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File: 1644678808244.png (1.76 MB, 2098x1296, 1644677983281.png)

No. 197246

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats things while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnosis that she paid for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ diagnosis with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and struggles to maintain the LARP after only two weeks.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a weeaboo style she no longer personally wears, she now looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Has a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating her fans.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- shit, including clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent.
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, alienating her previous fans.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without futher medical advice.
>Thinks having a counselor = actual therapy. Continues to fake all kinds of symptoms and illnesses to prove she’s sick, making her into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies so much that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from overseas and doesn’t care if the items come from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to criticism and what she has seen in her threads.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image, even claiming her mayor trauma comes from a short lived DeviantArt ex-girlfriend.
>Formerly referred to herself as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother, her partners, and other content creators (in a creepy way).
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience.
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t personally selling anything yet, but plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs. Had a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items.
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact. She doesn’t seem to clean her space full of cat fur and shit either.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, and pretending she can only eat one type of food. Currently saving up for her sutism diagnosis, but it's over $3000
>After frivolously celebrating her “life changing” dissociative identity disorder diagnosis with a cake, she swears there’s 5 different alters living inside her head with 2 others being “fragments”. So far we have:
>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits, signs with a snake emoji
>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, is new to social media, signs with a flame emoji
>currently unnamed 6 year old alter who is always “co-fronting”, talks like a baby, signs with the strawberry emoji
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" Kind of like her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Certifiably too old for social media, but his emoji is a club.
>Flora: just a "fragment" who is not just a carbon copy of cure flora, but is all the positive cures, and is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Sandwich emoji. Also a fragment. Is a cat! Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city.

Stamps from the last thread:
>>192554 Stevie gives jilly permission to buy spice houses. They're expensive.
>>192631 being skeptical of DID is the same as being a republican or a homophobe
>>192632 brings up old Facebook statuses for jerrick proof, >>192700 her followers eat it up like candy
>>192699 claims compressed squares of "food" could be the greatest or worst thing for people with autism
>>192885 >>192886 she uses a precure jar to store her weed in
>>192975 she reveals that sandwich emoji is a cat and let's slip that her old man alter is called cliffe. The video can be found here >>193041, the transcript starts here >>193058. It's mostly autism fishing, showing childhood photos and mentioning her dad's behavior. Talks about her inner world.
>>193254 she cries because people are harassing traumatized and disabled people, neither of which she is
>>193384 she's cutting back on drinking
>>193436 feeling emo at night is because she's jerrick. Nothing to do with her shit sleep schedule, substance abuse, nutrient defiencies and lack of life goals.
>>193531 working on alter intros >>193612 put a finger down: inner world edition
>>193630 don't forget she's doing emdr
>>193631 she projects her fetish on charlie/penguinz0, asking if he's into age regression because he has an "agere tent". it's a dog bed. Discourse ensues.
>>193807 Jill would never fake DID, she has too much to lose
>>193857 saving up for her $3800CAD autism diagnosis
>>193929 she's making changes to her coping skills. Crafts instead of alcohol, cooking big meals from scratch, and uh, lots of weed of course. She then posts that it's so much better to live in the present and not numb your pain. >>193939
>>194149 >>194233 Twitter yards call her out re: agere tent
>>194351 >>194369 she was born with an innate ability to dissociate since birth
>>194441 claims CSA
>>194815 shares her experience with emdr
>>194978 Cliffe officially drops, he's her "homosexual assistant" >>195002
>>195263 Jill dares a Twitter user to make a funny joke. Twitter user responds with a rare photo of Jillian wearing dreads.
>>195275 OK jerrick is racist
>>195345 photo of Jill touching a black girl's hair resurfaces
>>195383 starts trying to cover her racist track by suggesting a fundraiser
>>195507 Racism apology video drops
Thread turns to a shit thanks to race anons baiting and sperging
>>195685 Jill decides it's the best time to take a social media break, she manages to control all her alters from interacting on social media for nine whole days, until she liked a picture of some kawaii black art.
>>197200 just in time for the new thread Jill revives her tiktok with some sweaty tiktok dances. Anons note a nip slip.

Last thread: >>192544

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem?
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 197247

No. 197253

Thank you kind anon

No. 197257

dear god. i just watched the tiktok webms from the last thread. the last vid of her singing just read as blatant narcissism to me.

sage for tinfoil, but here's what i predict we'll see from jill in the next few months:

>jill lies about donating to BLM/black charities post cancel-video. instead spends her money on her 3k aUtIsM dIaGnOsIs <3 and buys more necklace chewies

>more instances of 'tourettes' (as we saw in the gingerbread video) slowly seeps into tiktoks and tweets
>onision style villian era via "jerrick" and "veronica" where jill 'doesnt remember' being rude to people, and they cant blame her bc muh DiD!!!
>veronica makes an onlyfans to supplement the income as more patrons unsub
>jill makes zero (0) pieces of clothing, switches content to HAES bullshit and her struggles being a marginalized smallfat </3
>full steebie troon

place ur bets nonnies

No. 197267

she deleted this tik tok too

No. 197271

It all read as "very drunk and high alone and having a panic attack" to me.

No. 197345

The last of the messy tiktoks have been removed from her account kek. Blessed be to the anons who uploaded them here.

No. 197346

Good job OP!

No. 197347

File: 1644749506951.png (395.27 KB, 328x837, Udklip.PNG)

you open your front door and see this weed goblin staring at you, what do you do?

No. 197358

steve will def troon out in the first half of '22. I can totally see it happen really soon-ish bc this would be perfect for jill to distract from whatever shitfest she has going on for her and she could just label all haters a "terf".

No. 197360

Ask if she escaped her carer and then quickly shut the door

No. 197363

kek, its giving actual cannibal shia lebouf vibes.

her double chin was SO present the entire video. the shape of her body is really consistent with low quality calorically dense food and zero physical activity. it sits mostly on her stomach and arms and consistent with catabolic fat gain. shes not even eating protein. its going to take so long for her to try and get in a healthy place again, this kind of fat between the organs takes the LONGEST to get rid of. i feel bad for her honestly

No. 197393

an ableism

No. 197395

I've been wondering: Once Jill gets tired of this charade, how will she even be able to get out of it? Maybe she would say she received intense therapy and her alters have disappeared due to no longer needing "protection from trauma"? Or is she stuck with this for life?

No. 197400

What's sad about this is that you can tell that she's sucking in. It could be end of day bloat or she just binged but she's sucking in her gut and still looks rotund.

She's pro final-fusion and is doing EMDR therapy which according to her can "randomly trigger fusion". She's setting bread crumbs for outs. We call her an idiot but she's much more sinister than we give her credit for. She actually knows how to manipulate people that are willing to hear her out. This whole DID saga is proof of that.

No. 197419

It would be so weird to be like "I did the therapy and so Cliffe has gone away" at this point. The hole she has dug herself into.

No. 197425

I'm calling a couple years in the future she'll claim that her therapist was the one who put all these ideas in her head just to make herself out to be the victim.. again

No. 197427

Considering the lesbian saga I fully anticipate she’ll just come out and say they all fused or died in her inner mindscape or whatever the fuck. Her audience is other TikTok larpers, so they aren’t going to care outside of the drama they can use it for. She’ll just move on to the next outrageous claim in an attempt to stay relevant/get attention.

She’s really selling herself short by stagnating like this. Wish she’d do some actual work to improve her whole situation, from her mental and physical health to her preoccupation with TikTok and being online. There’s a reason touch grass gets tossed around so much, it’s a legitimately healthier and easier option to this terminally online mentality.

No. 197431

That would probably be the only time she'd actually be somewhat in the right to call herself one. Jills horrible and using her therapist to escape from her problems/responsibilities, but there's no doubt by this point he's equally a problem since he's enabling/encouraging this. I am really interested to see what the consequence of their sessions will be. What will the fall out be I wonder? Or will she just terminally be in therapy forever as he pulls more and more reasons that she's sick out of his ass.

No. 197443

it would actually be refreshing to see a pixielocks "getting my life back together" self wellness arc where she eats healthier, loses weight, and grows up & out of the terminal online brain. i think something like this would help her regain some of the audience thats unsubbed these last few years, tbh.

go ahead and have that idea for free, jill, since we know you're lurking lately.

No. 197447

Do the "get a fucking job" challenge.

No. 197448

do you guys even think that this would be possible? imo she's so far up her own ass that she's lost the last of the self-awareness she used to have. accepting her narc tendencies would be the first step towards getting her life together at this point, but she's not even close to considering she might be pathologically self-absorbed. unless her circle drastically changes and her family stop enabling her, i don't see the light at the end of the tunnel for her.

No. 197454


Considering she said that Cliffe popped up, what, 1-2 years ago? My bet is that she’ll conveniently “integrate” when she’s bored, then “split” again as she desires.

No. 197462


fair point, nonnie. tbf i think all of us have a tiny shred of hope for jill's redemption. but so far it's all just rolled downhill, so who knows.

No. 197469

I honestly hope she drops this act. It's harming her a lot.
I think DID is just an excuse for her to experiment with different style outside her stablished online persona but she also needs ass pats. She needs to mature and stop playing with identities and just be herself, her true self outside the internet.

No. 197479

sage for blog but i would love to see this. i was a fan of her for a few years as a high schooler and it was really sad finding this thread recently and sawing how downhill she’s got. I hope that she knows that at any point she could just make a video coming clean about the larp and work on bettering herself, given her narc tendencies im seeing that as less likely atm though. the only reason I could see her going on with this is she thinks she could become the next Trisha Paytas ‘can’t look away’ YouTuber but she’s not nearly relevant enough to make it work.

No. 197480

sage for blog but i would love to see this. i was a fan of her for a few years as a high schooler and it was really sad finding this thread recently and sawing how downhill she’s got. I hope that she knows that at any point she could just make a video coming clean about the larp and work on bettering herself, given her narc tendencies im seeing that as less likely atm though. the only reason I could see her going on with this is she thinks she could become the next Trisha Paytas ‘can’t look away’ YouTuber but she’s not nearly relevant enough to make it work.

No. 197511

Jesus Christ, nonnie

No. 197517

File: 1644930461620.jpeg (716.49 KB, 1125x1245, D1F0AF70-1CD9-46ED-AF96-B6D373…)

Sage for long sperg/tinfoil, but I’ve been wondering how Jill’s little hamster wheel brain must be spinning over DissociaDID suddenly coming back. Jill hasn’t even gotten to her first meet the alters video, and here’s Chloe again, with a podcast and a new partner/future scapegoat plucked green from tiktok (who btw, clearly chugged DD’s koolaid before popping up out of nowhere ~10/2020).

Jill got most of what she “knows” about DID from Chloe, and visibly tried to kiss ass and get attention in every comment section possible right before DD’s fall/when Jill first started flirting with dissociation shitposting. I have a hard time imagining her doing that again after all that’s come out against Chloe, but I can’t remember if Jill ever publicly denounced DD or sided with twitter “systems” who called her out in any way. Jill certainly isn’t a misinformation warrior or anything though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if her fixation with DD never waned privately. I’m sure she’s calculating how to handle the topic when it inevitably comes to her twitter feed, directly and indirectly. It’s obvious Jill was angling to become the biggest name in the Youtube DIDfluenzer niche with Chloe/DD disgraced and out of the way, and I’m sure she wasn’t expecting Chloe to start posting content where she actually talks about her trauma.

This is all just sperging up to my personal tinfoil- I bet Jill is using some of this time “offline” to analyze those (shit) podcasts, lurk their reddits and see what kind of feedback they’re getting, crowdsourcing trauma details being vomited everywhere from small tiktokkers, editing her backstory and recalibrating her plan for her DID content. Both DD & BraiDID have public tiktoks with details on their childhood trauma at this point, plus what’s in the podcasts. Jill has got to feel the pressure now that the DID community tune of “you don’t owe anyone your trauma history” has changed and people are now dumping sob stories like it was always part of the game. If she wants to keep up with the genre (let’s just call it what it is), she’s eventually going to have to come up with at least ONE early childhood detail wild enough to plausibly outweigh her 1. well documented & consistent positive attachment to a primary caregiver, 2. the fact that she has never wanted for a single fucking thing, definitely not survival essentials, and 3. that she has never disclosed anything worthy of a single ACE point (adverse childhood experiences scale- look it up if you care, I’m done).

No. 197525

I was wondering the same. Also Chloe dropped brand new meet the alter video, so Jill has more info about merging or what the fuck they call it. Can't wait for new Jilly milk

No. 197601

sigh well, jill made it into a fake disorder cringe compilation. her part starts around 9:55. i haven't been on this board in eons and ngl this is a really depressing turn of events… damn jill, what happened?

No. 197603


Lurk harder, nonnie. Was posted last thread:

No. 197612

Livestream for february is up

No. 197625

Anything note worthy? A bitch don’t got time to watch her blather on

No. 197629


>talks about getting vday stuff and wanting more easter stuff at homesense (despite her "no buy" sustainable thing?)

>says shes nervous uwu to do this since she hasnt socialized lately but has filmed a follow up video to her racism apology that she needs to edit
>talks about freedom convoy, says its "moronic" and jerr "wanted to key their car" but didnt.
>says today was her first day going out in a super long time (are we surprised?)
>steebie didnt get jill anything, they will be having a 'romantic dinner' instead - cue microwave tendies
>jill says her and steebie got rings a few years ago but steebie doesnt wear his anymore because it "doesnt fit" (did a quick look at some old videos and doesnt look like steve has gained any significant weight. he prob just doesnt wanna wear his. confirms suspicions jill wants engagement)
>some user suggests steebie wear it on a necklace and jill's voice jumped 3 octaves to say "YEAAAAA THEY SHOULDDD" seems clearly insecure about it
>"when i was a sweet emo team…[sighs and realized she forgot her larp] reanalyzing, i mean, when jerrick…" at 10:28 , then again messed up larp at 11:59
>talks about her psychiatrist writing down 'believes in ghosts and aliens, is a witch' in her diagnosis
>says shes been doing "crafting" while sitting around watching lots and lots of documentaries and tiktoks

sorry nonnas, i could only make it to 16 mins and now i have to go back to work. if nobody's done the rest when i get back at 5 ill finish it out

No. 197630

-She is going to be working with Barcroft TV again but for their series where they make alternative people normal looking. She's really excited about it but didn't give a timeline as I think she just accepted the email.

-Steve had a friend bleach his hair, so trooning a little day by day.

-Might consider getting a P.O Box soon

-She is a hitter when she gets agitated, had to tell her therapist because it could happen with EMDR

-Her first session wasn't that hard, she only cried a tiny bit and was effective. Steve made a joke about her abuser (wtf) and she laughed along with it.

-She knows EMDR could cause integration, or cause trauma memory loss (sounds like a crock of shit)

Thats all I remember of note

No. 197631


uuuugghhh i meant *teen not team, "when i was a sweet emo team". there was no plurality there trust

No. 197636

This tard bitch hits when she's agitated? What? You can tell she wants that sweet, sweet autism diagnoses, jesus christ.

No. 197639

Her mentioning the rings proves that she lurks here kek. It’s because Anons were posting her old friends.

No. 197640

They got rings “a few years ago” they haven’t been together that long have they, how early in the relationship did this psycho get rings

No. 197642

They've been together for 4 years, so promise rings in the first two years aren't that uncommon. At least to me.

No. 197647

Steve didn't gain any weight nor did lose any weight. If the story is true and he actually doesn't wear the ring because it doesn't fit then it most likely means Jill bought both the rings without consulting Steve.

>Working with barcroft again for series where they make alt people normal
I'm ready for that shit show. Do you think that they're going to make her feel like shit since she ballooned up since her last "doc"?
>Is a hitter when agitated
More fuel for my "Jillian is actually the abuser" Tin foil.

No. 197650

sorry to sperg, but the fact that she is trying to claim autism with hitting herself when she's agitated. Bruises that make it look like someone beat you is no joke.

No. 197659


Lmao, K8 literally just did that Barcroft segment, I bet Jill reached out to them herself as soon as she saw that. She’ll come in wearing full TikTok clown drag shit makeup, they’re gonna make her look like shit, and then she’s going to be contractually obligated to either look excited about it or pick from a selection of canned responses about sticking to her WiLd LoOkS.

No. 197662

Are we taking bets on how fast in the video she says she has DID, would she fake a switch for them even? I’m not hopeful she will but man having that exist and be owned by a third party.

No. 197667

Just you wait, nonnies when Jill gets that diagnosis she wants she’ll apply for a tugboat. We’ll seethe on here but she’s actually severely crippling herself. It’s not a benefit to be on a tugboat, you can’t leave the country and you certainly can’t leave the province for too long. Not only that but it fucks with any other income if it’s over their limit and also fucks you over when you receive inheritance. I also have a tugboat in a different province and can’t wait to move abroad so I can have more freedoms.

No. 197668

Tinfoil, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she said her trauma comes from some unknown relentless bullying at school that she had to endure for being too much of a “special jilly bean” and then the piano teacher was the last drop to overflow the glass that made her conscious “break” and thus create the new OCs that protect her from being a normally functioning adult with responsibilities.

No. 197671


Sorry canadiennenonna but WTF is a tugboat?

No. 197674

It’s what Chris chan calls a tardbux kek. But yeah I bet she’ll be one of those fakers that get tardbux and refuse to work. Which is setting her life up to be harder than it actually is. It’s infuriating now but we’ll be laughing when she’s forced to buy a house because the govt won’t let her have the inheritance money.

No. 197677

They’ll introduce her as “diagnosed DID YouTuber pixielocks”…

No. 197685

Around 10 min mark, she mentions "Steebie" and a friend bleached 'their' hair blonde and are trying to get it to white. Said it's "Super long and it's gonna be so pretty"
Because of the retarded genderspecial "they/them" pronouns, it's hard to tell who she meant is bleaching their long hair, but if she meant Steve…troon saga very soon.

No. 197698

How was her tone of voice because I can’t see her taking it well that he went to a friend for that. Like she did his hair in the past and it’s not like he went to a pro if it’s just a friend. She has been controlling of her boyfriends looks in the past too.

No. 197718

Skip to 42:10 to laugh at this bitch getting offended that her old therapist got her to narc rage kek

No. 197747

It's odd how she can have a full hour livestream with a chat that has people that could inadvertently trigger her to "switch" with their questions. It's almost as if it's all an act.

>"She made fun of my little twin star sticker… She said that I was constantly stuck in this performative manor and that I wasn't communicating my feelings or showing emotion."
>looks at the camera like a cartoon villain, "Anyway. We hate her."
This new DID saga from Jill makes me want to a-log so bad!

No. 197748

>confirms suspicions jill wants engagement
holy fuck, I don't know if I should laugh or be concerned, why marry that piece of shit?
Best case scenario he's cheating on her and this is why he doesnt wear it

No. 197749

Topkek at the therapist hitting the nail

No. 197750

No anon, that's uncommon. The 4 year mark is when you give them.

No. 197751

>"Steebie" and a friend bleached 'their' hair blonde and are trying to get it to white. Said it's "Super long and it's gonna be so pretty"
godddddddd he's so close to trooning out I'm scared lol

No. 197752

>"She made fun of my little twin star sticker… She said that I was constantly stuck in this performative manor and that I wasn't communicating my feelings or showing emotion."
>looks at the camera like a cartoon villain, "Anyway. We hate her."

Omfg she was right all along

No. 197755

Thanks for the writeup, the stuff about rings is rather telling.
Man isn't gonna marry her right now during her nosedive DID saga and the extra 50lb she gained since they got together, but considering his gender identity and sexuality is extremely suspect, plus no actual sexual chemistry between them, even when she was cuter and saner a few years ago he still wasn't gonna. He's been leading her on it sounds like.

I wonder if she's like Kaya/Toxic Tears and will suddenly have a major life improvement when she loses the male (it will happen eventually) since he just seems like a leech, and living with someone like that couldn't be helping her condition.
Enablers who don't genuinely care about you are the worst people to have around when you're highly sensitive+prone to mental illness.

No. 197756

I get that a therapist insulting your taste sucks, but does she expect constant asspats? you don't go into therapy for asspats you go into therapy for objective criticism on how you are hurting yourself or others. Her fake nice girl attitude would piss any therapist off. You're never supposed to quit therapy after a bad experience, just once therapy has helped enough that you don't need it. she just… doesn't understand what the point of therapy is. most people probably don't.

No. 197758

Steve is a ‘they’ now, and he’s been growing out his hair, so she was likely referring to his hair >>197630

> She knows EMDR could cause integration, or cause trauma memory loss

She’s 100% laying the breadcrumbs to give herself an out if she needs to. Her recovery will cause her to ‘forget her trauma’ (literally not how that works) and she’ll intergrate.
My prediction is that she’ll ‘reintergrate’ her alters into being part of her own personality (shocking!) so that she can dress in black etc and say ‘oh look I was feeling very Jerrick today’

No. 197768

>talks about her psychiatrist writing down 'believes in ghosts and aliens, is a witch' in her diagnosis

is she fishing for schizotypal here or am i just dumb?

No. 197775

Wait, she's already back? How long was her hiatus, shorter than a week?

Also >>197629 "She's a witch"… Any therapist that affirms someone is any Paranormal being, must be insane or not real, so I'll totally go for the theory that that statement is part of her pathological liar persona rather an schizo saga

No. 197776

To be fair, "witch" is a "religion."

No. 197778


alright nonnas i didnt have time to finish the recap last night but im back.

>ordered beads off etsy to make a necklace, said "me and the little one have been having a lot of fun!"

>"i thought the rainbow thing was a phase…but it has proven not to be" (??)
>it will be her 3rd vday with stoobie
>going to attempt to have a party for her birthday, inviting 12 people. (so much for 'staying safe' eh jill?)
>looking to open a new PO box
>"our house is so messy, stuff is everywhere, cause we keep partying and cant keep it clean"
>someone mentions making ampersand jewelry and jill loses her shit for 5 minutes saying shes DEFINITELY getting a tat of it and wants steebio to get her ampersand necklace
>tells story about stickers the cat eating pipecleaners , then stickers walks in and starts eating pipecleaners on the live
>reccommends hot topic and spencers for people to get ear plugs, how sustainable
>admits shes wearing a 1x skirt (not sure if its the same for other nonnies but in my area a 1X is one size above an XL)
>same thing other nonna said, she admits to being a "hitter"
>says the one and only EMDR session made a big difference. says she can only afford going once every other week
>"honestly i didnt think i have any trauma…but i realize i have YEARS worth of EMDR stuff to work thru!!"
>commented on a tiktok of someone who got diagnosed at 16 with autism and was complaining about waiting so long to get the diagnosis to tell them 16 is not old at all and they're lucky to be diagnosed that early ….kek
>talks about someone who had DID, integrated, then got diagnosed with autism and 'split' again. "its soooo valuable to watch." she says. (anticipating this is how jill will extend the larp, tbh)
>as the other nonna said, the 42:10 hate on the old therapist is fucking hilarious and everyone should watch jill be furious that she wasnt coddled and the therapist was spot on
>talks about almost looking the therapist up lately because she wanted to "send emails to those who have wronged me"
>barcroft tv plug, she's clearly excited to be in the spotlight and get more attention
>talks about wanting to be on SBSK, special books for special kids. (I nearly spat out my water hearing this. its a youtube channel where this sweet wholesome man goes around and talks with SEVERELY disabled children and adults, and treats them very sweetly. Jill things she can be on SBSK?!? jesus christ, how full of yourself do you have to BE jill. let the severely disabled children have their own spotlight you narc hungry bitch.)
>blah blah precure, apparently theres a sandwich precure and she said "same!" 4 sandwich alter
>says her little alter looks like her when she was 6, all other alters dont really look like her
>says she switches in dreams but can barely explain it coherently, says when she screams at her family in dreams its jerrick (is jerrick the scapegoat for anything violent she doesnt want to take accountability for?)
>"steve makes fun of us for being so capitalistic"
>something about thinking her seraquil was wrongly given to her (for sleep) and asking her therapist if she should go off her anti-psychotic drug
>admits to not going to a physical doctor (non mental health doctor) in so long since her doctor is in PEI
>talks about possibly delaying her next stream since its the day after her birthday and she wants to have a "cheeky sip" aka get drunk

No. 197794

IIRC the therapist/counsellor is a ‘witch’ too.

No. 197798

This, really. Honestly, a good therapist will point out things you’re doing that negatively affect others or try to get you to see your behavior from different ways. A therapist who praises you all the time is not a good one bc they never challenge you to look at your actions as anything other than faultless.

No. 197802

How deranged do you have to be to complain and be jealous about minors being diagnosed autistic. That child wont be “lucky”, it will be the opposite they probably struggle far more than she could imagine and that’s why it got caught when they were still a minor.

No. 197803

What disabled person who is on the level she claims is partying so hard and often that their house is in a constant state of post party. She really needs to get a fucking job, yes she is young but she isn’t a college student anymore. She clearly has the energy and ability to work if she has that much energy for partying and dossing around.

No. 197804

>"She literally chose insulting me to make me break out of this friendly (starts talking in a high pitched passive voice as an example of her uwu soft demeanor)"
maybe because she knew you were full of rage underneath and knew you were showing up to therapy everyday to pretend to be a nice quiet girl with "poor me" disorders. A therapist isn't there to listen to you like a friend is, she's a paid specialist. Jill didn't want someone revealing that her problem doesn't stem from trauma- just a plain old deep seeded need for attention because she was hurt the world didn't idolize her like her family does. Even her story about wanting a mausoleum in her honor shows her visions of grandiose growing up. She saw herself as an unappreciated starving artist but didn't see the irony in the fact she's never created anything new.
This just in Jill, most people aren't coddled by their family and they get on just fine.

No. 197806

Again with the animal abuse, e-begging for vet bills when. It can only be a matter of time.

No. 197812

Yeah. Like, imagine putting "she's a witch……." on a record like that. He's either doing an awful job or she's retarded. This witch shit is clearly delusional. Or maybe he wrote "she BELIEVES to be a witch" but she took it as "validating her identity" or whatever.

No. 197813

>talks about almost looking the therapist up lately because she wanted to "send emails to those who have wronged me"
what the fuck is this retarded shit. She's abusive and crazy.

No. 197814

I've never read so many wacky deranged things coming out of her mouth before. This is getting out of hand

No. 197815

It’s extra funny because she is too lazy to even practice in reality. She just says she is a witch she doesn’t practice she just set up a kawaii alter to have something to show off then left it to gather dust. She just hoards labels that don’t apply to her then brags about them.

No. 197816

For real. I've had shitty therapists/psych docs over the years but have never once wanted to contact them to tell them how they've wronged me. She sounds unhinged.

No. 197821


yep. exactly. go look up SBSK and you'll see how those people's entire lives are affected by their disability. some of them cant knit, have boyfriends, some cant even hold and use a phone. some cant even eat! for jill to literally think she is as underprivileged as those children is literal psychosis.

No. 197822


uwu pls support my gofundme for my cat stickers!! he ate 200 pipecleaners and because i was disassociating and having a cheeky sip of wine i didnt notice till he started vomming blood :( and then i had an alter switch and cliffe drove us all to the vet hospital but now im switched to my sandwich alter so please give us money uwu -[rainbow emoji]

No. 197825

100% jill's true self came out when she was furiously mad. i think that therapist was spot on honestly

No. 197827

File: 1645132864066.jpeg (82.99 KB, 1280x720, D88DC6B4-9E40-4676-9BF7-0C8D06…)

>talks about wanting to be on SBSK, special books for special kids. (I nearly spat out my water hearing this. its a youtube channel where this sweet wholesome man goes around and talks with SEVERELY disabled children and adults, and treats them very sweetly. Jill things she can be on SBSK?!? jesus christ, how full of yourself do you have to BE jill. let the severely disabled children have their own spotlight you narc hungry bitch.)

hahahahahaha JESUS CHRIST JILL

No. 197836

>admits to not going to a physical doctor (non mental health doctor) in so long since her doctor is in PEI

probably mostly because she's obese now and doesn't want to be held accountable for her shite eating habits. calling it now that next time she goes to a doctor, she goes off on a rant about how they're "fatphobic" because they rightfully told her that she's harming herself. then she gains another 50 lbs kek

No. 197841

>talks about wanting to be on SBSK, special books for special kids.
Bruh… The mentally ill adults that go on there are like severely ill to the point they can't function and they're lonely, WHY does she want to be there?

No. 197845

>WHY does she want to be there?
Because she's special and needs to be validated, duh!

No. 197852

That's so fucking sick to me, like why take up time from someone who actually needs it? Even if what she was going through was 100% true, she's still not on the level she needs to be on there. She can drink, smoke, has boyfriend, a loving mother and support online. She really is a idiot

No. 197854

File: 1645154634148.jpg (13.94 KB, 474x266, downloadfile.jpg)

She really reminds me of this episode of south park where this guy becomes an alcoholic and starts behaving like if he was the sickest person on the world and it's clearly very very inappropriate.

No. 197860

Kek Randy does that shit all the time (freaking out and thinking everything is super severe when it’s not), perfect for Jill!

No. 197861

File: 1645160398250.jpeg (208.9 KB, 1084x1071, E73728F3-4555-46E7-8BB5-1BFE11…)

sage for autism, i made Jill in south park studio kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 197863

LMAO add it to the next thread pic please

No. 197867

It's somehow still too flattering
She's so ugly these days even a tubby mismatched south park character looks good in contrast

No. 197870

Is it weird that I also find the comment the therapist made rude? It’s unprofessional. I also hate it when people try to offend you just so you will act in a way that feels authentic to them. It’s super pushy. Wondering why other people think it’s not rude etc

No. 197872

We're getting the story from Jill's side, I doubt an adult woman actually made fun of her but that's how Jill sees any sort or teasing, criticism, or straight up not kissing her ass.

No. 197873

yeah i agree with you. sage for maybe blog but ive had therapists say some really fucked up things to me and then later called me to apologize for the unprofessionalism. im not trying to wk jill at all but its definitely possible for a therapist to be an ass as a way to try and "treat" their patients if they feel theyre being ingenuine with them

No. 197874

Because a therapist's literal job is to help you with your mental health. If she was putting on the typical Pixielocks™ show, I'm glad someone was professional enough to break her own behavior down for her.

Somehow I really doubt whatever bougie therapist she went to was rude in their delivery since spoiled rich people are thin skinned as hell and don't pay out of the ass for therapy where their whole character is insulted. They pay for Adderall and benzos and to be told they're wonderful but maybe can work on something they were talking about until next week. She's full of shit.

No. 197875

>later called me to apologize for the unprofessionalism.
Did I accidentally go to fanfiction.net

No. 197876

File: 1645184526257.jpeg (522.56 KB, 728x725, 046BB378-CEFE-4C8E-9EFA-258BBD…)

You inspired me nonnie. Let’s party!(do not post fanart)

No. 197877

Yeah, especially considering that Jill likes to victimize herself. She did it with her ex Colin, she does it random people on the internet. Recently, when you "came out" with her diagnosis she did it with her peers.

No. 197878

Kek no. I get it, it sounds crazy. Again i dont want to derail with a blog so im not going into the specifics, but from my experience it does happen. Not at all saying jill is an innocent angel who does no wrong, and her story could definitely be made up knowing her, but yeah its possible. Shitty people are in the profession, as we can see with her current dumbass therapist

No. 197879

She probably wants to be included in "Meet an Autistic Person" segment. I bet she will try to milk the diagnosis if she gets it. If not she probably will still act deranged and try to find another place that will sell her the paper.

No. 197881

>talks about almost looking the therapist up lately because she wanted to "send emails to those who have wronged me"
oh my god jill, pressed much? move on with your fucking life like the adult you are, this isn't a hallmark lifetime movie about bullying

No. 197882

The thing is she was seeing the therapist for her ED. They have to discuss the way you dress and present. If she was presenting more childlike than her age they have to discuss that. Some people actually are triggered into an ED because they can’t handle the body changes that puberty causes and want to go back and idolise the child body they used to have. You have to talk about that stuff and Jill was likely being offended and evasive which is how a lot of people respond and a good therapist should try and work through that, it doesn’t work without transparency from the patient. Also she was a teenager, no doubt she fobbed her off in an aggressive combative bratty way.

No. 197890

It’s also pretty fucking sus that she hasn’t really seen a doctor since moving out, because her uwu counselor buddy can’t prescribe her shit. So she’s either just renewing the same old meds she’s always been in with no reviews in all this time, which given the fact that she’s added a laundry list of additional diagnoses is concerning, or she’s not taking medication anymore

No. 197893

Ohh, I had no idea about that. Thank you so much for the clarification! It makes much more sense now.

No. 197895

kek nonny this is great, I wanted to include the booze but I could only pick one food item

No. 197903

I spent time on a psych ward with ana-chans and anorexia treatment is TOUGH. They have to be strict to break the patients out of it. It was frankly scary to see it up close.

No. 197908

File: 1645209362142.jpg (2.53 MB, 2560x2560, 22-02-18-19-22-17-437_deco.jpg)

Furthering why she might actually have marriage fever.

She caught the bouquet at her friends wedding it seems…

No. 197910

No. 197912

She isn't wearing clown makeup now because it's racist apparently?

No. 197918

File: 1645211862543.png (1.72 MB, 1080x2308, Screenshot_20220218-121024-066…)

What a manipulative cunt. She retweeted the pictures she liked at the beginning of her twitter break so she has a black creator to promote as soon as she gets back. Instead of finding new black creators or art work to promote.

No. 197919

Maybe if she decides weed is racist she'll stop smoking so much of it and get her life on track kek. This is all very silly but I'm sure her wokie followers will be sated by the "self-educating." Anyone who disliked her before will continue disliking her, same old, same old.

No. 197920

Is it normal I don't believe she's being ''studying'' about everything she talked about this video? Like it's hard for me to understand why she even make that video for begin with.

I'm sad to see her go down like that… Like the downfall she's drivring herself to looks fucking scary. Can she open her eyes and just go back to normal or take another normal way to live lol?

No. 197921

I've never actually watched her videos before, skipped through parts, got to the retarded dramatic "I'm not being like HERE'S EVERY PERSON OF COLOR I FOLLOW HURR" but hooooly fuck she's more obnoxious than I ever could have imagined

How the fuck do people watch her. I wanna give you exfan anons the benefit of the doubt and assume her og videos weren't as bad but weeew

All I wanted to know was why clown make up was now raycist based on this anon's >>197912 comment but yknow I think I'm better off not finding out

Transcript anons who suffer this shit, you da reel MVPs

No. 197923



No. 197924

it’s not that she was less fucking irritating in her old videos but the focus was less on her and her crazy ‘beliefs’ and more on ‘look at this cute thing i found in the mall’ or her japan vlogs which she is best known for that i still think are kind of cute. rampant consumerism was her only redeeming trait and cutting out ‘fast fashion’ basically killed her career, even though she totally could have switched to doing other kinds of hauls (decor, thrifting) or diys, you know the thing she went to school for, but she’s too retarded or lazy.

No. 197925

>Like it's hard for me to understand why she even make that video for begin with.
nonnie, remember, she's not like the other creators. she's better. she's not gonna just post an apology and come back after a week. she's gonna make an apology video twice because she's so morally superior.

No. 197927

she just not did say "Reparations" oh my god

No. 197932

File: 1645216833954.jpg (180.95 KB, 673x673, thoseeyestho.jpg)

Steebie better run, she's looking at him like the last tendie.

Summary please she's too insufferable to me to watch at this point.

No. 197936

The high-pitched customer service voice is unbearable, oh my god. She’s also using “I” and “we” interchangeably, even in the same sentence. No rhyme or reason. You can tell she just uses “we” when she remembers to in order to try and convince us she’s not larping

No. 197937

Oh wow!!! I actually love her makeup in this one! I don't want to be mean to how she looks this time. I love it and she looks really good, I hope she keeps doing this makeup. Now can you drop the DID stuff Jilly pleaseeeee?

No. 197939

Now someone make jerrica please looool

No. 197942

she looks so special needs lmao
Steven I hope you don't marry her and let her return to her mother's house because clearly marriage would be really bad for her mental health.

No. 197943


No. 197945

I think I’m losing my mind bc I think she actually looked cute here.

No. 197947

So dreads, clowns and weed are racist? This is so dumb. This shit needs to stop.

No. 197948

no, jill’s right. weed is super super racist and she should never smoke it again unless she wants to get cancelled. drinking and eating chicken nuggets every day is also eugenics fyi

No. 197950

Kek I know you say this as a joke but I hope she listens and stops wrecking her body

No. 197951

>Summary please she's too insufferable to me to watch at this point.
doing this for u , nonna

>thanks people who commented of people who recommended stuff, even tho most of her comments were people saying "im black and i accept your apology uwu"

>total week and a half off social media, says she's been watching documentaries and speakers the whole time so she can make reparations and be more anti-racist, esp about dreads and locs
its funny to compare this to her livestream where she said she was watching documentaries and tiktoks, and then in her vid she says shes watching documentaries and speakers, kek. Dont wanna admit your research is via tiktok, huh jillybean?
>made a list of stuff shes interested in and how it related to race (clowning, drag, weed, AAVE)
>says she's removing AAVE from her vocabulary
this made no sense to me, nothing says segregation like 'ah yes let me continue to distance myself from something '
>goes off about clowns, says the origins of clowning are racist without telling anyone what the origins are and where clown tropes come from
sry for blog: a quick google shows the origins of clowning is from ancient greece, ancient egypt, and ancient rome. couldnt find too much on how clowning is particularly racist aside from american segregation and black face , but actually clowns are more of a performative class commentary more than anything because clowns are usually the symbols of inverse society (the rich are poor, the poor are rich, happy faces are sad, sad faces are happy, exaggerated mannerisms, exaggerated features , etc)
>seems to suggest that 'where you should draw the line' should be determined by others in the comments and not by her, i think she was trying to position this as an open narrative but honestly just comes off to me as her way of not making any strong moral statements or judgements
>says clowning is a powerful form of reclamation for black people
>"natural hair is not just hair when you get denied a job or kicked out of school for it"
>weed: watched a panel about it, "we need to push forward to make it equal for everyone, and to make reparations"
again she doesn't say anything of substance about the % of black people who are jailed over marijuana use over white, she just uses these large, sweeping statements to be super generic
>said she made a black owned biz playlist but never followed through enough, says she's going to make a segment like featured confetti club member where she calls out black creators
>"my feeds are pretty diverse"
>says she didnt want to plug any black creators right now to give them the flood of attention following her apology
>address picture of her petting the black girls hair, says that she was patting her head for comfort at the kawaii society meetup and at the time and said she should have touched her shoulder instead to be more sensitive, bc touching her hair was a microagression
>talks about watching hair touching ted talks
>didnt monetize vid, asks if she should monetize the next video, said she will definitely monetize the video after that since it will be 'unrelated' but says she wants to donate the adsense to a charity or gofundme

overall, wasn't awful but shes just so damn vague and pandering and generic that i feel like it was clear she didnt do any research at all, just looked up buzzwords or watched tiktoks about racism and pulled the headlines without reading the origins or context. to me, just seemed like another jill ploy to nicely wrap up her scandal for her ass kissing audience to think shes doing more than she needs.

No. 197952

aside from the absurdity of this whole phenomenon, i'm just glad that she's dropping the clown makeup. doesn't matter the reason kek, i just think her clown phase was by far the most insufferable personality to watch.

No. 197954

>says clowning is a powerful form of reclamation for black people
What the fuck. This is so fucking corny and stupid. In what fucking way is a black person dressed as a god damn clown a "powerful form of reclamation"? Maybe she does deserve that autism diagnosis after all.

No. 197957

apparently some youtuber named daintyfunk explains it. i am guessing it has something to do with blackface

No. 197960

She is over correcting in a way that ironically comes across as racist kek.

No. 197964

Oh jesus she's massive. She looks like she belongs in a scooter

No. 197965

Kek and just like that she's being eaten alive by the self-cannibalizing woke wholesome chungus pupper uwu twitter users she was cattering to this whole time. It only was a matter of time really. Wonder how Jillybean will get out of this one?

No. 197967

Maybe it’s because I’m not from North America, but I have never even once associated clowns with black people or black culture????

No. 197968

I'm a burger and have never once heard of this either. Maybe it's a Canada thing.

No. 197969

Just about everything in America has had racist ties at some point because of obvious reasons. But to claim that clowns nowadays are racist caricatures is so fucking stupid.

No. 197970

In the US, everything is racist at this point.

No. 197971

It's probably because of some American vaudeville acts that were obviously based in blackface, but the origin of the harlequin we get a lot of our ideas about clowns from comes from the Comedie italienne which predates the US founding by a country mile. I wish Jill would have educated herself on some real theatre history instead of getting her history lessons from high schoolers on tiktok who forget anything outside of North America exists.

No. 197973

That's the thing that confuses me, the whiteface clown she bases her ugly makeup on didn't come out of blackface. Unless she based her makeup on blackface I don't understand what's racist about being a retarded clown, the notion that only black people should be clowns sounds a lot more racist against black people to me.

No. 197974

File: 1645231189644.webm (911.55 KB, 576x1024, 84dd0a96c78bc265b950f0bc0c4e22…)

From 30 mins ago

No. 197975

Agreed, but if this is what it takes to make her stop wearing “clowncore” makeup, I’ll take it. The benefits outweigh the cost

No. 197977

This is so… sad. She has to be drunk.

No. 197978

why would you wear just a bralette when you have saggy tits

No. 197979

OF saga is imminent at this point, woof.

No. 197980

why would she not redo it until the heart came together lol

No. 197981

It's giving me 36-year-old who desperately tries to hang out with her much younger coworkers and who thinks smoking weed is a personality.

No. 197982

that huge gaping space in-between those man tits is blinding me

No. 197983

>man tits
anon stop affirming jerrica's gender identity.

No. 197984

it's so obvious she's looking at herself in a mirror behind her phone or something here. She looks drunk or high, what on earth is going on here

No. 197985

maybe i'm just being picky, but i know a lot of people who would be upset at her colour choice of outfit. of course she would wear something like that to someone else's wedding, she cannot stand when other people are the centre of attention

No. 197986

Anyone believing in reparations is retarded so fitting for Jill.

No. 197989

her tiktoks make me cringe harder than anything else she does… she has no camera presence and can't lipsync for shit. her eyes look dead and kek at the awkward pause when the timer ended.

i usually don't like when nonas overexaggerate and call someone "DEATHFAT!!1" who is just average/chubby but damn she is looking really really super overweight and unhealthy and it's obvious she's trying to hide it with angles/arching her back and it's just not working

No. 197990

couldn't have done another take of that, Jill? I like her makeup here, or maybe it's just looking so much better in contrast to her clowny mcclownface

No. 197991

Veronica doesn't understand social media duh

No. 197996

File: 1645242569235.jpeg (158.18 KB, 828x843, C33A365A-4639-43B9-9FA4-909120…)

there's a piano emoji in her bio now… new fragment/alter?

No. 197999

The shittily applied wig, the wrong colored eyebrows, the eyelash that almost falls off. She has the same standards for ocs alters as she does her cosplays.

I will be disgusted if it's a "factive" of her piano teacher that never touched her. Also is she going to claim that she split because of what happened? She didn't even receive hate, all of the messages were just "I'm disappointed that she did this" there are people who get actual death threats when twitter finds out they had a racist past. If she thinks that's traumatic no wonder she doesn't want to disclose what caused her "DID".

No. 198014

If anything the whiteface clown with bright red hair, red nose and drunken behaviour is a caricature of the Irish. Isn’t her mother English? Yikes, Jill. Time for another apology video!

Veronica better figure it out soon if she’s going to start an OF to offset the decline in views and patreon earnings.

I want to say that Jill wouldn’t sink so low as to create a factive of the piano teacher but the past year has shown that she’ll do anything for attention, so who knows. Maybe she’ll backpedal on him not assaulting her and claim those memories were repressed.

No. 198018

It's a thing tiktok kids made up recently because over exaggerated mouth=black lips and curly rainbow wig=afro to them.

No. 198023

File: 1645266300724.jpg (435.99 KB, 1500x1500, iuEK2FUYNQ.jpg)

If anything this type of clown is like whiteface, white people mocking other white people isn't racism, it's the root of caricature.

No. 198024

I mean she was saying she didn’t think she had trauma but her magic new therapy is making her remember things. I think the result of the therapy will be fake memories and that guy is an easy target. He is already a convicted pedo right and she won’t have to accuse a family member and cause family drama.

No. 198030

Either that or she’s realized that playing the piano is the only other facet of her personality left, so that MUST be a separate alter. Who knows at this point

No. 198032

Unless she based her clown slap on fucking John Wayne Gaycy I don’t see the issue. Her makeup never came across as clownish to me either (apart from maybe the amount she wore) and she always said it was drag inspired anyway so I don’t understand why she’s ditching it. Unless this is all an elaborate excuse because she realised it was both ugly and time consuming to do?

No. 198037

File: 1645283801368.jpeg (412.94 KB, 1170x1249, 122DC4B5-E408-4051-9592-7B1546…)

i feel like jill always exaggerates how bad her “ED” was.

No. 198039

Definitely, she was barely underweight

No. 198040

nitpick but what is she even on about here? ah yes, stretch marks from losing weigh. stretch marks which are caused by the skin stretching due to accesses weigh and tension. definitely a thing that happens to skin during rapid weight loss.

they might become more noticeable cause the skin isn’t taut anymore but they aren’t caused by it?

No. 198044

This has to be some sort of typo right? She can't actually be that stupid.

No. 198045

I think she's the opposite of anorexic, she sees herself as skinnier than she is. Of course you have stretch marks Jill, you're on the road to morbid obesity

No. 198048

Please, she cannot be this deluded…

Jill, honey, sweetie, as one fat ass to another, you have stretch marks because you’re a lard ass now

No. 198049

File: 1645289562448.jpeg (200.31 KB, 827x1518, 9E01F6B9-589F-4D6B-830F-043349…)

Same fag, forgot the screenshot whoops

No. 198050

She was an average to skinny size before her supposed ED, we have all seen that. She wasn’t a fat child. “Rapid weight loss” how much weight did she even lose, she didn’t go from obese to skinny. It’s a negligible amount of weight let’s be real. If you take a giant shit and weigh in two pounds later Jillian is that rapid weight loss?

No. 198053


No. 198054

Jerrick is the alter that has supposedly been 'working out' so I think she's talking about herself in the present day. Like she's losing weight and noticing the stretch marks that were originally under her fat rolls.

No. 198055

>>198054 i don't remember that ever coming up. could you direct me to which thread that gets mentioned in if you remembe or give provide screen shots? also look at her. she hasn't lost a pound, she's just as gross, lardy, and obese as ever… even if she's working out, her diet is the exact same. i think she'd be better off loosing the weight slowly over a couple years by improving her diet (to avoid loose skin) and THEN building muscle if that's what she wants.

No. 198057

why is she talking like a singlet?

No. 198061

it’s a pink cotton dress what are you on about

No. 198062

Pretty sure she said it in a patreon livestream, she's only done maybe three since coming out w did so not too many to look through

No. 198068

File: 1645306072020.jpeg (343.43 KB, 1092x1095, 0AE4E4FE-9CDA-4213-AB1C-9BC433…)

I got you, nonnie. Be careful, he’s about to call you a slur.(do not post fanart )

No. 198071

I'm not ready. I'm not strong enough.

No. 198072

The wig and makeup look nice on her, wish she kept her look. This fatass needs to lose weight though…

No. 198073

What an attentionwhore, she couldn't just keep her pixielocks persona so she needs like 3 more.

No. 198074

No she's right, she couldn't dress normal for once and went with a bright pink that looks like an eyesore.

No. 198077

Is she working out in her mind? Because she gets fatter every month

No. 198078

Not to wk but considering Jill’s wardrobe, this is probably the least offensive thing she could have chosen.
It’s not even that particularly bright.

No. 198080

Anon it's not because it's a bright color it's because it looks almost white. You don't wear white or white adjacent colors to a wedding unless you're an attention whore who hates the bride.

No. 198081

bro she has cotton mouth so badly in this video. take a drink of water bitch goddamn

No. 198086

Supposedly the bride gave her the nightgown, so she would’ve been ok with the colour. >>160201

No. 198088

maybe she has a gym in her inner world anon you don't know the whole story

No. 198092

Yeah, they only become noticeable once the skin relaxes but we’re formed with the stretch. I’ve seen people use it as an excuse to not lose weight.

Also, Jill is not losing any weight. I think she’s just trying to preemptively stop people from commenting on them once it gets warmer and she exposes more skin

No. 198109

File: 1645334441465.jpeg (327.17 KB, 827x1518, 224A0C6E-C16E-4C50-A1A1-66DFE1…)

Oh fuck me, she’s starting a podcast

No. 198113

she can’t even post videos regularly or one’s she’s promised. what makes her think she’ll stick to a podcast for long?

No. 198114

File: 1645339866328.jpg (214.89 KB, 2214x1599, milk.jpg)

No. 198129

“our” means the alters, or her & stevie?

No. 198134

Is this wig Veronica’s hair, remember she said she was getting wigs for the alters. I guess this means they arrived. Are we taking bets on how the other alters wigs will look? A man’s wig that looks like normie middle aged man hair for cliffe would be hilarious, she would look so ugly in it. Jerricks will be green for sure. Will flora just be her old cosplay wig. If the child alter looks like Jill as a child maybe we will get to see her in a wig her natural colour which I know a lot of anons over the years have wanted her to go back to natural hair.

No. 198135

Why is she talking in present tense when in the present reality she is ballooning bigger every day? Stretch marks from rapid weightloss where, hunty?

No. 198137

Sage for OT but Mikan recently uploaded a video which had footage of a bunka fashion show and it is insane that Jillian ever considered she could go there. The quality of the work and the creativity is beyond anything she could ever hope to achieve. The comparison between the final collections at her arts and crafts college and that is just another world. Truly laughable she would call herself a fashion designer or put herself on the same level as these people.

No. 198138

I have to imagine it’s her and Steve. I really doubt she could commit to doing it on her own, plus I bet he’s salivating over the thought of being an ‘intellectual’ podcast bro lecturing us all about how capitalism is the devil while Jill eeks and squeals for an hour

No. 198139

I'm so ready for Jill to become a podcast cow

No. 198142

Didn’t that one DID girl she loves come back with a podcast? She really is copying that girls entire “career”

No. 198143

Not to defend Jill, but she said she wanted to do a couples podcast about a year ago in her patreon stream and start it right after graduating but Steve was busy with roblox

No. 198144

She was also a H3H3 fan right and used to like Trisha so I bet she watched frenemies and just pretended she didn’t. I wonder if her podcast persona will be inspired by that because she has always mimicked other content creators.

No. 198157

jfc she wore dreads once at like 14 and has to host "poc creators" on her platforms every month now? how are these wokies even alive lmao

No. 198159

File: 1645374829860.jpeg (267.46 KB, 1241x1529, B10995C3-D3EB-49FF-9127-906969…)

Oh no, what disaster is she planning now.

No. 198160

Do you nonnies think this whole DID saga was just so she could get to be on shows like this? She probably goes total retard in her messages to these people.
>Hello, lovely angel [HEAVY EMOJI USE], we are the Pixie system! [HEAVY EMOJI USE], and if you feature us on your show, you'd be doing the DID community a wonderful thing by showing your support by having a wonderful little [EMOJI FOR THE BABY ALTER] system such as us on your show!
Was this her plan all along?

No. 198161

Its for the Barcroft fashion transformation show, she's going to have a normie makeover

No. 198162

That's what I was thinking, too. The demands are ridiculous on this side of twitter to redeem herself. I'm sure there are people who are still unhappy. I thought her 2nd video, while silly, was surprisingly graceful.

No. 198163

>I have to imagine it’s her and Steve
Stevie is the exact type of boring male to start a podcast, I bet it will be 90% him talking and her giggling and making approving noises.
While I don't think it's necessary for her to do this, if this is what was needed for Pixie to 1. Stop the terrible drag/clown looks and 2. Be pleasant to people online, I think it's a good thing
All I can think about is how fat she'll look, they always film people in the most unflattering ways and include any embarrassing moments too

No. 198177

Does anybody know how long they film for because it will be interesting to see if she doesn’t switch once. It’s already convenient she never switches on stream. If they are in her house 8 hours and she never switches once that is so suspicious.(sage)

No. 198179

Yep, just keep glossing over her n word use and pretending that's normal, non-racist behavior. If she felt comfortable joking about in online in 2017, she's probably felt comfortable and entitled to use it before and since. Her apology is performative bullshit, but it's equally bullshit to act like she literally did nothing wrong that would warrant some kind of statement given her platform and the supposedly "woke" sjw image she has built of herself.

How she gets away with not switching while on stream now or any time in her previous years of streams is wild to me. Her fans really are a cult when they go back to past videos or whatever trying to validate her LARP like "oooh, that must have been Jer for a minute there!"

No. 198181

Holy shit stop the racism sperging in every thread

No. 198184

File: 1645392223197.jpeg (266.83 KB, 828x729, 4C82B247-B625-4ED5-95FB-B5DA76…)

I’d rather die than have Jill educate me on DID

No. 198185

… She doesn't know anything about Moon Knight does she lmao. They're not going make Moon Knight be a "sweetie who knits uwu" because a bunch of BPDchans are convinced they have some crazy obscure mental illness.

No. 198186

What is she even trying to say here? How tf are these two tweets related in any way?

No. 198187

Anon weren't you banned?

No. 198190

Do you just like…sit here like a hawk waiting?

No. 198194


It wasn’t 2017, it was almost ten years ago. At least get your facts correct.(sage your shit)

No. 198216

baby you're not going to win over this audience.. why are you wasting time

No. 198217

No. 198224

I know this is a made up story but who brings up a serial rapist when someone tells you they have a mental disorder? Jill picks great friends if this is how she plays them in stories

No. 198234

This ban is worth it idc anymore lolcow went to dumb wokie shit ages ago:
I highly doubt you're ethnically black and if you are, I feel for any black person whose mistakenly associated with your retardation… but you're still, without a doubt, unmistakably, a stupid fucking nigger. I hope you go about each day more triggered than the last and stub each of your toes.

Take me away, mods. I'm ready(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 198235

Goddammit we finally start getting milk again and this is what y’all spend your energy on

No. 198237

File: 1645437510850.png (591.26 KB, 647x835, 1645322163073.png)

No. 198244

She doesn't even realize how odd this is as a conversation, most people don't think discussing their latest diagnosis is what someone wants to hear (that is also incredibly personal to most people) when they reach out to catch up or whatever. Total munchie.

No. 198250

exactly?! like what does she expect someone to say when you trauma dump on them "congratulations" is she expecting some type of applause or party being thrown?

No. 198251

god this post was retarded, it's always fat white bitches with yeast infections that always got to derail the posts.

No. 198285

If it's one one those shows that also changes her hair, I bet she'll use it as an excuse to keep it natural after.
She'll give some lame excuse like "to give her hair some rest" or smth. It's totally not because even she knows she's too lazy to do the actual upkeep of having coloured hair and that she looks like a slob all of the time.

Until she gets bored/needs attention again ofc. Which is when the raiinbee uwu hair will be back with some cringe content to boot.

No. 198289

I expect her to add 3 more alters before she ever dyes her hair normal.

No. 198291

Nah, they just give them wigs. It's just a little one day makeover for attention

No. 198294

I wonder if its going to be a makeover to normie. Or into one of her own "alters" like jerrick. Wouldnt put it past barcroft for the clicks.

No. 198304

I'm just waiting for her to say "the rainbow I tried to emulate was inside me all along".
Promptly followed by my barfing.

No. 198375

Sage for my insanity kek. She would need more alters but Green is already Jerricks colour and liking green seems to be a key personality trait. The precure always have an assigned colour and floras is pink and she uses the sakura emoji. Red is like the sexy colour so Veronica could be red. Old man boring can be blue because blue for boy or a purple because drag queen, it’s a very rich glamorous colour. I would bet on baby alter being yellow.

No. 198376

Omg nonny this is brilliant but don’t give her any ideas kek

No. 198378

why is she trying to get on a transformation show? Her outfits aren't even that "outrageous." I know she comes from a small town with a bunch of t shirt wearing normies, but she doesn't actually believe that her style is considered out-of-the-norm when all it is,is just colorful basics.

No. 198383

I really hope she's going to transform into her alters

No. 198392

File: 1645558279794.jpeg (28.93 KB, 219x320, 5AB7B16C-3EAD-431A-BD8F-9FAC2A…)

just posted.., what’s up with the darkness on her eyelid here?

No. 198416

Looks like the filter to me

No. 198420

Does this confirm piano emoji as an alter or fragment since it says blended Jillian, middle aged man and piano. Also the black eye filter looks like the eyes of that blend? Does she have appearances worked out for the fusions of alters? Some real Steven universe bs kek.

No. 198421

I am team her magic new therapy has given her false memories that she is a victim of her ex piano teacher. The alter just has to have a relation to that putting all the pieces together.

No. 198422


this isn't tinfoil or insanity, nonna. its literally psychologically proven that our understanding of self is formed by what we consume in life and through media. its not hard to believe jill would take themes from precure and believe those to be her true, authentic and original form of self representation. it just proves how brainwashed she is to never not ever take an objective look at her idea of self and life because she is so addicted to the "my life is a movie and im the star" level of narcissism

No. 198426

Does anyone else want sandwich to front. Since finding out it’s supposed to be a cat alter and she supposedly visibly acts like a cat, I want to see it so bad. There is no way she can pull it off well so I doubt she will show us but damn. Come on Jillian prove to us it’s legit.

No. 198427

in her last livestream she said all the alters look different from her, except the little who is apparently jill at age 6. i have no idea who the black eyes refer to, and if she signs off with the rainbow emoji i am double confused cause jills eyes are brown …does jill look "different" in the "inner world" ? kek this larp just keeps unraveling

No. 198428

im dying for sandwich to front

im also just so confused to all hell at how you supposedly can switch into an animal and BE an animal, despite being human and never having lived as anything besides human. just adds more bizarre and nonsensical richness to the larp

No. 198431

She isn’t even the wackiest with this, that wonderland system on tik tok had some bonkers ones. They claimed to have an alter over a thousand years old who is a monster. They claimed all kinds of fantasy races too and skeletons. I think we could be in for more out there choices in the future, she has already dipped her toes with a literal anime character, a cat and Jerrick has snake features like a snake tongue. She is also claiming trans and intersex alters which are also something she has never experienced.

No. 198432

dear god the intersex thing is such fuckery. its the same thing as pretending to have a down syndrome alter bc its chromosomal.

the wonderland system is like 16, right? for some reason for all the cringe tiktok teens i think theyll phase out of it. jill is about to be 24. such fucking immature behavior

No. 198435

Which alter is intersex?

No. 198436

>this isn't tinfoil or insanity, nonna. its literally psychologically proven that our understanding of self is formed by what we consume in life and through media.
Is this really true? do you have any articles or videos that prove it? Genuinely asking, this is very interesting and I wonder what this means for Jillian.

No. 198437

She hasn’t specified which one it is yet just that she has trans and intersex alters. Jerrick is trans but the way she said it made it sound like it wasn’t one alter that is both. Which, intersex people are considered trans by many.

No. 198438

Nayrt but look up social learning theory and behaviourism in general. School of thought that every behaviour is learnt.

Sage for offtopic

No. 198440

No problem nonna, it's called cultivation theory and there's lots of articles and studies on it. you can also read a book called "The Saturated self" by Ken Gergen.
>"he warned of an Orwellian world where technology might saturate human beings to the point of “multiphrenia,” a fragmented version of the self that is pulled in so many directions the individual would be lost."

There's also a really old philosopher called guy debord who wrote "the society of the spectacle" and its honestly a very hard read but talks about our selfhood being more and more devalued as society evolves.

No. 198441

NTAYRT, + sage for OT


here's an article specifically about consumer behavior/consumption i found interesting during my search about other anon's statement.

No. 198442

who is keeping a tally of the larp dissonance?

>jill can have a cat alter despite never being a cat

>jill can have a trans/intersex alter despite never been trans nor having any chromosomal issue
>jill can have alters that are older than she has lived
>jills cliffe alter is only 35 and 'doesnt know much about social media' despite the majority of 35-yo millennials being totally digitally fluent having lived through more of the digital age
>if cliffe was truly a 35 year old millenial he would be cheugy. like, harry potter fan and "derp" cheugy. however 'he' basically is gen-z trendy and uses gen z behavior and language
>cliffe was the 'most recent' alter but is also the 'protector' which is supposed to be the first alter formed
>jill used to 'switch without realizing' during appointments into a 15 year old jerrick but apparently can still drive fine despite jerrick being 15
>says she cant control switches but then suddenly can control them for 'serious' situations like the nword scandal

just off the top of my head, but there's plenty more.

No. 198443

She is also toying with the autism thing which, it’s a developmental condition so all the alters have it or none do. It’s literally a physical difference in your brain that you can’t change the same way being intersex is a physical thing.

No. 198444

A lot of the larpers claim to have alters that are ethnicities and belong to cultural backgrounds which are not their own. It’s the same thing again how would they have the life experience to inform that. Jill hasn’t explicitly said she has alters of other ethnicities but I suspect the flora anime character alter is supposed to be Japanese. Remember she would lie about her fluency in Japanese in the past.

No. 198445

How can people defend this shit? Identity politics are wack. I can't believe people are this crazy and naive.

No. 198446

File: 1645575249033.png (205.64 KB, 390x448, iouggugi.png)

Can someone please post this webm? she looks like a fat and retarded version of melanie martinez. That collar looks like ageplay shit.

No. 198449

In the UK you are legally required to tell the DVLA if you are diagnosed with a personally disorder.

Does anyone know if this is the same in her province?

>Imagine explaining that you got into an accident because the other driver switched to their cat alter.

No. 198450

what is this audio? it's so stupid

No. 198453

File: 1645581467858.webm (942.33 KB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 198459

You can tell she's past the age to be making dumb videos like these. Also typical consoomer Jillian over here.

No. 198461

That was so pointless. At this point I think adults shouldn't be allowed on tiktok

No. 198462

She's an unfunny moron, but her makeup looks a gazillion times more flattering than usual in this video.

No. 198463

It's disturbing how many adults need validation from kids/teens.

No. 198467

>jills cliffe alter is only 35 and 'doesnt know much about social media'

Isn't Veronica meant to be slightly older and also computer illiterate?
She thinks anyone older than 25 is like an old person struggling with a touchscreen.
Ironically most old people now are computer literate since they need to use apps for health and banking etc, so maybe her alters are just morons?

No. 198474

Veronica is ""21"".

>Isn't Veronica meant to be slightly older and also computer illiterate? She thinks anyone older than 25 is like an old person struggling with a touchscreen.

>Ironically most old people now are computer literate since they need to use apps for health and banking etc, so maybe her alters are just morons?

Nah, Jill's just a terminally online moron. She has the mentality of a 6 year old when it comes to age. Everyone older than her is considered old. Kek.

No. 198475

She looks exactly like Fluffy Kawaii Jo here and it's unnerving.

No. 198478

I wonder if she would seethe if you compared her to Melanie since she still thinks Melanie is a horrible abuser.

>She has the mentally of a 6 year old.
She would find that validating. she would be so proud that her little "alter" is constantly co-con.

No. 198488

File: 1645622064902.jpeg (419.2 KB, 750x1064, 7100FCD3-05D9-4401-898C-B79830…)

Wait what is this shit on her twitter now

No. 198489

File: 1645622147803.jpeg (395.25 KB, 750x1070, EE0BE610-35A4-436A-AC96-C45A1E…)

She’s really deep into autism and DID saga it’s tragic

No. 198491

>unironically thinks melanie didn't pay her friend off to take the accusations back
of course lolcow only thinks men are capable of that kind of think

No. 198495

Please don't start this shit again, take it to celebricows where it belongs.
It's happening, if she gets sick of playacting DID she'll hang onto the autism thing because it's a much easier LARP to just say she "had a meltdown at the grocery store" and buy more rubber toys. Mental illness fun without all the hassel of pretending to be anyone!

No. 198498

I definitely think she brought up the piano teacher with the express purpose of “uncovering” repressed memories of abuse. She’s not exactly subtle with her breadcrumb laying any other time

No. 198505

It's so transparent when some wacko like her shits on Melanie Martinez but then she does creepy shit herself. It's so obvious Jillian ageplays and the whole "I have a 6 year old inside me" is fucking disgusting.

She doesn't want to be her age it seems, she always wants to be younger with these alters. I wonder if she feels like time is running out and that she's a failure. There's so many implications to this, this is why she wants to relive her 6 year old self and her 13 year old self (and even a 21 year old alternate version of herself) but in a weird twisted way. Jillian, it is time to grow up and do something with your life. Your "I'm mentally ill" card won't work forever.

No. 198506

>it's a much easier LARP to just say she "had a meltdown at the grocery store" and buy more rubber toys.
I never believed she had autism and never will. This is just an excuse to not grow up and be a shitty adult. This is why so many tiktok kids claim autism now, because they don't want to be held accountable.

No. 198507

Imagine seeing autistic kids and adults and saying "ah yes that's totally me", stealing their illness as if it was a trend or new identity for her own benefit. Once the courtain closes and autism is no longer beneficial to her she will return to her usual narcissistic bitch self.

No. 198508

If I had a dollar for every privileged white girl desperate for attention online starting to larp as autistic I'd be rich.
- immediate "this is what it's like to live with autism" video full of false information
- suddenly has a bunch of tics, but they're all conveniently cute and quirky
- "fave stim toys" video while pretending she stims
- suddenly pretends to not understand sarcasm/idioms and uses that excuse to be a bitch to comments she disagrees with
- suddenly has sensory issues, but they're all conveniently minor
- denying accountability for past mistakes because "muh autism plz feel sowwy 4 me"

No. 198515

File: 1645644507574.jpg (593.13 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20220223-192731_Twi…)

No. 198517

File: 1645646418902.jpg (199.14 KB, 720x903, Picsart_22-02-23_20-57-16-377.…)

People here often say that she looks like Gipsy Rose but to me she's much more like Dee Dee tbh
>munchaussen queen
>creepy obsession with girly/kiddy stuff

No. 198523

Thanks anon this image will live in my nightmares

No. 198528

The ridiculous part is that even if she did get her coveted autism diagnosis, it’s not like it changes literally anything? She’s still very clearly able to function, so the level of her “autism” is obviously pretty mild.
But no, she’ll immediately start acting like she’s never understood social cues or been able to handle textures and shit, even though her entire brand is built on wearing shit purely for aesthetic over comfort

No. 198542

File: 1645659254848.gif (671.97 KB, 200x321, 7028321beda03f05404049800be3af…)

She is insufferable.

No. 198553

>Autismo pride
Just how she appropriated "queer" pride I'm assuming.

No. 198558

This. She really went off the deep end after she finished craft school and realized she doesn't have a future in fashion.

No. 198568


Omg Jill, having different interests doesn't mean you have DID. Being retarded, doesn't make you autistic.

I can't with this womanchild, I had hope I have to admit, but is now totally gone.

No. 198569

This is gross. Very gross. The cognitive dissonance of making a cute little childish picture for a mental illness that derives from repeated trauma during early child hood. I fucking hate these LARPers.

No. 198576

>The ridiculous part is that even if she did get her coveted autism diagnosis, it’s not like it changes literally anything

I'm sure she'll get the diagnosis she wants since she spends 100% of her time researching and practicing whatever behaviors are needed to pass the "test" (truly pathetic) but she specifically ""needs"" an autism diagnosis as a loophole to escape the fact she did not have any C-PTSD which is a requirement for DID, she intends to claim she had arrested development and her (self-caused) minor dating traumas and general BPD drama as a tween/teen were the "source" of her trauma and why she "started" "splitting"

The fact she clearly had normal development and is larping all of this will be ignored by the quacks, she never should have got the DID diagnosis and all the evidence she's faking is clearly displayed online, so I'm sure these doctors can be bought off and an autism diagnosis is small fry compared to signing off a healthy young woman with multiple personalities.

She focuses on Jerrick but since people are supposed to split due to trauma, this doesn't explain her 6 year old child alter, but she can just reabsorb/meld or whatever if it starts messing with her narrative.
But her options are autism diagnosis and claim of prolonged/delayed development (very false, evidenced by her own damn self posting her life online since she was a teen, autistic kids don't have the teenagehood she had, among all the other non-autistic behaviors she has documented)
Her other option is to fake an abuse story possibly with the easy scapegoat of the piano teacher or some other half-remembered figure from the past. But this could get her into a lot of legal trouble by pinning false accusations on real people, so the fake autism is the best case scenario.
Her life is really a trainwreck of her own making.

No. 198592

slightly ot but this reminds me of that art thief kenna girl who moved to japan and got a "severe autism" diagnosis despite her very obviously not being autistic at all, she started making videos visibly faking autism and people really did start to coddle her over it, so it's not impossible jills audience buys this shit and she'll be the new DID/autism representative while actual sufferers go unnoticed and ignored

starting to think going to therapy should require you to give the therapist access to all of your social media. if you're comfortable telling thousands of strangers online then you have no reason to hide it from the therapist, right?

No. 198593

Sage for blogpost& ot but ive been diagnosed autistic since 13 and it has never felt the way its always portrayed & kenna is the only one i see myself in and understand. Never seen her claim super severe tho, but shit does line up

No. 198596

Honey, kenna has lied about many things… i dont think she's actually autistic, i just think she's a pick me with a mild case of npd

No. 198598

kenna shows a lot of autistic traits, most of the shit pulltards made fun of are symptoms, her obsession with disney, only eating the same food over and over specially in her japan trip, the obsessively color graded instagram, even her apology disaster was quite autistic.
The only narcissistic thing about her is always thinking shes right which also common for autists and pretty notorious on Chris chan for example.
Also very telling she stopped being milky when she started getting therapy focused on autism after her diagnosis.

No. 198602

I was diagnosed at 13 too and I can agree Kenna was probably an autist chan as well. Female symptoms are so different and harder to pick up on than boys. We just pretend we’re normal and hope nobody picks up on it.

No. 198604

Ok how is this any different from Jillian then? Will she also go to autism therapy and stop being a fucking retard?

No. 198619

Even if she were to pin abuse to the piano teacher (which there wasn't any) she still would've been too old and the situation would not be severe and sustained long enough for her to develop DID from it anyways.

She's clearly just digging a deeper hole for herself, if even this thread knows more about how DID supposedly should work than she does

No. 198620

That’s why it’s extra ridiculous that Jill is trying to larp it, because she’s going hard on the stereotypical autism presentation when that’s not generally how females present. But of course it needs to be loud and observable to warrant any sympathy. I’m surprised she’s not just going for the stock standard ADHD dx, but I guess it’s on brand for her to have to got one step above everyone else

No. 198623

It wouldn’t surprise me if jill was doing what I’ve seen many munches on tiktok do, and revising the stereotypical male child symptoms in hopes of getting their diagnoses. If you were actually autistic wouldn’t you just let whatever symptoms you had show that, and not pretend to be obsessed with trains? I know psychologists can be biased but at that point you’re not playing up your actual symptoms you’re just making them up whole cloth.

No. 198628

Does she just want it for an excuse to never work? Like honestly once you're out of school what does having a diagnosis do if you're not going to work on yourself at all. Most jobs don't have accommodations unless you want to be like a Walmart door greeter or make $4 an hour through the programs that get actual disabled adults work. People won't be coddling her online in 10 years.

No. 198633

Come on, we literally all know that's the whole entire reason. The bitch does not intend to work, full stop.

No. 198644

she's too stupid to realize we don't have disability like the US does here.

No. 198651

The worst part is that she could have had somewhat of a career. She has enough fans willing to eat up anything she does and she had even more before this larp. She could have made shitty accessories or clothing and they would have been purchased. On top of that, she could have even made a fast fashion line and gotten even more money before her fake sustainability movement. She's just lazy and attention seeking. Having a somewhat popular brand and having kids eat it up could have been her path but she wouldn't have gotten that sweet attention from it she so desires.

No. 198652

The people on social media who succeed at those kind of ventures work their goddamn asses off. You don't get something for nothing. Jill did NOT stand a chance, even if she tried. This girl has shown exactly 0 work ethic. Her current LARP / strategy is the best she's got.

Watch out, Steevie. Marry this chick and you seal your fate. She knows precisely what she is doing.

No. 198658

>She has enough fans willing to eat up anything she does and she had even more before this larp. She could have made shitty accessories or clothing and they would have been purchased.

She has just under 31k followers. That is not enough to build a business off of, let alone live off of. And of course, she'd have to work for it.

No. 198660

what are you talking about? on youtube she has 237k. her views are just shit because no one wants to see her ramble about her diagnoses. they subbed for fashion content.

No. 198667

i used to be a fan starting in 2015 and i have to disagree that she never had a work ethic, there was a point during her senior year of high/gap year after that where she had 3 jobs as well as doing YouTube full time and posting multiple times a week. I was impressed by it at the time, now it just depresses me thinking how she probably wouldn’t be able to do 1/10 of that as a grown adult. Munchausen is one hell of a drug

No. 198669

People with etsy accounts and less than half her following make bank if they advertise themselves correctly. She has no excuse for not plying her trade somehow. She was just afraid of failure.

No. 198670

I used to respect her back then until I realized she was so full of mommy's money. I don't know why she worked at all, unless it was just for show.

No. 198672

this! she is absolutely afraid of failure but simultaneously obsessed with status.

No. 198680

Just curious at what jobs she had?(unsaged spoonfed)

No. 198686

>she had 3 jobs as well as doing YouTube full time and posting multiple times a week.
This literally never happened. The most she has ever had on her plate is a part time job, youtube, and high school at the same time. Plenty of teens can manage a job, school, and social media presence.

No. 198693

A candy store, Claire’s, and YouTube/ Etsy/ storefront

No. 198697

those jobs, craft class and a giant gap of unemployment. Congrats, Jill!
She'll leech off of Steebie and say she's too "disabled" to work kek.

No. 198706

The candy store and Claire's are the only jobs she actually had and maintained. When she was fist starting YouTube her uploads were too sporadic and view count too low to count it as a job and when she quit her job(s) to do it full time her uploads decreased. The Etsy store never came to fruition, she only had one or two t-shirt and one enamel pin (even then she didn't do a quality control check to see if all the pins were sellable) merch drop then never sold on the etsy ever again.

No. 198720

She wasn't working at the candy store and Claire's at the same time. Are you really coming on here to act like showing up to Claire's or a candy store one day a week is some sort of hard work most teenagers aren't capable of?

No. 198722

youtube subs aren't the same at all.

No. 198733

She was working both of them at the same time. Its the only thing I'll give her credit for is that she didn't sit on her ass for most of her gap years.

No. 198741

>People with etsy accounts and less than half her following make bank if they advertise themselves correctly.

You can make money selling products with no following but I've seen people with a couple k who are making good products/meeting demand who sell out instantly and make a living wage annually.
Even artists I follow who do like ten days work a year still sell out instantly and sell prints and stuff and make a few thousand a year.
Even a couple thousand of enthused fans is enough to make a decent annual wage, or even with 0 followers and good stock a store can make money. She sold those shitty cronchy collab dresses for $150 each or whatever they were shortly before the DID saga, so she knows she could continue on that path.
Jill's problem has been well documented in this thread but she basically has a terrible personality and lives off attention like oxygen, trying to have a successful, respected career was never the plan.

No. 198742

oh shit sorry for massive autist sperging but my time to shine as i was a pulltard lurker at the time, kenna did show some very mild symptoms such as… liking disney and wearing her socks inside out and being "quirky". She wrote herself she got diagnosed as "level 2" autistic (out of 3) which means it's a lot more severe than what used to be called aspergers, and bad enough that she would need substantial amounts of assistance at most/all times. She quickly and silently removed that text after people pointed it out and refused to ever talk about it. She would not have been able to get a diagnosis that severe without either straight up lying and faking it, or having a grossly incompetent person evaluate her. A person who is THAT autistic can't even mask enough to seem normal, they simply don't have the mental capacity for it.

Every other symptom claim of hers was VERY easily disproven by just looking at her past posts. I'm sorry to the anon(s) who related to her, but she was faking it all the whole time. And that's the danger of jill faking these illnesses too. There are actual autists, sufferers of DID, or trauma trying their best to advocate for their own rights, and along comes these attention hungry fakers to steal all of their representation through cute or pretty imagery and people just eat it up and leave the actual sufferers voiceless yet again.(derailing)

No. 198748

don’t wanna start any infighting or anything but autism isn’t an illness

No. 198790

Kenna is a 26 year old virgin who self admitedly is only attracted to cartoon characters and only leaves her house to watch disney movies and take photo.

Sure she probably fumbled her autism diagnosis reveal in traditional Kenna fashion but its impossible to ignore that she has always been a sperg, she has had her phases but her symptoms were always consistent, she couldnt have possibly faked almost a decade of disney obsession. If plenty of girls with autism say Kenna clearly has autism why is it so hard to believe it?

No. 198794

The Etsy store she had never really went anywhere, but I wanna point out that during her earlier YouTube career she had a storenvy where she sold pins, prints, and handmade accessories. That’s the stuff she would sell at her artist alley booths, too.

No. 198821

I don't really understand how she thinks she will making a living out of this. People will only care for so long, DID is a fad now just like it was on tumblr back in the day. She's trying to appeal to tiktok teenagers, they will grow up and move on. That's what happened to a lot of her old fans even when her content was actually appealing to a wider audience (hauls, fashion, vlogs). Perhaps if her style and grew with her age she would have kept some of those fans. So… is she just going to be perpetually changing her entire public presence to match what teens on tiktok are into? I don't think tiktok will last very long just quietly. Her fashion design resume is embarrassingly empty, each day that passes since she graduated it looks worse and worse for her getting a job. How is she going to explain that gap to any employer? Because she wasn't busy making good Youtube videos that's for sure. Does Canada have disability support or the dole or something and she's just planning to live off that forever?

No. 198824

Yeah we have disability support. It’s run by the provincial government so Im not entirely sure how hers would work. Earlier in the thread I’ve described how shit it actually is and how you’re better off finding a job if you’re able. You can’t leave the province or country for a certain amount of time, forced to buy a house with inheritance, and benefits don’t cover a lot.

No. 198825

Jill can wave goodbye to the idea of going to Japan for the 25th anniversary.

I can't even imagine her going if she could. She'd probably forget to vlog, need a chaperone, and get too sad realising A. she cant buy non sustainable things and B. the stuff she can buy, she is too fat to fit into. It'd be soul destroying for her.

No. 198854

I honestly don’t think she has a plan for how she’ll sustain herself going forward, because I think that’s exactly her issue. She’s so terrified of having to put herself out there into the adult world and do the things she’s built up for years (a fashion career) and having to be full self sufficient and self responsible that she’s created a safety blanket of excuses for why she doesn’t have to. She severely needs a decent therapist and the self awareness to address her attachment issues towards her childhood and refusal to grow up. The thought of having to be an adult is so upsetting to her that she’s literally created a reality in which she can be a teenager again when she wants to. I have no doubt that she’s full convinced herself that her coping mechanisms are more than just that. It’s honestly really tragic to watch, because she could be thriving

Sage for sad sperg

No. 198860

This, she is so coddled she has never really had to look out for herself properly. She must be scared of when the time will come for her parents to stop paying her way because she is young.

No. 198862

this is relevant for jill as well as kenna but a normal ass person can NOT diagnose themselves OR another person accurately. Doesn't matter if you watched 50 youtube videos and 100 tiktoks, you can not diagnose an extremely specific developmental disorder unless you are medically trained for exactly that. this kenna girl liked disney for years? so every boy who grew up loving football and eating hamburgers into adulthood is also an autist now? how is that logic not retarded? autism was previously used the same way kids now call themselves non-binary to feel special, were none of you ever on tumblr lmao

A bunch of autist kids online recognizing themselves in someone isn't proof that a person is autistic, like have you seen their autist headcanons, are all of those correct now too? hamilton was an autist, shrek was an autist your mom is an autist. this is literally why jill thinks she's got DID now, and will probably larp as an autist too in the near future

sage for literal autist sperg

No. 198886

File: 1645916853324.jpeg (48.66 KB, 750x250, 34113413-8CFB-47A3-996C-185D81…)

probably not but i’m half-hoping this is the troonouncement

No. 198887

Possibly the podcast announcement? or a 'return to youtube' If jill and him were smart they would have done a 'return to youtube video each and then shilled their podcast in it so "you never have to miss us again" or some gross fake thing

No. 198888

Everytime I come on here it's some loser getting angry that people they don't know got an autism diagnosis.

Who cares!!!! Also claiming a medical professional needs to diagnose you when Jill literally supposedly has diagnosed DID from a medical professional is the cognitive dissonance I would expect from y'all. It literally proves that medical professionals are still incompetent!

You could have literally just came on here and said you are against self diagnosis, shut the fuck up and left it at that. But instead you decided to virtually sick the dick of "medical professionals" in the guise of acting like you care about actual autist.

No. 198889

jill is not autistic stop crying

No. 198895

She wont be able to get disability money if she makes enough from youtube, they get really anal about any extra income so you if you "make too much" you dont get anything. It isnt even that much, its maybe like 1k a month so barely livable. Also she would loose it anyways if she did get married so long term its the worst position to be in.

Her ideal situation would be to have Stevie make money enough for her to not care about income and then have fun online acting these different characters. If he leaves her she is fucked.

No. 198896

Engagement also possible.(sage)

No. 198897

Can you read?

No. 198900

File: 1645924374524.jpeg (177.13 KB, 768x1024, AD6319BC-F901-4E61-AD6C-5E42EF…)

throwback to this already tacky little display not ageing well at all

sage for old milk

No. 198924

Is most likely just him saying that he's doing Roblox full time. If it was an engagement Jill would have posted on all of her social medias since she can't keep her mouth closed.

No. 198926


damn, stevie looks more feminine than jill here…(sage)

No. 198930

Maybe its something to do with his birthday, which should be today.

No. 198932

>claiming a medical professional needs to diagnose you when Jill literally supposedly has diagnosed DID from a medical professional is the cognitive dissonance I would expect from y'all.

Honestly seeing that Jill and others get diagnosed with DID when they are so clearly just regular degular mentally ill people with depression or BPD or whatever did reduce my faith in their legitimacy, however the anons talking about self-diagnosing and diagnosing others are right too.
Firstly not everyone is in a rational enough position to self-diagnose (say, a person who's having a panic attack and googling the symptoms) and diagnosing someone else who you don't know personally is obviously not possible.
Seeing small clips that person curated themselves tells you none of what happens in the other hours of the day, how they react to things or how they interactwith people are all telling.
Ideally a rational, calm person could self-diagnose something, but considering the loony bin of people we've been seeing online over the years I think self-diagnosis is not recommended and definitely not diagnosing others who you don't know. There's way too many conflicting factors such as social contagion and attention-seeking which come into play especially with influencers.

No. 198934

I think we should all just accept that it is possible to shop around and pay for any diagnosis you want pretty much as long as you have the cash. There is always a doctor willing to sell if you are willing to pay. We just need to accept that and that claiming she is diagnosed doesn’t really mean anything other than she had time and money and move on.

No. 198937

This is a retard take. A person suffering from what she is pretending to suffer from wouldn't be able to hide that for a decade of documenting their behavior online.

No. 198959

I’m sure she would prefer for Steebie to support her but if he troons out and leaves her she could always move back in with her parents and live off them. A few years ago I would’ve said this would be too embarrassing for her to aim for but it would actually be very appropriate for her current trajectory. What’s more stereotypically (male) autistic than living in your mom’s basement?

No. 198961

AYRT, Agreed.
I don't think you read it right, I don't believe she has DID but as established, she paid for the diagnosis, however that doesn't mean self-diagnosing suddenly becomes a better choice, it just means there are plenty of quacks you can buy off. A specialist still knows more than Mary on her iphone, that's just a fact. Jill is still fake as fuck though.

No. 198963

File: 1645986077882.jpeg (204.73 KB, 827x1480, A3CD19D4-0344-4577-B3FA-F54E0C…)

Saved for extreme lack of milk. This was the ‘important tweet’. He’d replied under the first one a originally saying “I’ll reply to this in exactly a year”

It would’ve been mildly clever if he hadn’t get the need to hype up his dumb joke before hand

No. 198965

bruh, i can't even treat spongebob as a light-hearted nostalgic tv show from my childhood because of obnoxious and painfully unfunny characters like him and shatna. so many seasons of the show over 20+ years, yet they run the same overused jokes into the ground because they refuse to get a personality.

No. 198982

File: 1645996731726.jpg (91.3 KB, 1280x720, lucu08_063.jpg)


No. 199010

File: 1646025666750.jpeg (163.74 KB, 582x456, FC0BF8D9-E4A6-4A0F-BB81-3B84FD…)

surely she must have noticed how crunchy her pfp on tiktok is right now, her mother would be ashamed Jilly

No. 199023

I will never understand why she likes and uses this picture, the way her face is contorted she legitimately looks like the grinch.

No. 199024

It reminds me of those campy intro's to competitive tv shows; like cupcake wars and various other food themed ones where they make too many puns; except with none of the production value or follow through

No. 199031

Her stance and expression in this picture has always reminded me of someone coming home and seeing that their dog shit on the floor

No. 199053

I assume she looks like the dog in that metaphor

No. 199056

You nonnies making me kek hard, thank you

No. 199075

File: 1646082422657.jpg (71.15 KB, 490x700, Wxp4v.jpg)

No. 199105

File: 1646105441392.png (444.18 KB, 1080x1943, Screenshot_20220228-203025-627…)

No. 199107

File: 1646106724540.jpg (265.81 KB, 1080x783, Hmmmmm.jpg)

I looked up what a "sexual protector" is and uh… what lmao. So she has an ethot alter that tries to instigate sexual abuse to feel more "in control" of a situation… so theoretically her ethot alter could be subjecting her retarded baby alter to sexual shit/trying to instigate sexual abuse while the baby alter could be co-conning? Interesting. This is all fake of course but it's funny seeing the stupid shit she spews.

No. 199114

Wait what? An alter can’t be an ANP and an EP, it’s one or the other. Where is she getting this from?

No. 199117

I lost braincells trying to read this. Shit like this makes me miss Tumblr otherkin.

No. 199118

You know DID lingo? Anon, love yourself please

No. 199119

"Apparently normal parts (ANP) are the rational, present-oriented, and grounded parts of the individual that handle daily life or, in the case of dissociative identity disorder (DID) and so multiple ANP, aspects of daily life."

"Emotional parts (EP) are the parts of the personality that represent the dissociation or that contain the traumatic materials (memories of the trauma, internalized beliefs and perceptions, learned responses, etc). EP are often drawn forth by reminders of the trauma and may not experience much of everyday life. Because of this, they might be far less developed than ANP."

anp seems to mean the ones that 'act normal' and ep mean the ones that are just strong emotional reactions. which even by this dumb logic doesn't make any stupid sense. how is the co-host, which would mean out most of the time, sort of 'running the show' in terms of jill's life, how would he be an EP? how would the protectors (isn't that, within the context of DID roleplay bullshit, alters that come out to protect from things? to be the one that experiences and remembers the abuse and deals with those situations?).. for this to make even a lick of sense, EVEN within the context of the retarded fake mental illness roleplay she's doing, she would have to actively be in the abusive situation.

how can one woman be so fake-confident while so so clearly an idiot??

No. 199120

>>199118 NTAYRT but it's easy shit to Google. DIDtards love to post about it like it's the only hobby they have.
jillian doesn't even follow the lore of her larp, it's kind of hilarious how bad it is. if i didn't know better, i'd think shes a troll

No. 199121

Sandwich is non verbal? I thought the only sign of sandwich fronting is that she got on the ground and meowed at her cats…?

No. 199127

Is piano a non verbal Fragment then? You would think if it was related to the pedo teacher it would be more than a fragment. I don’t understand the levels of trauma like sandwich is her moving out feeling like a stray cat trauma. If each alter is developed from a single trauma incident which seems to be what she is going for then what are they all. Veronica is a sexual trauma so I guess Uma or when she was fake lesbian and mystery girl wanted to be physical. Jerrick is self harm and fake ana. Flora used to be a fragment but is now a full alter? I’m confused sorry for rambling kek.

No. 199129

It also makes no sense for Veronica to be an ANP. “Sexual protectors” are EPs because they’re the ones that hold all the sexual trauma and are created to front when dealing with a sexually abusive situation. Sexual protectors being EPs is like DID 101. Once she reads all this and sees how much she got wrong, she’ll backtrack and say something like this was just her best guess, but now her therapist has relabeled them.

No. 199134

Veronica can't be about Uma. Jill was much younger than 20 when they had a "relationship" and it was never physical

No. 199136

Don't the other major DID youtubers like Multiplicity claim they can be both? I watched a few of her videos as a primer when Jill started this shit to see where the LARP might go and that girl said she and I think at least one of her alters were both

No. 199140

Are these terms from well researched peer reviewed information or just shit being said online on a site with a .org? A lot of this DID stuff online seems to be sourced incorrectly by the larpers and repurposed to mean something else entirely. Not to mention the grifters coming out of the woodwork with their desire to raise awareness and just support these poor misunderstood marginalized people and oh if you want to donate here’s their cashapp.

What Jill and others are doing reminds me so much of tumblr culture. Everything that triggers them is in their bio and there are special terms for certain triggers (and by triggers I mean vague discomfort or normal shit no one wants to see like gore). There are otherkins who have rules of engagement and no they really ARE that character from that anime. It just seems like the escalation of individual exceptionalism, and they must be exceptional because look at how many people engage with their online persona! So their online persona must be who they are because that’s who people like? But who they are irl isn’t like that at all so they must be two people right!? She and many others need to get off the fucking internet in a social capacity and get a life in the real world.

No. 199148

Did she confirm when Veronica was formed? Cliffe is older than Jillian, she has established she can form alters older than herself hence veronica could have been formed at any time regardless of age.

No. 199152

Anything regarding DID should be taken with an entire shaker of salt. Even peer review papers could include some of those psychs that enable this shit rather than helping their patients through trauma.

No. 199165

File: 1646162117241.png (91.64 KB, 802x780, cowcrossover.png)

There's this popular youtuber called Schmoxd that just today at 1am uploaded some videos about joining the NFT craze. His other videos are all about being artsy, crafty, and resorceful, so there's obviously some backlash in his comments going on at the moment.

Enter Pixie the "sustainability queen", being hypocrital as ever. I laughed at this comment
>there is no point in trying to justify yourself to people like pixie. she knows it all, she knows whats best for the environment, and if you hold a different opinion, she'll disagree and completely downplay everything you say to make herself feel better.
Also, Schmoxd at some point mentions how he feels like he's having dissociative identity disorder as of late and Jillibean didn't mention it, wild.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpY9X-yCgkw Here's the vid for anyone interested. I just find it very retarded and hypocrital how she wants to police others when her sustainability act is far from perfect.

No. 199166

>veronica the sexual protector
Just say that you act retarded when you're horny Jillian, you really don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

No. 199167

File: 1646162359423.png (250.2 KB, 596x396, vegbege.png)

I'm going to take the emoji ban just to once and for all post this shit here

>Here’s and up-to-date list of the symbols my selves and I use to show who’s typing online 🥰💖

>🌈 Jillian | 23, she/they

>🐍 Jerrick | 14-16, he/him
>🔥 Veronica | 21, she/her
>♣️ Cliffe | 35, he/him
>🍓 [Little, name currently withheld] 4-6, she/her
>🌸 Flora | 18, she/her

This is the list of alters (please mods don't delete, this is crucial to the cow's milk). Also she updated her info to "we are pixie".

No. 199168

File: 1646162459041.png (15.45 KB, 590x120, efbgefgefe.png)

I hope people on youtube call her out for how hypocrital she is.

No. 199169

She is a MEGA fucking consoomer and yet she's gonna bitch about nfts… okay Jillian.

No. 199171

"Small lady" is such a weird fucking name. I don't know why it icks me out more than "little" giving the connotations with the latter.

No. 199173

Small lady is the name of a sailor moon character so it could be bc of that but yeah it sounds stupid

No. 199174

Here’s a thought jilly, why not feature some starving artists on your channel and promote them to your audience base? Or do some of them not deserve it because white content creators don’t bring in those sweet woke points?
She has money and access to money so why isn’t everything she owns bespoke and created by solo artisans? It would be slow going getting all the custom pieces but a lot more sustainable, a lot more supportive to the creative community. Instead she has to comment and try to drag them down to make herself look better.

No. 199177

Yeah, my first thought was that she got it from Sailor Moon because of her magical girl uwu thing

No. 199181

What happened to removing all the aave from your vocabulary? Pretty sure using musty like that counts as aave

No. 199188

File: 1646178663999.png (23.09 KB, 792x164, efbgefgefe.png)

>sorry bud I'm unsubscribing

No. 199189

File: 1646178874541.png (11.1 KB, 724x90, efbgefgefe.png)

also, tranny followers coming in

No. 199193

god what a hypocritical bitch. how much shit from ikea and plastic anime trash do you have in your house, Jill? at least an NFT doesn't fill a landfill when the person doesn't want it anymore

No. 199220

File: 1646191315788.jpeg (667.6 KB, 1170x1536, A4D4CF20-F7DF-4679-B16E-26D812…)

Uh oh “jerrick” is at it again

No. 199223

Jerrick is definitely a transman alright kek this is some very female tumblresque sadposting.

No. 199225

I think he’s deleted her comment kek
As much as I actually agree with her regarding NFTs, she can fuck right off with the hypocrites bs. She’s still a hyper consumer, she just doesn’t have the disposable income she once had because she’s actually got bills now.
Not to mention she’s hardly one to talk when she very recently let Steve promote fucking Soviet communism of all things in a video

No. 199229

She has a point here, but I don't know why she justified it by saying random nonsense. I hate these people who talk exclusively in memes and in Jill's case, baby speak. Why even bother getting into internet fights if you can't form a coherent sentence? All she had to say was that NFTS generate waste their entire lives while one shirt is just made and done. But she couldn't stand to say anything online without using a meme format?

No. 199230

Is this just her trying to put the blame on Jerrick for the racist shit knowing full well that she's the one at fault? I hope she's miserable, honestly. She should've stayed off the internet for good, maybe go outside and talk to a normal human being for once and wipe the clown makeup off her face.

No. 199234

from the way this is worded it just sounds like Jill got in an argument for either cutting or excessive consumption of her vices.
>I'm not trying to hurt the body. i am a person who is hurting, in this body.
nice 2012 tumblr post Jilly. Hold your self accountable instead and discuss how you use weed and drinking as unhealthy coping mechanisms to your therapist.

No. 199242

Do people ever call actual children "littles"? I thought it was just a fetish term. Why is she using it here?

No. 199243

No it’s just a DID thing

No. 199244

She even relished in her fake DID being an excuse to buy more crap. The soviet communist stuff, I would pay money to have her and Steve try and explain on the spot what is in the communist manifesto or any of the other relevant texts. They are both just idiots who saw memes on Twitter and base their whole knowledge on the topic on those memes. No real knowledge or critical thinking involved. You just can’t view and promote that stuff without using a critical lense and understanding the often horrific past behind it. Ignore all the genocide because haha Twitter comrade meme is all they know.

No. 199250

What a delusional comment

No. 199251

I’m probably ignorant to the way nfts work but how do they generate waste? Theyre digital images, the only thing they could possibly consume surely is just power and is it really that much different to if people were just posting generic content and posting it online? I thought bitminers were the hyper consuming part of crypto shit because they’re a massive power suck, I would think NFTs were a more sustainable option.

No. 199253

The transactions are on blockchains just like crypto, absolutely not sustainable in any way.

No. 199256

nonnas, there are carbon neutral nfts. reminder that your efforts in fighting for sustainability should be against the top 25 emitting companies that account for 85% of the emissions, and not nfts which are probably less than 1% cumulatively.

plus regardless of how you feel its fucking hilarious to me that jill wont "touch them with a 10 foot pole" honestly, good. she should stay away. she doesnt deserve any cut of crypto profit in this early stage and can continue to live in her own fantasyland.

jill benefitted from web2 in building her cult of confettifucks but in the transition to web3 will be her downfall. we're entering the democratization of web and she's not smart enough to keep up or change her ways and platforms.

No. 199257

honestly nfts are all scams, but she doesn't sound like she knows that. most of them are shill inflated so the only one making money is the creator.

No. 199260

Exactly, I feel like people hate NFTs because it's trendy, it's not like they understand how it works anyway. Like just say they're a scam, no need to be pretend to be some morally superior anti consumerist

No. 199261

Go take your nft shilling elsewhere, crypto is just the stockmarket on speed, it's not the future any more than being trans or DID is the future.

Jill just copypasted an opinion from somewhere (Stevie?) because since when did she have opinions about art and tech. Her opinion is out of date anyway as it has now surmised the incredible amount of art and music theft with crypto and creators who support it are considered fools. Her opinion is from 2021 sometime when the general public were more concerned about the environment.

Also nft shills are the worst, they will bombard anyone mentioning it with abuse in their thousands, so much to hate about this shit kek sustainability is merely one of the problems with this.

No. 199266

A broken clock can be right twice a day. NFTs are scams and anyone with a lick of sense would avoid them. What I want to know is the state of sobriety our little dumpling goes into her hypnosis meetings. Surely being hungover / in the post dregs of a good high would influence one's state of being?

From personal experience, a hangover can amplify a lot of bad emotional states. Surely being on a cocktail of meds would include regular discussions with an actual medical professional like a doctor?

No. 199270

it is both an DID community thing (gross) and a DDGL thing (even more gross) and my best guess is both things interwine a lot because the DID community is full of liars.

No. 199271

>jill benefitted from web2 in building her cult of confettifucks but in the transition to web3 will be her downfall. we're entering the democratization of web and she's not smart enough to keep up or change her ways and platforms.

What does this mean? Please explain, I have no idea what this means.

No. 199272

The point here wasn't the NFTs themselves but the way Jillian feels like SHE should be the voice of sustainability and now polices others when she herself has bought fast fashion for ages and continues wasting her money on unnecesary things. She shouldn't stand any moral high ground when she herself is hypocrital.

No. 199275

anon is a retard who huffs cryptobro farts, hope this is helpful to you.

No. 199287

She probably does go in half cocked then just lies about it. She will have lied about this consumption in the first place because no one would diagnose a stoner with DID. She probably says it’s autism burnout.

No. 199295

File: 1646257348213.png (167.65 KB, 1080x502, Screenshot_20220302-144134-787…)

Jillian what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 199296

So her fake DID is getting worse? Tardbux saga incoming.

No. 199297

The guy in the video uses Solana, which is carbon neutral. It doesn't use proof of work but proof of stake, it's almost exactly the same as uploading an image to twitter in terms of energy usage.

NFTs are fucking stupid, but not as stupid as Jill.

No. 199298

you don't get that kind of welfare in canada for this.

No. 199308

It doesn’t mean anything. It just means that OP spends too much time circle jerking with the other crypto bros on r/wallstreetbets

No. 199309

>>199220 oh shut up, jill. you're obese and do too many drugs. i'd be miserable in that body too. you treat it like shit. sage for angry sperg but her decline in physical health is definitely related to her decline in mental health and it's so aggravating.

No. 199310

dropped my sage

No. 199325

As if her promoting single use plastic shampoo with a green washed message was sustainable. She’s in no position to school others.

No. 199327

Just my thoughts too. Weird how her imaginary illness is getting worse after starting therapy huh. Weird how none of that used to happen just a few years ago.

No. 199334

Doesn’t this just mean she is having violent mood swings since Jerrick is her anger and flora is her happy.

No. 199344

File: 1646318099548.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1284x1188, ADBB5A4D-2C65-44DD-93A0-D7AE35…)

Sage bc no milk but I saw someone on tumblr post this cake and it made me think of Jill. Is this just what the kids are doing these days? I wonder if she’d make another cake for her own autism dgx she’s working towards.

No. 199345

Do we still really think she's going to get the diegnosis. But unless she's improving her lying skills and studying retardation hard enough it's not going to happen if she still things autism=permanent toddler syndrome

No. 199348

At the end of the day there’s nothing good about being a tard. She’s crippling herself so kawaii YouTubers can steal her fans. What a sacrifice.

No. 199352

File: 1646326224418.jpeg (390.71 KB, 828x1040, 58E9EBF0-E785-4507-896A-1F6C14…)

I’ll believe it when I see it, Jill

No. 199368

Fuck me nonnie. I'm surprised if we see the first alter video before summer.

No. 199371

>A new era is coming!!!
I hope your DID rebranding fails you fucking narcissistic retard. I hope everyone unsubscribes to you and then they cancel you for misinformation, and then you end up in a dumb "what happened to pixielocks" video made by a retarded zoomer with fortnite clips in the background. You had everything to succeed even if you found out that you're useless at sewing, you had a clear YouTube branding and you had the views and you just had to put some effort into making interesting videos. But you opted for the most retarded path ever, you truly think you can be a voice for the mentally ill but this is SO OBVIOUS that you're doing it for the money and bragging rights. I hope you fade it into obscurity and never come back. All you have in your sad little life is your narc outbursts, your weed highs, and Steve's cock that gives you constant UTIs. It's not too late to go back Jilly, you are young. But my best bet is you will continue well into your 30s until you realize you are an obese, brain damaged, substance addicted, attention craving, saggy and balding sad and lonely womanchild.

No. 199372

My thoughts exactly. Typical BPD/NPD emotional outbursts. She's happy and then violent. I hope she ends up alone.

No. 199373

Came across this video and it really reminded me on the relationship between Jillian and her therapist. Some therapists really are stubborn on their bogus magical thinking and proving they're right, going so far as to gaslight you. One of the examples in the video even goes so far as to try to convince their client that their family was abusive when they knew they clearly weren't. Very recommended watch.

No. 199377

When it comes to Jillian's supposed DID I just think, how convenient that this diagnostic impression (not full on diagnosis) comes in a time when she most benefits from it. She can blame all her violent outbursts on it for example, and then keep the positive persona, instead of actually working on her issues and figuring out that her emotions are only hers. But she wants to live in a fantasy I guess. Funny how even though there's no sign of DID in her past videos she came with the diagnostic impression in the middle of a trendy TikTok DID wave.

No. 199386

They are changing the DSM 5 again in a way that is negative but that might hold her back. Part of the reason given is that autism is now over diagnosed which you can have feelings either way about that. I would look at is as people like Jillian have now successfully actively harmed real autistic people with their play acting. People with Tourette’s have also already been harmed by this stuff. You have to wonder when these people will stop, are physical disabilities next.

No. 199388

Genuine questions: how is dsm5 gonna change and how are people with tourettes already damaged?

No. 199393

ntayrt, but tards on tiktok have been vieweing tourette's content, among other things, at an increased rate, which hs caused an uptick in tourette's diagnosis, but the strange thing is that all of these young people are having the exact same tics in the exact same way, doctors attribute it to mass delusion. Aparently viewing lots of mental health content of a certain disorder may make you start to think you have it… If you're retarded of course

No. 199408

not that anon, but from what i understand, they're going to lump everyone by symptoms rather than disorder. This sucks because people who can't focus are gonna be lumped together no matter if they have ADHD, drug addiction, or depression. The idea is to "demedicalize" mental illness, which is upsetting when you consider that there is a lot of scientific basis for it, just no one can afford mris or real psychiatrists so we're going back to just. guessing shit and taking people's word for it. On the other hand, people might have their peers interviewed more about their symptoms, which holds more weight than people just making up shit.

No. 199413

>they're going to lump everyone by symptoms rather than disorder.
What? Isn't that like, counter intuitive to what a therapy should help achieve?

No. 199414

>"demedicalize" mental illness
This is the opposite of what the world needs lol.

No. 199421

They’re going to demedicalize… medical conditions? Wot

No. 199427

Please link your sources anon because this sounds unironically crazy. I can see it being an attempt to fight the fact mental illness is TRenDy and people treat them like collector cards, but categorizing by symptoms is absurd for the reasons you stated.

No. 199429

It means we have a bunch of very broke ppl on this board who do not have a stake in web3 (poors)(sage your shit, retard)

No. 199430

>>199386 sources? The anti-psychology and the mad pride movement arent sources, those tards have been around since the 80

No. 199432

NTA but western autists who are high functioning tend to be extremely arrogant about autism being some kind of evolutionary trait and not a disabling illness. i've seen a lot of bitching from them to change it to savantism officially or something.

No. 199434

>Savant syndrome is a rare condition in which someone with significant mental disabilities demonstrates certain abilities far in excess of average. The skills that savants excel at are generally related to memory. This may include rapid calculation, artistic ability, map making, or musical ability.

Ok but where the fuck do the sonic furfags fit in this equation

No. 199435

Let alone Jill kek the fuck would she be a savant at? Worlds best mediocre youtuber?

No. 199437

One of the problems with this whole thing is that repetition can trigger a tic. It doesn’t happen every time but if someone with Tourette’s hears or sees something over and over they can develop a tic from that. Tourette’s actually falls under the OCD umbrella which is in the DSM 5. Another issue that people like Jill have caused is the huge rise in fake service dogs which is incredibly dangerous for real disabled people who’s service dogs can save their lives, that might sound like an exaggeration but it’s really not. It may sound extreme but what is a fun larp for this privileged rich coddled mommy’s girl is contributing to extreme problems for real disabled people and she is inciting more young people to join in with her. This is more dangerous when she has a platform with a lot of kids. If you see this Jill you can still stop before you spiral further and have blood on your hands.

No. 199440

it's this article https://www.wired.com/story/mental-health-psychiatry-diagnosis-dsm/
I'm still reeling from it and how little people are discussing it considering how batshit it sounds. But we should probably stop derailing.

No. 199441

File: 1646389035836.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1452x1576, 5AC638E0-A21D-452D-9039-CD37A8…)

I didn’t see anyone post this yet but it’s a tik tok also posted on Twitter talking about her stupid emotion wheel. Her demeanour the whole way through is so telling, she is so excited and just relishing talking about how ill she is. She is just so excited to tell the world about her “laundry list of issues”. It’s actually unhinged. She talks about how Jerricks default in all situations is to want to commit suicide and the way she talks about it and how the little wheel stops it makes it clear she has never had real ideations.

No. 199444

Is she trying to look like gypsy rose on purpose at this point.

No. 199447

> Jerricks default in all situations is to
want to commit suicide and the way she talks
about it and how the little wheel stops it
makes it clear she has never had real

Fuck me, did I die and wake up in 2012 Tumblr?

No. 199448

Check out r/BIID on reddit.
I fucking hope it becomes the new trend.

No. 199449

Nonna, I hate you for sending me there

No. 199450

File: 1646406555881.png (12.75 KB, 693x135, Screenshot (381).png)

>>199448 samefag. It's amazing

No. 199451

Imagine living with her, you cook her tendies wrong and Jerrick comes out screams at you and tells you he is going to kill himself kek.

No. 199452

The real joke is that BIID is more valid than Jillian because those people are legitimately broken in the head and do get voluntary amputation or force situations where it is necessary. Nothing Jill does has any real world consequences for her and she lives a privileged comfortable life while saying all this nonsense.

No. 199457

I feel so bad for this boy's parents

No. 199458

Please someone post the webm here so we don't give this retard any more views. Thanks!

No. 199459

Ugh, this look is barf inducing. She looks like a giant fucking toddler and she wants to teach me how to feel/think? what a retarded fiasco. No one who looks like that should be listened to.

No. 199460

KEKKKK I see it

No. 199463

She says that people could use her wheel but again she doesn't specify that it's made for her to process negative emotions. She implies it but she needs to tell her audience straight up if she's going to try to be a mental health guru.

It won't because there are along term consequences to that illness. At least with faking things like BPD or DID when you self harm (like in Jill's case) you get shallow scars so when people see them they think your a tragic heroine. BIID is too extreme to fake for clout since if you willingly tell people you want to become crippled they'll bombard you calling you abelist or whatever.

No. 199489

File: 1646437309631.jpeg (262.1 KB, 828x610, B462B478-1B7A-44FA-B7A2-2C7825…)

No. 199490

File: 1646437458202.jpeg (639.16 KB, 828x1470, CB565646-C695-4A2A-93DF-0FA39F…)

Also Jill posted a (most likely drunk) dancing video

No. 199512

File: 1646444094940.webm (1.57 MB, 540x960, dance.webm)

Here's the webm for anyone who doesn't wanna go to tiktok

No. 199513

File: 1646444626527.webm (13.13 MB, 540x960, amnesia.webm)

And after >>199512 she posted another video an hour ago about "DID symptoms that have negatively impacted her life", specifically amnesia. Basically she uses her DID to justify being a shitty, flaky friend that forgets about plans and ignores messages. She says that the reason why she's so open about her DID on social media is so she can let people know that it's not her fault for ignoring them.
It's so blatantly obvious she wanted these diagnoses to use as a shield to protect her from any adult responsibilities. But we all knew that from the start.

No. 199522

"How do you know you forgot something if you don't remember?" literally fucking… asking yourself what you did yesterday it's really not that hard? I swear she has regular, boring depression + anxiety (i still believe she has bpd but i know anons go back and forth on that). but she refuses because it's not special enough. How hard is it to just tell someone "Hi I'm having a bad day but I'll respond when I feel better." instead of pretending like you just didn't exist at that time. I fucking hate this chick.

No. 199523

You could just message your friends and tell them your very serious and incredibly rare disorder if you're worried about it. The real question was why does the world need to know?

No. 199525

How do you forget to talk to your friends for "months"? How would you not reach out first and then see you missed messages? What a pathetic excuse.

No. 199527

What she's describing in this video is really common to people with anxiety. It doesn't help that you can tell that she's lying when she's saying that she doesn't remember.

No. 199532

Not to mention the fact that she’s constantly drunk or high? Like? Of course you forget to text people back etc, because you’re self medicating and wallowing in a depression slump while off your face

No. 199537

This is such a bullshit excuse, she is constantly on social media. Posting at least once each day to twitter and replying to her friends on there in an instant.

Jill you just have anxiety. Not major, just regular.

No. 199538

I can't get over how unbelievably dumpy and ugly she is. 3yrs ago it was just "LOL she dresses funny, let's point and laugh" and now it's actually seriously revolting. she looks like she smells

No. 199539

The lyric “I’m gay but I’m straight” is perfect for her. She is so painfully heterosexual and she tries so hard it’s hilarious.

No. 199540

They should add ‘shit at texting back’ to the DMS5 and, then maybe jill will finally get a correct diagnosis.

No. 199559

>Sorry, my 35 year old alt took over and he only knows how to use a rotary phone. crying emoji×5

No. 199563

This, that part made no sense

No. 199566

It's normal to not talk to friends for months when you are a normal adult with responsibilities. Jill sits on her ass all day doing nothing, she has no excuse. I get being anxious sucks but you have to deal with it head on. It's not like she's working 40-60 hrs a week, raising kids, taking care of elderly parents, doing rigorous studying / school work, or anything else the average adult has to deal with. She sits on her ass, shoving her face, not making videos, and not talking to friends. Just her and Steebie sitting in their rainbow vomit house all day, doing nothing for the world. It's no wonder she's depressed and anxious, it only gets harder to get back into the real world with real people the longer she lives like this.

No. 199576

>i though it was just really severe anxiety
fuckkk, i can't stand this overuse of the term "severe". everyone and their dog thinks their anxiety or depression is "severe". jillian, ignoring your bestie's message is not SEVERE anxiety. a mental illness is severe when you are unable to leave the room and go to a fucking bathroom on a daily basis, when you're experiencing gore and rape flashbacks from war trama or sexual abuse you endured as a six year old, not when you are procrastinating on responding to a fucking text. jfc, sorry for the retarded sperg, but it's so hard to keep from a-logging with people who think out of 8 billion humans on earth they have the special brand worst of the worst

No. 199579

File: 1646505840769.jpeg (234.82 KB, 828x521, EBC82534-810C-49EE-A48F-2DE5D9…)

For anon’s who were right about DID just being something she turns on and off when it’s convenient for her, look no further than this post. Of course she is 1# DID influencer advocate until in gets in the way of her birthday party that is all about her and not other DID larpers

No. 199581

Will we see the return of multiple presents because she is multiple people uwu. It’s so like her to magically have an illness that means she can be more spoilt and demand more presents.

No. 199589

>yayyyyyyyyyyyyy be aware of me (sunglasses)
Jill, no! Don't say the quiet part out loud!

No. 199592

>>yayyyyyyyyyyyyy be aware of me (sunglasses)
lmao attentionwhoring narc

No. 199593

>be aware of me
Don't you mean "we" silly jillybean? lol she can't even do this shit right kek

No. 199594

If Jerrick is his own angsty person how come he hasn't come here to this thread and try to debunk us kek

No. 199597

It'll happen eventually, when (she) he's not busy trying to kill himself since that's his 'default emotion'… or not blasted off his ass from weed and wine

No. 199601

Shouldn’t it be ‚be aware of US‘ then??

No. 199611

Honestly I'm surprised she hasn't reintroduced "traumaversery" into her vocab and given all of the alters specific birthdays to maximize gifts and attention.

No. 199617

File: 1646529044210.jpeg (654.74 KB, 828x1215, 27B774C7-A622-4F90-8060-93CD7E…)

Calling it now she’s going to called the vlog “my first birthday with DID” or something like that

No. 199623

File: 1646532375936.webm (1006.69 KB, 1280x720, twitter_20220305_165020.webm)

This bitch made a jeopardy game about herself for her friends to play.

No. 199624

is it creepy to anyone else that her mom keeps buying her children's toys like she's some kind of reborn doll?

No. 199625

Steebie looks closer and closer to trooning out with each appearance.

No. 199626

Kek this is what I was about to post. The hair and the headband scream troon.

No. 199627

He looks like a lesbian librarian at a Catholic school. Wtf

No. 199634

lol nonita please don't say that, she-vie would probably love it.

No. 199635

thank you anon I am DEAD

No. 199637

File: 1646538414540.png (195.05 KB, 450x293, Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 10.4…)

The categories kek

No. 199640

How narcissistic. Kek. Does She watch Friends? It feels like she took inspiration from the apartment bet episode. Can't choose between pixie system or mental health as my favorite category. I'd have to see the questions.

No. 199641

literally more than half of these categories relate to her “mental illness” in some way. is she not embarrassed that being fake mentally ill is her entire identity?

No. 199644

If I went to a friend's birthday party and they wanted me to answer trivia about them being an "influencer", I would decide then and there that the friendship was over. How boring and self-involved.

No. 199647

File: 1646543887516.png (91.68 KB, 232x220, firefox_mvnQrhgBqb.png)

nightmare fuel

No. 199648

Who fucking does this about themselves?! The only thing I could even fathom something like this happening and it being mildly acceptable would be at like a bachelorette party where the questions were about the bride or something. She is so fucking self obsessed it’s incredible. Get a hobby Jill good god

No. 199651

It’s seriously weird, a normal mom would tell her kids to grow up already.

No. 199656

how delusional, self centered, attention whoring and narcissist must you be to make a fucking thing like this. Imagine being her friend, must be a nightmare. Constantly having to walk on eggshells, having her as the center of attention all times, having to clap whenever she does shit like this, and feeling like a personal army of followers to a washed out nobody. Not to say, this is so boring. She already talks about herself all the time, can she at least entretain her guests in a way that DOESN'T involve her or her interests, like, constantly? Honestly I feel bad for her friends. They are not only weak and dumb to befriend a narcissistic lovebombing bitch like Jillian, but they have to pull up with her constant mental illness larp. People like her are destined to end up alone.

No. 199657

File: 1646554838778.png (17.79 KB, 1161x89, 121.png)

Damn… almost a decade later and nothing has changed (from the cgl archive)

No. 199658

File: 1646555363894.png (615.39 KB, 566x620, 1430924772868.png)

Kek, found this. Some things truly never change. Once a narcissist, forever a narcissist.

No. 199659

File: 1646556471676.jpeg (735.11 KB, 1232x1226, 1646389035836 (1).jpeg)

kek, some things truly neverchange.

No. 199660

Is it me or is Jillian being too lazy about this DID larp these days? When the she came out with the DID cake she did all kinds of crazy shenanigans and she got so much attention and backlash that I think she enjoyed it. Now she's being lazy.

No. 199661

File: 1646557778221.jpeg (23.16 KB, 206x275, 1636746879058.jpeg)

Going back to the thread with the DID reveal shook me. This bitch really said
>My full psych eval is DID, PTSD, GAD, BPD and EDNOS
with a fucking smiley heart emoji BARF!
Please someone add this info to the OP, I think it is important to keep track of this but it isn't mentioned for some reason

No. 199662

File: 1646558576070.png (291.56 KB, 614x590, any moment now.png)

>I'm trooning out I'm trooning out I'm trooning out I'm trooning out of control again again again again again again

No. 199664

can't believe none of you nonnies actually have mentioned how many areas this bitch has in her "inner world"
>Meeting area, living room, office room, garden, hiden locked area, and each alter has their room
this should be added to the OP description as well.

No. 199666

place your bets what typical troon name he will go for. I feel like it will be Mia because of the matrix troon or jennifer.

No. 199667

My bet is Jessica or something with a J or an M.

No. 199668

J- Jill- Jillian?

No. 199669

Maggy kek

No. 199670

Closest to gay she will ever be. If he gets bottom surgery though it will be over , we know Jillian only dates and sleeps with people with dicks.

No. 199671

How do any of her friends think this is remotely fine, what the fuck. I can’t even imagine going to someone’s home and they crack this out. Am I just too old to understand, is there any planet where this is a fun and normal thing to do. I would never go back to that persons house again.

No. 199672

>>199617 she got it today and its already covered in cat hair and filth kek

No. 199673

Nonny Whoever makes the new thread please add this info in the greentext area

No. 199675

File: 1646566528134.png (101.89 KB, 1280x454, quiiiizzz.png)

I did it nonnies… it took me a while but I finally did it. Here's the faithful recreation to Jillian's fun and totally not self centered jeopardy game (kek). You can play it here

No. 199677

He looks like a Terri or Sherry or Debra, some awful 80s receptionist name

No. 199679

Narcissism off the charts yet that is one thing she is not diagnosed with
Agreed entirely, I'd be busy forever after that shit

No. 199681

The fact that they came back after they arrived last time and she was totes co fronting with sandwich and acting like a cat while blitzed tells us all we need to know about them.

No. 199682

Oh fucking KEK you can hear him getting the same voice all the guys from the mtf thread have too, he's going to be full on programmer socks and mickey mouse voice soon.

No. 199691

Thank you anon. Didn't know any of the 500s, I'm not enough of a pixiehead

No. 199696

Turn back now nonnie, it’s not too late

No. 199705

anon this is autistic but ily anyways

No. 199712

holy shit kek. i sort of had doubts he would troon out (from looking at pics with his short brown hair) but damn it's clear as day now. disgusting

No. 199713

You guys are getting it all wrong. It's going to be Stephanie

No. 199717

Stephoknee 2.0 given their ageplay

No. 199722

Steebie = Phoebe.

No. 199744

Y'all know Stevie is also a girl's name right? The impending troon saga is probably why he switched to that from Steve.

NGL I had a hearty kek. I don't think this is any more autistic than making a new thread.

No. 199751

You guys are all stupid, steve made that quiz not Jill. She has said he loves to make quizzes multiple times, keep up.

Also if she made the quiz then how in the fuck would she have gotten a question wrong and had to do a forfit??????

No. 199752

It’s still cringe to make people do a quiz all about you though? Why are you whiteknighting them, you want steebies girlcock?

No. 199754

File: 1646653073770.jpeg (591.45 KB, 828x1219, AFA6A386-5E75-4E98-AC8F-7F2622…)

No. 199755

steebie bridgers

No. 199757

Is this guy the same artist, who Pixie had that odd shirt from? She told in the post, that the artist has schizophrenia.

Guess she's forming a new social circle around mental health for her rebranding effort.

No. 199758

Oh ffs. This poor dude. He has an actual debilitating disorder and she’s latching onto him for mento iwlness brownie points. Run my guy

No. 199759

Nonna, the fact that Steve made the quiz only makes it slightly less self obsessed, it doesn’t make it less cringe. It also cements the fact that Jill’s entire personality revolves around her mental illnesses and being online. Her only discernible interest besides herself even to people in her real life is the fact that she likes one anime

No. 199761

That's sadn this guy is actually pretty sick and I just know Jill is latching on for mental illness street cred.

No. 199764


Is it normal to invite people you've never even MET before to your birthday party?

No. 199768

What’s he going to do? Say no? She’s mentally ill and it’s her birthday, have a heart nonnie!

Though it is easy to see the social pressure that might have been used to get him there, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he went in the hopes of promoting his own TikTok mental health content. At this point the people watching jill are clearly consumers of mental health entertainers so it’s possible this was a case of creator crossover for all their fans and for them each to gain new fans from each other’s pool.

As an aside; what the fuck!? Just thinking about it, these people are getting views for being mentally ill! They’re content creators and the content they promote is literal mental illness. No wonder kids are falling into this head first, any kid who feels like they don’t belong or is still struggling to work out who they are see this shit and the validation these people get and realize it’s an easy performance to replicate or that it perfectly reflects them so they must also suffer from the same things. They see no nuance with how actual sufferers experience the world vs how they experience the world, they just see the performances posted to social media.

No. 199776

And he presumably had to participate in her I’m so mentally ill quiz.

No. 199782

Part of me hopes that he was blindsided and she said it was a "friend get together" and then sprung it on him last minute; but I could see it being a promo each other event; if they both do a vlog or tik tok

No. 199805

File: 1646689721388.jpg (336.87 KB, 1080x1398, IMG_20220307_213056.jpg)

Checked up on the Jill call out vid and it's not going to happen kek.

No. 199811

Here’s a link to this long ass document. There’s lots of rambling and isn’t direct. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tyLrirctgIZYcnGo8zC5FkH_5VkmAhXG/view

No. 199812

File: 1646690393520.jpg (126.17 KB, 1142x1038, IMG_20220115_130146_253.jpg)

No. 199815

seriously wtf. Why did she invite an schizophrenic for clout? What?

No. 199816

This, it means Steven is such a "yes man" to Jill, that he HAD TO make a fucking game night all about her. It's fucking stupid whatever angle you look at it from.
>Her only discernible interest besides herself even to people in her real life is the fact that she likes one anime
Kek this

No. 199820

>I’ve actually decided to just send out the PDF with links for clips I was going to show, because I realized life is too busy for me right now and I wouldn’t be able to have time to record and edit everything, so please disregard me referring to this as a video in the document. Thank you for taking your time to read this, I really appreciate it and I’m sorry for not making this a video, maybe I will eventually, I’m not sure. It’s also really long so there might be typos and things I forgot!

Interesting PDF and I understand where this person is coming from (no one wants to attach themselves to drama, specially not with other shit going on in their lives), but honestly this just reeks of cowardice, to me. Hopefully this person either finish what they started or let another person make this video with the info provided.

No. 199821

This kinda angers me, honestly. Narcissists always use others, specially those who are mentally ill, for their own benefit. It always has to be about them even when others have it worse.

And I'm just trying to put myself in this man's shoes. He seems genuine in this picture, but Jillian doesn't.

No. 199825

268 mother fucking pages? Jesus H Christ.

No. 199850

File: 1646711106801.jpeg (350.86 KB, 828x1112, 60B45B91-1078-4862-A311-B59A46…)

no way

No. 199853

Slow news day Sara? I can't wait to see this dumpster fire

No. 199854

So, in the end, she got what she always wanted, and the only thing she was looking for.
A godammn interview about her mental illness.

No. 199860

Wait, this might actually be a good thing. If she's stepping out of her hug box she might get more back lash when there's holes in her story. Maybe now she'll realize that more eyes on her doesn't equal more love for her.

No. 199862

She's finally about to live her dream. After she had enough jfashion television appearances she lost interest. Her deepest dream is to have her very own tlc show. I bet she's fucking cumming being asked to be THE DID retard who gets to be THE FACE of DID after she was too poorly dressed the be the face of white harajuku after a Japanese designer told her that her designs suck (sorry old faggery)
School theater wasn't enough attention
YouTube wasn't enough
Twitter still isn't enough
And she's to disconnected with the teens to get any attention on tiktok
What's going to happen when being on tv isn't enough

No. 199895

kek i like this, i want to see and be able to analyze what her faking DID really looks like from her perspective

No. 199902

Hmn. So this CBC journalist is going to soft ball her some questions about life with DID..

No. 199904

I read this without glasses and thought the journo said CBBC, and a shiver of fear ran down my spine thinking that they were trying to make a show about did aimed at children. (for any non-ukfags CBBC is the BBC’s children’s channel, with cbeebies for toddlers and babies)

No. 199927

I hope this ends up being milky

No. 199929

File: 1646753222217.png (1.24 MB, 1654x1776, Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 10.2…)


still combing through all 200 odd pages of this, mostly just a retelling of our threads minus the parts where we make hilarious edits. so far this screenshot of the DMs from the girl from jills "explanation of this bullshit? [heart emote]" tweet is the most interesting.

just goes to show jill is actually truly vile on the inside, and is so so so keen to be rude and then claim being victim bc of trauma. the manipulation is so obvious too… "we could have been friends" its giving very much gabbie hanna gaslighting vibes

No. 199931

I’m sure she probably thinks it’s her shot to DID stardom, but it won’t be. MultiplicityandMe had two docos about them and Jess is actually tolerable to watch and still isn’t all that we’ll known. Though I guess to be fair, Jess said that she turned down further tv stuff because she didn’t want it becoming a whole thing. Jillian Fame Junkie Vessey probably won’t be quite so humble.

It will be hilarious to see her approach it though. I’m betting she’ll have ‘Jillian fronting as a “system rep”’ the whole time with the others being conveniently ‘co-conscious’ to avoid actually having to act like someone else since she can barely even manage it in a tik tok.

No. 199933

What evil did this person commit? Did they like harm one of her cats or call the police on her or something? It must have been truly heinous with real world repercussions and surely not a random tweet that was posted online to count as evil?

No. 199938

it was after jill's did announcement, the person tweeted asking if all jill's content would be mental health related. jill flipped out at them on the villany swells account.

do any of my nonnas have the "explanation of this bullshit" tweet thread screencap? the one in the file is way too blurry to read. otherwise it was pages 128-130 in the doc.

No. 199940

This overreaction is soooooooooo BPD. Actually, all her delusions could be explained with BPD psychosis and drug use. She's so retarded

No. 199941

I don't want to be that person, but it wasn't too long ago, it's easy to find if you go 3 or 4 threads back. Please go lurk.

No. 199947

>I’m sure she probably thinks it’s her shot to DID stardom, but it won’t be.
It might instead totes convince others because she's someone who can lie and be emotional about it, even though she will inevitably get some details wrong. Honestly someone should tell that woman about how much Jillian lies because Jillian is a total manipulator. I just hope this interest in interviewing her is more akin to debunking these mental health tiktok trends instead of glorifying DID. What kind of work has this Sara Fraser done in the past?

No. 199954

File: 1646755369010.png (877.02 KB, 548x1136, 1.png)

Kek, my sides. No one wants to see a fat retard dancing Jillian.

No. 199955

adding to this, we all know a lot of people don't actually care about her tiktok content. They all saw the DID shit because it was milky, but her momentum is over, no one cares anymore about her retarded delusions. But of course she will blame this on the algorythm, etc. The quantity of views she's bitching about are the same she used to have before the milky DID reveal.

No. 199956

I hope nonnies keep posting her tiktok webms here so her views decline even more. What's that piano tiktok btw? can someone post it? I refuse to download or browse this hellish tiktok website.

No. 199958

File: 1646755704053.png (19.66 KB, 544x116, 1.png)

more emoji retardation. (this "IT'S JILLIAN FLORA AND THE LITTLE" sounds like a cope. Just say it's you retard, there's no "we")

No. 199959

File: 1646755913674.png (188.87 KB, 528x492, 1.png)


No. 199961

File: 1646756334868.png (18.21 KB, 542x114, 1.png)

Perhaps felt called out much? it's almost like her brain is trying to make some sense about it.

No. 199962

which ash is she talking about?

No. 199963

File: 1646756505626.png (852.29 KB, 1038x538, 1.png)

Why is she this retarded about precure holy shit

No. 199964

Also did anyone notice that after people gave her backlash about her racist past she just retweeted some people and that's it? all the racism allegations swept under a rug. She doesn't really care, she's back to being like "memememe and my mento illness" all over again.

No. 199965

File: 1646756634268.png (67.37 KB, 250x240, 1.png)

uh oh kek

No. 199966

Ash Hardell most likely

No. 199967

File: 1646756818095.png (64.26 KB, 184x198, 1.png)

No. 199968

The fact she says "we could have been friends" on the spurious basis they are both in their 20s and "anti-diet" whatever the fuck that means, and then when the girl says something positive back Jill replies "nice try"
She's so clearly manipulative and narcissistic even in such a short conversation. I'm sure she DM'd this girl too hence the bailing on the video despite doing so much preparation.

No. 199969

File: 1646757096810.png (294.28 KB, 360x650, 1.png)

kek I think her mom knows how obese she's getting

No. 199971

File: 1646757153680.jpg (96.53 KB, 737x767, soontobetroon.JPG)

Going through Steve's likes on twitter and there is so much tranny shit he liked …

No. 199972

Realistically speaking they would had never been friends. Jillian doesn't befriend people in her audience. This is pure manipulation.

No. 199973

File: 1646757199513.jpg (73.43 KB, 728x773, soontobetroon2.JPG)

how he sees his own future I guess.

No. 199974

The piano video is Jillian being her "little" and singing a made up song to Stickers in a baby voice. Seems we're not the only ones who find that shit cringe.

No. 199975

He's gonna troon out of control anytime soon anon, it's so obvious. I hope Jill will suffer the consequences (although it will be "good" for her because she can finally call herself a """lesbian""" without giving up her precious UTI dick.)

No. 199976

ugh this is SO FUCKING gross it makes me so fucking mad

No. 199977

File: 1646757419549.webm (10.52 MB, 540x960, LoveTik.com - Ty to the small …)

>child parts and fatigue
That title alone is creepy
>our child was just out, this is jillian again
Kek Jilly of course someone would be fatigued at having to pretend to be a retarded baby playing on the floor with toy houses

anyways click to play. She's going hard on those filters.

No. 199980

File: 1646757795697.webm (2.39 MB, 576x1024, superretard.webm)

Oh god, ugh. You were absolutely right (click to play). Jillian and Steven are just a couple of jesters. Fucking gross, she even tagged it as age regression. Also talking to your cats in a sweet way isn't even age regression, wtf?

No. 199981

why do they communicate via facebook messenger when they live together?

No. 199982

File: 1646757858113.webm (3.09 MB, 576x1024, LoveTik.com - Stevie got Lego …)

>Stevie got Lego Batman for their birthday >:) He deserves a little icecream treat

why does this look like a child posted it

No. 199984

Because she obviously wanted to screenshot it for twitter kek.
Living with her must be a nightmare, I bet her house is musty and reeks of cat shit.

No. 199985

I honestly feel like a lot of her weird antics get undocumented and then this thread moves slower. I know she's retarded so not everything is worth of talking about, but I like to see these threads as archivable evidence for the future. This is how we know her having DID is bullshit too, everything is documented.

No. 199986

Has she even started the wedding dress for her rainbow bangs skillwalker cousin yet?

No. 199987

She looks so much like Amberlynn here kek

No. 199989

Holy shit, how can a coffee table be so beaten and ugly after only two years?? wtf

No. 199990

>Sarah Fraser, radio and TV personality, is the host of the enormously popular Hey Frase Podcast on Spotify and iTunes. The podcast was downloaded over 500k times in it’s first six months alone. The podcast is funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, and DC based. Most recently, Sarah created, wrote, and hosted Fox 5’s first true crime podcast
Yeah I'm not american so I have no idea who the fuck this person is. Podcasters are a dime a dozen.

No. 199991

I can't wait for the unhinged cringe fest that's going to be her birthday vlog; either it's going to be her "switching" constantly; or there will be no mention of DID and christopher will be front and center for 'mental illness awareness'

No. 199992

she always mentions she wants to pull out new videos but never does kek. My best bet is she will have a voice over on how she was totes dissociating while she smiles or something like the last time when she shaved her friend's head.

No. 199993

File: 1646758577328.png (96.82 KB, 352x196, 1.png)

Kek you're so right. Do they just constantly spill bong water on top of it or?

No. 199994

Place your bets, I think it's going to happen in april once the warm weather comes, so he'll dress like your typical "uwu" troon.

No. 199995

To me it looks like a poorly done DIY vinyl wrap that they put hot stuff on like dishes.

No. 199996

I once asked some hardcore precure fans if they knew who Jillian was. They said no and they were pretty disgusted with her looks lol, she has 0 authority in the fandom outside her niche woke twitter mini space, she's very pathetic.

No. 199997

Then she can easily replace it, right? applying vynil is not so hard.

No. 199999

I hope steven joins the 41%. Anyways, he's very pathetic and disgusting, I bet he uses Jillian's clothes when she isn't looking and faps to sissy porn.

No. 200000

File: 1646758906049.png (72.99 KB, 295x287, imagen_2022-03-08_095759.png)

>200000 GET
I love you nonnies, no more big chungus.

No. 200005

File: 1646759152816.jpg (216.23 KB, 1056x1913, 20220308_120325.jpg)

Wrong Sarah Fraser. Taken from the CBC website.

No. 200006

File: 1646759175429.png (1.41 MB, 1544x929, before the abuse.png)

This table has received more abuse than Jill ever has.

The photo is from the house tour, barely three years ago…

No. 200008

so it's going to most likely be a written interview for an article. Damn, I was hoping for a video to see how dirty they do her with angles

No. 200009

Kek at that face

No. 200011

ok nonnas i read through all 268 pages

more or less just narrative using our threads as proof. if you've been following the threads for a while, you're probably familiar with 99% of the document already. the only new and exclusive content was the dm's from >>199929 , the rest is screencaps of lolcow or twitter.

overall, i think this person did a fine job at phrasing this and it probably would have made a lot of people who know of jill/like her to have second thoughts, it's pretty good in terms of describing the larp, and its organized fine for the most part. i think the most interesting speculation was how she phrased the bit about parasocial relationships as its touched on in these threads but seeing all of her parasocial behavior put together was pretty impressive. it starts at page 102.

IMO there could have been a few things that would make it better:
>more to show the hypocrisy about jill claiming autism since that is one of the most blatantly offensive bits of her larp
>more on the uma relationship and the deviantart proof that uma was probably not as abusive as jill makes her out to be
>queerbaiting and her fake gayness
>jill's 'sustainability' personality
>jill's lack of fashion content for the last year/two years

overall 3/10 read, but good on that person for finally putting all jill's shit together and releasing it. i think a video would have still been better, though.

>>199941 nonna i was busy reading a novel's worth of jill larp cancer, relax

No. 200032

What a mother fucking retard.

No. 200034

Is Steven secretly a farmer? He made the perfect next thread pic for us.

It wasn't even "some people" it was only one black kawaii creator that she liked the posts so she could retweet them when she came back.

Bitch that's the weed!

No. 200035

He's most definitely a channer, the channer to troon timeline is well documented.
What happened here or am I being dumb? Are you just celebrating the postcount?

No. 200038

Steven is more like a redditor tbh
also, "gets" are post milestones, hence the

No. 200040

Touched by the Abyss

No. 200041

They sound so bloody stoned in this omg

No. 200043

kek that has to be the next thread image, stroonie doing the work for us. god bless

No. 200048

I just realized that this is Jerrick's account. She's horrible at LARPing as a teenager if she's admitting to be 23. kek

No. 200053

she literally just sounds high in these tiktoks. especially the batman one.

No. 200062

File: 1646793507661.jpg (26.66 KB, 442x225, Screenshot 2022-03-08 193805.j…)

I mean, this says it all pretty much.

No. 200069

ofc he advocates for children to mutilate themselves and take hormones. Steve is so gross. he's gonna troon out before end of 2022. i promise

No. 200077

I love how she poses these super specific and totally real symptoms of DID as a question knowing damn well no one could possibly relate to it unless they were also competing for most mentally ill with most rare symptoms of all time. Just say you need to talk about yourself to meet your narc quota for the hour and move on.

No. 200094

>Only feels normal and not anxious when high
Damn. You'd think that'd be like, a warning sign or something. Literally completely un-self aware.

No. 200113

I imagine that an actual real therapist who knows wtf they're doing would be more useful than weed

and also actually comitting to a hobby, working on herself instead of diagnosing herself with the hot new mental illness of the month and stuffing her face all day while pretending to be a baby or some bs

No. 200115

cuz it rarely happens and shes innocent. Stfu faggot.

No. 200118

How old is jill?

No. 200136

22 or 23?

No. 200137

she just turned 24

No. 200156

Holy shit. I thought she was like 27 or something. Its sad shes so young and decided being an autist online is what she wants to do. I dont have much empathy tho. Her mom always spoiled her with japan trips. I dont get why she wants to be a victim this badly. Is it just internet culture on twitter?

No. 200166

I don’t smoke weed but does it mean addiction?

No. 200169

I mean, I don't know about you, but having to be high constantly to feel normal probably isn't healthy. People could argue the same about medication, but considering she isn't taking this as a prescription or anything and she's also an alcoholic? It's probably not good.

No. 200204

most medications don’t alter your perception in the same way that weed or alcohol will, and they’re prescribed and the dose regulated by doctors. Although in saying that i’m sure other anons have said jill hasn’t had a med adjustment or check in years so she can’t even do that right.

No. 200221

Not only has she hasn't had a med adjustment she apparently completely stopped taking her meds so she could smoke weed. I don't know if we should take her word at face value but there's a reason why she's spiraling so quickly.

No. 200238

If this was true why would she be smoking weed over taking CBD. She is choosing the THC, for no reason? Also what is she talking about, does she take two rips off her bong then put it down, highly doubt it. She sounds like she is on something in the majority of her tik toks so either you are lying Jill or you have an even worse alcohol problem than previously thought.

No. 200239

While weed lovers will try to convince you there's no such a thing as weed addiction, it indeed becomes a depencency. You could also argue instead of being a substance addiction, a behavorial addiction is definetely there.

No. 200241

File: 1646861736634.png (325.59 KB, 544x596, 1.png)

Her entire twitter is just
she's seriously so stunted.

No. 200242

File: 1646861773729.png (77.21 KB, 542x548, 2.png)


No. 200243

File: 1646861817011.png (24.41 KB, 554x216, 3.png)

Also, big oof. Save this screenshot for later.

No. 200244

She sounds like she's whiteknighting herself from her own second account, I wonder if she sockpuppets support for herself from fake accounts or has done so in the past, since it sounds more like someone else posting about her rather than her usual REEING.
"throwing away all credibility" is a very self aware statement for someone who acts the way she does.

No. 200255

Yes, we do think that very fucking much, you retard.

No. 200258

this is more about convincing herself rather than us

No. 200290


i wish jillian and other stoners would stop lying about how weed totally helps their anxiety and depression. i'm sure there's people who do use it in the literal medical sense but it's okay to just admit you smoke for fun. i guess it's embarrassing to admit you developed a dependence for it.

No. 200303

Not to mention it’s also just straight up unhealthy? I know the weed fags can’t conceive that it’s but to smoke because ‘it’s not cigarettes!!1!’ but like, smoking everyday is terrible for your lungs. Ultimately people can do whatever they want, but the fact that she’s actively promoting self medicating and smoking to a young audience just because she’s a mess of an adult is gross.
As someone else said above, if it wasn’t about getting high she would use cbd, she just thinks that being an edgy stoner chick makes her interesting

No. 200335

At least with cigarettes it stuns your appetite.

No. 200347

and fills it with rat poison. Both are bad for you. Weed is slightly less bad but i hate stoners whose entire personality is weed. They shit stunts your ability to think properly and can absolutely be an addiction.

No. 200355

Yeah it’s not nearly as bad in terms of lung health but it’s far worse for mental health. Her claim that weed makes her “normal” mentally and that she doesn’t feel high from it is insane when compared with her descent into paranoia, increased depression, obesity, and severe delusions.

No. 200376

It's okay, I was making a fat joke. I don't think cigarettes are better kek

No. 200397

Yeah, like it’s not addictive in the way hard drugs are where it’s the substance itself but you can be addicted to how it makes you feel and the ritual of it. I would describe her as dependant at this point. It’s much the same as how alcohol is.(derail)

No. 200403

actually new and stronger strains are addictive in that way. they completely replace your own dopamine and serotonin production and the withdrawal is awful.(derail)

No. 200420

Jill needs to hurry up if she’s really trying to be the new DissociaDID. They’ve managed to make two new Meet The Alters videos before Jill managed to make her first one. At this point she at least better start with Jerrick or something instead of the first alter being “Jill” like she planned

No. 200424

Got any sources on that, reefer madness-chan? I live in a state that's been legal for years and have never encountered or heard of anyone with such a crippling weed addiction they go into severe withdrawal. Anything that causes a chemical change in your brain can be addictive. No need to fear monger.

No. 200430

The reason why weed makes her feel “normal” is because she forgets to pretend to be 5 different people.

No. 200474

Can you imagine actually writing this on your own social media about yourself.

No. 200510

I feel like she’s already over it and just tries to get a new diagnosis

No. 200517

that's how conceited and self important she is. She loves smelling her own farts and then expects others to go along with it and clap. 0 awareness.

No. 200518

That's probably because her initial "coming out as DID" shit that she did with the cake and all gave her a spike in views but now she's clearly dipping again because she's not delivering in the crazy Trisha Paytas antics she promised. Now she's waiting for her expensive autism diagnosis to come out positive so she can come up with another cake reveal. She's so lazy that she always does the bare minimum. This is why she should stop smoking weed. What a retard.

No. 200519

File: 1647019169791.png (30.95 KB, 576x248, disgay.png)

This will never be not amusing to me. Also, checking her Jerrica account proves she's into more than one thing other than precure. Why doesn't she admit she has other tastes other than things that have to do with magical girls? It's okay to grow up.

No. 200520

File: 1647019273389.png (21.95 KB, 566x182, disgay.png)

Also, reintegration saga soon?

No. 200528


sage but weird statement for someone who recently said (forget which video) they were about 20-30 weeks behind on new episodes. She doesn't watch it, but needs to keep reminding people its a personality quirk to like it.

No. 200629

File: 1647064053479.webm (6.7 MB, 540x960, 1184a6659779ec8c59257dadd48dd8…)

Webm version of Jerrica on tiktok talking about who in the system is and isn't attracted to Steebie

No. 200631

File: 1647064294658.webm (12.76 MB, 540x960, e1da18d9fe21cb6f2461bd0c801d3f…)

Talking about doing drag soon not related to Pixielocks and wanting to take it "super seriously"

No. 200632

File: 1647064440104.webm (4.66 MB, 540x960, c43284141cc20bbfdd99a5214f3c20…)

High asf dancing to MCR

No. 200646

AGP Steebie, caretaker of the "little"… fucking disgusting. These two degenerates deserve each other.

No. 200648

Why does she keep emphasizing it's not about money? 1. Only rich people say that shit 2. Is she covering her ass when inevitably no one is interested and showers her with tips?

Has she ever mentioned being into MCR before now or is this just trying to fit in on tiktok?

No. 200661

She was super into MCR as a young teenager during her emo/punk phase AKA the birth of Jerrick

No. 200670

Does she not see she can’t act well enough to pull this off?There’s no difference between Jill and Jerick besides a lower voice and more swearing. The way she moves her eyes and eyebrows for emphasis is the exact same, how she addresses the cat is exactly the same, talking about “my brain,” the style of her stream of consciousness explaining (and the over explaining), it’s all exactly the same! And then when her voice gets tired suddenly Jill is co con. I believe DID is real, but there’s no way she has full blown DID

No. 200687

It annoys me that whenever Jill being an alter then she does that right side mouth talking thing. Like that signifies that its not Jill but we've seen Veronica, cliff, and jerrick all doing it

No. 200688

because she's trying to hinthintwinkwink imply that precure is her "special interest" because she's so autistic

No. 200695

i can't with her speaking out of one side of her mouth as both jerrick and cliffe. does she think this is how men talk? wtf kek

No. 200707

I'm just imagining her putting on the hat and meticulously pulling out that specific strand of green hair. It's so pathetic it makes me kek.

No. 200724

even the most 'uwu pastel queen' influencers will admit to being into punk stuff and being excited about mcr but jillian is so addicted to social media that she feels like she has to create an entire new person just to go back to those interests. It's really sad? I mean it would be sad if she wasn't such a terrible person, anyway. Does she realize how boring it is to base your personality on an aesthetic? And how manipulative it is, because she's basically admitting that nothing about her is real because everything is carefully created for clout. I hate her so much.

No. 200726

She really didn't bother keeping up the voice in this one, she goes back to her normal way of speaking multiple times

Missed that detail, gross

No. 200730

If she had real DID she wouldn’t be able to guarantee that Jerrick will be fronting for the concert. It’s very telling how the right alters can front for the things she wants them to do.

No. 200753


wait, did she say she dissociated while shaving her friend's head? ive been following the thread and I don't remember seeing that?

sage for ot(fail sage manifestation )

No. 200775

except when she has to follow through with social events or promises then suddenly she has no control over who’s fronting.

it’s totally not because she gets mild/moderate anxiety leading up to something then gets baked out of her mind so she can get out of it. no no, it’s real DID because >muh memory loss.

No. 200788

File: 1647148469483.jpg (192.14 KB, 1057x587, Screenshot_20220313-051312_Twi…)

new video dropping tomorrow complete with new crispy DID branding. Likely going to be the birthday vlog.

No. 200797

She looks genuinely happy here… way more into it and happy than any of the pink happy-go-lucky UwU shit she does

No. 200808

The fact that Steve helps makes it even more crazy that she is so slow releasing content. She literally does nothing all day and has nothing but time but only manages to get the content she does do done because someone else works on it. Queen of being lazy. We joke about Steve living rent free but she wouldn’t make any of her own money without him. Has to do her work and be a care taker when she pretends to be a child, I don’t see why anyone would date her. She doesn’t work, doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, needs actively looked after, have to do her work for her and work your own job while she rots at home smoking weed and napping.

No. 200818

Those meet the alters videos seem to be going the way of her fashion show video, never to see the light of day

No. 200824

File: 1647187044190.png (32.44 KB, 130x152, baldie.png)

Someone post the transcrip to this, I'm not strong enough to click on this cringe shit.
Lol baldie
She should just understand that her overly positive kawaii persona was a phase and return to her more punk-ish but colorful quirky girl roots. That makes her very happy. The positive kawaii persona is over, but she really got herself inside a box that doesn't fit anymore and can't escape for some reason. Or, she could like both things at the same time without having to pretend to be different people. She's just a dumb case of "the internet made me do it".

No. 200825

This. Fucking gross, both are over the age of doing this cringe shit
Is she going to become poly now that stewie is about to troon out? If he starts to inject estrogen his dick is going to fall out. Will she be able to cope, or will Stewie finally live his gay fantasy, and someone else will move in with them?

No. 200826

Cus she's lying of course

No. 200827

Why doesn't she quit youtube already?

No. 200834

I mean she is hinting at multiple alters banging him, these idiots say that they are all legit full people so Steve could already be poly she would argue kek.

No. 200837

Can she please at least get more beanies?

I’m sorry but if I were a 14 year old boy with access to adult money & an adult body who has amnesia - you can bet I’m buying cuter beanies than this raggedy ass chenille knit mess. Come on. Get Jerrick a Neat Dude or Teddy Fresh beanie or even just go on Etsy. So many cute embroidered beanies on Etsy.

Commit or GTFO, Jill. For crying out loud.

No. 200838

I honestly feel it's not too far fetched that once Stewie troons out, they'll try to convince some other guy (that will leech onto Jillian's money, of course) to move in with them, so Stewie gets the manly buttsex he wants and Jillian gets another boytoy. This is exactly what Jillian doesn't want in her life, because her end goal was marriage and a quiet lovely home as she hinted before, but for woke points she'll end up living in a mentally ill poly house. This is very sad.

No. 200844

It's sad how realistic this outcome actually seems for Jillian. She doesn't have the humility to stop, acknowledge things that aren't working, and make changes - that's why she always doubles-down on new identities. The only logical conclusion is unfettered retardation.

No. 200845

>acknowledge things that aren't working
>only logical conclusion is unfettered retardation
This. This is super sad. This is what happens when someone has 0 self awareness and is self obsessed. + internet brainrot + weed & alcohol brainrot.

Something must have gone wrong because she just quitted her dreams of having a brand and being happy and traded it for a weird, fake life. It all started when she moved out.

No. 200847

I'm surprised she didn't do jer's first, she might have to work on being more edgy for that, anyone want a recap?

No. 200849

Ah yes, a super rare controversial mental health diagnosis which manifests itself to protect the mind after severe and prolonged trauma. Yep. She's really suffering, what an awful disease. Sorry I didn't even watch the video her smug punchable face is too much for me. This larp is worse than her lesbian larp I swear to god.

No. 200850

What the fuck why she never has CC for her vids? It not very neurodivergent friendly and accesible for everyone of her

No. 200852

seems like she learned more about DID jargon than she learned how to sew on fashion school

No. 200854

>I don’t see why anyone would date her. She doesn’t work, doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, needs actively looked after, have to do her work for her and work your own job while she rots at home smoking weed and napping.

Not to mention having to humor her OCs, her "little," her mad rambling, mood swings, suicide threats and so on. I think the main reason he hangs around is she's a good beard and tolerates the troon/coomer shit he inevitably does.
Her comments are always so enthusiastic and positive, you can really wrap anything in bright colors, smile while saying it and people will take it well

No. 200855

She mentions having more than 1 little now (3:55), weird.

Why wouldn't she just make a video with all her ''alters'' in rather than one video about each one, plus starting with ''jillian'' is so boring. We all know about her.

No. 200856

spoilers for the nonnies that haven't seen her new upload (and i will not be summarising yet because i don't have the time or brain capacity to make sense of jillybeans bullshitty DID storyline) but around 8 minutes in she speaks about how she felt like she struggled to live up to her Pixie persona, and this made her realise she was a bunch of "fractured parts"- isn't that just regular imposter syndrome for the majority of people who get successful, or even just regular people who still haven't figured everything out about themselves yet? she's turning completely normal experiences of growing up into a fake mental illness

No. 200861

At 23:10 she mentions her mother sending her a video from when she was 14 and her mother asks 'is this jerrick'.

She then moves on (24:00) to complain that of course she never would post about her trauma on her channels and social media so people don't know the full picture. She mentions the trauma is about being assaulted.

No. 200862

maybe she got mad pussy game though?

No. 200868

>>200847 Summary 1/3
-Intro is more live action esque, uses stickers and little pipecleaner flowers (cute but I do enjoy crafty aesthetics) still painfully saturated colours, I wonder if it’ll change tones/colours for each alter (could have been an easy larp detail)
-Her make up is think supposed to be a heart shape? (looks very drag/clown inspired to me) Her hair is up in a weird semi-side ponytail and she has various hair clips in it, she’s wearing her myviolet collab dress
-The flower ring on her right hand looks like it’s cutting off the circulation ot her finger
-“A very special jill centric.. episode I was going to say episode of my tv show”
-Claim’s we’ve known “Me as Jillian, as pixie as like this this part.. As Jill.. so this is a refresher”
-Created her own list of questions that all her ‘system’ has agreed to answer; so bets on as to what they say
-Going to give each ‘person’ (so no fragments??) their own video as introducing everyone it would be like “40 minutes long” as this video is just shy of 30, need to draw it out to make some more cash then?
-Also claims doing one big video would be stressful (when she could do individual videos and edit together parts to one big one)
-My name is pixie, I’ve been doing youtube and online fashion blogging for 7-8 years
-claims she’s been sharing about her mental health all throughout the years, okay bitch where? The like two bpd videos and then self harm one, in what 7 years??
-saids self harm/ed was part of her bpd, which she says she’s still diagnosed with, and then last year got the “Actual accurate primary “DID diagnosis (no hint of her saying it’s a diagnostic impression anymore)
-Relieved to share full authentic self and not just ‘one part’ (does this bitch really not know how people mask for like going to shops vs friends vs parents)
-Pixie is the collective name, Jillian is the host, talks about passive influence ( a step before co-fronting) in past videos
-Will stagger alter videos between other uploads (predicting a birthday vlog then jerrick video)
-2:38 is when the questions actually start

No. 200870

Summary: 2/3
-Name? Jillian
Age? 24 same as body
Height: 5ft 1in 154.9cm
Pronouns/gender shit: she/they nonbinary (mostly because of her ‘experience through DID, despite saying she’s a fem part)
-System Role: Host, sometimes caretaker, says she needs to be ‘emotionally protected’ als does caring for ‘our main little’ (possible little fragment, is it the cat???)
-Are you and ANP, EP, or both? (anp-apparently normal part, ep-emotional part) Jill says both; explains an ANP can hold a retail job a normal conversation where an EP is stuck in trauma
-says she’s both and doesn’t know it’s it cause she’s 23 (assuming this was filmed before her birthday) and had fusions she didn’t know of cause she ‘found all this out
-When about did you split? States “I was born” and says she agrees with the structural theory of dissociation, which is basically saying everyone is born unintegrated (which is why babies flip from crying to happy etc) and then integrate over time/as development progresses, trauma stops those ego states/parts from forming together “I’m definitely not here to educate or be some source of educational knowledge” says she’s trying to understand how she splits
-Do you remember much of your life before your diagnosis/system? “Didn’t think about how I (jill) would feel answering these questions. Of course I remember my life before diagnosis, that was in november” asks her therapist and the psych giving her the diagnosis if it’s a “normal amount of memory loss” says she has a good grasp on “what her life has been up to that point, but there are big holes in it”
-What do you look like in the innerworld? @7:24 she shows an illustration of her in the ‘innerworld’ the pic on jer’s twitter is his ‘innerworld’ self
-Nicknames for you, internal and external? Jillybean, for a while pixie was her nickname
-As previous anon’s said at around 8:30 Jill describes how hard it is to ‘be pixie’ which reads to me exactly like imposter syndrome, except she couldn’t have something everyone else had so bam, DID; she does say she was always trying to be the ‘most’ and it make sense with how she’s constantly trying to be the ‘most’ mentall unstable, the most bright/obnoxious, the most stoned etc (does make me wonder if she had a clearer idea of post college life, would this have even happened/?)
-What are your interests? Fashion design, magical girl anime, kawaii culture, harajuku culture, j fashion, tattoos retro nostalgic stuff like polly pocket, alternative/body mod culture, musicals, (confirms Jer’s video will follow) cats, states precure is it’s own interest (hints at ‘special interest)
-Hobbies? Sewing, crafting, crochet, art in general, going to thrift sores a ‘responsible’ amount (looks like someone can’t kill that shopping addiction) her partner and snuggling him, playing super smash (does that horrible tongue thing to emphasize how off brand it is for her)
-Fav Music? Said it varies widely over the system, but there are venn diagrams for system mates, Muse (hints at special interest) says she discovered it through twilight
-Clothing Style? “That’s what the whole channel is about” (Fashion collection when?) Kawaii/harajuku inspired but trying to be more ‘ethical’ just say you can’t fit into any of their clothes and go
-Fav Social Media accounts? Drew monsoon and emilia fart, vlogbrothers
-Q&A ends; talks about how she’s not sure if her other parts can handle the length, that they might need naps, and it’ll be a team building challenge
-Oh god dammit she asked for fucking twitter q&a’s

No. 200873

Summary: 3/3
Twitter Q&A
-Jer’s post about asking twitter q/a will be up after this video
-What was your reaction to not being singular? Talks about when it was first ‘on the table’ felts sick, scared, disbelief, didn’t settle in for a couple days, thought PTSD with intense dissociation, fear ‘oh shit’ moment
-Will your fashion brand be influenced by other alters or is it Jill specific? Will be Jills style but might do a collab with “little one’s art (4/6yr old)” to make it into a textile for a collection, Jer has done drag concepts (it’s fucking dead my dude aint no one touching that shit again)
-Have other alters been present in pre-diagnosis videos? Pre answered on twitter, but stated Little and flora peeking through on the japan vlogs and Kawaii I, states she was watching the kawaii.i episode before it went up and got same ‘gut sinking feeling’ (as her reaction to not benign singular) about that she was embarrassed about people seeing her “not acting like herself” states it was blended “flora helping out”
-“That’s why personality is so abrasive and annoying” drinks oj “to that” (it's a mostly empty glass wouldn’t put it past her to have mixed some white wine into that)
-Too mortified to go back and look at anything herself for evidence (how convenient)
-as other anon said, mom sent a video asking if it was Jer, and Jill said “probably” she’s too scared to watch it
-Says that because she’s had a youtube channel for so long ‘people expect that I would have posted about trauma’ makes the whole “just because you don’t see my assault happen on a live stream doesn’t mean its not real’ thing
-Commented how she’s not ‘forcing her system’ to answer everything (How much you want to be if it takes long enough she drops the whole larp and we never get more alter vids)
-Outro: updated with even more painful colours, the music seems a little softer though, and has her five petal flower rotating in the center (do we have bets on which alters theyre for?)

No. 200875

She fucked up in that aspect by starting her sustainability larp - she can’t do what she wants to do, and buy full wardrobes for each of her OCs. Maybe she can say that some of them hate the environment and don’t care kek. The fallout from that would be great fun.

No. 200876

she features a self portrait in this video but she draws herself so skinny. i mean she's always drawn herself as a thin figured kawaii gorl, but it's funnier now that she's gained weight. why not take the opportunity to draw yourself as a 1950s thiccc curvy pixar mom body? i mean that's not entirely accurate either but still.

No. 200877

> everyone is born unintegrated (which is why babies flip from crying to happy etc)
Jill just casually diagnosing every baby to ever live with DID i guess.

No. 200880

File: 1647205228784.png (1.3 MB, 1341x711, eeeeeh eeeeeh xD.PNG)

expectations vs reality

No. 200884


Seriously though. Not to sperg, but CC’s are a simple way to be accessible. For all her preaching, she can’t even get basic stuff down. Lotta autistic folks too use closed captions.

No. 200886

Sage fot nitpick but she can't draw hands worth shit lol

No. 200887


"As close to the body as you're gonna get", GUUUUURRRRL she's DELUSIONAL

No. 200889

we need art anon to give proper proportions.

No. 200894

the shit about all babies having DID had me dying, but I'm also kind of pissed off that she's spreading such blatant bullshit. babies cry when they're hungry, uncomfortable, in pain, etc because they don't have the language skills to ask for help yet. it's not because they're "switching" between different personalities, jesus christ. I wonder if her quack therapist knows about this "theory"

No. 200895

Jesus christ why is she incapable of connecting the legs and hips with the torso correctly? one of her fashion school final design illustrations always pissed me off because she had the legs coming straight down from the edges of a flared skirt, making the girl look like she had some form of fucked up rickets. Obviously her art sucks in a lot of other aspects but for some reason that always sticks out to me.

No. 200896

Right off the bat… how does she know this is her “final” diagnosis?

She was misdiagnosed before apparently? So by her logic, this could also be an incorrect diagnosis.

The brain doesn’t even fully form until 26….

No. 200899

File: 1647210102343.jpg (86.17 KB, 840x1392, IMG_1335.JPG)

I feel like I've been too generous still

No. 200900

This DID shit feels like she's doing blackface but for mental health. I'm amazed she hasn't been cancelled yet, it's infuriating.

No. 200901


Yeah I’m also pretty enraged about that, because that’s some unscientific bullshit.

Not to mention babies are growing every single day; I can’t imagine the discomfort of being a baby & not understanding it.

It’s just such absolute buffoonery, she’s taking advantage of how ignorant her viewers are.

No. 200906

That's a lot of thc, holy shit. I consider myself a heavy smoker with a high tolerance and I'm smoking like 23% max, sorry to blog post.

No. 200910

>Jill in her head: Hourglass, busty, Barbie face, healthy rainbow hair, cute subtle makeup.
>Jill in real life: Pearshaped, small tits, bloated face, crispy color block hair, drag beat.
Is there a reverse BDD? maybe Jill can add that to her list of mental illnesses.

Also, kind of OT but why doesn't Jill become an illustrator? Her art isn't too horrible and I imagine her family has enough connections that she could work with a children's book author.

No. 200916

im surprised she can draw to some extent but what the fuck are those fingers?

No. 200924

Idk I think it looks a lot like her. Good job nonnie.

No. 200926

>why doesn't Jill become an illustrator?
For the same reason she hasn't pursued fashion design. She's too much of a narc. Aside from her mediocre skill set, she doesn't have the discipline required to make it in a competitive creative field and she'd have a tantrum the second a writer doesn't chose her. I could also see her trying to rewrite someone's book or make the characters look the way she wants them to instead kek

No. 200934

First time poster (and former fan)

Is she really gonna pretend every interest of hers is a “special interest” because a special interest is like you think about it constantly, learn everything there is to know, buy stuff related to it like… at least try to be believable

On another note, as someone who has interacted with precure, no one actually likes it. People in that fandom are either children, people with rose colored glasses cause they liked it as children or toxic people who claim to like it just to manipulate the first two groups. Guess which one Pixie is…(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 200935

Sorry to be blog posty but I’m genuinely confused. To keep it short I have PTSD and have lived in a psychiatric hospital since I was 13 and am now 25. Even now I’m being monitored and they go threw my history etc and I only have 2 hours access to the internet 1 hour in the morning 1 after diner time. I can’t even wash myself without having a flashback so I have to have a nurse with me etc I can’t take care of myself… let alone take care of pets, live alone, OR HAVE A RELATIONSHIP/FRIENDSHIPS. Wtf has happened to her to make her have the ability to do these things but have something “worse” than I do?.. I just have plain old ptsd and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I hate that she picks and chooses and I hate that she used to be who I went to for comfort and she’s now pretty much mocking me and others who’ve actually went threw something. I’m confused how these people get to live normal life’s except they do a few wardrobe changes and voice changes threw out the day?.. How has no one canceled her yet or make a video questioning it bc it’s absolutely disgusting to me and even more so that she’s getting away with it. Sorry for blog I’m just so confused!

No. 200936

>On another note, as someone who has interacted with precure, no one actually likes it.
Interesting insight- I thought there were some legit fans out there, though there's a big overlapping between weird male anime fans and precure fans. Do you have more info on this?

No. 200937

Anon if you only have 1 hour to go on the internet how did you discover lolcow and why are you here lol isn't this website bad for your mental health?

No. 200938

She has mediocre skill, but I've seen illustrators with worse skills. She could really go for illustration if she practiced more and became better OR simplified her style. I like her intro cards a lot, for example.

However, like you said… her narcissism and moodyness would never let her have a career in this field. I wish she got better.

No. 200939

I think it's still BDD, she's just tryint to make herself look better. All fatties do this.

No. 200940

>This DID shit feels like she's doing blackface but for mental health. I'm amazed she hasn't been cancelled yet, it's infuriating.

Welcome to the internet where even stupid shit like this can become legit thanks to the modern obsession over individuality and "becoming yourself". also, I agree.

No. 200941

I was a former fan I got frustrated friend here also liked her and told me about this site. And I “lurked” for a few months. I am still subbed to her inscase one day she’s called out etc it’s not bad for me (this site) We’re allowed to even look at porn lmao but I don’t bc a male watches across the room but they make sure I don’t look up like sexual abuse etc which why would I? Lmao and that’s like hard to find and technically I have 2 hours and yea kinda lame to waste it on her but it’s entertaining enough I guess…

No. 200943

How do I describe this? Most of the people who are genuinely invested are children and those who grew up with it as children. A friend of mine I know has watched it since she was 3 and genuinely likes it. The 13/14 year olds who like it are also real fans too, but that’s because they only like the most simplistic forms of the genre. That being said, while they do watch it they don’t necessarily define themselves by it.

But all the influencers, twitter accounts and such, are very often toxic people. You can tell because it seems to be their only interest, and talk about new stuff as fast as they can. That fake “pixie little alter” twitter account from a couple months ago was run by one of those girls.

No. 200945

Alright anon just be careful (also weird that people would let you watch porn in a mental ward, I'm anti porn and I don't see the need)
Btw, if you click on the numbers you can directly adress a post.

No. 200947

>That fake “pixie little alter” twitter account from a couple months ago was run by one of those girls.
Lol. So even the fake precure fans hate her?

No. 200949

Answering your question again cause I got sidetracked, men aren’t really into magical girls. In terms of fan service, or waifu able characters there really aren’t any. Most of the genre also tends to be on the lighter side, which isn’t something male anime fans flock to. Most male anime fans I know have only seen Madoka and maybe Magical Girl Site. Not much tends to really happen in most precure episodes, it’s on the boring side of the genre, so if I were to pick something lighthearted I might go for Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura instead.

TLDR: Not enough waifus for most of the male anime audience.

No. 200950

File: 1647223303999.png (151.22 KB, 984x278, rfeegeg.png)

Anon… I agree with all your points except this:
There's a lot of weird male anime fans into precure. They just never blend with the female fans. You can go any day to /a/ and search precure in the catalog, and shit like this will pop up

No. 200951

>everyone is born unintegrated (which is why babies flip from crying to happy etc)

This is something I legit don't get. How would a baby know they have DID? Babies just go like googoo gaga and drool, their primary need is to be loved, fed, and cleaned. They don't know shit. Is she implying that a baby would immediately know that they need are both a 14 year old edgy cringe guy who wears beanies AND a 21 year old slut? come on. Can babies have baby alters too then? Kek. this is hyper retarded.

No. 200952

Honestly, I really feel for you here. I watched her since 2017 and it’s painful to watch her mock serious illnesses. I’m autistic myself, and tbh she’s making a fool of us too. My breaking point was when I saw her in the comments of a swell entertainment video, saying the inedible food cubes would be great for autistic people, as if we need to eat what’s basically baby food. Autism isn’t fun special interests, figit toys and hand flapping. It’s spending your whole life alienated from your peers, having family treat you like you’re embarrassing, or being scolded, or even harassed, over misunderstandings. I honestly can’t even imagine what severe ptsd must be like, and how painful those symptoms must be. Pixie has lived a perfectly normal life, and now she wants the benefit of our illnesses without understanding how it destroys our whole lives. I am so sorry to hear about your experience, and hopefully I’m not being insensitive talking about myself, but I wish you the best in your situation.

No. 200953

>Says that because she’s had a youtube channel for so long ‘people expect that I would have posted about trauma’ makes the whole “just because you don’t see my assault happen on a live stream doesn’t mean its not real’ thing
She luuuuuuuuuuuuuurks so hard. Jillian get a fucking job please

No. 200954

… Oh I don’t use 4chan very often

No. 200955

do, do you not realize what slice of life genre is? it's literally light cute shit happening without fanservice. and no men absolutely love magical girls.

No. 200956

And honestly it doesn't even look awful. It bothers me that she sometimes pretends to be body positive but says things like 'i don't recognize myself' and drawing herself tiny. Like, either be proud of your body, or work on it if you don't like it. You can almost even tell that she doesn't like it, because didn't she used to literally brag about her waist size? that was years ago, but good grief.

No. 200958

File: 1647225802889.png (86.81 KB, 1124x314, sfgfgfgffg.png)

this is what they think about her (could had been worse)

No. 200959

the saddest thing is, the solution to all her problems are always right in front of her eyes, but she never, ever, takes action. She's just ignoring everything to live a fantasy.

No. 200967

File: 1647230167044.jpeg (127.58 KB, 750x598, 96D66455-D73E-4D26-A5AE-34E175…)

jill replying to another fashion designer, implying she’s still planning to focus on fashion later? (‘soupy’ means she doesn’t know who’s ‘fronting’)

No. 200968

must she always mention her mental illness

No. 200969

But, Jill! How could you possibly relate to the phrase "I am one person"? You're 5+ people, silly! Must have slipped her mind again.

No. 200970

"Me me me me me me me me me me me

Me me me me me me me me me me

Me me me me me me

Lookatme lookatme lookatme lookatme LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME FUCKING LOOK AT ME"

No. 200971

>fashion designer

No. 200972

Mikan doesn't even sew or draft patterns tho like she's a small brand but she's not the only person on her team… Pixie could completely afford to outsource everything but I guess that would require her to be able to maintain even the most casual business relationship while she can barely hang onto acquaintances.

No. 200973

Hi Jillian, you fucking liar, fraud, phony, retarded loser. You are a fucking LIAR and everyone in your life and with half a brain on the internet fucking knows it. LOSER.(calm down)

No. 200976

Oh boy I do love a good cow collision. Though Vina isn’t so bad these days.

No. 200977

You know I don’t know shit about weed but that sounds like a really astute observation anon. This dumb bitch really giving away her scam without realizing it.
What I do know about weed is it can cause psychosis and depersonalization and if she’s taking really strong shit especially high on the THC she can induce the symptoms she wants. Mix that in with booze and seroquel and we got some munchie tier faking concocting skills

Man I hope she never has children. I can just imagine her mixing up a mess of things to poison a child with for some sweet sweet attention.

No. 200979

File: 1647235309175.jpg (13 KB, 217x232, download (3).jpg)

>now she's kinda like some One Piece character.
The character in question.

It's weird how she has to make it about her self before she gives praise. It's never just "I'm excited for you." it's always "I can't wait to wear this," or "my mental illness stops me from doing that but good for you."

No. 200988

Both are talentless and ugly asf

No. 200989

But who cares about men? Many women love precure

No. 200998

I’ve only managed to get half way through the video, and maybe it’s just because I haven’t watched any of her videos in a while now, but she seems so almost manic? Or just really fakely hyper and OTT then she ever used to be. I know she’s always been pretty hyper, but it always seemed natural before, and now it seems so put on and inauthentic. I don’t know if she’s just high, or she’s trying to make ‘Jill’ really exaggerated to make it more obvious between the ‘alters’

No. 201000

She seems like she's crazy to me. Like, legit living in her own world with no self awareness. It feels like she's faking this whole thing but also legitimately crazy at the same time. I used to be a fan because I love her style, but this make up… the characters… it's a no for me dawg

No. 201005

did she say she wanted to cosplay again?

No. 201013


I’ve been keeping up with all her videos, and I agree.

Her voice was higher pitched, and she seemed like she was forcing herself to be this persona. It is very strange.

No. 201028

I found it really telling when she briefly mentioned the pressure she felt having to fit into the ‘pixie’ persona she’d built. These are the kind of things she needs to be addressing in therapy instead of inventing reasons for why she’s struggling to cope with finding her identity and footing as an adult. Being an adult is fucking tough sometimes Jill, it’s okay to feel that. Especially if you’re prone to depressive episodes. But you’re only digging yourself a bigger and bigger hole to climb back out of by constantly finding new crutches to lean on.

She genuinely makes me feel sad nowadays, it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion

No. 201053

sage for OT but i always think about Rise from Persona 4 when I think about this LARP. Rise is an idol and her whole thing is not knowing who the 'real her' is only to find out that all the different aspects of herself are the same person. She felt a disconnect not knowing if her "idol self" was really her, but found out its not really some standard to live up to when she can just be herself.

Meanwhile, if Jill ever played that game, she'd get to that scene and be like 'OMG RISE IS TOTALLY A SYSTEM' and then never pick it up again. Actually isn't there tons of youtubers that go on hiatus because they feel like they're being inauthentic but just come back and make more personal stuff? Thank god none of them went onto this bullshit. We were actually kinda proud when she opened up about her mental health a couple years back except then she just stopped making any good content and went right back into pretending to be some kind of perpetually positive kawaii guru who never takes accountability for anything…

No. 201061

File: 1647290690072.jpeg (272.88 KB, 828x624, 2852BDA0-33DE-4101-AD44-4E8972…)

No. 201068

She probably lashed out at stewie thanks to a weed/alcohol withrawal.

No. 201069

God damnit I wish she would just fucking eat healthy, go outside and excerice. No shit she has mental illness to the extreme of developing mental disability like symptoms. If she would go to a real doctor instead of her bestie witch counseler she could be getting real help.
Why doesn't she realise when you make yourself live like a feral child you start to turn into one.
I really hate Stebie for condoning this and not seeking help for her because she definitely can't on her own.

Post pandemic prediction. She's going to go out more, eat healthier and get sunlight. Steve's going to transition and Jill's going to break up with them for enabling her. but it's actually because she's jealous of Steve for actually being trans when she wishes she was for attention.
Go off to another partner and engage in her next bpd episode.
What do you predict? She'll move onto seeking tiktok fame? Bio queen era or even worse fake transitioning saying the DID was just a cope for her being trans all along and she integrated by becoming Jerick so she can infiltrate another minority community and become a drag queen.

10 year prediction she gets sick of being white goes to Korea for monolid surgery and injects melanin to become ultra minority

No. 201071

The way she capitalized every word my brain read Attack on Titan episode

No. 201072

from one persona fag to another, shut up. you sound retarded.

No. 201076

You make a fair point anon but Steve was the one who found that counselor in the first place. They both enable each other's worst behaviors.

No. 201077

no way jill would break up with stebio, definitely the other way around. she's practically begging for marriage. i think steebiebeebie will break up with her once the full troon happens.

No. 201078

>actually being trans
the only thing stebie "actually" is is a pathetic male

No. 201085

File: 1647298165906.png (1.1 MB, 964x668, pits.PNG)


No. 201087

I want to see what will happen when they break up. Doubt she’ll have a drastic change but she won’t be able to be so codependent anymore.

No. 201091

She's got that iconic fungal pit glow everyone's talking about.

No. 201095

I couldn't even go past 30 seconds, this is a new low. Her high pitched voice and mannerisms are so forced and fake. She's aware that this is all a sham.

I think Jill is mentally ill but not in the way she wants to be.
She wants to be mentally ill in a 'get out of jail free card/get all the twitter likes and internet attention' kind of way.

She also wants to be a 'mental health influencer' which, if you think about it, is absolutely fucked that that is a 'thing'? Dystopian even. She's following people who are just like 'hehe im just a widdle mentaly ill babey but in a like super cool internet points way lol uwu not in a life ruining way'. Absolute insanity

No. 201097

File: 1647300338867.png (328.64 KB, 554x438, mierda.png)

Stop being a fucking ageplayer, Jillian Vessey.

No. 201098

File: 1647300429249.png (171.8 KB, 526x522, mierda.png)

gross cult-like shit.

No. 201099

File: 1647300511309.png (11.38 KB, 532x104, mierda.png)

more ageplayer shit

No. 201100

File: 1647300604539.png (23.66 KB, 540x234, mierda.png)

>if you have trauma just watch a movie LOLLLL
you can't make this shit up

No. 201101

File: 1647300666803.png (15.65 KB, 524x144, mierda.png)

jillian "I LIKE GORE LOL XD" vessey

No. 201102

This is super telling to me that it is fake. Whenever someone who is immature wants to be edgy, they turn to gore to prove that they're so "iNsAnEE" or some shit.

No. 201104

>Clothing Style? “That’s what the whole channel is about” (Fashion collection when?) Kawaii/harajuku inspired but trying to be more ‘ethical’ just say you can’t fit into any of their clothes and go

I just watched the video she says it's not ethical, but she can buy secondhand but "it doesn't help that everything is so small" in passing which makes me think she is aware that she's the shape of a fridge now but blames the sustainability on why she's not buying clothes, not that she doesn't fit into anything remotely flattering. I feel like that style of rainbow fashion she likes is one of the biggest styles for smaller creators who are focused on inclusivity and sustainability, but she only acknowledges them if it's PR since she rather be "sustainable" in spending her mom's money on cheap thrifted plastic crap

No. 201108

>she is aware that she's the shape of a fridge now but blames the sustainability on why she's not buying clothes,
she should just drop sustainability entirely then. It never suited her. Drop the troon boyfriend too pls.

No. 201115

Listen, as much as I want that to be true, I don't see Jill getting better any time soon. She won't get better because she doesn't have to. As long as she can leech off her parents, she can potentially get away with being this way forever.

No. 201116

I think you can be a 'mental health' influencer in a way that isn't awful. General shit like telling people to seek medical attention and practice a healthy diet and exercise routine. Unfortunately, Jill is a lot less recovery positive than she makes herself out to be. She also make definitive statements about mental illnesses without any sources, like her BPD infographics that were terrible.

No. 201122

nah, she’ll go back go being codependent with her mommy

No. 201124

What gets me about this, is that 'thrift flips' are so popular and her entire aesthetic is rainbows. how hard would it be for her to buy something that doesn't fit and make it rainbow with panels of fabric? She's just completely given up on sewing.

No. 201129

This feels like the autism larp; I'm so Little and mentally disabled and #actuallyautistic I can't even tie my own shoes, I need velcro ones uguu.
>>201101 FUCKING LOL

No. 201130

what is this dystopian nightmare where people overshare their munchausen derived symptoms and people like and heart it

No. 201136

>always drinking and smoking pot, a combination notorious for causing nausea and dizziness including during hangovers and withdrawals, which would obviously happen in the morning
>muh mental health attack uwu it’s so mysterious how my super special body responds this way

No. 201140

File: 1647312697826.png (872.77 KB, 708x970, supermierda.png)

god shut the fuck uuuupppp how narcissistic do you have to BE to larp having some extreme trauma when you've been nothing but a spoiled pampered bitch

No. 201141

>I feel like no one talks about how Gatorade literally comes in a sippy cup. Like an actual baby bottle
Because not everyone is unhinged like you. Imagine being normal for 1 minute and not relating everything in this world to whatever disgusting bullshit goes inside your little decaying noggin. Fucking ageplayers.

No. 201156

Bingo wings coming in nicely(learn2sage)

No. 201165

File: 1647331009978.jpeg (400.29 KB, 828x1200, 8CDDCCAA-AE50-4C17-93CE-881149…)

No. 201166

Hm, sounds like the only fans saga is becoming more real each day

No. 201168

She only made jerrick asexual because she doesn't want to deal with the convoluted hoops she would have to deal with if she lets it slip that Jerrick "fronts" when her and Steven have sex. She's always posting sexually suggestive things on the Jerrick account which I've met people who are sex repulsed and they do not like sexual humor.

Also is this a soft launch to her only fans saga? Will Veronica become a cam girl?

No. 201169

File: 1647333364614.jpeg (422.85 KB, 1242x2146, 111B043A-5B0E-4FFF-B7FE-ED9CAF…)

The implication that she’s going to have Stevie read her board books before bed?? I’m sorry this is too far. I can understand buying plushies, that’s pretty normal. I can even understand the Little Critters toys for decor. But board books for babies? Why post this online? And how can she think it’s appropriate to be all hyper sexual “Veronica” one minute and “board book bedtime” the next?

No. 201171

File: 1647335755781.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7747.PNG)

okay but why he has sunflower lanyard in the same tiktok? I swear everything is an aesthetic for her

No. 201174

Are the hidden disabilities lanyards even a thing in Canada or has she just copied what she has seen on tik tok as usual. Honestly they have lost almost all meaning at this point because people use them as a mask exemption in the UK so antimask people bought them and used them to be Karen’s. I wonder if she has the card attached, I have noticed the young people wearing them for show on tik tok never have the card attached that actually elaborates on the disability and any medical needs they just have the lanyard.

No. 201175

Isn’t her little six? This book is below the reading level of a six year old, this is a book you read to a baby/toddler. The majority of six year olds would probably say they don’t want that baby book because they aren’t a baby. I am enjoying her trying to larp a child and doing poorly because she doesn’t actually know how a six year old acts.

No. 201176


I was definitely at least reading small chapter books at that age, or picture books with more words.

Junie B. Jones would be a better choice.

No. 201177

>Steve's going to transition and Jill's going to break up with them for enabling her.
Why would she break up with an enabler? That’s the only kind of person she ever wants to be around. If anything, Steve’s going to break up with her and join an “anarchocommunist” t4t polycule.

This. I’m convinced that the main reason for her mental illness and neurodivergence LARPing is because she doesn’t want to be criticised for being a coddled womanbaby who does nothing all day. I don’t think she’s worried about money or housing because she can always move back into her mom’s basement. When she still thought of herself as an independent #bossbabe that would have been embarrassing, but for a growing collection of marginalised personalities sharing one traumatised, autistic body it seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do. All she needs is a physical illness or disability (is fibromyalgia still trendy?) and she’s got a munchie bingo.

No. 201185

It's so disturbing how she's now having to turn herself ("Jillian") into a character? She's destroying her "self", and it's fucking sad.

No. 201186

Right, it's completely inconsistent with the larp and just screams ddlg shit

I think it's the opposite and that if he goes full ma'am she will never leave him because it is too convenient for her image to be with a "woman"

No. 201187

If I am understanding correctly she is claiming Jillian isn’t even purely Jillian but has parts integrated already.

No. 201202

File: 1647358661090.jpeg (325.14 KB, 1242x1088, 4E071721-89E1-4206-BDCF-96B560…)

I fucking laughed my ass off at the comments in the alter video. Jill responded to this person explaining how long she had her alters. But the funny part is the fact that her own fans think she looks like Emelia Fart kek. The morbidly obease crazy woman in drag makeup

No. 201205

File: 1647360034849.jpeg (2.48 MB, 2500x3750, 5DDDF326-24C3-4AD3-9FC6-A05370…)

Not much longer for our girl

No. 201226

I hate sunflower lanyard people - not people who genuinely have non obvious disabilities/illnesses - but people who’s whole personality is having a sunflower lanyard to excuse everything they do. As >>201174 said people either have them because they’re ‘mask exemption’ karens or because they want to flag they’re so sick and disabled. People I know who would genuinely benefit from the scheme don’t wear them because they don’t want people to think that of them. It definitely is a uk thing and i would be surprised if it’s properly spread to jill’s shitty part of canada. Fat fucking disability larping mong.

No. 201235

>really astute observation
Lol. That isn't her weed. "Jer" is replying to a picture someone else posted with a comment about the name of the strain.

No. 201241

Lol, this person must be trolling. If you see more comments like these please post them, it's hilarious.

No. 201244

File: 1647369240369.jpg (50.16 KB, 474x474, downloadfile-5.jpg)

Jillian, like any other teen, has been mix and matching different styles since early on based on her interests. A lot of teen go through these changes of style and fashion as they grow up. The problem is, Jillian always did it in a way that it became her whole personality because not much else was going on for her. But even then, you knew it was just Jillian trying something new every few months. Nowadays she's trying really hard to fracture herself into different niches, something that isn't really necessary. I'd say she does have mental problems of the "I'm trying to figure myself out" kind (aka, growing up and not knowing shit about the world because you lived in a bubble… Not DID), and since her most popular persona is one that she always faked (the overly positive rainbow girl persona) and the one that always got the most attention, she now doesn't want to let go of it, even if her entire being is asking for her to move on and stop clinging to things that don't work for her, and perhaps never worked. She needs to realize it's okay to let go and move on.

Her inability to see that she's now a full fledged adult, one with many interests and likes, just like any other adult, will be the end of her. But she doesn't want to grow up, she doesn't want to face reality, she wants to forever be 6, 14, 21. Jillian needs to face reality and understand doing adult-like stuff (adulting, if you will) is completely normal and something she will continue to do until the end of time (not just something a 35 year old does). She has taxes to pay and a career to build. She can't throw everything away in the name of a fantasy. Her childish desires will end up affecting her more than what she's facing currently. She could end up unfilled, homeless, regretful that she kept playing a fragmented character in the past. Or even worse, married to an enabling troon. Stop living a lie Jill, wake up from the fantasy.

No. 201248

Honestly, it amuses me how pixielocks has any fans left. She's ugly, fat, obnoxious, and content-wise, she's past her prime. There's so many other new alternative fashion influencers for zoomers and it is time for her to retire and focus on whatever else that doesn't entail being mentally ill. Just look at her TikToks, she's barely reeling any attention in.
Ugh. Why does she want to be disabled THIS bad? This is gross and offensive. She's just a stupid piece of suburban shit, everything was handed to her.

No. 201253

File: 1647373673634.jpeg (626.13 KB, 2246x2048, B1D32F5A-3CCF-4CD7-807D-69878D…)

Glad you enjoy them as much as I do anon. Here’s a compilation of comments under the alter video.

>DIDfags comparing alters to a harem anime

>Fan self diagnoses BPD because of Jill
>Fan saying that Jill acts like a sperg at conventions kek
>Fans missing non-DID content
>Fan sees that Jill is overacting

No. 201254

Jill is so wild with her larp. I’m not convinced DID is even real but for a moment let’s pretend.
Jill has a child alter (evidence seems to suggest this child might in fact be a toddler), an underage teen alter and a hyper sexual 20-something alter. Jill talks about her biggest symptom being dissociation. Jill does weed and drinks alcohol, still drives too (though hopefully not under the influence).
So she’s subjecting someone who struggles with self control and boundaries to an inebriated state that may make it more difficult for them to act appropriately (Veronica).
She’s providing an underage teenager alcohol and weed (Jerrick)!?
And the sickest part, she’s getting a CHILD high and drunk (unnamed little)!?
All of this while still driving and engaging in adult behavior. What the absolute fuck! I understand the body is an adult but what about the mental health of these fully peopled alters!? It’s known to be damaging to subject these groups to alcohol/drugs, so why is she? Why does no one question that?

No. 201255

they started in uk airports (gatwick if i remember which is one of the busiest in the uk) and spread to supermarkets and shops after a trail, before corona. So jill is now making her disability larp multinational. Is she saying DID is her disability? The sunflower lanyard is for people who might need extra help from staff members, is she saying she’ll need staff at a store to look after her ‘little’ (ew) if it fronts or something?

No. 201257

Nah she’s also claiming she has autism and/or ADHD.

No. 201267

She probably isn’t wearing it with a card that identifies what her disability is. I’m guessing she was inspired by tik tok and none of the zoomers who have them on tik tok wear the card they just have the lanyard with nothing attached. Which really defeats the point if you are claiming you are wearing it because you have additional support needs or something a medical professional would need to know about if something happened to you. For anyone who doesn’t know the lanyard is generic but you are supposed to attach one of the cards they also sell, there is different ones for different conditions and they have different support needs listed.

No. 201268

She just probably thinks it's just a quirky fashion accesory because it has flowers and it's colorful. Plus she loves ilnesses, all of them.

No. 201269

Idk about other people but me wearing something like that on the street would panic me. Everyone would know I'm disabled and could take advantage of me. Plus it looks childish and kiddie-like.

No. 201270

This picture puzzles me because, she's wearing dark colors with green hair (something that apparently "only jerric" does) but she's clearly femenine and comfortable with her body. She's seriously so dumb.

I'm not entirely sure that DID is real either, and if it is, I doubt babies just "come out like that" like she says. I'm pretty sure DID is a very rare type of extreme PTSD that occurs in childhood, but wackos and """professionals""" out there make a career out of diagnosing it to whoever pays (aka jillian). The way they treat DID is like any other weird fandom, but in this case it is based on assumptions of a mental illness based on movies and tv. It's weird.

No. 201271

That is fair though it also made me think, why is she wearing it inside her own house if not just to have it on for the tik tok.

No. 201273

nta but it's supposed to be worn at the airport(mainly in the US) so the tsa doesn't kill you because you have autism or something. it's not for every day use.

No. 201274

wtf. Then why is she just wearing it for the tiktok. Just for clout? special brownie points? there's no need for her to use such thing if her life isn't at risk for having severe autism. And specially not if she's not going to the airport. This is plain offensive.

No. 201276

File: 1647379183399.png (327.74 KB, 452x366, clown.png)

This is what happens when you base your entire persona on social media validation.
You end up acting like a clown, and looking like a clown.
Her mental health is seriously decaying. Just not in the way she wants. Wonder if she'll get better or worse. Or pretend she's doing okay while looking worse.

No. 201277

>And the sickest part, she’s getting a CHILD high and drunk (unnamed little)!?
Kek. You know she fucks while pretending to be a child, too.

Seriously, what's wrong in that rainbow house? Steven went from a redditor type of stupid guy to a troon, and Jillian went from someone who does stuff to doing jack shit all day while getting high. This just proves they're both immature and bad for each other. Jillian, return to your mother's house.

No. 201278

IIRC she’s said that the little girl alter is lured out by the presence of toys and other kid stuff. If 1) this was in any way real and 2) Jill wanted to be internally consistent and responsible she would be ‘baby-proofing’ her life so that the child is never tempted to front in unsafe or inappropriate situations. She would be strictly separating her adult activities like driving, smoking, drinking and sex from anything that could trigger the child to come out. No listening to cutesy kids music in the car. No watching kids shows while smoking or drinking. No sexual activity in any room with toys in it.
Instead her entire home is like a Technicolor playhouse and she supposedly ‘loses time’ playing with Legos and dollhouses in the same room she passes out drunk. Steve tucks her in and reads her toddler books in the same bed they presumably have sex in. Does she at least lock up or hide the booze and bong like you would if you were living with a real child? I bet she doesn’t, for the same reason that nobody is questioning her: nobody truly believes this shit is real. Not her, not Steve, not her counselor, not her fans.

No. 201280

i have no clue. they're meant to protect you in situations, like at the airport, where being stressed or overstimulated would seem suspicious and could otherwise lead to being detained or arrested. jill just seems like she's wearing it to legitimize having autism or something. it's pretty bad, even more than her DID which is just the new, trendy, synesthesia for attention whores.

No. 201282

My personal tinfoil is this:
Jillian was crumbling down thanks to pressure of being a public person + new home at a new town + school. So, Steven found out a shitty counselor and the counselor insisted that there was some "trauma" that she wasn't aware of. Jill being Jill, she blamed it on Uma. I get it, your first heartbreak is always one of the worst. But she was really grasping for any excuse of trauma in her comfortable life.
Then, because of an increment in her weed and alcohol usage to "wind down" from school stress, she started dissociating. Jillian, who started to use tiktok at that time, related it to DID instead of you know… substance abuse. Then, her counselor gave her the "diagnostic impression". The rest is history.

As much as I think someone should really put in the work to get better, specially if you have BPD (I have been there) it is naive to think all counselors have the best intentions in mind when it comes to their costumers. Jillian should work in her violent impulses, her fear of abandonment, her inability to be alone with herself. She should work on the "scary" or "uncomfortable" parts of BPD instead of sugarcoating them, making them positive, or trying to escape/coping with weed and alcohol. I know there's a lot of stigma related to it, but as you continue getting better and more in control of your symptoms, your life and relationships will improve, to the point of remission. That's what she needs. To face reality. To be vulnerable with herself. It's like she's trying to come up with all these new things and new diagnosis and ways to distract herself instead of truly touching on the real issues. She is making more issues.

Plus, honestly, Steven isn't mature. And loving someone doesn't mean that you're good for them. Steven is enabling Jillian too much and that's making her worse. She needs to go back home.

No. 201289

I think you mades some good points but I disagree about going home. I would say her (very loving and normal) parents are huge enablers and would not not help her get better- I think she needs to be on her own for a bit and completely cut off social media. She seems to have plenty of friends that I'm sure she would be okay.
I get the feeling she can't be alone with her thoughts which is why she's always around people/ on social media garnering attention through her characters. I think she needs to move to a bigger city, get a new therapist, and get inspired to actually do something creative worth her time. She needs to stop obsessing over consuming everything. Get off tiktok, stop collecting personalities and mini hobbies. Stop trying to be the number one fan of everything. Even sustainability was an excuse to just consume, figuratively speaking.

No. 201292

it's not that deep, anon. jill is not creative in the slightest, we've seen that. she just ran out of things to get attention from. plus tiktok makes people go to more extremes for attention. she ran out on her shitty fashion style, dropped out of fashion school and spends her life on the internet. this is where she was going to end up. she's just copying the annoying danganronpa cosplay community who all fake DID since it's not something that can be disproven. not everyone has secret talent they're not honing properly, and jill definitely doesn't.

No. 201297

I don't think she's deeply creative, I'm just saying that if she wants to actually make money making clothes something has to change. Not too mention her customers wont give af if she's dissociating when their package is a month late kek

No. 201298

I agree with you. The only bad thing is that her friends are also enablers, and drink the queer trans drag koolaid. So idk, she should really start from 0. But I doubt she will…

No. 201299

weird af she says this in a reply instead of apologizing for it. that "veronica cameo" was weird as fuck

No. 201301

What saddens me is that, I feel like at some points, we know her better than her actual fans. We care about her wellbeing more than her actual fans. We give her actual advice. She just loves praise and attention from her enablers way too much. I feel sad for this girl. She will never mature and become a fulfilled individual this way, she needs to put the work. She rather sulk and rot away in her delusions I guess. I knew she was never smart, but man, looking at her is like a car crash waiting to happen.

Agreed. I don't think she's deeply creative either, but she knows how to work around stuff. I wish she realized it, she doesn't have to sew, she can print tshirts and like, customize them a little. I always loved her intros, there's something inside her that she never explores because she's always focused on things that don't work for her. That art youtuber who got into NFTS and she was dissing on his youtube comments? That's a good example of how as a youtuber she could do artsy crafty stuff for a living (his name is schmoxd, and before the nft shit, he actually did cool stuff and had a loyal fanbase). She really needs to re-invent herself.

No. 201302

are you going to post the reply or what? Dying to know how Jillian somehow spins this into a positive.

No. 201303

well that's the thing, i don't think she actually wants to. it was just part of her brand. what she wants the most is praise and attention, if she's not getting enough she moves on. this whole thing is going to get normies gawking at her and she seems to really need that daytime tv level of fame to live.

No. 201316

I think the reason Jill has really gone off the deep end in recent years and gotten into the DID/Austism ~*too mentally ill/disabled to work*~ is because she has zero direction in life. As someone who is only a year younger than Jill, people are age are out working towards things such as a career, better housing, maybe even starting a family. I believed her moving into her own rainbow townhouse with Steve caused her to stagnant because she thought she achieved it all minus the brand, but that’s not going to happen when she can get money thrown at her by fans and YT(sage your shit)

No. 201317

I'm not sure how many times I need to say it but you don't get disability for autism in Canada. The cutoff for extreme low functioning cases is 18 years and people with high functioning don't get it at all.

No. 201318

People who have been lurking here since the early days never believed it’d get to this point where she was actively seeking diagnosis’ to remain relevant. A few years ago I somewhat believed she’d mature and grow out of it, but now? Jill has brought into this delusion she must self broadcast to the world no matter what. These threads were to point fun at some spoilt woman child living in the basement, now it’s a circus around a woman child and her delusions. How far we have come!(sage your shit)

No. 201319

I get disability for autism and I'm canadian. You're probably thinking of depression because I know a girl who tried that kek.

No. 201321

The fact that Evie Meg (famous Tourette’s girl) JUST made a post discussing her lanyard for her Tourette’s and seizures. I’m begging you Jill, have an original thought

No. 201325

do any of you think this DID extravaganza is due to her stopping her BPD psych meds (to smoke weed apparently?) and its just unmedicated BPD in full force?(sage your shit)

No. 201326

What I was saying with the enabling thing. That's going to be her excuse. claiming he's the reason for everything like.

"I wasn't this way until I met you"
"You never tried to help me you only tried to make me sick"
"I need to blame you for this embarrassing phase because I'm actually an autistic trans child."

hold up diegnostic impression paper. With impression crossed out in crayon

you used me so that also makes you pedo, ableist, transphobic homophobic garbage"
"I'm going to imply you did some really fucked up things to me for the rest of my life and develope another truama identity (just like with Uma) because I can't actually call you out because you didn't do anything and you have way more evidence against me. Even though I'm literally neurodivergent and it wasn't even me it was my spinel- I mean Jerick alter protecting me.

Sorry I hope I don't get banned for rp but this is how the breakups going go.
Clear up for everyone one who thought I was being serious about the enabler shit.

No. 201337

Probably. I wonder if therapists like hers will ever face repercussions now that many of them are complicit in encouraging DID munchausen despite it being an obvious trend online.

No. 201342

honestly no one needs a lanyard unless it's for holding a keycard for their home/office/school kek. Jill literally stays inside most of the time it's literally so pointless.

sage for no contribution

No. 201344

i can't tell if you're actually retarded or you just somehow skimmed the several anons talking about why she has this specific patterned lanyard. yes she doesn't leave the house but it's not about leaving the house to her, it's about the disabled LARP

No. 201353


I mean there aren’t really meds specifically for BPD. I believe she was on pretty standard meds that could be taken for bipolar, if I remember. Though what doctor puts a teen on Seroquel (I think she was on this at one point) for self harm and BPD… I’m not sure. I always thought she was very heavily medicated at an early age. Not a psych though, just a layman.

Weed can make you feel dissociative for sure, so it’s possible she thinks she’s experiencing symptoms of depersonalization/derealization from weed.

No. 201359

She doesnt have bpd though. Bpd is a sexist disorder and doctors prey on vulnerable abused women to label them as such. Bpd is basically ptsd and no way she has it. She has no trauma.

No. 201360

You can have bpd without trauma. I don’t understand why Bpd chans are always seething in this thread about how Jill can’t possibly have their special disorder because of how horrible she is. Jill isn’t a spokesperson for Bpd and just because she shares a diagnosis with you doesn’t mean that you’re remotely the same person as her.
As awful as living with Bpd is it’s pretty mild compared to other disorders because it’s one of few that can actually be cured.

No. 201362

I dont have bpd. Its literally a bullshit disorder. Look it up on how sexist it is. Bpd is ptsd and you cant have it without trauma. Shes just an attention whore who fakes everything for attention because its trendy online.

No. 201364

I mean I definitely agree that women are more likely to be misdiagnosed with BPD, but to say it doesn’t exist at all isn’t something I agree with.

I think I read somewhere most folks diagnosed with ASPD are men. So maybe just as a whole we need to not restrict certain diagnoses to certain genders.

No. 201365

Doctors use the bpd label on women (who have been raped and abused) to say they’re hysterical and crazy and make them feel bad for their abuse. Why do you think men with trauma get assigned ptsd? Because ptsd is a real disorder thats seen as legit whereas bpd is basically an insult. There has been cases of women with bpd going to court to report rape and their diagnosis has been used against them. Hence why i think its bullshif. Its basically ptsd-c and as for as im concerned she has never been abused. Shes an attention whore with a rich mom and an eating disorder

No. 201374

Wtf "bpd is just ptsd" you're just retarded(sage your shit)

No. 201378

Have you even met someone with BPD?
It's NOTHING like PTSD, what are you on about? PTSD isn't even a personality disorder, armchair-chan.

No. 201379

Nona yeah there’s overlap with ptsd and bpd but they have completely different symptom sets… might as well say all personality disorders r the same if ur going down the bpd is ptsd bc they both are results of trauma lane

No. 201381

Project harder nonna

No. 201382

File: 1647443208925.jpeg (396.34 KB, 828x1135, C4A667D5-E915-4C11-88CD-33700A…)

No. 201386

None of this shit makes any sense. I thought Jerrick was the first to "front" too, but I may be wrong.

No. 201395

Do we have ages that all the alters where formed? She said Jerrick was fronting when she was 14 right. Does she have any alters that where actually formed in childhood.

No. 201398


I know plenty of women diagnosed with PTSD who weren’t diagnosed with BPD. Just sayin’.

No. 201406

Lurk more and integrate. Stop with the newfag spacing, your posts are obvious.

No. 201417

I agree with you, seroquel and other antipsychotics are just not good for someone who isn't so severe and very young. Putting her on antidepressants like citalopram would had been better.

No. 201419

You clearly have never been near anyone who has bpd, nor have it yourself. She exhibits some patterns of it, and she was actually diagnosed with it. Unlike DID, which is total bullcrap.

>I don’t understand why Bpd chans are always seething in this thread about how Jill can’t possibly have their special disorder because of how horrible she is
Kek, dw, I actually believe Jill has it, that and narcissitic tendencies. It's better to accept that someone has BPD and can work through it than deny it or sugar coat it. Sadly most bpdchans just victimize themselves and continue doing the shit they do. Being aware of your shit is the first step.

No. 201421

I believe what you're saying but also, I have bpd and I have no recollection of any ultra very bad trauma happening to me.

No. 201422

I really don't understand any sentence of this. It's like word salad.
So the "primary protector" aka the 35 year old formed when Jillian started living outside mommy's house? Jillian… that's just maturing/having more responsability. You're stupid.

No. 201424

I would imagine that over time the meds become less effective too as your body becomes accustomed to them, if she had been taking them since being a pre teen there is no way they would be effective still surely.

No. 201427

this doesn't make fucking sense. your protector is supposed to be the first one to form because it's the one part of "a SySteM" that shields you from the trauma. she's just giving away the fact that in her life the only real trauma was when she got dumped by colin or had to move out from mom's house

No. 201435

What a nasty cunt showing off that disability lanyard. My little cousin actually has to wear a badge due to being severly autistic and non-verbal. Jill is a functioning ADULT mocking the ill for internet attention. Coddled rainbow cunt. How long before her and steebie start a diaper saga?

No. 201436

Her lore is all over the place, it would be more believable if she said jerrick was the system protector since he was first formed. The protector doesn't have to be the oldest they just are usually older than the trauma Holder (which tends to be the little) but since Jill wants to be the most mentally ill she made herself the trauma Holder in this fucked up game of pretend. She could have made it easy for herself but instead she decided to become the next wonderland system.

No. 201451

She’s watched enough DID youtube channels (hell, she even sent a fan mail care package to one prior to her diagnosis), she knows that’s not how it works. The primary protector is basically your first alter. If there are major integrations in the system, the role can be passed to another alter, but you don’t just have an alter crop up in adulthood and say “I’m the primary protector.” I’m sorry for knowing too much about DID lore, but she at least needs to commit to her story! DID forms because a child is being abused and needs to be protected, a personality forms to protect said child from the abuse. Is she claiming Veronica was the first alter then? Because it can’t have been the child alter, and all the others are influenced by her teenage years and later

No. 201462

>The primary protector is basically your first alter
For someone who I believe actually has DID, Britney Spears (many big stars probably do too) due to all the shit she's gone through, this is the case. There's a clip of her switching during an interview and saying hi to "strong Britney" who takes over for her.
Jillian never needed a strong protector alter so of course she doesn't have one, it's tumblr OCs all the way down.

No. 201468

wait… What? Britney Spears has DID? sources?

Veronica can't be the protector, it just doesn't make sense.

It's very telling how the "protector" is the guy who has responsabilities etc because she thinks those are boring or whatever. And even more telling this "alter" formed when she moved out of her mommy's house… kek. Imagine if all of us got alters for moving out of our parent's house, to a house that was rented by with parent's moneys. She's dumb.

No. 201469

This is the nitpickiest shit I swear to fucking god.

YoUr pOsTs ArE oBvIoUs. Maybe you should lurk less?

No. 201470

If the 35 year old alter is the responsable one, the one who does the dishes and works on shit and all, why doesn't Jillian simply become him or whatever? She does jack shit all day

No. 201471

The sole reason why she doesn't want to make social media for the other alters is because she can't manage that many accounts, let alone that many personas. What is the 35 year old going to tweet about? finances? kek. She doesn't like anything that a 35 year old would. She's 100% a zoomer bitch. She would not know how to act like a 35 year old other than "paying taxes" or whatever.

Also, """Veronica""" getting a twitter account is just an excuse for her to be a whore and post nudes online. She's dying to do that, she's dying to be a hoe, but since she will blame all on """Veronica""" she will not be held accountable. Sigh.

No. 201479

Veronica is the sexual protector. If she claims it was CSA, it could work. But either way, she’s got to come forward with someone being created in childhood for a helpful reason, and Veronica seems like the only one left. The 35-year-old personal assistant came to be in 2018, Jerrick as a teenager, and Flora’s a Pretty Cure fictive so also a teenage creation. In the whole theory behind DID, a child is being traumatized beyond what they can handle so they create an alternate personality state that can help them. That’s not gonna be a child. A child alter can hold trauma memories to protect the host (essentially being stuck at the time of abuse) or can be trauma-free to be what the host wishes they were as a child, but a child alter isn’t gonna be the very first alter formed when the child is desperate for help

No. 201482

Princess precure was 2015-2016 so Flora cannot be older than that.

No. 201487

>Veronica is the sexual protector. If she claims it was CSA, it could work.

Veronica is Jillian's sexy thot roleplay character. It's just Jillian deluding herself into thinking she's hot. She's not. She's ugly, she's fat, and no one wants to touch her with a ten foot pole (Stewie the troon faggot doesn't count). This is the only way of pretending she is attractive. This is a fantasy, she tries to be a quirky hot young woman, but she's nothing but a saggy and lardy piece of shit. And no, it would not work if she claimed child sexual assault. Don't give her ideas.

No. 201508

Wait, do we know she stopped taking meds???

No. 201519

File: 1647504312856.jpeg (130.08 KB, 750x665, 1640062842708.jpeg)

from an old tread. It seems like she might still be taking her antidepressants but she completely stopped her anti anxiety meds which is a horrible idea because THC has been shown to increase paranoia and other anxiety based mental disorders. So unless she's smoking a strand that's mostly CBD she's fucking her life up. (even more so since she drinks heavily while on antidepressants.)

No. 201520

so let's assume she had bpd and some other unknown mental health issues, like real problems she is masking with her confetti club DID. at the this pace, without real medical help and doing drugs 24/7 just to feel normal she may really develop really serious problem and i am not talking about cute tik tok mental illness. she may, she will. She keeps DID larp and destabilises her brain with drugs and reassuring herself she really indeed has lose screws in her brain and let's them unscrew even more. Do you remember there was episode of South Park about Tourette syndrome, where Cartman was larping so hard he really ended up with developing symptoms he could no longer control. There is chance it will happen to Jillian.

No. 201521

God, that's fucking sad. I believe you. She's fucking up with her brain chemistry way too much.

No. 201522

File: 1647507710381.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 39.61 KB, 341x568, 4D6EA13D-E915-4766-BC7A-3592DA…)

I’ve wondered before if she got into psychedelics besides just alcohol and weed if she’d be capable of reaching Amanda Baggs level of fake retardation

No. 201531

Placebo is a hell of a thing and she is doing everything she can to make herself more suggestible.

No. 201538

jesus christ anon don’t remind me of amanda. although by all accounts she was a savant before she destroyed her brain with drugs, and it’s not like jill was very smart beforehand. Still, we can hope for a DIY rainby piss bag before long if she does go down the same road kek

No. 201542

Let’s just pray no one offers her ketamine therapy which seems to be picking up steam. Or that she falls down the drugs are medicine hippy hole further and decides mushrooms is the way.

No. 201548

I mean if she's going to be drinking all the time anyway it's actually better that she's not on benzos anymore. Ativan isn't like an ssri.

No. 201550

ffs amanda was a sick fraud and not a savant

No. 201551

oh but jill already said that veronica came about in 2019, at the time when she had a falling out with wendy about a gross weeb guy

No. 201558

The Wendy and Gross weeb guy situation was back in 2017/2018 (because New Years), it was before Stevie. Have a feeling Veronica probably formed in 2019 because that was the year OnlyFans started to really take off, could be wrong tho

No. 201576

>>wait… What? Britney Spears has DID? sources?

It's pretty fucking crazy seeing the real thing, how disruptive and upsetting it is, versus this fucking retarded LARPer whose face I honestly want to punch.

No. 201595

Wasn’t the falling out with Tracy, not Wendy?

No. 201598

sorry, nonna, you're right. i got their names confused
ok sorry lol. either way, veronica is also a new alter. at least i remember that clearly

No. 201599

>Let’s just pray no one offers her ketamine therapy which seems to be picking up steam.
Her therapist already offered her that, she mentioned it in her twitter

No. 201600

>Veronica probably formed in 2019 because that was the year OnlyFans started to really take off, could be wrong tho
This. She just wants the attention that comes from new trends, and OnlyFans isn't off the charts for her.

No. 201605

I wouldn't be surprised if Britney had it poor woman

No. 201614

This helps highlight too how bad it is what Jill is doing, people with these serious conditions go through so much and have their lives fucked up. She has been on easy street her whole life and now wants to take these peoples real pain and play act as some tragic heroine. To me this really shows how lacking in empathy she is, she doesn’t see the people she is hurting only her self.
The New Years thing really is an example of how she lies about having none of the negative BPD traits, how many friend groups have come and gone. Remember moonmist, remember Maggie, where are they now. Further to this addiction and struggles with alcohol and hypersexuality and risky sexual behaviour are huge BPD issues, she is playing with fire. Knowing she is diagnosed with something that pre disposes her to addiction Steve and her family are really failing her. “She doesn’t think it’s a problem” - how many addicts would tell you that.

No. 201623

Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that she doesn’t have a persecutor in her system? It seems like all of her alters are manifestations of positive traits (or at least traits she would think are positive). Where’s the persecutor? Where’s the alter who is consumed by trauma? She has three bubbly personas, a sexy persona, an “adulting” one, and an MCR fan. This is a severe trauma disorder, and none of her alters reflect that. Sage for the rant but I’m getting really frustrated with this

No. 201626

Yep. She has been so sheltered that she has no idea how a conflicted sense of self caused by trauma actually manifests in a personality, either because she has never even really been exposed to someone with such inner turmoil…or (more likely) is such a childish narc that she has never bothered to get to know someone who has it well enough to gain any insight/empathy regarding it. Her whole act is a copy of other poorly researched and executed acts, so she doesn't understand which parts are integral or why.

Honestly her whole "system" together seems to function more cohesively and with less confusion than the singular mental state of non-DID cptsd survivors. How anyone is accepting that she has formed alters in recent years in the first place is beyond me. The worst thing she has ever been through is this thread.

No. 201629

She did say that Jerrica is her prosecutor or whatever though (I'm guessing because she thinks having depressing thoughts and cutting = something emos do, and totes not related to her crazy clown rainbow fake posi aesthetic) so she invented that alter to take all the blame on her ~edgy dark thoughts~.
>Honestly her whole "system" together seems to function more cohesively and with less confusion than the singular mental state of non-DID cptsd survivors.
Yeah, it's not even half a year since she got her diagnostic impression and all her alters are so cohesive and well behaved. Where's the point in this then
>How anyone is accepting that she has formed alters in recent years in the first place is beyond me.
Kek, that's the pro of having a woke gendie self diagnosing audience

No. 201677

File: 1647583326647.jpeg (236.67 KB, 828x538, A98CB266-ACE7-4A4B-9376-F15767…)

I really want to see her birthday volg, I want to hear/see her “switch” on camera

No. 201684

I hope she actually does do drag so she’s exposed to how toxic that community is. Despite whatever Drag Race had convinced her of, it’s not a place for self expression and showing off your love of whatever songs, it’s a place to make money. For people to get drunk and bars to profit off of the crowd gathering. Nobody will give a shit about her badly lipsyncing to MCR, it is just a job. Mostly one used to pay for surgeries.

Not that she leaves her house so, seems unlikely she will do drag on stage anytime soon.

No. 201690


Saged for OT but where is this clip from?

No. 201696

I just cringed just thinking about this. But this will be really interesting to see her interact with other people, oh and she need to brag about new mentally ill friend of course.

No. 201702

I just had a wild thought. What if she got the sunflower lanyard so she can wear it in the Bancroft special lol. This would be so on brand for her.

No. 201709

Bancroft special?

No. 201717

NTA but I think they meant Barcroft, the YouTube channel (or whatever it’s called now)

No. 201719

File: 1647611360346.png (127.62 KB, 687x691, Screenshot_2022-03-18-08-45-24…)

So Jill was on a roll liking all these tweets about someone in the DID community~* who *looked like* but did not actually say the n-word. I'm surprised she supports shit like this considering the finger was pointed at her literally a month ago. These munchies zoomers are so hilariously toxic.

Ot but I really don't think Britney has DID but she has a lot of the hallmarks of schizophrenia–which I think a lot of misdiagnosed DID is. The rest of the time it's people like Jill aiming to get the "cool kid" diagnosis to "join the community."

No. 201748

Either way, what Britney is going through isn't fun, isn't cute, isn't marketable, isn't aesthetic. It's pretty clearly disruptive, disturbing, and completely upsetting for her. It's something that has completely ruined and disrupted her life - to the point of the conservatorship. THAT'S what mental illness is. It isn't fucking cute. Britney is one of the most famous people on Earth and it's clearly horrible for her. That clip is extremely revealing and upsetting. It really drives home the degree to which Jill is LARPING for the likes. It actually makes me hate Jill even more. She is a loathsome leech and I honestly hope she gets her fucking karma for this.

No. 201750

surgeries?? i used to go to drag shows with my ex girlfriend and there was only one trans queen in the local scene…it was a controversy

No. 201754

File: 1647624073239.jpeg (417.42 KB, 1475x638, 535B668A-06AB-4EC3-A665-E73825…)

The way these people keep the act going by saying people accusing them of faking is enough trauma to make even more alters is crazy.

No. 201758

a lot of men who do drag get bigger lips, bigger butts etc everything to look more androgynous even if they don't transition
I doubt she'll do shows, she's too dumb for that. She just loves pretending to be a drag queen and dressing like one.

No. 201759

Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!

No. 201760

>this wasnt a reaction to anything external btw
Lmao ok Jillian, sure.

No. 201761

>critizicing people who pretend to have mental illness online for views and likes is traumatic and it encourages people to pretend to have mental illness even more
She's so stupid, and this is gaslighting. Blaming her own stupidity on others. Making others feel like it's their fault for calling out how stupid and offensive she is with this shit. Also jillian "splitting" doesn't mean what you think it means. You know jack shit.

No. 201768

how do systards not see through this shit? she demonstrated very obviously here that "trauma" has no weight to her, anything emotionally inconveniencing is trauma to her.

No. 201769

Remember the good old days when Jill said she didn't actually have any trauma and you don't need it to have a "system" uwu? Now she's pulling a "look what you made me do!" What a psycho.

No. 201773

File: 1647629649721.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

If meanies on the internet bothers a poor mentally ill person sooooo much, they either need to log off or stop broadcasting their (supposed) mental illness and just pretend to be a normal person.

No. 201774

So by this logic was she also causing Trisha Paytas trauma?

I genuinely can't wrap my head around this double standard where everybody was ready to call out Trisha, but Pixie is defended and exempt from any criticism despite doing essentially the same thing insofar as her framing of serious mental health issues.

No. 201777

Oh my god, seriously???? She’s been online for what, ten years? If negative internet comments caused her to split, she’d have 100 alters by now! And what part of “serious trauma is required for DID” does she not understand? First off, she doesn’t even get legit hate comments, and secondly, the occasional negative comments she gets aren’t enough to be traumatic. If you go through a massive scandal that drags on for months like DissociaDID then maybe (I’m not saying DissociaDID does or doesn’t have DID, I don’t really care about speculating at this point), but just regular internet comments? Girl….

No. 201784

when do we get a cow alter caused by years of bullying on here?

No. 201787

Lmao, and if her DID is supposedly so bad and debilitating, why doesn't she then avoid things that could "trigger her splitting"? She said she could handle gore just fine the other day. And last time I checked that's worse than saying "lol you're a faker". You would think seeing blood and guts would be more damaging.
But anyways, no extreme mentally ill person with 3+ identities inside should be allowed near a computer. But her priviledged ass is, because gasp… it's not real.

No. 201788

>So by this logic was she also causing Trisha Paytas trauma?
KEK this, fucking hypocrite

No. 201790

It's even more stupid because shit like her mom having cancer at some point never affected her at all. It's always "MEMEMEME LOOK AT ME"

>Remember the good old days when Jill said she didn't actually have any trauma
Kek. Good thing we have all her contradictions archived.
Her "uwu positive" persona is falling apart so hard and rapidly. She's starting to become mean and idiotic even on the internet.

No. 201791

File: 1647634502728.png (359.27 KB, 602x464, troonie.png)

>troonie is into smash bros
why am I not surprised

No. 201792

File: 1647634539522.png (117.97 KB, 592x494, troonie2.png)

he's also really gay. Liking media is not a personality stewie.

No. 201798

maybe stevie is the real autistic one

(dont ban me im not armchairing)

No. 201799

nah he's your average retarded redditor scrote into libtard politics and capeshit. He's not even good looking.

No. 201800

Saged for non con. But something I don't understand is that if weed truly makes Jill feel normal then what's the point of bragging about smoking it. If it has no effect on you. That lik le bragging about drinking non alcoholic beer.

No. 201806

She can't brag about eating peeps or nuggies because you know she will be called fat so weed it is lmao. Plus she's just trying to be like LMAO WEED IM SO COOL RIGHTTTT. I feel like most weed smokers aren't as insufferable as that, it's only immature people like her who do it.

No. 201818

No word of following through on her collection showcase….

No. 201861

If your mental state was genuinely so fragile that any kind of negative comments or opinions literally causes a further fracture in your psyche, maybe don’t plaster your illness online for people to ‘target’???

I’ve never understood these people who lost their triggers and shit as if it’s not giving the internet a detailed list of exactly how to push their buttons

No. 201866

Her mental states that fragile but weed and alcohol help! She goes on about how this is super cereal while taking mind altering substances, like which is it jill? So serious mean comments create fractures but subjecting a child/teen/at risk to substances is safe!? Make it make sense!

No. 201885

>>maybe stevie is the real autistic one

I mean . . . I think that's pretty fucking obvious.

No. 201900

Sage for rambling. Whether you think it’s real or not, what is accepted as real DID is a covert condition. It’s not something the person themselves is the one to declare they have it’s something other people catch because the persons behaviour is so bizarre and then the person heavily denies it. The whole point of the condition is as a defence mechanism, they don’t draw attention to themselves. She is doing such a bastardised version. The idea of a fictive isn’t oh she helps me be more positive uwu it’s more like the child in amidst the abuse holds on to a character that makes them feel safe. Imagine the child is heavily abused and they see let’s say strawberry shortcake and they think she would be nice to be, she would stop the abuse, she would save me. The brain creates what you need to protect yourself and it’s a child under nine so the ideas about what that is are a lot simpler than this crazy elaborate stuff Jill is making up. I guess that can be explained by the fact that she is lying to get around a core feature of the condition which is that it happens when you are very young, not when you are an emo teenager.

No. 201934

>It’s not something the person themselves is the one to declare they have
>The whole point of the condition is as a defence mechanism, they don’t draw attention to themselves.
This. Remember