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File: 1639769974828.jpg (854.39 KB, 1904x1566, 1639630448424.jpg)

No. 188928

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats things while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnosis that she paid for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ diagnosis with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and struggles to maintain the LARP after only two weeks.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a weeaboo style she no longer personally wears, she now looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Has a youtube channel with an insonsitent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating her fans.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- shit, including clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent.
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, alienating her previous fans.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without futher medical advice.
>Thinks having a counselor = actual therapy. Continues to fake all kinds of symptoms and illnesses to prove she’s sick, making her into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies so much that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from overseas and doesn’t care if the items come from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to criticism and what she has seen in her threads.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image, even claiming her mayor trauma comes from a short lived DeviantArt ex-girlfriend.
>Formerly referred to herself as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother, her partners, and other content creators (in a creepy way).
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience.
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t personally selling anything yet, but plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs. Had a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items.
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact. She doesn’t seem to clean her space full of cat fur and shit either.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, and pretending she can only eat one type of food.
>After frivolously celebrating her “life changing” dissociative identity disorder diagnosis with a cake, she swears there’s 5 different alters living inside her head with some other being “fragments”. So far we have:

>Jerrick or Jerrica: 13-16 year old emo guy, signs with a snake emoji

>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, signs with a flame emoji
>6 year old alter who is always “co-fronting”, talks like a baby, signs with the strawberry emoji
>a 35 year old alter who is male and cleans, cooks, etc. Adult shit that she doesn’t even like doing herself.
>Sandwich alter and cherry blossom alter who is a weeb.

Thread stamps:
>>186741 Some bullshit about "singlets"
>>186881 Tells people to leave her alone
>>186877 An anon notices she always uses the sob emoji when she's fuming
>>186900 She retweets and replies to a post about "anti-fakers" as if she wasn't faking it herself
>>186913 New alter drops with the name Veronica
>>186919 The alter is clearly just her being a horny bitch, no trauma needed
>>186932 Disgusting webm with her pretending to be sexy, the camera is angled so it looks like her boobs are bigger
>>186935 Someone tells her she moves like shane dawson
>>186955 Weird evening with friends
>>186980 Webm version
>>186999 Gross (you can see her special snowflakes here)
>>187017 The girl who deleted her comments talks back
>>187065 Jill can't let it go and continues being a bitch
>>187138 She gets more views on tiktok because of her saggy tits
>>187255 New video, she has cat shit on her walls
>>187258 Overfed obese cats
>>187263 She sits on the ground full of cat litter
>>187366 Veronica is "new to social media" -literally how?-
>>187373 Her cherry blossom is a weeb alter kek very predictable
>>187404 Takes an ugly ass selfie with her "precure heart"
>>187431 >trans sky
>>187578 Another "put a finger down" video
>>187572 Blames her lack of skills on DID
>>187585 Says she's already improving after getting her diagnosis
>>187641 Forget Jerrica exists
>>187646 Says she has "thickened her skin"
>>187679 Gross whiteknight who also comes to the thread to be autistic (Not worth even giving her more attention)
>>187709 Jillian knows the whiteknight though
>>187712 Steven makes a "communist" gingerbread house (cringe as fuck)
>>187806 Jokes about giving herself some hairbands for some reason
>>187837 She doesn't take her makeup and looks gross as fuck (WARNING: BARF)
>>187908 Another dumb Jerrica tiktok
>>187895 Says every alter has a different way to be drunk, I say she's an alcoholic if she drinks this much
>>187950 Talks like a baby to her cats, it's cringe, she was probably very drunk.
>>187922 Says she's co-fronting when she talks like a baby

Old threads:

Last thread: >>>/w/185184

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem?
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 188930

File: 1639770665897.png (652.43 KB, 936x480, jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil.png)

No. 188932

File: 1639771365356.jpeg (487.17 KB, 803x1086, E84FF13F-1310-4F3C-BB71-F552DA…)

No. 188935

She could make sewing videos about pattern drafting/etc but nooo.

No. 188936

File: 1639771700296.jpeg (405.59 KB, 828x1058, 78461817-17A2-44B9-A151-B3FF21…)

No. 188937

i don't understand. nothing is holding her back from being as productive as she was in college. moreover, she still lives in the same city and is only friends with people from her college now. tf is she missing out on?

No. 188939

Bold of you to assume she knows more than basic pattern drafting.

No. 188940

Cut to her (passive) aggressive tweets and comments. The purpose of her alters is so transparent…

No. 188942

Her sewing vlogs were actually really nice. She wasn't the best, but she seemed to be enjoying it and making content about it. I do hope she gets better, its been awful to see her let herself decline mentally.

No. 188944

Nice OP, pic has a slight "silence of the lambs" vibe to it, kek

No. 188947

File: 1639784013342.jpg (537.5 KB, 1080x1744, IMG_20211218_003240.jpg)

Is this related to Jill? I saw some people tagging her, probably for the "aesthetic" or lack thereof though.

No. 188951

hope fully Jill doesn't take it that he company stole her design like she did for meyo's cardigan. Her self aggrandizing really showed when she automatically read her fan tagging her as them trying to show her her design was "stolen".

No. 188955

Lmao remember when this bitch had the audacity to say Meyocco stole her design but she never followed through making that cardigan? and she continues to fail.

No. 188956

File: 1639787805148.jpeg (349.48 KB, 828x973, D0562E77-1F7F-4CB6-AC06-E858D2…)

No. 188957

God she wants to be special so bad. A kid who sits on a chair properly is a rare case, why on earth would this be notable

No. 188962

Jesus, maybe the reason she never gets anything done is because she apparently needs to use 6 different color markers to write one word?? Like I know you need to post everything you do on Twitter to feel valid, but damn, they're just some notes.

No. 188964

please, god… theres no way she could keep up w the did shit if she got a hobby, right? right??

No. 188966

dirty hair

No. 188967

Her recent need to post so many childhood pictures for replies like this is weird. Same with the hyperfixations one.

No. 188969

File: 1639792698609.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20211217-185245-042…)

It's weird that she's only posting the positive things of her DID after her "diagnosis". It's almost as if she romanticizes it and only sees it as a benefit rather than a debilitating disorder. But #disocaltwt am I right?

No. 188971

Rachel Maksy isn't great at sewing or drafting but her videos are always so entertaining and chill. She puts in effort and does whatever she can. Jill could be like Rachel Maksy if she weren't so desperate for validation.

No. 188973

what the fuck lmao is Rachel maksy an anagram or is this a self post?

No. 188977

Yeah she doesn't mention the "constant dissociation" and crying anymore. Actually, she's saying that she feels better now.
Almost like, gasp! almost like she's faking it.

No. 188978

Who the fuck is Rachel Masky? fuck off lmao

No. 188979

>>188973 rachel maksey makes vlog/fashion and sewing videos. shd likes historical/vintage/dark academia stuff and really leans in to the aesthetic. mostly crafty and sewing as well as outfit videos with a decent personality. I understand the comparison as "something pixie could be if she tried", but, jillian always does things for the image and attention and never to enjoy the thing itsel. so it's useless to hope.

No. 188981

File: 1639797123283.jpeg (220.74 KB, 828x574, 800D47DC-7F5B-4599-99ED-BF0E44…)

I’m sorry but Jill, you have had a FUCKING YEAR TO PUT THIS COLLECTION TOGETHER PROPERLY! Why the fuck do you need ANOTHER 3 MONTHS?!

No. 188982

Feeder confirmed, why else would you get an already overweight woman an icecream maker?

No. 188983

>An even year delay

Jesus, she can post every day on Twitter/tiktok about her ocs and interact with followers but a whole year to make a video about her sewing school's final project makes sense

No. 188984

It does seem like a weird gift for a bf to give his girlfriend. Usually gifts like this (Ice cream maker, waffle iron… ect, fun neat things to try) are gifts that you get for family members when you don't know what they actually like. But Stevie lives with her. Surely she could've used some sewing tools or he could've gotten her something like a special limited precure toy or something? I guess he wanted to get something all the OCs would like but why not get each of them something small and personal then? It makes me wonder how much time they spend together.

No. 188985

I mean it’s definitely not outside the realm of possibility that she wanted an ice cream maker, given her history of wanting to “make” things exclusively for herself (poorly) and she most definitely likes ice cream :/(:/)

No. 188986

File: 1639799313697.jpeg (755.21 KB, 828x1490, F6DDD9AB-9009-41E0-B102-F8BD97…)

jillian in the comment section of some college student pretending to be a did expert. literally none of these words make any sense

No. 188987


“But I have no idea lol” then shut uuuuuuup

No. 188988

Anyone else finding it weird that steve wrote "my angels"? Quite a romantic term, considering he's only dating Jill, and there are minors in the system…

No. 188989

I think lovebombing Jill is life on easy mode for him. He just has to tell her she looks beautiful when she looks like a disaster slob and she will uwu owo post about it on twitter or bring it up in some unrelated video. Like if you were a lazy douche living rent free with your own room in exchange for complimenting and sometimes sexing an insane clown, why not? He gets paid as her "editor" too. Dude found a meal ticket.

No. 188994

Proven by science, of course!

No. 188997

Thank you for the new thread and for using my pic!

No. 188998

It's a bit sickening how obviously false and lovebomby it is
>Jillian: wakes up a drunken disaster on the sofa
>Stevie: Wow! So beautiful!
>Jillian wants an ice cream maker/Stevie wants a low effort gift
>Stevie: My angels! (referring to her multiple personalities and not his children like you would assume seeing that tag)

I can't fault her for falling for this shit since she is still only 23 which is well within the "youthful regrets" age, but it's still awful to have a pandering enabling scrote like that. Anyone who truly cared would not enable her downfall like this, you want to see people you love improve their health, career, mental health, skills, not the opposite.

No. 189020

File: 1639810844203.jpeg (230.62 KB, 807x685, 3B726008-F133-4E19-BDBC-F76C95…)

It very much seems like a low effort gift from Stevie as a way to please all of Jill’s ocs. Jill doesn’t seem to mind because Stevie is playing into her DID larp

No. 189023


sage for slight irrelevance

honestly, i fucking hate steve. he seems so fake and disgusting and any man who uses 'they/them' are just distancing from the privilege males receive.

he uses jill (as much as i dislike her) for free emotional support, sex, free housing, probably does not even pay for food.. and she's happy he gets her an ice cream maker? i wish she'd get a wake up call. so many men play up the effeminate thing to seem unthreatening.. to get into womens pants.

i don't see steve as this victim, this closeted gay man (and even if he was, i don't care, he's a leech).

he just reeks of "i don't care as long as i get pussy and free food" dudebro attitude but cover it with pastel colors and fake gender bullshit.

No. 189024

>Jerrick: you fucking wish I was your girlfriend
>also Jerrick: is fine with being called "one of his angels"

I don't like him either, but I doubt Jill can offer emotional support when she's so into herself.

No. 189027

it's a kid. 60% of children are filthy at any given moment. source: smelling them

No. 189028

Yeah I don’t think it’s fair to say he’s using her, when she can barely manage to post content once in a blue moon, meanwhile he actually has a job and helps her edit. He’s not a victim for sure, but the man must have the patience of a god to put up with Jill’s shit.
It’s worth noting that when they got together he was a normal looking fuckboy, and then she assimilated himself into her rainby hellscape and dyed his hair and changed his clothes so she could use him as a fashion accessory. They’re both as bad as one another, they’re a perfect match

No. 189030

Does anyone think her munchie tendencies will only be limited to mental health disorders? I'm waiting for the colostomy bag saga.

No. 189031

she's confusing DnD with did for real..

No. 189032

I doubt Jillybean will get a colostomy bag, it’s not very kawaii. Mental illness can be dressed up and cherry picked for the more desiresble symptoms as well as “reversed” (via meds,therapy,etc) when she gets bored of it

No. 189034

A youtuber with almost 1 million followers

No. 189036

yeah, on second thought, you guys are right, jill for sure isn't one for emotional support. i got the impression that was the case but after watching some q&a stuff.. her screeching and fake laughing around him tells me she is shallow and self-centered.

i didn't know steve has a job, honestly. he graduated from journalism, right? i imagine the bulk of the money is from jill's family. he did joke about living rent free (word for word) so that's why i assumed he's just chilling there doing nothing but gaming, eating and having sex. it looks like neither of them step foot outside unless they have to.

No. 189040

I wonder how much time she is spending digging through old pictures to find pictures of her OC’s like she trawled through them just recently to get “pictures of Jerrick”, I bet this is the uwu six year old alter

No. 189043

sage for literal tinfoil but the only way this is possible is if you're a victim of MK Ultra. Even the concept of alters came from their mind control programming which shouldn't be something to be proud of.

No. 189050

I would love a wheelchair alter ahaha

No. 189053


It’s a YouTuber with 688K more subscribers than Jill…

No. 189058


iirc I think Steve wasn’t working for a period, when he started editing for Jill, but he posted about getting ‘his dream job’ working for some Roblox thing. So a ‘job’ might be a stretch, but I’m fairly sure he does actually work outside of doing her edits

No. 189059

File: 1639841039233.png (356.41 KB, 828x1792, 8695E50E-8C66-4740-8437-23E784…)

Same fag, confirming Steve does actually have a job. So if anything, Jill is milking him since he likely contributes to her rent since she barely posts anything anymore

No. 189060

Maybe Jillian thinks she needs to eat for 5 people, makes sense she likes the ice cream maker.

No. 189061

he's a game dev? troon saga is definitely gonna happen. i give him a couple years until he goes full MtF

No. 189068

Hasn't Louise been covering the Rainby Dungeon's rent since the very beginning? What Jill makes from patreon/youtube is just mad money iirc.

No. 189070

>his dream job’ working for some Roblox thing
Sounds more like he's making Roblox worlds than an actual job… I don't even play Roblox and even I know making Roblox games is easy even for a kid
Did he ever go to college at all?

No. 189072

Must be an American/Canadian thing because where I live, kids bathe everyday. Or at least they aren't dirty to the point that their hair looks gross like that

No. 189073

I cringe everytime she posts the hashtag #dissociatwt it's so fucking obvious shes doin this for attention
>All your parts
Sounds like fucking ddgl or some shit

No. 189074

100% agree with you

No. 189077

File: 1639844979366.jpg (25.98 KB, 474x248, downloadfile.jpg)

No. 189081

$18,000 a year? i was going to say that wasn’t much but he’s probably making a good amount compared to jill as a “full time youtuber” and “designer “

No. 189091

That’s not the job, that’s the program that he working on as his job, that’s where the applicants for the program apply

No. 189094

idg what all this IT shit means. Could any tech nonnies explain?

No. 189095

Its basically a co-op program. Its geared towards uni aged people, as its for 18+ and can be used possible for a credit. Its an internship that is at least paid (13k if you get into it, and they likely offer a laptop to work with), so good for experience but it isnt a job job, its only for a few months.

No. 189097

That experience with Roblox is likely over now. The program, while full-time, was still only twelve weeks long. Who knows what he's doing now, if he's not still in school

No. 189100

One thing I don't understand, which I suppose applies to DID as a whole, is why people who supposedly have the disorder want to be referred to in plural. It seems dehumanising and, paradoxically, limiting to one's identity. I imagine you would want to be referred to as you, the person. Those fragments ultimately still make you one person, they just need to become one for it to feel as such for the person with the disorder. I know that with my mental illness I hate being defined by it and prefer being seen as a person first as opposed to a person defined by their symptoms. Reading the card addressed to "angels" is just so strange to me. Don't you want your partner to see you for who YOU are: one person who simply has a fragmented personality until one is healed as much as possible? It is just so bizarre to me.

No. 189104

I want to know more about the Stevie and Jerdick lore, from Jill's perspective. Does she still have sporadic outbursts of BPD rage towards him? Or is her BPD magically cured, I mean, are Steve and Jello bro buddies who play games together? Since Jerrick is a totes real, cool boy. Or maybe Soy had sex with Jill but Jerrick was fronting so Steve, lucky guy, finally got to have absolutely real gay sex yet Jerrick experienced trauma, making him polyfragment and develop a sandwich alter. and what happened to the drag alter?? gone? I guess we'll get the milk in our OC introduction video.

No. 189105

Honestly, her recent escapades have shown she doesn't want to be "kawaii" anymore (I mean, when she is one of her alters, obv) and often is happily gross. The crusty make-up on an unwashed face, the sexualised obesity, the cat shit on the walls? She doesn't give a fuck and will continue to deteriorate like this, unless she decides to change.

No. 189106

First he'll start wearing more skirts and Jill will fawn over him more, treating him like a baby and posting pictures cooing over how cute and adorable he is. Meanwhile she will balloon further and look so hideously unhealthy she'll be unrecognisable. Combined with her embracing obese-teenage-boy-core, they'll both be nearing the deep end. He'll start advocating for LGBT rights more and present more "femininely" before finally coming out as transgender. We'll see a picture of Jill with four double chins, glued down eyebrows, a drawn on goatee, huge facial piercings and a musty black beanie covered in cat hairs next to an obvious male in his twenties donning the usual greasy comb-over and malnourished face.

No. 189120

Don't you dare insult Rachel like that, she doesn't deserve to be compared to a horrible munchie like Jill

also a damn random reach to bring her up at all lmao

No. 189129

It's really not. She is not skilled at sewing by any means and is aware of that. Her builds are usually more crafty and for content than high quality and functional. She makes up for that by having chill, aesthetic videos with a nice at atmosphere and a down to earth personality. She doesn't think she's god's gift to sewing and costuming. Jill could learn from her by actually creating relevant content and acting like a human being but that would require effort and humility.

No. 189133

so the only thing they have in common is their inability to properly sew and being on youtube?
but one of them is a decent person, while the other is definitely not and basically pissed their chance away of ever becoming one

No. 189144

The original comparison to Rachel was to show that Jill could still make sewing content, as long as she didn't act like a uber cocky professional seamstress. Just make it casual and fun and maybe some of the same audience that likes rachels videos might like jills as well

No. 189170

File: 1639867821806.jpeg (281.21 KB, 1125x1869, 5207C91D-5FA0-4292-BD47-832134…)

Her estimated earnings over the past few months. There’s no way she can be affording to live on her own

No. 189183

Is Jerrick's entire personality supposed to be… green? There are cartoon characters that are less one dimensional. She is so wildly uncreative.

Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure this is to avoid crossing her wires later on. Easier to remember which alter likes what when they only like one kind of thing each.

No. 189185

What was with her post about her and Stevie splitting up to visit their families separately for the holidays?
Tinfoil, but that seems weird, in my own experiences my S.O. and I always visit family as a couple, no matter who we're seeing. I wonder if their families have issues with their child's choice in partners?

No. 189186

But anon, how else can they make up the colors of an extra special rainby?

No. 189188

From my understanding, he’s not in the program, he’s working for the people running it. He tweeted a little while ago about Roblox servers being down and him not being able to go his job.

She literally said it was due to Covid testing reasons nonnie, not everything is that deep

No. 189195

>>189188 No, I meant it was strange that they appear to split up to celebrate the holidays. People normally visit family accompanied by long-term partners

No. 189196

>>189195 I suppose you could be right though, perhaps I am reading into it too deeply–it was a tinfoil anyway.

No. 189200

what if Steve is out to his family and is dating a man but leading Jill on as not to have to pay for his lifestyle. maybe the dude sneaks in through the basement window some nights

No. 189202

They probably are spliting up for the holidays because jill won't be able to see steve's family without getting overly "triggered." he mentioned that they were extremely religious - she probably can't even be in the same room with them cause they will trigger her when they politely question how she can be a 14 year old trans boy/

No. 189204

Okay so it's pretty much been confirmed that Jill's "trauma" was caused by her deviant art relationship, as per Jerrick's response on tiktok to Melanie Martinez songs trending again, apparently it hits too close to home for her, which I'm assuming is in reference to the accusations that Melanie is a rapist/assaulted a girl in the past. If anyone knows how to attach tiktoks it's on the system account lmao

No. 189207

Ugh. She's absolutely pathetic. A trending artist with a past scandal is enough to send you over the edge? Are you fucking kidding me? That applies to SO many people in the entertainment industry. Just get off Tiktok if you really can't handle it. I honestly feel bad for Pixie's ex, can you imagine trying to be intimate as a young teen and then having this stupid fuck slandering you–even indirectly–and blaming you for every problem in their miserable little life literally a decade later?? Wtf is wrong with this bitch…

No. 189208

KEK, at her senseless censoring (("Mlanie Mrtinez")). What a fat fucking idiot. She looks so greasy here as well, would it kill her to take a shower or brush her hair before she posts? I know she's got an uwu trans boi in her head now, but dear god…

No. 189209

No. 189210

No. 189211

No. 189212

Good lord is that her attempt at a “man” voice/acting like a man? Also you will NEVER catch me online with greasy hair like that geez girl invest in some dry shampoo at least if water triggers you so badly

No. 189213

Is she trying to talk like peridot?

Also "I have boundaries" do you really you talk about your UTIs but suddenly your trauma with a girl you were still friends with after breaking up so you can ride dick instead is too much to share? God I wish Uma caught wind of this and said something because Jill can ruin her life just by dropping these insinuations. She doesn't realize how dangerous of a game she's playing when so much of her life was online.

No. 189214

Yeah Jill, you totally develop DID (if real) after ONE bad sex experience when you were a teenager. If something did happen with that girlfriend, I do feel bad for her, but you don't become mental like that.

No. 189215

Does Uma actually know about any of this? I feel like she must have heard something over the years as pixie always refers to their past relationship as abusive publicly in videos etc. but to go as far as to accuse her of some form of sexual assault or harassment and the cause of her DID is a whole different thing than just complaining about an ex.

I really wanted to give Jill the benefit of the doubt because there was still the possibility that something actually fucked up could have happened in her childhood to cause major trauma that we all didn't know about, but this?? Really??

I'm aware it'd be wrong to try and contact Uma, if anything if she doesn't know it's probably for the best that she's spared from the bs, but I can't help but wonder what she thinks or even if she's aware of what's happening.

No. 189216

I know her fakeboi alter is the "persecutor" or whatever the fuck, but why is she being so aggressive for no reason? Was anyone arguing with her in the comments? She's acting like she's being e-harrassed but I think she's talking to herself.

No. 189217

Melanie Martinez was proven innocent and Piper Sweeney laid it out over a 2 hour video a long ass time ago. Jill should take her own advice and do more research kek.

No. 189218

This is so stupid. Who even asked her? If she's not talking about it, then… don't talk about it.

No. 189219

Why is she saying "there's no point in dredging up old drama" when she's the one who brought it up in the first place and made three tiktoks about it?

No. 189220

timothy heller (mel’s accuser) and jill both have bpd, so no wonder jill relates to her. they’re both lying narcs who cry rape for attention. also does this retard not know you can block sounds on tik tok?

No. 189224

proven innocent? stfu. no, she was not. A YT video made by someone proves nothing. I hope you're never assaulted, bc what a take you've got there.

No. 189227

File: 1639897958807.webm (503.49 KB, 540x960, here's that attention you orde…)

No. 189229

File: 1639898244999.webm (1.84 MB, 540x960, here's that attention you orde…)

No. 189230

File: 1639898391273.webm (4.27 MB, 540x960, here's that attention you orde…)

No. 189231

Yeah, if someone had alters, wouldn't the alters want to be talked to as their own person? Calling yourself a body is dehumanizing, if the DID was real and not fake this would be different

No. 189233

>Jerrick he/him 14
You don't look like a male and you don't look 14.

No. 189234

File: 1639898919274.jpg (173.46 KB, 532x818, B612_20211219_012741_071.jpg)

Wtf, she looks like a crackwhore

No. 189235

File: 1639899071936.jpg (112.94 KB, 443x504, B612_20211219_012802_552.jpg)

She doesn't look 14, 16, hell she doesn't even look 23… She looks like a drunktard alcoholic who is being delusional and over reacting.

No. 189236

File: 1639899149421.jpg (88.9 KB, 352x497, B612_20211219_013158_336.jpg)

Just trying to hold all the fat

No. 189239


Why the fuck are you making a big 3-part series about some trauma you then won't explain. It's all about getting attention isn't it?!

No. 189240

>I won't comment on this, I have boundaries
>posts it on public tiktok, where you share about your trauma induced mental disorder

No. 189241

What the hell is wrong with her skin? (aside being an obese alcoholic)
Did she intentionally pick an ugly filter?

No. 189243

She looks so grimy. That chubby toddler hand is giving me the creeps

No. 189245

File: 1639904762133.png (500.5 KB, 593x583, chrome_c2xrtxMBnu.png)


No. 189246

The word you’re looking for is coercive you silly rainbow tard. I agree with the other anons saying she looks like absolute dog shit, imagine showing this beast to lolita jill, she’d probably start crying.

No. 189247

Lmfaooo, you just made my evening, anon. This is priceless. All hail Kween Jilly Bean of Mento Illness Land & the Trauma Tributaries. Jesus fucking Christ

No. 189248

I don't want to sperg but I don't get it. We all have either been through serious trauma and/or known people who have. To see her having this shit fire over.. checks notes an online same gender relationship.. just baffles me. I mean, it was online and short term, yet so bad it caused her to create different coping personalities?
I get she isn't hurting anyone by doing this, but jesus way to delegitimize actual trauma and make it another tacky plastic accessory. What is it with these cows and asspats for breathing?

No. 189249

I think the key to this dilemma is her diagnosis "borderline personality disorder", which means her tiny problems are huge trauma experiences.

No. 189254

What baffles me is that she hasn't learned a thing. I do agree that no one is entitled to someone's trauma. But wouldn't the easiest thing be to not be on tiktok? Taking a two weeks hiatus for the festivities wouldn't even be that weird. It is truly so bad and triggering, isn't the first step to remove yourself from the trigger? Jill could literally close her phone and make something for once. Tiktok doesn't pay the bills.

No. 189256

Her trauma is being 100% hetero but yet wanting to be kweer. She's clearly not attracted to women so she had to pretend to be trans and non-binary aka spicy hetero.

No. 189258

I think she must've explored the possibility of "recovered memories" with her quack and thankfully realized it would ruin her relationship with her family, so she's gone back to the DeviantArt romance arc as her main trauma.

Jill definitely shares genes with Shayna somewhere along the line, their behavior (self destructive dedication to being a cow, lack of self-awareness) and appearance is too similar.

No. 189259

But werent the accusations towards Melanie proven fake?

No. 189260

unless they were proven false by jill this isn’t the place to discuss it, i’m sure the nonas on ot would be happy to talk about it

No. 189264

>she isn't hurting anyone by doing this
Even if they're enabling her this is probably shit for her family though, imagine your child saying you failed to protect them to the point where they developed multiple personalities from childhood trauma. Not to mention if the stuff about that girl gets spread around

No. 189269

I mean she is hurting someone, she names Uma, we all know her name and old socials, at no point has she been cryptic, she isn’t from a large community either she is from an island, Im surprised her audience hasn’t gone and harassed her yet honestly. She also really hurt mystery girl, she made her come out to her family while using her for clout then dumped her in a pretty brutal way. She put Colin on blast to her audience after their breakup. She doesn’t have friends for long because she hurts people all the time, she isn’t harmless, she is actually very abusive to those around her.

No. 189270

Wait I’m confused! Was her relationship with uma online or did they ever meet in person?

No. 189275

File: 1639928127941.jpg (73.53 KB, 428x407, SmartSelect_20211219-101907_Sa…)

looking like nikocado avocado

No. 189278

Her eyes look like they’re getting closer together holy fuck. Like it doesn’t even look like her anymore. She’s my favourite cow on this farms (unless she snorts meth or fucks her elderly mother she won’t be cow of the year, but there’s time)

No. 189284

You somehow replied to the wrong post from another thread from another cow lol

No. 189285

Where is Uma nowadays? Does she know? What are her socials? I'm surprised no one in this thread has digged them up yet

No. 189286

File: 1639936913962.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211219-125547_Chr…)

Jillian in one of her deviantart journals said Uma's full name so just a Google search of Uma Doucette will link to her Facebook page, she's seems to be doing well. Also, this is really irrelevant so sorry but just wanted to say: Uma's pretty hot lol. She seems to have her own furniture refinishing business? In Halifax. Sorry if I did anything wrong I 99% lurk

No. 189287

She’s cute. In that one picture she looks like charles gross kek

No. 189288

She's a babe, I wonder if she knows Jill is still subtweeting/subtokking her all these years later

No. 189289

I don’t think she gives a fuck tbh

No. 189291

Wow she is way out of Jill's league, she's so pretty

No. 189292


Why is her skin so elastic?

No. 189293

Keep seething that you’ll never see pedo panderer Melanie be a rapist kek. Timothy heller is bpd-chan as hell and her story fell apart quick as her music career(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 189294

Wow she’s very hot imo. Maybe Jillian says she has trauma because she herself turned into the moon emoji.

No. 189295

I don't know if this is relevant but I found this old Deviantart account from a Canadian who mentions a list of friends someone has including a "Jill" and lists Uma as one of her favorite authors, I can't tell if it is Uma but if it is it might be interesting reading.

The timeline of these journal posts just about lines up with Jill's last journal posts on hers, early 2012 is the most recent for both.

No. 189296

Anyone else think she's just pinning it to Uma for an excuse to use her trauma to clear her image on the mystery girl situation?
Like to say she had too much trauma with wlw relationships so that's why she didn't treat her well?
Or maybe as an excuse to why she only dates guys but wants to still claim the LGBT labels

No. 189297


idk, anon. I'm more into hYpeRfemIniNe girls excluding Jillian kek(nobody cares)

No. 189298


Same, although I can objectively echo the anon who said Uma is way out of Jill’s league.


I think she’s been cryptically referencing her “abusive teenage relationship” for years, so I don’t think she’s on this bullshit solely as an excuse for Mystery Girl and her non-existent queerness. This predates that iirc. But it’s 100% gonna be her excuse going forward. Like how can anyone judge her when she was abused so bad her brain split? U monsters uwu crying emoji.

No. 189299

File: 1639940418970.jpg (80.26 KB, 613x553, Screenshot 2021-12-19 115939.j…)

It is her. Check the comments on this post.

No. 189300

Holy shit I know it’s only a few photos but just compare her to Jill (who was absolutely punching above her weight there). Makes me laugh to think all these years later Uma almost certainly doesn’t think about her, and here’s Jill’s screeching on about this vewy scawy abwuser. She really is a clown, it’s comical

No. 189301

File: 1639940755818.jpg (20.87 KB, 439x190, Screenshot 2021-12-19 120450.j…)

Some hints on who the family member coming for Christmas that Jill doesn't want to interact with might be. What is Louise's maiden name? Who wants to guess that it's the "brother from Edmonton?" Also, I am surprised to learn she has two other siblings. They make it seem like it was just her and our girl Sam.

No. 189303


That's what I am referring to. I am surprised to learn Louise has two other siblings because she only talks about her sister Sam.

No. 189304

Could be a brother in law/her dad's siblings. Digging through her family's FBs to figure out what family member she is beefing with seems like crossing a line into creepy territory imo.

No. 189305


Sam ONLY talks about Louise as well when it comes to siblings, so it's a bit weird.

No. 189309

An actual artsy queer woman vs what ever the fuck Jill is.

100% even before she was doing this DID larp she would mention her old relationship with Uma and how apprehensive/excited to date a girl again. But now Steve is going to troon out so now she'll use the excuse of "transphobia" if anyone says their relationship isn't WLW.

Anon it's already been stated in past threads from a tweet that Jill wrote that the family member she's beefing with is a cousin that's going over to PEI to visit her boyfriend and thought she should see family on her way. Jill only beefs with women.

No. 189311

Noticed she only beefs with women too, imagine how awful it would of been if her relationship w Alyssa was super public and lasted longer than a single pillow princess sesh. She can only have long relationships with nerdy men because she can mould them into the perfect little femboy.

No. 189314

Oh my god, she's so freaking attractive. Jill could never. She doesn't desrve someone as shitty as Jill, never did.

Seriously, Jillian is just another hetero bitch, I'm a 100% sure. Imagine calling your ex gf a rapist just because you're repulsed by women and not actually attracted to them. Imagine calling another girl predatory when they were just probably normal teens. I don't trust Jill, she overreacts and always changes her entire persona to suit her needs.

No. 189316

You're missing out, the moment she was posted I was like "oh, she's very pretty…" seriously I think I have a crush on this girl now lol(no1curr)

No. 189317

Why did she even post about what-her-face if she was just going to get mad and defensive?? You can’t share every thought and feeling you have on the internet then get pissy if people ask you questions?? Like no point at all for those three tictoks. Waste of the data and energy used to post them. Also yeah she looks hella chubby in them (possible resent gain from meds maybe?). Change your diet and exercise my girl.

No. 189318

>queer woman
Please say Lesbian

No. 189319

Could be the skinwalker?

No. 189320

Her name is Uma and she's my crush pls respect
just kidding but wow she's very very cute, just what my lesbianism ordered

Jill is seriously so ugly compared to her, not even when she wasn't this obese and out of shape kek. But yeah her skin is so saggy and ugly and she's probably jealous that Uma is pretty and succesful. I fucking despise Jillian more every day that passes lol

No. 189322

She has a boyfriend

No. 189323

i think that anon was referring to melanie martinez, not uma

No. 189324

Yes was referring to Melanie Martinez. Would never disrespect Uma like that ;)(;))

No. 189325

Then say bisexual, don't ever say queer. It's very fucking cringe.

No. 189326

>she will arrive
Mama Vessey's pandering only goes so far.

No. 189328

File: 1639951568002.jpg (274.46 KB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_20211219-230149_Fac…)

I just came across this old pic of her and she used to be so pretty. Sad to look at what she's become

No. 189329

File: 1639951618933.jpeg (61.39 KB, 554x554, C722F4D5-2704-4BC0-9927-5EAE5E…)

when you realise Uma gave us the best cow we’ve ever had by simply existing as a hot lesbian and minding her damn business(back2twitter)

No. 189332

File: 1639954615145.jpeg (302.88 KB, 750x1037, BD6AA176-9962-45CF-948E-AA12C7…)

No. 189333

What a fucking bully.

No. 189334

This is so cringe. Did that person even say anything offensive originally?

No. 189335

File: 1639955024122.png (213.09 KB, 579x498, Untitled.png)

No. 189336

Bet Jerrick was fronting for this, because Jerrick is mean, just Jill alone, a total saint

No. 189337

It’s funny, Uma is living her best life, has a girlfriend, a cat, travels, and has her own business and really seems to be thriving while Jill is just self sabotaging herself and just destroying her own life. Why doesn’t Jill just actually take the time to take care of herself and enjoy her life instead of trying to be some kind of figurehead for a mental illness that doctors don’t even really believe in?

No. 189338

File: 1639956440857.jpg (18.33 KB, 447x687, images.jpg)

Jillian really looks like a piece of uncooked melting pizza dough and she wants to blame her trauma onto others when looking at the mirror must actually be the most painful thing to do everyday. Her skin and fat is so saggy that she needs to even hold her own fucking face rolls. Truly sad, and I am happy to see everyone else around her thriving while she rots into mediocrity.

No. 189339

Not as attractive as Uma though

No. 189340

Wtf, why is she happy about this?
She harassed this girl enough into deleting her account

No. 189341

File: 1639956641036.png (741.96 KB, 750x1000, sandwich and jill.png)

sage for no contribution but my husband gave me the idea to turn jill into an anamorphs with her sandwich alter

No. 189342

going through her old da journals and she said she was in a car crash that "wasn't like crazy bad, but it made the news" surprised she hasn't used this for trauma points

No. 189343

my sides anon

I don't even mean this to… well, be mean, but i don't think she's ever been in the realm of pretty? I mean i don't think she's horrible and had something what someone might call "cute" about her, but there's always been this mister bean-esque quality about her to me.

sage bc i'm lame

No. 189344

Yeah i agree. Must be her winning personality shining trough.

No. 189347

This irrationally pisses me off? That person literally did nothing other than have a differing opinion to Jill, they actually backed up their facts with research (that was actually fucking linked) but all the did tik tok fakers like Jill took it as a personal assault to them because they were calling out the bullshitters and the shoe fit.

Sage for rant, and only saying ‘they’ because I literally couldn’t tell if they were a guy/girl

No. 189349

>>189341 i know this thread is new but if anyones takin notes for next thread pics PLEASE include this

No. 189350

what a piece of shit. you've been an "influencer" for years, jill, learn how to ignore a random comment on your social media like a fucking adult

No. 189351

It wasn't even some random hate comment on her video, this was over her comments being deleted on someone else's video. Out of everything Jillybean hates (work, healthy eating habits, paying attention to other people), not taking her seriously as The Expert on Subject is right at the top.

No. 189352

She’s an ugly rainbow clown, of course she had to make the naturally pretty girl feel miserable.

This behaivor isn't okay, she's being a bully. I bet all her WKs just flooded this person's tiktok and this is what we're seeing… some kind of weird revenge? The owner had all the rights to delete Jills unwarranted comment. What a piece of shit. Cancelling soon?

No. 189353

Kek her true cattyness finally shows through.

No. 189354

She has a """trauma diagnosis""" and can blame it on her dumb alters now, so her BPD rage is more obvious. I hate how fake she is and how stupid her whiteknights are. Even the youtube videos that nonnies have posted here calling her out are being flooded with whiteknights.

No. 189355

shes turning into foodie beauty is crazy. trauma dumping online, then telling people they can't comment on it whatsover except she turns off comments and chantal blocks people. I don't get it. If its that triggering.. just close the app? you don't have to be on tiktok.. its not like she's running a business page.

No. 189363

because it’s a lie and she forgot about it

No. 189364

File: 1639970249620.jpeg (100.5 KB, 828x262, 3B7668D1-870A-40CB-8DE0-7F1085…)

No. 189367

File: 1639971090947.png (385.65 KB, 760x1156, Screenshot_20211219-223000.png)

A few people got mad about her tweet

No. 189368

sobbing emoji sobbing emoji sobbing emoji

No. 189369

Nice to see her getting ratio'd

No. 189371

it's only okay if jillian is the one spreading misinformation? >>188986

No. 189373

>""silencing"" (deleting comments on your own content which everyone has a right to do and Jill does herself…often) people is bad
>That's why it's good that girl's account got deleted

No, you're just a bully and still were checking back on this person otherwise how would you even know she got deleted? Obsessed.

No. 189375

File: 1639975329536.png (187.74 KB, 1080x766, Screenshot_20211219-213807-452…)

Oh shit, that actually got quite a bit of likes compared to all of the people giving ass pats. Maybe people are starting to notice how obvious she's being with the larp.

Pic kinda related but it seems like people she watched for inspiration are starting to distance themselves from her. (Taken from her DID coming out tweet)

No. 189377

It looks like the top person privated their account and the bottom one deleted their account since I can't see a tag for her reply.

Probably speaks more to the unstable emotions of fake DID-ers but that's to be expected.

No. 189380

this milk is so fucking satisfying kek. it kind of validates the theory that Uma was just a normal actually gay teenager and ms. hetero Jill gay panicked her way into abuse claims. Icing on top is that she’s also way more gorgeous and gender nonconforming than Jill ever has or will be, as well as running a (most likely) way more successful business.

No. 189381

Remember when she posted about how much she hates drama and how youtubers are praised for being mean and disguising it as “spilling the tea”
How far she’s come.

No. 189383

is she being self aware somehow?

No. 189384

>its not okay to post blalant misinformation
That's what you do all the time bitch? I don't get it. Just because she didn't agree with people using emojis for their DID larp?
Where, tell me where, show me a single professional paper that says using emojis has any correlation with DID. I'm waiting Jillian

No. 189386

File: 1639980368341.png (66.66 KB, 280x275, imagen_2021-12-20_000506.png)

Crying emoji strikes again, what a fucking sick individual

No. 189387

It's only okay if she's the one bullying others and deleting their comments too, kek

No. 189389

Kek I hope everyone eventually figures out what a fucking disgusting piece of shit she is with the very obvious BPD rage going on. Remember when she said she was a smoluwu bpd girl against stigma? Well here we are now. Proof again and again that bpd bitches are irrational and lack a real identity so she has to also pretend to have DID lol. Acts like a clown, behaves like a clown, dresses like a clown, she's a clown.

No. 189390

File: 1639982267606.jpeg (148.45 KB, 827x706, 4ABF0E6C-2666-4E52-9481-707446…)

Bullying? I wasn’t bullying! This big meanie deleted my comments and was spreading misinformation and all I wanted to do was inform them uwu~

No. 189391

God I've waiting so long for this dumb bitch to get called out by her commenters and how she digs her hole deeper being a self righteous retard and doubling down on her lack of self awareness is just chef's kiss. Hope there's more to come, in the past she'd always run and hide from the tiniest hint of conflict so seeing her actually be challenged by people is so refreshing

No. 189393

I have to actively avoid a-logging about jill. She's an irredeemable jerk, in love with herself. The person she bullied off tiktok was a breath of fresh air and may have had actual not-for-attentiob DID. But aside from that, that person's Chris Chan content was funny

No. 189394

File: 1639983819013.png (551.72 KB, 1440x1021, Jill DA saga 1.png)

Obviously very old milk but I compiled a few screenshots regarding the Jill-Uma situation which I think clarifies things. She mentions Uma in journal posts amicably through 2011 and early 2012, at which point both of them stopped journaling on DA. Uma doesn't list Jill in her list of best friends in early 2012 and the other screenies are self explanatory, tiny image dump coming up.

No. 189395

File: 1639983939603.png (509.55 KB, 1440x900, Jill DA Saga 2.png)

Reply to same journal; Jill was worried about ruining her great friendship by becoming romantic, spoiler alert they did indeed ruin the friendship by becoming romantic. Lots of sperging from Jill about dying alone which I omitted from the sc.

No. 189396

File: 1639984000293.png (638.01 KB, 1255x1043, Jill DA Saga 3.png)

No. 189397

File: 1639984246326.png (543.92 KB, 1440x1059, Jill DA Saga 4.png)

No. 189399

>What do you classify as bullying
Jillian you laughed at her and blasted her on social media making yourself seem entitled and narcissistic. That's bullying. Then you celebrated when she deleted her account, that's also bullying.

No. 189400

For someone who has been mentioning being bullied a lot recently she really forgot what bullying was.

No. 189401

Thanks anon for these screenshots. It really proves she's lying and not telling the truth when she's like "zomgggg some things are too personal to explain!!!!!!!"

No. 189405

But nonnies, you're forgetting about mspec "lesbians" who basically preach straight man = lesbian. I can see Stevie do sht like that with Jilly's being supportive qweeer multigenderspecial or smth.


Wow, she really like being a bitch, eh? I wonder, as the time goes by and more people eventually calling her out, would she be able to keep up with bullying them out of social media.

No. 189412

Lol, good job anon! My vote for the next thread pic.

No. 189414

It's not okay to silence people, Jill, so you better enable comments on your Melanie Martinez videos

No. 189417

Just like she doesn't know what neurodivergency is, she prob doesn't know what being LGB is. She wants to force he way onto being part of communities she doesn't belong to

No. 189420

She’s really playing stupid huh? Like she doesn’t know that siccing her stupid fans and other DID larpers after this rando didn’t get them mass reported and then autobanned. She’s really going to play that card?
Jill people don’t have to leave your comments intact on THEIR content. You delete shit all the time, a lot of people do or disable comments when they don’t want to engage with volatile individuals such as yourself. But most people don’t have so many followers or followers prepared to white knight them to the extent of getting someone banned off a fucking platform. Get over yourself already, you aren’t mega uwu special or oppressed. Just accept your basic hetero white woman status and go. At this point your just turning yourself into a joke. A fucking sandwich? Super special identifier emoticons? Twitters for your trauma personifications? Come on, it’s just silly at this point. Id think it was all satire if not for the passive aggressive cry laughing emoji.

No. 189421

Why does she always want to be part of communities that done even like her? She just shoehorns herself onto them. Why this need to be loved and admired by others? It's not like she wasn't loved by her mom. It comes across as narcissistic.
I'm just happy she's showing her true colors now. The more she behaves like an asshole, more reason to cancel her by her own fans. Never stop Jillian, keep at it

No. 189430

So jill wanted to screw her and couldn’t hold back anymore??

No. 189432

Careful nonnie, she's gonna read this and start claiming ehlers danlos lmao

No. 189434

Lol this post + her saying "trauma can come from things that didn't happen", idk it's eerie

No. 189438

What is the "before the cancer and hair falling out" part referring to??

No. 189439


It's just my tinfoil but I think she joined the did community cuz it's full of fakes who all stick up for each other. Its a free train of people to punch on anyone who disagrees with you or tries to our you as a fake. If she joined another mental health community I think it would be harder for her to fake it

No. 189440

Seeing how her mother had cancer, she has a higher probability of having to deal with cancer herself in the future.
And I know she was just a teen but was she really using that as a way to get pity from her girlfriend?? God

No. 189448

> but was she really using that as a way to get pity from her girlfriend?
That's typical bpd narc bitch behaivor lol
0 empathy, using other's pain as their own, vitimizing, etc

No. 189453

File: 1640027548812.jpeg (224.29 KB, 747x1286, 54E3F8BC-8663-4FC0-8CBF-C304CE…)

Didn’t see this capped but I might have missed it. Imagine hanging out with your friend pretending to be five different people, I’d think she was legitimately psychotic and be deeply concerned. Instead Jill’s just like it’s fun uwu times!

No. 189455

Wild these alters never interacted with those friends prior to diagnosis lmao like how do you take your own larp seriously

I feel almost as much second hand embarrassment for the anons who unironically think Jill's boyfriend or therapist are the cause of this and not carefully picked and groomed enablers by this retarded woman child. Jill's only trauma is and always has been that she was so spoiled and coddled that facing the real world is impossible for her now because she's so fucking immature. I'm not even sure I believe she has bpd, it seems more like her general immaturity and lack of growth via non coddled life experiences is being confused for bpd symptoms when in reality she simply has a lot of cross over.

No. 189457

Uma was the person who wrote it. It's just more proof that they were both edgy teenagers. It's her just reassuring Jill that no matter what if they date and break up their love will remain intact even when they're both old and dying.

No. 189459

How I wish Uma would appear in this thread and spill the details, already.

No. 189460

>hung out and seshed together

Can someone chime in with what this means? My brain immediately goes to drinking/ smoke sesh which I'm sure is likely. Doin all that with a 14 year old eh?

No. 189461

File: 1640029854371.jpeg (811.31 KB, 1668x2500, 9CBC068D-5B18-43B5-82FB-2E6671…)

Smoked Shisha together i think

No. 189464

File: 1640031490665.jpg (373.91 KB, 1303x2088, 13 year old Jill sperging out.…)

Anon with the screenshots, that was in response to some sperging. I cut out most of the teenage sperging since it was less relevant (and this in particular is quite embarrassing and tone deaf considering Jill's mom had cancer?) but she was only 13 so I can forgive it.
She seems ironically more thoughtful and intelligent at 13 than now (not in picrel though)

No. 189466

>calling friendship drama and losing friends “friendship trauma”
So every normal unpleasant life occurrence really is “trauma” to her, no wonder she goes on and on about how she totally has trauma and PTSD despite clearly never enduring anything horrific in her life. She LOVES to overshare and bring up sob stories at any chance but she actually has none.

No. 189467

oh my god, Jill surely took quantum physics too seriously at school. Though, I guess she might have predicted which turn her life would take after all.
(Also, so much graphic descriptions, jesus…)

No. 189469


She's average/cute if styled right at her peak, now she's just a tub of lard. Not sure how she landed the qt3.14 but she sure did flop hard after her.

No. 189471

In my area, this always meant to just hang out and do something. Play video games, go to the mall, watch movies, talk. Didn't matter what, just meant that you were doing something with others.

Of course, it's Jill, though. So it could very well mean smoking. But that word doesn't necessarily mean that.

No. 189474

File: 1640033540088.jpg (1.93 MB, 3264x3264, pt2021_12_20_14_27_14.jpg)

She's been very active on these did researchers accounts. And actually this girl is friends with that disaster.clown account that got banned. The girl is genuinely trying to educate people on this disorder and obviously Jill is trying to get as much as information she can to make it look real. I saw some of her videos and she's actually calling out people like her.
I've also been noticing she's comenting on others did accounts, like "Alexwithabeanie", like the day she mentioned something about some kind of therapy, it was the same day this girl mentioned it on her account, she's really just collecting info from her TikTok binging.

No. 189475

She's also been interacting a lot with sensoryunicorn (nothing worth screen shotting), one of the few legit DID cases on TikTok. I bet she's taking notes.

No. 189480

I looked them up because I was curious about this supposed "legit DID case" and she has an alter based on shadow the hedgehog…

No. 189483

you’re a fucking muppet

No. 189484

It's odd how she predicted this. And I know it sounds horrible but I wouldn't put it past her to develop liver cancer at a young age. It seems like she's been drinking since she was underage (if "jerrick" being used to getting drunk is anything to go by)

She has autism so any DID diagnosis should be null and void. The amount of autistic people who had "DID" I've met is way too high and majority of the time it was them making OCs because they couldn't handle IRL friendships.

No. 189485

Uma actually follows Jill on insta, surely if she was actually abusive Jill would have blocked her?

No. 189488

>no sage
Are you sensoryunicorn? lol

No. 189489

Jillian always loves to use words she doesn't know the meaning of and applying them to stupid shit. Remember when she used kawiwi and "spook"? jesus

No. 189490

Doesn’t BPD itself stem from trauma or some degree of abusive upbringing? I remember anons calling bullshit on the diagnosis for that reason when she first announced it.

Well considering she apparently follows Jill on Instagram >>189485 I wouldn’t be surprised (nor would I blame her) if she lurks here. That’s one hell of a personal cow.

No. 189491

Different kind of trauma than "DID" requires (if it's even real). Some people's BPD is caused by serious childhood abuse, whilst other people's comes from their brain processing normal things as traumatic. Can be either way, so it's hard to use as an indication of trauma levels.

No. 189500

Bpd can come from your family, and so does Hpd and Npd
She clearly has a crazy aunt lol

No. 189503

personally I think the literal only reason she qualified for bpd is because her/her mom played up the eating disorder/self harm shit, which we all know was never that severe or anything that 80% of kids during the "emo" era didn't do. she's incredibly emotionally immature and irresponsible which can have a lot of cross over with the concept of someone with bpd, but I don't really see how anyone thinks she has it otherwise. granted, I'm no psych, and apparently there are therapists willing to humor the idea of her potentially having DID, so who even knows in this clown world anymore

No. 189504

bpd is currently being studied as a sub-type of ptsd/c-ptsd iirc. so if she truly has never had any trauma (which i believe) then theres probably no reason for her to have it. much more likely just a standard narcissist

No. 189505

In the maritimes (at least in my area) it’s generally used as slang for hanging out with people and smoking pot. Jerrick has to do it so Jill can live her edgy teen fantasy.

No. 189515

File: 1640059417414.png (232.79 KB, 1080x1318, Screenshot_20211221-040142_01.…)

Whoever predicted the speed run was correct, didn't expect her to get bored of DID so fast

No. 189516

Unfortunately no one can call Jill out because she deletes stuff and is so sensitive you can’t even speak human to her

No. 189518

kek. let's see if we get to the introduction videos at this rate. She got diagnosed with DID and intergrated in span of less than a year.

No. 189519

File: 1640061857857.png (67.43 KB, 619x537, HPBJqIxZcJ.png)

what trauma???

No. 189521

File: 1640062842708.jpeg (130.08 KB, 750x665, 92B2D10B-AA69-4B68-A42B-822B03…)


No. 189522

File: 1640062936234.jpeg (158.96 KB, 750x838, 9D4029F9-5FF0-4403-AD01-5CE306…)

No. 189523

>undiagnosed autism meltdown

Jill you're just BPD.

No. 189524

Jill you cannot tell me you don’t get high as a kite since you conveniently started “dissociating” around the time you were smoking a bunch of weed AND drinking while on medication

No. 189528

Oh god I hope she starts ketamine. Dumb bitch gets addicted easily so she'll probably spiral and buy the street stuff after a few months. She really shouldn't be saying this shit because it just sound like she's therapy shopping just for the drugs.

No. 189535

does her therapist know she's high at every session???

No. 189536

Can't wait for her to deal with Ket cramps and UTI problems.
Renal saga when?

No. 189538

Caps? What’s her handle?

No. 189539

>don't get high just normal
>Is Jill

Your normal is not what other people think are normal.

Gonna be a long post analysing Jill.
Samefag as DA screenshot anon, while it was incredibly cringey going through her old journals it did change my mind about Jill's perception of trauma. While no actual trauma by a normal person's standards exists, the way she describes reacting to everything suggests she over-emotes and over-reacts to everything and I'm sure her own over-reaction could be traumatic even if the events weren't.
For example, some of this wss vagueposted or written in a spergy teenage way so it's easier to summarise rather than screenshot:
>First five minutes of phone calls with certain people (Uma? or a boyfriend?) her teeth are chattering and she's shaking
>mentions of crying herself to sleep
>casual suicidal ideation
>casual mentions of family seeing self-harm marks she'd just made
>A mention of a visit to a school counsellor a few months before (so still 13) which resulted in her vomiting, crying, and then falling asleep for a few hours there (very toddler-like reactions)
>The massive spergout at the thought of kissing Uma since as you can see from the caps it was not a sexual relationship. Based on what I can pick up from those journals (a bit unbearable to read them so I skipped around a bit) the relationship was 2 months at the max.
>Jill did a subjournal of mentioning a song that was in her head and then a new song now, basically suggesting she was over "it" being the nothing relationship they had. Uma replied to this sorta confirming she understood the meaning. This was still summer 2011 so the "relationship" was done and dusted already by then.
>She mentions phone calls with Uma and reposts surveys Uma did all through 2011 and early 2012 and then makes the pixielocks DA in early 2012, and it seems all the DA journal relationship is over.
>It was an in-person friendship with movie trips, hanging out, phone calls etc hence her being afraid of losing that, not sure what exactly happened since it's all emoposting and vagueposting, but maybe they weren't attracted to each other and it fizzled out? >Hard to tell but we know Uma is an actual lesbian now where Jill has been cishet ever since, so you can take a guess at what happened.
>When Jill talks about "friendship trauma" I think she means this: her best friend who said she'll never leave her and then them starting to drift apart after a failed attempt to romance each other
>Jill may have even initiated the romance part with a note referred to in the comments of Jill's "worried about ruining relationship" post, so is partly to blame
>I can surmise from her journals that she cannot cope with anything, over-reacts to everything, almost certainly has a personality disorder (bpd, histrionic, maybe npd)
>The way she experiences events is traumatic even if the events themselves are commonplace
>So when she thinks of past traumatic events she has an incredibly magnified version of them that she personally experienced, full of crying, vomiting, shaking, self harm, worries and all the rest. If something goes wrong it feels like the end of the world. She really is someone who needs to be coddled just as Mama Vessey did, but the reality is the world is not filled with kind people ready to walk on eggshells and have 15 hour conversations before their every interaction with Jill, thus: Trauma ensues

If I was her therapist I'm not sure what action I would pursue here, but enabling the DID thing doesn't seem like a smart one. She can't really be coddled or sheltered any more than she already is, so how do you address the over-reactions? It really is a case of simply walking on eggshells and over-discussing everything and that is obviously incredibly tiresome for most people who have their own lives to manage. If you don't do that you're an "abuser" "source of trauma" and she is incredibly personally offended.
That'a my take from adding the DA journal behaviour to her current behaviour, it most certainly is a pattern which has not been dealt with, addressed, or improved and in that some munchie diagnosis or other similarly huge event was predictable.
Anons here predict her very well and it's because this behaviour has never actually been helpfully addressed. It'd be great if EMDR actually worked for her since as discussed above, in her mind these traumas (es experienced by her) are enormous and actually do need to be addressed. But how to address her terrible coping strategies and over-reactions? She will keep getting re-traumatised unless she learns how to improve her coping strategies since it's actually her reactions to things that cause the trauma in the first place.

No. 189548

Great analysis nona, it really does put some of Jills behavior in perspective.
Her therapist definitely shouldn't encourage her to indulge in the DID stuff like that. I think it would be best if her therapist actually confronted her with some of the things you stated, such as her emotional reactions to events magnifying the trauma. Then convince her to work on breaking out of those patterns with CBT or something, before addressing the DID. The thing is that Jill herself would never let that happen and if a therapist doesn't tell her what she wants to hear she will 100% go shopping for another therapist who is willing to enable her. That's how she arrived at the current one iirc.
There's also the factor of Jill pretty much basing her entire personality on mental illness. I don't think she actually wants to work on the underlying habits and patterns because she would have no sense of identity left without all the mental illness stuff. Which is in turn pretty typical of BPD, although I don't mean to armchair too much.

No. 189553

File: 1640081390929.jpg (819.96 KB, 1879x2279, IMG_20211221_100543.jpg)

Good summary, although the relationship seemed to be just under six months not two months max. March to August. Sorry if its hard to read, I suck at collages. But here are some edgy caps from just before and after a possible breakup happened.

Post 1: Jill is upset and harming herself because Uma said she didn't think the relationship would survive past the summer break. I think this caused a break up. Kek.

Post 2: Jill writes an edgy poem about abuse and love. Uma comments with confusion, gets no reply. Thinking this was after the breakup, hence why Jill doesnt reply to her.

No. 189555

Is it cowtippy/completely evil to like tag her in one of her cringy poems or like show her that drawing she did of Uma and be like “oh wow saw this old art of yours it’s so good” like I’m so angry at her especially lately with this larp

No. 189556

Yeah, I think its cowtippy. It will get her mad most likely and will spawn a new alter.

No. 189562

I don’t just “get drunk” there is just countless empty wine bottles in my house and the people at the liquor store know me well. She is such a mess, aren’t these fakers big on protecting the child alters, uwu it helps, sure but going by your own words Jill you are an adult co fronting with an autistic minor and getting high, that cat was so drunk and supposedly co fronting with a six year old, will the other fakers not cancel her because supposedly these are real children she is harming

No. 189563

Samefag - that cat video she did she was so drunk I meant to say

No. 189565

I missed all that, it's hard to get through her old journals so thank you for the additional caps!

I think the anon who found photos of Uma renewed my interest in trying to figure out what happened. It's strange to go from "I love you so much" in March to these vaguepost fights over nothing by August, if Jill has the kind of reactions I think she does off-screen I think it'd be very hard to have a relationship with her. Uma also seems rather emo herself (I wonder if she was the person in this journal? >>189295
That person seems to have a lot of resentment and the timeline lines up, but maybe it was an RP account because the reference to Remus (as a male) is confusing when the person with username Remus was a female from their friend group as far as I could see)

My current theory is that Uma didn't realise all Jill's sperging was completely sincere and she really does massively overreact to absolutely everything, so she kinda went into it as a, what seems to be, calmer individual (based on Uma's journal) and wasn't ready for it all to blow up in her face like it did. Jill genuinely needs to address how she communicates and deals with problems rather than leaning into it and saying yes, my small problems I blew up into huge ones in my mind are *real traumas* which caused me to split personalities when the root of it all is not being dealt with.

No. 189570


Jill absolutely needs to go to dialectical behavior therapy, which was specifically made for people with borderline. I went for 6 months (don't have BPD but it was still useful) because it teaches you so many ways to handle your emotions and thoughts, you learn coping mechanisms and how to spot toxic thinking patterns. And then move onto CBT. Any good therapist would recommend this to her instead of indulging in this DID bullshit

No. 189571


samefag but I've also gone through EMDR for trauma stuff. It absolutely wrecks your shit because you basically relive your trauma and talk it out with your therapist. Whenever I'd have an EMDR session, I'd be emotionally dead the rest of the day, sometimes into the next day. Again it was very useful imo but I doubt she has the willpower to stick at it because it is fucking hard. "yass zaddy rip my thoughts open and stitch them backup" if her experience is like mine she'll be rocking back and forth on the floor crying and drooling.

sorry for blogpost but trauma work is actual WORK you have to put effort in and like everything else Jill's had to put effort in, I don't see her sticking to it. It's a commitment. Go to DBT Jill

No. 189572

Is the "certain blonde girl" she's referencing known? I'm curious as to why the memory of this person would "trigger" her

No. 189576

File: 1640092327442.png (23.61 KB, 660x207, chrome_LvpWnmQ7gL.png)

from her likes

No. 189577

Is anyone else grossed out about how she spoke about EMDR? "rip my thoughts apart" idk it sounds gross
Lmao ketamine Jillian? Why do I need to see this so bad
What a retard

No. 189578

Gosh, can you be more entitled than this lol
Nobody has the time to coddle people for ever, it's up to them to put themselves back together

No. 189579

Probably the gender neutral zaddy at the start.

> yes daddy, rip my thoughts open and stitch them back together 😍

Sounds like a Shayna medfet post, where she thinks it’s super sexy but really her tweet is just super cringe and off putting.
I thought jerrick was asexual and underage? Weird that there’s so much sexually suggestive bullshit being posted to his Twitter.

No. 189580

Exactly, she's making it somehow sexual and weird when it's just another form of therapy

No. 189581

Bpds always think they were traumatized by the slightest thing so I'm not suprised by this bitch lol

No. 189582

>I don't get high just normal
Lmao wtf, yes bitch you get high, what an idiot

No. 189583

>It's strange to go from "I love you so much" in March to these vaguepost fights over nothing by August
It's the BPD. Or NPD. Uma didn't like her anymore and she somehow sees Uma moving on as "Abuse". Jillian basically created her own trauma when she overreacted when Uma didn't like her that way anymore. It makes sense now

No. 189584

What repeated trauma? she's not a war veteran kek

No. 189587

War veteran alter coming up kek.

No. 189590

More confirmation that she’s just constantly stoned and mistaking all her weed abuse symptoms with mental illness. The dissociation, delusions, paranoia, the rapid weight gain. This is the main thing her incompetent therapist should be addressing, not piling faulty diagnoses onto a person who is never sober enough to display remotely normal thinking.

No. 189591


She gets high, it isn't how it's portrayed on tv, it's actually bad for her (causing delusions etc like you point out) and she assumes she's a special kid with mental illness because everyone else is having a good time.

No. 189594

I think you can smoke weed once in a while and not be a retard, but she's a retard that smokes weed way too often and now she's getting brain damage from it kek

No. 189597

She seems to drink pretty heavily pretty frequently too, she is often drunk on weekdays too not just the weekend, smoking weed and drinking every once in a while is normal but it seems like she does it most days and often mixes the two, the other day when she woke up with crusty makeup she looked like she had passed out the night before not just gone to bed, I do think that being in an altered state when you have delusions like her just strengthens them

No. 189600

While seeing her old, overdramatic blog posts does put her "trauma" into perspective, it also just further exemplifies how totally and completely out of touch and egocentric she is.

Trauma responses are complex and as gross as social media mental illness culture is, there is a bit of truth in how there is no blanket qualifier for what can and cannot create a trauma response.

However, Jill makes her issues everyone else's problem. If she was truly traumatized by her online teenage fling, fine. However, she constantly ramps it up, and has even alluded to her experience being sexual assault. Being a voice in the mental illness community uwu doesn't mean you have to have had the worst trauma known to man.

This is about Jill's ego, not her illness. This is why I will never have any sympathy for her despite how sad her downward spiral is. She doesn't care about anyone or anything outside of being the most special at whatever thing she's into at the moment. Problem is that she's not particularly smart, interesting, or engaging so it's never going to work out for her - so being a trainwreck is the only option left.

No. 189601

You can also smoke everyday and not get those symptoms, depends on person. But to smoke despite it causing you dissociation, paranoia or whatever is just retarded, so I don’t know why Jill does it.

No. 189602

My guess is that there won’t be an introduction to the alters video because she can’t work out how to make it look convincing in long video format. Pictures on Twitter and short TikTok’s are easy enough to make it seem real, but I have a feeling even she knows a YouTube video is not as easily manipulated.

No. 189603

I have to question the ethics and legitimacy of any therapist that would even humor doing ketamine treatment for someone as young as Jill and that has only been doing regular therapy for ~1 year. Ketamine treatments are still somewhat experimental, but they’ve been shown to help people who struggle with treatment resistant, long term depression. Jill is only 23 for shit sake, yes she’s been a basket case since she was a teen, but she also clearly wasn’t ever actually getting consistent treatment other than to be medicated. And speaking from experience it’s easy to just be put on meds for years with no actual psychological help. So it seems like they’re jumping from 1 straight to 10 in terms of treatment. But it’s also on brand that Jill would opt straight for the quick fix rather than actually put in the work

No. 189607

>"Cause I've wasted all my youth"
>About a few months long relationship she had as a tween
Fucking KEK

No. 189609

I had to kek at this as well bitch ur 13

I can’t fathom she actually went through with this DID shit. I always took it for silly sperging of the nonnies here that Jill is hinting on bring a twamatized system but she did it kek
Like she has to live a lie and convinced herself and everyone around her?? She can’t even keep the lore straight on Twitter, i feel like some pieces are still missing for the whole picture.

No. 189616

Also, i’m no medfag, but isn’t experimental drug treatment like that for people who cannot function in society because they’re so ill? Jill has lived by herself (steve doesn’t count as a person) for years and graduated with a degree. She hasn’t even spent overnight in a mental health ward, why would they jump to heavy drugs for a person who for all intents and purposes is a functioning young adult?

No. 189621


I've never seen a more clinically perfect example of a BPD case in my damn life.

No. 189627

File: 1640112037219.jpg (100.93 KB, 1080x348, Screenshot_20211221-133739_Ope…)

Kek at jolly retweeting this. Iirc op is the same gal from shaynas thread whose ass she was kissing a whole back and calling her mom.

>resilience or death

No. 189628

How does every cow follow this troon? He's mutuals with Shayna and Kathy too and is always showing up on /snow/

No. 189630

So with k, the doctors use a light dose and they sit with you during the high and talk through whatever is causing triggers for whatever traumatic event. With shrooms, it’s more for anxiety and depression and it’s just a micro dose. It’s like taking kratom but does a better job. These options aren’t limited to people that aren’t functional in society, it’s for people that struggle in general. You could argue that Jill probably really needs this because maybe shrooms might give her a sense of empathy and realize the world doesn’t revolve around her

No. 189634

Sorry, does she mean she went off her meds completely and just smokes weed, so she is off her meds and smoking weed every day instead and now she thinks she has DID…

No. 189638

Sage for samefag but I feel like I remember her going off her meds before because she thought she didn’t need them and she really spiralled that time too and went back on them as a result

No. 189639


No. 189640

Yuuuup, she's off meds and smoking weed and drinking alcohol kek

No. 189641

And now she's truly wasting it all being the way she is

No. 189642

She just can't pull out a single video that doesn't include some kind of purchase huh

No. 189645


Also, he's just a counselor right? He can't even put her on such a treatment without it going through a real doctor afaik

No. 189648

Imagine a random counselor telling some unbalanced rainbow colored girl to use ketamine wtf

No. 189649

This troon needs a thread lol

No. 189650

Holy shit she probably has absolutely no idea what an autistic meltdown is. What the fuck Jill, autistic meltdowns don't just go "undx'd"

No. 189653

If she thinks she has undiagnosed autism shouldn’t that tip her off to like half of her giant laundry list of diagnoses being inaccurate then anyway? Nah, she just wants another one for the pile so she can excuse every little thing she does and every feeling she has as being pathological and therefore needing extreme coddling rather than effort-driven change

No. 189657

File: 1640125134472.jpg (53.37 KB, 640x631, f753dca25bf030bee9190d17e1f680…)

>complex, repeated, prolonged trauma

Louise I beg you snatch the bitch already

No. 189659

sage for non contribution but exactly this. BPDs are embarrassing, they can't experience the slightest hardship without screaming trauma and claiming to have the worst life on the planet. Jill needs to get over this larp and just work on her BPD.

No. 189698

File: 1640150733027.png (46.13 KB, 658x226, chrome_iEc1twHy6X.png)

You really struggle with your eating Jill

No. 189699

File: 1640150978176.png (28.45 KB, 659x240, chrome_p5Xw5nkv6p.png)

Slippin' Jilly

No. 189717

File: 1640178454763.jpg (473.35 KB, 1080x1771, Screenshot_20211222-080655_Ope…)

>blurry to the point of no return. string of emojis

OK jill

No. 189718


Lmao “blurry” as in, you’re at your parents place so you’re not acting as multiples and you’re just you’re regular-ass self? Groundbreaking.

No. 189719

I don’t know how to upload a tik tok here but she made another on the did one about how she is at home with great people (mom and dad named so I guess she is saying she likes her dad which might take him off the potential abusers list) she is alone for the first time in her room and is “Mach eight talking to myself out loud” I wonder what her parents are thinking if that’s true and she is alone just screeching to herself

No. 189728

File: 1640184502562.png (320.61 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20211222-143937_01.…)

lol, is this not the girl account?Given that 'Pixie' is the one who owns the YouTube channel and refers to herself as a magical girl on her YouTube bio and uses she pronoun, did she get her OCs confused again?

No. 189734

No, she has decided she is nonbinary thus trans and will just use the excuse that nonbinary people don’t owe you androgyny if you try and call her out on just being all woman in presentation

No. 189736

Whenever I see her using the fucking emojis I cringe so bad.
Also blurry? from what, alcohol?

No. 189737

I really hate when retards do that kek
>im not a girl
fucking making me alog super bad right now

No. 189738

>she's literally a whale
Uh whut? who is she calling a whale? look at yourself first Jillian

No. 189739

File: 1640188302191.jpg (183.56 KB, 720x1262, Screenshot_20211222-105024_Twi…)

It was in response to a twitter account calling Pearl from Spongebob plus sized.

No. 189741

Why is being fat suddenly her whole identity? it's pathetic. Anyways Jillian, you're a sensitive whale. Also kekking at the fucking crying emoji, I detest her

No. 189745

In the context of the emojis I read it as her feeling blurry because she's not sure who's fronting/multiple people are fronting. Just more DID retardation. (She was probably also drunk though.)

No. 189746

Oh shit and i thought she’s openly fatshaming now kek was hoping for an early milky xmas gift

No. 189748

File: 1640190252410.webm (9.43 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7044004993308855558_pi…)

No. 189749

File: 1640190612904.png (431.38 KB, 501x520, chrome_xDAsUHFLq9.png)

No. 189752

She said this in a tik tok as well and used all the emojis so I assume it’s a jumble of alters, maybe that just means really she feels normal since her alters seem to all just have one strong emotion at a time

No. 189754

ew god, gross

No. 189758


sage for tinfoil but part of me wonders if jill is doing this blabbering to herself to "prove" her """diagnosis""" to her parents. It seems more aligned with npd or bpd that she would be doing extra larping when alone if it means her parents or brother might be hearing her through the wall.

seems like she's in her old basement cavern too. i used to have a ceiling paneled just like that, it doesn't suppress any acoustics. im sure they can hear her.

No. 189759


I cannot fathom caring that much about what a random Twitter account said about a cartoon whale. There is true oppression and injustice in the world, why make up shit to be mad about?

No. 189760

No. 189762

I can't. Someone else is going to have to watch this and tell us what is going on.

No. 189767

She looks like a moonfaced marshmallow, just the fact her 13 year old self mentioned stress eating and getting fat in her sperg and here Jillian is, looking visibly several sizes larger than her boyfriend.
I'm guessing they do not eat together since he looks about the same as in that Barcroft video from 2 years ago. Also someone is gonna need to recap this video since it's nearly 40 minutes long.

No. 189769

The hairstyle is actually kind of cute

No. 189770

Samefag, just watched the first few minutes, it's interesting how he looks at her a few times in that time (big smile the whole time) and she looks only at the two cameras, not him. They really come across like roommates more than a couple, especially with her body language.

No. 189771

Jill just gave me motivation to do my planned workout instead of skipping it, so I'll watch her afterwards. If no one has capped it by then, I can.

No. 189772

All I want for Christmas is this to turn into a pheebs saga getting bloated and needing a wheelchair and steebie to push her around and feed her while she cries about the boolies on tiktok

No. 189773

What is the end goal for the fake DID roleplaying. Because the diagnosis was definitely not met with as much approval as she was hoping for. Her former fans are speaking up, she's losing followers… just what is she hoping to accomplish with all this? Everyone who is supporting her are teenagers in the tiktok DID cult and her family (who we know are crazy doormats), everyone else is skeptical. I can't imagine that the validation she's getting is rewarding enough to keep up the charade but then again I'm not a crazy BPD-chan/munchie so what do I know.

No. 189774

I cringed so bad.. I can't with this communist aesthetic and his smug face. She acts like a retarded child and changes voices from time to time- from retarded baby to retarded kid.

No. 189775

I can't believe how fucking fat she got in a year

No. 189776

Please, dear god, can someone explain this random communism thing????
Is stevie an actual communist? Is this a joke? WTF is going on here? As a Brit, I thought North Americans hated communism????

No. 189777

I agree it is actually pretty cute I just wish she would give up on that makeup style because it's so clownishly hideous that it just ruins any cute hair or outfit she DOES do. And this used to be a fashion/style channel

No. 189778

he's a twitter communist, AKA someone who has never lived in a communist nation and has greatly benefited from capitalism.

No. 189780

Wait, ok hold up… As someone who doesn’t use social media or twitter… is communism on the rise in the twittisphere???? And how the fuck is that possible? People who lived in the Soviet Union went through tremendous suffering? I’m so shocked that Jill and Stvie posted this… this is so weird to me

No. 189781

steebie's commie larp is cringe but it's not uncommon, far less so than the DID larp going on adjacent

No. 189782

Yep, it is. Not even in the anglosphere but in my country too (Mexico) and then when someone from Cuba or Venezuela comes in and says "communism actually sucks", they get shut up and tell them they don't know shit. I wish I was joking. This is why I fucking hate Stevie too, he has lived in Canada all his life, what does he know?

No. 189783

She is out of fucking control. She has gone way the fuck over the edge. I honestly can't bear to watch her anymore, because every movement and facial expression she makes now is just so contrived and put on. This is BPD gone way, way, way the fuck out of control. I do NOT know how Steve can stand to be around it. I am honestly getting fucking triggered watching her. God, so gross and disturbing. This girl is toast.

No. 189784


No. 189786

Same fag but I just have to guess that Steve's Mom has BPD or is mentally ill somehow because he seems so unbothered by it. That's my guess. But jesus christ cut your nails.

No. 189787

Jesus fucking Christ… i feel like this video perfectly illustrates everything that enrages and terrifies me about social media bubbles and the ideas that emerge from them…

On one side, You’ve got a girl who has attributed her perfectly normal adult experience to a rare and high-contested debilitating illness, and is getting asspats online for her completely delusional world view, fuelled by 11-14 year olds on tiktok who believe they are the experts on mental illness. Who’s life has been made exponentially better by living in a capitalist country, and whose existence is fuelled by social media, tech which would not have been possible under a communist regime.

And she’s sat right next to a man who is actively spousing equally delusional bullshit about communism!

Import to note, that under communism the extravagance of a decorated house would be a definite no-no… not to mention the fact that it’s from CRAYOLA!!!!

And all this is set in a house that looks like it came from the fever-dream of a toddler with hoarding tendencies…

This is absolutely bonkers to me! Ligit insane. This is so disconnected from the realities of being a human being in a functioning society…

Urg… this prob counts as a-logging, but fuck it

No. 189793

It is baffling that he chose to do a communism theme beforehand (bought red and yellow supplies) and spent all that time shopping, plus the time before filming this video, somehow not coming to the conclusion that making a store bought crayola gingerbread house, where someone was probably paid $1 an hour to glue it together, a communism theme, wasn't a good idea.

No. 189795

my guess is that the "blurriness" + what she said on the jerrick twitter about being excited for the EDMR therapy is her alters beginning to "fuse" or blend or whatever the terminology is. I think she's already giving up on faking DID because she didn't get as many asspats as she was hoping for and is bleeding followers left and right

No. 189796

It perfectly shows how truly ignorant he is. They both do everything just for show..

No. 189797

Good point, but it's also interesting that Jillian immediately guessed that he's going to make a commie house.
How much does Stevie talk about communism in his daily life?

No. 189799



For a couple who are oh so concerned about recognising their privilege and calling out oppression, it’s pretty fucking rich to actively promote the flag of the Soviet Union, a state which is responsible for the deaths of thousands of individuals through famine, labour camps, and outright genocide. Seriously. Fuck them.

No. 189800

And even then she can't make those believable. She's been falling over her own DID lies even before her 'diagnosis'.
Like not keeping her story straight and picking and choosing incorrect symptoms to badly display

No. 189801

He's probably growing them out because of his ~laydee feelz~
Also, he reminds me of an even faggier Idubbbz. They almost have the same face. Disgusting, Steeb.

No. 189802

I'm 10001% sure that steewie will troon out next year. With him as a troon, jillybean would be finally in a kweer relationship, because I'm also 10000012% sure he will come out as a lesbian gag

No. 189803

“I didn’t wanna buy too much stuff”
>buys two gingerbread houses and a fuckton of decorations that will just get thrown away after the video

No. 189804

>>189762 Is she trying to imply that her obnoxious baby voice moments are the "6 year old" alter? She has clearly never decorated cookies or made crafts with a child. They don't carefully pipe and place decorations like that. Can't even do an accurate role play.

No. 189805

Is it just me or is he also growing out his hair, and was he not called 'steve' at first???? Or have I missed something. Definately a troon saga coming up if you ask me.

No. 189806

Is she actually bleeding followers? I've been trying to see her numbers on Socialblade since it seems like she gained more followers on Twitter.

He's hitting all the red flags of a guy that's going to transition soon. Growing out hair and nails, wears baggier clothes to feel smaller and feminine, even the way he talks he has a similar voice to every MtF that puts in minimal effort in their "transition"

No. 189807

Yeah basically what the other anons said, it's the new trendy thing among lefties and wokies to pretend that communism (or socialism, among the more intelligent ones) is the answer to all that's wrong in the world. It ties together consumerism and black and white thinking nicely, so perfect for social media.
Plus, it's all online so nobody ever has to do anything about their "communism" other than pretend to support the concept while safe in the knowledge they will never live under communist rule. There is even a movement to try and pretend China is wonderful despite the concurrent news stories about people being disappeared or arrested for critiquing the police or government on weibo.
Also some tranny crossover as well, again no worries about actually living under a regime which disallows homosexuality or deviant expression of any kind. Perfect beliefs for sheltered nerds to have and in line with what we know about incel-lite Stevie.

No. 189808

File: 1640204535525.jpeg (1.14 MB, 828x1090, 6F41FC50-58F5-42F4-AC28-AD923C…)

No he’s massively grown out his hair, before he used to have short hair (even last year his hair was relatively short) but he has grown it out a lot this year. If this picture from earlier this year is anything to go by (where he basically looks like a lesbian) I definitely think he’s just going to troon out by next year

No. 189809

Christ the baby voice in this is even more unbearable than usual
Oh yeah he’s giving boymoder vibes for sure

No. 189810

Binge eating is also a disorder but it's not a cute spoopy skelly chan one kek

No. 189812

I wonder if stevie did HRT could Jill handle seeing a pair of titts in front of her and interact with them, we know how straight she is, she doesn’t seem attracted to female bodies at all to the point where it’s uwu traumatic to her

No. 189813

No. 189819

i do not see her staying w him if he transitions. theres no way. unless he started dressing like a clown like she does and be her drag queen bf. ew. i dont even know why a trans person would watch, let alone date someone into drag race? the show actively makes fun of them, despite seeming progressive to some.

No. 189820

I'll take the ban for blog but even if she shops for the tism diagnosis, it wouldn't explain did. I have autism and suffered sexual trauma for two years straight starting when I was twelve (same age she was 'traumatized' by Uma iirc) and guess what? No did here!
Honestly I can't wait to see her life ruined cause she decided to larp this, all chances of her getting a normal job after YouTube are gone

No. 189821

File: 1640207937999.png (527.47 KB, 404x529, wow.PNG)

I'm truly shocked at the amount of weight her face has gained since her last video. Why doesn't anyone step in and tell her? That can't be good for her health.

No. 189823

Drag mocks women yet women are RPDRs primary audience. I’m sure Steve will get over it.

She’s morphing into that Emilia Fart character.

No. 189824

There was nothing sexual between uma and jill like mentioned in the screencapt upwards. It’s just all made up bonkers shit in her head

No. 189825

Or will Jill break of up with she/her Stevie if they transition since I doubt she could handle anyone in her life getting even an ounce more attention than her.

Maybe her trauma came from her mother having cancer since her mother would've gotten more attention than Jilly bean and triggered her self-harm 13yo boy alter to develop

No. 189826

She’s starting to get the Amberlynn Reid moon face now. Like a lot of anons, I’m in disbelief of how much she has ballooned up in just the last two weeks

No. 189832

File: 1640210450328.jpg (391.44 KB, 1413x611, notagirl.jpg)

she's so annoying

No. 189835

File: 1640211021403.png (409.49 KB, 404x529, Untitled23_20211222165147.png)

after the holiday binging(Fanart)

No. 189839

Isn't Pippin one of the cats at her mom's house? I suppose she must be back there for Christmas now

No. 189840

Holy shit - that cannot be just straight weight gain. Maybe she was put on new meds. I don’t have any experience with any psychiatric meds but i’m sure i’ve read a lot of them can cause moon face (anti-psychotics in particular I think?) Blog but I have had experience with other meds that cause moon face though. I’ve had to do several courses of high dose steroids (including 5 days of IV hydrocortisone) for an autoimmune condition, and while I avoided a lot of the other side effects, I got hit with moon face pretty hard.
It looked more jarring on me at the time because I’d lost weight with the extended period of illness and went away after a few months, but with jill because she’s already fat I think maybe that’s masking it a little. It’s just the actual distribution of fat that’s making me think maybe it’s meds related - the roundness and fullness of the sides of her face especially. sorry for sperging kek

No. 189842

tighter knit circle of enablers, and thus attention.

No. 189843

>a state which is responsible for the deaths of thousands of individuals through famine, labour camps, and outright genocide

are you talking about the USA?

No. 189845

Lol no, the Soviet Union

No. 189846

This is bizarre, but kind of expected because so many anorexic lolcows become morbidly obese in adulthood. Sad

No. 189847

No. 189849

File: 1640212619288.jpeg (230.67 KB, 750x1009, 4C14536C-CFD7-4105-B8E9-F35E35…)

jill retweeting another larper whingeing about criticising ‘fakers’

No. 189853

Give it another 3 months and she'll look just like that

No. 189854

File: 1640213175336.png (2.05 MB, 1498x752, kweer.PNG)

They are such a stereotypical twitter "queer" straight couple it's unbelievable

No. 189855

Alcohol, weed and a bad diet really makes you gain weight, who could had known

No. 189856

>For a couple who are oh so concerned about recognising their privilege and calling out oppression
Being really frank here, I doubt they even know what oppression is.
Twitter people pretending to be communist to be cool make me cringe so fucking hard. It's beyond disgusting and distasteful.

No. 189862

they are easy to sniff out, since they all are on tiktok, looking like they reek of BO and unwashed clothing

No. 189864

I agree, I thought of prednisone. My aunt was on it for awhile and got moon face. She was so embarrassed about it but (like you) she was skinny everywhere else. It sort of gave her a BJD look. Obviously I wouldn't wish that side effect on anyone though

Jill looks … not good. The makeup is really accentuating it though.

No. 189869

Sage retard

No. 189870

At this point Steve's bad commie house was at least bearable, hearing Jill babble like a 5 year old because the yellow icing was shitty was one of the worst experiences ever, since she said a few minutes later she was having a "panic attack" because it was dripping

2nd worst experience is hearing her hyena laugh.

No. 189872

Yes, her face shape definitely gave me that vibe. Prednisone can cause varying weight gain depending on the condition, stomach, ankles, face, anything can be affected.
However, I strongly feel if she was physically unwell, had a chronic non mental illness or autoimmune disorder, she would be claiming the 'disabled' label wayyy harder and complaining about the many side effects constantly & it would 1000% be in her bio. If you remember back to how she acted for attention when Stevie was ill, or on DA when referring to her mums cancer, you can imagine the extremes she'd go to if it was HER who was in that position. On the plus side she would probably have less time & energy to spend making up mental illnesses for herself as she would have to monitor her physical condition and actually start taking care of herself…

No. 189878

idk if anyone caught it but pixie literally said "i blame… dissociation" when outlining the door with the yellow icing went wrong. just sooo on the nose lmao

No. 189879

13:15! fwiw

No. 189883

Oh god, her face is of a deadly obese persons. I guess it’s because of her drinking problem has gotten worse and that causes a lot of bloating, also poor diet.

No. 189892


dear god, did anyone catch the tourettes larping that happened 2 seconds after that bit? 13:20ish. please. i cant be the only one who physically cringed.

>"a DoOrKnOb!!"

>"no secrets"

who wants to bet the uwu baby alter has tourettes?

No. 189893

i wouldn't put it past her but I think she meant "shh" because she was trying to keep her design a secret- but the way she said it was so over the top

No. 189894


sage for tinfoil, but in the clip you can see her turn the other way and laugh after shushing herself, then jut and dip her head forward while saying "no secrets." it is extremely alike to what i've seen tourettes larpers do on tiktok…the sudden head movements, the loudness.

tourettes saga when

No. 189899

Holy shit how is it possible to visibly gain that much weight in such a short time? Even if she only eats garbage, it usually doesn't happen THAT fast. Does she have hormone issues or something?
Also lmao they are barely responding to what the other said besides some nods or short laughs, even if they ask questions. It's like watching two people talk to themselves.

No. 189900

He's probably mere months away from fully trooning out. He almost fulfilled the average twitter moid bingo.

No. 189901

Tourette saga will be soon I’m positive, it’s very trendy. I’m betting she will come up with an OC, er, alter with Tourette’s

No. 189902


i sincerely hope the sandwich alter is the one with tourettes

No. 189903

Tourettes saga will be here soon, as will Steebie transitioning. Anons in this thread are either psychic, or these retards are laughably transparent. Your guess. We saw the DID larp coming from miles away.

No. 189912

I noticed that too. The anon said they're like roommates was spot on, except sometimes he just smiles at her when she's making some loud sound, and it comes off kind of ddlgish. Like at 24:50, she just screeches for no apparent reason and he just nods his head like she's a child with down syndrome at the supermarket. I can't imagine any straight man who would put up with that. Maybe he's always afraid he might be interacting with the child alter and he doesn't want to be outed as a pedo to Jill's twitter audience

No. 189916

Oh my god wtf, tourettes now???? This is getting off hand

No. 189917

Ewgh you're right. I guess they feed their delusions to each other and then some. Destructive couple for sure.

No. 189919

>I'd rather have dozen of able bodied people pass off as disabled, than have one disabled person die in poverty, because they couldn't prove their disability.

No disabled person is going to die, because they aren't instantly validated for bragging about their disability on social media lmao.

Also most of the healthcare systems are build in such way, that servers actually disabled people and help them to get better support. If you're missed by them your disability is borderline non-existant and propably isn't life threatening.

No. 189923

File: 1640235204415.png (1.42 MB, 1163x653, SzltB1Y8zZ.png)

noticed a chew toy on her necklace. These are made for babies to help them to learn to use their teeth, but are also used for autistic kids, who will otherwise chew through table legs. They have also become a trend among autistic women lately.

She's basically just presenting as autistic already, so prepare to hear about her diagnosis soon.

No. 189928

if she wants to be an actor, be an actor. dont just larp being an idiot and make a mockery of the entire study of psychology. christ.

No. 189932

She honestly freaks me the fuck out in this video. It's creepy. She is clearly unhinged for real. Every single motion and expression screams "watch the FUCK OUT."

No. 189933

File: 1640238524810.png (224.16 KB, 1080x1404, mentallyretarded.png)

Jilly reminding everyone that she's mentally retar- I mean, "mentally 14". Why is she letting someone who's "mentally 14" drink, and presumably drive (to the liquor store)?

No. 189934

christ. She's not willing to pander to her SJW audience, even though she expect the exact kind of special treatment from them.

No. 189935

File: 1640238715247.jpg (427.19 KB, 1920x1440, Pixiexmas.jpg)

Christmas 2019-Christmas 2020-Christmas 2021

The size difference between 2020 and 2021 is fucking insane.
This time last year I really thought she wouldn't get any bigger, just maintain her new obese self because to get any bigger than that would mean not only making consistent poor choices but actively overeating every day.
I suppose the weed and alcohol have helped tremendously.

Jillian please tell us more about your supposed ARFID.

No. 189937

File: 1640239976851.jpg (38.38 KB, 296x329, I Beat Anorexia t-shirt.jpg)

local ana-can here, people "with eating disorders" (slightly self conscious but somehow also narcasissti and attention seeking) who "recover" usually do balloon from average or thin to incredibly fat because they lean in to shitty fat acceptance tards and see being big as a way ti get attention the same way as being small was. then once they're fat it's too upsetting to consider that they don't like being whales. picrel bc it's Jill in another year when she decides to medically transition and becomes even grosser

No. 189938

They usually "recover" by themselves, aka, they just start eating whatever the fuck with no consideration for their damaged body. And if a hamburger is usually fattening, bodies that have had a sort of ED will get even more fat.

No. 189940

Wouldn’t surprise me though. It’s the other hot thing on tiktok rn

No. 189941

I can't believe she unironically tried to use "I'm literally nurodivergent and a minor" against some one calling her out for posting sexual content.

No. 189942

This is utterly miserable, her substance dependency and horrific diet have pretty much completely destroyed her mind and body now. I can't believe it just keeps getting exponentially worse with no signs of stopping.

No. 189943

>I'm 14-16 -blush emoji-
Jillian you are not. You're fucking 23. And you yourself are posting sexual "horny" content on your own twitter. So what the fuck?
Why is she like this? I'm so fucking angry. Is anyone mad about this too? It gives me unreasonable rage that she's pretending to be a minor and then call out others when it comes to DDGL triggers when she herself is like this. Like this makes 0 fucking sense

No. 189946

It’s a trigger to her to have to think about anyone else for even a second, meaning she’s /obviously/ exempt from doing so. She’s so far up her own ass, it’s unfathomable to her that anyone else could matter as much as she does.
Maddening, honestly…

No. 189947

Double chin scarf when

No. 189948

File: 1640243608987.gif (15.67 MB, 520x293, Pixie_and_Stevies_GINGERBREAD_…)

tic faker saga soon

No. 189949

This is so stupid and ageplayer-ish
>Someone: "Hey, could you please tag stuff related to ddgl, it makes me uncomfortable"
>Her: UMMMM IM LITERALLY A MINOR??? (she's not)

I bet she's fishing for this retard diagnosis too so she becomes "uncancellable" and everyone feels bad about critizicing her. I'm so tired.

No. 189950

Lmao just imagine her walking around with this shit on her mouth at all times. Seriously this is getting off hand.

No. 189951

or meeting with customer or business partner. I wouldn't shake their hand, with the risk being it's still wet from their drool.

No. 189952

I think Jillian being so emotionally unstable, probably saw Uma not being interested in her anymore as abuse. And this is why she recently retweeted how "lack of love/friendship" was part of her trauma. So she's totally making Uma seem like a rapist when Uma was just moving on like any other normal teenager would. But Jillian was an attention whore with BPD so yeah.

No. 189953

If she walks outside with clown makeup she 100% walks out with that shit on her mouth. Imagine the strings of saliva that come out of that necklace after letting it down. Why would anyone just wear it around anyways, this shit is pathetic and gives unwarranted attention. But she probably wants to be pathetic and have any kind of attention at this point, otherwise she would had changed for the better years ago.

No. 189954

I get the whole "major trauma from childhood" thing now, after going through the DA messages, but what caused this current relaplse in human decency? Why did she feel like starting this whole larp now, after school and all?!

No. 189955

File: 1640244726622.jpeg (374.4 KB, 1858x1795, 7A13F473-158C-4956-8EC4-D75805…)

She literally doubled in size

No. 189956

>>189923 i am autistic and was given one of these when i was ~10, they're shit. really only useful as an at home fidget to redirect chewing impulses away from objects (constant snacking isn't a good alternative to shirt sleeves) and because they get linty, dirty, ect very fast, and have to be washed right away or else they get a bad breath odor if you chewed it without a perfectly clean mouth. they taste bad, too, and i barely touched the one i was given because it was so fucking embarrassing; to be visibly autistic is to actively invite bullying. sage for blog posting and no contribution but i share this to illustrate just how much her having one is obviously for the hashtag aesthetic of being restarted in a kawiwi "uwu" way
i can just imagine her suckling it and picking a cat hair off her toung and then asking stevie to wash it for her bc it smells lol

No. 189958

also I can imagine during Covid these being extra dangerous to have around people. Can you imagine this thing dripping your covid positive saliva?

No. 189959

She's huge. She's like Phoebe Tickner, another kweer obese munchie cow. I can see Jill going down the deathfat route and begging for canes and a wheelchair for the attention

No. 189960

Her supposed ARFID is probably another validation of her supposed Autism.. idk if it's obvious or tinfoil

No. 189961

How can she make her old overweight self look even smaller in comparison?
What trauma…?

No. 189962

I doubt she truly has afrid, she just hates eating healthy lol

No. 189964

Ballooned up bitch eat a vegetable

No. 189966

>customer or business partner
I doubt she’ll ever run a business at this point. When is the last time she did any kind of work on her brand? She’s dropped the whole idea in favour of 24/7 mental illness LARPing.

I’m with the anons who theorise that finishing school is what caused this decline. She doesn’t want to be an independent functioning member of society with adult responsibilities. Pretending to be severely mentally ill and disabled gives her an excuse to do nothing all day while still getting a ton of attention.

No. 189968

Seeing the photo of her taken in 2020, likely right before she started therapy (?), to now is chilling. She is not getting the help she needs, she's only getting worse. Baffling to me that in her new video she says her mental health is doing great, yet just looking at her says otherwise. I almost feel bad for her.

No. 189971

>uwu calling me out for my fake mental illness is the same as doctors misdiagnosing or ignoring diabilities and illness

Social media comments and doctor visits are the same thing! Calling someone a faker online is irrelevant, it's only relevant when medical professionals dismiss actual illness which is unfortunately extremely common, but a wildly different problem than mean comments

No. 189972

Actually that retweet was even dumber than I anticipated since they didn't even bring up the extremely widely discussed issue of people with invisible illnesses and disabilities, especially women, being ignored by doctors, the whole thing was basically fakers are good because??? social media is mean!!!

You know you're full of shit when you miss the major talking point all actually ill people have had to deal with and constantly discuss with each other.

No. 189974

sage but it is possible she has ARFID. The side effects can include obesity, as the thought of eating anything else (in Jill's case, healthy food) can be triggering. Her mom even called her out about it during the Japan trip as she could only eat fried western food.

No. 189977

File: 1640257123663.jpeg (459.76 KB, 1379x812, 288164F0-CECE-4128-AC5A-30E213…)

If she wanted to go the physical munch route that would actually be a pretty easy avenue, kek. Type 2 diabetes isn’t exactly *~glam~* tho

No. 189978

I once worked with a greasy incel looking guy (he seemed nice though, I didn't really talk to him) who only ate mcdonalds for some reason, no joke soon after he got cancer at aged about 21 or something.
I don't know what happened to him since we only worked at the same place for a couple months, but eating the same shit item over and over is terrible for your body.

No. 189983

Also in Jill’s case she is extremely privileged and managed to shop around and paid for all of this out of pocket, in countries where you pay for healthcare real disabled people die all the time because they just don’t have money like Jill does, in countries where it’s free we have issues with waitlists being incredibly long and fakers junking things up and taking appointments really does slow things for people who really need it, I don’t know anyone disabled (blog but myself included) who thinks all this self diagnosis screaming online is a good thing, people co-opting our struggles and making us a laughing stock online does make things harder for us in the real world, the only people who spout this nonsense are fakers who want to scream about how valid they are everywhere and talk over real disabled people and make us a laughing stock, it’s disgusting

No. 189984

It just makes no sense to me that she's suddenly doing these characters and ticks. We've been watching her for years, wouldn't they have been evident before? Maybe one thing could have sprung up out of nowhere but there's no way she suddenly presents with multiple visible "disabilities".

Pretending to be autistic is so fucking offensive. It's obvious she's never been to an autism center and met actual autistic people. Actual autistic people exist outside of the internet and it's not all hand flapping and coloring books. Fuck you, Jill.

No. 189986

I only watched the first few minutes and skimmed but I felt like she was doing the fake tic thing a lot at the start too when unpacking the goods

No. 189987

No one has mentioned it but at the end of the video she has a mug she is drinking from and says it’s wine, anyone know what day of the week this was shot, if it’s a weekday and she is drinking wine from a mug, that’s an alcoholic move

No. 189989

ntayrt but the first anon to bring it up mentioned they think it was meds for her mental health causing moonface and using their own experience with steroids to draw the conclusion the change in face shape wasn’t just fat. I don’t think they meant she was on prednisone. personally I think she’s gonna save up the munchie arc for when she’s bored of the mental health trauma arc, then we’ll really see how she can fuck up her body…

No. 189999


agreed on the autistic part. Its beyond offensive at this point. Sage for blog but it makes my fucking blood boil. My brother has autism and our entire childhood I watched him struggle and my parents spend every dime to our family name on physical therapy, neurologists, school ieps, and education for him. He has difficulty with everything and didn't even say a word till he was 7. He's better functioning now but the reality is he probably won't ever have a career and once my parents die, I'll be the one to take care of him. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother, but I'm just in absolute fucking awe Jill's larp is turning this direction. It's fucking disgusting to me Jill is capitalizing on this as a trend when real people and real families have suffered just to give their child the best life they could. I even noticed some stims in her video for like 2 seconds. Get a fucking life, Jill. We watched you be normal online for years. Nobody just fucking regresses into a mild autistic state with mid to severe behaviors (stimming, chew toys) in less than a year.

No. 190001

File: 1640269342450.png (655.24 KB, 545x960, imagen_2021-12-23_082124.png)

I really don't understand how anyone can be "kawaii in a retarded way" for starters kek
You either are kawaii or not and she clearly isnt
The most "kawaii girl" she has been was a looooooooong time ago

No. 190002

>Actual autistic people exist outside of the internet and it's not all hand flapping and coloring books.
She thinks autistic is a choice, an aesthetic, and also cute and fun for some reason

No. 190003

>that’s an alcoholic move
she's 100% an alcoholic now

No. 190004

File: 1640270022515.png (247.63 KB, 940x512, jhjjhhvhvhhhhvhvhhhhv.png)


No. 190011

Steeb is definitely getting ready to troon out so he can dump this fat clown and be protected from the inevitable bpd meltdown and accusations of rape/abuse/maybe child abuse too (what with the kid alter) she’ll fling at him in revenge, lol.

No. 190013

File: 1640273482586.gif (7.33 MB, 268x209, Pixie-&-Stevie's-GINGERBREAD-H…)

No. 190014

File: 1640274044019.jpeg (327.67 KB, 828x1052, 749D8FA7-151C-44A3-A6B6-15D413…)

There’s nowhere in those texts it would’ve been grammatically correct to use gendered pronouns, you fruitcake. It would’ve either been her name, or ‘you’ if speaking directly to her.

Also there’s multiple pronouns in there ffs

No. 190016

File: 1640274617757.jpeg (380 KB, 828x1201, 79EBF402-61CE-4A2E-80E2-8DE5FC…)

Twelve years??? Jill you started this larp, AT BEST, 2 years ago when you started consuming DissociDID’s content because you were trying to protect her against Trisha, someone who you now resemble to a T

No. 190017

Definitely agree. No wonder her bpd seems to be off the rails when she abuses substances and stopped taking her medication. Her hack of a therapist is at some fault for sure.

No. 190019

that reminds me, wasn't her video about Trisha "fake claiming"?

No. 190022

Thank you! I've literally never understood the amount of feminist/woke women who think drag is so progressive. It feels just like the gender equivalent of blackface and I don't understand why it's not seen as such? Then again these wokies clearly don't think these things through as we see with Steebies communism bs

No. 190024

No. 190025

I doubt he conciously didn't say her pronouns. He said Jillian though, didn't she hate her own name now?

No. 190027

Dragqueen shit is blackface but for women. Womanface if you will. Hopefully by 2050 we look back and cringe at it as a society. I doubt it but yeah. It's the same thing like how Jillian calls herself queer and autistic and thinks she has DID but in the future she'll be just another hetero white girl in an hetero relationship.

No. 190030

She posted the finished houses on December 14th so this was likely on tuesday kek

No. 190031

I thought she didn't want to go by Jillian

No. 190033

how can steve find her attractive? it's not even about her size, fat people can be hot; i mean her makeup, her hair, the way she dresses like a toddler, she's the least erotic person ever. how could anyone be into that? do they even still have sex or is the Literal Five Year Old living inside her head an excuse not to do stuff?

No. 190038

They're confirmed to sleep in separate beds and have been for a long time. I severely doubt they've been intimate for the past year at a minimum

No. 190039

sorry 2 sperg but i think that drag kind of loses context when straight kweer women try to make it their culture and community. it makes more sense when you look at it as something that came from gay men whose sexual identity was historically repressed into derogatory feminine caricature. which is kind of an overly complicated way to say that if you’ve ever met a gay man who grew up in a country where it’s still illegal to have gay sex, or even just from the hood where it fucking sucks to be gay, then it makes more sense. thats not to say that a lot of gay men arent genuinely misogynist, or to imagine that most gay people in america have lives that hard anymore (they dont lol), or to exculpate the kind of bougie woke straight women who stan drag queens mostly to prove they’re in on the joke that they’re the kind of women drag most frequently mocks (those bitches will always be corny). it’s just more that drag comes from a different relationship to sexual/gender-based violence than what blackface is to white people

No. 190040

She said steve gave her an UTI in the past couple of months

No. 190041

I agree someone can be plus sized and at least kinda cute but pixielocks is fat, annoying, dresses like a toddler clown, has greasy tekashi69 hair, doesn't wipe her makeup, loves looking like shit on purpose, and more

No. 190042

File: 1640281639790.jpeg (186.02 KB, 750x1040, 49C3F911-DCFB-453F-BF29-1D104A…)

she looks cute here without the excessive clown makeup

No. 190043

>i think that drag kind of loses context when straight kweer women try to make it their culture and community.
Agreed, Jillian being a prime example, an hettie girl who is desperate to look gay
>it makes more sense when you look at it as something that came from gay men whose sexual identity was historically repressed into derogatory feminine caricature.
I also agree, but also remember this comes from the idea that female=bad, any femenine attribute men could have was linked to females so the root of it is misogyny
>if you’ve ever met a gay man who grew up in a country where it’s still illegal to have gay sex, or even just from the hood where it fucking sucks to be gay, then it makes more sense.
I know it does, but then, why would any male dress as a female if their entire enviorment is conservative? Imagine if a closeted gay male was seen wearing a wig and a dress, even if that's the only way to live their homosexuality in peace, it just makes them look like a tranny or a deviant. Drag queen shit will never not be mockery for me.

Anyways, going back to Jillian though, is it me or is Steve also into drag queens? Was him the one that gave Jillian the idea of drag queens? Or what? Otherwise why does he have long hair and disgusting nails and that "about to troon out" look

No. 190044

See this is what we've saying from the start. Better makeup, normal looking eyebrows, well kept hair. That improves her looks a lot. She looks thinner there though.

No. 190045

God, finally some normal eyebrows. Looks visually at least more sane.

No. 190046

>is Steve also into drag queens?
That's a good question anon. I wish we knew a little bit more about him. He definitely seems like the deep-in-the-closet type as well, and being from a very religious family, it would make even more sense.

No. 190047

She looks so cute and somehow smaller. Surely her makeup doesn't add weight to her?

No. 190048

Pretty sure this is from last year

No. 190049

no, samefag who posted the pic, this is something she just posted on her twitter with her grandpa, i'm pretty sure.

No. 190050

File: 1640283515786.jpg (564.98 KB, 1080x1882, IMG_20211223_181653.jpg)

Sorry I mean June, damn. Feels like she couldn't of gained so much weight in such little time

No. 190052

I really think Steve is the autistic one. He doesn't even look at her or interact with her in a normal manner. He seems very detached and unaffected.

No. 190053

Nah anon, check the caption, it's from August 2020

No. 190058

File: 1640285174043.png (2.98 MB, 1728x2304, png_20211223_134234_0000.png)

I'm sorry about how shitty this looks. I need to find a better way to make collages… graphic design is not my passion.
Anyway, a quick look through Steve's Twitter likes makes it pretty obvious he's going to fully troon out soon.

No. 190060

File: 1640285434531.jpg (191.13 KB, 1080x1026, IMG_20211223_134840_692.jpg)

No. 190062

what if hes waiting for jill to pay for his transition so he can leave immediately after.

No. 190064

God this will be such a shit fest when steewie troons out. Jill on one side acting like a tard and then steve being your typical twatter commy troon kek. Next year will be great and full of milk straight outta Jill's rainbow hell.

Isn't health insurance covering the costs of it in Canada? How much would this shit cost for him?

No. 190067

It's from last year when they reunited, they had a family reunion last year
also I was just pointing out: she looks better and thinner, not saying that it's recent.

No. 190068

Lol, he'll call oppression if she doesn't
God this gives me the chills, it's like a tickling shitfest waiting to happen.
>trans women experience blablabla far higher than cis women
Can troons not? this is fucking disgusting

No. 190070

My comment still stands, she has ballooned so much even if this was in 2020.

No. 190071

File: 1640288318615.jpg (309.18 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20211223-143708_Bra…)

For those who have the pleasure of not knowing, the "My Coconuts" song is a disgusting song by Steeb's fellow tranny Kim Petras, about his moobs. Sooooo not a fetish though!

No. 190072

He's definitely going to become one of those tankie AGPs like the bottom right, hopefully Jill is ready to invest in some programmer socks

No. 190073

>I also agree, but also remember this comes from the idea that female=bad, any femenine attribute men could have was linked to females so the root of it is misogyny

eh, this is my bad because i was focusing more on the trauma-solidarity side of things. drag doesnt exist just to look ridiculous, it’s supposed to be camp and playful but beautiful (eye of the beholder tho). if reviving over-the-top hair/makeup trends from old hollywood stage makeup, or 80s glam, or whichever era, reads as inherently mocking women it’s bc the broader culture chews up women’s style and makes a constant mockery of it as a way to demean women and punish us for aging

like, if a gay man or a gyaru in japan wants to do a wild take on their vision of a basic white chick, and they’re clearly trying to make it look good according to a certain style metric, am i supposed to be offended about ‘appropriation’? lol

>why would any male dress as a female if their entire enviorment is conservative? Imagine if a closeted gay male was seen wearing a wig and a dress, even if that's the only way to live their homosexuality in peace, it just makes them look like a tranny or a deviant.

yeah idk i cant speak to why any gay dude in that situation would do that either. prolly be more likely to just watch drag race for the vicarious thrill while maybe wearing mom’s heels and mascara in secret, or otherwise move somewhere where there’s community to go out in a wig and a dress even knowing it makes them a target of a militant police force, so they can throw the first brick at stonewall or whatever, so that decades later all us homos can join the military while wearing our pride month edition rainbow ikea buttplugs ethically manufactured in factories running on oil personally frakked by ru paul. the possibilities are endless. in egypt if you join the military they check your butthole to see if it has ever been penetrated, and you and i spend our free time refreshing a thread about a 23y/o small town canadian sensitivity-troll who exemplifies the truly batshit self-victimizing copes that emerge from an alienated youth spent building a public persona on toxic internet hugbox culture & subsequently having the majority of your income and social interactions contingent on constantly performing this 2D consumption-driven strong beautiful kind kawiwi character. i never said anything on this gay earth was good nonnie i just think drag’s different from blackface

you know when i think about it it might be for the best when i catch a ban for this post. log me off sweet farmhand

No. 190077

Obesity is more rare in AFRID, hell one of the indicators of the illness is weight loss due to the person avoiding most foods. Especially since the texture of all foods become mushy from chewing. Jill's just a lazy slob that over eats, over drinks, and smokes too much weed.

I can't be the only one who finds it weird that she suddenly had therapists from the time she was five right? It's shitty but I wouldn't put it past her to lie about it so it seems like her story is more believable.

No. 190078

Paging Pixielocks, please read the MTF thread for more information on what's about to happen because it won't be pretty. Transwidow in 3, 2, 1…

She needs to find a new boyfriend ASAP because this activity suggests their relationship is doomed.
Men generally troon out for a very specific reason: to fuck men in a more socially approved way, transing out is miles more deviant than simply being gay, but since Stevie is internet poisoned and ex-religious he will believe it is the superior option.

No. 190079

No. 190080

Wtf are you on? you seem kind of sensitive for no reason, not everyone hast to agree with you on this imageboard, let it go

No. 190081

It's not the old hollywood cinema fashion style or whatever (not all drags even dress like that) but the exaggerated mannerisms and facepaint that makes it gross.

No. 190082

Alright james joyce, how's the next book coming along

Nice stream of consciousness rant, it is probably time to log off though

No. 190083

Maybe it’s indirect. Maybe he wears her underwear.

He liked a tweet defending that disgusting troon who made a memorial for the École Polytechnique massacre all about himself. Fuck him.

No. 190084

>comparing gay men dressing like a caricature of women to gyaru, a fashion style in which Japanese women reject their culture's beauty standards
anon was that essay worth it

No. 190085

Him being with Jillian is probably a form of rebellion.

No. 190090

sage for medfagotry, but while people in restrictive eating recovery are definitely prone to developing a different eating disorder (binge eating), the weight gain is also usually because they completely fucked up their metabolic system. Their body was in survival mode for so long, so now even regular amounts of new caloric intake is not being given up by the body, it’s all retained.

Great examples are the majority of contestants from “The biggest loser.” Even those who started a healthy diet with consistent low intensity exercise couldn’t keep the weight off, because they lost it all too quickly. Losing 100-200 pounds in 3-5 years is healthier than losing it in months.

But my bet is that Jillian has just traded one eating disorder for another

No. 190091

this is so stupid but it made me laugh out loud

No. 190093

he could probably wrap her underwear round himself twice by this point nonny

No. 190094

Kek I just got it the vase is smaller because she's bigger

No. 190097

File: 1640299024173.jpeg (58.72 KB, 750x266, 898CB1F7-A03A-40EC-88D1-A20D92…)

this sounds like a scene from a horror film kek

No. 190103

>mama vessey standing over her wondering wtf trauma images pertain to her

No. 190105

This is so cringe and I can't believe she's proud of it and sharing it on social media

No. 190122

Please learn how to integrate. It is really obvious all of your posts from your stupid typing style. What happened to this thread

No. 190127

I mean if you actually go to a drag show it's apparent that it's harmless fun and self expression, not men claiming "this is what women are like actually." When the ball scene was poor black and brown people decades ago, it was an opportunity to transform into their ideal selves that they could realistically never be because of economic and social factors. Like a poor person that would never realistically be a CEO competing in an executive realness category and wearing a powersuit. There are plenty of documentaries on yt and there's even Ryan Murphy's revisionist history via Pose.

I've been female my whole life and have never been to a drag show and felt like my gender was being mocked or attacked. It's a similar energy to what going to anime cons used to be like. Sometimes it's fun to dress up and actual effort and talent used to be required before you could buy everything on Amazon.

Thank you for putting this more succinctly. But while gay men a misogynistic, drag inherently isn't because while men and troons have been the center of it, it has never been exclusively limited to them. The number of people in these threads who seethe over drag like it's exclusively privileged men dressing up as women to mock them is like…so confusing to me? RPDR does not define drag.

Please use your ban time to learn how to break up sentences because holy shit.

I would feel worse for mama Vessey if she didn't bring all of this on herself. Parenting is hard, but don't spoil and indulge a child the way you do a pet. Because this is the end result.

No. 190140

I doubt you can tell which anonymous posts I have made, I change my typing style on purpose. Anyways, don't derail with annoying unnecessary shit.

No. 190141

I think it's mostly the eyebrows, her normal eyebrows help framing and balance the roundness of her face a little bit but the spock eyebrows make the sides of her face seem wider. Also the way she does her lips it's very unflattering, she overlines them to look fuller yet they appear shorter and the same effect happens.

No. 190146

good god she's morphing into Divine

No. 190152


fuck the sexist unoriginal disgusting shitfest that drag is and always will be. men dressing up as important historical women figures and famous women to mock them isn't any different than regular ol' sexism.

i hope jill leaves steve. i don't like her but a woman sticking by the side of a troon is a horror story.

No. 190155

Who are you even replying to? Sage this shit.

No. 190157

Nta, but she's right.

No. 190170

File: 1640316433828.png (83.54 KB, 1236x374, twfat.png)

i guess the 14yo alter is an alcoholic too

No. 190173

Jillian be like
>I'm a minor don't interact!
Also Jillian
>Lol alcohol and weed (posts horny shit)

She can't keep the lies straight

No. 190192

i’ll be a good nonnie and keep it to myself but god
>trans women experience gender based violence FAR more than cis women
is really making me want to a-log

No. 190196

I’ll a-log with you, anon. Again, this is in reference to a massacre in which 14 women were murdered purely for attending school while female. The shooter told the men and women to line up separately and allowed the men to leave. Which line do you suppose Steve would have chosen?

No. 190199

She used the wrong TW too, alcohol is more triggering for a lot of people because of abusive people in their lives using their alcoholic tendencies as an excuse. But of course Jill won't see it that way because she loves day drinking wine on a Tuesday.

No. 190200

>TW food
wtf are her orbiters so retarded they break down every time they see a fast food place or a grocery store? This has to be a joke right? Right???

No. 190201

I don't know if this is her taking it too far and being a bitch about it on purpose after being asked to tw things.

No. 190203

>I've been female my whole life

You can't change gender, go back to Twitter

No. 190204

File: 1640336826030.png (417.01 KB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_20211224-110338.png)

No. 190205

File: 1640336872470.png (86.28 KB, 1080x403, Screenshot_20211224-110346.png)

waaaaah you corrected me
waaaaah oppression

No. 190206

>But while gay men are misogynistic, drag inherently isn't

You sound like the cognitive dissonance queen, drag artists are gay men. How can gay men be misogynistic but drag artists who are all gay men not be? Nobody thinks of drag kings when they think of drag. Drag is gay men's misogyny on steroids, complete with "fishy" as a compliment for a semi-passing result.

No. 190207

It's a giveaway she TW: Food to a mention of wine like she thinks it's a food group. Alco confirmed.

No. 190208

so in her videos she can control her "alters" but in other ones she can't? it makes no sense paired with the fact that she said she held it in all day at her families' place and then started talking to herself out loudly. it's such an obvious LARP

No. 190210

TW food is often used in woke spaces, has something to do with ED or whatever if i remember correctly.

No. 190213

She said in the last video she couldn’t go for an hour without switching at the start of the summer and Steve wasn’t surprised by the diagnosis because of this, it’s strange, she is claiming she had this behaviour clearly way before she started actually larping, unless she saw dissacociadid or whatever she is called and decide on the spot she wanted that

No. 190216

cowtipping for months ? please stop, no one is going to praise you

No. 190218

I'm literally bleeding out of my vagina I've had since birth and don't have a twitter account, but love how anyone who disagrees with anyone here is automatically a troon. It's snowflakey as hell to cry about muh misogyny in something you have surface level knowledge of. I'm not even claiming drag is some high, holy art form, just that it's not explicitly for men and has never been about mocking women.

Just because shitty misogynists exist and get famous on some sad neoliberal gay franchise tv shows, that's not representative of the whole subculture. It's like assuming all cosplayers are pedo pandering sex workers because Belle Delphine happened.

No. 190219

>ItS nOt FoR mEn
That doesn't mean men doing it aren't misogynistic. Stop being a pick me for gays

No. 190220

That ain't me. Saw it and was amused.

No. 190224

That's a very ableist answer from an "un-dx autist"
Clearly >>190204 was taking what you said literally and correcting you. Typical autist behavior. But you wouldn't know it jilly because autism to you is all coloring books, baby talk, flapy hands and chew toys.
You forget about the real life communication barriers and dilemmas real disabled people actually face.. even online

No. 190225

On another post about Polytechnique? I hate the way troons have been latching onto it this anniversary, they give zero fucks about any of the families. Steve is gross.

No. 190228

File: 1640353715564.jpg (239.65 KB, 1000x630, iu.jpg)

Photo of anon desperately caping for gay men who aren't even reading this imageboard.

No. 190233

Hey so I’m the person in the screenshot. Not cow-tipping or expecting praise, I’ve never posted anything I’ve said to Jill on here.

Tl;dr, she blocked me for genuinely trying to say the thing about the pronouns, because she was actually wrong, and I guess she took offense to it even though I didn’t intend any.

Sorry if this is against the rules, it just really rubs me the wrong way that she blocked me (I don’t actually care about that itself tbh) after her saga with the tik toker who dared to delete her comments(cowtip)

No. 190238

Dipshit you’re not supposed to come here and admit it. Now you’re going to get banned.

No. 190240

It'd be like that nowadays. Faghags are the best example of a simp. I don't doubt that once Stevie comes out/troons out she will take on that role. The trouble is that those women are being abused by them "innowcent gayws" without realising it. Which actually lines up with Stevie living with Jill for rent and possible internet clout. Classic gay man abusing gullible straight/bi woman.

No. 190241

maybe steven is the dark horse pick for opening an onlyfans in 2022 kekkk
you fucking retard lol

No. 190250

i don't cape for stebie but this is a reach. even if their relationship is clearly dead we don't even know if he's gay yet (and who could blame him for not being into jillian), and to say he's ABOOSING poor jillybean for money/clout is pretty far out

No. 190252

Sorta offshoot comment but no pronouns about her, spread kindness like confetti to her, don't talk about nsfw topics to her teen oc, but teen oc can post nsfw topics, so on and so forth. She can call herself female on her she/they account but others can't.
Her statements only apply to her therefore granddad didn't use any pronouns. The world literally begins and ends at Jill.

enjoy your ban for cowtipping

No. 190253

If you know gay men are misogynistic, then why do you say this with so much confidence:
>privileged men dressing up as women to mock them is like… so confusing to me? RPDR does not define drag.
Men have always been more privileged than women based on sex alone. Even in the past I imagine gay males used drag as a way to cope and imitate women because of how much they were compared to one in a pejorative way. While historicaly, women are also part of drag, drag kings were a way to imitate privileged men.
It might had been "better" in the past (somehow according to your words and personal research) but RPDR really does define the state drag queen is in right now. It's a new wave promoting brainrot (just look at Jillian). Most of them are mysogynistic and I bet in the past they were too. Plus I am an adult human female, am I not allowed to have an opinion about men imitating a weird version of my reality? I think I should have the option to at least comment on it if it makes me visibly uncomfortable that men are trying to act like me. I know LGB solidarity is good and all but you are excusing gay men way too much, when they can also be sinister and womanhaters.

No. 190263

If anything, dealing with her and living with her I think he has earned anything he takes from her, she seems like a full time fucking job to be around, I wouldn’t be able to bear being in the same room as her let alone being nice to her an humouring her all that time

No. 190264

Steve feels more like a caregiver and a roommate that has to entertain a retarded toddler 25/7 but this toddler is actually a 20something womanchild, and thus resulting in him trooning out because he also wants to be a capitalistic "communist" attention whore

Speaking of that, I doubt people in communist countries even have the means to make gingerbread houses. Or they would be taken away.

No. 190265

This angers me like you have no idea. Fucking hate troons thinking they're the real victims. I wish women could kill all trannies.

No. 190267

fwiw i liked you calling her out for the tiktok thing. Just don't admit it here and you're good

No. 190268

She won't even put a TW for her disgusting daddy kink mentions because she's a"mInOr" let alone use the correct one for anything else. She's a fucking idiot that can't see past her own nose.

No. 190269

>dOnt nItPicKmeeeeeeee
And the emoji is there again kek someone make a compilation

No. 190272

My thoughts exactly, she doesn't register alcohol as an addictive substance, she thinks it's just a fun food group. And then she thinks weed is solely a medicine, nothing brain damaging about it sure. And she can only eat chicken nuggets because she's oh so special. Then she bitches about being fat… Incredible really, what a weird cow specimen.

No. 190273

I'm sure she was like
1.Have the normal kind of dissociation (aka staring at walls when sad)
2.Watch dissociative youtubers
3.Copy their behaviors to seem legit
4.Steve the retard: omg she's totes not faking it!!

Steve is a communist femboy so of course it is easy for him to fall for brainrot.

No. 190274

>I'm literally bleeding out of my vagina I've had since birth
>It's snowflakey as hell to cry about muh misogyny in something you have surface level knowledge of.
What, womanhood and the mockery of it? I think we all have plenty of experience with it
>It's like assuming all cosplayers are pedo pandering sex workers because Belle Delphine happened.
That has been the case for almost a decade though, before Belle Delphine even.

No. 190277

I also find it extremely sensitive how she deletes comments and blocks others but dare anyone else do the same and she gets so sensitive.
>But you wouldn't know it jilly because autism to you is all coloring books, baby talk, flapy hands and chew toys.
Kek, exactly. She thinks being a retard is a free membership for a womanchild fun club. What a dumbass.

No. 190279

It's more snowflakey to get so defensive about gay men dressing up and thinking it has any kind of value, stop the pickmeism please

No. 190283

>What is a drag king

No. 190286

Anon mentioned drag QUEENS and gay men, stop defending this shit anyways, and stop derailing.

No. 190292

even the lgbt community hates drag race, the only ones who don't are either 1) misogynistic gay men or 2) "spicy straight" or bisexual women who just want brownie points. in some cases, drag can purely be performance, like someone playing a persona that has nothing to do w female stereotypes, but that's just not typical on rpdr. they not only mock women, but gay men mock trans people, mock different races, etc. i've never met a single trans person who supported the show considering it's full of slurs and ru paul is just. actually the worst.

sage for derail i guess but how can someone even defend this. it's not even an 'ew trans people' thing, because 99% of drag queens are cis gays who think pretending to be women, esp of different races, is hilarious.

No. 190301

drag queens and troons are litteraly the same bro. Scrotes in wigs and dresses. No1curr here abt their feefees

No. 190306

Shut the fuck up about drag, holy shit nobody cares

No. 190310

>I thought this was a shoop at first
Fuck me

No. 190311

>lumping bi women in with straights
>caring about trannies
kill yourself

I was about to suggest we call the next thread the sobbing emoji edition but realised that’s already the case. She’s worse than tess holiday using the clown emoji as a ‘I’m seething but pretending to be unbothered’ tell.

No. 190318

Now now, alogging is only ok when it's directed towards weird moids on lolcow (ref: some stuff that happened on snow and /ot today), no afab nonnies deserve that shit.

No. 190319

what the hell happened in /ot/ and /snow/ today? spill the beans use a spoiler so we don't derail please

No. 190326

I hate Jillian. Apparently she can be "autistic" and act like a child and put up decoration in her house that says "ask about your friend's brains" and say she wants to make a neurodivergent party, but once someone actually autistic shows up, suddenly she acts out.

No. 190328

It would be impossible to describe without derailing, but it's mostly in the most recent vent thread with some extra content in a recent (shit thread) someone made on /snow

No. 190332

No. 190338

Can we go back to making fun of jill please

No. 190339

i think it's really funny how she is exerting control over the one area of her life that she can, and it's resulted in massive weight gain. i hope she can find a new therapist soon, and in the mean time i will enjoy our new DID era, complete with rapid merging from EMDR therapy.

No. 190342

>>190339 it might be kind of awful to say but honestly at this point, i think her having a restrictive eating disorder again could actually improve her internet standings? only if she were to be subtle about it as well as drop the "mental health" focus, though. with y2k and 90s 2000s stuff on the rise, the body standards of the time are starting to come back a bit, including and especially on tiktok. waif chic is on its way back in in a few years i think the body pos movement will have dried up a lot more, in regards to fatness. that or she starts doing mukbangs and becomes fatspo for every ana chan within a 3000 mile radius.

No. 190343

she’s literally posting about being self diagnosed with autism, let’s bring it back to Jill indeed

No. 190344

i see your point/somewhat agree as a fellow ana chan who used to follow Jill for fashion content but that ship has long since sailed, she’s at the point of no return where even if she does make it back to her ‘spoopy skelly’ weight (that wasn’t even underweight) she’s gonna have too much excess skin to make it work. i think she should lean into the 60s/70s vibes she was trying for a few months ago because it’s more sustainable and flattering but hell i would take literally anything clothing related instead of the retarded mental illness larping

No. 190345

File: 1640408633551.jpg (34.15 KB, 468x432, article-1127204-0311AE8E000005…)

Not kind of awful, exceptionally awful. Rachel Zoe, is that you? Anyone who lived through that era and wants it to come back in any capacity is fucked in the head. I know everyone loves dunking on fat people anonymously online because they feel personally attacked that no one is calling their pancake ass thicc but can we not go back to this?

Jill is gross because she puts her foot down on not taking care of herself because mento iwwness. It's not going to be easy for her at her current size and doubling down on being a lying scammy asshole to pretend to have an eating disorder, unless she was honest about obviously overeating or being on meds that cause weigh gain.

Maybe Jill senses the pro-ana wave returning with the 00s comeback and wants to double down on being the most sick in a different way.

No. 190348

We don't use "AFAB" here, please learn to integrate and stop being retarded.

No. 190349

do people with autism actually wear those stim chew things in public? or is this an infantilization uwu speshul brain thing?

No. 190356

Merry Christmas to everyone except our favorite grinch Jill.

Sage off topic. You guys be safe.
I hope we lose the weight we gain from eating and it doesn’t go to our faces. Xo

No. 190358

No. I’ve never met an autistic person that actually uses stim toys. My nieces are autistic, one pretty severely, but they just have meltdowns after too long social interactions and go to therapy.

No. 190359

I don’t know about people on the lower functioning end of the spectrum but most people who are high-functioning enough to go undiagnosed until adulthood would be far too embarrassed to wear something like that openly. There is a subset of people who do like to advertise their autism in that way, but in my experience they rarely need to stim in public and the accessories are more performative than utilitarian. With Jill it’s 100% performance and LARPing as a lower-functioning person (if she’s even on the spectrum at all).

No. 190364

>>190358 agreed. sage for blog but i'm autistic and have adhd (diagnosed with adhd and suspected autism from around age 6, autism dx around 10) and the only situations where I've used any kind of stim toy were fidgets given to me in elementary school to keep me from being disruptive. i wouldn't be caught dead with one in public and only have ones at my desk because of how impossible online classes are to not get distracted from otherwise. they're embarrassing and clunky and the only people who talk about or show off playing with them are the kind to shove their mild retardation down your throat like it's some kind of party trick.

No. 190367

>in a few years i think the body pos movement will have dried up a lot more

Bodi posi led right into the prostitution/onlyfans movement so I think when people realized their "curves" were being liked and praised only for fap material it lost its allure.
We will definitely see heroin chic back and to stay.

No. 190370

People like Jill who buy large stim toys that are obviously for that are attention seeking. My brother used to also be a little disruptive in class (not maliciously) but one of the teachers suggested he have some blue tac to occupy his hands. It worked well and it was discrete, so for someone like jill who only wants the attention it wouldn’t be an option.

No. 190371

That was cute nonny merry Christmas to you too!

Didn’t the description of that chewing toy say something that eating something every time you need a sensory trigger is to be avoided? Okey jill give it a try! I could imagine her always sitting there with a bag of candy because muh sensory uwu stimuli!!!

No. 190372

Exactly. Not to mention that even if Jill does genuinely use her bites thing (yuck) there’s zero need for her to be wearing it in a video that’s completely unrelated. It’s a ‘tool’ of sorts, not a fashion accessory. It really does highlight just how performative everything she does is

No. 190376

Learn to sage newfag and don't reply with "hm?" you stupid bitch

No. 190378

A lot of adults especially diagnosed later have incredibly subtle stims you can easily hide I find, usually you would have to put conscious effort into unmasking over time, once again though Jill is going for the speedrun and managed to unmask totally before even getting a diagnosis and can also work herself down from a meltdown already

No. 190379

File: 1640432477292.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1445x1834, 4505FCD3-24CE-4A07-98A3-5AF174…)

I forgot that she also claims to have Trich on her laundry list of conditions, I wonder if that will change though when she pays for an autism DX, trich qualifies as neurodivergent because it’s a compulsive disorder, I think she will claim it’s co-morbid

No. 190380

Calm down nonna, this board (all of lolcow) has been flying off the handle for the past 24 hours. Peace and tranquility to all for Christmas Day.

No. 190388

>trich qualifies as neurodivergent
pls don’t feed into jill’s delusions nonnie

No. 190393

I’m not saying that I think she has it or is valid in that way just that it does officially fall under the umbrella (a couple of things you wouldn’t expect fall under the umbrella like dyslexia for example), my theory on why she even claimed it in the first place is that whole saga where she put neurodivergent in her bio and people got angry at her, I think she just googled what qualifies then tried to apply one to herself and it’s far far easier to claim than autism. Sage for blog but I actually have it and I do not believe that she does (I also don’t qualify it as neurodivergent personally), it’s not something you just develop all of a sudden there would have been signs since she was very young, it can be co-morbid with autism but just in the same way as most things can be, there is no correlation between the two it’s just coincidence when someone has both

No. 190394

File: 1640445192845.png (275.38 KB, 595x719, chrome_VSy4yhdSiU.png)

why is she so obsessed with this guy?

No. 190395

oh jesus she’s signing her comments with her stupid emojis from her main account now. I don’t know why i’m surprised but it’s just so cringe inducing. Spend some time with your family at christmas you insane womanchild

Why would dyslexia be a surprising thing to consider neurodivergent? It’s a learning disability.

No. 190397

we all know but we don't want to say it

No. 190403

maybe with teenagers, waif chic is only coming back on edtwt and some parts of tiktok kek. thin has always been in fashion and that will never change but i doubt publicly encouraging restricting and open “fat-shaming” will ever happen again. sage for derail

No. 190404

Spare a thought for her family. This is the only time she's not bombarding them with tales of how hard it is to be Jillian Vessey.

No. 190410

Idk about chewing toys but I definitely have known neurodivergent (mostly with adhd but also autism) people who use toys like that. Fidget spinners and similar gadgets

No. 190411

I use a stim toy myself since I have the tendency to fidget, especially when anxious. However, it is small enough to be hidden in my hand, covered by a sleeve or used under the table, since the entire point of those toys is to soothe and redirect neurotic energy and not cause a disturbance both to yourself and others.

No. 190414

This is so fucking creepy

No. 190417

File: 1640472819818.jpeg (135.84 KB, 828x428, C51B50A0-8C0C-4D2E-BEA5-B85DD2…)

Oh fuck off Jill

No. 190418

File: 1640472888609.jpeg (481.45 KB, 828x1080, ED20EFAC-973A-4BF2-8AC3-95B838…)

No. 190420

Yeah but Jillian takes out literal toys in front of class and starts playing with them. Then she's surprised that she gets bad grades… Lmao

Seriously how is this guy not disgusted and creeped out? Tinfoil but I think she completely lost it now. She has 0 self awareness on how this could be creepy for Drew Monson. She's probably more attracted to him than Steven now and wants to date him that's why she's doing this shit. Pro tip Jillian, he's very gay and this is not the way to approach any YouTuber or public figure. Specially not when you look like a psycho clown who is mean on Twitter to everyone else but your lovebombed Drew. And specially not someone who fakes a bunch of mental illnesses and seems emotionally unstable.

No. 190421

That applies to her as well kek
She's not a fucking professional
>Got us
I thought Jerrica didn't like this type of stuff? Since she's edgy and all.
Also wtf she's 20+ and she's getting children toys to play with?

No. 190422

More shit to hoard in the name of "sustainability"

No. 190423

Ugh why are her parents indulging this shit

No. 190424

I think people (Jill included going by the intensity of her larp) have a very fixed idea about neurodivergent and how serious that is when a lot of people downplay dyslexia as not a serious issue is more what I meant. She is being way over the top because she clearly has a warped idea about what neurodivergent means and she doesn’t need to act like that at all like if she actually looked at studies of behaviours of adult women with autism instead of going off the stereotypes for male children it would be way less cringe and obvious

No. 190425

File: 1640474227669.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1522, 0D3634CA-E5B9-4E98-B966-C3836C…)

so it’s for the 6 year old? did all her alters get different gifts?

No. 190426

This is so fucking embarrassing. I bet they'll send in a picture of Jill in babymode because they're freaks like that.

No. 190427

File: 1640475681715.png (162.77 KB, 500x278, raw.png)

>buying a toy set at 23
>your parents getting you the rest of the set
>seeing the card that calls you "a little one"
>making multiple tweets about it
why isn't she embarrassed at any of these steps ?

No. 190428

That’s the thing about her autism larp that is so offensive to me, she is often imitating some stereotype of a person who is low functioning and wouldn’t be able to live the independent adult life she does just fine, it’s just like her supposed DID, she acts like she has something crazy when she doesn’t suffer in the slightest and lives a totally comfortable life with no real issues unlike people who actually suffer

No. 190429

She's really imitating someone who is low functioning without all the problems that come from having low functioning autism and she's treating it like a fun kiddie diagnosis. It's gross. We have seen her in videos before even interacting with others and she was never low functioning. It's insulting

No. 190430

Fucking ageplayer

No. 190431


wtf is she on about, they're clearly asking for pictures of the dollhouse once it's set up and not pictures of her

No. 190433

File: 1640476976923.jpeg (357.85 KB, 904x1012, E3047118-11CB-4898-AA0B-ACA42C…)

It’s a $200 dollhouse lol she’s never known anything but a cushy life

No. 190436

She was always so coddled that she had to fake disorders so she could be "oppressed"

No. 190437

File: 1640479304241.jpg (245.17 KB, 719x505, B612_20211225_183304_556.jpg)

I know Jill's dream of being a seamstress is kinda over so why doesn't she make soaps or something? Like, craft videos. And then she could stacymax and stop being a retard maybe? But I'm asking too much. Anyways for someone who loves cute crap her gingerbread house is shit, look at this made from soap 100% better

No. 190438

Her recent 'LOL IT'S ALL MY DID' thing is so depressing, stuff that you can tell she genuinely enjoys (like Precure) is all just her DID now it's like she doesn't consider herself a full person and has to put anything that she likes into alter categories.
There's nothing wrong with liking dollhouses Jill, but you have to accept that the one you bought is meant for children.

No. 190440

Making gingerbread houses is pretty hard, problem is that instead of just treating it like something fun to do with her boyfriend she had to turn it into a competition and throw a fit when it wasn't turning out how she wanted like a small child.

No. 190441

>>190421 >>190427

she's using the strawberry emoji ie. the the 6yo alter is speaking, so that's who the gift is supposed to be for

No. 190443

She has basically never expressed interest in dolls… Does she realize you can just enjoy toys / playing without claiming you're 6 or have DID? She's so out of touch.

Knowing the inside of this dollhouse is going to get full of dirty cat hair and litter dust makes me shiver. What a waste of money.

No. 190447

i just don’t understand how she doesn’t see the irony in bragging about getting an ‘ethical sustainable’ random object that she doesn’t need nor will use and actively takes up space. literally doing nothing is more sustainable that making your mother spend $200 on a children’s toy for her rapidly approaching mid-20s retard daughter.

No. 190450

Bitter irony that Jill's parents wete probably expecting to buy this for a grandchild down the road, not their LARPing adult daughter.

No. 190454

I don’t know about other anons but I have the serious suspicion that Jill larping DID and low functioning autism is a cover for being an ageplayer/into DDLG. Especially with all the kiddie shit she got for Christmas from her parents

No. 190457

>I have the serious suspicion that Jill larping DID and low functioning autism is a cover for being an ageplayer/into DDLG.
Same here, I keep having this inner thought that she's an ageplayer.
When she was into collecting magical girl stuff I didn't mind it because she was still living with her parents and she was just a dumb girl and it isn't as unusual as you think to collect anime shit. But she retweeted that one questionable outfit that looks ddglish with the strawberry emote, and also said steven tucks her in bed. And dunno, more weird ageplayer shit.

It's getting weirder. I know adults can also like shit like doll houses but they don't act like Jillian does. They don't pretend to be a baby or a toddler, they don't have "minor" "6 year old" alters, they don't want to relive their childhood this hardcore, they don't dress like she does and carry a teething toy on their neck as if it was jewlery to chew in front of others.

She really thinks having DID/autism is a free pass to never grow up and it's quite scary. This is why she had to invent a fake traumatic situation because apparently traumatized people never grow up in her eyes. I dunno. She's not getting the therapy she actually needs. She's digging herself into this situation. I don't know how she could recover tbh

No. 190470

>>190457 genuinely, yeah. especially with how she responded to a tweet here (old and uncreamy milk. just the usual jill passive aggression)
>>189933 i really would not be surprised. and with how much she's denied in the past having (had) a younger audience, I'm scared for if the DID-tard larp falls through and the hypothetical where she starts catering to that niche/audience.. ddlg has become disgustingly common, (incest porn and the sexualization of youth in general, unfortunately.) especially among scrotes and people trying to cater to them. it makes me sick that the enjoyment of childhood and childlike ideas could be twisted so disgustingly by someone i watched when i was a young teen. though, i wonder if she knows how to be subtle about it from her time in lolita.

No. 190474

I don't think she's as subtle as you might thing.
And that lolita Jill we knew is long dead.

No. 190477

i’ve been thinking about this lately, how she will do anything in her power to avoid being a ‘grown-up’ and still get to dress how she wants and have tons of free time…she has already had that opportunity for years? She could have avoided this whole thing by just skipping craft college and continuing her channel when it was actually doing really well and she was posting multiple times a week. So many people would kill for the chance she had but she fucked it up for some inexplicable reason.

No. 190478

And it wasn't even a good craft school. Her original plan was to go to craft school and then continue with a real fashion school. Maybe she shouldn't had studied anything at all

No. 190479

File: 1640495950305.jpeg (55.07 KB, 883x746, 84D125DE-EA67-45AD-8AE0-9317D1…)


the woman was stunned to speak

No. 190480

how tf is a $200 dollhouse “ethical and sustainable” when you’re purchasing for an adult? this isn’t something anyone really needs lol

No. 190486

This is so… She does realise there are (adult) YouTubers who collect dolls and toys and amass a following due to this WITHOUT faking an illness? Things like this prove her laziness so much

No. 190494

We know she has tik tok brain rot and is being influenced by it and there has been discourse of tik tok where people who age regress for trauma reasons are calling out people who do ddlg, the whole thing is crazy, some of the “legit” regressors still do suss shit like shake their asses in a onesie on there, the worst think imo imo that a lot of them have a “little space” which for those who don’t know is supposed to be a safe space where they regress but a lot of them….use large dog cages that they make Kawaii with fairy lights and a blanket and plushies. I could see Jill arguing that she is legit and the ddlg people are evil, they even have hashtags about how real they are like the did larping clowns

No. 190495

I bet this has to do with her sustainability LARP. Adults who collect toys are often seen as self-indulgent and unnecessarily consumerist, while most people make an exception for kids as long as the parents don’t go completely overboard. Pretending to be a 6-year-old gives her an excuse to buy new toys while still being seen as “wholesome”.

No. 190497

>if she actually looked at studies of behaviours of adult women with autism instead of going off the stereotypes for male children it would be way less cringe and obvious

Her doctors are male so it makes sense she's memorizing and practicing the male traits over ones that make her look more convincing…I doubt she genuinely cares that everyone thinks she's faking. We all know it, it's just a convoluted way to get attention.

No. 190501

She'll probably be jacking off to being called a little one due to her ddlg larp

As a doll collector, though not of dollhouses and miniatures, I do own a few items and am familiar with them - there's a huge difference between what adult collectors will buy and this set does scream children's. Adult miniature dollhouses have insane, to scale details and are usually in more traditional colors (the usual colors you'd see in a period house, cream, gold, reds and browns with small patterns on the fabric) so the lack of detail of the house and furniture, plus simple colors clearly suggests it's for toddlers, hence the well-meaning note from the supplier.
It's more enbarrassing for the supplier to be inadvertently involved in a mental illness larp/fetish, but you can't control what your customers do with your items nor how they choose to promote them to their audiences. They might now unfortunately see a small uptick in adult babies buying their items and jerking off to them

No. 190502

I didn't notice how she rage-emoji'd that post with a million strawberries (6 year old oc) and rainbows (actual Jill) in a row

No. 190503

She could easily just collect retro toys second hand, she loves strawberry shortcake right, she could be sustainable by collecting items like that which she would have liked in her actual childhood, she has shown polly pockets before, same thing, she doesn’t in any way need to buy and support the production of new toys, she used to talk more about thrifting and you can so easily thrift 90’s and 2000’s toys. I don’t believe she actually cares about sustainability and that’s why she wanted that doll house, I believe she wanted to flex and have something that not a lot of people have, she always has to be the most special and I guess thrifting a care bear that already exists and saving it from landfill isn’t the same flex as a waste of a tree that cost her mom $200.

No. 190507

she had those puppies surprise toys she collected, and always made a big show of her magical girl wands from that vintage shop in japan.

she has a remarkably short attention span when it comes to her obsessions (those, peeps and crayola spring to mind) that it probably points away from autism. i’m not autistic but aren’t ‘special interests’ meant to go beyond a couple of months. I also thought they were meant to be surely about consumerism and more about facts and learning but pixie is so shallow in everything she does it doesn’t surprise me.

No. 190516

Sage for toy sperg but she didn’t get retro puppy surprise, they re-released and she bought new ones from a store kek. The old magical girl items are a huge flex because they are wildly expensive for what they are and some are pretty rare at this point, the majority of her collection is new stuff she bought new though. I am just surprised she hasn’t made an excuse to be a squishmallow whale because that’s the in thing and she could flex buying scalped rare ones for $$$ which she could then say are second hand so sustainable kek

No. 190521

In fairness, it’s not like we know that she asked for that specific dollhouse, it was a Christmas present. And given that she’s always been into kids toys and those kinds of things, plus her “sustainability” fad, Louise probably just googled ‘ethically made dollhouse’ and brought the most kawiwi one she came across first

No. 190525

There's never a good legit reason to regress. A psychologist teacher told me once (he wasn't my psychologist or my teacher for the record). He told me it was too dangerous and leaves you too vulnerable to trauma, and that experiencing trama again in that state could make things worse. He also said some therapists like toying with it but shouldn't. He also said there's a chance you stay in something like your regressed state if not careful.

No. 190526

Yeah, the note she got about being a "little one" creeps me out in her context. I know the brand meant well and the sculptors or whatever aren't even aware of ddgl but the way Jillian takes it out of context is so fucking creepy.

It's funny because she was somewhat doing that before in her magical girl phase, collecting second hand stuff. Although, when it came to other things like lolita she always bought it from the website.
This time, she had to of course show us the price tag of the dollhouse. Mommy would never buy her something second hand, it has to be expensive as fuck in the name of "sustainability".

No. 190527

>she has a remarkably short attention span when it comes to her obsessions (those, peeps and crayola spring to mind)
I bet they're a BPD thing.

No. 190528

Normally, for anyone else, I'd think you're right… But I just cannot imagine Jill not being the kind of spoiled bitch who tells everyone exactly what she wants and throws a tantrum meltie if that's not what she gets kek. I can't imagine her family especially her bend over backwards enabling mother taking the risk of getting her something by surprise she might randomly dislike.. especially considering her track record of how ungreatful she is

No. 190530

Can we stop chalking every retarded woman child thing Jill does up to bpd?

I seriously don't understand why anons here even humor this, as if bpd wasn't just the first diagnosis fatty went doctor shopping for. Outside of being an emotionally immature womanchild with no depth she has no real symptoms of bpd

No. 190531

I 100% feel this too, they have the money so I bet she feels entitled to it. Hence why her mom has always bought her anything she wants for Christmas (lolita stuff and the small pink piano come to mind)

No. 190532

She rages at others frequently though

No. 190533

Late reply, and I don't want to give her ideas, but I am genuinely a bit surprised she didn't choose the otherkin community instead. They seem to have no rules and she could make up whatever she wants. She's already brought it up with the whole Jeridot thing, and it's just as much LARPing but without the mento illness LARP. But maybe that's why she chose the DID route instead. It's more like an "exclusive" club because you have to meet a certain bullshit criteria.

No. 190534

You can’t get a super rare shiny diagnosis of being other kind though, so she can’t buy a way to gatekeep or be the most authentic.

No. 190556

>>190533 The thing is, to get popular in otherkin communities she would have to put in work. usually those types are unwell teenagers and shut-in 20-somethings and tend to stick to small groups of people they know online. if someone is popular for kin on tumblr, or instagram or something , it's because they post a lot, and are funny or engaging or so insane and causing so much drama you can't look away like a car crash, or because they post or curate a consistent, appealing aesthetic, or cosplay, or something like that. she'd still have to put in effort and would be under even more scrutiny from the general public as opposed to did where she has the excuse of "a doctor told me i have it"

No. 190562

She said it’s her favourite brand and she already owns the kitchen set and Louise bought the house and living room set which she didn’t have so she must have brought it up so it’s not just the $200 house it’s the living room set as well.
It’s way more cringe if you look at the website, they only sell things for actual babies, it’s not a store that sells other stuff or is remotely aimed at a collector demographic, it’s all baby toys and clothes and has the word infants on the home page and deals on baby onesies so the owners likely genuinely thought it would be cute pictures of an infant playing with the toy

No. 190563

File: 1640549663924.jpeg (430.6 KB, 1668x1577, 40D18FCB-6600-4172-8C36-1B7327…)

Sage for samefag but they literally sell potties, Louise must have lost her mind going on this site and spending big bucks on an adult

No. 190565

This is a special kind of spoiled. What the fuck is her mom thinking? Why's she just enabling this shit?

No. 190570

I actually hope she reaches out to him someday so he can say that he's gay and she can inevitably go "Oh I know, its my male alter that's in love with you, so it's still gay actually anyway" and then watch her seethe, melt, and accuse him of being a bigot transphobe genital fetishist for turning her down still.

No. 190571

Her mom has always been an enabler and always gone out of her way to do things for Jillybean, all the extra curricular activities she could want, showered with praise in these activities and told she is the best, all the gifts she wants, her own car, inpatient before her ED got remotely bad, purebred cat to be Jill’s emotional support animal, buying her expensive niche fashion and supporting all her interests, taking her to see muse multiple times because she likes them, getting tattoos together, being dragged to Japan and doing only what Jill wanted to do , whenever there is a disagreement she backs Jill 100% and says the other person is bad and jealous. Louise bends over backwards for this brat and always has done, her claiming a disorder that comes from childhood abuse and sharing that post about how sometimes it’s the things you didn’t get that cause trauma is insane, she gets everything she wants and complete unwavering support

No. 190572

As discussed in the thread it’s also highly likely her parents contribute to her living costs currently and through college, I am extra skeptical that Jill could be paying her own way considering all the extras like all the weed and booze she buys and the money she is dropping on her psych and that eval

No. 190580

Yes, anon, because she's a spoiled and emotionally immature woman child. Just because someone has some symptoms that a certain disorder exhibits doesn't mean they necessarily have that disorder. Realistically, her "self harm" and "eating disorder" were the most overplayed things ever, she does not have turbulent relationships or trouble keeping partners outside of her being a selfish brat who needs to be the center of attention, and even her "substance abuse" - despite it no way being good or acceptable and clearly a maladaptive coping technique, is pretty fucking normal for her age/social group. Her only real fear of abandonment we've witnessed seems to stem from anxiety that's caused purely by being incredibly sheltered, or tantrums over her wounded ego. She picks up and adopts hobbies and things which she needs to be the best in because she was always praised and sheltered by her mother/family, never having to face consequence and never having to be challenged or grow or develop. Not everyone has to have a specific personality disorder to exhibit these traits. Even when she was leaning hard into trying to come off as queen of bpd, she couldn't cough up even a handful of fake symptoms. The most bpd thing she does is treat the people around her like shit on a dime drop, and again, that's hand in hand with her being a spoiled shit who has never known anything else. Her life and behaviors has been laid out infront of us time and time again, the only way I can even fathom a psych giving her the label is if her/her family over played shit as we've seen they do. Not to mention we don't even know that she actually received that diagnosis from an actual psych, considering how she's gone about the "did" diagnosis now lmao. She has such a boner for this shit as a way to cope with why she's not as special and perfect as mommy raised her to believe, why is it suddenly believable she legitimately has bpd when everything else has all been a larp?

No. 190585

He looks EXACTLY like Jill's brother

No. 190586

Ntayrt but I totally agree Jill's "substance abuse" is just another extent of her lack of self-control. She can't be bothered to reasonably hold back whether it's weed, alcohol, being aggressive towards her fans on tiktok/Twitter and can't bother to bring herself to do work whether it's months spent on a single skirt or posting photos of her collection. She's just a bratty womanchild with no self-discipline.

No. 190587

Exactly, thank you. All of her "symptoms" have a direct correlation to her being coddled and spoiled her entire life, of which we have endless proof of. I still think that, that in itself is a form of abuse because your kid ends up like Jill, completely incapable of dealing with or navigating the real world, but that's a whole other tangent

No. 190616

i completely agree. bpd is usually trauma induced even if they are predisposed to it through genetics so she’d still have to have trauma which, as we know, is bullshit

No. 190628

only things of value in her magical girl collection are the ojamajo and few sailor moon wands she has, I don’t remember anything else of real rarity. Some are broken/damaged as well.

This doll house is gross though, why not get sylvanian families at least they have some class to them.

No. 190641

fucking hell. And after all that she goes and backstabs them by claiming they abused her to a point her sense of self shattered to pieces.

Why is this kind of behaviour acceptable?

No. 190647

File: 1640598878168.jpg (66.17 KB, 720x720, H107-girl-playing-through-wind…)

it's really distinctly a toddler toy for toddlers, it's unsettling that her mom got this for her and plays into her ddlg delusions this hard…
>A stunning feature in the kids room or nursery, this very special toy is sure to delight.
>Embrace your child’s inner interior designer.

it would've been way less weird to get a retro one, either a really fancy Victorian one (there are enough handmade ones on etsy if she really cares about the sustainability larp that much) or something second hand like Polly Pocket or Barbie that at least you can play off as 'this is a brand I grew up with and I still enjoy collecting these', idk why Jill had to go for the creepiest option possible

No. 190653

This toyhouse is really pretty and impressive but it really isn't something you should get as an adult. I know adults can get into miniatures too but they don't literally look like a toy for toddlers like this one does. Is it nice and artistic and well made? Probably, but seeing a small girl playing with it solidifies the fact that it isn't for an adult.
>Polly Pocket
Jillian had a Polly Pocket branded crossbody bag if I remember well.

No. 190654

File: 1640601582416.jpg (195.13 KB, 720x1147, B612_20211227_043722_051.jpg)

Why do I feel like she searched for dollhouses to play with as a "6 year old" and this is why she mentioned Melanie Martinez that other day? Because her song is called dollhouse. I feel like this is oddly related. Also the toy house is sold out.

No. 190655

File: 1640601876139.jpg (296.26 KB, 718x1309, B612_20211227_044028_627.jpg)

There's no other way to put it, this is some age play shit. These toys are for young kids. And the fact she had to show the note calling her a "little one"… Very creepy.
Are her alters really an excuse to double down on her consumerism?

No. 190657

File: 1640602606428.jpg (94.48 KB, 720x720, H107-Bay-Tree-Pink-Grey-Wooden…)

Like come on this doesn't even look like a collectors item, this 100% looks like a toy

No. 190659

This is really expensive. On top of it being weird, it seems like a flex she can just drop over $200 on a dollhouse and then a few more hundred on the accessories. Jill is a privileged bitch and makes her oppression larp even more infuriating.

No. 190662

Her ddlg followers bought 'em I bet
>I actually hope she reaches out to him someday
0% chance she hasn't already used both her accounts to spam his DMs

No. 190664

At times I wonder if her mom coddles her so much because something awful really did happen to Jillybean and her mother wants to keep her safe and content because of guilt of not protecting her child proper.
But then I remember it's Jill who put her every fart onto social media and if anything did really happen, everyone would know already.

No. 190665

Her mom gives me "my baby is too bright, kind and trusting for this world I have to protect her golden heart and sensitive soul" vibes. If she really has never been through anything it makes all the sense in the world her mom would be always a step behind. She's anticipating Jillian getting fucked by reality and she's mortified. Deep down she knows how retarded her kid is and how useless she has become.

No. 190666

>Are her alters really an excuse to double down on her consumerism?
Between that and having a way to be rude to people online and blame it on "someone else," pretty much

No. 190669

>her mom coddles her so much because something awful really did happen to Jillybean
The "suicide note at 11" and "ED and self harm" seems to be this. Nothing more nothing less.
I also cut and made suicide notes at 11 and no one bought me a fucking toddler dollhouse worth $200 at 23 though. That, and I don't have alters kek

No. 190670

Samefagging to say, I think Jillian gets so much euphoria from her alter shit (tiktok is an example) and thinks this euphoria is "getting better". It's the same as troons, they get euphoria by getting validated by their circle of yesmen. And then they say shit like "it makes sense all along!" which is something Jillian also said.

No. 190671

>"suicide note at 11"
What's the deal with this though? Would a normal child write a suicide note out of nowhere? There seems to be some kind of pain she felt in this age, that made her want to disappear from her then current life.

No. 190674

She probably saw it on TV and decided to copy it. Plus emos were super popular back then, don't you remember? she probably wrote something vague like "life sucks" and her mom interpreted it as a suicide note as an overreaction.

No. 190677

5? I saw she said 11. Someone should go and check it?

No. 190678

Possibly! Suicidal ideations are actually pretty common around that age, the reasoning for those ideations is pretty common as well. Jill could have been bullied excessively like other kids her age and not known how to deal with it, which is reasonable. But on top of that she had a mother who coddled beyond the normal extent which probably caused more confusion in young Jill's mind. and then when her mom got cancer and was possibly in and out of hospitals; she possibly wasn't getting that same extent of unadulterated smothering praise like she was used to. Like her dad and her brother were probably treating her like a normal person but that wasn't enough for Jill, she needed to be the center of attention. hence why dark/cutting/bpd/did/ Jill exist. It's all for show she needs attention to be validated.

Even though I don't believe she has DID I do believe when she said her main cause of trauma was her not getting enough attention, because technically for her that's true.

Saged for sperg and armchairing.

No. 190679

no you're right, it was at 10/11 years old- I'm not American or Canadian and grade 5 confuses me, carry on

No. 190683

Sooooooo is she confirming that she plays with these toys when she's feeling she's a 6 year old? because that… pretty much is ageplaying
Next time make sure you check your facts before commenting, you dumb nonnie

No. 190686

Lmao fuck no, everything from her "suicidal ideation", "cutting" and "eating disorder" were incredibly common for the trends/era she was into and very clearly overplayed. She was on DA early which was a hotspot for angsty artsy misunderstood larps doing these things an had friends in artsy groups who would also gravitate towards that. Most likely this was also around the age she started getting more backlash from her peers for being spoiled and selfish..

I agree with the anon that says the closest thing she could've had to trauma is that when her mom got cancer, attention was no longer focused on just Jill. Also it's pretty clear her mom giving attention would be a side effect of her mom having had cancer and realizing how precious/short her life could be, and not any trauma Jill had. I also find it hard to believe Jill properly understands even to this day what her mom having survived cancer meant/the severity of it, considering what a rude, dismissive and selfish little bitch Jill was about it when it came up in vlogs with her mom.

Jill is what happens when your child leads a privileged life with no direction, no responsibility, no growth, and is told everything else must be wrong and she is perfect. Her hoarding is a result of her trying to fit in or be popular by buying her way in because she was spoiled her whole life, never needing to work on or develop much social skills. She's one of the most transparent cows in the history of LC, honestly

No. 190687

They were flexes too, part of what made that era of social media so toxic was people would post pictures of their cuts and get a ton of attention and validation, you could edit it black and white with a song lyric on there and it would be a hit, people would post about suicidal ideation and get a ton of attention which made people romanticise it more, pro ana was the same way, people would take all kinds of thinspo pics in black and white and people ate it up, a lot of people did it for attention, which isn’t to say they weren’t messed up in the head because there is something wrong with people like Jill who go to such extremes for attention, if you wanted to create popular posts in those alt circles that was the easiest way

No. 190691

you'd think she'd at least buy her something that's cheaper and imo way cuter / something adults collect like calico critters or a vintage dollhouse…that's so much money to waste on her ddlg roleplay

No. 190694

Sip, 100%. It's the same thing as how it's trendy to have mental health disorders on tiktok with youth now, or whatever the heck this shit is. Many of those kids will remember this moment of their lives and cringe, but it doesn't mean they had significant trauma or a bad life. Most of them probably just have too lenient or doting parents like jill. Jill early on began using the internet as a place to escape and receive attention/asspats, where she also had more control over her image and could block out people who did not align with her ideal me-me-me world. The did larping now is just a continuation of what she's always done, but ramped up due to a combination of factors (and largely avoiding having to face the fact it's time to be a grown up and that she is not as special and perfect as she spent her whole life being deluded to believe). The fact that she has never worked on any skills, never applied any self discipline, never developed proper social skills/boundaries, etc, is all coming out to bite her in the ass, and she's coping with it retardedly because she's never had to learn proper ways to handle that either. The continued avoidance, coping and enabling will only make things worse as time goes on. And it's not because of some secret hidden trauma, she's just never had to be uncomfortable for a single moment of her life, so she's trying to escape from doing something uncomfortable like real self reflection and growth. And if people keep humoring her stupid shit, it will just get worse and worse for her. She wants an excuse, any excuse, not to face the facts and also gain attention. That's her infatuation with these larps, and that was her infatuation with "suicidal ideation" "self harm" and "eating disorders".

No. 190699

>people would post pictures of their cuts and get a ton of attention and validation
And now she posts pictures of her retarded DID larp for attention. Some things never change

No. 190702

The only thing Louise did was have cancer which likely traumatized Jill because the attention was not on her during that time. That's literally all it fucking is, and ANY therapist would be able to determine that from a goddamn mile away. Jill was a BPD narc since birth, I am certain of it. She does not have real trauma, she has BPD trauma, and Louise's cancer is it.

End of goddamn story.

No. 190706

While we can never know 100%, I think you're totally right nonita. She seems pretty damn textbook.

No. 190758

File: 1640652576264.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x2062, 60C66270-ACAF-47D7-A6E3-7B4168…)

jillian made another tiktok about her alters. on the question that asks “who’s the one who only fronts for food and snacks” she says no one does. so wtf is her sandwich fragment there for? did she already forget about it?

No. 190759

How could she forget the sandwich alter…

No. 190762

“the one the entire system couldn’t function without” and the answer was jillian. so what’s the point of DID? what’s the point of the alters if jillian, the supposed traumatized child who needs to be protected, is the one who keeps them functioning lol

No. 190764

What happened to the pixie alter? I thought pixie and Jillian were different identities?
Did she forget or did they integrate already

No. 190765

“pixie” is the system name that refers to all 5 of her alters

No. 190766

That tongue thing AGAIN

No. 190767

File: 1640658801736.webm (11.01 MB, 720x1520, XRecorder_27122021_212936.webm)

Here's the tiktok

No. 190768

WHAT IS WITH HER TARD-LIKE MOVEMENTS. She's so hamfisted with her DID roleplay that it honestly comes off as offensive, as insane as that sounds. I have no doubt she's doing this shit for the autism diagnoses that is no doubt coming up in the near future.

No. 190770

So the adult man alter just doesn't exist anymore? Did he already get eaten by the others?

No. 190771

she said in the comments that he "is old and doesn't get social media" or something.

at one point she says Jerrick "despises the body" lmfao

What confuses me is that she said none of them "bark(?) at DID fake claimers" (if I heard that right) but does that mean people like her who pretend to have DID or people who tell her they know she's a faker? if it's the latter she literally will go to their page and antagonize them like she did to that one former fan so idk how she can get off claiming that but…then again she's already claiming to have a severe mental illness she definitely doesn't have so Idk what I expected

No. 190772

Not that anon but I remember when she said she didn't want to be called Jillian anymore and that her new nonbinary identity name was Pixielocks. It happened earlier this year. This was before she decided the whole system was called "pixie", aka changing things at the last minute to suit her needs.

No. 190773

>she said in the comments that he "is old and doesn't get social media" or something.
If I'm not mistaken that alter is 35 and people who are 35 right now are millenials. Aka, people who grew up with the internet and the earliest of social media. She thinks that being 35 is literally being geriatric kek

No. 190777

none of them bark at did fake claimers… alright. I don't know why she would lie about that, when literally all of her tweets on Jerrick say otherwise. Maybe "barking" is different than complaining about it or actively attacking people who poke plot holes in her did story.

No. 190787

File: 1640672249412.gif (1.41 MB, 372x486, ezgif-5-da1a97d9ee.gif)

No. 190788

She didn’t forget the sandwich because she fucking ate it.

No. 190792

Porkie needs to stop

I so desperately hope she can’t find anyone willing to give her that autism diagnosis, in the case she’s actually going for that. What she’s looking to get is absolutely of the type that would have been discovered MUCH earlier on in life, not way past 20. I’d hate if the system continues to prove to be as fucked as she is

No. 190793

Every time I see a picture of Jill it pisses me off. It makes me want to deck her in her fat mug. Can’t believe she tries to delete all of the hate and acts like an angel. Screw you jill for glorying mental illness and pretending to have everything you don’t. You’re disgusting. I could go on about how much I hate her but I don’t want to waste anymore of my breath. Cannot believe people like her exist.(A-log)

No. 190795

File: 1640680467987.png (220.36 KB, 1159x1724, 1564529405416.png)

she's really starting to give off Phoebe Tickner vibes

No. 190797

>“who’s the one who only fronts for food and snacks”
All of them, by the look of her

No. 190798

It's extremely common for autism and ADHD to be diagnosed later in life for women. But you don't go from completely functional and neurotypical with years of documented behavior to chewing on a plastic necklace and pretending to spaz for the camera.

But just like with BPD, it's easy enough for her to spin her behavior and passing interests as "hyperfixation" and her mom and Steebie are more than happy to go along with her delusions and corroborate all of her "symptoms." She can also point to her weed and alcohol abuse as a form of self medicating from her uwu horrific trauma and not knowing how to cope with her unique and special brain wiring.

Especially when she seemed to fall apart after leaving home, though it's not like Louise was literally planning out youtube upload schedules and merch drops and or managing her social media comments for her. This shit is so infuriating. There are people who actively struggle in their day to day lives who will never get a diagnosis or proper treatment while she gets a free ride indefinitely with this munchie saga.

No. 190800

Omg this is some "you died" banner material KEK

No. 190801

File: 1640685190274.png (17.82 KB, 491x123, Untitled.png)

KEK life expectancy in Canada is like 80+ years, I really don't think anyone besides small children would call 35 'old'.
Also does she think it's normal for people over 30 to just not 'get' social media or what??
I mean even if that alter didn't understand social media, why would she not mention him, since she made it sound before like he was the one driving and doing the dishes and whatever?
I mean in this video it was only Jill fronting, right? It's not like she was switching to Jerrica for every other question? I really don't get this LARP anymore.

No. 190803

No one should be willing to diagnose select alters, if she wants it then it’s all the alters or none of them, they all supposedly use the one brain. It would be physically impossible (if her did was even real kek) for it to only be select alters. I don’t think she wants Veronica the sexy alter to have it and so far Jill can’t go a tik tok without “stimming” but Veronica doesn’t, Jerrick wears a bottle opener necklace sometimes wow so edgy but doesn’t wear a chew necklace like Jill or do the stims like Jill does either. The way Jill fake stims it would be hard to distinguish it from the behaviour of the child alter because she isn’t acting like a real child her larp is overplayed and cartoonish so hard to tell if the child alter is supposed to have autism. We haven’t had info about male adult alter so jury’s out on that one.
What makes that alter not being able to use social media more absurd is she is is picking and choosing what alters retain things, like Jerrick is 14 and can drive

No. 190805

She’s literally acting as if her alters are fresh born babies who are getting used to the world, even though she’s supposed to have been seamlessly been functioning with a fragmented brain until this year. She made a comment from ‘Veronica’ saying she was ‘new to social media’ when she made a typo. You’re telling me that your 20-something year old thot alter has never been online?

No. 190809

Though I see now that my previous wording was less optimal - what I meant was that the type of autism she seems to be faking leans more toward what is typical of those on the mid-lower end of the spectrum, who thanks to this get their diagnosis earlier on. How long you're able to compensate for it /usually/ correlates to functionality.
Which only makes me more interested to see what her explanation (reads excuse) is this time around.
Final diagnosis: clusterfuck

No. 190810

Her mother has always been hovering as well so this extreme behaviour would have been noticed and her parents aren’t averse to getting her help, therapists and medication as they have shown in the past so you would have to think she would have been tested if there was a remote chance

No. 190812

She looks so bad now. It’s less the weight and more the greasy, unkempt look paired with the bad clothing and terrible, “intentional” ugly faces and angles.

No. 190820

"old and doesn't get social media"??? how is a 35 year old too old for social media…she's really just making it up as she goes huh

No. 190823

Underrated reply kek

No. 190827

My thoughts exactly, further proof they're OCs to roleplay with
Yeah, she shouldn't be chosing alters. Also, still kekking at her saying 35 is internet illiterate. There are people over 30 all over social media doing whatever.
Yeah she always picks up and choses whatever is more convenient. She only has the symptoms she wants and everything else simply does not apply to her.

No. 190828

No idea how old is her mother but We can assume over 35..and shock horror she can use social media. Jill is really getting dumber and dumber every hour.

No. 190831

She’s in her late 50s I assume? My own mum is a few years younger and she can use facebook and instagram competently. If she means social media like tiktok there’s plenty of older people on that too. She’s worse at lying than most toddlers i’ve met.

No. 190832

this makes me physically uncomfortable

No. 190834

She was literally posting a couple of days ago that she loves following old people on tik tok, and not old like how kids think thirty is old she meant geriatric people

No. 190838

Don't the drag queens and YouTubers she follows use TikTok too?

No. 190839

Someone make a banner with this uncanny valley fatso lol

No. 190847

She probably thinks that they're outliers and that the average person over 25 is actually too stupid to use social media. Even though majority of influencers are in their 30's.
We all know that the "adult" alter will be just a charactachure of what she thinks an adult man looks and acts like. Jill even knows this which is why she doesn't "show" him.

No. 190852

I wonder if she will drop him as DLC on patreon, that’s what that clown dissacociaDID does sometimes kek

No. 190887

She’s got that alcoholic face bloat. Also what’s with the retarded expressions, she looks unhinged

No. 190889

i don’t think its alcoholic face bloat, shes just very fat

No. 190914

so close. it's porkxie

No. 190941

Serenity Sam uploaded something to YouTube titled "Introduction to Serenity Sam" but then immediately deleted it. Will stay pending and report any news later(Off topic, dont post unrelated people)

No. 190950

Anon, that isn't milk…

No. 190952

Who?? and why is this related to the thread?

No. 190953

Serenity Sam is Jillian's crazy aunt

No. 190955

It’s fun that she has an eccentric hippy aunt, but it’s also not milk anytime she uploads something unless it’s related to Jill

No. 190956

File: 1640794600882.jpg (221.2 KB, 1080x893, Screenshot_20211229-111624_Ope…)

No. 190957


I think anon wrote that update as a joke, nobody thinks it's milk (though auntie has some fans in this thread)

No. 190958

It's so surreal how Jill just suddenly pivoted to the voices in my head give me reviews

No. 190962

This is so fucking cringe. I have no other words to even express what I feel. Almost surreal.

No. 190972

I generally do not understand how an alter can be 14-16. Do other DID larpers do a varying age range for their play characters? It just makes no sense on top of already making no sense.

No. 190973

What I'm getting from this is that Jerrick is her self hating talk, Veronica is her conflated ego and her horny, and Jillian is a husk of what she used to be.

No. 190974

>Jillian is a husk of what she used to be.
Not sure what she means with that age range either. Does it mean Jerrica is sometimes 14 and sometimes 16? Or she hasn't set on an age for her OCs yet?

No. 190978

You can't be an age range and that is just one of the many excruciatingly stupid parts of her larp. You also change a lot from 14-16 because most people are experiencing puberty and going through high school. Me at 14, 15, and 16 were very different people, not in a DID way kek. Can her parents please put her in a hospital with actually insane people and not let her out.

No. 190985

Alters can have a range of ages, they are called age sliders (source: tiktok system videos kek). It's very common among DID larpers to have age sliders.

No. 190988

>age sliders
…But why tho? Wasn't abuse supposed to come from a certain age?

No. 190989

This is wild. Thanks for giving a name to whatever it is she is doing.

I am surprised her family isn’t committing her. Seems like no one, including herself, wants her to get better.

No. 190990

Her family is probably aware this is all a phase, how many times has she warped and changed her identity now based on some subculture/community she wanted to worm herself in? Besides even if they wanted to help, dear old smother is there to stop them because "Jillybean is going through a rough time and we should all just be supportive". Kek it must make Jill seethe that she's that one really weird relative everyone gossips about.

No. 190991

i still don’t get how they can communicate with each other

No. 190998

No part of her DID roleplay is original. As much as she wants to be special, all she does is copy other people.

No. 191000

File: 1640821875439.png (308.92 KB, 500x500, fashion school.png)

Reading older threads for fun… Some stuff about Jillian referring to herself as a man (jokingly) when she was a teen, makes me wonder if she gained inspiration from going through her old threads. Anyway, the irony of this being so true…

No. 191009

File: 1640827971151.jpeg (252 KB, 828x670, 586B6B1D-DA76-4F7F-8170-CB424B…)

No. 191014


It's a "learning game" because you're making it up as you go Jill. She's literally being the kid who made a game and changes the rules while playing so they can keep winning

No. 191015

this reads so much like 12 year old weebs rambling about their OC worldbuilding, very nostalgic

No. 191018

"I age with the body" - isn't this a given since Jill is the original? Why am I even trying to make sense out of this?

No. 191019

Of course her alcoholic alter had her 21st birthday

No. 191020

>Our little
Barf! Ageplay confirmed.

No. 191036

not nessicarily. DID would be essentially, such extensive trauma that a single identity/self doesn't develop, (and iirc its clinically agreed that after that point, additional significant traumas can cause the already broken mind to fracture more/new alters from trauma once did is had) so in most legit seeming cases there's usually the "host" (alter who fronts the most / the one that all of the alters pretend to be to keep things running) but they aren't nessicarily the same for the entire lifetime of the person, re: additional trauma causing alters to exist in different ways.
>>191009 'little' is a term some people say that cgl creeps took from DID people and 'age regressors'. no matter the truth to that, a lot of people online who talk about DID use the word to describe child alters and hold significant contempt and disgust for ageplayers and general weird kink shit. i wish, even if only for her obvious gross undertones, she would get the boot from the community of other larpers.

sage for being somewhat OT. but i wanted to share this to show that even within the chronically online social sphere she's weird and gross.

No. 191038

you can't tell me she didn't cut and paste one of Princess Doll's old lolcow selfposts here

No. 191061

Honestly with this information it would mean the trauma that set it all off would be around 6, no? Which would make the larp a lot more believable but it’s obvious Jillian is trying to make it Jerrick; her directly saying autism could be a cause for people to get DID later in life & following that up with trying to fish for ASD (and ofc the emdr therapy which already sounds sus for a DID case imo)

No. 191078

none of this sounds remotely like a diagnosis that would be on the DSM today. "oh yeah this person has multiple personalities and the personalities age except some of them don't!!". she sounds like a 12 year old who lies to their classmates for attention, except it's not endearing or understandable because she's well into her mid-20's.

what's so wrong about scratching your worldbuilding itch by having OCs, jill? i guess for zoomers and millenials it's not special and yoonique enough, you actually NEED to "be" what's obviously a bunch of tik tok OCs do not steal?

No. 191086

>she sounds like a 12 year old who lies to their classmates for attention, except it's not endearing or understandable because she's well into her mid-20's.

You totally reminded me of this Japanese phenomenon that happens to teens, it's called chuunibyou.
"Japanese colloquial term typically used to describe early teens who have grandiose delusions, who desperately want to stand out, and who have convinced themselves that they have hidden knowledge or secret powers. It translates to "second year syndrome" (i.e., middle-school second-year), and has been called "eighth-grader syndrome" in English-speaking countries."
They often also LARP as having double personalities too. This is a real thing that happens but they also made an anime about it (this scene is infamous because the character pretends to have another personality but then is busted).

No. 191100

File: 1640884945055.png (95.07 KB, 532x531, vbn.png)

jill bothering some small artist with 7 followers to tag for spoilers

No. 191102

Anon are you a furry…

No. 191111

kek oh my god

No. 191112

Fucking kek

No. 191130

Nona please it’s too late to go back now but at least change your profile picture as soon as possible to avoid being outed I’m fucking dying

No. 191131

Even the furries think you’re an embarrassment, Jill.

No. 191132

File: 1640899483784.jpeg (352.74 KB, 1170x650, 35325E00-B39B-43EE-A72E-CEC62C…)

so veronica was frozen in time for 9 years, then decided to have a 21st birthday this year? what? i wonder what “trauma” she had at 14 to create a sexy 20 year old alter. losing her virginity maybe?

No. 191134

Ugh it’s already weird as an adult, but her having a 20 year old “sexy” alter at 14 is especially gross

No. 191139

So at 13 years old she felt she needed to be a 20 year old thot in order to survive? And in what situation did she need to be both a (trans for some reason) masc boy as well as a hyper feminine adult woman, what life situation could have possibly called for that at 13?

Does she even think about what she’s saying? I feel like she needs to make a fucking excel spreadsheet of all her claims or something so she can keep her story straight.

No. 191146

Omg the audacity of this bitch. To SURVIVE! Survive WHAT Jillian?? A loving home and family? A low crime rate country/province? A very LGBT accepting country and its people?

Survive is for those kids who get kidnapped and kept by their abusers for years, it’s for people who grow up being literally bombed and never knowing when death is coming.
I seriously want to slap this bitch and I bet that’s the most violence she’d ever experience in her life.

No. 191150

File: 1640905778212.jpeg (359.63 KB, 1170x822, 7C330470-4C98-487B-B9DA-F8142E…)

i fucking hate how she calls her alter “little one”. gross ddlg language.

No. 191153

No. 191155

The idea of her splitting at 14 into a thot and an edgy transboy and then talking about maturity we felt we needed to survive makes her sound like a trafficking victim (actual activity at that age: posting cute photos online and starting to get into Lolita/jfashion)
Is it the baby alter or is the alcohol, weed and prescription medicine making her pass out in the middle of the day? A mystery.

No. 191157

This woman doesn’t work and doesn’t study. She’s sitting there day in and day out, building dollhouses. Of course that fucks up her daily rhythm and makes her fall asleep in the middle of the day. She has no obligations and no schedule to follow daily.

No. 191158

So she doesn’t drive any more I take it

No. 191159

An edgy trans boy who is asexual, so one is hyper sexual and one is asexual

No. 191165

I was legitimately wondering about this. Are there laws in place to prevent these idiots from driving? What happens when the child fronts while you’re on the highway?

No. 191167

They like to selectively claim that some alters retain some skills and not others hence why Jerrick can magically drive but the adult alters know absolutely nothing about the internet

No. 191171

Doesn't Steve like… wake her up?? Shouldn't he be ~looking after ~ the child? It's irresponsible to leave a toddler unsupervised, someone call CPS on this bitch lol

No. 191172

don't forget how literally none of them retained Jill's ability to sew lmao

No. 191176

File: 1640922745394.png (592.58 KB, 1080x1953, Screenshot_20211230-205119-241…)

No one can convince me that this isn't just them playing DD/lg
(Also peep Steve's contact name)

No. 191178

She looks like a deathfat here. Very reminiscent of afatbombus.

No. 191180

She looks like she’s packed on the pounds even more during the holidays. Wouldn’t be surprised if all that weight is related to weed munchies since she now just medicates her anxiety with copious amounts of weed

No. 191182

god so off topic but im loling so hard… rip furry anon

except she didn't "have that alter at 14" she's making all this shit up and didn't actually experience having any of these "different people" living in her brain, she heard about DID like 6 months ago and decided to make all this up for epic cool special points… maybe the story she tells herself is that she remembers having "i wanna be a sexy lady" feelings at that age, yknow, like every girl does, and that was actually "the alter" forming or something idk. it's all so dumb tho and she doesn't even sound like she believes herself.

every single thing happening in this image makes me want to vom jesus these people are a mess

No. 191183

Kek Steve just hides sleeping pills in her widdle ones baby food so he can have a few hours to bone his side piece or watch tranny porn. Just puts some toddlers creation in front of her so she thinks she lost time.

Jk kek this is a retarded joke.

No. 191185

dear god, she’s getting the deathfat/virgie tovar jowls. may this thread motivate me to put down the fucking holiday leftovers god bless

No. 191187

File: 1640930422546.png (868.25 KB, 980x1275, rage.png)

No. 191192


she looks like nikocado avocado

No. 191196

mental illness can be contagious among girls. Like in 2012 a town full of girls convinced themselves they had tourettes and had full on tics: https://edition.cnn.com/2012/02/03/us/new-york-students-illness/index.html

Maybe she's actually blacking out/hearing voices after spending so much time on DID tiktok.

Jillian if you're reading this it's not too late. Take a break from the internet and see if the voices go away.

No. 191197

that was my first thought too kek

No. 191207

File: 1640947004380.jpg (225.13 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_20211231-111254__01…)

Loving, caring gift from father.

No. 191216

So she calls him her wife?

No. 191217

interesting observation. I would bet money he's the type of tranny to be attracted to 14 year old boys.. aka Jrerrikc

No. 191218

The only time she acknowledges her father is when he’s bought her something.

No. 191230

Do you think she's testing him by sending the most unflattering photos, I can only imagine what troon coomer nonsense he's doing that he knows no other woman would endure.

No. 191238

Of course she is. It screams desperation when she's sending the most disgusting as fuck photos. I'm honestly grossed out and I'm not even Steven

No. 191240

i really hate this attention seeking retardation where people screenshot their own messages/comments/searches etc to post like haha look how funny and quirky and totally organic… guarantee 100% of the time they do the screenshotted thing with the intention of posting it, i know because i had this stupid phase when i was like 16 on tumblr. it's so heavily obvious and cringe. she had a little weed nap and woke up like "ohemgee i can post about this and make it about muh super cute did" gross

also feeling like it's only a matter of time before steebie fully troons out or at least goes full femboy, im putting money on some icky selfie on jilliham's accounts featuring steeb in thigh highs, both of them wearing something matching or something

No. 191241

File: 1640973373503.jpg (467.07 KB, 1080x2174, Screenshot_20211231-125548_Ope…)

Her ocs all have favourite animes

No. 191242

File: 1640973549601.jpg (798.73 KB, 1080x2174, Screenshot_20211231-125831_Ope…)

Feeling blendy again

No. 191248

The dollhouse obsession is so fucking creepy. You are not a child Jillian. Exposing people who did not consent to be involved in your ddlg bullshit is gross. You can have dolls, toys, and childish interests without being like this

No. 191251

File: 1640977182027.jpeg (359.25 KB, 1125x674, C8E6BD4A-6369-4353-891A-3D28F8…)


No. 191259

Get off your high horse jill and look at your plastic filled hellhouse

No. 191260

Is she ever going to explain the cherry blossom emoji, is it an alter or a fragment like sandwich because she uses it a lot like the emojis for the full alters and doesn’t use sandwich

No. 191261

so rich coming from Jillian
But why would a 15 year old male or whatever be interested in playing with a fucking dollhouse?
>magical girl raising project
Of course she likes edgy trash
Also does the "little" (eugh) like jewelpet, while the weeaboo japanese one likes sakura? why is this so stereotypical

No. 191262

File: 1640981592890.png (328.39 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20211231-131039-489…)

Do you think she's purging? There's something really unsettling and off at how prominent her jowls are in both photos. Also once again dumbass doesn't know how tech works so it gives her "euphoria" to be validated in her DID.

No. 191263

>>191262 I honestly just think it's bloat from a shit diet and alcohol. She's gained weight rapidly, not just in her face

No. 191266

How are her cheeks this swollen so fast, it's really concerning and she hasn't even referenced it. They are larger than the gingerbread house video from a few weeks ago, whatever she is doing she's gotta stop.

No. 191268

She's overweight, has a round face, and isn't a teen anymore.

It isn't that deep.

No. 191269

and? she's had EDs before and is pretending to have DID. she's not exactly sane now. purging wouldn't be new or surprising. it could be tons of things and she has history with EDs, why deny it so hard?

No. 191271

I know this feels validating to her but my iPhone identifies me as three different people depending on what glasses (or not) I was wearing in the photo. It’s not a special occurrence plus she looks like a fat goof and her phone notices.

No. 191272

I’m too lazy to go rewatch her videos were she talks about her eating disorder - I seem to remember her mentioning she purged through vomiting but I follow a lot of proana and ED cows so I could easily be confusing her. If she’s purged in the past it would be easy for her to slip into it again. Although that or the other anons theory about drugs makes sense, I do also think she’s just gotten fat disastrously quick.

No. 191274

File: 1640986971285.jpg (36.11 KB, 553x554, images.jpeg-12.jpg)

Don't forget her ED was most likely also a fabrication, she shooped her lookbook photos thinner and even then would barely look underweight picrel when jill claims she was sooper spooper anachan

No. 191276

she thinks this is a DID joke but I can't think of a cosplayer who doesn't have this happen, except maybe ones who are really shitty at makeup. Even then, bareface vs cosplay makeup is a pretty big leap for face recognition sometimes.

No. 191284

File: 1640991943712.png (832.36 KB, 1440x723, 8764346.png)

Her facial features occupy so much more of her face when she's normal weight, they are so small and hidden now.
I know she shooped too but if you look back at old videos she does have bigger eyes and smile than whatever is happening now. I don't get why her parents just…play into it and buy her toddler toys instead of intervening? She needs help from people who aren't enablers.

No. 191290

my phone thinks I'm different people based on hair length, she's retarded

No. 191294

File: 1640996592419.jpg (924.83 KB, 1080x2640, Untitled27.jpg)

It was a fabrication

>never actually underweight

>self admitting bad skeletor photoshop
>did it for mommy's attention finally calmed down after hospitalization

>claimed to be recovered from anorexia for years for attention and clout while pretending she didn't have a binging issue

>recently admitted to never actually being diagnosed with anorexia
>going for a ARFID diegnosis because it sounds less disgusting than BED and an excuse to explain why she only eats peeps and tendies

The jerrick oc has anorexia though according to her though

No. 191295

> implying that OP was trying to ‘help’

It was a joke Jill, lighten the fuck up

No. 191296

her "alter" has an eating disorder and she thinks its trendy and cute to let them front? Lord have mercy on this dumb bitch's brain. If steve didn't enable her so much, anyone else would've broken up w her years ago. Like what kind of shit partner just lets her do this?

No. 191298

I wonder if it pulls up her face when she searches “baby” in her photos

No. 191299

I don’t think it had anything to do with her virginity because she was a virgin when she dated Tristan and talked about their mutual agreement to not have sex at the time because he was two years older than her. Walker and Uma were also slightly older than her, but obviously she was not sexually active with them since she remained a virgin until her late teens.

She probably lost it to Colin around the age of 18 when she started making posts that referenced her sexual activity.

I’m not saying it’s impossible that she experienced sexual trauma at a young age but it does seem inconsistent with what she’s posted over the years. If Veronica is supposed to be hypersexual and she was formed at 13, isn’t she implying that she was required to be v sexual as a young teen ~to survive~. That’s a very dark and dangerous narrative to make up.

If she was sexually traumatized at the same age where she called her mother her bff and was hospitalized by her parents, wouldn’t Louise have sued or denounced the other teens that abused Jill?

Instead, we know that Jill posted about Uma and Walker coming around her family home and/or knowing Louise. Years later, when Walker’s roommate accused him of animal abuse, both Louise and Jill publicly came to his defence and were shocked at the accusations. Clearly then, they were not aware of him having any history of abuse?

I am begging Jill to familiarize herself with her own lies pls.

No. 191301

Yknow when you haven't seen a celebrity in a while and they've gotten a shit ton of plastic surgery and your brain has a moment of "how is this possibly the same person how do they look this different" I have the same feeling with hamface jill vs teen jill lmfao my brain can't comprehend this being the same person but it's in a negative direction

No. 191305

I just don't get it why she's rewriting her own teenage years if everything is documented by herself and her own mom… Why suddenly seem like she went through these things she lies about? Are these the implanted memories aka "I didn't know I had amnesia"?

No. 191320

File: 1641019702566.png (337.52 KB, 828x1792, B11C60A6-0DA4-45FD-ADD2-1E48E3…)

“ Someone with ARFID doesn’t eat enough calories for their bodies to work properly. In kids, this can lead to delayed weight gain and growth. In adults, ARFID can not only cause dangerous weight loss, but it could also keep them from being able to maintain basic body functions.”

She’s only going for this because those with autism and tend to struggle with this. If she does get diagnosed with it, she’s going to refuse treatment because a dietician is going to tell her how to eat better to get the nutrients she needs.

No. 191324

No. 191334

I think she saw Rachel from Rachel and Jun saying she had it then she also wanted it, she is bad for seeing a YouTuber have something then she wants to copy them, the difference is Rachel is underweight and actually working on getting better and trying to eat different foods

No. 191394

One, learn to sage if you don't have milk.
Two, I doubt it's because of some random vlogger. Claiming ARFID is very common among munchies with poor health and poor eating habits/self control, especially ones LARPing a suwuper speshul brain disorder that absolves them of responsiblity for anything they do without impacting their ability to actually do it. Autism, ADHD, "neyrodivergent", ect are what these people will claim they have, but not even pretending to have any of the struggles of a developmental disorder or learning disability or whatever, other than being obnoxious and selfish. It's another line of defense to make it socially inappropriate to call them on being fat, unhealthy, and having done it to themself.

No. 191395

I definitely agree that if Jill wanted to claim to have ARFID, she should be actually exhibiting some kind of symptom, even just malnutrition (but realistically, if she wasn't eating enough to that point, she'd be loosing weight, as well) and is copying people online. I just don't think she's copying this person in particular.

No. 191397

File: 1641084368759.png (740.7 KB, 1080x952, Screenshot_20220101-174054-112…)

NTA but Jill didn't start mentioning a possible ARFID diagnosis until after Rachel's video was posted. She's a fan of their channel so she probably watched the video and got the idea.
It's a bit of a slap in the Face for her to claim it when in the video Rachel was talking about how she gets revolted with the idea of eating to the point she lost ten pounds.

No. 191401

there are overweight people with for real ARFID who just stuff themselves with shitty high-calorie food and never stop being hungry because their bodies are so malnourished
not that this is Jill, she’s just an attention seeker, but it is a clinically documented thing

No. 191406

lmao i find it hilarious that she likes MGRP but also shit all over madoka and any other slightly darker magical girl series because they weren't the uwu childish trash she's so used to binging

No. 191415

File: 1641100123825.jpeg (97.05 KB, 750x566, C0F457D4-7A08-40CE-9BA2-C764A6…)

jill wants to do ‘more’ drag this year, yikes! (but looking forward to the milk) ignoring the discussion about drag here, does she realise it’s more than doing some pastel bullshit makeup? Has she ever done an actual drag performance in a club? highly doubt it kek

No. 191421

File: 1641111052405.jpeg (282.9 KB, 828x738, 379B5E9F-5F72-467A-8850-1D2E59…)

Jill the only thing that stopped you from doing more art stuff is the fact it wasn’t getting you the attention you wanted

No. 191428

ok but what is with that tweet shes aligning herself with? this person wants more fucking did idiots running around? i hate the munchie community

No. 191434

>there are overweight people with for real ARFID who just stuff themselves with shitty high-calorie food and never stop being hungry

This is Jill, I promise she has probably not even eaten some mashed potato or beans or anything resembling nutrients in months. It's easy to feel starving when you literally starve the body, could be a major contributor to her ballooning up especially now her children's nuggie diet is getting approval from her enablers.
I eat a limited diet and am slim and healthy, it needs to have basic staples like pulses, potato/veg, milk, cheese, some meat, like I'm pretty sure she is not even covering the basics because if she did she wouldn't feel hungry. And it seems Stevie and her don't eat nor sleep together so she's just bingeing, drinking etc on her own every time.

No. 191435

Don’t forget she will be getting munchies from the weed she smokes most days and those cravings are usually salty fatty foods(learn2sage)

No. 191441

File: 1641143247811.png (57.03 KB, 504x236, 1489507007606.png)

yea I agree with ARFID theory, screenshot from 4 years ago, guess it finally caught up to her huh

No. 191452

>the body


No. 191457

I don't mean the body in a weird DID way, just a third person kinda way
Spreading mental illness like confetti!

No. 191465

(sage for tinfoil)
I think deep down Jill doesn't care all that much about believing she has DID, ptsd, etc. This is all a demonstration of how far she will go for attention just to "solidify" the BPD/cluster B diagnosis and further help "excuse" her shitty actions. She probably has some moments of self delusion where she believes those disorders are real but mostly I think it's all part of the "oopsie i'm so bpd" stunt because the high she really gets is being seen as insane for pretending and not being seen as insane for "being did/asd/anorexic/etc".

No. 191470

Prime example of someone so obsessed with consumerist internet-based aesthetics they completely forget it’s entirely normal to like multiple kinds of things. Nooo, you must be shifting into another human being every time you like something edgy and not kaweewee.

No. 191472

Ngl I considered this too

No. 191481

File: 1641182969515.jpg (270.49 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_20220103-053939.jpg)

Found Jill on another mental health munchie channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/LivingWellwithSchizophrenia) simping her ass off. It's interesting to find these and make connections with what content she consumes and how it ends up in her own OTT updates on her life.

No. 191482

The way she love bombs her favourite content creators is so obvious, OTT, and embarrassing. People like her need to feel more shame.

No. 191485

“15 minute work out for you mental health”
Kek as if Jill is even working out, why even watch the video and thank them for it if she’s not even going to do it

No. 191486

File: 1641189712935.jpeg (402.31 KB, 828x890, D8384400-C6E1-4343-ABB3-5EC5BA…)

Make sure you have some booze ready for March 5th this year because Jill is going to be extra insufferable

No. 191487

She could literally copy this exact title and make a pointless video, which her munchie fanbase would adore.

I think she's planning new videos for this year, since she's going for the mentally ill market now.

No. 191488

Wow. I really want to a-log. She's just being an open narc now and no one in her current audience is seeing the red flags.

No. 191491

Kek @ the fact she was sitting there googling DID awareness day, was probably dying for a reason to post about it even more. Can't wait for the video!!

The screenshot of her profile really gets me though. It wasn't necessary to include, because none of your followers were going to think you'd lie about the date. I feel like she's actually super calculating on Twitter and is trying to expand her reach to gain more DID weirdo followers. Also does she not get tired of typing all those emojis?

No. 191496

>Give me all the attention in every way

Jill saying the quiet part out loud

No. 191500

tinfoil but- tbh I wouldn't be surprised if she was already aware of this way before starting the DID larp, and took it into consideration when deciding to go down this route.
just like the 'coincidence' of having 5 personalities and the 5 petal flower brand thing.
Jill is obsessed with appearances/image, she wants to be the most special biggest personality no matter what she gets into.
maybe when she first started consuming DID content 2 years back she saw that DID awareness day was the same date as her birthday, and either consciously or subconsciously had this just be another reason why she decided to start the DID larp. of course now she's acting all surprised about it, 'uwu what a coincidence teheh!!'

No. 191503

the worst part is that the girl who accused the artist conformed that she lied about the rape. what a clown world we live in.

No. 191504

She sounds like what a parody of a shallow, fake-friend type person would talk like, kek.

No. 191509

That didn't actually happen. Hate to defend Jill here but people just forgot the melanie shit cause it was girl on girl and they had been intimate before.

No. 191511

sorry but…isn't DID something that starts in childhood? How can you reach 23 without knowing?

Is there something I'm missing here?

No. 191512

Sage your shit. Also DID is literally a fake mental illness.

No. 191513

Stop spreading misinformation, it's a real mental illness. Just because some dumb tiktokers fake it for likes doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

DID can be really hard to diagnose bc the person is not aware of their different alters, and when they have amnesia they just think they're forgetful or it is normal to not remember everything. Some people go to therapy for years before the therapist realize they might have DID.

Don't believe anything what Pixie says about DID because she doesn't have it and makes up facts as she pleases

No. 191514

anon calm down. DID is a real mental disorder technically but alters and multiple personalities and everything else are manifestations of trauma and aren't really there or part of your brain. people who defend DID are usually crazy and think alters are real, but in reality it's a coping method for trauma.

No. 191516

Jill doesn’t have did and neither do you anon kek no need to white knight a literal made up mental disorder.

No. 191519


The girl came out on her own stories and admitted she lied.

No. 191521

it was a response to incessant harassment and stuff, I don't know what I believe about it. But harassing someone for proof of their assault is fucking sick.

No. 191522

Go back to Twitter kek. It’s already dead drama.

No. 191531

Why the fuck she wants to love bomb people this much? Is it the praise, affection, wanting to be relevant? So cringe

No. 191532

Cringe, but as in, I actually wanted to barf

No. 191533

This is so stupid

No. 191536

the complete phoebe ticknerification of jill is nigh

No. 191546

File: 1641258521641.jpg (174.95 KB, 979x701, SmartSelect_20220103-195618_Tw…)

She wants to take hormones now?

Also, she said that January is a big trauma anniversary month for her. Sure, Jill. Whatever you say.

No. 191549

Pixie on T would be utterly catastrophic, just look at her now, if she did T, she would end up becoming a 700 lbs whale.

No. 191551

She's fucking dumb, why will she start T when she's a hyper femme she/her woman? Just because one of her alters is a FtM? Does she even talk with her therapists about these things or does she just lie to him so she gets what she wants?
Though it would be hilarious to see her start taking T and regretting it as soon as her voice starts dropping.

No. 191552

File: 1641259863071.jpg (71.13 KB, 1080x225, Screenshot_20220103-203022_Twi…)

Oldfag moment but would it be about the new years party drama from a couple years ago? She was more hypersexual around that time
Maybe she's hinting at when her sexy veronica alter developed for her traumatic backstory roleplay

No. 191562

File: 1641264506727.jpg (164.25 KB, 995x588, SmartSelect_20220103-201038_Tw…)

You're not gay, Jill.

No. 191569

Kek I know I shouldn't be wishing this but I want Jillian to go ahead and try. Fuck up your hormones Jill, you will look like an obese hairy woman. It's gonna be great for your self esteem.

No. 191578

>I want to talk about my favorite interest everyday

…By "favorite interest" does she mean fucking mental illness?

No. 191580

God please let this be a thing, the out of control ballooning, hirsutism and acne on top of her already being an uggo would definitely cause her to spiral even more.

No. 191590

In this particular tweet, she means precure.

No. 191592

File: 1641304088111.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1993, FAD1AE8A-EE2A-428A-ABBE-3693DE…)

New tiktok of “Jill getting distracted by the little’s toys” vomit
The toy is filthy and covered in cat hair like everything else in her rainby hell house and she sounds drunk in the middle of the day as per

No. 191593

I feel like this third person talking about her child self stuff is all because she wants a child, and she's in a long term relationship with a religious closeted troon incel so that's not gonna happen. It just reads like a mom talking about their child.

No. 191601

God no. Substance abuse aside, kids are a lot of work and responsibility and she’d tire of it pretty much immediately. That baby would end up being raised entirely by Louise and only taken out by Jill for the occasional photo op.

I disagree that Jill wants to have a child, though. IMO she wants to be a permanently spoiled child herself, just one who can also smoke weed, drink alcohol and have sexywexytimes uwu

No. 191603

Someone post the Webm please

Now that's a big tinfoil lmao. You made me super kek anon, this narc would never be a good mom. She just loves to be a womanchild. She only cares about herself.

No. 191604

She wants to be a sexy baby and that creeps me out.

No. 191605

This. She doesn't want a child, she wants to be the child forever while still having a ho/pothead/alcoholic era. Sexy baby is pretty close, more like drunk baby who wants to fuck and pretend to be 14 and 21 online sometimes.

Also I love how it's completely normal for a 14-16 year old and a 21 year old to have responsibilities like school or work and these "alters" are just fine with getting fucked up all day playing with baby toys.

No. 191609

Jill would get super jelous of the baby if she had one. "No I'M the baby!!!" Probably get livid at all the attention it got and compete with it as it grows older.

No. 191612

she'lll probably going down the adult baby road eventually. only a matter of time.

No. 191622

File: 1641317079007.webm (2.13 MB, 576x1024, ooOoooooHhhhwwOOOwwww.webm)

No. 191625

Why do people who live in filth always post pictures or take selfies directly in front of it

No. 191627

the file name got me kek

No. 191632

It's so hard to understand what she's saying, but the fact that she uses "I" is telling. Can she keep up the charade for even one second?

No. 191636

It would 100% turn into a foreverkailyn situation.

No. 191638

hehe I'm glad you enjoyed that

No. 191640

Girl is slurring her words and I bet it will only become worse with time (and weight)

No. 191647


oh my goodness lookit how fucking adorable I am just look at how silly I am and how speshul and just FUCKING LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

No. 191649

idk why but it kinda sounds like she's trying to mimic Ayla Jalyn's speech pattern but failing miserably because she's drunk

No. 191651

So she regularly does drugs and drinks alcohol and supposedly has a 6 year old alter, how is that okay among other DID snowflakes?

No. 191653

How long until she starts T, grows a patchy scraggly neckbeard, slathers drag makeup all over it, and posts constantly about how hard it is to be an oppressed nb transmasc with extra dysphoria from her fem DID alters?
Given that Steebie is also trooning out as we speak, probably not that far off.

No. 191658

I don't think it will come to that. Jill is clearly comfortable in being a woman, she just follows the retarded belief that if you like wearing makeup sometimes and not wearing makeup other times, you're not a woman. She's definitely insecure about her weight and if she started balding/getting huge painful zits/growing facial hair she'd probably end up hospitalized due to a freak suicidal-depression episode because I mean who wouldn't.

No. 191690

Exactly, not to mention it’d involve her actually committing to something, and considering she can’t even commit to signing off her tweets with emojis, no way in hell would she commit to HRT

No. 191696

No. 191698

That's sad… That's futher and further away from who she was/what she truly wanted… Doesn't she realize it??

No. 191699

Kek anon I thought this would be the same vid but you surprised me with a blast

No. 191702

KEK high art

No. 191714

I died watching this. It's amazing. You're the best, anon.

No. 191752

File: 1641400029096.jpg (414.59 KB, 1051x1255, Screenshot_2022-01-05-16-23-18…)

More plastic. Just more excuses to not work on her shopping addiction

No. 191753

Always starting big projects but who wants to bet even if she does make this new intro she won't make more YouTube videos? Like, new branding, for WHAT? Anything to avoid making actual content

No. 191756

This is one pair of cheap plastic stick-on earrings for all 30 of Jillo's hastily constructed others, anon. She might be a branding genius.
Although you're right, she's never going to follow through.

No. 191770

>Kiddie jewelry

No. 191772

I feel honored that my shitty edit is being used for this masterpiece! Well done!

No. 191775

File: 1641407892544.png (589.35 KB, 717x408, Screenshot_2022-01-05-12-36-03…)

Lol she needs to rebrand because her original intro/outro sequences make references to kawaii and mostly crafts… that she'll never make videos about again! For all the whiteknights that were crossing their fingers she would make non-mento illness content again, this is your sign kek.

No. 191790

I wish someone on twitter would ask her what all of her OCs' favorite foods are.
The old man alter would have to prefer something remotely healthy with how "responsible" he is, right? …If she even knows the name of anything that isn't greasy like she is…

No. 191792

Cream of wheat for grandpa so old he can’t use a computer in his thirties

No. 191800

File: 1641424597081.webm (4.98 MB, 540x960, d21b239ddb07386dc21323843e2ea7…)

Directly responding to lolcow

No. 191801

No. 191802

It fucking grosses me out when she does the nose thing.

No. 191803

Dropped caption:
I look SO SAD LOL yeah this is why I thought the worst thing that happened to me was in my early teens eyebrow raise surpriseeee big smile

No. 191805

She's beating the everloving fuck out of this dead horse.

No. 191810

File: 1641428219006.png (242.6 KB, 1080x1150, Screenshot_20220105-235148_01.…)

Definitely seems like another direct response to those assuming she's gonna date different people using her system alters as an excuse. Not sure if I believe her saying she won't as it feels like she's been trying to 'proove' that she actually likes Stevie constantly recently, it doesn't feel genuine.

No. 191812

Is she saying that her BPD is too strong to be poly or it's too strong for her to be monogamous? Why is she blaming her relationship dynamic on her mental illness? Also she does realize that she's perpetuating the stereo type that BPD bitches cheat on all their partners by saying this?

No. 191813

But her alters are different people nonnie, so they’d be monogamous with their partner and Jill would be with hers

No. 191815

I read it as her BPD is too strong for Steve to go sleep with other people without it sending her into a jealous rage

No. 191819

File: 1641433696084.png (2.89 MB, 828x1792, 199F94BA-4EE5-4DEB-BF41-D78E91…)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t she claim that she didn’t remember her big scwary twauma because of DID amnesia???

No. 191821

Me too, she's saying her BPD is too strong for a poly relationship, implying she's in fact very possessive lmao.

No. 191823

Waiting for her to date either someone underage or her underage alter to date an “adult”. Looking forward to the mess!

No. 191824

Sometimes she does sometimes she doesn't. It's called lying

No. 191825

Surprised she hasnt come out with a witch alter yet kek

No. 191829


anyone else notice her hairline is getting so far back? real sign of malnourishment…pls eat some nutrients jill

No. 191830

honestly i think it’s a result of bleaching her hair for nearly a decade. i’m sure her diet doesn’t help, but i don’t think that’s why her hair line is receding

No. 191832

File: 1641440754088.jpeg (446.46 KB, 1170x880, FBFD321D-7020-4CC1-993B-A64331…)

imagine this retarded clown telling you her name is pixie kek

No. 191833

She's constantly processing her hair. If she ever let it grow out and dropped the rainby vomit dye jobs, her normal growth would come back.

It could be her diet and maybe meds, but yeah bleaching one's hair is a surefire way to make it fragile.

No. 191835

It's tension alopecia because she always has her dirty hair up in a bun.

No. 191836

File: 1641444061283.jpeg (192 KB, 827x1690, D3C89FA6-FDD3-4A11-AD33-D18D6A…)

I came to see if anyone else had pointed out but she’s dropped the “/they”, has she finally gained a tiny piece of sense or maybe just forgot about her larp

No. 191840

I think she either forgot her larp or since she’s a “trans man” now she doesn’t have to have a fun pretend gender to be in the queer club anymore

No. 191841

When the fuck do cashiers ask for someone's name lmao did everyone stand up and clap afterward too?

No. 191842

File: 1641447652037.webm (6.95 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7047235022939508015_so…)

I still doubt she would actually fully troon out, but this clown has been trending on DID tiktok and we know Jillian eats all the tiktok shit up no matter how insane so it's not totally unlikely. This is clearly just a battle of them trying to out special each other so she's gonna have to come up with something soon. I just wish she would get more creative with her larps at this point. A trooning out saga would be too predictable and boring imo.

No. 191843

Any doctor willing to give her hormones/surgery should lose their license. This is such a clear case of munchausens wtf

No. 191844

That video put me in a state of minor shock. What the fuck. The end must be near. So she's going to go on hrt despite not wanting to because there are a bunch of trannies living in her head. And she becomes visibly upset at the thought of going through the "wrong puberty" or whatever. And she can't just… go to therapy instead (assuming her DID is real lmao)?
Jill is such a flop. This nutcase is so dedicated to the lie she'll go on T to convince people. All Jill does is throw on an ugly beanie and sometimes use corresponding emojis in tweets.

No. 191845

its prob because the jillian alter is a she/her and then others are other pronouns and collectively they are /they, she just said she/he/they before her did larp bc she wasn't out yet. that's the lore lol

No. 191846

why do they consider the 'alters' as their own persons rather than the alters being pieces of them. i feel like that would make the dissociative much more fucked to consider them whole other people with their own lives? i mean, you all share the same brain. too retarded for me.

No. 191853

Right?! If patient is coming to a psych for gender issues and then tells how she really doesn't want to do it but her imaginary friends, who control her body want to do it, shouldn't they take her in for to a psych ward to calm down.

I have friends, who have since then started to transition and they bitch all the time about how they have to go through psych visits and lie about how they feel, so they'll get the hormones.

I honestly don't understand, why is there a community about trying to bypass these safety measures, just so you can make choices you can't undo faster.

No. 191854

Future Jill Tweet: Tfw HRT doesn't turn you into a 14-16 year old e-boi. (Crying emoji × 5)

No. 191855

File: 1641473002896.png (58.43 KB, 655x476, systemname.png)

I don't believe DID as this internet phenomenom is real, but even if there were real cases no way in hell would they be naming "their systems" and introducing themselves as "HI I AM PIXIESYSTEM OF 5 KEK".

No. 191858

You'd think the supposed 14 year old boy and 35 year old man wouldn't want to be called something feminine like Pixie kek.

No. 191865


wow this is literal psychosis. did is basically just trendy schitzo at this point. but kek imagine jillybean in the comments like "we are so proud of u [14 sobbing emojis]"