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File: 1595284761414.jpg (333.48 KB, 800x600, shay_thicc.jpg)

No. 1010401

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread: >>1000276

Major recent milk:

>Shayna admits publicly on Twitter that she HAS INDEED BEEN ON AND OFF DATING KYLE NATHAN PERKINS all along; tinfoil anons rejoice. >>999248 >>999251

>Accuses Kyle Fupa Perkins of being abusive, isolating her and making her pay rents on two separate places. Says she needed to tell the truth to "move on".
>He broke up with her ass; Shayna copes by """overdosing""" on anxiety meds >>999552 . Attempted to check into an inpatient facility; upset when said facility does not make a special exception for Princess Shayna Luther King Clifford to keep her cellphone.
>More ~overdosing~ and suicide baiting on main, all crytyping falls on deaf Fupa ears. >>999935 >>999914 >>999908
>A couple hours later, Shayna finally hits inpatient despite not being able to access her phone and do BUSINESS >>1000042
>Despite renouncing Shay as his boo, Fupapi religiously lurks the threads and provides measly milk in response to anons' speculations of them still living together & continues to vaguepost about Shay on fb >>1002285 >>1003131 >>1003990
>All the while subscriber counts and Shay's OF rank plummet down >>1004760
>8 days later, Shatna finally makes a comeback with a fresh diagnosis, prescription drugs and, unsurprisingly, thirst for more weed and booze >>1003957 >>1003963 >>1004235
>To compensate for the week wasted in inpatient, Shay blesses us with top tier doggo conten, finally revealing a fupa of her own >>1004324 >>1007921 >>1009147
>After some mild cowtipping and a lazy shoot in 20 lbs of sugar gummies, Shatna contemplates starting a diet for one whole day >>1006448 >>1006457 >>1007781 >>1009204 >>1009680
>Finally decides to GET A CAR, tweets out a plan for seducing the salesman into a piss cheap deal, secures car insurance, takes out her Barbie-Mobile for a test drive right before inviting a friend over to her place, then deletes all evidence out of embarrassment lest Fupapi discoveres the bluff >>1005138 >>1008284 >>1008305 >>1008318 >>1008379 >>1008459
>OF anon delivers some of the most glorious content these threads have seen in a while, including sneak peeks into her sexy toddler set >>1009142 >>1009143 >>1009144 >>1009147

https://twitter.com/irlbarbietalks ← SFW
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ ← CURRENT

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No. 1010403

sorry for the messed up format. this is my first time starting a thread

No. 1010406

File: 1595285012099.jpeg (Spoiler Image,400.23 KB, 828x979, 5BAC807E-7AC0-4801-A5B3-742E23…)

tfw her new video is already an improvement since her face is covered and she isnt making retarded faces

No. 1010410

Wouldn’t you need help getting into that? This whole set up seems impossible to do on your own or am I just dumb? Maybe Fupa is still in the picture. Which I still fully believe because fupa can’t get his gross turtle chode wet elsewhere.

No. 1010414

Thanks for the great thread and the amazing pic. I was just about to make one so I'll include my summary too:

>>1000691 announced that she had to stay a few days in the mental health center
>>1002285 >>1002298 Fupa and Shay might have lived at the same apartment complex
>>1003602 increased her prices to $5 while she was gone (now $3 again)
>>1003957 she's back after 7-8 days
>>1003963 says she has bipolar 1 and was taking the wrong medication for the past year
>>1005138 wants to buy a car
>>1006448 >>1006573 posts one of the worst photo sets to date and even Shay agrees >>1006457
>>1006473 >>1007439 complains about her weight gain claims she wants to try and loose weight >>1007618
>>1006565 claims no paid promo of hers ever paid off, contradicts claims made in the past >>1006754
>>1006620 another horrid photo set (Carole Baskin)
>>1007646 doesn't want to make content until she feels better about her body
>>1007781 shopping for healthy food such as medicated nerds >>1009362
>>1008253 broke up with Fupa but were still fwb but claims to have cut ties now >>1008284
>>1008305 bought car insurance to get a car and went to test drive one >>1008379 before deleting the tweets and acting as if it never happened
>>1008318 was self aware for a hot second and wanted to move back home
>>1009143 ok correction these are the worst photos to date >>1009144 >>1009147
>>1009680 provides surprisingly amazing weight loss tips such as putting chips on a sandwich or cereal in ice-cream
>>1010124 the great cliff-hanger: will this video ever happen?

Oh I guess it's the 'captive cunt' one; why exactly did she wait 2 years to do it…?

No. 1010417

This is just depressing.

No. 1010424

File: 1595287485923.jpeg (Spoiler Image,569.86 KB, 1242x695, 359A321E-8A92-4FA0-8ABB-E01F2E…)

Why with the doxy in this setup? Captive but your hands are out? Whyyyy

No. 1010428

Because she's fucking stupid and her ideas don't make sense, that's why.

No. 1010430

for all her screeching about being an anal princess, she still needs that damn wand

No. 1010468

Bless u for this new unholy thread

No. 1010488

File: 1595298557234.jpg (521.65 KB, 1079x1094, Screenshot_20200720-212507_Twi…)

More cheap forever 21 shit

No. 1010489

File: 1595298605731.jpg (145.54 KB, 1080x604, Screenshot_20200720-212542_Twi…)

She felt called out by you anon

No. 1010492

ft. the same damn wand from every video!(emoji)

No. 1010531

Probably "daddy told me to force myself to cum" or something. I mostly wanna know why she picked that type of mouth o ring thing if theres no dick to suck and make use of it. Combined with the mask it just looks horrorporn level tbh.

No. 1010537


>offhandedly say something about seeing her hulking out of a too small f21 Barbie shirt in the near future

>buys f21 Barbie shirt
>size small

sometimes the universe is too good to me

i wish she would buckle down and get a large in literally anything at this point, I’m sick of scrolling to her thread and seeing 160 pounds of fool stuffed into things that fit her 50 pounds ago…it’s gross and sloppy.

No. 1010538

File: 1595308452055.jpeg (Spoiler Image,160.88 KB, 640x640, BAD22DB9-6EB1-4190-8E69-8B6710…)

Someone drew shayna???? Is it from one of the lolcow thread?

No. 1010541

How is she able to even squeeze into a small? F21 Smalls are typically smaller than the average US small. Unless this is an oversized dolman top, I just don’t see it happening.

No. 1010559

File: 1595313007723.jpg (191 KB, 1079x1001, Screenshot_20200721-013015_Chr…)

Kek, sounds like she's back with Fupa

No. 1010596

… wouldn’t getting fucked make anyone’s boobs bounce though, no matter how hard it is?

No. 1010608

where does it say small? not that i’m doubting it is

No. 1010610

File: 1595329516487.png (1.07 MB, 1100x686, Screenshot (109).png)

No. 1010615

so she can tweet about how fat she feels and how much she hates her body but STILL continue to buy size s clothing which will look fucking terrible on her dough body? what kind of delusion is that

No. 1010623

Yeah i wonder. Maybe it’s a normal tee she tries to wear as a cropped one? I used to be about her size and wore L most of the time so i don’t understand how she feels comfy in S lol.

No. 1010627

Okay but imagine her dumbass setting this up by herself in bondage

No. 1010628

File: 1595334622711.jpeg (418.83 KB, 1800x1673, 069C9F10-106C-47B3-953D-1D9DF9…)

I’m still holding out for her transformation kek.
Tweeted June 27th, she still has time to turn her life around

No. 1010629

Ugh I hate this so so much. Only the most disgusting of men would wank to this

No. 1010635

File: 1595336636803.png (15.39 KB, 239x175, fcWSfwv-vB3fjVgD.png)


Does your gut bounce too tho, Shayna?

No. 1010641

I wonder if her and Fupa's guts bounce in sync, kek

No. 1010646

When will she realize that squeezing into clothes too small will only enhance the fattie look? I mean seriously, even moderately thin girls wear size M, it's not shameful to wear clothes that actually fit properly.

No. 1010649

File: 1595339521736.jpg (28.54 KB, 299x445, 00392948-01.jpg)


lol I just noticed she bought a small. Yeah, take a picture of the tag, you really showed all of us. Can't wait to see how she looks vs the website.

inb4 she tries brush it off like it's "bimbo aesthetic" to wear too tight shit. A crewneck is not meant to be tight.

No. 1010650

With her face covered and that blur effect she once again reached her goal of looking like a trafficked chubby child.
This is horrendous, other than Soren who would want this? If I found this on a guys computer I would run for the hills and report him

No. 1010653

Omg it's slightly cropped… I hope she doesn't end up looking like Nicado Avocado with his gut hanging out from the T-shirts too small

No. 1010656

Anon, my sides. Thank you.

No. 1010675

Just heard about a instathot making 100k a day after starting a only fans, meanwhile, Shayna was trying to have people PAY for advice (while giving out bad free advice anyway), is talking down at other people and has been at this for YEARS.

I know the person is already kind of "known", but there's even a white bitch who acts like a dog who makes more then Shayna.

That shit must hurt when you have such a HUGE head and in reality there's people who don't even post sexual content who make more then you.

No. 1010740

File: 1595361505234.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1180x888, AutismDotJpeg.png)

She's been doing this for, what, 4 years now? It's almost impressive that she still hasn't figured out how to take one single picture where she doesn't look like a rat with missing chromosomes. So fucking bleak.

No. 1010753

The dirty ass wand. Instead of buying weed and food, buy a new toy shaytard

No. 1010762

She doesnt care about pleasuring herself sexually. She'd rather guzzle booze and smoke herself retarded kek so theres no need for her to buy sex toys that arent props.

No. 1010777

File: 1595365922235.jpeg (Spoiler Image,552.37 KB, 1242x666, 2FF33131-D487-4D51-B9B7-7964C3…)

Her head looks so tiny(nitpick)

No. 1010778

File: 1595366094139.jpg (93.31 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20200721-221401_Twi…)

Just by the same damn skirt in a bigger size Shay for god's sake

No. 1010780

She really should start wearing a bra. The weight gain is making her boobs sag

No. 1010781

I'm not a photoshop expert, but do her boobs look like they were edited bigger/rounder?

No. 1010782

probably, she already went in hard with the blur on her face so might as well fix up her tits while she’s at it

No. 1010783

she needs to invest in some urea moisturizer

No. 1010784

she is seriously on the road to momokun’s body if she doesn’t slow down

No. 1010787

When they hug their guts make contact before the rest of them.

No. 1010788

File: 1595366564709.jpeg (Spoiler Image,527.26 KB, 1242x701, C2FB2BF6-302A-41D6-ABE6-5EF81B…)

Nah she’s just super fat

No. 1010792

that skirt just looks like some kind of tight compression bandage around her gut

No. 1010795

File: 1595366790323.jpeg (272.18 KB, 1242x1066, 732339EC-08F0-4898-ADC4-1DB9EF…)

Like clockwork

No. 1010796

And it’s gone now

No. 1010812

it's a wand, why the fuck does she hold it by the head?

No. 1010819

So she can shove it as hard as she can against her clit. It's already been tinfoiled that she has no feeling in her clit from how often she uses the wand and how powerful it is. Its probably the only way she can get close to getting off now.

No. 1010825

It’s really hard to hold a vibrator by the head when it’s vibrating tho. So it’s either not really on or it’s barely on. Either way, she fakes it so what does it matter lol. I stg she’s never had an orgasm in her life.

No. 1010828

Maybe it's because she masturbates so oftenly when she isn't horny, that now she has some what become desensitised and it doesn't feel as good.

No. 1010852

File: 1595377162343.jpg (60.25 KB, 1073x494, Screenshot_20200722-011734_Twi…)

Lmao. Shay you are unrecognisable from those days. Did they balls.
Also this dispensary she's been going to for years.

P.s where's the PSA about the looney bin?

No. 1010856

And let me guess, he said how hot you are and gave you free weed?

No. 1010859

>implying she presently resembles anything of what she used to look like

No. 1010869

LMAO how fucking sad of a lie. She looks
NOTHING like how she did from tumblr.

Literally might be a worse of a lie than her saying she went to inpatient.

No. 1010870

File: 1595380032411.jpg (191.97 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_o71ebzhtVs1rmiw96o1_128…)

>Recognized me from Tumblr
Lmfaooooooo Sure, Shay.
Is this another way of her daily mentionings of her Tumblr "fame"?

No. 1010905

Yeah theres no fucking way. Everything about her is totally different now. And like other anon said, I doubt she went to a new dispensary. I'd be embarrassed if I were her and they actually somehow did.

No. 1010907

Shayna is an absolute retard. I don’t know why she doesn’t quit sex work. She sucks at it. And she’s not sexy at all. I’ve seen people who’ve made more money than her by scamming and catfishing. Kek

No. 1010908

I mostly dont like how little effort she puts into such simple things. Like her latest vid with the "daddy fucks my butt as punishment" and she sets up a whole plot (a dumb, cliche, and poorly acted one but still) and then its just her clearly fucking herself with a dildo. Not sticking it to something or angling it to make it appear like the "DaDdY" is doing it like the story suggests. Just another vid of her dry fucking her fat vag and crater ass with a generic dildo.

No. 1010917

Back at it, with her "wonderful" acting

Why does she sound so nasally?


No. 1010919

I like how she used 5 different fake voices in just the 20 sec clip. One of them sounded so nasally like she was sick.

No. 1010920

i’ve never really watched any of clips but holy shit. her acting is so much worse than i ever imagined.

No. 1010923

File: 1595389468406.jpg (296.68 KB, 1080x614, Screenshot_20200721-224423_Vid…)

The face we all make watching her videos

No. 1010924

Wtf are those voices? Blow your nose Shay

No. 1010927

She's done like 8 videos in this same ass boring ass outfit. But, please, tell us more about how creative you are and how much clothes you buy.

No. 1010928

Did that skirt rip when you put it on shayna? Looking like a pink belt

No. 1010929

Well, I'm feeling a lot of second-hand embarrassment.

No. 1010940

her "workspace" is amazing. a cheap sheet pinned up sloppily, lights hanging randomly, and it looks like she's back on the floor. she's such a inspiration, no wonder she charges money for her SW advice /s

No. 1010941

Not sure why this slob bitch who never washes anything insists on so much white. Shit looks musty af.

No. 1010948

Didn't she buy that white couch to make content on?

No. 1010952

What even is pinned up on her wall? It looks like net curtains that someone donated to goodwill after their grandmother died.

No. 1011025

someone photoshop this face onto the caveman spongebob meme pic

No. 1011034

This is so lazy lmfao, if she has that expensive fuck machine why not at least use that to make the scene/perspective more realistic? I can't believe coomers pay money for this shit.

No. 1011085

File: 1595436381063.jpg (241.08 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_20200722-174533_Twi…)

Already deleted these kek.

No. 1011103

nah they probably recognized her from here but said tumblr so it didn't seem weird. I mean if this even happened which I doubt

No. 1011109

Oh my god that made me laugh anon that was so funny

No. 1011117

What even

No. 1011124

File: 1595442168422.jpeg (152.83 KB, 1242x950, 10B04E30-9B6E-4679-995C-58DE6B…)

how is this different than any other day? she barely films

No. 1011161

Does that last tweet say "for still protesting"?? Shayna you fucking retard do you even know what's happening in Portland

No. 1011196

Yes it does kek.

No. 1011235

Don't even need to watch the vid to know from this pic she's probably doing the whole "you want to do WHAT to me daddy? uwu i'm so innocent" schtick she does in every video with that same damn face. See one of her videos and you've seen them all.

THIS. She puts on an outfit and sets up the most random "plot" for the first minute, but whether it be some quasi-incestuous bullshit, im baby garbage, or straight up kidnapping, the rest of the video is always the same exact thing.

I keep trying to make sense of that first tweet or find a correlation between the first half and the second and I just can't. If anything it sounds like mania is just making her actually make content but then she talks about taking precautions for it so she doesn't accidentally… do work? Amazing.

No. 1011301

File: 1595464923045.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 750x1334, D292DA8A-D479-40C1-952B-588664…)

any of anons around to try to catch this train wreck live? also what is happening in this picture, photoshop fail??

No. 1011303

File: 1595464980470.jpg (422.89 KB, 1079x1310, Screenshot_20200722-194308_Twi…)

Lmao not even in your dreams Shay

No. 1011309

It's surgery Shayna. Your cheap trash tier porn isn't going to get you enough money to afford that.

No. 1011312

Please Shay get only hand and face tattoos

No. 1011327

Only fans anon come through!! We need to see her live

No. 1011338

that “tooth” look is uggums, no matter how much people hype it, imo

but Shayna’s best hope is to lose weight and go for the Art Deco look, because she’s an apple shape with no hips when she’s heavier

No. 1011339

Hahaha as if that were reasonably achievable for her. That requires 1. Diet & exercise and 2. Plastic surgery

Things Shay will never follow through on.

And tbh this chicks bod isnt all that hot imo. Nice tits I guess but that's not hard to do for photos especially. I mean compared to Shay and non fit people shes fine. I've just seen a lot better "body goals" out there lol

No. 1011356

Can't be a "goal" when it's virtually impossible to achieve. Shayna's hips are non existent at a low weight and high weight and that's simply due to genetics. Unless she wants a high risk surgery but then she'll look extremely unnatural. It'll throw her whole body out of proportion because she, of course, doesn't tone her body either. But, let's not play games, she'll never afford surgery. Dumb bitch can't even get a car kek

No. 1011374

No. 1011383

File: 1595481375905.png (Spoiler Image,373.42 KB, 466x702, 2020-07-23 02_10_12-June 23 OF…)

This is bad.

Also does she have corona? Lots of sniffing + coughing in those two last videos. Inb4 the corona money grabbing

No. 1011387

Oh shay honey, I know you lurk; this is bad. Please work out and cut down on the alcohol. Its only going to get worse.

No. 1011388

File: 1595481681437.png (Spoiler Image,469.68 KB, 461x662, 2020-07-23 02_11_34-June 23 OF…)


Can someone gif the retarded little dance she does when she gets tipped? kek


What are you saying anon, shw will look like that in no time!

No. 1011395

honestly just sounds like she finished crying with her not trying to baby-voice the whole time and sniffling lmao

No. 1011396


bless u anon, haven't seen a good ol shay shitty cam show in ages.

No. 1011401

File: 1595483483229.jpg (Spoiler Image,604.26 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200723-005114_Dro…)

"Am I wet? Oh nope, that's toilet. That's embarrassing." Wtf Shay

No. 1011402

File: 1595483505765.jpg (Spoiler Image,552.36 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200723-004856_Dro…)


No. 1011409

File: 1595484356684.jpeg (83.43 KB, 488x750, AE680C5B-2499-4130-8758-98B515…)


Can an anon photoshop this as Shayna ?

No. 1011413


wow what a nightmare, watching her forcibly shove that buttplug was a disgusting sight. i fear for her butthole but i’m sure she’s damaged it already

No. 1011437

File: 1595490572109.jpg (Spoiler Image,468.09 KB, 1079x1513, Screenshot_20200723-024938_Dro…)

Special needs Barbie

No. 1011438

Why does she constantly fuck her ass with a butt plug?

No. 1011443

File: 1595492066312.png (Spoiler Image,331.58 KB, 488x750, no-ass.png)

No. 1011445

i feel like i last checked the thread during fupagate and now she looks even fatter. like all the weight gain just hit her face /hard/.

No. 1011447

Compared to past images of her in that same set up, she's just gotten physically… wider. In this photo, I genuinely do not recognize her.

No. 1011448

Seriously why does only one of her tits move? The zombie one is like dead.

No. 1011457

Whenever she tries to shake her ass she does this chicken dance, she has done it in the past aswell and it always cracks me up lmao

No. 1011461

This is beautiful anon

No. 1011463

File: 1595499479405.gif (Spoiler Image,8.51 MB, 513x881, A40CDEE9-EC23-4B07-A66E-71430D…)

i‘d like to see the man who‘s able to cum to this shit because i refuse to believe anyone gets aroused by a fat toddler with a beer gut and greasy hair failing to make her ass shake

No. 1011478

she looks like an overweight 11 year old before puberty hits. i wouldn't be able to look at myself like this holy shit.

No. 1011486

she sounds sick/sniffly and nasally the whole time

how is she SO bad at this? she doesn’t try to be coy or cute or sexy, the way she “dances” doesn’t even get her fat body to jiggle, it’s weird. her shape is unfortunate and she is not even the least bit sexy in attitude/showmanship. how does anyone pay for this (besides to give us content to work with, ur based OF anon)

No. 1011488

File: 1595505433527.png (Spoiler Image,438.88 KB, 421x651, ohgodno.PNG)

That… has to hurt. It's so red. Like >>1011463 said, who is getting off to this? It looks like her asshole is having an allergic reaction for goodness' sake.

No. 1011495


It’s more wonderful than I imagined
Kudos, anon

No. 1011511

kek whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night

what? did she pee/shit herself or what does ''that's toilet'' mean

sleep paralysis demon realness with that face, yikes

No. 1011520

She said "that's toilet paper." And then wiped it off, not "that's toilet" lol.

No. 1011562

her mistakening toilet paper for being wet shows that she literally never gets wet. discharge is white, being wet is translucent

No. 1011569

File: 1595518578053.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.25 KB, 828x432, BC1F7317-E691-430E-829A-2F6F7B…)

Oof. I paused and(nitpicking)

No. 1011571

Wow thanks that is somehow even grosser than I thought. Brb gouging my eyes out.

No. 1011585

ohh thanks, idk what the fuck I was thinking. Yet somehow, her insinuating that toilet paper lint in her pussy is in any way mistakable with being wet is a whole 'nother level of confusing lmao

No. 1011588

This was embarrassing to watch. But I guess good for her for making as much as she did in tips. I can’t imagine who would spend that kind of money on seeing her force barely lubed plugs in her ass, but..

No. 1011590

File: 1595520673935.jpg (32.02 KB, 479x592, 75756.jpg)

Jesus Christ, her vibrator sounds like a fucking lawn mower. You can actually see her finger tips turning white from how hard she presses it against her clit.

No. 1011594

File: 1595520971945.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1242x2199, DD3E39F3-459C-4768-A94C-416CA0…)

For fucks sake Shay have some self respect. You must see yourself.

No. 1011596

File: 1595521013548.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1242x2026, 3A555464-E8C6-471F-A501-642AD6…)

When will the breaking point happen? You’re still young. You can still turn this around.

No. 1011621

She doesn’t seem comfortable at all in the whole video. She seems like she’s forcing herself to get on with it. That’s so sad. She looks like she’s gonna cry.

No. 1011624

File: 1595524207878.png (8.08 MB, 1242x2688, D24F6381-6003-4BEE-B820-565627…)

Why would you not clean before taking this photo…(Nitpicking carpet)

No. 1011631

Bold of you to assume Shayna owns a vacuum

No. 1011637

Touché anon

No. 1011640

confirmed moid

No. 1011641

kek now all I can think is that all those white bits on the floor are pieces of toilet paper lint from her pussy

No. 1011643

It’s styrofoam I’m pretty sure. You can see a broken larger piece under the bed.

No. 1011645

this is so fucking bad and she knows it, she looks awkward and miserable. she's officially so fat that her elbows and wrists are disappearing

No. 1011647

File: 1595525276103.png (Spoiler Image,3.77 MB, 828x1792, CDD3763C-04B3-4C5E-80F3-CD04C7…)

Idk anon this might not be all that salvageable

No. 1011655

This is scary

No. 1011668

I honestly cannot even watch it because it just makes me feel so bad. She looks like she's been crying. I don't like her but man, I can't watch it. The screencaps anons are posting are horrifying enough.

No. 1011671

File: 1595529019904.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.4 KB, 425x745, shaywtf.JPG)

it's fucking grim and genuinely depressing. -234/10 do not recommend.

No. 1011674

>>1011671 wow this is literally the first time i've ever seen her use lube holy shit. She's evolving. I shudder when i try to imagine her final form.

No. 1011679

Shayna is extremely sadcow now, she got used up so fucking fast

No. 1011681

When I see shit like this I also initially want to feel bad for her because it feels like watching someone who’s mentally incompetent do porn.

Then I remind myself that she wants this. She’s just had all the chances to stop. She’s potentially been inpatient for a few days. Her parents would probably help her properly get on her feet in a heartbeat, she’s still relatively young…
But she doesn’t want any of the help she could get. She so desperately clings to her delusional idea of being this famous tumblr SW and brand.
She has had so many chances to fix shit, she keeps announcing all those changes she wants to do but she chooses to just go buy edibles and get high instead.

It’s not sad.
It’s ridiculous.

No. 1011697

if you ever find yourself feeling bad for shaytard just remember that she’s essentially said before that she stays in sex work to stick it to the haydurrzzz

No. 1011726

This is legitimately getting to the point where I can barely look at her anymore. Her body is disgusting, and in these recent pictures she looks like she has a weird sweaty sheen all over her body…

No. 1011735

she really looks like the dirtiest, most revolting person

No. 1011740

very reminescent of luna with that terrifying makeup and fat deformed body

No. 1011741

File: 1595535563056.jpeg (193.97 KB, 750x1004, 0D807C7D-04B7-4058-990A-D39540…)

Is this a diff bathroom? Also why bother wearing that nurse “hat” if it look like shit?!

No. 1011742

File: 1595535584345.jpeg (Spoiler Image,48.95 KB, 490x180, A2C92727-12DA-4122-82F7-E6517B…)

There was shit on her buttplug

No. 1011748

shitty butt mattel

No. 1011751

can't remember if she has one or two but she has hello kitty crap all over the one she's been showing. i like that she couldn't wipe the mirror before taking the pix b/c she's so low effort.

No. 1011756

Pretty sure she trashed the Hello Kitty bathroom and is using this one because she’s too lazy to clean the other one.

No. 1011758

It’s probably booze sweats, I bet being in her body feels miserable

No. 1011760

can she wash her fucking hair like how the fuck are you okay taking pictures with it looking like that for days??

No. 1011771

Has she not heard of anal prep? Wtf

No. 1011776


jesus shay i know youre young but youre almost the point where if you lose weight you’ll be left with a ton of loose hanging skin. get it to fucking gether. go to a damn doctor and show him big you got and the man will try a new anti-depressant or something. this isnt okay.

No. 1011783

Please don’t feed into the idea that it’s just her anti depressants causing this, because that’s her scape goat. Meanwhile she eats and drinks nothing but garbage and refuses to fix her eating habits. That’s what’s causing this, not MUH MEDICATION

No. 1011784

She can’t even be arsed to shower or even wash her pussy before filming so you’re expecting her to douche?

No. 1011786

File: 1595543891795.jpeg (Spoiler Image,703.98 KB, 750x1052, DC7791BB-9A3B-4D28-BA8A-FF89CA…)

I don’t think this has been posted here, but discharge tinfoil confirmed. Her pussy looks like it’s covered in flour.

No. 1011791

I don't think she's at "a ton" of loose hanging skin levels yet, just given that pregnant women can have pretty normal looking stomachs with some work. The operative word there is work though, and its something Shay is incapable of.

I can't believe she's so young, interesting in doing sex work, and has let herself go that much + doesn't give a shit about producing flattering content. She watches herself and thinks it looks good? Either do some squats, cardio and core exercises or just become a normal girl working at a Target damn.

No. 1011796

File: 1595545424218.gif (Spoiler Image,8.99 MB, 360x640, 34E49638-5C62-4233-9572-425576…)

The way she strips is not sexy in the slightest. She couldn’t even take off her sweatpants kek. You think she’d learn how to be hot on camera since she’s been doing this for years now.

No. 1011802

It looks like she's clenching her ass to prevent it from wobbling so much. The shape of it and how her crack is pulled in so close makes me think this.

I dont understand why she attempts to 'dance' when she is so stiff. If you cant fluidly move your hips, try something else. There is nothing sexy about holding your elbows up at your waist and twisting from side to side. It looks like an OAP gym class warm up.

No. 1011803

Well since she said she was gonna do her "cumshow" right after dinner, are you surprised?

No. 1011808

You aren't wrong, she needs to retire the "your dad gives me your college fund" motto and move onto "your dad never payed his half of the child care" instead. If she knew anything about hustling she could embrace her body and make good money from feeders and chubby chasers but that would require her to act in her own best interests for once

No. 1011816

This is the ugliest fucking photo kek Her goddamn face

No. 1011818

how drunk was she??? this is exactly how someone who is wasted coming home to go to bed after a night of drinking would look taking off their pants, jfc

No. 1011821

Is she trying to be uwu so quirky ? Between the chicken dance booty jiggle and this….I feel like she’s trying to be “cute” or some shit.

I’ll never forget that gif of her arriving to Tulsa at the airport. She tries so hard to be ~so cute I’m baby. But she legitimately comes off as a retard.

No. 1011828


that’s exactly what i was thinking anon; she looks like she’s trying to keep up and not drunkenly stagger/fall out of her ill-fitting pants

shay horror/sadcow status confirmed

No. 1011834

Holy crap it looks like she has an actual anal fissure. She tore her ass.

No. 1011841

I'm sorry for asking to be a spoon fed fag, but which thread is this in? I must have missed it in my recent skimming.

No. 1011848


here you go anon, enjoy her sped glory

No. 1011853

I know she buys the cheapest shit but unholy fuck this "costume" is even worse quality than halloween store garbage. I fucking hate it. Like I know she doesnt make enough profit to buy good cosplay level stuff, but I wish she would try just a LITTLE more. But that just usnt her style.

No. 1011859

That thread was a walk down memory lane. I had forgotten Buttholegate!

No. 1011870

how can the people in her discord continue to praise and kiss her flabby ass when she’s accelerating towards physical ruin and more intense addiction(s)? good god Shay. you’ve seriously wrecked yourself so hard and so fast

No. 1011875

No. 1011876

the majority of these are kittens and none of the adult cats look anything like rib? at least sage your tinfoilling

No. 1011884

are you fucking retarded that cat is male. ribmeat is female.

No. 1011894

File: 1595562587865.jpg (160.79 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20200723-224942_Twi…)

Did anyone catch it?

No. 1011895

File: 1595562619504.jpg (Spoiler Image,559.44 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200723-225000_Twi…)


No. 1011896

File: 1595562704255.jpg (223.57 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20200723-225158_Twi…)

Really Shay

No. 1011898

Did she delete this? I don't see it

No. 1011908

File: 1595565431631.jpg (605.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200723-233642_Chr…)

She keeps dropping, her banner was just 2.2% yesterday. Honestly surprised she's updating it though, figured she'd refuse to show how her rank is dropping

No. 1011911

i hate the fact that i immediately recognize all of the buttholegate posts that were mine kek. i can't believe that thread was all the way back in 2018, time flies

No. 1011918

File: 1595566477368.png (Spoiler Image,683.49 KB, 582x970, Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 12.5…)


No. 1011922

Wtf is this flat head thing???? It looks like nothing. Doesn’t even look like a hat in the slightest ?? Why bother

No. 1011926

File: 1595567100298.jpeg (Spoiler Image,398.64 KB, 734x712, 9D87F395-719A-4FD6-B975-74323E…)

dw shay I got u

No. 1011929

Heck…I think this is the first time I've ever seen a side-by-side comparison of her. How does this happen to a person?

No. 1011941

Side by sides have been posted since she first started to balloon. Idk how y’all are still shocked when we see these comparisons like 5-10 times in each thread since her fupa was a fraction of the size it is now

No. 1011944

>when you peak at 19

I know we’ve seen this a million times but god damn. It’s not shocking just hilarious and sad.

No. 1011954

I…imaging her saying “here 2 do a healf!” in her baby-man voice while doing that fat person heavy breathing she does is killing me. This bitch hasn’t “done a health” since 7th grade gym class. I’m embarrassed for her. Can’t she role play a school lunch lady or a DMV worker or an Alabama trailer park mother of 5 or ANYTHING else that matches her personality and isn’t that weird uwu baby shit that she desperately wishes she was? She has to figure out that she doesn’t fit the bimbo aesthetic some day, right?

No. 1011966

Heritage clothing fag but a lot of early nurses caps (European) were just large, flat flaps essentially lol (obviously not as flimsy as that)

No. 1011990

She looks so. . . Sticky. Like she just doesn't use a/c. Tulsafags, what's the weather like there? I can't even begin to imagine how sweaty and gross her rolls are.

No. 1011996

jesus christ she acts like she’d rather be doing literally anything else

No. 1012003

nah, she is more like a banana, girl has such unfortunate proportions it's like god didn't even give a fuck when creating her and selected the default cylinder object in a 3d modeling program and called it done.

No. 1012025

My sides.

No. 1012030

It's the pork sweats kek She used to be so damn dry when she was skinny but now she has a gross sheen to her constantly. Doesn't help she has labored breathing like an obese man. She's just…the most unsexy sex worker in the damn world. Luna has more sex appeal than her goddamn

Right! From the broken record who always talks about how much she loves her "job" I can get more personality out of roadkill Jesus Christ. She stripped, stuck her fingers in her cunt and shoved a butt plug up her ass with absolutely no teasing or foreplay and "orgasmed" all in 5 minutes. Then sat back up, sat there with her horrible fucking posture and looked so goddamn bored. It's just infuriatingly lazy. People tipped her nearly $100 and they got that. Lord.

No. 1012033

>People tipped her nearly $100 and they got that

You act like that's a lot when in reality that's an embarrassingly low amount to make while camming and shoving objects into your asshole in front of the whole world

No. 1012040

Meh. It was still only a 5 minute "cumshow'
The people who tipped her are retarded for enabling her to continue to be a lazy fat fuck who puts zero effort in for her "adoring and supportive" fans. I'm pretty sure it was only female sex workers who tipped. The sex work community is one giant circle jerk.

No. 1012045

>The sex work community is one giant brainwashing cult

FTFY. No self respecting "sex worker" would want even this, theres 0 pride in her work. If you want to claim you're steong and empowered bc you get naked online and shove things into you, then at least have some pride in yourself and the content you make, don't just blindly enable every single girl to do it for any reason.

Honestly, most of the girls who end up doing sex work really shouldn't have. The entire community depends on PTSD, mental issues and neglect/abuse victims to function and it's disgusting how it was all paraded as feminism or women taking control of their sexuality by degrading themselves for shit tier fugly incels with handout money.

IMHO, I think in time we might wven start to see sadder, grosser SW cows than her. Once you start caminng, there really is no way to go back.

No. 1012080

File: 1595606407686.jpg (307.39 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200724-110022_Wea…)

Its hot as fuck and humid in the Tulsa metro this week.

No. 1012093


I was wondering why someone that seems to not even have any sex drive or any enjoyment or pleasure from this does it? Sure, we’re about women doing what they want and not being ashamed that they like to fuck… but Shayna seems to not want either of these things, and I think that’s why most of these SWers’ mental illness is just so apparent. Why else would you stoop to these levels if you have other options? She doesn’t get off on it, she seems bored, uninterested. I think too a lot of girls do it just because they can or to prove some sort of point that they feel empowered when really they’re fucking empty inside. Not trying to armchair and I’m not totally certain it would be better, but I think this niche weirdo dressing up could be “fun” if she was really enjoying herself or at least feeling good and putting effort or artistic creativity in it.

No. 1012103

In some of the older threads, there’s posts from when she’s said she doesn’t even enjoy sex and she’s not really a sexual person but she likes the attention. I’ll try to find caps but there’s a few times she’s said she’ll do anything for attention and that’s why she did all those disturbing shoots where she was being tied up and shit. So no, she doesn’t enjoy sex work at all.

No. 1012107

She probably only does it for emotional validation and the illusion of being “wanted.” It stopped being about sex a long time ago. She hasn’t developed other parts of her personality in the meantime because she thought she could slide on by with what tiny bit of attractiveness she once may have had by virtue of not being obese. But even that’s gone completely down the drain. Theres no way she feels smol or cute in the LEAST. You can tell she’s utterly depressed in her shows. They’re not fun. No ones having fun, least of all her. This sad train is inevitably going to crash and we don’t know what that’s gonna look like but it’s coming. She can’t possibly keep this facade up.

No. 1012122

why is she pointing like that? the more weight she gains the more asmymmetrical her tits become and it's harder for her to hide the fact that she has absolutely zero curves. her knees are the same width as her hips when she sits now, talk about tree trunks more Shayna

I'm 95% sure she has air conditioning too, otherwise we would hear nothing but her begging someone to buy her a pink window unit AC. and she only goes out to buy more drugs and junk food so it's not like she's just come in from the heat

No. 1012127


Duh, that’s kind of an obvious factor I totally forgot about - attention. Some bitches are willing to dress up like a clown and act like a fool and dance around for little crumbs of attention. Even if everyone is laughing, they love it and get any bit of self-worth from others. I guess that’s really why we’re all here on this site is because of people like that. Shayna is that too, she thinks guys will give her attention and love her if she’ll do the dirtiest shit for them sexually when in reality, they use her like Fupa did and toss her aside lel. They’ll never be anything more than entertainment for a few minutes.

No. 1012139

File: 1595616387750.png (37.58 KB, 247x348, DD5C1963-D38A-4964-8AED-8E7D39…)

No. 1012140

File: 1595616523075.jpeg (376.06 KB, 1242x1362, 49F1B7F4-7693-4416-A0D5-333070…)

…Aaaand one more. I know anons have speculated that the only people who like her content are men who get off to women humiliating themselves. Shay probably knows that’s her main audience and doesn’t even care at this point. Attention is attention whether you’re slim and blonde or fat and sweaty.

No. 1012141

This is. . . Yikes. No wonder she stayed with Fupa so long; her ideal relationship is one that's physically abusive.

No. 1012155

You belive she's really into BDSM? Nah, she gets off from attention, anything that hurts or harms her on that quest is just a side effect.

Sex is just a way for her to get what she wants, she doesn't seem to enjoy it or want it.
If she can use her pussy and asshole to get Fupa to throw her a cent of attention she does and will.

If letting a man slap and hit her gets attention then she'll do it, I doubt she gets off on the actual acts though.

No. 1012167

I know shay has siblings…is she the middle child? Cause god damn her parents must have never given her attention. Ever.

There are easier ways to get attention but I guess humiliating sex work pays bills. Sad.

No. 1012169

File: 1595621123798.jpg (Spoiler Image,197.68 KB, 980x1770, IMG_20200724_210513.jpg)

Looks like she's been crying for weeks oof.

No. 1012171

What the fuck kind of facial expression is that? Everything about this one is hilarious. Each video and photoset she posts get more deranged by the day. Girl is spiraling.

No. 1012173

She is looking worse each day. You can smell her through the screen. Man, she is not doing well if she thinks this is passable and good content. Just take a break Shay, please.

No. 1012177

I think she’s said she has 2 younger brothers and 1 older brother… or 1 younger brother and 2 older brothers. I forget which. She’s in the middle though.

No. 1012189

Jesus Christ, she looks like a special needs person on some serious tranquiliser being taken advantage of. Them dead eyes. That slack jaw and partially open mouth, accentuating by those beautiful kawaii chin rolls. Is she trying to do a keyhole pout or look like those girls who can pull off the half open mouth look? They usually are models and they look like they're moaning sensually, not like they are a deer in the headlights who doesn't know how to pose. Why not just take another picture? Get better angles. Edit a bit. Ugh she's so gross

No. 1012194

I've seen one of the videos she did getting slapped around and abused, one of her "pornos", someone posted a snippet of it on here so I watched. It made me so uncomfortable and sad because even though I do not like Shayna, she looked so bummed and sad and depressed, and like she was not enjoying WHATSOEVER what was happening to her. Then there's another one where Kyle Nathan Perkins slaps her face while they're out at McDonald's or something and she just looks really offended and hurt and upset. It doesn't seem like sexy bdsm it just looks like horrible domestic abuse.

No. 1012195

Goddamn that cheap garter cant even hold up those THIGH high fishnets. They're down to her knees nearly jfc

No. 1012198

File: 1595624359438.jpeg (23.98 KB, 347x424, images (76).jpeg)

I know this is a generic pose but I really can't help but this was her inspo… Girl stop

No. 1012200

File: 1595624549415.jpg (Spoiler Image,456.38 KB, 1535x2048, IMG_20200724_220153.jpg)

This is the worst case of skirt belt to date.

And I presume this is new, never seen and isn't musty looking yet. Buy the right size woman!

No. 1012204

The reviews are so telling lmao. The only reason she can put it on is cos it's velcro.
And all these a lot slimmer than Shay people saying it's too small.

No. 1012205

File: 1595624905744.jpg (284.11 KB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_20200724-220645_Chr…)

Forgot screenshot

No. 1012210

File: 1595625701678.jpeg (97.25 KB, 381x488, 48F1FF1C-899A-45CA-B97E-D82EBB…)

oh shatna, forever buying a size small.

also, take the tag off for fuck’s sake. “I have such an eye for detail!”—kek.

No. 1012211

is…is her nipple being completely bent downwards? how does she not notice that? ouch…

No. 1012214

Her tits are being suffocated lol this is not sexy

No. 1012216

File: 1595626568916.jpg (76.91 KB, 800x920, 800px-WW2_Marine_after_Eniweto…)

She looks like she has a thousand yard stare

No. 1012217

This looks so retarded lol nothing fits right
She has to wear it up that high because it wouldnt velcro any lower down. That's the "smallest" part of her torso. Her tits are smooshed down and like the review said, it doesnt even fit length wise. Way shes wearing all of it looks so odd

No. 1012241

File: 1595630127677.jpg (187.04 KB, 1080x659, Screenshot_20200724-164742_Twi…)

Get ready for a typical lazy thrown together video

No. 1012251

But Shayna, that's… that's all of your videos.

No. 1012252

I don’t understand Shayna at all. For someone whose job depends on her appearance, she surely doesn’t take care of it at all. Her ego must be really inflated if she thinks she looks better than she has back then. But, her orbiters don’t help at all either.

No. 1012267

Shay is really giving me Charms vibes lately. Former skinny, edgy mean "tumblr famous" bitches turned camgirls at (or before, depending on the narrative) 18, only to quickly degrade into fat, pathetic BPDchan sadcows.

What a beautiful thing nature is.

No. 1012271

Well her eyebrows are finally looking decent, too bad every other inch of this photo is an absolute tragedy. Girl needs bigger clothes and a bigger chair too by the looks of it

No. 1012282

File: 1595638273151.jpg (204.3 KB, 1079x824, Screenshot_20200724-195058_Twi…)

You fake having an orgasm
You fake enjoy your "job"
You fake being turned on

What else Shay?

No. 1012283

File: 1595638308945.jpg (243.55 KB, 1078x1036, Screenshot_20200724-195031_Twi…)

Now, if a woman said this to Shay, she would be having a full on mental break down

No. 1012284

her big darkly stubbled homer simpson mouth pussy/fupa with this useless 10x too small """"skirt""" is just killing me

No. 1012287

File: 1595639043140.jpeg (Spoiler Image,704.69 KB, 1535x2048, 98E5F32E-583B-4D09-A73E-A055B3…)

Sorry everyone

No. 1012291

Horrifying, but funny.

No. 1012296

Dear God

No. 1012297

Is she gonna go on Twitter and say that someone on tumblr told her her pussy looks like Homer Simpsons mouth? Like she did with her pussy looking like a ball sack?

No. 1012307

I’ll bet that skirt is 10xs more ridiculous when she’s standing up too

No. 1012312

File: 1595642553513.jpg (544.76 KB, 1080x1257, 20200724_210156.jpg)

Shay posted the 2015 vs 2020 challenge on Instagram. Still bad, but I like ours better


No. 1012313

File: 1595642579786.jpg (458.88 KB, 1080x1272, 20200724_210136.jpg)

No. 1012314

I want to see how the skirt looks from behind kek the skirt probably doesn’t even cover her ass she has to safety pin it
Anon this is hilarious

No. 1012315

thank you buddy i love it

No. 1012316

How does someone have crusty ass lips for 5+ years and not do something about it?

No. 1012318

>fake childhood trauma
>fake mental illness
>fake overdosing
>fake success

No. 1012322

File: 1595645099146.jpg (294.6 KB, 1080x1096, Screenshot_20200724-214454_Twi…)

Who wants to bet this is all bs?

No. 1012323

Kek at her using a picture from before she really porked up. What happened to ~loving ur thiccness~?

No. 1012324

i wonder what her definition of "healthy" is

No. 1012328

File: 1595646674696.jpg (282.85 KB, 1080x993, Screenshot_20200724-214515_Twi…)

It's not a fat pussy Shay. It's because you wear clothes that are too damn small

No. 1012330

why is she talking about her “pussy leaking out” again? it sounds fucking disgusting

No. 1012347

she still looks porky af to me. Porkier than ever, actually.

No. 1012351

Exactly anon
You see plenty of fat women with literal fat pussies wearing thongs just fine because they don't buy size smalls
Get the large undies Shay,it's time

No. 1012352

File: 1595649423530.jpg (224.77 KB, 1079x830, Screenshot_20200724-225646_Twi…)

Cause this totally happens Shay. And it's not you being a "brat." It's you feeling entitled to everything

No. 1012355

still with Kyle, I see

No. 1012365

Of course she is. No other dude would put up with her

No. 1012385

Her definition of healthy: “medicated” nerd candy, chips on sandwiches, and cereal in ice cream.

No. 1012386

Chimken nuggets and cheemsburgers too

No. 1012439

We all know Kyle Nathan Perkins is a total piece of shit but I think back to their first few months on Tumblr – how he talked about how amazing, etc, Shay was. They both talked a big game to each other and are complete dredges. They both know they can't do any better so they're stuck with each other, one meltdown after another. It hindsight it's so fucking hilarious how far this has gone.

No. 1012456

kyle must absolutely despise shat for her current appearance. its obvious why they fight and have more drama and misery now than before, fupapa has no need to occasionally be nicer to her now that she's fat dark haired and nothing at all like she used to be. he exclusively signed up for a skinny blonde uwu camwhore

No. 1012465

No. 1012500

It doesn't count when one of your pictures is filtered to hell, Shayna. her skin is smoothed, jawline edited thinner, and eyes enlarged

No. 1012514

File: 1595680681396.jpeg (964.53 KB, 1242x1415, 1A2415F8-6D11-4551-9A4C-0BE2CA…)

idt it’s a stretch to say she stole this tweet from a viral tik tok/tweet of a rabbit kek


(the video is super cute and I watch it like 3xs a day, he looks exactly like my bunny)

No. 1012517


Fupapa likes fat chicks, that's why she did this to herself. She ruined herself for his attention.

No. 1012546

She really did. She really stayed in Tulsa all this time and destroyed herself for Fupa’s attention/affection. I don’t feel bad for her, though, because she CHOSE this. She chose to stay and be Fupapa’s shameful secret sidehoe even though he hid their relationship and did x y z aboosive things she’s claimed on Twitter. Based on her tweets, she’s still with him even now. Not to mention all the suicide baiting and god knows what else she’s done behind the scenes to keep her attachment to Fupa - Shay is truly pathetic and must have zero self esteem. Fupa’s a loser tumblr dom and definitely not a nice guy, but she knew what she was getting into from the get go. I wonder if she feels like she’s winning against lolcow somrhow by staying attached to Fupa and continuing to do SW. Or if at this point she’s getting her precious attention fix from here lol it almost feels like she’s purposefully posting relationship type tweets bc she knows anons are interested in the milk after the great confirmation of Fupapi tinfoil and she wants the attention.

No. 1012547

I feel like you're right, sadly, but… Why destroy her own life for some stupid forum that won't matter in the long run? The best revenge she can have against lolcow is moving on and improving her life, depriving us of milk. Instead she does the opposite and fuels more threads about her. In what world does that make sense.

No. 1012548

because she likes the attention

No. 1012551

These threads are the most consistent care and attention she's had since she chose sex work over her parents.

No. 1012558


Attention. She doesn’t care if it’s abusive or physical or whatever. As long as it’s attention. That’s why she’s willing to spread her asshole for free on the internet and gain 60lbs for a gross Kyle Fupa fag.

No. 1012563

File: 1595694487439.jpg (Spoiler Image,306.49 KB, 1079x1054, 20200725_102626.jpg)

Some more weight complaining. Shes also on diet pills now. (1/2)

No. 1012564

File: 1595694517611.jpg (275.43 KB, 1080x1316, 20200725_102644.jpg)

(2/2) diet pills mention

No. 1012573

lmao at her trying to act like her ass looks anything like her photoshopped pics when we all just saw it looking like >>1011463 literally 2 days ago

No. 1012575

she's fucking braindead to even think that shit works. just don't eat junk food and get off your ass.

No. 1012577

Good luck since that's physically impossible for her to achieve.

No. 1012581

>These threads are the most consistent care and attention she's had since she chose sex work over her parents.

this. I feel like if these threads were to suddenly stop she’d lose her mind and be upset over it. As much as she hates it, it’s still attention. To some capacity, I think she loves having a thread on her even if it’s all negative.

No. 1012584

She does realize that most diet pills are caffeine diuretics, right? Meaning she's going to be shitting her brains out and think she's losing weight.

No. 1012586

When is she going to realize that a teen body is just that - not your adult body. You're not going to go back to that Shayna, not without a hefty amount of gym work and serious dieting. It would be best to just come to terms with your new adult body and try to live a healthy lifestyle instead of striving to look how you did during your peak. It won't happen and you'll wind up more disappointed.

No. 1012587

Literally this bitch has to do is stop eating junk and take her fucking dog out for some walks during the week. Sage for nothing new but come on, Shatna.

btw, where IS Noodle? Havent heard anything about her since the looneybin.

No. 1012589

She’s so dumb. It is impossible to achieve all that without exercise and without surgery. The reason her boobs are “big” is because she gained hella weight. All the weight went to her belly and not her ass. She just had to arch her back to look like she has one. If you keep smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, and eating junk food all day you’re not going to look good. Man, this thread has given her lots of advice but she chooses to flop around like a fat whale and beg for pennies to buy cheap amazon clothes in a size small. I guess that gives us more milk but it’s kind of just sad at this point.

No. 1012598

File: 1595701142305.jpg (149.28 KB, 1080x596, 20200725_121800.jpg)

She does know the diet powder(in the replies she specifically said shes using powder diet mixed with water. I will post screencaps if anyone wants.) aren't gonna cancel out her constantly eating fast food. Shes one of those bitches that orders everything on the menu and then gets a diet coke.

No. 1012602

Isn't that powder stuff for working out? Like you're supposed to drink it during/before a workout?

No. 1012638

Not sure what exactly she bought this time, but there is "diet aid" powders but they're not a miracle weightloss thing like she thinks. It just stimulates or helps suppress things in your body, but you still have to diet and exercise to actually lose weight.
Shes delusional af to think she can keep the "ass" and fat boy titties she has and then have her torso slim down to size 0 again. Especially just by cutting down on cHeEmSbUrGnErS and drinking diet aid powders. Never gonna happen. Like other anon said, no one can really go back to their teen body. It's not how anatomy works. She can curve the gaining and get into shape though, but again, you have to not only persistently diet right but also EXERCISE to tone your body.

Anyway you're thinking of that creatine powder she got during her week long gym baiting thing a while back where she spent 200 bucks on workout powders knowing fuck all about how they work and then finally going to the gym ONE day to use a treadmill for 10 mins. They are different powders, but she still doesnt know how to use either kek

No. 1012641

Something tells me the only reason shes being quiet about her "healthy eating" this time is to avoid being called out or shamed when she doesnt follow through. Which means shes still eating take out and fast food (chipotle isnt healthy eating, it's just not as trash as mcdonalds) and weed candies and drinking, scammed for groceries that's she never got and tried to get what she thinks is a quick & easy fix of diet powder lol shes such a dumbass

No. 1012663

Remember the $200 she spent on protein powder and never used kek.

No. 1012665

The funny part about the last bit is that creatine is known to cause water retention in the muscles, which is why bodybuilders frequently say they look "puffy" or swollen when using it. So if she did use it at all or does in the future, she's going to look even more bloated. It also has absolutely zero benefits for her, as the only thing it really does is provide a very minimal strength boost when weightlifting.

No. 1012680

I personally cannot wait to see her balloon up even bigger from all this, because it's inevitable. She has the wrong idea about healthy foods, refuses to work out or move her body in any way, and will absolutely fuck up her metabolism (and mental health) with these fat burner pills. Like just eat a fucking salad and go on a power walk or do a fun home workout video on youtube, and stick to it everyday. It's not that complicated. She could even consult with her ex boyfriend Connor the nutritionist. I just remember last time she did her "diet" she end up gaining a ton of weight immediately after. She wants a quick fix, but it's hard to undo damage to your body like that without a change in lifestyle. I'm calling it right now, she will be even fatter at the end of all this.

No. 1012694

same, i just wanna see her going into feeder porn for real instead of skirting around it. it really feels like her slowly incorporating food into her porn is build up for that.

No. 1012713

Call me a bitch for this but I sort of want to see what would happen if she started taking orlistat

No. 1012747

File: 1595718639637.jpg (484.41 KB, 1079x1762, Screenshot_20200725-181031_Twi…)

No. 1012748

File: 1595718704889.jpg (60.21 KB, 1080x443, 20200725_181056.jpg)

No. 1012750

She's not a teen in that pic though. She was living with Fupa in that pic and was 21

No. 1012753

Kek "yoga, exercise, and fresh food" is something this bitch could NEVER do for even a week and that's why shes going to keep getting fatter. If she could even manage one of those for longer than a week, she could maybe slow the gaining and if she stuck with eating decent and exercising even just a bit each day, she could get to a somewhat healthy weight and kinda hover there. But she doesnt have the dedication in her to follow through. And like, I get it, diet change is very hard for a lot of people and so is committing to a lifestyle change especially to lose weight. You won't see results immediately. But you either do it or shut the fuck up with pitying yourself.

No. 1012756

shayna seems to really be going downhill rn. i want her to snap, delete all social and live as a normal human being, but since that's not going to happen, we can at least enjoy her hilarious downfall.

No. 1012770

File: 1595720746327.jpg (223.27 KB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_20200726-004445_Twi…)

Why is this hoe losing her mind over 10-20 dollar tips lmao.

No. 1012775

Good for her but she seriously undervalues herself if she's SKJFLKSDJFLWKing getting like 20 dollar tips. It should be a gracious thank you, flirtatious, she's really showing how little she values herself here

No. 1012779

oh yeah he was pining over fatter girls after, but i think at the start, he loved the idea of being shacked up with an uwu skinny smol blonde tumblr famous sex werker just for the attention and "clout".

No. 1012789

I’ve gotten 100 dollars just showing my tits to some dude online. shayna is not doing it right. Even fatter woman have more sex appeal than her. She just sucks at her job. Sage for blogposting my bad.(no1curr)

No. 1012790

File: 1595723397608.jpg (210.18 KB, 1079x667, Screenshot_20200725-192956_Twi…)

All of your nudes and cum shows are the same. And no one would buy if it was more than $3 Shay

No. 1012791

wow anon you're so vastly superior

No. 1012803

Not saying I am. Just saying Shayna is bad at marketing herself. I’m not even a sexworker. If she got outfits that fit, used different toys in a different setting, and showered she could raise her prices to ten dollars. But she won’t do that

No. 1012809

Begone thot
No one cares how you have degraded yourself

No. 1012814

baby you're going to have to stop blogging and then replying when people laugh at you for blogging. literally nobody cares, that's all. stop talking about yourself.

No. 1012818

Yeah. That's sad af Shay. Maybe use that thought and dig a little deeper to re-evaluate your fucking life choices bitch

No. 1012834

Wow anon that is such a major achievement and I'm so glad you made that post and shared that information. Degrading yourself as wank material for more money than Shay does. It totally isn't a sign of untreated mental illness and you don't need therapy or anything. I am so impressed.

No. 1012835

Based forecast-chan

No. 1012837

Plz report post so she catches a ban.

Nobody cares about how you're a whore.

No. 1012838

Just stop commenting a reply whenever someone blogposts Jesus Christ. Just ignore it. then it turns into a thread of people telling each other to shut up. We get it you’re jealous you can’t always easy money. Shut up incel.

No. 1012839

Don't tell me what to do, trial by replies is better than a ban that she might not even notice before it's expired

No. 1012840

Did I accidentally log into 4chan? Or Reddit? Who cares if someone shows their tits. Fuck off weirdo. You sound like a neck beard.

No. 1012843

File: 1595731551928.png (139.11 KB, 360x450, A044BFE2-E351-4FCF-9E40-EF5201…)

Kinda looks like the magic mouths from little big planet

No. 1012846

>log into 4chan

No. 1012847

Thank you anon this is adorable

No. 1012849

It's almost like you could do both if you're making the effort to respond. That was my point, if it's worth it to write response and fill a thread, then why not click twice and use two methods of fighting against blogging?
Take anon to task in replies and report so they don't keep responding like here >>1012803

I know I'm taking the bait but wtf anons?


No. 1012852

Focus on Shay and quit derailing.

No. 1012867

File: 1595738176744.jpeg (199.78 KB, 750x969, ED808833-A7B7-4069-8CF9-8E3D6F…)

of course she's getting stoned and acting like it's funny and quirky instead of increasingly sad. downward spiral barbie

No. 1012883

File: 1595742823570.jpg (249.07 KB, 1080x1438, Screenshot_20200726-005332_Twi…)

These aren't going to happen

No. 1012886

File: 1595742944055.jpg (332.65 KB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_20200726-005354_Twi…)

1. So her everyday life?

2. Back to being a wannabe femdomme?

3. Literally the plot to all of her puppy play videos

No. 1012889

Is her Monday video her response to this? Shay, you always make it so obvious that you lurk here

No. 1012893

omg if she actually does the mukkbang video….HORRIFIC already

No. 1012894

How long has she been putting off that video of her eating penis pasta while being fucked by her machine?

No. 1012896

she genuinely thinks her pics and videos make anyone so desperately want to cum? oh, honey…

No. 1012900

Probably trying to figure out how to cook pasta

No. 1012904


She eats like shit and probably gets no fibers whatsoever, just sits on her ass and doesn't exercise, does anal every now and then and now she's gonna be sitting on the toilet more than ever probably with these magic weight loss things…
How the fuck does she not have hemorrhoids already with all this? I bet she'll sport some lumps soon lmao

No. 1012908

She has been for quite some time, I hate that she's going for bimbo barbie when she could do a mean lumpy space princess

No. 1012910

She also clings to the teenager aesthetic which ends up looking washed out and trashy. Baby pink really doesn't suit her anymore with the brunette hair and weight gain.

No. 1012918

File: 1595753204420.jpg (247.63 KB, 1080x779, Screenshot_20200726-034613_Twi…)

You anons obviously offended her

No. 1012920

Shay that's not how it works baby. Even if you want to go the OH MY GOD THANK YOU route, you don't keysmash like you're texting a girlfriend. It makes you look like you don't know what the fuck you're doing, but if the skirt doesn't fit…

No. 1012937

I just don’t understand if she’s doing it to be funny or if it’s meant to be a legitimately sexy video….like who is going to jerk off to this? It’d probably be better done as a fun interactive cam event, but whatever Shay, keep sucking at your job.

No. 1012938

Is she going for Trisha Paytas' gig? She does mukbangs doesn't she.
Though, even Trisha probably doesn't do them on OF. Imagine being lower than Trisha Paytas lmao.

No. 1012940

>>1011463 ngl she looks like homer simpson trying to dance

No. 1012948

I feel like that’s what she would use for the mukbang. She always has to culture vulture extremely insulting and incorrect versions of ideas and make them worse from her lack of looking shit up.

No. 1012954

kek it was only a matter of time before she turned to mukbang, another anon prediction come true. the most low effort content she could put out
if you eat like a pig every day might as well film yourself and… fuck yourself while doing it

No. 1012974

File: 1595775452678.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.2 KB, 595x773, ECzAQqXXUAIpGfp.jpg)

i'm hoping that shay can become the female nikocado avocado

No. 1012984

shay honey set your sights a little higher for an ass. that one is terrible.

No. 1012986

At least Niko knows he's chubby/fat and takes decent pictures. He doesn't half ass it or scam like alot of celebs on OF. Tbh he's a better sex worker than Shay could ever dream to be, kek.

No. 1013002

I'm still kind of laughing at the fact she ran to twitter to tell on Fupa and then ended up in the hosptial.
Like how retarded is that, your BF breaks it off with you and you run and snitch on him to twitter aka to Lolcow, because we were the only people who cared.

No. 1013026

sorry for autism but that's not even the right fuckin meme to use with the caption goddamn

No. 1013052

The extra sweet part is she "went to inpatient" and then comes out and let's him fuck her on the DL still
Imagine having a mental breakdown over a deadbeat Fupa dad and then still letting him use you like a cum sock

No. 1013082

File: 1595791275074.jpeg (Spoiler Image,227.41 KB, 1100x1313, F806BA05-74AC-4A34-B117-F968C6…)

Be careful what you wish for

No. 1013086

File: 1595791604352.jpeg (Spoiler Image,250 KB, 1104x1486, 5FF7F6C3-66D1-44A4-AF53-1596CE…)

Or is this better? Definitely worse

No. 1013088

Shay is always late to memes, and still manages to fuck them up. I will never understand how someone that spends their entire life online can be so bad at meme culture.

No. 1013100

She's the embodiment of cringe using a fucking rage face in 2020. But let's not forget she's the total meme queen.

No. 1013108

Would make a splendid thread pic.

No. 1013136

This is literally how shay looks, no need for shoop

No. 1013164

File: 1595800224019.png (Spoiler Image,1020.23 KB, 1104x1486, shay-warp.png)

No. 1013165

lmao this is beautiful. next thread pic

No. 1013177

If it's a fatblocker like Alli I'm going to lose my fucking mind the first time we see the orange oil because she absolutely will continue to eat high fat foods and that plus Alli plus frequent anal means she's going to leak like a poorly made barrel.

No. 1013182

Omg I forgot about that. Ugh if Shatna were on alli she'd probably try to use the orange oil as some kind of gimmick for her anal cum shows "Stuff me I'm a jack-o-latern leaking daddys orange cum" or something lol

No. 1013193

anon pls … my sides

No. 1013194

>nikocado avocado
>takes decent pictures.

No. 1013201

It's not like the bar is really set very high, let's be real.

No. 1013206

File: 1595810983588.jpg (Spoiler Image,451.95 KB, 1080x1123, Screenshot_20200726-194929_Twi…)

Why is she reposting these old pics?

No. 1013207

>get k.o'd
How does she not know the literal meme tier frequently referenced mortal kombat quotes
How could she not have been exposed to them with even singular Google search vaguely related to the franchise???

I'm not even trying to be critical at this point I'm sincerely fucking baffled

No. 1013212

So people don't think she's as fat.

Lmao. Especially when the actual quote could be crossover in porn.
What a dumdum

No. 1013214

This is it! The single worst comment on lolcow! Congrats!

Fat burner saga is surprisingly surprising. We all knew she was lazy and embarrassed about being a fatass, but I kind of expected her to just accept it eventually. Sketchy fat burners are dumb, even for Porky Mattel.

No. 1013228

God is Alli still around?? That stuff was dangerous and ruined our toilet when my sister took it.
Shay already has a bad history with pissing herself and having shit on her anal toys. I dunno if I could handle an orange slip and slide saga

No. 1013233

I am so sorry to be stupid but I googled it and still don’t understand what is orange oil? Like essential oil? I’ve never taken anything like that so I’m not sure lol sorry

No. 1013236

File: 1595817412382.jpg (258.7 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20200726-213641_Twi…)

No. 1013237

Alli stops the body from being able to absorb fat from food. The side effect of this is that the person taking it shits out all that undigested fat.

No. 1013245

Anon who originally brought it up, this is correct. If someone takes it and makes the correct dietary changes, it's perfectly healthy and they will have little to no side effects. In the little booklet that comes with it, it specifically tells you that eating above a certain threshold of fat will result in negative consequences. It's a bit of a psychological tool, where you'll stop eating empty fatty garbage because you know it'll lead to a bathroom campout later. But most people who take it think it'll solve all their problems for them with no work, so they continue eating fried foods and end up leaking this horrible neon orange oil out of their ass. You can google "Alli-Oops" for more, as it came to be known when Alli was at its peak. You'll find a lot of "you can never trust a fart again" type posts. Considering Shayna's anal "preference", long history of not sticking with things, habit of not considering the consequences of her actions, and the extremely questionable food choices, I see her in that camp 100%. If it is Alli, we'll know. It stains everything.

No. 1013246

Perfectly safe, I mean. Obviously not the healthiest way to go about things. But value as a tool if used correctly.

No. 1013257

I dunno if it's still the same now, but I remember taking 1 pill bc I was curious and I was fine for a week. And then out of nowhere I had the oil spills despite it being a week since the pill.
So it stays in ya for a while

No. 1013258

holy shit. She's only had the stupid fake pony tails for a few months. So, this can't be that old. How is she gaining weight so rapidly? She needs to see a doctor.

No. 1013260

File: 1595821966855.jpg (433.01 KB, 1080x1430, Screenshot_20200726-225211_Twi…)

Why does she think liking this kind of music makes her interesting?

No. 1013276

Jfc anon this sent me good job def a thread pic contender
Because all she watches is WWE and plays fortnite, it's so obvious when she mentions a game just to seem like a gamer gurl just like that chair she has

No. 1013277

OT but anon the tone of this had me cackling, I had completely forgotten about Alli. What an unintentionally hilarious drug.

No. 1013373

Because it actually used to be interesting when she was a Tumblr teen. She still thinks anyone cares at all.

No. 1013412

File: 1595867251689.jpg (93.59 KB, 1080x560, 20200727_092522.jpg)

the fact that she has to announce her showers on twitter tells me these are still the only showers she's taking. oh and just a day after the anons brought up noodle and taking her for walks as some form of exercise, shay has to embarrass herself by letting us know that she does the bare minimum and also lurks here daily

No. 1013425

I hope her hair looks better since she's showering bc it's been looking tragic for what feels like forever. Shay, please, do something cute with it. A trailer trash bun or greasy braids ain't it.

No. 1013438

We all know women shave in the shower, it's a well known thing.. So why does she always have to seperately specify that she'll be shaving? It's these little things that annoy me the most lol(nitpick)

No. 1013472

She's going to wear that stupid hair piece in a high pony tail/ pig tails.

No. 1013482

Dont forget to shave your legs this time Shay

No. 1013506

Can we please not make a thread pic that needs to be spoiled?
Shayna looks rough enough as it is, no need to snoop her on someone else’s body to see how disgusting she is

No. 1013524

Anons pointed out her hairy ass legs here so maybe that's why she desperately wants to show that she does indeed own a razor from the dollar store and thus is a well taken of sexworker lol

No. 1013525

No. 1013531

File: 1595883181637.jpg (306.69 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20200727-155311_Chr…)

Girl, keep the mention of parents out of your porn. She's so disgusting

No. 1013556

She really is dense. Her entire audience are disgusting men that say sexist shit about women after jerking it to their nudes

No. 1013570

File: 1595888759524.png (96.01 KB, 1271x922, Screenshot_20200727-232053~3.p…)

Wonder what happened on the 07/23 that lost her 18 followers.

No. 1013575

A lot of her follower count is just from bots she bought and Twitter regularly does sweeps of them. So they slowly get removed over time as they get removed automatically. It's pretty regular on account with massive bought followers to see the number trickle downward. Don't bump the thread without milk.

No. 1013576

File: 1595889344953.jpg (Spoiler Image,199.29 KB, 1080x1453, Screenshot_20200727-183156.jpg)

I'm not great at pointing out photoshop but something about this photo seems off to me, like she shrinked her ribs or something?

No. 1013587

It’s blurred to fuck and back but that’s a pretty popular fat girl pose. Lay on your back and arch it as hard as possible while sucking in. It’s a super common pose on Insta.

No. 1013597

She’s not arching, she’s straight up on her elbows kek
Those hammy ass arms tell no lies

No. 1013614

Jesus, you’re right, she’s practically attempting to bend in half to distort her porky midsection into looking less pig-esque…the worlds least flexible contortionist

she does so much flexing and twisting to make her pics appear human, I wonder if she counts that as exercise and calls it a day kek

No. 1013636

File: 1595897028141.png (Spoiler Image,2.27 MB, 2048x1177, Screenshot_20200727-204347.png)

Shayna why the fuck would you post this mess

No. 1013639

File: 1595897363433.webm (Spoiler Image,229.18 KB, 640x700, InShot_20200727_204759647.webm)


No. 1013640

I… cannot tell what she's going for here. she literally sounds sarcastic in the video, like she's agreeing that her parents are probably ashamed and disgusted by what she's doing. Bleak is right

No. 1013642

Shayna honey, that's not "taking cock on the internet". That's shoving a dry plastic dildo in your dry snatch for pennies. How bleak.

Also what is with her angry sarcastic tone and shitty audio?

No. 1013648

She sounds like she's going to cry. Cause she knows how embarrassed her parents are of her "job"

No. 1013652

Yeah, nikocado or whatever his name is has a repulsive body, and that angle… Please no. Lord knows she can be plenty disturbing/embarrassing without any help.

Idk why this made me crack up.

No. 1013655

I'm living she cropped this image so no one could see those rolls

No. 1013657

File: 1595899732941.jpg (Spoiler Image,507.32 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20200727-202908_Twi…)

So punny Shay

No. 1013658

her nipples are two completely different colors, and what’s that brown stain on her shirt? ew

No. 1013659

holy shit, anons just started comparing her to nikocado and this is the exact pose he makes on his nsfl onlyfans

No. 1013667

No. 1013668

Do not start complaining about her tits

No. 1013669


This is so strange, depressing and self aware. Who cums to this?

No. 1013671

You complain when she's self aware and you complain when she's not

No. 1013681

File: 1595904153157.jpg (130.9 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20200727_224230.jpg)


Lol hi Shayna Clifford
Caught it before you deleted

No. 1013683

No. 1013684

No. 1013685

lmao i was about to capture it before it got deleted

No. 1013686

fucking AMAZING

No. 1013688


farmhands please reveal all her self posts

No. 1013690

seconded, please reveal.
Also how embarrassing

No. 1013696

Lol miss porky couldn't help herself.

No. 1013702

Probably drunk as usual and fucked up kek. Love that she saged her initial post though

No. 1013703

File: 1595906683391.png (413.31 KB, 600x525, 1591942819971.png)

Farmhands, I will personally buy you all a drink if you please reveal her self posts. It was only a matter of time before she slipped up.

No. 1013704

Right? That has me dying.
The fact that she knows the rules proves she trolls around hard on this site.

No. 1013706

I second this. Poor cow couldn't help herself, lawl.

No. 1013708

O THANKS for personally confirming more farmers speculation shay.
And stop drinking <3

No. 1013716

Huh, the weirdest nitpicks bother her for her to slip up that bad, not all the advice or the conversation about the man she cares enough about that she wanted to commit suicide over, but tit nitpicks and people talking shit about her angry video.

No. 1013717

please I hope this she has a meltdown because of this.

No. 1013724

This makes no sense. If she's aware of when she's not self aware, isn't that self awareness?

No. 1013725

File: 1595909025233.jpg (Spoiler Image,523.51 KB, 1080x1260, Screenshot_20200727-230355_Twi…)

Why would you use this as the thumbnail?

No. 1013726

Spoiler this monstrosity

No. 1013728

spoiler that shit jesus

No. 1013729

spoiler this, cunt

No. 1013731

this thumbnail makes her look fucking 300lbs

No. 1013732

File: 1595909296028.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.3 KB, 640x640, e34.jpg)

No. 1013733

thriving bbw queen

No. 1013737

File: 1595909817981.jpeg (215.64 KB, 750x1155, 262B1CBD-0B07-4DA8-852B-2F45DA…)

no fucking way

No. 1013742

File: 1595910119545.jpg (Spoiler Image,194.32 KB, 816x597, Screenshot_20200727-235821_Twi…)

Dropped the spoiler.
Shaytard hungry!!

No. 1013743

Shay didn't post, move on and stop responding to low effort bait.

No. 1013744

Foiled again

No. 1013757

File: 1595912507175.jpeg (Spoiler Image,440.83 KB, 1920x1080, 270DF7F8-81D0-4756-BCB2-EA81AD…)

No more definition in her shoulders. Just a lumpy sack of fat.(repost)

No. 1013766

Why is her tone so aggressive in this vid? She really didnt need to make this vid. No costume, fetish, or anything special at all. Just an embarrassing, plain showcase of how much of a fat lard shes become. And to put it on pornhub no less.

Her tits used to be her only good feature basically, but now they're just like sweaty moobs.

No. 1013780

Sarah Palin, noooo!

No. 1013789

File: 1595918777125.jpg (8.62 KB, 480x360, the loaf.jpg)

mann the almighty loaf really let itself go

No. 1013796

i'm dying she really looks like a wide doughy squashed bug someone stepped on

No. 1013805

Clearly not that low effort if we genuinely thought it was her, but thanks for the confirmation.

No. 1013813

when i see caps of her like this i cant help but laugh out loud because they make me feel such cringe and secondhand embarrassment that it comes out as an awkward laugh i absolutely can't control, it feels very uncomfortable.

I just don't understand why she makes this face, it's so ugly.

No. 1013822

This. I used to thonk Moo was bad at trying to appear slimmer, but our cow Shay here doesn’t even try. Instead it looks like she’s trying to look bigger? Feeder arc when?

No. 1013823

Why is she uploading to PornHub now when the website is currently under huge speculation of shady activity omg you tonedeaf lard. It's not even the website all the other OF girls are pushing rn either like is this some attempt to start drama again?

No. 1013839

there was a point where her boobs looked bigger compared to her body from gaining weight

that point is long gone. now her arms bulge so that her tits look….small. oof.

No. 1013841


This could easily just be bait by someone really bored

we know she lurks these boards, but she's not that clumsy.. i think?

No. 1013843

She is. She has outed herself when she was laughing at a cow tipper on her twitter.

No. 1013851

Yeah, just wait until Traffickinghub twitter gets on her ass.

No. 1013856

you’re late as fuck >>1013743

No. 1013887

File: 1595949661365.jpeg (125.02 KB, 828x374, 9000D0D0-F7FB-4662-8AC4-D45328…)

Those 2 things don’t go together

No. 1013896

File: 1595950669142.png (84.76 KB, 1152x282, Shay being dumb.png)


You hit the nail on the head. It's as if she's dumb and predictable, or something.

No. 1013897

lmao already deleted in the time between me screenshotting it and me posting this

No. 1013903

i just found this while looking this girl up.

What exactly is everyone mad about and hate this girl for?(read the thread)

No. 1013904

File: 1595951880986.png (105.93 KB, 739x736, Screenshot (113).png)

lol she thinks people call her out to get ~famousss~

also that tweet where she's like "girls take the fun out of everything" when it was posted by a dude, kek.

No. 1013905

Shes not even wrong. Twitter is full of pedo shit. Tumblr was too. Pornhub is as well. Onlyfans probably also has pedo shit on it.

No. 1013908

She's so fucking stupid. That tweet is literally perpetuating the idea of "boys vs girl" because she is CALLING OUT GIRLS.

No. 1013916

"ugh i hate when only GIRLS make it Girls vs. Boys thank GOD im not like other girls who do that!!"
and whose gotten "popular" talking about Shayna? Shayna can't even get "popular" showing her body off for free 20 times a day,

I'd love to see her name ONE person who got "popular" from talking about her dumb ass.
first of all sage, second of all she deleted it because she knew if she got any response she'd flip her shit and threaten suicide. She could've just used PH and STFU instead of making this tweet.

No. 1013918

File: 1595953845423.png (47.23 KB, 451x542, jjj.PNG)

No. 1013919

Wtf is this cringe interaction, fucking middle schoolers.

No. 1013921

i have no idea. what I do know is Shayna would threaten suicide if someone got slick with her even if they walked it back.

No. 1013923

Why is Shayna Luther King interacting with that known alt-right panderer cow? do cows really stick together?

No. 1013929

huh she is? So it's not okay for her mom to support trump but it's okay for Shayna to interact with sex workers who support trump (or whatever the fuck) while they bitch about women.

Makes sense.

No. 1013950

Yeah npcprinceness used to be posted here when she went by indigo white for her sperg outs about belle delphine and being a tradthot despite making porn.

No. 1013971

Shay is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Saying people call her out for Fame as if she wasn't pretending to care about BLM for followers n brownie points while interacting with a known racist Lol. Complaining about women when the post wasn't even made by a women. Stuff like this is why I laughed when she was crying about Fupa. She deserves every bad thing that keeps happening.

No. 1013973

I feel like her woman hate got even bigger from Fupa, how much do you want to beat he constantly talked shit about his ex wife, she probably bragged about anal for so long cause Fupa or some other asshole told her most girls don't like it.
Everything Shayna has been doing since Fupa has been for Fupa or imo fupa flavored.

No doubt without fupa or lolcow she'd hate women, but I don't think it'd be this deep, I could imagine her 100% being the type whose super "girl power", but because her mom,her dad possibly fupa and lolcow she tends to generlize women because men give her the most attention and pay her bills.

Yet, I'm sure this site gives her more attention then even fupa at times and sex workers seem to be the main people supporting her.

No. 1013992

I'm guessing she dirty deleted because she remembered how well it went last time she tried to defend men and trafficking. She can't help herself but post pick me bullshit.

No. 1013994

When someone posts something she does not like, she either posts some wack ass come back or explodes because she does not know how to respond back, knows she's wrong and suicide baits.
She's terrified of getting comments that disagree with her even if they are respectful.
Which is funny because she's the main one in people's comments talking shit about others.

No. 1014011

>fupa flavored

No. 1014035


She looks special needs as fuck in this video(imageboard, post caps)

No. 1014048

File: 1595971632382.png (213.17 KB, 595x458, 1544476348199 (2).png)

>man posts something about misogyny
>Shayna assumes it's a woman posting and immediately goes on the attack, blaming all women for something said by a man (whom she only disagrees with because she thinks he's a woman)

jfc she needs to just embrace the tradthot lifestyle at this point. what a fucking mess. criticizing non-existent women now. no one is going to pick you anyway, shatna

also, just gonna leave this here again. original post: >>>/snow/747027

No. 1014054

Shayna can never become a tradthot because then she would have to shill marriage, and she knows damn well Fupa would never marry her

No. 1014067

File: 1595974155560.png (303.51 KB, 555x562, 2020-07-28 18_09_28-Window.png)

she's turned into such a fucking blob

No. 1014069

She is now unironically resembling a meatball.

No. 1014072

christ i saw this pic on the homepage and went 'no fucking way is that shayna'


No. 1014074

So she went out of her way to unblock her lol. Stop pretending Shay.

No. 1014075

i think they both have different accounts since this screenshot, iirc this was when shays twitters got deleted every other day

No. 1014078

Shayna wtf these clothes are NOT FOR YOU

No. 1014079

File: 1595975711522.png (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1719x2048, Screenshot_20200728-183459.png)

Someone come get your retarded down syndrome child, she's flashing her tits and being insufferable

No. 1014081

File: 1595975795292.jpg (268.57 KB, 1079x871, Screenshot_20200728-173545_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 1014082

File: 1595975859884.png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 2048x1365, Screenshot_20200728-183632.png)

Lmfao my phone paused on this frame wtf is this horrorshow? Also does Shayna know that most dommes don't masturbate in their vids? Kek.

No. 1014083

File: 1595975873678.jpg (245.45 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20200728-173414_Twi…)

On today's episode of "what didn't happen"

No. 1014084

No. 1014085

File: 1595975926609.jpg (167.62 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20200728-173638_Twi…)

We all know this didn't happen. And if it did, why are you walking your dog in the rain? And if it did happen, she wore the shirt on purpose for attention

No. 1014110

i wonder how many calories she eats a day. her healthy snack was almonds but assume that a snack size is a whole bag which could be up to like 600 calories for a snack. good luck w the diet pills tho, shay

No. 1014114

uhh she was just talking about eating chipotle 3 days ago lol >>1012598

No. 1014115

File: 1595980382025.png (1.79 MB, 1298x1082, twins.png)

All of lolcow's drug-addled, e-begging cows continue to fuse into one entity
>uwu fragile dumb baby bimbo brat aesthetic despite being greasy, gelatinous behemoths
>garbage boyfriend they ruined their lives for and yet they continue to stan their shitty men
>high 24/7 as cope
>have no business owning pets yet continue to do so
>horrorcow failing sex workers
>perma shit-tier makeup
>unjustified victim complex regarding parent(s)

No. 1014118

File: 1595980990279.png (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 2048x1134, Screenshot_20200728-200214.png)

It's supposed to be a domme video and she looks…like this.

No. 1014119

The Somme who's being crying about how insecure she is for weeks, tryna do sph yet gagging on a bellend.

Yup, makes sense.

No. 1014120

Oh my God. It keeps getting worse.

No. 1014134

File: 1595982813800.jpg (Spoiler Image,509.63 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_20200728-193337_Twi…)

Any OF anons gonna record this tragedy?

No. 1014136

yeah, indigo white's original twitter got deleted but idr why, they both have new twitter accounts and because shay is fucked up 24/7 she probably doesn't even know npcprincess666 and indigo white are the same person.

No. 1014148

Chipotle is arguably one of the healthiest food chains so long as you aren’t loading up the on the meat, cheese and sour cream. Which she probably is, tho.

No. 1014152

Whoa. That’s a huge bitch. She’s gaining so much so fast.

Bullshit. Eating clean doesn’t mean “I didn’t eat junk”. If she cooked anything she would have posted a picture. Eating lean cuisine microwave meals isn’t clean eating shay.

No. 1014163

she can't seriously think this picture is believable even to her few remaining simps. compared to this? >>1014067

No. 1014165

File: 1595987970361.jpg (106.69 KB, 1080x688, Screenshot_20200729-025640_Twi…)

Lmao. They're called simps Shay. All it takes is for you to be female and they start tryna talk to you and shit.

I bet her psn name is something to do with "dolly Mattel" cos she has no personality or life outside of sex work.

No. 1014170

Shayna thinks taking her dog out for 5 minutes so she can piss and shit outside is the same as going for a whole walk


No. 1014172

It's amazing that all her workspaces and daily outfits look the same so she can use this months old pic to advertise a live/video where she's wearing the same outfit but 3 sizes too small instead of 1

No. 1014173

Guys will message literally ANY female they hear on mic. This bitch really thinks shes special good god

No. 1014174

File: 1595989509660.png (470.96 KB, 2048x1070, Screenshot_20200728-222516.png)

Whatever you say miss delusion

No. 1014176

Does anyone even watch her videos?

No. 1014178

"they "copied me" but im so unbothered im going to make a tweet talking shit about them!!"

And how much you want to beat the concept was done before Shayna (and better) and she's just upset someone looked better doing something she felt she did first?

she's so hungry for drama, i can't wait until Fupa breaks up with her again.

No. 1014181

Tinfoil but she may be referring to plasticandproud/scorpioassheaux chick. They have interacted a few times and scorpioassheaux JUST made and released a video where she pretends to be a mom teaching her son to cum…

No. 1014184

Cause Shay was the first one to do that

No. 1014185

You can't be a gimp without an owner. This lonely idiot.

No. 1014186

Shayna never did a video like that though. She did some stupid stepmom breakfast shit that was dumb as fuck.

No. 1014190


No. 1014191

are you getting a strange vibe, anon

No. 1014193

Doesn't she realize all porn concepts have been done?

No. 1014194

Her body is salvageable. It's not momokun, where it's lipo'd, morbidly obese, skin pulled to absolute limits. Shayna may have a few left over stretch marks, but she's still got a lot of elasticity, nothing like Luna's creepy cottage cheese.

As for her life, definitely not salvageable.

No. 1014196

Okay, but momokun has some (minimal) sex appeal and people actually know who she is, albeit for the wrong reasons

No. 1014197

File: 1595992705419.jpg (181.78 KB, 1080x600, Screenshot_20200728-221816_Twi…)

You mean YOU bought YOURSELF light up sneakers Shay

No. 1014198

File: 1595992739646.jpg (285.14 KB, 1079x902, Screenshot_20200728-221800_Twi…)

Did anyone catch it?

No. 1014200

She doesn’t get any attention unless its from 14 year olds on Fortnite because she uses her fake baby voice. She sucks at games and comes across as a retard to anyone halfway normal including neckbeards that take the dumbass pvp games seriously. Fupa had a friend help carry her in games. Bitch can’t even figure out Animal Crossing.

No. 1014204

Ugh I can imagine her using that god awful ~baby~ voice. Vomit inducing. It’s one thing to have a baby voice, it’s another to over exaggerate it like she does.

Nothing you do is creative or original. This is like that better looking girl who wore all pink and held up a cellphone and said “calling ur dad” and Shay FLIPPED. So, clearly, someone she feels threatened by made a video with an idea shay had done.

No. 1014206

her psn name is TheDollyMattel I think lol. I looked it up once just out of curiosity and it said recent games were apex, fortnite and sims 4 so it had to be her

No. 1014211

truly the definition of womanchildren.

No. 1014217

how do you know this

No. 1014220

The nicest thing I can say is that her smile is cute for once.
She'll use them for a few photos, and then promptly forget about them. Shay seems to have so many costumes and props, and if she had an ounce of creativity, she could mix and match so she can stop dropping several hundred dollars for every single video.

No. 1014231

File: 1595998903488.jpg (208.19 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20200729-000157_Twi…)

Shay, you will never get back on cam

No. 1014232

File: 1595998930623.jpg (Spoiler Image,544.19 KB, 1079x1368, Screenshot_20200729-000102_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 1014233

File: 1595998975515.jpg (Spoiler Image,435.53 KB, 1079x1208, Screenshot_20200729-000124_Twi…)

Oof, that second pic

No. 1014235

a photographic definition of meat sweats

No. 1014244

At least Luna has the excuse of using hard drugs. And she makes (admittedly awful) art and poetry. Not a WK but in this debate, can’t help but stan uwu heroin princess.

No. 1014298

when has fairy shayna happened? I searched but still couldn't find it. The photo seems nice, wtf. Is it truly from last months?

No. 1014313

File: 1596024722903.png (Spoiler Image,864.46 KB, 1178x604, Screenshot (117).png)

the video was posted on March 19th.
she still doesnt look great tho

No. 1014316

File: 1596024846127.jpg (Spoiler Image,277.85 KB, 1061x1546, IMG_20200729_080835.jpg)

No. 1014317

File: 1596024880093.jpg (Spoiler Image,282.58 KB, 1070x1524, IMG_20200729_080849.jpg)

No. 1014318

File: 1596024912991.jpg (Spoiler Image,309.64 KB, 1037x1571, IMG_20200729_080908.jpg)

No. 1014319

File: 1596024939373.jpg (Spoiler Image,274.61 KB, 1030x1565, IMG_20200729_081108.jpg)

No. 1014323

ahh thank you! And sorry for the spoonfeed request, I looked for Shayna wings, Shayna fairy, even Shayna butterfly. I had no idea this is supposed to be a nymph. You are right it's not that great, but she's looking better than >>1014319
She should stick with blonde hair imho (and lose weight). She used to be sort of cute, wtf happened

No. 1014333

>wtf happened

tried to get thicc for fupa but it backfired bc she just got fat

No. 1014339

Looking like a young Mamie White.

No. 1014344

How could she even have regulars when in the last few months her entire body shape has changed? No way are men loyal enough to stick around after she's morphed from being thteir type to looking like a gainer/feeder fetish model, not buying it.

The guys that followed skinny shayna are now long gone.

No. 1014346

She's officially a fucking hambeast. How the fuck did she degrade so fast

No. 1014347

File: 1596034034951.png (426.9 KB, 2048x1211, Screenshot_20200729-104707.png)

Takeout isn't healthy Shayna. Go to the grocery store and make a smoothie at home you stupid fuck.

No. 1014349


Again!!! Shayna what the hell, is this the "clean" eating she's been referring to? Smoothie King and Chipotle? Lmfao, they're still full of sugar, fat, and sodium. God, she probably gets a large smoothie with protein despite not working out and a burrito bowl that's like 500-600 calories that she eats in one sitting. Girl. Just learn about nutrition and eat at home. Changing the fast food you eat won't make you skinny. Holy shit, she is dumb.

Stop it. Get some help.

No. 1014357

Going to a smoothie shop and pretending that the cashier flirted with her is the only human interaction she'll get today

No. 1014367

File: 1596039256254.jpeg (620.71 KB, 1242x871, CF2CA637-641E-41FD-A020-6C2DCE…)

LMAO I knew she was full of shit when she said “eating clean”. she really thinks smoothie king is in that category. I’m dead.

Also LOL @ this tweet as well. Yes, shay. You exist literally as a hole for men to jerk off to for pennies. That’s really not something to be proud of.

No. 1014368

Literally just make a smoothie at home, it's not difficult

No. 1014372

Of course they would be shocked, you literally post at least 2 upclose pussy pictures daily. For free. You fucking retard.

No. 1014375

File: 1596040256376.png (432.55 KB, 2048x1235, Screenshot_20200729-123044.png)

So, just like a male prostate then huh Shay?

Tbh if we hadn't seen her vagina multiple times this would be transfag confirmed

No. 1014376

She probably saw smoothie king advertising being for "slim and fitness" like they do on their site. Shes so dense that she sees the words "slim and fit" and just assumes it will be good for her.

No. 1014377

Kek this sounds like she's confessing to being a tranny

No. 1014382

I cannot fucking take her 'blowjobs' seriously. Gagging on 2 inches of dildo…

No. 1014387

The amount of men who will believe this is already giving me secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1014399

File: 1596044702267.jpg (102.32 KB, 1080x662, Screenshot_20200729-184358.jpg)

Like clockwork.

No. 1014403

Bless you anon she could fit right in with the wild and wonderful whites of wv

No. 1014407

i posted how she thinks she's special for liking anal because fupa or MEN hyping her up for it and i'm right.
She only likes anal because she thinks men like her more for "not being like other girls" and liking anal.
She does not like anal because she actually enjoys it.
Why even post this then? It seems like it's not even her drama and she's getting all pissed about it, mind your buiness.

No. 1014408

and it's not like she's not going to go on sub rant about it anyway. So she's not going to stay out of it, she's just not going to @ the people involve and talk shit on her dead social media.

No. 1014411

File: 1596046032493.jpeg (149.98 KB, 828x812, 6AB718AE-C9F0-4A6B-8307-BE5991…)

No. 1014412

Surely it's not because you got fat and post the same videos and incredibly unflattering photos as content. The granny tit-licking photo is OF content, let that sink in.

No. 1014413

At a time when lots of women are frustrated with their porn addicted bfs pressuring them for anal.. there's women pointing out the obvious fact that there is no g/p spot up there for us

..And then shay tweets this shit

No. 1014415

She went from fitting into regular categories of porn to probably needing to sell herself as a bbw soon, hmm maybe that could be behind the drop in subs?

No. 1014419

I mean Shayna wants men porn addicted and obsessed with anal. The only reason a guy would date her rather then smash and dash IS because she acts like a over sexed troon who'd let a dude do anything to her body just to have a man, except she enjoys none of it.

Sidenote, it's crazy how different she looks just months ago.

No. 1014420

this, ppl probably signed up to see what it was about b/c it's cheap and then noped out b/c her content is crap. i know it's never been that good but lately she's so not into it i'm sure that's a huge turn-off.

No. 1014423

I dont pay super close attention but I've noticed a few users on twitter that post on her stuff a lot and they seem to be a different couple of loser dudes now than the end of last year. She usually has 3 dudes max that consistently post/retweet her stuff.

Shay stop using your 5 days of "inpatient" as an excuse. First if all it was the beginning of the month so you just had a lot of people not re-sub, which is normal really. Especially if your content isnt worth sticking around for. $3 one month to take a look at 2000 very similar pics is one thing, but then they move on. And second, she's become a lard ass loser. I'm very certain she didnt lose 200 subs for not posting her rancid asshole for a few days when she announced she'd just be gone for a few days for mental health then going to be back.
If she had been gone for weeks with no updates, that'd be one thing.
Bitch just cant take accountability

No. 1014425

Has to be shit knowing that even with all the humiliating stuff she puts herself through..she's not even worth 3 dollars

Why doesn't she just embrace the major weight gain and market herself to that particular flavor of porn addict? The ones that love bloat and fat rolls more than anything

No. 1014430

Shes lucky to have 800 swkers and incels still stick around tbh kek
But again when its 3 measly bucks

No. 1014432

"I was in the hospital" bitch dont try to play it up like it was serious. You outed your secret not really bf and he bailed yet again. It's still not proven she even went inpatient. I know the facilities are called hospitals sometimes, but shes purposely wording it for more pity and impact sounding like she had an injury or was super sick or some shit

No. 1014440

I think her shit all togeather IS worth $3, there's people who photoshop to hell their onlyfans and look like a chicken who make more then Shayna in less time.
She posts most her shit for free on twitter anyway because she needs some attention.
She claims she works so hard (on taking pictures no less, and even more so on her wack ass identical videos) then she puts them on twitter or her teasers are the best part.

it's about time she realizes she's not interesting or attractive enough to get TRUE simps, I know almost every single male who she interacts with because she has SO little male orbiters who interact with her work.

I still wonder what happened with Fupa's dumb ass introduced her to his friends that night, did she get super drunk or jealous?

No. 1014540

File: 1596065658941.jpg (570.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200730-003430_Twi…)

A bitch tryna milk it hard.

No. 1014549

well those are good pics to post along with an "uwu i was in the hospital, pity me" post because she looks actually ill and unable to take care of herself

No. 1014553

why did she pick those unflattering pictures to use to beg?

No. 1014560

File: 1596068006997.jpg (270.17 KB, 1079x915, Screenshot_20200729-191337_Twi…)

Lol, sure Shay. We all know you're gonna binge eat them

No. 1014563

Her ugly rats nest hairpiece doesn’t match her growing out roots. Can she not afford the student salon right now? It only takes 5 days In the hospital for her to be completely broke despite pumping out bad content and getting little tips a couple times a day?
Of course though she’d rather spend $100+ at dispensary buying carts she never finishes (Which honestly kinda makes me mad because it’s a waste) and giant “medicated” rice crispy treats and cookies

No. 1014589

File: 1596073764306.jpg (576.59 KB, 1079x1416, Screenshot_20200729-204928_Twi…)

No. 1014596

Literally what the fuck Shay, this is all trash. Literal junk food, it’s not more intriguing bc it’s an edible, it’s a piss poor excuse for you to combine binge eating and being high. Super pathetic, wow.

No. 1014602

exactly this. she acts like they are expensive gourmet chocolates or something and not overpriced gas station snacks

No. 1014608

clean eating though, guys!

No. 1014609

All the money she gets from tips and such, you’d think she’d get her nails done or hair done. I’m not sure how it is in Tulsa, but there has to be something opened that has to do with hair or nails. She half-asses everything that she does and expects more and more. It’s confusing.

No. 1014620

File: 1596082332164.jpg (Spoiler Image,584.4 KB, 1079x1716, Screenshot_20200729-231207_Twi…)

Is she ever going to do that field video?

Also, of course she would get that saying wrong

No. 1014625

it’s the greasy bangs for me
shayna, for the love of fucking god, TAKE A SHOWER. in the amount it takes you to take the 50 pics you had to take to get these 2 out, you could’ve washed your hair and not looked like a straight up homeless greaseball.

No. 1014645

Wtf happened to her tits tho they are so gross now. Used to be her only decent feature. They're like an obese boy's moobs I can't

No. 1014647

Ugh. Wash your fucking hair. Jesus. The grease is thick. Like, it’s clearly been WEEKS. I understand certain hair textures don’t need to be washed constantly. But she has a hair texture that can get away with a once a week washing at most.

Extremely overpriced mini mart snacks. Stupid. These are more for grandma or someone who can’t smoke/don’t want to smoke. She buys these weekly and eats them like actual snacks.

No. 1014672

File: 1596092347581.jpeg (Spoiler Image,183.77 KB, 1242x913, A4BA2726-1CE6-4459-80E6-FEBF25…)

Was thinking the same thing, Her boobs look as though she’s laying down.

What’s with her editing lately? I know it’s always been bad but her photos lately look like she has 2 assholes.

No. 1014694

This is art. Especially the top picture of the right
Next thread pic!

No. 1014697

Holy shit. She must have put on like 50 pounds in 6 months. How do you even do that?!

No. 1014700

Stop suggesting thread pics that get spoilered

No. 1014702

File: 1596102317563.jpeg (43.25 KB, 600x292, 377E26DF-3797-4F0D-BFE7-603981…)

Why cant she cover her parts with emojis to entice people to subscribe to her OnlyFans? I dont understand why she gives away her piss poor content for free?!
Such a bad business model.

No. 1014703

Lmao is this supposed to be a seductive pout? She looks like a trout. I'm starting to wonder if Shay even owns shampoo; She has Venus Angelic levels of grease. It's a miracle her face isn't constantly broken out from having her disgusting hair always touching her it.

No. 1014730

I know the popular opinion is that it's just her junk diet but some of the most effective antipsychotics out there (that work to stabilise mood too) come with the side effect of putting 50 odd pounds on you. I suspect that she's caught between either taking meds and being a semi-batshit fatty or coming off them and being totally batshit but less fat.

No. 1014732

any kind of weight gain is 100% all about diet. if the calories you consume are greater than the calories you burn, you'll gain. it's that simple. antipsychotics don't magically put 50 lbs on a person. they can stimulate appetite, which causes some people to overeat, but they do not cause weight gain in and of themselves. let's not pretend that she's fat because of reasons that she can't control. if she binged on fruit and vegetables and lean protein, instead of edibles and fast food, she wouldn't look the way she does now.

No. 1014742

She has no self-control what so ever. Can't eat with moderation, can't use weed in moderation, can't spend money, shower, whine or anything in moderation. Of course she can't cover her flap to entice anyone, that would require her to restrain herself.

No. 1014751

I don't buy that. Look at all the junk food she just bought from the dispensary. I imaging that's how she grocery shops at a regular store as well when she does bother to go, and when she doesn't she's at fast food places bc she can't cook/take care of herself. Maybe the meds increased her appetite or slowed her metabolism if anything, but her shit diet is still the culprit. Not to blogpost but I'm on several meds said to cause weight gain and I haven't because my diet never changed lol, it's literally just Shayna being a lazy ding dong.

No. 1014758

jesus christ shes on mild anxiety meds that american docs give out like candy

No. 1014761

File: 1596118103715.png (123.78 KB, 1130x622, a.png)

she was on Aripiprazole (abilify), sertraline & some unnamed "anxiety meds" she talks about occasionally.
No idea if she still takes this cause she hasnt mentioned her meds since the ~inpatient~ saga, except that her antidepressants made the bipolar worse.

No. 1014769

What are you talking about? You can have the exact same healthy diet and gain weight on meds like birth control and antipsychotics. You can change your diet and still gain weight on those meds. Med side effects really do suck, but she wouldn't have gained NEARLY as fast if she already had a decent diet and exercised maybe once a day, even just going on a long walk with her dog. She has never been healthy and even without the meds she would have gained weight. The meds just made it that much easier.

No. 1014771

Lol right people are fucking insane. She takes a basic ass anti depressant/mood stabilizer and I think another one for anxiety probably like a low dose Klonopin.

No. 1014772

Where in the screenshot does she say she's taking Abilify? Or any named meds for that matter? Stfu medfag.

No. 1014773

that screenshot was to show the last time she mentioned anything about meds. heres where she names them >>934035
not medfagging, just trying to clear up what shes on/said shes on

No. 1014782

If she's on abilify that's a huge indication of where the weight gain came from, seriously. Abilify is known for making people gain 20+ lbs quickly. Her diet and sedentary lifestyle obviously didn't help at all with that, so now she's 50+ lbs heavier and thinks all she has to do is eat some almonds to lose it.

No. 1014784

as far as i remember, she never said she was taking abilify, only that she was considering it
and now with her inpatient she was prescribed something else, so chances are she never even took it

she was prescribed (if she even was) that way after she got fat

No. 1014786


Abilify is clinically proven to not cause as much weight gain as other medications in the same categories as well.

But the medfagging and tinfoiling about meds causing her weight gain is irrelevant because we know it's due to her shit diet and excessive alcohol consumption. I don't know why anyone is trying to blame meds at all. She consumes sugar, fat, alcohol, and doesn't work out, and then she got fat really quickly. It's not rocket science.

No. 1014787


I think she was lucky with a fast metabolism and could eat like shit and not gain. She went on antipsychotics (not hard to believe because she is delusional.) They make you retain water weight super easy and stimulate your appetite and mess with your metabolism. I think that’s what triggered the weight gain and she put on 20 lbs or so super quickly. Then I think she probably got so depressed about it that she continued to binge eat because “Fuck it, I’m gaining weight anyway.” Food just became another addiction like craft beers and weed. She’s all alone and turned to food but I think the meds are definitely responsible for the beginning of the weight gain. If she went off all of her meds, she’d probably drop 10-15 lbs pretty easily from losing water weight but the rest would definitely stick because that’s a result of being careless, eating 24/7 with no moderation, and no exercise.

No. 1014790

The meds played a role in how fast she gained. Look at her just 3 months ago. Sorry but poor diet on someone who was once very skinny isn't going to make them gain that fast without another factor. Unlike her we're not blaming it entirely on meds, her diet and lifestyle are huge factors. Meds like abilify and birth control just made weight gain that much easier.

No. 1014791

Exactly, she wouldn't have gained as quickly without the meds.

No. 1014793

File: 1596123397184.png (1.96 MB, 2048x1390, Screenshot_20200730-113647.png)

"clean eating"

No. 1014798

I dunno, anons, I can see where you're coming from, but I just never gained weight from BC or meds I was put on and then seeing
plus all the rest of her gas station weed snacks and pretty pink wine or whatever doesn't have me convinced. I still think she would've ballooned bad even without meds, but I will concede.

No. 1014803

your personal experience is 10000% irrelevant

No. 1014805



vid related, reminds me of shayna for more reasons than one

No. 1014810

Sorry you and Shayna got fat from "meds" anon

No. 1014811

Meds aside it sure would help if porky put on a workout tape every once and awhile. Like, sure, maybe her meds are making her eat more. Whatever. But there is still stuff clearly within her control that she could be doing to offset that. Shayna is a lazy dumb slob who won’t do the bare minimum of watching what she eats and working out, and that’s the core issue.

No. 1014828

Lots of people do. Weight gain is a common side effect of mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, and birth control. Any doctor will tell you. Sorry your Google search didn't prove that.

No. 1014838

They will, and any good doctor will also tell you how to be mindful of and combat it. Sorry Shayna and chubby-chan's doctor must've forgotten to.

Her awful diet and lack of exercise is still ultimately why she looks the way she does. She clearly can't control her consumption of shitty weed cereal even when she's trying to "eat clean" and lose weight. I don't know why medfags are trying to put it on them so bad.
>>1014787 makes the most sense for sure all things considered, I can totally understand that.

No. 1014843

I haven't seen anyone in the thread claim it was only meds, anon. the only person claiming that is Shayna. Most anons are saying it just didn't help her. From eating the way she does she probably would have gained a good 15-20lbs sure. It was just the combination of new medication (she's never been on meds before) and her shit lifestyle that caused her to gain SO quickly. Look at her just 3 months ago. Sorry but just eating poorly and not excercising wouldn't cause a 23 year old to balloon up THAT quickly. She gained like 30 lbs in 3 months which is insane.

No. 1014844

That's fair, and why I had previously conceded and pointed out that the one post made sense n I understand where that anon is coming from! Thank you for re-clarifying, though. We're on the same page.

No. 1014848

Everyone's bodies and lifestyles ate different, so people experience side effects to different degrees. For Shay it could be the meds, some, or not at all. It depends on a lot of things. We'll never really know because she doesnt say what meds shes actually on and we dont see all that goes on in her life.
We can all agree that meds aside, her diet is garbo and she doesnt exercise at all. She was bound to start gaining once her teenager high metabolism tapered off. All adults go through this. You just have to realize it and make changes. Eating take out and processed food 24/7 + booze will add up quick at this point. Meds can make it all stick, but the debate is moot because we dont know enough.

No. 1014865

File: 1596135673779.png (Spoiler Image,440.68 KB, 598x678, Capture.PNG)

she's scrubbed her "SFW" account of 450 followers and posted this

No. 1014868

I hope her account gets deleted again that would be just the cherry on top

No. 1014869

She looks drunk in these pics.

No. 1014876

it'd be kind of funny if Fupa and her got in a fight and he locked her out of her shit. I bet he does have her social media passwords knowing Shayna's dumb ass.

No. 1014877

this used to be shayna? no way. This looks like a decent person

No. 1014907

File: 1596142661999.jpeg (158.92 KB, 828x307, 2FAA6D89-C28E-46C4-9B3B-24A9ED…)

Didn’t one of her discord orbiters made the account for her; since she got IP banned

No. 1014909

Yes. She had a few accounts ready to go because she kept losing her accounts. It’s possible the orbiter used a number from a phone app and doesn’t know the number anymore since it was a year ago.

No. 1014916

why does it feel like whenever her account hits like 40-50k something happens.
And i would NOT be happy to have that many followers but have so little interaction. Her interaction isn't going to change with a smaller amount of followers is the gag.

No. 1014939

or Fupa took her phone away that he was paying for heheh

No. 1014955

File: 1596148770277.jpg (318.82 KB, 1079x1006, Screenshot_20200730-173819_Twi…)

She's just butt hurt because no other sex workers will let her join their RT groups. And doesn't she realize that having your posts retweeted by other models will get you seen by their followers?

No. 1014956

She's just upset that she has all these followers and no one interacts with her

No. 1014957

File: 1596148934141.jpg (154.65 KB, 1080x640, Screenshot_20200730-174206_Twi…)

It's sad that she has to pay other sex workers to get them to rt her

No. 1014958

File: 1596148965678.jpg (140.48 KB, 1080x516, Screenshot_20200730-174317_Twi…)


No. 1014959

File: 1596149057277.jpg (584.44 KB, 1079x1223, Screenshot_20200730-174223_Twi…)

No. 1014977

she's really mad bc people are treating sex work like the job that it is instead of shitting on dry butt plugs for 3 likes like she is lmfao

No. 1014978

>If it's vegan it must be healthy!

just because it's vegan doesn't mean you're not effectively carbo-loading just to sit on the couch. it even says "for 2" but I'll bet she's eaten the whole thing.

No. 1014980

Anyone here who believes anything out of Shayna's mouth is just as much an idiot as Shayna herself. We know this girl compulsively lies, and ya'll are out here believing she's actually on meds for any of her issues?

I guarantee she just googled popular medication for her diagnosis of the week. I really, really doubt she's actually even seen a doctor, let alone been prescribed anything.

No. 1014985

I wouldn't be surprised tbh. Has she ever shared a pic with her meds in it? A lot of people love bragging about how they have to take gasp pills for their gasp condition.

Watch her do it in a couple hours lmao.

No. 1014986

File: 1596153831718.jpeg (12.61 KB, 480x360, 655BD939-6E3A-47B6-BE80-6DD013…)

Damn anon, you have a good point

No. 1014988

File: 1596153903546.jpg (Spoiler Image,257.79 KB, 1074x1550, IMG_20200730_125847.jpg)

Last few posts from of an anon.
Got banned for making images into "collages". Fucking stupid. I'm not going to sit here and post 20x.

So enjoy. Maybe another of anon has the patience to deal with these mods.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1014989

File: 1596153938738.jpg (Spoiler Image,186.55 KB, 1046x1475, IMG_20200730_125825.jpg)

No. 1014990

File: 1596153961689.jpg (Spoiler Image,248.16 KB, 1049x1542, IMG_20200730_125837.jpg)

No. 1014991

Her little ~my pills~ container AeStHeTiC post way back was about it tbh

No. 1014992

I definitely do not agree with that, I took Abilify for a year when I was 16 and went from 110 lbs to 150 lbs fairly quickly and I didn’t eat like shit and only ate one meal a day (no breakfast or lunch, only dinner and maybe a small snack at night). It also permanently fucked up my metabolism and I struggle to lose weight now 6+ years later unless I eat less than 1000 calories a day, so I am sorta stuck in the 135-145 lb range indefinitely because eating that little is uncomfortable to me. If Shay actually took Abilify combined with shitty eating habits it is definitely the reason why she ballooned so quickly, and I honestly don’t see her ever losing the weight either because it is insanely difficult. She will probably just continue gaining even if she goes off the meds, and at best if she doesn’t eat 2000+ calories a day she will just stay the same weight forever.(nobody cares)

No. 1014996

Yes, she has shared pics of her medicine and her ~*uWu*~ aesthetic pill container trying to make mental illness quirky.

No. 1014997

Okay she's obviously doing this to troll lolcow at this point. Because this is just horrifying.

No. 1014998


No. 1014999

unlike you i’ve never required synthetic crack to function

No. 1015006

File: 1596158953101.gif (Spoiler Image,123.09 KB, 300x100, THRIVING.gif)

No. 1015015

RIP Anon

Saging your post and not mentioning the ban might've helped lol

No. 1015016

killed off again

No. 1015017

>that's cheating
>I would like to cheat please

No. 1015018

This is honestly too flattering. The fact that she gets banners probably makes her feel famous and proud of herself, it probably frustrates her that she can’t brag on her Twitter about the accomplishment lol.

No. 1015033

>>1014609 not sure about her area but legit walmarts in my small ass town have a salon and nail studio built into it but thats giving shayna too much credit. to actually leave her house for something besides fast food or weed edibles? lol

No. 1015070

File: 1596177384581.jpg (439.98 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_20200731-012320_Twi…)

Since when does she use this site?

No. 1015072

File: 1596177806165.jpeg (299.83 KB, 1219x1875, D8DB2EFD-30FD-4266-A23B-0CB6E2…)


No. 1015073


Why is she thinking of Limmy?

No. 1015076

The shirt lettering is chef’s kiss

No. 1015081

File: 1596180693135.png (77.32 KB, 300x300, A5345B9B-6C67-4DC0-8759-D5EE10…)

Anon, whats heavier? A kilogramme of ebildes or a kilogramme of weed?

No. 1015082

Cool blog, but you are just too stupid to count calories correctly

No. 1015084

How pathetic to admit you have nothing but fake followers. All about the numbers and not actual fans.

No. 1015104

Kinda makes her latest "fucking for followers" vid extra hilarious.
Better get to fucking Shay, since those numbers are so important to you. And yet get such little interaction.

I dont get it though because her account says 46k and looks like usual?

No. 1015139

Her account didn't get deleted, she just lost access to it. she doesn't have the original phone number used for 2FA, so it'll sit there forever as an archive of those months of her life (minus all the shit she deleted after spergouts.)

No. 1015158

I don’t think she meant to tweet this. Sometimes when you sign up for sites like that or sites that tell you who unfollowed you on twitter, they’ll tweet from your account stuff like that automatically. She’s probably used this site before or one like it but was able to delete the tweets in time or now she’s using a different site that spams your account.

No. 1015166

It’s a shitty OF knock off that all the girls who have accounts deleted run to.

No. 1015175

It's just a other OF clone. She's only doing it because everyone else is. Just like how she went on sext panther and never touched it again. It seems she only knows how to run and promote one site at once.

No. 1015176

File: 1596208805162.png (2.6 MB, 2048x1933, Screenshot_20200731-111954.png)

Look everyone more clean, healthy eating. She'll lose that weight in no time!


No. 1015177

Oh ok I'm dumb I see it now. I searched IRLbarbie yesterday but didnt see her new account. Its theIRLBarbie.
I wish she'd pick something else. It just gets more embarrassing the further she gets from BarBiE. There's girls out there who actually try to look just Barbie. And then theres retards like her. Fat, greasy brown rat nest, brown eyes, stubby, nothing perfect or doll like about her kek

No. 1015180

"I'm going to eat these sugary sweets/overpriced weed junk food sparingly cuz Muh totally legit diet guyz"

Proceeds to post eating them for fucking breakfast each morning. Such healthy, clean eating. Because its MeDiCaTeD ya know!? In other words, she gets high af first thing in the morning. probs munches on that popcorn and dabs all day too. Jeezuz

No. 1015186

File: 1596210354072.png (715.35 KB, 2048x1430, Screenshot_20200731-114445.png)

This comes across so badly. It makes it seem like she's bitter that other people actually have goals in life. Wow they want to graduate high school and go to college? And maybe start a family? Apparently that's "uninspired" according to Shayna, but shoving buttplugs in your dry ass for $3 is much more creative and inspired, I'm sure that will definitely help her get jobs in the future.

She's gonna be so bitter and fried up by 25, yikes.

No. 1015189

yeah like sleeping on a piss stained rug on the floor & ruining your body/what little "pro porn career" she had for a sentient Fupa in Tulsa is soooo inspired.

No. 1015192

judging from this post, it seems like she already IS bitter and dried up kek

No. 1015201

and yet her hometown was the nicest place she's ever lived in. midnowhere, oklahoma, must be so inspiring for shayna, with all the numerous friends she made there and the totally not mouldy mansions she's rented

No. 1015202

The people she’s describing is like, 95% of the population of OK. Was destroying her body, being in what she deemed an “abusive” relationship, and being alone with no friends or family or support really worth it to move to a different place with the same type of people? Her trip to “iNpAtIeNt” definitely doesn’t seem to line up with that, but how unfortunate for her stupid ass if she thinks it was.

also, who is she to judge when her goals are FAR below “graduate and start a family” because her goals are literally “get 40 bucks for weed brownie noms yummz from spreading my cellulite laden ass all day!!!” the only things she has goals for is money for drugs and food. this bitch is dog shit dumb.

No. 1015206

bet she wishes she was a normie now!

No. 1015215

She still think she’s on her way to become a celebrity/ special person kek

No. 1015217

She still doesn't want to be the normie wife, just the hot bimbo step-mommy!! Except she completely failed at that with fupapa, the only chance she would have had, and she turned into a special needs lookin' sweaty hog.

No. 1015234

two days ago: >>1014560
>I will eat them sparingly on occasion

yesterday: >>1014793 sugary cereal for breakfast
today: a fucking toffee covered brownie for breakfast

so sparing and occasional, so healthy combined with mounds of frozen sauced pasta for dinner

She's basically said this is true, she said she never uses Tumblr anymore because she can't stay organized enough to promote herself in more than one place at a time

No. 1015266

shatna doesn't seem to get that these posts about leaving your hometown mean leaving your usually small, boring tight knit town or small city to go to a bigger more vibrant city like new york, toronto, even LA etc she interprets it as "run away from your cushy upper middle class family to barely exist in some nowhere shithole in fucking oklahoma, doing nothing and meeting nobody"

No. 1015285

She's trying to throw shade and make it seem like everyone who wants those things and does those things are "uninspired" but she sounds like she wants those things.
She left home to be with a fucking dude, everytime she's made huge decisions it's been for a man.

Their is so much I can say about this but I'm sure it's alredy been said.
You sound Jealous and you are very unhappy and depressed. Stop hating on other people's life choices but whining when people do it to your sorry ass.

No. 1015296

Literally none of that is true of Framingham, which is the 14th largest city in Massachusetts, has an average household income of $100,000+, and a cool arts scene for a small city. Also great Brazilian food.

Girl is packed to the brim with bullshit.

No. 1015298

But you aspire to be a bimbo step mom that does nothing….

She’s so bitter and salty. I’m sure the “uninspired” people of your hometown who chose to further their education and start a family are a lot happier than you are. What a cunt.

No. 1015302

sounds like she's mad that she didn't end up in an oklahoma mac mansion with fupa

No. 1015306

She used to say how in love she was with Kyle and that he was the man she was going to marry.

No. 1015317

literally anything is better than living like shaytard lmao who is she fooling

No. 1015340

maybe it's because i'm not an uwu quirky stoner girl, but i can't imagine eating an edible for breakfast and being high all day. and it blows my mind that she's so confused why her content is shit. idk, shayna, maybe spend like 2 hours sober and actually put some effort into your career.

No. 1015341

I think she avoids being sober as much as she can so she doesn't have to face the bleak reality of her life.
Doesn't matter that she is fat, makes content that isn't worth more than $3, and cant string a sentence together for her videos, she can be high or drunk.

No. 1015343

File: 1596240770918.png (403.59 KB, 2048x937, Screenshot_20200731-201246.png)

Oh, honey.

No. 1015345

she…really thinks shes important, doesnt she? she hasn't done anything noteworthy in her entire life. if she were to make a resume, the only thing on it would be "high school graduate (at least i think), worked in food service for a few weeks before being fired"

she has nothing to brag about. she has a place that she rents, which she probably thinks is an "accomplishment", but mostly everyone i know over 20 doesn't live with their parents. her life seems to have no purpose. she owns nothing and has zero experiences (besides dating a pedophile and worrying about internet clout in her mid 20s????). that's "obscurity" lmfao

No. 1015367

it's must be hard to bounce to the same three conclusions EVERY time someone is talking shit about you.

"oh they want clout, Oh they are trying to cancel me! Oh ebil women!"

Does it ever cross her mind that the shit people say because…they feel that way? Not everyone talking shit is doing it because they think they have something to gain from someone who has NOTHING to give.
She can't even create a true fanbase. She can't even get the amount of attention she wants for herself but we are supposed to believe there's all these people talking shit about Dolly Mattel hoping they'd get some "clout".

Maybe people just don't like you and others agree.

No. 1015369

Meanwhile she's talking herself into obscurity. She barely has any real followers and they're only there for the pork pics she shows for free. Her OF count is dropping by the hundreds and no sex worker in the USA will collab with her and she's been kicked out of the porn biz.

Onision is better known than her when it comes to OnlyFans.

No. 1015370

File: 1596244742218.jpg (668.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200801-021844_Twi…)

Holy smackhead looks.

And this is with that circle light.

No. 1015371


No. 1015372

File: 1596244829829.jpg (603.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200801-021824_Twi…)

Exposing her flat ass again

No. 1015373

It's a horrible video clip

Tryna show off her new tripod that follows her but we all wish it wasn't.

No. 1015375

File: 1596245004344.png (2.24 MB, 1759x2048, Screenshot_20200731-212308.png)

This is absolutely horrifying

No. 1015376

I'm really wondering why she spent so much on a smart tripod/gimbal. What's the point? Her videos are all her in on position, what purpose does this serve?

No. 1015377

The terrible shadows, this is like a fucking horror movie.

No. 1015378

Ring lights are super harsh, and it's especially worse if you don't know how to use them. She doesn't even know how to light herself on a flattering way after 4 fucking years of this. Tbh she blows my mind with her stupidity and lack of growth constantly.

No. 1015379

What the fuck is going on with her brows? That doesn't look natural but it's not her usual kk slider look.

No. 1015380


It sounds like heavy male breathing in the background of this video, am I hearing things?

No. 1015381

okay she’s officially fupa jr

No. 1015383

It does, let's hope it's just the dog or something but I wouldn't put it past her to have someone film and pretend it's this dumb tripod.

No. 1015384

It's obviously not her breath. Someone else is definitely filming that and with her track record it's almost certainly fupa.

No. 1015388

Those are her natural brows, but they're extra washed out from the ringlight.

No. 1015389

No it's a smart tripod. Someone linked her to it and she immediately bought it. It's on her old Twitter.

No. 1015390

Does the tripod breathe?
That's what we're talking about, not the fact the camera is moving.

No. 1015392

File: 1596246117722.jpg (838.83 KB, 810x3076, Screenshot_20200731-204216_Chr…)

She's referencing this Twitter drama (incoming pic drop)

No. 1015393

File: 1596246117803.png (1.28 MB, 1588x2048, Screenshot_20200731-214215.png)

No. 1015394

no one holding a camera would be able to move it that smoothly.

No. 1015395

File: 1596246161906.jpg (479.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200731-203952_Chr…)

No. 1015396

File: 1596246263624.jpg (388.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200731-203956_Chr…)

No. 1015397

File: 1596246380421.jpg (476.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200731-204000_Chr…)

No. 1015399

You're missing the point anon. It's about the heavy man breathing in the clip.

Doesn't mean anyone is controlling it. But also a camera on any tripod could just be rotated by hand.

No. 1015405

This looks like some creepy basement CP. everything about this is horrific. She looks absolutely terrible and if she said she was smoking crack I wouldn’t be surprised. Not that I think she is but she looks like a fucking crack user.

No. 1015410

File: 1596247344370.gif (12.39 MB, 318x332, C884B17C-F5F0-4BFB-AB3C-B583F5…)

i can’t imagine being high enough to look at this and think it’s acceptable to post online

No. 1015413

Wtf man she look just like Abby Brown. Horrid…

No. 1015414

It’s a Pivo, I’m like 99% sure. I’ve seen them on Insta. It’s a little shitty motion tracking tripod thing. She’s truly playing herself with this, though, because she can’t fat girl angle it. I will be verrrrry surprised if she uses this thing more than a few times for that reason.

Also, I just want this dumb bitch to fix her lighting. If she’s going to make us stare at her ugly mug the least she could do is make it look less like she’s being filmed in someone’s rape shed. Her shit all looks so washed out and grimy. Buy another ring light or something ffs.

No. 1015415

Shes so awkward, unsexy, AND not cute at all wtf

No. 1015419

File: 1596248272382.jpg (164.08 KB, 1079x701, Screenshot_20200731-211807_Twi…)

Doesn't she know that there are allegations of him being abusive?

No. 1015420

Daaammmmmnnnnnn it gets worse by the day it’s incredible

No. 1015421

Literally nothing about her or the type of men she’s interested in speaks to this wtf

No. 1015422

I turned it up all the way and dunno what you're hearing, sorry. It sounds like a mix of air conditioning, television, other random room noises, and some noises from her moving around.

No. 1015423

We all know she's finds abuse to be quirky and fun. She's not like other girls anon.

No. 1015424

No..no are these real? What? no..no..wow she looks terrible these are fucking cursed. Wow

No. 1015429

I'm actually starting to feel bad for her. How far gone does her mental state have to be to think that this was appropriate to upload? She looks like an institutionalised special needs child rocking back and forth on the floor.

No. 1015432

I never felt Shayna was ugly but without make up…wow…just wow.
The crusty hair, the ill fitting clothes, she's sweaty and seems to be getting tired, she thinks she looks like a cute toddler, but this shit looks like a video that a serial killer forces a victim who hasn't seen day light in months to take.
She looks so pale and crusty. She looks like a flat out troon, I hate to be so rude but i'm actually shocked. Why post this?

No. 1015433

She looks like an awkward 11 year old

No. 1015441

I feel so bad for her right now

No. 1015450

Lol, why? She posted that shit all on her own. Her delusional ass self thinks she actually looks attractive and that tripod is actually going to help her videos, kek

No. 1015451

JFC…She looks like a fat Curly Sue

No. 1015452

File: 1596252445000.png (2.01 MB, 828x1792, 802D1EDF-4710-435C-B182-90E39B…)


nah especially because 75 mg is a “high” dosage. she probably isn’t going to have the reaction this chart says bc of her tolerance, but it’s still reckless to do that first thing in the morning, 2 days in a row, especially considering she’s going to be smoking throughout the day and possibly drinking.
like other anon said I think she does anything to escape reality, but it’s in such an extreme and embarrassing way that makes it even more glaringly obvious she hates herself and her life and is STILL doing nothing to change it, and only getting worse.

No. 1015461

File: 1596253368681.jpg (332.72 KB, 1080x1167, Screenshot_20200731-224151_Twi…)

On today's episode of "what didn't happen"

No. 1015462

File: 1596253397617.jpg (638.88 KB, 1079x1800, Screenshot_20200731-224248_Twi…)

"Cute cosplays" ohkay

No. 1015463

File: 1596253455120.jpg (Spoiler Image,601.25 KB, 1079x1412, Screenshot_20200731-224307_Twi…)

No. 1015464

LOL what? you just need proof of address.

No. 1015465

Bet anything Shayna paid her for that fan sign and post.

No. 1015467

Why does she lie about easily debunked stuff
I used to get mail for "Anastasia Beaverhausen" from Will and Grace when I was a kid. They literally don't care so long as the address matches
This a great way to scam for a boost because it's 4 pictures of HER and not Shay. She probably did pay since she tweeted about wanting to pay for some boosts >>1014957

No. 1015472

there's definitely someone there breathing, you can hear a deep inhale at 12 seconds, but it's there all throughout the video. your repeated denial and this >>1015419 tweet only make it more suspicious

No. 1015475

She lies about weird shit. The mail clerk probably said “dolly Mattel?” And she went full retard and came up with this dumb ass story on her way home.

No. 1015490

There's zero fluidity or grace to the way she moves. It's so weird to watch someone be so stilted.

No. 1015496


I wasn't implying that someone was filming or doubting the tripod, but after listening to it a few times it sounded to me like a man heavy breathing (almost as if masturbating?) in the background but saged for total speculation

No. 1015500

File: 1596260314982.jpg (546.4 KB, 1079x2179, Screenshot_20200801-003905_Twi…)

No. 1015501

It’s the sound of the tripod moving. It only makes sound when it moves.

No. 1015511

sadbaffoon seems like the type to lurk and post here while secretly acting like a fan to shays face

No. 1015517

Thought so too, but after rewatching I'm starting to lean towards thinking there's someone breathing. The sounds are not in sync with the movements of the tripod, and while there def is ac and TV sounds in the background, those huffs and puffs are a lot more irregular.
The tripod probably is automatic, but sounds like some fattie is onanating in the room.

Also Shayna, wash your fucking face.

No. 1015525

this wouldn't prove anything though?? like it wouldn't actually prove that that's her real name. it's just an amazon account, not a piece of legal proof of her identity. her stories are literally retarded.

No. 1015557

Well if every package from amazon is labeled with her SW name and not her real one, how does any delivery guy know where to ring the bell in her apartment complex? She won't have "Dolly Mattel" on her doorbell. And even if her address says something like "Apt. 8", don't they want to see any ID etc.?

No. 1015567

File: 1596282560058.jpeg (40.04 KB, 400x302, B416D0C0-A00C-4CF2-87DC-3A7C53…)

it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

No. 1015569

No, delivery people just check the address. I use an alias for all my online shopping too.

No. 1015570

she’s really out here looking like lillie jean with teeth

No. 1015581

If they actually cared, which I doubt an apartment office shes been living at for a few months would (I'm sure shes ordered tons of stuff like her cheap IKEA style shit from Amazon) they would go by her ID or other mail. But sure Shay. Keep making up stories about how quirky your life is when in reality you're retard high all the time spreading your asshole on a filthy blanket and spending hours editing the pics to create an ass and blur the hell out of your vag. While getting fatter and ruining yourself for some loser chode in OK. So inspired.

No. 1015592

The SW inner circle drama is always boring af and not milky until it affects her sales. Wish you guys would stop sharing it. Also this person sounds like a cow in their own right.

No. 1015609


Then she went into the back of the mailroom and sucked him off cuz she’s ~*~Dolly Mattel~*~, right? smh

No. 1015623

File: 1596296535049.png (72.44 KB, 908x595, Screenshot_20200801-163643~2.p…)

Funnily though you get the same amount of interaction with 1k as your almost 50k twitter shay. How could that possibly be????

No. 1015624

and yet you can hear the sound at 12 seconds when neither she nor the tripod is moving.

that's what it sounds like to me too. it's wild, she really is just trying to pretend she wasn't in a hospital a month ago because she was freaking out about Fupa. She's clearly gone right back to him + her old ways.

I didn't buy into the "the hospital didn't even happen" theory because I don't think she could voluntarily stay off her phone for a week if someone didn't take it away, but she's making me doubt it more and more. maybe no phone/twitter for a week was Fupa's ~punishment~ for her confirming all the tinfoil. she never follows through on ANYTHING, there is no chance she followed through on actually leaving him for good. She's too desperate for any male attention

No. 1015629

Her entire self worth revolves around the amount of followers she has. How sad and pathetic. Grow up Shayna.

No. 1015632


This is JUST speculation, but to me it sounds like she added breathing sounds from another video (just a dude jerking it)

Unfortunately I had watch her other videos to find this out but in the other ones, her "ambient background sound" is nearly silent, no TVs blaring, no loud air sound (if that makes sense). Additionally with the TV blaring, it sounds like the room is emptier or the walls are wooden which would cause a different reverb effect.

The audio just sounds like it comes from different vid altogether. Which means that it's super pathetic that she got a tripod that tracks her movements (there is evidence of this in the post of the video) and added sounds to make it sound like there's a guy recording her, kek

No. 1015640

i agree with this, it's definitely audio that she lifted from somewhere to try and make it less creepy than the video being silent.

No. 1015653


“I hate this for me” has to be the most egotistical sounding shit a person could say.

No. 1015658

>less creepy
>adding heavy breathing
>looking like a 12 yr old kidnapping victim

These things are not adding up.

No. 1015680

I just saw it as she recorded the footage using another device but then also recorded herself breathing real time? I mean there’s tv etc on in the background so she’d have volume on then. I feel like she just didn’t pay attention? Just my take but I like yours more.

No. 1015739

File: 1596317706055.png (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 750x1334, 21152948-4E90-402F-8E9C-58CE97…)

uhh woof is right

No. 1015752

I just assumed it was her breathing while filming, barely moving & out of breath. Idk about all these fupa/other person filming/present tinfoils. But that's my that on that.

No. 1015759

I hate her eyeliner but this is even worse

No. 1015770

From oily rats nest to greasy braids

No. 1015798


I think it's safe to say she has officially hit rock bottom. This is the worst she has ever looked and I don't know if she could possibly go any lower.

No. 1015805

her veiny tit scares me so much(tit sperg)

No. 1015811

Don't start this shit again

No. 1015813

File: 1596328429426.jpeg (232.87 KB, 828x813, C9556643-047A-4C0F-B081-1DDDBD…)

No. 1015831

Nice, self awareness.

No. 1015834

We say that every time ahhha

No. 1015835

last time I thought that we got the tit licking pic in the thread photo so honestly I think we're nowhere near that. I wouldn't be shocked if she hits 200lbs by the end of the year

No. 1015842

Why doesn't she just post on her OF that she has a new Twitter
Her paying customers are the only ones that matter. So go directly to them and hope they follow again

No. 1015844


Peep the Fupa Fondle in the middle of the clip. Been meaning to record full live shows but my phone sucks ass at uploading to dropbox , sorry anons.

No. 1015847

I remember her saying she never once got her money's worth from her paid promos?

No. 1015848

File: 1596331584642.jpeg (214.35 KB, 750x1011, CDADDF92-E32B-4885-B85D-D8F505…)

She did, extra pity points for the emoticon

No. 1015852

I don't know, her natural brows are a massive improvement on the horrendous way she usually does them.

No. 1015856

The pushing of her belly uncomfortably, and her admitting she can barely fit a dildo in her ass is just hilarious. A real anal queen over here.

No. 1015868

this is normally the body type im super attracted to, but this makes me feel nothing. she's so inherently unsexy.
anything else, shayna. anything else but this.

No. 1015898

File: 1596336840298.webm (1.43 MB, 640x1130, shayna tripod.webm)

Can you retards learn how to post her videos instead of links? The moment her twitter is gone this beauty will be lost forever. Reposting for the future generations.

No. 1015902

Makes an obvious comment about anal prep because she lurks this thread and saw us call out her literal shit last vid.

No. 1015926

She looks miserable. And does she really have the tv turned on/laptop whatever for background noise? The talking is so random and distracting. I know we've said this before, but she has zero idea how to be sexy. she looks like a trafficking victim

No. 1015962


i’ve seen other anons tinfoiling that this is fupa/another dude breathing heavily in the background, which i was inclined to believe until i started thinking

anybody ever heard an incredibly drunk person’s labored breathing? i’ve listened to this video a few times and it honestly at this point sounds like her just drunk af struggling to move, breathe, and keep from wobbling

sage for dumbass tinfoil, maybe it’s the cheap motion tracker motor whirring. any guess is as good as mine.

No. 1015971

Holy shit I think she actually looks slightly better here. More her age and not 40-year-old-alcoholic in a shirt that somewhat fits, hair that isn't dripping with grease and makeup that isn't suffocating. She needs to wear less makeup more often, and wear clothes that fit. If only she could stay sober long enough to pick her ass up

No. 1015985

It's easier to go broke paying for desperate promos, instead of just….taking a shower and making a tiny bit of effort to better her content and lifestyle.

No. 1015986


>I think she actually looks slightly better here

>More her age
>Not 40-year-old-alcoholic in a shirt that somewhat fits
>Hair that isn't dripping with grease

anon please tell me you're being sarcastic

No. 1016030

You know it's very telling that even after messaging everyone on OnlyFans about her new twitter, she's got such a low following. It's almost as if the other 40,000+ people didn't exist..

No. 1016051

I know anons always call her a sleep paralysis demon, but it's never been worse than that still body and expression with that sad repetitive ass shake.

No. 1016061

Eh… Personal opinion, but her eyebrows look better natural and her hair is better when curly (natural hair color would be best). But lower weight made her look easier on the eyes, to put it nicely. At least she looked healthy, and her face wasn't so puffy. She has no waist definition, so slim is the way to go imo.

Niceness aside, the way she dresses and carries herself, the way she moves- atrocious.

No. 1016066

You're attracted to refrigerator boxes anon?? Damn shame…

No. 1016067

cursed video

No. 1016078

No. 1016079

No. 1016081

>They’re all messy
shayna sounded like a mentally retarded child.

No. 1016082


No. 1016083

File: 1596379003266.gif (6.09 MB, 640x640, C72F4660-7586-4723-838F-D8DE22…)

No. 1016084

File: 1596379114501.jpg (Spoiler Image,519.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200802-153633_Chr…)

Jesus christ, this is terrifying

No. 1016086

She looks like she's having a seizure

No. 1016087

wew she got so out of breath from hardly even moving.

No. 1016088

There is nothing sexy about being a gaunt fat sack of shit who can't even jiggle her tits in a nice manner… Jfc shatna, get it together.

No. 1016091

There's so many things wrong with this but I guess that's what we've come to expect from Shaytard.

No. 1016092

She looks like a retarded cenobite.

No. 1016093

Damn. She looks like Uncle Fester.

No. 1016094

I have questions but I don’t even know where to begin with them. Shayna, you’re a sex worker. Unless your niche is gross parody and humiliation porn, put some effort into your looks. Wear makeup and do your hair. You have all day to do it. Holy fuck, I’d leave the room immediately or be pissed about paying to see a special needs adult forced into camming bc that’s what this looks like. It’s not hard to do better when this is your only job.

No. 1016095

Samefag but even bdsm freaks who are into masks like this or whatever wouldn’t find this sexy in the slightest. It doesn’t fit the mood at all. Who the fuck is it for??

No. 1016096

I can’t get over how she rubs herself, no way that feels good

No. 1016097

Lmao anon this took me out

She really does look sickly. The dark circles under her eyes are something else. Shayna, sober up and get your shit together.

No. 1016099

Seconded anon's comment got a hefty chuckle out of me.

No. 1016101

File: 1596382033525.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, D672B3D2-3A2E-4BD4-BBC7-F3A074…)

I don’t understand why she relaxes her body and throws her head back first before even starting to get them to jiggle, it really does look like a seizure. Sage for repost but shayna, woman, just google how to shimmy and shake your chest side to side not…this.

No. 1016103

shayna six chins lol

No. 1016104

File: 1596382347088.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, D2D69513-62B0-41BD-93AD-BB1DD4…)

Samefag >>1016101
Also suck in your core, ~belly button to spine~ and sit up straight. Won’t give you a totally flat stomach but it will help there be less of this melting ice cream look
She needs a dance class or smth

No. 1016109

She looks like a retarded child. Why the fuck did she go on cam looking like this?

No. 1016110

Shayna, Halloween isn't for another 2 months.

No. 1016111

Forget about her body, how many mirrors has she broken already with that face?

No. 1016112

Imagine you ended up looking like Slimer from ghostbusters all because you want to stick it to your parents and all the lame asses in your hometown that have normal jobs and families.

Wow shay. You really showed them.

No. 1016117

There's a part of me that wants to feel bad for her, but with all the shit she does to herself I just can't. After 4 years you'd think she'd be getting better yet somehow she's just gotten worse and worse. Her content, her life, her looks, her weight, her personal relationships. Everything has gone to shit and gotten progressively worse. Aren't you supposed to get better with your job/hobbies over time, not worse?

I don't even think she knows what it means to have a sober day. She's constantly drunk or high or both any time she's not sleeping. She can barely take care of herself (cleaning herself + her house, cooking, etc) and thinks she's living large?

Shayna, go home. Take a few months break from the internet. Go to school. Get a regular job, integrate back into society.

At this rate she's going to be living at a motel sucking dick for a soda and a few hits of meth.

No. 1016119

i'm not meaning to call you out directly but what is it with the drug-tinfoilers in this thread?

we know that shay smokes more than a chimney and drinks her bodyweight in liquor but she's never once given any sort of idea that she'd do something harder. the only person she interacts with in person is kyle nathan perkins and he doesn't seem like a hard drug user. unless shay suddenly meets a user who puts up with her shit behavior long enough to convince her to use, i doubt she'll do it and end up on the speck route. and with the streetwalker route–come on, shay obviously hates sex. she looks miserable any time she has to do anything in a video. she'll run home to mommy and daddy before that happens.

No. 1016122

It's based on how she's literally drunk and/or high and time she's not asleep. Lots of people who get like that turn to harder drugs later. Yes, she hasn't given any indication she's interested but it's just based on her general trajectory.

No. 1016126

for me, it's the eyes, the way they are sunken in. Not to mention she looks ill and her physical appearance is overall declining so rapidly. Not just in a getting sloppy kind of way but in a aging rapidly kind of way, looking like a real life before and after drugs PSA.

No. 1016128

Tbh I could see her turning to meth to lose weight. God knows she can't eat right or exercise.

No. 1016130

please spoiler this, it's on the front page ffs

No. 1016136

File: 1596388412811.gif (3.23 MB, 316x191, 42F601FB-DDE6-4C08-991F-89E595…)

I’d like to have a word with the anons who said she looks prettier and younger without makeup.

No. 1016139

File: 1596388872396.jpg (Spoiler Image,394.13 KB, 1535x2048, IMG_20200802_182117.jpg)

Kek at tryna use the dog to cover her gut

No. 1016143

Not that long ago she only had that lower belly pooch to hide.. now the bloat starts right under her tits so she'd need a whole blanket to hide it

No. 1016144

I don’t think she is doing hard drugs, she is too lazy , socially retarded and ~anxious~ to find a dealer, and I doubt Fupa would stick around is Shay was uaing meth or something.

Otherwise she is just turning into more of a horrorcow day by day.

No. 1016145

one of her tits is starting to sag, and she's got the beginnings of a world-class fupa. look at that thing go. we're gonna have to come up with a new name for Kyle Nathan Perkins because Shayna is coming for his title

I feel like her weight plateaued for a couple months this summer, but she's back to gaining. she's gotta be like 160 by now

No. 1016147

Yeah, I agree. She is literally high allllll the time and drinks daily. Alcohol can wreck your appearance really quick by itself. The pot munchies and ensuing lack of motivation add to the situation too. I don’t think she would be able to find a dealer for harder stuff, she doesn’t have any friends and Fupa doesn’t strike me as the type to do any serious drug use. And let’s be real, if she had access to coke or something she’d probably flaunt it. “Cokehead bimbo Barbie teehee.”

No. 1016148

Combination of her pink skintone and oversmoothing her photos makes Shay look like an overstuffed sausage.

No. 1016159

She looks like a tranny so hard

No. 1016160

Idk if you've been to Oklahoma, but it's not exactly difficult to find a meth dealer especially in Tulsa.

No. 1016161

File: 1596391444305.png (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 1114x2048, Screenshot_20200802-140353.png)

She really fucked up the smoothing effect here. She gave herself more bulges, kek

No. 1016171

Shay is probably just not motivated enough to do that. And she is more into numbing herself with downers

No. 1016179

What the FUCK
she looks deranged. The no make up with the horrid lighting and bad angles… I cannot believe shes ok with posting this. She must be so goddamn high.
Her makeup skills are laughable but she needs to put some on and the greasy braids look even worse now that shes a tub of lard. I'm all for natural looks, I get the appeal, but some people look ugly af without, especially in comparison to pics with makeup posted right by and when you're supposed to be a sex worker… I'm baffled.

No. 1016181

Her natural brows are so thin the lighting just erased them and made her face even more horrifying

No. 1016184

she went from the same make up with every look to not even putting on make up, she's whining about her social media being dead, yet this is the current look she wants to use to "Build" followers?

No. 1016185

File: 1596393640730.png (336.24 KB, 2048x880, Screenshot_20200802-144025.png)

Kek, she really thinks most other sex workers live the sad life she does. Sorry to break it to you Shayna but there are plenty of sex workers who know how to seperate their work from their personal life.

No. 1016186

Damn, this is so bleak and almost sad. She really should just quit sex work, and leave Tulsa.

No. 1016190

This is such bad shoop jesus

No. 1016195

why does she assume all sexworkers are 1. Twitter sex workers working out their houses

and 2. people with no friends or lives?
Look, I don't like sex work or think that highly of sexworkers, but man does she love to project that just because in her head she's "Dolly Mattel" and she's a "Famous" sexworker, that everyone is just like her.
These struggling depressed artists. Like yeah, I'm sure plenty of sex workers are fucked in the head.
but even those ones have friends and lives and shit.
Also, according to Shayna she lost all her friends because Fupa or she does not want them, so what she bitching about?

No. 1016196

File: 1596396526664.jpeg (Spoiler Image,91.49 KB, 828x779, 6E4B2C3C-B45C-45F9-A9A8-EB510D…)

looking like a mf torture film on the dark web.

No. 1016197

Top kek

No. 1016198

If she doesn't realize at this point that her brand is 100% humiliation/horror porn, then she is delusional. She really thinks this mess is worthy of calling herself Barbie.

No. 1016201

Take notes, this is what a thriving perfectionist looks like

No. 1016207

Someone should edit this into mckamey manor and fupa being the torturer

No. 1016231

I feel like there should be a cheeseburger dangling right above her head.

No. 1016237

or maybe some ~*chimkin nuggies*~ on a string

No. 1016314

Hey Shayna, try doing a fucking Chloe Ting video once in a while.

No. 1016337

File: 1596408989524.jpeg (Spoiler Image,257.26 KB, 1198x1355, B8544E16-CC9D-4F7F-BE3B-DA0596…)

No. 1016345

See now her pic with make up and hair loose looks ok in comparison to the horror cam show nightmare kek

No. 1016347

I really wanna have a word with the anon yesterday who said she'd hit rock bottom because apparently Shayna read that was ready to dig

No. 1016355

Lol I always think this whenever I see her gut hanging out. She really should try it, but they're not for lazy ass people like her

No. 1016359

C'mon you gals, don't mock her! She got dumped by Fupapa so she developed an emotional support fupa of her own to help her through these trying times!

No. 1016365

Her hair is still greasy and disgusting, and she looks filtered beyond belief. It's literally only slightly better than without makeup, she's still a horrorshow.

No. 1016382

Yeah that's the point though. It's sad that this pic is decent in comparison when said pic is gross. It has minimal effort put in. But on her OF cam shows she just goes full nasty slob and 0 effort. Idk how anyone could watch it much less get off. Or why she thinks it's ok to present herself that way. Especially when trying to gain and keep subscribers.

No. 1016406

File: 1596416947242.jpg (854.68 KB, 1079x1855, Screenshot_20200802-200850_Twi…)

No. 1016407

Not when you eat it in place of a healthy dinner, porky.

No. 1016408

File: 1596417055913.jpg (201.08 KB, 1080x689, Screenshot_20200802-200907_Twi…)

Shay, you have literally just posted videos and pics to OF without makeup on

No. 1016409

File: 1596417159553.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1167x2048, Screenshot_20200802-211228.png)

Look at that GUT

No. 1016425

she gets worse by the day and there's no way people actually enjoy her content lol im convinced every orbiter laughs about her with their friends in private

No. 1016438

File: 1596419511931.jpg (158.5 KB, 472x664, cheemnsburnger.jpg)

here you go

No. 1016451

It's strange to me that the content she wants people to pay for is the ugliest, unedited, scary shit. But then posts content with albeit minimal but still effort and filtered, with make up and such, smoothed ass and vag on twitter for free. Its honestly surprising she has 700 subs on OF.

No. 1016461

She’s definitely dabbling with meth. You can hear it in her labored breathing

No. 1016466

File: 1596422740936.gif (623.59 KB, 220x220, 54A35F60-1948-4EAE-99E8-2906E4…)

I’m crying.

No. 1016470

Lmao wut? Shes a fucking hambeast fatty who doesn't work out, just taking off her pants is a chore that makes her breathe heavy.

No. 1016471

Lmao hopefully we'll get more good shit like this for an amazing new thread pic

No. 1016473

i love this so much but shayna's face freaks me tf out kek

No. 1016478

All we've seen her eat besides processed frozen pasta is sugary dessert shit kek oh and Chipotle. Like this fatass cant go without junk food even on a diet. Gotta have ice cream (it's ok because its marketed as low cal and diet friendly though!!) and "MeDiCaTeD" brownies and shit. Such ~CLEAN EATING~. I cant believe she said she was already noticing changes/results lmao even with actual good dieting and exercise, you wont see results for a month or two. You might feel a little better after a week or two with less processed junk in your system but she said that like 3 days in after Smoothie King and Chipotle lmao.

No. 1016479

i've never seen a fat methhead before

No. 1016487

Really don’t get the meth tinfoil, someone who likes to laze around the house drunk and high isn’t going to suddenly want speed

No. 1016488

I agree with the "she may move to hard drugs eventually" tinfoil, but the tinfoil that she currently dabbles in meth is just…stupid. and backed by nothing. It's not hard to find in Tulsa but she seems like the kind that would go for opiates first.

No. 1016491

She’s not on fucking meth. If ANYTHING she’s abusing pharmies. But she’s not on meth. She does look like a used up crack whore. But, no. Her behavior doesn’t match up for meth nor does her rapid weight gain.

No. 1016498

She’s absolutely going to eat the whole thing in one sitting, guaranteed. Also who eats ice cream when they’re dieting. Ffs Shayna just get some yogurt like the rest of us.

No. 1016500

Lmao anon fupathon 2020

No. 1016526

File: 1596431452940.gif (Spoiler Image,5.82 MB, 320x411, gut-tuck.gif)

how fried does your brain have to be to attempt to tuck your own gut inside itself

unnerving how her necrotic tit never moves in any of these terrible tit bouncing videos

the sheer girth of her neck is shocking

No. 1016532

If you'd read any diet forums ever you'd know Halo top is a staple in low calorie diets. And yes most ppl eat the whole tub in one sitting, that's why the whole tubs calories are written on it

This made me snort

No. 1016535

lmao why did she tuck it in like a shirt

No. 1016537

No Shay, some of us are Uni students who have family and friends and can separate our persona vs our real selves

No. 1016541

She’s so awkward on film. What is with the hand flapping? The gut tucking Is funny and might be a nervous thing (projecting insecurity) sorta like how she used to pick her skin constantly on cam.

No. 1016557

File: 1596437652897.gif (Spoiler Image,16.02 MB, 346x750, 20200803_025300.gif)

Nobody mentioned her horrible twerking on the live lol

No. 1016561

File: 1596438126122.gif (Spoiler Image,16.5 MB, 346x750, 20200803_025819.gif)

She's been doing sex work for years and still doesn't know how to touch herself. So much secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1016576

She’s kinda right tho tbh

No. 1016578

She should just start doing horrorporn at this point, girl is looking like a bloated zombie who cravled up from a sewer.

No. 1016597

Her eyes are sunken probably just because she eats like shit, smokes weed, drinks alcohol and doesn't drink water at all, so she's got that gross bloating in her face. Declinin physical appearance is the result of all those same things plus the fact that she doesn't exercise nor wash herself. And no, I'm not saying her weight gain is due to bloating. Just her sunken eyes.

No. 1016614


jesus, she is literally DIGGING her booty shorts out the caverns of her ass and pussy. idk if she was trying to be sexy or was genuinely having hard time de-wedgie-ing herself.

No. 1016626

thought it was baylee jae for a hot sec

No. 1016668

thank you anon! I've been trying to figure out who she resembled in these

No. 1016672


Looks like she has Jaundice.

Spent how much a new tripod, decent camera, accessories? But can't colour correct a video.

No. 1016673


Signs and symptoms of alcoholic hepatitis include jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), ascites (fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity), fatigue and hepatic encephalopathy (brain dysfunction due to liver failure). Mild cases are self-limiting, but severe cases have a high risk of death.

No. 1016674

Stfu. Y'all are stupid as shit and do this crap every thread.

She doesn't have jaundice or liver issues that make her look the way she does. Y'all are as retarded as her.

No. 1016676


No. 1016706

Oh, man. She is definitely not one of those girls who should go on cam without makeup. Or a paper bag.

Also…she really thought she was doing something with that “twerk”. Was she just clenching her thigh muscles and letting the fat wiggle from the tension? It looked like she had an itchy ass or something. I’m kind of speechless, wtf

No. 1016758

Am i crazy or is she starting to resemble Amberlynn lol? Give her another 150-200 pounds and they could be twins. The new Slaton sisters.

No. 1016772

kek i can see it, esp in the thread pic. she's even got the poop bun and rat tail sideburns to match

No. 1016795

She's nowhere near ALR sized yet and I don't see her getting there, I'm not sure where you're seeing it but that'd be wild. Her rock bottom DOES keep getting lower, so who knows.

Abhorrent mental image of ALR camming though. I'm owed reparations for this.

No. 1016798

Its the eyeliner, hair and the facial expressions as of late. I never noticed it until this last week lmao. Like I said, it would take another 150 pounds at least but there are similarities that I cannot deny.

No. 1016805

I went back to the first thread and laughed that even in 2017 she was still whining about how "Sex work isn't easy money", like Shayna PROVES how easy it is.
You can not care about your appearance at all and still get some simp bucks or sympathy bucks from other sex workers.

She downgraded in every way and it wasn't like she was doing so well in the first place. I will say even when she was thin her face..was never impressive.

I keep coming to this thread hoping maybe she'll do better and step into reality but as long as fupa is around and she's making money she's going to continue to be this way.

No. 1016812

In a way it's still not. Sure, she's getting some money from her OF subs, but they're not resubbing very much and she certainly isn't gaining new ones. She's paying for promo, and I just. Can't imagine people are paying much for custims–if they were before, they certainly aren't now. It could be easy money with the tiniest effort, but she's literally making this difficult kek.

No. 1016815

the amount of times she touched other things before herself, and then wiped her hand on her leg after fingering her butt, just wtf.

No. 1016824

She really badly bluffed about the car thing for one partial day, huh??
No follow up whatsoever kek

No. 1016828

File: 1596482197179.png (484.83 KB, 639x639, 385A1AFC-87CF-4C41-BEF7-BB2189…)


The poop bun, greasy sideburns, and her eyebrows are seemingly starting to disappear like ALR…

It’s funny, Shayna thought it was cute n quirky for a little petite uwu girl to be talking about cheemsburgers all the time because IRONY but now it’s just some porky bitch that spouts exactly how she got fat, like an obese parrot yelling into an empty room.

No. 1016830

Is that the actual lighting shes using to cam in?? That's atrocious.

No. 1016834

Probably too embarrassed to admit couldn’t afford a car along with insurance after all, and they laughed her out the door when they checked her credit/noted her lack of license (she can’t even test drive a car without them checking it, how did she expect to drive it off the lot??? fucking moron)/saw her yearly income being the same as a fast food employee/saw that she didn’t have a real job/heard her talk

No. 1016842

Lol yes. She reminds me of those girls in high school that were thin but would talk about how much they eat and how ~fat~ they were as if it was an endearing quality because they actually werent fat at all. And they'd always make sure to do it in front of fat girls like Chantal and Amberlynn who would turn around and use it as an excuse for why they dont know how they arent losing weight because SKINNY girls can eat a large mcdonalds meal twice a day every day and still not be obese. And then you see the skinny girl actually blow up in size once the metabolism slows or she has kids or starts taking meds or just smoking weed and drinking all day along with still eating nothing but junk. I remember that being a thing with Christina Aguiliera back when I was in school, kek.

No. 1016844


Yup, it’s a pick-me attribute. I see it a lot with girls posting on social media how they can eat more tacos than their boyfriends teehee and loooooOoOooove chicken wings, unlike those other girls who like salads! It’s cringe to begin with, but it’s definitely not very cute when you’re a hambeast.

No. 1016845

"Ugh Im SO lazy. All I do is sleep all day and when I wake up I smoke weed and eat donuts and have sex uWu. The only exercise I get every day is SEX lmao"
These were literally the kind of shit she posted back when she was still thin haha.

No. 1016846

that along with Twitch.
We all know when she starts talking about moving and needing a car, then she'll follow up in a few mintues with subs before saying Fupa broke up with her.

No. 1016876

File: 1596488814398.png (Spoiler Image,656.52 KB, 1080x1274, Screenshot_20200803-170609~2.p…)

I'll never understand why she posts filtered shit like this on her free Twitter, but posts the unfiltered no makeup horrorshow porn on her PAID page. It's ridiculous.


No. 1016885

I did not realise her name was axe wound adult baby but if the shoe fits

No. 1016930

Idk if it's better or worse that with the Twitch thing she talked about it for a few weeks. The car thing she said she got insurance and then said she was test driving at the lot and then nothing more on it. Oh she pretended she was having a friend over. So pathetic.
I just dont see how her orbiters dont see it or ask about updates on this shit. She went on and on about twitch and said another SWer helped her get the "capture card" and shit even. So did she waste a 100 on that or returned it or?? Either way she never spoke of it again once she moved kek girl is an actual full mess

No. 1016947

>uk camwhore
pipe down

No. 1016950

Absolute axe wound

No. 1016959

File: 1596502632381.jpg (Spoiler Image,840.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200803-195718_Twi…)

For someone who claims her "clit is in her asshole" she sure needs that wand

No. 1016962

Has she ever done a video where she just orgasms from penetration? She uses that wand in like every video.

No. 1016971

File: 1596504118779.jpeg (Spoiler Image,811.39 KB, 3464x3464, 5CE17CC5-E431-4A3B-A0B2-C0879C…)

No. 1016975

I don't think we've ever seen her experience a genuine orgasm, period.

No. 1016980

Looking at her old threads even from a year ago dang she got…bigger wtf

No. 1016986

I didn't say genuine orgasm I just mean has she ever reached peak (fake or otherwise) without using the wand? Because I don't think she's done a penetration video without it being featured. Such creativity.

No. 1016994

File: 1596506831959.jpeg (249.42 KB, 828x853, EA23AE63-CE16-4863-9D6F-9D1CBB…)

Stop smoking then

No. 1016997

Are we ready for a covid chronicle?

No. 1016998

I mean tbf some women like/need clit stimulation to orgasm, but I'm in agreement that the wand is really just to help her poorly fake like shes getting any pleasure from the stuff she does.

I dont mind SWers, but I just cant imagine the kind of lives of the ones like Shay where they literally bum around all day and then fuck themselves for rent and not even enjoy the masturbation or anything about it. The only thing she enjoys about this "job" is that she can lay around doing nothing but getting drunk and high and get male attention. Enough money to get by from very little effort. She says it's not easy money, but really…
If you're hot and market right, it is. Even if you're ugly and fat, if you appeal to the right audience, price cheap, and are consistent, you can still get by. I mean look at her. What's hard about it besides overcoming shame from self and others?

No. 1017009

File: 1596510360489.jpg (250.58 KB, 1080x965, Screenshot_20200803-220536_Twi…)

Shay, we all know for a FACT that you're not bisexual. We've seen how you are with women when it comes to sex. And we've all seen how much you hate women

No. 1017011

holy fucking shit does she just go with the first take or is this really the best she could do? how is this passable? I wouldn’t even send this to a boyfriend who’s already hooked.

No. 1017017

I think this was live for OF

But yeah, obviously she doesnt practice or do retakes unless her dumbass forgets to turn the recording on or it doesnt save. Come on anon you've seen her videos. She's a fucking mess.

No. 1017093

With her drinkingvhabits she probably does not have a very healthy liver though.

No. 1017269

>>1016959 She claims her g-spot is in her asshole, not her clit. Basically Shayna pretends to have a prostate because admitting that anal doesn't really feel that good for women (without vaginal or clitoral stimulation) would
disrupt her *~~AnAl PrInCeSs~~* pick-me narrative.

>>1016975 >>1016986
Agreed, I don't think we've ever seen her have or fake an orgasm without that wand being involved. Could be wrong though, my memory of her early cam days is pretty foggy.

What I can say for sure is that if she can get off at all, she HAS to use the wand to do it. Vibrators can kinda be the female equivalent of the 'death grip' for guys – they spend too much time roughly jerkin' it to porn, then can't cum during actual sex/oral. With women, you can kind of build a tolerance to the stimulation of the vibe, needing to set the vibration higher and higher to achieve orgasm. But then you hit the wall – vibrator is on the highest setting and doesn't go higher, but your clit is desensitized from the constant over-stimulation. This is what has happened to Shayna, from what I can tell.

No. 1017281


because unlike other successful SWers, after all these years, she still doesnt seem to have “regulars” or a “loyal following” who actually care about what’s going on in her life to follow up.

No. 1017302

File: 1596546637176.png (75.08 KB, 932x366, Screenshot_20200804-135819~2.p…)

"If I had some time" What??? FFS you have nothing but time shay. How can you write shit like this?

No. 1017303

File: 1596546698830.png (Spoiler Image,1.74 MB, 828x1792, BF923F90-E266-463F-B29A-F9B473…)

200 is more than a lot of people make in a day WORKING jeezus

No. 1017305

Spoiler this pls

God, her porn is so ugly. Just nasty, flat flesh tones

No. 1017335

Did she really just say she needs more time to play video games??
Shay does hardly anything all day wtf. She CAN take a day off whenever she likes. Dumb privileged bitch. Maybe she should try sleeping less of the day because posting a couple nudes doesn't take more than an hour or two and that's including makeup and editing. She doesnt post video content more than once a week or so

No. 1017342


If she knew she was shit at video games, why did she rush to get equipment to stream? Why did she need that money RIGHT THEN rather than actually spending time to be good? (Rhetorical questions, we know why.)

Shay is so fucking lazy. She has to have literally everything handed to her rather than having the drive or patience to get good at something. The whole “buy me x!” is not part of her “bratty” SWer persona like she tries to pretend… that she’s playing into some kink by asking for money. It’s her normally. Hand me money, buy me a car, etc. it’s because she can’t do ANYTHING on her own. Her new apartment was because of Fupa. If it weren’t for him, she’d be in her old shithole whining about it. Shayna, your enablers can’t make you good at video games, and pretending you don’t have time to play them doesn’t work when we all know you don’t do jack shit all day. Even her getting fat is because she is lazy. She was never skinny because she tried to be, and that’s why she’s fat. Because she doesn’t try to help that either. Effort? Responsibility? Hard work? Not in her vocabulary.

No. 1017354

Imagine selling your foul ass porn for dirt cheap/basically free and then begging for a tip of $200

No. 1017357

Reality is if you choose not to work and have a play day, then you dont get money. That's how life is. Just shut the fuck up and get stoned and play video games if that's what you want Shay. But don't feel entitled to get paid to do so. Unless you want to pretend again that you could be a streamer lol

No. 1017359

Shes implying she makes 200 a day which is top kek

No. 1017366

What’s funny is that that’s not even how tips work…. Why would someone tip you NOT to put out content? It’s reversed. They presumably would tip because you did something extra… How are you enticing someone to tip by giving them less content? Absolutely retarded.

Shay has no understanding of this business even after being in it for so long. Just purely lazy. She complains that ppl think “sex work is just easy money!!!111” but it’s actually her that thinks that judging by her attitude.

No. 1017373

Tip is a loose term to avoid flat out saying "Pay me" lol

No. 1017424

File: 1596564288036.png (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 2048x1821, Screenshot_20200804-140431.png)

This is so fucking crude and disgusting to do in a doctors office. Have some fucking self respect Shayna.

No. 1017435

That doctor's office probably smells like rank fish now… Still having to arch her back to appear like she has an ass…

It's fucking 90+ degrees in Tulsa and this bitch wears a hoodie, to reiterate I feel bad for the doctors and nurses that have to help this mentally challenged individual.

No. 1017438

She's really one of those nasty bitches who doesnt wear underwear huh
Its really bad when your too small shorts are wedged up in your sweaty musty vag too

Also yeah, this is low class to do

No. 1017439

This isn't even low class. This is no class.

No. 1017444

First off, she words it like she expects 1 person to give her 200. Instead of "If I can get 200 in tips today, I can take the day off tomorrow"

And second, when does she make even 100 in day? On a good day she might get several small tips, but most days shes lucky to make a couple vid sales. Shayna please.

No. 1017445

True especially considering the pandemic where doctors are risking their fucking lives daily

No. 1017447

File: 1596565953081.jpg (168.68 KB, 1080x703, 20200804_123200.jpg)

Probably told her she just has a respiratory infection.

No. 1017449

It's crazy that she wears these outfits in public. She must get laughed at so much for being a pig dressed like a baby.

No. 1017455

> She claims her g-spot is in her asshole, not her clit
>g-spot is in…[the] clit

Anon r u ok? That’s not where a g spot is either

No. 1017456

Did this bitch seriously take some ass shots in a doctor's office? Jesus.

No. 1017469

Part 2? She's already had a covid scare before.

It's a fucking sterile, medical environment you bitch. Everything she touches has to be sexual. Just like when she took nudes on the toilet in a restaurant bathroom.

No. 1017471

Why do the most pathetic, musty sex workers and bimbos always try to be claim Barbie, she would never

No. 1017482

Omg imagining her trying to get those shorts back up quick before she's gets caught, but she's sweaty and they're too small and now she's panicking…that's prob the only shay content I'd pay for lol

No. 1017501

stop exposing urself to non consenting parties jesus

No. 1017503

ngl her pixyteri pose is spot on, just slap that red SPOILER on it and we're good to go

No. 1017509

Her photoshopping makes me dizzy at this point. I feel like I’m on shrooms any time I see one of her pics.

No. 1017519

File: 1596572265255.png (Spoiler Image,38.72 KB, 230x230, shay_spoiler.png)

No. 1017525

Genius, anon

No. 1017534

File: 1596573776060.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 2696x3464, 2D8F76F5-9143-48B6-8EDE-C62743…)

No. 1017537

>>1017455 I'm fine, are you? Read the post I was replying to. They said Shayna claimed her clit was in her asshole. In reality, she said her g-spot was in her ass, not that her clit was there. I worded it funny but you know what I mean.

Fucking kek anon. Excellent work.

For real though, I cannot believe this nasty bitch is going commando to the urgent care in the middle of a pandemic to take ass shots for OnlyFans. I mean I don't think you can get COVID via your snatch, but no sane person would want to find out. Homegirl is spiraling.

I'd love to see her play Apex though. You just know she plays with the mic off cause she sucks and can't handle team mates talking shit about her on voice chat. I bet that's why she hasn't streamed even though she got all the equipment.

No. 1017563

the warp on her ass is so painfully noticeable. look at how badly she's distorted the left side of pocket compared to the right. it's a guarantee her droopy, fat thigh had more curves than her unshooped ass.

can we get a farmhand or admin to customize the spoilers in shayna's thread to this image?

No. 1017566

My bad, went and read the post you replied to and now understand. I’ll go kms

No. 1017569

File: 1596578307336.jpeg (251.48 KB, 1207x1287, BA33B10C-52F6-4E9E-999E-A1544D…)

Obese dog content. Shayna please stop you do not fit in the ‘kawaii’ pet play category of porn or the bimbo category. Do feeder porn.

No. 1017571

For real. Barbie wouldn't take nudes at the doctor's office, barbie IS the doctor

No. 1017578

Honestly the big dog sweater is an improvement bc it hides the weight gain
But she'll lift it and break the illusion

No. 1017603

How many times has she used this cheap shiba costume now? Is it all that fits out of her costumes or something?

No. 1017607

She had "mukbang" on her list a while ago, she would never call it feeder porn even though that's exactly what she would be doing lol.
The funny part is she could probably make more money doing that since she's trying to pander to an audience that liked her old body and her "barbie" aesthetic. I don't even know why she holds on to the Barbie thing so badly. She's fat and trashy and has brown hair now, the exact opposite of Barbie.

No. 1017677

I think it's just a habit for her at this point, like if she'd stop calling herself barbie she would have an identity crisis. Shayna it's never too late, you can always construct a new personality, I believe in you!

No. 1017700


Butt Stuff BBW-arby's

No. 1017705

File: 1596586681061.png (37.4 KB, 585x149, Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 5.07…)

I'm not sure if this tweet was ever posted in here but I had it saved and it is pretty relevant today with her urgent care visit. This is seriously such a disgusting thing to do, let alone say. Doctors/nurses aren't there to satisfy your gross fetish. They are there to save lives and help people. Even if this was a "joke" it's not okay.

No. 1017708

It's so fucking easy to set up a medical play space in your house, if you REALLY want to. Like tf do you really need, a bed, white sheets, some tools that you can buy online? Get a green screen and photoshop away.

No. 1017715

i love how she's pretnding this is her fetish and not something she wants to use as a set up for a video to make money off of people wih that fetish.
she's been to the hosptial plenty of times and this is the first time in a long time she mentioned this "fetish"

No. 1017719

She also failed miserably with her lAtest nurse thing. She was supposed to be the nurse but gave herself s rectal examination which doesn't make any sense and it was just the same shit as always, not like she used a speculum

No. 1017750

That's not a fetish, thats fucking mental illness. if you go to the doctor just to get sexual excitement from an unconsenting individual, you're disgusting and need medicine.

No. 1017751

File: 1596592233330.png (2.39 MB, 2048x1760, Screenshot_20200804-215029.png)

More clean eating from our dieting queen

No. 1017757


but it’s totally the meds shay ™

No. 1017763

File: 1596594445139.jpg (129.82 KB, 1074x503, Screenshot_20200804-212646_Twi…)

But it's the meds, right Shay?

No. 1017765


No. 1017766

it's the thc dosage

No. 1017767

Oh. That's pretty low for a full pizza. It probably won't have much effect on her.

No. 1017768

ButtStuffBarbie is just tOo ClEvEr and really encompassing her amazing personality and image silly anon

No. 1017773

This bitch really believe because its "MeDiCaTeD" that it's not junk food? Like if she is trying to diet, she keeps breaking it just at the dispensary on this stupid crap. Like just smoke bowls and shit like normal people. Or regular edibles and tinctures if you cant smoke. This novelty shit is dumb and shes just literally eating it up.

No. 1017807

Lmao what is this shit? What dispensary is she going to that sells thc pizza? That was probably a $30 pizza. I don’t get it.
I get edibles…I just don’t understand this crap. THC olive oil is a thing. Buy that and throw it on a salad? Jfc.

No. 1017812

One day she is totally gonna get that weed sickness that happens when you’re a daily consumer of high doses. Once you get it it just turns on you and makes you sick for days when consumed in any amount.

No. 1017816

She goes to the dispensary more often than she showers
Which isn't hard but still sad

No. 1017818

File: 1596605116362.jpg (236.48 KB, 1079x789, Screenshot_20200805-002528_Twi…)

Did hers close up when she was "committed"?

No. 1017819

File: 1596605163870.jpg (160.5 KB, 1079x586, Screenshot_20200805-002631_Twi…)

It's probably because you're too wasted to walk

No. 1017823

God, I forgot how insufferable she was when she got her nose pierced. This tweet just brought back memories of how she wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it for like 2 months. A nose piercing. Wild.

No. 1017846

Yeah, when her and Fupa went together haha

No. 1017856

do you think the dispensary workers talk about her behind her back because she comes in every day as if it’s a supermarket

No. 1017859

She actually did get really sick at one point and supposedly had to go to the ER because she had some kind of sickness from smoking weed too much and she claimed she couldn’t stop throwing up and that she was allergic to weed and that she was gonna stop but of course that lasted like a week max.

No. 1017860

AYRT, bless u anon this sent me

Honestly, it will only hide the mass for so long. It's supposed to be loose all around, yet those sleeves will soon be filled to the brim, even though in that particular pic she's stretching them over so they look tighter.
Trying to hide her gut isn't gonna do her any favors, she'll just continue engorging.

No. 1017910

Literally not one single person relates to this

No. 1017932

Why is the pizza on the bed, and not like a counter or something..