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No. 203669

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats things while hyping up a fake/manipulated diagnosis that she paid for.
She accepted her ~life changing~ diagnosis with a smile and celebrated with a "coming out as DID" cake, and struggles to maintain the LARP after only two weeks.

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a weeaboo style she no longer personally wears, she now looks like an overweight clown.
>Known lurker.
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm.
>Has a youtube channel with an inconsistent schedule that went from doing fashion related videos to mostly "mental illness" content, alienating her fans.

General info:
>Loves toying with the idea of multiple mental illnesses, will google all of them and see which criteria she fills in the most / makes her look more special.
>Frivolously spends money (including the money she receives from her parents) on “ethical” -take it with a grain of salt- shit, including clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends.
>Claims she makes enough money from Youtube despite complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent.
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly thinks of herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Refuses to get a real job and relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her. Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs full of ramblings. Continues to post mental health related content, alienating her previous fans.
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day. She will take meds without even verifying she needs them or not, or stop them without futher medical advice.
>Thinks having a counselor = actual therapy. Continues to fake all kinds of symptoms and illnesses to prove she’s sick, making her into a full-blown munchie. Believes her own lies so much that she thinks she’s knowledgeable enough to advise others on the matter.
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from overseas and doesn’t care if the items come from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments, videos, or tweets under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to criticism and what she has seen in her threads.
>Has kept a total of five past relationships in her life, all ending in drama; tends to use partners as accessories when beneficial to her image, even claiming her major trauma comes from a short lived DeviantArt ex-girlfriend.
>Formerly referred to herself as pansexual, then queer, then claimed to be “too into dick to be a lesbian” while dating a woman; currently lives inside her rainbow house with her boyfriend Stephen Clarke. Now both Stephen and Jillian identify as nonbinary and pansexual. It is worth mentioning one of her exes also became nonbinary and pansexual shortly after dating her.
>Relies too much on other people, including her mother, her partners, and other content creators (in a creepy way).
>Claims to be family-friendly, but makes poor attempts to censor herself, has made sexual innuendo in her videos and social media despite knowing she has a largely underage audience.
>Jill started her own brand, 5 petal flower. She isn’t personally selling anything yet, but plans to sell badly put together Lazy Oaf knock offs. Had a collaboration with a small brand that mostly resells chinese aliexpress items.
>Nearly killed her cat by having tinsel on the ground where cat can eat it. Still keeps tinsel up where the same cat can reach it for years after the fact. She doesn’t seem to clean her space full of cat fur and shit either.
>She tries to prove she’s mentally ill in any way possible, including always mentioning her stims, dissociation, posting edgy lyrics, and pretending she can only eat one type of food. Currently saving up for her autism diagnosis, but it's over $3000
>After frivolously celebrating her “life changing” dissociative identity disorder diagnosis with a cake, she swears there’s a constantly growing number of alters living inside her head with some of them being “fragments”.


>Jerrick: 13-16 year old emo guy, who has supposedly been around for 12 years, conveniently holds all her bad bpd traits, signs with a snake emoji

>Veronica: Horny alter, 20 years old, might make a twitter, signs with a flame emoji
>currently unnamed 6 year old alter who is always “co-fronting”, talks like a baby, signs with the strawberry emoji
>Cliffe: 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant" Kind of like her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Certifiably too old for social media, but his emoji is a club.
>Flora: just a "fragment" who is not just a carbon copy of cure flora, but is all the positive cures, and is a blonde sweet lolita. Sign off emoji is a cherry blossom.
>Sandwich emoji. Also a fragment. Is a cat! Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city.
>Jax: 19 year old girl who speaks with a Brooklyn accent, and types with one too, which is normal. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane/LoL), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Is going to get seriously into drag. Signs with a test tube emoji.
>piano emoji: ??? Silently added to her tiktok bio.

Stamps from last thread:

>>197612 Feb Live stream >>197629 transcript here.
>>197910 she follows up on her previous video re: racism. Mentions reparations. >>197951 summary here.
>>197974 dumb Veronica tiktok where she can't even do a second take to correctly join her heart hands.
>>197996 silently adds a piano to her list of emojis
>>198037 claims she has stretch marks from… Weight loss
>>198159 she's starting a podcast
>>198109 and she's going to be on a Barcroft video
>>198184 we need more education on DID and Jill's the one to teach us
>>198488 advertising "our autistic selves" YouTube channel.
>>199105 Jill tweets her alters names and pronouns, and then what their roles are
>>199165 spergs about NFTs on some youtubers video, she's UNFOLLOWING
>>199295 switching from jerr to flora. Can't believe flora can fully front.
>>199441 "how we use the emotion wheel"
>>199512 alanis parody tiktok followed by >>199513 "muh did gives me amnesia and makes me a bad friend"
>>199579 it's did awareness day, are you aware of pixie? Did you know she has did?
>>199617 it's Jill's birthday. Her party includes a jeopardy game all about her. >>199623 >>199637 she invited a tiktoker to her home for the first time for the party. Said tiktoker has schizophrenia, so Jill thinks he's cool. >>199754
>>199850 Canadian news wants to interview her.
>>200629 who is and isn't attracted to stebie
>>200631 going to do drag and be super serious
>>200847 MEET THE ALTERS VIDEO. This one is focused on uh. Jillian. Transcripts start here >>200868
>>201171 debut of the sunflower lanyard (note it's for people with hidden disabilities who may need extra support in public places) >>202374 She wears it to check the mail.
>>201754 leaving mean comments on tiktok causes enough trauma to form new alters
>>202045 anon finds Jill's collab dress on a clearance rack
>>202197 new emoji dropped. Test tube. Jerrick's Twitter age is now 14-19
>>202306 test tube is going to make their drag debut
>>202373 tiktok bullies are too much. She's taking a break from tiktok.
>>202501 test tube has been posting on jerrick's account without permission.
>>202721 birthday vlog. >>202758 summary.
>>202936 she's working on a meet the alters episode for jerrick.
>>203067 test tube emoji drops some picrews. Her name is Jax. >>203068 she talks in a Brooklyn accent (and types in one, too) she's a partial fictive of three characters. Jinx from arcane. Harley Quinn. And spinel, from Steven universe.
>>203544 her graduate page from her craft college. Makes sure everyone knows she's neurodivergent, and I guess looking the part comes naturally. She's the only one who's collection isn't shown.

Last thread >>197246

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks
Twitter 2: https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/?ref=py_c
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem?
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://anony.link/https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com/

No. 203670

No. 203687

File: 1648428144400.jpg (66.96 KB, 500x700, 1648387518852.jpg)

she needs to seriously have a makeover. She looks like fucking tekashi.

No. 203688

she also has that weed lover face. The face of someone who uses weed a bit too much that it becomes their entire personality and livehood. Like, she looks high and dopey without being high.

No. 203690

>Honestly, I’d support her if she did that because then at least she’s doing SOMETHING! Go into jewelry making or ceramics! If sewing just isn’t her thing, switching to crafting isn’t shameful. There are some amazing and impressive craft artists out there, it’s not just gluing construction paper and calling it a job
I wholeheartedly agree. She should look into making clay jewlery or something. She would do okay with her fanbase. (sorry for replying in this thread)

No. 203729

agreed, she made those clay earrings for her final showcase and they turned out fine. if she was willing to put in the work to design and put out consistent drops of jewelry like that she at least has a fanbase to build from. I just doubt she has the motivation to consistently work at something like that.

No. 203732

Didn’t she copy the design of those earrings from someone else, too? Aside from having no work ethic she also isn’t all that creative. With big projects that’s less apparent because she can slap on a bunch of design features from other sources without ending up with a 1:1 copy but with tiny projects like simple polymer jewellery there’s nowhere to hide. Her audience probably wouldn’t have cared, but some people still would’ve pointed it out and Jill simply can’t stand not being the most special and unique person in any given community.

No. 203733

Just caught up to the threads, and I second the nonnie who mentioned the tiktoker Emma Langevin as her fake accent inspo, kek. Jillie will probably use a mental disorder as an excuse for being easily impressionable and following all popular tiktok trends.

No. 203741

she constantly has to raise her eyebrows because the fat weighs her eyes down kek somebody photoshop her face onto pizza dough

No. 203746

Pot of greed looking ass

No. 203748

Kek, she didn't even make her 2021 grad cap in time for this shoot it seems. Just has her 2020 turned around and it looks so odd.

No. 203760

I’m surprised none of her alters have Tourette’s (yet).

No. 203773

File: 1648476343901.jpeg (795.84 KB, 1632x2448, 2BC19391-4877-4C43-B86F-11202E…)

More of her usual flexing. Maybe she could afford to donate to BLM causes if she bought a couch from ikea like every other student.

No. 203775

File: 1648476805133.jpeg (120.99 KB, 750x1110, D4BEA9CB-CFE0-433D-96B8-E276E9…)

No. 203780

File: 1648478000413.png (30.83 KB, 735x249, Capture.PNG)

Fun little Stevie moment

No. 203781

He's been saving that one, I can tell.

No. 203783

Weren't there also issues with trans discrimination within Precure's production? Of course that's special to her so she can separate the show from the company, but god forbid anyone have personal attachment to Harry Potter.

No. 203784

File: 1648479348517.png (22.54 KB, 525x189, StevieDID.png)

Steves DID saga thrown out of the window, he is a confirmed greener.

No. 203786

Fucking bold choice of a hill to die on from the dude who openly promoted Soviet communism less than six months ago

No. 203787

Had to search what this even means.

So they both have issues with cannabis I guess

No. 203822

he is so close to trooning out. wish he would just take the leap already

No. 203844

it's odd how he's aware that he greens out but Jill just chooses to call it DID. Do you think if he describes his symptoms to her she's just like "Stevie you have DID too?"

No. 203854

No, she’d be very happy to let him describe his symptoms as greening out but hers as ‘DID’ because she wouldn’t want to share the ‘terrible mental health’ limelight

No. 203858

I fucking hate when she mentions the price. This is disgusting.

No. 203859

I bet they both are always smoking their brains out. They're very bad for each other. No wonder Jillian has been getting worse.

No. 203860

This, she wants to be the ~speshul~ one.
I know Jillian is annoying, but Steven is no better. I wonder what other issues he has when no one is looking.

No. 203866

File: 1648500522612.jpeg (422.39 KB, 943x615, 3C1D7F92-BC9B-48B7-BDBD-378A75…)

I checked out her university’s website again and I kekked so bad. So not only does she look special ed in her own graduate photos, she looks even more special ed in her classmates graduate collection

No. 203867

File: 1648500613179.jpeg (878.54 KB, 958x1162, 02FE9116-4125-40C6-8380-5DA3A0…)

Samefag for another image drop, but her weight gain is very apparent in her legs. The way she drew the “body” (herself) in the Jillian alter video is way skinnier, it’s like she’s in denial

No. 203869

These pictures makes her look like a disabled kid, so I guess it’s on point with her aesthetic, but couldn’t she get a wig or something so she could have had some hair framing her face?

No. 203901

People separate creators from their projects ALL THE TIME. It's how Chris brown still somehow has a career. It just so happens moids get excuses and people like JKR get shat on. This is really the hill his soon to troon ass wants to die on, huh?

No. 203910

So is everyone at her school retarded? I'm an FIT grad and literally nobody in my program acted, dressed, or looked like this (and we could actually sew)

No. 203912

nobody cares hahah

No. 203922

File: 1648519967827.png (1.35 MB, 700x1000, pixietekashi.png)

>>203687 not my best editing work but i had to make something for this

No. 203924


No. 203925

File: 1648521079966.png (624.92 KB, 600x600, pixieofgreed.png)

>>203746 i have too much free time rn

No. 203926

File: 1648521915551.png (843.26 KB, 762x556, roiiorfhihffr.png)

Glimmer in her eyes, well kept colorful hair, nice simple makeup (no ugly eyebrows), big eyes
Ugly fried hair, bloated face, literally a goblin, constantly high face

No. 203927

I love you.

No. 203938

The simple makeup looked so much better. The amount of self-destruction is appalling.

No. 203939

File: 1648529371253.png (838.15 KB, 784x580, Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 12.4…)

did y'all see that jillian modeled for another student?

No. 203940

Yeah. Look through the threads, newfag.

No. 203951

her posture is shit here, and what’s with that short chunk of hair on her left side?

No. 203953

Please lurk and check the last thread before posting

No. 203955

The before does look like the no bitches meme though kek she was a bit alien looking in her skinny era.

No. 203966

That is her natural hair, the long hair is extensions that she is wearing.

No. 203975

File: 1648565119677.jpg (542.1 KB, 1080x1689, IMG_20220329_164326.jpg)

Looking at this pic and comparing her to other graduates, Jills really reminds me of this post. Oof. It's really obvious all of this is happening because of her addictions (alcohol, weed, sugar).

No. 204020

File: 1648577310300.png (465.94 KB, 534x370, youtubepixie_2016.PNG)

the face shoop on the right lol. even pre landwhale her features didnt look like that.
shes wasn't ugly but she wasnt pretty either..

this photo taken from her
if she lost the weight and stopped drinking/smoking she could look like this again

No. 204023

stop pretending she used to be better. back in the /snow/ days she was so milky her threads would barely last a few days before getting locked.
the only difference is her mommy was coddling her and she at least tried to be a normal human being. since she discovered faking autism she's realized she can do whatever she wants as long as she has some mental illness or disability to blame for it. id say she started getting worse since her bpd diagnosis because it let her embrace being a piece of shit person

No. 204045

She looks identical to shayna in the left pic.

No. 204050

File: 1648591133369.jpg (115.03 KB, 766x937, transrights.jpg)

No. 204054


holy cursed image kek

No. 204057

File: 1648592700406.png (295.92 KB, 574x614, OFBOWFBFW.png)

>she looks like the no bitches meme
kekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ANON I'm fucking laughing so hard!

No. 204058

File: 1648592850683.png (163.96 KB, 500x727, louise-vessey-is-with-jillian-…)

she did have a pretty-to-average face though, pretty cute in the "quirky" way

No. 204061

Back then /snow/ was full of scrotes and retarded anons too. Don't pretend we weren't mean for fun (and, she just doesn't look good in lolita. She can't style for shit. So we made fun of that). Her face looked fine back then, the thing is she has always been fucking obnoxious and annoying. She really looks like complete SHIT now. Don't pretend we need Jillian to look like a fucking model either, because back then a lot of anons thought that looking like a model was the only way to be pretty and acceptable (nitpicking was a ban handled very easily back then).

No. 204067

Louise always acts like she is 100% supportive but that constantly pained facial expression in pics tells me she’s ashamed of her tard daughter kek. Who could blame her?

No. 204085

What. I'm just saying don't compare photos others took of her to face tuned selfies she took of herself as if she used to be prettier when those photos were never true

No. 204145

Louise looks so unhinged like why does she always look like someone has a gun to her head and is forcing her to smile for pictures. She looks just as mentally unsound as Jill which I guess is how we got here in the first place.

No. 204164

Next thread pic please

No. 204188

File: 1648653013863.jpeg (806.72 KB, 828x1427, C4B95E2E-6E88-4D89-9A52-E0D586…)

Eye editing confirmed, to no one’s surprise(cowtipping)

No. 204208

File: 1648655752426.jpeg (161.26 KB, 750x953, E6AAD927-7FAE-46D4-A805-4398B1…)

Get yourself a therapist who humours you having a Harley Quinn alter that formed because you were called racist.

No. 204222

Has she said that’s what caused it? Or is that just your theory?

No. 204234

she did so much editing but forgot to make herself attractive. but seriously, does she realize that she's doing the same shit now but with awful makeup? too bad the hack therapists will never make her confront any of her real issues.

No. 204252

Stop cow tipping dip shit.

No. 204254

File: 1648663116212.jpeg (80.31 KB, 850x400, 0CEC0C76-208F-49AA-B8EE-EBA7E3…)

>actively ED’d
yeah, no. you were (barely) underweight for like 5 minutes, Jill.

No. 204326

Jill, slim with long healthy hair (it all seems to match so they aren't extensions I think) is a sight we will never see again, probably

No. 204349

>still referring to the one crash diet she did for a couple months a decade ago as an ED
Her current self-destruction and ruining herself with uncontrolled rapid weight gain is far closer to an ED than any little phase she had as a teenager ever was, even though all she's doing now is giving in to her 24/7 munchies as a result of never being sober.

No. 204371

File: 1648695506078.png (291.51 KB, 1178x712, kek3.png)

so of course Moonlight Knight is out and Jill makes it all about herself as per usual.

No. 204378


>crying real tears

oh please, jill. why don't you work towards a tangible accomplishment and cry over that instead?

No. 204388

>>204371 jill nitpicking at her wanting them to highlight the inner monologue is making me want to set myself on fire. she does realize that roughly 50% of the population has an inner monologue and it's not conducive to just mental illness. she's gonna make people confused and think that because they have an inner monologue then they might have DID.

No. 204407

> for once
Jill, you’re an upper middle class white girl from an English speaking country, roughly 98% of media is representational of you.

No. 204410

moon knight is literally possessed by yugioh style ancient egyptian demons. it's just manifested as schizophrenia because society or something. shit is just contrive, edgy batman for marvel.

No. 204416

The first way to know someone is faking it, is that they make their disorder everything about media. She's transparent but expects people to believe her.

This. I still haven't forgotten that she thought daydreaming was literally dissociation.
The people who follows her are going to think they have DID as well thanks to the retarded shit she says.
I wish someone confronted her 1 on 1 with her delusions. Her circlet of enablers and fans won't do it.

No. 204417

File: 1648719212206.png (26.67 KB, 647x474, images.png)

Literally Jillian and her therapist.

No. 204418

She looked so healthy. Both mentally and physically. Rip. The shine in her eyes is gone.

No. 204444

It's bizarre that she was so mad about people who aren't self proclaimed DID interacting with the disorder but she brings up and puts herself into the proximity of people with schizophrenia every chance she gets. It doesn't seem like she's ever planning to larp it but she clearly has a real fixation with it, like she sees such a severe disorder as a status symbol first and foremost

No. 204461

I cannot understand why anyone would aspire to schizophrenia. You're right, though. Lately it seems like she has a bit of fixation on it. Until you have it happen to someone you love, it might seem interesting as a research topic but it really almost broke my family apart. If she ever evolves to claiming schizophrenia I would be hard pressed not to just outright call her out on social media. Her DID LARP is relatively harmless because it's debatable it's even real but spreading misinfo about schizophrenia is severely damaging.

No. 204463

And by "it" being real, I mean DID as a concept not Jill's supposed DID which we all know is just playtime with OCs for bored 20-somethings.

No. 204480

I think instead of claiming final fusion (which can take years of therapy) she’s gonna say she was misdiagnosed and her DID is really schizophrenia. That way she can still have flare ups but it’s not a 24/7 thing. I wish I could believe her, I kinda feel like a crappy person calling her a fake, but there are just so many malingering red flags

No. 204507

I was suspicious at her lovebombing that creator she had at her birthday party who has schizophrenia, gives me a bad vibe. She was behaving weird and parasocial with DID creators before she decided she had it too.

No. 204514

Good point and typical gross behavior from her. I hope that kid has the sense to stay away. Her munchie disorder collecting has gotten extremely transparent. You definitely can't be mean to a schizo autist or expect them to get a job or do anything but smoke and drink and online shop all day! She might even lean into weed triggering schizophrenia in people genetically predisposed to it, whoopsie!

No. 204530

File: 1648756662347.jpeg (602.84 KB, 808x1045, F0C98605-C3FF-47AA-9488-F7B54B…)

These books that are in her new pic on Twitter are so…. lmfao. Body positive POWER!

No. 204547

>she clearly has a real fixation with it
She does. Remember she interacts with those people a lot, both irl and online. She also follows and comments on those youtube channels. I feel like it's typical of DID fakers, they think DID is more akin to schizophrenia but the voices come inside instead of outside. But they're just daydreaming/having inner monologue, it's not like schizophrenia at all.

No. 204551

Excessive weed and LSD was one of the exact triggers for my family member, if she's going to LARP that she's going to need to change everything about herself and quit YouTube/social media almost entirely. You're a different person on the other side of a psychotic break and you basically never come back and lucid moments are rare even with meds. She's a terrible actress, I don't think she could pull that off to save her life.

No. 204553

>I cannot understand why anyone would aspire to schizophrenia.
Me neither, it ruins your life, it affects your loved ones.
She just wants a bunch of mental illnesses, she's obsessed with them, I just can't with this. Imagine wanting to have life multiple altering diagnosis, imagine wanting to have trauma, imagine obsessing over mental illnesses, imagine making them your personality. She's so fucking sad, I can't believe she's for real.

No. 204554

She just really wants to be unemployable huh. Imagine larping schizophrenia…

No. 204556

I'm honestly afraid of Jillian going through that path. I'm sure she will double down on the weed and alcohol and she won't get better because everyone enables her (fucking steven being the grossest one of them all. Fucking "it's okay to explore your age regressions at our house" shit he pulled out recently. ITS NOT EVEN HIS HOUSE).

Plus, didn't she say she wanted to try ketamine for ptsd? that therapy is experimental and for war veterans. I'm not joking here. She doesn't need it.

>You're a different person on the other side of a psychotic break and you basically never come back and lucid moments are rare even with meds.

Please explain

No. 204557

Can someone please post the names of these books? My sight is very bad and they look super blurry. I want to look into them.
>the art of drag
and she wants me to take her seriously? come the fuck oooonnnn.

No. 204559


Her mom is so awkward, it's like smile through the pain Harold

No. 204567

From left to right:
The Art of Drag
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
Kawaii! Japan's Culture of Cute
Where We Belong
Body Positive Power
Harajuku Tokyo

No. 204568

When you're lucid you're spending every waking second scared for when the hallucinations start back up again. I was told it's living in constant fear and pain. Plus episodes aren't short, they last a long time. You can lose years of your life to it. It's hard to do any of the things you used to enjoy after getting swallowed up by it. You lose a lot of friends too.

No. 204577

>Imagine wanting to have life multiple altering diagnosis

It reminds me a bit of those horrorcows who intentionally maim and disable themselves, just different facets of munchie. Maybe this really did all stem from her mom having cancer when Jill was young, but Jill getting bizarrely jealous of the attention mom got rather than being concerned, and becoming a full-fledged munchie as a consequence.

No. 204578

Does she seriously think that schizophrenia is actually fun and some kind of wacky adventure?

Put my friend in hospital for a couple of months, and she’s doing better now, but it is a lifelong condition. She will need medication for the rest of her life.

And there are still people who don’t believe psychosis is a real thing, nor do they have realistic ideas of what it entails.

No. 204597

The audacity of this cunt. Thinks this show needs HER approval.

No. 204604

File: 1648780932606.jpeg (396.12 KB, 1170x896, CFBCCB68-09FF-4E7E-BEBE-BEE4EE…)

is she saying that she still has an eating disorder when jerrick fronts but no one cares because she’s fat? i don’t believe her

No. 204608

"i am my worst nightmare at 14." like she didn't sit around all day, drink alcohol daily, and have a shit diet for literal years causing her to become her "worst nightmare" wooow poor you, jill.

No. 204610

I guess for those few minutes out of each day between stuffing her face with junk food, she's Jerrica and anorexic. Gee it must be a true suffering to be a bone rattler that shares a body with 15 fatties. Singlet skellies could never understand how special and troubled she is.

No. 204618

Isn’t jerrica literally 14? This bitch can’t even vent on her fake personality account right without mentioning Jillian.

No. 204619

I won't be surprised if she's never read them. They look brand new and of course coordinate with her house.

No. 204624

you can't control other people Jill. Maybe thats an actual issue you could talk to your therapist about

No. 204627

The way she worded this is so odd. It's obviously Jill talking since she can't keep up her fucking LARP but is she saying that her current life is her worst nightmare? Is she describing her inner monologue or her experience with other people? This just reeks of her trying to get an anorexia diagnosis since having an unspecified ED isn't cool enough.

No. 204628

this is so funny to me. Maybe Jerrick forgets that he eats during his greenouts, so he thinks he's ana.

I have to say the sheer cringe of this DID saga is so entertaining that I hope it lasts until summer at least. I want a whole video with Veronica, who is like a cursed offspring of a Care Bear and Jessica Rabbit.

No. 204636

>Maybe this really did all stem from her mom having cancer when Jill was young, but Jill getting bizarrely jealous of the attention mom got rather than being concerned, and becoming a full-fledged munchie as a consequence.
I’m starting to think this, too. While she was a teenager Jill could get attention for being quirky and dressing weird but that doesn’t cut it in the long run, especially when nearly all of your classmates at craft school fit the same mold. She needed something new and from personal experience she knows that being sick is a tried and true way to get attention and sympathy. I’ve read that a lot of Munchausen cases are triggered by a real illness.

Literally >>204254
>I was anorexic for a good three hours while I fronted. Then I switched to Jill and she made us a sandwich.

Same, I really want to see more of Veronica.

No. 204640

When she moved from her island she went from being one of the quirkiest on the island to dime a dozen. I think to be happy she needs to be a big fish in a little pond.

No. 204648

File: 1648804702799.jpg (173 KB, 720x1175, IMG_20220401_111533.jpg)

> IF those arent the lyrics dont correct me

No. 204649

File: 1648804825880.jpg (182.08 KB, 720x1205, IMG_20220401_111625.jpg)

She doesnt seen to understand that she ought to be ashamed of her two weeks of Tumblr pro ana. Or is it not cringe anymore?

No. 204651

she's trying to remind everyone of the one time in 8th grade where she skipped a couple meals because she's too fat for that to work anymore

No. 204660

Kekkkkkkkkkkkk oh my fucking god imagine calling yourself anorexic when you eat like she does. Fucking fatty.

No. 204661

she wants to call herself anorexic without the anorexic part lmao. Add that to the current larp I guess.

No. 204662

Fucking this. She thinks she's the voice of DID now lmao. Not even a year has passed. Remember when she said she was the voice of lolita, jfashion, and precure? Next it'll be drag.

No. 204663

>I am my worst nightmare at 14.
So you know right, you know you're obese and you rather pretend to still have an ED while eating like shit, sitting on your ass drinking and smoking weed
You're truly your own worst nightmare.

No. 204672

She’s condemning herself to a slow death with overeating anyway, it’s just that she’s female so her body can handle it a little better for longer but no doubt all that weight is worsening her physical and mental conditions. If she was fat but still worked out/was active it’d be less concerning but the fact her life seems so sedentary is the worst possible thing for her in combination with the shit eating habit, weed and alcohol (and age play).
Maybe she’ll split off an alter for the express purpose of going for a walk each day. Surprised her old man alter doesn’t do that kind of thing already.

No. 204688

It was so obvious all along that so much of her fatty cope and constantly bringing up her “ED” is her desperately wanting to pretend she’s somehow actually skelly and anorexic deep down.

No. 204689

I feel like the Jerrick ana larp is probably how she really feels about her body. When she's Jill, she has to be all "uwu body positive!!" but as Jerrick she can be as negative and self-loathing as she wants to because she's a 16(?) year old emo boy.

No. 204697

why the fuck doesn't she just work out a bit? Is she allergic to moving her body ?

No. 204700

File: 1648833069124.png (92.36 KB, 1080x549, Screenshot_20220401-200845.png)

Tiktok made Jill deny Jax.

No. 204723

How is it tiktok’s fault? That doesn’t say anything about tiktok

No. 204726

File: 1648837227552.jpeg (1009.25 KB, 1170x1444, 133F55F5-E7DD-4584-8C4C-B144C9…)

anon left out the other part of the tweet. it was some stupid DID bingo.

No. 204732

Well Jax isn’t real so I guess Jill was right in trying to convince herself of this lol

No. 204734

maybe I don’t know enough DID retard powerwords to understand this but doesn’t Jill do like at least half of those?

No. 204735

“Claiming experiences that aren’t their race, culture, nationality etc” - sorry what? Cure flora is Japanese and Jax is based off all American characters and has a distinct American accent. The accents roots are working class which she has never been.

No. 204742

god i fucking hate DID culture and all their made-up phrases this is like a foreign language to me, sorry i'm so confused. Is she circling 90% of these because she matches/ agrees with them or are they all things she condemns in the DID community? because some of these (the ones i understand anyway lol) would be insane to agree with yet some of them match things she has done/ does.

No. 204743

samefag but like for example… the "calling out misinfo is ableist ig???" square that she circled. maybe i'm stupid but I genuinely can't tell whether she means it's a disturbing trend to call all misinformation corrections ableist, or whether she genuinely literally thinks it's actually fucking ableist to do that, which is….. insane….. i guess i'm giving her too much credit by hoping she means it's stupid to call fact-checking ableist

No. 204745

File: 1648845457056.jpeg (114.24 KB, 744x626, 12EECFC1-192B-49B8-9805-3C3158…)

aggressively pursuing a shiny new autism diagnosis

No. 204748

convinced she just circled random boxes because she literally does every single one of these

No. 204749

why insert yourself into something not related to you? if you're not diagnosed don'y reply jfc

No. 204762

Please bring milkmas early this year, Jill!

No. 204763

I think she's trying to call out DID TikTok. But she has done a lot of these especially the
>Educational threads from someone with zero research and was diagnosed a week ago.
She literally got her diagnosis and made a video "educating" people about DID. She can't play problematic BINGO when she does almost everything on the card.

No. 204765

I’m so lost, she’s saying this is what ran her off tiktok but she did a lot of this? She treats her little as an actual child, she won’t give her name to protect her; she will never say that something isn’t valid; her hyperfixation is Pretty Cure and she has a Pretty Cure fictive (based off of one she even cosplayed in the past); Flora and Jax’s nationalities were already mentioned, but Cliffe is a gay man, I’m pretty sure that counts as “claiming an experience that isn’t theirs” as well; and her tiktok was PURELY to showcase her alters, not seek support for the serious issues DID causes. Does she not realize she’s throwing stones in glass houses?

No. 204775

I wanna ask my PhD psych friend what these phrases mean & see what she says.

No. 204798

so she does hate how she looks then?

No. 204799

Kek why didn’t she circle the fake claiming one on the top row, she literally weaponized her fan base to mass report a tik tok account on the basis they were a ‘singlet’ trying to fake claim these cows

No. 204804

File: 1648865983559.jpeg (545.49 KB, 828x1427, A3D87591-A0F3-4A21-851C-2B21A4…)

No. 204816

lmao. it was only a matter of time before people started calling her out. she's had too much internet presence for her to be able to just begin this DID shit now.

No. 204825

My sense of this tweet is that she saw this bingo board calling out the "disturbing trends" and is saying this is similar to the culture of calling out DID faking on TikTok, and is then validating herself and others who fit these trends. Maybe I'm illiterate, but that's my understanding.

No. 204836

She's just fucking sad that tiktok didn't accept her DID charade, kek. She's not getting the views she wanted so she dipped out.
What she wants is enabler.

No. 204837

File: 1648879607197.png (32.91 KB, 531x249, capture.PNG)

considering she's larping DID to feel special, she really does make every human experience into "omg that is just like DID"

No. 204853

>DID energy
no retard

No. 204854

She probably has body dismorphia and just doesn't accept it

No. 204856

File: 1648891514339.jpeg (776.78 KB, 828x1323, F768D46B-B586-422F-B3AD-1E5187…)

At least she’s not wearing the god awful “drag makeup” anymore.

No. 204857

Did this bitch just tagged her post “slow fashion”?

No. 204858

fashion for slow people

No. 204859

Samefag but I’m distracted by her contoured pancake boob. It’s insane how she’s gotten so fat but barely has any boob. It’s like the fat went all to her face and midsection.

No. 204860

Don’t forget Jerrick is trans which is another experience she is co-opting and she hasn’t mentioned it since but she dropped before that one alter is intersex. That one is super fucked up as an experience to claim because intersex people go through so much trauma starting at birth. I bet she thinks these and the gay thing are fine because she is totally queer and uses they them now as if she isn’t straight in a straight relationship and 100% feminine presenting.

No. 204861

jillian at 14: has a self diagnosed quirky mental disorder

jillian at 24: has a self diagnosed quirky mental disorder

No. 204871

my theory is that she can't keep up with her own DID bs and wants a space where she can completely drop it when she can't be bothered with it, but without getting rid of it completely and proving her haterz right. And she was getting called out on tiktok JUST enough for that to become her "DID-less space" and just claim "oh it's because of the bullies on here, that's why I don't show anything DID related anymore" not because she is already tired of keeping track of it and only "switches" when she's high or drunk as fuck.

you watch. re-integration saga within the year

No. 204876

what if jill is so much of a munchie now she's become jealous the of her alters?

No. 204877

bet that she think intersex means has a penis and a vagina and not a disorder of sexual development with genital phenotype expression being usually pretty clearly one or the other. not to mention all the unrelated-to-genitals physical health issues people with dsds deal with. is she gonna start claiming that when she's switched to her intersex alter shes no longer able to respond to testosterone? or her adrenal glands swell? kek

No. 204878

>slow fashion
That cardigan is from a shitty fast fashion site she did a sponsorship for kek. Video related.

No. 204883

Alter look book when? Wish she’d hurry up and drop her DID content. She always talks up what she’s working on but never follows through. So boring.

No. 204887

Both that pic and her profile picture so clearly show how mismatched her foundation is. Her face is yellow but her body from the neck down is pink.

No. 204890

what brand does she even use? there's no excuse to have mismatched foundation anymore, even the cheap brands have every color under the sun.

No. 204917

You think she'd use this as an excuse to give into her shopping addiction (she can always lie and say they were gifts or thrifted); I mean it could be a whole series, a vlog/thrift with insert alter of the hour then a get ready with me alter version and a look book/style, or a thrift flip depending on the alter; hell a whole series of the other alters "spoiling" the kid alter, I know a huge part of therapy is giving your inner child what they need, which for Jill seems to be endless attention and anime toys

No. 204936

she'll probably claim that Veronica is intersex because she pegs Steven while she's "fronting". Steve looks like the kind of guy who's into futa.

No. 204937

her gut has ballooned so much the belt on that skirt is nearly at the very last grommet

No. 204947

Like I said, she probably has body dismorphia and this is why she hasn't posted shit on instagram in ages, plus she loves the fawning over twitter

No. 204948

File: 1648932086516.png (103.75 KB, 354x258, 1.png)

just leaving this here, being unattentive can be mislabeled as DID

No. 204950

I wish she realized she can just stop being pixielocks and become a full fledged Jillian who likes many things. Like, if she wants to be edgy like Jerrica/Jinx just do it girl. You can start anew with a new name even.

No. 204951

Proves that she always makes things worse than they are.

No. 204961

And fupa apparently.

No. 204980

File: 1648945139871.jpeg (529.16 KB, 828x901, A1D6F33D-5B39-40D3-A710-AB106C…)

Jill you are throwing $3k at an autism diagnosis

No. 204981

File: 1648945249405.jpeg (184.75 KB, 828x523, 123D2C98-5EC7-4AE5-BC00-2DFE85…)

No. 204982

>stimmy tweeting
What in the actual fuck? stop being high

No. 204983

>happy always slay disorder month
Thanks! He wishes one to you as well.

No. 204984

As someone who sells on twt and ig , stuff like this pisses me off. Dont comment if you arent interesting in buying. That's such a waste of time. Also, she's such a lying scumbag. She has the money, but is just being a cheap, stupid bitch.

No. 204988

Tweeting is a sign of autism now, Jack to notify all users

No. 204998

>Tweeting is a sign of autism now
Lmao, now that kinda makes sense tbh

No. 205007

File: 1648960388888.jpeg (582.31 KB, 1170x1056, BC7AB1C2-7DC9-4FA9-93BC-65FACB…)

of course jill is blaming her unprofessionalism on her DID. i genuinely do not understand how she plans to continue her lifestyle when she never wants to work and never tries at anything.

No. 205008

File: 1648960543055.jpeg (741.64 KB, 1170x1315, 9C86DBF3-E4CA-4021-8D01-7FD592…)

didn’t jill say that MM reminds her of her trauma and doesn’t like people mentioning her? why is she seeking out content about people who remind her of her trauma? her trauma larp is so fake

No. 205010

She knows that she can just have conversations with her therapist if she's that dissatisfied with her life. Probably go into an inpatient program for awhile with his recommendation. But of course she wouldn't want to do anything that would actually help herself. She just wants to make excuses and throw self pity parties when she could easily stop smoking weed and work with her therapist and GP to get the right med cocktail along with nutritional help.

No. 205011

looks like therapy is doing wonders for jill kek

No. 205014

Jerrick seems like the most self aware alter, maybe she can make a plotline where "he" takes over and be free from her pastel prison and troon boyfriend (iirc Jerrick doesn't like Stevie)

No. 205023

File: 1648969509779.png (419.34 KB, 500x356, 2cbd78521ba2b1eea3583428e62c77…)

No. 205025

She might be dissociating but she doesn't have did. it's brain fog from weed, and she knows that, but why can't she accept it?

No. 205026

i just do not get this. how is tweeting stimulating? maybe if you're replying to someone, but writing down your own thoughts doesn't really seem stimulating at all. it's literally called stimulus because it's external. unless its the feeling of typing but if that were the case, why the fuck does she need to post about it?

No. 205027

Because, dear nonnie, it doesn't give her the asspats she craves. She's special and not some normie loser.

No. 205028

Has anyone noticed how she hasn't mentioned DID at all on her Instagram?

No. 205030

these are all retarded excuses. Just say you're drunk and high out of your mind and go.

No. 205032

>how is tweeting stimulating?
it is not. It really is not. She thinks every single shit she does is "stimming" I guess.

No. 205033

Jinx and Jerrica will kill Jillian lol

No. 205043

File: 1648989463322.jpg (390.91 KB, 1594x720, sickk.jpg)

As anons have said many times: "she's sick but not in the way she believes"

No. 205046

i know i'm on lolcow rn but damn does it annoy me when people like her hurt actual disabled people by appropriating terms to seem cute and quirky. You can really see how her tiny brain thinks "ah so stimming is short for stimulation, that means anything I do to stimulate myself must be stimming" like bitch no

No. 205047

Kek this basically.

No. 205092

File: 1649008668724.jpeg (250.61 KB, 1475x531, F836FA01-66AF-43AD-AF65-E1D4B6…)

Just some Twitter spam ft retweeting Jerrick because she can’t say negative shit as herself and forgetting what account she is logged into again with a bonus what religion are alters question.

No. 205094

File: 1649008689685.jpeg (1 MB, 1475x2080, 5895D159-1B1C-4575-B823-99D37B…)

No. 205095

where's this from, nonna? csn you drop a link?

No. 205112

File: 1649017500568.jpeg (997.5 KB, 1475x2011, 7FF25EC1-07EC-474A-9F99-7F06AF…)

How wonderfully convenient.

No. 205122

"Doesn't everyone's opinions change from time to time" ……. Yeah….. that's a normal part of being alive not a side effect of mental illness..?

No. 205123

If she's just Jillian 90% of the time and then she behaves like an edgy retard the other 10%, you would think she would had realized something by now

Proof that this is all just an elaborate excuse to be edgy and still have her "kawaiiuwu" persona

No. 205124

I legit feel like DID is just an excuse for these people to pretend to be retarded. It does wonders for her, it excuses more than one behaivor.
Someone please help me make a list on how her claiming to be mentally ill helps her more than affects her (in her own mind).

No. 205127

It's a way for her to keep living the phantasy…

No. 205130

We all understand it's a larp to avoid having to take personal responsibility and grow since her family coddled her, her whole life. It's just a matter of her finally accepting that herself. No list necessary

No. 205132

File: 1649020899937.jpeg (488.44 KB, 828x1206, BDAB0F2C-6182-41C5-BCED-C17AE1…)

So you admit it? You just want to post to your pre-established echo chamber

No. 205148

I think this would make a good banner if you changed the dimensions!

No. 205150

I want to burn that stupid black shirt along with that beanie.

No. 205152

The facial expression she makes when she is being Jerrick is so funny, she looks like she thinks she is so cool and edgy.

No. 205155

thx nonna, will try to remake it better and submit it to the banner thread

No. 205158

this is the stupidest trend when you have your room painted like that. Like, what did she expect?

No. 205164

>>205007 awful convenient of you jill when you threw an absolute tantrum over wet n wild sending you the kuromi my melody collection but wanted colourpop pr lmao. I think plenty of companies just simply wanted to stop working with someone like you

No. 205167

Wait what happened? I never saw anything about this, and when I tried googling nothing with her and Wet n Wild came up. Why was she upset?

No. 205169

It was like in late 2020 - wet n wild sent her a PR package and she was mad that there it was sent to her home address which made her "scared" and was mad it was in plastic and "not ethical"

No. 205175

File: 1649035760652.jpeg (565.59 KB, 828x1339, D1852983-C916-48B1-9C01-91CF44…)

No. 205181

Reintegration saga soon. Maybe at the end of the year.

No. 205187

Her septum jewelry is absolutely appalling and her flesh is tinged gray, like it's rotting?? This bitch sits around being greasy, baked, filming Tiktoks, drinking, and taking pictures of herself… all day long, every single day. It's so depressing to watch at this point. When she was younger she had her craft activities and her jobs. She wants the neetbux so bad nonas

No. 205188

forgot to sage

No. 205196

>it works
bitch where you look crazy

No. 205199

She could get so much respect back if she gained some maturity and was like "Hey look, I was in a bad place mentally and unable to reflect on my actions in a critical way, so I went full munchie. It was wrong and I am now working with a therapist who challenges me to work through my issues instead of encouraging me to perform being multiple non-existent people online while getting fucked up in my privileged rainbow nightmare house all day with zero responsibilities or accountability. I will not be as active online indefinitely."

Her remaining patreons would probably appreciate the honesty and continue to support her as they can clearly afford it and still like her for some reason. It's just sad she refuses to realize you can grow up and make mistakes, A LOT of mistakes, and still have people in your corner. Nobody has to be perfect to be worthy of love and attention. It really seems like narc behavior to be responsible for literally nothing bad you do and a perpetual victim and double, triple, quadruple, etc down on that with everything.

No. 205201

pleaseeeee don't give her ideas, she will do this but nothing inside her will happen, she will still be the same bpd narc she has always been

No. 205203

What province does she live in again? Many provinces don't consider adult autism a disability, unlike what anon said last thread. If you look it up, it's a huge issue in Canada that many families of adult autists can't afford to take care of them, and it varies from province to province.

No. 205215

Genuinely a very good piece of advice written by a mature and compassionate anon with a great understanding of personal responsibility. If Jillian were to do talk about her own confusion in regards to her mental health, it would show so much growth. For what it is worth, I do think she had BPD and that this whole DID affair is related to it, just not in a way she thinks.

No. 205220

lmao anon writing her apology for her in advance. honestly hope she listens this time, I mean, it's not like she could lose anymore followers than she did from this whole shit show

No. 205223

i thought the alters were the ones that front when the person feels unsafe but apparently instead jill fronts for her fragile alters bc it is apparently too uwu scawwy for them to come out and play while she’s in line at starbucks

No. 205224

also samefag but is this co-opting the term “masking” or is that a common/proper term in the tarDID universe?

No. 205231

I mean her using the phrase masking just further confirms she’s full of it.

If she had true DID (setting aside the debate about whether or not it’s even real), her alters would almost certainly not care about “masking” ie pretending to be neurotypical. She wouldn’t be able to “mask” because she wouldn’t be in control. And I would argue that if she has more than one person in control, rather than separate unique identities who switch out according to their roles, that’s not DID.

I’m not a psych tho, but then again neither is she. She’s stealing a term that is almost exclusively used by autistic people for something that is not a neurodevelopmental condition.

No. 205232

>I was pretty deep into this online space for years before I decided I wanted to play a more active part in it
I mean, she’s almost being honest here. Almost.

From what I understand, “masking” as used by DID people means the alters are pretending to be the main host (Jill) to fly under the radar when they front. I’m losing track of Jill’s own DID lore. She only found out the had DID in the past year but were the alters aware that they were alters before that? If not, how could they have been pretending to be Jill for years? How do alters learn how to mimic each other? Supposedly they’re co-fronting all the time now but did they ever co-front before the diagnosis? Could Jerrick co-front with Jill to learn her mannerisms without Jill being aware of him?
I know it’s all bullshit but considering how she’s basing her entire life around this lie now, she should at least try to be consistent.

No. 205233

This is something I don't get, before she would push the narrative that Jerrica was the one who fronted for her when she felt bad etc. But now she says she's the one who fronts? What's the point of having alters then?

No. 205234

Masking is a term from autistic people for autistic people, these DID people are just taking things away from them and making it their idenity.

No. 205235

If Jerrick only fronts when she’s in a bad mood but also only acts like himself (a jerk) when he’s comfortable doing so, she’s basically saying that Jerrick is a cowardly bully who only acts like his douchey true self when he knows he can get away with it. She’s throwing her own excuse that “I couldn’t help being an ass to you, it was Jerrick and he can’t control himself” out the window.

I know, I’m just trying to make sense of Jill’s own narrative here and trying pinpoint where she’s tripping over her lies.

No. 205238

I get that this is now an autistic term but it's been thrown around in the context of "personae" (public vs. private selves) for a long time and I really don't consider it property of autistic people.

No. 205240

I think it’s her not understanding, in “real” DID everything is covert, it’s not that they would act like Jill it’s that they wouldn’t act in a way that would garner attention. The whole point is that they are there to protect you so usually fly under the radar and that’s how people go so king without knowing they have it.

No. 205241

Eh, not necessarily. Though Jill's commodification of any and every term from communities that are not her own is sickening, masking is also used in within the black community when having to exist in predominantly white spaces. Though, I guess it's called "code shifting" more often in that context.

No. 205245

In that case she’s definitely misunderstanding it because “acting like Jill” and “acting in a way that doesn’t attract attention” are polar opposites.

No. 205278

File: 1649084922605.png (165.21 KB, 346x314, mere retardation.png)

I think the lore goes thus far: The 'alters' developed at different times throughout Jill's life in response to 'trauma' (not getting McDonalds or not getting her ass kissed enough that day or something like that. The 'alters' discretely 'fronted' (i.e., took over) Jill for many years. It is only recently, through the help of her witch doctor - I mean, "therapist," that Jill has become aware of these 'alters' and now chooses to indulge in them to 'integrate' (i.e., fix) herself. At times, her 'alters' still front without her knowing - which she refers to as 'masking.'

No. 205284

sometimes i forget this site is full of autists. thanks for reminding me. what a useless post.

No. 205287

And if she isn't commodifying directly she is insinuating. She's fond of phrasing her munchie tweets in ways that if she were called out she'd be able to deny it.

No. 205288

File: 1649087191264.png (32.02 KB, 580x118, Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 11.3…)

so for example here early april 2nd she just used the verb "stimulate"
i think to just test the waters and see if anyone would call her out, but again it would be easily deniable because stimulate is a regular verb. when nobody called it out, however, it gave her the green light to use the term "stim" (adhd/autism connotations) later in the day

No. 205296

Isn’t it that these alters were created at various times due to trauma, her first one being when she was a teen in the form of Jerrick. Then others came, some older then her and even a child one and fictives because she’s gotta be the biggest collector of things. Jill introduces herself like she’s an alter and co-fronts with her other personas who never seem to act solo. All her alters interact in their alter space so it’s easy to “mask”/pretend to be jillian, does this extend to the child I wonder or does the child only take control when it can co-con with Jill? She doesn’t suffer memory loss but does experience dissociation, her biggest symptom! All while doing weed and getting drunk.

So she’s always jill but sometimes not, though when’s she’s not her alters know how to pretend to be her and she still remembers things and if she doesn’t she can communicate with her alters in their shared headspace to find out or they can just co-con allowing jillian to always be present.

Shes pathologised her boring life because she can’t handle not being special. Sad.

No. 205316

It should be noted she smokes strains with suuuuper high THC levels that are known to CAUSE dissociation…

No. 205320

>mid-will wood stim
What the fuck is she trying to say here, is she just talking about listening to music? It's annoying how everything she does has to be tied to mental illness or disability and she simply just can't "listen to music" it has to be "stim".

No. 205321

Lol what? she's saying gibberish now

No. 205322

Is she just implying that she's soooo smart and her DID is soooo special that she doesn't even need her alters to mask and protect her anymore?

No. 205323

This just makes me think her "meet the alters" videos need to come up ASAP. She just introduced herself because gasp… maybe she's just Jillian after all. She doesn't need alters.

No. 205325

is there actually like proof of the strains of weed she smokes? i thought she was still not talking about it and trying to be semi kid friendly despite being high constantly

No. 205335

> Supposedly they’re co-fronting all the time now but did they ever co-front before the diagnosis?

This! This is the biggest red flag! Supposedly someone is always co-fronting with Jill, and that takes so much more therapy than what she’s had. Please excuse my breakdown of DID theory, but alters are able to co-front because one has worked on thinning the amnesia barriers between alters in therapy. To achieve the level of fluid and constant co-fronting she displays in her videos takes years of dissociation- and trauma-specific therapy. She should be at the “still having full amnesia, just starting to learn how to communicate with the system” stage. But instead they have perfect communication, co-front constantly, and Jill is always aware of exactly which alter is co-fronting. This just defies the treatment process for DID

No. 205338

the biggest red flag is that this all started after she finished her fashion school and started being outshined by younger, quirkier girls on tiktok.

No. 205339

And when her waistline blew up

No. 205343

sage your shit, but lmao

No. 205345

File: 1649109463050.png (1.07 MB, 1414x556, Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 5.56…)

I was curious about Steven's transformation over the years

No. 205349

he's going full troon

No. 205353

He's transitioning from male to grandma

No. 205361

he looks like dasha in the last picture kek. him and jillybean both have that scary prozac/troon stare.

No. 205364

Yeah, and most of the DID terminology is made up by larpers and tiktok kids, this shit is not legit at all. Ask any serious psychologist.

No. 205366

psychologists either believe everything or pretend to for money. there's no winning.

No. 205367

Why do men let their gross fetishes ruin them. He went from "cute teen sk8er boy" to "Probably a pedophile"

No. 205368

this is what living in a bpd rainbow house does to a mf

No. 205371

Why did he become more affeminate over the years if he wasn't like this at all. That's my only question. He's painfuly male.

No. 205372


No. 205373

>To achieve the level of fluid and constant co-fronting she displays in her videos takes years of dissociation- and trauma-specific therapy.
but anon don't you see her DID is totes ~speshul~? she said she basically was born with it!! (aka a cope when she wants to have DID but has literally 0 trauma)

No. 205376

File: 1649118401251.png (597.11 KB, 560x826, z.png)

self obsessed

No. 205377

File: 1649118528823.png (58.21 KB, 570x506, z.png)

No. 205378

File: 1649118877864.png (57.03 KB, 590x424, z.png)

both of them are so annoying

No. 205381

He was always a repressed gay/bi guy but him veering towards trooning out now is a combination of social contagion from Jill and from the internet spheres he hangs out in, the same ones that made him a faux “communist.”

No. 205394

We've seen most of what you posted already

No. 205397

File: 1649127005816.png (98.27 KB, 221x275, 1484771620595.png)

Proof he's just a replacement for Colin

No. 205398

File: 1649127980534.jpg (1.8 MB, 4096x4096, Colin and Steve are the same p…)

The narcissism it takes to turn your partner's into you.
I think her identity crisis is that she's full of herself

No. 205401

she's from pei but lives in nb

No. 205416

Is her kink making people into faggots? the narcissism man

No. 205418

Being her partner must be a nightmare. Imagine slowly morphing into whatever she wants you to be, all in the name of aesthetic. She's just not okay with making everything rainbows, she wants to turn her partners into walking rainbows. Imagine being with someone so obnoxious and self centered that she diy's you into her matching aesthetic.

I don't think she's capable of loving anyone but herself then. You're supposed to love your partner and not turn them into an idealized mirror version. Stepford BPD narc shit. This is why she's so obsessed with marriage but once things aren't perfect in her head she flips the fuck out.

No. 205419

This would also explain why she quit once she didn't get she asspats she wanted kekek

No. 205421

I thought her male alters were her way of morphing into someone Stevie would prefer because he’s clearly gay/bi. They both seem to have abandonment issues so they’ll do anything possible to cling to each other, they can’t stand to be alone and face their issues. Hoping for a horrible breakup then we can see her bpd flourish

No. 205423

has her jill alter video been backed up? I would love to see when her other 'meet the alter videos' come out how much she contradicts herself and then tries to blame it on amnesia; which she's said so many times she doesn't have anymore; I bet the second she releases the Jerrick video either the did shit is pumped up to 100 (with additonal autism) or she claims that she'd een working on reitegration and jerrick and jill are the only two left

No. 205424

the first image is from a video where he admits he was heavily addicted to porn and blames being raised christian (even though all the girls I knew who were raised very christian would be to ashamed to even think about porn) He’s a gross cum obsessed scrote in all the photos, as well as enabling his crazy girlfriends delusions.

No. 205428

That would probably be true… if DID was real. Or, at least, it’s not real in the way that it’s described by these tiktok kids. The only thing that makes me think DID might be real is the video of that wild looking homeless guy who said he was diagnosed with it. I can believe someone with a severe amnesia disorder would be in his situation.

No. 205432

Speaking of trooning, does anyone know what her old best friend John's handle is? Apparently he trooned out last year, and I've been curious if there's pics. I don't think she's even hung out with him in years

No. 205468

File: 1649179335758.jpeg (598.19 KB, 828x1150, 6159BD20-B856-4D86-9356-BABC07…)

No. 205471

I don’t know how you can post 3 pics from across literal years of experience, that only show one (poorly executed) silhouette, and not be embarrassed?

No. 205475

When was the last time she actually designed or made a piece of clothing - at least six months ago right? The green dress is at least a year old, if not two

My tinfoil = Jill worked out during her fashion course that she wasn't a gifted seamstress or designer, and is using DID to take on the dream job title with an absolute minimum of actual input, time, creativity, and skill

No. 205479

sounds about right, her fashion protfoli was terrible and even though the entire class wasn't good, hers were one of the worst designs. at least with DID, she thinks that it will give her fame because she will known to be special with a bad card in life so she can asspats

No. 205484

the green dress is 4 years old now. I couldn’t believe it, either.

No. 205495

(Forgot to sage sorry)
She can't grasp that her personal enjoyment of fashion doesn't necessarily translate to the gift of creating fashion. Tbh the whole "kawaii" zeitgeist was dying out by the time she started fashion school, but it was always a very small niche market anyway. How much $$$ does she expect to make in a career as a fashion designer when the market for "kawaii" clothes is already sooo small AND saturated by more reputable designers (whom she herself attempts to emulate)? She should have diversified her portfolio looooong ago.

No. 205497

Nah, I'm pretty sure all her alters are just things she wishes she could be or just simple larping. She doesn't care about anyone but herself.

Jillian stop reusing the same 3 shitty pics challenge.

If she loved fashion she would have more projects to show. So dumb. Just do other shit then.

No. 205499

>My tinfoil = Jill worked out during her fashion course that she wasn't a gifted seamstress or designer, and is using DID to take on the dream job title with an absolute minimum of actual input, time, creativity, and skill

Sounds pausible, like, she's not the kawiwi fashion designer she wants to be, so being a DID fashion designer feels easier because if she does jack shit she can blame it on the alters kek. Just one more reason why DID is do convenient to her.

No. 205500

Bet he watches sissy porn.

No. 205504

True, also she seems to fail to realize that the “kawaii” fashion community will turn on someone in an instant once they fuck up somehow. Her following isn’t big or dedicated enough to keep her afloat in a see of girls doing the exact same shit. I don’t see the DID thing helping her case.

No. 205507

Her My Violet collab came out last summer if I remember correctly, right after she graduated. The patchwork? Smock? dress was the first thing she posted as Five Petal Flower, which was summer 2020, and that was the last thing she posted other than her final portfolio that she had actually made herself. The green dress is 4 years old, from before she went to “fashion school,” as the other anon said. I also find it pretty telling that she didn’t actually include one thing from her portfolio since she clearly has no problem showing off old designs.

She hasn’t so much as posted a sketch or a “cheeky” sneak peek of a design in almost a year, yet calls herself a designer. Even if you struggle with mental health, if you have no other job you could find time to at least post some drawings of something other than your OCs if you are going to say you are a fashion designer. But she mostly just wants to spend her time building up a fantasy world to live in because she knows she can’t compete where she doesn’t compare.

Sad considering she had a captive audience at least for the time of her my Violet collab, and that dress looks like it’s made of paper. Highly doubt she could replicate that scenario.

No. 205511

Isn’t she supposed to be sewing a wedding dress for her cousin?? At this rate the poor girl isn’t gonna have a dress at her own wedding

No. 205512

does her cousin also wear this pathetic shit? she is not going to be able to make a wedding dress.

No. 205519

Her using her mental illness in an attempt to garner praise is so odd to me. One of my favourite small designers is literally physically disbled, and has a medical condition, she can't afford her medical expenses so she uses her talent as a seamstress/designer to make money and she is amazing at it. Jill is lazy and wants to be seen as 100% the best while doing 10% of the work.

No. 205520

that's gonna suck. She's not gonna make it. If she was working on it she would already be posting pics.

No. 205532

since it's a wedding dress it makes sense as to why she wouldn't post progress pics. But that still doesn't mean that she can't post other projects. Like the cardigan she knitted here >>204804 but since she's such a spoonie she's just showing her cousin that she's focusing on herself rather than something important for family.

No. 205550

File: 1649227589449.jpg (346.24 KB, 759x808, growth.jpg)

8 years. 3 images. oh boy.

No. 205552

She extra sucks because she clearly does have a "style" that she could have developed into something refined if she had put in the work. It's not the most commercial style, but it could work for niche markets, pop stars often have wacky colorful clothes that stand out.

But she doesn't want to take the blame for being lazy so she larps as having a quirky mental illness so she doesn't have to confront her own flaws. In fact it's almost impressive how much work she spends on making up mental illness

No. 205563

I share this tinfoil and have been yelling about it for a while. She grew up as a big fish in a little pond, with a mother and later an audience constantly telling her how amazing she was and how successful she was going to be. When success didn’t magically fall into her lap she gave up and went to look for something else that 1) would make her interesting and unique and 2) would give her an excuse to stop working towards her so-called dream career. I think fashion school really drove it home but that she was having doubts before that; the reason she applied to this particular school was because it was close by and they didn’t require any kind of portfolio or skill. At one point she was telling her followers that she wanted to attend Bunka (lmao) but alas, they have actual entry requirements. She had an entire gap year to work on a portfolio but would rather do literally anything else. She wants the title of Fashion Designer without doing any of the work.

IIRC it’s the skinwalker cousin so she’d probably be happy to wear any of those monstrosities. I bet five internet dollars that Jill fails to deliver a custom dress and the cousin wears the My Violet collab as a wedding dress and they’ll all pretend it totally counts.

No. 205568

Fun fact because I know how the school works and because she said so.
She applied to the "fashion school" aka shitty craft college with a portfolio in order to advance into the fashion program. But it was so shit they made her take the foundation year.

It's funny to see her go through 3 years in that place. be absent for half of it because she couldn't be bothered to leave the house and see absolutely no improvements in her "passion" aka attention seeking costumes.

I've seen the pamphlets for that place. It's just an extended expensive summer school that gives you a piece of paper when you leave saying: you did it!!!!

No. 205573


sage, but the school rules changed a few years ago so its required to take the foundation year now. (which is a general art course covering a bunch of different mediums, color theory, history etc. briefly)

Everything else ('craft classes') is correct. Some good designers have some out of it, but that because they were naturally good designers and the course teaches all the construction basics to make something. It just doesn't criticize bad designs.

No. 205581

you say this but her entire existence online has been trying to grift in 'niches'
Hime Gyaru, Sweet Lolita, the 'pastel goth band girl', then we were hit with the beginning of the rainbow vomit hoarder when she was actually productive but tbh looking at it, really seems like her going to Japan has the beginning of the spiral.

Before japan it still leaned towards pink + rainbow and then after was when she seemed to lose her way even more? Tattoos started, it became more and more obnoxious jewel tone rainbows. It does ALSO line up with her starting 'fashion school' but I think it was that combo that popped her bubble.

She just comes back form being an 'uwu kawaii ambassador', going to japan, meeting these big name harajuku fashion designers and the japan youtubers probably feeling like this was 'her level' only for it to all come crashing down by going to fashion school and realizing that no, she's not even on the same level as these people in this nowhere craft corner school.

She knew that she would never actually be a 'kawaii fashion designer' like she thought she would so she saw the newest 'niche' thing for fat white girls with a bunch of colorful shit to do: Drag and Thottery.

I know there's a bunch of weed usage and other things but

tl;dr - Going to Japan ruined her by making her realize how actually 'successful' kawaii fashion people lived.

No. 205585

New video, "what happened to my fashion collection". No more alters yet. https://youtu.be/yJOwO9TXQpE(learn2embed)

No. 205586

File: 1649262172103.jpeg (226.33 KB, 1170x328, 3591CC60-3516-4D00-BE38-EC481B…)

She's definitely lurking.

No. 205588

Oh god I’m less than a minute in and the high pitched voice she’s doing is unbearable. It sounds like she pitched up her voice in editing or sm

No. 205589

She essentially spends 15 minutes citing COVID, her DID diagnosis, her school changing/shifting event style, and things (the videographer) "falling through" on why her collection was never uploaded as a video or lookbook. Never really explains why she never provided people with any photos of the finished product, on models or mannequins. My tinfoil is that she was supposed to be the videographer and died of shame on set.

No. 205591

right, the reason why this youtuber couldn't upload her fashion collection is because her videographer bailed on her. otherwise the garments are sitting on the hangers desperately waiting for someone with a camera and filming and editing experience to show up.

No. 205592


No. 205593

File: 1649265340756.jpg (585.87 KB, 1143x1600, 0A7A0109-Edit.jpg)

Final collection photos are now up on her college profile - not sure whether these were posted before?


No. 205594

File: 1649265490187.jpg (87.03 KB, 600x900, DSC_0067-Edit-1-600x900.jpg)

No. 205597

Is it just me or does she look like she's maybe using one of those slimming video editing filters also ?

No. 205598

File: 1649266122948.png (1.77 MB, 1219x931, jillian_chickenwing.png)

Her arms really jumped at me, wtf. Take care of your health, fatty, jeez.

They were indeed already posted before but it was quite some time back so it's good to get another look. She's really trying to make excuses and said several times she's "so proud" of this but we all know deep down she is fully aware how bad these are. I wonder if a narcissist like her feels shame because imagine hyping yourself up as a fashion designer for years just to spit this out?

No. 205599

This is pretty old milk

No. 205600

it's so much easier to look at her without that hideous makeup, wow. glad we made it through that era.

No. 205606

Why does she sound higher pitched here?

No. 205607

are those stretch marks? I've never seen them in that area before.

No. 205608

Tbh I feel like I’m gonna be an asshole for trashing this but the pictures reek of laziness. For one thing, there’s a number of small issues she failed to adjust, things like bras showing, the wigs looking cheap, etc. it’s funny that the hair of the only model not wearing a wig (on the left) completely clashes with the color scheme of her dress.

This brings me to the bigger issue, she didn’t take any time or care into making what the models wore suit them. For example, the pink ensemble of the middle blonde model would have much better suited the model on the right, whose purple getup is far too bright on her. The blue dress would have also better suited the middle blonde model, as aline skirts are mode suited towards pulse size women. But the makeup definitely is the worst part, she clearly didn’t know or consider what it would look like on skin tones that weren’t hers.

No. 205609

not to wk jill, but yeah, and I feel like it's pretty normal for bigger people. I am average in the US and have light ones from what I would think is the weight of my tits. Sorry to blog post. But in jills case, she's just getting too fat too quickly, and no tits to in sight.

No. 205610

They look like she never did a mock up or first pass to establish what works and doesn’t. Like the city skyline dress with the picnic blanket on the inside, cute detail but poorly executed.

Its like that with everything she does now. I feel like once upon a time she actually did put more attention into the details, she did the multiple passes and determined what she liked and worked which led to her best results. Now it’s like she gets it done and that’s it even if it was her first attempt. She gives up and looks for the easy way out or avoids mentioning/thinking about it ever again. Instead all she thinks about is her mental health and ailments that would explain away her declining capacity but really the problem is she just doesn’t put in the work/time any more and she’s too addled from substances to concentrate.

No. 205611

ah ok
I have light ones on my boobs and my back (wtf) so not trying to make a big deal out of them. They just looked so red that I wasn't sure what I was seeing. They must be pretty fresh.

No. 205615

File: 1649273710311.png (180.5 KB, 332x252, watchtheshadow.png)

Kek I think you are right. Idk how to make a gif, some kind gif anon would be great right now. But look at the the shadow of the mug next to her glitching out like crazy. Especially noticeable at around the 9 minute mark. Or am I crazy? I don't know enough about these kinds of video editing programs.

At like the 11:50 mark she mentions that she "toiletted her iPhone" so she lost all her progress photos from making the collection which is so retarded because don't most phones autosave to the cloud at this point? And even if they don't, wouldn't you as an artist make sure to back up all the progress files of your work? She's so bad at her job.

No. 205616

I notice it most in the face I think but that could just be the makeup not being as horrible as it has been ? Like another anon said this is MUCH easier to look at than whatever weird "drag" inspired face paint she's been doing.

No. 205617

File: 1649274699075.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20220406-130353-301…)

She's begging for PR again. I hope she ended up burning all the bridges with the stunt she pulled with Wet&Wild and ColourPop tells her to fuck off because she's an ungreatful brat.

No. 205618

File: 1649275206755.jpeg (35.01 KB, 284x340, 73075385-BB4B-4BC4-AE61-59B054…)


No. 205620

Cat attack?
Blogpost but i have allergies and dermatitis and sometimes i have marks like that from scratching. I mostly wear skin colourd tights to hide it.

No. 205624

File: 1649276317270.jpeg (659.12 KB, 3464x1719, 0BB92B2C-AD68-4F1B-9719-DB55D5…)

The pieces are so shit i think no one has even noticed the actual hatecrime the makeup was.. she really cant even get the smallest most basic stuff to look decent

No. 205628

She definitely is, it’s wobbling like mad on her arms the entire time. Crazy how Jerrick is supposed to be the only one who hates being fat but Jill has clearly started hating it more too at the same exact time.

No. 205629

She's a filthy hoarder so maybe it's bedbugs. They love to bite ankles. Blog but I had a hoarder roomie and had to move out, but she had bleedy ankles from scratching the bites so much. Tinfoil but possible in her rainbow landfill.

No. 205634

her eyebrows are still shit though

No. 205641

Yeah everybody has stretch marks (no matter what photoshop says) but for most people they happen during puberty and lighten up by the time you’re an adult and people see you naked. A couple of things can bring on new stretch marks, like certain medications, health conditions, or pregnancy but it’s fairly obvious that in jills case it’s sudden weight gain. I don’t believe that people should feel ashamed of stretch marks because every woman has them (and everybody has them on different areas too, for you it’s boobs and back, for me it’s my upper thighs and hips) but in jill’s case she has them on her arms because she’s stopped taking care of herself and it’s sad.

No. 205643

I could do a gif but I genuinely don’t see what happens at the 9 minute mark? Can’t see any glitch

No. 205646

those aren't jill's legs nonnie lmao

No. 205647

stretch marks are literally a white girl problem.

No. 205649

Yea, I'm the original anon to post the photo of her arms and that's what I meant! Like no diss to anons with stretch marks, we literally all have them, me included, its just that they are very dark and fresh and in a place way less common to develop new stretch marks. It's from her rapid weight gain. I just hadn't seen them before this video so idk how new they are. Just insane how she doesn't take care of herself, they go all the way almost to her elbow. The whole skin looks red on her arm, at first I thought it was bruising.

No. 205650

They're stretchmarks from weight loss, nonny, keep up.

No. 205651

jesus christ just buy it you brat. the emoji barf at the end doesn't rid you of your entitlement

No. 205652

you're retarded, if you're not trolling.

No. 205653

>>weight loss
Kek she wishes. She'll be deathfat before she hits 30 at the rate she's going.

No. 205662


I don't know a ton about video editing besides the basics, but if you zoom in on the video you can see a weird fuzzy thing going on around her outline, a wiggle I guess? I def think she edited it to make her look smaller, but not enough that it's super noticeable. Her face looks way slimmer here too. And dare I say, her hair looks kinda cute, but maybe I'm used to it being gross and greasy.

No. 205663

Those are just her workout lines

No. 205670

o god I know, Jerrick's anorexia really worries me. He needs a tube.

No. 205685

summary but not really because i dont usually do these so i might miss stuff

>her fashion shoot got cancelled because of coronavirus

>her videographer bailed and also i guess they didn't have the correct lights (only flashing lights?)
>her models all lived in different provinces, so she had to keep rescheduling
>has a video of one model but would have to otherwise contact everyone else again
>might consider just doing a video of the clothes themselves
>lost a bunch of progress photos because of her old iphone falling into the toilet
>has been dealing with a lot of artist block since graduating
>says this video is a huge weight off her chest
>no longer uses instagram because it stresses her out
>apologizes for the radio silence on this issue, says we deserve an answer but was procrastinating considering how upsetting it would be to watch her clarify all the mishaps

she very occasionally brings up DID stuff but its not at all a focus and is a strangely normal video

No. 205687

I chortled.

No. 205706

Either she's been starving herself to see if anybody will notice, or this is edited.

No. 205708

why do you think she's starving? I don't get it

No. 205710

Nta but I’d guess it’s because she looks slightly less bloated

No. 205711

She looks A LOT thinner than she did even last month.

No. 205712

Is it maybe a video she filmed last year and never finished or posted until now?

No. 205713

She has the septum piercing and she's not wearing the retarded clown makeup so I'm inclined to believe this was filmed recently.

No. 205718

Is self aware saga gonna come soon then?

No. 205719

I think this was filmed with a fish eye lens, look at the stripes.

No. 205721

You do know that filters exist right?

No. 205724

it's crazy how much better she looks with normal eye makeup instead of the clown drag she was doing

No. 205731

Thats why I said it might be edited dumbass, filters count as editing. Learn to read.

No. 205732

Love it when narcs take the pandemic personally

No. 205742

This entire video is her complaining and making bullshit excuses. Genuinely the most insufferable video of hers I’ve ever seen. Shut the fuck up, Jill, and just admit you’re lazy. Your “system” wasn’t “bubbling” and preventing you from finishing the work you said you’d do, my god. How anyone enables this fat retard is beyond me, but I am loving the milk.

No. 205751

>My tinfoil = Jill worked out
Anon you and I both know that would never happen.

No. 205752

the only way she would work out is if she was on a pink treadmill running after a peeps marshmallow attached to a stick

No. 205769

File: 1649333513078.gif (1.11 MB, 1191x952, jill.gif)

3 weeks ago vs present day
It could just be the light and makeup, that double chin tho

No. 205770

samefag sorry for the retarded finger movements i didn't realize until now

No. 205772

Yeah i think it's just makeup. That blush is in a unfortunate place, and makes her look bloated.

No. 205774

This is just like her What Happened with the Pins video.

No. 205780

Could she have changed the settings on her camera? I’m not a video/tech person but isn’t there a setting that changes how close you look, maybe the aperture? I remember a photo set from years ago that changed the setting and if you use it lightly you look thinner, but at its most extreme it basically becomes a fish eye lense.

No. 205781

File: 1649337835848.jpeg (151.46 KB, 1000x1000, E028D3FF-4417-4D9B-9AE1-4435DF…)

samefag, I looked up the correct term and found the photo I was thinking about. I was actually thinking of the focal length. I assume Jill uses a good camera and considering her mother is literally a photographer I’m sure she could figure out how to change the focal length. The effect can be really dramatic (see picrel)

No. 205796


Nah I think she lost weight. She couldn't even fit in that dress before. She was bursting out of it in her house tour video.

No. 205802

this comment sent me

No. 205804

the difference is so subtle. i truly just think not having her hair pulled into a ponytail like an egg makes her face look smaller overall. also the eyebrows not being pink microsperms on her face and looking somewhat natural "lifts" her whole eye area to appear bigger. as for the double chin, i genuinely just think she's sitting more forward that last time.

No. 205806

It's a combination of everything, makeup, lighting, the way she styled her hair and camera angle. She probably put more effort on how she appears in this video because she knows more people are going to click on it since it's the first fashion related video after a whole year of just mental health content.

No. 205815

We probably just think she looks better because she's looked like dog shit for so long. Its called relief.

Also the camera seems to be more above, her pointing down, which is much more flattering to people with double chins.

No. 205829

>>205769I see the main difference in her shoulders, they're not as wide.

No. 205883

File: 1649372264013.jpeg (204.64 KB, 828x648, 9A701516-1E26-49F2-B6D0-ECEC6B…)

No. 205886

so all of her boyfriends are closet homosexuals. who do you guys think this is about? tristan maybe? colin seems like he would be openly gay

No. 205890

File: 1649377438929.jpeg (786.09 KB, 828x1323, 832CEE3C-173E-4CB1-998B-F42CF4…)

It’s not subtle at all. She’s using a face and body sliming filter. This is one of here most recent post and she has the similar “flattering” make up and still looks like a fat toad. She’s outright lying about her face and body in this video.

No. 205892

They're both so gross.

No. 205893

why the fuck would she use obvious body filters and then sit against her striped wall the lines are all so fucking wavy kek

No. 205894

File: 1649379911610.png (184.6 KB, 1080x851, Screenshot_20220407-190341-293…)

I'm 100% sure that if they didn't mock an aspect that Jill resonated with she would be at the forefront of the harassment.
Also does anyone know who she's talking about?

No. 205895

DissociaDID apparently

No. 205910

We did it girls, she's now claiming Lolcow gave her DID.

No. 205911

what did she do now

No. 205913

"I didn't realize how much twitter traumatized me"–then get off of twitter! There is literally no reason why her other alters should even be on the internet.

Also i hate takes like this. Most social media allow you to put your profile on private and it allows you to block people.

No. 205915

I’m just theorizing, but is this about that one tik tok they did where they sang along to a rap with the n word but clearly didn’t say it, only for people to accuse them of saying it anyway (and when they were disproven harass them for supposedly getting close to saying it). Pixie was making tweets basically contributing to that dog piling against them (despite them being the founder of the did community in the first place) and their fans may have possibly fought back.

That being said, while dogpiling can at times be traumatic, Pixie was literally contributing to a harassment campaign against another creator. So it’s okay for her to harass other people but not for them to call her out on it.

No. 205924

File: 1649389584013.png (227.63 KB, 545x713, Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 11.4…)

She was on one tonight.

No. 205925

File: 1649389682842.png (264.15 KB, 614x694, Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 11.4…)

Happy about being called skinny combined with passive aggressive emojis and Jerrick ED larping!

No. 205927

DissociaDID posted a video introducing her "demon alter", Mara, while wearing goth girl makeup that "Mara did".

I couldn't find anyone talking shit on Twitter, but apparently people were laughing at her makeup, so Jill stepped in to defend her (obviously only so she could talk about her own trauma being bullied by the internet).

I watched the video out of curiosity and DissociaDID actually mentions lots of people having Harley Quinn fictions because her character is so relatable to DID. They're all the same.

No. 205928

Probably her newest video which is maybe even too cringy for Jill to handle.

No. 205930

0:24, it's obviously a body filter look at her arm near the cup and how the shadow is glitching

No. 205931

File: 1649390949408.jpg (17.06 KB, 472x121, dad.JPG)

Why did she retweet this? Thought she got along well with her dad

No. 205932

File: 1649391004762.jpg (33.42 KB, 596x137, dad1.JPG)

No. 205935

File: 1649391264607.jpeg (785.51 KB, 1170x1834, 6DE168EE-2F6E-4B7A-8237-D33C47…)

she would also like to remind everyone that her piano teacher sexually assaulted somebody (not her tho)

No. 205937

Her name is Jillian, anon. And sage your thoughts.

How did she ever claim to be fat posi (which is retarded to begin with) or whatever when she shows how excited she is at the thought of being even perceived as thinner? She really tells on herself, she hates being fat and knows other fat people don't look good. She was never okay with it and it was always obvious no matter how much she projected. From day one of her starting the "fat positive" shit, you could see how much it pained her to be a fattie, it never felt genuine but she's fully going mask off now.


These were literally just posted, read the thread lazy newfags.

No. 205938

If this is all she has for her traumatic larp backstory then how can anybody in her life take this shit seriously. I bet her and/or her therapist is trying to cook up some false memories about this to further add to the larp.

No. 205939

Samefag but this is really weak shit for a HARDCORE ANGSTY AGGRO EMO TEEN. She's too much of a coward to go off on people. Why would this altar even give a shit about the racism accusations anyway kek.

No. 205941

it's so funny to me that her "trauma" is an e-relationship, lolcow, and her piano teacher being nice to her fucking KEK

No. 205942

I thought Dorian would talk about how anorexia ruined her life or is she one of those covert pro-anas that makes "recovery" content that's actually just constant body checks?

This is just fucking gross! The fact that she keeps trying to coopt some one else's traumas. Her constantly saying that she's trying to contact past abusers is the opposite of what she should be doing. Where the fuck is her therapist to tell her that she's being a fucking idiot and is recommending harmful tactics to her brain dead audience?

No. 205944

Oh shit I didn’t know this at all, thanks for clarifying. Seems like dissociadid can’t catch a break, I forgot how fast the internet moves.

I’m used to calling people by their usernames, completely forgot about her name shit. I would have called disscoaidid by their username but, as I have demonstrated, I cannot spell for shit.

No. 205947

>>205925 Yup, I called it. She was hoping somebody would notice how hard shes working to starve herself! How very BPD of her

No. 205948

>>205929 When you blow up like she did, you get stretch marks. Now, when you lose that weight, the stretch marks become more apparent initially.

No. 205957

File: 1649404898599.jpg (339.72 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_20220408-010030_You…)

Kek this is her thinspo?

No. 205958

This lady is pretty well known for her destructive behavior & ed’s… maybe instead of whining abt how triggering she is dont fucking watch her jill?? You dont see ppl getting coddled for choosing to watch Eugenia and trigger themselves how is this different

No. 205959

no one called you skinny KEK

No. 205961

File: 1649407940827.jpeg (328.48 KB, 1570x995, 62AD82DC-2EE6-4B8A-90BB-ED6FC2…)

>my wall is literally straight lines like a ruler
>the ruler she used is as straight as steeby

No. 205964

This is kind of fucked up, she dated all her partners publicly, unless they are all upfront about this then she is outing someone in this tweet. We all know she is straight as hell but she isn’t even a good ally, wtf Jillian. The fact that she calls the ex straight makes it seem that he does present like that publicly because if he wasn’t she would brag about it.

No. 205965

File: 1649410857267.png (Spoiler Image, 199.28 KB, 850x637, Lens-distortion-types-Top-left…)

That's what happens when you use a wide angle lens

No. 205966

Is she talking about herself? Lol

No. 205967

Yep I also think all of this is because of a wide angle lens, from the skinnier looking face to the warped walls. Alternative is she’s using the same lens as usual but just changed how close the camera is to her and how zoomed in it is.

No. 205968

i dont really think it is lens distortion, because the lines to the left start straight and then start to curve. if it was barrel distortion from the lens it would bow out from top to bottom.

No. 205972

File: 1649418592201.jpeg (1015.77 KB, 1485x1443, 545B1649-F847-4690-A5A0-1F8DCA…)

She retweeted this but….is it just me or is her dress visibly not zipped up.

No. 205973

File: 1649419022374.jpeg (163.4 KB, 350x525, A051E5EF-0DBF-4F43-811E-9EF4A2…)

I don’t think so, the zipper pull is visible but some dresses have side zips that don’t go all the way up to stop them interfering with the sleeves. It does however look like the zip is not long for this world but hey, maybe now she’s a graduated FaShUn DeZiNeR she can replace a zip…

No. 205975

She’s been on the decline for a while but her angel therapist sure has fucking accelerated the race to the bottom.
Now she’s sharing thinspo shit on her teen account that I’m sure she uses to follow teens and who she’s followed back on by teens. So shes sharing harmful content to her audience with the express purpose of them using it to harm themselves.
I’m getting such groomer vibes from her and Steve lately, their home is a safe space to lower boundaries, teehee thinspo, child alter and the like. The common thread really does seem to be this therapist and his use of the “affirm every whim my client has and never challenge anything” approach, wonder how his other clients are faring.

No. 205976

That looks like the lining to me, it’s plain pink it’s not gingham where it’s gaping.

No. 205982

Is the solid pink not just some ugly satin pink chair back?

No. 205985

File: 1649424114842.jpeg (377.56 KB, 828x965, D423DC42-1719-46FF-B560-38BF75…)

No. 205996

That makes 0 sense, looks retarded, and imagine comparing a serious condition like DID to fucking toy story lmao. She's probably just zoning out thanks to the weed.

No. 205998

First of all, disgusting. Second, can she fucking stop with the weird "sending emails to the people I hate" bullshit? It's not okay, it's harassment. Like, does she think they will apologize to her?

Also, Jillian. Your teacher never fucked you. It comes across as if you wished he did. It comes across as "omg I was this close to being raped, I sadly wasn't though:(". Please stop being this cringe.

No. 206000

It's just her chair

Not that she is any less fat, but her clothing looks zipped up to me

No. 206002

So she's back to telling lies about her ED and using camera tricks, filters, and editing herself. Fucking pathetic. Jillian you can lose weight the healthy way, not this fucking retarded shit lmao.
I think old Jillian would never share thinspo on her twitter (main or not), she was very focused on her positive persona. Now she doesn't give a fuck. It's weird.
jillian tries to be anorexic for 1 week and she's already being overly dramatic about it. Some things never change.

No. 206003

Jillian remember when you laughed at a girl on tiktok and made her quit? Yeah, you ain't no saint lady.
I bet her biggest problem with her dad is that he actually settled boundaries and rules with her, and then Louise would just constantly spoil her. Plus it wasn't that long ago when he made her some acrylic flower lights or whatever.
This, kek. She has been hyping it up for a while now. She just needed the right comment to project herself and get that sweet, sweet """"I'm totes anorexic guysss" validation.

No. 206004

>it's so funny to me that her "trauma" is an e-relationship, lolcow, and her piano teacher being nice to her fucking KEK
this lmao, she can just quit the fucking internet

No. 206006

>I’m getting such groomer vibes from her and Steve lately, their home is a safe space to lower boundaries, teehee thinspo, child alter and the like.
This. And Steven was the one who found the counselor for Jill.

Ewww, fucking gross! Steven is so fucking porn brainrotted.

No. 206009

So now both Jill and DissociaDID have alters which are supposed to partially be "fictives" of Harley Quinn kek

No. 206014

He must be so stupid not to realise that she never did the dramatic switching before and now all of a sudden she does. Her one on camera switch was so bizarre like he would have caught on much sooner if she was doing that, they literally live with each-other and for a good while where both jobless spending all day at home. Is she every day for the sake of him seeing her switch twitching, glazing over and going “girly wirly girly wirly woo”, there is no way no one would have seen it up until now and thought she was having a brain event and done something. Do any nonnies know what a “real” DID switch looks like because it cannot be this nonsense these larpers portray or it wouldn’t be a covert condition.

No. 206018

There’s no way that dress is zipped up, it’s probably two sizes smaller.

No. 206024

File: 1649439134787.png (91.88 KB, 500x278, 1905D893-32F7-4EA3-A932-ADF84C…)

She’s literally Trisha paytas

No. 206025

exactly, nonna. i can't imagine what it must be like in her circle. first she intended to send an email to her "abuser" uma, then some distant aunt across canada, now her ex piano teacher that didn't even molest her. EVERYBODY goes through some sort of trauma in their life, but imagine being so self-centred that out of everyone on earth you feel that everyone who has once wronged you in some way needs to receive an in depth report on that years later.

i fucking can't. you would think jill can at least unclench her ass cheeks behind closed doors, but having to keep up this charade by badly acting in front of your bf and family 24/7 must be exhausting.

No. 206028

I’m gonna nitpick because I need a break from life. As problematic as DissociaDID is, at least her new alter Mara follows the “laws” of DID: she was a fictive came from ONE source, the character Mara on tiktok (not Harley Quinn). She’s not a blend of three different characters like Jill claims Jax is. Later on in the video they say the “original” Mara fused with another non fictive alter so Mara 2.0 isn’t a fictive anymore, but that’s not the point. The point is, Mara’s creation falls in line with the rules of fictives. Jax’s does not. Just make three separate fictives, it would be more believable and consistent with established DID conduct. DissociaDID said they have 40 alters now, Jill bumping it up to 9 instead of 7 wouldn’t outrageous (or 10 instead of 8 if the piano emoji is an alter)

No. 206029

Nothing happened to her. I'm sure this guy is a piece of shit, but he never harmed her in any way. She's taking someone else's trauma and making it all about her. Hope his actual victim never has to see this.

No. 206030

I called it. I knew her dad was inevitably going to be blamed. It's either going to be false memories or over exaggerated "abuse"

No. 206031

File: 1649441358552.jpeg (561.44 KB, 1170x1376, 4350DF32-9265-430F-964A-6FABDE…)


No. 206035

File: 1649442999848.png (187.93 KB, 897x801, 2.png)

These replies are hilarious by the way, if you really cared about the TW you'd just delete the post and repost it, or better yet, not post it at all. But instead I guess she just Has to mention how angry and dissociated she is because she's soo mentally ill.

No. 206036

this tweet broke my heart honestly. A lot of people don't grow up with a pleasant relationship with their parents, and even though hers aren't perfect they really do seem like nice people. Maybe they were too kind she takes them for granted. Sage but I'm sure I'm not the only nonna thinking this kek

No. 206039

I bet the horrible "abuse" she suffered from her father's hand was him telling her no two time and him being used as a mouth piece when mama vessey is too scared to hurt her poor daughter's feelings.

No. 206046


What a little fucking witch.

No. 206052

At least she was explicitly called skinny, Jill just got accused of looking slightly less fat because of editing and her wall glitching out lmfao

No. 206061

so she's dissociating while dissociating? dissociation ception? if she wants to equate any amount of dissociation with the disorder, she can at least keep her facts straight.

No. 206064

File: 1649454555560.jpeg (278.47 KB, 828x804, 15066099-28E8-4896-9FD7-ADD0ED…)

No. 206066

She's literally so bored, all of this is just her inventing zero effort shit to do. Play acting at anything attention-grabbing that only requires sitting around. Being anorexic for 30 minutes a day when she's "Jerrick." Kek.

No. 206067

Here it is folks, she is claiming csa.
Wonder how her parents will feel about this.

No. 206070

She’ll say shit like this but will scream ‘YOURE NOT OWED MY TRAUMA STORY!!!’ if anybody even insinuates she hasn’t actually suffered the level of trauma that you’re meant to have experienced to develop DID

No. 206073

You know, I do believe that there is some validity to the existence of something like DID, having experienced memory issues as a result of PTSD as an adult - but man, this shit ain't it. You can make all the videos you want in the world, but this is fucking acting, and a bored, sad little girl. That's all there is to it. Jillian is an even worse fucking example. You people desperately need D&D in your spare time and some full time jobs. Seriously.

No. 206076

for the last time. DID is a real disorder, but the alters aren't this beyond two souls shit, just a trauma response. these kids(and jill) treat them like imaginary friends.

No. 206077

Yeah, you know like, pretty much what I said in my post. I fully believe and can see how something like this exists having had my own experiences with trauma as a result which are crazy enough (so I can only imagine what it does to a child's mind) - but again, this shit ain't it. I call 100% bullshit on DissociaDID and I'm sure she's doing more damage than good.

Jill is pretty fucking obviously inspired by / emulating her.

No. 206079

So she's claiming she was sexually abused? By her DeviantArt gf or what??

No. 206082

I second these creepy vibes
Tinfoil but the piano emoji alter will be related to the piano teacher trauma-by-proxy (as if)

No. 206084

File: 1649458509253.webm (1.01 MB, 1080x2280, Screen_Recording_20220408-1841…)

With the recent anachan posts she's been making, I'm sure looking at her teen photos kills her inside. This trend is extra funny with her photos as they clearly show how much worse looking and unhinged she is now compared to her younger self. (reposting as the last one didn't have sound, sorry!)

No. 206088

In her house tour video, she shows off her cactus bowl of tampons, and even says she used to use them. If they're so triggering, why would she leave them out on display?

No. 206090

Either just lying or perhaps her therapist has made her “remember” trauma she never really had.
I wonder what this says about her relationship with Steebie though. How can he possibly ever be sleeping with her if she claims just using a tampon gives her flashbacks?

No. 206093

Fucking hell, people over share on Twitter to a mad extent. I feel like that kind of conversation should be in a support group or something, not on a public social network, jesus h christ

No. 206097

So now she hates tampons due to CSA? I'd bet anything she's using her own extended version of "childhood" to include her dating Uma and maybe Uma touched her or something so now she hates tampons. (remember she says "adults and neurodivergent people" or similar in a recent video, she thinks neurodivergent = child)

No. 206098

Samefag, I would hate to be one of these people that are getting dragged up and blamed for her past traumas, no sympathy for pedo piano teacher, but Uma and her relative and whoever else don't deserve this vaguetweeting about her "abuse" when she knows full well they can't say anything about it/may not even know she's saying this.

No. 206102

Remember she made a tweet about having hallucinations in previous threads. She was probably putting out feelers to see if she could pretend to be schizophrenic.

No. 206107

This is sad. She used to have so much hope and opportunities available to her that she threw away

No. 206110

Yeah… it seems like bullshit to me, especially with all her 'i'm so queer!!' nonsense she never mentioned any sex repulsion or asexual shit and she couldn't claim it now without being called out either.

No. 206111

Ok she better have a good explanation for that claim. Claiming csa is no fucking joke. Is this one of her implanted memories situation?
I don't like blaming victims, I just would like to know.

No. 206112

>actively ed'd
ok retard

No. 206113

>imagine being so self-centred that out of everyone on earth you feel that everyone who has once wronged you in some way needs to receive an in depth report on that years later.

kekkkk this is so unghinged, and not in the fun way. Just cringe af

No. 206114

she's worse than trisha.

No. 206115

She used to be cute, quirky, fun. Stupid but nice. Internet brainrot is no joke.

No. 206116

I feel like she was like
>hey therapist-kun, I don't like wearing tampons, but I don't know why?
>therapist: oh I know why………. it's because of TRAUMA!!! YOU WERE ASSAULTED AS A KID!!!!!
>Oh that makes sense! thanks!

No. 206117

The funny thing is Jillian could explain all this shit with just BPD. The lack of sense of identity, the weird over reactions, hypersensitivity. You don't even need to have trauma to have BPD. Silly bitch.

No. 206125

gonna try really hard not to a-log but as a csa survivor, from the bottom of my heart, fuck you Jillian. I can’t even imagine talking about this stuff to my closest friends, it’s hard to even vocalize with a therapist, but she is just suddenly recovering memories of being raped as a child and decides to immediately start talking about vaginal trauma and tampons on Twitter for thousands of people to see. These are deeply personal thoughts and even if by some long shot she’s telling the truth, she’s a fucking narc for broadcasting it to the world for pity points. It’s not brave, it’s a desperate grab for attention at the expense of others.

No. 206126

>It’s not brave, it’s a desperate grab for attention at the expense of others.

A perfect description of all her mental illness larping. It helps nobody, uses the experiences of the people she's larping for her personal benefit, mischaracterises them and the disorders or experiences she claims to have, spreads false info and probably triggers people too since she insists on doing this larp in public and making casual references to ed and abuse (with no evidence or basis in reality) in a manner which would be offensive to actual victims.

No. 206129

>csa tw
>tampons send her into hellish flashbacks
I can't believe she's implying she was raped as a kid, there's literally no other way to interpret this. She's a genuine retard.

No. 206133

So having penetrative sex is fine but tampons are triggering? Lmao ok Jill.

No. 206135

File: 1649487340274.jpeg (96.83 KB, 720x1280, descarga.jpeg)

Super OT but the fact that the biggest DID icon created and "alter" based on a tiktoker's OC tells you enough about how crazy these white girls are. Don't bully Chloe for her makeup, she's doing it herself!

Who wants to bet how long does it takes to our Jilly Bean to create an alter with "demonic" make-up???

No. 206137

THIS. What the fuck. She literally said that she loves dick too much to be a lesbian or something. And don't come at me with "omg but csa victims are hypersexual!!!" etc. She's clearly making shit up.

No. 206138

She used to overshare about her constant UTIs and has said that she loves dick too much to call herself a lesbian. Clearly she’s not too traumatised to have PIV sex with Steebie.

No. 206139

Wow. How fucking convenient of you Jillian. You mention how your piano teacher raped some girls (but not you), and then you claim you actually have CSA. Fucking gross. You can't let others have anything, you even want their trauma for yourself.

No. 206140

She first says she has a wonderful childhood and then she says this shit? Just to claim her DID is more real? Seriously what the fuck is wrong with her. Also, the way she's wording it, it sounds like her dad raped her or something. Grossssssssssss.

No. 206141

I wish any of her fans actually had a more than 5 second memory and could call her out. I also wish anons didn’t always hype up making call out videos just for it so be subpar or never follow through with it

No. 206143

Jillian 'my dildos are in my drawer' Vessey is a fucking moron. If pretending to be sex repulsed, because your boyfriend moved to the basement to avoid touching you, makes you feel better. Then do it, just not on the fucking internet.

No. 206152

She already has Jax. I bet we'll get videos of her "fronting" soon and it'll just be Jill in black clothing shittily done e-girl makeup talking with a New Jersey accent that disappears mid way.

No. 206183

I don’t wish anyone to lose their parents but maybe her parents should ‘disown’ her until she gets her act together. Imagine praising your family publicly all these years just to do a 180 and claim childhood trauma just for internet points. Even if not directly blaming family, it’s sort of implied that the family did nothing to protect their child from the trauma. I bet she’d claim she’s cured real fast if she lost mums financial or emotional support

No. 206184

>first she intended to send an email to her "abuser" uma, then some distant aunt across canada, now her ex piano teacher that didn't even molest her.

nona! dont forget that she also wanted to email the female therapist on PEI that didnt give her asspats for being uwu the most mentally ill & told her she was "performative" kek

but seriously, her obsession with emailing those who have wronged her is so unhealthy. and the fact that she always says her mom and therapist encourages it is bizarre to me. dont you think an actual healthy coping mechanism, is to, ya know, NOT reach out to those people on your one sided perspective and just work out the feelings on your own?

No. 206189

Some therapists/therapy recommend writing a letter or email, to get all the emotions/trauma worked out, but then not sending it; so it's more like journalling, is maybe that what Jill meant?

No. 206190

Nta but I've had the assumption since this was first mentioned that's what everyone else meant but not how Jill took it kek

No. 206192

Imagine Jillybean losing her parents money. She'd be done. She'd finally have to get a real job.

No. 206194

I'm going to choose to believe Jill experienced CSA on principle, but I can't believe it would be enough to cause DID. For it to result in DID there would have to be other factors involved, it would have to be severe and ongoing with no support from a caregiver and at a young age. I can't believe she would experience abuse that severe and that there would be NO signs of it or that there were signs and her parents didn't care enough to take her to a doctor. She is clearly able to express herself to them and they clearly give everything to support her. For all her research I don't know how she doesn't understand the type of abuse that causes DID and what she's implying when she claims to have it. It's such a bizarre situation, for her parents to go along with the narrative that she experienced extreme abuse maybe something did actually happen to her that they know of. Coddling your child to such an intense degree is one thing, but surely to encourage these extreme beliefs you would need some kind of proof of what happened. Especially when it's being heavily implied that you were an abusive parent either by abusing her yourself or by not getting her medical care or noticing when she was severely abused.

No. 206199

Anon, if the ‘principle’ you’re choosing to believe jill is that you should believe all women when they say they’ve been assaulted it’s okay - you don’t have to hold jill’s claim to that . After all, she’s non binary and uses she/they, so she’s totally not a woman at all and you don’t have to take her claims at face value.

No. 206203

I wonder if she sold them the lie that she was going on about before, how she was born with the innate power to dissociate. I could see Louise nodding along like yes Jillian you were born special. Louise also seems to hold a lot of guilt for her cancer, she would also probably accept that as a reason.

No. 206204

Personally, I don't think Jill will be effected whether I believe her or not and that the only people who can be harmed by not believing claims of CSA are myself and people who have actually experienced CSA, who are the only people I care about in this situation. I know she lies about everything and is manipulative but I know you can do both those things and also have experienced CSA, so that's not a reason for me personally to not believe her. Of course I 110% understand why you would not believe her and I'm absolutely not saying you should or that my take is the right one, it's just my choice.

That's the only explanation that could make any sense to me. The guilt definitely plays a big part. She could have been convinced that no one noticed how much Jill was suffering or that she couldn't turn to them because of the cancer.

No. 206205

This is the most bizarre part to me too. It’s not like she’s a rando online pretending to be super duper mentally I’ll to strangers, her mother is actively aware and following her content. I’m positive that Jill is seen as the lake duckling in her family, especially because she’s the youngest, so Louise just nods and goes along with her bs because oh poor jillybean we mustn’t upset her or she could start cutting or get suicidal. I think her parents have inadvertently created a child that they can’t say boo to without fear that she’ll go off the deep end because she’s so ‘mentally ill’

No. 206212

As a CSA victim I actually don't believe all claims of sexual abuse right out of the gate because I've seen too many people just like Jill who clearly never display the characteristics of anyone who's gone through it but suddenly dredge them up for attention in the most overwrought, fake way. Jill was obviously mad that she couldn't add her piano teacher to her trauma narrative. Her relationship with Uma may have embarrassed her in hindsight, but that's not the equivalent of being molested/raped. I promise you, it looks and feels different in a person when it's actually taken place. The way she blurts her sudden claim on her public social media and then is defensive about the details is unlike anything a real survivor would do.

No. 206217

Let's all agree definitively that Jill has not experienced CSA in the way that tweet would describe. I think it's weird enough for people to complain about using tampons when there's other products you can use. unless she was actually assaulted with a tampon? I'd rather not think about that but we know from previous livestreams she literally is not sex repulsed in the slightest so pretending to suddenly is weird especially if she had DID supposedly this entire time. Is there any actual scientific evidence for repressed memories? Not to blog but I used to have an irrational fear of having them, but throughout this whole thing it's seeming more and more like bullshit that doesn't exist. At least not in the way of forgetting something completely.

No. 206223

>that's what everyone else meant but not how Jill took it kek
Jillian is a fucking bitch that only "hears" or "understands" what is convenient to her. I feel like for her journaling or making fake letters wouldn't be enough, she wants the people who "hurt her" to know how much damage they have done etc.

No. 206224

>nona! dont forget that she also wanted to email the female therapist on PEI that didnt give her asspats for being uwu the most mentally ill & told her she was "performative" kek
Kek imagine being the therapist and actually getting that email.

No. 206225

I'm 1000% sure now that she's claiming to have csa she's gonna say that she "doesnt remember" because her "alters" took the trauma for her.
But, didn't she also say her totes speshul DID lets her co-front or whatever? Co-fronting just means she's faking it, like "oh I'm two people at the same time" no retard you're just high kek.

No. 206227

>I wish any of her fans actually had a more than 5 second memory and could call her out.
Same. She feels so uncancellable at this point. She'll never learn.

No. 206229

>Jillian 'my dildos are in my drawer' Vessey is a fucking moron.
OH MY FUCKING GOD ANON. you're so fucking right how the fuck did I FORGET THAT SHE LITERALLY SAY THAT. So she can fucking say that tampons feel icky (normal common response that women without trauma also feel) but then turn around and use fucking DILDOS???? BITCH GET FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(autism)

No. 206230

Girls I'm so sorry I'm so fucking mad that she's claiming CSA. I'm fuming with rage what the actual FUCKKKKKK.

No. 206231

Repressed memories are definitely less of a thing than media makes them out to be.

A lot of the repressed memory shit came out during the Satanic Panic of the 1980’s. In fact, there was a young woman who was convinced her father assaulted her, and he was such a strong believer in satanic ritual abuse, he please guilty. He was later exonerated. I forget the case, but it was really upsetting.

No. 206234

When did she say that? Was it a “private” live stream? Because that’s a pretty sharp contrast to her kawaii “wholesome” aesthetic she goes for on youtube

No. 206248

We are all missing the key thing here, yes it’s Jillian but it’s her as Jerrick. Jerrick is asexual and sex repulsed. If Jerrick has this info is he the holder of that trauma, that would point to Uma with that time frame.

No. 206253

Reading through and thinking about her Kawaii ambassador thing and just wondering what Sebastian Masuda would think of the mess she's become now. How is she not embarrassed?

No. 206254

That's the thing. If you have DID wouldn't you have at least one alter that remembers your trauma? Isn't that the entire point?

No. 206255

same livestream she said she could only fuck people who have a penis iirc

No. 206260

File: 1649548499220.jpeg (936.67 KB, 1170x1534, 23D1AE1B-9241-4D20-BB7C-6997E3…)

i find it very odd that no one calls her out for getting high with multiple minors in her system

No. 206261

File: 1649548604382.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1494, 01BEBD99-335D-4FFA-8004-731265…)

like what the actual fuck? isn’t the little one 4-6 years old?

No. 206264

Reminder that she said marijuana should be given to autistic children. This tracks.

No. 206266

Alters don’t have the be the age they were when they trauma occurred. You could be 30 and split because of a new trauma and wind up with an alter who is 14 to hold that trauma. So this doesn’t mean it was when she was dating Uma (who already said they never had sex), it could have been at any time and Jerrick is just the holder of those memories.

No. 206269

Saged for completely off topic. But i think jill is trying to get an autism diagnosis to get back at the pople ho said she wasn't neurodivergent.

Speaking of neurodivergent, what happened to her so called trichotillomania? Did that cure itself too

No. 206272

pls she wore that mumu her mom gave her for christmas out in public, to see her former classmates at that. isn't that supposed to be a blanket lounging at home thing? i guess it's the only thing that fits her now kek

No. 206274

I know it’s cowtipping but god I wish someone would call her out and use screen caps of her tampon bowl to prove it. She is so disgusting for lying about CSA. What does she honestly have to gain from this. What

No. 206277

if her parents weren't such goddamn enablers with no backbone this should be their job

No. 206278

who fucking cares? no one actually believes she's 4 years old when the "little one is brought forward" you guys keep bringing this up like a gotcha but she's still just a 20-something smoking weed in her backyard.

No. 206285

Jerrick doesn't exist. It's Jillian. It's not like just because she larps being a green haired snake suddenly she's a different person. Don't be dumb.

No. 206286

I thought she was a mtf troon in this picture. The thinning hair, big forehead, fat cheeks, etc.

No. 206287

God she looks like a fucking troon.
Thinning ugly color hair, fat, big forehead, the ugly ill fitting clothes, the shitty nose ring, "the little one", ugh.

No. 206293

Wait a second, I thought this account was strictly for Jerrick and Jax. She’s signing off with Jill and Veronica’s emojis on this post. And the one about tampons didn’t even have an emoji sign off. Has the Jerrick account just turned into an everything-that’s-not-on-brand account? Jerrick made a post about not wanting to share his account, and since Jill seems to subscribe to the “alters are separate, fully formed people” theory, she should be respecting Jerrick’s boundaries.

No. 206295

It is a gotcha in her bubble. If any one were to put two and two together they could cancel her for allowing her "little" around drugs because the "DID community" is ready to teardown and cancel any one that isn't perfect representation of a fake mental illness.

from day one Jill would use Jerrick's account to dump what ever. That's why her DID LARP is so infuriating because she's not even good at it.

No. 206297

She says in the video she doesn't use them anymore and they're for guests, wouldn't be much of a call out.

No. 206299

File: 1649562835283.jpg (70.5 KB, 660x371, Always_has_been.jpg)

>Has the Jerrick account just turned into an everything-that’s-not-on-brand account?
it always has been

No. 206300

did she also stop using dildos then?

No. 206309

But if they’re triggering, why would she even have them out where she can see them?

No. 206312

crack in muh pipe. crack in muh pipe.

No. 206313

She needs an audience. Normally she’d publish something like this on social media or her website, but in this case that would reveal to the world how minor these people’s transgressions really were. By vagueposting she can make everything seem much worse than it really is.

Maybe those are for guests too? After all their home is a safe space to agere, no matter the occasion UwU

No. 206319

>It is a gotcha in her bubble
NTA but do have a source or reasoning behind thinking that? I can't imagine there's proof unless you're that same bubble you're shittalking about , or do the meany boogieman sjws live rent free inside your head and tell you that.

No. 206320

Is the little coming forward Jillian or are you stoned, really just gives more strength to the theory. Also why is Jerrick dressed like Jillian, come on Jill at least try.

No. 206331

If jill is now saying she's sex repulsed does Veronica being the 'sexy' alter or whatever her role is trigger Jill/jerric/jax; she really needs to put out more of the alter videos; wouldn't that be something she could film on one day, since she's swapping clothes/switching no one would know and then release them between other videos?

the wording of those csa tweets out of context of jills 'loving family' make it seem like something happened with her dad; or maybe her brother (hence he creepy crush on drew monson)either way anyone questioning that can't have it swept under the rung of jill saying "I dont owe anyone my trauma" not when it could ruin her family if the wrong person hears it

No. 206333

File: 1649597046979.jpeg (832.72 KB, 1475x1608, A019C4CB-6F73-4D0D-94DA-5B356C…)

No. 206334

Within DID lore it’s presented that alters are real legitimate people/entities separate from the host, they understand things in the capacity of their individual lived experiences. So a child alter is a legitimate child, when they switch to children they are claiming to legitimately have the mindset of a child and are often treated like children by the host, many even going so far as to not allow their child alters to have social media because they are under 13.
So the gotcha is either it’s totally real in which case jill is exposing a child with a child’s understand of the world and possible trauma to adult things, that’s completely degen and super groomer shit, or the little isn’t actually a legitimate child in which case is this even DID?
Knowing Jill though there is probably a super special reason as to why her little can be exposed to those things and it be completely ok!

No. 206336

I mean Jerrick is a minor and she lets him buy and consume booze and weed all the time and attend clubs and whatnot. The person is right if it is Jillian and Veronica why is it on Jerricks account, as an anon up thread said if Jerrick is real and has expressed that he doesn’t want the others posting on his account then Jillian is violating a boundary. The not sharing posts specifically named Veronica as well. So in her own lore she is exposing children to drugs and then posting on one of their accounts about it without consent.

No. 206338

Really wish they’d keep the lore consistent. So alters aren’t actually really legitimately the things they claim they are, so why are child alters given toys and not allowed online?
This shit is so dumb. These people realise that if they want to play with childrens toys they totally can and just keep it private so people don’t find out, they don’t have to develope alternative personalities to enjoy each individual interest that’s not on brand for them?

No. 206339

The point is that they WANT people to know about it. DID malingerers crave validation for all their weird behaviours. It's not enough to just have fun in private. Jill especially exemplifies this.

No. 206353

>child alters aren't actual children
Yes, exactly, which is why everyone should be calling her out on her retarded bullshit when she's being a huge asshole while pretending to be a transmasc 13 year old.

No. 206354

Just to clarify for our slower anons, no one here believes she has DID or that she is actually literally Jerrick or a child. It seemed obvious but - anons are talking about it because it's her story falling apart and not making sense. Not because they believe in it or are taking it serious. It's all very facetious. Keeping track of how she fumbles her lies and doesn't even stick to established dumbass DID lore on the internet because she's totes different than the other larpers is part of the milk. I can't believe some of you can't gather that on your own.

No. 206368

File: 1649613619703.jpeg (599.32 KB, 1170x1051, 081760F3-5E2B-4388-B7EF-D62587…)

jill’s excuse for smoking weed

No. 206370

Any DID knowledge nonnies know if this is even a thing? If so how many years of therapy would it take. Why does she have an extreme level of mastery in under a year of even knowing she has it.

No. 206373

>I am 24 physical years old
Okay so if it's no big deal for her 13 year old OC to smoke weed, why is she withholding the name of her baby OC? If her baby OC is really just a 24 year old then why give a shit about protecting the baby's privacy. She's so fucking retarded it's exhausting.

No. 206376

>we blocked you on our main uwu kawaii account for being a shit disturber
>but I can be mean to you in this one!!!

Is it me or she has never actually been "uwu positive" behind closed doors? no wonder no one likes her KEK

No. 206377

Lmao this

No. 206379

File: 1649618761242.jpg (130.29 KB, 550x1049, 8ofswords.jpg)

This comment made me think about some feelings I have towards Jillian:
Comparing her to other cows on this website, she doesn't do much to be super milky. It's not like she steals shit or hangs out with rapists, etc.
But every little infuriating thing she does adds up. Giving weed to autistic children, sending harassment emails, etc, it's super fucking annoying and wild. It's like, she has the potential to be a healthy quirky straight girl who just has fun. But she choses every single miserable thing, she victimizes herself, there's no growth, she's obnoxious and annoying and there's never an introspection, she's obsessed with her past and doesn't let herself mature and get into new ventures, she wants to get worse, and every visit to her therapist + steven the groomer are not helping. She reminds me of the eight of swords so much, as a metaphore. Blind in a self imposed prision. She can't get past her own self hatred and delusions because she loves the attention it gets her. Plus I'm sure she has never ever considered herself as the bad person in her relationships before or even thought "damn I'm kinda doing fucked up stuff now ain't I". This is all just so wack to me.

No. 206381

File: 1649622230811.webm (17.54 MB, 1080x1918, Um....webm)

I sacrificed my eyes to screen record this. She posted it on Twitter last night, probably after her school meetup.

No. 206383

that's probably the most she's moved her body in like 5 years

No. 206388

Her whole body is shaped like an egg, humpty dumpty looking mf. She has the ass of a mother of 3. This really is the most exercise she's probably gotten in awhile. This also doesn't look like her patio so she actually ventured out of her rainbow vomit cave. Can't wait to see the expiration date on these new friendships come to pass considering we all know she can never keep them.

No. 206389

She probably hasnt been a good person in years. And turns on anyone who criticizes her. That good old untreated personality disorder in full force. Only kind to those who give her asspats. As well as believes in her delusions/lies. All just to be as special as her mother told her she always was.

No. 206390

In most prolific DID cases, integration & communication amongst alters doesn’t occur until after quite a bit of therapy. Namely because most ‘legit’ DID patients do not know they have DID when they come in to seek treatment.

No. 206393

I know she's fat and all, but this is kinda cute.

No. 206394

Calm down bitter Betty, being this jealous of her just shows how much of a loser you are if you need to tear into her this much to make yourself feel better.

No. 206396

What exactly is that nonna supposed to be jealous of? Also, do you know where you are?

No. 206397

>Calm down bitter Betty
>jealous of her
This sounds like something Jill would say on her Jerrick twitter lmao. Nobody is jealous of her anon. Imagine being jealous of being a fat munchie.

No. 206400

There goes all the "she's been starving herself to lose weight" tinfoils.
Nitpick but the pants look so tight around the waist, her fat is literally spilling over, how is that not uncomfortable??

No. 206402

What happened to her hair, did she get a chemical cut? I know she's not wearing her extensions, but I don't remember her real hair being that weird shape before.

No. 206403

She claims that her hair never recovered from her mohican from when she was a teen, despite the fact it obviously would have grown out by now. It’s that shitty shape because she destroyed it with bleach, but she wears extensions so much now that when we see her real hair it’s jarring.

No. 206405

She is probably hoping everyone forgot that she pretended to have trich. It's fucking sad when girls who actually have it go to school wearing scarves on their heads to hide massive bald spots.

No. 206409

Also when the parents, mostly mothers, think yelling and humiliating poor girls with trich somehow helps.

No. 206426

This is such a weird excuse. "Brought forward" implies brough to the front. What the fuck else did she mean? She heard the term 'inner child' once and took it literally.

No. 206442

right i was kind of thinking the same thing. unsightly, but something about it is like pure and reminds me of hanging out at friends' houses in high school or middle school just doing dumb dances and shit. like it kinda made me feel (for a moment) that somewhere in all that delusion there's maybe an ounce of hope for her to turn her shit around if she logged off and got out like this more often, just doing fun silly shit and socializing and breathing outdoor air

No. 206444

On the smoking weed note, doesn’t she have a lot of followers that are minors? I don’t think she should be promoting that, system or no

No. 206445

>I'm sure she has never ever considered herself as the bad person in her relationships before or even thought "damn I'm kinda doing fucked up stuff now ain't I"
It’s a while ago now but she’s come right out and said that while she may be diagnosed with BPD, hers is not the icky kind of BPD that makes you wreck relationships. All her wrecked relationships were actually the other party’s fault. The DID is this taken up to eleven; it may have looked like it was Jillian who screamed at you or ignored you or otherwise mistreated you, but it was actually [insert alter here] oops! Jillian would never!

She reminds me of an eight year old who snubs their friend when they run into each other on the weekend and later at school claims “that wasn’t me, that was my identical twin who goes to another school”, then doubles down on it for months until most people forget. Unfortunately for Jill, though, all her lies are being documented.

No. 206450

so i'm guessing her new larp backstory is something like she put in a tampon and then switched to her little alter, and because the alter who put the tampon in is an adult/teen(?) and a separate person, that means the child alter experienced csa

No. 206456

AYRT and who would be jealous of this hamplanet? Do you know where you are? She's gotten fat at an insanely fast rate, lives with a troon agp and is doubling down wanting to marry it, went to a craft school instead of getting a real education, hoards garbage, can't hold onto friends, can't complete even simple projects, doesn't clean her house regularly, can't even do full time work clearly with her lack of uploading, hasn't done anything towards achieving her dream job but expects it to fall into her lap, hasn't accomplished anything in her adult life worth noting, mental health in severe decline and refuses to get real help, lies about even the littlest things due to massive insecurity. Everything about her is sad and pathetic. Every anon in this thread is doing better than Jillian in their personal lives, I guarantee it. The only thing Jill has that literally anyone could be even a smidge jealous of is a financially stable, loving family who gives her anything / everything and provides the biggest safety net of any adult I've ever seen. And despite being so blessed, she's throwing it all away to claim childhood abuse that never happened so she can be the biggest victim of them all. What a bleak existence.

No. 206459

There’s no fucking way she thinks she can be a drag queen when she moves like THAT

No. 206465

File: 1649683141263.png (870.21 KB, 854x1108, Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 9.16…)

Nothing to add, but jeez is she much larger than I thought. I don't see how people around her (especially her mother that she's so close to) isn't concerned. It's not even as much about her size, but more how quickly she has ballooned.

Honestly, that kind of thing would even concern a normal therapist. Rapid shifts in weight are never healthy.

No. 206475

Probably because of how much she drinks and smokes and then get the munchies. It really is concerning. Diabetes saga when?

No. 206477

she seriously needs to quit the weed and drinking, if she didn't have those bad habits she wouldn't look like this. not that she was ever beautiful or ~body goals~ but she used to be a normal girl. her downfall is one of the craziest on this site. she was insufferable before, but now she's honestly so sick and not in the way she wants to be. she's histrionic and will do literally anything for scraps of attention from minors, her insane therapist, and her troon boyfriend. i think getting with steebie was a major part of her downfall. he seems just as attention seeking as her, and he may be an actual pedophile. that age regression "safe space" tweet was actually scary. i hope they aren't hanging out with any real minors irl. does she even do meetups or cons anymore? when did she last do a cosplay? does she have any fans that aren't just munchies or teen "systems"?

No. 206482

File: 1649694178159.jpeg (141.51 KB, 828x315, 1875577E-923F-4EA8-B061-D91828…)

This just in: if you joking about someone being cringy online you’re a straight up abuser

In reference to the dissociaDID make up tweet

No. 206487

Makeup critique is abuse and Tweeting is stimming, Jill is so wise

Jillian, criticizing something that can be changed, like makeup, clothes, hair, is not abuse. Criticizing something unchangeable like a health condition, skin color, sexuality is abuse. Hope that helped.

No. 206491

This is what she thinks abuse is, this cunt has never experienced real trauma in her life.

No. 206493

Tweets like this really demonstrate how she's never gone through real abuse. Real abuse survivors wouldn't even be phased by make up critiques. It's so miniscule compared to actual painful abuse. She's so stupid to not even notice how transparent it is that she's lived such a problem free life.

No. 206495

Ah yes pointing out bad makeup is bullying and abuse but getting someone's social media deactivated and then gloating about it to your thousands of followers is so different. Jill–the only beacon of morality, nobody else compares!

No. 206499

This actually pisses me off. When you label something as minuscule as someone laughing at a person’s makeup as “abuser behavior”, you’re minimizing real abuse and invalidating real survivors. I don’t want her and her posse to popularize throwing the word “abuse” around willy nilly so much that it loses its actual meaning like “triggered” has. If that happens, that’s dangerous for people who are actually being abused.

No. 206504

Yeah, unfortunately I would say that the ship has sailed on that. Look at the term "gaslighting" - a very specific type of abuse that has lost all meaning at this point.

Jill isn't influential enough for her misuse of the word abuse to make any kind of impact, but it's absolutely the kind of brain rot that comes from zoomers on tik tok who decide that being a mentally ill teen gives you the same merits as someone with a PHD in psychology.

No. 206513

I'm pretty sure you can't abuse someone you have no regular contact with but this bitch wouldnt know trauma if it hit her in the head. ot, but its the same where people call ships of characters who have never spoken to eachother abusive. you literally can't be abused by someone who you interact with once and never again. that's literally just called harassment, not abuse.

No. 206519

File: 1649710018449.jpeg (632.66 KB, 1170x1342, 6CCF9448-E41B-46F0-884F-DD8F0E…)

more defending herself

No. 206522

….Jerrick is also a minor though why is this him defending. I didn’t think he was involved. She really needs to get smarter at this, it’s just proof that the Jerrick account purely exists for her to be a bitch online with no hits to her image. If Jerrick was real why would he be tweeting this.

No. 206524


she purposely doesn't tag with her stupid emoji sign off when she wants it to be ambiguous who is answering. that or she forgets to stick to the larp. c'mon jill, at least give us a consistent fake DID saga, you make the milk too easy.

No. 206526

of course that's all it is. honestly i almost feel sorry for these people(not jill necessarily) who are have to be so performative they feel like they need to fake a complex trauma related mental illness in order to speak their minds. zoomers censor everything so hard and cancel people who don't conform, it makes sense they need to pretend to not be sound when airing out their feelings. jill is too old for this though and should be in the prime of her life right now.

No. 206537

I don't think she expected this kind of tough questions, it was just supposed to be happy fun times buying toys and acting like a child, not hard questions like "why is the little childlike enough to need to be protected but isn't a child when you want to get high"

No. 206543

>she's histrionic and will do literally anything for scraps of attention from minors, her insane therapist, and her troon boyfriend. i think getting with steebie was a major part of her downfall. he seems just as attention seeking as her, and he may be an actual pedophile.
100% agree
didn't she bully people herself not too long ago?

No. 206544

>cringing about makeup is abuse now
no wonder she thinks she has so much ~twauma~

No. 206545

Jillian gets triggered at fucking tampons (even though she has no problem using dildos and steven's dick) but someone saying "hey your minor audience who follows you might be unconfortable with drug use" is just straight up fake. Hypocrite.

Likewise… her harassing a random tiktok person out of the platform and celebrating it is not bullying… but saying "cringe" is literal abuse?
Wack shit.

No. 206548

Funny thing is outside her little zoomercore bubble not everyone gets cancelled so easily. If she wanted to be a professional adult this would had been easier. But she just wants to share her shitty takes and ugly pictures on twitter I guess. Terminally online disease + validation is one hell of a drug.
Also, she's not a teen anymore. This is all super cringe.
Jerrick comes out when she's edgy and mean somewhere outside her main account (gotta keep the image!)
Veronica comes out when she's horny
The "little" comes out when she's high and playing with toys
The geriatric 35 year old comes out when she needs to pay bills

Seriously how the fuck doesn't she realise this is all a shitty larp

No. 206552

*If she wanted to be a professional adult this would had been easier.
meant as in, if she wanted to be a mature adult and actually be a professional, no one would care and nobody would say shit to her. But twitter pity points and posting retarded shit is more important to her I guess

No. 206697

File: 1649784307904.jpeg (341.9 KB, 828x925, EB714282-A05C-4C5E-9048-F16555…)

No. 206700

File: 1649784511987.png (5.68 MB, 1170x2532, A6493379-889D-4EB7-A1C7-7C8B14…)

Jill is so original she designs dresses that already exist, this version is cute and at least creates a figure, not the blob that she designed. Her blob dress was made during her “fat acceptance” fase were I don’t think she really accepted the way she looked… to the point of creating some other characters to become and wear clown makeup. Now that she’s quickly loosing weight (as she mentioned in a tweet in the last thread) let’s see if the blanket dress is still in the making.

No. 206712

Nice self post

No. 206714

Nice pfp nonny

No. 206715

The elf ears are in interesting choice nonny

No. 206717

I don't use TikTok/IG or whatever this website is, but the pfps are different? How can you tell that this is a selfpost?

No. 206719

>quickly losing weight
Literally where kek. This video >>206465 is new and she looks fatter than usual

No. 206725

>system meeting
kek jfc her life is a circus

No. 206739

It’s not a self post that other anon was mistaken, but the person who took the screenshot’s icon is the one on the bottom with the red dot under it. A word to the wise- always double check you’ve cropped your screenshots prior to posting

No. 206764

>avoiding mirrors
well that explains it

No. 206771

I misread this as avoiding minors kek

No. 206784

Is nausea a dissociation symptom or is this another "Jill gets too drunk or high and blames it on mental illness" thing?

No. 206786

Oh wow my depression and anxiety are cured, all I had to do was breathe!

No. 206791

Dumb nitpick. Grounding techniques are actually helpful if you practice them.

No. 206795

File: 1649821280421.jpeg (500.06 KB, 1170x869, 75B7155D-0811-4C82-9C68-55B53A…)

oh boy… just what her fans wanted… an animal crossing video

No. 206803

Oh boy, she is just so in tune with her audience…

No. 206806

File: 1649832731460.png (1.04 MB, 1170x2532, 36E2B1EA-33C7-47FF-977F-54A254…)

I was refering to this tweet in the last thread. I guess, she has actually been losing weight even.

No. 206807

But we haven’t seen her play animal crossing with her alters yet! I wonder if she’ll pull out two controllers so Jill and Jerrick can co-con and play animal crossing together?

No. 206811

First, learn to sage. Second, why the fuck are you taking a well known lying cows tweets at face value?

No. 206813

I figure there will be different players representing her different alters :/ Maybe we'll even get Jerrick's house tour….(:/)

No. 206819

File: 1649840329882.png (91.68 KB, 232x220, firefox_mvnQrhgBqb.png)

>What's your secret to success Jill?!
<I don't know. I just eat well, drink water and do drugs!

No. 206836

>rapid weight loss
In your dreams jill kek

No. 206837

I can't with these disorder larpers acting like they're authorities on how to treat/cure their larp targets. She says "this past year" as if this is something she's dealt with her whole life and only just overcame through hard work, when in reality she just invented the larp recently. Yet somehow she knows exactly what the best way to deal with it is right away so she doesn't have to deal with the gross icky parts. She wants pity points for having a disorder, she wants the praise of having overcome it, and she wants an excuse to act like an ass without taking any responsibility.

No. 206850

I'm assuming she slept for a whole day instead of eating and woke up to take a shit and a long piss
Looked in the mirror and went
>Omg skinny

No. 206856

Right? This is so random, and at this point many people who got into AC bc of Covid have fallen off that train. People just want to see more about her alters. You’d think she’d be unable to keep her excitement from that, but I guess she needs to prepare for her acting.

No. 206861

>>206697 she sounds similar to CAMHs workers who tell people who are struggling with mental health issues to 'just take a bath.' But, I guess that's just the high standard of advice you get from someone who has speed-ran DID in the space of a year.

No. 206879

I thought the exact same fellow UK anon, have you tried having a cup of tea and taking a walk?

No. 206918

Jill really is a case where I can't figure out if I'm more disgusted by her or horrified by what has become of her. I would love to know anything about any other patients that her "angel therapist" has "treated." Whether you believe in DID or not, one of the things that is agreed on when it comes to how it develops is that the trauma and abuse required to cause it has to be extreme/near torture.

I can't see any "trauma" that she has had adding up to something like that unless her therapist is doing some crazy "repressed memory" bs. I can't stand her, but I'm also kind of horrified that her therapist treats people other than her.

No. 206920

Yeah, at her huge weight she could easily fluctuate by a lot by just skipping half her junk food intake for a few days because the sheer volume of food and salt in her system must usually be massive.
Her stretch marks are almost definitely from how rapidly she's gained weight over the past year or so, not from any recent starvation caused by supposedly being a 14 year old boy for a portion of the day. If that were the cause anyway she could easily counteract it the second she returned to being uwu bodyposi Jill every day kek.

No. 206927

>a system meeting

Those three words together are hilarious, I think because meetings are associated with office/business work and generally having your shit together, where all your OCs meeting in your mind is the opposite of that

No. 206933

There is evidence to suggest that DID is possibly iatrogenic, ie caused by therapists.

No. 206937

File: 1649892616420.jpeg (319.72 KB, 828x794, AD39A141-85E1-48AF-BB58-189B9E…)

No. 206938

File: 1649892738537.jpeg (246.69 KB, 828x779, 88767EBE-E745-4F5E-A26A-827893…)

No. 206940

I don't mean to continuously sound like one of "those" people; a lot of what jill descibes just sounds like adhd or bipolar disorder. Racing thoughts aren't just akin to one thing–i know this but the way she talks about a lot of her symptoms makes it sound like it only relates to DID when in actauality this could be more than one thing.

Like her saying if the character doesn't have DID she would be gutted, but thats so selfish and single minded. Because having an inner monolgue or other symptoms that moonknight portrays can be symptomatic to a whole array of things: mdd, adhd, bipolar, just pure loneliness.

No. 206941

Honestly there is no point in trying to 'diagnose' her because she smokes too much pot. Most of this can be chalked up to drug abuse.

No. 206942

honest to god think she has regular anxiety and/or weed induced paranoia. if she would just be honest and say these are ocs that she likes to draw that would be fine, but no its her totally real trauma, guys!

No. 206943

I wasn't trying to diagnose her, i was trying to point out how she will use insignificant symptoms that could be applied to multiple mental illnesses and only apply them to one such as DID.

No. 206949

I saw a Twitter thread about this ages ago, some people have a constantly running monologue for their whole lives, some don't, some people visualize images and memories and can even overlay them onto their present reality, some people see nothing when they close their eyes, all these things are totally normal and not a sign of some exceedingly rare and contested mental illness.

It's strange to me how she highlights relatively ordinary things as "signs" of her DID, like no shit thoughts occur inside your head?!

No. 206950

Not to mention how having an internal monologue is perfectly normal and an experience most people have!
Also I can’t be the only Normie who has internal conversations with myself? Like it’s not that fucking weird, even hearing the conversations in someone else’s voice isn’t weird. I think she’s just pathologised being a person because it’s not special enough to just be jill.
Can’t wait for the radical rebellious thing to swing back to being a functional human being.

No. 206954

The character does have DID, though. It's not an "if," I think she's just saying she wants them to say the disorder name out loud. I think that's less selfish than demanding it exist in the show, when it already does.

Reading the plot of the show, apparently the main character switches his accent depending on who is fronting. Wonder what Jill was watching when that new alter "appeared."

No. 206959

And as discussed by prior anons, if your symptoms can be attributed to a substance, you must rule out the substance first. And she consumes alcohol & weed enough for it to account for her symptoms.

I know, and most other anons can probably attest to, the dissociative affects of alcohol and pot.

No. 206961

I hate to be petty, but I love how she keeps gushing over how accurately Moon Knight portrays DID when the director literally said it’s not accurate.
> “I learned a lot, and I think everyone is going to learn a lot through the journey of the show about DID,” Diab shared. “But I still would say that, as respectful as we were, this is not an accurate depiction of DID. We are in a supernatural world, and sometimes we over-dramatize stuff.”

No. 206968

When I learned that there are some people who don’t have an internal monologue or can imagine pictures I was really thrown through a loop because I didn’t really consider that the way I internally processed things could be different to others. However what I didn’t do was immediately try and diagnose myself with a rare or possibly totally bogus mental disorder.
That’s because jill has no idea what an accurate portrayal of DID looks like either kek.

No. 206987

smoking too much weed over long periods of time is actually proven to cause psychosis.

No. 206992

I hate that she LARPs this specifically. Auditory hallucinations are debilitating for those who have them and she tells on herself by saying she could ever quiet them by "listening to a podcast."
This is true but she's absolutely not psychotic. She's an extremely competent social media presence who is simply lazy as shit–too lazy to rejoin society post-lockdown.

No. 206998

Yeah my schizoaffective friend cannot consume any substances, weed or otherwise, or she will go into psychosis.

Weirdly enough, it kind of saved her life. She was a meth/heroin addict. Now she’s been sober for several years, works a steady job, and has two kids. She’s one of my heroes.(no1curr)

No. 207015

This is true actually. My aunt is into drugs and they diagnosed her with Bipolar but since she was so strung out they got the diagnosis wrong. The rehabilitation staff said she just has drug issues and a personality disorder. If jilly really does want to be diagnosed so bad then perhaps she should go cold turkey and see a new therapist kek.

No. 207038

bitch that's me like 24/7 and I don't claim DID. I'm just unhinged. And I don't need to showcase my fake disease on twitter of all places

No. 207046

Isn’t her therapist only in his first year of practice, he doesn’t have any proven results yet at all, she is one of his first clients essentially.

No. 207053

yeah that's true. He's a shit therapist kek.

No. 207056

This is one of many things that makes me see red flags. It’s like he’s using her for a paper or something.

I could be remembering incorrectly, but Sybil’s therapist & the writer got a lot of attention for her book. It was supposed to be groundbreaking.

It just gives me bad vibes.

No. 207061

File: 1649980194611.jpeg (531.68 KB, 828x1245, 6DD722BE-64A8-4DBA-B1CC-0B21F6…)

Veronica’s account just dropped, get ready for the OF saga

No. 207062

File: 1649980743220.jpeg (258.63 KB, 960x905, 061DB1CB-EC1F-4E41-B7D8-4E58E1…)

Why is she retweeting this on her pixielocks account lol didn’t she just post fanmail from a child

No. 207063

iirc he actually is planning on writing some sort of paper or book on DID but i may be wrong in this? any other anons who've been keeping up with her recent threads more than i have know? i'm just finally able to get back into this cow, her "DID coming out" with the cake and all was just way too much for me as a former fan of hers when i was in high school (she's also around the same age as me, sigh it's been a sad downfall to watch. glad i'm normal kek).

No. 207064

This set of words in this context is so wrong and disgusting, at least coming from her.

No. 207065

iirc it was actual from an adult with learning disabilities, and she she responded to the person as if they were a child and it got people mad

No. 207069

Onlyfans coming soon I suspect, more for her to regret when she eventually sobers up one day (as her Aunt did, I hold out hope for Jillian's rebirth into the quirky Aunt, but it will not be soon)

No. 207070

File: 1649983145838.webm (1.84 MB, 1080x2280, Screen_Recording_20220414-2033…)

No. 207072

No shame and shaped like a fucking fridge - being drunk/ stoned constantly isn’t sexy Jill.

No. 207074

File: 1649984592790.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1169x1970, 1AC9BCF7-9024-4DDB-9812-4C8889…)

does it look like her boot isn’t zipped up all the way or is it just me? have her legs gotten so fat that she can’t wear boots anymore?

No. 207079

when she first got them she mentioned they didnt zip up all the way, so i guess her ankles have always been fat

No. 207082

people who used to follow her and didn't know she's larping with alters are going to be confused as fuck

No. 207083

>It’s like he’s using her for a paper or something.
I have been thinking this too, from the start.

No. 207084

File: 1649989220126.png (29.09 KB, 512x512, 1f92e.png)

>hello hornies

No. 207085

I doubt it.
Interesting she now larps to be a bimbo, thanks to bimbos being currently popular. And she also larps being an emo eboy jerk thanks to that being popular as well.

No. 207086

Oh my fucking god I screamed, what the fuck is this shit? I'm creeped out.

No. 207094

comp of weird shit from her likes on her new account. her third oldest like is a post from 3 hours ago, so this is allllll recent.

No. 207095

File: 1649991475640.png (1.22 MB, 1902x1038, cringe.png)

i'm the world's most bumbling farmhand, jeez.

No. 207096

File: 1649991572263.png (426.83 KB, 588x480, 2022-04-14 19_59_19-Untitled -…)

also her icon a is multiple years old picture of her, kek

No. 207104


So she made this account in May 2021, and made the jerrick/villainy account in June 2021. Guess she had to snag those usernames for her eventual larp before someone else took them

No. 207105

happy stimming and some shit about 'cute but psycho'. something tells me jill is part of a larger problem. I hate this.

No. 207108

How is publicly posting suggestive pictures of yourself/inappropriate tweets being a "sexual protector"? You'd think an identity meant to protect you from sexual abuse would be sex negative. Onlyfans saga coming soon and following that is "Sending me dick pics is traumatic and abusive!!" Jillian, you are literally doing it to yourself!

No. 207110

When was it that she began seeing her therapist again? I wonder if we will get more unearthed premade accounts with earlier dates. It really is telling for how quickly she was told she had DID and also how quickly she accepted it.

No. 207111

B-b-but nona, her posting thirsttrap photos are helping her through the trauma! Can't you see? /s
>Onlyfans saga coming soon and following that is "Sending me dick pics is traumatic and abusive!!"
OF saga incoming indeed nona. She'll absolutely do this. The better questions are how far is she willing to take this and how will her mother support this.

No. 207122

>So she made this account in May 2021, and made the jerrick/villainy account in June 2021.
Wasn't around that time she posted the red underwear "spicy pictures"? My best bet is that she actually wanted to make an onlyfans but didn't because it would be very off-brand. But now she can blame being horny into an alter or whatever.

Also… Didn't she just say she suffered CSA now?

No. 207124

Why tf did she not quickly accept having BPD or any other type of advice from her previous "bitch therapist" but then she quickly and openly accepted having "DID" with a celebration cake?
Going to fake therapy was a mistake. It's also so painfully OBVIOUS she and Steven chose a rookie mentally unwell "queer" counselor because she doesn't actually want to improve, she wants to be ENABLED. Narcissistic bitch.

No. 207125

>bimbo revolution

No. 207127

This was what I thought too. How far is she willing to go to prove her larp? How shallow is her understanding that she’d do something drastic in an attempt to confirm to herself she really is truly multiple people.

My speculations are: Veronica will start an only fans (no full nudes at first but we all know how that goes), Jerrick will dye her hair black or neon green and cue meltdown or randomly accepting jill, cliff will fade away (be forgotten), jill will go to an actual child’s playground and pretend to be a child. Who else has the impression that once jill dyes her hair that’s it for her brand? That’ll be her ultimate form of proof. Probably also a first step into growing the fuck up and hopefully trying to build an actual life for herself.

No. 207136

If this account was made May 2021, I now wonder what other usernames she has locked down for future accounts. Any guesses which other alter will get their own twitter? Can't let her actual personality on her Pixie account, after all. She's forced herself into a box with her shitty brand.

Mods are farmhands, you are a farmer, anon. Your newfaggotry is showing.

No. 207142

Oh so she’s just a wannabe Chrissy from Tik Tok.

Jesus Christ.

No. 207153

File: 1650023797133.jpeg (212.88 KB, 1300x1390, A0A762C2-43BD-491B-B8D1-AE2B50…)

>I’m happy stimming so hard

No. 207156

She said Veronica doesn’t understand social media and the internet well before. How would she have made this Twitter account before if hur dur she didn’t understand. Another point, the time veronica tried to use Jerricks account and he said no he wouldn’t share, why did she do that if she had an account even before him. It just doesn’t add up. Well, when she sees all this and that we can see when she made the accounts she might have to scrap any other ones she has pre-arranged.

No. 207162

I'm just here waiting for the MY THERAPIST MANIPULATED AND ABUSED ME UWU vodeo/story arc. We all know it's going to happen, her DID larp is already showing cracks. Even her fans are questioning it.

No. 207165

aren't therapists and professionals meant to help people with DID, rather than having them create full blown backgrounds and environments for their characters? it's like telling a schizophrenic to make a tumblr for their fbi surveillance

No. 207167

File: 1650030039389.jpg (21.16 KB, 253x406, 9780595151523_p0_v2_s550x406.j…)

This stupid book about DID has the same origin story. A lot of women are taken advantage of by their therapists with implanting false memories and pushing a narrative about alters for the sake of publishing something. Ot, but this is a fascinating read. A psych professor of mine in undergrad who didn't believe in DID assigned this one and asked us to basically refute its claims kek. I don't think Jill would go so far as to claim Satanic ritual abuse resulting in alters, but it does give you pause…

No. 207168

File: 1650030925731.jpeg (380.53 KB, 1170x833, D50FC3EA-EE50-43F6-9503-6F2217…)

i find it interesting that she added this to her bio after saying she watches certain content creators to trigger her ed on purpose

No. 207169

File: 1650031025845.jpeg (78.55 KB, 777x777, adsafjskfsdfhk.jpeg)

oh my god fresh milk in the mornin nonas

I was just about to write this too. veronica allegedly didnt know how to comment and post a video to tiktok, but somehow a year before, snagged a TWITTER handle.

the only way jill can save face is to say she was "co con" and advised veronica to get a twitter handle. but what a god damn stretch. what a fucking waste of priorities to make sure your uwu trauma alters all have their ideal twitter handles. im fucking sick of jill.

anyway, what is the reason for jilleronica being 21? was that when colin dumped her?

No. 207173

It truly amazes me she keeps finding ways to dig her grave deeper. It’s so embarrassing

No. 207192

The real reason is probably just that she misses partying when she was 21 and she doesn’t know how to reminisce on different time periods in her life healthily. Same with her LARPing as a flanderized version of her middle school self instead of indulging in nostalgic hobbies normally like everyone else. She doesn’t get that every single human being alive has many varied sides and holds their past selves inside them.

No. 207195

Her counsellor practices the affirmation-only model for gendershit, so why not for DID? Who is he to question her about her ~true self~? He’s not even a real therapist, remember.

No. 207201

She uploaded these two videos in the past week to her main tik tok account
She did say that she would only be making "singlet" content on tik tok because people "weren't nice". But if that's the case, why even upload anything there, hmm? She still wants the tik tok views and validation but also doesn't like the drama around DID on there (aka people telling her how fake her DID is)? She's so transparent in her desire for attention, good or bad.

No. 207205

File: 1650051300166.gif (18.21 MB, 392x700, 1649983145838-Recuperado.gif)

This attitude of hers creeps me out, yet I am not suprised in the slightless. She screams "IM SO FUCKING HOOOOT" while making a toddler-like tantrum. I am certain this is how she acts behind closed doors when something pisses her off.

Also, sorry for saying this, but she honestly looks much better with form fitting clothes than whatever the fuck she wears lately. She looks obese and toddler like with the other clothes.

No. 207208

I think it has something to do with the fact that she was very thin at that age as well or maybe that was the age she was pre-pandemic.

No. 207212

I wonder what people like her would do without easily accessible social media platforms to show off this narcy behavior.

Reminds me of when otakins would make multiple LJ accounts to RP with themselves or defend their totally real existence. Pathetic doesn't even begin to cover it.

No. 207239

Who in their right mind makes up a bimbo alter? Like imagine you have trauma. Would you make a bimbo alter? Just because they're currently popular?
It also feels like the whole emo and bimbo thing isn't as popular as it used to be last year. Why is she so late to trends?

No. 207243

I can't believe how much her demise is her own fault. I feel like she suffers from the "terminally online micro celebrity from a young age" disease and seeks too much attention and validation. In a way she reminds me of Venus, except Venus was actually abused by her mother. But Jillian went through 0 abuse, with an infantilizing coddling narc helicopter mother, and now she's
1.Infantilizing herself
2.Has identity troubles (not DID, just doesn't know who she is and what she likes anymore)
3.Can't seem to move onto "real adulthood"
4.Really doesn't seem to understand what's actually wrong in her life, and is so afraid of failing that she does this shit to cope.
Why is every single alter she makes younger than her, or if they are older why are they somehow worse than she is at her age?

No. 207245

her trauma is she watched to much toddlers in tiaras and her mom was to busy having cancer to take let her compete and she's still upset about it

No. 207249

hard disagree. she looks better in oversized things imo. i can see the outline of her massive belly button in this, which happens when you have a lot of fat there slash clothes don't fit. but she's just gotten to that point where no clothes will "flatter" her imo

No. 207251

I see it too and I honestly don't mind it. Better than 90% of shit she wears.

No. 207255

Rainbow snookie Pixie phase?

No. 207261

The only real Reason why Jillian wants to do all these quirky trendy stuff (queer shit, emo shit, DID shit, drag shit, bimbo shit) is because she knows she's not getting the same attention she was getting when she was younger and kawaii was trendy. This is why all her alters are young. This is why she's struggling so much with her identity and growing up. She's grasping for anything to keep her relevant to the point of self destruction.

No. 207262

File: 1650070773885.webm (4.11 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_r3trkdanNI1uxa8j9.webm)

This is literally what Jilian wants out of therapy.

No. 207275

I don't understand. Wouldn't a therapist not encourage a system to split apart like this and encourage integration? It can't be helpful to continue to wallow in the delusion of being multiple people (because it is a delusion, real or not). Isn't making multiple accounts and insisting on being identified by emojis harming her in the long run if she really has DID? This is like someone with anorexia posting body checks.

No. 207276

She peaked at 20 and is trying to cling to it.

This is the stupid thing with these larpers, they take one tiny nugget of ‘fact’ and turn it up way past all logic. DID debate aside, there’s the idea that there may be an alter in a system that essentially ‘handles’ sex with the host’s partner etc because the host isn’t able to experience themselves because it’s too triggering. In the same way that an alter would be used to protect from any other trauma-like event.
In no way would it be helpful to the system/host to have a hyper-sexual part that actively sought out sexualized scenarios, especially in a public forum where Jill and Jerrick would see it and it have it be extremely troubling to them. Jill is copying dissociaDID in every way, from the male co-host to the hyper sexual Jessica rabbit-esque skank. When does Steve start his DID-turned-pedo arch?

Sage for DID sperg

No. 207277

do you still think therapists help people? lel

No. 207282

yeah, plus she never needed "veronica" to talk about loving dick publicly before.

No. 207283

Serenity Sam lives in the UK so no she's not the aunt she has beef with.

No. 207290

>>206918 mega tinfoil but i think i know what happened with Jill. With all the "uguuu i'm such traumatized" larp she end up having access to humanistic therapies Essentially she lied her way out and ended up with a rogerian therapist. Rogerian Therapy is essentially afirmative therapy to the extreme, and mostly reserved for extremely traumatized kids (Aka, what DID patients technically are. That is why i think her therapist is rogerian) the issue is that that type of therapy is non-directive so the client can "explore themselves", so the therapist never intervenes. Rogers believes that "every human being strives for and has the capacity to fulfill his or her own potential" so even if her therapist knows she's larping he probably thinks "meh she will get bored of this misery act someday" the issue is that she wouldnt. Rogerian therapy is notoriously bad for narcs and adicts and at this point Jill is both. Or at least she's closer to than than a "traumatized children so mentally stunned that doesnt even have a fully personality"

No. 207293

BPD has a bad reputation of being the "bitch disorder". DID makes you special mystical wonderchild.

No. 207297

File: 1650101707757.png (997.48 KB, 1080x1907, 169EF4A2-839E-4226-AA71-AF4AC5…)

new jerric dropped(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 207298

File: 1650101908839.jpeg (166.57 KB, 738x1000, 2CC31F03-A154-4381-B869-84207B…)

jillified new jerric

No. 207299

we do be having chiffilous there days

No. 207303

No. 207313

Yo thanks for this info, I had no idea about this type of therapy. That really seems like the therapy model Jill is experiencing.

No. 207334

File: 1650128382910.jpg (179.3 KB, 1080x964, Weed.jpg)

This makes her make a little more sense to me

No. 207339

I'm rooting for the upcoming demon alter!

No. 207348

File: 1650142890580.png (362.43 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20220417-000034.png)

I thought the "bimbo revolution" in her bio might just be a joke, but nope

No. 207350

ahhh i see so it's veronica who's the raging alcoholic not jill?

No. 207352

I don’t understand how is this better than just admitting that she doesn’t give a fuck about kawaii shit anymore and that she wants to do young adult shit.

No. 207353

the thing is, she can still be kawaii and be an adult. She can go drinking, dress in black, get tattoos, have a sex drive AND still be into kawaii shit. She never had to put all her eggs into one basket. Only she put herself into that box.

No. 207354

She was already one of the most obnoxious lolcows but this new bimbo persona is killing me

No. 207356

Just realized how much she has in common with Kelly Eden lmao. If she was also faking DID it would probably look just like this. Why can't she just be normal? She's not the only one struggling after the pandemic but she has the money to deal with it. Thousands of dollars wasted on bad therapists. I hate her so much.

No. 207364

>another friend is in town so that will be cute [weary pain emoji]
>But somebody free me

Lmao what a bitchy thing to say. Imagine being that friend and seeing her talk condescendingly about spending time with you and how she'd really rather not. But then you can't even say anything because "it's not really Jill saying it!!!"
She throws her friends under the bus just to make her larp "realistic". But they probably accept her excuses.

No. 207365

also seems like she's taken some inspiration from chloe with the super overt Sex Alter. i'm no expert but having one whole "personality" just to talk about dick and show off your tits on camera seems off. someone tell her you're allowed to wear pastel clown clothes and also be an adult online

No. 207380

This reads exactly like a Shayna tweet and that is scary.

No. 207384

She tells on herself so bad. "Plans" How can you make plans to have your alter out like that?

No. 207386

File: 1650168758339.jpeg (182.64 KB, 1170x684, C8700D4E-24F0-4791-BB9A-7F5B4A…)

i wonder what she means by this

No. 207387

Steven probably agreed with the friend she was complaining about holding her back from going clubbing. At least she's in character because the tweet sounds exactly like one of her old DA journal entries.

No. 207388

OT but do you happen to have a pdf link for this?
I can't believe that nobody is calling her on this, this is the same woman who supposedly can't use tampons because of csa trauma apparently but trying
to be a bargin bin Chrissy is perfectly fine. She missed the boat by a year and a half though. what a train wreck.

No. 207391

People don't want to admit this but a lot of therapists are just fucked up. It's not hard to get a psych degree, there's a low barrier to entry to being a therapist, and honestly a lot of people go into it to understand their own issues or family issues or for even more malicious reasons. Aside from neuroscience, most of the field of psychology is not really a science and major studies in psychology cannot be replicated. It's a young field that has just had a lot of fucked up and malicious or just incompetent people coming to conclusions to make a name for themselves for decades, which the media happily encourages. It's absolutely not something that people should listen to without a large grain of salt. Oh, and Western psychologists have actually gotten asked to leave when they go into war/disaster zones in third world countries to "help" people because they actually make the people feel worst and aren't wanted there. Sage for psych sperging, I don't think it's a special technique, she is just another person with a shitty therapist which isn't nearly as unusual as people think.

No. 207393

File: 1650170764205.jpeg (359.96 KB, 1170x1123, F01AA91D-E2A3-4B9F-BA2A-51DA50…)

she got over it within an hour i guess

No. 207400

The fact she is doing all this publicly when she could simply have a notebook of all her running thoughts instead

No. 207419

>Western psychologists have actually gotten asked to leave when they go into war/disaster zones in third world countries to "help" people because they actually make the people feel worst
Wow, can't say I'm surprised though, those fuckers are on an ego trip. I hate how EVERYONE thinks therapy is perfect and the only solution to mental problems, when most therapists have unresolved mental problems themselves

No. 207423

Lol inner system drama between Jerrick and Jironica? Maybe a “part” of Jillian wants to shake ass at da klurb but another part of her is insecure and wants to save herself the embarrassment.

No. 207428

But nonnie, that was JILL who couldn't use tampons due to trauma. This is Victoria, who is totally her own person and not at all manufactured because Jill doesn't know that people are allowed to be more than one thing at a time.

But seriously, I don't get how no one is saying anything. Do all these DID larpers only get their information from TikTok? You would think that someone in the "mental illness community" would see Jill and realize that none of her actions or "symptoms" align with anything associated with DID. She doesn't have amnesia, was able to figure out she had DID before diagnosis, and is able to do the whole "intersystem communication" thing less than a year into "treatment." For someone who yells about people not being educated on DID all the time, she really seems to know nothing about it apart from it being special.

No. 207430

I just realized why many terminally online zoomers seem to have a messed up view of sexuality, they also think you can't be different things at different times, thus unless you are 24/7 kinking it you must be asexual, if you dress in trousers sometimes you're actually a man, and so on. Truly believe that having facets is some sort of clinical disorder.

No. 207441

offtopic but agree. a therapist i know who was supposed to be helping underprivileged young girls was autistic as fuck, did not go well.

No. 207448

So fucking true.

No. 207451

I'm sorry, anon, I can't find it for free online anywhere. I picked up the used paperback on Amazon for like a couple bucks. Unintentionally fascinating look into the ways in which "therapists" like Jill's push a narrative.
I've always suspected this. Especially in the wake of Satanic Panic, suddenly trans kids, and that assisted typing for catatonic thing. So many scandals. Jill is being taken for a ride.

No. 207455

Yeah the only time she has "problems" with her DID is when she conveniently needs to ghost someone or when she "talks to herself" which isn't a problem at all.

No. 207470

Does anyone else remember being a teenager or is a teenager, if an adult treated you like this how would take it? I’d feel so condescended to. It’s convenient she can claim co-con because she’ll always know how her alters feel and what they think, so she can never step wrong with them.

No. 207476

feels like she was just clarifying it for her followers, which is just more evidence on how performative this all is. if anons are right that stevie is paying most of the bills, i hope he dumps her ass. Vagueblogging about your partner is not healthy at all. She can't even be talking about someone else, unless she was referring to the system as a whole, which, wild that Jill doesn't intervene then. Are we gonna get more weird infighting from her? This is actually insane.

No. 207503

ot but did she ever give an update on the SBBSK thing? the idea of that actually going through is so gross, just how much self-awareness can she lack.

No. 207509

You know why i think is an special technique/school? Because most of the retarded psychologists take refuge in some of those to keep half-assing shit, is a very common technique among grifters & shit therapists.
But well i agree that there are probably many causes for jills shit therapy. One factor that keeps getting overlooked is that probably her therapist just dislikes her, even more what we do. That is also a thing that shit psychologists overlook on themselves a lot, is true that you don't need to like your patients but if you don't have even the tiniest desiree to actually see your patient improve then is not going to work at all.

No. 207516

File: 1650237876163.png (110.29 KB, 1180x430, Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 6.15…)

of course she only puts trigger warnings for food and not for actual drugs

No. 207520

tw: food is the type of shit people post to make fun of trigger warnings, jill. if u couldn't even stand to look at a picture of food you couldn't be online. to people with genuine triggers it just shows a total lack of understanding. 9/10s we understand u have to manage yourself online if u have specific triggers. the only reason someone should actually use a tw is for shit like gore that's pretty universally gonna get a bad reaction, not FOOD. rant over but there's a thing called being Too Woke sometimes

No. 207521

In her head weed and alcohol = good and food = triggering.

No. 207524

File: 1650242279203.jpg (183.73 KB, 720x1003, 1650242216576.jpg)

She publicly kins a cat now

No. 207526

File: 1650242372842.jpg (144.19 KB, 707x587, 1650242158740.jpg)

This is very disgusting to me. Apologize for what? Not making you the center of the universe?
Having a meltdown because someone said no to her I guess lmao.

No. 207527

File: 1650242401918.jpg (60.41 KB, 720x258, 1650242086659.jpg)

Creepy self infantilizing behavior

No. 207528

File: 1650242515247.jpg (92.49 KB, 698x437, 1650242132393.jpg)

Apologies because I'm sure this was already posted but her saying come here mentally ill people is creepy, self absorbed, and feels like she's using said people for views

No. 207530

File: 1650243046777.jpg (351.06 KB, 720x1155, 1650242588400.jpg)

Lastly here's some more proof all this DID shit is fake. I'm sure that people with real DID if that even exists and isn't just complex trauma don't just go deciding outfits for their alters, neither pretend they're OCs that they need to draw and present to the world. Seriously Jillian is one of the dumbest people I know, I don't think she has a critical brain at all. Also, comparing herself to an underage anime girl just feels odd. Infantilizing and weird.

I don't think he hates her, remember he's woke, queer, and a "witch".

No. 207532

bets on if she has pinterest boards for her differnt "alters"?

No. 207552

I agree. Therapy is never worth your time, and you should cut off anyone who suggests it to you.

No. 207557

…is that bait

No. 207567

OT but I hate the interrupted text meme, I hope it's passé by the end of this year

No. 207583

that was in her livestream, she only mentioned it was her dream to be on and not that she would actually be on SBSK. but she said she is doing some barcroft TV special but hasn't given any update yet.

where was the nonna that provided the livestreams leak? havent seen one in a while. but also totally possible jill just hasnt posted since shes so busy being mentally ill and larping autism.

No. 207598

I feel like it does the opposite of what it's supposed to. Like, you're letting it out there that food is triggering and stuff, it'll probably be bad for someone on the cusp of an ed seeing trigger warnings for simple mentions of food. Like it's a bad thing. Idk though.

No. 207602


The streams for march and april are up now, I have no excuse, I just got lazy. Jerrick also starts the April stream, so finally a live switch for patreon.

No. 207608

ot but it seems jill has already ditched jax?

No. 207609

thank u for the info - i can't tell if she genuinely believes she would deserve a place on that channel or if it would just be the ultimate validation for her disablility larp.

atp i'm just so tired of this woman.

No. 207613

the only alters that make appearances are the ones she uses to 1) post content that she can't be called out for bc they were posted by a "minor", i,e telling an actual minor to "suck your dick" when you disagree with them 2) "bimbo"posting

No. 207617

What time does she “””switch””” in the April stream? I genuinely can’t tell which OC she’s larping at any given point because all of them are just Jill’s different moods.

No. 207618

File: 1650307660942.png (1.01 MB, 1216x722, thechinsonthisone.png)

Currently watching April and jesus. Those chins.

Also listening to her feels like losing brain cells. Jill and Steve have been paying for two separate online accounts for Nintendo and just recently noticed. They only have the 1 system. They also just cancelled 4 streaming subscriptions they had gotten for watching drag and forgot to cancel. How financially comfy must life be for her to be able to drain money without noticing? I'm only 10 min in but god. Her voice keeps shifting between her real voice and her attempt at a "guy" voice. She's so annoying.

No. 207625

You can tell around 7-8 minutes in she can't really keep up the act anymore. It just starts with her voice a little lower and more lip smacking. It's so insufferable

No. 207629

fresh milk, youre the best nonna

No. 207632

A bit later in the stream she talks about how she does her taxes with the help of her mom, because youtube taxes is confusing? Like? She's been a youtuber for so many years, how does she not know how to do this. Also she mentions that she hasn't paid her taxes from last year, she's so irresponsible, my god.

No. 207633

A story arc where Jill goes to prison for tax evasion would be hilarious, can’t muh mental health out of that one. Your honour it wasn’t me Jillian it was Jerrick my teenage emo alter who did it and he is a minor so can’t go to jail!

No. 207634

File: 1650314164717.jpg (213.74 KB, 1080x1437, Screenshot_20220418-163536_Twi…)

No. 207635

Who would’ve thought that being constantly cross faded and surrounded by a community that glorifies mental illness like an even uglier cross between shay and lucinda would result in feeling like fucking shit all the time?

No. 207638

screaming so hard that you popped an eye vessel?? over what? her tendies burning??

No. 207640

remember when she said she's feeling "the best she's ever felt" and having the best mental health since 'discovering her did' and 'managing her system'???

doesn't sound like she's feeling the best…to be 24 and psychotically screaming and crying for no reason sounds like things have gotten SIGNIFICANTLY worse for jillybean.

No. 207642

I know Steebie enables a lot of this but uhhhh this really makes me feel bad for him if she's not exaggerating.

No. 207645

File: 1650315394502.gif (3.3 MB, 202x360, April-2022.gif)

Samefag. Making a summary for those who don't wanna deal with listening to her for over an hour. Kept being interrupted, sorry. Apologies for any typos, my O key is broken so I have to push down hard on it to work lol

>>admits to not being good at paying her taxes on time

>>whispers "I still need to do last years" but says the CRA knows
>>crocheting a weather blanket but instead of tracking weather, she's tracking the switches and each alter has their own color, calls it "so fun"
>>brings up how tik tok is bad for mental health while sperging about Peeps nail polish
>>"I'll probably come back to it someday"
>>"Jerr at some point might just make his own account and not say- might just be like hi my name is Jerrick"
>>Admits she is the stereotype that people think of when they think of people faking DID (like no shit kek) but she's "not 14, I'm 24"
>>Someone reached out to her about doing a video about every reason people hate her and interviewing her but she declined for muh mental health
>>Might come back to tik tok but have her account private / for followers only so she can just block people calling her fake
>>Says her friend Molly is "based"
>>Wants to do an egg hunt for Easter and make a vide for it but knows the child alter will come out so not sure about it
>>"We can imagine what a 24 acting like a 4 yr old would be"
>>Says her alters have their own account when talking about Animal Crossing
>>Recreating her "inner world" on her AC:NH island
>>Jerrick is using Steve's account because he hasn't touched it since basically launch apparently (and it uses Steve's "dead name" kek)
>>Steve is sick but not with covid
>>May or may not have something coming up soon regarding drag and did nasty tongue noises
>>Next con might be Animaritime, with cosplay, or maybe Hal-con, with no cosplay
>>Might cosplay Cure Summer; Jerrick wants to cosplay Black Rock Shooter
>>Mentions Jax might want to do an Arcane cosplay kek
>>When a new alter "drops" she feels "so ashamed"
>>Wants to react to old sewing projects because she believes some she did well and others were "misguided"
>>"Trisha Paytas really needs to be stopped" rich coming from her kek
>>Trying to replace saying "tea" with "gossip"
>>Something about how she had written a song called "Starry Girl or something" at 16 with a lyric regarding taking off her glasses so she wouldn't "be trigged by like looking around at our bedroom and like seeing the same things that we saw during like - things. Anyway."
>>Referred to 35 as being old. "I think you can be old and cool"
>>Says she thinks the lyrics for the song were: "I much prefer this place when everything's a blur; with my vision skewed I don't have to think of her"

No. 207646

Pics or it didn't happen, Jerrica.
But for real, this is such a nasty thing to put on public social media, if its true I hope the neighbors call the cops on her for being a disturbance

No. 207647

Video not vide, and triggered not trigged. Sorry, nonnies. And I only summarized that I found notable, she was rambling about the most boring shit at some parts. I can't believe she has so many people paying for this still. How many backers does she still have? Getting paid to do barely anything.

No. 207648

she looks like milo stewart in this gif kek. also wtf is steves "dead name" what does he go by now did i miss that? is he fully trooned out now?

No. 207649

She said Steve is his dead name and Stevie is what he goes by now. Full on tranny saga feels imminent kek

No. 207650

In the March live stream at 48:30 she says partners. Is it confirmed then that she is in an open relationship?

No. 207651

>>Something about how she had written a song called "Starry Girl or something" at 16 with a lyric regarding taking off her glasses so she wouldn't "be trigged by like looking around at our bedroom and like seeing the same things that we saw during like - things. Anyway."
>>Says she thinks the lyrics for the song were: "I much prefer this place when everything's a blur; with my vision skewed I don't have to think of her"
Combined with the tampon thing it sounds like she’s implying that Uma sexually assaulted her in her childhood bedroom.

No. 207652

oh thats literally just a nickname so i didnt understand. what's the difference between stevie and steve god dammit. troon logic.

No. 207664

Kek I wish I knew these tards irl, it'd be so funny.
>Don't call my enbyfriend by zir deadname! Their new name is the diminutive version of hir deadname!
Kek I hope the tranny saga comes soon!

No. 207668

I'm trying to wrap my head around this. So, we can confirm they met in person/knew eachother? so what even is the time frame for this alleged abuse to occur.

No. 207673

File: 1650322609455.png (1.63 MB, 1409x695, jillianrecommendedyoutube.png)

Fuck it, I'll do the March one, too. I'm watching these at 1.5 and 1.75 speed, though, because I can not deal with her voice rambling and it just takes forever kek

>>Has a fashion haul from MingaLondon as a "birthday treat"

>>Had to scroll down really far for rainbow shit because it's "out of trend now" but "no, this is the way we live forever, bitch"
>>Got tickets for MCR, Steve got them while she was at therapy
>>Says they kind of got scammed because it was so overpriced, had to call her bank. Didn't say amount but said it was comparable to a month's rent. But said it was worth it.
>>Steve has never been to a concert
>>Old car "cherry" got scrapped. Admits they barely leave home anyway so it's fine
>>Said it had mold bad in the back seats because she bought it "as is" and didn't really think about what that meant
>>Will be getting $200 for the parts
>>Dream car is Volkswagen ID Buzz
>>Said she realized people could find out where she lives because her car was recognizable and thats bad, she didn't think about it until someone told her they knew where she lived because of her car
>>Talks about some doxxing scares including someone running about to her at Animaritime and talking about how they live near her and said her street name very loudly. Says she and her friends thought it was a "targeted attack" because they didn't say hi or nice to meet you or anything.
>>Says after that she started going to cons incognito but now she doesn't care abut that. "Just come kill me! JK don't, literally please don't."
>>Mentions watching Suicide Squad and Batman recently then says Steve has turned her into a Marvel loving little gremlin ??? it's DC retard
>>Shows a box of Crayola crayon bandaids and says it was part of her DID criteria. They asked if she had bought things without remembering and says this was one of those items, she got it from Amazon and apparently didn't remember buying it when it arrived (imo she was probably drunk/high and thats actually why)
>>Mentions a Peep's Lore tik tok account and she was singing "I'm annoying, and I tell everyone about this; my mom, my dad, my therapist, the person at the bar"
>>Loves the account and says she "didn't know other people were mentally ill in this way"
>>"Anyway, I'm excited, I have mental illness and I love it. Only when it's about this, though."
>>Mentions she needs to clean the giant Peep Jennifer because she has a "lot of stains"
>>Sings extremely loud in the car and worries people are looking at her crazy
>>Child alter came out while making a snowman, apparently
>>When she visits her mom, she might going sledding by her old middle school because thats where a lot of people go. "I need to be careful going around my old middle school, god. But not like dissociate and explode."
>>Childhood friend's mom responded to her DID post with "Oh sweet J"
>>We see her YouTube recommended, picrel
>>Gushes about the Pixar movie Turning Red
>>Therapist recommended a cheaper Autism evaluation that's online
>>Says the cost of ALL her other diagnoses collectively was $2000
>>They confirmed she doesn't have ADHD during that
>>It would take about 10 months to get an answer regarding the Autism eval
>>Not in a rush to get the eval, though, because her friends, family, partners ?? and therapist all just work with her under the assumption that she probably has Autism (which is so fucked up, this bitch)
>>Says that's why they understand when she says she's "having a meltdown" or when she's rocking back and forth
>>"The autistic community is much more open to self diagnosis"
>>"I did not want to self diagnose with DID or BPD because I was like- I was less certain"
>>"My dad has definitely come around"
>>Insinuates Precure obsession has something to do with the autism

No. 207674

imagine being able to blow an entire month’s rent on concert tickets, she’s so spoiled

No. 207676

plus a mingalondon haul…and a shopping list of diagnoses…and all the impulse purchases she forgets she bought…

i really can't stand her my god

No. 207680

Saying she loves being mentally ill, and says she has dissociative amnesia because she has such a bad shopping addiction that she cant remember what she bought. It honestly can't be that hard to know if you're autistic, right? Especially if you ask your parents about how quickly you learned to speak or if you had any strange social behaviors. Why can't they just put her in rehab. She may not be mentally ill, but she's definitely addicted to drugs, alcohol, and spending money.

No. 207684

Forgot to add that when she mentioned the autism diagnosis she said it's $4800 locally. She said it would cost her less with this cheaper online thing that's based in Toronto called Embrace Autism. It's $2000 and takes 10 months. She acts like she can't afford it right now when she can buy all these other things??

>>"That's probably what we'll go through when we… in a while, in a good while, when we are more financial set for that."

No. 207698

She always has to cosplay the protags of everything. I guess it makes sense since she must be the center of attention at all times. Also kekked at her saying Trish needs to be stopped.

No. 207699

Damn ten months doesn’t seem that bad to wait for an answer when you consider many women go through their whole lives feeling alienated & alone because of undiagnosed autism.

No. 207700

>partners ??
Polycule incoming

No. 207711

That's clearly not DID… That's your run of the mill BPD
Did she forget she has BPD or does she prefer blaming her shitty antics on the fake illness that doesn't label her as abusive?

No. 207712

>Trisha needs to stop
Look into the mirror girl

No. 207714

>>Shows a box of Crayola crayon bandaids and says it was part of her DID criteria. They asked if she had bought things without remembering and says this was one of those items, she got it from Amazon and apparently didn't remember buying it when it arrived (imo she was probably drunk/high and thats actually why)

>>"Anyway, I'm excited, I have mental illness and I love it. Only when it's about this, though."

I was gonna comment something but I just am at a loss of words. The audacity

No. 207715

nonna I am reading in bed bc I can't sleep and woke my dog laughing at your comment

No. 207721

She really is acting exactly like Trisha now kek. Her therapist would also notice this as all obvious BPD behavior if he had a grain of skill or sense

No. 207723

She's going to blow thousands of dollars on an autism diagnosis, and for what? Is there any accommodations she could even get? If not, which is probably the case, she's literally doing it just for show and for the pity points and whatever. Imagine if she gave that money to actually autistic people who can't afford the diagnosis.

No. 207724

File: 1650334634956.jpg (47.31 KB, 500x551, iu.jpg)

Girl needs to calm down, all anyone needs to do is teach her how to manage her emotions but instead she was cursed to be surrounded by enablers. Giving your emotions names and personalities is not the way to manage them, clearly, her mental health is constantly getting worse.

No. 207725

>>>Got tickets for MCR, Steve got them while she was at therapy
>>Says they kind of got scammed because it was so overpriced, had to call her bank. Didn't say amount but said it was comparable to a month's rent. But said it was worth it.

So Steve spent a month's rent of her money while she was at therapy, kinda sounds like she wouldn't have bought them at that price herself. idk this seems off to me.

No. 207730

No she mentions this. Starts at like 11:10. She was the one to tell him to get it while she was at therapy since they were going live at the same time. She didn't want to miss out by her coming to get her because apparently he takes her to and from there. She says she's spent more money on dumber things. All she cared about was making sure they got them. Then said they could always resell them since they are real tickets. She says that Steve has never been to a concert so he "doesn't know like what concert tickets should go for". Which just sounds retarded to me. But she was the one to decide it.

No. 207735

I might be mistaken but didn't anons figure out in an old thread her rent is like 3k? Spending that much for a band she hasn’t posted about until this year all for a larp is crazy

No. 207736

>Can spend a month's rent on concert tickets
>Goes on birthday shopping spree
>Cons and cosplays planned
>Unintentionally blowing money on unused/redundant subscriptions
>Can't afford to get diagnosed uwu


No. 207738

I might be mistaken but didn't anons figure out in an old thread her rent is like 3k? Spending that much for a band she hasn’t posted about until this year all for a larp is crazy

No. 207741

I think so too. She's not planning on getting a real job. You don't really need work accommodations when you're your own boss. She's also not going to school, and by her own admission, everyone treats her like she's autistic anyway so a diagnosis wouldn't change anything. Imagine throwing 2-5k in the garbage just to prove a point. The only real reason you should ever seek a diagnosis like that is if you need it for insurance to prove you need medication, and autism isn't something you'd need it for. Especially with free healthcare? Disgusting.

No. 207749

Not to mention the fact that she’s achieved her goal, everyone treats her like she’s a retard, so why would she drop the cash to potentially have it confirmed that she isn’t

No. 207750

That's another good point. Also, don't they need to interview your family to get an autism diagnosis? I saw a tiktok with this one girl bitching that she couldn't get an autism diagnosis because she had a normal social development. I'm decently sure that you can't get diagnosed unless you struggled with speech at a young age, but I could be wrong.

No. 207755

File: 1650348035762.jpg (701.81 KB, 1920x3882, alfredo-candelaresi-blavk-rovk…)

Why doesn't she just hire an accountant, she'll need one eventually if she ever does manage to do something about her "fashion brand"

>Jerr wants to cosplay black rock shoter
I do not want to see Jill walking around in a bikini top and booty shorts.

She's always liked MCR. Ironically Uma is the person who got her into them. Odd how going to see a band her "abuser" showed her isn't triggering.

No. 207756

>She achieved her goal, everyone thinks she's retarded now

No. 207757

>Odd how going to see a band her "abuser" showed her isn't triggering.
I know right? You would think this, drugs and dildos would be super triggering.

No. 207758

>Why doesn't she just hire an accountant
but nonnie, that'll require her to spend money on something that actually makes sense and is responsible!

No. 207759

I thought her fucking sham "rherapist" would had shown her how to calm down when shit happens (like any run of the mill therapist would do) but all he does is yass queen her and drive her more to insanity, just like she wants

No. 207760

Why Black Rock Shooter when there's a character that fits the Jerrica aesthetic in the innocent soul manga?

No. 207762

Man. I know feeling lost and doing weird shit after you finish college is normal. But seriously she's doing very stupid shit now.

No. 207764

If they're a half decent therapist they should interview the family and typically do so, but you can definitely find shitty enough therapists that just hand you an autism diagnosis over a single talk session (thinking of a certain other influencer but i won't sperg more than i already am). It's also quite easy for someone without an illness to fake it, it's why some people actually buy Jills larp. You used to be diagnosed with aspergers if you didn't have speech problems, but since they merged aspergers and autism into just autism the criteria might have changed to be more strict idk

No. 207766

Does she even realize how many people (ngl myself included) would kill to see them? And she’s so nonchalant about it. What a brat. Some of us have rent to pay and our parents DONT help.

No. 207767

Samefag I put sage in the wrong place because also a newfag

No. 207770

do you mean the green one/Dead Master? Or are there other characters? Honestly I'm betting Jill remembers BRS from its days of being viral on DeviantArt but nothing more than that… like any other phase aside from precure

No. 207781

Not all autistic children struggle with language, many are hyperlexic and have extensive vocabularies.

Autism is more like a color wheel, some folks highly struggle in certain areas, while not struggling as much in others. My friend is on the spectrum, and pretty much no one would be able to tell solely because she’s verbal.

No. 207794

MCR tickets are not going for that much. I think she is going to the montreal show, in which you can easily get tickets for 100$, and so while maybe he did the closer spots which were pricier, its then 200$ each. It wasnt a bloodbath for some reason and so they should have easily be able to be reasonable with their money.

No. 207799

BRS just started a new season so while it’s not as viral or popular as it once was it’s still somewhat relevant, but knowing what a poser she is she probably just checked out which currently airing anime has the most edgy looking main to fit the whole Jerrick being bizarro world Jill narrative

No. 207802

>>>Referred to 35 as being old. "I think you can be old and cool"
Jill is such an obnoxious bitch.

No. 207803

>>>Jerrick is using Steve's account because he hasn't touched it since basically launch apparently (and it uses Steve's "dead name" kek)
What the fuck is Steve's 'dead name?'
>>>Wants to do an egg hunt for Easter and make a vide for it but knows the child alter will come out so not sure about it
This is so creepy.

No. 207805

File: 1650375594789.jpeg (373.83 KB, 1170x642, E9298237-7366-4F13-A189-41F303…)

she liked this tweet regarding polyamory. she’s definitely letting steve fuck other men, no way he’d be able to stay in a straight relationship his whole life. she’s probably letting her alters date other people too.

No. 207813

and she’s in a much better place than a lot of current school grads. She has a fully furnished house and a job that would generate passive income and could easily be the basis for a shopfront if she’d put the work into it. Most recent grads would kill for that sense of stability, but no, she wants to act mentally ill on the internet for twitter points.

It’s okay old-chan, you’re definitely cooler than jill is kek.

No. 207815

A lot of anons on here tend to think the same way jill thinks about autism; they all think autism=full blown retard when that's not the case. Autism is definitely on a spectrum and a lot of people who are being diagnosed with autism are "high functioning"

For jill sake, i think she only wants an autism diagnosis because she also sees autistic people as mentally inept and clearly she infantilises those who do have the diagnosis and wants to be treated the same way. She wants to be treated with kiddie gloves, which is gross because most people with autism hate to be infantilised.

No. 207820

This is funny because Jill is a megaconsoomer. She will treat polyamory like her shopping addiction. Watch her collect different partners and try to shape them into the different aesthetics she wants. Jill has a compulsion to compartmentalize every part of her life and she definitely projects that onto other people. If she can't see herself as a multifaceted individual she won't be able to see other people as such.

No. 207823


I cant wait for the "meet my boyfriends boyfriend!" video

No. 207824

Steven is either grooming her into "letting go of her ego" (shit polyamorous people say so they can cheat on their partner) or she wants to start a policule. It's gross either way.

No. 207825

Remember when Jillian's whole schtick was filming dumb hauls paid with mommy's money and we made fun of that? Yeah, I miss those times, she at least was fun to watch back then. If I knew she would turn into an insufferable woke piece of shit like this I wouldn't had made fun of her spending habits so much. I wish she went back now. Can't believe this delusional anticonsumerist polyamorous shit. It doesn't make sense either way.

No. 207831

I'm talking speech delay. Just because you learn to talk later than others doesn't mean you're completely nonverbal. Like another anon mentioned, I don't know why you would just assume that all/most autistic people are nonverbal.

No. 207832

I think I loose IQ points everytime I read shit like this. What does this even meeeeean, the fuck does capitalism have to do with being poly?

Of all the retarded shit that Jill & Steve do, his bullshit woke communism schtick is up there with the worst

No. 207834

I think she meant that some autistic people don't learn to talk later than others at all. Delay OR fast development are both traits

No. 207835

She said they got scalped, she kept saying that they were soooo scalped, yada yada. They definitely paid at least 1k if not 2k based on what she was saying. The fact that she compared it to rent says everything. She wouldn't flinch at $200 because thats nothing to her spoiled ass. Idk how tf they got scalped if it was "dropping" while she was at the EMDR, per her words.

It's Stevie now, apparently. When do you think he'll fully ditch that to be Stevanie or something kek

No. 207836

oh it will definitely be "stevonnie" like their beloved steven universe kekkkk

No. 207838

Steve is closeted and Jill loves performative queerness and “dating” girls she has zero attraction to so we probably should have seen this coming. They have all the other traits of typical poly people too, like being genderspecial, mentally ill, unkempt overgrown children who are obsessed with cartoons and Twitter.

No. 207839

Her recommended gives us at least some insight into the kind of content she regularly consumes, which is interesting:

Middle School Boys vs Girls: Are Boys Stronger than Girls?…
Life of a Female Dealer
How Are New Alters Formed? An Explanation of Structural…
Would A World War Really Be So Bad?
Turning Red is already getting HATE… #SHORTS
RUSSIA IS CANCELED every company is leaving Russia
I Get It Now

No. 207844

File: 1650386185478.png (859.47 KB, 596x1256, jillianpastmuse.png)

She always has to be the absolute biggest fan and make sure other people know it. This started as a reply to some else posting their old teenage room dedicated to Muse.

No. 207849

but she doesnt even care about music anymore. or does she? She's so disjointed with her likes and interests, that she has become so fake. This old bedroom feels cute and more genuine, but she immediately moved onto lolita not longer after, then 'party kei' and mental illness.

No. 207874

Surpised to see how decently ok her room looked then compared to now. Sure it's busy, but there isn't very much in it and it's relatively clean aside from the unmade bed. Every shot we've seen of her house for the last year has looked gross and messy… isn't the point to be messy as a teen & then tidy as an adult? Depressing.

No. 207876

Louise is definitely one of those mothers who cleaned her room for her, I would guess that Jillian had never done a household chore in her life before moving out.

No. 207883

File: 1650399632205.jpg (16.09 KB, 225x131, 198181.jpg)

Ayrt, there's a character that is BRS's companion named Ron.
>Ron is a serpent-like creature
>Companion in the manga series, Black Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul
>Able to form various weapons such as a blade or Rock's infamous Rock Cannon.

No. 207885

It's actually

I wonder why she was recommended Uncle Roger. It's not like she is interested in Asian food or culture outside of weeb stuff

No. 207888

No. 207893

A lot of people make this assumption because they don’t know about autism.

No. 207897


Maybe Stevie bought it off a reseller or someone had prelisted the tickets for crazy prices, if he's never been to a gig before he's likely to make a dumb mistake like that than buying direct.

No. 207901


He did invite their friends to ageplay at their house. Maybe he wants to have kinky playdates. Sick fucking troon.

No. 207903

File: 1650411377516.jpg (205.64 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_20220419-191944_Twi…)

>Pretending to not understand figurative speech
Laying breadcrumbs for that autism diagnosis

No. 207904

She will really larp anything without shame, huh

No. 207909

I'm sure she already knew but this reads like she just read some throw away trivia about how autistic people have a hard time understanding figuartive speech. She's so embarrassing.

No. 207910

To her there is no difference between autism and ageplay

No. 207915

i know a lot of her old pics are shooped but she looks absolutely adorable in these, even considered the early 2010s clothing being a bit outdated she would look 1000x better like this in 2022. I genuinely believe that people who felt the most attractive in high school are emotionally stunted, and those who come into their own in college/their 20s feel a lot less empty because they weren’t a child during their ‘prime’

No. 207917

exactly this. the biggest reason she frustrates me so much, her lack of perspective and self awareness is actually amazing.

No. 207918

File: 1650416703342.jpeg (791.9 KB, 960x1467, 9A6930AB-9C87-4FD9-B573-7061A5…)

The Cheetah Girls are not accepting applications from deranged fat white women at this time, Jillian.

No. 207920

why does she make such stupid faces? This picture wouldn't be that bad if she just looked normal for once.

No. 207921

ironically i think it's more retarded that this is her best attempt at an autism larp - so bad that it circled around and worked, kek. we all know autistic people only have one symptom and that's not understanding things properly.

No. 207922

File: 1650418484501.jpeg (441.63 KB, 1242x1756, jll.jpeg)

You think she looks…. absolutely adorable in these photos….?

No. 207924

adorable…in like, a mandela catalogue sort of way?

No. 207929

Watching the April livestream and she said in regards to steve's deadname; it's steve, but added "it's not even stevie" which implies that whatever troon name he's chosen isn't similar in any way?

No. 207932

i’m so confused at what the psychological reasoning for her trooning all her bfs is. like it’s been established she is 100% straight and likes dick so she’s not secretly wishing they were actual women, is she just so much of a narcissist that she can only love someone who’s as similar to her aesthetically as possible?

No. 207934

okay to be fair the low quality pic looked better, still think she’s cute in some kind of piranha monstress way

No. 207935

I've always wondered what bugged me about this photo but now I realize that it looks like she photoshopped her face on to a random girl's photo and made that hair green.

No. 207936

Omg it’s real life Jenna Maroney from 30 Rock

No. 207938

I'll never understand how she gets so huffy about people comparing her body now to when sHe WaS a cHiLd, but constantly reposts shit like this. Like it's not possible to be a healthy weight in an adult body. I always found her shooped giant eyed bobblehead pics uncanny and unsettling but she looks like a normal weight for a teen and not omg so deathly thin.

No. 207939

I agree. About half the photos she's posted this month on Twitter across all accounts (not incl. videos) have been from years ago. It's weird how she posts photos of herself from 2-3+ years back like it's nothing.

No. 207944

This is… borderline offensive. Like I actually don't even know where to begin with how retarded this is, we all know she knows what it means but she's pretending to be stupid because stupid = autism and autism = untouchable. what the fuck is she doing and how does none of her fans see/care about the obvious breadcrumbs

No. 207950

Am i the only one who thought this was her attempt at being funny? She's done that a lot in her past.

No. 207951

Jill does this thing (>>205288) where she phrases things in a way that can go both ways. She can claim that this was a joke now, but in the future she can also point to it as an "example" of her "autism" (or whatever).

No. 207952


Topkek anon for referencing the Mandela Catalog. I can’t unsee it now.

No. 207953

I honestly thought she was trying to be deep actually? like using the idea of "moving mountains" as a way to metaphorically ask why people feel the need to police or change others who "aren't even in the way", and then using that metaphor to subtly point out how boolied she is on the internet just for being DID uwu, like basically victimizing herself in a more abstract way lol. but now that I'm saying it out loud i think that was just my initial impression reading it and i'm giving her way too much credit and she's def just trying on the "overly literal/ obtuse" autistic trait for size

No. 207955

File: 1650430131922.png (1.27 MB, 962x702, Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 12.4…)

"Dissociative identity what now? Oh honey don't be silly, pass the syrup."

No. 207957

The game came out in 2020. Why would he not name his character Stevie? Especially if they share an island. That doesn't make any sense.

No. 207958

I’ve known several people who faked or exaggerated autism and the misunderstanding figure of speech and sarcasm is something they always go in hard for. I guess because it’s one of the more well known/stereotypical traits and is relatively easy to fake in the moment, but it’s also an easy one to recognise as fake if you’ve known the person before their autism LARP. Real autistic adults don’t suddenly lose their ability to understand sarcasm once they start fishing for a diagnosis. Unlike some other traits it also can’t be explained away by saying the person is no longer masking. Jill really expects everyone who has known her for more than a year or two to just sit back and nod while she rewrites her past.

No. 207962

>I’ve known several people who faked or exaggerated autism and the misunderstanding figure of speech and sarcasm is something they always go in hard for. I guess because it’s one of the more well known/stereotypical traits and is relatively easy to fake in the moment

This, I've met people like this before irl. I even wonder if this information is even accurate anymore. The fakers I've seen irl DO recognize sarcasm but then they pretend to be crazy like "ummm you said __? Sorry I'm autistic I don't understand sarcasm" but later laugh at sarcastic jokes. Jillian is doing this same shit and using it as an alibi to get what she wants, just like she did with the other shit she claims.

No. 207964

1.Her bfs are either bicurious or actually gay and use her as a beard
2.She makes them drink the woke koolaid on purpose
3.Dating someone who is a troon/queer is more woke and interesting to her than just dating your run of the mill white hetero "cis" guy
3.Rainbows are her "aesthetic" and she needs her bfs to match her aesthetic always
4.She likes dick too much to be a lesbian, but a transbian would simply fix this so she can be a "queer lesbian queen"

No. 207966

my theory is that she dates non-binary/bi-curious/trans/whatever men so she can reap the internet points and claim to be "queer" through association, even though she's as straight as straight gets.

No. 207976

File: 1650452824808.jpg (604.12 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20220420-070519_Tik…)

Back on tiktok already

No. 207977

Fuck off Jillian this only works with new or obscure idioms or phrases, this is a common one you will have had explained to you. Stop making a mockery of us real autistic people.
If jax is American what’s to say that Veronica isn’t Latina, these larpers frequently have alters that are other ethnicities. Latina women are very over sexualised in media and we know she is a racist idiot.
Also how is it a dead name when he clearly still uses it and doesn’t use whatever new secret name he apparently has. She actively calls him Stevie everywhere too not whatever name he apparently has that isn’t public.

No. 207978

Kikomi would be proud of her. A rare passing afab trans girl kek

No. 207979

“Stuntery” what happened to not using AAVE anymore Jillian, or is the excuse that because you are fake gay you can use terms white gays have already appropriated.

No. 207980

Apologies for samefag but this also applies to calling her “miss ronica” come the fuck on Jillian you are a white Canadian.

No. 207981

kek anon

No. 207983

Oh sweet jesus.. I just had a thought. She's testing out a cultural appropation bypass. "My alter IS _________" SO IT'S NOT APPROPRIATING.
If it fails this newest "personality" will disappear, if it passes.. prepare to have every culture she can abuse for attention.

No. 207992

>>207983 i want her to claim veronica is a strong black woman alter it would be so funny but i dont think even she is that retarded

No. 207995

It is within the realm of possibility since she follows and copies dissacociaDID and she has multiple alters who are non white when she herself is white.

No. 207997

File: 1650464937344.png (324.92 KB, 434x428, Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 10.2…)

>be mr. vessey, work hard for your family
>son mostly keeps to himself
>daughter is insufferable
>wife gets cancer, life nearly falls apart
>she recovers, grateful beyond words
>daughter morphs into nightmare around age 11
>wife finds quasi-suicide note from daughter of scribbled nonsense
>wife takes it super seriously and coddles daughter, buying anything and everything from your hard earned work money so that she wont kill herself
>stay quiet to not upset wife, hold out and hope things will get better
>daughter seems to be okay throughout highschool as she returns from punk to normal/girly, hope restored
>daughter too lazy to apply to college on time so takes a gap year to film videos in the house basement
>finally applies to some community college a providence away to study useless degree
>global pandemic
>dont see daughter for about a year
>travel to next providence to see her
>mfw daughter says she's actually 7 different people in one body because of her early age trauma and will switch into them uncontrollably
>mfw cant call her boyfriend a boyfriend anymore because he's a non binary 'partner'
>mfw the two kids spend the entire breakfast talking about communism
>mfw realizing you funded this kid's entire life and she's an ungrateful piece of shit who thinks she's entitled to more free stuff
>mfw still have to pay for this entire breakfast

No. 207998

Jill already got canceled for wascism uwu, I sincerely doubt even she isn't this dumb. I am, however, intrigued by the teasing of a Veronica video. Come on, Jilly! We wanna Meet the Alters already!

No. 208008

anon this is too funny. i actually feel really bad for her dad tbh. he seems like the actual breadwinner in the family, and he consistently did really nice and useful things for jill, and she hardly ever talked about him or appreciated the things he did. i know he's never really been shown much, and there is a possibility he could be a huge jerk. but, he always seemed to do really thoughtful things for jill. he even 3d printed the flower hoops for one of her dumb school project dresses iirc? even her mom seemed to ignore the mans existence. i'm sure a lot of us wish we could have as supportive and helpful of a dad as she seems to have. she probably hates him because he doesn't go along with her nonsense, and probably favors her normal brother.

No. 208009

File: 1650472245262.webm (3.56 MB, 608x540, cba9f01fbee1ad1669057eb6fa7f9a…)

Maybe post the link next time. So much for giving up tik tok because of the boolies. Doesn't want to be harassed but acts full retard.


No. 208011

File: 1650472326958.webm (871.11 KB, 576x1024, bfcc24cd52f40188cffe72c42c2795…)

Samefag. She also just uploaded another one, she is proud of her YouTube button despite the fact she barely uploads anymore.


No. 208012

New video is up

No. 208014

Any time I remember ever hearing about her dad
>bought her a fabric cutting thing
>helped with light up cosplay skirt
>3d printed flower hoops for the collection
Yeah he is pretty much ever mentioned when she can use him

No. 208016

It’s co con Jillian, flora and Veronica. The try on portion where she is pretending to be Veronica is SO CRINGE. If all she has to do is see a “sexy” dress for Veronica to come out then how does she do anything. She claims to be above a C cup and complains about her boobs being too big for some shirts. She claims that the black strawberry shortcake character has always been her favourite and the featured creator is a black creator with DID who does “race intersectionality” content.

No. 208017

At the end she talks about how she used to do too many hauls and had “too much disposable income…or rather imagined disposable income!” She really wants to fucking play poor, I am too lazy but I would love to see the total of this haul and shipping and import taxes to Canada.

No. 208019

Both look crazy but the difference between fat and not fat is so amusing

No. 208020

Oh I have seen people in the uk wearing this brand I don’t know where it’s from though, are you serious Jillian? The brand is literally called Minga London.

No. 208021

This is sooooo rich coming from her, she keeps buying shit though

No. 208022

I don't know if anyone else noticed but some of the clothes are already stained. The blue tangerine themed cardigan has really noticeable pit stains. She literally just got this stuff in the last month, wtf.

No. 208024

I know some nona was saying she missed haul content but it's still insufferable. She looks like a stuffed sausage in all on these looks. I'm so tired of that fake grimace smile she puts on and her makeup and septum combo makes her nose look so severe and long and witchy.

She's the same old cringey, fake nice, spoiled Pixielocks performance with """DID""" sprinkled in when she remembers that's supposed to be a thing she has. Most unemployed, deeply mentally disturbed people don't really have the funds to do clothing hauls, especially when they allegedly can't afford a diagnosis (somehow with well off parents in a country with free healthcare). At least back then she attempted to look cute and not like spazzing and flailing her best impression of autism. Gross.

No. 208026

her attempts at being funny are just extremely cringe every time.
yea i was gonna mention the fabric scissors thing too, and she hardly seemed excited about it, although its an actual useful product, unlike all her plastic garbage she gets. poor man just gets used by the women in his life. his face in that photo says it all.

No. 208027

File: 1650474649101.jpg (78.71 KB, 535x351, cheetah-girls.jpg)

Lol and don't forget she has always loved the cheetah girls apparently and her sad straight girl attempt at thirsting over Raven Symone's TikTok. She can't even look directly at the camera when she lies. LMAO can you imagine her sheltered, hair touching ass actively watching or caring about a piece of vaguely POC media back when cheetah girls was actually popular and relevant? Like 15+ years ago? And somehow has managed to not mention that at all until Veronica appeared and wanted a tacky dress?

No. 208028

I looked up the clothes n the site. In CAD, these are the prices, many are on sale now but idk how much they were when she bought them:

Regular price $78.21 Sale price $23.46

Regular price $79.47 Sale price $55.63

Regular price $50.46 Sale price $15.14

Regular price $45.41 Sale price $13.62

Regular price $63.07 Sale price $31.53

If she got them ALL on sale, she spent at least $139.38 + taxes + shipping (You need to spend over $150 for free shipping) + customs importing cost.

No. 208031

So much for sustainable prices

No. 208032

She also got a hair clip that she showed in her live stream so she probably did reach the 150$

No. 208033


No. 208037

He gets recommended to a lot of people because he has a lot of subscribers. Especially if you're young and leaning to progressive views and pop culture, youtube will recommend you the same shit others watch.

No. 208039

File: 1650476266220.jpeg (803.64 KB, 1351x898, 3C061BB1-0977-4FC0-9B18-A471FB…)

Is it just me or are the armpits on this top literally yellow

No. 208041

sage for nitpick but "Veronica" "Corrects" her when she calls something leopard print, saying it's actually cheetah print…when it literally is just leopard print.

Being so retarded that you "correct" yourself with the wrong info

No. 208042


I think it's just the light bouncing off the yellow shirt she wears and the yellow vase maybe? It's hard to tell what colour is what in her devil house.

No. 208043

File: 1650476739571.jpg (279.98 KB, 972x2130, 20220420_134343.jpg)

The fabrics are probably made in sweatshops.

No. 208045

The other armpit looks the same though if you watch the video and it’s yellow no matter how she moves it.
Could be the light but I really stuck out to me when I saw the top

No. 208046

those are pit stains alright. this cow's got some seriously toxic secretions if they'll molecularly alter a new garment like that

No. 208048


you guys are right… she can afford the clothes themselves but not the oxyclean stain remover…? i just know her laundry sits stinky in the corner of her room overflowing…

No. 208049

File: 1650477262537.jpg (362.07 KB, 2048x1356, FQq5IyjXIAg1FZ_.jpg)

I think anon edited it with high contrast, it isn't quite that terrifying. There's a bit of derangement inherited from mama vessey but she does look cute.

No. 208051

File: 1650477762865.jpg (126.49 KB, 720x960, FQq5IyIXoAAljtl.jpg)

Samefag, she did fuck up in the edit and give herself a double row of front teeth, aha, but aside from that.
This one she looks cute in also:

No. 208052

File: 1650477841274.png (2.79 MB, 2560x1440, Pixielocks DID branding.png)

And current Jill with her multiple personality branding on Youtube. The internet was a mistake

No. 208053

she does look cute in some old pics but imo this definitely isn’t one of them. her teeth are flaring out like they’re avoiding a bad smell in her mouth

No. 208054

i really don't think this is "cute" at all. she's not ugly necessarily but by no means is she cute.

No. 208055

This is the only item in the haul you could consider a basic, I would be less harsh on her if she was buying things she will actually get a lot of wear out of. She buys so many loud patterned things then they don’t match with enough other items because she never gets basics so they don’t get worn very much. The dress is ugly but at least all she needs to style it is shoes. Truly if she got a selection of solid colour tops and bottoms I would be okay with her buying them because then at least she could actually style more of the loud crap that is rotting in her giant closets. Also, nothing for Jerrick? Part of what makes me believe her less is how unwilling she is to spend money on that aesthetic because she knows she won’t keep it and wear it enough and Jillian who is the only one who really exists doesn’t like that stuff.

No. 208060

If she really was deep into DID content two years before “diagnosis,” she would have been there for the major drama of white people having poc alters. It doesn’t matter what the alter identifies as, at the end of the day you’re still a white girl so it’s appropriation.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Axolotls In A Trench Coat get semi cancelled for something during that big DID drama? I thought people dug up something problematic on them too and they had to leave the internet for a while

No. 208067

to be fair, she appears to be wearing some sort of orthodontic braces on her teeth in that photo.

No. 208068

Three things I got out the video.

1) If she’s got severe childhood trauma (and is even claiming CSA), why would she want to buy a top that reminds her of her childhood bedsheets? It seems like anything that is reminiscent of her childhood bedroom would be triggering. Didn’t she go on a big thing about that’s why her house is painted rainbow to remind her that “she’s not there anymore”?

2) Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and say Veronica really was impeding her ability to explain something. You stop the camera, wait until your head clears, and do a second take. Instead, she leaves in the jumbled explanation and puts a caption on the screen saying “I feel like I would have explained this much more eloquently if Veronica was not nearby lol”. I know she’s been putting little effort into her videos for a while, but this was a new low that will probably become the norm in her channel now.

3) So alters are fully formed, independent people and should be treated as such, until you need to throw one under the bus to save face? Essentially calling Veronica stupid on a public platform shows that even you don’t respect your system, so why would other people?

No. 208070

File: 1650481285288.jpeg (199.73 KB, 825x752, 985DADB1-9429-44AC-AEB0-54DBA5…)

Apologies if it was already posted, but she changed her tiktok to multipetalpixie

No. 208073

How does anyone take this seriously? Feels more like a low budget wacky sitcom just needs the fake audience laughter track and clapping.

No. 208076

i’m one of the anons who said she should give up the fake sustainability larp and go back to fashion hauls but god somehow even exactly what we asked for is still pissing me off. Minga London is basically a fast fashion company with slightly above shein quality (I have some of their pieces, they feel and look like shit irl), I hope to god she didn’t pay full price because $78 for that swimsuit material plain ass dress is a travesty. I feel like every piece could have either been easily thrifted for much cheaper and better quality (especially the blue cardi, value village is full of dozens of plain tops like that in every color) or it’s so cheap looking and outdated, the rainbow top looks like a parody of something she would have bought in a mall haul in 2016.

No. 208077

File: 1650483373477.jpeg (177.59 KB, 828x1502, 423119BF-6A83-4E15-989E-0C113B…)

samefag but that dress is so ugly and outdated, this style of crosslace cami tanks was at it’s peak in early 2020 when tiktok first became popular and it looked cheap/tacky then. Here’s a crop top version of it being sold for $3.95 on aliexpress, quality looks the same. I’m not saying that everyone needs to be following current micro trends all of the time and throw away whatever’s not popular anymore, but she should at very least pick between buying something around the time it’s popular or better yet buy pieces that are classic and can be worn for a long time if she’s so worried about sustainability.

No. 208082

yeah I wouldn't be surprised if the same stuff is available on AliExpress/SheIn with the same quality for a tenth of the price. I feel like Minga are one of those brands which are just slightly above than people dropshipping AliExpress clothes on Depop.

No. 208085

The fact that she is posing with a stim toy in the fucking profile picture is sending me. Truly the stupidest autism larper.

No. 208087

>>Apologies if it was already posted
OT but I really wonder what causes anons to not bother just… reading the thread before posting? This applies to all threads on lolcow, honestly, it's been happening a lot lately all over. Jill's thread doesn't even move that fast so it would require peak laziness to not read everything before posting something. It's so odd to me.

Agree. Everything she bought looks cheap and the materials look awful. Crazy the original prices are so high. And people in her comments mentioned that Minga London's clothes can be found on Dollskill's website kek thats not so ethical

No. 208089

>DID branding
God…. Speaking as a graphic designer, I just want to say this is the worst attempt at branding yourself there is. I just can't. She treats this shit as an accessory for her larp and I feel so disgusted for people who actually suffer from a disease this severe.

Offensive. How come no one has told her to fuck off?

No. 208095

>DID branding
For real it feels like watching a kids show or a funny skit where one person plays all the characters. It looks so much like a joke, I can't believe she genuinely made something like this seriously.

No. 208097

I thought her ugly clown drag makeup was """racist""" and she vowed to never do it again?

No. 208099

File: 1650489812598.png (130.11 KB, 273x270, sfsdf.png)

No. 208103

This video was exceptionally boring. She's dull as dirt and her sustainable fashion moralizing is making her come off even duller. Bitch needs new material

No. 208104

I think she meant his name is "Stephen" technically, but everyone just spells it with a 'V'

No. 208105

I’ve tried looking through old threads and couldn’t find it, where did she say “adults and autistic people”? It’s clear from how she talks about ASD that she doesn’t view autistic adults as adults, but I want to hear her say it directly. Why no one in the online autism community has come after her for her portrayal of autism is beyond me, the way she talks about ASD is extremely offensive. It’s like she sees it as an “eternal child disorder” that causes 0 difficulties as long as you have mass amounts of stim toys, and it’s really pretty infuriating

No. 208107

File: 1650493347612.jpeg (237.71 KB, 750x824, 04E973A4-3935-43AF-81C7-58A178…)

No. 208108

Thank you, that was even more awful and infantilizing than I thought it would be. How did she not get canceled off that alone?

No. 208109

She wants what Amelia Bedelia has

No. 208110

She’s mostly irrelevant and her followers are as wannabe-speshul as she is, I guess

No. 208116

My tinfoil thoughts exactly.
Sorry for my sperging but I think she knows her channel/revenue sources were dying out (following the general 'kawaii' trend's slow decline) so she's been fighting to gain relevancy through the "mental health" community, when that didn't work enough she started appealing to niche communities like the online-DID/autism-larper fandom. I think she's given herself munchie syndrumb because she refuses to admit that her heyday on Youtube, and indeed online, is over. She will never be as popular/influential/relevant as she was in the early 2010s because… it's been a decade. The entire culture has changed, online and in real-life.

No. 208122

Ngl as a former fan, I lowkey enjoyed this video. It was nice to be back at the old update-in-my-life style of content, tho I was a fan in 2017 so… Overconsumption was huge at that time tho, tbh I feel like she blames herself for the wrong things. Like she points out all her tiny mistakes so we don’t look at the glaring problematic things she actually does. Like I put two different shades of the same color together all the time no one cares.

Did not like the did branding tho either. I hate the thought process of “if I have a dialogue with myself it’s did” like nah that was just your basic memory.

As for the brand being like lowkey fast fashion, part of me is starting to think that she may just be lowkey dumb. Like, she knows that people lie about being sustainable but than takes this brand’s claims at face value, and doesn’t even take the time to critically think about it. Part of me thinks this may have been what happened with My Violet too, or maybe she just got excited at being able to make a dress but not have to actually put effort into it.

No. 208123

when did she say that her bedroom was rainbow to distance herself from trauma? sorry if im behind/need to be spoon fed but I don't remember hearing about this

No. 208124

>She will never be as popular/influential/relevant as she was in the early 2010s
This is kind of true to some extent but she's not too old for TikTok and completely able to make content more appropriate for someone in their early 20s who finished school and pretended to be passionate about being a designer. She has knowledge and experience on a lot of platforms and a decent sized audience somehow, it's baffling to me to me that she chooses to be this lazy.
If she had the tiniest bit of motivation and emotional maturity, she could let her online presence evolve instead of regressing into an "autistic" womanchild. She's never going to be a teen again, but she's entirely capable of losing weight of she misses the way she used to look so badly. It seems like she was so vain and self absorbed and used to being praised for her uwu special mpdg appearance that she gave up on literally everything the second she got fat and couldn't lean into the kawaii bullshit.

No. 208125

lmao just got yelled at in the library, this sent me

No. 208127

I agree with you that she has the potential; but with everything we've seen from Jill it's lowkey obvious she isn't passionate about what she does anymore. If she was, she wouldn't be smoking weed all day ignoring her fashion projects as her boyfriend browses on Grindr. I say she will never be as popular again under the assumption that she's given up and won't try.

No. 208138

File: 1650505281761.jpeg (364.62 KB, 1242x1838, 7EAE1298-344E-425A-8690-F19D58…)

Doubling down on not understanding idioms

No. 208139

File: 1650505329075.jpeg (521.83 KB, 1242x1214, 9002120D-2DD4-4EBB-B3EA-8276CC…)

And implying people are policing her autism when she gets called out

No. 208141

Every time I read her posts I hear weee ooo wee ooo and I know it's the retard police coming to get me

No. 208142


No. 208144

They posted two different responses nonna calm down.

I was fully in the camp that she was just trying to make a dumb joke, but Jill constantly exceeds expectations in her retardedness

No. 208146

And yeah autistic people sometimes don't get figurative language, but that relates to like complex metaphor or simile… not common English idioms… She really does think autistic people are just forever-children it's creepy

No. 208148

File: 1650507656888.png (119.66 KB, 744x713, Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 10.1…)

Example of her speech from a 2019 article from CBC about her. She has NO problems using figurative language then lmao. To larp like her: "Jump in what Jill?"

No. 208158

Dude calm down, I didn’t do it. I just saw the exchange and screenshotted it since she tries to bury any backlash she gets.

No. 208161

>Neurodivergent angels uwu
I'm not a fucking angel you fucking stunted womanchild. I'm a full blown adult with responsibilities with a deep hatred for pieces of shit like you. I'm not a kid you infantilizing bitch. You and everyone who has ever treated me differently without understanding my needs make me feel so fucking sick. You calling me a "littol neuwodiwegent bwaby angel uwu" feels the same as other people calling me retarded simply because I'm different in the head. I DID NOT AGREE to participate in your fucking gross neurodivergency fetishizing. Fuck off.
Sorry you want to be a fucking baby forever but don't fucking blame it on us.(blogpost)

No. 208162

>Neurodivergent angels uwu
Just a reminder she bullied a likely neurodivergent girl on TikTok on twitter so much that she deplatformed her. You fucking bitch.

No. 208163

Her therapist or whoever makes the future autism diagnosis should be aware of this.
I feel like this bitch exaggerates her autism symptoms without realizing how autism looks irl. All for a shiny autism paper so she can own the haters. Plus she smokes weed. Shit you do on weed =/= autism Jill. I know you want to make yourself retarded on purpose but come on.

No. 208164

It grosses me out so much that she's basically like
This is just a fashion accessory to her.

No. 208165

>The autism police!!
The fucking guts of this fucking bitch. Offensive as fuck. Seriously shut the fuck up you fucking liar. She pisses me off so fucking much.

No. 208166

I like that she replied sarcastically to a reply to a post she made intentionally implying she does not understand figurative speech. Sarcasm is also figurative speech, genius.

No. 208167

I'm this close _ to alogging you have no idea

No. 208176

>>run of the mill white hetero "cis" guy

This made me wonder, if she and Stevie ever broke up, do you think she'd purposefully go for a POC for woke points? Or a disabled person?
Iirc she did milk it when Stevie was in the hospital.

No. 208184

Girl same. Not to blog but I'm a literal sperg and I actually feel offended and attacked by her. She clearly has no respect at all for autistic people. And this pretend "gatekeeping" of mental disorders is fucking ridiculous and does nothing but hurt us who actually suffer from the disorders. God I hope her ableist bs gets called out and she gets cancelled for good.

No. 208186

Just another autistic here to say she is stupid with this. It would be more believable if she used an obscure one, yes we don’t understand them when presented with them at face value but an incredibly common one like this will have been explained during schooling. I know what it means because it features in literature so often that I have had it explained to me in childhood.

No. 208187

I think her dad is aware that if she ever moves back with mommy and daddy she is never leaving again.

No. 208188

Does Steve still not have a bedroom in all of this. Her ignoring her designer nonsense is even crazier when you remember she made one of the bedrooms a sewing room and filled the closet with fabrics and then took the basement away from Steve and made it over to make it her business space. Does she just have the door closed and leave the sewing room to rot, based on when she shot her collection the background with the picket fence seems to be the basement.

No. 208190

Apologies for samefag but I would add to this that she has said they sleep separately before and advocated for couples doing that and even before that it was shown that both the closets in the master bedroom are full of her crap. She has also posed as Jerrick in a tik tok before in another closet in her home that looked very empty and seemed to just contain a couple of Jerricks clothing items, has she taken over yet another closet in their home for her crap? I truly don’t understand where stevens possessions are, the living spaces and bathroom are as we have seen all Jill too.

No. 208193

The thing is the first tweet could just have been her being silly for fun. But SHE confirmed she IS doing it to larp/make fun of autism by replying to the tweet calling her out for it and not denying it.

If she did it to seem autistic she is being a ableist cunt who's pretending to be stupid because to her autism = childish stupid person who doesn't understand common idioms. Her reply is also clearly making fun of autistic people.

If she had honestly done the first tweet completely unrelated to autism (which I doubt but let's give her the benefit of the doubt for a second), her reply is then still making fun of autism. So in that case she literally chose to be a cunt to autists for no reason.

Jill is an ableist cunt either way you look at it.

No. 208199

I think any black guy would know that getting involved with jill would end up as a ‘get out’ situation. Maybe she could trap a dude and make him act disabled, like a gypsy rose blanchard situation. She’s munching herself, why not somebody else for attention?

No. 208202

Nah, she gets too jealous of people for that, she needs to be the most every time. Remember when Stevie came out as nonbinary and she not long after was like ME TOO. She ramped up claiming she was bi when she was with Colin then after that breakup she claimed Lesbian. She claims DID and autism because she is competing with people online. Her rainbow townhouse also isn’t accessible at all for anyone with a physical disability and she has to bring her partners into her world.

No. 208203

I legit think Jillian is 100% only attracted to white dudes. No chance she's dating anyone outside that.

No. 208213

I mean or anyone can just buy and wear whatever pieces they like whenever they happen to like it whether it's "in style" or not? Like did you not realize ANY piece "can be worn for a long time" if you like it for a long time? I think in her case it's less of an issue of not being interested in a style anymore so much as just not being able to fit into previously-bought items due to weight gain. This just feels like an odd nitpick for a person whose whole 'aesthetic' has NEVER been "in style". Unless I'm missing something and "in style" is something she has claimed to care about in the past?

No. 208214

Literally her fashion hauls used to actually be fun because of how into it she was but now she's just into grandstanding about 'sustainability uwu'. This was close to a good throwback, but that just made it so insufferable

No. 208226

Someone will eventually tell her that the "sustainability" speeches are "classist and fatphobic" as not everyone can afford a $55 top pr find it in their whale size. I've seen it come up with a lot of anti fast fashion YouTubers kek. Maybe then she'll drop the charade.