I guess passing, has that type of softness to the features. Combined with the greasy raggedness that's part of what T does to women, I think it's pretty safe to assume FTM for this one too.

Funnily enough, from what Jill has said about her therapist I always got the vibe he was trans. In no way can I see her spill her guts to an actual man, and her descent into he/they funhouse hell further fortifies this. Also, trans in most cases is social contagion just like cutting and other self-destructive behaviours. Very few trans people today are what we'd call genuine. Jill is a stunning example of ROGD and how easy stuff like this takes root in someone with a loose grip on their identity. It's always just been all surface with her. She lacks emotional depth. This is why I actually believe she has BPD, but she needs help to work on strengthening her sense of self and help her integrate all parts of herself into a coherent whole that she connects with and recognizes as her self, in order to form a sense of identity and stability. Instead, she is encouraged to think she has different personalities and to split her fragmented sense of self up even further, and to try and identify out of even basic, core identifiers of who she is such as her very tangible, physical sex. It's horrifying to watch her descent. She needs actual help.

No. 164704

Man, both of these gave big tranny groomer energy. Like those Satanic Panic therapists in the 80s and 90s. Repressed Memory Jill saga when.

No. 164707

>I help clients understand how their present struggles can be impacted by past trauma and realities of oppression
If this is her therapist, then it definitely sounds like what anons have been saying about her being pushed into a trauma narrative by her therapist is true. This one also actively peddles “trans-affirmative” care (including referrals for cross-sex hormones and surgery) which in Canada translates to “Hey, ever felt uncomfortable with sexism or gender roles? You’re definitely trans! Here, try this binder”.

Her biggest mental health question is probably finding out where all this supposed trauma is coming from and gender stuff would be a trendy, easy solution that wouldn’t alienate her mom. She can’t very well accuse her parents of child abuse when she’ll probably have to move back into their basement once she can’t afford the rent on her nightmare clownhouse anymore.

No. 164720

File: 1627487018040.jpeg (294.99 KB, 828x1301, C8EF32EB-5672-44C8-95B7-F09B93…)

Her super duper special therapist is a specialist apparently, which fits with the DID angle of things

No. 164730

File: 1627491222684.jpeg (140.78 KB, 750x592, D72CFFCB-289F-46EB-9ED4-CB7506…)

No. 164737

man, that sounds like an insufferable stream, worth every penny

No. 164746

I hope she loses patreons. Imagine paying for that.

No. 164749

Maybe search for "DID therapist fredericton" or "BPD therapist fredericton"
Also it doesn't suprise me if fredericton therapists are unprofessional. Take a look at this: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/fredericton-psychologist-suspended-1.5993567
Either way, imagine specializing in DID, something so controversial that scientists can't even form a concrete opinion on. Sounds like a scam, even worse if the therapist has pronouns and is being too friendly to Jill. No therapist should be this friendly.

No. 164751

I never did therapy but isnt therapists' role to kick you in the ass sometimes and make you realize you may be the reason for your issues and help you work through the flaws? Especially in disorders like BPD, NPD and such

No. 164757

I don't understand- are we supposed to believe she just started having hallucinations and dissociating at age 23-24? Wouldn't she be making news headlines?

No. 164758

Exactly- wouldn't her mother she's so close with realize something is very wrong sooner? These issues seem to only have popped out after she moved out of mommy's home

No. 164759

Anon, not to WK but most people don't show symptoms of schizophrenia until their 30s it's the people who have it during childhood that are outliers.

My issue is that Jill is pretending to be a schitzo and is further harming the DID community she "cares" about by pushing the stigma that you have to be schizophrenic to have multiple personality disorder which was "proven" to be false a few years ago. That is if you even believe DID is even real, which i personally don't. She's just having severe brain rot from too much TikTok and a "therapist" that doesn't hold her accountable.

No. 164762

Yeah I can believe that people with schizophrenia would have that symptoms- but for her to claim to have all these symptoms but just have bpd is insane. I can maybe buy that a very small percentage of people have DID because of extreme trauma- but I find it hard to believe anyone who is suffering from a traumatic past would want to be apart of a cutesy tiktok and twitter community for likes- thats what makes Jill so ingenuine.

No. 164766

The therapist might be enabling her but I don't think the therapist is the source of her downward projection. I think this would've come either way. She shopped for this kind of therapist and any therapist that does question her (as evidenced by that one in her teens) gets the boot.

Some anons are being way too generous, talking as if she is being taken advantage of. She's not. This is how her mother raised her, and without her mother to baby her, she's gotten even more retarded being left to her own devices and seeking the attention their constant codependency once provided in new areas. This is all just Jill and I don't think the therapist is the catalyst. He's a means to her end goal, that's all.

No. 164777

Well we have to remember that she claims to have a "scary" mental illnesses >>154949 that she's keeping private. With her dropping all these hints and keeping the "neurodivergent" label she's probably going to say she's schitzo but didn't want to disclose the information too early like she did when she officially said that she had BPD. She may be an open book that over shares but she really does know how to manipulate people that are willing to fall for it.

No. 164801

Her obsession with mental illness is making her an insufferable retard making up delusions instead of getting "better" from whatever tf she was originally worried about like her anxiety. School is over, she has rent to pay, she's not getting a job because she's choosing to live in this fake reality she's making up. She'll never get any real job not even cutting fabric at the craft store that's too hard! She'll get some type of disability and sit at home with Stevie everyday, taking a year to make something for her online store.

No. 164847


Schizo anon here, but you are correct, but the age skews slightly lower. Most people start to experience it in their late 20's with it really beginning to appear in late 20's to early 30's. I was unfortunate enough to have early onset schizo, but mind is genetic through my father's side.

I've experienced literally each kind of hallucination over the years so watching her LARP it all, it's clear she's never experienced literally any of it. Jillian is the only cow I have 0 hope for and actively root against because this shit is INSANELY damaging. People who have a legit diagnosis of being schizo get stigmatized for the rest of their lives. Doctors no longer believe you, you watch your loved ones begin to distrust you, you turn on yourself because you loose sight of which way is up and which way is down. It's fucking disgusting what she's doing and I pray to God one day she gets hers.

Sage for schizo sperg.

No. 164856

thanks for confirming schizo anon (and sorry about your family) but I'm not gonna lie though- I really hope she goes full catatonic schizophrenia or DID just to see how far this goes

No. 164859

Thanks for the info, that sounds absolutely grueling and I'm sorry for how deeply it's impacted your life and relationships.

The way she treats symptoms that are devastating to the lives of of people who suffer from them like some cutesy flashy accessory makes me so livid I almost feel like I'm shaking. Aside from animal abusers, she's the only cow who elicits such a visceral response from me. This isn't even the first time she's implied she's had hallucinations and she always portrays it as something silly and/or bright and fun.

Not to cow tip, but just in general if someone ever made a callout video giving a comprehensive explanation of how problematic and damaging her ~mental health advocacy~ actually is, it would be a massive weight off my chest.

No. 164870

My money is on the dead eyes man. That thousand yard stare tells me he's seen Jill's face before

No. 164875

totally agree with you I don't have any hope or sympathy for her anymore she's riding the mental illness wave without having to deal with any of the actual problems and its sickening

No. 164897

File: 1627553116887.jpg (180.76 KB, 1080x1406, IMG_20210729_110257.jpg)

No. 164900

File: 1627557327587.png (554.8 KB, 1077x518, 356826562.PNG)

Seems pretty likely to be this guy.

No. 164905

I think he's more likely a witch than the other one too

No. 164913

File: 1627565672819.jpeg (413.24 KB, 1242x2017, A9B0B181-284C-40F3-9DB9-C5EFDF…)

While cow tipping is a no, I really do appreciate the few people who are constantly hounding her for an apology.

No. 164922

Lmao their whole Twitter is calling out Jill???

No. 164923

Oops forgot to sage

No. 164931

Really wonder about the state of Jill in a year from now. She got so much worse in the past months, that I can't imagine what she will pull in the upcoming months. Prob cut off her tits or so.

No. 164935

Eww what the fuck?

No. 164937

I'm honestly so torn. I want to see Jillian get worse for the potential milk, I want to see how far she will take all of this and how far she voluntarily degrades. At the same time I wish her fans called her out massively and made her feel like shit for the stupid shit she has done. Overall idk if its possible for her to return to "normalcy" so easily though. She would had to admit she is a narcissistic retard that can do wrong, and that seems to not be happening anytime soon at all.

No. 164946

what in the David Dobrik Does Golden Corral is that pic

No. 164966

Its linked at the top tho

No. 165045

who on earth thinks this person passes as a man? This pose, with the direct eye contact and forced-open eyes, I've ONLY seen it done by trans ppl. I wish I could post a personal example but the person isn't really milky or on social media much.

No. 165053

I don't think the expression screams trans, more that there's kindness in their eyes and face which is unlike cis men to have. They pass pretty well all things considered.

No. 165057

File: 1627647342900.jpg (212.63 KB, 1080x1716, IMG_20210730_131525.jpg)

No. 165058

File: 1627647434111.jpeg (60.52 KB, 749x916, E7ez2Q9XMAccEaH.jpeg)

No. 165059

Every new thing I learn about Jillian makes me like her less. I think I would reflexively punch someone who tried that with me.

No. 165061

it only bothers me because you know that shit's sloppy. she would never think to swallow her spit so her teeth/mouth aren't all slobbery

No. 165062

Tbh I feel like if Jill’s therapist was trans she’d be screaming from the roof tops at any given opportunity about how much of a ~*~*trans icon*~*~ he is

No. 165064

She literally calls him a LGBT icon here >>164616

No. 165067

he she or whatever the hell that chimera ant person is looks like an unhinged manlet and a groomer kek

No. 165068

Thats so fucking gross and sounds like only a retard would do it. Being encouraged by stevie the loser is even worse

No. 165069

I don’t get it what is this about ‘partner nibbler’ does she bite Stevie?

No. 165070

In the forearm, yes. I think she's lost it

No. 165073

not even surprised tbf. in her videos she constantly makes nasty movements with her fat mouth so i wouldn't put it past her

No. 165074

samefag, forgot to sage, my apologies

No. 165077

Then just delete both posts and write sage again, it's annoying when people go like "I forgot to sage" please and thank you

No. 165082

it's like a cringey glamour shot or bad dating app photo. Or something to post on reddit and ask how well they pass. What an unprofessional photo for a therapist to have.

No. 165148

I think I saw the TikTok she's commenting on in a fake mental illnesses/neurodivergent TikTok cringe comp.

No. 165149

File: 1627669146648.jpg (340.52 KB, 2896x2896, 20210730_141456.jpg)


Her new tiktok is atrocious. Was it a style choice to have one side of her makeup be higher than the other side? Hence the eyebrows and liner on the right side. She just looks like she cant see with all that eyeliner. I get that its clowncore but she looks like she just got done doing a circus show.
And the failed stars in the blush.

No. 165150

This is so utterly fucking unhinged

No. 165152

everyone is kissing her ass in the comments and saying how good her makeup is. the cognitive dissonance from her fans is staggering, like she genuinely looks demented here? this is definitely the worst look she's come up with so far

No. 165154

Kek anon your collage looks like another prospective "meet my alters" thumbnail. She dissociates so much the sides of her face are two different people

No. 165155

what's shity is that this would actually be a cute look for a Halloween costume or if she was an actual performance clown. But since she does this for a everyday "I'm going to get ice cream with my mom" make-up it just makes her look deranged.

No. 165156

I’m honestly speechless at her state of mind right now. I feel like a few anons here it’s fun to see the milk but it makes me feel sick to see her get worse and worse. The bitch needs a reality check asap

No. 165159

oh my god I'm scared

No. 165160

File: 1627674251457.webm (3.16 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_6990712641115163909_pi…)

Posting said tiktok for posterity

>What are your most common comments?? One I almost put was “HEY BARBIE” #kawaii #alt #rainbow #clowncore #kidcore #partykei #drag #kawaiigirl

No. 165177

File: 1627680134102.png (553.43 KB, 750x1334, C9785BE4-C77A-4A5B-9C80-16DE16…)

This person lmao
Reply to her post about IC PR

No. 165178

File: 1627680168149.png (318.53 KB, 750x1334, 3B45919D-C15F-40BE-98E9-119C90…)

No. 165189

Please stop cow tipping.

No. 165192

Isn't that one of the underage trans trolls though?

No. 165199

No different user, and quite obviously someone cowtipping

No. 165207

Oh no, child, what is this makeup

No. 165247

Jesus christ she looks legit horrifying

No. 165248

File: 1627718008918.jpg (93.86 KB, 738x611, IMG-20210731-WA0000.jpg)

saw this reply earlier looking at the thread. now it's only visible if you go to the account who posted it

No. 165256

File: 1627725165487.jpg (185.11 KB, 1440x1080, PicsArt_07-31-02.49.25.jpg)

No. 165262

oh my god. she literally looks so filthy here. her hair is swampy and that makeup looks like it's melting off of her face. the whole video looks like she's mimicking @seannyboy808, some fairy kei cross dresser. she's actually lost it

No. 165283

I barely see how since that user is bare faced in 90% of his posts but it would be actually based if Jillian started copying these faggy men as a political statement to reclaim femininity. But that would never happen.

No. 165326

New video.

No. 165328

I don't think Jill's that smart, I think she's just copying venus envy, another girl who does drag. Jill interacts with her a lot on Twitter and she's big on tiktok.

No. 165345

File: 1627753556237.jpeg (200.85 KB, 750x782, D974C5C0-005C-4B26-AB2F-BD3576…)

looks like people's dresses are coming in the mail. it's looking rough…what an awful fabric choice.

No. 165354

>>165345 jesus, it looks so rumpled and frumpy. has anyone who shelled out the over a hundred dollars for it had anything negative to say?

No. 165355

Yikes. Somehow her looked better, either she put in the effort to steam it or sth or edited it

No. 165356

One hundred and twenty dollars for this. I feel like they could have done a better job packing it, so many creases.

No. 165361

File: 1627756064846.png (400.82 KB, 654x702, 3704979017470912704127247.png)

The unevenness of her makeup irks me so much. And the flower on the end of her nose is off-center

No. 165403

caps please?

No. 165415

this dress is straight up hideous. the fabric is such an unflattering color, it looks a really fleshy color here but im assuming that's the lighting, and the ugly gingham straps and pockets don't compliment it at all. plus she said in the video that the skirt part of the dress isn't even lined, only surged and hemmed, meaning it creases easily and is borderline see through. whoever spends 120 usd on this aliexpress quality dress deserves the monstrosity that they get. sage for such a fashion sperg but my god this dress and the way her confetti cult hype it up is infuriating

No. 165417

Looks like paper wtf

No. 165453

Jill ballooned up so bad it makes the shitty paperkindergartener dresses look even more comical.
She's so lazy in everything she does even her bad aging and body are a result of her being too lazy to properly care for herself.

No. 165467

File: 1627784870864.png (1.82 MB, 1432x1080, steve is afraid.png)

No. 165478


The voice she uses in this video is the one I hate the fucking most.

No. 165492

Oh god, it looks so cheap and I can't see it looking flattering on any fucking body type because its design/color scheme is so inherently frumpy. Even skinny girls would probably look fat or wider than they are in this.

No. 165515

I don’t really take any notice of her regular views, but 8k after 18 hours seems super low?

No. 165524

I think the waist hits at a weird place where it’ll make even the skinniest board shaped girl look awful. It’s got a weird babydoll-like cut, but even though babydoll dresses are flattering on flat chested thin girls, jill’s dress has a massive baggy bust, so it wouldn’t fit them right either. But if you did have enough tit to fill it out, the dress is still so toddler adjacent it would look more suited to an age play fetish photoshoot.

No. 165529

>>165355 Jill probably recieved it packaged more neatly, and hasn't worn it before because even she probably doesn't like it (I feel like she would have sperged about it on her socials more if she did, she seems strangely quiet about it, especially this being her first ReAl CoLlAb in "her workfield").

That said, yeah, horrible cheap fabrics, I don't think the gingham fabric colours work with it at all, neither together, the waistline is fucken off, and this dress is something a complete beginner at sewing could make and do a better job at. But that would be an unfair statement about Jill, because Jill could never.

No. 165569

File: 1627830688570.jpg (164.32 KB, 1080x1013, Screenshot_20210801-075059_Chr…)

No. 165570

Just the fit of this dress is so abysmal. And it's partly because it makes no fucking sense! A loose oversized fit but with princess seams? I've been sewing for way less time than both of them but this should have stayed in the mock-up stage. The belt should have have a thick support piece inside, the collar would benefit from being interface, the fabric is way too thin. Just having another layer underneath and a belt that cinches would improve the fit so much. Just look at any lolita JSK to see what I mean, they all usually have shirring or a a tie in the back so they aren't saggy (plus also having fabric that holds its shape better)

But the problem is it's not meant to be a lolita jsk! So it's just poorly thought out and designed. The price to me is pretty good for the actual labor/having a dress, but the choice of fabric diminishes it by so much that I can't even say it's worth it. Like raise the price by 5 dollars and get some nicer fabric, thicker belt and straps and style it with a damn petticoat or something

No. 165572

File: 1627831699174.jpg (1.73 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210730-162255_Map…)

Found this

No. 165578


Maybe a fake leather belt would have looked better, or at least some good and fitting interfacing. And interfacing for the front part would have been a must. The lace at the neckline looks cheap and not cute at all.
The fabric also looks like it hasn't either been washed before they made the dresses or it's just not possible to iron it properly, which is strange, because cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to iron. I also don't understand why there is spandex in the fabric, you don't need that if it should have a loose fit. And the seams just look wrong, they are wrinkled as hell and the creases everywhere.
10 cm more in length and a proper, wider seam, better fabric, maybe a viscose lining and better skills would have made the dress look less cheap. For someone who has been educated in that stuff it's not good at all, but I've seen a lot of bad sewed and designed things from "professionals".
You don't have to sew for years to get better results, this is just laziness mostly at the ironing (yes, sewing without ironing isn't possible) and designing part and every beginner cares more about the pieces they make.

No. 165580

pffff lmao wtf

No. 165587

I know she was genuinely thin before, as her facial features are a lot bigger/face completely different, but how did she suddenly appear way shorter also? Did she used to lengthen her photos?

I would cry every day if I looked like >>164384
When I used to look like that left image. Most anas who survive it end up learning how to eat properly and maintain a healthy weight (count calories, calm attitude about food, try and eat semi-reasonably) but we all know she just binges on tendies while watching Youtube on maximum volume.

No. 165588

Jesus christ, I thought it could be a random person but then I saw who posted it. Jill heading off for her first day at clown college.

No. 165590

Samefag, mfw you open the firrst ever lolcow Jillian thread where she looks 40000 times better than now and there's comments like "bitch looks about 40" "her face looks so punchable"

Man were people spoilt in 2015. She seems so cute and likeable then.

No. 165591

File: 1627837668332.jpg (122.13 KB, 1000x668, 1435808563809.jpg)

Here's an old one from 2015. Even though she's a lot slimmer, she's very bottom-heavy (butt and legs) as OP pic and the clown college pic shows, so gaining weight means she ends up looking enormously short and dumpy when seen in full. She tends to shoot from waist-up for Youtube and Twitter and such so we don't see it, I think she's a lot heavier than we realize at the moment.

No. 165594

This is pretty ita in lolita fashion standars but in restrospect I think she looks cuter than what we got now. That skirt + blouse looks cute, I would ditch the tights though.

No. 165597

Why is her voice sounding like she inhaled helium??

No. 165602

Anon, that's a LizLisa outfit, in no way is it lolita

No. 165605

File: 1627840820916.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 23.25 KB, 235x296, 5FDD5F4D-8443-4C39-9B7F-A82E6C…)

damn she got a trump dump

No. 165607

That’s her??? She cannot be handling that well. Jesus. That kind of drastic weight change would break any person down

No. 165611

Genuinely, she's a pretty girl. She needs to work on her diet. Maybe research food that isn't nuggies so she doesn't feel starving all the time, like why accrue more genders and mental illnesses when she should be working on her health instead? That can't be good for her and is probably 80% of why she feels like shit.

No. 165616

Was this originally a video? it would seem fucked up of mama vessy to upload this as just a picture since Jill looks like a random grandmother off the street.

No. 165622

where did you find it anon?
She's not that pretty, she can look weirdly too much like her mom at times. But with the right grooming and style she can be very cute and adorable looking, sadly she isn't going on that route anymore. She needs to learn how to make blended smoothies with iced fruit and spinach, it's literally as easy as throwing a portion inside a blender with some low fat milk and drinking it up.

I think her "dysphoria" "catatonia" and "dissociation" is just her bad attempts at coping with weight gain… she isn't used to being this big after having an ED. This is why she goes from "I'm so sexy with my big boobs" to "I hate my big boobs I want a binder". She's just too dumb to understand where this issue comes from and to woke and impressionable so she thinks she has 10+ new mental illnesses and personas when all she could do is lose some weight the healthy loving way

No. 165652

it's a google maps profile, came across one of her reviews

No. 165672

I wonder if she's still insisting on shoving peeps into her teas and coffees because ~muh rainby assthetics~, kek

No. 165675

Agree with the resemblance to her mom. But her mom still looks pretty put together in most of the photos I've seen here. She's got a sense of style (not referring to fashion) that flatters her body type which is technically the same as Jill's. It's all about the cutting and colour coordinating. Surely there's a way to put all that rainbow vomit together in a flattering way. Sage for fashion sperg kek

No. 165690

Her mom has a bit of a goblin face but I think at her age she has a good sense of style for sure. She looks professional and well put. I wonder how she looked like when she was Jill's age.

Imagine eating food just to match your aesthetic… that's so fucking dumb. Jillian needs to eat better. I mean, she loves strawberries, peaches and cherries right? Bananas? Oranges? surely that's better for her than fast food

No. 165758

but why eat actual food and healthy sugars when you can have aesthetic garbage flavored like fruit instead?

No. 165769

File: 1627909919218.jpeg (220.48 KB, 828x1049, 0B759A2F-50E7-424B-9608-544132…)

Ok no shoes but didn’t she harass Colour pop to send her shit?

No. 165784


Probably because last time irregular choice sent her Disney shoes people got upset in the comments when she didn't even know what characters were on the shoes.

No. 165785

File: 1627914019213.png (17.7 KB, 592x152, gvtfegtegeeeeg.png)

Jillian should just go for fast fashion again, she's a narcissistic consumer and needs her fix and I'm tired of her pretending to care.

Also buying from aliexpress resellers is still buying fast fashion lmao

No. 165788

File: 1627914188054.jpg (445.7 KB, 1536x2048, E7fS4vXWYAgb_HF.jpg)

No. 165789

File: 1627914445016.webm (5.72 MB, 720x1280, tlbdywd0pGLctpMk.webm)

an unboxing of her dress

No. 165791

Yea i think she means you gotta be careful to not buy aliexpress stuff you buy on depop

There are tons of stuff you can get second hand for sure but she doesn’t really want to research small businesses that are ecofrirendly and sustainable or?? I’m sure there are who would fit her aesthetic

No. 165792

File: 1627914684995.jpg (24.32 KB, 400x400, ONEbSmZw_400x400.jpg)

btw this is how this big boobed chick looks like. No wonder she doesn't want to show her face lmao

No. 165793

File: 1627914784413.jpg (139.64 KB, 940x1792, E7laiE1WQAAo3hJ.jpg)

and she retweeted another ugly fatty to make herself look good

No. 165794

File: 1627914839802.jpeg (34.34 KB, 1024x819, 5475CDB4-CE32-4BF2-B249-AE0A00…)

first thing I thought of when I saw those cheeks.

No. 165808

From what I can spy on the left
>craft college
>post secondary education

I assume nothing from there would be considered university level? It's more for 16+?

On the right
>pincushion inches from fluffy cat's head
>another pincushion on the far left
Stay being a great pet owner, Jill!

Then there's those chunky low-iq "paintings" she made on the top right. And finally Jill posing in the middle with her new troll/gremlin makeup.

No. 165814


And at the end of the day these people are ten times more palatable to look at than Jill. Frankly, the red haired chick is probably what Jill wishes her body type was. Her boobs are actually big and aren't just "big" from being fat like Jill.

No. 165815

who let the dogs out, woof woof woof

No. 165816

To be frank, it would had looked better as a skirt. The top part is fugly but as a skirt might had been more passable.

No. 165826

I think the dress would’ve worked slight better if they’d just done a tie at the waist inside of a shitty ‘belt’ that you can’t even make out because it’s the same fabric as the dress. At least a tie would help give it some shape. And I think the pockets in jills original design would’ve looked way better too, with the semi-hidden patter print showing, rather than the weird random slapped on pockets that don’t even match by alternating colour like everything else or being a different colour. Maybe proper pockets were too hard for the ‘professionals’ to recreate, since they changed them in the revised design

No. 165827

can you post a side by side comparison of the finished dress vs the drawing please?

No. 165828


No. 165855

Every time I see this dress, it looks cheaper and cheaper.

No. 165865

The dress looks thin almost like it would go sheer if wet and that lace along the top looks very cheap. Feels like no real thought was put into how his dress would function and fit in real life or anyone’s wardrobe (that purple/blue seems uncommon and it drowns out the yellow). At least on the busty women the fit is a bit more flattering but the waist on anyone else just isn’t going to hit right from the looks of it.

No. 165868

I don't know if it's from the way she takes pictures but her interior always looks unsaturated, dull and icky. And depressing.

No. 165870

thats a side effect of never cleaning

No. 165871

I don’t know why it bothers me that there is no interfacing to keep it’s shape. It looks so loose and pajama-like. Also the color scheme doesn’t seem to make sense. The pockets are the same colors but the belt loops and straps are alternating?

No. 165872

the fabric looks so cheap, like something you'd get off aliexpress, or like fast food paper bag material

No. 165873

I thought she hated San Rio/wasn't a big fan or is this just her showing interest since other members of the pastel rainbow vomit alt style are showing interest?

I thought everyone was hopping on the Jill hate train for the dress but seeing it being unboxed and how stiff the fabric is made me realize that it's deserved. It looks like the same material as a cheap bed sheet.

You say that as if those aren't the only types people who don't hate watch her.

No. 165878

Her cat looks so dirty. Poor thing literally looks like a stray she found on the street

No. 165889

This dress is cheap and hideous. Lack of structure and an utter disregard for fit. I'm not one to nod off on Jill but damn the poor girl really got done dirty by MyViolet. Shitty brand collabing with a shitty YouTuber. Kek

No. 165890

This is sperging at its best, the cat is white with silver points aka a lot of the tips in its fur are grey coloured which gives the white fur an ashy tone, it’s not dirty

No. 165903

I don't know if diplomas are considered good enough in Canada or how that system even works, but it definitely doesn't feel like Jill actually learned anything. A lot of art programs in America are really cut throat and competitive, but they just had a couple of students and they all pass? It seems strange.

No. 165919

that barely fits her upper body/chest. This dress does no one favors

No. 165938

But that raggedy fur sure isn't helping it look like she takes good care of it. Long haired cats don't look like that unless you've NEVER brushed them. You need to brush long haired cats as often as you can, otherwise they injest all that long fur when grooming themselves which leads to blockages at worst… frequent vomiting hairballs at best.

No. 165991

nta but the cat literally looks fine. Fat, but fine.

No. 165993

Look I own the same breed as Jillian so I'll admit I get pretty nitpicky whenever her cats get posted here. I can't help but cringe at her lazy care, especially after the tinsel thing. They're overweight and have a disastrous appearance just like her.

No. 166004

Can you read? Anon said the cat looks like she doesn't take good care of it. Which she clearly doesn't. It looks fine, but i don't wanna know how much plastic the poor thing ingests on a daily basis

No. 166008

Being overweight affects animals ability to groom themselves because it affects their mobility and she clearly isn’t grooming them and is probably too lazy to exercise them through play, allowing a pet to get overweight is considered abuse by some people because of this and these cats are only going to get bigger and more matted as time goes on. Serena has a pretty flat face as well, I can’t imagine being in such a dusty dirty environment is good for her when flat faced pets are prone to breathing problems.

No. 166028

While there are competitive accredited art schools in larger cities like Montreal and Toronto, Jill chose to attend a rinky-dink unaccredited school in NB. It counts for less than community college here.

No. 166048

Real schools wanted a portfolio and she whined about that even though she took a gap after graduating where she could have been putting something together, this school didn’t want one but she still complained when they made her do a foundation course for a year, she wanted the laziest and easiest option and as a result her skills are nowhere near up to scratch, not that she will ever admit it was a waste of time

No. 166049

ayrt, I realized I misread like 60 seconds later and deleted my reply, you were faster than me. I don't know how she can look at all the dangerous/plastic shit she has lying around constantly and think this is a good environment for pets.

No. 166058

File: 1628004031467.jpeg (49.94 KB, 571x408, 3AB8B4EA-00B9-4B79-A7A0-B39B48…)

No. 166060

File: 1628004140658.jpeg (39.37 KB, 361x555, D0D4ED80-209C-4B3F-8546-560000…)


I low key like Jill’s original pocket design better, because it doesn’t stick out so boldly

No. 166063

Ugh same. Sage for blogging but i’m a seamstress and the whole design is so so simple, like something you could make as a first piece while studying. But it looks so ill fitting and poorly made even for such. It truly was an arts and crafts school Jillian went to.

No. 166101

File: 1628018061701.png (1.1 MB, 750x1017, imagen_2021-08-03_141425.png)

and another one

No. 166102

Funny how it’s only fat special needs looking girls who were interested in getting the dress kek confetti club never dissspoints

No. 166121

Ignoring her face and random arm gesture, she actually looks good (bodywise, for her size) in this. I think if it's matched with natural haircolors and (obnoxiously) old fashioned surrounds it kinda works? It's just too much when they already have a rainby room and rainby hair/makeup.

Still not worth $120 though. Maybe $40 at most.

No. 166123

File: 1628024880995.jpg (65.85 KB, 616x616, P0.jpg)

fits her better but the dress is made of such a starchy cotton it drapes all wrong and is loose and bulky in weird places… the bodice also comes up weirdly high, I don't understand why they wouldn't go with a fitted bodice like picrel

No. 166130

That dress looks like a beginner pattern out of a simplicity book, made with shitty crinkly thin fabric from the joann's clearance section. The fact people are paying over 100 bucks for this is highway robbery. It looks so homemade, and not in a good way.

No. 166140

this belt looks nothing like the original intention… so sad. I feel like the belt is the #1 thing that brings the quality down, besides the weird color and fabric choices.

No. 166141

sorry, i meant the original design belt looks nothing like what it turned out like. More than anything, the dress lacks structure in basically every aspect.

No. 166157

Oh definitely, looks like babbys first sewing project.

No. 166191

her fucking "professional sketches" just get me every time. imagine a brand setting up a collab with an up and coming fashion designer boss babe (who happened to document her entire experience getting a relevant education), expecting some underground gem garment ideas and receiving these piece of shit middle school tier doodles with "cute! layerable! stylish!" plastered all over

No. 166196

lowkey agree; this is literally as good as it gets for this dress, but it still looks really cheap and uncomfortable

No. 166201

I don‘t think I‘ve seen one of these dresses without a crooked neckline. Really irritates me.. So far it’s always been asymmetric, irks me out. Couldn’t sell this with good conscience.

No. 166206

Fashion design sperg but I wish the main fabric of the dress would be in a gingham pattern instead. That way it'll still look half decent without being steamed/ironed because I'm sure the target audience does not have enough spoons to maintain the clothing. They made mockups, they should've done some testing in how it wears. Though I agree the dress is expensive. I don't think it's overpriced since they probably wanted to pay fair wages to production. But that's also not an efficient business move now is it.

No. 166208

The cotton is specifically the type you'd use on a teatowel or a pillowcase perhaps, that plus the dress being unlined means even when it fits "well" it drapes oddly and awkwardly. I wonder if they just went for a cheap cotton rather than selecting what might be the most pleasant to wear. Not all fabrics are equal, you can definitely get different qualities, thicknesses, thread counts, finish and so on under the umbrella of x fabric. They didn't even try considering the price of the overall dress.

No. 166213

It definitely seems like it was designed to keep production costs as low as possible. I get that it's more expensive because it's ethically made but for $140 most people would expect a decent quality dress, not one that looks like a home economics project.
Nitpick but it also doesn't look like it would be very durable so it's not very uwu sustainable if it can only be worn a few times.

No. 166218

It looks like a very low quality cotton poplin, so shirt fabric. It really only works well for certain types of dresses, and this odd mid-century rip off design isn't one of them. It blows my mind that a whole team of supposed fashion designers collectively decided that this fabric was the way to go for the design.

No. 166220

You can clearly tell the so called "fashion design team" never took an actual textile or draping class. I have used Venus Muslin for mock ups when I was a first year fashion student that draped better than this bargain basement crap textile. The pattern cut of the dress is gapping and bunching in the strangest places and the worst part people are stupid enough to pay $140.00 for such a poorly executed garment. I'm pretty sure Jill's shitty graduation collection was better than this. Mind you nothing surprises when it comes to Jill and her wonky ass designs. You would think they would at least use a mid-grade broadcloth cotton damnit.

No. 166231


She paid how much for that reject dress? 140? It looks terrible on everyone I've seen it on so far, like something a grandma would make for her great grandaughters knock off American girl doll.

No. 166241

What’s funny is I’ve actually seen grandmas make a dress exactly like it for their elementary aged grand daughters.

No. 166243

My thoughts exactly

No. 166245

Whatever cotton they sourced for this dress looks so cheap. Especially with how much its wrinkles. I bet its broadcloth. The pattern itself looks like a simplicity dress.

No. 166246

It looks exactly like the sort of thing you might make for a toddler or elementary school-aged girl when you know from experience she’s going to irreparably damage and/or grow out of it in a few months.

No. 166249

File: 1628096223119.png (11.22 KB, 590x470, tbetbebbbbb.png)

What happened to her other twitter account?

No. 166250

File: 1628096346338.png (843.63 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210804-125854.png)

think you're blocked, it still shows up for me

No. 166252

Scratch that, actually, you misspelled the handle with an extra "i"

No. 166253

I don't even have a twitter account, I only ever lurk

No. 166254

Man… I just clicked it from the OP's description

No. 166257

I thought she'd deleted it for a second too when I clicked that a while back but I wasn't sure if I should bring it up or not until the thread was close to being locked for the next OP.

No. 166258

File: 1628097674151.webm (11.77 MB, 602x1080, X25ma1uamjxyxBu1.webm)

>four outfits with one dress
She looks like a retard, twirling around…
no wonder she thinks she must make a whole new personality to dress in black lmao

No. 166261

Yep, dress is practically see through.

Sewing nonettes is it particularly difficult to line a dress like this? I feel like it would’ve been an inexpensive addition.

No. 166263

I know it's been said a million times already, but that makeup is so fucking busted. I genuinely can't believe how bad it is.

No. 166264

> In the first look the purples don’t match.
> Second look, the best of them. Pulling out the yellow on the dress is nice, sad jills makeup is so off putting.
> Third look, boring, drowning in pink, terrible.
> Fourth look… bad, nothing goes together.

Such an opportunity and for it to end up looking like this is just sad. Her makeup and hair is so amateur and unappealing. $140 and this is how the designer is suggesting it be styled.

No. 166268

The yellow one makes one of the straps look like it isnt there. And it looks like shit.

No. 166270

And the nose contour or whatever is pulling the focus so much towards the middle of her face it makes her look like a bird

No. 166271

Someone upthread said all this recent gendersperging from Jill is because of the weight gain. After hearing how excited she was to say that the thrifted blazer fits her, I think I agree, she seems affected by it

No. 166273

To construct and line this cheap atrocity would be quite simple. I am a professional pattern maker and drafting a pattern out of a cheap acetate lining would have actually given this a more structurally sound silhouette. I seriously feel bad for whoever purchased this hideous garment. I could have constructed something better out of fabric scraps from the salvage bin of my pattern making studio. I'm so bloody tempted to construct my own version of this hideous dress with some major upgrades. No pun intended.

No. 166276

She is 100% affected by it.
She passive aggressively responded to a YouTube comment explaining she didn't wear J-Fashion to a J-Fashion meet up because she's too fat for Japanese clothing now

No. 166277

I'd say do it and then tell us how fast you made it

No. 166278

File: 1628105890366.gif (9.4 MB, 290x520, X25ma1uamjxyxBu1.gif)

I swear she looks and acts like a retarded toddler

No. 166280

Honestly this content just makes me sad for how far she's fallen in only a few years. Take 3-4yrs ago Jill sure she wasn't everyone's cup of tea and still had spoiled brat tendencies but her fashion content was fun and pleasant with unique hauls. But this. This is just unhinged and goes to show that it's not just the recent influx of woke content that makes her unbearable now but her new makeup and persona even ruins the content she used to be "best" at

No. 166283

Anyone notice she said she couldn’t afford a $400 subscription for “ethical” materials for her brand?

No. 166284

the only worse dress spinn i've ever seen was in the mtf thread

No. 166288

the makeup makes her look even more like Harris Glenn Milstead

No. 166312

If you go to their website you'll see the rest of their original pieces are also abysmal. They use the absolute cheapest shit. Jill's dress is like a godsend compared to everything else.

That comment about how she finally found something in a thrift store that fits her was pretty sad. She has a gaping consumerist hole in her heart after quitting fast fashion (not because she cares about the planet, but to appeal to her woke fans) So she goes to the thrift store a LOT to get her fix only to realise the clothes don't come in her size because 20 years ago people weren't eating tendies hallucinating precure characters on the couch all day.

No. 166319


Dude, yes.

I usually lurk instead of comment but that shit really stood out to me. The subscription sounds like a great investment to make in her brand and it would actually be contributing to a good cause and make her seem more authentic and earnest about the whole thing…

But she really said she can't afford it.

I fucking can't. She's spent a shitload of money on ridiculous niche products to sustain her fangirl energy and she thinks a $400 subscription for ethical fabric is too much and somehow not worth it?

Girl, wtf.(reddit spacing)

No. 166320

Damn, I tagged the wrong fucking comment. Fuck.

My bad, I'm dumb af, y'all know what I meant.

No. 166338

File: 1628138391907.png (434.09 KB, 820x1212, mc-Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 1…)

Anon, her dress is not a godsend compared to whatever the store has. Granted, the bar is low, but all of the dresses here look better quality in terms of construction, style and material. Her design doesn't seem that original either. She could have done better research and tie in her aesthetic better.

No. 166341

Her design is worse than all of these. That's including the adult-fairy-princess-dollar-store dress. At least these have a cohesive color palette that can be layered nicely. I'm starting to think Jill might be colorblind and she's compensating by making everything in her life rainbow.

No. 166349

File: 1628150291822.jpg (306.97 KB, 960x895, 4767676_dreamyguh.jpg)

Even if her outfits were actually well coordinated, her hair & makeup would 100% ruin them.

Having a neutral hair color and natural makeup would make her outfits a lot more bearable.
Or if she really wants to stick with the rainbow hair, I wish she'd take some inspiration from picrel and at least put it up and instead go with more pastel colors/only focus on a few per outfit.
It's not even a style I'm fond of, but I do think there are ways to make it look somewhat more appealing.

Either way, she needs to stop with the fucking makeup. It looks like a mix between drag and some awful face paint they'd do for kids at a party or zoo. It's impossible to make that shit look good on anyone.

I wish that she'd realize that showing some restraint in some areas would improve her 'aesthetic' a lot.
Currently she's just assaulting the human eye with super saturated garish rainbow colors in every single department, it's impossible to focus on anything when there's so much shit going on.

At this point it really does feel like she's doing the clown makeup to distract from the weight gain, like she's making herself look horrible on purpose so she doesn't have to think about the fact that she would probably feel a lot better if she just worked on her body a bit.

No. 166350

>It looks like a mix between drag and some awful face paint they'd do for kids at a party or zoo
Don't say that anon, you're encouraging her

No. 166353

Maybe she's trying to get them troon dollars with the dress go spinny moves?

No. 166358

She def is trying to get the troon dollar & clout by calling herself trans/queer

No. 166360

>>166258 Love how she has to have the zippers open on the white shoes.

What the hell is she doing with her face that seems so different in the past couple of years (which's only gotten worse) that she didn't use to? I'm sure the makeup doesn't help, but whatever is going on, it's genuinely disturbing.

>>166261 It's not hard to sew at all, feel like it would take maybe half- to a day to make, even a day feels like an overstatement..

No. 166366

>a mix between drag and some awful face paint they'd do for kids at a party or zoo

Nailed it, I couldn't figure out what it reminded me of and it's this. Like a child getting face paint to look like a tiger or something. She lacks the artistic skill and attention to detail to pull off complex, avant-garde makeup styles especially just out of the blue like this.
It takes years to practice to make unusual makeup look good. She just got out the facepaint kit and went for it.

You could definitely knock together this particular dress in a few hours at home. The factory staff would've taken far less time.

No. 166367

Literally what would be the point of buying any of these when the same things can be bought from any highstreet women's clothing store? The most generic shit I've ever seen. Now I understand why Pixie's dress is such a nothingburger.

No. 166394

Her makeup is so fucking horrible. She looks like she's having an allergic reaction.

No. 166403

>First look isn't horrible, switch out the shoes and add some tights/socks and I think it could possibly work on someone with better makeup
>Second look's yellow t shirt clashes with pretty much everything and makes it look like she's only wearing one strap, also jelly shoes are awful especially with socks.
>third look has WAY TOO MANY CLASHING THEMES, I think it could work if she went for a business casual look with the blazer but the shitty jelly shoes, clown wig and the blazer being too big for her just makes her look like a little girl wearing her mom's clothes
>Why the rinestone shoes? Half of these outfits wouldn't be nearly as awful if Jill didn't pick the most random shoe choices possible.
The dress is awful all in all but the way she styled her outfits definitely didn't help.

Saged for outfit rant.

No. 166451

it makes me laugh how she has this aesthetic area set up to do her outfit video but she somehow failed to put the cover back on her outlet, AND left it in shot. it's the little things

No. 166454

That last outfit is all the proof you need to tell shes lost the plot. What the actual fuck is that.

No. 166455

I’m wondering how much they had to pay her to collab with them and if that’s why the dress costs so much

No. 166456

Jill looks like she's straight up laboring to breathe and move all at the same time kek. Her short fat neck and blobby face scare me.

No. 166457

She took off all the outlet covers when she first moved in and painted the walls (like two? Three? Years ago now) and never put them back on. She must have a giant pile of them lurking in a dark corner.

No. 166502

File: 1628288159288.png (333.42 KB, 1202x1064, Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 5.13…)


found pixie's therapist on their villany swells twitter account after pixie liked some tweets of theirs.

sorry for shit crop & sage for not milk

No. 166506

he’s based in cheshire in england anon, i don’t think that’s him. plus if pixie was liking her actual therapist’s tweets, she wouldn’t be seeing him for therapy any more as iirc that’s a serious breach of professional boundaries

No. 166510

remember nonnies that her therapist is a got damned WITCH

No. 166511

She probably follows him because he was in one of multiplictyandmes videos. Good try though, even though she said it would be easy to find her therapist we are struggling

No. 166560

She accidently name dropped her therapist in a live stream a few months ago. "Jed". I don't have the actual video though, sorry.

Google brought me to this likely canidate https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/therapists/jedediah-wilson-counselling-services-fredericton-nb/788192

No. 166562

File: 1628333497991.jpeg (15.68 KB, 828x172, A8682BDA-758D-4486-9839-3A7BAC…)


No. 166563

Sage for psychology sperg, but he specializes in Internal Family Systems therapy, which uses a lot of the same language and concepts associated with DID (personalities, protectors, trauma holders, etc).

If Jill is being treated with IFS therapy, I could definitely see her mistaking it for a DID treatment and assuming that her therapist suspects DID, but one of the major tenants of IFS is the belief that everyone has different "personalities" with different roles in their thoughts and behaviors.

No. 166571


I had a feeling that a lot of the DID presentation and alternate account had to do with a therapist using IFS but maybe not explaining it very well.

No. 166573

>I also work with individuals in the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

I preferred the trans boyband member someone posted before, (he seemed to align better with Pixie's claims too)
what even is the end of this? IA2S+?

No. 166576

I think it's intersex, asexual and two spirit? ultimate woke points

No. 166595

Canada is so cringe. She isnt even going to a real school that will get her any career in sewing or fashion design. This is all a joke

No. 166605

File: 1628358986803.png (236.07 KB, 320x400, imagen_2021-08-07_125525.png)


>IFS is talk therapy in which you work with a therapist to identify and understand the specific sub-personalities or families that make up your internal mental system. Once you identify these parts, the therapist will help you acknowledge your feelings about these suppressed emotions, learn how to release these feelings so you are freer to address the actual problem, and ultimately find more positive ways to manage conflicts on your own. The therapist may suggest certain tools to help you do this, such as relaxation exercises, visualization, keeping a journal, and creating a chart that illustrates the relationship between Self and the different parts of you.

Yeah, this therapy has nothing to do with DID… she's the one making it about DID

>Hello! My name is Jed, I am a private Licensed Counselling Therapist Candidate here in New Brunswick. I work with young adults and adults who have experienced trauma, grief, dissociation, or are struggling with intense emotions, or who may have been diagnosed with a personality disorder. I also work with individuals in the LGBTQIA2S+ community. I also often see couples where there has been a breakdown in trust or communication.

>The treatment methods I use the most include a blend of Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR).

>Years in Practice: 1 Year

>Year Graduated: 2020

No. 166606


He looks FTM

No. 166616

File: 1628363863723.png (198.2 KB, 1080x877, Screenshot_20210807-131500-060…)

This is the therapist, he checks off all of the points Jill was talking about. She probably went since he specialized in dissociation and DBT but since he's a councilor and not a therapist he can't tell her what she's thinking is wrong.

On another note she's really hamming up the trans narrative isn't she?

No. 166618

Has anyone noticed how she keeps using therapy to get worse and get ""validated"" about how much of a ""trauma victim"" she is instead of addressing how she has been the abuser to many of her friends and exes?

I almost miss the time when she used to fake being a lesbian. Now she has to fake having multiple personalities, faking her "trans" stuff, and faking having only the good sides of BPD… she's such a liar and a faker, she always has used fake labels to her advantage.

The only label that ever fit her was being a lolita and cosplayer… and even then that was so underwhelming

How so? he looks male to me
Could you please explain what is the difference between IFS and DID? and why is Jillian confusing both on purpose? I mean, she uses the term NEURODIVERGENT to her own advantage and only explains minimal cherry picked information about BPD to everyone, so it makes sense she's using this therapy to fake DID as well

>I'm in all black and a binder
So… just her but wearing different clothes?
Can't believe she goes like that in public

No. 166622

File: 1628365293843.jpeg (149.09 KB, 811x503, 802F61F5-328B-41AC-9F40-A93FA8…)

So basically you like therapy now that you have a therapist that tells you what you want to hear and feeds in your delusions so you don’t have to deal with the real world?

No. 166623

>and a binder
If this becomes a long term thing she’s gonna damage her lungs…

No. 166630

File: 1628367556788.jpg (115 KB, 1076x1076, Internal-Family-Systems-Therap…)

IFS is a therapy and DID is a disorder, both of which are based on the concept of having "multiple personalities" that work together to protect you from trauma. I don't think Jill is confusing them on purpose necessarily, but she might think she's being treated for DID when IFS isn't actually related to DID. IFS essentially says that everyone has subpersonalities that are parts of the whole person and that's normal.

It's hard to explain, but here's an IFS diagram.

No. 166638

Since I remember a binder-anon talking about how they give you saggy breasts, I'm sure this will work wonders for Jill's self-esteem.

No. 166639

But are those personalities as in alters or just personalities as in "I might act different according to certain situations and who I'm surrounded with"? Wouldn't breaking your mind into different personalities be bad for you? Is this therapy even legit/well regarded between other therapists?

No. 166645

The subpersonalities in IFS are not alters, they're just the different parts of you. And the therapy doesn't divide or integrate the "parts", the whole idea is that everyone has these parts and that's normal. IFS has been around since the 80s. It's not the most popular form of therapy and I'm not sure if it's well regarded or not because of that. It's not the wildest thing I've heard of, but I can see how it could be misconstrued by clients.

No. 166649

nta and never heard of this therapy type before, but if Jill is really misinterpreting IFS as confirmation of multiple personality disorder, it would be evident that this method should be avoided in easily susceptible patients. She's clearly missing the point entirely.

Also if it's him and he's in his first(!) year(!) of counselling it would explain how he's fucking things up this badly. She needs a more experienced therapist, not a counseller in training.

No. 166661

Not to be offensive but it seems odd to casually bind your breasts on a whim to dress more masculine as opposed to feminine? Ive never met anyone that binds for shits and giggles. If not done properly, can’t binding cause complications(pain etc)? Pixie doesn’t seem like a responsible enough person to be aware of that or aware of how problematic it is to fake boi for trans clout? Idk. Feels uncomfortable to me.

No. 166662

Also has anyone speculated the traverse into being a male correlating to her massive weight gain? Now that she can’t play kawaii waif anymore, is she trying to just dive into fat drag queendom w/ DID so she fits in somewhere? It’s so irksome how bizarre she is becoming…and that’s not even shaming drag or gender exploration. I’m 100% here for it. She is just making me cringe.

No. 166663

The actual bad part of IFS therapy is that it can cause dependency and is retraumatizing. It’s not a well regarded form of therapy because it’s dehumanizing. And that’s exactly what’s been happening.

No. 166668

So all this time she wasn't getting therapy, and then she got therapy and she's actually worse? That's so upsetting. I mean, it could also be due to the fact that she lost all her friends. When people are alone or in their own bubble a lot, they start to get crazy. It used to be fun to follow this cow, but now it's like we're all watching a time bomb and being shocked she still hasn't been cancelled yet.

No. 166676

it can cause rib soreness, especially when you order one two sizes too small like she did kek. I've heard of fractured ribs but that's from doing really dumb shit like exercising in one or leaving it on for 24 hours.

No. 166684

We can be sure she won't be doing exercise in it, unless she's stupid and fucks Stevie in it.

No. 166685

>>166638 they only make your breasts sag if you're wearing them regularly - i know "trans men" who bind once or twice a month and don't experience any sagging. but given that she's also wearing one at LEAST a size too small (probably 3) i wouldn't be surprised. her tits already seem to sag like hell but i suppose that's because half their size is from weight gain/fat and not actually breasts tissue.
i also know a lot of trans men who put considerable effort into loosing weight / building muscle to look more like men, so if she really does think she's experiencing dysphoria, i would expect her to start working out or at LEAST eating a vegetable and some protein. but she isn't and she knows it's just a lie to fit in to the woobie doobie online spaces. i miss the term "mogai" and "quilt" from 2010s tumblr because it made it obvious who was chronically online and delusional, and who was just regular delusional.
note- "trans man" used to describe females who say they want to be men and then proceed to continue looking and acting like girls , trans men used to describe females who put some amount of effort into the charade.

at this rate she's going to start a fat fetish onlyfans where she calls herself a femboy and then promotes it to her underage fans. lol.

No. 166707

Why not just a sports bra they usually squish the tiddies flat enough but I really want to what makes her think “i need a binder!” For going shopping??

No. 166716

Well its pretty obvious that she doesn't experience dysphoria and this is just another one of her delusions. Wouldn't be surprised if she comes out as trans masculine, transitions on the surface and then drops it two months later. We can see your patterns Jillian

No. 166748

Probably so she can see how "masculine" the clothes look on her? She said she was at the thrift store so I imagine she was buying clothes.

No. 166749

even the trans men that are violently dysphoric will wear sports bras sometimes, she's larping so many things and none of them well. i don’t have a clue.

No. 166754

Supposedly it's especially harmful to use on patients with delusions. I would definitely think someone with BPD would count, since they have this ever changing identity crisis. Jill's too dumb to realize the difference between metaphorical different personalities and actual alters. She just wants to be special, and white girls who want to be special are always trying out trendy mental illnesses and lgbtq identities. It's really sad. Everyone wishes they were a rich white girl, but I guess it's not trendy to be rich anymore so she has to pretend to be some kind of minority?

No. 166759

what funny about all of this is that Jill claims to have secondary structural dissociation but she also claims to be pro diagnosis by a professional. But legally her councilor can not diagnose her with anything he can only treat her. She's the one misconstruing everything and feeling validated since she's seeing a "professional" about it.

No. 166799

Yeah like a sports bra with a little compression makes way more sense, especially considering if she was a dude at that weight, she'd have moobs and they wouldn't be that much bigger than her actual tits. And that binder is way too small

No. 166811

File: 1628466109687.jpg (9.75 KB, 587x92, IMG_20210809_093633.jpg)

Don't worry guys, he's a kink ally

No. 166812

No fucking way. This guy looks like a pedo. He does not look ftm. He looks straight up like a dude who will eventually be busted for all his "kink-allied" media.

No. 166815

i refuse to believe this is fucking real lol. your therapist, sorry, counselor should not be condoning your fetishes which most likely include you retraumatizing yourself by pretending to be a raped baby or some shit

No. 166816

Therapy in this age of wokeness is just being uwu validated no matter what the fuck your actual issues are. You could honestly waltz into a therapists office especially if theyre a libfem or man and say "i have sex with 10 strangers every day" and they'll yasss queen you for 200 dollars a session without even breathing a word of possible sexual trauma or a history of erratic behavior. sage for psych sperg

No. 166817

Of course there would be a "Kink Allied" therapist in Fredericton

No. 166827

Maybe in Canada. What is happening here is not normal. Therapists aren't supposed to advocate for people harming themselves, in your example. A good therapist would be calling Jill out on her bullshit. Maybe they let her get away with shit because she doesn't have friends, but she literally doesn't have friends BECAUSE of her attention seeking behavior. In all honesty, though, no therapist could help Jill because she has no intention of changing. She's going to get a validating therapist no matter what, and any good therapist she would reject immediately.

No. 166832

it's the new normal as more gen z and millenials brainwashed by pop psychology, pornsickness and gender retardation become therapists. it's happening in burgerland too and not just in liberal areas/cities either

No. 166854

ewwghhghgh. This makes me recoil in disgust. Who the fuck can be kink allied. Like, imagine saying you support scat and vomit etc for woke progressive points. This shit is gross.

>if she was a dude at that weight
Here's the deal: she doesn't want to be a dude. She has this stupid idea of becoming an "emo teen boy" and this is why she dresses the way she does. She could just, you know, dress a bit more edgy on wednesdays without having to wear a binder. But no, she CHOSE to want to be a stupid fakeboi for attention. I honestly hate her.

No. 166855

Oh my god. That is fucking gross.
If I go to therapy I would want to go to solve all my fucking issues.

Like, imagine having a patient or client or whatever that comes up to you and says "I like to pretend that I'm raped and abused for sexual satisfaction". Wouldn't you want to actually help them get better??? You will just accept that this person might have some deep issue or maybe is mentally ill and that's why they like that weird shit?? and not questions stuff???
Like, isn't that your job as a therapist? To help solve these issues?

So basically you now pay 200 bucks to get praised and "yass queen"-ed? Ugh. This is so fucking stupid.

No. 166856

>it's the new normal as more gen z and millenials brainwashed by pop psychology, pornsickness and gender retardation become therapists. it's happening in burgerland too and not just in liberal areas/cities either

I fucking hate that shit. Everything is pornified, hypersexual, focused on gender stereotypes. I want this to end now.

No. 166859

honestly a lot of genderspecial millennial + gen z afabs just want to be some idealized/fetishized/fantasy version of a (usually emo or pastel or some other ~aestheric~ teenage boy)
like this is coming from someone who is also a trans man (not that any of these people actually even want to be or be seem as men. it's kind of pathetic, and pixie is one of them.)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 166860

Honestly? Yes, you got it right. Most people just want to live a fantasy in real life. They wear pastels and say they're fairy boys or whatever the heck. Like an OC or videogame character but in real life. It's cringe as shit.

No. 166885

File: 1628519742595.jpeg (132.12 KB, 1317x615, A5896DA5-E34D-41E7-AD62-9D1BE0…)

So her brother only exists in her life, when she’s at home

No. 166886

>23 and 26
>As we both age

Such maturity I'm sure occurring in this conversation between our new genderspecial drag queen and the brother she has never mentioned or spoken to in a year

No. 166899

File: 1628527402544.png (432.84 KB, 732x688, Screenshot (1139).png)

I find the post she made immediately after that hilariously fitting.

No. 166915

>Gender neutral mug

No. 166916

KEK the narcissism

No. 166919

File: 1628537974639.png (30.28 KB, 401x401, White-Coffee-Mug-1-e1500330212…)

She makes it sound like a mug like this is too flamboyant and feminine for her to use.

No. 166972

Anyone surprised Jill hasn't hopped on to Jeffree Star's Pink Religion collection train? She's always so big on the LGBTQ+ bandwagon and it seems to fit her hideous tacky clown edgelord aesthetic. Mind you it's a shitshow of ugly pink eyeshadows.

No. 166975

Jill liked J* make up YEARS AGO she had some of his lipsticks and blushes back in like 2016 and I think some time in like 2018/19??? She still had one of his lipsticks but said she didn’t support him and was just using it up to not waste the product

No. 166978

What kind of fucked up parent do you have to be to buy this as anything other than an obvious gag gift.

No. 166979

File: 1628584203091.jpg (304.57 KB, 1080x1201, IMG_20210810_102912.jpg)

Holy crap, this shit is see through

No. 166980

Every photo i see of the dress the quality looks worse. Do you think Jill is even happy with it or she just scamming her fans from embarrassment and greed?

No. 166981

I am still very confused as to what the everlasting-gobbstopper-fuck a gender neutral coffee mug is.

No. 166985

File: 1628591903629.jpg (45.13 KB, 1000x1000, CoolestDaughter-ITW-mug-amazon…)

Just speculating, I wouldn't be surprised if her mommy got her a mug like this before or something similarly cringey, but lately Jill just seems to hate being referred to as a woman (even though she claims that she/her pronouns are still OK?).
So maybe her weird af gender-larp includes pretending that she can only use 'gender neutral mugs', otherwise she'd get triggered kek.
As the other anon pointed out, I'm sure 99% of the mugs they own are just plain shit she could be using instead, but just a plain mug wouldn't be stroking her giant ego enough, so she had to go with that one instead?

No. 166986

I’m a bit confused now. If her mom had gotten her a pink girly mug she would’ve been triggered?…That has literally been her thing for how many years now? Does her entire clown house upset her now? Also the brother mentioning definitely proves she lurked here recently kek

No. 166987

Well that's the thing with Jill, she is a cis woman that dresses, acts and looks like a cis woman, she still wants to enjoy all her 'hyper feminine' girly shit, but at the same time she seems really hung up about pronouns lately because those are an easy way to seem 'more special' without actually having to change anything about herself or her lifestyle.
The whole mug thing would make more sense if she at least claimed to be fully non-binary, only using they/them pronouns, but she straight up said before that any pronouns are fine, so why would she get triggered by a gendered mug/need a gender neutral mug anyway?

I really don't know tbh, this whole woke Twitter act she's pulling lately is just incomprehensible, especially since she's pretty inconsistent & bad a it.

No. 166988

If your ass is triggered by the gender words on a coffee mug then the world is going to eat you alive, and it's best you never leave the house.

No. 166989

>cronchy and creased
>best mail day ever

Get better taste in everything, Jill fans

No. 166991


There aren't even any gendered words on that mug for it to be neutral, I'm and one could be what she's referring to? Starting to think she has a low English reading/writing ability and simply does not understand things
>no idea what neurodivergent means, slap it on the bio anyway
>Make a video about how you're neurodivergent, delete when actual neurodivergent people shoot you down, never mention it again or apologize
>item containing no gendered words is gender neutral (also is clearly a joke item!)
>sorely misunderstanding her therapist's (it's a counseler not a therapist also!!) methods and imagining it means a DID diagnosis when it's just a way to help patients analyze their behavior

No. 167011

…she accused someone using 'she' on her trying to offend her (last thread). When it’s literally a pronoun she chose for herself, so it’s just a shitshow circle.

No. 167012

Her caption would make sense if there were “best daughter” and “best son” mugs, which does sound like the kind of cringe shit her mother would have.

No. 167023

She literally owns pink mugs in her house lol

No. 167024

>So maybe her weird af gender-larp includes pretending that she can only use 'gender neutral mugs', otherwise she'd get triggered

Lmaooooo fucking Jillian
Also of course her mother would had bought her that mug and nothing for her son because "SHES THE FAVORITE"

No. 167025

Just say woman.

No. 167026

She thinks wearing black means he's a guy now lmao
this is the brainrot from living in a rainbow pink house. She thinks only women can wear pink and only men are edgy. Sad.

No. 167068

Not to whiteknight/sperg but she saw the mug while visiting family so it obviously wasn't bought for her. It belongs to a different family member and she's just decided it's her visiting mug now. Def a silly/gag gift but it was not bought for her so the fact that it's gender neutral has nothing to do with her

No. 167079

I was under the impression that it was just something to have in the parents' home for the visiting kids to play fight over.

No. 167101

What if she bought it for herself? Because if her mum bought it should it be favourite child/daughter?

No. 167112


Anons are tinhatting way too hard here. It's less likely this guy is some crazy trans groomer and more likely that Jillian is lying.

No. 167121

Anons reading too much into the mug is so stupid. Louise got a 'gender neutral' one because… She has one son and one daughter. So either kid can take the mug from the cupboard and go 'look, I'm the favourite child!'.
It's a joke. Jillian is the one making it all about herself as if the mug being gender neutral was a treat to her.

No. 167136

It's really not tinfoil when she had a weirdly codependent relationship with her mom, who almost exclusively photographs and mentions Jill and vice versa. Ofc social media is not real life but there is years of content of Jill going on about being bffs with her mom. It's probably mentioned inappropriately on her professional website. When you have narcissists on your family they don't keep it a secret and let you know in cute lil ways to break down your self esteem over time.

No. 167141

File: 1628691725040.jpg (286.79 KB, 722x720, PicsArt_08-11-11.19.22.jpg)

Louise posted this photo. Is this what I think it is?

No. 167142

Yes, that is a bong.

No wonder she's stupid now.

No. 167143

On the floor where the cat can access the bowl and spill the bong water, real nice, responsible pet owner as per usual

No. 167144

Sage for samefag but smoking pot by pets is also harmful, cats and dogs can be intoxicated from inhaling second hand smoke, I hope she doesn’t smoke around that flat faced pedigree mess she has at her home because that would be even worse considering the respiratory problems flat faced animals have

No. 167145

Louise really posting these retarded looking creepshots, she's almost like an honourary farmer at this point.
She must have some thoughts about this recent therapy-induced glowdown of her daughter's.

No. 167151

File: 1628700147129.png (118.49 KB, 422x386, gtbbe.png)

No wonder her cats are so fucking dirty and there's dust and hair all over her place.

It also makes you think:
All the times she has said she disociates, has catatonia, or says she can't move:
It's probably weed.

No wonder she has no braincells left.

No. 167152

wasn't she stupid about having her cats around in one of her diy videos when painting something before? paint fumes are toxic for cats too. of course that incident with one of them choking on her stupid plastic streamers wall decoration before.
iirc years back she posted something about her cat eating her pizza which is also dangerous food for them.
I'm surprised she hasn't gotten one of them killed yet with how irresponsible she is as a cat owner.
(this is also completely ignoring the fact that she's gotten her cats from breeders even tho that's inherently shitty)

No. 167159

That’s true they can get smokers cough. Seen it happen so many times.

No. 167163


>It's probably weed

. . . and she should have been able to figure that out a long time ago.

I love weed, I'm an ex "all day every day" smoker, but the second it starts fucking with you, you give it up.

It's clearly fucking with Idiot.

No. 167178

don't blame it on the weed anon. Weed doesn't do that to you, she's just brain dead from the years of shitty hair dye and peeps tea

No. 167179

She claims to dissociate yet smokes weed????
Cannabis can literally cause dissociation????????

No. 167184

can't wait for her to explain this away when her fans start questioning it

No. 167195

NTA but weed can absolutely do that to you, it can also exacerbate many different mental health symptoms/conditions. If her therapist was actually worth his salt he would have encouraged her to abstain from any substances with mind altering effects.

No. 167209

so does drinking. and she used to drink a lot. its like she WANTS her mental health to get worse. at this point she mind as well do a few lines in a rainbow colored bathroom.

No. 167211

jillian has been talking about weed for years. she's mentioned it in multiple videos briefly. literally why do all potheads get fucking retarded within a few years of starting to smoke?

No. 167220

I remember once she vlogged getting blackout drunk at a con while on her medication and when people called her out for being irresponsible she said to stop 'alcohol shaming' her. No surprise she's an idiot with weed too.

No. 167222

He's not an actual therapist so he can't really tell her anything. He can give strong suggestions but that's about it.

Jill needs an actual psychologist especially since she's said that she's been on the same dose of antipsychotics and antidepressants since she was a teen. I don't know if that's been updated but it's something that definitely needs to be looked into especially if she's adding weed and alcohol to the mix.

No. 167223

Well the weed might be also the reason to her weightgain partially. Anyways she should stop it, probably the reason why she thinks she has all these illnesses.

No. 167225

Hang on is she still on medication or is that quack giving her meds? because if so she should not be regularly smoking weed, it can cause some real issues with most psychiatric medications actual hospitalization tier issues like severe serotonin syndrome

No. 167241

She still drinks, she shared some pictures of pink wine not too long ago.

No. 167245

She drinks, she does weed, she takes meds that haven't been adjusted in a long while, she takes too much woke cool-aid and goes to a wack "therapy". Plus she doesn't eat well.

I'm not suprised why she's the way she is anymore

You know she isn't responsible with her weed usage. This is why she has gotten worse, like any other irresponsible weed user tends to do. It is a contributing factor.

Who knows what else Jillian does when cameras aren't present.

No. 167246

Was this taken at her parents place? If so then it's probably the brother's or dad's bong. I feel like Jill would only own kawaii bongs. I find it interesting that the whole family probably smokes.

It's irresponsible that a cat is so near to that but at least that area is well ventilated. Hopefully the cats are kept inside while toking.

sage for speculation

No. 167250

If she’s a daily smoker she probably brought her bong with her to pei, but you do have a good point about her wanting a rainbow-vomit bong though. She probably doesn’t have a pretty one or else she would be posting it all over the internet like she does every other purchase that fits her aesthetic. It’s not like she’d be posting something illegal since weed is legalized in Canada

No. 167261

I think my biggest issue with this dress aside from the shitty fabric and frumpy looking design is that the belt is the same color as the dress. Should've had a darker tone with the belt to add some separation and defining shape

No. 167292

petition to use jill as a "don't do drugs kids or you might end up like THIS" example in all schools from now on kek

No. 167294

>has a shit diet that provides no real nutrition, consumes a bunch of garbage with refined sugars + food additives
>smokes weed
>drinks alcohol
>in combination with those, takes meds which may or may not have been properly adjusted
>never exercises
>gains weight because of all those things, starts feeling shitty about herself because she clearly has body image issues, exacerbated by the fact that a lot of her life revolves around her appearance and how she is perceived by others, especially since her job is being a 'social media personality'
>additionally feels sluggish all the time, so just takes random naps in the middle of the day & has a messed up sleeping schedule
>probably doesn't get enough sunlight
>whenever she is awake she just seems to watch morons on YT talk about 'mental health' so her mind is constantly filled with it, probably starts believing she suffers from a bunch of this stuff because she hears about it so much
>otherwise seems to just consume/surround herself with infantile shit, nothing that would properly challenge her mind

I really do think that she would start feeling a lot better if she just tried fixing or improving these things in any way
anyone would feel like crap under these circumstances, but I guess having a healthy responsible lifestyle wouldn't be exciting enough for her woke twitter fans
also her bf/family/'therapist' humoring all that shit as super serious mental health issues are clearly making the problem a lot worse

she has always been incredibly annoying to me but I would genuinely like to see her improve and get better, this is just depressing

No. 167300

stop blaming everything on the therapist or else when she finally gets caught faking by her audience she's just going to copy/paste everything on here for her "apology". She's probably faking and aggrandizing her so-called symptoms in front of her therapist too, like she does when she's on video. He does have blame to take but she's responsible for her own descent into mental illness shopping. If he weren't there she would have claimed the same diseases, just with less self-righteousness.

No. 167308

Just to clear things up, psychologists provide therapy and do psychological testing and psychiatrists are doctors who prescribe medication and make recommendations for other treatment. There are some blurred lines but that’s basically it. This Jed guy only has a master’s degree so he’s just a counselor. I’m not sure if he’s still training (it says he’s a “therapist candidate”?) under a supervisor but it’s a little odd to me that he’s practicing without a doctorate. It does look like he’s licensed but he’s definitely brand new. As someone in a vaguely related field I know I definitely made mistakes my first year out of grad school before I learned better. It can be easy to be accommodating and go along with others’ bad ideas before you gain confidence in your work and grow a backbone (apologies for mini-blogpost). I hope he learns quick and can actually help Jill because she really needs it.

No. 167329

Isn’t she on seroquel too? That shit fucks with your metabolism, even low doses can make it hard to lose weight (among those who try ha).

No. 167337

I lost like 20 lbs since starting seroquel but I guess it’s different for every one

No. 167342

I'm pretty sure she was on Seroquel long before her massive weight gain.

No. 167399

Nailed it

No. 167459

>like severe serotonin syndrome
No, or let's say it's highly unlikely. It would require unhumanely large dose or other drugs. He is most likely doing more mental harm. I would speculate that he tries to escape his shitty life and of course being high most of the time is not very good for you. While smoking can surpress emotions it also can make them a lot worse. If he suffers from anxiety, comfort eating and has problems to get stuff done the weed is most likely just making everything so much worse. Not to say if he's high all the time he is probably quite detached from reality and delusioned. Idk just seeing him drag that bong along makes me think he has an addiction and is doing even more miserably than suspected before. Hospitalization is likely but not because she smokes.

No. 167466

Holy shit guys it's just weed Jill is actually a weirdo white girl from a small town we should be happy it's not opiates.

No. 167488

Shes an adult human female, anon

No. 167493

>it's just weed
Ofc opiates would be worse and you will most likely be normal when you cut down smoking but doing so often in a bad mental state can really strengthen your symptoms and add few new ones. The negative symptoms of weed are often underrated and it's just stupid. Weed paired with that mockery of a therapist is clearly not doing her any favors.

Thanks for letting me know, anon.

No. 167517


I'd be more worried about mixing alcohol with her psychiatric meds than the weed. But then again I've mixed both with all my meds and it didn't fuck me up like that.

No. 167523

She does NOT deserve any sympathy thrown her way. She's larping severe mental illnesses, therefore making a fool out of neurodivergent+traumatized folks and since she's in the public eye more than she should be, other people will start assuming suffering people are just attention-seeking dumbasses like her. She is FULLY aware of what she's doing, she would just do anything for attention and right now it seems to do the trick, eventhough she's always updating her larping game to get her fix.
I really hope the worst for her.

No. 167533

File: 1628898651349.jpeg (234.59 KB, 750x1046, 5F50C03B-8963-4200-A96E-F8C4E9…)

she literally just doesn't understand developmental disorders at all, huh?

No. 167554

I bet shes going to claim ASD as a reason she has DID or whatever shes larping next. Specifically to avoid the very essential experiencing trauma at a very young age. Because she "developed slower" than others. She experienced the trauma later but caused the same problems. No other reason she would ask questions like that

No. 167558

She really out here implying autistic folk's brains develop slower than neurotypical people and therefore you can get trauma at a later date, and still get your DID imaginary personality points. She treats this like a card game and if she shuffles the cards just right she can rewrite history (and the very meaning of disorders and mental illnesses) to fit her narrative.
>If I claim autism does that make my DID claim more or less realistic?

Fuck you Pixie. Never mind the fact many autistic people are academically more successful than neurotypical people, why not shill the concept they are "slow" as long as if suits you. Develop at a different pace my ass. I hate how she acts like the authority when all her knowlege is gleaned solely from other Youtubers and Twitter attention seekers.

No. 167562

>She treats this like a card game and if she shuffles the cards just right she can rewrite history (and the very meaning of disorders and mental illnesses) to fit her narrative.

Exactly! She must be so disappointed she started oversharing on the internet way before she knew she would pretend to have trauma/mental illnesses or a non-neurotypical brain altogether. Nobody could have known she was a coddled, spoiled rotten and overall bitch if she hadn't done that so now she's trying to rewrite her past as best she can while trying to find "loopholes" in mental health.
I'm sure she's already coming up with excuses like "hey guys remember when I took a 4 day break from social media when I was 13? Yeah that's because something really terrible happened in that lapse of time but my darling confetti club never knew because trauma is really sneaky like that!"

No. 167563

She really thinks this is about DID when the OP literally was talking about dissociation. Like, I get DID is a dissociative disorder, but that is not at all what the person is talking about. Also, her thinking that oh you wouldn't need trauma by 9 to have DID if she had ASD because they develop slower or differently is so messed up. Why is she trying so hard to find a way to get DID? What about it seems that cool to her? It makes literally no sense.

No. 167564

It's cool because it makes her uwu (✿◕‿◕special✿◕‿◕) and if people actually believe her she'll never have to face repercussions for telling kids to "suck her cock" . Bonus point: she'll be treated like the fairy quween she is. She's just so not like all the other basic girls ❤

No. 167567

the whole fucking point of nomenclature like neurodivergent and neurotypical is to specify that they don't develop at a "different pace" but that they develop DIFFERENTLY.
FFS this shit is just annoying

No. 167568

she makes no fucking sense anymore.

No. 167574




No, she isn't any of those things, but she IS retarded.

No. 167578

I want someone in her fanclub to find this and call her abelist since she's insinuating that autistic people are medically retarded

No. 167579


THANK you! Has she never heard of dissociation outside of muh uwu DID alters? Dissociation is a common occurrence for people with everything from autism and ADHD to personality disorders to fucking depression. If you're emotionally unwell or you're mentally overwhelmed, that's one of the brain's go-to responses, shutting down in order to protect itself. It is awful when it happens but it is in no way what Jillian tries to make it out as. Yes, a really bad episode can put you in a catatonia-like state while it lasts. Yes, weed increases the likelihood that you'll experience both dissociation and mood disorders. Yes, Jillian is a piece of shit shopping for diagnoses and trying them on like the kawaii fashion she's grown too fat to fit in. And her counselor is validating this shit, and her family does nothing to stop it.

Jfc this is despicable

No. 167580

No one cared about her "coming out", not enough people cares about her half-assed "brand", no one cared about her hinting at being non-binary, she must find other things so others will pay attention to her and worship her like her mommy does.

No. 167584

lmao what a cunt.
Jill pls learn to at least be slightly more subtle, she's straight up acting like she's at a store and asking the shop assistant if she should get ASD because it'd go well with her DID.
as others pointed out, the OP is not asking about DID, it's clearly supposed to be a discussion about how autistic people experience dissociation.
so, good job Jill, not only is she making this all about her and her own shitty larp, she's also shitting on autistic people at the same time.
also why is she not asking her bff uwu counselor about this? kek

No. 167609

Spot on anon, it's definitely part of her attempt to never have to grow up whether she's self aware of that or not

No. 167620


She's really out here trying to justify her "disorder" by adding autism to it.

It's not going to work jillybean, you vlogged yourself since you were an awkward 13 year old, most autistic 13 year olds did not do theater to be the center of attention, have a bunch of friends and dress up (nicely) in multiple aesthetics.

You're just a giant baby who can't cope with being an adult. Stop lumping yourself in with people who suffer from neurological and mental disorders, you're doing them a disservice.

No. 167621


aren't they though? I thought the whole disorder revolved around how their brains are wired different and they tend to be delayed in development. Like when you have a 2 year old who doesn't talk at all you go get them tested.

No. 167625

No not really, autists even tend to have higher IQ than average people but struggle with social aspects with some added poor physical coordination skills. Just like with any random human they can also be retarded at the same time due to some other disorder, but autism by itself isn't that kind of delayed retardation.
Jill is clearly neither one, just a spoiled coddled woman who doesn't know how to cope with getting fat and being below average in talent.

No. 167627

Precisely, just shows how little Jill knows if she's conflating autistic people's poor social skills/shyness with "slowness" or lack of intelligence, they are not at all connected.

No. 167628

>you have to have trauma before 6-9
Yes Jillian, you have to have trauma like that for DID to form. No, being autisitic has nothing to do with DID.
Missinformation, again. I'm pissed.

No. 167629

She's a narc, she will step on anyone and anything to get her way. Including autistic people. She will continue labeling as slow, or as she said once… retarded.
She's projecting her stupidity onto autistic people. She needs to go down.

No. 167630

>overlap between DID and autism
Uhhhhhh literally what doctor or scientist said this? """autistic""" people on twitter larping as 5 of their oc's at a time don't have DID.

No. 167632

>how to justify larping as a DID person
>oh I know just use autism
>because people don't understand autism either way and autistic people are dumb

stupid narcissitic ableist

No. 167635

True I think the problem is more her flaunting it and making it seem ok when she still has some younger fans. I think several of us in this thread, myself included, would be hypocrites if we get mad about it her just combining meds and weed or alcohol. I’ve certainly done it and in no way saying it’s intelligent. But I also am not famous on the internet.

No. 167636

>I think several of us in this thread, myself included, would be hypocrites if we get mad about it her just combining meds and weed or alcohol. I’ve certainly done it and in no way saying it’s intelligent.

I think that's just you, dumbass. Take care of yourself please lol

No. 167637

Uh, it's perfectly normal for functional adults? I'm pretty sure being on say antidepressants doesn't mean giving up the 2 most commonly used substances absolutely forever for most people. I think the amount or frequency, or in this case the normalization of the behavior to kids by a literal influencer is more the issue.

No. 167642

I have no sympathy about her spreading misinformation and clearly seeking attention in terrible ways. At the same time I do hope she gets real help and makes better choices in the future.

This is a huge misunderstanding of what autism spectrum disorder is. Since the DSM-5 was released in 2013 (you may be thinking specifically of Asperger’s from the DSM-IV) the diagnostic criteria are having a social communication impairment and restricted/repetitive behaviors beyond what would be expected of same-aged peers and starting from a young age. I’m also not sure where that stat is from but I’ve done considerable training and research around ASD and have never heard that. Yes, there are rare savants and individuals with high academic skills but low social skills, but having an intellectual impairment and/or difficulty with executive functioning is common (among other areas of need). Some may need PT/OT but there’s often no motor component.

Individuals with ASD are often emotionally/socially delayed but I’m not sure that would have anything to do with processing trauma differently. From my understanding the young age criteria is more related to brain development timelines but this is much further from my area of expertise. Either way this is clearly diagnosis shopping in the worst way.

Apologies for off-topic content.

No. 167643

It's not, but I don't really care anon. Just be careful

No. 167644

Please explain more, is Jillian wrong?

No. 167649

Jill's understanding of mental illness and disorders only extend to whatever traits may get her attention and clicks on social media, so of course she would disregard all other aspects and latch onto the most simplified description of autistic struggles (in her case, one step away from calling them retarded) in the hopes it would benefit her. The same way her understanding of neurodivergent is only as deep as "brain different" and therefore she can apply it to any and all brain differences as she pleases.

The worst thing she could do from here is start pretending to be retarded (further than her natural idiocy entails) to back up her claims of arrested development (just nobody look into her teenage years which will conflict wildly with any current claims)

No. 167652

I think she should just shut the fuck up. She's not a professional, she has no training, going to "therapy" and searching for new diagnoses on google doesn't give her enough knowledge to talk about mental health to anyone. She should shut the fuck up already.

My theory is that since she got a lot of positive attention on her "self harm" video she just wants to make new videos about mental issues but she comes off as stupid and cherry picks information.

No. 167653

tbf, yeah i was thinking more of the asperger dsm-iv/now level 1 high functioning autism.
Surely even Jill isn't dumb enough to claim autism other than high functioning… is she?

No. 167657

I wish I had a definitive answer but I doubt there’s any research in this area. A quick google search just shows dissociation associated with ASD but nothing about DID. DID is so controversial on its own I doubt there’s much out there. ASD itself would complicate things in terms of diagnosing anything as lines can be so blurred (e.g., it’s often difficult to determine if secondary issues are caused by ASD or a comorbidity). But given Jill’s background and how specific this is it really seems like she’s trying to fit multiple diagnoses together to get that DID label she so wants.

I’m glad that at least it seems like her counselor won’t diagnose her with DID based on what she’s asking.

No. 167658

File: 1628974919267.jpeg (451.08 KB, 750x1055, 41E05161-8A12-4B61-A9CB-47C3A8…)

More performative anger from jillybean. Why the fuck is she even upset at this?

No. 167659

Insta showed me this ad only a couple days ago. I remember thinking that kind of thing probably wouldn't fly for long before someone would report it lol

No. 167661

Ocean100 sound like based boomers. Any parent who explains anything beyond science is a groomer, kids don't need to know about autogynephilia.

No. 167663

It wasn't ocean100, it was a guy who works there who was paying to promote the post. I clicked on the link and he's a stand up comedian apparently? I'm in an entirely different part of the world and the ad still ended up in my feed which I thought was odd.

In his discussion with people complaining about this he's not even anti trans at all and he says he was only stating the truth.. that years ago trans people were in hiding and now as a parent you have to tell kids. He even has he/him in his bios. He's a tard whose hated by both sides now kek

No. 167670

Aha, he must not be aware you need to be violently and clearly on one side to get by on the internet, any sign of neutrality and they will eat you alive. Such a tame boomer take too.

No. 167672

>years ago trans people were in hiding and now as a parent you have to tell kids.
No you don't have to.

No. 167673

it does force parents in a way, else the children will be exposed to degeneracy and indoctrinated. people would rather have the first say so that their kids aren't taught some bullshit. unfortunate.

No. 167699

Don't derail. You are playing right into her game of taking the heat off of her recent antics in mental illness shopping by focusing on other "controversial" things.

No. 167704

Why specifically the trans community when he was just straight up being homophobic in general?

No. 167718

I think Jillian is confusing herslef and everyone around her, with these concepts

Dissociation, which means:
>Dissociating is the experience of detaching from reality. Dissociation encompasses the feeling of daydreaming or being intensely focused, as well as the distressing experience of being disconnected from reality.
which feels like extreme detached daydreaming or out-of-body experiences, and can be present in depression or anxiety

Dissociative Disorders, which means:
>Dissociative disorders are characterized by an involuntary escape from reality characterized by a disconnection between thoughts, identity, consciousness and memory.
Which encompases Depersonalization disorder, Dissociative Amnesia and Dissociative identity disorder

And Dissociative identity disorder:
>Formerly known as multiple personality disorder, this disorder is characterized by alternating between multiple identities. A person may feel like one or more voices are trying to take control in their head. Often these identities may have unique names, characteristics, mannerisms and voices. People with DID will experience gaps in memory of every day events, personal information and trauma. Women are more likely to be diagnosed, as they more frequently present with acute dissociative symptoms. Men are more likely to deny symptoms and trauma histories, and commonly exhibit more violent behavior, rather than amnesia or fugue states. This can lead to elevated false negative diagnosis.

I'm not an expert though so yeah don't quote me.

No. 167869

I doubt she even experiences the first one. In that video where she dyed her friends hair, the brush broke and she said in the voiceover "I started disassociating here" but the video shows her giggling and looking at her surroundings presently. There's absolutely zero change in her demeanour at all. Remember that tweet where she said when the sky is gray it makes her disassociate? I'm starting to think she just uses that word to describe any time she feels some sort of negative emotion. Feeling under the weather? Disassociating. Shocked when something went wrong? Disassociating. Sad there's no tendies left in the freezer? Disassociating. Steebie gave you a UTI? Disassociating.

No. 167874

kek your list of reasons for her to dissociate. It does sound like maybe when she has a slight bummer/downer moment and gets distracted from her task, but is still 100% present she thinks it's dissociating.

No. 167920

Just speculation, but do you think that her sustainablity journey played a big part in her spiral? Like, without her retail therapy she just went crazy worrying about being super eco and replaced it with toxic hobbies, such as excessive mental health 'research'. Just been watching her old vlogs and she was so happy going shopping and being easy going. Its a shame to see her how she is now, even though I know she still tended to be a bitch and thin skinned on twitter back then.

Ignore me if I have no point and possibly just being nostalgic.

No. 167943

File: 1629124199984.jpeg (435.46 KB, 828x938, 002DE2D0-3C0F-4882-9D5F-2A0A92…)

No. 167945

I think you are right. I wonder if she'll ever go back. It will honestly probably never be the same

>tranny flag
lmao ohnononono KEK

No. 167949

Why is there the fucking tranny flag omg

No. 167953

since when is Steve a 5 year old, it looks like a child did it, moreover, at first glance I thought it was going to be a pregnancy announcement kek.

No. 167955

omg steebie pregnant

No. 167957

Tinfoil: both Jillian and Stevie age regress

No. 167959

File: 1629135652463.png (85.74 KB, 749x347, imagen_2021-08-16_124059.png)

No. 167960

Wtf is this about? A lady selling water cooler wut

No. 167961

File: 1629135851972.png (163.45 KB, 540x530, poop.png)

this is midly gross

No. 167963

File: 1629136076593.png (2.33 MB, 2784x2048, poop.png)

also she had a "slumbie" with this troon???
9 years of friendship??

No. 167965

That used to be John, pei friend

No. 167967

Water cooler means a casual chitchat conversation you might have by the water cooler with a colleague. She's triggered that this person was going about their day as normal instead of crying about the online response to that "offensive" lukewarm boomer take.

No. 167974

She comments on age regressor tik toks and follows people who post content like that so wouldn’t be surprised

No. 167987

You you have any caps? She said that she watches some of the "fake mental illness" accounts (knowing her she's probably calling the real ones fake while the fake ones are real to her since they fit her narrative.) so I'm wondering if she also leaves comments acting holier than thou or if it's just ass pats.

No. 167992

did she really? i wanna know who she's calling "fake", unless it's accounts that are like parodies or something?

No. 168037

File: 1629184705430.jpeg (110.78 KB, 828x765, 12F46B3B-BB24-48BE-A779-01E9E2…)

Kek‘d at this

No. 168047

Good lord enbies are just as delusional as any tranny. You can't opt out of sexism by making everyone call you they instead of she, and you don't need to renounce gender because you have short hair and wear pants. The males do it to pretend they experience oppression because they wear earrings or a skirt twice a year. Jill fits right in.

No. 168054

I don’t, I just saw it in passing but it was praise saying the person was cute, it’s disgusting how many of these people are clogging up harajuku fashion tags, they really miss the point of not forcing your kink on others by using non kink tags paired with the kink tags, I could see Jill doing the same

No. 168055

In the case of this pair neither of them really present in an ambiguous way that would make them suffer any oppression because of their gender expression so co-opting being trans for points online is kind of shitty IMO, like stevie can go outside and live a completely normal life because he just looks and presents like a dude then he can come home and get all the ass pats online having done nothing at all. It’s like Jill being totes bisexual but only dating guys so facing zero oppression in public while still getting her online brownie points for claiming she is totes a sapphic queen, all the ass pats and getting to play act oppressed online with none of the real life consequences

No. 168056

Sage for samefag but this also applies to her play acting mentally ill and in her words “neurodivergent”, it’s something she can pop in her bio then go outside and live a normal life and not be held back by it like the people who actually experience these issues for real and are often harshly discriminated against. I think that’s what makes it really insidious, people with these issues really suffer and this coddled baby with a wealthy background who just coasts through life is co-opting peoples struggle as an excuse to be a bitch to people and get off Scot free.

No. 168122

there's a flag for literally everything, surely there should be an enby flag by now since they aren't even trans? I hope the trans people finally rise up and kick out the enbys for stealing their identity, it would be fun to watch kek

No. 168144

File: 1629237268757.jpeg (150.55 KB, 750x913, 77CDAB89-FA81-4EEC-A001-5EBAC7…)

the irony of jill agreeing with this…….

No. 168150

Serving passive aggressive in true jill fashion

No. 168153

There is two nb flags the yellow purple white black one and the gender queer one which is purple white green

No. 168155

Yeah but doesn’t the white stripe on the trans flag rep nb,,,, why the need for a new flag,,,,(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 168168

they exist but they aren't kaweewee enough for her. remember she's doing this for an aesthetic

No. 168169

I hope both trannies and "nonbinaries" shut the fuck up

No. 168170

This woman is right. No one should start a new "sustainable brand", that just goes against sustainability

No. 168173

You can hear Jill seething with that simple "LOL". But she'll probably take the last bullet point "Don't start a shitty useless brand making shit that already exists" to heart and use the excuse that her clothes are different and specul~uwu as to why her brand is a sustainable new brand

No. 168186

She collaborated with a glorified taobao reseller that happens to make a couple of random items, probably in an LA sweatshop with undocumented workers. At the same time, she feels personally attacked that her ugly and useless dress goes against everything she pretends to care about.

She could put her illustrations or designs on thifted clothing or do thrift flips and focus on ootk pieces, but she took the first quick cash grab to seem like a legitimate artist and bb brand who needs to eat.
If she actually felt confident in her understanding of garment construction or alterations upcycling could be a fun way to profit from her shopping addiction. And could get away with charging obscene prices too. But then she would have to learn and like, try.

No. 168211

Exactly. She’s also no different than the thousands of kaweewee artists in the Instagram art community who buy wholesale slave made gildan sweaters and print their ugly designs on them. Super wasteful and extremely false about being “sustainable”. People think as long as you’re not buying from F21 or Shein you’re being sustainable

No. 168213

lmao you can tell Jill is fuming every time a post of hers doesn't include even one stupid emoji since she typically spams them so much

No. 168216

The only kind of "split personality" she's ever had kek

No. 168220

Pixie’s last video from two weeks ago is them saying that they’d post weekly, even twice a week kek

No. 168221

File: 1629275901193.jpeg (302.46 KB, 828x1331, 62738638-0002-43C7-B50D-197FA0…)

I don’t get it at all since when is nb trans? It’s not deciding for a gender basically so complete opposite? Even the genderspecials are confused about their made up shit

No. 168223

Jill's a woman, a girly girl

No. 168234

I thought the anon meant jill and stevie jesus

No. 168257

File: 1629301372016.jpg (287.12 KB, 1536x2048, E9FWxXUX0AcVCr4.jpg)

No. 168258

>POV: you are the last tendie.
This is somewhat of a sustainability issue, more of an ethical issue, but has she ever touched on mica, like in the glitter makeup she cakes on daily, and how it's mined by child slaves? I mean obviously the answer is no, but her cherry picking things to care about while aggressively doing or engaging in more harmful things is really something else.

No. 168259

Thiiis. Her oh-so-glorious harajuku has a lot of pieces that were thrifted and altered to make them more stylish too

No. 168260

She's such a stupid bpd retard, she gets mad at people in a second and then pretends to be uwunice the next minute. That's the only splitting she does

No. 168261

>any other pronoun
Stop playing into her fucking delusions, twitterfags.

No. 168262

Why does she do this to herself?

No. 168263

she's fake woke and fake sustainable, of course she does not care.
I hope she becomes vegan tbh

No. 168284

Maybe when she claims autism she will claim she can’t be vegan because tendies and garlic fingies are her safe foods

No. 168297

i think she's gonna be one of those influencers who goes vegan claiming it's "the right thing to do for the world" while actually doing it hoping to lose weight

No. 168317

There's no way she would become a vegan, that would involve touching a vegetable every now and again.

No. 168380

She'd be vegan in the same way Jude Bishop is. Eating nothing but fries and vegan dinosaur nuggets but being able to claim moral superiority

No. 168411

she's still trying to skinwalk emilia fart isn't she

No. 168418

File: 1629383948845.jpeg (684.76 KB, 807x1374, 26F8C65A-8EA0-4B21-B2CE-53494A…)

Oh honey what is this…

No. 168426

File: 1629387186908.webm (2.98 MB, 480x860, netDjAjwl5P51vSL.webm)

I'm honestly a bit speechless, she keeps reaching new levels of atrocity

No. 168427

every time she pulls a face, a kitten dies

No. 168428

Her new phase is so scary

No. 168434

jfk that botched owl city just brings it all together

No. 168437

She looks so much like Divine. She even has a flamingo besides her

No. 168445

She looks like she just escaped from the clown asylum.

No. 168449

I don't even mind this outfit so much but omg that makeup just keeps getting scarier and scarier like how can she possibly feel good in that? Especially when she looks back at old makeup pix of hers

No. 168458

Isn't this the vintage playsuit she ripped? LOL

No. 168461

Old? Isnt that One piece the One She tore with her fat ass like, a year ago? One of the main points of sustainable clothing is buying stuff that Will last longer. She wants to be this "woke" influencer but isnt willing to work on her obsessive shopping tendencies.

No. 168469

File: 1629401648378.png (356.96 KB, 540x1200, IMG_20210819_133235_e.png)

This looks like one of those fake DID "meet my alter" videos…

No. 168492


The resemblance is fuckin' uncanny. She looks more like Divine than Eureka did on Snatch Games. Wonder when the dog feces will come in.

No. 168495

Thought this was legit something she posted for a second kek

No. 168500

Me too, we are all waiting for this exact shit to be posted for real.

No. 168504

File: 1629412920542.png (3.19 MB, 7558x8771, PIxielocks_Stupid-01.png)

Woof. This drama is still going on, and somehow Jilly is getting ratio'd in her own comments section

No. 168506

She… really thinks trich is "neurodivergent…" I want to get off this ride

No. 168510

Me three anon gave me a fright

No. 168511

What a pathetic response from Jill; that's not cute on you when called out for her absurd misuse of terminology by actually neurodivergent people

No. 168518

So things like nail biting make you neurodivergent?

No. 168539

It's such a weird hill to die on, fighting whether you're neurodivergent or not. That said it's quite possible Jill is ND, but she's not getting the help she actually needs and is probably misdiagnosed.

No. 168544

It’s the camel toe for me

No. 168561

Went back to check on her YouTube "apology" and surprise surprise, she deleted any comment that wasn't coddling her fat ass

No. 168574

she's not nd, she's just retarded kek

No. 168580

I'm sorry, dxd? is she referring to Dungeons and Dragons? Or to anime?

No. 168588

Pretty sure she means "diagnosed", "Dx" is an abbreviation for "diagnosis", so I suppose "dxd" = "diagnosed".
I'm not sure if "dxd with…" is something that's popular with Tiktok/Twitter zoomers, I've never seen the term used that way either.

No. 168597

File: 1629465319591.png (2.63 MB, 828x1792, 4BEF6B8D-FD0B-4035-86E8-F83002…)

Just checked the video, Jill isn’t getting any support here. I really hope this is what gets her cancelled. 19 likes to 1 on her own video is really bad.(Cowtipping)

No. 168598

your icon is showing anon

No. 168600

Girl you exposed yourself

No. 168606

It's the star of the show.

No. 168611

its the self-exposing for me

No. 168617

hi ella! nice cowtipping, retard

No. 168619

Kek had a suspicion that was cowtipping, glad to see it confirmed in the best way possible.

No. 168621

File: 1629480646884.jpg (138.21 KB, 1080x964, IMG_20210820_182907.jpg)

No. 168623

as someone with actual bpd, I find Jill revolting and classless. Personality disorders are horrendous to live with and horribly stigmatised, not trendy or something you can just throw out there for asspats. Would not wish it on anybody and her throwing out misinformation, claiming symptoms that aren't relevant to the disorder and trying to glamorize conditions that literally destroy lives is repulsive. Really hope her audience see through her bs and stop supporting her fabrications.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 168644

File: 1629487928610.jpg (208.02 KB, 1080x1446, Screenshot_20210820-203031_You…)

Studying DID as much as possible to try and shoehorn herself into DID dx. Side note I'm pretty sure this is a person that has treated multiplicity and me

No. 168654

she literally spends all her time consuming mental health content for her ongoing larp, doesn't she?
i wish she'd focus on some hobbies honestly. i remember her mentioning d&d at some point - maybe a social hobby like that could help lift her from her current weird mental health obsession. idk i just feel like she has the freedom right now to try new things and make potentially inspiring content about stuff her audience might enjoy, stuff like cute crafts & fashion content, gardening or diy or honestly anything, and yet she is choosing to broadcast this current bullshit to her followers instead. if she cares so much about mental health, why not curate an online space where she can upload relaxing content that offers some comfort to her followers (many of whom are also struggling with mental illness)

sage for sperging & there's no point in even getting mad about this, but damn its just frustrating watching her behaviour atm

No. 168655

Her Tiktok is jarring because almost none of it is fashion or craft content. New "fans" who know her solely on that platform probably just think she's a mento-illness blogger.

No. 168656

With Jill, I feel like she's using this currently ambiguous diagnosis to hide behind, not just from criticism, but from branching out and trying new things, I don't think she'll ever actually give a new diagnosis so she can keep throwing it up as a shield. Keeping it hidden, allows her to let herself have a public breakdown of who she once was and claim she's 'finding her true self' and then throwing up half-assed videos to get praise, get coddled by her fans and family/friends and then rinse and repeat the cycle

There's so many profitable video's she could be making that all her fans would eat up, and she could do little quick cuts of them for tik tok; there's so much potential and no reason besides her being scared of the positive changes and actual responsibility she'd have

No. 168657

she balls up he fists and shakes her arms at the start at the video - guessing she’s faking stims to gear up for a fake autism diagnosis then.

No. 168661

This reminds me of those dancing videos Britney Spears was posting on her instagram

No. 168662

social hobbies are not going to help her because she's completely surrounded herself with enablers and other mental illness martyrs, such as her bipolar classmate and other openly depressed friends. i wish her parents would pull her out of fredericton to distance jill from her woke teachers and friends, but she's not going to quit her retarted maritimes anime scene

No. 168668

Did she delete a selfie on her twitter recently? What was that about?

No. 168669

>fake stims
holy shit you're right

No. 168708

Makes sense to me. Since she can't get away with being uwu neurodivergent without raising eyebrows shes going to fake an autism diagnosis instead

No. 168710

She's so pressed. the person was literally pointing out how she was misinformed and to stop spreading that misinformation. How is that gatekeeping?? I could say i have lyme disease when i've never been bitten by a tick or been diagnosed and show zero symptoms. she's so childish and immature!

No. 168740

Jill looks so fucking retarded. It's painful to watch.kek

No. 168753

I really agree anon, and I think there's a bit more to it.

She hasn't been diagnosed with schizo/DID because either her or her shitty psych have some idea of the possible devastation that can cause.

I'm sure it's similar in Canada, but when you are diagnosed with psychosis, DID, schizo, or any mental illness where your sense of reality is augmented, there is no way to get the diagnosis overturned. That's it, you're labeled with that for life. No doctor will overturn that diagnosis because of the liability, and those are very serious conditions to have on your record.

I might have several prestigious degrees, but my doctors still talk over me and don't believe me because they see my diagnosis and deem my struggles "unreal" or a fabrication.

Maybe Jill realizes the seriousness of it, or maybe her psych does, but one of them has to understand that if she is diagnosed with something so serious there is no walking it back.

No. 168764


Or maybe she just doesn't have anything like that and is nothing more than a retarded narcissist and they both know it.

No. 168766

I honestly believe that she won't be making any fashion content for awhile since there's nothing actually forcing her to get things done. With her college, she literally had to shit out something for the fashion show but now that she's not doing school and that project with my violet is done there's no agency for her to do something of her own accord. In her mind, she's already a "fashion designer" so she probably doesn't feel like she needs to make more things in order to prove herself.

No. 168777

Anon that's cool and all but Jill isn't seeing a psych. He's a year one councilor wich means that he can't diagnose shit and he hasn't been in the field long enough to recognize bullshit from fact.

It's sad too see but your right. She seems like the kind of person who needs deadlines in order to actually do anything. That's probably why she's Dx fishing so she can try to get disability pay.

No. 168793

Why when it comes to fashion related things, jillian doesnt really care or pay attention?
Why she rather play the mental illness card than say, put "kawaii leader" in her bio?

No. 168797

File: 1629589711653.jpeg (264.52 KB, 750x1078, 07E39127-F6B7-4E85-B0C7-4166F7…)

the beanie just makes her look like gypsy rose.

No. 168819

It’s kind of sad (and mildly concerning) that her “therapist” cough counselor is presumably encouraging this nose dive into making mental illness her entire personality, since that’s literally textbook bpd behavior.
I mean, go for gold in exploring and experimenting in whatever you want, but as someone with diagnosed (supposedly) bpd, she should be being encouraged to do the exact opposite and try not to base her entire life around one subject

No. 168824

i could be wrong but im pretty sure one of the first things they tell you when you’re being treated for bpd is to not research/watch content from other people with bpd. i also believe that in some cases you can be diagnosed and not be told because it makes you so reactive.

No. 168833

File: 1629610046567.jpg (1.26 MB, 2479x1656, IMG_20210822_072217.jpg)

She went to a parade today and didn't do the bird nose flower thank God. And the lashes are an improvement, the white eyeliner is still hecka chonky and I imagine if she actually had sensory issues that shit would of driven her mad. But I'd say this looks kinda nice in comparason to her other looks.

No. 168842

File: 1629613482343.jpeg (115.13 KB, 378x386, C0738ABE-4AAE-4786-BF4A-89AE0E…)

Put some boning in that dress and/or add actual straps Jill. Using sewing pins to pin it to your bra is not a substitute.

No. 168844

Jillian and Shayna have finally become one

No. 168870

why would she go out in public with a fucking sewing pin in her dress like at least use a cute brooch/pin instead if you wanna be that lazy

No. 168876

she honestly looks better than this pic
but what pisses me off is that these are taken like, a day appart kek.

No. 168877

Does this confirm that she only wanted to make those dresses for herself and the collection is irrelevant? what a retard

No. 168879

god she's so fucking straight i hate straight people so much gross

No. 168880

I didn't know what this anon meant until I checked the picture again and realized jillian intentionally took pictures next to RAinBow flags and road markings to show how gey she is

Although I agree she looks better than usual here, one solid hair color and slightly softer makeup instead of white paint lines seems to help.

No. 168887

File: 1629642110243.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1456x1034, 14A52DCC-CD26-4976-AFEB-70EF96…)

Op of the photos cut the caption but she was at a pride parade in what she is calling “baby drag”

No. 168888

File: 1629642214724.jpeg (2.46 MB, 1456x2141, 9982F62A-18BB-4909-9FF1-AFD83A…)

Why does she keep posting such nightmare fuel selfies, it has to make her feel bad about herself

No. 168889

she looks like a cancer patient

No. 168890

samefag as above & nitpick but why does she never make sure her nose is clean before taking selfie’s at that horrific angle.

No. 168892

she looks better here than in any makeup looks she's tried to do

No. 168894

Words of a narcissist: I got SO MUCH LOVE it was electric

Everything is always about her and what she "gets" nothing about the presumably actually gay people at the parade, just larping Jill, the only person that matters

No. 168895

rupaul drag drace killed our society and poisoned white straight women into thinking wearing lousy colors means you're homosexual.

No. 168896


No. 168897

exactly, everything is about her and her and her shit

No. 168898

She really thinks she's doing something with this "drag" moment. I think gatekeeping women from drag is shitty, but like…what the fuck is this? She really fancies herself as some kind of queer icon makeup artist when she probably looks like some sleep paralysis demon gremlin clown irl treating her "fashion line" like some last minute pinned together cosplay. What's the end goal with this? Does she think a bunch of misogynistic gays thirsty for dick want to see her perform anything?

No. 168911

Not gonna line I actually like the wig and overdrawn lips on her. If she just did her eye makeup and eyebrows as she would have even a few months ago she could probably look decent

No. 168912

100% thinks it's "camp", in a reaction image featuring an expressive drag queen kind of way. Like there are plenty of unflattering images of drag race contestants that people use as memes. But none of them are of queens who have been doing drag for 2 weeks

No. 168922

This isnt drag. Espsically as she basically wears it everyday. She retweets afab drag queens. She knows how much work goes into it. Shes just to lazy to do actual drag.

Incoming jill making a substyle while having no respect for whay its inspired by like "party kei". But now its baby drag

No. 168928

File: 1629666869647.jpg (705.69 KB, 1500x2250, _MG_5779[1].jpg)

based on the fact she used to be really into Emilia Fart (still is?) and she posts a lot of very unflattering pics of herself/does hideous makeup etc, she could be trying to imitate that a bit

No. 168930


Truly makes her look like one of those fat drag queens. Aka she looks like a man who thinks he‘s good at make up.

No. 168934

her alter ego Gluttony Swells is probably going for exactly that

No. 168941

Nit pick but I hate when people stick their tongues out and they are coated in white film. Brush your god damn tongue, Jill.

No. 168942

Can anyone explain what about this constitutes as “baby drag” or even “drag” in general? I don’t understand her drag saga.

No. 168957

"Baby drag" isn't just a Jill thing, a baby drag queen is anyone who's new to drag. Girls can do drag, but there's usually a transformation between the way they look during the day and the way they look in drag.

No. 168961


Bitch looks like a melted lovechild of lhouraii li (who is cool) and the proserpina (who is not) but it's somehow actually cuter than usual Jill so in conclusion, I am confused.

No. 168998

So basically what's going on in Jill's mind at the moment:
Gained a lot of weight -> lead to her feeling unfeminine and less "womanly"
Feeling less womanly -> lead to cope by calling herself nb/trans so she can't "fail" at being female
Still into feminine interests -> partake in the exact same feminine practices of makeup and fashion, but claim it's the one form (drag) that is dominated by males to further cope
Hates own fat face now -> makes ugly faces and uses unconventional make up to feel like she's in control over her looks and to look as different as possible on purpose so people can't compare her to attractive females ("jokes on you for calling me ugly, I wasn't trying to look pretty anyway!!1")
Declining mental health obviously tied to her declining physical health -> cope by online shopping for any serious trauma induced/developmental disorder to use as an excuse to not have to actually work on her real issues + to get online clout

No. 169040


Phoebe Tickner vibes. She too is so insecure about being a fat straight woman that she turned into a totes nb kweer mentally ill disabled artist posting unflattering selfies of herself so no one can shoot her down for being fat and ugly cus that's ackshully the point, silly!

On topic: Jill's makeup is atrocious. It makes her look like a melted Divine wax figure.

No. 169212

On the money. Same with the anon saying she's skinwalking Emilia whatever gross thing

No. 169227

No. 169231

Sage for nitpicking but I'm watching this and this "professional fashion designer" thinks lilac is "blueier" and lavender is "pinkier" when anyone with basic color knowledge knows it's the opposite. She really just doesn't give a shit anymore about putting in any effort.

No. 169232

File: 1629828765588.png (3.02 MB, 2170x1170, 1.png)

She really put a tw for this joke about the ugly stuffed flower bracelet
>Those will never die, you can literally pry those from my frigging hands in my literal casket
>(Laughing) trigger warning for death mention, but I love those flowers

No. 169236

She talks like a shitty drag queen and it's insufferable. Nails on a rainby chalkboard kek outfits are terrible as usual, nothing matches. How does she manage to suck at everything?

No. 169237

In what situation do you wear a turtleneck but also its warm enough to wear open toe sandals.

No. 169245

I guess in the situation where it all has the same color kek

No. 169247

File: 1629836060118.jpeg (621.84 KB, 828x963, 719219EA-71BE-4267-82FA-7E49DD…)

No. 169252

This honestly counts as self harm. It's so unbelievable to see someone become more mentally unhinged after they've actually sought help. Get a real therapist, Jillybean.

No. 169260

File: 1629839081753.webm (1.22 MB, 480x852, aw6lTHPhhia0c580.webm)

be warned, this one is particularly obnoxious

No. 169261

God I want to slap the fuck out of this ugly fat bitch.

No. 169264

I've said it before and I'll say it again: despite being one of the least "problematic" cows, Jill entices a rage in me like no other. It's as if she's the embodiment of having a "face you want to punch", except it's every aspect of her and not just a physical thing.

No. 169265

File: 1629839885890.png (117.68 KB, 2550x282, .png)

was watching mytoecold's new video and i scroll down and the first comment i see is jill. god she's insufferable.

No. 169269

must..not.. a log..

No. 169277

Does she have an humiliation kink or some shit? How could ANYONE enjoy looking so fucking ugly

No. 169278

File: 1629847534406.jpg (819.94 KB, 1920x1920, Pixie_underarms.jpg)

every woman has the right to not remove body hair but it seems like such a weird choice to let your armpit hair grow out like that and display it publicly when the rest of the aesthetic is so unnatural and cartoony and deliberate and orchestrated.

It seems like Jill will go the extra mìle for anything that can be achieved and managed immediately like make up, hair and clothes but forgoes normal selfcare that requires long term maintenance such as diet, fitness, weight, hygeine and below the neck grooming.

No. 169288

I think it’s for “non-binary” cred

No. 169289

lmao at her saying she's a size 12.

No. 169309

It's 'warm' or 'cool', the more embarrassing thing is that she doesn't know this most basic color theory. It's like lesson number one.

No. 169312

File: 1629863956327.gif (15.62 MB, 480x852, 1629839081753.gif)

No. 169313

Really feelin' that punchable vibe other anons are picking up on. Maybe some people just need punching into order? Is her lack of physical violence during her upbringing the cause of all this? I can imagine narc mom didn't let the kids fight like normal kids and never criticized her and now we have this

No. 169316

Also the best part is you can tell she thinks she's cute and sexy here, it's a similar type of near-animated jerky movement that more attractive thots do, but Jill doing it just makes people want to get out the flamethrower.

No. 169321

There's something repulsive and appropriating about a straight woman mimicking the behavior of gay men and drag queens, that's all I can say about this video other than she looks fucking hideous and nobody could have expected this descent into madness for Jill in 2021.

No. 169322

File: 1629865878864.gif (4.02 MB, 400x276, noooo.gif)

Maybe Jill knows she's a clown and is just attempting to own it at this point? It's just so embarrassing, if she ever grows out of this phase I don't see how she could look back on things like these without great shame.

No. 169331

She's probably just lost and in crisis now that she lost the only structure she had for the last few years. She's not a successful full time youtuber anymore. She's not a fashion student anymore. She's too ashamed of her collection to share it and this mass produced ageplay potato sack dress is the only way she can keep the delusion going in her mind that she's a successful designer.
I can't imagine she has any big projects on the horizon. She graduated months ago and has done nothing but collect illnesses, pronouns, and "baby drag."
Like she is probably going stir crazy binging drag race and online shopping to distract from the fact that she has no focus, real actionable goals. And yet still feels entitled to have a roof over her head, endless tendies and shopping sprees. She's not slick switching her shopping addiction to secondhand clothes.

No. 169339

If she is going to make makeup her new thing rather than fashion why doesn't she actually get a foundation that matches? Its just bad on top of bad, nothing is good about this. Such a shame to see this happen, she literally had some of the best resources for a creative person as a teen and she's just thrown it all away while hiding behind mental illness

No. 169343

i think it's both because it's hard to watch someone "harm themselves" and because of second-hand embarrassment.
She keeps getting worse by her own doing despite people pointing out why/how and she keeps not listening and consequently gets worse, just like everyone said. It's like watching a toddler who's too dumb to understand that putting the fork in the toaster is a bad idea so it starts crying when you try to take away the fork.
Then she is also getting worse in style and looks while acting like she's hot shit despite lacking really basic knowledge. So even the people who liked her style are disappointed because it's so bad now that they don't get inspired by it any more.

No. 169350

The thing I find about her makeup is that it isn’t actually remotely unique, she is blatantly copying several other creators and they all do it better so why would anyone follow her for that content if they can just go look at someone else she is knocking off doing it far better, seems like a dead end

No. 169360

She’s really just ballooning. Sad.

No. 169361

In this video she says the store she got her shoes from is “fast fashion” so she won’t buy from them again, and says she will look on Japan auction sites instead. But isn’t the amount of jet fuel needed to ship packages from Japan just as bad as ‘fast fashion’? I don’t understand her thought processes on things.

No. 169365

Like a US size 12 or a uk/aus size 12 because they are quite different

No. 169372

File: 1629895711381.png (30 KB, 664x248, pixie.png)

Says the person who regularly says shit like "tikky tokky" and other babytalk dribble.

No. 169373

I would assume a canadian 12 as that’s where she’s from. So a UK 14 or european 42? Jill isn’t that tall right? I have a friend who wears UK size 14 but she’s 5”10 and while not skinny, she’s not jill size. I can only imagine how embarrassing filling out clothes meant for women a head taller than you is.

No. 169387

I might be wrong, but I think women with armpit hair often groom/shape it a little bit if they are showing it off deliberately (which jill is). That just looks smelly.

No. 169389

File: 1629899078833.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x1455, 1A829E1E-6E6E-4A5C-ADB1-1CED16…)

what the fuck, why is her skin so yellow

No. 169390

Does she have a beard?

No. 169392

How many layers of irony are we at here where she doesn't realize she's exactly the type of person they're talking about. And that other recent reply where the girl was like don't do fast fashion generic designs and Jill just launched…exactly that, but agreed.

No. 169393

I can see some warp tool usage here with how her eyes don't line up quite right and she suddenly has a ski-slope nose shape.

No. 169394

File: 1629901461477.jpeg (275.65 KB, 1201x369, 09BEDDE4-9080-4937-931C-4400F8…)

The hashtags she used for this pic on Instagram really add to the level of ick

No. 169395

Isn't this just how everyone on twitter acts like? Wtf. It looks the same, anyway.

No. 169398

Gotta lol at the fact that this was a ‘sustainable’ fashion video, that consisted of her showing off the dress she is selling made from shitty mass produced fabric, and every other fast fashion mass produced item she owns. Like sure okay you’re not buying it anymore, but nothing about those looks was ‘sustainable’ other than the fact you wore the same dress with different accessories… like normal people do with the clothes they own…

No. 169401

Bruh the term dolls is used to describe sex workers who are trans women. Why is she trying to claim this term,,,, like her “gender experimentation” has nothing in common with one of the most marginalized groups??? I’m sick of her trying to claim identities and language she has no knowledge on,,, like posting images in your underwear doesn’t make you a sex worker and playing with your pronouns doesn’t equate with the very real danger trans women face.(Integrate)

No. 169406

jfc before zooming in/reading the caption I thought this was badly done fanart of her
her entire face looks airbrushed on and the combination of the wig and background is so garish

No. 169407

The pink blazer she got from the thrift store is a size 12. Canadian/US sizes are the same.

No. 169413

The photo looks so gross, I can almost smell it. Plus the yellow foundation and the badly done overdrawn lips. Is she having a prolonged mental breakdown with this shit? No sane person would make themselves look like this, wtf.

Oh god, she really is inching closer to ddlg shit, isn't she. Nasty ass.

Trannies aren't real women and sex work isn't real work. Do you know where you are?

No. 169417

because larping as a tranny/adopting their terms sounds cooler online than admitting youre a boring, straight, feminine woman. seems like you’re defending the poor trans wimmins but invalidating our dearest Jillian's true and honest enby identity, whats up with that? cancelled!

No. 169418

LMAO you can see where she concentrated the foundation, she looks like she has huge saggy cheeks because there's nothing on her chin

No. 169423

sizes are pretty meaningless, so I can imagine there is a size 12 blazer that she was able to cram herself into

No. 169428

She has a small amount dark moustache fuzz, yep.

No. 169439

she needs to be stopped

No. 169440

Learn how to type first dumbass

No. 169443

legit this is the scariest and most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on lolcow kek

No. 169459

She really, really, really needs a new therapist. Immediately. I'm bipolar and she reminds me of someone in a manic episode. I hate that I feel bad for her because ugh.

No. 169460

Why is chin a different color than the rest of her face??? Absolutely disgusting, at this rate she'll become an horrorcow in a year

No. 169467

this caught me off guard when I saw it on instagram. I literally jerked back from my phone screen in disgust.
Jill, if you're going to overline your lips and take photos of it, at least take pics from angles where it isn't obvious you've overlined your lips kek they look so crusty and disgusting. And that stupid pout makes it even worse.

First Kelly Eden with The Midnight, now Jill with Owl City. Why do these clowns insist on ruining good music?

No. 169490

…aaannnd it has begun! Months have been leading up to this, but the wannabe bimbo saga has commenced at last!

No. 169498

Sad to see such a saga. I still say Mr. Vessey should've been way more strict with her and her enablist mother.

No. 169508

File: 1629945403326.jpeg (538.28 KB, 828x1186, 13F4C917-C452-4CFC-A2F8-B83B17…)

She literally looks like a grandma with no teeth, there is noooo fucking way she would be attracted to someone like this irl, she really just thinks she’s super hot shit

No. 169509

File: 1629945691149.jpeg (441.32 KB, 828x1293, CF59F811-C2EB-4229-8643-06A71D…)

Anons are right about her just spending money on pointless shit at this point since being a fashion designer is just too hard for poor jillybean

No. 169524

she's so mentally ill she thinks she's a man, tragic. I wish she got help

No. 169525

File: 1629962627145.jpg (44.46 KB, 622x661, ECcU1LBUYAAxYPg.jpg)

holy shit she's really just referring to herself as a man now? I thought she'd at least only stick to the "uwu I'm a queer genderless nonbinary bean!" shit but this is a bit much.

so let me get this straight, she's spending half of her day online now pretending to be a baddie thot bimbo clown drag kween, and then she spends the other half pretending to be a 'man' which entails wearing black, hiding her rainby hair under some ugly beanie and not putting on any makeup?

it honestly feels like she only created this man-persona so she'd get away with not wearing her ugly clown facepaint and clothes 24/7.
is just being a regular woman that sometimes wears a lot of makeup and sometimes doesn't wear any makeup too boring for her? kek

either way she's slowly reaching 'deranged' territory. I wonder how Jill from 4 years back or so would feel about her current self.

No. 169529

Honestly, its like a step backwards in modern society. Why is it that some people seem to think that if they are of the female sex that when they like 'masculine' things that they have to identify as a man or vise versa. Kinda seems like they are relying heavily on gender stereotypes instead of how pronouns actually make them feel, no?

No. 169532

I like how she pretends these glasses aren't girlier than a dress would be. No man would be caught dead in these.

No. 169533

Always the same hat, we know she doesn’t wash her hair enough no way is she washing the hat I bet that hat is very greasy to the touch

No. 169538

No. 169552

She probably regrets making the colored hair her brand because now she has to wear that ugly beanie to cosplay as a "man" everytime

No. 169561

god I feel like tiktok has been so bad for her. she's going downhill faster then I've seen in years and I'm sure being coddled by a bunch of tweens doesn't help

No. 169568

Nonny did you mean tickletok?

I potentially kind of feel bad for her. She now barely mentions her relationship with her mom. If she is a narcissist as a result of being raised by one, there is no way her mom is taking this phase well if she was sad at her having short blue hair at 13 or whatever. Those weird creep shots vs her previous extravagant heavily co-shooped shoots with long Karen essays anbout how special her daughter is kind of seem to confirm that. It's probably hard to have a parent who was previously obsessed with you for most of your life barely hiding their disgust for you. Not that it excuses her behavior, it's probably another reason why she is so arrested, tendie exclusive, and unable to move forward.

No. 169570

i think the part that makes me cringe the most with this is her belly screaming in that jumpsuit, and especially the ending bit of the vid where she doesnt know what to do and stares right into the camera LOL

No. 169572

she's "unable to move forward" because she's convinced she's mentally ill thus disabled, that's her excuse

No. 169586

nitpick but the massive forehead really adds to the drag look. a little contour wouldn’t kill.

literally with the hairband she looks like every bald queen without their makeup.

No. 169589

>Lmao do people still say shit like heckin pupper smol bean what losers

>White haired little meow meows!!! owo

No. 169602

Now you've pointed it out, its all I can see.

No. 169608

File: 1630005085007.jpeg (623.05 KB, 828x1193, CDF4837A-4DFB-4CA5-A16B-E1D984…)

No. 169609

File: 1630005202726.jpeg (484.85 KB, 828x1427, 50C24E56-A2B9-4683-80C9-E56F69…)

No. 169632

This is the most irritating thing she has ever typed out. I know some of the cows say some really dumb shit but this just really takes the cake. She really thinks feeling tired is dissociating and she has a special mental illness… I wish dumb bitch-itus was a real dsm-5 illnesses because she exhibits all the symptoms.

No. 169633


The sooner she accepts that she just has anxiety like the fucking rest of us, the sooner she'll quit smoking weed and stop acting like such a fucking retard.

No. 169643

god this is bullshit

jill, entertaining the fact that this is an actual problem for you (instead of, yknow, just having a regular afternoon slump like the rest of us) – the solution is literally to just plan something so that youre out and about doing an activity at 3pm, instead of just lazing around the house 'dissociating'. if she had an actual job this wouldn't be a problem for her, she wouldn't have the time to ruminate on all this shit .

No. 169650

she has huge saggy cheeks because she’s overweight now.

No. 169689

File: 1630048524289.jpg (169.71 KB, 649x140, jfc.jpg)

bitch you aren't dissociating, you're experiencing something completely normal which most humans experience at some point.
this really just goes to show that the only people she interacts with are other whiny little mental sickness larping troons like herself.
it would do her so much good to go out and spend time around people who aren't her age, just older actually normal functioning adults, she'd realize that shit like an afternoon slump isn't something special.

No. 169690

This is literally just a poor attempt at being a drag king. Also, she’s trying to make her jawline more prominent to be “Masc” in that photo and it isn’t working lol

No. 169708

I wonder if Jillian's current belief that
>She is male
>Black beanie means male presenting
>A thottier version of her usual style she's had for years is now "drag"

Has more to do with her real life than we realize, what if her sex life is exclusively pegging and anal so she does what other fakebois do and calls herself male to cope.
But the actual problem is Steebie doesn't want PIV since he's an obvious incel and probably jacks it exclusively to tranny porn.

No. 169724

My thought exactly the bitch needs to eat something healthy and nourish her body with something else than peeps tea and garlic fingers

No. 169732

File: 1630082689881.jpeg (200.29 KB, 750x1333, E9PH0M_XIAAoBIf.jpeg)

I have a theory that this "character" is just for the days that she doesn't want to put the effort in to "be" the Pixie persona. Like, most women who don't want to wear makeup and style their hair just don't, Jilly. They don't turn into he/hims if they don't feel like wearing a dress today. It must be exhausting to be her.

No. 169733

why is the fake septum the most embarrassing part of this outfit

No. 169736

It's the modern day equivalent of joining Tumblr in 2011, but with even faster trend turnover and a much bigger audience. On there, she doesn't have to make good content or do good makeup, it just needs to be ~wacky~ and alt enough to stand out. She's sliding fast.

No. 169739

File: 1630085791918.jpg (919.78 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20210827-133435_Ins…)

Katie found a way to make Jillian's trashy dress look even trashier.

No. 169742

>>169739 Do none of these people own an iron or steamer or is the dress just so bad that the material simply looks like it has been picked from the darkest depths of someone's clothing pile.

No. 169747

I think using the belt to cinch is making the wrinkling worse so even if you ironed it would end up bunching up and wrinkling

No. 169748

I don't even know what to call this. She looks like a human Daisy Duck cosplay that is also a mall goth for some reason

No. 169751

Glad she’s looking healthier though

No. 169786

tbh this, you can tell by her color alone that she's washing and taking enough insulin at least, sage for off topic

No. 169832

File: 1630173191544.jpeg (140.25 KB, 750x712, 99AFEF7A-3B64-4F11-A8A6-F77F46…)

apparently jill "completely loses control of her limbs sometimes"

No. 169834

What kinda nightmare patient self harms during a session?

If the patient whipped out a knife or something they should quietly leave the room and call security, I think if someone is engaging in harm of any kind with an unwilling person present it's a security issue if anything, not a therapy issue.
Starting to think Jill is worse than we all think and this is her "best" side she shows the internet. Like Stevie just walks in sometimes and she's self harming while pretending she has uncontrollable limbs and doesn't know what she's doing.

No. 169842

It's either that or she's just really hamming this up for attention. I don't know which scenario is worse.

No. 169851

Knowing her she's probably just flailing around and is completely misinterpreting the question. She really loves taking serious questions answering them vaguely so if her audience sees it they give her ass pats.

No. 169857

her idea of "self harm" is probably much closer to like.. clapping too hard as a 'stim' than anything actually destructive to the self. though, it could be argued that she is regularly self destructive vi sa ve poor diet, negligent of personal encouragement, ect…… the tweet is explicitly about DID, too, so either she thinks dissociation (symptom) is the same as DID (disorder), or she really is gearing up for a me and my alters type video. i used to watch her as a highschooler and she's just gotten so pathetic. this behavior would only make vague sense if she was literally half her age.

No. 169869

File: 1630205885896.jpeg (336.2 KB, 828x589, B59C4670-4EBB-493C-9C2C-F4F69D…)

After seeing this photo I really feel like Jill is being openly “trans” in hopes of one-upping Steebie

No. 169878

Has she ever elaborated on her supposed trichotillomania other than to name drop it in response to being called out for not being ND?
Because surely there would be some visible evidence? Over plucked brows, missing eye lashes, thinner spots on her hair? Unless she’s like exclusively plucking her pubes or some shit, which I guess she could be. Also doesn’t really add up considering she’s joined the no shave club, which for a lot of people exacerbates the symptoms by having excess body hair

No. 169879

if this is about her alleged psuedoautism she better not be saying to hold her still while she ""stims"" i.e. methodically and deliberately waves her arms around like a psychopath/ABDL

No. 169880

I'm guessing she's become fixated on her eyebrows, judging from >>169869
Her left brow is looking a little bit wonky. I bet you her trich is out of convenience since she's been growing fond of tumblr/drag brows lately. This would make it so she no longer has to glue them down and maybe eventually shave them.

No. 169884

I have wondered if it’s an elaborate excuse for her hair looking like shit from over processing and her needing hair extensions because it’s thin as a result, she has claimed before her hair just doesn’t grow longer than this when in reality she has a chemical cut, she is really in denial. Having more hair does make it worse so again, extensions would be triggering. The majority of people don’t have it extremely enough for it to be really visible like most people you would just assume they have thin head hair and say you pull arm hair, unless you are unusually super hairy it’s not super visible

No. 169891

I doubt she actually has trichotillomania, probably just assumes she has it because she accidentally pulled out a hair or two while "dissociating" (aka playing with her hair while staring out of the window). Her brows are likely just naturally asymmetrical with one being more arched and thinner than the other, many people have that.

No. 169900

I know these people are all fakers but if you're so unwell that you self-harm while dissociating, you need to be hospitalized as you are a risk to yourself. I really don't understand wanting to LARP as so mentally ill and unstable.

No. 169918

File: 1630250239960.jpg (823.97 KB, 984x1086, Screenshot_20210829-161435_Ins…)

Jill uploaded this on her insta… do you think this is Steve's body? It doesn't look like hers or am I going crazy?

No. 169919

This is def a male's body lol

No. 169921

shoop working overtime oh my lord… reminding me of that photoshoot on the beach years back with her moms obvious extreme shoop to make her look thinner, no wonder jillybean has "mUh Ed" with her mom always editing her pics so much over the years. this is so dysmorphic.

No. 169923

Her legs are enormously more chunky than that, either Stevie or she went wild on the shoop.

Theory: Stevie's trooning out after too much tranny porn and it might explain her recent descent into madness

No. 169924

… Anon it's Steve. Jill has all of her tattoos on her right side which is completely bare in this pic. Or it might be one of her friends with an unfortunate body shape since the upper arms look a little too chunky to be Steve's

No. 169925

Samefag, if you look at this annoying gif, Jill's hands and elbows look different, so I think it's him

Oh boy

No. 169926

(Samefag as >>169923 to be clear)

No. 169927

>>169918 idk you can see part of a tattoo on the arm holding the phone

No. 169928

Anons you're all blind it's literally just Jill, you can see part of her tattoo on the arm holding the phone. It's a mirror selfie so it's flipped.
She's just contorting and shooping herself to make it look like she isn't a total hambeast.

No. 169936

File: 1630256290846.png (1.46 MB, 1069x1032, crossdressing.png)

What you should see there is the bottom of a rainbow though.

I present for the consideration of anons, the suspicious image overlaid with Stevie's hands from one of his shit youtube videos

No. 169939

It’s Jill. I think the image is flipped. You can see the very edge of one of her tattoos in the top right corner of the pic

No. 169941

come on anon, her body, if it even is, looks like that of a man in this photo, and like >>169936 said the hands in this pic look like Stevie's. Maybe he has a tattoo of his own that may match hers, I have seen couples do that lol

No. 169943

Everybody in this thread is fucking blind apparently. Jill is just upset she’s fat and shooped the pic into oblivion. Missing your ED days jillybean?

No. 169945

Paging this anon when the troon saga begins.
Jill is very bottom-heavy with thick legs and thighs, how do you explain the proportions in that image which are more fridge/apple shaped

No. 169950

Literally stop that's a chubby girl even if it isn't Jillian. Steve is a twig, and the person in the picture has a gut and hammy arms

No. 169951

File: 1630261882571.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x1160, BEA2F254-03A0-4735-A589-E6F687…)

it’s clearly jill, you can see her precure tattoo under the tights in the other photo she posted

No. 169952

File: 1630263657031.jpg (230.59 KB, 1440x1440, 1571477632.jpg)

She's gone crazy with the editing and angles then since this is also her, and her recent videos look the same as this.

No. 169954

Also troon males usually skinwalk a crush, ex, or current girlfriend, so matching tats is a possibility.

No. 169958

>methodically and deliberately waves her arms around like a psychopath/ABDL
Honestly, stimming is not even close to whatever the hell she does. She just does crazy shit and plays with toys and that's not stimming at all, that's just being a retard

No. 169959

Or she pulls out the hair on her pubes and armpits or etc undesirable hair

No. 169961

File: 1630269069192.jpg (52.91 KB, 368x540, IMG_20210829_223011.jpg)

This is how the skirt looked on her four years ago.

No. 169963

>self harm while dissociating
I think only very mental cases do this, I can't imagine jillybean doing it

No. 169964

>no tattoos
Uhhhhh steve?

No. 169971

The tattoo indicates that it's Jill, and if that's the case she really got carried away with the shoop here. Like she edited forty pounds off her legs alone.

No. 169973

File: 1630273647616.jpg (157.97 KB, 836x1295, jilltattoo_(1).jpg)

It's Jill. Look closely and you can also see the precure tattoo under the tights. Its flipped, remember. If you look where I circled and where the arrow is pointing, you can see the bottom of the heart

No. 169975

So much for 'pody positivity' and 'loving herself' and 'being authentic'.

No. 169977

Her caption is all about how they are ethical and environmental. Jill you got two pairs of tights shipped from the uk to canada. Defeats the purpose.

No. 169994

dissociating during panic attacks is definitely a real thing and people will sometimes self-harm to pull themselves out of it and use it as a type of coping mechanism. I am not sure if she is even claiming she has anxiety/panic attacks when it takes place though….but watch, she will probably read this and add it to her diagnosis.

No. 170003

did she think people wouldn't notice she made herself 40lbs lighter? once again confirming she hates her fat body and her "trans" and "dissociating" are just copes so she doesn't have to face the truth of her weight gain

No. 170026

that shirt is disgusting…..and so is she. I'm sorry but she isn't a man. She's just an ugly woman.

No. 170028

goddamn cafebeef looking ass. She’s making the same ugly faces to look male that he does to look female.

No. 170031

I don’t get why she doesn’t just eat healthier or starts doing sports. Even just walking does so much for your health. If you feel so bad about it body lose weight. Especially after lockdows where homeworkouts started to be a norm

No. 170037

File: 1630338036261.png (188.7 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210830-104004.png)

this is so fucking stupid

No. 170038

File: 1630338124032.jpg (45.86 KB, 480x192, B612_20210830_104137_761.jpg)

also kek at this

No. 170039

>Spends life bastardizing japanese stuff
>bastardizing japanese stuff is bad

Another one for the "no self awareness" compilation

No. 170045

She named her own style after a japanese subculture - is she really that dense that this doesn’t register as hypocritical?

No. 170048

Sage for ot but seeing the people at the protest, there were only like 2 asians at that actual protest.
I don't know why there wasn't as much backlash when the ShoePalace in the area opened up, vs a small business. There also isn't any backlash for any of the shitty, anime knockoff stores that keep popping up despite the fact that I feel like downsizing Japanese culture to anime only is more damaging, but I digress.

No. 170058

This is beyond retarded, there’s a handful of small businesses in little tokyo that aren’t probably “Japanese owned” and are instead run by Mexican weebs, southeast Asian weebs, and the like. are these weirdos gonna protest those too? I bet money most of them are just weeaboo Japan fetishists and don’t even give a single shit about the (aging) Japanese population in LA to begin with

No. 170061

File: 1630350913434.png (767.35 KB, 760x1028, Screenshot_20210830-151327.png)

Jill ordered eco-friendly boxers for herself, apparently

No. 170062

Just had a look at the mokuyobi.com website and it's not that bad. Just colour blocked clothing made locally, nothing J fashion. The name is just a quirky attempt at marketing. Why are people offended by the smallest things these days?

so many women wear mens boxers, definitely not needed to be shared but it was definitely for uwu queer internet points

No. 170063

>>170048 exactly….
if you do a little research into it, "kawaii" is a legitimate and intentional cultural export from Japan, especially in the late 2000s to mid 2010s, + the business is legitimately handmade. worlds more ethical than anything she's made. i follow their socials and when they opened up shop there they received backlash and iirc made a donation to asian American charities?… someone really needs to cancel pixie herself to get it through her thick skull that wokie culture is just second wave tumblr puritanism and equally as bullshit

No. 170065

File: 1630352120894.jpeg (324.27 KB, 640x742, 4FA309AE-C221-4B2A-A6F3-AC2C9B…)

Can someone explain this?..

No. 170066

File: 1630352842692.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20210830-134124-090…)

That's 100% what it was for. She doesn't even need to share this especially since she's not going full fake boi but she just wants ass pats.

No. 170071

Coming out video when?

No. 170102

She truly is the confetti club queen - a tranny munchie rainbow clown

No. 170105

totes super intentional eco friendly guru buying so much crap she forgets what she bought until it arrives

No. 170115

Male is when boxers.

No. 170118

File: 1630386241500.jpeg (672.81 KB, 828x1075, 47B8BC48-3F16-4A29-B13F-61DD29…)

Jill you seriously can’t be that fucking lazy to not sweep up a massive dirt pile on your floor yet you have the energy to take a photo of yourself. This makes me fucking mad, this isn’t *~catatonia~* or *~dissociation~* this is just fucking laziness Jill

No. 170123

she doesnt own a single pair of black shoes?

No. 170124

Looking so masculine in your sports bra and compression pants jill!

No. 170125

If she's shooping, which… honestly, I can't tell, it might just be a trick mirror, but if she is you would think she'd at least have the decency to edit out garbage on the floor? Disgusting. She keeps buying stuff but can't even take care of the property she does own.

No. 170127

jillybean said on her instagram that it's just posing. damn i wish i could look like i've lost half my body weight just by posing

No. 170128

first off, wtf that pile of dust is huge. I get that they have long haired cats so it must accumulate quickly, but still, this can be easily avoided if you just clean regularly.

also this makes me think that Jill is just incapable of feeling shame or embarrassment.
I guess her appearance lately and mental illness glorification already proved as much, but it seems to apply to showing off her dirty surroundings on social media as well. any reasonable person would get rid of the dirt before taking a picture.

lastly, condolences to all my fellow nonnies who enjoy wearing dark clothing, according to Jill's logic we must all be trans men kek.
everything looks so fucking mismatched, she really just randomly throws all her black stuff together and thinks that's 'manly' when it's all clearly women's clothes.
also those clear jelly shoes were an awful choice, I thought she had disgusting zombie feet at first glance.

No. 170131

Thing is, this outfit and silhouette probably looks more flattering than her clown stuff. she's got more mass in her legs so cinching her waist is at least complimenting her pear shape a little bit. Honestly, I think she doesn't have a problem with gender, its just that all of her clown clothes are too revealing or ill fitting. Maybe if she tried belted maxi skirts with high waists, or you know, fucking jeans for once, it might help her feel less disjointed in her identity.

No. 170132

i think she's cornered herself so much with her own rainbow style and how it's her "genuine self" that now saying she likes "boring normie black" would be admitting her rainbow self is "fake", and she can't admit to that so she had to make up an entire new personality to avoid it. I think it's mostly unconsciously though and she's trying to justify it to herself more than her audience

No. 170136

Y'know Swells is a pretty good choice for her alter ego last name, because she just keeps getting larger. Ba dum tss

No. 170137

we all saw it coming but it still made me kek

Jillany Shrinks will be her weight loss persona name, with shrink also being a nod to her appropriating every disorder under the sun

No. 170185

File: 1630436890124.jpeg (531.64 KB, 1125x1198, 49260DF9-E5EC-48BE-AB92-962B77…)


No. 170196

2021, where a man dating a woman is shocked he’s a heterosexual. Lol

No. 170206

Why is he doing a gay test in german?

No. 170223

I refuse to believe she can fit into anything that's stored in a box that small. Not to mention it's made for a mans narrow hips. She's probably cutting off the circulation to the entire lower half of her body wearing these.

No. 170239

this is ridiculous… she just threw black clothes on and put a darker filter on her rainbow house lol

No. 170275

I wonder if she’ll redecorate a corner or room in her house with a muted or darker palette as a selfie space for her masculine alter drag persona, since the highly saturated rainbow eyesore doesn’t exactly fit the edgy vibe. Maybe this was all an elaborate plot by Steebie to reclaim a tiny bit of territory in the basement, even if he still has to share it with Jillainy on occasion.

No. 170276

everyone is commenting on the pile of nasty hair but what about the wine bottles next to the mirror lol(sage)

No. 170284

File: 1630497906630.jpeg (243.78 KB, 827x1256, B5F92A4F-8BDE-483B-A538-599806…)

Is she insinuating that she normally only wears g-strings? Because my mind didn’t need that mental picture

No. 170289

I like how she's admitting she's bustin' out of these still as this anon suspected >>170223

No. 170310

are you schizophrenic nonnie?

No. 170319

NTA and she's totally right, when men become troons they start wearing their ex gf or sister's clothes and then start skinwalking them

No. 170325

This has actually happened to me. Maybe that's another incentive for Steebie to live there? Free tacky stretched out rainbow fast fashion is really the key to true femininity.

No. 170332

I think it’s because she thinks her flat ass is dummy thicc

No. 170435

File: 1630584904748.jpeg (108.94 KB, 458x610, 3BA8917D-DC5B-470F-9EEB-D65B4C…)

An anon previously posted this in full but i just HAVE criticise her fucking terrible choice of foundation colour, does she not realise how yellow it looks on her or does she just not care? Also I’m guessing she think her gross ass moustache is oh so very queer and drag looking

No. 170436

I wish she had an android, iphones always show the worst kind of details on peoples faces.

No. 170504

File: 1630609197121.png (396.13 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20210902-125824-684…)

What an absolute dumb fucking bitch why is she saying that it's okay to workout in a binder?

No. 170513


This is so f**ing irresponsible… yikes.(it's okay to use bad words)

No. 170519

ftm's do exercise in their binders (like when they go to the gym)
but apart from that, she shouldn't be giving advice if she clearly doesn't know what she's talking about, she has no clue how binder sizing works

No. 170524


Doing it is one thing, advertising it is another.

No. 170531

We all know what she means by 'exercising'. Ugh steve, just get a side boy. I'm sure Jill would love more men to be involved.

No. 170554

Who cares if she has facial hair. that's such a dumb ass nitpick. Her horrendous makeup and hair that she CHOOSES to do is worse. And yikes, she has been wearing super yellow foundation lately.

No. 170563


So since her claim to fame was creating "party-kei", she should be boycotted too right?

No. 170594

Not an ounce of a soul in those eyes

No. 170648

File: 1630696425048.jpeg (545.16 KB, 828x1096, 0D95229A-39B2-4ACF-853A-65405E…)

No. 170649

Pronoun "change"? She just tacked on 2 pronouns right? If she really doesn't mind people exclusively using "she" then why would she call it a change… she's reaaally bothered when people exclusively refer to her as a chick huh?

No. 170650

she isn't bothered by feminine pronouns, she just wants people to remember that she's a genderspecial babbu.

No. 170651

But how is she using her platform at all for good? Like…how? She isnt even diagnosed by a doctor. She's very ill-informed too.

No. 170652

How is she destigmatising anything, she just uses her supposed illnesses of which only one is diagnosed as an excuse to do what she wants to others and get away with it, if anything her actions just confirm the negative things people think about bpd i.e that it makes you abuse others then play the victim and do anything for attention regardless of how it affects others

No. 170657

If it’s a digital publication why not ask them to edit it? If it’s so important for people to get it right, or else it’s violence, then why isn’t she asking them to just do a quick edit? It’s not difficult to ctrl + f

No. 170683

File: 1630719176965.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x1455, 9194AE08-A937-4FF8-9429-2F360C…)

she’s at a drag show

No. 170690

what about this is drag?
i see that shes wearing a binder but there are no attempts at exaggerated masculinity , in fact she even has her hair in her usual style and not the beanie tuck thing she usually goes for. like yeah shes done drag makeup but what is that adding to the look?
its just stupid. shes dressed as her regular self but edgier.

No. 170695

File: 1630723976421.jpeg (78.85 KB, 750x446, 57A2B65C-D2BA-425F-9C86-4261C2…)

No. 170698

>them having a "they/them/he" bathroom and "they/them/she" bathroom instead of just two "gender neutral" bathroom
fucking kek they barely tried

No. 170704

I didn't even know that she was wearing a binder it just looks like she's wearing just a crop top.

Don't most "qweer" clubs have it that all the bathrooms are gender neutral? Why is she so proud over something so minimal and not as woke as she thinks it is?

No. 170715

congrats you chose to use the grosser bathroom retard

No. 170737

Countdown to Jill getting raped in the men's toilet saga

(going to hell for this but don't use the fucking men's toilets, Jill, not every man is a cucked incel like your Stevie)

No. 170738

Usually it's the women's toilets co-opted to be the they/them toilets so I guess co-opting the both is progress, but in reality 99.99999% of people in there will be clearly cis

No. 170740

File: 1630760223035.jpg (74.54 KB, 800x800, iu75KS81G8.jpg)

Looking like a cheap MGA doll is not drag…

No. 170749

I'm sure she's only doing it at queer friendly places where the majority of "men" are nonbinary women or transmen anyway. She's probably not dumb or confident enough to do it in the real world outside these safe coddled places

No. 170752

fucking hell, drag is such a shit stain on our culture and the women who fall for it are worse.

No. 170773

File: 1630775039170.jpeg (517.84 KB, 1170x1116, BD6CDC5D-963D-468A-8971-F3401E…)


No. 170775

Essentially she went into the gender neutral restroom that offered a urinal as opposed to not having one. This happens to me the random times I have to use a restroom at Starbucks- which is also gender neutral. She’s acts like she really did something there lol

No. 170776

This is fucking weird. Her larping a trans identity is fucking weird. Do people not call her out on Twitter for doing shit like this?

No. 170782

Doesn't she have a young audience!?

No. 170784

Sage for OT but genderspecials and queers can be rapists too. I don't like Jillybean but I do hope she stays safe at least.

No. 170787

Drag is queer inclusive but it's not fully LGBT? Jill just wants to hop on any woke train that proves she's totally gay despite being straight and cisgender

No. 170788

I mean not really actually because they essentially made the options nonbinary man and nonbinary woman which is funny considering their intention, it would make more sense to label them as bathroom with urinals and bathroom with stalls as that’s the only aesthetic difference and thing people have a preference for, it probably ended up like that because everyone present was probably just straight cis white people who got brain rot watching too much drag race like Jill

No. 170790

File: 1630781229755.jpg (641.65 KB, 2896x2896, 20210904_144250.jpg)

Bowser everybody….

No. 170792

File: 1630782166649.jpg (513.71 KB, 1080x2076, Snapchat-1062554180.jpg)

No. 170793

so cool and MANLY, like who wouldn't wanna be pegged by this they/them/she?

No. 170796

File: 1630783860850.webm (4.78 MB, 576x1024, 77867678.webm)

>makeup look that I could convert from my spooky aesthetic to my rainbow aesthetic
I don't get what she was even trying to accomplish

No. 170798

I've never wanted to have lolita/party-kei jill back so bad

No. 170799

File: 1630784578802.png (76.97 KB, 223x447, Droopy_dog.png)

Why the fuck is she talking like she's already sloshed. She sounds like that Hanna Barbera cartoon dog with the massive jowles.

No. 170800

Good ol internalized sexism. Why is it so prevalent among women?

No. 170801

why is she talking like she has a mouth full of marbles?

No. 170803

Depending on the crowd at the venue she might actually be safer in the he/they bathroom than the she/they one since all the creeps go to the latter.

JFC Jill. Is her mom on Twitter?

No. 170807

perf. you have my vote for next thread pic

No. 170809

Is that a real question? Why do women raised under patriarchy hate themselves for being women to some extent, hmm.
Her live in bf being gay and/or preferring trannies and openly being addicted to porn might have something to do with it.
I amazed at how she embraces all of the red flags in her life and runs from any suggestions of productive or healthy change. She acts like she couldn't be a lazy shithead who does nothing but shop and pretend to be a HYPER QWEER OPPRESSED NEURODIVERGBTQ designer and influencer while actually being a boring-ass short, straight, fat white woman. Yet she still wants to have a cushy privileged lifestyle because that's all she knows being spoiled as shit.
She could easily churn out low effort fashion content that aligns with her "morals", but this is the direction she went in. "I'm actually very mentally ill from deviantart and searching for my identity via imitating social media drag queen makeup and pretending my gay bf loves me" Kei

No. 170813


Oh sweetie, Bowser doesn't deserve to be compared to whatever cluster fuck you are pretending to be this week…(sage)

No. 170834

FUCKING EW, her face is soooo punchable She is so fucking self entitled to even think for one second that this shit is anywhere even close to “attractive” Also the clip previous anon posted doesn’t work>>170796

No. 170835

File: 1630815033254.jpeg (38.39 KB, 581x528, 8B84D4F5-1966-44F2-87EF-6800BA…)

I swear this will be her in a less than a years time

No. 170836

The slurred speech and drooping face are so jarring. If I didn't know any better I'd worry she was having a stroke.

No. 170837

File: 1630815731992.jpeg (841.77 KB, 1800x1607, 6C8622A5-2766-46F0-A182-2621D9…)

No. 170854

Jeez she sounds like people who just wake up after being put under for surgery, her need to take her bong to her parents even though she was only there a few days then the ton of empty wine bottles and comments about buying box wine because it’s less heavy than buying many bottles really has me thinking she has substance abuse problems, which is a common thing for people with BPD even though she denied that in her cutesy infographics where she lied about the negatives

No. 170890

And we all laughed at her in the left picture for looking like shit… we were so naive

No. 170894

What happened to her? Jesus

No. 170911

Imagine that in five months we will look at the right pic and say something similar. She keeps finding new lows.

I do think that she looks sightly slimmer now tho it might be the binding in action

No. 170915

She's most definitely not slimmer now, ref Mama Pixie's creepshot earlier in the thread: >>165572

No. 170974

sjw brainrot

No. 171049

Has this dumb bitch forgot basic biology… you're a damn woman with a moldy can't

No. 171063

>a moldy can't

You ok nonnie?

No. 171228

Just had a divine inspiration : Jill is real life Kikomi. I wish it was joke. Misgendered euphoria soon? What a train wreck.

No. 171229

File: 1631099483022.jpeg (50.16 KB, 637x960, 1472432490487.jpeg)


this pose is so fucking forced and unnatural. it does make her looks skinnier than she is but at any other angle shes ten times bigger. she has always photoshopped her body and played with angles but its specially annoying now cause she's becoming even worse about it.

pic related, this was jill pic from five years ago. the recent one makes it seem like she's still a similar shape as my pic, which is bullshit cause she gains 10 pounds every six months.

No. 171234

Its not that deep. She has naturally thick legs but She doesnt seem to gain "much" fat in them compared to the rest of her body. She has bigger thighs but her fat stays mostly around her belly. Its not Photoshop, its having been raised by someone who taught her how to pose

No. 171251

Are we talking about the same person??

No. 171256

This is depressing. We had no idea it would ever get this bad.

2016 Jill… I'm sorry

No. 171259

Wow, she looks like she would’ve really suited pin up girl style clothing here with her body shape. She’s always getting worse as time goes on and always doing the complete opposite of what might look really flattering on her. It’s just a constant facepalm every time

No. 171260

File: 1631116996813.jpeg (27.96 KB, 236x294, A10AD5D3-DDF3-4D6F-986E-6BE527…)

Fuuuuuck is it bad that i kinda miss rainbow banged Jillian?

No. 171263

File: 1631118204561.png (938.96 KB, 827x729, greenhue.png)

This Jill had the chance to make it somewhat big. She had her own brand going on and I always thought that at this point she had also a visual concept that you could easily sell to the confetti fags, so while making countless videos about kawwiiwi fashun and such, she could've sold her own merch and whatnot and have a really good income imo.

Picrel was imo her best phase. I know the bangs are botched but the colour scheme was the most pleasant to look at. Pic from before she went to fashion school.

No. 171265

File: 1631118468174.png (760.57 KB, 845x491, 984948549.png)

kek I was just gonna say the same thing nonnies.
I miss picrel Jill, sure she made some questionable choices when it came to makeup and outfits and she had her flaws, but her look was still pretty natural, she was cute in a 'quirky tumblr girl' kind of way and her outfits were wearable and inoffensive for the most part, I hate this stupid unhinged clown phase she's in now.

No. 171272

I'm glad you mentioned wearable because that was a lot of what got me following her in the first place is that while she had still always been the type of influencer to put on an outfit just for a pic, they mostly felt like items a regular alt person like me could wear w/o it being too "slutty" or outfits that look good for pix but wouldn't be functional in the day-to-day. Also these bright but not over the top make-up looks as opposed to whatever the hell she's doing now. None of that is wearable or relatable at all unless I guess you're a fellow gender-speshul SJW. Sage for rant, I miss this phase, she has gone SO FAR off the deep end and it makes me sad

No. 171298

At this point I desperately miss the rainby bangs. Hard agree on that phase being her best. She looks repulsive now.

No. 171327

Hard disagree this was a good look. I'm not saying she has never had decent looks but this era was not it. Clinging to the rainbow bangs when she could have elevated her look even temporarily going all blonde.
Things are just so much worse by comparison. And was it practical when she insisted on miniskirts in the middle of Canadian winter? She was a mess but at least she had her parents' stability rub off on her at home. This rainbow clown phase is just the ultimate conclusion of unchecked Jill left to her own devices in a whole ass house with minimal responsibilities.
An example of how she does not understand color at all.

No. 171342

can you believe this is the same person
rainbow bangs were ugly imo

No. 171345

I remember bitching about her rainbow bangs at the time but really? I’d rather that Pixie any day than the one we have now

No. 171352

File: 1631160617042.png (88.76 KB, 1080x399, Screenshot_20210908-220935-600…)

Ironic for Jill to retweet this when she's the one with the bigger platform out of all her friends.

No. 171354

she wants her friends to mention her every 5 seconds

No. 171357

You mean she full names them wherever she can and could very possibly doxx them because she is so careless? Annoys the shit out of me when she's like 'this is just Wendy Sc*t if she was a blanket' stop full naming people Jill, the fuck????

No. 171359

I'm one of the anons you replied to and trust me, I've been following her since the first thread here and I definitely used to shit on her badly dyed rainbow bangs and her having her ass out in winter kek.

I think she'd look nicest with a natural/neutral hair color, but the rainbow bangs phase just seemed the most consistent with her 'brand' and overall aesthetic, even if it's not one that was perfect by any means.
Honestly it probably helped a lot that she still had day jobs back then, a) because she actually had to interact with normies outside of her family and b) because it meant her outfits had to be somewhat appropriate for work.
Back then she wasn't great at coordinating outfits, she never dressed that well for her body shape and she definitely needed to start incorporating more neutrals to balance out the rainbow/pastel statement pieces, but she was going in a decent direction.

I can see why she had fans back then, "hauls" is clearly where she excels at content wise kek. She'd mostly keep quiet about politics or social issue and just focus on buying stuff so she could just show off items, it worked out best for her even if it was easy to make fun of her for shopping too much.
She at least seemed somewhat interested in drawing back then, even if she wasn't great at it, I wish she would have focused more on improving that & other creative skills.
She's clearly awful at the whole fashion design thing and doesn't have a future in it, she should've stuck to learning to design more stuff like those confetti club badges she sold before.

TLDR; if she had kept going in the direction she was heading back then and just improved on a bunch of different aspects I think she could've done decently, but at this point all hope seems lost.

No. 171360

She had such a clear path to success but instead wasted so much time and money on that useless fashion course and she's come out the other end looking like an absolute tragedy. I used to be able to see a future for her career but now I got no idea what she could possibly do next. She's really reached a dead end.

No. 171362

>She'd mostly keep quiet about politics or social issue and just focus on buying stuff so she could just show off items, it worked out best for her even if it was easy to make fun of her for shopping too much.

Not any of the above anons but I've been around since her lolita days too. Her style was always a trainwreck and her personality was utter shit back then too but like others have said she had a lot more going for her. Remember when she got flown out to sims camp by EA after making a couple sims videos designing that nightmare townhouse? Her channel was doing well.

I think there was a time where a lot of us genuinely saw some kind of potential in her so we really thought she could do more with her content than just shop, that's why we criticised her for the excessive hauling. We knew she was bad at fashion design but she hadn't been to school yet so we thought she'd either improve or get destroyed by it and move on. Instead she went to that hugboxy craft college, completely stagnated, made sustainability and mental illness her whole personality despite caring about neither of those things where she can't profit, gained even more weight and decided to troon out/ do 'drag' to compensate for it.

I agree. If she stuck to being just another straight white fashion/lifestyle vlogger with a quirky style she probably would've done well but now I think she's too far gone. The fashion design thing didn't work out and that's okay, but now she's forced herself so far into a rainby totes quirky qweer body posi uwu box that she can't even wear black without pretending to be a man, let alone work on herself. Just listening to her talk is grating because she has to put on a million fake totes neurodivergent voices when we all know she can talk normally. I think she's past the point of no return because her mentally ill totes body posi sjw fans will probably turn on her for any kind of attempt at self improvement.

No. 171386

She was never a very talented seamstress but her vlogs and little crafty projects, maybe a house tour or something coulf have been her brand. Now she's chosen to Be the mental illness lifestyle content she wants to see in the world kek.

No. 171407

If she spent less time being woke on twitter and more time working on her products and freelance business she might have something to be proud of

No. 171436

god I miss her teenage years of being a lolita and using tristan as an ouji accessory

No. 171451

File: 1631258687334.jpg (67.67 KB, 596x476, IMG_20210910_091910.jpg)

I still think yellow hair suited her the best, no bangs. Just long wavy hair. Thought it really complimented her outfits and makeup. But understandably, yellow is a bitch to take care of so I see why she got rid of it. Blonde would probably have a similar effect and she could still have rainbow strips in her extentions so it wouldn't be completely normie.

No. 171493

It's actually puzzling now that you anons point this out. She really should have made it. She had everything going for her, youtuber personality-wise. She was quirky, chipper, wore cute clothes, traveled to Japan, shopped in interesting shops…If she kept up the vlogging thing, I almost feel like that would have been her golden ticket into stable influencer stardom. but somehow she jumped off the tracks and went straight into all this mental illness attention whoring shit.

This is a trap that I notice other youtubers fall into too, actually. Once they start pandering to the woke, their channel shutters shortly after. They can't haul anymore because having a lot of clothes is bad now, they can't show normal clothing brands because its non-ethically sourced "fast fashion", they cant show too much makeup/pr packages because that's causing too much waste-a channel takes off thanks to fashion and then crashes and burns into just revolving around the person which 10 times out of 10, they're boring because all they do is sit at home all day. Which apparently gives them plenty of time to just start hallucinating problems to make them appear more interesting. Tragic.

No. 171499

I wonder why Jill doesn’t just say fuck it and start shopping with fast fashion shit from Japan again. She could just say “well it’s the billionaires fault not mine” a la most Twitter retards and probably get her channel going again

No. 171502

She really looks like Lena Dunham here.

No. 171510

shes literally never promoted wendy or maggie's businesses though. it really would give them a good boost of visibility.

No. 171526


I have always thought that Jill was like the Canadian (and far less talented) Lena Dunham.

No. 171554

she cant even fit any of the japanese brands anymore. thats why

No. 171578


Omg i cackle. This is so spot on.

No. 171590

I think she has a huge supiorority complex and found something that people couldn't argue with, so she ran with it. She's not actually passionate about environmentalism, everything she has talked about has all been about how to continue consuming in a "good way" rather than talking about how to consume less, or idk, how to sew your own clothes. Jill doesn't base her passions on what makes her happy, its about being better than other people. Same thing with the mental gymnastics. Theres nothing better than being enthusiastically mentally ill in every way possible to that crowd. Thats why she's ticking every disorder off.

No. 171601

Remember when in her second to last video said she was going to upload weekly from now on? Well…

No. 171606

File: 1631345343565.png (32.5 KB, 554x541, Untitled.png)

I was looking at her Socialblade/Graphteon for stats on her Youtube and Patreon and man…

>YT subs beginning of the year: 243k

>YT subs now: 241k

>Patreon subs beginning of the year: 202

>Patreon subs now: 160

So not only has she been stagnating all year, she's actually been going down in numbers.
She keeps claiming this is her job but puts no actual effort or work in at all anymore.

Most of her online presence now is posting on Twitter about how mentally ill she is or making shitty Tiktoks, but neither of those actually benefit her when it comes to earning money since she's awful at redirecting any traffic towards the sites that make her money.

You can tell she has lost her passion for it (though I don't think she was ever passionate about Patreon in the first place), she has no clue what kinda videos to make anymore.


No. 171611

Because Jill doesn't just pander to the woke, she honestly believes what she's preaching now and thinks it's fashionable.

No. 171619

Sorry but this gives me major Lillee Jean vibes lol

No. 171674

File: 1631399739292.png (770.59 KB, 890x677, 1486241002873.png)


always has

brown hair ruins her. i think black hair looked nice on hair on that one video that used to get reposted all the time. but she was skinny and dressed better on that vid so maybe thats why she looked nice and not the color. we'll never know.

No. 171676

i don't follow this cow and haven't checked her threads in years and wtf. i couldn't even recognise her, she's so fat and her makeup is horrible. how sad, she used to be somewhat cute even though her style was always trash

No. 171791

>They can't haul anymore because having a lot of clothes is bad now, they can't show normal clothing brands because its non-ethically sourced "fast fashion", they cant show too much makeup/pr packages because that's causing too much waste
tbh that's a good thing; it's fucked that so many people make a living out of propping up unethical industries by convincing impressionable tards to waste their money on crap they don't need. If a youtuber can't retain an audience without continually pouring money into aliexpress and amazon then they deserve to fail.

No. 171804

I can’t post screen caps as my username is in the picture and not easily cropped but she’s now posting supportive comments on a popular DID tiktoker’s account. The account is called sensoryunicorn and is mostly autism and DID related content. She’s slowly working her way upto a ‘meet the alters’ video I can feel it.(namefag)

No. 171806

even the darkest shade of brown would look better than this honey brown.

No. 171860

She has yellow undertones. She needs to stick with cool hair colors, like the darks anons are mentioning. These earlthy tones do nothing on her but make it look like she's wearing a wig.

No. 171866

She has pink undertones anon, that's why she can't pull of a warm hair colour

No. 171870

She just wears yellow ass foundation all the time that isn’t right on her at all, she isn’t yellow undertoned

No. 171909

>>171229 >>169508 These photos look like she has more of a yellow tone, I wouldn't even say neutral. She wearing pinks, but I've not seen pinks look good on her without her adding a filter to harmonized everything to her skin tone. >>165591 Even here, you can see on her arm especially, that she is more gray/yellow, than actually pink. Probably why she keeps doing the clown stuff, she can't even tell what looks good on her, so throw it all together instead. Even the OP photos shows how gray/yellow she is. >>164089

Maybe it's her diet lately, idk, but scrolling and looking hard at the photos, she's filtered to be pink, but without filters, she's not that pinky. She needs hints of purple to be added to her pinks in order for them to look good at all.

No. 171921

no anon

No. 171940

In many ways she has downgraded but thank god she stopped editing her face like this, she looks like that momo statue in this thumbnail and a lot of her old pics

No. 172021

File: 1631604998073.png (970.12 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210914-013542.png)

Is this supposed to be proof of her thrich?

No. 172025

Funny how there was not a shred of proof and now she needs to claim it for her neurodivergent label it’s relevant and she is making the proof, she is so transparent, brush the brow out to match the other one Jill and stop playing

No. 172034

Is it the slight gap on the left eyebrow? I really can't tell. I know people without trich who've pulled out their hair far worse than that

No. 172056

I wish Jill had kept this in the drafts. This is not funny or interesting, its just pure attention seeking behaviour (not trich but posting it to tiktok is). Ffs

No. 172060

I still don’t get the correlation between her ripping out her hair and being *~neurodivergent*~

No. 172066

Trich is a compulsive disorder that has a link to OCD which qualifies as neurodivergent, there is things that qualify that you wouldn’t maybe think of like dyslexia, actual trich is pretty rare though so I would need to see some really proof from her, people mostly say they have it flippantly like how people say offhand that they totes have OCD because they like a clean home or insomnia because they don’t sleep well

No. 172067

Shoe has it and she’s basically bald.

No. 172073

I love the ‘haha lol this has been in my drafts’ excuse to negate the coincidence of her posting “proof” of her trich when it was brought up here

Plucking a few too many hairs when doing your eyebrows does not a disorder make, Jill

No. 172086

I have trich and ASD. Trich is very self soothing and helps with the anxiety from constant change

No. 172087

She looks so good with the vintage aesthetic

No. 172110

Also her brow is clearly brushed up more than the other

No. 172124

File: 1631649119441.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 183.83 KB, 828x458, 9818428E-6002-4D26-B3B6-9EBD62…)

More proof her therapist is making her mental health worse and encouraging her bad behaviours

No. 172151

This is just a Twitter post, I accidentally spoilered it like a retard

No. 172187

File: 1631691840092.jpeg (447.95 KB, 828x1088, 4B4AB42A-7425-4F7D-8057-971A6E…)

No. 172199

"please be patient"
it's been a year, they HAVE been patient jill. does she not understand that interest dwindles quickly and showing something you made years ago is way less interesting to the viewers, especially when your brand is your own contemporary life

No. 172206

Also let's not forget that this is her main job, as she always claims herself.
She barely films other videos & she makes almost no Patreon exclusive content so it's not like she's constantly being distracted by other projects.
If she just sat down and did this job 8 hours per day, 5 days per week for a couple weeks, how long could it really take her to finish the video of her collection?
Even those Youtubers that do the really well researched 1-2 hour videos with high production value usually take less time to release their content than this kek.

No. 172218

File: 1631708499929.jpeg (399.76 KB, 828x1009, 562703F5-CC2E-4229-A1B4-4FE9E1…)

No. 172224

oh yeah, i've actually forgotten that she was even working on that. and this has to be the case for many of her fans too. i just love how jillian's way of dealing with problems is to act as sped as possible until it all blows over. nobody is going to care about her collection anymore when she finally comes around. "be patient" ffs the original deadline was june already retard

No. 172225

Endless nightmares about what? Being stranded in Japan with no place to get tendies?

No. 172226

Kek, you can really tell that she wants people to forget about this mess of a fashun collection.

No. 172244

>at 1pm
This slob is either having post food coma naps or has a really shit sleeping schedule.

No. 172259

I hope it’s a typo and she meant 1 AM because that second tweet implies her day wouldn’t start until after she woke up from that. If she’s actually sleeping until 1 PM and still wondering why she’s tired, “dissociate-y” and unproductive she’s an even bigger idiot than I thought.

No. 172283

File: 1631744462552.jpg (352.73 KB, 1080x1850, 20210915_231948.jpg)

What's up with the lipstick lately?

No. 172284

it's drag

No. 172296

bitch where

No. 172305

We're never going to get the video, at this point she already wore one of her dresses out so it's probably already stained. Also if you're going to cowtip don't make it so obvious.

She's serving kid that drank all the kool-aid at a party with that lip makeup. Also her blush makes her look like she has rosacea.

No. 172318

Jesus Christ. It’s really happening huh

No. 172332

File: 1631760931602.jpg (52.69 KB, 575x633, 2.jpg)

Oh, now she's doing this annoing cartoonish mouth thing a la bonbibonkers…

No. 172344

She has never looked worse. Pastel vomit John Wayne Gacy.

No. 172356

File: 1631772568175.jpg (74.04 KB, 650x433, a787099dd35bb6802d757765dd74ab…)

modern day mimi

No. 172369

I really think that she’s gone so off the rails because she’s lost any kind of structure after finishing school. She doesn’t have a normal job, she’s clearly not very strict on herself for her youtube work, so she’s got nothing but time to scroll through tik tok and Twitter, collecting ‘symptoms’ and making her mental health worse

No. 172406

This should be illegal

No. 172455


Ot but memories unlocked, didn’t Mimi end up together a female identifying man too- yikes she really did become her

No. 172476

The crusty makeup is an eyesore she doesn't know how to blend. Trixie blends their makeup

No. 172477

Looks like Jill has a legitimate personality disorder after all

No. 172478


I fucking hate everything that Tik Tok has done to our young people. Jesus Christ.

No. 172479

File: 1631816070107.png (424.6 KB, 1504x1082, Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 8.08…)

This is from last week, but more stoner pixie saga. LOL

No. 172481

File: 1631816345645.png (110.94 KB, 1606x410, Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 4.34…)

>>172479 Also… I love that part of why she created this new acct and persona so she could talk abt ~drugs~ and ~drinking~ bc she wouldn't be able to do that on her uwu innocent sunshine and rainbeees pixielocks accts.

No. 172482

File: 1631816559528.png (268.37 KB, 1562x794, Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 7.28…)

Aaaand more fangirl Drew Monson ass kissing, and neurodivergent larp jfc

No. 172494

>‘as the wonderful medicine it is’
They’ll be smoking it to get off their tits jill, but please continue to insert yourself into literally every situation that doesn’t involve you and make it about you and your experiences.

No. 172512


Seems like a shit situation all around. Wonder how thin those walls are for the weed smell to actually get in someone else's house from the outdoors.

No. 172513

"search for a completely normal thing that happens to everyone with long hair but I swear to god its a sign of being mentally ill"

>talking about weed with multiplicity&me
she's such an idiot, she's legit becoming a weed schizo.

No. 172531

She's unbearable
>cool folks using cannabis as the wonderful medicine it is
Not all drug use has to be medicinal, and they are clearly not cool folks to be flooding the house with weed. However they are probably equally annoyed with the noise of a baby crying in their house.

When you're on your last nerve and self diagnosing morons are trying to diagnose a very obvious sign of stress which everyone goes through. If anything they sound bipolar, not neurodivergent, to be swinging from "intense joy" to anger in a second, or like I said it could just be being on edge, since that's a perfect description of what exhaustion feels like.

No. 172553

>If anything they sound bipolar, not neurodivergent, to be swinging from "intense joy" to anger in a second
dumbass you're just as bad as silly jilly

No. 172561

ayrt, wildly swinging emotions isn't normal, however we have a pandemic, economic crash, etc going on so I don't think now is the time anyone should be diagnosing mental disorders.

No. 172591

She’s such a fucking try hard acting like this, trying giving her “uwu oh so helpful psychologist advice” to suck up to these people

No. 172603

not to be all "won't somebody pls think of the children" but that's actually so gross of her, a person is worried about their literal baby being harmed and Jill's first thought is "oh no dont ruin it for the poor little weed smokers!!"

No. 172614

She hasn't uploaded in weeks, I bet she doesn't have sponsers anymore so she has no urgency to create anything. What a shame to be that lazy.

No. 172622

Jill has put herself in such a tight box with her whole rainbow kawaii mental illness persona, she can't deviate from it without having to create a whole new person for her to self skinwalk

Leaving school with no structured plan really is her downfall, especially with how much she hyped up her own "sustainable uwu brand" I wonder if she even enjoys fashion or if it was just a 'I'm not like other punks/girls interest to make her feel more special

I feel like there's never going to be a wake up call for her and she'll keep de-evolving with each new trend she forces onto herself like her old jfashion clothes

No. 172633

Where is her money coming from at this point? Her parents?

No. 172681

May she's gone full spoonie and got on disability

No. 172687

File: 1631901163896.jpg (561.07 KB, 1718x2294, veseys.jpg)

Idk about Canada but in the US it's ridiculously hard to get on disability, and even then you don't make much. She still has yt income and patreon and her parents are probably paying her rent. Or she could even be a trust fund baby since I accidentally discovered when trying to buy plants last spring that Veseys is a nursery and garden supply company based in PEI.

No. 172692

File: 1631902321775.jpg (422.27 KB, 1080x2078, IMG_20210917_201052.jpg)

Nope, he works in IT. A quick Google search of his name (it was in jills q&a with her mom) brings up this prom article about their marriage and other people that met at prom on PEI.

No. 172693


kek anon, her family name is spelled with a double s.

(you aren't the only one who thought about that. i have bought seeds from Veseys', they are from PEI but they have nothing to do with jillybeany)

No. 172697

File: 1631902975200.jpeg (1021.58 KB, 1170x1282, B8126A36-1858-4BCB-A1F1-7E66A1…)

cats can easily jump up on the table… hope there isn’t anything toxic to cats in the arrangement. she’s already nearly killed one of them by letting it eat things it shouldn’t.

No. 172698

>i love them so much
Jesus. Also out of reach for the cats is on the table ??

No. 172699

That yellow flower looks like a lily, the most common poisonous flower in regards to cats. She'd be smart to just toss the one flower rather than risk it.

No. 172705

Looks like gerber daisies and a lily. Unsure what the purple closed ones are off the top of my head. Freesias maybe? Gerber daisies are cat safe but every part of a lily is lethal to cats; including the pollen. She shouldn't have that in the house at all much less somewhere her cats can easily get to it.

No. 172713

This is what I've been banking on. Remember in her neurodiverse video she talked about how a lot of the conditions can warrant a disability pay. She's shopping for a mental illnesses that'll let her sit at home with the "disabled" lable slapped onto her. She's probably also doing it so she can speak for (over) the disabled community too.

I hope when she says that it's out of the way it means that she moved them after the picture because if not one of her cats is going to get very ill.

No. 172716

couldn't disagree more, it looks like shit with her skintone. Black suits her way better.

No. 172717

She needs to throw away that fucking lily or one of her cats will die. Irresposible owner. If she dies and she cries about it, she totally deserves it. I hope her cats stay safe.

No. 172718

Exactly, we're in the middle of a pandemic and everyone is in a bad place right now. Not just because "boohoo everything is closed" but so many people lost jobs, had to be inside for so long, and their family got sick with the virus, etc. There's so many stressor factors.

I agree with this. I honestly think she legit loves drag right now though, that's her current obsession, so this is why she wants to be "male" to give credit to her "bio drag" persona. I hope this fucking trend of hers dies off. I rather have a peep and crayola obsessed jillian than whatever the fuck is going on right now. She also treats mental illness like a hobby.

No. 172719

windows exist

No. 172721

"wEed iS a wOndeRfuL mEdIciNe"
also jillian
>has completely lost it due to weed

Also, not wanting weed smoke near a baby is completely normal. Why does she have to make EVERYTHING about herslef?

No. 172722

NTA but why don't the neighbors smoke inside their house with their windows closed then? wanting some fresh air is normal, the neighbors are too dank and stinky

No. 172724

File: 1631907981289.jpg (24.45 KB, 480x320, nonny.jpg)

No. 172725

i don't know? why are you asking me?

No. 172726

Uh, I think weed smoke is more harmful to a baby than an infant crying is to the neighbors. Kek.

No. 172730

Because of your retarded response?

No. 172753

It's lisianthus and safe for cats. My cat knows better than to jump up on tables, but who knows what goes on in this house.

Tbh the weed issue sounds pretty stupid. Like they could just tell their neighbor we have a baby and can smell your weed, close their windows and the weed people could also smoke inside with their windows closed. Twitter did not need to get involved but it's a DID larper so here we all are.

No. 172759

File: 1631919267346.jpeg (295.73 KB, 1170x1133, 9D9CAE75-78CF-407E-88A7-3B1C71…)

jill confirmed there’s lilies in the flowers. god, she really doesn’t give a shit about her cats.

No. 172779

I understand keeping the flowers because you got them gifted although really stupid to not be like hey I gotta throw these away they’re a danger to my cats, but the fact that he gifted her flowers knowing she has cats and that there’s a lot of flowers that are poisonous… also I hope she’s being careful about touching the flowers bc they can die from even just licking/breathing the pollen

No. 172782

well if you think a retard will have an answer for you, i don't know what to tell you friend. i merely was pointing out that windows are a thing to the anon above who seemed to forget. doesn't mean i know why random people won't smoke their weed inside their house.

No. 172797

She always reminds me of Umbridge, like write a cheery reply about the poisonous items you just left out for your cats combined with a flower emoji.

No. 172811

You're saying this like he's a rando that doesn't live with her. They should both be more aware, and throw out the like $1 lily from a grocery store bouquet so their cats don't die.

No. 172818

File: 1631959221037.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1849, 7F2FC1F8-03B9-4CEA-ACF5-7ED7FE…)

Saged for not being Jill but her (ex) friend Wendy managed to work on this over summer break while Jill did absolutely nothing?
Not saying it looks good, because her project obviously needs work. But keep in mind that Jill is finished with college while Wendy is in her 2nd (?) year?

No. 172823

The execution is poor but the concept and styling is nicer than anything Jill has shown, If the quality was nice you could easily sell this to the crowd who are all about selkie whereas jills target demo is hard to pinpoint outside herself which has always struck me as a poor choice when she wants to operate a business

No. 172826

very ugly but at least she's sewing, unlike jill who gets high and pretends to be neurodivergent all day

No. 172830

That’s nothing I’d show to the internet especially not so upclose where you can see how everything is clued and painted with glitter

No. 172846

File: 1631973840681.jpg (62.88 KB, 960x886, FB_IMG_1631973566889.jpg)

i feel like this tweet was made as a result of pixie doing this shit in Izzzyzzz replies constantly kek
She's doing this in Drew's replies too

No. 172862

it’s almost as if people exaggerate for be sake of comedy.

No. 172879

Ahahaha god bless this person, Twitter really has turned into this over the last year

No. 172880

It looks like she used faux suede with metallic faux leather over the top, bad fabric choice but a more inventive design than Jill's 90s Barbie ripoffs.

No. 172906

She said in her post she used warbla

No. 173005

i actually love the design of this piece it’s very cohesive and dainty, too bad she’s obviously still stuck in her shitty cosplay habits using warbla and glitter glue for what could be a high fashion moment.

No. 173009

Selkie's dresses are so cheap looking and give the impression of a retard woman child who lives in a ddgl world.

No. 173032

And yet the UTI, Steebie’s severely blocked bowels, and several of her alt account’s posts are totally fine to show on her more “professional” Twitter. We love a social media icon!

No. 173121

File: 1632064950017.jpg (277.7 KB, 1052x1325, IMG_20210919_170855.jpg)

Livestream was supposed to be today at 12, she sent this an hour before… shes done hardly anything for weeks, and the one day she needs to do something she bails out.

I think it was last stream (July 28th) but she spent like a good twenty minutes going off topic and acting really excited about a noise she could hear in her ear. She thought it was an 'auditory hallucination', it was just water… ugh

No. 173131


good grief, could you imagine if she had a regular job? 'sorry, can't come in because i'm a bit fidgety and don't like too much noise'

'you haven't been in for a week. you're fired'

'waaaaaaah muh ableism!!!!!!1'

No. 173152

I’m not lazy and hungover guise it’s sensowy overlowd uwu

No. 173181

File: 1632079187525.png (908.16 KB, 1080x1627, Screenshot_20210919-131824-353…)

She literally is just hungover. It looks like she had friends over yesterday to play games. What an absolute dumb bitch.

No. 173182

Does she even have any fans at this point? What is this bullshit? Several people I follow are autistic and they still do videocall meetings and phone calls WFH etc, or post chatty IG stories, claiming you can't even babble on livestream because uwu sensory overload when you wake up in your own damn house with no unusual things to trigger sensory overload (which usually happens outdoors in an unfamiliar environment based on, again one of the many autistic people I follow's description)

The thing where she was hoping to be having an auditory hallucination, geez. She really is a munchie.

No. 173228

It’s truly baffling that in the span of a year Jill has gone from being somewhat functional person who could go to school and still put out videos to now a munchie who is too *~mentwally iwll~* to even do a live stream. I honestly think her therapist is just making her worse but the scariest thing is she won’t recognise that because she gets along well with her current therapist and he tells her what she wants to hear, unlike the mean therapist she had when she was a teenager

No. 173266

Can you even wake up with sensory overload? I mean you haven’t been anywhere but your bed so where did it come from. Oh yeah I guess it’s a lie

No. 173366

I don't know what's worse, her lying to her paying fans last minute about being hungover or her genuinely believing the feeling of a hangover is "sensory overload"

No. 173406

most likely she woke up with a headache/feeling a bit lightheaded, noticed that lights and sounds were aggravating her and equated this to sensory overload instead of a regular hangover.
or she's just in a bad mood or something and cba to be on video.

im surprised she even still does the livestreams tbh, what does she even talk about. like i imagine she would dodge any questions related to her current (lack of) fashion projects

No. 173553

I bet it was just a weed side effect

No. 173603

Imo Jill has always been very good at illustration, but those illustrations dont translate well into gartments, plus she doesn't regullarly work on sewing so she's not gettin better at it. But the desing she madeon her notebook in one of her last tiktoks is good, her pin was good, her t-shirt desings were good… she should stick to illustration an graphic desing…(sage)

No. 173611

File: 1632226563503.jpg (335.56 KB, 1080x875, IMG_20210921_131116.jpg)

i think we're going to witness a crackhead jill saga very soon

No. 173673

Jillian why do you have to take kids things and associate them with drugs holy shit. You know they meant baking food. Yet you had to be all edgy and mention drugs.

No. 173701

What a hot mess. It’s like she’s trying to appeal to every possible cross section of internet users at once, in place of any real personality - drag, drugs, six different conflicting pronouns, shitty makeup, pastel everything, mental illness…

She’s having an identity crisis, she doesn’t want to be a chubby, sexless pastel Peeps addict anymore.

No. 173734


honestly, that's very BPD to have no set identity/sense of self and to just glom onto other people's identities and your projections of what they want you to be so as to avoid rejection/abandonment.

No. 173735

That's true but it's really a red flag that she's starting to show more symptoms of BPD after going to the specialist counselor. I wouldn't be surprised if he's implanting false memories like a lot of the new age "every mental illness is valid" counselors have been doing.

No. 173738

Wow what a brave "actually everything is bpd" take, anon. People can have shitty uninformed opinions without having a personality disorder in case everyone collectively forgot.

No. 173758

I mean you could also attribute it to how narcissistic she was raised to be like she has always been an attention whore and acted not like other girls very special which her mum encourages, she always has to be more than other people like she plays piano fine but her mum gasses her up as a genius, she can’t just like precure she has to be superior to other fans, all of this is just an extension of that, she isn’t just mentally ill she is super special mentally ill and more ill than you! She just sees other people getting attention for things, her child brain gets jealous of others getting the attention so then she lies and competes, it’s narcissism

No. 173759

Some of her actions feel like she's acting out how chaotic she feels about her relationship with Steve. Something has to be up with them. No doubt he's enabling her delusions to keep her co-dependent on him.

No. 173761

He's definitely got a lot more to do with all this than anons give credit for, more than the therapist. He's with her all day every day and humors all the bullshit she does, he definitely has a role to play here but we can't analyze it due to his lack of online presence. (Not including unwatchable incel videos, but nothing vloggy/bloggy to the extent Pixie has)

No. 173783

File: 1632324600606.jpeg (464.8 KB, 828x1280, 0A0BDE5C-7D7C-4254-A050-0ABF9F…)

No. 173807

File: 1632339089177.jpg (18 KB, 595x155, Screenshot 2021-09-22 133117.j…)


No. 173809

New vid

No. 173811

FaShIoN DeSiGn GrAd

No. 173814

so she got a DID diagnosis from her quack therapist. good for her, now she can be even more insufferable and claim ableism even harder when people call her out on bullshit

No. 173815

File: 1632342159443.png (987.08 KB, 804x799, Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 3.18…)

Her reviews are just her taste or if something is "weird". Like Kehlani's shoe-covering silver pants are a cool concept, but imo the execution was abysmal! And also lmao at how they called Normani's big mustardy dress "bright sunshine yellow" even tho its a much more complex color than that, and then had to edit it louder and blander for the thumbnail. phew.