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File: 1693168145443.jpeg (244.95 KB, 1132x1465, DA2E35BB-78B2-4D14-BF8B-3DCB72…)

No. 1889244

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1882752

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:

>Shayna admits to not being fucked at Fetcon >>1882844, is disappointed and sad

>While she landed in Denver, she got “sick” aka hungover and had to stay over at Kiki’s place >>1883330,
>Kiki gets weirdly excited and attached to Shayna staying over and e begs for her to come over again >>1883787,
>Kiki needs $98 for Shayna to visit again >>1883818, anon makes funny meme about how two thriving sex workers can’t afford to spend $98 >>1883851,
>Kiki the doormat pays for Shayna’s plane ticket to visit her since she’s so lonely and pathetic >>1884151,
>Unflattering pictures of Shayna at Fetcon,
>Including giant lunch lady arms >>1882849,
>Extremely ugly close up of her horrid facial features in a selfie with a blue moid >>1882937, >>1882982,
>Shayna also takes a photo with Captain Spaulding >>1883600,
>Despite Shayna uwu tiny baby larp she’s the biggest among her fellow degenerates >>1883016,
>More bondage/torture content at Fetcon with weird moid >>1884067, >>1884420
>Shayna shows picture of her bruised ugly ass cheeks with questionable brown smudge in between them >>1883896,
>Shayna claims to have lost 15 pounds >>1883910, but is still an fat pig >>1885219,
>Also wants to quit smoking by September >>1885437, is failing >>1886297,
>Shayna can’t make Onlyfans content with bruises on her ass, >>1883935, but it’s okay since she’s doing full service escorting >>1884163,
>Posts video of her in her sugar daddy’s corvette flexing >>1884794, >>1884829, admitting to fucking him >>1884883,
>Posts her private messages between her and her sugar daddies >>1885247,
>Her photos got “featured” in a “French magazine” >>1885320, gets credited as Donny Mattel >>1885348,
>In deleted tweet she claims her sugar daddy says she’s “uwu not like other whores” >>1885415,
>Despite not being like the other whores Shayna gets canceled on which makes her sad even though she got fully paid >>1888250,
>E begs AGAIN to go to the salon >>1885526,
>Regrets getting her ears stretched >>1886852, wants to get ear surgery to wear normal earrings.
>Her partner let her borrow his car >>1886997, to take her fat dog walking
>E begs to be reimbursed for her Fatty Frappuccinos whilst in Starbucks drive thru >>1887027, in true Shayna fashion
>Fully nude in public with her dog >>1887141, >>1887139,
>Shayna is claiming she’s cutting curtain food out of her diet and is losing weight >>1887161, we all saw the Fetcon photos fatty!!
>Tries to get a Fupa tier moid’s attention by commenting that she wants to film porn with him >>1887431,
>After years of spewing “younger is better” Bitter Shayna copes with aging by saying older women are hotter now >>1888723,
>E begs for money to take her cat to the groomers >>1887582,

>Due to years of Shayna neglecting to brush her long haired cat. Her cat had matted fur which was painful to brush out. Resulting in a fully shaved cat. Something you usually see in cases of animal abuse. >>1887731,
>Shayna is “stressed out” so she smokes a bowl and goes to see the Barbie movie AGAIN even though her cat is traumatized and cold from being bald >>1887773,
>Despite doing this Shayna continued to post photos of her cat mocking her but gets “fake” upset when her followers make fun of her shaven cat >>1887825, Anons also notice her messy disgusting apartment floor >>1887745

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie

No. 1889247

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No. 1889248

File: 1693168470312.jpeg (198.92 KB, 750x446, IMG_3927.jpeg)

Thank you OP for the thread. Reposting this horror show from the Shaynatorium.

No. 1889250

File: 1693168786280.jpeg (Spoiler Image,366.45 KB, 2048x1660, IMG_3934.jpeg)

> in desperate need of praise & cuddles [emojis]

No. 1889251

File: 1693168813541.jpeg (245.98 KB, 750x1090, IMG_3933.jpeg)

She’s claiming to weigh 144 pounds now

No. 1889252

She’s a fucking liar. Even if she did she still looks fat and ugly

No. 1889253

i open lolcow and this is the first thing i see. she can’t be fr right? didn’t she just lose ‘’fifteen’’ pounds like yesterday? she’s lying there’s no way she’s 144

No. 1889258

damn i wish i had seen this one posted before i spent 20+ mins drafting up a new one. deleted my thread. great job anon!

No. 1889260

nonitas in /shay/ were discussing her being diagnosed with diabetes and getting prescribed metformin….. which would explain the weight loss? not to forget the weird brown pigment in her leg folds in that cursed pussy pic a few threads back, that caused a lot of diabetes speculation. it all fits imo and shay wouldn't boast about the prescription because she had never considered herself fat despite looking like a busted can of biscuits.

No. 1889262

Sorry anon! I was trying to do the thread quickly because the page refreshed and all my text was gone. I

No. 1889268

It must make her feel like shit to lie about this repeatedly and to know that she’s subtracting some number from her actual weight.

No. 1889270

The only way I'm believing these numbers is if she has literally 0 muscle mass… which considering how she hasn't posted about working out at all is actually believable. She was skinnyfat back when she was actually thin too kek

No. 1889271

File: 1693171123647.jpg (390.74 KB, 1536x2048, F4kJTQAbMAAtNTY.jpg)

No. 1889273

To me she doesn't look like she lost much weight. Those fat con pictures maybe her belly looked a tad smaller, but not this much. Even at the Barbie movie revent picture she looked chunky, how big was she then kek? How much was posing hiding? Because I refuse to believe she's dropping pounds like this but still doesn't look much smaller imo

No. 1889274

What in the fuck is going on with KiKis arm

No. 1889276

Her whole app shes using makes no sense, for example
in her last post of it before this one (3 days ago) she had just gained a pound and was using that to brag, also it says shes lost 20 lbs but the first date thats shown on either of these is 152 (so she only lost 8 lbs), unless she's been losing for a while, but it's just strange she doesn't seem to look any smaller, or be doing anything healthy, also this predates her meeting up with Kiki (I believe), but I dont know why she would post the +.9lbs picture if she was just entering fake weights into the weightloss app.

No. 1889282

when did she even start “trying” to lose weight? a 20lb weight loss at her size and lack of discipline plus no working out would surely take at least 2 months, right?

No. 1889286

How does she still look so fat??? I just don’t understand. Also, I’m surprised that none of the body positivity sex workers called her out for posting this “triggering” material (I think only one girl did). But of course they won’t, they’ll just continue to call her a Nazi. Yawn.

No. 1889288

File: 1693173133384.jpg (117.79 KB, 580x855, nah.jpg)

No. 1889290

Omg the thumbnail to this thread is hilarious. Probably the most funny one yet.

No. 1889292

All these women have waists and an ass, two things shayna doesn't have. Can you set it to apple shaped body types for a more accurate comparison?

No. 1889293

Shay isn't apple shaped. She has massive thunder thighs. Apple shaped women usually have skinny legs. She's a rectangle.

No. 1889297

File: 1693173623205.jpg (119.68 KB, 603x784, nahnah.jpg)


No. 1889299

aint no way she’s 144. she lying

No. 1889300

what is wrong with her left thigh? Are those stretchmarks or scars? It's not a shadow, as far as I can tell and the caning was later, right? So what is it?

No. 1889301

Lmao I think it’s the fact that she does have some arm muscle in her bicep and shoulder (prob from working the pole) but also she is dumpy and fat and a midget and doesn’t have definition on her triceps. She def has more muscle overall than Shay but she’s got body like a fart noise.

No. 1889303

File: 1693174432244.jpg (378.93 KB, 1080x1752, Screenshot_20230827_171154_Chr…)

Dennis Reynolds would hate Shayna so much. He'd make a really ugly set of skin luggage from her.
Now Frank… He'd call her his Queen Rumham. Or maybe they'd be the Warthog and the Wartwhore.

No. 1889304

File: 1693174739534.jpeg (880 KB, 763x1471, 94F11285-6F46-42C4-B2E3-0560EC…)

How come Shayna’s arms are huge compared to these women?? If they’re “the same weight”She definitely weighs much more . Does Shayna even own a scale??

No. 1889305

KEK fellow sunny nonna I love you for this comment. She is 100% Frank’s type. She doesn’t have any of Artemis’ sass though, nor does she bleach her asshole.

No. 1889307

does anyone else think shes just taking 30-40 pounds off her actual weight? i could see her weighing 174 and having lost 20 pounds…

No. 1889311

If she is 144 lb then that is the worst looking 144 lb I have seen in my life. I might believe it if she was a short woman, but she's like 5'5"/5'6".
If she is seriously 144 lb at this height then her fat distribution is worse than any of us thought. She must be over an 30" waist to look that fat at that weight/height.>>1889251

No. 1889313

> Does Shayna even own a scale??
excellent question. i won’t believe she’s the weight she says she is until i see her goblin feet on the scale.

No. 1889314

>if she has literally 0 muscle mass
Has she ever played a single sport in her life? Even when she was little?
I don't think she has ever even had any sort of exercise-adjacent hobby. She doesn't dance, cheer, do gymnastics, swim, bike, run, surf, skate, ski - none of it.
She does zero physical activity. Literally zero. She sits around all day. She doesn't even walk to do groceries, she ubers. She is one tier above a vegetable in terms of calories burned per day. Her body is a perfect example of what happens to you when you refuse to move your muscles the bare minimum. You become a shapeless agendered blob.

No. 1889321

>body like a fart noise
Oh god thank you for this lmfao

No. 1889322

I think it’s because her diet is so bad. She drinks so much and consumes so much refined sugar and processed foods that it’s making her more bloated than she really is.

When I was in my early 20s and slim, if I drank too much that week or ate like shit I’d be so bloated and ballooned up that I looked 10+ pounds heavier but after eating healthier again it would go back to normal. Shay just needs to just stop drinking so much garbage

No. 1889323

File: 1693176720681.jpeg (234.06 KB, 750x845, IMG_3935.jpeg)

If it’s $100 sold privately then it’s definitely scat right? Holy shit

No. 1889324

Same anon, ik she’s done a scat video before with the dildo but her setting this up so far in advance feels like a new low.

No. 1889326

File: 1693176998340.jpg (188.79 KB, 1279x1215, Cheap Blonde.jpg)

She has lowered her asking price. A trend in her life, it seems.

No. 1889329

File: 1693177168976.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1457x5591, “muddied hazel”.jpg)

Nona >>>/snow/1888695 here are the replies to
>>>/snow/1888434 ; only behind a spoiler because of its size.

No. 1889330

File: 1693177321442.jpg (546.73 KB, 1472x2044, “non consensually attracted to…)

She expanded on >>>/snow/1888596

No. 1889331

File: 1693177382061.jpg (614.64 KB, 1454x839, Tweet.jpg)

Latest selfies.

No. 1889332

File: 1693177417020.png (7.89 MB, 3240x2160, “no filtah”.PNG)

No. 1889333

File: 1693177573550.jpg (10.87 KB, 400x279, 49ec3d74187b6f16260a6819e38c6f…)

>messy diaper vid

No. 1889335

she always has shit all over her clothes. no way she doesn’t smell like a litter box when she leaves the house.

No. 1889338

The well-earned fate of a pickme

No. 1889339

'messy' to these people literally is scat oh my god this is so fucking bleak

No. 1889340

Curse you nona, I was eating dark chocolate while reading your post

No. 1889342

There was an original nonna who predicted this many, many threads ago…we all knew it was coming but this looks to be the start of a very shleak new saga. If she makes what she thinks is “a good amount” off of this…fuck

No. 1889344

File: 1693179593423.gif (7.29 MB, 254x236, 0DF7E67D-A259-4652-9BCF-BF716A…)

>a green starburst
Kek wtf they aren’t green at all. The only way she’ll get compliments on her eyes is if she bulges/expands her beady little eyes, turn the back camera flash on to blind herself, and color correct them to look lighter.
Shayna is so fed up with the shit-colored beady eye rodent comments. Get over it Shayna you can’t change your eye color, focus on your disgusting crepey skin.

No. 1889345

File: 1693179749526.jpeg (148.19 KB, 533x571, 205EE1BD-5DCE-439A-A278-125A4B…)

She’s stretching the hell out of that shirt. Wide mf. Kek I know it’s probably not the same exact shirt but it’s not suppose to look that short and wide on the body. It doesn’t fit her

No. 1889346

time to advertise in scat subreddits

No. 1889347

File: 1693179994925.jpeg (333.07 KB, 765x752, 00D37C39-93F0-4DD4-AC02-D7DBEA…)

>I think my eyes are a dark green :o
>the eyes:

No. 1889349

File: 1693180177213.jpg (262.1 KB, 1293x667, ok, Donny.jpg)

This and the feature in Nude Magazine has Donny on cloud 9.

No. 1889350

Her eyes have some green in them but it's a diarrhea green. Not a cute green.

No. 1889352

She edited them most likely

No. 1889353

Probably getting it done at some beauty school now kek

No. 1889356

just one or two sales is probably enough for her. we're fucked

No. 1889357

File: 1693182382068.jpeg (21.62 KB, 223x275, IMG_1213.jpeg)

She absolutely did, they look like literal shit clogging up a toilet in their natural state(nitpicking)

No. 1889360

can someone buy this grody bitch a lint roller

No. 1889362

Her eyes are green in the same way her hair is naturally “the darkest shade of blonde:” it’s not.

No. 1889364

I mean we'll see when these pics come out how much weight she's actually lost. The photographer will be the one making the angles and editing.
I dont believe she went from 170-180 (realistically where she was) to 144 already. Not just from supposedly dieting for like a week. And I know traveling, surgery, and being at her parents factor in… but losing 30-40lbs in a month just by a diet like the one she claims is still way too fast. If she cut drinking, strict diet, and is walking around more, maybe she'd be down 20 at absolute most.
She hasnt posted about gym or regular excercise. Hasnt posted proof of the diet. Still seems to have been drinking as of fatcon. Cutting weed and maybe eating a little better is all she's said shes doing

No. 1889387

File: 1693189173677.jpg (25.56 KB, 640x320, The-Situation-Taxes_Admi.jpg)

She's absolutely delusional. I mean you have to be delusional and/or constantly drunk/high to not want to kill yourself while shitting yourself in diapers and letting gross old men into your home for shekels.

No. 1889410

I'm crossfaded on this Sunday night and I'm feeling oddly sad at how unfortunate-looking and ugly Shayna is. Even the way she moves her face, whether she's scrunched up or stretching her muscles, she's fucking hideous. We all come here to discuss how much of a womanfailure she is, but it's some wonder that she's kept some coomer customers around for this long. They are all absolutely disgusting people but she gets paid by them, all the same. I guess if I had to make a living selling videos of me fucking my unwashed holes for incestuous pedophiles, I'd suicide bait on twitter all the time too.

No. 1889421

File: 1693195835352.jpg (443.62 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20230828_001214.jpg)

It's literally some cheap costume jewelry that'll turn her skin green in a couple of months

No. 1889425

File: 1693196600223.jpeg (263.97 KB, 1242x913, CDF2B00C-BE73-40A6-97F4-BA90A5…)

Ellen not only sexualizes kids but dogs too. Disgusting

No. 1889426

File: 1693196671624.jpeg (974.17 KB, 1242x1812, F1626903-0E35-4CBD-8A2F-88F3B6…)

No. 1889427

Now that she’s ‘sugaring’ (read: hooking), what kind of high roller lives in Renton, OR? It’s not like it’s Silicon Valley or New York…

No. 1889428

don't bother being sad for her nona, remember to drink some water and see how you feel in the morning. she deserves everything that she is and everything that happens to her.

No. 1889429

goddamn that looks cheap

No. 1889430

Imagine being excited about receiving cheap jewellery that looks like it fell out of a gachapon.

Also who is this “partner”? Sorry to ask to be spoon fed but did sleuth nonas confirm it’s a john or do we wanna place bets on that she is actually just buying stuff for herself, because like… who would waste time and pennies on this unwashed hog?

No. 1889431

It’s definitely someone. Because she’s driving in a car that isn’t hers. Unless she’s lying and saying it’s a guy when it’s really Ellen. But my guess is that it’s a john

No. 1889435

Duh, the car john tinfoil, sorry nonita, my brain no work good. If it is in fact the car john, what’s the likelihood of the car Shaymu is parading around in is either a work rental car (which seems super unprofessional) or worse yet, his family car? This is all tinfoil obv.

No. 1889436

I agree with this >>>/snow/1887022 as I recall her discussing sharing a partner with Ellen and she has mentioned every now and again for a while now she loves being poly which she has been rightfully clowned for as she used to go on and on about being a jealous person.

No. 1889440

Renton Washington, aka one of the big tech cities in Washington that surround Seattle. With that, Bellevue, and Redmond there’s probably a ton of socially deficit tech men with too much money and no taste to go around

No. 1889442

I live in the area and have been on dating apps and can confirm that there are a lot of nouveau riche FOB bob and vagene types who would be more than happy to take Shayna out. This area is like 50% sad Indian dudes, 25% neckbeards and 25% hot hiker fintech guys. Only the latter group would be out of Shayna's league. A lot of women in this area are fat SJWs anyway (cheap tight Shein trash, danger hair, bad makeup), so she probably blends in more than a lot of nonnies seem to think.

No. 1889449

What was the ”cunty” comment in reply to?

No. 1889452

File: 1693201834212.jpeg (201.85 KB, 828x771, IMG_7827.jpeg)

No. 1889455

If she’s down 20 and she was 144 this morning then wouldn’t she have started at 164 not 152? Or is that 152 just from the dataset or something? Like the last week or 2? Her goal was 34 pounds? Seems like she could stand to lose 50 in the last thread pic

Regardless my tinfoil is that she actually weighs 20 pounds.

No. 1889470

>she weighs 20 pounds

Nonnie are you smelling burnt toast? You okay?

No. 1889471

It’s obviously a typo I meant 20 pounds more.

No. 1889475

is this "partner" a sugar daddy? …what if he promised to give her gifts if she lost weight and had to post it publicly for accountability? only a man would believe shay is 144 lbs because anything above 125 lbs on all heights is a fat woman to them. if she is somehow 144 lbs that's a horrible 144 lbs because she isn't short, she's 5'5 minimum. even with the lack of muscle she's clearly considerably overweight, at least 20+ lbs more than she says.

No. 1889480

ex anafag here, not to bone rattle in the shayna thread but losing weight at shay a’s weight is actually mega easy. it’s the first 10-20lbs that slide off with ease, it gets harder after that. that’s why most people stop trying and just regain the weight around that plateau. my bet that if shayna did actually lose 20lbs this is where she stops. she’s done nothing to change her lifestyle so if she keeps dropping i call bullshit

No. 1889527

Yeah and if she's not eating much to do it then she's screwing her metabolism up so as soon as she starts eating normal again which we all know she will, she will pile the weight back on plus more

No. 1889532

I'll never understand why scrotes interact with whores and then throw a tantrum when they are asked to pay for it. It fills me so much fucking contempt.

No. 1889546

The scrote energy emanating from this post, dear god.

No. 1889554

Tbh this isn't inaccurate and it's especially true on seeking. We all saw that pic of an Indian man burying his face in shaynas rancid ass

No. 1889556

I feel like the only moids that pay to be around her/fuck her are fat, ugly, smelly old red necks like pedophile daughter rapist Mike Slack of Missouri and similarly fat, ugly, smelly bobs and vagene pajeets. Just look at the coomers who actually interact with her, the ones who throw shekels at her after seeing what she looks like sans Facetune (and getting a whiff of her unwashed ass and coochie) have to be beyond desperate

No. 1889562

File: 1693229274075.jpg (362.86 KB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20230828_092837.jpg)

Add belly button piercing to the list of trashy things she wears daily

No. 1889567

holy shit the resemblance

No. 1889568

I don't see the point as it's just going to get swallowed by her gunt.

No. 1889569

God could you imagine kek like she needs more “reasons” to show her gross stomach off in public.

No. 1889572

kek losing 20lbs for her in a month would not be easy unless she's straight up not eating and only drinking water. ana brain damage is real.

No. 1889574

Not trying to bone rattle and I've never been an anachan but it is possible for obese people to drop that amount of weight in a month due to changes in water retention when they first begin dieting. The loss is not sustainable and it's not fat loss. Shayna always looks puffy, swollen and bloated so it wouldn't surprise me if changing her diet did result in loss of water weight. I still doubt it though because if she really did lose that much weight she would be posting images of herself boasting about how slim she is and we would be able to see it. Instead she looks just as fat as she usually does.

No. 1889575

File: 1693230787276.jpeg (340.03 KB, 1170x766, IMG_8894.jpeg)

No. 1889576

Oh this is rich. This is triple thick fudge brownies with a caramel drizzle rich. These women are so retarded they can’t see that the misogyny is coming from in the house.

No. 1889580

the cope is insane. shayna liking this tweet as a literal prostitute is delusional as fuck.

No. 1889581

Man when is she going to post pictures of a fucking scale instead of this app?

No. 1889582

literally never if i had to guess

No. 1889583

because selling yourself for pennies on the dollar is totes peak feminism, not at all cheapening yourself for scrotes on the daily. Delusion at it's finest.

No. 1889585

sigh. look up what a TDEE is. if the theory is that she’s on stims or something she’s eating less. a 150lb person and a 200lb person will have wildly different TDEEs, so both eating at 2000cal/day, the 150lb person won’t see much weight loss but the 200lb person will as they probably have a TDEE of around 3000cal just from being a fat fuck. body works harder and burns more calories the fatter you are. that’s why weight loss for the first 10-20lbs is easier.

No. 1889586

i know about all that already but i don’t think she ever got up to 200 in the first place

No. 1889587

I decided to look up what this app was to see if you can just input weights; It's weight watcher's app. Unless you connect a WW scale, it's not mandatory, you can put any amount in.

No. 1889588

File: 1693232369182.png (167.71 KB, 1511x1769, 2023-08-28 10_20_38.png)

The calculators are only saying ~2k cal/day for her stats. She'd have to be eating less than 1.2k cal/day to lose just 2lbs per week which is still less than 10lbs in a month and highly unlikely based on her eating and drinking habits. But who knows.

No. 1889589

Not her again! This woman is 32 years old and one of the most ignorant, annoying people I’ve ever come across online. Ugh. She’s just such a hypocrite and doesn’t even know what communism is, but makes money off of it. Sorry for the derail. I need to take a deep breath. Lol.

No. 1889591

it’s not a month, though
I think she did lose some weight while she was staying at her mum’s and not able to scoff down a whole box of Triscuits and a bottle of pink wine every night
but she would never admit that so she’s pretending to have started on her own

No. 1889595

the math is still off

No. 1889599

Nta but she was once complaining about being viewed as a joke by people and I got swarmed by her for pointing out how she was wearing tees and writing public tweets saying she’s a sex doll or cum dumpster. She also was saying it’s against feminism for her to not be able to wear things like shirts that say “cum slut” without people treating her differently and that people were degrading her. I told her that she’s degrading herself and it sent her over the edge (because I was 100 percent right). Moids treat normie women like shit but these libfems directly play into moids’ misogynistic fantasies and then cry wolf and blame other women when they get treated like they claim to totally love. She’s almost as braindead as Shayna but unfortunately believes she’s more intelligent.

No. 1889608

I agree. Women in Seattle are pretty trashy, and it’s just an incredibly trashy and low class city in general.(no1curr)

No. 1889610

do you have to pay for weight watchers to have access to this app!??

No. 1889613

nta but just poked around on the app and it looks like you do have to subscribe (someone correct me if i'm wrong) to use the app. weird choice when she could use myfitnesspal for free (not that she could be assed to document her calories for every meal)

No. 1889614

I wont believe she's lost more than 5 pounds until she posts pictures of the number on the scale. And it better not just be a close up of the numbers. Imma need to see them cankles and crusty toes in the shot too so I know she's not manipulating the scale

No. 1889615

MFP paywalls to hell now too

No. 1889616

i'd love to see her what she eats in a day logged in ww like amberlynn always does… thatd be way more milky than whatever else shes posting now.

No. 1889617

Her dad must have been one of those guys who felt that working and providing was enough and that he didn't actually have to interact with the kids he made because shit, I've never seen a girl who grew up with access to both parents have daddy issues this pathetically bad.

No. 1889619

right, add in her lack of hygiene and it would be rancid all the time. the fact she doesn’t even know how long it takes to heal when she’s constantly online lol.

No. 1889621

Ntayrt but yes most of these dumb ewhores thrive from male attention while thinking they’re omg so feminist empowered because a guy paid 5 dollars to see you fuck yourself. They do this for male sexual validation and money so of course other women who look down on depravity are made the enemy. It’s a weird us vs them dynamic that’s created where sex workers think they get a free pass for promoting misogyny as a “personal choice”, how dare we women judge other women for anything they do. Porn being so normalized and accessible to perform or watch at high volumes from anywhere is devastating for the world.

No. 1889622

If she started using WW for weight loss around the time of her surgery then I feel like her mom encouraged her to use it or suggested it, maybe even bought it for her.

No. 1889629

Whats crazy is Shayna would see the thread pic as a flex.
>OMG my partner jus picked me up n his red covertte n we went to applebees!!!im gettin a 2 for $25 and the waiter thought i was his daughter!
I could 100% see her posting a picture like this dude, same pose and everything.Kek, she's very trashy

No. 1889631

>shayna is so fat her concerned mom paid for her to join WeightWatchers

No. 1889636

File: 1693238501362.jpeg (321.83 KB, 750x754, 908A120D-E793-4728-97C0-591D1E…)

she's so drunk she can't keep her story straight

No. 1889637

File: 1693238526565.jpeg (316.93 KB, 750x436, 6E83C200-F718-4D6C-8AFE-482959…)

No. 1889638

shayna leaving the hair stylist a $75 tip kek get real

No. 1889639

I love how Shayna sells herself, then the money goes into the money hole that is her huge dirty apartment rent, now she's back to begging for any luxary she needs. If you are selling ass, why not go all in with it? There should be no reason you don't have a scrote on call for every single bill, especially since she's not asking for a lot of money.
Fuck a scrote to get your hair tended too, fuck a scrote to help with rent.
Fuck a scrote to fund your weed/Alcohol
Fuck a scrote to be able to pay for airplane ticket.
etc. An actual prostitute who is always broke because she has to have a expensive apartment with two bathrooms when she barely takes care of her body or skin or has vistors that aren't Johns.

No. 1889640

“Needle scary” she has a nose piercing already

No. 1889641

I don't get why she wants a belly piercing, this girl lives in high waisted clothes, I guess whatever she's doing, she thinks she's going to be melting off fat, so now she can show off her belly.

No. 1889650

That's the thing though. She knows the people she actually wants to impress are not pining for her life. No kids who were mean back home or anyone on the farms would even WANT to go to Applebees with some old fart. Most of us still have active fathers in our life to do that with. She writes these brag-tweets specifically to feel superior to the bottom of the barrel whores like Vivi who are living off food stamps or true struggle-whores who would love to escape this life but cannot or else they'd be legit homeless or starving. The only people impressed with her life at this point are other drug addicted women who are failing at sex work.

No. 1889654

Only teenage girls and very delayed teenage girls from broken homes would consider Shayna's life a flex, oh and sex workers who don't have a fall back like Shayna, so they can't dedicate years of their lives to this shit.The only thing she has is a expensive place, that she doesn't even decorate nicely and it sucks up all her money.
She's not living a great life, even when she travels she looks so crunchy, she never does anything fun, just directly to the place. Her family trips show her out, drinking/eating nice food and enjoying the areas.
She doesn't even take cute pictures or goes to sight see. It's all so crunchy and crusty.

No. 1889666

Ahh yes shaynus, get a navel piercing pls. Bringing attention to the worst part on your body+ it’s gonna be buried into her fat rolls.

No. 1889667

And just like the piercing on her big ass ugly nose

No. 1889672

It's going to get infected so quickly

No. 1889675

saying a prayer for anyone who has to see big shaynus flaunting her gunt in public if she goes through with this

No. 1889682

yeah she should probably wait to see if her tits are even going to heal up correctly at the very least

No. 1889725

if she gets a piercing and keeps wearing the same high-waisted clothes she's gonna accidentally rip it off

No. 1889782

rare shayna heh

No. 1889814

Oh yeah, that's absolutely right. Tight ass cheap jeans suffocating her bejeweled fupa. Sometimes I think she has that condition where you can't feel pain lmao.

No. 1889829

Can we stop this larp of “survival sex work” there is no such thing, anybody can get a job, no matter how retarded or disabled. Vivi CHOOSES to be a whore.(derail)

No. 1889851

wow nonny you sound like you’ve never seen life out of the suburbs.

No. 1889858

File: 1693267884276.png (574.79 KB, 1966x1440, Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 8.00.…)

It's from Costco, lmfao. TBF they do have some actually-nice understated jewelry at these places (I was gifted a beautiful silver diamond necklace from Sam's Club of all places), but this piece:
A. Looks fugly and tacky, especially on her hammy wrist.
B. Was likely purchased in-person and on sale (my necklace was also $300, but the gifter said they only paid $150 due to a sale).
C. Is extra hilariously tacky because she wants to live the high life but apparently nobody has told her that "good" Sugar Daddies (presumably) don't give their victims "fine jewelry" from fucking Costco, kek.

I think that's the reason she's bragging. It's fugly and came from a wholesale grocery store, likely at a discount, but she doesn't know that, and the fact that it's actual gold is all that matters to her, no matter how tacky it looks. If her pimp/boyfriend/Ellen/whoever was actually stupid enough to drop a full $300 on that fugly shit, then they're honestly perfect for each other. A match made in tard Heaven.

No. 1889860

No, sorry. Roxie was Frank’s number one whore and she serviced him like no one else. Artemis does freaky things with leftover stale buns you’d never expect in a dumpster behind a Wendy’s—you think he’d go that low for Shayna?

No. 1889864

If he did pay $300, he could've gave Shayna money instead, which makes me feel he didn't or for all we know that could've been some shit in his gf/wife jewerly box she doesn't wear and he regifted it. If they can spend this on gifts, why doesn't she ask them to pay for her hair?

No. 1889870

Anything less than 22ct is tawdry, but very on-brand for her to be “flexing” something like this. She’s so gauche. It’s hilarious that she has repeatedly been called classist when she’s the personification of an Alabama truck stop

No. 1889880

Thought this was a noose on first glance kek

No. 1889896

File: 1693276356611.jpeg (350.59 KB, 1170x1659, IMG_8906.jpeg)

No. 1889897

File: 1693276411847.jpeg (414.31 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_8904.jpeg)

She’s still a big bitch

No. 1889898

she should have bought the lush barbie shampoo. she needs it.

No. 1889899

File: 1693276580837.jpeg (421.99 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_8905.jpeg)

No. 1889902

File: 1693276969143.jpeg (Spoiler Image,176.82 KB, 1170x1413, IMG_9469.jpeg)

she literally looks the same as she did at the beginning of june. zero chance she’s lost real weight.

No. 1889903

File: 1693277236117.jpeg (552.76 KB, 1170x1706, IMG_4884.jpeg)

Yes Shay, you’re such a nerd about your music

No. 1889907

She should head to claire's for it.
como se dice… trashy, even?

No. 1889908

Where’s your most played artist two years in a row Drake, Shaynus?

No. 1889910

her legs are so ugly and shapeless

No. 1889913

File: 1693279385922.jpeg (279.79 KB, 1170x1860, IMG_0607.jpeg)

Never gets old

No. 1889918


No. 1889922

What's worse is shes a privileged commie larper who obviously doen't under stand that communism is explicitly anti sex work.

No. 1889928

File: 1693281512630.jpeg (59.41 KB, 749x409, IMG_5424.jpeg)

No. 1889929

Can a twitterfag cancel her for faking adhd? Shayna I know you want to be a victim but you’re a normal woman who never had a neurodevelopmental disorder because anyone with adhd has had it from childhood. You’re a fat retard alcoholic pothead drug addict with massive failure to launch syndrome. Put down the alcohol and take responsibility for your life. Your case has always been laziness, not any kind of disability or disorder. I swear she’s leaning into this because 1) it’s an excuse and 2) she cares about weight loss now and just wants a steady supply of adderall.

No. 1889931

Stalin threw sex workers in the gulag and put them through compulsory rehabilitation programs. It never fails to amuse me that OF whores LARP as communists.

No. 1889932

she's still seething from lurking last thread and seeing nonas dunk on "her music" she's such a nerd about. totally not a weird larp to appeal to coomer boomers
> picturing shayna next to a doors groupie from the 70s, Jim Morrison asking why there is a sow backstage
lol, lmao even

No. 1889945

So wait, is it by choice that she yanks the shorts up her coochie? Is it meant to signal "I've got a vagina and it is large"? I don't understand.

No. 1889947

We all know she doesn’t wear underwear, so that hard denim seam must be splitting her in twain. She’s probably killed all the nerve endings in her clitoris from using that lawn mower vibrator.

No. 1889948

She does it for gunt containment.

No. 1889977

this isn't an indian imageboard(weird racebait)

No. 1890001

Dear god, the greasy combover, I can fucking smell this picture

No. 1890044

oh, so she does claim ADHD. adderall reason for weight loss confirmed?

No. 1890051

why is the dildo on her strap-on black???

No. 1890060

File: 1693312769599.jpeg (457.96 KB, 750x1085, IMG_9473.jpeg)

i like how she erased part of her eyebrow with the blur tool trying to hide her massive forehead canyons

No. 1890075

She has all the time in the world to learn to edit her pics properly but that would actually involve some effort. Everything she does is so half assed and sloppy. But she’s just a perfectionist right

No. 1890076

File: 1693315727223.jpeg (308.7 KB, 1170x1295, IMG_8978.jpeg)

New grotesque vid

No. 1890079

why is she not embarrassed by the shelf of fat?

No. 1890080

Kek don't start this conversation again. It was a whole discussion a few threads ago. (I feel like the consensus was that the pic was making the dildo look a little darker than it usually did, but it was still a weirdly dark dick for her to choose??)

No. 1890089

File: 1693317704040.png (2.2 MB, 1080x1920, Shayna.png)

Didn't make it in time to use it for a thread pic but it was fun to make anyway

No. 1890094

>muh green eyes
Even though she’s still a hambeast her face looks less bloated here, I wonder if she’s plateaued and feeling herself to the extent that she’ll soon give up on whatever diet she’s on and gain everything back and more. I’m not convinced that she’s on ADHD or beetus meds

No. 1890095

i think her face bloat just transferred to her gut because jesus christ her fat is swallowing the entire waistband of those shorts

No. 1890097

if only she knew that wearing jeans that actually fit would make her look skinnier than contorting her shapeless flabby body in these awkward poses will

No. 1890098

File: 1693319401789.png (2.64 MB, 1080x1920, IMG_8981.png)

This is so good but too kind nonnie. Added some missing details

No. 1890102

Holy hell I'm laughing so hard! Now it is truly perfect.

No. 1890104

There's a thread for fan art on /shay/

No. 1890116

File: 1693321759923.jpeg (171.91 KB, 716x1200, IMG_7752.jpeg)

from her new vid. the faces of a serial killer.

No. 1890123

Every single intro of her videos is the same. This big fat bitch nearly breaking a child’s bed, giving the same cringey incest storyline like “daddy/brother you want me to do whaaa?” with her dreamworks smirk, showing off her nasty little rat teeth and unwashed crusty lard body. I hope she goes into poverty and is forced to move to a one bedroom apartment and get rid of that child bedroom for good. She is absolutely sick and I hate her.

No. 1890124

the fat literally spilling out between her top and pants looks so fucking painful

No. 1890126

Samefag but I also should add that her videos are seeming more like a narcissistic mother using her children’s room to entice her pedo husband to fuck her instead of molesting his step daughter.

No. 1890127

Why would you say something so bleak and true kek I can’t unsee it now

No. 1890135

it actually looked like she had dropped a few pounds in >>1889897 but now that I see these, I guess she just did a decent job with photo editing for once in her life?

No. 1890136

Sucking in, posing, and wearing clothes that fit doesn't count as actual weight loss. Theres probably editing being done too.
Also didnt anons say its bad to fluctuate weight significantly after just getting a boob job?
Fact is she has terrible proportions and fat distribution. She would have to commit to going to the gym and dieting long term to see AND KEEP any decent results.

No. 1890139

How is she not constantly popping the buttons on her cheap Shein sweatshop made trash

No. 1890143

Not to be a hipster but not 1 indie or lesser known band. Just the most generic bands from those genres and eras. I think all of them she just has a nostalgic attachment to because of her father and she probably didnt ever branch out and get into her own music so she made it part of her cliche stoner rocker image in hs. And every white stoner moron says Sublime. Lana because tumblr. She still yet to move on to anything besides lizzo and drake.
Her bragging about her super ~amazing and eclectic~ music taste, acting like she has style, and her stupid "i was so goth omg and im goth again with my retarded black dress" shit irk me to no end.

No. 1890144

File: 1693324306357.jpeg (135.11 KB, 750x323, 2AEF0340-BE37-49FD-B6A4-312D45…)

No. 1890146

I redact my "clothes that fit" statement. She's balooning out the top of those high waisted shorts lol

No. 1890147

kek. so she's paying for weight watchers for sure. sarah gregory must have recommended it to her.

No. 1890148

what a sexy sexy conversation to be having on your sex business account, kek

No. 1890150

File: 1693325108046.jpg (77.05 KB, 438x555, rekt.jpg)

She is taking something other than the usual weed an alcohol, she looks unhinged.

No. 1890153

Oh shit lol I'm not sure Donny wanted anyone to know she was using weight watchers. lol that's hilarious

No. 1890157

File: 1693325472852.jpeg (68.05 KB, 1024x437, EA789B32-DF10-432F-B26C-F4B5E9…)

oof. too little too late. she’s permanently fucked her thighs up. even if she does lose weight she’s going to have some funky looking legs with saggy skin like picrel. at this point she’s better off just finding a gym-john and focusing on heavy weight lifting to tone her body while filling in some of the lose skin with muscle. her body is a freakshow.

No. 1890158

She had a really puffy face during the ariana ponytail phase, I wonder if she was legit bigger OR she was on some type of drug because her face hasn't been that chunky in a while and she's probably at her biggest

No. 1890160

major kek. sarah gregory is shady as fuck and did that on purpose. she is constantly being passive aggressive and giving back handed compliments on twitter. like when she posted that fucked up disheveled looking barbie and tagged Shayna like “you @ fetcon”

No. 1890161

Agree. She only does things for scrote ass pats and it’s literally all she cares about; the only way she’d ever consider getting in shape is if her dream Fupa 3.0 forced her to.

No. 1890164

nona shayna would make her regular bedroom into a child’s room instead so she could keep larping child-rape. this is the same woman who slept on a blanket on the floor for like a year or something. its very obvious she has no standards, so these “necessities” like owning a 2 bed/2 bath apartment with insuite laundry is an extra ridiculous choice. Fungus like Shayna can survive anywhere. Why is she making her life harder? If she lived somewhere affordable and turned enough profit each month to eat good and buy enough drugs and booze to keep her happy you could ALMOST understand why a lazy lowlife would choose to subject themselves to this shit, but she is literally struggling and upset every single month and for what reason? she does it to her fucking self.

No. 1890170

I think it's possible that she's developing lipedema on her thighs.

No. 1890172

>Fungus like Shayna can survive anywhere.

No. 1890179

File: 1693328013575.png (83.33 KB, 464x237, Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 12.56…)

No. 1890204

Sarah Gregory lowkey has a bangin bod for a 50 year old grandma

No. 1890217

File: 1693332153976.jpg (102.29 KB, 1484x786, Lipedema.jpg)

honestly yeah, don't know much about it but just googled pics and her thighs already look similar to stage 1

No. 1890235

When I saw the first one posted, I knew someone would shaynafy it

No. 1890240

is it not more likely that she's just a fat piece of shit with fursuit shaped thighs?

No. 1890242

She does have a killer body, it’s her only saving grace since she’s got an ugly face and ugly personality if she hangs around Shaynus

No. 1890245

super sad considering her long slender legs used to be one of her most prized assets along with her “small perky tits”. now both of those are gone simply because she hates herself too much to take care of her body.

No. 1890248

This. I always get irritated as fuck by the way she threw away a great “base body” for her shitty addiction-fueled lifestyle. She could have gotten in really great shape with not a ton of effort if she just had discipline, went to the gym regularly/took up running or rollerblading or got into yoga, and ate well. She may never have been a stunner face wise but she could have taken good care of herself and become more attractive than she was rather than becoming this ugly fat lardass loser shitting in diapers. Sorry 4 sperg I just have clients at the gym who start off with way worse bodies than she did and she was very lucky and threw it all away because she’s retarded.

No. 1890251

Idk when she was skinny her body looked like shit, just not offensive because she wasn't spilling out of everything. She would have needed to work her ass off to have a nice athletic build instead of the Twink special she had going on. Her boobs were nice though, Poland's aside.

No. 1890262

File: 1693336087428.jpg (127.46 KB, 1280x720, fatthighs.jpg)

She does not have lipedema. MooMoo has it too. Everyone get's this after you get to a certain fat %, which differs per person. And obviously the more fat % the more fursit. The reason most of you are confused is probably because most people if they get to this point they stop wearing tiny shorts.
Pic is of a normal weight woman with the front thighs

No. 1890269

She does NOT have lipodema. I Have lipodema. You can tell by the marbled texture in the fat which is visible and how it collects. Her thighs and stomach is smooth with zero marble texture and if she truly had it, it would have grown faster than she is with her shit diet and lazy lifestyle. It cannot be lost either and needs surgery to remove.

No. 1890273

her thighs look like oatmeal

No. 1890281

File: 1693337716348.png (2.64 MB, 1866x846, texutre.png)


It's a very specific texture. Hope this comparison helps.

No. 1890285

Hope you're doing ok nona. Shay very obviously just have fat thighs, idk why people are so fast with shoving medical issues on her. She is just fat and ruining her body, that's it.

No. 1890298

I agree, idk why people want to give her a medical reason for her obesity and gross fat distribution. it just gives her an excuse. she’s fat and ugly because she has shitty genetics and doesn’t take care of her body.

No. 1890300

yeah it’s called cellulite.

No. 1890302

not saying that it isn't just because she's fat, was simply saying her thighs and stomach aren't smooth kek

No. 1890303

This is genuinely fucking crazy

No. 1890311

She's just fat. It's like when shayna's clearly got something fucky going on with her (necrotit, her rancid snatch, her always being in the hospital whenever she has to be sober for more than two hours straight) anons run and try and convince others that it's normal but when something normal is going on with her, y'all rush to diagnose her with some retarded medical condition. Shayna is just fat, most fat women have legs like hers because they're lazy and eat too damn much

No. 1890312

I know I had to do a double take kek

No. 1890320

Ya’ll it’s literally just because Doja released that “Hound Dog” song that sampled Big Mama Thornton singing “You ain’t nothin’ but a” over and over. Doja is even up there too on the top 5. Shayna most certainly isn’t rocking any Big Mama on the regular, she is either one of those people who replays the same song over and over or she just doesn’t use her Spotify often.

No. 1890322

That makes sense, nonna! I just figured maybe she was in a body positive phase for a while and trying to accept her fatness whilst rocking along to “they call me big mama because I weigh 300 lbs.”

No. 1890323

File: 1693344483818.png (9.91 MB, 1170x2532, A85246C7-0D4E-43C8-AF6A-8416C4…)

what’s with the bush under her arms? just another lazy shay or are we entering an armpit hair era?

No. 1890326

File: 1693345026973.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1170x1966, 1B20579A-82A7-4925-AE4D-AD972C…)

HOLY FUCK. SPOILERED FOR GORE. Saged because its Kiki, but looks her and Shayna both influence eachother. Shayna is now opening hooking like Kiki and now Kiki and letting gross scrotes beat and whip her more like Shayna. Picrel is after photo from bdsm session and her whole back, ass and thighs are heavily bruised and bloody. Its 10x worse than what she was so upset over at Fetcon. Do you think maybe her ass bruises weren’t healing fast enough to post content or book work so just double downed and booked this job for the money cause her ass was still so fucked up from fetcon? She also said she’s getting a hysterectomy soon and will be off work for a month. Hopefully Shayna copies her and prevents herself from reproducing like Kiki

No. 1890327

Praying to God it's just her being lazy. I don't care about body hair on hygienic women, but shayna's nasty and hair traps that shit.

No. 1890336

older, beaten and brusied still has more curves then Shayna imagine fucking up a perfectly good body for pennies and attention online because you literally can't do or think of anything else.

No. 1890337

I’m p sure she’s said she’s 4’11 which is quite short and almost true midget size. She does have weird proportions because she’s got some muscle but is also very pudgy and has no neck. Still a better body than Shart, but that’s not saying much at the end of the day.

No. 1890339

File: 1693345946963.jpeg (Spoiler Image,537.68 KB, 1170x2532, A85BC9E3-0F81-4AD2-AA6D-4F331C…)

i am crying laughing at kiki’s lack of neck in this photo. is she a legit midget or something? her proportions are fucking weird. shayna is still retweeting kiki’s pinned posted begging someone to pay for them pay for Shayna to go visit her. no one wants to see two busted women with glazed eyes and stink lines pretend to be lesbian. i doubt they’d even do g/g content or else they would have already. like what was the point of them being at fetcon together and releasing no content together despite “being up to 4am” each night.

No. 1890341

I hate to say it but she facially looks like Projared, like if you told me she and projared where related I'd be like, hmm I see it.

No. 1890343

her head is huge

i dont think she lost weight. if she did it was like 5 pounds. you manually input your weight into those apps and she’s a compulsive liar

i dont think it was a race bait. i google 22kt gold and literally only indians came up.

No. 1890344

I thought this was a child for a second on the homepage and I was scared to click

No. 1890349

This woman is clearly dissociating and hates her life. I wonder how high/drunk she is in this pic to endure such horrors.

No. 1890353

Someone please Shrek edit this

No. 1890359

>is she a legit midget or something?
Refer to >>1890337
>I’m p sure she’s said she’s 4’11 which is quite short and almost true midget size

No. 1890362

I agree. She looks so out of it. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I kind of feel bad for Kiki.

No. 1890363

kek. i see it in the eyes and the lips…

No. 1890370

File: 1693349642448.jpg (57.19 KB, 1080x303, Screenshot_20230829_185646.jpg)


No. 1890371

Bullshit, if you Google it the results you’ll get will be from jewellers, not “Indians”. Pretty much all countries on the Mediterranean stretching from Italy around to the Levant and North Africa all regard anything less than 22-24ct as being “trashy”. This was clearly racebait.
I can never get over how much she looks like Shrek, so unfortunate

No. 1890385

It's literally called Indian gold because it's pure. Calm down and go back to twitter

No. 1890397

Yeah I actually gasped when I saw the spoilered pic of her bruises. That’s scary and gross. I’m sure she isn’t an angel but it still makes me sad for her on a woman to woman level.

No. 1890399

she realized they were talking about her pre surgery pre dramatic weight gain tits

No. 1890400

>Do you think maybe her ass bruises weren’t healing fast enough to post content or book work so just double downed and booked this job for the money cause her ass was still so fucked up from fetcon?
No because if you look at the date on the tweet, this is from June 12. She’s done this type of shit, including caning, for a long time when you scroll through her Twitter or X or whatever, which is why I don’t get why anons keep trying to put the blame for her fetcon bruises on Shayna

No. 1890401

Samefag to say especially because it was that sadistic looking UGLY evil-eyed dough faced motherfucker in the hideous bootcut middle aged man jeans who did this to her.

No. 1890404

File: 1693353125853.jpeg (Spoiler Image,150.66 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_4908.jpeg)

No. 1890409

Yeah that pic alone tells me this bitch was subjected to some horrific shit as a child

No. 1890412

>his protruding gut
>shayna grabbing her tube tit
>the flabby acne ridden ass rubbing against his skin
I barfed.

No. 1890417

File: 1693354738957.jpg (Spoiler Image,111 KB, 1160x645, EdUunxd2U9.jpg)

No. 1890421

Spoiler this shit dumbass

No. 1890422

Right. I almost wish her eyes were censored so no lurking moids get off to her “dead eyes” or whatever bc the dissociation plain on her face is…kinda distressing. She makes me sad whereas Donny Mattel just makes me angry/disgusted even tho they basically do the same shit.

No. 1890423

File: 1693355022707.gif (Spoiler Image,403.5 KB, 498x372, IMG_7634.gif)

No. 1890424

the fucking assne

No. 1890428

Even as butt ugly as Shayna is, that man’s body disgusts me to the point where my stomach actually feels off. His gross, old man gut EW!!! Vomitrocious.

No. 1890430

File: 1693355266110.jpg (106.31 KB, 1158x579, shaggard-.jpg)

Has this video ever been posted of Shayna doing a pre-porn interview where she tells a story about her dad brushing her hair and spanking her with a hair brush when she fought him over her hair getting tangled?

No. 1890431

Damn, you can really see the regret and misery in her eyes. Unlike Shayna, a lot of these “sex workers” have serious trauma that their terrible lifestyles are only making worse.

No. 1890433

File: 1693355820129.gif (3.48 MB, 250x242, ezgif-2-a6f0a614c2.gif)

I think I figured out what's going on what Shayna's mysterious weight loss. This vid is apparently from March 2023 and she looks fucking massive. Look how chubby her face is. I'm thinking that Shayna we're used to seeing on twitter from Jan-July were super heavily edited and angled (ya i know, no shit) but during that time she was actual hiding that she was even fatter than she looked. Now in person she probably looks more like her twitter photos, but to us that is still ogre and gross so thats why some nonas still are saying "she still look biiigg". she just was even bigger in person and probably lost 20 pounds off her neck and back fat.

No. 1890434

NO I don’t remember this and she probably fucking made it up. I doubt her dad was ever the one brushing her hair.

No. 1890435

Ummm what

No. 1890437

Where is this from?

No. 1890441

File: 1693356077722.webm (8.26 MB, 1152x658, shayna gross dad story.webm)

Here's a clip from the interview about her dad

No. 1890442

am i crazy? I never seen this, or I can't remeber, are these the shay basement tapes nona? WTF i get a weird feeling seeing these

No. 1890443

She looks EXTRA retarded and ugly in this gif lmfao oh my god

No. 1890444

It's a 13 min video from a site called "Spanked Sweeties" says its from March 2023

No. 1890447

Here's the link nonas, enter at your own risk. Could a kinda nona please capture this whole video? The whole thing is her being interviewed by a creepy scrote wanting her to tell stories about being spanked


No. 1890448

also this is proof that she wants to fuck her hair, kek. Imagine being her dad and seeing this and seeing your daughter talk about getting spanked by you to some coomer. Also, her dad's hair is as straight as her ass back from the side. Gross fucking coomer

No. 1890449

There are so many great moment of Shayna looking extra retarded trying to listen to the scrote talk.

No. 1890451

*fuck her dad, or at the very least she's willing to sexualize experenices with her father.

No. 1890453

I think her face was extra swollen, I think maybe she lost some weight but she's still chubby, her body doesn't look much different.There was a point in time where her face was extra chubby

No. 1890457

This definitely has a very weird vibe, like the scrote who made it is legitimately giving serial killer. The gross cheap motel room makes it look like Shayna is going to get murdered. Icky.

No. 1890464

It honestly spooked me seeing fresh never seen before content from Shayna and she's not doing the baby voice either. Also I'm noticing how she tries to make that brain dead face she puts on in her porn, to make it seem like she's so focused but also dumb. I hate to even know what her porn faces look like but i've seen enough gifs. It's that open mouthed, big eyed retard look that she thinks looks cute.
When she does her cam show and she's focused on typing she's always squinting kek, thats as close as candid Shaymera as we can get. It's fucking weird.
She feels so comfortable talking about her dad to fucking stranger scrotes for porn, it's like she offically is involving him in around about way into her shit KNOWING he wants no parts.

No. 1890465

File: 1693356950878.gif (4.74 MB, 234x224, lmao.gif)

Shayna showing off her unique talent to be "cute but sexy"

No. 1890466

Okay I'm locking it, Shayna lose 20 pounds of facial fat, I'm sorry her arms look slightly smaller and her body but she 100% lost facial fat.

No. 1890470

she barely had a chin here looking like amberlynn, now she does >>1890150, and I know nobody is cloning shayna so it has to be weight loss or at least her not taking what was bloating her face before.

No. 1890477

She seems autistic. I used to ignore the autism tinfoil, but I'm starting to see it.

No. 1890478

it’s hilarious that she wouldn’t even get naked for this scene but wants to act like she’s oh so confident in herself

No. 1890479

she’s not. that would just give an excuse for her behavior. everything she does is by choice.

No. 1890480

She looks like an ogre

No. 1890485

Congratulations Scott Hancock! How far along is he?

No. 1890503


what is that ….mound of flesh??? above her sock. is that her stomach?! or fupa?? like dear god, what is that peaking out

No. 1890508

The worst part of what is happening in this image is thankfully blocked by her fat cankles.

No. 1890516

maybe they had her on steroids or something as a last-ditch effort before going the surgery route? no clue what the normal treatments for whatever condition causes the necrotit are though, just a wild guess.

No. 1890519

20 lbs of facial fat is cracking me up

No. 1890525

Every time I listen to her talk i'm never prepared for what her voice actually sounds like. I always read her tweets in a nasally higher pitched voice, so in my head when I watch videos of her talking like this it feels like someone else dubbed over her kek. Her voice does not match her appearance at all imo. Is it just me?

No. 1890532

I know exactly what you mean nonnabella, I feel the same way. I never remember what she sounds like and her voice is…not pleasant don’t get me twisted, but it’s not as grating to me as what I imagine it would sound like based on her appearance kek

No. 1890540

File: 1693363874755.gif (3.24 MB, 292x295, Shayna Clifford.gif)

Video Transcript:

Shayna: Hi! I'm Dolly Mattel! Um.. ItDollyMattel on OnlyFans. Dolly Mattel on Manyvids. breathes heavily Those are places that I post really cute pink porn finger guns and giggles

Scrote: And what part of the Cunty* did you grow up in?

Shayna: clears throat Um, I grew up in Massachusetts, um but when I turned 18 I moved to Seattle.

Scrote: D-did you or anyone you knew receive spankings growing up?

Shayna: I did! Um, My dad! giggles Um, I have really thick curly hair and MY DAD is the one who like has the curly hair, my mom doesn't have curly hair. So like neither of my parents really knew how to deal with my curly while they were brushing it. So like sometimes it would like rip through my hair brushing it and I would like slap them. And they would like spank the bottom of my feet with the hair brush. breathes in through teeth So um… giggles and shrugs

Scrote: Uh…Wh-what is. Other than video shoots, what is the first time you have a recollection of getting a spanking and when is the last?

Shayna: Thinks Hmm, I don't know. Cause I feel like my first recollection…would probably be like a scene I did with someone, or like just like while having sex. But other than like having having my feet spanked, I remember that, but like.. other than that - I remember - like I remember probably like once I was adult.

Scrote: Oh, Okay. And what sort of uh drew you to spanking? Did you enjoy spanking or it something you-

Shayna: I'm a masochist. I'm a masochist at heart. I love Paain. Um..I…Yeah.. I just love pain. Spanking is like very like therapeutic and eclectic that all that stuff. And it just feels really good.

Scrote: And do you remember uh when uh do you remember.. uh… You can't remember a first time maybe with a boyfriends, or girlfriend, or friend? Just saying like "Hey let's try spanking!" or "Let's swat your butt!"

Shayna: Okay maybe a little bit! I think more than anything I remember like… Maybe like standing in a mirror when I was 16 and spanking myself and like seeing how I felt about that giggles

Scrote: Alright, nice! Okay. And then um, how many times other than Spanking videos would you say you've been spanked? If you can't put number would you say it's more than 10?

Shayna: So like, outside of spanking videos?

Scrote: Yes.

Shayna: I'm always asking to be spanked. Always.

Scrote: So more than 10?

Shayna: Oh, absolutely

Scrote: Maybe 100?

Shayna: That's very like… nice. That's a very nice number. That's a conservative number laughs

Scrote: Uh. Okay.

Shayna: All the spankings!

Scrote: And who would spank you? A friend? Anybody? Who?

Shayna: Well I have partners and I'm poly. So I'll ask my partners to spank me… but I mean, so I worked with Sarah Gregory and Strictmore, and like outside those shoots like we like hang out for dinner and everyone just starts spanking eachother under the tables. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of good fun.

Scrote: So when you are talking about spanking with friends, or lovers, or whoever. Are you talking about "Oh I'm just gonna swat your butt" or are they formal like "you're getting over my knee for at least a minute!"

Shayna: A little of both! A little of both. Cause it really depends on the mood. Cause I think like, a little bit of playful swatting is fun, but sometimes I need a good spanking. Like, sometimes spanking can just be good, fun, and sexy but…. sometimes a spanking will be emotional, I mean that, and sometimes I'll be like "Can I get a spanking over your knee, please?" giggles uncomfortably

Scrote: Can you describe like…if.. like is there a memorable… or a fank*-favourite spanking, or it doesn't have to be your favourite spanking but, but like t-that you can recall in detail where someone just said like "You need a spanking" and uh.. you know. And describe..uh just you know -just so- just so your viewers-

Shayna: baby voice Can you say that one more time?

Scrote: Yeah! So can you think of a specific spanking. A moment. Like maybe you were 18, maybe you were 20 - I dont know how old you are but… Maybe it was 5 years ago. Maybe it was 1 year. This week! That someone spanked you… And like.. what was the process? Did you say "I need a spanking" and they put you over their knee? Did they spank you over the pants or barebutt? Or…uh.. I'm looking for something your audience…can… picture.

Shayna: Uh….okay! So Um… I'll..Hm…heh.. so my girlfriend and I will like….um…hmm.. trying to think of like a specific time that sticks out…. there is one time sticks out but it was a for a shoot.

Scrote: Oh, Okay. So say you're at a dinner after a shoot and someone gave you a spanking. Maybe just describe how that went?

Shayna: It was like ..exciting! I mean like, I was just- I just love being around people who want to spank, who want to be spanked. And um…

Scrote: I mean, do you ask for it or do they?

Shayna: Oh, I'm always asking for it. Most often, I like can't get enough spanking. So when I'm surrounding by people who like spanking I'm always like "Please spank me!" Um giggles

Scrote: I think Sarah or - er- John uh.. definitely, could uh, take care of you.

Shayna: He gave me a good hand spanking! It that was awesome thing. It was with a little uh… I dont know exactly… it was a piece of- like a piece raw hide? Or leather? Or something like that? And he was just smacking my hand with it and it felt SO good. And then he's just like "Okay I'm good" and I would just keep sticking my hand out like, "Another one. And Another One. And Another one"

Scrote: So you look hand spanking and spanking bottom both?

Shayna: Yeah.

Scrote: Okay… I see. Um….

Scrote: Um. long pause Did-Have you ever witnessed other people like friends or siblings or anybody getting a spanking?

Shayna: I've watched my friends get a spanking. I've been to like, I've been to like some kinky parties where I live at in Seattle. Sometimes you just walk into a room, and people will just be.. getting it.

Scrote: And you stop and watch for awhile?

Shayna: Oh of course I watch! I get so much out of it, I mean not as much as I get out it from being spanked. But I'll just sit there like, "Oh, gosh!"

Scrote: laughs And cheer them on?

Shayna: Really, yeah!

No. 1890541

Transcript Continued

Scrote: Did you - uh are you familiar with Birthday Spankings? Not every part of the country gave Birthday Spankings?

Shayna: I- I've heard of the concept.

Scrote: But you've never given any?

Shayna: I…. I know the concept but I've definitely like maybe when I was 17 I asked a non-kinky boyfriend like baby voice "Oooo..do you wanna give me birthday spanks!?" something stupid like that, but you know.

Scrote: So it's not like a formal…

Shayna: I would happily accept some birthday spanks! My birthday is not until June but we can always pretend! giggles

Scrote: Good to know. laughs So tell me different positions, all the different positions you have been spanked in. Like over the knee? Or-

Shayna: I love over the knee.

Scrote: Is that your favourite position?

SHayna: Ummm.. Ohh I don't know. For spanking? Yes. Yeah.

Scrote: Most people like over the knee best but there are some people only like to be bent over something.

Shayna: I do love a good bent over something. It makes it feel like extra kinky.

Scrote: Yeah. And then um what about places that you've been spanked? Like living rooms.. kitchens? Like ever outside? Where?

Shayna: Um, definitely been outside.

Scrote: Can you describe like some, like where- well not specific -

Shayna: interrupting On a hike! In Rainier! laughs In the beautiful, wild, forest gorgeousness laughs.

Scrote: So you're hiking and then they turn- then you turn to-

Shayna: interrupting Like "Hey can you spank me."

Scrote: And then do you bend over?

Shayna: Bend over, flipping up my skirt, getting my ass out, like "Please! It's right here! It's really cute! It needs to spanked. Immediately!"

Scrote: With hand? Or sticks?

Shayna: With a hand.

Scrote: And then other traditional places like the bedrooms and kitchens?

Shayna: Yeah. Um, Definitely in the bedroom. In my work room finger guns Um, In the kitchen, yeah, totally. I mean sometimes like, Like I can think about last week I was cooking dinner for my GF and she came over in the kitchen and she's just spanking me while I cook.

Scrote: Like with a wooden spoon?

Shayna: I need a wooden spoon! I only have pink plastic.

Scrote: The best are those wooden spoons.

Shayna: I need some!

Scrote: So do you partake in any other fetishes beside spanking? And if so, can you talk about them?

Shayna: So many!

Scrote: Yeah, like, for example, some you like?

Shayna: Um! Well, Okay! I'm just a masochist at heart I guess. Like not only am I into spanking I love caning, I'm so obsessed with caning. Um. I have a huge medical fetish. um I'm really into bimbofication? Um.

Scrote: Can you tell us what that is? Bimbofication?

Shayna: Ummm dances I think! Well I mean the thing is.. …it's a really broad term. Cause I think…for ME, it's about becoming like my best self. Like some girls, or anyone else, whoever wants to be a Bimbo can say like: "It's about having big tits, blonde hair, big lips, being skinny" all that, and that's not really what being a bimbo means. It's a personality thing. It's like…wanting to have fun, spreading happiness and just being a dumb, ditsy whore who likes making people hard laughs like seth rogan

Scrote: So that.. so alot of time fetishes.. because we're featuring spanking specifically. Some other fetishes, like sometimes other fetishes like tickling will c-could also work with spanking. Could Bimbofication… uh B-I-M-B-O also incorporate spanking?

Shayna: I've never really thought about it. But I supposed if I sat down and really thought it I could make it happen. Spanking can be incorporated anywhere! giggles

Scrote: Um. So uh.. let's see. Uh What is your favourite or least favourite implement in uh-can you-uh share any experience with them- you already mentioned-

Shayna: interrupting CANE. CANE. CANE.

Scrote: You already said - so cane's your favourite! I didn't bring my cane, that's too bad.

Shayna: I just love the marks they make. And I just love… so when I got caned a couple weeks ago. I think I got caned like 4 times in the matter of like 3 days. And um, the plane ride home was rough. But I literally felt like I had like speed bumps on my buttcheeks. And that was just like a really gratifying feeling to me, they're like little trophies.

Scrote: Yeah! And so they left lines on your butt?

Shayna: Mmm, yeah. And some big beautiful bruises do.

Scrote: How many cane strokes would you receive typically at a caning session?

Shayna: Umm…I think the most I've ever taken at once was 14?

Scrote: 14. And you count them or ?

Shayna: Well the only times I've ever been caned are to shoot porn.

Scrote: And they count them?

Shayna: Mostly yeah. Yeah. It's a lot of the "One stroke of the cane!" "Thank you I've been a very bad girl!" Giggles And then you say it again.

Scrote: Right. Right. Heavily scripted. Is there an instrument that you don't like that you know of?

Shayna: Um… this is… I hate to say this because it's what I started out spanking myself with but…. I hate wooden paddles! I hate them! HATE THEM!

Scrote: You hate them for the way they feel.

Shayna: I don't - I don't like the sting!

Scrote: There are several different kinds of paddles.

Shayna: Cause I have a nice leather paddle and that one is really nice. I love that!

Scrote: Ironically, this question, the answer mostly is caning. As least favourite. For all the times I've done these interviews.

Shayna: giggles Pick me! Pick me!

Scrote: Okay so that concludes the mostly* the interview but can you show your audience your bare bottom?

Shayna stands up

Shayna: Barebottom?! What are you a pervert?!

Shayna turns around and pulls down her pants

Shayna: I wore panties for this shoot I'll have you know! Ugh. Here it is!

Scrote: There it is.

Shayna: In all it's glory!

Video Ends

>Nonas, transcribing Shayna for an hour is my 13th reason.

No. 1890542

i’m scared.

No. 1890544

Holy shit…you should fix yourself a cocktail if you drink or eat something yummy. Nobody should have to transcribe that. I uncomfortably kek’d at the way you made sure to transcribe the moid’s stutter. Also did it seem to anyone else like he REALLY wanted her to talk about being traumatically spanked as a child or seeing someone else get spanked and being turned on but was too weird and awkward to make it clear? He was like trying to lead her into making it creepier even than it was and she just kept being like “I love being caned at shoots hurrr durr!” I hope that creep didn’t get off at all tbh. He really really gives me paraphilic killer vibes.

No. 1890550

Why is this transcribed as if it were a snuff flim?..nonnie..are you OK?

No. 1890554

she looks so hood tard here KEK

No. 1890555

nta but what are you talking about, is a snuff film the only context you've seen someone transcribe a video in? if so, are YOU okay?

No. 1890556

Yeah he was 100% trying to go in a pedophilic direction with all the “birthday spanks” and “what’s your first recollection” and “did you get spanked growing up” bullshit. He kept asking for youthful memories and she kept redirecting to porn shoots and sex parties. It’s interesting seeing her irl discomfort dealing with the pedo freaks she panders to online. Almost like “don’t kink shame my ageplay lifestyle” is libfem nonsense and the moids who buy her content are really getting off to child abuse.

No. 1890557

Going from this transcript I seriously doubt she actually enjoys spanking or even does it that often. Notice how she doesn't directly answer the questions relating to how often she has spanking sessions, specific instances of spanking in a sexual context, and hesitation over basically any requests for detail. Most of her direct answers relate to spanking during shoots or in a playful context.
Not liking spanking would be normal behavior, but the fact that she pretends to enjoy it as part of her bimbo front she puts on is just depressing. She comes off really asexual, no joy or interest in sex at all despite claims to the contrary.
Never thought a shayna video would make me feel so sad kek.

No. 1890560

File: 1693366437331.jpeg (223.17 KB, 494x640, 06755789-9775-4DE6-9CB6-9F63BB…)

Her eye lashes piss me off(nitpicking)

No. 1890562

Ok I’m glad someone else saw it. You put it in words a lot better than I did, thank u nonna. That guy clearly wanted to hear about her as a child in relation to butt spanking and all she gave him was her parents smacking her feet with the brush kek. She definitely seemed uncomfortable like she knew what he was and oh, surprise! She doesn’t actually find it hot.

No. 1890566

It was super fucking creepy how asked her to recall memories of her siblings being spanked. The whole thing gave me major ick. But I think ultimately Shayna is just dumb as rocks and couldn’t just make some shit up. He was trying to hard to just get her to tell one good story with details about what happened and she couldn’t so he was just bouncing a bunch of awkward pedo-y prompts to try to get her to be more interesting for his pedo fan base.

Yeah its super telling when she couldn’t recall any stories involving Ellen that “stuck out” despite posting several times about how Ellen spanked and bit her and it was “amazing”.

No. 1890569

now this explains the snuff formatting/look of these
this scrote has terabytes of god knows what hidden in his gooncave, the FBI can't be tipped fast enough.

No. 1890570

I’m with you there nona, it always pisses me off to no end that she threw away what could have been a great base for a potentially great body. Women like that don’t even seem to need to do much to achieve it (I had a friend who was the same way), and she just pissed it away.

I would like to honour you and thank you for your service. “laughs like Seth Rogen” really got me, and all your little details in the ‘stage directions’ were just chef’s kiss tier!

No. 1890574

nonners I'm talking about the scrote who filmed the porn

No. 1890585

File: 1693367738686.gif (3.29 MB, 294x280, apologies.gif)

my bad nona. here's a shayna gif as apologies.

No. 1890587

KEK is all good, thank u for the gif, her thumb face really shines here.

No. 1890590

>Like I can think about last week I was cooking dinner for my GF
>I was cooking
Press X to doubt. Also, a-fucking-gain with the "bimbofication is being your best self!" bullshit.

No. 1890593

her mannerisms in the vid make her look extremely uncomfortable. she looks so awkward and like she doesn’t want to be there, like she wants to leave as quickly as possible. then to top it off the entire outfit is way too tight and basically suffocating her while she sweats and huffs like a pig.

No. 1890598

File: 1693368412973.webm (1.6 MB, 612x334, awkward spanking.webm)

Ew I found a preview of the actual spanking portion from this video >>1890447 The "DONNY. HANG UP RIGHT NOW" cracks me up but overall this guy is definitely a predatory who needs to be on some kind of list.

No. 1890599

Predator*, Also why do these scrotes always hide their face but have no problem showing every inch of their victim. Disgusting.

No. 1890602

they’re not victims when they agree to do this shit.

No. 1890604

File: 1693369225537.webm (533.91 KB, 482x302, Sophia Calls Shayna Out.webm)

Kek. Found this video of Sophia telling Shayna to stop embarrassing her (scripted but still funny considering how distant they were at fetcon this year)

No. 1890606

My personal opinion is that although they do not deserve our pity, they are still victims to these scrotes. Men and soulless women groom girls into thinking this shit is normal until it's not easy to leave the lifestyle. Other than completely leaving the internet and living in some remote community where no one uses internet, Shayna can't really leave sex work because her reputation is so tarnished by the content she's put out to please disgusting predatory scrotes. Yet this predator doesn't suffer anywhere near the same consequences for being just as degenerate as Shayna because it's the norm for these creeps to hide behind the camera or angle it to hide their face. But I definitely get you.

No. 1890609

they aren’t victims of anything but their own poor choices. it’s incredibly easy for these scrotes to simply take advantage of their daddy issues, pick me personalities, and masochistic tendencies. unless they are truly trafficked, they aren’t victims.

No. 1890612

Victims of trafficking are exactly why I don’t have sympathy for Shayna or any other “sex worker”. She chooses to participate in and promote an industry that actively harms and kills women. And if that wasn’t bad enough in itself she promotes and glamorises pedophilia, bestiality, incest, rape and violence against women. They’re scum and they don’t deserve to be liberated from the patriarchy.

No. 1890614

Yes, they gleefully perpetuate the idea that women are products and sex service objects. I can’t stand for any of these vile people when they actively fight against the best interests of women, it’s tiring as fuck.

No. 1890617

File: 1693373606062.webm (Spoiler Image,17.37 MB, 640x360, Shayna Leigh Clifford Intervie…)

For archival purposes, here’s the full video split into two to be able to fit the under 20MB limit of the site. Both are under a Spoiler due to the discussion (being spanked by her parents within the context of a porn (?) shoot), because the “interview” kept being guided into paedophilic territory and lastly, because she bares her ass in the last second or so of the clip.

No. 1890619

File: 1693373684681.webm (Spoiler Image,19 MB, 640x360, Shayna Leigh Clifffors Intervi…)

No. 1890631

Neanderthal looking bitch kek

No. 1890632

Jfc that was less of an interview and more of a creepy interrogation

No. 1890652

Jesus, imagine reading/seeing that interview and still thinking she’s not autistic. She thought she’s supposed to answer the questions literally. Like why would you tell on camera the exact places you’ve lived in, about your dad torturing you (wtf was that part about him spanking the BOTTOM OF HER FEET??), etc. etc.
She’s autistic as FUCK, her being on ADHD meds is going to bring out the autism even more and I am here for it(arm chairing)

No. 1890689

Disturbing. Like a soft white underbelly video made in hostage VHS quality. Why does she allow herself to be captured in such horrible lighting? She's a professional with a decade of thotting on camera under her belt, you'd think she would learn something , anything, about how ruinous harsh lighting can be.

The body language is interesting. Lots of self-soothing grooming, palms upward "believe me" gestures, instant squirming and eyes rolling all over the place at being asked to define what a bimbo is "it's a really broad term" lmao no it isn't

No. 1890691

Ffs, Shayna’s NOT autistic. Some people are just socially weird. I’m sick of it being overly diagnosed and everyone saying they’re “actually autistic” just to be special. She also doesn’t have ADHD in case you believe her and want to give more excuses for her behavior. To be fair, I think she was actually creeped out by this guy and was so nervous that her mind went blanker than it usually does.

No. 1890693

No, she’s not doing the ‘believe me’ thing, I think she was genuinely creeped the fuck out, I’m pretty sure once you’re in that type of situation you’ll pretty much say anything that the creep wants to say to get out of it ASAP. I wasn’t there, but seeing Donny force her smile while looking incredibly uncomfortable makes me believe he was probably being creepier off camera.

No. 1890694

I was going to say the same thing nona, she’s just a social retard with no education and a low IQ. She’s an illiterate shut-in and has no idea how to read social cues/interact with people who aren’t degenerate whores or coomers

No. 1890705

File: 1693396202784.jpeg (187.58 KB, 1146x1100, IMG_9040.jpeg)

No. 1890707


Not to beat a dead horse, but a decent amount of sex workers (not Shayna) tend to turn to sex work because they've been abused as children. People were talking about how Kiki looks full of regret and dissociated, even though she fully pushes sex work as the "best thing ever!". They don't deserve the same sympathy a victim of sex trafficking does, but I can see how someone would be able to view them as a victim to their own vice, like drug addicts who are in denial.

No. 1890721

But Shayna is not, that’s the point. That’s her thread.

No. 1890722

Is she so broke she can't even afford to buy new clothes that fit her fatass

No. 1890726

File: 1693400940247.png (51.3 KB, 160x224, IMG_0674.png)

Damn, Shayna really got interviewed by this nigga

No. 1890728

They were talking about other SW in general. Shayna's definitely not a victim and it shows every day, but it's a valid argument to say the girls she ends up surrounding herself with fall into that category. Which makes her leeching off them extra fucked up.

I don't think she's autistic, I think she's just a weird ass shut in. When she was younger she was probably a spaz and annoying as hell. What you're reading as autism is just her feeling uncomfortable because some weird child predator wants her to sexualize her child self being spanked by her father for real and not just for porn larping. He was probably asking her all types of weird questions about her childhood with his left hand in his pants. Anyone, even a desperate e-whore would feel uncomfortable and come off weird in that situation.

No. 1890731

File: 1693402047624.jpg (67.6 KB, 981x504, 20230830_092949.jpg)

This was deleted. She really can't afford weed no more.

No. 1890739

>what i rly love most abt smoking is like the ritual
yeah all these she's posted of her smoking where she barely inhales confirms this. what she loves most about smoking is the attention from being a chill stoner gril

No. 1890740

How about we stop calling then "sex workers"? I hate that term, it has been invented to make it seem like selling your body is just a job like any other. They are not sex workers, they are prostitutes, hoes, sluts, harlots.

No. 1890743

File: 1693403545645.jpeg (321.95 KB, 1170x1390, IMG_9055.jpeg)

No. 1890745

My eyes hurt from rolling them, Shayna looks like hot shit when she “dresses up”. Sidenote Bieber looks like a tweaker following Hailey to try and rob her like imagine this is your husband. Idc how rich he is it’s embarrassing he looks unwashed kek

No. 1890757

remember that her family has offered to pay for her education or training, but she prefers to do this
she is a lost cause

No. 1890778

It's just another manifestation of her misogyny & NLOG mindset. She thinks that women are all stereotype NPCs who only listen to pop music, like pink and have no substance. She believes this so fully that she sees herself as being unique and special for having musical tastes that are incredibly generic, but that don't align perfectly with the "female" box she created in her mind. Nevermind that 99% of women don't fit into that box either, and have far more eclectic interests than "bimbo" or "dadrock".

No. 1890780

Please don’t make excuses for scrotes. Shay may live this “lifestyle” but that doesn’t make her not a victim of abuse/assault from these men and claiming she’s not because she “chose to” gives cover for predators who are trafficking and forcing women because they can just say “oh well, she chose it!”

No. 1890798

How do you tell? How do you know a woman isn’t being trafficked/forced/coerced/etc? Because they talk like Shay? Act like Shay? So long as rapists target women like Shay/have women act like Shay it’s ok, because she asked for it? Think about what you’re saying. Those men aren’t being forced to hurt those women, they want to and because they can conveniently use the excuse of “well she asked for it/she chose it” it normalizes what they’re doing. Stop falling for it. Shame Shay all you want, that’s valid and necessary, but she is still a victim of predatory scrotes.

No. 1890799

omg shut up and stop fucking coping for Shayna. she’s not a victim in any sense of the word. you sound like you want to be Captain Save-A-Hoe in hopes Shayna will come give you a toothy hog blowjob. she made her bed, now she can lie in it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1890803

ugh the white knights are back in the thread. Shayna will fuck you, okay? all you have to do is go on her website and take her to Applebees. you don’t have to make excuses for her on lolcow of all places.

No. 1890805

Both can be true at the same time. She’s made her bed and she’s wallowing in it and will probably drown in her sty. Just the capping for scrotes/johns/rapists is gross, stop giving men cover. They don’t need help making excuses or finding acceptable targets.

No. 1890820

she will never be considered a victim as long as her parents are willing to throw her a life preserver. it sounds like her mom's done nothing short of begging her to quit whoring even before she was an actual prostitute.

No. 1890823


It's not white knighting to point out that predators take advantage of the disadvantaged/abused/self loathing NLOGs like Shayna under the guise of "kink/sex work". Shayna can leave whenever she wants because her parents are still willing to support her dumbass so she suffers from the average sex worker in that regard, but she's still destroying herself nonetheless. It's literally like a drug addict. They chose to do the drugs, and now their brains are re-wired to accept all types of fucked up shit as normal and they often don't notice they're in too deep before it's too late. Sex work is exploitative by nature. The people who benefit the most from it aren't the ones on their knees sucking dick or getting whipped by bald greasy degenerates. Shayna herself is not as bad off as most sex workers, so I have no sympathy for her at all. Her situation is pitiful and bleak, though because she really is just being used up by nasty scrotes and madams with nasty fetishes. Once she can't get by with her rancid porn and escorting adventures, she's going to be in for some shit.

No. 1890825

*Suffers less than the average sex worker

No. 1890837

Yeah I just poked around at prices in Renton; 1g carts can go for $25 so she must be broke broke.

No. 1890842

File: 1693418189409.jpeg (341.01 KB, 750x658, 5363A2B8-3259-41DB-889A-F0C227…)

No. 1890849

I don't get the weird sympathy towards Shayna. She really doesn't deserve any of it. I know she's a "character" for a lot of Shayfags but it's odd

No. 1890852

doesn’t ink just come off with an alcohol swab

No. 1890854

File: 1693419762376.jpeg (321.74 KB, 750x885, C14E2100-D0A4-43AA-B0A8-3D568C…)

shayna perpetuates harmful stereotypes that get real women and girls hurt. she tells mike slack she loves him despite an idiot cowtipping her about who mike slack is and what he's done. she is a loser and anyone who supports her is also one.

No. 1890856

Yeah I don’t either. I enjoy watching her continue to fail at life because she is not a good person. Fleetingly on occasion I feel bad for the child she was once upon a time but she’s not a child anymore, she’s a grown woman with no one to blame for her position but her nasty fool self.

No. 1890864

You think this degenerates bathe AND have sanitizing things?

No. 1890867

Me neither. She’s not a good person. She doesn’t give a shit about her family, or her “friends”. She always leaches off of them. Never contributes to anything. She’s greedy. She’s unnecessarily obnoxious and loud, since high school. Shayna isn’t pretty at all, so she’s ugly inside AND outside. She’s not funny. Has no redeeming qualities. She’s just a bitch. Some prostitutes have good hearts, just in a shitty job that exploits them. You can have sympathy for someone who’s a decent person and want them to do better for themselves . Shayna is just not someone you root for in life. She’s a washed up loser in a dead end job. Most whores “graduate” to being a stupid influencer/ brand pusher on TikTok. Which is really fucking pathetic because there’s so many options for her. Years of sex work and she ain’t even a porn “star” she’s a porn peasant

No. 1890868

at best she probably licks her thumb and tries to rub off the ink to get a smear. or her skin is so oily its now hydrophobic and needs 3 washes with soap or a spritz of clorox before becoming normal

No. 1890870

Why would you feel bad for her? She had a home she didn’t have a fucked up life. Her parents weren’t abusive or drug addicts. She was just an obnoxious high school loser stoner with three friends. Nothing to feel sorry for.. oh poor Shayna had to watch her brother while her parents worked to provide for her. Boo hoo.. most siblings watch each other especially in other cultures. White trash shayna just wasn’t used to actually having to help out her family

No. 1890873

Obviously I don’t mean “poor Shayna” and I certainly don’t think having to watch her kid brother was abuse in any way lmao I just mean nobody is a complete lazy gross degenerate when they’re like, six.

No. 1890894

with the wretched state of her bongs over the years, i doubt shay even knows alcohol swabs exist.

No. 1890910

Learning that her dad would hit her feet with a brush (weird) and that she wasn't physically punished otherwise (that we know, I guess) means she probably grew up hearing about other kids getting their asses beat. And found it sexy. Kids who are victims of corporal punishment have to live with that for the rest of their lives, but Shayna is a big enough pick-me to turn it into wank material, just like the rest of her "kinks" (self-harming for attention from men). I hope she knows the audience for her baby incest larp shit are probably there because they know if they go to the dark web for the real shit they'll be in prison. It would be so funny if she couldn't work anymore because all her scrotes got caught for cp lmao

No. 1890917

File: 1693430122896.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1360x1658, IMG_0635.jpeg)

No. 1890923

Ugh, imagine the weed + BO + teeth stank + 'sweet tart cherry notes' walking past you.

No. 1890936

Idk why to me this almost looks like pet urine deodorizer it couldn’t be a less aesthetic bottle really. She has really transformed into Yorkshire terrier

No. 1890937

I’m sad I wanted this bc I am a scent heaux and it sounded like it could be a fun body spray for before/after the gym but now it’s ruined kek all I’m gonna think of is >>1890923

No. 1890939

For the sake of a few bucks, these rancid whores enable crime and directly contribute to abuse. Incest is almost always accompanied by pedophilia. I’m elated that Shayna is a used up washed up hooker with no future, she gives me schadenfreude in amounts I never knew possible. I wouldn’t even feel bad if she gets reduced to a statistic.

No. 1890940

File: 1693433296943.jpeg (282.61 KB, 1065x1894, IMG_0528.jpeg)

Supposedly this is her around that time? But this is 2 months after Shane saga so probably ate her feelings.

No. 1890948

don't let shayna ruin it for you nonna!! im interested in this scent too but the price is a little steep for a lush product… it probably stanks on her but if you're clean and normal it won't

No. 1890949

Hehe ty I will prob go swatch it at my local Lush. I can’t imagine any scent smells good on Shat seeing as how she probably showers once a week and is a filthy slob tbh. The anon who said it looks like pet urine spray in that bottle is not wrong tho kek that’s what I thought it was before I enlarged the image, or like, some kind of Barbie x Febreze which Shayna’s cloth covered furniture could probably benefit from.(blogging, autism)

No. 1890960

i thought it was some kind of hair perfume/mist. it's a weird bottle for body spray.

No. 1890966

all lush body sprays come in that ugly ass bottle. i'm morbidly curious about what scents shayna normally wears. or does she just let her body odour funk stand alone? and which is worse?

No. 1890972

i've never been to a Lush so i didn't know, what a weird choice for perfume/body spray packaging.
shayna wears probably what ever is pink, cheap, and flavor-of-the-month trendy scent she sees on twitter lol. she seems like the type to "freshen up" with a body spray instead of taking a gd shower.

No. 1890974

thats exactly what i thought when i saw she posted that. she will use it in lieu of a shower. she puts a bad name to any product she uses. i hope she actually uses all the expensive soaps she bought from lush, she could really use a good scrubbing. she always looks like she's covered in grime and dead skin. blegh.

No. 1890975

File: 1693437391192.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2080, IMG_6033.png)

Nah it’s from last year’s Lone Star Spanking Party where she met Shane. Same outfit and hotel curtains behind her. What a fucking catfish kek

No. 1890977

File: 1693437455669.jpeg (341.83 KB, 750x1045, 0931BD59-40BB-4631-8B4A-37C9D3…)

No. 1890978

File: 1693437498192.jpeg (434.32 KB, 750x601, 98019C7B-602B-4A65-87BE-877FE9…)

she deleted the middle tweet

No. 1890979

File: 1693437619703.png (741.49 KB, 992x916, sweet_like_adultery.png)

I don't think she owns any actual perfume, I think she just has Bath and Body Works body sprays. If she did wear perfume it would be something tacky like the Ariana Grande perfumes. The qualifications are: 1) must be in a pink bottle, 2) juvenile enough to appeal to her obsession with seeming underage, 3) must be something easy enough to find for a retard who doesn't do research and is high/drunk out of her mind 24/7.

No. 1890982

she should have considered this years ago

No. 1890989

lmao here we go again, shayna you had one and stopped using it because you didn't get ANY attention. KEK unreal

No. 1890992

File: 1693438626515.png (985.04 KB, 864x1479, Screenshot_20230830-163932.png)

New "personal" account @ShutUpDolly

No. 1890993

her resemblance to jonathan yaniv is really apparent in this pic

No. 1890995

File: 1693439068787.jpg (141.9 KB, 1289x669, Indeed.jpg)

No. 1891001

File: 1693439470821.png (629.69 KB, 750x1334, C72D0607-58A9-4A8B-97CB-9E1419…)

she's such a catfish

No. 1891006

File: 1693440046958.jpeg (193.69 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_9057.jpeg)

Such a bimbo baby irl barbie

No. 1891007

File: 1693440053799.jpeg (574.37 KB, 625x1049, IMG_0532.jpeg)


No. 1891008

It’s crazy how ugly she looks in her edited pics and then when we see her completely out of control of the camera she’s revealed to look even worse. She looks like a legit sped in that disturbing spank talk vid

No. 1891011

Does she edit her hair lighter?

No. 1891012

that’s why i never believe anything related to Shayna’s image because she’s such a catfish

No. 1891016

A Shatfish, if you will

No. 1891019

The regrowth looks even more atrocious when she edits the blonde to be lighter too, she is terrible at her “job”. Such a perfectionist huh

No. 1891021

File: 1693441393451.jpeg (599.42 KB, 1080x2565, IMG_6041.jpeg)

Her pictures with Sarah were closer to the video reality

No. 1891023

Just a geriatric woman and her Hartley hooligan

No. 1891024

She looks like a spoof modern version of adult Dj from full house. Like she had a vision of how she's be In her 20s and they got a out of shape woman in their 40s to play her.
Like she's afraid of getting older so they show her at the mall, looking retarded in too small clothes trying to fit in with stylish girls her age. What is trying to day is Shayna dresses like a joke character on a sitcom.

No. 1891026

File: 1693442263536.jpeg (286.4 KB, 2048x922, IMG_6042.jpeg)

>I worked with Sarah Gregory and Strictmore, and like outside those shoots like we like hang out for dinner and everyone just starts spanking eachother under the tables. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of good fun
I’m sure whatever image any scrote who watches this video has in their mind after hearing this, it isn’t a bunch of gross geriatric fucks kek. So erotic

No. 1891029

Jesus, don't tempt fate. Ariana's perfumes are so strong and seem to reek of ambroxan. I used to work with a girl who loved the Cloud one and it was intolerable on her, a clean person, imagine that cloying 'doctor's office' smell with Shayna's fupa sweat, old weed must, dirty clothes mold, unwashed scalp grease, and neglected pet stink. And you just know she's the kind of person who thinks using a lot of fragrance is a replacement for a shower.

No. 1891037

Youre also believing what a chronic exaggerater and liar says. The hairbrush thing could have happened once or maybe she saw or heard that elsewhere lol

No. 1891043

KEK underrated post

No. 1891045

So hot, crouched underneath rickety cafe tables with all the dropped bits of food next to all the old men’s dirty feet

No. 1891058

File: 1693448566062.jpeg (53.09 KB, 161x275, IMG_3993.jpeg)

Did any anons get specific bad energy vibes when they first saw Shayna? Her face and her expressions are just so cartoonishly evil to me. The beady eyes, the thin sly smile, the overall witch face… not trying to say physiognomy is everything but her face gives really bad vibes to begin with.

No. 1891062

File: 1693448946322.jpeg (290.08 KB, 750x821, IMG_3994.jpeg)

No. 1891067

Abggjoytshdugxkjs (or whatever she says). Didn't she do pretty close to that with Shane Sonnier? The actual rape scenarios she said happened were cool with her until he didn't pay enough attention to her anymore and didn't want her.

No. 1891068

Don't post this anywhere, Jesus Christ. Moids are stupid and degenerate. Any dude who likes or responds to this needs to be monitored.

No. 1891071

this spoiled white bitch who was never struck in any other way was certainly never spanked on the soles

No. 1891080

What is it that makes shaytards so peculiarly strange?

No. 1891082

These desperate cries for attention are so tiring like haha look at me I love CNC and violence I’m soooo quirky and kinky. Literally no one asked. She can’t even book basic porn shoots but writes out these intricate edgy fantasies.

No. 1891087

right she literally doesn't even like getting fucked asexual kween

No. 1891096

File: 1693454366635.jpeg (681.51 KB, 750x1196, 74572CD0-8B5F-49B1-B346-2DAB9A…)

tubi original movie poster vibes

No. 1891099

this scrote simping after shayna to barely be acknowledged is hilarious. I assume it's because he's not a paying customer and isn't her type, kek. Otherwise she'd be all over this autistic retardation

No. 1891100

File: 1693454838403.jpeg (78.75 KB, 500x750, 0C19E781-1A64-42A2-8849-38C150…)

KEK that’s what I thought
This movie but Shayna edition with Mike Slack in the middle

No. 1891113

ew is that herpes on her tongue? nasty

No. 1891117

File: 1693457545245.png (74.23 KB, 128x223, keeek.PNG)

pardon the autism but this is too funny to me kek

No. 1891130

I like how she didn't touch her veggies at all. And DEFINITELY didn't grab a box to bring back to the hotel to snack on later. Fat fuck lol

No. 1891131

>Shayna: Um… this is… I hate to say this because it's what I started out spanking myself with but…. I hate wooden paddles! I hate them! HATE THEM!
Didn’t she buy 3 paddles at just that event? Lmao kills me what she’ll waste money on

No. 1891143

Kek, Jesus, she legit does look like one of the spuds, especially with her fat tongue just plopped out of her mouth like a bigass slug. The AGP smirk and tongue constantly being out are basically her only expressions and they're both just so bad.

No. 1891162

nta but you're looking at it too narrowly. If in the very likely event that Kiki is a victim, Shayna is still doing her bimbo glam larp around her and insisting this is the hot It girl lifestyle for them. This is very much a note on how toxic and autistic Shay is when you consider that her "bestie" has probably confided this in Shay and she still pushes a victim to perpetuate their abuse

No. 1891171

She took something we have been saying for ages and finally did it. Can’t wait for her to use her main anyway lmao

No. 1891192

File: 1693484095846.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x1455, IMG_0540.jpeg)

No. 1891204

File: 1693485160670.jpg (5.8 KB, 168x300, dogearhair.jpg)

shayna when ppl across the bar loudly talk about her looking and smelling like a dog

No. 1891207

tubi more like tubby

No. 1891215

I fucking love you for this nongela

No. 1891219

i can b your shangle…..or yuor shevil….

No. 1891224

why is the hello kitty with the whip, like, moist-looking?

No. 1891225

Kek ew it does. It’s just glue tho I’m pretty sure, like whoever made it is a shitty craftsman and used way too much of some kind of glue.

No. 1891234

shevil is fucking killing me. why did he even make this, is this a scrote hobby?

No. 1891235

It looks like a giant gob of hot glue over a sequin decal of Hello Kitty, probably meant to be ironed on to something.

No. 1891236

Wasn’t it Shane’s wife that did the paddle? I seem to recall that it was either her or someone in his depraved polycule (?)

No. 1891251

Nit the same nona but I'm going with her trying to be believable. He asked her to describe the process of her spanking shit and tried getting the bitch to answer in detail for the weird coomers who get off to talking about "naughty things." so she'd look halfway interesting. She doesn't actually do much so she just gave these short generic answers because the retard didn't prepare for her interview beforehand even if she didn't know the questions she knew what the theme of the interview would be.

No. 1891260

File: 1693497241316.jpeg (252.52 KB, 750x654, D99CBD16-7421-412C-BC81-0C8878…)

how embarrassing she has nothing to talk about. could you imagine trying to have a conversation with someone like shayna? it really is no wonder she has no friends

No. 1891264

Considering that she can't even do the basic arithmetic required for good financial management I would say her teacher was right. I doubt she can even keep a count of how much the pink shit she buys is going to cost before she goes to the checkout.

No. 1891267

i love how u can tell this is a joke she stole from someone else because cell phones with calculators have been a thing since she was in like elementary school

No. 1891268

This is like her third or fourth “personal” account. She doesn’t get the interaction/attention that she expected and deletes them. She’ll do the same with this one, just a matter of time.

No. 1891270

literally?? what is she even talking about

No. 1891273

File: 1693498285537.gif (7.18 MB, 491x498, cat-kid-retekmacska.gif)

It's clear Shaynus is a massive negative influence on this lost, attention-hungry hoe

No. 1891276

File: 1693498460788.jpeg (267.21 KB, 750x969, AAF1B7B5-F395-4564-BC5F-C1E680…)

No. 1891278

I’ve seen people use that joke or a version of that joke for years. It’s old just like her crusty coomers. Lol.

No. 1891283

notice how pixie or kiki never followed her on her new twitter

No. 1891285

File: 1693499677732.jpeg (271.35 KB, 750x778, 21026CDE-DB76-4C4F-A41D-15DAF2…)

fat ass ravioli hand

No. 1891289

Pretty big self-own to post that you've only made $35 after almost 2 weeks of begging. Especially when it's the most obvious "bimbofication" step that coomers should be jumping over. Combine this with her not being able to afford a 2 digit flight cost and I'm thinking that her online sales have pretty much dried up. She's just hanging on from john to john at this point.

No. 1891291

I know it's "Ha ha so funny" but wishing bad days on teachers trying for trying to teach your dumb ass, knowing all the shit they have to deal with nowadays is retarded.
Funnily enough she told a story of a male teacher saying gross shit to her, but a math teacher doing her/his job? "I hope you have a awful day". I know i'm nitpicking but she's so annoying. She has nothing to talk about so she goes to the Shay mind palace and finds something "interesting" thats always high school or something retarded and mundane.

No. 1891292

Didn’t she like.. JUST get her nails done before fetcon? I’m starting to really believe the tinfoil that they’re just press ons. I can’t understand how she claims her nails are $100-$200+ and she just takes them off after a week or two.

No. 1891293

this how you know she's broke, she can't afford something like this on the fly, she fucked those scrotes for rent money and they probably are money dry until their next pay check or are once a month types. So now she's broke and begging. Eventually she's going to go out her own pockets or she'll lie and say somebody stole her cards and spent slightly above the amount she needs for this.

No. 1891298

shayna has the habit of literally ripping her fresh nails after a week or so, she has done it multiple, multiple times kek wasteful as always

No. 1891300

why is her hand so red and irritated? is it a sunburn?

No. 1891302

ah, yes, bragging about being uneducated, you're so cool shay! aspirational!

No. 1891316

I don’t get how people can rip fresh nails off. It’s so painful even after a couple of weeks. Caroline Calloway also rips her nails off

No. 1891320

painful and it ruins your natural nails

No. 1891322

File: 1693504798764.jpg (88.19 KB, 849x564, 51126_1.jpg)

How does this look so much like a pig's trotter? Everything about her is porcine.

No. 1891324

File: 1693505403986.jpeg (914.74 KB, 1618x3464, 61D6D2D8-D42A-4D8A-B811-5339E1…)

She’s always complaining about school or talking about the same “top five” high school memories her fried pee-brain can remember. She’s going to be thirty talking about how she was photoshopping her grades in high school. And how she’s thriving now

No. 1891326

thanks for bringing this cringe fest back, god she is as obtuse as she is insufferable.

No. 1891348

Woah the last one sounds like she knew of the married pregnant farmer who knew her from HS.

No. 1891349

Nothing says luxury high class bimbo like showing off your Costco jewelry on top of a pair of sweatpants

No. 1891353

yeah constantly talking about high school in your 20s really shows how much you're "thriving" kek she's so socially maladjusted

No. 1891357

>boring townie lives
Way better than the downward spiral that will end with either a murderous client or liver failure. At least those people probably have parents who aren’t ashamed of them.

No. 1891358

You'd think shayna would have stories for days about all the creeps she surrounds herself with, but like the Shayment Tapes taught use she's dull, can't tell a story to save her life and she's probably so self absorbed and coom brained she has nothing of worth to say. Besides being broke that's the biggest reason why she never does anything when she travels. Her mind can't take being a normal person enjoying a new place/experience that's not sex work focused.
Even when she goes out into nature she ruins it with her body and hypersexuality. What she does enjoy she has nothing to say about it
It just sticks in her brain and floats around

No. 1891364

>Shayment Tapes

No. 1891380

Why tf does this retard start a personal account and less than a DAY later posts a picture of her hammy hand on her hoeing account? Is this not exactly what her personal account would be for?

No. 1891389

i think silver jewelry would flatter shay's cool (grey) skin tone alot better
i wonder what undertone of foundation/concealer shay buys. she strikes me as the type of girl to wear very warm/golden makeup shades when in reality shes a pinky cool tone.

No. 1891390

usually her foundation is too light and she cakes it on like peanut butter

No. 1891392

File: 1693513992017.jpeg (43.25 KB, 750x394, 25E44600-E7AB-4A5B-89A9-03A961…)

she posted this and deleted it right away

No. 1891406

Nta but is it even considered hypersexuality if she hates sex, has zero sensuality or self-awareness of what looks sexy, and just likes attention? She's a literal attention whore tbh.

No. 1891413

nta but i feel like a lot of ‘hypersexual’ people are using that as a cover to avoid real intimacy. sex becomes this whole performative thing in order to mask their insecurities and unresolved feelings about being good enough/lovable

No. 1891421

there are hypersexual kids anon, i don’t think is about it.

No. 1891427

i now understand why shay never takes up her parents offer of free college. how fucking dumb do you have to be to fail every single class in high school, i'm flabbergasted.

No. 1891430

i didn’t say all hypersexual people but there are many such cases. shay included

No. 1891443

Was there anything attached to this post? Curious who this could be about

No. 1891447

File: 1693522656612.jpeg (92.52 KB, 750x477, DCE435AC-C8E7-4010-9A4E-F15AEB…)

i screenshot the notification but when i clicked it she deleted it sorry i can't provide more info

No. 1891463

File: 1693524698735.jpeg (350.86 KB, 1170x1614, IMG_9127.jpeg)

No. 1891464

File: 1693524766340.jpeg (408.09 KB, 1169x1831, IMG_9128.jpeg)

No. 1891466

File: 1693524932261.jpeg (780.37 KB, 4096x2730, IMG_9133.jpeg)

No. 1891473

god DAMN she don't give a fuck kek

No. 1891487

not defending shay but this moid is retarded

No. 1891490

He touches him self to shay, of COURSE he is retarded.

No. 1891494

Aren't all moids though?

If these tards are your customers then you just gotta suck it up and play along. She can't afford to be picky about who her customers are when she has so few of them.

No. 1891498

Shungus is retarded too, they deserve eachother. She’d rather earn brownie points from other woke SW for “dunking” on time-wasting moids, than earning coombucks from said moids.

No. 1891501

Her many attempts at being findom are cringe. She sounds like she’s still on tumblr dunking on anon hate messages

No. 1891502

Samefag, but what’s an hour of back and forth with her customers to her anyway? What? She got somewhere important to be? A schedule to keep? Part of being a whore is talking to your coombrained customers, plus all you do is roll around in your pig pen all day everyday living terminally online. It’s not that deep Shayna.

No. 1891524

>her coomers need to borrow money so they can pay her $50 to lay on her back and wheeze like a pig
The calibre of man she attracts is truly tragic.

No. 1891526

For real. He was playing dumb games.

No. 1891534

Fr. She's on the McDonald's dollar menu of sex workers she can't really be expecting more then this.

No. 1891589

I know right, imagine advertising that this is who your audience is while LARPing as a sooper spoilt sugar baby uwu. Shaynus and her inbred degenerate trailer trash coomers all deserve each other

No. 1891595

Ugh I don't want to project too much but shay seems legit terrified. She's always been a pickme but this is a whole other level of singing a guy's tune so he doesn't hurt you. I genuinely hope she is okay after this. Her body language, facial expressions, constant nervous laughter, not understanding simple questions – she's normally retarded, I get it, but she seems unusually freaked out here. Shay, if you ever need help, know that the nonnies here will connect you with whatever resources you need. We shit on you a lot, but if you ever needed to get out of the industry I guarantee there are those of us here who would be more than willing to help.

No. 1891600

Speak for yourself, I guarantee most of us wouldn’t. She’s a pedo-pandering, abuse-glorifying piece of shit, she can rot in the bed she has made. Save that energy for the victims of rape and trafficking rather than wasting it on a greasy misogynist who is actively harming women and girls with her “work”

No. 1891604

I know where you are coming from but I gotta agree with >>1891600 is better to focus your energy on someone who would not only appreciate it but doesn't have anyone else. Shay has her retarded parents and their money.

No. 1891608

Money which she routinely rejects in favour of pretending to be a baby raped by its parents for pennies and having to beg for rent and Starbucks. No sympathy whatsoever.

No. 1891620

I could have sworn another nona posted that she tinfoiled it was Womack but I can’t see it now so she must have deleted, I just wanted to say that he hasn’t interacted with her for over a month, he hasn’t even been liking her tweets (the only tweets he likes are putrid degenerate porn pictures and he likes them in abundance, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he has ditched her)

No. 1891621

She’s just awkward and weird in any sexual situation. I’m sure almost every porn star is the same way in these creepy demeaning interviews because they’re on the spot having to talk about weird shit asked by a random creepy man in front of them with a camera in their face. If she was really scared for her safety she has her parents waiting with open arms but instead she’d rather be getting whipped and spanked until her ass bleeds.

No. 1891625

Terrified?? Girl, no. She seems completely nonplussed by the fact that she is promoting incestuous abusive child pornography. This is emphasized by the fact that the video you're responding to is months old. She has always been this way.

No. 1891643

Lmao the craftsman was Shane’s wife Amber whatever her name is.
I always find it so odd when anons act like this. Shaymu is such a pick me that she’d never treat another woman well. Why do you impose some weird ex whore sisterhood on her? She doesn’t want to be saved. She wants to be lazy and get attention from weird ass men. Her not understanding questions he’d ask were simply because they were disgusting questions from a scrote that have never been asked to another human being outside of this exchange. I mean who the fuck asks you the first time you were spanked even if they have a spanking fetish it’s peadophilia coded.

No. 1891654

Lol at this bitch who tips under 10% getting angry at receiving a small tip. $2.47 is almost 50% your onlyfans price Shay, how much more of a tip do you expect just to look for something he’s already paid for?
>shay seems legit terrified
I think you mean legit terrifying because the only one I feel bad for in this video is the chair she’s sitting on

No. 1891663

She could get box bleach for that 35 dollars.

No. 1891665

Bimbo barbie brats don't fuck up their hair with box bleach. Seriously though, I've always found it fascinating that Shayna doesn't touch her own hair. Even the pink was done by a "professional".

No. 1891675

I agree, especially women like shay, its a mixture of ultimate pickmeism, deep insecurity, and not having the self confidence to demand that you're treated like a human and not an object. I've never met a 'hypersexual' woman who wasnt a massive pickme who based all her self esteem around men kek

No. 1891684

So much about this hog fascinates me (in a sociological case study kind of way). Her entire existence is baffling, the complete absence of interest in anything outside the most degenerate of porn, choosing to be perpetually broke and reliant on old, fat, unwashed, fugly bobs and vagene pajeets and MAGAtards to keep a roof over her head, no longer making enough by selling pictures of her diseased cooch and shit-encrusted asshole on the internet so she’s now inviting them into her home, why the fuck would anyone choose this over a free education and free rent from a loving family? It’s completely insane. As is her insistence on asserting that she’s a happy, “bubbly”, spoilt baby bimbo, in all the hours that she spends online does she not see how “real” bimbo sugar babies live and realise that she’s nowhere near that “successful” and never will be? I can’t even comprehend this level delusion and denial.

No. 1891693

We all know she's larping enjoying anything highly masochistic but it's especially funny to see her pack all these wooden paddles right after nonna posted that transcript where she states she doesn't like wooden paddles cause she hates the sting of them and instead loves leather paddles. Guess there aren't many hello kitty aliexpress "leather" paddles out there to larp and stay consistent with kek

No. 1891706

Just like all the hello kitty lush bath products, or the fused pile of moldering high heels. Her dim skull thinks being photographed next to an item is all she needs to lend legitimacy to her latest LARP. Unfortunately, reality exists.

No. 1891747

lol what? She’s awful, she can go to her parents if she ever wakes up, idk how anyone who’s been following this thread can root for her. She is a genuinely bad person who likes to hurt and use people. I don’t wish her harm but the window of sympathy passed years ago.

No. 1891761

this is one of the most embarrassing things i’ve ever seen posted in a shayna thread kek

No. 1891795

Applies to teens specifically well, at such age it’s almost impossible to not entangle self worth with self objectification. Sex is absolutely performative and social currency for them.

No. 1891799

See I don't get how people can sympathize with this upper middle class white collar family having ass pedo pandering whore. I understand it for broke sex workers that come from broken families, but Shayna is getting everything she deserves.

No. 1891825

Ain’t wasting no free resources with this bitch. She has a rich family. They can pay to support her, as they already promised. Give the resources for those who are in real need, not pick me sex workers.

No. 1891829

Come on. She doesn't need resources. Both her parents are alive and in contact with her. She can put a regular shirt on, get any unskilled job and stop living outside her means if she really, truly doesn't want to do this anymore.

No. 1891835

That cross bracelet is hanging on for dear life.
The constant use of 'princess' makes me think it's womack or mike slack.

No. 1891847

File: 1693584855901.jpeg (Spoiler Image,391.97 KB, 750x796, 08C0E8BB-8D45-4F89-8630-D51235…)

she looks like pepper from american horror story here

No. 1891850

I think its just one of her "rules" and how she has her coomers she attempts to domme refer to her. Mike Slack the incest pedo has still been around all this time so it wouldnt be him. Womack retard she refers to as an old sugar daddy and tbh he seems to type different and I dont think he would say that. It sounds more like a bobs and vagene type of coomer tbh

No. 1891853

Nothing pretty about her weird butthole and black eyes, rodent teeth, and that retarded expression. Dry and greasy at the same time.
Also her tits look irritated and angry as hell

No. 1891855

>Cross bracelet
Shayna would literally be better off finding a church than what she’s doing now. It’s Seattle, I’m sure there are plenty that aren’t judge about someone being a whore in the past; old is gone, new is here and all that.

No. 1891863

KEK I know it will never happen but a Shayna goes full on religious arc would be such a milky plot twist. She would not last longer than a week without sexualizing the pastor/priest tho sadly.

No. 1891868

how dumb are you? I wouldn't give this nasty pedophile a dime.

No. 1891936

It isn’t gray hair because he liked the post. It could just be some random coomer

No. 1891948

wtf is going on with her hair. why does she keep putting it in this retarded greasy hairstyle? also i don’t understand why she doesn’t get botox in her forehead. for the amount of $$$ she spends on pink crap she could afford a few simple things to improve her appearance. much bimbo

No. 1891959

File: 1693595364306.jpeg (457.87 KB, 750x1038, 8A4D7FE6-6F30-455A-9B6D-67AFDB…)

shayna is such a leech

No. 1891961

File: 1693595450343.jpeg (102.08 KB, 750x391, 476FA043-BAFD-4D2A-8B9F-0B9C98…)

i think it's this guy he commented on this post and she hid it i don't think it's a cow tipper the account was created in 2010 1/2

No. 1891962

File: 1693595475348.jpeg (319.21 KB, 750x684, BA8808A4-C489-4511-ADC2-30DCAA…)


No. 1891987

Does she even charge money when she "collabs" with men? I don't understand why he would comment that otherwise

No. 1891989

Because he’s a weirdo and has no idea what he’s talking about.

No. 1891995

He could be referring to her fssw prices

No. 1892003

>angry scrote coomer doesn't understand what doxxing is

No. 1892027

blessed digits
i kekd so hard at this one. the unbreakable bond between a hog and her farmers

No. 1892044

File: 1693608567342.png (1.25 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0565.png)

You piqued my interest on what’s on her wishlist so when I looked she has like 3 backdrops do either of these whores know what a green screen is? It’s not even hard.
Sage for autism about Kiki
Sorry forgot photo

No. 1892052

File: 1693610312760.jpeg (Spoiler Image,449.36 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_4008.jpeg)

No. 1892058

I was just thinking that. Why do they look like that? Can your body have a bad reaction to an implant? Because this…
Looks wrong. Ive never seen red tits.

No. 1892065

I know everyone and her mother have said this but her tits do look like they're ready to explode any second now.

No. 1892068

Blurred some fat in her armpit lol

No. 1892081

so editing her body is the new losing weight?

No. 1892099

Lol wait hold on. This seems to imply that the reason she didn't get laid at fetcon is because she was charging for it, and no man was willing to pay. That is hilarious if so. I thought she was tweeting about her thirst because she had collabs lined up with actual porn actors and was excited. Turns out that she was just trying to drum up interest in her prostitution services. And no one even bit kek

No. 1892119

Was she also charging for that gangbang vid she wanted to do? She wanted them to pay her to be part of content she would later sell? And probably not share the (minimal) profits from. Obviously no one is doing that.

No. 1892120

Samefag, but does that mean she is paying to be apart of those fetcon shoots? Like she is paying to get her ass beat?

No. 1892137

File: 1693624222023.jpeg (197.15 KB, 750x366, 28453B64-70C4-460C-9B16-833B1D…)

No. 1892138

No, i dont think thats what this moid was implying. He first commented on the messages about her prices to that scrote who wanted content from her. So he is referencing that and making a jab at her for puting this customer on blast.
Though i dont doubt what youre saying. Shaynus is dumb enough and not above pulling a move like you described.

No. 1892153

tinfoil but maybe this is the same cheap moid in >>1891466

No. 1892167

i thought her tits being bright red in >>1891847 might have been glare from the pink bedsheets but damn they look hot/infected or sunburnt, weird that it’s both tits and not just the implant though

No. 1892173

Think this is about the trace Cyrus stuff that’s been circulating every whore is andying about it

No. 1892174

Didn’t she get both tits done? Just one has more cc

No. 1892184

>trace cyrus stuff
I'm sorry WHAT?

No. 1892186

He said sexist shit about women on OF nothing insane

No. 1892225

This isn’t milk. Not everything she posts is

No. 1892249

Nta but it shows she’s a contrarian hypocrite, she has defended her “profession” and how others view her because of it before, why are the other harlots not allowed to do the same?

No. 1892254

No, this person is just an idiot. Since he pays for sex, he assumes Shayna does too. I know you all hate her, but taking some nasty coomer’s side is a level of “pick me” energy I never even thought I’d see on these threads. Lol. Shame on you nonnas!

No. 1892328

She's been awfully quiet again for a couple of days.
Another hospital trip?

No. 1892330

maybe a weird bender or a bad john? or sleeping off a hangover
no camshows either
guarantee since you posted "awfully quiet" she'll inundate her twitter (the sw one cause she's too dumb to use her personal acct even though she just made it) with selfies like BEST DAY EVER/GUY AT THE BAR SAID MY STUFFY IS BIMBO/JEALOUS HATER WOMEN STARING AT MY NIPS ALL DAY??

No. 1892334

shush moid(hi moid)

No. 1892359

I bet this martyr looks like Ellen dresel

No. 1892387

Saying that OnlyFans ruins women isn’t sexist, nonna, it’s just a fact.

No. 1892391

Maybe she read another anon’s post about church and is having a spiritual meltdown kek

No. 1892463

This is a detail but it is sexist somehow, I can’t put it to words but he fucks with cam girls and follows them but thinks they shouldn’t get paid or doesn’t value them or something? Idk he’s a gross loser too okay

No. 1892487

it was a weird post, he kind of lumped all girls with only fans in with all girls who have an independent/not needing a man mindset (or something like that) and then said that that mentality would lead to a lonely life.

No. 1892491

Kek this sounds like one of her made up stories or her boob exploded

No. 1892502

yeah, nepo baby Trace Cyrus was just being a madonna/whore fuckstick, not supporting women with a critique of commercialized objectification

No. 1892563

But all whilst objectfying women and reducing them to nothing short of would be trad wives dependent on men

No. 1892593

File: 1693692245630.jpeg (569.91 KB, 828x1387, IMG_1959.jpeg)

These are the only tweets she has liked in the past 24 hours, top one was 6 hours ago so she’s still alive

No. 1892650

File: 1693699865305.jpeg (770.91 KB, 1461x4259, 44m.JPEG)

She posted 44m ago on her new account, @ShutUpDolly.

No. 1892653

So instead of just adding milk to your already sugary drink, you're going to add milk combined with vanilla syrup and heavy cream? Great weight loss strategy, Shay. If she is dieting, she's obviously just eating the shit she likes (but less) rather than eating healthy food.

No. 1892677

I swear she’s already posted about that order “hack” and everyone here made fun of her for it, it really is Groundhog Day everyday in the Doll Haus

No. 1892683

well at least she finally made a spam acc, one good financial decision

No. 1892689

she's had a few, they just never get any attention so she reverts back to her sw account

No. 1892770

At this point does her sex work acct get any attention either? Kek

No. 1892882

looks like she's average about 5-10 likes per tweet just like on her main acc

No. 1892902

Maybe its the type of attention she is garnishing isnt worth it. She is a notorious attention whore. Attention whores prefer the attention of men mostly. Possibly the lack of specifically male interaction makes it a less valuable endeavor.

No. 1892948

File: 1693759679733.jpeg (170.87 KB, 828x378, IMG_8220.jpeg)

how does she not know what records she owns

No. 1892992

Probably because she never listens to them. But braiding Ellen's hair is probably the nicest thing Shay has ever done, kek.

No. 1893021

File: 1693772092129.jpg (154.89 KB, 1278x720, rihanna-we-found-love-live-54t…)

"We found love in a hopeless place"

No. 1893029

making it absolutely 100% obvious she doesn't even like the music she claims to listen to. she's so dense

No. 1893058

God forbid it's a female pastor. All we'd see is her saying 'ugh shes so pretty step on me' style tweets. If it's a man… prepare for sexy nun roleplay.
Trad men never go for trad women I've noticed. It's always the strong independent women they claim to hate.

No. 1893086

That’s exactly why they hate female independence and feminism. Because they know the women they want will never choose them and have goals beyond staying home as a bangmaid. They want to fuck bimbofied whores while having the shy submissive virgin wife to pack their lunch.

No. 1893107

Kek exactly. If it was a man she would start tweeting absolute fanfic lies about how the priest totally was checking her out and how she confessed about sex work stuff or something and knew she was making him hOrNy and how he’s daddy~ lmao I hate that she’s so predictable.

No. 1893114

with what money, Shaynus?

No. 1893116

File: 1693789845643.jpg (212.84 KB, 1080x1691, Screenshot_2023-09-04-02-10-45…)

Clearly they're just hand-me-downs.

Why do her 2 most recent tweets feel like it's some moid pretending to be her. It's probably not that deep but it seems off. Something's going on with her

No. 1893131

Not to tinfoil but hard agree. Seems like it’s almost pre generated but we all know shat can’t do that. The fuck is “need spank” even for shaynglish it makes zero sense.

No. 1893139

she basically has the mind of a degenerate sex offender man so… looks standard to me

No. 1893145


No. 1893188

Yeah, normal Shay would say "r we feeling slutty 2day"
We're unfortunately very familiar with her tard speak, so her typing like a normal fucking human being is strange.

No. 1893195

File: 1693811171060.png (80.68 KB, 1200x466, Screen Shot 2023-09-04 at 5.08…)

This one seems a little off as well

No. 1893227

I see this as her passive aggressive take on her porn account not taking off…? Like this is her saying 'isn't this what you want to hear' or whatever. Now that she restarted her personal account, she can't bitch or talk about gross mundane stuff on this one but she also can't sustain being genuinely flirty or horny because she's a failure at her one job.

No. 1893257

File: 1693838416657.jpeg (221.83 KB, 750x694, IMG_4061.jpeg)

New collab incoming?

No. 1893262

What would be hilarious is if those tweets do better than her regular dumb shit.

No. 1893287

I feel like she's either hooking irl real hard and has no time, or she's started dating that one scrote OR she's sick and can't run to the Emergency so easily now, so she's just keeping quiet.
Also she said she was braiding Ellen's hair, kek, that means she put Ellen's hair in two french braids for her date because thats the only style Shayna knows.
She probably slapped some bows on the end.

No. 1893295

>has no time
lmao anon, pls

No. 1893298

I mean she has no time to tweet 24/7 because she's out and sleeping/drunk all day, so tweeting isn't the top prioty because she's having human contact and she's not pumping out new content that doesn't sell.

No. 1893332

>bottom blisterings
absolutely disgusting

No. 1893335

It’s Shaybor Day, so she’s taking a well deserved rest (in her mind) from being such a hard working boss babe. Lol.

No. 1893339

File: 1693864265728.jpeg (485.24 KB, 828x1234, IMG_8224.jpeg)

No. 1893340

insane, nonnies ya'll were right, she fell for the john KEK

No. 1893349

What a loser

No. 1893351

She really thinks her life is a Lana Del Ray song where she gets swept off her feet and whisked away by some sad sex buyer.

No. 1893355

KEK god nonnas called it, she caught feelings for some gross old scrote who is prob uggo lmao I NEED to see his face ugh like I wanna know how ugly

No. 1893357

His messages seem so cold, kek. It seems more like she was bugging him and he wanted to "call it good." That phrase just doesn't sound like boomer moid-speak for what she's claiming… it sounds like boomer moid-speak for "now leave me the fuck alone." Also, why tf is she posting about this on Twitter? It doesn't make her sound professional and it probably wouldn't make her john happy.

No. 1893368

Idk if she really likes him romantically, probably just deluded from the money and male attention that she desperately needed. She’s a desperate pickme which is why all the relationships she does have are sad and pathetic, this is no exception. Also a good idea to beg him to stay since he pays her so much but kek I bet she thinks she’s so special and different now.

No. 1893376

if I was one of her nasty johns I'd be pissed off with the amount of shit she posts. Shayna you're a whore, be discreet about it. One day she's going to slip up and doxx a client that was too retarded to text her on a burner phone.

No. 1893378

I feel like he’s trying to get out of being a sugar daddy and just wants free sex with this move.

No. 1893380

she’s losing her main source of income, of course she’s quiet. kek what a loser.

No. 1893385

classic. he'll tell her he loves and respects her too much to have to pay her for sex

No. 1893386

kek that's definitely it, "call it good" is basically saying "call it even" which in this case basically means "fuck off Shay"

No. 1893390

File: 1693877035162.jpeg (Spoiler Image,232.37 KB, 1618x2048, IMG_4068.jpeg)

Why does she keep taking the same photo over and over(why do you not sage )

No. 1893395

Why do you guys just share milkless nudes itt over and over hmm

No. 1893399

her frankentits are, as usual, freaky as hell

No. 1893420

I mean she is but also this feels like another weird off post. She didn't even give it a caption.

No. 1893426

I agree.

No. 1893436

pls excuse my tinfoil: i think the john she’s currently seeing is obviously into her (or at the very least successfully convincing her that he’s properly into her), and he’s enough of a splenda daddy that she actually playing with the idea of being his full time ”trophy wife” (we all know how much she’d LOVE playing that up) for a meager weekly price instead of working. We all know she’s been talking about starting to do sugaring more than actual porn for a while now.

No. 1893440

Yeah it’s been said for a while now that if she full service whore the milk will dry up. My tinfoil is that Womack was the final straw. He was her top paypig and very likely paid her rent or at least contributed to it significantly and now he is nowhere to be seen. Bonus tinfoil that whichever crusty old scrote she’s letting put his chode in her has told her not to post about what they do on social media lest there be something that can identify him.

No. 1893448

This tinfoil is so retarded. They have not spent enough time together for him to be that attached. I assure you even if she wanted to be no one is going to make shatard a “trophy wife” she can’t even get an actual boyfriend

No. 1893451

This is pathetic as shit, but at this point I think Shayna is making more money than Pumpy LMAO

No. 1893502

it’s only a matter of time until one of these johns introduces her to coke or heroin and then it’s a deep spiral from there.

No. 1893507

File: 1693921422699.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1170x1473, IMG_5090.jpeg)

Her video with that couple is now released

No. 1893508

File: 1693921495379.jpeg (754.16 KB, 1170x1790, IMG_5094.jpeg)

No. 1893511

greasy comb-over front and center in true donny fashion

No. 1893514

i know these people are retarded but how would it even make sense to have 2 step parents in this situation..? the way they have to desperately shoehorn incest into an already disgusting fetish scenario is nasty as hell.

No. 1893539

she’s 3x the size of that dude, damn.

No. 1893543

File: 1693925932636.jpeg (164.27 KB, 750x694, D89BB65A-93E6-49F0-8AA4-84E631…)


No. 1893544

You’re meeting the wrong kind of trad men then lol

No. 1893548

Because they are the only people who could bother to find you attractive
Wondering if this is what triggered the weight loss attempt… cuz she not only looks wider then him but taller weirdly enough

No. 1893549

They think that adding the “Step” to any name used to describe a family member makes it less disgusting and totally not incest because “well they’re not related by blood so it’s totally okay!!!”

No. 1893550

she's starting to sound like a parody account kek

No. 1893551

This is one of the most tragic pickme things I’ve ever read in my life. She will reap what she has sown. Or continue to reap it, I guess.

No. 1893552

Mental illness, her only validation is being treated like a throwaway object.

No. 1893556

can't get over how he looks like idubbbz, it's diapydubbbz

No. 1893573

File: 1693933468725.png (550.96 KB, 790x530, 2023-09-05 13_07_05-Window.png)

im crying at the snarling face she's making in one of the clips that was posted

No. 1893579

Kek at least she's admitting it, the bottom of society the people nobody wants are the only people who make her feel hot. She doesn't like older men because she genuinely finds them attractive, MOST women don't want some old coot on top of them unless they are getting big money or groomed.
She knows only the men with the lowest of standards and no options with a couple of hundreds to spend are willing to spend it on her. Even then these men still have huge egos and never truly stick with Shayna.
And everytime she has a true attraction it's some 34 year old short ginger retarded whose not even "Older" and she looks the same damn age as him.

No. 1893581

I hope that "Sex worker posting their L's" accounts posts this kek, because this is a huge L, her whole thing is being a barbie bimbo slut who looks young, but here she's admitting the only people she can pull are gross older coomers because no scrote who is young handsome and as normal minded as a scrote could get wants her. Not even younger coomer males. Nonas was like Shayna could get some loser tech bro, but unless it's a troon I think even THEY have higher standards and probably can afford a better looking woman.

No. 1893589

Even geriatric scrotes see her as pump and dump slam pig. It's beyond bleak.

No. 1893592

Fupaul only stayed as long as he did because he got with her when she was actually young, skinny (in the beginning) Since Fupaul it's been Ginger ugly bisexual scrote, who met her once, fucked her all kinds of ways and instantly dumped her with no hestitation.
I 100% believe Shayna wants a BF she just can't find someone she's actually attracted to thats attracted to her outside of using her. So now her cope is, "I love perverted porn addicted old men!" because she really does think the scrotes who give her the most money/attention genuinely love her and mean every word they say.
I'm convinced the sugar daddy, is either married and is trying to get sex from Shayna for free by buttering her up, or he's just trying to get access to her without spending so much. It's a new month, he keeps canceling on Shayna but he's paying her. That kinda makes me feel he's married or has something to lose. Or he has some money for now and knows that he won't be able to keep buying sex from this out of shape 26 year old girl, so he's hoping if he does this while he has it, eventually he can do the bare minium (Pay her in dinner/attention/cheap gifts) and keep her on the side.

No. 1893607

"Likes me too much and thinks we should stop seeing eachother"
What an actual delusional retard. The tone of those messages sounds like she's way too clingy and desperate and hes just trying to get away while being somewhat "decent" and not hurt her feelings. He's giving her 800 to go away as a parting gift and she manipulated him into a dinner still. Which if it wasnt for the reason she did,would be an ok shake down for a whore.
Idk why anons are believing he likes her and wants to still see her. Its very obvious he bought time with her, fucked her, and didn't like it enough to stick around. Hes trying to sever the relationship. And not to wk for a disgusted scrote but I don't blame him. Shes a catfish, probably smelly and obnoxious, and its terrible at anything sexual. Theres more normal looking and acting sugar babies out there who are probably decent in bed.
Also if this is the same john that cancelled last week, he absolutely is trying to ditch her. If that was a different john, that looks even worse. Extra money or not, I dont think a lot of these coomers like to spend money on nothing by cancelling. So it seems more like theyre bailing on her because they arent into her kek that's gotta kill her already bad self esteem.

No. 1893624

You are spot on, he's going to ghost her, or maybe he even found someone he can pay the same or slightly more/less who looks better. Shayna gushing about how older perverted coomers make her feel hot, probably was talking about this scrote. He's probably the biggest spender she's had in a while, which is why she's not making much content. She isn't smart, she seems to put her eggs in one basket and assumes the best of every scrote she lets touch her.

No. 1893635

File: 1693942854732.jpeg (Spoiler Image,455.51 KB, 750x1013, E5F2771D-730C-4CE5-ACE2-E031F7…)

No. 1893636

File: 1693943164540.jpg (84.33 KB, 384x510, woof.jpg)

She's out of her mind on something, her eyes don't even point in the same direction.

No. 1893638

She better not be walking around in public with her boil riddled mound out on display… Is there a reason why she as a bimbo queen doesn't wax?

No. 1893640

how the fuck do you have a gut that hangs out of a sweatshirt

No. 1893644

aww she's wearing her old scrotes sweatshirt! Unless I'm wrong, also she lives in those sweats, I guess they are the best for weight-fishing

No. 1893645

>A married woman to some old scrote
>Notice that he's been spending a lot of money lately but nothing to show for it
>While he's taking his morning shit after his pune juice, I check his phone
>She's he's spending money on sex AGAIN
>The name is "Dolly Mattel" look her up.
>Find a weird blue and white website, skims through it
>Too old to understand
>Goes back, finds a "twitter" or "X' account for her
>See's he's spending money on a 26 year old with more forhead wrinkles then me
>wearing his dusty ass old coat that he uses when he washes his car
>Find out he spent $800 on her
>Throw up, and boil some water
>approch the bathroom

No. 1893647

She always looks gnarly like she exfoliates with loose gravel

No. 1893650

Alcoholic facr

No. 1893652

Tinfoil but her right implant is looking really red, I wonder if that’s why she’s been avoiding posting?

No. 1893657

It's because she used to have the worst breakouts from improperly waxing. Flaming red, boil and pus infected from pubis to asshole. Stopping wherever exactly she was doing back then (check the oldest threads!) has been one of her only good ideas

No. 1893668

File: 1693949764277.jpeg (118.91 KB, 828x306, IMG_8225.jpeg)

i want to know who these "partners" she keeps talking about are…

No. 1893669

She’s talking about her polycule of misfits(sage your shit)

No. 1893673

Looks to me like he’s just paying her hourly “sugar date” rate. I’m pretty sure her website says you pay even if you cancel but I’m too retarded and lazy to double check that.

No. 1893684

i can’t with the beer gut and she’s looking like a troon hiding his pee-pee

No. 1893685

Its hilarious how she wont post them because either they are embarrassed of her and tell her not to or shes embarrassed of them and they all pretend its for "safety" and privacy reasons. Yet Shaynus will post her date locations and her Johns all the time and they likely podt their other partners kek

No. 1893686

File: 1693955422852.jpg (351.49 KB, 1080x2075, Screenshot_20230905-191215_X.j…)

No. 1893688

Aka she's clinging and thinks people that she likes her the same. I doubt she's reaching out just to check in. More like reaching out to vent and trauma dump.

No. 1893695

wow shayna, it's almost like… girls who choose to do sex work are catty losers who hate other women!

No. 1893696

File: 1693957782813.png (4.54 MB, 2160x4264, NOT AN ESCORT!1!.PNG)

Which one?
Her sugaring rates are $500/h. Cancellation policy:
> IN-PERSON “appointment” cancellation
> Within 24 hours of the scheduled date - 50% cancellation fee
> Within 12 hours of scheduled date - 75% cancellation fee
If he’s cancelling within that 24hour period, he booked her for 3 hours. I wonder what the extra $100 was for? Shleak if it was for sex.
Also, from her site
Sure, Shayna Leigh Clifford of Renton, King County, Washington, United States, sure.

No. 1893697

File: 1693957950208.jpeg (253.66 KB, 750x582, A8BAA5E6-AE2A-46EC-A830-EC074B…)

she's following kiki on her spam account but kiki isn't following her back neither is pixie. idk any other "friends" she has

No. 1893708

Yeah sorry to burst your bubble but she’s been wearing that ratty hoodie for years and it wasn’t Fupa’s the last time anons tinfoiled about it 2 years ago and it still isn’t Fupa’s now >>>/snow/1234178

No. 1893810

She just posted about how someone randomly offered to drive her transportation-less ass to Costco for groceries

No. 1893814

Still wild to me how open and unashamed she is about literally being a prostitute. She just thinks its bimbo and somehow better by calling it sugaring….

No. 1893894

File: 1694010398556.webm (1.01 MB, 480x1014, axe.webm)

>went axe throwing bc im a hot girl

No. 1893895

she walks like a fucking sped

No. 1893899

KEK everything about this was funny. She really does walk retarded. It’s prob something she thought was cute when she was skinny and younger but applied to this physique it just looks big special needs

No. 1893901

It's probably her dad's. It's a auto shop in her hometown.

No. 1893910

she looks like a B-horror movie hicktown character KEK

No. 1893914

kek she has the school secretary walk

No. 1893925

File: 1694016713761.webm (1.41 MB, 480x864, she has the school secretary w…)

Both videos.

No. 1893930

Big Shaynus' big arms really did throw that with ease kek also the hair and fit look bad on her. She has such an unfortunate body and ugly face.

No. 1893939

Kek I was thinking the same thing like wow she had some power behind those lunch lady arms. Shaynus pls do a body building arc give us something interesting, I beg lmao

No. 1893940

lmao the constant swinging of her blubbery arms

No. 1893942

File: 1694020635642.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 437831B1-6C41-4ECF-A364-BE838B…)

bitch is a rectangle

No. 1893963

Fupa left her because she's a suicide baiting psycho who caused him problems with his friends and probably his family. He didn't leave because she gained weight kek

No. 1893965

if anything he was partly responsible for her gaining weight what with introducing her to a "snack drawer" (a concept which she remembers fondly) and all the heckin cheemsburgers

No. 1893966

I'm thoroughly positive her alcoholism and terrible diet caused the weight gain as her metabolism slowed down. Moving her snacks from a pantry to a drawer doesn't make her gain weight. Getting on psych meds, maintaining a poor diet and not exercising caused it. He was the one trying to get her to go to the gym with him constantly and she refused. Shaynus is the only one to blame for her poor diet choices

No. 1893970

praying one day he will release the video of her that she once mentioned. I think it was her being embarrassing at a bar or something? I wonder what she did

No. 1893971

Yeah apparently he used to film her drunken meltdowns. Oh the milk that would be

No. 1893976

Let's not pretend Kyle wasn't one of those gym bros who immediately went to "fuel up" with greasy fried fast food bullshit every time he even breathed gym oxygen. He tried to get her to work out because most gym bros fantasize about having a fit GF, but he also stated he's into chubby girls and like other anon said, introduced her to the snack draw, and probably a bunch of bad for you southern comfort foods. That combined with her alcoholism, laziness and weed addiction is what did her in

No. 1893977

Nah he used to post his meal prep stuff on his Tumblr so I think he was a clean eater. He didn't get force her to eat. She moved to Oklahoma and she found chic fila and burgers while her metabolism slowed. He wanted her to be fit when she was still skinny and she ballooned up instead. The white claws and meds didn't help her out

No. 1893979

This also highlights that she has zero ass.

If she had gone to gym with him, squats and dead lifts would have dramatically improved her body composition and given her an ass.

No. 1893980

He literally posted about eating wattaburher right after his work outs lol. Take one look at that fat fuck and tell me you honestly think he's a clean eater 90 percent of the time. Overall Shayna is an adult responsible for her own health, but Kyle's older than her and pretended to be her dad. He introduced her to food as a comfort, inadvertently due to their relationship being a dumpster fire, and purposely sharing his bad eating habits with her. Before then, she just used alcohol and weed and starved. It's on her to fix this like it's always been, but he was a bad influence on her in multiple ways, including how he eats.

No. 1893985

Agree to disagree. That bitch caused her own problems and the fact that she continued to gain weight when she moved proves that. I literally watched him post meal prep videos on his Snapchat when it was still up so I can confidently say he was eating clean for the most part. A cheat meal is usually beneficial to keep your metabolism going. Shayna was just eating junk allllll the time and posted it all for us to see. That's on her.

No. 1893988

am i the only one who thinks this pair of jeans is an improvement? yea shes boxy with no ass but at least shes covering up for once. i wish she would wear stuff like that more often.

No. 1893990

You mentioned her weight as a reason he got with her as if her getting fat and being 24 was a factor in him leaving her finally. Sorry if I misread it but that's how I took it. Either way, she's insufferable

No. 1893991

Where did I say he left her because her weight gain? He helped caused it by introducing her to the idea of putting snacks in a drawer. He also stayed with her years after shit was exposed and they hid it. When shayna exposed again they were togeather He didn't leave her immediately either. My point was Fupaul stayed so long because he was a loser man who lucked up on a young then skinny girl who allowed him access to her body, then when he got sick of dealing with her he discarded her and re married quickly.
Fupaul cared about his family,he'd never posted his ugly mug doing gross shit with shayna online I the first place. He risked not having his kids by hiding it for years.

No. 1893994

The snack drawer thing is laughable because the bitch had the snacks already she just put them in a drawer instead lol

No. 1893996

Jfc can we get off the fupa shit please. It's clogging up the threads and it's just a rehash of stuff that was already discussed years ago when she was still involved with him

No. 1893997

File: 1694026619385.jpg (136.33 KB, 1164x420, possible_diaper.jpg)

The seem to fit her correctly which is an improvement over most of what she wears. There's something off about them though. The way they clump and bunch around her ass makes it look like she's wearing a diaper underneath.

No. 1893998

Well yeah, the draw was him being with a woman younger and smaller then him for their pedo larp. I do not think Fupaul would waste time with current shayna because she's not as young and she's not thin. But I do not think he broke up with her because of her weight/age, that could be one of the reasons though. It seemed she wasn't fun anymore to him. He couldn't control her, she was mentally ill and he obviously had another option..
Shayna became too much to deal with and the sex, her youth ans body wasn't enough for him to spend his gross time. Shayna was supposed to be his groomed young girlfriend forever. Not an actual human being who had legit issues. Him and shayna are both retards though

No. 1893999

She's wearing a diaper lol

No. 1894001

I'm sure suicide baiting him and being an abusive drunk had something to do with it

No. 1894002

He's fat. You don't stay fat as long as he did by eating healthy/clean with the occasional cheat meals.


Yeah, this is one of her better looks, which is sad because she looks pretty bad. I wish the bitch would give up on the baby bimbo shit and move on to y2k bimbo instead. At least they wear pants, and the bold colors will probably make her look more tan and healthy compared to her pastel obsession.

No. 1894003

isn't his new wife a bbw kween? i don't think he had a problem with shaynus' weight gain as much as he did her rancid personality

No. 1894005

It doesn't appear that way based on her fb

No. 1894006

Shut up wk That lardass is not a clean eater(infighting)

No. 1894007

We know shayna and her suicide baiting was fucked up but fupaul is no victim. Did you not read that after his wife found out and threatened to take his kids away, he just hid shayna? Or how he took her back after she exposed him on twitter? He is just as much as a asshole as shayna, even more so because he has kids and had a fetish for shayna acting like a child and drawing pictures his kids would draw for him. He's a freak just like shayna. Two abusive freak trying to take advantage of eachother.

No. 1894009

They look like those Halara stretchy fake jeans you see all over tiktok for fat bitches. it’s probably helping to suck in the gunt and keep her contained.

No. 1894010

how is it white knighting to say Shartna caused her own fucking problems and they weren’t caused by some idiot scrote SHE CHOSE to move in with after a few months of knowing him? you sound retarded. who cares if he was a “clean eater” or not? he was a bad influence but in the end she’s continuing to make those choices and has been ballooning consistently since leaving him. Fupa hasn’t been the source of her problems for a while now.

No. 1894011

Shayna isn’t a victim either, dismissed.

No. 1894013

You sure are adamant about fupaul being a clean eater and shayna being abusive..

No. 1894014

>had a fetish for shayna acting like a child and drawing pictures his kids would draw for him.
nonita Shayna gets mad when scrotes just want to fuck her and not get into that “lil space” bullshit

No. 1894015

He still got a hardon for it and jerked off to her porn blog in the first place, I don’t think shay is a victim either I think we should take this discussion to /shay/

No. 1894018

Not even the same anon but you sure are adamant that the decisions she continues to make for herself are his fault. It doesn't even matter because they haven't spoken in like 2 years and this is all rehash

No. 1894022

>Failure to pay me will result in me notifying my connections with fellow and local fetish providers
She’s going to call the fetish police if she does pay. I hope those crusty degenerates waste Shayna’s time and don’t pay her

No. 1894024

File: 1694028762118.png (9.11 MB, 1242x2208, EA0DFDD2-8E72-47AC-8757-189112…)

She’s so ugly a rodent like kek
She is wearing fat girl jeans because those pants material look too thin to be jeans and it’s sucking it her entire gut.

No. 1894028

it’s hilarious that she’s officially reached the level of fat where she’s buying stretchy fake jeans.

No. 1894030

She needs to embrace it and buy more. She's been a tub of lard for fucking years and she's too lazy and dumb to change it, so she should just buy big girl clothing and be done with it. You don't have to be fat and sloppy.

No. 1894042

Is this the last date she went on with that sugar daddy? If she wanted to make him stay and continue spending money on her then why dress like this? Wtf?

No. 1894053

No. 1894068

File: 1694035095212.png (399.84 KB, 407x478, Neck.PNG)

KEK I didn't notice

No. 1894069

I can’t stop laughing now that I’ve seen it why is she built like such a bizarre creature kek

No. 1894084

She’s a real porker—fatter than Shayna and is Fupa’s age. She was waiting in the wings while Fupa was still fucking Shayna. How desperate and pathetic do you have to be? They deserve each other.

No. 1894086

She's always had a weird giraffe neck. Now that she's a fatty at this angle it makes her look like a goofy thumb person, she's so unfortunately shaped kek

No. 1894090

Even when Shayna was thin, she had a long neck, wife back and long legs, she's built solid. She's long straight and wide. Nothing wrong with that body type, especailly on a woman that can dress for it but Shayna clearly can't dress at all. It seems she wears more ugly cutesy shit now that she's bigger then when she was smaller.

No. 1894108

knowing shaynus, she may very well be wearing a diaper

No. 1894113

File: 1694041040673.png (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 750x1334, AD7A97EC-ED80-45BE-AE2F-DF286A…)


No. 1894115

…did they actually lurked?…

No. 1894125

This is so ugly confusing and photoshopped. The only curve on shayna isn't her ass it's her belly, the outfits and everything is so ugly, it's like they were on a $40 a piece shein budget, so they just got random shit.

No. 1894132

oof, the side portrait with her mouth gaping open makes her look extra special needs. it’s giving retard mouth breather who was a child of incest.

No. 1894145

This is the weirdest tinfoil. There's literally nothing that suggests she was "waiting in the wings" for Shayna to leave. She's obviously smaller than Shaytard as well both in height and weight. This is just a weird grasp in my opinion. Shay literally left Oklahoma to be with Ellen so if anyone had someone on the side, it's her lol

No. 1894150

What the actual fuck. This bitch is TERRIFYING to look at. The proportion of every single part of her body is OFF. How is that even possible?

No. 1894156

everything in this image clashes so badly

No. 1894160

No, it’s not. He was with both of them at the same time. Stop fucking defending Fupa.

No. 1894161

Thats probably one of the most tragic parts about shay. Her body, personality and interests are sooo basic and unflattering. And all she has ever wanted was to be special but she is so far from that. In every. Possible. Way.

No. 1894162

well she is "special" in a way, just not in the flattering way she wants to be perceived as…

No. 1894175

I'm not I hate that pos I'm just saying there's never been anything that points to that and it's being tossed out there as fact. Stop using conjecture

No. 1894176

She walks like she's stitched together from separate parts, holy kek.
Will someone please shoop her onto a giraffe's body?
What the fuck?! I was the anon who said something about slutty nuns…

No. 1894185

File: 1694050838151.jpg (361.79 KB, 1080x898, Screenshot_20230906_214243.jpg)

No. 1894186

File: 1694050967878.jpg (296.42 KB, 1536x2048, 20230906_214413.jpg)

No. 1894187

File: 1694051070713.jpg (286.56 KB, 1536x2048, 20230906_214414.jpg)

No. 1894188

Can't believe she actually seems to be wearing a bra

No. 1894199

The dirty whites make me miss her piggy pink shit.

No. 1894200

Shayna sugar date outfit
>long sleeved white shirt that probably has yellow pits or will
>too small blue skirt jacked up over her belly
>cheap white purse
>heels she can't walk in
>crusty braids that look like she slept in them
>face full if concealer that doesn't match her skin tone
>the only color on her face is her dark eye brows,spider lashes and eyeliner
>dry cracking tiny lips
She does look like a prostitute at the very least, I'm sorry but if I see shayna with some 30-60 year old scrote I'd think she was a street prostitute he's taking out to eat in exchange for sex.
Not a sugar baby. So I guess for once she actually looks like a sex worker. I guess she'd finally in her. "Only do porn with other people and sell myself irl because nobody is realm buying my porn and money is getting tighter phase"
I also wonder if her parents truly cut her off? She hasn't been doing anything but fucking Johns and hanging out with people she calls Partners because she can't just have friends.

No. 1894203

Sugar babies are prostitutes. And most of them are average/ugly. i lurked through r/sugarbabies and saw seeking arrangement selection of sugar babies and they were pudgy women like shayna.

No. 1894208

File: 1694054451302.jpeg (2.72 KB, 125x122, 12E2651E-EB08-4CD1-9BBD-2AA324…)

Underrated post kek

No. 1894209

her makeup (if you can even call it that) is awful, the hair looks like it was braided 3+ days ago, the bottoms of her feet are weirdly bright red, and then she’s doing the dreamworks smirk.

I don’t get how she thinks this looks in any way upper class, bimbo, hard to get, etc. it looks like something a teenager might wear to the mall, at best. she can’t even spring for some damn pantyhose? this woman has no idea how to dress.

No. 1894210

she really does look like a motel hooker

No. 1894218

File: 1694056465900.jpg (307.9 KB, 716x1128, haggard.jpg)

There's something extremely wrong with her head and face. Her facial features look AI generated and her head is too small for her body. I know it's just a filter but makes me wonder that if this is the improved filtered version, how bad does she look in real life?

No. 1894224

That’s what she looks like when she loses weigh. Giraffe vibes

No. 1894225

File: 1694058076202.jpg (656.94 KB, 1536x2048, 20230906_234415.jpg)

what is going on with her legs

No. 1894229

Don’t think she is.

No. 1894230

She’s morphing into her final form, Shiraffe. In all seriousness it’s just a hyperextended knee.

No. 1894231

it’s terrible editing

No. 1894233

she looks fucking cross eyed kek

No. 1894234

The fact that she never (or can’t) wears any jewelry in her ears or on her neck always bugs me. Coupled with her fingernail nubs just screams poor white trash, not bimbo sugar baby. All on top of the outfit choices and way she carries/presents herself.

No. 1894235

The lighting I this bathroom is terrible and really highlights her terrible face and skin. Someone should collage all the pictures she has taken in just this bathroom that she seems so frequent as her ‘high end sugar baby destination’.

No. 1894236

nah it’s like >>1894230 said, it’s a hyperextended knee. lots of people have it. the angle doesn’t help either. you’d think Shayna the absolute perfectionist would notice it in a pic.

No. 1894237

she said she doesn’t wear plugs anymore because she’s trying to shrink her ears back to normal size but they haven’t gone back. now she just looks dumb as usual.

No. 1894238

I know it’s been said before but… A lil bit of neutral eyeshadow and some lipstick/gloss would really help her look more “together”

No. 1894241

her face looks insane

No. 1894242

Wow she's really walking around like that. We know shayna is wide and she probably looks extra tall and doofy in those shoes, a short skirt with big legs rubbing togeather, fuzzy braids and weird make up. It's a unfinished look. Like she isn't done getting dressed.
Except to shayna this is the complete outfit. Like she forgot her tights, to finish her make up & take her hair out to style it.

No. 1894258

god I know im not supposed to do this but it would be so easy for her to improve. For sure eyeshadow and blush and bronzer. She should get a revlon 2 in 1 blow brush and start giving herself blow outs, buy a fake tanner and a tanning mit and tan herself once a week, buy a $20 gel nail polish kit on amazon and do her own gel polish, wear some jewelry. Start going to the gym and weightlift like another anon mentioned to fix her body composition. She has all fucking day to do all these things that plenty women manage to do working 40 hour weeks, myself included. I will say, she definitely looks skinnier in these photos though.

No. 1894264

File: 1694066902416.jpeg (310.63 KB, 1290x1454, IMG_7042.jpeg)

No. 1894267

>>fuck my legs

No. 1894268

but she is NOT an escort you guys

No. 1894273

I think completely dropping the turd braids and cigarette mom curls hair, and opting for actually showering and styling her hair would literally up her looks factor by a solid 10%. Shayna, you are very ugly, so stop doing hairstyles that highlight it.

No. 1894275

SMH at that point just buy a wig. Cheap and embarrassing

No. 1894276

So shayna met up with another "sugar daddy" and did sexual acts for a new dress and stocking? Does she not see how this looks kek? At least lie and say it was a expensive dress or some shit. Like damn, for all we know he could've took her to one of those big girls stores and spent $30.
This just seems stupid

No. 1894282

She looks so fucking goofy.

No. 1894283

>fuck my legs

No. 1894289

File: 1694072279471.jpg (406.18 KB, 1461x2074, Tweet.jpg)


No. 1894291

She’s looking very off lately. Is is she on meth now? why is she bragging about being a prostitute?

No. 1894296

File: 1694072714417.jpg (364.51 KB, 1536x2048, 01.JPG)

Shayna Leigh Clifford of Renton, King County, Washington, United States after being fucked in her tights for $600 and a cheap and ill-fitting polyester spandex dress.

No. 1894298

>posing with your cum stained $600
things are really bleak huh?

No. 1894299

File: 1694072805374.jpg (280.36 KB, 1632x2048, 02.JPG)

I feel she is, her eyes look specially fucked in these.

No. 1894300

Her forehead looks swollen af

No. 1894301

>when you get $600, a new dress & a bump of ?

Not to medfag, but looks like frontal sinusitis? Her sinuses must be absolutely fucked to be that swollen unless she was getting her caveman ridge bumped into a wall during her hooker sesh or something.

No. 1894304

she's lurking

No. 1894305

It’s so red around her nose….

No. 1894309

There was overlap for sure. Now please go away. Lol.

No. 1894313

File: 1694077938069.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_5461.jpeg)

Absolute lies, she got on her knees and at the very least choked on the head of his old wrinkly chode. Where’d all the foundation go around your nose and mouth miss “on her Queen shit”? Couldn’t even touch herself up before taking this ffs?! Well and truly in her FSSW era kek

No. 1894322

File: 1694080207408.jpg (326.84 KB, 1200x1200, ezgif-4-e9b2160782.jpg)

kek reminded me of picrel

old boy was doing a bit more than grinding up on those cottage cheese mountains.

No. 1894333

Does she even make porn anymore how is she paying her bills this way?

No. 1894335

i wonder too. especially since it doesn't seem like that coomer is sending ellen her rent money anymore. i guess whatever she makes from prostitution is enough for her to get by. shes probably tricking off multiple men and only posting about her favorites. i imagine shes not posting about the other tricks because she actually has to do shit she doesn't wanna do/wouldn't do, which isnt very spoiled bimbo princess of her.

No. 1894339

>Fuck my legs til he came
This is giving me Shane riding her back vibes

No. 1894342

Here >>1893636 she looks completely wrecked and her nose is red
Here >>1894218 she's pulling the stroke victim AGP smile but doesn't look wasted and her nose isn't red
Here >>1894225 she looks glazed and her nose is red
Here >>1894296 she looks out of it again and her nose is red
I wonder if she's snorting some kind of drug?

No. 1894348

She makes it really obvious that she doesn't get much from her sugar dates.

No. 1894372

The way she's folding the money makes it looks like she has 3 $100 bills in half and trying to pass it off as $600 kek.
I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually $500 and she's trying to flex

No. 1894374

Is this from fetcon or did she meet up with Kiki again

No. 1894376

Why does she insist on these crusty, ratty ass braids? The scrote (allegedly) got her a new dress because she looked like shit and even that couldn't save her. The literal definition of putting lipstick on a pig.

No. 1894380

skibidi toilet

No. 1894385

I don’t think she’s smoking anything, look at her nose. looks like she’s snorting something tbh.

No. 1894390

File: 1694094750464.jpg (30.02 KB, 200x350, xavier1.jpg)

her legs remind me of this guy

No. 1894402

thats what i was thinking too? maybe adderall or coke?

No. 1894404


Just more evidence of her complete lack of exercise - weak/underdeveloped hamstrings cause your knee to hyper extend back like that

No. 1894423

File: 1694099118082.jpg (51.55 KB, 563x846, 81d0d8_c8cf5f2c5dce47f99c027c9…)

>>1894404 I'm sure she's already in pain daily. The implants can't be helping

No. 1894427

the way even like an hour of stretching/gentle yoga a day could fix this alas the most exercise she gets is from turning tricks

No. 1894428

oh god is that what it's doing? is she in pain? I hope not, like it's shayna but we aren't wishing chronic pain on her.
god I hope she's lurking, you nonas are giving good advice so often and she ignores it 100% of the time so idk why I even hope.
like this is genuinely going to be helpful to someone in this thread if not to shayna.

No. 1894433

not necessarily, lots of people really do just have a degree of hyperextension in their joints. especially elbows and knees. if you do any kind of dancing when you’re young it can also teach you that standing like that feels normal so you just naturally learn to stand like that. it’s one of the more common things about her, ngl.

No. 1894435

Shayna is knock kneed

No. 1894448

Thank you for saying it so I didn’t have to kek like yes some atrophied/fatties get the knee thing but some people just have benign hypermobility in their elbows/knees/wrists from yoga, dancing or gymnastics etc. Sage for OT

No. 1894455

>fucking Shayna's thighs
The moid should have saved himself $600 and just shoved his dick into a tub of cottage cheese.

No. 1894459

File: 1694102137225.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.47 KB, 720x859, Screenshot_20230907_111136_Chr…)

I know this post is 2 days old, but no one has pointed out how it looks like she has 3 butt cheeks. Her body truly is an anomaly.

No. 1894460

I hate how "sex work is empowering" has tricked women into thinking they are getting over on men because they exchange sex for money. Like shayna, selling yourself for $600, a dress/stockings after completing a sexual act (I don't care how big or small) isn't queen shit or brag worthy.
You did a sexual act and he gave you money, no manipulation, no brain power, no charm, nothing was required.
>I fucked this old scrote for $800, queen shit! Yass slay!!
And why are they so afraid to use the word prostitution? If it's empowering why not call yourself that? He's a John. A Sugar daddy is another softer word for a John, but there's a reason why they cling to that word.
All these girls want to sell themselves but they are afraid of the P word. I also don't think $600 is a lot. That can't even pay Shays rent, she has so much content online, this just means she failed and wasted her time. Years of online sw just to sell ass. And where's all her money going? She get $800 then the next week she's broke and has to go on a date, she's not putting it into her looks, decorating her home or saving it. I'm starting to believe she's hooked on something heavy. Wouldn't be surprised if shes a coke head.
I wonder how it'd feel to offer a daughter college or help to do whatever, but she'd rather sell herself for mall trips

No. 1894462

This is an actual thing. I believe it's called intercrural sex iirc. Usually for moids that are into nice, thick/muscular or soft, supple thighs. Not whatever Shat has going on.

No. 1894464

How are they simultaneously both her step parents…? Her captions are always baffling

No. 1894467

Because prostitution is illegal in the US. I'm 1000% sure if she didn't have to face legal consequences, she would proudly and loudly refer to herself as a prostitute. That and the word "prostitute" has such a bad stigma behind it (as it should) that would clash with her "uwu bimbo baby" shit.

No. 1894473

$600 is not worth a lot these days, with raising gas prices thats caused everything fucking thing to go up, and lovely "supply chain issues" since were still post-covid.
I'm convinced any pro sex work shit is propaganda disguised as feminism or woke because porn companies make billions of dollars off of it, men revel in humiliating women, and the women are screwed over the most. from being alienated from good people in their life and attracting creeps, pics forever on the internet….women lose in this harshly. now prostitute is considered a Bad Word now.

No. 1894476

yeah, that's how the gays in ancient greece got around the laws that forbade them to have actual anal sex. just stick it between the thighs and it's totally platonic bro.

No. 1894486

Oh, so it was the reason why that one scrote wanted to buy her leggings.
Absolutely zero style. What a retard.

No. 1894487


I feel like visually it would have made more sense for Kiki to be kneeling to Shayna, but I can understand her not wanting to be that close to Shayna's rancid snatch

No. 1894489

good lord this pic is going to shayfluence me into daily stretching

No. 1894492

File: 1694107024619.png (9.69 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_5293.png)

she looks absolutely awful. like a troon.(sage your shit)

No. 1894493

Don't shit on my sweet xavier like that

No. 1894494

she looks like Womack in these pictures lol. And she clearly had to make out with/sick this guy's dick, he probably just didn't feel safe sticking his dick in any of her other holes so he decided he was going to get his money's worth by fucking her flabby thighs. Probably felt nicer than her vagina too.

No. 1894495

Shouldnt she still be wearing a supportive bra?

No. 1894500

she cannot braid hair for shit. wow. it looks absolutely raggedy and knotted in front. you cannot convince me those haven’t been in for at least 3 days.

No. 1894512

One day retards in this thread will learn that Oklahoma is not the South in any way aside from that if you LITERALLY chopped American into 4 even pieces, Oklahoma would be on the bottom half. Oklahoma was NOT part of the Confederacy, they were not considered to be in The South as any American would have used the term during most of US history and how most Americans still use the term "the south" today, and they do NOT have the southern culture real southerners do. So no, Fupa was not feeding Shaytard sOuThErN FoODs because he wouldn't know the first thing about it. Oklahoma wishes its dry boring cultureless ass was a part of the south but it's never going to happen, stop trying to make it happen.(derailing)

No. 1894517

who cares? the south is full of rednecks anyway and it doesn't need to be defended(joining derail)

No. 1894519

what is oklahoma then? real question.(derail)

No. 1894520

omg so sorry didn't sage and don't know how to delete! forgive me, nonnies and jannies

No. 1894526

Why did you respond to a day old post with this? sorry it's not an authentic Confederate state like where you live, but it's got the same ignorant redneck energy so deal with it.(derail)

No. 1894528

As a non-American, the hate and prejudice other Americans display towards Americans in the South is unreal.(off topic/derailing)

No. 1894532

Look shayna got fat because it's in her genetics. The chin, shoulders, all bulbus and rounded. Some of it could also be her meds.

Also the nonny saying prostitution is illegal, no it's not. Not in every state.

No. 1894548

Theyʼre racist, live in trailers and smoke meth, so itʼs hard not to have prejudice.(derail)

No. 1894555

I think she’s snorting something because her foundation is rubbed off her nose here >>1894296 and here >>1893636

No. 1894557

File: 1694113322281.jpeg (Spoiler Image,387.87 KB, 750x1024, IMG_4082.jpeg)

No. 1894559

Yeah I'm sure this scrote who paid her $600 only fucked her thighs because he didn't want to fuck shayna not,
>him having a fetish for leg fucking (being the legging scrote) and requesting that
>shayna doing parking lot sex shit and only allowing him to do that

Why act like the men who purchase Shays body don't want to touch her? They are buying sex from her meaning they are disgusting themselves. I also don't believe that's all shayna did anyway. She has proven that she will do certain things for more, so she probably sucked his dick or jerked him off and he also did the thigh thing. I doubt a scrote would spend 600nto fuck thighs because ,"eww this prostitute I seemed out isn't attractive, oh well I'll give her $600 to fuck her thighs". He could probably spend less somewhere else.

No. 1894562

I love how she has a circle on her ass it looks like she sat on a toilet too long.

No. 1894568

>it's shayna but we aren't wishing chronic pain on her
>it's shayna
>not wishing chronic pain on her
>it's shayna
I don't exactly wish pain on her but I wouldn't mind if it happened. She made baby rape porn; chronic pain for the rest of her life is too good for that bitch.
Her neck is so fucking strong.

No. 1894569

How is this different to anywhere else in America?

She has to contort herself to look like a cursed anatomy drawing just so it appears like she has a ass.

No. 1894571

It’s her arm retard

No. 1894573

Well said, nonna. You speak the truth. I don’t typically wish harm on people (other than scrotes and mtf troons) but Shayna is…more deserving of it than most. She’s going to get hurt sooner or later now that she’s irl hooking with the greasiest grossest dudes.

No. 1894577

Lol better be a 20 minute short film then since we all know you advertise your customs at $10/min, and right after flaunting she just got $1400 from her sugar daddies

No. 1894580

She's reminding me of the skibidi toilet here, terrifying

No. 1894585

File: 1694116341638.jpg (Spoiler Image,146.36 KB, 474x842, shaybidi_toilet.jpg)

>>1894580(please use /shay/ for this i am begging you)

No. 1894587

it's illegal in WA (where shay lives) and also literally every other state besides some parts of Nevada lmao

No. 1894589


It's the caning bruises still. You can even see scars across her ass. She's truly ruined herself even more.

No. 1894590

are there really people that don't know this..?

No. 1894614

Idk, seems like the guys who fuck her can't keep a stiffy, and she spoke about at least one of them sitting on her and using the fuck machine on her .. instead of actually fucking her. Most of her johns seem like they just wanna do the real weird degenerate shit with Shayna then just go have vanilla sex with someone else. And it also seems like she doesn't keep a lot of regulars. He's probably just got a thigh fetish and I was mainly joking about him being too repulsed for her other holes, calm down

No. 1894616

It's just to get around incest laws. Neither can be playing her real parent, even simulated, so in order to get around the laws, they turn a scenario obviously meant to simulate a family where the parents groom and rape their daughter into instead step parents and/or adult adoptees hanging out having sex even if it's obvious what the scenario is representing.

No. 1894655


genuine question, is this considered fan art/supposed to be posted on /shay/? i find edits like these fun but i see anons get banned for it

No. 1894682

I await death

No. 1894689

The vast majority of black people in the US live in the South. Rethink this take lol(derailing)

No. 1894697

File: 1694128527807.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1290x1789, IMG_5224.jpeg)

Off topic but saw this 52 years old sex worker on TikTok with her ugly ass long nails and eyelashes and boy doesn’t she look like a peek on Shayna’s future?

BLEAK AS FUCK to see old women doing sex work.(off topic)

No. 1894700

LMAO I’m pretty sure we are looking at Shays of Futures Past rn holy shit yeah I hope she’s lurking and sees this.

No. 1894705

Kek well considering her thighs look like more of an ass than her actual ass, this really isn’t a flex or that unbelievable

No. 1894709

Does she… have customers? I can't imagine who would want to fuck her sorry

No. 1894710

Men will fuck literally anything doesn't even have to have a pulse, or be human. Always remember they will fuck animals, raw chicken breast and even a cold cut sandwich.

No. 1894718

File: 1694130971980.webm (1.46 MB, 720x1280, «Blonde».webm)

The new hair colour is here.

No. 1894719

File: 1694131005545.jpg (364.17 KB, 1473x2397, Tweet.jpg)

No. 1894722

File: 1694131362319.jpg (393.74 KB, 1473x1688, Another Tweet.jpg)

No. 1894724

File: 1694131484797.jpg (254.97 KB, 1152x2048, Shaniv.JPG)

No. 1894726

Her brown ass bang is cracking me up right now, go shay! You look like Hannah with the miley wig still on.

No. 1894729

File: 1694131753568.jpg (270.23 KB, 1152x2048, Shaniv - 2.JPG)

No. 1894735

I can barely tell the difference between the color before and after, it looks like she had the result of a bleach bath, not professional bleaching. Which is understandable because her ends looks BEYOND fried and probably her hair couldn't take too much bleaching - but $200 for this? Girl you got ripped off big time.
Also is it just me or she looks like she has "helmet" hair, idk how to explain it. She definitely looks much better with her normal curls, the side part and straightened hair isn't flattering at all on her.

No. 1894739

It’s not a matter of attraction, it’s about using a woman for selfish brainless sexual satisfaction

No. 1894740

is anybody else confused on how she couldn't go more blonde without "destroying her hair"? My hair is as dark as Shay's and i keep it blonde and its healthy. Shayna buy heat protectant and use it before you do your hair, and deep condition like once a week. You're welcome.

No. 1894742

they let her leave with those bangs???

No. 1894745

why does she always leave the salon with 45yo soccer mom hair

No. 1894748

Kek her hair looks the same as always just washed and straightened. Shayna hangs with a bunch of 30+ frumpy people and it shows. She always looks so outdated and when she does try, she dresses too young and not for her body type. I imagine she thinks she looks super young and hot around them but really she blends in.

No. 1894750

It looks the same. Bets on she just went to the “ salon “ to get her hair washed and a half ass blowout because her shaytard self is too fucked up to do it herself, then proceeded to spend the “ donate “ money on white claws.

No. 1894751

Kek hilarious. Also im def not WKing shay here, but he could have also been making out with her while having some face stubble. In which case, still disgusting. Most hoes say "no kissing on the mouth" as a basic boundary. Not shay, anything for money.

No. 1894763

US Census Bureau says it is.
Yikes for you and your Shayna logic, not Googling before you tard out.

No. 1894765

i think its code for she couldn't afford it

No. 1894766

For sure. Its too convenient that after >>1894276 said something about a price, she suddenly comes to show off this Amazon-tier dress.

No. 1894769

I dunno, she's kind of at the colour correction level at this point so to get an all-over, nice blonde probably would be tough. She has a lot going on in her hair.
I had wondered how she was going to 'go blonde' for so cheap and so fast but it makes sense now… because she just got a few tiny darkish highlights kek.

No. 1894770

Even if the color came out pretty it wouldn't be worth this amount of damage- it looks like old hay. The ashy roots look almost grey, like she couldn't afford toning. Length all over the place. Just dye it a healthy brown and condition it, Shay

No. 1894774

File: 1694137261988.png (93.52 KB, 430x445, Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 11.4…)

She only got 20% of her hair appointment goal so this could be the reason.

No. 1894779

She could’ve just bought a blonde wig.

No. 1894784

File: 1694138407649.gif (6.25 MB, 281x500, blinded by Shaytred.gif)

You can see the foils and wash bowl here >>1894718 plus the salon behind her. Don’t let the fact that she’s a known liar colour your thought process to such a degree.

No. 1894785

stop does she think she's a cute tiktok girly filming this? she's so cringe it's painful.

No. 1894786

Brown is ugly though.(hair color sperg)

No. 1894789

Her ends are so fucking fried. It's been repeated ad nauseam but she'd really benefit from maintaining her natural hair texture. She could be wavy hair Barbie or some dumb shit like that. There's plenty of Barbie dolls with waves or ringlets. But then again, Shat is stuck in a groundhog day loop and refuses to change

No. 1894793

she looks infinitely better in this picture with her natural curls framing her face instead of having fried hay hanging over her eyes, I wish she would try a curly hair routine but she doesn’t even wash her face or brush her teeth regularly so that’s a big ask

No. 1894795

are we really calling this blonde?

No. 1894796

Hi Brad Mondo

No. 1894798

well there’s a few factors. she’s never taken good care of her hair. she’s been bleaching it (and coloring it) for a while and has done plenty of home bleaching. she’s been straightening it regularly for years. she kept it platinum blonde for at least a solid year, if not more, which is a lot of bleaching and damage to the hair. her hair most likely doesn’t take to bleach or hair color nearly the same as it used to. there’s a good chance she can’t go platinum anymore and is stuck with ash blondes or dirty blonde.

if she completely regrew her hair out then she could probably go back to platinum but that would take at least a year or 2, and she would never.

No. 1894834

File: 1694146557870.jpg (43.38 KB, 622x622, ba2f968ba7e84d3ceda5b3d0b8d8f6…)

Whatever she did to her hair, there literally is no visible difference from her old hair. She only got $50 from the hair appointment goal so she couldn't scam much from her coomers this time.

No. 1894838

I just laughed so hard I think I pulled something kekkkkk

No. 1894854

the file name keeek

No. 1894974

Hair stylist fag sperg incoming but

Based on this video it looks like all she could afford was a partial highlight (because she needs a full color correction at this point; any stylist worth their weight charges $175+\Hr for that). They probably toned her more ashy/darker so her ends didn’t look SO fried and because her hair is so porous/damaged it took really dark, hence the dirty blonde outcome. If her hair was as light as she wanted it, it would look transparent as hell.

No. 1894992

wow thanks for the valuable professional insight, how would we have figured it out without you

No. 1895001

the curly updo in the beggining suits her so much, the curly framining pisces soften her face. So much better than the blown out mess at the end

No. 1895004

File: 1694183181258.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3464x3464, B722EF77-7E69-4F08-A785-C4353F…)

She ugly as hell kek the big ugly red alcoholic nose with a nose piercing to enhance it. The fucked up rotting tiny teeth , the shit braids. She looks like the ugly short mf from beauty and the beast

No. 1895005

More like
>Hefty Montana
Big ass bitch

No. 1895009

File: 1694183811030.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3464x3464, 523B7E8A-E391-4663-B05F-6044A4…)

Shayna did not have a glo up. She’s still ugly as sin, just chubby now. She just learned how to do her eyeliner. Which is sad how it took her retarded ass years to do it correctly

No. 1895020

it's sad because she could have an actual glow-up if she wasn't lazy. would she be a great beauty? no. but she could be an average woman who makes herself seem more attractive with careful styling and healthy lifestyle if she showered more often, lost weight, stopped drinking as often and ate less processed garbage, gave up on being a platinum blonde and took care of her curls instead of frying them, did some exercise even if it's just taking a walk for 20 mins each day, ditched the outdated makeup that hasn't been seen as cute since 2016, and ditched the pink bimbo barbie aesthetic (she wouldn't even have to give up the colour pink altogether if she really loves it that much. she could just start buying higher quality pieces in shades of pink that suit her and keeping it to one pink garment per outfit instead of entire outfits of mismatched shades of pink from cheap fast fashion stores).

I genuinely think she has potential to be mildly attractive if she would just stop living such a poor lifestyle. most people would overlook the beady eyes and big schnoz if everything else was good.

unfortunately she's never going to get enough self-discipline to make a change and actually glow up instead of just getting her hair done occasionally and looking better for a few days until she washes it, so she'll probably always be unattractive.(are you okay?)

No. 1895023

Weather girl hair, round two. We keep saying it but for a bimbo, she really doesn't know shit about what's actually flattering on her. And you'd think a narcissistic bitch who doesn't have a day job could spend like half an hour on Pinterest and look for haircuts, clothes and makeup that'd look good on her.

No. 1895029

For all that she gets compared to a tranny for her looks/fat distribution, she’s really more like them in terms of mentality imo. She has deluded herself into seeing a hot youthful bimbo in the mirror because of the clothes she puts on. Just like your average AGP sicko seems to be completely convinced of their own hotness because of their fetishizing/delusions if that makes sense. At least that’s how I see it kek. You’re right tho, she has ALL the time in the world to figure out how to make herself not look like crusty poop and yet~

No. 1895031

Why does she never wear her hair like this? It looks a lot more flattering and almost cute

No. 1895033

Spoken like a true carpetbagger.

No. 1895034

It’s decriminalized in the Seattle-Tacoma counties.

No. 1895047

Kek the matching eyebags tho

No. 1895049

File: 1694189900184.jpeg (166.62 KB, 828x384, IMG_8249.jpeg)

No. 1895053

File: 1694190203795.jpeg (406.61 KB, 1179x616, IMG_2272.jpeg)

They decriminalized during the Floyd riots (probably out of fear/appeasement)

No. 1895057

she doesn't live in seattle she lives in renton

No. 1895067

yeah if you google news articles about prostitution in renton you can see multiple stories about people getting arrested for it as recently as this year

No. 1895072

The fuck is this butthole mouth expression? She thinks she looks cute, youthful, and bratty but she just looks retarded. Shay, you are almost THIRTY. JFC

No. 1895078

she looks like a dead fish with her black hole eyes and her tongue sticking out of her shark teeth

No. 1895082

>almost 30
The math is not mathing

No. 1895094

she's closer to 30 than 20…

No. 1895096

>The math is not mathing
Get out of here twitter fag

No. 1895097

File: 1694195791392.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1170x1719, IMG_5147.jpeg)

No. 1895099

File: 1694195856578.jpg (Spoiler Image,386.86 KB, 1536x2048, 20230908_135601.jpg)

Forgot to spoiler. Her hair looks completely fried.

No. 1895102

i never noticed how wide the bridge of her nose is. it looks like owen wilson or something. she's so ugly inside and out.

No. 1895107

why did they remove her whole ass nipple and not make it the same size as the other one. it looks like salami and the other one is a little pepperoni.

No. 1895109

yeah, I agree with you tbh. They've been calling Shayna almost 30 since she turned 24 or 25. She's got 4 more years till the big 30. That's like saying a highschool freshman is almost a senior.

No. 1895111

her photos are getting creepier by the day, she looks very uncanny valley

No. 1895115

i’m cackling at the difference in nipple sizes. if it was natural obviously there’s nothing she can do but this is literally after breast surgery where they reattached her whole nipple and could have made it match the other one. and just…didn’t. also the rippling is so funny. I bet they feel like rocks.

No. 1895117

They do it cause they know she reads here and seethes at it.

No. 1895119

this is some weird nitpicking

No. 1895120

Honestly I’m shocked she isn’t older and it’s almost more depressing knowing she’s in her mid-20s and looks like this.

No. 1895133

Her boobs still look the exact same. Maybe they’re both even but her nipples are different sizes

No. 1895136

This is really bad. I think she looked best when she had curly hair and a non-grey shade of blonde (years ago).

No. 1895155

the math is mathing, oldfag. Idk what you remember from elementary school math (since it was obviously a looooooooooooong time ago for you kek) but when a number between 1 and 10 is greater than 5, we round UP to the next number! Hell, even at 21 I'm closer to 26 than 16.(infighting)

No. 1895156

It's for two reasons. One, it makes her seethe, and that's funny. Not too long ago, she called 30something dudes "old men." Two, it's because she larps as a sexy baby, so 24 or 25 is a hell of a lot closer to 30 than the 4 year old she dresses up as for her gross porn.

No. 1895159

All I can see when I look at her new boobs is the emoticon I overused in my boxxy-esque years: o_0

(mods don't ban me, I'm making a point)

No. 1895161

seriously… what’s the point of the surgery if they still don’t even look related

No. 1895167

File: 1694203084088.jpg (28.6 KB, 587x583, 1682016011228.jpg)

yeah why was the one implant able to be inserted decently and the other with a whole different technique?

No. 1895169

I know her nipples aren't even friends

No. 1895173

I also can’t help but think about it, maybe the implants aren’t the same type? And that’s why it looks so wonky? Plus she should get the other nipple tattooed or something so it looks even with the bigger one at least.

No. 1895174

This tattoo suggestion is prob the only way they could ever match. Bleak as fuck kek she got the boob job she deserved tho

No. 1895185

is this your first shayna thread?

No. 1895192

Her whole look is mom of 3. The fake hard titties with no bra making it obvious they're wide set implants, her old dry skin, her outdated mom hair. She looks like she would be a married mother, solidly middle class, who swings.

No. 1895198

Sorry to sperg but her implants are properly placed for her natural anatomy, her tits are just wide-set

No. 1895209

Damn she paid for a whole lot of nothing in her hair. She was better off getting a bottle of sun in and sitting on her balcony for the day.

No. 1895234

if she wasn't broke she could get a nipple reduction surgery. simple surgery that would reduce the size of the dinnerplate sized one so that it matches the other one.

although idk why they didn't just make them even to begin with. she must have went to the cheapest, dodgiest, dr nick-esque plastic surgeon imaginable.

No. 1895235

File: 1694210854190.jpg (Spoiler Image,457.32 KB, 1080x1268, WROOM.jpg)

Nonie, if my grandmother had wheels, she's be a vehicle. A shayicle if you will.

No. 1895236

i disagree, her old real tit at least used to be able to move so it wasnt always to the side

No. 1895257

Kek what is this insane autism what are you on rn. Put it in /Shay/ but lmao nonetheless

No. 1895271

$200 for this shit and they couldn't even tone it properly?? what in the hell
her hair is not that dark, i fail to believe they wouldn't be willing to lift it further. her hair here is looking patchy and almost green toned, and they left so much root… sorry for hair sperging but christ

No. 1895279

File: 1694217847425.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.91 KB, 1170x1322, 20230909_010538.jpg)

Damn that tit looks fucked. The implant on the real titty was a big mistake.

No. 1895281

Holy shit she has SOOOOO many fine line eye wrinkle!! I cant even believe that her and i are the same age sometimes. Like seriously, shay, its called hyaluronic acid > then add > retinol >sleep> wash your face in the morning and apply moisturizer.

No. 1895282

agree, why did they leave all the new growth brown if they were worried about damage? she would look a lot more blonde if she didn't have 6 inches of "shadow root" or however they're justifying it

No. 1895283

File: 1694218628052.jpg (Spoiler Image,339.72 KB, 2224x1247, 1690252027665.jpg)

What's even funnier than the different sizes is that they don't even point in the same direction either, which is very noticeable from the front. No matter which way she turns, she's always got one nipple facing Mecca kek

No. 1895284

It looks like she only got 1 nippy outline tattooed and the other boob square with a grimes tattoo all over

No. 1895287

I can’t believe how old she looks. It’s repeated ad infinitum in her threads but Jesus, it’s so jarring especially with the childish pigtails. Also I’m sure all her FatCon activities did not help the healing process. The way the one is like SQUARE shaped oh my lord…

No. 1895289

File: 1694219495057.jpeg (201.12 KB, 750x682, 4F30DC17-5243-4784-AF4A-9E0707…)

surprised this didn't go on her personal twitter

No. 1895291

one is turning into a square with a fucked up nip, while the other is like a flat circle with the nip facing the sky. i’d be so pissed about this outcome.

No. 1895300

What is going on with her face? It looks so spotchy,her nose is red does she have sun burn or some shit? It reminds me of old grandpa skin or how Lilli Jean gets that redness. Is she doing coke? She just looks so off these days. I also wonder if her tits are why she's doing irl sex work. Now both are red and one is oddly shaped and noticeably so.

No. 1895303

Holy hell, is this unedited? Wow her old natural boob looks awful, how did they fuck it up so bad but the other one looks fine?

No. 1895312

she got an anchor breast lift scar now, thats why

No. 1895318

why is her hair green wtf!

No. 1895319

Dear god this is so bad, it’s verging on Trasha Fatass tier botched. I don’t know how she’s not spiralling over it. Or maybe she is and that’s why she’s being quieter than usual.

No. 1895328

the thing is, you can't even blame the surgeon for how shit they turned out due to how poorly she's treated them post-op. she's basically been doing the opposite of aftercare and there's no way in hell she's massaging them either. just shayna throwing her money away again.

No. 1895330


true, she went to fetcon right afterwards right? place was probably full of unwashed poly/kinksters and questionably sanitized sex toys. plus I seem to recall her rolling around on the floor there or some dumb shit like that

No. 1895334

she says this with her chest like she doesn’t have almost 50k followers and gets 20 likes kek

No. 1895336

this is shayna?? those photos look like a 40 year old jfc.

No. 1895338

kek I was just about to say the same thing. I wonder how many of her followers are genuine

No. 1895339

It’s obviously not Shayna, are you retarded?

No. 1895344

At least this lady can do a proper POV kek

No. 1895345

she’s been treating them like shit yes, but part of the blame is absolutely on the surgeon for how they reapplied that nipple and did the surgery in general. that was all their choice. bad breast surgery can actually sometimes be kind of fixed through really great aftercare, but of course that’s not the case here. they weren’t done really well to begin with (not botched but not top tier or anything) but her aftercare has just made it that much worse.

I’d bet she’s not doing any aftercare anymore and hasn’t since before fetcon. Once those initial bandages came off and it wasn’t absolutely required to wear the compression bra, it seems she’s done no further aftercare based on how they look.

No. 1895347

I want to know why the surgeon didn’t ensure that the nipples matched, how can they get away with being so sloppy? Is this common in American where healthcare is fucked?

No. 1895349

File: 1694228426331.jpg (50.1 KB, 980x518, turning red.jpg)

can a breast implant expert nonna reassure me it's normal for her tits to look so much redder than the rest of her body here

No. 1895367

i honestly couldn't tell with how she's been looking lately. & the pic only loaded halfway.

No. 1895456

Oh yeah. Forgot she had an OF lol
She hasnt mentioned it much at all since pre surgery. Id be surprised if she still has even 200 or so subs at this point

No. 1895459

It’s because one of her breasts was also lifted. So while the implants are the same (different sizes to accommodate for the «atrophied» breast) one didn’t have the nipple removed/lift combo the other did. And because I feel it might be debated, the one with the lift was her «natural» breast. The lift in her case required a lollipop scar (there are several other types of lifts which have been discussed in previous threads). The difference in nipple sizes was slightly fixed but there’s only so much that can be done.

No. 1895466

File: 1694254345536.jpg (126.02 KB, 1024x737, o O.JPG)

> nipples are an essential accessory 2 every bimbo's outfit [Pink Heart Emoji] [Two Pink Hearts Emoji]

No. 1895517

File: 1694265436054.png (Spoiler Image,763.17 KB, 591x1280, 1527528301079.png)

Her nipples have always looked different, the breast with the old implant always had a more "softer" looking areola, while the normal one had a more prominent one. You can see it in picrel, it only got really bad after weight gain and then the surgery.

No. 1895527

yeah you're absolutely right about the nipple, right after I posted that I realized I left that caveat out kek. didn't she also have people manhandling and smacking them at fetcon too? she's so retarded.

I'm wondering if this the the start of her body rejecting the implants due to her poor after care? I'd also love a more informed nonnie to chime in.

No. 1895536

Sage for blog post but I got a titjob around the same time as Shaynus and one of the incisions got infected leading to the entire breast to turn red. Antibiotics and a week later it was back to normal. I just think Shay has done the bare minimum in terms of aftercare.
Also, depending on if her implants are under/over that should determine the likelihood of early onset capsular contracture, underlying infection etc etc. I genuinely don't think she wore her breast band / sports bra nearly long enough and the liquor/smoking has probably not helped the healing process at all. I don't think it's infected because she'd probably be more concerned (it hurts quite a bit!) But I also don't think it's normal.

No. 1895551

File: 1694271867466.gif (37.44 KB, 159x183, DXJGwyw.gif)

This is what happens when you wear makeup all the time

No. 1895552

Uh, not exactly kek. This is what happens when you don’t ever properly remove your makeup and don’t have a good skincare routine on top of being an unhealthy sow. If all Shayna’s ugliness and premature aging could be blamed on wearing makeup, that would be pretty wild indeed.

No. 1895557

Rubbing your eyes with makeup every day like she does definitely adds wrinkles. Sure, her drinking and weed + bad diet also add to it, but putting on falsies every day and all that crap every single day makes it worse.

No. 1895558

Oh yeah, definitely the shit she cakes on and doesn’t remove, plus the big heavy falsies. You right kek