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File: 1614722373342.jpg (281.46 KB, 1512x812, 1614458000185.jpg)

No. 1174600

*Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.*

First Thread >>>/snow/344490
Last Thread >>>/snow/1168586

>gym saga OFFICIALLY comes to an end with Shayna claiming she stopped going because her trainer was racist >>>/snow/1168812 then claims she needs $300 to buy out of her contract for some reason instead of getting a new trainer >>>/snow/1168828

>starts a femdom onlyfans only to complain about the subs who give her money being lazy and demanding, despite being the most lazy and demanding sub on the planet >>>/snow/1169409
>lots of hardcore coping, seems to think her sad life is more exciting then everyone else >>>/snow/1169412 makes fun of girls from high school for not leaving the town she is begging to be able to move back to >>>/snow/1172207
>another incredibly boring camshow, rambles about high school, tumblr days and fupa, makes about $59 for 3 hours
>new cat makes an appearance, >>>/snow/1171659 shay ignores every question about it >>>/snow/1171664
>totally doesnt care about being called fat by tweeting about being called fat >>>/snow/1172306
>goes out to brunch (certainly with fupa) in the most unflattering outfit imaginable, takes selfies with her tits out and no mask in a public restroom >>>/snow/1172994 and drinks 7 mimosas >>>/snow/1173000 after claiming to be "at risk" and calling others selfish for going out during the pandemic
>this weeks schedule >>>/snow/1173509 we can all look forward to her not camming on Wednesday 3/3, Friday 3/5 & Sunday 3/7
>fucks her ass with a pipe for Womack and sends it to him >>>/snow/1173828
>peak desperation seems to be setting in as she offers anyone in Oklahoma (Womack) to take her on a "date" for $1000 >>>/snow/1173552
>selling her piss >>>/snow/1173753
>and then selling ACTUAL SCAT PORN FOR $25 >>>/snow/1173580, >>>/snow/1174352
>in great taste attacks other e-whores who make porn pretending to be minors >>>/snow/1173870 and immediately releases "lil sis gets dick at disney" >>>/snow/1173918


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No. 1174601

No. 1174603

Good job on the thread anon

No. 1174605

File: 1614722657388.jpeg (907.67 KB, 1242x1340, 8554AF87-3741-4A04-94D7-18E58A…)

She always make the most unflattering poses looks like she has a clubbed foot

No. 1174606

thanks, anon. i'm wondering with all of the new lows shayna has been hitting these days, if she should consider a legal name change at this point. maybe she is manic and doesn't understand it yet, but the scatgate and piss post events are now forever tied to her full legal name…

No. 1174611

she doesn’t care, which is quite sad

No. 1174613

She has talked about changing her actual legal name to Dolly Mattel before, she’s an idiot and she has no sense of identity outside of her porn

No. 1174614

tbh I'm sort of starting to worry this is going to end in an hero, I really don't think shayna has the fortitude to deal with the fallout of this and from whatever undoubtedly even worse shit she's going to do in the near future
she doesn't think ahead, how tf is she going to deal with all of this and the horror porn when she's 30?

No. 1174615

only smart people kill themselves

No. 1174616

File: 1614723257059.png (1 MB, 835x874, prrrrrrrrrr.png)

damn son

No. 1174619

Don’t put a beautiful legend into this disgusting creature’s thread. Kurt Cobain actually created art, unlike Shayna Misogynistic Clifford.
Sage for Kurt fan sperg(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1174623

shayna probably wouldn't recognize him anyway lol

No. 1174629

That pose on the left is so weird, it makes her look like a crab to me

No. 1174634

Knowing Shayna’s poor hygiene she probably has crabs

No. 1174637

then why are you here

No. 1174649

i think shayna is more likely to die of obesity related issues or even maybe drugs than suicide. shay loves herself and attention way too much to ever seriously attempt suicide.

No. 1174656

File: 1614726682082.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 693.29 KB, 828x1324, 96E1E0A7-F8D2-46A3-8B93-C36AC0…)

No. 1174658

i don’t think she will ever make an attempt to lose weight so that’s a good guess. she will just keep growing and growing. and yeah based on how much she drinks like (7 mimosas in a short period of time) she could also die of alcoholism. but never suicide.

No. 1174660

File: 1614726782502.jpg (441.6 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_20210302-171242_Twi…)

She is definitely making this dude tweet this

No. 1174663

lol that rug with the rose petals look like it has actual shit on it. but she seriously hasn’t cleaned that yet? why?? and where’s your makeup shay? scary…

No. 1174675

Bitch where. Her right cheek is literally concave(nitpick)

No. 1174687

Dark colors look so much better on her. You have a fat lady pancake ass though, Shay.

No. 1174692

File: 1614729248030.jpg (326.24 KB, 1080x1272, Screenshot_20210302-175314_Twi…)

No. 1174693

Wait. Is she actually STANDING? I feel like she is always sitting on the floor on her gross carpet/blanket. Wow.

No. 1174700

Yeah she looks better in dark colors. They’re slightly slimming and her skin tone, hair and eye color just don’t go great with bright garish pink tones. I wish she’d stop forcing it

No. 1174725

Tbh I'm still stuck on her shipping human piss and then posting about it on the internet to forever be memorialized. Any one of the people who sees it could report it. Like, it's crazy to think how little forward thinking or concern for anything she has.

I wonder if postal workers ever hold packages and think " I wonder what's in this? It it perhaps piss? The chances are low, but never zero." Truly the world's heros in this trying time.

She's deranged.

No. 1174729

She sometimes has slight glimmers of self awareness. It’s weird that she’ll delete some dumbass drunken rant on Twitter but sell this awful, life-ruining content to strangers. I’m shocked she hasn’t found herself being actually blackmailed or stalked (beyond us kek- not encouraging cowtipping or anything).

No. 1174733


Yeah.. you really don’t come back from selling scat. Even if she doesnt do it again, she’s never gonna live down that video. And for 25 bucks? Yikes…

I’m still hoping for a felony saga when she realizes she was supposed to declare and label the piss she sent out. I hope the creepy coomer doesnt blackmail her over it.

No. 1174735


AND she mailed a used pipe that probably smells like weed/has resin in it. The only reason people get away with shipping pipes out is by labeling it a “tobacco pipe” and making sure there were no traces of weed on it. All its going to take is one dog sniffing the weed before her package is inspected and they find the resin and shit-flakes all over it. She really is dumb.

No. 1174739

>I’m shocked she hasn’t found herself being actually blackmailed or stalked
i'm not surprised since we're the only people who observe her and most of us don't actually want to see her get harmed lol. she thinks farmers are evil but she's very lucky that 4chan and kf haven't caught on to her existence, they're a lot more ruthless than we are especially when it comes to camwhore cows

No. 1174743

But if its Womack's pipe then I'm wondering if she didnt have to ship it at all since they're both located in tulsa? Or is he located somewhere else in bumfuck OK

No. 1174744

i truly hope for her sake she wasn't stupid enough to put her return address on the packages she sent out

No. 1174746

File: 1614734682598.png (67.89 KB, 895x358, the stinky saga.png)

so when should we expect to see a tweet like pic related?

No. 1174757


Pure fucking gold.

No. 1174762

Not that no makeup special needs look with that outfit again

No. 1174763

okay but wait can we please talk about the most horrifying part of the mail saga: we all know shay does NOT have mailing supplies in her apartment, and she’s never shown the kind of foresight required to obtain padded mailers, take them home, and package them there. realistically, the way it went down was that shay shoved her ass pipe and piss vials into her purse (M A Y B E in baggies) and packaged them up in the damn post office. and I simply cannot stop thinking about that, farmers. she’s really fighting for cow of the year 2021(retarded tinfoil)

No. 1174770

Top kek.

I'm also confused as what was the poo routine here.
Did she shit, then not wipe and fuck her ass?
Did she do like do half a shit?

$25 for scat is absolutely tragic.

No. 1174772

how does she not get that she is absolutely terrible at doing this?

No. 1174774

She’s probably going to get anal relapse at some point soon, too. Jesus I can’t even imagine

No. 1174776

>anal relapse

No. 1174777

as someone that sells shit online for a living, i was horrified when i saw that she shipped the piss and pipe in what appeared to be just usps readypost bubble mailers. there is no fucking way she packaged that shit at home unless i am wrong about what type of padded envelope they are, since those are often purchased at the post office at the time of shipping by inexperienced shippers. i also highly doubt she packaged them well enough so they do not break or leak in transit (they would need lots of bubble wrap, would definitely be better suited for a box not a bubble mailer)(nitpick)

No. 1174782

at least she's having a moment of clarity. look at someone like pokimane (makes money doing nothing on twitch, fully clothed and makes way more money than shay, not even amazingly pretty but basic pretty) and then look at shay. shitting on cam for pennies.

No. 1174784

I genuinely hope you don’t get banned for blog because what the actual fresh fuck, anon

No. 1174785

i think anon meant they sell stuff as a living, not actual shit

No. 1174786

KEK thank you anon I’m retarded. can you blame me though with everything that’s happened in the threads this week

No. 1174788

>as someone that sells shit online for a living,

I'm sure it's a freudian slip but lmao

No. 1174789

i do not mean literal shit lol, just a normal ebay/depop seller, was not thinking about that when i wrote that.
maybe selling shit is shay's next venture though, who knows.

No. 1174794

lmao wow that was really poor choice of wording, ty I was horrified and then laughed really hard

No. 1174811


I am fucking DYING over >anal relapse

Its prolapse. lmao

No. 1174814

File: 1614740689708.jpg (46.82 KB, 800x388, 0647 - sEBrAmv.jpg)

oh my god shay

No. 1174822

File: 1614741175676.jpg (360.27 KB, 1079x1101, Screenshot_20210302-211242_Twi…)

Playing the world's smallest violin

No. 1174823

File: 1614741219286.jpg (160.05 KB, 1080x795, Screenshot_20210302-211327_Twi…)

What an icon

No. 1174828

File: 1614741619660.gif (391.6 KB, 500x374, 651A6C0A-8F18-4CBA-9477-C67CF5…)

Drinking isn’t going to solve your problems Shatna

No. 1174830


Shay, stop fucking seeing him. Leave OK. Block him and get off his phone plan. If she really wanted to get over him, she would cut ties. But no, still desperately pining over Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, Oaklahoma.

No. 1174834

Lol guess I was just predicting when she goes to AA bad choice of words

No. 1174835

why is she still simping so hard for kyle? sheesh.

No. 1174836

File: 1614742296422.jpg (243.09 KB, 1080x843, Screenshot_20210302-213118_Twi…)

No. 1174844

i will bet my entire life savings that “listening 2 johnny cash” means she’s just listening to his cover of Hurt over and over again.

No. 1174851

Imagine being an adult this hung up on an average dude who probably did the bare minimum while using her for kink sex and tumblr clout until it interfered with his life/got fed up then he kept her a secret like the embarrassment she is.

No. 1174857

seriously, she’ll be chugging her cheap wine tonight while crying about kyle nathan perkins, really bitch? what has he ever done for you?

No. 1174859


scat-na - I know you’re reading this:


No. 1174861

File: 1614743979051.jpeg (48.75 KB, 750x273, F8B66C18-202A-41A6-9005-46E64D…)

her new biggest fan?

No. 1174863

File: 1614744053007.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 113.91 KB, 750x686, 35B7E8E0-CEBF-4022-8FCA-B60D2C…)

must sting for her to click on this dude’s profile(not milk)

No. 1174864

File: 1614744130568.jpg (397.93 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20210302-220208_Twi…)

No. 1174866

lol so he doesn’t even buy her vids but he promotes it? sad.

No. 1174870

KEK he got scammed
She had to mark it down because no one else wants it because it’s revolving

No. 1174887

I still think this is a tactful farmer though. Not to ruin their fun, but really…

No. 1174891

Amazing thread, OP anon.

God bless you anon kek this gave me a whiplash of reactions

I know it's been said time and time again about this face but damn we know you read these threads Scatna, please stop making that Gypsy Rose Blanchard downs-y expression it's so fucking bad. Your "porn" is like exploitation of a severely handicap individual ffs

No. 1174892

i thought so too but his account is two years old and he seems to be a newer shatna simp lol

No. 1174893

Extremely underrated from last thread

No. 1174894

File: 1614748428106.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.39 KB, 750x1038, E391753B-E072-4B5F-BB2A-8157B4…)

You just shitted yourself on camera, caveman hillbilly gun girl #amood

No. 1174897

>not to ruin their fun
>posts about it anyway knowing shatna reads her thread
A+ anon

No. 1174899

will never understand why she posts stuff like this on her "sex work account" that's embarrassing. also shatna, i doubt you'll ever make this change. you'll just keep settling for kyle nathan perkins and other freaks like him because you have no self worth

No. 1174900

why did she honest to god make "shatna" a reality?

No. 1174904

File: 1614749340582.gif (1.81 MB, 269x529, 8267CCAB-91A9-42A2-9433-9784B2…)

I cannot believe she let a puny manlet slap her around and be dominant to her when they were the exact same height lmao

No. 1174919

wearing pacifier
remember when she went on a rant about other “models” pretending to be children kek

No. 1174925


lmao i could see this as a banner if it was redone horizontally

No. 1174943

Curiosity got the best of me and I opened the spoilered pic of the shitty dildo. Literally want to kill myself, what the fuck. Shayna will never be caught sober again.

No. 1174953

kek I’ve always thought that nickname was super annoying but now it’s perfect

No. 1175044


No. 1175064

Kek Shayna even said/says that she's gonna join the 27 Club. That feel when it's only reserved for talented people who actually matter and have an impact on the world and not some gutter goblin on twitter shitting all over dildos.

No. 1175067

Shayna: Wow. Dudes who can't handle rejection are so annoying!

Also Shayna: Kyle didn't say good morning to me. I think I'm just gonna fucking kill myself.

No. 1175077

Fuck she must really be desperate for a sale. I have a feeling this gurl is gonna end herself soon

No. 1175078

Wow, I guess poop dick really doesn’t pay the bills!

No. 1175103

File: 1614775781300.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 320.79 KB, 750x754, 389A4D59-7A55-4DE0-99CE-C40BE2…)

reposting old vids with her infected ingrowns and ass boils. shameless shay

No. 1175107

File: 1614776189049.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 516.09 KB, 750x690, 25A71FAD-6F9B-4AB3-BF71-58C2A8…)

my sides hurt from knowing that her orbiter nathan is into women like this(not milk)

No. 1175110

I mean it only makes sense, he finds Shayna attractive after all kek

No. 1175117

File: 1614777583205.jpg (284.32 KB, 1080x906, Screenshot_20210303-071925_Twi…)

No. 1175121

Sometimes she just makes me sad. She’s so pathetic.

No. 1175133

How many times do people have to point out that MV auto tweets when a sale is made

No. 1175141

Aren’t fancams for people with… geee… I dunno… talent?

Here you go fat bitch https://www.dropbox.com/s/iv15xxvkbx0jp7d/fancam.MOV?dl=0

No. 1175148

holy fuck anon, that's hilarious

No. 1175150

damn anon, you are RUTHLESS

No. 1175152

File: 1614781534149.webm (Spoiler Image, 461.4 KB, 1440x1440, fancam.webm)

i converted it to a webm for you anon

No. 1175154

…you hear about fat fetishes but a fetish specifically for unfortunate women is a rarity.

No. 1175195

This is gold

No. 1175199

i just want you guys to know i dreamt about a lot of literal shit in a garbage can last night and i think shatna triggered it(no1curr)

No. 1175202

File: 1614786415638.jpeg (478.05 KB, 1125x1275, 9B4F6007-6158-4550-BEC9-B5D6FF…)

aww she got her feelings hurt this is so sad
reality stinging a little hard today shayna?

No. 1175207

>schoolyard insults
Kek you talk about those “lame insults” all the time so you’re clearly bothered and hurt
You know it’s true. It’s honest criticism Shatna

No. 1175209

I hate when bitches act like they are unbothered but are very bothered. Those insults obviously hurts her feelings and she's right they are recycled wack insults, yet they made her write three tweets about it.

No. 1175213


The majority of her interactions must be negative because its all she ever talks about. You’d think at 5 years of sex work she’d be able to laugh this shit off and ignore it.

No. 1175214

File: 1614787047126.jpg (651.29 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20210303-095725_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 1175222

this shit legit confuses me because she's not even a pretty or well-maintained deathfat (and they do exist), this is the kind of woman you see screaming in the street holding a trashbag of clothes, but then I remember scrotes are beyond salvation.
sex work isn't real work though, Shay.

No. 1175223

I cannot stand this retarded bitch she literally caters to these same fucking pedophiles

Shayna go burn in hell seriously

No. 1175224

It's not about you, shaytard

No. 1175225

If it was a woman pedophile, then Shay would want the death penalty. But since it's a man, and her porn caters to these pedophiles, she thinks differently

No. 1175229

File: 1614788057151.gif (24.4 KB, 506x67, 767D4ED3-9EDF-442F-85C9-717A31…)

No. 1175230

If she had a real job instead of ebegging all day maybe she'd be able to pay her bills.

No. 1175233

Okay? You talked about being underaged camming to get a scrote off in a paid video, one mintue you cry about how kinks give you PSTD, the next you are saying that you want those things to happen to you.

No. 1175235

The thing I don't get about Shayna is that she won't even try to get a real job to fill the gaps. If you know you can't pay your bills wouldn't you at least try to bus a few tables until you can afford to move?

No. 1175236

File: 1614788613130.jpeg (562.75 KB, 1096x1197, F764D8C6-F269-4E77-BDC1-7FEB3C…)

It seems like thes virtue signaling anti-pedophile/minor shit a ton lately, I wonder if she actually feels guilty about her pedo-pandering and is trying (and failing) to separate what she does. She can’t possibly think she’s not one of these disgusting people.
I’m rereading through her threads and she literally tweeted p much the exact same thing a year ago. Come up with a new cope instead of this recycled whining maybe?

No. 1175257

> this is the kind of woman you see screaming in the street holding a trashbag of clothes
Kek does your town have one too?

She’s been trying real hard to pretend she’s not a part of the problem. I’m so embarrassed for her. How can one person be so brain dead and lack this much self awareness? I think if she ever went sober she really would end up an heroing.

No. 1175261

File: 1614790384179.jpg (303.75 KB, 1079x875, Screenshot_20210303-105158_Twi…)

You DO make his life terrible Shay. You suicide bait him every time he doesn't give you attention, which forces him back to you. Grow tf up

No. 1175274

File: 1614790845684.jpg (213.34 KB, 1080x896, Screenshot_20210303-110040_Twi…)

No. 1175275

Girl I think you are the bad karma for what he did/does his ex wife and kids

No. 1175276

GeriatricOldMan gonna pull up to fupas and beat him with his walker, eh?

No. 1175278

>all that I gave up for him
I understand abusive relationships happen but she literally did this all on her own. No one forced her to moved to Oklahoma with a divorced dad of 3 after meeting him twice. She takes zero responsibility for her shitty life and wants to put all the blame on Fupa. You’re both trash.

And only you chose to sell scat porn for $25. So your downfall is 100% on you shatna.

No. 1175281

I'd love to know what she gave up, I don't want to hear about "friends" because Shayna has never attempted to truly make friends, I don't want to hear about her "Family" because Shayna has been shitting on her parents since forever.
Maybe chump change, but she can't talk about time wasted because we've seen her begging Fupa to come back. She chose to move to be with him. Fupa's shitty but shayna does not take full responsibility and she never truly says what Fupa has done so wrong.

No. 1175283

SA- I'd want to know what she can do to ruin his life as well, I have a feeling it's getting in contact with people close to him and bringing up her sex work, his kinks and accusing him of abuse.
Because really, how can Shayna ruin his life? She's coming off unhinged saying shit like this.

No. 1175284

File: 1614791245835.jpeg (361.79 KB, 750x862, 26BDEBC5-3A11-4E69-932F-C34D1E…)

sissy and simp leaping to her defence

No. 1175289

iirc there was constant construction going on outside her apartment and she claimed she "couldn't work because of it" so that's what made her move in with Fupa, after like 3 months of dating

No. 1175290

How can you literally eat shit and still think you’re better than everyone

No. 1175291

I’m sure most of us like our “shitty jobs” with benefits, stability, and nice coworkers over smelling our own shit on a dildo for $25 but what do I know. Idk if these people are just as delusional or inhaling copeium at lethal doses.

No. 1175294

I think fupa didn’t know what he was getting into and did what any normal person would do in this case and he legit ran away lol

No. 1175295

Is that Sissy person a troon?

No. 1175296

Kek seriously

Yesterday she said she loves and misses him. Now today she hates him and wants him to suffer. That pity brunch must have not worked out that well lol.

Let it go Shay. Quit wasting time and energy on him then. Just like you, hes not gonna change. But he didn't make you do anything or give anything up. You had nothing to begin with. No friends, family, savings, house, etc. You chose to move in with him and y'all had your little kink for show relationship broadcasted online. Then, big surprise, it turns out you both didnt actually like eachother or living together.
Fupa is a piece of shit, but so is she. She flip flops on it so hard constantly.

No. 1175299

Shayna, the best revenge is getting in shape and moving on. You're both fat losers, but he is also saddled down with 3 kids and child support. At least you didn't let him knock you up.

No. 1175300

She was literally just talking on cam about how she doesn't wish ill on her "ex", how much that relationship gave her and how she is 23 and needs to grow herself, and doesn't want people to shit talk about him. Guess that goes out the window when Fupa doesn't text back

No. 1175303

File: 1614792273977.jpeg (60.06 KB, 750x750, DB99E903-CC94-4551-8D11-338A9D…)

Anon please my sides

No. 1175315

I was just thinking about this, anon. He must have told her to fuck off after the pity brunch and now she’s pissed. They were obviously texting all night during her last show and the one before that. I

No. 1175324

you literally met him in a foreign country for your first meeting. this was all you.

No. 1175327

Fupa has at least a family, Shayna doesn't even have friends to begin with. All her crappy life choices and rotten personality point to her dying alone.

No. 1175328

File: 1614794393955.jpg (360.73 KB, 1079x1340, Screenshot_20210303-115930_Twi…)

On today's episode of What didn't happen

No. 1175330

So I guess she gave up on loosing weight? After her totally racist trainer, no talks of trying to work at home or eating well.
If she can't pay someone hoping they'll fix her issue or buy a quick fix she just gives up. Thats sad.

No. 1175333

He knocked up his wife and is a deadbeat dad. I'm sure his kids won't grow up resenting him.

No. 1175341

File: 1614795294096.jpg (279.51 KB, 1080x875, Screenshot_20210303-121411_Twi…)

Back to blaming the meds. Well maybe if you didn't constantly drink and smoke while taking them and actually took them correctly, you would be fine

No. 1175342

seriously, if you take them properly and DONT use other mind altering substances like marijuana and alcohol daily, you may start seeing some results. marijuana is what’s making you unmotivated and sleeping all day, retard. you have to be on most meds for at least 2-3 months to start seeing any sort of change. if she’s been on 6 different meds in the past year she clearly hasn’t been taking them properly.

stop looking for shortcuts in life, piggy.(medfag)

No. 1175346

“Months at a time” you probably tried 3 meds for a week each, while drinking and smoking, and then just tossed them. If even that. You haven’t done or tried anything.

No. 1175349

I seriously doubt she took her medicine more then a few weeks, in fact I'd say it feels like she takes them whenever she falls out with Fupa thinking it'd fix everything, or thats when she thinks about taking them.

No. 1175350

I realized she has not said anything about when she "went inpatient" a few months back

No. 1175352

Go figure, this is deleted

No. 1175356

Shaytard was totes overdosing on meds all day uwu. She’s full of shit and will say and do anything for attention

No. 1175357

she probably only took them when she “felt bad” and didn’t take them any other time

No. 1175360

Gee it’s almost like alcohol is a depressant and marijuana isn’t meant to be smoked all day unless you have chronic pain/ illness. Fupa breaking your heart isn’t chronic pain you fucking retard. It makes you tired, hungry and lazy. Take a walk touch some grass get off of twitter you barely make money ebegging it’s time to choose a new career choice fatass.

No. 1175365


This. We also know she used taking her meds as a manipulative tactic against Fupa. She likes having him around to essentially remind her how to fucking breathe because she can’t do anything on her own, so perhaps she wouldn’t take them just to see if he would baby her and remind her - hence, attention from Fupa. Also, when they would fight, she’d stop taking them to spite him because I’m sure he said shit like “you need to take your meds, you’re acting crazy.” and cry that he was abusing her for urging her to take medicine that is prescribed to her.

She’s so fucking useless. I can’t imagine what her therapy sessions are like… they sound like they’re a bunch of fluffy bullshit and she should find a new one, maybe.

No. 1175372

File: 1614796601021.jpeg (473.53 KB, 1046x585, 162BA373-B8AA-4AF0-BDCD-A856A7…)

Kek everything you said was 100% true

No. 1175375

File: 1614796805604.jpg (311.06 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20210303-123943_Twi…)


No. 1175378

File: 1614796907651.jpg (43.14 KB, 828x823, 20210303_123946.jpg)

No. 1175402

File: 1614799413943.jpeg (480.26 KB, 1242x1175, 43E262B7-DB44-40CA-9FA4-0853C9…)

your followers and supporters are literally incels
Why else would they pay for your disgusting bottom of the barrel porn videos? They cant talk to women because they’re weird

No. 1175403

i mean shes right tho, who cares if she scams autistic scrotes?

No. 1175405

She literally caters to incels and pedophiles though, she’s also part of the problem. Incels are retards but Shayna is misogynistic and can’t keep a relationship so she’s basically one too

No. 1175406

what is this? an episode of sex in the city?

No. 1175411

File: 1614799974488.jpg (172.7 KB, 1080x789, Screenshot_20210303-133242_Twi…)

And that's why you have to ebeg

No. 1175415

for real, that therapist sounds crappy. does she know what shayna is doing with her life? why doesn’t she help her fix it instead of telling her to wear sexy lingerie wtf

No. 1175418

that’s bleak. her self worth is tied to her shitty asshole. come on shatna you’re on a downward spiral

No. 1175421

Knowing Shayna I don’t think she has told her therapist everything in her life. How she punches her face for pennies, and how she has sold and made her body have a net worth of $3.00. About how her on/off one night stand/bf is a deadbeat father and is ashamed of her and hides her from his family. About how her parents are embarrassed by her and pretend she doesn’t exist.

No. 1175423

File: 1614800270991.jpeg (187.3 KB, 745x946, D4F28217-21DF-4F7F-9870-5F22B1…)

her lady followers are all kinda similar to her…it’s a bit depressing

No. 1175424

Now she's saying Bipolar. She has constantly said she has bipolar and borderline personality disorder

No. 1175433

i know tulsa isn't like nyc or something but it's still a city. is there nothing walking distance from her? she is ridiculous with all the ubering

No. 1175439

Dumb. Ass. That’s literally part of the fucking disease process is not wanting to take meds and choosing unhealthy addictions to mask symptoms and give pseudostability in order to not feel “normal.” You have to take meds AT LEAST a month to see anything. And not fucking use weed and alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant and weed can lead to literal psychosis (if you truly have bipolar disorder). I bet if she even tried to take any kind of tolerance break she’d fucking lose it.

No. 1175443

omfg bipolars that “just dont do meds” how shocking. none of your followers are mentally stable or med compliant ppl obviously

No. 1175447

You really have to be a special kind of mentally fucked up to be an e-whore

No. 1175461


It isnt an insult. Only the truth gets someone this upset.

No. 1175462

if it's such a Real Job then she wouldn't need to e-beg every day or resort to selling scat videos for $25

No. 1175463


This is actually true. I’m starting to believe the tinfoil she faked the inpatient treatment. With how often she recycles stories (highschool, old drama, and fupa) there’s no way she wouldnt be constantly bringing up stories or stuff she heard/was told if she actually went to inpatient care.

No. 1175471


she probably just through someone money at that betterhelp app. because if she was honest about whats going on a real therapist would have more to say than “dress up and have fun!”. She is an actual alcoholic at this point. Its insane she cant recognize it was -Alcohol- and not her damn ex who has caused her downfall and all her embarrassments in life. Damn, fupa tried to help her by breaking up with her ass.

No. 1175474

What really happened-
>shay- maybe I’ll date myself
>therapist- it’s a good idea to focus on yourself

No therapist is going to suggest putting on lingerie under your regular clothes just to feed yourself alone at a restaurant.

No. 1175505

That actually is plausible, sage for derail, but much of the midwest is genuinely that barren

No. 1175507

that flat ass you're carrying around tells us that's a lie.

No. 1175508

I know this has been said a bunch of times, but why is she tweeting about her mental health issues on her work twitter? Can she not make a separate twitter account so she can dump all her bullshit there? Or better yet, a private journal. It’s not relatable or quirky it’s just fucking sad, I can’t imagine any potential client would be turned on by her constant whining. She needs to separate her professional and private lives. Get it together Shayna

No. 1175512

Your ex dumping you is not trauma you shit ingesting bitch

No. 1175516

because the coomers are her only "friends". she doesn't have anybody else to talk to.

No. 1175540

has she ever actually said what meds she takes? i know she's obviously lying and blaming her weight gain on anything but her poor impulse control (and i'm not trying to be a medfag or blogpost) but as someone who's been diagnosed bipolar and been on multiple meds, weight gain has never been a huge issue. sure, maybe 5 - 10 pounds, but the 80+ pounds that she's put on are completely different.

No. 1175547

That’s the problem, her customers shouldn’t double as friends or therapists. Her life is so fucking bleak. She would probably make more money if kept her problems to herself or had a life outside porn. But that will never happen because her entire identity revolves around playing with her shitty asshole on camera.

No. 1175560

She probably deleted this so Kyle Nathan Perkins wouldn't see it. I don't know why she bothers when he probably lurks this thread anyway. The thing is she probably could make his life pretty horrible if she truly thought he deserved it but she has no spine.

No. 1175566

File: 1614814546021.png (46.1 KB, 767x439, 1.PNG)

No. 1175567

File: 1614814645230.png (51.25 KB, 803x344, 2.PNG)

No. 1175568

File: 1614814703415.png (215.21 KB, 275x455, 4.PNG)

someone's catfishing Shayna on facebook, they got more comments on the fake page then she gets on her pictures on twitter

No. 1175569

File: 1614814737480.png (50.2 KB, 510x341, 5.PNG)

No. 1175572

File: 1614814870041.png (135.46 KB, 236x483, 6.PNG)

No. 1175574

File: 1614814966933.png (44.09 KB, 620x279, 7.PNG)

No. 1175581


No. 1175583

She prob wants to die cause they are getting better engagement than the real thing.

Kek how fucking bleak.

No. 1175587

Her therapist didn't say something as retarded as that. Kek at the comment.

She was not on 6 different meds in the last year. I only think it's possible she was on one single basic one in the beginning. It's a lie like the inpatient stunt. Shes never posted or talked about anything to prove it. The pink pill case doesnt count.

Something is so off about her using the term incel since that's a good percentage of her customers kek

No. 1175590

Ohhh ffs Shatna, this is probably a massive confidence boost for her.

No. 1175591

>this makes me want to die

You’re probably right kek. She’s likely seething that catfish probably gets more attention and engagement than she does

No. 1175594

The only thing more pathetic than being Shayna Clifford
is wanting to be Shayna Clifford

No. 1175599

File: 1614817067621.png (555.09 KB, 1087x631, 2.PNG)

I got them from discord, the screenshots are tiny, so I zoomed in on my computer and snipped it. Here's the profile, it's still up.

No. 1175601


Whats funny is not only they getting more likes/interaction, they are probably making money than her too because they know better than to give pussy and asshole pics for free. This is hilarious!

No. 1175602


Lol holy shit, theyve been doing this months! I wonder if this profile showing up to her IRL friends and family is how those “townies” got reintroduced to her and her shitty career (literally)

No. 1175605

File: 1614818414518.png (3.8 MB, 1242x2688, 9BF6901A-C2B8-482A-8DE5-980D10…)

Whoever it is they’re pretending they’re in Saudi Arabia or some shit

No. 1175609

God, my fucking sides. The milk has been so absurd in this thread lately

No. 1175611

It’s definitely some random Arab dude

No. 1175613

File: 1614819388438.jpeg (163.14 KB, 750x1070, A537565F-94EA-4786-B5C4-119FB8…)

The gender of the profile is male and all the friends are also arab dudes

No. 1175614

File: 1614819415076.jpeg (221.11 KB, 750x1184, 6BF741B4-A086-42B0-A537-F3ADAF…)

No. 1175624

Kek did she post this or did she realise from lurking the thread?

No. 1175626

Someone on discord posted the catfish screenshots

No. 1175654

Isn’t she supposed to cam tonight according to her schedule?

No. 1175658

No. 1175666

File: 1614824212165.jpeg (53.08 KB, 265x275, 23C50E65-55B9-4365-B3CB-FCEAB0…)

On onlyfans she’s suppose to go live

No. 1175668

Those sideburns kill me every time lol

No. 1175673

Just wanted to say you guys are nasty people. Dolly is one of the most beautiful, sexy, confident women I have ever seen. I would also appreciate it if my face wasn’t shown on this horrible trolling site. I have the nerve to call the cops on you guys. Besides being an incredibly sexy cute girl, what has Dolly done to you. There is no need for these disgusting comments, it’s obvious you guys are just jealous because you will never be as successful or hot as her.
“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32(shut up)

No. 1175674

Is this fr or are we being trolled LMAOOO.

Fuck Jason r womack

No. 1175675

hi cow. God would reject Womack on his first try talking to him

No. 1175676

Doubt this is the real Womack, probably some anon trying to get a rise out of us. But if it is: don’t you have a wife you should be paying attention to? Or are you too busy waiting, dick in hand, for Shatna’s asspipe to arrive in the mail?

No. 1175677

you are ashamed to have ur face here but not to have it and your wife/gf's face connected to you lusting after Shayna?

No. 1175678


Maybe don’t have your full name tied to the account you use for porn Retard, any future employer can see your shit taste

No. 1175679

idiot put his email on here

No. 1175681

File: 1614825539155.jpeg (338.47 KB, 719x732, 0F529ED6-6E0E-4ECA-A6E5-A74995…)

Not sure how to reply to comments on here but you guys are sad people. Get a job.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1175682

This is definitely not real. Grammar’s too good to be Womack kek

No. 1175684

The goddess of milk has blessed us, please Jason Womack please tell us more, I aspire to be as hot and sexy and successful as scatna

No. 1175686

>God would reject Womack on his first try talking to him

lmao this reply is the best.

No. 1175687


No. 1175688

This is such a bad troll reminds me of Erin Painter’s college friend who said she was a smol ditsy loli who didn’t know her skirt was showing whilst playing video games uwu

No. 1175689

the milk gods have truly blessed this thread lately, fucking hell lmao

No. 1175690

Go check

No. 1175691

The grammar is atrocious

No. 1175692

The fact that his email is linked makes me believe it might actually be him, plus there are some typos in his first post. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shayna told him about this thread and he decided to whiteknight for her kek.

No. 1175694

File: 1614826362782.jpg (273.48 KB, 1079x1182, Screenshot_20210303-205233_Twi…)


No. 1175696

File: 1614826413519.jpg (183.73 KB, 1079x868, Screenshot_20210303-205315_Twi…)

Go cry to Jason R Womack

No. 1175697

aw don't cry bitch, you are always the center of attention in this thread

No. 1175698

I wish I could like posts on here bc this is gold

No. 1175699

No. 1175702

i said a few days ago she's going to start doing period porn, she's getting desperate, she's doing more dumb fetish shit but then whines about why she's not gaining any new customers. She knows she's not attractive enough to get by that way and she's getting to chubby to do the "uwu" baby shit. She's going to be doing porn mukbang and feeder porn next

No. 1175703

bitch we just had the scat saga, give us a break to recover before the next horrorshow

No. 1175706

don't listen to her shayna, keep the horror show running, I'm so fucking bored, dance for me, please more

No. 1175707

Scat, piss and period porn all in one week, truly thriving

No. 1175709

send me a pipe wojack

No. 1175712

File: 1614827441410.jpeg (106.24 KB, 827x660, 3A9E64BD-D4A8-4A6A-8CB7-69C9BD…)

No. 1175715

File: 1614827557070.jpg (Spoiler Image, 455.5 KB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20210303-211225_Twi…)

Hey Jason, Shay is begging for dollars

No. 1175716

File: 1614827613824.jpg (301.75 KB, 1080x1206, Screenshot_20210303-211212_Twi…)

No. 1175717

does a shayna shit in the woods

No. 1175718

Baltimore Brian no don't embarrass Baltimore like this

No. 1175719

File: 1614827755379.jpeg (436.08 KB, 1363x1523, 4D18C6BC-BFD9-4FD4-8AA8-C4D538…)

No. 1175720

Enjoy your Lyme disease

No. 1175721

File: 1614827919062.png (10.88 MB, 1242x2208, 91A048C2-8BAB-457D-8A9C-EC6CA4…)

Shut the fuck up Jason R Womack. You’re an inbred loser get the rope already, there is no use for scrotes like you. The world would be better off without your ugly ass. Get off the internet and go spend time with your sister oops I mean wife(a-logging)

No. 1175722

Stop taking the bait it’s obviously a troll

No. 1175723

Is she on cam tonight or

No. 1175724

Do you retards not know how to read ? I literally reposted her schedule from last thread >>1175666

No. 1175728


Who tf cares?
That schedule doesnt mean shit

No. 1175729

File: 1614828441904.jpg (651.97 KB, 1079x1771, Screenshot_20210303-212724_Twi…)

No. 1175730

this is seriously so pathetic at this point and i absolutely do not understand the hold that fupa has over shay

he’s a chubby manlet who walked out on his wife and kids to play house w e-whores. his ex wife used to put him on blast on fb for being a man child who did absolutely nothing. plus him and shay have been “together” for years now and have had to keep their relationship a secret for 95% of it. is it really THAT hard for her to download tinder or something and find someone new to talk to? he is average in literally every way possible and even being as fat as shay is now, she could easily find someone that is comparable in looks to fupa

No. 1175731

I’m just saying that she is suppose to “cam” but probably won’t. I think she’s only doing OF live because she doesn’t want farmers laughing at her

No. 1175734

do they still call it manic depression, or is that what bipolar is?

No. 1175735

This made me laugh out loud kek

It's always the dumb, ugly ones that go Ur jUsT jEaLoUs. Please. Shay is average at her very best. I'd guess most anons here are just as "hot" or better looking than her. The bar is pretty low. Also the state of her life? Bleak, lonely, pathetic. Literally dependent on spreading her fat ass to make rent. Theres nothing to be jealous about. And she wouldnt be talked about here if she wasnt a fuckin clown that broadcasts her every embarrassing, gross aspect of herself.

No. 1175736

Of said she was last seen an hr ago oop

No. 1175737

it's always shitstains like him that have pathetic, ruined ass women pulling their hair out over them
they deserve each other tbh

No. 1175739

>ruined ass
you are correct

No. 1175742

You guys missed it. Obviously shes setting up the period excuse to get out of her cam schedule for the week. Probably done doing videos now too. She was "productive" for a few days getting customs done, but now shes gonna take a week break because "period". Unless, god forbid, she does a period fetish vid.

No. 1175745

man she's shitting and pissing on camera, the "fans" aren't gonna let muh period be an excuse much longer

No. 1175747

not only does she base her entire sex work "career" on Twitter, but the fact that she literally can't stop posting about the one incel she dated years ago that told her to drink water sometimes and has 2 kids. get a job shatna you're just embarrassing yourself more every day

No. 1175748

she could easily just work part time in retail or something while going to school for a degree part time. but imagine her in the real world…

No. 1175749

Manic depression is now called Bipolar type 2

No. 1175750

File: 1614831366877.jpg (289.89 KB, 1080x1197, Screenshot_20210303-221552_Twi…)

Lies, you don't have any friends

No. 1175751

This is such bullshit. She never talks about anyone but herself.

No. 1175752

lmao I hope you get brain damage from using it inappropriately

No. 1175753

File: 1614831696225.jpg (41.48 KB, 500x333, 4527714-7474432124-large.jpg)


KEK. Even if this is a troll, still got a laugh out of me. Don't you have camwhores to be spending your wellfare money on.

No. 1175756

She’s obviously talking about fupa. He probably told her they can be friends (out of pity) and they had brunch, she got wasted, and tried to hang all over him and he got irritated. Now, after a few days of dehydrating herself with white claws, she’s come to this flimsy conclusion. It’s just her super sweet uwu quirky “personality”

No. 1175764

The end was funny but otherwise 2/10. Womack doesn’t really come across as a Jesus loving bible thumper. Dude is about to smoke out of a dookie pipe.

She must be pretty upset about that catfish being more successful at being her than she is. Wanna bet that Arab dude is selling her free nudes? Hilarious.

No. 1175766

I want the Arab anon to come on here and tell us how much they are making on Shayna’s free rancid nudes kek

No. 1175773

She'd get more benefit from going live on MFC more than OF. OF can't bring in any new people where as MFC could bring in customers

No. 1175775

Well she's probably not doing either this week, so

No. 1175789

File: 1614837722767.jpeg (467.86 KB, 1242x1441, EA42B131-5DDA-40C7-A92C-0E82C0…)

I can feel the bitterness in this tweet

No. 1175791

Yeah had she started within the past couple of years she could have had more orbiters. If she didn't go the DDLG cringe route and did weed stoner girl but naked route instead we'd probably have a different outcome entirely.

No. 1175806

Why she is sperging so much lately? weed is running out or what

No. 1175813

manic episodes get worse under pressure

No. 1175859

We’re talking fucking ASSAULT Shayna. We’re talking about pedophiles who have molested children. Jfc. She is such a fucking moron.

No. 1175871

lmao imagine smoking weed and whoring yourself to deal with a personality disorder that would be best dealt with in behavioral therapy, which these ppl won't consider since it would require both self-awareness and commitment

No. 1175881

Oh no but Shayna I thought you did a bunch of research before going into SW

No. 1175883

Seriously, I would be creeped out of my psychologist or therapist said that.
Sounds more like something one of her orbiters, with no understanding of mental disorders, would say.

Whats up with almost all of these SW having mental issues lmao?

No. 1175888

>Implying that sex work doesn't attract the mentally ill

No. 1175890

Truuuue, silly me

No. 1175901

Every sex worker is mentally ill and/or unhappy they just try to flex that it’s easy money or they are making a lot when in reality it’s not a lot and they are just trying to cope with the bleak depressing lifestyle of scrotes sexualizing everything you do, change my mind.

No. 1175932

You smoke that dookie pipe and kiss your wife yet you nasty fuck

No. 1175954

Does the R in Jason R Womack stand for Retard?

No. 1175955

Cam girls are the worst for this tbh.

No. 1175983

File: 1614870894734.png (3.08 MB, 750x1334, 5EF28FE1-B356-42C1-90AB-57E5FD…)

Saged for autism, but this 600 pound life clip of a fetish artist instantly made me think of Shayna’s future. Dont get any ideas now Cliffart.(derail)

No. 1176004

i thought that WAS shayna before expanding kek

No. 1176010

Kek I watched that episode and instantly thought of shay. She needs to embrace the new fat girl. This bitch got paid to eat a cake.

Nah she admitted to never doing research and just dove in. But she will shit all over sex workers doing the same thing. She acts like you need a degree to post photos of your vagina.

No. 1176013

bitch is that a table or a BELLY

No. 1176019

File: 1614873889389.gif (491.61 KB, 480x360, 5.gif)

No. 1176025

File: 1614874140930.jpeg (51.48 KB, 750x277, FACE43CA-E60E-4B97-BD27-1AD95D…)


No. 1176027

Why do you still have the video Shay?

No. 1176047

why even post this

No. 1176064

I've never met someone past high school (and wasn't a fucking scrote) who mentions their ex every fucking day. Good lord. I know she had and has no one but damn, it's time to shut up about the 1 year y'all lived together being edgy dumbasses. The rest of the time was a secret charade of friday night fucks and texting memes. I just can't with her. And tweeting it all on her sex work account because that's what get dudes hard totally.

No. 1176065

She has Aspergers or someshit

No. 1176068

File: 1614876280231.jpeg (144.33 KB, 1125x696, FB09A5DB-1D96-4CA8-905C-E794A6…)

It’s like she spins a wheel for what excuse she’ll use to not work. Why can’t she work during her period? She literally just made scat porn but blood is too much?

No. 1176069

File: 1614876325138.png (Spoiler Image, 214.34 KB, 687x363, 1.PNG)

A year ago today where we thought she wasn't with Fupa and that Shayna was using fake cum.

No. 1176071

Haha I love this thread

No. 1176072

You forgot the incel's comment that said "get well soon" kek.

So if shes had it since monday, how did she do that gross Disney dick vid and other stuff?
And again. It's not hard to track your period generally, so you should know not to schedule cam shows, and do some content ahead of time.

No. 1176074

SCREAMING hahaha omg.
Also kek that she charges $75 for Kyle Perkins dick but $25 for scat of her shitting on her dildo. Yikes

No. 1176076

Damn, there really was no other guy. It truly was always Fupa. Hilarious and tragic.

No. 1176077


20 new subs want to see you play w your shit n suck the shitrim off your dildo - Now, make like an ewhore and go play pig, play!

No. 1176078

SA- Looking through that thread she said she went from 115 to 140 and was still blaming her medicine.

No. 1176079

oh my god I thought she was in bed and that was a comforter

No. 1176081

Who were they trying to fool is the question

No. 1176083

Holy kek, she told on herself again. Remember, Shay, lolcow.farm does not forget.

No. 1176084

Fupa's ex-wife

No. 1176086

They are adults but yet both act like children lol

No. 1176094

or use a menstrual cup, it’s not that difficult

she only stuffs things up her butt and does the vibe nonsense, nobody would even notice if she had a cup in

No. 1176098

File: 1614878299009.jpeg (378.72 KB, 1961x1685, 6C133A5F-83EC-466B-A27C-197504…)

No. 1176099

True, that cursed wand covers her whole vag area kek she could even tuck a tampon string. Or maybe, wild idea, she fucking shoot from a different position/angle!

No. 1176101

Tinfoil Shayna is a recovering heroin addict(tinfoil)

No. 1176103

shut the

No. 1176105

stacking foil: this anon is posting from the future after Shayna starts using heroin

No. 1176107

I'd probably come out of party chat to yell at shatna, she seems like a piece of shit and a bad person to play games with who has no situational awareness.

No. 1176108

If she was she would make it her whole personality like TND. just stfu.

No. 1176110

Right? If I had to be partnered w her playing apex (bc we all know it’s the only game she has) I’d be pissed too, she’s inexperienced and annoying as fuck

No. 1176113

Tinfoil because Mia, a person Shayna made porn with went to rehab for heroin at the same time Shayna got admitted to the “mental hospital” right before she got fat.

No. 1176125

File: 1614879844739.jpg (153.99 KB, 1080x794, Screenshot_20210304-114339_Twi…)

Rib liked Fupa more than you Shay, and Fupa actually took care of her

No. 1176132

well enough people itt were convinced to the point that "fupa tinfoil" was getting shot down on a regular basis

No. 1176133

Shitna… not defending men at every opportunity? what a bold business move

No. 1176135

Fupa, the amazing cat daddy who abandoned his own cat at Shayna's place.

No. 1176147

underrated comment

No. 1176154

Fupa took care of Rib for months while Shay was with Dawn and then moved into a different place

No. 1176159

Okay, so why isn't he taking care of his own cat right now? They're both shitty pet owners.

No. 1176165

She really thinks she’s going to move back to New England and hang out with her friends from high school? Colleen is still dating her ex’s brother and they have their own tight knit group. They are all hippies focused on veganism, sustainable gardening, music, etc. Really doubt they are going to have any interest in Shayna who only cares about herself, material things, and cheemsburgers. She is pretty much the antithesis to their lifestyle, no way they are going to want to associate with her.

No. 1176169

I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to get back with her first ex.She's probably reading this thinking they can help her get body right and her ex can be her "vegan daddy".
No doubt she'll start dressing differently and/or she'll cry about how they think they are better then her or some shit when they don't want to hang

No. 1176177

I have the same tinfoil lol. Her ex ended up going to college and actually doing something with his life. Shayna would have no shot unless she lost weight, went back to her old aesthetic, went vegan, and started caring about things that actually matter. I don’t know if Colleen has officially cut her off, but I have a feeling she has long outgrown Shayna.

No. 1176181

Collen posts about shay on her tumblr so I assume she still talks to shay

No. 1176183

Kek this bitch 100% thought acting like an uwu retard in vc was gonna get gamer scrotes to simp

No. 1176188

her old orbiter robyn lives in NH too maybe she could try and rekindle whatever weird friendship they had, their bodies are practically identical now maybe they could bond over that kek

No. 1176191

File: 1614884363605.jpg (302.65 KB, 1079x1112, Screenshot_20210304-125925_Twi…)

No. 1176196

children learn what they live
congrats, you made your dog a scrote-obsessed attention whoring bitch

No. 1176200

File: 1614885118860.jpeg (24.49 KB, 300x300, 0CE45CA9-0D62-49C4-AA0E-73E16D…)

Anon my sides

No. 1176210

she was so confused why the scrotes weren’t all over her since she’s a ~girl gamer.~ idk why she even tries to play games like that because she is terribly uncoordinated and she has a terrible personality so idk who’d want to play with her.

No. 1176220

I think he bought the cat for Shayna or with her, she’s just keeping it a secret so we don’t roast her for having 2 cats, one of which has severe anxiety about her dog, in her tiny apartment

No. 1176237

what's her tumblr?

No. 1176253


No. 1176350

File: 1614896316633.png (439.06 KB, 643x896, tarderella.png)

She retweeted this today and I cannot get over how much she looks like a retarded body builder in this costume.

No. 1176351

File: 1614896478423.jpeg (56.85 KB, 480x594, 56978FD5-638B-4E32-8760-A39F5E…)

No. 1176353

It doesn’t look like she has ears

No. 1176374

Tbf she is a bruh girl, but I just imagine that retarded fat girl laugh and I can't kek. Agree she probably isnt very good at the game. She couldnt do keyboard and mouse. Also shes playing a game that mouth breathing kids play so idk what she expects. I know adults play it too, but I just imagine the primary demographic is 13-18 year old boys. Dont come for me Apex-fags lol

No. 1176375

File: 1614899354556.jpg (173.94 KB, 1080x800, Screenshot_20210304-170836_Twi…)

Why does this bitch have to nap before she does anything?

No. 1176376

File: 1614899378889.jpg (163.22 KB, 1079x771, Screenshot_20210304-170816_Twi…)

No. 1176379

Kek I guess she wasn't lying when she said all she does is nap. I can't imagine pissing away your early 20s just fucking sleeping then waking up to sell literal shit porn. Her whole aesthetic is this super bubbly sugar baby living a lavish lifestyle when all she does is hide in her dingy apartment in the dark like the rat faced goblin she is.

No. 1176382

Smoking weed (indica) and stuffing yourself with garbo food does this.

No. 1176383

Die laughing, I'm sure

No. 1176385

What the fuck is a bruh girl

No. 1176393

The opposite of a hiiiiii girl kek

No. 1176398

Cause the dumb bitch put the head band around her ears

No. 1176423

File: 1614905688309.jpeg (32.88 KB, 395x292, D707492B-B579-46F3-BF5E-7CCF47…)

No. 1176438

you can figure out how to post on here and sage but don't know how to google a term?

No. 1176445

Your newfaggy is showing, just stop.

No. 1176446

It’s a meme anon chill

No. 1176447

File: 1614909509043.png (3.79 MB, 1242x2208, E9607299-A9C0-417D-A2EB-7DD5A3…)

It’s a dumb ass meme that locals use to be ~not like other girls~
I say hiii and I’m not boy like I’m feminine
Or I say bruh because I’m not like other girls I’m like one of the boys uwu

No. 1176463

What’s more is that she has to tell everyone every time. Like that whole nap part is so unnecessary and stupid.

Uwu gonna brush my teeth and take photos of my gross asshole

No. 1176470

File: 1614912968142.jpg (20.78 KB, 784x154, rureadddyyy.jpg)

oh god. are we ready?

aye aye captain…

No. 1176482

The more she likes it the worse it definitely is, I can’t wait kek

No. 1176483

File: 1614914458245.jpeg (310.76 KB, 1242x1363, FC24C140-7ACA-4AD0-AB29-B3AF4F…)

Who wants to guess what it is?
My vote is a slutty bottle of cheap wine.

No. 1176486

some spongebob bullshit

No. 1176487

File: 1614914689971.jpg (159.46 KB, 1303x763, okbut.jpg)

or this

No. 1176488

I feel like she will just wear that crusty white circle skirt, one of her cheap Amazon shirts, and one of her shitty party city wigs

No. 1176490

File: 1614914842234.jpeg (291.42 KB, 1284x1090, CD13B60D-F685-40F8-A097-A0BA13…)

I think she’s going to try and do that “sexy patrick” from the spongebob movie.

No. 1176491

File: 1614914901527.jpeg (758.22 KB, 2045x2046, 52E42930-F32F-4D71-A085-D4A2D6…)

No. 1176492

File: 1614914946184.jpg (104.12 KB, 812x1200, EIPm7xGXsAAhRSJ.jpg)

No. 1176493

Damn you called it

Massive kek

No. 1176494

File: 1614914984742.gif (373.33 KB, 500x275, 2E310B4F-D42A-4260-9CB7-1562DE…)

So green shorts fishnets and no shirt…

No. 1176495


No. 1176496

One of her coomers mentioned having a crush on sandy cheeks during her last cam show. Maybe the weirdo paid for a custom.

No. 1176497

are u sure it wasnt a farmer bc wtf

No. 1176498

Kek honestly I don’t even remember. Could have been but sometimes it’s hard to tell. Her orbiters are fucking weirdos.

No. 1176500

shes too fucking predictable she has no personality or depth, what she actually enjoy in this world but alcohol, pot and spongebob?

No. 1176502

All she talks about
- her “ex” fupa
- spongebob
-being a bimbo
- high school
-Olive Garden
- going to the dispensary
-going to get wine
- her pets
She is really fucking boring idk why some farmers were saying it was interesting to hear her talking. We have been in quarantine too long.

No. 1176504

File: 1614915647602.jpeg (143.43 KB, 1242x439, 5ACE7A27-B557-45DB-9E0E-B1231F…)

No. 1176506

how will she ever find a dime a dozen cringy tumblr dom again?

No. 1176508

You forgot
>muh tumblr 110k followers

No. 1176512

File: 1614916527085.jpeg (156.71 KB, 960x1195, 2EFA7D42-240C-415C-90F4-8ACA45…)


No. 1176514

File: 1614916567886.jpeg (308.95 KB, 750x607, 85BE50E6-C5F7-40AD-9A61-3D4644…)


No. 1176515

looking more like a troon each day

No. 1176516

This is so bad. But at least she's not playing an underage character this time

No. 1176517

So she’s sunk fully into parody porn. Lovely

No. 1176518

It’s still fucking weird… to sexualize a non sexual children’s cartoon character

Is she gonna fuck herself with a spatula or what

No. 1176519

File: 1614916664058.jpg (95.43 KB, 1080x340, Screenshot_20210304-215741_Twi…)

There's always that one person

No. 1176520

why not just do parody porn? I don’t get it. there is nothing bimbo about this.

No. 1176521

i'm going to get a cheemsburger to celebrate this historic moment. thank you shay

No. 1176522

just why? shes literally autistic

No. 1176524

That wig looks like she cut it herself

No. 1176525

that looks like a cheap wig that she chopped and “styled” herself. what a wreck.

No. 1176526

that little autistic smirk like this is the funniest thing to her

No. 1176527

She's probably hoping to go viral for this

No. 1176528

File: 1614916880284.jpeg (203.3 KB, 960x1280, D55CCBE6-F213-469C-AB81-F71166…)

Blur tool working overtime kek

No. 1176529

Why’s her left titty got wrinkles under it?

No. 1176531

Finally cosplaying someone with the same body type as her.

No. 1176533

Did she shoop the wig yellow? It looks weird like how you can change your hair color on some Snapchat filters.

No. 1176535

drinking, drugging, eating shit, and distressing herself over mediocre dick
she's gonna age swiftly, poorly, and early

No. 1176539

won't be her first time using kitchen wear

No. 1176540

this would be the perfect time for her retarded bucktooth smile and she's not using it

No. 1176542

The fact that she put so much effort into this outfit is just…

No. 1176543

The fact that she put so much effort into the outfit and it STILL looks like it’s strangling her

No. 1176545

She’s been working a lot lately, I have to give her that. It’s unfortunate that she chooses to do something so degrading and terrible for her future, but at least she’ll have money to move home and hopefully improve the quality of her life with help from her family. Her current state is genuinely sad to see.

No. 1176546

Her lifeless blacked out tiny eyes are so fucking creepy omgg

No. 1176549

The most realistic thing about this costume is that she’s actually shaped like a square

No. 1176550

File: 1614918369175.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.36 KB, 240x216, 156504748_183711633238881_2617…)


Here's "lil sis gets dick at disney" featuring the shit dildo, probably barely washed(spoiler)

No. 1176551

File: 1614918414170.jpeg (110.51 KB, 655x921, 0632EF04-AA1E-4F3D-858C-297284…)

I’ve seen folds like this on girls with breast implants(titpick)

No. 1176552

not this again

No. 1176554

You need to censor this shit

No. 1176559

spoiler perhaps

No. 1176561

the braindead expression is killing me on top of everything else.

No. 1176562

I’m >>1176482 and I am blown away. This is beyond expectations and there are no words except for “fucking autistic”.

No. 1176564

wait did she hint at a spongebob costume before this post >>1176470 ? how did this anon, who LIKED her tweet, know it was gonna be spongebob?? hmmmm

No. 1176565

She’s snapped, girls.

No. 1176573

File: 1614920235272.jpeg (92.04 KB, 744x842, 6954FD09-DA54-4FE7-BDD0-606B60…)

No. 1176576

File: 1614920277981.jpeg (531.05 KB, 1242x1715, 0205D1B8-EFC1-4A59-9734-A29442…)

No. 1176578

bc shayna is obsessed with spongebob

No. 1176579

File: 1614920329284.jpeg (772.9 KB, 1242x1425, E61CF9CC-DC07-47C9-A162-C013B1…)

What was the point of this? Like why did she have to take nudes as spongebob. Why does everything have to be sexual to her? She has no personality

No. 1176580

i agree with the anon that said it’s a hair color editing app. this looks like shit.

No. 1176581

File: 1614920501241.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3464x3464, 15B1DEBA-BF48-498F-A7A0-47E41B…)

Special Ed kid dressing up as spongebob for Halloween

No. 1176582

>hair color editing app
wow I am too old to be watching someone this young spiral into depraved homelessness
sage for who gives a shit, but damn, where the fuck did the technology go

No. 1176583

Umm ok she looks twice as big as she did in the twitter pics here. The wig is still ugly but the actual color looks way better with her skin tone. She can’t pull off neon brights to save her life

No. 1176585

> F is for best friends
She’s so retarded I can’t handle it

No. 1176589

The fact that this is literally the most effort and attention to detail (the socks and shoes specifically) she’s ever put into a character costume is distressing

No. 1176591

File: 1614921425103.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1793, 1A62146F-A60F-4FF3-AC2C-B8EF5F…)

F- Fupa doesn’t like you
U- U are about to be homeless
N- is for Not getting out of Oklahoma

No. 1176592

The way that she talks is so disturbing. The fat ugly retard is trying SO hard to be cute and ditsy but she sounds like Forest Gump.

No. 1176593

File: 1614921752993.png (Spoiler Image, 662.93 KB, 910x710, Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 10.21…)

Oh noooooo. She always does herself so dirty with those retarded half-assed ahegao faces.

No. 1176594

I honestly don't hate this? The bar is on the floor but not only does the character fit her body type, doing parody porn like this clearly fits her personality type so much better. She needs to drop the little girl/bimbo thing and just embrace her goofy/stoner/bruh girl energy.

No. 1176595

Agreed honestly. This is the best and cutest (relax ladies I know it’s a stretch) she has looked. At least this one shows some commitment and variation.

No. 1176596

>not only does the character fit her body type

No. 1176597

How many times did she need to use the "ride" pun?? jfc. What was really disturbing was when her one eye blinked slower than the other like she lagged or something kek wtf
Her bjs are terrible, gagging that badly on an inch or two after 5 years and the things she does with her eyes are just extra offputting with those cheap huge lashes.

No. 1176599

Yeah why does she look so massive in the pic on the right?? Like she looks big and boxy in the twitter ones, but in these she looks like a proper fat girl. Her shins are the size of her thighs and shes squished her torso area into one huge ball. Not a good pose at all.

No. 1176600

File: 1614922685171.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 3464x3464, 2B0A3281-86BB-4844-B6B6-08F6BD…)

God she aged like milk and she’s not even in her late twenties

No. 1176601

File: 1614922731023.jpeg (1.26 MB, 2999x3999, 7A713B94-0FA9-49AB-B5E6-F0A953…)

Why did she have her arms like that ? It looked so awkward and retarded

No. 1176602

i hate that i agree that the bar is so low for her and her body being so rectangular that this could be a good look for her. i wish she would just do parody porn.
i know she buys cheap lashes but full lashes like that trimmed to fit beady rat eyes always look weird and i cant tell if they are glued on all the way or if i am just stupid

No. 1176603

that dildo was covered in shit not even a week ago and now shes slobbering all over it, why not just throw it away?! she is truly disgusting

No. 1176605

oh jfc no, please tell me that's not actually the same dildo, I never opened the cursed video

No. 1176609

kek kinda weird but it fits her better than barbie shit at least

No. 1176626

I think you’re right actually. if shay were to become like a campy silly lewd cosplay kind of sex worker, she’d honestly have more fans. she is funny and warm on streams too and she never uses that.

she just will never change her persona. she’s far too lazy to improve upon anything she does.

No. 1176635

wasnt skinny enough /s. ana to bed alchy, very likely

No. 1176644

Watch. She'll be a morbidly obese gross-out mukbanger within 5 years. Probably doing "binge eating and cam whore stories" type vids. She skipped the memo where "thick" women still work out on their core/abs and ass to achieve that thick look. That, or they have sugar daddies who fund their surgery. If she wasn't a fat alchy, she'd probably be able to get a comfortably mid-class guy at least. No one likes a pudgy alchy with 2 day old make-up. She's like that Family guy aguilera skit. "If I touched you, you'd be sticky."(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1176650

Are we really giving her ANOTHER 5 years.

No. 1176652

File: 1614929652232.jpg (234.55 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Shayna next year

No. 1176654

I love how stupid she is that she outs herself in her own lies all the time. She just admitted she was lying about being with him during the Dawn saga, and the "Friend" whose house she was staying at afterwards was definitely Fupa. All the times she previously claimed they were broken up I guess she was still seeing him for dick appointments. Way to tell on yourself, Shay.

No. 1176655

File: 1614930678254.png (18.37 KB, 563x155, w32d.PNG)

it's sad that not one tweet about this "Cosplay" has gotten over 100 likes or retweets but she's acting like it went viral or some shit. After 5 damn years she seems impressed by such low amounts of interaction.
I'm also waiting for her to put "She/her" in her bio, she's following a lot of people who do that.She might as well start pandering to the special genders, thats a quick way to get some attention.

No. 1176680

File: 1614935110191.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 175.73 KB, 1280x960, EvsWxwLXMAAZM9L.jpeg)

She has to actually be mentally retarded, whether it be from birth or all the weed/alcohol she's consumed. You can find thousands of other 23 year old women with BPD or whatever doing shitty porn online but none compare to the retardation Shayna puts out.

No. 1176696

Fucking underrated

No. 1176700

She literally has Spongebob's buck teeth, why not use them for this set

No. 1176725

i kinda expected her to at least be like licking a pineapple or eating a burger

shay sometimes comes so close to pulling something off and then just stops.

No. 1176733

the sad thing is you can tell she's actually put effort into this cosplay for once, and it still looks like shit. bleak

No. 1176736

I'm late but I'm so fuckin sorry I've been cackling at near tears over "U - U are about to be homeless" whenever I think about it

No. 1176747

100% agree, i actually thought >>1176573 was sorta cute - if i hadn't known shayna and her history, i still would think that.

and then you see >>1176680 and it goes out the window. there's something about trying to make a sexy, serious face while in a SPONGEBOB COSTUME that is so pathetic.

No. 1176761

Put me out to pasture for this, but she genuinely looks cute here. It just goes to show what she can achieve when she actually puts in effort.

No. 1176773

Still not tight lining, I see.
Everything about her face is unfortunate. She's cute with 8 filters on. Then she finally releases the vid and it's hard to look at her.
Also. I don't know why she insists on folding her shirts like that. I remember her saying she has "the best under boobs" but that may have been true when her tits were smaller and more symmetrical. But now they're saggy boob socks and look gross. Like, damn Grandma, chill out. No one wanna see them spider veins on them sad time pancakes.

No. 1176794

She makes goofy ass retard faces all the time, except when shes doing this goofy ass cosplay of character from a comedy cartoon. Ok Shay.

No. 1176802

I super hate that she's back to the super tiny, super F A R apart eyebrows again. Just why. It is 2021 and we don't have time for this type of nonsense. She's like a 13 year old trying makeup for the first time.

No. 1176820


I feel like this is how she always looks…? Just a different wig? She even does that weird tongue smile a lot, too. Same bad eyebrows, awful lashes, etc… just she has some freckles. I’m confused about what some anons are seeing so different here. The costume “effort” even seems on par with all the other goofy costumes she tries.

No. 1176825

I think its the character she chose and the center part on the wig lol. Its just that she finally didn't do herself dirty, she still looks average.

No. 1176837

File: 1614955181891.png (Spoiler Image, 6.38 MB, 2001x1125, 7C474FBF-24F1-4C05-8DFA-BB0A7C…)

One eye lookin at ya, one eye lookin for Fupa

No. 1176843

It’s literally just the photoshop, she doesn’t actually look like that

No. 1176858

8.5 face, everyone.

No. 1176859

Omg what is going on with the angles? Chose your angles Shay, Jesus her whole face/neck looks like an incomplete thumb. do better dumbass

No. 1176864

Why does she constantly look away from the camera when she's talking?

No. 1176877

This and lol why is she trying to do belle Eyes-editing it doesn't work because everything is half-assed.Probably fupa is simping for her and Shay is trying to skinwalk like the goth gf shit,personal tinfoil.

No. 1176878

File: 1614959773649.jpeg (62.19 KB, 750x410, EF08FBBE-85CA-49E4-9FF9-2600CD…)

No. 1176879

File: 1614959822164.jpeg (142.45 KB, 750x678, 509338FB-52A7-47D2-BD5E-457D27…)

Also her posts flopped lol.

No. 1176880

half the anons itt are as deluded as shay. what else is new.

No. 1176882

File: 1614960210959.png (307.55 KB, 376x504, unimpressed.png)


Once again, all the anons that called it…

No. 1176884

File: 1614960416077.jpg (338.36 KB, 1080x1201, Screenshot_20210305-100644_Twi…)

Oh please

No. 1176888

Maybe she should take this advice

No. 1176889

File: 1614960970366.jpeg (80.87 KB, 750x709, 89127ED3-45FB-4F83-97CF-2E2F41…)

I am so fucking confused as to how she’s posting this unironically

No. 1176890

Oh please as if she doesnt lash out on other whores for even talking to her "clients"

No. 1176899

i think it would literally kill her to stay in her lane >>1165344

No. 1176901

I love how she thinks her job is like saving lives or some shit.
>muh effort
Yea who would have thought people liked it better when you put out something with more thought ? It’s almost like you’d be more successful. Huh.

>hopefully Sunday
This means no.

No. 1176906


You know you're shit at your job when you have to rely on pity tips from your peers rather than actually having a customer base whose tips sustain you.

No. 1176908

File: 1614963069703.jpeg (95.14 KB, 750x276, 1E7EAB4E-3149-4CD9-BC79-15AA0B…)

she’s really getting desperate

No. 1176909

Almost down to $.50 a vid

No. 1176914

Maybe she’s cosplaying the funko pop’s spongebob.

No. 1176920

Didn't someone send her $100 a hour ago >>1176884? Why is she begging again?

No. 1176921

SA- is that onlyfans? I forgot she has to cash out or something, nevermind.

No. 1176926

This sent me

People who are uncomfortable/nervous do this.
Since she wings it and talks unscripted, shes a bumbling idiot. 5 years and still cant talk to a camera confidentially and sexily kek

No. 1176930

Less than 50 cents a vid… a coomer could drop the 100 and then move on to the next whore. And that 100 wouldnt even cover a dispensary or grocery trip for her and be gone kek. I'm trying to say that's not how you make long term scrote fans or money.

She probably accidentally shit on her dildo but decided to roll with it and sell it, but by the 5th day of her period, she's worried she might have some murky discharge. Sure Shay. Bold of her to assume she's even going to be tipped enough to actually fuck herself and get to that point kek.

No. 1176936

File: 1614965476439.jpg (163.63 KB, 1080x700, Screenshot_20210305-113043_Twi…)

No. 1176937


And did you stop and think how that random sw'er felt after you started foaming at the mouth and going on a twitter sperg because she said two fucking words to one of your coomers? Or that sex trafficking victim who was politely correcting you about something? I thought coca cola didnt have to worry about Mr Pibb stealing their customers Shay?

No. 1176953

She is never getting out of Oklahoma. There is no way she is keeping her moving fund separate from her other money and she is too broke to afford weed. Pathetic.

No. 1176957

>needs $100 for weed
just buy less weed? why even tell your twitter followers you're just spending your moving donation money on weed?

No. 1176962

Kek no they're not, but I called it >>1176930

You don't need weed, Shay. Try detoxing and having some clarity for once in your adult life. Besides, thought you need money to move. Shes telling us she doesnt have 100 on her credit card or cashapp already?

No. 1176964

Samefag, yes I know she doesnt have a credit card. Obviously mean debit card. Semantics.

No. 1176966

no, she's a broke bitch and likes begging. she probably does, but what's gonna stop her from begging for more? nothing.

No. 1176975

File: 1614968120498.jpg (321.87 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20210305-121517_Twi…)

No. 1176977

Scammy Mattel strikes again

No. 1176978

"I'll let" aka she needs money for food and wine too.

No. 1177006

File: 1614970666851.jpg (320.7 KB, 1080x1283, Screenshot_20210305-125729_Twi…)

You've gotten on cam twice. You haven't made it a habit

No. 1177012

She hates sex and being sexual so much. This is not why coomers like cam girls, no one would watch this or join her room. Except the retarded and tasteless anons who think she should twitch stream. Have fun hanging out with her tonight, I guess, this is for you?

No. 1177014

Like she does anything sexual on cam anyway, might as well. she will maybe “edge” for 20 seconds with that vibrator and dance around like a retard but most of it is her personal diary anyway

No. 1177015

It's sad she seems to look forward to hanging with scrotes/anons and Bratty on fridays because she wants someone to talk to.

No. 1177019

File: 1614972095488.jpeg (248.14 KB, 736x814, D20AE7DD-1E17-4936-A039-E1D2FC…)

The giant teddy bears are dead

No. 1177020

“Im Gunna get rid of it cause I’m bored!”
I hope she at least tried to sell on fb marketplace, she needs the money….

Also just the privilege of being like lol buy me new stuff I’m gunna throw it all out cause I don’t want it anymore.

No. 1177028

If someone buys it now she’ll have to pack it anyway? Why wouldn’t she wait to share it when she’s moved. This is so frustrating.

No. 1177038

because she’s looking at herself in the monitor/screen, instead of looking at the camera.

No. 1177042

File: 1614973899829.jpg (68.88 KB, 1080x332, Screenshot_20210305-135046_Twi…)

No. 1177044

besides the stripping part, it sounds like she just wants to be a streamer… which is what she already promised to do a long time ago.

No. 1177045

i am deceased. do patrick next, fatty

No. 1177047

exactly. so why doesn't she just do it? i guess she knows she's not cut out to show up on cam anywhere but camwhore sites.

No. 1177060

“Glamorous” and “Classy” are the last 2 words I would use to describe Shay

No. 1177094

File: 1614977903538.jpg (494.68 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20210305-145800_Twi…)


No. 1177097


So, a bunch of plastic "diamond" and horrible gold-colored shit, probably. Or the bullshit you saw in YouTuber's backgrounds in 2015. She and Moo should get together, she can get tips to have her decor be shitty faux marble pattern like Moo's new house.

No. 1177098

like i get that she has no self-awareness, but does she seriously not get bored of her main personality trait being "i smoke weed"? it makes more sense when you're underage or before it was legal in like half the country, but at this point it just makes me feel like she's bragging about smoking a cigarette.

No. 1177106

Moo's too good for this tub of lard.

No. 1177109

File: 1614978949248.jpg (260.18 KB, 1080x821, Screenshot_20210305-145822_Twi…)

No. 1177111

She tries so hard to glamorize her life but this looks really bleak. Did she take her depression nap today yet?

No. 1177127

File: 1614981238789.jpeg (77.65 KB, 750x203, E1D00201-F79D-4BCB-A8E8-FEAEE8…)

No. 1177128

Surprised she didn't film herself doing it

No. 1177129

I like how she always keeps us updated on when fupa is most likely staying there. I do tend to believe that they share this apartment and that is why we haven't seen the rest of it other than her workspace and her kitchen in 0 lighting other than when it was empty. It's even more embarrassing since she admitted that it was him all along and yet here she is again acting like things are different. she wouldn't bring this up if it was the norm for her because it wouldn't even occur to her to not do that

No. 1177135

I used to think this, but honestly shes outed herself enough times now that sometimes I really think she doesn't have any money. Especially now since it's the beginning of the month. She probably has some money aside for moving is all.

No. 1177141

Is there any possibility Fupa's been mooching off her? I just don't understand how she can spend so fucking much and still have nothing.

No. 1177142

She wishes kek

No. 1177146

Oh, another day of smoking yourself into a stupor, alone, getting ready to tweet about eating, sleeping, and putting something in your ass. Amazing. Maybe you'll do something really exciting like cry about your manlet ex and drink a 6 pack of white claw!

No. 1177148

absolutely ruthless anon lmao. it's funny cause it's true

No. 1177149

She tweets about how she blows money all the time anon. A single uber trip out and she spends about $300 or more on junk food and weed products. And she tends to do so a couple times a week. $30-50 a meal on doordash which obviously shes doing almost daily. Not to mention her Amazon garbage "shopping sprees". Plus when she wastes money on shit like the pc or gym membership.

No. 1177152

Is she really trying to appeal to scat fetishists at this point, like for real?
This isnt something other people want to read. It's not cute or anything. How is this uwu luxurious bimbo? Just do parody porn and be the stoner bruh girl you really are already Shay.

Btw you could do this while living with a partner, idiot. But go off about how totes over your ex and happy living alone you are. We definitely believe you!

No. 1177154

he has more of an actual job than she does kek if anything it's the other way around probably

No. 1177155


For sure. She's trying to find reasons to cope with the fact that Fupa wants nothing to do with her. She has to come up with random shit about why it's awesome to be a single loser, essentially.

No. 1177156

She used to say she'd give him money or something a year or so ago but let's be honest it was probably just her paying for lunch or drinks just to bribe him to hang out with her kek. Doubt she was actually just giving him money or buying him any spendy gifts. Fupa doesn't have much, but he has a stable job.

No. 1177158

and a car which is frankly more than shayna can say at this point lol

No. 1177172

File: 1614985216345.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 355.58 KB, 750x769, A1F23C15-2ACA-4388-9159-83B375…)

sage for autism but

No. 1177179

He probably owes most of his money in child support payments so I wouldn't be surprised if he was broke still. Didn't he used to spoil Shay with gas station snacks?

No. 1177197

Beautiful, anon

No. 1177209

spending time drawing a shit dildo is a choice

No. 1177224

File: 1614991458982.jpg (Spoiler Image, 516.84 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_20210305-184348_Twi…)

Shay, moving is not going to fix your mental health. Real therapy and properly taking meds will

No. 1177227

If she really needed to leave, she knows she could get her parents help. I really don't believe she's saving anything tbh, if she was, she'd be posting how much money she had over and over.

No. 1177228

Stop smoking everyday, drinking, get off the internet, stop making pedo porn, and then you'll feel better

No. 1177236

Daily reminder you're a pathetic, broke bitch more like

This the same cunt who shit on people for making gofunds for help getting out of abusive situations and stuff? Shes over here ebegging every day so dEsPeRaTe because she cant get over her ex and be done with him unless she moves supposedly.

No. 1177246

File: 1614993160331.jpeg (461.1 KB, 1242x998, 475FD3F6-DB83-48BC-9D83-903BB1…)

Stop wasting all your money on stupid shit and save it for your move dumbass. Be the change or whatever.

No. 1177248

I’m actually so confused when she keeps harping on missing fupa and stuff. They still talk? They’re obviously still friends? Just stop talking to him if it hurts so much Shay!

No. 1177253

Moving isn't going to stop her thinking about fupa, and she'll still be alone? Your location isn't the problem Shayna, it's you

No. 1177258

this shit again? jfc shayna, nobody's going to swoop in and rescue you. figure your shit out.

No. 1177264

File: 1614995375732.jpg (172.83 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_20210305-194932_Twi…)

We'll see

No. 1177267

this seems to be a daily cycle where she probably has a couple drinks, gets into her feelings and starts oversharing on twitter. alcohol is a depressant, shayna, it’s no wonder you feel so shitty. all the drinking and smoking, it’s clear that you can’t stand being sober, because the reality of your everyday existence is so fucking depressing. you keep running from your problem when you’re the problem. fupa won’t save you, moving won’t save you, getting fucked up every day definitely won’t save you.

No. 1177270

She had a check from her mom, she got a 1k tip specifically for moving, other tips and sales, etc… not sure how she wouldn't be halfway there at least. If she was serious about it like she acts, she should be saving every dollar from tips and anything left after bills and rent.

No. 1177272

Idk why any of that would be different after moving. She might see her family on occasion, but otherwise shes still gonna have no friends, be upset over Fupa, be a broke washed up stoned and drunk idiot, etc.

No. 1177274

And cam tips. I know she doesnt make much, but still. She just got 100 tip this morning. She should be halfway easily. So 1 more month of the same and maybe SAVING and cracking down on any extra spending and she'll have enough. Mommy and daddy will cover the rest. She literally just needs the rent and deposit for the new place and some for the uhaul. The pets can and will go in the uhaul. Fatty can fast during the move. No clue how she doesnt have at least 2 or 3k by now.

No. 1177281

Key word
She spent that shit I guarantee it. And shay clearly has a spending problem on top of everything else.

No. 1177282

File: 1614998337926.jpg (534.07 KB, 1079x1872, Screenshot_20210305-203824_Twi…)

No. 1177283

File: 1614998382237.jpg (206.73 KB, 1080x842, Screenshot_20210305-203843_Twi…)

No. 1177286

Why does she have to talk about every single thing she does? Like she’s important or interesting?? Nobody cares you need to get high and stuff your fat chins with food before camming. Keep these things to yourself it’s embarrassing Shaytard

No. 1177298

Good lord, we dont need a play by play commentary of every basic action you fuckin tard.

No. 1177302

I always thought that porn actors didn’t eat before they did anything anal in fear of shit. Shatna always seems to eat before doing anything, no wonder she was always shitty. Now she’s just embracing it.

No. 1177305

File: 1614999954384.jpg (280 KB, 1079x1368, Screenshot_20210305-210549_Twi…)

She thinks she's hilarious

No. 1177312

You are right lmao they usually fast a while before anal scenes so they don’t shit on their partner during the shoot. But since Shayna isn’t a porn star, just a fat retard selling photos on onlyfans she doesn’t have to worry about shitting on someone she can just do it on her dildo, not wash it, and call it a day. Also they use sponges when they are on their period but Shayna is a lazy fat tub of lard who doesn’t even put effort in the easiest “job” in the world

No. 1177319

Shay is not a porn actress, that's the thing

No. 1177323


I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and see how Scatna embarrasses herself on cam tonight. It’s like waking up on Christmas morning!

No. 1177325

File: 1615001343532.jpeg (178.84 KB, 1242x461, BBAF2BBD-8F70-4850-BE86-3DA722…)

This bitch definitely doesn’t wash her ass

No. 1177333

Eh maybe this time moving would help. She really needs her family’s support at this point.

No. 1177341

File: 1615002632640.jpg (58.18 KB, 1080x328, Screenshot_20210305-215004_Twi…)

Don't bother buying tokens, she doesn't do what she's tipped for

No. 1177342

support for what? her raging delusions or the alcohol problem she refuses to acknowledge?

No. 1177357

shes online, webcam off

No. 1177360

No. 1177361

File: 1615005528833.png (280.72 KB, 605x331, Opera Snapshot.png)

She's on

No. 1177365

Damn, usually working when she's on cam, actually get to see this one and still surprised she actually showed up. She's already opening up a pink wine bottle. Asked who would tip her to drink but said she'd drink anyway. Bleak start.

No. 1177366

Who cares, isn’t milk. Stop being obsessive retards and move on from your precious cow, this thread should be tanked for the amount of nitpicking garbage.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1177367

theres a reason shes been cow of the year for 2 years in a row, shes an endless supply of milk, why are you here?

No. 1177368

Calm down

No. 1177369

anons didn't even nitpick anything, just said she was live now. They do the same thing when Onision or Moo live streams. Newfag much?

No. 1177370

she is a hypocrite who is whiney and feels entitled to people's money. She is fat ugly and lazy and takes no responsibility for her actions. Yes there is nitpicking but that is the beauty of Shitna's thread.

No. 1177371

>a friend
so Fupa?

No. 1177372

she’s just fucking around with her lights asking chat which is better… girl how have u been doing this 5 years and can’t just set ur lighting and get on

also she saw salad4whores in chat and claimed she loves salad lmao

No. 1177373

she loves olive garden’s salad dressing PLEASE FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT SHAY

No. 1177374


She’s talking about how much she loves Olive Garden Salad dressing now- that really is part of her personality ahah

No. 1177376

File: 1615006321708.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3464x3464, CDAD9F3A-E252-4404-B6B7-00328B…)

No. 1177377

46 guests? Wow we really are all here tonight.

No. 1177378

I’m already dying of boredom. Let us know when she starts being entertaining.

Godspeed anons.

No. 1177379

will do anon. kek

No. 1177380

File: 1615006454330.jpeg (405.61 KB, 1021x606, 7D5D2F7A-5D02-4F40-A59A-291032…)

~so thicccck~

No. 1177382

GIF anon- pls tell me your capturing her trying to wiggle her nonexistent butt

No. 1177384

File: 1615006518436.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.86 MB, 592x452, 53ab2a572d1cd51ef4289b52a36365…)

"sorry didnt feel like getting all sexy tonight"

No. 1177386

Anons lets refrain from double posting the exact same thing/image. Bless.

No. 1177387

does this bitch always play the same ten songs jfc her playlist is so bland…. where's the flavor?

No. 1177388

i mean it looks slightly better because you cant see how low her buttcrack starts lmfao

No. 1177389

File: 1615006673155.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.3 MB, 780x452, 79e65fa68d49a8e1adcd8b82023b4b…)

I got u

No. 1177390

already deleted my dupe pic lol

she can’t stop whining about looking yellow/green… god she’s so awkward when she’s sober. but she’s got 3 bottles of wine, “in case”, so should pick up into more amusing awkwardness soon

No. 1177391

She said the other half of the cam room is "storage". Just say you pushed all your floor garbage out of frame like the messy bitch you are.

No. 1177392

File: 1615006916049.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.55 MB, 576x450, 5d07f719e2a18e0a7796d881961c0a…)

she do be lookin green around the eyes

No. 1177393

Dropbox anon here

Shayna moved her fat pancake boobs to tainted love and made the ugliest face afterwards https://www.dropbox.com/s/bau2ej7ca3xqddw/spedkid.mov?dl=0

No. 1177394

“I don’t have more than one monitor, no,” in response to a chat asking about it.

Wouldn’t that be part of her ~ gamer ~ setup? I kind of assumed that was a basic for having a Twitch streaming setup?

No. 1177395

File: 1615007023410.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.62 MB, 696x386, FullSizeRender 2.gif)

No. 1177396

I know anons say it all the time, but I feel like I'm watching a retarded person trying to cam.

No. 1177397

We just got a shout-out lol

No. 1177398

File: 1615007400353.gif (9.62 MB, 652x448, 13a5da211861fc8af049bde55819ed…)

im keeping her on mute tonight I cant do the awful music and her rambling tonight lmao

No. 1177399

“I know a bunch of people who hate me are watching this, and that’s fine. HI GUYS.”

No. 1177402

When talking about the cat scratching, she said "he", isn't Rib a girl? She just outed herself about Fupa's cat

No. 1177403

yes rib is a girl lol she is dumb

No. 1177404

she wants bigger boobs but not a nose job…

No. 1177405

Gross she just burped while staring at me

No. 1177406

File: 1615007803733.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.43 MB, 612x450, b7468f8944ac1960d43d7e05355783…)

the teeth

No. 1177410

the lighting makes her teeth look like the same color as her skin.. bleak

No. 1177412

I noticed that, too. Now she's going to give him catnip and when she opened the door, you clearly saw an orange and white cat. She's so bad at keeping the secret.

No. 1177413

she is giving her cat catnip…. why couldn't she do this beforehand? She always makes excuses to leave its so boring

No. 1177414

"I'll brb I gotta use my inhaler." "I had to pause my cam because I don't want people seeing me put something in my mouth, like you have to pay to see that."

no Shay we see it on your twitter every other day

No. 1177415

File: 1615008312047.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.57 MB, 684x438, 4eb915c6aba34dfefbad8568d67384…)

the ass pimples

No. 1177416

the poor cat is probably hungry or something poor baby

No. 1177417

File: 1615008371476.gif (10.27 MB, 640x448, 87aa05a0f24d9b055b7ce72cff1eeb…)

her new cat

No. 1177420

File: 1615008442820.gif (9.43 MB, 650x446, 5015f4e1cde25003c37899969d8195…)

god her floor, i cannot imagine what the rest of her house looks like

No. 1177422

File: 1615008507499.jpeg (548.98 KB, 1019x848, E430867D-F561-456F-8C7C-0650EC…)

No. 1177423

File: 1615008686841.gif (11.79 MB, 674x446, cd7483c539b9067467f74897a688d0…)

No. 1177424

Shayna saying she’s so beautiful that’s why the camera is out of focus https://www.dropbox.com/s/f3lg0fm8hwka1vf/Video%20Mar%2005%2C%209%2030%2011%20PM.mp4?dl=0

No. 1177425

I think she finally said the orange cat's name, it's Mr. Peanutbutter

No. 1177426

Mr Peanut Butter
those are names a child would give their pet
and why is it all food related names. I guess that's why she's Fatty Mattel

No. 1177427

Said she associates Bojack Horseman with a "traumatic time" in her life wtf she has never experienced "trauma", only her own stupid decisions

No. 1177430

now she's talking about how Spongebob traumatized her

It was a joke Shayna squid ward was being sarcastic its not that deep.
>spongebob boomer
lots of people like season 1-4 dumb bitch god damn sponge bob wouldn't even like you

No. 1177431


She’s already hit like 5 of these during her camshow. Right now she’s talking in-depth about Spongebob- during a camshow?

I know nothing about camshows- but do other camwhores talk about stuff like this during their shows?

No. 1177432

Kek this list I made held up
I guess I forgot one thing
>the haydurzzz uwu aka us

No. 1177433

File: 1615009305792.gif (11 MB, 656x450, e2e7bfdbcf6309493ac18873b4e356…)

No. 1177434

We should make a bingo card for next week. kek

No. 1177437

your music is so basic Shayna stop acting like you're the only "young" person to like old music. Its not even obscure. Id be more impressed if you listened to Norwegian black metal , even though I hate death/black metal. Like you are not unique AT ALL you have the same ten songs on loop

No. 1177441

This bitch is so uninteresting that she's summarizing an episode of Spongebob while wheezing like an obese asthmatic child

No. 1177442

all she's doing is describing an episode of spongebob wow

No. 1177443

why cant this bitch wear any lipstick, blush/bronzer and eyeliner on her lower lash line? she looks horrible. eyebrows dont suit her face either.

No. 1177444

File: 1615009687760.gif (10.86 MB, 676x444, 1d186d3d682e244ab77f677493ea7c…)

No. 1177446

File: 1615009773256.gif (13.37 MB, 790x448, 39e12fda0ecf1d46952648ae7a37be…)

her trash keeps falling off of her uwu pink gamer set up

No. 1177447

the absolute state of everything in this gif.

No. 1177448

wow guys she's playing the cure she isnt like ~those other girls uwu~ who listen to Ariana Grande

No. 1177449

why does she do all those ugly faces? holy fuck

No. 1177450

god i hate that grimace she does where she pulls one side of her lip so far up. it looks fucking autistic and its giving me flashbacks to the tinderella vid. tragic

No. 1177451

This is one of the FUNNIEST fucking things I have ever seen, holy shit.

No. 1177452

Love the fake flower petals all over the ground from her valentines shoot LAST MONTH

No. 1177453

this chick had the NERVE to talk about other people's work spaces, hers is junky. When is the last time she used that wand? It's probably been in that same spot since being licked and walked over by her animals.
She probably does not even wipe it off before using it

No. 1177454

File: 1615010336970.gif (11.07 MB, 664x448, e0fadf296f3f2f12d3246cdc0b0d56…)

heres a better look at her work space, attention to details ladies

No. 1177455

That’s a really good point…I’ve never even seen her with blush, bronzer, or any contouring to make her face less of an amorphous blob of cheese. You would think she’d try it once.

No. 1177456

“my narcissism and ego would be like… stabbing me in the throat if i was just sitting there talking to myself”

No. 1177457

When your dad is getting ready to whoop you.

No. 1177458

she wants to be an influencer with a real following so bad its sad

No. 1177459

File: 1615010599731.jpg (70.92 KB, 750x755, 80mcpfvbc1u21.jpg)

>the whole room

No. 1177460

I hate the fact that I found her a little likable when she was explaining the sponge bob episode. but she comes off as bitchy on twitter

No. 1177461

that photo gave me a stroke

I hate it

No. 1177462

what is this show

No. 1177463

opened the wine bottle (she’s halfway through), blew across the top, and went “omg it’s like the foghorn from spongebob!”

No. 1177464

File: 1615010690947.gif (11.18 MB, 670x446, 3118abbd2c6719c69f918c5bdf6e7a…)

and ya'll said she has no talent

No. 1177465

Emptied her first wine bottle of the night and then threw it on the floor. Classy.

No. 1177466


No. 1177467

File: 1615010723441.gif (10.57 MB, 638x446, ead5f5edc579f17531baa7a8df4495…)

she HAS talent, she HAS range

No. 1177468

File: 1615010737321.jpeg (612.55 KB, 1125x909, D00D373F-363E-4894-94D1-8E7D20…)

noodle sighted on cam! pic unrelated but horrifying

No. 1177470

apparently she farted during an unrelated custom once, sent it to the guy anyway, and she claims he paid her extra for the fart??

No. 1177471

One bottle down and she’s still fully clothed, hardly any tips

No. 1177472

she just said that she feels bad that she doesn't get any tips and will leave in about 30min

I wonder why no one tips her /s

No. 1177473

File: 1615010930248.png (233.19 KB, 572x308, sperg.png)

No. 1177474

She’s taking about the scat

No. 1177475


No. 1177476

"my prep wasn't correct for that scat vid… and it came out and it was accidental, so I just went with it and filmed it"

No. 1177477

She just admitted that the scat video was because her anal prep didn't go correctly. She literally said it was accidental. "somone's going to buy it. I made like $300 from it!"

No. 1177478

maybe stop spending all your money on alcohol, weed, and doordash then shayna???

No. 1177479

Says she made $300 off the $25 shit vid

No. 1177482


If moo had access to twitter she'd be on the same level. Mariah is not good enough for anyone, not even Shay. They'd make an amazing pair

No. 1177485

They are two peas in the same pod, I can definitely see moo getting more into fetish shit (pun intended) once she gets desperate enough. Shay's just gotten ahead of her with how low she's sunk. Moo will follow kek

Double posting, you have time to delete guys

No. 1177488

File: 1615011403673.gif (Spoiler Image, 12.99 MB, 776x456, 67b39f24a95526f8dd213a09b135a1…)

No. 1177489

Bless you gif anon! Was hoping someone would capture that disaster kek

No. 1177490

File: 1615011653431.gif (10.56 MB, 652x450, 67e8ce63e65742e14eecf90317961c…)

No. 1177491

File: 1615011705679.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.25 MB, 702x448, a0212aaf33f2bb04da1ad074426be0…)

No. 1177492

she really thought this was the cutest thing ever.

No. 1177493



No. 1177494

File: 1615011762897.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.55 MB, 678x444, d04ed6ddd2f3644cf9774858fd51fd…)

I kinda missed it but she said she could put her legs behind her head and this is as close as she got

No. 1177495

File: 1615011851132.gif (10.61 MB, 636x446, 175c7aaf12136566258e9b89089aeb…)

No. 1177497

FYI, anons, these are her “secret talents”

No. 1177498

dry ass lips are so cute

No. 1177499

can she get invisalign? i feel like it would help a little..

No. 1177500

Someone tipped 15 tokens which should be a spank but she just glossed over it. She doesn't want to do these things, even the last paddle shit took her forever to do. She just wants to stream like an influencer, not have to do things.

No. 1177501

File: 1615012137626.gif (11.48 MB, 688x452, 31da54b7e1b201893bccf8eb5e775e…)

hand over your money pay piggies to your glamorous classy bimbo queen

No. 1177502

She looks like a wrestler stomping around in ridiculous drag

No. 1177505

File: 1615012283704.gif (9.92 MB, 642x442, 5827f1c7c819c656c0d73712a807ff…)

I hope her lip gets stuck like this

No. 1177506

File: 1615012288515.png (18.38 KB, 739x289, gross.png)

Guessing Nathan sent her a scat request over OF considering what he was asking earlier about if she'd do a custom like that

No. 1177507

the main issue is she has a huge chip in one of her front teeth that she’s refused to address for like 2 years now

No. 1177508

She seems winded just sitting down, seriously Shayna eat ONE salad please

No. 1177509

one bottle down, she just broke out a 2nd

No. 1177510

File: 1615012514347.gif (10.81 MB, 666x442, 701f6a51833c33e8f8e5261b37c97f…)

why does she always look like she forgot shes on cam

No. 1177511

ugh the burps are so nasty.

No. 1177512

where is womanck lmfao

No. 1177513

she’s “tipsyyyyyyy” and not even naked and begging people to tip so her drunk ass can take her clothes off bc she’s too hot

No. 1177515

she’s at least half-drunk and high, anon.

No. 1177516

no one's tipping, lol. she just got 5 tokens but nothing else

No. 1177517

File: 1615012753862.gif (Spoiler Image, 11.91 MB, 694x450, 22488f648ecfdf7bb818a40fb5d9e4…)

surprised she didnt gag on it

No. 1177518

"I live too deep in reality" okay, sure, keep telling yourself that

No. 1177519

File: 1615012869678.gif (4.76 MB, 590x448, fce54032ee9cecbd3a2875b1e91396…)

"I'm completely untalented, i cant do anything… except maybe put an outfit together"

No. 1177521

"if i could make a living off comedy i would" rip

No. 1177522

File: 1615013074014.gif (9.4 MB, 566x450, a74bd5e5cd4589fb69181a24492141…)

"I would love to do comedy full time, porn is just my segway into that"

No. 1177523

"I don't wanna be some pathetic little girl begging for time"
"I value myself too highly to start from the bottom of the barrel"

So that's what we're gonna do? We're gonna lie?

No. 1177524

She said if she could be an actress and not have to take her clothes off, she'd love that and would want to do that. Really shows that she lies hard about enjoying this "job" that is sex work. We all know you are miserable, sex work is a one way ticket to depression and no life.

No. 1177525

now "i genuinely believe i bring something special to the world.."
yeah shatna you bring milk

No. 1177527

the issue being she has no talent, looks and personality kek. also her top tier “comedy” is just recycled 5 years old facebook memes, so i’m not sure where she’s getting that idea. maybe the anons here that are so convinced that she would be successful in parody porn or that she’s so “funny and likable” on cam.

No. 1177528

she keeps calling herself a narcissist which is automatically a red flag imo

No. 1177529

AYRT, yea I don't get how any anons find her likable or redeeming in any way. She has nothing going for her, no flavor or anything. She could never be popular online in any possible venture, although that's just my opinion.

No. 1177530

File: 1615013579377.gif (9.95 MB, 592x450, 25c270fd93918c59f5940fb7bea48d…)

mr. peanutbutter deserves better

No. 1177534

the cam shows really bring out the retards to the thread tbh

No. 1177535

File: 1615013806566.gif (9.9 MB, 606x452, 63da6bd8571035a201374d8b3eda08…)

No. 1177536

What a cute little attention starved creature. And then there's Shayna.

No. 1177537

She did this last stream too. Same jokes, same music, same dumb shit.

He’s in a dark corner of his house, smoking Shay’s dookie pipe and cooming

No. 1177538

so it seems like these viewers are only watching for her ~personality~ talking about bojack and shit. its like they dont give 2 fucks about seeing her naked. i dont watch cam shows so im not sure how normal that is though?

No. 1177539

File: 1615013937063.png (2.76 MB, 1920x1080, gross shatna cave.png)

Her cave truly disgusts me. This would be a great image to use as a background for an anons art, though kek

No. 1177540

not normal even by the standards of her old cam shows. honestly probably the majority of the people interacting are farmers posing as coomers. if she’s not earning tokens then she doesn’t have real customers watching lol

No. 1177541

File: 1615014045180.jpeg (673.92 KB, 1242x897, 422B8865-AAA8-4397-BFDA-48A25E…)


No. 1177542

Because they are literally all farmers kek she keeps asking for tips and everyone just casually ignores her and continues to chat about dumb shit

No. 1177543

not even that

No. 1177544

Asking if Nathan likes petplay while staring at her animals…. ew

No. 1177545

kek ok, i was honestly confused i thought at least maybe 1 person would tip her, this is bleak

No. 1177546

Did you forget anon? he was embarrassed about being posted on here so he’s stopped simping for shatna publicly now

No. 1177547

She's breathing SO heavy, trying to stifle her burps, she's truly disgusting to listen to

No. 1177548

File: 1615014367458.png (629.23 KB, 708x543, whalena.png)

Thats a big bitch, damn

No. 1177549

File: 1615014387537.gif (10.76 MB, 640x448, 597c68402b805d3214e2e9d32d0632…)

noodle and mr. peanut butter are really carrying this show

No. 1177550

says she’s leaving soon/now. never even made it to her goal for getting naked. pathetic

No. 1177551

>>1177549 lul i was annoyed when she was like "stop getting fur on my white sweater" like bitch stfu

No. 1177552

>has a $2500 gaming set up
>doesn’t know what fallout is

No. 1177554

"that game fallout must have a great soundtrack"
"Is it a steampunk game"
Jfc stop trying the gamer girl schtick you pleb

No. 1177555

"i want to play video games on twitch but i'm scared of people ganging up on me, calling me bad at games and that people are only watching because i'm hot." shes getting off cam now lol

No. 1177556

She made what, ~350 tokens in two and a half hours?

No. 1177557

I guessing she's confusing something like Bioshock 3 maybe? But who tf doesn't know the Fallout aesthetic, even people who don't play know that shit. But totes a gamer girl, guys, totally didn't waste 2k on a dust collecting pc.

No. 1177559

File: 1615014746722.png (89.39 KB, 819x145, d357be98bcd8e8e9f7554111b63f47…)

this cowtipper was here the last 2 shows

No. 1177560

shes begging for a reason to stay online, people are just saying goodnight to her lmao

No. 1177561

She doesn't even engage with her audience in a way that makes spending tokens on her worth it, lmfao

No. 1177562

i know. she's just plain bad at her job.

No. 1177563

File: 1615014963075.gif (11.51 MB, 740x444, e5075f191d8d86b841f5d4f78ede1c…)

this is her finally giving up

No. 1177564

She threw her bottle opener earlier in the night laughing about "why am I sitll holding this" and just now asked "did I throw my bottle opener at some point tonight?" - how drunk are you to already forget?

She also already sounds super irritated because "No one is talking to me"

No. 1177565

"ok, no one is talking to me, thanks, got it" shes seething

No. 1177566

sage for sperging but god I feel so bad for her pets. I really hope they can find better homes some day. This bitch can’t even take care of herself, she shouldn’t be allowed to have pets.

No. 1177567

File: 1615015172466.png (56.12 KB, 512x113, Screenshot (323).png)

i know coomers get what's coming to them but jfc someone stop him

No. 1177569

Why did she say she's leaving but she's still sitting here talking. A bunch of people left, too, because she said she was done. She's so dumb.

No. 1177571

"You guys have to be special… or maybe I'm just lonely as fuck"
insert ugly laugh

No. 1177572

"I even played my closing song and didn't leave. That's never happened in my career. Y'all gotta be special in some way. Or I'm just lonely as fuck, hahaha"

No. 1177573

She’s saying she didn’t go to the salon to get her hair dyed blonde because she has asthma and didn’t want to die of covid, but she was out getting drunk in a restaurant with no mask in that ugly ass outfit last week lmao

No. 1177574

File: 1615015649474.gif (4.52 MB, 352x342, ea9b886d90d61b8a224c9c8aca1a39…)

mr peanut butter watching her get more wine is a mood

No. 1177575

god damn, why is she so dumb? on top of everything else?

No. 1177576

alright anons I hope you all enjoyed the gifs, other then the cat that was truly the least eventful cam show ever

No. 1177577

"I can't take a tolerance break, no questions, I just CAN'T"
Is it because you can't deal with your life sober and you know it?

No. 1177578

"the way I choke after those fat rips… not to be seen by others"
bitch wtf why would an experienced long term smoker take hits that hurt so much UNLESS it was to please sadist coomers
another example of her missing her niche

No. 1177579

Oh this makes me sad. Kyle Nathan Perkins, please come get your cat, I’m sure your kids will love him. Seriously.

No. 1177581

I’m pretty sure it’s her cat, or they bought it together before he peaced out, what is the evidence that it belongs to him other then a Snapchat of him cuddling it?

No. 1177582

Talking about mental health, again. How she was taking meds for bi-polar but stopped taking them because "they made me feel worse than I already did"

Also kek she's fucking seething because a coomer said he was bored

No. 1177583

File: 1615016414286.png (1.08 MB, 1650x878, coomer mad.png)

"Pay for something. Cry me a fucking river, boo hoo"

No. 1177584

Was happy that everyone in chat got mad at him. Says that she doesn't get that treatment on twitter. Says when someone says something bad about her on twitter, people usually agree. And seems like she banned the coomer.

No. 1177585

searching her recent followers trying to find the scrote who called her out lmao

No. 1177586

"I'm not an uppers kind of girl"
we can tell kek

No. 1177587

File: 1615016652990.png (131.38 KB, 512x348, Screenshot (331).png)

this wasn't even mean, jesus christ Shayna listen to your audience, not just your simps

No. 1177589

I swear this top used to zip up at least part way in the last pics she posted of it with like "housewife vibes" caption or some shit. Now it looks like the zipper is holding on for dear life, no way it can zip now. Shes gotten fatter this month,? Kek

No. 1177590

Jfc learn to twerk or move sexy even slightly. She wiggles like an autistic person it's so embarrassing to see.

No. 1177591

Such a boring fucking stream and it's nearly 3am here. Godspeed, anons, I can't deal with this anymore. Hopefully something interesting happens and we get some milk. Bless us gif and dropbox anons.

No. 1177592

Yup. So literally why doesnt she address it or post this other cat? Like what's she doing with it when she moves? It's gotta be Fupas otherwise theres no reason for the avoidance. She could even use it as a reason to drag Fupa but instead she's fucking weird about it.

No. 1177594

Mr Peanutbutter is the dog on the show… why is she so fucking stupid.

No. 1177595

she’s really still going huh? she said goodnight and everyone left like an hour ago

No. 1177597

She really needs to not slouch and be aware of her angles and posture because holy shit lol

No. 1177598

File: 1615018118522.png (75.9 KB, 748x720, shayna.png)

I wonder how her whiteboard compares to other models. I'm not familiar with normal camgirls but this seems lame to me. Kek at how "burp" and "wine" are on there when she'll do those for free, yet she's not willing to budge on doing anything that might engage her audience without a coomer throwing quarters at her

No. 1177600

Along with dancing and flashing, she does that all for free

No. 1177604

she just signed off 2 minutes ago after rambling on to an empty room for way too long about Biggie and Tupac and how she needs 6k to move

No. 1177613

I love how the amount keeps increasing like she’s charging interest, kek. Seriously though, as if her parents aren’t going to foot the bill and she’ll just squander any donations on cheap pink wine, takeout, weed and tacky Chinese sweatshop cosplays

No. 1177621

File: 1615021781173.jpeg (100.46 KB, 750x297, 48ABB471-BF24-4F0F-977A-01BF7E…)

No. 1177622

File: 1615021859236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 281.38 KB, 750x677, 78974159-2358-4287-8011-6A7290…)

Wonder why

No. 1177624

File: 1615022068317.jpeg (8.54 KB, 275x190, 1600737549107.jpeg)

No. 1177626

File: 1615022460962.jpeg (127.08 KB, 679x1280, C024ECF6-021E-41ED-B04E-CB6F55…)

Posted to Kyle’s Facebook June ‘19. The comments on the photo seemed to suggest his friends knew about the cat. Doesn’t look like Shay’s bedding either

No. 1177632

Favorite gif of the night! Major alchy vibes. Thank you gif anon for your service.

No. 1177634

File: 1615023908176.jpg (19.86 KB, 295x335, 20210306_103920.jpg)

If any nitpicking anon still has any doubt, even the leg mark is the same. Shayna is fucked lmao

Thanks gif anon! I only caught the end where she listened to Ice Cube non stop kek

No. 1177639

This is the type of shit that scrote she got so angry at was talking about. How can you post your lewds/nudes on Twitter FOR FREE but be on a cam show for 2 hours and stay clothed, thus giving no incentive to tip in the first place.

No. 1177646

Shay, coomers don’t come for your ~personality~ . Rambling about your issues and spongebob is the least sexiest thing ever and then when you finally do something from your menu (if you even do it) you do it for about 20 seconds and go back to your bruh girl ramblings. It’s so jarring. 5 years of sex work y’all.

No. 1177650

She's only getting on cam consistently because she likes the attention and interaction she got from the 5 years stream. But she's in for a rude awakening because she had so many new people due to her not streaming and everyone asking her questions. As she streams consistently she'll have to do a good job at being sexual or carrying the conversation herself without repeating the same things regulars already know. And she can't do that. So her numbers and interactions will dwindle and she'll just get more frustrated but not do anything to fix it.

No. 1177654


She’s freaking out because she thinks that last week she worked “soo hard!” and cant see herself putting forth that same effort consistently. She’s the laziest sex worker. Well no.. thats Plastic and Proud but she’s down there.

No. 1177675


yass shatna, burp for us queen

No. 1177713

Many thanks for your service, gif anon. Noodle and Mr. Peanutbutter were absolutely adorable and all 3 animals deserve better.

Shayna, we know you don't want to cam. Try fucking streaming. Then you can ramble about shit you like. Why else did you spend that 2k + accessories and streaming equipment? I know everyone thinks she would be terrible at it but anything's got to be better than her current state of being.

No. 1177720

she doesn’t get naked on cam but gets naked on twitter for free. what is wrong with her honestly?
she mentioned last night that she wishes she could stream video games without being naked but is scared that she’s not good enough at video games and that people will tell her she only gets paid for being “hot”. shayna your mfc is failing, i watched for the first time last night out of curiosity and it was awful. it’s obvious you hate it, you don’t actually know what to do, just give it up and try something else. there’s hundreds of different games you can stream, find one to play and just move on from this already. you are begging on twitter for $1, it’s time for a career change.

No. 1177735


All she has to do is go to twitch and see the type of girls who are streaming. she would definitely be one of the more homely girls. her personality isnt good enough to get away with staying covered up, as a failed SW, she's ridiculous to act like she wouldn't use her body to gain subs like every other insecure steamer with her lack of talent.

but hell, that would be hilarious to watch.

No. 1177742

I'm keking at her going she's afraid she'll only get attention for being hot, when since she's gainws weight all she's talked about is this amazing personality she has.
Also, if she's declining being asshole naked online DAILY, what makes her think her being fully clothed will bring the boys to the yard? Why doesn't she just get on one of those cam girl streaming sites and start streaming games nude or something?
Because she's right to not want to do twitch, she knows she's not that entertaining unless she's about to get naked. I've seen girls use their body for attention online. However, I've never seen a woman use her body to have mundane conversations with scrotes because she's so boring and lonely.

No. 1177760

100% agree anon. Only thing I can recommend Shayna is to keep trying. You have to practice a game to get good at it. No time like the present, as anon said, your cam 'career' is dismal. She got heavily invested in the Sims and had fun playing it. There's so many options

No. 1177774

this is giving me alcoholic auntie vibes

No. 1177787

She can easily play casual games that even retards can enjoy, get in on whatever game of the month is, maybe even garner one or two orbiters to carry her in Apex if she likes.
Fucking hilarious that she’s scared of being dogpilled for shit gameplay as if her pro gamer stream would pop off with hundred viewers and not just have the same 5 lonely farmers. Shayna is just making excuses and she’s still totally clueless about twitch.

No. 1177794

so she's suddenly worried about "being bad" at video games after spending over $2k on a pc and accessories and regularly sperging on the timeline about her number of kills and some scrote behavior on the one game she does play?

No. 1177798

I think twitch just makes her insecure because it’s full of clothed girls getting male attention. At least on porn sites she can yap about her asshole and love for geriatrics as points of superiority.
She also said she’s scared people will say she’s only getting views for being a sexworker. Delusion 100.

No. 1177817

She could easily put on the casual “I’m I’m no good at games” schtick and play creative shit like animal crossing or sims. There’s still potential for her on there if she bothered - she has no excuse.

No. 1177827

File: 1615050514408.jpg (39.44 KB, 903x259, coompliments.jpg)

why does she retweet her comments like this? So people can see her getting compliments ?

No. 1177839

honestly she could play WoW, it's easy to play but she is kinda retarded so idk. could easily do games like animal crossing, sims, pokemon etc too. or Skyrim. but she's just too damn lazy and makes bad excuses. I just don't see the point of her continuing her bleak cam shows where she doesn't even get naked and makes abysmal money, it's just her ~lonely~ self talking to lonely broke scrotes about bojack horseman or whatever other quirky thing. why doesn't she put her 2k gaming set up to use? even better that when you stream you can hide your fat body and just show cleavage, but she'll also have to learn how to put on makeup/use some kind of camera filter to make her face look good cause it'll finally matter. that's probably the real reason why she is scared to do twitch+the competition from girls who are prob better at games than her and are good at makeup

No. 1177853

sooo… $17.50? that's 5 dollars per hour

No. 1177861

File: 1615055878865.jpeg (248.1 KB, 1284x726, 324DB4E9-9E7C-4649-B7F4-E462AA…)

if you go to her IG you can see this this didn’t happen and she’s just lying for interaction as per usual

No. 1177870

she could have deleted it, or it could have been a DM.

No. 1177875

but god forbid she get a normal minimum wage job kek

No. 1177877

How is that hate? Lol
Grow thicker skin shay. She wants to be popular and an influencer but cries to Twitter when someone says they didn’t like spongebob.

No. 1177881

I'm pretty sure all these excuses over twitch is just her avoiding having to do work and having to face the fact that she's just going to be mediocre there too. I can't see her honestly thinking that people will only watch her because she's hot.

No. 1177886

Yeah, if she started Twitch she'd have maybe a dozen people watching her consistently and they'd almost all be farmers. She'd make no money and it's pretty likely she'd catch a ban for flashing the camera or something. She is honestly better off going on MFC for a couple hours more often and making 20 bucks.

No. 1177970

Exactly, same case as what she said on stream yesterday "a lot of people that hate me are watching" or whatever. We don't hate you, we think you're absolutely retarded and love watching you fuck up your life.

No. 1177971

Everyone seems to be forgetting she cant stick to a schedule and show up on time if at all. And it takes effort to set up the stream and interface and whatnot. She's not attractive enough and her personality is quite boring. It's not gonna get her anywhere. Ironically farmers would be her only regular watchers, but I still doubt she would make it to the point of being an affiliate. So she wouldn't make any more money than she does camming (which is clearly hardly anything). She just might enjoy it more, but then again her brain is weed fried and porn soiled so she'll probably still want to flash her tits and talk about anal.

Tldr; Twitch takes more commitment and effort than shes capable of so it's never going to happen legitimately. She MIGHT try once or twice if she can get that far and someone helps her.

No. 1177978


yeah, shes spent years dealing with her competition by just being the easiest girl in the room, and that doesnt really work on twitch when she cant just show her asshole for some scrote attention

No. 1177982

File: 1615069435123.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 246.06 KB, 750x512, E793D357-C0CC-4B40-8E33-1577AF…)

No. 1177983

File: 1615069460943.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 189.04 KB, 1440x1440, DB5FE98E-2FFE-4610-8E20-F48FE8…)

Graphic design is her passion

No. 1177984

File: 1615069524734.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 197.08 KB, 1440x1440, AAA9DE80-F720-47D2-B4FD-180801…)

That attention to detail tho, all those photoshop classes she took in high school really paid off

No. 1177985

File: 1615069553216.png (234.98 KB, 680x345, 682F2AD5-6423-47C7-8820-123DFA…)

She couldn’t pay someone to edit her into the krusty krab but she paid someone to edit that bimbo quest video ?

No. 1177987


Shay: “Now that Ive spent all day editing, I shall take a nap.”

No. 1177988

I don’t think anyone hates Shayna more than herself at this point. Wtf lol

No. 1177991

that wig is a travesty. the ends are completely uneven, looks like someone hackedit off with a knife. also I think you can see where she colored the background yellow on the left when she went outside the lines

No. 1177992

File: 1615070118582.jpeg (187.55 KB, 687x392, B9C4196C-76AA-4831-9DE8-D48367…)

She couldn't even muster up enough effort to edit out the black part of the headband but she still went HAM on the color of the wig.

No. 1177993

File: 1615070120164.jpeg (182.88 KB, 1280x719, F16D92F5-3C8F-45D9-BDD8-CFA495…)

Shayna is such a hard worker

No. 1177996

You know she considers that a full days work

No. 1178000

File: 1615071189213.jpg (128.09 KB, 800x600, 0fwn51jpr6x11.jpg)

i know everyone says that every single thread but she looks like a sped here. specifically like a slightly higher functioning version of those people who photoshop themselves into cartoons, à la JustinRPG, but mixed with only the worst aspects of PixyTeri.(derailing)

No. 1178001

This is chris chan level shit

No. 1178003

Seriously, she's literally begging for people to troll her.

No. 1178009

File: 1615072705800.png (60.88 KB, 479x623, e8d.png)

I have no words(derailing)

No. 1178010

File: 1615072871149.png (64.06 KB, 400x200, 8653187A-FAD2-4B4A-AD28-46E900…)

Fucking kek, i thought it was done by one of you's

No. 1178019

File: 1615074005200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 437.84 KB, 1079x1314, Screenshot_20210306-174000_Twi…)

No. 1178020

File: 1615074050934.jpg (Spoiler Image, 487.61 KB, 2168x2167, 20210306_174027.jpg)

That double chin and neck rolls

No. 1178033

A-are the pussy boils making a return? I'm scared.

No. 1178035

You can have a hairy vag area, but shave your panty line and ass area jfc that's nasty for a sex worker particularly.

No. 1178044

is this a scrote or are you really saying women having pubic hair is disgusting? of all the things to nitpick

No. 1178047

pubic hair is fine but this just highlights shays laziness, at least clean it up

No. 1178050

This just pains me because if she wanted a lower maintenance look for her pubes she could do a cute shape like a landing strip or buy a trimmer.
It's not that having pubes is disgusting at all, it's that the stubbly unmaintained brazillian look just looks off and uncomfortable. I look at it and just think about how spiky it would be to touch/eat her out which is not what you want viewers to think as a SW.

No. 1178051

File: 1615077188728.jpg (388.58 KB, 1080x1398, Screenshot_20210306-183304_Twi…)

Lol please

No. 1178075

This, thank you. It's the same with her armpit hair. It's natural, obviously dont care what people wanna do with their bodies. Not saying armpit hair or pubic hair is disgusting.
But she likes to pretend shes an uwu bimbo but shes the laziest idiot that doesn't shave her legs or pits and leaves her pubes an unkempt mess. She could even edit these things if she didnt want to shave.

If you're showing of your bits, yeah, you ought to tidy it up. Doesnt mean hairless. Her mound looks awful shaved now that shes fat kek. Theres a good middle ground but she just wont go there.

No. 1178140

File: 1615087206082.jpg (361.63 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20210306-211929_Twi…)

Shut up Shay. Remember when she was in a poly relationship and got pissed cause the other two fucked without her?

No. 1178144

Between the alcohol and weed; I think she honestly cant remember last week. Let alone a couple years ago.

No. 1178151

>little pig

No. 1178169

File: 1615089894999.jpg (374.86 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_20210306-220454_Twi…)


No. 1178180

This is just sad. She’s miserable in life because she only cares about the most selfish, superficial shit. She needs to get a hobby, some friends, or find an important cause to dedicate herself to. Plastic surgery, cheemsburgers, and tacky pink shit from amazon aren’t going to fill the dark void that is her life.

No. 1178181

>fake tiddies and lip fillers
She’s been reading and it’s been hurting. She knows she’s nowhere near a bimbo. Those aren’t things I’d start on but I’m not her and I won’t give advice. Her veiny tit would look nasty as fuck expanded.

No. 1178183

Agreed, the last thing the zombie tit needs is to be bigger. She just needs to get off her fat ass and actually walk and work out.

No. 1178188

File: 1615092235236.jpg (429.28 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20210306-224342_Twi…)

But she got super upset when Fupa slapped her in public

No. 1178189

Shay you can't even afford groceries or to move without begging

No. 1178193

All she really needs is to get her health and hygiene in order, plastic surgery is such a huge leap when all she really need to do is work on basic things like style and weight loss. Changing her face and body for a porn aesthetic is a bad fucking idea, especially when she’s already about to age out of the industry. She should really put that money towards college or career training because this ship has obviously sailed.

No. 1178194

The ships isn't even sailing anymore, its sinking like the titanic.

No. 1178197

um, i thought she got money from her “fans” to go beach blonde already?

No. 1178199

Thanks for taking the ban for this, cause I'm not familiar with this cow and I was super confused as to why he was so small compared to the other people

No. 1178201

File: 1615095633830.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 242.81 KB, 750x420, 915D8DCC-9FF9-4CF5-AA5B-9948E1…)

Shayna suffering:

No. 1178202

Dumb nitpick, but if she is growing out a Brazilian [wax] and hasn't shaved, it wouldn't grow in prickly/spiky

No. 1178204

>Calls someone else a newfag
>Calls the thread a forum

No. 1178205

Why did you tag my post tho

No. 1178208

and watch a few makeup tutorials/change her style. a boob job is completely dumb, i can see lip fillers though.

No. 1178217

Is she going on cam again tonight or chickening out for the 485949458th time?

No. 1178229

nah she’s too tired from editing those spongebob pics

No. 1178230

WOw it's like she's really there!

No. 1178231

Maybe she’s hoping to get her $6K for a botched boob job and some filler

No. 1178237

File: 1615103086320.jpg (700.15 KB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_03-06-11.40.59.jpg)

Man, comparing her current state to just a few years ago is… depressing, to say the least. I don't get why she insists on this look when her younger self could pull off looks where she looked decent. I'll even go as far as to say that she looked attractive in comparison. She was never a 10, but the grunge/stoner aesthetic is such an improvement for her.

No. 1178260

Did her moles stretch out grow weight gain? The two on her chest on the left look a lot closer together than the ones on the right

No. 1178295

Jfc this is all the same person?? What’s the opposite of a glow up again?

No. 1178330

silly anon, that was for pink! it's TOTALLY not the same!

No. 1178338

File: 1615119105498.png (Spoiler Image, 162.38 KB, 344x193, uglyaf.PNG)

I stopped buying the "Skinny Shayna looked so much better' because her face was always a problem. She was always a butter face,now she has the butter body to match.

No. 1178344


hardcore stoners always go through a gaunt and crusty phase then balloon up as they age. if she just cut back her smoking and drinking she could look semi normal in a couple months.

No. 1178345

File: 1615119793012.png (217.04 KB, 236x353, whenshayshitsonthedildo.PNG)

No. 1178351

She doesn’t even own an actual spatula…

No. 1178353

File: 1615120511984.jpg (189.29 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20200301_101509.jpg)

You can always find a tweet of Shayna contradicting herself. Past Shayna always makes current Shayna look like the biggest hypocrite in the world. The funny thing is there was NO reason for her to add her two cents into this convo.

No. 1178359

Looking at these pictures back to back, Shayna was never attractive and trying to really understand where she thought she was embodying the Bimbo persona is even more confusing and delusional.

No. 1178364

Im just imagining Shayna with big fake lopsided tits, fupa, negative hips and flat ass with big chapped lips.
She unironically thinks she has a fat ass so she probably thinks tits will balance her weight gain out. When it won't. She hasn't mentioned working out or eating well since she left her "racist" personal trainer.

No. 1178386

I’m here for the plastic surgery saga anons

No. 1178389

Not that I’m pro plastic surgery but why does she never talk about rhinoplasty? Would make sense for her and part of the popular work to be done?

No. 1178402

I don't think she's the type to whine that specifically in public about her flaws. She's got an 8.5 face but the other 1.5 is unheard of. The only reason she calls it a 'weight gain' is because that phrasing is culturally acceptable now as meaning getting big ol bitch bloat or simply gaining mass "in the right places." If this were the 00s she would probably completely avoid the topic as she'd most likely be comatose from all the copium about her change of appearance.

No. 1178411

File: 1615127656273.png (852.27 KB, 2048x1006, Screenshot_20210307-093302.png)

She really out here thinking this fake ass smile is cute. Girl, just smile like a normal fucking person.

No. 1178413

File: 1615128079690.png (1.72 MB, 1456x2048, Screenshot_20210307-093539.png)

She wants bigger tits and lips but doesn't wanna do anything about that dick nose hanging off her face. Patrick or squidward would have been better choices.
This bitch looks like she's wearing sclera contacts. I am startled.

No. 1178424

That’s probably an effect from her trying to shop her eyes simultaneously big and like Belle’s. And how beady it actually is.

No. 1178427

she whined about her teeth in the live the other night but apparently doesn't want braces either. Only quick fixes for this barbie bimbo

No. 1178447

what the fuck is happening in this picture?!

Is it just a weird angle?
Is Colleen eating her out?
Is she so high that she mistook Shatnas ass for her mothers womb an tries to crawl back?

I'm so confused. Shayna's expression doesn't help.

I've read all the threads but I can't remember that being explained/discussed

No. 1178451

File: 1615131529356.gif (1.62 MB, 480x270, giphy (25).gif)

No. 1178465

Dont know why she wouldn't because if she did get them she could brag about how it tooootally makes her look like a "barely legal bimbo teehee!"kek

No. 1178466

probably doesn't want to not be able to eat certain things or can't handle the fact that she would have to brush her teeth regularly

No. 1178473

she needs invisalign, lip fillers and a nose job and she’d be a lot better i think.

No. 1178474

plastic surgery saga would be milky for sure, but we all know if you got a busted ass mug like shayna (rat features, beady eyes) no amount of plastic surgery is gonna be able to change the fact that you're ugly, best example is our fellow cow ariana mcmillan

No. 1178476

she should just learn makeup and general hygiene

No. 1178482

I agree with this. Because even if she did any of these things I don't think she would be able to do any of the necessary after care and she'd end up botched or with a life-threatening infection. Even with braces I don't think she'd take the time to floss around the brackets if she didn't have invisilign and I don't think she'd wear a retainer. She could barely maintain her colour when her hair was bleached

No. 1178483

true i think it’s typical shayna how she doesn’t address these things but goes straight to thinking about plastic surgery. like bitch you don’t even wear chapstick, lipliner or lipstick but you want lip fillers?

No. 1178489

i honestly think she looks okay in the middle
pic with lipstick. it does wonders for thin lips like hers, and the outfit fit her aesthetic. the pic on the left is better than current but it’s still bad because the cheap tacky pink outfit and lack of makeup once again. i’d like to see her try nose contour but that might be a disaster lol

No. 1178491

File: 1615135729806.jpeg (474.73 KB, 1242x1238, 4A02D3FE-3547-43E5-97E2-1D6994…)

No. 1178493

File: 1615135810013.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 605.66 KB, 1187x1014, 171AF4A9-DAF2-454A-99C8-148DAD…)

Rodent Mattel

No. 1178503

snaps daily good morning picture for her subs

posts it on twitter for free

God, watching her is mentally exhausting - I'd be hooked up on weed and alcohol too if I were her.
What would make her ~serious mental illness~ better would be having a strict routine - even if it's just waking up every morning at the same time (she apparently woke up at 10am), get dressed, take noodle for a walk and have some other breakfast than edibles.

I don't get it, why would she live like this, anonnies? Am I just naive?(integrate)

No. 1178504

Am I tripping or didn’t she post this exact same Twitter status a few threads back. Along with the “good morning say it back”

No. 1178506

I’m starting to think she took a bunch of those “good morning/good night” pics at the same time when she thought she looked good and she just goes through them

No. 1178510


This was during the "tall mean gf" faux bisexuality phase. She invited some girl over (who's promptly disappeared off the internet after she met up with Shat), they did a few camshows where Shayna looked disgusted, and literally never talked about her again.

I wish we could summon her here because I bet she's got stories, even though it would be old moldy milk. Tall Mean Gf, reveal yourself!

No. 1178516

what’s with the new extra retard smile? she looks like a newbie cosplayer chewing their words on tiktok.

No. 1178518

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the fake spatula kek

No. 1178519

>begging for attention

Another copy paste status. No one cares shay. They didn’t then, they don’t now.

No. 1178520

It’s just this picture from 2 days ago with her tits uncovered probably cause it didn’t get enough likes >>1177622

No. 1178523

This, exactly. kek

No. 1178527

She should have just stuck with the stoner aesthetic and she would probably have gotten a pretty good fanbase. She could have gotten paid good money for smoking, instead of pennies for dryfucking her asshole.

Tbh she should try to cash in on a bimbo to dirty stoner transformation fetish

No. 1178533

thank you! I remember now!

No. 1178534

>>bimbo to dirty stoner transformation fetish

she won't even jump on the bbw bandwagon, it's all pink and bratty 4ever - even when her onlyfans dies down so she either has to go on unemployment (could she? I have no idea how that works in the US) or take a job at Whataburger, kek

No. 1178550

I feel like she sees someone else making some kind of face (these stupid new smiles, the lip thing), and thinks "oh, that's cute when they do it! I bet it'll be cute on me," and then refuses to admit to herself that it just looks dumb as fuck. I know you hate yourself, Shay, but spend a few minutes staring at the mirror and working out what expressions actually work for you, instead of just copying someone popular. We've all done it, kek.

No. 1178598

File: 1615145577823.jpg (117.13 KB, 1200x675, r.jpg)

God her life is bleak

No. 1178607

it’s annoying how she refuses to change her style even though it’s not profitable at all. just because she likes the pink barbie look doesn’t mean it looks good or fits her. normal people know what aesthetic fits them but she has 0 taste which is really bad considering her “profession”

No. 1178620

it is time to give up, delete fucking everything, make an okcupid, take any guy who makes over 50k a year who will have you, and disappear from the internet forever
go by your middle name, clean yourself up for a few years and then go home, at that point it won't even matter if you get a little fatter, it'll look like you've settled down
get a four step skincare routine, stop drinking and drugging, and add bananas to your diet
you clearly like white trash men, so there's really no excuse not to get a dumpy betaprovider who could genuinely love your trainwreck ass, and they are out there, especially since you actually did at least manage not to have any kids

No. 1178637

She's never going to do it, she knows it's what everyone would hope and pray she does. She is going to stubbornly continue on this path until she can't go on anymore or something horrible happens and she's forced to quit. She's an out of control train rolling straight into hell like Luna.

No. 1178642

No shit, anon tries to pass it off as good advice but that's the kind of "advice" you give to people you hate.

No. 1178647

Are her parents even going to recognize her if she moves back? What did she look like last time she saw them?

No. 1178656

File: 1615149433377.jpeg (425.06 KB, 1080x1166, 3BD1726D-0342-4ECD-B9D9-A90C6C…)

Answered my own question, this is what she looked like when she last went to see her mom, she is going to be horrified

No. 1178661

think you're reading in a little deep

No. 1178670

You know what is really horrific? she's thinking about putting that wand up her ass while spending quality time with family lol casually exposing them to her sexwork world. She really is a selfish rotten cunt that deserves all the bad shit that happens to her,poor parents.

No. 1178677

i mentioned this a while ago and got called a creep lmao (something about "why would her parents care if she was 'hot' anymore") but it isn't that–it's clear she's fucked up health wise and mentally. i doubt she has a facebook (she can't keep her personal life and her 'sw' life separate) and i HIGHLY doubt that her parents look at her twitter.

could you imagine seeing your own child after a year and they look like they ATE your real daughter?

No. 1178686

Surely she facetimes them or has sent them pictures and vice versa? At some point at least—I can’t imagine her parents having absolutely no idea what she looks like, but idk.

No. 1178687

File: 1615152120140.jpeg (558.93 KB, 1242x1493, 33FDD18A-FB17-494E-8C09-654FA2…)

This makes no sense ….

No. 1178691

She probably sends them pictures of her with the animals or something. Also it's pretty normal to mention to your parents if you gained weight or something. She already said she told her mom the meds made her gain weight and her mom apparently asked if she could get off of them.

No. 1178695

Lmfao, this bitch just outed herself for only going to fast-food joints. Restaurants bring you your food, and then your bill. You can have a complaint about your meal at any time and refuse to pay for it. What a dolt.

No. 1178703

when will she realize that she is never going to go viral, ever, on twitter. at least not the way she would like to…

No. 1178704

I know she has a snapchat filter on here but it’s stupid when anons say she looked bad when she was skinny and had blonde curly hair. She was pretty back then whether you like her or not, that’s literally how she got her following. If she went back to her old look she would be much more popular but she’s too lazy.

No. 1178707

I don't she can go back to her old weight, and even if she could she won't look the same. The fat has already fucked up her face. She is just fucked. Its really a pity she ruined everything she had going for her, granted it wasn't much, for Fupa. Kek

No. 1178712

Nah her skin will bounce back, she’s still young. The longer she waits though the harder it will be. She needs to cut her calories way back though and her food and wine addiction isn’t going to help with that. I don’t think she understands how weight loss works.

No. 1178714

File: 1615153417507.jpg (382.54 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_20210307-154319_Twi…)

Shay, tiktok would tear you apart. And you exposed minors to porn on tumblr when you switched over

No. 1178717

Knowing Shayna she would probably start beef with a prettier girl online by saying she copied her uwu and all of the pretty girl’s orbiters would bully Shayna until she has another mental breakdown sperg on her Twitter kek. Why do sex workers always go on minor/ rated PG apps it’s predatory and weird

No. 1178720

File: 1615153792646.jpeg (151.43 KB, 1242x412, AC31B3BC-2A2A-4873-A29B-46234A…)

Of course grayoldfart would know freaking pedophile

No. 1178721

imagine being too uninteresting for goddamn tiktok. she'll probably cave and do it anyway

No. 1178722

I hope she does. It would be new milk.

No. 1178725

So make a different tik tok name not associated with your porn? Set up twitch so you can bring exposure to what you’ve been saying you’d do all along? She’s such a loser is crazy kek

No. 1178735

it’s doubtful that she will ever look how she did ages 16-19/20. she peaked in her teen years and now we’re seeing what the real adult shayna looks like. sure she can lose weight but she’ll never be able to go back to the teen physique because her body is simply not the same anymore. this is how she is going to look unless she changes something drastically.

No. 1178737

but shayna I thought you were soOo0o funny? tiktok should be easy for an amazing funny talented thriving actress like you!

No. 1178744

she actually has two tiktok accounts. I only know one but she used the other one to do that retarded “pass the brush” challenge where she literally has no one to do it with and she makes herself look like a sped in a dinosaur onesie.

thedollymattel is one of her tiktok accounts

No. 1178753

It's just such a wild, unthinkable concept to her to distance and move away from her stupid, gross sex work. If she was smart, she would come up with a new handle and start doing non sex related things so she can goof around and be real and not have to spread her ass to get attention.

No. 1178770

How is it stupid for anon's to think shayna wasn't attractive and not think she was ever pretty? Looks are subjective. To me with or without filters Shayna was average to cute & only cute when she had the right hair/lip color/pose/lighting, because her skin was worse back then and her face looked tired as hell. She just looks better thin.
Her face was always a 5-6 to me and she had a average thin girl body.

No. 1178775

Itsdollymattel is her new tik tok.

No. 1178777

why tf is she posting this on her SW twitter? sorry if it's just me but talking about "innocent children" in between posting her nudes is so sickening to me

No. 1178779

SLK is just trying to be as woke as she can. She needs those asspats from twitter.

No. 1178788

Yeah she's always had a rat face

No. 1178792

File: 1615159577922.jpeg (201.25 KB, 1242x807, E3A595C7-11E9-4A9F-AECD-156393…)

No it’s not I tried looking for it

No. 1178795

File: 1615159733104.jpg (269.17 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20210307-152840_Tik…)

This is her tiktok

No. 1178797

File: 1615159782696.jpg (187.23 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20210307-182754_Tik…)

I found it trying to look for her pass the brush tik tok.

No. 1178799

It's hilarious she posts about money and ur dad on every platform, even her twitch used to have some shit about money. She's right not to try these platforms she has zero personality outside of sex work, SpongeBob, cartoons and music.
Oh and Olive Garden

No. 1178806

Yes exactly this. She’s always been painfully average to me and I actually think it’s crazy that so many anons on here keep trying to push the “she was pretty when she was skinny!!” narrative by recycling the same 4 pics of her where she looked half decent thin

She looked very unhealthy when she was skinny imo. Very gaunt, sunken eyes, dry/dull skin that already had wrinkles even when she was a teenager. Shay took a few pictures when she was skinny where she looked somewhat cute but for the most part she’s always just been a complete mess

No. 1178808

File: 1615161603198.jpg (233.78 KB, 2048x680, 20210307_175959.jpg)

Her new Twitter banner

No. 1178809

Kek. Can an anon make a version of this where she’s getting fatter?

No. 1178810

That last picture is so fucking ugly

No. 1178811

she looks pregnant lmao

No. 1178820

imo the ones where shes doing the yaniv smirk are always the ugliest

No. 1178829

That new wig is terrible. The color isn't bad and the quality doesn't look the worst, but it's either too small for her head or she wears it way too far down on her forehead. It's very weird. She looks best in the dark colors, per usual.

No. 1178841

god i hate the fourth pic so much, that pose is so unflattering, also her dress is hiked up just enough so you can see her taint. absolutely horrid

No. 1178853

Literally black liquid eyeliner eyebrows with a blonde wig sis needs fucking help

No. 1178859

File: 1615168711261.jpeg (272.31 KB, 1242x673, 92A03A7A-53C6-47CA-876E-4FE9E1…)

No. 1178860

>19 minutes
Sure didn't last long kek

No. 1178867

Shayna, try water lol

No. 1178871

And a salad

No. 1178883

File: 1615172127311.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 83.35 KB, 676x791, 5E357131-F1C0-46CD-B371-481FD1…)

No. 1178884

File: 1615172173549.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.06 KB, 676x786, 3D0AA4D9-727F-48E6-AA51-69F74E…)

No. 1178886

File: 1615172220616.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 924.48 KB, 1242x1570, 6B39CA0C-E168-4743-A1B5-A4D31A…)

Bleak she was at 500 in around thread 46ish

No. 1178887

File: 1615172286956.jpg (Spoiler Image, 511.03 KB, 1079x1138, Screenshot_20210307-205740_Twi…)


No. 1178889

I hope she gets roasted alive for being so fucking gross.

No. 1178890

Nah what my pussy doesn't just turn into a ball sack when I see pink.

No. 1178891

…God this bitch is disgusting

No. 1178901

If someone did this on my timeline I would literally kill them this is so fucking gross

No. 1178905

File: 1615174202510.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 2999x3999, 66901198-632F-4F32-9E52-E18D6D…)

No. 1178908

File: 1615175618597.png (212.49 KB, 955x1115, BloatedBimboBingo.png)

Ask and you shall receive

No. 1178909

>18+ pls
This bothers me for some reason. I mean she’s not / can’t post porn. She’s just inviting people to google her name to find her 18+ content. And how is she going to prevent anyone under 18 from following her or viewing her gross shit? I don’t have a twitter account but I can still go to her page and click “view content” and her gross asshole is right there.

No. 1178910

you forgot olive garden story

No. 1178911

>free fatty space

No. 1178912

Nicely done Anon!!!

No. 1178925

anon im dying over this

No. 1178927

you can scroll just a little bit up and see here >>1178714 that she fully realizes this (point c. if you can't find it, nonnie) and decided to disregard it for the exposure.

No. 1178947

It's just to make it more obvious that she's an adult content creator on an app with minors on it. She's not the only one on there, but at least normal people hide their nudes behind a pay wall.

No. 1178958

Her eyes look too small for her face. I hate the awful cheap lashes and shit, but when she does no make up she looks like an actual downs syndrome person.

No. 1178960

She has always looked musty and crusty as hell. She looked better in comparison was all, but shes always been haggard. Never cute or hot. Just average and at least then she was thin so things didn't look as bad on her. Grimy stoner is her true aesthetic but she just wont embrace it.

No. 1178973

why does she look like a 50 year old housewife in the second pic

No. 1178977

Been wondering since anon started posting comparison pictures but has her thinned out?

No. 1179029

Bottom left is literally big chungus

No. 1179031

it was always kinda thin, it just looks thicker in old pics since she usually didn’t straighten it and just left it natural/wavy. she also seems to wash it a lot less now making it more greasy and limp looking

No. 1179062


I think alcoholics get stuck in a cycle where they wanna drink so they skip the salad and pick something that will “fill the belly” without realizing they do it 3x a week or more.


Howw is she not taking this more seriously? Its not like she just put a couple pounds on. She’ll never have her teen body but all that extra weight cant be good for her small frame. Im actually shocked losing weight isnt her number one priority over moving back home. if she’s so broke she cant even move herself back, why not stay and save money while losing the chonk. but yes, the fupes.

No. 1179067

does shayna have ANY hobbies? because smoking weed, drinking alcohol and over-eating are not hobbies. fatty, try walking your dog and play something on that 2K escapism machine you got yourself. did she even try to do a gaming-stream? damn this bitch is so lazy, even in her spare time she can't come up with anything

No. 1179131

idk she's always ugly but i almost prefer this to her looking like she has massive spiders crawling out of her eyes trying to fist fight her weirdly small eyebrows

No. 1179145

Uh oh, Shayna's collecting orbiters that encourage her drinking with the classic "you're more fun when you're drunk". That Nathan guy is bad news. He's the scat one too, yeah? It seems like she's officially on the radar of the people with insidious degradation fetishes.

No. 1179150

said by an obese hooker with no job, no friends, no social circle at all, no influence, no education, no money, and no ambition.
What exactly are you bringing to the table, Shay? All she does all day is livetweet her thoughts, smoke weed, eat trash food & fuck her ass for online degenerates. Is that what she's referring to? Her big impact on the world is that she let coom goblins nut over her ass pics?

No. 1179165

File: 1615214576269.jpg (221.98 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20210308-081635_Twi…)

Ok Shay

No. 1179197

File: 1615217267410.jpeg (259.48 KB, 827x1342, 6FB2AE5C-D6C2-4520-B7E7-4A180C…)

No. 1179198

It’s called having goals you broke ass bitch
Sorry people don’t want to settle for your chump change

No. 1179202

So it's okay for her to go put during the pandemic? I hardly doubt she even washes her hands or anything of the sort.

No. 1179204

>people on only fans struggling to make enough money to eat
It’s almost as if sex work isn’t a real job

No. 1179208

She sounds jealous, she's broke af and STILL brags.

No. 1179209

she must be talking about herself kek

No. 1179211

>barbie $3 sale!

No. 1179212

File: 1615218263234.jpeg (309.59 KB, 1242x732, 4A36A1F8-7D4D-4A81-AF2E-83A0D4…)

No one cares Shayna stop getting your big nose in people’s business tf
Seeth harder fat bitch

No. 1179214

File: 1615218345099.jpeg (41.97 KB, 526x593, 1D76A95F-DA7B-4E75-8B06-00AFB9…)

Oh lord, looking at that body she has had plenty to eat kek

No. 1179215

>all that I ask
1. Bitch no one cares what you "ask" or what you have to say.

2. The person you are ranting about will NEVER see this

No. 1179222

She will never reach that level and she knows it

No. 1179223

she’s not even making 1500 a month?

No. 1179226

Wow she is incredibly stupid. Shay everything you brag about ends up being exposed as a lie by YOU. How are you thriving and struggling at the same time? Sad

No. 1179228

all i'm hearing from this is that she's jealous and not grateful for all the subscribers she has already kek

No. 1179231

File: 1615219489158.png (145.11 KB, 1379x1145, Screenshot_20210308-154625~2.p…)

Totally not buying followers again. 1k new followers in 24 hours, yeah sure shayturd

No. 1179232

incredibly pathetic, it does nothing to increase exposure and puts her account at risk of getting deleted again. she keeps begging and begging for money to move but literally throws it out the window for fake followers who don't interact with her content at all

No. 1179241

wanting more for yourself isn’t the same as being ungrateful you annoying cunt

No. 1179243

it's not the followers that count, it's the interactions. what's she trying to achieve

No. 1179244

File: 1615220791698.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 709.1 KB, 1242x1170, 0667A942-A297-4448-98DC-E3923B…)

Why did shay retweet this I almost threw up ???

No. 1179246

File: 1615220883623.jpeg (479.16 KB, 1242x848, 0633FEE2-4228-4154-83C8-750035…)

Still begging for 500 bleak

No. 1179247

File: 1615221017052.jpeg (610.32 KB, 1242x1501, A226B6A3-2D57-49DD-82DE-2B0C70…)

Shaytard is mad that her catfish probably managed to get money outta the dude who was “in love” with her kek

No. 1179253

So were supposed to believe that she can somehow manage to get 1k+ new followers in a day but she cant even get 20 new subs in the same amount of time?

No. 1179272

God men that participate in this are grimy little cucks too

No. 1179282

literally what’s wrong with that pic? it’s her dumb bitch friend pixie sucking a dick and actually looking decent. shayna only

No. 1179283

imagine being on shay's thread and this is what makes you feel sick. kek

No. 1179287

fr as if the title of this thread isnt "scat edition" lmao

No. 1179307

Whatever, I call bullshit. She’s always pushing this bratty persona and acting like she wants/needs more. Like getting a $100 tip and then demanding someone else give her another. She would demand more money and more tips from her subscribers. Sending out uwu give me money because I turned you on.

Bitch is just jealous she can’t make 10k a month and live like the Barbie she wishes she was.

No. 1179316

File: 1615226192803.jpg (Spoiler Image, 490.93 KB, 1079x1102, Screenshot_20210308-115607_Twi…)

No. 1179343

why? it's all there for free.

No. 1179355

Pixie’s man is a definitely a cuck. He’s an ugly neckbeard so we has to be with someone as ugly as him.
Shayna and Pixie can both be disgusting degens. Her man looks like he smells. I don’t get what’s up with all the Buttfacepixie wks it’s probably pixie herself because she secretly loathes Shaytard

No. 1179360


Seriously. She was going off like two days ago how if you want "exactly" what you want you pay for it. And then she just shows it all like that for free. She's so retarded I swear.

No. 1179364

I’m just want this thread to hurry up and finish. I’m not happy seeing the words “scat edition” in my browser

No. 1179366

It’s not about the money. This bitch thirst is for attention. Any attention. From whoever

No. 1179373

ew, this is not what women are

No. 1179387

sounds like you have some stupid vendetta against pixie. she’s actually cute and shayna wishes she could be like her, it’s pretty hilarious.

also look up the definition of cuck you fucking retard. if he was a cuck he wouldn’t be getting his dick sucked by a cute girl.

No. 1179388

this isn’t a pixie thread take your autism elsewhere.

No. 1179400

This is wild, a few threads ago anons were saying pixie isn’t all that and only had her skinniness going for her.

But I digress, whatever your thoughts on pixie let’s stay on topic kek.

No. 1179403

i cannot express enough how horrible she looks in that fourth pic. she looks like a beached whale.

No. 1179431

okay pixie lol. you are a two faced bitch, and both of those faces are fucking ugly. even shaytard deserves better friends than you

No. 1179440

or it's a Bratty Orbiter who hates Shayna

No. 1179446

a man letting his gf doing sex work is as pathetic as a cuck. no man with dignity dates a whore.

No. 1179451

Not even extremely high earning sex workers?

No. 1179458

that makes no sense. he’s making porn with her, how is he a cuck? y’all are autistic retards. at least learn wtf a cuck is.

No. 1179459

what does the payment have to do with the morality of it? men profiting off of their girlfriend doing porn or participating in prostitution are disgusting, the intimacy of their relationship and sex life are online for everyone to see and even worse, for sale(derail)

No. 1179460

go make a thread about pixie since you only want to talk about that, damn. get a grip.

No. 1179477

File: 1615233892111.jpg (337.46 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20210308-140438_Twi…)

Is she going to post and beg about this everyday?

No. 1179491

It’s so tiring to watch. Shay is like those pushy homeless ppl who camp conveniently next to ATM and ask you to get cash out when you tell them you’ve got no change

No. 1179496

why don’t you get a real job you dumbass? you’d be out of there already. just curious, why does she refuse to work a real job or why doesn’t she find a sugar daddy or at least a wealthy man to date? isn’t that much better than ebegging for pennies? she has no brain.

No. 1179501

2 threads ago, Shay said she couldn't be a successful sugar baby because she is "demi sexual"

No. 1179503

She’s lazy and she doesn’t want to face possible rejection and/or failure.

No. 1179504

All camwhores become camwhores because a) they're too stupid for an education and b) they think they're above a 9 to 5 job.

No. 1179510

Bold of her to assume she'll have a "spacious" place on her meager earnings where she wants to move. It's still gonna have cheap Walmart and amazon shit kek
Actually it might start out empty depending on how much shit she throws out because shes too lazy to pack it.

No. 1179521

this made me lol, the bitterness and jealousy she exudes is hilarious. you’re not cut out for this shayna, you’re basically a beggar at this point and it’s sad

No. 1179530

Anon I promise you couples who make millions by being naked on camera do not give a single fuck about you

No. 1179544

NTA but nobody cares sex work isn't real work

No. 1179548

Smells like salty swers in here that are upset their “men” are being called cucks for being cucks

Again she just proved that she wasn’t living alone if she thinks she needs MORE space. She has a two bedroom apartment which is enough room for a lonely fat slob. She’s never shown the bedroom because that’s where most of fupas shit was.

No. 1179549

File: 1615239059833.jpg (224.37 KB, 1079x1041, Screenshot_20210308-153038_Twi…)

I think she read the thread and got triggered

No. 1179553

Sad, usually people are at least 1k likes, she has thousands of followers and she knows that she can't get more then 100. She's giving away free content for 30 fucking likes.

No. 1179556

she will likely never find a wealthy bf unless she loses weight and stops dressing and acting like she lives in a trailer park. as tragic as it is i really think fupa is the best she can do and that's why she refuses to let go of him

No. 1179559

Because she knows for a fact that her parents are going to bail her out. Lbh she probably going to move out and look at dad upon making it home and go "uwu I'm broke and homeless but I don't want to live with you or mom". And because they're pushovers, and desperate to keep her around, she's going to get a decent apartment fully paid for by her parents.

No. 1179590

I do hate her.

No. 1179591

Imagine whoring yourself out for 30 likes

No. 1179595

No one's saying its real work but acting like people who have the privilege of making tons of money doing practically nothing but what most women and men do for free is just lying. Acknowledge that there are people who use sex work to get the easy, no work, rich life but shayna is not one of them

No. 1179598

Imagine whoring yourself out for $3

No. 1179599

You still can’t get extremely rich from it that’s a lie