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File: 1633922024632.png (4.35 MB, 1880x2032, 1633555793450.png)

No. 176591

Previous thread: >>>/w/164089

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads
>Has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image
>Formerly referred to herself as queer rather than bi, lesbian, or pansexual; currently with her live-in partner Stephen Clarke and both came out as bisexual, but now Stephen is nonbinary and pansexual - the same fate as one of her other exes who became nonbinary after dating her…
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo despite knowing she has a largely underage audience; will often remove or put herself from/on said medications regardless of whether she needs them or not
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t selling anything yet, but plans to sell bad Lazy Oaf knock offs
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact.
>She won’t stfu about her stims and super scary ‘restrictive’ eating disorder

In the last thread:
>Still gaining weight from consuming a steady diet of "safe foods"
>Going to therapy every week with a "specialist" that encourages her histrionic behavior >>164720 >>166605
>Claims to have auditory hallucinations >>164730
>Admitted to chewing on Steve's arm for sensory reasons >>165058
>Customers started recieving their dresses from Jill's collab and the material and quality were terrible >>165345
>Started wearing a binder >>166616
>Has been smoking weed and drinking heavily, even though it's ill-advised for people on SSRI's >>167141
>Claims autisitic people's brains don't develop at the same rate as ND people's brains >>167533
>Says she "completely loses control of" her limbs at her therapy appointments >>169832
>Did an interview with a small website about how she is "destigmatizing mental health" >>170648
>Steadily losing patrons >>171606
>Still hasn't done a video on her final school runway collection >>172187
>Been doing absolutely horrendous makeup >>172283
>Did a poor review of the Met Gala outfits, didn't know who Marsha P. Johnson was >>173809
>Admits to burn out >>174105
Had some sort of psychology-related appointent >>175651
Said her childhood piano teacher was a pedophile, as always made other people's trauma about herself >>175857
>Said she was going to email her "abuser", said her life was stolen from her >>176080

Old Threads:

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
Cosplay Facebook Page: https://anony.link/https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 176592

New video

No. 176594

samefag sorry this thread is kinda shit i was in a rush

No. 176595


She is watering her fucking plants with a peri bottle- what is used to clean your ass or other private parts after surgery, childbirth, etc


No. 176598

God bless you anon I made a thread but you beat me to it, you thread its much better than mine, good job

No. 176604

File: 1633933041118.jpg (188.39 KB, 1232x1022, watering bottle.JPG)

I mean yes, it could be used for that, but those style of bottles can have many uses. Just search "plant watering bottle" on amazon and you get a ton of relevant results.

No. 176605

honestly its weird to me how…normal she is in this video. a little annoying sure but nothing like she is on her twitters.

No. 176606

she definetely seems more normal than the stupid disgusting antics she's recently been into, but don't be fooled, it's still jillian we're talking about

No. 176612

The person Jill is sending the care package to has a DID YouTube.

No. 176621


This is kind of unsettling. Bobo is one of the DID YouTubers who was taken advantage of by DissociaDID. She has 15k subscribers and says in the unboxing video that she’s a big fan of Jill. Jill goes through friends like toilet paper, and here she just started talking to Bobo and sent her this huge gift, with a note that she asked Bobo not to read on camera. (Hmm, whatever could she have written? /s) Even if you think DID isn’t a real disorder, Bobo really seems to be genuinely mentally ill and it’s fucked up that Jill is already transparently kissing her ass and digging her claws in so she’ll have some kind of street cred when she unveils her own DID diagnosis. For someone supposedly so well-versed in ~twauma~, wtf is with this imbalance of power move, Jill?

Link to the vid in case embedding doesn’t work (new at this).

No. 176624

She’s almost exclusively interacting with DID people on Twitter now days (when she’s not talking to herself). For the most part, the people that have cutesy names and accounts for their “systems” seem like they all live in their own deluded fantasy land of mental illness, so it makes sense that Jill would be following suit

No. 176625

its funny to me, a few weeks ago someone brought up how great of a vlogger she was and how she might have ben able to actually take off as a creator and now she puts out a blog kek

No. 176631

I'm sorry.. this is just weird.. How much has pixie interacted with fans in the past? Never. This almost feels like Pixie is either putting her foot in the door in the DID world or is fangirling over severely mentally ill people. It just feels so off

No. 176632

She is definitely fangirling over the mentally ill. Which is just odd. She seems to always want her favourite content creators to be mentally ill. It's weird

No. 176633

samefag- but its the fact that she's buying her way into these friendships/alliances thats making it weird. Expensive Pusheen merch, a nice backpack- she could've just done one sweet homemade gift but no she just piles on expensive gifts. Its the same thing with her showing off her $1,000 wasteful medical bills. To her spending the most money means she wins the munchie olympics

No. 176634

gives me creepshowart vibes the way she has to buy friends

No. 176638

All the stuff she is giving is her old left overs. The backpack was from a lucky pack, she had been trying to unload it for literal years. She is sending someone some of the tat she keeps on hoarding.

No. 176639


True, but it’s still “buying” her way into people’s affections. Bobo says in the unboxing vid that she just started talking to Jill, yet she’s the one Jill chose to send all this stuff to? Jill already has acquaintances and fan girls local to her who would probably be glad to receive her trash. Suss.

No. 176651

Anon has a point about Jill going through friendships very quickly (one of the only things that makes her bpd diagnosis valid, but Jill will never admit to it because it makes her look like an asshole. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jill drops her as soon as she gets her DID diagnosis or is using Bobo’s experiences to make it seem like she has legit DID. Also wouldn’t be surprised if Jill drops her because she finds her too unnerving and mentally ill for her liking, and tries to befriend another DID personality who she likes better

No. 176673

This also happened a while back when we said "oh she should make piano videos" and she made a piano video. She lurks here so hard, otherwise why would she call herself a clown?

No. 176676

File: 1633996290281.png (56.16 KB, 1500x1125, imagen_2021-10-11_184708.png)

Has anyone thought about how Jillian seems more histrionic than bpd/npd? it checks out. Especially because she's becoming more sexual/flirty.

Histrionic personality disorder is basically like "chronic attention whore syndrome", they compulsively will do anything and everything for attention from people, even negative attention. They are very shallow & gullible people, prone to lacking self esteem and a sense of self and have very shallow relationships that they exaggerate.
Like they'll make a new friend and immediately be like 'OMG BESTIEEE I LOVE U SO MUCH UR MY BFF 4EVAAAA' and we are seeing this happening in real time.

I feel like Histrionic people come across as more extremely immature and self destructive (in their desire for attention), whereas narcs are like these evil black holes who actively suck people dry and move onto the next victim. Jillian doesn't have that extremely over inflated ego, but a chronic need for attention and praise from others.
She reminds me more of someone with Munchausen's syndrome, just this unquenchable thirst for attention for it to always be about 'memememememememe focus on ME, MY needs, MY wants, I'M the one HURTING, I'm the one who NEEDS your love and attention, ME".(armchair)

No. 176677

File: 1633996316265.png (1.04 MB, 1200x1200, imagen_2021-10-11_185204.png)

Samefag, here's more about HPD.(armchairing )

No. 176681

Yes, but not wanting to armchair I haven't mentioned it. A lot of cows fit HPD better than any other cluster B.

No. 176683

i really dont think so. shes not that extreme.
can we move on from hpd now. this is fucking stupid

No. 176688

Has anyone noticed how after the backlash from the "neurodivergence" video she made (and never apologized from) she's now doubling down on having mental illnesses and she's trying to prove it with an expensive brain scan?
It's like, she wants that scan so no one tells her she isn't neurodivergent anymore… instead of learning from her mistakes and apologizing

I don't know, if people can talk about how much NPD she is or BPD or autistic, then maybe she could also be HPD. As long as she doesn't go to a real therapist no one will really know

No. 176695

File: 1634007007119.png (551.5 KB, 1388x592, thirteenyearoldboytrappedinwom…)

No. 176696

File: 1634007365970.jpeg (217.16 KB, 828x520, C5DC8266-82E6-4359-B321-45931E…)

Jill you are a straight female clown

No. 176699

People on this thread have literally called her a narcissistic retard but you draw the line at hpd?

No. 176702

Proof of Jill's perpetual state of banality. Sad attention starved idiot. Send her hetero fat normie ass to Africa with this gender fluid bullshit and watch her head implode when no one outside the US and Canada give a fly f*ck about her first world gender bender retardation all these stupid Westerners create for themselves to compensate for how mediocre and uninteresting they really are.

No. 176704

File: 1634013339426.png (989.68 KB, 1080x692, uhgoeihrgghe.png)

Your screencap is hard to read so I condensed it. Idk what it means though.

No. 176705

>Sad attention starved idiot. Send her hetero fat normie ass to Africa with this gender fluid bullshit and watch her head implode when no one outside the US and Canada give a fly f*ck
I actually want to see this lmao. Just standing there looking like a clown retard while everyone else just doesn't give a fuck. Her problems are so made up.

No. 176706

NPD is more extreme than HPD for the reasons anon mentioned. I honestly would not rule it out, she does lack empathy but she doesn't seem to be using people or abusing them on purpose. Jillian is just an attentionwhore but I doubt she has bad intentions.
Someone like Lori Cerda seems more NPD than Jillian tbh, she uses people and moves from victim to victim. Who knows.

No. 176721

File: 1634032675167.jpg (77.62 KB, 753x616, Screenshot_20211012-055707_Chr…)

Old school lolita judging Jillybean.

No. 176722

She looks like a spergy mental patient. Lmao

No. 176723

The saddest thing is I don't even want to hatewatch her anymore.

No. 176729


Jill has been my favorite cow for years, up until this neurodivergent larp. I don't think I can hate watch her anymore either. I turned off this newest video when she was making baby babble noises to herself while looking at scrunchies and talked to the seller in a ~fUnNy VoIce~ when buying the pink camisole. I am surprised she wasn't also forcing herself to flap her hands for show but I guess she had to hold her camera.

I think she is determined to show everyone in public that yes, she actually IS a retarded toddler. Her coddling Jill is partly to blame, but I wonder what her mom thinks about all of this shit.

No. 176731

How has she obtained the figure of a gender bent Ethan Ralph?

No. 176733

I noticed this too, most of the people there seemed to be looking at her like oh god not her again, I wonder if she asked this person if it was okay to film them and upload it because they really don’t look pleased

No. 176740

The way she's out of breath in every clip of this video is alarming

No. 176743

Jill became one of her confetti club members
>making a nuisance of themselves in public
>nobody likes them, not even other alternative/outcast types

No. 176749

No, you didn’t Jill? You changed your Twitter bio and made a video saying ‘idk call me any pronouns lol’. That’s not ‘coming out’, that’s being intentionally vague and wishy-washy so that if you decide to change your mind you don’t actually have to take back anything

No. 176760

File: 1634058043233.png (285.36 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20211012-105829-288…)

Are people really making alters out of Jill? Also kek "I'm flattered".

No. 176762

noone is out there making alters based on you jill, but if there is you should really question the kind of fanbase you've cultivated that are happy to model their fake alter egos after you, nevermind the fact that they're mimicking a real person.
who am i kidding though she probably loves this shit because it feeds her insane ego

No. 176763

I don't think literally anyone has done this to her? Plus hasn't Jill been skinwalking for the past few years anyway? It seems like she just really wants to try and use the new DID terms she's learnt online.

No. 176765

>I'm actually flattered most of the time
Most of the time? How do you not realize you've FUBAR'd your life and need to make a change if something like this happens to you more than once?

No. 176767

OK, help me understand this.

If a person has DID, they 'split' into these different 'personalities'. These 'personalities' are different facets of the person.

How can one 'split' into another person's personality? Am I overthinking this? is it just mental illness loves?

No. 176768

File: 1634063570814.jpeg (322.6 KB, 828x1013, 3FBBB4E5-10DD-4627-828A-441C0E…)

So all the gross stuff about having a UTI a d being weirdly sexual is okay on your main account for your online(arguably real life self), but not your emo larp acc? Ok Jill

No. 176770

>is it just mental illness loves
yeah pretty much

some people claim to have fictives, ie alters that are literally a fictional character. a lot of ex tumblr types heavily relate to certain characters i guess so instead of saying 'oh i love [x character]' they decide that they literally are that character, and they'll make an alter of them.
although frankly i have no clue what an introject is, reading too much into DID lore & terminology makes my brain hurt

No. 176771

Because this is her 13 year old “alter” probably

No. 176774

Can't wait for her 13 year old alter to claim sexual harassment if someone discusses sex stuff while at the same time posting sex stuff herself on her main account.

No. 176784

Thanks for trying to break it down. Having 'comfort characters' are all the rage now, but I doubt it is legit enough for Pixiellian Swellies. What surprises me is that she doesn't have a fursona (yet). Making a fursuit would be the type of project she would take on. Ugly, expensive and obnoxious plus would hide her hefty girth.

No. 176788

I can almost guarantee she didn't ask permission. She never does, based on a few interactions with her. She just assumes everyone always wants to be on her channel.

No. 176791

But she's okay with sharing sexual bullshit with her actual 13 year old followers on her main? What an hypocrite Jillian is.

No. 176796

Why is she ok with hard kink/porn accounts interacting with her Pixielocks account? Aren't a lot of her fans really young?

No. 176807

anon, it's only a matter of time and tendies. the furries will groom her sooner or later

No. 176834

Been saying this for months now. And it gets hilarious the longer it goes on.
I'm so glad I don't know wtf any of this shit means.

No. 176835

File: 1634087913349.gif (10.86 MB, 520x293, VLOG__Kawaii_Meet_Up_Thrifting…)

No. 176836

Who let grandma out of the nursing home?

No. 176838

Is this the earliest onset dementia in history?

No. 176842

do these people realize… if you're THIS mentally ill, just get off the fucking internet? Its that easy. Seriously if your life is this complicated its time to live simpler.

No. 176847

komaeda did it earlier

No. 176848

But anon! If Jill isn’t on the internet how will she get the daily ass pats she needs for doing the bare minimum???

No. 176855

They don't see it as mental illness most of the time. They think it's good and natural, and normal. They think they're being their "true selves". Not something that should be treated and changed. But of course she'll expect others around her to change to fit her new worldview. I wonder what Steve's side of this looks like.

No. 176856

thank you for making a gif of that part, it really cracked me up.

that whole part of the vlog was awkward, it's so strange to see Jill interact with (semi) normal people.
if I was selling my clothes there and Jill commented on stuff in that weird frog/elderly person(?) voice, and then started jumping around like that… oof.
she sure makes an effort to appear special needs these days.

No. 176866

File: 1634114660996.jpg (607.42 KB, 1536x2048, FBDBwpuVkAEvFT8.jpg)

She looks so scary, jesus.

No. 176867

File: 1634114791373.jpeg (204.11 KB, 828x694, 78445DA4-F122-4A06-9F0D-170127…)

Jill you litterally shopped for a pushover super woke therapist who’s only had a year on practice and has done nothing but enable your delusions instead of challenging you to become a better person

No. 176868

File: 1634114888403.png (324.06 KB, 1526x756, pixies ego lol.png)

I have never seen a Youtuber with this amount of asspats for doing literally nothing of value and acting so fake and transparent, but maybe I just don't follow enough retard influencers kek

No. 176894

She'll never do that imo. She only clings to things like mental illness, gender stuff, and sexual, orientation because well-meaning people give her sympathy for it all. No one actually likes furries outside of other furries and most normal people are ppenly hostile toward them. She wants the most ass-pats so the mento illness faking is natural for her.

No. 176896

Lol at the fact that if you actually read the entire thread Jill latched onto, the OP has actually had shit happen online by weirdos in discords RPing as them etc.

But naturally, Jill has to make it about herself, and kind of dismiss part of the actual point in saying ‘she’s usually flattered’. If she’d read the whole thread, she would’ve seen this posted by the OP when they were speaking to systems about the issue

No. 176897

File: 1634139417629.jpeg (166.41 KB, 946x2048, 113E13CC-03A7-4606-A172-94BEDF…)

Samefag, forgot to attach the screenshot like a dumbass

No. 176899

All this fucking cringe psycho babble, and for what? Jill and all these weirdos need a new hobby. Literally anything else will do.

No. 176900

as a side note if anyone wants me to make a gif out of jillian's videos just say the word lol

No. 176901

holly brown vibes

No. 176902

This is absolutely so cringe.
Of course therapy would had not "worked" for her because whenever she was told about her faults or things she should reflect on, she got offended and told them off. Like that one therapist who told her to think why she had the need to dress like she does. I think that therapist had good intentions for her to self reflect.
But this bitch just wants ass pats, and that's exactly what she gets from her disgusting ass 1-year practice councelor now. I bet she manipulates him and he just enables her. Disgusting.

No. 176903

>you are a celeb
narcissism levels went up I bet

No. 176908

You mean the only therapist she saw before this kek, the dumbest thing is that she says she was supposed to receive treatment related to her ED from that therapist, they literally have to ask you about that stuff because it’s very relevant

No. 176909

I’m pretty sure she had the therapist who diagnosed her w bpd before this quack too. Wonder what Jill found wrong with that one

No. 176911

Maybe she already knew she wanted to have kawiwi alters back then, DID larpers have been a thing on Youtube for a while and that was her main platform

No. 176914

the way this is framed (being ok with it on her pixie acct) makes it seem like she's gonna claim she has sexual trauma right? if this is her teen alter?

No. 176916

Nah I doubt it. Seems like this kawiwi alter shit is just a new thing for her.

No. 176917

she honestly seems deranged, who is supposed to believe that shit?
if she just didn't want to see nsfw stuff (for any reason) it should be the same for both accounts, like is she seriously trying to imply that the black clothes account is a different 'version' of her?
especially since she's still also calling herself a "baby drag human" on that account, isn't this just supposed to be her 'drag king persona'?
I have no clue about these multiply personality larper freaks on Twitter, is it normal to have one of your 'alters' also be your drag personality (not like Jill even does drag anyway…)?

No. 176927

The tinfoiling about her being a munchie might have some ground to it. She commented this on a munchies tik tok about openly having the disorder(post screenshots)

No. 176928

File: 1634155013590.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, FE161272-406B-4BBC-97F8-007992…)

No. 176929

Someone make this a banner kek

No. 176930

It was a school phycologist that diagnosed her and she was seeing a school counselor for a while afterwards. She was also talking about how much she loved that councelor and how amazing they were.

One look at her socials shows that she's developing inappropriate relationships with her councilors since she views them as close friends rather than a professional she's seeing to fix her mental health. She needs a real therapist if she ever wants to get better.

No. 176932

File: 1634157153186.jpeg (358.71 KB, 1170x740, 6E7BE1E5-7F62-43A6-AA87-BFAB15…)

looks like we gotta wait another 2-3 weeks for the DID reveal

No. 176933

Literally why would it take that long to go over a psych analysis? I know some anons think the brain scan is tinfoil, but maybe that has something to do with the timeline? Otherwise, this sounds like horseshit.

No. 176934

Skimming this, in her thrift hall she gets some dinky little candle holder because it's 'five petal flower shaped' and I just had the thought she made her brand something so vague not only cause she can't be bothered putting effort into it, but so she can snatch up more shit to feed her shopping addiction and claim it reminded her of her brand so she 'had to guysssss'

No. 176935

>this time with my regular fave angel therapist.
First of all, ew. Secondly, is her counselor even qualified to hand out diagnoses? What is this shit?

No. 176936

I honestly think toktok really was a slippery slope for some lolcows, they get ideas of new personalities and appearances to larp for attention, and it all seems to move much faster than when they relied on Youtubers to skinwalk/larp. That combined with cheerleader Steve and her therapist Yass Kweeening all her brainfarts and we have this Emilia Fart DID Trans Clown creature in less than a year.

No. 176943

I've never seen another one of these DID larpers with a drag persona but it could be an easy way for her to ID as Totally Male without fully coming out as DID (or faking it anyway) like. easier to say this is your drag persona than your DID persona. I have a feeling she'll come out later and say she found herself through drag and realised she actually had DID the whole time

No. 176944

So she knows she's a munchie?

No. 176981

That part is believable to me. Sorry to blog a little but when I was getting a diagnosis I didn't hear back from my neuropsych until nearly a month after I went in for testing.
I'm guessing it has more to do with doctors having tons of other shit to do and not a, omg my twisted mind is so traumatized and complex that it takes weeks to understand, thing.

No. 176993

Yeah not to wk, but medical shit takes forever, it’s not like it’s a high priority case or anything

No. 176994

File: 1634192906774.jpeg (478.59 KB, 828x1427, 5CF89556-3113-4398-BA13-0C02B8…)

No. 176995

File: 1634193013919.jpeg (408.04 KB, 828x1045, 0EACDDD1-F707-460D-B7C3-C756DF…)

No. 177008

it's funny to me that these people think they have an "introject" of Jillian but it's really that they're acting like a tumblrite. Jillian's voice is the same as Milo Stewart's. Pretty much anyone from Tumblr. I don't know why they all sound like that but they do. this "etc circus" person has a personality that's an obnoxious Tumblr clown and they call it pixie. kek.

No. 177009

The best part of the candle holder is you could see the visible grime in it and that it needed cleaned and she just popped it on the shelf, I wonder if she cleans anything she thrifts before use because a lot of the stuff is disgustingly filthy

No. 177011

For the next symptom of Jill's tiktok brainrot, she's going to "develop" tics. Calling it now.

No. 177012

if she keeps going down this path I feel like I'm gonna have to stop reading her threads despite following her lolcow antics for years.
all this mental health clownery is just rotting my brain, this has got to be the most pathetic bunch of adults I've ever witnessed…
aren't you supposed to grow out of having imaginary friends when you're 8 years old or something? how is Jill so much more immature now than when she first started doing Youtube?

No. 177023

Funny that Pixie hasn't even officially started her DID larping yet and she already has these crazies in her mentions. Good luck trying to police the new followers you get from hereon in…

No. 177026

The internet was a mistake.

No. 177027

People who put DNIs in their bios are complete fucking idiots and are opening them selves up to be triggered by people who hate them.

I'm curious to what the rest of the comments are. If the bottom one is any indecator Jill seems to be the only person giving ass pats while everyone one else is rightfully sceptical since munchies tend to be narcs with extra steps.

If she struggles with depersonalization so much and so often why not get off all social media that uses her corporal form as a selling point? i did that and it helped significantly will all aspects of my mental health especially the depersonalization. She really just needs to step off-line for a while and find a real therapist

No. 177036

She’ll never leave the internet because it’s her only source of income it seems like, and she also needs it to run her “brand” I’d imagine. Also, she’s extremely self obsessed and I doubt she’d be able to handle it. She thrives off the attention of literal strangers, most of which are munchie spergs.
>>176995 god the cringey tone indicators are the icing on the cake

No. 177041

…I don't get it. This person has multiple personas/imaginary friends and Jill is one of them?

No. 177043

bingo nonnie

No. 177049

Being a fan of someone isn't special enough so now the person you admire is either "gender goals" or a source of gender envy, or for extra special points it's one of your multiple personalities. It's the evolution of Tumblrbrain fanfics/fandoms with added attention seeking and wokeness.

No. 177053

Having the dni be sexual content on a drag account is pretty strange because it’s a very adult space, I mean she herself wore a harness and was drinking at an 18+ drag event, a lot of the jokes made are of a sexual or adult nature, if this drag king persona is her uwu little boy alter then why is she in the club drinking wearing something inspired by fetish wear and a binder which is underwear

No. 177060

I don't really understand what they're discussing, but what is a factive?

No. 177064

I'm not ready for Tourettesielocks

No. 177071

Anon, she doesn't need help or a therapist. She needs a day job and to have her router unplugged for a couple months. In fact, she would benefit from getting as far away from her current enabling therapist as possible.

No. 177073

"Similar to a fictive, a factive is an introject based on a real person, either historical or currently living. It is another word for a factual introject."

basically these people are pretending that they have DID/multiple personalities, and one of those personalities happens to be based on a real person

it's just an unfortunate evolution of tumblr kinnie culture and finding internet 'celeb' randos #relatable tbh

No. 177092

has Jill ever publicly displayed any remorse or guilt for anything? like of all the cows, she has to be the least empathetic. I think that pisses me off more than anything. anything bad that happens is "muh mental illness!" and never a decision she made, and even if she took responsibility, she'd make it look like she was right all along.

No. 177099

Holy fuck what is this retarded DID larp with all these terms and shit

No. 177100

>has Jill ever publicly displayed any remorse or guilt for anything?
Nope, can't think of a time she has

No. 177102

I'm going to be honest anon I don't even want to read what she's saying anymore, I'm just skipping these things and just paying attention to what other people in this thread say. She's just so annoying and stupid now, it's infuriating. Imagine next year how worse she'll get.

No. 177103

i don’t think she has. her ~neurodiversity~ video was pretty controversial, and she just deleted it without ever apologizing for it. she even continues to insist that she’s neurodivergent because she has trich, which isn’t even a condition that causes neurological differences. she just can’t admit she’s wrong.

No. 177107

This reminds me of when she was a lolita and caused the LACE drama because she wanted to "eNd bUllYiNgggg" (more like wanting to be THE voice of all lolitas… see a pattern here?)

No. 177115

I guess we have something to be glad for, imagine this creature being a Lor-like Lolita spokesperson.

No. 177123

Lor also styles herself like a clown and believes in a bunch of retarded titok shit, but she at least stops short of the DID enby larp cringe Jill has embraced so wholeheartedly

No. 177131

>I'm just skipping these things and just paying attention to what other people in this thread say.
This has unironically been how I've gotten through her threads since she started fashion school, anon. Otherwise I'd just be constantly banned for a-logging

No. 177133

>I am pretty well-versed on system stuff
Yeah bitch go say that to the face of any serious therapist (not a ~LGBTQIABC+ gender validating uwu~ one), or any psychology student really and they'll laugh you in the face. Also if a rando told me they identify as me as one of their identities and split to me I would tell them to fuck off wtf.

No. 177137

>I am pretty well-versed on system stuff
Imagine her, sitting on her dirty couch full of cat fur and mcnuggie crumbles, full clown makeup´and histrionic outfit, saying this with a straight face to some rando on twitter. All while knowing the only """degree""" she has is a shitty diploma she got from a half-assed, badly sewn collection of bargain-tin clothes at an arts and crafts sewing club class for losers. Imagine thinking she has any say on a field where people spend literal years studying, doing research and writting papers on the matter.

She needs to quit larping. Enough is enough. But she won't. She will get worse. This DID fandom saga is ridiculous, imagine being part of a fandom where the thing you must do is roleplay as a severe mentally ill person. But she believes these delusions herself. This is so fucking sad.

No. 177141

What is she going to do got work ever? she got a useless degree in 'fashion' that she wont get hired for anywhere

No. 177149

The thing is she could still be hired in many places, in many ways, I know people who don't even have sewing degrees or certificates or whatever and are very succesful because they just know how to sew things. She could also be self employed as well and earn money that way. I just don't want her to read this thread and give her ideas on how to actually use her useless degree, just out of spite. Plus she just doesn't want a job, she's too "mentally ill", I'm not going to do the research for her. I'd rather see her continue being miserable.

No. 177158

How could she possibly be making enough money just from Youtube? Her shitty video barely get any views…

No. 177161

File: 1634307875689.jpeg (114.42 KB, 750x705, B04C22E3-39F6-4621-80E6-E8C643…)

the persons new names for their jillian alter.

No. 177162

File: 1634308377001.jpeg (254.95 KB, 743x1199, 9DC27A69-4403-4E7B-88EE-126D9D…)

heres them as "pixie"

No. 177165

Surely it should be super uwu ~triggering~ that they dared to ask for ‘fem’ name suggestions for their Jillian role play, since she’s totes an enby now and it’s bullying to call her a she.

She can’t even keep her own story straight

No. 177168

Calling it now, Jill will animorph into Phoebe Tickner within the next 3 years.

No. 177169

File: 1634313277611.jpeg (82.51 KB, 600x600, 229801D2-815F-4B12-AC8E-9DF249…)

Picrew in question

I thought the Confetti Club was an incredibly cringy fanbase that Jill must be embarrassed of but this is at another level, and the worst part is that she’s actively pandering to them. Imagine when conventions start back up and she runs into one of these loons in real life.

No. 177177

I’d bet money on her claiming that the disgusting lip smacking she used to do all the time was a tic lmao

No. 177179

What in the actual fuck
Please this is getting out of control, very horrorcow-esque now
Like imagine wanting to larp as Jillian, a fucking clown loser, and then Jillian being like "OMG CUTE -emoji emoji emoji- I SUPPORT" like this shouldn't be real, she's obviously being fake nice holy shit?

No. 177180

Oh god don't give her ideas.

No. 177182

Get off the internet!

These people spend way too much time online and not enough in the real world.

No. 177185

Her narc ass is loving this, people are idolizing her and making her into a fictional character, an idealized version of herself. It's scary as hell to a normal person but to someone who is obsessed with herself it must be invigorating

No. 177192

We're definitely hitting creepy/horrorcow levels now, there's something very odd about someone larping as you right in front of you and talking to you while doing it?? Just stalkery and odd. And she isn't even an official DID loon yet, there will be more of them.

Surely cultivating a desirable audience is integral to being an influencer or celebrity of any kind? Why cultivate this?!

No. 177205

hot take: what if this person is just an elaborate troll?

Like think about it, creating an insulting alter of her because she can't say no because that'd be ableist. She also can't say anything bad about it because it'd come off as ableist/hypocritical. I mean their PFP is a literal clown.

Sage for dumb tinfoil.

No. 177212

Honestly this is so easy. Having normal, well-adjusted fans would call her out on her shit (and some have, in the past). But now she's surrounding herself with yes men who enable her delusions. A lot of these people don't have any concept of boundaries, so that could be potentially dangerous if she meets one irl, but right now they're all seperated by screens and may continue to be for awhile. I genuinely do not believe that Jill is very smart, so I don't think that this is some grand plan that she's devised, I just think that she's spiralling and is genuinely mentally ill (just not in the kawaii way that she thinks she is)

Ngl That would be hilarious if it were the case, but after reading the confetti club threads and seeing the freaks that have been following her for all these years I doubt it

No. 177214

As much as that would be hilarious, after reading through this persons account I don’t think it is. They also claim to have an ‘introject’ of Olivia Rodrigo.

The funny thing is, that person has ‘endos DNI’ in their bio. After googling wtf that meant, I realize it was referring to “endogenic systems” ie. people who claim to split later in life not due to childhood trauma. Even though Jill is currently shopping for enough childhood trauma to justify her bs, it’s funny to me that she’s exactly what most of the DID community shuns as being fake (as if 99% of all of them aren’t)

Sage for DID sperg

No. 177215

File: 1634344380377.jpeg (176.67 KB, 1170x386, C3067E46-B719-44EA-A5FE-8F149E…)

poor jillian. it must be so hard having your family call you by your birth name instead of pixie.

No. 177217

she has it so easy at home. I wish she knew what true trauma is. Imagine being called Jillian and seething about it. Gross human being, gross beyond words.

So Jillian is "endogenic" or whatever, but like… if that fan person is larping as jill, does it mean it also has jillian's second personality or whatever? god this goes deep into the retard rabbit hole

No. 177219

At this point why is she not committing herself to a mental institute? It’s obvious she’s off her god damn rocker and happy about it! Every week things get more fucked it. It’s embarrassing to watch.

No. 177224

That's the issue with the internet it's really hard to tell when some one is being genuine or deeply rooted in irony that it just comes off as genuinely unhinged. But this person comes off as genuine with the correct use of the tone indecators and the weird rambling.

She acts as if she's not femme presenting 90%. I hope her parents see just how much she's gone down hill or they just pretend to be blind to how gross she's become.

No. 177227

I think her parents will just think it's just one of those fads of her like lolita was or some stupid shit for her youtube channel… like, I don't think her parents are the smartest people either

No. 177231

This is a good sign, her family members are being realistic. Perhaps they'll be enough to pull her out of this foolishness.

No. 177247

File: 1634371149507.jpeg (64.59 KB, 750x429, 1623948528960.jpeg)

picrel is what she said just a few months ago when she first announced she wanted to be called Pixie now.
either she doesn't care that much what she actually gets called and she just plays this up for pity/oppression olympics or she is just getting increasingly unwell if it suddenly makes her that uncomfortable.
her "sweet baby angel uwu" therapist sure has been helping a lot either way.

No. 177250

But didnt she say she didnt mind her parents calling her jill in a video? In the follow up of the "coming out" video i think. Like, if she really wants to go ahead with this she should just make it clear to them and not go vent on Twitter as if theyre the ones wrong here for doing what She told to them to. Im sure theyd go along with it anyway

No. 177268

File: 1634409069773.jpeg (183.91 KB, 828x582, 4B5F24A8-B1CF-4C5B-A660-EDF19E…)

No. 177274

so is she debunking the DID theory? now i’m thinking she might have gotten tested for autism, especially since she has talked about stimming in the past and seems to have hyperfixations

No. 177275

Ma'am…uh, isn't this whole persona devoted to the days she's too exhausted to be Pixie?

No. 177281

Isn’t this just extra special DID?

No. 177290

File: 1634437810682.png (611.47 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20211016-181311-791…)

She's been posting a lot of shit like this lately. Do you think people in her personal life are rightfully questioning her or do you think she's just coming on to here to see us talk shit about her?

No. 177302

Surprisingly hes one of the few cows who doesn't activity read up on bunself. Wouldn't want to hurt xer precious wittle feelings and need even more therapy

No. 177311

>normalize loving me
Jikes this narcissism is unreal

No. 177346

File: 1634456267336.jpg (132.69 KB, 1170x1327, 20211016_184837.jpg)

Pixie ghost wrote this(don't post irrelevant content)

No. 177349

Does this have any actual relevance to jill

No. 177361

KEK this is pretty irrelevant but I can imagine her "coming out" as something problematic after she's completed building her narrative

No. 177367

I can see it relating to her that post diagnosis (autism or DID) she'll use it as an excuse to forgive her past actions or any future ones, not that she doesn't so that already by ignoring the problem till it gets buried in enough of her useless woke tweets

No. 177369

We've hit peak "using unrelated illness as excuse for being a shithead" and I can't even tell if this is satire.

I can imagine Jill using her alters and imagined trauma as an excuse, should any callout videos appear.

No. 177398

File: 1634495765964.jpeg (117.81 KB, 1122x714, 451800B9-C181-465C-9D85-BE9BF7…)

No. 177428

Saging since this really doesn't include milk, I never imagined I could be so genuinely angry at someone existing the way they do (excluding abusers and other gross people) Jill and all these other DID people online who bastardize the illness literally deserve to eat shit. It is a real illness but absolutely the fuck not does it come from a fucking dA relationship. That's not how that shit works. You don't just get to choose your alters, they are not aesthetic, fucking hell they are not even remotely akin to fiction characters. Fuck out of here with that. The internet has truly rotted these fuckers brains. We all know damn well if Jill comes across someone who actually has DID irl and shows symptoms she'd flip the fuck out.

No. 177447

If someone on the internet is making you this angry then it's time to take a break anon

No. 177459

File: 1634532780739.jpeg (234.87 KB, 828x684, 865915EF-317F-4130-9875-AA0AA1…)

No. 177462

Jfc how can you not know that and not care? Hope she’ll start eating a vegetable now.

No. 177468

What eat disorder? Chicken nugget addiction?

No. 177471

File: 1634542132751.png (99.96 KB, 609x701, Untitled.png)

How did she not know that she was diagnosed with that??
Here are some examples of it but obviously there are more things which fall under that umbrella term, I'm pretty sure a medical professional would have an extensive discussion with her about this if she was diagnosed with one of those?

No. 177486

Ok i'm sorry, but what am i missing here? She didn't know she had an eating disorder?? She's constantly mentioning it. In the gaining weight video, in the Photoshop video… Or did she tought that having an ED meant only losing weight and since she's getting fatter that meant she was "cured"? I'm genuenly so confused(sage)

No. 177500

"Omg, I forgot to mention I'm sick in this other really unique way guys! Add it to the pile!"

No. 177512

She didn’t realize that ‘eating disorder otherwise specified’ was her diagnosis itself, she assumed she was just diagnosed with ‘an eating disorder’ and I guess presumed that was what they listed all EDs under, rather than a specific diagnosis itself

No. 177515

Every time these cows say they are willing to recover they arent.

No. 177521

that's an awfully charitable interpretation given that we're talking about someone whose entire identity centers around being the uwu sickest

No. 177523

Basically she is so stupid she didnt realize that EDNOS is her diagnosis. For years she was saying she had anorexia as a teen when we all know she was never that skinny and never clued in until probably googling it recently.

No. 177532

it's the obvious interpretation, hard to see how you could read it otherwise

No. 177535

The strangest thing about her ED saga is when she basically said that Tristan agreeing to going out with her cured her, maybe telling on herself as a narcissist, they often hurt themselves to get the attention they crave

No. 177549

This is hilariously sad.
I feel that it was inappropriate for the phycologist to tell her all the things she was (possibly) diagnosed with with out going in to what about her meets the criteria. It makes sense that that's her ED diagnosis since she went from "spoopy" ana to over eating calorically dense foods. Now she wants the excuse of eating like shit by saying she has texture issues when most people who genuinely have texture issues are under weight since eating food grosses them out.

Do you anons think that she'll make a video about her mental health assessment she paid money for or will she just push it under a rug because she didn't get the diagnosis she wanted?

No. 177552

Did she not also say in a vid recently that she just woke up and didn’t care / didn’t have an ED anymore?? So she’s claiming she had one this whole time but literally said that she just stopped one day?

No. 177558

File: 1634593582219.png (1.15 MB, 828x818, 5c00ce8dcb300242e0fdfd7974be74…)

Jillian be like

No. 177561

so like her retarded ass didn't understand the diagnosis that her doctor gave her, but still milked it to no end, saying she was a poor uwuskinny anachan and always mentioning how much she suffered from her ED but like, she never dared to ask for clarification? until now that she can actually milk it for being "uwu special eating disorder" type? godddddd she's disgusting.

>I thought the doctors were just saying "I don't know"
jillian doctors are not as retarded as you think they are

No. 177618

What a bizarre woman. I just don't understand it. Her life is perfectly fine. She has no physical ailments, no traumatic experiences that limit her abilities or cause deep conflict anywhere. There's just nothing. And yet she continues to relentlessly collect all these things that are supposedly wrong and harp about them every chance she gets. "Well it turns out I have THIS now!" and then every day she'll mention how she has it and how it makes her life so hard now, meanwhile absolutely nothing had actually changed.

She'll throw herself into others conversations going "Well for people like us who have this-" hard-ignoring that she isnt actually apart of that group. It's not weird feeling? She feels nothing doing it?? At this point it wouldnt shock me if she co-oped an amputee's struggle. One day she's going to forget where she put her keys and start hashtagging and making graphic explanations for dementia. It's not like anyone who actually had it could fight back, they wouldnt even remember that she tweeted it.

No. 177635

I think she has spent so much time making up traumas that she's genuinely deluded herself into thinking they were real. She's spent so much time pretending to be sick in the head that she's actually making herself sick in the head in some way.

No. 177637

File: 1634648708213.jpg (181.91 KB, 1080x683, IMG_20211019_140158.jpg)

No. 177638

File: 1634648781785.jpg (1.67 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20211019_140357829.j…)

I guess?? But good job everyone, you really found the guy

No. 177643

There was a second guy posted that anons thought it was, who looked more like the one on the right iirc

No. 177644

File: 1634654833834.png (157.88 KB, 1440x694, hvut758.png)

Preferred pronouns out of drag are He/Him, Pixie, can't believe you'd disrespect someone like this /s

(Seriously though her therapist is male so why is she comparing them to a drag persona? Risky!)

No. 177657

She was very thin anon. Not spoop levels but very thin before her lolita phase. She did have anorexia.

No. 177662

Because he’s trans lol

No. 177663

god her relationship/obsession with her therapist is beyond disturbing. and therapist with even an ounce of competency would shut that down right away. imagine having someone walk in, claim they have bpd, and then make no effort to set counselor/client boundaries with them

No. 177664

>>177657 this has been discussed a million times but she wasn't even underweight. She gave us her stats.

No. 177668

y’all seem to forget that you can have an eating disorder/atypical anorexia at any size lol. its the patterns of behavior that matter and not her actual stats

No. 177673

Her low weight photos are all shooped to hell and back, she was at most mildly underweight. And she’s certainly made up for that now, she’s the size of a fucking bus.

No. 177675

Yes anon, that’s the whole point. She was diagnosed with EDNOS likely because she didn’t meet the underweight threshold for anorexia nervosa, but apparently didn’t understand what that meant and thought ED = anorexia.

No. 177676

that's not even her therapist. her therapist is jed. how tf are some of you putting in so much effort into scouting for info to make these posts and not even keep track of the milk?

No. 177683

File: 1634675505077.png (719.65 KB, 536x506, eugina coonie.PNG)

she photoshopped herself anorexic. she was never underweight
>neck flexing
>obvious and bad shoop

dont forget her look book still exists

No. 177684

go back

In all seriousness though, although ED can be diagnosed in any size, she was the one to say that she was so uwuskinny back then when honestly most of the shit she posted was photoshoped as hell. Check some of the first threads, you'll see.

No. 177685

>god her relationship/obsession with her therapist is beyond disturbing.
it is. No professional counselor goes this far and personal.
Now if she only knew she's being groomed, now she would have actual proof of why she's fucked up, not via imaginary abuse.

No. 177687

File: 1634676078705.png (819.33 KB, 1440x2220, tiktok.png)

Recent news story relevant to Pixie, doctors are finding people with no previous Tourettes are developing it suddenly after watching TikTokers with it (or pretending to have it)

Her psychologist should be considering the fact she is an influencer with heavy use of social media, and may be affected by social contagion, but they must just prefer the paypacket they're getting from her frequent "affirming" sessions with her "angel therapist"

No. 177697

This is the oldest video on her channel. Look at her just wasting away, so smol, so thin and fragile.

Obviously you can have EDNOS without being underweight, but she looks like a completely average teenager. She doesn't look sickly in any way, her skin is fine, I'm sure her hair looked as healthy as it could when it wasn't dyed. There are ways to appear sick, especially with an ED/restricted eating without literally just being skinny and she looks completely healthy and average. Though I'm not sure of her timeline with dating Tristan and at what point he magically cured her with male attention.

No. 177698


No. 177701

you guys are forgetting that she comes from atlantic canada where everyone is obese kek. but jokes aside, even though she looks normal for a teenager here, in pei she could stand out a bit more because an average person is in fact heavier there than in other provinces (except like nunavut), per government data. even her dainty uwu kawaii fairy girlfriends were all fat. not saying that jill was really deathly skinny, but she had some grounds for exaggeration, which is normal for her anyway.

No. 177705

>>177701 if she was unusually skinny compared to her peers but again this doesn't mean she was or was seen as "deathly thin".. i wouldn't be surprised if she had or thought she had a somewhat unhealthy body image esp in regards to food but she isn't any better now, perhaps worse, even. there's nothing morally wrong with being fat but but the way she treats the only way to "recover" from restrictive eating disorders is by eschewing any thought of bodily health and nutrition (though now she uses those same behaviors to prop up her 'neuodivergent' autism-lite larp….) is just obnoxious and dangerous.

No. 177706

>>177687 someone i know has been observing this; it's likely a modern occurrence of mass psychogenic illness. (stuff like dancing plague in the middle ages) more common among high-stress groups, probably showing up again bc of a combination of pandemic stress and misinformation spread through tiktok, basically they think it's possible and their mind is stressed to they manifest it into happening. in most cases after being told what it was it goes away after a couple months. my own little brother thought he had them for a bit.

No. 177707

samefag and i forgot to say but i think this is relevant to jillian because while she isn't stressed she is basically wasting away in her own literal and psychological filth and probably is genuine in her behaviors and it's pathetic and sad. i'd pitty her if she was less harmful and annoying

No. 177714

This is probably fueled by narcissism but I think it's possible Jill (and other munchies) have actual issues wrong that they don't want to admit or get treated. Maybe because of the social stigma (such as narcissism or BPD). They know they're sick tho, or at least that their life sucks as a result of being sick even if they won't admit that's why, so they adapt to more accepted mental illness instead to project there's something wrong with them & treat that to feel good, rather than the real issue, maybe.

I think a big part of it is control tho. Especially with Jill. She's always been sensitive to critiques and now she's latching into mental illnesses that can "excuse" her flaws. We've definitely entered an age where not tip toeing around someone's mental illness is considered a bad thing, and even worse if you suggest they try and work on it and get better. She's protecting herself.

She is also attempting to project how good a person she is by bending over backwards and being a doormat to the whims of these lunatics by never explicitly saying anything is bad or good. She won't outright say that kinning her is annoying and disgusting, she'll only hint at it in a kind way that makes her appear unthreatening. The same behavior she now expects from others around her, because she is mentally ill and as thus cannot be hurt, or you are a bad person.

Jill is pretty particular about how people view her. To the point of making a second Twitter to showcase and separate something that anyone else would just see as a normal part of a whole person, not a separate personality. She exposes a lot of personal things online as well and really seems to tie her self esteem to how she presents herself to others. I think she would benefit a lot from being removed from the internet and taught not to value how she's perceived, not in a "I don't care what other people think" way, but more of a "I don't need to be seen at all" way. She needs to not value attention. She should focus on her own personality & her relationship with her bf and family, and stay as far away from parasocial relationships as possible. Start dressing normal and lose the clown makeup as well. She's spiraling so quickly.

No. 177726

She just has privilegedwhitegirl-ism.

Her life is so easy she tries to spice it up with anything that comes her way to construct any other identity that her actual beige boring ass one.

No. 177769

No. 177842

the thumbnail startled me, she looks awful

No. 177843

The contrast between these two is horrifying

No. 177847

File: 1634756107645.png (3.04 MB, 1920x1080, jillroom.png)

I could give her makeup a pass if she stopped doing that fugly clown mouth and the white on her nose.

Video Summary:
>talks about the virtues of secondhand furniture
>says its hard to find furniture that fits her aesthetic
>oftentimes she's bored and paints, says it's therapeutic and comforting
>"upcycling" her brother's nightstand for her office
>says her anxiety is so bad that she doesn't even want to go onto her porch to sand her nightstand
>interrupts her boring video to do a function of beauty advert
>says function of beauty has been the only thing to fix her hair, even though her hair looks frizzy and damaged, laughable
>also keeps smacking her lips during the advert
>says she wants to paint the drawer psychedelic 70's inspired
>says she turned this "leisure project" into work by filming it, calls it girlbossing, "they/them bossing"
>puts a purple ceramic flower-shaped handle for the drawer
>does a desk tour
>stevie bought her a kid's toy that's shaped like a rainbow, for stimming/decor (don't worry though its sustainable!!!)
>talks about how she likes a lot of lights on
>says she'll light a candle (but she says the candle she has by the desk hasn't been lit yet?) to keep herself working (on what Jill? Your fake diagnoses?)

No. 177851

One thing that struck me in how she contradicts herself is right after she said she was 'too anxious to be on her porch' she follows it up with saying she's 'so shy' also her function of beauty sponsor, like every other time she's done it, she's basically brushing the very end of her actual hair and then the extensions she wear

Her repaint of the dresser drawer reminded me of those corkboards she painted for college

No. 177853

As someone who likes pink and cute shit, waking up to see that would make me think I woke up in a funhouse or some serialkiller clown's room. There's nothing aesthetically pleasing about it whatsoever and in fact it's slightly eerie.

No. 177855

File: 1634762625808.jpg (44.68 KB, 512x367, unnamed.jpg)

She looks like a wood puppet with a broken blinking eye mechanism.

When she said that she was doing a "water marble" i was expecting something like this, the drawer just looks messy. I'm glad she's doing more diy things but damn she needs to practice.

No. 177856

psychedelic 70s is one of my fav aesthetics it'll be a laugh to see how Jill fucks it up

No. 177859

>>says her anxiety is so bad that she doesn't even want to go onto her porch to sand her nightstand

I wouldn’t want to go outside looking the way she does, either.

No. 177865

kek thats exactly what I was thinking.

No. 177866

The contrast between her hair extensions in the ad read and the way her hair looks in the DIY footage is tragic, it’s very scammy to me that she hides her real hair for the fob ads every time

No. 177873

File: 1634768410661.jpeg (53.53 KB, 337x180, 81E8A1C1-E2D7-4E21-8CB2-720822…)

Is anyone else noticing Jill’s double chin coming in? I wonder is she’s stress eating for her “anxiety”. I hope she gets well soon.

No. 177875


I'll give her this - aside from the fucking stupid white stripe down the nose, the eyebrows, and those overdrawn lips . . . her makeup looks fucking amazing in this video.

No. 177879

Aside from nose, lips and eyebrows, so you mean her eyeshadow? She still looks like the result of a children's facepainting session

No. 177880


Her lip colour is nice, I love the blush, and the eyes are just perfect. I friggen loathe Jill but I'll give a compliment where it's due.

No. 177884

File: 1634772894067.jpeg (670.4 KB, 828x1235, A9844301-49C4-4A52-9058-518925…)

Is she trying to get Steve to buy this big fuck off candle for her? What happened to being a boss babe who was totally paying for her town house? Also this candle is like $60-$80

No. 177889

can see it clear as day anon. her posting <1 a month just makes her rapid weight gain look even scarier. jill if you’re reading this the point of no return/skin removal surgery is coming fast if you don’t get it under control now.

No. 177895

File: 1634777904766.png (571.43 KB, 658x526, efeebbfgeb.png)

sad shit. Could be worse though

No. 177898

File: 1634778058819.png (858.43 KB, 1080x1080, imagen_2021-10-20_200058.png)

squid game looking house

No. 177899

Anon she looks like a clown drag queen, I think she looks tragic. Natural makeup suits her better.

No. 177900

>since I missed on strawb whatever set….. emoji emoji

Bitch what happened to your "girlboss" energy? kek. Why the fuck is she treating steven as a money bank, it sounds like a little child asking for a toy to mommy. Disgusting, disturbing, classic narcissit jill. Also Jillian is the same piece of shit that loves to consooom only that she now does it in a fake "sustainable" way.

No. 177902

File: 1634778510082.png (306.35 KB, 482x368, caca.png)

If I close my eyes I think of 2015 jillian. But then I open them, and see this double chin fatso

No. 177903

File: 1634778591980.png (393.25 KB, 574x470, caca.png)

please someone help her put the fork down

No. 177906

File: 1634779603984.gif (11.6 MB, 520x293, Rainbow_Home_Office_UPCYCLE_an…)

I'm going to post these two gifs side to side… note how she's not only heavier, but also looks uncomfortable with her body

No. 177907

File: 1634779906377.gif (13.15 MB, 520x293, _LOLITA_GUIDE_How_To_Put_Toget…)

No. 177909

Even her hands are chunky now, the shoulders and hands in this versus the old clip really are telling. She looks like moving is uncomfortable for her.
This is what happens when you are surrounded by enablers.

No. 177910

damn she was cringe back then too but she used to be so cute

No. 177913

I can see it, Anon. Not just the excess weight but Jill’s obvious discomfort. Even in the video she brought up her anxiety and not being seen on camera with out makeup. Confident people do not do these things.

No. 177915

File: 1634786537030.jpg (125.16 KB, 1080x1349, 66e3f53808e540849150ff3805222d…)

stop acting like she wasnt unbearable back then too. she was
>bullied out of lolita
for a reason

rainbow bangs doki doki kawaii ambassador confetti club fb group was her best era (lolcowing included)

im sitting and waiting for her to give in and go full 600lb autism DID munchies soon.

No. 177924

homegirl took that pisces shit to a whole new level. she actually looks like a fucking fish here.

No. 177940

no wonder she's too """shy""" to even go out on her own porch now, anyone would be embarrassed to go out like that…

she straight up says "my anxiety is literally so bad that I don't want to be perceived on my porch", yet she goes on about how much therapy is helping her??? she seems worse than ever before

also her solution to this seems to be… just moving to a place that isn't a townhouse? is she just planning on becoming a giant rainbow toddler hermit?

No. 177941

Aw hell nah she put cardcaptor sakura cards on her altar. I wonder if she's ever met anyone who's actually serious about all that witchcraft and spirituality stuff? Would love to hear THAT conversation.

No. 177943

I think that's one of those spice houses/storage containers she was talking about in her like thrifting/spend the day with me vlog; I would love to know how much Stevie/behind the scenes shopping she does, a shopping addiction like she probably has doesn't just go away on its own, especially if it's tied to her mental health, which barely seems there at the moment

I was watching back her thrift flip video (when she was still living with her parents) and I wonder if the stress of being away from her mom so long is what's making her lose it, she knows she 'needs' to be an adult, her brother is probably successful/on his own and (major tinfoil coming up) I could see her dad putting his foot down that once she's moved out she shouldn't move back home unless she has to, and lousie coddling jill as her 'precious baby girl' in jills mind if she gets 'sick enough' she could go back, hence her making comments about her anxiety and not being in a townhouse anymore and diagnosis shopping

No. 177957

File: 1634822083515.png (29.98 KB, 579x279, ch.png)

wonder how the rest of her family feels about this lol

No. 177963

lmao what? how dare someone you personally dislike decided to spend xmas with their own family am i right
pretty sure most people have members of their family that they don't get on with but the whole point of christmas is that its only once a year so you grin and bear it

No. 177975

I’m assuming that this is Christmas at her parents’ house (can you picture Jill hosting a family Christmas party at her nightmare clownhouse?) and they invited this “nasty” family member themselves, since she didn’t mention anything about them being unwelcome. Do her parents not know that making her interact with this relative is detrimental to Jill’s mental health?

I bet it’s an aunt or uncle who once made fun of her fashion sense or something.

No. 177978

File: 1634831113133.jpeg (116.17 KB, 269x340, 1551898918055.jpeg)

It's one thing to be an obnoxious rainby weirdo, it's another thing entirely to be this and suddenly gaining weight like Phoebe Tickner. Simplest solution: pick one, Rainbow clothes/hair or big and bodyposi. Clearly she can't handle being looked at for both anymore.

No. 177994

Tinfoil but it feels like Jill has been hamming up the clown core since she started gaining weight. She's trying to draw the attention away from her weight gain. If she dresses like a batman villain people will comment on that more than they would her corpulent body. If she ever develops a healthy relationship with food and starts losing weight we might see her wearing regular outfits again. But that's just hopeful thinking.

No. 177997

We are legit just a year or two away from nightmare clown ALR.

No. 177998

She's copying Emilia Fart who basically did the same thing.

Don't be surprised if her future videos will switch to doing outlandish rainby things in public places and vlogging about her every thought like YT is her therapy diary.

No. 177999

File: 1634839239426.jpeg (120.51 KB, 1280x720, 70B3C446-7037-425A-B105-FFE080…)

Kek I was just about to post that she’s copying Emilia. Right down to the center part and hilarious makeup. I think she’ll start covering her double chin soon with a scarf.

No. 178002

It's an instant gratification thing too. Weight loss takes a lot of time and effort, but doing crazy shit to your hair/makeup/clothes (body mods too, eg Charms) is immediate. They can temporarily feel better because they're doing something to 'fix' their low self esteem without putting in any work.

No. 178007

>she straight up says "my anxiety is literally so bad that I don't want to be perceived on my porch", yet she goes on about how much therapy is helping her??? she seems worse than ever before
this lmao

Unrelated but I once met a /div/ reader on 4chan who was a schizo and she would read tarot with sakura card captor cards. She was admitted to a psych ward more than once.

No. 178008

You know she should be addressing her shopping addiction and weight gain in therapy but instead she just takes selfies

No. 178009

I feel like her parents spent so much money on her, for her to have her own house, that if she moves back they'll be upset at her.
Plus she just likes being able to fuck stewie whenever she wants to, do you think she would give that away? I'm just waiting for when she moves out into a smaller place or something. She'll freak the fuck out and it'll be really sad, to move away from her "dream house". But honestly she can't continue paying that rent without her parents, and her parents could potentially pull the plug anytime.

No. 178010

This sounds so entitled
I bet she's an eyesore for that person too.

No. 178011

>can you picture Jill hosting a family Christmas party at her nightmare clownhouse?
I can, but it isn't a pretty picture tbh lol

No. 178012

Emilia fart is so disgusting, I feel disgusted whenever I have to see her.

No. 178014


me me me me fuckin me me me me ME it's all about ME, how dare someone have to interact with ME maybe I'M the fucking disgrace in this family, trying to rule with all my fee fees.

God, imagine having Jillian infecting your family connections.

No. 178025

>It's an instant gratification thing too. Weight loss takes a lot of time and effort, but doing crazy shit to your hair/makeup/clothes (body mods too, eg Charms) is immediate.

I was thinking this yesterday. Adding more glitter to her increasing bodysize and paying thousands for enabling therapists, and brain tests, rather than simply eating less, moving more and not absorbing up 100% mental illness, drag and trans content online, and then wondering why you think you're a trans drag mentally ill person.
It's actually so simple - so much more than all this shit - to work on her physical health and self help with her (what are actually mostly) minor issues. She went the worst, most convoluted path away from fixing the problem which is clearly bad habits, overeating, and internet addiction.

No. 178027

Imagine getting an angry email from your clown relative because you dared to accept the invitation Jill's mom/dad sent for them to attend Christmas dinner.
Narcissism off the charts. This is the second "angry email" she's Tweeted about recently, previously suggesting she's going to email her ""abuser"" aka deviantart girl she briefly dated at 13. Her shitass therapist clearly suggested this in some way or another and it's a truly terrible idea.
>solve problems by sending poison pen letters

No. 178028

Imagine Jill waddling up to you at 1pm or whenever she usually wakes up: it's time for fucky wuckies! and you trying as hard as possible to think of more attractive people, while getting it over with as soon as possible

No. 178029

Wonder if it’s the same email and she’s milking that vague talk for asspats and reassurances. Maybe this relative did something truly heinous but it very well could just be that they commented on her clothing once and she took it really hard… so hard her sense of self fractured and now she can only be goth while disassociating into a 13yo boy on Twitter.

No. 178031

Feebs is a munchie icon. Jill simply can't compete.
tinfoil but yeah, it wouldn't be surprising if she's keeping it vague so that her audience connects the dots between her relative and >muh trauma.

No. 178036

God I miss her. Phobes please come back so we can laugh at you.
Doesn’t she always use the ‘I’m so bad at sending emails it gives me anxiety’ excuse for why she’s so shitty at replying to professional opportunities. She can’t shoot back a simple email to a business but she can write an insane person rant to send to a relative she’s gonna see in person.

No. 178045

honestly hope it's autism that she's been tested for - her trend of hyperfixations and mirroring others, disassociation and stimming all fit perfectly. she needs to drop the DID shit

No. 178057

This is very ironic too because not to long ago Jill was saying how anxiety inducing receiving and replying to emails is to her. Is she sending out these emails never expecting people to rightfully send her an angry or upset email back? She's so self absorbed that she doesn't even realize that her actions effect more people than just herself.

It's shitty if she is doing that because she keeps wanting to co-opt other people's traumas or just make up traumas so she feels justified for being a bitch.

No. 178063

Maybe she's trying to bait them into an upset response, so she can omit her insane email that prompted it, and say look how abusive they are!

No. 178090

Why would Jillian have the need to send some random family member an email if the christmas party is probably going to be organized by her parents at her parent's house?

Why does Jillian have to send emails to people she doesn't like if she's oh-so terrible at responding to business emails?

No. 178092

Just dont get how you can go to therapy and continuously come out worse. I will never be convinced that she's actually talking to a licensed therapist. There's just no way to me. It's probably just some gender positivity fucking flaming faggot quack selected from a pool of "queer friendly" delusion feeding spaces that sits there and "uhm hum!"s everything suggesting even more ideas for how munchies can continue to play the victims.

Wishing that family member the absolute best of luck tbh, they'll be needing it. Because jill is honest to god the most determined victim I've ever seen. She WILL find a way to insinuate that you traumatized her. Hopefully this acting out aggressively sending an email will reach her mothers ears and maybe make her realize just how out of control Jill has gotten.

No. 178094

File: 1634866855882.jpg (173.9 KB, 1640x821, jell.jpg)

i was just thinking the same thing. there is no way in hell steebie is still attracted to her in any way, shape or form. she's changed so much and for the worse in every aspect.
picrel what he got vs what he is now stuck with kek

No. 178096

File: 1634868061552.png (1015.55 KB, 956x862, Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 9.00…)

bitch lookin like a budgie nowadays

No. 178098

He's not a licensed therapist, he's just a certified counselor. There's a major discrepancy between the two professions since as a councilor he can't practice psychotherapy. Which is probably why Jill is going devolving since her therapist isn't allowed to force her to critically think.

No. 178102

File: 1634870591614.jpeg (133.68 KB, 750x330, 2D95CF20-2612-47FB-80C7-FAE5DD…)

Not invited by her parents and Jills bff mom is a-okaying the email…

I would LOVE to have access to Jills emails/letters to these “abusers”.

No. 178103

i find it interesting that all of her supposed ‘abusers’ are women..

No. 178105

>There's just no way to me. It's probably just some gender positivity fucking flaming faggot quack selected from a pool of "queer friendly" delusion feeding spaces that sits there and "uhm hum!"s everything suggesting even more ideas for how munchies can continue to play the victims.
don't forget it was steven who recommended him to jillian too.

No. 178108

This has big “my father will hear about this” energy”.

It’s probably just some cousin Jill’s age that she never got along with. Clearly nothing serious, since yknow her mum isn’t stopping her from coming. ‘Emailing my grievances’ is such a fucking weird thing to say/do. Just have a conversation with the person you absolutely nut job

No. 178110

>emailing my grievances to smooth things over

Yes, writing aggressive emails to people is a great way to "smooth things over" Jill.
Also would love to see these emails, but I think we can imagine what form they might take based on her Tweets.

No. 178117

So her successful relative in Vancouver who has a bf is only coming to town because she wants to meet him and his family? Yeah ok Jill lol.

No. 178118

File: 1634885929834.jpg (14.47 KB, 220x240, 0.jpg)

KEK imagine being Jill's relative though:
So you're her aunt or cousin or something and haven't seen that part of your family in a while. You think you might as well take the opportunity since you are visiting your new boyfriend for Christmas anyway and he happens to live in the same town.

Out of nowhere, you get an email from this niece/cousin you barely know. It's a deranged rant talking about how much you hurt her feelings and traumatized her years ago, you probably don't even remember the incident. (I assume that relative either made some comment regarding her fashion choices or maybe her like for magical girl cartoons/weeb stuff, maybe remarking how it seems a bit childish.)
Confused, you end up looking at her Facebook page or easily find her other social media and see that in just the few years since you've last spoken to her she devolved from 'quirky Tumblr weeb girl' to an obese rainbow they/them smurf that whines about how mentally ill she is all day on Twitter.

I mean Jill publicly states that she is too scared to go out on her own porch, that bitch shouldn't be trying to draw attention to herself by sending out cringe emails like that lmao.
You just know that relative is gonna share this around her friend circle and Jill is gonna become their new laughing stock.
If I was the relative I'd be sure to throw shade and make subtle hints at all the stuff that might trigger Jill when she shows up for Christmas.

No. 178119

She just has to dramatize everything anon. A simple task turns into the most traumatizing shit ever.

No. 178130

I also think Jill takes advantage of the fact that to outsiders everything is vague. I truly believe if Collin breaking up with Jill wasn't so public she would also try to project them as "abusive" as well.

Listen I get it, I have annoying aunts as well that I resent. But as an adult if they spoke to me now like they spoke to me when I was younger I would just curse them out. Not write a dumbass email telling them how they hurt my feelings when I was 9.

No. 178131

Thank fucking god she never leaves her house and social bubble. The outside world will eat her alive.

No. 178137

File: 1634901095157.png (811.21 KB, 611x874, vi.png)

I think you guys were right about this being her 13 year old "trauma" alter

No. 178143

What the fuck is wrong with her neck?

No. 178144

File: 1634904872523.png (433.83 KB, 750x1334, BEC47E77-8EB8-422E-A4DC-E38882…)

I’m no shoop expert but is this image not heavily edited?

Also the comments on it are so cringe

No. 178156

I imagine she probably does. she probably keeps baiting Steve by saying that he's her first non abusive partner but if they were to break up he would suddenly become a shitty boyfriend. She runs a pattern to where she was always a victim never a perpetrator.

She always had a slight Milo Stuart quality to her…

It might be the ground next to her hips and waist is lighter and smoother than the ground right next to it. It kinda looks like baby's first Photoshop job with how odd and out of place it is.

No. 178164

jillian you look like a lesbian aunt in that picture

No. 178166

File: 1634923489315.png (971.46 KB, 930x654, poop.png)

this is such a bad photoshop job

also jillian just because you want to act rude and """"masculine"""" it doesn't mean you are a boy lmaoooo

No. 178169

As if women can’t flip of someone or… idek. I really wish she’d stop this nonsense and just embrace being a women. What happened to her spicy booby and booty shorts from earlier this year where anons thought she’d get an OF

No. 178170

She gets more attention from her new special boy Twitter and when she reveals all her head mates/alters/fractives/different interest twitters maybe one of them will release an OF!

No. 178192

anon how could you forget the male piano teacher that didn't molest her!!!

No. 178198

she always knew he was too warm and friendly

what a way to make other people's trauma about yourself, jillian

No. 178233

Not to mention minimize it. Yes Jill, I’m sure the kids he molested would agree with just how ‘warm’ and ‘friendly’ he was jfc

No. 178299

File: 1634988824109.jpeg (98.13 KB, 611x874, 372EF51D-A957-490F-ABFA-176FB8…)

this line here makes it obvious she liked her face in one photo and then tried to splice it onto a diff picture but she didn’t line it up right it is so obvious kek

No. 178338

There’s been news articles about an increase of women with tics due to social media and I really feel that every issue Jill thinks she has is fake and forced by her shitty consumption of mental illness porn on the internet. She might depressed but she’s really just a coddled brat that needs constant asspats.

No. 178356

Ahhha I didn't even notice that, there's an entire triangle happening. It's such a bodgejob she looks genuinely mutated here, the original probably looks much better.

No. 178404

File: 1635042744616.png (289.06 KB, 1128x956, caca.png)

pixielocks and drew monson

No. 178405

File: 1635042831128.png (16.73 KB, 602x128, caca.png)


No. 178406

File: 1635042967640.png (71.42 KB, 614x446, caca.png)

she has spam accounts on her videos

No. 178407

File: 1635043051198.png (298.4 KB, 600x482, caca.png)

I think she changed something with her caption because it now says:
>Happy Christmas Birthday Thanksgiving Samhain to me…?????!!!!!(samefagging, etc)

No. 178408

File: 1635043175448.png (249.74 KB, 610x498, poop.png)

Oh no she's larping with picrew icons now

No. 178412

File: 1635045323467.jpeg (318.04 KB, 828x1056, 94C69E59-5174-4B35-9FCA-83396A…)

Jill no one was fucking jealous of you, no one wanted to be around you because you threw tantrums when you didn’t get the lead role and your narc mom fed your delusions of being better than everyone. Also fuck off with the whole “the only one whose gotten anywhere” you just larp as a mentally ill nb while dressed like a fat deranged clown because your fashion degree got you no where because you went to a hack school

No. 178416

>villain origin story
get over yourself, you're not ebil n scawwy, jillian kek

No. 178470

I bet she can't even pronounce Samhain

No. 178476

I would hardly describe being a low tier youtuber as "getting anywhere in life"

No. 178477

Saged for same fag but something tells me Jill is the type that thinks that affording a big townhouse and having more disposable income = having your life together and unless all of her former classmates are lazy what she is implying sounds classist.

No. 178485

Not just her account, it’s a platform wide issue atm

No. 178504

What Jill considers having her shit together:
>A place to live away from parents
>Going to therapy
>having a YouTube job
>Clown makeup

What is actually having her shit together:
>A healthy living environment
>A therapist that holds you accountable when you want to trigger yourself
>a stable job that isn't reliant on other people's disposal income
>An understanding that dressing to draw attention is a form of self harm (especially if you claim to have anxiety to the point that you can't leave the house)

Also some one who actually has their shit together wouldn't call it a "villain origin story" only someone who's mentally unhinged would.

No. 178514

Agreed except for this point:

>An understanding that dressing to draw attention is a form of self harm

Head to toe black burglar costume and a balaclava or it's self harm. I think overeating to the point she clearly does combined with clown makeup is self harm though, it depends what you qualify as "attention drawing" fashion/makeup.

No. 178518

My thoughts exactly
Being a witch larper must suck for her.
She thinks having a rainbow prision whose parents helped pay, a therapist that enables her delusions, and a gay boyfriend who is probably also making her fat is succesful. Though luck, it isn't about how much plastic shit you have or how you paint your ugly house, like this hoarder thinks.
Like, she copes via buying anime figures and clothes, having a yassqueen councelor, larping 5 mental ilnesses, larping being a witch, larping being a tranny, and getting UTIs from steven is succesful? Bitch please you yourself said you can't go out without having anxiety. You fatso piggy clown. Please diet, ditch steven, and get some actual help from once, maybe that way you'll get to 1% of getting your life together.

No. 178521

File: 1635106187278.png (5.05 MB, 2079x960, 588E8888-D434-4565-A07C-A96E8C…)

Ok but Jill was actually perfect as Frenchie. It suited her so well and she looked adorable. To think this incident was “her villain origin story” is fucking stupid. It’s clear the casting director knew what he was doing.

No. 178522

That sounds like an incredibly autistic thing to do

No. 178527

More like a good confirmation that they aren't losers like her

No. 178533

Being Frenchie is not an achievement she doesn’t even have a solo.

No. 178536

File: 1635109627542.jpg (92.08 KB, 1280x720, iuAUSHB88U.jpg)

>getting UTIs from steven is successful?

Anons pulling no punches in this thread
She radiates Frenchie, but also Rizzo. She is not Sandy in any way shape or form, Sandy is a sweet character. Pixie larps sweetness while being a toxic narcissist.

No. 178537

And we don’t even know if Jill can sing. The girl who got cast as Sandy clearly had singing lessons.

No. 178547

This is lolcow. We laugh at cows, we don't search up private people who haven't done anything milky. Control yourself pullfag

No. 178554

I thought the time Jill threw a fit over not getting the main role was when she was cast as Jane instead of Mary in Mary Poppins?

No. 178559

She was so cute here oh my lord! I think her quitting her job was a nail in the coffin for her social normalcy.

No. 178562

Anon I meant it in the context of Jillian. She wears bright clashing colors and patterns that don't work and would look horrible even on some one thin and conventionally attractive.

This picture looks like those staged "stop bullying now" posters she can't even look genuinely sad, no wonder she got a supporting role.

No. 178567

I’m pretty sure you’re right, anon. in a really old room your video she talks about how happy she was to play frenchie because she related to the character a lot, her mom even bought her a doll of the character on opening night.

No. 178593

I haven't even seen Grease but I read 2 books as a kid where it's discussed and those bitches all wanted to be Frenchie! I guess she's a cool, sassy character.

No. 178598

samefag, but oops I just realized I tagged the wrong post

but speaking of, I remember someone posting a SoundCloud(?) link from the old band she was in where she was singing. I briefly looked for it but couldn’t really find anything, if anyone has that link and wants to back up her being able to (or not being able to) sing

No. 178659

File: 1635183850830.jpeg (126.4 KB, 750x577, 14E92044-175C-44B8-BF06-E9F389…)

Not into either but don’t they have like, nothing in common? Star Trek being a space thing of the week sort of deal while Harry Potter is hero’s journey with wizards.

No. 178663


Harry Potter is bad now cause the author is a terf. Star trek is good cause it pats performative people in the back. Its not a matter of her giving people a less "problematic" harry potter-like piece of media, its just her trying to sound woke.

No. 178669

Kek I read her tweets like an insult to autistic people. The way they’re worded is no different than what we say here.

No. 178672

She’s aware gene roddenberry was also a prick right? Like don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of star trek but a lot of the associated staff are documented assholes. Roddenberry was a leery sexist and berman said various racist and homophobic shit. And as another anon said saying you should replace HP with ST is like saying ‘Missing the taste of coffee, why not drink vodka?’

No. 178683

Jill is definitely one of those people who was never told to shut the fuck up.

Also what narc dictates what people choose to enjoy.

No. 178695

who wants to bet jill had a hardcore hp phase at one point and is now projecting?
but seriously wtf, people are allowed to like whatever they want im surprised she's not getting flamed for this bad take. imagine suggesting star trek as an alternative to harry potter lmao

No. 178696

it's probably because ITV2 has been broadcasting HP movies resently. Poor UK lefties must be enraged, lol

No. 178712

Yes, but if you say anything about magical, untouchable trannies in 2021 your career is doomed, nonny. Jill knows low-hanging fruit when she sees it, half her audience is genderspecials. I'm still shocked her side account gets this many likes regularly.

No. 178718

>h*rry pooter
Lmao she can't be serious

No. 178720

Why is she dictating what others can and can't like? Why does it always have to be what she wants? Why does everything have to be about her?

No. 178721

All I understood was
"LOL you fucking AUTISTS like h*rry pooter?? didn't you know that's TERF shit? why don't you GROW THE FUCK UP and start liking WHAT I WANT AND WHAT I LIKE instead? be like me or else uwu"

No. 178722

>Roddenberry was a leery sexist and berman said various racist and homophobic shit.
Yeah but he wasn't a terf (the new evil thing to hate), so of course it isn't bad in her performative woke mind.

No. 178723

>who wants to bet jill had a hardcore hp phase at one point
I think so too because she's way too obsessed with fake magical shit.

No. 178734

She's just angry that JKR has made bank off her books and movies and will continue to, because no normal person gives a shit about her saying biological sex is real. (which it is.)

Jill is a pathetic basement dweller, living off her mom's income

No. 178742

>And as another anon said saying you should replace HP with ST is like saying ‘Missing the taste of coffee, why not drink vodka?’

kek I like that Star Trek is the vodka in this analogy. Jillian doesn't GAF about other people or she'd already know diehard Harry Potter fans who are also trans enbies or whatever have done a "separate the art from the artist" deal in their minds and continue to love and spend money on the franchise. Suck it up, Harry Potter and Rowling have contributed more to society and people's happiness than you ever will Jillian.

No. 178744

File: 1635220823119.jpeg (117.88 KB, 750x765, 5CF5F128-1E95-408F-A6D0-3A30C8…)

No. 178745

This is the dumbest excuse ever.

IMO all those fake illnesses are just a way for Jillybean to avoid adulting and stay forever in the land of childhood and no responsibilities.
“I woke up with some sensory overload so i won’t be able to make it! I’m feeling extra dissociative today so i can’t come in the end! You might think I ghosted you but it’s actually Villainy who said yes to meet and she’s not here right now sowwy”

Like I don’t know anyone with any disability that make them straight up forget they booked anything (I guess I could buy it if someone was drowsy because of medication), but wouldn’t they try to still act like adults and go?
Jillian must be fucking exhaustive to be around.

No. 178754

>You might think I ghosted you but it’s actually Villainy who said yes to meet and she’s not here right now sowwy”

I think this is genuinely what she's trying to imply, like Jillian made the appointment but she's Villainy today so she can't remember. I think we need to invent a new word in the English language for whatever this behavior is.

No. 178755

she mentioned in her style evolution video that she used to have her walls plastered with harry pooter posters and in her London haul she bought a harry pooter candle. how ironic.

No. 178756

wtf. Omega cringe

No. 178765

File: 1635232174389.jpeg (530.46 KB, 2388x1668, E2707092-54B5-4A75-A3DF-D2094D…)

I wasn’t sure how much weight Jill had gained since she posted her “I got fat” video a while ago so I made a comparison picture kek no wonder she doesn’t want to leave her house anymore

No. 178781

god this new makeup style is just the worst. i will never understand the bird nose thing. it's not just ugly, it's scary. does she think it looks good or is she doing an ugly-on-purpose thing? honestly, it's probably for the best that she stays inside her house all the time.

No. 178784

Her smile is starting to look like Jazz Jennings' grimace.

No. 178785

Did is supposed to come with loss of memory so say an alter does something then you switch back, you would have no memory of it because you weren’t there effectively
, it’s one of the reasons the real deal is so debilitating and why fakers like it because you can use that loophole to get away with stuff

No. 178787

I had some problems with memory loss when my anxiety was at an all time high. I changed medication and got a planner because i had shit to do.
You can do it too jill! We believe in you!

No. 178790

anon, the last video she posted up showed her planner, kek

No. 178792

kek this is exactly what i thought of too anon

No. 178826

Yeah, I can't think of what else she means by having no memory of it

No. 178829

That make up turns her into a blob fish. Is her hair thinning out too?

No. 178830

I can't tell if you're joking or unironically believe this crock load of shit isn't her trying to larp her perception of DID

I have so much second hand embarrassment right now, i don't want to believe people chose this narrative past their preteens wtf

No. 178840

The highlight just makes the shape of her nose look even weirder. I wouldn’t be drawing attention to it if I was her.

No. 178844

Isn't she a stoner? Everyone I know got memory problems from excessive weed smoking that went away once they quit lol

No. 178868

everyday she's closer to becoming kikomi
Imagine being a DID larper and actually believing you have memory loss. Idiot

No. 178873

Everybody can easily forget stuff, like if you just took some medication, were drinking, smoked a bowl or just had a lot going on that day.

She’s just larping and slowly building herself a case to prove that she totally didn’t fake DID, she had symptoms for yeaaaars. Right now I bet she’s just trying to figure out a way to get out of the “trauma must happen at a very young age” part of DID, like when she tried to bait using autism to explain why she’d experience it later than others.

Also why she’s been bringing up supposed trauma that happened a decade ago. She’s just going to drop hints here and there for a while (“I’m weirdly dissociating today! I can’t remember doing x! I went for some medical brain tests the other day”) and also cozying up to other DID YouTube so when the time comes and she’ll show off her alters, she’ll have “legit” systems backing her up against people who’ll bring up legitimate doubts.

She really thinks she’s smart but she’s so transparent, she’s just hoping no one in her special echo chamber will call her out because it’s “ableist”

No. 178889

even people who are """diagnosed""" are wackjobs who draw ocs and shit

No. 178944

These people are spamming anyone who calls out the fakers on tik tok as well and all claim it’s not actually a rare disorder which is why there is so many of them on there, some of the fakers that people defend are such a joke, they aren’t even doing a good job of acting, she will definitely be defended going off the state of things

No. 178949

Saged for no milk but she is diagnosed with BPD, right?

Identity disturbances is one of the criteria for diagnosis. I have this disorder myself and one of my biggest issues is how many people I've got living in my head. Not "alters" or any sort of separate entities, but my personality is split and fragmented, and has been since I was a kid. I have so wildly different moods that it feels like I as a person am constantly changing, and I can't reconcile these various selves that they instead end up feeling like different people who I cohabit with inside my body. This is not spoken about a lot, but it is common with borderlines and is managed by therapy and working to reconcile your "selves" with yourself while simultaneously working on the classic BPD management of emotions, impulsivity and relationships. Therapy helps a lot, if you can find a professional who's experienced with the disorder. With the right therapist, Jillian could improve greatly.

I grew up with a narcissistic mom and the abuse I faced from early on in my life is what led me to develop BPD. Jillian has this really weird relationship with her mother as well, and she seems to reinvent herself every so often, making This One Special Thing her entire identity (Crayola, Peeps, and so on…)
Anons have been speculating autism, but autism and BPD is ofted mistaken for one another in women and these identities she takes on based on a concept is very stereotypically borderline.

I think that, if Jillian "comes out" as DID, it is because she is being sucked into a community of munchies and other confused borderlines, to find some explanation for why she is so fragmented in regards to her sense of self. This is so saddening to watch play out, especially as someone who recognizes the struggle myself. What she needs is a therapist with good understanding of BPD, who can treat her full range of issues. Not this quack counselor cheering her on while she continues her descent.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 178963

>Right now I bet she’s just trying to figure out a way to get out of the “trauma must happen at a very young age” part of DID
she already has though. in previous threads there were twitter screenshots of her claiming to be more sensitive to trauma than everyone else (thus making her totally not fake gf trauma more valid) and later that she was also a neurodivergent late bloomer (thus meaning she didn't have to get traumatized early).

No. 178976

>Starts off with thanking her fans for the nice messages for her minimal change of office space. Says the positive feed back is making her get back into wanting to do YouTube.
>Mental health tips and ticks, but some of them are **~Crafty~**
>"Not a mental health professional, only mentally ill" Kubrick stares into camera
>When things got a little difficult she would automatically think that she should kill herself
>Emotion Wheel: Jillian learns complex emotions exist
>claims dissociation is making her miss days, wears color coded bracelets that have the day written in beads so she knows what day of the week it is
>Admits that she hates washing her face (because of "sensory issues" where the water makes her clothes wet) and would sleep with makeup on.
>Skillshare ad

No. 178977

This bitch fucking sleeps witch this clown make up on. That’s it I’m calling the police.

No. 178979

>>claims dissociation is making her miss days, wears color coded bracelets that have the day written in beads so she knows what day of the week it is
isn't this just a normal neet thing? boy does she have talent twisting the most mundane things into mental illness symptoms

No. 178980

"Hates washing face because of sensory issues" nah my nugga you just dirty.

Also there is such a thing as washing your face in th shower. Or taking off the shirt that got wet for washing said face or don't wear a shirt at all while washing face!!! And wouldn't caking on makeup give you more of sensory issue?

No. 178981

i can't imagine she takes many showers, tbh..

imagine sleeping with a full face of makeup, days with no showering.. her bed probably reeks. no wonder steve sleeps in a different bed.

No. 178983

>Jillian giving out "advice" with BPD and disossiation
Who the fuck asked you bitch? I'm not following the advice of some retard clown. I swear to god she ALWAYS THINKS she's some kind of "voice in the community" for people and we all know she knows jack shit. She has the need to be important but she's nothing but a piss stain in the sea of manipulative people on youtube who think can give out advice without even being professionals.
>doesn't bathe
God no wonder she looks so fucking crusty and stinky.

No. 178984

Not even just a full face of makeup, but makeup the way she does it in layers and layers with her eyebrows glued down. That sounds so incredibly uncomfortable

No. 178985

Lolita era
>Gives half assed tips about how to wear lolita, thinks she's an important voice in the community
>thinks buying more stuff = more knowledge
>Everyone calls bullshit, she gets offended and stops wearing it, we all move on
Magical girl obsesion era
>Thinks she's the biggest magical girl fan, hasn't even watched certain shows and she even has the nerve to critizice them
>thinks buying more stuff = more knowledge
>Eventually she gets tired of it and gets some over obsession
J-Fashion era
>Doesn't even dress in real j-fashion, still she thinks she can make her own retarded style and call it "party-kei" so everyone can copy her. Thinks this is an influential move.
>thinks buying more stuff = more knowledge
>Eventually she lost interest and got too fat to continue.
Mentawy Ill era
>She thinks she has 5 different diseases (not counting steven's UTI) and thinks this makes her special
>thinks paying a wackjob "therapist" and some brain scans = more knowledge
>She starts giving advice on things she has no training in, but this time it is fucking harmful to everyone
>Her fans eat that shit right up

No. 178986

>That sounds so incredibly uncomfortable
People with real sensory issues would take that shit off in a heartbeat.

No. 178987

File: 1635363624143.jpeg (358.47 KB, 750x624, B24BE908-BD4A-4212-9EEB-5B3964…)

this was the tweet she sent out. how tasteless can she fucking me? haha fun crafts! Also LOL I was suicidal uwu

No. 178988

what an attention whore.

No. 178990

Yeah it suicide is SOOO FUNNY!!
When will people grow spines and call this dumb bitch out?

No. 178991

Still not sure why she hasn't just shaved her brows off. It seems like she's gluing them down everyday or at least everytime she does makeup… so why keep them. God knows this clown makeup looks like shit but surely shaving the brows would help a bit.

No. 178993

She's pretty much a NEET and doesn't have any obligations, no shit that she forgets what day of the week it is.

No. 178994

Where's your trigger warning, Jillybean? I thought you were queen of the fragile mentawwy iww beans! Joking about kys is not very uwu of you

No. 178996

seriously any other twitterfag would had cancelled already. That joke is too stupid. I'm surprised she didnt' use her autistic edgy alter to say it this time lmao.

No. 179009

its been said before, but people with sensory issues typically dont enjoy putting things on their face, especially the eyes, and being dirty from not showering is the worst feeling even if you dont have sensory issues. is she becoming the type of person who has really bad acne because of makeup and now cant stand to be seen without it?

also… does she not get her clothes wet putting ON makeup, brushing her teeth, or getting dressed? what about taking her medication? she is lying out of her ass and wont even do research to back up her fake symptoms!

No. 179022

For real, if her ~sensory issues~ were so bad, she’d have issues with caking on her make up and gluing her brows down everyday.

If you don’t want to get your shirt wet, just have a fucking shower you spastic. I hate taking my make up off after an event for the same reason, which is why I’ll do it in the shower. Anything to seem special

No. 179031

not to mention, makeup wipes exist? even biodegradable ones. literally no excuse.

No. 179033

side note and this might be a reach, but i remember a long time ago in one of drew/mytoecold's videos he mentioned spilling water or something and he said sometimes his brain will be like "if i killed myself, i wouldn't have to deal with this right now" and i can't help but feel like jill is just completely copying that to seem more uwu mentawwy iww than she really is. i don't feel like intrusive suicidal ideation is common unless you have something like OCD (which drew has btw). knowing she's obsessed with him, i wouldn't be surprised if that's where she got it from.

No. 179039


This seems likely, nothing about this girl is original. I have intrusive thoughts and have had OCD in the past, that makes sense as a brain wiring error. My current ones are often when I'm doing a dull task, instead of consciously deciding to do something (throw this away, stop pouring now, etc) sometimes (multiple times a day) I'll think "I'll die if I don't (dull option in task)" and I've had this for many many years. It's more of an idle thought than a belief but I'm recently realizing not everyone does this kek.
I read Shane Dawson has these too and iirc Jillian is a fan of his, her whole personality is just pieces of other people hurriedly cobbled together.

No. 179072

File: 1635412157712.jpg (272.46 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20211028-100810_Chr…)

No. 179073

Ok rumble fag

No. 179086

I've never seen someone so proud of being mentally ill. She wants to paint herself as some advocate/voice of the people but there's a huge difference between destigmatization and glorification. People who are actually mentally ill don't want to normalize their harmful symptoms, they want to learn how to work with them so that they can live a normal life.

God she's so gross and harmful. She wants to be the most mentally ill person ever, but if she was as sick as she claims, she wouldn't be able to sit in front of a camera and film videos or LARP as edgelord boy online. She wants all of the "benefits" of mental illness without any of the life-ruining parts.

No. 179125

Especially since it seems like in her mind the closer she gets to another symptom/diagnosis, the “better” she becomes. Just because you’re going to therapy doesn’t mean you’re necessarily on the right track. Have she ever mentioned any therapist appointed coping mechanisms? Because in my experience that’s like 95% of what therapy is, you talk about your issues and they suggest ways of working through them in order to be able to function. Jill has gotten categorically worse since seeing her therapist, and not just in and uwu diagnosis shopping way.

She has diagnosed BPD and a huge part of that is self identity issues, and it’s very, very clear that her bpd tendencies are latching onto the tik tok inspired ‘mental health’ scene, which is severely damaging. If her therapist isn’t recognizing that, then he’s next to no help. Either that or Jill doesn’t want to help herself, because you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink

No. 179141

File: 1635436679339.png (55.86 KB, 446x400, 1435026292992.png)

>(not counting steven's UTI)

No. 179142

File: 1635437181480.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1846, F429F34C-3303-4536-BB9A-B5C8BB…)

she tries so hard to be a voice for mentally ill people. how the fuck is an illegible graphic supposed to help anyone.

No. 179148


Oh god, why is she even bringing up C-PTSD? That's already shit enough without people larping it

Also, how is that wheel meant to help anyone!? The font choice is horrendous and headache inducing. Someone make this moron stop

No. 179151

With all her dissociation/depersonalization (are those really different?) issues having some dinky bracelets with days of the week on it seems like the tiniest suggestion her 'therapist' made and she latched on it as a 'treatment' instead of the original idea her therapist presented of colour coding days of the week, I'm presuming in a planner or calendar which would require responsibility and productivity on her part, which clearly isn't something she's interested in doing, which you think she'd ramp up for sympathy mental illness uwu points

No. 179155

She tries to be helpful but all it does is prove that she's self satisfying and only really thinks of herself while other people are an after thought. If she actually did this for other people to use she would have chosen a more legible font. People have told her multiple times that her stuff is hard to read but she just ignores them.

No. 179159

File: 1635442995696.png (61.45 KB, 978x508, Capture.PNG)

I've been dying for comments like this to start popping up on her videos kek

No. 179161

File: 1635443275486.jpg (96.15 KB, 1365x1024, FeelingsWheel.jpg)

Even if it were in a more legible font, it's still incorrect. Using her version, someone would already need to know what specific feeling they're having. She is literally just naming emotions and putting them in a circle.

No. 179162

question, does she talk a lot to herself in her head? That might explain why she thinks she has DID. Talking to yourself in your head is normal, almost everyone does it.
She thinks that by stepping into a place called "therapy room" thats enough to claim she's doing better
wtf, you can't even read the text there. It all looks like scribbles. Seriously how is this helping anyone? She always prioritizes her stupid "aesthetics" over practical shit and this is clearly her demise and why she isn't better.
I would remake her graphic if I understood any of the shit she's saying lmao

Also… fashion collection video when? Or does she need to make 10 other videos about "mental health uwu"?

No. 179174

File: 1635445928413.jpeg (196.33 KB, 1170x574, ED8A8546-D304-44C1-9A47-74CF00…)

guess jillian got the diagnosis she wanted. i hope she announces it soon.

No. 179183

File: 1635447289423.jpeg (346.53 KB, 693x721, CCC7E494-F1AA-473F-8326-A5DECF…)

zooming in on this happy face surrounded by negative words.. it’s really funny and surreal in a sad way

No. 179185

>encouraging results
You know what truly encouraging results would be?
If they told her she was completely normal with no issue whatsoever. Everything that she has been suspecting so far was just a byproduct of hypochondria or anxiety. She doesn't have to worry anymore because the results came negative and now she can go back to having a normal life. Hurray!

…But instead, these "encouraging results" truly mean something terrifying for people who actually want to get better. These "encouraging results" are a mother's nightmare when she notices there's something wrong with their child. These "encouraging results" are a sad occurence whenever someone is told they'll have to take drugs for the rest of their life to heal some mental scar.

Yes, these "encouraging results" mean something positive to her but not for the rest of us. These "encouraging results" mean: she probably got the diagnosis she was fishing for. She is so joyful and happy to be mentally ill. "Wow, it's so encouraging to have a fucked up brain, just what I wanted!" says this munchausen womanchild. Imagine being so hopeless, coddled, immature and helpless that getting a disease means something is "encouraging".Hurray?

No. 179188

File: 1635448852780.png (670.37 KB, 693x721, 31B96B2E-23AC-4CBE-8C39-AC9BDB…)

Had to make this for u anon, couldn’t not see her thousand yard stare

No. 179207

this absolutely has thread pic potential, love it

No. 179236

Wow, yeah looking at the images side by side the real wheel of emotions is much more in depth and makes it easier to see that there can be similar core emotions but not all of it comes from negativity while Jill's is all negative based. She really is one of those ~uwu Be Kind~ while inside she's a walking ball of negativity.

No. 179252

This is such a fucking mockery of … every mental illness in general. How are all these retards on twitter actually jumping onto this as 'good rep' or whatever. I'm torn between being too horrified to think shes joking, but too optimistic to hope this might just be a troll.

>>179161 I can see how this would be at least somewhat helpful, with the segmentation and separation of emotions, so someone genuinely struggling with emotions or something could trace back what they feel, but Jill literally just smacked some emotion words on a rainbow flower because it fits her 'aesthetic'. Theres no system to this.

Kek I'm dying at the mental image of her pulling out a printed copy of this and tapping at it in her therapy sessions because its such a ''helpful graphic''

No. 179269


No. 179276


This looks like a chart that would be in a preschool.

No. 179278

>>179276 as someone who was put in special ed / retard social skills classes from a young age, it's worse than even those. they're usually a binary scale from left to right of meltdown/angry, sad, neutral, happy, and too happy/disruptive, with behaviors and stuff listed underneath so you can get reminded to act normal. her "graphic" is just a bad doodle that's pretending to be a little bit useful.

No. 179296

This post is so true, diagnosis that most people would balk at she regards as a victory. They should just diagnose obvious munchies like Jill with their true disorder rather than playing into it. Spending all day practicing how to look mentawwy ill by watching Youtube and TikTok doesn't mean you actually have the illness, especially when it suddenly appeared within a year. Money over ethics I guess.

No. 179298

Ain’t a bipolar person alive that doesn’t know exactly what they’re feeling at any given moment lol do some research jill

No. 179304

File: 1635491862836.png (180.76 KB, 1080x572, Screenshot_20211028-213232-246…)

How is she expecting this to go? She's literally telling people who fake illnesses for attention to become her friend even though she's constantly showing everyone she's a shit friend because of her ~mento illness~. Also way to make someone's suicide about how deeply it affected her even though I bet she only left comments on the kid's TikTok.

No. 179306

Omg nonna that's beautiful, if you could also make one with >>178987 that would be amazing, she looks even more unhinged here

No. 179307

Sorry, what is the context for this? Who died?

No. 179309

Sounds like an alter. Is the DID saga finally confirmed once and for all?

No. 179310

UK based tiktok person with DID died by suicide. Pixie didn't even follow them yet somehow makes it all about her for maximum pity points. Imagine using someone's death as a way to leverage yourself into a community and get attention

No. 179314

Grieving for some DID tiktok person who she didn't even follow. Someone needs to cut this woman's internet connection, this is no different to men who rabbithole some bizarre fetish and make their whole life about it, or the many lockdown transitioners. Shut the damn internet off for five minutes and touch some grass.

No. 179324

>makes graphic with a terribly hard to read font and in garish colors

No. 179325

Poor kid killed themselves in a psych ward and jill has to make it all about her. Disgusting

No. 179327

It’s almost to the point of parody that the tweet directly before her crying about someone she doesn’t know killing themselves is her trivializing suicide. What a fucking joke

No. 179328

File: 1635510650755.png (841.15 KB, 828x1792, 64320886-9B66-4A0D-9398-B94236…)

No. 179335


Obsessed with miss neurodivergent uwu mental illness creating this accessibility nightmare of a graphic.

And what is with this desperation for mentally ill friends? There's a reason that people in recovery/treatment centers and programs are actively discouraged from creating close relationships with other patients. It's one thing to have friendships with others who happen to be mentally ill, but she want to collect mental illness friends like Kelly Eden's fellowship of the rainbow:mental disorder edition.

No. 179336


Samefag but I'm so sorry, I was so pissed that I forgot to sage.

No. 179338

File: 1635519735221.jpeg (100.07 KB, 651x891, 403E67D9-5CF8-466A-A0B6-F93336…)

I was a special ED case too. It’s only a matter of time before Jill starts using the visual day planner cards they use for autistic kids.

No. 179341

File: 1635520425245.png (221.64 KB, 724x642, Screenshot (1350).png)

>double sad face
What a disgustingly shallow and performative way to act about someone who died.

No. 179351

Guess one of her murderous alters got too mad at her

No. 179367

double sad face? how about we use some words from your feefee chart jiwwy?

No. 179382

Jillian is seriously one of the worst lolcow in this fucking website. Yes she's worse than fucking Nemu who at least did funny shit. She's just infuriating and frustrating to watch.

This is her:
>Someone gets raped
"Oh NO WONDER the rapist was SO CLOSE AND WARM!!!"
>Someone kills herself
"DOUBLE SAD FACE. I can't believe this person I don't know died. Who wants to be friends with me? :)"

Etc. I know there's more instances of this stupid behaivor of hers.

Lmaooo you know that she knows some words besides the very condensending "double sad face" to describe someone's suicide or rape. But she makes it all about herself.

No. 179383

File: 1635547584253.png (271.42 KB, 650x360, imagen_2021-10-29_174620.png)

she's always one step closer to becoming tekashi 69.

No. 179385

wow this is vastly inappropriate even for her

No. 179388

kek anon pls

No. 179396

File: 1635553195364.jpeg (304.81 KB, 828x936, 92007DD8-D565-457B-B9E4-218D4E…)

I’m against cowtippers (I did not cowtip this is just in her replies) but I love Jill’s response especially when confronted about making suicide jokes before being *~uwu double sad face :(((~* about someone in her special DID community committing suicide

No. 179421

What happened to the common courtesy of not triggering other people unnecessarily? Oh wait this is her asshole alter ego aka her real self who literally has no empathy for anyone or anything.

No. 179427

>I have suicidal ideation all day every day
this wasn't a thing before she started going to "therapy".

No. 179433

if a tiktok cured your suicidal thoughts youre not suicidal retard god shes the worst

No. 179448

Kinda OT, This is why Jill's mento iwwness farce is so dangerous, you have people who think having the most scawy larp with none of the bad parts is so tragic, so people aren't getting the help they need, clearly something was going on with them; either need for attention or actual mh issues and by pushing that they had DID makes them get the wrong treatment, and Jill humoring this, and possibly getting her own DID diagnosis or something just as 'damaging' is only going to make this more common, plus god knows how long she's gonna milk this new twama~ ofher totes internet bestie offing themselves

No. 179452

She is getting worse. Range of factors are causing her decline but her "therapy" isnt working. And shes too self absorbed to notice. Her emotional wheel is evidence of how bad she is doing. Purely negative emotions when the emotional wheel tool is a range of positive, negative and neutral.

Social media is normalizing these extreme negative feelings. And shes contributing to it. Not only hurting people who needed help. Such as the bluebell person. But hurting herself. Its so fucked

No. 179460

i'd cut her off if i were her therapist, tbh

No. 179461

Gonna throw a 'foil out here and see what you girls think.
Since I read here that her super speshul brain test which cost her 2k had her shitty counseler as the person monitoring and approving the second half of it (which she reported went very well) I've been tinfoiling up a theory.
I think she intentionally began this DID larp with her counseler specifically so he'd sign her off with her oh so desirable DID diagnosis. She'd been visiting him very frequently (every two weeks it seems?) for someone who has clearly no intention in actually improving her mental health, in fact finding the worst possible thing next to y'know serial killers and shit, to larp. Multiple fucking personalities. That's what this girl wants.
So why visit so often? So she can perform her larp in every session so he therapist genuinely believes her issues are real, since he's seen the larp so many times by the point of the test.
That's why her mentwal helth has nosedived so suddenly in direct correlation with the therapy. Not because he is the world's worst therapist - honestly one person doesn't hold that much power over someone's mental health unless they're trapped in said person's basement.
So as soon as she found a suitably new and easy to manipulate counseler (the one anons found is a newbie iirc) she started the larp, in preparation of this recent DID dignosis seeking/testing.
Seems pretty evil and manipulative but she is an Umbridge character type so I wouldn't put it past her.

tl;dr she's been grooming her therapist this whole time in order for him to sign off on her fake munchie DID diagnosis. Bitch did her research and has been planning this whole thing out.

No. 179476

The fact that her last video is yet to break 10k views is sending me. Even your confetti club stans are over you mental health bullshit jillybean.
It’s one thing to talk openly about mental health, especially as someone supposedly diagnosed with a personality disorder, in order to destigmatise the conversation, but when you make it your entire personality people are going to get bored because it’s not what they subbed for. I didn’t even bother to hate watch this last video

No. 179480

i think you're pretty much right. i don't know how intentional she is with her larp, but the number one thing every therapist will tell you is to be 100% upfront and honest during sessions, otherwise they can't help you. jillian likely doesn't even realize the REAL issues she's having because she's so busy acknowledging something that isn't there and never will be. but i think an experienced therapist or counsellor would at least be able to see through some of the bullshit and sense that she's not being completely honest. seriously, the first time she mentioned did with her shrink must have been one red flag too many. unfortunately, she went for the first lgbtqiapabcdxyz*++ friendly sex-positive yass kween pro-libfem cuck with bpd and dissociation listed among their "specialties" off the psychologies website in her city. nevermind the fact that he's only practiced for a year.

No. 179496

File: 1635622703276.jpeg (952.18 KB, 828x1327, 4B0D32C1-BD8B-4833-AED6-0957F4…)

She looks so crusty and dirty, if does almost look cute but the shit flecks she calls freckles are not helping

No. 179500

Her upping the colours and filters on this just makes her tongue look white and like she never cleans it, at least she's getting use out of that cardcaptor wig, I wonder if she'd ever do cosplay again, or just make it her new alter?

I've never liked the fake freckle trend but doing it over such heavy make up just makes it so painfully obvious that it's fake and just makes it look like dirt

No. 179501

she really needs to learn how to brush her tongue. she could start a whole ass mushroom farm off of that moldy tongue

No. 179505

Honestly a lot of people who claim to have DID seem like larpers, they give everyone a false sense of what’s going on and encourage each other to get worse. A lot of them now claim they think they should get special consideration because they’re “multiples” and they don’t want to get better (probably because they’re not mental ill, in that way agora’s) so they can continue to get validation and special points.

Of course Jill gravitated towards this, she loves attention, wants to feel the most special! And she gets to do all these fun aesthetic shoots with her alters and they can all have a cute name!

No. 179508

At least the natural hair colour looks good on her even if it’s a wig. This would be a cuter look if she went with a natural makeup but that would never happen.

No. 179510

is she naked in this photo? gross

No. 179511

samefag, I just noticed the bra strap.

No. 179515

That girl who larped having DID and killed herself should be proof that larping mental illnesses is more dangerous than what they think.
She probably thought she had DID because these freaks keep faking this shit on tiktok and instead of getting actual help she just joined a community full of harmful shit.
Instead of DID she probably had something else going on that she didn't even know because she wanted to fake DID.

This is also happening to Jillian.

No. 179516

What her fans want and been asking for: A video about her stupid fashion collection
What she keeps doing: LARPing mental illness shit and making videos about it

Put two and two together. Her followers liked her because of her (garish) fashion choices, clothing hauls, travels, and eventual fashion "school" journey. She's just insane to think anyone would want to watch this many videos about why she's crazy and shit. She got it all wrong. It's like nicadovokado all over again kek

No. 179517

Oh my god, she actually looks good??? The fake frekles look like shit but, that wig and normal colored eyebrows? Holy shit THANK GOD JILLIAN. Will she stop larping with the mental illness now though??

No. 179518

>nice eye makeup
>no clown stuff
>normal eyebrows
>normal colored hair
>just wipe off the fake freckles and blush

She looks cute, I wish she kept this up instead of what she's been doing recently. It's like looking at a glimmer of hope but only just for today. I'm sad that she chose to look normal on halloween and look like halloween every other day.

No. 179520

File: 1635631153291.jpeg (946.19 KB, 960x1684, 4670C2BC-ADDE-4D3C-A9FE-020EE3…)

Is that Steebie?

No. 179522

"Larped having DID and killed herself"
Are you actually retarded? I agree that most of the kids on tiktok claiming to have DID are faking it, but you can't just outright deny an entire fucking diagnosis because it doesn't look right from your armchair.

The girl that killed herself KILLED HERSELF. She's dead. That's it. She didn't kill herself because she watched a tiktok and decided she's ill. You don't kill yourself because a tiktoker told you that you have DID.

Stick to picking apart Jill's bullshit, not shitting on the entire psychiatric research community.

No. 179526

>DID is rare and even disputed to be real
>DID community exists
>On tiktok of all places
>Full of teens and retards
>Mentally Ill Woman larps having DID
>Unfortunately kills herself instead of getting help and a real diagnosis
>but she chose to larp as DID

The DID community is at fault for recruiting mentally unstable individuals into their cult. No wonder she offed herself.

No. 179527

>The girl that killed herself KILLED HERSELF. She's dead.
really anon, couldn't tell.
Just because she commited suicide it doesn't mean she isn't at fault for having larped a diagnosis so rare that is even disputed. I doubt any of those teens on tiktok have DID. Anxiety and depression? Sure. But not DID. I doubt anyone who has actual DID would want to make a whole tiktok account about it. Imagine living a hard life with a rare condition like that. It's sad she killed herself but that doesn't make this woman an angel. It makes her a moron who could had gotten help if it wasn't for her stupid DID larp. Now go on and tell me society would lose a valuable life if any of these retards did it.

Suicide is sad, horrible, very bad and all but really, being a coward and killing yourself instead of facing the reality of being a DID larper doesn't make you special.

No. 179528

A fat pig kissing a faggot troon. Finally the "queer" rep she was looking for!

The blood is truly on people like Jillian and the entire DID larp community. Tiktok was a mistake.

No. 179529

This is so weird because all of them are fat, use ugly makeup and rainbow hair. They just want attention just like Jill

No. 179532

File: 1635636342739.png (783.48 KB, 766x580, uyfuyf.png)

No. 179535

Her chin…she looks like his Aunt doing airkisses

(also Stevie has been hiding something evidently, maybe that suspiciously thin person wearing Jill's clothes was him after all)

No. 179537

File: 1635641479427.jpeg (185.76 KB, 750x1158, 888DE7C7-EDE7-4D17-8C63-58684F…)

why cant she just always fill her eyebrows in with a natural color…..why

No. 179540

God…her face. It’s brought up all the time but damn she’s ballooning.

No. 179543

It all seems so counter intuitive to have unlicensed borderline women giving mental health advice online. If you were a “mental health advocate” wouldn’t you be wise enough to acknowledge you don’t know what you’re talking about, and someone should only take advice about serious issues from a therapist? How narcissistic can you be to believe you know enough to help people who leave their college lectures balled up in the fetal position over a sensory issue.. that was an actual comment on her last video.

No. 179544

god I know its a joke on here but Jillian really doesn't make her things easily legible for any one does she? the text literally just looks like a pink square.

She looks so cute with this make up, the natural brows and hair color really suit her and I know anons hate the blush but it suits the fact that she's dressed as strawberry shortcake.

No. 179550

>thinking did is real and not just a bpd cope
none of us think she killed herself because she watched a tiktok. she probably had untreated bpd and was being encouraged by her online "community" to further fragment and pathologise her already vulnerable sense of self. even then, who's to say why she did it.
despite looking borderline cushingoid she actually looks kind of cute here minus the shit freckles, weirdly overdrawn lips, drag eyeliner and undereye piss stains. much better than her pink flamingoes lewks of late. maybe she should have gone as divine for halloween, kek.

No. 179555

When is this faggot coming out?

No. 179558

I know she's fatter but I'm happy for once she's back to just looking like a happy quirky normal girl. Not like a weird clown person. Like, she looks very good comparing to that stuff she's been up to recently.

>suddenly looks like a troon
Yeah I think Steven will troon out on his own anytime soon… he looks like an alt goth girl even. And I think you girls who frequent the mtf thread know what happens when a man troons out. Nothing but disgrace. The fact that he was the one to recommend the useless councelor to her also is telling.

No. 179559

>It all seems so counter intuitive to have unlicensed borderline women giving mental health advice online.
My thoughts exactly…
>wouldn’t you be wise enough to acknowledge you don’t know what you’re talking about
She's just really desperate to be a "voice in the community"… whatever community that is. She failed with the jfash community so she's taking whatever she gets I guess
>help people who leave their college lectures balled up in the fetal position over a sensory issue.. that was an actual comment on her last video.
Lmao what? post a screenshot please

No. 179560

>she probably had untreated bpd and was being encouraged by her online "community" to further fragment and pathologise her already vulnerable sense of self.
This. And this is why Jillian falling into this bullshit is not a good thing either. This is why she's getting worse. Or at least one of the big reasons why.

No. 179596

It could also just be narcissism, the more attention they get the more extreme they become to get more and more attention, they are addicted to the attention and the way it makes them feel and sometimes they do attempt suicide as part of this and well sometimes no one stops them in time, obviously that is extreme and it is a serious condition but it’s not a desirable diagnosis for them to splash around so they don’t go for it and as a result don’t get any help for their actual problem and spiral further and further

No. 179597

I don't think anyone is really saying that the poor girl who killed herself did so because she was pretending to have DID - rather, that she was a mentally ill individual who was encouraged to stay sick instead of getting help due to a community that aims to make mental illness as cute and special as possible.

While DID is disputed, it is acknowledged in the DSM as existing. So much of what the DID community online claim directly contradict what professionals know about DID - being aware of and in communication with alters without any therapy being the most glaring, as memory loss when switching is one of the hallmarks of the disease. It is something that, by definition, you cannot diagnose yourself with.

DID is incredibly rare, and the only real form of treatment involves assimilating all of the alters into one - which is something that the DID community actively discouraged.

Sorry for DID sperg.

No. 179635

Why are we still arguing about this persons death?

No. 179657

Something being on the DSM-5 doesn't mean it makes it legit. Remember homosexuality (normal) was once on the DSM and troonig out (agp mental illness) was taken down too. I could go on but this isn't the thread for it. DID might as well be some kind of C-PTSD but extreme. And the people who larp it might as well be munchausen.
As year pass, we'll get to understand these things better. Hopefully.

No. 179675

File: 1635708695688.png (152.06 KB, 1210x532, vllnj.png)

she's accepting condolences for her "loss" despite never having spoken to the dead DID larper once… way to make it about herself

No. 179677

People apologizing to someone for their loss of a person they didn’t know or ever interact with is an additional human mental illness. We can all be sorry if someone’s inspiration has passed but this is just bordering on faking empathy for the sake of seeming special too. There are zero reasons to send condolences to pixie for this person death. The people who interact with her are sick in the head too.

No. 179682

If she's actually shaken by this it's only because she wants online fame for her DID larp, not an untimely demise, and maybe it's the first sign she's gotten that this is all a terrible idea.

No. 179698

I think it's okay to be affected by someone's death but in her case I just don't think she has enough empathy to care. It feels fake.

No. 179701

What gave it away? Her saying “double sad face” about a real, actual person dying?

No. 179744

File: 1635759156053.jpeg (389.12 KB, 828x984, D79E25A5-3A60-47F4-97CF-93F9B3…)

No. 179745

File: 1635759300694.jpeg (271.86 KB, 828x950, 459D17AD-3CE3-4C67-810D-A612EB…)

While I sincerely hope this is an “everybody clapped” big fish story, I also wouldn’t be surprised if she’s surrounding herself with mentally ill people who further encourage her fake enby DID alter

No. 179747

>walked in

I think it was Stevie since he was being some sorta goth and Pixie has no friends.

No. 179750

So like… people are cosplaying her alter and she's okay with that?
This is fucked lol

No. 179754

I feel like blaming the weather for online hate is tone deaf IMO…

No. 179756

For a bunch of ex-cosplayers and “fashion school” graduates, fuck they had some boring ass costumes.
Jill was ‘vaguely strawberry shortcake’, Steve was ‘him but hot’ and a friend was… wearing a beanie?

No. 179781

I want the group photos tbh.

No. 179845

Was literally just thinking this lol Had brief hope maybe she was returning to sanity (at least by alt fashion standards) then I remembered Halloween

No. 179850

it's pretty distasteful and kind of victim blamey for Jill to say to be patient to the people who are sending hate to a content creator. Also to blame it solely in the change of weather is just stupid she keeps blaming seasonal depression for all her shitty behavior when she acts like a bitch 24/7.

hopefully facebook anon can grace us with some photos if Jill posted any on there.

No. 179882

File: 1635798057870.jpeg (305.32 KB, 1170x734, 30FBB397-BC9C-46BE-ABD4-69F7D7…)

god she keeps teasing the results of her super scawy brain test. it’d be hilarious if she didn’t get the diagnosis she wanted after talking about it so much.

No. 179885

Aren't brain scans frowned upon as a diagnostic method for mental illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders? This whole thing strikes me as extremely sketchy. Reminds me that pseudoscience clinic Morgan Adams was criticized for using. I wouldn't be surprised if this was also something like that. I suppose it's interesting to look at from a research perspective, I would admittedly be curious to see as well, but not as a legitimate diagnosis.

No. 179892

File: 1635801407111.jpeg (184.91 KB, 1170x580, BCAC7940-7AB2-4BD4-900E-799DA7…)

I don’t think it was ever confirmed that she got a brain scan. This is the first tweet she made about it and just referred to it as a “big boy brain appt”, which I think some anons misinterpreted to mean she got a brain scan. If you look at the receipt she posted, she was charged $1000 for “psychological services”, so I don’t think she actually got a brain scan.

No. 179896

It wasn’t as far as I can tell. A few replies after somebody posted this tweet >>175651 somebody asked if she had a brain scan. It was never confirmed, and other anons just started parroting it. I could see her getting a brain scan but as of now we have no proof.

No. 179897

"it's colder outside so people are more hateful hehe"
>blaming it on the weather rather than self reflect on my people might be mad at her

No. 179898

Post píctures.

No. 179902

It's probably a full cognitive battery. Those cost ~$1000 even with insurance or canuckcare, take multiple appointments and a longer period of time for the psychologist to write up a full evaluation. If it was done by a competent psych she probably shouldn't be so excited. If it was a legit full battery her therapist was probably not the one to do it since it's specialized and expensive training but I'm tinfoiling.

No. 179904

This was definitely just her retard speak way of saying she was going to her therapy appointment, idky it got pulled so out of context

No. 179905

i am not an expert, but actually mri can be pretty good at determining mental illness, except of course in america, its extremely expensive so its not common, esp since there are other, albeit less effective, ways of diagnosis. people can larp all they want, but a brain scan is the one thing a patient cant manipulate. sage for me pulling shit out of my ass, but the field of psychology is not exactly the most accurate or advanced compared go other medical fields

No. 179939

I can't believe Jillian is falling for the TikTok DID thing. Honestly, isn't she a little bit old for that?

No. 179946

This blatantly reads like she wants her followers to wish for a very intense/life changing diagnosis? Why would she be hoping to get a call back isn’t that the doctors job?

No. 179981

File: 1635862383724.jpg (145.65 KB, 1080x695, 2958583.jpg)

she's really just trying to convince everyone that's she's actually fluent in french? i understand that perhaps nobody outside of canada knows that nobody outside of quebec is bilingual and everyone's french is terrible, but her followers eating it up is always top kek

No. 179984

Quebec’s French is the most bastardized French there is, and to top it off grab two Quebec tards from different places in Quebec and they won’t be able to understand each other. French is fucking useless in Canada besides shit hole Quebec, in other words Jill you’re an idiot, and your French if you even speak a few sentences is worthless to flex about.

No. 179985

That’s not true. There’s bilingual schools that teach French and English outside of Quebec. I’ve heard the east coast has its French speaking communities too.

No. 179987

I live in Alberta anon, I’ve traveled almost all of Canada. I can tell you my 12 years of French is useless, an newfie French is worst then Quebec’s. I stayed in Quebec for 7 months an the places i visited the French was different in 4 of them, an going to Nova Scotia the French was useless pretty much, BC and Alberta and Saskatchewan and Ottawa, hardly speak an French, and PEI French was ass aswell.

No. 179989

Its actually very common in east Canada to go to a 'french immersion school' (or a straight up french school, but thats probably not the case here). Its considered an english school, but at least half of your classes are in french (like math, sciences, social sciences, etc), in addition to a regular french class.

No. 179991

Of all the dumb shit Jill tries to claim, are we really going to die on this hill? She’s mentioned multiple times in the past that she learnt French at school, she was was watching anime subbed in French to practice a little while ago. Yeah it’s dumb to say “because we were French” because you’re not Jill, you’re still Canadian, but otherwise it’s such a nothing point.

We get it anon, you’re Canadian too, also not a flex

No. 179993

not true. chiac is the worse french out there. its new brunswick acadian french and its absolutely awful

i dont know why shes forcing french so hard when shes had french friends who she made no attempt to speak to in french.

i guess shes going for the "if you speak more than one language youre smart" meme

No. 180015

Maybe the alter identifies as French.

No. 180018

I speak French and this doesn't mean anything.
PEI doesn't have a big franco population either. This is such a weird larp.

No. 180023

>voulez-vous battre en dehors l'agrafes?
lmao excuse me what?
my french is admittedly not great but noone is actually saying this surely,it sounds like some kind of stupid meme catchphrase that her english speaking high school classmates would come up with.
honestly id completely forgotten about her ~trilingual~ larp, she hasn't brought it up in a while.
>inb4 she comes up with a native french speaking alter

No. 180030

there are of course french-speaking communities all across canada, made up of ethnic french people, but unless french is spoken in your household, you're not bilingual. jillian has zero french ancestry in her, so it's always been so stupid of her to claim knowing french. but of course her gullible twitter frens will believe any larp. sure sounds like villainy identifies as french kek but it's such a random thing too

No. 180037

I’m actually speaking from experience here because I’ve been enrolled in a half English/French school in BC. Thank you for letting us know that you’ve seen first-hand on what east coast communities are like. I just went by a google search kek.

Side note: I’m in Alberta too, want to be friends?

No. 180042

Does one of the lovely frenchfags itt want to translate that for the non-french speaking anons because plugging the sentence into google translate gives you ‘do you want to beat off the staples?’ which i’m assuming isn’t right. Although judging by jills french skills it might be…

No. 180045

Translates to

"Do you want to fight outside staples"

No. 180050

Oh okay. Figured it would be more interesting considering she felt it worth being tweeted. Thank you though french anon

No. 180052

Not to wk but what the fuck do you mean you can't be bilingual unless the language is spoken in your household? That's such a stupid thing to say kek

No. 180055

Can we please not have the French fucking argument again? Jesus christ, people.

No. 180057

French fag but it’s not even correct.
I mean unless it’s a particular quebecois bastardisation I’m not aware of, it’s just plain weird.
Nobody actually uses “Voulez-vous” orally as it’s really formal, kind of like saying to someone “Would you like to engage in a fight??”
She’s also missing a few words to link the sentence together (Voulez-vous vous battre en dehors de l’agrafe, which would still sound retarded anyway), so much for being French.

Sidenote, I’m pretty sure quebecois would never say they’re French, kind of like if Canadians would self describe as Americans (the country) because they speak the same language.

No. 180063

>I'm french!
bitch you're from a hick town in the middle of nowhere canada

No. 180064

I just want some french follower of hers to come up to her on twitter with a full spoken french reply and see her reaction when she has to resort to google translate lmao

No. 180067

Québec anon here, in Canada, except if you're from Québec (Québécois) or New Brunswick (Acadien), people call themselves Francophones or French Canadians. If you say you're French, people assume you are from France.
A native speaker would have said something like, "On va s'battre devant l'agraffeuse?".

No. 180072

Kek this all leads me to wonder, did she pull a Shatna and make this entire thing up? Or did she just not remember what they supposedly said so frequently/her and her friends couldn't put together a coherent sentence

No. 180076

Taking “French Immersion” is common in some areas of Atlantic Canada, meaning from at least grade 6 to sophomore year the majority of your core classes are taught in french. This isn’t the same as going to a school that is exclusively french-speaking, which are the norm in Quebec, and common in New Brunswick (I’m sure there are a few elsewhere in Canada). “French Immersion” programs generally result in some sort of “just barely bilingual” provincial certification (mind you, if Jill has not been formally tested she doesn’t have this). So I really doubt she’s lying about receiving some level of education in french, but she is, as always, exaggerating her “skills” and almost certainly used google translate for that dog shit of a sentence.

No. 180077

Lol at Pixie's fav Drew Monson just posting a vid in part ridiculing "mental health influencers" who call themselves "your OCD sweetie" (lol). Wonder if she'll react.

No. 180093


lol, that shit is completely butchered. she translated "Staples" as "agrafes", which means "staples". besides, in QC we call Staples… Staples/Bureau en Gros. she should realise the thing she thinks is proper french is just some school kid's shit talk.

No. 180095

That was the joke.

Stfu and sage

No one cares that you speak French

No. 180109

File: 1635904649464.jpg (576.5 KB, 2048x2048, InFrame_1635904612749.jpg)

Her house looks so dirty. Couldn't she clean those things before showing them on tiktok?

No. 180113

kek was just coming here to see if someone mentioned it. he talks about how he feels like people who aren't mental health professionals shouldn't center their social media on mental health and how obsessing over symptoms and specific diagnoses is limiting and harmful overall. basically calls out everything jill has been doing lately. maybe this will be a wake up call for her. probably not.

No. 180119

File: 1635907450574.png (14.81 KB, 509x138, Screenshot (1375).png)

I was genuinely hoping it would be a wakeup call for her as well, but based on her comment I'm assuming that part either went right over her head or she chose to ignore it.

No. 180121


. . . it's just a fricken joke, good grief.

No. 180127

cloudy propagation water that looks like it'll start molding/developing algae soon.

Too bad there's someone in her comment's replies cow tipping. But my guess she's not actually fully paying attention to what he's saying. His rambling is more for background noise than fully paying attention to.

No. 180174

she's too dense to ever realise stuff like this is targeted towards people like her. multiple times she's shown support for videos or posts that are clearly against her

No. 180180

File: 1635953690927.jpg (61.57 KB, 1125x641, ENvALvoWoAALaSv.jpg)

Jill is just one of those extremely un-self aware people who actually convinced herself she's helping people. For someone who claims to have low self esteem, she thinks pretty highly of herself/her advice.

No. 180187

this pic is golden for her

No. 180199

I don't think she's unaware. Tin foil but she's probably angry that some one she looks up to thinks less of her so she types out an angry comment deletes it then talks about something unrelated to the main topic. At least that's what I get from the comment and the way she talks about angry emails all the time.

No. 180207

It's because she's actually just a cluster B.

No. 180213

File: 1635965414488.jpeg (558.03 KB, 1123x2384, 8BCE4899-FEB9-4934-8BBB-A6E0E0…)

“I’m trying not to look at comments.” kek.

She is so self obsessed she can’t even take the time to consider her precious Drew’s feelings.

No. 180214

She knows it's calling her out, which is why she wants him to directly say it's not. She's so fucking selfish forcing him to look at comments like that, knowing his anxiety or whatever will make him try to smooth things over with her

No. 180216

It’s all about her. Yes jill, it’s about people LIKE you. So yes, it’s about you in a broader context but to reduce it down to “everyone thinks that you made this video about me specifically” is such a dumb take. People are saying it’s about you because you commented on it and they’re familiar enough with your attitude towards mental health and can obviously see some resemblances that they wanted to spell it out for you because you clearly don’t see the connection.

No. 180218

File: 1635967451585.png (2.22 MB, 1170x2532, A0C04DA5-1743-4765-BE33-72F038…)

quit fucking cow tipping

No. 180220

There’s literally no cow toppings

No. 180221

It's literally this post >>180214 phrased slightly differently, that seems like cow tipping

No. 180223

I just wish someone would make a thorough call-out post about her. At this point, if I had more time, I could write a 10-page essay on how dumb she is. Someone, please.

No. 180224

File: 1635968517201.jpg (684.26 KB, 4096x4096, 20211103_133927.jpg)

She made a more legible version of her emotion wheel. It just proves that she just looked through a thesaurus and slapped any of the words that were on the list.

No. 180227

Her spacing on this is bad, I feel like with the cursive one it's not as obvious cause the cursive itself distracts your eye from it, it makes it feel like since it's not about her she doesn't care

I'm waiting on the mental gymnastics and lying she's going to do about her "big boi mental health video" that I'm sure will come from this diagnosis, do you think she'd photoshop or doctor the results to show what she wants? I wonder if she'd have stebie in it, to justify symptoms/ provide a buffer since he's most likely a troon, so together they're super double oppressed

I wonder if we'll get another Chirstmas/presents haul video, it feels like it would hit her haul addiction, plus she could justify not buying sustainable since it's for other people

No. 180231

this is so unhelpful… like good on her for at least trying to work on her graphic design skills but this is. just extremely unspecific and uninformed. and the spacing! ugh.

No. 180234

Jillian they're saying the truth and he's not your friend (or brother, or boyfriend) he doesn't care about you. What an histrionic bitch thinking everyone has to cater to her.

No. 180236

Just beacause they said what we were thinking (aka obvious bullshit) it doesn't mean they are cowtipping imo. There's plenty of people out there who hate her besides lolcow

No. 180238

File: 1635972834626.png (18.24 KB, 214x102, fvefvgefg.png)

Anyone can do it at this point. Like, it can be done as long as you don't cowtip obviously.
more like it proves she lurks here. Also this is still pretty hard to read looool

No. 180241

The fact this is a happy face with negative words around it like GRIEF HATRED RAGE is sending me lmaooo. This is exactly how Jillian is. A bitch who acts nice on the outside but is hateful on the inside. Proved again and again.
Jillian, Drew isn't gonna fuck you. Stop it

No. 180243

i genuinely don’t know what she expects from posting this lol, he probably has 0 context for who she even besides maybe remembering her occasional thirst tweets. if a stranger commented something innocuous like that and received so many call out replies i would just assume something is actually wrong with them, not the other way around.

No. 180245

It's great to see people finally saying something to her somewhere where she can't delete it.

What a passive aggressive cow move to screenshot and tag him in it too UNDER a post where he says he's very anxious uploading videos. Mental health awareness my ass, she clearly only cares about her mental health and nobody else's.

No. 180246

Yeah, Drew is like
"Uplodading videos makes me anxious, looking at comments make me panic"
And she's like
"LOOK AT THESE COMMENTS DREW. I will MAKE YOU look at these comments now on purpose, and you WON'T BE ABLE TO LOOK AWAY because I'll personally tweet these COMMENTS to you and will do it PUBLICLY"
She doesn't care, it has to be always about her

No. 180249

It's funny because it's not a "hate video aimed towards her" but it checks out by so many behaivors she does online

No. 180250

Deadass he is openly saying how anxious he gets with the comments and here she is screenshotting them for validity. Kinda like how she ignored the entire video he made to benefit her own self interest

No. 180251

Yeah. Instead of reflecting on "oh shit maybe Drew is right" she's like "DREW. COME AND VALIDATE ME! these jerks think this is a hate video!!!! But I'm nice right? totally not what you are describing there uwu"

No. 180255

>I feel like this video will offend some people
And none of the people replying to her are actually offended about the video. More like, they see that the video talks about things people like Jillian do, and then SHE gets offended when she's called out

No. 180299

File: 1636002321035.png (20.49 KB, 782x162, iiuggoog.png)

Lmao which one of you posted this?

Jokes aside, it's nice to see some people agree with the points made in the video. Meanwhile, Jillian will never take accountability for her dumb shite.

What happened to Jill's comment btw? Did she delete it or did the algorithm bury it deep down? Can't see it anymore

No. 180302

File: 1636003300135.png (127.42 KB, 476x564, tfrgte4frgvtrfg.png)

It's deleted. She deleted her comment.
Also she's crying some more on twitter about being bullied, just because twitter is adding a downvoting function now. Kek.

No. 180304

File: 1636003542833.png (43.11 KB, 592x418, dffvefvefetfge.png)

Jillian no one wants to see you looking like a 14 year old, YOU are the one who wants to be a 13 year old boy LMAO
Plus you're fat and dress ugly. Get a life.
(also adding some cow crossover to the screencap)

No. 180312

God every fucking time I want to a-log this bitch and I am THIS fucking close and every time she gets even worse.

That fucking idiot saw the comments (that don't seem like cow-tipping to me, these may perfectly be from her frustrated fans besides that person who commented later about 1000$ brain scans which explicitly references talking points on the farms) and she went and made it DREW'S problem? Like what? She's so ME ME ME EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ME that she can't comprehend that her favourite precious youtuber quasi-boyfriend doesn't have to apologize to HER because he made a video about poeple LIKE her and some people justifiably called HER out on HER behaviour?
What a fucking piece of shit. I hope she gets a reality check reak soon.

No. 180315

Also samefag, but. I watch the Living Well With Schizophrenia channel, since I have SZA and I saw Pixie comment on some of Lauren's videos. Didn't think to screenshot it and I can't remember which ones now, but she's really out there consuming all of the mental health content in preparation for her larp while the only thing that is really wrong with her is unchecked narcissism.

No. 180316

Please anon do screencap if you remember her comments. I could go digging but I'm always off-put by the people who make and consume too much "mental health" stuff out there.
Like, her morbid curiousity about mental health is going out of hand. She now thinks she has schizophrenia? When will it end?

No. 180317

I legit think she's consuming all this mental health stuff to cope. But not in the "I'm going to get better" way, neither in the "I need to self reflect and get aware of the stuff I'm doing wrong" way, it's more like she's doing it to justify her shitty behaivor, never get accountability, and dunno, she's looking at her issues as if she was inherently flawed instead of seeing them as something she can work on.

Like, her main issues are: lack of self control, eating issues, procastination, and need for attention / affection. It's okay to have issues and I think most people go through these things in various ways. But she's doing nothing about it except what Drew Monson said in his video: remember the symptoms, remember that she's sick, and mask it with cute things and bright colors. She should really break up with Steven, drop the pseudo-therapist, go back to her Mom and take a break from the internet. Things aren't going so well, I think she has this idea that house and boyfriend = "having your life together". But she's only hurting herself futher.

No. 180324

File: 1636026449434.jpg (214.14 KB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_20211104-124229_You…)

Nta but I did the digging it's not very milky but u can see which videos she's been watching

No. 180328

I'm kind of surprised but not really, I get that she just binge consumes mental illness content but Living Well with Schizophrenia seems too measured/not as uwu validating for her tastes as tiktoks and DID larpers on youtube would be.

No. 180334

This bitch better not LARP schizophrenia. I already had a hard enough time watching that anachan Lucinda do it. The effect of that illness changed my family dynamic forever, it's not something like DID you can just "be silly and creative" about. Schizophrenia is very real and very painful for sufferers and their network of family who wants to help them. I want to believe she isn't this insensitive, I really do.

No. 180341

she is really going the trisha paytas route and it's so funny that she doesn't even notice. jill dedicated a whole rant to trisha faking DID and trans identity. jillybean 2 years later? trans DID larper. about a year ago trisha also came out about experiencing psychosis and being schizo. jillybean now? claims that she takes seroquel for psychosis and embarrasses herself pretending to have auditory hallucinations on patreon. and they both just keep getting fatter by the day. just HOW can someone be so persistently not self-aware?

No. 180342

To me this whole "OMG BESTIE YOU LOOK SO PRETTY TODAY -emoji spell-" is very fucking creepy. Like, she treats everyone like they're an intimate friend, and it feels very manipulative and just outright wrong.

Why does she do this? Does anyone else find it gross? I can't articulate it super well.

No. 180347

No, you are spot on. She has no boundaries and it's extremely manipulative. It's the same behavior as crying to Drew about boolies because she feels entitled to intimacy from him because he looks like her brother and she has openly crushed on him for years. Which also…like maybe she should examine her fixation on youtubers, aka strangers she doesn't actually know after Shane Dawson happened.

No. 180351

My favorite part about Jill’s nonsense is a lot of her concerns can be explained by weed, alcohol and medications she might be on. She has no baseline for her normal so she has no idea what her best health looks like. So any new sensation is viewed constantly through the lens’s of “well I’m mentally unwell so it’s muh menta iwness”, instead of examining medication and drug/alcohol use.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of letting medications “fix” things, it’s a lot easier, but it seems a lot of what this self medicating is doing is masking or causing legitimate concerns for her.

Get off the weed (even cbd), stop drinking, start eating healthier and go outside! There’s a reason doctors recommend exercise, going outside and doing social activities and it’s to help find that baseline! And also get in touch with reality, not the distorted fun house mirror that is the internet.

No. 180355

File: 1636042065975.jpeg (140.18 KB, 750x707, B550319F-D31A-476D-83E1-F1475C…)

no fucking way…..

No. 180356

can't wait until finally quits this fashion thing she clearly isn't talented in and instead joins some psychology program on her parent's dime.

No. 180368

its extremely manipulative. So is using her public account to make these comments. I don't think I've seen a cow make this many public comments on other popular youtubers videos. Its a way to corner them into being friendly. The most radical way she could take care of her mental health is to accept that not everyone will or has to like her, but of course her #1 problem has always been attention seeking and deflection when she makes a mistake, all the way back to the Lace drama. She's apart of the side of the internet that insists on calling people out for the smallest mistakes but has never once publicly admitted to their own misteps.

No. 180370

All she does all day on YouTube is consume mental health videos, either mental health discussions or mentally ill people being mentally ill, Christ. No wonder she's so out of touch with reality. Her calling something as normal as not liking water running down your arm a "sensory issue" should be enough for any regular person to see she has something wrong with her. Someone needs to get her off the internet for a while and back into normal society.

No. 180375

I agree, I think she has become creepy, to a point where it makes me uncomfortable.

>acts really inappropriate in regards to her therapist, using pet names like "sweetie angel baby uwu"

>constantly tries to get into mental health circles which she isn't really a part of, tries to get close to people who might genuinely be struggling with this stuff
>acts very manipulative towards those people, constantly commenting/replying to stuff with these lovey dovey uwu emoji messages
>sends physical gifts and donations to people, clearly in hopes of getting closer to them
>has this fake persona of "sweet rainbow hearts super wholesome supportive innocent bean" on main while being rude and lashing out at people on her alt

She should be grateful that she's a woman, it's the only reason she's getting away with this.
If she was actually some edgy guy like she pretends to be in her stupid roleplay, I'm sure a lot more people would be more critical of her behavior.

No. 180380

A large part of the creepiness is definitely how rude and inconsiderate her actions can get in contrast (her replies to anything she perceives as criticism & her bratty behaviour in the con vlogs). It's a shame; if she wanted to go full throttle on the "uwu" she could've at least not linked her alt and distanced the nastiness from her "brand" a bit. I guess, as usual, the attention seemed more valuable to her.

No. 180392

File: 1636051306031.png (749.08 KB, 1400x1308, lovebombing.png)

This all sounds like lovebombing. I think anyone she approaches should be wary of it, and the OP should be updated with her very creepy ways.
I think this picture really goes to show what lovebombing is and it checks out with Jill.
But she doesn't want to distance this nasty persona from her brand. Anyone can make private anonymous twitter accounts, but somehow she felt the need to still showcase it to the world… it's almost like she's looking for validation for being nasty (like "oh it wasn't me who was rude! it was my 13 year old alter!! pls understand UWU")
THIS is exactly the stuff that Drew was making a comment on his video. This is so goddamn weird. She cries about bullying but she has no intention to change?
Like, she's not even a health professional wtf. I just think this one interaction of hers is creepy beyond words. I just can't. This is really really bad. It's not even about her lack of knowledge, it's her pretending she knows and acting like someone who is an expert on things she does not have any studies in. It even feels groomer-ish the way she is basically endorsing giving weed to minors… kinda like prescribing, and even diagnosing ASD herself…

Her "I learned" is even more stupid because where the fuck did she learn this from? What google link or cuestionable news article? Is this why she's desperate for an ASD diagnosis? I just… gross. She's so gross. I hope someone in her fan circle replies to her how wrong she is.

No. 180396

hasn't she already quit fashion? she promised the brand launch with a handful of garments this fall, but even her college collection video isn't up yet. she's clearly not working on either of those things and is just hitting the bong and eating all day instead. i gotta imagine that her main source of income rn are her parents. so i wonder how long they are going to keep at this before they pull the plug. seriously, the only people who can truly help jillian now are her mom and dad. i sure hope louise steps in soon enough, because even she seems to be getting tired of jillian's antics. i'm just worried that she's going to be too much of a doormat to force jill to face reality.

No. 180400

At least Trisha has a believable excuse for experiencing psychosis since she's been addicted to meth, I can't imagine where Jillian would pull it out of. She's really working herself up to some Michelle Remembers shit

>surprised GP allowed me to get it considering I have child alters
Yeah, because the GP isn't as retarded as you are and probably just ignores your weird larp bullshit, dude. And kek at Jill replying and humoring this person as though they are an actual child, what the hell? It's all so absurd

No. 180403

she keeps losing subscribers and patrons, her videos barely get any views anymore and she doesn't seem to have much going on in terms of collabs or sponsorships, nor is she releasing new merch or working on her own fashion.
there are enough former fans telling her that they want her old content back yet all she posts about anymore is mental health shit, really what is she hoping to achieve?

No. 180405

>really what is she hoping to achieve?
to lose everything and become the mental health queen

No. 180417

Why is she telling that user about the effects of supplements they’ve clearly already taken before? The way she phrased it is so annoying and condescending, if I was the account she replied to I’d be asking her why she felt it necessary to treat me like a retard.

No. 180418

it's even worse because it's not even a real kid we're talking about, it's a whole ass ADULT larping as a child with aspergers LMAO

No. 180435

File: 1636059617365.png (187.39 KB, 590x547, 82748364.png)

No. 180452

Again, what Drew said
>SYMPTOMS! SYMPTOMS! DON'T FORGET YOUR SYMPTOMS! It's like everyone is obsessed with that!
>Everyone is eadger to diagnose others!
Meanwhile Jill
>Says a piece of animal crossing furniture is autistic and has symptoms

Jill your idol will never like you lol

No. 180474

Sage for no milk but Drew Monson, whom Jill idolizes, was talking about the mental illness culture online (it starts at about 3 minutes in)

I'm wondering if she realizes that she's one of those people(read the thread before posting)

No. 180476

Gurl, where you been? We've been talking about this itt for like 24 hours! I mean, you're not wrong but still.

No. 180483

To be fair, the OP was clearly joking about the weed + kids thing (larping children notwithstanding), which just makes Jill’s comment even dumber and more condescending. She’s so eager to educate people with all the ‘knowledge’ she’s acquired from YouTube and tik tok, that she can’t even take a minute and evaluate if it’s even relevant.
The OP was talking about using CBD for pain and mentioned they’d already been using it, but Jill felt the need to play mother duck and help this person’s child alters understand scwary medicine, even though OP was joking about it being relevant that they supposedly have child alters.

Inb4 ‘I’m soo neurodivergent I don’t understand jokes and get things mixed up!!!!!’

No. 180487

File: 1636082954070.png (25.17 KB, 542x292, rifpohfr.png)

Trying to get Drew Monson's and Emilia Fart's attention however she can, even if its on her alter's account lmao
Also it sounds like she's high

No. 180488

File: 1636083320709.png (51.56 KB, 590x536, shit.png)

She keeps posting these edgy lyrics about "embracing the darkness" and I just think: Jillian if you want to dress in black and forget your kawiwi persona so hard then just do it, you don't have to create a whole new persona for that.

She's also having a "neurodivergent christmas party" whatever that entails

No. 180492

just skim the thread before posting

No. 180502

>Come to our cozy home I will host a neurodivergent friendly new years party

again with the creepiness… Jill please just leave neurodivergent people the fuck alone, this just makes it sound like you're trying to lure people in and take advantage of them tbh

also I can't think of anyone who would be less capable of hosting a neurodivergent friendly party, especially in her filthy rainbow dungeon

No. 180507

What neurodivergent people probably want:
>A quiet place with no sound and no bright colors where they feel safe
What she offers:
>A rainbow dungeon where everything is filthy, bright, too much stimmuli everywhere, and probably blasting anime girl shows on her tv while she makes herself the center of attention

No. 180508

She should invite this neurodivergent guy I'll bet it'll be so much fun

No. 180515

I really, really dislike her newest phase of being obsessed with Will Wood and posting his lyrics all over her social media.
It's incredibly ironic, really, because WW often speaks out as well about people who make their mental health diagnosis their entire identity. He's been suffering with identity issues and mental health issues for most his life and now he's a staunch advocate for recovery, quitting alcohol/drugs and dissacociating yourself from the mainstream mental health culture. He's also very against social media, especially tiktok and twitter since he thinks they ofetn lock people in the echo chambers and exacerbate their symptoms.
Sorry for Will Wood sperg, but I've been a fan for years and most of his fans act exactly like Jillian and it makes me so mad that it's staring them right in the face, but they're all so blind and stuck-up in their love for the Random Yelling Mental Health King, it's nauseating.
Jillybean, "Marsha, Thankk You for the Dialectics, but I Need You to Leave" was written for people like you. There's literally not a song more obvious. WW doesn't fucking like people like you, just like Drew doesn't like people like you.

It's literally
"And I see your tendency to redefine disease by what you need
And I'm afraid I can't prescribe the diagnosis that you seek"
Learn basic comprehension soon, luv.

No. 180518

As a NeuRoDivergenT person I want:
>genuine honest people who like me and care about me
>my favorite things (genres, types of entertainment)
>nice lighting
>lots of interesting things to do/see/explore

Rainbow dungeon with an insane product of 2021 internet squealing in my ear is definitely not it.

No. 180530

ayrt and I always assume these online DID people are being serious when they say out there shit because the whole premise is so retarded to start with. Thanks for catching that, anon.

No. 180536


It's hilarious how she spams these people (Drew especially) and they never ever acknowledge her lmao. Ususally a creator of her size (no pun intended) would get some kind of response for networking sake, but it's like they see her blue check-mark, click on her profile and go "yikes, nope."

No. 180551

Something to unpack here, the phrasing “treating” ASD is actually considered ableist to a lot of people because to a lot of people treatment implies a cure, people also question the ethics of drugging kids who can’t consent over trying to work with them to make their environment work for them, a lot of us will have heard the stories of kids so doped up they are like zombies

No. 180564

Knowing her she's going to put bright flashing Christmas lights all over her house while loud music plays.

She has interacted with them before like a quick response to a tweet but she has such massive fan behavior that i imagine Emilia and Drew got uncomfortable since they can't read her intentions. (She did that annoying "oh look my favorite creator talked to me let me screenshot and post it")

No. 180581

good point anon. mostly you treat symptoms, not disorders, unless very specific. you can treat anxiety and depression, but. you cant really treat personality or learning disorders. you could alleviate things like overstimulation, but not like, the way an autistic person thinks about the world.

No. 180586

I think people can be treated from personality disorders if they are willing to. But learning disorders are better embraced than completely cured

No. 180587

>they can't read her intentions.
I think they pretty much know she's insane. At least Drew now knows, he didn't want to see comments and she showed him comments loool

No. 180624

maybe with therapy, but i would think medicine wise it would mostly be mood regulation rather than targeting specific thought patterns unless they were directly related.

No. 180635

generally, if an autistic child is getting medicated, it is because it's the easy eay out to maneage the kid. for an adult or maybe teen who can recodnise what symptoms are the biggest issue, and can know if the medication is being useful or not i can understand, but if you drug up an autistic child instead of trying to help you're just going to make it incredibly hard to develop communication skills in that regard and mess with their ability to recodnise what is causing a negative reaction for them - thus making functioning later even harder. just my two cents, bc most autistic people who can communicate things would take that route if it was possible to do so without risking negative social outcomes. (expressing the needs for somewhere quiet, or clarification on things, or patience if they are awkward, generally things you might get a funny thing for straightforward explaining)(medfagging)

No. 180667

I feel like I remember in one of her old blogs that Drew talked to her via video at one point, like during one of her patreon livestreams maybe?

He definitely knows who she is, and like someone else said, she’s a verified account so even if they had notifications off they’d see her comments/replies etc. which kind of makes it funnier/cringier that Drew is 100% aware of who she is, yet never interacts with her. Take a hint Jill

No. 180673

I have a feeling she's REEEing in his DMs as well
>This video isn't about me right???
>I love your videos so much Drew Fart, did you see the comments I tagged you in
>People are such bullies it ruins my mental health!!
>Love your stuff!!

No. 180678

No. 180681

It feels like a lot of one-sided flirting coming from Jill. This is so embarrassing…

No. 180688

I was one of those drugged up autistic children. It’s absolute hell, you’re asleep 24/7 and can’t function properly. It’s the reason why I refuse to take medication now.(derailing)

No. 180712

Not to mention that using CBD to treat autism is literally pseudoscience. The only thing CBD has ever been clinically shown to help is one type of childhood seizures.

No. 180743

"uhhh you seem nice"
this is so awkward kek

No. 180753

File: 1636246277944.png (586.99 KB, 804x346, hpoihhhp.png)

No. 180760

>”but I can tell you aren’t”
had me ROLLING

No. 180768

File: 1636263723999.png (55.51 KB, 596x526, hypocrite.png)

So she keeps saying "OMG I LOVE YOU DREWWW" but she's also bitching about the same thing Drew Monson said in his video.
>I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for recovery focused content.
Uhhmmm probably doing better? it's clearly not helping you girl

No. 180770

File: 1636263862626.png (21.78 KB, 592x220, vdvdfvdf.png)

She also made some popular tiktoker follow her back because she posted it publicly on her twitter

No. 180774

File: 1636264358692.png (345.45 KB, 1166x644, efgefgefgr.png)

This might not be strictly milk, but… it feels like she's more invested in this """"""dark""""""""" persona as of lately. Dressing in black and dark colors is oddly motivating her to play the piano and do crochet.

Gee it's almost like she's not actually a ""13 year old boy"" (kek) and just needs a style change to feel more comfortable. I think it happens to almost everyone, specially after finishing school. She should just embrace it honestly, this kawiwi thing has always been shit. Lose weight and dress in dark colors Jillian, there's nothing wrong with it.

(also kek at that random snippet of anger towards the stove. Wonder if she does more every day)

No. 180776

File: 1636266592670.gif (8.99 MB, 180x320, uglyass.gif)

this is so wrong

Also some random tiktok she posted

No. 180777

This is a really shitty take on her end. If you focus on getting better you can alienate yourself from others which will inevitably make you worse. Also focusing on recovery is really bad fore people who are neurodivergent (especially OCD) since their brains work different and there's no actual "getting better" it's just learning to cope. She's really mudding her mental illness propaganda which is making her brain worse since so much of what she's intaking is contradictory.

>Yelling at the pot on the stove to "stop complaining" when I sit on the couch and let it boil over.

How cute an quirky and totally not a hazard to herself and those she lives with!

No. 180778

of course she believes in pseudoscience. She thinks DID is real, she calls anything neurodivergent, she believes in magic, she thinks she's the smartest and never apologizes.

She keeps making famous people interact with her. This is so creepy and disgusting… literally making someone follow her
Ew. Tell me this isn't manipulative at all

Kek this is so fucking funny, online "mentawy ill" retards always justify this kind of shit with mental gymnastics like that. She deserves all the fucking hate and I can only wish her fans call her out for being and hypocrite and saying
>"but actually FUCK YOU DREW for IMPLYING that the mentawy ill content I follow is harming me"
this honestly makes me want to go upfront and alog while telling her why she's wrong but I would never

No. 180779

>focusing on recovery is really bad fore people who are neurodivergent (especially OCD) since their brains work different and there's no actual "getting better" it's just learning to cope.
Really? first time I hear about this. Is OCD even neurodivergency or whatever?

No. 180780

If she just dropped all this DID shit tomorrow and embraced being a pastel goth we'd probably see a 90% improvement in all her issues. This Pixie persona is tired anyway, she should realize if she is tired of it so are others. Just be the edgy goth you want to be.

No. 180781

nta but autistic and adhd people literally can't recover since they're just wired up that way. However you can recover from things like OCD and she is really stretching tbe definition of neurodivergent to even include OCD in the first place.

No. 180782

>we'd probably see a 90%
More like a 78-ish percent. She still needs to ditch the ugly boyfriend, tear the paint off her walls, and return home.

I think it's difficult for her to kill this "pixie" persona so she's instead doing the opposite ("call me pixie not jillian" etc), forcefully embracing it and making it intrinsic to herself. This is why she needs a second persona.
Being "pixie" has given her a lot of attention. If she suddenly wasn't pixie anymore, she might be afraid of losing everything. But back in her prime pixie era she was young and just really liked colorful shit. It's okay to change your tastes as you grow older… in her case I wouldn't call it maturing because she's still an asshole but at least she would be more true to herself. I wonder how long will it take for her to understand this, or if she'll double down in her DID mental illness shit and never improve…

Just imagine being her: she finally has the rainbow house and boyfriend she "always wanted". And everyone praises her for it.
But deep inside she's a sad and frustrated adult. Painting those walls back to how they were before if she ever moves out is going to give her a panic attack. It's like stripping out "everything that makes her feel special".
If she only realized she can drop the act, and drop everything else that makes her unhappy too. That house is a rainbow prison. Colorful on the outside, but once you look closer it is very murky. Just like she is.

No. 180783

Samefag, to explain, OCD is similar to having an addictive personality in that you can't get rid of the addictive personality but you don't have to be addicted. So you can train yourself out of OCD traits despite a propensity for them.
ADHD and Autism is more a complex brain structure thing which it's essentially too complex and harmful to attempt to "fix" since it's the core of your being and generally is of no harm or detriment to others, as opposed to personality disorders which need more stringent addressing and are more actively harmful to everyone like narcissism, antisocial personality disorder, and so on.
Pixie uses her diagnoses as badges of honor so she doesn't seek any kind of improvement regardless of what she does or doesn't have. They're like degrees to her.

No. 180785

File: 1636271648892.png (384.3 KB, 1200x800, imagen_2021-11-07_015407.png)

>They're like degrees to her.
kek that's so funny considering she basically got an useless diploma
This is what this ugly creepy shit reminds me of looool
But really I'm tired of her wanting to be ugly on purpose. Alogging feels

No. 180792

You said this absolutely perfectly. This is exactly what a lot of youtubers go through-hell, normal people fall into it in their teen years. You think you're one thing and then you feel like a sellout for wanting to be something else..but it's just part of growing up and maturing.

Off the top of my head, that one annoying goth with the lisp or whatever..Sebastian Columbine? Shifted from dark goth to whatever she is now. Ingrid Nilson shifted from perky upbeat annoying teen with bright colors everywhere to mellowed out quiet adsense greedy regular person. Jenn Im from thrift queen, to world traveler, to now a mother. No one will ever be perfect, no one will ever be never annoying. but everyone will go through phases in life and when you force yourself to stay locked in these phases is when mental illnesses can fester and just make you worse/even more insufferable.

The whole mental illness obsession is really making her worse and worse, because instead of shedding this rainbow life that clearly no longer suits her-her fashion venture completely failed, so everyone knows its not for her anymore..instead of accepting it and moving onto something different, she's just considering it a DID headmate now or whatever. and then creating an alter ego. So she can switch back and forth-like, what the fuck. A real therapist would be telling to knock it off and just accept that it's time to grow up.

No. 180793

>So she can switch back and forth-like, what the fuck. A real therapist would be telling to knock it off and just accept that it's time to grow up.
This. They wouldn't be yassqueening her.

No. 180798

I also feel like she's so adamant to change even though her own psyche demands it because whenever someone has talked to her about her style in any way that isn't asskissing she gets very defensive

No. 180815

That's a lot of hostility towards someone just suggesting it's healthier not to be an egotistical narc defined by labels, must have touched a nerve

No. 180820

>I'm glad a bubble bath works for you sweetie!

Big words for someone who has a video where she legitimately brings out a bag of toys and starts swinging them around because "stim" despite not being a diagnosed autistic. Also Youtube mental illness videos are not medical advice.

No. 180829

Her pixie persona is childish, high energy and infantile. While her Villainy swells persona is more adult, dark and edgy. She’s desperately clinging on to pixie and she’s afraid to change, grow up and get a real job. Her getting diagnosis’s, living off disability and YouTube is 100% her end goal. She’s probably realized her “degree” isn’t going to take her anywhere and she’s too lazy to go back.

No. 180831

File: 1636307031245.png (183.5 KB, 444x327, wtf.png)



No. 180833

File: 1636307693495.jpeg (571.23 KB, 1648x2079, AD77D735-6041-4BBD-ADCC-6344BC…)

Jill demonstrating her high level of consumer awareness as a fashion designer.

No. 180834


used on the “he/him” account too lol

No. 180838

you would think the edge lord would be super into killstar. Buying second hand pieces at least. Or buying new and lying.

No. 180845

Stripes is the last thing Jill should be wearing.

No. 180847

OT but any replication of this in crochet is gonna be laughable. Crochet is stiff as fuck, and she's not exactly the type of person to study how to do a raglan style sweater or how to properly seam. I am so excited.

No. 180861

Jill, you would probably be recovered if you weren’t following “recovery accounts.” Every single mental health influencer I have seen (who doesn’t have some kind of license) does not care about getting better. They care about making their mental illness worse. Why would they want to get better when they rely on their mental illness to make money? Look at every single DID larper.

No. 180862

File: 1636315824113.png (2.63 MB, 1170x2532, 056B3D47-C831-4835-B163-0AC82F…)

“a rare pee cam” why is she posting this, gross

No. 180863

samefag, sorry. im convinced jillian has no idea what dissociation is. she really thinks sitting on her phone on the toilet is dissociating.

No. 180870

File: 1636320400848.jpg (577.06 KB, 1080x2076, Snapchat-1682474932.jpg)

"dOnT FORGeT TO nOt BE A Jerk. lIfE IS HaRd So donT MaKe IT wOrse"

Honey you're making it worse for yourself..

No. 180871

What the absolute fuck!? Who is this for? Is she trying to appeal to fetishists? Is this part of some fetish she has? Why did she feel the need to share this… does this pass for content in her mind now?

Her therapist is doing her dirty. She just seems to be deteriorating.

No. 180876

Download the tiktok and convert it to webm so we can watch it too.
I think her therapist does jackshit and this is all her own doing. also the previous tweet said "that masculine urge to sit on the toilet and disassociate for 45 minutes"
Like women can't do the same, she isn't even male and taking a picture of your dirty unwashed face isn't disassociating. I'm grossed out.
>While her Villainy swells persona is more adult, dark and edgy.
None of these are true lmao. Her Villainy persona is mimicking a "13 year old emo boy" aka an immature retard who wants to flip off people and post emo lyrics on her profile. But you know what she is?
A sad adult. An adult who doesn't want to grow. A frustrated womanchild. Someone who has to do constant mental gymnastics to excuse her shitty behaivor. She doesn't want to change. She never has.

No. 180877

File: 1636324726039.png (1.54 MB, 2048x1027, Screenshot_20211108-003804.png)

someone should paste her face onto the Seaman

No. 180879

File: 1636326636911.jpg (21.28 KB, 275x529, Snapchat-510657362.jpg)

No. 180880

File: 1636326684819.jpg (507.33 KB, 2896x2896, 20211107_181034.jpg)

No. 180882

god this whole "only buying sustainably" thing is the worst thing she's done for her sense of style. like she's too fat to fit into all her old clothes so everything she has now is either thrifted or handmade and it all looks so bad together

No. 180883

She looks really dead behind her eyes in this. I wonder if she's screaming on the inside seeing how gross and bloated her face looks.

"The masculine urge" is a meme anon, it's not that deep but Jill just made it gross and by taking picture of her pissing.

No. 180886

ilu anon

No. 180889

Hard agree. I honestly wonder if she regrets making her commitment to sustainably so public because these looks ain’t it and I’m sure she knows it deep down

No. 180897


growing up is scawwy child alter when

No. 180898

File: 1636333727387.gif (3.5 MB, 480x270, 27466771.gif)

No. 180904

that's the thing, though. she's NOT neurodivergent. hell, this is the first time we've heard her say recovery content instead of "mental illness" content. her bpd just gets worse and worse with the stupid villainy thing. she isn't even trying to get better.

No. 180907

is it just me or has "fangirling" been a gender neutral term? feel like i never hear "fanboying" even from guys

No. 180913

her doodled on eyebrows are so crooked. the pink one is drawn like a half an inch closer to her nose. It's driving me crazy. kek

No. 180914

this bloated bitch is balding.

No. 180929

Kek at "non-binary" as if Jillybean doesn't look like a five year old girl went ham in Claire's

No. 180933

I don't get it. This girl used to have dreams, used to have a support system (her mom) and she was doing pretty well in life compared to now. What the hell happened?

Like, she even met Sebastian Masuda. She was a kawaii leader. She wanted to sew. Why is she trowing it all into the trash? Why is "mental illness" the hill she's chosing to die on?
I genuinely think she should drop Steven out of her life, seems like she got worse thanks to him.

No. 180935

holy mother of god. i leave for a year and now she's fishing for a DID diagnosis??? how has no one made an expose video on this bitch yet? maybe she's just not important enough for anyone to care… god this is legitimately fucking depressing. sage for no contribution. but wow. just… wow.

No. 180936

Why is she overlining her lips so badly? Doesn't even look lip shaped anymore. Also kek at her already being too fat for that crop top, it feels like she got it only yesterday.

No. 180937

I won't deny she's gotten worse but let's not pretend she ever really had that much going for her. She's been a cow since the lolita days for a reason

No. 180938

>let's not pretend she ever really had that much going for her
That's true, but if she had done things differently, she could had followed another path more suited for her. It's weird seeing this girl deteriorating. I know she was always an idiot, but now she's ultra creepy.

No. 180944

I want her to get called out for blackfishing or whatever stupid phrase twitter would use for basically colouring in her cupid’s bow and giving herself a more typically black lip shape

No. 180945

C’mon anon you can’t expect her to know something as basic as the different properties of knit and crochet, it’s not like she has a fashion degr-

No. 180954

I wonder if Jillian holds onto mental health content so hard because it's all just a big fat excuse to talk about herself and her "experiences" whereas being a fashion blogger requires you to actually know what you're talking about and doing. People can call her out on sewing something wrong, but no one can really call her out on her brain as she's the only one really experiencing that and she'll always have someone to defend her on that. She's clearly not doing this for views or attention because it hasn't been gaining her any at all. I genuinely believe she's just trying to create herself a job that doesn't require herself to do anything but talk about herself and that's why she's so upset about other people not enjoying that sort of content.

No. 180958

I feel like her "sustainable style" would be so much better if she wasn't so narcissistic about where she shops. She refuses to shop at thrift stores that she seems "problematic" so that leaves literally only one thrift store which is value village. And when she is not shopping at one place she and is making her own stuff it usually all looks the same. She literally knows how to sew but only crochets ugly shit and stick flowers on them.

No. 180960

That won't ever happen because neither of those things are related. It doesn't make her look remotely black nor does it seem like she's trying to. It doesn't look good don't get me wrong, but overlining your lip is not "blackfishing."

No. 180968

Honestly I wonder this every time I see her. Like, bring back that Pixielocks sure she was annoying and not for everyone but what even is this??

No. 180973

Tiktok happened. This kind of shit drag makeup and mental illness content is what sells over there with the zoomers and she found a community of enablers by blending in.
People like her are dime a dozen on tiktok, it's just odd to us because she didn't grow on the app, she had average weeb interests until she joined tiktok and converted to one of them.
I get mentawy ill people with clown looking makeup just like her suggested all the time on youtube just from watching alt fashion content. It's the sjw tumblr version of egirls.

No. 180999

i don't think it was Steve that made her like this i think it was a culmination of her moving away from home and going to a school where everyone was a snow flake, including the teachers. And she's only getting worse since she doesn't have a consistent schedule to let her know what the day and time is (she calls it dissociation when in reality without something to keep the mind on track everyone forgets what day it is.) Steve could be a factor since he helped her get the therapist but there's more to play than just her boyfriend this time.

No one will make a call out video because all of her fans share the same mentality. I know most people on this thread are ex-fans but we left once we realized how fast she was spiraling. While her confetticult keeps yasss queening her getting worse since they think her "living her true self" is her getting better when in reality if she actually does have BDP all of what she's doing just screams bad manic episode.

No. 181007

I wonder, can't an ex-fan call her out? But not cowtip. Is that even possible? What would that entail? I feel like ex-fans are the ones who always end up calling their once admired person out, but instead of calling her out they resort to coming here where the callout is already made, if that makes sense? But lolcow is pretty much ignored by tards like her who think gossip and constructive critizism = bullying.
Would calling her out even work? It has been attempted by people on twitter before and she never apologized. I was never a fan of hers, in fact she's the only lolcow I follow because I see myself reflected on this bitch, and am happy that I could change a long time ago before ending like her. So calling her out really doesn't interest me much. But it would be funny if someone, not from lolcow or on lolcow, did it. It has to be organic though. Not just "OMG I CALLED OUT PIXIELOCKS" people who end up posting their videos / walls of text / private messages here for attention.

No. 181031

I can't imagine a world where that would do anything. In her world, you can't criticize the mentally ill. The "recovery content" she consumes incessantly is really just the tiktok version of Tumblr's anti-recovery community where even the most destructive symptoms of mental illness are celebrated and any attempt to treat said symptoms is treated as ableism.

She's really constructed a reality for herself that I can't see her ever getting out of unless something catastrophic happens or there is some kind of true intervention put in place (though for what, I don't know). She lacks any basic self-awareness and is more that happy to live in symptoms (both real and fabricated) that make her, in her eyes, interesting.

No. 181033

I think her downward spiral started when she started daydreaming to cope more than usual, then she called that "disossiation" and then she thought dissociation = multiple personality disorder aka DID
+ her tiktok dragqueen shit

Dissociation in the context of depression has nothing to do with DID lmao

I keep hoping for an intervention too, but doubt Mama Louise Vessey is that ballsy to sort it out.

No. 181036

This bitch has always wanted to insert herself forcefully into LGB–T spaces calling herself queer and dating girls for the lulz, so now she has the perfect excuse to be a bio dragqueen aka "I'm actually a 13 year old boy!!!"

Honestly I miss when she was just another dumb spoiled white girl into anime. But not so much. Because even then she needed some smack down into reality. She's just more delusional than ever and I can't wait to see how worse she gets.

No. 181037

File: 1636411647945.png (Spoiler Image, 380.09 KB, 640x868, imagen_2021-11-08_164739.png)

kinda reminds me of this

No. 181074

File: 1636427441679.jpg (409.61 KB, 1080x1760, 20211108_221034.jpg)


No. 181084

this is a piss poor attempt to cow tip

whats with the influx of cowtipping every time i look through her replies on twitter its full of throw away accounts repeating the same shit posted here.

if you keep this up she can actually play the victim card and call us bullies. when we stay on lolcow and talk about her here its her fault if she reads it. but if we take it to her its our fault.

we do not want people to feel bad for her stop personally attacking her

No. 181091

You act like she's some nobody and hasn't has a significant online following since she was in high school. I'm not in her comments because her content these days is really that repulsive, but you don't think it's possible for people to realize she's a selfish spoiled POS and comment on it? Some of you get so paranoid about coming across as an elite cyberbully army. If her fans read the thread and parrot what they read, like okay? I understand there are rules about cowtipping, but someone who doesn't regularly use this website wouldn't know that.

No. 181093

I've never cowtipped but tbh this is Twitter culture, if you are on Twitter you should expect something like this. They're all sitting waiting on who to cancel today, nobody is gonna notice a few tagged posts. She gets plenty of Youtube comments and I'm sure a percentage of them are also from detractors. However she mostly has a hugbox encouraging each further step towards being institutionalized.

No. 181098

Anons: why won’t someone call this bitch out!!!!!
Also anons: don’t sAy anythiNg to her what are you doing!!!?1!1?!

I fully understand not referencing the thread etc, but fucking hell, pick a struggle

No. 181099

we don't need to do anything outside the board really. A cancel saga on tiktok or twitter could happen anytime.

No. 181108

I think going to her goofy fashion school hurt her pride too much tbh. she was used to being the center of attention in her little hometown, in online communities, on YouTube, just for dressing and looking a certain way. she's never had many discernible talents besides standing out, and she relied on it too heavily. she was convinced it would not only be the same at school, but that this style she'd made her personality would make her a natural in design. she got there and while we all know the standards there were low, and we saw the results of the fashion show, I think it still had to have made Jill confront some things in herself. dressing how she does did not make her the most talented one in the pack anymore, and she really struggled not only with the required skills, but with the creativity she thought she had, and she saw others who were better at it than she was.
just tinfoiling but I think it took a toll on her ego. not that it caused all of… this, but I think her struggles could definitely have lead her to search for something that would make her /more/ again, that could make her interesting without effort just like her style did for years.

No. 181124

This is obviously a cowtip if this was mentioned earlier in the thread and the anon is uploading it with no context and only has 1 like kek
This is what I meant about making things an obvious cowtip, it's embarassing
Nta but besides the comments the Drew video seemed genuine to me. This one random screenshot from a nobody on twitter is different, the cowtip is obvious
Learn the difference please. This is embarassing.

No. 181127

tbh its always really cringey when anyone calls a cow out and immediately there's 20 posts yelling no cow tipping as if the only people that are ever going to hate someone are people that post here. happens with every cow. some of them even turn on those who actually did directly say what a lot of us were thinking (which can happen, none of our thoughts are unique) and then end up unintentionally stanning the cow they hate by posting the person all over the place and picking them apart too

everyones right in the fact that no one from here has to post anything at all, but to insinuate that every single time anyone publicly comes for jill, they're clearly only doing it because they came from here kinda validates her delusions that anyone who speaks up to her must just clearly be nothing but an obsessed hater instead of someone who just happened upon her via mutuals liking her stuff or even one of her own fans. claiming everyone who "tips" only works in a cows favor imo

No. 181129

>1 like
>I didn’t cow tip!!!

Yeah no matter what you pullfags feel cowtipping is against the rules. Here’s an oldfag saying on the farms: We laugh at the cows we don’t interact with them.

No. 181133

You can't regulate what someone does outside of the farm app you dunce!

The only reason why the "don't cowtip" rule was even implemented was because people would harass cows and then come back to this very public domain to brag about it. I haven't seen anyone do that for her threads in a long time.

No. 181143

I wouldn't give a damn about this cowtipping if it wasn't such shitty bait devoid of cleverness and then they came back here, of all places, to brag about it totally unsaged like we're supposed to give a shit. Twitterfags will never integrate.
Hard agree that she's lost her identity these last few years and seems to be in a "if you can't beat em, join em" mindset with these clown-core gender weirdos from tiktok. But I see a certain level of exhaustion in this new persona. Like someone mentioned upthread. She couldn't just buy a new piece of black clothing >>180833
because she feels tired of being Pixie all the time (the real reason I suspect). She feels the need to justify it to her "fans" with a mental illness. She's very one-dimensional.

No. 181161

Replying to a cow and posting it here will never not be embarrassing, and it's even worse when the reply is hamfisted twitter brainrot like >>181074. Deal w it

No. 181171

Okay but am I the only one who thinks it’s a possibility that she 1. Lurks here 2. Makes an account to bully herself for attention of haters so she gets attention for the hate that she’s being bullied and gets some things from here? Gabby Hannah has done this before right? Like people like her do it allll the time and some of these comments feel like her. I’m calling it she has screenshots and will make a “responding to hate comments” video very soon bc she’s out of ideas and it’s been happening more often lately(sage)

No. 181172

ehh i disagree. we all know jill can’t take criticism. she’s also been failing as a youtuber. i don’t think she would send herself hate comments that could potentially cause other people to turn against her. if she loses the “woke” crowd, she loses her whole audience. too risky with not enough reward imo.

No. 181174

she 1000% lurks here. but this sounds way too tinfoil. i don't see her ever making a "reacting to hate comments" video because that would require self awareness and taking constructive criticism. such a video would be career-ending for her defensive passive-aggressive reaction kek. or she would just pick the obvious troll comments making fun of the way she dresses and call them "haters." you're giving her too much credit imo

No. 181175

File: 1636483112597.png (376.45 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20211109-112336-557…)

This is the account that did it everything screams cow tipping. From the AI generated AVI to the only posts being about Jill with a weak argument when most "cancel" threads are a novel with screen shots and video on how inexcusable the person's behavior is. Twitter has an eco system and this just looks like a displaced animal pretending to assimilate. Also it wouldn't seem like cow tipping if there was more traction to the post one like from the actual owner of the twitter isn't enough to make it seem genuine.

She's on a toxic positivity train so she'll most likely just delete and ignore negative comments. She's putting her self in a echo chamber so why would she open up the door to receive more criticism by making a video that might encourage more people to think critically of her?

No. 181176


I can't see her ever doing a response to criticism (let's be real, none of this is outright hate) - see how she responded to Drew, someone she is actually a fan of
>ignores it/denial
>When people are like "this u?" she then runs to Drew and tries to get him to publicly disclaim her from the description/video
>Then when he rightfully ignores that, back to lovebombing

None of that speaks to the amount of self awareness required to actually respond to criticism since even when one of her faves indirectly calls her out, she still never responded to what he actually said/the message. She simply sees things as either approval or disapproval and blocks/ignores the latter.
Responding requires actually listening and considering what was said enough to rebuke it, she clearly hasn't listened to a scrap of advice for years since I'm sure we aren't the only ones with Thoughts about how all this is going. (Terribly, Jill, it's going terribly)

No. 181178

Aha her username, she is a farmer or some sort of idk how to phrase this, undercurrent troll/gossip board user for sure since that's something people were doing on Reddit (I_follow_men) until Reddit admin banned usernames with those words in them.

No. 181183

This is a cowtipper. They only follow a handful of people, two of which have direct connections to Shaynasty from here: abrattypixie and Sadbuffoon. I figured the name is to mock those they do follow (cow-related people and exclusively they/theme). It doesn't pay to cowtip, we will find you lol.

No. 181184

File: 1636486257236.png (195.12 KB, 1166x806, yikes.cringe.png)

these cowtippers are really easy to spot

No. 181186

I'm not saying you cant call her out publicly but do it from your personal account or a more realistic one.
otherwise stay here and dont go out seeking social revenge from pictureless profiles

No. 181190

Wow, so instead of posting actually milk, y'all are just going to fill the thread with hunting down individual commenters to expose them as sock accounts because why? If they self posted here to brag you are literally just feeding them attention.

>In b4 you must be the cowtipperrrrrr you said y'alllllll reeeeeeeeee

No. 181191

we are setting examples of behavoir that needs to stop. ive been here for awhile and its the worse its ever been. zoomers dont know how to act on the internet

No. 181195

this is so obvious the person who made this is either genuinely autistic or 14 years old.

No. 181205

seems very braggy to me imo

No. 181207

>"if you can't beat em, join em" mindset with these clown-core gender weirdos from tiktok.
Most people she used to hang out from school are neogender "depression is my personality" crap, so it makes sense

No. 181208

She isn't the smart mastermind you think she is lmao, anons are jusd dumb and post their stupid dumb cowtips like

No. 181209

Lmao this is so fucking cringe.
First, the obvious username
Only following one person
Imediately doing a stupid callout after someone here said calling her out for her overlining lips is retarded

Like… come on, there's like 10+ things in the past 5 threads that she could be called out for, and her overlining her lips is the hill you'll die on? it doesn't even look like black lips, it just looks like some stupid clown makeup

No. 181210

These are not cowtippings because they weren't stupid enough to come and post their replies here like the anon upthread did. Probably genuine angry fans, because true cowtipping is made out to brag "HAHA LOOK HOW MUCH I OWNED THIS BITCH, RIGHT LOLCOW???" plus these are legit critizism unlike just "you overlined your lips"

No. 181211

Sorry you got find out honey

No. 181218

Didn’t realize this thread was called Jill Wayne Gacy edition. Can that please be kept?!?

No. 181219

If she was a man she would have way more fans lmao men are never held responsible for anything. Look at jeffree stars racist ass. Dude is rich as fuck and everyone excuses his behavior for more than a decade. Women dont get away with anything you retard. Most rich youtubers are moids and they have fans even if theyre rapists or whatever.

No. 181230

>it's another "milk is low so now we have to REEEE about shit we already knew" episode
These threads have been infested with pull/twitterfags. ffs this is /w/ people. We already have the resident munchies and "ex-fans" fucking why would you even watch her boring ass content? squatting here, do we really need to bring attention to the obvious selfposters/cowtippers?

No. 181232

This bitch thinkgs swinging your arms like a retard is stimming, when stimming can be small and not that noticeable. Proof she's faking

Milk isn't low, people are just retarded. The drew thing was funny. And I see no munchies here tbh.

No. 181251

File: 1636521058504.png (195.58 KB, 537x472, reefrtvetfrvg.png)

her 1 year of practice counselor "loved" her anger flower

No. 181252

File: 1636521162382.png (29.42 KB, 596x202, reefrtvetfrvg.png)

She also mentioned Drew Monson in her therapy session, probably because she got too emotional with what happened recently.

No. 181253

File: 1636521183691.png (335.38 KB, 680x383, imagen_2021-11-09_231325.png)

No. 181257

Steebie has to wake up every morning next to this face.

No. 181263

File: 1636527193671.png (977.27 KB, 980x1275, regret.png)

sage for tism

No. 181266

what i would do to know what her mom really thinks about pixie now…

No. 181267

File: 1636528598522.jpg (76.75 KB, 599x625, Pixiw.jpg)

Does she not realize that her saying this just makes her sound like an alcoholic?

No. 181268

>I look like I'm 6
Jill you look like you ate 6 kids and the witches candy house too

No. 181269

>my creepy rage flower chart isn’t stupid and useless you haters, my therapist totally loved it!
If true, this just confirms yet again that her therapist is a yes-man who doesn’t know what he’s doing. I wonder if he reads her Twitter.

I would love to know if they talked about the contents of that video.

No Drunkielocks, you look like a 40-year-old who’s had a nervous breakdown. They probably tiptoe around her so she doesn’t cause a scene in their store.

No. 181273

Looks older than 40yo I know, but it's partially to do with how damaged her skin and hair is.

No. 181278

You do not look like you're 6 Jill, you look like a fully grown overweight clown. You never see males REEing about how smol and short and child-like they look on the internet, but it's incredibly common among female influencers and users (who invariably look nothing like children in reality). With exception of some of the more attention seeking young gay men, who might emphasize their actual age or youth but not try and claim to be a child's age/height like these depressing bitches.
But pretty much every bitch on the internet thinks claiming to look like a child or emphasizing how "smol" they are is good and normal and doesn't question the pedophilic base behind these claims.

No. 181291

Jill has claimed "thick" and "voluptuous" and now she is claiming she looks six?

No. 181293

Hasn’t it been said they sleep in separate beds?

No. 181297

I think it’s intentional. Wants to show him she can be “edgy”/“mature” or whatever. Of course insisting that she looks likes a 6 year old immediately negates that.

No. 181300

Her constant entirely one sided conversations with Drew will never not be funny

No. 181302

>good job expressing yourself ji… pixie. high five!

No. 181313

yikes, jillybean, when the staff at the liquor store remember who you are, you know that you have a problem. probably shouldn't be drinking as much with all the drugs she's taking.

No. 181320

It’s also an expensive habit, and she has a weed habit and eats likely 90% pre made brand name foods, people have been talking about her financial situation but there really is no way she doesn’t receive support from her parents and maybe Steve does from his too, she lives an expensive life, I don’t live in North America but I don’t imagine owning and running a car is cheaper there than compared to the rest of the world

No. 181321

File: 1636563059682.jpg (117.54 KB, 1080x1350, 221837656_2957273777924114_882…)

ah yes, that is absolutely what a 6 year old child looks like.
even if she's just exaggerating that number to imply "I look like I'm underage", just no…

No. 181323

She looks like she has a mental age of six, maybe. This photo is from her unfortunate downie angle.

No. 181328

They’re probably calling her a “fuckin GOOF”.

No. 181336

oh come on. it's not like she lives in Vancouver. they probably just call her that obnoxious drunk clown.

No. 181347

Sorry I mean she’s “stunned” kek.

No. 181352

I know right?
Drew (says any other irrelevant shit)

Yeah they do, except when Steviewie gives her an UTI

No. 181353

She drinks and smokes weed and expects not to disossiate? She needs an intervention

No. 181358

Why do I feel like she looks thinner than she is now in this pic?

No. 181363

>Jill: Smokes weed, drinks liquor, has a fucked up sleep schedule, has no job or responsibilities or direction in life.
>Also Jill: you guise I'm DISSOCIATING

Anyone would feel crazy after doing this for months if not years.

No. 181366

her life style is very expensive
>car payments
>recreational drugs and alcohol
> also a long time ago she mentioned her and steve were planning on "buying a bigger house"

No. 181368

Not mention:
>terminally online neet
>no real friends because she's constantly changing her personality/hobbies/interests
>all that's left seem to be genderspecial enablers and crazies
>both (crazies and pixie) are just using each other for larp and skinwalking purposes
A lot of her problems would be fixed if she wasn't seeing 'muh counselor', took some personal responsibility, and just focused on a hobby because she enjoys it without constantly trying to buy her way to the top/becoming the voice of [insert community here]

No. 181380

because this picture is from like 4 months ago and she’s playing feeder simulator on x games mode

No. 181386

File: 1636590504967.jpeg (145.16 KB, 814x504, 168C0CDA-F80A-46D0-9E97-60CA09…)

Looks like she’s got the diagnosis that she wanted

No. 181388

No. 181389

>day of rebirth and new chapters
I'm fucking scared

No. 181390

RIP to Jill's last but of sanity, the DumbBitch-itus is going to consume her.

No. 181394

i will never understand why people like jill claim that receiving a mild diagnosis is so life-changing to them. her life will remain exactly the same and she will keep on acting like a clown. the only thing that's new is that she now allegedly has a label to parade. it's not like she sought an evaluation to facilitate identification of any real problems with the intent to resolve them.

No. 181401

Evangelion energy. what's she gonna do? Transform?

No. 181406

But what if they medicate her and she becomes a normal person. Like gets an office job and dyes her hair brown. That would be wild.

No. 181408

"what a gorgeous day of rebirth and new chapters"
>crazy life changing news
god… I kinda want to throw up now

No. 181409

Why is her life so dependent on what others do?
>emilia posted her last video ever
>drew is live streaming again
Is it just me or is this creepy?

No. 181413

File: 1636603145937.png (144.91 KB, 900x675, imagen_2021-11-10_215930.png)

No. 181414

File: 1636603269226.png (267.44 KB, 800x450, IMG_20211110_210037_e.png)

No. 181416


I don't know about creepy, but it's pretty fucking pathetic.

No. 181420

does she not realise how parasocial her own tweets about her two content creator besties make her sound? this one in particular comes off as so unhinged.
also jesus christ i am so sick of her vagueposting about this life changing diagnosis, jill pls just say its DID or whatever the fuck and move on its annoying to witness.

No. 181422

File: 1636606632422.png (95.18 KB, 273x135, wfwfgwgwg.png)

No. 181432

File: 1636611020106.jpeg (510.14 KB, 828x1264, 55760EDE-F419-4914-A549-FFF650…)

This poor queen is going to be read to filth if she seriously considering wearing clothes made by Jill on Drag Race Canada. Not only that but I will be surprised if Jill even produces a garment in time due to her *~mwentall iwness~*

No. 181446

this stuff she does is infuriating and she loves to do it often
>My trauma… it was when I was 13…
>Women hurt me, that's where my trauma comes from…
>crazy life changing news… my diagnosis…
>but I'll never tell you heheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 181447

I doubt she would ever ever ever make clothes for anyone, not even herself

No. 181452

this woman knows how to make anything about her god damn

No. 181459

If she got an actual DID diagnosis I’ll eat my hat. If anything she might have gotten some sort of disassociation related diagnosis since we don’t know how honest she has been with her therapists about her substance use and is going to reach as far as her little stubby arms can handle to make it sound like she actually got the diagnosis she wanted

No. 181469

Exactly, she comes off as annoying and so self centered. Instead of being like "Oh cool, I support you!" she's like "ANDDDD don't forget to include meeeeeeeee! -emoji-"
If she did that to me I would tell her to fuck off.

Like imagine you draw something and post it or whatever and then this random piece of shit comes to your post like "omg but what about ME, don't forget I also do STUFF!!"

No. 181470

She's just a drunktard and should be diagnosed as alcoholic

No. 181485

Sickening how much she revels in her diagnosis, she's 10000% a munchie

No. 181489

she's vagueposting about having a super meaningful lifechanging diagnosis or therapy session or mental health test on a weekly basis now
either actually say what's going on or be quiet about it, this is just annoying af

No. 181498

Hopefully she’s saving it for some embarrassing video announcement that’ll get her negative engagement like her neurodivergence video did. Unfortunately it’ll probably get her asspats for being a ‘brave mental health warrior’.

No. 181499

Place Your bets, my money is on autism honestly

No. 181511

as much as Jill loves to talk about stimming and sensory overload, I think autism is too common and uncool for her. Her obsession with calling herself non-divergent without actually claiming a specific diagnosis makes me feel like she wants to be special without having to be lumped with us non-kawaii autistic retards, tbh.
I think she tried to get a DID diagnosis but maybe got something related, like PTSD.

No. 181514

Underrated gem post kek

No. 181515

I’m glad someone else mentioned this. There’s something really weird about addressing them on a purely first name basis. Like, I know that she knows everyone knows who she’s talking about, but she’s mentioning these people like they’re her friends. She straight up comes across like one of those slightly cracked Twitter stans that tweets about their celebrity obsession constantly to the point that it’s scary.

These people aren’t your friends Jill. It’s fine to look up to them, but goddamn it’s just embarrassing to have a hyperfixation surrounding an actual human person

No. 181517

She's had enough time and money to shop around for the right quack, so it could really be anything she wants. She'll probably just keep vagueposting about it anyway

No. 181543

OSDD1b is my safest bet, cool alters but no dissociation and trauma

No. 181544

File: 1636654858306.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1314, Screenshot_20211111-111806-807…)

My money is on ADHD, it's being over diagnosed so doctors can sell the medication.

Also I can't be the only one that finds it manipulative that she's tweeting this shit with her verified account especially now that she has a side account to post all her sperging. I know she was always a fan of Drew but she's really doubling down on love bombing him.

No. 181555

Wtf is so special about this damn dude

No. 181556

If my laptop worked I would draw farmhand-chan in place of Shinji and Asuka. Congratulations, Jill! Congratulations!

No. 181557

Who want to bet that, if she did get some big diagnosis, her video thumbnail about it will be her all smiley and uwu cutesy? Honestly, I could understand being excited in someway about getting diagnosed with something as it help you find the right way to pursue proper help and treatment, but we all know that's the opposite of what Jill wants.

No. 181571

OT and late response but the stove tweet makes me realize how long i've been following her threads (and how old im getting kek). remember when she first moved out and girl didn't know how to make a can of soup? she bought all those pink appliances that didn't even fit her outlets? thank god for jill honestly, she's how i found lolcow, but i really never thought she was gonna be a DID larper with no job and no life after 4 god damn years. i miss her claires era…. her larme era… ugh everything about her aesthetically then was so much better.

No. 181586

Jesus christ Jillian how more obsessive can you get???

No. 181587

That he looks like her brother and she wants to suck his d

No. 181589

File: 1636672796777.jpeg (113.33 KB, 674x822, 276989D3-A3A6-43FD-9619-963165…)

she's literally obsessed with him. four tweets in the past hour, all in response to a picture of his grandma. some weird parasocial relationship shit.

No. 181590

File: 1636672837310.png (71.84 KB, 300x200, imagen_2021-11-11_172101.png)

>she’s mentioning these people like they’re her friends. She straight up comes across like one of those slightly cracked Twitter stans that tweets about their celebrity obsession constantly to the point that it’s scary.
So fucking true. It's creepy as fuck.

No. 181591

If I was Drew I would be fucking scared out my mind, this creepy clown is so fucking obsessive with him
Honestly this seems very likely, she's also someone who overestimates her relationships.

No. 181614

I wouldn’t be surprised if Drew has her muted, I would if I were him. It’s genuinely getting creepy now and 100% crossing the line from someone you look up to into someone you’re obsessed with.
This is the shit she should be addressing with her therapist, especially since they’re aware she has bpd and is prone to obsessive behavior

No. 181632

Sage for complete tinfoil and maybe armchair diagnosing, but I have this awful, gut-wrenching feeling that Jill is going to start slipping into some sort of age regression, either real or pretend.
Maybe it's just the "stimming" parts of her videos, or her obsession with mentioning how she thinks she looks like a literal child, or her making herself helpless. I desperately want to be wrong.

No. 181639

If I didn’t know these were Internet personalities I’d think that tweet was about family members or close friends. She acts like these people are part of her life when really she just watches videos of them online. Leave your house, Jill.

No. 181646

File: 1636717236351.jpg (130.72 KB, 1080x380, Screenshot_2021-11-12-11-33-01…)

This is extremely funny coming from her

No. 181647

File: 1636717896776.jpg (71.32 KB, 657x1024, 1633441928989.jpg)

kek she's acting like a soyboy simp who is thirsting over his fav twitch/OF thot.
look Jill if you wanna be twitter besties with this dude you're gonna have to donate more than just a measly 50 bucks!
if you want male attention that badly just talk to your boyfriend who lives in the same house, or is he too busy jerking off to star wars tranny porn?
the fact that this youtube funny man looks like a clone of her big brother just adds another layer of creepiness to the whole thing.

No. 181649

>I have this awful, gut-wrenching feeling that Jill is going to start slipping into some sort of age regression, either real or pretend.
You know I was one of the anons who used to make fun of her for wanting to look like a toddler on purpose… now I am very afraid this might happen

No. 181653

She's one of those super delusional fans that want to speak to someone they admire so bad so they start to obsessively try to gain their attention in any way possible, even giving them money in return. They can't take a clue.

This is obviously the wrong way to befriend any content creator… you're dehumanizing them and trying to make things about yourself and how much of a fan you are, without taking into consideration how they feel or what they want.

I think Drew Monson's inbox must be full of her messages too… her creepiness is not welcomed, how hasn't she noticed this yet?

No. 181656

I think she's harassing him intentionally as "revenge" for him criticizing people like her in his video

No. 181661

Nah she’s been obsessed with him for years, I think he just stopped uploading for a long time

No. 181662

I doubt this is revenge but imagine an alcoholic psycho clown following you everywhere trying to befriend you… yeah I bet this is how Drew Monson feels too

No. 181663

So she knows she
1.Dresses like a toddler
2.Has an alcohol problem
3.Visits the liquor store way too often
4.Looks embarassing in her current style
And yet chose to do nothing??
And she doesn't even realize how dumb it sounds to post this either… self owning pair of tweets

No. 181664

Kek she doesn't look youthful at all, she really does look over 30. Her obnoxious clothing is what makes her look retarded like a special needs kid.
Seriously why doesn't she dress colorful but better? she always looks so ugly with every choice she makes

No. 181714

File: 1636745700293.jpeg (346.32 KB, 1170x1264, DBE7C3AD-2F8D-4A3A-B377-06B70D…)

it's finally happening

No. 181715

Thats fucking disgusting.

No. 181716

File: 1636746063440.jpg (52.85 KB, 720x902, tumblr_e63bc7ca5b964af8b768ffb…)

i want to a log so badly right now you guys don't even understand

No. 181717

This is so distasteful

No. 181718

File: 1636746090586.jpg (284.81 KB, 1080x868, Screenshot_20211112-194100_Chr…)

She is so proud look at her bio

No. 181719

I know this has been in the making for a while, but I'm still shocked at the completely bizarre decision to "announce" her mental illness with a fucking cake. I don't think DID is real, but going off of it being believed to come from extreme childhood trauma is even more disgusting.

No. 181721

I want to a-log her so bad. what the fuck is wrong with her to celebrate something like that? And the fact that people are congratulating her sick disgusting all of those people suffer from brain rot.

No. 181722

wow can't wait to see what these three other ocs end up being

No. 181723

I bet my soul one is a precure alter

No. 181724


. . . and yet I still don't buy it.

Oh, this should be fun. What a fucking trainwreck.

No. 181725

She has normal (well, for her) makeup in the announcements, I wonder if the clownsona is an alter lol

No. 181726


All the people saying "congratulations" in the comments.

. . . what hell realm version of reality did I fucking wake up to? What in the fuck is going on??

They're right: we DO have a mental health crisis in our country. Jesus fucking CHRIST.

No. 181727

i was gonna comment about her makeup being slightly more tolerable in these pics…. but it still ain't it.

No. 181728

God it's so hard not to ALOG. Fuck cowtipping, someone needs to call her out and make a fucking video compiling all her insane tweets and behaviors, I can't with this shit

No. 181730

File: 1636746879058.jpeg (154.56 KB, 768x1024, BF0D97C4-DF96-4F74-98AC-8E1479…)

She is so fucking proud of herself. I can’t with the comments and replies. they’re all congratulating her like she’s achieved something? And welcoming her “to the club”

I have been following Jill for years and I never thought it would ever get to this point. I’m actually fucking speechless

I knew it was coming but this is something else

No. 181732

Pixie is set to win cow of the year, jesus fuck. She's worse than Shaynard at this point. If shayna didnt do porn she'd be just another dumb woman online, but jillian is a massive degenerate even WITHOUT doing porn.

No. 181733

File: 1636747161826.png (120.7 KB, 259x275, C101D54F-A792-4545-9B1E-E1C4DF…)

No. 181734

are you fucking serious right now? why the fuck are you celebrating this?

also why even take this diagnosis seriously, you were therapist shopping to get what you wanted anyways

sage for no contribution, only rage

No. 181735


My main takeaway of the day is this:

. . .

my children are never, ever going to see the internet.

No. 181736


I cam sum up all those fancy terms in two words:

fucking psycho

No. 181737

File: 1636747639861.jpeg (212.81 KB, 768x1024, EFF9416D-C0E4-4D55-AF7D-E1ADF3…)

sage for samefag

i didn’t want any anons to miss this shitfest in the replies

No. 181738

this is exactly how I feel. at least not until they’re of a certain age. this is absolutely disgusting, even for Jill. whenever I think she’s sunk low enough, she surprises me by going even lower.

No. 181739

File: 1636748213828.jpeg (236.09 KB, 1170x669, 7BC90A17-CF7E-44D1-B0C4-A1EB1A…)

looks like she’s anticipating some backlash from this

No. 181740

File: 1636748300317.jpeg (836.56 KB, 1170x1236, 35F4F6A7-DE64-480E-A093-7CF7CF…)

also i guess her new alter is named jerrick and they’re 14-16 asexual…

No. 181741

File: 1636748336575.gif (5.11 MB, 640x426, 894859845.gif)

the cake, that little photoshoot to go along with it, the twitter bio, the fucking emojis, all these idiots supporting her…
I feel nothing but rage, how can you be proud of this?
these people are sick in the head but not for the reason they believe, there aren't a bunch of characters inside your "magical head", we all know that and Jill knows that as well.
this is what consuming nothing but mental health shit on twitter and tiktok all day does to you.

following her is just depressing and painful at this point, how can you ruin your own life like this?

No. 181742

What kind of name is Jerrick???

No. 181744

File: 1636748444549.gif (2.27 MB, 480x400, giphy.gif)

the crazy train is officially off the rails, shit's about to get wild

No. 181745

…this reminds me of how a normal person might announce that they got a new job or got engaged. Or how a normal woman her age might announce being pregnant.

No. 181746

I wonder if her mother will finally put her foot down and cut her off. I mean, what a slap in the face. You’re a helicopter parent to your daughter her entire life and see nothing even remotely psychotic and suddenly she claims she’s got this insane disorder? and it’s not the kind of disorder a narc parent would want to show off to her friends, either. Speaking of a job, maybe jilly will finally have to get one if her mom has any sense to say enough is enough lel

No. 181747

Basically celebrating the fact she can now act however she wants and use DID as her shield from rightful backlash, for things such as >>181739
Oops, Jerrick (he/him) did it again!

No. 181748

not sure of the exact timeline, but at some point she stopped mentioning her mother so much. for years and years they were "best friends" but now we hardly see mention of her. does louise still spergout about her lovely daughter like she used to on FB? all i remember seeing was that awful unshooped candid a few threads back where jill looked huge… i think maybe someone isn't mommys favorite anymore. or maybe steebie became her FP.

No. 181749

so the predictions were true and her next video is going to be some kind of "meet my alters" bs right?
people (her fans) have been begging her for a fashion collection video for god knows how long now, I bet she'll exclusively pump out DID related videos now though since it allows her to talk about nothing but herself and all her fun shiny interesting personalities without having to put in any kind of work

No. 181751

>System of 5
Oh holy shit here we go

No. 181753

File: 1636749735158.jpg (440.26 KB, 1080x2140, Screenshot_20211112-204016.jpg)

She's calling herself the pixie system I guess

No. 181755

Putting in my guesses for all the alters nice and early

> Jill (but she’ll mention how Jill is never active or something along those lines)

> Pixie
> VillainySwells/Jerrick
> random child alter with a bunny or cat related name
> precure alter related to food

No. 181756

We did it, joe. I don’t believe that DID is real at all, especially in the way twitter pretends it is, but jill has had none of the life experiences or extended trauma that the diagnosis depends on. She’s a truly vile person and I cannot wait until this all blows up in her face.
I owe the anons who called it months ago a pint, I really didn’t think we would ever get confirmed jill DID, I was sure it was going to be autism.

No. 181757

maybe each one of them will wear one of the outfits

"co-consciousness" as in they're all the same person

No. 181758

File: 1636750357012.gif (574.57 KB, 220x220, choke-out-strangle-you.gif)

How are you gonna cut 5 slices you dumb pig

No. 181759

Surprised she posted this even after her god, drew, made that video calling out shit just like this.

No. 181762


. . . RP has gotten weird in 2021.

No. 181764

fuck this is abysmal. you can work to remove shame and stigma from mental health issues without turning it into a rainby uwu circus, she makes it a joke and does damage to people who actually struggle with shit

she's just excited she can now flaunt the diagnosis and win at the trauma olympics

No. 181765

Honestly, what a fucking shame. Munchie attention-whore meets entry-level counsellor desperate to diagnose something trendy. Be careful girls, no one milks a heifer quite like Steebie.

No. 181766

File: 1636751351582.png (78.15 KB, 784x464, ok.png)

She's truly become just like her confetti club members. Insane genderhair fatties Lol

No. 181767

fucking shit. five petal flower…. she's been planning this… or based alters off her dumb brand.

No. 181768

Oh my god you're right

No. 181770

I think it’s the latter; wanting exactly 5 so she can make more stupid flower infographics.

No. 181774

So she has multiple OCs, is afraid of something that happened in the past that’s probably not traumatic but for a basic bitch like her, it is, she gets anxious when she can’t smoke weed because she’s addicted to it, BPD-chan, and sometimes she forgets to eat/doesn’t feel like eating/eats too much. Good to know.

No. 181775

Co-consciousness??? That’s literally not a thing, a hallmark of real DID is the memory loss that’s one of the reasons it’s so debilitating, it’s also incredibly rare and the mental stress it takes is extreme like torture level of abuse, what the hell are these kids doing, it’s such a messed up thing to larp because the real deal is so intense and the sufferers have gone through unimaginable abuse, you can’t live a cutesy normal life if it’s legit, you would be in a psych ward

No. 181776

File: 1636752105359.png (625.87 KB, 505x584, congratz.png)

sage for absolute autism, I'll take my ban

No. 181777

This is all so stupid. Now there are 5 of them? And it ties into her fashion "brand" RIP?

Yo the sheer fucking tastelessness of >>181714 is just…I'm truly speechless and so disgusted wow. Wow wow wow like some people actually experience horrible trauma in their lives do not larp being an insane multiple personality rainbow clown on the internet while doing absolutely jack shit in their paid for home. They don't fucking celebrate being fucked in the head for life.
Any one of these could be devastating on it's own. I want to smack this bitch so badly holy shit.

No. 181778

kek anon you don't deserve a ban you deserve a pat on the back this is great

No. 181779

File: 1636752503775.png (342.05 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20211112-212501.png)

No. 181780

i absolutely cannot believe this. i was a fan of jillian since she was a senior in high school and i was a child, i looked up and respected her so much at the time and thought she was the peak of success. this is so fucking unbelievable, sage for blog i am just stunned at the length she is going for narc attention. Also the cake picture is fucking glorious, it looks like a meme or banner from here but it’s actually real. cow of the fucking year.

No. 181781

She needs more time to workshop and come up with the other characters kek

No. 181782

File: 1636752646994.png (229.83 KB, 680x450, dd0.png)

>We have a 6 year old

No. 181784

Absolutely needs to be part of the next thread collage.

Anon who was hoping she wasn’t going to start faking age regression - is this worse or better?

No. 181785

The thing is it’s not fucked for life, these kids play acting make a big show of integration being abusive and not what you should do because they don’t want to give up the larp but in the real world integration is actually what the goal should be, so addressing each of the issues that caused a split then what you would be left with is the whole actual person, in this example Jill

No. 181786

It means she meant >>181267 literally. Ah yes alcoholic 6 year old.

No. 181787

So what happens when she's harvesting another UTI from Stevie and her "6 year old" alter kicks in? Cops called? Stevie cancelled for pedophilia? More fake trauma for Jillybean? Lmfao

No. 181788

Get your hat, anon!

No. 181789

Six isn’t old enough to look after yourself well, especially when you were raised by a coddling helicopter parent so what does she do when she is apparently six? How does she do anything for herself, she was driving every day to college at one point, how would she be doing that

No. 181790

fuckin hell, deep down, i was hoping that she sought a REAL diagnosis, but i guess i had too high hopes for pixie the retard, after all. regardless, this destroyed any trust in the canadian mental healthcare system i may have had. somehow a fat narcissistic retard, whose only education in mental disorders has been through twitter and youtube school, had a whole professional counsellor with a master's and the people at the facility where she underwent additional testing FOOLED. if i was jedediah wilson, registered counsellor in fredericton, new brunswick, i would resign from embarrassment. he is not equipped to handle any mental health patients.

No. 181791

The key is the amount of money she dropped, she shopped for doctors the. bought this diagnosis, the majority of doctors won’t even diagnose DID, these ghouls online play acting share information on doctors, think Antivax parents shopping for doctors who will give their child exemption, there is always someone willing to hand out the diagnosis you want if you have the cash

No. 181792

I spat my sandwich when I read this. I am speachless.
Are we supposed to believe that she was doing fine for years, being productive and having a life to now doing wathever the shit this is? Is it because her "fashion school" was a failure? Is it because of Steve? Is it because she's just a munchie? She was always out of touch but it was because her mom coddled her too much. This is just fucked up.

No. 181793

Oh no the stim toys and baby voice are gonna be the “little” alter aren’t they. This is gonna be unbearable

No. 181795

She removed the "baby drag human" bit from "Jerrick"s profile so my bet is a separate drag queen alter.

Also, I'd bet money that the name Jerrick came directly from Jinkx Monsoon.

No. 181797

File: 1636753905026.jpeg (72.74 KB, 731x324, 5B0767B6-2424-4CA5-9EC0-99C599…)

Damn sounds like that shit was on the cake when they bought it too. I can only imagine what that DQ worker was thinking.

No. 181798

"Help" is quite the opposite. She did the right thing going to therapy but due to her already being a retard + this dude preying on her mental illness and encouraging her to get worse, she's completely spiraled. I can't imagine hitting rock bottom worse. This is all so sad to watch. God hope momma vessey steps in and does something about this.

No. 181799

File: 1636754035457.jpeg (315.46 KB, 1170x1098, 74BECC5E-0AFA-465D-BB01-09982A…)

it’s a cringe from me dawg

No. 181802

I fucking RAN here as soon as I saw the TikTok video. Who is surprised? No one!

No. 181803

I can't fucking believe she has a 6yo alter what the fuck cursed knowledge juice did I sip to make this post this morning

This is honestly so depressing. Pixie could've probably made a comfortable living off being a palatable if occasionally cringe kawaii YouTuber, it hurts to see her throw it all away for internet points.

No. 181805

nothing says "i want to recover" like adopting new and creative ways to obsess over your hate comments

No. 181807

>Oldest is 35
Do I even want to see her interpretation of an age she has never been?

This. Lol sorry this is your tax dollars at work.

But you're an adult woman Jillian.

No. 181809

Does she not realized that this is permanently attached to her now?

Her fellow internet weirdos might find this cute and quirky but I'm pretty certain that most normies still have an extremely bad opinion of things like DID and basically just regard you as a deranged, unstable and untrustworthy person, a freak.

Thanks to her publicly posting all of this now, this will always be attached to her real legal name now and can easily be found by anyone who does even a little bit of research on her, not to mention this is also part of her medical record now.

Once DID isn't a trendy thing anymore and she hits her mid/late twenties to thirties I'm sure she won't identify with this stuff anymore and wishes she could just make everyone forget about it.

No. 181810

I like to imagine the conversation with her mother. Prob went like: "Mom, you are actually the mother of six children!", or so.

Btw is possible for jill to get disability with this? Since I highly doubt that her fam will forever support her and the patreon/ytube cash is also disappearing.

No. 181811

File: 1636754968861.jpeg (378.91 KB, 828x771, EAB720DD-8340-4670-9EE9-1070D4…)

I guess we will be getting videos for all the alters

No. 181812

What the fuck would have happened in her life to make her regress mentally into a 6 year old?? Sounds like an excuse for her and Stevie to be into DDLG publicly without being canceled and gaining oppression points

No. 181813

im gonna throw up. who the hell even diagnoses someone w bpd, a disorder where you lie for attention and reinvent yourself everyday, with did? it even confirms that she isnt neurodivergent at all. all the stimming bs is performative and all the disocciation is daydreaming. i hope she falls off a cliff and discovers what its like to actually feel pain for once in her bullshit privileged life.

No. 181814

So, like once she got the diagnosis, THEN she reveals herself? Lol wouldn't it be the other way around if it actually existed and the diagnosis explains why she's acting like she's 5 people?

No. 181815

Why get Adsense money from one video when you can make six?

No. 181816

"because I am" I mean your 14 year old alter that you reply to on your main account one minute later and is also a drag king? Sounds legit and not fake at all. >>181714
So she went back to her normal eyebrows here. And how the FUCK is being diagnosed with multiple personalities a good thing?
Now I know for sure therapists/counseller's/etc can't be trusted because we all know this is bullshit.
>You’re a helicopter parent to your daughter her entire life and see nothing even remotely psychotic and suddenly she claims she’s got this insane disorder?
A disorder associated with extreme childhood abuse no less, amazing what you can pay for these days

No. 181817

Perhaps she can start eating 5x the nuggies and 5x the peeps?

No. 181818

This bitch is really switching accounts to tweet stupid shit in real time.
that would be for "involuntary switches you cant control" as the DID larpers claim

No. 181819

The idea generally is that younger alters are the age the person experienced abuse so part of the psyche splits and then stays stuck there so Jill would have supposedly experienced extreme abuse at six

No. 181820

>”pwofessionawy DX’d”

Sweet baby Jesus this is hilarious. Fucking abhorrent. But hilarious.

No. 181821

Hasn't she had a fairly normal life, too? I was always under the impression that her family was well-off if they were able to keep bankrolling her. This is one of the most extreme cases of bored spoiled attention-seeking child I've ever seen. This is going to follow her for life.

No. 181824

Ah a 6 year old, "I look like I'm 6" when she's buying alcohol in the offie. So her 6 year old alter is an alcoholic.
I have a feeling this is all gonna be like the worst wattpad fanfiction you have ever seen.

No. 181825

You know she’s had that ‘new’ bio cued up for fuckin weeks kek

No. 181826

I’m just…astounded. Where is the amnesia? The confusion in day to day life? The trauma before age nine? DID isn’t a diagnosis you can seek out - it’s one that the people in your life would see first. And…there’s iust nothing in her life that would leave me to believe she had DID.

She purely spend thousands of dollars on a fake diagnosis so that when she started creating DID content no one could question her. Its absolutely disgusting. I’d love to see those documents…

No. 181827

The only remotely traumatic thing to happen is Louise had cancer when she was young but the one time it was mentioned in her content Jill brushed passed it and acted annoyed that the attention wasn’t on her, they were at the tattoo parlour for her botched cat tattoo and louse was also getting a tattoo and mentioned it wasn’t actually her first technically because she had a dot for chemo, Jill seemed pissed

No. 181828

also she literally documented her whole life online since she was a teenager and seemed normal up until she went to the arts and crafts school??? how does she expect everyone with half a brain to fall for that

No. 181829

i was banking on this diagnosis not happening precisely because of this. she is already in a very specific niche of alternative/‘kawaii’/colorful fashion that she at one point was extremely successful in, switching to an extremely different niche like DID vlogging is not only going to alienate whatever is left of her previous audience but also confuse the fuck out of the people who watch DID content because they’re interested in ‘psychology’. There’s a reason most of the popular DID YouTubers just look like normal 30-smth white women at first glance.

No. 181830

Guaranteed one of them is named "Pastel" since I distinctly remember in one of her vids she was about to cut off to an ad saying she'll let "Pastel take it away" or something like that.

No. 181831

In all her old videos she seems comparatively normal, there's no way in hell she didn't just decide to cultivate this mental illness stuff for attention one day. No fucking way.

No. 181832


- Jillian has probably always been the center of attention and was a performer when she was a little kid.

- When her Mom got cancer, the attention was likely taken off her and caused trauma

- This is when and how Jillian developed Borderline Personality Disorder

- The end.

No. 181834

>not to mention this is also part of her medical record now.

It may be different in Canada but from what I've read a psych diag really does fuck you for life. A psychiatrist has to be the one to say you've recovered now/don't need medication anymore, you can't decide that and they can essentially force you to keep taking medication even if you consider yourself recovered.
Zoomers really be fucking up their whole futures for internet attention, if not sex work than stuff like this.

No. 181835

>spend thousands of dollars on a fake diagnosis
That’s Jill all over, really. From the beginning she’s been compensating with $$$. Lolita shit she can’t color match, plastic crap, fast fashion, bargain basement tattoos… imagine spending thousands just so you can say you’ve got 5 personalities. Deranged.

No. 181837

I would imagine she said ‘past-self’, not pastel?

No. 181838

She must’ve had an idea for these alters in her mind when she posted that tweet. Even if it isn’t the 6-year-old who’s buying liquor, by her logic one of the other alters posted that “knowing” there is a 6-year-old in the system. Even by insane DID logic that’s creepy.

Bets on which one is going to be the spicy sex pozzie OnlyFans alter? I want to say the 35-year-old.

No. 181839


Also, I'd be willing to bet that if we ever saw Jillian and her mother interact, we'd see a competitive / somewhat adversarial relationship.

No. 181840

5 “alters”
5 petal flower

Get a job, Jillybean

No. 181842

Oh 100%, her parents could strip her of her legal rights if they wanted to and get power of attorney over her and put her in a psych facility against her wishes if they wanted to, she has chosen such an extreme condition that it would be easy for them to get a judge to rule her incompetent especially when they have nice lawyer money, she should be more careful, she said they put her in a facility when she was acting up with her ED

No. 181843

File: 1636756848534.jpg (45.36 KB, 736x713, c0c31df92aff4eadd23018553f56bf…)


No. 181845

She fought so hard for an excuse to keep the ' neurodivergent ' in her bio but immediately removed it when she got her shiney new diagnosis lmao

No. 181846

I wonder if the ED she had early on could be tied into this too. Sickness gave her mother attention, seems like she learned becoming sick is the way to go.

No. 181847

>and is also a drag king
This part confuses me a bit. Villainy Jerrick whatever started out as a drag king person but is now apparently an asexual 14 year old boy. Didn't Jill go out as this OC of hers to a drag show and drink alcohol whilst wearing weird bondage-esque attire? Isn't that completely inappropriate for a 14 year old to do? I don't believe in DID, but those who do consider it a serious problem if minor alters engage in adult activities or something. I can imagine this to be cancel-worthy to her confetti DID community, but unsurprisingly, I expect nothing will come of it.

No. 181848

She says past jill. You can hear the separation between the T and J sound. She already has her rainby alter with pixie, I don’t think she’ll have another, considering this whole thing seems to be an excuse to dress in different fashion styles while getting asspats.

No. 181849

It feels wrong to want someone to be institutionalized, but how the fuck does she expect to handle it if that was to happen? I can't believe she has spent so much money to make herself so vulnerable and strip herself of so much freedom.

No. 181850

I mean she said before she wanted to play up the ED again that she was cured when Tristan said he would go out with her basically when she got the attention she needed

No. 181851

Samefag but even the "want my dick sucked but can't" tweet featured in the OP makes no sense for an asexual boy. She really is trying to larp as an edgy prepubescent twat spouting slurs on Xbox live or something to avoid maturity. so much to unpack here, i sometimes wish cows and their slow deterioration would actually be researched and become cautionary tales.

No. 181852

She was boohoo so sad when that tik tok DID creator killed herself yet has no self awareness about it, that girl was in and out of psych units, it’s not a fun place to be and play around

No. 181853

File: 1636757543326.jpeg (225.1 KB, 729x440, DA372EF0-434E-401F-B805-900BA4…)

I wonder if the 6 year old will have any kind of internet presence

No. 181854

happy DID era everyone, we made it.
it's crazy because i remember reading her threads when she got her bpd diagnosis in 2019(?) and thinking wow she's really gone downhill, but i figured like most cows shed just keep gaining weight and making cringe content without really deteriorating too badly. now i would genuinely not be surprised if she takes a massive mental health nosedive and gets hospitalised or something, like this shit is just surreal to witness.
also i cannot believe they actually gave her a DID diagnosis… the question of trauma must have come up and she can't have seriously sat there and spoke about her deviantart relationship?

No. 181855

Probably not I have a feeling she’ll go the DissociaDID route

No. 181856

File: 1636758177773.jpeg (16.77 KB, 275x164, 3FC25635-6959-4CD8-A8AF-08491C…)

I’m so mad. She has the most supportive parents ever. She’s so far removed from an extremely painful trauma childhood. I’m tired of her trauma larp.

I don’t really believe in DID as in Split or how the DIDtuber portray it but I’m open to the idea of extremely abused kids having delusional and dissociative episodes. But I’m talking extreme trauma, not “my mom was kinda mean to me but kept me well fed and enrolled in school programs”

What a slap in the face. What’s next, she’s gonna larp growing up poor? I’m tired of those rich white hetero kids who want to fit in and re-invent themselves as queer or having had tough childhoods. Jillian you’re a straight white girl from a first world country where your own family is considered wealthy. Nothing wrong with it. You’re just extremely, extremely lucky.

I just want to see her explain to her mom that she was abused and traumatised at a very young age with no parental attachment. Oh no wait, she’s kinda autismo so I guess having had a bad online relationship when she was a teen will do. You’re all good mom!

No. 181857

sage for old milk. in comparison to this shit her 2019 BPD video actually seems self-aware.

No. 181859

Here’s her first mention of DID lol

No. 181860

File: 1636758604108.jpg (56.63 KB, 540x360, tumblr_678220fbd29cb8a6b63df1a…)

I can't believe my poorly Photoshopped image of making pixie the little in her "system" became real.

That's her alcoholic self that's the alter that goes to the liquor store every night and buys three bottles of rosé.

What even happened with nim or what ever she called herself? Does she even still up load to YouTube? What i know for sure is that Jill is going to try to replace her and become the new mouth piece for DID fakers.

No. 181861

File: 1636758791448.jpeg (110.51 KB, 750x650, D6E49BF7-30F3-49A4-AC9E-636A58…)

In less than a year, you too can have your very own DID diagnosis.

No. 181862

She should've stuck with the therapist who told her she dressed badly instead of her new enabler.

No. 181863

File: 1636759599776.jpeg (77.8 KB, 750x242, C84996CD-A0F7-4FEB-A349-C66154…)

>question 163
this looks like an excellent and totally legitimate means of testing.

No. 181864

im keking my ass off over this i can’t even begin to understand what this is implying

No. 181865

File: 1636760260608.png (284.43 KB, 400x400, imagen_2021-11-12_173747.png)

I'm sorry girls. These news are too much for me. I am both kekking and very effing angry on the verge of a-logging. This is just very sad and pathetic, so much that it actually gives me a pit in my stomach.
I'll see you all in a year when she becomes deathfat and inevitably mutilates herself.

No. 181866

She says all of this with a smile on her face and emojis
She isn't traumatized, she's a clown

No. 181868


tbh it's a relief she went for a fake illness like DID. i thought for sure she'd be going after the ASD dx and there are already too many retarded clown uggos and troons with self-diagnosed tism.

No. 181869

File: 1636761303910.jpeg (81.35 KB, 750x519, 7A724103-ACAC-4015-B4DB-5ACEFA…)

Now now, I’m sure Jed the hypnotherapist is always professional when diagnosing disorders that are thought to be therapist-induced.

No. 181870

This "therapist" sounds so negligent holy shit. He has to have some awareness that she has a youtube channel and online following and can connect the dots and find her if he really wanted to if she hasn't outright shared her sm.

If he's just entertaining her delusions to collect a check, that's beyond unethical. If he sees this obvious larping and consumption of mental health content, as well as her creepy parasocial fixations and thinks "surely this must be DID" he needs to not have a job?

No. 181871

File: 1636762390220.jpg (699.05 KB, 1080x1697, 20211112_201101.jpg)

Holy shit, fresh milk

No. 181873

File: 1636762444350.jpg (516.83 KB, 1080x1696, 20211112_201119.jpg)

Full text thing is long so multiple screenshots incoming

No. 181874

File: 1636762489913.jpg (664.9 KB, 1080x1830, 20211112_201138.jpg)

No. 181875

File: 1636762543340.jpg (988.02 KB, 1080x1659, 20211112_201158.jpg)

Happy DID Diagnosis said absolutely no one ever

No. 181876

File: 1636762585088.jpg (884.82 KB, 1080x1667, 20211112_201215.jpg)

No. 181877


Can you imagine being someone like an aunt or uncle reading something like this? PTSD? From what?


This bitch is throwing away her life.

No. 181878

How have the locals not reported him yet? This quack needs to lose his license.

No. 181879

File: 1636762712236.jpg (151.87 KB, 1080x516, 20211112_201802.jpg)

Her mom's reply feels odd for some reason

No. 181880

Dude that’s fucked up. Her mom is so enabling.

No. 181881


There you go, Mama, now your trauma will never be able to trump Jill's trauma. I guess she wins?

No. 181882

>A beautiful, complex coping mechanism
Why the fuck is she romanticizing it? What the absolute fuck is wrong with her

>if you have known me through different stages of my life

Is she really blaming growing up on DID? she's allowed to not remember people, she's allowed to act different around others. This is a weird ass larp she is playing in order to be an asshole in public.

I bet Jill is seething at the response since she called her Jillian and her "beautiful" baby girl. It really comes off like mama vessey is being publicly kind to save face.

No. 181884

Always has been. Her mother has enabled every maladaptive coping mechanism she has ever had, from shopping addiction to this.

No. 181885

Of course her moms going to be positive and supportive, her daughter is going through a serious mental crisis! She’s probably terrified of what Jills going to do next for that sweet, sweet validation. Not to mention like many anons have pointed out she’s put herself in a very vulnerable position that plenty of people would happily take advantage of.

Wonder if Steve has poa…