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No. 1161772

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread >>>/snow/1147881
First Thread >>>/snow/344490

recent milk
>like the irresponsible woman-child she is, forgets she needs money to move >>>/snow/1148693 still doesnt know where she is going to move >>>/snow/1148710 then pushes her move back to may >>>/snow/1150871
>begs for days for ~$350 to get her hair dyed pink >>>/snow/1150776 her simps politely oblige and she hits her goal >>>/snow/1151137
>turns around and pockets the $350+ and buys a cheap amazon wig instead >>>/snow/1151277
>~$350 somehow disappears within days and shes back to being broke >>>/snow/1157071
>gym and healthy eating saga comes to an end after a whopping ~20 days
>goes back to begging for food from doordash instead >>>/snow/1156514 , >>>/snow/1158317
>has yet to use her $2500 gaming set up >>>/snow/1154953
>finally accomplishes something significant, Favourite Cow of the Year 2nd year in a row with 53.9% of votes! >>>/snow/1155112
>posts her schedule for the week which includes 2 videos (gamer slut and royal degradation) and 2 days of camming, doesnt do a single one or even acknowledge them >>>/snow/1156484
>instead posts some greasy pedo-pandering bullshit >>>/snow/1156552 last years valentines content >>>/snow/1157389 and 2 nearly identical valentines sets in poorly laid cheap amazon wig >>>/snow/1159523 , >>>/snow/1160391
>continues to be incredibly irresponsible with money by spending $120 on weed and $150 on food despite needing to save money to move home >>>/snow/1158454
>anon does the math, fatty has spent 2,774$ on weed and junk food since Jan 1st >>>/snow/1159200
>converts her free OF to a 2nd OF for her god awful femdom content no one asked for >>>/snow/1158787
>more suicide baiting, as thats what men want to see when they go to twitter to coom >>>/snow/1160717


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No. 1161781

Excellent thread description OP!

No. 1161783

No. 1161790

i second this, after the shitshow last thread this is a great thread. thanks op

No. 1161794

Ty I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’m growing

No. 1161806

Fucking amazing thread, OP!! I love the gif you chose too, simple and elegant yet eye catching kek

No. 1161816

File: 1613347957794.jpg (290.2 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20210214-181318_Twi…)

Kek she deleted this

No. 1161817

File: 1613348029859.jpg (Spoiler Image, 589.4 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210214-181347_Twi…)

She's on a deleting spree

No. 1161819

Why does she dirty delete so much? Just have some self-control and stop tweeting the first idiotic thought to come to your head, Shayna.

No. 1161820

File: 1613348157909.jpg (231.94 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20210214-181359_Twi…)


No. 1161821

File: 1613348188349.jpg (502.06 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20210214-181408_Twi…)

She probably deleted these because of us

No. 1161834

she probably deleted it because she ate the sushi and has no plans on making a video, so why keep it up?

No. 1161841

How does this not look like
>POV blubberguts troll lair, she’s about to rip your head off for disturbing her sushi feast.

No. 1161842

File: 1613351458958.jpg (288.77 KB, 1079x1000, Screenshot_20210214-191100_Twi…)

And let me guess, he put his jacket on the ground for you so you wouldn't have to walk on the snow?

No. 1161843

File: 1613351503676.jpeg (469.77 KB, 1284x1509, 88BC8C6A-2595-4711-B95F-E21D20…)

she acts like the Uber driver is doing it because she’s so special, not because he wants tips or anything.

No. 1161845

even some uber drivers in NYC will take the time to do this, kek. Shay thinks she's so special but she's really just embarrassing and telling on herself for having zero life experience.

No. 1161847

they know how to do their job right unlike you so they get a good rating on uber fatass. like we know you lack basic social activity because the only person who talked to you (read: got his chode wet) abandoned you, no need to announce it

No. 1161851

This is so embarrassing and sad. She's become so cut off from the world and other people that the smallest act from a man makes her think he wants to bend over and kiss her feet.
It really takes so little to impress her.No wonder Fupa could easily get to her.

No. 1161858

File: 1613353140383.jpg (529.23 KB, 1080x1277, Screenshot_20210214-193923_Twi…)

Kek someone mentioned the E in the last thread. Nice job showing you lurk Shay

She'll delete this soon

No. 1161860

File: 1613353228398.jpg (599.57 KB, 1079x1434, Screenshot_20210214-194038_Twi…)

This is so sad

"Definitely not even gonna eat it all" Sure Shay. This will all be gone by tomorrow morning

No. 1161861

File: 1613353267195.jpg (339.93 KB, 1079x1315, Screenshot_20210214-194147_Twi…)

Fupa must be spending the day with his kids

No. 1161865

I kind of feel like Fupa may have sent her a text or something, she's acting too calm.

why pretend she's not going to eat it all? I'd rather she eat it all then waste money TBH

No. 1161867

chocolate covered potato chips holy shit what a fat ass

No. 1161869

it’s probably already been eaten kek

No. 1161876

File: 1613354410536.png (Spoiler Image, 799.54 KB, 1080x1428, Screenshot_20210214-185615~2.p…)

not seeing the appeal here, honestly. not even trying to nitpick, something about this photo is just kinda weird to me. saged for no milk.

No. 1161877

File: 1613354485495.png (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20210214-185534~2.p…)

samefag, and I know it's been said about a million times, but I don't understand why she insists on making this same exact face in every single "set" she puts out.

No. 1161882

It's heavily edited. That's why anon

No. 1161883

it's her bad bitch face and I think she thinks it makes her lips look bigger

No. 1161888

That's some feeder shit right there kek

No. 1161890

How is that diet going, Shay? Oh yeah… it lasted 2 weeks. It's been over. The gym saga too. She'll act like its because of the snow, but that will just add to her not going back for sure.

No. 1161893

It’s gross how, because she’s a fatass, she looks like a kid from toddlers and tiaras with the wig and face combo. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1161895

this looks like it was molded out of silly putty

No. 1161902

File: 1613356667431.jpg (185.27 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_20210214-203816_Twi…)

What happened to you trying to be Fupa's goth gf?

No. 1161913

I saw the blurry teddy bear’s nose behind her ass and thought it was a pic of her shitting for a second

No. 1161914

Lmao for a minute I thought the bear was her tit and that she’d somehow messed it up with editing

No. 1161925

she edited her crack so much it looks like a taint on a troon vagina

No. 1161926

she seriously has one of the ugliest faces imaginable. only heavy plastic surgery could fix that.

No. 1161927

File: 1613359068963.jpeg (367.02 KB, 1242x1562, 1516241235414.jpeg)

Finally making my way through the old threads, and I can't believe how far she's fallen in just three years. Not even focusing on her looks because we hear about it nonstop, but the amount of effort she's stopped putting in. She's always been a mess, but at least she used to try with backdrops and different decor, filmed on an actual bed, etc.

No. 1161930

wow her hair was clean

No. 1161937

She’s also not completely blurred out, crazy

No. 1161940

Kek it’s amazing how far she’s fallen.

Those fucking broom lashes tho.

No. 1161941

she still didn’t know how to pose then, she was just skinny so everything looked “okay”. her leg in the second one looks wack.

No. 1161964

Lol at those dolls kill boots. They aren’t problematic enough to keep running back to for Shart.

No. 1161976

File: 1613364997882.jpg (Spoiler Image, 247.81 KB, 1080x1507, Screenshot_20210214-225650_Twi…)

Truly sad

No. 1161977

Not a good bath bomb choice. Makes the water look super dirty. Especially since we all know Shay's hygiene

No. 1161979

File: 1613365114319.jpg (300.77 KB, 1080x1126, Screenshot_20210214-225901_Twi…)

She says this now, but that'll all change when Fupa texts her

No. 1161988

she’s literally never going to get over him kek she’s proving that by still talking about/subtweeting him 24/7

No. 1161992

I think it's because of how fatty her pubic mound is now, it looks like the actual slit of her vag between her outer lips starts down way too low. Not to vag sperg.

No. 1161994

Jfc Fupa wasn't even that good to her, and she is acting like he was her one true love. She is pathetic.

No. 1162008

looks like she used the pic from the last thread and just cropped out her fat neck as well

No. 1162048

The fact that she has been postponing her move since forever is because she doesnt want to move on.

She really wrecked her looks, relationships and mental health for a man who is too ashamed to acknowledge her existence.

No. 1162103

So any onlyfans anon correct me if I’m wrong, because I don’t have twitter and don’t wanna follow her on any other media, but does she post all these pics to her onlyfans too?? which she charges money for… It seems like she just posts EVERYTHING but her full length videos on twitter for that instant attention. Does she not get much interaction on her of so she resorts to posting uncensored content on twitter?

No. 1162133

It wasn’t, I was reading the thread that was from last night & she had her hair bleached after looking a hot mess of regrowth at the MV loft. This pic was taken about 6 days post hair appointment & she still had the salon blow out

No. 1162184

how can she look so much like yaniv. ew.

No. 1162185

File: 1613397211262.jpg (196.44 KB, 1079x1039, Screenshot_20210215-075357_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 1162194

Most successful girls would buy themselves jewelry or a nice outfit to spoil themselves. Hell, even some chocolate dipped strawberries would be classier. She rewards herself with a mountain of cheap gas station junk food and five dollar wine, like a hog drawn to slop. Probably the best “luxury” she could afford, I guess. What a Valentine’s Day.

No. 1162203

if you didn‘t have the severe mental illness you obviously have you wouldn‘t fantasize about men using you as an obese sex toy anymore. how hard is it to understand that the desire to be degraded and used by men literally always stems from mental illness and childhood abandonment

No. 1162224

I’m sorry but this looks like a hermaphrodite or like balls with a hole

No. 1162227

File: 1613404121297.jpg (411.71 KB, 1080x1588, Screenshot_20210215-094842_Twi…)

Surprised she's not throwing a fit since she's not the only one this dude "spoiled"

No. 1162235

File: 1613405508793.jpeg (335.73 KB, 1536x2048, 8A0A18DD-335E-4001-BDE1-BE78CD…)

I still can’t get over this picture it’s the saddest Valentine’s Day picture. It just screams I’m single, alone and bitter I don’t have a man spoiling me. It’s not even aesthetically pleasing in the slightest. Ugly cheap red gift bag(probably with nothing in it), cheap wine, ugly retarded looking stuffed animals, and the dirty smelly vibrator. But yeah Shayna you’re ~happy and single~

No. 1162242

File: 1613406137953.jpg (138.79 KB, 1080x612, Screenshot_20210215-094846_Twi…)

No. 1162251

File: 1613407573798.jpeg (48.44 KB, 828x298, 540794C1-27D8-4A4B-BF6A-0DB176…)

Thinking about this comment 3 years ago juxtaposed with the thread image

No. 1162266

File: 1613409887889.png (70.83 KB, 683x586, 5265bb1e16476bc3c975e6fba7a736…)

kek and this is Canadian dollar, so the wine is more like $8.67

No. 1162268

File: 1613410072348.jpg (399.15 KB, 1080x1161, Screenshot_20210215-112809_Twi…)

Shay, you're just ass hurt because your "agency" dropped you

No. 1162270

File: 1613410166699.jpg (299.54 KB, 1080x1392, Screenshot_20210215-112936_Twi…)

She probably posted this just for you anon

No. 1162271

she put that shit down right where she puts her ass at where she films her dry porn. This is the ONLY camera ready space in her home.
She pays attention to details and puts in so much work but a literally corner and sometimes a desk have been her "set" for months.
When is the last time she took a picture/video on a bed?

No. 1162272

She has a point, but she's lazy and makes identical porn. Of course she would'nt like different make up, she's been wearing the same style with maybe some ugly brown/grey lipstick for years.
All she wants to do is sit in her corner, make retarded faces and rub her numb clit with that toy. Actual having to try is too much.

No. 1162288

Kek ok sure Shay. But these light ass inconsistent workouts are pointless especially considering we know for a fact she dropped her crappy premade meal diet and is filling up on chocolate covered garbage and doordash again.

No. 1162291

Having to leave the house for anywhere but the dispensary or booze section and show up for work on a schedule ain't Shays style. Having to build a good rep and work with other people is beyond her capabilities.

No. 1162313

File: 1613414091746.jpg (549.23 KB, 1080x1278, Screenshot_20210215-123531_Twi…)

No. 1162317

That star blanket is so cursed

No. 1162332

This shit is cringe but tbh I rather she post it then didn’t so at least we know the dog is actually alive and being fed and shit

No. 1162337

But she did her makeup for all the InSex shoots

No. 1162357

she hated her makeup? major kek. the two times she had her makeup done for her were the only times it’s looked halfway decent!

No. 1162376

I remember all the posts she made about it saying she felt so pampered and stuff. she loved it, and just doesn’t want to admit it.

No. 1162383

Never forgetti the photographer that said her pussy was so ~fat and unique and amazing~ kek

No. 1162387

that shoot was so god damn awkward and uncomfortable. that was the ATK shoot or whatever. her pussy looked like an angry deflated wrinkly scrotum and the vid she made was extremely awkward. she was giggling like a retarded child the whole time and just seemed so uncomfortable on camera. she is not a natural performer by any means.

No. 1162403

sad thing is that atk casting couch shit she didn't even have any makeup on besides her crusty eyeliner and false eyelashes. i specifically remember her having some angry acne on her face as well.

No. 1162414

yup, she had pimples all over her ass and pussy and face and looked like she slept in her makeup. girl needs to learn how to use concealer and blush.

No. 1162418

Yes and in one of the videos she even mentions a zit on her face and they zoom in kek

No. 1162428

can you imagine being a trainer and having to do a virtual session with someone who has butt plugs and paddles on the walls? this poor woman jesus

No. 1162437

File: 1613425536621.jpg (254.09 KB, 1080x1048, Screenshot_20210215-154607_Twi…)

God forbid she shuts the door or something

No. 1162461

File: 1613427319763.jpg (205.09 KB, 1080x901, Screenshot_20210215-161552_Twi…)

Well maybe if you didn't piss away all your money

No. 1162462

File: 1613427367569.jpg (222.78 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20210215-161633_Twi…)

No. 1162469

oh no, not a whole hour! you'll probably be high/drunk and "napping" like you usually are 90% of the time anyway.

No. 1162474

After her hair stunt I doubt anyone will give her money towards a goal again Kek. Let alone $4k.

No. 1162492

Jason Womack will

No. 1162503

She literally stumbles around drunk in the dark most of the time anyway LMAO. Also laughing at the 4K bit. Wonder how much the check her mom sent her was?

No. 1162516

File: 1613431889559.jpg (225.3 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_20210215-173210_Twi…)

We all know this isn't going to happen

No. 1162525

7 likes from her last 7 orbiters. 5 years and 7 orbiters is all she’s got to show for it. And 65lbs.

No. 1162527

"And 65 pounds", omg anon that made me laugh, thank you

No. 1162529

Those shoots weren't through her agency though. I don't think InSex counts as "pro porn" lol. IIRC she only did two shoots with her agency before they dropped her - the VR porn and one solo shoot.

No. 1162532

What solo shoot? The only solo shoots she's done was through Insex and ATK

No. 1162543

i thought she was going to pay her lease monthly and just stay longer instead of trying to move? doubt this moving sell will happen either, even if it's all online, she'll use the snow as an excuse that she can't make it to the post office and decide to shut it off

No. 1162551

File: 1613436301728.png (Spoiler Image, 640.75 KB, 1080x1853, Screenshot_20210215-113447~2.p…)

most depressing good morning message anyone has ever received. the water and tub just look so.. dirty.

No. 1162572

File: 1613437389612.jpeg (210.74 KB, 750x1297, B14130A1-2F52-478A-AB49-362A45…)


No. 1162574

File: 1613437494226.jpeg (199.76 KB, 657x1067, B226EBEF-3D97-4D9F-AC37-87AC21…)


No. 1162577

File: 1613437595583.jpeg (212.9 KB, 750x889, E6D5607B-D7D6-472C-AEAF-C9656D…)


No. 1162585

this could be literally anyone’s fat mom in a dirty bathtub. absolutely bleak.

No. 1162590

looking at her old photos from three years ago, it looks like she's trying to make the same whismical/curious/infantile faces she used to make when she was 100 pounds skinnier. shay doesn't get that skinny girl expressions looked stupid af on fat girl faces.

she just keeps pretending that she's still the same size she was and thinks nothing has changed.

No. 1162594

Tub Girl 2.0

How stunning and brave she is for showing her asshole in suspiciously poopy-looking water in what looks like the bathroom from the Saw movie.

No. 1162606

ATK was through her agency. InSex was done without an agency.

No. 1162617

She posts her reject shit on OF, I swear. I've never been so bored by a pussy.

No. 1162622

File: 1613443046936.jpg (390.64 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20210215-203805_Twi…)

Because you're fucking lazy Shay

No. 1162631

File: 1613444053006.jpeg (192.21 KB, 750x625, FCCE9C0B-F1EC-49D3-8199-6D76FD…)

try being less ugly

No. 1162647

File: 1613445569419.jpg (213.95 KB, 1080x1075, Screenshot_20210215-212006_Twi…)

And wtf did you think was gonna happen?(nitpick)

No. 1162649

She said she gives daily nudes for sub. it's an obligatory pic so she puts literally no effort into it of course. And we already know OF gets the less edited, crappier content kek

No. 1162650


how fucking boring is this bitch kek

No. 1162670

Could the color of the water perhaps be from a bath bomb?

Still I don't know who would post a picture of the water being brown because people looking at the picture will likely assume other things…

No. 1162678

Likely it wasn't her setting up scenes and making the effort, it was her boyfriend at the time. Now she's living alone and is responsible for managing her sex work career herself and she's failing.

No. 1162686

iirc, she wasn't dating anyone at the time

No. 1162699

yes, retard, it was a bath bomb and was documented here. sage the idiocy next time.

No. 1162700

If you're talking about connor, she did mention in old threads he actually didnt like she was into sex work. He actually was disgusted whenever she started calling him daddy. She used to make posts on tumblr complaining how he didnt like it.

No. 1162705

anon already figured out she spent this much money in less than two months already, about $2000 more including her rent. it's infuriating watching a woman spend so much money and not realize it or even give a fuck when she begs for more.

No. 1162717

File: 1613451742393.jpg (178.42 KB, 1122x1403, Tumblr_l_2043788540560458.jpg)

This one, I believe
Which again, is one of the only times she's actually looked kinda decent, so she's nuts for hating the makeup they did on her

No. 1162724

she looked like she was cosplaying a Knock Off Golden Girl character in the face, but it's better then she looks now.
She always almost gets it right, never fully.
If it's not the outfit, it's the hair, if the hair and outfit is decent her lips are dry asf.
She has zero style

No. 1162725

damn it's always refreshing to see this picture. I'm convinced she only hates it because she didn't get to have inch-thick winged eyeliner. no hiding the dark circles under her eyes though, or the fact that she has 0 idea how to pose her body. I can just hear Tyra saying "where the fuck is your neck, your hands look dead, your knee looks broken"

No. 1162729

Her makeup, too, never changes so that alone fucks up everything. She’s worn that cat eye look to death and it doesn’t go with her face anymore, it was passable when she was thin. Now it just makes her look even more derpy than she already is, but she lacks self-awareness so she is going to continue doing it.

No. 1162731

My thing is she puts on that heavy ass cat eye and those big ass lashes and leaves her lips bare, not even a gloss.
She finds a look she thinks fits her and never wants to change it.

How are you going for a Bimbo Barbie look with dry ass bare lips? When has barbie had bare lips? She has a job that focuses on looks, she has these "personas" that focus on looks but she barely cares about her looks anymore.

No. 1162737

>one of the only times she's actually looked kinda decent
anon this pic is a very bad example of that

No. 1162738

the only time she’s ever looked passable is when she was skinny and used filters. everything without filters and at her current weight is just awful.

No. 1162748

She's not fallen, she's just speedrunning Type 2 Diabetes acquisition.

No. 1162772

While I will admit she looks better here than she does now, there is just so much wrong with this picture.

>Crunchy fried hair that the stylist clearly tried REALLY hard to make decent, but failed

>Makeup that would look good on someone who has ever had a glass of water in their life, but on her looks cakey and terrible, topped with her usual crusty dry lips
>The godawful hot dog nails with french tips that are half an inch away from her actual fingertip
>Huge cheap crystal ear plugs
>Background badly photoshopped pink, for some reason

No. 1162779

This is the closest she has been and ever will be to the “bimbo” aesthetic she so desperately clings to.

No. 1162811


No. 1162820

she just looks outdated and nothing stands out about her, i'm reading through the e-girl thread and though those women shop and look dumb, they fucking try to fit the retarded theme.
Shayna seems like she's stuck in ther fupa/tumblr days.

No. 1162822

trademark fish mouth

No. 1162834

File: 1613469389283.jpeg (152.16 KB, 700x1050, 54053476-2353-4251-9C73-1EA6CC…)

>>1162551(not a contribution)

No. 1162958

File: 1613489313905.jpg (493.79 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20210216-092907_Twi…)

No. 1162987

it's not photoshopped, it's this weird pink glass fixture in a commonly used porn house. they usually take stills for weird anal porn scenes in front of it

No. 1162990

why is she acting like she hasn't been wearing the same makeup, same clothes and dong the same "themes" for years? If they don't care about identical porn and pictures, why would they give a fuck about a badly installed lace front showing up?

No. 1163001

File: 1613492799866.jpg (Spoiler Image, 477.53 KB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_20210216-102700_Twi…)

Cause you're sucking in Shay. We saw your latest videos and photos

No. 1163002

The pussy pimples are slowly coming back

No. 1163004

I hate to say it but this does look like a tucked Troon posting a picture with a caption like, "my tiddy skittles are working!!"
Why did she pose like this? She has zero hips and she claims she has a "fat ass" but you know it's look like Hank Hill back there.

No. 1163005

and i'm starting to think maybe she didn't buy lightbulbs for that bathroom and just said fuck it, because why is it so dark all the time?

No. 1163006

I’m thinking she turns off the light and opts for the fairy lights because of the shadows they cast. It probably looks more ‘arty’ to her to have strong shadows on her body, when in reality it looks like she’s trying to tell a spooky story on a camping trip

No. 1163010

The side curve on her stomach proves she hasn't lost weight kek does she really think shes fooling anyone? Based on what shes eating she wouldnt be losing weight

No. 1163019

she looks….lumpy

No. 1163026

what an unfortunate fat distribution. i would feel bad but she’s a dumb bitch who thought her skinniness would last forever.

No. 1163028

speedrun category: rock bottom any%

No. 1163029

kek didn't she already say she lost inches but is just now posting gross nudes to "prove it"

No. 1163034

>I think
D e l u s i o n a l

You didn’t lose shit shay. You haven’t been to the gym in almost 2 weeks, you’re still ordering take out and you even admitted your at-home work out with your trainer was all for nothing because your dog kept getting in the way?? I laugh.

No. 1163038

It looks like she edited out her shadow her stomach casts underneath and you can definitely see she has big stretch marks on her legs now. She’s lucky she hasn’t gotten them on her gut. Poorly editing doesn’t equate actual weight loss.

No. 1163050

she has a literal man body. and you can see the straining in her neck on the first pic of how hard she’s trying to suck in. just stop, shayna.

No. 1163053

You can almost count the pixels by her zombie tit lmao

No. 1163057

that’s just because the thumbnail is compressed poorly i’m pretty sure

No. 1163088

File: 1613500991265.jpg (423.25 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20210216-121955_Twi…)

She's so pathetic

No. 1163089

she has such a pathetic life. she has to beg her followers for scraps of validation. call your fucking parents and move home, they’ll give you plenty of validation.

No. 1163127

These photos are pixelated and edited. You can see it around the curves of her arm and lack of curves on her abdomen. She needs to get better at editing if she's going to pretend to lose weight

No. 1163155

File: 1613504804869.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 407.86 KB, 2048x2048, CDAE7769-965C-401F-852F-025F47…)

not that they aren’t probably edited but whatever anon it is that takes the screenshots with the shitty compressed quality needs to just save the originals because they always turn out looking all jagged and shit. here’s one of the actual pics for critique.

No. 1163157

her double chin and neck rolls!!!! Kek, Im dead.

No. 1163160

if she really lost weight why not a front shot? She's trying to create a waist but it just makes her look wide shouldered and tiny at the bottom.
Which doesn't look any better.

No. 1163168

File: 1613506070201.jpeg (125.72 KB, 750x361, CFCFB07A-FC4C-4659-B14D-793CF7…)

she needs more slop

No. 1163171

WHY the fuck does she need more groceries? where are these groceries going?! wtf!

No. 1163172

File: 1613506201630.jpeg (252.02 KB, 750x554, 21773525-E9F1-4106-BE8F-89ABFB…)

inb4 nitpick but she literally looks 40 in this area, like what are all these wrinkles on her chest? she looks rough and uploading these body checks did nothing for her, regardless of how much she edited them beforehand. bleak

No. 1163175

I think it’s a combination of being overweight, having poor posture, and not moisturizing.

No. 1163176

God I’d actually say she was very pretty at that time. She’s ruined that now, and even losing weight wouldn’t make it better

No. 1163177

File: 1613506599700.jpg (179.5 KB, 1080x651, 20210216_131528.jpg)

6 days ago she spent 150 on food. She either perked it all or shes lying for weed/booze money

No. 1163183

Underrated comment kek

No. 1163186

If i were autistic i'd keep count of how many times she says she needs groceries + how much money she asks for. She does this at least twice a week.

No. 1163187

someone already did last thread

No. 1163189

I forgot, I hope they do it again. She's like Kevin Gibes, always needing money for "groceries" but ends up buy booze and weed.

No. 1163191

My tinfoil is that she buys veggies and fruits but lets them rot because she’s too lazy to cook and her palate is too underdeveloped for her to actually eat fruits on their own.
Either that or she only buys snacks that she ends up eating all the moment they touch a table because she’s that much of a fatass.

No. 1163206

i think she just eats a lot of junk food really fast kek

No. 1163217

The dirty mirror kek. Didn’t she talk shit about sex workers who didn’t clean the background of their photos etc??? She’s such a pathetic hypocrite

No. 1163219

File: 1613510281856.jpeg (640.82 KB, 1242x1323, A0AA558A-5672-45D0-85C5-C6114C…)

You don’t even take care of the pets you have jfc

No. 1163221

File: 1613510358641.png (7.17 MB, 1242x2208, 6BBC86E9-5C6E-4E75-BFDE-5E6568…)

Does this fat bitch not own nail clippers??? Does she need a ~nail clipper daddy uwu~? Sage for no milk and slight nitpick(nitpick)

No. 1163225

Please God fucking NO

No. 1163229

Kek looks like Yumi King's Splenda daddy husband

No. 1163236

anon some people just grow their natural nails out. what a weird nitpick

No. 1163241

Are you one of those bitches with chewed down nubs for fingernails or have you been quarantined for so long you forget people can have this lenght of nail? I love it here

No. 1163242

the cracked calloused looking skin on her thumb is way worse than the nail

No. 1163249

I have acrylics anon. I’m just saying it’s an ugly nail and she doesn’t take care of them. It was a dumb nitpick but stop licking Shayna’s inflamed asshole

No. 1163256

Even with decent makeup she's just not all that attractive. She doesn't have features that are conventionally attractive. And trying to go for the bimbo route really highlights that. I don't think another aesthetic would magically make her hot but it would be at least a miniscule improvement. She just has unfortunate features. I don't want to tell people what to do but it's crazy she went for this type of income and never tried to give herself any advantages that she really needs in it.

No. 1163261

File: 1613515189314.jpeg (596.18 KB, 1125x1797, 1FA48C14-2135-4839-B666-1885BE…)

twitter updates 1/3

No. 1163262

File: 1613515232038.jpeg (384.54 KB, 1125x1602, 03E466F8-B17D-4CD9-A7E6-8A54C0…)

twt update 2/3

No. 1163263

File: 1613515291870.jpeg (629.07 KB, 1125x1773, F18C2576-B064-48F3-B884-1DD67E…)

twt update 3/3

how underprepared for storms can you be?? this is your own fault

No. 1163266

so she has zero food in her house? What does she even buy? If she's going to be unhealthy she could stock up on cheap pizza's, burritos, just a bunch of frozen junk.
Does she just buy a bunch of snacks for the "Snack Drawer" genuine Fupa taught her about and pre-made food she eats right away?
So her fridge is completely empty?

No. 1163271

How does she still need 50 for food?

Also I'm equally as inclined to believe she's underprepared as she is inflating her situation to get more money.

No. 1163272

where does she live that driving to and from the next grocery store is $100? and why does this pig eat away literally hundreds of dollars a day? i can‘t with this bitch anymore. it‘s not even milky it‘s just an endless cycle of „buy me groceries uwu“ „just got groceries reimburse pls“ „oh no i need groceries again“ like what the fuck

No. 1163277

File: 1613516235670.jpeg (270 KB, 1125x949, E0F293BB-E60A-455B-A8B8-461FD6…)

hope she tips them a lot for driving her through dangerous roads for some cheap wine and candy

No. 1163285

Wtf??? 100$ just to GO to the grocery?? At this point getting a car is a necessity but she’s so fucking retarded it’s unreal. I hope she’s lying because this is so ridiculous.

No. 1163311

File: 1613520611186.jpeg (141.04 KB, 1125x981, 0396FA12-B7A4-45EA-B72D-D74AA6…)

Start placing bets on how long this grocery run really lasts her, and how long it’ll take for her to beg for money to eat doordash

No. 1163313

how dare these uber drivers decide not to risk getting into a car accident specifically so they can drive THE dolly mattel around?!?!

No. 1163317

why doesn’t she just use instacart or something similar for groceries? it seems so dumb to pay for basically a taxi to take her to the grocery store and wait for her to get groceries and come back out. instacart is so much easier and i don’t know why she doesn’t use it since she obviously loves having food delivered to her.

No. 1163320

agree. honestly i thought that's what she WAS using this whole time? why tf is miss "don't go out during covid" running to the grocery store 4 times a week for snacks?

No. 1163321

I’m sorry maybe someone can clarify. How does it cost $100 for an Uber to a grocery store round trip? Is this because of the weather? Does Uber change their fares based on that? $100 for a trip to the store for $50 worth of groceries? And those groceries are going to last 4-5 days?

Sounds like a scam. I can order groceries from target and have it delivered for $10. And I don’t even live in a large city like shay.

No. 1163322

maybe an up charge for the storm but I know she’s taking some of it to keep for herself instead of giving tips

No. 1163327

They will do surge pricing if it's busy or they don't have a lot of drivers (the storm she's getting is catastrophic for the South), but unless her grocery store is really far I doubt it would be $100. Knowing her there's probably a secret dispensary run somewhere in there

No. 1163335

it doesn't, someone sent her a gift card worth $100 but that doesn't mean the grocery store ride will use it all up. she'll have enough uber credit for a couple trips to the dispensary for more "groceries"

No. 1163339

this is so embarrassing, how is someone so incapable of the most basic shit? shay you are begging a total of five coomers on twitter dot com to give you pocket change for five days worth of groceries. just buy some fucking oats or rice instead of shitty frozen meals and candy for once. or just beg more like you'll do anyways. congrats on five years of being whatever this is. bimbo? sex worker that doesn't actually work? thriving but can barely make it to a grocery store and afford a couple days worth of food? kek

No. 1163342

Okay that makes more sense. Still why is she so stupid in her wording and how does she not just use money to get this delivered to her before the storm which would save her so much. This is how she flushes down all that money and these people sending her $100 gift cards when she asked for food and ONE trip is seriously encouraging her bad behaviours.

No. 1163343


OH ABSOLUTELY. She's not using Instacart because she NEEDS to go in to buy her weed and booze. Lol this bitch, I will never understand her mentality.

No. 1163347

4-5 days, huh? I'm willing to bet she'll be begging for groceries by Thursday or Friday.

I'm also placing bets that she'll start this whole "moving sale" and not even move. Scamming her orbiters once again. And won't be called out. Again.

No. 1163383

Ahh now that I read it back that makes sense.

She will probably do what she did last time she moved and give a sob story about her deposit being taken because $700 worth of carpet cleaning or how the apartment complex has some policy that uwu had no idea about. I doubt she will move. Moving to a different state requires a ton of planning and effort. Both of which she is incapable of doing.

No. 1163384


UNDERRATED POST. My fucking sides.

No. 1163388


anons have pointed it out before, but im pretty sure "groceries" is code for cheap grocery store wine. she constantly has one in pictures these days, she has plenty of FOOD just will run out WINE during the storm.

No. 1163391

File: 1613528321138.png (Spoiler Image, 1.54 MB, 1080x1975, Screenshot_20210216-191635~2.p…)


No. 1163393

File: 1613528413949.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 1080x1973, Screenshot_20210216-191643~2.p…)


No. 1163399

can we swipe to make some lip gloss appear though?

No. 1163403

No lip-gloss or chap-stick; but the zombie tit is always front and center. Jfc

No. 1163405

She could not handle a puppy. It is so much work, training, money, etc. Very difficult in an apartment. Also shes supposedly moving.

She should work on being better to the dog she already has. Noodle was a practically a pup and Shay clearly did zero training.
Shes just one of those absolute twats who thinks puppies are cute and it'll entertain the other dog without considering the long term and the responsibility.

Bitch doesn't even have a savings for vet emergencies.

No. 1163407

Jason R Womack gave her an uber gift card of $100 is my understanding. He just gave her more than she needed because hes her splenda daddy and probably got his stimulus money kek.

No. 1163421

File: 1613531772600.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 202.62 KB, 959x1280, B2B2EC1B-2955-41B8-AEB8-26B5F4…)

she looks more and more like jessica yaniv every day. at this point they have the same face and she’s getting closer with the body.

No. 1163423

jesus she is used up

No. 1163425

this bitch needs to sign up for a grocery delivery service or something. the way she overspends on the regular, it shouldn't make a difference to pay a bit more for her groceries and then she wouldn't be in a fucking bind for food every five day jfc.

No. 1163432

Amazing how these scrotes can get turned on and want to give money to a washed up whore who has to beg on twitter for money to fucking feed herself every other day. Thriving. A hobo has more dignity I swear.

No. 1163434

at this point I think she’s actually beating luna when it comes to ebegging. which I thought was impossible.

No. 1163441

I dont get why this bitch doesnt buy beans or oatmeal??? Things that won't go bad. she's so annoying I cant wait for her coolers to die or stop giving her money

No. 1163442

she cant even put her legs behind her head fucking fat ass kek. Jessica Yaniv lookalike

No. 1163445

File: 1613534332004.jpeg (942.36 KB, 3464x3464, 62BB6371-BB30-4B89-9BBB-0182AB…)

Only trans girls find Shayna attractive kek they probably think she’s a troon with her disgusting snatch

No. 1163447

ot but bitch, how the hell are you still struggling to transition after 6 years?(derail)

No. 1163451

I've really been curious as to what ratio of cis dudes to cis girls to troons her regulars are.

No. 1163456

File: 1613535836021.png (Spoiler Image, 7.3 MB, 1242x2208, AE2FF66D-24DB-4613-98AB-2955DC…)

40 year old mom in pigtails bleak

No. 1163457

File: 1613535871093.jpg (304.87 KB, 1079x1161, Screenshot_20210216-222348_Twi…)

She's so cringe

(Having issues with my screen recording app)

No. 1163463

No. 1163465

literally everything she posts looks the same. she doesn't even try to make anything look or sound sexy or appealing

No. 1163467

File: 1613537681299.png (Spoiler Image, 1.64 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210216-215224.png)

No. 1163469

100% retard. She has a fat teen boy body.

No. 1163473

Anon I chuckled so hard at the name

No. 1163475

i can't get over the fact that she chose to make an uber driver go out in a storm that’s affecting most of the country catastrophically so she can run out and grab some pizza rolls and wine. does she have any proof of a space heater btw? i don’t give a shit if she freezes but her animals actually matter.

No. 1163478

She looks like a retard and like gypsy rose here why is she laughing whilst masturbating? Looking like a special ed obese boy

No. 1163490

But she totally lost weight! I dont understand why she sucks in for twitter pics but not for content

No. 1163494

Agreed, it was a dumb nitpick so shut the fuck up, retard.

Just imagine all the money she's wasted in one year alone on snacks, wine, weed and doordash sushi. She could have easily moved back home. Her spending habits are outstandingly retarded. OK suits her just fine.


Noodle and Ribmeat are so beautiful and I truly wish they could be re-homed into loving homes that could actually care for them.

No. 1163495

Ew, she looks like a fucking ogre.

No. 1163509

No. 1163515

This is a little better at trying to be "sexy" or "alluring" than anything else she's ever done but still manages to be absolute shit nonetheless

No. 1163615

I kind of wonder what happened to the couch she was previously filming on… tinfoil that she might have thrown it away already due to some stains?

No. 1163617

gore anon is back

No. 1163618

Don't unspoiler, it's actual gore much scarier than Shay's OF content.

No. 1163619

bitch what the fuck

No. 1163643

She lives in an apartment building, she doesn’t need a space heater. If her electric went out, a space heater wouldn’t do any good anyway

No. 1163664

But remember, anon! She's our lord and savior that NEVER goes out during a pandemic unlike the rest of these selfish assholes that continue to have lives and are keeping HER from seeing HER family!

No. 1163678

not wk, but Uber drivers pick their rides. they went out and actively chose to drive after the snow storm, shayna didn't force it.

No. 1163699

File: 1613563802223.jpeg (75.37 KB, 640x493, DC454D05-2D7F-47DC-848B-45998C…)

God I hate her. It’s bad enough she regularly mentions family members on her sex work account but does she need to discuss a literal child and taking toys from them? Bitch wtf is wrong with you

No. 1163708

She thinks she’s so uwu and cute for saying this shit when it’s just awful.

No. 1163714


Bobby Hill in a bad wig

No. 1163728

she's been saying this shit for YEARS. and has probably already received at least that much for moving costs but always spends it on other irrelevant shit. she's incapable of saving money so she needs all the money given to her at once or she'll never move.

her face in the first pic still makes me audibly guffaw

No. 1163729

Sage for nitpick but I hate that open mouth tongue thing she does 4 seconds in, reminds me of la bloated corpse that wasn’t found until several days later on CSI

No. 1163733

I don’t think Shayna is begging to get money for groceries. It’s just to guilt trip her simps. She’s obviously spending it on Dollskill and Dope. Not trying to say she doesn’t eat like a whole family but yea bitch it’s obv not saying the truth

No. 1163762

This might be the worst photo of her in a long time.

No. 1163770

File: 1613574266996.jpg (436.78 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20210217-090355_Twi…)

Shay, you're high/drunk ass should not be driving. Does she still have a car back home?

No. 1163772

No. 1163774

File: 1613574697223.jpg (401.05 KB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_20210217-100855_Twi…)

shes started posting evidence of her dog being outside since its been mentioned here a few days back. cant even complain if it means her dog gets actual time out kek.

No. 1163779

Shay Jesus Christ mute the video if the entire thing is just gonna be you fat girl heavy breathing

No. 1163782

Shouldnt she put a sweater or dog shoes on the dog?I don’t live in the north anymore but still have the sweaters I’d put on my dog because they’d get cold in the snow and they’re eskimos(nitpick)

No. 1163804

Crazy you needed sweaters for a dog with a double coat, they’re basically bred for that kind of weather. I’m sure noodle was fine to go out to go the bathroom.

No. 1163805

realistically, yes, but most people born down in the south don't usually have those items considering our usual weather.

No. 1163837

Is she trying to paint her mom as a terrible person simply because she gave a literal child literal children toys because tHeY wErE mInE >;(((? Sorry your mom had a glimpse of hope that her pedo pandering 23yr old daughter may not want stupid shit like that anymore but here we are. Sorry, momma Clifford.

No. 1163846

File: 1613580597743.jpg (334.59 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20210217-104906_Twi…)

This is so stupid

No. 1163849

File: 1613580666319.jpg (275.47 KB, 1079x2010, Screenshot_20210217-105037_Sam…)

The captions on her "domme" onlyfans are so cringe

No. 1163856

>posts perfectly porky body for free on Twitter

No. 1163869

girl wtf are you even talking about? the only reason you lose followers when you grow a bush is because it looks disgusting and patchy and most of those coomers wanted the retarded fat girl pedo pandering.

No. 1163884

She just doesnt know how to keep a flattering bush.

No. 1163894

When it comes down to it, 99% of men aren’t going to give two shits if you have public hair. You think he’s going to stop and not have sex with you because of some hair? I laugh.
Not that she’s having sex but men don’t care. Maybe her pedo- pandering fan base but even if they had an opportunity to get their dick wet, I doubt some hair would deter them.

Maybe you’re just fat and ugly shay.

No. 1163897

if she can't save up to get a car here what makes her think moving will solve her issues? It'll only create distance between her and Fupa so she has no choice but to get over him and move back. She's NOT going to do anything different.

She thinks moving is the quickfix, like everything, she takes the "easy" way out and thinks things will just fix themselves.

No. 1163899

she literally can’t anymore. she’s gotten it waxed so frequently that now it’s only going to grow in patchy like that. that’s how waxing works. after a while your hair starts growing in thinner and more patchy, that’s why it’s easier every time you wax.

No. 1163927

since you're reading this, shayna, can you brush your cat for us next? then maybe look into training your goddamn dog. you really need a hobby

No. 1163948

Yeah I get that, but she could just keep the labia shaved, keep the mound clean, etc. Landscaping lol

No. 1163956

Shatna is allergic to effort

No. 1164070

Ah, yes. The sudden unrealistic high hopes for shit that any 16 year old can already do. She can’t even keep a handful of bucks to her name, why does she think changing her location will improve her financial situation enough for her to, first off, move in general, and second off buy a car? 5 years of “hard work” and she doesn’t have a fucking car. No matter how many checks mommy writes her, she’ll never have enough to move home because she’ll piss it all away on McDonald’s and booze before the sun sets. So fucking sad.

No. 1164112

File: 1613598349960.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1080x1416, Screenshot_20210217-142415~2.p…)

her butthole looks sad

No. 1164113

File: 1613598445830.png (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1080x1430, Screenshot_20210217-142427~2.p…)

why does she have string lights in her bathroom? it's just bleak.

No. 1164124

WHOA! How artistic! Holding sting lights for a mirror pic! This is groundbreaking. How does she not have more subscribers and not verified on Insta and Twitter yet??

No. 1164131

File: 1613600433218.jpeg (273.07 KB, 1242x882, 7EDB9884-6582-445A-AF51-83710E…)

All this fat bitch does is eat and sleep

No. 1164148

No but actually, why the fuck is she holding the lights kek

No. 1164178

She has been reading all the comments here about how fucking dark her bathroom is. kek

No. 1164187

I called it kek >>1163006

No. 1164222

Still can't be bothered to wipe that fucking gross ass mirror. But says her content is high quality, attention to detail, and has the nerve to tell other girls to clean up their area for pics.

No. 1164224

Ew no! NH doesn’t want you!

No. 1164319

File: 1613618140383.png (325.19 KB, 750x1334, 4AFDAAC6-6D76-43CA-8DF3-647ED9…)

but had to beg for “emergency groceries”. okay then.

No. 1164332

Scammy Fattel strikes again, vol. 999+

I would love to see more of her legitimate "friends" and buyers call her out for this shit ffs

No. 1164348


It kinda pisses me off that when she did get called out for her hair dyeing bullshit, it was swept under the rug so effortlessly. Not the backlash I was hoping for. This, too. Just like zero tact, pretty much between 24 hours of begging for a ride to get groceries in a winter storm and then talking about spending your money on shit she doesn’t need? She can argue she needs it for her work but does she really? Even without a winter storm, she doesn’t, she looks busted as hell with or without lashes, these things don’t add much. She’s the definition of buying the shit and expecting it to make up for her lack of appeal, work, talent, etc. the tools are literally only half of it, Shay.
But especially coming from someone just acting like they were going to die in their apartment of starvation just… nice.

No. 1164349

Not to mention she talked about not spending money like a week ago because she’s supposed to be saving up for moving. Kek. She’s gonna live the rest of her life in bumfuck Oklahoma chasing Fupa chode.

No. 1164356

File: 1613623444450.jpeg (132.39 KB, 827x820, 3D1A1B7D-AD06-4220-8F11-7D2D32…)

No. 1164362

Why does she need to tweet every single transaction she ever makes?
Like who the fuck on her sw Twitter gives a fuck she how much spent on groceries or wigs?
Do other sws do this??
It’s incredibly boring and repetitive to keep seeing these “spent $150 on x!” tweets over and over

No. 1164367

does this lazy bitch still have her xmas tree up lol.

all things that will be old and gross within weeks but can't spare a few dollars to get some fucking chapstick.

No. 1164372

100% agree. This is why I wish ol grey hair and Womack would wisen up and drop her publicly. They may be cumbrains but they fund so much of her stupidity it's unreal. Also her enabling parents.

Bitch you're BEGGING like it's life or death for food that you don't fucking need and then immediately blowing $100+ on cheap Amazon shit and now begging for a bag ya don't need? ALL WITHIN 24 HOURS? Major kek you entitled degenerate

No. 1164396

No Shay, you dont fucking need an "expensive" purse you stupid fucking bitch. You have several I'm sure and the only time you carry one is to the dispensary and grocery store to get booze and junk food in Oklahoma while dressing like a trailer trash ugly whore. So no, I think you can save your money.

Bitch wants a purse and for what? All she carries is 1 single credit card that's probably got $2.00 on it half of the time.

No. 1164397

So next month is she gonna be like "oops I didnt save money yet! Cant move!"

I stg the ONLY way shes moving this time is if her parents physically come get her and fund all of it.

No. 1164403

She doesn't even have a credit card or any credit

No. 1164545

The funny thing is I really thought that because she lurks here and how much we say she’s not gonna move that she would actually make an effort/save money to move at least to prove us wrong, well I was way off

No. 1164547

I’m guessing she thinks it makes her sound successful to be able to drop $150 on a “haul” even though it’s always cheap amazon crap

No. 1164557

File: 1613656060705.jpeg (130.33 KB, 750x302, 6A4649AF-7B42-4EA1-B840-AE4364…)

place your bets fellow anons i‘m sure the power is gonna be out exactly when she wants to go live kek

No. 1164591

File: 1613661509913.jpg (210.02 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20210218-091735_Twi…)

How about you send them donations? Oh wait, you're too selfish for that

No. 1164593

Well when she did get called out, everyone claimed it was cow tippers

No. 1164604

I wasn't here for the very first threads (the ones that got deleted) so I'm curious, what was it that got Shay put on lolcow in the first place?

No. 1164608


i wonder how many times shes driven her coomers to spend tokens on other girls when she fails to show up?

No. 1164609


blows my mind how she could have made serious bank camming during the pandemic but just got fat instead

No. 1164612


imagine paying for a virtual gym sesh when there are hundreds of youtube workout videos that are free? so lazy and obsessed with her image online instead of her image in the mirror.

No. 1164614

…read the OP on the early threads? They tell you why, it’s not complicated to put it together.

No. 1164615


if she moves anywhere else other than OK that grim reality that spreading your grimy asshole for old men online cant support her lifestyle of sitting around ordering door dash and getting high. the only reason she can live like this is because shes in bumfuck, nowhere. and even the cheapest state in america she has no savings, or car, or future.

No. 1164619

I have a feeling that if she does move (even though we know she won't) her family is going to have some kind of intervention planned

No. 1164621

lbr she only has a trainer for the purpose of pretending that she has a friend who cares about her

No. 1164646

File: 1613667676621.jpg (211.39 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20210218-110059_Twi…)

Oh please

No. 1164651

What bills could she possibly have that equal $700? She’s never demanded reimbursement for these bills before. She has a cellphone. That’s the only bill I can think of aside from rent. And even if she had to shell out money for utilities, there’s no way it would amount to $700 in an apartment.

No. 1164659

wifi i guess?

No. 1164668

Like internet? That's less than a hundred a month. I can only think that's she been blasting the fuck out of her heater, because we know she doesn't use her lights.

Or, she's scamming again, which is most likely.

No. 1164669

Is celebrating the anniversary of being a ~sex worker~ common in the industry?

Such an odd thing to brag about.

No. 1164673

are y’all really thinking that $700 in bills is an exorbitant amount? that’s cheap as fuck and she expects to get the same size apartment in NH or Mass for the same price.

her rent must be really fucking low or someone else is paying for part of it. she has a two bedroom in the biggest city (also a dump) in Oklahoma.

No. 1164677

File: 1613669978648.jpg (197.06 KB, 1079x1034, Screenshot_20210218-113907_Twi…)

Nice Shay

No. 1164679

File: 1613670023831.jpg (381.95 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_20210218-113956_Twi…)

It's called "get off your lazy ass" Shay

No. 1164681

In a few hours watch her dirty delete and virtue signal about how making Texas jokes is insensitive and so fucked up

No. 1164694

My point was what bills does she have that would equal $700? She has no car, no credit cards, lives in an apartment so I can’t imagine utilities are that much especially in a cheap ass state like Oklahoma. $700 for bills is cheap of course but we are talking about shay who has -nothing-

No. 1164701

agree, $700 is a huge amount of bills for one person in a relatively inexpensive city with no car or other expenses. there’s internet, phone, electric, most apartment complexes offer flat rate utilities so i can’t see that being a big expense. she’s under 26 so still on parents insurance most likely. i can’t see a $700 bill unless she seriously neglected something and got a shutoff notice.

No. 1164702

most people consider rent as a part of their bills tho, no?

No. 1164703


She allegedly claims her rent is more than that. It's also the middle of the month. What is she getting prepared for the beginning of next work so she doesn't do any work then either?

No. 1164704

shayna: “I would do anything to offer my texas followers a warm place to stay”

also shayna: “lol fuck texas spongebob and patrick were right to make fun of it”

does she get so high that she doesn’t remember what she tweeted a few hours ago?

No. 1164706

idk the whole thing seems…off. as per usual with shatna.

No. 1164708

in her blazed daze, she probably thought the spots on the mirror looked like pwetty twinkly faiwy lights uwu

No. 1164709

it’s not your brain forcing you to not do these things. it’s called being responsible and having routines for yourself. you just want an excuse.

No. 1164714

lol Shay, get fucked. Everyone that has ever known you was absolutely right to make fun of you.

No. 1164716

Well Shay, I hope you lose power just like half the people in Texas

No. 1164719

She posts stuff like this, but remember at her old apartment her power got shut off cause she didn't pay the bill and she bitched and begged cause it was too hot in her apartment?

No. 1164725

nah she usually just lurks and occasionally vagueposts about lc, forgets about it quickly, and never takes any of the advice or hints we drop here. all you can do is watch her crash and burn.

No. 1164733

Didn’t she want to move to Texas after her trip to Austin with fupa like 40+ threads ago? I don’t think she could afford to live anywhere nice in Texas, honestly.

No. 1164735

Yup! I believe she wanted to move to Austin or something

No. 1164739

File: 1613673558522.jpg (136.19 KB, 1080x757, Screenshot_20210218-123832_Twi…)

Keep dry fucking yourself and you might get your wish

No. 1164751

File: 1613674291893.jpeg (141.93 KB, 1284x297, 0F6032B0-4834-44A6-9627-D0FCF7…)

placing bets for how fast she goes through that supposed 6 grams. how can she go through oil so fast? she must be improperly smoking it or something. you could take 10 dabs a day and still not go through the amounts she claims to.

No. 1164753


stoners are the worst. smoke less weed and you wont be scared to pay your bills.

No. 1164756

She went to the hospital a lot for that inhaler bs. Idk if she’s on her parents insurance, she is under 26. Maybe it could be that.

No. 1164757

did she finally pay her traffic tickets? kek

No. 1164758

Rent free

No. 1164760

It is definitely a thing in the industry, in her case it’s embarrassing to admit seeing as this is where she is in life, but for those who made bank and are successful and have achieved things it’s a lot more impressive imo

No. 1164761

She is definitely smoking improperly.

No. 1164764

6g of oil is incredibly expensive what the actual fuck. I don’t even think she blows all her money on groceries, it has to be all weed. I wonder when the last time she was sober was, I’m not sure if she’s had a legitimate sober day in years.

No. 1164768

I honestly think her dad paid those off

No. 1164770

File: 1613675679397.jpg (202.14 KB, 1080x1048, Screenshot_20210218-131357_Twi…)

No. 1164773

maybe she's one of those people who thinks you're supposed to cough a ton and exhale a huge cloud of vapor when you take a dab because they think it's like hitting a bong when really that's just pure waste

i've seen people tear through dab carts in this manner because they don't have the impulse control to not take a giant unmanageable hit every time

No. 1164785

She has a phone, electricity (which honestly she lives in the dark so it would mostly be for heating), internet. No car related bills. Water is included in most apartments.

Cell phone could be anywhere from $40-100, comcast is $60-100. Power ain't no 500 bucks sorry.

Shes acting like she has bills a functioning, driving, adult with a partner would have.

No. 1164793

Okay, so was this from her old apartment for the carpets or something? Regardless, where did she pull 700 bucks from? When she was just crying about not being able to buy purses and begging for 60 bucks for one, the other day desperately needed uber and grocery money, and whatever else in between.
Did she get her stimulus card or spend mommys check or maybe a payout? Seems like shes suddenly got a lot of spare cash for someone who begs daily and freaks out over things. Oh and trying to save to move.

No. 1164794

Im assuming they are medical bills

No. 1164795

So was in $700 in bills or A $700 bill? This stupid ass bitch can't keep her bullshit straight.

You can get 6g of soso quality oil for $150-200 or so… That's not incredibly expensive kek

No. 1164803

It is for Shayna considering she’s begging every other day and just paid a $700 bill, plus not everyone has like $200 to drop on fucking weed

No. 1164808

I’ve seen literal hobos beg less than Shayna fucking Clifford. They usually just mind their business and don’t harass you for money. Shayna is panhandling every single day on Twitter. It’s baffling how she still has customers and is able to make a living off of e-begging

No. 1164815

>implying she hasn’t already sold her soul for literally nothing of value

Seriously though why does she need this purse? She’s such a train wreck I just can’t anymore.

No. 1164817

File: 1613680039539.jpg (184.74 KB, 1080x899, Screenshot_20210218-142655_Twi…)

And this is why she runs out so fast

No. 1164821

Not entirely sure those were cowtippers buuuut it would be really damaging if her bigger donating /supportive coomers would publicly call her out. That's what I'm hoping will happen one of these days. I mean unless they're just really ignorant or depraved enough not to care… it's not hard to see how much she scams their money.

No. 1164826

I wonder if she’s going to file her taxes this year, or if she ever has in her 5 years sex work. If she made under 50K last year (which she more than likely did) she would get a free $1,400 from the government when the third stimulus check comes around. She’s so unbelievably lazy she probably won’t take half an hour out of her day to hop on TurboTax and will continue to beg for $100 every other day so she can get “groceries”. If she’s never done her taxes she’s bound to get audited by the IRS eventually

No. 1164842

Shaytard can't even get being a stoner right. if you try them all at once you won't be able to tell any difference between them and then what's the point of getting six different types?

No. 1164868


how can she not see the connection between her weed habit and her never meeting her goals? there goes the rest of her night… and she begs and spreads holes online to continue to have more empty nights like this. but okay shayna, keep blaming everything on fupa. hes the one that made you gain 60 pounds and become dependent on weed and wine…. sure…

No. 1164886

can’t sell what you don’t have, Einstein

No. 1164964

Lol kinda distasteful to say considering all that Texas is going through right now but whatevs.
Love to see the absolute meltdown she'd have without electricity and heat. I remember when her electric was shut off for a few hours and she had a total aNxiETy aTTaCk wiLL sOmeOnE jUst SenD me MoNey aLrEadY??? I WaNNa KiLL mYsElf!!

No. 1164977

File: 1613695515157.jpeg (124.06 KB, 750x282, 41DB9076-9FE9-4A75-AC1A-AE1378…)

bullshit you’re gonna get high and do nothing

No. 1165003

When was the last time Shayna actually interacted with another person that wasn’t being paid to interact with her? And apart from fupa. It just seems so bleak she spends her whole life rattling around in her apartment with zero friends at all. What a way to live

No. 1165005

These boring ass sex workers like shayna and pnp/Ari are two of the same. Why do they always live tweet their mundane tasks that they never fulfil…. on ‘sex work’ accounts? Bitch buy a diary

No. 1165010

>>1165003 when her uber driver totally hit on her last week

No. 1165031

Let's see if she actually gets on cam Friday. Highly doubt it but if she does it'll be hilarious. Place hour bets on her excuse now.

No. 1165038

I think if theres any time she would, she will tomorrow. Just because she keeps talking about it being her big ol 5 years in the amazing biz, celebrating her totally thriving career that has gotten her so far and brought so much positivity to her life.

Otherwise, on any other night I'd say no way. But there's at least a 50 percent chance tomorrow.
Honestly would be hilarious if she lost power then though when she actually was planning on camming for the "occasion".

No. 1165067

I know there's no such thing as being addicted to weed, but Shayna is 100% DEPENDENT on weed just to function and yet she still doesn't function. Do you think anyone around her, even Fupa, has ever tried to get her to lower her weed intake? Or stop completely?

No. 1165100

Fupa definitly tried to. This is probably the "abuse" she claimed she endured in the Fupa Mansion lmao.

No. 1165136

She also claimed he abused her when he told her to take her meds

No. 1165142

Being dependent is addiction anon.
Anyone can get addicted to anything but I'd say weed is definitely addictive. Maybe not as a substance itself but how it makes you feel.
I know plenty of people who can give up the booze but massively struggle to stop weed.

She's been doing it daily for several years, she's an addict.

No. 1165152

People say that, but like it's an state altering substance. It's classified as a drug. It's a plant with mild psychoactive and medicinal affects. Just because one doesnt typically experience withdrawls, doesn't mean they can't be addicted to it and yes, the feeling of being high.
It's all semantics really.

She uses it and booze to cope with being an embarrassing failure with nothing in her life and a bleak future and she doesn't even use it "properly" so that it would last. And typically even heavy stoners take a week "detox" or break to help their tolerance reset. I've literally never known or heard of anyone that goes to a dispensary 3+ times a week.

No. 1165191

She’s been camming for 5 years yet still doesn’t know how to use OBS?
That’s so pathetic kek

No. 1165213

People say you can’t get addicted to weed because you cannot overdose on it. But knowing Shayna and how stupid she is, she might be the first person!
But seriously even stoners that i know don’t smoke the amount she does. But then again she is a deadbeat neet with nothing else to do, so she has time to kill.

No. 1165227

File: 1613730035142.jpg (9.63 KB, 415x387, images.jpeg-42.jpg)

Why is no one talking about the atrocious editing on her face in this? She looks like a doll when you squash the face down.

No. 1165265

I don't think there's any editing, I think that's just her face…

No. 1165274


I cant wait to see her reaction when the only people who show up are Jason Womnack and the old grey balls guys. Her "big comeback" last cam show was bleak.

No. 1165276


>one doesn't typically experience withdrawals

I think this is only true if you a very casual smoker. You're not going to smoke weed once and suddenly be hooked. but with any daily smoker, there will typically be withdrawals that keep them smoking. nausea, night sweats, insomnia, lack of hunger, headaches, etc that while may seem mild, are just annoying and painful enough convince the person "weed isnt addictive, its just a plant" and smoke another one to relieve their symptoms. Then the cycle continues of "i'll quit soon". Next thing you know… youre 5 years into sex work, have no boyfriend, are in the middle of nowhere, and are 200 pounds. Damn.

No. 1165291

nah the other anons are talking sense. wtf have you been smoking that makes you that sick when you stop and transforms you into a 200 pound whore?

No. 1165299

cmon anon was being facetious about shaynas situation with the weight gain and sex work, but they’re spot on about those “withdrawal” symptoms for people that have smoked copious amounts for years

No. 1165309

Weed withdrawals are very real for heavy, daily smokers. They're not as intense as withdrawals from other substances, sometimes it's not even noticeable to some people, but it happens.

No. 1165332

holy shit anon thank you for pointing this out. it HAS to be facetuned, she's nearly edited her eye out completely. it's the size of a bean. yet somehow the dark circles remain. if that's what her normal face looks like then it's a worse moon-face than Amberlynn Reid

No. 1165344

File: 1613748623582.jpeg (216.41 KB, 827x1001, 69056078-207E-486F-A419-6F5AD2…)

What a bitch. She really can’t help herself can she lol

No. 1165346

Sometimes I think she's become less of a bitch and then I read shit like this. She's such a negative, bitter, woman hating weirdo. She's so jealous like she owns the two customers she even has or something.

No. 1165352

and im sure shayna would know about "organic growth" considering shes always looking to buy sfs and trying to trade promos with other swers.

No. 1165353

Oh that jealousy is really kicking in isn't it? She's so insecure.

No. 1165370

File: 1613750299515.jpeg (208.03 KB, 827x1093, 1EA25D09-1738-4125-9AFD-6BA1E1…)

“They’re gonna ignore you and tell the sex worker you attempted to poach them from”

I bet she blows up at Grey dude and Womack for not being “loyal” the same way she would blow up at Fupa for not giving her attention

No. 1165372

I thought she was saving some for her move lol

No. 1165376

It's a wonder she's not throwing a fit already and seething that they follow/support other women that aren't her. Demanding that true fans only follow her/comment her/etc.

No. 1165384

she's not mad that people are "Poaching" customers, I think she legit looks forwards to this man's good morning greetings and thinks it means something that he "thinks" of her. This shit is person.
Isn't today her anniversary? And she's bitching at someone for taking her few regulars.

No. 1165392

File: 1613752025726.png (56.78 KB, 591x470, 1.PNG)

She's spazzing out all because this girl said ONE thing to this dude, this bitch is crazy

No. 1165397

File: 1613752188546.png (Spoiler Image, 391.12 KB, 587x400, 3.PNG)

And the girl only has 45 followers so shayna knows she just started, maybe the dude interacted with her before? She's spazzing out at a beginner probably because the girl looks better than her crusty ass and she's unknown. Shayna is such a loser.

No. 1165400

File: 1613752255148.png (34.87 KB, 613x295, 2.PNG)

She should be embrassed kek, doing all this over a dumb ass scrote

No. 1165401

aaand i'm guessing shay is the only person who decided to complain about this? why is she always picking fights lmfao

No. 1165406

because the girl she's talking too is a nobody, she saw her follower count and knew that if she talked shit nobody would call her out. She barely directly calls out other girls.

No. 1165407

>when you’re failing as a sex worker and have to hold on tight to your last two remaining orbiters

Have some dignity shay.

Kek I doubt those other girls cared but here’s shay chimping out over some girl making an innocent comment. All those other SWers are reading that ….probably experiencing some second hand embarrassment.

No. 1165410

anddd her rants have been deleted. bitch cant even stay true to what she says

No. 1165413

This is goong to have her so upset that she won't be able to cam.

No. 1165415

God LORD it was one little harmless fucking comment Shay. Stop being such an insecure bridge troll.

Maybe that old grey man has been talking to that girl or buying her content and she was just interacting. Cant imagine she just randomly found him, but even so, even if she was just shooting her shot for exposure, who cares? He can ignore her or look at her stuff. He clearly interacts with other whores.

Shay really that worried shes gonna lose her lunch money if old man even looks at another whore kek

No. 1165419

But of course she has to complain every other day about how unfriendly and toxic the SW community is, when she's just an uwu goofy lil bean! They just are so mean to her for no reason!

No. 1165421


Top tweet is projection at its finest. And the middle one is the opposite of her. Did she “research” sex work before doing it? Come on. This guy tagged more than 5 different SWers… is it “poaching” someone that clearly follows so many of them…? What is adding another @ at the end of that tweet going to make any difference?

No. 1165423

Sweaty you have a fanbase of 5 regulars maximum after 5 years.
Bot and dead twitter followers dont count as a fanbase.

Also that middle one is something Shay would and has never so that's bullshit. Some bitchy advice she should have taken herself before she became this washed up, crusty nobody that no one likes.

No. 1165425

She made like 6 comments over 4 words.

No. 1165428

wow she really got offended didn’t she. what a thin skin. been in this industry 5 years and still gets jealous of other women and lashes out. you can’t “poach” customers in sex work. your customers are not your property.

No. 1165433

She gains ONE vocal regular a year, so I understand why she's scared.

No. 1165434

yeah, there are ppl who spent time researching sex work before they got into it. you sold nude cam shows underage in exchange for amazon gifts. you and them are not the same, and to claim you’re one of those sex workers that thoroughly researched before getting into it is a blatant lie.

No. 1165438

KEK, is she threatened that some old dude is going to see a hotter girl and add her to his 37 person goodmorning tweet and then she won't feel special anymore? oh no shayna watch out, shes wearing pink, too! stealing your man and your style!
nobody with a "following" and a brain keeps a tally of their followers whereabouts and interactions like a controlling mom like she does, she is so insecure, and for good reason. pathetic. i guess when you only have 4 people who dare interact with you, you sperg about the prospect of them realizing that most girls take showers and don't look like a fat dude in a wig. is that all she does all day? sit on twitter and obsessively trawl comments to make sure Ol' Grey isn't getting "PoAcHEd"?

No. 1165441

File: 1613753734949.jpg (259.39 KB, 1080x1157, Screenshot_20210219-105447_Twi…)

She's gonna get the wine and then be like "sorry guys, I'm not gonna be on cam today because insert some dumb excuse"

No. 1165443

Acting like she has a degree in sex work. You don’t NEED to do shit to be a sex worker. It’s not hard nor is it a complicated job. She so badly wants to feel like she’s an accomplished whore and she’s one of the worst and less successful SWers out there.

No. 1165444

File: 1613753845842.jpg (212.34 KB, 1080x776, Screenshot_20210219-105658_Twi…)

Poor Noodle

No. 1165447

>Do you have any respect for sex work?
She really thinks because this is what she's spent 5 years rapidly declining doing that everyone who decides to do a little sex work, are only doing that and super passionate.
Idiot it's a job, things are hard, I don't support sex work, but people are trying to make extra cash.
More then likely unlike you, they have a job or are just making extra money.
She's so retarded.

No. 1165452

Unless you actually "own" the client in the kink sense where you are their only dom(me), there's no such thing as stealing customers.

It's free real estate you stupid bitches. These coomers can choose who and what to spend their money on. If you've got what they like, then they'll choose you. If someone else does, then they'll spend elsewhere. And they can interact and pay multiple e-whores at once. She's so whack. That guy specifically clearly supports like 10 girls. That random newbie isnt gonna steal his money and heart jfc. Maybe she should focus on herself more.

Like sure it can be a competitive market, but it's not that deep and personal.

No. 1165454

if this ugly bitch would just focus on her content more instead of what other SWers are doing, she wouldn't have to worry about people stealing her three followers. Jesus Christ.

No. 1165460

Why would you post about yelling at your dog on your sw twitter?

No. 1165461

Waiting for her to dirty delete these

No. 1165468

I think she actually believes this coomer cares about her and that she's special. And though she is desperate and pathetic, I think it was really just an excuse for her to tear into another bitch and get on her stank ass high horse. Classic Shay. And yeah, because that girl is a newbie nobody, she knows she can get away with it. She's a fucking fat bully womanchild.

No. 1165471

Was there actually any proof of this? Genuinely curious because this is something talked about quite a few times on the threads. I wasn’t around for the original now deleted thread, and I went back to reread the first 10 threads and there was no real proof

No. 1165474

Do other sex workers use the term “poaching”? It sounds so retarded to me. Not to mention it’s insulting to her own customers and it makes her sound desperate and insecure.

No. 1165476

NTA in one of her customs where she was supposed to talk about humiliating things, she talked about Camming under aged.

No. 1165479

She just uses words like that often and incorrectly like "existential crisis" and shit because she's braindead and likes to be dramatic

No. 1165481

File: 1613755811119.jpeg (143.9 KB, 1242x527, 4D52453E-B2BB-4B74-B099-862BE2…)

They’re already deleted

She’s tweeting about being a SW for 5 years and how proud she is, but she peaked when she started. Like ‘17/‘18. She doesn’t do professional shoots or collaborate with anyone anymore, her videos are even more boring and shitty than they were, and she complains more than she works. Not even to mention her physical and content aesthetics kek. She’s literally only gone downhill the past 5 years, the cope is blinding.

No. 1165483

Just @ the girl if you wanna drag and cancel her so badly jfc

Or say you just hate women and the sw cOmMuNiTy and move on

No. 1165486

>Does not have a car
>does not have money to move
>mom had to send her money
>begging for food the other day because she's broke
>has talked about how her career has not grown and no one pays attention to her shit MULTIPLE TIMES.
>Loses her shit because someone with under 100 followers said a few words to a scrote she thinks she owns

So successful

No. 1165487

She uses whatever words she thinks will make her sound smart but she just comes off as trying too hard

No. 1165489

She made some long ass threads on tumblr and Twitter about how some dude groomed her and that once she became 18, the FBI contacted her about the dude. Some other guy sent her a camera and her mom freaked out and sent it to the police. Then in the earlier threads when she turned 21, did a video about 21 humiliating things she did and admitted to camming underage

No. 1165491

File: 1613756387642.jpg (Spoiler Image, 542.35 KB, 1079x1244, Screenshot_20210219-113927_Twi…)

Showing off her downgrade

No. 1165492

kek she can't even try to hide her bitterness. if some fellow uggo/fatty commented under her simp's post she'd have let it slide

No. 1165493

File: 1613756452677.jpeg (258.09 KB, 1242x561, A0A5FC47-3518-4DFA-9C02-C83227…)

She hates herself and her fat body
>the ability to help other in need
Like throwing a one time $5-$20 donation to a bail fun or offering it up to SWers and then dirty deleting? Or the Mr. Pibb and Coke debacle? Or literally half an hour ago when a girl just starting out tweeted 4 words and she shamed her publicly instead of inboxing some advice to her? So generous and kind. Much helping people in need.
>every single one of you
Yes you, Bratty, Womack, GreyOldWomanizer, and Toilet Fatty ♥

No. 1165495


the only organic growth shaytard has seen is around her midsection

No. 1165496

yeah she’s talked about it in a vid and also on her tumblr. she said when she was 17 she did cam shows (like on skype not MFC) to get a hitachi and a camera from amazon.

but yeah she totally did so much research into sex work and didn’t just fling herself into it because it was getting popular on tumblr or anything.

No. 1165497

File: 1613756512060.jpg (236.93 KB, 1080x859, Screenshot_20210219-114047_Twi…)

No. 1165503


honestly, being aggressively jealous/thinking you own your clients is way more toxic than poaching if you wanna get into it. successful sex workers dont care/worry about poachers because their content actually sells.

No. 1165504

>make my own schedule, work my own hours
translation: never and none

No. 1165512

If she does Cam I wonder what she's going to wear? I hope it's that ugly dress thing and cheap crown.
But she's probably not going to cam, so i don't know why i'm asking

No. 1165515

Shayna… sex worker isn’t a protected professional title like doctor, mechanic, pilot or lawyer.

No. 1165519

File: 1613757855701.jpeg (637.35 KB, 1242x1425, 94EE3CCB-0873-4581-B18F-681CD0…)

I’m surprised fatty hasn’t deleted these

No. 1165520

I’m sorry but what is OBS

No. 1165521

How do you think an earthquake is your dog?! God this bitch is a low IQ inbred retard. So bitter about sex work being mainstream too. Selling pictures of your pussy isn’t art and any one can do it Shayna. Stop acting like it takes effort kek

No. 1165524

I think she's hoping that the other girls jump on her, again, she's doing this to someone with an extremely small following. She's not going to delete it because she knows she won't get backlash because no one cares about the scrote, no one cares about her and no one cares about the other girl.

No. 1165533

Open Broadcast Software

most people use it for streaming. it’s how you get things like overlays (frames, animations for tips, goal bars, games, etc), video in video (streaming you and a game or movie at the same time), clickable links, watermarks, etc. it makes your stream look more polished and also helps you stream in higher quality. it also helps keep it interactive and fun for viewers, like when they tip you get an animation with their name, for example,

I highly doubt shayna will be able to sit for long enough to figure out how to actually use OBS properly to up her stream quality and interaction. it can take a little bit (took me a few days to get it down pat) but once you get it it’s so helpful.

No. 1165534

she also has a habit of telling people she'll send them money and then going silent when they follow up on it. she's not sending anyone anything unless she can use it to virtue signal.

Open broadcaster software. Streamers use it to do animations/overlays on their streams to make them more interesting and engaging, display info about the stream, screensavers, etc.

No. 1165546

File: 1613759993229.png (72.12 KB, 472x468, 4pd2u0.png)

Imagine spending 5 years of your life plastering asshole pictures all over the internet for free, with nothing to show for it except an expanding waistline, a weed and booze addiction, and declining mental health. Imagine raging at another ewhore for tweeting at one of the 5 remaining coomers in your dedicated fanbase. Imagine thinking shoving unlubed dildoes up your blown out asshole on camera is a notable skill.

No. 1165548

Question: the animations, frames, etc, don't people usually commission those from artists?

Because I am ready to ask for sushi money that Shay hasn't looked up that part and will just rip off someone else's cute set-up and SpongeBob GIFs.

No. 1165551

sometimes, yeah. usually more popular/bigger streamers will do that tho. you can find basic overlays/frames online and make your own watermarks and stuff easily. but she won’t take the time to do that.

No. 1165552

she's definitely not going to take the time to make her own shit. She'll either buy a shitty pink overlay, beg someone to make her one for a pitiful amount of money, or give up once she realizes that it takes more than an hour to set up.

No. 1165558

She's not going to do it, I doubt she will even look into it. If she was actually camming more than twice a year, she might pay someone to put together a basic pink one and set it up for her, but she's not gonna do that camming so rarely.

No. 1165559

File: 1613761333771.jpg (488.05 KB, 1080x1562, 1587152408810.jpg)

What happened to that stream deck she never used?

No. 1165561

I know we're here to hate on Shay but oh my god the absolute state of 21st century males…
Imagine being such a degenerate coom-slave that you not only watch porn for starters, but watch Z-tier porkers, and spend money on it. Now imagine that you EAGERLY ANTICIPATE PAYDAY just so that you can throw a dubloon at your virtual hooker. Pathetic.
The audacity of scrotes to complain about wimmen these days when this is what males have devolved into.

Now I'm picturing a world where everyone treats their work like Shay does.
Picture your boss on the company social media account, tweeting about how much they miss their ex lol.
"Just spent $200 on the monthly office power bill - pls reimburse, shareholders!!"

You have far too much optimism when it comes to coombrains.

I've been quarantined for a week now and I am absolutely dying for human contact and for something more interesting than 4 walls & an internet connection. It blows my mind that people choose to live this way voluntarily.

I look forward to whatever awaits Shayna 5-10 years down the road.
She's obviously fallen very far, but she still has simps remaining to milk for money to keep the lights on. And her body isn't yet at the point where she couldn't look normal again if she (hypothetically) lost weight.
In a decade or so, a dozen doors will close on her at once. She'll be too old for profitable sex work. Too fat most likely as well. No hope of getting a real job with her online footprint, so how is she planning on making money? And if she keeps gaining into the 200s, she'll reach the point where she'll have saggy skin if she tries losing weight.
I've also heard it gets harder to make new friends when you've reached your 30s. She already has no friends. No exaggeration, zero. Only fupa, who uses her, and who certainly won't stick around for 5 years.

I'm curious to know what she'll do after sex work. Whatever it is, hopefully she keeps it public for our amusement.

No. 1165571

>Hello Kitty home decor stuff
Tacky taste aside,I thought she was moving?? That’s just extra bulk for when she supposedly moves out of there, specially if she plans to go to wherever she wanted to go by plane, riding an Uber and such.

No. 1165579

>Now I'm picturing a world where everyone treats their work like Shay does

im imagining her living a somehow slightly less pathetic life, tweeting "i cant stop crying because fucking burger king keeps poaching our fucking customers. seriously attract YOUR OWN MCCUSTOMERS! please stop riding on more successful fast food chains backs! asking for a whopper here will not get you the attention youre looking for and flipping burgers is harder than it looks!"

No. 1165581

This is from months ago when she first bought the desk and all that other bullshit, anon.

No. 1165582

I’m keking at the bootleg hello kitty bath mat/rug she got. Bitch can’t even afford authentic Sanrio so she has to buy knockoff shit on Amazon. How bleak and pathetic. Five years of sex work everyone hooray!1!1!1

No. 1165584

What’s the point of doing all that when she only have 4 customers watching/paying. The rest of her viewers are farmers laughing at her lard ass flopping around heavily breathing.

No. 1165587

I know right? Men are a disease. I want to a-log so bad. I hope they pass away so Shayna is forced to get a job kek

Shayna won’t get hired by any reputable companies. So she will have to make feeder porn if she gets really obese. Maybe get on food stamps/government assistance when she reaches a bigger weight. I mean she can always call up TLC to get her own show. That channel loves white obese trash, she’d fit perfectly. Maybe have her own special on 600-pound Life and afterwards have a spin-off show about her trying to lose weight but she never does and just cries and acts like a woman-child.

No. 1165589

oh she really is this stupid huh. shes really going to order multiple setup parts from amazon? why does she thinks she needs to keep buying cheap knockoff shit. please could she care about one thing in her fucking life and find the value in researching the garbage she spends her money on? the amazon shit she buys is trash and she clearly doesnt know how to choose products beyond looking at the thumbnail photo. pathetic.

No. 1165605

File: 1613766449221.png (386.34 KB, 680x569, 207.png)

Will Shayna cam tonight? If not, what's her excuse?

I'm betting a 10 cent face punch tip on: "I didn't like my makeup so no cam TN!"

No. 1165608

i'm betting that she won't cam because she couldn't get wine or weed. so sad when you NEED that shit to do your job

No. 1165613

How embarrassing. This is the kind of stupid shit that children buy because they’re too dumb to understand it’s a waste of money. Can’t imagine walking into an adults house, going to the bathroom, and seeing they have some wonky poorly made hello kitty toilet seat covers, literally why???? She spends money on Amazon crap as if the child slaves are asking for business.

No. 1165614

In one thread she posted on snapchat saying "I can't get on cam without weed. I know that's sad, but I just can't"

No. 1165615

File: 1613767385413.jpg (412.56 KB, 1080x1628, Screenshot_20210219-144234_Twi…)

Her excuse is going to be that she's too sore from her session to get on cam

No. 1165619

top kek, underrated comment

No. 1165632

File: 1613768981640.jpg (297.8 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20210219-150917_Twi…)

I hope she does the wig, so we can see how horrible it looks unedited

No. 1165640

I am going to go with her being sore from working out AND her not finding her hair straightener.

No. 1165643

Kek I love how she always complains about being exiled and does nothing to get other sw to want to interact with her? She could have connected with that chick but she’s too mean and psychotic to think things through

No. 1165655

Goddamn I don't know if Shay is attention seeking or dumb, honestly it's probably both. She made sure everyone saw her reply too probably hoping they'll jump to her defence.

No. 1165669

The fact that she’s actually taking about getting on cam on the day of makes me think she’s actually gonna do it. She doesn’t bring it up normally if she’s gonna flake. Maybe I’m giving her too much credit

No. 1165720

This round squishy girl really thinks she's entitled to people's money more than other girls. Shay, the only worse sex worker than you is PNP and that's SAYING something. Give it up. Get a job at a retail store if they'll even hire you. 5 years should have shown actual accomplishments but instead your life is depressing and sad, you have no money, and you've easily gained 80-120 pounds. Girl, give it the fuck up. This is pathetic.

No. 1165777

File: 1613779104943.jpg (215.07 KB, 1080x653, Screenshot_20210219-175638_Twi…)

You got about 4 hours to back out Shay. Best start thinking of your excuse now

No. 1165795

I’m excited to see how much she’s truly gained tonight. Last cam show was a real eye opener

No. 1165796

File: 1613781212312.jpeg (159.33 KB, 750x380, 9A912F66-7DFC-404A-937C-61F54C…)

‘cleaning up my work space’ aka sweeping the trash under the crusty star blanket and shoving all the mess out of frame kek

No. 1165798

she's going to be so dehydrated, I wonder if she ever used that lip scrub? If she didn't post about it I guess not.
It's so dumb that she knew this day was coming but she didn't plan for it, didn't get a outfit or anything.
I guess that makes sense though, 5 years of disappointments.

No. 1165799

File: 1613781325944.jpeg (54.27 KB, 1200x743, F4F31371-C94F-435F-8A9B-DA75BA…)

Kek I wonder if Shayna will wear her hair up in pigtails

No. 1165805

shhhh anon don't say that, she won't show up then kek.

No. 1165816

File: 1613783256107.jpg (506.47 KB, 1079x1506, Screenshot_20210219-190707_Twi…)

We'll see

No. 1165823

Lol why is she building this up so much like this isn't just her actual fucking job that she should be doing on the reg.

No. 1165835


just noticed she never re-wears her wigs after she stinks them up. probably has musty old wigs mixed with sweaty old clothes in a pile somewhere. i say the rose gold will last one cam show/one more photoset before it moulds

No. 1165836

is it going to be that fucking dark

No. 1165837

I don’t understand why she has to tell everyone instead of just doing these basic tasks

No. 1165841

with lace fronts you have to wash them because you get hairspray and gel buildup. ugh it’s gonna be all crusty at the hairline

No. 1165850

Her cam shows are honestly the least sexy thing she does and I know her vids and pics are awful, but seriously I see no scrotey appeal in her cam shows. She just sits there naked and drinking and being a cringy spaz. Like shes just there to "hang out" with her 3 whole fans.

No. 1165892

I’m sure the people most excited for her cam shows are us.

No. 1165925

File: 1613792358328.jpg (406.39 KB, 2044x1080, 20210219_213609.jpg)

Idk about y'all, but Shatna's constant spending and e-begging the past 5 years has definitely inspired me

No. 1165926

anyone planning on recording?

No. 1165928

She’s not even online yet. I am still in doubt she will even show up. I’ll believe it when she logs on.

No. 1165932

ill be posting gifs all show long

No. 1165933

Someone please record this mess,its been a long week for us Texanfags

No. 1165935

File: 1613793471729.jpeg (69.84 KB, 750x240, CD699B5D-FBDE-4E07-BD31-53B17F…)

As always

No. 1165938

god bless you anon

No. 1165939

She’s done nothing all day. How do you end up being late at a job in your own home at 10pm?

No. 1165945

shes online

No. 1165948

File: 1613794591690.jpeg (297.54 KB, 750x520, 343808BA-CC78-4146-A754-177503…)

5 years of gaining lard and still wearing shitty amazon crap! you’ve really made it shay

No. 1165949

File: 1613794795286.png (Spoiler Image, 341.14 KB, 596x325, Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 11.1…)

fat retard still listening to the same 5 madonna songs

No. 1165950

File: 1613794809181.png (311.52 KB, 407x380, chrome_btnsI9XycZ.png)

here we go shes on cam

No. 1165951

File: 1613794854424.gif (13.97 MB, 802x448, 48249b10ca91d71a9275292a2ff78b…)

looking lorge

No. 1165952

She’s so awkward it’s sad, it almost makes me uncomfortable, also that bs when she got up to clean the mess behind her, you had all day to clean it and then even got on late, you couldn’t have had the room ready before you got on

No. 1165954

Why did she get champagne and is now scared about it getting everywhere that's what it does…

No. 1165955

File: 1613795032957.jpeg (356.51 KB, 750x641, 7E0ECD05-C519-4066-AC9A-3511E1…)

I miss womackposting

No. 1165956

File: 1613795040747.gif (13.89 MB, 798x446, 71a061e70acefbbdc2438cea6eca19…)

her moaning and panting while trying to get into this bottle is so gross

No. 1165957

File: 1613795070468.jpg (35.64 KB, 596x335, cryptid.JPG)

No. 1165958

God her gravelly laugh is so fucking obnoxious

No. 1165959


Hontom is here. Didn't bratty or some other person come to the board to shit about how that person is us last time she streamed ages ago? I think he's actually one of her supporters. Possibly the muscle shoop guy.

No. 1165960

Was she admitting to lurking with the “someone will screen grab this” comment?
Also five years and still can’t get the camera to stay focused and not get blurry as fuck

No. 1165961

one of her best moments of being a sex worker is "getting my PC that I'm so proud of" you mean the one you dont use?

No. 1165962

I was about to fucking post this

No. 1165963

File: 1613795330496.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 260.55 KB, 750x400, C833F20B-9F6C-4ECD-A687-CC5F91…)

No. 1165965

Shay: Doesn't wanna be a townie
Also Shay: lives in fucking Tulsa, Oklahoma

No. 1165966

the turtleneck looks like something a mtf wears to hide their manly arms

No. 1165967

my god she is breathing so heavy, and all she did is talk and open a bottle of wine

No. 1165968

lmao thanks for the screengrab, I was sad I missed it

No. 1165969

Muh tumblr followers!!! Tick your bingo sheets, farmers.

No. 1165970

is this some self realization now??

No. 1165971

that doesn't look like someone who can put her feet behind her head. she has to bend and bow her legs just to reach the floor

No. 1165972

She still thinks she deserves to be famous Lmaoo nothing has changed, sex work let you do those things because your lazy ass doesn’t put in any work

No. 1165975

15 minutes into being on cam she's talking about her breakup and how hard it is. real sexy Shay

No. 1165976

She's really talking about her breakup. How fucking sad

No. 1165978

how is there still the same pocky and drink on her table? is trash decor for her? I though she was going to clean up

No. 1165980

she treats her camming as a stream like she's an "influencer" like she wants to be

No. 1165981

She just admitted to going into sex work with her real name and then said she was doxed, your a fucking moron SHAYNA CLIFFORD

No. 1165982

File: 1613795756211.png (66.26 KB, 146x351, bleak.PNG)

Here's the list of viewers and all of us kek.

No. 1165983

you're never wet dumbass!

No. 1165985

File: 1613795881514.jpeg (440.92 KB, 2048x2048, 2BACF211-F4BB-4596-8E56-A99F9D…)

just wow

No. 1165986


This. It doesn't feel like a sex cam show, it feels like an insta live or twitch stream.

"I need to go live more regularly."

No. 1165987

her "most pleasurable moment while working" was the fucking view of LA, could she be less sexual

No. 1165989

not her skipping the question about what her plans are after she "finishes" sex work kek

No. 1165990

totally ignores the question about what she wants to do after sex work

No. 1165991

Skipped over question asking her what she wants to do after sex work, Shay does not have any goals in life, she definitely is gonna milk the cash cow as dry as possible and then beg some more

No. 1165993

File: 1613796063688.jpg (85.92 KB, 1178x351, womack.JPG)

feeling sad for womack

No. 1165994


>moving out on my own

>getting my PC
>doing pro shoots
But she was recently complaining about how she would never go back to doing pro shoots bc setting her own hours is better? Also buying a computer is not a special accomplishment Shayna it's totally normal adult shit

they're trying to help her be alluring and she's totally spiking every serve

No. 1165995

she's a fucking mess. she forgot what she was saying halfway through a sentence, admitted she had no idea what the topic was, and then started talking about how she's "in her feels and everyone knows it". she's probably taken 6 dabs before the stream. so professional after 5 years, can't carry a conversation on cam for less than an hour. also I don't see any OBS stuff

No. 1165996

This morning she bitched about how girls need to research the SW job and she admitted she just jumped into it and learned along the way.

Fucking duh. She hates other sex workers so much.

No. 1165997

“I want to achieve a level of success and money before going to college” how well spoken, also she’s definitely never gonna go to college if she’s waiting on that

No. 1165998

she needs money before she can go to college apparently, we know her parents would LOVE to pay for her school

No. 1165999

>I can't give general sex work advice.

Is she pretending she never tried to charge for advice or have that failed advice OnlyFans…

No. 1166000

File: 1613796169252.png (72.51 KB, 782x96, Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 11.4…)

lmao @ these posters

No. 1166002

How has she gained all this weight and none of it went to her ass, What is this sad awkward dancing

No. 1166003

File: 1613796244793.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.73 MB, 798x442, 9a57763de628d5735d5fc50bd2f5b0…)

shes coughing and weezing after this

No. 1166004

Is NaughtyNat calling her out or just a coincidence?

No. 1166005

she was so uncomfortable answering the question about what she was doing after sex work, she has no idea what she wants to do and she wants to ‘save’ money and use it for good’. what a contradiction, if she’s so successful at sex work as she claims she could be going to school or taking a course or two but instead she’s packing on the pounds with her uber eats orders every single day

No. 1166006

File: 1613796300880.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.86 MB, 792x446, 0f25a7b6ae04e6dd91809497668fac…)

No. 1166007

File: 1613796336752.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.67 MB, 798x440, 4164e20dcfedff77b80205ca9c24a3…)

"I snack a lot"

No. 1166008

"I like to snack a lot. Which is part of why my tummy won't go away." Hmmmm thought it was the meds Shay

No. 1166009

That lip move she keeps doing is so cringe

No. 1166013

File: 1613796436526.png (630.2 KB, 1080x603, Screenshot_20210219-234429~2.p…)

No. 1166014

File: 1613796453828.jpg (25.87 KB, 548x97, lol.JPG)

feeders in da house

No. 1166015

File: 1613796460110.png (614.74 KB, 1080x602, Screenshot_20210219-234429 (1)…)

No. 1166016

lmfao anon, perfection

No. 1166017

File: 1613796476386.png (539.52 KB, 737x648, 384364.png)

No. 1166018

She isn't doing anything she's getting tipped for

No. 1166019

Ok that was definitely her calling out Lolcow

No. 1166020

She looked like she was about to have a breakdown when she was asked how her family feels about her job

No. 1166021

shay please blow your nose, it sounds really gross

No. 1166022

What was?

No. 1166023

imagine not being able to use a keyboard this is so sad

No. 1166024

She loves us awhhh

No. 1166025

File: 1613796669106.jpg (16.56 KB, 558x42, womi.JPG)


No. 1166026

She said something along the lines of Some people think I’m ugly but they’re stupid, and then just straight up stared at the camera for a solid three seconds then laughed

No. 1166027

NTA but she said something about the people who don't like her being stupid and then stared pointedly into the camera for several seconds kek

No. 1166034

im sorry WHAT- she ‘dry humped an old man’

‘age is just but a number to me’

No. 1166035

"I like old guys!!!" "The oldest I've fucked? Probably 34."

does she realize she's not 21 anymore? that's nothing

No. 1166036

Why doesn’t anyone say anything mean in the chat? How can you all be so silent?(dont ask people to cowtip)

No. 1166037

File: 1613796990347.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.02 MB, 798x448, 0364c5f6f21aa5ac842a8f18aa2f7a…)

"oldest guy I fucked? 34?" what about old man with the dungeon?

No. 1166038

because that would be cowtipping. she is embarrassing enough without us messing with her.

No. 1166039

File: 1613797075567.png (197.47 KB, 816x162, Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 11.5…)


No. 1166040


That might be cowtipping.

No. 1166041

I think the farthest they went was him sticking his foot down her pants

No. 1166043


Besides, her followers and randoms are asking the hard questions for us already.

No. 1166044

File: 1613797156532.jpg (40.04 KB, 746x110, 873416501.jpg)

lol at the people trying to redirect after a question about her plan for the future caused her to start sperging about muh mental illness

that's probably the one she dry-humped

No. 1166045

File: 1613797156364.gif (13.51 MB, 794x446, ddf36d4a7cac9c9c1a9522163cc380…)

No. 1166046

That outfit is so ugly omg is she wearing that smelly polyester circle skirt barf

No. 1166047

Considering how little you bathe yourself you definitely ooze something but it’s definitely not sex

No. 1166048

gif-anon you are doing gods work js

No. 1166049

She just oozes sex, kek

No. 1166050

File: 1613797326316.gif (13.74 MB, 802x446, 7d12042af90453d053ae00a27eca77…)

3 glasses down?

No. 1166051

is this a show about her five years of sex work or her haters? she's mentioned stuff that's getting her down so much. what a bummer. i feel like she's just camming cuz she doesn't wanna be alone rn, not because she wants to make money.

No. 1166055

"i like white zinfandel. it's very CHEAP it's very PINK like ME" lmfao riiight-o

No. 1166056

i think thats just an orbiter

No. 1166057

eww she just burped that was so gross

No. 1166058

she really let out loud burps with no hesitation, that was disgusting

No. 1166059

File: 1613797638230.png (35.01 KB, 380x46, kek.PNG)

It's this guy's first time here, huh?

No. 1166060

Kek does anyone else think she’s wearing the sweater thing to hide her back fat that was documented from her last time on cam?

Also omg the burping shay NO

No. 1166061

Shayna is totally using that circle skirt to hide her beer gut kek but yeah she's totally losing weight guyzzzzzz

No. 1166063

So… she prepped with 3 bottles of wine for tonight. any bets she finsihes all 3?

No. 1166064

Maybe if she actually tried to be sexy instead of talking about her ex and cheap wine people would tip for her to get naked

No. 1166065

She just admitted she's too fat for her skiry

No. 1166066


Definitely. She said when she gets naked she'll keep it on because she likes how cute it is which is just an poor excuse.

No. 1166067

She’s so boring. All she talks about is her stupid boring music. No one is tipping her. She’s gotta beg them to get her naked. This is so sad.

No. 1166069

Ahh yes Shay I’m sure your 5 orbiters want to hear about the Cecil Hotel before jerking it

No. 1166070

File: 1613797758665.gif (12.9 MB, 802x446, c3f41ae771853f13dacca92e14804a…)

"guys I wanna get NAKED!" apparently no one shes hardly getting any tips

No. 1166071

She’s not doing anything she’s getting tipped for

No. 1166072

File: 1613797865733.jpg (41.97 KB, 526x593, fattymattel.jpg)

kek yes that's probably why she's wearing it. It doesn't go with her outfit at all. She built like the Mucinex Monster.

No. 1166074

On one hand happy to know the dog isn’t dead and on the other why the fuck is her dog in her cam show

No. 1166075

File: 1613797928315.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.63 MB, 796x442, ceaac6e0594a0739948cabf2993b4d…)

the cottage cheese

No. 1166076

lmao she looks like Gibby from icarly

No. 1166077

Wow we really make her self conscious about her arms with the lunch lady arm comments

No. 1166079

File: 1613798002259.png (5.73 MB, 1242x2208, ew.PNG)

she must be wasted why did she post this???? you can see her double chins

No. 1166080

only one tit is flopping I cant breathe you guys

No. 1166081

I think the skirt backfired. The red line just accentuates her belly.

No. 1166082

File: 1613798090935.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.71 MB, 798x444, a6d9a23877532fbd84ea75c74c44e5…)

get your dog out of your crotch

No. 1166083

bro is she serious

No. 1166084

another big ass burp wtf

No. 1166085

ewwwwwwww the burp jfc

No. 1166086

File: 1613798136414.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.57 MB, 800x444, ae7f82af59c227ee77635b777c3559…)

oh no

No. 1166087

File: 1613798151720.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 234.1 KB, 750x405, CFCC1F87-A82B-47A4-977D-702668…)

‘multiple times people have told me i look like ariana grande’

sure janet

No. 1166088

File: 1613798152889.jpg (515.11 KB, 1079x1293, Screenshot_20210219-231521_Twi…)

This is sad. I wonder how much Shay had to beg or pay for Bratty to post this

No. 1166089

File: 1613798166790.gif (Spoiler Image, 14.07 MB, 792x442, 5788006e9bf2b9c9a5567cb678fa7e…)

No. 1166090

she really just said "multiple times people tell me i look like ariana grande" i'm fucking dead

No. 1166091

File: 1613798200968.gif (Spoiler Image, 14.2 MB, 798x450, 5f2650a442d9376be0eb8b7195e02d…)

the GUT

No. 1166092

File: 1613798226566.png (1.49 KB, 346x36, pls.PNG)


No. 1166093

The camera unfocused and she just gave up on trying to fix it, your such a lazy hog

No. 1166095

File: 1613798274511.png (8.36 KB, 758x37, 16016308.png)

don't cowtip retards

No. 1166096

poor butterface. dont know why she kisses shays cottage cheese ass when Shayna clearly hates women

No. 1166098

stop cow tipping there is no point she reads these threads all the time

No. 1166099

File: 1613798400702.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.43 MB, 640x640, floppymattel.GIF)

No. 1166100

“None of the things people say can be worse than what I think of myself”

Very sexy and appropriate for the five year anniversary stream

No. 1166103

now she’s taking about fupa i’m deceased

No. 1166104

Why are her cam shows so fucking clowny? Nothing is sexy

No. 1166106

Correct me if I’m wrong but didnt she accuse him of being abusive?? But he’s not an asshole and she’s in love with him?

No. 1166109

shes using the stream as a fill-in therapist…

No. 1166110

File: 1613798546856.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.78 MB, 800x442, 130325dbde8bd743f5f81afa7a4906…)

talking about fupa AGAIN, so sexy
"i'm still in love with the guy"

No. 1166111

File: 1613798570443.png (Spoiler Image, 610.06 KB, 1080x589, Screenshot_20210220-001137 (1)…)

No. 1166112

File: 1613798579186.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.02 KB, 597x334, ratass.JPG)

No. 1166113

File: 1613798598673.png (Spoiler Image, 560.21 KB, 1080x586, Screenshot_20210220-001141~2.p…)

No. 1166114

yall need to start using spoilers

No. 1166115

File: 1613798655688.png (Spoiler Image, 320.22 KB, 736x417, titty out.png)

(forgot to spoiler)

no one will listen to her moan about fupa unless her tits are out

No. 1166116

File: 1613798658468.png (Spoiler Image, 531.54 KB, 1080x594, Screenshot_20210220-001205~2.p…)

No. 1166117

It’s been an hour of her talking about the absolute wrong things, for the love of god this is depressing

No. 1166118

File: 1613798710637.png (Spoiler Image, 555.41 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20210220-001211~2.p…)

No. 1166120

File: 1613798733015.png (Spoiler Image, 549.06 KB, 1080x593, Screenshot_20210220-001240 (1)…)

No. 1166121

she talked about not doing enemas before anal because "shit happens". also some guy asked her about the pipe she was gonna put in her ass & mail that dude, but he said "bong", so she was really confused and just moved on

No. 1166123

File: 1613798767717.png (Spoiler Image, 300.21 KB, 607x607, Screenshot_20210220-001246~2.p…)

No. 1166124

File: 1613798773511.png (Spoiler Image, 309.71 KB, 728x405, porker.png)

I think this is the worst I've seen her look - EVER -

Actually Bobby Hill.

No. 1166125

now she wants to move to Boston instead of NH because of legal weed and public transit yet three days ago >>1163770

No. 1166126

We really don’t need a million blurry screenshots shitting up the thread

No. 1166127

File: 1613798818500.png (Spoiler Image, 310.31 KB, 603x603, Screenshot_20210220-001256~2.p…)

No. 1166128

> If you want to get me a mustang I won't say no.

Begging directly on stream now.

No. 1166129

This has always annoyed me about her "I luv old men!" bs. Its insulting of her to act like a mid 30s dude is old and call him that. I'm not encouraging fucking actual old coomers but like if you're gonna claim it, then be legit. 30s ain't old.

No. 1166130

File: 1613798850744.png (Spoiler Image, 349.01 KB, 604x604, Screenshot_20210220-001303~2.p…)

No. 1166131

she just said she did coke at her high school

No. 1166132

she's listing all the drugs she has taken wow so quirky and cool uwu

No. 1166136

"I don't like acid… it makes me feel too much clarity. I don't like clarity."

this is just fucking sad

No. 1166137

mushrooms make her child like? Huh that's gross and not sexy to talk about

No. 1166138

She totally has lolcow up and is unclicking spoilered pics. I saw her chest start beating rapidly. Could just be out of breathe from being fat.

No. 1166139

this is so depressing
>i dont like acid it gives me too much clarity
>i dont wanna think
>i like lsd cause i feel dumb and childish

No. 1166140

she doesnt like thinking about how pathetic and bleak her life is. she would rather be oblivious

No. 1166141

File: 1613799004937.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 480.87 KB, 2048x2048, FB25B74D-F78A-44DC-A6D2-A2C344…)

(forgot to spoiler)

No. 1166142

She’s clearly never done acid. I don’t even know what the fuck she is talking about.
“It made me want to cure cancer”.

No. 1166143

you can tell she's a shut in with no friends she's talking like she has never seen people before

she just slapped herself um

No. 1166144

File: 1613799091894.png (449.57 KB, 640x555, 97316A6B-0C50-4BE3-A0A8-568BA0…)

saged for no sides.

No. 1166145

Shay does not know what opiates are and OD'd on klonopin in high school… pauses in between these comments to slap her face because she forgot earlier because she's drunk… now talking about how mentally ill she was in high school

No. 1166147

she's a poser. everything she does is for attention. she lies all the time. Shayna is a plain Jane with no personality, a rodent face and a snaggletooth. No one you'd look twice at. She over sexualizes herself for male attention because of how unfortunate looking she is

No. 1166148

File: 1613799181257.png (144.94 KB, 648x179, weird druggies.png)

Why am I not shocked her coomers are heroin addicts

No. 1166149

Wish she'd cam more so that chair would break or her drunk ass tip it over kek that would be a sight

No. 1166150

She's talking about how mean she was to her teachers in high school and how she doesn't want to be like that…you literally were like that earlier today, Shay. Have some self awareness lol.

>I was the bully.

No. 1166151

Jason probably makes crack pipes. He looks fried and inbred

No. 1166152

It never fails to amaze me that she goes down each of the worst and least sexy conversation options- like holy shit, five years and she only depresses the coomers into confused silence until they remind her she needs to slap herself mid mental illness stories lmao

She’s talking about how miserable she was in hs rather than trying to appeal to them, this is insane

No. 1166153

> im not a bully
lmao sure you aren't you nasty hateful bitch

No. 1166155

File: 1613799318028.png (104.71 KB, 674x102, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 12.3…)


No. 1166158

did she just say "I'm the Shagnar"?

No. 1166159

>Don't come at people who can't throw it back at you.

Is that why you went for a newbie at sex work with few followers today? Kek.

No. 1166160

It's so weird she has such a distinguished gut, like a line under it. It's like shes squeezed into way too small underwear and bottoms for too long kek

No. 1166161

the retards cowtipping and typing her name in chat need to fuck off.

No. 1166162

Cowtippers stop. You are as annoying as her

No. 1166163

No. 1166164

Also they weren’t trying to scare her, She said to scroll back on her tumblr to see old pics of her and they said her old tumblr user

No. 1166165

Yea she’s trying to act like the retarded ass cowtipper made a typo. Some new fag needs to be a faggot elsewhere.

No. 1166166

File: 1613799595988.png (26.7 KB, 662x293, 3149816.png)

high-key pedo vibes from Shay's latest fan, what a surprise

No. 1166167

Says shes a Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

No. 1166168

This straight up looks like shes farting

Her face almost looks ok tonight (from the pics) honestly but she keeps making these retarded expressions

No. 1166171


I'm not surprised she managed to forget that. She deadass contradicted herself so many times in the same sentences this camshow.

No. 1166172

File: 1613799710460.png (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 1336x748, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 12.4…)

No. 1166173

File: 1613799746755.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 214.33 KB, 1242x1657, 2082EF29-8FD2-41F2-9103-7C8CE5…)

This is frightening

No. 1166174

So embarrassing wtf imagine being a dude here to jerk off. Or imagine Fupa lurking and seeing her go on like this. Depressing.

No. 1166176

She's so fucking out of breath after every fucking sentence

No. 1166177

File: 1613799789353.gif (Spoiler Image, 14.56 MB, 802x448, daabed234cac99473405d429f08c3d…)

this is her "collection of pink things" this is just trash what a mess

No. 1166179

>I’ve actually dated a girl before……..
>look! Pocky!

No. 1166181

whew that complete profile

just said she has mommy AND daddy issues

No. 1166182

She just mentioned a guy fucking her butt with "butthole sweat" I'm gonna hurl

No. 1166183

gif anon pls come through with that gut punch she randomly did

No. 1166184

File: 1613799906239.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.69 MB, 794x446, 26e58ce5fd1cc859fd94f089e680fa…)

I think shes just as bored as we are

No. 1166185

"Im just gonna go pee… omg my butt is sweaty" real classy Shay

No. 1166186

“Lube is necessary unless you want to fuck me with our sweat, butt sweat”
As she was leaving the room she commented her ass was sweaty
She definitely has to have Aspergers or something

No. 1166188

I fucking missed it I’m pissed

No. 1166190

File: 1613800018810.png (99.78 KB, 507x149, what is this.png)

Does she have bots in the room? What are these questions

No. 1166191

"I wore a skirt, a butt plug, and no panties to Costco"

No. 1166193

Stop talking about us on cam Shay

No. 1166194

It’s been over 20 minutes since she got tipped, she’s just bitching about “her haters” now

No. 1166195

File: 1613800281855.png (36.06 KB, 518x46, the toppest kek.png)

if only they knew

No. 1166196

who did she ban?

No. 1166197

the person who mentioned her tumblr username

No. 1166199

someone asked what pisses her off, and she rambled about the "haters" for awhile. she's going through every single question in chat, including dumb shit like her favorite sea animal, even when there are more recent sex-related questions in chat. how can someone be so bad at camming during their "five year sex work" celebration

No. 1166200

Someone asked "How is scout?"
and she said that she got weird vibes from that question so she banned them

No. 1166202

shes been talking about them the whole time. her haters and fupa… oh and five years yay

No. 1166203


No. 1166204

an obvious cowtipper. got banned for mentioning Scout, idk who that is but it seemed to trigger Shay

No. 1166205

That teng33 cowtipper, they were the one who name dropped shay-gnar, then brought up her old cat she left at Connor's

No. 1166206

Who is Scout?

No. 1166208

I've never seen someone less sexual than her… oof poor girl

No. 1166209

File: 1613800442013.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.55 MB, 798x446, 59a145c092495ab16ee3434f756f3f…)


No. 1166211

>I like my body more now than when I was skinny

No. 1166212

"My haters like to say I'm obese, but I'll let them sit in their delusional worlds"

No. 1166213

this shit is getting so embarrassing

No. 1166214

File: 1613800529296.png (52.08 KB, 349x77, where.PNG)

Holy shit, are they serious?

No. 1166215

You are medically obese, it’s not what we’re saying it’s just the truth, also didn’t the other day she said she accepted she’s never be 105 again? Right now she said she’d never be 115 again

No. 1166216

Oof you can see the split second where she forgets to suck in her gut.

No. 1166217

team #why the fuck after 5 years can all you talk about is how much you hate your body, how you still love your ex, and your "haters"

No. 1166218

(first?) bottle of wine empty, now she's rambling about her trainer's body vs hers, christ she's so boring

No. 1166219

Her ex Connor's cat

No. 1166220

god this is so fucking boring and pathetic. she’s answering dumb buzzfeed type questions instead of the actual tipped requests sent by the coomers. how does she still have them she’s so bad, no sex appeal..just sitting in front of her camera out of focus treating this like it’s a therapy session

No. 1166221

“Because of muscle displacement because muscles are obviously heavy” fucking Christ she’s a moron

No. 1166222

So does anyone ever pay her to actually do anything? Or does she just sit around with her tits out answering Q&A?

No. 1166223

Feeling tipsy? She’s drunk.

No. 1166224

File: 1613800767344.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.02 MB, 666x430, 13976503cfa304c0973120bd3f9d12…)

No. 1166225

saying she'd like to be 140lbs but she can't stop drinking wine.. but it's just part of her personality guise!! now bragging about how she'd drink a mountain dew bottle full of vodka in front of her teachers

kek real talk anon

No. 1166226

Bro what the fuck? Is she doing a sex show or is she facetiming her friends during a drunken binge

No. 1166228

this is fucking depressing. that gut line comes from forcing xs/s when you’re L/XL

No. 1166229

File: 1613800850936.png (39.37 KB, 547x56, enabler.png)

Ahh its so creepy how camgirls surround themselves with weird enablers. Look how happy she is getting attention from this heroin addict who wants her to get more drunk and talk about when she was in high school. Im seriously creeped out.

No. 1166230

talked about being fat because she drinks too much wine and eats too much chocolate. chat suggested vodka, she starts talking about drinking vodka and mountain dew during high school… talking about how her parents' divorce contributed to her being a mess in hs… Shayna I am BEGGING you to get a therapist

No. 1166231

When they do she ignores it, this is just a topless q&a, she’s talking about her trauma from her parents divorce now

No. 1166232

This is so sad.

No. 1166235

This is her dream. Talking about herself with her uwu so cute personality.

No. 1166236

She is talking about her mother. During a cam show…

No. 1166238

God these gross pedo fucks in her chat asking what sexual things she did in school.

No. 1166239

jfc she's got serious coughing issues…
also did she ever interact with womack?

No. 1166240

"My least favorite thing about myself? My mental illness."

No. 1166241


Yeah same. This guy gives me creepy vibes. He also seems to think from before in chat that you can do anal with just spit. Plus, he's so obsessive already. Red flags.

No. 1166243

fucking kek she didn't waste a second bringing up her uwu quirky mental illness

No. 1166245

she just gave kisses to Jason.ew and she said she has bpd AND bipolar

No. 1166246

he just tipped 150 tokens and she blew kisses at him before dipping off camera to use her inhaler. also someone in chat said they have to go and were "hoping to see her cam before they did" kek

No. 1166247

File: 1613801281593.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.43 MB, 730x446, b5a6178a10098f02d6ce0efcdefd96…)

"I have both bipolar and BPD!"

No. 1166248

LMAO here we go again with medication being the reason she gained a bunch of weight

No. 1166250


Not very much but he's also not speaking as much as the rest of the coomers. She just did but because he tipped 150 tokens.

Does anyone know who she just blocked for "paying too much attention to things?" I didn't notice anything.

No. 1166251

teng pls shut the fuck up you retard

No. 1166252

she claims to have both bipolar and BPD and that Zoloft is what made her gain 60lbs

No. 1166253

Omg there's fucking cowtippers in the chat

No. 1166254

She keeps on changing how much she weighs. She said 150 at first and now she said she's at 160.

No. 1166255

I think she doesn’t realize how seriously unstable she is. She needs a minimum of 5 years consistent therapy like for real

No. 1166256

"Don't get me into my haters, I can talk for hours about my haters"

No. 1166257

Somebody said Jason should make a glass dildo for her.

No. 1166258

File: 1613801464041.png (293.81 KB, 1039x251, 64852552.png)

"at least someone gives a fuck about me" top kek

No. 1166259

Her slurring “at least someone gives a fuck about me” while ranting about her haters is officially the low point imo

No. 1166260

i think everyone except womack and pixie in her chat is a farmer. this is too kek

No. 1166261

File: 1613801519566.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.94 MB, 684x444, 7f29d3b1cca3046d88535319944ddd…)

shes on about haters again "at least someone gives a fuck about me"

No. 1166262

she clearly is bothered by us. Why is she playing Black Sabbath?? That isn't music to cam to.

No. 1166263

Yeah but there's a difference between farmers and cowtippers

No. 1166266

why is she so hung up on high school? its like she cant get out of that phase in her life. like she peaked in highschool and cant move on. lmao

No. 1166267

Im super grossed out shes just sitting on her vinyl chair with no panties just getting sweaty on her ass and pussy. ew.

No. 1166268

she's the polar opposite of sexy

No. 1166269

File: 1613801723638.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.78 MB, 722x450, 29987b9ba09fea74642ca6a6a02a5a…)

she moves like a drunk toddler

No. 1166271

that's the last time she regularly interacted with other humans or had a social circle

No. 1166272

Oh my god why is she asking her coomers about plant advice? Is this a camshow or not?

No. 1166273

jason has tipped her 282 tokens in the past few minutes and she hasnt done anything but ramble and blow him a kiss once

No. 1166274

Noodle's boyfriend?!

No. 1166275

aaaand there she goes for another pee break and to get the next wine bottle!

No. 1166276

‘i’ll grab another bottle of wine in case someone wants to tip for me to drink more’

she’s a full on alcoholic

No. 1166277

Her neighbors dog she goes to the park with

No. 1166278

she tries to be ditsy and bimbo like Paris Hilton but she just ends up sounding like Forrest Gump.

You have no where to go?? No one likes you. You are a disgrace to your family. Its too expensive and you won't change your bleak lifestyle so its pointless

No. 1166279

yes! I wish we could see how much he tipped in total tonight

No. 1166280


when he tips $50 isnt she supposed to paddle her pussy? i dont get camwhores

No. 1166281

two hours into this cam show and the most sexual thing she's done is gotten topless. going for her second pee break "I'll grab the other bottle of wine on my way back if anyone wants to tip some more" bitch for what, to listen to you drunkenly complain about your family and teenage years?

No. 1166283

how much is 282 tokens to US dollars? does anyone know kek

No. 1166284

File: 1613802011031.png (18.06 KB, 437x234, open ur hole for jason daddy.p…)

No. 1166285


Shayna can buy a full sized fast food meal and a large drink!! Such a sugar daddy

No. 1166286

File: 1613802106534.png (24.56 KB, 558x31, kekkers.png)

this has to be someone trolling her

No. 1166287

she just blew on the empty wine bottle like she's playing a jug, lmao

No. 1166288

File: 1613802126438.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.2 MB, 678x450, d351adce6f5ff900e889e4d0b3ccaf…)

No. 1166290

Does anyone know how much she’s been tipped total?

No. 1166291

File: 1613802149035.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1170x654, 1698435441.png)

No. 1166292

File: 1613802202338.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.98 MB, 616x438, aa749917a909289990f94bdc6c517f…)

"not me being cute!"

No. 1166293

tbh i'm grateful that someone out there is committed to milking her in more subtle ways, especially since she's been on cam for 2 hours and has been ignoring her benefactors with dicks in their hand this whole time. so much respect for her only paying customers

No. 1166295

im sorry but what the fuck is going on?

No. 1166296

File: 1613802402674.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.21 MB, 660x448, 7fb5e90ed08fc1d8bba9d235951f60…)

lip sync for you life bitch

No. 1166297

File: 1613802425704.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.33 MB, 638x444, b7af6d80de4728c15b78804930a786…)

No. 1166298

File: 1613802448813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 234.79 KB, 1146x1306, 946844.jpg)

gif anon please tell me me you're on this kek. got what I could

No. 1166299

File: 1613802449838.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.6 MB, 582x450, cd8fa2268639dd75838c20c5fbc64a…)

No. 1166300

I am ROLLING over this lip sync, what in the absolute fuck is going through this girl's head

No. 1166301

File: 1613802504874.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.45 MB, 686x448, a418a2e2e7bcbf1d5403a5b2327e7c…)

No. 1166304

gif anon we <3 u

No. 1166305

I'm like 99% sure she just started fake-moaning for a full 20sec before the vibrator even turned on

No. 1166306

She really can’t be bothered to make it seem even a little real

No. 1166307

i dont think it was on at all, she just dropped it on the floor lol

No. 1166308

File: 1613802642568.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.23 MB, 656x444, 328c5f8f1ec760745492fe2d046dc8…)

she "came" after less then a minute

No. 1166309

she done already! spent less time "edging" with the vibe than she did peeing. smh

No. 1166310

File: 1613802652977.jpeg (531.91 KB, 2048x2048, 92F313E1-A41C-4E00-B6F6-765C03…)

I’ve saved what I could of the lip sync

No. 1166311

File: 1613802668702.jpg (14.74 KB, 451x47, lmaooo.JPG)

No. 1166312

File: 1613802678190.png (162.52 KB, 652x148, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 1.31…)


No. 1166313

File: 1613802694590.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.9 KB, 1265x655, 468651.jpg)

"this is all pussy meat" excuse me what?

No. 1166314

>nyuh!! nyuuh!!
I'm fucking dead

No. 1166315

File: 1613802734908.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 972.03 KB, 4096x2048, 3BA1A687-7718-4132-9ABE-7FC6DC…)

No. 1166316

I wasn’t at my computer did she acknowledge that comment

No. 1166317

otter pop please stop cow tipping jfc

No. 1166318

this has thread pic potential ty anon

No. 1166319

said she hates lip gloss even though it’s a ‘bimbo thing’ as she hates the feeling of her hair getting stuck to it

No. 1166320

She answered her thoughts about "lip gloss" instead. She said she doesn't like that her hair sticks to it.

Also, if this is a cowtipper please stop.

No. 1166321

File: 1613802820879.png (166.86 KB, 792x168, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 1.33…)

not at all, and this followed right after kek

No. 1166323

File: 1613802878992.jpg (30.98 KB, 567x567, 1613697751770.jpg)


Incredible banner potential! Bless you gifanons

No. 1166325

File: 1613802941456.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 263.25 KB, 750x546, D5A824D1-7E30-4F11-97F4-BF6886…)

No. 1166326

It kills me how a) she holds the entire head of the vibe with her hand and b) anyone could believe this is real “pleasure”

No. 1166327

her aesthetic is so conflicting and confusing like none of it makes any sense at all? why does she insist on slathering herself in cheap pink shit to be a half assed "bimbo" while also playing beach boys and Pink Floyd and being all stoner chick. she should dump the bimbo shtick and just go full hippie retro quirky chick I'm sure it would pander to these old dudes better

No. 1166328

Fuck, I hate my life… why am I watching this shitshow

No. 1166330

File: 1613803171145.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.46 MB, 688x444, a417fb3ab49f41e7b2a48446c36188…)

thank god we're done with the sex stuff, this is what the men come for

No. 1166332

File: 1613803199619.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.8 MB, 680x442, 9889c34f88a046291a0bb4efbd433c…)

No. 1166334

I can’t believe she’s still talking. She is so desperate for attention. What the actual fuck kind of cam show is this

No. 1166335

she just stated she hasn't been to a concert since she was a minor, so much for the hippie alt girl schtick

No. 1166336

these expressions…lip syncing to fucking what?

No. 1166338

Your personality is NOT enough bitch

No. 1166339

File: 1613803297720.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.41 MB, 756x444, 229baee1df87b42fd8041d5c4e4148…)

"did I ruin everyones time by making it not sexy?"

No. 1166341

Shayna, do your fucking job. Jesus Christ. All this hand flapping and she has the audacity not to glue on some nails.

No. 1166342

File: 1613803445034.jpg (67.27 KB, 1037x143, 06161.jpg)

No. 1166343

why is she talking about Shrek…

No. 1166344

You have to admit there is a resemblance

No. 1166348

File: 1613803634725.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.3 MB, 640x446, 2e81c657c8fb7b190a8ac2d35bbacb…)

someone should pay her to stop

No. 1166349

File: 1613803651923.jpg (293.04 KB, 1742x671, latcher.jpg)

>id be latched onto that for days baby

No. 1166350

She just said she needs to pick a booger out of her nose, you sure do ooze sex Shay

No. 1166351

File: 1613803672972.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.03 MB, 640x448, 866ce864f2af0b8092c650a35d49b3…)

No. 1166352

She ignored her coomer butt paddle request and started talking about picking her nose instead

No. 1166353

File: 1613803706972.png (48.3 KB, 507x128, f4c9fa9856bcde2365ffdb5aba2771…)

No. 1166354

inside_agent stop cow tipping you're not funny

No. 1166355

File: 1613803786174.png (102.99 KB, 890x84, c0a7343f38040100834eb753496b23…)

what is wrong with yall??

No. 1166356

File: 1613803800361.png (47.01 KB, 1010x34, 000545.png)

stop cowtipping

No. 1166357

Shay, singing her own version of that Spongebob song: "F is for farts… U is for uvula… N is for… uhhh… umm… N is for NOT TAKING SHIT FROM MY HATERS"

No. 1166360

Someone tipped her to put something up her ass and she asked for song recommendations to set the mood and someone suggested “tear it up” by hollywood undead

No. 1166361

now she's playing the Spongebob version while laughing too hard to put a buttplug in. this is legitimately retarded

No. 1166362

is she just fucking her butt with a spongebob song in the background?

No. 1166364

File: 1613803955036.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.04 KB, 1166x648, 91090.jpg)

No. 1166365

File: 1613803959455.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.18 MB, 628x446, 9a9d3740c49fb2c4a4027a0cfe6574…)

No. 1166367

File: 1613804019761.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.26 MB, 724x442, b330c3608e536cabe798d250855da5…)

She put on the FUN song from spongebob to put her buttplug

No. 1166369

"I think if it wasn't for my personality, I wouldn't be where I am [BURP] as a sex worker… I gotta blow my nose."

No. 1166370

File: 1613804053247.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.42 MB, 770x450, 79ce96ce6b576da8d1edcdb6369ea3…)

she thinks its so funny

No. 1166371

If she wants to act like a retarded show monkey why doesn't she just do this bullshit on tiktok??? Fuck she could keep her clothes on and even cry about her pathetic thriving life, and get a legitimate following.

No. 1166372

Someone commented saying “No reaction? Did it hurt” to her sticking the plug up her ass, how loose is her ass that it she didn’t even notice it go in

No. 1166374

File: 1613804115308.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 410.18 KB, 2048x2048, 376D3301-CF38-4735-9C2C-353E1C…)

It just gets worse

No. 1166375

File: 1613804122952.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.42 MB, 646x444, 3207554a7ba945207c329a0c2ea139…)

please picture this with plankton screaming about burning the whole town down in the back because that is what is happening

No. 1166376

Ariana Great Value Grande more like.

No. 1166378

File: 1613804242069.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 272.61 KB, 750x613, 718027C7-9F03-4DCF-8B41-7AD726…)

I hate these scrotes, she should be embarrassed at the people she pulls

No. 1166379


Someone did suggest TikTok earlier and she responded that she "oozes sex" so she can't do it and also us hAtErS will get her shut down.

No. 1166380

File: 1613804261401.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.45 MB, 742x452, 1ec5275182cf83439c5280a34fd93c…)


No. 1166381

File: 1613804290162.jpeg (55.75 KB, 1100x198, F33969DA-CD41-43E5-8671-E7522F…)

No. 1166382

Lardy Fattel putting a butt plug whilst playing the FUN song by spongebob
Viewer discretion is advised

No. 1166383

File: 1613804386668.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.38 MB, 732x454, 5c2946fc56c5b87dea28697d1201a7…)

back to slapping herself for pennies

No. 1166384

No. 1166385

She has to be suffering from actual fucking brain damage if she thinks any of that failing around and spazing is sexy.

No. 1166386

File: 1613804435071.png (410 KB, 640x356, C6AC8A58-1E4C-4B90-A9DF-616DC3…)

Sage because man, this girl's stream made me feel legitimately sad that this is the most viewers she’s had in like a year plus with like 100 people/(us)?

Not sad enough to try making this shit on mobile.

No. 1166387

File: 1613804499815.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.57 MB, 686x444, 69921dc70fe9a98b2ad5c1929f1f6d…)

No. 1166388

File: 1613804601934.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 532.52 KB, 2048x2048, E0CE2A1A-5FEA-452A-ACE0-7C2196…)

Gif anon come through w her playing her vibrator like a guitar pls this was great

No. 1166389

File: 1613804616804.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 37.71 KB, 750x120, 467AE024-947A-45A3-A8AD-CD68FE…)

I’m disgusted by them, also shout out to gif anon

No. 1166390

File: 1613804623711.png (32.64 KB, 276x70, creepy as hell.png)

happy 5 year anniversary, your reward is online date-rape.

how does mfc allow this? shes drunk and old men are taking advantage of her

No. 1166391

File: 1613804639956.jpg (17.86 KB, 325x101, 41000514.jpg)


No. 1166392

her music taste is so bland and generic.is that the only song she knows of Fleetwood Mac. Pixie does NOT look like Stevie. Shes a butterface.

> I'm so sorry Stevie I'm so sorry an ugly bitch would compare you to another ugly bitch

No. 1166393

she picked her nose and said it was " a crusty"

No. 1166394


No. 1166395

She keeps grabbing her tits and pulling at them like a nervous tic

No. 1166396

File: 1613804904657.png (13.36 KB, 449x36, 65dc0a8a68a347f2a59505c1163ea0…)

No. 1166398

No. 1166399

What the actual fuck?!?!? that’s so creeepy I hope that’s a troll

No. 1166400

Jfc, is she even acknowledging this gross pig?

No. 1166401

lmao thank you anon

No. 1166402

File: 1613805113282.gif (Spoiler Image, 14.2 MB, 764x452, 945a933fc158f027e126883d4ee142…)

is she about to puke?

No. 1166403

Nope, he’s been posting pedo comments worse than that the whole night.

No. 1166404

Fupa has probably said the same shit or worse, she thinks this kind of shit is normal. No she's not going to call out the scrote, now if it was a woman saying hello to one of her orbiters THEN she'd freak out.

No. 1166406

File: 1613805202882.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.64 MB, 668x440, 8be1282e9fa3deb5bad79e7b78255d…)

at least shes finally quiet

No. 1166407

File: 1613805240118.png (Spoiler Image, 126.76 KB, 364x308, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 2.13…)

warning nasty vag

but what the fuck is that white patch

No. 1166408

File: 1613805322826.png (Spoiler Image, 343.19 KB, 730x413, nasty.png)

i love how the creepy old pedo hasnt tipped anything and she still is doing this for free while complaining how she doesnt spread ass without being paid.

No. 1166409

oh my god. I was just thinking, what if she vomited on cam. My emetophobia. please spoiler if she does vomit god her stomach probably hates her for all the junk food and booze she consumes.

No. 1166410

File: 1613805397376.png (6.66 KB, 343x28, 56106.png)

i'm dead

No. 1166411

She’s so mad lmao, she needs to calm down

No. 1166412

File: 1613805408306.jpg (41.07 KB, 800x829, pig-apple-tray-cooking-cartoon…)

No. 1166413

Someone said in the chat that she looked dehydrated and she said “I look dehydrated? Then fucking tip me to drink some wine!” Someone get jeff vanvonderen on the phone

No. 1166414


hahaha the coomer didnt pay tokens, came, then said he was going another girl. she is PISSED.

No. 1166415

File: 1613805535776.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.24 MB, 672x448, 0791261a284a6c3817fb8d11adf09b…)

shes stalling on the blowjob so hard because she keeps hiccuping it looks like shes trying not to puke still

No. 1166416

File: 1613805602418.png (4.84 KB, 328x24, 56107.png)

concerned orbiter really wants her to drink water, bless him

No. 1166417


Damnit, why do I always miss the small drama when people get banned kek

No. 1166418

Water into wine, it's a miracle that Shatna isn't 300 lb right now

No. 1166420

She’s absolutely about to vomit holy shit

No. 1166421

File: 1613805837523.png (12.53 KB, 379x46, 46b61aac67a996d140cf76078e7a18…)

she keeps saying shes too nauseous to do it

No. 1166422

File: 1613805867476.png (11.08 KB, 318x54, adc94c55f804c60bf31cfe5cb2b468…)

No. 1166423

Im afraid to watch more I stg she’s going to vomit on her dildo when she starts sucking on it.

No. 1166424

File: 1613805882351.jpg (57.57 KB, 477x288, 30184.jpg)

just admitted she's nauseous from the champagne and may need to throw up off-screen before doing the BJ she was tipped for. looked like she was about to start crying for a moment

No. 1166425

File: 1613805948159.jpeg (31.24 KB, 548x120, D6392765-A5C7-49AB-AE87-39FCE5…)

She reminds you of WHO

No. 1166426

A guy made a cheese pun and she laughed so hard and so long that it turned into hacking. Two mins and she's still laughing. I feel like she'll burst out sobbing any minute. This is surreal.

No. 1166427

File: 1613805980546.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.8 MB, 662x446, 4d0e3928851772cd8a833bc4875a68…)

No. 1166428

File: 1613805988074.png (42.05 KB, 587x466, Capture.PNG)

Update, the girl responded and was apologizing to her fat sloppy dry lipped ass.

No. 1166429

Jesus Christ…these people are so sick

No. 1166430

im fucking scared

No. 1166431

File: 1613806064144.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 298.25 KB, 750x546, 6A98E896-F8AF-42A6-AD6E-FB4B44…)

damn his poor niece is ugly and related to him

No. 1166432

File: 1613806064857.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.66 MB, 702x442, f65b1b41b75a6d0378f92e8681b724…)

puke time

No. 1166433

She’s trying to avoid the blowjob so much she’s pretended to laugh at this stupid joke for 3 minutes straight.

No. 1166434

LMFAO same what the fuck is going on

No. 1166435

The one tit bouncing is fucking hilarious

No. 1166436

She’s been fake laughing at the puns people keep posting in the chat so she won’t have to vomit on her dildo live in front of god and everyone

No. 1166438

File: 1613806306238.png (130.59 KB, 564x138, WATER.png)


No. 1166439

File: 1613806331898.png (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 1038x1019, 06984051.png)

No. 1166440

She’s doing that whoosah breathing you do when you’re trying not to puke kek

No. 1166441

she finished the (second) bottle and she's doing the BJ, emetophobe-chan avert your eyes

No. 1166442

Lol she chugged the last of her champagne when they said this.

No. 1166443

Do y’all think she’s really fake laughing or just laughing as a defense mechanism to cope? She clearly can’t even do this shit sober and it just comes off as a defense mechanism period. she doesn’t want to do sex work like.. she’s having a breakdown. That 3 minute laughing fit was straight up unhinged.

No. 1166445

File: 1613806481841.png (Spoiler Image, 279.48 KB, 733x412, HD Ruined Her.png)

I think she forgot her camera is HD.

Do not click this spoiler. I said DO NOT.

No. 1166446

File: 1613806483806.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.2 MB, 802x444, a7c14b487b00b7f404ab1de044c447…)

No. 1166447

asking to be tipped 100 tokens to open the next bottle of wine. she's put down 1 bottle champagne and 1 bottle wine already, that's at least 10 drinks

No. 1166448

Her tiny 2 inch ass crack makes it looks like she's squeezing her ass cheeks togeather, so she doesn't shit. I really feel bad for her shape.
She's gained weight in ALL the wrong places, one tit, stomach, thighs and belly.
Not one pound went to her ass.

No. 1166449

Bless you anon I won't be looking please spoiler if not its fine im not a pussy ill take it

No. 1166452

I never watched her streams at the fupa compound, was she ever this fucked up on cam?

No. 1166453

No, mind you she was better mentally and physically. I guess. But to the point of vomming? No.

No. 1166455

File: 1613806623420.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.3 MB, 728x442, 761d817d6117ebb62d364c07c6a9f3…)

"oh ill probably be sick but thats ok"

No. 1166456

File: 1613806629175.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1308x724, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 5.34…)

she's looking rough

No. 1166457

I only watched a few and she got really fucked up sometimes, however, I think she’s actually drinking and smoking way more now. She’s always been really um erratic?

No. 1166458

Yeah, I read through all of the threads but didn’t watch it- this just seems so abysmal I can’t imagine her about to get the spins on cam twice

No. 1166459

File: 1613806800518.jpg (49.82 KB, 540x159, 8716106.jpg)

she said "yes it's bottle 2" I guess of wine, but it's 3 overall. even the scrotes seem concerned, sad

No. 1166460

luvbugg has been pretty generous so far….

No. 1166461

File: 1613806862220.png (322.54 KB, 731x411, ew.png)

shes drinking straight from the bottle now

No. 1166462

File: 1613806914046.png (Spoiler Image, 953.8 KB, 1304x712, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 5.41…)

this is revolting

No. 1166463

File: 1613806935081.gif (4.37 MB, 582x188, ezgif-1-c3816b9f6efd.gif)

Can someone smarter and more creative then me make a good banner out of this?

No. 1166464

Emetophobe-chans watch out

No. 1166465

File: 1613806980533.jpg (22.67 KB, 480x270, 59c091d01daa664fce4c601fd2a7b8…)

she's definitely going to barf I-

No. 1166466

File: 1613807102471.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.45 MB, 692x444, 729432f0d750f6ee35f92ac67c7c7f…)

No. 1166468

File: 1613807130409.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.31 MB, 728x448, 841853fbdf3283ed6f557db9ea332d…)

No. 1166469

File: 1613807155608.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.69 MB, 736x452, 278ae198567979768dc6865539637a…)

No. 1166470

“I don’t like getting hammered” as she physically fights the urge not to puke

No. 1166471

File: 1613807180072.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.78 MB, 714x446, f949e7cedb2d3e6bcefa68904987a2…)

No. 1166472

Something tells me she just left to barf.

No. 1166473

I bet she'll just pass out in her bathroom

No. 1166474

Bet she comes back and says she puked and they owe her money now

No. 1166475

File: 1613807313084.png (Spoiler Image, 18.99 KB, 323x92, 4fb6c6df37ae33bfdaf87e1d1bdb8a…)

No. 1166476

Her version of hammered is just normal alcohol poisoning for us

No. 1166477

File: 1613807343995.png (56.49 KB, 464x151, d2aaf26e1198a61003ecfde3970c95…)

No. 1166478

File: 1613807378390.jpg (101.67 KB, 1184x399, dead.JPG)


No. 1166479

File: 1613807385407.png (138.08 KB, 702x173, 908de5fd22f558be58da2eeb362399…)

No. 1166480

She’s definitely puking in her bathroom right now she’s been gone for awhile kek

No. 1166481

File: 1613807417375.png (79.41 KB, 421x130, dead dolly.png)

chat speculating she is puking/passed out

No. 1166483

File: 1613807486863.jpeg (45.57 KB, 1125x203, 564AFD2E-C545-4286-BCBF-6484DB…)

No. 1166484

she "got her sweater wet" while she was peeing. she puked.

No. 1166485

Here’s the video of her laughing for minutes straight, I didn’t catch the beginning though

No. 1166486

naughtylemon is a farmer for sure, please stfu

No. 1166487

she peed on herself..

No. 1166488

Don’t worry she didn’t puke or pass out, just pissed on her sweater a little it’s ok

No. 1166489

and she threw the sweater on the floor….

No. 1166490


It really sounds like a dumb lie but she just showed her sweater and it's like sopping wet so maybe she did really do that stupid thing.

No. 1166492

how many bottles did she drink? Three?

No. 1166493


On number 2 right now.

No. 1166494

She's so boring kek she literally won't entertain unless she gets money

No. 1166495

She’s about to be at 1.5 after this glass

No. 1166496


there were dark yellow stains all over the arm.

No. 1166498

sweat stains?

No. 1166500

this is number three (or 2.5), she had a bottle of champagne and this is her second bottle of wine

No. 1166501

I missed it somehow. Anyone have caps of the sweater?

No. 1166502


Ew okay I guess I'm blind kek.

No. 1166503

currently begging for 7 tokens to do a cumshow. Womack and the other guy who was tipping her have both peaced out

No. 1166504

It's sad she seems more excited just to talk to some damn body, then she is actually making money.

No. 1166507

I think she threw up and rinsed her sweater out in the sink. The “i peed on my arm” thing is stupid. She was gone for nearly 5 minutes.

No. 1166508

She just said she’s on the second bottle and I’ve only seen her open the champagne and this one- did she pregame the cam show or something??

No. 1166510


If she did, we don't know. That's all we saw I think and nothing on twitter or snap or anything.

No. 1166511

File: 1613807990682.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.41 MB, 628x450, 83b5d88c5ab26da4a9e1a53ae1957e…)

she keeps burping and hiccuping

No. 1166512

this awkward joker convo bc no one cares enough to actually see her masturbate for just seven tokens is horrible

No. 1166513

I think she was throwing up because she keeps making nauseous sounding sighs that she wasn’t making before kek

No. 1166515

TBH her rambling is better then her pretending to do get off, sadly I think she knows the ONLY way people will pay attention is if she has her lopsided tits out.

She seems to actually enjoy rambling about dumb shit, I imagine this is what she does with fupa, send him dumb memes, puns and ramble, and he listens so he can get his dick wet.

No. 1166516

I guess you weren't watching the whole time then?
champagne >>1165956
wine #1 >>1166291
wine #2 >>1166461

No. 1166517

I don't think she manage to do even a third of the things she was tipped to do lol

No. 1166518

She’s fucking herself to NIB my favorite sabbath song
fuck you shayna(no one cares)

No. 1166519

File: 1613808287750.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.68 MB, 690x450, 4b56361bdb9b66f907a70ac313ebad…)

don't unspoiler if you cant do gagging

No. 1166520

It never ceases to amaze me that she gags on literally 1 inch

No. 1166524

Anon I’m not trying to infight on this glorious night but the first and second bottle you linked are the same. Aggro just said she sucks and he’s heading out so let’s enjoy that meltdown

No. 1166525

File: 1613808509209.png (76.68 KB, 764x58, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 6.08…)

this is sad

No. 1166526

File: 1613808515254.jpg (36.44 KB, 477x163, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1166527

File: 1613808517557.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.48 MB, 348x302, f693a4892b9e8036549d19a60d2f70…)

god these faces

No. 1166528

topkek that she didnt get any

No. 1166529

This is clearly a farmer, they’ve been talking shit all show

No. 1166530

She just banned the guy KEK

No. 1166532


shes pissed again lol and trying to act like shes not.

No. 1166533

File: 1613808676003.jpeg (706.89 KB, 1242x941, 4713D84B-3C21-44E3-9986-81BDEA…)

No. 1166534

God, I cringed for her during that whole show. Second hand embarrassment is a curse.

No. 1166536

Every unhappy coomer isn’t a farmer. Her show sucks. She’s done nothing except talk about music and high school.

No. 1166537

Ok it’s been 4 hours and she’s winding down, time for gif anon to go to bed! Happy anniversary Shay

No. 1166539

they're the same.. two hours apart? She was drinking that whole time in between anon. Shayna buys multiple bottles of the same shit like any good alky, and she said at the start that she had three bottles total

No. 1166540

she thinks this shit is a podcast or something, she looks so bored.

No. 1166541

File: 1613809141844.jpeg (324.54 KB, 1242x1290, 628BF365-B1CE-457D-80F5-26E2D9…)

She acts like a fifteen year old who discovered nirvana and thinks she’s superior to her classmates because she’s uwu different. The most boring taste ever. Those bands are all she knows/listens too. She acts like she’s so quirky it’s annoying as fuck lmao

No. 1166542

thank you for your service

No. 1166543

lmaooo she just farted!! I wish I could've recorded it

No. 1166544

Oh my god I was reading something else and assumed it was a raspberry

No. 1166547

File: 1613809507237.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1316x708, curvybabe.png)

No. 1166548


I just think it’s really funny that she’s apparently no longer with Fupa but it doesn’t matter because…. she became Fupa herself.

No. 1166549

it's sad all she has to talk about is high school. The only thing she's done since is a few pro scenes and thats it. No car, nothing to show for it.

No. 1166550

did anybody else catch that text notification from a certain kyle that popped up as she was showing those boots on her phone

No. 1166551

No. 1166552

she has no friends and has been texting all night while drunk so I assumed but would love a ss

No. 1166553

She probably did drunk text fupa, probably texted him that dumb ass joke. I would not be surprised if she's back to pretending she's not with him anymore

No. 1166554

No. 1166556

File: 1613810440170.jpg (73.03 KB, 753x649, 165135.jpg)

"I stopped caring a long time ago" yes Shay, we know

No. 1166558

>She realized at 18 she didn't care what anyone thought and wanted to be happy.

She's retarded, I swear. Her drunk ass is such a hypocrite. She never lived her life to make anyone happy, then talks about working at Olive Garden to "appease her parents"
Bitch you worked one day and you moved out to stay with a fucking guy, retard, everything she's done in her life has been for others validation.
Her whole job is built on her trying to please scrotes.

No. 1166560

she just mentioned working at Olive Garden to "appease her parents" kek
>you shouldn't be doing shit just to fit other people's ideas of what's okay
like working an entry level job as a teenager to gain basic experience? ok Shayna

No. 1166561

File: 1613810704570.png (Spoiler Image, 125.57 KB, 249x275, Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 21.4…)

is she on her period? ew

No. 1166562

nah her pussy is dry and irritated.

No. 1166564

She's on a camming site, covered her whole body and is now just singing.
What a great amazing sexy show. Such an amazing 5-year celebration!

No. 1166565

Ive never heard her talk and now shes singing rly bad…………………………..I–

No. 1166567

didn't say she was staying on for 20 more mins like an hour ago?

No. 1166569

File: 1613811333568.jpg (11.38 KB, 494x32, sad.jpg)

>I don't plan on being an old lady
Shay please get help, there is more to life than getting drunk and humiliating yourself on the internet I promise

No. 1166570

Woke up on this beautiful Saturday and this drunk mess is still on cam.

What a glorious thing to watch and eat breakfast to.

No. 1166572

File: 1613811527536.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 335.59 KB, 750x602, 5E48F53C-AB16-4856-91D2-7FC0B6…)

Welcome, you can keep your robe on and enjoy your eggs!

No. 1166573

File: 1613811676046.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.49 MB, 640x360, gif.gif)

No. 1166574

God, I hate Billie Holiday gotta be involved in the shit show

No. 1166575

File: 1613811730271.jpg (75.25 KB, 1009x214, signout.jpg)

"I'm 23 but I tell everyone I'm 18"

No. 1166576

File: 1613811839067.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.61 KB, 1268x473, Unbenannt.JPG)

Robe on, and not getting creeped at.
What a day to be not Shayna!

No. 1166577

I muted her because I couldn’t handle the disrespect

No. 1166578

File: 1613811849219.png (17.25 KB, 367x27, 5.PNG)

Am i the only one who finds it hilarous how Jason just repeats whatever she says?
"Blank, I love it, Oh yes baby Blank is great, Blank is awesome baby"
Like he sounds like a fucking bot, a bored one at that. You can tell shayna is the only cam whore who gives him a lot of attention

No. 1166582

she burps constantly over the music and has the hiccups now.
but she still drinks dat pink wine, porcelain kween 2.0 when?

No. 1166583

File: 1613812096109.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 352.24 KB, 750x681, 8925CD46-6197-4F2E-B694-3A1009…)

She just ate a spoonful of sugar bc her coomers recommended it for hiccups

No. 1166584

File: 1613812112134.png (1.23 MB, 1872x511, retz4rtzerzutru.png)

Oh no she ran off to get a spoonful of sugar against the hiccups.
calorie count is over 9000000

No. 1166585

bahahahaha she'll vomit. I bet on it.

No. 1166586

she's getting all angry about having the hiccups, idgi, you'd think it'd go along with her uwu helpless dumb bimbo act

No. 1166587

She just lost her temper over hiccups. Classic bpd

No. 1166588

File: 1613812350442.png (524.62 KB, 1854x551, retz4rtzert45645zutru.png)

No. 1166589

File: 1613812358393.png (Spoiler Image, 617.83 KB, 571x550, cat.png)

Can't tell if that's rib or not because her lighting is so bad.

No. 1166590

I see an orange cat, that's Fupa's, yes?

No. 1166591

File: 1613812606801.png (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 995x1136, its_medicinal.png)

Shayna cutting out the middle man

No. 1166592

i cant with this on-hold music for a cumshow i had to look away.

No. 1166593

Hiccup Uh huh hiccup uh huh.

No. 1166594

Kek at the dry ass dildo

No. 1166595

File: 1613812803686.png (Spoiler Image, 990.79 KB, 1817x546, 5654684654984654687897.png)

No. 1166596

she came back, still hiccupping and angry as a hippopotamus, did a two-minute cumshow, now seems about to sign off

No. 1166597

File: 1613812854406.png (Spoiler Image, 990.79 KB, 1817x546, 5654684654984654687897.png)


(forgot to spoiler)(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1166599

File: 1613813161230.jpeg (176.99 KB, 894x1518, 2AF44862-FD61-478D-8CF0-880F1C…)

Shayna sure attracts the best!1!
Jason Wocrack is creepy idk why she can’t just block him I’m sure momma clifford would send her money if she was that desperate for it.

No. 1166600


wasnt this idiot posting on his socials apologizing to his baby mama for betraying her trust like not even a month ago? hey shay, maybe you shouldnt poach other women’s husbands? or is poaching only bad when it happens to you?

No. 1166601

>her coomers
surely you mean her feeders

No. 1166602

Yeah, someone who didn't tip a single token got her to eat a few spoonfuls of sugar. She's attracted a new crowd now

No. 1166610

The booze and being high as shit contribute a lot, but the fact is that she doesn't want to be sexy or do sex stuff because she thinks shes such a personality and treats her cam shows like an IG live where she can vent and be an idiot thinking its quirky and cute.
She just knows she has to be topless and pretend to cum to get coomers to pay any scrap of attention or pay.

No. 1166613

she looks dead

No. 1166617

She really just straight up hate water more than lube, chapstick/gloss, and getting her shit together, huh?
Fr though. I get thinking water is plain and not drinking the rec amount, but unholy fuck has she ever bought a single water bottle in her life?

No. 1166619

Do her eyes look smaller lately, especially on cam or is it just me??

No. 1166623

File: 1613817678002.png (775.29 KB, 1074x1041, 1613816805253.png)

No. 1166627

File: 1613818516153.png (848.45 KB, 1410x793, 1613818054686.png)

No. 1166646

woke up to the absolutely horrendous gift that keeps on giving, miss dolly mattel. jesus christ, if she hadn't hit rock bottom before, she definitely hit it now and started digging with a shovel.

No. 1166647

File: 1613821440412.jpg (63.77 KB, 802x450, Screen_Shot_2019-08-30_at_1.57…)

I feel so ashamed for her

No. 1166657

these have banner potential

No. 1166662

File: 1613824044415.jpeg (47.15 KB, 750x132, 5F3D96EA-DDFC-4620-9150-E41637…)

if this isn’t a farmer then she’s really attracted feeders now

No. 1166663

File: 1613824106378.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 330.22 KB, 750x631, 3AD3401D-C670-4143-B3ED-CA2065…)

Shaytard getting cucked on her own stream kek

No. 1166665


There were multiple comments about food from separate users so even if some or one of them are farmers I'm sure she attracted some.

No. 1166680

This is the most bleak shit I’ve seen from her yet… in some of the gifs she actually looks deranged. I wonder if she got black out drunk… I imagine there’s going to be a few days silence from her, if she has any sort of self awareness left at all over how much of a fool she’s made of herself lmao

No. 1166694

the liquid courage is temporary, but the gifs they produce will live on forever

No. 1166698


I guess she forgot the concept that most people take on some sort of debt to go to college/university, then use their education to pay it back. And 5 years of sex work isnt enough time to cover college? I highly doubt shes considering med school.

No. 1166699

mental breakdown realness

No. 1166700

extremely underrated comment