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File: 1694662221579.png (4.85 MB, 3484x2480, Still passionate about graphic…)

No. 307737

Intro taken from old thread >>303924
Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and sugar coats every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of bucks for.
She happily accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression (NOT a real diagnosis!) with a "coming out as DID" celebratory cake, but struggled to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state

Latest thread: Goes to see barbie movie, complains about male fans in precure, talks about how she's healing from her love-music-angel-baby therapist who changed his name, location and wiped his internet presence after escaping the Jilliverse gravitation pull.
Claims to have a dress design copied from shein and anons predict this will be a reason she claims when she ultimately gives up on her own store.
August patreon (no recap in thread):>>304896
Skipped 6 years of my life vid:>>305604
Black content creator (pinksugarfairies) chased off the internet whilst Jill plays innocent: >>306399
Daily vlog w/ j-fashion meet-up with a wild steve appearing and many anons notice their body language: >>307191
Horrible "drag" performance at Jills former design hobby collage: >>307426
New drag persona: Pixie Daydreams

No. 307738

File: 1694662385914.png (1.37 MB, 632x1156, all black just to piss off Jil…)

No. 307739

File: 1694662607775.png (98.25 KB, 224x275, trumpielocks.png)

Upcoming video & thread:
Gyaru transformation
Sept patreon vid soon

>this pic made me cackle so it's getting another go around. Let me tell ya, I have the most dissociation, the best dissociation——my angel therapist, he's a real great guy, highly respected, he tells me, Jillian, you're the best at having dissociative identity disorder.

No. 307740

>Black content creator bullying

This is overblown, I don't think Jill was involved as much as she pretends she was. It seems like it was a lot of different people in the whole community.

No. 307744

No Mental Jillness edition? Failure of a thread.

No. 307748

i feel like that's an exaggeration mocking how crazy gendies that are 24hr/day on twitter would frame it

No. 307753

File: 1694678188104.jpeg (648.79 KB, 1125x1178, IMG_8237.jpeg)

I feel like I see Jill’s future when this Reddit post from a year ago.

No. 307754

Yeah, I wanted to go with something really inflammatory and beyond over the top as we know she & multiple of her real-life associates reads here and her worst nightmare is to get cancelled. I'm hoping she digs herself in deeper by trying to explain her oh-so-innocent position further

you're in charge of making the next thread. You got this champ I believe in you

No. 307757

I agree with you nona, Jill herself used exaggerations to create drama and to be a victim. And to my knowledge, only her treatment of black creators was treated somewhat seriously by her snowflake audience. Nothing wrong imho with some inflammatory title, we can use mental jilness next time, she will milk her mento issues as long as she can. Thank you for the new thread <3

Speaking of mental jilness - in previous thread she mentioned new fusion that coused her nightmares. Do you think she fused with someone from official cast or this is again some 'unknown fragment' ? As usual, her fusions/new alters are announced when there is some heat around her.(<3)

No. 307766

File: 1694707983343.jpg (160.14 KB, 720x831, _X.jpg)

No. 307767

They're both so insufferable.
>hurdur I'm a rich YouTuber who has too much free time and I don't know what to do with it even though there's millions of small ways I could volunteer said free time into something useful but I'm too much of a narcissist to think of doing anything that'd benefit anything other than me.

No wonder Jill has been firmly up his ass for years. That's her kinfolk

No. 307783

File: 1694726553351.jpg (256.04 KB, 720x1863, 422.jpg)

No. 307787

do we think sof is her fp? i'm still not over the fact she was caught posting here.

No. 307789

Idk what an FP even is but relating your romantic and platonic relationships to an immediate family tree is a dangerous line to waltz Jill kek

No. 307792

First Drew Monson looking really similar to her brother and now this, Jill is not beating the incest allegations.

No. 307793

and she is welcome back at any time!

No. 307796

FP seems to mean “Favorite Person”. So Jillian’s favorite people are Steeb and Sof? Talk about self-harming in creative ways, or maybe she’s just keeping her enemies closer by giving them such titles, but I really don’t think Jillybean is that smart.

No. 307797

Her description of "romantic" love being close family and friendship being more distant family, I mean…no, that is not what romantic love is. Not at all. She just described close family and more distant family and relates that to how she feels about her friends, imo close friends can be like family for sure but romantic relationships are emphatically not. Your partner shouldn't feel like a relative…
I guess she crosses the line with the "little" shit just like anon's reddit post.

No. 307798

samefag, obviously I am not trying to dictate how people feel love but, that is a bit off right?
The feelings for a partner are extremely different and uncomparable to those you have for family. Though we've all seen their "roommate" dynamic on camera, which might explain why she doesn't understand what romance means. I wonder if she has ever actually felt romantic love, I guess that is not actually possible for narcs since their true love is thyself

No. 307800

y'all i don't think she's literally comparing romantic/platonic relationships to family members. it's a metaphor to draw a more understandable picture of the difference between the two. she sent the second tweet to clarify that and it makes sense to me. she's not literally equating steve to being her brother. please dont make me come on this site and defend her brain ever again lmfao there's so much dumb weird shit she says that we can make fun of but this isn't that deep imo

No. 307802

this. farmers literally have pea brains trying to read anything jill says in the worst light possible

No. 307806

Nonnie, if you're trying to come up with a degree comparison for romantic relationships and your first thought is "my boyfriend is immediate family" then it's just fucking weird no matter who you are

No. 307807

yup what's milk is her long-winded explanation of something really banal, the eternal soliloquy of speshul Jill
yeah, partners and spouses literally are immediate family though

No. 307808

Thats what happens when you get married yes but it is not in the same vein as how Jill said it herself. She was relating bio family (like how she said friends are cousins)
Put on your reading glasses, it's fucking weird and she already has a weird incest thing with drew as another anon pointed out

No. 307812

File: 1694753121174.png (192.92 KB, 1080x620, Screenshot_20230914-224609-003…)

Jill does realize that the BPD favorite person thing is just a major red flag on her end right? Almost all BPD bitchs have the black and white thinking and any small slight from their FP automatically makes them the most hated person in a BPD brain because of the black and white thinking. If I was Jill's friend I would hate to be called that because it just makes it more difficult to be able to critique her or bring up uncomfortable conversations that require setting boundaries. Image attached is from a phycological study on people with BPD and how if affects their relationship with their "favorite person".

No. 307816

devastated my meme didn’t make the thread pic; honoured it’s made you laugh that much

we’ve been tinfoiling that Steebie will be the one to cheat and leave.. but what if it’s Jill? if she is leaving breadcrumbs to hint that she feels the same type of way for friends as she does for her partner… hmm. big tin foil because she never leaves her cursed rainbow house but this is suspicious even for her. either way; i can feel the breakup coming in my bones. maybe we’ll get it for christmas if we’re all extra good (or shortly after because let’s be real here, she wouldn’t let the breakup happen before christmas because then she’ll miss out on presents)

No. 307817

that would require someone actually being willing to sleep with her.

No. 307819

my bet is on early 2024, maybe after valentine's day. Steeb has to leave now that she's increasingly insufferable and that he might be more and more aware he can't ride on her coattails.
the "getting better and fusing" wellbutrin saga may be due to him putting pressure on her to stop devolving into more of a fat slob baby. i can't imagine her turning on him because he's all she has, she might do that when he dumps her though.

No. 307820

September patreon vlog

No. 307821

File: 1694774845778.png (1.03 MB, 596x848, jilly hands.png)

Recap: Jill is using a shit camera (her phone?) and it's really pixilated.
0:00: Standard intro and excuses as to why she's late and making nightmarish mouth noises. Youtube app updated and she doesn't know how it works now. Heart mug full of coffee
~revving up the vibe machine…
02:41: cat belly and I don't know if it's matted or not.
04:20: someone asking her a cosplay question about how her cure sky headband was made. Surprise- it's on a headband.
05:56 It's Jill and Sunny apparently as she's being clumsy and knocked over the wig. She just seems high - glazed eyes and all.
06:44: Shows off her drag headpiece fromher latest show which includes an open pair of kids scissors, pin cushion w/ pins & watercolour wheel on a head band.
10:20: Close up of cat for those who like to analyze her cat ownership skills
11:10: "I've been saying weird things with like a thick comical Boston or New York accent"
11:36: The cat is trying to get into the ribbon basket to chomp on ribbon & thread. If you need help snickers blink twice!!

14:20: Drag show info: afternoon show at her design school during their opening week/ first week back. Her and M(?) both design school alumni did drag and Bella Tofana her cosplay partner and "bestie extraordinaire"
15:47:Excuses about her falling over "it's an anxiety thing!!" my leg's just like buckle…
17:20: Behind the scenes of her brand/shop launch. "I don't want to show to much and like, get peoples hopes up…" States that she's designed, decided on quantities and first launch items (so drop shipping and TEMU items)
For someone who's saying their excited and ready, she sure as fuck doesn't look it.
Hoping for first drop in November in time for chrsitmas shopping period.
19:53: design ideas - Openly stated that all designs may not happened. All will be handmade and now all she has to do is: "I just have to decide on the thing, pattern it out for multiple sizes and just start doing it"
Talks jewelry, polymer clay, pronoun - label text kandi bracelet.
24:20: Wants to make autism necklace but want to wait till she has the actually diagnosis.
"It would be drippy as hell…"
29:54: gross close-ups of her drag make-up

31:33: "Shout out Welbru-slay"

No. 307823

File: 1694776292406.png (1.72 MB, 1180x812, Sept pat.png)

31:50: Last drag show where she almost cancelled "and people were fucking literally stalking her" The rage in the 'fucking' is real and I bet thats what Steve get's to interact with everyday.
32:02: "with malicious intent" Oh my god Jill we've traced the malicious intent and it's coming from inside your house!!!
More talk of drag and why she came back to it

41:00: latest vlog and chat arse patting her about the ups and down. Talks about fronting indicators and her bracelets.
44:00: more DID bullshit
48:11: Precure
52:58: Wants to do a video about her med change because wellbru-bru is everything.
20 minutes of talking about young kid shows with her chat (Toddler - early primary school age bracket shows)
1:07:41: back to talking about Wellbutrin and side effects:hot flashes and ability to regulate body temp.
1:12:57: video ideas: crochet session
another 20min of inane conversation and nothing of gossipy lolcow importance.
1:27:57 Fin

I rate this months patreon vlog 4/10.

No. 307824

Idk, anon, saying that a boyfriend is basically like a brother that you can fuck is pretty fucking weird to me.

No. 307830

so according to Jill she now needs an autism necklace, a lanyard with all of her illnesses listed on it, bracelets of days of the week and bracelets for alter fronting.

No. 307831

just goes to show how she sees these very serious conditions as literal accessories.

No. 307832

I love how someone in the chat will talk about watching a kids show with their niece or sibling to bond with them, and Jill will talk about watching the show on her own as an adult

No. 307834

I just remembered the dress that was supposed to be her "brand debut" that she was soooo proud of, posted pictures of, and never talked about ever again kek. I love that it's not included in her first "drop" (smart move because the dress was hilariously ugly) and can't wait to see the absolute trainwreck that will be her trying to manage this.

No. 307837

That’s literally not what she said, god some of you lot are as annoying as she is. Stop trying to make incest happen, it’s not going to happen.

No. 307838

Immediately thought FP meant "fuck person" like a fuck buddy friend with benefits kind of thing and nearly threw up
The real point is just that Jill worded it in a very shit and confusing way that doesn't make sense

No. 307841

I absolutely love this pic and hope it returns for the next thread

No. 307844

the real issue is that you saw someone describe the love they feel for their boyfriend as similar in intensity to love you feel for immediate family and assumed that meant incest. go to therapy you fucking weirdo

No. 307846

Jill, Steve is not going to marry you.

I swear some anons here are retarded autists with zero critical thinking skills. Do everyone a favor a shut up and lurk.

No. 307855

File: 1694803256086.jpg (266.17 KB, 1062x1340, Screenshot_20230915_194319.jpg)

No. 307858

I think the important thing is that she doesn't seem to know what romantic love is because it is certainly different than familial love which is closer to platonic love on the "types of love"…..scale or whatever it is.

No. 307862

She's a upper middle class/rich white girl. She could find plenty of low achieving scrotes that will happily sleep with her and play pretend. Will they get down on one knee and propose to her like she wants? No. But they'll definitely play the Stevie roll happily. Especially since Jill is a clout chasing gender special who can probably be meme'd into polyamory and silently seethe about it

No. 307870

Wtf is an autism necklace like what does it look like, does it literally just say AUTISM because fuck man.

No. 307874

Could seriously see Jill making some kind of polymer clay autism monstrosity of a necklace.

No. 307875

An autism necklace is normally silicon in whatever shape chosen that people chew on to cope with whatever Stim they say they have
It was developed mainly for children and then these retarded adults autists claimed them as a necessity and a badge of honor

No. 307876

File: 1694821901674.jpg (19.17 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.3889858085_hi39.jpg)

>Wtf is an autism necklace like what does it look like

No. 307887

During the design ideas part, she says shes planning to make tapestry crochet sweaters and sell them for $300-400 because they'd take her 40 hours. So literally a sweater of granny squares, the most beginner project you could do.

No. 307888

I bet her dumb audience would buy it. Here's the thing- indie designers price their stuff super high and then argue that its because theyre not some sweatshop. but the thing is, why would anyone want to pay for something that is not being made in the best and most efficient way? Especially if something is being made by hand rather than machine but there's no visible benefit in the final product to justify it being handmade. if i were a consumer, i wouldn't want to order from her knowing how badly she procrastinates on things, and knowing her, she's not even going to bother making samples or practicing for the most efficiency. basically, if you're good at what you do, then you don't need to be afraid of competition. Otherwise, your designs get stolen and they are made equal or better quality. She really has to consider these things! I hate people using time as a measurement for cost when two people could make the same item of the same quality at totally different speeds.

No. 307891

And you can buy granny squares premade on aliexpress and taobao so I really debate how much is going to be 'hand made' come time-crunch.

No. 307893

There are no machines that can crochet yet, so she has that going for her. However, if it really takes her 40 hours then she's okay being paid less than minimum wage for it? That's the part I find silly. Imo it's wiser to make money selling patterns rather than finished pieces because it simply takes too long to crochet stuff and people aren't willing to pay what that labour is worth.

No. 307895

Oh I know what that is, that’s referred to as chewelry which she already owns so it must be something else, especially since she is going to make it I doubt she is getting into the silicone business. I was imagining one of her crappy children’s bead jewellery items she has been making.

No. 307897

I thought those headbands were pacifiers for a second lmao

No. 307900

im a bit late but jill was probably reaching w that family metaphor bc she couldn’t just outright say ‘yeah having a partner is like having a really close friend who i care about a lot but also we fuck each other’ on a post that was meant to be for aromantic people (which jill isn’t lmfao, it comes across as her being condescending and babyish skirting around the issue of sex)

No. 307905

Right? Like I can’t believe I have to defend Jill here, but y’all realise that husbands and wives ARE immediate family, right? Your romantic partner being as emotionally close to you as your family isn’t weird, you lot just made it weird

No. 307909

I wasn't even the anon who said that like calm the fuck down lmao all I said was that Jill clearly explained it badly and anons misinterpreted it because of it. Jill has a drag queen alter based on her dad, pretends she's a literal child, and a cat, and she makes her self-admitted pornsick bf interact with her small child alter. Of course anons will jump to speculate about incesty hints when Jill's been doing weird shit all along.

No. 307918

Supposedly there are machines that can "mimic" crochet? Not entirely sure how it works, and I'm sure someone who crochets can maybe tell the difference, but that's why you see a lot of things that look crocheted in stores these days for really cheap. it could be actual crochet, but i feel that even at sweatshop wages it wouldn't be profitable at the time it would take, so I think a lot of it is just knitting that looks really close to it.

No. 307919

Self-admitted pornsick? Did he actually say he has a porn addiction or is that just in response to the 'you can agere here' shit?

No. 307921

he made a youtube video about his porn addiction iirc

No. 307937

Except that at least one anon was saying that "immediate family" only means blood relatives. They weren't jumping on 'incesty hints', they were going puritannical in a really weird way.

No. 307945

Can we please stop with the retarded family metaphor Jill made a weird comparison and it's to be expected because she's a fucking weirdo stop derailing

(Inb4 take it to meta ban I did take it to meta mod and no one answered)

No. 307961

not to be retarded, but is this the same drew monson that was best friends with shane dawson and co?

No. 307962

as someone who has been an "FP" multiple times: if someone calls you that like they think it's a good thing, that's your cue to fucking RUN.

No. 307963

No. 307965

File: 1694966958015.jpg (406.64 KB, 1080x2015, 20230917_121217.jpg)

Be careful which tweets you like, Jill blocked me even though I never directly interacted with her lol

No. 307970

It's interesting that Jill goes out of her way to block people who have never even interacted with her, like she lurks around haters posts and angrily blocks everyone she comes across. Unhealthy behaviour for sure

No. 307971

I hate the way she responds to people like they’re paying attention to her, or that she is someone who has wisdom to bestow. That man is doing his best to ignore you Jill and you’re probably apart of the problem. narc tendencies

No. 307976

Fucking kek what a great point. She idolizes someone else who could have all the free time in the world and still do nothing but practice narcissistic cycles of indulgence and self pity. Like, who gives a fuck? The world is filled with countless people who care more, do more for others, are more creative, add more to their community and peers’ lives, and enjoy their privileges and free time without moping about how sad it is to lie comfortably on their couch drunk or high eating delivered food. Jill barely creates content and could just close her phone and live a fairly normal life whenever but she loves the zero effort fix of the highs and lows of her little orchestrated soap opera.

No. 307979

It's literally like this. You know how she just expected the mclean people to watch every single video she's ever made? girl has to stalk every person who interacts with her because she is so paranoid and she expects that from everyone. what is it going to take for her to realize she's not important? the funniest thing about her toxic positivity is that she's not even trying to make other people feel better, she's excusing her own actions constantly and that's it. you know how there's so many quotes about how people who are struggling being the most kind? Well she isn't struggling with shit, and she's only kind to herself. And it's barely kindness. It's just enabling.

No. 307992

relax retard(unsaged infight)

No. 307997

File: 1695063769790.jpg (142.13 KB, 1080x677, Screenshot_20230918_200532.jpg)

No. 307998

and yet no other mental illness community is as unsufferable as the DID one. it's almost like they thrive on the attention.

No. 307999

Reading this kind of thing and just everything Jill has been doing, after listening to a woman who experienced a life full of abuse and trauma so bad that it could reasonable induce the kind of dissociation that DID has, genuinely makes me mad. She's cosplaying the lives of people that experienced such horrific trauma it's hard to listen to. But somehow SHE is actually the biggest victim in every case.

No. 308003

File: 1695071132662.jpeg (691.22 KB, 828x1327, IMG_3801.jpeg)

Cow crossover

No. 308004

wasn't Jill bragging about working for hours and saying she would upload the meet the alter video on the weekend? she's so damn lazy

No. 308005

Who in the fuck likened DID to third degree burns (outside of the DID LARP online community)? What a bizarre comparison. And where did the 1 in 10 statistic come from? I'm genuinely confused about where they get this information from.

No. 308006

They're talking about BPD

No. 308008

Ablaze just featured Jill on his new video. I can imagine she might freak. Can’t link right now cuz spotty weather Waifi .

No. 308011

I got you nonnie

No. 308014

Thanks! He was actually too civil to her. Bets are she’s gonna fire back with a “I still make fashion content!” video. When we all know, her audience included, she made this larp her whole identity now.

No. 308015

Oh I loved the terrible Jerrick to Jill tiktok he chose to use for Jill
time stamp 00:48 - 01:57
Currently 6hours posted, multiple comments about Jill and sitting at 6.7k views w/ 579 likes.

No. 308028

I feel bad for people with BPD who want to get better and have to live with this condition. Because I know how hard it is to get hurt like that constantly despite your best efforts to be better. But Jillian is never getting better, so retweeting this just looks vile and self pitying. She's so desperate to be a victim.

No. 308029

And if you want to be a cool smart nonnie just visit lolcow.farm

No. 308030

Please, real talk. Did the black girl she bullied off social media or whatever have legit trauma? Like, when or where did she share that?

No. 308031

File: 1695128596798.png (385.62 KB, 720x1299, Cropped_Image_20230919_070322.…)

I love reading the comments on these videos just to know I'm not alone in what I think. Besides the random "omg I have actual DID and…." comments there's some very good points to be made. There's a few about pixie already in there.

No. 308032

>That is a website for boys
kek what. where does it say that 4chan is for boys only

No. 308033

not sure why you interpreted it literally. 4chan is just very hostile to women in general

No. 308034

If only I lived in the US - I would go to her pathetic little drag shows and post it on lolcor everytime just to spite her. Alas, I'm an eurofag

No. 308035

P sure op meant for it to be taken literally

No. 308036

>>308030 Yeah they had some mentioned in the video, they were getting better because they got off the idiot freak bubble of online DID communities that are a cesspool of just not wanting to get better and just feeding into whatever shit they claim to have

No. 308037

Nonnie I love you but please integrate better

No. 308039

She said she would upload on the weekend, it's tuesday and still no video. Imagine doing that with any other job, I wonder what excuse she could have besides "had a reawwy bad menty b"

No. 308041

you guys can get trolled by a literal monster under a bridge with how gullible you are

No. 308043

Damn. Do you or anyone else remember what her trauma was? Since her channel is gone. I hope she gets the help she deserves, and I'm happy she quitted the DID sphere for now.

No. 308044

>>308043 Take it with a grain of salt but iirc, she mentioned being an SA survivor and other forms of abuse. She no longer liked being so absorbed or in the DID online communities because they seemed so against recovery and she didn't want that energy because she actually wanted to get better. In the video she said ever since she stopped being in those comms that she has been getting better and going out and doing things. That's as far as details I can remember from the video. Don't take my word for absolute certain though.

No. 308045

File: 1695150427699.jpg (180.27 KB, 1080x1141, Screenshot_20230919_175714.jpg)

She probably got high, forgot to upload and watched bear in the big blue house and steven universe all day

No. 308051

She might stand a small chance of growing as a person if she actually routinely exposed herself to adult level thoughts instead of malingering as a forever-baby. Of course she feels internally 5 when she intentionally seeks out a lifestyle that makes her feel that way and perpetuates a cycle of immaturity, learned helplessness, and a completely shallow psyche that is at odds with growth and overcoming challenge. She wants it to be that she HAS to live this way but it’s just what’s the easiest and most comfortable, no demands, no effort, no accountability.

No. 308052

only the larpers. for most people who actually have it: you couldn't waterboard their diagnosis out of them anywhere they can't be completely anonymous. they might tell close friends, a spouse, or family members at most, but some people don't tell anyone but their doctors, because they'll either be seen as crazy/dangerous or associated with the LARPer circus and suffer discrimination a result.

the drama goes deeper than that, though: for over 20 years there have been concentrated attempts by larpers to demedicalize DID and remove it from the DSM, because it's "perfectly natural and not a disorder", and it's done serious harm to how DID is perceived by the public and by medical professionals and makes it much harder for actual patients to get diagnosed and treated.

it's only getting worse now that every e-girl like jill is claiming to have it and making a massive circus out of it, but thankfully she's probably too retarded to start any major movement like the astareas web incident

No. 308053

The fucking audacity. I’d like to hear her say this to a burn victim’s face.

No. 308056

I think she just watches shit kids shows all day as a form of mild torture for whoever lives with her (so Stevie) since I bet the volume is up nice and loud and it's just an innocent kids show so it would seem petty to complain. But since she posted her Youtube viewing stats awhile ago, which was basically her watching all day every day, I think this is one of many ways she is subtly aggressive to those she lives with. It's really obnoxious to subject people you live with to the stuff you watch/listen to, especially where it is very repetitive or obsessive (see also, drew monson, pretty cure etc) and better suited to headphones. Like I have never seen her wear headphones once in her content.

No. 308060

She didn't share too much, but she talked a lot about being a foster kid and growing up physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. She's cringy but I find her more believable than Jill. Then again, she also threw a big fit during the Mcclean drama just like Jill did and called it "traumatic" iirc

No. 308066

this is some true stoner shit

No. 308070

I feel like she posted before about having precure on the tv and Steve having to watch things on his phone

No. 308076

I really don't doubt Steebie is getting fed up with her at this point. When they started dating, she seemed to have big goals she was working towards - Going to fashion school, trying to start a brand, building up a youtube channel, etc. But all those things have flopped and she's just sort of stagnated. All she does is bitch about mental illness online and take 5 months to create anything and when she does, its crap like day of the week bracelets and painting more ugly rainbows on their house. The future with her seems bleak, I'm sure. Who wants to commit to someone long term who only wants to be on a downward spiral, only wants to worsen, only wants to become less sufficient and independent? Who could see a prosperous and viable future with that?

Now, he is a loser piece of shit too, the kind that wanted to mooch off Jill's own "success" to further himself, and now he can't even do that. He played the caretaker role for awhile when the DID shit came to fruition but you can see by his body language in that last video that it's gotten stale for him. What really does Jill have to offer him? He coddles her and plays pretend for her all day to feed her narcissism and need for attention but what does he get out of it? Sex with a fat retard and living in a house that burns your retinas at every corner?

No. 308077

Yeah I don't care about stevie either bit I'd be burnt out too if I got home from work every day to my obese girlfriend who gets to stay at home all day, doesn't work, constantly stoned out of her mind and crying about how hard she has it and how traumatized she is. His family is religious, and while he may not have trauma from that I can imagine it has caused at least some stress, so I'd be annoyed coming from that and then hearing my girlfriend, who has a loving and supportive family, pretend she is so fucked up from her childhood that her mind split into different "people"

No. 308079

She lives in Canada nonny

No. 308081

Being a full time caretaker to someone pretending to be Ill must be exhausting. I get annoyed when my remote worker husband doesn’t do a couple chores when I’m at work. Can’t imagine what it must be like if the person doesn’t have a job and is zonked 24/7. I’ve said it before but they’re literally roommates at this point. She probably keeps him around to take care of her and we all know he’s escaping his family. I can totally picture them being together for a couple years and Steebie wanting an open/poly relationship on the DL.

No. 308082

Tbh I think Jill will dump Stevie at some point to date another DID larper. dissociadid did that, and Jill loves skinwalking her. Just imagine all the "partner system!" "Dating alters!" Videos.

No. 308086

I don't see that happening all DID are attention whores and need constant attention and focus only on them. Like really all DID can't take care of themselves and need constant attention. Though I personally will love to see it 2 online addicts with no life constantly one upping each other. Will make you wonder who will call abuse first. Steve is bottom of the barrel trash he will either a) find another desperate Jill or b) ask for Jill for an open/poly relation bring a man and then leave Jill for said man.

No. 308093

Kek I remember this too. She really said she has precure on 24/7. I just wouldn't be able to live in that clown house.
Jillian truly is the best cure to laziness, a true cautionary tale.

No. 308094

File: 1695227874538.gif (6.17 MB, 498x280, pixielocks-pixie.gif)

can't believe we made to thread #69 nonnas. This is truly a funny number moment. I'm so proud

No. 308097

She's too much of an attention whore for that. They'd just end up hating each other.

No. 308099

Compared to her current clown looks and how unkept she looks most of the time now she actually looks cute in this gif

No. 308100

File: 1695233296737.jpg (81.19 KB, 900x900, bc6cddb2f4119c642ae3a996dcf284…)

It's incredible, the more time passes, the more her previous outfits look better on her than her toddler larp fashion nowadays.

No. 308103

I'm watching the new Sunny Meet the Alters video and my jaw has been steadily dropping the entire video. There's no way she believes this. There's no way that OTHERS believe this.

The way she begins every meet the alter video trying to embody a social stereotype (ie distant and jaded with Jerrick, 'sexy' and bombshell with Veronica, etc.) is bringing me physical pain. She began the video trying to embody an awkward teenager with over-the-top hand motions and body-scrunching, and those characteristics fade later in the video as she gets lazy and forgets to keep up with them. She does this every time, in every introduction. This is insanity

I think she needs mental help, but not for the people she's making up in her head for pity. But for the complete, unabashed narcissism that she herself probably isn't aware that she has.

No. 308104

working on the new video greentext now. im 40 seconds in and i already want to stop

be patient for me ladies, i’ll get through it as fast as i can

No. 308105

This video is literally a parody of Boxxy, please tell me someone else sees this too

No. 308106

I think she studied the Boxxy video and decided this is what actual 14 year olds acted like. The lip curl and mannerisms are matching up.

No. 308107

You’re doing the lords work nonna, Godspeed!

No. 308108

Couldn’t handle more than a minute before u stopped. Godspeed, greentext nonna. We would be nothing without you

No. 308109

oh fuck, is anybody else getting a "video unavailable - playback on other websites has been disabled by video owner" message too? jfc i rly dont wanna give her the view but i might stop by anyway just to dislike it honestly

No. 308110

watching the vid now, its actually awful. this is so blatantly fake, the fact that this so-called 14 year old alter is so well-versed in terminally online did talk is so unbelievable.

No. 308111

>>308110 still watching it and she's trying so hard to make it seem like she's autistic cringe fairy queen like all children aren't cringe it's not autism Jill. (Because this one is a 14 year old)

No. 308112

Anyone that can stomach it should watch the first 5mins, at least get to the moment where she thinks about feeling bad things and her mask just fucking shatters. She is so deeply unhappy but thinks putting on fronts will mean she doesn’t have to, sorry Jill but being an adult means learning to regulate your emotions and the way they hurt others. You can’t just pass off that responsibility because it makes you feel bad.

No. 308115

Yeah getting that too.

No. 308116

>was formed this year
>"i like my little pony and vocaloid"
>shows pictures of jill when she was a child with a my little pony plush and a vocaloid poster(?)

so is she implying that sunny has been here all along clearly by proof of the pictures or is sunny a new character? which one is it, jilly

No. 308117

File: 1695243697100.png (517.74 KB, 758x534, dislike.png)

the dislike ratio

No. 308118

File: 1695244252395.jpeg (432.32 KB, 1475x828, IMG_5947.jpeg)

I don’t want to do this

>opens the video saying her phone’s face ID doesn’t recognise her

>she’s giving quirky tiktok pickme girl energy (you know that one tiktoker who does the “emily and oliver” pickme skits? yeah. that.)
>”i’m excited” x5
>hyping herself up for the video. still acting quirky but like a “younger/kid” version of herself?
>Sunny has filmed with Jill before but “Jill is far away” and “not really holding her hand right now”
>”wow” the phone really can’t recognise her, this is cRaZy. she can’t believe how weird it is to see herself in her reflection looking all like “do do do do do”
>seizure warning
>”no clean confetti club intro today” (since when?)
>oof. Jill already outs herself by saying she’s already done a Meet The Alter for Sunny on Tiktok but that it was “her first time existing in the world” with a text correction on screen that says “she means posting online lol” (Hinting that Sunny has existed for a while like all her other alters and it’s totally not made up as she goes)
>Sunny split off in March “when did that big hairy thing happen?”
>she’s really annoying. lots of hand movements and baby talk. saluting the camera and playing with her hands. it’s too much.
>she doesn’t want to read the questions because it’s “super static” and she just wants to ramble and someone else can put together the video later “tee hee she’s not going to like that”… (we get it, you’re quirky and hyper).
>”hi, hi, hi-hi, hi.” generic introducing herself. Sunny formed this year, “there’s a video on this channel called my response. it’s very dramatic btw. that’s the reason i exist”
>2 alters ended up splitting off from the March trauma. Sunny is there to keep the faith in human-kind and to remember what joy feels like
>And Amber formed to “be the, like, rawr teehee”
>Sunny is the internal protector and Amber is the external protector
>she loves her own analogy of “will to live vs rawr”
>Sunny has been very frequently “co-conquers” since she formed.
>Sunny is a 14yo, uplifting protector who is normal and doesn’t feel bad things (idk what that means)
>”that’s the thing about DID you can just be a guy who doesn’t feel that bad”
>She loses the larp and “disassociates” for a minute. Text on screen says Sunny doesn’t think about this stuff often and that’s why this happened. She comes back giggling saying she doesn’t know what happened but that she “walked off the plank in her mind then came back” (ok?)
>Questions are going to get answered now but she’s “not going 123. this isn’t a spelling bee” (sure, it’s definitely not because you just realised you can’t keep this shit up without multiple prompts)
>She reiterates that she’s 14 and something to do with when Jerr split and Jax split. Jax sucked up some memories from Jerr’s mental age and that’s why Jax is a lot like how Jill was when she was 14, bright bubbly and social but still edgy?
>Sunny is similar in the way that she is the same as Jax but for Jill instead of Jerr. and that’s why Sunny is a lot like how Jill was when she was 14, bright bubbly and social but not edgy? (idk. I think she’s trying to say Jerr has been around for 10+ years and Jax is split from him while Sunny is split from Jill and she’s retconning it to give a reason why everyone’s the same age suddenly)
>Sunny is sooo clumsy and likes MLP and Vocaloid and likes to XD
>(ok this parts actually really sad at the 5 minute mark) she’s just saying that Sunny is like a time capsule of Jill when Jill was 14 and unapologetically being a dorky cringe weeb who likes 14yo stuff. She shows a bunch of pictures of herself cosplaying and being happy with friends at conventions when she was a kid. it’s obvious she is trying to hold onto those good memories by pretending to still be that person with the Sunny larp.
>lots of hand movements and silly voices.
>Sunny is “loud and nerdy and clumsy and a good friend who likes to be sweet maybe and all of those things so beebatibeepitybapitiboo” (we fucking GET IT JILL, MOVE ON MAN, COME ON)
>Sunny gets along with Flora so well because they’re both “interjects” (fictives) of Precure characters
>”hehe that’s right it happened again hehe”
>Jill herself is also basically a precure interject at this point. Jill is just Cure Marine (her words, not mine)
>Precure has been her whole life this year because of the 20th anniversary so it was only a matter of time
>She tried to look like herself for the video with the yellow colour scheme but says that there isn’t a drawing of herself yet like how all the others have but that she has this drawing of herself in magical form (see pic attached)
>she’s the same height as Jill and Flora and has long blonde hair. Made a picrew of herself
>she loves monochromatic collecting.
>There is a Cure Sunny but she is nothing like her. Sunny is more of a genetic Precure character rather than a specific one (this was the moment I realised she is embodying Dylan Mulvaney for her personality and talking mannerisms and now I hate it even more)
>Sunny is a yellow-cure soup and a she/her girly. but unlike Flora, Sunny has magical powers inside her brain
>Jill is here now with a post-edit voice overlay explaining how “non human alters” work. TLDR she would be hospitalised or dead if she couldn’t have non-human alters for her brain so no one is allowed to question her less-logical/fantastical bullshit. It all comes from a place of logic and survival. (thanks jill. very cool)
>She will not stop moving her hands and body. It’s so distracting. Something about inner worlds
>the power stuff comes from “a time when all of her powers were taken away and suddenly she is just a crazy young girl on the internet” (interesting… hinting at her fall from grace as a big-youtuber to this thing she currently is maybe?)

part 2 coming. the body was too long to post.

No. 308120

>sunny is a magical girl in her mind palace which is the only thing that differs from flora
>the magical girl mind palace is a glass dome from Utena
She has to be fucking with us? This is even too bizarre for her

No. 308121

File: 1695244555587.jpeg (186.04 KB, 1460x828, IMG_5948.jpeg)

part 2

>halfway through now. she’s making a map of her inner world. it kinda looks like a bad NeoPets map

>Jill found Sunny in the inner-world in an anime glass birdcage where Jill went into the birdcage and found a tree then went down some secret spiral stairs in the birdhouse and that’s where Sunny lives and plays in the grass (it’s gotta be meth. genuinely had to pause the video to laugh for a few minutes)
>Sunny doesn’t spend a lot of time in the inner-world. Sunny is usually “out and crap” but goes to the inner world to meet everyone and that’s where she met Flora
>Sunny and Flora’s friendship is interesting because they didn’t know about each other for almost a month and that is interesting because they’re so similar. She doesn’t know what the purpose was.
>Storytime about her discovery and birth: “okay so everything’s on fire, metaphorically, ha ha ha ha. trying to cope with a crazy thing that I never thought would happen then (popping sound effect and she pretends to cry like a baby. she then cackles maniacally like it’s the funniest thing she’s ever said)
>”and that’s how i was born.” Jill was the first to figure it out because she thought something was funky, and felt a new feeling, a tickle in the air
>Jill writes things down and does science experiments and THEY were confused at first because THEY thought Flora has fused because the Sunny and Jill combo feels similar to the Flora Jill combo
>Jill brings the woohoowoohoo to the Jill/Flora combo and Sunny is always woohoowoohoo so it’s an augmented woo hoo when they’re co-con
>Sunny and Flora are very different. She made a venn diagram of Sunny/Flora/Jill. 14:30 time stamp.
>Flora couldn’t handle the March stress and that’s why Sunny formed. Flora is a sensitive and soft grandma who couldn’t weather the storm and had to go inside for that and Jill was like “oh, where’s my will to live?” (Sunny is laughing her ass off at this)
>If Flora is a soft flower petal then Sunny is a strike of lightning
>one thing Sunny is struggling with is the ability to mask and can’t read rooms well and can’t read between the lines and needs things to be explained really directly to her and doesn’t get jokes and things she says goes over people’s heads (very subtle and sensitive autism hinting. might be hard to spot)
>Sunny’s interests are precure, MLP, Vocaloid, and Steven Universe. She is the alter who contains all of the Brony power
>she loves anime and SMASH, mentions Mario is a special interest (subtle) and loves J-pop which she says is just precure music.
>”as a very traumatised mentally-ill brain and person just trying to get through life and cope, when you find something that is guaranteed to put you in a positive headspead that works every time you’re going to incorporate it into your daily life” (this was all about why she is SO obsessed with precure and why she has so many precure alters)
>she loves anime dances and doing anime dances and cosplay and karaoke and Just Dance
>she’s very social with no anxiety and boulders through life.
>if you take Jill and take out the insecurities and the caring-about-what-people-think and the attempting-to-not-be-cringe, that’s sunny. “I don’t give a fuck. Let’s watch My Little Pony. Fuck you. Do precures say ‘fuck you’? yes. this one does”
>Sunny doesn’t use social media a lot so she doesn’t know what to talk about except pre-cure because precure runs her life. But she is doing fashion design and blogger shit. That’s a precure lifestyle if she’s ever heard of one
>cumming over the “adult season” of precure.
>”bestie” is coming over in 2 hours to watch pre-cure power up so she has to go
>she’s loud. she likes j-fashion, decora, monochromatic, she even hates the pink in her hair clips and she’s sorry for the “wah wah baby being born joke”
>she’s been around so much so she thought she’d say hello. Amber would never want to do this, apparently there are a couple alters where an intro video wouldn’t be within their personality wheelhouse
>But Sunny loves this crap and loves to live
>she JUST realised she didn’t do Q&A question but if anyone has them, ask them in the comments.

sorry if some of the sentence structures don’t make sense, sometimes I paraphrased and sometimes I just wrote out what she was saying.
but anyway that’s enough internet for me, i’m going outside.

No. 308123

File: 1695244760300.jpeg (32.34 KB, 480x360, IMG_9547.jpeg)

>Sunny has magical powers inside her brain
>the power stuff comes from “a time when all of her powers were taken away and suddenly she is just a crazy young girl on the internet”

Sunny was made as a response to that professional making a DID presentation with her in it right? This is giving me flashbacks to Chris’ curseyehameha…

No. 308125

jfc she is insufferable, and the autism bread crumbing (well, less crumbs more freshly baked loaves of sourdough), Smash Bros isn't a stim you just have a hobby.(learn2sage)

No. 308126

This video was very hard to watch and this is exactly why, she thinks if she acts cringy, like a sped who is excited about MLP (and weeby special interests) and throws in stereotypical autistic facts like that she doesn't get jokes and doesn't mask well then she can be subtle about claiming autism. At first it seemed like the autistic alter was gonna be Jerrick but now it's obvious she wants to larp it through a 14 year old weeby girl. Also she implied we are not gonna get a Jax or Amber meet the alter, probably 'cause she wouldn't be able to keep the act long enough for a video (in this one she just acted like Jillian but more annoying)

No. 308128

File: 1695246710121.png (1.66 MB, 1440x1080, utena1.png)

>glass dome from Utena
??? Is she talking about Anthy's greenhouse? The one that is shaped like a bird cage to symbolize, in short, that Anthy is trapped in a suffocating situation with seemingly no way out? okay Jill

No. 308129

>"enjoys housework" in the jillian/flora overlap
The cat hair covering her floors beg to differ

No. 308130

she has to be deleting comments on this video.

No. 308131

Gets me every time that each alter talks about the other alters and uses specific alter words (masking, splitting, personal protector) as if they've all been to therapy for it. If you're a child, act like it. What young teen talks this way or self admits to being cringey or caring about what the "host" wants. Wouldn't the alters have an existenal crisis realizing they're not "real"? No, it's a big, fun pastel party with the voices in her head. I couldn't even imagine telling my loved ones I hear voices and am other people and them not putting me in a mental ward. Her loved ones have to be at their wits end kek.

No. 308135

larp rule #1: dissociative amnesia only exists when it's convenient!

ever notice how underage alters miraculously never have controversial opinions that could damage their "hosts" reputation? they'll use exaggerated speech like a parody of a child, but never ever make any mistakes, or be wrong about anything, or be edgy, or meaningfully disagree with any of the "hosts" established stances? how they always seem to be either supervised or perfectly compliant with their "caretakers" wishes?

have you ever met a child or teenager that was fully compliant to whatever their babysitter asks, never says anything stupid or controversial, and never does anything inconvenient?

No. 308136

File: 1695251729888.jpeg (359.27 KB, 720x1440, IMG_1146.jpeg)

The birdcage is anthy’s rose garden, the giant tree and staircase describes the duelists arena. Can someone tell jill to get original ideas?

No. 308138

she doesn't enjoy anything but weed at this point

No. 308139

Seconding this. The first few minutes were just a notch or two down from the infamous Boxxy video it was like painful to try to endure. It’s 2023 Jill jfc

No. 308140

Jillian is just trying so hard to appeal to the manic pixie dream girl shit it's so cringe. She looks insane and not in the way she wants kek.

No. 308141

It makes no sense, because if she was formed this year, it means she had trauma this year that formed sunny as a new personality. If she shows old photos of stuff she likes, it just confirms the theory that she's making a new OC per every other thing she likes and assigning old memories to them just because she needs to make it more legit for the viewers.

No. 308143

It's honestly just so sad and pathetic comparing Jill's current content to her older videos. After seeing that cluster fuck of an Alter video vs them in fashion school, where she - albeit mediorecrely - managed to actually get things done, live a relatively normal life without being completely obnoxious in her mannerisms. Compare that to now being at the point, where she wholeheartedly puts her face in front of the camera to convince her audience and herself, that she split off a 14-year-old weeaboo personality to protect her from evil, evil professionals in the field and just voicing their criticism and concerns. It's actually mindboggling and I sometimes wonder if she ever goes back to look at her old self and seriously consider when she's lost the plot entirely.(learn to sage)

No. 308144

wait wasn't flora a magical girl witch or something too? I remember she made "magical mc n cheese" as flora in an old thread kek. And also something about her being based on japanese shit.
I predict she will eventually merge both of them and she will name the new alter "sunflower" or something.
>opens the video saying her phone’s face ID doesn’t recognise her
kekkkkk of course she has to highlight this to feel more legit about her larp

No. 308146

File: 1695255125820.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.01 KB, 638x324, aBObYyT.jpg)

>sunny is an autistic loud brony and also very young

No. 308147

Tried to look for negative comments and very quickly came to the same conclusion, there is no way she doesn't realize how people who are not larpers or in her echo-chamber will react to this

No. 308148

nona u dropped ur sage

No. 308151

File: 1695255880593.png (167 KB, 1325x937, Screenshot 2023-09-20 192653.p…)

'tism discourse ft jill not even trying to hide the crumbs

No. 308152

Well Jillian must be very happy people are enabling her, why would she even try and pretend otherwise. Saw a different autist commenting about how her fictional precure alters totally make sense since she is autistic as well (can't post the screenshot of the comment for some reason)

No. 308153

Autistic people are very gullible and have a harder time figuring out if people are lying.

No. 308154

>Sunny is a 14yo, uplifting protector who is normal and doesn’t feel bad things (idk what that means)
Girl really thinks "normal" people have zero emotions and just go around happily like NPCs all day, unlike special mentally ill Jill who has emotions.

No. 308155

Jillian, you are literally so not autistic that you don't even know how to fucking LARP autism. Like, it's just sad. How long is this all going to fucking go on for? I can't even believe that this is someone's real life.

No. 308156

Are her parents OK with all of this just because she gets somewhat financially rewarded for it? Like what the fuck do they think?

No. 308157

>I couldn't even imagine telling my loved ones I hear voices and am other people and them not putting me in a mental ward. Her loved ones have to be at their wits end kek.
This is what happens when you have absolutely no disclipline and get away with everything for your whole life, like the confidence to go online and upload videos of all this shit attached to your name with the assurance it will have no negative consequences. Most people would end up sedated in an asylum if they acted like this, especially in recent past for women where far less deviant behaviour (like simply being disagreeable) would get you lobotomised or locked up for life.
Though I think she's careful to avoid talking about suicide or self harm since that is guaranteed to be intervened, she opts for a very high volume of "harmless" bullshit.
Imagine if these threads end when someone finally has enough and she's strapped to a bed in a padded room for decades. Like really I can't imagine acting this way with such confidence, in public and documented all over the internet, but here we are.

No. 308159

Even if autists do tend to take things literally or can't always tell when someone is deceiving then I refuse to believe they actually buy this performance, autistic people are not always inherently unable to see someone is faking. Also wouldn't surprise me if most of the people who comment on Jillian's videos are mostly self-diagnosing dumbasses just like her

No. 308163

Imagine if it comes to a time when she has to be put inside a mental hospital for a while because of her "real DID diagnosis". She'll either get tired and tell the staff that the diagnosis is fake or use it as a way to make herself more legit.

No. 308164

>Gets me every time that each alter talks about the other alters and uses specific alter words (masking, splitting, personal protector) as if they've all been to therapy for it.
I don't think she went to therapy enough to even know what any of those words mean. She hasn't gone to therapy in a while anyway.

No. 308165

>Sunny’s interests are precure, MLP, Vocaloid, and Steven Universe. She is the alter who contains all of the Brony power
>she loves anime and SMASH, mentions Mario is a special interest (subtle) and loves J-pop which she says is just precure music.
I love that Jill has like 3-5 interests that never change, yet each alter has a totally super special interest that’s unique to them which are just her hobbies reshuffled

No. 308166

It's irritating for her to make shit up, when if she really was educated on autism at all, she'd know having all of the symptoms is kind of rare? that's literally why it's called a spectrum. Also talking about high-masking or low-masking when the community is kind of about, how about no masks? not to mention with this DID thing its literally an identity that you use TO mask so it's just an extra layer of what the fuck. i'm still of the camp that jill is mentally ill, just not in any of the cute ways she thinks she is. She might and probably does have BPD but notice how she keeps minimizing talking about that or admitting to those symptoms because it's not as cute or quirky? DID is so she can blame other people for her shitty behavior and autism is so she can excuse it by 'teehee i cant help it! im autistic!'

she'll never claim a disorder that she couldn't make cute. See narcissism, sociopathy, schizophrenia. only reason she admits to BPD at all is that she's so happy that she has at least SOMETHING diagnosed to brag about.

No. 308168

File: 1695271769192.png (193.07 KB, 983x584, larpsource.png)

i'm pretty sure she took these terms from other DID larpers themselves, they even have a "wiki" dedicated to this where they all take the terms from to make their larp more legit.
picrel is an example from it, https://pluralpedia.org/w/Main_Page (obviously every single term has a sooper special flag)
the DID larper community is pretty big nowadays

No. 308170

All those things are stuff that she already liked prior as herself so it makes no sense to pretend it was an alter all along. Sincerely, what hobbies does she have left for "Jill" to have? Everything seems to be distributed now.
Holy… just how deep the rabbit hole goes?

No. 308171

Samefag but
>Anime girl icon
Come the fuck on lmao they make it so obvious

No. 308174

ot but that icon is fucking me up

No. 308176

File: 1695282369573.png (83.05 KB, 734x501, Screenshot (2).png)

the DID larp community has been around for quite long (thread from 7 years ago on "multiple systems": >>>/snow/109130 , from 5 years ago on DID youtubers: >>>/snow/663556 (with newfags blogposting about their totes legit DID diagnosis))
it's interesting how the icon looks very 2007 but the wiki has only been around since 2020 (it's a splinter of a shitcord DID-related bot, shitcord suprisingly has a lot of DID-related user-created bots like PluralKit), did the author trace some deviantart rando's first anime girl drawing?
apparently only a drawing is enough for multiple people to "split off" an entire alter of someone. but unlike Jill, you don't even need to pretend to go under ~extreme life-changing~ trauma to form an alter nowadays, since the consensus is now that "plurality" can be "non-disordered" and anyone that disagrees is a "sysmed" (analogous with "transmed/transmedicalist/truscum" in the tranny community).

No. 308177

I feel like her family has long since stopped watching her videos, just as most of her fans did. It was cute when they got to see her life and her progress in accomplishing goals, but at this point, they're probably just shaking their heads and thinking what a shame it is that she turned out this way much like the rest of us. You can tell people around her at this point kind of approach her with pity and hopeful support, in the hopes that maybe a good day or fun opportunity provided by them will make her wake up, snap out of it, and decide to rejoin normal society again. I think the making the wedding dress thing is an example of that. But instead of it inspiring Jill to get back into fashion and sewing, it was a blip on her radar and she went right back to obsessing with herself.

Everything people do for her or invite her to now just turns into additional ammunition for schitzo babble stories. It'll all just be about her and how one of her sides said or thought this about it. or she'll say something about it traumatized her further. Nothing is saving her, nothing is bringing her out of it. So I assume at this point, they can't even muster the courage to turn on her videos anymore. All of this might have been cute as a teenager, but she's a grown adult who's supposed to have a job and be out living her life by now. Probably far too depressing for them, watching her never ending self obsessed spiraling.

No. 308179

Yeah that’s the one she showed in her video. Kek, so the place she’s free to be a magical girl in her head is a fucking cage?
No according to her new headcanon Flora can’t transform to a magical girl. While Sunny has a magical girl form. But they’re both from precure magical girl characters. So I don’t really get it.

No. 308181

>formed sunny because mclean drama was too stressful
>formed cliffe because taxes are hard
This girl has never known trauma in her life lmao. Also does anyone else find it weird that Jill used pictures of herself a young teenager for sunny? It's like she wants to go back to being a teenager or a kid, it's fucking weird

No. 308183

Yeah all of her alters are younger than her except bald man. She is obsessed with infantilizing herself.
In the video she acts like she doesn't even remember where the glass cage is from, honestly I don't think she has completed any other magical girl anime besides precure. She has a very shallow knowledge and never really mentions any specific scenes or characters of any of them

No. 308219

I blame her bestie Kya for popularizing DID therapy-speak like this. Jill copies her so much. When she went on her little spiel about non-human alters, two of the three examples she gave (fairies and mermaids) are literally alters that Kya claims to have (although Kya claims she formed a mermaid alter to survive waterboarding, meanwhile Jill formed an anime character because people online were being too mean uwu). I mean, Sunny is basically a Nadia copy without the racism (lmk if anyone needs a tldr on Nadia)

No. 308222

File: 1695316480138.png (456.03 KB, 2032x1816, wtf.png)

I'm sorry but this website is like, absolute bonkers to me kek. This sounds fake as fuck
I feel like I just took a look at the tip of an iceberg

No. 308224

Nonnie a good portion of lolcow users are autistic and I’d wager a lot of them are current/former jfashion weebs too. And I don’t think a single one of them believes Jill is anything other than a narc faking illnesses. The comments are just normalfaggot neurotypical sickos who love to LARP and lie like Jill does

No. 308225

All of this looks and reads like lore from some "book" a teen or bored stay-at-home mom have been writing in their heads.

No. 308228

File: 1695318459122.jpeg (504.71 KB, 1170x1971, IMG_4789.jpeg)

Can she be so for real. Tell me you’ve never had real problems without telling me you’ve never had real problems.

No. 308229

>>308228 me! me! me! that's all Jill has ever cared about, if she can't insert herself it's not worth her 'sooper real justice complex'

No. 308230

>>308224 as a retard into jfashion, i concur with this statement.

No. 308231

go see a real therapist instead of relying on youtube for coping skills, problem solved

No. 308232

Which "DID specialist" on YouTube us she talking about? What snippy comment? Lmao
Real talk but I find hard to believe any mental health "professional" on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok ever

No. 308235

this is possibly the worst YA otherkin fanfiction ever written by a stoner. Thank you for your sacrifice.

No. 308236

What Jill doesn't realise is that while she is the center of her own world, she isn't the center of others. Those ~DID specialists~ see her as a statistic one way or another. If they look at her claim of having DID on surface level and believe her or don't believe her she's still just some random girl on the internet that's at best a minor data point unless she became a serious patient of theirs. She shows her lack of scientific literacy also by acting like the "betrayal" was some official statement by DID professionals that she's a fake without ever psychologically assessing her when it was so informal they could pull examples from internet influencers they never spoke with.
If she's a serious patient of any psych then video or no a professional is going to put her through the ringer to be sure she has it and not something else. And if she managed to convince them she had it they'd undergo treatment as if the video never happened even if they'd watched it ten times. If she had been used in a real study as an official faker that study would need to be revised but she wasn't used in anything of the sort so nothing would need to be updated. She's the one taking her own inclusion far more seriously than anyone else is.

No. 308238

As lore for a story it’s pretty interesting I guess, you could create a bunch of interesting characters. But the fact that there’s people out there saying that all of these bits of information are 100% truly seriously serious is so depressing.

No. 308239

It was laughable when she and Steebie were mocking how the McLean presentation had its references at the end and that the doctor moved past quickly, and like neither of them have probably ever had to write a paper or give a presentation that required references in their lives lmao

She truly has no idea what academic discussion looks like

No. 308243

The narcissism and paranoia, some guy didn't comment about your shitfit but wrote a brief comment to a fashion post and you're imagining the rest. Too much free time: the movie

No. 308244


I hope she drops a RGU alter next. I feel like if she actually watched the anime in its entirety, the point went straight over her head.

No. 308247

I have a hard time thinking she would actually stand watching it for more than a couple of episodes. It's too slow moving, isn't loud and colorful and in general not kawawee enough for someone like her. Even if the first season isn't all that deep it still has moments of fairly confusing scenes and dialogues where you have to read between the lines or understand where the characters are lying to others or themselves which I'm sure her weeded out brain wouldn't be able to follow and she would just claim the show caused her to disassociate. If she actually watched it all the way through and understood at least one or two of the messages it conveyed I'll gladly eat my hat.
sorry I just have a lot of emotions about this show

No. 308253

File: 1695330451484.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1941, 0FCA0924-609A-4A49-8F2C-E4BFF7…)

Any day now Steve will come out as trans

No. 308254

I feel like this alter specifically is made to bite back against any and all critique. If anyone calls her out from anything from being racist to being cringe, she can hide behind this "sunny" exterior and play the role of an unassuming child/tween who doesn't care and only wants to have fun. She can be as cringe and as narcissistic as she wants because that's what this character is so no one can fault her.

I think her age is a common age when you start really missing your childhood and reminiscing about when you felt carefree and didn't care about liking cringe stuff like PreCure and other baby shows. The amount of hate she gets since DID reveal has probably made her want to hide behind that "cringe" title more and more now.

No. 308258

>born male
>dating a female
>”my christian family tried to send me to conversion therapy”

…huh? to convert you from what? as far as you present to outsiders, you’re a straight white cisgender male. there’s literally nothing to convert.
either get the fuck out of the closet and have something real to complain about or shut the actual fuck up steve.

No. 308259

He's obviously looking to go the troon route but coming out as a gay man would probably be his best shot at getting away from Jill. Even if she's "nonbiney" he can say he's attracted to men, not women or nonbinaries

No. 308261

Not really tbh, she would accuse him of being transphowobique for not wanting to fuck an enby (because enbies are part of the tranny stuff as far as I know) plus she’s like those OC donut steels with 1/7th of tranny brain or some shit, which makes her a true and honest man since she sometimes switches to Jerricka.

No. 308270

is steebie bisexual and/or gay? or did his parents catch him crossdressing back in high school….

No. 308273

>has trans flag in username
>"certified thembo" in bio

What do you mean "come out"???

No. 308275

nayrt but come out as full mtf, not just nonbinary

No. 308280

I'm anon who posted >>308077 and yep, he does have stress from his religious family life. So I wouldn't be surprised if he grits his teeth every time Jill talks about how so super special and mentally ill and fucked up she is from her childhood when her parents have supported her and loved her in every endeavor, from her hobbies to her supposed gender/sexual identities.

No. 308281

See is Stevie a prisoner in Jill's rainbow home for real? Like his family are completely unaccepting of being gay, bi, queer etc so he needs to find someone else to move in with before he can leave?

Aside this makes Jill's imaginary aboos that triggered DID even more offensive, since if this is true Stevie genuinely had an unsupportive/oppressive family (even supporting conversion therapy alone is a massive red flag)

No. 308286

yes, none of this shit is based on anything and it's not the cool kind of "not based on anything" either like magic is.
i've met some of these larpers online and they even pretended to have totes real romantic relationships going on inside their heads. what happened to just going on a nice date with yourself without having to rationalise it with shit like "ackchually i'm dating another person inside my head, i'm NOT a lonely loser freak"?

No. 308288

That's probably it. Though even if he can't afford to rent by himself he could probably find a roommate. Meaning that he's probably comfortable enough with the situation he's in, or he's still under Jill's influence one way or the other.
Not defending his troon ass obviously, but sometimes it's just easier to deal with a shitty living situation when you come from so much worse.

No. 308292

They/them non-binary shit is the modern equivalent of gay men coming out as bi before they they feel confident enough to admit they only like dick.
He’s either a troon or a faggot. He’s always gave fag vibes but I wouldn’t be surprised if his big issue with his Christian family is he’s a gross porn addict seeing as he’s only dated fat white women and is into age play shit. A lot of “queer” types consider their paraphilia as part of their sexual identity and lump it in as something that would make them not straight even though those factors are not related one bit. It’s just a reach to be the most speshul and least straight.

No. 308314

If women leaving abusive relationships can get back on their feet so can a scrote. He’s got no excuses. if he’s worried about rent he can go to a women’s shelter and they’ll probably pay it because Canada will always take a knee to trannies.

No. 308315

It's not the same because the vast majority of male they/thems are literally just straight men who want to get in with the woke queer crowd, preferably without any effort. But they're "straight white cis" so they have to convince themselves and others they're totally some spicy form of queer and not just an evil oppressor.
It wouldn't surprise me if he says he's trans because of the porn addiction.

No. 308319

File: 1695402220284.png (68.53 KB, 479x606, stupidbitch.png)

And please tell us, you stupid bitch, what makes you think that weed isn't having these negative effects on you? Have YOU ever worked with such a clinic? No? You don't even go to therapy, ever? You aren't even being seen by a psychologist? No? Are you giving dangerous unsolicited advice that should only be given by a qualified practitioner? Are you doing harm in your fake "community?" Yes?

No. 308320

> stoner #1 admits to talking with themselves while stoned and doomscrolling twitter, clearly faking DID
> stoner #2 pretends they have better reason for being stoned out of their mind 24/7, again claiming autism to explain beinga neet loser

No. 308322

Literally every aspect of her stability and functionality tanked when she got super into pot. She’s like every other addict who claims they need it to be happy when actually it’s wrecked their life. She attended school, had a job, created more content, had actual plans and aspirations, was a healthier size and exercised more, and admittedly maintained a stable identity for several years at a time. Now she lies around watching kids cartoons and telling herself she’s actually a collection of various toddlers and magic Asian elementary schoolers.

No. 308324

Like really, where does she get off claiming to be functional and healthy, and claiming that pot is helping her? By what metric? She is in no ways functional. If she actually bothered to see a therapist or psychologist, they would be appalled by her. Imagine being this delusional.

No. 308326

Jill swears she's a main character that can just do whatever she wants, while all the other pleb normies are at risk. Her life got worse when she started using weed instead of whatever medication she was prescribed because it also made her suicidal thoughts go away (because with weed you don't really do much thinking, especially when you're always high like Jill is)

No. 308328

>says she has PTSD, GAD and autism
> don’t used weed if you have DID (Ur always high and saying you have DID?)

Can a person be really this stupid? Jill, stop giving medical advice, you're not a doctor or specialist. Also what the hell is “Inner system work”? You “work and talk to ur imaginary friends?” Funny how you can make friends and play dress up, supposedly out of something so terrible and traumatic that your brain has changed as a protection mechanism. I really hate Munchausen

No. 308329

File: 1695404610486.png (339.13 KB, 501x504, psych.png)

You are telling on yourself every single day, Jillian.

No. 308330

She tried to watch it and hated it (and said so on camera) and has since been ret-conning that because lesbians like it and she totes likes girls!

No. 308340

>weed helped me treat my undiagnosed autism.

You heard it here first folks. If your child has autism just give them the weed and they will be fine.

No. 308341

Has she ever actually truly liked any other magical girl anime except for precure? Because she seems to dislike anything that has even a slightly deeper story to tell or requires you to think a little. I remember she also really hated Madoka, and while that show has it's own share of issues it's still a deconstruction of the genre with a handful shares of symbolism. I've seen some Sailor Moon and CCS merch in her home, but has she ever shown any genuine interest in those shows or were they just an excuse to collect more pink trash?

No. 308342

Saged for same fag. But her claiming to be well versed in marijuana use in people with people with autism/did/etc while simultaneously saying nothing of substance, not referencing her research and her only basing her "well versed research" on just her personal experience. God, she is an idiot.

If Jill does happen to have autism she is definitely not the smart kind.

No. 308344

The fact that jill thinks weed is a treatment for autism (that she doesn't even have) is so fucking offensive to me, like the god damn bitch might as well claim she got her autism from covid vaccines next

No. 308345

I really dont understand how she can say weed medicates autism and PTSD, imo its like saying alcohol can be used as a medication for mental illness, and we all know where that leads. If she wants to give out medication advice that badly, she should train to be a counsellor like her angel baby therapist

No. 308346

yeah honestly fuck her for promoting drugs as treatment for developmental disorders and mental illness when she has a young mentally unstable fanbase and those things are known to make it worse for sufferers. she's so insufferable and downright harmful at this point. i used to like her aesthetic, but at this point fuck her. she's too terrible for me to have any sympathy anymore

No. 308347

i remember her making a video on sugar sugar rune years and years ago but i don't think she had more than a surface level "this is cute" interest.

No. 308348

Especially when autistic people can have anxiety and depression or other things wrong with them. Like shit she didn’t do her research at all.

No. 308350

I had the same reaction, it was offensive as fuck. She doesn't even have a diagnostic, hasn't even started to fucking treat the supposed autism and wants to say that she self-medicates with weed. Insane.
Autists can have very poor reactions to substances, this is honestly the worst advice ever
She has never talked about CCS afaik but yeah she has figurines

No. 308351

Weed slows people’s cognitive/executive function, lowers their energy levels and capability of completing complex tasks, increases paranoia, and amps up most sensations and perceived sensory input. All of this is the opposite of helpful for most autistics.
But if she’s perpetually high I can sure see why she thinks she has autism now based off bullet point lists and tiktoks.
Like she says, the weed doesn’t even make her high, guis! So her slow thinking, strange behaviors, low executive function, perpetual desire to rest, junk food cravings, anxiety, reclusion, and repetitive sensory seeking must totally be all autism… not her being stoned out of her mind.

No. 308355

I forget her exact wording but she did originally say she didn't like CCS, but its a core magical girl anime so she later changed her mind and got a tattoo of it.

No. 308377

did you actually think she did research, or would ever? she was clearly talking about herself, aka rationalizing her braindead identity like she always does. she always phrases it a certain way to sound intelligent

No. 308385

File: 1695429218943.jpg (107.94 KB, 1102x1374, 61HVvDYt1uL.jpg)

>am versed in
Sure you are, Jilly. I forgot watching kids shows while stoned is considered important research. Please cite Dr. Bluey and Dr. Bear next time in apa format.
She should say that into a mirror, while not eye fucking herself, a minimum of five times a day or whenever she decides to show her intellect on twitter. Kek
B-but her personal experience is all that matters, nonita! Her and Steve fancy themselves as intellectuals therefore any thing they say holds merit more than people who spent years working/researching in the medical field like that icky dumb dumb Matthew. I mean they're queer tm and care so much about the community. So that has to count as credentials too.

No. 308400

can't believe no one is talking about how jill suggested ketamine in the same breath as discussing her OTC weed usage lol

No. 308408

File: 1695444648660.png (2.03 MB, 1280x960, IMG_6011.png)

9/10 angel baby therapists recommend this leading brand over competitors

No. 308410

What the fuck? Weed for her "Undiagnosed autism?" What does she MEAN "treat"? Her recent autism label has transformed from little breadcrumbs to suddenly trying to skinwalk as the body of an stereotypically cringe and autistic 14 year old for pity. Now, she is adopting the label. Why does she want to have problems so badly?

I am so fucking done with her— this is just as embarrassing as when she refers to "Mario kart" as every character in her DID LARP's favorite "stim." That's not a stim. It's just a hobby that you, alone, Jillian, have. Weed is not a medicinal treatment for your collection of undiagnosed mental illnesses. You just like to get high.

No. 308415

inb4 one of her retard followers who also larps DID gets into weed as a "cure" and develops actual schizophrenia.

No. 308416

File: 1695459882284.jpeg (87.22 KB, 738x746, 6EDD2082-EB38-426B-A79D-925E65…)

I also want to know what does it even mean when she talks about treating her undiagnosed autism kek, is weed like pic related then?

No. 308430

Fucking kek seriously. She likes playing Mariokart sometimes so she calls it an autistic stim to try to prove she has autism. She’s so brainrotted by tiktok and Twitter it’s ridiculous.

No. 308439

i miss when teenagers and childish adults pretended to be vampires and mediums for attention instead of pretending to have flavor of the month mento illness

No. 308445

File: 1695505298697.jpg (373.12 KB, 1079x959, Screenshot_20230923_223821_X.j…)

Did anyone post this yet? Sorry if I missed it, but here is Jill talking about how she considered taking testosterone.

No. 308448

what an extremely hard gender identity crisis for her, she didn't go on T because it would have changed her voice! so brave so strong kek literally no one asked

No. 308450

File: 1695510620472.jpg (180.05 KB, 1080x670, Screenshot_20230923_190938.jpg)

No. 308451

I thought the sex pest alter had It’s own account.

No. 308454

So he is doing the bare minimum. Got it

No. 308456

You know, if Jill put half this effort into ANY other part of her life, she might be half successful. How much time do we estimate she has she spent concocting this bullshit?

No. 308459

So she just leaves cat pee on the floor? Bleak.

No. 308460

why are her cats peeing on the floor? what's going on in the house of commons?

No. 308463

She probably never cleans out their litter trays. Cats won't use shitty filthy litter, but as for boys they need to be checked for a uti ASAP if they start peeing on the floor despite being litter trained, regardless of the situation. Especially pure-breds. But of course, jilly won't do that. Or anything. Legit what the fuck does she do all day?

No. 308473

cats will pee and shit on the floor and in corners if their litter box is gross. I'm gonna guess jill doesnt help with that because its unkawaii and instead gets stoned all say talking to herself. that leaves steve to clean it out and any new messes when he gets home. guessing its not often for a variety of factors, but its just very very fucking telling jill instead posted this to twitter instead of cleaning it.

No. 308477

An occasional gift and helping care for the pets are such basic things to expect from a boyfriend you live with, the bar is in the fucking ground

No. 308483

It's her one true gift though nonnie. Making everything, no matter how small or trivial, about god's greatest creation, herself! I love how dramatic she is especially when you remember the bathroom incident at the restaurant during her trip to see MCR. Seriously makes me laugh at how angry she was.
She really thinks she's a princess doesn't she? She never gives and only seems to take. Pathetic. Also who voluntarily airs out this type of information? She's so fucking weird.
Not anymore. Jill decided to take the horny posting account and rebrand it instead of making a new one because she didn't want to start from scratch with little followers. Ego and what not. I don't think she ever cleared it of the horny posting tweets either which wouldn't surprise me because Jill can't be assed to purge the old tweets.

No. 308485

Girl's so lazy she doesn't even bother ending her stupid tweets with her alter's emojis anymore, girl made a whole list of which emoji belongs to who what just to drop it after a while, just like everything else she does

No. 308486

I hope she changes her mind and goes on T, as karma for all the shitty harmful things she does. I mean T gives you muscle to lose more weight so that should be alluring enough to her

No. 308488

didn't even bother throwing a bunch of paper towels on top i bet.
and if you have multiple litter boxes it takes at least a few days for the cats to ressort to not use them (been there) so that means that neither of them bothered to clean them in 2-3 days.

No. 308490

Wonder if she rebranded the horny Veronica account to make it into something else because she and steven aren't having sex anymore. She did say that Veronica was intersex at some point (probably because she pegs steven) but has this alter been featured in anything at all recently?

No. 308491

File: 1695550541064.jpg (143.82 KB, 1080x465, Screenshot_20230924_061405.jpg)

No. 308492

File: 1695550921958.png (432.27 KB, 900x769, 38-386604_puke-emoji-png-vomit…)

The rainbow prison is just a place for him to experiment with his sick fetishes and that's why he invited sof to age regress in there the other day. Judging by the situation, he does have a roof to stay but doesn't even like Jill anymore. Better than being homeless or repressed in a Christian house I guess. The day he finds a better roommate he'll dip out.
>He cleaned cat piss
I think what happened was that the house smelled like cat shit and piss and Steven had to come home to that, then he had to become the only responsable adult in the house to clean this mess that Jillian's cats made since she's busy smoking weed and being a baby. Like how the fuck can you just, let your own house smell like cat piss? No wonder this dude is so tired of her.
Jillian pregnant saga when

No. 308493

File: 1695551196205.jpg (44.26 KB, 715x503, Screenshot_20230924-091446.jpg)

No. 308494

I am sad but also deeply unsurprised that she thinks 25 is old.

No. 308496

File: 1695554472951.jpg (515.1 KB, 1072x1887, Screenshot_20230924_071903.jpg)

Back to tossing out breadcrumbs for her super bad ED. None of us get to forget that Jillybean has the most trauma ever.

No. 308498

i keep coming back to this because we have insight into what steve is fed up with, sounds like she doesnt help out with cleaning at all. and given how cunty she is, i bet she throws a fit when he asks for chore assistance
stoner munchies. hunger pangs my ass.
we get it jill. you miss your childhood and teenhood because youre a an absolute failure of a responsible mature adult.

No. 308499

Idk, as far as I know, sleeping won’t let you feel hungry, specially if you ate at least once during the day, it’s not like she’s a starving child that hasn’t had a meal in days, and I’m sure she has plenty of fat to keep her alive for a while.
Plus, if she doesn’t have any insulin problems, which she would’ve mentioned if she had them, she surely would’ve applied to get that one medicine that makes people stop feeling hungry and shit. I wonder why she hasn’t tried getting it yet, it’s a seemingly quick solution for her obesity problem and it would give her new things to show on camera like
>~*•.How I put my injection of the morning after brefast.•*~
Or some bullshit like that for her attention whoring.

No. 308500

At this point I can see her being like the queen PT in the future, taking weird pictures outside wearing anime children cosplay, begging for money 24/7 and being a paranoid mess that thinks that her peeps taste hormonal.

No. 308501

File: 1695564331947.jpeg (381.95 KB, 1179x1842, IMG_1159.jpeg)

You might be onto something here kek. This is going to be Jill someday.

No. 308503

I miss the queen so much

No. 308516

way too much time free in her hands that she could had used to do something more productive
KEK you're so right, can't even do that shit anymore. I remember how mad she got about people not respecting her emojis or whatever and now, well, it doesn't matter anymore does it. Making huge deals out of nothing as always.
She's old but only for the tiktok crowd she hangs out with, because all those larpers are dumb teenagers.
If she had hobbies or interests more appropiate for her age, and a better social circle, things would be different. She doesn't need to stop watching cartoons, just do something that doesn't make her feel "old" like larping as a 14 year old online and age regressing

No. 308519

Yeah, same. Just wait til 40 punches her in the face. We might actually see a real mental health crisis.

No. 308522

>stoner munchies
you only get these when you've been smoking, not when you've been sleeping, shelter-chan. many regular users don't get them at all but Jill is fat, so

No. 308524

I love how it all boils down to "my childhood was magical and my adulthood isn't." Yes, like literally every single other human being that has ever lived past the age of 20. But most people adapt and embrace their adulthoods and try to make something of themselves. She is too stupid to even realize just how pathetic her strategy is. She doesn't realize that she is just a complete loser. This is LOSER behaviour. I can't wait for her to get over and start to realize that more and more. Opting out and being a munchie layabout stoner is what being a loser is. This is what a hobosexual is. A million relationship reddit threads have been written by a million Stevies writing about a million Jillians.


No. 308526

>I love how it all boils down to "my childhood was magical and my adulthood isn't."

This is what annoys me the most about Jillian. She claims to have one of the worst Childhood-Trauma based mental illness ever (so bad that many don't even think it's real) yet she screams how wonderful her childhood was. Not to blogpost, but I was SA'd (from 4 to 12) and all I ever dreamed during that time, was to become an adult and be able to take care of myself. How can't anyone (outside LC, ofc) see how offensive her mental Jillness is to real survivors?(blog + you don't have to censor "SA" here)

No. 308529


it’s also possible if she’s having more jilly meltdowns, the cats could get stressed out and start peeing outside of the litter box. It’s pretty normal for cats to get severely stressed and it will disrupt their litter habits. But honestly, she probably just isn’t cleaning it because she’s been dissociating too badly lately

No. 308531

Kind of pisses me off that she posts this screenshot knowing damn well that she isn't one of the people who can't afford food. Food sensitivities suck sometimes but there's no way that she has an empty fridge and pantry, or no access to delivery, etc. She's kind of an idiot for knowing this about herself and not having 'comfort foods' around. she talks about things that she needs and then she just. complains about it when its easily fixable meanwhile people in her own country are starving to death.

No. 308532

Smoking weed around cats can also make them anxious and cause them to pee outside of their boxes

I just don't believe it happened tbh. Like you said she is well enough off that her freezer is stuffed with tendies for her food sensitivities (aka toddler palate) that there's no reason she couldn't eat anything else in the house and had to make herself choke down an apple

No. 308533

this fat bitch has never had to fast for a medical consult or anything, or just for her health? for fucks sake jill drink some warm tea. hunger pangs don't even hurt and they're not fatal, just annoying

No. 308538

>This is what annoys me the most about Jillian. She claims to have one of the worst Childhood-Trauma based mental illness ever (so bad that many don't even think it's real) yet she screams how wonderful her childhood was.
This exactly! She never had to endure anything truly traumatic. All her trauma excuses are definitely not the cause of a mental illness like DID is where people have to had been absolutely terrorized to develop it. What's her excuse then?

Also, there's nothing preventing her from making her current life a better one. Adulthood isn't easy but it's not as bad when you have a supportive loving upper middle class family like she has. They coddle her and enable her so much and never push her to do anything and so many people would kill to have a nice family like that to help them out as much as they do for her. There's nothing preventing her life from being "magical", nothing but herself and her own vices. But I guess with "magical" she means "being the most special little snowflake in a small town", like, girl, get over it already. She's fucking her own life so much without noticing how good she could have it if she stopped fucking around. One day mommy and dad won't be there to support her and it'll be her demise if she doesn't stop with the learnt helplessness and the weed smoking.

No. 308539

Ohhh noooo 3 hours without eating? wowwww poor bwaby jwilly how can she ever recover? She's starving omg someone help her!!
In all seriousness though 3 hours being hungry is like, NOTHING lmao. I'm talking about regular life adults, sometimes you're busy and shit happens and you have to eat later, big fucking deal! She's acting like she can't drive herself to a mcdonalds to buy her precious mcnuggies like wtf? kek. Or just fucking buy delivery like any fucking normal lazy ass would do instead of complaining about it on twitter kek
The screenshot posting is so fucking dramatic too like… this girl doesn't know what not being able to afford a meal is like, not with how much her family coddles her.
And if her being picky is such an issue, just… don't buy apples? Buy shit you actually eat… I'm just laughing so hard at her sobbing at an apple. Bitch you're such a fucking fatass lmao. Whatever, I don't like apples either and yet I wouldn't cry eating one and if I was hungry, I would simply shut up. I'm just baffled.

No. 308542

Samefag but this is something I've been seeing her do before- any other regular normal life normal person "symptom" like being absent minded or daydreaming, she makes it into a life or death situation. I can't believe she's been hungry for 3 hours and googling shit to post on twitter and treating it as suuuuper scawwy starvation shit. Also, she never got diagnosed with AFRID did she?

No. 308545

She can technically be malnourished. Lots of morbidly obese people are malnourished that’s why they over eat. She’s not getting nutritional value out of her food and is just eating empty calories and imagine all the foods she wants to eat are not very nutritious. Vid related.

No. 308551

I don't think they are hunger pangs, god imagine witnessing this in person. a visibly overweight person complains of "hunger pangs" for three hours and then tweets about it while eating an apple and crying. it's more likely she has problems with her uterus or just actual digestive problems. she never goes long enough without food to experience hunger pangs, I only eat a few times a day (not much appetite, don't worry I am a normal bmi) and have never experienced them. Or like this anon >>308545 said maybe she is malnourished and needs to eat some beans and lentils.

No. 308552

>I only eat a few times a day

Most people only eat a few times a day ???

No. 308554

Kek, your taste buds are fried because of the amount of fat, sugar, and salt consumed on a daily basis due to a over processed food diet.
>Sobbing while eating an apple
If it was caramel covered or candied, she'd be able to gobble it down no problem. Bet she eats her strawberries with sugar on them. I feel like this an attempt to squash any criticisms about her diet because she tried eating healthier but she can't because she has this totally real ARFID problem. Healthy food doesn't give off the dopamine like tendies do for her.
Exactly why she's so maddening. She wants to have her cake and eat it too. She's vile.

No. 308557

Not to sound too ana (I’m not I swear) but what a weak bitch lmao. Even genuine hunger pangs go away if you just ignore them. It takes awhile but you can literally just ignore them til they go away. She’s so pathetic, and also this new ARFID larp makes me mad. My friend actually has it and it is so difficult for her to the point where she sometimes can’t even eat her safe foods if the texture is somehow “off” in even a minuscule way. Jill is prob one of the most insufferable mental illness faker munchies I’ve ever encountered online, and that’s saying a lot.

No. 308558


Exactly. She is too immature to recognize adulthood often sucks hard-core, and that this is totally normal. Her failure to launch seems totally due to inflated expectations and Louise blowing smoke up Jill's crack her entire childhood.

No. 308562

I was wondering the same thing, I think she only got an EDNOS diagnostic when she was a teenager, and then it became anorexia, and now it's ARFID which is a really specific disorder that aligns with the autism larp. I don't think she really understands the symptoms, just like with her trichotillomania claims

No. 308564

She had a pregnancy scare(?) and took a test a few threads back. It was just a UTI but it was the thread pic iirc

No. 308565

Jill you’re probably just thirsty (the body’s thirst and hunger signals are very much the same), drink some fucking water.

No. 308566

It's funny how she's posting it like
>I'm so special I get 6 times more extra long pain, woe is me
rather than then come to the conclusion that maybe that's not what's going on with her then. Maybe jill is just mistaking period/pms pains for hunger, it happens and it makes it harder to eat because you're not "really" hungry but you think you are yet eating doesn't make the "hunger" go away. It also tends to consistenly happen for a few days like she says, and it specifically tends to makes you wake up super early or in the middle of the night, and it can make you emotional and crying over an apple so all the symptoms check out kek

No. 308567

Honestly I think most of her issues stem from a hormone imbalance which could be rectified by going sober and eating well. Munchie would never though
An overweight, well fed woman waking up in the middle of the night with nausea and stomach pain sounds 100% like a uterus thing since the stomach and uterus can feel like the same area. I get "stomach" pain during my period so it's a no brainer. Wonder why she hasn't considered that like how is someone experiencing 0 food shortages feeling "hunger pains"

No. 308570

Haven't checked this thread in weeks and I come back to Jill claiming a new rare diagnosis. She's trying so hard to figure out why her life sucks and wants to find a label for it so badly. It's almost sad…

No. 308572

File: 1695642944178.jpeg (369.76 KB, 1170x682, IMG_4854.jpeg)

Girl be so for real.

No. 308573

go get it checked out smh. I know there’s no enough drs on the east coast but at least you don’t have to pay.

No. 308574

I want her munchie ass to go to prompt care.

No. 308577

All these mental and now physical illnesses yet not a doctor in sight. Happy that after years of secretly suffering in her parents basement she can talk about it. Kek.

No. 308578

Has she even gotten stomach ulcers before in her entire life?

No. 308579

File: 1695648050126.png (336.52 KB, 778x240, Untitled69_20230925090535.png)

Imagine seeing a privileged obese person sobbing while eating an apple.

No. 308584

I think her only "mental illness" is that she doesn't know how to cope with adulthood.

No. 308593

His parents must have really been something else because coming home to a zooted sloppy fat girl who can't even be bothered to sober up long enough to clean up cat piss and then having to deal with her 32 different super special personas would have driven me to the madhouse. do we think Jill eats ass and that's why he sticks around? I'm mostly joking

No. 308595

Jill was a different person when she lived at home. She didn't start smoking weed until she moved out, no DID before she moved out, she had at least one part time job to get her out of the house until close to her moving away for university, and the cats were probably always someone else's responsibility to clean

No. 308605

File: 1695670783472.jpg (52.58 KB, 720x494, Screenshot_20230925-203824.jpg)

All of Jill's stories about her life end with Stevie or her mom taking care of her while she wails about fight or flight

No. 308607

Something tells me that she will eat the whole 12 bagels on her own.

No. 308608

>Full enough to function
The way she writes honestly comes off as a parody.
>All of Jill's stories about her life end with Stevie or her mom taking care of her while she wails about fight or flight
She's so codependent on others it's scary.

No. 308609

yeah, there's nothing wrong with asking your bf to pop down to the shops when you're not able to go but she does this every time. What would she do if Steve was in work or out of town?

No. 308610

12 grain is the flavour, it's not 12 bagels lol

No. 308611

we've already seen her have a meltdown when steve couldn't be her Person at the last convention because he was at work, she would probably behave the same way if he wasn't around to serve her emergency bagels at midnight

No. 308613

Grains and wheat get processed as sugar in the body, which then triggers more sugar cravings, leading to an endless feedback loop of craving those types of foods. PSA to nonas here, if you are struggling with overeating and excessive cravings, focus heavily on getting the recommended amount of protein and fiber per day through things like eggs, meats, tofu, and vegetables BEFORE diving into grains and heavily processed foods. There are added fibers in the things she mentioned, but vegetables and fruits will leave you feeling more full and will curb ghrelin better, the hormone that makes you feel "hunger". Having a balanced diet will also help your gut bacteria, which positively affects your whole body.

No. 308619

>wahh my life is over I’m the sickest person ever with a mystery illness and my stomach probably has holes in it because I was hungry in the middle of the night while trying not to eat (on a self admitted recent “healthy Jill” diet kick but now she can blame not being able to continue it on this)
>instantly fixed with the most mild OTC painkiller and a bagel

No. 308630

File: 1695697801794.jpg (56.62 KB, 270x380, HungryGate.jpg)

Same vibes as the Shel Silverstein poem called Sick.

No. 308634

Nooooes not the tumtum ulswers [crying emoji] jwiwian’s anxwiety from sitting around being a waste of oxyjwen must be w-worse than ever, thanks obama mclean, better smwoke mwore mwariwana

No. 308636

That random aave/fag speak is killing me. If she had stomach ulcers she’d be throwing up a fuck ton and would probably post TikTok’s of her throwing up blood or some other horrible shit and her going to the emergency room attached to an iv drip.

No. 308638

The day she ever has a real medical ailment will be the happiest day of her life so far, imagine munchie Jill having something real to complain about that she didn't make up or cause herself via diet/drink/drugs/etc
wtf science even is this, fattie needs to ram her stomach full of bagels before she can function? As anon >>308613 pointed out grains are the last thing you should be eating if there are actual digestive issues, it's just filler food

No. 308639

File: 1695708542966.jpg (163.31 KB, 720x1391, Screenshot_20230926-070651.jpg)

So one of Jill's friends got a message on curiouscat about being friends with a racist, according to Jill this is a maliciously attack from someone on lokcow because we're targeting precure lmao. This bitch wants to be oppressed so bad.

No. 308641

This sounds like the most schizo narc bullshit I’ve ever heard. If anyone were to say that to me I’d instantly see it as a huge red flag. Normal people do not say shot like that.

No. 308642

A good person never has to insist they’re good fyi jillybean

No. 308643

>"MY hate forums"
you're not that special jill
>"i'm an anti-racist, good person"
weird how you have to say it out loud because your actions of cancelling a black creator and spreading dangerous misinformation about drugs and mental disabilities say otherwise
>"they target every single thing that is good in my life to try to take it away"
Genuinely what does she mean by this? AT least on lc anons actively want her to get healthier, drop her porn-addict bf enabler, make actual creative content again, get off the weed and sort her life out. The worst thing lc's done is someone filmed her public drag performance, which if she was confident and happy with it shouldn't be a problem.

No. 308644

Kek, good job nonna.
My vote for the next thread pic.

No. 308645

>I would encourage you to stop engaging.
This line gives me the skeeves in a way it's hard to explain. The use of a past tense with a present tense verb feels like what my old narc youth pastor would do. Big 'Do as I say and not as I do' energy.

No. 308647

KF doesn’t give a damn and LC users act like the big sisters she didn’t have. She loves attention and I think she would grieve the day we stopped making threads on her. I don’t think her online career would have lasted this long without us. Imagine how many followers she would really have if LCF/KF/4chan didn't exist.

No. 308648

What did lc take away from her? The ability to compulsively lie unchecked?

No. 308650

>Targeting "my Precure friends"
Why would anyone here care about these literally nobodies. No1currs about what some random adult children on Twitter have to say about anything.
The person asking this shit in curious cat to her nobody mutuals must be someone insane from her own circle. Typical of twitterfags. Remember how Sof posted her here too? Better be aware of your "friends" Jilly Bean.

No. 308651

>They want to take anything good
Like what? The weed that is actively ruining your life? The larp that you keep insisting is totally real? The codependence on Steven and your family?
I agree. It's like she's urging people to not think and just listen to her. Big narc vibes

No. 308652

Whenever she says shit about Steven it feels more like he's unwillingly babysitting a toddler and she celebrates the bare minimum. I don't think he did this in a loving way, Jillian probably pestered him enough on how ~hungry and starving~ she was, and that's why he caved in, so his prison cellmate would stop being so annoying and would shut the fuck up. And she's either oblivious or delusional enough to think he did it out of love. The gossip that Steven must have on this hambeast must be so wiiiiild.

No. 308654

sooooo she was hungry? thats it? nothing else? really?

No. 308659

>Anyone with a working brain knows I am passionately anti-racist

oh my god the lion the witch and the audacity of this bitch, bffr. i actually don’t even think it’s accurate to say “jill cancelled a black content creator”, because what she did was actually so much more self-important and still equally racist. basically, psf was fed up with the community as a whole, and taking a step back from it for the sake of their own mental health. jill was just one of many factors that led to psf making the videos explaining why they wanted to leave the online mental health community, and rather than sitting the fuck down and listening to a black person tell her “i feel like you overstated how close our relationship was so that you could tokenize me as your black friend, when i only saw you as a mutual”, she blasted her fragile hurt feelings on twitter. to say that jill cancelled psf gives jill too much credit, really. no one cared about the initial drama because it was all performative to begin with. jill doesnt have any investment in the epileptic community, and if she did, she’d know that people prone to photosensitive seizures already take measures to ensure their own safety. newer versions of iOS even have the option to dim flashing lights in the accessibility features. but the point of telling psf off for flashing light content was never really to protect or defend vulnerable epileptics, the point was just to peer police. and frankly, a lot of white people’s “passionate anti-racism” is just passive liberal wokeism that’s wholly confined to social media engagement and virtue signaling. it’s telling that racism is considered a ‘life-ruining’ accusation to these people, because it demonstrates exactly why black content creators like psf do get unfairly peer policed in these circles: they have the power to level LiFe rUiNiNg accusations of racism, and so, white people will rush at the first opportunity to check them for any minor transgression of woke etiquette. this happens all the fucking time in “progressive” spaces, because people who are used to wielding their privilege just don’t know how to give it up. that’s straight up what psf was calling jill (and others) out on in their videos, and because jill was only in it for the performance and virtue signaling, she started crying loudly about it. i think that psf probably deleted their socials because they were just fed up and chose to focus on real life, not because they felt like jill’s loud fragility would actually cancel them, but it still is worth noting that psf’s platform was far smaller than jill’s.

to put this all another way: of the people i know who have devoted enough of their time and energy to anti-racist action to the point of passion, none of them would respond to someone they considered a friend in the way that jill responded to psf, i.e. putting her own hurt feelings first instead of taking a moment to think, ‘hey, i saw this person as a friend and they feel tokenized by me, maybe i should reevaluate how i treat them?’

also as an aside, whoever sent that curiouscat in the first place needs to stop being so passive and shady. if you actually know someone who’s friends with jill and you want to confront them about her behavior, take it up with them directly, don’t be a little bitch(bffr on cap essayposting newfag)

No. 308660

>jill was just one of many factors that led to psf making the videos explaining why they wanted to leave the online mental health community, and rather than sitting the fuck down and listening to a black person tell her “i feel like you overstated how close our relationship was so that you could tokenize me as your black friend, when i only saw you as a mutual”, she blasted her fragile hurt feelings on twitter.
>but the point of telling psf off for flashing light content was never really to protect or defend vulnerable epileptics, the point was just to peer police.
This, exactly this. You got it right nonna.
>and frankly, a lot of white people’s “passionate anti-racism” is just passive liberal wokeism that’s wholly confined to social media engagement and virtue signaling.
This is very true in Jill's case because she really never cared in the first place. All she does is plastic, fake, just for clout.
Yep. She made a huge deal out of nothing like the drama queen she is.

No. 308661

Twitter and TRA nonsense in general really has normalized cultish indoctrination tactics. The whole “don’t think just do as I say and you’ll be saved from the wickedness of the nonbelievers” is so prevalent (thought termination). It’s a narcs dream and Jill is living for it.

No. 308662

okay but when has Jill ever been "passionately ant racist"? When she begged her followers to donate to charities on her behalf?

No. 308663

she very well could have left it at the second tweet. don't engage with the hate. but instead she sent three separate tweets, two of them completely about herself and unintentionally promoting kf and lc again. she should follow her own advice and stop bringing up her gossip forums before her mutuals find this shit, read through it and start re-evaluating the type of person jill really is.

No. 308664

but nonnie! She told her fans to stay away from the big scawey lc/KF threads so of course they will blindly listen.

No. 308665

psf is not a they. take that shit to twitter

No. 308666

>>308659 spot on, nonnie

No. 308672

I wonder if the curious cat question named her specifically or she just assumed it was her? Tbh it just sounds like another friend of Jill’s who secretly hates her sent it. I swear all the people that befriend her end up regretting it but can’t really leave because her minuscule amount of clout is enough to bully and victimize herself in front of her fans to shame anyone that unfriends her.

No. 308674

File: 1695752382709.jpg (157.94 KB, 1079x674, Screenshot_20230926_111929_Chr…)

checked the cc message and the anon does specify pixielocks.

No. 308677

big fat shayna vibes

No. 308678

>Twitter and TRA nonsense in general really has normalized cultish indoctrination tactics
God I hate the fact that you're so right. Every other niche community on the internet behaves like this, we need cult prevention and education now more than ever.

No. 308679

>When she begged her followers to donate to charities on her behalf?
Kek I forgot about this, she has no class
It's both funny and unsettling when narcissists think people will follow whatever they say just because they said so
The way they speak just sounds very twitterfag-ish to me. I don't think this has anything to do with her "scary hate forums" like she says kek. I'm sure a lot of people she befriends talk about her behind her back, it's been proven even. Plus it doesn't take too much for people in her SJW circles to be triggered.

No. 308683

Why does Jill keep sending her ever dwindling audience here?? There is no turning back once they start reading through these threads, kek!

No. 308690

She’s not throwing a fit until after she’s done being bribed out of that bed/couch/dwelling/rainby townhouse of solitude with wittle strawby Sweebie tweats, a new stim toy, a triple dose of Wellbutrin as recommended by the well versed moots & a heaping serving of slop infused candy edibles. Cries about how traumatic the whole experience was after and the new steebie alter fronts after he finally cracks

No. 308691

KEK i forgot all about that nonna. that was in 2020 for BLM, right? that shows how performative she really is in so many ways. BLM is a movement that started in response to american police violence against black people, and while anti-black racism of course exists in canada, if jill had any real investment in anti-racism in her community then she would focus more on anti-indigenous racism. but that would involve being grounded in the actual community around her and trying to make a positive material impact on real people rather than just expecting her engagement with anti-racist social media posts to automatically clear her when someone calls her out on literally acting racist towards a black person. but regardless, she’s about five years too late to change her video intros to "hello confetti club, it is pixie, and i’m filming this on the unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik, Mi’kmaq and Peskotomuhkati peoples"

No. 308692

File: 1695765893797.jpeg (112.62 KB, 1200x600, IMG_1182.jpeg)

Looks like foodie beauty acts like pixyteri.

No. 308694

File: 1695768015578.jpeg (627.85 KB, 1170x647, IMG_2639.jpeg)

Bluey/cocomelon brain rot is real. I mean seriously.
How did it even crack, at your large , your grubby butterfingers cannot grasp onto an IPad like they used to.

No. 308700

Does anyone else find it strange that she never worries about being a bad person? she won't even fake it for asspats. It is the weirdest thing, or probably not weird for a narc, but you would think she'd have at least one tweet actually worrying about hurting people. The only time she would is if it was super arbitrary like, forgetting to use a tone indicator or something stupid. good people don't say they're good people. good people likely know that labeling people good or bad is reductive and that they can't expect to be good all the time. Not jill, no! she's perfect! i hate her

No. 308701

you'd think she would worry about it because
a) she has BPD
b) she allegedly has a neurological disorder that makes you forget hours of your life so a normal person would worry about hurting family/friends/etc
but the thought doesn't even cross her mind. she has decided she is the best person in the world and that's it, every action she does goes through a magical girl color and kawiwi colored lenses so everything she does is automatically good. I've never seen a BPD person being so enabled to the point they entirely ignore any toxicity they might cause to others through their actions and convince themselves they're the kindest and nicest. I hate to armchair but it really does border narcissism.

No. 308702

In screen caps from older threads, she claims BPD. I wonder if she realized all the negative connotations about it and decided DID was a better choice.

No. 308704

i think she claims both of them now? which according to google is "relatively rare but not impossible". but of course jill is extra special so she's one of the few rare cases with both.

No. 308705

BPD is her only official diagnosis

No. 308707

and my god, does she ever have it.

No. 308712

She claims to have quiet BPD which means a lot of her negative emotions are internalized or passive (like ghosting or stone walling friends she's upset at). But all of her twitter interactions just proves that she has plain ol' BPD.

No. 308713

She is very much in denial about all the possible negative traits that come with BPD, her cope used to be that only Jerrick had them (similar to how now she says Sunny is the one who has all the unfiltered autistic traits). She shows all the BPD rage and emotional dysregulation, she just wants to have this sweet positive persona that can do no wrong. Also the quiet BPD claim is ridiculous, she cannot shut up about any negative feeling/situation ever.

No. 308714

Brb gonna search about thought termination, I didn't know there was a phrase for it. It's exactly how online circles work, cultish, it seems to be less effective now as everyone sees through the bullshit but there was a time where this "follow the leader" thought policing was so prevalent, about 2015 to 2018. We see it more recently with trans women are women and (now defunct, nobody believes this either now) sex work is work like if your way of explanation is a catchphrase and "don't question me or you are a nazi-level hater" your shit is probably propoganda

Anon got banned >>308659
but they were right about the toxic "community" politics Jill was working within there

No. 308717

For all the dread she supposedly feels, she has never admitted to doing or feeling wrong, she's always the one being wronged according to her own victim self.
She really is convinced that she is a good person no matter what she does and the best in the world too. No self awareness at all. No self reflection. She's even gotten mad at people for wanting her to take accountability. The tantrums she makes when her worldview is challenged are very telling too.
It's super creepy to me how only one alter has autism and only one alter has BPD, I don't think that's how it works.
Kek I agree, idk why that anon was banned besides using "they" instead of "she". It's cringe but it's not the first essay we get inside these threads like, ever
That anon got things very spot on anyway, too bad for the pronoun usage idk

No. 308718

ty nonnas, and don't worry, i practice good internet safety so i'll never truly get got by the farmhands. as for they/them pronouns, i live in a city and i touch a decent amount of grass on the reg, so i actually know a number of people who use they/them pronouns irl. costs me $0 to use em and to me it's more cringe to lose your shit over a particle of language so idk, to each his/her/their own lmfao(ban-evading retard)

No. 308721

File: 1695798405025.jpg (281.11 KB, 720x1131, IMG_20230927_005548.jpg)

Samefagging but I'm also reading about thought termination now like >>308714 and >>308661 and it really reminded me of how Jill acted in that tweet. It's creepy af. She should get screened for narcissism.
It's stuff like this and the things she lets others see through the cracks of her fake possi façade that creep me out about her the most.

No. 308722

>she has decided she is the best person in the world and that's it, every action she does goes through a magical girl color and kawiwi colored lenses so everything she does is automatically good.
it's especially retarded because even the dumbest cartoons for children have episodes about the MC learning that they can hurt other people without even meaning to. that's kind of the point, learning empathy. especially the ones that have frienship as their core like precure.

No. 308724

>already redtexted by farmhands for pointless, milkless blogpost
>proceed to blogpost
>”it costs me $0 to use they/them pronouns”
Can ex-Pixielock fans that are twitterfaggots stop coming here or at least integrate better, christ on a cross
Because she’s too fucking full of herself. She thinks people will simply take her word as gospel and can’t fathom why someone who at one point was interested in her content has begun to no longer condone her insane behaviors.

No. 308725

She probably sees it as "omg the main character did wrong, just how they have wronged me too!" And then everyone hugs and things are hunky dory again. She can't learn adult level things from the media she consumes if she can't even process basic lessons right. Bet she blames her lack of empathy on DID and "autism" instead of taking any accountability of any sorts
This just makes me think that Jillian is 100% gonna start "dating" her alters once she breaks up with Steven from the "trauma" of having broken up and it will be a totes real DID relationship inside her head

No. 308726

Considering two of her alters are based on precure characters she, as the world's #1 main character, really believes she's the the best and goodest person out there just because she said so. I guess it's fine to be inspired by anime characters if you're a kid or a young teen, but instead of taking whatever philosophy the character might have to heart to become a better person she acts as if claiming she is the character she'll be a good person and loved by her peers by default.

No. 308728

>she'll be a good person and loved by her peers by default.
That's why her mom shouldn't have over protected her and over hyped any achievement she ever has had. According to them she was bullied at school but that could had been from just being a weird insane speshul snowflake girl and she should had learnt that not everyone will love you, some people might even despise you, but you still need to move on and have accountability. She didn't learn any empathy and she will always be a victim. Bullying is never okay, but in this case I wonder what really actually happened, BPD people are way too sensitive and can take any slightly mean thing as bullying.

No. 308731

She actually claims to have special autistic hyper empathy kek

No. 308732

Ofc she would brush this off as muh forum bullies but I would bet it’s one of that girl who deleted’s fans. She wants to just brush everything off as forum gossip but that girl directly said shit about her that was negative and valid to her audience. She will never take accountability in anything she does it’s always just oh I’m an angel who has never done anything worth apologising for they make stuff up because I am the nicest sweetest angel. No one is never in the wrong that’s not how life works and it’s just further proof of her narcissism that she thinks this way.

No. 308739

File: 1695817359465.png (22.45 KB, 377x163, hmmm.PNG)

Dunno if this has been posted before, but she is apparently back to being an H3 fan. Live chat from the latest members only livestream yesterday.

No. 308740

its because shes extremely immature. caring about being a "good person" really only translates to caring about popularity and eventually using it as a trump against someone else (which shes done multiple times)

No. 308741

i feel sad thinking about her mom sometimes. she is so lucky to have such a supportive mother, i wish jillian would have pursued some career and made something of herself at least for her mom's sake. i get that jillian's mom enabled her, but the average enabled child does not turn out quite like jill

No. 308743

I don’t. She created a monster and enabled Jillian without ever wavering and no matter how ridiculous she got. The fact Jill doesn’t count her mother almost dying of cancer as traumatic she be a huge wake up call and indicator that she fostered the ego of a narcissist and nurtured it to the thing it is today. This is her bed and she deserves to lie in it unless she takes some kind of initiative but she won’t. She made Jill into the festering parasitic tumor she is today and incidentally made Steven the second host.

No. 308745

Did she ever stop? She loves drama
Idk, her mom seems normie and oblivious enough. If Jill wanted to be better she would.

No. 308747

Is there an idea what her next video will be? since she put up sunny's video; i'd kill for her to do more "vlog in my life" video's now with her monochrome alters; imaging the jump-cut edit with a cutesy music to edgy that goes from sunny to jerrick. I'm sure it'll be some holiday video, surprised she hasn't been hyping up the ~ooky spooky~ now that jerrick lets her watch 'gorey shows'

No. 308748

File: 1695830087072.png (105.93 KB, 267x624, 482626F3-C816-4461-A93C-CDA63D…)


bpd also has "identity disruption" and is included under the theory of structural dissociation (same theory that's used in modern medical literature to explain DID, picrel).

as a result it's extremely common for people who have BPD to mistake their emotional disregulation and unstable personality for actual alters. BPD also has attention seeking features, and can commonly be a cause of munchies, so many BPD sufferers will self-diagnose with DID because it's the "worse" disorder and has enough symptom overlap with BPD for them to get away with it.

if you look on tumblr twitter and tiktok you'll notice a LOT of did fakers either claim or previously claimed to have a BPD diagnosis, and later "upgrade" to DID.

No. 308752

>bpd also has "identity disruption" and is included under the theory of structural dissociation (same theory that's used in modern medical literature to explain DID, picrel).
Sorry nonna but can you explain this more or link to how this works in BPD?

No. 308753

>>308752 to really simplify it, BPD is known for having symptoms of identity issues/identity crisis that BPD ppl can mistake (on purpose or not) for being DID or claiming/believing they're somebody else.

No. 308756

Tried googling this out, came across websites talking about DID, and knowing how bpd is myself this just feels more confusing than helpful in trying to understand the disorder / healing from it. I bet Jillian went on a rabbit hole herself and was dumb enough to believe it all.

No. 308757

it's actually really sad.

online DID faker groups tend to have a kind of cult mentality where everyone feeds into each other's symptoms (real or imaginary) and discourage recovery. and it's really common for people with BPD in particular to get sucked in because enough BPD symptoms can be skewed to sound like DID symptoms.

then instead of getting help (CBT, DBT) for their BPD, they just go deeper and deeper into the alter larp.

there's lots of essays (google "identity disturbances in bpd) but to simply things:

1. a person with BPD's sense of identity is nebulous, and their identity tends to be based heavily on external validation– it's very common for borderlines to alter major parts of their personality or demeanor to try and imitate their FP, idols, or loved ones, or suit what they think these people want.

taken out of context, it can be easy to mistake these distinct "phases" as having been "alters/previous hosts" rather than a personality disorder causing their personality to change over time.

2. to kind of explain the chart: EPs are like emotional states (an ANP is a fully functioning personality. notice how BPD only has the one, and DID is the one with multiple of those). These emotional states are also found in regular PTSD, often present in response to triggers in the form of flashbacks and panic.

in the case of BPD, these are usually related to attachment and "splitting" (meaning, when someone with BPD does a 180 shift in opinion on someone or something in response to a perceived slight). these shifts can also be easily mistaken for different "personalities" when taken out of context, particularly if you're surrounded by people telling you that these normal BPD symptoms are actually signs of DID.

in jilly here's case, i suspect it's a combination of munchies/attention seeking and the fact she probably feels that if it's just BPD, she's obligated to work on herself, but if it's DID, recovery would be "impressing her true selves", and she can even excuse people of ableism for even suggesting it.

but i have seen a sad amount of people with BPD who got sucked into the DID-larp cult, wasted years and worsened their legitimate BPD symptoms in the process, and had to work twice as hard to get better when they finally snapped out of it. mostly teenagers, too.(BPDfag armchairing)

No. 308760

AYRT, that's very interesting. I did know people with BPD experience identity issues and tend to feel like they don't know who they are (since they also experience dissociation), but going from identity issues to having 7 different personalities is a very big leap, so that's why I think Jillian just doesn't want to believe that the negative parts of her personality are still Jillian.
It almost makes it seem like they consider BPD boring and since there is so much stigma around it they don't want to be perceived as bad people so they reject it in favor of something more "fun". Truly depressing. It is a very legitimate and destructive mental illness so it makes sense that denial will make everything worse.

No. 308761

So I actually know a bit about this because my older sister has BPD and has several different personas, a lot like Jill's. Basically, people with BPD have no stable, immutable sense of identity - they always feel "hollow" inside. They try to fill this hollowness with caricature-like personalities - defined by fashion, music taste, voice, attitude, etc. - that have stable emotions. BPD makes you feel like your emotions have complete control over you, so it feels good to have personalities that have simple, neatly defined emotional and behavioral ranges. Because a person needs more than one emotion/attitude, they have to create several different personas. Notice how Jill's alters only have one emotion associated with them, and they create control in Jill's life:
>Jerrick will never be pushed around.
>Flora will never be angry.
>Berry will never be accountable.
>Cliffe will never be overwhelmed.
>Veronica will never be insecure.
>Sunny will never be anxious.
Each personality represents an area of control over Jill's life that she wishes she had, but refuses to work for. BPD people subconsciously believe that "normal" people float along on a cloud of happiness and bliss. That's why Jill thinks she becomes "normal" when she smokes weed and gets euphoric and high. I think that's also why half of her alters have the near-identical personality of "carefree and young and lovely and blissful and excited about life!" Because she doesn't have that anymore, and hopes to delude herself into becoming that girl again.(armchairing)

No. 308763

I guess since you talked about your sister I'll talk about my own experience with BPD and feeling like "you're not yourself". Back when I was a young teen and my BPD symptoms started to appear, I didn't know what the hell was happened to me. It was like my emotions suddenly took a massive toll on my psyche and my still not fully developed mind thought I either was possessed or something very wrong was going on with me. Since I didn't know shit, I started thinking "maybe this is another person inside me" because of how much mean shit I would say to myself in my head + depersonalization, and although I never larped like Jillian does, whenever I got bad it really felt like something else was taking control of me. Hell, even recently I had a relapse and it felt like that again. Luckily, I was 13 in 2008, and TikTok didn't exist back then, and I moved on eventually by myself. Fortunately enough I've never had an identity crisis or tried to copy anyone in specific (besides trying different fashion styles that I saw online).

Whenever I see Jillian I see a woman with BPD gone very wrong and towards the opposite direction of healing. You're supposed to confront these bad parts of yourself, understanding that you're not only hurting yourself but also others in the process. Jillian could learn to be a full fledged adult accepting all her bad and good parts but instead she chose to divide them even more, she cannot understand that this is her and she needs to take accountability, she will keep hurting others as long as she keeps seeing herself as a perpetual victim. BPD has great remission rates as long as you put in the work and go to therapy, but she can't listen to anything that doesn't validate her larp and this is unfortunately what will keep her always in this state. I'm not sure if I feel sad but being her must be miserable and not in the way she thinks she is. I have no pity.(blogposting)

No. 308774

AYRT: that's precisely what it is. BPD is stigmatised, and if you publicly have it, you're expected to be well managed and in recovery, because you're either declared an informal ambassador for the disease, or people just expect you to be toxic.

whereas in the DID online fad space, recovery is a "personal choice" rather than an obligation, and while DID is stigmatised in real life, online it just makes you Unique and a Special Poor Victim.

if you're trying to maximise clout, attention, and pity, claiming you have DID is the obvious choice over admitting you have bpd.(bpdfagging)

No. 308775

fuck, dropped my sage

No. 308783

I'm begging you to put this in the banner thread, kek

No. 308792

jfc, can the mods stop banning anyone who strings together two or more coherent thoughts in one post? i get that the posts are kind of bloggy or whatever, but ffs it's a drama imageboard, it's not that fucking serious. you have to be fucking degenerate to post here in the first place, there's literally no point in trying to police the community this hard into whatever you think it should be. i'd rather read blog posts where nonnas are giving their thoughts on some of the general subject matter of these threads (like BPD etc) than be expected just to give 1-2 bitchy quips directly in response to new milk only. jillian doesn't even upload content often enough to try to force this thread to be solely a collection of direct replies to the milk, kek(ban evasion; take it to meta)

No. 308795

File: 1695952953676.jpeg (134.69 KB, 750x368, IMG_0356.jpeg)

Her goddamn autism LARPing is so infuriating. At least this crusty cow ended up showering kek
Anons have been chiming in with their blogposting and armchairing almost every thread since Jill went down the mentow iwness route, it’s annoying and against the rules, why not take it to /ot/ or /g/

No. 308796

You can effortpost without going me me me the same way Jillian does. Is it so wrong to want a high(er) quality thread even if it slows down? To those who enjoy the personal accounts of our resident BPD-chans: there is a wealth of reading materials to be found offsite more suited to your tastes. And to the authors of those embarrassing posts: literally actually start a blog, or at least get a diary goddamn.
>"dating" her alters
No way. She's self obsessed but she could never be satisfied with an invisible relationship, much less a partner who can't make midnight trips to buy provisions for her latest hypochondriac meltdown. She gets a rush from controlling others with her drama that can't compare to solitary theatrics, "if a tree falls in a forest" and so on, and at this point she also seems genuinely unable to care for herself. Truthfully she's just spoiled and unwilling, and breaking up with Steven might give her the much needed impetus to sort her shit. But I'm not hopeful for any meaningful change any time soon. Jillian is a parasite who requires a host. After the breakup, she's likely to move back in with her parents, who will handle the IRL caregiving, and hop into an e-relationship with the first person to show interest in sexualised "caregiving" for her age play fetish.

No. 308797

You really don't speak for everyone. I'm personally sick of all the armchair posts and blogposting in this thread. If you want to hear about random anon's mental health and psychology musings take it to OT or make some IRL friends.

No. 308798

go blogpost somewhere else fag

No. 308801

We have vent threads for that, blogposting and moralfagging should not be involved in most threads on the main boards because it clogs the thread up with non-milk and it gets really fucking tiring to read. Go look at the Pro-Ana Scumbags threads, we get a new one every two or so weeks because anons can't stop blogposting.

No. 308802

At least Shayna is more genuine by saying that she doesn’t like to shower because she thinks water “feels slimy” to her.

No. 308804

We're here to see what shit Jill is posting, not hear personal experiences of randos trying to project onto a cow.

No. 308805

I don’t think Jill herself would ever date an alter but I can 100% see her say that Amber and Flora are dating or some shit for the gay points

No. 308808

Well now we know why she has UTIs. What happened with her obsession with baths, bath bombs, bubble baths, and water crayons? This is such a poor attempt at autism bread loafing. She has so many videos that essentially broadcast all the things she’s trying to contradict with her inane tweets. Imagine being so full of yourself that you have to gaslight your audience with new bullshit to pretend to be autistic of all things.

No. 308810

When depression was the popular mental health awareness thing on social media she simply would have said she was too depressed. Now she focuses on a sensory aspect because that’s popular. Meanwhile everything she describes in her autism-flavored and hypochondriac posts every day is completely normal universal human feelings, fluctuations in mood and wellness, and mishaps. But with her poor emotional regulation she dramatizes and publicizes everything.

No. 308812

Not only is it very obvious when she drops the autism hints (things that are common knowledge or that larpers latch on to even if they aren't super common in autists) but she also never seems to experience confusion about why she's feeling that way and most of the time she isn't even suffering at all, just being quirky. She never implies or hints at other very common traits or day to day hardships, and some of the things she larps would imply a very severe grade of autism or that she is pretty much disabled (she is not), or even intellectual disabilities

No. 308816

For real, if she had really only recently began to discover she was autistic (kek), there would be countless behaviors that she wouldn’t be aware aren’t normal experiences and would have to come to terms with it through deep introspection and/or therapy. But Jill has basically just gone ‘welp, I’m autistic now so I have x, y, and z symptoms and I’m already fully aware of it’. That’s just not how it works when it’s something you’ve learnt to deal with your whole life and only learn that you do things differently well into adulthood

No. 308818

Hygiene has literally never been an issue she has ever mentioned until now with her autism larp. She’s probably just high out of her mind and gotten too lazy to take care of her basic needs and naturally blames it on autism

No. 308819


She really has a way of making someone want to A-log.

>What happened with her obsession with baths, bath bombs, bubble baths, and water crayons?

She's probably too self conscious about how fat she got to enjoy soaking in a tub naked anymore.

No. 308820

File: 1696006843725.jpg (89.86 KB, 711x773, Screenshot_20230929-175859.jpg)

No. 308822

I'm so glad wellbutrin cured her debilitating mental illness so quickly…. Anyone else get Jane Brady from the comic parody Brady movie vibes from Jill?

No. 308824

File: 1696011234874.jpg (239.29 KB, 1080x789, 20230929_141511.jpg)

Nah, I'm pretty sure you're just overusing therapy speak

No. 308825

File: 1696011399438.jpg (734.94 KB, 1080x1814, 20230929_141753.jpg)

3 years later and we finally got the big collection reveal! And, well…

No. 308826

File: 1696011478939.jpg (796.86 KB, 1080x1348, 20230929_141919.jpg)

I'll just let the photo speak for itself…

No. 308827

All four of them literally look like they are dying from cancer.

No. 308828

Nitpick, but I can't handle that the girl in the strapless blue dress isn't wearing a strapless bra. This picture is supposed to show off the dresses and clothing, not make them look tacky. But to be fair, anything Jill made was probably going to look tacky regardless of the model.

No. 308829

She should look through her old threads because the picture she says she lost is here

No. 308830

This photo shoot has popped up in these threads multiple times over the past couple years. IIRC farmers found it on the website of her craft school. This is such an ancient project of hers, and so low quality too, she must not have anything more recent to share. Is this the first time Jill is willingly posting it?

No. 308831

If she’s “so fucking traumatized” from “csa” or whatever the fuck she thinks she went through, you’d think she’d say she doesn’t want to shower because she’s feeling extremely ashamed of her body or nakedness, or the opposite where she’d be broadcasting how she’s constantly showering. As fake as it would be, at least it’s somewhat congruent with what actual csa and assault victims deal with. But she doesn’t have csa trauma, she doesn’t have any real trauma aside from the trauma that all girls and women face from being in a hypersexual world, so she doesn’t actually know what these people go through. It’s easier for her to chalk it up to autism because it’s probably what her tiktok feed is full of, stupid fakers talking about being stinky or stimming or some shit

No. 308832

Jill has never claimed csa

No. 308833

>>308832 Yeah, she's hinted that her piano teacher that DID abuse other students did something to her, when actuality she never went through shit and is using those csa victims to larp trauma

No. 308834

idk why Jill is acting like she was super dissociated or her mental health was worse then,
she was able to go to college and upload videos no problem. It's only now she's claiming she can barely leave the house or shower, despite claiming to have "functioning multiplicity".

No. 308835

ngl I don't think her designs are bad, but I think the way the models are styled makes everything look significantly worse. Imagine if they all had well done and authentic looking 60's hairstyles and clean makeup. I think the outfits could pass as quirky editorial styles. But the makeup and wigs and things like the brastraps and overall cluttered set give off bad vibes and brings the whole collection down. The girl on the floor has my favorite outfit, but the mismatched eye makeup makes her look like she has an infection and the wig makes it all look like bad cosplay posted on tumblr in 2011.

No. 308837

What are you talking about. She said she was raped repeatedly as a child and that's why Veronica formed. It's in a damn video she chose to post online.

No. 308838

I can easily spot the differences between someone in therapy learning about themselves and applying terms correctly and someone who is so terminally online that they consider playing a videogame to be stimming. Come on Jillian. You are not even in therapy for all the illnesses and conditions you claim to have.
Honestly I wouldn't give a shit about critizing the collection or even thinking about if I personally like it or not if it wasn't for her constant claims of being a genius designer who is so obsessed with fashion and constructs amazing expert cosplays

No. 308839

>What happened with her obsession with baths, bath bombs, bubble baths, and water crayons?
don't you worry anon now that it's been mentioned here she'll be posting about her special soapy interest within a week to prove us wrong

No. 308843

Oh you sweet newfriend, she has. This is one of the many reasons nonnies want to a-log kek

No. 308845

sorry.. but what? are you too sickie and menty illy to do literally fucking anything without complaining about it? or are you so much more functional now than ever before?
you can’t have it both ways jill. fucking hell man. this bitch

No. 308859

A lot of Jill's tweets like these (I'm doing x y and z!) is actually her trying to cover up that she's not doing x y or z. She uses her social media to project the image she has of herself, so when she's feeling extra bad about herself she projects extra hard. Right now a few of her community-college friends are probably finally getting normie 9-5 jobs and their progress is triggering her insecurities. She's hinted at this "I'm so behind others my age" neurosis before in other Tweets: (
>>308493 ).

No. 308863

9 personal pronouns used in these two tweets and she remembered to use a plural only once. She's so hilariously bad at this, truly the queen of me me me.

No. 308864

It absolutely cracks me up that ADHD is far too normie and boring for Jill to even consider, yet the second she’s on stimulant meds more than half of her problems have magically disappeared

No. 308865

Exactly. People with busy lives arent really going to post shit like this. the frequency and content of her twitting sperging shows she sits on her ass all day. shes a dirty stoner tbh

No. 308868

Kek it is hilarious that she’s so certain she has autism and NOT ADHD (based on vibes, memes, tweets, tiktoks, and her peers “telling her so” as if the opinions of other self diagnosed randos matters) yet now she claims she can work standard normie 9-5 hours with very few functionality issues as long as she’s on stimulants.
I don’t even think it’s ADHD either though, just that she desperately needed to counteract her daily dozen doses of downers from smoking pot, but she’s a lot closer to ADHD symptoms than she ever has been to autism.

No. 308872

It took her three years to make a tweet. If she wasn’t a chronically online stoner she could have used that time to get a whole-ass MFA.

No. 308873

Wellbutrin isn't a stimulant

No. 308877

That, or, she runs out of weed for a day or gets a whiff of BPD mania. I've noticed throughout her threads, she'll try something out for like a day and act like it's a whole new religion she converted to and things will be Like This Going Forward(TM), then two minutes later she gets bored of it and goes back to being a fat lazy stoner. Honestly I think it's a commonality among BPDcows. Her fatal mistake was choosing a new identity to latch onto (mento illness) that she couldn't back out of as soon as she got sick of it

No. 308878

>>308877 She's so fucking stupid tryna larp autism and DID when she could be advocating for the only mentol jillness she does have and speak out about the stigma that BPD gets in media and by the general population. Instead she's playing into the negative BPD shit everyone thinks abt when they think BPD by being a self obsessed and narc loser that gets into twitter fights because she gets 'triggered' by things that don't cater to her sooper speshul self.

No. 308883


hey, at least she edited out the actual blood streak from the leg of the blonde girl.

No. 308889

being chronically addicted to weed can mimic ADHD symptoms (not being able to concentrate or start/finish tasks, being tired/unmotivated)
jillian definitely doesn't have ADHD because if she had she would've been diagnosed as a child since she's been going to therapy since she was young. it would reflect on her grades as a child and you basically need proof of bad childhood school performance to get diagnosed as an adult. I doubt louise would let jillian have bad grades and do nothing about it.

No. 308891

wellbutrin isn't a stimulant and it's not even first line treatment for ADHD. tbh most people who use wellbutrin for ADHD dont report success because it just doesn't do anything for it. strattera is a more adequate option if someone doesn't want methylphenidate.

No. 308912

I’m sorry the WHAT

No. 308920

this is why her chronic stoner behavior is the source of her problems (and why its very very important to let your psychiatrist and therapist if you use any recreational drugs)
i bet if jill went off it for a month we'd see some changes…

No. 308930

Stop spreading misinformation weirdo. Why are you so determined to be wrong? It's a stimulant. I've been taking it for 15 years, I think I would know.(no1curr)

No. 308931

File: 1696190553075.jpg (286.08 KB, 1097x1536, 1622809232450.jpg)

in the og pic the blonde had what looked like bloody scratches on her ankles >>>/w/154388

No. 308934

No, Wellbutrin is not a stimulant. A quick Google search is really all you need before you say something that's true is misinformation. It releases dopamine, which does not affect your nervous system directly, and it doesn't have physiological effects like faster heart rate. It's an antidepressant that releases dopamine instead of controlling seratonin levels.

No. 308936

Is that woman dying? Idk, her legs are creepy, like she’s a too deep scratch away from losing her foot due to some untreated diabetes.

No. 308938

her legs are badly discoloured yeah. speaks volume abou jill's professionalsim thatt she didn' even edit the most obvious tuff like these legs or the visible bras

No. 308941

File: 1696215506550.jpg (110.2 KB, 720x1007, Screenshot_20231002-035553.jpg)

Looks like Jill is starting to regret the DID larp

No. 308942

This isn't regret, it's a pity party and possibly a guilt trip against her loved ones.

No. 308943

File: 1696217511310.jpg (64.21 KB, 612x792, Jilly beans triangle dance.jpg)

A grade manipulation tactics under the guise of a guilt trip. Just bouncing around Karpmans drama triangle aren't we Jill

No. 308945

>I wish I never found out about having DID
interesting phrasing, almost like the syndrome only began after learning about it online! because if it was real for OP and Jill the suffering would not be exclusively related to people knowing you have DID but the inner turmoil of having several people in your head prompted by CPTSD! But actually the only bad thing about this awful sounding mental disorder is people knowing you have it! Spoken like a true munchie!

Sorry couldn't help the sarcasm at level 100 for this, godamn anyone with a real illness, the fucking illness is the bad part not what people think about said illness

No. 308946

I mean what else is DID but a mass delusion your head created to cope with horrific trauma? Like that’s the reality of the situation so I dunno why the person in that article is bitching about? These fakers want to be both severely mentally ill but don’t want the consequences of that label which implies they are dysfunctional human beings. The idea of functional multiplicity in itself is paradoxical.

No. 308947

This diagram really brings home how insufferable BPD cows are, Jill and Heather explores being good examples from lolcow. Switching between the victim who never seeks to solve their problems and avoids therapy, to bully and martyr. Someone who wanted to do a psychological analysis on Jill could even clearly separate her phases into a dated chart or something since she posts every passing thought online.

No. 308950

yeah, the only mental illness she has is cluster B. that's literally it.

No. 308952

>Read: I wish I never latched onto this new badge of mentally ill honor and uniqueness the way BPDfags throw themselves at every new shiny identity because now I look like a fucking moron to everyone in my life and on my social media

No. 308953

File: 1696240066640.png (470.9 KB, 1242x2208, 8874E87B-7E56-4B0B-A22E-A99B4E…)

No one gives a shit how long you been taking your antidepressants


No. 308955

File: 1696243595230.jpg (37.42 KB, 713x369, Screenshot_20231002-103653.jpg)

More about the stigma of DID

No. 308956

>it doesn't have physiological effects like faster heart rate
It literally does and that's a common side effect when you increase your dose
No one cares about your little google wiki screencap that says nothing. It's an atypical antidepressant because if SSRIs aren't doing anything for you and you need a low grade stimulant to get out of bed and do basic self care tasks, then they give you wellbutrin. It's a stimulant. Doctors have warned me that it's a stimulant. Insomnia is a side effect. If you take it too late in the day, good luck sleeping. Weight loss from decreased appetite is a side effect. Literally why is this a hill you want to die on when you clearly have no real life experience with this drug? Touch grass.(medfagging)

No. 308958

>"i know what works and makes me happier and healthier"
press x for doubt
they just sound like everyone else with unhealthy coping mechanisms that affect everyone around them negatively but they don't give a shit because their drug or delusion of choice is too enjoyable to them

No. 308959

Sorry for ignoramus but is dopamine an stimulant?
Huh. Is she starting to regret this or is she like, woe is me people hate me for no reason?

No. 308961

File: 1696252921987.jpeg (340.82 KB, 828x1251, IMG_3901.jpeg)

Nah she isn’t regretting shit she just wants to farm pity.
She retweeted this as if she can relate. The bullying she received was because of her need to be the center of attention and to be the “bestest most speshul” person in the room. I hate that she’s trying to retcon her life as some poor awkward girl that liked bioncles.

No. 308962

Is Jill really acting like her parents knew there was something wrong and just ignored it? This bitch has no idea what actual parental neglect looks like

No. 308964

>every source when you google it says it's an antidepressant
>googling "wellbutrin stimulant" specifically says it's not a stimulant
>"muh doctor said"

I'm on Wellbutrin. It's not a stimulant. It can increase heartrate because it can raise anxiety the first few weeks while you get adjusted to it, which effectively can make your heart beat faster. It's a possible side effect, not an actual effect. Stop spreading misinformation. Jill is not on stimulants, and neither are you. There's a reason why people with ADHD rarely get Wellbutrin instead of actual stimulants, and that people without ADHD get Wellbutrin.

No. 308965

I certainly think these victimey tweets are likely based on a fight between her and her mom (maybe dad?)
Someone at home isn't willing to refer to Jax or Berry, that's for sure.(learn2sage)

No. 308966

>"your own parents won't notice for ages"
Wasn't this bitch's mother super attentive and even immediately got her help after finding Jill's supposed suicide note?

No. 308968

Jill is chronically on Twitter and retweets 7000 things a day, do we really need to analyze everyone as if she herself wrote it

No. 308976

Usually yes because most of them are things she wants to say or believes but was too stoned to think it up herself.

No. 308981

Who told her she’s pretty?

No. 308985

File: 1696279352274.jpeg (446 KB, 1539x624, IMG_1994.jpeg)

You’re so fucking stupid holy shit. Like I actually got secondhand stupid from reading your word salad.
>I'm on Wellbutrin.
Oh ok, I’m glad your anecdotal evidence means more than my taking the drug more than half of my life
>It can increase heartrate
Because it’s a stimulant
>because it can raise anxiety
So like one of the most common side effects of stimulants?
>It's a possible side effect, not an actual effect.
Bitch what are you even trying to say? It’s a side effect. Of stimulants. Because it’s a stimulant.
>Jill is not on stimulants, and neither are you.
I’m glad a random stranger on the internet knows more about the meds I’m taking than me or multiple doctors. Thank god for lolcow.
>There's a reason why people with ADHD rarely get Wellbutrin instead of actual stimulants
BECAUSE ITS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO EFFECTIVELY TREAT ADHD SYMPTOMS THERAPEUTICALLY. That doesn’t mean it’s not a stimulant! Caffeine is a stimulant, that doesn’t make it an effective treatment for ADHD.
>and that people without ADHD get Wellbutrin.
Yeah because it’s an antidepressant you fucking idiot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308986

ntayrt but lol at you sperging over a wiki ss and then using a google snippets one to prove your point
>Oh ok, I’m glad your anecdotal evidence means more than my taking the drug more than half of my life
do… do you see the hypocrisy here
let it go and please stop shitting up the thread, no1curr

No. 308987

Her mom probably

No. 308988

File: 1696283278865.jpg (295.4 KB, 1076x1231, Screenshot_20231002_224529_X.j…)

has anyone else noticed this? why is she white knighting for h3 when he does not care lol

No. 308990

>>308988 She's gonna be as parasocial with them as she is with Drew Monson replying under his tweets like she's his friend or something.

No. 308992

it's so weird how she talks about this like Ethan is a 5 year old. She realizes a man in his 30s can handle hearing about a murder, right?

No. 308993

File: 1696284380724.jpg (57.4 KB, 720x523, Screenshot_20231002-230329.jpg)

No. 308995

tried riding her bike, fatass cant do it, posts on twitter with some bs excuse

No. 309000

That’ll be high blood pressure jill, keep cycling and it should stop, if it doesn’t see a doctor. Goddam she’s infantile and not in the kinky sexy way she thinks being infantile is meant to be.

No. 309001

The BPD posts weren't as annoying as the Wellbutrin ones

What happened with H3 now? She's talking to them like they're her friends, so creepy

No. 309002

File: 1696292868937.jpeg (859.46 KB, 1179x2174, IMG_1480.jpeg)

“Hourglass body”

No. 309003

…Is she messaging herself on another account?

No. 309004

Has she ever actually exercised?

No. 309005

I believe she does this regularly to have communication between her alters or whatever

No. 309006

Like the weed addiction?

No. 309008

This is absolutely embarrassing

No. 309009

She is so terminally online that she sends memes to herself (that don't even apply to her). I just imagine her glued to her phone all day long to the point she no longer has an identity or a personality or likes and dislikes that are not just copied from things that she saw online.

No. 309013

It's time for the "Get a Fucking Job Challenge," Jill. Do that challenge.

No. 309017

Not to mention that the accident is by no means secret?? Everyone who knows this guy is aware. Jilly, please

No. 309022

you probably drink coffee and think you're tweaking kek the fact it does absolutely NOTHING to ADHD brains means it's NOT a stimulant.(infighting)

No. 309025

She's probably dizzy from all the meds, weed, alcohol and bad food and sleeping habits and drinking too much water is dangerous. She's like someone smacking their head against a wall for 5 hours a day and then asking everyone why they feel bad. It should only be a question if you have removed all possible causes.

No. 309029

File: 1696343055378.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1284x1967, IMG_8654.jpeg)

She’s really trying to trap him now

No. 309030

File: 1696343226834.jpeg (448.66 KB, 1284x1097, IMG_8655.jpeg)

No. 309031


What is she complaining about here?
>>"I personally don't put up with ableism from anyone."
>>"Who made you boss?"(learn2sage)

No. 309032

I’m begging you nonna, fucking context

No. 309033

She wants to be the only real autistic advocate in the world
She's so delusional to think she has an hourglass body, also why does she keep sending her alters (herself) memes?
Imagine some fat weeb like her proposing marriage to a man with ring designs that came from a children's cartoons… did she even ask Steven what he would like to wear or did she just assume things? Idk she's so selfish tbh

No. 309035

Damn even pestering him using multiple accounts, she really reeks of desperation kek

No. 309036

“Another autistic person” better not be referring to herself, she quit that I’m not diagnosed so don’t want to try be an advocate shit so incredibly fast.

No. 309038

File: 1696350486100.jpeg (544.11 KB, 828x951, IMG_3908.jpeg)

So sof is Jillian’s best friend. That makes her being a farmer even more interesting.

No. 309039

The fact she’s been ring shopping. I hope Steebie is trapped with Jill that would be funny. God, it’s like she thinks 25 is so old you’re expected to be married etc. it’s probably because she saw how much attention her cousin got so she’s trying to one-up her.

No. 309041

I hope Sof is still around dropping hints about Jill. Slight blogspot but I've actually been in the situation where a narc bully chose me as her "bestie" because I was so easy to boss around when I secretly hated her for how she treated me and everyone else. Jill reminds me of her and she clearly has parasocial issues thinking she's closer to people than she is (as seen with the black "friend" she got bullied off the Internet) so I've got empathy for Jill's "friends" who may not even want to be there but don't know how to leave

No. 309042

Is she answering with her side account because Sunny is the autistic one? Am I getting the lore right here

No. 309044

The person Jill replied to seems to be an equally big clown, a they/them polygamous transmasc advocating for autism not being a disorder

No. 309045

>>309044 damn nonnie that was a whiplash to read in one go lmao, they/them poly transmasc autistic the whole nine yards

No. 309046

The fucking irony in Jill asking an autistic person what makes them an authority on autism when she's been larping as an autism spokesperson this whole time. I hope someone answers exactly that every time she says anything about autism.

No. 309052

Tinfoil but I think she is deliberately making it seem like she's been ring shopping for an engagement ring, but in reality, it's just a gift or just a ring she's buying for herself. It's so easy and obvious but we all know they aren't getting engaged. That last video doesn't lie, no matter how much Jillian does.

No. 309053

File: 1696361431477.jpeg (301.95 KB, 1170x958, IMG_9826.jpeg)

The forest person is having a meltdown/schizo posting about calling autism a disorder. The picrel is I think where it started but she’s saying that black people have been called disordered so it’s ableist to call autism a disorder.

No. 309054

>>309053 can white mfs keep black ppl out their mouths for their larp arguments for once

No. 309055

>The fucking irony in Jill asking an autistic person what makes them an authority on autism when she's been larping as an autism spokesperson this whole time.
This, I wish she could drill it in her head: she's nobody to talk about business she has nothing to do with, let alone be a spokesperson

No. 309067

File: 1696378896531.png (123.37 KB, 887x555, compact.png)

$75 for children's make-up.

No. 309071

The irony of Jill being too good for silver when she exclusively wears Claire's PVC landfill plastic couture.

No. 309072

File: 1696384896632.jpeg (Spoiler Image,86.96 KB, 629x444, B37AF88E-C0BF-44A5-ABEC-9A79BA…)

>POV: you are Jill's "bestie"

No. 309075

it's always a pleasure reading munchies imply that a disorder is not actually something impairing that makes the patient's life more difficult and instead is just a ~*quirky trait*~ to have because they don't have to actually deal with the disorder on a daily basis and don't like having to say they have a disorder.

No. 309077

She just larped being too poor to afford food the other day and now she's buying fucking anime makeup for 75 bucks??? Didn't she say she was all about sustainability too?

No. 309078

I just have this feeling that she is really trying to drive home this "precure is my special interest" thing.

No. 309079

Tin foil time! What if Jill proposed to Stevie-rina? I feel like she would try and justify it with their totes non-conforming gender roles. I can totally see it being done at a big family public event so Steve can't turn it down.

No. 309084

It's funny to me that for all her years being a weeb she doesn't know how to buy anything direct from Japan

No. 309086

>I've been ring shopping
She's…gonna try and trap him into a public proposal isn't she? So funny when cows do the same things toxic males do. Man needs to get out of there and get a new identity before he's trapped in 20 years of hell.

No. 309087

The fucking irony when she makes herself the self appointed authority on every topic, has publicly raged against actual authorities, AND the person is saying autism is no excuse for ableism. Jilly here is like nah! ableism is ok actually!

No. 309088

>image of two thin blonde characters
>Jilly tags herself and her friend, both overweight and resembling this image 0
Is she feeling insecure? She's publicly trying to validate her friendship here and publicly trying to validate her relationship with the ring Tweets, (and getting no reply) I wonder if something is going on like Stevie planning his escape or something.
Recently an anon mentioned Jill probably expected a proposal instead of a bicycle, and there was an anon reply that was like where was this?? and when I checked back later it was gone, 50/50 on it being stevie and not just a lost anon

No. 309090

Part of me hopes she does it for the milk it would bring us. But at the same time I don't want toxic people who harm each other by staying together just for my entertainment lol

No. 309091

You’re not the only one I thought the exact same thing kek. It would probably end up in a YouTube/tiktok video too. She’s like Amber Lynn always on the hunt for a Wipey.

No. 309094

It honestly makes me mad how stupid she sounds there

No. 309095

For me it reeks of insecurity but also BPD mirroring. No friend can ever be a 1 by 1 replica of you unless you are copying them or skin walking them, and we know Jillian looooves skin walking.

I bet she feels miserable as fuck and that's why she has to post about engagement rings and friendship on twitter. Narcs pretend to be your bestie when they feel super ignored and once they get their fill then they turn around and ignore you again for a while until their ego is wounded. I wonder if her ego got wounded with the video of Steven ignoring her and that's why she's doubling down on this shit publicly. Untreated cluster b people like that are so funny

No. 309100

She has been going hard on the "Stevie did this! Stevie did that!" ever since that video. It's all just so obvious. We all saw her get treated like shit and she and everyone knew it, now she's trying to pull the wool back over our eyes.

No. 309107

File: 1696436305616.jpeg (648.33 KB, 1284x1563, IMG_8684.jpeg)

No. 309108

File: 1696436432594.jpeg (869.19 KB, 1284x1594, IMG_8685.jpeg)

No. 309109

Good god, she is actually calling herself disabled now? She really is insufferable.

No. 309113

I mean this in the most non-cowtipping way, but please god let someone copy-paste all of Jill's replys for when she talks about autism next time, and every time after that. I just need her to read those words and realize it applies to HER and that she is projecting so fucking hard.

No. 309114

New video up, working on a summary now for everyone

No. 309116

She made a new opening with clay and is doing YouTube memberships so she will livestream once a month with members only chat but the stream will be viewable by the public. Only members will be allowed to access streams after they happen.
Also some shitty pixel emojis for members. Membership is 4.99 and patreon will still be a thing and there isn’t much difference besides access to stream chat and emojis if you decide to choose one of over another.
Looks like someone wants to buy more plastic shit so she wants another revenue stream.

No. 309117

Only 15 minutes but this is probably too involved
>New intro; claymation style, spelling of her name and little flowers, hearts, sparkles/stars, lucky clovers
> Flora and Jill are fronting
>Say's it's time for the 'annual ish changing of the intro/outro' then shows visuals of older intro/outros
>says in the intro is part of a'crafternoon' video, proceeds to show clips (not sure if it'll be a full video) uses we/us but drops it once she’s introduced who’s fronting
>second announcement is at 7:13, a self given timestamp as she voices over clips of her mixing clay
>talks about crafting intro until said timestamp
> potential 'breadcrumbs' mentions how she's 'always been bad at things that require teeny tiny precise details'
>she says she went into the clay with a plan a and plan b, shot plan b first
>Plan a works, she was squishing the letters to make them wiggle, plan b was the letters in her name were static
>paper moves so she has to reshoot all of it after showing a sneak peek on her patreon
>says she spend so long photoshopping each layer to get it looking identical
>7:13 timestamp; says she’s going to start livestreaming once a month
>going to be launching memberships
>Say’s she was enjoying being a member in others livestreams
>misses livestreaming to public
>Anyone can watch, and chats are going to be open to everyone the first couple of streams
>Talks about member benefits
>has created loyalty badges and custom emojis
>Custom emoji’s are pixel are of her face, rainbow heart, and magical girl style bow (10:03 timestamp for anyone who wants screenshots)
>rainbow heart and bow are two emoji’s “she’d want the most”
>Only one price tier 4.99
>10:37 timestamp for loyalty badges, more pixel art, strawberry, star,clover, flower and rainbow
>Badges are in that order for how long you’ve been a member of the channel
>11:55 timestamp, infographic she made of patreon vs membership differences
> no overlapping content for either
>Patreon is ‘where the secrets are’
>talks about being nervous for streaming says she hasn’t streamed for a public audience since younow, not counting one tiktok livestream
>Feel’s like “I have the capacity to handle that kind of information and stuff coming at me”
>repeats how this is all “optionaly” and that seeing everyone comment, like/interact with her things means more that they’ll ever know
>A “true confetti clubber takes care of themselves and their wallet first” (picturing someone clubbing her fanbase now)
>14:18 talks about fusion from the ‘skipped 6yrs of my life video, says she feels ‘very brand new and I guess we’ll just keep going’
>says we might see her “returning to habits from back then /pos”
> sign off and outro

No. 309119

thank you for your work nonna!

I wonder if she is loosing money, maybe she really needs it for her dream wedding and ring lol maybe stevie wants sugarbaby stay at home mum lifestyle

No. 309122

I think her plan is to trap steebie and make him her lawfully attached caregiver while she lives off YT, disability cheques and his income.

No. 309123

>>astareas web incident

Can you give some more context to that? On Google it only brings up infos on a hotel for me.

No. 309124

God give me the strength to not a-log right now. She is calling herself disabled when there are autists out there that will never get jobs, romantic relationships, some don't even talk and will need a caretaker until they die. How can these people justify their attitudes when they haven't even been diagnosed, they are so entitled and ridiculous.

No. 309125

>I would still be disabled
Excuse me, what? Since when is Jillian disabled?

No. 309126

I'm sorry but I can't believe she's larping disability now

No. 309128

this method of live streams w members only chat is something h3 does as well.. i might be reading too much into it but since shes paying for h3 membership and is extremely parasocial with the podcast it seems connected to me(sage your shit)

No. 309134

full story on pluraldeepdive.weebly if you feel like reading it, and i might get banned for off topic but imo the situation was pretty milky and relevant to jill. but tldr:

>middle aged woman decides she has did circa 1995

>makes huge web community about it, becomes kind of the de facto Space for the topic
>turns out she doesn't have it, which she admits
>she promptly coins "natural multiplicity" and spreads the theory DID just occurs spontaneously and isn't trauma based
>this movement spawns darkpersonalites and some other old DIDcows (who all admitted they never had did) who start the "empowered multiplicity movement"
>movement evolves into a borderline cult, calls for "boycotts" of the disorder
>meaning they did all kinds of rally bullshit in an attempt to convince medical professionals that DID was normal, and to demedicalize it and remove it from the DSM
>gets to the point where if you actually do have a diagnosis or claim to have DID instead of Plurality, you're banned and seen as a traitor.
>they also claimed treatment was a form of violence akin to genocide and advocated against it
>movement really takes off in the 2000s, but ultimately dies down in the 2010s due to the Haunted Self and theory of structural dissociation gaining popularity and DIDs reclassification in the DSM5
>Movement starts back up again in 2014-2015 on tumblr, though, as people start mixing DID and otherkin up and rebrand as "endogenic/natural" systems

but anyway the whole pattern of
>grown adult woman self diagnoses with severe mental illness, uses it for fantasy larp
>paints herself as an authority figure on the topic
>obviously doesn't have it

seems very familiar and i personally predict we'll see jilly end up deciding she's a "natural system" sooner or later either when her fake diagnosis falls through/she's diagnosed with munchies or when she gets tired of people expecting her to actually seek treatment

No. 309138

Let's go, full munchie route time.
Just reaffirms her own cowdom. She's pathetic and embarrassing.
>How can these people justify their attitudes when they haven't even been diagnosed, they are so entitled and ridiculous
Narcissism. A normal person would feel guilty but these people sleep well at night. They have no conscience therefore feel no guilt. The only thing they feel is rage when people point out their lies using their own words against them.
>Excuse me, what? Since when is Jillian disabled?
Since she decided she was and therefore in her mind she is. I'm interested in how this will bite her in the ass. She reminds me of fatvegfemme at this point. A side by side picture comparison would be hysterical.

No. 309141

What the hell is a haunted self? Also Jillian did claim something akin to being a "natural occuring DID" case before, just with different wording. In any case, the stuff you mentioned feels very familiar and reminds me of all DID LARPers on the web. To think a self admired faker started it all.

No. 309142

how often does she message him with two accounts? its such a weird thing to justify being on twitter all day

No. 309143

I remember her saying something like "Some people are just naturally dissociate-y, like me~"

No. 309150

The Haunted Self: Structural Dissociation And Treatment Of Chronic Traumatization by Ellert R. S. Nijenhuis, Kathy Steele, and Onno van der Hart (PHD), basically a medical guidebook written by actual doctors breaking down the exact science behind DID, debunking a lot of the fanatical myths on the topic, and laid the foundation for the theory of structural dissociation, which is what is used in actual diagnosis and treatment today. naturally larpers HATED this book, because it firmly cements that alters are "dissociated parts of a fractured identity" and not "whole separate people with their own lives and souls etc", (big reason the name was changed dm from "multiple personality disorder" to "dissociative identity disorder") which really threw a wrench in things like accountability avoidance and LARPing as your OCs, and made the disorder seem much less fun and romantic. you might notice larpers HATE when you refer to alters as "parts", kek. i bet jill does, too.

history is really is a flat circle.

fucking called it. twitter seems to be her favourite place, and if she goes down this route there will be thousands of delusional freaks gassing her up. they'd probably crown her their queen for being youtube visible– they've done similar for other youtube DIDcows.(no1curr about your psych textbook this semester)

No. 309151

Her "working 9-5" >>308820 was just making a 2 second intro out of clay? Sounds correct. She'll be patting her own ass over this for months.

No. 309154

What do you mean you can't believe it? She's been larping autism for quite a while now, have people really forgotten it's a mental disability and not just a quirky label?

No. 309155

It's honestly still baffling just how entitled and how little self-awareness Jill has (and not in a DID way kek)

No. 309156

>mentions how she's 'always been bad at things that require teeny tiny precise details'
That's the opposite of autists, who tend to focus on tiny details. She's bad at larping as usual.

No. 309157

I assume she's referring to fine motoric skills some autists struggle with, like tying shoelaces. There would actually be a wealth of motoric skill related symptoms she could pick and choose from. C'mon Jill, larp some unusual walking pattern next to validate your disability, I want to see her pretend she only walks on tiptoes and stumble around due to her totally heckin' valid balance issues.

No. 309158

I would be so extremely annoyed if Jillian kept pestering me all day about marriage from different larping accounts too, no wonder he doesn't love her anymore

No. 309159

>naturally larpers HATED this book, because it firmly cements that alters are "dissociated parts of a fractured identity" and not "whole separate people with their own lives and souls etc"

Idk why people like to romanticize the idea of another spirit or persona taking ahold of them. I don't think it would be as cool as they think it is. Trauma just doesn't work like that. I really don't think "multiplicity" exists in the way these LARPers think it does, in the sense that they're literally becoming another person for funsies.

The stuff you wrote also reminds me of the whole Mc Lean hospital fiasco that Jillian caused. These LARPers hate anything resembling scientific truth.

No. 309160

She's not disabled, and even if she was high functioning, I just never would had thought she would simply start saying stuff like this. I knew she was a munchie but the full on "I'm disabled" comment is so over the top for me, though you're probably right and I shouldn't be surprised. I had a family member with a mental disability and I just think this is something people like her should not use so lightly. I'm not sure if I buy the larp.
I understand autism can be very debilitating but I'm not sure if she's autistic to begin with, I'm very sorry.

No. 309161

Isn't it weird how she tends to try and collect all of the autism criteria but forgets that autism is a spectrum and no autistic person is the same? Remember when she said she was "catatonic" and "nonverbal" but she literally cannot shut up?

I also think she doubled down on trying to look autistic after her cousin's wedding, since she actually does have an autism diagnosis. My best bet is that Jillian will make another "diagnostic impression" out of this, or simply remain undiagnosed forever because the online space for autism encourages self diagnosing even though she can totally afford getting the test done thanks to her parent's support.

Kek this is hilarious in hindsight, all she ever does is just talk about being super mentally ill or totally really autistic. I wonder why she hasn't gone to therapy in a while and yet she magically fused alters and is "getting better now guysss". I don't think she'll ever get better, she always seems so oblivious about her actual behavioral problems and thinks fake positivity will always solve it all, so childish.

>I love working 9-5
I'm sorry what? Just for a dumb intro? I highly doubt she really did work that many hours on it. And now she's giving herself narcissistic pats on the back for doing the bare minimum? Bleak.

Late I know but if Steven really cared he would had cooked a meal or bought something more nourishing for her, I'm pretty sure he just grabbed whatever filling bag of fattening carbs he found so she would shut the fuck up. I'm sure she's already getting cheated on and the conversations between Steven, Maggie and Sof must be such a wild ride kek. Wish they shared some of it here.
Like, Steven is so sus with both of them. I'm sure he fucks them behind Jillian's mentawwy iwwy larping ass and that's why we got the funny reaction from him at the park and why Jillian is so desperate to marry him so he cannot escape anymore. I even wonder if the relationship is already open but she's just in denial about it. She's so afraid of getting old and she knows she's too unnatractive inside and out to find another guy, so who knows. It'll be so interesting when they inevitably break up.

No. 309162

I'm pretty sure once she breaks up with him she'll start acting like a slut and blame it on Veronica, and say that Steven gave her sexual trauma and that she had to become a "plaything" all over again.
Idk how can anyone look at this idiot with rainbow color hair and wigs looking like a clown and believe she totally is fronting as one of her OCs just because she said so.

On that note I'm pretty sure she's not larping as Jerrick anymore because right now she's back into the "idolizing" part of her BPD relationship with Steven, specially because her fear of abandonment is getting super triggered and it shows, the way she's so insistent on him. The way she mentioned how Jerrick came to be really felt like a BPD devaluation phase (specially how she was like "DONT CALL ME YOUR GIRLFRIEND REE"). It checks out because of how much Steven was willing to pull up with back then and retards like Jillian always ruin their relationships like that basically. So right now there's no need for Jerrick drama between both of them, I'm sure Steven is super sick of it. Actually wishing he just trooned out and left her already.

No. 309164

Didn't she briefly claim that Jerrick was the one with autism?

No. 309167

It's not a mental disability in every part of the world (unless you are intellectually disabled or just completely unable to leave your house without a caretaker) and it's a condition you are born with so some people say since you can't heal it or take medication specifically for it, it shouldn't be viewed as an illness even if it can be debilitating.
She seems to collect all the stereotypical autistic 5 year old boy traits too.
Don't really wanna wk Steven but I don't think there is any human on earth that would be able to keep up with Jilly's emotional needs, I would have blown up a long time ago.
She probably stopped because she is part of the DID larpers that say that if you have a condition or an illness then the body has it so all alters have it. Now she says Sunny is not as good as masking and that Flora is the best at it, while Jill is in the middle (very stupid but seems to work since people play along)

No. 309168

>It's not a mental disability in every part of the world
the fact that you've bought into this propaganda scares me, it IS literally a diagnosable mental disability and only an extreme minority online has been vocal about changing it

I think Jerrick was the BPD one? Damn we can't keep up with all of her lore kek

No. 309169

>She probably stopped because she is part of the DID larpers that say that if you have a condition or an illness then the body has it so all alters have it.
Remember when Jill claimed one alter is fucking intersex? Can't believe she gets away with all this shit

No. 309170

In Jillian’s case it’s just cards she can play to get away with anything in her life:
>I’m not the one who is bpd raging! It’s Jerrick!! You can’t be mad at me!
>I didn’t fuck up the food you were making! It was Jaxx!!! You have to get mad at her!
>I wasn’t the one who said some very insensitive shit! It was sunny!! She’s autistic guyz!!!
>I totally didn’t want to fuck this random guy! That was Veronica!!!
>I’m sorry I didn’t pay my taxes this year! It was the silly old man Cliffe street that didn’t want to come out! Lol!
>I don’t want to do anything productive today! but I want all of the attention on me and I only want to eat Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets! It’s because I’m Bærry!!
>I totally love wearing only girly clothes and shit! That’s because I’m flora! I’m such a great person!!!
>I’m going to be mean and you can’t do anything about it because it’s not me! That’s the other alter!!!
>Christmas/birthday will come soon! You better pay your tribute to everyone in my head by gifting me 8 gifts each one of you!
That’s it, it’s just a very idiotic way for her to excuse her behavior.

No. 309172

>Remember when Jill claimed one alter is fucking intersex? Can't believe she gets away with all this shit
It baffles me how her fanbase are just okay with this, no questions asked, just because she said so (and reminds me of how she literally told one of them to not look up her threads)

Honestly at this point she's just mixing her own lore and now she wants all her parts to have autism and afrid (maybe even bpd too? except for the cutesy kawiwi alters), though I distinctly remember that yes, Jerrick was supposed to be autistic and BPD and even changed the profile picture of that account to an autistic Steven Universe character.
I'm surprised her alters aren't having alters of their own too, some larpers tend to do that.

Idk why she loves fighting people this much on Twitter, why isn't she getting called out? She's so terminally online.

No. 309173

KEKKK you absolutely got her to a T anon, also:
>That’s because I’m flora! I’m such a great person!!!
I'm amazed at how delulu she is that she can just say this shit with a straight face lmao.
>Christmas/birthday will come soon! You better pay your tribute to everyone in my head by gifting me 8 gifts each one of you!
Honestly I'm waiting so hard for this to happen this year, last year's presents were so cringe.

No. 309174

>I think Jerrick was the BPD one?
Yeah, he was that too. But she very briefly alluded to him being the one with autism too, but it wasn't all that clear so it was more just her tipping her toe into the autism angle. iirc the post implied that nobody could really criticize Jerricka because he's autistic and underage or something like that. It was not super direct though but anons did pick up on it but let it rest since it wasn't brought up again. I'm gonna see if I can find the tweet

No. 309175

Nevermind, I can't find it and I'm not gonna comb through several Jill threads to find it. But I'm 100% sure there was a tweet where she said something like that (other than the "uuuhhhm he's literally underage!!!" one) because the retardation of it really stuck with me. However found this from a recap of Jill's and Steebies Q&A
>Jill talks about Jax being a protector for Jerric and says that Jerric doesn't understand that he can't be monotone when he talks to people and that "Jerr doesn't mask very well" (Jerric has autism apparently. So Jax takes over for Jerric when Jerric is being too autistic)
Speaking of which, where the fuck is Jax? Did she get bored of all her edgy alters?

No. 309176

Funny she reused the same "can't mask very well" excuse for sunny.

No. 309177

File: 1696514695416.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x1400, IMG_8711.jpeg)

No. 309178

File: 1696514729566.jpeg (752.29 KB, 1284x1874, IMG_8710.jpeg)

No. 309179

AYRT, I live in a country where being autistic doesn't make you legally disabled, and doesn't really get you any benefits unless they assess you and determine you are in fact intellectually disabled, I didn't buy into any propaganda 'cause I'm not on Twitter or in the US. If you are not a higher needs person there is literally no point in arguing you are disabled even if you do struggle more than other people.(no1curr)

No. 309181

I mean, she's right? if you're going to cancel on someone you should refund them.

No. 309182

5 bucks for one livestream a month is really high. Her patreon is already like that, right? So if you're an ultra Pixie fan you're paying 10 bucks a month to see her stream twice for like an hour each…

No. 309183

Idk why she's inserting herself on this situation just to look more self righteous? She just fights people on Twitter for no reason
Oof. I would not pay this much for her boring content

No. 309184

I think she justifies it by saying there's no overlap in content, and that patreon streams get "all the secrets", also in patreon you get spoilers of things the hasn't posted yet. She said she has like 12 people on private livestreams so it's more intimate or some shit. Honestly she has a couple of creepy obsessed fans who would pay for both. She did say the first youtube ones would be public and free too so I predict anons itt are gonna be watching and she probably knows that

No. 309188

NAYRT but I'm in Canada and simply being autistic isn't considered disabled here either. You'd have to not be able to take care of yourself on your own to qualify (probably similar to wherever you live) but Jillybean just wants to play the disability card

No. 309193

Honestly ever since she made that sunflower lanyard she's been hinting at being disabled super hard, where is it now I wonder?

No. 309195

you know steve sends sof and maggie unflattering pics of jill when she's having her tantrums and vents to them. there's no way he isn't. imagine living with jill

No. 309198

The fact that she said that she had never done claymation and pixel art before but had to learn for this video. Why not just make regular fucking art and post videos more often than creating one rambly video with way too much unnoticed effort to these small things

No. 309199

As much as I agree with your last point about not finding something consistent to post instead, I personally wouldn’t shun even a tard like Jill for trying a new type of art, I wish she did more art for her own sake instead of scrolling endlessly on social media apps and getting stoned

No. 309200

I used to be on AISH and it’s very hard to get on for little pay and benefits. Not worth the effort.
he’s in a private discord being someone’s kitten when he’s not dealing with mental Jillness.

No. 309203

This is a very specific assertion, is this something zoomers do to shame each other or something?

No. 309204

>and she will name the new alter
>"sunflower" or something.

Ngl at this point I could imagine this was really her "grand" plan and that she's gonna be seething once she lurks the thread. kek

No. 309220

File: 1696559750987.jpeg (103.02 KB, 1300x866, 368F1290-2F76-4DB8-8DBA-2BBC76…)

Wait a second, her alter will be sunflower when she debuts her 100% legit disability and begins wearing her sunflower lanyard 24/7. She will be like:
>omg I fused but now I’m disabled???
>because my mind has been weirdy and not mindy
>her name is sunflower and she’s a fusion between Flora and Sunny!!!
>and she’s disabled because she’s autistic!
>isn’t that what autism does to you??? Make you disabled??
>where are my disabled moneys?!

No. 309225

I think as the cost of living in New Brunswick continues to climb she's looking for ways to make more money through the internet. She's fumbled her Patreon pretty badly; 5 years ago she was making almost US$1300 a month through her patrons (check threat 25 for proofs), now she's only making about US$500/month. When she first moved into her townhouse, the going rental rate for area was in the $1100 range and she was earning just a little more than that through Patreon; 5 years later her rents gone up by an unknown amount & her Patreon income is less than half her rent.

Jill keeps referring to her Youtube as a full-time 9-5 job, but whatever she's doing isn't generating much profit for her. Besides surfing Twitter and uploading an occasional ad-monetized video, she's not making much money. You'd think she'd at least have a Redbubble merch store by now or something to engage with her fanbase and make $$$, but she's either so creatively bankrupt or frozen by indica couch-lock that she can't even design simple merch items to sell to her ever-dwindling fanbase.

She has 137 Patrons, and her membership costs range between $1-$10. 47 of them pay the monthly $10 for the top tier membership, so even if just those 47 pay to tune into her stream it'll be $235 in her pocket, and if all 137 patrons decide to become members it'll be $685. My tinfoil is that wants to be making enough from her Youtube stream membership fees so that in tandem with her Patreon income she can cover the cost of her monthly rent. Although we like to speculate that Jill's townhouse is paid for in part by her parents; but at this point I think she and Stephen are largely paying for their own cost of living including rent. Stephen is obviously the main provider for their household and at least paying half the rent. I think we can all agree he seems more ready to leave than ever. If he moves out, I don't think Jill's parents are willing to finance her apartment, and in knowing this she's trying to figure out a way to maintain her independence if Stephen pulls out of the lease.

No. 309226

Would it hurt that bad to get a part time job? I know they’re hard to get on the east coast but she needs it more than ever. Her YouTube will never bounce back and she’s been left in the dust for channels like Moderngirlz, Mina Le and pixie locks fan club girl The Stitchess.

No. 309227

File: 1696595407091.jpeg (694.97 KB, 1170x1435, IMG_5150.jpeg)

Girl wants to fight so bad lol. Must be in a pissy mood today.

No. 309228

3 seconds ago?

No. 309230

Redbubble changed their fee structure recently so they take 50% profit on top of the already super high item costs, I never used them but those services are really terrible in terms of making money. You need to charge customers so high just to make a profit, and now even that miniscule profit is getting halved.
But there's a lot you can manufacture yourself at home if you're willing to put work in, stickers, tee shirts, 3d printed accessories etc

No. 309231

Theory that Jillian is her own hater and takes part in these threads is growing

No. 309235

Isn’t it kinda weird how Jill throws anyone who betrays her under the bus but when Sof is caught posting here all is forgiven and they’re bffs? What if Jill is having her friends post “milk” to drum up attention/clout? Foodie beauty does the same by purposefully feeding into kf’s thread because they give her views.

No. 309236

She did make confetti club pins once, why did she stop?

No. 309237

Anon you either caught her in the act or those 3 seconds are sus

No. 309238

File: 1696607283522.jpeg (633.44 KB, 1125x1768, IMG_0025.jpeg)


No. 309239

Why is she better than having a real full time job? Why is she above working a real ass fucking job. Life isn't a fairy tale. You failed at your YouTube career thing, time to pack it up and get a fucking job. Her Mom busts her ass to be successful in the arts, and Jill looks at her like a silly little lady who is just a stupid Mom. Meanwhile, her Mom is actually somewhat badass and definitely admirable for her hard work and success in the arts. Her aunt has made a successful life for herself in a similar way. But they aren't half as special as Jilly who works full time on her YouTube career, making less than a part time worker. It's fucking bullshit man. Every aspect of Jill is just complete and utter fucking bullshit. Buck it the fuck up, go back to school for a 2 year graphic design certificate, and get a real job.

No. 309240

The same old classic tale.
News flash Jill: every girl has been made to be feel sexualized before they were "ready." EVERY. GIRL. EVER. You were NOT sexually assaulted. Sorry, but not sorry.

No. 309241

If not Jill, it seems equally likely that this Forest person got pissed off at Jill's antics, googled her, found the farms, and came running to us for validation that Jill is, in fact, a big dumb meaniehead.

No. 309243

Because a part time job is all she can get with a crafts degree and a giant gaping hole on her resume.

No. 309244

So she’s saying she got raped in her bedroom? In her house? While having what seems to be a helicopter mom?
>but I still see her face
This better not be about the girl she used to date when she was a teenager, because this is getting pathetic.

No. 309245

File: 1696608824017.png (1.94 MB, 1919x1074, thebestisbehindyou.png)

This is so fucking offensive and obviously made up. 90% of the time when I read this thread I can laugh at what a self-absorbed talentless fat pothead Jill is…but occassionaly shit like this reminds me that she is an absolutely heartless bitch who will stoop to disgusting lows for the measliest drop of clout.

I actually believe that those are the lyrics to her first song, because it's such painfully tryhard prose. What 13 year old didn't have some song or poem or journal entry they wrote that was essentially like /even though she treated me bad I'm still so in love with her, I wish I could move on but I can't so I'll just try to forget her uwu/. Aggressively retconning obviously normal teenage pining as evidence of made up sexual assault is so fucking nasty. The way she always garnishes these lies with cutesy emojis is so gross as well, like she's trying so hard to be the toughest sexual assault victim soldier bravely smiling through the pain.

Also…she knows that's not how glasses work. Did she have her glasses on during her totally traumatizing closed-lip kiss with Uma? Otherwise, taking them off wouldn't really make the environment look any different from the way it looked during ~the incident~. Interesting that the only common denominator of allllll the things she fakes is that there is an assumption that the person afflicted by them can't be held accountable for anything. Autism, DID, sexual assault - all safely removed from scary ideas like being responsible for your own actions.

Picrel is how Jill sounds when she starts digging through her old stuff like this and realizes that the time in her life when she was presumptively creative and interesting has long passed.

No. 309247

Me when my forced teenage lesbian relationship backfires and I traumatise myself, this is just proof she's always sought labels which don't apply to her and then suffered through the consequences. Interesting how her ten years of fucking men has no trauma associated with it, just a short lived teenage relationship with a girl where she remained a virgin, according to her own deviantart posts of the time. Nobody has ever been straighter.

No. 309250

Not to mention that we know Jill dumped Uma to get with Walker and after that Jill continued to interact with Uma's posts and stuff (even though they were literally about how heartbroken she was about it). She said to Uma on dA that she wanted to remain friends and was excited they would still be going to events together

It's insane that she's trying to paint this as the childhood trauma that caused her whole life to fall apart

No. 309252

AGAIN with the lesbian girl?

No. 309253

I think she chose this specific "trauma" because she knows Uma is too much of a lady to start posting her side online. Someone cowtipped Uma a while ago and she was basically upset and regretful that Jill felt this way. But really she should be angry because she's being woven into someone's bullshit backstory as a heinous abuser when it was obviously just something brief, and simply unwanted because Jill is straight as a ruler.

No. 309254

Reaching for the fucking stars. I think it's funny she's all ~bisexuality pride~ but the only female she's been with has had her story bread crumbed for years till we reach sexual assault accusations. Can't even count that one girl a couple years ago because she dumped her so fast and used her for attention when she needed it between male relationships. We get it Jill, you're not into women, being with one as a teenager was too traumatizing for your super straight self.

No. 309255

>Took her glasses off because she couldn't handle seeing her bedroom
>Filmed and edited multiple videos all in her bedroom wearing glasses / contacts

No. 309258

>What 13 year old didn't have some song or poem or journal entry they wrote that was essentially like /even though she treated me bad I'm still so in love with her, I wish I could move on but I can't so I'll just try to forget her uwu/. Aggressively retconning obviously normal teenage pining as evidence of made up sexual assault is so fucking nasty.

In previous threads you can actually see a conversation with Uma disproving what happened and also, Jillian was still in good terms with her after they broke up. She really is retconning everything.

No. 309259

and they literally both filled out quizzes on DA after their relationship stating they hadn't been physically intimate with each other! it's so damning.

No. 309260

She just wants to be the most traumatized. And there's nothing more traumatic than rape, so she actively wants it. I hate how much she complains online, but actively wishing to be a rape victim is soooo fucking low.
>Me when my forced teenage lesbian relationship backfires and I traumatise myself, this is just proof she's always sought labels which don't apply to her and then suffered through the consequences.
This. She's never been attracted to women. But this is exactly why she wants Steven to troon out so bad.
>Interesting how her ten years of fucking men has no trauma associated with it, just a short lived teenage relationship with a girl where she remained a virgin, according to her own deviantart posts of the time.
Fucking exactly. Someone needs to post those screenshots again.

No. 309261

The person suffering the consequences is Uma - she's being accused of being a rapist, full fucking stop. It's not right what Jillian is doing, and she SHOULD suffer some consequences.

No. 309263

Why did Sof post here? What drove her to participate in this? How can you be someone's best friend AND actively view and post in their lolcow thread? I wonder if Pixie realizes that her closest people are against her.

No. 309264

Also tinfoil: Sof is NOT Jill's "favourite person." She's the person Jill is most envious of. Sof, who actually consistently creates cosplay (primarily Precure related), does drag, follows through with her commitments (like the Precure panel), and has a long term trans partner. It's literally everything Jill wants?

No. 309265

I think Sof posting here is funny and also who wouldn't gossip about Jillian behind her back? She sucks. Soft if you read this ur hekkin valid gurl give us the tea yaaaass

No. 309268

I've met a few of Jill's friends & all of them were very quick to gossip about her for the clout of knowing someone 'famous' lol

No. 309269

File: 1696627419856.png (695.88 KB, 750x640, 1665432697998.png)

Saw this skimming through an older thread and decided to repost since she's hard larping as disabled now
Nonna you have to tell us more!

No. 309270

And what did they say?
It's just odd behaviour to be Jillian's closest person and bestest friend and be actively posting here. Incredibly two-faced.

No. 309271

How long until she decides that she also has POTS and EDS? I feel like she'd LOVE to use a can, not only would she be able to make videos decorating it terribly, she'd also be able to look visibly disabled.

No. 309274

She deserves it though, people being two faced. She's also a pretty bad friend herself.

No. 309275

When you put it like that it sure seems like Jill wants to skinwalk her out of some kind of envy
Spill the tea you tease lol
As someone who's been stuck with toxic narcissistic friends, I fully get if Jill's friends gossip about her here to vent

No. 309276

Yes according to Jill Uma is a rapist who caused her trauma, and her parents are abusive through neglect and caused her trauma - she cares so little about the people around her that she doesn't care she's been implying or outright saying these things about them making them look like awful people

No. 309278

God herself is holding me back from alogging right now. At this point I swear Jillian is just purposely saying these lies online about sexual abuse because she knows it pisses us off.

No. 309279

So her mom is cool with carrying the guilt of letting in the person that allegedly raped their daughter under their own roof and supervision? Does mama vessey follow this account too?
I have a tinfoil that she has multiple accounts for her “alters” so her mom loses track of them and she can say whatever bullshit she wants without consequence.
But the lack of guilt is so evident in how she freely spills this bullshit story. I think one of reasons Uma will never come forward is because Jillian tard audience would harass her to no end and she probably also feels somewhat guilty for actions during her and Jill’s middle school relationship, even if it wasn’t much of anything the teenage hormonal angst of it all probably makes it seem like a bigger deal than it really was.

No. 309282

File: 1696640532717.jpg (126.08 KB, 720x823, 3100.jpg)

No. 309283

File: 1696640612437.jpg (87.39 KB, 720x539, 0006.jpg)

No. 309285

my personal tinfoil: the entire DID larp is a BPD fueled last resort move to make steebie stay. Would explain a lot

No. 309291

It's not spicy or I would have posted it already lol

They just overshare things about her to prove how close of friends they are with her. If she got into an argument with someone they would talk about that or like choosing their cosplay group and making a little comment about her having to be the MC

This info is a few years old too lol I moved away from that area a while ago & don't keep in touch with many people from there

No. 309296

waiting for the moment when sof skinwalks jills new crazy train- will sof also have a did meltdown? will they also have a sa partner in their past? i’m trying to think of anything else sof hasn’t done that jill already did.

sof is peeling the skin off of jill just to glue it on herself to feel good.

No. 309298

I think at this point Jillian is the one skin walking sof

No. 309315

Wah wah her girlfriend fingered her who fucking cares. She’s so goddamned sheltered. Every woman alive has a worse story and doesn’t constantly get up on a podium with a loudspeaker crying about how traumatized they are about it.

No. 309330

If a man did that it would be traumatizing if you didn't want it, even in a relationship. Not defending her, but your take is pretty low.

No. 309333

You’ve got it backwards

No. 309334

Almosy every woman you’ve ever met has had that happen to them without making 50 completely public tweets about it on their Mongolian cartoon LARP account. Jill is a complete attention seeker who thinks she’s uniquely tragic when she isn’t, full stop.

No. 309338

Think anon was speaking more to Jill’s immaturity in the wake of a situation she wasn’t ready for. Many young women and women participate in sexual activities they may later view as violating/exploitative but recognize it was a youthful/naive mistake and learn from it, never making it again and reinforcing their boundaries. Jill calling her also inexperienced underage partner a rapist (or implying such) is excessive and in extremely bad taste. That said if it was against her wishes/she was intentionally put in a situation she could not refuse (such as inebriated/restrained) it would be a different story, her da journals and interactions seem to indicate differently.
It just reads as more of Jill attempting to rewrite her life as traumatic for victim points as that’s the currency of the woke. If she is the truest victim she stands above the rest and speaks for them/over them. No wonder she has such intense identity issues (not did), she lies to herself constantly and is retelling her own lies to herself over and over again, it must be confusing for everyone in her life when she seeks them out with her new version of events and they have no idea wtf she’s talking about.

No. 309342

If at any point Jill.said "stop, I do not want this, or no" and Uma continued, then it was rape. No issue. But if they had some experimenting going on and Jill felt dirty after.. well.. that's on her. I'm sure most of us have banged someone and regretted it later. Shit, we've had whole relationships go that way.
Seriously though. Accusations of rape are serious, she might get burned with this one.

No. 309345

I’m just saying, if she’s going to keep vague tweeting about this, she should just spill the beans properly, name the names and say what happened. Because one thing is a woman not talking about it because it would give her many negative things in her life. But Jillian has mentioned this many times already with the whole “fuckable plaything” thing and so much more, I’m sure she would be fine saying who hurt her, when and why.

No. 309347

I get you're probably just joking but this isn't even what happened based on all the evidence from her own dA journals, and most anons here are stupid and don't ever read old threads to be able to tell the difference. This is how really stupid theories take off though and saying shit like this just legitimizes Jill's victim LARP.

No. 309353

vague tweeting is what keeps the larp alive, if she ever had to specify anything that's supposedly happened in her life, she would have to take consequences for her lies (like being sued for defamation, being cancelled). this is why she conveniently says "i don't owe you a proof of a diagnosis!" as well. by never actually saying or showing anything specific, she isn't technically saying something that didn't happen, happened; she's only implying it.

No. 309354

nta but are you referring to jill saying she was a virgin post uma-breakup? because if so, i can't fathom why you and other anons grasp at this bc for all we know her definition of virginity might be at penetrative sex with a moid and not just diddling someone. none of her da entries contradict the theory of a fake lesbian equivalent of buyer's remorse

No. 309357

We know nothing happened between them because she has changed the narrative over the years. She used to say that the reason this relationship was bad was because of the age difference (Jill was 13 & Uma was 15 which is a laughable age difference) and she did not mention any sort of assault at all

Once she started larping DID and seeing her angel therapist she unlocked memories or w/e and started saying more happened between them

No. 309358

No one fingered her. They just kissed and Jill’s fake bisexuality larp blew up in her face because she’s not attracted to yucky women. If I wasn’t lazy I’d tack on the tweet where she freely admits she can’t live without dick.

No. 309359

that still doesn't negate the possibility of diddling. you can't disprove it by the fact that jill never brought it up. yeah, she overshared about random shit for years, including her tumblr ddlg fantasies, but something like that happening for real would still be embarrassing to an average 13 year old. the fact that she regretted it years later just happened to be very convenient for her did trauma larp.

No. 309362

So you think she talked about self injury, her eating disorder, her hospital stay, her mom's cancer, etc but wouldn't have mentioned an assault??

We know she loved her piano teacher her whole childhood and then went back when she found out he was a pedo and said she got bad vibes and that he was creepy - why are you giving more clout to Jill actually being assaulted than her changing the narrative??

No. 309363

Idk, nonna, at first she was implying it was the piano teacher that molested her and turned her into a “fuckable thing”, then she decided that it was Uma, because the teacher got sent to jail for actually molesting one of his students, so she couldn’t be part of the abused by a teacher club anymore, therefore she needed another reason why she had a fragmented mind other than, you know, having an abusive family that gave her copious amounts of gifts every year, happy memories, fun parents that let her experience many things like hobbies and styles, living in a safe neighborhood, having a fun family, having a YouTube channel and things like those.

No. 309365

>>309363 can a photoshop nonnie please edit Jill's face onto Big Jack Horner whenever he says "You know I never had much as a kid. Just loving parents, stability and a mansion, and a thriving baked goods enterprise for me to inherit. Useless crap like that."

No. 309368

you people call yourselves feminists but can't stand the idea that a woman can discover she has been assaulted in ways she didn't recognize until years after the fact. tell me you've never come to a realization that someone treated you in a fucked up way when joking about it with someone years later. or that you heard someone talk about the way an adult behaved around them as a child and realized those awkwardly long touches that made you feel disgusting weren't just in your head.

who the fuck cares if Jill was assaulted in the picture perfect way that makes you accept she's a rape victim? she's not naming names and yeah people who have known her for over a decade can go back and find out exactly who she's talking about but most people in the world aren't people on this board who have essentially documented her life and every relationship she had and drawn conclusions about it based on deviantart journal entries. bffr. you people disgust me when sexual assault is ever brought up when it doesn't perfectly involve a man you already hate.

No. 309369

>you people
You realize this is an anonymous board and the people who read this thread in no way represent a monolith that has the same ideas about everything? If you took the time to look at what Jill herself has said both in her Veronica meet-the-alter video and on her deviantart over the years, it would become extremely obvious no one has ever harmed a hair on Jill's head. You're saying people here are being dismissive of a sexual assault that you have no evidence happened. When the shit about her piano teacher came out, Jill was keen to associate herself with his name so she could get attention and pity for having had any kind of connection with him. She posted his full name on her twitter and said she wanted to ruin his life. If she was actually sexually assaulted by Uma, why wouldn't she take aim the same way and demand justice the same way? The likeliest reason is that nothing happened, and Jill knows that making false accusations towards a named person would have major blowback. Please take your personal problems with lesbians elsewhere, you're shitting up the thread.

No. 309370

you know this is jill we're talking about right? the same spoiled rich girl who has spent her entire life pretending to be a victim? the girl who would write suicide notes so her mom would find them, self harmed for attention, and pretends to have DID and autism? if jill was a normal person, she would keep her trauma between herself and a therapist. but since she's not normal, she broadcasts it because she wants everyone to know how uwu twaumatized she is.

No. 309371

Hate to "defend" her, but judging by her Google search I think she's saying she's been having hunger pains for 3h, rather than that she hasn't eaten for 3h.

No. 309372

Jill's whole narrative is to always be the biggest victim in the room at any given time so no I don't believe a word out of her BPD narc mouth

No. 309374

But she is, so.. doesn't make it less of an issue.

No. 309375

>at first she was implying it was the piano teacher that molested her, then she decided that it was Uma
nah, she was pretty clear off the bat that uma was her source of "trauma". the teacher came after that, and when jill realized that someone was actually for real molested and it wasn't her she got major fomo, which led to her "fuckable thing" rant that was really just about abstract societal expectations that were never even forced on her. that was also when she upped her claims about the vague "csa trauma" and started breadcrumbing about even earlier abuse and making technically unaccusatory but ambiguous statements about said teacher.
bottom line is jill is desperate for trauma but borderline retarded, which leads to her grasping at straws and looking like a liar even when she takes real events and blows them out of proportion. if she was smart, she could top up umagate with her mom's very real cancer scare and spin it into something believable.

No. 309376

I still don’t understand why are some retards coming in here and saying that this is a feminist imageboard.
Anyways, Jillybean is desperate for a tiny little piece of anything that could be turned into a traumatic event because she hasn’t experienced such a thing, if she was truly traumatized by something she would’ve said so a very long time ago, but she hasn’t and she won’t find a story that can’t be proven in any way because her life, according to the cow herself in the very online archive she made herself composed by deviantart, twitter and YouTube, everything was pretty great.
I just will never believe a word Jillian says unless there’s actual real proof or someone like her mom makes an statement or something because, honestly? A DiD and disability larper that’s constantly trying really hard to be considered autistic and won’t stop smoking weed while taking meds, doesn’t really sound like the best narrator in any form or shape.
>inb4 scenarios about random people
It’s irrelevant, we’re talking about a cow living in a first world country, who gets special gifts every birthday and Christmas, who hangouts with her family that seems to care about her, who doesn’t even consider getting a real job because she surely has a family that will accept her back home in a heartbeat, and who has her own home that either she or her mom own where she can just change anything whenever she wants.
I don’t know about you, but I really doubt an abused person would accept any help coming from people that let their abusers fuck up their life, or even worse, I don’t think an abused person would accept the help of an abuser without thinking of at least flipping burgers to save enough money to run away instead of asking for expensive dollhouses for toddlers or smoking weed every day.

No. 309377

Jill didn’t even imply he molested her, she said as much herself when he got outed. The only thing he did, according to herself, was being “a bit too friendly”. I’m in the phone but I’m sure anons could dig out the tweet.

No. 309378

Also, didn't she in her Veronica video pretty much say or at least act like she was assaulted over a prolonged period of time and that's why she had to create a persona to be a "sexy little plaything"? Iirc she and Uma only met once. But feel free to correct me on these, but if I remember these details right it still doesn't add up with Jill's narrative even if more than kissing did occur between them two.

No. 309379

2024 is a leap year…

No. 309380

In the Veronica video she says "it was inescapable and happening multiple times over multiple months". She also says this happened when she was "just getting out of elementary school" (not completely sure what age that is in Canada). She specified she was "pleading no". Just thought I'd remind nonnies about the exact things she said since some of it is getting twisted.

No. 309381

my tinfoil theory here is that she is claiming a lesbian SA'd her so it can null the shit she did to the mystery girl few years ago. like in her mind she is completely forgiven for whatever she did to a lesbian woman because another lesbian woman allegedly SA'd her. I bet if you ask her sexuality she will say she's pan flower emoji heart emoji smiley face like she isn't the most heterosexual person in her vicinity.

No. 309387

File: 1696768892471.gif (109.76 KB, 302x200, 200_d.gif)

sometimes i feel like the veronica video was just a weird fever dream, but then i go on youtube and remember it's actually a thing.

No. 309389

This is what puts me on the fence on what to believe with her claims, she doesn't need to say names but at least somewhat clarify who molested her. Was it a family member? A neighbor? Someone's sister? A confused kid her age? She talks so much about this trauma but if she did some clarification on what happened she could help raise awareness on what signs to look for when it comes to female sex offenders.

No. 309391

She didn't just hang out with Uma once. They went to summer camp together & didn't live that far apart. She did say that most of their relationship happened online tho so I think anons just ran with that

She has never specifically named names but she has implied it was a girlfriend she had when she was young

No. 309394

>She also says this happened when she was "just getting out of elementary school"
>she has implied it was a girlfriend she had when she was young
So which one is it???

No. 309396

These are the same age?? I don't know why you're confused

She would have graduated elementary school at 12 (grade 6) and started dating Uma a few months later

No. 309397

I assumed elementary school was until age 10, sorry.

No. 309400

She always says it happened in her bedroom so that kind of rules out summer camp. I know Louise has a home studio but has that always been the case? Like we know she is a helicopter parent but if she was also at home all the time when would this have a chance to happen under her nose so many times for such a long period of time.

No. 309401

There are pics on Jill's dA taken in her mom's studio from before she dated Uma

No. 309402

Can you “bffr” and go back to tiktok and Twitter, newfag?
A girl two years older than you hypothetically holding you down and fingering you/inserting an object into your vagina is traumatizing but it is not going to cause DID. Sorry to burst your bubble. Jillian is trying to not only LARP as a DIDtard, but also as disabled and autistic. You can argue her faggot therapist put these ideas into her head, you can argue her faggot boyfriend put these into her head, at the end of the day she’s addicted to victimizing herself and she’s a narc BPD liar.

No. 309404

That anon didn't say anything about Jillian having DID, I think we all know that she's faking it, it's pretty obvious. But she's kinda right in saying no rape victim is the "ideal" that tv shows or movies tend to portray. I agree with her post, some women only realize things way later, it's common in assault victims for what I've heard.

That said I think Jillian is saying a lot of bullshit. Anons can take whatever stance though. But I do agree with you that she comes across as someone who just wants to be traumatized for no goddamn reason, which is why I find whatever she says very upsetting to actual rape victims.

No. 309407

I went through threads since the DID saga officially began and these are some relevant points in my opinion:

>>189394 Screenshots of Uma's dA journal entries from the time she was dating Jill
>>194351 Jill says she's born with dissociation
>>194441 Jill says she's a victim of csa but it wasn't the first trauma
>>194443 Slight retcon of just being born with dissociation to include her trauma narrative: "some people are born more dissociatey but u still need trauma to split"
>>225207 The infamous Veronica video
>>225258 Uma's dA journal, regretting sleepover with Jill
>>227644 Cowtipping Uma and her response stating that she does regret some things but Jill is blowing things way out of proportion
>>259881 "Our first split was before the age of 6 heart emoji"
>>260261 Another mention that her DID started before the age of 6
>>260321 Anon's collage of Jill's early shifting narrative including "autistic kids develop at different pace so can they still get DID at later age"
>>260517 Tweet "confirming" Uma caused her "main major trauma" (funny how that implies she also has a side hustle major trauma and obviously all her minor traumas from idk stubbing her toe once)

So if we'd take everything Jill says at face value, based on stuff above the timeline would be as follows:
> Jill is born more dissociate-y than normal people, predisposing her to develop DID
> Jill has so traumatising early childhood that she develops DID before the age of 6
> Jill is also autistic and thus it's possible that her main major trauma contributing to her DID is caused by Uma and the age gap and power imbalance and alluded SA in the relationship at the age of 13

If we look at how her reasoning for DID has changed:
>First she was just basically born that way
>Then she retcons basically being born with DID and says you still need trauma for it to actually happen
>Vagueposting about Uma causing her trauma
She brings up being a CSA victim about the same time but clearly realises she can't go claiming she was SA'd as a small child since the CSA is not her first trauma
>Wondering if her totally real autism could mean she developed DID later than the canon of early childhood states - maybe she realises it would be raise some serious questions about her childhood and parents if she was seriously traumatized as a small child or, more likely, she realises she's talked about her picture perfect childhood so much that her claiming repeated very serious trauma during that time probably wouldn't fly. Or I'm giving Jill too much credit and she just can't keep her lies straight.
>No, she totally split before the age of 6 guise
>BUT her major main trauma (I just can't get over her having so many traumas she has to classify them like this) still is caused by Uma

No. 309408

thanks for the summary nona!

No. 309409

You are an absolute hero for taking your time for this, nonna! Honestly, a part of me wishes someone would have time and energy to make a compilation and timeline of all of Jill's claims so we have it all gathered for newbies that won't read old threads so we don't have to reiterate the same discussions every time.

No. 309411

lol Uma should sue her for libel, considering Jillian is profiting on this position.

I will forever remain with my ultimate tinfoil: Jill's original trauma, and all resulting issues, stem from her mom's cancer, in that while Louise was being treated for cancer, Jillian received less attention than she had been accustomed to at such a young age. I wouldn't be surprised if this happened when Jillian was 6 years old (would love if someone could share the real timeframe in which this happened, if it's known). I believe this is precisely when she developed BPD - in order to draw the attention back to her, away from her mother's illness, she started reacting with the "big emotions" that BPD are known for. It then became obvious to her parents that she needed to receive "special attention" after Louise recovered, because Jillian was obviously so deeply affected by witnessing her mother go through a life-threatening illness (but in reality, she was just reacting to receiving less special attention). My guess is with Uma: in reality, Uma wasn't used to (at such a young age) the type of emotional control techniques utilized by a BPD person and reacted - instinctively - negatively towards it. I would also imagine that Jillian tried to exert sexual control or behaviours to Uma against her will because that's precisely something that BPD people are known for. I would imagine that this was met with disgust and rejection on Uma's behalf. Now I know this is straight up calling Jill's whole story into question, but I honestly and truly believe there was no sexual assault, Jillian was likely the one that pushed forward with the sexual, coercive behaviour, and Uma got scared of the BPD manipulation (in a young person, in its purest form) and backed off. We all know that rejection is the one thing that a BPD person cannot bear, and as such, we arrive at the twisted version of events today.

SAGE for hardcore tinfoiling but I'm pretty sure it's all along these lines.

No. 309412

File: 1696797926168.jpg (859.94 KB, 2208x1660, 1657392902690.jpg)

Thank you anon, I wanted to see Uma's commentary again

No. 309413

Ngl, we can't even tell what anon fed to her to get the responses. Theres 2 posts from the OP but the rest is chatter that the anon could've said anything to get the replies they wanted to share. Now I see why the user was put out to pasture. I'd really take this with a grain of salt. Also some of her replies seem to be possibly missing too.

No. 309418

>you people call yourselves feminists
Where are people calling themselves feminists anon, we are supposed to believe a literal serial liar about this one thing when it's already been disproven via her own posts from the time (like all her lies) - people absolutely should believe women talking about rape but it starts getting very sus when it's a woman who lies constantly like Jill, and also somehow never had a single incident happen during the ten years of fucking men that occurred after this very brief relationship. What are the chances her boyfriends never once overstepped in any way over ten years of long term relationships, but this fellow teen at the time did in their like 3 month, on off, mostly online friendship/relationship. It's so clearly a vendetta I don't know why you are humoring it.

No. 309420

a bit of tinfoil but my guess is an autism diagnosis video. she's been leaning heavily on autism breadcrumbs for the past few weeks on twitter.

No. 309421

Yeah I'd really like to see the full conversation because the last part where Uma changes her mind about sharing is telling, I wonder what was said.
Also curious what "truly fucked up things" Jill did because that is definitely missing from Jill's narrative.

No. 309425

File: 1696804754326.jpeg (48.23 KB, 275x269, 1638461302396.jpeg)

Stealing this pic from >>185380 but you are definitely correct about her trauma being that she was ignored during her mom's cancer treatment

No. 309426

As someone who was there while the original posts were posted on the thread, no, none of her replies are cut. The only things cut were the things that anon said, which were mostly just telling her what Jill said.

No. 309435

Uma didn't change her mind about sharing the story, she didn't want to tell a random anon about a sexual experience she had as a kid. Can't blame her for that.

No. 309436

File: 1696819442606.jpg (178.08 KB, 500x1689, download.jpg)

They have the same body type and fuck ass tumblrina bangs kek

No. 309437

>>309436 bless you nonnie

No. 309439

Or you're just gullible.

Right? Anon could've blocked themselves out, not cut the convo apart and she might have replies anon purposely didn't add into the screenshot. This is why we say don't interfere with the cows. Anons have been caught manipulating milk before.

No. 309440

File: 1696823941561.jpeg (140.2 KB, 750x454, IMG_0526.jpeg)

I fucking despise this fat hack! kek

No. 309441

Samefagging, bumping because I didn’t mean to sage

No. 309442

Anon I know the person who originally talked to Uma outside the thread.

No. 309443

Can you have them send you the full story exchange then? Otherwise no1currs

No. 309444

So now none of you are on Uma's side anymore?

No. 309446

Her mom got cancer when she was around 13. Why write a whole wattpad fanfic before fact checking this easily verifiable information? It's super telling that this isn't mentioned in her DA journal around this time, and that she clearly hates her mom bringing up her cancer experience during her stupid cat tattoo vlog.

I now hate myself a little more for how much random garbage I know about this narcissistic munchie, but damn at least do the bare minimum to look this stuff up when you have years of her archived antics at your fingertips.

No. 309447

It’s probably a handful of newfags stinking up the thread. It’s painfully obvious Jillian is full of shit and in the wrong.
How can anyone believe a single word out of Jillian’s mouth especially accusatory ones? A diagnosed BPD liar that has been caught in several lies against some poor girl she led on a relationship and cried trauma when physical stuff came into play.
Does anyone remember mystery girl and as soon as she tried getting physical with Jill she dumped her and claimed not to be attracted to her and instantly jumped on Steven’s dick. She did this to Uma with Walker who was allegedly also abusive to Jillian yet he’s not getting the blame for her DID.

No. 309449

If fanart is gonna be made, at least put in more effort than MS paint tier square cropping + pasting onto images.

No. 309450

>Now I see why the user was put out to pasture
no it was because cowtipping is literally against the rules of this site. i don't get why some of yall are acting like it's now a big conspiracy theory when anon was clearly just snitching to Uma about what Jill is doing and acted fake-nice (although I think people here genuinely think what Jill is doing to her IS fucked up and some concern is warranted) to get a response from her. it ain't that deep

No. 309451

File: 1696839712488.gif (182 KB, 400x380, amityville.gif)

then make it yourself? or just scroll past it.
>Anons have been caught manipulating milk before.
Now you're in this thread? No one wants to spoonfeed you. Go read old threads before shitting up this thread about a pathological liar.

No. 309454

Exactly, it just didn't happen that way. Everything is a tinfoil from newfags

No. 309457

It’s funny that the way she claimed he was abusive was forcing her into the punk aesthetic and controlling her likes back when her narc brain was focused on how she is kawaii to the core and now that is just all forgotten. Just classic narc behaviour to act like the new thing is actually how things where all along none of the other stuff exists.

No. 309458

This is such an entitled take from her. Her parents weren’t all about her for a brief amount of time because her mom was literally trying not to die and this is how she behaves? Louise bends over backwards for her and always has, she is sick from chemo and can’t get your nuggies for a brief amount of time so she is abusive Jill? The way she behaves makes it so obvious nothing truly bad has ever happened to her.

No. 309459

I just noticed on Uma's post about the sleepover she mentions someone called Shelley, how come Jill never mentioned there was someone else in the room while he was supposedly being sa'd?

No. 309463

Now I wonder why she wants to be punk with jerrick or hypersexual with veronica if these things were so bad for her?

No. 309464

Because the whole idea of fake DID is to become the trauma, you don’t try to fix what the trauma fucked up, you just become the trauma and use it as a way to gather as much attention as possible, if you can weaponize whatever traumatized you, you’re the queen of DiD.

No. 309466

So does that mean anyone who is passionate about their job is autistic?

No. 309470

I was wondering the same, do we know who Shelley is?

No. 309472

it's honestly funny how jillybean without fail cries abuse whenever she is faced with rejection. remember she did this with colin too? i wonder how her story will change when steebie inevitably dumps her lard ass.

No. 309475

File: 1696880380737.png (1.11 MB, 1280x541, IMG_6306.png)

nta but it’s always a good day when i get to bully this bitch

No. 309477

Is this Jill lolol(hi cow)

No. 309478

Give her the poo bun and she’s ready

No. 309502

File: 1696920131485.jpeg (284.73 KB, 828x851, IMG_3946.jpeg)

I wonder why she’s suddenly embracing bpd after insisting her edgy tranny alter was the one who held the whole ass disorder.

No. 309503

is it in case the autism diagnosis falls through she'll go back to milking bpd?

No. 309506

Something must have happened between her and Steven and she probably realized the BPD ain't going anywhere. Also anons mentioned BPD in this thread so if course she remembered.

No. 309511

a masterpiece, you have my vote for the next threadpic. the bun would be nice also

No. 309514

File: 1696961015759.png (217.07 KB, 437x453, sofreference.png)

Hmm a very interesting and specific "like" this morning.

No. 309515

File: 1696966006238.jpeg (344.7 KB, 828x1023, IMG_3947.jpeg)

No. 309518

Oh boy this is extremely specific considering her bestie is her BPD "favorite person" which entails cycles of love and hate. Must be fun for the girl. Since when did she humiliate her anyway? Jill humiliates herself online all day every day, nobody else is needed

No. 309519

Sof getting clearly caught posting here is humiliation enough.

No. 309520

Samefag, I just realised this is (possibly) even worse, it might be a reference to Uma since they were described as best friends in the screenshots anon linked upthread >>309407
and afaik she hasn't mentioned any other issues with teenage girls except her failure to launch lesbian arc

No. 309521

she is breadcrumbing bringing the uma discourse back. I literally cannot with jillian.

No. 309522

Not to powerlevel but I was diagnosed with DID a decade ago and this is the first time I want to get mad online about it. Who does this cunt think she is? That's not how it WORKS(blog)

No. 309524

OK please share how you went about getting such diagnosis? What kinda trauma are we talking here? And what kind of treatment?

No. 309527

Let's not encourage anons to share their actual trauma because the stuff people post here and on /ot is harrowing, we can safely assume it's worse than "brief failed lesbian arc when I was 12"

No. 309528

How'd you even find pixie? She's not even on the first page when searching DID unless you specify her.

No. 309530

How high was she when she wrote this

No. 309531

Just what KIND of trauma.

No. 309533

nta but usually comes from EXTREME child abuse or sex trafficking. Also it has to happen repeatedly before the age of 5/6. So use your imagination

No. 309534

Are you really wondering how someone with a DID diagnosis might end up a very online weeb

No. 309536

File: 1696987772541.jpg (133.11 KB, 1080x1920, G83TMG0H.jpg)

I don't think they're suggesting they just found this thread now (powerlevel being a lolcow/kiwifarms term and them saging) but that those particular tweets pissed them off.
slightly related story post I saw earlier from unrelated youtuber mykie, DID fakers are probably quaking in their boots at this suggestion a normal part of trauma is (temporarily or permanently) regressing to the age the trauma happened, and that temporarily changing your personality while upset is a normal thing and not because you are now your cartoon child alter

No. 309542

I don't get how this is a positive thing, she's going back and altering her memories so people are calling her pixie instead of Jill? She has no idea how healing and recovery works

No. 309545

so what she's saying is her memories are wrong because she keeps inserting and changing them to her current day narrative, and she thinks that's a positive thing

No. 309547

This is an anonymous forum, she could literally make up anything

No. 309548

I've had a tinfoil for a while that angel bby counsellor tried to do some internal family systems therapy with Jill and she completely misinterpreted it as him saying she had DID. He was too inexperienced to rein her back in and now we've got this shitshow to watch.

No. 309549

doubt it, Jill went in prepared with all the personalties she had made up, with accents to speak in for them etc specifically to get a DID diagnosis. She asked/milked for it since the second she walked in.

No. 309552

File: 1697025444810.jpg (138.83 KB, 756x874, literallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…)

Already looking for a new diagnose?
(Also that comment, like literally talking about you dumbass!).

You do not have DID.

No. 309553

>"the list goes on"
as if jill can name a single condition not popular on tiktok, that's where her "education" on it all is from

No. 309554

BPD is not popular because most of these people have it and took being a munchie as their BPD personality/identity kek

No. 309555

OT but why is everyone talking about him being trapped with her for years as if divorce isn't a thing?

No. 309557

Wouldn't Wellbutrin make her mood swings worse with BPD?

No. 309558

This just sounds like BPD to me. Hard to explain right now but that's exactly what I've read about BPD tantrums. Only thing is you don't regress in the ageplay "I'm baby" way these idiots think. You just use a coping mechanism that you learnt in childhood. These people are so dumb

No. 309559

I think what she's doing is absolutely wrong and will not aid in any kind of recovery. Jillian is plainly manipulating memories to her own liking.
She has zero self awareness it's incredible

No. 309560

As if she'll ever let Steven divorce her. That's why he's not going to settle down with her. He clearly wannts to be a pervert with other girls.

No. 309561

He wants to be a pervert with other men and trannies. Women are last resort or playthings at best, unfortunately.

No. 309562

I think everyone is just fair game, otherwise why does he still have Maggie's appartment keys and tells Sof to ageplay at their house lmao.

No. 309563

>when you keep collecting them.
I don’t think that’s how it works. So Jillibean is basically saying that she’s planning to play pokementally ill in order to be the sickest person in the world? Because it really seems to be just that.

No. 309566

She's so close to realizing that she's doing this for the attention of trends and yet she doesn't seem to understand at all, like, how did she write this with a straight face?

No. 309568

Well trends do have a cycle, and there will always be people who have no real identity and need to latch on to whatever is trendy at the moment. Just like teenagers used to do on tumblr with bipolar disorder/self-harm/depression/anorexia, except teenagers can often be excused because they are young and dumb and aren't adults who malinger and throw tantrums on the Internet while their mom pays their rent. Also it's funny she wants to exclude factitious disorder, because yeah, people aren't going to want to fake shit like that, or NPD/HPD/being a sociopath, because it doesn't really get you precious victim points.

No. 309570

Do you remember in where/when that video was discussed?

No. 309572

>Why does everyone think I'm faking DID
Because it's an extremely rare disorder even among people with extreme childhood trauma, and you have fuck all trauma from that time Jill.

No. 309573

The counsellor was around well before she paid for the DID "testing" though, he referred her to the service shortly before he jumped ship iirc

No. 309575

File: 1697046898459.jpg (146.17 KB, 720x1332, Screenshot_20231011-185259.jpg)

So according to Jill she can't trust herself to self diagnose DID, but she can self diagnose autism?

No. 309577

>"I didn't self diagnose"
>"I personally would never have gone public with it before being officialy diagnosed"
going public about disorders she doesn't have is her entire personality,
she's been larping as an autism spokesperson for months without being diagnosed (and she isn't even actually diagnosed with DID, she still just thinks she is from the diagnostic impression)
God why is she's such a liar

No. 309578

i i don't understand how anyone can have any kind of meaningful relationship with someone like jill. she's so far up her own ass. imagine hanging out with her. would you get to talk about anything your interested, or your life or something you have going on? or would it just be jill talking over you and making everything about her. i honestly don't know how she has friends.

No. 309579

>I am a man and I am a baby

No. 309580

Ok, now this, this is wrong. It’s just so easy to go out and read about a disorder/condition and just identify with some aspects, this boring blank piece of paper has such a lack of personality that she just goes “omg literally me!” After reading whatever symptoms or characteristics there are.

No. 309581

Yeah almost everyone can read things about disorders and identify with some aspects because all of it is human behaviour, that's why you need a professional to diagnose you. I hate this "self-diagnosing is valid!" shit.
Weird she says she had a strong hunch when in her video talking about being diagnosed she said she was shocked and totally didn't expect it.

No. 309582

Isn’t the whole point of DID is not being aware of having multiple personalities? Like people are supposed to tell her Jillian why were you wearing a cancer beanie the other day and obsessed with doing taxes? In a video she even tried to claim she woke up with children’s toys and coloring books and didn’t remember ever getting them.
Is she now gonna come out and say she was co-con the whole time?

No. 309583

Thank you for the effort of summarizing it out nonna, I'll look into it some more!

No. 309584

Bet she forgets situations a lot with the weed consumption and substitutes in her own version of events to suit whatever narrative she’s angling for that month. That’s probably why she goes through different friend groups, she probably forgets and makes shit up. Wonder if she talks to people individually making shit up and then they get together and they’re like “but jill said you did/said/thought this” only to find out she’s full of shit and just causing drama because she’s bored and can’t not be the center of attention.

No. 309588

it's funny because BPD is the unpopular one, and its the one she doesnt talk about. people also dont talk about schizophrenia (not as cute as DID i guess) or sociopathy or even, hell, substance abuse disorder. If it's not trendy, she pretends not to have it. not saying she is schizophrenic or a sociopath, but we don't see people LARPing as that shit, really.

No. 309597

File: 1697069699601.jpeg (482.41 KB, 828x1427, IMG_3956.jpeg)

She added more and I’m not surprised the adhd alien girl has bpd.

No. 309598

Manifesting her claiming NPD soon

No. 309602

File: 1697072623677.jpeg (250.53 KB, 828x837, IMG_3959.jpeg)

What the hell is she trying to describe

No. 309603

Where's the video, bitch? She can't follow through on her word to save her life. Must be too busy huffing spray cheese from a can and completely high off her ass.

No. 309606

File: 1697076863521.gif (1.44 MB, 498x373, C988110D-51ED-400D-8A2D-7D0893…)

I guess she’s trying to pretend that her DID is actually being a problem and that it totally affects her life. Aka: she’s doing too much weed which is probably interfering with whatever drug she’s taking to keep her weed and tiktok fried brain focused for more than 5 seconds and now she thinks she’s “switching” slowly and not like a cartoon character sneezing to change from one personality to another.

No. 309611

She never said she had BPD? I hate that they're mutuals, though

No. 309612

I like how suddenly Jill is low energy and super switchy when she has to upload a video. I thought all of her alters were sweetie angel folks and she fully achieved functional multiplicity?

No. 309613

the screenshot doesn’t show their full conversation, adhd alien girl was diagnosed with bpd this week.

No. 309614

File: 1697089502144.jpg (140.61 KB, 720x990, 44.jpg)

No. 309617

October patreon live stream link:

Summary on the way

No. 309619

File: 1697097209409.jpeg (472.04 KB, 828x1159, IMG_3961.jpeg)

This exchange is hilarious. “Jill do you have any recommendations for bpd treatment?” Absolute radio silence kek

No. 309620

we all know her self-medicated "treatment" is just weed, all day long

No. 309621

File: 1697097522004.png (2.93 MB, 1692x1080, halloween 2023.png)

Looking like a 50 year old nurse who's only ever worked nightshift.
0:00 Finally has her 'gallery wall' set up & figured out that streaming in the afternoon is better for her fans. Piano has also been moved to her room from the lounge.
2:55 - stimming and acting high "I do think Sunny is here - it's me plus a dash of something"
4:00 - Talking precure about adult precure & regular precure
6:05- Hasn't stopped fucking with her camera and lighting. I imagine she can see how haggard she looks without those tiktok filters working overtime on her face.
6:46- sof was over recently which might tie into >>309514
8:26 - stevie thanks giving and barking
9:30 - back to precure and talking about her designed chat emoji
16:13 - Monster Zero is beverage of choice
21:00 -Thanksgiving talk: forgot to buy stuffing and "Stevie was like that HAD to be a DID thing cuz you would never"
25:00 Jennifer the giant peep finally got a wash after stinking really bad so add that to the list of things the cats have pissed on
25:27: Playing DnD with friends at her house
28:50: Loves hosting parties at her house and hosting a halloween party this year with Halloween trivia(?)

32:02: talks about her mystery period hunger cramps - full week prior to menses and wellbrutin giving her hot flashes. Her friend was diagnosed with PMDD so possible PMDD dx coming up.

36:50: still having issues with her set-up and youtube streaming chat
42:00: room tour
52:00: more talk about emoji designs as she's hoping to do 10 more
1:12:30: Nothing but precure, youtube emojis & being told by her fans not to push herself. Very glassy eyes and a bit manic but nothing of real interest. I guess she's in her low period before ramping up again for Christmas-New years BPD panic

No. 309622

what if jill had a mock funeral for her alters when she kills them off and lays in a casket and makes everyone come and participate.

No. 309623

Jill acting like she has made any progress or effort with her BPD is so disingenuous especially to someone who is actually doing something about it. All Jill has done is decide oh it doesn’t make me a bad person I’m an angel and she takes no accountability. Jill you are right it’s not a you are evil forever brand however you actually are a bad person and you will be as long as you stay in denial and continue your behaviour never changing. Like her advice is just don’t believe you are bad or to blame for anything.

No. 309624

Wellbubu, weed all day, her diet and monster her innards must be screaming. Maybe you have a stomach ache for a reason that isn’t pmdd Jill.

No. 309630

Do they not get that the issue is that they and others like them make their whole personality about the disorders they totally have? Like Jill specifically keeps acting like she's an expert on autism when she never even fully said she self-diagnosed it (just that she suspects it). Do they genuinely not see how gross that is?

No. 309631

Again self inserting herself and her so scawwy AFRID shit into random people's posts

No. 309632

I really hope she stays away from Jillian for her own sake.

No. 309633

Please I need this kek
She just wants to be the authority on everything like she tried to be the authority on lolita and jfashion despite always proving to know jack shit in any regard.

No. 309634

File: 1697109708947.jpeg (20.48 KB, 293x302, IMG_6339.jpeg)

> 25:00 Jennifer the giant peep finally got a wash after stinking really bad so add that to the list of things the cats have pissed on
>28:50: Loves hosting parties at her house and hosting a halloween party this year with Halloween trivia(?)

i cannot imagine any fucking scenario in which a mentally-sound person would willing go to a cat piss-infested rainbow-coloured backroom level this BPD stoner narcissist dares to call a house and play halloween trivia next to screeching twitter-brained spastics who’s personalities consist of mental illness and queer kink.

hell. literal hell.

No. 309638

File: 1697119377972.jpg (139.73 KB, 720x934, 0108.jpg)

No. 309644


Why is she not taking her cats to the vet? Like peeing on things outside the litter box could be emotional thing or it could be something more severe like a urinary obstruction. Like her cats can literally die if she doesn't get them seen.

No. 309646

>>309644 She only sees her cats as accessories for her wannabe kaweewee persona, I wouldn't doubt they're barely taken care of if she's not demanding Steebie to do the work. Notice how she always goes on about them being cute little clouds but you never see her brushing them or trimming their claws or any sort of pet care.

No. 309648

Seriously, that’s so concerning. Anyone know if her cats have a running water fountain? A LOT of cats get kidney disease and urinary tract issues because of chronic lack of hydration because cats don’t like to drink still water. This kind of behavior is very indicative of a health problem, she needs to get it checked out ASAP.

No. 309651

Honestly having anxiety over going to parties and wanting to sleep early isn't the craziest thing (I'd may even say, it's normal) but… Do her friends really like going to her house that much? The way she over shares about the smell, dirt, stains and piss make the place feel so uninviting, decor is subjective but are they really having parties while the smell of cat piss surrounds the air?

No. 309655

>me and my boyfriend
Is she referring to stevie here? I thought he didn't like being called male because "nb/trans"

No. 309656

nonna, i specifically remember a tweet about her therapist introducing her to ifs before the did saga. can't find it now, but everyone in the thread knew that this was her gateway to did as she had been obsessed with it for a while and was looking for an excuse to larp.

No. 309657

Isn't it pretty normal to have the option to stay overnight if you need to if someone's having a party, not everyone will be able to travel home so it's good to have that as an emergency option which it sounds like it isn't with her/her friends. sounds like both her and her friends are like "gtfo" by 10pm which suggests they are not really chilling and enjoying each other's company. imo 11pm-midnight is a better time to leave too if it's just a hangout/party and you're not going anywhere else after, 10pm makes more sense for an organised dinner party with set meal times and stuff. 2am is fine if it's a weekend and you're drinking and etc. She has never really had a normal social life.
I was thinking this too like even if she cleans the place is still gonna stink of weed and alcohol, could be a lot worse if she (or stevie) doesn't clean

No. 309658

Good catch actually

No. 309660

Why does Jill act like an expert in mental health online? She's openly admitted to taking hours to make the decision to stand, barely leaves her house and has a chronic weed addiction.

No. 309661

Because Jill has a long history of acting like an authority on things she has little experience/actual knowledge on. This dates back to her Lolita days, where she threw a hissy fit and left when she was critiqued on her coords. She tried to do this with drag too even though she had only done a couple shows and did nothing to participate in the community aside from her other friends doing local shows. And now we are seeing she’s trying to do it with DID, as seen by her trying to take dissociadid spot when she got cancelled and also trying to cozy up to PSF. But as we all know she’s full of shit and just wants to be the Big Figurehead (tm) so she gets praised endless and is seemingly free of criticism

No. 309663

>Isn't it pretty normal to have the option to stay overnight if you need to if someone's having a party
Not always no, depends if you have space, the type of couple, and the culture too even, not everyone is that nice anyway

No. 309666

“I was very ARFID until I learned to cook”
So like, every other white kid who grew up eating crappy boring food and poorly prepared vegetables and then later had to learn how to cook anything good.

No. 309668

Don't wanna dig for it, but her wording was along the lines of "that's why he always seemed so warm".

No. 309669

File: 1697145557731.jpg (111.54 KB, 720x643, X.jpg)

Can Jill go one day without trying to do weird one-ups?
I want to know who she got sponsored by.
Thank you, I can barely listen especially when she throws in her baby talk. So no talk about doing a Halloween drag? Pretty sure Sof is doing one but wouldn't surprise me if it's at that drop in centre and Jill does go but doesn't announce it for her "safety". I am so sick of Jill pushing that narrative.
If they want to stay in Jill's weird orbit, they will go. E-fame crumb is apparently worth it to them I guess.

No. 309674

She has the chronic stoner butthole eyes, a la Shayna

No. 309675

she can't even check her voicemail? weird shit. i have anxiety and i only avoid voicemail if i know what the voicemail is, but shes making her partner listen to them? what is he, her unpaid secretary?

No. 309676

It also screams future domestic abuse claims against Stevie-rina for controlling behaviours.

No. 309678

Recap anon here: No mention of her costume, costumes for her LARP gang, anything drag or cosplay related at all. Alot of pumpky-patch talk in baby tones I don't want anyone else to be subjected to.
Everyone in the chat was discussing the emojis and giving Jill ideas about what else to do for the designs and that really was the bulk of the conversations.

No. 309679

File: 1697165549726.png (452.71 KB, 1200x675, IMG_0106.png)

Holy fuck she’s looking ROUGH
He’s her nurse, caregiver, personal chef, editor and secretary kek

No. 309683

Jill is using her DID and autism larp to get stebie and her mom to do things for her. I'd be shocked if Stevie doesn't wipe her ass at this point.

No. 309684

co-consciousness is something these people can "develop" (aka they talk to the different parts of themselves in their heads and remember everything instead of blacking out and only remembering the parts that corelate with the identity out at the time, those people are really close to getting to the truth and realizing they're delusional but don't want to change and are the worst for weaponizing their did) but they're steadfast in believing every "identity" is its own person instead of a regular person who can contend with having multiple fascets to their personality like internal systems theory is all about. jillian wouldn't be able to so quickly accept that everything is in her head without some form of psychological break if she actually was under the DID delusion. she shouldn't think that she's sometimes a baby or a man because the whole point is that she's disassociated from her body. she should think she's a person who shares the body with others and she isn't the body herself. it's a slip the way she said it, someone with the disorder would speak more like "isn't it cool my body is sometimes me, a baby, or a man?". it's subtle but it means a world of difference for the delusional person with did(armchairing; we already know she's faking)

No. 309690

Do you guys think steebie has caretaker fetish?

No. 309691

Samefag but if anyone wants to add onto this pic that would be awesome

No. 309692

I think he's an age player attracted to Jill's loli larp but he became overwhelmed as her neediness and dependency grew beyond fun sexy bedroom rp into the lazy, fat, stinky sloppiness we see today. This is common in DDLG relationships, they call it caregiver burnout.

No. 309704

File: 1697218446760.jpg (149.87 KB, 720x1418, 3301.jpg)

No. 309705

File: 1697218581646.jpg (77.96 KB, 720x498, 2924_X.jpg)

No. 309706

> juicy vulnerable video
> :D
The porn rot is real, why would she phrase it like this? Fucking vile. Does she not realise she’s commodifying an issue that for actual sufferers is debilitating and life ruining? This reads like something Shayna would post under her gross pedo porn
> daddy takes advantage of his juicy vulnerable baby
Objectification of female suffering knows no bounds apparently, and Jill is here for it (so long as she can keep her clothes on). Her and other terminally online prostitutes need to pull their heads out of their asses.(autism)

No. 309707

Wtf? Just wtf, this just screams stupid ass LARP

No. 309708

>she’s commodifying an issue that for actual sufferers is debilitating and life ruining
>daddy takes advantage of his juicy vulnerable baby

That is not what is happening at all in that post at all. What is wrong with you?

No. 309709

Come on, this can’t be serious. I can’t imagine having a debilitating disorder and thinking “oh yeah, I’m like a magical girl” KEK imagine.
>be Jillian
>switch from a fat woman to old man
>magical girl transformation sequence where:
>she loses her hair
>puts on a cancer patient beanie
>frumpy ass clothes appear on her
>magical talking calculator
>a stack of paper that says “taxes”

No. 309710


No. 309711

I think they meant that the title of her video reads akin to a porn title and
>daddy takes advantage of his juicy vulnerable baby
is just an example of what kind of title they mean.

No. 309712

she doesn’t even start reacting to her pictures until almost 7 mins into the video, how does she have any fans that sit through her mumbling about how she isn’t demonizing her past self and a million other disclaimers

No. 309713

you need to get yourself checked if you see juicy and immediately assume it's a porn whistle. what the hell are you talking about.

No. 309714

They didn't even post the title of the video and that's weird to go off on some tangent about porn and pedos.

No. 309715

Sounds like you should get some psychiatric help, you fucking retard(infighting)

No. 309716

I mean putting juicy and vulnerable in the same description does sound really weird and predatory even if she's saying it about herself (nta)

No. 309717

File: 1697223405792.jpeg (648.4 KB, 828x1696, IMG_6233.jpeg)

You can tell she’s never had to endure any hardships let alone go through something traumatic the way she’s bitching about something so redundant.
How she turns this into a half hour long video is beyond me

No. 309718

Oh wow poor girl, she favoured an inconvenient makeup style for a while thus did her makeup far less often, very suffering much pain

No. 309722

if you read juicy and your brain immediately goes to porn that's 100% on you.

No. 309727


I think anon meant it comes off in the same exploitative click baity way porn titles come off as. Like, "juicy trauma"? Come on, no one normal is going to title a video explaining their very serious mental health crisis like that, but a grifter looking to make a quick buck before Halloween would. Jill has the same "everything must make me money and get me attention" mentality an OF whore like Shayna does. But I suppose that's just a side effect of this social media age we're in.

No. 309730

She literally thinks having trauma = magical girl it's insane

No. 309731

I am on the fucking floor. We've really got some true Jill gems in this video. Glad she recognizes that that was fucking embarrassing, but her excuses for why she was trying soooOoo hard to rebrand herself are just as embarrassing. The amnesia mention at 8:13 interests me though, especially because she compares herself to her 80 year old grandmother and proceeds to not elaborate. Dementia arc kek. Weren't some nonnies just discussing upthread or in a previous thread her amnesia claims that she suddenly stopped talking about?

No. 309733

So she couldn't recognize herself because she "was doing drag" like once or twice? She put herself in that makeup willingly, is she not going to do drag anymore?

No. 309734

anon literally called it porn rot, stop defending this degenerate thought process. hearing someone describe something as "juicy" and immediately jumping to porn is embarrassing and you and anon need to go outside or some shit

No. 309735

Jill didn't even insinuate anything remotely close to what anon said. Anon is adding so much extra non-existent context just because they want their post to get attention. Nothing about this came off as pedoesque or porny. Anon wasn't trying to make a comparison. They actually thought they had something to contribute.

No. 309737

>>309735 no literally, anon is the dude this creepy psa targets (sage for going off topic briefly) that's audio of kids playing and laughing and the narrator asking "What do you hear? If you hear a little girl having an org/sm we will do everything we can to put you in jail." Like there was no fucking correlation if that's the first thing they think of, they need their hard drive checked asap.(you can use words here)

No. 309739

It's wild how far DID larpers will go to convince people a mental illness caused by extreme trauma is quirky.

No. 309745

watched the whole thing and its just Jill cringing at her white nose contour because jill and "villainy" where taking over her everyday look while praising one of her crazy ass drag looks because "veronica" made it pretty. It's like she's a bit more self aware about seeming insane and cringe but then she just blames it on alters.

No. 309746

File: 1697237032340.jpeg (397.47 KB, 1241x1723, A1A4EECF-8A6E-477E-B63E-66CDA5…)

Sorry for the worst screenshot ever but did this get missed? Not Jill telling a victim of an ongoing war that they have to educate her

No. 309747

Considering she follows a ton of drag queens online and the way they're being labeled as mentally ill pedos, I'm surprised she made a whole video conflating drag with mental illness. It's actually pretty problematic and I wouldn't be shocked if someone called her out for that.

No. 309749

File: 1697238008536.jpeg (208.65 KB, 1169x1266, IMG_9089.jpeg)

I was curious to see the replies and honestly I'll give her this one, good on her for not doubling down like usual

No. 309750

This is just her attempt of getting other YouTubers to stop including her in faking mental illness videos.

No. 309753

Of course she instantly deleted this. I don't understand her compulsive need to involve herself in conversations she's way too stupid to participate in. And always with the same catty tone as if she was commenting on youtuber drama.

People are dying, Jill!

No. 309754

This honestly sounds as if she attempted to larp as a farmer kek Still giving herself too much slack for her utter dogshit makeup and style choices. My favourite quote;
>I hate this! I hate my face!
Finally some self-awareness, lmao

No. 309757

Not to radfem-sperg but I believe her when she says she didn't recognize her face after putting make-up like this on all the time. Usually this kind of full-face look addiction leads to self-image issues. Women and girls who hate themselves get absolutely hooked on paintimg their whole face every day and can't go out without it, sometimes even hating having to look in the mirror at themselves without everything on. Bleak.

No. 309773

i personally think this is an attempt at her killing off alters. she already conveniently lost jax and jarrod – veronica hasn't been seen in months that old dude made 2 appearances in the last 2 years. also her saying that she no longer post on tiktok (which was where her main DID frineds are). i think this is the beginning of the end lads!

No. 309774

File: 1697263453093.jpeg (384.61 KB, 828x872, IMG_3977.jpeg)

You’re giving her too much credit nonette. It’s depressing how anyone could have any sort understanding in her bullshit grift. She’s basically pretending to be sick for attention, sympathy, and not having to be a responsible adult. She did the ugly makeup because she thought it looked good at the time and got her attention. Also wasn’t this during clowngate? That time she got cancelled for being racist for wearing her shitty clown makeup?
Everything she’s doing now will probably end up in a tee hee hee I’m mentally ill video in the future.
I doubt this is the end though. I’m pretty sure she’d rather double on the DID/autism Uma “trauma” then call it quits with the larp. She alienated her audience and the only retards that watch her on board with all her bullshit.

No. 309776

I noticed she's been using the four leaf cover emoji a lot recently. It's in almost every recent tweet, the same way the partly cloudy emoji was before she announced Amber.

Sage for speculation, but I'm predicting a kawaii new green alter to replace Jerrick/Jax in the conveniently color coded DID rainbow. Maybe a "fusion" of the two.

No. 309779

Is Jill seriously trying to get involved in discussions about the fucking Israel Palestine conflict? Why does she feel the need to butt into conversations she doesn't understand at all?
Tbh I think Jill will kill off all of her "alters" and leave Flora and Berry, aka the nice soft angel sweetie folk alters. She'll probably introduce more child alters too.

No. 309780

File: 1697271370282.jpeg (727.69 KB, 2014x1045, IMG_2901.jpeg)

No. 309781

File: 1697272838808.jpeg (234.77 KB, 828x1126, IMG_3980.jpeg)

Jerrick is not dead unfortunately

No. 309782

File: 1697272911396.jpeg (245.76 KB, 828x919, IMG_3978.jpeg)

No. 309783

of course. how silly of me to be surprised. steebie and jill are just in the IQ range to have a favorable opinion of vaush.

No. 309784

this is actually a pretty good point. how she said 'i am a man, i am a baby' like it is her, herself. good catch.

No. 309785

she pretends to be so wholesome and pure and then openly says she loves a pedo/zoophile. I don't get it

No. 309787

also isn’t her twitter profile pic a selfie of her in “drag”? like if it’s so cringey/traumatic to her, why doesn’t she change it? she’s always consistent in the fact she hamfists so much of her daily tasks into diagnostic criteria but her underlying personality and characteristics will always call out her basic, histrionic behavior.

No. 309790

Not only is this a cosplay wig and not a daily wear wig but also cosplay wigs come intentionally long so you can cut/style them to look like whatever character you're dressing up as. How does she not know this after over a decade of cosplay?

No. 309791

Well maybe SHE knows but does Jerricka? Check mate

No. 309794

That's the bare minimum, she should stop getting into twitter arguments PERIOD specially if they don't concern her and she has zero knowledge in the matter, she's a jackass.

No. 309795

I would usually agree with this but I feel like her situation is more nuanced considering her alter larp, she never had to go this hard with the larp but there you go. She should had stayed a quirky girl who does cutesy inoffensive hauls instead of larping as a mentally ill drag queen
I think so too. I wonder, is she getting tired of this? Will it be done by next year? If so, maybe the larp didn't last as long because it didn't give her the attention she wanted. Maybe. I hope she hides all her larping vids and rebrands into whatever she used to do. The internet does not forget though.

No. 309796

Summary anon please I beg come and do the summary please
>watched the whole thing and its just Jill cringing at her white nose contour
Bruh. Sorry I have no comment. Why did she make this stupid ass video, then?

No. 309797

File: 1697290871010.png (55.67 KB, 879x320, braindead.png)

She only deleted this one, not the other two.

No. 309798

File: 1697290975850.png (51.53 KB, 886x268, immature.png)

She only deletes when someone notices her tweets. Both of these got zero interaction,

No. 309799

Wow Jill really hates brown and black people.(racebait)

No. 309800

We have been trying to predict when she is going she is going to quit the DID larp ever since she started, saying either "soon" or "by this time next year" or the like just for her to just pretend something mundane that happened the week before was trauma so she can create a new alter based on whatever show or movie she just watched, she is not going to stop this grift for another long while. Perhaps mellow it out a bit when she finally buys herself the fancy sparkling autism diagnosis she's been shopping for because she is going to put even more effort into being all totes autismo and attempt even harder to become a spokesperson, leaving less time to pretend to be ten different people (she has been struggling with keeping up with all her OCs ever since she started claiming autism). The only time I think she is going to give up the DID larp is if she finds another attention-catching diagnosis she wants that will require time and effort so she'll have to pick and choose which mental illness/developmental disorder larp she wants to keep.

No. 309802

Why is she morally policing someone on something she has no idea about? She IS braindead holy shit

No. 309803

Vaush is so fucking gross holy shit. First she supports H3 then Hassan and now pedophile horse cock loving Vaush? No wonder she doesn’t fucking shower.

No. 309804

guessing it's because Ethan called her out and she's on an h3 kick

No. 309805

So just because she follows Ethan Klein she thinks she can police others?

No. 309808

Well, no. she thinks she can police others because she's a white woman. she just picks her target based on who her fav is picking on.

No. 309812

I'm betting she will say she thought she had DID because her autism made a special interest to have DID or some bullshit excuse like that. I shouldn't even say this, I feel like I'm giving her ideas.

No. 309813

Honestly I'm getting this vibe too. She did say something like "autistic people are more disociative by nature" or something

No. 309814

Samefag, I bet she'll say something like "my autism made me get imaginary friends" or something

No. 309815

This video is just an example of Jillian needing to pathologize everyting in her life. It's completely normal to try new things with your personal style and then look back and cringe or think it's ugly. She also feels the need to say over and over how she respects drag makeup and how it's just about her because she knows the people who follow her are also whiny and will bitch at her for the most insignificant things like she always does on Twitter.
I really don't get why she admits to liking these men, they are all awful, gross and would be considered ~super problematic~ in the Internet spheres and communities she is in.

No. 309817

File: 1697304856610.jpeg (388.14 KB, 828x1054, IMG_3983.jpeg)

No. 309818

is she mad ppl skip ads on her vids or

No. 309819

>Have you ever watched television? Because they play commercials there so you can watch the shows for free

Bitch what? Does this idiot not know you PAY for television channels?

No. 309821

File: 1697308567957.png (101.31 KB, 898x551, onion.png)

She's sticking her nose into everyone's business lately. Crazy crossover.

No. 309822

Another manic phase that will lead to her attracting negative attention and end up creating a new alter. I gotta say, she has a very… unique way of being self-destructive, because there is no way she is butting into other's business lately and expecting to get out unscathed considering how thin-skinned she is.

No. 309823

The only crossover I want is Jillian giving advice to the Queen for her DiD.

No. 309824

Cable TV has ads and no one owes her anything, like, imagine feeling so defensive about people having an adblocker on her videos about DID larping and other retarded "mental illness content" yuck

No. 309825

Holy fuck look at all these drama cows together. Also she needs to stop attaching herself to every conversation, what a fucking drama whore.
>Another manic phase that will lead to her attracting negative attention and end up creating a new alter.
Basically. She has this pattern of fucking up and then making a fuss, saying she's traumatized from Twitter conversations and then creating an alter.

No. 309827

I agree. She's what, 25? anyone who is the slightest bit self aware wouldn't be larping the tiktok version of DID past the age of 18. People don't realize how serious this is because she's young, they see a young woman playing around before she grows up, but the problem is this is not something you grow out of. She has serious mental issues, but unfortunely for her they have nothing to do with autism or alters

No. 309828

How kind. She made the next thread pic for us already, kek.

No. 309836

I feel like almost all of her problems in this video come from weight gain and using your face/body as a brand. I think "not recognizing yourself" is somewhat common for anyone who has gone through large weight gain/loss.

No. 309841

It's on my list for today so keep an eye out for a summary

No. 309851

I use Sponsorblock and Adblock when I skim through Jill’s retarded videos for milk. Kek

No. 309857

Doesn’t she tell people to watch her videos/streams when they call her out on her BS? The lack of self awareness is insane

No. 309859

AYRT I see, that's more in line with the Jilly we all know and loathe kek

No. 309860

>Sponsored by care/of supplements
>Chooses metabolism as one of the options to focus on
She's really trying to chase a magic pill to solve her weight issues instead of working on her food habits. Sad.
Yup. My favorite was her response to the McLean presentation by telling Matthew and co to watch her videos to prove she was totes diagnosed. It's funny to watch her get pissy when someone says the same thing to her. She truly lives in a delusional world. Rules for thee, not for me

No. 309861

File: 1697341089866.png (569.87 KB, 782x450, junk4.png)

Summary time!
TL:DR: Video is her talking negative about her previous looks and reaping enormous arsepats in the comment sections about how brave and stunning she is to be SO open and honest.
0:08: Post edit mention of Jerrick & Jill fronting. I guess this will be her new way of reminding people of her larp and justifying poorly recorded sections when she greens out.
0:30: had this idea swirling around her head for two days and feels like she has a lot to say. I guess Steevie has been busy doing over time and Jill hasn't been able to talk at him.
0:44: weird camera cut. The first of many. Her body language is that of a teenager who got caught lying and is trying to justify why they lied. Her face is just showing that dupers delight smile while the eyes are like the Big Shaybowskis glassy & brown (sorry, hazel.)
1:43: dupers delight about her trauma and she's trying so hard to come across like you're regular girl next door.
2:00: using a lot of mental recovery terminology but we all know she's just going through the motions and not putting anything into practice.
2:34: Identity crisis with her job and her life, trying out new concepts of her self and struggling with how she wants to present. Points to the anons who guess this was a weight issue.
She also doesn't even look straight into the camera for so much of this talk. It's just disingenuous at best.
3:32: SPONSOR TIME: Vitamins and protein from a monthly subscription service. I guess your body positive claim of not using any sponsor that promotes weight loss or other dietary aids is null and void now that Jilly-hogg needs them and doesn't want to pay for them. She's taking a multivitamin, Rhodiola (good for anxiety & sleep) & Chromium with apple extract (Called the Metabolizer & helps with sugar cravings). No known interacts with Welbrutin & Rhodioal but any herbal medication should be used with caution with pharmaceuticals and recommended to consult a pharmacist.
P.S She looks like Gypsy-rose with her glasses & chain on.

6:38: Talking about her face shape and it seems to have dawned on her that her weight gain & lifestyle (diet-style) had effected her face shape more than she chose to acknowledge so that's why she was looking ~round. I personally think she's beginning to think about how she can do a deep clean of these looks off the internet.
9:05: "In the mirror and see like a an old man - I'm not kidding" Jill that's Cliffe - he's here to do your quarterly statement.
12:03: Will probably try to do a couple of drag gigs a year & wants to perform in something she's made. I guess that means she's realistic with how long the 'outfits' take to make.
16:08: Most of her personal commentary is how the colours are too bright and it would of been better in pastel tones. Also blaming the tik-tok filters and her camera for why some of the videos show her skin texture like porridge.
16:46: Jer & JAX lore - apparently wearing all those bright colours helped them heal too.
18:00: more laughing at her tik-toks that were clap-backs. I guess that's her way of excusing her behaviour if all the videos are of her reacting to comments people made as being done when she was the most menty-wenty illy-willy-jilly-bean.
22:04: "I feel a lot more secure in my role as a part of this whole" Rubbing her chest-heart indicating herself as the system.
23:30: Pure ass-patting.
23:44: Oh my god I've been filming for 50 minutes.
Last minutes are off patreon names.

50 minutes? And this was the cut down version? Jesus take the wheel.

No. 309862

She’s never had to pay for that kind of stuff in her life

I can’t even picture her sitting down and paying bills

No. 309866

Eventually DID will fall out of fashion and, seeing as these people are the types that can never admit to anything, they’ll find a way to weasel their way out without admitting any fault. Instead of admitting to having a cringey phase, it’ll be “acktually it turns out I have schizophrenia/autism/bpd with dissociative symptoms.” And they’ll take that chance to phase out the use of their “alters” while continuing to receive special treatment for their new hip mental illness. Rinse, repeat.


No. 309868

tinfoil: she only responded this way because the other person had a pfp with black people in it. she can be racist but not TOO racist or else people might actually notice it.(racebait tinfoiling)

No. 309870

File: 1697356162535.jpg (76.96 KB, 720x844, Screenshot_20231014-234711.jpg)

Jill must be getting desperate for money if she's going this hard on ad blockers

No. 309871

File: 1697356751757.jpg (83.67 KB, 720x974, Screenshot_20231015-085351.jpg)

Samefag, Jesus she was on one yesterday

No. 309872

File: 1697357118706.jpeg (37.44 KB, 272x185, IMG_1504.jpeg)

>"In the mirror and see like a an old man - I'm not kidding" Jill that's Cliffe - he's here to do your quarterly statement.
Thanks for the summary anon.
This is so extremely funny to me, she has no idea how privileged she is. It's little things like this that show how she's been supported and coddled her whole life, and as the other anon said has likely never paid her own bills. Or maybe it's just dissociative amnesia from Cliffe taking over.

No. 309873

File: 1697358496742.jpeg (573.84 KB, 750x883, IMG_0690.jpeg)

I think I figured out why this tard has been butting into literally every random person’s business lately, she made a corny viral tweet and is likely riding that high trying to get more followers and people coming to her YouTube channel. She’s desperate. Especially since she’s sperging about Adblock too

No. 309875

I mean she's not wrong, I'll give her that much this time.

No. 309878

It's just software.

No. 309879

Instead its just a debated underage cybergirl that has screeds of sexualized images, figures and animations of her online some even used in official ads for things like cars and is used in majority by males to serve males.

No. 309880

Genuinely the most disgusting, off-putting pic she could have chosen to advertise herself, it feels oddly threatening as well like that triggers fight or flight in me. Gross.

No. 309883

Pretty telling that she thinks the only reason why someone would regret a cringy tattoo would be because the subject got cancelled. People grow and change, Jillian. Sometimes old interests become cringy in hindsight. You don't need massive life-altering twauma to lose interest in something, you just need to be a normal grown adult.

No. 309885

great shes on a twitard high so shes on a retarded corporate defending spree because she thought she could make more money off this

No. 309889

File: 1697385842440.jpg (67.4 KB, 720x708, Screenshot_20231015-085719.jpg)

>you will go to therapy and apologize
Lmao what a fucking narc

No. 309891

Kek what false advertising. "Design stuff" when? Her last video was reacting to cringe picture. Her recent videos have 15k views average, nobody wants to watch her bogus larp.

No. 309892

>You will go to therapy

You first. I'm not the one who's "mentally ill."

No. 309895

That doesn't change what she said because it's software. I can agree with her, it won't hurt you, nonna.

No. 309896

>>309889 this cunt needs to get a hobby ffs go outside and take a walk, your obese meat suit is begging for it

No. 309899

I would regret hers if I had them, they are just not well done which is crazy when you consider she has the money. She is just so lazy she went to whoever was nearby regardless of skill level/whether they did the style she wanted.

No. 309906

Why is she having a moralfagging power trip right now? I wish she stayed a dumb girl who makes hauls instead of this obese atrocity.

No. 309908

She barely produced a semi coherent thought and now she's plugging herself? Whatever. Can't wait to see the Hatsune Miku tattoo then, I'm actually curious. Is she regretting the ones she has already? why did she never get the strawberry tattoo?

No. 309909

File: 1697399682264.jpg (137.25 KB, 1280x720, Reacting to Pics From When I L…)

Honestly, as stupid as this video is, she does look a bit better than before, she doesn't look tired and unhinged as back then but still acts like a narc and the video cringing at herself was unnecessary. I hope Jillian snaps out of this shit, gets actual therapy for her narcissism and bpd, and keeps realizing how retarded this all is.

No. 309911

I think it'd be funniest if her ugly drag looks were replaced with stuff from her larps. Maybe the seizure tiktok and "sexy plaything" from the Veronica video?

No. 309914

Her whole brand is about being mentally ill… what has crawled inside of her brain lately where she’s arguing left and right with randoms? What happened to being a ~ sweetie ~? No alter sign off emoji? All jill? Or a new special alter no one must know about? She has like three accounts but is using her cure pixie acc to argue… isn’t that like sunny and flora’s acc? At least use your 2edgy4u autistic bpd green alter account jill, come on. The LARP is cracking.

No. 309919

You are so right anon she's not being the "good person" and sweetheart that she always says she is isn't she. I also don't understand why she's arguing fro her "alters" accounts? Probably because she's too chickenshit to use the main one lol. Flora and Sunny would disapprove.

No. 309920

File: 1697406396063.jpg (222.67 KB, 720x1842, 7.jpg)

No. 309921

the youtube stream was uploaded(learn2embed)

No. 309924

Me, and probably any random person in this thread has likely gone to more therapy sessions than this spoiled womanchild has in her entire life. its extra funny, because one of the reasons she doesn't like therapy is because they have to be honest with her and call her out on her bullshit.

No. 309936

File: 1697416585491.jpeg (132.46 KB, 1170x1050, IMG_9459.jpeg)

Damn someone’s gonna have to recap or post a rip or something

No. 309941

Probably no recap unless someone shares a rip or until she gets more channel members. There's only 8 channel members so no crowd to hide in.

No. 309943

>why did she never get the strawberry tattoo?
Was that the one from her "design me a tattoo" contest?