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File: 1718840484167.jpeg (1.95 MB, 960x1798, IMG_0919.jpeg)

No. 328662

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and compartmentalizes every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of money for.
She eagerly accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression with a "Congrats on the DID Diagnosis" celebratory cake, but struggles to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

>Current relevant info:

>loves the idea of toying with the idea of having multiple mental illnesses; her main target is currently DID due to a diagnostic impression, and claims up to 9 alters right now with very shaky substance as to her alters' creation and the origin of her trauma which caused the DID; despite this, she has taken root in the DID community and has been involved or tried to insert herself into DID-related videos as an "expert" despite carrying the diagnostic impression for at least a year or more now
>is still extremely thin-skinned; has history of deleting comments critical to her and has preached getting along with people while also blasting critics and concern in a very rude and passive-aggressive manner; has gotten into pissfights online as of late with users that have spoken out of concern for her or wanting to help or talk in some degree
>her sexuality has been a sliding scale, from pansexual to queer to lesbian to back to currently pansexual (and nonbinary due to alters); current partner is Steven Clarke, who has enabled her delusions and has racked up his own questionable reputation; has a long history of drama with relationships, claiming abuse to some degree in most of them
>formerly had a fashion brand called Five Petal Flower before graduating from her college fashion class, but seems to be no longer active if not just slowly dying; has also gotten into drag with a persona known as Villany Swells; has cancelled two drag gigs so far and claims an online person is stalking her due to a publically-filmed video of a drag show being linked in a previous
>has a shaky history of substance misuse regarding her meds; now takes in various degrees of alcohol and weed leading to possible clashes in medication or mental/physical state
>privated her personal twitter due to bullying
>once again heavily filtering/editing pictures
>her friend sof got engaged
>says she is trying to launch fivepetalflower
>currently making a falulu cosplay


>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 14-16 year old emo trans guy. "He mentioned feeling 17." Was labeled as being a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". A mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Looks like Mr. Bruce. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. Jillian called her “hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". A protector that likes yellow. Basically just Flora, but hyper.
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also a protector that likes yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

Last thread: >>>/w/322787

Last Thread Summary:
> Jill says she's healed from her BPD. Possible new alter.
> Sews a dress out of thrifted curtains in one weekend.
> Makes a pride flag that shows "my queerness is directly tied to my dissociative condition".
> Shoots a blog while visiting PEI and planned to have a photoshoot with Louise for her 6th Anniversary of being with Steve.
> Jill wears her curtain dress and Steve looks semi-decent for the photoshoot. While taking pictures Steve proposes and includes the alters. Jill's reaction doesn't seem to be genuinely surprised despite being proposed to by her boyfriend of 6 years.
> Jill says she's surprised and says she was lucky to catch her proposal on video despite Steve asked for her ring size one month before. She had been badgering him about getting engaged since March and is jealous of Sof's engagement.
> Jill picked out the ring and customized it herself. She plans to flim an engagement Q & A with Steve. They're planning to do a 2 year engagement. Jill wants to design her dress and do all the wedding planning herself. She's excited to plan weddings together with Sof.

Social Media & Other Links:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA/featured
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/villainyswells/ (used to be @pixieespam)
Twitter (Main): https://twitter.com/pixieeelocks/
Twitter #2 (“Jerrick” alter): https://twitter.com/villainyswells
Twitter #3 - Now Private (“Sweetie” alters, previously @xcherrybombica): https://twitter.com/pixie_petals
Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@multipetalpixie
Second Current Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocks
(Past) TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieelocksCosplay
(Past) Second Tiktok for her alters: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixieeesystem
Facebook Page #1: https://www.facebook.com/pixielockss/
Facebook Page #2: https://facebook.com/cosplaypixie/
Threads: https://www.threads.net/@pixieelocks
Moonmist Girls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moonmistgirls/
Moonmist Girls Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/moonmistgirls/
Old Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/xhellodecemberx/journal/
Old Blog: http://pixie-locks.blogspot.com
Drag Facebook page: https://facebook.com/pixieandvillainy/

No. 328663

No. 328664

Outdated meet the alters, here's the current one. Didn't include the one teased with the red bracelet since it wasn't "officially" announced yet.

>Pixie: The collective name of all the alters, but is also used interchangeably with the name Jillian. Is a "genderfluid they/them".

>Jillian: Rainbow emoji. 25, but "age slides" from 4-25. This is actually just herself, but she herself is both an alter and the host. Desperately wants to have autism.
>Jerrick: Snake emoji. 17, formerly 14-16. Emo trans guy. Used to be a co-host. Conveniently holds all her BPD traits. Entire personality is being angry and liking green. Like all the alters, is into drag.
>Veronica: Doing nails emoji, formerly flame emoji. 21 year old horny alter. She is a “protector of sexual trauma”. Says she had to become a "fuckable plaything" because she was “raped for months”. Was going to be intersex, but Jill didn't want to deal with the backlash and decided against it.
>Berry: Strawberry emoji. 4-6 year old. Talks and acts like a baby. Is always “co-fronting” in some way. Had her name previously withheld for “safety reasons”. Is for some reason triggered out by positive things like holidays and presents and is "trauma-free".
>Cliffe: Sprout emoji, formerly club emoji. 35 year old old man. Her "homosexual assistant". Combo of her dad, sweetie angel therapist, and Ian Bruce. Formerly a mix between her dad and Sasha Velour. Somehow too old for social media, but responsible enough to come out when she does taxes.
>Flora: Cherry blossom emoji. 18 year old fictive. Used to be a fragment, but became a full alter. She is supposed to be Cure Flora and all the pink PreCures. She is a blonde, sweet lolita.
>Jax: Test tube emoji. 19 year old “character salad” that speaks and types with a Brooklyn accent. She's a fictive of Harley Quinn (Batman), Jinx (Arcane), and Spinel (Steven Universe). Apparently was born from watching Arcane while having major trauma. “Hypersexual”.
>Sandwich: Sandwich emoji. Cat alter. Represents how lost she felt moving to a new city. Not much else is currently known about it.
>Amanda: Not much has been said about her. Note that Jillian’s middle name is actually Amanda.
>Ramona: An alter that was only announced after she fused with Jillian. After doing so, Jillian suddenly wanted to start playing the piano again.
>Sunny: Shooting star emoji. 14. Another PreCure fictive for all the yellow ones. She's "energetic" and positive in a way that's "crazy". Basically just Flora, but hyper. Can't "mask".
>Amber: Partly cloudy emoji. "20?" Formerly 25. She's edgy and has freckles. Also yellow. Formed at the same time as Sunny in response to the McLean video drama. Supposed to look the most normal.

No. 328667

File: 1718849767290.jpeg (981.75 KB, 1125x1274, IMG_2292.jpeg)

Happy Juneteenth from the spoiled Canadian girl who hates ya’ll and is only replying so her ass don’t get cancelled.

No. 328668

>She’s gonna try hard to not turn her YT channel into a wedding channel.
Tinfoiling, but I think they plan this to revive Jillian channel. I work in an Influencer marketing agency and everyone knows that there are two drastic things that can bring back any dead channel and that is a wedding or a child. Wedding and expecting content are always a success if you are already somewhat known.
>At 24:50 she reveals for 6 weeks she thought she was asexual.
I've heard from a lot of girls who thought the same while in bad sex long relationships, so they definitely have a cold bed(sage your shit)

No. 328670

Does Piggylocks even know why Juneteenth is a holiday in the US? Or does she think it's a thing like Pride month?

No. 328671

File: 1718860645515.png (279.38 KB, 720x629, vv.png)

Views on video

No. 328672

File: 1718860817230.png (677.82 KB, 720x1163, soy.png)

And Jill asking on community post for questions for the upcoming Q&A video. Ofc it's this pic she chose.

No. 328673

I wonder if Jill I'd going to do some dramatic switching on her wedding day or age regress.

No. 328674

File: 1718868735823.jpeg (536.76 KB, 828x1337, IMG_5124.jpeg)

When did the whole Kermit miss piggy thing start? She used to dress Steven like a faggot in bright pink clothes and bleach blond hair and now he’s supposed to be edgy despite only wearing mismatching blacks and having a raggedy mullet.
Another tinfoil but I think she changed his style to match the trendy my melody Kuromi style or Marceline and Princess bubblegum or whatever black and pink bullshit ship aesthetic people like Jill eat up.

No. 328677

She has been alluding to it for a while now, she posts Kermit and Miss Piggy stuff on Twitter occasionally. My tinfoil is that Ms Piggy is herself and Kermit is Jerrick going on color scheme alone.

No. 328678

Kek not the obligatory fake ass "ally" post

No. 328679

So tempted to leave some sneaky questions in there but I will contain myself.

No. 328685

File: 1718875094523.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1242x1862, IMG_0930.jpeg)

From Louise's Facebook.

No. 328686

File: 1718875143248.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2688, IMG_0931.png)

From Steven's Facebook.

No. 328687

I’m still not over how ugly this dress is. The bra sneaking out. I can’t believe she took these pictures styled like that. Also Steve looks like a lesbian.

No. 328690

lol, possible nitpick but is his septum normal? it sticks out like half an inch???

No. 328692

One of the arguments I'm seeing for the engagement not being planned is that Jill is a vlogger. But Jill has done many photoshoots with her mom and Steven and those don't get uploaded, just the final product is posted on Twitter.
I wish we could give Jill the benefit of the doubt but even her reaction to seeing Steve on one knee looks planned. Over the top and stiff. like she's trying to get it perfect in one take but is still nervous.

No. 328693

why are her eyes so open lol it looks so creepy
how jill has fallen… you just know that if this wedding was happening at her prime, she wouldn't even bat an eye at buying this topper and importing kawiwi vintage napkins from japan or something. she must be seething inside

No. 328697

>Steve looks like a lesbian
Don't say that, kek he wishes

No. 328698

Woof. She looks so rough. The ratty hair. The cheap nails. Skin looking like she hasn't slept or drank water for a full year. Looking this haggard in your 20s is fucking bleak.

No. 328699

This looks like a teen slow dance stock photo, not a couple who just got engaged. His hand looks so stiff and just there to be there.

No. 328700

She NEEDS to lose weight. She looks fucking horrible. You can't have your bra showing in your goddamn proposal pics. My god, she is gonna regret these pics one day.

No. 328702

I could say "she doesn't look that bad" but compare her with any picture of herself with her exes and it's so noticable

No. 328709

[Replying to older comment]
Yea well her bpd is getting worse because that's just what happens in the late 20s if you have bpd
She is so far up her "healing from bpd" that she isn't even covering it anymore. I bet she genuinely thinks she is getting better but she is just getting more and more insane

No. 328710

File: 1718904034039.jpeg (80.24 KB, 960x490, IMG_2298.jpeg)

Jill and Steve are them.

No. 328711

Oh fuck you're right
The prophecy as foretold

No. 328712

Lmao, of course he posts on his Facebook the picture that doesn't show off her doughy toddler fat body. His septum ring is disgusting and looks like nasal drip.

No. 328715

I know troons have a tendency to skinwalk their partners but is the septum part of skinwalking jill or Maggie? Or is it an extension of Jill’s bpd trying to make her partner look how she wants him to? The septum ring just looks awful… maybe he just has poor taste.

No. 328716

Starting to see why Momma Vessey took these from a distance now, that nose ring, whew.
Why do his hands look so grubby, doesn't he work in a shop?
I think his black aesthetic is simply because he's a grimy moid who bathes twice a week and changes his clothes even less, so you can't see the grime.

No. 328717

>maybe he just has poor taste.
This we know for certain
I wrote a long paragraph (but the thread was locked so I couldn't post) listing all the reasons why this is obviously planned and I included that same observation, she normally doesn't film her photoshoots with mom. She filmed all of this. Imo another strong point is she made a dress, dyed and cut her hair, and lost weight in the time before it, as well as the ring being to her exact specifications.
New piercings are oversize, hence why it is hanging out so much.

No. 328719

kek holy shit you're right, steven wears glasses too right?

No. 328720

Two cows staring at each other's metal boogers.

No. 328723

These pictures fucking suck. Jillian looks absolutely dreadful and genuinely retarded. Stevie looks like a poor lesbian in Goodwill clothing. Louise is not a good photographer- anyone could have done these pics better with a fucking iPhone. These do not look like two adults getting engaged, ready to start a life together. I don't know what the fuck this shit is but it's truly pathetic and absolutely tasteless and classless.

No. 328724

So Shayna-core! Fat, unwashed, BPD out the ass with a tranny faggot live-in maid to boot

No. 328725

The dress isn't that offensive to me but the cheap beaded jewelry… Why.
I also get a strong vibe she planned everything. I don't think planning a surprise proposal is that difficult. Pick a location, tell your photographer to go hide in the bushes, and you're good. I wonder if Steve is just incredibly lazy because he doesn't actually want to get married or Jill just insisted on having total creative control over the whole thing.

No. 328726

Agreed. The dress is the most obvious thing and anons even called when she began making it that it was for a desired proposal.

No. 328727

File: 1718917857448.jpg (305.4 KB, 1024x1024, 1000003770.jpg)

>>328720(AI fanart retardation)

No. 328728

>Yea well her bpd is getting worse because that's just what happens in the late 20s if you have bpd
Only if you don't take care of it and keep acting like a womanchild, people with BPD who actually take accountability and go to therapy have better remission chances the older they get. Jillian has never put in the effort and prefers to larp "mental health" and "healing journey" type of shit so she's never getting better, getting married will actually make it worse. Can't wait for the eventual divorce tbh

No. 328729

>He looks like a lesbian
That's an insult to lesbians, Steven is a gross creepy scrote

No. 328730

File: 1718918367675.gif (3.33 MB, 520x293, 1718668876343.gif)

>I wrote a long paragraph (but the thread was locked so I couldn't post) listing all the reasons why this is obviously planned and I included that same observation
You need to post it itt now nonna

No. 328731

Kek how can they be zoomers (and Jillian is an influencer too) and then look like the most pathetic white trash millennialcore couple ever?
Her bra shows so fucking much in this pic, how is she not embarrazzed

No. 328732

Jillian doesn't even have big enough boobs to use ugly saggy granny bras like this one. She should had worn something strapless.
It's funny how she thinks she "ate" with this proposal and can't shut up about it and probably thinks she 1 upped Sof and yet this is some of the trashiest outfits she has ever worn, all the pictures look so ugly and undesirable and embarassing. The septum piercings are gross as fuck. She really thought she was doing something here by wearing her own handmade dress but trust me no one wants that atrocity on their bodies. Only decent part is the skirt. A younger Jillian with less weed in her system would had at least done an effort. I also firmly believe she planned it, just look at this fucking gif >>328730 that ugly smirk in her face is all I need to know.

No. 328733

how old is stevie, isnt he like 30 something? he gives me millennial vibes much more than jill does

No. 328734

One of the key details for me is that although she is a vlogger, there's so much shit she doesn't usually vlog. Most dates with Steven only get like a small picture posted on her twitter and that's it. Why did she film it all? Why was Steven there? Why was her mom there? Nonsense. She knew. Idk to what extent the plan was hers or not but she definitely knew some shit in advance.

No. 328735

>anons even called when she began making it that it was for a desired proposal.

to be fair, anons have been saying this about anything Jill has done in the past two + years

No. 328736

File: 1718921943616.jpeg (205.23 KB, 1170x1372, 78392718-E5DB-44EF-9637-322A57…)

She tries to play it off like “oh I just happened to get it on film” and by saying she wished she did different nails and if she had known she would have changed them. However, I think she’s just covering her ass because she must have realized how shit they look in the pictures and this excuse perfectly fits in with her spontaneous~ narrative. In the youtube video in the second half where she mentions this I thought it couldn’t be so bad but wow, looking at that pic from steven’s facebook is brutal. I feel like the signs were super obvious regardless but jill absolutely was pulling strings behind the scenes because she is dripping with smugness.

No. 328737

Dude I have bpd myself
We all know she won't ever fucking take care of it
Can't wait until her possy eventually leaves her. They gotta… Right? Is this just my last bit of hope talking?(no1curr about your BPD)

No. 328738

Jillian "long nails trigger my autism sensory issues" vessey

No. 328740

File: 1718928523948.png (334.59 KB, 660x346, IMG_0111.png)

Ok here’s a better pic of them.

No. 328741


I'm pretty sure Steebie is only a year or 2 older than her.

No. 328743

File: 1718930348188.png (469.12 KB, 720x924, jill.png)

No. 328744

Nta but anon be logical about this, Jill's "posse" (if you can even call it that…) are a bunch of virtue-signaling it/fae online slacktivists. Jill can never grow the fuck up, because if she admits she's wrong she'll be dropped like a hot potato. She also has virtue-signaling it/fae online slacktivists to cater to for her youtube "career". Her entire friend group and online career is incredibly unstable because there is no real authenticity among her audience and friends, they'd fully wipe their hands of her after canceling her.
Jill's entire life she set up for herself is a ticking time bomb. She can either woman-up and drop the act and go offline and get a real job and grow… or she can spiral further into identity politics and continue using false identities as a crutch, shield, and money maker. The first one would suck for her lolcow followers but the latter scenario would only serve to torment her further. And we all know she isn't capable of the former.

No. 328745

Kekkk a masterpiece

No. 328749

I seriously don’t understand how she doesn’t have traction alopecia from having her hair up like that 24/7. She lets it down to bleach it and do one ‘’look how healthy my hair is!!” post a year and that’s it

No. 328750

Oh my god this is gold nona

No. 328751

KEK these are amazing

No. 328753

File: 1718944679040.png (957.35 KB, 720x1392, IMG_20240620_223641.png)

Her nails look so fucking gross and trashy also very fucking funny because she said the same about having a fringe and look at her now

No. 328754

Nonnas will say she didn’t plan the engagement meanwhile the girl who never wears fake nails manages to get some Shayna tier press ons for her engagement? I have never seen this woman go out of her way to wear fake nails for a photoshoot (until this engagement) and they’re so out of character for her kawiwi shit yet confirms her sectetly normie white trash sense of taste.

No. 328755

the baloney talons and witch face make her look 55

No. 328756

File: 1718954842788.jpg (168.38 KB, 720x855, Screenshot_000419.jpg)

Wonder how many photos they took?
Holy shit, lol.
Jill forgetting her own lore is always funny.
She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen and god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen.

No. 328757

File: 1718954943535.jpg (952.89 KB, 1402x2048, media_GQiYwBoWQAA_5QU.jpg)

The photo itself

No. 328758

Very cheeky.

No. 328759

Jill is featured in this video about DID fakers. The creator has 38k followers.

No. 328761

>Jillian "long nails trigger my autism sensory issues" vessey
it always boggles my mind how autism fakers like her and mckenna say their autism gives them super bad autismo trigger meltdowns over something, and then they just post shit contradicting it all the time without a meltdown in sight - yet the actual fans just never catch up on it? I mean if you genuinely love Jill and take everything she says to heart you'd be aware of things like that so it should at the very least be confusing. Or are Jill's remaining fans 100% disorder fakers too?

No. 328762

well this is gonna ruin her engagement and make her invent a new alter from the trauma of having a youtube video made about her

No. 328763

>Nonnas will say she didn’t plan the engagement meanwhile the girl who never wears fake nails manages to get some Shayna tier press ons for her engagement?
This is what kills me kek. Why couldn't she just get a kawiwi design, she really had to go for the ugliest yet most plain white tips ever. The whole photo set is giving shaynacore, Steven included kek

No. 328764

>She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen and god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen.
Fucking kek
What does the video say? Laughing forever at the smug picture they chose for the thumbnail.

No. 328770

Because nonna didn't mention, Jill's part is at about 1:55:22
It's about the McLean drama kek

No. 328772

File: 1718971278509.jpeg (105.99 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2299.jpeg)

It’s basically a meme that women should have nice nails for engagement. Shame she didn’t dish out the money for a manicure since she had everything else planned out.
It’s because they are compulsive liars and can’t keep track of everything. Watch her use the press ons as an excuse.

No. 328775

This guy is reacting to the ABLAZE video on Jill, I made a summary of what he says about her for anyone who doesn't want to watch:
>calls Jill a "malingering freak retard" who doesn't have DID but some other mental illness
>someone in chat brings up her engagement to which the guy says "to who, one of her alters? who the fuck would want to marry that?"
>looks at her youtube profile pic and then the thumbnail for the engagement video, says "that's a bit deceptive" and "clearly the slim alter was fronting here" about her pfp
>agrees with ABLAZE that McLean had every right to use her public posts on social media
>notices Jill's BPD update video: "so apparently this person's got BPD, and I'm to believe everything they're claiming about medical issues? Yeah not so sure about that"
>says there's nothing wrong with the McLean doctor saying that Jill's behavior doesn't match up with his experiences with DID patients, calls her a "fucking bitch" and "retard"
>person in chat says "Why are you angry over neurodivergent women?", he responds "because I'm a misogynist and ableist"
>says Jill's response to backlash against the DID cake is a "cope" and that she obviously intended to celebrate the diagnosis since she got the cake in the first place and only changed her tune when people criticized her
>agrees with a chat message that says they can understand feeling relieved about a diagnosis because you finally have answers, but getting a cake is just too much
>calls this "leftoid shit" that's "absurd bullshit but you need to pander to it", but "we should just be able to go, no, you don't have DID" (also adds that we should be able to tell men that "you're not a woman" but "we're not getting into that right now")
>says there are a lot of issues within psychiatry/psychology because it's a "soft science" and you can probably "smuggle some bullshit" in there
>in the video Jill references the "congrats on the autism" cakes; says that's also "stupid" but then says he can maybe understand if you were "bothered" about the diagnosis and a friend got it for you as a joke to cheer you up, but with DID it's different since "it's a categorically worse thing to have" and getting the cake for yourself AND posting it on social media makes it worse
>in response to Jill's "I have a whole playlist of videos about my DID that the McLean doctor could have watched!", calls it the "Jordan Peterson argument" and that it's ridiculous to expect someone to watch a bunch of videos for "context" before you can criticize
>shouts "GOOD! GOOD!" when Jill mentions getting harassment
>compares Jill and other DID fakers to "MAGA retards" who film themselves having over-the-top fake reactions to vaccines; "the point is, if someone's faking some shit, it's totally legit that you would show evidence of what you're talking about"
>says that you could argue that the doctors could have censored the videos they used or only quoted/summarized them, but it's a "retarded" argument and the DID fakers would still complain because "you can't please these people"
>laughs at Jill claiming autism, "she's got the whole laundry list of issues"
>says the McLean doctor didn't even need to "couch his language" to try and be respectful and he should have just been blunt since "these freaks are just going to misrepresent you anyway"
TL;DR nothing super groundbreaking, he mostly just agrees with what ABLAZE says in his video and expresses the same sentiments that we do here about Jill but in a more scrotey and edgelord way.(sage your shit)

No. 328776

thanks for the summary, nona. you couldn't pay me to watch some react andy lmao unsurprising he has nothing of his own to add

No. 328777


>I wonder if Steve is just incredibly lazy because he doesn't actually want to get married or Jill just insisted on having total creative control over the whole thing


No. 328779

Steeb has the creativity of a slug, I've seen ants more creative than steeb. Like what was the last creative thing he did? I doubt he could even pick a color for the cake.
My prediction is that he will wear a full black suit, everything will be a bunch of mismatched blacks to keep the whole "edgy dating kawiwi" theme going on. Or he will wear a dress with Jillian to announce that he's trooning out.

No. 328780

Why did her mom not at least adjust the bra before taking the photo? Seems like lazy photography.

No. 328783

I'm not even trying to be mean here: I just don't think Stevie even is his "real self" just yet. He truly is the poster boy for "raised by regressive, sheltering, religious parents and is still ultimately under their control" vibes and hasn't yet come out of his shell. I am sorry for him that he still hasn't come to terms with his sexuality in his late 20s and still clinging to this lifestyle. Get this man away from fucking Fredericton and to Toronto or Montreal where he can really flourish and become his true self. It's fucking painful to see people like him stuck in bumfuck Fredericton. I'm sorry for tin-foiling with my head cannon but I truly do not believe what I see with him. His 30s are gonna be a wild ride, especially if he goes through with saddling himself to Jill.

No. 328784

he's a grown man with a career. if he wanted to grow on his own he would.

No. 328785

I know. But I really believe that this guy is gonna troon out and come to terms with his sexuality one day, and the trajectory he's currently on with Jill is a leftover from growing up as he apparently did. I've seen it all before, and will see it again.

No. 328786

> "to who, one of her alters? who the fuck would want to marry that?"
unironically making me root for Jill. Hope this scrote dies alone in his cum dungeon.

No. 328787

KEK. beautiful nonna. I know it's too early to choose the next thread pic but this needs to be in it.

Shame it's some retard scrote calling her out on the bs DID nonsense. Thank you for the recap though nonna!

No. 328788

No. 328789

i hate moids. from your summary (thank you for sparing me) he is clearly low iq as fuck parroting ragebait and adding nothing of value to this world ever.

No. 328790

>queer wedding
Honestly, I like the edginess. Being nice and playing nice with these people clearly does not work. They need to be told in no uncertain terms to grow the fuck up, that adults are not entertaining this, and to stop peddling bullshit everywhere.

No. 328791

>getting gay married
>Jill loves grand gestures of love and grand proposals
>calls herself a princess and lady
God I’m out.

No. 328792

Right? Idk what the anons in this thread are doing by saying they're rooting for Jill thanks to this guys edgelord takes. Who gives a shit if he's a mean moid, he's literally saying the same stuff verbatim that this thread does but god forbid cause he's got a dick. Moids suck but he's saying the quiet part out loud that this thread has been BEGGING someone to call her out for don't bite the fucking hand kek

No. 328793

No mention of actually WANTING to be married to Jillian, just that it's a "good time" to do it. Fucking sus response honestly.

No. 328794

Plus that self-call-out of him not leaning into her when she moves into him.

They both lurk here and it's so painfully obvious.

No. 328796

God Jill's ugly grandma dress
Is she becoming a flower grandma now? Is that her next stick?

No. 328797

Steebie also wants to take Jill’s last name. I’m getting Ian and Anisa vibes lmao.

No. 328798

summary pls

No. 328799

Jillian: "I I I I I I I me me me me me me me my my my my my day me me me me I'm TRYING to incorporate you"

Stevie: "I'm just super lazy. It's gonna look like I hate you."

Holy sweet mother of fuck is this video ever disturbing and revealing. His very essence is absolutely repelled by her. That is a GAY MAN and he is in trouble.

"I don't know any men"

No fucking duh you are a gay man trapped in mother fucking Fredricton, you poor guy. You poor sad son of a bitch. This is so beyond disturbing to watch. I hate these faggots.

No. 328800

no one said they're rooting for jill lmao i just don't care about what some moid has to say about someone else's content. if he made his own video and could say something other than "she's retarded" i would have no issue

No. 328801

the part where Jill shrieks about not getting asked to prom at 26 is so embarrassing. She's going to be in for a world of disappointment when she realizes getting married won't be the kawaii childhood dream her 8 year old self wanted.

No. 328802

She's gonna be disappointed when it doesn't fucking happen. We should get a bet going in here because I'd place big money on this not even happening.

No. 328803

Tbh I wish stevie was super into the wedding planning and had a specific aesthetic in mind just to see Jill's reaction.

No. 328804

A man that isn’t committed to planning and a woman who wants to plan everything is a red flag their marriage won’t last long

No. 328805

Yeah I would love that, but holy shit he is the most passive person I've ever seen. No wonder he's with Jill. He doesn't seem to have any zest for life at all, no desires or dreams or even interests. No sense of identity at all, to the point of planning to take her last name for fuck's sake. It's all starting to make sense.

No. 328806

I like how at 8:50 and onward she pretty much indirectly admitted that she had a BPD meltdown at Steebie for not proposing to her and he pretty much did just to get her to not have further meltdowns towards him. I do not buy for a second she “just told him” about her BPD flair ups and fear of abandonment issues this has been an ongoing thing 100%

No. 328807

The way he talks about how he's the garnish and she's the main meal when it comes to wedding planning/theme and Jill just CACKLES at it. Claims how much she loves that. She is so insanely overbearing. I've never fantasized about a wedding, so I really don't understand Jill or Bridezilla types, but she's extra insufferable about this.

No. 328808

This one is great, the anon who said Jill's mom is a bad photographer doesn't fully grasp what we're dealing with here, the fact she got so many nice photos with varied poses is a feat. kawaii bridgetroll and unwashed greasyhaired twink = actually some very nice photos, good work Vessey

No. 328809

>want the cats at their wedding
>also want real tulips

What could possibly go wrong

No. 328810

What a coincidence that Jill axed the 14 year old boy alter who was uncomfortable being stevie's girlfriend before the proposal lmao

No. 328812

I can see a midlife crisis as many moids do, but imo he has the personality of a wet rag, he's not being oppressed at his big age. He's not missing out on anything. The biggest lolcow closetcase is Jake Munro, he has a visceral hatred and disgust for women (extremely misogynist on stream) and is raging all day every day. Stevie is pretty content in his life, he just has no personality and genuinely finds Jill to be an interesting person. He would just be a different shade of boring in a different city/life. Tbf nothing about Jill's life is oppressive, this is really as good as it gets with Stevie. Some people are just boring people.

No. 328813

File: 1718993898597.png (517.08 KB, 720x1133, 864334578997555.png)

Corresponding tweets about video. She's acting like a middle schooler about all of this. I'm getting whiplash.

No. 328815

I didn't bother to watch the full video but skipped to that part and felt secondhand embarrassment at Steebie's response of being "suuuuper lazy" when Jill was talking about her BPD and fear of abandonment. This man is such a sad favorite person for Jill's BPD. He's awfully passive and can barely show her any affection. Like damn, are they even going to sleep in the same bed now, or is he going to keep on sleeping in the basement bed with his porn? Grim.

No. 328816

Wait, she killed Jerrick?? I thought she shipped herself with her.

No. 328818

damn she's making her own dress, get ready for fuckass frumpy craziness part 2

No. 328819

Was anyone rise gonna point out that the giant peep is ripped open and has stuffing spilling out of it?(sage your shit)

No. 328820

Jill's dress doesn't have a rip

No. 328821

She's tweeted about using that peep as a punching bag in the past, so I assume some bpd rage tantrums were had prior the engagement, funny thing to have in the background. It's the Jill version of a hole in the drywall.

No. 328822

It'd be really funny if Jill tried to rush her wedding to be before Sophia's. I don't feel bad for her twink, he could have dipped out years ago and gone to the city to live in a commune with other gay porn addicts. He seems content, and it'd probably be very easy for him to cheat on Jill since she's so self absorbed and focused on being the mentally illest bean on the block .

No. 328823

Kek that’s such a funny mental image, knowing she attacks the peep when she’s upset and actually did so enough that it fell apart.

No. 328824

She is literally so self amused every time she makes an unsuspecting pun or reference. Like she’ll realize and react like five year old being gifted a pony. Without fail. How can you even find yourself that funny, or even, so self masturbatory that you referenced yourself, god.

No. 328825

No. 328826

Didn't watch the video but
>Queer wedding
Being alt counts as queer now? Okay great

No. 328828

She means the peep plush in the background. For something she loved so much she really didn't take care of it at all. Like… Jeez Jillian don't you know how to sew? That's embarrassing to show in a video
I'm not even surprised anymore. Jillian has been saying this "I'm queer" shit forever even though she's nothing but a spicy straight and at this point I wonder if she only says it to get a reaction out of people. I can't even entertain it anymore, she's just pathetic.

No. 328829

Man she really can't contain her rage can she.
Hold your phone, did she???

No. 328830

File: 1719005042396.png (344.33 KB, 720x902, IMG_20240621_152230.png)

>He doesn't seem to have any zest for life at all, no desires or dreams or even interests
That's just perfect for her self obsessed narcissistic BPD rage ass

No. 328831

File: 1719005098811.mp4 (200.96 KB, 600x338, GQnB1RnXYAAoj3M.mp4)

Also posting the nitter link for those who need it:

No. 328832

She did not actually do this. He just doesn't show up often anymore, per her last alter vid with him in it.

No. 328833

File: 1719005694185.png (486.38 KB, 720x733, IMG_20240621_153123.png)

This is the future that awaits Steven kek. Also loving a "crafting queen" not mending her precious kawiwiuwu peeps plushie and leaving it in the background.

No. 328834

God how have her cats not choked and died on all that??

No. 328835

File: 1719006265930.png (391.94 KB, 720x716, IMG_20240621_154243.png)

She literally can't shut up about it. Brain rot. She isn't fucking queer. She's getting married to a fucking man.

No. 328836

Bets now nonnies, Bridezilla?

No. 328837

File: 1719008395081.jpeg (79.95 KB, 500x709, IMG_0946.jpeg)

She did the same thing when she was with Colin.

No. 328838

It's too early to assume she'll actually get married. She said she wants to wait until at least 2026 to get married. With how the engagement felt rushed and forced, I don't really think they're gonna end up tying the knot. Like other anons were saying she probably only got engaged because she was jealous of her friend and because she wanted more support from her mum.

No. 328839

Kek she really created a meme with this shit. It's funny she has only doubled down on this shit since then.

No. 328840

It’s so fucking retarded because they get questions like “as you’re both non binary what are you gonna do with husband/wife/spouse” and they have the most tepid HETEROsexual responses possible, answering almost a bit nervous until Jill adds in how Steven had no problem being called wife and that now he has HUSBANDS!!1!1!!! Also note the plural (11:06 she says men). Who aside from Cliffe could be the husband? Isn’t Jerrika 14? Phony questions with phony responses.
>my made up charactersona that I modeled off some bald gay drag queen and my dad and only shows up for tax season is now 100% legitimately your husband
>this is equated to a real gay relationship
How can you even spout this shit without bursting out laughing even if you’re in on it. No way is anyone fully believing this this is such a ride for the larp, she even goes into “I need to talk about my parts and my views on gender” to expand the fucking lore good grief.

No. 328841

i don't know much about colins but he doesnt look thrilled for a pic
pixie takes this rainbow shit too seriously because that doesnt mean shes queer. it means shes a fake.

No. 328842

File: 1719009497739.jpeg (933.48 KB, 1337x1125, IMG_2308.jpeg)

Suits get jewel tones and dresses get pastel. The dresses will be easy but suits in those colours are harder to find.

No. 328844

In the video, they discuss whether they will call each other husband/wife. They express discontentment with the title spouse and abysmally pretend to be comfortable with being called the opposite sex’ title. Meanwhile, they refer to Jill as the bride and Steve as the groom a little later… They also conform to the incredibly typical heterosexual stereotypes of the woman being proposed to and the man being apathetic to an event that is meaningful to their girlfriend. Finally, at one point Steve claims he doesn’t have a lot of “cishet” friends simply because he doesn’t know any men. It is interesting that he is implying cisgender and heterosexual = male, and that he apparently only has female friends who are probably non-binary or trans. Overall, they are so transparent and constantly contradict themselves. They don’t believe the nonsense they themselves are spewing but can’t admit it yet.

No. 328845

the straightest people always want to be queer so bad. It's annoying af . just enjoy being het

No. 328846

Next thread pic, please. kekk

No. 328848

The fact that Steeb "doesn't know" any men makes me think he's not gay, just a straight dude who gooned himself into psuedo-bisexuality. It wouldn't surprise me if he was the type to go after pre-T TIFs.

No. 328850

>my made up charactersona that I modeled off some bald gay drag queen and my dad and only shows up for tax season is now 100% legitimately your husband
>this is equated to a real gay relationship
I honestly feel like he might be into pegging and crossdressing therefore he thinks of himself as queer when he's just a porn addicted male.

No. 328851

Or his life is about to be fuckin flipped when he finally does meet some men. He has just gone from one regressive, sheltering situation to another.

No. 328852

Those don’t look like jewel tones, unless the right column is for something else, but I wouldn’t put it above her to be so bad at design that she’s asking her guests to wear bright primary red and green suits.

No. 328853

She def claimed they were for the suits but everyone is going to look like a fucking clown.

No. 328855

By their woke standards they're completely dismissing Sof's partner, I think she/he/they whatever identifies as male

No. 328857

>Suits get jewel tones and dresses get pastel. The dresses will be easy but suits in those colours are harder to find.
Holy shit that's fucking ugly

No. 328858

thanks, Jill

No. 328862

File: 1719018521535.png (141.52 KB, 2190x1142, ugly.png)

I compiled all the colours because the screen doesn't do it justice and by justice I mean how ugly it's going to be.
Dresses get pastel and suits get rainby

No. 328863

This is truly a pre-K & Wiggles type of color scheme it's so gaudy and juvenile.

No. 328865

Suits in those colors will probably look cheap and tacky, the pastels would be nicer for the suits with jewel tones for the gowns. It would also feed into their spicy straight subversion of gender tropes by putting the men in soft colors and the women in bold ensembles.

No. 328866

Idk usually uggos like Steeb enjoy having female friends for the easy validation because they are completely insecure around other males. Kinda like how ugly girls gravitate towards male friends cause of the covert orbiting which makes them uncharacteristically nicer.

No. 328867

No. 328868

kek all the pastel colors are her alters, she just wants to see everyone with a gown being versions of her OCs. she's so self-centered she needs to jillify every other woman in her presence.(sage your shit)

No. 328869

Either the relationship collapses before the two years if they try and hold off OR Jill gets jealous of soph and then attempts to speed run it for February next year resulting in the majority of it being brought for her for Christmas

No. 328870

I think he’s a repressed heavily closeted homosexual and that’s why he’s attracted to troons because of the false veneer of being straight as to not disappoint mommy and daddy. He grew up in religious fundie household and despite not agreeing with that lifestyle deep down he still wants to please his parents which is why his form of rebellion is being a spicy straight. Jillian is just his beard until the closet he’s hiding in eventually burns down.

No. 328871

>He grew up in religious fundie household
Everyone keeps saying this but aren't his parents just regular Anglicans? I never bought the religious trauma thing. He's a chronic liar and he makes mountains out of molehills. I doubt that he grew up in a fundamentalist household and I doubt that his parents mistreated him. He's obviously not a homosexual, he's just a loser failmale. He doesn't have any male friends because he's scared of other men because he's insecure about being a loser nerd, not because he's gay or something. I think Jill and Steven are both just really immature and sheltered and they don't know how to interact with the wider world because they're obsessed with themselves.

No. 328872

He brought up his fundie background in one of his shitty YouTube videos where he talks about his porn addiction.

No. 328873

Yeah but I don't trust him because he's a serial liar and loves to exaggerate everything. Steven is the type of guy that will say his parents bringing him to church every Sunday was some sort of abuse. Ofc he's gonna blame everyone else but himself when he's talking about his coom addiction. He's spineless. That's why it's so easy for Jill to walk all over him.

No. 328874

>Doesn’t like the term spouse
>Plans to call Stevie husband “if I’m talking to someone at the bank”
>Will call Stevie wife “if I’m talking to a cool hip youth who’s down with the LGBT”

So basically, she wants to be queer when it’s socially beneficial to her, but she doesn’t want to deal with any of the potential discrimination that comes with being in a same sex marriage. She’s really saying the quiet part out loud huh?

No. 328875

Exactly this, and you can see them both visibly cringe when they are called something other than their assigned genders too. I can't imagine having to keep up the NB larp…

No. 328877

File: 1719027809367.png (933.63 KB, 864x1506, 1000003632.png)

The girl Jill is cosplaying with just finished her cosplay and it looks amazing.
This is 100% going to be like when they did PreCure cosplay and Jill completely shat the bed when it came to quality and perfomance.

No. 328878

She made the entire thing? The middle rows look identical to the premade of this this that came out recently with the wired hems.

No. 328879

>Or his life is about to be fuckin flipped when he finally does meet some men.
This gay tinfoil anon is giving me fujo vibes, you know gay male relationships are just as good or bad as straight ones, main factor here being a man is involved. There will always be the same dynamic when a man and a dick is involved, you must not know the first thing about actual gay men because the top/bottom dynamic (whereby the bottom is the more feminine or submissive one, often younger or smaller or prettier) is prevalent, exactly the same as the straight top/bottom dynamic.
Maybe you're a gay man who desperately wants to top Stevie and the town you keep suggesting he move to is where you live kek. But really, he is not missing out on anything magical, every woman who has ever fucked a man can attest to that. It's also really regressive to suggest all bi men must "really" like men and are just pretending to like women. And all bi women must also "really" like men and are…you get it. The common denominator is the suggestion men are superior. Read the MTF and the porn addict thread on snow for a look into how superior men are kek. In summary, give it a rest anon.

No. 328880

Having such an uncommon set of colours for your back garden/town hall wedding, like does she expect the male bridal party to commission suits in these colours, not a single one of these you can buy off the rack. Suits are white, black, grey, very dark navy blue and very dark emerald green if you're lucky. Never seen suits in these colours, and even the pastels for the girls are very specific shades which are not well represented in off the rack clothing, particularly the green, blue and lilac shades. Pastels are usually a lot lighter than that for women's clothing.
I know it's only been a few days and these plans won't be perfect, but this colour scheme doesn't make me think she expects an actual wedding to happen. It's quite unreasonable to expect people to source suits and dresses in these shades, and most people would look terrible in these colours.

No. 328883

It's also funny how she's reinforcing the gender binary she hates so much by making everyone stick to a variation of clown colors

No. 328884

Those are the ugliest motherfucking rainbows I've ever seen in my life

No. 328885

God I would feel so embarrassed if my Christmas gift list was wedding related. She's a child.

No. 328886

>Plans to call Stevie husband “if I’m talking to someone at the bank”
>Will call Stevie wife “if I’m talking to a cool hip youth who’s down with the LGBT”
Ah so performative wokeness. Got it.

No. 328887

She did post progression pics on Twitter so I'm assuming she made it herself

No. 328888

It's funny to me because if I've learnt anything about weddings is that men barely put any effort in their attire, they don't give a fuck about the bride. Maybe, at most, her father and brother will comply with the guidelines. But I expect a bridezilla moment to happen and exclude anyone who doesn't dress exactly in those shades IF the wedding even happens at all.

No. 328891

Even her fans know she's onto some evil mastermind shit

No. 328892

She's such a generic girl at the end of the day and really wants to get married deep down.

No. 328893

Rainbow suits, pastel dresses, home made decor and according to Jill there will be some kind of star trek / star wars reference to I include Stevie… This wedding is going to look so bad.

No. 328895

didn’t a viewer buy her that peep plushie???

No. 328896

how i think the bullshit went down:

sofia surprises the group chat jill shows she’s happy but then goes on a fender

steve caves in on the abusive relationship hiding it’s fine, everything will be fine if he just does this

besides he already left everything behind, got stuck in frederiction and a codependent relationship that fucked over any future he could have had. frederiction has a shitty queer scene too so he couldn’t even escape- not like he could with jill’s claws

i suspect he apologizes and talks to sofia and co and they play it off as omg besties getting married at the same time.

anyway i give it a year before it falls apart, maybe hill has a drunk accident at the weddding and talks about how sofia used to be her skinwalker just to even the playing field(integrate)

No. 328900

File: 1719042823756.jpeg (860.08 KB, 1242x1051, IMG_0963.jpeg)

It was at least 99 dollars if you don't include shipping.

No. 328902

>Over 99 dollars
>Sent by a fan
>Trashed, broken, takes all her rage on it, can't bother to fix it even though she totally can
She really doesn't care about people does she

No. 328903

It's already so cringe. I'm sorry to repeat this but even if her style has always been trashy, some part of me still believes that her younger self with less weed and retardation in her brain would had done better. She's making it sound so millennialcore, god. No ounce of awareness, I hope her trashy wedding gets made fun of on the internet. And I hope Sof's wedding is better than this.

No. 328904

Perfect for a consoom obsessed retard like her
Part of me thinks if Steven had proposed months ago, she would had made it all about magical girls and precure but the fandom basically alienated her entirely. Now she's resorting to her second special interest: queer baiting, fake wokeness, and shitty rainbows that symbolize her mental illness larp.
Anyway, if I ever get married, I will use Jill's example as what not to ever do for a kawiwi wedding.

No. 328906

Oh you know when Sof's wedding happens, Jillian will make it all about herself and she'll be telling everyone about how magical her proposal was and how she's getting married too and what the theme of her wedding will be. And she'll be taking notes and pestering Sofia about this shit. Typical narc

No. 328907

File: 1719045218607.mp4 (18.25 MB, 1.MP4)

>1) For Stevie - What inspired you to pop the question? Timestamp 00:25
>2) Congrats to you both!! Question: since you and Stevie are nonbinary, how did you decide who would be the one proposing/getting proposed to? Are there any customizations you're planning to make your wedding more gender-affirming for you both? I'm getting gay married in a few months and I love hearing how other folks in the community have tackled the very cishet traditional parts of planning a wedding! Timestamp 01:30

No. 328908

File: 1719045335022.mp4 (18.44 MB, 2.MP4)

>3)words cannot express how happy I am for you! Yellowheartemoji I was wondering if you had any ideas for your dream wedding when you were younger and what they were? as someone who has struggled a lot with wanting to stay alive (lol) daydreaming of my wedding one day has always been a hope I didn't want to let go of and I've finally met the person I want to share that with :). even if you don't film the wedding, I would love to hear some of the wonderful ideas you have! love you guys and congratulations xxxx. Timestamp 00:00
>4)do you have any specific plans for accommodating neurodivergence with your wedding? Timestamp 01:23

No. 328909

File: 1719045427288.mp4 (18.36 MB, 3.MP4)

>5)Sorry this is a question in relation to plurality, but the other parts that are also (possibly) with Stevie, are they going to consider them their spouse as well or just partner? Also, since you're both nonbinary, are you guys going to call each other the standard marriage titles of wife and husband or just spouse? (I know Stevie called Pixie their wife, I just wanna be respectful lol). Timestamp 00:00

No. 328910

File: 1719045576014.mp4 (17.86 MB, 4.MP4)

>6)What words are you guys gonna use for married titles? husband/wife/partner? Also do you both plan on using Mrs., Mr., or Mx. Timestamp 00:00
>7)hehe I have a couple of questions!!! :_rainheart:
- will the kitties be involved in the wedding? :_ninicat::_stickycat:
- do yous plan on having flowers? real? faux? Iseeyouemoji
- how do yous plan to mix your style and stevies style together at the wedding! (Oliver and I had a hard time with that at the start of planning lol!):_mahou:
8)Which cat is gonna be the ring carrier at the wedding? Lol. Timestamp 02:23 Jill answers some of Sof's questions and number 8

No. 328911

File: 1719045656069.mp4 (18.16 MB, 5.MP4)

Continuing Sof's multiple questions timestamp 00:00 and Grinch gif pop-up at 01:38

No. 328912

File: 1719045758414.mp4 (17.79 MB, 6.MP4)

>9)Okay cracks knuckles Questions for the fiance Q&A
1. Does Stevie also have a ring ! will there be a proposal 2 electric boogaloo ?
2. How long was Stevie planning the proposal !! / When did u decide this would be a good time to get married ? ♥
3. How did everyone in the system feel about the proposal ! ♥
4. Do u have vague dreams about wedding theme ? aka colours or certain flowers that are really special to u guys !
5. Can stevie liveblog the mlp rewatch so I can track their favourite and least favourite ponies in real time ?
7. How did Mamalocks feel about The Scheming ?
7.5. Can I comeeee c'mon guyessss pleeeeeease I'm soooo small I'll go in olivers pocketttt /j
Okay thanks salute I hope I've been a useful information searcherrr. Timestamp 00:00

No. 328913

File: 1719045840130.mp4 (17.44 MB, 7.MP4)

>10)Any specific wedding traditions you are going to include / omit? Timestamp 00:00

No. 328914

File: 1719045920118.mp4 (18.25 MB, 8.MP4)

>11)for stevie what was the hardest part about planning the proposal? any tips you would give another person planning to propose? super excited for you guys i loved the engagement photos! hats off to pixies mom! Timestamp 00:00

No. 328915

File: 1719046246347.png (97.67 KB, 720x705, Jennifer.png)

I apologize about breaking up Sof's questions. Honestly didn't realize as I was tuning out what Steve and Jill were saying. Oh my god are they verbose. Found this while looking at comments.

No. 328916

Yeah, she gets to be completely heterosexual while co-opting pride and queer culture and getting “cred” by lying to the LGBT community. She seriously wants to pretend to “cool” people her age that she’s a lesbian with a wife, meanwhile she’s marrying a man, she’s been viscerally disgusted both times she attempted dating a woman, and has only ever enjoyed dating and being physical with men.
The whole fact that she’s going to go around pretending she’s in a lesbian marriage, with a man, after saying her first attempted lesbian relationship traumatized her when her girlfriend tried to make a move sexually, and then later got preoccupied again with rainbows and being gay and used a woman for clout and aesthetics only to ditch her and explain that she couldn’t bring herself to feel any actual attraction all over again, is laughable.

No. 328917

sorry if i'm retarded, but does she really expect every guest to dress like this? or just the maids of honor/whatever
kek this reminds me of what it looks like when little girls don't have a ken doll and will just grab whatever 'boy' toy they have to play the boy instead.
that's really sad and rude. but maybe that viewer already jumped the ship along with a lot of us at the begining of the DID saga.

No. 328919

As-if Jill would bother to wash and restuff a big plush like that. I'm still believing the one nona's comment without the Twitter screenshot about her beating it up when she gets mad lol

No. 328920

File: 1719052301351.gif (509.45 KB, 480x360, shin-chan-happiness.gif)

Jennifer looks cleaner but she probably does hit the stuffed animal in rage. I'd hate to be around Jill during one of her tantrums.

No. 328921

Tinfoiling there will be a pregnancy teaser/announcement at Sofs wedding and then a super quiet "false alarm/stress from planning my own super kawaii wedding" posts

No. 328922

Anyone else wondering if the marriage is like an ultimatum or something from Jill? I wonder what's going to happen afterwards. They seem like the types to do something weird after they get married. Once Jill feels like she's safely trapped him who knows what will happen. What if they start an open relationship so Stebbie can get other girls and Jill can use it to pretend to be into girls? There are seemingly endless possibilities.

No. 328923

> Anyone else wondering if the marriage is like an ultimatum or something from Jill?
I think so too. She probably got embarrassed we were roasting her ass for getting her hopes up last anniversary. Probably gave him a “if you don’t propose by our next anniversary you’re for the streets!”

No. 328924

maybe sof will get pregnant herself shortly after getting married and one-up jillian kek. pregnant women get tons of attention especially if they are newlyweds and it's their first baby.

No. 328926

Isn't Sof's fiancée a tif?

No. 328927

Sof's fiancee is a female trannoid.

No. 328929

whoops i didn't know that. i wonder if it makes jillian envious that sof will actually have a "queer" wedding then while she's just marrying a coomer man like most other straight women her age.

No. 328930

You know I think this is Jill's core aesthetic. The bands she likes were cool in 2005, homosexual-free queerbaiting was cool ten years ago, kawaii and jfashion was new and cool in about 2012-2014. She still types like when she was 12 years old on deviantart, and she was late to deviantart too since that was cool in again, like 2005/2006, most people had stopped using it by 2012 or whenever her little journals were posted. I wonder whether there's some millennial role model she has never mentioned because pretty much everything she does is millennialcore and other than the munchie 22 mental illnesses larp, she doesn't do much zoomercore stuff. Zoomer opinions seem to skew a little femcel from my observation (understandable when you learn anything about zoomie male behaviour) but Jill's opinions about gender, relationships, etc is also millennialcore, she is not very well informed about what's going on and has no knowledge, insight or cynicism in terms of gender roles or feminism, it's just wacky "I'll call him wife when in a safe place to do so!"
If you notice, she has never started a trend. Nobody has ever copied or been inspired by the stuff she does/posts, even though she has reasonable reach/views, because none of it is remotely new, where I notice zoomers will often post some throwaway, but unique thing that will become a micro-trend and resonate with other zoomers and generate hundreds of videos.

No. 328931

Surely she'll be the one buying the suits then, right? There's no way she's forcing the groomsmen to get purple and mustard suits that they'll never use again in their lives. Not to mention that they'll hardly find natural fibres in those bright colours, so they'll probably be made out of shiny polyester or a mix of natural/synthetic fibres. So much for being sustainable and limiting waste, good thing her confetti will be biodegradable though!

No. 328932

File: 1719073900021.png (429.28 KB, 1286x1091, kek.PNG)

She popularized the rainby bangs but that isn't anything she invented. Even her own fashun "party kei" is up for deletion on the aesthetics wiki.

No. 328933

its still hilarious that she tried to make party kei a thing. if she tried doing that today she'd get laughed at and/or cancelled without a second thought

No. 328934

Jewel tone weddings are getting popular and actually look really sophisticated yet rustic when done right.But she cannot just mix that look with pastels. They are not going to mesh at all. I think art nouveau is the only aesthetic that mixes the two and that's not what she is going for at all. >>328921 urgh you know Jill would be evil e nough to fake a miscarriage for attention too. Look at all the disabilities and child abuse she fakes. >>328922 I think a poly arc is completely possible and not a weird tinfoil at this point. Considering the trajectory of things, it's another gross woke identity with a flag for them to hide behind.

No. 328935

It's like she's making herself old and irrelevant on purpose. Maybe balletcore/cottagecore would unironically save her. She's not an it girl anymore.

No. 328936

bpdfags and poly relationships go horribly together. she’d blow a fucking gasket

No. 328937

I think she’s too possessive and is easily threatened by other women so I doubt the poly arc will ever happen. She’s a handmaiden to the core but her narc tendencies negates how much she tolerates being walked all over. Jillian is not a door mat. I think it’s another reason why she adopts so many of the speshul snowflake identities. She wants to be the big rat that’s in charge and makes all of the rules in whatever space she occupies.

No. 328938

please, when anons criticize jill it doesnt come from a place of hate towards women. This scrote is very obviously a rigthoid on the same vein as old commentary cows like armoured skeptic and sargon. He's just a grifter.

No. 328939

why did she write that tweet like its some coom hypno caption

No. 328940

Does anyone else absolutely not buy the whole "no kids" thing with her? I've said this before but it seems like the only thing that really makes Jill happy is spending time with family, yet she chooses not to have a family? I know that people will say her BPD narc ass won't allow her to want a kid, but I do not buy it. This bitch turns 30 and she will be crying and begging for a child.

No. 328941

>there will be some kind of star trek / star wars reference to I include Stevie
yes please i love cringe reddit nerd weddings. Wish i could fast-forward to 2026 to see this dissaster.

No. 328942

Yeah Jillian wishes she actually had a queer wedding like Sof. It's actually infuriating the way she insists marrying a coomer moid and faking mental illness is "queer"

No. 328943

>sorry if i'm retarded, but does she really expect every guest to dress like this? or just the maids of honor/whatever
Everyone. Idk how she will manage to do that at all.
Kek. Wish she sticked to this style instead of whatever she's doing now though.

No. 328945

I agree that she’s too competitive with other women, but I could totally see Jill allowing Stevie to experiment with men (it would be close minded if she didn’t, right?) and then claiming non-monogamous as another woke label, even if she doesn’t engage in it herself.

No. 328946

I don't think that's ever gonna happen kek. Bippies can't handle their nigels hooking up with other people. Fredericton is a small town besides, there's no other gay scrotes for him to hang around. He has no scrote friends because he is either working, cooming, or "taking care" of Jill when she pretends to be a 6 year old. I don't think Steven likes to socialize with other people at all. All his "friends" are really just her friends.

No. 328948

>it's just wacky "I'll call him wife when in a safe place to do so!"
Yeah and that's why she's such a millennial hag even though she's actually young and a zoomer. Not that millennials are bad or anything, she's just extremely out of touch and outdated and seems to be okay with being so irrelevant.

Oh and this is totally why the precure teens bullied her into oblivion as well.

No. 328949

Shut the fuck up zoomer. You’re not describing the average millennial (1981-1996 though imo the zoomer adjacent retardation sets in those born after 1994) who is a grown adult with a career and life. Jill is way closer to you and your peers in age and mindset, deal with it.

No way she would ever give up being the center of attention, she wants to be her own baby.

No. 328950

File: 1719089778671.png (52.96 KB, 720x272, Screenshot_202134609.png)

Jill having some sort of issue and talking about it on her private twitter.

No. 328952

Stop being so triggered, that anon is right, Jillian is irrelevant as fuck for a zoomer.

No. 328955

it's a meme you dumbass, sounds like you're the porn addict if that was your first thought

No. 328957

women with bpd in poly relationships enjoy having a wealth of emotional attention though. if anything it'd be online only role-play stuff.

No. 328958

File: 1719099338551.jpeg (519.75 KB, 1179x939, IMG_8143.jpeg)

for context

No. 328960

>Last year's anxiety
She probably saw this video and got mad >>328759
Not if whatever other girl they integrate into the dynamic ends up spending more time with her "favorite person" Steve. There's no way they'll find a second person who will center all the attention on her just because

No. 328961

She’s absolutely going overdrive on copium right now that Sophia is marrying a TIF and therefore actually has a queer marriage.
Jill’s heterosexual marriage has never been any kind of unusual or under attack or lacking legal support or anything of the sort. Her and Steve can play with whatever pronouns they want online, but they’re a typical male and female couple.

No. 328962

Never in my professional life have I met someone experiencing a severe traumatic "freezing" response who is able to tweet about it happening
What a fucking cunt

No. 328963

How boring and sheltered of a life do you have to have to be "feeling" anxiety from a year ago kek.
Pretty sure Sof marrying her Aidan is another reason why Jill is so obsessed with making her wedding "queer coded" or whatever.

No. 328964

>another reason why Jill is so obsessed with making her wedding "queer coded" or whatever.

No. 328966

Anon I’m am ROLLING

No. 328968

Kek wait until you see the edit >>328740

No. 328970

hetero couples love cosplaying as queer and putting it on display. I mean maybe they are, the dude literally looks like a lesbian lol(sage your shit)

No. 328971

He really doesn't.

No. 328978

I can call someone out on a moronic take without being triggered. She can just have shit taste and behavior and be a delusional adult baby, why drag millennials into this? Like why are we catching strays when we have literally nothing to do with this idiot?

Jill stanning Muse like it’s 2005 doesn’t mean she’s ~*a millennial at heart*~ Jill using deviantart way past its heyday, which was likely before OP was born, doesn’t mean she’s acting like a millennial. OP really thought she was onto something and said something profound speaking on shit she wasn’t old enough to remember, let alone live through. Go ahead and ban me, fuck zoomers acting like they invented the concept of realizing things.(infighting/derailing)

No. 328981

File: 1719120559328.webm (3.62 MB, 1280x720, 1665201200090 (1).webm)

>I think Jill and Steven are both just really immature and sheltered and they don't know how to interact with the wider world because they're obsessed with themselves.
Agree. They don't know what do when they're out of their protective bubble. It's funny like Jilly getting pissy that on her one and only bike ride normal people didn't act the way she wanted them to act. Bet the bike is rusting away.
I don't see how that proves jackshit and not going to pretend it holds water just because he says so. Most likely he had to go to church on Sundays/holy days, maybe attend CCD classes or Sunday school, and depending on what flavor of Christian go through the sacraments like first communion and confirmation. His pathetic ass didn't even have to go to private Catholic/Christian school or the alternative being homeschooled. Highly doubt he was taught to quote the bible except maybe knows a couple of verses just because those are frequently used. Did he have chaperones on his dates to make sure everything was wholesome? He's also still in contact with his parents and even visits with them. I could go on but to summarize I don't buy anything he says because he has already been proven to be a liar. I agree with >>328873 that this is all exaggerations to get brownie points in his social circle. He can easily play shit up as Jill knows nothing and will eat up whatever he says.
Guessing it may have to do with last year's con. Maybe worried about repeating what happened last year. Either way exaggerating stuff for asspats. Also lol Cliffe makes an appearance.

No. 328984

>Shrieking about the proposal
>I've dreamed of getting proposed to since i was a little baby
How did she ever believe herself to be queer (in every sense of the word)? All of her preoccupations are so feminine. This video is genuinely sad. It's a terrible idea because Pixie will keep wondering if Steebie's engagement was genuine even if they do get married and Steve will keep being a sad admixture of disregard and passivity until it blows up. I don't even get why they're doing it, they have no projects (children, a joint dream, whatever). I've seen what marriage does to BPD people, it's ugly. Pixie's 'omigod i'm so in love!! perfect nonbinary marriage!!' nonsense and anxious efforts for Stevie's approval as a girlfriend will melt away and make way for constant rage once she secures him. I can't imagine she truly accepts not sleeping with Stevie.

>He's obviously not a homosexual, he's just a loser failmale.
Yes. He's your typical passive straight man who's too addicted to porn to funnel his libido elsewhere. He doesn't possess the energy to break the relationship and look for a new gf/troon or troon out himself. The only thing holding them together is Pixie's fragile state and terror of abandonment.

No. 328989

>they have no projects (children, a joint dream, whatever)
That's an interesting point. I couldn't put my finger on why their relationship seems so… unreal? And I think that's it. I can't imagine what they do all day because they don't seem to have any shared interests. Even the wedding I feel like is so Pixie can have a wedding, not for them to be married. Then again, we don't know much about him so maybe I'm wrong.

No. 328992

Maybe she meant the suits will be black and have the jewel tones as the accessories? Even then that would still look ugly compared to the pastel colours. Maybe she intentionally did it that way to make everyone wear pastel lmao.

No. 328993

men get the clown suits and women get the kawiwi baby uwu dresses

No. 328994

if anything jill comes off as a zoomer trying to copy millenials and failing miserably and as consequence, not fitting in with her fellow zoomers because of it.

No. 328995

File: 1719158388404.jpeg (113.73 KB, 754x935, IMG_2323.jpeg)

Pulling up to Jill’s wedding like:

No. 328996

i'm curious how she's going to do this whole thing while still pretending she's ~sustainable~
she has to plan a whole wedding in such a specific way, make a wedding dress, make a cosplay… how is she gonna do all this, while also pretending to care about sustainability. i'm so embarrassed for her when none of this will work out as planned at all

No. 328998

>>the wedding I feel like is so Pixie can have a wedding, not for them to be married.

This is the crux of it, and I think it's evidenced by the fact that Stevie never once mentions being in love with her and wanting to be married to her. It's just "it was a good time to do it." Wtf is that? These people have no sexual chemistry what so ever, and they barely seem like friends, let alone life partners and lovers. It's fucking weird man. This is the least romantic thing I've ever seen.

No. 329001

this. that's the whole issue.

No. 329002

the only goal they share together is caring about Jill and Jill only. Steven is somehow alright with playing into Jill's delusions. That's the only thing they both care about.
this got me thinking that maybe she'll quietly drop the sustainability thing soon.
yes I agree with this. This is just a thing for Jillian to feel like she accomplished something. Like Sof. Or else she wouldn't had posted that one meme from a thread back kek.
so queer and gender non conforming of her!!
>How did she ever believe herself to be queer (in every sense of the word)? All of her preoccupations are so feminine.
it's all just a larp. You can be feminine and "queer" if you are same sex attracted. She's clearly not. All she wants is to be part of the rainbow.

No. 329005

File: 1719167729324.png (50.56 KB, 906x297, second hand.png)

>i'm curious how she's going to do this whole thing while still pretending she's ~sustainable~
She's already got her answer from some confetti club freak in the comments on the vid.
It's funny because in that movie, the costume designers picked those obnoxious clashing colours to represent to the audience that this character is mentally unwell, socially maladjusted, and self-absorbed. They did a good job. Jill, on the other hand, wants us to believe that these same colours represent her sweet kawaii nature and eternal love for Steven. She's out of touch.

No. 329006

I forgot about this mess of a video KEK. I can clearly tell why his career as a Youtuber never took off. He is trying so hard to put on this tough guy attitude and he's bad at faking it. He reminds me of a sociopath, all the facial movements seem forced and put on, like they don't come naturally to him and he has to try and copy what he thinks normal people do. Freaky.

No. 329007

Zoomers in general seem like this to me tbh, it seems like they confuse relationships and friendships and they create these "relationships" that are really just dressed up friendships. Like I doubt sof is romantically and sexually attracted to the tif thing she's marrying, and even if she is, i don't truly believe most of the zoomers marrying trans partners or in fake queer relationships are really attracted to their partners. It's just dressed up friendships.

No. 329008

I realize Jill has zero talent for sewing anything but ghastly, cheap home-ec tier shit,so the possibility of her designing and sewing anything to do with suits and bridesmaid dresses is out of the question. With the exception of her hideous wedding dress, when she somehow has the nerve to call herself a fashion designer is beyond hysterical. She's absolutely talentless.(sage your shit)

No. 329009

My guess is that she'll realize she has no one to invite so she and Stevie will have an "intimate, private ceremony" or smth along those bs lines. It'll probably just be her and Steve and maaaayyybe her mom

No. 329010

I kinda want this wedding to happen soon just because I know it will look like an episode of a live action children's show
Having a private ceremony is her nightmare, no attention and accolades in that. She'll rinse the wedding planning theme online for as long as possible, then have a garish pastel jewel toned wedding probably sooner than we think (her BPD spiraling would go out of control if it was as long as 2 years, I think it will be more like a year and 3 months or something like that)
I actually read a comment thread recently from an op who was a teenage male, and the thread was him genuinely expressing confusion as to the difference between a friendship and relationship other than label and expectation of monogamy. Like why monogamous, you are not monogamous with friends?
I think this must be to do with how many online "relationships" people have these days, obviously if it's mostly online, the difference between a friendship and a relationship is negligible. And Jill does fall into this since she's referenced messaging Stevie even while they're in the same house, it's very possible they don't spend that much physical time together.

No. 329011

File: 1719178999364.jpeg (301.36 KB, 828x739, IMG_7882.jpeg)

>”weed time fix all of my problems please”

No. 329012

>And a couple work things stressing me out
I hate when she talks about her NEET lifestyle as though she has a job. It always feels like she's trying to LARP being employed.

No. 329013

So does this imply that she will make it sustainable by reselling them? Or that she will commit to get everything second hand?

No. 329014

Everything in her life is a larp at this point.

No. 329017

Tbh I don't like dragging Sof and her tif partner into this because we really don't know them that well. Jill and Steven on the other hand are always over sharing. And it feels like they're not really a couple but still playing into the delusional larp that they are. Like, genuinely, everything they do feels like a larp because Jillian wants everything to be more grandiose and more real than it is, she's living a lie.

And honestly Steven comes off as more of an enabler/ddgl caretaker or something than an actual husband to be. The bar is low but I genuinely don't think he's ready to be a husband lmao. Has it downed on him yet?

No. 329018

Lol this is awesome. As someone also wedding planning, there's a zero percent chance they'll be able to find suits in that color from any reasonable retailer, she'd be better off having the groomsmen buy ties to match the bridesmaids colors.

No. 329019

I used to feel bad but when the Sof reveal came about I realized all Jill's friends are just as fake as her. I swear we all glossed over the fact that Jill's best friend was a farmer posting about her behind her back kek. I'm very sure she's still here, no matter what she told Jill otherwise.

No. 329021

I like it kek, Sophia is better than Jill at sewing despite Jill being the “fashion designer” and she hates Jill’s bippie skinwalker guts while roasting her and posting her stuff here. Even if Sophia is also a kind of flake, the drama is funny.

No. 329022

All men wearing white suits with colorful ties sounds way more reasonable to me
In the scale of snowflake to cow, Soft definitely is just another quirky girl on the internet. Wish she posted more Jillian content for us.

No. 329030

File: 1719210155774.png (205.69 KB, 720x357, views.png)

She's so dumb. She's probably overdoing the caffeine too and stressing herself out more. Quit drinking the energy drinks, Jillian. I hope to god she isn't going to back out like last year. I want to see this garish cosplay in motion on the stage

No. 329033

Petition to add "drug addict" to next thread's description. It'll fit perfectly after "DID Larper."

No. 329036

That makes it sound like she's into crack or something. She might be a retarded weed smoker but she ain't Luna Slater kek

No. 329037

File: 1719219239794.png (209.09 KB, 693x753, IMG_20240624_025202.png)

Checking out past threads and… Man. The queer larp goes waaaay back. Embarrassing.

No. 329038

File: 1719223924687.jpg (61.94 KB, 564x680, Qk8pwHE.jpg)

would be far less ugly and more cohesive if it was neutral suits with pastel shirts and neutral ties, perhaps with matching pastel patterns. or simply a light grey suit with white shirt and pastel tie.
being bold enough to fake having multiple personalities and disabilities, yet too pussy to ask men to wear pastels? very queer.

No. 329039

this is a reasonable idea but it's probably not kawiwi enough for her. she never geos for the tined-down option.
btw how many men are even gonna attend her wedding? besides her dad and maybe brother? jill only seems to have female friends and stebe doesn't seem to have friends of either sex. maybe some gendies will turn up wearing suits but how many actual moids are even gonna come?

No. 329042


Reminder to everyone that Jill's anime convention is this upcoming weekend, so there is less than a week to finish everything. I wonder if Sof will help Jill now that she is done hers. Or if Jill will accept the help (you shouldn't if you're competing in costume competition).
Sof's dress looks really good, and there is no way Jill's will look anywhere near as professional. Might lead to another breakdown, or at the very least Sof placing above Jill.
We haven't heard much about Jill's costume since the wig video.

No. 329043

Really? It seems like it wasn't that long ago she was melting down over cure sky. No way she is even close to finished with the new thing and what she's shown so far doesn't look good. Meltdown 2.0 incoming

No. 329044

We all know Jill hasn't worked on jack shit and that she isn't going to the con, lol

No. 329045

The fact she hasn’t shown progress pics of the costume says it all lmao.

No. 329046

She's going to have another one of those "mental health days" and will blame it on trauma and wedding stresss. Kek.

No. 329049

She is one to talk about being unstable.

No. 329052

The fact she is complaining about girls being "too unstable and dramatic" in 2013 and this is Jill in 2024, literal postergirl for BPD. Worth noting, based on Deviantart journals she was also unstable and dramatic back then too.

No. 329053

>"I'm gender blind" except here's the clear differences in how I feel about men and women

No. 329054

>I find male love way easier, actually!
>Lesbian relationships are overwhelming!
>Girls are too unstable and dramatic!
Jillian showing she's absolutely straight since 2013 kek. There's no ounce of "queerness" on this woman.

No. 329056

(samefag as tagged post above, the other anons above aren't me, we just replied at the same time)
She also said on Deviantart back then that she finds relationships (with males) easier than friendships (all her friends are female), for similar reasons.
Like she's not only straight as a ruler, she's a pickme who repeats stupid female stereotypes about women being "too much drama" while ironically matching the stereotype herself. Like if women being dramatic was a problem surely you'd dial down your own amateur dramatics, even for a day kek

No. 329057

File: 1719257701938.png (8.96 KB, 441x112, steeb.png)

Yes, do it Stevie, make more of an ass of yourself. And lurk harder, you poor son of a bitch.

No. 329058

>Anons talk about how shit Steve was at YT and why he flopped.
>He started tweeting about his return to YT
I know it's just a "coincidence" but it's funny how LC seems to direct and influence these peoples' lives to such a degree.
Blaming other people for your faults is a classic teenage move, she was like 15 or 16 in that screenshot so I don't really blame her for being dumb. It's crazy though it's 10 years later and she still hasn't grown out of that. That's how I can tell she got really spoiled as a kid. She's 26 and she's still blaming all her shit on other people just like she did when she was a teenager.
I really wish she would for the potential milk, but I think you're right: she's just gonna stay home and smoke dope while scrolling Twitter.

No. 329059

He just loves attention. He was a nobody loser before he started dating Jill and it's gone to his head that her fanbase knows who he is. Too bad he's such a charisma black hole he would never be a successful youtuber on his own.

No. 329060

File: 1719263171507.png (177.9 KB, 720x714, Screenshot_232258.png)

I believe Sof is doing another panel this year too. I wonder how much Jill is cramming. She went to her parents house to get her haircut so she cancelled the patreon stream then that Thursday was the proposal which led to staying the weekend at that cabin. She probably takes a lot of weed breaks too. Her time management skills are horrendous and couple that with her grandiose view that she can do better than her actual skills it's no wonder she's in the predicament she's in. Jill supposedly will have another work con vlog out and then reveal the finished cosplay with the con vlog. I really hope she gets this monstrosity done. Last year was a disappointment. She's using boning this year too.
A part of me thinks it's also because she doesn't want any criticism or people pointing out her sloppy work. Jill just wants asspats and only asspats.
I could do see her using this as an excuse. Lol
Oh yes please. People love hearing smug assholes talk in condescending circles. If it didn't work out back then, why the fuck would you think it would work out now?
>I know it's just a "coincidence" but it's funny how LC seems to direct and influence these peoples' lives to such a degree.
Rent-free """got to prove da haterz wrong""".
Exactly this. Man has quite the ego for being a wet blanket.

No. 329061

Oh so NOW that he got attention from the proposal, he wants to film videos again? okay wacko

No. 329062

Let's be real: dude can barely string two words together and has negative charisma. Not sure what he's thinking.

No. 329063

Every time Jill tism baits it gives me - 25 psych damage each passing se ond

No. 329064

Remember too she always publicly stands up for men when they get accused of being pedos and creeps. There are several Twitter caps in the threads. She seems to hate women. >>329062 He really is one of those "I am so smart" smug reddit types. The kind that do literally nothing yet "know everything".

No. 329065

>Exactly this. Man has quite the ego for being a wet blanket.
They're like Anisa and Idubbbz.

No. 329066

Right now i just found all the evidence to discredit her claim of DID. Is there any information that i should also be aware of? Covered maybe 1/3 of the alters but thats enough to discredit her especially when she said her child hood before the age of 9 was just normal child shit playing club penguin and doing kid shit. We all know DID forms before the age of 6 and the latest at age 9

No. 329067

Kek so they both think they can capitalize on the engagement video, giving very Connor4real and Ashley vibes

No. 329069

Just read past threads fam, also don't namefag

No. 329073

Yes, leave the subject and name field empty and always write sage on the email field, or else mods will ban you. You can reply to posts by clicking on the numbers on top

No. 329076

No problem fam

No. 329077

File: 1719278173656.jpg (18.39 KB, 359x303, AustinDumbJC.jpg)

it's serving….

No. 329078

File: 1719278815592.jpg (27.66 KB, 431x711, images-1.jpg)

don't forget him too!

No. 329080


Even after he made a point to say he wants to keep himself relatively out of the spotlight during their Fianceé Q&A video? How are you going to say you'd rather shitpost about Star Wars on Twitter and protect your *~mental health~* to then turn around the literal same day the video goes up and tweet this shit? Stevie, ya gotta be more subtle about your lurking. Or don't, that works too. Nonnies like me eat this up with a spoon.

No. 329082

>Rent-free """got to prove da haterz wrong""".
Knowing that Jill lurks, and that she takes note of what nona's say, but doesn't directly take the advice, makes me wonder if she will consider the white suits/colored ties idea.
She'll probably decide on something rather tasteless for the groomsmen's attire, and will have to settle for something more doable.
That is, of course, if her and Steebie make it down the aisle.

No. 329083

Her wedding will be so tasteless, cant wait.

No. 329084

I bet she eventually will but she will post about it like "omg my friend had this great suggestion…". Forcing all your friends partners (because let's be real she doesn't have male friends, veronica would just have tried to fuck them) to buy tacky colored suits that they will never ever use again and they probably don't feel comfortable in is going to make them reluctant to go and they'll dislike her over it, cutting it down to accessories is a good compromise.

No. 329085

A real seamstress with a design diploma would totally just tailor all the suits and dresses to her liking for everyone, she did have a tailor class (it's mentioned in one of her vlogs) and she supposedly has a brand doesn't she. And they could pay her. But I guess her brain always defaults to consoom no matter what.

No. 329088

File: 1719326361268.jpeg (144.87 KB, 736x736, IMG_2341.jpeg)

She should upcycle a used wedding dress. There’s so many girls that have done it and the results look amazing.

No. 329089

>nonnas devilishly advising sewing projects well out of Jill's wheelhouse
Making suits(!) when she can barely cobble a circle skirt and bodice together, or fully revamping an 80s wedding dress with sleeve removal, new chiffon overskirt, waistline, and entirely new lace on the bodice, as your example. These are not minor tweaks. I am gonna give Jill credit that she knows what she can't do.

No. 329093

File: 1719330200918.jpg (32.3 KB, 600x800, Ava-Michelle-Tall-Girl-2-Jodi-…)

everyone post your fits for Jills wedding
>Sandwich- uhh I mean Jill, it brings me such pride to see someone as big- err brave as you finally waddling down the aisle with your emotional support failmale. I hope when you guys kiss it always smells like ultra strawberry dreams monster.

No. 329094

She's going to make it from scratch because she's just special like that. And yes, it'll be better than the cousin's one because she can only ever sew for herself.

No. 329095

kek nonna

No. 329096


It'd make for good wedding content too, but stoner DiD baby Jill probably can't even hold her scissors straight for more than ten minutes at a time

No. 329098

Her mother and probably father and Steven are going to all have to tell this stupid bpd fat bridezilla bitch that nobody is going to cater to her retarded wish of getting colorful hard-to-find suits and dresses they will never wear again for her “special” day. Jill has like 3 friends, they’ll likely be the only ones who manage to throw something together but the rest of the people at the wedding are going to be family and family friends. They are not going to be wearing gaudy colors. They will be either wearing normal colors or will just be wearing a colorful shirt and slacks. Any of Jill’s family and family friends who know that she’s become an unhealthy, lazy slob with no job are probably turned off at the idea of her mooching off her parents and likely do not even want to go and support her.

No. 329099

Some of her friends may not even make it if the wedding is in another town/province. Who are we kidding those friends might not stick around until the wedding kek. She drops friend groups like hot potatoes and her attitude will only get worse.

No. 329100

File: 1719337509115.webp (1.67 MB, 1080x1440, mismatched-bridesmaid-dresses-…)

Why can't she do something like this for the dresses if she's so obsessed with the idea of rainbow colors? I could imagine the men having a matching ties or shirts under their suits

No. 329101

Good idea that she'll never do. Also, that photo… lmao

No. 329106

We don't know what she's doing with all the dresses yet, so why tinfoil and get upset before we even see them?

No. 329107

It's part of the fun.

No. 329116

File: 1719349665878.png (263.21 KB, 326x405, big backed.png)

Jill would probably look better in the before dress, not the after. She keeps a lot of her extra weight on the top half of her body, sort of like roided out linebacker. Her rolls spill out everywhere like in picrel. Her wedding talk is kind of boring, I wish more nonas had access to her private Twitter because it'd be great to have more milk re: anime convention this weekend.

No. 329129

Where is this from? She really thought she was looking all sexy for the camera with that dress barely covering her boobs huh. And it ended looking trashy. What a disaster. Like I'm not even going to attack her looks because this just makes me sad to see, it's very shaynacore.
>I wish more nonas had access to her private Twitter because it'd be great to have more milk re: anime convention this weekend.

No. 329134


It's so wild to me that she describes herself as large chested all the time. They're small and flabby like a moderately obese man.

No. 329140

She's probably a B or a C and exaggerating it for sexy points, everything is a larp for her

No. 329141

File: 1719372179654.png (265.22 KB, 720x663, 8525477.png)

Jill practiced the dance with Sof. Crossing fingers that she actually goes.
>Her wedding talk is kind of boring
Unfortunately I think we're going to hear her talk a lot about it because it is the only interesting thing that has happened to her. Plus she it allows her to talk more about her favorite subject: herself.
The we're getting married video. Around the 01:24 mark.

No. 329142

You mean Veronica exaggerates it kek.

No. 329152

File: 1719383521032.jpg (6.54 MB, 4032x3024, burn that chair.jpg)

Update from patreon:
Helloooooo my patreon peaches

Edit: YAY OKAY let’s stream at 10:30AM Atlantic time tomorrow!! Thank you for your patience

I’m so sorry it’s been a minute since I promised to reschedule the stream- the proposal trip and the anime convention coming up both have had me unbelievably busy and overwhelmed (but like in a good way :D but my brain is soup)

The only time I can stream is either tomorrow or Thursday would a morning stream work for folks, maybe 10:30AM Atlantic? Pls let me know, I’m sorry the options are so limited this month has been coo coo banane but after the con I’m sure I’ll be like “wtf do I do with my life” SO I shouldn’t be this busy for long

Loves you loads

Pixie & Sunny

No. 329153

File: 1719383685587.jpg (7.62 MB, 4032x3024, cosplay skirt 2024.jpg)

Picture from the stream postponed notification on patreon. Didn't see it posted here (pic from June 7)

No. 329154

Is this poor cat obese like its owner or just really fluffy?

No. 329157

No. 329158

It's just really fluffy. Looks like a persian. Calicos are the obese ones lol

No. 329159

Thank you! I wanted to see that skirt badly. Hope she shows more of the cosplay on stream.
>Pls let me know, I’m sorry the options are so limited this month has been coo coo banane but after the con I’m sure I’ll be like “wtf do I do with my life” SO I shouldn’t be this busy for long

No. 329160

Sage for unnecessary catposting but calico is just a coloration nona, not a breed.

No. 329161

File: 1719387842740.jpg (160.77 KB, 720x2160, falulu.jpg)

Here's a close up of the outfit which Jill has on that character sheet. Also agreed that the chair should be burned

No. 329162

Ewww that chair is so gross, I can tell it was supposed to be fluffy and probably a shade of pink but now it looks murky and full of remnants of swamp ass.
She got the skirt all wrong already. Like, can anyone else see it? It's shit and it has to do with using printed ribbon on the ruffles instead of printed fabric, it's not the same as the reference picture at all.
>Unfortunately I think we're going to hear her talk a lot about it because it is the only interesting thing that has happened to her. Plus she it allows her to talk more about her favorite subject: herself.
Kek this got me thinking, in two years she won't achieve anything because her mind will be so preoccupied with being a bride that she'll just rot in her house some more.

No. 329167

File: 1719392710582.jpg (551.71 KB, 720x1467, zoom.jpg)

Zoomed in for you

No. 329170

How is she THIS bad at colour matching?? That yellow is straight up mustard

No. 329173

Oh lord this is gonna be a mess, you can already tell the skirt is gonna be way shorter than in the reference material. She just can't help herself from showing her entire ass whenever she gets a chance, can't she? I wonder if the top is gonna be too tight this time as well…

No. 329174

Everything about this looks awful, and I can't wait to see it next to >>328877 because it's going to look even worse. I bet Jill will wear it for maybe an hour, then bail, blaming overstimulation or some other shit.

No. 329175

She’s been watching a lot of Sarah spaceman so that might have to do something with it.

No. 329176

Wtf the colors are legitimately hideous, completely wrong, and she always picks the ugliest materials possible.

No. 329179

That skirt looks like it was made for a child, maybe the issue was that she measured Berry in alterland and forgot that the cosplay was for her wide load of a fridge body.

No. 329181

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she had a very limited choice in fabric since she got it second hand for sustainability reasons. Because those colors are so fucking far from the pastels in the reference.
Good on her for sewing something though. She's lucky the people in her head just fuck off when she has to sew something on a time crunch a few days before a con!

No. 329185

Any time she's behind on something (which is always) she'll blame it on "wedding planning"

No. 329193

Nona, she babbled in her cosplay vlogs that she specifically ordered new fabric.
And when it came, she screeched how perfect matchy-matchy it was.
Maybe it's lighting, but I have long been tinfoiling Jillywilly is colourblind.

No. 329195

Kekkk. Her mental illness just disappears, so convenient
She always does in every single cosplay and project, its hilarious
I can't wait to see her round butter face next to Sofia. Can't wait for her to have another stimmy stimmy mental jillness meltdown.
That chair is so gross. She's such a gross white trash goblin. That shit ain't kawiwi anymore.

No. 329197

Kekk. I can already see it. She'll be like "sorry guys I was soooo dissociatey and wedding stressed today (rips bong and sips on monster)"
This chair + the way she never cleans her floors lets me know everything I need to know about her. She lives in rainbow filth

No. 329204

File: 1719428978255.png (1.19 MB, 720x831, IMG_20240626_130644.png)

I, too, would dissociate 24/7 if I had to sit my obese ass on this disgusting disheveled chair. No wonder she never sews, by her own logic this chair is a sensory pile of garbage

No. 329208

She's been sewing, what are you talking about? I think she means sewing constantly and having a project going at all times. That's how I understood it. a

No. 329211

She only sews once every 3 months

No. 329219

The chair is actually really grossing me out. Why would she buy something like that if she knows she hates cleaning? It looks so wet for some reason. Like it has that wet dog smell to it. She's so dirty. Why are do all stoners turn into slobs?

No. 329221


>I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt

Why? She doesn't deserve it. She's a giant liar who lies unprovoked 24/7. She bought that shit material custom, she's just a hack who can't even color match.

Man, I can't wait to see her dumpster fire disaster wedding, but i fear louise will step in and force it to be more normal since she's probably at least partially bankrolling it.

No. 329222

I think you might be onto something. I always just assumed her bad taste and devotion to accumulating colorful clutter was why the place looks so bad. But maybe she can't tell and the colors look more consistent to her. Would explain some things.

No. 329229

What do you think is more likely? That Jill lies and talks about everything she does in a grandiose way, or that she's colourblind? Kek be for real anon.

No. 329230

It's funny that not too long ago she was talking about bleaching her magical girl wands to "make them look more pristine", meanwhile this bitch lives with a yeti monster creature looking chair matted by her swamp ass. What the fuck are her priorities

No. 329233

That's not how even how colorblindness works. She's just stupid and bad at art.

No. 329240

I'd say it was Sarah Spaceman's influence but Jill's always been bad at picking fabric

No. 329264

Weed is stimulating at first but ultimately acts as a depressant. It gives her the illusion of a “pick me up” feeling when she first does it, then it couchlocks her and has her spending even more of her day doing retarded shit like imagining she’s a toddler or cat or that she has a custom animal crossing world in her head. It leaves little energy for dedicated work and activity, which is why functional smokers have jobs and only do it after work, but she’s fallen into the huge trap of “self employment” plus addiction. It’s a recipe for doing jack shit with the rest of her life.

No. 329282

that one moid popped up on my YT feed kek haven't watched but hopefully Jill catches wind of this and it makes her seethe

No. 329283

june patreon vid

No. 329285

“3 years after our diagnosis and we’re kind of, like, doin a thing” yeah malingering

No. 329287

File: 1719472178061.jpg (588.18 KB, 720x2020, cos.jpg)

Thanks! The front and back of the Falulu cosplay.

No. 329288

File: 1719472323581.mp4 (17.93 MB, cosplay.mp4)

Video of her showing off the cosplay.

No. 329289

I mean, tbh, it looks well made. I wouldn't even say this is Sarah Spaceman level, it's better. Not immaculate, but she did all that pretty quickly too and it's clean. The design is more of a cupcake skirt though, not tiered like this. Looks like a sissified version, but the sewing itself specifically isn't too bad. I just don't think she knows how to make stuff look good as a whole. Kind of a waste of being able to sew.

No. 329292

Holy fuck that looks like it weighs 15lbs and is lopsided as fuck. There’s so much puckering on the bodice and her hemming is all twisted because she probably didn’t press them before sewing them.
It’s a whole mess and I can’t wait to see it in motion especially with that crusty wig that can barely hold whatever shitty bang styling she did to it. Tbh other anons are right on the money with the Sarah spaceman comparisons. She’d be flattered to hear that though.

No. 329293

File: 1719473981580.jpeg (225.05 KB, 1080x1920, 448906862_460104960000682_8597…)

Sof's Laala cosplay. Can't wait to see them both together and in motion. Also the J-fashion gets together on Friday so hopefully we will see Jill in her new Lolita dress.

No. 329294

Maybe when she does her studio photos it'll look better. Why does it seem like she's filming from an old Nokia phone? >>329287

No. 329295

haven't watched it yet but it feels like youtubers are catching wind about jill and starting to publicly call her out and make fun of her, which is a nice trend

No. 329296

I can't speak too much on the quality of the two but as a PriPara fag Sof's looks significantly more accurate to the characters outfit, at least from the photos we have now. Maybe Jill's will look better when it's removed from her weed dungeon but nice lighting can only help so much

No. 329298

You deleted your other reply, but you're not supposed to announce you're male. Anon said they didn't watch the video.

No. 329299

That's literally just this dude:

No. 329300

Yeah don't announce your gender if you're male in this imageboard, it's against the rules.

No. 329301

The post you linked wasn't from the moid, anon.

No. 329302

File: 1719476165547.jpg (17.95 KB, 301x512, images-1.jpg)

Nta, I'll get to watch it soon, but the information about the lolita fashion bit is wrong, lolita fashion is a japanese style that Jillian wore back in the day. It looks like this, it's not related to the book at all. She became infamous because of the drama she caused.

No. 329303

>it looks well made
Only if it was her first cosplay ever and even then it sucks. The quality is subpar for someone who studied fashion for years.

No. 329304

File: 1719476445122.png (650.23 KB, 720x813, 1.png)

Sorry about that. 360 quality used to download stream because it would allow sound and probably should have just done one pic at a time for better result. Went back previewed the download at a better quality and took a screenshot where you can kind of see the bodice a bit better. 8:15 is when she starts showing it off on her stream just for anyone who wants to see it on her stream.

No. 329305

This looks better than a baby's first cosplay. I didn't say it was good or well made like a pro, but for her level, it's clean and everything. It's just ugly as fuck and she got this out pretty quick without too much puckering on the edges surprisingly. The bodice and cravat look terrible though.

No. 329306

I really disagree, it looks like shit. I liked her strawberry dress and the curtain dress way better, I actually did. This one really looks like she made it on a rush while being high.

No. 329307

File: 1719477296764.png (1.67 MB, 1364x1116, lol.png)

One of them has a clothing brand and the other makes cosplays for fun.

No. 329308

I want to point out how much more tidy Sof's room is. There's some details here and there like the cable and the frame in the background but it looks clean. Jillian's room and persona looks musty, stained with smoke, gross, unkempt. Just like that chair she took a picture of. Everything looks beige because it's so dirty.

No. 329309

everything she makes looks so dirty and grimy, I don't know how she accomplishes thats

No. 329310

God I wish I could see these two side by side irl. Sof's isn't incredible, but she used nice fabrics that makes the cosplay look pretty clean despite it being based on an overdesigned character. Jill is still obsessing over shiny, cheap-looking fabrics that makes how cluttered the design is stand out (the fact that she messed up the varying dimensions of the layers highlights it even more). Don't group/couple cosplayers discuss what fabrics they should use beforehand for a more coherent look anymore?

No. 329311

when he talks about her old dA he really fumbles his argument. i thought he was going to talk about how between her posts and her ex’s, you can surmise that their relationship was mostly online, and both of them claimed to be virgins after they broke up. instead of that, he focuses on her making rape jokes at 13, which is just kind of foul, imo. literally every girl i knew at that age made rape jokes. i think it’s just a part of how adolescent girls process becoming aware of how sexually objectified they are. girls who are groomed by adults especially take on that kind of humor because it’s usually part of how their groomer normalizes their behavior and make it seem less serious. aside from that, at the end of the video it feels like the main takeaway he wants us to have is that jill used to say slurs online (and he’s counting retarded as a slur). kind of a waste overall

No. 329314

The mismatched yellows is a crime. Why, Jill, just why? Not even close.
Reminds me of Luna.
>Don't group/couple cosplayers discuss what fabrics they should use beforehand for a more coherent look anymore?
Jill's need to be the most special out weighs everything.

No. 329315

Drop a comment on the video and let me know what you think when you do. I’ll say hello(self posting scrote)

No. 329316

Just by his thumbnail choice and choice of pose, I can tell you he thinks Jill is attractive kek
This type of thing (by that I mean a shambles of random mismatching fabric with no appearance of shape or form) can look good on very thin, tall, models and pretty much nobody else, looking forward to con pics of this one
When you say well made, which, uh, what part exactly? Like the skirt tiers are not even uniform widths, the entire skirt is a different length every few inches, the back and front are completely different lengths with the back being shorter.
>instead of that, he focuses on her making rape jokes at 13,
Classic moid behaviour sexualizing a 13 year old, like how the hell is that what you focus on.
Is this the moid who made the video kek. This is anonymous, we do not announce who we are on other platforms.

No. 329319

What a vile neckbeard looking scrote. Don't like Jill at all but seriously I just can't..

No. 329321

It would be funny if she copy struck the video.

No. 329324

Sof's cosplay looks clean, Jillian's look like what cosplays used to look like in 2005 when no one knew what fabrics to choose for their characters and they all picked the shiniest ones because they were cheap as fuck.
Also, why does it look so small? Jillian looks like a giant fridge next to the cosplay that looks like it was made for a way too skinny teenager.

No. 329325

Not to glaze Sarah spaceman on an anonymous message board. But to say this is better than something sarah could do is a lie. And this is not to say what jill created sucks, I personally think it looks really good. But what's taking jill months to do sarah could have done this in 3 days.

Saged for white knighting and dick riding

No. 329326

My personal tinfoil is jill created new blocks/patterns based on how much weight she thought she'd lose and destroyed the ones where she measures bigger.Or the ones she made from school that's she's too lazy to update showcase how much weight she's gained

No. 329329

who cares honestly, more people mentioning her the better. even if the video is shit it will generate traction so more people will look into it.

No. 329339

File: 1719500845430.jpeg (928.06 KB, 1125x1680, IMG_2364.jpeg)

Everyone includes us too. It’s funny because most of these characters were killed off.

No. 329344


The only way she'll be skinny again is when she draws herself. I know ponies are thin, but its a pattern for her to edit and draw herself as a stick

No. 329346

They're totally not just OCs though. This is totally how people talk about their extremely debilitating, terrifying mental disorders.

No. 329347

The indicator thing is so funny because I just think of Penny Underbust putting on a dog collar to indicate she was in her DID dom personality. Even the person who drew the fanart should hear how crazy it is to need an indicator. They have colors already, why does Pixie need all these obvious signs? It waters down her whole larping by adding so much. Already she has:
>Genre of clothing
>Item indicators
>Voice changing
>Hair must change
>Makeup must change

It's like putting together a whole studio setup for a tv show every time she goes to film as one of these. That's not realistic in how any of that works.

No. 329349

Her DID is so fucking fake. This is just a game to her. A child's play where she gets to be every character. And she's so self obsessed she talks to herself in her head in third person pretending to have conversations where she's the center piece this way. Imagine making pony fanart of your debilitating mental trauma and you being okay with this. I wish DID was seen more as the semi woowoo shit spiritual practice that twitterfags imply it is rather than a mental illness that real traumatized people can suffer from. Just say they're your tulpa dolls in your head Jillian.

The only reason why she's flattered she got pony fanart of her alters is because she's aware that they're just OCs and she's doing it all for the aesthetic. How come no alter represents her unwashedness and unwillingness to clean and her laziness and lack of commitment? Because that's not aesthetic enough. Even Jerrick's moodyness is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Maybe she should have that dirty old matted chair as an alter to compensate. Maybe that's why she can't get rid of it yet. It all makes sense now.

No. 329350

It's hilarious that her fans make this kind of fanart and still don't stop for a minute and ponder why each of her personalities are completely fine with being their own color theme that fits neatly into a rainbow. If they are actually their own people, wouldn't they have their own thoughts on what color they want to represent their personalities?

No. 329356

The bald Cliffe pony is killing me kek

No. 329361

File: 1719512043915.png (550.04 KB, 699x1228, IMG_20240627_121322.png)

No. 329375

jfc I didn't realize he was self posting in here. my bad, wouldn't have given him more attention if I knew. sorry nonnies am a lil retarded

No. 329379

It looks like absolute shit and she just doesn’t have the appearance to pull off the character. This looks utterly ridiculous for someone with the features of a fat crone.

No. 329388

File: 1719515432245.jpg (325.9 KB, 842x1188, 1000036539.jpg)

The dress isn't even that short and the wig is the wrong color, did she even want to do this shit?

No. 329394

The back is already shorter than the front and the backs of skirts always ride up more so her entire ass is going to be out in this

No. 329401

Gawdy ass character design. If you told me this was a gacha character I’d believe you.

No. 329405

File: 1719517570969.png (283.02 KB, 1020x861, Screenshot_20240627-154340-606…)

did she quit paying for her website? this pops up

No. 329409

Idk how people are praising this it literally looks like some shittily made aliexpress costume dress you can buy for like 50 bucks.

No. 329411

The only good thing I can say about this dress is that I am positively surprised at the amount of work she must have put into it. And in such a short time. Visually it is straight up garbage.

No. 329416

>She doesn't deserve it. She's a giant liar who lies unprovoked 24/7
Nona, why are you so angry? Her dumb lies about people living in her head have nothing to do with me finding a possible explanation for the awful color choices.

No. 329418

File: 1719519014650.jpg (28.8 KB, 231x500, 231-3027259134.jpg)

The skirt is clearly ott lolita inspired and probably made out of chiffon or a similar less heavy fabric. She fucked it up like always, for comparison in her own standard it should had looked more similar to the strawberry dress than the heavy and lopsided shit she made.

No. 329420

She's not colorblind though, but you're going to make her larp it too

No. 329432

New munchie larp incoming. Would she sacrifice her driving privileges to say she can’t see colors for pity points?

No. 329438

I want to know what Cliffe’s cutie mark is so bad. Please tell me it’s a calculator for tax purposes.

No. 329450

A picture of her dad

No. 329453

He is quite cute…(no1currs)

No. 329455

Please say sike

No. 329460

Well I like your videos, I'm sorry that this forum is full of man haters. I liked your point in the dissociaDID video (I think it was) that psychologists never come out and say how bullshit this all is, which I thought was a really good point because other professionals aren't like that. Keep up the good work.(responding to a scrote)

No. 329461


No. 329471

I'm back after watching it to say it's actually pretty well made. I like it more than the other video that other dude made >>328759
>I'm sorry that this forum is full of man haters
No need to go there anon.

No. 329474

lmao what is this self posting. embarrassing

No. 329481

File: 1719547547548.mp4 (18.23 MB, demise of mental state.MP4)

>Demise of mental health
>Has issues with stuff later in the day
>Anxiety builds throughout the day, anticipation, energy and focus taper down as meds wear off
>Morning person now, Wellbutrin "cooking in her system" and on coffee number 2
>College days had a class later in the day. 1:56 begins college talk
>The class is colour study
>"My favorite thing in the world is colour"
>Almost fails it because "she couldn't make it" as in make it to class
>System was cracking open, losing time, not remembering shit, not functional multiplicity.
>Passes with a 70 which is what she needed to pass

No. 329483

File: 1719548098015.mp4 (10.57 MB, 720x1280, long movies.MP4)

>"I am a person with low tolerance for long movies"
>Finds it hard to sit still, finds it hard to focus, and a bit dissociative and expands on why.
>Needs to stay in the real world so does stuff like crochets
>If movie is 3 hour long will watch in 2 parts
>Then proceeds to say she watched 10 MLP:fim in one day which is unheard of for her. Those are ~20 minutes long.

No. 329484

re: giant peep; if I was the fan who sent it, I would hate her now, maybe she did it on purpose lol

No. 329486

File: 1719549532907.mp4 (16.88 MB, thumbnail title-y thing.MP4)

>New Video order: Falulu work vlog, con vlog, DID related update video
>Hard to title those (sewing videos)
>"A lot of my sewing videos are essentially the same video the same concept but depending on what I thumbnail and title it they perform completely differently"
>Uses strawberry dress and curtain dress as examples
>"Definitely just a thumbnail titling thing"
>Really functionally multiple lately
>"We were like wow we're actually like doing this is you know 3 years after diagnosis and we're kind of doing the thing"
>Member replies did not get notification for curtain dress until 2 days later
>Does not fully blame YouTube but that stuff is annoying, never said she's been shadowbanned on any platform before because she doesn't really know if that's a thing however yeah it's hard

No. 329487

File: 1719550088952.mp4 (14.99 MB, 720x1280, Drive Car.MP4)

>Stevie will be for sure there on Saturday but not sure if he will be there for the whole weekend
>"I think I'm going to be okay especially if I'm able to drive myself which we have it set up so that I have the car so that will be freaking awesome cuz yeah I need I just need a space to be able to go back to to like take off my wig and like be quiet I need a place to go and just like you know"
>Wants avenge her last year self and prove to herself that she can do this
>Feels very prepared and motivated

No. 329488

File: 1719550941353.mp4 (17.56 MB, part 1.MP4)

>Part 1
>Wedding talk
>At cottage
>Talks about tents and how she did not like them but came around because this rental has cute ones
>"I've always hated when I go to a wedding and you get served like a plate of food and I'm like there's always stuff on that freaks me out it's always I always have like a an Autism panic attack arfid Extravaganza like at my aunt's wedding they put tomato soup in front of me and I just I was seven and I literally just I was like I can't eat this I've never eating tomato soup it's just not going to happen so I just kind of sat there and then of course like your parents are need to like awkwardly make jokes to like try and excuse it to other people and it's like I don't know if they you know you know do we need to be talking about how I'm you know it's just a stressful experience but then also I went to a wedding once that had a buffet and they called each table up one by one to like go serve themselves and I don't I can't remember how big their wedding was or how many people were there but I remember waiting like 25 minutes and being insanely hungry and.you can smell the food and you can see everyone getting food and you're so hungry and you're just like so"
>Going to have like 50 people
>Stares then goes quiet then makes face like thinking
>"Sorry I went full pixie mode"
>Some weird DID thing happen there, she's okay
>Thought retraction
>Girlies are clashing

No. 329492

OK but that looks like schizophrenic behaviour to me.(armchairing)

No. 329493

You know what, Jill? I'll validate you just this one time: you really are mentally ill.

No. 329494

File: 1719551877168.mp4 (18.49 MB, part 2.MP4)

>Part 2
>Member replies that friend's wedding had Mexican buffet with everything separated
>Goes to comment and has issues
>Feels weird
>Vision going funky
>Points camera away
>Points it back after a bit
>Doesn't know what's going on
>"I'm totally fine I think it's I don't know what's going on I think I'm just I don't know I all the thing one big thing with me is anytime I have any sort of symptom that kind of like affects me negatively I immediately stress and try to find out exactly what's causing it so that like I have control and it doesn't happen again and I understand and sometimes it's like you don't need to understand you just you have a 100 mental illnesses and sometimes you're just going to feel weird"
>Going to scoot
>This will pass in 5 minutes, embarrassing to happen on stream, going to go put groceries away from instacart and lay down

No. 329495

No it doesn't. It looks like someone rambling and then losing their train of thought and that's it

No. 329496

File: 1719553635970.mp4 (12.14 MB, 720x1280, sunny coded.MP4)

>Goes to add nasal spray to instacart order but the guy checked out already
>Needs new one because almost out
>Goes on tangent because feeling fiercely Sunny coded about splitting new alters and how they become so active in your life
>Super duper party pony

No. 329497

the opposite; she looks like a non-schizophrenic on seroquel

No. 329498

She's feeling super anxious, can't sit still and focus, and she's drinking multiple cups of coffee and monster? How the fuck is she not understanding the correlation here.

No. 329499

File: 1719556043356.gif (2.86 MB, 452x500, 1662829239747 (1).gif)

>I'm going to drive myself
I can't wait for her to fuck up car number 3 because she to "dissociated" while driving

No. 329502

>More nasal spray
If she had access to cocaine she would totally be addicted to it, this is embarrassing

No. 329503

File: 1719560611805.jpg (65.99 KB, 800x600, 800px-Mario_and_Shine_Sprite_S…)

>That "wahoo!"
Mario alter split from Sunny???

No. 329504

>I'm the super duper party pony
Oh god. Pinkie Pie fictive alter incoming, now with more nasal spray.
>Anxiety builds throughout the day, anticipation
Monster, coffee and weed.
>Passes with a 70 which is what she needed to pass
It really shows. She also says "am I becoming so pathetic and soft that I can't function in the world" kek.
Her brain is so fried. I also feel like she only means the movies Steven watches, if it was a kawiwi movie she wouldn't care.
I hope she figures out that life is more than DID shit and makes more sewing content.

No. 329513

Afaik people with colourblindness can drive just fine? But getting a dissociative disorder dx already meant she's supposed to give up driving, which is another proof she doesn't have a dx, especially since she said she's blacked out behind the wheel before and also tried to larp seizures from "dissociation". I hate that she's managed to dodge this point and her fans don't question it. Anyway, she wouldn't larp something that would negatively affect her aesthetic (which her bpd ass equates with her identity); part of the reason she picked DID is because it lets her larp as a rainbow even more, so pretending she can't see colours is off the table. And yeah, her shit habits (weed/food/energy drink addiction) negatively affect her aesthetic, but she's not larping those.

No. 329517

The referring to Sunny in third person until she realizes it should be "I" because she's saying Sunny is currently fronting. It's all just a game. This is so stupid

No. 329518

>System was cracking open, losing time, not remembering shit, not functional multiplicity.
Do we remember exactly when she started regularly smocking weed?

No. 329519

File: 1719572834791.png (108.56 KB, 780x556, Screen Shot 2024-06-28 at 8.06…)

Her school's passing grade for all course is 60%. You can easily find it online. But she can't dare have anyone think she got such a low grade lol

No. 329520

Only 60%??? Kekk.

No. 329523

Tell us you went to craft college without telling us you went to craft college. 60% to pass and her ass couldn't even show up. I can't even..

No. 329524

She's 100% going for an ADHD diagnosis. Either she's convinced herself it's true because of tik tok or she's trying to get uppers. Probably both.

No. 329531

She’s gotta lose weight for her wedding lol. Instead of doing it the traditional way she’s trying to rely on drugs.

No. 329539

It's so annoying when she goes on about her retarded nasal spray AdDiCtIoN, like yeah not spraying will cause the nasal cavity to swell but holy shit just be a mouth breather for a few days. This bitch is so, so, so terminally lazy it's insane. I get the feeling she wished she had an actual addiction to gain sympathy points. Which is funny because she is literally dependent on weed.

No. 329540

this bitch is going to make me a-log if she really starts fishing for an adhd diagnosis. you don’t need stimulants you lazy troglodyte, put the fucking weed down. the medication shortage is bad enough without this hambeast trying to siphon amphetamines for her lackluster anorexia larp

No. 329542

Just a big sister post here to remind everyone:

- don't drink energy drinks at all
- reduce caffeine intake in general
- don't get addicted to nasal spray
- reduce carbs and sugar intake
- eat whole foods, not chicken tendies
- keep alcohol to a minimum
- do some form of strenuous exercise every day
- hit the gym in general
- get outside of your house every day. be in public and be in nature
- have a part time job and support yourself if you're able

OK? OK.(non-contribution)

No. 329543

Holy shit she's not mentally ill KEK she's just high as FUCK.
No, you ugly fat bitch, you're just high as shit 24/7 and you trailed off and forgot what you were talking about. Forgive my blogposting but I've had moments in my life where I've heavily depended on weed and I was smoking weed every day of the week, and what do you know… when you smoke weed every single day you'll have moments of having your thoughts "snatched", I.E. you've been high way too much and you just totally fucking forget what you were thinking/talking about right in the middle of thinking/talking about it. Holyyyy fuckkkk I cannot believe this bitch. She's literally JUST a fucking loser piece of shit stoner. DID, autism, schizophrenia, ADHD my fucking ass. Just a lowly, lazy stoner. I hate this bitch so much.
Stupid fat bitch put the bowl down and get a job.

No. 329544

File: 1719596827349.jpeg (Spoiler Image,42.28 KB, 484x634, IMG_4180.jpeg)

ur not my mom(non-contribution)

No. 329545

This is funny because this is quite literally an exact list of things Jill never does

No. 329546

>I was seven
>I can't eat this
>panic attack arfid Extravaganza
More like annoying as fuck child who is a picky eater, she should tell the rest of the story because there's no way her parents let her sit with a plate of soup in front of her throughout the rest of the party.
She acts like anything that everyone goes through is a sooper ultra traumatic experience that would make a soldier shit his pants.

No. 329547

Also this was over a bowl of tomato soup, possibly the least offensive thing a child could be given

No. 329548

They need to keep her in the looney bin for a while and she'll suddenly be able to remember it all. Or put her in rehab idk

No. 329552

nah she’d just come back with 10 new alters and mysterious traumas. she needs to have all of her social media accounts deleted. nobody would give a fuck about her growing menty illness collection if she didn’t have her following, because it’s entirely performative. too bad she’s surrounded by enablers

No. 329554

File: 1719611366007.png (55.51 KB, 720x230, 4674357.png)

180 there Jillian. Funny how she can't drive until there's something she wants to do. Rofl, transparent bitch. Wonder how many tantrums her royal princess had to get Steve to agree? Possible incoming meltdown in car when the con doesn't go her way.
Lol, I hope she does. It would be hilarious. Picrel
>She also says "am I becoming so pathetic and soft that I can't function in the world" kek.
"Becoming"? Bitch, you have been pathetic for a lot time. College showed you how delusional you were and you couldn't cope. Using the weather as an excuse was exceptionally stupid too.
That makes it even funnier.
I would have hated her if I was a teacher there. Can you imagine the excuse emails she wrote all the time?
This was my thought too.
Yeah, got to be that skinny queen. She's going to be chasing magic pills her whole life. She's a complete idiot who thinks drugs will magically make her skinny without changing a damn thing about both her diet/lifestyle and mindset. People can out eat while on ozempic. I'd write how does she not get this but reality is her grandiose view of herself makes her think she would be the exception. It's grim asf when you think about.
Her exaggerations are funny and she tells on herself with those. The other wedding with the buffet made me laugh too. Her acting like 25 minutes is so long was funny to me. Only ever thinks about herself. She's such a creampuff.

No. 329555

She's pinkie pie now? Ok. I guess pinker pie split because of the trauma of getting proposed to.

No. 329556

File: 1719612095414.png (245.65 KB, 720x1069, 753468.png)


No. 329557

Time for her to be a hypocrite about something else lol you can't say "things are still very scary out there" the day before you're going to an anime convention with 2000 people

No. 329562

>Duper's delight is the joy someone experiences after they get away with a lie. Signs of duper's delight are flashes of inappropriate smiles, crinkled eyes, and lip biting.

No. 329569

File: 1719622037391.png (630.84 KB, 720x1013, Screenshot_20240628.png)

No. 329570

File: 1719622105926.jpg (622.7 KB, 1536x2048, media_GRMvaHKWMAEASTp.jpg)

Full pic

No. 329599

File: 1719631374472.png (1.91 MB, 1241x1020, IMG_20240628_211810.png)

No fucking way. What a downgrade. I can't believe she got even more ita over the years. I'm like, speechless. That hair looks like a troon's, fried and sloppy, disgusting. That makeup is stupid. And she's making a legit special needs face, I'm not sure if that's on purpose or not. She really looks like how the confetti club members used to look like. Disheveled, washed out, gross. Weed, not even once.

No. 329631


No. 329632

it's probably a bow but holy shit that almost looks like she tied a bandana around her head rockabilly style. the lolita girlies are frothing

No. 329633

She needs a headdress or bonnet to hide that fried tangled web of a multicolored rats nest on her head. Or even a wig. Isn’t she playing autismo right not and acting like everything is overstimulation. Lolita would be a terrible choice of fashion for a special uwu sickie bean like Jillian. All those layers would be suffocating and the tights and knee socks cutting off her circulation should be overwhelming, and wearing that much caked on makeup would be a nightmare for the type of autism she claims to have.

No. 329637

The funny thing is that she has wigs. Why couldn't she wear one of those.
I thought the same thing, it doesn't look like a bow to me. Or maybe it's one of those retarded instances where they use a bow meant for the dress on their hair instead. Why does she look like shit on purpose? Even on her proposal day she looked like shit.

No. 329641

The entire western lolita community had gone to shit in recent years. They probably think this slays.
Honestly the left is pretty bad too, it probably just looks more aesthetic if you're not a lolita. The bag and beret are shit, the blouse is meh, the shoes aren't appropriate for lolita at all. So she basically only has one thing right and that's the dress. But she's young and pretty and the color editing is good, so it does look "better".

No. 329644

It was bad back then, I recognize it, and it's still bad now. But the styling is way better than what she wore recently. Who cares if her shirt was "meh", the worst part are the shoes and the lack of tights, that's the real issue. But let's be honest it's miles better and I could even call it toned down without the flaws I just mentioned. In the recent pic she's wearing weird diabetes socks for fucks sake.

No. 329648

Why must she always use that stupid hairstyle for everything? Does she think it's her "signature" or something? Looks like she rolled out of bed, threw on makeup, and called it a day.
>She really looks like how the confetti club members used to look like
Heh, funny how things turn out.
Same, it's jarring looking.
>Why does she look like shit on purpose? Even on her proposal day she looked like shit.
I genuinely believe she thinks she looks good no matter what. Her true love is her own reflection.

No. 329649

> wearing a cardigan as a blouse
> hair is thrown up in a casual bun with headband and hairclips
> no accessories
> petticoat is too short for dress and poofs out underneath it
> lack of theme and color cohesiveness
> makeup is too harsh and hair color is too harsh
> no natural colored wig or natural makeup

No. 329651

>romantic relationships
Sorry for being retarded and slow on this, but she's making her bf/fiance fuck the alter based on HER OWN DAD?!
Like obviously we know she's faking DID, but still in her own head she is playing a character who is based on her real life dad, embodying what she thinks her dad would be like in bed if he was a sassy drag queen… Excuse me while I vomit

I've heard about mothers seeing their daughters as competition for the dad's affection, is it possible Jill has it in reverse, with some gross daddy issues so she sees her mom as competition to her own dad's affection? I mean why does she even have an alter based on her dad but not her mom…?

No. 329668

>fast fashion taobao indie dress

Wow we love a self conscious consoomer queen

No. 329671

File: 1719658368530.png (597.06 KB, 596x740, Screenshot 2024-06-29 125020.p…)

That's a BTSSB dress:
to be fair: it's one of their ugliest releases and therefore pretty cheap on the second hand market.

There's also no JSK version as far as I can tell… so that's just what the sleeves from pic related look on her body.

No. 329673

Wow. Those were supposed to be sleeves and not small straps? This is just sad to look at. It's an ugly dress on its own and looks even worse when worn by Jill. The ita existence.

No. 329678

>dreamy pony honey babydoll jsk
>there's no jsk version
it is ugly though i'll give you that

No. 329690

She looks retarded. It must have been the toddler fronting when the picture was taken.

No. 329691

she needs to pluck her eyebrows into a more flattering shape oh my god. she looks like a grandpa with a pear face that his granddaughter put a bow onto.

No. 329697

Twittards are so annoying and Jill really dug her own grave pandering to these types every time. She should have just ignored them since at least her content did better when she was shameless about consooming. Trying to fit high ethical standards is also a big thing in the way of her making career progress because the effort required to make a sustainable ethical brand is insane compared to printing some shirts and mass producing pins and stickers.

No. 329699

File: 1719671406725.jpg (481.53 KB, 1080x911, 1000015401.jpg)

Sof has already gotten her cosplay judged. No sign of Jill even being in cosplay yet.

No. 329701

Did she have another meltdown?

No. 329702


No. 329704

jillian needs to make an actual headpiece and stop wearing that fucking dumb lazy hairstyle.

No. 329705

from a lolita standpoint the old outfit is actually worse, at least in the new one her pinks are matching (something she used to get a lot of shit for). like the old one is mixing three different shades of pink that don't match, she's not wearing socks with shoes that are more gyaru than lolita and the beret doesnt fit the coord at all. in the new one she's wearing tights, the red from the shoes tie into the dress and the dress and blouse match.
you can criticise the hair choices, lack of accessories and her looks but the coord is better than the old one you're comparing it to.

No. 329711

I'm betting her cosplay doesnt even make it to the con floor. I would be embarrassed if I'd gone to fashion school (even tho it was a low tier one) and put out the garbage that Jill does.

No. 329726

This is one of the worst dresses I've seen btssb ever pull out.

No. 329727

>Her pinks match
They really don't.
If you think the coord is better you must be blind. If this is what modern day lolitas think looks "better" then it all has really gone to shit. Both are ita coords but the modern one looks even grosser, who cares if she has socks on, they look stupid too. She genuinely looks unwashed. The blouse and the op looking cohesive is only but a miracle. The shoes might not be gyaru but they also don't fit the theme and are obviously not meant for lolita either. I'm pretty sure she borrowed the dress and blouse and everything else she threw in herself. She can't accesorize for shit. And the rockabilly pinup bow is 10 times worse than a beret. This outfit would had been destroyed to shreds on /cgl/ back in the day the same way the previous one was. She was never a good lolita.

No. 329730

Why the fuck did she use mustard yellow???? She does everything in pastels but actual pastels??

No. 329731

She always gets yellow wrong every time she makes a rainbow. She always picks a yellow that is multiple shades darker than the others

No. 329736

it matches the fugly yellow in her hair at least lol

No. 329737

Modern western lolitas care more about checking off a list of items than making anything that looks good or like lolita. Her new coord checks all the boxes and is in eye searing colors so it's perfect by western standards.

No. 329738

File: 1719688654534.png (131.79 KB, 720x587, Screenshot_20~2.png)

Can't find any photo of Jill yet but the performance is at 4. Maybe there's one on FB but I can't look without an account. I really really want to see her dancing in that outfit.

No. 329747

File: 1719693402835.png (187.31 KB, 720x969, 87543456.png)

She's there based on the replies to her private xitter.

No. 329753

File: 1719694713236.png (308.39 KB, 720x376, Masquerade.png)

Terrible photo but you can see Jill is standing by Sof. Awards are tomorrow.

No. 329755

The fact that you can tell she looks like shit despite how bad this picture is is almost impressive

No. 329758

What year was this pic taken, 1992?

No. 329760

She makes that face where she crunches her eyes small every time when she's high, I think she thinks it hides the redness but it just makes her look even more high. You can tell horse-teeth girl is high too, but she's not afraid to show it.
Ugh we need more anons with access to her private Twitter. Where are those twitards from the Precure fandom when you need them?

No. 329761

File: 1719698557467.jpg (113.95 KB, 1080x1445, 449518407_10169876061230455_46…)

Pics of them dancing

No. 329762

File: 1719698595674.jpeg (384.59 KB, 828x916, IMG_8321.jpeg)

There hasn’t been much update on her private tbh, it’s been pretty hush

No. 329763

File: 1719698625370.jpg (111.02 KB, 1079x1466, 449388225_10169876061360455_20…)

No. 329764

File: 1719698820460.jpg (112.37 KB, 1080x1434, 449521447_10169876061490455_41…)

Last dance one
It was taken a bit far away so I zoomed in which made it look worse. I was just happy to see she went.
Lol, figures

No. 329765

the wig looks like dreadlocks kek. honestly it doesn't look as awful as i expected but im guessing that the murky lighting is hiding the worst of it, the colour mismatch is very telling.

No. 329766

i thought she was going to do drills, wth are these loose curls?? it looks nothing like the character

No. 329767

File: 1719699609790.jpg (123.31 KB, 1080x1068, 449512306_10169876064685455_69…)

No. 329769

girl just commission the wig if you can't do it…

No. 329771

She doesn't look like Falulu at all jesus christ that's embarrassing for her considering how much she hypes up her own skills

No. 329783

KEK we went back in time nonna

No. 329784

File: 1719702771909.png (743.02 KB, 703x1280, IMG_20240629_171042.png)

She looks like a big blob with frills and that wig is embarrassingly bad

No. 329785

That wig is so bad, she usually has okay wig styling skills but this is just bad. For all the Sarah spaceman videos she watches you’d think she would also come up with a saw style contraption to make the drills look like drills and not whatever the fuck that is.

No. 329787

I'm guessing she didn't have the time to make it look good, she smoked too much weed and dissociated and couldn't finish in time.

No. 329788

File: 1719703005542.png (710.35 KB, 720x750, IMG_20240629_171358.png)

Man …

No. 329789

After looking at the other people on that stage, maybe her cosplay isn't so bad

No. 329791

File: 1719703557715.jpeg (135.72 KB, 2048x1150, IMG_4576.jpeg)

No. 329792

File: 1719703583308.jpeg (115.74 KB, 2048x1150, IMG_4577.jpeg)

No. 329793

File: 1719703610608.jpeg (140.76 KB, 2048x1146, IMG_4578.jpeg)

No. 329794

Is there a video?

No. 329799

I was thinking it looked more like a soggy mop. It looks dirty.
Her dress is too heavy so it's weighing down instead of spreading out like Sof's. She should have worn a girdle for this cosplay.

No. 329801

She's worse at every move lol

No. 329802

File: 1719707729484.jpg (445.73 KB, 1080x1452, 202747.jpg)

It's just stuff like this and her going on and on about MLP because she recently remembered she's supposed to like it.

No. 329803

No nonie, she already tested out doing a schizophrenia larp, lied about hallucinations and even started hanging out with a schizo influencer before dropping it for a DID larp. >>329767 OT but holy fuck look at that nasty troon on the right.>>329802 Her Autism larp is disgusting she is such a bad human being. Like did she watch The Ringer and think "you know what I want to be just like the main character and fake a disability".

No. 329805

>remember to do that stuff
Oh my god. Shut up.

No. 329807

No one on this planet could possibly believe that she forgets to eat if not told.

No. 329814

when did she ever NOT have permission to be her natural self lmao she was (and still is) coddled to hell and back

No. 329815

She couldn't have blue hair at the department store she worked at, her biggest trauma

No. 329817

Can a Lolitafag please explain why Jill’s petticoat looks so much shittier than the mannequin, even though they’re both A-line?

No. 329824

She's using the plastic hoop petti from her cosplay, thats why the structure seem off around the hem area. Or she's just using the petticoat only which is way too short for the lolita dress.


No. 329826

File: 1719714415787.jpg (6.45 KB, 223x226, images-1.jpg)

Her petticoat is definitely too short for her fun fact, if you search on google images by gif and type "misako aoki shameful behavior" you will get a shit ton of results that link back to lolcow, unfortunately none of them were the misako gif though

No. 329827

File: 1719714606142.png (228.8 KB, 564x451, IMG_20240629_202911.png)

I can't, these two are truly besties.

No. 329828

File: 1719714711878.png (602.12 KB, 720x1228, IMG_20240629_203054.png)

No. 329835

I know it is too early but next thread pic, please. This pic is hilarious

No. 329836

Genuinely where is her waist

No. 329837

File: 1719718608072.png (718.13 KB, 765x635, Screen Shot 2024-06-29 at 11.3…)

What a difference a few years can make.

No. 329838

absolutely dogshit wig

No. 329839

That’s just not how autistic meltdowns work, its an involuntary disregulated state where you literally don’t have control of your emotions. it’s not like a temper tantrum where you can choose to switch it off

No. 329840

where is her neck

No. 329842

Where is your autistic diagnosis Jillian? This also makes me believe her mom was the one keeping her in check. Her becoming an emotional mess and a slob after moving out isn't coincidence

No. 329843

Forgetting to eat (and other basic functions) is common in people with ADHD. She's definitely fishing for another diagnosis to get on speed to lose weight

No. 329844

File: 1719721502191.png (1.09 MB, 690x1128, IMG_20240629_222357.png)

She's actually wearing a bandana as a bow and her blouse is a cardigan. Wack.

No. 329848

You kind of proved the point that she has improved.

I think she looks kind of cute in the outfit. The outfit isn't good, but she might want to always keep the curled bangs style because it's doing her massive favors to her face. The wig is pretty tangled too though, yikes. The quality of these photos makes them feel very early 2000s. lol at the Makoto off to the right.

No. 329850

What's up with the constant white knighting in this thread? It has been happening for a while now. Not everything she does or wears is an improvement.

No. 329851

I miss when this thread wasn't so soft.

No. 329852

File: 1719724620606.png (142.14 KB, 720x842, Screenshot_212714.png)

I would guess she also got frustrated and decided it was good enough. Damn those mandatory weed breaks.
>I didn't start having the types of meltdowns and stims I have until I moved out on my own
>When other people in your home are eating at the same time everyday it is easy to remember and eat with them but on your own you gotta like… remember to do that stuff without prompting.
Oh boy, quite the fanfiction there, Jilly bean. Your meltdowns are because you're a spoiled brat who isn't getting her way so you're lashing out. You choose to have them to punish whoever "offended" you and to obviously bully to get your way. Lol. I especially laughed at the idea that this portly princess is trying to tell people she forgets to eat. She probably grazes all day long particularly on junk. I have a relative that swears she doesn't eat junk, but I've literally watched her eat junk in front of me after exclaiming that she doesn't. Her excuse is she doesn't do it often. I could see Jill being the same.
I could see it since she's super allergic to hard work and nothing is ever little Jilly Bean's fault. Picrel Stevie replied with this. Not sure if he really does have it, but could see Jill trying to claim it too to not be out done by him. Terminal mental jillness I'm afraid.

No. 329854

File: 1719725010892.png (825.51 KB, 1022x634, IMG_20240629_232127.png)

expectations vs reality

No. 329855

File: 1719725164511.webp (62.44 KB, 500x500, 1000037423.webp)

She really isn't meant to wear frills, I don't care if there's lolitas that have the exact same shape of Jillian, but Jillian's whole self just looks off-putting in lolita fashion or wearing any frills.
Not only does she look like a fridge with frills, she doesn't have the attitude to wear alt fashion at all, that's it, she's awkward but in an annoying way that makes you want to run away and never look back.

No. 329856

I honestly wouldn't have a reason to not believe him, he has a job and doesn't sit all day doing nothing like Jillian does, so he has no reason to larp it. I'm getting the vibe that maybe Jillian wants to have ADHD like him too so she can have all the mental illnesses.

No. 329857

No. 329858

>that's it, she's awkward but in an annoying way that makes you want to run away and never look back.
That's like, the majority of people who wear alt clothes on the internet though

No. 329859

He doesn't have ADHD. Every zoomer that has their attention span shot from TikTok and who occasionally forgets where they put something thinks they have ADHD. It's also the one mental illness where the drugs pretty much help everyone, so it's confirmation that they have it because they feel more focused and productive on adderall because that's what it does to every single person that takes it

No. 329869

I thought Jillian moved in with Stevie, and moving out was so traumatizing she had to form 2 different alters? Now autism is more interesting then DID she's changing the story.

No. 329870

She has already mentioned that ADHD has been ruled out for her during her evaluation I’m guessing that’s why she’s leaning into autism besides the fact she’s also using the autism larp to justify her DID because apparently autists are so retarded the window for the childhood trauma is much larger.
I’m not sure where the ADHD fishing tinfoil is coming from since she has already it out with her $1000 dollar diagnostic impression and angel baby therapist.

No. 329873

>because apparently autists are so retarded the window for the childhood trauma is much larger.

No. 329874

Oh, so she NOW has permission to be her natural self. Because of what? Self imposed restrictions? That's very socially aware and responsive of you Jillian Vessey. How sad her parents were so unaware and disinterested in her enough to miss the signs. Such neglect.

No. 329878

did part of her costume break mid-dance?

No. 329888

Why is she implying that she had to "subconsciously mask" so hard at home that she couldn't have meltdowns?
You know, there are autistic people who are physically abused by their family when they have meltdowns so they start self harming instead. Surely she's not implying that's her situation. How does she always manage to imply that her parents are monsters?

No. 329889

Nonna if you take adderal without having ADHD it doesnt help you focus, unless you think coke and speed helps people concentrate. Its an amphetamine which is why a lot of people use it recreational

No. 329890

ADHD meds are basically speed kek, taking them without needing it will have the complete opposite effect.

No. 329891

That's why so many uni students take them to study, right?

No. 329892

She just can LARP whatever she wants in the confines of her home and internet echo chamber now like everyone else who started packing labels onto themselves starting from quarantine. Just like how Jill sees herself as 12 different kinds of genderqueer and transgender and gay but just lives as a cisgender heterosexual engaged woman with ugly hair.

No. 329893

those students are retarded nonna. studies show that Adderall abuse leads to worse academic outcomes. they might think it'll help them focus but in reality they're not focused they're just wired.(derailing)

No. 329899

You guys are straight up retarded twitfags holy fuck. Adderall and the like aren't magical ADHD litmus tests. I've known three people with supposed ADHD who act like cracked out zombies on Adderall. There's a reason people buy Adderall to study for college… because it literally makes you focus for extended periods of time. So sick of this retarded "UMMM ACKCHYUALLY ADDERALL DOES NOTHING FOR NORMIES!" fucking sped rhetoric. Very Jilliancore of you.(calm down/derailing)

No. 329903

File: 1719763214051.jpeg (193.76 KB, 828x420, IMG_8354.jpeg)


No. 329905

Does that means we don't have a meltdown?

No. 329906

Literally this. It’s addictive, extremely habit forming, and a gateway drug to wanting stronger shit. Notice how it’s always adderall these people choose, and not vyvanse or Ritalin or any of the other adhd medications too

No. 329907

Unfortunately true. I think Jill could easily get addicted to it of she starts insisting she has ADHD too, and she'd be like "it helps me focus, so that means i truly have ADHD". And let's be real with her weed haze she could easily meme herself into thinking she just had ADHD all along
am i tripping on mental jillness or does sof just look more poised in every still posted?

No. 329908

Can’t wait for Jill and Sof to do other conventions like Sarah. Where they live is way too easy to win.

No. 329910

Is she getting a goiter?

No. 329912

She won over Sof individually? I can't believe the judges are still kissing her ass this much

No. 329915

You're right, Jillian looks like she either isn't sure of what she's doing or like she just doesn't have enough stamina/mobility to move properly. Sof's chin disappears all of the time like Jillian's, but Sof seems to know how to stand slightly better than Jillian who looks like someone wearing a fat suit.

No. 329916

Idk why you got redtexted, you're right. Speed used to be super common for soldiers at war to get them to focus and stay awake, not for tweaking in the trenches.

This just speaks to the lack of quality at these bumfuck maritime cons. She probably could have won something last year too if not for her toddler hysterics. They had a lot going for them for having dance routine in OTT overdesigned costumes. That and Sof's costume was pretty accurate to the source material.

Not sure why she's posting that she won best in show implying that she won it by herself because that makes no sense, especially with how garbage and inaccurate her wig is. Drill curls were not necessary. She would have been better off with basic neon curly ponytail clips, or like getting heat resistant ponytail clips and adding curls that way. Literally anything would be and improvement the tangled mess on her head.

No. 329920

If I were Sof I'd be seething. There's no way judges were being impartial here, Jillian's cosplay is okay tier, not contest worthy.

No. 329922

Jill looks absolutely dumpy, but objectively judging by the dress and wig, it is more interesting than Sof's. I can see why judges did what they had to do, it's not like they are there to judge personal character or weight.

No. 329926

File: 1719772134393.jpg (429.9 KB, 1536x2048, 449471689_10227424536624487_18…)

Another pic

No. 329928

kek the cut of the skirt is really unfortunate, her legs look really weird here

No. 329929

Well at least we now got confirmation it's just her shit lighting at home making the yellows look like mustard, you'd think a content creator would like to invest in some decent lighting for a more precise color presentation. The fabric choices are still awful and the skirt looks like shit imo but I can see what the other anon means when she says it looks visually interesting.

No. 329930

she looks like a midget holy shit. unprecedented levels of dumpy

No. 329934

Lots of people here love falling for big pharma propaganda and lies. They probably think depression is a brain chemical imbalance and antidepressants fix it too.(derailing)

No. 329935

Her little fat piggy hooves

No. 329937

if depression isn't a brain chemical balance then what is it? horomone levels control everything in the body.
"I WON!!…oh and my friend won an award with me too."

No. 329941

They don't know. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies just say this because it sounds scientific and makes you take their drugs. but it is not true.
Sof's costume is better from a construction and skill standpoint for sure. But judges at these backwater cons tend to go for the flashiest costume so I can see them picking Jill for that reason, plus maybe they factored in Sof winning last year.

No. 329946

her utter laziness to finish projects and the way she does everything half assed can be blamed on her weed addiction but not ADHD, if she had ADHD she wouldn't even be finishing those projects, just churning out more projects to leave unfinished and her rainbow lair would be 10x worse.
>not for tweaking in the trenches
tweaking in the trenches is literally all they did kek you should really research about amphetamine usage in the war, there is a reason it's very banned in Japan for example.
>They don't know
seems like you don't so stfu about shit you don't know about.

No. 329950

>Just like how Jill sees herself as 12 different kinds of genderqueer and transgender and gay but just lives as a cisgender heterosexual engaged woman with ugly hair.

No. 329952

>"I WON!!…oh and my friend won an award with me too."
Lmao, this.

No. 329954

>seems like you don't so stfu about shit you don't know about.
If you google it for 1 second, every single result says it's not actually a chemical imbalance and that's just something they made up decades ago to tell patients. If you still believe that shit in 2024 you're just being wilfully retarded(derailing)

No. 329957

Nta but it really surprises me how overtly the anons in Jill's threads present themselves as experts of the sham bullshit topics Jill uses as grifts. The ADHD gang is especially annoying
>noooo this fat bitch is going to steal my psychiatric meth rocks!!!
So embarrassing.
This bitch is so cringe. She's quiet as fuck if her friends accomplish anything but expects trumpets and flowers when she does the same shit. Bitter little fat retard piggy with toenail teeth.

No. 329962

File: 1719785614385.jpg (122.36 KB, 723x960, 449698072_7389618764476525_599…)

Jill's outfit on the last day of the con.

No. 329963

>wearing a mask after being called out on twitter
she's so predictable

No. 329964

what is it with her and these sad floppy headbows

No. 329966

They cover up her greasy, grown out roots

No. 329967

It's a bandana, anon.

No. 329971

Last cosplay the sleeves were way too small and made her arms look like they were erupting out of a sausage case, now the sleeves on this cosplay are too big. How the hell is she a "designer" and so incapable of getting her measurements right?

No. 329974

Id say congratulations, but it looka like they were up against some miccostumes genshin, closet cosplay Eevee, foam armor/prop with normie clothes, and Freddie Mercury Sailor Jupiter. Honestly from what I can see in the photos her cosplay partner was the only competition she really actually had. No idea why they chose Jill over her tho.

No. 329976

File: 1719788109907.jpg (978.08 KB, 1080x1831, 20240630_185836.jpg)

She's trying so hard to skinwalk Berry chan it's hilarious. What the fuck is that wink Jill's doing? Even that sad excuse of an "idol" is a better performer than Jill.(tinfoil)

No. 329977

Shame about that skirt, ugly as shit.

No. 329978

Not to sound like an anachan but I'm sorry nothing she wears while trying to look kawaii or wear jfashion inspired clothes is going to look good on her ham body. I think she also knows this but she went for body posi stuff instead of losing the weight and its making her even more unhappy

No. 329981

Honestly I’m happy she won best in show because it just means she might be motivated to work on more sewing projects

No. 329985

That's a reach anon, smirks can't be trademarked lmao
Why does she always look unwashed?

No. 329987

File: 1719793017569.png (127.81 KB, 655x731, con.png)

They placed first in the dance.
I don't think Jill will. She likes being a big fish in a small pond.
Lol you know she's going to be insufferable about winning and way over hyping her skills. Can't wait for the con vlog. Honestly I find her the funniest when she's super smug. She let's a lot of things slip in her quest to one up.

No. 329988

Who wrote that, Jill or Sof? It's confusing when she refers as herself in third person

No. 329989

Or more realistically it's going to inflate her already massive ego and let her paint some narrative about uwu overcoming mentaw iwwness over some party city tier mess of a costume. She's won contests before and it definitely didn't lead to more regular output or increase in quality of her garments. WKs stop grasping at straws challenge (impossible).

No. 329990

File: 1719793538157.png (697 KB, 720x716, kek.png)

Sof did. Sorry about that. Didn't want to include the picture.

No. 329991

File: 1719793695203.png (823.19 KB, 720x713, con.png)

I fully expect this in the con vlog.

No. 329994

File: 1719795577765.mp4 (1.7 MB, 1280x720, 1.mp4)

Looks like someone uploaded part of the dance so I grabbed those clips. Forgive me if these aren't in order.

No. 329995

File: 1719795654712.mp4 (4.35 MB, 1280x720, 2.mp4)

No. 329996

File: 1719795738193.mp4 (3 MB, 1280x720, 3.mp4)

Last clip

No. 329997

I can't with Sof's stupid fuckin' faces. She's such a homely woman. It's hard to give Jilla compliment, but honestly, she's in her element. I always felt that in a healthier timeline, she would have had a career as a children's entertainer.

No. 329998

the wig colour is still atrocious though

No. 329999

Sof's definitely trying to make cute anime girl faces but failing to realize it just looks weird on a real person, not to mention that they both have chubby faces which is very different from anime proportions

No. 330000

She's literally just smiling lmfao. They both look like they're concentrating hard as fuck on trying to make it look natural but they're doughy Canadian women with not an ounce of rhythm in their hearts so of course they look retarded.

No. 330003

I know not everyone is a con-fag so, for the record, best in show is a cop out award. They usually give it out to someone they liked but wasn't good enough to place in the main comps.

No. 330004

I was wondering about this. It says on the certificate that she won a VIP pass, while sof getting second place in masters gets a weekend pass. Which is considered better than the other? Because in my mind, I would think VIP is a better reward, but maybe that's not true?

No. 330005

It's not, though. Best in show is The Best. The only reason I'm not surprised is because she got best in show before, even if it was a long while back.
VIP is definitely a better award than a weekend pass.

No. 330006

File: 1719809883686.png (258.33 KB, 720x753, vip.png)

Nta, picrel is the VIP pass.

No. 330007

how is best in show a cop-out? it's the top prize for the entire competition. what are you smoking?

I'm honestly shocked she won over Sof since Sof's looks so much more put together, but maybe it looks different close up. looking at the rest of the people up there >>329767 I'm less suprised they both won it though. were there any other dances?

No. 330008

it's so funny that theyre just printed out pieces of paper lmao I know it's not a big con but I guess that's also why I find Jill bragging about this so funny. basically like getting an award at the village fair

No. 330009

Jill was doing the weeb smirks and actions before tiktok was even a thing.

No. 330011

> I'm honestly shocked she won over Sof since Sof's looks so much more put together, but maybe it looks different close up. looking at the rest of the people up there
Maybe it’s because she won last year and they’re one of those cons that don’t keep awarding the same person twice in a row?

No. 330012

>person talking about feeling more autistic while living alone (whatever that means, but emphasis living alone)
>Jill rolls up to talk about moving out of her family home to live with her redditor troon housemate, ergo not alone so not the same thing, also she is not autistic
Irrelevant replies are her forte

No. 330013

Also I like the implication she was getting controlled before, you know when she had her own kawaii basement which is similar to her home now, cats like the ones she has now, internet access, social life, friends, dyed hair, lolita fashion literally everything the same as now in terms of freedums, the way she subtly implies past abuse all the time when her mom seems like a 10/10 supporter, always has been, and just did a great job for her engagement photoshoot (this shit costs like 1k if you hire someone, not that it matters, but the point being she is always helping and supporting her, even now)
She is so ungrateful for real. Don't let the facts get in the way of your victim narrative.

No. 330018

Will Jill call this person stalker too since they filmed her without them asking?

No. 330020

>swag bag, swag, t-shirt, 1 dance ticket
Kek so basically trash

No. 330021

I wonder, does she think that living with Steven is living alone? Because that's quite sad

No. 330022

Looks like she ditched those ugly crocheted wings. The back of the top seems to be jutting out too

No. 330023

Probably means without parents. A lot of people tend to phrase it like it.

No. 330024

File: 1719815375661.jpg (101.71 KB, 720x1001, 1687815515256.jpg)

Sof won second and best dance last year. Picrel. They picked Jill over Sof.
Don't forget about basement girl, Georgina. Kek

No. 330025

I am baffled at how she's apparently good enough to win best in show, but not good enough to place in Masters at all though?

No. 330026

She didn't enter as a masters. She got that award as is. Her friend had her cosplay actually judged because she entered her cosplay as a separate judged item.

No. 330027

Imagine having a mother that went to Japan's with you just so you could go from one precure shop to the next and watch a silly live show in a kids amusement park only to then turn around and call her abusive

No. 330030

I don't understand how can Jillybean say such stupid things when her mom Louise is constantly mentioning both in her photography blog and her social media how proud and happy she is with her daughter. She has always defended her from her bullies at school and let her do whatever she wanted. She let her dye her hair since she was 12 and she bought her the expensive alternative japanese clothes she wanted. And she never said a thing about Jillian dating girls. Jillian is honestly so ungrateful, she got to live a childhood that most of us could only dream for, and she still has the nerve to say her mom wasn't good enough or outright abusive/neglectful when Louise has always been there for her and has always been super involved in her life and celebrated any small achievements Jillian had.

And ffs, her Japan trip wasn't cheap. Going together to see a MCR concert isn't cheap either. It's like she has no concept of how much it cost because things were just handled to her for the longest time.

I honestly think the "I was never myself when I lived with my parents" bit just means that her parents never let her be the dirty gross weed smoking and mental illness larping slob she has turned into. Because the moment she got out, she turned into this mess. Like how can she say she wasn't herself when her parents let her change styles and get piercings and even tattoos while living with them. Even her dad has given her shit relevant to her hobbies before. If I was Louise I would be so sad because even though she may not have been perfect, she did put so much faith and trust in Jillian and her future, it's so disheartening.

No. 330031

I would have wished for a mother like Jill's
She is the embodiment of a narcissist with munch
I can't put into words how much I want her to fucking perish

No. 330032

File: 1719825539967.jpeg (183.49 KB, 735x691, 1709760886815.jpeg)

The thing with Jillian is that she desperately wants to larp as a poor and abused "starving artist" emo tumblrina because that's what's on vogue on her social media and irl circle. She can't accept that she always had it easy and that she's always been coddled because it's just not fashionable, she has to pretend that she has it rough like everyone else, hence the debilitating mental illnesses despite all of this shit being entirely fixable. It's easy to larp it than to live it, of that I'm sure. The moment this poser shit gets thrown out the window by everyone she will revert back to showing pricetags on items made in sweatshops.

I'm not even sure what "natural self" is referring to even, smoking weed and drinking monster while dying your fried hair in rainbow colors doesn't seem natural. Unless she means the way she lives like a pig in a sty, then I guess that's natural.

No. 330036

File: 1719832565744.jpg (584.38 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20240701_131242_X.j…)

nta but she also replied to this, gives similar vibes

No. 330040

Didn't Louise give Jillian some Christmas gifts that were alter coded or whatever the fuck? Why would her mom accept this retardation anyway. At best I think she's just playing along. She's acting as if her mom is completely dismissing her when that's not even true.
>Sure my darling, could you please go smoke your weed outside? You're disturbing the cats

No. 330046

To be fair I read it as Jill telling that person that they shouldn’t feel alone because ~Pixie~ is there, not as Jill having the same issues as her

No. 330048

Implying ~Pixie~ cares about anyone but herself, kek, you know she loves inserting herself in people's tweets and making it about her own "struggles" because if a post even subtlety mentions anything relevant to her larp, she will twist it and turn it into something that fits her, this happens way too frequently to be a coincidence.

No. 330057

If parents just threatened to have their kids put in inpatient these idiots would realize really quickly this behavior isn't cute.

No. 330058

Jill's the type of burgeoning munchie who'd love going inpatient. She probably wishes she was thrown into inpatient as a teenager and because she wasn't she'll never heal or some retarded shit like that.

No. 330063

Jill would have loved this. She'd end up at one of those cozy little funny farms where they let you use a cellphone/the internet if you 'behave' and cook 3 decently good meals a day for you. And then she can log on to Twitter and lie about having to witness a person be sedated and other dramatic triggering tales

No. 330069

She would not like being inpatient, especially if she's not allowed to use social media/her phone. No substances. No getting out of doing the things she's supposed to do by claiming she's dissociating or whatever because they wouldn't buy her larp. I'm pretty sure Jill is very anti therapy, because she doesn't want to better herself.

No. 330072

She spent some time inpatient as a teenager for threatening suicide during her punk phase. It’s discussed in the early threads.

No. 330074

File: 1719858158192.jpg (213.84 KB, 720x1614, ponies.jpg)

No. 330075

File: 1719858267751.png (514.47 KB, 720x902, con.png)

No. 330076

File: 1719858633689.jpg (490.11 KB, 1652x2048, media_GRZxxlsWIAAKZ3Q.jpg)

No. 330078

File: 1719858929643.jpg (468.37 KB, 2361x1600, con.jpg)

What the characters look like

No. 330079

File: 1719860944930.jpeg (69.51 KB, 395x378, IMG_5193.jpeg)

My eyes are always drawn to this part of the bow, it's painfully inaccurate to what it looks like in the art. Why did she just make it completely straight? It's like that on her shoes too

No. 330083

Looks like she didn’t want to sew ruffles so she used lace instead? And why are the colors (esp pink) so pastel? It looks cheap and washed out

No. 330084

File: 1719863858691.jpg (360.07 KB, 2048x1536, 449443852_10161059119250196_60…)

Found another Lolita pic. She has a monster ultra strawberry dreams sugar free energy drink in hand and it appears on her left wrist (our right) she has the Sunny bracelet on. Also it is a bandana on her head.

No. 330086

If this is the state of the western lolita community….how absolutely bleak.

This must be a case of them not wanting to give someone 1st place 2 years in a row because there is so much blatantly off from the source material with obvious shortcuts like the lace instead of ruffles, vs Sof's level of accuracy and the actual skill and patience it takes to add custom pinstripes to socks, or get the stripes in a pleated skirt to line up perfectly. I know a lot of cosplay judges these days have little to know experience in actually sewing or crafting anything. Unless there's another 1st place masters winner not being mentioned?

And can Jill make goddam a bodice that fits without defaulting to princess seams? Like that's literally all she makes, beyond the "curtain" dress which was an ill fitting disaster.

No. 330087

I was thinking the same thing, they couldn’t spend the money on some ribbons? That would look better than these cheap hand written pieces of paper.

No. 330088

urgh every edgy munchie did that shit, or even just checked themselves in and bragged about being "institutionalized". They have no idea the real terror that real mentally ill people go through, the confusion and the drugs they put you on, and the lack of privacy or autonomy. Or what it's like to actually suffer from psychosis and have no idea about reality of not knowing what is real or what is happening. These attention seekers pick the most insensitive problems to larp. >>330084 This looks like an abdl convention meetup.

No. 330089

>jill bursting out her dress
>literal fucking shein dress
>shitty bodyline dress
god save the lolita…

No. 330090

File: 1719867736933.jpg (351.89 KB, 1074x1073, 1000011739.jpg)

Pic of Steve and Jill from her Instagram. Rest of the post were pics of her dancing with Sof. Here's the caption:
>Happy post time If anyone remembers last year I had a really hard time at the con and ended up having a rly bad panic attack and had to drop out of the cosplay competition. This year I was so so so determined to prove to myself i can handle this. There were a ton of last minute con organizational issues but I was able to cope through the stress, got judged, performed, and won BEST IN SHOW bro (crying emojis) I could not have done this without the warmth, support, and friendship from my best friend and cosplay partner 1 feel like I can do anything by their side. We won BEST DANCE together And they placed second in MASTERSSSS omg such a huge success, I am glowing with joy and pride and relief Aside from the contest going well I also got to do everything I wanted at the con Last yearl was so sick with stress and fear I spent like 3 hours total there the whole weekend, I fully missed Sunday, I was just barely there. This year I played Smash, helped host our biggest event with our j-fashion comm yet, met with so so many old friends and have a lovely little haul from the artist alley hehe. Anyway YAY
I'm waiting for the day she completely switches on Sof in true BPD spirit.

No. 330091

Whenever I read the op I read it as "finally enraged edition" kek

No. 330092

Lmao at that guy in the back. Is sunny the lolita alter now? I thought that was supposed to be flora

No. 330093

Tumblurinas and edgelords with victim complexes think that mental institutions are all like girl interrupted when even inside the film they specify that Winona's character has it better than most people who are inside other looney bins. No wonder they romanticize it so much

No. 330094

I just know they romanticise the abuse that mentally ill patients face too, because it fits right in with their ~dark~ and ~troubled~ LARP (although they have no fucking idea what the reality of those situations are like)

No. 330096

this con is in new brunswick and gets like 1500 people, I would hardly say it's the state of any community

No. 330099

After looking at the photo again, I think the Flora one is on her right wrist (our left). Flora is the lolita one and I'm guessing she's wearing the Sunny one because Sunny is suppose to be the 14 year old weeb so the con would be up her alley. She's also pushing the "call me Pixie" hard too considering the badge and awards besides having her friends and family refer to her as such. Fucking cringe especially since this all tied to her real name.

No. 330104

God these people are insufferable, like how mucb free time do you have where your main problem in life is "introducing" yourself/your larp OC to the woman who birthed you and you also live with has known you for your whole life. People are dying, Kim.
If anyone has this much free time to make an elaborate whole universe of shit, I implore them to get a job or do some charity work or something because that is officially too much free time.

No. 330105

Remember when Jill tried to cancel some rando who trauma dumped in her DMs, so Jill posted the DMs and blocked them. I have never read her useless replies as honest support, notice she never even says like "my inbox is open hun"
it always seems like she thinks the other person has a more interesting story than her and might steal her limelight, so she has to roll up and claim to have the same or a better story.

No. 330106

He's so revolting, looks like a wild street moid you wouldn't look twice at
(Jill looks cute here though)

No. 330109

She looks cute because the angle conveniently covers her double chin

No. 330110

Why are his shoes so huge? He tries way too hard to try and dress edgy and cool but doesn't realize it comes off as insecure and tacky.
When someone grows up really sheltered and spoiled like Jill did, they have really really low tolerance to criticism. She thinks things like "please don't smoke weed in the house" are nasty attacks instead of polite requests because she's never actually had to deal with nasty attacks or real issues. It's the same reason why she can't handle any feedback besides positive.

No. 330115

did she shoop her legs or am i seeing things?

No. 330117

They do look thinner than the rest of her body but it might be the angle

No. 330132

File: 1719890722110.png (467.49 KB, 720x894, Screenshot01201359.png)

View standings
They had to do a skit or dance and couldn't use a mic. A few were posted no idea what level these people were in. It's what you'd expect looking at the competition pics. Sof and Jill were the best imo.
She has this tweet pinned now.

No. 330133

Yep, called it. The wedding content will revitalize her channel.
I wish I had an extensive loving family like she does, she doesn't even need to do anything and they will accept her and give her loving gifts. And yet she has to ruin it with her mental illness larp.

No. 330138

File: 1719894294667.png (21.05 KB, 569x107, fb.png)

I'm not surprised either. The con is a disorganized mess based on replies in earlier threads. Thread 26, Jill won best in show with her Idol Time Pripara Yui cosplay. >>628039 wrote about her winning and the reply above it wrote how weird the awards were that year.

No. 330139

Because men's shoes do that when you go up in size, they dramatically look like clown shoes. Stevie looks like he wears 12-14 men's. I don't understand how wearing your size is tacky, they are just shoes. Like Doc Martens. Actually they might be.

No. 330145

Big feet = big meat.

No. 330149

Big feet = he's a clown

No. 330150

Men intentionally buy bigger shoes because of this association, but I think they also just look oversize because he's underweight and is wearing black which is making him look even slimmer
You would wonder how poor Jilly with ARFID who forgets to eat >>329802
weighs double that of the man living in the same house and presumably eating a similar diet
You know what, you might be right. They probably spend much of the day apart, in separate rooms, and he has a real job of course, she has plenty of time to Tweet and make videos on her own every week. Like it shouldn't be vastly different living with a partner vs family like you should be up in each other's faces an equal amount, but she immediately started telling her story as if there is a huge difference. She only has parents, cats and one brother too, not like she had ten people in the house before.

No. 330151

> You know what, you might be right. They probably spend much of the day apart, in separate rooms, and he has a real job of course, she has plenty of time to Tweet and make videos on her own every week.
Damn bpd symptoms. Lots of women would feel incredibly alone if they had the same situation. They usually turn to crafts/hobbies so they can cope with the loneliness.

No. 330152

Why doesn't Jill ever tag her friends in stuff she posts? It's weird

No. 330153

It’s bpd to be ok with being alone?

No. 330154

Her friends don't matter, it's all me me me
She's not ok with being alone though, this is why she has OCs

No. 330155

NTA It tickles the bpd symptoms to be alone while living with someone. Talking from experience n shit
It's a horribly lonely feeling to live with someone that ignores your presence and existence (but we all know that stebie is literally up Jill's ass 24/7)

No. 330156

Okay WK, he's 5'10, so I doubt his shoe size is 14. You can tell the shoes are oversized because of the fronts of them, the toe section, rises up from the floor. It means his toes are way too far back in the shoe because they don't fit right. He looks like he belongs in Kingdom Hearts with shoes like that. He's actually a fucked up looking freak and the more I look at him the more I hate him.

No. 330157

>He looks like he belongs in Kingdom Hearts with shoes like that.

No. 330158

She could be shooping, but I honestly think Jill unfortunately just carries most of her weight in her mid-section (which is more dangerous and unhealthy than weight increasing everywhere evenly)

No. 330162

File: 1719904351893.png (774.7 KB, 596x934, competitors.png)

>looking at the rest of the people up there >>329767 I'm less suprised they both won it though.
I was mildly impressed until I saw THIS was the competition kek it's just not a high level cosplay contest to begin with so being able to actually make your own stuff is impressive by their standards

No. 330173

Coord aside, it pisses me off that she couldn't be assed to make a headbow. She had time to make a whole cosplay but not the easiest accessory? Wristcuffs too are easy if you have enough lace.
I don't mind the blue and yellow, but why are her pink and purple pastel when they're clearly as vibrant as Sof's cosplay? Gotta make everything pastel I guess.
Lmao please. She'd haul herself in her room if she so much as heard screaming in the hallways, or people banging on things, which is like the bare minimum when you're in a 'tard care institution.

No. 330174

File: 1719910589719.png (1.07 MB, 720x1109, IMG_20240702_025014.png)

I can't, I'm laughing so fucking hard at Steven's big epic kingdom hearts stompers. Did anyone notice he gifted some Sylvanian Families to Jillian for winning though?
All the other cosplays were so shitty, of course she was going to win the best dressed clown contest in her middle of bumfuck nowhere weaboo convention. Can't wait to see her con vlog talking about how she beat PTSD, anxiety, depression, BPD, and anorexia because she won first place in an insignificant contest that has no bearing in real life outside of a single weekend. If this is her biggest achievement in 3 years then this is really sad.

No. 330175

Anons have even praised the way she makes bows recently and she got enough lace and material, everything is so lazy and put together last minute.

No. 330185

I didn't notice, they will probably use those as wedding toppers since it's wedding themed.

No. 330194

Did she call it a panic attack last year? I thought she was already doing autism LARP and tried to play it off as a meltdown.

No. 330198

Why did he get her toys for winning? Is this part of their agere fetish? She won something already right, this is spoiled child’s level of unnecessary and pings as odd but maybe that’s how things work in her backwater? Do Canadians get tots for their partners when they win comps or something, wouldn’t a cute bouquet have been better?

No. 330199

Keep in mind that she made this entire thing in less than a week. For the time she spent on it it has exceeded my expectations. The real question is why the fuck did she not start earlier than the week of the con? It's not like she was busy..

No. 330200

Calm down nonna, this isn't unusual. It's literally a set of old Callico Critters that feature a groom and a bride because they just got engaged. It's a common thing to collect, especially among young adults nowadays because they're cute, cheap, and available at Walmart. It was probably sold in the vendor room (its old, so not in stores), so it was literally right there, which a florist was not. Not that deep.

No. 330202

But nonnie! She was 100% dissociating and having autistic meltdowns because she made the valentine's dress and the curtain dress! Why do we have to add more pressure to her extremely stressful and complex lifestyle? She also badly made some pixel art and made some video about being definitely 100% cured from BPD! She's such a busy woman, how do you think she can fit all that in a schedule packed with Twitter slap fights, weed smoking and peep punching?

No. 330203

Aren't there nicer inpatient options for people with lower levels of care? Not sure how it works in Canada.

No. 330205

Lmao anons are seriously tripping about how horrible ~institutions~ are. There might be some genuine schizos up in there but it's mostly adults and elderly people who struggle with suicide ideation/bad anxiety/former drug abuse. Usually the MDD/anxiety/bipolar gang will be found in most of those inpatient institutions. Depends on the area but typically staff will section off majorly troublesome patients who're acting out and throwing shit. It's not a happy walk in the park but it's usually not a dingy prison where people are smuggling in heroin to shoot up with DIY needles kek.
In short, Jill would do fairly well in an inpatient facility lmfao she'd probably love all the arts and crafts shit they do.(medfagging)

No. 330207

I don't see Jill as the type of munchie that wants to spend time in hospitals because if she wanted to she could. She just likes lying and saying she's having meltdowns, she's not the type to hurt herself seriously like some munchies do. She doesn't even really ever post anything completely deranged or concerning on social media. I think she just talks so much about autism because she feels it's a reason to blame all of her problems on rather than be introspective about her behavior.

No. 330209

She doesn't even go to a real doctor - just abusing telehealth to lie her way into medications and not get judged to her face for her nasal spray addiction.

No. 330216

somehow she looks like a sneaky hamster

No. 330217

File: 1719947152385.png (150.57 KB, 720x753, Screenshot_20220223.png)

No. 330219

Omfg Jillian
You're the fucking tiktok autist she's talking about fucking hypocrite retard. Is she stupid?

No. 330221

Sorry but. Remember all the egregious shit she used to want to pass as totes real autism and dissociation and it was all stupid shit she made up? Remember the fucking "seizure" video? I remember and it's all documented.

No. 330222

Stupid bitch acting like she doesn't already know logging off would totally cure her of her malingering DID "diagnosis". Woahhhh what a surprise! Getting the fuck offline and getting out of the attention olympics actually is sooooooooo good for mental health! She needs to be thrown in a dimly lit hole in the ground for a month. That is the only cure for this fatty.

No. 330223

File: 1719948191851.jpg (183.53 KB, 720x1697, Screenshot_2021658.jpg)

This stems off of the caught ruminating tweet. I'm already tired of the pony sperging and it just begun.

No. 330224

the new shit she's going to talk about is curly hair because pinky pie has curly hair, lmao

No. 330225

File: 1719948420457.png (298.58 KB, 720x1092, Screenshot_70222524.png)

No. 330226

The pony sperging is so obviously because it's popular right now too, if it was actually a speshul interest we would have heard a lot about it before recently. How she fools anyone I'll never understand

No. 330231

>likes apple x dash and pony yuri
But didn't she make a fuss when two female precure characters got paired?

No. 330232

Is it popular though? I haven't heard about it

No. 330233

File: 1719949369850.png (289.8 KB, 720x702, Screenshot_2875347.png)

Agreed. She also changed the banner of her private twitter to the fan art of her alters as ponies. Lord have mercy if we get a pony alter.

No. 330234

Yea it's been having a bit of a resurgence recently which is undoubtedly the only reason Jill is suddenly talking about it as if she's always been obsessed with the series

No. 330239

>350 hours
There is no way she spent 14 days straight working on that cosplay. It looks like it was completed in 100 hours or less. She lies about the weirdest shit I swear.

No. 330242

She's probably including all the time she got high and thought about it

No. 330245

A part of me wonders if it could possibly have been a commission? The timing is too good and division between the ponies/"alters" are too precise - Jill's so inconsistent you have to be a hardcore fan to really be able to follow the difference between her OCs, their colors, etc. The text when the piece was posted makes me think otherwise but it's too perfect to just be a coincidence.

No. 330251

I was wondering the same thing. I definitely wouldn’t put it past her to commission art of her DID ocs lol

No. 330252

She always does this shit whenever something gets popular I don't get it. Suddenly she has always been the biggest fan all along. Rinse and repeat with every IP possible.

No. 330258

>>330225 dumb bitch realizing how gross autist moids want to fuck ponies, so she also has to be into fucking ponies to prove her fake autism is real.

No. 330259

File: 1719953930236.png (257.83 KB, 526x493, fb.png)

Facebook post about the con.
Yes, yes she is. I blame the fact this spoiled brat has gotten away with way too much and expects to be given special treatment all the time. She wants everyone to treat her mediocre ass the same way the con does.
Trying to chase fame. She needs attention and to be the head authority. She didn't even make it to Flurry Heart. Lol

No. 330260

I believe this too even if it sounds like a tinfoil
She didn't tag Sof again kek, her friends have always been accessories to her, even back in the day when she had her small cosplay group. Her wins are hers and hers only, no one else matters but her

No. 330262

The PriPara online community hates her lmao

No. 330263

>Thank you everyone who contributed to my fun and my fun only, thank you to everyone who made me win and rightfully so, thank you to the other girl in the pic whose @ I'm not tagging who acted as my accessory so I could be crowned the queen of the con, thank you to my personal basement slave with kingdom hearts shoes for gifting me sylvanian families after winning an anime dress up competition because that's what responsible grown adults do, finally thank you to me because I carried this con on my shoulders, I'm such a winner, everyone look at my post I'm such an important influencer

No. 330264

Post caps? I thought only the Precure fandom hated her

No. 330278

File: 1719956620441.jpg (191.98 KB, 720x923, not the ponies.jpg)

She's going all out on this pony obsession. Jfc

No. 330286

Why is she like this. Just announce the fictive already Jillian

No. 330289

Explaining shoes isn't whiteknighting. Dude has big feet, no1currs.

No. 330307

File: 1719967552605.png (429.54 KB, 720x1066, falulu.png)

No. 330310

File: 1719967865741.jpg (1.21 MB, 2731x4096, media_GRg7PxQWsAAotjc.jpg)

No. 330316

Also maybe a fan gave it to her and not even Stevie or a friend to congratulate them. It's not important.

No. 330319

You think Jill still has fans, and that they give stuff to her? She is not that popular kek

No. 330339

uh, yeah, she definitely still has fans, but realistically Steve probably bought them in the dealer hall because they’re getting married. can y’all stop sperging about the damn sylvanians? they’re a trendy thing weebs and quirky zillenials collect like sonny angels, it’s not that deep

No. 330340

yes? she still has a good amount of followers, she runs a patreon for crying out loud.

No. 330344

this, it's obvious he bought it, but this shit is irrelevant lmao

No. 330364

Hearing you’re getting married and deciding that it means you’re literally Pinkie Pie because you get to plan a party is the most BPD shit ever kek, it is hilarious though that she doesn’t know how to pass this one off as trauma splitting yet, although she’ll probably just also claim that MLP has been her special interest since forever and she needed Pinkie Pie to save her from her extreme serial killer victim level adolescent abuse.

No. 330368

>Hearing you’re getting married and deciding that it means you’re literally Pinkie Pie because you get to plan a party is the most BPD shit ever kek
This, kek

No. 330390

If she wants to claim g4 Pinkie as a fictive then that trauma would need to have happened after 2010, far past the age where fictives are supposedly able to form. I wonder if she'll come up with something or just leave it up to the imagination as she likes to do

No. 330393

If you think these TikTok systems care about that, you're in for a surprise. So many of them have hundreds of fictive alters that split conveniently whenever they watch a new aesthetic TV show

No. 330394

I wouldn't put it past her if she were to say that some alters come from the inability to process really positive feelings too (because she's autistic guyz so she's too overwhelmed!!) and that's why she's making now happy alters. Add me in the screenshot when she says this Kek.

No. 330395

Same with Jinx from Arcane but she still has it as a fictive because shit splitting from her head just like that is normal to her instead of deeply traumatic

No. 330401

File: 1720032112870.png (253.29 KB, 720x1049, 1.png)

No. 330402

File: 1720032461590.png (301.27 KB, 720x1015, 2.png)

No. 330404

Yeah that’s some thick skin you’ve got there, Jill. Kek

No. 330405

File: 1720032861127.png (105.84 KB, 720x480, 3.png)

No. 330407

Oh wow Jillian you surely showed them. Anyway it's quite obvious that she saw that tweet and then she went on to reply to that person so she could post it. The reply is only 6 minutes old in that pic.

No. 330408

>your diagnosis
You mean the diagnosis that she never got? Lmao. Her fans are stupid blind sheep if they didn't comprehend that there is no diagnosis. Her diagnosis is BPD.

No. 330410

She thinks roleplaying precure online and in her rainbow cave is a fucking disability.

No. 330417

Tbh, she was unnecessarily rude, the other person didn't outright tell her that she's stupid, but then she went full BPD and called the other person stupid. She's just such a bitch, imagine if someone actually insulted her, she would send all of her minions to attack that person. Plus it's extra shitty how she just didn't censor the name of the person she was replying to, such a kind ugüu and sweet lady she is.

No. 330421

>Someone makes observation
>Ur stupid and hateful and can't dim my shine hater!!!!1

No. 330426

This is a good example of how Jill is ALWAYS on the defensive and how she KNOWS her DID is fake. The fan said:
>You don't talk about DID anymore because you've caught heat for cosplaying DID and its starting to hurt you."
This comment can be read two ways. Either it's a condemnation, or it's supportive. It can be read like "Oh you're faking DID and that's why you stopped talking about it" OR "Oh you can't talk about your DID anymore because haters call say you're just cosplaying it." Since it's a neutral observation, the way Jill interprets it is very telling. She immediately sees it as an attack, and defends herself across 2 platforms.

Now if Jill KNEW she had DID 100% and wasn't insecure about being seen as "faking it," she would have taken it in the latter sense, she would have seen the commenter as supportive. Since she knows it's all fake, she sees every as an attack on her lie and immediately takes a strong defensive route to preserve the lie. 1 comment on a YT video with 0 likes got a response from Jill on YT, and then more than 4 tweets on her public account about it.

No. 330427

>I love being positive and upbeat and friendly

No. 330428

I can imagine she was going full on BPD fuming when she was typing that response out. If she had thick skin, she wouldn't let that comment get to her and wouldn't have responded to it. Nope, she has to get her last word in and show how stupid the other person is.

No. 330434

imagine getting owned by someone with femboy in their username

No. 330436

Yeah instead of feeling happy because she finally won something and got a proposal, she's seething at some random nothing burger comment on her youtube page and posting it on twitter for everyone to see and pat her back.

No. 330441

When people respond to hate comments do they really think the hater gives a shit about being called an asshole? If anything she gave that person exactly what they wanted by responding while clearly mad and proved their point. Like others have said, if her DID was real and she wasn't afraid of being caught lying she wouldn't give that comment more than a passing glance

No. 330443

lol come on, that comment is obviously saying she's pretending to have it. Jill is a spaz but no reason to pretend the other person was complimenting her

No. 330448

Right? That comment literally called her out. Jill didn't have to bring insults in, she could've saved face or smthn, but it's not like that person was being nice or polite in any way

No. 330475

>Either it's a condemnation, or it's supportive.

in what world is that comment supportive, come off it already. stop digging where there's no dirt.

No. 330481

the winners were not announced until the next day. my assumption is the toy is a "you didn't wimp out this time!" gift

No. 330541

>Thick as armour
More like thinner than tissue paper.
She really thought she could flash the whole self-reported part of the diagnosis impression with one line from the clinician and pass that off as a diagnosis. Then gets pissy when people rightfully call her malingering ass out. Her braindead fans will eat any shit she spews because just like her, they are faking shit too. All around this is pathetic and extremely embarrassing, and these people need to be off the internet.
All tied to her real name to boot
>I love being two-faced and authoritative and self-righteous
Her flying high wore off quicker than I would have predicted. She's itching to fight people now. Wonder what crawled up her ass and died? Not enough praise, attention, or what?

No. 330574

>disabled people are allowed to make you feel bad
girl you aren't disabled you're just looking for excuses to lash out at anybody. twitter gave her permission to act like a fool and so she wanted to show off. absolutely pathetic.
"my fiance literally acknowledged our alters!!" i wouldn't be surprised if she wrote the proposal for him, she's so ridiculous.

No. 330575

>"you're allowed to be hateful if that's more fun to you"
Thank you for the permission Jill! We'll be sure to use it kek

No. 330582

I wouldn't be surprised if she just decided to start walking around with a walking cane, actually, I'm amazed at how she hasn't tried that yet, I wonder if she knows she's too fat to look dainty and fragile with a walking cane.

No. 330584

File: 1720105861959.jpeg (893.71 KB, 1170x1676, IMG_5243.jpeg)

This MLP phase is already so annoying

No. 330585

>Headcannoning pinkie pie as BPD and autistic
Can she please stfu. She's really acting like she knows shit when she only got into ponies literally yesterday.

No. 330591

I'm surprised she didn't declare Pinkie as DID with the "evil side" of her being an alter born from trauma.

No. 330593

File: 1720111022703.jpg (42.2 KB, 630x487, images-1.jpg)

Pinkie Pie alter should replace Jerrick and Jynx imo. That way it'll be like saying she's 70% fun all the time and 30% evil sometimes or something instead of just having evil alters (kek). Jerrick/Jynx are barely used nowadays and they're too similar and too emo for her kawiwi brand. It's funny she's latching onto pinkie pie now of all times though, when the steven universe movie came out she latched to picrel and she larped it hard and this character was basically a very similar "pink character is happy but then gets insane" concept.

No. 330594

File: 1720111208167.jpg (22.12 KB, 585x524, images-3.jpg)

Posting this for comparison.
At least I hope that if she's going to larp as pinkie pie she'll stop straightening her hair obsessively like she usually does.

No. 330595

A lot of people that use walking canes except for extremely elderly old people are overweight because typically whatever disability they have makes exercising difficult, so it would definitely believeable. Inb4 I’m giving Jill ideas lol

No. 330599

Honestly, overweight and obese people using canes doesn't bother me. They probably do have some underlying issue like scoliosis or hip pain that makes it unbearable to walk and exercise, I know someone like that irl and it's not easy for them. It's only bright color haired idiots with munch like Jillian that use them for clout. Mobility aid should not be used that way, it only makes people who need it the most shy away from using it.

No. 330601

File: 1720112775596.jpg (118.85 KB, 1169x730, actualbpd.jpg)

Check out the BIID subreddit if you want to me absolutely horrified by the state of the world.
>>330593 Jill should have an Alice alter because at least this film is a somewhat realistic representation od BPD. I guess it's not kawaii or childish enough for her adbl larping ass.

No. 330603

If Pinkie Pie had BPD none of the other ponies would be friends with her because they’d be exhausted from her whiplash hate/love emotions and shittalking. She’d be alone and left to her own devices and blame it on everyone but herself, while also simultaneously blaming herself with unhelpful dramatic negative self talk and attention seeking just because it’s the easiest thing to do and not because she’s looking to change. And become a munchie on pony Twitter kek

No. 330605

Kek for real this just made it obvious she hasn’t seen any of or at least the vast majority of the show before

No. 330606

File: 1720115472000.jpg (9.5 KB, 400x219, images-1.jpg)

What show is that character from?
I don't think Jillian would ever larp as anything that doesn't come out of a cartoon, video game or an anime tbh. It wouldn't be kawiwi enough for her and she's too childish to relate to normal characters. I would be surprised if she larped as picrel for example considering the setting would be to scawwy and too real for her (and the character faces some accountability in the end of the movie). She deludes herself in color coded fantasies and she's already said that she can't retain her attention on normal movies and shows, they have to be as bright and shiny and constantly screaming like Precure does.
The only other show with actual people in it she truly cares about nowadays and not just because of Stevie is Drag Race lmao. And that says everything you need to know. She hasn't mentioned it in a while though. Wonder when she'll remember she's supposed to like it, she stopped mentioning Project Runway once she realized she has 0 chances getting in there as well.

No. 330608

Kkekk I'm sorry but I'm remembering the first "drag queen performance" she did, constantly flopping around on the floor looking ridiculous, she then only did like 2 more performances and then dropped the act completely kek. She even cancelled so many other "gigs", so much so for someone whose whole identity was based on being a bio queen for like a year. Coincidentally she did use that Spinel song from Steven Universe. So if she wants to prove she's still totes a drag queen maybe she should do a Pinkie Pie routine, though it seems like she's more into cosplaying now as she did win an award so maybe the drag queen stuff is finally over because she wasn't relevant enough (I doubt it, but you know).

No. 330616

It's a movie called Welcome to Me and it's the most Jill plotline ever but she'd never admit it because she totally doesn't have the icky bpd traits.

No. 330617

She's really ramping up the pony obsession.
Well this reeks of mid to late 2010s of fandom on tumblr. I fully expect a Pinky Pie ficative at this point. Pull the trigger already, Jilly bean.

No. 330639

You can tell she's just a malingering bippie because no one who used to have BPD, or worked on their diagnosis enough to no longer meet criteria would be hanging around crying and relating to some BPD headcanon. They'd be distancing themselves from that black hole cult of emotional manipulation kek.

No. 330646

Her having this reaction proves to me that she was never really into mlp before this because that episode was HUGE when it came out, anyone even vaguely into the show knows about Pinkie Pies meltdown episode and it's impact on the fandom

No. 330651

>they were like "BPD??" jokingly but.
no they weren't
>It's actually a really solid allegory (cry emoji)
no it isn't.
Why is she equating BPD for ponies for fucks sake. BPD isn't a cute medal she can take on and off and kawaiify with cartoons. No children's cartoon is going to portray a cluster b disorder, let alone in a cutesy manner. I guess she forgets that BPD is supposed to be shitty, but I'm not surprised because for her BPD is "perpetual angry emo victim syndrome" and she never talks about the shit she does to others. Getting naked in front of steven and maggie comes to mind. This is why she's not cured from BPD at all like she says she is lmao.

Btw is Maggie's twitter still private? what was her username again? how did she react to Jillian's proposal, and how did any of her friends react? the whole ordeal seems kind of sad the more I think about it.

No. 330652

her equating bpd to a bratty pony is so telling

No. 330676

I mean this is pretty BPD.

No. 330693

Is Jill headcanoning pinkie talking for the objects and hallucinating that they talk back as her alters? Is that the next step?

No. 330718

File: 1720204041298.png (605.27 KB, 720x1017, Screenshot20297534.png)

No. 330720

File: 1720204660410.webp (75.92 KB, 507x680, media_GRvUQXYW4AAj4jx.jpg_name…)

No. 330722

File: 1720205197957.png (58.63 KB, 720x348, Screenshot_yt.png)

No. 330723

this is the only post where the wig doesn't look atrocious. and its only cause the seatbelt is covering it and its a catfishing angle lol… how many years doing cosplay you said?

No. 330724

Why even emphasize the construction if the wig video was useless since all the curls got undone anyway

No. 330725

ah yes the old method of slapping cheap rhinestones on the costume. Looks worse up close.

No. 330729

It's cosplay lol What do you expect? Swarovski stopped selling theirs publicly.

No. 330732

people use rhinestones to cover up flaws in the costume. It's a tried and true method passed on by Drag queens and Sarah Spaceman.

No. 330735

File: 1720209326219.png (111.09 KB, 714x515, fighting capitalism.png)

No. 330736

Exactly. I don't know what anon is complaining about using stones?

No. 330738

File: 1720209969321.png (75.47 KB, 720x450, blew up.png)

No. 330743

LARPing disability is truly one of the "boring, aimless enby/"pan"/"bi"/poly colored haired (heterosexual) (able bodied) white girl" staples it's crazy. Might as well call herself a retard cripple, start using a cane and curl up her hand in public. She is so fucking boring lmfao she's really got nothing else to do except think about herself. I'm waiting for the ebegging post with the obligatory "Hi, we're a trans, nonbinary, bisexual, age varied, disabled, porky content creator" preface to get retarded kweerios to donate 5 bucks.

No. 330760

It's PriPara's 10th anniversary, not 10 years of her doing cosplay kek but your point still stands that she should be better by this point

No. 330762


No. 330764

>Fighting capitalism with casseroles
This is a good contender for the top 10 cringiest phrases she has ever put together on twitter kek. What in the fake posi pseudo anticapitalistic millenialcore woke activist tumblr did I just read kek she doesn't even get out of her house. I'm pretty sure she takes and takes from her friends without even teaching them anything in return because she doesn't know shit, actually. Lol. If she was interested in "fighting capitalism with casseroles" she would be going to local shelters and do volunteering work, maybe she could teach them how to sew lopsided skirts or something. I find it so funny when people think they "ate" with their stupid phrases lmao.

No. 330765

File: 1720230947938.png (98.78 KB, 720x992, IMG_20240705_194121.png)

It's probably just her smoking weed and acting retarded. Better watch out, her wishes could be granted.

No. 330773

kek, i fucking can't. imagine being so coddled in life that all of your "problems" are 100% made up. and then you use it to seek attention and project hostility upon others all because a dying website full of troons and losers told you it's totally okay.
nobody who's legitimately disabled acts like this, she's a spoiled fucking brat. people who are disabled aren't sitting there counting the likes every hour calling people "based allies" for supporting this absolute narcissistic delusion

No. 330780

>I love trading skills
A shopping addict

No. 330813

saw this on tiktok and thought it applied to this thread. I wonder if Jill will do a quiet exit from her DID at some point too.

biggest difference is that this was a 13 year old and Jill is more than a decade older and doing this. at least she doesn't have a Charlie d'amilio alter.(off-topic)

No. 330817

Poor girl. And she's clearly still under the spell of discord degeneracy. I wish Jill would comment on this. I don't think she's actually delusional enough to hear a story like that and think "oh but MY alters are real! It is so different!" She can't be. Weed hasn't made her that mentally deficient yet. I so badly want to see how the DID saga ends. As sad and embarrassing as it is to admit you've been groomed by social media to pretend you have DID it has the chance to revive Jill's channel that she has been slowly killing with mental health garbage.

No. 330819

Jillian is already dropping the DID and is slowly presenting herself as a bratty pony with BPD and Autism…(sage your shit)

No. 330851

Jill hasn't been groomed by social media though, this DID stuff wasn't even a thing when people her age were teens. She's a grown woman so she has no real excuse unless she makes up another thing again

No. 330854

I don't know about that. One of the chud guys covering jill recently showed a video of her as a teenager in school talking about how she and her friends watched nin and Nan every day and I realized with a sinking feeling she really thought she was watching something educational. That sounds like social media influence to me.

No. 330859

>One of the chud guys covering jill recently showed a video of her as a teenager in school talking about how she and her friends watched nin and Nan every day and I realized with a sinking feeling she really thought she was watching something educational.
Who? Where?

No. 330865

That would be pretty interesting if there’s evidence that Jill has consumed DID faker content since her adolescence, since we’ve at least previously just seen the timeline as that she started getting into watching DID YouTubers heavily about a year before proclaiming she also has it.

No. 330868

This video starting 3m in

She keeps talking about how she was doing "research" on YouTube and channels like dissociadid were part of the "research". She doesn't even have any self awareness when she says it, like it's totally normal to view random YouTubers as reliable sources for medical information. Are other zoomers like this? Thinking youtubers have as much credibility as any other source?

No. 330869

The scrote who's video you linked lurks here and self-promoted. Don't give him more attention.

No. 330871

you're retarded. the timeline doesn't even add up. she said she started watching did content in 2019, right before she got diagnosed. she was in her 20s. she probably was inspired by them but she was not a teenager in school, she was an adult, at her crafts college.

No. 330872

>Thinking youtubers have as much credibility as any other source?
Yes. They don't even look at any other source. In my days (lol) we used Wikipedia a lot and that was already heavily criticized because everyone can fuck with it. For most purposes it was fine. Then documentaries if something interested you more. For serious shit obviously books. People online discussed news on social media. That morphed into news being shared entirely on social media. The 2016 US election and then the pandemic created major distrust in official sources and social media journalism exploded. The source of information almost doesn't matter anymore. It is spread almost entirely by regular people on social media and consumed as entertainment without the validity being questioned. Take the DID trend: these people literally want to re-write the DSM. The phenomenon is fascinating and scary. Thanks for reading my master thesis. Now get off my lawn!

No. 330873

File: 1720328100141.png (221 KB, 623x218, Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 12.3…)

nona shes literally 26. even if she was "groomed by social media" to be retard 10 years ago its not an excuse to still be a retard 10 years later. she was a brainrot kid on deviantart/tumblr cosplaying hatsune miku at 15 trying to go viral with mommys help. shayna was getting flooded with creepy dudes asking for nudes at that age…
pic related is teenage jill talking about herself like shes meryl streep. she was having more than a good time

No. 330875

Why is it always the women with an English mom and a dad from some random, podunk, hick-y town in North America.

No. 330879

How are some of you claiming the DID shit wasn't due to influence of social media? How did she find out about the DID garbage then? From the many people with DID in her community in bumfuck nowhere? She has been terminally online for over a decade. Everything she says or thinks is something she saw on social media.

No. 330883

>Rainbow valley, fun for the family

No. 330896

The argument anons are making is that she wasn't "groomed" because she was of the age of majority when her larp began. It's just semantics. Don't pay it any mind and use the energy that saves to learn2reply.

No. 330897

"we're just so gifted with stunning looks that God had to hinder us in some capacity"
Ew what??? I hated her 'about' page on her website so much that I didn't even see that the first time. I wonder how she would be if her family was just a tad more religious. If she met stebies parents and got to know them would she claim that God healed her and continue her psychosis larp? Try it out Jill! Go full psycho so we believe you! Come one!! You can do it!! I believe in you! Let God heal you!

No. 330902

Of course she got it from social media, but she's not a 13 year old who gets bullied at school and starts larping DID to get friends, she's over 20 with a partner, friends, a close family… She's only doing this because she thought it would get her views

No. 330903

She must be an idiot to fall for the same things 13 year olds on tiktok fall for at the age of 20+. Kek.

No. 330904

File: 1720348281716.png (80.23 KB, 453x209, genetics.png)

It's the funniest part of the whole text for me

No. 330906

File: 1720348533896.png (699.07 KB, 690x760, jilly.png)

narcissists are hilarious I swear. kek

No. 330914

File: 1720359111107.png (198.38 KB, 720x745, IMG_20240707_073040.png)

No. 330915

she never got diagnosed

No. 330917

the air quotes should be implied

No. 330922

no, even if you put it in quotes you wouldn't be calling it what it actually is, an impression. we need to be consistent with calling her out. don't validate her.

No. 330924

Why would someone else ever call you "we"????

No. 330926

File: 1720373067234.jpeg (220.25 KB, 828x657, IMG_8790.jpeg)

No. 330930

File: 1720375207402.jpg (587.82 KB, 1080x1298, 5722.jpg)

No. 330931

File: 1720375558867.png (516.64 KB, 720x1061, 76433578.png)

No. 330932

What gingham? Where? Does she mean the side borders and that's it? I don't understand what she is getting excited about it.

No. 330933

Not to defend her, but this felt more tongue in cheek than serious.

No. 330934

No. 330935

That seemed like satire to me as well, like self-deprecation humor.

No. 330937

i want people with actual autism to call her out the same way she got called out when she tried to claim bpd made her neurodivergent so, so bad. 'cooked this up in the autism factory' is just downright offensive

No. 330938

yeah that was obviously a joke… jill wishes she was as autistic as some of the nonnies in this thread kek

No. 330940

No. 330941

File: 1720380741654.jpg (Spoiler Image,339.55 KB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20240707_212716_You…)

sage for not jill, but cherry recently made a youtube channel with "meet the alters" videos. she doesn't even have a "diagnostic impression". jill is completely silent about this. not that it's particularly hard to surpass jill, but i think she does a better job with her acting, but that's because she genuinely is struggling, i think she said she was diagnosed with intellectual disability. this is the kind of effect jill has on lonely fans who look up to her. she knows she can't fake claim because she does the same shit herself. at least cherry publically questioned her own intentions behind it instead of never ever having a single shred of doubt in a disorder that is covert.

No. 330942

>Autism, autism, autism
She ain't even diagnosed

No. 330943

Question, by saying 2022 what does she mean? The McLean shit?

No. 330945

>my retard trait is telling the truth!
At this point any time some rainby haired, greasy, pasty (important detail, means they never leave their house kek) bitch says she has autism I immediately write her off as a total attention-whoring neurotypical retard.

No. 330946

Nona, this is clearly a joke. In picrel she’s an awkward kid with frizzy hair, glasses, and a goofy smile.

No. 330947

Honestly, I’m rooting for Cherry. Sof surpassed Jill in cosplay, sewing, and hitting adult milestones. I want to see the narcissistic meltdown when Cherry surpasses her in views as a “DID creator”.

No. 330949

This is so sad, Jillian is seriously an asshat for promoting this shit to people that are actually going through some bad shit.

No. 330951

File: 1720385130807.png (24.14 KB, 720x218, Screenshot.png)

I agree in that regard. She's been trying to muddy the waters with calling the impression a diagnosis since her video revealing the self hx and one line from the clinician observed part.
Her view on autism is disgusting and demeaning.
McLean happened in 2023, so my guess would be the LC slander video she did as a way to ride Keffals' coattails back in 2022 picrel. I still find it amusing she used slander which is spoken/oral. Libel or defamation (broader term) would have been a better choice; however, still incorrect as anons use Jill's own words against her to point out her lies.

No. 330952

I remember she even responded to Keffals tweets about KF but it’s like your thread is dead on that site. She’s just desperate to get her views up but nothing is working.

No. 330954

Maybe it's just me but I find her cute kek

No. 330955

Cherry should drop the DID skinwalking and just be an autism creator, she's so far on the spectrum I wouldn't be surprised if she has a handler, since that's the new thing Jill wants herself.

No. 330966

Jesus how was that shit two years ago

No. 330974

Same she so precious and doesn't seem like she has any ill intent.

No. 330982

I'm watching the videos and I feel like she's exactly what Jill is trying to be, which is funny because her whole personality is about copying Jill kek. She's cute because she's an actual retard who acts like an anime character for the joy of it, not as a ploy to get people to pity her

No. 331003

God this whole new wave of people “diagnosing” themselves based off stupid ass tweets is fucking ridiculous. Jill is frothing at the mouth over this astrology-tier garbage “autism is when uhhhhh you do normal human things like expecting people to believe what you say, or using a little spoon, collecting things, dancing, having favorite shows and characters and foods…” all of this is normie behavior and she’s over the moon with excitement that these non-issues mean she’s DISABLED so that she can cry oppression every second and get out of adult life forever.

No. 331010

I don't get how she can just call autistic people straight up disabled kek, in the end she just wants that, to be an autist who is disabled. But autists don't even need pills like ADHD people, being an autist is basically living life with a bunch of retarded inconveniences that makes people feel like shit, but not to the point of taking antidepressants and needing a tard lanyard to get the mail kek.
I wonder if she will ever just drop all of this and become a responsible adult, like this whole thing can be "cute" or "understandable" for a while, she's still young, but just what will Jillian do when she hits the 50's and 60's?

No. 331015


I think the biggest sign she might not be autistic is that she has done zero research. Most self diagnosed autistic people do tons of research before claiming the tism publically. As far as I know Jill's claim to autism is that her one of her autistic friends said she might have it (which means fuck all) and doing the toktokificationof autism by relating to something that she doesn't even fully understand such as stimming or melt downs.

No. 331025

No I think the biggest sign is that she is a nasty liar with a long standing habit of faking various disabilities and illnesses for attention…and having her life documented for years and only start larping Chris Chan when it got trendy. She wants an excuse to act like a babbyyyy and never grow up/get a job because that's what she thinks being ND means.

No. 331026

You can't be a self-diagnosed autistic, anon.

No. 331042

I find it super weird that the moment chris chan was trending she suddenly decided that she was totally autistic and only copied stereotypical male autism traits

No. 331052

not even this thread cared about this lace monster sewing video lmao.

No. 331058

File: 1720428006927.png (1021.63 KB, 1043x645, Screen Shot 2024-07-08 at 2.33…)

>post haircut pic to show weight loss
>nonas say she looks the same
>lift your shirt and pose like a puppet to seem as skinnier as possible
>Shes NOT even wearing that in the video! she took the catfish photo at her "skinniest" to show off. Shes literally just mad and want to look skinny. Holy shit.
>you can barely see her body in her thumbnails pre haircut pic btw

No. 331061

I've been watching a lot of Sarah spaceman videos recently (because this thread mentioned her) and I realized that Jill is copying her video format Hard!

No. 331064

Jill copying Sarah is so funny. Cows copying cows is so poetic, Jill's cosplay quality is just as bad. Besides that, she proves again and again she has never been original in her entire life.

No. 331070

I get what you mean nonna, but even with my limited sewing experience seeing all the shortcuts she does and still claiming to be a professional pisses me off lol. What professional still can't sew an invisible zipper and sews it on the back instead of on the side? What professional doesn't iron their fabric every step of the way? What professional feels the need to pat themselves on the back for managing to sew a rolled hem (which isn't even good in a lot of places)? I could go on.

No. 331101

>What professional doesn't iron their fabric every step of the way?
Solid point. Ironing seams makes such a huge difference. I can't wrap my head around someone who's gone to school for sewing not ironing every seam and hem. Can't imagine it's a preference anyone has, it just makes it much more difficult than it has to be.

Anyone else think it is telling that she only ever talks about the things that are wrong with her that have no cure? Not her addictions, eating disorder etc for which there are many courses of treatment. No, it's autism and DID and there's nothing she can do to change that. She just has to be brave and live with it, absolutely no responsibility to make positive changes. That wouldn't work with all the other mental illnesses that she clearly has.

No. 331119

I guess summer explains the influx of tards in the thread and "oh, I'm sure she just meant…!" benefit of the doubt tards as well. Sarah Spaceman ALSO has her own thread because she also is pretty bad at what she does while delusionally presenting as a professional and getting opportunities because doing something on camera = skill to half of people in 2024.

No. 331124

My point wasn't about Sarah skill level my point is that I have noticed from the last few Jill videos that she is blatantly copying off of Sarah.

No. 331159

File: 1720481974121.jpg (872.37 KB, 1080x1738, 20240708_194436.jpg)

She's trying so hard to pretend like she's an ally and definitely not racist kek

No. 331166

File: 1720482529934.jpg (478.87 KB, 1080x1038, 20240708_194917.jpg)

Sage for Jill's skinwalker but this is so funny. She started crying about Palestine because one of her alters dyed her hair with a watermelon pattern so she can show support in her *~inner world~*. Can't wait for first-world DID fakers to start splitting alters from the TRAUMA of having to hear about a conflict going on halfway across the world(derailing/off topic)

No. 331180

This is so funny and kawiwi, she's hilarious. I love her

No. 331188

No offense but does she have Down syndrome?

No. 331204

Don't give Jill idea's she will start larping down syndrome next.

No. 331206

I feel like she would have milked it for content if she did have Down Syndrome, but she does have an intellectual disability. I think she just has a unique eye shape and chubby cheeks, so she looks like she has Downs when she smiles (and I say this in the nicest way possible - I actually find her very cute).

No. 331209

How old is she? Isn't she too old to larp this

No. 331210

She reminds me of my ex gf so I can't hate her(blogposting)

No. 331229

File: 1720499520621.webp (31.66 KB, 804x852, IMG_8865.webp)

She reminds me of a genderspecial version of the character in Perfect Blue, appearance, skinwalking and all.

No. 331236

jillian isn't mima though

No. 331240

File: 1720507529752.png (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1915x885, 1628281105562.PNG)

Spoiler and sage for very off-topic but she looks like fetal alcohol syndrome kid. Her philtrum is so flat.(off-topic)

No. 331244

she did mention wanting to get tested for it on twitter. she spams so much, so i'm too lazy to go through her feed to find the post atm. she is at least genuinely disabled, unlike jill.

No. 331255

File: 1720523799068.png (2.82 MB, 2454x646, ldgesgj.png)

To be fair it looks like she's been losing a lot of weight. Left is 2 years ago compared to now on the right

No. 331258

Did SHE lose it… or did the anorexic Jerrick lose it kek

No. 331261

Funny how the more weight Jill loses the more "normal" her look is, and the more she gains the more "clowny" she makes herself look

No. 331267

jesus christ, they both looked fucking horrid in the left pic. neither of them look human, steven looks like someone from whoville. i thought she was obese now, but i guess she's just "regular" fat, at least compared to before.

No. 331268

I remember people comparing her to Chantel of foodie beauty kek. Oh time has gone by so fast. At least she’s doing something about her weight.

No. 331271

I'd guarantee you that it's on purpose, albeit subconsciously. "You can't fire me I quit" but for being perceived as ugly. She feels ugly for being fat so she makes herself look ugly in ways she can control (= with makeup) so she can tell herself that she only looks ugly because she chooses to be ugly. Lots of cows do it but especially the fat ones.

No. 331272

The big hoodie and the hunched over pose with her arms forward are a significant part of the visual difference here, but yeah she probably lost like 20 pounds when she was ranting about how she can’t eat anything but peppers and air.
Jill absolutely hates being fat so it was a matter of time before she gave up being bodyposi, even though she feels the need to lie about it.

No. 331273

She lost the weight after she started wellbutrin, which is exactly why she wanted to be on it, guaranteed

No. 331276

File: 1720536448454.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1115, IMG_2219.jpeg)

Jill 2 years ago versus her in the proposal video

No. 331280


I genuinely can't tell if she got less fat, but she probably did because above all, she's a narcissist.

No. 331283

Losing weight was definitely her motivation for starting wellbutrin. I'm glad it worked in that way (as it tends to do, especially in the beginning because it makes eating so difficult), but she's still a sedentary chicken nuggets and weed aficionado and I wouldn't be surprised if she got fat again. She better work on that ADHD diagnosis.

No. 331284

It's hard to tell because of the clown makeup, but I'd say she certainly looks less like the moon emoji than she did a couple of years ago

No. 331285

Yeah if she ups her smoking to counteract the anxiety of wellbutrin (and all of her energy drinks and coffee), she will be back to her largest in no time

No. 331319

She also makes a lot of pasta bakes and I can’t imagine her eating anything other than beige.

No. 331323

God, that drag clown makeup was awful. Almost anything would be an improvement over that.

No. 331327

Praying for a telogen effluvium arc after she's lost 15-20 pounds within about a month. The Cliffe altar will definitely have to front for the amount of time it takes to grow it back kek.

No. 331334

She really has the body of someone who just lost the weight and not built any muscle.
Thanks monster zero, wellbutrin and/or ozempic?

No. 331336

That's because she's still fat

No. 331342

This thread is so full of oh gawrsh dumbass wks people fully believe this bitch who tweets her alternate personality's farts has lost weight, wow gg.(sage your seething)

No. 331369

Because that's what happened. I believe she has the willpower to consume less calories than she needs some days, but nothing about her sad existence suggests to me that she is ever going to build any significant muscle doing anything.

No. 331373

Has she ever actually done something active? Played sports or anything?

No. 331374

She walked on her parents' treadmill once while watching an episode of Precure (genuinely)

No. 331375

She genuinely looks just as fat and all the newfag ex-Jill fans are forgetting how often she shoops her photos

No. 331380

I swear I don't know what pictures these anons are looking at if they think she would have visible muscles if she exercised. She's still very overweight

No. 331393

File: 1720628116613.jpeg (886.2 KB, 1125x1252, IMG_2505.jpeg)

It’s funny you say that because one of the popular trad adjacent autism larpers is actually in Jill’s city. She recently got married and people share her videos all over social media saying she’s cute. Jill and her are both similar because they use autism to initialize themselves but yet they’re complete opposites.(derailing)

No. 331411

idk about the girl, but that dude has total autismo face(derailing)

No. 331412

They are both autistic, and not in the performative way jill does at all(sage your shit)

No. 331431

Jill is not autistic by ANY stretch of the imagination. She is nothing but a disgusting attention-seeking liar. When she is old and can't get away with this bs she will end up being like those women who lie about having cancer. Calling it now.

No. 331456

It's funny because she's not even kind of autistic. She just isn't. If that's autism, that sure as fuck ain't the autism we had in the 90s.

No. 331458

fun fact she used to work at value village with steve(no namefagging)

No. 331464

off topic and not to white knight but it's very likely that jill is telling the truth about being sexually assaulted by uma. the first time jill ever mentioned sexual assault was before she got her thigh tattoo and says that she was in an abusive relationship with a power dynamic because she was 13 and uma was 16.
they were friends and hung out all the time in person. it wasn't an online relationship. jillian says she was assaulted near the end of elementary school and going into middle school. she was raped several times and never consented. they met through their mutual interest of muse and ended up going to the same concert where they talked about the sexual assault (with mom present) after they weren't friends anymore. they were friends for about 2 years before that. a 13 year old has nothing in common with a 16 year old. jillian might have moved out of her pre basement room because she was assaulted there.(tinfoil)

No. 331467

Why is it likely that a serial liar would be telling the truth?

No. 331469

>a 13 year old has nothing in common with a 16 year old

Are you actually retarded? It's 3 years, of course they would have things in common. Why the fuck are you believing the vague nonsense of a known serial liar?

No. 331470

Didn’t happen. Next

No. 331473

Very cool fanfic anon, maybe you should become a writer. Fuck off with your tinfoil.

No. 331474

I'm genuinely glad she's lost some weight, good for her and I actually think she looks much better, but I'm also predicting that if she ever gains again, she will start making posts like "I was actually struggling with an ED at that time and lost weight unhealthily!"

No. 331476

why the fuck would she lie about being assaulted and in an abusive relationship? if they didn't have sexual contact a 16 year old dating a 13 year old is still predatory. if uma was a man instead of a woman she wouldn't be getting the benefit of doubt. she mentioned the hotel incident in her early videos before there was anything to lie about.(sage your shit)

No. 331478

Jill also says she has autism when she doesn't, that she's anorexic while obese, that she is a cat and a toddler and a man who is also her dad, that her parents abused her since she was an infant. Why the fuck would she lie indeed.

No. 331484

Just because you've been raped by a woman doesn't mean people don't lie about it. Jill exaggerates every single thing in her life, implies her parents abused her or neglected her to the point she developed a debilitating mental illness, but we're supposed to believe she was repeatedly raped by a teenage girl?

No. 331485

welcome to the internet. people lie.

No. 331492

I personally don't think whether or not she's lying about this matters, either way she uses her status as a victim in order to enhance her fake DID grift and she implies some really disgusting things in her Veronica meet the alters video about how hypersexual people enjoy being raped.

No. 331494

yeah she's a bpd bitch who lies but she tells the truth sometimes. she mentioned the sexual assault before she started lying about having did and autism for views. even if she wasn't raped it's still sus to date a 13 year old at 16. but that doesn't mean it's okay for jill to falsely accuse someone of rape either.

No. 331498

>a 13 yo and 16 yo have nothing in common
Yes they do? They absolutely can? Hell, you can be attending the same school with those ages. High school age can 13-19 depending on your birthday and when you were enrolled in public school. And don't act like Jill wasn't in basic ass shit when she was young. Muse and MCR and then Japanese culture. Literally anyone can have interests in that, especially if they're only a few years older.

No. 331500

No doubt inappropriate sexual contact occurs during first relationships, that’s part of growing up. Learning boundaries and recognizing red flags. The part that gets me every time though is: Jill’s not gay. She clearly has little to no sexual interest in females, so it makes me wonder if any sexual contact was seen as inappropriate and boundary crossing for Jill because she’s not gay or sexually attracted to women in the least.

No. 331508

Is it sus? Or is it that Uma was a teen lesbian in a small backwater town that probably had close to zero other gay people and found what she thought was another girl who liked girls within her peer group? Some of you nonas need to grow the fuck up and stop peddling this predatory lesbian bullshit.

No. 331509

Anon are you really surprised there are overly sensitive, holier-than-thou twitterfag bpd gendies in Jill's thread? Cows attract similar people.

No. 331513

If Uma was actually an adult that would be different but 13 and 16 are still minors and it’s not like their relationship was going far. In recent years Uma did clarify that things happen but confirmed it wasn’t to the extent that Jill claimed.

No. 331514

>She said something before lying about something therefore the first thing she said is true
Flawless logic

No. 331518

File: 1720721698453.jpeg (3.88 MB, 7356x5209, 1664547630130.jpeg)

If you've read the threads you'd know nonas have seen her story change many times throughout the years. Each time she mentions it the story gets "worse" and timelines blurrier. She's said it many times yes, but she's said it many different ways. Now we are in the 1000000 iteration where she was constantly abused growing up and it gave her DID and PSTD
Pedo teacher has also been mentioned for years and everytime it gets "worse" too. She lies and overexaggerates everything she says. She's so untrust worthy everything she says must be taken as a lie unless proven true by someone else.

No. 331520

She spends too much time ruminating on her life and doing that with a eye for trauma is obviously warping what she’s finding.

No. 331525

I pretty much always believe women when it comes to rape accusations, but Jill makes it hard to even give benefit of the doubt. I'm willing to take the ban for a-logging but one of the reasons is not only her ever changing stories but also the way she talked about it in her Veronica video. I have met A LOT of young girls and women that suffered csa, and none of them ever mentioned having to act like a "sexy little plaything" to their abuser (I do not however rule out that there are children that had to take up that sort of roleplay, but usually it also contains the type of brainwashing and abuse that would be impossible for her very caring parents to NOT pick up on unless they were in on it). I have also, for that matter, met people with a very special sort of brain rot that straight up said that they wish they were more traumatized because it "would make them more interesting", and would make roleplay characters that had piles upon piles of trauma, and it really matches up with Jill's behavior.
But let's give her benefit of the doubt for a second and say she's actually a victim of sa; the issue still stands that she is still victimizing herself over it, wallowing in it and enjoying how the attention she gets feeds her main character syndrome. She has always been very pro therapy, so there is no reason for her to avoid getting help for it if it's so crippling her entire life circles around it. Whether she is lying or not she is setting herself up for failure by not acting like an adult and take responsibility for whatever shit is going on with her, and deserves the criticism she gains from it. And she puts all these failures up for the world to see to manipulate her followers to give her sympathy, because it's the easiest way to get attention and validation.

No. 331528

This. I don't know anyone who has experienced CSA, especially violent repeated CSA who broadcasts that shit online and uses it as an excuse to act like a retarded child and never work. I don't believe in giving her the benefit of the doubt because she's a fucking liar larping other people's actual pain. She's a fucking disgusting spoiled freak malingerer, which is enough to piss off anyone who has lived through all of the bullshit she claims and clings to as a personality. It's not cute of funny, it's offensive, and her idiot fans coming out of the woodwork to "UH AKSHUALLY SHE WAS RAPED ALL OF THE TIME FOR MONTHS AND IS REALLY BRAVE AND STRONG JUST LIKE HER TATTOO SAYS" are infuriating and stupid.

No. 331530

I simply don't believe her because she started multiple times after both her relationships with Uma and Walker that she was a virgin until she dated Tristan (and Uma also confirmed she was a virgin after dating Jill)

No. 331531

Well said Nonna. I'm also so over the societal trend of giving everyone claiming to be a victim the benefit of the doubt no matter how stupid and contradictory their story is. It's naive and self-destructive.

No. 331533

>I have also, for that matter, met people with a very special sort of brain rot that straight up said that they wish they were more traumatized because it "would make them more interesting", and would make roleplay characters that had piles upon piles of trauma, and it really matches up with Jill's behavior.
Sounds very BPD ish

No. 331534

ayrt and oh yeah, I don't believe her at all I just wanted to play into that anon's POV for a second.
Another thing I want to bring up that makes me doubt her is her ageplaying, I don't know much about ageplay as a therapy tactic but it doesn't make sense to me that she wants to age regress to a tim