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File: 1614078126751.jpg (430.15 KB, 888x637, 1613865735200.jpg)

No. 1168586

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread >>>/snow/1161772
First Thread >>>/snow/344490

Recent milk
> Absolutely unprepared for storm that was coming, begged for uber ride and grocery money, >>>/snow/1163262. Then went on a uber trip in the storm, no consideration whatsoever >>>/snow/1163277
> Shamelessly tweeted that she wants to get her old toys from her mom's goddaughter >>>/snow/1163699
> Virtue signaled about Texas, no evidence of donations or resources to help >>>/snow/1164591 then a few tweets later insinuated making fun of Texas is fine >>>/snow/1164677
> Gray old tweeted mass good morning message to his list of sex workers, another girl asked, "what about me", sending Shay on a rampage against her >>>/snow/1165344 , >>>/snow/1165392 . Girl seemed to be new to sex work and have significantly less following in numbers than Shay. Shay deleted rants on her feed but not the original reply.
> Shay did her 5 year of sex work celebration stream. Which consisted of talking about Fupa, her high school times, childhood trauma, her haters, bad lip syncing >>>/snow/1166332 , >>>/snow/116629 , other random thoughts >>>/snow/1166541 and ignoring tips.
> The sexy things she actually does are unimpressive >>>/snow/1166519 , >>>/snow/1166308 , Shay put her butt plug in to the fun song >>>/snow/1166382
> Creepy scrotes egged her on to talk about her sexual experiences in high school >>>/snow/1166039, >>>/snow/1166166 , trauma, drug use >>>/snow/1166148 , and other gross questions and comments like how she reminded one of his niece >>>/snow/1166425 , and implications of rape >>>/snow/1166390 . Shayna does nothing about them.
> Instead, Shay banned people for talking about her past >>>/snow/1166200 and saying the stream sucks >>>/snow/1166526
> Shay got very drunk on stream, one scrote repeatedly yelled for her to drink water >>>/snow/1166416 which she ignores. Visually tried not to throw up several times and said she was nauseous >>>/snow/1166424. Then left for a good 5 minutes >>>/snow/1166478. Came back with dubious story about peeing on her sleeve >>>/snow/1166496
> Shay and chat talk about puns, pretended to laugh for an uncomfortably long time about them >>>/snow/1166485, possibly to put off doing blowjob.
> Shay behaved like a child and got angry about having hiccups, enough to leave abruptly >>>/snow/1166588
> Scrote got Shay to eat white sugar directly for hiccups >>>/snow/1166591. A few others had things to say about food as well, possible feeders >>>/snow/1166662
> Shay shows phone and it is revealed that she had been chatting with Fupa >>>/snow/1167529 who may have been watching the stream making it bleaker that she was talking about him with him there.
> Next day decided to take the day off because she deserves it >>>/snow/1166879. No mention of next stream despite repeatedly saying that she should stream more. And back to being sad about Fupa. >>>/snow/ 1167326
> Laid out money needed to move, dubious if accurate but definitely way too much for her saving abilities >>>/snow/1168169


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No. 1168588

File: 1614078533900.jpeg (160.59 KB, 828x1006, 452916F4-A9D4-468F-B669-A00053…)

Thanks for making the OP nonnie

Saw this on her Instagram and the shop is so obvious look at all the wiggly lines around her body and face lmao

No. 1168589

No. 1168590

oh god that ratty ponytail

No. 1168591

Trashy 2000s vibes

No. 1168620

File: 1614086134765.jpg (301.16 KB, 1080x1566, Screenshot_20210222-152942_Twi…)

No. 1168621

>Wiggly lines
I figured her putrid stench had become so foul that it's taint warped even the air around her, causing the visual distortion

No. 1168622

File: 1614086183703.jpg (Spoiler Image, 533.76 KB, 1080x1588, Screenshot_20210222-190533_Twi…)

No. 1168623

if her dad is driving a uhaul why doesn't this dumbass put her pets in carriers and take them with her? cheaper and less traumatizing for the animals

No. 1168624

…so her dad is going to drive a uhaul for her, and she's still going to spend $2k to send her pets on a plane and traumatize and possibly kill them? wat.

No. 1168630


god I wish she’d at least fucking brush that horrible ponytail clip-in. actually her face shoops on these are some of her more flattering though

No. 1168635


>>1168180 called it. Living at home drama "between apartment hunting" saga soon.

No. 1168641

File: 1614087974524.jpeg (213.49 KB, 828x518, 3E1BCD46-F968-45E0-8E4A-6475EC…)


No. 1168643

File: 1614088096142.jpeg (297.46 KB, 828x707, F0C3FEE9-12CD-412F-B6DD-FE2737…)

No. 1168647

File: 1614088687647.png (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210223-065528.png)

she set a $6000 tip goal for this post and has only received $25, kek

No. 1168648

horrorcow material

No. 1168649

This is now deleted

No. 1168650

Before she deleted it, that gray hair dude asked why she doesn't put them in the u haul and Shay said she doesn't want a litter box in it and said that Rib Meat revenge pees

No. 1168651

File: 1614089518462.jpg (526.08 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20210222-203919_Twi…)

It's the filter Shay

No. 1168652

File: 1614089557814.jpg (382.37 KB, 1079x1621, Screenshot_20210223-081140_Twi…)


No. 1168654

File: 1614089942122.jpeg (103.69 KB, 1081x748, 6E6A17D4-92C6-4261-A4F4-31D9D4…)

No. 1168656

File: 1614090264998.jpeg (685.96 KB, 3464x3464, 4A31D3F4-9BF2-45EC-97D6-12DA7E…)

Posted on tumblr as well

No. 1168658

she posted a video chugging her cheap wine. she isn‘t even trying to hide her alcoholism, she thinks it‘s cute or smth?

No. 1168661

yeah, he even told her she could put the litter box in the back of the uhaul and she still was like omgg noooope lol shes such a scammer

No. 1168664

she could at least put Ribmeat in a good sized carrier with a box and attachable bowls for food and water, and just let Noodle hang out loose in the front cabin. What’s the point in paying a shit ton of money just to terrify your animals? How is a cat pissing outside a litterbox a worse choice for her than shipping them in the cargo hold of a plane? God, she shouldn’t have animals.

No. 1168666

yes she does, are you new?

No. 1168668

File: 1614092559443.jpg (409.26 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20210223-090202_Tum…)

I was scrolling through the dollymattel tag on tumblr. And I have never seen this post. Sorry if it was posted before

No. 1168673


If she didn't build that dust collector she'd have an extra 2k to spend on her "moving" kek.

Imagine thinking you have the right to own a living creature that you need to beg for money for so you can move it to another state. SW isn't real work but it's especially not real work when every single day you're begging your followers for "grocery money". She wouldn't even be able to afford an emergency vet bill.

If she's selling content on OF then why does she never EVER have even $100 saved up for anything she does? It doesn't even feel like she makes money off of it (or the little she does she just spends instantly). Aside from it being shitty how does she even feel comfortable knowing that if an emergency happened she'd be at a scrotes mercy to pay for whatever she needed because she's chronically unable to save even $100 monthly. She never has any money to do anything for herself without having to ask her harem of coomers for cash.

No. 1168680

I wonder how she's gonna pack up the PC

No. 1168685

Because she knows if it’s a big enough emergency, her parents will help her.

No. 1168688

As if her dad isn’t going to pay for that u-haul too. She’s such a scammer.

Her and her pets should go in the u-haul. Her pets can stay in carriers and they can stop occasionally to let them pee. How is that hard? Also as if ribmeat wouldn’t “revenge pee” for being put in a traumatizing situation (there’s no such fucking thing anyway, if cats are peeing outside the litter it’s because they’re feeling insecure/the litter is in the wrong spot). She is a terrible pet owner!

No. 1168694

File: 1614094764567.jpg (457.13 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20210223-093831_Twi…)

Shay's comments are deleted. But these were his suggestions

No. 1168695

File: 1614094802570.jpg (372.8 KB, 1080x1628, Screenshot_20210223-093751_Twi…)

No. 1168696

File: 1614094817437.jpeg (615.69 KB, 1242x1538, 841525BC-9794-4C28-AFD8-44A588…)

Lmaoo even gray old scrote knows she’s bullshitting

No. 1168697

>being at scrotes mercy in an emergency

facts anon. so many girls have bought into this OF is female empowerment bullshit when this is reality if 95% of the girls who do this shit.

No. 1168700

because you’re a fatty, shay

No. 1168703

File: 1614095791726.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 789.88 KB, 1284x1158, 96C3D1A8-F194-4EF7-AC63-6C4510…)

her famous trademark retard smirk

No. 1168711

She's not going to be able to raise enough money, but even if she does she will most likely pocket the pet transportation money and pretend she was too worried to transport them via plane. Scammy is just trying to milk her orbiters for as much as possible.

No. 1168714

God, she looks legitimately special ed in these

No. 1168735

This is interesting. Wonder what the conversation that led to this was? Trying to find a new fupapi through OnlyFans?

No. 1168742

File: 1614101677133.jpeg (727.1 KB, 1284x1400, B118A0A5-6AF4-4965-AA57-659317…)

sweety, this isn’t “hard kink” this is you punching yourself in the face and pressing on bruises like the retard you are.

(context: some dude who doesn’t speak english commented on that vid and said “I don’t like it” and she’s flipping her shit)

No. 1168743

File: 1614101746867.jpeg (394.93 KB, 1284x1009, BDC5869D-471C-482B-93DC-1EBDBA…)

girl you need to take your own advice. you make multiple posts when you see something that is a minor inconvenience to you.

No. 1168749

If lardy fattel actually had any fans she'd just ignore this one off comment, every time she goes off on one guy it makes her look so pathetic. I guess it doesn't matter to her 4 scrotes though

No. 1168750

"selfish" uh you are making contents for scrotes of course they are thinking about themselves retard.

No. 1168762

File: 1614102980913.jpg (114.21 KB, 1028x732, 20210223_105433.jpg)

I blurred out his nasty pic it's some dude in a diaper. This is the comment that sent her on a frenzy. Kinda ironic she went hard on belle for posting hard kinks with no uwu trigger warning

No. 1168767

it’s amusing that she thinks lightly slapping herself and pushing on bruises is “hard kink” tbh

No. 1168785

he prob just said he doesnt like it because that video is old and she is skinny in it and he followed her for being a bbw

No. 1168797

Kek seriously. She could have offered him a custom By asking what he does like and made some money. I mean I’m not a SWer so maybe that’s not how it works? but a little effort wouldn’t hurt.

How is she so bad at this ?

No. 1168803

The description of that pfp is disgusting, but his comment wasnt even like rude. It almost seems playful or maybe he was like "nooo don't punch yourself ur so sexy aha" kek
She just has to fly off the handle immeadiatly without considering context. So insecure, just takes everything as a personal attack.

No. 1168804

God her face in this is haunting. It's like an autopsy profile of an old hooker found OD in a ditch.

No. 1168812

File: 1614108915647.jpg (185.51 KB, 1050x818, 20210223_123419.jpg)

Is she gonna explain how or is this just an excuse?

No. 1168814

Calling bs. Just admit you can't pay for it anymore

No. 1168817

Agreed, she cant pay for it and needed an 'excuse'. And now Shayna Luther King can get her well deserved asspats.

No. 1168826

LMAO shayna please. we already know you just can't afford it.

No. 1168828

File: 1614110725490.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.93 KB, 974x656, 20210223_130409.jpg)

Ah just a set up to ebeg I'm assuming. She always has to go into details about everything even including texts from her mom to prove her mom was "racist"

No. 1168829

Why the fuck you lying? Oh my god, stop fucking lying.

No. 1168832

no it’s just that your one month intro pricing is no longer valid and you have to pay full price and can’t afford it. can’t wait to see how much fatter you get, porky.

No. 1168834

File: 1614111120724.jpg (118.35 KB, 1079x391, Screenshot_20210223-141121_Twi…)

Well what did she say then Shay?

No. 1168837

Honestly it doesn't matter if she's lying or not, the situation she's in is pathetic either way.

No. 1168840

Everyone knows she couldn’t afford the gym after its free trial or commit to losing weight at all.

No. 1168842

Only a matter of time for her to dirty delete these

No. 1168850

this sounds so incredibly made up? like imagine the situation, why would you discuss political topics with your client as s personal trainer? especially in a country like america where theres two political extremes, i doubt someone who wants to get paid would casually talk about such touchy subjects. shayna also loves to tell her shitty little stories from her sad life, so something like this happening without her detailing what was said is just unrealistic

No. 1168851

Slandering a random person with no receipts because e-begging is more important. She's so transparent.
Kek even orbiter calls her bullshit. If she's racist then report that bitch and get your money back Shay???

No. 1168853

or knowing shayna she egged her on and instigated and got mad at the response. shayna is annoying like that.

No. 1168856

Maybe she looked her up on SM.

No. 1168863

pls anon my sides ‘shayna luther king’

No. 1168864

Shayna wouldn’t care or even start talking about this lmao- she’s a liar. The gym manager would have set her up with a new trainer if it was an incompatibility issue, this is a lazy poor bitch issue. Maybe she wanted the money back for moving and her BPD brain is blowing it up like this after it backfired?

No. 1168868

she would probably spin it to try and sound woke like “I couldn’t bear to continue going to a gym that would hire a RACIST like that. they should screen their employees, I can’t believe I ever gave my money to a gym that hires BIGOTS!”

No. 1168873

Wasn’t lardy besties with her trainer to the point of wearing matching outfits and stuff? How can anyone notice something like racism from someone so late to the game? She’s so retarded.

No. 1168878

This sounds so fake, was she supposed to have been talking politics with her trainer? Creeping her social media? How did she come to this conclusion?

No. 1168880

it's not a new nickname. it's been used ad nauseum in her threads. lurk moar and integrate, newfag

No. 1168881

iirc they coincidentally happened to wear the same kind of leggings one day. it's not like they co-ordinated intentionally beforehand

No. 1168906

wtf? Can pls someone explain to me how a gym membership costs 300 a month? This is insane… is this even possible? Here in europe an hour with a personal trainer is like 80€ and a normal gym membership like 40 to max. 60€ a month…lis she maybe exeggarating how much it was or is thst a normal price range iin the US? Geniunily curious …?

No. 1168910

she's lying

No. 1168913

> 60€ a month…lis she maybe exeggarating how much it was or is thst a normal price range iin the US? Geniunily curious …?
Why can’t eurofags learn how to use Google instead of childishly asking to be spoonfed everything jfc literally every thread there’s some slack-jawed europoor asking some variant of ‘d-do Americans really??’

No. 1168918

Lol wtf. Shayna broke as shit and thinks it was smart to go get a 300 a month gym trainer? Literally planet fitnesses are everywhere. It's hard to feel bad when she's purposely stupid

No. 1168922

It's because we are used to Americans being even more retarded than we can imagine

No. 1168930

I’m fucking weak. How does racism even come up during a workout? Did she say hey look at the nword over there? Doubt she would risk her job by being a “racist”. Maybe Shayna is just going to lie and say she’s a trump supporter reeee. Just so she can get asspats whilst eating doordash lazy fat bitch

No. 1168934

Holy shit dude, tone down that superiority complex of yours.

No. 1168935

Is there grass in Europe?? I’m from America and we have many green grasses Geniunily curious

No. 1168938

Sage for nitpick but the last thread was literally started only 9 days ago. Guess that's why she's cow of the year.
Also, you guys forgot to link the new thread in replies and now it's already locked.

No. 1168943

File: 1614119163963.jpeg (112.57 KB, 1242x299, 22CD3CA4-9800-48F3-92A2-B0587D…)

Yes they are Shayna. And you’re a mean snarky bitch that’s ugly!!

No. 1168944

Anon, there was so much infighting about cam whores last thread that it got locked before anyone made a new thread.

Idk why these idiots keep responding to each other after we get the automated warning.

No. 1168945

File: 1614119191518.jpeg (534.96 KB, 1242x1616, 6FDFF3F8-1B72-412E-B583-C4CDE6…)

No. 1168949

tips fedora

No. 1168954

No gym in Tulsa costs $400 a month. Girl is a liar.

Yes, there is probably some fancy exclusive gym in New York or LA that costs $400 a month, but the average gym membership cost monthly in the US is $50-$60.

No. 1168964

Yet she still interacts with Indigo white

No. 1168967

Yes when I finished posting the thread I went to link it in the last thread but it was already locked as it exceeded 1200 posts.

No. 1168971

shayna makes it sound like she is living a bevery hills life in mcshithole, oklahoma. those prices she keeps bringing up, like the $350 for dyeing her hair, $150 for one week's worth of groceries for a single person, and now this exclusive gym membership…
heck, i can only holistically compare this to my life in one of the least affordable cities in north america, and even i don't spend nearly as much. she is bullshitting so hard

No. 1168977

Now deleted, like usual

No. 1168981

I feel like she always asks for 100 more tbh. Maybe I'm dumb but when I looked it up i didn't see anything close to the number she said.

No. 1168982

I've seen some say 300-400+ a year but not a month

No. 1169004

File: 1614124194945.jpg (454.21 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20210223-174944_Twi…)

Shay liked this

No. 1169007

A quick Google and found small group sessions with a personal trainer in Tulsa start at $35. She was doing three sessions a week aka 12 a month so exactly the $420 she claims.

No. 1169014

Isn’t “break up” weird to use in this context?

No. 1169029

File: 1614126552601.jpg (172.86 KB, 1080x952, Screenshot_20210223-182858_Twi…)

Annnnd your money to move?

No. 1169036

not to mention the plethora of free workout videos on youtube. a lot of which don’t even require equipment

No. 1169038

Do we still have a discord insider to check if she posted details?

No. 1169041

she hasn’t posted about it. she honestly barely talks in there.

No. 1169042

still no mention of what she did with the money her mother gave her

No. 1169054

I just wish like, even a single non-farmer held her accountable. It honestly infuriates me.

No. 1169055

File: 1614130568107.png (213.17 KB, 595x458, 1544476348199 (1).png)

Lmao Never forget.

No. 1169061

File: 1614130773616.png (678.26 KB, 1853x879, 1544477350616.png)

I DoNt iNtEraCt WiTh RaCiStS oR BiGotS

No. 1169066

File: 1614131266643.jpg (204.2 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20210223-194547_Twi…)

1 of 2 things will happen

1. She won't make the videos

2. They will have the same plot as past videos

No. 1169084

I'm gonna guess this is a huge exaggeration she's using as an excuse to get out of keeping up with the gym and she was trying to get money back/save money from it. The trainer is probably just a regular Trump supporter and she's spinning it wildly for asspats.

No. 1169086

Yeah no one else as brought that up but that was really weird phrasing. Like I know Shay is lonely but wtf. Shes acting like they were besties or something

No. 1169088

So far she hasnt done the vids she posted a schedule for a week or two ago. She literally only posts vids that are customs and takes pics.

No. 1169094

I feel like it's so weird that Shay doesn't go on rants on her Discord as often considering it's full of orbiters/coomers and it's more direct than tweeting if she wants attention? She seems to have some weird issues maybe seeing the retweet/like amounts give her more of a high than replies akin to her tumblr days.

No. 1169108

File: 1614137355698.jpg (208.23 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20210223-212858_Twi…)

This was literally for us

No. 1169111

Let’s see if this fat ass remembers to use it

No. 1169122

dolly discovers lipbalm 2021

No. 1169123

please please pleaseeee use it

No. 1169128

And she can't afford to move

No. 1169131

File: 1614139971168.jpg (408.07 KB, 1080x1627, Screenshot_20210223-221210_Twi…)

She wants to keep it a "secret" so she doesn't have to follow through with them

No. 1169133

File: 1614139997887.jpg (153.8 KB, 1080x454, Screenshot_20210223-221154_Twi…)

This will never happen

No. 1169134

Fucking finally jfc we've been telling her for years

Why the fuck does she always act like she can work and accomplish shit multiple days in a row?? Literally who is she kidding? It's a miracle if she does 1 non custom vid in a full week or cams once every few months. Girl shut up. Makes you look like more of a loser lazy shit when you end up doing nothing you posted.

No. 1169142

i feel like this is common for ppl like her(or anyone w depression or adhd etc) to constantly set goals bc they think it will help them actually do it, but it’s SUCH bad business practice to do it publicly.
you’d really think by now she would learn not to promise so many different things/days in a row when she can barely follow through with one thing. it comes off as unprofessional and unreliable and she doesn’t seem to get that. trying is not doing.

No. 1169147

a 4 pack is like 10 dollars relax

No. 1169150

So we know fupa and his ex have found these threads. So my tinfoil is that fupa was trying to get shaytard to stop embarrassing herself during that camshow because he has inside info that his ex does still check up him and her here. I bet he got in mad shit when that photo of him texting her got posted. And might be why she was so depressed about him 2 days after and is now going hard with this moving stuff. She done fucked up, again.

No. 1169154

This is a pretty reasonable tinfoil tbh

No. 1169181

Okay, her lie about the trainer makes even less sense than her usual scams. She's talking about having to pay $300 to buy out her contract, as though it's an additional $300 that she hadn't planned on, but there's no way that's true. If it was an additional cost, she could have just not cancelled her sessions, kept paying the original price, and just not shown up. Gyms don't charge you a fee for no-shows, it's on you to show up and if you don't the trainer still gets paid. What actually happened (if any of this is true at all), is that she was in a contract for 3 months at $420 a month, so $1260 total. Assuming she already paid for the first month, $420 plus the $300 cancellation fee is $720, so she's actually SAVING $500 by cancelling.

Soz for trainer sperg, but I work at a gym, and I can say from experience that I have never known a trainer who operated this way, especially one who works out of a gym instead of training clients independently. Since Shayna mentioned her trainer's boss, that tells me she isn't independent. So this is someone who works at a gym where they obviously also employ other trainers, meaning she could have just asked to work with someone different. The price supports this. $35 per session is INSANELY cheap for a personal trainer, especially for one-on-one. It sounds like she signed up for a 3-month gym membership and then bought a certain number of sessions with a trainer. Even then, though the price she's claiming for the number of sessions she's claiming is flat out ridiculous. Even the cheapest chain gyms like LA fitness (membership is $30/month with a $25 initiation fee) charge $45 for a half hour session and $60 for an hour session with a trainer. I've never heard of a gym locking you into a "contract" like this. Gym memberships are monthly, and you can cancel at any time without paying a fee.

There is no gym I am aware of where you can get 12 individual sessions with a trainer for $420 a month AND be locked into a several-month contract AND be charged a massive cancellation fee.

I typed all of this up, and then remembered a couple of threads ago that she had mentioned her trainer charging her weekly, so I went back and found the post where OF anon mentioned her ebegging for $130 for her trainer (see pic related). $130 weekly is $520 a month, not the $420 she's claiming, and paying weekly means there wasn't any three-month contract she would have had to pay a fee to get out of.

So here's how this breaks down. Either:
a) The prices and fees she mentioned are true, in which case she is actually SAVING over $500 instead of being "out $300 during a move", or
b) The previous price of $130 a week is true, in which case she was paying weekly and not monthly so the whole three-month contract thing is BS and she would actually be paying MORE than the $420 she's claiming, or
c) The most likely scenario - all of the above is a giant lie, she had a regular old $30-$40 a month gym membership and paid for a handful of trainer sessions (we know she went to at least a couple that she posted photos of), then didn't want to do it anymore and instead of just not mentioning it, tried to pull an even BIGGER scam but she is too fucking stupid to make it believable.

Sorry for the wall of text, but this shit is infuriating and i enjoy playing true detective with her web of lies kek

No. 1169193

Oh shit, is she finally coming back to Mass? She’s one of my favorite cows because of the fact that she’s so (originally) local; I know her classmates back at Assabet fucking hate her so I’m greatly looking forward to this saga.

No. 1169197

Not even American, nice try though

No. 1169199

But if you were already locked into a 3 month contract that you already planned on paying for…why don’t you just finish out the contract? This literally makes no sense. And saying you’re out $300 during a move? You’re out the money per month anyways ??? So if you paid in advanced, just let your contract run out.

I mean if you’re going to lie make it a believable lie. Also I’m sure the gym has other trainers. Your lies and excuses are so bad shay.

No. 1169210

File: 1614152523940.png (449.57 KB, 640x555, 8E98D501-A6F2-4E4A-9ADB-63E965…)

Urgh Anon but she can‘t workout at a racist gym!!

I just can’tget over her pathetic 5 year anniversary. I went to sleep and woke up feeling like it was just a dream but no that bitch really embarassed herself like that for hours on end and barely made money out of it.

No. 1169233

Because anon she literally just wants free money. She's most likely lying about it. They don't call her scammy mattel for nothing.

No. 1169277

thank you gym anon i enjoyed your trainer sperg. when will shays lies end?

No. 1169295

Wtf anon the other anon was just laughing about it it

No. 1169323

It's just a scam as per usual. She way over exaggerates her numbers so people will give her more money so she won't have to work and just spend it on food, weed, and dumb shit from Amazon. "oh man! My large Dr. Pepper from the gas station cost me $570 lol who's gonna reimburse? :)))" Just like last thread she said moving was gonna cost $6000/7000 but then she said she's gonna be saving $2000 since her dad is helping her out but still asking for $6000? And we all know her parents are gonna help her out immensely. She legit just wants people to hand her thousands of dollars to do nothing. She probably won't even fucking move. "I'm just gonna renew my lease and work extra hard to save money for a fancy loft! Sorry bout ur money doe."
She's gonna get called out and canceled all over again if she keeps scamming people and fucking with their money especially during times like this. The absolute fucking audacity of this fat pig.

No. 1169338

She also claimed to have a check from her mom to cover moving costs. She doesn’t mention it anymore though. I’m of the belief her parents will pay for all her moving costs but scammy fattel is a greedy lying bitch who spends more time coming up with ways to scam people than actually working for and earning money. I think shay is desperate to have money so she doesn’t look like an absolute failure to her parents who are bailing her out at the age of 24, when most people have their shit together by that age.

No. 1169384

File: 1614175443606.jpg (342.41 KB, 1031x1316, 20210224_070235.jpg)

Awh did someone lurk again? She always makes a point to post messages for pity points.

No. 1169385

whoever messaged her, fucking stop the cowtipping. this bitch reads here anyway. no need to embarrass fatty when she does so on a daily basis anyway

No. 1169386

File: 1614176017248.jpeg (87.16 KB, 827x735, E254F1F3-04A2-4829-8496-874D3D…)

I promise you Shay, Fupa will never consider you marriage material. This picture she retweeted sums up who she is in a relationship but also in general. She’s emotionally immature and insecure, a constant victim who needs everybody to validate her pain and take responsibility for protecting the baby bimbo’s feefees.
Same reason she has no friends, and same reason she’s allowed herself to destroy herself. She’s always a victim and never has to take accountability for anything, including bettering herself.

No. 1169389

A month ago, not once has Shayna begged for money to pay for this extremely expensive monthly gym membership payment.
She begged for 300+ for her hair to be dyed and didn't do it, she paid for a shit ton of food and make up, outfits etc. but never for this gym membership.
Also, it's funny the fake number she used, "$420".
And does she think people are dumb? She's talking about planning on moving and SUDDENLY she finds out her personal trainer is racists? It makes me feel like maybe she did have to pay to break the contract, maybe it was 200-300 and she tried to create a fake story/exaggerate, so she could beg for the money plus extra.
She's quitting because she's considering moving and she does not want to pay the money, instead of going, "hey I need to save up for moving I can't afford this help me pay this" she does this.

No. 1169409

File: 1614178598274.jpg (261.38 KB, 1080x846, Screenshot_20210224-085513_Twi…)

Like how you try to be a "domme" but got so upset when people treated you like one after your Dommey Mattel video?

No. 1169411

File: 1614178659067.jpg (334.09 KB, 1080x1019, Screenshot_20210224-085717_Twi…)

Like how you went on a rant when someone commented on your video that they don't like it?

No. 1169412

File: 1614178725300.jpg (326.11 KB, 1080x1388, Screenshot_20210224-085806_Twi…)

No. 1169415

>exciting & entertaining
KEK she can't be serious

No. 1169417

Exciting? Where? The made up stories or mundane interactions of a fat idiot in Oklahoma who orders take out constantly and tweets the same shit every day about smoking weed, eating, and posting pics of their gross vag? Yeah, such a thrilling life. Hard to top that!

No. 1169418

Oh Shay, you ARE shitty, unsuccessful, and pathetic though. You don't need "HaTeRz" for that, sweaty.

No. 1169424

I recognized the gym she went to literally once last year as Planet Fitness. That place is even cheaper than LA fitness, and Planet Fitness does employs personal trainers. The trainers are free with your membership, and imo she was lying about needing money altogether. Just needed to take care of bills like she said.

No. 1169425

Her parents will pay for everything and she’ll pretend she made it happen

No. 1169426

23 years old and she still uses the term "haters" like some 16 year old tumblr drama queen. I swear she has not aged mentally or matured since she was "tumblr famous tee-hee". Does she actually have any goals outside of begging for money, and getting drunk and high? And getting back with fupa does not count as a goal. Also, if she was sticking to any sort of diet plan, she would've lost a small amount of weight by now but she looks heavier than ever. I don't know how someone can be 23 years old and still act like an annoying teenage girl who won't stop complaining about her life.

No. 1169427

File: 1614179936337.jpeg (317.25 KB, 1284x897, 9E1C9F5C-1124-4726-A46A-E8EF73…)

is she really so daft that she doesn’t understand being dominant is more than demanding money for existing? you give submissive tasks and rewards and punishments and goals. you don’t just get paid to exist. what a dumb bitch, acting like she understands how domination works and then literally complaining about it.

No. 1169428

They probably will, there’s no other way they could get her to move back to Massachusetts without covering everything.

No. 1169429

Because they’re still purchasing a service and are allowed to have parameters surrounding it?? Holy fuck

No. 1169431

she thinks being a dominant is just looking pretty and getting paid for it. i’m pretty certain she doesn’t believe femdoms DO anything.

for someone who is a submissive, shayna, you should know that when it comes down to it, the sub is in control of the whole scene. if you don’t like that, you aren’t cut out to be a dom.

No. 1169434

File: 1614180507303.png (484.61 KB, 816x519, 4959C5EE-87DF-4659-85AC-E613FE…)


She got us anons! Pack it up.

No. 1169436


And thats why no one interacts with your posts, shay.

No. 1169459


agree. a calorie deficit costs nothing. and in most cases people save money from being more aware of what theyre putting in their body and actually cooking/preparing their own food

No. 1169473

5 years of the same insults is just proof that she’s been stagnant, if not deteriorating for 5 years. Nothing has changed except she got fatter and dumber.
Also, big kek at her saying “oh no how will I survive with being ugly and not having a job” when…she does whine about this, and often. Constantly scrambling and begging for rent and quick fixes for her cottage cheese legs and trucker gut as her subscribers dwindle down daily. Like, don’t act unbothered when it does, indeed, bother.

No. 1169474

it's been said before but I don't think Shayna even knows Calories matters. She thinks those meals +snacks+ some work out means she'll lose weight, while getting drunk everyday.

No. 1169509

Lol Love that she's talking shit about these types of subs when she IS this type of sub. She's inconsiderate, ungrateful, high effort/low reward and just sums that up as "teehee I'm just a brat! I'm really the one in charge! Serve ME!"

No. 1169513

I mean. I'm pretty sure most of our families and loved ones don't literally pretend we don't exist because we're an embarrassment and failure but okay. Got any friends yet, Shay? I'm sure they would love to help you through this trying time kek

No. 1169514

She really is.
>Sub Shayna: lazy and demanding
>Dom Shayna: lazy and demanding

No. 1169519

That last bit… lol she just wants to be a sugar baby or something. She's not cut out to be a domme whatsoever. A domme is thick skinned and strong and can put the "rude" ones in their place or deal with it. Shay can only handle the soy boy retarded bottom barrel subs that accept the bare minimum.

No. 1169531

What's with the self sabotage? Great job alienating your fanbase yet again

No. 1169540

If you have multiple people coaching you and being “demanding” about something they’re paying for that’s very blatantly not living up to their quality expectations…then maybe improve on yourself or stop crying? Girl is really calling herself out. Boohoo, people are being scammed by your horrible content and you’re just gonna say the idiots paying all 600 measly dollars of your rent are demanding and blast them on Twitter instead of getting better at your “job”.

No. 1169573

I think she was reading the thread. If someone had actually messaged her, she would have posted that shit. She has no self control.

No. 1169589

Next thread pic

No. 1169592

I wonder what about Shaynas life she considers to be entertaining. Like she can’t drive nor leave the house. Does she consider camming with strange men to be exciting?

No. 1169601

Shaytard isn’t even a good scammer. She’d make more money if she didn’t show her big fat nose and ugly pig face in her “photosets”. Just sell nudes crop your face out and don’t post on manyvids anymore?? They aren’t even good it’s the same shit. Rolled over propped against a wall, crusty unwashed dildo in ass, dry fucking and dirty wand whilst rolling eyes and showing double chins! whoop-die doo how creative and exciting!1!1!1

No. 1169610

No. 1169631

File: 1614198003353.png (702.76 KB, 2048x1348, Screenshot_20210224-151900.png)

You know a bitch is desperate for attention when she has to post her cashapp coincidentally under her own hot take. Topkek

No. 1169632

the lack of awareness hurts my brain!!

No. 1169634

It's been hours Shayna, I thought you told people not to get mad about people's "unpopular" opinions.
That shit must've stung, for her to come back like 5 hours later and talk shit about it

No. 1169639

Nothing to add except I’m fucking dying, wow. Thank you for this cap anon. Never ever change, Shatna.

No. 1169642

File: 1614199181263.png (16.12 KB, 601x213, 1.PNG)

No. 1169658

She did already say she was gonna cam tonight, right? Did she just forget about it?

No. 1169659

I hope she's deliberately being ironic but that's giving her way too much credit

No. 1169673

Incredible, anon. Incredible.

No. 1169677

god I hope she does

No. 1169678

As much as I'm excited for the impending shitshow, I'll give it a few hours before she calls it off, or dirty delete and never mention it again.

No. 1169682

Not sure why she would cam on a Wednesday anyway. I'm not a camwhore but I'm guessing the prime nights are Friday and Saturday. Maybe Sunday. An early start would be Thursday.

No. 1169684

File: 1614203308247.jpg (Spoiler Image, 605.67 KB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20210224-154807_Twi…)

This is hilarious after she attacked that other SW

No. 1169686

Is 400 fans impressive? How long has she been on Onlyfans?

No. 1169691

i feel like she tries to push some "service" like this every once in awhile and then she just never posts about it again after having (assuming) nobody interested kek

No. 1169696

She used to have 1000 but her numbers have consistently dropped

No. 1169697

she probably thinks less of us will be there to get caps

No. 1169698


Please god I hope someone bites and does better than her so we can watch the impending breakdown. She looked hella pissed when people were giving that pixie SWer attention during her last cam show and freaked out when someone dared to comment oldgreyballs’ twitter post. She would lose it if her padwan’s retweets were getting more attention than her and I’m here for it.

No. 1169700

she use to have close to 1000, then her "rehab" saga happened and it dropped to around 6-700, and judging by this it's been dropping ever since.

What a dumb broke bitch

No. 1169702

This is so embarrassing. After 5 years, she doesn't even make 30k a year?

No. 1169704

Yeah definitely want to pay for promo and advice from a bitchy, ugly fatty that's been at this shit for 5 years and has nothing but declining looks and mental health issues to show for it. Someone who loses nearly 50 subs a month, went from 1k to 400 in barely a year. Ebegging every day for money to support their weed, booze, and food addiction. No car, no healthy relationship, no friends, living in an apartment in Oklahoma. Thriving role model!

No. 1169717

Can someone explain how her numbers go up, even though her subs declined? We all know she had about 1000 subscribers before and only 400 left?

No. 1169719

might be new subs only?

No. 1169721

Im actually shocked she once had 1K I do not remember that, I always remembered her having 300-400 and I follow this thread more then any other thread on snow.
When/how did she lose so many?

No. 1169723

Yeah I can't figure that out either. I don't have an OF to know what the graph lines represent. Because there was only one point this last year she seemed to gain some subs by giving out discounted subs and shit from like 500 to 600 or something, but that wasnt long ago and now shes down to 400. And yeah, when she started it she somehow climbed to 900, then briefly 1k. But since it's been downhill only.

No. 1169726

this is a referral link, she’s not asking anyone to pay for promo. but when people sign up with a referral link, she gets a certain percentage of their profit every month.

No. 1169727

A bit after she started and built it up, she was at 800-900. She eventually hit 1k, but it didnt last long at all, it's not like she held it consistently, so it's easy to forget. Since she packed on the pounds it seems like shes been at the 600-500 range, but now shes at a new low apparently.
400 × 5 is only $2000 (before OF cut and meager tips) so that ain't great. Can't imagine shes making much from MV or anything. I think aside from ebegging, her only "extra" income is from customs, but shes selling them so cheap at this point, but hey, at least they force her to produce new vids.

No. 1169728

Ok so they are paying…
It's not upfront/a sub like she usually tries to do.

No. 1169729

Honestly that is even worse. Why would she be entitled to what anyone else earns? She’s so scummy, imagine if someone had asked for a percentage of her monthly earnings! She would lose her mind.

No. 1169736


How can she be 5 years into sex work and know this little about being a domme? It can be extremely exhausting and draining especially long distance/online. You're responsible for a lot. What it sounds like she wants is someone with a money kink who will spoil her with minimum effort on her end. Submissive dudes can be a handful but she's in the position to choose who she interacts with. God, at least if she's going to vent and be a bitch she could spin it to sound more domme and sexy rather than be genuinely bothered.

No. 1169738

Why does she not support any other OF creators? She always brags how she’s such a good ally or whatever.

No. 1169743

onlyfans pays the 5%, it‘s not substracted from the new creators income. it‘s basically a referral pyramid scheme

No. 1169750

a) she’s a moron
b) her idea of a dom is fupa, for fuck’s sake

No. 1169756

>Just looking pretty and getting paid for it
Yeah that clearly won’t happen since Shayna is an ugly heffer. Most pretty girls that are influencers on Instagram get paid / have sponsorships without taking their clothes off kek

No. 1169759

scrotes gonna scrote, no matter what night of the week

No. 1169772

File: 1614211731159.png (51.01 KB, 590x250, 1.png)


No. 1169780

Her weight and content are why her numbers are falling off. Biggest one being her weight. When she started she was selling the teen dream but now she really does look like a middle aged mother of 2. Her content is also the exact same thing over and over now as well. At this point you've seen one shayna video, you've seen them all. She doesnt understand that though so she continues to rerelease the same videos and continues to gain weight going "well you guys still like me like this anyway right?? you're here for my personality too right??" and her numbers will continue to plummet.

Every single time she posts how many followers she has, by the next time she posts again she has a couple hundred less. Right now she's at 400 but by summer or fall she'll probably be around the 270s.

No. 1169797

Fupa must be ignoring her

No. 1169846

No, 400 isn’t impressive. Most girls with any sort of following can maintain that number pretty easily. She just fucking sucks at her “job.”

No. 1169848

File: 1614216108427.jpg (432.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210224-191708_Chr…)

Kek someone quote tweeted her trying to defend her from the "insults" but seems like they insulted her by assuming the person was calling her fat

No. 1169853

>Sex work is the hardest work
These people really think they're neurosurgeons or something

No. 1169857

No. 1169861


The fupa’s ex seeing that photo of him texting her tinfoil is seeming more likely. I bet they’ve been “texting” this whole time and he’s been telling his ex she’s completely out of his life so he can see his kids or something. He probably knew she’d spill the beans again and thats why he was telling her to stop embarrassing herself. Hope he cut her off for good this time. For her own damn sake.

No. 1169865


Damn it just hit me she was probably day drinking and drunk-tweeting. I feel like she deletes tweets after she sobers up.

No. 1169868


Yes random e-whore, no one before OF ever started their own business and worked hard on their own. These dumbasses are constantly complaining how hard spreading gash for cash is when absolutely no one forced them to be actual prostitutes online. The hardest work. I actually lol’d.

No. 1169870

Kek I've dabbled in camming and it's deffo the easiest work I ever did.

Not meaning to blog just these claims are ridiculous.

No. 1169873

She also deleted the tweets about her totally racist personal trainer. She must have this cycle of going to Twitter, spewing bullshit, and then coming here to see what we say about it.

And she says we’re the ObSeSsEd ones

No. 1169886

File: 1614220161915.jpg (240.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210224-202833_Chr…)

It's been almost a week and she's just remembering this. It's be hilarious if it wasn't so sad

No. 1169905

File: 1614222604128.jpg (221.16 KB, 1080x769, Screenshot_20210224-210953_Twi…)

No. 1169906

File: 1614222683451.jpg (149.37 KB, 1080x1047, Screenshot_20210224-211116_Sam…)

Wtf does that mean?

No. 1169913

Her 2 braincells also may have rubbed together and she realized that, hmmm, maybe squawking about racism on witch hunt central Twitter isn’t smart if you aren’t ready for the fallout? Someone could find out who the trainer was with a little time and patience, it isn’t like she’s being super coy about what she does. She’s done this before and cannot handle being held accountable for the retarded shit she says.

No. 1169917

Must be the princess video. Sounds like princess meets prince on tinder or some dumb shit.

No. 1169919

would be a good name if it was one of those actual “tinder hookup” vids (yes I know they’re staged), but it’s just gonna be her holding a dildo not even trying to make it look real.

No. 1169924

Impying shay ever sobers up, kek. She's constantly boozed out or eating a ridiculous amount of medicated "snacks"

No. 1169952

File: 1614228949098.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 285.77 KB, 959x1280, 01D491CB-930E-4B2D-8AEE-EAC15E…)

No. 1169953

File: 1614228996188.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 222.74 KB, 960x1280, 645FB94A-E27D-4974-BBBD-A5050B…)

No. 1169955

jesus fuck that wig is bad, but this is probably her best photo in months. probably because her gut is concealed and she doesn't have her vagina out. now this on the other hand >>1169953 is a crime against humanity

No. 1169957

Aside from the wig, I thought this looked ok because blue is universally flattering, and her massive gut isn’t on full display.
And then I scroll down to see this
>>1169953 and I’m repulsed. She looks like a savage cannibal about to devour a severed dick.

No. 1169959

It always feels so morally wrong for me to look at these images, I legit feel like I’m looking at tard porn

No. 1169960

I usually can’t distinguish wigs by quality but that just looks like a blonde helmet or a beanie made out of hair. Nothing but the cheapest Amazon trash for her.

No. 1169965


She is bursting out at the seams. I wonder if she had to wait to lose weight before she could even get into this seeing as she got this costume awhile ago. Doubt we’ll ever see the unzipped back.

No. 1169968

what in the martha washington

No. 1169969

Lmao no one asked for her to play the stupid spongebob song, she got tipped to put the buttplug in and decided to make it as unsexy and stupid as possible and laughed through the whole thing like she was a comedy genius

No. 1169970

Those pitch black empty eyes

No. 1169972

She asked the person who tipped the amount what song they wanted and they picked the song, but yeah it was definitely not sexy at all

No. 1169973

Yes we love sexualizing Disney princesses, keep it up Shay, you've done 3 of them now.

Yeah the wig is awful. She could have just used the blonde one she had. She didnt have to do the literal Cinderella bun. Again, if she would drop her god awful face from photos, theyd be ok.

No. 1170002

File: 1614236416359.jpeg (366.28 KB, 1242x674, 4B6CC294-9BA9-4A93-9C5B-494138…)


This is definitely worse than her princess peach cosplay

No. 1170009

she should've played one of the ugly stepsisters instead with that face and body

No. 1170010

I thought this was the MTF thread, I was about to say, "the face made up is better then most but the body clocks"
Now I feel bad. Sorry Shayna, but this look is horrible and fits like shit.

No. 1170011

She looks like an old frumpy boomer lady in that wig.

No. 1170015

this feels like something you make for high school and the whole class laughs because how shitty but charming it is. The teacher gives you a A for trying.

Except this is supposed to be "porn" and shayna thinks this is a masterpiece.

No. 1170025

File: 1614241210123.jpeg (911.52 KB, 3464x3464, A4B31B52-0D10-4F01-B5E2-236CE1…)

She’s the spitting image of the ugly stepsister kek

No. 1170027

Did she shoop out her entire armpit? she looks like a rubber toy

No. 1170049

The OF graph only shows growth over time, it doesn't really correspond to monetary amounts. It's telling she's posting the graph instead of her percentage, as that is directly based off money she's earnt for a rolling month and is ranked against other people on the site.

No. 1170064

The cap…whyshe insist on making these unflattering faces in her porn I will never know.

No. 1170072

damn that's a big bitch

No. 1170084

fuck that’s bad. the bad acting plus her face at the end looks bizarre and she’s very overweight at this point. please get help shayna, i feel sad looking at you

No. 1170087

How has she not learned better camera angles by now? She looks like a giant that’s going to stomp someone to death. Fee-fi-fo-fum

No. 1170093

File: 1614253400953.gif (939.29 KB, 356x200, 200 (12).gif)

Jesus fuck, you can literally see the crazy in her eyes in this pic. She looks absolutely deranged and unhinged. Please never do this face again, Shayna. Also take your bipolar medication.

No. 1170094

File: 1614253482330.jpg (46.47 KB, 476x556, f6b.jpg)

No. 1170112

Is this a play off that animated short of the same name or…?

No. 1170118

I'm just annoyed that she didn't use the name "SINderella" for the name of the shoot.

No. 1170119

Why does she always do that stupid lip look

No. 1170126

topkek anons these are some of the most visibly deranged photos she's ever taken, your commentary is priceless

did anyone see the results of the poll before she deleted it?

No. 1170133

Whyy does she keep making that dumbass face so much lately. It’s like she just learned how to do it and won’t stop. It makes me want to claw my eyes out in second hand embarrassment. You aren’t Miley Cyrus fatty.

No. 1170134

File: 1614263096703.jpg (190.77 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_20210225-082436_Twi…)

She's so disgusting

No. 1170137

File: 1614263818895.png (684.71 KB, 2048x1042, Screenshot_20210225-093556.png)

60/40 in favour of her going on cam. 43 votes. Bleak. Wonder what the ratio between farmers and coomers is?

No. 1170140

Top one is another recycled tweet. Or at the very least it was a similar one before about frosting on cinnamon buns or something.

No. 1170147

>sour cream
Bitch what the fuck kind of cum have you been guzzling??? Does Kyle Nathan Perkin drizzle spoiled cum?

No. 1170151

File: 1614266977162.jpg (216.83 KB, 1079x964, Screenshot_20210225-092928_Twi…)

No. 1170154

File: 1614267016452.jpg (336.21 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20210225-093004_Twi…)

We all know she's not going to spend this on moving

No. 1170156

>inb4 trip to dispensary for 10 grams of oil and 5 edibles.

No. 1170157

>>receives $1000
>>immediately begs for $5000

what the fuck shay

No. 1170165

Seriously, this. The level of greed and entitlement is through the roof.

But, honestly, who wants to bet this was sent by her parents? Sending a check is so old school, and I wouldn't put it past her to just beg for straight cash because "uwu no car to drive to the bank

No. 1170192

File: 1614269695539.jpeg (200.12 KB, 750x372, BF7FB628-1F27-4E5B-B4B5-219210…)

oh my god shay what a rebel you are!!! i’m trembling

No. 1170195

I wonder if she knows that she won’t go viral with these stupid uwu quirky stories she pushes.

People like things they relate to. No one can relate to you because you’re a brain dead moron who’s painfully unfunny.

No. 1170202

Shayna: high school teachers are all sadistic, they're evil, they hated at me for no reason
also Shayna: I insulted my teachers the day I met them and continued to be a shithead for the entirety of high school and was a bully to other students

No. 1170211


no matter if you pay her 5 bucks or 1000, all you’re getting is her laying on her back vibing her cunt with a retard’s expression on her face. and you can get that on her twitter for free. seconding this was from her dad or mom.

No. 1170217

Stop anon, you’re the worse

No. 1170218

this is def from one of her parents based on the note. if it was one of her coomers they would have put something stupid in the note like usual.

No. 1170219

File: 1614273591715.jpeg (191.44 KB, 1284x757, F545CCF8-4988-40C5-B22B-DFFC1E…)

sure shay. just like that “extreme bj” vid you did where you “puke 3 times” but actually just wound up getting some spit on your chest and gagging on an inch of dick.

No. 1170244

What are the demographics of her audience?

No. 1170246

old hetero white men

No. 1170251

File: 1614276602051.png (7.63 MB, 1242x2208, D69B00E9-3A4D-4775-8E37-EEF13A…)

Grocery anon write this down kek

No. 1170254

her mask is so loose she might as well not be wearing one kek

No. 1170255

She’s been wearing that hoodie for weeks
The smell…..

No. 1170260

Don't forget troons and troon chasers, we've seen a few in Shayna's comments

No. 1170261

The smell of musty vag,weed,wet/dirty dog and cat piss. The smell of a successful business woman of course.

No. 1170263

it’s so true. I really think a lot of people stumble on her page thinking she’s mtf

No. 1170273

the only 'interesting' stories she has about herself are ones from when she was in high school. how depressing

No. 1170281

I think she peaked whatever her last "Pro" shoot was, that was the last time she did anything..worth anything, from when I can remember.
She barely has any quirky stories from that so she goes all the way back to high school which was the last time she did anything.

No. 1170297

between uber expenses and how often she goes, she'd save so much money just getting a shipt membership and having her groceries delivered
Plus pandemic and she's leaving her house like 3 times a week for food, weed and "gym"

No. 1170299

soooo did she take some of that money and go get more food? We'll know she's spending it if SUDDENLY she's bragging about buying cheap shit to "Work" in.

No. 1170300

Why does she say she broke out of her castle? Cinderella was never held captive when she became a princess

No. 1170313

because she’s a fucking retard. cinderella was held captive by her stepmother, but not in a castle. she comes up with ideas when she’s high and then gets even more high before she shoots and improvises poorly. remember her harley quinn cosplay? bleak.

No. 1170316

I bet Womack won't give a shit about her after she moves out of Oklahoma.

No. 1170322

If she leaves, he'll be heartbroken his fantasy of hooking up irl will end kek

And I agree at that point he will probably stop the splenda daddy shit and interact less fervently.

No. 1170332

She is definitely splurging on food, wine, and the dispensary today given the 1k donation. I bet she spends half of it in one trip.

No. 1170334

File: 1614282209264.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3464x3464, F31D8899-3346-44B7-A7E8-C8B7E8…)

This retard still has his name on all his socials. He writes reviews under shays disgusting porn with his full name. He uses his “business” account to interact with e-whores and follows them.

No. 1170336

I'm going to do a blatant tinfoil but I really think Shay's dad is only bothering to help her move so he can effectively move her back in. Lbh it's obvious to everyone and their mother that she ain't coming close to scraping together the money to move. So its only natural to expect an inevitable shitshow/ twitter cry/tantrumfest

No. 1170343

It's obvious and everyone has been saying that

No. 1170345

The family probably has a secret intervention planned

No. 1170346

New video. And once again, it's a mess


No. 1170355

File: 1614283930071.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x2577, F464CDFD-66F3-46BA-9A2C-4B9796…)

reading the description it sounds like she has no idea about the story of cinderella. she says her father is the king and she’s never had sex??? huh??? cinderella MARRIED THE PRINCE, you fucking moron. this is the most basic shit ever and she still manages to fuck it up.

No. 1170358

File: 1614284221116.jpeg (45.67 KB, 524x508, 370F486E-6640-4F86-BC4C-A1263B…)

her neck and chin have officially become indistinguishable

No. 1170360

File: 1614284249228.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.81 KB, 1284x723, C8A184F8-32AC-4A12-A8D3-17EF03…)

the sexiest porn star over here

No. 1170362

File: 1614284301833.jpg (410.61 KB, 1080x1622, Screenshot_20210225-141809_Twi…)

Just no

No. 1170367

this singular out of context screenshot has me cackling

No. 1170371

The best running joke of all these threads

No. 1170372

can braindead e-whores stop being so desperate to sexualize literally everything for 5 seconds. like why would there even be a “sexworker disney princess” in an ironic scenario?

No. 1170374

Its so laughable that it's that entire dumbass description but then she's just…visibly holding a dildo and talking to herself like she's mentally ill. This CAN'T be acting lol show don't tell Shayna

No. 1170375

I think she’s mentally incapable of show don’t tell. half of her videos start with “i’m dolly mattel, this is what i’m gonna do in this video, let’s start!” almost as if she is so retarded she has to remind herself what she’s supposed to be doing.

No. 1170378

More Chris Chan level writing. Why would she cut her dress for him to fuck her? She can just pull up her dress, she'd have to cut her panties.
I didn't watch any of the retarded clip, but that makes zero sense.
Another lonnnng block of text where she describes every single moment of the dry porn and it's always identical.

No. 1170380

This is soooo fucking fake, it's well known e-whores pull this shit to look popular and soooper saught after by degenerate scrotes, the fact she can't even put in the effort to make it look real. K E K

No. 1170390

Literally any ugly bitch can do sex work… Why do e-whores think they're so special, specifically fattys? There are people that get turned on by being shat on, being some ugly scrotes secret fetish is hardly something to be proud of. I'll take being able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded than having a few womacks stroking their filthy dicks to me thanks Shay.

No. 1170392

This might be one of her worst videos. Innocent princess vibes in that probably typed whilst drunk mess of a description… Total cunt vibes in the video. Also, she makes no effort ever to make it look like a real sex scenario, this girl is really just shoving dildos in her mouth and asshole sloppily at the same time. This video was so bad. She really needs to quit sex work.

No. 1170408

this bitch is lucky as fuck

No. 1170415

Not really. It's all gonna be gone by the end of the weekend

No. 1170417

File: 1614286971287.jpg (207.09 KB, 1080x1035, Screenshot_20210225-150227_Twi…)

Shay, we all know your parents are funding the trip to move you back

No. 1170420

there's some sex workers who make really good money, they can brag. shay though? shay begs for grocery money like a starving artist except she's not an artist and she certainly isn't starving. she isn't successful even by failing sex worker standards.

No. 1170424

It's like every sex worker brags but their lifestyles tell the truth. Shayna thinks she's successful because she's managed to scrap by all these years, not because she actually has much to show.
Like, "not being homeless" is basically what she's bragging about. Not a car, not nice things, not anything else.
Just, "Well I didn't quit!"

No. 1170425

File: 1614287728989.jpeg (314.48 KB, 1242x1724, 9317D459-67A3-4ECE-B97F-7ABC51…)

Aw how sweet Shayna’s inbred retarded bf already left a review on her video

No. 1170427

File: 1614287802866.png (Spoiler Image, 72.53 KB, 181x225, Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 2.13.…)

I don't know why she always films from a low angle. It's so unflattering and if anything it just draws more attention to how much weight she's gained.

No. 1170431

File: 1614288053131.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 340.12 KB, 791x696, E463734D-DCD8-4673-90B0-3D0D16…)

Her boobs looks horrible

No. 1170432

>exciting and entertaining
Girl you live in bumfuck Oklahoma with ZERO friends and an ex boyfriend who pretends you don’t exist.
Ah yes so jealous, I wish my man hid me from his family and lied about who I am. So exciting.

No. 1170433

next thread pic

No. 1170434

Crazy eyes

No. 1170440

it looks like she has swimming trunks on and I don't get why she always poses like that.

No. 1170441

There is something about it that looks like art. I wish I was one of those artists who paint realistic, unflattering/ugly pictures of their subjects because this would be a perfect reference pic.

No. 1170450

File: 1614289302946.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 117.92 KB, 750x1022, 65761466-DCD6-4F0A-A7EA-FDC1A9…)


The yeast trying to escape her sarlacc pit during this anal scene made me actually gag. Spoiled because her pussy has aged like milk.

No. 1170452

>she panics, knowing how bad she was at sucking your dick the first time

No. 1170459


same reason she got so fat. laziness. its easier to lean the the phone against something on the floor than to set up a tripod.

shes a classic example of someone who peaked in highschool and never had to develop any real personality and skills because laying on her back used to get her by. sorry fats, you gotta put effort in now if you want any sort of growth other than your waist.

No. 1170464


dying anon. bobby hill at the local pool with his waterwings on.

No. 1170474

why does she always hold the dildo while using it in any way?? I don't think I've ever seen this dumb bitch actually place it on something she just looks retarded gripping the suction base with her man hands

No. 1170475

File: 1614290421059.jpg (318.62 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20210225-160000_Twi…)

Because your "supporters" are disgusting

No. 1170478

sleep paralysis demon

No. 1170480

That and her dad died at the beginning of the movie when she was a kid and before she became a princess. This is like entry-level Cinderella knowledge.

No. 1170482

>puke fetish: check
>fat fetish: check
No one follows her for her beauty, do they?

No. 1170511

File: 1614293611982.jpg (208.12 KB, 1079x1045, Screenshot_20210225-165221_Twi…)

All you fucking do is sleep, eat, get high, and get drunk Shay

No. 1170512

File: 1614293686999.jpg (590.63 KB, 1080x1527, Screenshot_20210225-165415_Twi…)

Jason R Womack wishes he was

No. 1170515

kek these photos are so fucked. it's like she doesn't know how to shoop her amorphous blob of a face to look normal

No. 1170518

This is like her fourth porn in two months with a blackmail theme. Does she really think that's a catchy concept or has she really just ran out of ideas completely?

No. 1170519

She likes to try to be 'edgy' and 'taboo'.

No. 1170526

what even about this video is blackmail??

No. 1170531

File: 1614295245312.png (200.58 KB, 969x1466, 1516819009718.png)

Throwback to when she said this kek

No. 1170556

The part where if she doesn't let him do anal, he'll tell the king she snuck out. It's in the description.

No. 1170567

if she REALLY IS buying groceries every week (which lbr, she's probably going and grabbing weekly snacks and then spending the rest at the dispensary) she's literally just being a complete idiot and overspending on groceries. any normal person would buy two weeks worth and do that every other week - hell, i know plenty of people that just stockpile their canned goods for a whole month and just buy their bread, meat, dairy, and fruits/veggies every other week. in comparison, they're saving much more money and being far more efficient with their food. i just don't get it.

No. 1170570

i know she calls herself the anal princess but would it actually kill her to do some vaginal stuff sometimes? i mean, i know there are guys out there that aren't into anal, she's basically cutting half her audience in half

No. 1170574

I feel like I’m watching her future low-camera-angle-My-600lbs-life- episode 5 years from now.

I think these fan fiction tier erotica paragraphs are my favorite thing about shay threads.
>she coughs and sits back
Literally just types out E V E R Y T H I N G that happens. It’s so bizarre.

No. 1170583

Why is she so incapable of setting up the dildo to actually make it look like she’s getting fucked instead of holding the dildos in her hands?? This dumb ass bitch is so lazy.

No. 1170595

File: 1614299145733.jpg (367.02 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20210225-182511_Twi…)

You mean your "abusive" family? And Shay, you definitely don't belong there. None of your old friends are going to want to hang out with you

No. 1170618

Remember a year ago when she said she couldn’t wait to move into her current apartment and how much better her life would be because of it? Kek. Lolcow farm remembers.

No. 1170645


while its true a lot of farmers come here to feel better about their own lives - its only possible because hers is just so damn pitiful. its hard not feel a bit better about yourself after reading her thread. she’s the greatest cautionary tale. but hey, guess she has to proud of something! thanks shay!

No. 1170694

File: 1614305116751.png (Spoiler Image, 5.67 MB, 1242x2208, C922865B-530C-45D1-802C-D18027…)

No. 1170696

teehee, she thinks living in Oklahoma is the reason she’s miserable and has spiraled. Can’t wait for the hindsight when she moves back and is still fat and sad:
Just like this, she thinks a change of scenery is all she needs. Or once she gets A, B or C that it’ll all click in her head and she’ll live her ~*~best life~*~. Kinda like that gym membership that improved her life and motivated her so much ohhh… wait…

No. 1170699

cinderella after five kids

No. 1170706

File: 1614305638758.jpeg (121.55 KB, 1242x270, 4E4C493F-7370-4275-8913-36C460…)

Oh god no

No. 1170712

This is enough to make a lesbian want dick. Her vagina is terrifying.

No. 1170715

kek, doing so much anal is probably one of the better choices she’s made, given that her audience is all men who like watching girls with no self-respect do degrading shit. that type of coomer doesn’t necessarily “like” anal but they always like seeing it because to them it represents the kind of girl who will do anything for male approval or cash

No. 1170716

So… she’s leaving Ribmeat to be alone in a crate on an airplane drowning in her own “revenge piss” for hours. Bitch is too dumb to understand that peeing is a natural reaction to being scared/confused/mistreated. Her pets deserve so much more.

No. 1170719

and she bought a whole ass fuck machine she never uses, which would work great for the kind of pov she tries to do lmao

No. 1170720

she really put on that sad excuse of a wig, took photos, facetuned the shit out of them, then looked back and said yes this looks amazing! can't imagine how absolutely fucked she is at all times to think this is worthy of anyone's money. shayna you are not successful or thriving you're at the bottom of the barrel and always have been and you don't even deserve jason womacks unemployment money for all your shitty content

No. 1170721

her vagina literally looks so much like a neovag gash that it’s hard to believe she was actually born female. maybe she really was born a male and her parents let her transition early to be “progressive” and that’s why her tits and vagina are all fucked up.

No. 1170724

what is this retarded tinfoil kek
but she really does look more like a mtf by the day, the $20 Amazon clothes and wigs only make it so much worse

No. 1170728

The put animals under to go in transport/cargo generally. Which is fucked up and obviously not good for a pet.

No. 1170734

while that'd make for some great milk she's a woman. fat and very unfortunate looking, but still a woman
i kind of hope she moves back in with her parents since she clearly can't be trusted to care for those animals herself

No. 1170739

She will. She will have to move into her dad’s place probably for a month while she looks for an apartment. He won’t let her “work” in his house so she will just beg for an entire month for money while also posting nudes.

No. 1170745

File: 1614308538823.jpg (Spoiler Image, 767.2 KB, 1078x1657, Screenshot_20210225-210209_Twi…)


No. 1170752

File: 1614309172724.jpeg (232.93 KB, 415x666, A0C73EA4-713A-4A50-850C-F37267…)

Bitch looks haggard even with a filter sheeesh

No. 1170754

File: 1614309252873.jpeg (98.69 KB, 675x1030, FFD8FEF9-AD7A-4B18-93F7-2791E5…)

One word: ew

No. 1170755

Not the filter working harder than Shay has all month

No. 1170761

it would make her boob implant story seem plausible, kek

No. 1170762

that shirt is stretched so tightly dear lord

No. 1170764

those ridiculous eyelashes dont do her any favors

No. 1170765

it would also explain why she's so into anal and why her orgasms are always fake. oh and her voice, and her gross coomer personality (remember when she revealed that she masturbates to her own porn? AGP vibes)

No. 1170767

Why did she buy those cat ears for the headset, to just put hair ties on it?

No. 1170769

shatna is not a tranny jfc. she just hates ses work and is riding off her ancient ~tumblr famous~ days because sex 'work' = a quick buck.

No. 1170774

we know she’s not it’s just a hilarious tinfoil especially as she gets fatter and looks more and more like jessica yaniv with each new shitty amazon outfit.

No. 1170780

>jessica yaniv

No. 1170783

I don’t know their male/birth name nor do I care because everyone knows it as jessica yaniv

No. 1170823

I really hope she does move back to her family. They'll be shocked to see how much shays ballooned up. I think she last saw her family almost 2 years ago iir.

No. 1170826

jonathan yaniv

No. 1170929

What exactly is her boob implant story

No. 1170930

Please don’t do this

No. 1170999

lurk more newfag

No. 1171003

Has she even used the fuck machine since moving into this apartment? If not, my guess is she tossed it during the move kek

No. 1171028

pretty sure she bought it after moving to this apartment

No. 1171053

Different anon here, she definitely got it over a year ago and I don't think she's used it since she moved. I only remember all this cause I moved the same month as Shayna lol

No. 1171055

I refuse to believe she threw it away, she’s just lazy. We’ve seen how many toys she has despite using the same ones over and over—same with the fuck machine. It’s probably collecting dust bc she either doesn’t feel like getting it out or she doesn’t feel like figuring out the angles in her videos.

No. 1171066

Didn't she use it for her Halloween skeleton video? She said it was too loud to use.

No. 1171069

also didn't she try to use it for that puppy cage video where she was too fat to fit inside and it wouldn't fit through the bars?? Bitch is just lazy, it's probably somewhere in her apartment getting chewed on by noodle.

No. 1171082

She used it for that nasty "boyfriend and dad threesome" video last month or something

No. 1171107

she said the fuck machine is too loud like anything could be louder than her labored breathing

No. 1171137

You left out creepy. No normal straight guy would look at her and say damn she’s hot lol

No. 1171156

File: 1614358674597.jpg (188.35 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20210226-105738_Twi…)

No. 1171157

Yeah she used it for that gross anal star of the year entry vid I think. There were several times she said she was going to use it, but shes too lazy and stupid to follow through. So its just the same generic dildo, huge loud wand, and maybe a buttplug occasionally. All while she lays on her fat ass back doing the same angle and routine every time. Very creative.

No. 1171169

Sorry but how is an old man big and intimidating kek
I think once again, she thinks a man in his late 30s is "old". Which is retarded. She would not be with an actual old guy (50+) unless she didnt have to do anything but show her tits n pussy and just get handed money. She has this delusional, cliche lolita sugar baby dream and it's never gonna happen. Shes about old enough to be a mom and certainly looks it, so being with a dude that's a dad at this point isnt cute, quirky, or edgy anymore. The "I'm fuckin ur dad" schtick was always classless, but now it's just completely dumb since shes in that age demographic and well, because of the pathetic Fupa bullshit for example.

No. 1171178

Truth be told money isn't required, just be a man, who pretends to be a daddy dom and edgy.
Her standards are very low, if she was the type to move on fast and not get attached she'd probably be on edgy daddy dom number 10 right now.

No. 1171186

File: 1614360309739.jpg (Spoiler Image, 536.85 KB, 1079x1668, Screenshot_20210226-112455_Twi…)

We all know this isn't going to happen

No. 1171197

File: 1614360947595.png (Spoiler Image, 757.58 KB, 874x451, 9FD71634-9943-40BE-BB45-22B2B3…)


What month was that? This says its from July. Pretty sure it was in her new place.

No. 1171202

Try loitering motorcycle clubs and dives Shay kek the south is full of big scary tryhards.

No. 1171207

She has negative hips. This pose is so unflattering

No. 1171208


Looks like she moved into her place sometime in April >>965122 which matches up with March being the last month of her lease. How does she expect to work enough go raise $5000 plus packing all her shit and getting ready to move?

No. 1171214

Obviously money and many other things aren't required kek. I'm just saying in her delusional fantasy she poorly tries to sell where shes an uwu bimbo sugar baby for an old man. But she wouldnt want to fuck an actual old guy. Just maybe show him her naked body and have him spoil her for existing. And that's never gonna happen.
The reality is she clings to and can't keep a 30something manlet who used her for internet clout and shit and an easy lay who keeps her a secret from everyone because shes a fucking embarrassment.
Like most all her "kinks" it's a flimsy farce to come off nOt lIkE oThEr BiTcHeS.

No. 1171223

Oh she doesnt. She expects to scam scrotes as usual for what change she can get and then racist mommy and daddy will inevitably cover the rest. I'm sure her dad would rather pay an apartment first, last, and deposit before having her come stay with him and his family. Hes probably paying for the uhaul too. And Shay will bring noodle and rib in it even though she acts like she needs 2k to put them under in cargo.
So really Shay is just trying to scrape together some money for snacks for the trip and so she doesnt look like a complete broke hoe.

No. 1171225

She's def gonna be in OK another month or 2, if she is leaving at all. We know how she is about packing. Takes her months to get her box of crusty sex toys, musty clothes and shoes, and couple of grimy pink items and walmart decor stuffed up. Cant wait for her to trash those giant teddy bears again though kek

No. 1171234

Imagine if her parents help her move home but say she has to junk all of her disgusting sex toys in order for them to do it, topkek rot in Oklahoma Shaytard you sweaty white trash pig

No. 1171256

shayna is gross and retarded, but what normal parent would make any mention of their child's sex toys? it's too weird and awkward.

No. 1171271

that would be really gross and weird. she’s an adult not 15.

No. 1171278

If they don’t want her to be a sex worker and they’re paying for the majority of her move I could see why a parent would, not just because she’s and adult with sex toys.

No. 1171286

File: 1614368508903.jpg (244.44 KB, 1080x1143, Screenshot_20210226-134145_Twi…)

No. 1171300

what are they going to do, go through her boxes to make sure? sorry but once your an adult your parents don’t have a right to do that. the scenario you’re describing is pretty creepy for a parent to do to their adult child.

No. 1171314

that would be weird af, but I could totally see her trying to put up her stupid wall of sex toys in her parents’ house and them having to tell her that’s not okay

No. 1171316


Maybe I’m being devil’s advocate here, but if she ends up moving back home (likely), while I doubt they’re gonna inspect her boxes, its totally normal and within their right to have final say on what is or isnt allowed in their house. She’s gonna have to have those crusty dildos and weed hidden away if she wants daddy to come save her. Thats the whole point of moving out of your parents, you dont have to live with someone else’s rules. Goes to show what 5 years of sex “work” will getcha.

No. 1171319

she smoked weed in her aprents' houses all through high school, they care more about the sex work than the drugs. It's still gonna be good milk if/when she does go home regardless. I feel like she's going to 'temporarily' move in with her dad and his new family and she'll feel incredibly out of place there

No. 1171320

Shes not a normal functioning adult though. Shes using their money so its their rules if they have her toss her crusty old toys cause they don't want her to still be a whore.

She doesn't have to beg mom and dad for money but she cant do any of this on her own so beggars can't be choosers.

No. 1171322

i get the vibe that it's more likely he would put her up in a cheap motel or something lol

No. 1171327

She's been talking like she's going to have her own place when she moves.. sounds like a lot of money for her parents to be spending to bring back their fat retard just to continue making disgusting videos for chump change. If the move even happens

No. 1171330

I highly doubt she would be staying in either of her parents homes.

No. 1171350

she's basically trying to LARP as a teenager. calling late 30s guys "old" is something 17yos do, not women in their mid-twenties

her parents are probably desperate for her to move back, I doubt they're gonna pick a fight over some crusty dildos. The last time they did that she moved to Seattle and started this whole milky downward spiral

No. 1171352

Her dad has a cabin, so maybe she's expecting to be put up there for a while.
Also she's already mentioned she plans on doing month to month at her current place for an unspecified period of time after March.

No. 1171355

of course all her gamer gear is just a prop… she was never going to play anything, and her stupid expensive pc build was for nothing

No. 1171359

I don't know why, but this pisses me off so much. Maybe because its such a huge and obvious waste of money.

No. 1171365

Another new cringey video. Isn't that the chair one of her followers bought months ago for her vibrator?


No. 1171370

oh god that HD is doing her no favors. lower the quality girl no one needs to see that

No. 1171374

File: 1614375686046.png (Spoiler Image, 2.3 MB, 1624x1612, Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-26 um 2…)

she can't be serious

No. 1171382

I wonder how many views she gets that aren't us farmers laughing at her lumpy retarded ass… who would actually watch and get off to this lazy cringy shit

No. 1171383

she's so fat that you can't even see where the flab ends and the genitals begin kek

No. 1171419


Whyyy does she think men (her customers) constantly want to see half her pussy covered by a dirty giant vibe. Like… instead of buying a too-small cheap costume, buy a new smaller vibrator? She caters too much to the yes men like Womack. Like honey, you’re already clearly faking your orgasms - so whats the point of using a massive magic wand style vibe?

No. 1171428

File: 1614379224727.jpg (409.18 KB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_20210226-164006_Twi…)

This is pathetic

No. 1171436

File: 1614380176008.jpg (285.18 KB, 1080x1489, Screenshot_20210226-165605_Twi…)

Only Shay would see this as a compliment

No. 1171438

this is unironically better grades than she ever got in high school.

can't believe she admitted she actually does want to go to college, after years of shitting on anyone who didn't peak in high school

No. 1171439

everything about her can be traced back to jealousy kek

No. 1171441

She obviously made this

No. 1171467

I think it's coincidental that a few weeks ago she talked about how she photo shopped her report card in HS and now a follower "made this" for her

No. 1171468

File: 1614384703726.jpg (213.07 KB, 1080x693, Screenshot_20210226-181141_Twi…)

No. 1171469

File: 1614384751569.jpg (234.22 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_20210226-181229_Twi…)

This is sad

No. 1171470

File: 1614384782362.jpg (248.39 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20210226-181254_Twi…)

Not sure why she deleted this

No. 1171478

my thoughts exactly kek

No. 1171481

because she misspelled string cheese

No. 1171491

Mostly drink and *jiggle because the few tips she gets to do sexual things, she either ignores, puts off, or acts like a moron through.

No. 1171492

File: 1614386276638.jpg (277.72 KB, 1080x1456, Screenshot_20210226-183749_Twi…)

No. 1171498

she could have played it off as ~uwu such a dumb bimbo baby~ lol.

No. 1171512

File: 1614388723632.jpeg (183.15 KB, 1242x763, D98BF636-386E-432C-8D2E-6FCA85…)

No. 1171527

10pm her time, about three and a half hours from now

No. 1171533

sometimes her onlyfans makes me laugh and then I remember she definitely has less subscribers than someone like nikocado avocado and I just pity her.

No. 1171538

This is literally the fattest drink at starbucks

No. 1171543

Nikocado avocado puts in more effort spreading his gaping bussy than shay does with her ~5 years of sex work~ experience

No. 1171546

File: 1614391826284.jpg (581.87 KB, 1080x1483, Screenshot_20210226-201014_Twi…)

No. 1171547

File: 1614391856291.jpg (1001.57 KB, 1078x2101, Screenshot_20210226-200956_Twi…)

No. 1171549

yeah the gut and fupa hanging down is a nice touch, shayna

No. 1171550

I genuinely want to know what her aversion to wearing blush is

No. 1171559

i can't wait for the downgrade when she gets on camera. She's so backwards, for her anniversary she threw on anything, but for this she actually attempts to get dressed up?

No. 1171562

I hope those fake freckles are a filter and she's not going to go HD on cam like that that is a choice

No. 1171563

Why does she keep making this face lately? Makes it look like she's doing a goofy face and sticking her top lip to her teeth, but instead she just doesn't have a top lip

No. 1171564

Yeah, it’s definitely a Snapchat filter

No. 1171573

I can never tell because of the other 5 layers of filters. Thanks anon

No. 1171576


girls who advertise in a looks-based business with extreme filters are the worst. i know coomers have cumrotted brains, but they’re not stupid enough to not notice this looks nothing like you when they you know… see you and all. Add on the majority oh guys who dont drool over troons generally like the natural look.

No. 1171577

File: 1614394433673.jpeg (208.23 KB, 1242x524, BB4B26AD-9C7D-43F0-B5F4-20EA25…)

Are you not doing these things anyway???

No. 1171580

she never does this

No. 1171581

For sure my dear anon ;) It caught my eye when I was looking for the most pleasant Snapchat filter haha (it is very flattering)(;))

No. 1171583

Right? That’s 101. Elementary, my dear Shaytard

No. 1171584

How is this "funny"? It's general self care.

No. 1171586

File: 1614395126605.jpg (221.67 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_20210226-210520_Twi…)

No. 1171588

File: 1614395148728.jpg (333.09 KB, 1080x1425, Screenshot_20210226-210435_Twi…)

She called this her Barbie look

No. 1171589

Did she enlarge her eyes? Lol I wonder if the little rat eyes comments got to her

No. 1171590

No doubt. She ditched the “floaty heart filter” from yesteryear and has moved on to extreme filter level 10 without mercy.

No. 1171592

She looks like a pinhead

No. 1171593

what is with this new extra retarded side smirk she’s been doing? I honestly think she strives to look special needs.

No. 1171594

the eye enlargement mixed with the over smoothing and beauty filters. who does she really think she’s fooling? we all know what you look like on cam, piggy.

No. 1171595

File: 1614395970626.jpg (174.88 KB, 1080x960, Screenshot_20210226-211923_Twi…)

Get ready everyone

No. 1171596

Why is wearing a wig difficult to her?

No. 1171603


So she just straight up admitted on her sex work twitter that she only practices hygiene for show? Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1171604

She looks like she has facial paralysis, kek

No. 1171605

because she probably bought a wig too small for her head

No. 1171607

File: 1614397538229.jpg (194.82 KB, 1080x602, Screenshot_20210226-224508_Sam…)

Literally why would you post this

No. 1171608


Imagine going to a camshow because she’s advertising that she looks like this then showing up to a drunk, brunette, shapeless hobbit who is 60+ heavier.

No. 1171609

And she's doing this >>1171607
Literally pissing herself.

No. 1171610

File: 1614397720318.jpg (22.92 KB, 220x275, SamTheEagle.jpg)

Sage for absolute retardism but when she does this face she reminds me so much of this fucking muppet for some reason.

No. 1171611

File: 1614397869685.jpg (351.77 KB, 1080x1106, Screenshot_20210226-215055_Twi…)

The comments are even worse

No. 1171612


I know we joke about her ass being loose, but that is seriously SO BAD to do to yourself?! How is that even possible? Are her coomers purposely trying to get her prolapse herself?

No. 1171613

she doesn’t know how to put on makeup. she’s slowly learned one look and is still barely okay at applying it. the only variety is her lip color and the lipstick is still applied sloppily.

if she understood contour and blush, she could maybe not look like she’s in the special needs class.

No. 1171614

is her asshole really was that loose she wouldn’t need to push so hard to get the plug out. if you push down on that muscle as a woman you can also piss yourself. it’s just a pelvic muscle thing. not really sure why she has to post about it though…

No. 1171616

Butt juice ew wtf
Isn’t that just…. diarrhea

No. 1171618


I moreso meant trying to push butt plugs out of your asshole with no hands can lead to severe prolapse and looseness. She’s an idiot. They tell you not push when you’re taking a crap for this exact reason. Especially hard enough she pissed all over herself. Horror-cow levels.

No. 1171620

Cannot wait for Hemmy Mattel saga

No. 1171621

let’s be honest she’s probably given herself a prolapse at least twice in the past five years. chick is obsessed with her asshole like she’s a power bottom gay guy or something.

No. 1171622

File: 1614398794794.jpeg (234.08 KB, 1242x458, 8CB777DF-DAEC-47DF-8867-D82E68…)

No. 1171624

Technically you took about a year off

No. 1171626

Imagine the state of that grimy white (grey) rug, stinking of piss and covered in pet hair. Gag.

No. 1171627

shes live!

No. 1171628


Live, listening to Britney and fidgeting.

No. 1171630

This is so sad. Apart from like 5 coomers the rest of us are farmers I think

No. 1171632

this is my first time watching lol I'm curious how many farmers are here too

No. 1171633

Since when was she a cheerleader? She never said that. She always claimed to be a ballerina and "model"

No. 1171634

Probably because you are garbage at your job. Give up already

No. 1171635

I just came to say the same thing. This is my first time, and her cheer story with her total dorky laugh might make this tough for me.

No. 1171636

she just said her pink hair was going to cost her $600

No. 1171637

this bitch just rubbed her pussy fat

No. 1171638

i miss gif anon

No. 1171639

Ugh her nasally uwu baby voice is the worst

No. 1171640

File: 1614400270859.jpeg (282.54 KB, 750x553, C72C0D8A-BE0F-45ED-B650-BC91CA…)

‘it wasn’t a cumshow it was just edging’

yeah shay, edging…aka using your crusty vibe for a whole 30 seconds and then going back to talking about stuff the coomers aren’t here for. 5 years everybody

No. 1171642

Her fat ass hands

No. 1171645

File: 1614400583384.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 326.92 KB, 750x562, C121C2E3-CF3A-4106-B6A7-FD250E…)

I’m kind of surprised she’s on, she seems really off without alcohol and like she’s being extra careful since she was so messy last time

No. 1171646

“who’s gonna tip me to open a bottle of wine?”

Buckle up ladies

No. 1171648

She’s begged twice already for someone to tip her to drink a bottle of wine. Seems desperate.

No. 1171649

this is so boring bruh if i was a coomer id leave

No. 1171650

You just know she's messaging Fupa whenever she's picking up her phone

No. 1171652

File: 1614400904725.jpg (113.53 KB, 1080x554, 20210226_223937.jpg)

She started saying something about if she had a large following and worked all the time. But I thought she was much popular, very hard work kek She stopped talking about it and changed the subject to wine.

No. 1171653

just picked up ginger cat to kick him out of room

No. 1171654

File: 1614400977240.jpeg (76.03 KB, 828x472, 62137E58-E869-41B8-9E16-4A2481…)

Ok she showed two pics saying she had “one amazing pic” she always showed stylists for reference. I only got one of the two. Dear god

No. 1171655

Here comes the fupa sperg. She's basically saying she's fat now but at least she has an ass because when she was skinny her ex would say she was all bone when he fucked her

No. 1171656

Didn’t grab a screenie but it was very clearly fupa’s ginger cat. She looked panicked when she noticed it and she’s ignoring everyone’s questions about it.

No. 1171657

File: 1614401064504.png (1.94 MB, 828x1792, 0E0570A0-6CDA-4F4C-85E1-4C9C65…)


No. 1171659

File: 1614401103408.gif (5.73 MB, 500x278, cat.gif)

throwin the cat out

No. 1171660

it’s hard to believe that’s the same person. she literally has a different nose.

No. 1171661

Couldnt get a screenshot but sure it's just "pink water" in that drink bottle.. who is she kidding!?

No. 1171662

At least the music isn’t wrangler jeans dad music ?

No. 1171664

File: 1614401400246.jpg (274.28 KB, 1080x1505, 20210226_224835.jpg)

Well we finally have confirmation other than shitty screenshots. Everyone saw the orange cat and she's ignoring the questions beyond saying she hates having to kick her animals out

No. 1171665

Right? She's obv just drinking wine in a water bottle

No. 1171666

I know if I were a coomer, I too would want to watch an out of focus toddler wobble to Toxic with a vacant look in her eye all night. Jesus.

No. 1171667

return of gif anon!!! we <3 u

No. 1171668

File: 1614401555221.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 249.12 KB, 750x431, 6AB9E28C-AD33-49E2-B500-6D4B52…)


No. 1171669

Just hopped on, but I'm going to try and record the rest of her show. Dropbox after for those who want to skip through or make gifs

No. 1171670

She’s talking about how she used to work as a waitress at Olive Garden and it was so hard for her because she hates “vanilla life“ and it drove her to become a cam girl. Shay you worked there for 1 day.

No. 1171671

File: 1614401736437.png (1.11 MB, 1038x589, Capture.PNG)

"I want to work when I want, make my hours, doing what I want"….so nothing, all the time? cool.

No. 1171672

That garbage hoard on her desk drives me nuts.

No. 1171673

God dammit anon look at what you’ve done

No. 1171674

i am not the og gif anon, i will try my best though sisters

No. 1171676

File: 1614401826064.png (515.18 KB, 813x453, mfc1.png)

She said she's gotta drink the whole bottle because she "accidentally" ripped the cork

No. 1171678

this dumb alcoholic bitch acting like she wasn’t planning on chugging the whole bottle of wine

No. 1171679

she looks so bored and annoyed as fuck… truly sad to watch

No. 1171680

File: 1614401988713.png (78.21 KB, 1056x80, citywhore.png)

kek wtf

No. 1171681

File: 1614402109928.jpg (28.27 KB, 396x339, lol.JPG)

No. 1171682

she said she likes "lil peep but he's dead". christ.

No. 1171683

teng33 you are so fucking autistic consider suicide

No. 1171684


No. 1171685

lol at her saying fupa wasn’t marriage material

No. 1171686

File: 1614402245615.jpg (71.72 KB, 1171x285, Capture.JPG)

No. 1171687

teng kys

No. 1171688

File: 1614402275678.jpeg (120.23 KB, 750x120, 817FC60C-1777-4DF0-9EBC-3CB97C…)

She’s sperging bc this person also called her a fatty before getting kicked lmao

No. 1171689

She was talking about Jim Morrison.

No. 1171690

File: 1614402401496.png (1.11 MB, 1039x581, lipchap.PNG)


No. 1171691

File: 1614402429044.png (658.51 KB, 838x452, Capture.PNG)

No. 1171692

i'm proud of her

No. 1171693

Then idk… maybe get the animals out of the room prior to going live or filming and shut the door you fuckin moron. Better yet, rehome them to someone who can afford them and properly care for them.

No. 1171694

she seems so sober it's freaking me out tbh

No. 1171695

SLK advocating for ~marginalized sex workers~ having horror movies on Netflix about them. Like Netflix doesn't glorify the fuck out of sexwork uwu.

No. 1171696

she's sitting down and she sounds like she just ran a marathon

No. 1171697

Amazing. Never would have believed she was using it.

No. 1171698

tbf she does have asthma from being a pothead

No. 1171699

What was the cow tip?

No. 1171700


this sperg teng33 >>1171686

No. 1171701

Bet she starts every show with the orange cat now for us

No. 1171702

I love that she just tosses her toys on the floor when she’s done with them. And then shamelessly picks them up off the floor to use them.

Like you have a whole ass desk. The fuck is wrong with you.

No. 1171703

she really is talking about steven avery and people being wrongly incarcerated on her sex work stream

No. 1171705

did she just lipsync the N word?

No. 1171706

Did she never actually dance when Womack tipped her for it?

No. 1171707

nah i dont think so i was looking for that too

No. 1171708

nvm I wasn't wearing glasses, sorry

No. 1171709

File: 1614403086208.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.84 MB, 500x282, tard.gif)


No. 1171712

i had to tap out she's just so fucking boring. godspeed anons.

No. 1171714

File: 1614403234720.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080, mfc2.png)

No. 1171715

She misses travelling and going out to clubs. BITCH WHEN???

No. 1171717

oh my god someone asked if she's agnostic and she said "I don't know what that means."

No. 1171718

The fact that they're talking about religion on a cam site is making me lose it

No. 1171719

>pretty with brains
>”I don’t even know what that word means.”
The comedy writes itself

No. 1171720

Lmao didn't she go to a club with some guy she dated to make Fupa jealous last year? I think he dumped her because she was a drunk sloppy mess in front of his friends.

No. 1171721

these bums are buttering her up telling her she's smart and beautiful so she will do stuff for free and she's too drunk, fat and stupid to realize or care

No. 1171722

Her thighs are horrifying. Cratered like an obese person's.

No. 1171723

File: 1614403488546.png (1.4 MB, 1713x732, existentialcrisis.PNG)

>wondering why I'm put on this earth and I'm a speck of dust worried about my own existence but my existence doesn't matter???
>you were put on earth to make us cum

No. 1171724

File: 1614403546874.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.54 MB, 500x277, pimples.gif)

watch out anons, the pimples are coming

No. 1171727

She pretty much confirmed a few threads back that it's always been Fupa she's been messing around with

No. 1171728

Mfw Shay leaves that eyesore clutter pile on her desk, always in frame. Please just push it to the other side of the desk you messy bitch.

No. 1171733

A guy asked about painting with a paintbrush in her asshole and she told him about her asshole marker top kek

No. 1171735

she keeps talking about snowboarding and sports because her fans won't shut up with the sex jokes about it

No. 1171736

Kek anon…that’s Soft Cell.

No. 1171737


No she's not she's listening to the original song

No. 1171738

The chat is just talking about their cat's names cause she went to pee kek

No. 1171739

File: 1614404233208.png (1.46 MB, 1716x829, catsperg.PNG)

No. 1171740

kek anon what did you scribble out? did you buy tokens?

No. 1171742

Other than saying "Is he in here?", she's completely ignoring questions about the cat

No. 1171743

She’s so quiet and awkward looking because she doesn’t want to talk about Fupa’s cat kek and they’re all asking questions about it

No. 1171744

She just picked her crusty dildo off the clutter desk and picked some crud off of it

No. 1171745

pls no bully

No. 1171746

I'm pretty sure naughtylemon is a cow tipper. I recall from last cam. Also by what they keep saying in chat. It's not as obvious and obnoxious as some others, but.

No. 1171747

>Buy more tokens


No. 1171748

for the culture. im wheezing

No. 1171751

Just admit it Shay. It's obvious. It's not Rib. Just address it. You can spin it however you want at this point. It's just weird to ignore it any longer.

No. 1171753

File: 1614404680636.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1031x580, thriving.PNG)

I am deceased

No. 1171754

anon are you okay stop double posting

No. 1171757

She's probably going to abandon it at an animal shelter if she ever moves and doesn't want the blowback.

No. 1171758

File: 1614404843917.jpeg (267.27 KB, 1001x1280, B2EF626C-4C01-4A06-8911-41B7E4…)

Her laggy ass connection ironically makes me think she’s a victim in a horror movie, considering the sperg earlier

No. 1171759

What the fuck music is she listening to right now

No. 1171762

“I have, like, a playboy cowgirl costume” lmao that fit you 70 lbs ago

No. 1171763

Oh thank God, I thought I was having a brain aneurysm
Sounds like Johnny and June but I could be incorrect

No. 1171765

lol proxychan is that u??

No. 1171766

First time watching her live and jfc her voice is jarring asf. I thought she would have a somewhat feminine voice for a "bimbo".

No. 1171767

im thinking thirsty is a farmer too

No. 1171768

kek yeah but it was still funny to hear Shay say “I don’t really… have a skincare routine”

No. 1171769

“Do you like Adam Driver” STOP IT

No. 1171770

>adam driver
definitely a farmer. BRUH

No. 1171771

"Do you like Adam Driver?" We see you, bitch.

No. 1171772

NOT THE ADAM DRIVER y'all need to stop acting up lmao you cowtippers are on thin ice

No. 1171773

Thirsty is a driverfag oh god
Also she’s being a complete bitch and ignoring that chick in the chat oh my god why is she like this

No. 1171774

Some bitch is asking about her skincare routine?? Are we watching the same stream? She literally just discovered chapstick.

No. 1171776

Her music is putting me to sleep. She’s so annoying and boring at the same time.

No. 1171777


No. 1171780

File: 1614405865829.png (5.96 KB, 381x37, dmtony.PNG)

Anthony comfirmed farmer kek

No. 1171781

“I’d give my face, like, an 8.5, but my personality is like… a 12”

No. 1171782

She thinks showing her snatch online for free, smoking weed, and liking old music is a personality

No. 1171783

Jesus all these people except like 3 are farmers how bleak

No. 1171784

honestly i wouldnt doubt if it was really putting him to sleep too

No. 1171785

Wouldn't doubt it tbh. Was just funny that exactly 2 mins after the lolcow comment he said that it was putting him to sleep

No. 1171786

It’s like 4 hours of her talking about music every time. She’s so boring.

No. 1171789

>im an empath

No. 1171790

shay going on about how some people don’t deserve dogs is so fucking ironic given how she neglects her own pets

No. 1171791

>I didn't like my life so I changed it

Bitch you still dont like your life tf do you mean

No. 1171792

File: 1614406586597.jpeg (614.11 KB, 1242x876, F23841E7-14CA-4F7A-9FF6-0FFCC2…)

>such a lady

No. 1171797

is it bad that I want shayna to just try twitch streaming. she's kinda fun to talk to

No. 1171798

File: 1614406861348.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1338x852, Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 1.20…)


No. 1171799

File: 1614406880783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.41 KB, 862x482, dollycandid.JPG)


No. 1171801

I hate to admit it but I kinda agree

No. 1171802

File: 1614407048821.png (119.36 KB, 848x148, Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 1.23…)

the chat really is all farmers

No. 1171803

her social media presence is god awful but on a live her voice is like very calming like I hate that I DON'T hate this right now

No. 1171804

Ikr, wish she'd turn on guest chat.

No. 1171805

No. 1171806

It’s def fun pretending to be a dumbass scrote lol

No. 1171807

Quit cowtipping fucker

No. 1171808

shayna if you're lurking start a twitch account and just play a simple game and talk. your sex work followers will watch, farmers will watch and you could get a genuine following that's based on your personality instead of your body
sage for advice because I've finally become a shayna life coach anon…. yikes

No. 1171810

okay is linneafae a farmer? kek

No. 1171811

File: 1614407744604.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.07 KB, 863x481, dgfdhg.JPG)

>pelvic thrust

No. 1171812

in case people missed it: Shayna admitted she basically never gets high anymore and made excuses as to why she can't take a T break (nausea/anxiety)

No. 1171813

She put a blanket down this time so her ass sweat doesn't squeak

No. 1171814

That is a fat 40 year old man taking a piss

No. 1171815

No. 1171817

File: 1614408401075.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.78 KB, 863x476, fghgfhgfhfgh.JPG)

She's so dead in the eyes

No. 1171818

bringing up fupa again. how many years has it been now, shayna?

No. 1171819

She's been on almost 3 hours, and if I'm calculating right, she's only made about $59

No. 1171820

She just straight up admitted to having alcohol poisoning jfc

No. 1171824

Said she's slow for tips tonight. Kek that's because all the viewers are farmers

No. 1171828

lemon and proxy are farmers right? lol

No. 1171830

And linnea

No. 1171832

Thirsty too that driverfag

No. 1171833

talking about how she used to have 150k on tumblr and now she can't even get 100 viewers with her tits out kek. bleak.

No. 1171834

so lame just 5 real coomers isn't that really low for a sexworker? even newbies on twt have 20+ rn she's sperging like crazy about her oldself and admitting she has a few supporters lmao Shay wtf

No. 1171836

she doesnt like twitter because "it's too political"

and she keeps burping omg

No. 1171837


How embarassing. She’s been sitting around completely naked for almost two hours now and couldnt even get 500 out of her 1500 token goal for the cumshow.

While I dont find her as entertaining as the cowtippers in the thread, maybe she WOULD do better keeping her clothes on with Twitch streaming. She probably earned what like 30-50 bucks over 3 hours? Yikes.. 5 years of sex work….

No. 1171838

Linnea was definitely a farmer, she mentioned doing a twitch stream

No. 1171842


As embarrassing as her being naked for 3 hours for minimum wage was… the weird failed SW farmers bonding with her on a Friday night was even more cringe. You enjoyed talking with her? Kek.

No. 1171847

this is lurch x luna energy

No. 1171848

Yet she didnt know Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard earlier lol

No. 1171850

You can’t tell me this isn’t Fupa

No. 1171851


Thanks anon. Missed her show because not that part of the Earth.

No. 1171852

She couldnt do Twitch jfc. She's boring. She hadnt progressed in the 5 years shes been doing this. Just got fatter, uglier, lazier, and now repetitive. She acts the same damn way only shes not young and skinny and somewhat cute now. Shes very average.
Streaming requires a schedule you actually stick to to get consistent views, knowing how to properly stream, set up, etc. Her few scrotes want her naked, so even less would watch. It would literally just be farmers consistently and that would be retarded. Speaking of, those cowtipper retards tonight have been cringy. "Fun to talk to" what the fuck.

No. 1171854

Her saying she has a fat ass when she has a 2 inch ass crack and her ass cheeks are flat as fuck always annoys me. WHy you lying like that?

No. 1171856

Those anons you pointed out can enjoy hearing her talk without it being a big deal kek. Relax.

No. 1171860

I agree she can't do Twitch in the long run. It'll be entertaining for us for sure, but she has a limited amount of topics and stories to talk about so unless she tries, it won't work. And she won't put effort in because if she did in sex work she wouldn't have to consider twitch in the first place.

She's better off sticking to MFC because scrotes want to see that content even if it sucks. She attracts coomers that think they have a chance and can directly talk to her because she's not big. Ideally, she would do both, but Shay is allergic to hard work.

No. 1171890

Am I the only one who finds it funny she uses those Pocky sticks as an decoration?
The 20-40 she uses on dumb shit from doordash, to get some cute doodads.

No. 1171922

honestly, after seeing her live i think she get more traction if she marketed her as bruh girl making parody porn

No. 1171936

Gaining so much weight and still having a flabby gross pancake ass really sucks huh…This bitch really thinks she's a slim thiccc bimbo qween kek.

No. 1171941

Anon please, most low tier streamers do the bare minimum. Especially OF whores on twitch aren't looking to profit off subs there, it's just an advertisement venue for them. She can pay a bitch off fiver to set the whole thing up. Stop discouraging her. I want twitch saga so fucking badly!

No. 1171952

Yea the anons saying she has a soothing voice aren’t too far off. She’s so boring I was nodding off. I don’t get why some people find her fun to talk to? She talks about music and her high school and tumblr days. It’s BORING. I read more interesting things in /g/. Also her voice is grating to me. It’s so nasally and she breathes like she weighs 600lbs.

It’s clear (well it has been) she just wants to get paid to talk about herself. She would be more interesting doing twitch for sure.

No. 1171969

File: 1614442293120.jpeg (343.95 KB, 1183x1600, 5280820B-3C0D-430C-A2C3-DCEDEA…)

Venus of Willendorf vibes

No. 1171973

you guys that think she’s “fun to talk to” or interesting on any level need to raise your standards kek. i would be embarrassed.

No. 1171975

File: 1614443043129.jpg (349.05 KB, 1056x1252, 20210227_092317.jpg)

Lmao is the greedy bitch pixie? Shes the only one shes ever paid

No. 1171976

here we go again

No. 1171979

File: 1614443494912.jpg (359.09 KB, 972x2046, 20210227_103022.jpg)

Full set of tweets.

It's interesting how when she was selling "advice" it was okay for her to charge people, but when others want to charge, it's totally unfair.

No. 1171980

File: 1614443534892.png (Spoiler Image, 118.52 KB, 497x275, 6.PNG)

I just find it funny that looking here it seems like she's talked about the same shit she talked about last time.
Olive Garden, her weight, Fupa, Tumblr, smoking, drinking and music. Nothing is going on in her life.
I don't know if she really believes her face is a 8.5 but then again she thinks picrel is a "fat ass" so maybe she really does think her face is a 8.5.
Seriously, I've seen twinks with fatter/nicer asses. This ass looks like it belongs on a 50 year old sissy.

No. 1171981

I know, right? Like clockwork and she's not seeing all the things she's doing wrong. Read the threads for literal free advice, Shay. Oh wait, you already do.

No. 1171983

Shayna you don't inherently "deserve" anything. If you're not doing well that's not on the consumer, that's on you. It doesn't matter if you think you're putting in 100% and deserve more, clearly what you're doing isn't working and you need to do better. .

No. 1171987

It's like she was recreating the Lurch and Luna gif but solo.

No. 1171988

Just 3 days ago she was talking about how her life is so exciting and her haters are unsuccessful.>>1169412
Now here she is whining about how she's unsuccessful.

Also, I don't get why someone who makes fetish basically parody porn does not understand why she's not making more money? Not only does the shit she make not appeal to everyone but she's not attractive enough to stand out.
Back when she was skinny, she had no ass and little tits. Now she's chubby with no ass and lopsided small tits.
Then her porn is boring and identical. She does not "Deserve" anything and she's not "working hard".
She cares more about dumb outfits, the description and the pictures she puts out for free then her actual porn.

No. 1171990

what's crazy is honestly without lolcow she would probably be even more obscure and making even less money. we're the only thing keeping her relevant at this point.

No. 1171996

File: 1614444916669.png (30.16 KB, 486x442, 3.PNG)

she deleted most of her meltdown. She needs to get a diary, or make a blog somewhere. Why post this shit and then delete it. She's so lonely that she just has to get it out, even if she deletes it mintues later.

No. 1172001

File: 1614445227401.png (11.95 KB, 615x133, 2021-02-27 11_59_30.png)

did anyone catch how many tokens she made?

No. 1172010

what a dumbass. for someone being so obsessed with "haters", she could at least pay a little attention to what is being said about her content. she needs to rewatch her old videos and get a reality check.
i'm repeating this again for shatna: all of her videos for the past year at least have been the same routine with different costumes. zero effort put into the plot, background setup, finding flattering angles. she has so many sex toys and a whole ass fuck machine and yet uses the same 2 crusty dildos and a wand in every. single. video. AND has the audacity to charge 3x the price them, compared to her old content which had so much more variety.

No. 1172016

God she’s an idiot. Just because you put in 100% effort doesn’t mean you deserve success. This mind set is why you’re a massive failure, Shay.

It’s been said time and time again…pay attention shat. You are stuck on this Barbie bimbo crap and you need to stop. You need to find a different market. You’re fat. Accept it. Do mukbangs or start advertising yourself as a BBW. It’s not THAT HARD.

Or just go the parody porn Route. I feel like she would be so much more successful if she did. She could do her uwu so quirky dumb personality She’s so stuck on(that doesn’t go with bimbo at all). I don’t get her. She’s so stuck on what made her “popular “ on tumblr and refuses to budge.

No. 1172018

well to be honest she also had a whole bunch of tumblrfags to support her as well

No. 1172019

Idk how you could be in sex work this long and not understand that this field relies on being young, pretty, and sexual. Although she is still young, in the sex work field she is aging out. She has also had the most unfortunate weight gain and her lifestyle has taken a toll on her looks. It is also clear that she does not like being sexual, hence the “cam shows” that focus on her talking about herself.

No. 1172024

This has been said many times. She really should since that's what she basically does anyway. But she clings to and desperately wants to be a ~pampered bby bimbo brat~ living in luxury, paid to exist. Never gonna happen.

No. 1172025

Someone is upset they didnt even make a 100 last night kek.
Sometimes your best isn't good enough, sweaty. So you gotta move on. But usually people who say that are in fact not giving their best. But if she is, then yeah, she sucks and needs to figure her life out because she's clearly peaked in SW. However small that peak was.

No. 1172028

Maybe posting your better pics uncensored on Twitter wasn't a great marketing move. Or making your OF 3 bucks for so long that the wave of scrotes and troons and such came through, saw the 2k of identical shit with a few ill fitting outfits, and dipped. Now trying to charge more for debatably worse content.. nah, it couldnt be anything she did or didnt do. It's just those other bitches fault.

No. 1172042

Welcome to capitalism bitch. The economy gives zero fuck that you did “your best”.
>if only I made 10k a month
KEK I’m all about shooting for the stars but focus on making rent a month Shay. SW is soooo glamorous and rewarding right? Remember when she shat on people who took out loans to go to college while harping about how she’s totally gonna be someone’s trophy girlfriend with a house in her name by now? Get rekt.

No. 1172043

File: 1614451390383.jpeg (747.03 KB, 1284x1127, EFEC6001-5B22-4AD5-AFAA-EF81A3…)

shayna, seriously, just start branding yourself as parody porn. this is idiotic.


No. 1172044


kind of feel like this is about her competition pixie. Pixie’s latest twitter posts have been mentioning her top 0.6% and she also recently posted about how being top 5% includes 22,550 other e-whores (Shaynas top 2% gets her lost with 9000 other girls).

Thought you genuinely enjoyed your work fatass? Or is reality finally sinking in?

No. 1172046


She had an original tip goal of 350 to get naked and got that pretty quick from the honton guy, but then set a 1500 tip goal for a cum show. I came back after a couple hours and she hadnt even gotten 500 of the second goal yet. Even farmer guests were dropping quick because she was so boring.

No. 1172049

Do you guys think she seriously doesn't know she is ugly?

No. 1172064

top 2% is roughly 4500 a month, how is she not saving ANY of that? her rent is like 900, and she has internet/phone/basic utilities. that’s at least 2200 that she’s getting from the site, not counting her cash apps and ~reimbursements~ so she has no excuse to just stop spending money and let it sit in her account so she can move.

No. 1172071

she doesn't know she's ugly, she doesn't know her personality sucks on account of her constantly complaining and whining, and she doesn't know her porn is absolutely disgusting and cringeworthy to 99.9% of the internet.

No. 1172074

she will never understand that the reason why she is flopping is her turning into a fatty. if she would at least start marketing herself as bbw! but she is dense as fuck

No. 1172075

That’s nowhere near the amount she’s making. She’s making at most $1,400.00 on OF.

No. 1172080

She probably is. She upsells customs and does a lot of content packages. She’s making $1400 off subs but there are other ways she’s making money besides just the subscription fee. She certainly spends more than $1400 a month and since she doesn’t have credit (as of last time she talked about it) idk how else she could afford her lifestyle.

No. 1172084

people on OF post their incomes all the time, girls in her bracket make between 3500 and 5 if she’s actually top 2.

No. 1172090

If she made that much she wouldn't be begging all the time.

No. 1172093

…are we talking about the same shayna?
she’s constantly begging because she loves getting money for no reason. she blows her money on weed and grubhub. it’s easy to blow a shit ton of money on those things.
it doesn’t matter if she made $100 or $10k she’ll always be whining about needing money and showing her ass for free on twitter.

No. 1172100

File: 1614458000185.jpg (281.46 KB, 1512x812, pog.jpg)

No. 1172101

She could try being a MILF. She has the looks for it.

No. 1172102

Kek can this be the next thread pic?

No. 1172109

The title for the next thread could be: water and lip chap.

No. 1172111

MILFS are suppose to be hot, anon.
Hence the abbreviation Mom I’d Like to Fuck

No. 1172116

I disagree. I think she knows her life is shitty, she’s unappealing and that she’s unattractive and fat. But it’s easier to just beg for money, post stuff she thinks is funny for attention, and continue to do sex work because it all gives her attention. She’s most likely well aware of all her issues and failures which is why all her “gotchas” at her “haters” are just fucking coping and seething, and trying to act like her life is better than it is. At the end of the day the only thing she wants is attention and praise for doing absolutely nothing and is willing to degrade herself lower and lower for it

No. 1172119

Seconded for thread pic. My jaw hit the floor when I saw shayna use chapstick lmao I think it was a historical moment

No. 1172120

File: 1614460128018.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 215.93 KB, 960x1280, 7F4F414E-671D-4B63-BC05-EE86C4…)

No. 1172122

lmaooo the blur is working overtime, even her feet are blurred to death. there's no hiding them lunch lady arms though kek

No. 1172126

File: 1614461499080.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1010.48 KB, 3464x3464, 15AAD079-97B1-4CB1-BF74-77839B…)


Her chin is non existent now

No. 1172127

File: 1614461615809.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 160.61 KB, 960x1280, 8A6B8CEA-356A-4259-A544-264100…)

No. 1172135

Every time I see a pic she takes from that angle it looks like one of those giantess fetish pictures

No. 1172145

Still has the rose petals from Valentine’s Day 2 weeks ago on the floor

No. 1172146

This is all assuming and believing she truly is in the top 2%. She took it out of her bio and it's been months since we've seen a cap proof.

No. 1172148

Yeah and they arent going anywhere until/unless she moves kek
The laziest SW

No. 1172150

“I work so hard, what else could I possibly do”

No. 1172155

File: 1614464323865.jpg (1.21 MB, 3701x2776, black-hole-a-consensus-32a870a…)

No. 1172161

File: 1614464547833.jpg (451.89 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20210227-162215_Twi…)

No. 1172185

I will say I'm actually shocked she got on cam, has done multiple vids, and finally used chapstick. All in one week. This has been the most she's done in like a year.

No. 1172207

File: 1614469414162.png (263.1 KB, 828x1792, 864A96A8-E2DF-437F-BFFB-366160…)

No. 1172210

Funny, you just described yourself Shay

No. 1172211

> was just complaining about why she's failing on onlyfans.
>saying she's "thriving" and cares what people from HS think

No. 1172216

You moved to Oklahoma for a manlet scrote and share every boring, mundane detail of your life that consists of crying over said dude for years, ordering take out, smoking weed, and putting things in your ass. All while drinking daily and smoking to stay in a stupor, never having matured past high school mentally and egotistically, but go off.

No. 1172228

“see me thriving”
you couldn’t afford doordash without begging. come on now shay.

No. 1172232

>boring townie lives
You mean life in the town you want to move back to because you're so sad and lonely in Oklahoma? The one that you can't afford to move back to without your parents' help? Even after you've spent the past five years "thriving" aka making a fool of yourself posting images of your nasty crotch on the internet to live forever? okay, Shayna

No. 1172253

>Her dad will be flying in from out of state to move her home
>can’t afford moving on her own
>has $0 saved for the future and $0 invested
>her full legal name is tied to her degeneracy online
>is a fat alcoholic pothead with no friends
but she is thriving! She totally showed those losers back home.

No. 1172254

Damn, she projects all the time. Does she do it intentionally? Is her brain fried by drugs?

No. 1172257


Lol THIS. She’s literally selling piss in vials and posting free butthole pics online to try to get back to that same town. Hilarious.

No. 1172266

File: 1614473794905.jpg (19.6 KB, 645x94, fatty.jpg)

but it's the meds

No. 1172271

Take out sushi or a burger isn't nice" fatty.

No. 1172276

This is why you're fat and your sex work is cratering. She's young enough that if she starts eating well and stops drinking so much (because lbr, a shit load of the weight is from her drinking problem) she could maybe salvage her thin body without having too much stretch marks and loose skin. It's pathetic. Learn some self control. That's why you aren't doing well despite your supposed "effort", Shay.

No. 1172297

File: 1614476092675.png (617.61 KB, 1196x599, 0608613.png)

Shayna befriending troons because they're the only people who will interact with her

No. 1172299

File: 1614476151370.png (299.3 KB, 864x1872, Screenshot_20210227-203529.png)

Self doxxing on the main

No. 1172301

File: 1614476172783.png (377.53 KB, 864x1872, Screenshot_20210227-203540.png)

No. 1172303

File: 1614476207057.jpg (500.36 KB, 972x4232, 20210227_193518.jpg)


No. 1172305

File: 1614476244530.jpg (13.7 KB, 192x270, -mvkwnp.jpg)

KYS cowtipper

No. 1172306

File: 1614476263347.jpeg (421.52 KB, 1242x1418, 2B747B6F-69B4-4DF8-8ED4-4CADA4…)

Cope lol

No. 1172310

>I’m not fat, I’m jst a little chubby

Is this you >>1171799 ?

I think we know what the real cope is…

No. 1172311

can’t believe you didn’t choose >>1171811

No. 1172312

Most girls who make good money don’t beg for moving expenses or dumb shit like grocery reimbursement lol they just flex because they get paid regardless. Cope!

No. 1172313

File: 1614476838949.jpg (84.4 KB, 1080x262, Screenshot_20210227-194706_Twi…)

If you weren't insulted, you would have never posted it

No. 1172314

File: 1614476866343.jpg (370.28 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20210227-194637_Twi…)

No. 1172315

File: 1614476981986.jpg (49.02 KB, 548x329, cope.JPG)

you admitted on your own cam show that you started SW under your full legal name but okay, Shayna Clifford


No. 1172316

>I tell myself that I'm just chubby because I'm insecure about my weight gain

No. 1172322

again, she JUST talked about how she's jealous of other girls who make more on Onlyfans and she's not growing, yet she's mentioning again how she's "thriving" and "making good money". It makes zero sense

No. 1172323

File: 1614477510032.jpg (43.79 KB, 694x319, 20210109_030423.jpg)

Kek, to be so insecure, she loves showing off her fat fuck body for pennies.

No. 1172325

File: 1614477586504.gif (295.25 KB, 192x270, 67C13BBC-1DCB-462A-9603-973176…)

No. 1172331

Quality post kek

No. 1172335

File: 1614478051262.gif (11.46 MB, 236x275, 32997B7D-8175-4615-9866-92EADF…)

>A little chubby
Okay miss triple chins kek
Shayna nobody likes you enough to doxx you, you’ve said your birth name on your weed tumblr: shaygnarly.

Seethe harder you obese lowed IQ snaggletoothed big nose retard misogynistic pedopandering jealous bitch.

You aren’t special just because meth heads and old dying incel men give you $3 a month.

No. 1172340

imagine preferring doordash to a nice home-cooked meal wtf

No. 1172350

File: 1614479215652.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3999x2999, B324E88A-912A-4986-A3B2-FA084F…)

Fat & thriving uwu

No. 1172354

That fucking barbie. Its so good! KEK

No. 1172370

you are severely underestimating shay's weight lol
easily over 180 especially considering it's pure fat with no muscle, wouldn't actually surprise me if she were almost at 200 by now

No. 1172372

Shay: “I am not fat!”

Also Shay: “I have a fridge full of food and need money to move home, but I think I’ll doordash - I deserve it.”

No. 1172374

File: 1614481803017.jpg (Spoiler Image, 632.79 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20210227-210955_Twi…)

No. 1172380

Why does she look like an OAP on a rollercoaster in this gif

No. 1172381

But we literally tell her what she is doing wrong…

1- stop posting all your personal feelings and rants on your WORK account and ignore twitter drama.
2- pick a category for your porn and build a good fanbase.
3- make a schedule and fucking stick to it.
4- engage with your customers.

If she did these simple things she would make sooo much more money.

No. 1172414

next thread pic

No. 1172419

"Without paying some greedy bitch $500 for promo" coming from the girl who was charging $100 for sex work advice

No. 1172420

File: 1614488246491.jpg (180.97 KB, 1079x682, Screenshot_20210227-224928_Twi…)

Shayna Luther King at it again

No. 1172429

Do people show up on Twitter and just beg for the most basic shit? If your job isn’t able to supply you the most basic necessities, get another one. Or a different one. The fuck.

No. 1172431

File: 1614489650356.jpg (Spoiler Image, 508.3 KB, 1079x1287, Screenshot_20210227-232043_Twi…)

No. 1172448

Cowtipper is a shit, but kek at "every day I deal with this to produce the content i wanna produce and be the person i wanna be". Really, Shay?? Seem to be pretty miserable and complain often about how you dont like your body, behavior, life, etc and that your content doesnt get traction. That lazy, cringy, ugly, boring shit is the content you wanna produce? Your bitchy, pathetic personality and gross body are who you want to be? Interesting.

No. 1172453

Well you've always been built like a fridge. Now you're just a double door fridge kek. Sweaty, you're well past "a little chubby" sorry to tell you. Maybe if you hate your weight gain, commit to fixing it instead of being delusional. You get made fun of for being a fatty because you do it to yourself with your lifestyle and choices that you openly broadcast. And no, you arent making more money than ever what a blatant lie. If Only Fans never happened, you'd have fuck all. You're only scraping by on it and your subs have steadily declined with your appearance.

No. 1172571

she admitted to gaining 60 pounds on her cam show a week ago so that means she's around 175 pounds now, that's not chubby, on a 5ft 5in frame that's near obese on the BMI scale lol.

No. 1172706

File: 1614527658118.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1213x1274, DA03DA82-0D4E-4033-A832-6FB2B3…)

I still cannot get over how big Shayna’s nose is and how beady her eyes are

No. 1172711

She got that nose spread that pregnant women get towards the end of their pregnancy, when they’re huge and swollen kek

No. 1172718

This is what a 8.5 face looks like folks.
She can put chapstick on while she's live on camera but not for these pictures.

No. 1172727

File: 1614529269508.jpg (149.49 KB, 531x800, Z9180211-Black_rat_threatening…)

No. 1172732

girl is all under-chin

No. 1172737

saying her face is an 8.5 is a compliment

No. 1172741

she said this about herself, anon was being sarcastic

No. 1172745

No. 1172754

Why does she look like a weird ass dinosaur on this???

No. 1172762

File: 1614532375164.jpg (4.26 MB, 2299x3000, Bill_Clinton.jpg)

No. 1172764

File: 1614532891700.png (834.54 KB, 566x576, 3.PNG)

No. 1172768

fucking kek anon your autism is unbridled

No. 1172769

Honestly her lips/teeth are the worst part of her face

No. 1172780

I am so bothered by the accuracy

No. 1172782

The pink suitcase is from AliExpress

No. 1172786

Her moving sale posts have all of 8 RTs and 11 likes fuckin kek. 30k+ followers, so many fans, and thriving everyone!

No. 1172812

lmaoo anon I’m losing it

No. 1172831

where in the world are you getting 30k from????

No. 1172928

She's trying so hard for that Belle look kek

No. 1172994

File: 1614552152396.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 248.39 KB, 828x542, 0293614D-0816-4B63-8B98-A87EC7…)

No. 1172998

Brunch with fupa?

No. 1172999

She looks terrible and tacky

No. 1173000

File: 1614552297907.jpeg (107.62 KB, 828x337, 1C8C51F5-3B43-44B6-98B6-97D168…)

No. 1173003

hahaha she really went out like that, would of looked kind of decent 50 pounds ago

No. 1173006

File: 1614552545417.jpg (105.34 KB, 1080x333, Screenshot_20210228-164849_Twi…)

No. 1173007

she looks like she smells musty

No. 1173008

7 mimosas in the morning, jesus christ. Alcoholism isn't a cute look, Shay.

No. 1173011

No. 1173016

3/4 of a waffle, the fuck. it's like when amberlynn reid eats out and leaves some rice on her plate which she supposedly couldn't finish bc she's full since she's such a ~dainty girl~. she still proceeded to drink 1400 calories in mimosas kek

No. 1173017

KEK, exactly this!!

No. 1173020

File: 1614553415251.jpeg (119.32 KB, 960x1280, 8210AAE1-2D97-4A7D-88D7-6D662E…)

This outfit is atrocious

No. 1173023

awful outfit but last night's makeup and the greasy to the tips hair really are the icing on the nasty cake

No. 1173026

My bad, I thought she had 30k. It's 17k. But still. Her text posts about schedules, sales, personal shit, etc get the same interaction someone with a couple hundred followers would get kek. The only time she gets over a hundred is on porn pics of course.

No. 1173027

her face looks exactly like Jessica Yaniv's like it's getting sad, she has the agp smirk down and everything.

No. 1173029

She does look like a Great Value Belle knock off, I'll give her that. But at least Belle has life in her eyes and got her teeth fixed. Oh and is actually popular and somewhat likable.

No. 1173031

What the fuck is this weird frumpy sweater thing lol God that outfit looks cheap and bad. Also, what happened to being an "at risk" person who is being such a good citizen and staying home while those other selfish people go out and have fun so now she can't see her family!! Getting waffles and day drunk with Fupa is more important of course. Fucking bleak to order 7 drinks anywhere, any time, but specifically in the day at a Dennys or some shit kek.

No. 1173032

oof. was this her attempt to hide her lunch lady arms?

No. 1173036

So i bet she's going to not talk about moving for maybe a day or two, then her and fupa will fall out and she'll be talking about moving again.
I really believe she's with Fupa.

No. 1173037

fupa if you're lurking please tell shay to wash her hair

No. 1173039

Where’s her mask ?

No. 1173041

File: 1614554606137.jpg (329.72 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20210228-172322_Twi…)

No. 1173043

I have no idea what this is. It's dreadful. Can't believe she left the house in it.
And so much for moaning about people for going out in a pandemic.

I understand she's an addict so not getting weed and booze is just out of the question for her but this is just absolutely unnecessary.

Dead at her mentioning she didn't finish her waffle but 7 mimosas? Jesus.

No. 1173044

Why does she always say hair flick wtf isn’t it called a hair flip??? I imagine her flicking one strand of hair off her face with her pointer finger like it’s a bug when she says that.

No. 1173045

I mean who goes for brunch alone especially in a pandemic and shamelessly drinks 7 cocktails before noon by themself dressed as.. whatever that is.

No. 1173049

She probs took it off for the pic but idk where it is lol maybe her purse or the other tacky skirt pocket

No. 1173050

she is so disgusting, exposing herself like this in a public restroom where a child could walk in at any time. ugh.

No. 1173056

I can’t believe I never realized she was going for an egirl belle delphine look. probably bc she fails at it so hard.

No. 1173059

she can’t possibly feel cute in this, the top makes her look like a linebacker. it fits in such an odd, boxy way and looks like it’s made out of one of those sheets of foam paper used for crafts

No. 1173062

File: 1614557558741.jpg (183.55 KB, 1080x577, Screenshot_20210228-181219_Twi…)

No. 1173064

Lmao is this a real dude she made tweet that as a ‘term & condition’ for her sexting service, or is it a fake account of hers

No. 1173065

I'm guessing one of her "subs" that she's demanded to tweet that, like it'll be humiliating or something. Just getting other people to pay to advertise for her.

No. 1173066

She totally is kek. So pathetic.

No. 1173071

File: 1614559423356.jpg (253.56 KB, 1080x951, Screenshot_20210228-184310_Twi…)


No. 1173072

File: 1614559545293.jpg (470.03 KB, 1080x1531, Screenshot_20210228-184327_Twi…)

No. 1173077

Can she buy an iron next? How do you leave the house with your clothes so wrinkled

No. 1173078

Shes kidding right? She complains people are breaking quarantine and how she cant see her family yet here she is in a disgusting bathroom with not even a mask on? Yet if another person did this she would use it as an example of how people are sooooo horrible for going out

No. 1173080

I'm stupid af asking this but is there not a lockdown in tulsa? I was confused when she was going to the gym, but now she's going for brunch and shit too. how tf is everything still open

No. 1173083

what a retarded set up. a teacher automatically has power over a student. a student would be the “submissive” role. how can you claim to be a dom when you can’t even understand basic power play?

No. 1173086

because she never washes her stuff and just pulls it out of the amazon package and wears it.

No. 1173087

I'm not that much of a degenerate, so I'm confused as to how this dude roleplaying as a teacher is being dominated by Shay. Hes giving her "homework" and shit. Even if he was being fake blackmailed… idk. We already knew her idea of being a domme is completely shite and so she only attracts retards.

No. 1173104

lose weight, like a lot of weight, make better content (better angles, acting, etc) fix your hair, fix your clothes, fix your makeup. you might see a change shayna.

No. 1173110

Real lockdown ended forever ago or just never happened in some places. In pretty much all states you can go to restaurants and do regular shit now at reduced capacity.

No. 1173111

little piggy cosplay

No. 1173119

Anon I theorise this degenerate might like the fantasy of fucking his student but to lift the guilt (or shame or idk some scrote emotion), he could do some mental gymnastics to play it in his fantasy as if the student "made him" do it.
Sage for absolute retarded sperg

No. 1173121

That's 1000 calories worth of mimosas and at least 300-400 calories of waffle. At her height and weight, her BMR is about 1500 calories, so she had almost entirely her full day's worth of calories in one sitting.

But it's the meds and her racist trainer, right shay?

No. 1173127

File: 1614570222382.jpg (379.36 KB, 2896x2896, 20210301_002839.jpg)

Danny Devito cosplaying as Belle Delphine

No. 1173130

at least belle can open her eyes

No. 1173131

i hate both of them, but kek shayna you will never be belle or any other popular egirl no matter how much you shoop your photos. move on from it already

No. 1173133

And I doubt Shatna can lift her arms up that high to get the better camera angle.

No. 1173142

yeah this trying to be a ~kawaii barbie egirl~ thing is getting old, it just wont ever work for her. even when she was skinny it didn’t look right, she looked a lot better with a more alternative look since she has the skin tone of a corpse etc. if she wants to get anywhere she needs a complete revamp of her style because this is so so bad. she’s too fat and sickly looking.

No. 1173147

File: 1614574442782.jpg (309.23 KB, 1079x1163, Screenshot_20210228-225341_Twi…)

Grow tf up Shay

No. 1173154

File: 1614576675982.jpg (65 KB, 1080x427, 20210228_233034.jpg)

She's so pathetic…

No. 1173161

We all know you only have fupa.

No. 1173164

Like literally who else

No. 1173166

Do you guys think Fupa pity hangs with her / tries to be her friend because she's volatile or do you think he is obsessed with fucking her but embarrassed about it. I couldn't guess.

No. 1173168

Probably both lol
She has no one else so he might pity her. But she's also the easiest lay he can get, especially during the pandemic.

No. 1173169

According to her subtweet >>1173041 >>1173147, it's a pity hang.
I mean just look at the previous thread. Even he would build up some guilt over that.

No. 1173174

I noticed this a long time ago, she's attempting to do that retarded smile that Belle does.Also she looks like she just got done crying, her eyes look swollen.

No. 1173175

Both. I feel like if Fupa could do it over again, he'd probably never interact with Shayna. With all the suicide, "you're my favorite person, i need you" shit, I would'nt be surpised that in some ways he feels responsible for her.
He's a scum bag who wanted pedo-pandering kinky sex with a skinny "Tumblr famous" girl as a man with kids and whose older.

No. 1173239

The same.girl that spergs about other SWs copying her and "stealing her aesthetic" is legit trying to skin walk one the most well known egirls (now SW too) lmfaoooo I fucking can't with this negative forehead, neanderthal looking bitch

No. 1173277

File: 1614604645937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 484.39 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20210301-071639_Twi…)

Love that she's covering her gut with her arm

No. 1173279

can this bitch finally wash her hair i swear to god

No. 1173286

She's trying to. It's not working. I don't understand why she doesn't just invest in high waisted underwear, clothes that fit her. She could easily cover her stomach that way and slide the underwear over if she really wants to flash her pussy for free for whatever reason. You can still see the fold right above her pubic mound next to her arm, not to mention the other fat on the other side of her arm. It's not working sweetie.

No. 1173296

Oh man this is genuinely sad, I felt sorry for her for a split second before realizing she’s the reason she has no one—other people have tried to befriend/be kind to her, but she responds by being a massive bitch to them and in general, and she hasn’t changed her shitty attitude since being a teenager. Which isn’t a compliment. If she ever grows up and stops being a cunt for no reason, maybe she’ll make some friends and feel better. Being lonely is brutal.

No. 1173325

File: 1614612820542.jpg (512.12 KB, 1076x1340, Screenshot_20210301-150238.jpg)

Charges $15 for 3 reblogs and claims she still has over 150k followers on Tumblr. I'm guessing most are dead accounts or bots as her content barely gets an average of 200-500 notes. There are Tumblr blogs with 10k followers that get thousands of notes.

No. 1173334

her eyes look like that from weed

No. 1173358

Man I thought this was Shayna and I was going to say, "the swoop bang look, doesn't look that bad"

No. 1173384

yikes the homeliest looking girls are doing onlyfans etc these days I swear to god.

No. 1173386

File: 1614619038455.jpg (471.91 KB, 1080x919, Screenshot_20210301-111656_Twi…)

Shay, you can't even afford to move

No. 1173392

yeah and it's mostly due to the liberal bullshit "sex empowerment" movement being like hell yeah #girlboss get that coin sis! be a slut do whatever you want! degrade yourself for pennies! it's totally empowering! and lana del rey idolizing ddlg/sugar daddy culture to a whole generation of young girls. sorry for the derail but i fucking hate seeing the impact it had on society

No. 1173420

Lana never said “sell your pussy for $2” lmao these girls are just being groomed by the porn industry. Very sad.

No. 1173447

What even is this pose? It makes her vage look huge like her pubes grow all over her belly. What doesn’t she just google sexy poses for chubby women or some shit like that

No. 1173458

File: 1614624437615.jpg (651.13 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20210301-124710_Twi…)

No. 1173460

File: 1614624640511.jpeg (127.34 KB, 940x1091, 3864646D-BA83-429D-BF77-F3FA9A…)

Same vibes.

No. 1173461

her face and nose are so different from what they used to look like. it’s like some tranny killed the real shay and is just wearing her skin poorly

No. 1173471

She looks so dirty and smelly. Her makeup is from last night you can tell she doesn’t even wash her face ew. I bet her ears are loaded with earwax. Jfc why does she have fat rolls on her neck?

No. 1173480

agree kek

No. 1173509

File: 1614629686304.jpg (304.06 KB, 1079x1120, Screenshot_20210301-141432_Twi…)

Setting herself up to fail once again

No. 1173526

File: 1614630953478.jpg (179.84 KB, 1080x561, Screenshot_20210301-143551_Twi…)

No. 1173529

so we will see this in 3 years? Like the Alien video? kek

No. 1173530

File: 1614631025617.jpg (326.29 KB, 1079x1177, Screenshot_20210301-143710_Twi…)

Fupa must be ignoring her

No. 1173552

File: 1614632877001.png (55.38 KB, 720x225, Screenshot_20210301-230718~2.p…)

No. 1173557

she really tweeted this specifically for jason womack huh? bleak

No. 1173558

Jason Womack, it's your chance

No. 1173559

Womak is gonna jump on this

No. 1173560

File: 1614633171516.jpg (316.36 KB, 1079x1012, Screenshot_20210301-151211_Twi…)

She probably made the dude tweet this

No. 1173562

What happened to her dying her hair pink?

No. 1173565

she bought a cheap ass barely pink wig and called it a day

No. 1173566

That's a lot of customs… I find it hard to believe. But I guess they're from her moving sale?

No. 1173567

Go on womack my inbred son

No. 1173568

File: 1614633776733.jpg (462.2 KB, 1080x1559, Screenshot_20210301-152240_Twi…)

Well boo hoo

No. 1173570

this seems so fake to me lmao

No. 1173574


So full service sex work saga? Damn… low for even her.

No. 1173577

Is she forcing him to do this is or is he a particularly autistic coomer kek

No. 1173579

I think both tbh

No. 1173580

File: 1614635078130.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 50.34 KB, 827x342, 2ED3A599-CF30-4AEF-BF29-70AD19…)

vomit emoji

No. 1173581

Um, the $1000 is for the date, anon. The sex will probably just be an additional $5 at the end considering her OF prices.

No. 1173582

Oh she’s finally desperate desperate

No. 1173585

No. 1173588

i don't even want a farmer to buy this out of morbid curiosity

No. 1173589

Well we’ve already seen shit on her dildo before

No. 1173590

I don’t think anyone would, and if someone does, please don’t post it. This is awful and hilarious.

No. 1173591

take 1 for the team and watch it but do not post it i think i'll go blind

No. 1173595

This tells me she will be in Oklahoma for a lot longer. She’s already implying she’s not going to have enough in a month.

Jfc shay. You’re really out here selling pooping videos just so you can scrape enough change to move home? Love yourself more pls.

No. 1173596

i can't believe we get to have an official "scat edition" thread now

No. 1173597

Mommy is this thriving

No. 1173598

>won't admit she's fat and market herself as such
>goes and does… this
i hope she posted this solely to bait us but at this point i'm not so sure

No. 1173603

ohhhhhhh no no noooooooo

No. 1173604


I wonder how it feels knowing she choose fast food delivery and getting fat and now has to sell sex scat videos and possible fssw because she didnt have the self control to save money in her 5 years of sex work. must sting ever time she sees that dust collecting PC and 244hz monitor that SHE -NEEDED- kek

No. 1173607

hope she’s as stupid as usual with missing the mark and the “scat video” is just her sitting in the toilet taking a shit kek

No. 1173623

File: 1614638028788.jpg (175.83 KB, 1080x1388, Screenshot_20210301-161905_Twi…)

I love how her "fans" are saying to help her out, instead of doing it themselves

No. 1173625

Now what in the hell. The way she mixes in hard kink with her low effort other stuff really does my head in.

No. 1173626

it's not a hard kink at this point, it's just her getting closer to rock bottom.

No. 1173628

this is great

No. 1173633

this has gotta be bait for lolcow. that is what I am choosing to believe.

No. 1173635

File: 1614638930206.jpg (366.89 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20210301-164840_Twi…)


No. 1173638

I was just about to post this, kek.

How is she completely unable to do the bare minimum of ‘adulting’. Cant cook, clean, maintain relationships, take care of her pets, work out, hold a real job, or even do good at sex work. How is she so bad at everything. I am continually astounded.

No. 1173640

I thought you were so successful? How can you be successful and yet let your debt go into collections lmao

No. 1173641

Custom video requests don’t mean much, any girl with any following gets custom requests because dudes want a specific person to act out their weird fetish and/or make it personalized.

No. 1173657

Yeah but it's still a video they are paid to make, then she lists for sale too. Then again, I just saw her sale price on one is $40 and that seems super cheap, so I guess I'm not surprised these depraved loser coomers would pay that to have her shit herself or play out their creepy incest pedo fantasies. Lord she's really just at that point. Bleak.

But oh no shes totally thriving and everyone else are jealous haterz!!

No. 1173663

I hope it's just bait. But I feel like it could be a custom. Honestly this is the rock bottom for content. Even Mukbang would be better. The only way to go lower is to involve your actual step sibling or something disgusting like that.
She really has no boundaries for what she'll do for money at this point.

No. 1173664

What’s with these people YEARS into e-begging never deciding to prioritize actual debt they have? It’s so fucking retarded I can’t imagine buying so much weed and shitty delivery fast food instead of building a safety net. She knew she planned to move out and only just now realized durr I need credit! News flash, you also need a consistent income source.

No. 1173670

File: 1614641556355.jpg (296.95 KB, 1079x1094, Screenshot_20210301-173234_Twi…)

No. 1173675

Sorry to post something completely irrelevant but this is the first a cow has talked about living in my state. I'm going to freak out if i ever see Shayna in real life.

Also, it's funny she's talked before about hating townies and being so much better than them when NH is an entire state of 90% townies kek.

No. 1173684

>>1173670 kek I got my hopes up thinking grayhair finally called out shayna for not following through with her schedules or not using donated money for what it was intended for (pink hair etc)

No. 1173699

"People who need money" fuckin kek keep outing yourself as a broke, pathetic, struggling hoe.

No. 1173702

File: 1614643393820.jpg (150.25 KB, 1080x569, Screenshot_20210301-180257_Twi…)

The last vid sounds the absolute worst

No. 1173707

I can't wait for the disgusting "disney" video to be her in some retarded mickey/minnie ears and a ill fitting princess dress

No. 1173720

“why am i failing so hard at onlyfans???”

>lil sis wants dick at disney

No. 1173737

jesus christ she’s literally blowing smoke up her own ass

No. 1173753

File: 1614646497067.jpg (564.1 KB, 1079x1232, Screenshot_20210301-185448_Twi…)


No. 1173754

File: 1614646532704.jpg (230.63 KB, 1073x1280, 20210301_185452.jpg)


No. 1173755

File: 1614646532868.jpg (49.08 KB, 540x720, fc4.jpg)

why did i have to wake up and see this

No. 1173756

File: 1614646566473.jpg (238.39 KB, 1065x1280, 20210301_185612.jpg)

Why did she blur the vials in this?

No. 1173759

>>1173754 I wish she'd retire that greasy ponytail already. I hope she throws it away when she "moves" lol.

No. 1173762

probably wanted to hide how murky it is kek you know she doesn't drink enough water

No. 1173763

there’s something seriously wrong with her face. just stop showing your face shayna or learn to do makeup because you are fucking ugly and it’s not getting any better.

No. 1173764

What are the gloves for? Are they supposed to represent surgical gloves? If not, then I don't really see how they tie into anything since there's no theme? Are they just supposed to be "sexy"?

No. 1173765

no anon she’s a domme duh. she’s cosplaying.

No. 1173766

tbh I don’t think she did it on purpose and is just using portrait mode like usual and doesn’t care enough to fix it

No. 1173772

File: 1614647026767.jpeg (100.59 KB, 399x380, F5712E77-A815-4A31-86EA-3960BC…)

Shayna Clifford/ Dolly Mattel #72 Scat and Pee Moving Edition

No. 1173773

is she competing with herself to see how many disgusting posts she can make in one day?

No. 1173774

Her eyebrows are in two different zip codes and her giant nose takes up her whole face. Did she shoop her beady rat eyes to look bigger? kek

No. 1173775

Kek those beady eyed comments must be getting to her. She maxed out the eye-enlarger on meitu.

No. 1173777

idk when she'll learn that the belle delphine big eyes editing doesn't work on her moon face

she thinks wearing gloves makes a person dommy and intimidating. it's literally just her retardation.

No. 1173779

File: 1614647244910.gif (1.32 MB, 275x275, 12DE0F30-AA0F-465C-AD74-E6C2D2…)

She’s channeling her inner-Fupa

No. 1173781

2021: Shayna discovers meitu

No. 1173782

This gif will never fail to make me crack the fuck up

No. 1173783

I feel so bad for her pets having to live with this disgusting bitch

No. 1173788

File: 1614648008564.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 74.74 KB, 1200x675, 11EEC3EE-91C0-4F0F-B4DD-C11C7B…)

Horror cow status : 100%

No. 1173797

>armpit hair

No. 1173799

This is fucking horrifying
(My screen recording app isn't working)


No. 1173802

Kek. That's 100% one of womack's pieces.

No. 1173806

sage for sperg but I wonder if she’s trying to cater to the lowest possible demographic of her dozen followers (I mean she’s had moving sales before and scat never came up thankfully) and make the most money she can in a short period of time so she can ditch sex work and live a normal life like Colleen

No. 1173807

at least in this her disgusting face is covered and she wasn’t a fat lump of shit

No. 1173809

I was thinking the same thing anon

No. 1173810

File: 1614649443963.jpeg (39.52 KB, 720x411, F17E9817-F518-4B22-96D7-6679BB…)

every day i read this thread thinking she can’t possibly sink any lower but she just keeps fucking digging. imagine being so desperate you literally inhale booty hole crumb flakes for attention and pennies from wrinkled ass coomers to jack off to. to think all we used to be disgusted by were her ass zits, terrible hygiene, and her punching herself. little did we know it’d just get so so much worse.

No. 1173813

fresh that she does this exact thing to her sex worker orbiters

No. 1173828

File: 1614651060939.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3464x3464, D3040486-220C-4860-8C09-55E75B…)

On it anon. It is definitely without a doubt a Womacksterpiece. I can’t believe Jason R Womack of Oklahoma would want a shit covered pipe.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0tlg9h97wq8y4lh/smokingpoop.mov?dl=0

No. 1173831

Suddenly I never want to smoke weed again

No. 1173833

No. 1173834

File: 1614651693334.jpg (399.45 KB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_20210301-202103_Twi…)

No. 1173835

He follows Shay on his business twitter, that's pathetic

No. 1173838

I had forgotten how she turned out this fucked up
I feel bad for her, I don't care what shit I get for it, this is awful

No. 1173847

Welp I'm disgusted

No. 1173863


The way you can see in her face she got a whiff of her asshole just made me gag. Why the hell does she not post this level of filth behind a paywall? Barf.

No. 1173865

I remember there was discussion of how she "doesn't like" aftercare, but what exactly would aftercare be in this scenario with this saw iii looking porn studio ? I can't imagine it would be on par with legitimate bdsm studios, but I don't know the industry at all. Is that why she denied "aftercare"?

No. 1173866


honestly i get someone being desperate and doing something this fucked up with the slippery slope that is an “Onlyfan career” bjt jesus this something you ask $1000+ for. She is a dime store whore. “Thriving” right…

No. 1173870

File: 1614653958937.jpg (316.52 KB, 1080x1005, Screenshot_20210301-205824_Twi…)

You're a fucking hypocrite Shay

No. 1173873

so did she forget that she's making a 'lil sis wants dick at disney' video?

No. 1173876

of course she's coming for other e-whores instead of the degenerate scrote requesting such a video

No. 1173877

holy shit. Jason R Womack of Tulsa, OK sent a weed pipe to a whore so she could ass-fuck herself with it and mail it back. today is astounding

No. 1173880

Waiting for her to call those SW out and get into Twitter drama

No. 1173881

she only denied aftercare because she wanted to seem like an edgy hardcore performer. she’s just a retard.

No. 1173882

Didn't she make a video a few years ago where she covered her crotch with baby powder and wore a diaper? or what about the Cindy Lou Who porn? He probably didn't offer her enough money so she's on twitter pretending she's not depraved enough to do it.

No. 1173885

The whole porn industry is toxic period, I don't think any "aftercare" actually helps

No. 1173888

File: 1614654876541.jpeg (115.06 KB, 1242x710, C5057AFC-4C7A-4A53-A885-468213…)

She’s ebegging on her dead tumblr like she’s still relevant my sides

No. 1173890

Omg you're right that's disgusting lol. Like if a girl doesnt want to shave her pits, fine, it's her body… But since its Shay and she insists on this uwu bby bimbo barbie bullshit I just can't. She's so lazy she can't even edit or shave her armpits

No. 1173894

To this day I’m baffled why she doesn’t just do the hippie-weed smoking stoner chill girl thing she used to have going on. Bimbos are pretty and high maintenance, Shayna doesn’t shave or have money to get work done, she barely showers. She has a harsh face that doesn’t suit the wannabe anime gamer girl uwu trend she’s trying so hard to pull. Shay should just dress boho and she wouldn’t have to worry about shaving or looking like a pretty blonde bimbo. Be boho and grow your armpit hair out, it would be an improvement

No. 1173895

She can pretend to be above it all she likes, but actions speak louder, and she has multiple videos where she’s getting fucked with a pacifier in her mouth, including by a real adult man. Like…that is undeniably just as sick lmao.

No. 1173897

She's so desperate to claw together money to move back home and not look like a complete broke failure. The irony is shes taking on the nastiest, dumbest customs to do so and still having to beg and sell her content so cheap all to move back to a place she makes fun of her old peers for still living in. Seems like shes sure scrambling to be one of those "boring townies".

No. 1173898

who wants to take bets she still did it, cant imagine her denying a scrotes attention or money

No. 1173899

She should just throw away all of her cheap junk and start fresh by getting decent quality clothing that actually fits, and keep the PC / or sell it because that cost a lot of money. Everything else is garbage honestly. Her furniture isn’t good quality and it’s all from Amazon. Just her pets, and maybe bring a few of her tacky pink items she likes for some reason. And she wouldn’t even have to worry about a moving truck. Just go on buses and go home Shaytard

No. 1173900

She’s also made porn in a quinceñera dress, plus that custom where she talked about camming underage. The list goes on honestly.

No. 1173901

It’s not like she’s actually better than anyone…at all. Even Womack and Fupa are doing better, technically.

No. 1173904

She didn't do the video because she probably thought it was a farmer and that person would post it and she would get attacked on Twitter

No. 1173913

As usual, she deleted these

No. 1173918

File: 1614657256262.png (Spoiler Image, 340.2 KB, 627x420, Screenshot 2021-03-01 at 8.50.…)

Is this the "cosplay" she was so excited about? Once again, she does the bare minimum while whining about how hard she's working.

No. 1173919

lol shayna you pretend to be a minor in almost every video. "lil sis wants dick at disney" is the most pedo pandering shit ever. ddlg is pretending to be a minor. i hope you realize that one day. you're also fucking nasty. god this is bleak

No. 1173921

Especially since it's what got her TuMbLr FaMoUs in the first place. Her personality and lifestyle match it way better. But she had to hop on the Ddlg uwu bbydoll sex work wave and force herself into an aesthetic shes really not and that's super unflattering for her, especially now. She really needs to rebrand as the "goofy" stoner bro girl pick me she is.

No. 1173922

am i crazy or did she actually wash her hair and try to hide her stomach this time? now she just needs to lose 100 lbs, fix her makeup and she may be getting somewhere?

No. 1173924

Yeah just because shes not stupid enough to explicitly state shes pretending to be a child in her vids like this, doesnt make it ok when it's so blatantly implied in most of her degenerate vids. Like this one. Disney is a very kid centric place and "lil sis" is very insinuating. Fuckin gross. Hope it gets taken down for copyright kek. Keep on those mental gymnastics though Shay.

No. 1173932

she's right but she's a hypocrite as per usual. she's done this exact same thing multiple times in the past, even recently kek

No. 1173938

File: 1614658893175.jpeg (97.65 KB, 676x781, 3667A24A-348F-4FF1-858F-30A229…)

Did her mole get higher or am I retarded? She has a really fat face that filter is doing wonders but even with it she looks ugly

No. 1173939

File: 1614658914313.jpeg (158.55 KB, 1242x428, A94BC01F-0879-4512-876C-01D749…)

this makes no sense Shayna
Fucking retard

No. 1173942

>attacks the sex workers, not the gross fucks that request the degenerate material
>pretends like she is above making pedo pandering porn because she doesn’t specifically say the age
>lil sis gets dick at Disney
>y’all are sick

I was thinking this exact thing. And now she’s gotta do a call out Incase it was a farmer and they come here with receipts.

No. 1173944

File: 1614659051176.png (10.65 MB, 1242x2208, 68E256CE-B1AF-4126-A0C9-5E692B…)

Homely looking creature

No. 1173949

File: 1614659351319.jpg (176.54 KB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20210302-042623_Twi…)

Pretty sure the only reason she made the scar offer is because of these replies to her puke/non puke version of her video..

No. 1173954

File: 1614659460773.jpg (121.85 KB, 1080x1214, Screenshot_20210302-042654_Twi…)

He's the only one who enquired lol.

His fucking twitter is also full of liking super BBW and feeder shit.
Wow you made it Shay.

No. 1173974

yikes, she needs to drink some water.
ugh, is she manic again? today has been a hell of a ride

No. 1173979

We probably won’t run into her, unless you work for grubhub. I don’t think she realizes that the people here are going to completely reject her.

No. 1173987

how much do you wanna bet this was the naughtynathan scrote who kept asking her about her sexual experiences in high school while she was on cam. same one who wants to buy her scat vid and RTs feeder porn

>7 notes
kek such a tumblr-famous queen

No. 1173992


I'm probably going to get shit for bringing her up, but here it goes. She should have stayed with the dogfucker. If I recall correctly, Dawn (?) planned to help her build up her credit so that eventually shayna could buy her own place. She also wanted her to milk the furry freaks, like she did, for money. But this retard ditched that for the sake of chasing some fat ginger's musty chode. And what did she get in return? Obesity and no self-respect because she's still the fupa's dirty little secret, that he's clearly ashamed of. Lmao. Keep driving, Shayna.

No. 1173995

File: 1614665704141.jpeg (389.29 KB, 797x630, B2851547-3EDB-4BEB-9C71-BD5498…)

Limp thin poop colored hair in two ponytails, neck rolls, moon face, thin lips, beady rodent eyes and terrible brows how bleak

No. 1173999

File: 1614666180382.jpeg (332.56 KB, 756x716, 94A7C3ED-EC30-4A50-BBCA-392F62…)

No. 1174006

File: 1614666649995.jpeg (16.68 KB, 178x275, 1591246535499.jpeg)

No. 1174013

why is she doing these ugly short eyebrows again it looks so fucking bad

No. 1174020

Resident lurking males here’s a job for u. Buy the vid then clip out the shit for us!

No. 1174038

File: 1614670452362.jpg (130.07 KB, 1080x1218, PicsArt_03-01-11.29.28.jpg)

And it only took her 5 years of thriving to figure this crazy concept out.

No. 1174041

>lil sis
i guess you can be 40 and someone's "lil sis"…technically…

No. 1174047

Anons, I bought the vid. I don't know if I should post it though. Good Lord it's ratchet, I almost vomited. Literal epitomy of "images you can smell." This durty crusted whore takes fetid, putrid depravity to a whole other level.

No. 1174049

Damn, really? I was so sure she was baiting. Is anyone else morbidly curious?

No. 1174051

Thanks anon. What actually happened in the video? Can you describe it?

No. 1174052


I was right

No. 1174054

lmao so those are shay’s customers…. ouch.

No. 1174055

don't let your money and suffering go in vain! post it (and include a description for those of us who don't want to vomit..)

No. 1174059

I’m morbidly curious, tbh if you bought it might as well post it kek.

No. 1174060

For our sanity, please just tell us what happens in it without posting the video. I don't want to vomit tonight.

No. 1174073

Putting your hard earned money in to provide the milk is worth it to show. I know I’ll puke regardless though kek.

No. 1174077


No. 1174083

You have to post it for posterity

No. 1174085

oh god anon please tell us you're kidding. i didn't expect shay to actually stoop that low

No. 1174086

File: 1614676077298.jpg (Spoiler Image, 203.24 KB, 3000x1813, ShatnasActualShit.jpg)

It's actual cancer. There's some things you just shouldn't see.

>Records herself sitting on the toilet actively taking a shit

>DOESN'T WIPE and stands up, focusing the camera lens to her asshole. Shit covered asshole close up
>Next she focuses the camera on her shit
>Proceeds to smear it across her breasts
>Starts fucking herself up the ass with her dildo with her shit covered hands and long hanging flapping pancake tits
>Anorectal violence.

Attached is screenshot of her disgusting toilet bowl.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1174087

Say sike RIGHT FUCKING NOW ANON. This is disgusting. This is the worst thing I've ever read on this thread and I've been here for years.

No. 1174088

>>1174086 kek she’s actually lost her mind folks. i gagged at this. wtf is that? why is it colored like that? i feel like she’s going to get really sick since i doubt she washed herself at all after this and probably stuffed her face with food…. please tell me this isn’t real

No. 1174090

why is it PINK

No. 1174091

dear god there's truly no coming back from this anymore for her. how much did she charge you for the video? most people wouldn't do this even if you paid them thousands of dollars but knowing shay she probably sold it for like $3.

No. 1174092

i don’t fucking know why it’s half pink half light brown and it has black specks (for people who don’t want to click) i might throw up.

No. 1174093

It's safe to say there is something extremely fucked up with her poop there, right? I've never seen it look so pale and pink. She should really see a doctor.

No. 1174095

I so badly want this to be fake. Why is it that colour?!

No. 1174096

I don’t understand what I’m looking at like my brain can’t process

No. 1174097

I'm so confused, this looks like it was generated by a neural net algorithm that was fed only photos of toilet bowls and raw chicken sausage

No. 1174099

No. 1174101

She rubbed her own shit on herself??? Put this bitch in therapy holy fuck why would anyone willingly do that…I can’t even believe this

No. 1174102

Well here we have it folks, finally, my thirteenth reason why

No. 1174103

my god that is so fucking sad. i truly thought her rock bottom was going to be her fucking womack for pennies but this is so much worse kek

No. 1174105

Yeah I'm gonna need proof to believe it's real. I know Shatna is stupid, but surely she's not stupid enough to only charge $45 for this abomination to humankind

No. 1174106

Okay anon, no problem. If that's what you really want to see. At your own risk.

No. 1174107

Probably all her constant binge drinking a la brunch mimosas/wine colored it that way.

No. 1174110

File: 1614677776855.png (262.48 KB, 1616x1262, Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 4.35…)

wonder what version of hepatitis is causing her shit to look like that?