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File: 1637035628241.png (16 MB, 6679x5408, 1636939423305.png)

No. 182427

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats things while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnosis that she paid for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ diagnosis with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a weeaboo style she no longer personally wears, she now looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Has a youtube channel with an insonsitent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating her fans.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- shit, including clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent.
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, alienating her previous fans.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without futher medical advice.
>Thinks having a counselor = actual therapy. Continues to fake all kinds of symptoms and illnesses to prove she’s sick, making her into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies so much that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from overseas and doesn’t care if the items come from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to criticism and what she has seen in her threads.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image, even claiming her mayor trauma comes from a short lived DeviantArt ex-girlfriend.
>Formerly referred to herself as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother, her partners, and other content creators (in a creepy way).
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience.
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t personally selling anything yet, but plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs. Had a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items.
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, and pretending she can only eat one type of food.
>After frivolously celebrating her “life changing” dissociative identity disorder diagnosis with a cake, she swears there’s 5 different alters living inside her head, making her a real life “five petal flower”. She identifies every personality with an emoji, some of them are: a 13 year old emo boy named Jerrick, and a 6 year old that talks with a lisp.
(Summary updated 11/15/2021)

On the previous thread:
>Her DID teasing before the grand reveal >>181386
>The infamous DID "coming out" cake >>181714
>She says she has many mental diagnoses including BPD, PTSD, DID, and EDNOS >>181730
>Explanation of the emoji for each alter >>181753
>She's planning a neurodivergent new years party >>180488
>Posts a picture while pissing >>180862
>She makes a shitty infographic with a flower surrounded of angry words that her "therapist" ~adored~ >>181251
>Prescribes CBD to someone who has an 9 year old alter >>180355
>Her incestuous youtube crush Drew Monson makes a video >>180077 where Jillian writes a comment and receives incredible backlash due to lacking self awareness >>180213 urges Drew to interact. She ends up deleting it. Continues trying to receive attention from Drew afterwards >>181544
>Calls out a brand for being doing a "lazy ethical attempt" while forgetting she's the same >>182192
>Her "coming out as DID" tik tok is the only video of hers with 90k+ views on the platform >>182106
>Bwaby Jwillian talks with a lispuwu >>182246 pretends she's her "6 year old alter" while mommy is visiting her
>Mommy Louise Vessey doesn't seem to care >>181879
>Her edgy emo 13 year old boy Villainy Swells "alter" is called Jerrick now >>181740 even though this was supposed to be her bio drag queen persona.
>and more. Last thread was milky as hell.

Old Threads:

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay Facebook Page: https://anony.link/https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 182429

Forgot to post this on the summary, thanks to the anon who made it

No. 182431

File: 1637037386249.png (20.05 KB, 597x156, chrome_2021-11-15_20-36-22.png)

No. 182432

File: 1637037741389.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x2283, 2033807E-E416-426E-96EE-EA5A74…)

Ty nonnie for the new thread. Anyway, here’s my contribution to the new thread. I’m 90% sure this wasn’t posted in the last thread. Has this always been the name for whatever account this was of hers?

No. 182434

yes. lurk harder.

No. 182435

this dumbass not realizing that literally anything she posts is content.

No. 182436

File: 1637038403635.jpg (306.71 KB, 1080x1798, 85382.jpg)

i love how she channels all of her true bitchy character into a less popular side account for her "alter" just so she doesn't get called out and run away crying on main as pixielocks

No. 182439

Why is "Jerrick" claiming "he" made the TikTok and "his" content will still include fashion content as it always has…? Jerrick isn't a Youtuber, Pixie is!

No. 182440

She's going to lose a shit ton of followers if she keeps that up and uses DID as a shield to treat people like shit. I hope other DID tubers find this and call her out so she's shunned from the community because I thought shit like that was a big faux pas in their circle since it "adds to the stigma" of the "illness"

No. 182441

uuuuuhhhhh is she lurking? kek

No. 182442

>explanation of this bullshit? ♥
Holy fuck calm down retard.
That fan did ask a question, she's overreacting and being rude on purpose. Funny. She isn't the ~beacon of peace~ she pretends she is. So fucking funny.

No. 182446

File: 1637042186912.png (168.69 KB, 581x617, 395723958.png)

sliding into peoples dms just to talk about herself, good god

No. 182451

File: 1637044379348.jpeg (600.25 KB, 1170x1543, 803EA3D7-3BC1-4C18-A3BC-2F061B…)

for some reason I thought I also read “system” so that’s why I didn’t check further back in the threads, I thought I had some good tea. So her system conveniently goes with her abandoned “fashion brand.”

Picrel. Apparently Jill—I mean, Jerrick—sent the Twitter user nasty dms.

No. 182455

omg I just watched for the first time. I love the people in this thread. Thanks to the anon who made this. I have a feeling we will be able to make so much new Jill content now. I'm so repulsed and disgusted by Jill, especially the fake 6yo alter. This is all so blatantly fake, I can't believe people humor her.

The closed flower seems to be the 35yo, btw

No. 182457

Wish someone could contact this fan so we could see the DMs

No. 182462

File: 1637051693341.jpg (127.33 KB, 960x960, fb9d405a7488ae9702300daa6deed4…)

kek wish I could just be an incredibly rude obnoxious person and then blame it on an edgy teenage boy living inside my head so no one could be mad at me
do you think 'Jerrick' gets triggered by the weeb thigh tattoo?

No. 182463

Someone photoshop jillian's "bullshit? ♥" on top of this tattoo please

No. 182465

Lol I thought this saga was just going to be infuriating and not much fun, but she is pulling all the stops on being a full-blown cunt now that she can blame it on ~Jerrick~ like she came up with some 4D chess scheme to not hold back anymore. Girl is gonna be in a lot of milky trouble if she keeps it up and I’m here for it

No. 182466

File: 1637053392431.png (1.45 MB, 960x960, 5F004DC8-3B02-4366-8816-35389C…)

No. 182468

File: 1637053970091.png (1.46 MB, 960x960, 4CE5882B-7252-4C7D-AE9F-EA7BA5…)

samefag but I think this one is better

No. 182472

There isn't anyone talking about her on Twitter by name without censoring it so that it doesn't come up in searches. There aren't "Several Tweets" calling her out for her faking unless she is digging very, very hard for them.

There especially are not any tweets calling it LARPing. She completely blew her cover in using terminology that's pretty exclusive to here. I assume that she always has her thread open and is never not lurking.

I'd suggest not doing that, Jill.

No. 182473

Really bringing out the assholerey here, she didn't even bother with the uwu snake emoji so she must have been raging while typing these replies. True Jillian revealed.

No. 182474

is her mommy still staying with her? how about making some more tathy thoop and doing puzzles together instead of sperging out on Twitter?

No. 182475

She lurking af, I'm guessing she's not happy with the new thread summary. Reminds me of every cow when they get pressed about their own thread and start flinging shit, they always drop the uwu act and show their bitchy side. Notice how neither the LARP tweet (a term only we use here) and the one with her throwing a shitfit at some polite commenter are posted as Pixie, no emoji to signify her "character" and talking in context as Pixie reflecting on her own content, not a 14 year old who has never posted on Youtube.
>my content will still include…
>as it always has
Posted from Villainy's account. This is falling apart quicker than I thought it would.
Best plot twist would be her doctors reappearing after appraising her online content to remove the diagnosis and give her a new one for munchausen and npd.

No. 182476

Jill jumping into people's DMs to harass them confirmed, I'd love to see the shit she sends Drew and Emilia.

No. 182477

She needs to accept the consequences of her new super fun super cool diagnosis and give up her driving license. If she’s “constantly dissociating” she shouldn’t be behind a wheel.

No. 182478

File: 1637057629521.jpeg (514.73 KB, 828x1013, 17F1F423-6898-4992-92B9-E4C5E9…)

Cant tell if this is staged or not but she left this comment on a random fans tiktok. They’ve made a call out tiktok for it as well.

No. 182480

She's really decided to Jekyll and Hyde this whole thing
>Finally I can be an asshole in public
>Sorry I can't remember, my alter did it
Even better that she's blatantly writing as herself regardless of which account she uses.

No. 182481

File: 1637059158695.jpg (50.07 KB, 599x563, 1470134169113.jpg)

Bitch really wants the drama! I can't wait until she starts shit with the wrong folks lol. This DID fakery will be milky af. I'm so here for it to see on which emoji she tries to to blame it when the time comes kek
>I-it was the sandwich emoji that was mean to you, not me! double sad face

No. 182484

KEK I love this anon

No. 182485

>I'd suggest not doing that, Jill.
If she reads her thread then how come she hasn't changed a bit? Like, why is she lurking and not changing for the better?

No. 182486

She needs to rage with her bwabwy persona.
"OWO wat is dis bwullshwit? uwu"

No. 182487

>Oof ouch looking very narcissistic here cringe
Uhhhmmm has she seen her own behaivor? god she makes me alogg so hard every single time.

No. 182488

What video was this comment posted under? the fucking aggressivenes + the uwu emoji are sending me kek

No. 182489

Can you please link the video, anon?

No. 182490

File: 1637061070947.webm (457.65 KB, 576x1024, tiktok1.webm)

chuunipup's 1st response video

No. 182491

File: 1637061100711.webm (883.38 KB, 648x576, tiktok2.webm)

chuunipup's 2nd response video, showing she even owns one of the badges Jill made years back

No. 182494

Why the fuck did she do that….?

No. 182496

File: 1637062566913.webm (2.61 MB, 576x1024, No idea man.webm)

It's this one which is… so random of a comment to have made? I honestly don't understand why she did this unless it was on her FYP and she just got a hair across her ass that this girl was just being silly and having fun without having to pretend she's got a laundry list of mental illnesses. She doesn't even have that many views or comments, so this girl was no threat.

No. 182498

Maybe she's just trying to prove that she's totally mentally ill, something along the lines of "if I just act more like an unhinged nutcase people won't call me out for larping"?

No. 182500

Wait, she commented under this girl's video? like, on this vid? proof please

No. 182503

File: 1637064129566.jpg (655.35 KB, 1671x868, screenshot.jpg)

the comment is still up, here's the link so you can check it yourself: https://www.tiktok.com/@chuunipup/video/7023368812800052485

No. 182504

So funny this is one of her (presumably) ex-fans just living her life. They even met back before Jillian was a DID landwhale. Your jealousy is showing, chick.

No. 182506

What does this video have to do with Jillian that made Jillian lash out at this girl? I don't get it? Is this a "it wasn't me it was my alter!!!!" moment???
Like I don't understand why she would comment this.

No. 182507

File: 1637064560689.png (171.57 KB, 1066x838, 2333456789765.png)

it was in response to the fan calling her out on her DID diagnosis tiktok

No. 182508

She's losing it because this yellow teeth girl is cuter than she ever was even when she was thin. This chick might be just another cringe tiktok cosplayer with no actual skills, but at least she isn't Jillian Vessey.
Where is the fucking lie lmao
Imagine thinking her responding to a fan like this is a good PR move. First, she should just fucking ignore it. Second, I think there's 10 reasons already including this behaivor that make her an obese hypocrite no brand should collab with again.

No. 182509

File: 1637064823996.png (123.01 KB, 990x578, 3456765432456.png)


No. 182510

That girl is right, and Jill should know getting backlash as a content creator is normal… specially with the fucking statement she just pulled out lmao. Like, why would she comment back to her? I guess it hit too close to home. Felt called out and her overly defensive ass had to be aggressive to this girl. Sick

No. 182511

File: 1637064929396.png (113.57 KB, 1038x520, 245643245678.png)

btw the tiktok kids got the pixie receipts from lolcow but they feel personally attacked by the fat shaming uwu

No. 182512

File: 1637064930878.png (22.03 KB, 515x242, Untitled.png)

kek guess that's why she was upset about the larper stuff too

No. 182513

See this is why I think a calling out is inevitable, and I would love to see it covered by a big youtube. But I'm just going to sit quietly and enjoy the milk, I bet it'll only get worse and creepier from now on.
oh boo fucking hoo, bet these zoomers are fat too.

No. 182514

lmaooo this girl is too obvious… how come her "mean" alter activated right after her diagnosis???hahah

No. 182515

Day 1 of having her diagnosis
this is so fake I can't… kek

No. 182516

55 likes on that random username's comment vs 6 on Jillian's, looks like her announcement isn't going down as well as intended

No. 182518

File: 1637065839130.jpg (402.2 KB, 720x431, IMG_20190521_194028.jpg)

This is spiraling downwards already and it's been, what, a week? Since her "coming out"?

No. 182520

From her perspective, we are mean cyberbullies that find any trivial reason to nitpick the people on this site, so she doesn't take it seriously. In fact, I am almost certain she got the idea for DID from lolcow's jokes after her hinted neurodivergent plans failed.

No. 182521

can any medanon explain how it's possible that she has an alter that's older than her? idk anything about did, but it seems like those splits happen as response to traumatic events, so i can understand why someone would have an alter that's 6 or 14, because that's their "past selves" and experiences they hold… but if someone's alter is 35 and they are 23… what the fuck? how can an alter be created as response to trauma that didn't happen yet? how can your consciousness be older than your physical age?

No. 182522

there's no medical explanation for any of it. she's not traumatised and her 'alters' are just OCs for roleplaying

No. 182523

When a child first experiences such heavy trauma, their mind creates someone new to deal with whats happening. The first split is pretty much always an older alter because kids see adults as protectors. If there's no one around to protect them, they make one up

No. 182525

>her hinted neurodivergent plans failed.
Honestly, the backlash she got from her video might had caused her to want to search for a manipulated DID diagnosis.

No. 182526

Jill is just using that as an excuse though

No. 182527

i see, thanks nonnie. i still don't really understand how/if it's possible to create a side of yourself that's ten years older than you. i would understand "oh, i have mature protector alter", but having someone inside your head who is 10 years older and has wealth of experience just doesn't seem physically possible. is it like modeled after someone?

No. 182528

Oh absolutely, i have no doubts she's faking it. But i do believe that DID is a real thing and seeing her go around calling it a "beautiful coping mechanism" or some shit for ass pats its pretty depressing

No. 182529

Well, why didn't you made this video prior your "coming out", Jill? When this shit has been ~always~ in your mind, then it should've been no problem to sit down on your ass and do it since there is nothing else going on in your life anyways. She is also prob scared now on how people will react to this because more people than expected speak out against this and subbed to her for the fashion stuff anyways and not fake mental health shit.

No. 182530

Alters aren't real people. In the case of a child making an adult alter, they will just be what that child thinks a good adult should be like, but the alter itself has no life experiences prior to being made. They can be based of real people tho

No. 182532

File: 1637067518881.png (117.5 KB, 1024x510, Capture d’écran 2021-11-16 à…)

get off the cross, we need the wood

No. 182534

funny cause she's the only one being unkind
even if she is really truly getting upset that people are calling her out there is absolutely no need to reply to people with the straight up mean and rude comments shes been making. it's not even like she's going on lolcow and calling us all losers either, she's replying directly to people who have made reasonable comments towards her.
it's just very jarring because she has always projected this uwu kind persona but it's very obvious under the surface how dramatic and unempathetic she is

No. 182535

Loving how none of these "alters" had any sort of presence prior to her "diagnosis." It's almost like, I don't know, they're just characters that she has total control over?

For someone who spends all of her time consuming "uwu mental illness content" she seemingly has zero understanding of what DID is supposed to be - a dissociative disorder categorized by periods of dissociation, memory loss, and confusion.

Make it make sense Jilly-bean.

No. 182536

She's the one pretending to be a victim when she's doing all this rude shit? hypocrite
>it's very obvious under the surface how dramatic and unempathetic she is
She has always had these weird little moments of her true rude and unempathetic self coming through, but she's going all out now that the cover is lifted and has an excuse for such behaivor.
She has always been the same girl. But now she's suddenly 5 different people… lol. She's such an idiot.

Also, for someone that loves uwu mental illness content and to "spread love", she surely loves to be a bitch!

No. 182538

File: 1637070072240.png (408.69 KB, 1010x1920, tktk.png)

the negative comments seem to be getting lots of likes
chuunipup's narcissist comment is the second most-liked one, it shows up on top. i bet she's seething about it

No. 182539

a little late but great job OP!! as the one who made the OG 'meet my alters' edit (thank u to the kind nona who made a better edit used for threadpic), this is insane to me. i even made that edit in March but didn't post it til May cuz i really never thought DID saga would come to a full fruition like this. love the current threadpic and ready for more of this arc. hoping for a lolita alter kek.

No. 182540

when she first started talking about her uwu bpd!!! she was also starting to act like a cunt she just got good at hiding it or just fading into irrelevance I feel

No. 182541

But she knows the fancy words and has many DID friends anon! She even got diagnosed! Just because the switching doesn’t make sense and she’s never demonstrated these characters prior to her diagnoses doesn’t mean she’s faking! And if you think it does well why does she know all the words and have did friends and the doctor diagnosed her!

She really thinks that she’s above doubt with this, so if the switching is awkward now that’s ok because all the other pieces are in place, just give her time. With practice she’ll be a natural and she’ll be as believable as all the other did personalities online.

No. 182543

File: 1637072011128.png (715.59 KB, 1263x2000, 43567865432.png)

she's dropped the uwu positive façade so fast
she's not sutle about using the mmental illness card as an excuse to be a cunt

No. 182544

Is she even still getting treated for her BPD??
Out of her DID, PTSD, GAD, BPD & EDNOS, which ones is she getting therapy for, which ones is she taking medication for?
I'm assuming that with a diagnosis list like this, she would be getting prescribed a bunch of stuff? She has been taking mental health related meds almost for more than half of her life at this point, I assume it's only gotten more as time went on.
She's always been careless with it too, mixing them with weed and alcohol, what a mess.

No. 182546

Considering she didnt know what ednos was until last month or something, that itself is just a holdover from her teen years. Probably had a conversation with the DID doctor about her medical history and they told her that she did officially get that label then.

BPD is very similar in how crazy someone acts, and that was at least what she was actually going to therapy/taking meds for. I would say that DID would overwrite the BPD diagnosis as now her "extreme emotions" are "alters". PTSD was (I thought she said it was Cptsd years ago..)connected to the bpd but since DID is trauma related she would still have that, she has been doing some sort of therapy for this in the past year or 2. IIRC GAD she had as a kid sometime, but she has never talked about that being treated.

No doctor gave her all 5 of them at once, she had them given to her at different times. She just like collecting the labels.

No. 182547

Oof that last comment. SM personalities really do need to shut up about their socially contagious diagnoses. Just let kids be kids, having different interests and feeling different things doesn’t make you 20 different people.

She really wanted to find something that puts her out of reach for criticism and accountability. Now anytime anything goes wrong or she’s horrible to someone she can just claim it was an alter or the alters were messing her up or some bs.

No. 182548

She's raging, I love how much she has set fire to her own brand within days. Where's the uwu persona now?

No. 182549

ayrt, I've just read before that BPD is actually quite manageable if it's treated well, it would seem pretty counterproductive if she wasn't receiving any treatment for that anymore because her BPD symptoms are attributed to her DID now.

I don't have any firsthand experience with either so I really wouldn't know how similar treatment for BPD and DID are, if she's only receiving active treatment for her made up DID now instead of anything else I feel like she'll just keep getting worse.

No. 182550

Oh, she is big mad! Can't wait for all the milk that is still to come

No. 182551

Samefag, it's a "trauma disorder" when she wants sympathy but it's also something to celebrate with a "Happy DID Diagnosis" cake.
Make it make sense. I would say she'll become a lolcow like Trisha but Trisha seems to have a genuinely kind side which Jillian sorely lacks.

No. 182553

Happy Milkmas, Nonnies!!! Who would have guessed this was the outcome for our Jillybean lmao.

No. 182555

"punching down" as if she wasn't the one with a horde of followers she could sic on people at any given moment? learn to ignore shitty comments if they bother you so much

No. 182560

It's all bullshit, look up Autumn Asphodel for the gen-x ftm that started this "my alters wear different makeup" LARP literally about 10 years ago. It's where all these people got the idea. DID's existence is already contested by professionals (I tend to think it's something else being misdiagnosed even in the believable cases) but people like Jill take advantage of well-meaning people's ignorance on the subject for more ass-pats. I just think it's hilarious to imagine what her estimation of a 35-year-old is lmao.

No. 182561

File: 1637074528209.gif (935.3 KB, 320x240, AgitatedQuarterlyAsiaticlesser…)

Picrel is how I picture Jill in her dusty ass rainbew house while reading the totemo mean comments KEK.

Prob the best thing happening since her japan trip with her mum.

No. 182565

>nooooo mom, I wanna see pretty cuuuuuuure

No. 182571

File: 1637076382348.jpg (208 KB, 1080x1022, 0003.jpg)

you called it, nonnas

No. 182573

File: 1637076783224.jpeg (711.61 KB, 1170x1384, 1DFCDC4F-718D-493F-9E0D-BB14D9…)

jillian is claiming she doesn’t know what cause her childhood trauma cuz muh alters protected me!!!!

No. 182574

"If he said" Jill you literally tweeted it yourself & follow your fake guy account on twitter, can't make this shit up

No. 182575


You do have to wonder what the outcome will be for her health in all this. I can imagine the medications used for DID are powerful drugs such as anti-psychotics and the likes, not to be taken lightly. I just hope the doctor gets his license revoked after all this.

No. 182576

Which step of the narcissists prayer is this again.

Just full mask off. She wants to be mentally ill so she can excuse her shitty behavior. That always seems to be the trajectory of her diagnosis and “coming out”, it was all to deflect criticism and get attention. When she said she was bpd and turned into an instant asshole, when she got a girlfriend for qweer points and views. Surely she can see the patterns in her behavior.

No. 182578

Do you really think Jill is going to take meds as prescribed? First sign of a side effect and she's out, plus she's self medicating with her cheeky herbals and that won't stop anytime soon.

No. 182579

It’s sending me that she didn’t even last a whole-ass week without fucking up her tenses and pronouns, good job there Jill!

Also isn’t it a funny coincidence that Jill and Jerrick have indistinguishable speech patterns when typing. I’m sure there’s nothing to that at all

No. 182580

see guys, it goes like this: DID shields you from childhood trauma, that's totes why she doesn't even remember the trauma that caused her DID in the first place /s

No. 182581

this person is clearly cowtipping. just go read the full rant they went on. its word for word everything thats been said here in the past few days

No. 182582

Yup seems like it. Not surprised as nonnies have been itching to A-log.

No. 182584

been following thread for a couple years now, always thought she was cringe but nothing that was too horrendous/concerning. even thought that a lot of anons were sorta over-reacting. but this is bad. so, so bad. you all were right.

No. 182585

File: 1637078328365.jpg (25.94 KB, 301x500, s-l500.jpg)

Satanic ritual abuse saga Jill incoming! Where do they hide the bodies, Jill? Was there a tunnel? Where were the animal sacrifices performed???

No. 182586

Louise making her own DID saga to explain not knowing about any of this.

No. 182587

Trisha has been pulling these things for years and years, and people find it charming in a way. Jill lacks any of the charisma of Trisha and is way too rude to people who are calling her out. It is so hilarious how she keeps saying "I've been like this for years" but has never mentioned it, there was never other accounts for these alters until now. It's so transparent I just can't.

No. 182588

She really is just using it as a get out of jail free card. It's astounding. I can't wait for the lolcow awards this year.

No. 182589

She has said the system has co-consciousness and that they can tweet at the same time, could've just gone with that instead of backpedaling

No. 182590

DID on social media is so performative. Jill got a cake and had a photo shoot, she spent months hinting at a big mental illness diagnoses reveal! She even has cute little emojis for all her alters and she has other system friends! And it’s mean to suggest someone should fuse or be held accountable for an alters actions. It’s just all so convenient, no one’s allowed to call you out, no one’s allowed to hold you to any one standard because you’re multiple people, if you don’t switch in your own time no one else will ever know… it’s just performative, why else post this shit online and have cute emojis for when they use Twitter/sm?

Just have a warning so people know sometimes what you post might seem psychotic or out of character because your mental illness is acting up. If it’s not for attention why turn it into your whole ass brand!?

No. 182591


Your parents are fucking amazing, Jillian. You didn't suffer an ounce of abuse, just admit it!!! Your whole DID bullshit falls apart here!!

No. 182592

Jill once tried to distance herself from her autistic confetti club following out of embarrassment, and now those people are distancing themselves from her for her sad DID Larp. What a circle.

No. 182595

If she truly suffered something so horribly traumatic before the age of 9 or whatever wouldn't her parents at least roughly know. If not her parents weren't looking after her properly and she doesn't have a problem with them

No. 182596

Do people who claim DID think they’re neurodivergent and their brains just work like that? Is that why Jill constantly defends her claim to that label?

No. 182598

File: 1637079879547.png (478.4 KB, 1440x1931, Vile putrid human.png)

She replied this to the same comment, the raging continues

No. 182599

Imagine doing this shit all day and making it your complete personality instead of working on things you said you’d work on. I guess since fashion didn’t work out for her this is going to be her new grift.

No. 182600

It must feel so good to finally take the mask off and attack her own retard fan base. It's like she's finally gonna come home and take out all her "work" frustrations on her fanbase. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy reading this scrap

No. 182601

File: 1637080290978.png (362.12 KB, 1440x1608, 755375.png)

She replied approvingly to this so I think you nailed it. She's gonna hide behind "neurodivergency" even though she did a full psych eval and came out with 0 Autism or ADHD, and that will be the excuse to be an unbearable bitch to everyone forevermore.

No. 182602

God, this is so entertaining. She is truly throwing in the towel isn't she. It definitely feels like she's acting like a huge bitch because she can just go, "LOL sowwy it's my MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES!" And it is too fucking good. We are truly blessed by the milk gods.

How long do you think this LARP is going to last? Do you think she'll start parroting shit like "MERGING THE PERSONALITIES IS NOT THE END GOAL! THAT IS ABLEIST!" but then change her tune the second she gets bored of it and then boom, in one magical therapy session with her uwu sweet angel honeybun therapist, she'll suddenly be just Jillian again? I can't wait anons!

No. 182605

Maybe she will start saying her pedo piano teacher actually did molest her but she "dissociated" so she doesn't remember. Her counselor will probably start retrieving these "lost memories" with hypnosis.

No. 182606

Length of larp will depend on how much positive attention she gets. She’s super lazy but her diagnosis reveal TikTok got a lot of attention, so she might commit for 6months.

Spot on though that she’ll claim her kinnies merged to get out of continuing it.

No. 182607

>this has been a years long process
>The "cosplayer"
Yes, Jillian, she actually cosplays unlike you do. Fatass
>human being that left me a putrid comment
And you didn't left a "putrid comment" for her too? You're the gross one.

No. 182608

I doubt she will take meds besides her "uwu" weed

No. 182609

Yeah, she wants the happy cake but also wants to be an asshole.

No. 182610

JFC she should just stay offline this just comes off more as a BPD manic episode more than it does DID. If her therapist was an actual good one he would've told her to get offline for a while while the mania subsidies. But he's just a yes man that's letting her rot.

No. 182611

this actually made me fucking scream out loud for FUUCKS SAKEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 182612

File: 1637081340537.png (106.14 KB, 1748x308, reddit.png)

This is from the /r/fakedisordercringe post about her and people were talking about this comment last thread with no caps and the Reddit mods deleted it but I found it. Just wanted to make sure it was posted here.



No. 182613

Reposting it for you

>That didn't happen.

>And if it did, it wasn't that bad.
>And if it was, that's not a big deal.
>And if it is, that's not my fault.
>And if it was, I didn't mean it.
>And if I did, you deserved it.

No. 182614

Feels more like a person who has read this thread casually than someone who actively would post, like her ex fans that don't want to link back to lolcow lol

No. 182617

Then why the fuck is she typing like a 6 year old bwaby? And how come whenever she's rude she doesn't use the "emoji denominator" LOL did she forget?

No. 182621

Lol you're right. What a timeline, she's now the fat alcoholic mentally ill munchie bitch, it almost makes her confetti club sane in comparison.

No. 182623

I read it in her voice and it was freaking funny, since she usually tries to appear "UWU HIGH PITCHED MAGICAL GIRL~ LOVE AND PEACE I LOVE YOU ALL UWU"

Speaking of, how would her crush Drew Monson react if he saw all of this? How would Sebastian Masuda / the NHK crew react after seeing her rage? What about the other content creators that follow her? What about the brands she gets sponsors from?
I'm mentioning this because it's funny seeing her mask off.

No. 182624

File: 1637082165637.jpg (435.71 KB, 1200x800, milk-cheers.jpg)

2021 really is year of the cow

at first I was pissed about her diagnosis but I'm glad that even a bunch of her former fans are calling her out on it now, she's really done more damage than good with this DID arc

her channel/patreon was already dying before, she was probably hoping to rebrand as a successful mental health youtuber but doesn't seem to be going well so far kek

No. 182625

>Imagine doing this shit all day and making it your complete personality instead of working on things you said you’d work on. I guess since fashion didn’t work out for her this is going to be her new grift.
Yeah, she can't sew. She doesn't get enough views. She isn't the kawaii quirky weeaboo girl anymore.
She's fat, ugly, a disgrace that copes with alcohol and weed. All she has now is her DID larp.
This is sad because she could always change for the better… she won't. Lol

No. 182626

Ugh this just screams "validate me", what a fucking munchie

No. 182627

>in one magical therapy session with her uwu sweet angel honeybun therapist, she'll suddenly be just Jillian again? I can't wait anons!
KEK you know that's what's gonna go down.

No. 182628

Thank you anon

No. 182629

>she was probably hoping to rebrand as a successful mental health youtuber but doesn't seem to be going well so far kek
Oh god that would be awful lmao
So she'll never put a video about her fashion shit ever again, or once in a blue moon… and just ramble and ramble about her mwental iwllness… man. Sad shite.

No. 182630


Thanks for posting it. I honestly think Jill's issues literally all stem from being BPD / an "attention whore" to the highest order. I literally think that's the source of all - ALL - of her issues, and I'm not even entirely saying that in a bitchy manner. Take a look at her aunt, Louise's sister. She has all the same mannerisms, is a special snowflake of the highest order, but she has the work ethic to boot. I imagine her aunt has received endless attention and related accolades her / their whole lives. Louise is also artistic and probably tried very hard to put Jillian on the same path when she was young. Considering they are from a small place on the island, I think these women / girls received a LOT of attention their whole lives, publicly and amongst friends and family. It's very clear that getting awards and attention for their artistic endeavors is a huge thing for them.

I again go back to - when Jill's mom had cancer, I imagine that all the focus became on her and I'd be willing to bet that time is the source of Jill's "trauma." She'd likely identify it as a time of neglect and rejection for her - when the attention had to be given to her mother's illness, and not her own accomplishments and personality. It's interesting that Jill doesn't talk about this time, but it was revealed in a very matter-of-fact way by her mother in the tattoo video - as though it was a very important and significant time for Louise (obviously) but a detail obviously neglected by Jillian (because it's a source of resentment for her).

I don't know why Jillian chose to go the mental illness route for her source of stolen valor instead of just hammering away at art and entertainment, something she is honestly good at. Like, yes, succeeding at those things is fucking HARD and it might never fully pay off, but we HAVE to admit that she was doing well at it and making a name for herself and even getting paid for it. IT all seems to have fallen apart at the college / COVID point.

I myself love marijuana but if I were her therapist I'd tell her to put a stop to that right fucking now because it can EASILY induce disassociative episodes - that I have experienced many times in my many years. I am damn near certain that weed-related anxiety attacks that present as dissasosiation are the source of this whole fucking campaign. But UNFORTUNATELY for Jillian, she is fucking surrounded by "yes men" and doormats that give in rather than give it to her straight.

You know what? I hope she IS reading this. I wish I - or someone competent - were her therapist, because someone could actually fucking help her, instead of shepherding her down this munchie path of destruction.

I am getting all of this from everything she's ever posted, along with her Mom and Aunt's social media posting. It's all out there for us to see and analyze and it's all very, very fucking obvious to us. This girl does NOT have childhood trauma. She had a difficult young teenage-hood triggered by her mother's illness and having BPD by the time she was like 12 years old - because she was raised like a princess, treated as one, celebrated as one, and what would have been normal events in other people's lives turned into "trauma" for her.

SAGE for the fucking novel. Jill can fucking lie and vague post about some horrible traumatic event and past in her childhood but the evidence is ALL THERE. When you lived your entire life publicly, and your immediate family is also entirely public, it's pretty easy to analyze everything.

So - tell me again how ALMOST losing a pet was the worst thing you've ever gone through?

No. 182631

Like one OT anon said - look up "iatrogenic"
>Apparently DID is iatrogenic in a lot of cases (as in, therapists keep dropping different cues and convincing the patient that they have DID, and then send them to psychiatrist, this is especially prelevant if the patient has BPD). I'm gonna blame that sleazy therapists for this.

No. 182632

>Take a look at her aunt, Louise's sister. She has all the same mannerisms, is a special snowflake of the highest order, but she has the work ethic to boot.
Who's the aunt?

No. 182633

File: 1637082882768.jpeg (120.06 KB, 750x611, E6A5F19A-13C6-4D97-8135-177639…)


No. 182634

>I don't know why Jillian chose to go the mental illness route for her source of stolen valor instead of just hammering away at art and entertainment, something she is honestly good at.
The thing is, even though she's good at certain things, she was never a master of any. She has always been unfocused and her life has always been hopping from trend to trend.
Hell, even the things she's good at she doesn't particularly excel in. Like, she could had picked up illustration, photography (and gotten help from her mom), music, or developed actual sewing skills / fashion sense… but no. She just went for the most attention grabbing path.

No. 182635

She should have gone full “diy sustainable fashion” route. Or even “telltale signs of green washing”. This is the worst possible outcome for whatever’s left of her already dying career.

No. 182636

>oldest male part
The 35 year old?
again, her "jerrick" account was supposed to just be a drag king/queen persona lmaoooo and for her to experiment with darker looks…

No. 182637

>This is the worst possible outcome for whatever’s left of her already dying career.
A career that didn't even begin. A career that died before she even attempted anything with it.

No. 182639

Coincidence that Trixie mattel who she loves dearly is almost 35 years old and her oldest alter is 35 and drag? I think not…

No. 182642

>sometimes there is a rare selfie from our oldest male part

kek is she gonna put on one of those fake moustaches when she larps as 'him'?

No. 182644

once again i am reminded of when she insisted that drag is "transphobic" and said she hates it for that reason lmao

No. 182648


I know anons will roll their eyes but I think it could be argued that she was a "master" of what she was doing with YouTube - with fashion and being a personality. But the fact is, it's fucking hard as shit to take all that to the next level - to make a real full time career and create new opportunities for oneself. I'm thinking she shouldn't have gone to college, and just stuck to what she was doing, because it was working. Now neither things appear to be working. I mean hey, 23 is hard, you have to kind of pick a path and stick with it, and you kind of have to find a way to make some money, otherwise you are back with your parents, or they continue to pay for you to be away from them. The next year of this saga is going to be interesting as fuck, because it seems she has chosen to go the self destructive route instead, for no real observable reason.

TikTok and COVID isolation and being away from her NORMAL family and NORMAL PEOPLE have done fucked this girl right up.

No. 182651

>I think it could be argued that she was a "master" of what she was doing with YouTube
anon most of her fashion choices and outfits were terrible and never matched. But I'll say you are partially right, she was a cute girl with an aesthetic. Looking back on older threads there was plenty of criticism on lesser things… which honestly she also deserved.
She could had learnt from her mistakes, and improved her colorful fashion sense, made more vlogs, more hauls… I know the hauls were hated back then but if she had spent her own money instead of her parent's then it would had been okay, kind of a nitpick imo. Nothing is working for her anymore.

Will she ever return to her true self? I don't think so…

No. 182657


She's learning what every young person learns when they graduate from college, especially when it comes to the arts: no one is there just waiting to give you a dream career. You aren't automatically going to be a famous fashion designer, these things don't just happen out of thin air. This is the point at which you seek internships and opportunities and market the ever-loving-fuck out of yourself and your work. Jillian could absolutely do that. I won't say that I love her work or anything, but she's far from horrible at it, she has an aesthetic that can be marketed - she even has a piece commercially available for God's sake. So this is where you pick a direction and run with it. She is NOT hard done by. But it IS fucking hard. Life is H A R D. Some of us HAVE had to suffer through extreme (seriously fucking EXTREME in my case) levels of trauma and tragedy and still soldier on - privately, unmedicated, and without financial support.

I just don't fucking get what Jill is doing, other than looking for a way to make it easier. "If I'm neurodivergant, if I have a crazy mental illness, I'll get more clout points, making it easier to achieve my goals."

Maybe? And I could totally see where she gets that from in today's fucking backwards society. BUT YOU STILL NEED TO DO THE WORK. So let's see if she does the work?

What a fucking confusing situation.

No. 182660

I think not only she's using the "diagnosis" as a shield, but also the pandemic and the fact most people are still mainly staying at home. Can't wait when everything fully goes back to normal and she either becomes full hikki or starts to larp in public to keep up appearences. Will we get videos of her whining because she got served alcohol on a bar when the 6 year old decided to front? Will she try to go to a male bathroom as jerrick? Very annoyed by her antics but also excited for when she starts doing this in public

No. 182665

the selfie must have been the one in the drag club. so jerrick is the kid and villainy is the 35 year old?
guess we cant accuse her of taking a minor to a drag club anymore

No. 182666


. . . also, I've said it so many times before but I will say it again: she reminds me SO fucking much of Lena Dunham: raised in the lap of luxury, to two parents who were extremely famous and accomplished in their artistic pursuits. Lena absolutely worships her Mom and they seem to have a very similar relationship as Jillian and Louise - an extremely powerful and accomplished "queen" Mom with a submissive, dramatic, pretty little princess daughter. Lena was incredibly accomplished and celebrated for being a "voice of her generation" at one point (a title she awarded herself) but could not get past her own precociousness. Interesting how Lena too went down the mental illness and now physical disability route, and she has for the most part retreated from public life, I suspect forever. It's so hard not to draw the comparisons.

No. 182667

>This is the point at which you seek internships and opportunities and market the ever-loving-fuck out of yourself and your work. Jillian could absolutely do that. I won't say that I love her work or anything, but she's far from horrible at it, she has an aesthetic that can be marketed - she even has a piece commercially available for God's sake. So this is where you pick a direction and run with it.
As someone with an art degree that recently graduated I 100% understand your point. However.
She's done for. She's already done so many things that blemish her "brand", her "persona", and herself. I'm not just talking about 5petalflower or whatever… it's anything associated with her. These rage induced posts are making things worse, she already had threads documenting her life previously to this as well.

I think she could still save herself some face, if she somehow apologized, stopped this bullcrap, or entirely remade and became a better person. But it won't happen anon. It's better to not think of the "what ifs" when it comes to her, because she just continues proving how much worse she can get.

No. 182668

File: 1637085177904.png (2.6 MB, 1200x967, imagen_2021-11-16_115317.png)

Anon I tried to look for the aunt you mention on Louise's profile, and I checked every Vessey and Alcock (her family name) that I could find and I have no idea which one it is. But I did found this picture of actual baby Jillian. I doubt she talked with a lisp kek

No. 182670

File: 1637085459670.jpg (126.73 KB, 822x592, Screenshot 2021-11-16 105744.j…)


This is her aunt, Louise's sister.(don't post family members)

No. 182671

Update lol
So you mean this quacko called "Serenity Sam"? Louise's dad is Giles Alcock (public) and I saw her commenting under his (public) facebook posts calling him dad too.
Coincidentally, she also has a youtube channel. She describes herself as a "Self employed Law of Attraction Teacher".

This is fucking funny. Please everyone enjoy Jillian's Aunt newest hit posted only 7 months ago, "The Vortex Song" by Serenity Sam/ The Law Of Attraction Music".

So we now know where the fuck Jillian got it from KEK delusion runs in the family

No. 182672

I'm so fucking sorry for posting her aunt videos but this is so fucking funny I swear it's a breath of fresh air between all the shitty drama she has caused
It's like a boomer version of Jillian. Please check out this it even has "happy" sound effects lmao

No. 182673

Holy shit lol I’ve followed these threads for years and must have missed if her aunt was ever brought up before. The crazy is genetic. I’m sure she isn’t but her aunt gives me MTF vibes.

No. 182675

File: 1637085813440.jpg (269.79 KB, 1152x1536, 135476490_176194247576840_4408…)

Kekkk this lady. Who's fashion sense is better do you think, hers or Jill?

No. 182676

KEK the fuck is this? Jill needs to collab with her aunt at this point. Perfect match and soundtrack for the DID saga.

No. 182677

File: 1637085857955.jpg (174.88 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Holy SHIT thank you anon for posting this find

No. 182678


Ain't no mental illness holding this chick back.

No. 182679

She gets her work fucking DONE ladies

No. 182680

Jillian's aunt > Jillian
We stan an unhinged queen

Also her obsession with positivity and happiness is even bigger than Jill's kek
Song lyrics
>I feel happy and content x ∞

No. 182681

The meditation I needed in my life, I feel happy and content

No. 182682


She's got a better body and less fucked hair than someone at least half her age. Aunty is a whole ass queen compared to Jilly

No. 182683

This is legit making me happy and content. I'm kek'ing so hard.

No. 182684

Girl even PLAYS the piano unlike SOMEONE who just likes to pretend to be TRAUMATIZED for BROWNIE POINTS. She's commited as fuck

No. 182685

Jill needs to listen this after verbally abusing her ex-fans on social media. Feel the positivity, Jill!

No. 182686


I fucking love her

No. 182687

File: 1637086488090.gif (7.69 MB, 498x424, krump-dance.gif)

This beat got me like

No. 182688

File: 1637086492713.jpeg (318.04 KB, 1170x543, 50A86067-59AA-41C7-AB75-EAAECF…)

is this the “nasty family member” that she ceased contact and wanted to email?

No. 182689


Can't be, as the aunt lives in the UK.

No. 182692

File: 1637086741443.png (12.64 MB, 3664x2792, good for her.png)

she's actually happy and content and living her best life, looking great for her age and having fun. Unlike Jill, the bitter asshole.

No. 182694


I have a feeling that this woman is a source of a lot of envy and resentment amongst the Vessey women.

No. 182695

File: 1637087027404.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1351, imagen_2021-11-16_122254.png)

Was trying to find who that could be, but found this instead… uhhh… she's a relative of Pixie and also has rainbow bangs?
Her name is Johanna Vessey, this is a public profile

No. 182696

File: 1637087053512.jpeg (939.47 KB, 960x1572, BE2BF40F-F4B1-43A8-87B3-914B70…)

Dude she’s dope as fuck.

No. 182697


this is so fucking random and wholesome. i swear its the only good thing that has come out of pixielock threads in like two years. i love her.

No. 182699

She looks like a cousin of Jill’s. seems like she’s a skinwalker too.

No. 182703

File: 1637087321596.png (568.21 KB, 886x468, kekek.png)

It's like an alternate, cuter version of Jillian lol
She's also into music and witchy shit

No. 182704

Jill's own cousin is a skinwalker?? She looks precisely fucking like her.

No. 182705

>in recovery from addiction for 14 years
Good for her. I love seeing a queen succeed.

No. 182707

Posting a cows family members is a great way to catch a ban

No. 182709

Those things are public and they're funny as fuck. Jillian having a skinwalking cousin and a weird as fuck aunt count as milk.

No. 182710

this, i was extremely confused when her aunt was mentioned because my first thought was ‘why would jill not mention her at any point? Wouldn’t they be best friends?’ but i guess im coming from the perspective of a non-narcissistic attention whore. i think a normal weird/eclectic young girl would be super attached and grateful to have a just as weird family member to look up to and confide in, but jill probably can’t stand the attention not being on her when she’s in the same room.

No. 182711

i could be completely off base but this could be an even creepier skinwalker who’s not related to/knows Jill at all and just used her last name like weeb bitches who name themselves after their husbandos. not sure if it’s the same person but if i recall there was someone in the confetti cult thread who did the same thing. she does look like jill facial features wise though.

No. 182712

Don’t forget her aunt is in recovery so it is possible that Jillian has some awful memories of her or her mom has a band opinion of her that Jill is aware of.

My bet is on it being about jealousy though.

No. 182714

Let this all be a reminder to lock your social media the fuck down - of you aren't trying to be a public person.

No. 182715

How could that tweet be about someone from Halifax, that isn't "across the country" that's a 3 hour drive from where she is.

No. 182717

Are you done? Maybe wanna delete and repost one more time?

No. 182718

lmaooo ty nonnie, i was about to say this

No. 182719

or just don't even have it at all frankly. Saging because extremely off topic but I don't know how regular degular people still have public profiles withs sites like here and kiwifarms being around, and people enjoying doxxing for sport

No. 182720

If it weren't for social media, if it was just Jill alone with herself and her problems, do you think she would have claimed to have multiple personalities? If there was no fanbase to tell?

No. 182721

Guess she wasn’t lol

No. 182722

Enough of that, let's be empowered one last time by Serenity Sam's "Peace, Love, Joy - A Joyful Empowerment"

No. 182727

I feel like she's playing that piano just for me…

No. 182728


What a great day.

No. 182731

she's also not fat, so that's n automatic win

No. 182733

bro that shit's fire. love u aunt!

No. 182736

File: 1637090533834.gif (7.37 MB, 300x169, auntie.gif)


No. 182738

this needs to be a banner kek

No. 182739

God I wish this was a banner

No. 182740

Pixie's aunt effortlessly bringing peace and joy while also having a great figure for her age, Jill could never

No. 182741

So it’s the “protector” 35 year old that’s replying to the comments.

except people in their 30s don’t care about online drama jill. her idea of being an adult is so messed up.

No. 182742

A 35 year old wouldn't be normally arguing with zoomer kids on the net kek

No. 182743

i cant wait for jill to come lurk and see everyone loving her aunt

No. 182744

inb4 she starts mentioning her and try to get closer to her

No. 182745

This is really nice, she's good at piano and I love her freaky alien sunglasses in the other video. An unsung talent of our time.

No. 182747


lol guess I'd better log the fuck off

No. 182750

made one, check the banner thread!

No. 182751

Giving me soren flashbacks kek

No. 182752

ty anon! Looks great!

No. 182754

omfg what have we done

No. 182755

File: 1637093140859.png (72.4 KB, 300x100, retard diagnosis pixielocks.pn…)

samefag made one for the cake too

No. 182758

sage for psych sperg
DID has two theoretical models for its causes - one being sociocognitive, meaning that mental health 'professionals' start to ask leading questions like 'do you have memory blanks?' or 'do you often feel like a different person?' or downright suggests 'maybe you have DID' and the person then develops symptoms LIKE DID because they think 'shit this authority figure in mental health thinks I have it so I must' and then they start acting/believing they have it so much that they could pass tests for it.

This fits in PERFECTLY with Jill. her therapist is a yass queen 'system positive' that definitely encouraged her idiocity. For her, it's attention + FUN DISORDER UWU so why wouldn't she convince herself she has it.

It gives her the validation needed to make a joke of mentally ill people. She can make cakes and make DID sufferers look retarded because she IS one!!!! uwu shes immune to critique!!!!!

No. 182760

>>182758 samefag and sage for sperg but also, for those who understandably may not get the 'logic' of DID, the model that most psychiatrists believe causes DID is called 'structural dissociation theory' where a child experiences trauma so intense that they develop amnesia walls to protect from the debilitating trauma so they don't become a PTSD-ridden shut in unable to function. It's why DID patients don't remember traumatic events.

The alters are formed as a perspective thing. What the 'host' would consider needed. If you were neglected as a child, you might form an alter that's 30 years old (this might seem 'old' to the child), uses long words and drives a red car because you think this is the epitome of what being a safe adult is.

Child alters are usually splits formed from specific moments. Extreme traumatic event - a 'freeze frame' from the 'happy' before.

Its psychodynamic bullshit that Freud would have loved, cos you can make up a reason for any alter. Animal alter? Your child self considered dogs the ultimate protectors. Got a sentient croc alter? Crocs were all you had for company when locked in the gulag.

Jilly loves it because she can make up anything and have it validated

No. 182761

what is "iatrogenic"?

No. 182763

This is all if it even exists, which is also debated in the medical community

No. 182764

I certainly don't believe for a second that the TikTok version of this illness exists.

No. 182767

And by this logic, if she doesn't end up "remembering" anything and quietly shelves her "alters" (because remembering some traumatic childhood event would imply that someone in her immediate family is responsible for something horrible), she can just blame it on hidden trauma that she wasn't able to ""remember""

No. 182771

Oh my god anon, thank you. I’m retard cake csp chan from the last thread, lol.

No. 182772

Yea I was thinking the same thing, it sounds like a tinfoil but the more I read about it the more it makes sense. Evidently her therapist was so shit at helping her with common BPD symptoms, like dissociating, mood swing, etc., that he pushed a whole ass incurable disorder to explain his failure. We've been following her for years and never seen symptoms of DID, which yes, aren't obvious to the person who has it, but are pretty fucking apparent to onlookers Even despite Jill being under professional care so many times before nobody noticed those obvious symptoms? Not even her overbearing mom or any of her bfs? This shit is just so fucking grim when you think about it, there are many cases of specifically people who have BPD getting "induced" DID-like mental illness because of their therapists, there's some evil shit going on here. Jill changed so much since she started therapy with that particular guy. If you google "iatrogenic DID" there are endless articles about it.

No. 182773

This is peak campy and I love it. Bless auntie Sam.

This Jerrick freakout is hilarious, don't worry ladies, Stevie will be there to save the day and knock some sense into him!

No. 182775

>when you try so hard to become a kweer mento illness icon that you loop into schizo conspiracy theory territory
>I'm mentioning this because it's funny seeing her mask off.
She clearly did not expect to get anything but asspats for her LARP and isn't taking the backlash well. It'll be interesting to see if this makes her dig in deeper or (unlikely) step back and reflect on how she's been structuring her identity lately.

No. 182780

I mean, there is some possibility that she may go the satanic ritual abuse route, as it is historically very tied to DID.

No. 182788

Here, Jill. A kind anon in /ot/ from last month shared this with me and I think you might find it interesting how easily DID can "develop" at the suggestion of a particularly unethical therapist.

No. 182790

File: 1637101758397.jpg (259.97 KB, 1080x1586, 0004.jpg)

sage for absolute retardation on my part, but if you are a fan of cow-merging conspiracy, you might appreciate this reference to shay. not only do they look alike at this point.

No. 182793

Thanks to Shay's thread I interpret this gif as the half-assed "I actually don't care but we're mutuals" response kek. This idiot has been up her ass in the comments today valiantly WK-ing Jill against any criticism. The new fanbase she's going to develop over this mento illness shit will be so much cringier than Confetti Club!

No. 182794

Scrolling by and needed to chime in to say the same. I can't take this gif seriously anymore. I thought shaynus's thread was bumped.

No. 182795

That was me, glad someone got to see it

No. 182796

File: 1637104785571.webm (2.25 MB, 576x1024, OKOKO.webm)

new tiktok

she keeps responding to the haterz, because of course that's the smart thing to do. thanks for the plentiful milk, jillian

No. 182797

God she's huge…ly annoying

No. 182798

File: 1637105280944.jpg (404.18 KB, 1079x1685, Screenshot_20211116-232538_Tik…)

No. 182799

Sage for no milk but I still can't believe this. I can't be the only one who for a long time thought she was cringe and honestly had no milk.

Well she sure proved me wrong. What a trainwreck. Honestly the sheer speed at which she went from being cringe but eh to whatever this is is impressive.

No. 182800

glad she's learning early at least that outside of the small DID community bubble she's been desperate for a diagnosis to join all year, the rest of the world actually is not accepting or understanding about this stuff lol…in the real world nobody knows shit about DID and they're not gonna bend over backwards to validate you

No. 182801

File: 1637105700649.jpeg (101.03 KB, 750x510, 63518979-938D-4266-9A2F-F5CB39…)

sure jill

No. 182802

And the longer she keeps it up the more obvious it will be to those still kissing her ass that she's a fake narc and they need to find a new confetti princess

No. 182803

Damn, some people go through so much effort to avoid getting a "normal" job

No. 182804

Island Fabric Outlet refuses to treat her like the star she's always suspected she is.

No. 182805

People with thick skin don’t feel a need to defend themselves every five minutes. They let things roll off their back like water.

No. 182806

someone should be keeping up on her subscriber count between now and when she posts the inevitable shut show video

No. 182810

I can't believe she is really claiming to have DID when the only "trauma" in her life is being in a relationship with a 16 year old when she was 13 (which so many high schoolers do btw) and her cat ALMOST dying.

No. 182811

A relationship with someone on deviantart kek, also please sage

No. 182815

Lmao, Jill, you've been on the internet all day defending yourself on several am sites, sit the fuck down.

No. 182817

this is so fucking true lol, imagine her sitting like a goblin in the dark, switching between websites and posting mean replies to "own the haters" kek

No. 182818

File: 1637108509789.png (5.81 KB, 378x122, wrfklrwhnl.png)

You could, the social blade is out there

She keeps losing subs with every new vid

No. 182820

File: 1637108769912.png (206.16 KB, 912x1720, wrfklrwhnl.png)

No. 182822

File: 1637108894428.png (85.81 KB, 1106x658, pfgpoegj.png)

Checking patreon too
Honestly these should be included in the next OP for everyone's access tbh

No. 182823

More like many years of being defensive and not accepting an ounce of critique because she gets ouchie butthurt and calls everyone a bully, even well intended people

No. 182828

File: 1637109721712.gif (960.64 KB, 498x312, yugioh-transformation.gif)

Oh my god I'm dying this is literally fucking yugioh
'no that wasn't me it was yami jill'

No. 182831

I? My? Not very DID of you, Jillian

No. 182833

this is autistic.

No. 182834

that's how Jillian basically sees it, don't pretend it's not

No. 182835

I felt the same. If this person was a cow-tipping anon, their typing would probably read a little more LC-ish than it does.

I can imagine an influx of people finding this board due to Jill's very public implosion, though. Looking forward to walls of red-texted posts for the next few weeks….

No. 182836

File: 1637110738136.gif (18.3 MB, 281x500, bitch.gif)

This is so gross kek her mannerisms are all over the place, is this her drag persona? KEKKKKK
I couldn't finish watching it sorry. Thats why I turned it into a gif looooooool this is too much
She seriously thinks acting like a retard on camera is proof of mental illness, when it just proves she's faking it in front of people lolllllll…

No. 182839

>oh man…
Is this her actual reaction to the comments or is this before rage quitting her happy persona and posting mean comments?

No. 182841

Kekkk god

No. 182842

LMAO, her views vs subscriptions. She's going to get hate bombed since DID is such a divisive topic. Just in time for YouTube to remove the number of dislikes for public viewing.
Not to WK but that's just how people act on TikTok. What irks me about that video though is that she's not lip syncing properly she's just flapping her mouth around like a fish hoping it fits.

To be honest I'm amazed that she hasn't suicide baited since that's common for "DID" kids to do when people call them fakes.

No. 182843

fucking kek, I keep forgetting she's only 23. It's still a young age but if your diet consists of nuggies, alcohol and booze and all you do for exercise is aggressively LARP on twitter, I guess you could end up looking like a 35yo clown.

No. 182844

My thoughts exactly

No. 182845

Lol, she was definitely lurking. She saw the comment about inappropriate content being posted on the villainy account, including the provocative drag pic at the gay bar, so now all of a sudden the villainy account is ALSO run by the mature person. That way she can justify the crass and vulgarity an asexual fourteen year old would never be able to produce. Still doesn't make any sense, though. Most social media DID larpers are very adamant in reassuring their viewers that the littles/minor alters aren't exposed to mature content. I guess we'll find out soon that the older one is the protector as well? And that's why they're sharing an account? Again, completely nonsensical and contradictive, but just calling it in advance

No. 182847

File: 1637112564492.jpeg (30.23 KB, 600x435, 96A7532E-6ED8-4246-8F07-1EE858…)

uncanny resemblance

No. 182848

Someone else pointed out that Jillian and Demi Lovato look a lot alike

No. 182853

you just know she's the same type of crazy as Demi Lovato is. She's even fat and untitled. I also think she's a fan of hers?

No. 182854

File: 1637114845520.png (243.05 KB, 760x776, Screenshot_20211116-211345.png)

Steve tucks her in apparently

No. 182855

someone go and tell her to share more embarassing stories, this is milky and she's willing to share kek(cowtipping)

No. 182856

not surprising that her coomer autogynephile bf wants to do pedo shit with her too lol

No. 182857


Like, the fact that they even kind of look like Jill and Louise makes it weirder.

No. 182858

File: 1637115605367.png (604.8 KB, 1816x918, 67857685786.png)

our kind queen

No. 182861

>alcohol and booze

No. 182862

omg anon thank you for this i laughed out loud

No. 182864

File: 1637116513277.jpeg (77.9 KB, 750x178, 880014CC-D409-413E-A0DC-4EFC4A…)

No. 182867

Mask off, she's showing her true colors. Can't wait for her to be cancelled in 3… 2… 1…

No. 182868

god bless this thread

No. 182869

Kek let's actually keep expanding this with all the nasty comments she's making

No. 182870

File: 1637120183677.jpeg (235.25 KB, 828x1421, 310713F5-4D25-4076-BCE2-6FA75F…)

didn’t get anymore screenshots and when i checked back it was deleted it, but more passive aggressive comments towards what seems like an actual fan who just doesn’t buy the did diagnosis

No. 182872

>Not to WK but that's just how people act on TikTok.
Just because deranged people on tiktok do it doesn't mean it should be considered normal.
She got way worse after using tiktok.

No. 182873

Now that she has gone completely mental, I wonder if Drew is happy to have ignored her.

Like imagine if this weird ass bitch came into your DMs lovebombing you and then next week she becomes rude to everyone whom she considers "lesser". Ew

No. 182876

File: 1637121740427.jpeg (273.17 KB, 750x610, 7AED651A-493D-46AD-96D2-B1A5D4…)

Just what

No. 182877

How is the second half of that "joke" post any way better? it also sounds like a parody kek

No. 182878

>gay-for-each-other-but-refuse-to-acknowledge-it alters
How do these freaks expect to be taken seriously at all when they all say shit like that. Every single one of those examples was a dead giveaway, but the alters who have SeXuAl TeNsIoN just screams "this is just an elaborate OC roleplay".

No. 182885

Ayrt, meant alcohol and weed.
I guess we can add DID meds to the list soon

No. 182888

there's no way she's going on DID meds. She doesn't want to be "fixed" for her problem she doesn't have. It's basically considered ableist to get actual therapy and medication to live a normal life because it acknowledges that it's not cute and quirky to have multiple personalities.

No. 182894

File: 1637132937722.gif (406.55 KB, 498x474, pepe-laugh.gif)

>gay dragon clown

I need to draw this kek

No. 182896

File: 1637135952295.jpg (67.45 KB, 640x350, 045.jpg)

This is so disgusting, pathetic and embarrassing, I really can't think of any other way to describe it.
How do you expect anyone to take your ~trauma disorder~ seriously when you are admitting that your 'alters' are just uwu softboy OCs that have a gay fanfiction romance going on?
>factive of an old comfort YouTuber
Is one of Jill's alters going to be one of those two she keeps tagging?
I feel sorry for anyone that gets dragged into this, imagine having some sweaty lying dweeb pretend that you are quite literally living inside of their head.
It makes me think of these fetishists that get off on involving unwilling participants in their sex pest shit.
Jill pretending that she is this 6 year old girl gives me the same vibes, like she's just doing DDLG roleplay and basically making anyone she interacts with a participant, gross.

No. 182897

Good analogy. Jill's skin is more like an onion, with thin layers.

No. 182908

File: 1637144090058.jpeg (243.74 KB, 1170x1161, CF10D837-1167-469C-848E-EAA901…)

found the precure oc

No. 182909

this can't be real, can it? that sound like a parody

No. 182910

Doubt. Pixie follows the Jerrick account but not this one.

No. 182911

File: 1637144796401.png (248.51 KB, 740x593, 17112021.png)

omfg that first tweet lmao "barwey" how is she following every prediction

No. 182912

But if the alter is 6, then she's violating twitter T&Cs because you need to be 13 to use twitter right? And she's really gonna be enticing the pedos! Disgusting

I know she'll say she's co-fronting but to me that just confirms that it's a fucking mood change. Guess I have DID as well seeing as I act different around my wife, as I do my mother and my work colleagues. Guess I'm gonna give them all different names and twitters and aesthetics now. Can I join the DID party? What a load of bull!

No. 182914

this is not how 6 year old types
I agree. This is just her having different ~aesthetics~ because somehow you are not allowed to be just one, but complex person? you can have difficult life and a lot of interests, but some people need to feel super special.
If anything, I suspect a lot of these "DID" people just don't have any idea who they are or who they want to be. Which is perfectly normal for teens and young adults.

No. 182916

Please god let this be satire.
The whole "age 6, body age 23" is such an ageplayer/ddlg red flag.

No. 182917

Love it. If it's really her then holy shit, if it's a troll then the meltdown is going to be awesome.

No. 182918

no actual 6 yo has twitter wtf?? (at least i hope, but i'm not from wokeland america) the youngest I can think of is maybe 10 yo trying to be edgy but no younger…this isn't realistic at all kek, at least put some effort into your LARP jillie

No. 182919

this is 1000% a troll

No. 182920

please be fake but I won’t doubt the alter will be exactly like this

No. 182921

Its too early in Canada for her to be awake but i cant wait for her to check twitter and see this!

No. 182924

Woooooow, must be nice to have money to buy the diagnosis you want in under a year instead of spending years going through every way to get a diagnosis that finally makes sense, only to be afraid of yourself more while looking at years of even more therapy cause you have c-ptsd with bpd tendency…

Oh right, I was suppose to get excited, celebrate with a cake and blame my issues for being a complete utter arsehole towards everyone

Bravo Jillian, you not only disgust me but make me pity you cause you want issues without the bad. If she really had disassociation, she wouldn't be loving it as much as she does.

Also, that 6yo alter… Fucking end me now

No. 182928


No. 182930

>it was a learning curve for sure

What learning curve??? You've been diagnosed for less than a week. How does she have "soooo many" stories about how Steve has been so good to her alters? She can't even reign herself in the slightest bit, she's just way too fucking excited.

Also I noticed that she made a tweet on Jerrik saying that "mom and Jill" made soup, even thought the soup tweet was tagged with the strawberry six year old emoji. I don't get co-fronting. That's not an actual thing, is it? It doesn't even make sense. How can you be a 23 year old and a 6 year old simultaneously without having major confusion and distress? This shit is so stupid.

No. 182934

basically means that it's caused (accidentally) by the treatment/diagnostic process the patient goes through.

No. 182935

Because she's probably been doing this larp in private with him ever since she got into DID tiktok, and just waited to finish shopping for her diagnosis to do it online. I don't doubt Stevie has been encouraging her uwu alters as long if not longer than anons have been speculating about her getting onto the DID train here

No. 182936

If she's crazy she's easier to control and cheat on

No. 182937

File: 1637158307549.jpeg (88.56 KB, 750x510, 1E6CF808-2A2B-4B6E-BEFE-C91BF8…)

Looking at her likes is worrying. All this romanticization, downplaying and yay fun!, takes about something that sounds incredibly debilitating.

Wonder if any of her fans will decide they have DID when they see the positive attention/representation jill is putting out there.

No. 182938

Maybe the 6yo is Jill

No. 182940

I don't normally condone involving yourself with a cow, but this is hilarious because this is likely 100% what Jill was planning to do, and she'll probably be asschapped that someone beat her to it. Lmao.

No. 182941

Even if she does say she’s co-fronting, won’t this come back as negligence on her part and ostracise her from the DID community since these child alters aren’t supposed to be doing anything a real 6 year old shouldn’t do? Surely that would mean no driving, no nightclubs, no Twitter until you felt you had it “under control” enough to carry on?

Whether or not this is real or fake, because I assume this is exactly how it’s gonna go down either way.

No. 182944

I mean, she's active on her main right now and hasn't mentioned anything about this account even though it's interacting with her tweets. I expect she'll make a callout as a troll soon or introduce it as her fictional alter since it's being brought up here.

No. 182946

what started this saga? did she get inspired from dissociadid

No. 182948

Wow, this fan is actually being very gentle, too. Worrying Jill is being taken advantage of by her psych (I mean she is, but I think it's mutual). I'm still not over her chewing her old Confetti Club member's head off yesterday kek

No. 182949

>It makes me think of these fetishists that get off on involving unwilling participants in their sex pest shit
Kek the fact that one of the “systems” that Jill openly admitted to looking up to in the Trisha vid was literally caught doing exactly that

>Is one of Jill's alters going to be one of those two she keeps tagging?
That was my first thought too, but Drew is only 26. I’m betting it’s a ‘fictive’ of her kawiwi queer icon therapist

No. 182951

File: 1637161421725.jpg (118.22 KB, 1242x1436, image.jpg)


I got the full response to this before it was taken down

No. 182952

absolutely. she first made that video about dissociadid talking about how she was a big fan and then moved to almost exclusively interacting with DID accounts on her socials

No. 182954

Ew the attempted guilt tripping, she really is laying it on thick isn’t she

Everytime I see her bios saying ‘professionally diagnosed DID’ like she had to get that in because she damn well knew people wouldn’t believe it. It’s also so gross because she’s not like all those other social media DID accounts guys, she could afford to pay for her diagnosis unlike the rest of the peasants

No. 182956

i've been wanting to say this too. the 35 year old alter is totally based on her "therapist"

No. 182957

Yikes, Jilly, you sound a bit… Dare I say… privileged. Is self diagnosis not good anymore? And it's only until after you have a professional diagnose you, you start the roleplaying. Hmmm.
Who's the single follower?

No. 182960

File: 1637164167013.jpg (639.89 KB, 1280x720, Jill.jpg)

idk thumbnail made me think of this …

No. 182963

File: 1637164405681.png (75.55 KB, 718x492, Screenshot_2021-11-17-09-49-37…)

This is the strawberry account's only follower. I'm gonna call bullshit. Fake milk ain't milk, gals!

No. 182965

File: 1637165028716.jpeg (124.41 KB, 750x627, 0ED4BBA4-19FF-4313-8A33-0C33CD…)

she changed the pronouns on her main to just she/they. eyeroll

No. 182967

was her big pronoun push just her amping up for her fake DID dx this whole time? she wanted people to say “they” so it could be either a singular uwu enby pronoun for woke points OR come off as referring to her as a system ?

No. 182971

It’s stuff like this that makes her seem so fake and performative. She seems to think it’s all breadcrumbs clearly pointing to her being DID instead of recognizing them as things she either did in response to deep diving and consuming so much DID content or simply retroactively framing them as DID. If I didn’t think she was just stupid and easily led, I’d think it was all intentional to get her audience to go along with her diagnosis and be more accepting of it.

Honestly some of her actions are giving me serious creeper vibes. It reminds me TRA rhetoric “I reject your reality and substitute mine and if you don’t like it or play along that’s violence and I get to lash out and treat you however I want in response.”

No. 182973

File: 1637167446793.jpeg (92.78 KB, 725x488, 9727C7A3-0488-42B0-B939-9D532D…)

weird as this person is a bit of a cow in the precure Twitter community, posting leaks and information publicly when they’ve been told countless times by Japanese fans to not do so. Cap from their old account that they got into some trouble for as well, this along with stealing/reposting images.

They’ve conversed with Jill a fair bit over Precure so not sure as to why their following the 6 year old.

No. 182981


The test she's talking about (Multidimensional Inventory of Dissociation) is a self-report test, and it looks like everything is available on their website, including the test itself and what looks like a manual for clinicians to score it.

She may have just done her homework and studied all this so that she'd get the diagnosis she was hoping for. It look all of 5 seconds to find this via Google.


No. 182983

Good catch, nonnies. Honestly there's more brand consistency in her mental illness LARP than there ever was in her channel or "fashion line."
Do we think this person is the strawberry account creator, or did they come from here?

No. 182984

File: 1637169170398.png (Spoiler Image, 213.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-11-17-11-10-11…)

I tried to grab screenshots for those who can't download. Spoiler because I'm not sure if the photo will be huge.

No. 182985

File: 1637169240159.png (Spoiler Image, 228.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-11-17-11-10-23…)

No. 182986

No. 21

No. 182987

File: 1637169350734.png (Spoiler Image, 220.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-11-17-11-10-30…)

No. 182989

File: 1637169686247.png (Spoiler Image, 208.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-11-17-11-10-40…)

Sorry, these are taking forever to upload and I need to space them out a little. Regardless, I'm ticking a bunch of these boxes myself and I have no mental instability that I know of? Some of these are just credited to day-to-day blues or forgetfulness due to poor sleep schedule. It would be so easy to exaggerate here given it's a self-inventory!

No. 182990

File: 1637169828895.png (Spoiler Image, 255.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-11-17-11-10-45…)

No. 182993

File: 1637169998065.png (Spoiler Image, 193.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-11-17-11-10-50…)

6/6 fin! Enjoy digging through these and seeing if you're a super special neurodivergent DID main character like our Jilly! The questions relating feeling disoriented in your house are cracking me up because anyone would feel disoriented in the rainbow vomit townhouse from kawiwi hell.

No. 182994

Sage for non-milk but i find it hilarious how the only account where she's actually acting kind probably isn't even hers

No. 183008


this is hilariuos lmao. If you google "MID analysis" you can straight up download an excel sheet that calculates a score based on how those questions are answered. She could have just played around with the numbers for a while until she figured out how to score high enough for the diagnosis.

No. 183012

Almost all of these things, if Jill does actually experience them, could just be attributed to BPD & too much weed/booze plus not having any real structure in your life… e.g. she said before her sleeping schedule is fucked up and she keeps taking naps, anyone would get disoriented to some degree by that stuff

No. 183015

Lol, she couldn't have just left her catchphrase as "it is pixie". She just has to push her did larp whenever she doesn't forget

No. 183016

I'm dying to see her five alters video, or vid on each character or whatever she planned. I want to see the crap she fabricated and how her fans will react to this lol

No. 183018

So being retarded is not special enough, she also needs this weird debilitating condition that not only makes her a special snowflake but also makes her think she has brain powers? Wew. Stop the X-Men larp Jill

No. 183023

File: 1637173466601.png (41.26 KB, 511x290, Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 12.2…)

I love how her insult is not having followers despite her being a has been.

No. 183026

"Your opinion is invalid because you're not internet famous like me!"

No. 183033

Why is the full questionnaire online available to download if you don't have a license to give it? Phycologists treat DID as a massive joke.

Also there are so many cross overs with other mental illnesses/nondivergent disabilities. Because according to this I must have DID even though I've been DX'ed for other things.

I love hw she was trying to prepare people by constantly posting "Be nice to every one especially me!" images and now she's acting like a bitch to everyone that isn't licking her ass.

No. 183036

>How does she have "soooo many" stories about how Steve has been so good to her alters?
I think it means Steve is even more of a cuck than previously thought and has been humoring her OCs and tucking her into bed for as long as this whim has existed, probably coinciding precisely with when she started seeing her quack counselor.

No. 183037

>If she's crazy she's easier to control and cheat on

Something women of the past know all too well (gestures at that historical list of reasons to institutionalize women which included things like "reading books") and is why most women spend the entirety of their life trying not to look crazy even when it requires substantially more effort than the average man puts into his day (e.g. always looking neat and presentable/photo-ready, restraining emotions, taking on excess personal/emotional baggage of family/friends, and workloads in order to prove you can handle it, doing all the household chores, childcare, finances, and so on, on top of their normal jobs, keeping abuses and traumas a secret in order to keep the face up, moderating interests and behaviors in order to "fit in") and then you have these tiktok girls trying to look crazy as if there aren't perfectly good reasons women avoid this. Like your family or partner throwing you in an institution, controlling your health, finances and choices like Britney had to endure for over a decade simply because she, uh, shaved her head and acted aggressive towards a paparazzi.
Back to the anon's point, on a smaller scale men choose "crazy" (eso prior abuse victims) women specifically because they can abuse them and they lack the faculties to be believed or even describe the abuse correctly. I do think Steve is just a cuck though and has no ill intent, similar to her mom. Just an enabler.

No. 183038

>this makes me so sad lol I liked you

I can see why Jill has no friends despite being reasonably well known and objectively pretty and such (taking the alters shit out of it, she only started this in 2021). Unless you agree completely with her every thought you're out, bitch! This person seems kind and genuinely concerned, too.

No. 183040

>objectively pretty
In which picture? She is making horrible decisions for her health.

No. 183041

I can't imagine having this candy coated life with two people who treat you like a princess, and an online gang of kawaii uwu kids, and still needing more Like this bitch is fucking greedy.

No. 183043

File: 1637179268935.jpeg (203.78 KB, 750x736, DED2DA73-3F3D-45B6-A2F7-9DBADD…)

she wasnt gorgeous but damn. remember when

No. 183045

so does she have a switch then log into her other twitter to shitpost neatly on the matching aesthetic profile, or is Jerrick just an edgy alt account and her alters are totally unrelated to Jerrick

also isn't DID supposed to be an exhaustive mental issue where you don't have full control of yourself - and this cunt expects us to believe she sat down and had a cordial meeting with her alters and got them pick emojis to sign off with on social media right (only right after getting a diagnosis) ? make it make sense, she's actually the worst

No. 183046

Good thing she's developed thick skin over the years or else she might spend hours upon hours responding to negative comments on her fucking tiktok

No. 183048

How the fuck is he not grossed out by tucking this obese clown into bed??? How could anyone entretain her bullshit?

Is he into this? does it get him hard to tuck her into bed? This is absolutely gross, I wonder if her mom would tuck her into bed still if she lived with her lol

No. 183052

Is this a photoshop? She never looked that good with rainbow bangs. She looks natural, natural eyebrows, good hair…

No. 183054

>she sat down and had a cordial meeting with her alters and got them pick emojis
Lol imagine that shit

No. 183057

It's just the snow, reflects light & smooths skin. Everyone looks better in the snow.

Jill has potential. Even in her current bloated, +10 years of aging state, she looks decent enough when she's not wearing any makeup. If she took better care of her health and skin, and stopped dressing like a clown, she'd be fine.

No. 183059

On one hand, completely disgusted with her. but on the other, this is one of the first real times that she's getting dragged by both strangers, fans, and even someone she considered a friend. This is probably one of the first real "No"s she's ever heard. She's completely beside herself that others for once arent simply nodding their head and going along with everything she's saying like she expected them to. She can't guilt them, she can't threaten them-all she can do is throw out a lazy "w-well!! you have way less followers than me!!" she's getting backed against a wall and lashing out like a wounded animal. She thought itd be SO easy to take over and become the new most prominent face in the DID community-probably daydreamed for months now about how she'll finally get to score some interviews with that Anthony Padilla guy since he skipped over her for the BPD one.

Her entire fantasy of her new life as the internationally known DID representative has been popped right over her head all beginning with that stupid cake. The more people don't give her the asspats she feels she's owed, the more she'll pick fights, and the more she picks fights, the more others learn to stay away from her. Poetic really.

No. 183070

He’s a “they”, so naturally he wants to encourage the delusional reinterpretation of reality. Because if Jill can be five different people, including a 6yo, at the same time then he can be a female (/not a male) if he says so

No. 183082

Kind of sad that in her 'coming out' photoshoot/tiktok she managed to have her hair done. This new persona launch was obviously a big occasion she prepared for. Unlike all the videos she made while her kawiwi phase was dying out with greasy roots on show and her faded out lengths all scraped up into that weird topknot.

No. 183083

File: 1637183117236.png (19.8 KB, 609x237, 143214321.PNG)

huge copium

No. 183085

File: 1637183692839.png (2.43 MB, 2864x2216, munchieshopping.png)

Jesus Christ if I were Louise I'd be really pissed right now. You can only have DID from significant trauma during your childhood. Not adolescence, not teenage years but only your CHILDHOOD.

There are cope larpers out there that say you can be diagnosed for trauma in your later years but that's bullshit that's even more debated than the existence of DID itself.
Unless she was brutally sexually assaulted by a family member during her childhood I highly doubt she qualifies. (Obviously the trauma doesn't have to occur within the family but Louise was a helicopter parent who never let Jill out of her sight and legit threw a tantrum when her daughter got an edgy haircut.)
Louise accepting her daughter's diagnosis would be admitting to being a negligent parent lmao.
Also what happened to her trich diagnosis?
And y'all remember when she thought she could loophole the DID diagnosis criteria by pretending to be retarded?
Funny how she didn't need to but there's clear evidence that she was trying to.

No. 183088

>This is probably one of the first real "No"s she's ever heard. She's completely beside herself that others for once arent simply nodding their head and going along with everything she's saying like she expected them to. She can't guilt them, she can't threaten them-all she can do is throw out a lazy "w-well!! you have way less followers than me!!" she's getting backed against a wall and lashing out like a wounded animal. She thought itd be SO easy to take over and become the new most prominent face in the DID community

This is the same shit that happened with lolita for her. She thought she could spend the most money to buy AP and it would make everyone love her and accept her as an authority. People saw through her and called out her BS then so she made a big scene over leaving the fashion. Same shit is happening here. She spent a grand on getting the trendiest diagnosis so she could brag about it to a bunch of underage tiktokers who arent 'privileged' enough to afford therapy let alone a thousand dollar evaluation. It makes her as if she is above them as an authority figure once again. Once again people call her BS out and she lashes out. She never learns.

Surprised she hasn't been called out more for bragging about her privilege of even affording a diagnosis. Surely for a bunch of her poor, self diagnosed fans a diagnosis cake is her showing off her privilege?

No. 183090

Same, and I’m pretty sure that DID needs the child to not have a parental figure they can rely on (think foster kids that are abandoned in a closet and beaten up daily)

Even if she was assaulted as a kid, which is terrible ngl, it wouldn’t be enough to break her psyche and create alters. You need repeated abuse with no parental help at a very young age, which kind of implies that neither her parents were watching over her during her toddler/young child years and she was repeated abused in a horrific manner. Like ok Jill. That totally happened!

That’s why I don’t believe none of these DIDtubers either. They all pretty much still live at home and seem to have a cordial relationship with their parents. I’d be mad pissed if my kid was pretending to have been abused under my watch for a while with no parental support.

No. 183092

>Same, and I’m pretty sure that DID needs the child to not have a parental figure they can rely on (think foster kids that are abandoned in a closet and beaten up daily)
To be exact, the basis for diagnosis (besides horrific trauma obviously) is "disorganized attachement to primary caregiver", meaning the abuser often times is the parent, close family member, who is nice to the child sometimes just to abuse it the next day. Hope Louise is still reading the thread so she can help her retarded child one last time, get her away from that therapist.

No. 183098

"Please go get a hobby now"

No. 183107

Feels bold coming from her. What's jills hobbies? as far as we know she hasn't done music in a long time. She stopped cosplaying in 2019. The only sewing she's done in years was for school. Her haul videos have basically stopped, her clothing/fashion videos have basically stopped. Does anyone remember the old crafty videos she would do like the Christmas ornaments or cat house? The best we get out of her now is a lazy day paint job on some furniture… she used to post a lot about watching anime (precure) too and that's also stopped, same with when she would play the sims.

Her only hobby now is what? Dedicating all her time to thinking about how sick and ill she is? Even her "d&d" is just glorified escapism, played with one of her enablers. Sure she has makeup but she's only using that to hide how gross and bloated her face has gotten, it's just another cope. I never thought I'd say it but I miss old Jillian a lot. At least in the old videos she seemed happy and was getting up and doing stuff a bit. This stuff now is just plain morbid.

I don't think anyone's pointed out either but her recent Twitter/tiktok flare ups all seem to be happening past 10-11pm local time. Thinking she's sitting there at night, getting furious on her phone nightly is just plain sad. I wonder what her sleeping is like? I also can't help but wonder if this is lining up with Stevie's bedtime.

No. 183138

Exactly this. And even when people do suffer prolonged childhood trauma, they’re not always going to end up with DID. They make develop another dissociative disorder, and those generally are comorbid with anxiety, depression, bipolar and borderline.

These chronically online DID fakers think acting different in front of different people means you’re different alters when it’s literally just being a person. Even with CPTSD it could just be them fawning or people pleasing which causes people to chameleon their personality in social situations. These people just want to be “special” and have a terrible disorder on their record for life lmao.

No. 183141

love how she has made it blatantly obvious that she's been watching DID channels and videos about the disorder for months now just to perfectly mimic the symptoms and have her retarded therapist/whoever/whatever the fuck else misdiagnose her. Jillian you're not slick, fake it till you make it applies to you more than the fake diagnoses you treat as trophies.

No. 183144

File: 1637196982738.jpeg (191.1 KB, 1242x440, 84489FE2-B4E9-40F5-A8E0-3B49DE…)

this account is fake

No. 183147

Knew it.

She's a little and does ageplay. This is her starting to ease her 'fans' into it.

No. 183149

kek her aunt literally got all the attractive genes in the family? is it wrong for me to say shes kinda hot? why couldn't we have gotten a future jill like this instead of deathfat kaweewee rainby mentawwy iww saga….

No. 183150

It’s too late for Jillybean, there’s no way she can come back from this.
Nawh, I think she’s hot too. I wish I was confident like her.

No. 183152

normally i would say that she’s still young and she could grow out of this, but with her internet army of enablers i have to agree. Its only worse from here

No. 183158

File: 1637199657552.png (5.54 MB, 1321x2031, Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 5.40.…)

I thought the handwriting on the cake looked familiar. She did the lettering herself.
It’s one thing to be pathetic enough to have someone else put this on a cake, but to do it yourself, congratulating yourself on your fucking fake diagnosis, is next level.

Couldn’t be assed to scroll through the threads for more examples of her cursive, but it’s pretty obvious by the way she does her s’s and n’s that she wrote this herself.

No. 183159

I keked

No. 183161

File: 1637201946734.png (62.79 KB, 800x450, 071169740014-BC-WRITING-GELS-P…)

You anons aren't the only ones to be honest I'm amazed she hasn't been posted in the unconventionally attractive woman thread yet.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this, most grocery store bakeries don't use piping gel since it doesn't have any integrity to be sitting in an open fridge all day. But the fact that it most likely means that the lady at the counter told her to fuck off makes me kek.

No. 183162

i think one thing that i constantly ask myself regarding jills "diagnosis" is that if she was truly traumatized but doesn't remember like she says. does it not scare her that she could be interacting with her abuser frequently being that they probably live in the same household as here.

i still think jill has possible NPD or HPD and wouldn't put it past her that she would more than likely start publicly accusing her dad of being her abuser. i mean she's not that close to him and anytime she would interact with him in the past it was always awkward or like she possibly hated him. i legit would not be surprised if she pulled a casey anthony and accused her dad of molesting her when she was younger.

also, the manipulative gas lighting she tried to do that one girl on her tiktok was very odd? "i even liked you" she said. liking someone doesn't exempt them from being concerned about you jillyvill. It also doesn't exempt you from being criticized.

also x2: does jill not know that once you get a new diagnosis there is a huge possibility that your former diagnosis is meaningless, unless you get rediagnosed. she keeps saying she has bpd AND did, but if she is truly diagnosed bpd there is a huge chance that the bpd was a misdiagnosis.(unsaged armchairing)

No. 183163

yeah it does not look like the work of someone in a bakery. that means in the tiktok she made, did she fake asking someone to write that?

No. 183171

Imagine thinking having followers means jack shit
It doesn't mean you're smart, or have integrity, and it for sure doesn't mean someone is right

This is a typical Narcissistic response
"WELL, everyone LOVES ME, and they don't LOVE YOU, so guess who's wrong???"
"WELL, I lovebomb everyone into staying, making them think I'm a good and kind person, when I'm actually a rotten asshole inside, so I win because more people believe ME thanks to my manipulation"

No. 183172

>She thought itd be SO easy to take over and become the new most prominent face in the DID community-probably daydreamed for months now about how she'll finally get to score some interviews with that Anthony Padilla guy since he skipped over her for the BPD one.

This is EXACTLY what I thought too!
She always wanted to be a prominent voice in any community. She fucked up in the lolita community and couldn't coord to save her life. She got a lot of backlash for making up "MUH NEW JAPANESE FASHION STYLE!!!". She knows she isn't the biggest precure fan ever even if she pretends she is (There's males on 4chan who have massive collections of this crap. Jill doesn't compare at all).

Now she did have a voice in the alt fashion community, in the kawaii community, and the community she made for herself, the Conffetti Cult. She even got the Kawaii Leader title by sheer popularity. But NHK Kawaii is dead, and she needed more attention. She's really becoming a has-been in the pursue to be the loudest and most obnoxious. Seriously, wasn't she satisfied? I thought she just wanted to live a quiet seamstress life and sell "cute" clothes to idiots. Did she figure out that wasn't enough? She's embarassing ugh

This whole DID ordeal isn't going to look good if she truly wants a future in fashion… I honestly think this might be impossible now that she's done this. Too much backlash, people think she's crazy now.

No. 183173

>Life is cute and good emoji emoji emoji emoji
On tiktok

No. 183174

>Also what happened to her trich diagnosis?
She forgot to put it in the full list of diagnosis that's what happened LOL

No. 183175

She spent a grand on expensive angelic pretty dresses that she couldn't color coordinate at all, and thought she could be a voice in the community

She spent a grand on a manipulated diagnosis with obvious fake sings and lying, and she thinks she could be a voice in the DID community, even saying "CAN I BE PART OF THE CLUB NOW WINK WINK"

She has never learnt
She will never learn
She's doomed

No. 183176

>a diagnosis cake is her showing off her privilege?
of course it is

No. 183177

She's not super pretty (to me personally), but damn I love her confidence. She has such a great body too.

No. 183179

It could had been prevented- in fact she could still change for the better
But she's just staring into the void and will not stop until it is too late

If she's a bit like her aunt I hope she eventually grows out of it and battles her addiction just like her auntie does. I'm pretty sure all her family are prone to addiction. Jillian had something similar to a shopping addiction before, but now that she's fully drinking and smoking weed, I think she doesn't realize the true danger she's in.

No. 183180

Imagine her getting a random undecorated cake and then writing for herself
Pretending someone else made it for her KEK god the implications here are so fucking depressing to think about

No. 183181

Of course she faked it, she's facking fucking everything

Also, even ghetto ass bakeries in hicktowns have better writting like that. I know because I worked at one myself not too long ago. It's obvious she did it herself

No. 183182

She(/lbr her parents) easily spent way over a grand on AP with what her wardrobe was only to not be able to match at all. Even in the meme pic in op her waist is shooped as fuck and she's wearing a Sweet Cream House bow with Cream Cookie Collection. Watching her old content is so uncomfortable knowing what kind of person she turned out to be. The fake sweet persona and everyone up her ass in the comments…I can't imagine going through life being this pathologically fake and needing to be adored by strangers.

No. 183183

Her parents truly love her, especially her mom. If I were them, I'd feel heartbroken by her claiming to have a childhood trauma disorder.

No. 183188

My mom is a cake decorator for weddings mostly but does birthdays as well and I showed her this cake and she said that the handwriting wouldn’t pass at her bakery and that they don’t use gel so y’all where right^ lmao unless Canada does it differently for some reason? But my mom says this is definitely not a professionals job. I know it’s cow tipping but I’d love to see what lie she’d come up with if someone pointed out that that’s her own handwriting and gel icing lmao

No. 183189

tbh hoping someone does. It's hilarious.

No. 183196

We have bakeries in grocery stores that have the cake decorating service. They typically don’t have a degree from cooking school kek.

No. 183198

I don't either, but I worked on a small local bakery and the cake decoration didn't look as sloppy as her does

No. 183199

So, I kind of think she might have done it herself (because of the gel icing), but not at all based on the handwriting. I study older types of handwriting as part of my degree (really - I'm not only an autist on the internet, but irl too), and see very little resemblance between the examples of her writing and the cake writing. The cursive s is how most people write cursive s. The n is different. Look at which letters are looped and which aren't. The slant of the writing is different.

The large differences can be explained by different writing utensils, though. It's hard to write with a gel squeeze thing. My signature when I have to sign with my finger looks nothing like the way I sign my name with a pen. Etc.

No. 183200

>The n is different. Look at which letters are looped and which aren't. The slant of the writing is different.
That's because her alter did it, silly!

No. 183202

Anon I studied that too for a while and everything you're saying is attributed to the medium she's using. I've tried cake decorating before and it came out very different to how I normally write (I write in cursive irl).

No. 183203

I said that in my second paragraph, so yeah the utensil is probably why. I would just probably back off this theory of "oh the writing is so similar" since it isn't at all.

No. 183205

But bakery’s NEVER use that Betty Crocker gel icing lmao it’s not even up to debate. It don’t need handwriting analysis… She bought a plain cake (which many bakery’s do for this purpose of decorating yourself or the sell by date is coming close etc) bought the pink gel icing went home and did the cake real quick and did her photo shoot. The handwriting looking so similar even for using this gel tube is even more hilarious. Idk why we’re acting like she wouldn’t do this? If she was smarter and didn’t wanna be “fake claimed” she would’ve asked Steebie to do it.

No. 183206

>Pretending that something upsetting happened to you so that others would care about you (for example, being raped, military combat, physical or emotional abuse, sexual abuse, etc.).

Sounds about right

No. 183207

File: 1637224127404.jpeg (322.27 KB, 750x910, DBFA9582-64BD-44E6-91AD-844BF4…)

the babytalk is getting worse. ddlg saga when

No. 183208

ddlg saga has begun its just being disguised as having a 6 year old inside her head

No. 183209

10 minute video just about what she got for christmas
very trauma much abuse

No. 183211

>But bakery’s NEVER use that Betty Crocker gel icing lmao it’s not even up to debate. It don’t need handwriting analysis…
Exactly, that anon's 'tism isn't warranted when this alone proves it
Plus her "I'm a professional identifying handwritting uwu" could be a lie lol just saying

ddgl saga NOW

No. 183212

Oh my lord this is just ddlg with extra steps

No. 183216

Not to wk but it looks like she went to a supermarket bakery and,speaking from experience, they will literally put someone in the department who was never trained to do anything there, just to have someone working behind the counter. It's possible an untrained bakery clerk did it.
But it is true that it wouldn't be that gel icing regardless. Most supermarket bakeries either use whipped or buttercream for cake writing, so either way, Jill did it herself most likely kek

No. 183218

Anons don’t we think the cake’s writing is fucking irrelevant when she’s faking a traumatic mental illness for internet cool points?

No. 183219

File: 1637232689687.png (1.09 MB, 1056x1096, shite.png)

No bakery, including supermaket ones, even shit ones, would actually waste their time and money using a new tube of gel icing every damn time if they already have big batches of buttercream and whipped cream ready to color and use.
And trust me even if there's some untrained individual in there they would still not do such sloppy job as hers. If they aren't trained and the product ends up as shitty as hers, the client will get assmad and tell them to redo it. Do you think they really want to lose money like that?

First thing you learn to do in a cake decorating business is to "stencil" whatever word the cake needs to have and then use small dollops of buttercream on top to write the name. You don't start handwritting it freestyle just out of nowhere. The other option is to use pre-made letters and numbers, but not every bakery does it. Other ways: printing on edible paper (trust me it's easier and even shitty bakeries know how to do this), or cutting each word using fondant.

Training someone to write on a cake isn't that hard either. It requires practice sure but it isn't as hard as you might think. You need a constant setup of an angle, pressure, and movement. My boss even said she still shakes when writing the names on cakes, but she has found a consistent way to do it and look good (she has been baking for more than 20 years).

Judging by the mess she made, the angle is all wrong. And it just REALLY looks like her fucking handwriting, when I first saw the cake I immediately recognized it.
Also, writing changes with age and the intention/style you use to write.

Stop fucking wk her

No. 183220

That picture on the right though, what a blast to the past

>Jillian Vessey

>Fashion designer (kek)
>Dislikes hateful people (kek)

No. 183221

File: 1637233580544.png (1.64 MB, 1740x796, euhedhfohdfofhpjhfew.png)

from her redbubble

No. 183222

The visible dots on the first D in the “DID”?! Y’all they don’t just put anyone behind the counter lmao they don’t use that icing like other anons said the handwriting is VERY similar to hers why are we wk her so much? She did it herself there’s no debating. The handwriting (not the digital art from red bubble bc procreate kinda automatically cleans it up) but her actual like handwriting cursive irl is identical. She’s lying about having DID for crying out loud. But oh no she’d never fake a cake for a tiktok?!

No. 183224

No. 183225

educate yourself about studying paleography, don't be a total ass. that makes three of us now in this thread who know it is a legitimate field of study. anon can correct if I'm wrong but she says jill probably did write it, why shit on other women who agree with you ffs

No. 183226

double post but absolutely, idk why Jill being a tard inspires others to screech like tards in here

No. 183230

someone should tell her that "spook" is an old offensive term for black people

No. 183232

But bwack people are scawy so maybe that makes sense uwu? To a six year old of course.

No. 183235

Don't be daft, Jillian probably interacted with a PoC for the first time as an adult. Her lily white self was protected from such horrors.

No. 183236

She had a black friend in highschool

No. 183237

and that probably terrified her, but highschool is too old for the trauma to form into DID.

No. 183240

File: 1637243649857.jpg (229.85 KB, 957x540, IMG_20211118_134621.jpg)

Maybe use this cake from her end card about a year or two ago as reference. The cake decorator there could just be shit, but this one
does look like a different icing (I'm not a professional, just using my eyes) however the did cake, if you look at her tiktok, the icing is kinda red so maybe the glaze looks fucked because she edited it to be pink.

But can we please stop talking about the writing, she probably just CBA to film doing it herself and already had the clip pre cake decorator rejection.

No. 183243

Is this true? People say things like "oh that really spooks me" or "that's spooky" especially around Halloween, I've never heard that meaning of it.

No. 183244

It's an old American thing, and from what I gather it's recognised more in some states than others
t. euro that keeps getting called racist online because of connotations only Americans have

No. 183245

Anon, did you read a word I said? lmao
Slight blog but I was placed in a store bakery without training and my writing on cakes looked no better and no one cared. Stores and customers don't care as much as you'd think. You don't learn to stencil shit. If you're thrown over there, you get no training at all.
I also agreed that supermarket bakeries don't use the gel icing so it had to be Jill. The handwriting certainly lines up, but this is getting OT
Either way, we agree Jill is pathetic.(stop derailing about cakes)

No. 183246

With the cake thing my first thought was she bought a cake and wrote it herself, the fact she never shows the staffmember writing the caption on it also a giveaway. It seems obvious simply because asking for that to be written on a cake is so embarrassing, plus she'd want control over the aesthetic.
I didn't hear the audio on the tiktok but Youtubers often will take video going around a store and add fake commentary audio later, again for not embarrassing yourself in public reasons, so if she asks for it in the audio that explains that.

No. 183247

Spooky is fine. Spook can be used to mean a ghost, a spy, but also it became a slur for black ppl after ww2. Its a stupid thing to get angry at but its very on brand for twitter.

No. 183248

ayrt and I also worked at a bakery.
Sorry your job sucked and mine didn't

No. 183250

File: 1637247087584.jpg (266.69 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20211118-144730_Twi…)

It wasn't her after all, though we knew that already. Surprised that she didn't get triggered over it though

No. 183251

Supermarket bakeries are absolutely nothing like actual bakeries. It's a job even Jill could do.

Watch her get called out for it and try to use it for pity points with baby talk begging kek "I'm soweee!! I didn't knowe!! Pweese forgive meee!! plead emoji plead emoji"

No. 183253

man are we really nitpicking CAKE now

No. 183255

I kinda assumed everyone also thought she wrote it herself
Like, that's next level sloppy and at least in my area, you have to call ahead to get a customized message. I'm wondering if she was too embarrassed to ask someone though lol

No. 183256

Please stop the cake sperging, you aren't special because your cake boss job sucked ass and you're derailing the thread

No. 183258

I think this really plays a part in Steve's enabling, the fact that he's all wrapped up in the gendershit too makes it seem like he probably has a bunch of weird hidden fetishes

No. 183259

But how would she know if it's not hers if it belongs to her alter…

No. 183260

The fake account is dumb, but it's SO funny to see all the replies going "eww so creepy who would do this?" yeah we don't know anyone who would larp as a 6yo

No. 183261

Exactly. Isn’t that the whole point of DID; amnesiac “walls”. Pixie wouldn’t know if it wasn’t or wasn’t her alter.

No. 183262

KEK her 6 year old alter suddenly made a whole ass twitter account

No. 183264

File: 1637250801816.jpeg (312.79 KB, 1170x649, 72949F5A-E419-414D-BB30-094FB3…)

i hope her liking this isnt her insinuating this is what her trauma was

No. 183265

>everyday things like doing chores, sitting on the couch, having a shower are triggering

Is she implying she's too ~mentally ill~ to do all of those?
Fucking gross

No. 183266

Not all. Sitting on the couch is Jilly's fav activity kek

No. 183267

Is anyone else genuinely a bit worried that Jill is going to do something else wild before the end of the year? There are so many idiots cheering her in with her diagnosis but she's homing in on anyone critical and being incredibly nasty, when she has to option to ignore or block which is what I'd normally expect of her.

I feel like she's getting a bit bold and I can't help but feel like she's going to dig another hole for herself by exposing too readily how nasty she is to her fans.

No. 183268

Only after Stevie transitions, then she’ll have to escalate for her attention fix.

No. 183269

as long as she doesn't freaking off herself
But I've got this feeling too. What do you think she'll do?

No. 183271

I worry about her offing herself as well, but I think it'd be more likely that one of her "alters" would attempt and she'd be hospitalised and then farm online pity points and go "see I told you I'm mentally ill!"

I wish someone with a big platform would be willing to take the risk of calling her out, ultimately I'd really like to see her move out of this part of her life, but I worry she's fucked herself over too much.

No. 183275

File: 1637253156197.png (59.38 KB, 587x509, 1423241.PNG)

"not age play or anything weird", riiiight. Pretending to have a 6 year old living in your head is totally normal.

No. 183276

>I am a DID system
this will never stop sounding cringe and physically gross to me

No. 183278

Yeah I was reading her japan trip threads earlier and it's crazy how far she's fallen.

No. 183285

Jill's cooking up some repressed memory of childhood abuse, her recent reply REEEing about how people don't remember their abuse, duh >>182573
hinted at this as well as this like. Extremely shitty for her family, to start insinuating abuse that didn't happen to account for her DID.

As we've seen on this thread her likes and implied commemts unfortunately always do end up leading to the thing they appear to be leading to.
She's probably deepdiving childhood abuse stories on Youtube right now to see what she can "suddenly uncover" later on in therapy with her quack.

No. 183286

I mean what is she going to do though? Is she going to pull a Trisha Paytas and blame some dead rando in her early life who had nothing to do with her for causing her trauma? We all know she would never lie and say her family caused her trauma, and we will all laugh if her deviantart gf is her actual source of trauma.

No. 183287

Samefag, this is a particularly horrifying thing for this pampered baby to "like" since OP Tweeter mentions taking a shower as a triggering location, implying (sexual) abuse in the shower ..for God's sake. Jill's mom must be necking back the vodka right now since this is a lot to handle from your npd munchie child.

No. 183288


I like how this commenter is like this is weird, alter age 6 real age 23 meanwhile tagging villainyswells which has age 14-16 body age 23 in the bio.

Ageplay and agregression are virtually the same thing. Can't wait til more and more of her fans drop like flies, and she just has munchie systems in her replies like that Alexandria system who wks her does.

No. 183289

File: 1637256638942.png (262.17 KB, 1440x963, 6 whole months.png)

Samefag, I can't type today so apologies for typos, but here's a sc of the Alexandrite system backing up the concept of only being a "system" for 6 months before diagnosis. All Alexandrite's replies are from people referring to themselves as "we" and I suspect this is Jill's future if she keeps alienating semi-normal people like this.

No. 183290


RPing is so much more intense these days

No. 183292

>MY only accounts
Interesting. She didn’t use “our” accounts. She sucks at this LARP.

No. 183293

Imagine jill claiming her trauma came from having an helicopter parent. Cause sure she loves her mommy, but she already went ahead and got her DID diploma and I'm sure she watched enough videos about it to know she can't really pull a "my trauma happened at 13" bullshit move and have most systems believe her

No. 183296

Which thread numbers are those? I wanna go back

No. 183299

The way alexandrite worded it makes sense though if the DID is real (and he hasn't had any online presents before to contradict his diagnosis) knowing 6 months before being diagnosed sounds probable because it means that he's probably had people tell him that he should seek therapy because he's acting insane.
In Jill's case it's bad because she has video evidence that she's lying because she used to have full upload schedules and had the same demeanor throughout. She only recently "discovered" her trauma and has been on a steady decline after Anthony uploaded his DID video. Which are major red flags of someone diagnosis fishing.

No. 183307

I think that's one of the most damning parts is that she's recorded/vlogged/tweeted for the past several years, no signs of any real issues up until she starting this whole uwu mental illness parade, and even then there really wasn't anything actually substantial aside from her "my councilor/dr agreed, so there!"

Anyone else would probably understand why people are doubting this diagnosis, especially with such a catalog of online history, BUT NOT OUR JILLIAN!

No. 183311

calling it now: she filled in the MID scoresheet in excel and the psychologist who “diagnosed” her is the 35 y.o. alter

No. 183313

>She only recently "discovered" her trauma and has been on a steady decline after Anthony uploaded his DID video.

What if this was the moment she decided to be a DID-tuber, after rejection from Anthony as the voice of BPD. We were laughing at her over-reaction at the time but then this happened so it could be connected.

No. 183315

If she was smarter about this whole "I've been deeply traumatized this whole time" she would really take down old videos.

>17 years old and runs blog, YouTube channel, in school, has a part time job and bf.

>Expensive lolita wardrobe (with at least 5 brand main pieces gifted by her mom, easily $1k) and has not yet burned bridges with the lolita community, considers herself somewhat of a figurehead labeling all of her videos lolita.
>Plans to go to Ryerson after graduation and anticipates moving out within a year.
>Says she wants to be a fashion designer and have her own shop.

She was so much more functional and well adjusted like 5 years ago. If anything fucked her up it was leaving home. Moving out into a rainbow prison and playing house with your codependent deviant boyfriend while drinking and smoking for years will really do a number on a person, but that's not DID.

No. 183319

Here, I'm not really sure how to link threads, sorry if I did it wrong. If you look up "pixielocks japan trip lolcow" you can find them too.

No. 183320

File: 1637261071896.png (43.21 KB, 683x585, midanalysis.PNG)

If people are interested in the MID excel score sheet, here is how to find it.

If Jillian actually managed to find this (a three year old could do it), it would have been so incredibly easy to manipulate the real test to get the diagnosis.

In the "MID Report" section, it even tells you if your answers seem sketchy, and you can see which questions this concerns. If you studied this for a couple of hours you could EASILY get the diagnosis 100% of the time during the real test.

No. 183321

and to think we made fun of her back then, little did we know the absolute shit show we would be witnessing now. She could have had so much potential with just a little work but instead chose the path of attention seeking. Even just a year or two ago she seemed excited about being in art college and doing what she loved even if it wasn't the best. Now its just sad to see all that thrown away for tiktok mental illnesses. Taking bets on how long it takes for her to use the excuse of how its just one of her alters interested in fashion as an excuse for not showing us the fashion video she promised.

No. 183323

The links don’t work for me but i found them thanks non

No. 183325


I wish someone would smack the clown makeup off her face. I bet she'd split and turn that "truamatizing experience" into another insufferable alter

No. 183330

Keep in mind, anytime she uses the sobbing emoji, she's mad. I can't unsee it lol.

No. 183331

Guess all the bullying hasn’t triggered a dissociative episode recently given how quiet her teenage emo boy account has been quiet. Too busy putting out fires on her main.

No. 183336

File: 1637264248105.jpeg (865 KB, 951x1397, 7BA00F62-5938-4E58-A6EF-20D668…)

don’t know if anyone posted this reply yet, but apparently she did got tested for attention whore disorder and factitious ds too

No. 183341


do they let monkeys administer these tests in Canada or something? All you'd need to do in Jill's case is lurk her Twitter. The fact she's replying so aggressively to all of the criticism she can manage just shows me she knows she full of shit, but wants others to believe her. Hit dogs howling and such

No. 183352

i just… i don't get it honestly. even assuming she is telling the truth and she got a legit diagnosis from all these actual real professionals - - all that means is that she has a very serious condition and probably requires much more professional support than her current shitty unqualified therapist? i can't really see where she's gonna take things from here but if she's planning to make the usual DID youtuber content, it just seems a bit weird that professionals would be okay with that? you're really telling us that you just got your DID diagnosis and the next steps are… What, carrying on like normal except now youre signing off your twitter posts with different names

why did this all present only after she'd finished school, she showed us no signs of any of this throughoit her whole youtube career despite this being something that would surely not just magically manifest one day in her mid 20s.
and the fact is that she could clear a lot of this up if she sat down and made an honest video talking about her diagnosis and stuff but she's literally just been parading around in twitter and tiktok comments yelling at random people lmao. sorry for the wall of text she's just completely baffling

No. 183356

If someone gets diagnosed with NPD or Munchausen/Fictitious Disorder, would they even necessarily be told? Like, I’ve heard of clinicians keeping BPD labels from patients before, presumably because of the fallout? but it’s there on the notes. Jill probably knows the ‘right’ answers NOT to be flagged for either of those things but it’s hilarious how defensive she is over this shit

No. 183358

Giving away that she researched the test beforehand, I love how much she tells on herself. The questions like do you do x for attention? are easy to spot and give a low answer to, that proves nothing when her entire online portfolio suggests otherwise.

No. 183370

This part. Shouldn't she be getting intensive treatment and being discouraged from monetizing her mental illness on a public platform? Why would her vague medical team cosign her sitting around at home shit posting online all day and profiting off of her mental illness? Is she just never going to have a job in her life? And will just live off of adsense from when she had decent content and her parents? It seems like she's completely abandoned having any goals or ambition or even direction for her channel. None of this is sustainable.

No. 183378

Most people live with a mental illness, but she's living for one. It's her entire personality(s) now.

No. 183384

>party kei
>dislikes: parties

No. 183389

I find it a little interesting that there's no picture of this supposed diagnosis paper. She posted pictures of the $1000 bill, but nothing officially proving that she got the diagnosis. Seems simple enough considering she's so proud of it?

No. 183398

Her only trauma is being spoiled too much. What a brat.

No. 183402

I don't doubt that she actually did get the diagnosis since she'd probably be doxxing the doctor's who didn't give her a DID disgnosis if she "failed".

No. 183403

Looks like Jill has been deleting a LOT of comments on tiktok and blocking people. Very secure and comfortable in her diagnosis, clearly.

No. 183414

I hope Louise drops this kid like a hot potato for turning around and indirectly accusing her like this for the sake of internet points. I would love to see how she would react if the neverending flow of mommy's money were cut off.

No. 183420

File: 1637284099336.jpeg (142.55 KB, 828x399, 5CDECED6-D11E-460E-B4CC-085864…)

Yeah, but the biggest thing with dissociative disorders and DID is the amnesia, so even if people around him said he was being weird, it could be from so many other mental illness first before DID.

My best friend had spent years in psych wards and met only one person that could have possibly had DID. They had one alter and most of the time it wasn’t noticeable when the alter came out.

People seem to gloss over the diagnostic for this mental illness and just see you get fun alters and that you have different personalities and they latch on like the uncreative leeches that they are. They definitely have mental illness but it’s not DID.

No. 183424

File: 1637285013769.jpeg (337.09 KB, 750x1294, 17E7978A-21B3-498F-8F52-B85F49…)

So she reported that account and Twitter got back to her and denied her.

But couldn’t this account be someone else’s alter or fictive or fractive or whatever. Given people dissociate could this not be someone else who has a part of themselves that identifies as pixielocks id (read a part of someone’s psyche not identification) and they just don’t realize it’s happening.

You know, be kind jill. Could just be someone else with DID.

No. 183427

Wait, so she has this account & her emo boy alter, what's the third? Did she mean to say 2?

No. 183428

Nvm didn't realize she was counting her dead business account as one of "hers", sorry for the retard post

No. 183431

lmfao even she can’t stay consistent whether she is a “me” or a “we”, she’s so lazy she can’t even be bothered keeping the act up half the time.
I wonder how long it will take for her to get bored of this LARP, maybe like a year tops? I can’t see how someone who can’t stick to anything else in her life would stick to this one thing, she’ll get tired and give up eventually.

No. 183446

That's probably why she only have five alters while most of those people have 20+. It's easier to "become one" (i forgot the official word they use) if there's less alters.

No. 183494

This is what gets me too, I know she’ll just blame it on ‘adjusting to being multiple in public’ or some shit, but if you truly felt like multiple people in one body, then the most natural way to referring to yourself would be ‘we’, not I or my like she keeps saying.
She called the villainy account gets, and Jerrick called the pixie videos his. That’s not how even the fakest of fake DID Twitter yards do it, she’s already half-adding her own story.

This is why no one believes you Jill, you can’t even keep your own story straight

No. 183505

I can see it going one of two ways: she doubles down and retreats into her tiktok echo chamber, or she tries to blame it on someone else (i.e her whacko therapist) and try to repair her brand. Either way though, its too late for her, I can't see her coming back from this.

No. 183507

this is so stupid, there's no trauma associated to these activities to her. She just doesn't want to do them kek this just reads like an excuse

No. 183508

Uma (the dA gf) needs to step up to this point
Jillian is using her fame and all her platforms to diss her and it could eventually lead to legal problems

No. 183509

KEK good catch

No. 183511

I think this is what Louise Vessey thinks:

"I love my daughter so much, that it doesn't matter what happens, or what weird trend she gets into, she'll always be my baby and she'll always be my girl. It doesn't mean I'm okay with whatever she's into nowadays, but as long as she remains my little daughter girl, anything else doesn't matter"
When she commented on Jillian's "coming out as DID" facebook post, it really did sound like that.

Like, she's the type of mom that loves her kids but doesn't really care what new thing they get into, because -in jill's case- she thinks they'll eventually get out of it somehow. Remember how in one of their vlogs together she said something like "you get into trends very easily and then hop onto another sweetheart"? I don't remember the exact words, but she knows anything to do with Jillian is never that serious. Or so she thinks. This is why she's not stepping up and telling her to stop, it's another one of those weird rebelious fads Jill gets into.

There's some infantilization involved. She'll never be anything else but her little Jilly Bean. That's why it looks like her mom won't step up, it's just another one of those cute and stupid mean toddler moments for her.

No. 183513

Of course it was, remember her reaction? she was fucking MAD as fuck

No. 183514

Do you girls think her being on lolcow accelerated her craziness? Or she was always deemed to be some kind of attention whore larper?
Sometimes I wonder if having a lolcow thread is what makes every single lolcow on this site spiral into a worse version of themselves, a nurture vs nature kinda thing. I'm not complaining, but if she really wanted to, she could cite "being bullied on lolcow" -kek- as a mayor trauma factor

Don't give her ideas! we need those videos up kek, when she was at least a bit normal and less stupid and no signs of "DID" were present.
But yeah, if she was so ~twamatized~ as a teen how come she seemed mentally stable back then? and making normal posts on her blog too

No. 183515

>Plans to go to Ryerson after graduation and anticipates moving out within a year.
>Says she wants to be a fashion designer and have her own shop.

this is so fucking sad

>and to think we made fun of her back then, little did we know the absolute shit show we would be witnessing now. She could have had so much potential with just a little work but instead chose the path of attention seeking.
Even back then she was an attention whore, and had tendencies to think she was the best and number one at everything.
However, really putting it then vs now, I think the things we nitpicked could had been solved and she could had been gone beyond our expectations and actually become a functional human.
I think it all went down when she met Steve + starting drinking alcohol and doing weed

No. 183517


KEK she's just using her true colors over there

Someone who has a degree =/= someone who is professional, and she could be lying anyways
She should really be tested for Munchausen/Fictitious Disorder though

>Giving away that she researched the test beforehand, I love how much she tells on herself.
KEK good catch

>This part. Shouldn't she be getting intensive treatment and being discouraged from monetizing her mental illness on a public platform? Why would her vague medical team cosign her sitting around at home shit posting online all day
Because they need her rich parents money, they don't care about her actual well being, and she can't have a no for an awnser.

>She posted pictures of the $1000 bill, but nothing officially proving that she got the diagnosis.
It's always the same with her, she always posts bills and tags and brags about how much she spent. I guess she thought the fucking cake she wrote by herself was enough "proof" of having DID LOL

You know what's sad? Infantilization might be the only "abuse" she might had experienced. But she doesn't see it, she's comfortable with it, even talking like a bwaby when her mom hangs out and getting tuck into bed like an ageplayer (ewuuhghh). She loves being babied.

No. 183518

"tWittEr doesnt uNDerSTand pLurAlitY"
cringe as fuck

No. 183519

>and we knew it was Meadow.
What the fuck? loool what does this mean
is this bitch already diagnosing her kids with DID too? this is gross

>My best friend had spent years in psych wards and met only one person that could have possibly had DID. They had one alter and most of the time it wasn’t noticeable when the alter came out.

Please explain

No. 183521

she's going to do irreparable damage to her relationship with her mother in her quest to be the biggest uwu mentawwy iww munchie. her parents enabled her bad behavior but they were never anything but loving towards her

No. 183523

i think meadow is one of her "child" alters

No. 183524

congrats to Jill for finally finding a quack to diagnose her!

No. 183528

if a child goes through things so horrific that they have to form psychological barriers in ordef to be able to continue to function / live, it makes sense that different personalities wouldn't be outwardly very different. bc the purpose did hypothetically serves is that by forming separate identites and amnesia the brain is able to "continue as normal" as much as possible. wouldn't be a very useful "coping mechanism" if it actively drew attention to the child in an environment of intense abuse

No. 183529

>>183521 honestly im surprised she's still in /w/ and hasn't been moved back to /snow/

No. 183530

File: 1637306761840.png (1.88 MB, 1405x930, 1637305860673.png)

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little singlet? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in being the most traumatized person ever , and I’ve been involved in numerous secret childhood traumas, and I have over 300 confirmed alters.

I am trained in emotional warfare and I’m the top system in the entire mental illness community.  You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Twitter thread, mark my fucking words.

You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of systems across the internet and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, singlet. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your own personal identity. You’re fucking Split, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, because of all my alters, and I can gaslight you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my host.

Not only am I extensively trained in clinical malingering, but I have access to the entire arsenal of attention deprived teenagers. I will use them to their full extent to wipe your miserable singlet ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue.

But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will gaslight all over you and you will drown in it.

You’re fucking dead, singlet.

No. 183531

Putting her on /snow/ again would just make her thread worse

No. 183533

File: 1637308614313.png (287.68 KB, 528x649, 1627117980943.png)

LMAO my sides
god that picture of her in the pink wig is ugly, she looks so crusty with that makeup

No. 183537

>jill googled the test and knew how to adjust her answers
Anons, there are measures against people who lie on those tests. The tests are just a slight hint in case the patient doesn't know what's going on and what could possibly be symptoms of an illness.

The main part is a professional doing an interview with the patient and assessing their behaviour, asking about problems in their past. Jill had to mention some trauma in that interview, and if she already made that up, why wouldn't she post about it on twitter? I am certain she never got officialy diagnosed.

No. 183542

It's easier to lie about trauma to professionals, since they didn't observe her entire life on the internet. Twitter did (sorry)
But lying about the diagnosis is also possible. She can even justify it thinking that it's only a matter of time before clinicians recognize their error, she's basically already diagnosed!

No. 183543

If someone who dresses the way she does and has the family she does came up to me and said "I have multiple personalities" I would not believe her

I would think she's crazy AND lying

No. 183545

Given that she can't even keep her charade up properly or consistently on twitter for longer than an hour or two, and given how pretty much anyone with half a brain cell on the internet can see she's faking, I highly highly doubt not only one but two professionals would genuinely think she has DID. I'm calling bull on the diagnosis.

No. 183546

File: 1637316104106.png (318.83 KB, 502x526, auntie.png)

I feel so sad for Jillian because even in her own family there's people more succesful than her. Auntie Sam might be a bit cuckoo but she actively paints, plays various instruments, does all kinds of shenanigans, makes dumb videos and lives her best life. Jillian could do so many things too, like drawing and playing the piano. But Jillian just rather be mentally ill……..

No. 183547

>My advice to anyone who would love to develop their art skills is to just begin, for it's in the beginning where all the resistance and dreams exist. It's just about which one you focus on will prevail…"Stoke that Baby All The Way Home" SS

No. 183548

It's so strange how someone with such a wonderful and supportive family wants to claim that she was traumatized so bad. I know a lot of people who would give anything to have a family half as supportive as hers. Her parents put up with so much bullshit and still support her, she really is a spoiled bitch.
She really has nothing to complain about, so she just has to invent a bunch of things instead. If she just pulled her head in, deleted her tik tok and twitter, and actually thought about something constructive to do with her life she could still be somewhat successful but we all know she'd never do that.
The internet really is poison for some…

No. 183549

I'll say this again: she needs some time for herself. She needs to return home. She needs to ditch Steve. It's okay to admit you need to come back to your roots. She needs some balance and some rethinking.

No. 183550

agree, she truly was not mature enough to leave home

No. 183552

She just had a skewed idea of what "being an adult" was. She always wanted that living with boyfriend + having a house deal. But she immediately started living with Steve (red flag) and had her own house without truly knowing how to fend for herself yet. I understand that she had to move out from PEI because PEI is small, but it feels like she mostly romanticized the adult life rather than actually understand what it was like.

No. 183553

Samefag, but if I remember well she also chose that dumb school she graduated from because she wanted to have some knowledge in fashion before continuing her studies.

But after moving in with Steve (remember he edits her videos and probably gets a cut from it, plus stays at her house basically for free) she suddenly decided to not futher her studies for "mental health reasons" even though she is completely capable of continuing.

Something must have happened there. Remember Stevie is the one who recommended her the "therapist" too. I just don't strust scrotes.

No. 183555

I have to point out another thing, how is it possible that she had to wait a whole month for this diagnosis? And she even paid for it so it should be a higher priority?

Maybe Canadian anons have experience with this, but from what I heard full psych tests in public health care take 10 days to be analysed.

No. 183556

Yeah I think you might be on to something there anon, I know there are a lot of guys out there who are really into "broken" girls. Even if its not an intentional thing, he's definitely encouraging and enabling her worse behaviors.
I would imagine she doesn't get much socialization aside from him, to be honest I don't think her world really includes anyone other than herself. She genuinely just doesn't seem to understand how her actions come off towards others.

No. 183558

seriously, I remember when I was a kid going over to other peoples houses or hearing about their home life and realising for the first time that I was incredibly lucky with how my parents treated me. I had friends who were more asset rich than me but their parents neglected or, in the case of one friends dad, would outright verbally abuse them. Jill is lucky enough that she never struggled for money or her parent’s affection, but she’s throwing her privileges back in her parents face by pretending to have experienced so much abuse that it literally shattered her mind.
Anons always (rightly) point out that she can’t just be a fan of something, she has to be the biggest and best fan, despite not knowing as much as others. I think having a DID diagnosis, and a laundry list of others, is just her mental health warrior manifestation of that compulsion. Really, she’s just a garden variety narc.

No. 183560

Yeah she can't just be mentally ill, she has to be the MOST mentally ill!!!

No. 183562

Thirding, I think Stevie is encouraging all this too. Think about it. He gets to isolate her which is huge considering she's extremely noticeable. Well right now she looks like shit, but maybe 2 years ago she was pretty cute with her little outfits, rainbow hair, and quirky sense of humor. It probably stressed him out when she'd leave because he knew other ugly nerds like himself would probably meet her and want to get with her. So, now he has her so anxious she can't even like leave their porch + she has all these "diagnosed" illnesses, which miiight mean (if they play their cards right) they could live off disability. and even if that couldnt work, she still has her social media for them to mootch off of.

He's not motivated and he doesnt want her to be either. He probably just wants them both to stay at home all day in their eyesore funky musty stinky townhouse-but I'll admit I still don't fully see why since they don't seem like the type to have a lot of sex. Is it all money? Something about that boy has just always been off. and I say boy intentionally because he just perpetually seems like a whiney 16 year old somehow.

No. 183563

I don't think that's unusual I had to wait for my test results for like 2 months, although with it being private it could be shorter

No. 183564

Yeah, remember how he ditched Maggie to be with her too?
Also, doubt many sane guys would be into her (the rainbow aesthetic puts people off), and I think only weird guys like Steve would be into her. Guys who know she's vulnerable… plus let's be real, she's quite vulnerable AND famous, perfect for any scrote to control.

The pandemic has done no good to her, she's isolated and her only human contact is Steve, who is also a weird guy who can't clean his penis right (constant UTIs, anyone?) and like, come on, he's with her, that makes him weird already.

No. 183566

File: 1637325469572.png (508.51 KB, 660x492, doihdwoiwd.png)

She used to be so cute, I feel bad because of how much she was nitpicked in the past, but look at her right here: Still quirky but with nice natural makeup, looking happy and bright eyed, on her channel's prime…
Does anyone else know what I'm saying?

No. 183568

this is only from 2017… can't believe her decline happened so fast.

No. 183569

File: 1637325866279.png (687.24 KB, 574x492, doihdwoiwd.png)

she didn't deserve all the constant nitpicking, she wasn't ready to leave her mom's side, I'm sorry she might had been annoying but I actually miss her and how happy she was back then. She has no shine in her eyes now

No. 183570

I had a huge crush on her back in the early days, she was mega cute. I live near her province and used to hope one day I'd see her walking in my city and I could try and be friends with her. Now I can't even stand to look at her, she's legitimately disgusting to me, and the parts of her personality I used to like just seem fake to me now.

No. 183572

she definetely did very annoying and outright stupid things back then, but that was nothing compared to what we got now. A simple apology from her would had been enough, and then she could had moved on, and… idk. I don't know really, because that never happened. She's crazy now, just not in the way she thinks.

No. 183576

File: 1637330688711.png (2.04 MB, 2002x1192, jill.png)

The vacant eyes…

No. 183577

DID is modern day repressed memory hysteria, I can definitely believe she found mental health professionals willing to play along with this in Canada of all places where everything is hyperwoke in professional institutions, just like how everyone and their dog can be accepted by gender clinics

No. 183578

I have been thinking this a long time but before I say anything I have to make it clear that I abaolutely don't think she has DID and I find her behavior ridiculous. But we don't really know what went on inside the Vessey house. Some families can look perfect from outside and no one really gets to know what's going on behind the scenes. However, as many anons have noted she didn't seem like anything too serious went on before she moved away from home. Personally I still find her relationship with her mom a little bit creepy in a way and she probably should comb it through with her therapist. Hard to judge her dad when we know nothing about him but I can't help but think that Louise's upbringing of Jill had to have something to do with this. She may not have abused Jill but it still doesn't make her ideal parent.

No. 183581

It’s fair to say that anything could have happened in her life and we’d of course never really know.
That said the way jill attempts to monetize her trauma and put a romantic lens on it (omg cake! Cute emojis for my alters! Hehe my brand IS a five petal flower, I didn’t notice!) is gross no matter how you cut it. On top of that the fact she openly admits to deep diving and consuming a lot of DID content is a massive red flag, it seems more likely she has some sort of mental illness but is masking it by claiming DID either because it’s trendier or because she doesn’t want to face the truth of her diagnosis.

No. 183582

Do you guys think that steve is secretly laughing at Jill? Bc I can't imagine him looking at current state Jill and thinking "Yes, this is beautiful" lol. Bitch looks ridiculous, but in a sad way.

No. 183587

I dunno, every recent-ish photo of Stevie he looks pretty much like a husk of his former self, too. Just drained. Anybody have any recent pics of him? Either way, I don't think he's to blame for Jill's downturn. Just another enabler like her mom, but this was clearly Jill's master plan all along to get in with the "cool" (???) kids on twitter and Tiktok.

No. 183588

Honestly though like I was all excited to buy her a box of crayon birthday candles from the bakery I worked at and write her a letter, then she closed her PO box. Point is I genuinely used to really like her and enjoy her videos. Now she's just obnoxious, infuriating and sad. I'm sure some of that is due to me maturing but seriously, she's fallen so far

No. 183589

>Do you girls think her being on lolcow accelerated her craziness?

Normal people who receive critique ponder on it and work on improving themselves, lolcows double down and get even worse.
Some redeem themselves, improve, mellow out, and graduate out from cow status.
I know when I receive critique or run into problems on or offline I immediately consider what I'm doing to cause the issue, and change. We all have potential to be lolcows, we've all done cringey or cow behavior ourselves at some point, what makes a true cow is the doubling down and refusal to listen, learn, change, make improvements and avoid those problems occurring.

As we've seen in the last week when Jill has listened to 0% of what people had to say and taken everything as a personal attack, even from concerned mutuals.

No. 183601

oh come off it nonnies, she might have been “cute” (to you) but she’s never not been a huge attention whore. I’d be happy too if mommy indulged my every fart.

No. 183604

Kek, nonna, my sides.

>Navy-Jill copypasta

No. 183605

The thing everyone seems to be glossing over, including her, is that she has bpd. Assuming a new personality and overhauling your self identity to mimick those around you (/all the media she’s admitted to binging) is textbook bpd behavior. I have no doubt she’s absolutely convinced herself that she does have DID, because she’s already prone to attention whoring, and to having an unstable sense of self, add into that lacking any life structure now that she’s out of school and has no real responsibilities, it’s a recipe for a bpd breakdown. All her/Steve’s friends are genderfucks, Steve included, and likely ~mentally iwll~ in a cool and quirky way, and as others have said she likes to make herself the public spokes person for whatever her personality is revolving around at the time, so it’s no wonder she’s gone done this road. Because she can’t convince herself she’s trans, because then she’d have to permanently ditch her feminine aesthetic, so this is the best of both worlds.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if her supposed DID is psychosomatic and she’s fully convinced herself. It’s something that her therapist should be picking up on, given her bpd history

No. 183606


>But we don't really know what went on inside the Vessey house.

Yeah but I mean . . . come on. I know people can put on a front and stuff, but their family seems incredibly loving, supportive, and entirely wholesome. Jill herself publicly thanked her parents for giving her a magic childhood. I do not for one second buy that she experienced trauma in her childhood home, and that's pretty much straight from her own mouth. It sounds as though she inflicted trauma upon her own self during her tween years but as far as I can tell, that's the beginning and the end of it.

No. 183611

honestly yes, she's had threads about her on here and /cgl/ since she was a high schooler, I doubt having such consistent comments on your appearance and behavior would really be good for you.

I think the LACE situation was another one that probably really stirred her, and I still am shocked her and Kate are friends when it really looks like in retrospect that an adult used a teenage peer who happened to have a youtube audience to take all the heat from a dumb online situation

No. 183612

Really like this woman. I wish I had an aunt like that.

No. 183616

File: 1637348738742.gif (6.72 MB, 240x426, 1637237639377.gif)

same. Just look at her go, happy and doing her best. No pretentious shit, no fakeness, she's pure unhinged and she enjoys every second of it

No. 183617


She reminds me so much of Jill but on another timeline. Jill - channel this vibe of total self acceptance!! You don't need to be "mentally ill" to be special and to "make it" on social media. I know it seems like it but . . . yeah. Delete TikTok.

No. 183619

She's the wholesome version of Jillian
I think Jillian really needs a talk with her

No. 183620

She's got a Grimes before musk vibe

No. 183621

But if the online attention was getting to her at any point, she had all of the resources in the world to change that. She refused therapy for so long because one therapist actually called her out on her attention seeking dressing. Anyone that allergic to self reflection is going to be the ultimate creator of their own destruction.

No. 183622

This except this lady has actual skills

No. 183624

Right, I feel like if she had experienced trauma in her home she would be screaming it loud and proud to get us naysayers off her back today. Normally, I would agree we just don't know… But this is Jill. She would have used a sob story for attention by now. I mean, look at Luna Slater. Her upbringing was quite literally dogshit and she never stops bloviating about it on social media. Jill would do the same if she could.

No. 183626

She has such youthful energy and happiness.
Genuinely agree, she seems like she'd be a good mentor for Jill.

No. 183627

I'm going to do a wild move and say

Jillian move with your Aunt to the UK

No. 183629

is this the first time a cow has made a change so repellant that anons are wholesomeposting a different person just to keep from a-logging

No. 183630


I . . . I desperately want that saga?

No. 183631

Everyone talking like Jill should just copy her aunt, but I'm willing to bet Jill's entire persona and youtubing was already made via copying her aunt and totally missing the mark lmao…

No. 183633


I don't blame them tbh. I know someone who has Did. Like they blackout and don't remember much the next day, doesn't have any apparent alters either. Long history of abuse, BPD mom.

So naturally I let them know a YouTuber I was following announced they had Did but I also mentioned that I think she's faking. They (my friend) at first was like 'We shouldn't gatekeep' then I mentioned she now has 2 different Twitter accounts for her alters. They quickly turned and was like "That's not how that works, wtf??"

Did is a debilitating illness so I could see why anons are stanning the aunt. Like who the fuck would want to labeled as such?

No. 183634

I wish that I could. Serenity Sam senpai please take me under your wing!

No. 183635

You're probably right tbh, there is no authenticity in anything Jillian does and that's the one of the big differences. That and work ethic.

No. 183637

This makes me sad, how does someone even decline so fast? I'm not caught up on the entire jill history but she seemed like your average spoiled cringey teenager who discovered japan

No. 183638

Cmon anon, you know that’s not true. Lolcow and other Chan boards are not advice boards. Lol. It’s not just criticism the women on these boards dish out, it’s mostly just attacking their looks and calling them stupid for it. I have no problem calling someone stupid when I think they are, but don’t act like for one second it’s normal to receive this amount of hate and that it wouldn’t negatively damage even the strongest people. In an ideal world where all people are stoic they would take every single shitty thing said to them as advice that they need to “be better” but that’s not how humans work. This is coming from the anon who made the fucking did cake edit lol. I accept that I’m providing no positive criticism to Jill whatsoever, but I admit it. I think trying to act like what most of us are doing is to get cows to change is just bs

No. 183640

I think you misunderstood my post, I wasn't trying to suggest we on lolcow are all anonposting useful advice, but I've been reading the Jill thread for a while now and there's often a lot of good advice posted. Many anons admit to being fans beforehand, even tiktok anon who bought an a confetti club pin, or the anon earlier who wished they could be friends irl (past tense)

Take the Shay thread and it's all salty (literal) whores who are also huge cows themselves. But a thread like this or Kelly Eden's definitely contains actual ex fans or current followers, and a lot of what is said would be genuinely useful for Jill.
Her own mutuals were trying to advise her this week and she deflected it with "this makes me sad, I liked you lol" and the only therapist she liked having was this current abomination who yas kween's all her nonsense instead of helping her, to the degree she's taken a huge nosedive since starting therapy with him.
So to clarify it was more a reflection on how possibly-redeemable cows like Jill remain cows due to their stoic attitude (in general) toward critique and potential to improve. I mean critique she most certainly gets from family, friends, mutuals, not just this board.

No. 183646

Not to be all "muh zoomers", but this is actually a thing I noticed about people who use Tik Tok on a regular basis. They have the same vacant stare and hair-trigger temper. The climate of the internet has gotten so much worse over the past few years so it makes sense that someone who is permanently online like Jill would find themselves getting more and more miserable along with it.

No. 183652

Sorry I'm a bit late to respond to this but I'm glad someone brought up the driving! Sage for blog but I'm well over the normal age to start learning to drive and have no mental health issues but I am truly struggling. It's a very stressful thing to learn and takes a lot of responsibility to get behind the wheel. I began to realise why my friends with anxiety disorders haven't learnt to drive. Jill says she has all these extreme disorders but she used to love to drive around everywhere and got her license at (I think) the youngest age you can (correct me if I'm wrong). Someone who's constantly dissociating and having breakdowns about boolies on the internet AND NOW diagnosed with chronic retardation should NOT drive.

No. 183657

Do these DID people ever mention what medications they take??? When is she going to mention what she was prescribed because she did this whole night on the town kicking her leg up in celebration hoorah when in reality, usually directly after being told you have something, you're given something to help treat it. I think that's a crucial part these idiots love to leave out. Institutions don't hand out diagnoses as like, new titles and awards. They're just letting you know what they think you have to treat you and hopefully someday make it stop.

Which is another thing-these retards keep acting like genuine mental illness are in same vein as autism or the fat acceptance movement. They're scrabbling to collect this title and then going "it's ok to be this way, dont shame someone into changing, it makes us unique!!" yeah tell that to a fucking schizophrenic who can never hear their own thoughts nor ever sleep because they can't make any of that shut up. It's like they have no idea. They blatantly have no idea-they clearly have nothing wrong, because if they did, then they would be seeking treatment to make it stop too. They get mad at "bad portrayals" of people with multiple personality disorder, but it's these exact people that make "insanity" a genuine plea in murder cases. They just don't get it.

No. 183660

Yeah they seem to forget that its a Disorder. I.E its supposed to cause significant problems in your life and any normal person would want to be rid of it. If it was so special and fun to have multiple identities doctors wouldnt need to diagnose and treat it.
It makes me so sick to see these girls treating life changing illnesses like a quirky trait that makes them stand out as if it was the same as having a unique hair colour. And the irony is that in making it their personality it makes them the exact same as all the other snowflakes who claim DID.

No. 183673

DID isnt real and your friend is a liar. do some research.

No. 183682

File: 1637381330989.jpeg (227.22 KB, 828x619, 837279AC-E901-4BD2-9A44-AB83A5…)

No. 183683

But she wrote it herself???

No. 183684

File: 1637381630663.jpeg (642.97 KB, 828x1451, CF6E88AA-D7D6-4B5A-98A9-76EA09…)

It’s (shockingly) not her anon

No. 183685

She said the Strawby account doesn't belong to her and it's someone trolling.

No. 183686

The things she wrote are way creepy

No. 183687

Eh I don’t think there’s an issue with driving, because on paper DID is literally supposed to be your brain’s way of coping and continuing with everyday life whilst blocking out your trauma. So if the host can drive, likely the ‘alters’ can too, because they’d need to.
I have an anxiety disorder that prevented me from learning to drive until I was 18, but when you live in a small/rural town, it’s a usually a necessity that you just have to get used to. Plus not some things make people anxious, and some don’t. It’s really a non-issue, because she’s not nearly as dysfunctional as she tries to make out. Plus she has no job and has finished school, she doesn’t need to go anywhere if she doesn’t want to

No. 183689

Shouldnt jillybear be against using terms like “insane” and “crazy”? Mask slipped off

No. 183691

I'm amazed people haven't tired to gaslight her / force her come out as fake by saying that since DID is based around lapses of memory how do we know that the account isn't real and she just does remember making it. She's opening herself up to be abused by people online if she genuinely thinks she has DID.

No. 183694

>So if the host can drive, likely the ‘alters’ can too, because they’d need to.
those are just excuses. Stop the WK

No. 183696

Tinfoil it’s her account she just doesn’t ~remember ~ creating it because of amnesia from switching

No. 183699

File: 1637400461709.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2466, inCollage_20211120_092432901.j…)

Drew has 100% muted her at this point

No. 183702

File: 1637400786610.jpg (481.15 KB, 1080x1784, IMG_20211120_093031.jpg)

because you look insane and they're afraid you're going to set fire to an ex's house

No. 183705

she doesn't get ID'd at the liquor store bc her alcoholic ass is there every day

No. 183706

File: 1637403063716.jpg (53.97 KB, 682x134, Screenshot_20211120-050730_Chr…)

Well, which is it? The liquor store simultaneously thinks she's over 30 but also 6, apparently lmao
If you ever needed any proof she's a liar…

No. 183707

I don't think she understood the tweet? Anyways wtf. Desperate for attention

No. 183708

She doesn't look 16 with or without the ugly makeup

No. 183709

she wishes she looked 16. she looks like shes in her 30s kek

No. 183710

she looks over 30, and dresses like she's 6

No. 183711

women like Jill annoy me so much

most people working at those places would just rather be safe than sorry, some teenagers look like adults and some adults look like teenagers, it doesn't mean you're some special youthful beauty lmao

and >>183705 yes the reason they don't ID her there is probably just be that they know her because she goes there regularly

No. 183720

Especially with masks. I regularly get asked if I want a youth ticket on public transportation which is mind boggling at times because I'm a tall adult dressed like an adult, but it's professional to be more safe then sorry. Unless you're in the liquor store so often that they know not to card the little rainbow goblina.

No. 183721

Yeah in my country you can actually lose your job if you aren't careful with IDing people and selling such items to minors, it's safer to just ID anyone who doesn't clearly look like a middle aged person.

I know it must be impossible to imagine for someone like Jill tho that some people actually have to work for a living and don't want to lose their job whew.

Better to just humblebrag on social media about how someone IDed you, that must mean that you are incredibly ~young and cute looking uwu~.

No. 183722

are they friends? or, well, "internet friends?" it'd make sense with both of them being raging snowflakes that have made mental illness their entire personality.

No. 183727

Two obvious ddlg-ers showing off their pathetic claims to looking younger
If she truly dissociated then this is what her villainy account would feel like to her, she'd wake up all embarrassed to see villainy had been demanding people suck zer's cock and trolling them.
So yes, it is creepy when things representing you do things you don't remember, it's the cornerstone of your "disorder" and a truly mind-fucked DID person wouldn't be entirely sure it wasn't her alter's account in the first place.

No. 183728

Sage but you kind of people absolutely annoy me. I have an extreme anxiety disorder and never got a choice on learning to drive. My parents forced me. Got into a horrible wreck that totaled the car within the first couple of months and now over a decade later driving still scares the shit out of me. Guess what. Some people don’t have a choice. I’ve had to drive other friends around who had “anxiety disorders” and they will never understand the true horror driving can bring you. But I’m a nice person so I work through my own stress and trauma. Secretly I hate them though.(no1currs)

No. 183729

No one asked for your pointless blog.

No. 183730

god damn this is literally such a roseanne barr moment for her….. she's literally shaping up to say her dad abused her i cannot with this. her dad has always been super caring, buying her super helpful and nice gifts, he even helped her with her final project by 3d printing her those ugly flower rings for a dress!!! really, fuck her for this. actual csa and incest victims would spit in her face.

No. 183732

Ignore the scrote spam above

I don't get your point. I live in the city so I don't need to drive, but what I'm getting from your post is you agree that anxiety disorders hinder your ability to drive but not everyone has a choice to opt out? I'm sure plenty of people on the road absolutely hate it, everyone I've ever been in a car with hated driving, with good reason. It's pretty dangerous and people (e.g. the other drivers you hope don't run you off the road) are morons. Your parents shouldn't have forced you but that's aside anon's point that some health conditions means some people shouldn't drive categorically.
Like if someone truly was switching personalities on a dime and turning into a child alter (who obviously cannot drive) like all these DID morons claim to, they very fucking much should not be driving.
If someone forces them to that's beside the point, logically a lot of people shouldn't be driving and people should make their own call about whether they can handle it. (I know I couldn't)

No. 183736

Also lets not forget also she claims to actively “dissociate” alot and has screeds of tweets relating to “muh bpd” among others where she details(lies about) being immobile or simply mentally vacant (sometimes insisting she has gone catatonic even though we know she doesnt understand wtf that means)
>I am like SOOO mentally ill its debilitating and I have severe symptoms
>buts its ok for me to be behind the wheel of a vehicle & be licensed to do so uwu

Its like letting dementia patients retain their licenses because they experience moments of clarity

No. 183738

You got into a car accident, which I can only assume you caused with your mental illness, and are now bitter that some people make the (correct) decision to not learn to drive if they know they’ll be a danger to others? Newsflash, some people would prefer not to potentially kill somebody and instead take the bus. Imagine admitting to causing an accident to own a autistic rainbow clown.

OT but what’s with the porn spam? raids?

No. 183739

Yeah this fucking ugly scrote has been posting porn on /ot/ the past couple days. Just report and hide the pic

No. 183740

Not to defend her but even parents who are nice and give gifts could be abusive.
That said, I doubt that's the case. I just do.

No. 183744

I’m with you. Abusers are often kind and caring to “make up” for the abuse. CSA and incest is very hidden and people on the outside looking in usually won’t see it.

I just purely don’t believe Jill has ever faced this trauma because there’s no way she wouldn’t have blabbed about it on her dA (or anywhere on the internet).

No. 183748

Absolute fucking tinfoil and retardation but what if some shit went down with her brother? And that’s why she’s so distant and removed from him, could also be why she’s so weirdly into that drew guy…

No. 183753

File: 1637429436298.png (940.26 KB, 1548x660, Sin título.png)

Nah I don't think so, Giles and Jillian have a very supportive family. He moved out recently too, notice how his house is smaller and more normal than Jill's. Also kek the mom is so desperate for attention lol
(this picture is PUBLIC on a PUBLIC profile)

No. 183756

It looks so nice and relaxing compared to Jill's house.

No. 183757

File: 1637430166561.png (326.89 KB, 484x820, Sin título.png)

Something I noticed is everyone in her family circle gets comments from other family members, but if you go to Jillian's facebook… she only ever gets comments from her mom. Not her dad, aunt, grandparents, or brother… she gets a lot of comments from other people though.
But her family always comments on other family member's stuf. Like for example even this girl
Which is clearly her cousin gets comments from people inside her family circle. The "she's a fan!!!" tinfoil is not correct since other family members that are Vesseys (that isn't just Louise) reply to her.

Meanwhile Jillian just gets a single "You look like a drag queen!" from mom
I think she either removed herself from her family on purpose, or they dislike each other on the basis that she's an attention whore.

No. 183759

Her echo chamber > her family
its sad to see

No. 183760

I'm wondering if her brother buying his own house has made Jill jealous and thats why she been talking about 'a big house' and suddenly anxious about how close her neighbors are to her townhouse.

I also wonder if she will ever visit his new house and congratulate him? He only seems a few years older, buying a house is a big achievement for someone in their mid twenties. Well done Jill's brother that looks like drew monson.

No. 183763

>'a big house' and suddenly anxious about how close her neighbors are to her townhouse.
If you go to his profile his house seems to be very far away from neighbors so maybe? I'm not going to post pictures even if it's public but yeah

If you check Jillian's friend list she has so many special snowflake friends from her area, including some trannies, drag queens and people into jfashion
In fact I saw a tranny girl posing in a picture with the same background as Jillian did when she went out in public as a draw queen

She even gets coddled about her delusions IRL

No. 183764

File: 1637431144927.png (3.16 MB, 2128x928, jill.png)

This is from 2018 and she didn't look as bad
Her eyebrows are normal too
She had less interactions from troons and special snowflakes back then
just saying

No. 183766

File: 1637431391001.png (3.38 MB, 2008x2000, imagen_2021-11-20_120250.png)

man she needs to go back

No. 183767

Damn, it's been so long since the london trip? Oof, time flies holy shit.

No. 183783


Jill's townhouse is awful but so is this, anon, looks like a double wide trailer to me. A sofa and some builder grade tile is is not decor.

No. 183784

He's moving out for the first time and a boring dude in his 20s. There's nothing trashy or trailer park looking about this very normal living space.

No. 183786

>compared to jill's house
I'm thinking of the lighting and color scheme versus feeling like you're trapped inside Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, certainly it's not luxury but at least there's some understanding of what a relaxing home is supposed to look like.

No. 183787

Trust me, it looks very good comparing to other scrote houses. At least it doesn't look like Jillian's Mental Illness Lair

No. 183800

>She had less interactions from troons and special snowflakes back then

Do you not remember how out of hand her fan base was that we had to make a separate thread for confetti club with itself has several more threads.
Surprisingly so many fewer snowflakes interact with her than when she was better.
She's so insane that she scared away all the crazy people

No. 183805

File: 1637451157872.jpg (129.24 KB, 1080x448, IMG_20211119_022357.jpg)

Not sure if this was K8, Louise or Jill herself, but it aged so, so well. From one of her Japan trip thread.

No. 183806

File: 1637451425302.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1975, 267ED534-02C8-4F28-833D-B2AF7F…)

doesn’t jill claim to pull out her eyebrow hairs (her trich)? her eyebrows never seem to have bald patches. also wtf is this “trans masc” bull shit?

No. 183807

trans masc??
idk how any of this DID stuff works but I assume that if one of your alters is a guy that doesn't automatically make you a tranny? lol

No. 183809

This doesn’t make sense? She’s larping as a 13 year old trans person??

No. 183811


I pondered this yesterday and yes I think Villainy is Jill's trans alter, as in that particular oc is meant to be afab and trans, hence the binding and other nonsense.

No. 183812

So we're getting a DID and Troon saga at the same time???

No. 183813

File: 1637454176581.jpeg (76.71 KB, 285x552, 57090143-A41D-4494-94E6-E9F5C3…)

No. 183814

from what I've seen when an alter's sex is different from the body's, it's just treated as. the alter having characteristics different from the body. which is pretty standard faire. & the way she's behaving… yes, literally larping a teenage fakeboi. but not well. the meme being quoted is always just the feminine / masculine urge.. never specified trans because. they're pretending to be a boy and want to be masculine /pretending to be a girl and want to be feminine, not aiming for trans-masculinity…….. she really is a fucking idiot. but we know that.

No. 183820

If this is true and she speaks about it I wouldn't be surprised if she gets labeled as transphobic. She's quite literally pretending to be trans, gaining the sympathy while reaping no consequences. It's not like she'd go on hormones or get surgery just to tend to one "alter". I guess the right word is romanticizing.

No. 183822

extreme nitpick but every time i see this photo of her it triggers me bc the way she did her blush and the placement makes it look like extremely large angry whiteheads.
like girl that is not where you put blush

No. 183824

All these words for a stupid larp.

No. 183825

People will just think having a male alter = trans or some shit like this incoherent anon said

No. 183826

File: 1637463704150.jpeg (375.69 KB, 1008x1064, B68C7AEB-21D5-40B1-98BA-BD4EAB…)

looks like “jill” and the trans 35 yr old are “cofronting” tonight.

No. 183829

How does even she keep this shit straight?

No. 183832

If there's no milk, eventually people will stop posting. Many cows actually do get better and grow up, or keep the milky behavior to themselves. So this forum can't be blamed for her becoming unhinged…

No. 183833

She probably has some notes written down somewhere, with the different descriptions of each character, like how you’re supposed to do in roleplay forums.

No. 183834

she mistook DID for DND? Oh no.

No. 183836

File: 1637469999376.jpeg (134.72 KB, 971x370, B5447B89-79ED-420B-9836-92CE19…)

No. 183841


. . . I am so exhausted.

No. 183843

did "jerrick" just refer to himself in the third person, or did jill just use that blog so she could…. reply to herself? this is really getting ridiculous

No. 183846

Could be the older alter making the beanie. Jerricks emoji is the snake. God this is so ridiculous

No. 183848

File: 1637480459088.jpeg (85.05 KB, 828x322, 9ACC9BA2-0930-46E2-9EBE-3210FE…)

Welp it looks like we’ve already started the “getting whatever body mods the alters want without second thought of the long lasting consequences” I can’t wait for her to get shitty edgy tattoos and then freak out when she grows out of the DID larp and has to pay for cover ups or laser removal

No. 183850

I don't remember where, but hasn't she already expressed disdain about her magical girl thigh wand piece? I feel like she was talking about her tattoos somewhere and brushed it off saying something like "It's… fine! I totally still like it.". Now that she's not the queen of using mandarake to buy 90s magical girl toys the piece doesn't mean anything, probably.

No. 183851

File: 1637482250973.png (13.81 KB, 588x116, Untitled.png)

wow it sure is convenient that her edgy alter wants to get a piercing like this just when Jill has clearly been developing more of an interest in a darker aesthetic again, such a coincidence!!

she really is lucky that all the 'aesthetics' of her alters just happen to match the aesthetics she already likes
just imagine if her 4 alters were a bunch of cooperate business people who hated dyed hair, body mods and only wore office appropriate clothes, kek

and this creeps me out so much when she talks about herself in 3rd person, she did it with the soup stuff too

I think someone who has BPD would just get a million times worse by larping DID and literally acting like any trait/characteristic of yours is a completely different person, if she keeps this up she's just going down the path of insanity and will never be able to accept herself as a complex three dimensional person that just happens to enjoy a bunch of different aesthetics

No. 183853

I'm not one to judge because I think she would look cute with it… but then I remembered she's going to wear it while looking like a fucking drag queen and it just made me mortified.

No. 183854

>she really is lucky that all the 'aesthetics' of her alters just happen to match the aesthetics she already likes
just imagine if her 4 alters were a bunch of cooperate business people who hated dyed hair, body mods and only wore office appropriate clothes, kek
That's because they're OCs, really.
Does the 30 year old also like dyed hair? Or is the 30 year old actually mature?
Also, does the 30 year old come out when she drinks? LOL

No. 183855

>and will never be able to accept herself as a complex three dimensional person that just happens to enjoy a bunch of different aesthetics
I think it's never too late to figure out yourself, and I hope with some actual therapy she gets better, but who knows

Like, she chose the absolute worst type of therapists, the ones who validate you on everything and make you worse. She should be asking herself questions like
>Why do I want this much attention?
>Why can't I deal with reject?
>Why do I want to be babied?
>Do I do things for others or for myself?

No. 183856

>Do you not remember how out of hand her fan base was that we had to make a separate thread for confetti club

She never cared about her confetti club though, she never hanged out IRL with them, for her they also were yucky and it showed.
She has many interactions with the "woke" "lgbt" special snowflakes IRL now. In and outside school. And don't forget her tiktok too.

She wants to prove them she's the most queer of them all or some bullshit. Always with the "I'M THE NUMBER ONE" shit. Plus her not being accepted in that one BPD video made her fucking furious looooool now she wants to be a voice in the DID community for some fucking weird reason

No. 183857

So she has "come out" as a DID larper for like a week and now she's already painting her walls to match her OCs?

Why is everything she does around her house have to do with whom she is? She's really obsessed with that house, no wonder it was the focus of her last sewing project at school

Maybe she's obsessed with it because it's the ultimate status symbol for her? She's a consumerist and loves to buy rainbow crap so it kinda shows she puts the house above everything. Weird ass thing

No. 183858

>"It's… fine! I totally still like it.". Now that she's not the queen of using mandarake to buy 90s magical girl toys the piece doesn't mean anything, probably.

I miss that girl honestly, and the tattoo was completely fine, very nitpicked though. It reminded her to be ~strong and beautiful~~~ or whatever. I guess she wants to be rude and crazy now. How things have turned…

No. 183859

>She wants to prove them she's the most queer of them all or some bullshit
she's incapable of accepting that she's just a straight woman kek
at first it was calling herself pansexual as a teenager, then she started referring to her hetero relationships as queer, afterwards her 'totally a hyper feminine lesbian uwu' phase (using some poor girl for play pretend), then she came out as 'nonbinary' (while still just presenting as a woman in basically every way) and now she's 'trans masc'…
Jill I know tiktok makes you believe otherwise but I promise you it's perfectly fine to just be a woman that likes men

>That's because they're OCs, really
also yeah she's basically putting on a little stage play for us whenever she does the weird account switching roleplaying stuff, how cute
at some point she must start feeling a bit self-conscious about how ridiculous this all is, right?

No. 183865

Tweet is taken out of context, I believe Jill is talking about making a beanie for herself to match her OCs color scheme.

No. 183866

I think it replaced clothes hauling in her little shopping addict brain. Buying decorations and paint for the new house by the cart full, without having to consider if they virtue signal how environmental or woke she is, was probably the last time she got that big serotonin rush from shopping.

No. 183869

agree, and getting a septum isn't really milky, it's the easiest piercing to have (it hurts like a lobe piercing at best), if you get bored of it just tuck it up your nose, or let it close. If I recall, Maggie has a septum ring too. But I'm definitely here for alter tattoo saga.

No. 183870

agreed, it's a dumb piercing but it's just a septum piercing at the end of the day. I would be worried if she wanted any other weirder body mod.

No. 183872

Yeah, plus smoking weed and drinking while having addiction brain = very bad.
She should go to being addicted to shopping and making hauls, whoever in this thread told her to be sustainable was on a high moral horse. Who cares, that was miles better in retrospect

She was so nitpicked back then holy shit

No. 183875

>If there's no milk, eventually people will stop posting. Many cows actually do get better and grow up, or keep the milky behavior to themselves.
I agree with this wholeheartedly
>So this forum can't be blamed for her becoming unhinged…
Disagree, I've been here for almost 8 years and I've seen the overall website culture change over the years. People ridiculed her for things that could now pass as simple milkless mistakes made by a dumb and annoying quirky girl. Back then she was kinda unique in that regard but now there are a dime a dozen thanks to TikTok.
Imagine her, a coddled spoiled and infantilized teen, being thrown into harsh criticism at such life defining years. Being used for laughs and drama. And then being nitpicked years and years to come.
I'm not saying she didn't deserve it, because she did fuck up at times (even so more recently, because she doesn't seem to give a fuck anymore) and she has weird narc tendencies, plus she doesn't know how to deal with bad comments or people who say no to her.
But people hated on het for… Going to Japan and not eating Japanese food? Yawn that's fucking boring. Or her mom giving her a lot of gifts? Who cares it's her mom's money and it's fine if they want to waste it on bullshit. This milk wasn't as rich as some anons might had thought and it honestly comes up as a bit jealous "LOL SHE DOESNT DESERVE TO GO TO GLORIOUS NIPPON!! SHE DOESN'T DESERVE TO BUY MAGICAL GIRL SHIT!". I also remember anons saying her being into magical girl stuff was something she "copied" but really a lot of girls that age do. At least it was better than being into fucking gross and disgusting drag queens.

Is she an eyesore with no real life skills? Yes. Could she somehow get better? Sure but it would take a lot of mental capacity that she doesn't have. Could she somehow wing it while still being an idiot? To be honest it seemed possible back then, not so much now. But you also have to remember this emotionally unstable person that Jillian is reads her threads and has done very obvious things after said things being recommend here. Like, wanting to not subdue to criticism while also appeasing to lolcow. She really needs better therapy.

No. 183876

She needs a self help book + AA like aunt Sam does

No. 183880

kek at Toshi egging her on of course

No. 183881

Since she seems to be implying black beanie = 35 y/o and the future one with lime will be the teenage boy beanie, presumably not. Since that would make the 35 year old the ftm one… I think? If the black beanie is ftm? Forgive me for having trouble with this horseshit. That does make me think that the anons who guessed the 35 year old is probably based on her weird counsellor had a point though.

No. 183882

What are you talking about. She doesn't have any irl friends anymore. She used to have meet-up and a small friend group of efame wanna be leeches. She used to be active in the confetti club group and has always needed to be the absolute center of attention

Side note and unrelated but her mental health obsession was hundred percent her trying to out mentally ill her bipolar classmate who made her final fashion project about her "bipolar struggles" and Jill got jealous someone had more attention than her. It fits in the time-line when she started acting like this and "seeking help"
They did those fashion projects last year
Which is when she started collecting diegnosis(sage)

No. 183883

The only irl friends she seems to have mentioned in a long time are Steebie (does he even count?) and that Jon she visits on the island from time to time who trooned out

No. 183884

Check her facebook

No. 183895

ok I’ll bite

I’m not buying this >she was nit picked for milkless things!!!
she had milk. Party-kei, her cats health shitshow, the japan trip revolving around her interests and the fact she didn’t go beyond 2 streets whilst dragging her mother around, the strange power trips over magical girl knowledge she’d have online, the constant hauls and overspending. The difference was the scale of her reach, it was small back then and the “community” around these threads were too. It was mainly people in the jfashion comm because that’s who she advertised herself too and claimed was apart of(even recently which I find odd). It’s in the past few years she’s decided I need to be diagnosed and shopping for new titles to put on Twitter profile, shining a bigger spotlight and bringing more people into this thread who have no idea of her early years. People going back and looking at the old videos declaring them the better Jill and these threads caused this are pretty unaware of just how hands off this thread was of her life.

No. 183897

Completely agree. She maybe had the potential to turn herself around 5 years ago and make a small living off niche kawaii stuff but she's always been trouble, she just found a new, more far-reaching and ~special~ way to look for attention on the internet.

No. 183902

I agree.
She's been pretty lucky with the community she built around herself tbh. Even though people were gossiping on here she wasn't really getting confronted with any of it.
There have been online personalities who have been cancelled for far less, but no one has ever really challenged her.
She had a good amount of really dedicated fans who coddled her and were willing to pay for her lifestyle.
E.g. even when she first started Patreon she wasn't offering particularly much on there, yet she was making a really decent amount of money because quite a few people really liked her content and personality.
She deemed even that as too much effort though and has just been alienating all those people with her mental illness bs lately.

No. 183910


DID is fake. It's a fucking MK Ultra-related conspiracy theory. Makes it so fucking funny to watch her LARP a completely bullshit illness. Like a one woman show.

No. 183917

Trying to make sense of this larp…
So the “girls” share the pixie account and the “boys” share the jerrick account.
Does the emo trans boy have an alter whose an adult man? (She’s alluded to both accounts having a responsible adult alter present)…
So does this mean the beanie is being made for emo boy and his adult alter (lime green and black)?
She’s calling the adult man alter “love” or was she talking to the boy…
This whole thing makes no sense and the more I think about it the less it makes sense and the more amusing it becomes.
Just make some fucking role play accounts to rp with yourself already Jill! This isn’t sustainable…
Also it’s so very obvious this is happening because she’s lost a lot of interest in keeping up the kawiwi front. She seems to just in general be enjoying the goth aesthetic more lately but because, to her, style = personality she can’t reconcile it her waning interest.

No. 183920

If the 13 year old and 35 year old guy are in the same profile, wouldn't that be distressing to each other? age differences, maturity differences, idk?
Grouping things by female and male sounds so annoying too

No. 183926

>She's calling the adult man alter "love" or was she talking to the boy
She's replying to fan anon, you can see the @ of the person she's replying to isn't villainy. The anon is jut pointing out that she's using the club suite and rainbow emoji to show that Jill is "co-fronting"

also really sexist since she views darker alt aesthetics as masculine and brighter aesthetics as feminine. She's a fucking idiot that doesn't realize that just because she's starting to like "spooky" things that doesn't mean she's a different person.

No. 183927

No. 183928

I stopped at "disassociated since I was very very very young and I thought it was normal cause it was all I've ever known" bit.
If a braver soul could summarize, it would be immensely appreciated.

No. 183929

Fuck my life it’s 30+ minutes. Not even 2 minutes in and she’s already hinting at her next prized label, unsurprisingly its the tism. She also says she was first traumatised at 3 years old. She’s sick in the head, just not in the way she thinks she is.

No. 183930

i'm watching this rn and i already fucking cannot
>at the start of the pandemic i started to experience age regression
jill, you and millions of other young adults, literally. this has been talked about all over the internet at this point. people who are facing their first major worldwide crisis do not know how to deal with the uncertainty and they revert to behaviours they associate with safety, aka childhood hobbies. you are not unique, or all of us zoomers and millennials have DID apparently?

No. 183931

It is true, this stay puff marshmellow bitch does not get social situations. Not because of the 'tism, because she's a spoiled coddled child.

No. 183933

samefag, but all of the issues she keeps bringing up as DID symptoms are so easily explained by even our surface armchairing on lolcow, such as her being repulsed over becoming obese so rapidly, being surrounded by snowflakes and enablers, being stressed over the pandemic and hitting reality after finishing her useless arts and crafts club and not becoming a famous designer overnight. it's called depression and anxiety, not DID. occam's razor, retard!

No. 183934

All this nipicking revisionist history. Like yeah it's easy to say that now that she's completely batshit, but it's not like she wasn't annoying then. If she was genuinely not milky, the threads would have died. Going to Japan and only eating chicken nuggets is objectively retarded. Being a spoiled brat whose relies on mommy's gifts as a replacement for a personality is objectively obnoxious.

No. 183935

Not even gonna watch this shit. Hope her subscribers count is going to fall down after this shitshow video.

No. 183936

>I've had DID since I was three years old
How convenient for her to get traumatized buy what sounds like one occurrence when she couldn't form memories. That definitely isn't a red flag of false memory implant.

>Jerrick is co-fronting here to help tell the story

>"How dare you call me your girlfriend you wish" Jill to Steve
Bitch that's just BPD, you literally just fought with your boyfriend, you split because of that classic black and white thinking.

I really think her councilor is pushing the DID narrative so he can use Jill to get his doctoral degree. It would make sense because why would he automatically go for a disassociate disorder first rather than break everything down to other probable disorders/illnesses. He can get the Dr. clout for treating a patient with diagnosed DID.

No. 183938

Yeah…if DID is actually real, I do not believe for a second that Jill has it. I could see her having PTSD and BPD and just confusing it for DID. Plus she obv started wanting the diagnosis after finding out who dissociadid is and people with BPD are known to be chameleons…

No. 183939

Its funny how this video is the one in which she is speaking most normally without baby talk or weird pitch changes. She does seem genuinely mentally ill however not with DID, and I do hope she ends up getting help from an actual therapist who wont take her bullshit.

No. 183941

Oh my goodness this milk is so fucking creamy, praise the lolcow gods. I'll work on a summary and post it if nobody posts one before me.

No. 183942

Apparently she can converse internally with her OCs to the point that she can arrange switches with them.

No. 183944

Girl really watched hello kitty on YouTube and couldn't grasp enjoying it as an adult so hard that she had to assign it to being mentally ill oh my god. Since when has enjoying things and being yourself become "Age regression".

No. 183945


Just your regular average retard.

No. 183946


The funniest thing is how she claims that she's never been better, mentally.
Who are you even kidding, at this point?

No. 183947

File: 1637522645505.png (168.23 KB, 314x333, jittle.png)

if she brought one of these (from one of the stalls at her j fashion swap shop) and wears it for her little video, I will vomit.

No. 183949

Kek, after skimming through the vid posted above I went to one of the vids that got recommended from her that are just a few months old (it was the 60s hair style tutorial) and bruh the difference. There was at least some sort of light in her eyes and she seemed more contend with her self as well.

I also think that she will never make the alter ego vid because people in the comment section are asking for this and she likes most comments but the ones who ask to meet the "other ones". Boo, want to see the cringe in action lol

No. 183952

What? Isn't the whole point of DID that you can't remember what your alter is doing? How did Jake just come out for 10 seconds and then leave???

No. 183953

>also really sexist since she views darker alt aesthetics as masculine and brighter aesthetics as feminine. She's a fucking idiot that doesn't realize that just because she's starting to like "spooky" things that doesn't mean she's a different person.

I blame the whole "internet aesthetic" that was created by Tumblr and TikTok for it. People really think that EVERY SINGLE part of your life has to fit a precise ig feed to make up a "personality".

I'm not that brave, i couldn't go past the 5 min mark but she already claimed that psychiatrist told her she should get tested for autism and she avoided the whole "explaining how a spoiled privileged girl could have developed trauma" by just stating that she "doesn't own us an explanation". Then just stfu and don't talk about your diagnosis online retard

No. 183954

God I wish her parents or someone would intervene. I know that logically that's not possible but her parents need to cut her off or something. This is just sad.

It's a smack in the face to people who have legitimate trauma and/or DID (whether you believe in it or not. It's all so blatantly cooked that it would be comical if I didn't know that there are going to be people who celebrate her for this nonsense.

And her first trauma was a three? How deep did her councilor have to did to make that one up? Did her mom say that she wasn't allowed to have chicken nuggets for the fourth night in a row? What on earth could have happened that she'd actually remember (but only once she started fishing for a DID diagnosis).

No. 183955

File: 1637525341190.jpeg (299.11 KB, 1235x999, 6E591DD7-74A6-4AB8-A018-364ED6…)

The @sweetstrawby troll is getting increasingly less funny. I know it's best not to mention them but just want to give a warning to other lurkers that the "Beast of blood" alt in their replies is full of graphic self harm and shocksite gore. It's pretty clearly someone who grooms teens into becoming anorexic and self harming.
Sorry for my tism' I'm just fucking mad that they're ruining the organic milk.

No. 183956

File: 1637525920828.png (567.43 KB, 902x559, New Bitmap Image (4)i.png)

Flexed part of her diagnosis paper toward the end

No. 183958

>"vessey, Jillian (pixie)
Dear god

No. 183959


She sure is mentally ill.

Oof. I quite honestly feel ill after watching that.

No. 183960

So according to the text she herself just went ahead and told the people doing the assessment that she has 5 personalities? Idk dick about DID but it sure sounds suspicious that she would be so aware of the exact number of personalities after considering having DID for like… a couple of months?
Also doesn't "diagnostic impression" mean the psychiatrists or whoever are somewhat unsure of the diagnosis?

Somehow this paper that she's so excited to flaunt as proof doesn't really sound all that convincing.

No. 183961

It's almost like … you can lie.

No. 183963

Her and her therapist are both fucking idiots.

No. 183964

The excitement in her voice at the start is like she's in complete munchie bliss. She's loving this so much

>She was observed to fluidly move amongst these personalities during her clinical interview, changing the pitch/tone of her voice
I am so sad that there will never be a video record of that shit. And the Jillian (Pixie) is just too much.

No. 183965

File: 1637527669636.jpg (33.38 KB, 855x129, Screenshot 2021-11-21 134735.j…)

skin-walker cousin weighs in.

No. 183966

She really put on a full 5 character show for them during an interview that could realistically last, idk, 3 hours?

No. 183967


She LITERALLY said in the video that a diagnostic impression is NOT a real diagnosis, jesus christ. Is she really THAT dumb to try and use that as proof of her "professional diagnosis"? She isn't even trying, dear lord..

No. 183968

File: 1637528038690.jpeg (157.89 KB, 748x987, 5CA6E27A-49BE-4216-89C4-3E06FC…)

Lol at the steep drop on Nov. 1st, call your bets on how many she’ll lose due to her retarded actions when the next pay period is done, I’m gonna say half.

No. 183969

At about twenty minutes in she says “I think we’ve earned a wine”. I’m sorry but if someone truly has an illness in which they are going to be disassociating a lot and might not remember things, shouldn’t drinking and recreational drugs be off the table? I’m surprised if her therapists say that’s okay.

No. 183970

File: 1637528395690.png (1.03 MB, 838x610, wtf.PNG)

Pic of "Jerrick" and Jillians friends from the video. Doesn't she think that it's fucking weird for a supposed 14-16 year old to hang out with people in their early/mid 20's?

also just kek at the pick, she looks so dumb

No. 183971

iconic response

No. 183972

And yet she finished up by saying this is the mentally healthiest she has ever been, that this is the only thing that has ever worked, and it is working wonders. Oh dear.

No. 183973

The like to dislike ratio is worse than her previous two videos lol. I haven’t watched one of her videos on youtube (usually through the embed here) for months and i’m actually pretty shocked at how low her views are for those last couple of videos kek. Don’t think this is gonna revive that dying channel jillybean!

No. 183974

I prefer that to her trying to hang out with 14 year olds

No. 183975

Im really waiting for the "punky teen Jillian was really Jerrick" now.

No. 183977

she looks so fat and bloated in this thumbnail. the comment section is surprisingly positive. i wonder if she’s deleting criticism.

No. 183978

she said in the video that she'll delete and block any criticism

No. 183979

"people seem to think that DID is a trend right now" "I feel like they also called it a trend in the fucking 90s or 80s or whatever fucking year sybil came out"

really weird of her to say this because she's definitely referring to false memory syndrome which was rampant in the 90s due to quacks performing "recovered memory therapy" where they'd convince patients that they had deep rooted trauma and a lot of these women ended up cutting off family members thinking they'd been molested as children

like…if anything these women were victims. it wasn't considered "a trend" it was a real genuine thing that happened

No. 183981


What garbage. She says in the video that she didn’t write a script before filming, but she sure as shit should have if she wanted any hope of being taken seriously at all. Every single piece of “evidence,” both individually and as a whole, allegedly indicating DID could easily be explained by one or more other things. It’s disgusting and veering on the edge of offensive. Like claiming her fashion style and home decor is all rooted in her 6 yo alter, then backtracking to claim that she’s not saying you have to have DID to like that stuff. Just gross.

No. 183982

I believe she said that she was doing that on Twitter. You can't block on Youtube but you can black list words. She probably black listed any thing that's associated with "fake-claiming"

Sybil came out in the late 70s, around the time where cults were running rampant and so was the satanic panic. A time where cults were using "psychology" to gain followers by doing exactly what you said.
She's not making a strong argument for herself especially since there are multiple psychologists coming out and saying that a lot of people in their early teens and mid twenties are trying to receive diagnosis for things like turrets and DID.

So much of what she said can be attributed with other conditions. I feel that comorbidities for conditions that are too similar should not exist in phycology. For example if Jill does get the 'tisim test it should nullify her BPD and DID diagnosis since autism brains tend to be in a fantasy land (especially in women, the amount of other autistic women I've met that claimed to have multiple personalities so they can play their favorite OC for a day is way too many.).

No. 183983

In her did video she says her mom found her first suicide note in grade 5, so if it’s true it’s no wonder her mom coddles her no matter what insane shit she pulls and lets her do anything, shes probably afraid of her daughter dying. The cutting throughout the years and the suicidality is pretty alarming, but I still completely doubt its DID. she might’ve been heavily bullied or abused as a tween or something, but it’s more likely she developed her BPD from it and not split personalities

No. 183985

The utter joy she takes in sharing this “diagnosis” is so unbelievable that I want to a-log. Holy shit. I didn’t realize it was possible to hate her any more— truly.

No. 183986

Transcribed because that is ridiculously difficult to read:

>Diagnostic Impressions

>Considered altogether, the information obtained in this assessment indicates that Ms. Vessey meets the criteria for the following diagnosis:

>Ms. Vessey reported experiencing 5 distinct personalities in her clinical interview. She described these personalities as different, but a part of her. She reported that she can hear voices in her head, knows they are not separate entities outside of herself. She was observed to fluidly move amongst these personalities during her clinic interview, changing the pitch/tone of her voice as well as her body language.

No. 183987

Her pride in being mentally ill is so shocking. Definitely seems like she never intends to get better.

No. 183988

File: 1637534272507.jpeg (490.53 KB, 1170x1005, EF404E3E-050A-43F7-8B3E-E437D7…)

Diagnostic impression literally mean there is a certain degree of uncertainty as in this is not even 100% confirmation she has DID and the “specialists” she has seen still believes it could be something else. This paper literally just shows that this is potential they’re looking at based on the accounts she gave. This is not a diagnosis

No. 183989

>she might’ve been heavily bullied or abused as a tween or something

Can we not. Cutting is also a socially contagious behavior and not uncommon among teens with depression.

No. 183990

She straight up says in the video she has never been as happy as she is right now with all "five" of them there, so yeah, basically not

No. 183991

File: 1637535084872.gif (1014.57 KB, 275x170, 1523208156963.gif)

me@this shit show
can't wait for the kawaii age regression vid. give us all that creamy milk jillie!

No. 183993

Youre right, but she mentions in the video she was bullied as well so that was part of my speculation

No. 183995

Sorry in advance for any weird formatting. On mobile.

> I need you to understand that you did not sign up to get fashion exclusive, kawaii-only, like nothing but hair tutorials and lookbooks. You signed up for a mentally ill person with a YouTube channel.

Okay Jillian, continue to blame your followers for everything. God forbid you, as someone who has consistently described herself as a ~* uwu fashion designer uwu *~, accept that your followers don’t want to watch a retard in clown makeup LARP as a woke Sybil.

This fat bitch is unbelievable.

No. 183996

File: 1637536407159.jpeg (712.97 KB, 1170x1243, DDC2FAC7-65F1-484A-9346-F8AD46…)

japan trip number 3 next year? god i hope so. imagine her 6 year old alter sperging in the precure store.

No. 183997

that part annoyed me so much…
like she's been on YouTube for around 7 years, and for the longest time mental health stuff was NOT part of her content.
even if she mentioned it at times for the most part she did not make full videos about just that.
in recent times her content has been so mental illness centric, not just on YT but all her social media.

it's just so rude towards people who have been following her for a longer time who yes did indeed subscribe for kawaii fashion content, not this mental illness stuff kek. hope she keeps losing more subscribers tbh.

No. 184000

A summary for those who do not want to endure this.

>When covid started, claims she would wake up surrounded by crayons and legos and sticker books with Hello Kitty in her watch history.

Can you picture here waking up from a nugget coma literally surrounded by crayons and legos? Why does she even own legos?

>Her aesthetic "kind of looks like it was designed by a six year old" so she must have a repressed 6 year old inside of her head.

>Says you can be an adult that likes cute things and that doesn't mean you have a dissociative child in you.

>Was disassociating "so hard" things started to happen that could not be explained.

>So triggered by being called girlfriend and Jillian and that was the first sign of Jerrick and considers that a psychotic break.

>Previously referred to her age regression as a "delusion." "Psychotic delusions of BPD"

>Has "not been clean" from cutting, said while smirking.

>Admits to writing off therapy as something that does not work for her.

>Started therapy when mom found first suicide note in grade 5, said in a singsong-y voice. Didn't have a plan to attempt but why did she write that and why did she mean that?

>In therapy for ED treatment and it never worked for her and she never found any coping mechanisms to be helpful.

>Gleefully talks about yaaas queen therapist found by Steebie.

This is just the first 10 minutes

No. 184001

She did make full mental health videos in the past. They were mostly 'helpful tip' videos, but we've always known that she loves to milk her mental issues for asspats with the exception of her Lolita days.

No. 184002

Part 2
>Had never been tested for any kind of dissociative order before. Therapist really gets her and understands about trauma.

>Talks about first session trauma dump and how she wrote out 4 pages for the therapist who found it really helpful actually.

>First several sessions were how to manage immediate symptoms like self harm.

>Says she felt "insane" while convulsing for dramatic effect. Was "turning into a baby" and "not my partner's partner" and losing time.

>Clown makeup is because she can't relate to her own face and has apparently never been able to.

>Quack gives her diagnostic impression and says they're going to be looking into an OSDD/PTSD with dissociation direction. Because that's how therapy works.

>Clarifies that he did not diagnose her on day 1. "I might just be having psychotic delusions all of the time."

>Came out to family and friends with suspected plurality so they know why she might be acting strangely or not returning their calls.

>"Random people using the body" at first but it's pretty much simmered down and is manageable now. Her head sounded like a crowded cafeteria.

>Went from one or two internal voices to 4 or 5. But you definitely don't just unlock alters as an adult! They were there the whole time. Now they can somewhat arrange switches.

>Sometimes alters would go to class for her. Had to tell her teachers she was going crazy so she could get special accommodations and excused absences.

>Jerrick has been with her since she was 13. She's in the driver's seat and Jerrick is in the passenger seat and they communicate by passing a phone back and forth. "It's literally like 2 friends being in a car."

>Gleefully talking about how her amnesia was so bad that she surprisingly was diagnosed with DID instead of OSDD.

>Wasn't aware of switching during the assessment interview. Remembers yelling during the evaluation because trauma.

>Have been working together as a system for 5-6 months.

>She expected to be fake claimed. Pretends to be oblivious to DID trending on TikTok.

>She had to do a cake because she's so positive and has to make everything positive.

>Surprised by PTSD diagnosis. "I didn't think my trauma was that bad."

No. 184003

Finding good therapy that works is hard and you have to want to put in the effort to try different routes out…it’s even like that with medication, not one pill works for everyone. She doesn’t want to put in the effort. She wants to be coddled which is exactly what her mom and the new therapist are doing. Her dreams are coming true.

No. 184005

we're going to watch the COMING OUT AS DID video from Pixielocks in a bit if you want to come and watch it together with us!
(link is today's townhall)

No. 184006

Last part:

>Dances while talking about BPD co-morbidity.

>Anyone who wants to come at her likes to bully traumatized people for fun.

>Says the MID tests for attention seeking and facetious disorder, and it's the best diagnostic tool for dissociative disorders.

>Her brain has been super thoroughly examined so it's impossible for her to be lying or faking.

>"I couldn't believe it either."

>Stresses that she has always made mental health content. Channel will not become a DID channel, but she plans to talk about it more in future videos.

>DID content is consuming her life because she's just trying to understand herself.

>Weird audience shaming.

>Jerrick was really really upset about having to be hid away. He's making so many friends online!

>Explains away the constantly shifting identity on Villainy Swells by her not understanding what Jerrick was. "Maybe it's just a weird gender thing."

>She's scared but she knows it's going to be okay now that she has a little teams. She is the healthiest mentally she has ever been. Ever. EVER. Therapy is working wonders.

>Not afraid to block or remove comments because she's already struggling so much with this new diagnosis guys, don't be mean.

No. 184007

she's lurking. HARD lurking.

No. 184009

I know stevie has clearly been humoring this all, but imagine moving in with one woman and a couple of years in she's also four other people, but no worries she's the healthiest she's ever been mentally

No. 184012

He doesn’t care as long as he’s getting action from Jillian (and probably some other guy) and free room and board. He probably thinks she can make money with this new LARP so why not stay.

No. 184014

Don’t forget the part of the vid where “Jerrick” “co-fronted” and said something like “so evil!” or whatever lol. She just had to throw that in there I guess.

No. 184016

japan is still closed off for tourism and will likely still be next year so it's unlikely she will go even if she wanted to

No. 184020

Safe for OT Japan just resumed up the go-to japan domestic travel thing, and are allowing tourists in for business. If cases remain stagnant or drop these next few months it will determine if they open up again.
Either way I doubt Jill would go again, it seems like she’s just lost all her passion for everything besides being “muh mentally ill”

No. 184024


>Anyone who wants to come at her likes to bully traumatized people for fun.

Hahaha, funny cause as someone with a lifetime of trauma that still fucks me up and keeps me up at night despite all the therapy I do, I'm so tempted to go after her and I'm no bully, just someone sick to death of people like her having fun at my expense.

Jillian, you are a fake and a liar, this blatant mockery of PTSD and other mental issues while playing OC collector DID edition is only going to stigmatise actual sufferers cause you get none of the bad experiences.

Go get some real help, take up the extra tests that your mum can cover for you, have a schedule, get a job and hobby, paint ya fucking clown walls into something neutral and realise that the pandemic fucked everyone equally and helping yourself, not larping, will help make you a better person

I use to like her old content despite being one annoying arse twat but this is just beyond vulgar.

No. 184031

MID isnt the best tool, she was likely given it because she has BPD and its supposed to help tell the difference between BPD and stuff like DID. The most used one is called DES, but the best one is SCID-D-R. The thing is that MID anyone can give you because it has its own software to help you grade it (it uses excel actually), but SCID needs a professional who is familiar with DID to do. Basically she is now going to be on a wait list to go to someone who can give that test.

However what I think Jill doesnt understand mostly is that all of these questionnaires dont actually prove you are this or that, its just a tool for the therapist to use. Usually you would take multiple ones to verify the info of one to the other. There is concerns always about false positives with these tests.

No. 184032

so telling how she says "this doesn't fit under bpd criteria" in her recent video. she clearly sees these things as cute labels. also like, huh? dissociation at 3 years old? how the fuck would she remember? how is her trauma not severe enough to be ptsd but is severe enough for bpd (which she probably doesn't have) and fucking did? she really does not care huh

No. 184033

This is a nice little handmade Christmas gift video from the Pixie archives (Dec 2015)
>Thoughtful handmade gifts for her friends and family
>Nice background which isn't an eysore
>Appearance looks healthy, hair looks good
Pixie now:
>FuCk oFF you Don't Know My traUma History
Let's be real, there is no trauma history and you just lost your mind while trapped in a rainbow prison with a man of questionable personality and sexuality during a pandemic, and your overactive imagination created additional characters to interact with/larp as due to boredom and general malaise.
Even being such a fan of her therapist should have been a clue she was just lost, bored and lonely, so many red flags all over the place.

No. 184034

The juxtaposition of pretending like she wants to “share in her own time to work on boundaries” despite hinting for a months, desperately jumping to social media with a cake, making a YouTube video about it a few days later to share her mental illness that’s supposed to stem from severe childhood trauma which seems to be the only mysterious boundary she actually has. bullying can be rough when you’re a kid- but my god what a fucking ridiculous reason to have multiple personalities. What a leap. Cut the crap and just own up to how excited you are about winning most kawaii mentally ill girl on twitter Jill

No. 184036

So the gist I’m getting from the video, is that she’s always had this disorder and it was re-triggered as a tween, but also somehow it’s simultaneously only popped up recently?

The whole ‘co conscious’ and ‘arranged switching’ bullshit is the biggest red flag. That’s just not how it works for someone with DID (based on what DID is on paper). It may work that way after years of developing coping methods for living with a disorder like that, but you don’t just wake up one did and know that you have an edgy emo boy named Jerrick in your brain one day.

No. 184038

Her saying her head sounds like a crowded cafeteria could literally be any other mental illness. I have ADHD and anxiety and my head is literally multiple streams of thought at all times, and I’m sure even some neurotypical people have that too.

She’s such a liar. She just conveniently started a tiktok around the time DID is trending and suddenly she has DID. Her life is just going to continue getting worse from here. Absolute idiot.

No. 184046

>You did not sign up to get fashion exclusive, kawaii only, like nothing but hair tutorials and lookbooks
>You signed up for a mentally ill human being with a youtube channel
>I’m a mentally ill person with a blog

Very convenient rebranding, just tell your core fan base that you were never in it for the reason you created your channel for. No Jill, that’s literally what people signed up for, this is your job. She’s so used to worming her way out of things. Dumbass Insufferable Disorder.

I just saw these after I wrote my post, and I have to agree with you anons. Knowing Jill I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear her say that, but it was such a blatant slap in the face to her fans. She can be so condescending. Do your fucking job Jill since this is the road you chose and have been doing for years now. >>184001 is right too, but at least there was more of a semblance of a coherent channel and persona idea. I don’t know why this peaked me so much because I have found everything else Jill has done laughable and I enjoyed eyerolling, but the gall of this arrogance. Upload your fucking video about your college final.

No. 184047

>You did not sing up for fashion you sing up for mental illness content
I hope she loses followers
Worst timeline possible for her channel
She could had done 10 other better video idea things but she chose to be an attention whore

No. 184050

Just for funzies, I uploaded the deleted misleading neurodiversity video. Didn't know if it got reuploaded yet.


No. 184051


Abso-fucking-lutely correct, as are the other anons.

Kawaii style is EXACTLY what people signed up for. That’s how she’s branded herself and always branded herself, despite making mental health videos here and there. If she wants to shift her focus that’s obviously her prerogative, but she can’t tell people what they “signed up for,” especially when they were subscribing for the content she has been actively marketing since the creation of her channel.

And yes, YouTube is her job. She has no other source of income. Her subscribers are essentially her customers. If she doesn’t want to give them what they want, the least she could’ve done is explained herself respectfully.

No. 184052


Samefag, love how she went from crying and thanking her fans for allowing her to live her dreams at the end of this video, to basically telling them to get fucked if they expect anything from her.


No. 184053

Despite being a super woke queer mental illness icon, Jill seemed to have no idea that homosexuality was only recently declassified as a mental illness. Just shows she doesn’t know shit about the communities she claims to be a voice of and once again only enjoys the good side of and none of the negatives.

No. 184055

By saying shit like this she is really pushing the whole parasocial relationship thing like "uwu you're here for me not my brand of content".

No. 184056

Embedded it for you
She wants some cult of personality bullshit I guess
Also find it obnoxious how she can't handle criticism, she literally says "omg the comment section will be a jungle" and saying she will block and delete everything etc

No. 184058

I really can't believe she wants to be a DID tard since the neurodivergent video didn't stick

Also grossed out with how many enabling comments she's getting, what do they gain from this? They really want to see her get worse. Idk.

No. 184060

I don’t understand why these chronically online white bitches want to be traumatised so badly

No. 184067

Youtubers who act like they're doing a favor to the fans who pay their bills by uploading at all (aka the bare minimum) instead of things being the other way around are so annoying. And by doing this abuse thing she's throwing her mother under the bus, too. Literally the only two sources of income and success for her that give her the ability to larp in her rainby house all day, take trips overseas and wear her clown clothes etc. and she has no gratitude whatsoever, gross

No. 184069

Her therapist got one thing right when he told her she needs to see someone to get checked for autism kek. About 1:50 mark she says he couldn't diagnose/screen her himself but he STRONGLY SUGGESTS she sees someone about it.

No. 184070

But even some of those of us who USED TO watch for her regardless of the content are getting sick of this shit. You can't say your brand is your life and personality not just kawaii stuff when your life and personality has COMPLETELY changed and gone off the deep end in recent years. I didn't care about Precure or peeps decorations or even really kawaii, I just like alt fashion in general and related to her personality. But this is not the same personality OR content we originally signed up for so even this ungrateful argument of hers falls apart.

No. 184072

It's like she's telling us to be grateful for even making a video… when she should be the one grateful anyone watches her nowadays at all

No. 184073

I do really think she is missing the point and should be treated for addiction/dependacy issues. I remember on her younow livestreams she would have to use her nose spray every hour or so and she had a huge bottle of it. That seems to have gone now, but I imagine she has just replaced it with drugs, alcohol (not on extreme I think), cutting and mental health obsessions.

No. 184075

Aren’t BPD and Autism similar anyways?

No. 184077

Not at all kek
One is a developmental issue, the other is a personality disorder

No. 184078

KEK. seriously, if this was "true" DID, this is proof of it right here. Another tinfoil. Her Jerrick persona is her purposely LARPing to feel a sense of control to the entire thing if the 6 year old is legit.

No. 184079

File: 1637598664225.jpg (834.99 KB, 1080x2189, Screenshot_20211122-082845_You…)

Here comes her snowflakes to defend her

No. 184081

I know that, I’m autistic lol. I’ve heard bpd and autism symptoms can be similar and sometimes bpd is misdiagnosed.

No. 184085

1k views, I noticed the same kind of wishy-washy defenses under the old reupload of her "coming out as queer" video which shows up when you search Pixielocks on Youtube. Nobody ever has a strong line of defense, it's always oh but this is that and this can be miscontrued and she didn't mean this and she's just learning
These people would be terrible lawyers.

No. 184086

She's alrady deleting non-ass kissing comments at the speed of light

No. 184088

Samefag as this one from earlier, one thing I noticed is her viewerbase has never really grown. She should work on maintaining the viewers she had/gained during the cuter, saner kawaii phases rather than doing if you don't adore me at my worst you don't deserve to see my best

There was a certain point where it just became attention-seeking only and she lost self awareness of having an audience of real humans who have specific interests. Becoming more absurd is not the way to appease that existing audience, and also doesn't serve to gain new ones since there is nothing appealing about watching someone talk excitedly about their latest mental health diagnosis.

No. 184089

Isn't DID detectable on brain scans like schizophrenia is?

No. 184090

Lol imagine being one of the poor souls still supporting her with monthly $10 Patreon payments only to be told what you did and didn’t sign up for.


Yes, doctors are shit at recognizing autism in women (big surprise) and women are fairly regularly misdiagnosed with BPD when in reality they’re autistic.

I’ve seen something about this in a documentary. A guy had DID (he wasn’t even allowed to drive because of the danger of him switching while driving). They did brain scans and the parts of his brain that “lit up” on the scan would change depending on what personality was “fronting,” the differences apparently much like what you’d expect to see from one person’s scan vs. another’s.

No. 184093

Pixie belongs to an online culture where your credibility and social standing is dictated by how marginalized you are, and 'upper-middle class white woman' is pretty much the lowest on the hierarchy you can be. Her attempt to escape her lot by branding herself as kweer failed miserably, so now she's trying out mental illness instead. And tbf she is clearly mentally ill, just not in the way she wants to be.
No. Schizophrenia is associated with distinct structural and cognitive abnormalities. If DID were detectable via fMRI or whatever then it wouldn't be so controversial.
> the differences apparently much like what you’d expect to see from one person’s scan vs. another’s.
Everybody's brain works more or less the same* wrt which parts are used for which types of cognition and behavior so this sounds like a gigantic load of crap.

No. 184106

Autism is girls is mixed up with ADHD no? Not BPD that’s completely different since when do Autists like to live risky

No. 184108

ADHD is just also under diagnosed in women because medicine like everything else revolves around white men and boys.

No. 184111

Should I delete these comments? I'm the one who uploaded the video. Dunno what to respond to them KEK

No. 184113

File: 1637609204279.jpg (137.85 KB, 1080x378, Screenshot_20211122-132534_Twi…)

No. 184114

Shes lurking

No. 184116

Suddenly the Austism diagnosis is cropping up, all because she got roasted for her neurodivergent video.

Is she still smoking weed? Isn't that not recommended for mental disorders that involve depersonalization, hallucinations, etc?

No. 184117

It gets confused because autistic people have issues with emotion control the same way people with BPD have issues with it.

No. 184118

Damn she really has gone full munchie. Now that she's collected every trendy mental illness she could, how long will it take for her to start inching into POTS/GERD/EDS etc. spoonie territory?

No. 184119

DID is just BPD with some fun sprinkles. Don't believe any lies lol.
Also, many women are underdiagnosed with tism since the tism diagnostic criteria are centered around men so who knows

No. 184120

She's about to start collecting things that make her "different" and "interesting" and negatively influence a lot of impressionable zoomers who look up to her as a ~pastel theyqueen~

Has she claimed any physical disabilities yet? I guess those are harder to prove but it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 184122

It is just a matter of time until she gets a kawaii uwu wheelchair or crutch for whatever reason.

No. 184123

Best to leave them alone, let the comments grow anon

No. 184124

She'd clearly have gotten diagnosed as autistic before DID, if she'd gone to a competent psych instead of some fly-by-night farce.
Inb4 she gets diagnosed as super duper autistic and can't be given any criticism (even more than now) because she's autistic and therefore unaccountable.

No. 184125

Oh my god she is trying to acquire the holy tiktok munchie trinity, isn't she? First DID, now autism. When is she gonna start claiming she has tics as well?? (maybe she will claim just one of her alters has them kek)

No. 184128

>Has she claimed any physical disabilities yet? I guess those are harder to prove but it wouldn't surprise me

Fibromyalgia saga incoming

No. 184131

oh god, i can totally see her latching onto that, another excuse to sit on her rainbow couch all day

No. 184132

File: 1637616858372.jpeg (40.36 KB, 828x135, D766B665-3BB0-4BF7-9318-634643…)

Down from 243k last week to 239k. She’s losing an average of like 500 subscribers per day to to munchie antics kek

No. 184133

What does this bitch not have by now? Also yea Jill we understood that hint..

No. 184136

File: 1637622594024.png (543.62 KB, 1080x1245, Screenshot_20211122-230848.png)

No. 184137

File: 1637623037127.png (146.27 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20211122-231516~2.p…)

No. 184138

>our “little”
Jillian outing herself as the DDLG fag we knew her stunted self to be by calling the supposed 6yr old alter a little. Pedolox DID phase is in full effect.

No. 184139

This has the same vibes as when Venus became a sexworker, this last decade of seeing people rise up and then intentionally steer their brand into a burning heap on the ground has certainly been interesting.
Even people who got famous by being degenerate like Belle still crashed and burned, by forgetting their usp and jumping the shark with some behavior which destroys all the built up fanbases and ideals they created.
Surely if you want to quit being an e-celeb, why not simply stop uploading like Jenna Marbles rather than completely destroying your brand first?

No. 184142


These videos are going to be Triple A Grade milk. This DID saga is infuriating but at least it'll be entertaining.

No. 184144

"You didn't sign up to get fashion exclusive, kawaii only, nothing but hair tutorials and look-books".

Explain your entire upload history on youtube, jill. When i was into kawaii culture i followed you for that content. tf happenned.(namefag)

No. 184147

So they have mass control over which alter they can be at any time ?? What. Sounds like the definition of acting.

No. 184148

She could’ve avoided all this if she just pulled a Taylor R and owned up to her wealthy white girl status with socially acceptable yellow fever. You don’t larp mental illness for the sake of being included into communities ruled by other upper class tweens with too much time on their hands like DID TikTok. She’s just going to get booted by them eventually when she says the wrong thing. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 184149

God I wish we could have seen footage of Jill acting like a DID tard to get diagnosed. Apparently it said she has different mannerisms when she "switches". I'd love to see it in action, kek.

No. 184150

This 100%.
She gleefully calls out anyone who offends her for woke points, but she does it in the most butthurt jarring way. "You're evil! You're vile! You're putrid!"
Mate don't dish it out if you can't take it. Tryna get everyone cancelled all the time, but takes no accountability herself. Everything's black and white with no room for tolerance or even discourse. Gonna backfire spectacularly sooner or later.

No. 184151

Without fail, they always eat their own. Looking forward to seeing it.

No. 184152

Who wants to start a betting pool that Jill's gonna uwu speak for the six year-old "alter"?

I have a feeling that she's going to say somthing that a a little too "Gatekeeping" for those dumb ass kids that they turn on her. She's already acting holier than thou because a team of therapists wrote on paper that she might have DID. And from the way it's worded >>183956 >>183986 she was just playing pretend the entire interview.
I also can't help but wonder what did she censor at the bottom of the page. She mentioned HPD in the video I wonder if she's skewing what the Drs think she might have so she can call out people who rightfully call her out "bully" her

No. 184153

I genuinely thought that with DID scenarios you couldn’t control when an alter came and went. How does anyone even intentionally film and control who comes out?? That in itself shows how fake this shit is.

No. 184157

No. 184159

I had started to feel a little bad for her before the DID video came out, because how fucking miserable do you have to be as a person to go fishing for a DID diagnosis?? How sick do you have to be?? But she’s really revealed how much of a narcissistic cunt she really is. Any bit of sympathy I might’ve had for her is gone now.

No. 184160


I think that’s correct, you can’t force a switch. Never heard of such a thing until DID became a trend.

No. 184163

File: 1637632498248.jpeg (400.39 KB, 828x1268, 3CCD47DB-4241-4E0A-9F1B-BA86E7…)

You can’t tell me they’re not in a DDLG relationship whenever the 6 year old comes out

No. 184164

. . . and history will repeat itself again and again. >>184148

No. 184165

>how sick do you have to be?
If she's anything, she certainly is mentally ill.

No. 184166

>I also can't help but wonder what did she censor at the bottom of the page.
Ooooh, that's a good call-out. For someone who's so forthcoming about having 420 mental illnesses, it's highly suspicious that she was unwilling to show off a large portion of the diagnosis.

No. 184169

File: 1637634340815.png (59.91 KB, 1144x366, 20211122_SC_28374484.png)

Anon, you called it kek
>"he dresses a lot like HE did when we were actually his age"

No. 184170

the way she says "at the moment"… like it could change…

No. 184171

>At the moment

That's gag-inducing to say when you have a 6 year old alter. She will definitely be cancelled if she suggests there is a relationship with the 6 year old in future (I know it's all a bullshit larp but if you bought into it all; that's horrifying)

No. 184172

Sage for OT and complete autism but does anyone know what her size is; if shes revealed it in a clothing haul or something. My friend thinks she’s a 30’ waist but I think she’s a lot bigger than that.

No. 184173

Idk how this stuff works but as anons said it was actually a preliminary assessment and not a diagnosis like she claims, the blurred part probably pertains to why they think she doesn't have DID which would be no good for her premature announcement.
I saw someone in the Youtube comments very gently suggesting that the autism diagnosis, if she gets it would potentially change her other ones so if she's serious about this she should follow up on the autism trail.

No. 184174

She talks about her trans boy alter like it's her child, anons who said people normally announce marriages or new homes or pregnancies in the manner she has announced this may have a point.

No. 184175

She’s size fat nonny, who cares?

She talks about her diagnosis like she’s coming out of the closet, it’s so damn weird.

No. 184178

So her edgy boy alter has been around since she was a teen and is suuuuuper uncomfortable with her hyper feminine style, yet it’s only in the last six months that she decided to not dress like a spastic Barbie doll some of the time… make it make sense Jillian.

No. 184179

File: 1637639946378.jpeg (485.13 KB, 1170x981, C1032362-5A0E-428F-86B2-FA6DC3…)

life is so much better now that jillian can larp as whatever she wants. that piece of paper has worked wonders for her mental health. also i guess both jillian and jerrick are into drag? and they’ll have different stage names? what the fuck

No. 184182

File: 1637640258732.jpeg (542.12 KB, 1170x769, 1B313168-D892-4F0F-984E-DD7B74…)

yup, you were right on the money! she posted throw back pics saying they’re jerrick.

No. 184184

i’m pretty good at guessing sizes and no way in hell is she a 30 inch waist. Probably around 36 inches if not more. I’ve been wondering if those Big Bud press pants that were like 4 sizes too small a couple years ago will be making a return un-altered kek

No. 184185

samefag, four sizes too large i mean

No. 184186


“Baby Jerr” oh my god…each of her style choices is just another alter what the fuck

No. 184187

Poly Jill incoming?

No. 184188

File: 1637644295570.png (1.76 MB, 1932x1080, Screenshot_20211122-220235-134…)

These pants? This is from a vlog 6 months ago and she's only been getting bigger.
Also it's so jarring to watch videos of Jill before Anthony's video she's always been annoying but she was so much more subdued compared to all of her videos after his DID interviews. I watched her haul where she unboxed the clothes from the company and she seemed so calm and normal (for Jillian standards)

No. 184189

her style is just like the thousands of tumblr girls from the early 2010s, including myself
she's truly insane if she thinks that was her "alter" when it's clearly obvious she was following the trends of that time period

No. 184194

File: 1637647391844.jpg (151.39 KB, 720x786, Screenshot_20211123-005752_Chr…)

I cant believe she's going along with this did crap.

No. 184195

I wonder what her father thinks.

No. 184197

That sounds like the weakest compliment though, I'd love to know what mama Vessey really thinks about all this.

No. 184206

Kek poly in a single relationship- just like she called herself queer in a straight relationship (minus the fact that Steve is probably gay leaning)

No. 184207

I've been reading up on this because it seemed strange to me too.
I still can't take most of this seriously but it definitely sounds like usually people don't have much control or awareness of switching, and that forcing a switch can be really distressing.
Some say you can practice being able to switch at any time but it sounds like takes a lot of time and effort to be able to do that somewhat fluently?

I already have a hard time believing DID exists at all but Jill is overdoing it so much.
So even though supposedly she wasn't aware that she had DID/alters at all until about a year ago, and she's only been having plurality treatment & 'working as a system' for 5 months yet she has perfect control over when and who she switches to so they can all do YT videos? kek ok

the larp would be slightly more believable if she was a bit more lowkey about it but of course she has to be the best and most special of all even when it comes to this

No. 184211

hahaha she's so predictable. Why people act like you have to change gender or personality to wear different clothes?(learn2sage)

No. 184212

File: 1637659064143.png (347.86 KB, 804x808, 1623091831362.png)

God no wonder Jill became such a raging narcissist with a mom THAT enabling. If I told my parents out of the blue that I have a 6 years old, a 15 years old and a 35 years old living in my head they would laugh their ass off bc they would see right thru my bs. Also what a vile thing to lie to your own mom that you have such a debilitating illness. And I wonder what Louise thinks of the "trauma at 3 years old" thing?

No. 184213

One thing I do believe is that Jill has convinced herself she has DID. Pushing for it was a mistake she doesn't understand the severity of yet. DID isn't that known of a thing outside of the internet. It is even contested within the psych world. She will be so severely stamped for life with this one. I was very surprised the mental health personnel did not check for autism first. Autism is also more mainstream and people around Jill would accommodate her better. It also feels like such a cop out of her to chalk up all her decisions to her alters.

No. 184216

>And I wonder what Louise thinks of the "trauma at 3 years old" thing?

Really curious about that too. For most people around 3 years of age is the time where we start forming first memories but even then they are usually more implicit.
For someone to start developing DID at such a young age it would have to be some extremely severe trauma, which even as a 3 year old you'd have to be capable of understanding as 'this is wrong and horrible and I wish to escape from this' - because when we are 3, we don't have a more nuanced understanding of things, such trauma can usually only be formed by direct severe physical abuse, because even as a toddler we feel that physical pain is unpleasant.

There are a lot of people who get physically abused as a young child yet they don't develop DID, though they may develop other issues.
DID is basically a last resort when you experience something so horrible that you don't think you are capable of enduring it anymore, that's why DID is usually only formed in the cases of most extreme ongoing physical & sexual abuse akin to torture.

If something like that really happened her mother must be aware of it. Children who experience horrible things like that are typically really maladjusted, e.g. frequent bedwetting, either avoiding any kind of physical contact or trying to engage in overly close 'promiscuous' activities with other children or adults, obsessive or compulsive behaviors, difficulties in school or inability to get involved with people their age, generally being really withdrawn and lacking self-confidence.

Of course, such things present differently in everyone, but everything that we've seen of Jill when she was younger doesn't fit this.

She was a theater kid, had friends her age, had relationships, worked several jobs, decided to start a YouTube channel where she showed herself and shared her interests with the world, dressed in very extroverted fashion styles.

Sorry for sperging about this.
>>184213 I agree, I don't think she understands the severity and implications of it.
When you claim to have experienced severe trauma at age 3 of course the first assumptions of anyone will be 'she got physically or sexually abused by a family member' - unless it happened at a daycare or she straight up got abducted, cases like this are extremely likely to have been committed by a male family member.
Jill wants to keep people guessing and is likely never going to explicitly state what her supposed trauma was, but she has to understand that people may just assume that she was sexually abused by one of her family members then.

No. 184220

Absolute classic Jill - an instant expert and authority in every scene she crashes. She acts like DID is just another subculture she can own and gatekeep

No. 184223

I still can’t get over the fact that she “didn’t think her trauma wasn’t bad enough to have PTSD” but the thought of DID/OSDD was totally viable. If that doesn’t show her fundamental lack of understanding of trauma and mental disorders, then I don’t know what does

No. 184224

Jillian's mom must not realise that having DID normally means having experienced extreme abuse as a kid, otherwise I don't think she would be as accepting.

On the other hand, it seems like Jill could do anything and she would still accept 'her baby girl'

No. 184230

She has a 6yo alter, so wouldn’t that imply the abuse occurred during the ages of 3-6, with her reaching a breaking point at age 6 (my understanding is that the alter happens in response to trauma so why would she not have a 3yo alter rather than a 6 if that’s when the abuse occurred?) and that’s why she has an alter from that age?

No. 184234

File: 1637675172562.jpeg (82.09 KB, 576x1024, 1622C28C-BFBA-4976-8B36-67EB26…)

In her video she says:
>"I've had DID since I was probably around 3 years old and then there was a retraumatization in my very very early like pre-teen years."
Pre-teen age is usually defined as 9-12 years old, so if she says it was early on she probably means around 9 years old.
If she says she had it since she was 3, it strongly suggests the trauma happened at age 3 (since the disassociation/DID starts occurring while the traumatic event actually happens, not later on) and then something retraumatized her at age 9.

I'm not sure why she has a 6 year old alter in that case. Perhaps she does mean to imply that the abuse/traumatic event started occurring at age 3, she developed DID at that point in time and then the abuse/traumatic events went on for a full 3 years till she was 6 and then it also happened again at age 9, I really don't know.

No. 184235

It's possible she has child alters of different age but she should have at least one other child alter that carries the trauma and that you never switch to unless triggered. It's very suspicious that she doesn't have any trauma alter.

And also why is she so sure that she has exactly 5 alters after just 5 months of DID therapy. Usually people with DID have a few that they know about, and then more that they don't know anything about and also can't even tell an exact number

No. 184239

She has no alters anon. Stop defending her, she's faking this shit.

No. 184241

We’ve been saying she’s not actually mentally ill for years, but a person would have to be pretty nuts to do some shit like this. Or autistic.

No. 184242

I want someone to make a call out video so bad. I feel like a lot of people just need to see everything laid out.

No. 184243

Sincerely doubt DID works as conveniently as Jill and other social media mental health personalities suggest. They’re just straight up cashing in on their socially contagious larps. It’s just super gross.

No. 184245

I sometimes wonder what cows like this are going to fucking do when they're 40. She's being left with a tiktok teen faker fanbase

No. 184246

I know someone who is actually schizophrenic and absolutely had to stop smoking weed because it was triggering episodes and hallucinations that were extremely distressing. If she spends her days toasted off her gourd, I'm not at all surprised she thinks she's going through some sort of breakdown. If you're already at least somewhat mentally ill (which I suspect Jill is, just not in the way she wishes she was) weed can be really detrimental to your mental health. Weed stans, please don't jump on me I've seen it happen firsthand.

No. 184247

File: 1637683171778.jpg (112.99 KB, 630x630, 3389352_1.jpg)

Really don't mean to blog but the like uwu I found a suicide note stuff is really….like…

I don't have much from my childhood, but I do have a little sanrio diary from like the year after I experienced CSA and it's mostly dumb 9 year old I love my best friend I love Pokemon but there is also a disturbing page of like I hate myself and I'm worthless sentiments in the middle of it. I really don't want to validate this munchie clown, and a lot of things aren't adding up, like was someone physically or sexually abusing her from 3-6? And what happened at 10-11 to make her write a suicide note?

But like idk even my friends at that age had kind of a weird sense of humor and I could see us writing something OTT like good bye cruel world I can't go on without my gameboy type shit. None of us had insane helicopter parents though.

I remember much later on when Death Note was popping off I colored a composition book black and wrote "death note" on it in white out as one does as an edgy teen and my mom was big mad not knowing it was a anime thing. How did her mom find the note? Was she joking or not understanding the gravity of her words as a literal child but saw the attention she got and ran with it?

Maybe I just need to take a step back from this thread. For someone to have so much of the security and comforts and protection I was lacking as a kid to be larping like they're deeply fundamentally broken and like giddy and giggling over it is really fucking me up. When I lay out my life chronologically, it is like an endless trauma fest due to parental death, abuse, and lack of money, and lack of parental attention due to lack of money, and physical abuse, and rape and and poverty and homelessness and more physical and sexual abuse. And like. Guess who is a somewhat functional adult who holds down jobs and doesn't have 12 people in their head and wearing clown paint because I don't relate to my own face whatever the fuck that means? She really doesn't fucking get it.

Maybe she went through something that caused the ED and cutting, or maybe she just wanted attention and didn't know how to cope when or after her mom had cancer. She really is a sick enough individual that if she experienced real abuse she would be hinting at it and parading it 24/7 grinning like a goddamn Cheshire cat talking about her mentow iwwness stwuggles.

The way she goes from somber and somewhat serious in the beginning of the DID video and then ~*~*switching*~*~ to bright, happy, and animated like she's talking about the latest episode of precure and not a mental illness diagnosis. It's fucking infuriating. And nothing will ever come from it. She will continue to lead a cushy, coddled existence only ever having to lift a finger to glue down her eyebrows and put in ratty rainbow extensions.(blog)

No. 184249

My post might have been confusing, I wanted to say that her describing of her alters are so obviously wrong that she doesn't have DID

No. 184250

I'm a weed stan, and I completely think it's at the center of all of this. In all my many years of marijuana, I have seen and experienced some crazy shit. I have definitely witness a friend realize he had schizophrenia through smoking weed - he would completely disassociate and become like, a violent robot for hours until he would quite literally snap out of it - similar to this "fronting" business. He no longer smokes weed AT ALL and fucking good. I have definitely had disassociative breakdowns from marijuana in my time. It's not something the truly mentally ill should be messing with!! She doesn't have DID - she just has marijuana-induced disassociative anxiety, I am completely 100% fucking sure of it (on top of being so BPD it hurts).

Jill, you gotta stop with the weed. If this shit is really for real for you, then you are doing the ONE THING to trigger it and make it worse.

No. 184251

How old was Jillian when her mom got cancer?


Idk if she even got the attention for it lol. Like maybe. But she said he mom found the note when she was in fifth grade (age 10-11) and then that she only had her first psych eval at age 14. I don't know if that mean anything, maybe they don't do evals on younger kids.

But from suicide note to first psych eval, ages 10-14. During these years was her chronically on deviantart right? I remember finding out who she was about 10 years ago when she was pastel gothing and orbiting Joji/Kai the fakeboi, then realised I knew of her when she was our 20inch queen of lolita. Kek.

No. 184252


This isn't in the thread bio but this seems to be her oldest DA account, she linked it on one of her other DA posts. She was like 12-13 I believe.

No. 184254

I absolutely cannot wait for these

>With just Jill at the moment
Is she going to ship him with the 35 year old man? Fucking kek

No. 184256

Exactly, she just looks like your typical Tumblr girl

No. 184258

I think she just resigned to just leave her be and try to be as supportive as she can.
No wonder no one else in her family likes her.

No. 184260

>cat tree video and christmas video
What about her fashion show?

No. 184262

File: 1637687982447.jpg (123.38 KB, 1024x1024, 20211123_121623-COLLAGE.jpg)

Ten years ago. Girl bring this energy back kek you don't have alters you have ocs.

No. 184263

I'm going to lose it if her 6 year old alter is named Ethel

No. 184264

Your last paragraph is what kills me about her whole "I don't owe anybody my trauma history" thing. Because she's totally right, she doesn't owe the internet shit about her personal life, but he doesn't seem to grasp that due to the nature of DID that directly implicates her family in some sort of horrific abuse because not that many three year olds spend significant quantities of time around anyone other than family, unless again, maybe this came from a daycare worker. But if that's the story she wants to go with, say that to at least take the spotlight for abuse off her family. She just seems to have no understanding or appreciation for the greater implications of DID and "trauma" beyond internet woke points. Traumatizing children is criminal in the real world, not just something we talk about on the internet for sympathy.

No. 184265

File: 1637689702823.jpg (134.19 KB, 1080x2302, Screenshot_20211123-123906_Ope…)

Sf, my timeline was a lil off about when I first found her. Around this time jilly was trying to get into making her own deco crafts. (which gutterface/joji/kai - pictured, had been doing for some time)

Because it's Jill and she has not an original bone in her body, her decoden account was called: guttersweet


Honestly if she worked on it a lil more I bet she could have done alright with it. But it's Jillian and why would she hone her skills when she can jump to a new hobby and act like the queen of it.

No. 184268

>Traumatizing children is criminal in the real world, not just something we talk about on the internet for sympathy.

Really good point. It does make you wonder, if someone inflicted that much distress upon a three year old child that would cause them to develop DID, what happened to that person?
Is her mother aware of who that person supposedly is? Were there any criminal charges?

Jill is caught between a rock and a hard place with this story; she wouldn't want to admit that 'well, the trauma wasn't THAT severe…' because that means she wouldn't have developed DID in the first place.
>DID is usually the result of sexual or physical abuse during childhood. Sometimes it develops in response to a natural disaster or other traumatic events like combat.
She can't really blame a natural disaster or being in a warzone or something like that because it's really easy to disprove, so the only other option is "sexual or physical abuse".
If that is what she wants to go with while keeping it as vague as possible, she has to realize that people will question a) who the person was who inflicted the abuse and b) if that person is still in her life.

If the abuse would have actually come to light way back then I'm sure they would have already done a psychological evaluation with Jill when she was a child and they would have noticed signs of DID.

There are so many holes in her story, even if she thinks that being vague will help her out because no one can pin her down on any specific details, she is completely ignoring the implications of all this in the grand scheme.

No. 184269

This is so funny. I guess all the thousands of tumblr girls who dyed their hair blue in their edgy hipster phase were also just alters.

No. 184270

And got pixie cuts. It’s that or they were boys all along!
Has anyone brought up that the ages jill is describing as being traumatic are also transitive milestones? Like at 6 entering the schooling system and no longer being the center of attention and having to share with others, also getting in trouble for acting out and it can be difficult if you have a learning disability that holds you back from relating or being able to engage with peers. Tweens/teens is also when a lot of young girls experience stress brought on by puberty and the recognition that men won’t and don’t respect boundaries, not to mention all the hormonal upheaval happening physiologically.
She’s grasping for reasons why she feels different and doesn’t relate to those around her or herself. Seems like creating different personas for every interest/aesthetic would be counter productive to grounding herself in reality… this all comes from my arm chair though.

No. 184272

What might be happening is her mom picked keeping contact / friendship with her daughter over being a "parent" in this situation. Given jills new entitled attitude, we've already seen her treat one relative aggressively. It's very possible she has a new "you agree with me or you get removed" attitude. I wouldn't be surprised if her dad hasn't gotten the ass end of this, fathers are usually the ones more adverse to this type of stuff so he may have already spoken "out of line" and been shunned for it, or bullied into silence by both Jill and her mother.

I think it's interesting too how much her mom is suddenly being shown. Texts, tweets about hanging out. Lots of comments under her stuff. I think Jill knew people would look to mother dearest for confirmation this was real, or lurked here and read all the "what does mom think? Mom can't possibly support this," and is now projecting her moms words on purpose. Her mom definitely doesn't have jills best interest at heart right now.

No. 184274

I wouldn't be surprised if jilybeans uwu therapist supports and enables her weed use… without blogposting i live in a legalized US state and had an enabling and too close therapist who would tell me i absolutely needed to smoke weed. they want to keep the crazies or people they can convince they are more crazy then they actually are as long as they can as patients, make that buck.

No. 184276

File: 1637693194447.png (33.88 KB, 643x366, pixiemattel.png)

kek i wish she went with dollylocks…. her and shayna really are the same person.

No. 184277

She’s still an edgy tumblr girl, she never left that phase.
Maybe her “age regression” is actually real since she still hasn’t grown the fuck up

No. 184278

Well said nonnie, and I hope you don’t catch a ban for blogging.
It’s crazy how many therapists just suggest smoking weed for things. It’s extremely unprofessional and even dangerous for bpd, bipolar and addictive personality types

No. 184279

Inb4 mom comes back here to defend her babby gril(learn2sage)

No. 184281

Yeah I def agree re: being in school and no longer being center of attention.

Then what her mom got cancer and she wasn't the focus again for a while. How dare she.

Any attention is good attention. Doesn't matter if they're on her page because she has a holier than thou attitude about frilly Nihon dresses. Or if they're on her videos because she's a trainwreck it don't matter because she can delete the meany comments and act like everyone loves her. Her stupid themby boyfriends that she moves in and makes over. She just likes having a thing to control. Does steebie hang out with friends or family out side of Jill? I honestly bet that's the reason it didn't work with the One girl she dated. The girl seemed pretty well adjusted and was close with her family. Couldn't give jilly bean enough attention and got dumpt.

No. 184288

She was lying through her teeth the entire video. You can tell that she feels happy that she was validated, that her "trauma" was enough to warrant a PTSD label. Even more so when the doctors humored her to hear her talk about her "DID" experience.

>The girl seemed pretty well adjusted and was close with her family. Couldn't give jilly bean enough attention and got dumpt.
That and Jill was only using her for gay clout. I imagine the girl wanted to progress the relationship naturally (go beyond holding hands just for sneak shots) actually have a proper WLW romance. Jill just jumped ship before then because she's painfully heterosexual.

No. 184289

File: 1637698586240.png (26.91 KB, 799x249, 23903493403434398438534341230.…)

"you could be my unintended/choice to live my life extended/you could be the one I'll always love"

This seems damning

No. 184290

can we pleeeeease put pixie back in /snow/? she’s barely a weeb now

No. 184291

I thought only Jill and Steve were dating and Jerrick hates being called their girlfriend? She’s already so bad at consistency

No. 184294

she still considers herself in the jfashion/kawaii lifestyle community so she’s stuck here for now.

No. 184295

what about the letter she wrote to a family member about how they traumatized her? maybe she’ll try to pin it on them. i feel so bad for her mom

No. 184296

>Maybe I just need to take a step back from this thread. For someone to have so much of the security and comforts and protection I was lacking as a kid to be larping like they're deeply fundamentally broken and like giddy and giggling over it is really fucking me up.

I'm sorry anon, this is why Jill is a little shit. She's taking people's real life experienced trauma and using it as a costume. I definitely recommend not engaging with this narcissist bitches content if it's triggering anything for you. You have every right to be offended or upset, this is exactly what the issue with mental illness larps is. It disregards the seriousness and appropriates something absolutely lifechanging in a bad way. Even in the video she says lifechanging giddily then corrects to lifelong since this is literally just her weed-addled drunken brain making up shit to entertain itself and not a result of any real proven trauma, which is unfortunately too common. ♥

No. 184298

Teens LARPing DID, Tourette’s, and other mental illnesses is the new version of teens adopting a dozen special gender and sexuality labels. Being a nonbinary panromantic asexual lesbian isn’t enough to be cool and unique anymore because everybody’s doing it. Claiming you have DID gives teens an excuse to LARP 5 different OCs with their own unique sexuality and pronoun labels all at once!

No. 184299

File: 1637703485916.png (567.76 KB, 1440x1633, trans to DID pipeline.png)

I'm definitely seeing "plurality" as a natural progression to trangender trending and nonbinary/gender fluid stuff, like it genuinely is the next step for people to dabble in and I've seen two nonbinary/trans cis males I follow bring up DID and dissociation. One even went on a lengthy thread about their male and female persona as if they were two distinct identities. I also ran into a twitter thread of normies reacting to plurality yesterday (picrel). We will probably see the same trans tumblr sexuality people all dabble in plurality as Jill is, for the reasons you suggested. The positive side is it will probably help people peak faster and see it for the social contagion attentionseeking it is.

No. 184300

Is this the 35 year old male alter? Or is this Jill forgetting she's on her "boy account" again?

No. 184301

See here: >>183917
Basically it looks like the boy alters use Jerrick's account and the girl alters use Jill's. The cute little emojis tell you which one typed!

No. 184302

I see what you mean, but teens have always had phases of exploring various identities. This is not me endorsing teens (or a person of any age) to assume or interpret their own behaviour as being a symptom of something.

What makes this very notable and alarming is that Jillian has an official diagnosis. I assume it isn't an easy thing to get. She has committed to having this to a level that feels utterly absurd. Again, I don't know much about DID, but from what I gather, not even people who have spent decades doing serious studies. Gunning for something this enormous feels like sheer lunacy. Even as someone who doesn't know how DID 'works', I have questions around very real restrictions she will have in life now. I'll bring up driving again. How should she be allowed to drive if she even thinks she has this? What bridges will she burn by retconning her life? How can she for instance work again after she convinced herself she has DID? Jillian has had normal retail jobs but what will happen now?

It's like she is determined to amputate herself. She is not doing herself any favours by doing this. If anything, she is setting every milestone she reached on fire.

No. 184305

place your bets on how long before she uses the DID card to suggest (see also: coerce) polyamory/an open relationship to steve. since it's only "jill" who's dating steve, maybe "jerrick" wants to date other men and fulfill her fujo fantasies

No. 184307

sage for tinfoil and possible wk, but for some reason the ‘trauma’ happening at 3 makes sense to me. First thought was that it was an accident/something medical, but Jill would have definitely mentioned that by now because there’s no reason for it to be a secret. There’s a slim chance there was a one time event like a random kidnapping or assault at a daycare, would make sense why her mom seems to want to coddle her for life and never say no because she feels guilty. maybe im just saying this because i just watched that one black mirror episode where the mom puts a chip in her daughter’s brain after she goes missing.

No. 184310

Snow? She's pt material

No. 184312

the 3 year old thing is definitely The prime example suggestive psychologists use. its perfect because almost no one remembers being 3. any therapist could tell you you have repressed memories from that age, and dumb people would just choose to believe that.

No. 184315

File: 1637712941206.jpg (232.7 KB, 1080x1270, Screenshot_20211123-191305_Twi…)

No mom it wasn't a phase. It was the teenage boy living inside of me.

No. 184316

She doesn’t even have an official diagnosis. No matter how many times she likes to say she’s been officially diagnosed a diagnostic impression is not an official diagnosis. Impressions basically means she’ll have to go for more testing for an official diagnosis but something tells me she won’t because there’s a high chance they’ll see she actually doesn’t have DID and so she’s probably just happy to keep it had a impression

No. 184318

Oh god of course it has to get worse before it gets better. People really just need to accept that sometimes they’re boring and that’s okay.

No. 184321

i second this, she is pt worthy for sure

No. 184322

File: 1637719362270.png (865.29 KB, 1080x874, Screenshot_20211123-185208-702…)

I can't believe it took Jill pretending to be her OC to find out that she's actually okay at drawing. Also this is another red flag for being a fake.

No. 184324


Laineybot vibes

No. 184327

this is the same style just different coloring KEK

No. 184328

File: 1637720424346.png (155.63 KB, 1080x621, Screenshot_20211123-211823~2.p…)

>Our little's crayola masterpieces

No. 184329

Kek at her Jerrick OC being thin and having muh self harm bandages on his arm

No. 184330

That’s what I was assuming aswell, ty nonny!

No. 184331

I mean, she's literally hitting every single beat.

No. 184334

File: 1637721770843.jpeg (299.93 KB, 1242x1121, 84013640-8506-440E-B45D-4B0546…)

Oh boy, this is going to be a forever excuse. Poor quality? My alters! Being a bitch? My alters. On an on and on.

But wait, I thought Jill said that they’re co-con, but I guess that doesn’t apply to art tho. Kek.

No. 184337

Can someone link me the thread where her mom came in?

No. 184339

She just said that “It’s jill lurking” and then referred to herself in 3rd person instead of saying “im” literally what

No. 184340

>Jillian was the only one capable of sewing and pattern drafting, Our teacher called our work inconsistent

Not Jill blaming her alters for her sloppy rush job baby's first sewing project tier dresses.

No. 184343

File: 1637725712486.png (1 MB, 1920x1920, IMG_20211123_204505_e.png)

Sorry for the absolute 'tisim but I read an article about spotting someone faking DID the blue is interesting points the pink is red flags Jill has already shown. What's sad is that she'll continue to get ass pats by other people who are using an illness that destroys lives for fun.


No. 184346

Straight up read that as "autistic folks".

No. 184347

File: 1637725912595.png (1.01 MB, 739x633, shit_eating_grin.png)

She has to know deep down that the DID is a show. I just refuse to think that she's believing her own bs.

No. 184350

when is she going to admit that her work suffers because shes a pothead alcoholic? doesn't that happen to a lot of college students, even without mental illnesses? im wondering if the other fakers do drugs too, particularly the youtubers.

No. 184353

She’s either going to have to keep this act up for eternity or end up disappearing off the internet down the line.

No. 184354

Hmm seems pretty disrespectful for a 23 year old girl to be snooping a 14 year old boys private account, kek, but what do iiii knoooow?? I wouldn't want to share passwords with alters heh

No. 184357

Nah, the worst part is that she can bail basically scot free by claiming that the alters "merged" when she gets bored.

No. 184358

This is so fucking funny what an elaborate excuse for her failed designer phase holy shit

No. 184360

Jilly is definitely one of those types to fall for mass hysteria.

No. 184363

File: 1637742254154.png (28.44 KB, 113x128, 34D3A36E-BDB7-47E6-87A8-B74BE6…)

>capable of sewing and pattern drafting

No. 184366


No. 184367

File: 1637745254482.png (65.25 KB, 300x300, 04qtzg2gz2851.png)

Kek I guess the only way for a white straight woman to win the Oppression Olympics is by pretending that she has a bunch of diverse people living in her head, we can already cross having a trans male off the list.

Makes me wonder, do you think one of her alters will be a POC?
Maybe the 6 year old girl is actually Japanese.
Would be a perfect excuse as to why she loves PreCure, if she has a 6 yo Japanese girl inside her head that means she IS the target demographic (& allows her to one up every other PreCure fan since she loves being the biggest fan of anything ever).
Also that makes it totally ok for her to still call herself a 'kawaii Jfashion influencer' even tho she hasn't worn anything from a Japanese brand in years.
Plus perfect excuse to be more consumerist! Of course Jill is environmentally conscious but her little uwu deserves to get lots of plastic toys shipped over from Japan for Christmas!!

No. 184368

File: 1637745597194.png (38.47 KB, 546x441, wtff.PNG)

who's the intersex one you think? kek

No. 184369

I will risk the ban to say this:

Someone should compile EVERYTHING she has done and send it to a YouTube channel that talks about this kind of topics. A cold fact type of channel, not an "uwu but she could ahksually be mentally ill!! Uwu" one. People legit think she has never caused any drama ever (got a comment about this and it annoyed me beyond worlds). I think we still should wait a little to see what type of other crazy shit she does but even her deceiving lies, rage against her fans, and not being able to keep a s