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File: 1638342602078.jpg (1.3 MB, 1800x1389, jillian.jpg)

No. 185184

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats things while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnosis that she paid for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ diagnosis with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and struggles to maintain the LARP after only two weeks.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a weeaboo style she no longer personally wears, she now looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Has a youtube channel with an insonsitent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating her fans.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- shit, including clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent.
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, alienating her previous fans.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without futher medical advice.
>Thinks having a counselor = actual therapy. Continues to fake all kinds of symptoms and illnesses to prove she’s sick, making her into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies so much that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from overseas and doesn’t care if the items come from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to criticism and what she has seen in her threads.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image, even claiming her mayor trauma comes from a short lived DeviantArt ex-girlfriend.
>Formerly referred to herself as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother, her partners, and other content creators (in a creepy way).
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience.
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t personally selling anything yet, but plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs. Had a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items.
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, and pretending she can only eat one type of food.
>After frivolously celebrating her “life changing” dissociative identity disorder diagnosis with a cake, she swears there’s 5 different alters living inside her head, making her a real life “five petal flower”. She identifies every personality with an emoji, some of them are: a 13 year old emo boy named Jerrick, and a 6 year old that talks with a lisp.

She says "Explanation if this bullshit?">>182436
DMs another DID larper to talk about herself >>182446
A fan calls her narcissist >>182507
And then she leaves a mean comment on her fan's profile >>182478 >>182503
Defends her larp >>182512
Dropping her uwupositive facade >>182543
"Jerr has nothing to do with the channel" >>182571
Says her did is a trauma barrier >>182573
She says "Wow you are such a vile, putrid human.">>182598
Someone who met her IRL says she cutted in front of everyone once >>182612
She separates her twitter accounts as "gils vs boyz" >>182633
We discover her crazy aunt and her music >>182675
She has a skinwalking cousin >>182695
Says she isn't lying >>182798
She says she has a "thick skin" KEK >>182801
Steve tucks her in bed >>182854
Compilation of her mean comments >>182858
She says "I hope you have the worst day of all time" to a commenter >>182864
More shitty replies to her fans >>182951
Changed pronouns again >>182965
She shits on people with no followers >>183023
Copium after raging against her detractors >>183083
More of her bullshit >>183085
She says spooks >>183207
Insinuating trauma >>183264
She got tested for attention whore disorder too and somehow didn't came positive >>183336
"twitter doesn't understand plurality" >>183424
Aunt Sam is hardworking >>183546
She has vacant eyes >>183576
Strawby troll account weighs in, even though her post sounds exactly like how Jillian pretends to talk with a lisp >>183682
More Drew Monson interaction >>183699
Says she looks under 16 >>183702
Says she looks like she's 6 >>183706
Alter body mod journey begins >>183848
"Jill and our mom made soup" >>183851
Flexes her "diagnosis paper" >>183956
Skin walker cousin weighs in >>183965
Snowflakes try to defend her >>184079
She proudly says doctors think she might have autism too >>184113
Down subscriber count >>184132
Every "alter" is getting an introduction vid >>184136
Stevie is only in a relationship with Jill and not the alters >>184163
Treating DID as a fashion style >>184169
She will do drag as "Jill" and "Jerrick" >>184179
Louise Vessey says her video was good >>184194
Forgets "stevie's song" >>184289
Re-labels her old selfies as "baby jer photos" >>184315
Jillian draws her OC Jerrick >>184322
She's got "Two artistic folks" inside KEK >>184328
School says her sewing is inconsistent >>184334
She says Jerrick is a transman >>184368
The ugly as fuck beanie and new septum piercing >>184443
There's 5 alters and 2 fragments according to her >>184503
She bought a wig for an alter >>184544
A picture of her childhood, she looks completely normal and spoiled >>184578
She thinks google is following every move she makes and can hear her thoughts >>184722
Some random inner mologue shit>>184759
Probable Kin saga? >>184762
Says one of her alters is "intersex" >>184790
Still doesn't know how to name her other ocs- I mean alters >>184799
Says she loves tone indicators despite never using them herself >>184942
She fills out a "plural spectrum tool" that makes 0 sense >>184861
Says she wants to be the first DID drag queen contestant >>184836

Old Threads:

Last thread: >>>/w/182427

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No. 185185

Thanks anon, the other thread was pissing me off. This summary is better and now we have a collage with all her rude bullshit she said and it actually features Jillian in the middle. Hoping farmhand closes the other thread.

No. 185189

Way better threadpic, I can tell this is Jillian's thread now, not with some fugly zoomer attention whore cosplayer in the middle.

No. 185191

Every day with Jillian is like an opening a door on an advent calendar. Who knows what new crazy is behind it?

No. 185193

File: 1638344542724.png (612.41 KB, 607x1859, screencapture-twitter-pixieeel…)

apparently she stopped cutting thanks to her amazing healing DID diagnosis

No. 185195

she's such a fucking handful, typical bpd piece of shit

No. 185197

So making her personality into several characters this year has enabled her to be more self-aware and have literal discussions with herself before she does something? Curing impulsivity by making up OCs to represent your different moods is certainly a new one.
If her therapist was any good I'm sure there could be a less insane way of achieving this.

No. 185200

Maybe she'd stop cutting sooner if her bathroom wasn't gaudy. I too would be upset to the point of self harm if I was in a bubble gum pink poorly lit room.

No. 185202

>Is diagnosed with a condition supposedly caused by severe-ultra-mega-trauma
"I used to cut, but now I don't! Thanks, DID!"

Jill's absolute lack of self-awareness is astounding. Also, kek at her apparently getting triggered by her fucking bathroom.

No. 185204

File: 1638357552197.webm (3.38 MB, 1280x720, hm.webm)


No. 185210

File: 1638359156803.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 5B3F7CB3-B4D3-4CB1-BA2F-F8A651…)

Jill tweeted a bunch of old women she stalks on tiktok but this one stood out. Bonus points for not only having a nightmarish personality disorder jill openly admires but for being an anorexic tranny.

No. 185211

explains how she probably smells

No. 185213

>disgusting weeb cat girl maid get-up in every video
kek checks out

also no wonder Jill is losing it, anyone would go crazy if they consumed this kind of content regularly

No. 185218

The thing with Jill is that she’s still so young. She could have retrained and took her time to find something she truly loved and was good at but instead chose internet points which is going to backfire anyway due to her losing fans with this diagnosis. I was looking back at her old Japan trips and seeing her enthusiasm and pure happiness is something I don’t think we’ll ever see again. We complained about her back then, little did we know how bad she’d get.

No. 185219

This is the part that pisses me off so much. She acts like having a mental illness is super cute quirky fun and should be celebrated when recieving the news should have been devastating to her if she truly didnt have alternative motives. I really worry for her young young fanbase who see this behaviour and start to believe DID will cure them too

No. 185220

File: 1638366836168.png (499.06 KB, 596x1101, 0.png)

>I really worry for her young young fanbase who see this behaviour and start to believe DID will cure them too

tbh I think picrel is Jill's dream, she wants to be treated like a DID influencer

No. 185223

File: 1638368186547.png (646.83 KB, 1080x593, Screenshot_20211201-141225.png)

Ok I fully admit it was creepy to go looking for milk this far down her Twitter feed, but…
14-16 yr old alter talking about how nice it is to be 23 and reminiscing on how confused they were 'back, in their teens…

mmmmHM. Faker.

No. 185224

That is a good catch though. She would probably just blame it on not wanting to “be out” yet with DID or whatever.

No. 185225

File: 1638369802619.png (56.23 KB, 602x540, djsa.png)

Really Jill

No. 185226

100% this is what I (and I'm sure plenty of other people) used to like her for, that genuine unbridled enthusiasm such that even if I didn't like the specific thing (PreCure, makeup, etc) it was fun to hear her talk about it because the excitement felt genuine. Now everything just feels so annoying and performative

No. 185227

>working out

God we really getting ourselves a pixietewi

No. 185228

This is her first step before doctor hopping to get her tits removed. I'd be willing to bet money on this. There is no way her fatboy tits tug on anything, anyway.

No. 185232

She’s what a C cup? Why is she making out like she has double D’s and no bras in stores carry her size?

No. 185233

its because she is fat and needs a large band size.

No. 185234

Anon, she can’t even be consistent with her tenses/pronouns on Twitter, there’s no way she’s get her tits removed. Kek like she has anywhere near that kind of conviction

No. 185235

File: 1638374293114.png (300.03 KB, 595x973, 8aa6ab0b46d7c81b387a59af69568f…)

"Omg those dumb doctors don't even know about my rare disorder I learned from youtube influencer"

No. 185236

that's not how that works, go learn about bras on /g/

No. 185238

She's really talking as if she was an expert and a voice in the community here

No. 185240

I am a DD cup and I go braless no prob
She needs to lose weight and stop slouching to look at TikTok

No. 185244

Pretty sure this is exactly it. She wants to be THE influencer of whatever interest she’s picked up at the time. She goes out of her way to interact with others in the communities she picks, speaks like an authority within them and even when she’s demonstratively bad/lying at it she just doubles down. Her interests become her every time. It’s like she doesn’t know it’s ok to have multiple interests, it’s ok to keep mental health problems private, not everything about her has to be a product to display on her social media.

No. 185249

Tbh sounds like she's scouting the field to see what diagnosis she needs to be the biggest fish in that pond, and for once it would be a believable one at that. Another anon mentioned this in the last thread, Jillian just can't be the runner up at anything, there's already big established DID larpers (who gave her the idea in the first place, as she said herself) so it's not even that tinfoily to think she'd try to aim for some less popular diagnosis just so she could become the one authority everyone worships.

No. 185250

If she had only made more haul and fahsion videos, sticked to jfashion inspired clothes or whatever she was wearing in 2017 (not drag queen/ugly clown quirky shit) and worked a little harder on sewing, that would had been better.

No. 185251

The saddest thing is she actually was a well known alt fashion influencer until her style became shit and she wanted to be a crazy drag queen

No. 185256

Kek, I’m an oldfag who remembers when people used to complain about doctors “gatekeeping” transgender diagnoses on Tumblr back in 2008 and look at where we’ve ended up now. Doctors are handing out hormones and surgeries like Halloween candy to any teen girl with internalized misogyny or any male coomer with a crossdressing fetish. As soon as big pharma comes up with a pill to “treat” DID this shit’s gonna go mainstream and there will be marches on Congress for DID acceptance.

No. 185259

Please no, no more of this please.

No. 185266

There’s already a bunch of idiots on sm advocating for DID awareness/acceptance, and not even in the sense of be aware to be empathetic/compassionate, but in the sense of “I am five people and everyone must accept that, yes even my kitty alter who’ll need a litter box! And if one of my alters hurts you, you can’t blame me!”

No. 185267

>kitty alter
I guess if they’re suffering a life-threatening emergency you take them to the vet?

No. 185269

In her announcement vid she said she hadn’t self harmed in “so so long” but 2-3 months…isn’t a very long time. Given how quickly she’s “improved” with her quack therapist and his multiplicity focused therapy or whatever I’m betting she’s going to be magically cured of this DID within a year once she finds a new thing to make her entire identity.

No. 185271

Got to affirm that alters identity right? But no, instead hospitals would have to retrofit so that when an animal alter comes in they have the appearance of a veterinary practice. The alter who is suffering greatly in their shared headspace (but not actual reality) will get priority over others life saving treatments/surgery, because if you don’t affirm them that might make the alter kill themselves!!!! How could anyone be so cruel as to kill someone’s head mate or whatever the fuck.

No. 185273

Tinsel at the ready! (Where are those poor cats btw? She never mentions them)

No. 185278

how long has she had the therapist even? a year? and didnt stop until her "diagnosis" gained traction. how do we even know shee telling the truth about it when a lot of times her scars are perfectly visible? no doctor would tell you to stop going to the bathroom because of self harm. you put sharp stuff in a lockbox its p much crisis prevention 101. why would you wanna talk to a destructive voice rather than get rid of it? maybe because its totally fine for her to seek out and speak to people just to be an asshole, like her "abuser" or her "bullies" on tiktok and twitter?>>185269

No. 185283

She owns a safety razor, so thats probably why she harms in the bathroom and won't lock it away. She had already relapsed before her morning routine video (where she recommends the razor) you can see her fresh self harm scars above her magical girl thigh tattoo in her precure knee tattoo vlog that was maybe a year before. So thats kind of fucked that she would buy and recommend one of the worst things you can get if you are prone to self harm. Cringing even thinking about it.

No. 185284

she got a cat tree for them recently, it was in the previous thread. So you can maybe expect some cat content at some point, but knowing her shoddy uploading schedule, it'll come out in the new year.

No. 185286

She bought the kawiwi cat tree for herself, not for the benefit of her pets. That rainbie prison 100% reeks of ammonia

No. 185288

Eh your comment is so oddly nitpicky and there’s no evidence her harm has any correlation to her safety razor (unless she directly said it). The bathroom is a good place to self harm because most bathrooms have locks which provide privacy and access to items to clean up blood. It’s just that simple. Saying don’t recommend a safety razor is like saying don’t keep knives in your kitchen drawer. Should we start to ask restaurants to not put steak knives out because someone might harm themselves? It’s dumb and her sharing the space in which she cuts is purely for attention not for help.

No. 185289

What the fuck jill!? Did she seriously do that, I must have missed it. That’s so fucked up. This is why her being a “mental health advocate” is so messed up, she romanticizes her mental health problems and even advocates for having them! Recommending fucking safety razors while showcasing self harm marks and by saying that her DID larp is helping her get better, it just comes across like she’s trying to normalize destructive and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

No. 185291

>Should we start to ask restaurants to not put steak knives out because someone might harm themselves?
You jest nonnie but I could legit see her doing this

No. 185292

I bet in cases of crisis that involve hospitalization they would even forget they have alters.

No. 185293

>She can control her own space and remove items that she might harm herself with
Agreed. I used to cut too and it would had been way worse if I had one of those razers.

I was trying to look for the video where she shows her safety razor and found this instead
>one year ago

No. 185296

I did say morning routine vid. Razor mention is at 4:25

No. 185297

File: 1638408419425.jpg (166.76 KB, 1080x2027, Screenshot_20211202-012336_Tik…)

She's made a tiktok account for her 'alters', furthering her mission on becoming a did influencer. Also judging by the caption, her fragments have now been assigned emojis. I'm curious if the 6 year old will be allowed to make anything kek

No. 185298

what the fuck does the sandwich mean? is she saying her alters are like parts of a sandwich or something?

No. 185301

not in public settings, but mental health facilities are completely devoid of sharp objects for this very reason. its not like she needs knives for her tendies and shes got way more than enough to get laser hair removal if she wants to shave. mental health professionals usually recommend that people on suicide watch rid their entire house of anything sharp, and in extreme cases, anything metal, ropelike, etc, and they wont even let you pee unsupervised. that being said, getting rid of razors is the bare minimum she could do, and steves a shit boyfriend for allowing her to keep them when he knows she harms herself w them.

No. 185302

File: 1638410744734.jpeg (115.7 KB, 750x547, CC69BE97-339F-4D6E-81A0-F7F5A7…)


No. 185303

Is the sandwich an alter? Lmao
Someone post the TikTok video as a WebM please, looks milky

No. 185306

File: 1638411866014.png (141.49 KB, 599x528, Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 9.22…)

She already has a full OC portrait ready.

No. 185309

Y’all leave her alone she’s just hungry

No. 185310

Yeah but who cares. Jill’s home isn’t a mental hospital and she alone has to decide what is safe to have at home or not. Quit nitpicking her razor. Nobody gave a shit about her safety razor until she mentioned the bathroom was triggering so get off this hill. Mind you a lot of things can be used for self harm. If you are triggered to harm yourself with a safety razor, don’t buy one. We can all be assured that Jill’s self harm is a response to not getting enough attention when she demands it.

The comments here are getting just as bad as Jill’s ego. So much arm-charming about safety and mental fragility. There is no responsibility in Jill’s brain for what information she puts out there therefore of course she wouldn’t give a flying fuck about pushing safety razors for herself or potential other self harmers. She doesn’t care and neither should you about how you can shave your legs and cut them at the same time.

No. 185311

Sandwich alter reveal when!?

Why would this not be something people would want to discuss since she’s brought it up again? Nothing wrong with wondering and speculating where the line is for her mental health bs and demonstrating more of her being irresponsible with her online platform, which consists of young teens.

No. 185313

File: 1638415558445.jpg (104.67 KB, 827x514, SmartSelect_20211201-222217_Sa…)

How is this a reveal when she already made a tweet with all these emojis before she even got her "diagnosis"?

No. 185314

I wonder what she would've done had the "professionals" decided she didn't have DID. She literally walked into her diagnosis appointment loaded with names, looks, emojis & ect for all her OCs… how embarrassing.

No. 185315

I bet you anything the flower and the sandwich are the fragments, since she seems to be counting herself (Jill) as an alter for some reason.

No. 185319

Yea especially since we can attribute the club, fire, and strawberry to her 3 main OCs already. God every time apple adds a cute emoji jill is gonna magically gain a new alter to use it

No. 185325

Propably would've just embraced the whole "self-diagnosis is so valid and doctors don't know anything"-sphiel

No. 185330

Does anyone else cringe everytime they read the ‘professionally diagnosed’ line? She wants everyone to know that she’s not like all these other tik tok munchies, because she had the ability to pay for her diagnosis. I know she thinks it gives her credibility (as if anyone could just claim that) but it really just comes off as a humblebrag.

> We’ve been in the mental health system for twelve years

No you haven’t Jill. By your own admission over and over again, you saw a therapist/doctor when you were younger, and then not a single time again until you were in college in your 20’s. That’s not the same as struggling to find a doctor who will help you, or believe you, or find a system that you can actually afford etc like majority of other people struggling with their mental health

No. 185333

isnt it not a teal diagnosis? it was like a diagnostic opinion or whatever

No. 185340

Is the TikTok talking about how people are comparing her to divine? So she's okay with being compared to some one who ate actual dog shit for attention?

It's because Jill hates gatekeeping unless she's the one doing it. So with the "professional DX" it gives her an excuse to be a cunt to people who don't have the financial means to get their game of pretend validated or people who call her out on her bullshit.

No. 185344

File: 1638434249007.png (814.07 KB, 1268x667, jfc.png)

jfc how hard is it to clean up before making a video. You don't even need to clean the whole bathroom, just wipe off the sink, literally takes you five minutes.

No. 185345

This is what happens when you decorate your house in only rainbow shit style and you are away from your parents, you start thinking this style is all you are and you become crazy and feel the need to make up some OCs into edgy styles to compensate.

No. 185349

I cringe every time I see her say professionally dx'd. We saw the paper it's a diagnostic impression. I even feel like she brought up that it was an impression and not for sure.

I know it's autistic as fuck but honestly I just see it as a self dx. She's had all this planned out and we saw it coming a mile away.

She saw it she liked it she wanted it she bought it.

No. 185352

Same, anon.

It's basically if you knew all the answers to an online IQ test, took the test, and then bragged about your high IQ.

No. 185356

I had to rewatch part of the DID coming out video so I could be sure but she says she got the diagnostic impression from her therapist. However, in this clip >>185204 she really makes it sound like she got the paper she is showing from a doctor and refers it as a diagnosis. Would it be possible she never actually got the diagnosis from a real doctor and went with the diagnostic impression from her therapist anyway? I find it odd that she wouldn't show the paper she got from doctor when she sure seems to mention it a lot.

No. 185358

I made the video, sorry, I didn't know if it was confusing or not. She said the paper was her official diagnosis but it says diagnostic impression at the top. So it seems she's had two diagnostic impressions (one from her therapist and one from a group of doctors) and does not realize she needs to go through another doctor to get it finalized. Soooo, shes just wasted 2 grand and embarrassed herself on the internet.

No. 185360

This "diagnostic evaluation" spiel is actually just the appropriate legal wording for this sort of document. In some jurisdictions (Canada included iirc) only psychiatrists can make a valid psych diagnosis, because of laws that regulate only doctors can diagnose. Other professionals can perform the evaluation and provide their diagnostic impression, but then the results are usually referred to a psychiatrist for confirmation, or requested by one to begin with.

That it not to say a psych eval performed by a psychologist is not valid for anything. Psychologists have a know-how of the instruments that psychiatrists are usually not trained in, and a well performed eval is a golden standard for diagnosis of a wide array of mental illnesses. Jill's case in particular, however, the fact her evaluation was performed by her usual counselor sets serious doubts on how valid her results are. Psych evals require a lot of expert training, especially for a niche case such as DID, which would require a very detailed protocol especially to sniff out munchies (am disregarding the discussion of whether this shit is real or not, it's not the point). Even if her counselor does have previous training, if he is indeed as inexperienced as previous anons pointed out, then it'd be irresponsible for him to perform evaluation of such a risky disorder without supervision, even worse of a client of his (bc bias). The responsible thing would have been to refer her to a psychiatrist and to a seasoned evaluator for further testing, and to continue her usual therapy privately. Though, again, we only have Jill's word that he performed it, and she's not only a liar through and through but already twisting the results she did get. It's also just as likely that he is doing shit regardless of ethics just because she is a good paycheck.

Source: work with psycho eval.

No. 185364

As far as I understood, didn't her hack therapist refer her to some professional place which did an evaluation for one grand? They seem to have done the usual 2-3hr full run and then she just went to her therapist with her results, no psychiatrist?

No. 185368

I want to see this shit so badly, I hope she releases her videos and OC art in time for the holidays

No. 185370

God what if someone he works with sees the shit Jill is posting? Therapists typically work for a firm right?

No. 185373

Can anyone verify if he has a private practice? I don’t remember what his name was.

No. 185375

Very well worded and explained anonette, this is very insightful.

As for Jill, I do think she has convinced herself she had DID. As in for her this is real right now. There is some hope for her to gain insight in the upcoming years and her discreetly quitting her public image to live a normal boring life.

No. 185380

File: 1638461302396.jpeg (481.71 KB, 1066x1044, C1AE496D-00EB-4810-A24B-70B5D9…)

this was her trauma…….?

No. 185381

That can't be true considering how loving her family is though? This is such a slap on the face towards them.

No. 185382

Holy shit her trauma that caused a serious mental disorder is literally just "I didn't get enough praise and attention"

No. 185383

So she got DID… Because she was alone? That just reads as someone with BPD going off the rails.
Insane tinfoil ahead but I wonder if her therapist got her this diagnosis to force some actual medication down her throat (instead of just weed). Like, the doctors knowing there was no reasoning with her and trying a different method? And maybe thats why her family is so calm with all this, the doctors told them what was going on.

No. 185385

File: 1638463702301.jpeg (9.66 KB, 225x224, download.jpeg)

Guys, she devined the presence of sandwich alter using the soundest of medical advice!

No. 185387

$100 bucks the sandwich fragment is related to her EDNOS, locking this one in now,

No. 185390

This reads so narcissistic lol

"My trauma is that no one recognizes my divine perfection and kisses my feet for everything i do!". Shut up jill lol. Why do I feel like this is specifically about when she didn't get cast how she wanted in that dumb play?

No. 185392

We narrowed it down before to three people in NB. Craig Shaw, Jedidiah Wilson and one other that I do not remember the name but they looked trans. I dont remember them having their own firms though

No. 185398

Lol guess y'all were right when you said she was mad she didn't get enough attention when her mom had cancer

No. 185400

it's jed. she said herself in her live that her therapist's name was jed.

No. 185402

Jed alter when???

No. 185404

100%. fragments are supposed to help with “one task”. so the sandwich alter is probably the one that “helps” her eat

No. 185410

Question: do you think Jill will be eligible to do the cosplay group numbers at cons by herself since she contains multitudes such as sandwich and edgelord?

No. 185413

If she is saying that this is the chase of her DID when there are people out in the world that get sexually abused and raped by their own parents. She's a lost cause there's no helping her if she thinks that warrants a DID diagnosis when most people who actually have DID experienced long-term abuse.

No. 185414

So jill are you claiming neglect now? Your helicopter mother managed to do that

No. 185418

>tfw you get trauma from your lack of trauma

No. 185422

what the fuck. She was loved, cared for, bonded with friends.
I don't know if I should laugh or get massively angry.

No. 185424

There's nothing more fake queer than a straight girl in a straight relationship larping as intersex and trans people. I hate her. This is considering that the word queer is stupid by itself.

No. 185425

>when you have trauma out of not having trauma

No. 185426

blog but my dad actually fired a gun at my mom once and it has been a major source of trauma for me through the years, I can't deal with loud sounds very well. This upsets me greatly, and feels very offensive to me.

No. 185427

File: 1638477555956.jpeg (202.03 KB, 1170x1017, BEE83B16-047B-4B63-BBE6-200ED2…)

her likes on “jerrick’s” account are too fucking funny… she clearly views DID as “alter disorder”.

No. 185428

does she not realize she has no fucking trauma

No. 185429

I think she’s just LARPing and grasping at straws to make it seem real. She doesn’t actually believe her own bullshit. There’s no way.

No. 185430

That’s her trauma, that she has no trauma.

No. 185433

I have a question since this is your line of work, are munchies a real concern? Are they common enough that psychs have to be on the lookout for them when they do evaluations? I just assumed they were a tiny minority and there weren’t enough of them to make it a necessity to be on the lookout for them. Is faking mental illness actually a more widespread thing than I’m imagining?

No. 185434

File: 1638478100973.png (1.15 MB, 977x770, iwantherback.png)

No. 185441

If it was an alter that makes sure she eats (very real former ed and all) “sammy” be fronting 90% of the time these days

No. 185450

In her DID video she mentions cutting recently. How do people believe her she can't even keep any of her stories straight at all.

No. 185451

You have to be more out of touch with reality than Jill herself to come up with this tinfoil

No. 185454


Your full name is showing from this Tiktok link. When you link TikToks like this it shows your account

No. 185457

nta but similar experience: yes lol. literally most (if not all) evaluations take into account the possibility of faking, though they dont refer to it as that of course. mental illness is one of the more common targets for munchies (along with chronic pain disorders) because they relate to subjective experience and are (nearly always, exceptions sometimes for neurodevelopmental stuff) not dxed based on objective physical testing (because they cant be, dont get me wrong anon im not some biopsych retard).
nearly all people who fake mental illness do genuinely meet criteria for other diagnoses (cough, BPD) but they dont covet the diagnoses they actually qualify for so attempt (often really poorly) to fake something more "interesting", or something that will give them rx access to fun drugs like benzos or stims.

No. 185459

gross bitch, fucking hate her, disgusting

No. 185462

File: 1638495851188.jpg (201.6 KB, 1076x938, SmartSelect_20211202-203753_Ti…)

Yup, sandwich is a fragment.

No. 185467

>"Sandwich is a fragment"
I can't believe this is where we're at now

No. 185468

to the tune of bunny is a rider sandwich is a fragment

No. 185469

"revealed" interesting choice of words

No. 185471

same, I would fucking kill to have the life she was given. Seriously cannot believe she threw everything away because she so desperately wants to be heckin pure uwu kawaii disabled queer princess

No. 185474

Fuck, sammich alter is going to eat her cat.

This tiktok is super boring and we all know it should of been a chicken nugget emoji, Jill. Give us an alter video, we need the milk.

No. 185475

Yes Jill, but the difference between you and Multiplicity and Me is that Jess experienced violent sexual trauma repeatedly as a child, as well as lacking the care etc that a child should have

No. 185477

it's meta trauma, extra-special like our queen

No. 185482

These DID larping bitches have spent too much time watching Steven Universe, I swear to fucking Christ.

No. 185492

File: 1638518073851.png (32.96 KB, 597x370, fff.PNG)

Maybe the sandwich fragment is just based on some precure shit, kek

No. 185495

The cringe and second hand embarrassment is getting to be too much for me, anons. I can’t handle it. She is actually quite mentally ill, though not in the way that she wants to be.

No. 185496

I just don't see how she will do this DID thing long term. She's been waiting over a year slowly putting things out there to make people think that it makes sense for her to have it but seems like she doesn't know what it is because she can't keep her story straight. She already changed her mind on her whole story a few times now. She had a year or so to create her DID larp and can't even keep track of things.

No. 185501

File: 1638540427099.gif (10.92 MB, 650x366, Insaneee.gif)

Felt it was too good not to make into a gif

No. 185502

Man, I miss banners–with a little resizing this is perfect. All hail Jillian: The Only Reason to Hang Around /w/

No. 185503

I can't believe we got from the speculation to here so quickly

MultiplicityandMe is still pretty out there though, with her alters being a married ship and "living" in different locations from her like the one being in Hollywood, I'm curious if Jill will have elements like that in her alter intro videos too

No. 185504

Cptsd as a result of emotional neglect is a real thing and results in attachment issues as well. But that it would lead to DID is an atrocious claim. None of that makes sense. I also wonder what she thinks of for instance the Turpin children and similar cases. So much worse trauma that didn't lead to them becoming retarded Clowns

No. 185505

wish I could be a fly on the wall during their Xmas dinner tbh

imagine Jill explaining to her elderly grandma that she has a super serious trauma PTSD disorder caused by the fact that she uh, didn't experience any real trauma, and due to this she is actually 5-7 people now, including a 6 year old child and 35 year old man
also her possibly throwing a fit the whole time because that terribly mean relative still decided to come(?), even after she sent some embarrassing email kek

No. 185506

File: 1638543883705.gif (3.09 MB, 600x200, Insaneeebanner.gif)

lol you already guessed my intentions

No. 185507

File: 1638544236949.png (48.49 KB, 593x435, e13dca1ba23451310500260149e556…)

How handy to have alter for cleaning and all the boring stuff. Pixie can concentrate on the bullshit full time.

No. 185508

It's almost like, as a person, you fulfill different roles in life that require different attitudes and skills, so you adjust to whichever role you have to fulfill.

No. 185509

people with DID usually took years of therapy to figure out what each alter does, what their role is, "who" they even are and why they exist. Her therapist is such a quack

No. 185510

Seriously. Anyone could claim that they have DID like this.
Sometimes you have to do boring repetitive adult tasks, sometimes you enjoy childish things, sometimes you wear black clothes and sometimes rainbow stuff. That's just being a human lol.
Everyone acts differently depending on what situation they're in or who they are interacting with.
Same goes for dressing differently on different days, even changing your tone of voice depending on who are you are talking to and mirroring gestures of conversation partners.
I… really don't understand why this is such a difficult thing to grasp for her.

>People with DID have varying levels of awareness about their switching. Often people will experience some kind of physical symptom, like headaches, just before or after switching occurs. Loosing track of time could be another indicator that a person switched. Obviously finding yourself in a place or situation in which you have no idea how you got there is a sign that you have switched. It is normal for switching to occur at inopportune times, which can be disruptive and problematic for the host. In addition, switching at inappropriate times can be frightening to the alters.

Whenever Jill talks about switching it sounds like it's no big deal at all, like she has perfect control over it and no side effects whatsoever. Whenever she does the dishes she just quickly switches over to a different alter?

No. 185512

Wait, the rainbow is Jills sign off isn’t it? So is she trying to say that “Jill” is an alter… she can’t keep this shit straight. And that after 6 months she can switch on a dime and communicate with all infinity of her super traumatized alters… like fuck off. If anything she spent 6 months learning and practicing her DID larp and thought she was ready to take the act to the stage but forgot how terrible she is at sticking to anything. She’s either going to get bored or get worse as she works out how to get the reactions she wants from people. Wondering if her splitting and internal communication will get conveniently worse as she gets better at maintaining multiple aesthetic accounts.

No. 185514

If she had real trauma she would have told everyone years ago, how many times does she act like every small thing is a big deal and makes a million videos trying to get sympathy. If anything her brother probably had it worse growing up as it's clear she's the favorite.

No. 185515

Yeah. She even has twitter conversations with herself switching the accounts in matter of minutes. So much for that amnesia, which makes DID different from OSDD.

No. 185516

She can't even keep her characters straight already. Does she not understanding that having different interests and liking different things at different times isn't DID? That people also interact with different people differently? All her past videos talking about her highschool life don't even make sense now. She's been online so long that pretty much all her content debunks itself. She's already losing track of the story

No. 185517

Even if she had it wouldn't it take years to understand who is who and what's happening and to have th front all the time? And even come out and actively say who is who? Isn't the point of the mental illness to not tell anyone and to hide it? But she was able to tell the doctor how many she had already and what they all do?

No. 185519

not to give her any ideas, but i’ve seen DID larpers claim their “alter” had some kind of horrific trauma that they themselves never experienced. waiting for her fake alters fake trauma saga with the release of those intro videos

No. 185520

samefag, but calling now that the “intersex” one has medical trauma associated with actually being intersex

No. 185521

How can an alter be intersex? That's a medical condition you are born with….

No. 185522

yep, she claimed one of them was intersex in her “brain world appearance” or some shit. literally so offensive to people who actually live with that

No. 185523

If your comment has no milk put sage in the e-mail field

No. 185526

So, she's even witnessed other DID youtubers get canceled for saying their people were different races, etc but she decided to say intersex as if that wouldn't be a problem too? How does anyone fall for her shit?

No. 185527

To be honest I'm really bummed how she had a year to practice this lie and she's so bad at it. This isn't even enjoyable how awful she is.

No. 185528

File: 1638554823483.png (18 KB, 600x201, 01bd77752a0d9af6cafb39d968b8ac…)

lmao she's still gunning for that autism next.

No. 185531

File: 1638555902506.gif (1.05 MB, 498x249, iu.gif)

Everyone who puts on a high pitch voice when interacting with small fluffy animals is actually summoning their animal-interacting alter, everyone who puts on a more serious voice when talking to their boss or strangers on the phone is summoning their work alter, people who dress differently on the weekends are summoning alters, all actors actually generate internal personas for their characters, all musicians who change image between albums are summoning different alters, everyone has alters!

No. 185537


Sorry, anon, I hadn't seen your reply before. Munchies are not absurdly common in psych eval, but they are an always present concern (I imagine it is so in most medical fields). Usually, due to how symptoms of different disorders may overlap or correlate, we need to be very careful in test selection, application and qualitative eval (meaning actually watching the person perform, doing background research, interviewing individuals who know them, noticing behavioral patterns on application, and a lot of other things) in order to perform an accurate differential suggestion, instead of just sending back to the original doctor/therapist a list of 20 possible disorders. This has the added benefit of making it harder for a person to fully fake a disorder. However, not all professionals work with this level of criteria, be it because they don't care, because they made mistakes, or because of limited resources in whatever context they practice in. So surely, some Munchies do manage to be diagnosed regardless. Jill herself is a perfect example.

I'd say we look out more for munchies while evaluating disorders that receive more attention in the media or from society overall, which give more people the motivation to try to fake a mental illness. I expect neurodevelopmental focused evaluators are receiving more requests for evaluation of Asperger's or Tourette's now, for example, given the prominence of both in social media last year. And in a "unique" disorder like DID, it'd just be wise to keep an eye out for munchies, given that it is a rare case where more people claim socially to have a disorder than literature suggests being possible.

Bottom line is that munchies are not widespread or common, but you'll meet your quota of them over your career, so it never hurts to be careful. And I second the anons who mentioned before wanting to see the videos of Jill switching during the evaluation. I'd very much like to watch that, for science.

No. 185539

Who wants to bet that she thinks DSDs are like hermaphroditism, and that she’s picturing this alter with two sets of genitalia? [insert joke about her pegging Steebie here]

No. 185540

Kekkkkk she could give abuela Lori a run for her money

No. 185541

Do you think it’s that she plans to larp one of her alters as having autism or whatever? Is she going to collect all the diagnoses with her alters, so she can truly be the most special and unique oppressed snowflake?
Maybe she’s just trying to fill out her mental illness bingo card.

No. 185543

I also turn into a sandwich alter when I'm hungry

No. 185545

I can see that. A ftm alter, an intersex alter, an autistic alter. She can really catch 'em all with the self diagnoses that way, because how could people expect her alters to get diagnosed, or something.

No. 185546

if that were the case then why is her house a fucking mess? kek

No. 185547

If each alter can have independent medical and mental health issues, does that mean only one of her alters has BPD? It is a personally disorder after all, and alters are supposedly different personalities within the same body. I wonder if we’ll see a split of diagnoses that were made pre-DID that affect the entire ‘system’ and diagnoses made (or fished for) post-DID that only affect specific OCs alters.

No. 185548

I know it goes without saying, but that would be kind of gross on her part though it wouldn't surprise me. I know the brain is complex, but it seems extremely implausible for only certain "parts" of oneself to have a disorder that causes the brain to develop differently on a fundamental neurological level from birth. Acting like neurodevelopmental disorders are something that can just be turned on and off would be extremely disparaging and disrespectful to people who actually live with them.

No. 185549

File: 1638567855882.gif (1.34 MB, 300x100, 1638540427099.gif)

Made it better

No. 185550

This is way better thanks anon

No. 185551

I guess that depends on whether she applied the BPD label to herself or an "alter," not that it makes a difference since it's just her anyway

No. 185552

Calling it now, the six year old alter will be the one who has autism.

No. 185554

fresh milk https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8WdSmB7/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 185555

An animal and a fictive? Good lord

No. 185556

File: 1638569974452.png (331.9 KB, 536x578, mierda.png)

Can you fucking newfags at least include a screenshot?

No. 185557

I'm just glad she doesn't have a Drew Monson factive

No. 185558

I hope that it is a cow at least.

No. 185559


Calling it now: she's into petplay

No. 185560

File: 1638570304204.webm (8.75 MB, 576x1024, 03122021.webm)

webm version

No. 185561

thank you. This is fucking cringe kek

No. 185562

correct me on this if i'm wrong but trauma (and your body's response to trauma) is, by definition, caused due to an external factor (aka something that happens outside of yourself/your mind). while it's true that some trauma can be stem from witnessing a distressful/violent situation (e.g: witnessing an accident you're not a part of, witnessing violence, witnessing sexual abuse, etc.), it's very much something that does happen outside of yourself.

not getting attention when a family member is undergoing a severe, life-challenging illness as a child is a shitty thing that can make a dent in a child's psychology but it's not something traumatic in on itself to the degree where you develop A DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER, jillian, and no psychologist or psychiatrist worth their salt is ever going to validate that

No. 185563

Ohhhh my godd, I am loving this milk!! Ugh, please don't let any cowtippers ruin this with "boolying" so she continues to share. Every new tiktok is glorious but the intro video where she explains her OCs and their "functions" is what I am adding to my Christmas list.

No. 185564

The fuck is a reformed persecutor in DID terms?

Also, Jill, brush your tongue. I know teenage boys have a bad rep for hygiene practices but Jerrick isn't fronting all the time.

No. 185565

File: 1638570825256.png (299.77 KB, 354x368, caca.png)

This is a "put a finger down system edition video", these where the questions:

>Put a finger down if you were self diagnosed

Said no
>Put a finger down if you feel like you are constantly faking
Said no while making this shayna face (pic related)
>Put a finger down if you don't know who's fronting right now
Said yes, laughed, and she looks suspicious as fuck
>Put a finger down if you are out to anyone as a system in real life
Said yes while closing her eyes and nodding
>Put a finger down if you have or want a medical diagnosis
Grinned and said yes
>Put a finger down if you are tired of being ask "How did you get DID"?
Throws fists into the air, nods and says yes
>Put a finger down if any if your system mates are animals
Closes her fists in agrement and tries not to laugh, wriggles her body around, her eyes open wide
>Put a finger down if any of your system mates are fictive
She puts a finger down while biting her fist, but also says no with her head
>Put a finger down if any of your system mates is a reformed persecutor
Makes a face in disagreement, and isn't sure if she should put her finger down or not
>Put a finger down if you think you are a valid system
Gets crazy, tongue out, middle finger up

No. 185566

i believe a persecutor is someone who tries to harm the rest of the system? like an evil alter kek

No. 185567

a supervillian alter KEK

No. 185568

So she’s saying she has an animal, a fictive (probably the precure/little), AND that one of the alters is a “reformed persecutor” kek

any guesses what we think the “abusive” alter might be?

No. 185569

maybe its the sandwich alter

No. 185570

tinfoil: the sandwich alter is abusive because it can only eat sandwiches and chicken tendies

No. 185571

Listen who am I to pick apart the logic of thee tumblr cliche mentol illwness but I thought the whole point of alters was to protect the original personality. Why the fuck would you develop an identity that was actively trying to hurt you? surely that would be a different diagnosis entirely? Anyway calling that the animal alter is a cat and she’ll buy a cat ear and tail set to wear when it’s ‘fronting’.

No. 185572

Honestly? I kinda think this is it, it was her ebil anorexia alter and now it is reformed because it can eat tendies and cake.

No. 185573

It also feels as if Jillian is the fronting one or something, idk wasn't Jillian the one supposed to be protected?

No. 185574

>A common type of alter, often acts in a harmful way but there is a protective logic behind a persecutor's actions. Persecutors often have a distorted view of reality, and may disrupt therapy or intentionally injure the person's body, for example to punish child alters for disclosing abuse that has been kept secret. All alters "should be treated with equal kindness," despite their behaviors, and persecutors are often seen as "misguided protectors" which can be negotiated with. Some persecutors may threaten to "kill off" the ANP (host) and appear to have no positive or protective intentions, however these can still be engaged. Some persecutors may be introjects of abusers

No. 185575

it should go back to being evil for the sake of her health

No. 185576

this youtube video was deleted so I reuploaded it

No. 185577

Many of us in this thread would kill for the childhood she had. She had everything, never went hungry, never got beaten, never lived in a crack den, never got sexually abused, never had to see a parent ODing, never got neglected, etc. I'm sure many anons here have experienced some of what I listed (myself included) and it's insulting. I used to think she was a harmless cow years ago but now she's just evil, larping as a trauma victim.
Side note but I've met a girl just like Jill who lived a cushy middle class life but would argue with you about how "she can't believe she's survived everything she's been through." They will get angry at people with real trauma and try to one up them. For narcissists like Jill, not being praised and loved constantly IS an attack. Not being made the center of attention and not being awarded for being better than everyone else is like a violent crime to these people. They legitimately view it as you harming them and doing something wrong to them. Insanity.

Anon, can you post the gif without text? I'll whip up a decent banner since the ones posted are weirdly squished. Ty.

No. 185582

>I thought the whole point of alters was to protect the original personality

Admittedly I know jack about DID but Jill doesn’t seem to have a original personality to ‘protect’ lol she’s shallow af. None of her ~interests~ have ever consisted of much more than screeching I WUV uwu and pissing away $$$ to look like biggest fan. Dropping thousands for a “diagnostic impression” was always gonna happen

No. 185583

File: 1638574252606.gif (10.66 MB, 600x338, SuperInsane.gif)

Damn, I wonder why it got taken down originally. Jill would have raged on Twitter already if she finding it was the reason. Thank you for reuploading it for me. Much appreciated

Here you go

No. 185584

kek love it

if you make a banner please upload it to the banner thread in /meta/

No. 185587

File: 1638575253531.jpg (33.4 KB, 261x275, Screenshot_20211203-180951_Tik…)

Appreciate the transcript, kek

>Put a finger down if you have or want a medical diagnosis

Grinned and said yes

>pic related hfw she says this

Oh but you don't need that kind of trauma to get DID nonnie, you can just feel alone and that can do it.

No. 185588

The whole point of DID is to protect the host from severe stress related to past trauma. Basically to protect the hosts psyche from breaking further. This works because the host has amnesia and won’t remember anything. So anyone that says they have DID and knows all their alters and all their personalities and what’s happening when their alters front is faking. If and when someone DOES get diagnosed with DID (which will be rarely as psychiatrists try to avoid slapping that label onto someone for their entire life) the whole point of therapy is to integrate any alters, NOT keep defining alter personalities.

Tldr: real DID is rare and everyone is faking

No. 185590

Pixie made it to a fakedisordercringe yt compilation about 2 hours ago on a channel called “ compilationchannel” at the very end it’s actually so funny. I can’t link it so sage for that but I’m not sure how to on mobile I’m new to posting sorry

No. 185591

>The whole point of DID is to protect the host from severe stress related to past trauma
ayrt, ty. I didn’t realise getting picked for Frenchie instead of Sandy hit that hard

No. 185592

How the fuck can she have a ‘reformed’ anything, she supposedly only properly discovered she had DID two seconds ago.

Munchie Olympics: Speedrun Edition

No. 185597

File: 1638578511768.png (369.61 KB, 1063x565, pixieaboutme.png)

I still can't get over the about me page on her website. The level of over-sharing was insane to me even when I first read it, just as someone who used to watch her videos.

>Mom and dad gave us a wholesome childhood - I have always felt really lucky to grow up in such an encouraging and supportive environment - they were generally great parents.

>But muh genetics…

I'm gonna lose it if she ever says her clinical trauma is from dating someone via Deviantart when she was 12. Oh wait, she literally did on that very page.
But as for DID-causing trauma specifically…even her fans have got to be wondering by now, and AFAIK it's something that all the "legit" DID creators at least touch on.
I can't wait. Inb4 she says she wrote all that because "the alters were just doing their job sooo well that I couldn't remember!"

No. 185600


No. 185601

>Wholesome childhood
>I have always felt really lucky to grow up in such an encouraging and supportive enviorment

No. 185605

What if sandwich alter is a fictive of shaggy from Scooby Doo. It isn't her that's smoking all that weed it's Shaggy.

What I imagine her family is also wondering what trauma she experienced to have garnered a DID "diagnosis"

I imagine a persecutor is a personality that actively harms the body. For example a hyper sexual "alter" that would have multiple unprotected sex partners or would self harm. And since Jill finally got the attention and diagnosis she wanted she could tell her "alter" to stop.

No. 185606

File: 1638581713175.gif (1.75 MB, 300x100, 163857602369355614 111.gif)

Thank you, I just hate seeing gifs all squished down but it's up to anons which one they like more!
Done! I've made a few of her banners currently in use already and feel like she's so easy to make into a banner She's always spazzing out randomly in her videos like a retard. Is this what she thinks stimming is? Kek

No. 185607

File: 1638581881661.jpeg (787.47 KB, 1125x1422, 184D4F1A-7D30-4EA1-984E-A2EED2…)

didn’t see this here but I might just be stupid. since we are talking about the persecutor.

No. 185609

so… her “evil alter” is a 14 year old boy… lol

No. 185610

File: 1638582899832.jpeg (385.4 KB, 1170x1860, 89A020D3-2072-46BE-9683-AFDB30…)

please oh please let her spend her money on this bullshit to broadcast her fake diagnosis to everyone. or will she just beg mom to buy it because it makes her feel more ~valid~

No. 185611

My guess/tinfoil is she's trying to say she isn't the one cutting herself but Jerrick is.

No. 185612

File: 1638583170791.jpeg (203.41 KB, 1170x487, 26094F83-D9BA-43E5-98EC-6E2388…)

>still undiagnosed autistic
so you're admitting you're just looking for that diagnosis? no one with good, curious intentions would word it this way, but what do you expect I guess

No. 185613

>steven universe profile pic

No. 185614

Did she google this on purpose?

No. 185615

File: 1638583378202.jpeg (626.22 KB, 1170x1426, 8FD6C6F9-890E-4045-A9C0-A81211…)

yep. jerdick “kins” her apparently. this gets crazier by the second

No. 185616

Great, love it anon
So her trans identified drag queen alter is a persecutor? KEK

No. 185617

File: 1638584137797.jpeg (528.95 KB, 1170x1168, B73250F5-0F85-49DB-AD16-BD3CEA…)

multiple people on this tweet were saying that jerrick’s body language is different from jill’s but it looks like the same retarded sperging as usual

No. 185618

File: 1638584671198.jpeg (524.38 KB, 1170x746, 1CE9CB3D-53D3-4D69-A611-888B3E…)

for fucks sake, we don’t need a video meeting jill. we want to meet the 6 year old and the 35 year old man.

No. 185620

personally im excited for sandwich

No. 185622

Between the cake, wig, accessories etc her shopping addiction is really back in full force…she doesn't know how to have a thought or feeling without the need to buy something to validate it.

I guess that's what happens when you grow up spoiled.

No. 185623

Incredible. She has such control over her alters she knows who's fronting at any point, they all talk to each other, she can flip between Twitter accounts to talk to herself and now……she can plan her switching to make convenient little alter intros. Fantastic can't wait.

This will follow you forever Jill.

No. 185624

I’m looking forward to the animal alter, someone else is going to have to cofront though so I hope it’s sandwich

No. 185625

It's like she gets fatter every post dear lord when's it gonna stop!?

No. 185628

I'm convinced the pink flower emoji fragment is her precure fictive - probably Cure Flora since she cosplayed her

No. 185629

Let me guess, is this the 30 yr old alter? Because everyone knows all 30 year olds do is cook clean and drive

No. 185632

File: 1638594695867.png (227.65 KB, 758x641, Screenshot (1438).png)

Didn't she also neglect and abandon her partner when she was dealing with the traumatic death of her hamster?

No. 185633

I don't get it, she deletes comments too KEK why is she complaining? if she deletes shit,surely everyone else can too.
Another day goes by and she's hypocrital as fuck as always

No. 185634

Wtf when did she just try to find a weird character that reminds her of her OC? this is getting off hand

No. 185635

This is ironic because she's doing the same exact thing on her DID coming out video. She views what people do to her as bulling but then proceeds to bully Gus (I'm not defending him but how can she be so tone deaf?)

No. 185638


>Do you feel like you're faking?

<Pixie frantically shaking her head

See. This is what gets me. Being diagnosed with an disorder, especially a rare one, which is a social media trend at the moment would give you imposter syndrome and that's normal, if you're actually ill and dealing with this.

But she just can't give an inch to the fake claims.

No. 185639

File: 1638598347128.webm (243.93 KB, 526x524, cringe.webm)

j e s u s

No. 185640

I mean anon this is just her BPD self doing "digital self-harm". She's innocent even when caught.

No. 185642

don't you get it nonna? when she said the n word on ask.fm years ago it wasnt actually pixie.. it was someone else in her head, absolving her of the guilt!

No. 185646

File: 1638610430451.png (169.05 KB, 611x555, 7d95d30f82dd08dc33bddb88fb2f60…)

Foreshadowing to the alter video

No. 185647

But Jill, then you have less of an excuse to do full costume changes and buy entirely new outfits for each alter!

No. 185648

Proof Steven Universe induces brainrot

No. 185649

This is an excuse to buy more shit

A real sick person wouldn't have time to rotate shit on their neck
They would be afraid for their lives when switching because of trauma
I hate her and her "don't ask my how I got DID" schpiel is a disgusting excuse so no one ever asks her even though she over shares everything

No. 185650

Someone convert this WebM into a gif lol

No. 185659

File: 1638623579323.jpg (37.17 KB, 537x527, NHiYQiL.jpg)

>ur body language is really distinctive
what? Jill's reply is telling too, why even say thank you? of course she takes it as a compliment for her acting lol
also, animal alter? is one of the main alters an animal then? she already gave ages for her alters though, is one of her personalities just a very elderly 21 year old cat or what? I feel like I lose braincells every time I find out more about this DID stuff

the steven universe kinning is just the cherry on top of all this cringe

No. 185660

I don't even think Peridot really fits Jerrick. Thinking it's one of the characters she likes that's also green because colour is more important than personality.

No. 185662

File: 1638625766651.jpg (23.55 KB, 540x309, tumblr_15b19d3be5a7fdf4521db6b…)

didn't she say before that she heavily identified with this character because it's a BPD representation or something?
and also she referenced some ship from SU before with the whole 'Mystery Girl' thing when she was baiting that she had a gf?
inb4 one of her alters is just straight up a SU character lol

No. 185663

she's seen a several doctors throughout your whole life. if she's been tested and diagnosed with bpd she's probably been tested for autism and didn't realize. because she very much isn't autistic and she's seeking the diagnoses as a way to excuse her awful narcissistic, manipulative, attention seeking behavior

she wants to badly to tell everyone she's made upset or disappointed that they are ableist for it.

i wonder if her mother is enjoying this munchies behavior and playing into it too

No. 185664

thats perfect for Jill though, the least amount of effort for her larp!

No. 185667

I don’t understand why she wants to shop for autism now?? Autists don’t have alters afaik and what if she gets this diagnosis? She will be like „sike u guyz it was all just me being autistic~“ but these two illnesses are nothing alike

No. 185668

I don't think it's either/or, anon. She wants both. She needs to be the most special, most mentally ill smol bean around.

No. 185669

Nta but I can't believe how aged she looks. I know mental illness can mess with your physical appearance but jeez this is bad.

I struggle to say much about her "DID" because I don't know how to address with without blog-posty ranting, but God am I glad that she's more of a washed up Youtuber than anything because all she's doing is reinforcing negative mental illness stereotypes and actively harming those who are actually trying to live in the real world while being mentally ill.

I'm so sick of "activists" on social media acting as if they are doing something revolutionary by pretending that "it's not mental illness uwu, it's a super unique special super power!" Get over yourself - so much of trauma related mental illnesses are unhealthy ways that you brain tries to cope with what has happened to you. Being sick doesn't make you a bad person or less of a person, but you ARE sick and having all the money and time needed to get help and refusing it is such a slap in the face to those who can't help themselves and so desperately want to.

No. 185670

She is a like a pokemon trainer - gotta catch 'em all!

No. 185671

Not to be an ana-chan but wow not a single angle on her face huh. she looks like a squishmallow and not in a cute way.

No. 185672

File: 1638634197954.gif (4.21 MB, 498x378, sailor-moon-transformation.gif)

picrel will be Jill in front of the camera whenever she switches to anther alter kek

ot but is this hideous sweater the only thing she wears these days?

No. 185673

Some anons pointed out before that Jill has liked tweets about autists being traumatised by things that wouldn't traumatise neurotypical people, or being able to have childhood trauma for events that happened later than what would be normal. It seems like getting the diagnosis would help her "having an online gf gave me DID" narrative.
I wonder if she'll be able to get the autism diagnosis and still keep the BPD one though. Normally you rule out the other when getting assessed for either of these, since there's some common symptoms.

No. 185676

Saging since this isn't anything contributing, but I just caught up from the last thread and it makes me happy how many people that aren't on lolcow ripping jill apart too. People like her just make finding legit DID help more difficult, thank god I don't personally deal with it but I'm close with someone who does, shit is WILD. Everything jill keeps doing has been called out and is fully fake, not gonna just repeat what has already been said by multiple other anons. DID is real, but it sure as hell is nothing like what tiktok portrays. What fucking jokes

No. 185683

Because she’ll finally be able to call herself ~neurodivergent~ for real

No. 185684

Imagine wanting to be autistic on purpose KEK

No. 185687

File: 1638646809423.png (16.75 KB, 609x171, okkkk.PNG)

In her likes on the Jerrick account, how hard is it to keep your story straight? I thought this was a male alter? They aren't even trying.

No. 185688

I think the bit about “delayed development” that would make later childhood trauma hit like early childhood trauma in autistic people was just her making shit up. That’s not how autism works at all.

A 14-16 year old FtM alter at that. Do kids that young often fantasise about showing up old classmates from elementary school? Maybe this is the 35-year-old fronting.

No. 185690

For real, the comments about her on that fake disorder cringe YouTube video are delicious. It's going to be so interesting watching more of her former fans turn against her.

Maybe tinfoil but this is probably all part of a master plan to revive her dying channel with a new viewer base of ignorant zoomers and other LARPers considering her older viewers have actually grown up now.

No. 185691

Next she’s going to suddenly develops Tourette’s like all the cool kids on tiktok

No. 185692

"Jerrick" probably "relates to this" but just with boy instead of girl. Which is concerning because that means Jillian wants to call her 14 year old boy alter hot.

Not to mention the extreme attention whore AGP vibes coming from that post in general, ew. How do they type this stuff without realizing how unhealthy it sounds.

No. 185695

Crack cocaine theory but what if jerrick is the animal alter and hes a snake i think that would be hilarious

No. 185698

Oh I had the opposite idea - I think jerricky is the fictive alter, she decided that that’s the OC that kins that green thing and after the put a finger down video she’s breadcrumbing it.

No. 185702

Jerrick is clearly just a way to roleplay the scene phase she once had, especially now that alt aesthetics are popular again. She even posted pics from that time calling them baby jer. But now he's a fakeboi who wants to do drag too, how convenient for Jillian.

He's probably also a "persecutor" because that was her anachan era. Kek I mean the art she made of him was skinny as fuck. Watch her sandwich fragment be the part that's been causing all her binges recently.

It's funny because she has said many times that she had a great childhood and good high school experience, but middle school was soo twaumatic between the ED and cutting and her DeviantArt relationship.

I'm going to shit if that turns out to be the supposed trauma that caused it all. Maybe she'll pull a reverse card and say the little girl alter formed to protect her from the evil proana emo boy by getting her into Precure.

No. 185704

File: 1638652836666.jpeg (600.06 KB, 1536x2048, FAF49DCB-C33B-413B-82EC-CE11C9…)

He is 100% non human. She drew him with fangs and pointed ears. Even his piccrew images have the ears/fangs. This girl has no grasp on reality what so ever.

No. 185705

File: 1638653659536.png (96.96 KB, 751x419, OCChecklist.PNG)

This….this literally reads exactly like those "make an OC" checklists that were popular on 2000s DeviantArt. How is anyone buying that this is real?

No. 185707

File: 1638654721586.jpg (70.27 KB, 1080x311, Screenshot_20211204-165158_Ope…)


Man you weren't kidding


Get to really know your alters with this easy list:





Favorite color:

Favorite food:

Did you go to school:

Do you have a favorite memory:

What is one thing you wish people understood about you:

Do you know and understand what consent is:

Do you know other people in this system:

If so whom:

What helps you when you are sad:

What helps you when you are angry:

What helps you when you feel shame:

What helps you when you feel overwhelmed:

What comforts you:

Is there anyone you trust inside:

Are you able to communicate internally with this person:

Do you want that person to be your buddy in times of need:

Does that person consent to be your buddy in times of need:

Can that person help you with the rest of the questions:

Where are you originally from in the Innerworld:

Where do you live now in the innerworld:

Where would you like to live in the innerworld:

Are you from a sub system:

How long have you been in the system:

Are you human or non human:

Did you have a task or role in the system growing up:

Do you have a task or role in the system now:

Do you have a desire to age up:

Do you have known triggers:

What are your thoughts on integration:

Are you scared of someone in our system:

Are you scared of someone outside:

What things do you need help with:

Are you able to be co conscious:

How often would you like to front:

How do you feel about time sharing:

What things do you enjoy to do, when you front:

What other things should we know about you:

Are there things you want to know about us:

Is there something you need right now and how could we provide this for you:

No. 185709

>Which is concerning because that means Jillian wants to call her 14 year old boy alter hot.
How is that concerning to you, there's no actual 14 year old involved here and she's just calling herself hot?

No. 185710

File: 1638655350910.jpg (152.07 KB, 1280x749, 5dd3b79d404515f274b46ca4c1d256…)

DnD theory: she sees Jerrick as a "Yuan Ti" a technically playable (and extremely cringey) race of snake people in 5th edition. They're supposed to be cruel by nature and borderline sociopathic. Anyone know anything about her DnD campaign(s) over the years.

No. 185714

>>185709 she's literally made up a fictional 14 year old trans boy, don't you think it would be incredibly weird to sexualise that character? she supposedly has a 35-year-old in her "system", if she wants to sexualise herself she can; but picking the 14 year old to do so is nasty.

No. 185715

probably the reason why she got so fat. "uwu my alter is a binge eater that cant help themselves"
man bitch is gonna basically be snow white and seven dwarfs at this rate. where are her sneezy and dopey alters?

No. 185716

Nta but its just kinda fucking disturbed, you weirdo

No. 185721

File: 1638659532593.png (382.01 KB, 684x634, dnd character art.png)

the one time that she mentioned dnd, she said she had a water genasi character named Piscelle and then never mentioned it again

this is the video where she mentioned it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WupudX-l2v4&t=594s timestamp is 7:15 where she starts talking about it

No. 185723

"Sandwich" is the name of that Peeps plushie that she has and her "fans" "love". I swear to actual god if one of her alters is a peep

No. 185724

Did she spell sorcerer'sourcerer'? Or do we give her the benefit of the doubt and say it was intentionally spelt 'SOURcerer'?

No. 185726

I'm just going to go ahead and assume she played dnd once, maybe twice if she never even mentioned it again.

No. 185730

I know this isn't the bad art thread but holy crap that anatomy is shit. Why is the character's elbows at her crotch?

No. 185734

this is gross in so many levels. Including the fact that Jill isn't hot and that troons will never be women. lol

No. 185735

It really isn't that bad. Honestly jill isnt terrible at drawing but she doesn't do anything of use with it. I'm sure her audience would love to see more of it rather than 24/7 DID "content" but she never properly utilizes the bit of artistic talent she actually has

No. 185737

A 7-year old could have written this, it's all so inane and emotionally stunted
>2nd and third questions are pronouns/lgbt status
>What helps you when you are sad/angry/feel shame/feel overwhelmed/comforts you
The choice of emotions is incredibly childish and telling about the kind of people who claim DID, adults usually have more complex feelings and needs than this
>are you human or not human
How the fuck would someone make a non human alter to protect them due to severe trauma? How would that even work? This is just OC brainstorming

No. 185738

I mean I guess I could see a small child making a nonhuman alter to protect them (if this were real) but it’s not real so it’s not even worth thinking about. if a kid created a dog alter or whatever their parents would have done something about them barking at the neighbors all the time after a certain age. all DID larpers forget the whole point of did is to create an alter that fronts to protect the host so it would be noticeable if you were slipping into animal mode.

I wonder since Jill keeps saying stuff that implies rainbow emoji is an alter worthy of an introduction video she’s going to try to say Jill is just an alter and her true self is one of these other emojis.

No. 185744

File: 1638674428446.png (96.38 KB, 760x364, Screenshot_20211204-221840.png)

She's so mad she forgot her sign off emojis

No. 185745

File: 1638675486924.jpg (6.56 KB, 286x176, UAbj170.jpg)

OT but you reminded me of Oxana Malaya the "feral dog girl". Larpers don't know abuse or the significant impact it has. I wouldn't wish what happened to her on anyone.

No. 185747

>vent post! i'm fucking mad !!!!!
Nice "vent post" lol

No. 185750

File: 1638677196699.jpg (429.09 KB, 1080x1585, Screenshot_20211204-230519_Ope…)

Go get a fucking job!!!!!!

No. 185751

File: 1638677294022.jpg (70.76 KB, 675x900, FFzXBNAWYAQP66D.jpg)

No. 185752

what was the vent?
Also this is just BPD behaivor

No. 185754

Fucking junkie
>whenever I suspect someone doesn't like me I'm extra nice to them like good luck talking shit about how told you I loved your jacket you fucking bitch.
Hasn't she been bitchy to everyone since she ""came out"" with DID though?
>Am I your favorite niche internet microcelebrity
She sends this to herself? wow what a fucking narc
>tomboys with freckles are all I need
You will never be a tomboy.

No. 185755

She's DMing herself memes when she has access to both accounts at all times? mento illness, but not the kind she wants.

No. 185758

File: 1638681122769.jpg (236.69 KB, 1050x582, Screenshot_20211205-001148_Fir…)

Holy shit, incredible. Please please let there be a Peep alter.

No. 185759

maybe she has multiple peeps, but isn’t the big one named jennifer? i don’t remember her having a peep named sandwich

No. 185760

If you look at the icon on the left she's logged in as snakeboy for all the screenshots, and Pixie sent the moshing one and Jerrick sent the microcelebrity one. She can't even keep her lies straight in her own dms with herself.

No. 185762

I'm just waiting for the Animal Crossing/Sims videos showing off the inner world and alters.

That would be such an obvious way to milk this for content, I'd be severely disappointed if it doesn't happen.

No. 185767

kek. I wanna see jill's cwcville.

No. 185775

Um didn't she claimed that her alters are 100% co-concious?! Now suddenly they're not so she can make up this cute story about sending messages to each other

No. 185782

Good point, in the YouTube video she said that her and Jerrick 'co-con' quite often, using the analogy that they're 'tweeting, looking at the same phone and passing it back and forth', which implies that they are perceiving the same thing even when only one of them is fronting.

Also >>185560 in this video she puts down a finger at the question 'put a finger down if you don't know who's fronting right now', >>185617 in this tweet she implies that it was mainly Jerrick at the start and then Jill, so she couldn't even tell if it was herself (Jill) or Jerrick at the time but she can afterwards?

Going by all this, it seems like the Jill/Jerrick co-consciousness is so strong that she can't even really tell who is fronting, yet she makes the distinction whenever she logs into one of her twitter accounts?

She can't even keep her story straight for a couple weeks. She thinks that her stupid DID gives her enough leeway to get away with all this, she'd probably just blame this on 'well I said we co-con quite often, not all the time!!' but even then there isn't much consistency.

I mean she said that Jerrick has been with her since she was 13, yet she never realized that it was a separate alter until a decade later, but now within the span of a few months she can easily switch while also being co-conscious almost all the time? ok lol

No. 185789

File: 1638707036772.jpg (240.92 KB, 1080x1927, Screenshot_20211205-142045__01…)

Can you imagine falling in love with cute j-fashion youtuber to only end up with lolcow, who pretends to have rare mental illnesses for clout and posts stuff about how they're single on internet.

How long until they break up? Bpd rages incoming.

No. 185792

File: 1638709092279.webm (1.17 MB, 576x1024, 05122021.webm)

she's so cringey jfc

No. 185794

File: 1638710692583.png (12.69 KB, 601x123, eww.PNG)

I wonder what Drew Monson thinks of her now that she's DID larping? She was creepy towards him before but I can't imagine how he feels now whenever she pops up in his comments as her alters. Can't she keep the stalking to one account?

No. 185806

she's only using jerricks account to reply to drew now, right?

I wonder if she's doing this because she feels drew was ignoring her pixie account. She even changed the profile pic so it wasnt a picture of her…

No. 185817

She's so transparent kek

No. 185818

I don’t know those arms are quite long and the closed eyeball seems to be migrating off the face. I do think she’s improved though. I actually quite like how that picture is colored too. Something about her art has always been kind of cute to me, wish she would focus on it more.

No. 185819

I think she's using both, it's weird.

No. 185820

underrated reply. I want to see jill zap to the extreme.

No. 185835

I kind of hope they do. Stevie may actually grow to be just your standard nerd boy without Jills influences. I imagine how awful Jill must act towards him when she’s online acting the way she is

No. 185838

File: 1638728641459.jpg (88.82 KB, 944x908, we're witnessing mental illnes…)

every time jillian posts something now

No. 185844

You'd think she would have made a 'system' twitter account to go with her new system tiktok, it would potentially save what little she'd have left of a career by being able to keep this saga away from her 'public image' of course it's far too late for that, which just reminds me how impulsive and bad at planning she is

No. 185846

Sorry if I’m wrong but I was under the impression jill was a midget (like 5 foot nothing?), Is she really headcanoning her edgy OC as a different height than she is. And if that’s the case, why not give him a more manly height like 5”10-6”? Actually I’ve just remembered she’s made one of her OCs intersex so why am I even asking this. I feel like her mental illness is catching.

No. 185849

File: 1638735622592.png (39.82 KB, 756x523, NLMGA.PNG)

She's still trying to get that autism diagnosis so that all those people mad about the neurodivergent video can be proven wrong. Also lol "not like most girls" from the teenage boy "alter" she really can't keep her story straight

No. 185853

>I imagine how awful Jill must act towards him
I know Stevie is a scrote and I hate scrotes too, but nobody so far has talked about what happened between Jillian and him, and how Jilli and "became aware of her Jerrick alter"

Basically in her diagnosis video she says that they got in a terrible fight together, and then she said "HOW DARE YOU CALL ME YOUR GIRLFRIEND!", as a """"proof"""" that she was feeling like Jerrick the male teen alter was speaking or something like that. Then Steven hopped on his car and drove away and didn't come home to Jill until later, probably after she calmed down.

Timestamp is minute 7:00

No. 185854

Yes, she's 5'0" and says Jerrick (meaning in her "inner world" I guess) is 5'5". DID accounts will give their alters different heights, birthplaces, physical locations, etc. from their own because they are OCs.

No. 185856

because prepubescent and barely pubescent boys are not usually that tall

No. 185858

She just likes these tweets on the jerrick account so not as many people will see them and criticize I’m pretty sure.

No. 185860

Anon you misheard that part of the video - Steve isn't the one that drove off, Jill was. She drove off and sung along to emo music and then came back to talk things out and felt offended/grossed out when Steve called her his girlfriend (and called her Jillian/used she pronouns)

Thus Jerrick the emo ftm is born but I guess that implies she switched while driving kek

No. 185863

Would love to see her get her license revoked because she could switch to a six year old kid while she is driving, I would love the real world consequences of being diagnosed with something so intense to hit her like a brick wall, her parents sectioned her for her ED right, do we think they would do it again, bet that would magically cure her

No. 185865

So somehow her alters are incapable of sewing bc only Jillian possesses those skills, but can easily drive. How convenient

No. 185866

Sorry to nitpick but Jill was the one to drive off.
It still irks me because her thinking "oh you wish I was your girlfriend" is such a narc/bpd way of thinking. If she told her counselor about it and he used that to feed into her delusions he should be sued for malpractice. He should have walked her though her line of thinking and helped her recognize that it was BPD splitting or narc rage and not an OC in her head.

Jerrick is supposed to be ftm. A lot of fake boys tend to be average hight for a woman or below.

No. 185876

she's just dumb and forgot that it's not "her" twitter account

No. 185885


I feel like that "you wish I was your girlfriend" quote is the real Jillian slipping through the kawaii mask. I'm sure it's been said before but her little emo boy persona just seems to be a cover for her bpd rage. Jesus, I wonder how she talks to her family if that's how she talks to her boyfriend.

No. 185900

100%… like she wanted to be this popular BPD youtuber without wanting to deal with any of the negative symptoms so instead she's switching to DID so any negative symptoms she does should are just her alters

No. 185901

so weird how she keeps calling her 14 year old alter asexual like…obviously. it's normal for a 14 year old kid to not experience sexual attraction

No. 185915

File: 1638757662954.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1170x2247, BA3E18E6-8CF2-4EAF-AD61-840016…)

Lmao 172 users on tiktok used the same audio, and they all look like the same genderspecial munchie

No. 185924

>>185865 when it comes to DID, alters literally retain skills of the main person. To no one's surprise jill is just using DID as an excuse for her laziness and lack of decent skills

No. 185933

File: 1638765081962.jpeg (344.05 KB, 755x682, 5B841A89-7C76-4831-AEE8-554E6C…)

No. 185934

sage and cowtipping is frowned upon.

No. 185940

Cowtipping is frowned upon, but it is nice to see more comments being critical of her publicly that she doesn't instantly delete. I'm still amazed nobody has made a public callout, but I'm starting to wonder if she's worth the time of anyone with the knowledge and time.

No. 185946

>It cannot all be true
yeah but most of it is.

No. 185950

Reminder to newfags, you’re not allowed to name drop lolcow outside of here. Don’t do something like this.

No. 185951

File: 1638780352274.jpg (1.85 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20211021_213628.jpg)

Dont worry. I'll be to busy using my unironic blinding laser weapons.


No. 185954

“It cannot all be true!” says the woman who made up a bunch of extra personalities in her head just so she could LARP all the mental illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders.

No. 185961

Nice bait anon

No. 185962

super late to reply but did anyone else notice when she "switches to jerrick" she just sticks out her jaw a bit and gives herself an underbite? fucking kek.
I can't decide if I should laugh or weep at just how bad it all is. Still though, cannot WAIT for the "meet the alters" video, I'm going to have a field day

No. 185972

I hate that my favorite YouTuber who is very smart and level-headed and sticks to a consistent film schedule despite struggling with real mental health problems commented on this video praising her and saying she was happy to finally meet "all of you." Barf. I was so disappointed. Reinstate mean comments on YouTube, please.
I despise cowtippers but I have to admit that hordes of newfags commenting like this may be tg2e quickest way to one of those deep-dive YouTubers making some sort of video feature on Jill. Which is the comeuppance I'm so ready for.

No. 185973

>quickest way to one of those deep-dive YouTubers making some sort of video feature on Jill
The issue is kinda that even for a DID faker she is "tame", when ticsandroses exited. She does stand out by being an adult though, most of the furries and fictives are young teens (except that weird DnD priest larping guy).

No. 185981

yeah anons hoping for some kind of callout/deep dive at this stage is really reaching imo, assuming people give a shit about her. if she does some kind of huge online freakout that gets a lot of attention and disappears for a while, then maybe. but right now she's just one of hundreds and hundreds of other retards online doing this exact thing who just happens to have more of a following than most. for most of them they at least have the excuse of being a dumb ass attention seeking cringey kid online and aren't using their real names and can just bury this shit when they grow out of it, so for being a whole ass adult and tying her entire professional image to this i will give her points

No. 185988

Yeah, she's kinda big in the kawaii scene but that's pretty much it. I dont even think if someone like Taylor R did something bad that it'd be reported on mainstream drama channels. It just won't get the clicks.

No. 185989

Not related to what you said but
>BPD splitting
Why do I feel like these words made her fish for a DID diagnosis?

No. 185991

>I feel like that "you wish I was your girlfriend" quote is the real Jillian slipping through the kawaii mask. I'm sure it's been said before but her little emo boy persona just seems to be a cover for her bpd rage.

Agreed 100%

No. 185992

She's not even a big deal in the kawaii community anymore

No. 185998

Exactly, unless she does something huge or something that harms other people massively it just won't get the views.
As bad as she has gotten and even if views weren't the goal, what would be the point? The content (as of right now) that would be in the video wouldn't be enough to necessarily 'cancel' or deplatform her and we know Jill isn't exactly going to use the video or any constructive criticism to try improve herself either,at most it might just make a few of her fans mad and Jill will spin it as 'hate' for sympathy points.

I can see it coming in the future, but right now I don't see it really making much of an impact.

No. 186002

yeah, agreed.
I really wish Jill would just put out more content right now tbh, the 'meet the alters' videos will probably be hilarious considering how her tweets/tiktok lately have been.
considering her speed we'll be months into the new year till she actually starts uploading them. it's annoying since this is her "full time job"…

No. 186010


The only reason I’m kinda happy that she’s moved to TikTok is cuz she can’t delete the booly comments there like she does on YouTube

No. 186014

Gotta give her time to go shopping for 5 new people so they each have their own ~unique & speshul~ backdrop/wardrobe for their big debut. Shame they’ll all have Jill’s face though. Wonder how pro-ana oc jerrbear feels about having jowls irl

No. 186021

im pretty sure you can delete tiktok comments, if not at least hide them. ive done something like that before.

No. 186023

You can delete comments. Unsure why she hasn't

No. 186030

I have DID one of my alters is a neo nazi and the other is flag burning SJW(autism)

No. 186031

Makes you wonder how she "doesn't know who's fronting" when they all have different outfits. I imagine her running to throw on the beanie when she signs off with the snake emoji.

No. 186038

"if" lmao
They did get called out for menclub and girlboss Taylor being exposed as propped up my Tom's giant nutsacks of cash. It barely did any good, though a few people commented on her reaction videos telling her she was being fuckin gross for apologizing for him

No. 186039

but nonny, are they gay for each other?

No. 186044

Kek every time she fronts she changes her clothes back

No. 186046

This, but also, I think she has some stuff that put together could be juicy

No. 186051

File: 1638834591101.jpeg (275.78 KB, 1170x497, 5A6FFEA8-9563-4142-A7E1-3169C4…)

jillian claims she doesn’t know who’s fronting sometimes in her tiktok. how are her alters supposed to know which emoji to put? she’s so fucking bad at larping DID

No. 186059

Maybe tweeting less would solve your problem entirely there Jill. Why do cows always feel the need to broadcast every minute aspect of their lives anyways

I'm all for screaming into the void but…this?

No. 186061


Yup, another core feature of BPD is a lack of a stable sense of self. So, I wonder if the DID larp is big BPD cope.

No. 186064


>sage for ot

but does anyone know about the blanket hanging on the back of the couch in this clip? did jill crochet it? just wondering where to get the pattern cuz i really like it and i want to make one for my mom. in non-puke colours obviously.

No. 186065

lmao this is cope because she keeps slipping up with the dumb emojis on her other account. she's so sloppy and lazy with this larp that she feels the need to draw attention to it and justify it

she got it from a thrift store. she buys any pastel crochet thing she sees at the thrift store. she's hoarded tons of them and I bet she doesnt even wash them

No. 186074

I feel like faking the 5+ alters was unnecessary. She could have definitely gotten away with having one alter, especially since most people with DID don't have excessive amount of alters.
Like she obviously is more keen on larping as "jerrick" more than the others and yet she wanted to have multis that she can't even remember exist. Lmao who ever said that Jill has to be the "best" or the "biggest" at something was absolutely right. She is absurd

No. 186076

reuploaded your vid

No. 186077

For those who think a drama or call out video wouldn't be possible in her case, I genuinely think a video with the title of:

What is happening to Pixielocks?
Detailing her journey from the being to the top (kawaii influencer) to rock bottom (fake disorder)could be a good video idea. We kinda need more creepy/rude/weird shit from her though.

No. 186080

Bang on the money. That’s why it’s baffling that she’d therapist would even consider a DID diagnosis when he KNOWS she has BPD, especially after such a short time frame

She openly admitted to watching nothing but ‘mental health content’ and now she’s imitating what she’s surrounded herself with and adopted as her defining personality - wow it’s almost like that’s a hallmark characteristic of her actual diagnosis

No. 186092

Also she does realize she doesn't look cool to most of the population right? She looks deranged. What a joke. If she claims she is a certain age it will never hold up in court. She's fully capable of being tried as an adult if she ever commits a crime. I can't believe some wacko therapist believed Jill. She's so manipulative. I'm sure she will come up with a blind or non walking or autistic alter so she can get more attention. She also honestly probably can't be seggsual with another person because she is so egotistically in love with herself.

No. 186093

Also I'm calling it: she is going to walk around with flash cards on her neck with bright bold colors and words to warn people of her diagnosis or a pin she makes. Psh

No. 186107

Incoming fibromyalgia story ark and maybe she'll reach Phoebe Tickner/fatvegfemme status in no time

No. 186111

>Also she does realize she doesn't look cool to most of the population right? She looks deranged.
Most cows are like this. Also
>sweetie, I don't look like this for you, I look like this for myself!
I support women not being restricted by style and ignoring the idea of looking good for the sake of others, but this is the same thing in a slightly different way. She restricted herself to her style so badly she invented an emo alter to cope with it. She doesn't force herself to do standard make up, but she tries to find the most glaring rainby drag looks that will make her stand out.

No. 186112

I don’t get what she thinks DID actually is. Or for that matter, the voice we all have in our heads. Like. What does she think authors do? They talk to themselves all day as different people and characters. Then write it down. Then publish books. Like. That’s normal. What she’s doing is something preteens do. I’m sorry I’m just so confused by this girl. Like babe you’re nothing special I think she just needs some friends or someone else to talk to that isn’t terminally online.

No. 186113

The more I see her posting things like “look at me and my alter sending cute messages to each other!” And how she frantically keeps up posting on multiple accounts really makes me think she just needs a fucking FRIEND. I also have to wonder where her mother is during all of this. I can’t imagine you can just smile and wave at your daughter that clearly needs to be sent to doggy daycare for a few weeks and maybe get some lithium and maybe even an actual therapist. Staying in a weird hugbox internet space and deleting mean or valid comments is unhealthy, but even more so when you just picture her never EVER getting off her phone or computer- like she’s next to an outlet at all times just unable to tear herself away from this weird game she’s got going on with herself. If she wasn’t such an asshole I’d have even more sympathy for her…but this is genuinely a sad case of what the internet can do to a persons psyche. I never thought she was this unhinged- just a bit spoiled and sheltered. I think the best thing for her is to move back home, get a nice 9-5 job somewhere and interact with regular adults as a barista or something idk. Fuck man

No. 186117

File: 1638868119190.jpg (151.39 KB, 720x786, 1637647391844.jpg)

>I also have to wonder where her mother is during all of this.

Right along side her, like she always has been. (and always will be)

I had this thought when she was complaining about her tit pain. Yeah jilli you might need a better bra for sure, but only weight loss will actually help.

>oof ouch I've been in pain my whole life look doc look how I carefully spread breadcrumbs on my social media for diagnoseeees

No. 186118

File: 1638868558339.jpg (345.09 KB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20211207-041256_Ope…)

Must be nice to have money to piss away

No. 186125

>Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a controversial form of psychotherapy in which the person being treated is asked to recall distressing images; the therapist then directs the patient in one type of bilateral stimulation, such as side-to-side eye rapid movement or hand tapping
Excuse me? That sounds like total snake oil.

No. 186128

"This therapy [EMDR] is based on the idea that negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours are the result of unprocessed memories."

So she's literally digging for the trauma she supposedly had. KEK

No. 186131

Didn't we discuss the "fake memories" pandemic that happened in the 90s when quack psychologists made people have memories of sexual abuse despite never experiencing it? That's a fantastic way to fuck your brain up.

No. 186134

what kinda distressing images is she gonna recall??

No. 186138

Deviantart furry porn and that one time she didn't get the role she wanted in a school play

No. 186140

sage for ot
No idea if she made it, but there’s a bunch of “granny squares” patterns online for blankets that you can make how you like

No. 186144

Probably so she can show her loyal retard zoomer followers how oppressed she is and how intolerant the internet meanies are to her poor stigmatised little baby self

No. 186150

The quality of mental healthcare in the region where she lives is extremely poor, it really isn't surprising for it to be so mishandled. And she doesn't want actual help anyway, just validation for her various desired labels, so that's an awful combination with the way the system already is. She's using it to her advantage

No. 186153


EMDR has pretty good empirical support, the main criticism against it is that it's essentially the same as more classic trauma exposure therapies (Cognitive Processing Therapy, Prolonged Exposure), but includes the eye movements and tapping that are sort of irrelevant (but perhaps soothing/distracting during the distress of exposure exercise).

No. 186174

Yeah, a lot of the DID stuff comes from the satanic panic. Grey faction has a lot of information on it, and there's a YouTuber who calls out DID channels called "Grandpa's Lounge" that has heavily discussed it.

No. 186177

File: 1638896008358.png (235.42 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20211207-1…)

EMDR is literally pseudoscience, same as crystal healing and homeopathic remedies

No. 186178

Link to the sources?

No. 186179

Its actually used as a form of therapy, its something you learn about in psych courses. The reason its debated is because we literally dont know how it can work, but if it helps people with ptsd enough to be useful its still part of legit psychology. In some level all psych is iffy on the science.

Pretty much any source talking about the Satanic panic will bring up the Day care sexual abuse claims from children. Mcmartin Preschool is one of the first big cases.

No. 186188

File: 1638900465957.jpeg (452.91 KB, 1170x927, B6F521FA-01AD-46E0-B661-5C4FF4…)

jillian we all know you’re too lazy to start new art projects. you couldn’t even finish your final.

No. 186191

She would give up at glass blowing right away. It's hard, physical labor in a hot sweaty room, and it takes years of practice to get good at blowing anything cooler than a clear glass cylinder. No way jillybean could hack it.

No. 186193

Yeah, but you're not posting any craft content now so what makes you think you would if you started any of these? God, she needs to get her brand in order.

No. 186194

Didn't she already do ceramics at her craft school?

No. 186196

File: 1638902372540.jpeg (598.86 KB, 1170x1345, 70A98490-EDCF-4918-945C-52D7D5…)

maybe, but we know it’s true of you!

No. 186203

these are all crafts that are popular with people on tiktok, she really has no original thoughts.

No. 186208

No matter what she says or pretends to be she's an attention whore

No. 186209

Fashion and sewing clearly didn't work out for her kek

No. 186214

File: 1638910364847.png (24.31 KB, 603x296, con con 6 year old.PNG)

Apparently the 6 year old is always there when she's online

No. 186215

i think she's trying to say the 6 year old doesn't go on the internet alone but is chaperoned by the co-conning adult alter. which makes no sense because how can she have that level of control over which alters are present at specific points in time?

No. 186216

File: 1638911568659.png (39.86 KB, 275x271, 1636752503775.png)

the ages change again, last time mentioned the unknown girl alter was 21. sage for autistic nitpicking

No. 186219

"here they are so far"
is she really planning on just…making new oc's when she's bored of her current ones?

also lmao sandwich fragment

No. 186222

The fire one is going to be her "sexy" alter, I can feel it. Bet she's brushed up on plenty of Autumn Asphodel videos before inventing that.

No. 186223

>has had her attention seeking behavior documented for near a decade

>it's because of my hair


No. 186224


No. 186229

She needs a big spreadsheet of all of the data about her alters, this is an embarrassing mistake but she’ll just say her alters are evolving.

No. 186235

Huge tinfoil that the fire emoji one is going to be a lesbian who she's going to claim was responsible for the mystery girl era

No. 186236

oh christ you're probably right. isn't 20 the age she said she wanted to be a "sexy clown" and started wearing lingerie over her clothes

No. 186237

File: 1638917713122.jpg (371.43 KB, 1080x1688, IMG_20211207_225053.jpg)

So much for her not letting us know her trauma. It'll all come out soon, she just can't help herself.

No. 186238

It gives me a bad feeling to question somebody's possible sexual assault, but having seen her online content for 5 years this seems made up.

No. 186241

E-role-playing on deviantart isn't sexual assault jillian

No. 186242

I can't believe she's taking these dumb emojis this seriously

No. 186243

Knowing Jill the SA she experienced was probably Uma wanting to kiss her. Also such a cop out awnser i didn't know I experienced trauma uwu. Then you probably didn't false memory are a thing that exist Jillian and they become more apparent when you go to a hypnotherapist to "fix trauma" they just want your money so they implement false memories so you keep seeing them.

No. 186245

Is she really trying to say dyeing your hair is a symptom of mento illness? Generally either low confidence, attention seekers, artists, alternative people, or those who don't fit in the in-crowd will dye their hair, any mento illness they may have is separate to their aesthetic choices. But this is the same girl who thinks rainbow hair = queer so why am I surprised.

No. 186246

File: 1638920010621.jpeg (97.49 KB, 828x404, DF0EE793-471A-4440-BED5-6F93D1…)

She was Jerrick for three years? What three years, she keeps saying Jerrick is aromantic asexual, she is never single

No. 186248

File: 1638920141777.jpeg (138.06 KB, 828x812, 00B47FE3-5416-4624-A7E7-464342…)

“At the moment” feels so ominous, if she larps a man and dates Steve as said man is this the finally form of her cosplaying someone gay

No. 186251

I am not sure at which age she started dating Tristan, but I assume she's implying that Jerrick showed up bc of the "sexual assault at 13" and lasted through the punk days until the lolita phase when it Jillian started "being a host"? Does that line up with the actual story, I wasn't following her at the time?

No. 186252

>we started

Stevie or her therapist or herself or all the above? The three years is probably pertaining to her emo period. Basically all her former styles and interests are now retconned as alters, I'm surprised she didn't make a Lolita alter.

No. 186255

Jerrick was her middle school emo phase lol

No. 186256

I like how Jerrick is now posting on the pixie account, lol

No. 186258

she probably means "we" as all her alters, not her and an outside person like steve or the therapist

No. 186260

She had the punk era boyfriend and then there’s Uma, she started posting on YouTube at 16 I think and was with Tristan then, not sure when she got with him but there was others before him

No. 186261

>I'm surprised she didn't make a Lolita alter.

Yet. Inb4 the six y/o is a lolita and she starts larping about being a lolita ever since she was a child because she wore a bow in her hair a couple times.

No. 186263

i know none of this makes sense but i still dont understand how alters can have certain ages do they just say they "feel" 20 like what that fuck does that mean

No. 186264


Dropping the assumption this is all fake for a second- what could have happened at 20 to make her split a female “fiery” alter? Falling out with her friends, having to get aggro with grannies at Claire’s? Like genuinely, can anyone who’s been watching all along point to something so stressful ~3-4 years ago that she could spin as a backstory for this OC?

No. 186265

The idea when applied to a more believable real world version of this is that say you experienced abuse at six, you crack and part of you is stuck there mentally so you are regressing to the age of the trauma

No. 186266

moving out from mommy's house?

No. 186267

DID can only occur (if you think it exists at all) when the person suffers long term extreme trauma in early childhood

not a single traumatic event as a teen

No. 186268

When did Colin dump her, she didn’t handle that well at all, she was always the one doing the dumping prior and her ego clearly took a huge hit, she was salty enough to have her mom on her channel talking shit about Colin even

No. 186277

It really did seem like her break up with Colin effected her a lot. So maybe thats why she has the 20 year old alter because she was like 19/20 when it happened. Still feel like its bullshit. Break ups are hard but you can't just keep on blaming other people for your mental health, right?

She spoke about it in this livestream for reference, its at around 27:00.

No. 186279

This is a Q&A from 2015, just in case you want to cry. At this point she was 17? and was still into the music she was into with her punk phase. She was still with Tristan here, they would break up by the end of that year.

Colin broke up with her in July 2017, so she would be around 19. In 2018 she didnt have anything bad happen, she went to New York that year, started her Patreon, started dating Steve and moved in with him and finally started school. Tbh this was probably one of her best years, she was actually doing something even if the school was shit, moving out of your parents with your boyfriend is a step to being an adult.

No. 186281

Moving out when you have no idea how to actually take care of yourself isn't the huge step you're making it out to be, especially when she had so much passive income and support from her parents. She had also been fantasizing about the idea of moving out to an aesthetic house with an aesthetic bf for as long as she has been online. She projected that fantasy onto all of her cut and paste build-a-twink relationships, Steebie just happened to be around at the time she finally moved, a whole two years later than she had planned to go to Ryerson with Colin.

No. 186283

jesus she seems so relateable and "normal" here if her alters are real i hope this one fronts because the rest of her "alters" seem irritating!

No. 186285

saged for samefag, collin also dodged a huge fucking bullet. holy shit he must be psychic!
also ancient milk: didn't she break up with her ex for collin and then got surprised when collin fucked off out of there.

No. 186286

I never understood the whole "I have repressed memories but I'm in therapy to remember them." Repressed memories are just a theory, first of all. Secondly, if they are real, she had a well off childhood and amazing family support. If she had forgotten a traumatic event, it's actually kind of a good thing. Why would you want to remember being abused?
Tinfoil, but since Jill's counselor's "specialty" is in trauma and plurality, he certainly manipulated her into thinking she has DID. Softly suggesting it in sessions, giving her false memories (which are real). It's literally his job to tell her that something is wrong, and to make money on her coming back. And all of the enablers in her life don't help.
If puting on a "functioning adult" persona helps her clean the house, and making a goth OC to give her an excuse to wear black, and playing with legos all help her cope, then good for her. But this DID thing is a clear example of a woman with BPD getting taken advantage of, financially and mentally. Excuse my rant, I just wish I could be the one sane person in Jill's life and tell her this.

No. 186292

Exactly. And even if someone does suffer prolonged trauma as a child, you don’t always come out with DID. Most likely you end up with CPTSD or some other mental illness like borderline

No. 186298

File: 1638929334003.jpg (816.77 KB, 1080x2174, Screenshot_20211207-210726_Ope…)

>rips hat off when "Jillian is fronting"

Anon pls you called it

No. 186302

File: 1638931068003.png (350.63 KB, 1000x632, pwo.png)

excuse u jill you specifically said you were traumatized at the age of 3. is she really tripping over her lies this quickly?

anon I'm sorry to be so harsh but you're being retarded. Jillian knows what she's doing. she shopped for a therapist just like she's shopping for these diagnoses. who diagnosed her with bpd initially? she said they told her she probably had it during her ED phase but someone else later on slapped the label on her. what happened to that therapist?
bpd isn't speshul and unique enough for jilly bean. it's not even bad enough to justify what she's let herself become. she wants an extra special diagnosis that rids her of any responsibilities and consequences for her choices. she can freely be a fat consoomer potato who is also the self appointed authority of DID.
she just a run of the mill narc. no trauma except for the raging emptiness inside her.

No. 186304

love how shes clearly “dressed as jerrick” here lmfao

No. 186305

>she shopped for a therapist just like she's shopping for these diagnoses

It wasn't even that long ago that Jill kept dropping therapists because they didn't "get" her.

No. 186306

Tin foil but what if Jill is distancing herself from BPD because she doesn't want to come of like Trisha Paytas? Probably her getting "officially diagnosed" DID as a means to make her feel like she's better than her, a woman who isn't afraid to show how shitty her actually diagnosed mental illness is.
At this point I wouldn't put it past Jill to take her diagnostic impression of BPD as an official diagnosis especially since she was "officially diagnosed" BPD by a school counselor that she dropped after getting what she wanted. I won't be surprised if she does the same to Jebb.

No. 186312

KEK Does no one else find this fucking funny?

No. 186314

So just Jill in black then, got it

No. 186315

Why isn't this compiled along as her lies? The anon who has been making videos should do it pretty quick

No. 186316

>that she dropped after getting what she wanted. I won't be surprised if she does the same to Jebb.
I note that she hasn't Tweeted about her angel therapist for a while (last one was Nov 10th) when she was seeing him about every two weeks before with accompanying praise Tweets. She got what she wanted so she's probably scaled back sessions and scaled back the lovebombing too.

No. 186319

Windex on her floor (bottom right) where the cats can get at it. Stay classy, Jill.

No. 186320

Yeah. There's really nothing that wouldn't be better explained by her BPD and PTSD diagnosis. The whole DID thing is just OTT Jill wanting attention. Why else would she be flaunting her trauma on internet daily and planning youtube series on the subject she binge watched a year ago.

No. 186321

File: 1638940824000.jpeg (146.22 KB, 1284x540, DB95A50C-53A6-4656-B364-D58B26…)

No. 186322

Yeah now that she fished for the diagnoses she wanted the actual part of working on herself is nowhere to be seen

No. 186325

File: 1638944262842.jpeg (480.19 KB, 1170x895, 05B815FE-F7F5-424F-9691-BC8244…)

ok fatty

No. 186327

She’s been naturally thin since she was a kid…you don’t have a genetic disorder keeping you from losing weight Jill. Lay off the self victimization for two seconds

No. 186333

Didn’t she say in a previous tweet that Jill was the only one who knew how to sew or something? And that’s why her teacher said her work was inconsistent because her other alters couldn’t do shit? Why is Jerr suddenly claiming to like crochet

No. 186341

Crochet and sewing are two very different skills, and it’s entirely possible to suck at one while being good at the other. It’s still likely she’s getting alters mixed up, though. So far post-‘diagnosis’ both Jerrick and the 35-year-old man have been shown to crochet:

Does that mean one of them made the granny square cardigan for her fashion line? Or can Jill both sew and crochet while the ‘men’ only crochet? I agree with anon who said she needs a spreadsheet for this shit.

No. 186350

These DID influencers don’t want to get better, they say that integrating alters is abusive and therapy with that goal is abusive, they make all these excuses to be “sick” forever and say that’s how people with DID should live, which obviously is not right because the real deal would ruin your life and be very hard to live with, these fakers live totally normal lives, They post tik toks that are outfits I wore in a week and have different alters day to day who all seem fine going to their college and living normally

No. 186351

The mental image of her putting a hat on to say something horrible to someone then whipping it off and being like oh you know Jerrick is a damaged boy, poor him, that wasn’t me who said that, Steve can no longer argue with her or be upset at anything she says or does, “honey did you forget to clean up?” Sowi stebe I’m six so can’t uwu

No. 186354

The trauma is supposed to occur in early childhood. Alters can develop for multiple reasons, for instance an alter can be the abuser or a protective character or something. I don't believe in DID but this is the theory.
It is weird hearing her talk about her piano teacher after what came up about him being abusive, unless this is a different one.

No. 186355

>I'm surprised she didn't make a Lolita alter.

She doesn’t fit into lolita brand any more so there’s no point as she wouldn’t be able to buy shit to complete her LARP.

No. 186356

I know this is a Jill thread, but I totally see her doing cringey things like this DID Tiktoker, who claims a new alter appeared, wrote a request for help, and then the "host" wrote a manual for this new alter. Including the phrase "you are part of a DID system" - like wtf.

Jill commented on some of this person's Tiktoks so I totally expect her to adopt the various cutesy behaviors from the Tiktok brigade of "plurals"

No. 186357

File: 1638966254741.jpg (659.89 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211208-072342_Tik…)

Can't wait for the handwriting check

No. 186358

oh god I was just about to post this ridiculous performance yes
I just found a bunch of people talking about this one somewhere else so … mind blown, I had no idea DIDtok was such a kekfest

No. 186360

Lol it's clearly the same handwriting 20 times, these people…

No. 186365

sage for ot but where else are people talking about these didfags, i'd love to read more about their shenanigans.

No. 186367

please no ban
fakedisordercringe on reddt has a bunch of them. I looked for Jill there in the past, I think there are a couple posts about her, or there were.

No. 186368

She spoke about him favourably in a deviantart journal/post too

No. 186371

We have a tiktok thread where people sometimes mention DIDfags and those who fake tics and health issues, but it's not that active. I personally just watch DID faker compilations on youtube.

No. 186376

Isn't he supposed to be a tall thin 14-16yo e-boi? Why would he know or care about fat people woes?

No. 186378

So in the same way she wasn’t diagnosed with DID by an unqualified-to-diagnose counsellor, she also wasn’t even diagnosed with BPD because it was an unqualified-to-diagnose school counsellor? Counsellors can’t diagnose or prescribe shit, they can mostly just listen and tell you to take a bath and try mindfulness.
Like bruh, she may well have something very wrong with her, but she’s not been diagnosed with anything ever by the sounds of it

No. 186379

he’s stuck in jills dumpy short body that’s how kek

No. 186381

I hope this Jerrica alter kills
every other alter so Jillian can become her and stop dressing in kawaii attention whore shit and maybe start being more true to herself and not pretend she's a good person. Like I don't even think Jerrica is real, it's just pretty much Jillian wanting to dress differently just like how she dressed when she was a teen.

No. 186383

Spoke favorably of him.

When it came out piano teacher was a pedo, she "always thought he was too nice" (anons correct me here I might be misremembering.)

But I'm gonna say with this post >>186237 ~i didn't know bad things were happening~ wonder if she's alluding to piano man.

No. 186384

File: 1638971244704.jpeg (434.66 KB, 1170x945, 1633482901740.jpeg)


No. 186390


I don't know many 14-16 year boys that are into crochet.. anyone can have whatever hobbies they like but I'd think someone who wants to be viewed as manly and badass wouldn't have such a grandma hobby

No. 186400

but he didnt do anything to you bitch how the fuck is this sexual assault
she's part of the problem by victimizing herself

No. 186402

Jill has always been the IRL personification of the I Am Uncomfortable When We Are Not About Me meme so there's no way she wouldn't take this cue.

No. 186404

The only reason why Jill is mad is because she can’t claim it as trauma.

No. 186410

Is this old or did she bring this up again?

No. 186411

She didn’t sign off with a snake emoji there. Maybe the 35-year-old man is a fatty.

It’s old.

No. 186416

I would agree but Jill's never going to bring attention to the mystery girl era again, she'll just continue to ignore it so that she doesn't get called out for it, I would not be surprised if the fire emoji is gay though

No. 186418

File: 1638979393379.png (99.77 KB, 602x976, uTrnSaJNsd.png)


No. 186420

>i was on like international tv doing cringy kawiwi shit i am so obsessed about in front of strangers with cameras, but it was the did that made me act so unnatural!

No. 186423

I feel shitty for wanting to say this, but knowing she’s primarily always dated men with the exception of Mystery Girl who we know she was not ever actually attracted to and Uma, who we think caused her “SA”, I have to just wonder if Uma was a lesbian who was being led on by Jill, and when she actually wanted to have the psychical part of a relationship, Jill realized she wasn’t bi/gay and needed a cope to deal w Uma coming onto her. I don’t know the entire story so this is just tinfoiling really. And calling lesbians predatory isn’t really new.

No. 186429

"I had no idea I had amnesia"
uhhhh implanted memories anyone?

No. 186430

>it was normal back when our channel started but no it was totally did!

No. 186431

>I've been accused of my voice changing pitch
she lurks kek

Jillian get a fucking job

No. 186436

You’d think she’d notice missing time too, or realize while editing a video she didn’t remember a section of it.

No. 186439

Lol when alll the handwriting (letter formation of specific letters and spacing) is the same but some is in italic or caps. True DID alters at work.

No. 186440

Un the past she has bragged about how her piano teacher from high school told her that he/she couldn’t teach her anything else anymore because she played so well.
There’s also in the last thread a testimony of one of the victims asking the judge to let her share her experience on social media so it serves as an inspiration, and this was considered by anons as typical Jillian behaviour.
So I don’t know what it is.

No. 186441

>Mystery Girl who we know she was not ever actually attracted to and Uma, who we think caused her “SA”, I have to just wonder if Uma was a lesbian who was being led on by Jill, and when she actually wanted to have the psychical part of a relationship, Jill realized she wasn’t bi/gay and needed a cope to deal w Uma coming onto her

It's 100% this, she insultingly claims the queer label while also claiming her mostly online girlfriend when she was 13 SeXually AssAulted her and is a major cause of DID splitting?
She's straight as anything, if your trauma is related to your only gay experience and you have otherwise dated (long term, cohabiting) cis males consistently for years without a pause, you're straight.

No. 186443

Samefag, considering how self centred Jill is I wouldn't be surprised if she is resentful to her past "girlfriend(s)" because Jill is straight and didn't have an easy way to claim to be a minority or a victim as she seems to favor. She is inconveniently straight when being gay would have got her more attention, and probably is angry about that fact.

No. 186444

She doesn't like women so the only way she can be part of the special queer ranbie club is to fake some genderspecial shit. She truly thinks a girl she's dating wanting to kiss her = sexual harassment. I despise this bitch so much

No. 186445

2018 had a lot of hidden drama. She anticipated a New Year vlog with friends, but it is rumored that she made out with a guy and weirdly she lost her convention friends. before that she dated a girl for a month, prepared Christmas presents for her and then broke up with her because she wasn’t over her ex…That year she would also talk about how she was going to prepare a fashion portfolio to apply for schools and she kept postponing it (that, in my opinion, can create a lot of anxiety) and in the end sent a message to her current school, no portfolio needed. She made a lot of excuses on how she didn’t need a real school for what she wanted to be, imo they were to justify her laziness.
So 2018 wasn’t that good, nor the beginning of 2019.

No. 186446

So 2018 would be the start of her demise huh, starting with the shitty school because they required no portfolio. Now she doesn't even sew, won't make a video with her fashion line, rather make more dumb crafts than anything. + she's roleplaying mental illnesses now. Sad.

No. 186449

File: 1638993310607.jpg (103.02 KB, 720x842, Screenshot_20211208-204856__01…)

No. 186450

also kek she does look like 69

No. 186451

File: 1638993475069.jpg (177.23 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_20211208-205232__01…)

>doing the jaw thing
From a few days ago but fuck with this trying to rewrite history. Its like when troons go back desperately trying to find some clue of why their totally normal cringy teenage phase was proof of girlbrain.

No. 186452

>1 sec ago
Get a job Jill, Imagine her typing out comments owning the haturz just going straight to screenshot and post to Twitter.

No. 186453

THIS. This is one of the biggest clinical indicators of actual DID and I can see how it would be hard to catch for most people but when you have constant video footage of "someone" that supposedly isn't you operating your body and living your life, you'd think she would at least think "hey…this is clearly me but I have no memory of this". Forget trauma amnesia and stuff there's obviously no proof one way or the other of, this should be a big fucking thing and is part of what makes real DID debilitating and not just "I have friends in my brain"

No. 186468

Yep, at 12:03 she talks about that for a bit.
I thought she mentioned that she could imagine herself having a little ceramics shop but not wanting to stray away from fashion, but that was either a different video or I am misremembering.

No. 186477

File: 1638999520078.jpg (43.67 KB, 992x813, 6ce49c0837142a0475d5caae2b9b53…)

I'm amazed at how she manages to consistently ignore how commonplace this pipeline is within the alternative fashion "community". In my personal life (including with myself) as well as online I have witnessed countless of alternative people start off as emo/goth/punk/edgy when they were pre-teens, and then later branch off into more cutesy (J-)fashion. In fact, this shift is so common I constantly see memes that aren't exclusive to alternative communities, noting how girls hated pink and would be tomboys wearing exclusively black when they were children, only to love or "breathe" pink at an older age. (picrel) Jillian, most girls grow out of their NLOG phase and realise it is a universal experience reflective of society, not an excuse to push the NLOG narrative even further into adulthood.

No. 186492

wouldnt seeing this in 2016 be an indicator/red flag for her that she doesnt feel like the same person in case of DID. This post clearly reflects just "look how i changed" in a manner described by >>186477

No. 186505

huge kek that she's getting emdr… fucking around with mental health treatments that aren't meant for your actual specific circumstances can be really damaging to your mental health, i.e. getting trauma focused treatments when you don't actually have any real world goddamn trauma, and can even be damaging to the intended patients if carried out poorly, so yikes this is gonna push her deeper into this delusion. she is quite literally making herself sick by doing this larp. good milk tho

No. 186534

But nonnie! Don’t you get it, she’s not like most girls!

No. 186535

i don’t think her getting EMDR is the weirdest thing ever because it’s extremely common whether or not it’s reliable/pseudoscience. sage for blog but i did emdr for a couple years as a young teen and i remembering it being very neutral/just someone flashing lights in my eyes kek, mine wasn’t trauma focused though

No. 186539

I’m almost certain she mentioned this in a video herself, that she ‘picks up’ quirks from other peoples voices when she watches a lot of content from them. Miiiight be her ‘BPD opening up’ vid, I’m not sure, only vaguely remembering that it was one where she sat on the floor?

No. 186556

Oh i remember that too! It was a few years ago for sure as far as i remember, i stopped watching her videos a bit after that, but definitely in some of her videos she has said that.

No. 186560

Especially when she said Jerrick was the host for three years, that’s a long time, wouldn’t you have a lot of trouble at school if you essentially skipped three years and be really disorientated when one minute you were 13 and now you are 16 and don’t remember

No. 186563

Found this video on a fans yt channel. She must of been 14-15 here, ya know, jerrick years. Just seems like she really enjoyed being in bands and preforming on stage, its a shame she'll never have a hobby like this again.

No. 186565

Watching this video made me so sad, she looked super cute here and like she was having a great time performing on stage. I wish she had gone down this path instead, she could have actually become semi-decent at music and, though I won't kid myself that she would have ever made it big, she could have made a good name for herself as a local musician or something and had a nice quiet life. But of course, we're stuck in the timeline where she's a pathological mental illness-collecting god-awful rainby junk-hoarding attention whore.

No. 186567

She reminds me of her aunt here, the timeline is possible, bring back musician Pixie.

Also someone needs to go back in time and tell the guy lunging around behind her to calm down.

No. 186573

did this idiot forget that she did a video before where she reacted to her own Kawaii.i episode? Wouldn't she at this point have noticed that she wasn't the host while filming and have no memories of it??

No. 186575

samefag but she also did a behind the scenes video while the episode was filmed and she seems completely normal in it
she was clearly just nervous while the episode was being filmed, not disassociating…

No. 186576

forgive me, samefagging again but in this one, at the 13 minute mark she even says herself:
>"I'm worried I might come across as scripted, or speaking differently than I normally do, or I'm worried my personality might come across weird; that's just because I'm talking to new people in a new language on TV for the first time."
which is a really reasonable explanation for it, that she herself is aware of.
who does she believe was fronting at the time, the 6 year old alter? because she's not acting like a 6 year old child at all

No. 186581

Well, she's been in love with mental health disorders for the past monthes so good for her if she actually makes herself mentally ill kek. Doubt it'll be as kawiwi and glittery that she imagines it tho

No. 186592

An older DID YouTuber (The Entropy System) often talked about the actual negatives of DID (obviously no way to know if she was also faking, but she at least didn't try to make it seem all fun and games like a lot of them) and this was a thing she brought up because she had a sort of emo-kid alter who was primarily 'out' for her teen years and she talked about the intense therapy and work needed to deal with the years of missing memories they 'both' had. Nothing like Jill's "uwu we were co-con but it was Jerr because my fashion was more boyish"

No. 186596

File: 1639061591908.gif (3.65 MB, 684x634, imsour.gif)

This old now, but I tried to fix it for fun. I like the drawing but the anatomical faults are so distracting.

No. 186603


No. 186605

>Missing memories
More like made up ones

No. 186606

She does it to feel special though

No. 186607

I remember this too
We have enough lies debunked for someone to compile them and make a video

No. 186608

This girl feels more like her aunt, while current Jill does not

No. 186609

Lose weight fat ass, and stop victimizing yourself

No. 186614

i actually genuinely enjoyed watching pixie's content but this DID shit is insane. And children are being impacted by people like her. I saw this clip on youtube of this persons nephew and niece pretending to have tics while watching miraculous ladybug. These people are fucking up a whole generation of kids. Also just because you got diagnosed with an illness or disease doesnt mean you are now qualified to talk about it like you're an expert. Drew was right and i wish he said pixie's name specifically when he said that shit. Its sick. sorry for blogging.

No. 186616

You didn't fix it, you just animated it kek, cute though

No. 186624

Sorry, to clarify I meant missing as in she claimed she had unexplainable memory gaps as a result of this which required therapy. Not "missing memories" in the Jill sense of she has clear recorded footage and has talked about these phases in her life so she's just adding in memories that had been "missing". That's my point is that if "Jerrick" really was fronting for 3yrs she should have some big memory gap or all the videos/photos of her during that time should be very confusing to "Jillian"

No. 186627

Some children in war-torn countries watch their families get blown to bits, or are raised without food, water, shelter. Some children's stomachs get distended from malnutrition. Some children have their own limbs blown off.

But Jillian has PSTD and trauma and a fake mental illness, DID, from an event she can't even remember in her absolutely pristine childhood on fuckin' PEI of all places, raised by rich, whimsical parents.

It actually makes me hate her. I hope she realizes how vile she has become. I hope it eats her up at night. People can see you, Jillian.

No. 186631

no same i didnt want to but this is really beyond gross. And the fact that people arent calling her out is isane. She literally talked shit about trisha paytas just to turn around and do the same shit. CRAZY. i bet you she just liked anthony padilla and wants to be interviewed by him lol.

No. 186637

How likely do you think it is that her therapist is implanting false trauma memories? This can and does happen

No. 186640

She won’t feel remorse, it’s clear she is a hardcore narcissist at this point, no matter what she does to other people she always feels strongly justified, she is never in the wrong in her mind, she is also heavily enabled, her mom has shown that she thinks Jill can do no wrong and it’s other peoples fault, that they are jealous of her that’s why they react negatively to her

No. 186643

Can the Trisha Paytas people at least call Jillian out for being an hypocrite and doing exactly what she criticized Trisha for?

No. 186644

If these children are the future we're already doomed.

No. 186648

File: 1639078560256.png (165.8 KB, 768x1000, Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 1.59…)

I think this has been brought up but it says multiple times on Jed's website that he has an interest in dissociation. He is probably using Jill's fake DID to gain clout in the counseling industry. They are such a bad combination of narcissism.
Also, genderspecials and their supporters should never be therapists because they will never actually challenge their patient's narcissism and delusions because then they'd have to challenge their own.

He's into hypnosis so maybe he is "recovering" memories. It's definitely not all him though, we all know Jill is the type to make shit up.

No. 186673

>clinical hypnotherapy

This part is starting to look more dubious now Jill is looking to surface HiDden MeMoriEs of abuse

I'd hate to be her helicopter mom right now. I hope she "surfaces" something really fucking dumb like someone ate all her nuggies at her 6th birthday party and not anything that is damaging to her family.

No. 186676

nitpick but I hate how this text is all in first person with a random they. just write a consistent paragraph no need to flaunt your shitty pronouns

No. 186682

you mean, regular fans? multiple people addressed this on youtube and tiktok (and prob twitter, i just don't remember), but jill just acts like she doesn't notice and still deletes comments under her trisha callout video. it doesn't help that her retarded fans wk her all the time.

No. 186683

Maybe he has DID too, kek.

No. 186691

File: 1639092057477.jpg (398.8 KB, 1074x1259, Screenshot_20211209-181734_You…)

For shits and giggles I returned to her old Trisha call-out video and saw this in the comments. It's really jarring to see how this person is describing present Pixie to a T.

No. 186739

File: 1639113364627.png (679.55 KB, 1080x1014, Screenshot_20211209-221115-907…)

I can't believe a gender special kid is more informed and level headed than Jillian.

Link to the TikTok she commented on:

No. 186740

File: 1639113433005.jpg (135.93 KB, 750x1624, 20211209_221635.jpg)

Samefag here's the "conversation" Jill had with the op

No. 186741

File: 1639113468591.jpeg (272.77 KB, 1170x679, CEF8C5C6-6707-4BB8-8989-097372…)

lmao she called them a singlet. you’re a “singlet” obsessed with did too jill!

No. 186742

This is funny to me because her "singlet" therapist is probably obsessed with DID and having a DID patient.

No. 186748

>spent time studying
>dedicated my undergraduate research to such topics
>as time has gone on I've slowly moved into

Everything is so vague it's killing me. If you've spent time studying, how much time was it? Was your undergraduate research just a term paper for a freshman year intro course, or was it actual research for a clinic? If you "dedicated" yourself to it, what exactly did you research beside "such topics"? If the dissociation thing is only recent, why do you feel so confident in administering care for it?

His entire background is nothing but amateur level red flags, and it does not surprise me one bit that this is who Jill is chose for her therapist. She had so much potential before and she's still young enough that if she actually found a good therapist she could start taking baby steps toward a healthy lifestyle (irl only, she has no chance at rehabilitation online at this point)

No. 186750

File: 1639118951452.jpeg (839.29 KB, 828x1626, 28225556-B777-4020-88BB-B7F5B1…)

Kek found in a comment section of the same account. The fact that Jill is aligning herself against people who are very level headed and discussing actual facts, AND have legit resources linked in their bio just shows how much of a fraud she is

No. 186753

she admitted "pre-diagnosis" to be obsessed with "mental health content" which we already know was all DID stuff. what a fucking idiot.

No. 186760

>Now we're not experiencing the abuse that formed us

Can't believe this woman who publicly bragged about her perfect childhood a million times online and started on Youtube via hundreds of dollars of Lolita dresses (+laptop, filming equipment etc) is really spinning this shit. So disrespectful to actual victims.
>teenage part…lacked that outlet and friends
Yeah your Deviantart blog posts say otherwise, they speak of meeting friends and boyfriends every week and feeling incredibly loved, at the time period snakeboy was supposed to be fronting.

No. 186764

didn't jerrick front for like, 3 years in her teenagehood? he must've made plenty friends then, no? i hate this bitch.

No. 186765

She hasn't thought this out at all.

No. 186768

This is what amazes me the most. I mean, if I were to fake anything, I would make sure that I know all my facts. I dunno, I’d love to believe that anyone with the min intelligence would do so. However, again, we are dealing with cows here, so perhaps I am asking too much.

No. 186789

This is exactly what she claimed to be in her old video lol, someone who "fell in love with DID content creators" but didn't have DID. She's so excited that this whole thing, "Jerrick" and her diagnostic impression, allow her to be openly passive aggressive and rude to people (even ones just like her) that she's going to milk it as much as she can. Imagine how much she's been wanting to just go complete mask off online until now while holding it in to protect her kawiwi positivity strength and beauty image

No. 186793

File: 1639141186827.jpg (91.83 KB, 1080x526, Screenshot_20211210-064957_Twi…)

No. 186794

lol she knows what they're up to. She was in the same place not that long ago.

No. 186796


No. 186797

already posted, read the thread

No. 186798

You don't really read the thread do you

No. 186804

Fucking singlet. Jill, you’re a “singlet” you aren’t actually multitudes of different people, “they” are all you.
Is it really healthy for a person with a fractured sense of self to encourage and even actively engage these fragmented parts of themselves in this manner? Seems like it’d be detrimental to treat each trauma piece like their own person instead of trying to deal with things.
It reminds me a lot of 4chan (?) shit where they try to create “tulpas” of their wifus by mentally and performatively engaging with the character of their choice to an unhealthy obsessed degree. Literally talking and pretending like these other personalities exist is just going to make the compulsion to act that way more and more detrimental. Why would you want to intentionally alienate your own mind like that jill? How doesn’t she see how unhealthy this is.

No. 186806

The goal of treating DID is to integrate/unify the identities because understandably anyone who might really have it would suffer greatly from constantly disassociating, amnesia and generally being unable to control their own actions and life.
Through the process of treatment patients may need to gain awareness first of their alters to then be able to unify them, but I don't think any real medical professional would ever recommend to make social media accounts for them, to order wigs, get body modifications or generally entertain them in the way Jill has been doing

No. 186809

"How doesn’t she see how unhealthy this is."
> twitter dissociative fakers echo-chamber

No. 186831

She basically embodies everything that's wrong with 'marginalized' communities on social media:
>be comfortable milquetoast loser
>adopt marginalized identity for social capital
>immediately start making up bullshit + creating culture for the community and alienating sincere members in the process
>immediately start gatekeeping new identity/community so fewer people will get to be as special as you
Jill is the genderblob of mental illness

No. 186835

File: 1639155916330.jpg (191.33 KB, 680x387, please-sir-may-i-have-a-crumb-…)

she is this picture personified

No. 186836

My guess is that she might not want to "get better" with her DID. She probably wants to keep it going and not lose any of her alters so that she can always claim her DID and such. If she got better then she wouldn't be as "quirky" and would have to find something else that makes her "special and different"

No. 186837

Had it not been for lolcow, a lot of people would never care to take note of the numerous discrepancies and I think she’s heavily relying on this (obsessed fans who’ll forgive anything aside). Making a spreadsheet would be too much work for her, anyway

No. 186841

File: 1639156792311.jpg (623.65 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211210-170648_Tik…)

No. 186842

Guessing they don’t want to associate with her kek

No. 186843

Implying there is such thing

No. 186845

>why we use emoji sign offs uwu
These excuses for stupidity are so freaking hilarious, imagine the mental gymnastics going inside her noggin. Like, she couldn't be any more pathetic
>Wanting to be mentally ill (red flag)
>Fishing for a diagnosis
>Using emojis for her OCs larp
>Bbbbbut guysss it's totally legit and not fabricated! MY OCS NEED EMOJIS TO SPEAK

No. 186846

>I'm a diagnosed
Girl first of all you aren't

No. 186851

She doesn't want treatment, she wants to "uncover memories" (aka fake shit since all her life has been easy mode) and have more excuses to appear oppressed and mentally ill.

No. 186852

It is indeed the BPD coming out one. At 13:13 she talks about the mimicking as well as calling herself a sponge just before that. She’s basically admitting she’ll soak up absolutely anything she’s around enough, no matter what it is - voices, traits, disorders, you name it. Sounds like mirroring to fill out that nonexistent sense of self

No. 186853

I fucking hate this. LGB should be gatekeeped. Fuck these spicy heteros, fuck Jillian.

No. 186857

>her diagnostic impression, allow her to be openly passive aggressive and rude to people
Thing is, I remember very vividly she tried to do this when she got her BPD diagnosis, but since BPD has "stigma" she treated it as a "uwupoorme!!!" approach, like, everytime she would share these tweets about how BPD people are actualy literal angels and everyone else is wrong.

Now that didn't work and she doesn't talk about it anymore because DID is more trendy and speshul, plus if she acts mean she can blame it on Jerrica, and
>How dare you call out a transgendered minor!!!!!!
even though Jerrica is just herself with a fucking ugly ass beanie KEKKKK

No. 186860

It's also very fucking telling she waited for her diagnostic impression (NOT A REAL DIAGNOSIS!) to suddenly become mean and violent towards everyone.

She just needed a excuse.

No. 186861

File: 1639158282933.jpeg (101.55 KB, 600x1510, CE134DB3-6D42-4033-A218-35DC57…)

But there is nonny, pic related

No. 186862

THIS IS IT!! she is definitely mimicking the disorder. ALl she does all day is watch DID content she doesnt have a job, shes not in school, she's basically rots in her rainbow house all day consuming DID content and thus absorbs all the traits of the disorder. Singlet sounds like niglet to me so im just taking this as an excuse for jillian to call people slurs and get away with it lmao.

No. 186863

She also clearly had friends here too

She also looks emo and still like a girl too, just like every other selfie she has claimed as "being Jerrick" (Even the mohawk ones. She must have some severe brainrot if she thinks mohawk = male).

No. 186866


Did she smoke weed back then? This reminds me so much of my teenage-years smoking weed in my friend's cars.

No. 186867

I still have the theory that Jill was probably diagnosed with HPD. Her mentioning it on the DID coming out video and then again on Twitter for that weird MtF "granny" makes it come off that the team of Drs that "diagnosed" her probably told her that she exhibits some symptoms of HPD and that might be what she censored out in her video. Knowing her she probably went it going "Look I have DID, look at me switch!" While the Drs just wrote down that she's attention seeking.

No. 186868

File: 1639158965986.png (15.17 KB, 616x182, bedgdbddfd.png)

>made for my lovely friend Jill
She really doesn't have friends like these anymore

>Does anyone think she looked happier before youtube?

I think so too. I honestly think showcasing her entire life on the internet since an early age wasn't the best thing she could had done. She really needs to stop using the internet for a big while and return to her true self. Kinda like her aunt (her aunt battled addiction and also lost all sense to herself, look how happy and accomplished she's now. I love how artistic she is).

I'm guessing that her youtube persona is all she thinks she has, and this is why she feels "fragmented" (+bpd)

No. 186869

She didn't anon, smoking weed is quite recent for her and that's part of her current demise

No. 186870


The best part about this is it means she saved this video so she could go back and check up on it; obviously looking for her comments to see how many likes they got. Most people would comment and move on, she is obsessed.

Good on the video poster for deleting DID misinformation.

No. 186871

>Did. Did you delete my comments
Yes bitch anyone would, stop acting suprised and offended

No. 186872

>Hope this helps :)
Bitch you aren't the "DID" know it all you think you are kek
Good for the video author for deleting her comments. Also, what fucking trauma? She had a perfect life until she moved with steven and started doing weed and alcohol.

No. 186873

File: 1639159841360.jpg (105.72 KB, 720x755, Screenshot_20211210-130902_Twi…)

Yea dont worry, she's totally not fuming over it. Just like she deletes comments on her YT, they're allowed to delete comments from people they think are faking DID lol

No. 186874

im gonna barf laughing, someone please edit this tweet over the video clip of her saying she was "in love with/obsessed with" did youtubers but "not a part of the community"

No. 186875

>but no one dare to delete mines!!!
Hypocrital bitch, one more receipt for the callout folder

No. 186876

Why the fuck is she being passive aggressive about her comment being deleted? It's literally not a big deal, she deletes comments herself too. An eye for an eye, plus if I really think of it in woke terms, she's "harassing a mentally ill DID person" and pretending to jillsplain shit to her when she was barely """diagnosed""" a few weeks ago. She's not the expert she thinks she is. That response is unwarranted, her mocking the other person is also unwarranted, she's acting like the ""trolls"" she says she hates.

No. 186877

File: 1639161769298.png (17.51 KB, 199x199, 1831-sob.png)

Jill always uses a sob emoji after saying something aggressive or critical. We all know you're not sad, Jill. Your BPD rage is showing.

No. 186881

File: 1639164019005.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1966, E7693421-A04C-4414-8EEA-051FAD…)

she's getting defensive in the comments lol

No. 186882

File: 1639164021721.jpg (146.31 KB, 1080x501, Screenshot_20211210-151857_Chr…)

Fuck you, Jill.

No. 186885

File: 1639165149962.jpeg (174.51 KB, 750x421, 925F8E77-DEB9-4E96-9459-C35116…)

No. 186886

Kek what a fucking GOOF!!

No. 186888

Kek she really loves using that emoji when she's angry
>Leave me alone!
Maybe if you weren't such a bitch

No. 186889

>sandwich emoji

No. 186898

its amazing someone with enough trauma to have DID has enough emotional energy to rage and argue with everyone for any possible slight. She's so resilient, a true DID icon.

No. 186900

File: 1639175070940.jpg (417.94 KB, 1080x1784, Screenshot_20211210_232039.jpg)

How dare anyone question her totally real diagnosis?!

No. 186904

DID has been disputed literally always. I remember when I was in middleschool there were also some teens on the internet faking DID. On dA.

No. 186905

>so nice and chill
Sweetheart you are seething like, always

No. 186909

Super simple and easy solution: stop posting it to social media!

No. 186913

File: 1639179093336.png (383.34 KB, 577x612, ver.PNG)

""""sexy"""" alter revealed

No. 186914

Of course she has to have a sexy alter that uses a fire emoji, that anon was right on point. How do cows not sweat seeing people predict their bs. How long until this alter wants to be poly and stebie gets to finally date a man.

No. 186915

Lmao Jill I can't

No. 186916

this is such a stereotypical ""sexy"" alter like wow you have your tits out and you are acting all sassy this bitch is so annoying

No. 186918

Loving the ill fitting bra. We are in for a flood of milk nonies. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for her to make an onlyfans she regrets.

No. 186919

File: 1639179646602.jpeg (491.49 KB, 1125x1501, F5FBA79D-DDCC-45F6-8DF4-201819…)

get a job jillian

No. 186920

lmao, what kind of trauma is this Veronica even "protecting" her from ? Even is her did was real, why would she even develop this type of character ?

No. 186921

god damn it…. i just screamed. fucking veronica. the septum is so ugly. is she wearing 3 fucking bras lmao isn't 'jerrick' experiencing dysphoria in the body rn kek

No. 186922

She doesn't seem to realise that every time she experiences an emotion/mood, it isn't a new character she needs to create

No. 186923

Why, surely any child traumatized by sexual or physical abuse so horrible they shut down entirely would create a super sexy slut persona (who is also shy pweez no bully)!

No. 186924

Veronica is there to help jill cope with being fat by being hyper sexual since women are only attractive based on how much male/sexual attention they receive.

No. 186925

she got horny and immediately made an alter intro kek

No. 186926

Remembering that creepshot Mama Vessey took of her walking down the street looking like a clown in billowing clown costume, her body type is bottom-heavy so to have what seems like an ample chest here means she's absolutely huge elsewhere.

The worst part is the sexy alter isn't the one in the relationship with Stevie, (She said only the host aka herself is) it's just a random thotty sexy alter that exists for no purpose.

And then for full wtf points we have snakeboy who is a skinny trans teenager who binds his chest.

No. 186927


No. 186928

No. 186929

No. 186930

>I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for her to make an onlyfans she regrets
oh god anon, I can see that hapening even if I really don't want her to fuck up so bad. This would really be staring into the abyss.

No. 186931

I thought the "girl" alters use Jill's account? Also nice protecting your younger alter. Kek.

No. 186932

File: 1639180774646.webm (6.76 MB, 1080x2012, Screen_Recording_20211210-1853…)

I know everybody hate me
They always try and pretend
Everybody jealous of my one hundred boyfriends
Life is too short to not be kissed
That's why I keep hot boys on my wrist

No. 186933

well… at least she’s wearing somewhat normal makeup.

No. 186934

Do yall think she has a youtube family plan that's just stebie Jill and the alters

No. 186935

File: 1639181029944.jpeg (557.61 KB, 1170x811, C6849A16-5374-48E7-8720-5C0BC7…)

why did jillian like the 3rd comment kek they’re literally making fun of her

No. 186936

Oh that’s gross..

No. 186937

HOW is she not embarrassed posting shit like this I am physically cringing

No. 186938

Maybe she doesn’t realize it’s an insult since Shane and drew used to be such bffs despite Shane harassing drew the whole time lmao

No. 186939

File: 1639181255658.jpg (238.04 KB, 1080x2006, Screenshot_20211210-190558_Ope…)

This literally reads like the comments on a troon validation post

No. 186940


Oh looks like Jill's in a sexy, horny mood tonight, which is, you know, a totally normal thing for people. Isn't it funny how she has different moods? Like a cutesy mood, depressive mood, horny mood, hyper mood, mature mood. Aren't people and their moods weird?

No. 186945

>"I'm shy!"
>Posts video of her eyefucking herself in only a bra while lip syncing lyrics about fucking 100 guys
>Hornyposting on a "minor's" (obviously not really) twitter account right after introducing herself
>After sperging all day about not being fake
At least plan out your retarded OCs before their debut if you want people to buy into this shit

No. 186946

These songs aren't even sexy ones, and part of this larp means she?? writes and posts sexually suggestive things on her teenage alter's account? Kinda fucked up

No. 186948

i am hysterically keking this is so atrocious i hate that i had to see it but i also laughed so fucking hard… the fact that she posted this and thought this was something. god i can feel it there is going to be so much more milk so soon merry christmas everyone
how are people in ""the community"" not freaking out on her for this, i feel like we're gonna see some other DIDfags calling her out for having an adult "alter" posting horny/sexual shit on the account of a mild "alter" and even mentioning "him" by name in the post, fucking weirdo, like obviously this whole thing is weirdo shit but in the context of her narrative this specifically is just another weird move for the pile

No. 186950

im starting to get genuinely worried with how good this thread is at predicting her shit that there really is gonna be an OF debut soon. on one hand, kek, on the other hand, i will vom in my mouth

No. 186951

Maybe Veronica is her pedo alter that molests Jerrick? Since her trauma is not having any trauma, she created an alter that was traumatized by another alter to protect her from her cushy loving childhood, kek.

No. 186953

it's sad that this is believable

No. 186954

Posting sexy photos on an “underage alter” is pedophilic. Jillian is a fucking pedophilic idiot. If her alters are “real” to her than an adult woman posting sexy photos on an underage males page is disgusting and she should be ashamed of how fucking nasty she is. Her fan base should be shot for encouraging this shit.

No. 186955

File: 1639183122861.jpeg (305.66 KB, 828x854, 73230C5B-0636-4C46-9FCA-DA200B…)

No. 186957

she has FRIENDS ?

No. 186958

wtf kek

No. 186959

This is sad. It's like looking at someone with dementia get worse.

No. 186960


What the fuck is going on with this generation of girls?

No. 186961

the mouth movements ewwghhghhhhhhh

No. 186962

they're all genderspecial, kek

No. 186963

File: 1639183568668.png (254.27 KB, 408x288, fjsdvoivhvio.png)

there's 0 ounces of sexy in this shit

No. 186964

God I am not prepared for anons to post her unwashed coochie and saggy pork tits

No. 186965

I thought she looked awful in her Tiktok, but seeing her in a more candid setting like this just shows how frumpy and fat she is for her age. At this point I'm hoping the sandwich emoji comes out and controls her eating.

No. 186966

god, she's so fat

No. 186967

brainrot from everyone wtf
Imagine looking at this person loosing it, wanting to be """"sexy"""" and coming across as gross, and then everyone just claps to the delusion

No. 186968

Once her fans start suggesting it and saying she’d be great at it, her baiting she just might, others being excited and gushing how she totally should!, her posting a single pic as a joke, getting massive feed back and subs so posting more, interest dropping off so she posts more depraved shit… I could see it. She’s like Shay in that way, she just needs validation and attention. Jill just wants validation from anyone, not just men.

No. 186969

Jill's version of "sexy" is a more normal makeup look. Steebie probably likes Veronica more.

No. 186970

Steve is a fucking cuck, she should fucking break up with him already, we know she has allegations of being a cheater and she was even like "only jill dates him" / "how dare you call me your girlfriend".
Plus she's gross towards lesbians

No. 186971

"veronica" probably loves being a horndog

No. 186972

she looks like a dwarf in this screenshot im howling. actually no saying that makes me feel bad for people with dwarfism lol they don't deserve that.

No. 186973

'we believe in santa christ'

No. 186975

she was literally complaining about her back hurting and now she has like 3 push up bras on to try and emulate the big tiddy gf look or whatever. and it's not even sexy?? she's not even trying to wear leather or anything it's some shitty white dress where is the effort oh my god.
also am i crazy or did she make veronica up recently? like i swear before it was just jerrick, old dude and the kid alter

No. 186976

Someone upload this video too. Angles are everything, her tits ain't that big as it seems in the other one

No. 186977

File: 1639184754341.jpg (2.16 MB, 4032x2268, pt2021_12_10_19_02_49.jpg)

this is what exposure to pixielocks does. not even once, kids.

No. 186978

See this is the thing: She wants SO HARD to get rid of her "kawaii" "happy" "kind" youtuber persona that she built when she was a teen that she has to make up some fake alters for it, when in reality it's completely normal to be an adult with a sexual life

No. 186979

Can't she keep this shit in the bedroom?

who tf is this

No. 186980

File: 1639184963434.webm (2.5 MB, 540x960, A8lRGHLQWWdbR95R.webm)

No. 186981

Finally she released another one fucking kek

No. 186982

girl in cringe ass vid jill posted, whose head jill shaved earlier this year on camera (and looked very uncomfortable the whole time while jill flailed and shrieked and waved clippers around her head)

No. 186983

Guessing now this will be a poly alter

No. 186984

wtf this gets grosser with every second

No. 186985

fuck I feel bad for her now

No. 186986

I bet you're right, I would feel bad for Steebie if he weren't probably in a troon discord already

No. 186988

the fucking shrieking is so gross

No. 186990

She's sooo predictable, we need a fucking bingo card for all these tropes she's hitting

also eugh this was so cringe.

No. 186991

File: 1639186219837.gif (2.1 MB, 640x358, 49DF33C4-ED35-4592-84DA-DBC58D…)

Dude she looks like Chantal.

No. 186992

File: 1639186315786.jpeg (92.61 KB, 750x678, CE7BAF09-DD11-4FF6-B57F-D2EAF8…)

… why does “Veronica” have to have been told this by Jill? Basically every site will remove content with too much showing. It’s common sense. Are the alters all supposed to be stupid/totally clueless?

No. 186993

I'm loving this meltdown. She is bigger than ever and her fucking alters are a joke

No. 186995

Imagine being this desperate.

No. 186996

>here's a test
Onlyfans saga COMING UP!!!!!!!!

No. 186997

Why is a 14 year old viewing sexy content? why is it Jerrick the one making the announcement? is it because she hates her kawiwi persona?

No. 186998

>… why does “Veronica” have to have been told this by Jill?
So much for a "co-fronting" DID kek

No. 186999

File: 1639186650535.gif (12.1 MB, 169x300, A8lRGHLQWWdbR95R.gif)

gross and disgusting

No. 187000

Here’s the kinks she’ll appeal to:
Jerrick = uwu femboy
Sandwich = dog
Minor = ageplay/ddlg
Veronica/35 year old = just sex/full nudes
Jill = “aesthetically pleasing” aka rainby vomit half nudes will use first

No. 187001

they all look like they have mental problems

No. 187003

oh my god jill is the ugly fat friend lmao she's overcompensating with everything because she feels just as ugly and fat as she is
steve is clearly a closet case using jill as a beard. remember maggie? she was just as fat and greasy as jill is
it's so ironic that as soon as she dumped steve she lost weight and isnt an eyesore anymore
y'all need to remember neither jill or steve are victims here. steve is a fag who's probably a feeder and jill is a narc. ironically they feed each other
I legit think she's gonna use her break up with colin as the trauma that made veronica.

off topic but I remember pixie stole her name from someone she was trying to skinwalk when she was younger. i dont remember who but for some reason I want to say uma but I'm probs wrong

No. 187004

I sincerely think that the “mossysalamander” account is either a Jill sockpuppet or her mum or something, cuz it literally pops up on every Jill post or comment even when it’s off Jill’s pages. Like it knows and it’s summoned to wk everywhere she goes. Sus.

No. 187005

Wait, really? Can you do a collage of that? I believe you

No. 187006

Did Stevie finally get tired of not tapping her uti coochie? She had to make a new alter just to fuck lmao

No. 187008

Or a friend

No. 187009

A woman's urinary tract is not in her vagina, retard.
So much autism in one video, holy shit. Wonder how many of these weirdos have or will develop retarded alters. They all look like the type.

No. 187011

Why is her 35 yr old woman alter trying to thirst trap on a 14 year old asexual minor's twitter? I know its all bs and pretend but if her did shit was real then wouldn't anyone find that disgusting?

No. 187012

i'm fucking laughing. who wants to bet those songs were all added within the hour she made this tweet… do we have jilly's spotify profile to look at?

No. 187013

the 35 y/o is the dude with the club emoji, keep up

No. 187015

the alter is destroying the lesser twitter acct

No. 187017

File: 1639189889853.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x2074, 9ABFCB62-3845-4D24-A010-099ECC…)

sage for being somewhat unrelated but they posted a video that’s obviously about jill’s comments lol

No. 187018

Samefag- I’ll keep an eye out for all of them and collage the ones I find. I’ve noticed this account commenting on vids from people I know have blocked Jill, so it makes sense in my tinfoil brain that it’s a sockpuppet/someone jill knows

No. 187019

i love her for not even caring about jillian's imposed superiority

No. 187020

No. 187021

imagine this ogre wanting to suck drew monsons dick

No. 187022

which accounts? I've only seen them on her posts/that linked video on twitter

No. 187023

Good for her on shutting up Jill. Jillian really thinks she has any say in whatever flavor of the month she gets into because of her "fame" but she's just another unhinged twitter twat.

No. 187024

Jillian just can't take a no for an answer lol

No. 187025

It was a joke, UTIchan.

No. 187026

Anyone else find it odd that she just doesn't seem to disassociate anymore? I feel she was constantly complaining about disassociating (when in reality she was tired) and now it's rarely mentioned and she just switches on command with no pause or disassociation? As soon as she got her "diagnosis", one of the main symptoms of disassociated identity disorder is gone?

No. 187027

the same one was alllllll over the comments of that chuunipup girl’s tiktoks about jill going to her comments to reply to her instead of doing it on her own. chuunipup is for sure mutually blocked w jill so mossysalamander is wking where jill can’t get to i guess anon? idk it’s a stretch, could just be jills army of idiots

No. 187028

File: 1639192154146.jpg (379.04 KB, 1280x1918, iuDBVA7NFM.jpg)

More outlandish styling only looks good on models, average people wearing outlandish fashion look like a joke 95% of the time

No. 187029

sounds like just one of her freak fans tbh

No. 187031

I can't believe everything that was predicted on this thread for the past 2 years has come true. literally to the t. only fans saga is coming soon oh boy. also steve break up

No. 187032

I actually once had a dream/nightmare about two months ago, that Jill showed a video of her gaping asshole, goatse style, on Twitter and then deleted and apologised (or maybe just deleted)
In the dream I was disgusted and furious (dream Jill however thought it was a good laugh) but I didn't see how that could happen irl and thought my brain has just decided Jill is disgusting, which she is.
Now we are getting closer to that being a horrifying reality as she careers off the deep end.
She thinks she can do/say whatever she wants and claim her alter did it therefore she isn't responsible, a bit like how people claim insanity in court to try and escape jail.

No. 187034

File: 1639192699306.gif (672.53 KB, 360x270, we accept her, one of us.gif)

No. 187035

D'ya think one of these girls is in the thread trolling Jill every so often, zoomers tend to be turncoats/fake friends from my observation so I can see it. I predict either the thin brunette or the one laughing and hiding her face.

No. 187036

Its either the girl in the green or the one in the red, or both of them

No. 187038

Lmao anon. She’s gonna use this Veronica alter as an excuse to Stevie why she’s allowed to cheat on him. It’s morally acceptable because it’s not her, it’s her alter who’s her own real person!

No. 187039

Funny how the 35 year old does her makeup like a zoomer.

No. 187040

God I hope so. An unexpected twist would be the Harley Quinn tshirt.

No. 187041

ffs how many times are we gonna go over this. the 35 year old is a man according to jill. this is the 20-21 year old.

No. 187043

smh… idk about you guys but considering the pandemic, who has changed much at all in the past 3 years? she never had a "slutty era" other than her fake body positivity stint that was pretty brief

No. 187044

File: 1639195510437.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1516, 815F2DBF-DFA9-4A0D-A2EB-77D051…)

Not really milk, saw this on a tumblr blog and laughed that she was featured.

No. 187045

Yup, she's not "dissociating" anymore

No. 187046

I thought the same anon LOL

No. 187047

If she was here she would be posting cool milk so nah

No. 187049

No. 187050

It makes me laugh every time someone calls Jill non-binary, because she never once actually said she was. She wouldn’t commit to actually saying it iirc she just heavily implied it and changed her pronouns to ‘any’. Gotta stick your finger in all the uwu special pies to collect all the brownie points but never actually commit to anything

No. 187055

ayrt, they wouldn't out themselves since they know Jill checks here.
No better source of milk than direct from the cow, imagine the insane messages Jill sends her friends on the daily.

No. 187060

She probably love bombs them tbh.

No. 187061


I think it's the chick in the clown clothing - the one whose hair Jill shaved. I feel like she's comin' for Jill.

No. 187063

These kinds of habits would benefit from work in therapy, but Jill's too mentally ill to realise that.

No. 187065

File: 1639201849489.png (662.35 KB, 540x1212, chrome_XdnYem2zDa.png)

She made a whole post about crying how this one person on tiktok wouldn't serve her attention seeking antics.

No. 187067

>Trying to help educate

Even if Jill did have her imaginary disorder, that wouldn't qualify her to educate people on it? She's only been "diagnosed" for like a month, and only been an active "system" for a few months, how the heck does that qualify her as an expert? She does everything the same way
>Obsession with something ((qualifier: will get Jill attention))
>Self appointed expert at thing
>REEEEs if anyone questions her unqualified expert status

No. 187069

>trying to help educate
On what? Retards with mental OCs using emojis?
Is there something to be educated about this subject?
She's fucking stupid and entitled.

No. 187070


The lolita commnity called her out with this behaivor. I wonder if she'll eventually get kicked out of the "mental illness" one too.
Which now makes it hilarious how she was like

No. 187071

She's NOT a fucking professional
She knows NOTHING
Her advice is UNWARRANTED
She comes off as entitled, know-it-all, a bitch, and a retard. I fucking hate her

No. 187077

>leaves unasked for oversharing comments
>tweets screenshots of said comments including op's username/face
>goes back to comment yet again after they get deleted
>tells random commenter who didn't even mention her name to "leave me alone!!!"

Oh the irony telling someone else that after continually inserting herself.

Anyway OP's profile is clearly anti-DID-LARPing if you look at it for two seconds so bullshit Jill was ~just trying to educate~.

She comments KNOWING people will call her out, but immediately tweeted screenshots so she can then make a dramatic thread when people rightfully start disagreeing. All so her followers will supply her delicious narc food.

Now she has like 50 replies affirming and coddling her mentally ill attention-seeking behavior. I'd almost be impressed at her efficiency if it wasn't so deplorable

No. 187078

Where is her fucking neck?? This alter is honestly so scary, no one in their right mind would put their dick anywhere near her.

No. 187079

It's funny how clear it is that she started setting the sexual alter up just a few days ago like when she was asking for the bra recommendations. Because it's not like she suddenly disassociates to cope with something, no her alters only come out once she has their costumes, makeup, and playlists curated. And then they're suddenly able to be switched right in and out of for social media content, how convenient!

Calling it now that she will attempt to describe, much like with the emojis, how it is somehow Healing for each alter to participate in their own kind of consoomerism.

No. 187080

File: 1639213632699.png (874.05 KB, 1286x1074, WJx1p2AjMH.png)

So I've been going through Pixie's homepage and found on their about page, that she experienced abusive relationship, that left her with clinical trauma. Is this what caused the DID for her?

What's this abusive relationship about? Do any Anons know more?

No. 187081

This is why I think Steve has mad issues too. Any normal person would be out of there ASAP. Kek when is he finally going to draw the line?

Imagine your partner telling you that they have a hypersexual alter ego. Who is younger than their actual age. And that it's also a symptom of mental illness/formed due to something negative. And oh apparently you're actually only dating the "Jill" personality.

But you don't leave them because that would be DIDphobic or some shit. You just watch your significant other go buy bras so they can try to thirst trap while singing about having 100 bfs.
Man maybe this really is his fetish because…what

No. 187084

maybe they just have a relationship of convenience at this point. Steve actually seems to have a stable job and doesn't appear to be on social media much anymore. his family is really Christian or something right?
perhaps he's just glad to be able to tell them he has a gf, probably doesn't have to pay much rent/expenses, I mean they even sleep in separate bedrooms so he can jerk off to as much tranny porn as he likes while ignoring Jill's shrieking.

I do agree there's definitely something wrong with him, no sane person would be fine with this arrangement. if he really is supportive of this and genuinely loves Jill through all this than he's even more cucked than I thought.

kek I was thinking the same thing. maybe she'll use the sandwich alter as an excuse to start doing mukbangs

No. 187086


Already posted a week ago at >>185597

Can y'all use the "find on this page" function in your browser more before reposting old stuff?

No. 187090

No. 187091

I really doubt he's with Jillian for love. No one in their right mind would stay with Jillian for love.

No. 187093

i will never get over this section her website. who told her it was a good idea for this kind of information to be in a professional website? its embarrassing

No. 187095

She has never been a professional, she will never be a professional, her career was over before she even put any effort in it due to lazyness and coddling, she's at best a has-been. And she's burying her career down with her stupidity in social media and mental illness larping.

The only way for her to become in any way succesful is to just leave the internet for a while, stop doing things for validation, and work on herself. Knowing her though, she won't.

No. 187096

She's a narc, just taking an opportunity to talk about herself. It should be a short blurb about how she got into fashion but instead we get her life story because she thinks she's important and influential.

No. 187097

>She's a narc
>she thinks she's important and influential.
Kek this, she has the need to be the most important, the most knowledgeable, the most influential. And this is why she overshares and overexplains to others and wants to be THE influencer so bad.
No one actually cares about her early years, no one cares beyond a basic introduction. Unless they were stalking her, like her fanbase does. This self importance is so dumb when she's a literal nobody. She doesn't even sew anymore.

No. 187098

This. Jill should have used her attention from being a Kawaii leader to really jumpstart her career either as an influencer or small business owner. Instead she decided she wasn’t special enough so she needed to pile on mental illnesses. She’s not really thinking about how this will affect her later in life. Her alters just sound like excuses for her to not do things. ‘I’d like to sew but , Jerr doesn’t want to’.

No. 187099

You can't get DID as a teenager, you can only get it if you haven't fully developed a personality yet, which is the case if you're under 7-9 years old

No. 187101

Where did she post that they sleep in different rooms? I haven’t seen the proof

No. 187102

A lot of the fakers are inventing new rules and because they are all parroting the same thing people hear the info from multiple sources and think it’s true, they are saying new abuse can make new alters at any time, you can be above the real age and form it and some are even saying you don’t need trauma and it just happens

No. 187105

>>186932 might be a reach, but imo she definitely chose the name Veronica so she can use Heather's sounds and references etc. Trying to bank on the musical's general popularity.

Especially dead girl walking as a "sexy song"

No. 187107


Jill looks so uncomfortable and stiff, compare her to the other fatties, we can still see their necks, she's hunching over like she's trying to hide herself. Maybe she's feeling self conscious about her tits being out?

No. 187108

But that is her sexy flame emoji alter
She shouldn't be embarrassed

No. 187109

I used to think her failed attempts at getting Drew M to be her friend were sad but now I think he's ignoring her because he's encountered her behaviour before with Shane (and to a degree, trish)

No. 187110

Holy shit it looks like some cult members performing mass hysteria ritual. Creepy af this generation is fucked up

No. 187112

this needs to be a banner

No. 187113

File: 1639232670995.jpg (187.12 KB, 1080x822, 1625048872452.jpg)

Over here, thread 41 >>157990
It didn't get any attention before.

No. 187117

It’s actually laughable how much Jill is is directly ripping off DissociaDID. The commonly fronting dude alter who is just like a tomboy version of herself, and the hyper sexual female alter are two of Chloe’s ‘alters’, as well as the quieter older man alter

No. 187118

well duh. This all started when she came on her horse to defend poor DissociaDID from the evil Trisha Paytas. She admitted to having consumed all of DissociaDID's content and propably then fell in love with the idea that she'd have it too.

This is just basic BPD mirroring from content she liked.

No. 187120

>This. Jill should have used her attention from being a Kawaii leader to really jumpstart her career either as an influencer or small business owner.

At some point this seemed like the step she was taking, but then she started """"""therapy""""""

No. 187121

>A lot of the fakers are inventing new rules and because they are all parroting the same thing
That's fucked up and doesn't happen with other mental illnesses at all

No. 187123

We can all agree a fashion line made by Jill wasn’t gonna happen.

No. 187128

Do people even ask her about fashion content at this point?

No. 187129

For real, it's been months since she's graduated and she's done literally nothing but talk about her OCs

No. 187131

Be patient you guys, she said the footage was compromised by camera flashes. It could be years before she's able to salvage anything.

The collection stuff is so bizarre to me. You don't spend years being a content creator and hyping yourself up as a fashion designer just to have nothing to show for it. Didn't she make a video for that shitty fast fashion sack dress she designed? Why not make a video of her house inspired collection in the actual house that inspired it, especially if there was a problem with her footage, which I seriously doubt.

No. 187132

maybe she became too embarrassed of her creations.
i feel like she imagined she'd just be this utterly talented seamstress without having to put in any work because of her narc ego. then when it turned out kinda crap she just started looking for things to blame, which must have played part in this whole mental health obsession.

perhaps the pieces she did for the collection just started falling apart immediately and she's been too lazy to fix them up. she was usually pretty proud of her creations and wanted to show them off even when they were ugly, so it is quite strange that she's been putting this one off for so long.

No. 187133

File: 1639248168919.png (10.73 MB, 1242x2208, 153E3F22-9918-4B0A-B8DE-87708F…)

Inb4 Veronica is a sexy BBW mukbanger or the sandwich emoji fragment is a factive of Chantal

No. 187134

I actually thought that Veronica was a reference to Verosika the succubus idol from Helluva Boss, especially since we know Jill likes watching cartoons. But I think you are right. Sage

No. 187135

Sage for being late and retarded but what are they saying? I'm not a native speaker

No. 187136

She's gotten so fat that the corners of her mouth down to her chin have separated from the rest of her face…

No. 187137

"the flavours are melting on my tongue"

No. 187138

File: 1639252492991.jpeg (214.52 KB, 750x1180, D0A1A2B1-410C-46A0-B390-C1D91F…)

Wonder if the increased views will be enough for her to stay interested in larping 5+ different people. Though if this just encourages her to double down the milk is going to be full cream!

No. 187139

Sage for medfagging.
In my country, EMDR is the /preferred/ and pushed option to treat trauma by employer (?) unions (?) for professions like train conductors, ER nurses and such because it is so effective in making the employee "functional" enough to return to work again.
This as an example of just how well it works, if economical interests can be pursued with it.

I've undergone EMDR because my therapist has undergone the training. My father committee suicide. I've had intrusions about him shooting himself for two years until my therapist finally suggested this method. It doesn't work for everyone, it's not a cure all.
The idea behind it is twofold: one, when traumatic experiences happen, the amygdala is too active for the rest of the brain to properly "catalogue" the according memory. As a result, the brain keeps pushing traumatic experiences front and center because it wants the memory to be correctly sorted.
Two, when we sleep, the REM phase is the time during which we work through the events of the day and transfer them to longterm memory. The eye movement is a central part of activating both parts of the brain.

What EMDR does is use this to "force" the brain to properly work through traumatic events.

What happens is your therapist prepares you by reactivating (and gauging) the traumatic event. They ask you to identify the "worst things you could say about yourself" in regards to the event. Usually these are all tied to negative emotions like shame, regret, disgust.
You then stare at a horizontal LED bar, which has a "light dot" running from left to right and back. You follow this light with your eyes (which activates both parts of your brain, and especially their working together, like in REM sleep), and you're then asked to visualise the event and focus on it. You're following the light back and forth for five times or so, then there's a little breather, and the therapist asks "how about now?".
And I can't describe what happens other than you're hacking the mainframe of your brain and entering the back end to clean up some buggy code.
As you look at this light, thoughts and feelings and sensations will just kind of /appear/ from inside you without your volition. They change the longer you follow that light from left to right all by themselves.

I'll say this: it sounds like quackery, it looks like quackery but I cannot stress enough how effective it is.
I mean this candidly and knowing, y'all don't know that I'm not in fact full of shit but EMDR is something everyone should look into who's got traumata that they can't get a handle on.
Again, the industry is pushing it on their workers because of its efficacy.

/Absolute autism for EMDR

No. 187140

all these vids and she's still looks like herself, just a different flavor

No. 187141

How dumb do you have to be to make up different OCs of moods an adult woman usually has?
>horny mood
completely normal
>not wanting to dress like a clown mood
completely normal
>being a retard mood
debatable but normal still

No. 187142

This is also implying that she's moodier than a normal person because of her BPD

No. 187143

This is really interesting. Thank you for posting it. I don't want to say any more here, except that I'm sorry you had such a severely traumatic event in your life. I hope that you have found some peace

No. 187144

File: 1639254911245.jpeg (239.88 KB, 1125x1879, C0537622-517B-46FA-95E0-38FCAA…)

Does anyone else feel a bit uncomfortable that she's posting things like this on a supposedly 14-16 year old twitter account? Like even if it is "another person" posting it on this account. This account still supposedly belongs to a 14-16 year old.

No. 187147

very uncomfortable, except that it's just her larping lol

No. 187149

File: 1639255351368.gif (770.63 KB, 169x297, 1639186650535.gif)

Jillian Vessey in 2 years predictions (add yours)
>Gets fatter
>Joins some kind of queer club
>Does ugly af drag
>Does some troon bullshit like cutting her tits off or using hormones
>Gets into a policule
>Her house becomes an orgy house
>"a house for all queers and neurodivergent"
>Sewing? dont know her
>Art? Music? dont know her
>Her entire conent is about her alters

No. 187150

>Onlyfans debut
>Some lingerine pics at first
>Will end up showing her pussy and sucking dick on camera
>Droopy boobs
>Wants to do content with a hotter girl, she's uglier than her
>Obviously very hetero, can't pretend for shit
>Breaks up with stevie

No. 187151

File: 1639255572869.png (60.61 KB, 124x200, rgeef.png)

This girl is the same girl who is obsessed with being bipolar and teached Jill how to knit basic shit

No. 187155

File: 1639256649876.jpg (430.71 KB, 2896x2896, 20211211_160006.jpg)


No. 187157

The irony is that it's popular because it's her and her friends doing dumb shit that can be used as a sound bite. Not because it's DID content.

>Has 14-16 year old "asexual" alter page
>Post horny shit on it so she doesn't ruin the pixielocks brand
I'm guessing this is the long con she's going for.

No. 187158

Honestly looking like shayna here kek had to double take that I was in the right thread

No. 187160

Why does it look like she’s hanging around with her friends while wearing a babydoll/teddy/lingerie thing‽ Disgusted

No. 187161

she's trying to "distance" her horny and mean moods from her """"professional""""" twitter but it's too late for that

No. 187164

OH that's Wigi she's replying to, Jill's had beef with her before (friend of PrincessPeachie)

No. 187166

She looks like Ginger Minj

No. 187168

This is partly a prediction, partly a hope for her because this whole DID saga is too much

>Continues losing subs on YouTube, income reaches unsustainable levels

>Losing her platforms leads to further identity crisis
>Breaks up with Stevie
>Can't afford house to keep house and so moves back home but claims it's because her alters are dysphoric in the rainbow mess or because memories with Stevie are traumatic or some bullshit
>Starts OF but it goes terribly
>Has a breakdown
>Her mom finally sees that her daughter is a freak and forces her off the internet
>Comes back as non-rainbow mess, claims alters have "integrated" and tries to start a new online persona

No. 187169

>tits in thumbnail
>cats in thumbnail

kinda obvious its not did thats getting the views

No. 187174

How are Jill’s parents going to force her off the Internet? She’s an adult

No. 187182

take away her phone when she's being her 6 year old alter kek

No. 187188

I generally don't talk about physical appearances but holy shit jill

No. 187195

File: 1639289085905.jpg (338.76 KB, 1080x973, 73982828875.jpg)

sage not milky but my christmas wish is a tiktok with the same energy as the veronica reveal but it's 35yo yas queen male alter wiggling padded package at the camera to some tiktok song please please please… steebie might also be making the same wish. speaking of wish, thread is 100% right this has all been a great excuse for her to drop and distract from her trendy sustainability phase and buy more random shit online. she must have realized eco warriors will call people out for the teeniest shit if they're not 100% perfectly sustainabile green gods and it isn't just a cute quirky community to be in for attention

No. 187200

This is so fucking gross

No. 187201

why is the bulge WHITE skinned? do they have XXL size? so unwoke

No. 187203

She's so inconsistent, she retweeted this on the pixie account and didn't use snakey's emoji therefore it's her female alters (or just jill if I'm reading that rainbow right) giving a shit about boxers and peen padding? Make it make sense.

No. 187205

Tinfoil, but I wonder if she gained weight so she can check off another oppression box kek

No. 187206

i doubt the weight gain was planned. she just eats like shit.

No. 187207

she’s pretending to care about trannys on her main account so she looks good in front of her audience

No. 187209

File: 1639301194277.jpg (2.82 MB, 1964x1645, untitled.jpg)

I feel like she's gonna claim that all of these times + any other time she wore something revealing or acted all ~body positive~ it was actually her spicy flame alter Veronica coming through kek

No. 187210

for real.

Why can't kids these days just accpet that one person can be many different things depending on situation and the place they find themselves in life.

It's like there's a huge misconception, where these kids who play pretend these alters, who are cartoon characters with just one defining trait. Like you can be extra sexy one day and just boring old you the other. It's normal.

No. 187212


It's the classic "spoiled girl on the internet gets bored and gains weight pipeline" she ain't small any more so she's gotta think of a way to be special. In this case it's DID, in Charlotte Charms case she's now a "boy", Demi Lovato is an alien communicating themby.

She's pretending to care because she's pretending to have a trans alter

No. 187215

I mean she has branded herself with a really extreme illness, her parents could easily appeal to a court and get full power over her and send her on a grippy sock vacation if they wanted to, part of what makes this whole DID faker thing insane is that it’s such an extreme illness you can easily be legally branded incapable of making your own choices and getting that reversed js incredibly difficult and time consuming

No. 187216

Who am I describing?

"Factitious disorder and malingering. Individuals who feign dissociative identity disorder do not report the subtle symptoms of intrusion characteristic of the disorder; instead they tend to overreport well-publicized symptoms of the disorder, such as dissociative amnesia, while underreporting less-publicized comorbid symptoms, such as depression. Individuals who feign dissociative identity disorder tend to be relatively undisturbed by or may even seem to enjoy "having" the disorder. In contrast, individuals with genuine dissociative identity disorder tend to be ashamed of and overwhelmed by their symptoms and to underreport their symptoms or deny their condition. Sequential observation, corroborating history, and intensive psychometric and psychological assessment may be helpful in assessment.

Individuals who malinger dissociative identity disorder usually create limited, stereotyped alternate identities, with feigned amnesia, related to the events for which gain is sought. For example, they may present an "all-good" identity and an "all-bad" identity in hopes of gaining exculpation for a crime."

No. 187217

Maybe it's related to excessively curating your online image, which then becomes your entire sense of self? (So anything that goes against that image requires a separate online "identity"). I can't figure it out either.

No. 187219

I think there's a psychological element of talking to yourself on camera for years eventually turning into…actually talking to yourself as she apparently does now. I have never made a Youtube type video as I could never be comfortable talking to myself, I can commentate/observe but not literally chat to invisible persons. So it could even be that influencers who spend a lot of time talking to and taking photos of themselves are more predisposed to falling into the fake-DID trap, hence its over presence now online as everyone loses their mind during the pandemic. I actually think her life (and many who pandemic-transed and so on) could have taken a different path without the isolation and oddity of the pandemic.
So yeah Youtube traits and behaviors+ pandemic madness = what she and many others started doing.

No. 187222

Yeah she went so far as to harass that TikTok girl asking her why she deleted her tweet about emojis when she herself is inconsistent in using them. Making drama out of nothing

No. 187223

Yeah it's like she "forgot" about the bad side of her "illness" after she got "diagnosed".

No. 187229

How can looking at this image make her happy?

Feel like she will definitely do it with the red heart undies pic from last year

No. 187230

How is this life changing? I swear to god, americans (including canadians) are so privileged and skewed about what is considered life changing.

No. 187233

Here is the thing though, talking to yourself, is actually extremely common as well as having inner monologue. People like jill just like to pathologise common behaviour.

No. 187236

File: 1639323825950.jpg (30.07 KB, 640x567, @ahleeyou.jpg)

i realize this is old now but this is basically jill especially with the did cake

No. 187238

How is she not embarrassed about gaining like 100 pounds in a year? I would never show my face again if I were her. Actually shocked at how fat she looks here

No. 187241

she looks like foodie beauty holy shit

No. 187242

Freud divided the human personality in ego, superego and id.
So I guess everyone is a system.

No. 187247

When I was a dumb teen I would talk to myself in my head all the time, even making snarky or violent remarks at myself. For example "you're the worst, no one loves you, you piece of shit" etc. Back then there was some "double personality" fad going on and I thought this meant I had it. I never told anyone online though. I eventually grew up, stopped talking to myself out of habit, and now I can say, what Jillian does is 100% bullshit.

No. 187248

WOW, anon, I never realized 1st world countries had 1st world problems! Tell us more, you insightful God!!

No. 187250

New video

No. 187253

no one gives a shit about your cat tree jill, we want to meet your alters

No. 187255

File: 1639339962743.png (2.98 MB, 1792x828, 45BD6B5A-FF88-40AA-BF16-B0ACAE…)

Cat shit on the wall? Stay classy Jill

No. 187256

God, she knew she was filming in that area, is she so lazy she can’t even wipe up just one place for a video, guess she needs to switch more to her older man alter who does her cleaning

No. 187257

I can't believe how she treats the cats? They are fat, their area is dirty, she is cutting the box open with the cat on it. Maybe I'm over reacting. Not to mention her obnoxious noises and such.

No. 187258

File: 1639341214423.png (2.2 MB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20211212-133054.png)

JFC those poor cats, they're already at the point that they waddle instead of walk.

No. 187259

File: 1639341242387.png (91.55 KB, 288x210, Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 3.30…)

I think this thing on her wall says "learn about friend's brains"? Neurodivergence really is just an aesthetic for her.

No. 187260

Oh christ she mentions having enough spoons to put the tree together in the first couple of minutes. Munchie saga inbound.
Plus she films one of the cats chewing heavily on some dangling string at one point, didn’t learn anything from the tinsel background eh Jillybean?

No. 187261

I weirdly remember that dynamic being a thing on tumblr, but more so a symbolic voice that appears when you’re depressed and dealing with self-loathing. Which tbh mean mental comments like that are pretty typical for depression.

Remember when people didn’t pathologize teen angst

No. 187263

File: 1639341722031.jpg (130.38 KB, 1281x668, disgusting.JPG)

the fact that there is litter all over the floor around the litter box and she is literally sitting in the middle of it…gross. Also, the pooper scooper just chillin' out right next to her.

No. 187265

her voice changes made me cringe

No. 187266

A run down so ya'll don't have to so through it.

>Says this is Pixie but says it is currently Jill

>Complains about not having the energy or brain cells to film tis video
>Shows cat on box stretching on a shelf, can see the shelf bending with cats weight.
>Admits to letting cat chew on beaded bracelets, cat bit her and left a bruise
>Cuts open box with knife very close to cat
>Forgets what she ordered
>Implies cats didn't have scratching post before this
>Sits on dirty floor featuring cat litter and sperging out.
>"Oh I live in a hell I've created" talking about the house.
>"This is going to require actual thinking."
>Says cat is scratching the poano bench
>A bonus of her cat being the focus
>Annoyingly films her cats with consistent commentary and voice changes.
>Explains spots on the walls are from her swifer splattering.
>Rest of the video is iPhone clips of the cats
>No proper outro

No. 187267

same anon, i'd have violent, awful intrusive thoughts like tell myself i sucked and nobody loved me and i should kms and such. for longer than i'm proud to admit i internally called it "the voices" and i think at some point i wrote about "the voices in my head". it was all fueled and influenced by tumblr's then-relevant mental health culture.

i still cringe about it

No. 187269

This video was absolutely insufferable. I feel now that Jill got her almighty DID diagnosis she now doing full unfiltered retard babble. Part of me even gets the impression that she wanted the DID diagnosis so she could talk like a retard and no one would criticise her for it

No. 187271

I know this is a nitpick, but considering how she used to brag about how all her cats were purebred every time she brought them up, I find it curious that she reads "every cat deserves a forever home" on the top of the package when she opens it, but immediately tosses it aside before reading the part about them donating to rescues. Usually she's super excited about mentioning anything charitable or sustainable about the companies she buys from.

No. 187272

She doesn't care, she just wants her plastic shit

No. 187273

>Cat shit on walls
I want to vomit, wtf is wrong with her. Imagine the fucking smell

No. 187274

There's soo much content for a new "shit pixie says" or whatever it was called volume…drowning in it

No. 187275

She's such a retard and the way she is careless around her cats makes her a very bad owner. I also hate how much of an unapologetic retard she is. She never acted this much like a spaz before, it's like she's willingly acting it out.

No. 187277

Yeah, I remember this too. Thing is, we were dumb impressionable and troubled teens, and as cringe as it was, we were young and troubled. Jillian is a full blown adult and wants to pretend her OCs are an excuse for her shitty behavior. Like imagine being so immature that she wants to be a 13 year old who flips people off on social media

No. 187278

I would really be amazed if her cats used that claustrophobic pink grapefruit litter box more than once or twice. They must be leaving little SOS bombs under her furniture and she's too busy building a new monetized identity to notice.

No. 187279

lmao Steve sounds so done with her shit throughout this video. When she kept trying to get the cat on the tree he kept being like "just leave the treat there and walk away. Just put it on the thing" as she kept cooing and babbling like a retard.

No. 187280

Few things to add
>Multiple attempts to censor her feet and not provide "free feet content"
>Steebie(?) watching politics videos in the background

No. 187281


Jesus christ imagine keeping mental health internet discourse nonsense on your mind 24/7/365 to the point that you just make cutesy rainbow art as casual reminders to never stop thinking about it around your house. I’d call it performative, but let’s be real, no one probably ever visits her house anymore.

No. 187284

she’s purposely making her voice deeper I think, though this voice is probably closer to her natural voice

No. 187285

Can't bare to sit through to watch, what kind of political videos or person(s) is he watching? Is any key wording audible?

No. 187286

File: 1639351984851.png (2.79 MB, 1334x750, E761B193-0F35-4681-ADED-6B3E45…)

He’s listening to Hasan it sounds like.
onlyflabs saga is definitely being hinted

No. 187287

I think I heard Philip DeFranco in one of the clips.

Also I thought my cat was fat but not anymore, her cats are huge. I know some of it is just them being long haired but I've met plenty of long haired cats that aren't so rotund… Just because you are fat, Jill, doesn't mean you gotta make your cats fat, too.

No. 187288

which of her alters is the sustainable one?

No. 187289

File: 1639352757723.jpeg (620.76 KB, 828x1107, A70B49E4-0518-49BF-B0B8-3C77C4…)

I was scrolling through Instagram and legit thought this was pixie lmao

No. 187291

This looks like her 5 years ago maybe, that girl could probably start up a pixielocks 5 years ago skinwalk channel and steal all her followers who are tired of her current shit

No. 187292

>He’s listening to Hasan
Ew, somehow that's not surprising at all though

No. 187294

File: 1639355010056.png (5.39 MB, 3360x2100, Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 00.21…)

She looks like Gypsy Rose

No. 187295

File: 1639355045754.png (1.18 MB, 1038x1146, Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 5.51…)

she mentioned in multiple videos that she has a fucked up foot or something wrong with her toes on one foot. she refuses to speak about it but teases with shit like this. kek

No. 187299

i dont understand why she would post a video where her cat tries to climb a shitty cheap shelf nailed into the wall and she admits she lets them chew on tiny plastic beads how are they still alive

No. 187303

the fact that these cats have not had a scratching post or cat tree up until now is so sad. i bet the main reason she didnt get one is because she couldnt find anything ~aesthetic~ until now too.

No. 187304

File: 1639358835029.jpeg (147.32 KB, 352x650, 9F0C2D41-FEF1-4769-98A8-D4E9FC…)

Thought her sweater was pretty cute. looked it up.

$130. Probably sold out cause Trixie Mattel wore it in a video. Oh but it’s a “slow fashion” company they said on their website.

She still needs help with her shopping addiction. sage cause not actually milk.

No. 187305

Also adding
>Scolded/punished sticker for stalking and almost pouncing on Serena

Like WTF seriously no wonder her cats are so fat. If they get punished for normal cat play behavior which she described as "territorial". She just wants them to be motionless plushies.

No. 187306

File: 1639359238265.jpeg (242.78 KB, 828x599, 3E1D2BD9-6D56-4F45-A6E2-731765…)

Looks like Jill is dropping the fresh full fat cream in the new year, I’m excited for the premium milk we’ll be getting in 2022

No. 187307

actually waaay cuter than pixie, sadly the hair makes her look like a skinwalker

No. 187308

>Steebie(?) watching politics videos in the background
I'd say this again: he's a gross redditor.

No. 187309

File: 1639360171667.png (768.45 KB, 1200x675, imagen_2021-12-12_194941.png)

oh my god

No. 187310

Do you want me to? I got a copyright strike for "violent/terrorist organizations" on one of them so I privated them unfortunately.

No. 187316

>violent/terrorist organizations
Jesus. Those are the videos YouTube won't strike so they know the difference.
Even if you label the vid something misleading, one of Pixie's alters (probably Ethan Deklein, the YouTube careerist) is going to click report again.

No. 187317

Do it anon

No. 187319

Would it be possible to reupload them as unlisted and only accessible through links? That way you could share them ITT without random fans reporting them

No. 187326

She has that that sweater for literal years.

No. 187327

laughing at the thought of her 35 year old male alter being a Ethan Klein factive for causing her trauma by platforming Trisha Paytas. Or Anthony Padilla for not letting her be the spokesperson for BPD.

No. 187329

If I remember right from her house tour her fold-out ikea “dinner” table used to be there so hopefully that’s just food slop or coffee or something?? Either way clean your dang walls

Also makes you wonder why she chose to remove her dinner table ?

No. 187331

she's like fusion of the two currently kek

No. 187332

Aren’t they sitting at it in the circle of chanting retards video? She probably just moved it to put the cat tree there/to sit around it

No. 187333

I stumbled upon this and just…the pixie archives are so jarring. Obviously she's being framed as a kawaii princess so this is going to have a super positive angle but all I see is a happy, spoiled straight girl in love with an uptight, repressed twink and the house she feels entitled to.

>I was there with a friend(kek) and I was like, "God, this girl is gorgeous."

No. 187334

holy shit she was so skinny wtf happened

No. 187336

Considering how old this video is and how unflattering that thumbnail looks, you can only imagine how she'd be photographed now for one of these docos. In fact I can see her applying to be on another episode: rainbow princess with 5 personalities they love shit clickbait like that.

If you click on >>187289 profile from a browser you'll see many more rainbow-banged kawaii pastel girls recommended as similar, the person she is in this video has become so common now.
The DID thing was all clearly to try and be more unique among the sea of similar girls that exist now. Even though some of them are likely to have been influenced by her and she's not actually competing with them.
The bar for what is acceptable and what is weird and interesting keeps getting lower and lower, we'll probably have transfurries who have facial implants to look like dogs who we are supposed to "accept" and people like rainbow multiple personality Pixie will look refreshingly normal in comparison, in a few years.
You either join the madness and become more and more extreme for attention, or accept that you're just another human being and accept yourself and enjoy your life, like auntie Vessey.

No. 187338

anon she was even overweight back then

No. 187342

I was just watching again her video “After Art School: What Now?” where she explains how her imaginary clothing brand works. There’s a long list in my head of things she has promised to do or that she claims are part of her routine that are just not true, the first one in her channel being that she would review the Jem and the Holograms palette… also, making regular animal crossing gameplays, her new default 60s hair that lasted a week, her music videos she would make, posting on her Depop after her decluttering videos, the infamous NYE vlog… I think is normal to have ideas and then not achieving them, but she always commits the mistake of promising and talking as she’d already worked on them.

No. 187344

That's sad, those videos would had been better than whatever bullshit she's onto right now.

No. 187346

Does she have diabetes or something?

No. 187348

File: 1639385092819.png (80.81 KB, 1080x427, Screenshot_20211213-083705.png)

"The body's" bruh

No. 187351

Please put them as unlisted, shit pixie says is very beloved

No. 187354

Oh, more ways to talk about people as if they are "things" instead of people, great, great

No. 187355

File: 1639391625673.jpeg (111.96 KB, 828x260, 287441E3-D6E3-4564-B012-49A3A1…)

God I hope they answer the dumb alter questions so we get fresh milk for Christmas

No. 187360

sorry for slight blog but i have never found a cow so insufferable I find absolutely no enjoyment in checking the thread tbh. this has gone beyond a hate watch

No. 187361

Sage for cat sperg. That litter box was trending and a bunch of influencers got them and the consensus was that it’s dangerous because the cats can get stuck inside very easily, most people ended up removing the door and having an additional litter box because it’s so small, if that’s the only litter box for two cats then they are definitely leaving surprises, also she doesn’t have a mat to catch the litter when they hop out which is a strange thing for a supposed experienced cat owner not to have or know about

No. 187362

No. 187364

Jillian Vessel

No. 187366

File: 1639401468308.png (585.33 KB, 1080x910, Screenshot_20211213-151723.png)

Veronica is "new to social media"

No. 187370

So are we supposed to believe that of all the years Jill has been on social media daily, not just publicity but privately, Veronica has never fronted until literally the other day when “she” posted on tiktok and now when she’s replying to nice comments? She is a 20 year old thot in the “body” of a person whose job is literally to be on social media all the time, and has no familiarity with social media?

Because the implication is not only that, which would be ridiculous and unlikely if DID was real and if her DID was real, but that Jill has therefore been able to shift on command even before she was diagnosed if that is the case, and has been shifting away from Veronica every time she used social media for some reason.

No. 187371

>new to social media
>somehow knows how to upload to tiktok, use emoji, uses abbreviations, and has made a whole Playlist based on her uwu sexy persona


No. 187372

Why not just say that Veronica's gimmick is typing in caps lock?

No. 187373

File: 1639404118021.png (961.32 KB, 662x1436, pixie.png)

It seems the cherry blossom emoji is probably a precure alter or at least Japanese. I guess that's why she picked a cherry blossom.

No. 187374

Wasn't it a strawberry before? Did she change it because of that starwby troll?

No. 187375

Can’t keep my pixie lore straight but I think cherry blossom is a fragment and strawberry is the loli.

No. 187376

So she has a weeb alter now? lmao, this bitch

No. 187377

Some more info on how to spot person malingering DID (source: https://did-research.org/controversy/malingering/pseudogenic)

Attention-seeking behaviors: This fits in with many of the clinical red flags, such as dramatic symptoms, exaggeration, and a need to assume a sick role, but it’s worth mentioning on its own. Key points here might include someone constantly derailing conversations in order to refocus the discussion on themself and their symptoms or experiences, someone always struggling with what others are struggling with, and someone always needing to outdo others with their claims. Whenever someone else is getting attention, such a person might escalate into “crisis mode,” have a vital revelation about their system or past that makes them require immediate help or support, or be facing a new traumatic situation or danger from old abusers. Such behaviors may also be a response to someone pointing out concerns about their behaviors or claims. Such a person may even react with threats of self-harm or suicide or by comparing others to their abusers if they’re given any reason to be on the defensive.

Constantly focusing on one’s DID/OSDD-1 or trauma history can be another warning sign. Of course, DID/OSDD-1 themed blogs are going to focus more on DID/OSDD-1 than other blogs, and these blogs may focus more heavily on either the positives or the negatives of the condition depending on their goal and the individual(s) behind them. However, if someone offline is constantly drawing attention to their supposed DID/OSDD-1 even in situations where it’s not relevant, not beneficial to do so, and potentially even derailing or removing attention from a more appropriate concern, this can be a problem. Raising awareness is one thing, but someone who doesn’t hesitate to talk about their condition for no particular reason may not be being entirely honest about their condition.

The opposite is also true. If when in certain company, someone is a mess, switches constantly in an out of control manner, and/or suffers constantly from symptoms of co-morbid conditions but all of these struggles all but disappear the moment that the individual needs to get something done or is in a different company (basically, whenever it’s no longer “convenient” for them to be disordered), they may have more control than they’re trying to claim. Many individuals find it easier to dissociate and/or put on a mask of functioning in certain situations, but if the contrast is too great and seems too convenient or planned, the individual might be manipulating their presentation for their own benefit.

Blatant or consistent misinformation: Sometimes, the truth about disorders such as OSDD-1 and DID can be inconvenient for those faking one of these conditions or can be jarring and unnerving to those who mistakenly believe that they have one of these conditions when they don’t. Because of this, those who do not truly have DID/OSDD-1 may insist on spreading misinformation about the disorders, perpetuating harmful stereotypes, or giving ridiculous and impossible explanations for valid experiences. When confronted, they may even react defensively with any or all of the possible “crisis mode” related attention-seeking behaviors mentioned above. It’s likely that such a person will then continue to spread the same misinformation or switch to spreading a different type of misinformation.

Note that it’s likely that everyone will at some point or another endorse false information, reinforce a disproven stereotype, or try and fail to explain something that they experience. What really matters is someone’s willingness to recognize when they’ve said something wrong or whether they seem to understand any aspect of the disorder to any degree. Someone newly learning about the disorder may not understand their condition well, for example, but if they believe that their alters are, say, the result of childhood vaccines (ridiculous example chosen on purpose), this could indicate that they haven’t spent even five minutes looking into their supposed disorder and may not actually know enough about it to claim that they have it.

Note as well that the longer that someone claims to have known about their disorder, the less sense it makes for them to be confusing basic facts about it. It’s one thing to not understand more theoretical components of the disorder, but it’s another entirely to have been clinically diagnosed and in therapy for years yet still denying that alters are parts of one’s mind and not reincarnated souls, past lives, or individuals from other dimensions. Again, how such a person reacts to being corrected about their claims can also reinforce whether or not their claims were simply due to ignorance or might have less innocent motivations.

Extremely rapid progression: If an individual with DID has only become aware of their alters within the last few weeks or even months, it’s highly unlikely that they will know most or all of their alters, have perfect communication or co-consciousness with their alters, or have complete or almost complete cooperation from their system. This applies even more in regards to knowing most or all of one’s trauma history. DID is a disorder that’s meant to keep information internally segregated and hidden from conscious awareness. If its dissociative barriers were so easy to dismantle, it would hardly be a disorder, let alone the extremely disabling disorder that it is. While everyone has a different pace in regards to healing if it seems as if a system skipped from Point A to Point F without any real struggle, especially if the system is not in therapy, this is cause for concern.

*That said, OSDD-1 systems may have an easier time than DID systems in regard to establishing internal communication and cooperation.

If Chloe started her YouTube channel three weeks after being diagnosed, that doesn't make any damn sense as to how she knew about DID in such great detail and about her alters.

A roleplay-like presentation: If alters come across as poorly written roleplay characters that you would expect to find in a chat room populated by tweens in their anime or gothic phase, this is a problem! Alters are usually at least moderately distinguishable from each other without quirks needing to be relied on. It’s true that co-consciousness and blending can influence alter presentations and that some alters are extremely similar to each other in order to avoid outside notice or due to being splits of each other, but if a system seems to be going out of their way to prove how different their alters are but every alter is coming across as one person failing at creative writing or acting, this could be a sign that the alters aren’t as separate as the individual is trying to portray.

That said, there are newly diagnosed or undiagnosed systems who will go out of their way to demonstrate that their (self-) diagnosis is correct. The difference is that while these systems may give off a “trying too hard” vibe, they usually don’t come across as one person under different hats, so to speak. Again, assigned quirks can be a huge give away here. If someone has five child alters that all sound identical except that one typs lyk dis, another is obsessed with dogs, and another uses CAPS all the TIME, it might be worth considering if the system really exists outside of one person.

*It should be remembered that alters in OSDD-1 systems may be far less differentiated than those of DID systems and so by nature may be less easily distinguishable.

Easy or frequent rapid switching: Contrary to popular belief on Tumblr, it can be difficult to switch quickly between alters when the switch hasn’t been triggered and isn’t necessary. A system cycling between four or five different alters in order to write bios for each, answer questions, contribute to memes, or converse or argue in a text post for all of the internet to see is not common. Even if the argument is made that the alters contributing haven’t really switched out but are co-conscious, it should be remembered that it can be difficult to achieve and maintain co-consciousness between so many alters at once. This is especially true for systems who have supposedly only recently discovered their existence as multiple. In general, when a system is switching quickly between alters many times over a short period of time, it indicates instability or that the system has been badly triggered. This type of switching is often associated with headaches, nausea, and exhaustion. It’s not something to be flaunted.(armchairing)

No. 187378

File: 1639406143172.png (109.89 KB, 1600x900, 04470DB7-CFCA-4E85-B0C1-A9BE76…)

No. 187379

i think we've made it clear enough that jillian is a munchie who's faking her DID for clout, this is just overkill

No. 187380

Every sentence of that essay is 100% on the nose Jill behaviour. Her only hope of redemption is to lie and say her therapist manipulated her.

No. 187382

File: 1639409369030.png (104.09 KB, 1332x713, qA0BRrMFCW.png)

Actually found something interesting!

Was going through DissociaDID drama from a year ago, since she was the one that inspired Pixie to do the same.

So I was watching this one interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Iya78aDmHk) from member of Kiwifarms, who was on the thread when it all came down and found this comment reply from Pixielocks channel.

The comment was published 6 months ago, which likely means that it was the period she made up her story before coming out with the cake.

No. 187385

They didnt even say DID was fake, they just said their unsure. Why is she so keen on normalizing not questioning any word said by mentally ill people? Her entire brand benefits off of children who just believe things like that without research and its disgusting

No. 187386

It's just the "woke sjw" all inclusive mindset, where questioning anything, that might hurt feelings is prohibited.

No. 187390

This bunch of genderspecials wouldn't be able to survive on an uninhabited island, if they were marooned without food or water, succumbing to cannibalism at the end kek

No. 187393

>new to social media

No. 187394

Same could also be said about putting all lolcow nonnies on an island.

No. 187395

I thought the flower was the "five petal flower"? What an ass. Can't keep her larp straight.
It takes two fucking minutes to clean that shit off the wall. She proves again she has no fucking shame, if I was her I would just discard the whole recording and shoot it again, can't believe she let herself show cat shit on the wall. Even if it isn't cat shit it's fucking gross and you can just get up your lazy ass and grab some soap and just do it. Or at least fix it in post production? That doesn't save you from toxoplasmosis though. Between toxo, weed, alcohol and social media, she's going to become truly crazy- just not in the way she wants.

No. 187396

I don't think so, sounds like a white knight cope.

No. 187397

Proving yet again her alters are just moods/things she's into. This is so fucking cringe
Very fucking predictable that her "sakura flower" emoji alter is into anime. But she can't just normally be into anime like any other weeb, no, she HAS TO MAKE A WHOLE ALTER that likes anime. She's so fucking cringe and I bet this alter is also "Japanese" or some bullcrap. Like does she even watch anime besides magical girl kids shows? She just wants to prove she's the biggest magical girl fan by making an alter about it. It's gross and gets worse the more you think about it.

I also think the strawberry emoji one is just into strawberry shortcake or some shit. Imagine making a whole alter for that. Ugh. Barf.

No. 187398

Gross, fuck woke pieces of shit. They want to make every single imaginary thing real.
"Wow gross!" Says Jill. I think Jillian is the gross one.

No. 187399

>Attention-seeking behaviors: This fits in with many of the clinical red flags, such as dramatic symptoms, exaggeration, and a need to assume a sick role,
True, specially before diagnosis, she would often talk about dissociation even though she was clearly smiling
>Constantly focusing on one’s DID/OSDD-1 or trauma history
Yeah she even has """"forgotten memories"""" kek
>those who do not truly have DID/OSDD-1 may insist on spreading misinformation about the disorders, perpetuating harmful stereotypes, or giving ridiculous and impossible explanations for valid experiences.
Exactly what she's doing trying to say her trauma was from Uma at 13
>Note as well that the longer that someone claims to have known about their disorder, the less sense it makes for them to be confusing basic facts about it.
Kek and Jillian acts so stuck up about it too
>Extremely rapid progression: If an individual with DID has only become aware of their alters within the last few weeks or even months, it’s highly unlikely that they will know most or all of their alters, have perfect communication or co-consciousness with their alters, or have complete or almost complete cooperation from their system.
And somehow within weeks we have had all alters at least partially revealed kek
>A roleplay-like presentation: If alters come across as poorly written roleplay characters that you would expect to find in a chat room populated by tweens in their anime or gothic phase, this is a problem!
Yup it fits
>Easy or frequent rapid switching: Contrary to popular belief on Tumblr, it can be difficult to switch quickly between alters when the switch hasn’t been triggered and isn’t necessary. A system cycling between four or five different alters in order to write bios for each, answer questions, contribute to memes, or converse or argue in a text post for all of the internet to see is not common.
This. The thing is though I'm sure these freaks really want it to make it look like they're redefining the illness and that they're right while every other doctor is wrong. It's gross

No. 187400

>the body
Fucking gross and dehumanizing but these people think it's cool and woke. This DID shit if left unchecked is going to become the new tranny larp

No. 187401

Why can't Jillian just look at her aunt and see how similar they are and then stop pretending to be sick and be artsy like her?

No. 187404

File: 1639418910340.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1905, 58B08633-8AF2-49C5-8579-C0CD43…)

new jillian dropped

No. 187406

Where’s the emoji sign off Jillybean?

No. 187407

underrated comment

No. 187415

kekd softly

No. 187417

this sweater has been popular for years, don’t blog here just because it’s sold out and Jill has it

No. 187430

if only

No. 187431

File: 1639434295836.png (457.43 KB, 1080x1366, Screenshot_20211214-002239.png)

look jill don't drag the sky into this

No. 187432

she cant experience joy for two damn seconds with y'all, vile wastes of space

No. 187433

I think you got lost on the way to farm & fleet

No. 187434

I'm going to alog

No. 187436

Sorry buddy, but I think she’s quite fine, she will just buy the pain away or something, like all rich girls do.

No. 187437

nah you're all just shitty people lol

No. 187438


No. 187439

ooh yes yelling slurs, very mature of you

No. 187440

Are you lost? Clearly yes, if you're still stanning Jill in her worst, laziest, most bitter era. Find better heroes, kid. She's done making kawaii content and no amount of waiting for her to "heal" is hon,a bring it back.

No. 187441

Wow surprising to see a white knight know how to use this sight kek

No. 187442

until any of you can back up any of these points with real, factual evidence y'all can choke on glass

No. 187443

not a white knight, just a person with actual human decency, which is rare to see here yes

No. 187444

Imagine if this was one of her alters lmao

No. 187445

it's not jill, if anyone wanted to run with another bullshit accusation

No. 187446

No. 187447

Just look at her own videos and how she ruined her health with a shitty diet, alcohol and weed lmao

No. 187448

lmao, sage your shit first of all, and second of all, read the threads, plenty of proof, dumb ass
How can you come in here and try to WK such a mess of a human, especially now during the worst of anything she has done?

No. 187449

Listen you insensitive fucknugget, I choked on glass when I was 8 and had to develop a Debbie Harry fictive to cope with the trauma. Sub to our patreon, youtube and tiktok.

No. 187450

what do you mean “show proof”? this entire thread is proof. there’s screenshots of her attacking ex fans for not believing she has DID. and she’s so obviously lazy - her final project for college is more than enough proof. sage your shit retard.

No. 187451

that's not evidence, try again. people gain weight for many reasons, medication, stress, and even if it was diet, (brace yourselves, hot take incoming), fat people are still human beings

No. 187452

Fake claiming someone is a shitty thing to do, no one knows anything about her life off camera, so don't pretend like any of you are fucking doctors or know anything about her

No. 187453

hot take, you're shitting up the thread (as am i, relying) but seriously get a grip. Even if you are not a fan, how can you sit here and see all the shitty things she does and come in here trying to defend her? Becoming a fat fuck from a bad diet and drugs is the reason it's a topic, and more importantly her inability to deal with it obviously, that's what makes it funny.

No. 187454

her whole life has been documented online kek what do you mean we don't know what happens off-camera, and then her forever over-sharing.

No. 187455

how do you genuinely believe this shit? yes, we don’t know her entire life, but the way she displays her DID online is so laughably fake. horny alter, emo alter, child alter, fucking precure alter. signing off with emojis. pretending her adult alters have no idea how to use the internet. it’s so fucking fake. sorry you chose to believe in jill’s delusions, but we aren’t that gullible.

No. 187456

explain why being overweight is a moral failing/how it makes someone an irredeemable monster? i bet most of you are fat fucks too

No. 187457

why are you all so obsessed over her life that you all run at the speed of light to this shit hole of a website every time she posts anything? if you hate her that much you can just move on with your pathetic existences

No. 187458

sure cos shes documented every second in the past 6 years obviously, you're pathetic

No. 187459

>her final project for college is more than enough proof
damn i completely forgot about "Home Streert Home" (her yt only subscribers don't even know that it came out right ?) + the tatoo contest that ended a year ago
this bitch is not an artist anymore, she's just mentally ill

No. 187460

wow it's almost like being in treatment for mental health can take up most of your life

No. 187461

You meant doctor shopping, but please continue.

No. 187462

again, you don't know for a fact that's what happened. Still waiting on real proof

No. 187463

Can't wait for your ban. But yeah 7 years uploading on youtube, and documentation by her mother, and like said before, maybe if you read the thread, you would know about all her blog posts and over-sharing of every little detail of her life. No way this bitch had trama bad enough to make her brain split. She wishes she had trama, and now she's fishing for lost memories to try to come up with something. It's pathetic that you are here trying to defend her.

Mental illness doesn't become your whole personality or take up your whole life. You manage it and move on. The broken concept of mental health being your whole personality is ridiculous. That's the real mental issue.

No. 187464

while i'm here why the fuck do you all hate trans people so much?

No. 187466

you literally know nothing about her life pre-youtube. who the fuck are any of you to decide that she doesn't have trauma. What sick pieces of shit you all are

No. 187467

someone clearly hasn’t read her deviantart blog

No. 187468

i've been lurking here for years. i've read every empty accusation you all make and have not once seen a single piece of evidence to support it. just speculation on top of speculation

No. 187469

that still doesn't show things that happened as a very young child, stop reaching

No. 187470

>our little
Is that what she calls her child alter? What the fuck

No. 187471

because nothing happened to her as a child. why do you think she made the claim that ND people’s brains develop slower than normal people’s and kept insisting that she was ND? because she knew her only “”trauma”” was from when she was 13. also, shouldn’t people like you be offended by the claim that ND people develop slow? why aren’t you mad at jill for saying that?

No. 187472

saying someone's brain develops slower isn't literally calling someone "slow" in a derogatory way dumbass

No. 187473

again with the empty claims

No. 187474

don't you guys ever get tired of being ass deep in your own hatred? go outside lol

No. 187475

Fake claiming? I still don’t understand what this term is. Jill has been using it a bunch, along with other DID’ers, so I have to assume it means claiming someone as a DID alter when they’re not? Like a fake sm account.

No. 187476

>been here for years
>does not know how to sage

I am not surprised you missed the stacks of proof too.

No. 187477

fake claiming means accusing someone of faking their illness

No. 187479

i don't give a shit how his site works i'm not gonna sage just to make your lives easier

No. 187480

it's just one of those newfangled terms they've come up with to legitimize their whining

No. 187481


No. 187482

go take your hormones

No. 187483

i'm not trans?

No. 187484

You don't seem sure of that.

No. 187485

y'all are losing your minds this is hilarious

No. 187486

wtf is that supposed to mean??

No. 187487

This coming from the one who is here trying to sell batshit insane personality disorder

No. 187489

you're not even making sense now, keep crying though xox

No. 187490

If you don't like the criticism then why are you here? You know what this site is as well as any one of us, your complaints aren't going to change anyone's mind about her on this platform

No. 187491

oh i know that, it's just exhausting to see so many disgusting hateful people in one place who think it's okay to do any of this.
i also have a lot of pent up rage and y'all are fun targets haha

No. 187492

all you achieve by not saging is bumping the thread everytime you post, drawing more attention to it and to yourself

No. 187493

okay? i don't care

No. 187495

You people are so dull that you don't realise you actually barely have a single personality between all of you

No. 187496

Quit replying to the whiteknight just report her and ignore her

No. 187497

i don't have DID

No. 187498

wait you actually think i'm jill lmao

No. 187499

To do any of what? They make their criticisms here as opposed to bombarding her on her actual platforms. They may be harsh in their criticisms, but they make valid points. She's changed a lot and not for the better

No. 187500

none of yalls criticisms are valid, but if this keeps you away from her then whatever(whiteknighting autist)

No. 187501

You can't be outraged by the behavior in here, when you're the one that's willingly walked in, so to speak

No. 187502

That's your opinion and those expressed her are theirs. They are entitled to that whether you like it or not

No. 187503


No. 187504

It's not our fault your chonky rainby idol is faking a fake yet trendy mental illness for her new identity. Maybe direct your screeching rage somewhere else. Jill will get bored of it soon enough as you know. She never sticks with anything.

No. 187505

hey at least you're self aware that you're all vile

No. 187506

Either learn to integrate and SAGE YOUR SHIT, or fuck off back to twitter.

No. 187507

You should go get your based multiverse queer kawaiii unemployed icon to use some of her old simp bucks from her designer doctor fund to buy you an appointment with her quack therapist for your edgy pent up anger from people not liking your favourite clown instead of shitting up this thread

No. 187508

genuine question why do you all keep bringing up her weight as if it holds any validity whatsoever over what she has/hasn't done? being fat has no effect on someone's actions

No. 187509

how many times do i have to say i do not give a single shit about how this site runs

No. 187510

Lol, I'm also a long-time lurker here, love. It might be unsavory at times, but you either grow some thicker skin or move on

No. 187511

>being fat has no effect on someone's actions
Jill was genuinely winded from opening a cardboard box in her latest video so it really seems to have impacted her quality of life.

No. 187512

i have thick skin don't worry, it's just a relief , and entertaining, at this point to finally say what i've wanted to to these cunts for the past 4 years

No. 187513

okay? why is that any concern of yours? if the claims here are supposedly factually accurate and valid why keep bringing her weight into it? just talk about her behaviour

No. 187514

then why the fuck are you even here? You think yelling into the void is going to do anything? Oh, wow, thank you kind newfag! You really opened up my eyes and made me rethink my actions on what a vile twansphobic cyberbully I am!1! lol