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File: 1641848740495.png (2.19 MB, 1962x1387, 1641848216467.png)

No. 192544

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats things while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnosis that she paid for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ diagnosis with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and struggles to maintain the LARP after only two weeks.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a weeaboo style she no longer personally wears, she now looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Has a youtube channel with an insonsitent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating her fans.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- shit, including clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent.
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, alienating her previous fans.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without futher medical advice.
>Thinks having a counselor = actual therapy. Continues to fake all kinds of symptoms and illnesses to prove she’s sick, making her into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies so much that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from overseas and doesn’t care if the items come from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to criticism and what she has seen in her threads.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image, even claiming her mayor trauma comes from a short lived DeviantArt ex-girlfriend.
>Formerly referred to herself as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother, her partners, and other content creators (in a creepy way).
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience.
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t personally selling anything yet, but plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs. Had a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items.
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact. She doesn’t seem to clean her space full of cat fur and shit either.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, and pretending she can only eat one type of food.
>After frivolously celebrating her “life changing” dissociative identity disorder diagnosis with a cake, she swears there’s 5 different alters living inside her head with some other being “fragments”. So far we have:

>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, signs with a snake emoji

>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, is new to social media, signs with a flame emoji
>currently unnamed 6 year old alter who is always “co-fronting”, talks like a baby, signs with the strawberry emoji
>currently unnamed 35 year old alter who is male and cleans, cooks, etc. Adult shit that she doesn’t even like doing herself. Certifiably too old for social media, but his emoji is a club.
>Flora: just a "fragment" who is not just a carbon copy of cure flora, but is all the positive cures, and is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Sandwich emoji. Also a fragment. No further info.

Notable stamps from last thread
>>188956 Jill shares a photo of her as a young child, obviously it's proof she's always been neurodivergent
>>188969 stevie gets her an ice cream maker so all of her ocs can gain weight as quickly as jilly and she tags all of dissociatwt with it
>>188986 pretending to be a did expert on a random tiktok
>>189227 from here, a series of jerrick he/him 14 tiktoks about Melanie martinez
>>189286 Anon finds Uma, Jill's deviantart girlfriend
>>189332 Jillian spreads kindness like confetti and has disaster.clown run off tiktok
>>189394 more old milk involving uma
>>189453 Jill's friends don't mind smoking with a minor
>>189515 Jill is getting emdr, it may cause integration. DID speed run underway. if emdr doesn't work she'll try mushrooms or ketamine >>189519
>>189522 smoking weed really helps with her undiagnosed autism, and so do chew toy necklaces >>189923
>>189762 pixie and stevie holiday special. They decorate gingerbread houses. Stebies is communist themed. Jill is turning into the moon emoji.
>>189894 anons take note of possible future tourettes saga
>>190058 stevie is really into trans rights
>>190418 mama vessey buys Jill a toy house made for literal children, the toy makers ask for a picture of her little one playing with it, but it's Jill. >>190425
>>190801 her 35 year old alter is too old and doesn't get social media… >>191009 her ocs all age differently… >>191241 and all have Favourite magical girl animes
>>191251 Jill criticizes drag queens for not being eco warriors >>191415 Jill wants to do drag
>>191696 the simpsons truly predict everything
>>192197 what "we" got for Christmas drops, she reveals cherry clossom emoji alter is called flora (but not exactly a copy of cure flora), she's making her cousin's wedding dress, gets a bunch of useless (to her) kitchen equipment, slimes, and a fidget spinner. She buys herself gifts under the guise of them being for her alters, big surprise. She bought jerrick some earbuds and promptly lost them at a piercing studio. and finally we get to see her switch on camera. Tune in from around 21:15.
>>192232 meet the alters coming soon
>>192260 someone is falling for it. Everything according to keikaku.

Last thread: >>188928

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem?
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 192545

No. 192547

thank you for the new thread, this pic is beautiful

I cannot wait for the new episode of 'full dollhouse full of alters - 5 and counting!'.
I want to see sandwich alter and the trauma behind it.

No. 192549

Kek I love the cat shit on the wall. Good job anon

No. 192550

Thirty year old man alter who does the cleaning really isn’t pulling his weight, such a background character

No. 192554

File: 1641856966954.jpeg (412.66 KB, 828x969, 199C8142-631B-4D5C-B140-493755…)

This is really interesting as it implies that Stevie is putting his foot down in some capacity about what Jill buys, which is odd because it’s her house. But then again it could be Stevie trying to keep her shopping addiction in check

No. 192556

Sounds to me like Stevie is putting more money in than her? Given she has no job & no one pays for her patreon anymore and her YouTube is dying… I guess he pays for everything now.

No. 192558

Yeah all the people in the previous threads who were going on about him using for free rent etc forget that he’s the one with the job while she manages to maybe a video a month that doesn’t even crack 500k views.

I get the gross feeling that she wrote it in an ‘uwu daddy is letting me pick out something cute’ (I threw up in my mouth writing that, soz nonitas)

No. 192559

I also read it like this. "Permission" makes her seem more childlike which is why I think she phrased it like that.

No. 192560

Great job OP!

No. 192561

File: 1641861576076.png (1.31 MB, 1160x980, Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 10.3…)

I've never heard of these things before so forgive me if there's some new version of them that I don't know about but it looks like Jill is going to have to fork out a huge amount if she wants the entire set.
Imagine spending approx. $500 (USD no less which would be more in Canadian dollars) because your spice rack broke….

No. 192563

$500 for a spice rack that will probably remain as just decoration and not even get used. Does she even need any spices at all for her diet of tendies?

No. 192564

has anyone else noticed the old man alter (the "♣" emoji) is a club suit? aka… confetti club? that can't be a coincidence. apologies if someone else pointed it out
this would be THE biggest pain in the ass to use in a kitchen. you're paying easily $600CAD for something that is an inconvenience. can't wait for her to buy it and then the baby alter comes out and she touches the stove and gets Ouchies or some bullshit

No. 192567

That's practically one month of her Patreon. She's quickly becoming one of those cows that show off their shitty spending habits, can't wait for her parents to cut her off and she complains about not having enough money for bills but miraculously has enough to buy a pretty cure figure.

No. 192569

This is so dumb, I wouldn't able to tell the spices apart if all looks like pastel houses, plus she doesn't even cook

No. 192573

They’re cheaper on eBay. I already found one going for $140.

No. 192576

She made a shitty house for her cat and loves doing random painting diys, but going to a thrift store and building a little roof on a shelf and painting some tins would be way too much effort. She's definitely better off spending hundreds of dollars on something she won't realistically use, except for maybe storing weed.

Mama Vessey probably appreciates Steve as he is probably literally feeding her, especially after waking up from drunk comas. The Instant Pot and other kitchen appliances would be really helpful gifts for a young woman who should be learning to take care of herself.

But you know, she has crippling mental illnesses and can only eat nuggies. Could it be the 6 year old was fronting all along!?? Does she have a sandwich fragment because that's all she knows how to make?

Just…idek what to say. Her gay bf is about to troon out but in the meantime is playing along with the ddlg caretaker role. Maybe to make himself seem more "womanly"? I saw some dysfunctional ass couples living together in my early 20s but yikes. At least there aren't screaming matches or abuse (that we know of.)

No. 192577

File: 1641875878796.png (50.55 KB, 845x240, Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 9.34…)

so I finally finished skimming through the last few threads and don't think anyone has touched on this yet, but another one of jill's cousins posted this comment in her "coming out as did" video. definitely a different cousin than the skinwalker rainby bangs one that's getting the wedding dress, but I wonder what this one means by going through "similar" things… trying not to tinfoil too hard about it lol

No. 192578

>he’s the one with the job
He worked on Roblox games with a group of internet friends and it's not even clear if he ever made money from that.

No. 192580

I feel bad for her if she's suffering from some sort of genuine mental health problem and has to resort to talking to Jill about it.

No. 192581

either the cousin genuinely went through some shit or munchie tendancies runs in the family. Based on the last name is this mama Vessey's side of the family or is she like a realy distant cousin?

No. 192585

I don't think she means DID but something more normie like depression.

No. 192589

The skin walker cousin is marrying a Martin…(don't post family members)

No. 192591

No he actually has a proper job, just involving Roblox indirectly kek
We went over it either last thread or the one before, this shit is going at the speed of light with all the did milk

No. 192595

I think someone just decided that he must have a real job because time passed and a job listing existed. Is it relevant anyway? I doubt they are relying on his income for survival, she just want to emphasize that she asked permission.

No. 192600

A screaming match where Jill was abusive then ran away is how she supposedly discovered the Jerrick alter, I get the impression that they do fight but it’s always Jerrick uwu not Jillian so she isn’t responsible

No. 192603

>A screaming match where Jill was abusive then ran away is how she supposedly discovered the Jerrick alter
That just sounds like typical mask off bpd rage tbh

No. 192604

Jerrick alter was developed to out trans and her boyfriend.
Prove me wrong

No. 192610

He literally posted on Twitter that he got the job and what it was

I think you’ve cracked the code

No. 192611

Steve is bi, jill drops the lesbian tag and goes bi. Steve becomes non binary, Jill needs to too. Steve gets a nose piercing, so does Jill. Steve is close to trooning out, Jill makes up an alter who is a trans.

She copies a lot of things he does, and it really just shows her BPD more than anything. She must be better than steve all the time, it must be exhausting.

No. 192619

I really don’t know how Steve does it. At this point it has to be for free housing or some kind of humiliation fetish, surely.

No. 192624

Maybe he stays with her because if he tries to leave or mentions leaving Jill will go full bpd "I'll kill myself if you leave me" mode.

No. 192631

File: 1641924056629.jpeg (242.4 KB, 750x517, 8637CC09-F332-4F48-9576-59DD61…)

How are these comparable? For a second I thought she was comparing to trans activism which would’ve made sense but no it’s gay marriage. Jill, you’re trying to capitalize on being mentally unwell at BEST! At worst your full of shit and encouraging others to dive off the deep end with you and advocating for nonsense recognition of “systems”, whatever that means.

No. 192632

File: 1641924166355.jpg (506.13 KB, 1080x1949, Screenshot_20220111-130050_Ope…)

No. 192633

She really is just over analyzing everything she’s ever done huh. This was literally the way people were talking back them, hyperbolic takes on typical teenage angst. Hell it was common when I was in school for people to cry over their hair after school break because they werent allowed to keep the unnatural colors. This isn’t special.
Jill, touch grass, I’m begging you!

No. 192635

File: 1641925629712.jpg (454.75 KB, 1024x972, cope.jpg)

No. 192638

NTA: What scares me a lot about jill and people like her is the fear of them becoming psychiatrists, therapists, counselors etc. I can imagine them either diagnosing to easily or gatekeeping an illness and just fucking people up lol. I doubt jill will ever work in the mental health department, I doubt she will ever work full stop. Just claim the disability benefit once all of her onine shit dries up when people finally see through her bs or they get sick of her.

No. 192639

The whole "I change my personality with my hair" is something all quirky girls said back in 2012 thanks to Ramona Flowers… Not DID

No. 192640

Instead of overanalyising everything she should just lose weight and stop being a dumb bitch

No. 192641

>DID = being homosexual


No. 192642

>What scares me a lot about jill and people like her is the fear of them becoming psychiatrists, therapists, counselors etc.
This is exactly what happened with trans shit and why her therapist is bad.

No. 192644

They always, always, always use homosexuality for their own benefit.

No. 192645

She should be lucky she was even allowed to fuck with her hair. I remember my mom having a fit just because I asked for highlights as a teen. Jill has been so coddled her entire life. She really thinks some phase she had at 13 or whenever has a life-changing meaning.

No. 192648

She could get this at a thrift store for 5 bucks, literally, I have a very similar set. But that would require moving her huge body out of the house. She lives in a small town in Canada, kitschy as fuck, and she never bothers to thrift for anything.

No. 192653

The Avon ones are a whole lot cheaper like by 80% and you're right should could literally just thrift them, everytime I walk into a thrift store I see these. But Jill seems like one of those people who doesn't like "affordable" things.

No. 192659

Right? She'd rather buy a dinky yet expensive drawer from Ikea and cover it in washi tape or something than find a piece at a thrift store and actually put work into making it pretty and fit into her clown house. But as far as I can tell she doesn't even use her own money, so why would she care about being frugal?

No. 192661

before mental illness she used to collect the thrift store ones. but small town full of her clones im sure they buy them up before her.
5:10 minute mark for spice house

…i never liked her but i miss singlet jill

No. 192666

>before mental illness
>i miss singlet jill

the fact that I literally agree with you here…… we are truly in the darkest timeline. and i'm positive that the worst is somehow yet to come

No. 192670

File: 1641935291696.png (264.71 KB, 547x404, Screenshot_20220111-160520.png)

Either last thread or the thread before there was an anon wonder why Jill censored her feet in the cat tower video - I was rewatching the "Sewing, Shopping, and Behind the Scenes! Pixievlog 1" video today and Jill shows her feet at 11:25 and says she has weird feet

No. 192673

There's nothing weird about them. They look like normal fat feet.

No. 192676

this seriously pisses me off to no end i wanna a-log so bad. yes jill someone telling you that you’re not 5 people in one body and are literally fucking insane for making everyone act like you are is the same as homophobia. straight ass bitch

No. 192681

looks like her second toe is bent on each foot

No. 192682

it's not too uncommon, my brother has it. The sad thing is that I don't think Jill is naturally predisposed to be massive. I mean, some people are, I knew a guy whose whole family were butterballs with stubby fingers and toes, massive bones. It was p gross but maybe they were part orc, I have no idea. But Jill's limbs, fingers, and toes suggest she is piling tons of fat onto a bone structure that can't support it. She's really going to hurt herself if she doesn't get her weight under control.

No. 192683

She said in her assumption video from like 2019 that she doesn't have weird feet anymore. This peeps slipper shot was from a vlog long before that video. So, I guess she got them fixed?

No. 192690

A lot of women censor their feet on social media these days because of foot fetishists, so I imagine Jill is doing it for the same reason. Preemptively "protecting" herself as a means to lay claim to a perceived victimization. As if anyone would use her as an object of fetish

No. 192696

When people say Jill is bpd is that Bipolar Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder?

I had a friend with Borderline in highschool who was very similar to Pixie. Constantly changing her interests based on who she was dating/new trends. Always acted like a child. She also was very cute and skinny in highschool then ballooned way up when she stopped going to school.(unsaged blogpost)

No. 192698

What kills me is even this Jill is somewhat tolerable. I actually like her title and end cards and if she put more effort into design, I think she could of had a decent sucess.

No. 192699

File: 1641950683810.jpeg (45.73 KB, 828x354, 213421CA-F599-4D91-B337-6DEC76…)

So I was just watching one of my comfort youtubers swell entertainment do a video on this stupid new meal kit called squareat and I absentmindedly scrolled through the comments just to see fucking Jill larping autism as hard as she can. I was so desperate to a-log and tell her to go be a munchie elsewhere. The meal kits come in literal squares of compressed shit that are done after like 30 seconds in the microwave. Why have an adult alter who does the cooking and cleaning when you can order a hundred dollar meal kit and get a freeze dried square of brussel sprouts?

No. 192700

File: 1641951085581.jpeg (586.79 KB, 828x1417, D8DFA97B-29CF-4DF3-B17E-3AEA14…)

I find it interesting that she ignores this question about therapists not providing a diagnosis when we know she likely doesn’t have a valid medical diagnosis either

No. 192701


BPD almost always means Borderline Personality Disorder, which is what Jill has.

No. 192702

File: 1641952260454.png (140.14 KB, 1620x720, Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 5.43…)

more of Jill doing what she does best, larping

No. 192703


It's sounding more and more like the narratives that trans identity has taken on. So weird. What's next? Otherkin rights?

No. 192710

There was a blog on tumblr dedicated to her feet I came across years ago. Can’t find it because of tumblr search sucks now a days, if it’s even there anymore.

No. 192737

File: 1641964457090.png (101.17 KB, 591x512, lame.PNG)

-29 with Windchill is nothing. Especially since it's a 30 second walk. I'm Canadian too and I have to check the mail daily no matter the temp because people keep stealing our boxes.

The fact she mentions this package makes me wonder if a video is in the works.

No. 192739

Bitch I used to walk to school everyday in -40
Why is she bragging about being so disgustingly lazy.

She's chronicly on twitter she tweets from the moment she wakes up till she sleep and eats in between
Yet she can't be bothered to do anything else. Keeping up with faking mental illness must be so draining that it takes up all her time and energy that she can't go get a package.

No. 192741

assuming she travels to Japan when borders reopen, do you think any brands would likely still want to do videos with her?

No. 192742

Would she still be able to fit into any Japanese clothing brands in a year or two? Maybe she should do a haul at Lion-do in Sumida.

No. 192743

Nonnie, she's too big kek.

No. 192744

She has borderline, lurk past threads. And sage your shit.

No. 192745

Why does she bring her dumb larp onto other people's videos? Fucking gross

No. 192746

I hope her shit gets stolen. It's probably the wigs she ordered too.

No. 192747

I doubt she will ever go back to Japan, that rainbow prison is too strong.

No. 192758

She's not going to go to Japan anymore, she's changing her whole aesthetic and is moving forward from the "kawaii uwu anime" thing and is now doing whatever the fuck "fagrod" is. I think this is all her way of trying to be more edgy without ruining her pretty pastel image

No. 192760

weird as fuck that she said 'autistic' instead of 'neurodivergent' or 'disabled'. Maybe she thinks being autistic is acting like an infant, because of her ageplay shit. Like why would autistic people be the only ones needing quick microwave meals? It's so frustrating too because she doesn't have a clue what living off disability would be like, most of them don't have loaded parents to buy them $10 asparagus square meals. What the fuck? I know a lot of autistic people can't work regardless so unless they're a sugar baby or live with rich parents, they'd never be able to live the kind of frivolous lifestyle that pixie does.

No. 192764

>this was definitely jillian writing
>calls it “jillian-jerrick activity”
you stupid bitch, which is it????

No. 192768

Glad I’m not the only one who thought that. She says it’s both, and then precedes to explain why it’s not. The only thing she manages to keep consistent is her inability to be consistent

No. 192775

This such a weird nitpick. Whenever it gets below -20 nobody wants to go out.

No. 192779

Yeah nobody cares that you also live in Canada nona, -20 is cold, Jill is lazy. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive

No. 192781

it's just a way to force Stebie to go get it for her

No. 192794


this pisses the hell out of me. literally the longer this larp goes on the more and more i get offended. autism literally exists on a spectrum and she continues to group people with autism again and again in one fucking category. some people with autism can cook perfectly fine without issues. others cant even operate a microwave. shut the fuck up jill, stop acting like you know anything. you don't have autism.

No. 192795

She said in her latest stream that she has been told by 3 doctors to get checked out for autism. But its a 3,000 or something price tag which she won't do. Rightfully so.

It sounds like those doctors know she wants more diagnosis and they want more money off of her. Someone even kinda told her off in the stream for using the phrase special interest multiple times because she's not diagnosed.

No. 192798

She was willing to burn $1000 on her retard diagnosis letters but now $3000 is just “too much”? I think she knows they won’t give her the results she wants. I’m autistic myself and once you’ve seen plenty of autistic people you have a radar to know what to look for.

No. 192800

you're fucking WRONG nonna! EVERY autistic person loves rigid schedules, bright neon baby colours (for stimming DUH!!!) eating the same 2 meals, and wearing the same outfit daily!!!
It's so stupid too. So she gets diagnosed with autism… what now? She doesn't need any services, she doesn't have any outward issues, why does she need it? She wants to (or, will) spend 3k on a few pieces of paper that let her LARP the most common symptoms to an audience that is starting to think she's nuts, online.

Hell, if they're dumb enough to believe she actually has autism, they're dumb enough to be fooled by a fake confirmation letter… why doesn't she do that? She already kind of did that with the whole DID reveal which was literally just a diagnostic impression LOL

No. 192801

It’s also developmental and they require you to give them what you excelled at and where you were behind. I’m not going to share what mine were (because she reads this thread kek)

No. 192805


the majority of people seek an autism diagnosis to get school accommodations, to get an IEP and better conditions or modified classes. autism 90% of the time doesn't quality for disability–at least in the US. so she has nothing to gain from a diagnosis of autism except to brag to twitterfags and place more etsy chew toy orders.

neurological treatments/physical therapy for autism are usually before a child is 18 and still developing. jill - although she denies it - is an adult female and therefor her full frontal cortex is matured already.

No. 192806

The 3000$ thing makes me mildly suspicious. Typically you shouldn't have to pay if a legitimate doctor thinks there's a issue and gives you a direct referral for an assessment. (Granted, the provincial healthcare system might be slightly different in her province.)
I personally read that as those doctors or therapists offhandedly mentioning that she does potentially exhibit some symptoms and her running with it.

No. 192811

2000-3000$ is pretty standard for a an adhd/autism assessment. the assessment usually covers both. wait times can be 6-8 months and the assessment itself can take a long time as well.

though most people get diagnosed without this assessment because autism really isn't as invisible as people think it is and will usually have a professional do a short assessment along with observed behaviors without the patient knowing and will tell them outright. all the experiences I've known with getting the diagnosis came from people who weren't fishing for it or had no clue they were retarded

No. 192831

OT but right after watching some of Jill's videos to catch up, I was recommended this video in the sidebar LOL(derailing)

No. 192833

Greentext is free.

No. 192849

to get diagnosed with ADHD (in america) all i had to do was fill out a questionnaire and go through a few psych sessions. they wouldn't diagnose me right away because the medication is highly stigmatized, but, none of this 3k dollars shit. i'm not sure how the process is for autism but i would assume similar. Isn't the biggest criteria an inability to read faces? I really don't feel like an autistic person, who is usually highly resistant to change, would be so interested in consumerism, redecorating, and fashion trends. Actually, considering a symptom of BPD is changing your identity all the fucking time, wouldn't it stand to reason that having BPD and autism would be incredibly unlikely? Just speculating here. I thought she said she would've gotten her autism diagnosis with her did assesment…

No. 192851

File: 1642026614966.jpeg (5.79 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

>be anon
>find out that former jfashion youtuber pixielocks has gone off the deep end
>split personalities, autism LARP, the whole nine yards
>decide to watch some of jill's old videos
>just catching up.jpg
>look at the sidebar
>see recommended video

No. 192856

Dude, if you go on YouTube and type in “the downfall of pixielocks” you get her DID diagnosis video. Kek

No. 192857

I'm not talking about America or YOUR experiences. I'm talking about canada. specifically eastern Canadian resources for autism.

You're stereotyping autism (just like jillian) and deciding what is and isn't autistic. You can have autism and be a consumer and like fashion and decorating. That has nothing to do with social behavior and interaction.

The reason jill doesn't have autism is because she is completely fine functioning and coping with the world like a normal person. She can communicate with people and express herself properly.
The reason she thinks she is autistic is because she is immature and childish. obsessive and self-absorbed. She likes children's things and bright colours and wants to live in a fairytale. And somehow associates her own personality and symptoms of BPD with the current stereotypes of female autism.

No. 192860

Autism is a spectrum though, and is not just limited to social interactions. Before they merged Asperger’s into ASD, Asperger’s was the less severe autism in simple terms and those with Asperger’s have okay social and language skills. I know quite a few people that have been diagnosed Asperger’s and only diagnosed as autistic, and those with severe autism are the ones that struggle more. If that makes sense. Or you could just Google it.

No. 192862

File: 1642033047148.png (657.22 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20220112-1…)

Holy shit you're right

No. 192869

File: 1642037183105.png (4.45 MB, 3609x3568, rageface.png)

sage for autism

No. 192885

File: 1642049714100.png (701.97 KB, 584x580, cumjar.PNG)

Jilly bought another plastic toy. She's been buying shit ever since she "came out"

No. 192886

File: 1642049766612.png (513.45 KB, 598x652, noooo.PNG)

Guess what? It's for her weed cause she's such a STONER AND QWIRKY

No. 192892

>weed is not cute of glamorous
Glamorizes cute weed container. The constant back and forth of her with making a statement but immediately posting the opposite is making me feel like she’s actually getting insane. Zero selfreflection.

No. 192894

Sorry I sat on my phone. What’s the pass word to delete posts?

No. 192895

girl youre lucky you didnt butt upload a selfie

No. 192896

Idk how to even work this site I’ve been lurking for years and recently posting here and there. It’s so hard even with the rules. Off topic but you guys seem cool as heck. I’m glad I didn’t upload anything more.

I can’t wait to see this wedding dress though. Do you think she will secretly have someone help her or pay someone to do it?(don't use emojis/ emoticons)

No. 192898

Is she trying to keep her family friendly image by putting the disclaimer or have enough people told her that it makes them uncomfortable when she mentions weed? She claims to be woke and all of that but she still doesn't CW/TW her posts where she mentions drinking or smoking which are things that actually trigger people who've dealt with abusers who utilized those substances.


No. 192904

Jill is that you(hi cow)

No. 192905

I adore this, anon

No. 192908

This is so gross, actual japanese girls use those things to play or store candy or whatever… She has no shame, plus this whole "LOL DUDE WEED XDD" is getting very very tiring at this point. She really thinks she looks cool smoking weed but she's honestly so pathetic.

No. 192911

>>192908 Agreed.Even if she was going to collect precure toys anyways, her using it as drug storage makes it even weirder. It just shows how much she owns it to own it, has it to have it. If she had it as a collector's item she would be having it as decoration. Everything she does is just thinly veiled consumerism; if she had wanted a fun container there are 100s of DIYs she could even make into a video. But no. Buying a plastic children's thing is what she decided to do….

No. 192913

So don’t smoke it underage, except Jerrick who she claims is a totes real underage boy can and does smoke it and she the owner of the body knows that and is fine with that. Either he isn’t real and there is no problem or he is real and you have to act like he is Jill, Christ. Sage because it’s not Jill but it seems like dissacociaDID is in hot water over some art of minors and the excuse is that she has alters who are minors, so not long I guess until these fakers roam into actual pedo territory using oh well mentally that alter is the same age as the victim as an excuse, maybe that’s why she made Jerrick asexual

No. 192914

>>192913 frankly i think making jerrick asexual was for the much simpler reason of having an easy out in regards to steve. can't get into any hot water about your gay boyfriend and the teen boy you pretend to be if the oc is ~ muh sex repulsed frum mad trauma of having a piano teacher who molested other girls (but not you, he was always so warm) ~ or whatever

No. 192915

File: 1642065545163.png (871.73 KB, 806x533, Untitled23_20220113011140.png)

>>192911 samefag
I was curious if it was an expensive collector's item or something but it seems not, similar ones are going for ~10 USD, are fairly small, and seem to come with other toys. picrel, examples on the right.

No. 192916

Not that it matters but that's from her second trip to Japan so she didn't buy it any time recently

No. 192937

I would avoid validating anything Jill says or suspects about her mental health, nonny. I don't think she's anywhere on the spectrum. It's pretty clear she has no idea what's going on inside her own head. I really think her only problem is being an uber-munchie. She's collecting diagnoses like she used to collect clothes, merch, etc.

No. 192939

It's especially pathetic knowing that a big chunk of her current major issues would stop if she spent a few months completely sober. Paranoia, bad sleep schedule, depression, low energy, overeating and obesity, delusions… Wow, I wonder why all of these things have gotten increasingly bad over her years of being high and drunk nonstop.

No. 192940

shes so strange w her tw and cw. like she used to tw all things mental health (i.e. bpd) - which is one thing - but now since shes "destigmatising" and becoming a mental health acc she never does anymore (cus shes copying the other accs around her.) sage for tinfoil but it makes me wonder what other things like that she'll do to be the most woke chronically online mental health conniseur.
also does anyone know if jill is roped into steebes commie act? if so where tf is the praxis she is so selfish even by a capitalistic standard

No. 192951

My point is that BPD can be associated with frequent changes of personality/identity, wheras autism is associated with a dislike of change. So to me, a resistance to change wouldn't allow for stuff like constant redecorating, changing with fashion trends, buying new shit all the time. I'm sure it could happen, but these things seem opposed to me. Every year we look back she's a completely new brand of crazy, it's not even terribly consistent. Only consistent thing is her having zero self awareness and burning thousands of dollars on useless shit.

No. 192952

she's putting weed in a kid's toy when she supposedly has a kid alter, but don't do weed if you're underage!! does she hear herself?

No. 192959

She has been supposedly co fronting with the six year old in tik toks where she sounds very drunk and regularly “Jerrick” is openly high and or drunk, if this stuff was real then Jillian is regularly giving drugs and alcohol to minors, I wonder why the larper community don’t have issue with that since they claim the alters are real people

No. 192960

>I wonder why
They know they're all LARPing and guilty of the same or similar offenses. If they called her out it would open a can of worms for them.

No. 192961

she says that she's constantly co-fronting so non of her alters are ever fronting by themselves. I think she only said that to get out of all of the possible allegations that she lets minors drive, drink, and smoke. I don't know how she keeps getting away with this when she keeps placing red flags with every single post she makes.

No. 192966


sage for tinfoil and blog, nutrition fag here, but imo i feel like so much of her downfall has come from poor diet. all your hormones are made in your gut and all jill's threads have always documented how she eats a diet of starch and sugar. even in japan, she was eating at 711 and tgi fridays.

her mental instability very likely could come from her gut, subsequent hormone imbalance, which she has neglected for years. now that she's entering her mid twenties, she no longer has the benefits of youth to bounce back. thats why we're seeing this fast weight gain, depression, & low energy that she calls "disassociating" even tho its her fucking body malfunctioning and crying out for nutrients and minerals.

plus, its pretty clear to me she has a gluten sensitivity seeing her weight gain in the gingerbread house video.

if jill were to ever try a low fodmap/low inflammatory diet and focus on eating healthy (which, suprise jill, is more ethically sustainable than muh sustainable fabrics and muh sustainable dollhouse!1!) i guarantee she would snap back to how she looked in 2016 and have SIGNIFICANTLY better mental health. too bad she's probably too deep in twitterfag's HAES movement to even consider eating one (1) asparagus.

No. 192968

Yet magically Veronica and the older male alter are total boomers when it comes to being able to use the internet, a six year old can do-con and drive but a 21 year old can’t co-con and use Instagram

No. 192971

sandwich is becoming my favourite of her alters/fragments. knows when to keep quiet unlike the pushy little, Jill and Flora having to beat the child down when it tried to make an appearance in this most recent video.
Jerrick is a gossipy needy bitch and Veronica is her gateway to Onlyfans, sandwich knows their place. Excited to see the introduction video, I’m putting my money on Jill making it like her old lookbooks.

No. 192975

I don't know how this would make you feel, but sandwich is a cat alter and she let her little name it… She revealed it in her patreon stream and her 30 year old alter is called Clifford as well. But that was a slip up name reveal.

No. 192978

Honestly can’t tell if this is a joke or legit, can anyone do a summary of her stream

No. 192983

sandwich is a WHAT

No. 192985

please tell me you screen recorded the stream nonnie

No. 192988

I’m screaming.

No. 192991

So Jillian pet plays and age plays too… I'm terrified. The implications of her acting like a cat… Creepy lol

No. 192992

SANDWICH IS A CAT? I was down with the idea of them being the peep pillow but their Jills fursona?

No. 192993

>her 30 year old alter is called Clifford.
God I hope he's also a big red dog and she has two fictives.

No. 192998

File: 1642115883159.jpg (84.14 KB, 675x900, E-Snry8X0AgEJ5g.jpg)

This is complete tinfoil but the artist Grace Gogarty rescued a pregnant cat recently and named the only surviving kitten Breakfast Sandwich and I can't help but think Jill named this alter after this cat if it's true that the alter is a cat. Her ig is @little.tunny. Jill doesn't follow her ig but I'm not on other social media so didn't check those. It's such a distinct name for a cat so it would be an incredible coincidence if there was no connection. Grace's art also happens to be very colorful and whimsical and very close to Jill's usual aesthetic.

No. 193003

Could be, but Jill also has plush peeps called sandwich and panini so she's just reused a name.

No. 193006

Literally who. If Jill doesn’t follow this person, why would she be skinwalking their cat?

No. 193010

>>193006 NTA but videos of breakfast sandwich regularly go semi-viral on tiktok, with how online jill is it isn't unreasonable to assume she's seen at least a couple of them. the cat has wobbly cat syndrome (cerebellar hypoplasia) and so walks around very flailingly/very poor coordination. additionally sandwich is just a very specific name for a cat.

No. 193028

I'm with this nonnie, Gogarty is pretty popular and I constantly see sandwich tiktoks even tho I only follow them on twitter. On the other hand, Sandwich isn't as uncommon a name for a cat as you might think

No. 193031

this is either the dumbest tinfoil in Jill's thread or you're right on the money. Time will tell

No. 193035

What a dumb tinfoil

No. 193036

Sage for blog and tinfoil but I have had a few cats in my life and really like vocal cats and when my cats have vocalised I have responded by mimicking them, sometimes when a cat has nuzzled me and purred I have done it back, I don’t think I am alone in this behaviour nor do I think it’s that odd, has Jillian been doing this also and decided that it’s her being co con with a cat as opposed to a behaviour that other cat owners display

No. 193041

No. 193042

and the cat thing is at 50:10. Enjoy

No. 193046

>"The fragment showed itself when I first moved out here."
>"I felt like a street cat with no home.”
>"You know those bodega cats that have the comfort to sleep in the chip asile in a store, yeah, i didn't feel that."
(I'm paraphrasing all of this)

She really doesn't understand basic human emotions and feelings does she?

No. 193049

I'm surprised she didn't make a reference to the Metric song "Lost kitten" since she keeps referencing them kek

No. 193056

i was sorta hoping she would keep up the J theme with the names by naming him like John or something… not fucking Clifford

No. 193058

File: 1642162058887.jpg (44.16 KB, 564x511, Screenshot_20220114-070044_You…)

First ten minutes are precure sperging. She takes one sip of coffee and is super hyper. She talks about a cure who gets magically cures of her illness "just emdr'd it outta her"

She talks about herself doing emdr for a minute after. There's gonna be many many many sessions, "which trauma you wanna start with?" in reference to each session being based on a different trauma. Also jerrick will probably be fronting for most of the sessions bc "he holds most of the trauma", claims there are no downsides to emdr "except retraumatising myself teehee" she cuts the emdr talk in case that's upsetting for anyone.

"having a plural informed therapist is a game changer" immediately gets distracted. "guys I get so distracted lol"

She's going to stop-animate her opening sequences? Talks about starting crochet projects and not finishing them.

>Im obsessed with carrots ever since they added them in animal crossing

carrots are cute because they're Easter themed, thinks about all the carrot memorabilia she'll be able to buy soon

>18:00 more autism fishing, shows a picture of her in tweety pie overalls. She has a tweet Keychain and plush in the photo too. It's her special interest. "and now I have precure all over my leg"

doesn't like to use the phrase special interest outside of cozie stream but she's had three doctors be like "you should get that checked" won't talk about being autistic until she's diagnosed.

>autism diagnosis is $3800, her did "diagnosis" was 2000 or 2200.

>you can totally self dx autistic and call something a special interest

Only started talking about did once she had been diagnosed because she didn't wanna be wrong

>I suspected bpd and they were like yes

>I was liked uh osdd thing and they were like "DID stamp"

>and my father, bless his heart, during all this has been like "hm, I appear I'm, fucking autistic as hell"

>parents don't really get did but they're supportive

>I thought I was just extreme bpd and gender fluid, and age regressing

"how can you both love life and want to die?"

>jerrick holds all the problematic bpd traits

>they all fronted for different answers during the mid

>sorry I'm just a nerd on all this [did] stuff, I guess this interest is…. Special

I'm 28 minutes through nonnies is this helpful to thread

No. 193059

No. 193060

Bruh I used to love Jillian until I noticed she started on this DID trend but reading through this thread she's been hella ableist and sus from beforehand, the thing is if she had a BPD diagnosis the identity crisis thing would be under identity disturbance with the BPD no actual qualified doctor would say she has DID??? Also DID doesn't even have any validity and that's why professionals don't believe it exists. They believe it's either a form of extreme BPD identity disturbance or people making up symtomps to have someone care about them can be seen in many diagnosis not just BPD and sometimes for autistic people it's copying what you see in media and I don't have to explain how bad TikTok is to you lot, first time posting here but honestly I'm so fucking surprised, glad there's actually still some sane people on this Earth if I have to hear another you're classist or ableist for telling someone that DID isn't real or that you don't have a disorder without a diagnosis I'm going to flip(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 193061

Now she's also hyper and disctacted? Is she going for ADHD larp as well?? There's no help for this woman..

No. 193062

you're not supposed to put your email, retard

No. 193063

File: 1642165322199.jpg (141 KB, 565x530, Screenshot_20220114-075019_You…)


>someone once said I moved like Shane Dawson and I was co-conning jerr and nothings ever cut so deep. Tone indicator joking.

(yes she says that out loud)

Someone asks how her witchcraftery is going. She says she sucks and has been super lazy with it. "gets distracted" by her flower toy again (I think she does this when she wants to change the subject kek)
>I'm just really into branding right now!!!

>sometimes I'm not thinking sweetly and that's when flora comes in

>she's technically a fictive, autistic systems are more likely to have fictives

>is going to save for the autism diagnosis "or get it checked out whatever"

>compares fictives covering up trauma to her having precure shit tattooed over her self harm

>50:00 a fan asks about the animal fragment

>her alters all have ages and personalities and ways they drive the car, except little ofc

>one of my fragments is cat like, doesn't front, doesn't have interests or thoughts it's just meow meow.

>it comes from moving and not feeling like she'll fit in, like a stray cat.

Her friend came over and saw her in idk sandwich mode. She had to explain it wasn't pet play. Her friend says ya that makes sense I've literally seen you get on the floor and meow at your cats.

>she screams, do I do that? Have I really done that?

>has another fragment? Alter? Who is around 8-10, doesn't say anything, "idk if she's mute or non verbal, she hasn't given me a name yet" has been trying to learn sign for her. She can't even open her mouth.

She has an inner world, it's not humungous, there's a house, a back yard, and field. She made it in Sims. Also made it out of Lego. It may be featured in the Christmas vid she doesn't remember. It's reminiscent of her parents house.

No. 193068

>sometimes I'm not thinking sweetly and that's when flora comes in
lucky Jill. The rest of us just have to deal with it when we're depressed or suicidal. Like what?

No. 193071

File: 1642167787909.jpg (276.03 KB, 1080x584, Screenshot_20220114-080456_You…)

Tacking on the inner world shit, she's also gonna make it in animal crossing.

>it's just how we coooope

>how is it the same every night? That's not regular dreaming.

>I've had different inner worlds throughout my whole life and hadnt realised, makes a rat face

From 1:06:00 she mentions Mr protector man. He's a little bit like her dad. A little bit like Sasha velour.

Jerrick wants tattoos. She's open to it on her other arm. He wants a la dispute lyric and a snake, or a snake around a lime bc lime green is his obsession. Or a snake in an ampersand. But Jill kinda wants an ampersand too because it's a symbol of plurality.

>jinx from arcane is did

January is a big trigger month for jerrick, but he's been working out.

>they've been using an app to text each other (saw in dissociadid's video) she wakes up every morning and checks the app for messages from her parts.

>nicknamed her little "little baby smalls" (because it's Emilia farts cats name)

She will reveal the littles name soon, and will treat her like a mom treats her six year old kid.

>I think we're gonna stay co-con online, that's a rule, is going to make a rules list (???)

>says it's not easy to control co-con

>it's just been Jill this whole time which is epic.

>veronica fronts when there's a party says she was upset when a drag show was cancelled

>when you wanna be a hoe but the world says no

Her protector "cli-" plays dnd with stebie

>she always thought she just had trouble paying attention to movies, but it was the did guys

No. 193072

wow an inner world? is she trying to copy the wonderland system? or is this a common thing in the did community?

No. 193073

Hey daniround2003 learn to integrate

No. 193074

>a little bit like her dad. A little bit like Sasha velour.

Imagine this. Horror movie material.

No. 193076

>He's a little bit like her dad. A little bit like Sasha Velour.
How is this not just conflating things she enjoys and wants to feel like they belong to her or part of her identity? Perhaps I’m reading way too much into it but RPDR Season 9 (where Sasha Velour appeared) premiered in ‘17. Is this a “new” persona then? Are her personas just amalgamations of things she likes? And she gets to tack new facets to them as soon as she gets interested in something? Jill, you can just enjoy things, they don’t need to define you

No. 193077

Samefag, sorry! I’d love to hear her define Sasha Velour. People project all of these things into these public figures, it’s hilarious. You’d think if someone would be aware of that, it’d be her, I bet she doesn’t like when people do that to her

No. 193081

File: 1642170971954.png (176.85 KB, 460x519, Tv0P5TZAti.png)

No. 193082

Plot twist: his name is Shayna Clifford

No. 193083

>Are her personas just amalgamations of things she likes?

No. 193088

>She will reveal the littles name soon, and will treat her like a mom treats her six year old kid.
so, just how Drew Monson talks to his child characters when he has a monologue?
I just can't, so she has a rainbow house inside her mind too? How does that even work? Sounds exhausting. Kinda reminds me of Tulpas lol
Kek anon just make your own Precure inside your mind

No. 193091

Only fans saga when? Tinfoil but Her YouTube career doesn’t seem to be following the trajectory she thought it would, she tries to stimulate views and more revenue with this mental health direction, when that fails though she can always let Veronica front so as not to taint her brand but have an alternative revenue stream in the form of onlyfans. She’s willing to get tattoos and permanently alter her body to accommodate this and before anyone chimes in she’s just larping, yes that’s my point. All these “alters” exist to allow her to do shit she thinks wouldn’t otherwise be acceptable from her and her rainby brand, she’s just using it as an out for doing the things she wants to do (buying a bunch of plastic shit, wearing black, getting edgier tattoos). It’s so fucking stupid and she’s clearly mentally unwell (or constantly intoxicated) but not in the fun free from expectations way she wants to be. Really wish she’d log off, it’s sad to see her wading into the deep end just for internet validation.

No. 193105

File: 1642176458041.png (301.16 KB, 601x443, Screenshot 2022-01-14 11.03.45…)

someone told her it would be okay if she switched during streams and she said that will be after her alter intros…so she can control it? she just admitted it.

No. 193108


>She has an inner world

>It's reminiscent of her parents house

this is called having memories. the majority of people imprint their childhood home and see it in their dreams. this is neurotypical, jill.

No. 193109


absolute kek that this thread predicted the old man was gonna be a drag queen. nonnas, you're all psychics.

No. 193114

The ‘inner world’ shit is DID101, dissociaDID did a sims video way back of her inner world house and all that crap years ago

No. 193120

>she wakes up every morning and checks the app for messages from her parts.
are the alters texting while she sleeps? how??? telepathically?

No. 193122

tinfoil, but one of the alters is werewolf

No. 193124

How much longer until she’s in a committed relationship with her alters and rapes her elderly mother?

No. 193125

File: 1642180626286.png (615.7 KB, 604x756, firefox_fDoHBodpYf.png)

kek someone on twitter asked about the weed habit causing depersonalization

No. 193126

File: 1642180821975.png (58.3 KB, 607x499, firefox_ZQJw6bjE6p.png)

Found Pixie under a rant from Bobo (fellow DID influencer), who was replying to DissociaDID's new Q&A video.

This means Pixie's actively following DissociaDID, who's the mother of all this misinformation on the condition.

It'll be funny compare her alter intros to those of DissociaDID's.

No. 193135

>literally shaking rn
These people talk like they're joking with twitter memes.

No. 193147

The fuck lmao, this is just extreme roleplaying
If she clearly misses her mom so bad she can totally go back you know… She's so dumb

No. 193148

I doubt it is a joke for them honestly. They all are special snowflakes and they all talk like that

No. 193150

>Alcohol is worse
Then why tf do you keep drinking bitch?

No. 193157

Jillian come on, you are drunk on weekdays constantly and keep talking about how the people at the liquor store know you well, also you can’t just make up that weed doesn’t do something to you

No. 193164

Can the alter who can’t open her mouth please front so I can get some peace from the utter crap that pours out of Jillians mouth
Is she going for co-morbid adhd and autism because suddenly liking tweety pie doesn’t qualify as an autistic special interest, they have to be long lasting, for example her peeps phase and crayola phase also do not count because they were so fleeting

No. 193168

She literally mentioned it before, saying the villainy account was for both male alters and that one or both was a drag king/queen? i don't know where she said that, but people weren't just pulling it out of their ass.

No. 193169

So she's literally admitting that not only is she drunk 24/7 but also it causes dissociation. Bet she hasn't said a word of this to her 'sweetheart therapist!'

No. 193171

See that's what I'm thinking. She doesn't have special interests, she has phases, maybe hyperfixations. Still, ADHD is probably too 'mainstream' for her, but makes more sense than autism. That being said, ADHD with brain damage messes shit up, and I'll be damned if she doesn't have at least a little brain damage for all the drugs. When is mommy dearest gonna throw this bitch in rehab?

No. 193173

I am willing to bet she lied in her DID assessment about her consumption of alcohol and weed, there is no way they would diagnose her with a dissociative disorder if she is in an altered state the majority of the time

No. 193174

File: 1642192188241.png (268.1 KB, 466x386, Screenshot_2022-01-14-14-27-23…)

Listening to her talk adoringly about her "little" alter is honestly extremely pathetic. It sounds like a mom gushing about her little daughter. Same with Jerrick. Not saying Jill should ever be a parent, but this instinct is very creepy when she's turning it in on herself… I remember in her most recebt full fledged video Jill "said" to Jerrick "you can do whatever you want with your blanket," and her tone was very weirdly maternal. Am I losing it, or is this apparent to others?

No. 193177

Her face is SO bloated and her eyes are practically swelling shut - put down the booze and drink some water for gods sake. Christ she's looking rough - and it’s her all own doing.

No. 193181

Do any of you ladies know if it's a breach of contract/patient confidentiality if a therapist keeps track of their patient's social media. I have a feeling that she probably lies and omits a lot of info to her therapist. Because smoking weed and drinking alcohol daily is not healthy in any capacity.

No. 193183

Definitely. I know it's like this with teachers, so probably therapists too, but you can't add teachers on social media until you graduate, at least in the case of highschool. any relationship w a therapist above acquaintances is extremely frowned upon.

No. 193189

Thanks for linking this. It is a fucking TRIP watching the currently livestream then clicking back to that first 2019 livestream. She's easily gained 30lbs and her voice has deepened hardcore since then. I feel like this bitch has hypothyroidism / a goiter that's going woefully overlooked in all of this. Someone please try explaining that voice change (deepening) and weight gain otherwise.

One thing is for sure: she's fully mentally ill, but as I've said a million times - it's BPD. It's literally JUST BPD. Nothing more.

No. 193193

>Her YouTube career doesn’t seem to be following the trajectory she thought it would
That's because she's retarded and can't do shit

No. 193195

It definitely is. Therapists have to assume everything you tell them is true, because it's your responsibility as a patient to tell them what you want help with. If you lie to them you're just wasting your time/money

No. 193198

Tinfoil - but could the fact that the “Confetti Club” attracted such mentally awkward people - mostly females and troons - maybe have exacerbated her descent?

She didn’t attract the audience she wanted - because she herself was just as awkward/ lazy/ and ultimately as stunted as these people that worshipped her for years?

But she chose not the correct herself for fear of sudden backlash from her primary fans.

Again - huge tinfoil. But the steep drop off in CC threads has shown that base audience, has all but bailed on her.

No. 193203

This was partly her fault. She gave the illusion that Confetti Club had open membership when it was only ever her. Eventually even those hyperspergs caught on.
I sometimes wonder what happened to the they/them from Alaska who got a bunch of fb members to pitch in for that expensive purse for Jill only for Jillybean to toss it in the back of her work room's closet with the rest of the shit she didn't consider kawaii.

No. 193204

What bag?

No. 193205

It was a tacky Betsey Johnson bag, vid related.

No. 193206

The voice change can be written off as her pretending to be more masculine to go along with her new guy OCs. As for the weight gain, she eats like shit, doesn't exercise, and is an alcoholic. She'd be much bigger with her lifestyle if she had an untreated thyroid condition for 2+ years.

No. 193211

Can't be this bag, she still uses it. Even showed up in her gingerbread decor vid.

No. 193213

She has a few Betsey Johnson bag vids and I can't remember which one it was now.

No. 193214

File: 1642208630905.png (8.54 MB, 2532x1170, 32218FCA-BA12-4F88-B118-70D968…)

it was this ugly ass toaster bag. i don’t think she’s ever used the bag, i wonder if she sold it

No. 193216

>spends insane amounts of money on herself
>all plastic shit and tacky as fuck
>loves it

>gets gift from die hard fans

>clearly hates it
>never uses
>bag was either resold/ regifted/ or collecting dust in a closet

What an ungrateful hog.

No. 193234

This is why I don't get- the toaster bag is cute, not my style at all but I can see someone quirky like her using it, specially if she's someone into pastel looking house appliances or whatever. And her fans did it for her. Why is it that unless it is something that fits her wishlist, she doesn't appreciate it?
The difference between that pic and this thumbnail >>193205 is very big. She looks indifferent with the toaster bag. That's sad. Her fans did care a lot about her.

No. 193245

OT/NTA but how cringe is that bottom post.
"..if i'm not pursuing integration there's no reason for it to go on my medial record so they won't diagnose me."
Like no shit, what would be the point if you don't want to get better? Obviously these therapists have seen straight through this person. I hate that Jill has/is trying to normalise this behaviour even more and the mental illness is quirk shit. But I am somewhat relieved that obviously there are still some good doctors out there that won't fall for this shit

No. 193246

>Her friend came over and saw her in idk sandwich mode. She had to explain it wasn't pet play. Her friend says ya that makes sense I've literally seen you get on the floor and meow at your cats.
>she screams, do I do that? Have I really done that?
She also said immediately after that she was probably intoxicated at the time. How lovely.

No. 193254

File: 1642224648757.jpeg (670.63 KB, 1170x1509, 56F78027-BEFC-48A4-B2CD-350496…)

we got a semi shout out from jerrick. also,
>a life that is clearly not fulfilling you
projecting much, jill? because it seems your life is so unfulfilling you had to make up some imaginary friends to cope with your pathetic life

No. 193255

KEKK that's very much a shout-out anon lmao
What about her though, why doesn't she stop being a cunt?

No. 193259

I love a good shout-out.

No. 193261

File: 1642227092890.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

using Twitter or TikTok isn't any better kek, it's just a website sis. Also Lolcow and reddit isn't just dedicated to shitting on her, it also has forums for specialized interests get OVER YOURSELF Jill and take your own advice!

No. 193264

It's that she thinks this "Jerrick" stupidity is covering for anything that's hilarious. It's just you, Jill. Always will be.

No. 193267

She has the most annoying personality ever. Why does she keep squealing and shit, it’s like she’s permanently stuck in her middle school anime phase.

No. 193268

The DID larp is entertaining or whatever but just how can she be happy being so one dimensional that every minute personality trait is a different person? It's so fucking boring to be like, "I'm into rainbows! …and that's about it!" and to be into any other fashion or aesthetic is too jarring so you have to make an excuse. She's spiralling so hard and I'm half concerned, but I don't know if someone even recovers from this shit. Her therapy is actively making her worse. Like having a quarter life crisis is normal, but this? This is beyond fucked

No. 193270

But jill.
I am autistic.
You are my special interest.
I've been here since 2014.

No. 193271

Holy shit you are not disabled you stupid fat fuck. You should wake up everyday thankful you’re ablebodied and stop treating your body like a sack of shit.

No. 193272

“Disabled” fuck off Jillian, you have never been disabled, I’m sick of these kids who have nothing but money and privilege deciding they want more attention so they take all of these things away from marginalised people, so many of these did fakers are rich little white kids who want to have an alter who lets them cosplay a person of colour or a disabled person, it honestly makes me wish something bad would happen to this cow so she could experience and see that disability isn’t some fun game where she can sit on her arse and eat tendies, buy toys and get smashed every day, I hope she ends up locked up in a ward as a result of her stupid attention whoreing, I bet she would be magically cured so fucking fast, worked for her totally real ED

No. 193274

this nutjob should never be a parent

No. 193276

So are we placing bets on an EDS or a FND saga next to cement her “disability”

No. 193282

Did anyone notice in Jillian’s response (to a guy on tik tok) that her knuckles are so dark? I saw this with amberlynn reid too. It could be a sign of diabetes or etc. I doubt she seriously checks up on her other mental health. I’ve had in the past doctors prescribe me medicine without blood tests for psychiatric meds.. but I usually always get blood work constantly. Does she even realize how detrimental blood work is to check and see if other things are wrong? She can die from diabetes if not managed.

I honestly get so infuriated to a point where I can’t sit still when I see her fat face. I usually don’t bully people unless they truly deserve it. I have bpd and i feel like a lot of her isn’t bpd. It has ruined my life. Mental illness isn’t a joke.. health isn’t a joke. She deserves to be put in a psych ward for wanting and faking these illnesses. She shouldn’t be allowed to drive. I hope karma catches up to the bitch. She’s an awful person. And I hate how she gets any ounce of attention. I wonder if her parents are concerned about her swelling up like a macys day parade balloon so quickly.

No. 193283

Also I’ve noticed how she picks and chooses her hate comments and what she responds too. It’s literally only her responding to the hate comments so she can deflect them and make herself look good and get sympathy points. One day the hate comments will be too much for her and she will probably just turn off her comments or do the limited access or censor words thing. She’s ridiculous. Needs to be held accountable and get off the freaking internet. If I go to hell for bullying this bitch.. man she freaking deserves it. Idc.

Psychotic piece of shi..(samefagging)

No. 193286


She's barely posted anything this week and you unmedicated bpd anons are seething, chill out. You're just making her look sane in comparison.

No. 193287

bpd samefag this is not your blog

No. 193296

Nta, I see nothing wrong with her posts. Slow times are normal, chill.

No. 193299

She has more tik toks on her DID tik tok, not super milky but her acting is terrible, she really acts like she thinks she is a hot fuckboy when she is pretending to be Jerrick

No. 193307

i couldn’t even tell she was supposed to be jerrick in her tik toks

No. 193308

Post the webms lol

No. 193310


Not sure how to embed TikToks, but in this video she refers to black and white as “boy style”, so anyone who said she pretends to be a boy so she can wear something other than pastels was right on the money

No. 193329

Unpopular opinion, but Jill really fits the criteria for an ADHD diagnosis. She can't seem to finish anything (any video series she's ever promised, her "fashion" show), she has hyperfixations (Crayola, Peeps, Precure, collecting Magical Girl wands) and she's incredibly impulsive but also can't be bothered doing anything.

Not sure if those criteria also fit the definitely accurate BPD diagnosis though. I'm an ADHDfag, so I could just be not understanding BPD properly.(armchairing)

No. 193330

I'm still waiting for her to finish that "crocheted version" of a killstar or whatever knit sweater. I know she never starts or completes anything, but I'm hoping that when she lurks here and reads this that she told everyone quite publicly what she intended to make that she actually attempts it. I love her artistic disasters.

No. 193331

Maybe she was working on an art project or something but her fingernails are fucking filthy in this TikTok.

No. 193345

That's true, it's like even if she has BPD traits, she doesn't have the trauma for it. I'm also an ADHD fashion school dropout so i can see some similarities, and this disorder is associated w parental drug use, which idk if her family has but crazy does seem genetic there. She'd be so less hatable if she had even an ounce of self awareness. Blaming your failures on 'lol multiple personalities!' is so irritating. I remember the last time we could even pretend to respect her was her bpd diagnosis video or whatever, but it's been downhill from there. There's nothing quirky or pitiable about just stewing in an illness and making no attempt to improve other than self medicating with tons of drugs. Still, there isn't a single part of her youtube career that wasn't steeped in some kind of lying, whether it be her income, age, measurements, etc, and now her mental health. It's far past being funny now. First time i ever heard of her is when she was self-posting on cgl despite clearly being a teenager.

No. 193348

She called herself disabled? Pixie BIID phase coming next guys!

No. 193357

Also an ADHDfag
I've seen psychologists talk about the mental impact of covid pandemic and lockdowns. Its very stressful especially to those who have never been through anything worse.
Long term stress and traumatic events can effect the brain the same way adhd effects the brain.
She never used to be like this especially before covid.
She's this bad because she's always had bpd so it's not like she had any healthy coping mechanisms and she just went harder into it after being detached from her coddling family and being stuck inside in a shitty small town.(armchairing)

No. 193359

>Long term stress and traumatic events can effect the brain the same way adhd effects the brain.
She never used to be like this especially before covid.

Her nosedive was absolutely triggered by the pandemic change of lifestyle, no doubt about it. She can buy as many diagnoses as she wants but it's simply pandemic+booze+weed+meds and being surrounded by people who enable all your most ridiculous behaviours.

No. 193368

god damn, does she not realize how weird it is to constantly make fun fact videos about yourself like this? The level of self importance. I get that when you're on TikTok all day you forget how to act like a normal person but its so weird to step back and look and how self-involved she is. Even if she did have DID, you can be mentally ill and not talk about all your amazing quirks all day long.
Also there's something so punchable about the smug persona she pulls when she pretends to be the jerrick alter. And when she laughs at the guy for suggesting having taxes in their inner world- girl you claim to have a whole ass house in your head, how much more ridiculous would taxes be? I don't get the point of recording yourself being so self involved and cunty while also begging everyone to cater to your made up illness

No. 193381


yeah i thought it was weird too. if you go to the video she stitched, the OG tiktok is pretty clearly making fun of the absurdity of inner worlds of overly-complex DID larpers/ the wonderland system, or at least it was just made as a bit and not to be responded to like another fucking fun-fact Q and A sesh, but she can't help herself can she?


fellow ADHDfag, she def doesn't have it if she's never exhibited these traits until recently, especially if it's only been this bad post-covid. I feel like the pandemic and its elements of like, stress and isolation has made a lot of undiagnosed peple realize they're neurodivergent or have a mental illness that went unnoticed/ masked, but on the flip side it's led to a ton over overdiagnosing and inaccurate self-dxing. we've all seen how it is on tiktok with a mass influx of people suddenly having these symptoms they'd never even related to before, but the majority are probably just stressed out in a way they've never experienced before and it's easy to be influenced by the media you consume. surprisingly there's a lot of commonality symptom wise between ADHD, BPD and autism which is why they all often are mixed up and misdiagnosed, so i can see a lot of bpd traits of hers that are similar to dumbass/ lazy/ obsessive adhd bullshit i've done, to an extent. tbh in Jill's case it's likely just the same ol bpd she's always had, but because it feels ~different~ now in the weird covid era and because she's a huge baby with a feeble easily malleable mind that overconsumed dissociaDID content at the same time, she's overconflated it (in typical bpd fashion) and is confusing having a normal, multi-faceted human mind with each personality trait being an entire new person… or drag queen…. or fucking bodega cat i fucking guess

No. 193384

File: 1642314223658.jpg (191.03 KB, 1080x1113, Screenshot_20220115-222130.jpg)

ill believe it when i see it jillybean

No. 193402

File: 1642321801808.png (778.37 KB, 552x874, Screenshot 2022-01-16 at 08.28…)

yep. disgusting.

No. 193403

File: 1642322461300.png (1.24 MB, 686x1204, Screenshot 2022-01-16 at 08.37…)

'can you tell i just filmed a what i got for christmas by all the C R A P everywhere?'

nice $500 haul of crap.

No. 193405


I realize this post is from yesterday but is Jill being roasted on Reddit too? Does anyone have a link?

No. 193406

She was called out for her DID cake and a few other times on r/fakedisordercringe but the Mods usually take down posts about her since showing username is against the rules. Redditors are quite aware of her antics outside Lolcow.

But I did a quick google and found this: https://www.reddit.com/r/fakedisordercringe/comments/rad2lm/good_to_see_that_pixielocks_is_encouraging_people/(this is an imageboard)

No. 193411

No. 193415

wtf why does she look like this? Wash your damn hands jill, this is gross (face is gross too but not the worst part)

She's turning into a bridge troll.

No. 193425

It’s the filthy hands touching her open mouth for me

No. 193432

Can you guys post screenshots of the important bits please? this is an imageboard

No. 193436

File: 1642353075374.jpeg (165.27 KB, 828x579, 81421F06-560F-4697-976E-4DE8EF…)

Jill have you considered not waking up at 1pm and actually doing something productive and fulfilling during the day so that “Jerrick” doesn’t front at night because you’re miserable and drank/smoked all day?

No. 193438

this larp in so embarrassing.

No. 193461

How do her hands even get that gross? My hands have never been that gross, not even working at a warehouse or a garden. Like how does that even happen?

No. 193462

It's almost like it's completely normal for people experiencing low moods to be awake at night ruminating in self hatred. She really thinks she's special?

No. 193468

>cutting back here
She shouldn’t be drinking AT ALL. Her alcoholism is one of the main things making her fall off the fucking deep end LARPing.

No. 193471


sometimes my fingers have looked like this after i've taken off cheap black nail polish cause that shit stains my cuticles

No. 193472

I have the mental image of her quickly throwing on a beanie and cheap black nail polish to cosplay Jerrick then hastily taking it off to cosplay another alter, when she has those wigs she mentioned is she going to act like she is doing a low budget one woman show at all times hastily changing costume

No. 193475

I only drink on holidays, so I wouldn't even know what a normal amount would be. Like once a week? And she's doing this like, daily I assume. What the hell…

No. 193481

Once a week sounds alcoholic(derailing)

No. 193485

Nah there's definitely dirt under her nails. She's nasty

No. 193487

File: 1642368719752.jpeg (583.61 KB, 750x988, A3C29C31-008C-4C27-AFB0-6D1CDC…)

it could be hair dye stains

No. 193501

Maybe if she’s binge-drinking every week which is likely. I think a person having a beer on a Friday each week doesn’t compare so much. She really shouldn’t be having mind-altering substances though if she claims to have this and is also on meds. I’m sure it just exacerbates things.

No. 193506

why hair extensions and not a wig? the black and green extensions are going to be so obvious in jillian’s rainbow hair

No. 193508

File: 1642371668203.jpeg (479.17 KB, 1297x930, C2F48F96-51DA-4761-9501-864FC3…)

No. 193522

File: 1642381861898.jpeg (633.13 KB, 828x1243, 5483756E-F0B5-4145-81A1-6FA39F…)

No. 193524

You have to be over 18 to post here I'm pretty sure.

No. 193525

one drink a week isn't bad, a whole bottle of rosé a week is pushing it. It depends more on how quickly she consumes it since it can be equivalent to pounding back a twelve-pack of cheap beer.

A part of me hopes that it's just a track she'll add on to a already established wig (like what professional cosplayers do) but knowing Jill she's not doing that and instead is going to make her self look as trashy as possible.

No. 193526

Dont worry, I'm 27 and live with an alcoholic brother.

No. 193527

Girl, stop.

No. 193531

File: 1642385826914.jpeg (168.92 KB, 828x376, A8FF921D-61CE-4DD9-9FA1-B1CE49…)

Looks like the alter video will probably come out this week, she’ll only pick questions that give her asspats or make her larp seem more ~unique&special~

No. 193534

watch her shove it under her toque using it as "emo bangs"

No. 193535

> questions for Jill (me)

Isn’t the point of her dumb emoji sign offs that we’d know who was typing? She constantly uses 15 emojis in each tweet, why can she not stick with the emoji sign offs at all. She literally harassed a tik tok account for deleting her comments about the sign offs, yet she never fucking uses them

No. 193536

Definitely agree that that's what she'll do. Black beanie covered in cat hairs with scraggly extensions poking out as bangs

No. 193537

I wonder how she found this fourm, if we're to believe she's not just a sock puppet.

Is Jill just crying about internet haters to her family members and collecting asspats?

No. 193538

>She literally harassed a tik tok account for deleting her comments about the sign offs, yet she never fucking uses them
kek true

No. 193541

So weird to start off with the "host" like, bitch we already know you. Get to the cringe already.

No. 193548

Is anyone else a little confused? I found a video of her on her instagram talking about her elderly mother, how can she be Jills cousin? She seems more likely at that age to be an aunt. I think this must be fake and the faker is missing a few brain cells.

No. 193549

She could be a cousin of her mother’s or something, not necessarily a first cousin of Jill.

No. 193550

She keeps treating Jillian like an alter when she isn’t, she is the host, the real person who was born and the alters are just supposed to be facets of, it’s concerning how detached she is from herself, she keeps giving all the strong emotions and interests to alters, at this point if you look at all she has assigned to alters who is Jillian, her therapist should actually be working on that, she is clearly suffering from depersonalization not DID just like a lot of people are because of the pandemic

No. 193551

I've snooped and yeah, jills mum and this Rosie person have different parents.

No. 193559

File: 1642424864177.jpeg (202.95 KB, 1475x451, 2BA6AE36-58E5-432B-812A-01EA90…)

If cutting back is a weekly bottle of wine she is “savouring” then it’s safe to assume she was drinking multiple days in a week, she should not have been diagnosed with this disorder if she was honest about her alcohol consumption, I can only imagine how often she smokes weed

No. 193560

She just doesn't know who she is or what she's supposed to be anymore. She really thinks being Jillian = rainbows. Being Jillian is just being herself… She's so dumb.

What a drunktard…

No. 193561

Lest we forget her nickname “drunkielocks” and the strange New Year’s Eve incident where she was drunk and lost her friends, she couldn’t do her meet-up without having a drink, she has had a pattern of heavy drinking for years at this point, there is no way she consumes weed in a healthy way if you look at how she treats everything else, she does everything in excess, isn’t that a hallmark of BPD

No. 193563

Yeah she lost some friends because of alcohol. How can she be blind to all her faults and then invent other ones? Like… Her shit is so easy to fix. Stop drinking, do workouts, get real help. Yet, she's doing everything to complicate this shit with fake diseases…

No. 193565

What girlfriend is she talking about here? Was she seeing deviant art chick in real life? Is this another person or just imagined one?

No. 193566

Oh no anon, she has explained that she actually has the kind of BPD where she doesn’t destroy friendships. Every time that happened it was definitely the other person’s fault. I’m sure it’s the same with alcohol. She only has the fun and quirky kind of alcoholism, not the kind that fucks up her life or relationships. Totally unrelated.

No. 193567

didn't she have 2 irl girlfriends back to back during that saga? i thought there was another girl.

No. 193572

having drinks with friends once a week is normal. are you 12

No. 193574

I would agree with this and I think the friends thing is key, that latest tweet is her savouring a bottle alone watching a kids cartoon so it’s clear she drinks alone, in the gingerbread house video it didn’t look like Steve was drinking with her either and again the tweet about waking up crusty and hungover and Steve saying she was beautiful, he was already up and clearly not also hungover(learn2sage)

No. 193575

Nta but then again, not being able to not have that weekly drink is an issue. Pixie has had a messy past with booze, that's just a fact.

No. 193576

Does she think this is cute? Drinking is not an aesthetic and being an alcoholic is pathetic

No. 193577

I'm in a state of utter disbelief that people love or even tolerate someone like Jill. I know people who are true gems - intellectually, "spiritually," artistically - and a couple of them have really struggled to find support during difficult times. These are people with jobs, advanced degrees, volunteer work… people who have been generous and kind to others.

It's shocking that a leech like Jill seems to find people to provide whatever she needs so easily. How does she do it?

No. 193578

My question is, is she scaling back on her drinking because of that person asking her about it and her admitting it does make her dissociate and then the speculation on the thread that she has never dissociated she is just in an altered state far too often, I also feel like to cope she is probably going to smoke even more to compensate for the gap in her life

No. 193580

Why do these cows always favour the most sugary alcohol when they spiral? It’s always Rosè or Moscato or Truly, etc. No wonder they all balloon up fast - drinking is always part of the ‘aesthetic’

No. 193584

jesus, can you please learn to sage and punctuate your run on sentences?

No. 193585


yeah youre right. what pixie is doing is unhealthy. out of context "drinking once a week makes you alcoholic" sounds like something a kid or shut in would say.

No. 193587

The alcohol debate in this thread is one of the most embarrassing by far. Are you guys all like 16 and I didn't realize it?

She's not being unhealthy. She's being normie as fuck, but acting like a 16 year old that thinks it's badass to have a "cheeky drink" during the week.

This is fucking ridiculous people, move on. For once I'm gonna say she's just being a NORMAL 23 year old in this sense. It's not that deep. I think she's an everyday stoner which too is normal, but maybe no when you "have" a disassociative disorder. . .

No. 193589


considering her rapid weight gain, drinking an entire bottle of rose in one sitting once a week, every week, probably isn't the best choice health-wise.

but yeah this convo is stupid.

No. 193590

She should cut back on her drinking but some things like losing your friends on a night out aren’t as big of a deal as anons make them out to be

No. 193591

Exactly. That's a pretty "normal" drunk-as-fuck night out experience, which is pretty fucking normal for a chick her age when that happened. I'm guessing those that are alarmed by it are either really young or have never been drunk / hung out with drunk friends.


No. 193592

If she’s drinking/ getting drunk by herself like Shay then that’s at least somewhat of a concern. She should just stick to being a social drinker like most people are.
Don’t come for me I’m 28 this year kek.

No. 193593

This latest discussion stinks of yanks who don't know how to have a good time.

No. 193594

Normie as fuck adult is a glass of wine with dinner or a night out with your friends. Jill is binge drinking alone like a teenager and falling asleep in her clothes and makeup. She is already drunk when her friends arrive at her home and is often drinking alone not socially. It’s relevant to the thread because of her DID claim and how it affects that. No legit therapist would diagnose a dissociative disorder knowing she does this. I smoke weed and that’s fine but she seems to be self medicating with it not just smoking recreationally to enjoy herself. I would bet she uses alcohol as a cope in the same way. The main issue is she is frequently creating scenarios where her memory would be foggy then claiming she totes dissociated and became a cat.

No. 193596

I am like 99% certain she is lying / exaggerating about the alcohol just to sound like a normie-as-fuck 30 year old mom.

No. 193597

You call drinking a whole bottle of wine alone in your room fun? I can't believe you guys are defending that shit kek, you must have a miserable life too(infighting/derailing)

No. 193601

You act like people don't do this anyway with a movie and some food. A wine bottle has like 4-5 glasses tops. Smaller ones, about 3-4 depending on how much you fill a cup. Boomers drink bottle after bottle too. She's fine.

No. 193605

Doesn’t feel like a coincidence that in a lot of her pixiesystem tiktoks she sounds drunk. Or that Jerrick smokes weed/is “fronting” when she smokes weed.

No. 193610

No, but I would call having a few drinks while watching a film or engaging in a hobby fun, as she mentioned. Her cocktail of drug use and the fact that her local liquor store owner knows her are fair game to point out, but anons above are acting like being drunk once or having a few drinks makes her an "alcoholic". That's hilarious.

>you must have a miserable life too

Go relax and have a drink, nonnie. You sound like you need it.

No. 193611

And she can't smoke and drink because..

No. 193612

File: 1642445746668.webm (9.29 MB, 540x960, bored and switchie.webm)

The latest "put a finger down" video from Jill.

No. 193613

Maybe you should go to a therapist. I can have fun without drinking

No. 193614

can the alcoholics itt stop sperging? no one really gives a shit what your personal opinion of "normal" drinking is. the only reason people are even bringing it up is because jillian claims to have a dissociative disorder yet is constantly zooted and/or hungover and you simply cannot properly assess mental health in that state.

No. 193615

She said no to the looking at a screen to front point but she literally described it as passing a phone around before. She really should invest in writing out her whole OC plotline in a journal like that one anon suggested. This is just sloppy.

OT but it sure is funny watching all the alcoholics ITT try to convince themselves and others they are the normal ones kek

No. 193616

I bet she only posted about her inner world because her livestream got released on here and exposed it. I feel she would of made an entire video unveiling it on her youtube.

No. 193617

too many unmedicated bpd alcoholics on this site

No. 193620

She can, she is an adult. The problem is that it alters your perception, sense of time and can make memories of that time fuzzy. She said herself that alcohol causes her to feel dissociative. A psych will not diagnose you with a dissociative disorder unless you are sober experiencing these things. Experiencing them drunk or high is normal. Lowered inhibitions also make you act differently than when you are sober. I am sure everyone in the thread can agree they have said or done things when drunk or high that they wouldn’t sober.

No. 193621

File: 1642447792736.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x2051, 346EB28B-27B8-450B-AC0E-2309E6…)

she looks terrible. how does she watch these videos and go “yep that looks good enough to post on the internet!”

No. 193622

Yeah no shit go draw some x's on the back of your hands and highly wrong about the DID and weed/drinking. She's not an alcoholic anon. There's a difference between her and a dude who can't get up in the morning without a drink.

No. 193624

It’s not her anon it’s grimy boy Jerrick! look at the shirt kek

No. 193625

NTA but you do realize that majority of alcoholics are the people who function normally while drinking every single day. Jill can't even do that as proven by her lack of YouTube videos. Drinking once a week isn't alcoholism but drinking a full bottle of wine every day is. Smoking weed everyday is also harmful to the body and the way the brain functions. You don't need to WK Jill just because you feel personally attacked by this conversation.

No. 193627

No white knighting of Jill here, it's just funny seeing 16 year old shut ins call normie drinking "alcoholic"

like reach more, chomos.(infighting/derailing)

No. 193628

You're throwing a fit because people criticize a cow's behavior. Maybe you're 16

No. 193629

Nonnies posting from the pub, quit your sperging. It ain't cute posting while being drunk kek

No. 193630

File: 1642450926736.jpeg (94.95 KB, 732x640, 573D4E81-0D62-4E9D-A686-3C6EEB…)

jill letting us know she’s starting emdr next week; yall ready for the asap integration?

No. 193631

File: 1642451022393.jpeg (101.64 KB, 750x539, 2B6AEF69-0BE0-45C3-A313-5F504C…)

also implying charlie/penguinz0 is into agere cuz he has a dogbed kek, how disgusting

No. 193634

Why is Jill projecting her fetish on others?

No. 193635

God why can't she leave other content creators alone

No. 193636

>Jerrick wants tattoos. She's open to it on her other arm. He wants a la dispute lyric and a snake, or a snake around a lime bc lime green is his obsession. Or a snake in an ampersand.

So a question related to this livestream. She claims Jerrick fronts often, correct? or is co-host? Has Jill ever showed an interest in lime green?

Forgive me if it's dumb asking this, I only recently got into Jill's drama and am still rereading old stuff. It's a fucking riot.

No. 193637

I thought that agere was some kind of new japanese fad until I realised it meant age regression.

No. 193643

She does know that Charlie lives w his gf and she probably bought the tent for the dog anyway right?

No. 193644

Im taking Latin and was confused, bc agere is a basic verb in Latin

No. 193646

I just think Jill doesn’t care and she just wants to fuck him.

No. 193648

she did a jem and the holograms halloween look awhile back of the main villain who’s whole thing is being edgy and lime green but still rainbow vomit. i think she chose lime green because it’s one of the only colors that work with both ‘kawaii’ style and uwu goth

No. 193651

Oh fucking hell, she's trying to replace Drew with Charlie. I hope she's prepared for rejection.

No. 193652

Because she’s become a lazy slob, and uses this DID larp as an excuse for her weight gain, disregard for her hygiene, and general lack of self maturity.

She’d rather roleplay online than actually grow and develop as a normal person hitting their mid-20s.

No. 193654

I'd love to know how many content creators have her blocked or muted. She's so creepy.

Adults don't drink super often, tend to be too busy working and taking care of their home and having the income to actually do real things with friends. You sound young, like a teenager, if that's what you imagine adulthood will be like. Jill has literally shown us she starts drinking before noon many days. She has made posts about her at 10am being tipsy. How tf is that normal? You regularly drink before noon, too? We've seen her drunk by 1pm. That's pathetic.

No. 193655

It's a dog bed. Is she this fucking stupid?

No. 193657

I think it seriously depends on where you are, in a lot of places in Europe its kind of normal to have a glass of wine with dinner once or twice a week. Especially on a Sunday if they are christian.

Maybe because Jills grandparents are from the uk it might have been a normal thing for her to see and she's replicated it. But we also know that addiction and mental illness is quite prominent on her mothers side so maybe we can't exactly trust culture on this one.

But all in all, she doesn't seem to be full on promoting alcoholism so let her fuck up her own body on her own terms.

No. 193660

i mean she has a history of ED, she probably hates her body so i bet it all just sort of blends together for her. hard to differentiate when everything is potatoes, you know?

No. 193661

I just don't buy this narrative. It's anons reading too into shit or otherwise not knowing what it's like to be 23.

I agree she should probably get it together if she's gonna get in control of her "mental illness" but it's also been kinda "nice" to see Jillian act somewhat fucking normal.

No. 193662

Kek get the fuck out of here with the “you don’t know what it’s like to be 23” shit - quit watching The Virgin Suicides on repeat.

This isn’t normal behaviour for someone that spent years preaching self care and inclusiveness . Her life didn’t turn out exactly how she dreamed in such a short time - and instead of putting in the effort to learn from life, she’s hopped a Tik Tok trend and is now faking a serious and very rare mental condition.

No. 193664

daydrinking & being constantly high aren't normal or healthy behaviors at any age, anon.

No. 193666

Why is she so dumb? Do you think Charlie's video in the girl faking Tourettes made her start watching him or was it Steve that turned her on to him.

>It's anons reading too into shit or otherwise not knowing what it's like to be 23.
Usually people around 23 see people going out and getting drunk every week as losers anon. Most people in north America get all of their party phase done by their early 20s and if they continue to go out every weekend into their mid 20s they see them as pathetic. I'm already 25 and my peers would see someone like Jill and call her a washout.

No. 193667

Can we seriously stop it with the OT in-fighting. Most anons seem to agree that, wether or not it's "normal", Jillian's frequent - potentially near constant - consumption of weed and alcohol is not ideal for her. An entire bottle every week being 'cutting back', frequent day-drinking to the point of drunkedness, and frequent waking up hung-over in yesterday's clothes and make up, liquor store employees recodnizing her. Who cares what you think of the abstract behavior, if you think it's normal or not, it clearly is having negative effects on her. If mental illness and addiction run in her family, that's all the more reason that uncautioned drug & alcohol use isn't the best move.

No. 193669

Thanks anon. Is there a link to part 1 of this playlist?

No. 193673

Jillian the word you are looking for is ageplay. And no, not everyone is a creepy disgusting piece of shit like you. The way she talks to other YouTubers disgusts me.

No. 193674

>NTA but you do realize that majority of alcoholics are the people who function normally while drinking every single day.
The fuck, that's unhealthy.

No. 193675

>faking a serious and very rare mental condition
Just say fictional.

No. 193676

Like anons predicted she now wants tattoos for her other alters. Every fad she has had, she has tattooed on herself. It's pathetic.

No. 193677

No one gives a shit about semantics anon

No. 193681

Of course the liquor store employees remember her. It’s a small town and she looks like rainbow puke. Hard to miss.

No. 193683

damn, like only one person said drinking once a week was alcoholism and you derail. Sounds like whiteknighting to me. There are people who drink every night after their full time job and I consider those people to be alcoholics, but you guys just don't wanna admit to it. She's always conveniently "dissociating" while drunk or high, or even hungover. drinking once a week being her cutting down is literally all the evidence we need to prove she's a drunk idiot. Not to mention she's doing this while both alone and unemployed?

No. 193684

These other anons are retarded, drinking to the point of getting drunk multiple times a week, especially when it’s not even socially, means you have a problem with alcohol. You don’t need to be drunk 24/7 and unable to function to be an alcoholic, you just have to be abusing the substance unhealthily, which she clearly is. The real test is whether she can go without it, and considering that she’s ‘cutting back’ seems to imply she can’t.

There’s nothing abnormal with having a few drinks after work or during dinner - trust me I’m Australian, we know how to drink - but drinking to the point of getting drunk as often as she does isn’t normal or healthy. You can have a wine or two without getting blitzed, and I hope for her sake that she is recognized that she’s slipping into unhealthy patterns and does change it

No. 193688

Yes. She's said multiple time on her streams, that her favorite colors are lime green, yellow and pink.

You can find the videos in question through here: >>193041

No. 193690

File: 1642487167234.jpg (952.57 KB, 1079x2009, Screenshot_20220118-012527_Tik…)

Replying to days old I know

>are any of you vegan?

>none of us is vegan but Jill…. Is very very strict about sustainability, so no fast fashion, so we all abide by that

??? Ok

No. 193691

Her nails are disgusting - just full of grime.

No. 193695

I can't even click to reply to it, those nails make me so sick. When it comes to the drinking, don't care. Imagine how some of you will feel when you hear about drinking in Korea/Japan. This >>193631 is fucking foul. How pornsick do you have to be to literally think someones dog bed must be for pretending to be a child or some other weirdo shit like that. I'd say she needs help but it's her help along with the attention that comes along with it that's gotten her here in the first place.

I wish she'd at least lose some weight. That anon who pointed out how she has a closet full of clothes she can never wear again was so painfully right, I can't help but think of it every time I see her now. Even if she WANTED to go back to doing cute content and fashion related things, she couldnt because 1. her clothes dont fit and 2. online shopping when you're heavier I think is more difficult too. Brands don't always make bigger sizes-especially Asian brands which used to be her bread and butter. Whatever she does buy will probably be too embarrassing to attempt putting on while filming. So that just leaves thrifting. Maybe she could do a thrift with me? I just want her to go back

No. 193696

Here you go, and these are her younows that were public.
Maybe these links can be put in the next bio?

No. 193697

Her doing a weightloss series could potentially revive her channel and she could definitely integrate mental health recovery into it. No matter how bad your mental illness is, wanting to get better is up to you at the end of the day. Plus it's sustainable so she can wear her clothing again, and look like her alters kek

Agree with the alcohol/weed usage, everyone in their 20s I know uses it but can still go to the gym and maintain a job etc, let's not blame the substances shall we

But I think she has the same mindframe as Shayna or Amberlynn, it seems like a common theme amongst lolcows

No. 193698

I know
>infighting bad
but anon.. you know your 25 year old peers would view spending your free time on a website like this as just as washed up and childish as daytime drinking? just admit you hold your cows to higher standards than you do yourself.(bait)

No. 193701

Weight loss is incredibly stigmatized in the corner of kawaii fashion community that she used to cater to though. Talking about weight loss in those groups can get you a warning/ban for "uwu triggering content" so she'd have to bank on grabbing a new audience.

No. 193703

File: 1642502336635.jpg (706.66 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20220118-113305_Sam…)

The shirt she's wearing is from a schizophrenic tiktoker (@xoradmagical). His content is alright, but everything Jill touches becomes kinda suspicious on her part.

No. 193708

I wonder when she got the shirt. Before or after her diagnosis, I mean. In her did coming out video she goes on a little tangent "the reason I wanted this diagnosis on paper, no matter what it was, did, ptsd, bpd, HISTRIONIC, SCHIZOPHRENIA" so I wonder if she made a stop at schizo before hopping back on the train and getting off at did

No. 193709

This is so ugly and very unlike her. All for her mento Illnes larp crap I guess

No. 193711

This is such a dumb bait. Reported.

No. 193712

She posted recently about dying hair extensions green and black. Knowing her she did it without gloves. Since she dyes her hair with lighter colours that dont stain hands as well. Forgetting black hair dye stains everything very very well. So her hands are going to look horrid for a good while. Its not like she will put effort in to scrub the stains away.

No. 193718

Regardless of what color she uses, not wearing gloves is super retarded.

No. 193722

There was a time when she kept complaining about having "auditory hallucinations" but then never brought it up again. I think you're right.

No. 193723

Maybe she realised it wouldn't be so easy to get diagnosed with schizophrenia at 23, and it looks it's not hard to get DID diagnosis if you find special place for it..

No. 193724

not that anon but my best friends sister got diagnosed with schizophrenia at 23 and we believe it was due to smoking weed. Not saying Jill has that but humans are developing illnesses at earlier and earlier ages sadly.

No. 193727

i dont think it was dumb it was actually a good point imo it probably just struck a nerve. also 23 is still early twenties and most people ARE still drinking and partying every weekend because they are usually straight out of college. Not defending Jill but I just think its dumb to call someone a loser because they have fun by partying and they are only 23. so weird.

No. 193728

I’m tired of seeing Jill in her signature rainbow poo bun. She looks like shit with her hair like that. I can’t wait until she blames her alters for dying her hair a natural colour.

No. 193743

>>193727 thing is, she's not partying, it's often just her drinking while sitting around in her own home, not even her boyfriend she lives with joining in, and it's not only on the weekends. and fresh out of college party-drinkers went to college, instead of sitting on their asses playing pretend and lying for attention.

No. 193751

Saged because not Jill related but I saw a tik tok earlier where this girl was just sobbing and distraught. The reason was because she has decided to start HRT for her male alters but she herself doesn’t want the effects. She was crying because she is going to force herself to go through a puberty that she doesn’t want and make permanent changes. It’s insane, these larpers are just hellbent on doing anything other than getting therapy for DID and integration. They would rather permanently alter their bodies in ways that will negatively effect their mental health over getting real treatment. I thought the jokes about Jill doing things for the alters were a reach and just a joke but the more I see of these larpers the more I think it could happen. They are very extreme.

No. 193755

I don’t see how it was bait. Most ppl here, myself included, are in some way mentally fucked. I do use these ppl to feel better about myself, yes. Nona was just spitting the truth.

No. 193756

What in the fuck? How would any dr sign off on that. Did she just lie to get hormones or something? They really need to do background checks and review medical history on these people before putting them on HRT.

No. 193764

Sadly as Jillian has proven if you have the cash to splash then you can find a doctor who will sell you what you want. That’s how any of these larpers who are “professionally diagnosed” are getting the diagnosis.

No. 193769

File: 1642534446550.png (118.53 KB, 1080x427, Screenshot_20220118-123011-342…)

Anon, I'm fully aware that being on anonymous image boards for fun means that there is something off about me. I'm they type of anon that shits on the ones that claims to be Stacy's in /ot/ because all of us here are losers to some capacity. I just find it annoying that someone is genuinely WKing Jill because they feel personally attacked that Jillian is exhibiting unhealthy habits that they do.

Also posting this since I'll probably catch a ban.
Jill's going to be extra annoying once this movie comes out.

No. 193771

Oh god what the fuck no.
Out of all the cows Jillian is making it the hardest for me not to a-log

No. 193776

Off topic but you barely even need to talk to a dr for hrt in the us anymore just sign a form saying you know what you're doing. There's websites where you can literally do a ten min skype call and mail order the drugs

No. 193785

Why would a fictional character from capeshit impact her fake disease in any way?

No. 193789

buckle up gals, the plot of Moon Knight will be: "Marc Spector, a mercenary who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, is drawn into a deadly mystery involving Egyptian gods with his multiple identities, such as Steven Grant."

No. 193796

OK but like, that character is LARPING their other characters and willfully so, so I guess yeah, it will be quite representative of the DID Community.

No. 193797

How is this browsing cows on this website
any different than a woman reading a celebrity gossip magazine? Lol
Oh please. Jillian is the type of person to say “vegan is too restrictive for me cuz it triggers muh ed” when in reality she just likes eating tendies.

No. 193799

If you’re in the US you can just walk into Planned Parenthood and get prescribed cross sex hormones after one consultation. I’ve heard it’s incredibly easy in Canada too, so let’s hope for Jill’s sake that she doesn’t let her Jerk LARP lead her into anything more permanent than another shitty tattoo.

No. 193804

Steve transitioning (if that happens) might actually make her get prescribed for hormones. But honestly if your physical health is bad, HRT is going to exacerbate it. Balding, bloating etc. My friends on T who do sports glowed up, but the twitterfags who took it… not so much.

No. 193805

I hope this movie doesn’t represent DID. If it does then I hope the characters are awful people. Kek

No. 193807

File: 1642547257547.jpg (290.37 KB, 1057x1043, SmartSelect_20220118-180503_Tw…)

Wow, can you just imagine. Hm.

No. 193808

As if every other munchie or spoony have issues keeping up the facade.

No. 193810

i mean, all jillian needs to do is claim that her alters fused after extensive therapy. then she can continue her life as normal again. if she can lie about being diagnosed with DID, then she can lie about the treatment too

No. 193818

Imagine posting and planning to post a bunch of content about it. Almost like it’s a brand and trend being capitalized on. Not to mention that if she’s supposedly turning into a child (and experiencing dissociative episodes) shouldn’t she get rid of the booze and weed? Not to mention driving!? So either; larp or she’s putting herself in danger and dangerous situations with no one monitoring her and should be in a facility? Like… are you also underage? Are you randomly switching out? Make it make sense. What’s the bet the answer is she only ever co-fronts and the weed/booze always only ever triggers of age alters. I just don’t get this shit.

No. 193819

File: 1642550012228.jpeg (342.68 KB, 828x804, BE48988A-3D2E-40AF-9EAF-8F320C…)

Jill I don’t even think that’s a bpd episode, I seriously think you have terrible emotional regulation if not finding something you want at the grocery store sets you off so badly

No. 193822

If she fuses can she say she isn’t to blame for any of the stuff on the forums. Jerrick cuts, has an ED and is mean. Veronica is hyper sexual and could be blamed for stuff like mystery girl and the New Year’s Eve incident. She can blame every problematic thing on an alter then when they are fused and gone just Jillian is left who did none of this.

No. 193825

She’s just trying so hard to go for that autism diagnosis
>I had to screech autistically at the supermarket because they didn’t have the one ingredient of that one brand I always buy! Uwu
>It’s just that there was a change of plans! My routine got ruined!! Uwu
She’s so transparent.

No. 193832

Is 23 too old or too young? I was almost diagnosed w schizo when i was 15 just because i sometimes got dizzy staying up late and that was literally it. You'd be surprised what people will get diagnosed with when psychiatrists want your money.(blogpost)

No. 193834

again i dont know why anons are thinking anyone is saying drinking twice a week = alcoholism. it's 24/7 with jill. at least often enough that she's hungover every morning and claims its 'uwu dissociating'

No. 193835

she's just becoming that middle age lady who screeches if anything at the store is slightly off. bet she was asking to see the manager.

No. 193836

shes not even popular enough to get cancelled so idk what she's on about. all she would have to do is stop talking about the did shit and people wouldn't even bat an eye or, yeah, just 'lol i integrated!'. She's lied about her age, income, weight, etc. She has no evidence to believe lying about her health again would actually do anything. She's a total lost cause.

No. 193841


Middle aged alter named Karen when?

No. 193845

You're here too? I think double space anon is a nuisance.

No. 193855

So what Jerry is saying is that Jill has at least a year or two left of being fake before she’s found out.
Also love the irony of her saying that being caught lying would be her ‘throwing away her whole online life and credibility’ when she’s literally in the process of doing that right now. This DID saga wouldn’t even be so I bare able if she was attempting to larp early Dissociadid or MultiplicyandMe and being educational or whatever, but instead she’s spiraling down the tik tok munchie rabbit hole and becoming a parody of a real person.

It really is concerning that she’s supposedly seeing a therapist and whatnot, yet she’s very clearly exhibiting signs of untreated bpd

No. 193856

Uh-oh! Playing a bit daring there Jill. Let's see what happens in the next two years kek.

No. 193857

File: 1642568158517.png (29.62 KB, 600x239, firefox_3eMJM9tQGx.png)

She even admits it herself kek.

No. 193858

File: 1642568363329.png (62.63 KB, 600x544, firefox_nc0PsPEHcb.png)

>"Why would anyone fake a mental illness?!"
>"Do they think it'll make them poupular?!"
<Jill posing with a cake about diagnosis
<Makes all of her social media about her new exciting condition
<Stops making her usual content to post about her new special condition

No. 193870

But we're not saying she's not mentally ill, it's just not in the kawaii way. People with bpd definitely make up personas for attention

No. 193873

She really have to have the most STIGMATISED diagnosis. It was BPD for a hot second and now DID is on top, so of course she has to have it. I wonder what will be next when DID fades out again.

No. 193875

She is baiting this so hard, she clearly wrote the post wanting someone to say it was an autistic meltdown. She wants validation and she can show all this afterwards as say see, I was behaving autistic all along uwu.

No. 193877

I can just picture her reading articles about ASD and taking notes for later breadcrumbs to sprinkle around on social media.

>“easily rattled by last minute changes in plan”

>check! uwu

No. 193882

She is definitely studying up for the tests to get the outcome she wants. The diagnostic process still relies so heavily on stereotypes that if you have bad intentions you can fake it. Any Canada anons do they interview people who know you as well as talking to you directly? Not that she will have trouble with that if they do, just needs to take Steve the yes man. I have no doubt that once she raises the funds she will get the diagnosis with ease.

No. 193883

Exactly like she did for DID kek and then has the audacity to act shocked that people would think that

No. 193885

Don't autistic people have some differences in their brainwaves and you can see that during an EEG? Jill is definitely neurotypical, she can't fake that.

No. 193887

God she is actually so ableist in her approach to this autism larp. She really wants to reduce it to buying lots of toys and having a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way. Her view on autism is so simplified and obvious. Can’t wait for every time she is shitty to someone and has a hissy fit at someone for her to blame autism. Oh I’m not being a bitch to you by talking like a bitch, it’s the autism. I don’t understand tone and social queues, I’m not nasty.

No. 193888

They do but most countries don’t actually run that test they just talk to you and someone you know. A lot of autistic people are misdiagnosed because they don’t offer the scan. The diagnostic criteria and the questions they do ask often fit a very narrow view of autism. Her mimicking the stereotype of a male child with autism will actually be beneficial to her because that’s what the tests favour.

No. 193889

Not familiar with the Canadian process, but wouldn't they interview someone who knew her as a child, like one of her parents, instead of her boyfriend?

No. 193890

Someone who works with special kids once told me that it was more nuanced than that

No. 193891

Why do I feel like accepting DID into the mainstream will break society as much as troon shit did?

No. 193892


No. 193893

She always gets like this when she doesn't get what she wants like the spoiled brat she is

No. 193894

This was honestly so close to self awareness

No. 193895

I’m Canadian, older than Jill and was diagnosed with ASD after two years of therapy. Therapist told me there are people who try to fake it (for disability $) and wanted to make sure I wasn’t misdiagnosed. They didn’t speak to any of my family members or boyfriend at the time. It really does feel like Jill is studying the behaviour and planning out how to use it to excuse shitty behaviour.

The only positive is this might lead to a professional catching her lying. Imagine they go along with her bullshit and then say something like “while you definitely have mental health issues, I don’t believe you’re on the spectrum”. She would throw a tantrum and be like “See?? I’m having an autistic meltdown REEE!!”

No. 193899

We're slowly moving to a place in a lot of countries where you're no longer able to hold people like Jill accountable for anything. They'll always be able to shift blame to someone else and they'll be told they're brave for doing it.
This is especially damning. It's not for attention, but she just dies of joy when they call her brave!

No. 193901

If that happened she’d just cry about it on Twitter and then drop the therapist in favour of a more affirming one. Jill doesn’t want to get better so she has no reason to stick with someone who’s not telling her what she wants to hear.

No. 193913

I think you cracked the code, nonnie. Jill's retirement plan is most likely getting autism bux.

No. 193918

Ah, so Jill is one of those folks that "abuse the system" that you always hear about it. Right, I get it now. My tax dollars, hard at work here, folks. Wonder when ol' Jilly is gonna go on pogey (unless she already is).

No. 193929

File: 1642614776440.jpeg (273.52 KB, 828x611, 9E35DDFA-3C7C-4C44-9CBB-94F486…)

can all the retards itt who were sperging about how jill was just acting like a “nOrMaL 23 yEAr oLD!!!1” shut the fuck up now kek she was drinking alone every single day and is still getting blitzed by smoking weed constantly. i wonder how the baby alter acts when she’s stoned out of her mind.

No. 193930

I thought the anons were saying if she drank a bottle of wine over the weekend that would be normal for her age, we didn’t have confirmation she drank every single night (I stopped reading the drink sperging pretty quickly though so I could be wrong). The more concerning part of this is she’s still smoking weed constantly, that’s not going to help any of her supposed ‘dissociation’ symptoms.

No. 193939

File: 1642617933701.jpeg (324.57 KB, 1170x838, 68692EE8-421A-4FDD-867F-064523…)

Girl being stoned all the time and never leaving the house doesn’t sound like a “full life”

No. 193949

does she not realise the way she phrased this makes it sound like she's replaced her alcohol addiction with a weed addiction…

like no offence but replacing alcohol with more weed is not an improvement whatsoever

No. 193950

This tweet is such a cope

No. 193956

Man, she's just going to keep getting bigger and bigger at this rate. She already has the same amount of chins as ALR.

No. 193963

>lots and lots of weed
No wonder she lost touch with reality. Considering her bad eating habits she should be careful about not getting a heart attack, there's studies that link weed addiction with a higher chance of heart attacks and strokes.

No. 193973

File: 1642628933627.jpeg (264.93 KB, 828x917, 709C7F42-BDD1-496C-AE88-A553F2…)

For everyone who guessed she posted this in hopes of idiots suspecting an ASD diagnosis and enabling her larp, you are right on the money

No. 193974

This was already posted upthread. I hate how gleeful she sounds about purchasing her next diagnosis. Saving up for an eval, really? Like if this was actually serious, wouldn't her parents gladly help pay for some if not the whole thing? Isn't she constantly buying stupid shit anyway and easily spends $3k over a few months? If there's usually a backlog of people waiting to be tested, why not sign up for an evaluation with Dr. Feelgood and save money up during the wait time, if money was even an issue for her?

It's all so sus.

No. 193977

So I guess this confirms she is drunk in all those tik toks where she sounds drunk. She was drunk in the story of her friends finding out about the cat alter too. Some of those tik toks you can see she is going for her being co front with the little kid. She really is just getting drunk and high and claiming her shift in behaviour is DID kek this is hilarious.

No. 193978

I’m really curious why she wants the official diagnosis so bad. She’s already in therapy so she should be getting help, and at the same time being assesed by the therapist? I get it’s peobably for internet points but it confuse me anyway.

No. 193979

I’m Canadian too but I was diagnosed as an early teen. It’s not just stereotypes like freaking out about change but it’s also developmental. Like I said a while ago, I can’t share too much on what mine are because I don’t want Jill to take my experiences since she reads the thread.

No. 193982

Autistic women have it hard enough, fakers like Jill who use the male symptoms just make it harder to actually get doctors to recognize the way autism actually presents in women. Fuck you, Jill.

Someone posted the exact video you are talking about last thread, go back if you want to see the full discussion on it >>191842

It's become a running habit in these threads for people to post without reading literally anything. It's been happening constantly lately

No. 193987

Star of Moon Knight died today. Jill is gonna find a way to make it all about her as soon as she hears.

No. 193992

I live in southern US so I don't know what it's like where weed is legal, but do people act like it's normal? I mean, you're still inhaling smoke, and there's still risks. Everyone knows at least one person who is constantly high on it. Like, i know there's more benefits to it than tobacco but it can still fuck you up in certain ways.

No. 193996

wasn’t she in a psych ward as a teen for her fake “anorexia” ? I get autism often presents differently in girls/women and masking is a thing but if she really was neurodivergent you’d think it would have been picked up on back then, especially if she was monitored practically 24/7. if it had a big impact on her life as she’s starting to lay the breadcrumbs for that shit would be hard to miss

No. 193997

It’s definitely less crazy than media has led people to believe, it’s about the same level as alcohol.The main thing that makes it relevant here is that it can make you dissociate. It’s fact that it causes dissociation, derealization and depersonalisation. Things Jill did not claim to experience before she started smoking. My tinfoil is she started smoking, experienced dissociation, googled it, found content on DID. She said she binged that content. She can’t have people one upping her and believes she is very traumatised. She is very attracted to attention other people get for things and thinks she is entitled to it too. Voila Jill thinks she has DID because she is very special in her mind.

No. 193998

They probably asked her in passing at her eval this time if she has been tested for other stuff in the past and she latched on to it. It’s a normal question for the setting but Jillian is chronically online and obsessed with mental health content.

No. 194000

File: 1642638943171.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1974, Screenshot_20220118-225113-905…)

It really depends from person to person, those who believe that you can't become addicted to weed and find it to be a "cure all" (ie Jill) are usually the people who start developing yearly bronchitis and ignore their smoking habit as the main factor. But the average weed smoker knows that there are risks involved and know how to smoke in moderation.

Latching on to what you're saying. If this is the shit she always has on all day no wonder she thinks she's the most mentally ill person in the world.

No. 194004

In the PNW and it's no different than anywhere else I've lived. Obvious smokers like old hippies and skateboard kids are going to look and sound like stoners no matter where you are.

It's very much normal in the sense that no one is pearl clutching when there's a dispensary on every other corner. Most people use it discretely at home or vape or take edibles. In certain jobs, I understand using daily for stress or pain relief but the vast majority of adults are not getting high 24/7. Tons of people use CBD topically or through supplements snacks and drinks regularly to get all of the benefits without the high and you can pick up a CBD soda or seltzer at the corner store without ID. Of course Jill couldn't just take some CBD gummies everyday to deal with whatever she is attempting to deal with by smoking all day.

There's no reefer madness and the crazies are most likely on meth or actually mentally ill and hallucinating the way Jill romanticizes. I'd love to see her try living out of a tent or her car with no money or resources though!

No. 194006

Here in Canada where it's fully legal, it is treated as very normal. For a regular person, Jill's behaviour here would be pretty normal, especially at her age.

But in the context of someone having extreme issues with disassociation - having THE disassociation disorder - it's fucking ridiculous. She has either been lying to her therapist or he's a fucking fake, because any proper psychologist or psychiatrist would have immediately forced her to stop smoking weed with whatever medication she's on.

This is all pretty much the biggest indicator that this is all a LARP, in my opinion. Sorry Jill, you have BPD and anxiety like the fucking rest of us, get over it.

No. 194009

Jill is not autistic. At all. She just really wants to be an adult baby now. And her actions and behaviours are strategic and manipulative. Pure BPD/ narcissism. Pretending to have suffered from repeated childhood trauma for attention is sick. Fuck you Jill, I was raped and physically abused multiple times by my babysitters bf. You have no idea you narcissistic pig.(sage your shit)

No. 194014

Shes so damn transparent

No. 194015

Mahou Prince is a “famous” fake boi from the decora community, not shocking this cross over happened. Both are clout chasers.

No. 194017

Nobody should discuss how their autism affects their lives in this thread. We don’t need Jill taking our symptoms to get diagnosed.

No. 194021

Agreed, there's threads for that on /ot/ if anyone is interested on keeping the discussion alive. Just dont do it here, she reads her own thread.

No. 194022

if shes in therapy wouldnt she just end up getting diagnosed naturally if she had signs of something?? what is this "paying for an evaluation" ?? Literally paying for a piece of paper for what she wants on it to show twitter??
Idk when I went to therapy I started going for a different reason and then ended up with getting diagnosed for something that was unrelated to that.
Surely if she really had something else a therapist would see signs of it while they talk to eachother.

No. 194032


She is SO fucking sick. Every time I think I’ve seen it all from her, she takes it one step further. It’s baffling.

The fact that she feels perfectly fine flaunting her diagnoses and trauma all over the internet, non-stop, is proof to me that she doesn’t have anything beyond maybe anxiety and BPD, and no DID-inducing “trauma.” I’ve never seen anyone with autism, PTSD/CPTSD, or even anxiety (because they’d be, you know, ANXIOUS) over share to the degree that she has. She talks about DID more than even some of the DID Youtubers.

No. 194033


Iirc you do have to be formally evaluated to get an “official” diagnosis. Some people want to get tested just to know for sure, but we all know Jill just wants another piece of paper to flaunt and use as a get-out-of-jail-free card.

No. 194037

Her therapist is just a counselor iirc. He can't diagnose her with anything, let alone something as big as autism.

No. 194042

Very little people get their diagnosis in writing, right? Unless you need accommodations, disability, or maybe just for insurance purposes I guess. The way she's doing it is definitely clout chasing. I feel like it's rare to have so many disorders, considering the overlap of some symptoms. Like, someone wouldn't say they have bipolar AND depression, or maybe autism AND sensory processing disorder, because sometimes it goes without saying. There's usually one disorder that leads to the others instead of just a weird mix like she's looking for.

No. 194057

>She talks about DID more than even some of the DID Youtubers
Can't ever be A thing, always has to be The thing. I keep remembering how Jill stepped up her DID larp when Anthony Padilla didn't include her of all people in his dumb video. After a week and a half of venting on twitter, suddenly she was determined.

No. 194059

Autism is diagnosed by psychiatrists, so at most her therapist might encourage her to start the assessment process.

As other anons have mentioned before as an adult diagnosed with autism, you're not really getting anything but peace of mind. You won't get some sort of paper unless you need it to get access to some type of service/support/financial aid (and there aren't nearly as many for adults as there are for children/teens still in school), and in my experience you rarely even get referred to helpful things like an occupational therapist. Really all it does is help you understand why you might face certain issues, why your brain works that way and develop tools/solutions by yourself.
I also agree with other anons that she could easily memorise a symptoms list (which are centered around well-known male symptoms), recite it and get the diagnosis. I've heard of more involved assessments in which they make you pass all sorts of tests and interview your parents, but in most cases they just ask you to talk about your childhood development, current symptoms and other things you can easily lie about. I just hope a psychiatrist would think her already having DID and BPD diagnoses makes her impossible to assess, since normally you rule out BPD when starting an autism assessment.

No. 194064

This autism LARP is just nuts. It’s a developmental disorder, right? So must be present in childhood. Are we really supposed to believe the overly involved Mama Vessey wouldn’t have had her pwecious Jiwwybean assessed as a kid?

No. 194070

this bitch is always soooo happy talking about her "mental disorders", it's borderline offensive. what a cunt

No. 194079

That’s the thing, there’s virtually no point in being assessed for autism as a “functioning” adult (who isn’t in school) unless you were doing so in order to seek further treatment/therapy to cope with it. And she’s already in therapy, so like? What is your end game here Jill? What are you trying to achieve other than another acronym to add to your Twitter bio?

No. 194082

Unbelievable that none of her fans are calling her out on her ridiculous spending. Seeking a $2000+ adult ASD diagnosis is a slap in the face to people who need the supports who have trouble with executive functioning. I wish her fan base wasn't a drooling mess and pushed her to donate the money to a good ASD organization, and not get a piece of paper she will do nothing with (although I'd love to see her get sent to Easter Seals kek).

No. 194084

I'm just tired of this fat bitch.
She just wants the autism label so she can justify her womanchild behavior and spend more money on toys.
Then she will act as if she's the most knowledgeable person there is about autism and will try to make her entire channel and persona about that.
She wants to pay the expensive price of 2000 dollars just to prove she was neurodivergent all along, thus becoming uncancellable in this current socio political climate.
There's not just one end goal to this. She will throughly benefit from a purchased autism diagnosis.

No. 194085

She is already using it as an excuse to buy things, so many stim toys. She is using the DID as an excuse to buy stuff as well. You have to wonder how much happier she would be if she hadn’t tried to place the restrictions on her shopping habits. She is incredibly materialistic and buying stuff seems to be the only thing that really makes her happy.

No. 194093

Not in Canada, but when I got my diagnosis, it was not just talking. They tested all sorts of things like logic, vocabulary, behavioural response, etc. I reckon you’d have a hard time faking your way through a lot of these. Porkielocks should count herself lucky she lives in Canada, I guess?

No. 194095

SAGE for blog posting but I have been binge-watching a YouTube series on narcissism and Jillian checks off every single fucking thing on the list. They suggested that narcissists are "made" by a focus on "extrinsic values" primarily - on things, looks, shopping, and of course, the narcissist's need to control - especially their image.

This whole fucking LARP is about things. It's ALL about looks. It's ALL about image. Why she wants to LARP as severely mentally ill and autistic, I do not fucking know, but she is a a liar, borderline personality disordered, narcissist FRAUD, and every single fucking person online and likely in her real life can see it. And she just thinks she's getting away with it all because I'm sure her closest family and friends fucking cow to everything she insists upon because I imagine she controls them all with emotions on a whole other level.

I have gone past the point of following this cow for the lols. I straight up fucking hate her at this point. I can see precisely what she's doing and she is what I call in my real life a "dangerous person." Dangerous because so emotional and unstable, you have to keep your distance.

No. 194096

I think both Louise and Louise's mom were narcissistic too though. At least Louise checks out some traits of a narc parent

No. 194097

>I have gone past the point of following this cow for the lols. I straight up fucking hate her at this point. I can see precisely what she's doing
Same anon, same

No. 194098

Oh yes. I think it's pretty obvious to anyone paying attention that this is indeed a "family illness."

No. 194099

A really crazy thing about narcissists is how far they will go. Self harm and all sorts are on the table. A glaring thing with Jill is her previous statement that when Tristan agreed to date her that solved her eating disorder. They also become jealous when they see others getting attention for something and try and gain that for themselves. Jill has always imitated other content creators. Basically a narcissist would very much claim they have DID after consuming DID content and seeing those creators get a lot of attention.

No. 194109

Jillian is the way she is because of being raised in a narcissistic household, and I am sure that did cause her trauma, but not the DID kind. Jill is a narc. This is all about image and control. We have all seen this play out less publicly in our own lives. Imagine the person causing narcissistic and BPD in your life (coworker, parent, friend) and just imagine if they added social media and trying to be a "public person" to their mandate. This is what it looks like.

Again accusing her therapist of being a fraud. Are they really just a counsellor? Because that's not a fucking therapist and they can't diagnose DID.

No. 194111

She went to a seperate place to get diagnosed, her counseller just suggested it. Keep up, anon and read the old threads.

No. 194114

Still, even by calling it "therapy" is obscuring the truth if what she is receiving is counselling.

No. 194115

Except she wasn't diagnosed, she got a diagnostic impression which she herself clarified was not a diagnosis. Not sure when she (and this thread, apparently) made the leap to claiming she actually has a DID diagnosis.

No. 194117

She herself claims it, her bio on Twitter says “professionally DX’d DID system of 5”. Jillian herself is the one saying it’s legit.

No. 194119

Saged for samefag but both her DID tiktok and her pixielocks one also have that in the bio.

No. 194124

File: 1642714594994.png (294.47 KB, 800x1000, porkie.png)

Porkielocks inspired me I'll take my autism ban

No. 194126

Love this, nonny. Honestly if it were slightly more flattering to her hairline and didnt compare her to swine, Jill would like it too lmao.

No. 194133

File: 1642717304328.jpeg (36.2 KB, 750x205, 0212BB01-9FBF-4B8D-B6E0-86E96F…)

Cake alter reveal when!?

No. 194149

File: 1642721869874.jpeg (397.56 KB, 811x1187, 58F71552-F853-47A9-9129-3D6F58…)

Damn, not even the age regression people want Jill

No. 194150

File: 1642721946471.jpeg (433.69 KB, 828x1180, 7D435067-02FD-46BD-9B89-34AB99…)

No. 194152

>u reply with "stop starting drama"
…. Where? Pls read, pixie.

No. 194155

File: 1642723418840.png (3.1 MB, 2166x1255, 1642723236824.png)

She has a new prof pic, I'm guessing this face is Jerry's only personality trait

No. 194156

File: 1642723451385.jpg (1.12 MB, 971x3460, Screenshot_20220120-190221_Ope…)

No. 194157

the fact that she calls it an "agree tent" is so weird - it's a tent. the reason that she's been getting annoying about everything is that it has to be related to her "disabilities" - like how she calls so many things a stim toy to "prove" her autism but before she jumped on to the narc train all the same things were just random shit she would never use

No. 194166

Yes if she was just joking about how it looks like a children's tent or something she wouldn't specifically say agere?

No. 194170

literally acting like jerrick is her oc. you can immediately spot a DID larper when they are comfortable with people drawing their "alters".

No. 194174

it would be interesting to see when all her different "systems" commented, i can just see her longing in and out of all her alters at the same time. she must be so powerful if she can control all her characters so well

No. 194180

The pixie replies are from 14:30 and the jerrick reply is 19:19, and then she asks to use as profile pic at 19:21.

No. 194183

Nice, it should be her next tattoo. Self-branding.

No. 194189

What the fuck. What the fuck. She always said "muh PTSD", not CPTSD, which is in many ways even more horrible. Multiple things all throughout her childhood had to happen, even from things she should have been safe from. She wants this diagnosis because it would allow her to be "triggered" by mundane things and because people would stop saying it all comes from one trauma (her deviant-art girlfriend breaking up with her) and she would have so much space to write and rewrite her "history". When she won't know what to answer because she lies all the time, she would just claim "uh, it's triggering me, I don't want to answer!!" Fucking disgusting. She's planning ahead of time because she knows she's faking.

No. 194193

Everything has to be related to her and back because she's a narcissist. I'm also weirded out how a normal dog bed tent is called an "agere" tent. Does she call the expensive dollhouse the "agere" dollhouse as well?

No. 194194

>she must be so powerful if she can control all her characters so well
Lmao, this. Like how come before the diagnosis she was "dissociating all the time" but now, there's nothing about that? She even implies weed gives her mental clarity when weed does the exact opposite… it gives you feelings of dissociation lol. I'm not suprised since that one video where she was clearly laughing she was like "AND I STARTED TO DISSOCIATE…" she's so stupid.

Now that she got the diagnosis she wanted, it's very suspicious how she's like "I HAD A BPD MELTDOWN AT THE STORE… HEHE JUST KIDDING ITS PROBABLY AN AUTISTIC MELTDOWN", once she gets the autism diploma she wanted she will stop pretending to have autism. So yeah, mental illnesses are easier than degrees for her, you just pay for that crap.

No. 194195

Regular PTSD is old news now nonnie, C-PTSD is what all the cool kids are getting

No. 194196

Regular ptsd is already fake in most of the people who claim it online, now imagine claiming to have cptsd

No. 194199

>once she gets the autism diploma she wanted she will stop pretending to have autism.
I have a feeling it would be quite the opposite. Once she got "diagnosed" with DID she stopped having symptoms of the illness but the illness it's self became her entire personality. It's no longer "I had a disassociative episode" but now "My DID is so hilarious, just had a full convo with Jerr [ungodly amount of emojis]"

I imagine that if she were to get an ASD diagnosis she's going to be one of the annoying fakers that's constantly spreading around harmful stereotypes as fact just because a doctor gave her a paper.

No. 194200

This shit makes me so mad. Like people struggling with trauma are not making POPULAR, chronically online personas to trauma dump or trauma hint for profit and clout. They are likely self destructing and suffering in silence, watching their close relationships fail because they don't think anyone can handle or believe the reality of what happened to them.

Faking that kind of suffering because you need attention that badly needs to be more aggressively called out or diagnosed or something in this generation. Like no Brayden, you don't have PTSD because your parents didn't get you an Xbox that one Christmas. You don't have CPTSD Baiylee because your mom denied you sugary breakfast cereal at the grocery store for years. Get a grip.

No. 194212

yes trauma is so fucking hilarious I love how it ruins lives it's so funny

No. 194217

I wonder if when she buys the ASD diagnosis, she will later claim that BPD was missdiagnosis. Because BPD is seen as scary and Autism in her eyes is more uwu qwirky. That said..she's collecting all the diagnosis so probably not.

No. 194219

Who are you all following to say it's widespread amongst this specific generation to fake C-PTSD? Is it as trendy as anxiety now?

No. 194223

This makes me so mad. My mother has PTSD from childhood abuse and I've watched her struggle my entire life. There's nothing quirky or cute about it.

No. 194233

File: 1642769740529.jpg (475.31 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20220121-075433_Ope…)

No. 194245

Incoming hissy fit followed by her blocking the boolies

No. 194247

This all feels kind of like cowtipping to me, I'll be honest.

No. 194249

Wonder how many minors saw “agere” and went to search it only to be inundated with pedoapologia and porn.
Not to mention is Jill engaging in agere with her therapist as a trauma recovery strategy? Because if so, run girl!!! There is very little support for it being helpful and a lot of reports of it actually retraumatising people. Not to mention I don’t trust her therapist, I know anons can see Jill’s manipulations all over this larp but that doesn’t preclude her male therapist (or whatever) also being some sort of predator that revels in putting women in their place by encouraging these kinds of degrading downward spirals.
Jill we get it, Covid lock downs were hard but for the love of god get off the internet, stop drinking, stop the drugs. Find a therapist that doesn’t work in the affirmative care model and get a fucking hobby! You’re going to hit 30 and wonder how you ever let yourself get this bad.

No. 194255

That's infuriating. No matter what, it's very offensive to actual trauma victims.

No. 194256

BPD is often misdiagnosed in people with ASD but she clearly has BPD…

No. 194257

When I heard "agere" I thought it meant some weeaboo pedo Loli shit. She's a Weirdo

No. 194262

When she was first diagnosed as a BDP-chan every anon was saying she was much more of an autist and now she’s fishing for an autism diagnosis all the anons are saying she’s a hallmark case of BDP. I don’t think she’s either (team ‘jill is histrionic’ for lyfe) but it’s funny how everybody voices the opposite opinion depending on what bullshit she’s spouting.

No. 194274

I though that was funny too. However in the time since her BPD announcement and especially in the past year we’ve seen a lot more of her manipulative and ragey side. I also think that the autism LARPing actually serves to accentuate how unnatural and put on it all is with her.

I still don’t know how to feel about the BPD diagnosis. I’m not psychologist but IMO she has golden-child-grown-up-to-be-lazy-womanbaby disorder. Is that in the DSM-V?

No. 194276

I'm team "she's a womanchild with a PD" and team "anons can't diagnose her for shit"

No. 194278

Maybe she read everyone calling her an autist for being obsessed with anime for toddlers and ran with it.

No. 194283

It probably is just age regression people. The people who say they do it for therapeutic value have a big problem with the kink people. They are really defensive online. It’s funny considering the nature of it that it could be one of the few communities Jill is being called out by.

No. 194285

I get the same vibe, narcissist who was the golden child of her narcissist mother

No. 194291

>team ‘jill is histrionic’ for lyfe
Armchair anons always forget about HPD for some reason, even when the subject is a blatant munchie like Jill.

No. 194296

The only diagnosis I'm giving to Jill is "spoiled fat bitch who needs attention" syndrome.

No. 194298


It's either full on Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder with anxiety. That's fucking it, and she KNOWS it.

No. 194299

The sad thing is that the tongue color is real to life, since we all know Jill doesn't brush her tongue ever.

No. 194301

It's so weird that she thinks a video popping up in her recommendeds can be read as her having said disorder. I get recommended a lot of moid movie reviews because I like film-related video essays, but that doesn't mean I'm a raging MRA.

No. 194302

>nooo she has BPD
>nooo she's a narcissist
>nooo she's histronic

Here's her diagnosis: cunt. a C-U-N-T. it's very simple. so shut up. Some people are CUNTS. It's not a disorder.

No. 194311

Yeah I'm really tired of anons insisting she has any of these PDs; I don't think they've ever experienced someone with one. She's absolutely just a raging woman child, not everything has to be a disorder.

Even more annoying all her diagnoses are clearly fake and sought after but somehow bpd was accurate in anons minds? As if she wasn't fishing for that too during the Trisha drama kek??

She isn't bpd, npd, autistic, whatever. >>194274
>golden-child-grown-up-to-be-lazy-womanbaby disorder
Is 100% it.

No. 194312

Hahaha, if Jill really wants C-PTSD, she can have mine, I'd like to be remotely normal with being spoilt and loved. I mean, if the pandemic didn't happen or fail at arts and crafts school, she probably wouldn't be faking this mental illness as hard as she does.
But she def has mento illness in the form of BPD cause she will change that identity before long like she does with every new trend. Bitch needs a schedule, proper sleep, actual healthy meals, less internet time and what am I saying, that involves actual effort she lacks cause she can't even keep this larp story the same…(no1currs)

No. 194316

No one wants to hear your life story anon and no that trait does not mean she definitely has bpd. This shit needs to be banned again jfc

No. 194317

NTA but she only had 1 vaguely bloggy line and the rest she is right on (pixie needs to stop being terminally online and get a life and 99% of her problems would resolve themselves) come on nonna. be gentle

No. 194320

nta but she's right. That whole post was a way of saying how she has it harder than Jill and no one cares

No. 194322

No, this whole thread is now nonstop of this kind of shit and it needs to stop being encouraged.

No. 194325

File: 1642806050300.jpeg (798.55 KB, 1475x1483, 95814C6E-21B4-4363-9392-66E986…)

The fact that she has little kids following her and knows that yet still posts some of the shit she posts, disgusting. It’s not a shock considering a while back she wouldn’t stfu about being a child friendly channel.

No. 194326


agreed. Not everything needs to be pathologized, I don't think she has any personality disorders, just obviously spoiled and treated like a golden child. Now that she's an adult she can't reconcile what she has been told her whole life with how unremarkable she really is and clutching onto any and all excuses, which happen to be mental illness and neurodiversity. All this armchairing is more suggestions for Pixie to pick up new mental illnesses to add to her persona.

No. 194329


>little kid

I would not be surprised if this were a DID larper with a child alter or a age-play person.

No. 194331

File: 1642811317930.png (241.48 KB, 1080x857, Screenshot_20220121-172533-259…)

Would this be considered a cow cross over? Because I think the Shiloh in question is Onision's ex.

No. 194334

Her interacting with literal children is super inappropriate when she's clearly into DDLG. Like why did she need to post that? It might be cute from another creator but with her it's just uncomfortable. She would probably skinwalk the kid of she could, ugh

No. 194335

Kek yes that is her. Not surprising since she LARPed amnesia and age regression too.

No. 194336

i'm gonna pitch in on this even though i'm late. people keep bringing up the $3000 price tag. in canada, there is NO public funding for adults seeking evaluation for autism. this is why anyone past the age of 19 needs to pay if they want to get checked it out. and yes, it does cost $2000 minimum. it's multiple appointments, and there's usually a long waitlist, because only a handful specialists per city are qualified to diagnose asd.

i agree with other anons who say that if she was really autistic, it should have been brought up during her stint at the psych ward as a teen, for a condition that is bordering on overdiagnosed in young kids the past 20 years. not to mention the relatively huge abundance of free resources for autistic children in canada.

No. 194337

Her entire life consists of searching for the approval, praise and attention of other influencers… Holy shit. Pathetic

No. 194339

This. Something about the misspelled words and handwriting are suspicious. It’s probably an age player.

No. 194344


… I mean she didn't censor the name very well, she puts her ig in the card. Doesn't look like a little kid, just some young weeb. but won't post regardless.

No. 194346

>ME back
>OUR plurality


No. 194347

It only costs that much because you arent waiting for a diagnosis. If you go to a regulars doctor, get a referral you dont pay that much because its covered by our national health care. The only reason you would skip that is that you want to go private since its faster. Most people are not spending 2-3k to get a autism diagnosis as an adult, just people who have no sense like Jill.

Jill also knows its /that/ Shiloh too, no one cares about her 1 hit wonder but its embarrassing to say "one of Onisions exes followed me"

No. 194348

This has been my biggest pet hate with her charade, she can’t manage to keep her tenses and pronouns when referring to herself consistent if her life depended on it. If she genuinely felt like multiple people in one body, referring to yourself as ‘we’ publicly (if you were looking to draw attention to it) would be second nature. But it never once has been, it’s always forced and always forgotten half the time. Jerry refers to her channel as ‘mine’ etc, it’s maddeningly inconsistent

No. 194349

File: 1642821315247.jpeg (157.29 KB, 827x1300, E427B5D8-C2CE-4AC9-97E6-242209…)

Looks like Jill dropped the name of another OC, I have a feeling this is her 35 year old alter that “Doesn’t do social media”

No. 194351

File: 1642822344637.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x1995, 33B8482E-748D-40D4-87FB-6D4534…)

jillian uploaded a new tik tok where she talks about how she never suspected she had DID because she thought you needed to go through extreme torture and trauma to have it. she then goes on to say that she was born with an innate ability to dissociate since birth and her brain couldn’t handle the situations she was put through. this fucking bitch literally admits she didn’t go through anything traumatic enough to have DID, then questions why everyone thinks she’s faking it.

No. 194352

Fuck those overdrawn lips are disgusting.

No. 194354

it is literally common knowledge that it takes that kind of abuse/torture to develop DID though, wtf? that if it exists, it's cause by EXTREME abuse + no consistent caregiver?

so she's just so special that she developed a disorder it should be impossible to? it's not like depression where anyone can develop it even if their life is fine, ugh(sage this)

No. 194355

>born with an innate ability to dissociate
This is some superhero shit kek

No. 194356

Jill has to have sooper speshul DID, where she didn't have to deal with any of that real icky trauma stuff. She was just born a 14-16 year old trans dragqueen, a sandwich, a magical girl, a 35 year old man, and a 6 year old kawaii baby-child.

No. 194357

She's… Saying she was born with DID? I'm on the ground.

No. 194359

holy shit… I never expected her to out herself like this. innate ability to dissociate + couldn't handle what she been through. like what? running out of tendies? Who's gonna tell her literally fucking everyone dissociates. i don't know if this is munchausen or what. like she's not just crazy in the way she thinks she is she's CRAZY crazy. just making shit up and letting her 'sweetie pie therapist' fuckin hypnotize her or otherwise validate her bullshit beliefs. I don't watch DID youtubers because they're cringe as hell, but do they try to convert people like this?

No. 194360

Ron is probably short for Veronica. Of course the horny alter is also the Bpd expert

No. 194361

How many times has she countered criticism with "uguu you hate traumatized people" just to now admit she was never traumatized? Maybe she does have amnesia lol

No. 194363

Did anyone notice she said "our partner" not "my partner" when referring to steve? Is she now implying that steve is dating a 14 year old boy because that's not great!

No. 194365

And baby alter… Louise come and get your daughter, something is very wrong.

No. 194367

>Thinking I would take any mental health advice from someone who looks like a drunk clown

No. Just no.

No. 194368

Funny because she never was any of those previous to her obsession with DID YouTubers

No. 194369

File: 1642829251437.webm (14.86 MB, 540x960, pixieeelocks-14847117444591288…)

Here's the actual video.

No. 194370

File: 1642829324549.webm (18.62 MB, 540x960, Snaptik_7055854444403002629_pi…)

And here's the other one

No. 194371

File: 1642829442115.png (29.97 KB, 600x298, firefox_N5AZI6qjp6.png)

Gather round folks! See the magnificent Swithing-bitching-Pixie!

No. 194372

Wtf… No words
Does she actually believe her own bullshit

No. 194373

Stevie seems more the type to be interested in the 35 year old male alter

No. 194374

Wow, she really said that Jerrick is the one that is problematic. She really got the DID diagnosis so she can absolve herself from being a shitty person.

Sugar daddy alter reveal.

No. 194380

File: 1642834447933.png (566.23 KB, 600x1080, pain.png)

idk are you sure she doesn't deserve the retard diagnosis…

No. 194381

Her rapid switching in videos and constant "co-con"ing is just her breaking charecter and making up an excuses for not being able to keep up the delusion

No. 194382

I was about to comment this was one of the more refreshing videos I've seen from Jillian recently, since she sounds relatively self-aware, gives actual advice and doesn't use weird voices/facial expressions (excessively)… until she mentioned her DID. So close!

No. 194384

Bruh how does she not hear herself and burst out laughing at the idiocy

No. 194385

Is Shiloh actually that famous in Canada or is this confirmation that Jill reads other cow boards? From what I can tell, being Canadian cows is the only thing they have in common.

No. 194387

Well she said "our partner" in regards to jerrick so yeah, she was referring to him… big yikes

No. 194388

Ron is probably short for Veronica.

No. 194396

Shiloh's song Operator was well known enough when it came out. The music video performed well and was on much music a lot. No one cares about her now. It was a 1 hit wonder and she was maybe 10? when it came out.

However Onision is known way more than just on lolcow, and its unlikely she has not heard of his antics as she is a youtuber and watches youtubers. Not a confirmation she reads but she is clearly aware of it.

Ah yes, confirmation that the gender stuff was all just lead up to the DID larp.

No. 194397

Isn’t the 35 yo male named Clifford tho? She said that on a livestream if I remember correctly

No. 194398

In this tik tok she says getting a handle on substance usage is key, Jillian weed is a substance. She is really crunchy granola weed is medicine and has only positive effects. Previously she claimed she didn’t have any of the negative BPD traits, is she now claiming it’s all Jerrick kek. This really is a get out of jail free card in her mind.

No. 194399

It is Veronica, in the two tik toks before she has them labelled as being her and Veronica. One of the two is a really cringe attempt at sexy lip syncing.

No. 194400

File: 1642851876445.jpeg (26.05 KB, 622x134, EEA04CE3-59B5-406A-B924-E9F83A…)

Seems like new OC’s just dropped. Sandwitch and flower are official alters now?

No. 194401

File: 1642852102552.jpeg (225 KB, 1199x300, E317E46F-ADF0-4807-A2CF-C8ECD3…)

Sounds like Louise has well and truly drunk the coolaid.

No. 194402

>I remember when you did some retarded random thing as a child like all kids do, now we know it was in fact OC #12 doing it and not you!!

-Jill's mom

No. 194403

But isn't she supposed to be Jill and Veronica here? I think the implication is that Steve is also with Veronica?

No. 194405

Veronica is the sexy alter. Jill is now incapable of an emotion alone so she probably says she is co con with Veronica when she bangs Steve. Sexual promiscuity and dangerous behaviour in regards to sex are BPD traits and she said before she has none of the negative BPD traits. I think that’s where Veronica comes into play.

No. 194419

I'm a psychologist. She is the face of HPD, BPD it's usually more towards themselves (self hate, self harm, self centered acts of destruction) with a huge amount of impostor syndrome.

All these munchies are HPD, specially Jill.

I quote:
"In a person with histrionic personality disorder, self-esteem depends on the approval of others. People with this disorder have an overwhelming desire to be noticed, and often behave dramatically or inappropriately to get attention.

In many cases, people with histrionic personality disorder have good social skills; however, they tend to use these skills to manipulate others so that they can be the center of attention.

A person with this disorder might also:

Be uncomfortable unless he or she is the center of attention
Dress provocatively and/or exhibit inappropriately seductive or flirtatious behavior
Shift emotions rapidly
Act very dramatically—as though performing before an audience—with exaggerated emotions and expressions, yet appears to lack sincerity
Be overly concerned with physical appearance
Constantly seek reassurance or approval
Be gullible and easily influenced by others
Be excessively sensitive to criticism or disapproval
Have a low tolerance for frustration and be easily bored by routine, often beginning projects without finishing them or skipping from one event to another
Not think before acting
Make rash decisions
Be self-centered and rarely show concern for others
Have difficulty maintaining relationships, often seeming fake or shallow in their dealings with others
Threaten or attempt suicide to get attention."

tldr: Not BPD, it's HPD(armchair newfag)

No. 194420

Seriously learn to integrate, medfag. No one cares about your autism. We already decided Jill is a full fledged retard.

No. 194421


Kek nonna, this made me snort my coffee

No. 194422

She changed the story a little at the end. "Innate ability" to dissociate? She "never formed into a single human, ever"… so she's abandoning the "muh autism makes me ultra sentative to trauma so that's why I have split personalities" and now says that she was born with DID instead? Interesting.

No. 194423

Pretty sure these are still "fragments". I don't think anythings changed.

No. 194424

I wonder if her counsellor and the people who wrote up that diagnostic impression know that she’s now admitting that she doesn’t have real trauma and instead is claiming to have congenital DID, which is even faker than “conventional” DID.

I understand that it wouldn’t be ethical for mental health professionals to follow their patients on social media under normal circumstances but there really ought to be exceptions for cases like this. She’s practically announcing she’s a munchie.

No. 194426

If you were a psychologist you would know you can't diagnose random people you have never even interacted with. Gtfo larper

No. 194427

There's no way her sweet angel therapist doesn't know that she's a youtuber. I think it would be less ethical to treat her pretending that she hasn't had a larger than average online following for the bulk of her formative years. Her "I'm a full-time YouTuber ™!" schtick is way too much of her personality. Honestly, I think letting her build the platform she did when she was younger was a huge mistake a reeks of narc mom encouragement. Like Louise really said take these expensive princess dresses and this photo equipment so mommy can brag about you on Facebook!

No. 194428

The armchairing is really getting old and HPD has always read like a sexist interpretation of cluster B women, the name being the biggest clue. They're all insane attention seeking shitheads.

No. 194430

Well the theory is that your personality develops before the age of 10, so if a child under that age is traumatised badly enough it can interrupt the development and lead to fractured personality “parts”. But that would involve severe repeated trauma in a young child, not deviantart or whatever as a teen

No. 194432

File: 1642871966611.png (1.62 MB, 828x1792, 6456B5AA-AA3D-4914-8E65-BDE19D…)

Sage for OT but this made me roll my eyes so hard. As someone hard of hearing, I tend to notice when people do or don’t use captions, and I know she sure as shit doesn’t usually. I went through her system tik tok (0/10 don’t recommend, lost brain cells) and of all the videos on there literally 3 have auto captions.
For someone who is the first to be performative about accessibility like trigger warnings and shit, she never fucking uses them unless she’s trying to make a show of it

No. 194436

NTA but Jillian's life has been public for years, is pretty easy to diagnose her base on what we know… at least seems a more accurate Dx than what she's currently claiming(learn2sage)

No. 194439

shes claiming csa now in her comments on tiktok, is her teen fling really considered csa? :/ has she mentioned anything else that i've missed?

apparently 'it wasn't her first trauma' but 'trauma' can mean anything with her.(:/)

No. 194440

she claimed something happened when she was 3 that she forgot about aka she’s making false memories to justify her did diagnosis

No. 194441

File: 1642878352229.jpeg (764.73 KB, 1170x1058, F05CA671-C61C-48B4-A3B5-B645D7…)

this is an image board btw, post screenshots next time

No. 194443

File: 1642878965188.jpeg (779.99 KB, 1170x1046, 9EE0726A-26C5-4B9A-84C8-DED860…)

now she’s back tracking and saying she wasn’t born dissociative? which is it jill? were you severely traumatized or not?

No. 194445

Sage but at the moment I kinda imagine Jill as the "why can't I hold all these limes" guy but instead "why can't I hold all these DID narratives?"

No. 194447

she also said she would put a trigger warning on the DID tiktok but of course she didn't.

No. 194448

So she understands you can dissociate without having did or not? lord she cannot keep anything straight

No. 194450

Next she's gonna claim that she was a victim of satanic child sexual abuse. I don't believe anything this bitch says anymore.

No. 194451

I'm pretty sure she's going off what Dissosiadid said. From 18:33 she's talking about 3 things needed to form DID and last one disability to dissociate to a very high level as a child. And after that she's going on that trauma is subjective. Jill really must've binged this channel and noted every single detail.

No. 194453

Didn't Jill say that her diagnosis process was two parts? One was the diagnostic impression the second one was the finalization. Did she just give up on that now that she got a paper that "proves" she's ill or am I miss remembering?

No. 194454

She did add a trigger warning though? It's in pink and white though so it's almost impossible to read

No. 194460

I know you can easily find this person via twitter but decided to obscure the name in case they delete.

No. 194461

File: 1642884835561.png (341.24 KB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_20220122-224026.png)

dropped pic

No. 194463

File: 1642884864307.png (310.02 KB, 1080x686, Screenshot_20220122-224154.png)

No. 194466

File: 1642887062605.jpeg (47.75 KB, 1080x481, WhatsApp Image 2022-01-22 at 6…)

Everything is an aesthetic for this bitch, like for real Jill grow tf up!

No. 194467

File: 1642887249944.jpg (214.25 KB, 717x1222, bunny.jpg)


The fact that anyone would consider Chloe as a reliable source… I just can't with these cows.

What I truly wanna know, if Jill is a CSA victim: Who did it?! Her father, or her helicopter mother who lent her to be abused? Because being an overprotected child, the only way/place it might have happened must be at her own house… and, to fill the "DID criteria", it must have been before the age of 4.

Jill, are you implying your beloved parents abused you?

OT in the latinamerican gossip community they're already talking about Jill as a faker, and proclaiming her as the next DissociaDID… I can hear Chloe squeaking

No. 194483

My bet on her aggressor is going to be the music teacher she mentioned at some point being a molester.

My guesses for trauma are:
- abandonment issues caused by her naughty mother getting vile cancer and therefore not being able to swathe her in attention in Jill's childhood (initial 'trauma')
- getting leered at by her piano teacher (CSA)
- bullying at school (being frozen out of friendship groups for insting everyone does what she wants)
- Una and DA (abusive relationship)
- internet bullying from her Lolita days onwards (hostile work environment, outsiders sabotaging her financial and emotional well-being)

No. 194509

when has she ever taken responsibility for anything kek

No. 194511

it's gotta be the fucking Uma thing, because literally what else would it be? assault implies molestation but how the hell is that gonna happen through the internet? even if they met irl, we still can't seem to find any evidence that anything happened. I don't know if she dated anyone before her, but the first breakup someone goes through is really shitty, just not what I would deem traumatic considering most people go through that shit and don't end up becoming a snake OC or whatever the fuck.

No. 194519

I know spanish so if someone needs me translating these tweets I will

No. 194520

The way she always relates everything to cartoons or anime is telling on how much of a womanchild she is

No. 194521

Please do if you come across any interesting / funny ones!

No. 194530

File: 1642910755254.jpg (315.55 KB, 1080x1991, Conspiracy.jpg)

>Claiming SA as a trauma
>The Uma relationship
>And her stance on the Melanie Martinez allegations

Connect the dots

No. 194532

File: 1642911372937.jpeg (408.03 KB, 1170x2019, 0FC4D5FA-2916-478F-B310-472843…)

new tik tok. she says her heart keeps breaking because she keeps thinking christmas is coming up, but it’s not. of course this materialistic bitch wants it to be christmas so mommy and daddy can keep spoiling her with children toys.

No. 194533

>"The little one in us always has a quivering lip when this happens. It's just embarrassing and sad"
oh, silly jill. it's just embarrassing and not sad

No. 194540

Soup? Who tf is soup I thought it was sandwich? Can someone please make a graph or spreadsheet of these characters so we can keep up bc she definitely can’t. Also this bitch can’t voice act to save her life. COMMIT to the voice don’t switch back to Jill and claim “we’re blurred/co-con” no you’re not you just can’t commit to a voice.

No. 194541

Blurred soup just means that "its a mix of her systems" as opposed to a singular one or co-front, iirc

No. 194542

File: 1642916901657.webm (214.9 KB, 540x960, Snaptik_7056226866239196421_pi…)

Please post the webms instead.

No. 194550

This Anita girl documented lots of weeb cows like Venus and Kota iirc? And she's had a decent amount of views? God I hope she'll be that one person that cancels Jill. I forgot most of my spanish but would still watch

No. 194560

Just to clarify, the madison account is clearly a grown woman with some kind of learning disability. In a way, I find it gross that Jill evidently didn't bother checking before posting the letter just to get her bizarre narc ego-boost, and that she's letting people think it's a little girl without correcting them, not thinking of what madison could feel upon seeing that everyone is judging her writing (and by extension mental capacity) as being that of a little kid.

No. 194565

Goes to show she really does not give a shit about her fans well being at this point, I think she's even stopped having featured confetti club members at the end of her videos.

No. 194567

File: 1642936776452.jpeg (381.54 KB, 2048x2048, CB7A0C6F-DA7F-4812-B18C-118239…)

Because her face us so ridiculous i had to(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 194569

Wrong thread

No. 194571

I was going to comment on the lack of CC too. Most woke types use them and it definitely stands out that she doesn't. Why do this LARP at all if she can't commit to it? Why not just be some fat girl with bad hair who buys expensive dresses for online clout?
Again no CC

No. 194576

She went from I don't remember my trauma, then she went to do the EMDR thing with her therapist; now she is claiming CSA.

My theory is that it's either false memories or she is still milking the "uma kissed me without consent"
Or…she is gonna blame the aunt she supposedly doesn't like, because remember she said most if her trauma was caused by woman.(unsaged tinfoil)

No. 194577

>my little heart
Not when she's audibly huffing and puffing from having to roll out of bed and work herself up for this LARP. That organ is a London broil by now.

No. 194583

Didn't she date some punk boy after breaking up with Uma? Walker? This trauma could also involve him because claiming something happened with Uma would be really bold and she must be aware of that. But really, the options are unlimited for her. She could make up anything.

No. 194586

Is this how she thinks children talk? Like I know she’s saying nobody specific is fronting right now (which due to the nature of DID should be impossible if I understand my fake tumblr mental illnesses) but there’s a certain lilt she’s putting into her voice that i’m sure is meant to make her sound younger. What a head case.

No. 194591

I was watching House and there's an episode where a girl with DID has a "little" alter triggered by strawberries. But of course it's from actual fucking trauma of watching her dad die in a car accident at 2 and there were strawberries they bought spilled. I wonder if Jill got the idea from there.

No. 194594

She has claimed in the past that he was abusive and controlling but hasn’t mentioned that in recent years.

No. 194611

File: 1642959156464.png (7.73 MB, 1125x2436, BBCB56C1-0E94-4BED-A89A-BBA827…)

She’s over lined her lips so far down and up her lips… like it isn’t blended and just looks so off putting.

No. 194614

She seriously doesn't have a single original thought or idea. I bet she watched it while she was doing her "research" before the diagnosis.

No. 194615

She’s being exactly how she was with the queer community kek
Holy shit there’s nothing wrong with her except that she’s a basic run of the mill pampered white cis brat who hates that she isn’t part of a marginalised group.
“My mom says you have to let me play with you guys and you can’t exclude me because I’m special!

No. 194616

Hopefully she discovers an alter with an at least somewhat okay taste in make-up.

No. 194618

fingers crossed the middle aged man alter means she can’t put her usual clown slap on.

No. 194619

When is she finally going to drop meet the alters video. I would really use a good laugh with you all lol.

No. 194620

Waiting for Jillian to paint a five o clock shadow on her face when that alter shows up.

No. 194625

She said before hes "like Sasha velour" didn't she? So he's probably a gay male drag queen unfortunately.

No. 194635

Can you imagine someone else coming up with this DID story?

"My parents beat me and would lock me in a closet for days on end, but my FIERCE drag alter was there to comfort me, along with my sandwich-self, and a 14-16 year old trans snake e-boi."

I havent looked into other DID people, bc I don't really care, but do other people, the ones who ARENT TikTok-tards that is, claim such ridiculous alters?

No. 194639

>do other people, the ones who ARENT TikTok-tards that is, claim such ridiculous alters?
It's obviously worse on TikTok but yeah, you can find lots of Queen Guineveres/talking animals/curious alien lifeforms in the offline DID community as well. It's why there's such a deserved skepticism about the whole affair.

No. 194650

Disney movie villain vibes, I'm sure she's trying to look ugly on purpose at this point, since she is average to pretty (if she was thinner and not gurning in every video)

No. 194653

>There's no way her sweet angel therapist doesn't know that she's a youtuber.

Someone itt posted a screenshot where she was one of the dozen people who liked a photo of his therapist office on Facebook, I assume her Facebook is tied to her online persona, so he has a direct link via her interaction with his therapist account.
I'm sure she's mentioned it in therapy too, kinda hard to omit when it's her job.

No. 194655

>Jillian furiously scribbling down the content of this post
She's definitely gonna do all that, I'm sure mom has grilled her to make sure she won't claim fabricated CSA but she can still run with the things you list.
As for HPD/BPD, every cow has the both from my observation, attention is currency regardless of the form it takes. Stands to reason internet celebrities all have the same disorder focused on attention.

No. 194657

>even if they met irl, we still can't seem to find any evidence that anything happened. I don't know if she dated anyone before her, but the first breakup someone goes through is really shitty,

She posted that she was a virgin on DA (in some survey answers) after the breakup, they did meet in person frequently and the breakup of their close friendship was the thing that really upset her imo as she was afraid to lose Uma. Also had a boyfriend before Uma and after her iirc, and posted about still being friends with exes and relationships being more chill than friendships, there's a lot on DA if you trawl through it but there was definitely no sexual abuse in that relationship though it seemed tumultous for the reasons mentioned.(samefagging)

No. 194661

Is she masochistic?

No. 194664

Or she could outright blame lolcow for twamatizing her. kek.

No. 194669

That sigh was very chris chan of her

No. 194682

Sadly she's a cow herself.
She pretends to be an arm-chair psychologist while being in therapy for who-knows-what (she've clamed having anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts) and selling her naked pictures in Onlyfans.
I used to watch her videos, but the cringe was too much to ignore.

Sorry, but that woman sounds Drunk AF :o(:o)

No. 194685

what the fuck is going on with the newfags in this thread

No. 194688

Its one of the downsides of a mistreated fanbase becoming aware of lolcow. More people know she is a cunt, but we get a super messy thread. Swings and roundabouts.

No. 194698

learn to fucking sage and don’t use emojis retard

No. 194703

I bet it’ll discover it was meant to do (even more) drag and she’ll just continue to unravel. All her alters just seem to be things she enjoys and thinks would clash with the rainbow/PreCure bullshit

No. 194711

Had to catch up a bit so sage for backtrack- but honestly this bitch gets a "FuLl PsYcH EvAl" every other fuckin Tuesday and still manages to find something new to add to her alphabet collection of disorders

Didn't she specifically state that during her DID diagnosis they also checked for a bunch other things, like developmental disorders, which all came up blank?
Or was that just about the attention seeking stuff?

No. 194730

> meant to do (even more) drag
She hasn’t even done any drag, all she’s done is make her daily make up more over the top and badly incorporated common techniques used by drag queens

No. 194731

Same fag, forgot to sage my bad

No. 194736

I’d agree if drag referred only to the performing aspect but I’d say she is doing drag makeup and looks like a drag queen, albeit a shitty one

No. 194746

Heterosexual people stop conflating any heavy makeup with drag challenge. That goes for Jillian too, if you just slap on heavy clown makeup it’s not drag. Especially not on a hetero woman like Jillian. Painting a flower on her nose and too much eyeliner every day doesn’t make her a drag queen.

No. 194753

Yeah I don't get how she just keeps adding illnesses on top of illnesses… Should be illegal

No. 194755

Drag queens are stupid to me but I do agree that it takes more than clown makeup to make it work. She should go back to cosplaying shit.

No. 194756

One thing that definitely makes me worried is how easy was to bully her out of lolita but how hard it is to bully her out of whatever the fuck she's doing right now. She unfortunately learnt how to not listen to others.

No. 194761

I think it’s because of the times we’re in and also the community, to a degree. I doubt she had support in the Lolita community but she has some with the rest if DID fakers

No. 194762

>cis brat
get a load of this

No. 194763

I think >>194761 is right. She was bullied out of lolita by lolitas, but the people ‘bullying’ her now are mostly normal people who think (the social media version of) DID is bullshit. She couldn’t be the queen of the lolita community with her would-be subjects telling her to gtfo but she can still pretend to be queen of the DID community as long as the other DID munchies accept her. She’d have to fuck up pretty badly to be rejected by those loons but I wouldn’t put it past her. What will be the next rung down? Ageplayers? Furries? Eventually there has to be a pond tiny and polluted enough that she can be the biggest, shiniest fish in there.

No. 194766

The worst part is that she’s not even really going for the educational/DID awareness angle that the more widely ‘respected’ people have outside of the community, even though I think she thinks she is, she’s appealing to the full on I-have-512-alters-and-we-all-live-in-a-haunted-mansion-together tik tok tards. To the people who get a ‘new’ alter every time they sneeze or see a new anime, she’s in the clear unless she does something truly despicable

No. 194767

her trauma are these threads, 100%. cause i do believe she genuenly thinks she has DID, and for her not to mention how sad her little perfect life is for ass pats its because she knows she cant just mention lolcow and come out as a lurker to outsiders/lead more people here

No. 194781

Yeah that’s what I was saying yesterday kek. If she blames us then it could be that double edged sword. She gets her asspats from fans but others will come here and laugh at her dumbass.

No. 194785

Is it just me or does she sound completely off here? Like the depressed ramblings of a drunk/drugged up person? I can't tell if I'm laughing at her or being sad for her, I hope she can actually get a therapist who can actually help her instead of feeding into her delusions

No. 194786

These threads didn't exist when she was 3 years old…?

Like truly if she had half a braincell at any point during the last couple of years she could have cried "boolies! muh mental health covid etc." instead of uh, this.

Like I'm trying to imagine being a cow. A normal person would find a thread about them, probably freak out, but like maybe actually consider or come to terms with what people are saying. Cows just seem to obsess over their own threads and the attention it garners them. She gets giddy over potential comments she can delete on her videos.

Some cows change or at least become less messy in public so people stop posting about them. She could have cried boolying trauma, and taken an internet break to focus on school, or figure out a new direction after school, or to actually work on her mental health instead of whatever the fuck we are witnessing now. She probably could have guilt tripped some extra Patreon support instead of losing followers.

No. 194791

Cows are either not self aware or they love attention. The former can become self aware so they can change for the better, while someone like Jill who loves attention just gets worse and worse. She will never be normal

No. 194794

File: 1643053457271.jpg (344.73 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20220124-194055_Chr…)

It says a lot about her hygiene when she doesnt even notice her plugs are out for that long. You should be cleaning those most days jill. So gross espically combined with the cheap plugs she wears. Her lobes must stink.

No. 194806

Ugh this is also not fucking possible, retard. Lube those bitches up and put the plugs back in, they are fucking silicone. Your ears don't shrink that goddamn fast, it takes Y E A R S.

No. 194815

File: 1643058580113.png (149.44 KB, 1080x667, Screenshot_20220124-122759-603…)

Start placing bets on when she's going to integrate.

No. 194816

Less scary because she has 0 trauma and all of her trauma is made up shit her therapist told her. fuck, if it's a different therapist doing this, they probably didn't even bother sharing notes about her made up shit.

No. 194835

This is why I don't think she has BPD. I really don't think food being out of stock warrants a "destructive BPD episode". (unless in certain situations but won't go into it don't want to arm chair too hard) I also don't understand why everyone is so keen to dismiss every other diagnosis she has, but will say she actually has BPD when she only exhibits a few traits. You need at least 5/7 to be diagnosed. And even if you show 5 of the symptoms you still might not have it. Sure she has a lack of self identity, self destructive behaviours, and unstable relationships. And maybe this is a shitty tinfoil but I honestly think her self harm wasn't self harm but more attention seeking or to be cool back when it was romanticised on tumblr. Borderlinefags have been saying over and over again that we don't think she has it. imo she is either or all narc histrionic munchie possible BED.
Okay armchair over sorry…

No. 194836

Thank you finally someone else recognises that she doesn't have BPD it's fucking insulting every time someone says she has it when she clearly doesn't. HPD for sure. SORRY FOR ARMCHAIRING im just fucken over it.
Why does everyone agree with that one diagnosis. She doesnt have any of the diagnoses she says she does.. She is embarassed to have HPD / narc(armchair)

No. 194837

god, i'm so sick of her bringing up emdr like she's getting a full on lobotomy or some kind of brain zapping type shit. boo hoo thinking of a girl touching your titties at 13 while moving your eyes funny is so scawy uwu

No. 194838

You don't know what she has. She doesn't have HPD just because you're embarrassed to share a diagnosis with her. Grow up

No. 194840

I sort of agree with >>194838 here in that she doesn't have HPD but she doesn't have BPD either—I think it's reasonable to suggest that she doesn't have any personality disorder(s) at all. She's just spoiled, immature, and has mild stoner tendencies, and uses various labels to stand out in order to substitute where she has failed.

Slightly ot, but lately there's been too many spergs itt who want to throw shit at Jill for being a fraud and simultaneously "woe is me" about how much of a victim they are because they are ~so s00per sick~ They're almost as bad as Jill

No. 194842

I was just wondering…how the fuck do we know she actually went to big light go flicker flicker therapy at all? I don’t trust a word this clown bitch says

No. 194847

With all the BPD sperging, Jill being a pathological liar gets lost in the noise.

No. 194848

I think it makes sense that anons with actual mental health issues are seething over her LARP. Like it's beyond insulting and hard not to take personally some terminally online clown spreading disinformation about something they are suffering from or have seen others struggle with. It doesn't read as self-pity if you have some, y'know empathy?

No. 194849

ntayrt but they should hide the thread if Pixie's larp is that frustrating. All this armchairing and blogposting just derails the thread.

No. 194850


The Lolita community is known for being a bunch of brats who hate eachother, they're vicious bitches and more than happy to destroy anyone that "shines", specially a snowflake like Jill.

The "mental health" comm, on the other hand, are all people with real mental illneses, just not what they claim (you can't be a normal and healthy person, and pretend to have a sandwich alter): Outing Jill as a faker, is outing themselves… That's why people like Jill and any other crazy cow are welcome there

No. 194855

Her spiral into madness.

No. 194856

Exactly, there’s the mental health community, and then there’s the ‘omg lol I’m sooo *insert personality disorder here uwu’ “mental health” community. Jill is 100% in the latter, and she’d have to literally admit she was faking to be cast out, because for both groups there’s an inherent ‘you have to respect people’s situations’ attitude, and outwardly calling people liars, even if it’s true, doesn’t make the accuser look good. Jill knows she’s found a niche she can’t be kicked out of without backlash and her “disorders” as defense

No. 194859

youre not special, borderline-chan. youre absolutely more similar to jill than you care to admit kekkkkkk

No. 194865

This always happens with BPDchans, it makes them seethe whenever a lolcow shares their diagnosis and seriously, replace jill/pixielocks with another bpdcow and it's the same paragraph long armchairs/blogposts.

No. 194867

The grocery store tantrum was about fishing for ASD comments. Keep up.

They can go vent about it in /ot/.

I wonder why she hasn’t gone in harder for the trans/nb thing, because that community is the same way. Was she afraid they’d pressure her into taking hormones? Or is it not niche enough?

No. 194875

The lolita comm is mostly grown ass women. Maybe those grown women were younger during Jill's time, but no one has ever liked bratty lolitas. Especially since the vast majority fund their own wardrobes and aren't like uwu my mom bought me 5 dresses! Isn't she the best mom? She also got me my camera and lights and…

No. 194876

There’s too many established trans influencers for her to become the most known and special, plus getting to be a higher authority on being trans would mean she’d need to fully commit and get a rotcock installed. With DID there’s no surgery or physical alternation that she can’t drop when she’s in public or at home AND the largest name in DID got ousted so she can shimmy her way into the top spot by transferring her already established clout.

No. 194877

Yeah this. Jill had her mom buy her a few main pieces which made her act bratty with zero coording skills. She has always been an entitled bitch, i also think she might not have bpd, just a narcissist.

No. 194878

Well she isn't stretching properly either if shes jumping 2mm. Her lobes are probably messed up.

No. 194880

Millions of people pretend to have mental illness. If you're so mad over one of them maybe you shouldn't read her thread

No. 194882

Or maybe, just maybe, wait for it: Jill legitimately doesn't have bpd and there's an abundance of annoying anons who read a vague symptom list on Google and think "ah yes, female with traits I find undesirable? Bpd!"

Jill wants so badly to have literally any disorder like it's some weird ass badge of honor and there's a bunch of retards here who want to humor bpd for no good reason

No. 194888

Both can be (and are, in Jill's case) true at the same time.

No. 194890

Jesus christ stop armchairing. She got diagnosed with bpd as many women do, it's not anons making it up. Blame the doctors

No. 194891

It’s fucked that anybody would want to be mentally ill or have developmental disorders. It’s always been the attention they crave and it’s not going to stop until she’s cast away into the void where nobody will care but will be an afterthought.

I think Jill will eventually fade into irrelevance sooner or later. There’s so much people are willing to believe.

No. 194893

File: 1643121828024.jpg (98.17 KB, 1080x533, Screenshot_20220125_113818.jpg)


So… She said she was diagnosed with BPD and you guys went for that. Now she's saying she's diagnosed with DID and you "nono, is BPD because she said so"? Got it.

She has to have something wrong in her head, that's for sure… Attention seeker disorder?

Also, Jill, no, you're not a Fashion Student… You were barely a student. You went to a craft school, and that's a stretch bigger than your earplugs.

No. 194896

Well DID isn't even a real thing.
>Attention seeker disorder
So… BPD?

No. 194897

she got her BPD diagnosis when everyone was claiming to have that too, i wouldnt put it past her to want to jump into the new trend like shes doing now with DID. like, people can be pieces of shit without needing to have a personality disorder to justify it. shes just a woman child

No. 194903

Fuck me, the anti-bpd brigade is more annoying than the armchairs. Shut up already, you’re clogging the thread

No. 194911


BPD is an unbalanced emotional regulation, HPD is constant attention seeking, they are an act in compensation of lack of identity while BPD identity shifts to please: If Jill was BPD she wouldn't create a new identity everytime a new trend becomes popular; she'd stick to the one that made HER popular. BPD are usually stuck in past times/fashion/hobbys because it's a safe space; people with HPD will chase new trends because That allows them to show of (and yes, "Histrionic" is a very misogynistic term, but all psychology has historically been studies by men, so…)

Enough armchairing

>>194893 I wonder why she keeps reminding her "fashion school adventure" yet doesn't do any fashion related content. She wasn't the best, but certainly had a faithful following and a very characteristic aesthetic, with practice she could be successful creating clothes for all the other rainbows vomits out there and set herself as a trend setter/icon.

Instead,she choose to take all that could've made her speshul and joined a community full of speshul people.. She blends between them, they all look the same (vomited colored hair, fat, silly tattoos), she ain't speshul anymore!(unsaged armchairing)

No. 194913

File: 1643131901752.png (34.46 KB, 749x206, 1c62b967-13aa-48c6-90b4-e817df…)

been lurking on here since she did diagnosis but at this point, I think her entire "brand" has been fucked beyond repair that she's going to have to keep up the DID act because now she's claiming that her drunken baby and stoner teenage boy alters make her a whole. She's treating "Jill" as an alter because her fashion designer dreams failed despite her hyping it up for years and claiming that the name Jill made her uncomfortable a few months prior to claiming DID

No. 194919

I think Jill has high sugestibility. Like, there's people who really feel how crystals are working their magic… I don't think she's really lying with her switchs, she really feels them, but not because she has DID, it's because she has shown so much interest in DID youtubers that she believes she has it. She would be the first person to fall under hypnosis LOL. DID is a real condition, but not the Wattpad drama that she thinks it is.

No. 194921

No. 194922

The ''''mental health'''''' '''''community''''''''' is the reason why people like Jill exist. Getting support and advice from people who share a specific health condition can be valuable; there's virtually nothing broadly uniting people with mental health conditions and as such no value to be extracted from such a "community" beyond asspats and attention from a wider audience than you'd find within a condition-specific community. Discourse on mental health (and disability) is full of wellness-tier misinfo because these umbrella communities are full of attention-seekers and munchies because people who actually want help for their conditions have no incentive to participate.
She could very well have a personality disorder; it seems like some anons are resistant to the idea either because they don't want to share a diagnosis with someone they dislike or there's some weird idea that shitty people can't be shitty because they're cluster B (see: the people who got incredibly butthurt at the fact that Luna of has a well-earned BPD diagnosis). Though it doesn't matter either way because nobody here is qualified to diagnose Jill.

No. 194924

For the love of God can we go back to calling her fat or something this is just painful to read.

No. 194926

File: 1643135686927.jpeg (324.84 KB, 828x1013, 22837250-7345-4759-9FF8-DA7D8F…)

Lmao she is so easily influenced by whatever she’s watching. She just can’t consume media like a normal person she has to somehow relay it back to herself. I honestly think that’s why she’s fishing for autism. She likes to absorb whatever she’s watching and take it for herself.
Slight tinfoil but I think she’s being purposely fat and ugly so she can make herself the next Amelia fart.

No. 194928


The facts that she keeps calling them "personalities" when even DissociaDID taught her fans that they're identities, tell us that her story is fake. A true therapist wouldn't call them like that either; her imaginary friends aren't real individual people, they're supposed to be fragments part of a whole.

I know is a fake illness (it might be real people with it, but not enough to create an entire community of "plurals"), but at least you'd expect some consistencies among the main DID fakefluencers

No. 194930


Amelia Fart is a mess, but somehow her content is interesting to watch. Jill has nothing: she's not intelligent, interesting or creative enough to create any kind of content besides making a fool of herself.

She needs to be ridiculous and annoying, because she has nothing more to share: her fashion designs where knockoffs of unknown creators, her entire aesthetic was a rip-off decora an Japanese street fashion and know her DID persona is a copy of Chloe's system: an emo queer snake/sassy boi, a pathetic "hot bitch", an unnamed "little" and even a socially awkward middle-aged man (in Chloe's case, a bold and anorexic chinese gay). She even has that "Flora" fragment (?), a carbon copy of Sally from the DissociaDID cast.


I agree with you, tho. I think she's convinced she has DID because she feels so special, how can it be possible she's not part of one of the most unknown and undiagnosed mental illnesses… So unreported that most professionals believe is fake? And that's why I think she's not BPD or HPD or any personality disorder (those are formed for real trauma, she hasn't any real trauma). But she looks a lot like a case of Munchie (like for real Munchaüsen by Internet).

No. 194934

in the video she announced her new pronouns, she literally said that the Villainy Swells account was her "emo drag persona" and then suddenly it's a whole separate person who "co-fronts" all the time. All her "alters" co-front with "Jill" just so she can say some out-of-pocket shit then give herself an out without ruining the pixie brand. She's going off the behaviors the DID fakers on tiktok because she knows that all her old fans can spot the lie from a mile away and now she needs their approval to stay relevant

No. 194937

It’s so apt that she loves this show which is just a way for neurotypical people to gawp at people with autism and treat them like “cute” children. Her not being autistic of course she doesn’t see an issue in commodifying autistic people for entertainment. Literally anyone who watches this show will do an impression of something one of the autistic people said and think it’s hilarious.

No. 194938

Are you stupid? You don't need to have trauma to have a personality disorder. This is why the armchair fagging is so annoying, because 99% of people have no idea what they are talking about.

No. 194939

Studying hard to get her autistic act down before her assessment I see.

No. 194940

Can't wait for her to pull a McKenna where she comes out as autistic and hams up the no eye contact to the camera and lists off arbitrary things she assumes are autistic traits.

No. 194941

No anon, this is the personality disorder thread now. Half of these anons must be lolcows themselves since they believe DID is real

No. 194942

I totally forgot about her but You might be right Nonnie. Is this new dumb influencer to autistic carp pipeline?

No. 194944

File: 1643143834068.png (195.15 KB, 364x205, pixha.png)


Everyone knows something, know BPD is formed by childhood sexual trauma.
Personality disorders develop from trauma (being abused, abandoned, etc) and weak parental bonding… it's literal the first result if you google "what causes a personality disorder", anon (by the APA itself, btw).


Kenna is back in her old glories thanks to the vintage community, and even jokes in stories about her past drama, so the competition for the autistic queen will be hard for Jill (at least, Kenna is kinda cute).

If Jill were as fast and dedicated to real work, as she has been to create this new shitshow of herself, she could've been something… do you remember when she called out Trisha? Who knew, who would've imagine this?!

No. 194952

And if you had bothered to do more research or taken a psychology 101 course you would know that while trauma CAN be a contributing factor there is no concrete answer about what "causes" a personality disorder.

No. 194955

It's a complex situation because some (probably not most) mental illnesses are chronic and others are temporary. a community for autistic people or adhd makes sense because there's no cure. a community for depression and anxiety becomes toxic because it's a community you can leave by getting better. Same with ED communities. If you make friends with people over a shared temporary illness, there's nothing left when you get better, so you just keep making yourself worse to stay. this is actually a thing in certain fad diets, where the programs make more money if the people gain all the weight back as soon as they quit.

PTSD is complicated because it doesn't really go away, but the symptoms can be managed. If there was a legitimate PTSD community, it'd be extremely hard to maintain because it's not exactly fun to talk about trauma all the time.

Meanwhile, DID is probably fake, and DID influencers literally capitalize on "alter reveals" because the condition is so rare its not like they can make fans of people who might legitimately think they have the disorder. The slightly more well adjusted tiktok kids just make skits with their ocs without saying its their actual personality. I guess it's just not special enough for her + making them "personalities" lets her get away with putting zero effort into dressing up differently to portray them.

No. 194957

Hello! I apologize for any errors I make, as I’m new to LOLCow. But I want to complain about Jillian because her new changes have really hurt me as a viewer.

As someone who struggles with mental health issues it sucks seeing someone fake them for views and trend following, do I think she actually thinks she has DID? Maybe? I think it’s a trendy new mental illness that people are discovering. It’s one thing to fake it as a 13 year old on tiktok but as someone with thousands of fans it’s very harmful. Her content has become just mental health and it sucks as someone with mental health issues who comes to YouTube to escape that, that my favorite YouTuber has decided to only talk about mental health and her issues. I also hate that she’s calling herself non-binary- again it’s just cause it’s trendy. Hopefully she grows out of it as she becomes more sure of herself, I’d love to be able to sub again because her old content really brought me joy(learn2integrate)

No. 194961

lolcow is 18+, newfriend

No. 194965


Quotes by Jill from March 2020:

"I was diagnosed with BPD on Valentine's day, uwu"
"I'm not in the DID community OF COURSE"
"The Trisha transgender situation was complicated but I don't feel comfortable comenting on it because I'm a CISGENDER WOMAN"

I can't help but wonder… Is Jill the new Trisha?


So… you're hurt and have mental issues, got it.

No. 194967

File: 1643158860786.jpg (128.14 KB, 756x1223, jillian vessey circa 2025.jpg)

Hello, friend. I'm posting from the year 2026 and I can't lie, things never did get better for Pixielocks or anyone else on this doomed planet.
The good news is that Pixie got bored of the DID larp real quick like she did everything else. It just wasn't bringing in the attention she needed to thrive. The bad news is that she soon became Prince Edward Island's premiere fat is fabulous genderqueer expressionist superstar. By premiere I mean only but yeah. This is a picture from one of her six Drag Race Canada audition vids from last year if you don't believe me.

No. 194972

File: 1643160756390.gif (3.09 MB, 384x216, 2A123E8D-39A1-4900-A9BE-EE319A…)

No. 194978

File: 1643164192502.png (246.05 KB, 595x604, wtf jill.png)

who called it that Jill would claim the old man alter was based on Sasha Velour

No. 194979

epic cringe

No. 194980

How is this supposed to be a completely separate personality that developed independently from Jillian due to her soopr severe trawwma? It’s literally just her talking in a deep slow tone. Same mannerisms, laugh, inflection of certain words, interest in drag, etc.

>homosexual secretary

No. 194981

interesting that the primary protector is her most recent split from 2019. wouldn’t the first alter be the protector since they would’ve been formed to protect her from trauma as a child? who’s the oldest alter she’s had then? the “little”? none of this makes any sense

No. 194984

Oh my god, that was one of the most cringe things I have ever watched.
It’s very clear that she’s trying to “act” as a character, and what she thinks 30 something males are like. You can see her trying to keep the character consistent but I think her acting skills aren’t quite as good as she thinks they are (but I guess you can blame that on “co-fronting” or whatever hey Jill)
This reminds me of a kid doing an impression of their history teacher or some shit.

No. 194987

Why does she give each of them an ugly little outfit like a cartoon character

No. 194988

This is just Jill with more lip-smacking. she can't even be creative on how her "alters" speak. What's the point of the larp if she's not even having fun giving them silly little accents its not like the people in the DID community are going to fake claim her if Cliff has a silly little English accent.

Apparently it's Jerric or under technical terms Jerric is the first alter to "present themselves". And it is odd since the role of the "protector" is to protect the body and mind from psychic damage (ie sexual retraumatization, bulling, stress). You would've thought that some one who was so heavily "bullied" and "harassed" on and offline would've had a protector in their system much earlier.

No. 194989

>>194957 if you're going to post, it'd be best to read the rules, and learn to integrate - that is to say, not stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 194992

it's like she's trying to act like Jim Carrey. Why not talk like a normal adult kek?

No. 194993

I feel like Jill only added that she was “co-con” because she watched it back and realised she was breaking character

No. 194994

File: 1643171321041.jpeg (105 KB, 750x793, 761F3A4C-B103-4608-A1EF-2CFA5F…)

this is what she says he looks like, mr bruce.

No. 194995

File: 1643171571104.jpeg (102.93 KB, 750x491, 35E7D57B-E30F-49E9-BFAD-11D03F…)

weed jillian. its the weed.

No. 194997

She dropped the Sasha velour thing in a live stream apparently, people didn’t predict it

Low key surprised he’s not an older Tim Gunn knock off.

No. 194998

Or a shitty diet, or waking up at 2pm, or lazing around the house all day… there’s countless reasons even without the weed

No. 194999

simultaneously gagging and keking furiously at this voice she's doing jesus fuck what is that. also lol zooming in on all the emo boy shit hanging behind her… mm yes strictly don't support fast fashion but must buy a new wardrobe for all 20 of my alters

No. 195000

She couldn’t even keep it in the first person, she kept breaking and saying “it’s like our dad and Sasha Velour” “it’s not like a fictive”. If you’re allegedly describing yourself it should be “I’m” not “it”

No. 195002

File: 1643175396293.png (421.51 KB, 596x1256, cliffeposting.png)

How is this not seen as the same fujoshi fetishising of gay men from 2000's is beyond me.

No. 195003

File: 1643176262827.webm (13.34 MB, 540x960, pixieeelocks-14861621937040138…)

Here's the video for ones, who don't like twitter.

No. 195005

what the fuck.

No. 195007

The laughing.. she act’s like a little child pretending and giggling because parents acts like they believe . How is Steve still living when she acts like this is beyond me.

No. 195008

the way the character breaks every time she laughs or speaks too fast for her strained brain to catch up.
wtf is that gross diagonal mouth thing she is doing?

No. 195009

File: 1643180835857.jpeg (88.33 KB, 515x633, 5E33478C-1EC7-4B15-BC60-4098A0…)

the internal panicking when she realizes shes running out of things to say in that stupid old man accent

No. 195010

Welp she's going to end up in another Fake Disorder Cringe video because of this

No. 195011

It's the same thing that cow who photoshopped herself to look like Maise Williams and claimed they looked just alike used to do with her mouth. It's so annoying

No. 195015

Isn't that 'steves closet'? I think it was said very loosely in the clearing out wardrobe video.

I know he is probably the reason why she's fat and spiralling (ex girlfriend Maggie was a huge example of him being a feeder) but he really doesn't have any space to himself, does he? Except for maybe half of the basement.

Maybe its his way of getting revenge is by making her too undesirable to ever leave him. Hates her but doesn't want her to leave. Sorry, speculating. I'll sage my autism.

No. 195017

holy shit she is looking rough. gypsy rose realness

No. 195018

my side anon

No. 195025

If it was his closet then it isn’t anymore, those clothes in the background are ones she has worn for the male alters before. Remember how the basement was Steve’s space then she took it over for her business that never came to fruition. I really wonder where any of his possessions are, still at his parents house maybe.

No. 195026

A lot of people on Tiktok do that and I wish I knew why. Is it cute to look like you had a stroke???

No. 195034

Jesus Christ

No. 195040

Saged for samefag but where does Steve sleep if they sleep separate. Does he sleep in the basement that she repainted. She said sh had to buy Jerrick a blanket to use as a background and now sits in this closet because there isn’t a non pastel vomit backdrop in the house. Does Steve sleep in the kawaii dungeon with the abandoned business stuff.

No. 195043

We absolutely predicted he'd be a gay male months ago, possibly based on RPDR but nobody nailed down exactly who. I'm surprised he's not a "fictive" honestly. Does that make Flora the only fictive after all? I cannot wait for full introduction videos, it's probably exhausting her so much mentally to even make TikToks of this runtime. It's taking everything in her to not just be Jill in this video kek.

No. 195048

Seriously doubt she acts like this outside TikTok’s and attempts to get attention. That she only ever seems to “co-fronts” (that’s called being yourself and playing pretend jill) is a pretty big give away, she’ll always have an excuse as to why all her alter share her mannerisms and why she can’t keep the pronouns straight.

No. 195049

The text to Steve where she said the little had taken a nap, do you think she tells him she is switching when he is at work then doesn’t so much in front of him. She also said she managed to hold it in when she was home for Christmas until she was alone in her room.

No. 195050

why is she attributing costumes to each of her characters? the only DID i have seen is seriously disturbed people, changing into different behavioral speech/personality patterns, but never dressing up like they are about to go on a community college stage

No. 195053

RPing has gotten wild these days.

No. 195058

Since Steve is an AGP I bet he has one of those secret reddit accounts where he complains about his female partner oppressing him to get asspats from other troons

No. 195059

Is this ugly tshirt the only black top she owns? I'm already sick if seeing it.

No. 195060

My thoughts exactly. It’s like no one wanted to be her sassy gay best friend irl so she made one up

No. 195061

This makes me want to die. I can't even emotionally comprehend this level of cringe

No. 195062

This is literally now TiFs think men dress.

No. 195066

I know this is a joke but they live together and you can't even tell that Steve lives there. Jill doesn't let Steve have any aspect of himself present in the house when they've been dating for almost three years and she keeps removing his personal space. Also ever since Jill drank the woke Kool aid all of her boyfriends suddenly became soft boys that dabble around with they/them pronouns. She only posts photos with him when he's wearing clothes that match her aesthetic. Everything about Jill and her previous partners (I'm including mystery girl) just shows that she's controlling and only wants to be in a relationship for an extra prop to make her life seem perfect while simultaneously being the world's most mentally ill person.

No. 195070

Wait, it's supposed to be her Dad and Sasha Velour? That's incredibly weird. I wonder how he feels about his daughter uploading videos like this? I also hate the way she chews her words and speaks out of the corner of her mouth.

No. 195071

I think mystery girl happened because she spiralled after being dumped by Colin. Like you say she is incredibly controlling and in the past she always dumped the other person and was never the one dumped. I wonder if one of the alters was caused by her being dumped kek. She tried to twist Colin into what she wanted and managed to for a while but for the first time had the control taken away.

No. 195073

She's trying and failing to change her voice, Its like watching a car crash. She's really rocking that Gypsy Rose Blanchard-chic recently.

No. 195075

Imagine creating new OC and coming up with this. She is truly insane.

No. 195077

>>195050 You forgot to end that last sentence with '- and shoot everyone'.

No. 195086

It's honestly a bit of a relief to me to hear that her "protector" is based on her dad. When she started going to therapy and "uncovering" all these "traumas" (scare quotes for days yo) nonnies brought up Satanic ritual abuse and false memories, and how fathers can easily get accused of heinous shit implanted in womens' heads by shitty therapists despite them really never having hurt a fly. At least with her protective OC being based on her father no matter what sort of quote unquote trauma Jill has supposedly become aware of during her time with the therapist, implanted "memories" of getting diddled by her dad wasn't one of them.

No. 195095

File: 1643235474601.jpeg (59.98 KB, 1242x226, 93123320-CA18-4C86-8DA9-70D391…)

Kek even her fans have noticed how bad her acting was in the Cliff video. It was literally Jillian in a fake deep voice. The exact same speaking manner and intonation.

No. 195097

The constant co con isn’t something she can get away with every time. She claimed amnesia and that means a full switch is possible. It’s suspicious that she only uploads co con with herself.

No. 195100

Silly nonnie, old man Cliffe is 35. The internet is too hard for him. When he's fronting the body suddenly can no longer use a phone because the technology is so advanced.

No. 195106

She unironically reminds me of Terry from Bojack (guy who uses old man voice for everything e.g. a 28 year old). She's so brain rotted and it shows.

No. 195108

I loved the touch of leaving in the awkward ending where she leans over to turn off the camera which the others never do.

No. 195112

I called her out on twitter and now her fans are attacking me lol

all because i said i missed her singlet days-(cowtipping )

No. 195124

you're not supposed to admit it retard now you're gonna get banned for cowtipping kek

No. 195126

Don’t cowtip faggot. And don’t use that retarded hyphen shit here.

No. 195132

Her therapist is beyond incompetent having actively overseen Jill's descent into this level of unhinged loss of touch with reality.

No. 195136

File: 1643262448202.jpeg (590.07 KB, 1170x1298, 67C689A3-1EF8-480B-92E0-1C5A6C…)

out of curiosity, i decided to check jill’s twitter to see what the cowtipper said

No. 195137

File: 1643262492085.jpeg (734.22 KB, 1170x1309, 4785DF85-7300-41F8-BA8E-B66793…)

No. 195138

File: 1643262561284.jpeg (516.93 KB, 1170x926, 26EF5A3D-22EA-468B-AB2E-BCF13E…)

lmao this is so pathetic. why would you post this on twitter and then come crying to lolcow.

No. 195139


OMG Jillian, psychologist can't diagnose you, they can only suggest. A psychiatrist is the only one that can diagnose a psychiatric disorder such as DID (a psychologist only can diagnose a personality disorder, like your BPD).(learn to sage)

No. 195140

god, this is why jillian will never get out of the gutter she is in right now. when she's not surrounded by yes men, her only callouts are this pathetic…

No. 195142

Oh my god this is so cringe

No. 195143

Admitting to crying in a bathroom then trying to downplay it as "loving" is a pathetic backpedal. Also trying to downplay it here.

Hilarious of Jill to kick her while she's down and crying in a bathroom, though. Could have just blocked and ignored it, but her BPD rage forces her to engage. And she tries to pretend like she's a positive ray of sunshine all the time.

No. 195147

Does this confirm she is lying then and only has the impression. I feel like if she had more that’s what she would have shown in the video not the impression. It’s strange that she would make sure to include proof but it’s not even the right piece of proof.

No. 195148

The thing is though she isn’t just sharing her experience she is making money. It’s dishonest to simplify it like that. She has and continues to profit off this DID claim. She isn’t posting as a self journal she literally calls it her job.

No. 195151

Of course she's never gonna take any criticism seriously when these are the people that call her out publicly. It's embarrassing

No. 195152

Surely this is a child. I wish Jill fans would stay the fuck out of lolcow

No. 195153

Based take, but calling her out just garners more sympathy from other larpers/fans and pushes her further into her delusion.

No. 195155

The thing I noticed about this particular comment is that this was a separate tweet that didn't tag Jill. I read through some of the others she made to this person and already told her she was going to block her. So clearly she didn't block her, stalked her profile for a bit, and then jumped on the chance to make yet another reply to a tweet she otherwise wouldn't have even seen. She seems to do this kind of thing a lot, which is just bizarre to me.

No. 195156

anon’s an idiot for cow-tipping but tbf she’s not wrong. I’m a little happy someone finally said something of this calibre to her but ofc it’s going to fall on def ears. I know a lot of you think Jill is speed-running DID but I honestly don’t think she is going to be able to come back from this. There isn’t even a hint of self-awareness in her replies. She’s way too far gone now

No. 195158

No it's not our place as farmers to cowtip and tell Jill what she's doing wrong. We're here to laugh at cows, not try to moralfag and stop the milk. It's like you twitterfags haven't understood lolcow at all. We're not here to “cancel” anyone, just laugh at them.

No. 195163

I agree. Also the fun ends when things get too "real." I may not like X and find X stupid, but I'm not going to try to get that person fired or ruin their whole life forever (cows do that on their own!). it's just tacky and silly. I do like when non-farmers call Jill out though. I was sad about disaster.clown getting mass reported by Jill's zombies, esp bc they made some lulzy chris chan content too. But it made my day to see Jill's passive-aggression called out and deleted.

No. 195169

>she's not wrong
And? We all know she doesn't have DID. What's the point in telling her then say you're crying in the bathroom? kek

No. 195176

It just.makes it seem like Jill would rather have followers that hate her than to have her numbers go down.

No. 195179

I would love to see someone like Jill actually deal with some fucking real trauma like losing a family member. I don't wish that on anyone but like, Jesus fuck, Jill. If you knew the amount of trauma some people are carrying around on their backs while also going to work everyday, raising a family, and continuing on with their lives . . . I think you'd realize you truly are that 6 year old "alter."(no1curr, pseudo A-logging)

No. 195189

File: 1643302838296.png (611.98 KB, 1876x797, p.PNG)

It's not very well documented in the threads but especially since being even more present on twitter she has a habit of arguing with people like this, and the aggression comes from nowhere. She should've got "Jerrick" to reply to the tweet since he's her cover-up for this behaviour now, but (s)he wouldn't be allowed to use the passive aggressive and sarcastic emojis. A lot of the time she dirty deletes too if people disagree with her about it.

No. 195192

ok but why is she insisting all the time that a psychologist/a team of psychologists diagnosed her. is she lying or stupid and just cant tell the difference

No. 195209

Holy shit faking sounding thing ever. Good god. Jill is a huge fucking waste of space. I’d be more accepting of her admitting DDLG play than this god damn DID larp. I hope she gets committed and bullied off the internet.

No. 195228

Someone should document it then

No. 195240

I don't know what the rules are in Canada, but here only a qualified doctor (ie. Psychiatrist) can diagnose, not a psychologist, they can only recommend you to a pschiatrist and send off their reports and speculations based on your sessions.
So even if she did go to this psych team who gave her an impression, she still can't take that back to be formally diagnose by her psychologist.
Any Canada anons that can confirm this?

No. 195244

Canadian anon with a diagnosed mental illness. Can confirm that's how it works here too.

No. 195254

the cowtipper obviously isnt one of us. just some diehard fan who found this page and lost her mind

No. 195261

this. confetti cunts always come in here and do this.

No. 195263

File: 1643343653577.jpg (914.95 KB, 3882x2021, ZomboDroid 27012022201727.jpg)

this had me laughing. she really cannot stand criticism, but she's unable to defend herself for those atrocious honky dreads without looking Problematic

No. 195264

KEK. Someone should compile all the trends and groups she's tried to infiltrate after being interested in them for a week.

No. 195265

File: 1643345177162.png (57.29 KB, 600x533, firefox_BKq2syqlHo.png)

Wonder what those repllies were, that Pixie deleted kek.

No. 195266

File: 1643345419561.png (81.3 KB, 600x742, firefox_NLlAVlfpiQ.png)

Continuation on this thread.

She claims, that in Canada psychologist is able to diagnose and tells a kid to educate themselves.

No. 195267

taking advantage of the foreigner's lack of knowledge that will teach em for saying somethings off. kek

No. 195268


Sage for more of the same psychologist/psychiatrist nonsense. In the US, psychiatrists prescribe psychiatric medication. They do not typically provide therapy (some do, though this is not as common as it used to be). You can be diagnosed by a psychiatrist, but typically they will not be as

Psychologists administer psychological testing (if you took a legitimate Myers-Briggs test, for example). They have doctoral degrees. I keep reading people say psychologists cannot diagnose, which confuses me profoundly, as clinical psychologists are doctors & can most certainly administer psychological testing.

Therapist is a catch-all term. Therapists can have a multitude of different degrees, but it is usually a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or some other social work degree you will see most often, in my experience, performing therapy.

She’s obviously full of shit, but psychologists absolutely can diagnose disorders. It would be unprofessional though for a psychologist to diagnose someone who is not actually under their clinical care.

No. 195271

i can't stop keking at the "innate ability to dissociate from birth" line every time i read it again, everything about her little larp always sounds like middle schooler attention seeking pretend time like "i was born with powers that let me control the weather!!! my eyes change color because im secretly a fairy but only special people can see it! i was born with the innate ability to dissociate!!!!"

i honestly have been thinking how her deleted "neurodivergent" video was probably the start of this. alongside the trisha paytas faking did thing, before which she didn't know what did was and it got her into watching did tiktokers and then deciding to jump on the super special rare mental illness bandwagon.

everyone treats "being neurodivergent" as this vague quirky soft identifier online now like "queer," so she thought "oh i'm weird in the brain that can be me, i can be part of this and get attention and have another special label" and when people got mad at her for that video because it was obvious she didn't know what she was talking about and was using terms wrong, the backlash and looking stupid ignited narc rage and made her want to PrOvE that she totes was a member of the super special internet mental illness coolkid club all along… and then saw did and was like oh wow this is SUPER extra special and exclusive and cool and i can be the coolest most popular person in this club!!!1

No. 195275

File: 1643350874029.jpg (656.36 KB, 1080x1989, clearly.jpg)

lmao samefagging and sage bc it's not about jill just retarded fan but i had to go look through this twitter argument, i wanted to see if this person had screenshotted jill's deleted replies maybe, and

>you are clearly showing me a picture of jerrick yet trying to say that did doesn't exist?

i don't even know where to begin with this what in the delusional fresh hell… just bc she dressed differently once that proves that she is multiple people living in one body? fuck huge news for everyone on the face of the planet who has gone through phases and changed their styles this is so weird

No. 195276

Jill also literally said I was interested in dreadlocks, I only wore them, this was fucked up of me. there was no jerrick involved, from the cow's maw itself.
of course, Jill gets her own mental illness lore confused all the time anyway so god only knows why some of her goth past was apparently jerrick, and some was her

No. 195278

>Okay then Jerrick is racist


No. 195279

right lol it wasn't "jerrick" because "jerrick" didn't exist back then because she made him up in the last few months. if she was smart she would have kept her lore continuity with how she always says this phase of her style was jerrick but she got spooked by someone digging up the picture and slipped out of character and is just talking and apologizing for it as a single entity. it's so funny that this wk was the one to come up with that, like even if you fully buy the larp like wk-chan clearly does, how can you tell this was "jerrick" just from the pic… insanity

No. 195280

Can this be put on the next thread pic? At least the Jerrick is racist part? It made me ugly laugh.

No. 195283

Goth culture? Big lol. Wearing Joy Division shirt does’t make you a goth Jill

No. 195284

"You're just funny I like these jokes tell another one"
>that clap back
I was not expecting milk of this caliber KEK.

No. 195285

Comedic genius

No. 195286

Jerrick apology post when?

No. 195288

Notice how people that have real DID use different face muscles when talking or expressing but she uses the same expressions.
For example "smiling" more with one side of the mouth than the other, talking with one side of the mouth, lifting and scrunching of the eyebrows, the "and humm…", smacking of the lips and more.
She's not even a good actor…

No. 195289

omg a psychologist is not qualified to diagnose anyone with DID, a psychologist is literally just to help people process emotional, social things. Psychologists work along psychiatrists. The psychiatrists are the ones qualified to diagnose did and treat it, the psychologist is literally there for emotional support.
I cannot with her, she's so retarded

No. 195290

Anon Jill was CO-CONNING jeez kek

No. 195291

>real did

No. 195293

I'm curious who has real DID? I'm really interested to see for myself. And don't say DissociaDID or some other youtuber with a million subs, those bitches are fake as hell

No. 195294

few years ago i think i saw on the internet who had real DID, it was before it was cool. this person posted in facebook group with memes or something similar and it was so out of blue to post about your mental health, you could really see it was something really weird. this person complained about amnesia periods where they had no idea what they were doing and that holding a job was impossible. who knows, maybe it was skilled faker who knew about amnesia and lost time incidents but it really looked realistic. and this person didn't know who other alters are.

No. 195296

a family member works in a private home for people with serious mental problems, addicts, etc.
There is a person there that has bad DID, one time i was there and witnessed the so called "switching".
With people on youtube and other social media i really can't tell you who you can go watch and compare, i don't actively watch DID stuff and as you said, most people fake it for attention.

No. 195299

File: 1643368812141.jpeg (299.58 KB, 750x790, ECA3BEB2-DED0-40A2-8639-34173D…)

sage for irrelevant but the cowtipper's account is gone kek good riddance

No. 195300

She types like Shay now too.
Cowtipper was still the better person in this situation when the opposing team is an angry attention-seeking BPD woman REEEing about her fake disorder.

No. 195305

I just choked this is so fucking funny. I mean Jerrick is the big meanie right who Jill blames everything mean she does on. Did something mean and is wearing a band shirt that’s obviously Jerrick. Does Jillian even like music now.

No. 195306

“Goth” when the only band she has been able to keep up liking is Muse. She at no point has been Goth. She claims now she likes emo music but back in the day she just did what a lot of girls did and wore shirts for bands she didn’t listen to, none of which where particularly Goth. When she says she was punk she didn’t wear any merch for punk bands or reference punk bands either. As always she is a poser.

No. 195307

B-but anon, she likes 3 songs by The Cure and owned a Joy Division shirt!

No. 195309

Not true, depends on the psychologist.

No. 195310

sage for blogpost but I have a friend who has it, it’s incredibly distressing for him and very incapacitating. he can’t work or drive for example

No. 195312

File: 1643373785038.jpeg (103.2 KB, 460x897, F6984B2A-5314-4895-B751-34A935…)

The smiths shirt where she just wrote “the smiths” on with pen was my favourite. She was into this stuff in the most Jillian way. She bought a singular joy division shirt that she never wore enough for it to stop looking pristine and bought posters. Her self proclaimed punk phase was the same way spent money on clothes she wore for five minutes and did a flashy hairstyle and piercings. Has she ever even mentioned a punk band, the idea of Jillian listening to punk music in her rich spoilt brat bedroom in an outfit her rich doting parents bought her and pretending to like it is very funny.

No. 195313

This is what is really tragic about all these kids faking this stuff. Putting aside if anons think it’s legit. If it is real then she wouldn’t be living a fun normal life of leisure. These kids get to play act online and get attention and then go and live their normal often very privileged life. They are so far removed from a reality where someone with real severe mental health issues would be institutionalised and have a very difficult life which could lead them to suicide because it’s so painful to live like that. This stuff isnt some play acting bullshit it’s life ruining.

No. 195315

kinda old but i noticed how her female alters are pan (jill and Veronica is a sexual alter i'm sure she is too) and her male alters are gay, she is attracted to male, she's not sapphic in anyway shapes or form.

No. 195319

Being careful with clothes and keeping them in pristine condition doesn’t really sound like Jill tho, we’ve all seen the numerous filthy shoes and all the dirt/lint on her, guess she really isnt falking did-

No. 195320

It’s all about aesthetics and labels for her, which she doesn’t really even understand.

No. 195322

I don't know what the second one was, but I saw that the first was something along the lines of, 'What about when you used to say the n word hard r?' and some emojis, I don't know if she has actually done this but I wouldn't be surprised

No. 195323

>before it was cool
Multiple personality disorder/DID fakers have existed online for well over a decade, only in the 00’s most of them were edgy sparklefurs on deviantart rather than enbies on twitter and tiktok. “Fictives” were common in fandom spaces and I remember several people claiming that the Hobbits from FotR (2001) lived in their heads and were in a gay poly relationship. People claiming MPD to get away with asshole behaviour and even actual crimes goes even further back and has been a subject of psychological thrillers for almost half a century. None of this shit is new in the slightest, it’s just become more visible with the spread of social media and especially tiktok.

No. 195324

Shoutout to the one picture of Jillian with a black person and she is grabbing the girls hair kek. I think the old screenshots of her using the N bomb are on an old thread and some anon has them.

No. 195325

Did she ever apologize for this?

No. 195330


More sage but clinical psychologists aren't doctors unless they make a doctorate program: the doctorate is like "the final degree" any professional can achieve, but that degree doesn't make you a MEDICAL DOCTOR.

Psychology itself has many areas (clinical, educational, forensic, etc) and people get their degree in psychology and are specialised in one of them.

You can be a doctor in educational psychology, if you fulfill a doctorate program, which comes after a master degree.

And even a clinical psychologist who fulfil a doctorate degree, can't prescribe drugs because they aren't real doctors (remember how Ross from Friends is also a doctor?).

Only psychiatrists can prescribe drugs diagnose because they study medicine, wich provides them knowledge in the effects drugs can have in the brain; psychologist know this just as general knowledge in case they can induce mental health issues, for example.

tl;dr Psychiatrists ARE doctors, they diagnose and prescribe. Psychologist are therapists, they focused in therapy among the psychiatric treatment, companionship, adaptation, education, etc. Even a psychologist who went thru a doctorate program, can't prescribe neither diagnose.(learn2sage)

No. 195331

You need to actually write sage in the email field not just say it

That’s clearly a result of her twuama, duh! She saw a boob once, and she’s never recovered

No. 195335

>None of this shit is new in the slightest, it’s just become more visible with the spread of social media and especially tiktok

It's wild watching all of this become more mainstream over the years. I feel it is more exhausting to be around teens today as a teen. I went to school with a girl who had issues. She was adopted, not sure what she had but was a huge attention seeker and pathological liar. Glad this shit wasn't as mainstreamed because she'd be 100x more insufferable. She got kicked out of private school because of her social media posts. She ended up finishing school online because no one could stand her and she was getting bullied worse. I have no idea if her parents were getting her help, I feel like they weren't.

No. 195342

She’s never apologised once in her life so i’m guessing no

No. 195343

Yup, I don't know why people think fakers are new and that anyone that claimed to have DID a couple years ago is somehow 100% legit, people have always wanted attention. Also the fact that DID is such an old thing doesn't make it real, lots of old psychiatry diagnosis don't exist anymore because people realized there's no need for them

No. 195345

File: 1643390110162.jpeg (253.34 KB, 878x1322, 5A9E51D3-4EBB-41BD-99A1-0824F7…)

I got you

No. 195346

Someone need to combine these into the next thread pic

No. 195347

jesus. how was she not cancelled over this?

compare this to Lovelylor's "likegate" and it's night and day yet Lor got the pitchforks on her

No. 195348

Because she's managed to gather a group of supporters who will overlook anything she does now as "mentaw iwwness~"

No. 195350

Really hope this one eventually hits Twitter because she will NOT survive that witch hunt. All it's gonna take is one of those speds seeing this KEK. Is the actual page archived as well so we can factor out the "doctored image" possibility? I wonder who would do the backpedaling, Jerrick or sandwich (or whatever the fuck)? Or would it be the 6 year old?

No. 195351

Silly anon, Jerriatric is the one who does everything problematic, so if anything "he" will get cancelled and she'll get out of twitter jail free

No. 195354

File: 1643392397486.jpg (435.06 KB, 1079x1092, Okay.jpg)

hoooly shit lmao uh… wow. yeah all of this needs to be in thread pic wtf. the dreads is just regular cringe white girl behavior but this is somethin else. this is clearly a pic of jerrick tho jerrick is racist uwu

No. 195356


Hopefully this links to it

but it’s thread #31

No. 195357

File: 1643393030854.jpg (322.19 KB, 720x997, 1546442482647.jpg)

Lmao thanks for the link to the throwback thread anon. Why was Jer wearing a dress?? Is this co-fronting?????

No. 195359

File: 1643393426531.jpg (22.63 KB, 810x254, bands.jpg)

On her old DA She mentioned Sex Pistols and that was the only punk band she liked. Like the poser she is/was.

Also speaking of her old DA The amount of times she's used the r-slur was a lot. She's lucky non of her fans found it.

No. 195362

Jill produces plenty of current day cringe cream, no need to dig up old teenage shit. Her retarded present behaviour is much interesting and a lot more deserving than stuff she wrote in DA blogs at the age of 15. Her tiktoks alone incriminate her in ways she doesn't even grasp because she is chronically blind to the consequences of her actions.

No. 195363

File: 1643394623428.png (262.37 KB, 1080x910, Screenshot_20220128-112719-300…)

At this point Jill is going to integrate before she even makes a "meet my alters" video.

No. 195364

No, I think it's great. When you make yourself an uwu sensitive mentawwy iww DID LARPer, hoisted above others by hypersensitive woke police on Twitter; you absolutely deserve the Twitter treatment when the time comes. These people would dig it up on their own anyway just to build the library of reasons why they would want her cancelled. It's absolutely hilarious and very telling of how Jillian really is. Just cause she stopped calling people niggy doesn't mean she isn't still the same insensitive, self-important little twat that she was then. Nothing has changed and Twitter users love nothing more than when their fave is exposed for that kind of behavior. Let them post it. Jilly wanted to fuck around online and be edgy when she knew better. Oh well!

No. 195369

People want(ed) Lor's platform, same reason countless others got targeted in recent years. Nobody wants Pixie's platform hence nobody is particularly eager to cancel her, many of us sympathise with her clear brain worms too so this thread being her main source of critique takes it easyish on her. It takes a very dedicated jealous person or two to orchestrate a cancellation and nobody can be bothered with Jill.

No. 195377

These combined as a thread pic.

No. 195381

Do you think she’s going to blame Jerrick for both of those? Or is the photo of the six year old who doesn’t know any better uwu? IIRC she got pretty drunk that night so blaming it all on the baby would open yet another can of worms.
Normally I’d think dragging up old milk is boring but I kind of want to see how she’s going to retcon all the various incidents that were covered in these threads to fit with the DID narrative.

No. 195383

File: 1643407701877.jpeg (874.46 KB, 1170x1655, 3838A2CF-B627-4FDB-93A6-E68D77…)

lmao jillian doesn’t want to donate her own money to poc. I wonder if she’s having money problems because her youtube is doing poorly.

No. 195384

>got a $400 baby dollhouse for christmas
>can't donate to charity
typical rich girl

No. 195385

lets not forget constantly being high and drinking which are expensive 'hobbies'

No. 195387

why a fundraiser? why should other people pay for your racism? just give an amount you can afford.

No. 195388

But it's totally worth it to send Drew Monsoon or whoever the fuck a $200 gift for looking like her brother? Lol ok Jill

No. 195390

"first time it's been brought to my attention" lol girl you're the one who wore them. but im guessing she's gonna go "dissociating!! amnesia!!!1!" and pretend she didn't even remember ever doing it. i've seen smarter ppl get out of "white girl with dreads" drama with the "blah blah vikings blah blah historically white cultures developed them too" defense but she's not smart so she's just gonna squirm. i wish the n-word stuff could somehow organically come up in this like from a third party, that would be a real shitshow, but i feel like those screenshots only exist here so no cowtipping.

No. 195395

Especially when she’s constantly rehashing old photos of herself. If some rando found that photo, likely Jill has seen it in recent times. I don’t blame her for forgetting about it, because it clearly wasn’t a look she wore long and she changed her hair constantly, but in the Twitterverse that excuse doesn’t hold up.

The only reason Jill hasn’t had a cancelling attempt is because she’s not big enough to be relevant in the mainstream. She is only piling on the problems though so she’s effectively stunted any future growth for her audience

No. 195396

She can't even say that she was drunk and that's why she touched the girls hair because it was her 20th birthday that she was celebrating in America. She want's to pain this image of "never done anything illegal uwu precious bean" when she's been drinking and smoking weed since she was a teen.

She hardly has any patreon subs and her youtube numbers are plummeting but she keeps sharing photos of her subbing to other people's patreon's and all of the things she wants to buy/has bought off of e-bay. When it's finally time to put her money into action she needs help from her audience? What a daft cunt and the fans that defend her are just as stupid.

No. 195399

Jill loves using poor people for her own personal gain. Even though her patreon has shrunk in recent years, she still gets a good chunk of change even though she doesn't do anything. She gaslighed her fans into thinking she was going to be this struggling college student only to go to an art and craft college and live in a big ass town house that most 2 parent families can barely afford. It's the same thing she is doing now.

No. 195402

I wish her fans knew about the n word usage. If only they knew it was more than dreads lol. Maybe one day one of them will figure it out.

No. 195403

I know it's been said before, but what an attention-seeking move of her to show fresh cuts like that. Once an attention seeker, always an attention seeker.

No. 195404

Agree, it's the same thing with the witch hunt for Shayna "being a Nazi" on twitter for saying dumb shit as a teen. There's so much present-day bullshit to "get her" for, this 8 year old screenshot isn't worth ruining her reputation so badly she won't drop more YouTube cringe. At this rate we'll never "meet the alters."

No. 195405

Both Jill and this person seem insufferable, honestly. This isn't milk

No. 195408

Just everything abt her response makes me so mad?? Who said it would even have to be a large donation, not to mention the fact she just cut back her drinking habits to “just weekly” meaning she’s pocketing a little extra.. hell she even could decide not to smoke weed for a fucking day or too??

No. 195409

Don't get too comfy calling her out over this, the mods will ban you as a racist for wondering why this wide eyed Canadian who loves everyone uwu only donates to established and well off white men adjacent to Shane Dawson.

No. 195410

File: 1643422354558.jpg (326.95 KB, 1024x577, 1642176458041_mh1643421881920.…)

sage for retardation but a cheeky edit… i was scrolling back through thread looking at pics and god i had forgotten about precure weed jar, what a gem, can i nominate that to feature in the next thread pic somewhere, i love precure weed jar

not a lot of milk right now in general. current topic is kinda bumming me out like yeah idiot tween racism sucks of her and all but isn't that exciting or new and nobody really gives a shit about her enough to care, you could pick any random zoomer who grew up on the internet and find this exact same stuff in their past 9 times out of 10

No. 195411

that sobbing emoji is so utterly annoying

No. 195413


No. 195415

calm down, BPD rage-chan

No. 195418

I don’t like Jill but Twitter users always have to find unrelated things to take issue with. She doesn’t owe anyone to make videos about black businesses and she’s clearly like 15 in this photo.

No. 195420

File: 1643427594211.jpg (418.53 KB, 1165x720, Dreamteam.jpg)

Please feel free to improve upon this

Did I miss it in the thread or has no one posted the video of her playing in instant Ramen with her hands

No. 195421

Post the webm anon

No. 195429

yea this isn't really milk tbh. She's milky enough as she is, but then again even the twitterfags are enjoying getting a reaction out of her kek

for the racist, maybe the hair touching pic with her fan is spicier

No. 195430

For whatever reason "the racist" being in red gave me a good little kek. This is like those "tag your friendgroup" / "every friendgroup has one" memes… tag urself I'm The Autist

No. 195432

File: 1643431558912.jpeg (144.75 KB, 750x516, 78728F92-EC06-4CB9-AB68-0A7892…)

In response to someone calling her out in her racist shit on Twitter. A sip of alcohol doesn’t make you unable to respond to things, being drunk does.

No. 195435

kek. amazing. my only note is that top right should be “the sandwich”

No. 195438

she talks a lot more about substance use since being diagnosed

No. 195439

Nah, she's always talked about weed and drinking on benzos.

No. 195442

Patiently waiting for her tone indicator-using twitter fans to see it, twiddling my thumbs. It'll be such prime milk.

No. 195444

Does she favour Shane Dawson? In the last stream she said "is this w Shane Dawson video"? Feel like you wouldn't mention him since he's been cancelled.

No. 195447

Lowkey i feel like she might be a bigger alcoholic than Shayna.

No. 195472

Don’t be silly she needs 2k for a autism DX that she doesn’t need so she can show the piece of paper to internet boolies and feel superior to and more special than non DX’d people.

No. 195486

Nah, the girl who’s hair was being touched doesn’t deserve that I think. I’m sure it was bad enough in person. Like yeah girl went to meet Jill but probably didn’t expect that.

No. 195490

I’m so glad she said something, however would Twitter have coped with her absence otherwise?!
kek at the fact that like 80% of her content in recent months has been when she’s white girl wssted

No. 195497

She used to be pathetically obsessed with him the way she is now with Drew and then just completely stopped mentioning him after he got cancelled for being a cat fucking pedo freak.

No. 195501

File: 1643485323630.webm (2.59 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20220129-1355…)

No. 195507

No. 195508

Apology video is up. Watching it now. One thing bothered me already is the n word being used. She says she used "er" instead of "a" but not the hard "r"? Um the "er" is the hard "r" dumbass.

No. 195509

The way she monetized it kek

No. 195510

i’m stupid, how can you tell if a youtube video is monetized? i didn’t get any ads when i watched it

No. 195511

File: 1643495270897.jpeg (92.61 KB, 1320x445, 1DA3371D-37DC-46A7-833C-5C02B7…)

But nooo, it’s definitely not..
Someone’s keeping a close eye on here lol

No. 195512

Obsessed. I called it

No. 195514

She is discussing the semantics in an apology??? Hard R or not Jillian you fucking idiot you aren’t supposed to say it or any version of it. There is no nuance it’s a straight up sorry situation.

No. 195516

it's so wild that her white fans in the comments are still trying to make Jill out to be the victim in this situation…

No. 195517


Jill is censoring the comentaries calling her out for faking DID!!

No. 195518

File: 1643497294613.jpeg (144.67 KB, 1584x231, 5D529E14-513F-4C37-893F-E4A88D…)

Loud ally of the community? Where and when though? She did the same no effort Black Lives Matter post as every other guilty feeling white creator and that’s it. The only interaction I can think of other than that between her and a black person was when that girl accused her of design theft and she was a bitch. She isn’t a good ally of any community and does literally nothing.

No. 195521

genuinely fucking hilarious that she refers to herself as a girl in this video but unleashed hells fury on someone who called her a girl on twitter

No. 195522

Weird that she didn't "switch" or talk like a baby during this "apology" kek. Almost like this is an act.

No. 195523

Considering how she just brushed the neurodivergency video under the rug, along with everything else ever she needed to apologize for, I think she's only making an apology video at all for drama purposes since she wants to be Trisha. Like she literally doesn't care and this is not the one thing she suddenly cares about either.

No. 195524


And on her boyfriend… let's not forget that her DID shenanigans started because Stevie called her "his girlfriend".

No. 195525

Exactly. It's so obvious who the fakers are. You can't just suddenly say you have alters without pointing out times where they fronted before or have times where you forgot you did something. notice she never points to older tweets she made coming from alters. no, it's just all photographs. What?

No. 195526

Sucks YouTube has dislikes hidden these days, I would love to see the number. Also, interesting that she seems to be talking as if she is one person and saying "I" for everything here. But then says she doesn't even remember them (DID amnesia excuse?). Although she doesn't come out and say it was any alter, interesting.

No. 195527

File: 1643499160888.png (73.21 KB, 1216x570, So Jerrick isn't a racist.png)

She's being polite for once in the comments, people are being very nice to her as far as I've read, but they are disappointed and shocked, like the guy she replies to here who supports her but found her rude Twitter replies jarring.

Anyway just posting this to point out how she dropped the DID shit like a hot potato, she's clearly doing it for fun and can drop it for serious moments. Now it was simply her past self and not jerrick despite her attributing that whole phase in her life to that particular OC multiple times (e.g posting photos of 14 year old Jill and calling it Jerrick)

No. 195528

The apology is very shane dawson. 'im frustrated with myself' 'i dont remember doing that'. Very self pitying. Apologies aren't meant to focus on the feelings of the person apologizing. The funny shit is less people remember her racist shit than they remember her neurodivergent video, but here she is.

No. 195529

Right, didn’t she say she was solidly Jerrick for three years? Wouldn’t this fall in the three years.

No. 195530

sage for ot but is it really a thing to be “heart broken” over a white girl saying the n-word 5-10 years ago? or is this just pixie fans being dramatic?
wouldn’t most people be like “ok you’re a dickhead” and move on?

No. 195531

If she references the posts and not just the picture, did someone tweet them at her or are they only on the thread?

No. 195534


wonder if she's gonna use this "accidental" monetization as her little "fundraiser" since she's apparently too broke to donate even a cent to any orgs for reparations. most likely she'll just use it to buy more alcohol though

No. 195535

It was Tweeted at her, but the Tweet crop is the same as the lolcow crop so it was a farmer Tweeting it. Don't want to be redundant by posting a screenshot of the same image again, but the link is here: https://www.twitter.com/alainalovepink1/status/1487261802966798339

No. 195536

Did we watch the same video? She was explaining what she did in the screenshot and never said she didn't use the hard r

No. 195537

File: 1643501519737.jpg (53.34 KB, 878x624, FKPQubjXEAM7FbU.jpg)

Samefag, actually I will be redundant, she really cropped this exact image, >>195345
you can see the pink of Pixie's dress on the top bar of colour:

No cowtipping, luv, you're making it very obvious and then wondering why Pixie blocks you. She reads here too.

No. 195538

It’s Twitter users in general that have these kind of dramatic reactions because their fav held a bad view when they were 14

No. 195539

not to WK jill but it's absolutely absurd that there's this standard now for people to make formal apologies for some stupid shit they did when they were like 13/14

i don't understand the idea that wearing cringe dreadfalls in middle school is "unforgivable." i hate this tumblr/twitter mindset

No. 195541

I agree when it comes to normal people, but Jill portrays herself as this little precious sjw who would never do something bad, she kind of deserves it

No. 195542

is it actually?

No. 195543

Not even going to watch this it so fucking obnoxious that all you have to do these days is throw out a lame insincere apology and you're magically fine. Some crocodile tears are not going to change the fact that Jill is white and sheltered as hell, used the n word during her edgy phase, touches black people's hair while drunk, and worshipped Shane Dawson's blackfacing ass. She's a standard, run of the mill racist who parrots sjw Twitter for clout. Not saying she should be """cancelled""" but seeing people bend over backwards to kiss her ass like "oh don't worry Jillybean, ur the best, least racist ally ever!" is just sad.

No. 195547

kek I’ve been waiting years for Jill to get called out and forced to make an insincere apology video. Also did anyone else notice that she STILL has that tacky tinsel shit on her wall even though it almost caused the death of her cat and ~traumatized~ her

No. 195548

I previously lived in Fredericton NB and in the maritimes con scenes.

It is a well known FACT that her family is damn near Super Loaded.

her parents also pay for everything for her. Her saying she doesn't have the money for it is just her saying she's not willing to ask her parents.

No. 195549

People have been sperging out on Twitter, referencing here and sending her the caps.

It’s crazy how she seems to be able to just turn the DID off when she needs to be serious. Her video was one continuous take aside from cutting it for the three min Twitter limit. No voice changes, stupid faces, nothing. Almost like she’s faking?

No. 195550

Same fag, didn’t realize this was answered, the thread didn’t refresh when I opened my browser like it normally does

No. 195553

The influx of people from twitter coming here to "get her ass" for liking Shane Dawson before or being an annoying edgy white kid in middle/high school is contributing to this. Absolutely not milk as far as I can tell, anyone with a history on the internet that goes back that far is going to have shit in there that would be unacceptable today. I just hope this doesn't make her batten down the hatches on making her dumb content now beceause she needs to "heal" and "do better."

No. 195554

Honestly I was expecting her to at least use "we" instead of I in the apology. Some of her alters has been around long enough. Maybe she's also afraid of the backlash of it seeming like she's blaming her alters but according to her ideology about her DID she shouldn't be.

No. 195555

Still no mention of donating or directing to resources for black people.

No. 195556

File: 1643510394227.png (7.77 KB, 754x128, pixie.png)

this comment got me

No. 195558

All the comments saying how she "was a different person back then so its okay!" but like, isn't Jerrick suppose to be that exact same person with 0 character development? So half the time she is still that person… Racist Jerrick coming full circle is my favorite arc

No. 195560

sagé for tinfoil
I just KNOW that in her head her excuse for this behaviour is something like "OH i'm just a martyr taking full responsibility so my underage alters won't face backlash for this" girl's feeling like a hero

No. 195563

thank god I'm older and more jaded, but for non-yt followers or even younger ones her comment section is BLEAK!
burn the whole group of them, absolutely not shocked at the type of low class followers she's amasse, especially the ones proudly commiserating with her behavior too.

No. 195565


This is why she never got the lead in the school play. Bitch can't act.(bitch can't sage)

No. 195573

Honestly agree kek like while it was mildly amusing to watch her fans argue over her dreads on twitter, it's dumb and boring that this is what's happening now, with the apology video and everything. It's not like heinously racist shit, it is normal sheltered privileged suburban teenager shit. Not saying it's great for white teens to toss around the n word but teens are dumb, it happens, they don't know better and then they learn not to do it and it doesn't mean they're EVUL RACISTS!!!1 so it's annoying when people persecute adults for this shit. But it's also annoying and gross when youtubers do this uwu oh my gosh i'm a good white i pwomise im sowwy performative cryfest. And annoying that her followers fully eat up and play along with this cringe did shit but are now acting mortified over this. This whole song and dance is exhausting as hell after the last couple years bc it doesn't do anything about actual grotesque racism happenin