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File: 1683940223419.jpeg (55.58 KB, 884x662, 1683254130697.jpeg)

No. 1826178

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1818194

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the Shaynatorium.

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

Summary of last thread:
>>1818201 Shayna fantasizes about being a bikini barista
>>1818237 Shayna rebrands from the 'Buttstuff Barbie'
>>1818242 Continues panhandling/grifting for a $2000 goal towards her $4000 debt
>>1818339 Wants to go on a diet
>>1818516 Goes to the gym and doesn't wear a sports bra, then makes up a story of how a personal trainer said her body is perfect
>>1818715 Internet drama with FSSWs despite being an IRL prostitute herself
>>1818889 Recreates her look from Shane P. Sonnier's first night in Renton for a porn video
>>1818900 Creates her 'fandom' called the Dollies, which is really just the same orbiting coomers and some new diaperfags and sissies
>>1819243 Implores whether or not she should stop posting minute long trailers for coomers to jack off to
>>1819284 Lashes out a potential customer
>>1819253 Fellow pedo-panderer Kiki Cali makes Shaymu a website on Wix
>>1819313 E-begger and compulsive shopping struggles
>>1819350 Is actually drinking water now?!
>>1819398 Video with Scott Hancock of Big Gulp Girls is released. To no one's surprise, the 'stats' understate her weight
>>1819815 Announces collab at Fatcon with fellow pedo-panderers Kiki Cali and Sophia Quinn
>>1819826 Advertises girlfriend experience (GFE) for coomers to pay off her 'debt'
>>1820058 Releases "Degraded and Humiliated by My Roommate"
>>1820093 Continues scarring anons for life with extreme fetish gear
>>1820249 Coomers are disappointed with Shayngus's Big Gulp Girls video as Scott Softcock struggles to cum at the end of his videos
>>1820310 Posts a selfie with 5 possibly fake 100 dollar bills after prostituting herself
>>1820686 Gluttonous sushi brunch with a large glass of alcohol for day drinking–which is interesting for someone who is supposedly thousands of dollars in debt and constantly e-begging for basic living expenses
>>1820627 Anons find that Shat had a yeast infection while filming the Big Gulp Girls video
>>1820762 Anons watch her Big Gulp Girls video and provide screencaps and an archived version
>>1820783 The Big Gulp Girls video yields several keks through shaken baby syndrome, the unintentionally mentally challenged portrayal of a "doll"
>>1820780 Scott didn't even try to edit it as there's an accidental inclusion of outtakes, anons also notice that her video is remarkably shorter compared to other women on the site
>>1820878 Shaymu and Scott take several Ls as the Big Gulp Girls video has since been reuploaded to dozens if not hundreds of porn sites
>>1821235 Is advertising sessions with Kiki Cali for Fatcon
>>1821281 Official announcement including IRL prostitution at Fatcon
>>1821287 Mentions her mysterious surgery and money needed for her upcoming flight
>>1821397 Has risen in ManyVid ranks due to no one using the site anymore
>>1821537 Coincidentally brings up her straitjacket fetish in a tweet after an anon mentioned it earlier in the thread
>>1821902 Her pets are still being neglected and under exercised
>>1822124 E-begs for reimbursements after going to a petting zoo and getting brunch
>>1822402 First mention of newest sugar daddy N
>>1822446 Whining about her customers not paying her $3 again
>>1822457 Tweets against pretending to be underage explicitly in her videos despite portraying herself as a baby being raped in videos
>>1822507 Apparently stole the robe from her spa day
>>1822717 Posts a naked picture in a bed confirming IRL prostitution with sugar daddy N
>>1822813 Grifts for dispensary money afterwards
>>1823127 Whines online about skinny sex workers not defending fatties despite being a notorious "fatshamer" herself prior to her weight gain
>>1823148 An anon notices that Shaynus is not advertising being cleared for STDs unlike her friends' advertisements
>>1823289 A series of terrible styling decisions
>>1823842 Complains about new sex workers making content in public despite doing the same thing herself on multiple occasions
>>1824499 Goes on about her happiness recently, says the only thing that would make her life perfect is an additional $60k per year
>>1825186 Asks for mentoring from camgirls, then deletes it
>>1825539 Uses allergies to skip out on fucking her new sugar daddy N
>>1825886 Cow-crossover: Kevin Gibes of the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch likes the tweet ad of Shaymu and friends at Fatcon
>>1825905 Yet another fake story of a stranger catering to her DDLG fetish

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No. 1826180

File: 1683940402981.jpeg (59.9 KB, 749x691, 1683932651546.jpeg)

No. 1826181

File: 1683940432691.jpeg (13.98 KB, 275x271, 1683932730718.jpeg)

Looking for Fupa 3.0

No. 1826182

File: 1683940456894.png (174.43 KB, 864x874, 1683932866162.png)

No. 1826183

Isn’t having a tight vagina quite a bad thing? Like it usually means that the woman isn’t aroused or has vaginismus which hurts a-fucking-lot.

No. 1826186

Ty nonnie. A+ title and my fav pic of Shayna

No. 1826188

why the fuck would you get those items through doordash? what a fucking moron.

No. 1826192

threadpic viscerally terrifies me

No. 1826193

This picture is tiny but he looks like a flabby loser who probably takes it in the ass.

No. 1826197

This just sounds like vaginismus which would track with the theories about her not actually enjoying sex. That’s sad, no wonder she has to get drunk to do her disgusting job

No. 1826200

i hate her face and that angle is godawful.

No. 1826201

literally thats just fucking pillow talk. shes such a dumb bitch. guys will say “your pussy is so tight” to any girl they fuck.

No. 1826202

she's literally just looking for an opportunity to brag. if she had any physical issues she'd have to fix them if she was going to stick shit up there. she's a masochist bit i don't see how purposefully causing herself pain is worth the pittance she makes off of this. even for her.

No. 1826204

Dis bitch fucked a horse cock dildo and several other large gross "fantasy dildos. She is just believing scores who say it thinking it's the best compliment and she falls for it.

She never seems to have to work up to penetration. Just shoves anything right in immediately

No. 1826210

File: 1683943301926.jpg (21.96 KB, 750x166, 1683914583378.jpeg.jpg)

From old thread. Reposting for prosperity. The first one she dirty deleted. The second one she posted not long after. Incase anynonny actually needed proof of her fake scenarios actually being fake. Kek
Post 1/2

No. 1826211

File: 1683943324115.jpg (115.75 KB, 750x1102, 1683914782532.jpeg.jpg)

2/2(sage your non milk)

No. 1826212

What does this even mean? How is it hard as a sex worker?

No. 1826213

Idk how she thought that was a cute picture. You fuck yourself in that for nickels. Get that thing out.

No. 1826214

Shayna’s big ~~bleak~~ break

No. 1826215

I went to his twitter to see the pictures she replied to and he posts pictures of his ass kek. He’s gross looking, I don’t understand her type

No. 1826218

Sex is probably painful for her because she’s not aroused. That’s why she’s “tight.”

No. 1826223

Doordashing basic necessities has to be some sort of new laziness low. I want to see how much she spends per month on that app. With all the useless shit she buys and her thot income she probably could’ve bought a basic used car. But it wouldn’t be a Barbie pink Tesla or whatever tf whores want to drive these days so it’s not good enough for her

No. 1826224

At this point it’s like how chris chan wasted any money that people gave him on toys. Her spending habits are so irresponsible and divorced from reality.

No. 1826226

Not surprised because every time she has sex she’s dry as hell (aside from the yeast) and not aroused. The vagina expands and lubricates itself if you do proper foreplay, which Shay admitted she hates which is ultimately because she hates actual sex.
This dry pussy brag is useless because every dude she’s fucked on cam either can’t stay hard and/or can’t orgasm. That says more than some moid telling you the same thing he tells every girl he fucks. Not only is she not special but she’s probably even worse in bed than she can imagine.

No. 1826229

I’m not a man so idk how could you even tell much of a difference between various vaginas? I always assumed they were mostly the same but some girls are acting like they won a contest when a guy says they’re tight as if it’s special to have a normal vagina.
“Omg guys my vagina is sooo tight I’m going to post about it every time I have sex with a guy in porn, it’s actually so difficult to have a tight pussy like mine” like give me a break lol it’s such pickme pandering and said to her by the ugliest creep degenerate men who have a dictionary of porn speak to go through.

No. 1826233

Not to mention during the recent porn with the saggy scrote he easily slid in her and she barely had any reaction other than a quick fake squeak.

No. 1826234

I was going to suggest a thread title earlier right before the thread locked. Forgive me if it's been suggested or thought of before but I was thinking "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" for a title. reminded me of Shay when I heard it on the radio earlier.

No. 1826236

This is why I don’t understand why she is so adamant on staying in sex work. She is not a sexy person because she hates sex. I don’t think she’s ever had a mutually pleasurable sexual relationship where she was able to explore and figure out what she actually enjoys. All of her sexual encounters with men are entirely about pleasing them, but she doesn’t even seem to be good at that.

No. 1826238

File: 1683948142654.jpeg (230.95 KB, 1170x2231, 68FC1CA8-EC53-4F23-8DB2-E987AC…)

No. 1826249

Why is she begging for food for her pets every week? Is she eating all of it herself? She can’t even care/have money for them. Why have 3??

No. 1826254

she literally has the easiest life ever. cant even be bothered to do basic groceries, even the fucking catfood is doordashed at random. cant cook or drive so ubers and doordashes every other day. only times she goes out is to get more weed or mushrooms. at most she'll go out to eat sushi with ellen and get wasted.
yet somehow will take a month or two to record her customs and still complaing the entire time on twitter about how hard shes working on them. in almost six months she has cammed twice. the few videos she makes are all exactly the same even. the biggest "effort" daily is taking a few selfies and ebegging on twitter.

No. 1826272

poor decision making skills, I imagine. having spent years engaging and being subject to abuse from degens most give her plenty of reason to just not think before she does something on impulse. or maybe she was already impulsive and had poor judgment before all the sex work. maybe that's what she got into it to begin with

No. 1826291

File: 1683960693615.jpeg (37.98 KB, 750x501, E1E266BA-FD0F-424B-8C2E-28812D…)

No. 1826315

the second one is from last year nona

No. 1826344

She’s not using any of the funds (?) she’s getting on the things she claims. It’s a scam. People are more likely to throw some change her way if she uses her pets as an excuse. I doubt those that interact with her keep track on when it was the last time she asked for money.

No. 1826351

This didn't happen.
Not only is it unprofessional and rude of a waiter to comment on what people order, alluding to someone being a toddler is usually insulting.
Most women would have responded with a firm "excuse me?"

She's so full of shit with these constant fake interactions and she's showing how desperately lonely she is that she has to create these fake scenarios in her head and pass them off as real. Absolutely peak delusions.

No. 1826365

Literally no waitstaff would speak like this to a customer, especially one who looks like she could go into full-on bitch more unprompted.

No. 1826417

It’s fake, she does this shit constantly. Everywhere she goes people tell her how cute & sexy she is, somehow know to specifically reference her gross pedo fetishes even though they’ve never met her before, and then everybody claps.

No. 1826428

Oh thank you i see that now.

No. 1826437

Just like the infamous "are you trying to get kidnapped with help kitty" story about the bartender who saw her with hello kitty duct tape. Thats my personal pick for highest level of cringe + least sense

No. 1826550

Remember the time she went to an airport bar (iirc) and claimed the waiter pulled out a single "birthday girl" napkin just for her and her fifteenth mimosa of the day.

No. 1826571

File: 1684005233955.jpeg (132.39 KB, 750x1035, EA2CC219-8D15-447A-8E04-374B34…)

No. 1826573

File: 1684005285277.jpeg (83.85 KB, 750x1163, 6B11E44A-7F1C-437E-913E-85B60E…)

No. 1826577

why tf does noodle look even sadder outside?

No. 1826578

He just looks like a dog doing dog things and feeling like a dog

No. 1826579

No. 1826584

I wanna snuggle the kitty

No. 1826605

with 50 bucks multiple dresses, outfits? lmfao this bitch really wrapped in the cheapest ugliest shein aliexpress garbage

No. 1826620

Guess Shayna finally found out about temu and is about to show us what a real barbie dresses like.

No. 1826628

What cat is that? Rib is long haired and Mr. PB is white and ginger, so why is there another cat in her apartment?

No. 1826640

File: 1684015823047.jpeg (52.89 KB, 750x451, C82AE24E-0047-46B0-8E6F-E89789…)

she deleted the tweet about being way fatter now

No. 1826646

>pulled out money from savings to buy clothes because she got fat
girl just work out???? Touching your savings because you got fat? Jesus how does she get through life being this retarded?

No. 1826650

That’s Mr. PB the lighting in that photo makes him look gray weirdly enough. The lights were probably all out and idr if there’s a window in the “studio” but nah. That’s the thrown cat himself.

No. 1826651

>the thrown cat himself
kek also everything is so bleak and grey in her life it's going to her pets smh

No. 1826662

Her ass is the only part of her that didn’t get fatter

No. 1826666


No. 1826676

She has savings? Kek

No. 1826679

File: 1684021329178.jpeg (266.44 KB, 1169x1770, ACD80583-9A95-4E12-A1AA-854E98…)

I swear she did a huge clothing haul from shein on one of her cam shows.

No. 1826684

That should be motivation to lose weight so you can fit back into your old clothes wtf.
$75 could've got her a lot more at a thrift store.

No. 1826688

you already know she's going to sleep in bed with the dog after this without giving her a bath first, barf.

No. 1826691

I repeat myself. This bitch is genuinely retarded and only puts herself in bad situations because she never does anything the smart way

No. 1826692

ew that river has like, literal sewage in it wtf Shatna

No. 1826700

File: 1684023880251.jpeg (578.59 KB, 1862x2047, FwCxAnuaAAAbkcr.jpeg)

Her legs look like literal drumsticks.

No. 1826702

>10% tip
So she noticed nonnies calling out her lack of tip once.
Is she taking the threads advice about walking her fat ass and her dog?

No. 1826706

File: 1684024113789.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 579.39 KB, 1859x2048, FwCxAnoacAAW23h.jpeg)

When I saw this I assumed she was in a dressing room but nope, this is out in the open in between the stalls, in front of a mirror of a public bathroom. Ik this is not new behavior for her but quite ironic since she was just dunking on some other degen making porn in public.

No. 1826707

File: 1684024183782.png (8.92 KB, 582x243, Screenshot 2023-05-13 203051.p…)

No. 1826731

She looks absolutely hammered. How does she function?

No. 1826742

Ok, either get lunch or get tipsy but def drop a meal or booze completely. She looks fatter not even by the day, but by every few hours the thread is updated. What TAF.

No. 1826745

She functions purely off of alcohol and greasy food,Uber rides, rides from her cheap dates or possibly her supposed girlfriend? She can't drive, shower, cook, clean, do anything but beg for money or rides places in exchange for sex and humiliation. it's weird and strange why someone would choose this when they could do all of this on their own at her age.

No. 1826755

Shayna must genuinely has reverse dysmorphia like the audacity to go outside like that is almost admirable. I guess not having a single sober thought helps.

No. 1826761

File: 1684030567873.jpeg (53.44 KB, 1170x752, IMG_2289.jpeg)

No. 1826775

iirc she brought it with her and it was from stupid pix she took or something lol.

oh so this is what she’s scamming for. based on last year’s disasters, she will have a deli meat shade satin dress, a mismatched tank top and skirt set with visible bra and a wildcard outfit that also doesn’t fit. all with the same dirty shoes she cycles through and the ponytail clips.

No. 1826776

Trying to figure out if she filtered, shooped and then posted this or if her foundation doesn’t match her skin tone.. or both… her face looks wrong (it’s always been wrong but in a dif way not the usual)

No. 1826783

File: 1684034379642.jpeg (10.27 KB, 612x336, E9E842BF-4F88-4ACB-B6D7-648BB2…)

Those nips…also how do her thighs not ignite when they rub together

No. 1826790

Cant wait to see more Ross Dress for Less 2006 style homecoming dresses for middle school girls.

No. 1826792

I don’t want to be a nitpicker and post a zoomed in pic but her facial expression and body language is so off here. Her face just reads “this is good enough right? I’ll get my cheemsburger change after this pic from std riddled John #4583937 for sure!”. Her eyes are so insecure

No. 1826795

File: 1684035822150.jpeg (19.45 KB, 381x598, 47275AA7-E235-4757-920C-12F56E…)


No. 1826798

Kek, well thanks nonny. Such an awkward facial expression

No. 1826804

Her pose is so weird too like why is she standing like that with her foot so arched??

No. 1826812

That’s a man lol. Wtf is this pic

No. 1826813

Literally. I believe she isn't aroused and probably clenches up, but like you said dudes always say that when theyre horny and get it in. What a retarded attempt to brag.

No. 1826814

Shes over paying on mid tier kibble and buying tiny bags it looks like. A 15lbs bag for a larger dog and a 3lbs for 2 cats is ridiculous. So no wonder she has to beg for money for it every week now.

No. 1826815

I wish she would buy a fucking harness for that poor dog

No. 1826825

She's huge. Her shorts are painfully too small and it's giving her a moose knuckle. She probably thinks she looks hot but instead she just looks like sped that can't dress herself appropriately.

No. 1826837

She's so committed to typing like an absolute sped, and it completely kills the "immersion" of her being some super sexy domme that people would want to give their money.

No. 1826848

Every time I see this woman’s face I see a closer similarity to the average middle aged British man. It must be the beady butthole eyes and thin lips.

No. 1826857

File: 1684046746674.jpeg (48.01 KB, 828x282, FCB925F9-7857-4DBC-B001-E5546D…)

X-posted from Shay but just wanted to share this here. Gayfag Hairyshoulders has feelings about how whores conduct themselves on the internet, which is hilarious coming from someone who once tweeted about how his daughters friends found his gross TikTok and he was excited about it.

Definitely partially directed at Shay, and also seething that he can’t beg the same way ethots can.

No. 1826862

nonita it's the wrong thread

No. 1826866

Lol what is this link

No. 1826890

Because she's fat and can't pose with her legs together or else she'll look fat(ter). The more she blows up, the farther apart she'll have to hold her legs and feet (and arms- she already uses those like a retard in her poses, to hide her gut) in contrived and increasingly awkward poses.

No. 1826928

File: 1684060838724.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.64 KB, 720x717, Screenshot_20230514_073920_Pho…)

Shayna when she first moved to Seattle vs Today, 22 months apart.(spoiler needed)

No. 1826936

Don’t forget trying to make the illusion of curves since she has no ass

No. 1826939

she really did only gain in her gut area. insane.

No. 1826955

I've noticed fat white girls with stocky little daikon legs tend to make this post in photos a lot. I think it's meant to elongate their drumstick legs. That combined with the fact that she is sucking in and holy her breath for dear life make this photo fucking hilarious.

No. 1826960

The fact that she’s shoving herself into the same style of trashy outfit she used to wear when she was thin to the mall is so fucking funny and tragic. The nonna who said her legs look like chicken drumsticks is so spot on kek I hope one day she does this disgusting shit in a public bathroom and some mom with a kid comes in and immediately calls the cops so she gets charged with lewd exposure to a minor and has to register as a sex offender. It’s what she deserves. Nobody deserves to potentially accidentally see this.

No. 1826967

And upper arms.

No. 1826983

Sadly there are no real consequences for fat mistakes like Shayna Clifford. If you walked into the bathroom and were exposed to this whale taking pictures with her tits and nips out what exactly could you do? Most people would just give her a dirty look and carry on going into the stall to do what we came for. Then laugh or cringe about it later. Even if you walked in with your small child and they got exposed to Shaynas saggy tits, what could truly be done? Even if you went to management they would be hesitant to intervene cause it would become a “he said she said” situation. The only recourse you’d have is to call her out and let her know she’s disgusting and her actions are predatory but it would go into one waxy ear and out the other. Sadly this shit is not treated the same as a guy doing the same thing.

No. 1826986

There is also very little chance of the victim knowing who she is or knowing how to find her later to report her to the mall or restaurant she does this in. If they had the picture there’s a slight chance they could ban her but very slim chance of this. Most malls receiving this photo would do the same thing as her landlords and assume Shayna was the victim of bullying despite her being the person bullying people into potentially seeing her gross tits.

No. 1826992

anon im fucking dying over you thinking ‘shopping her nips like that would make it SFW. shit looks creepy as hell, like ginger nips.

No. 1826998

people put no effort into the threads anymore. this is literally the third thread with the wrong shaynatorium link. i actually saw a tard in there telling people “it easy to make a thread, just copy and paste the last thread tee hee!”. and if you complain they act like you shit in their cornflakes and have long standing PTSD from getting constructive criticism on lolcow.

No. 1827005

Not to mention insecurity is incredible unattractive to most men. the like the number 1 thing you always see they say they like. no way she feel or present as confident when shes in pain from the seam of her jeans ripping her in two, and she has to worry her one saggy tit might slip out of her tube top if she twists the wrong way. she would “feel herself” so much more if she dressed for her size. its not like she invested a ton of money on quality clothes when she was skinny. shes always bought cheap as hell fast fashion that probably turns to dust in her closet.

No. 1827007

u just know she doesnt rinse off her dog after letting in an unknown dirty seattle lake. probably let him dry off by laying on her couch and bed.

No. 1827030

I forgot to replace the ot with /shay/, my bad. I noticed it after I posted the thread and multiple posts with milk but I didn’t feel like correcting it because it’s so minor.
Make the threads yourself then. The Shayna thread nazis itt always take 3-5 days to create the perfect thread. The thread is perfectly fine aside from the typo for the Shaynatorium.

No. 1827073

The title also has a typo. It's supposed to be #135. Thank you for making the new thread though.

Last thread: #134 - Debt, Desperation, and Sugar Dads
Current thread: #134 - Big Bleak Girls

No. 1827082

ahaha she’s starting to get the Mariah Mallad thing where her head and feet look freakishly tiny compared to her giant body

No. 1827085

File: 1684078661759.png (142.99 KB, 393x293, 1683939856805.png)

I was going to but you were too quick with your retard speed creating this >>1827073 masterpiece. So yeah, I'm salty that there's been three threads in a row half-assed with the Shaynatorium linked wrong and the hidden board posted in the summary. Which makes no sense whatsoever. Its literally called a hidden board, why would it be advertised? If you link the Shaynatorium properly then people will get there anyways but have a fun surprise when get jump scared with the Shayna background and charmingly autistic shitthreads. Not to mention
I have personal beef with you for questioning if attached picrel was "too pornographic" for a thread pic. kek what? peak autism, would have a been a great pic. Thread pic now though is still funny though so I won't complain too hard about it. It's a jump scare on its own kek(infighting)

No. 1827089

No one is being a nazi. Don't make threads if you can't handle criticism when you make mistakes. It's not that serious, but fucking up the thread numbering isn't minor.

As a side note, is anyone else in favor of bringing back brief summaries of the characters in the Shaynaverse? There's a /shay/ thread to discuss them, but I sometimes forget these people's names and would be helpful to scroll up quickly and find it. I can never remember Shayna's GF's name other than her nickname Cottage Cheese Thighs.

No. 1827095

Would love the main thread’s thought on this: >>>/ot/1577327

No. 1827096

I hope that Shayna sees it and reacts to it. I want to see what she says lol.

No. 1827098

I hope that Shayna sees it and reacts to it. I want to see what she says lol.

No. 1827100

god no the opening thread info is enough and people should be able to follow who shayna's tard regulars are by reading the thread and integrating, don't ask for more spoonfeeding you minimod freak

No. 1827106

>just found out tht 1 of my biggest stalkers is some1 i knew in hs, they spent years trying to contact me so they could harass me & everyone around me. They also said they were the main one keeping the hatesite dedicated to me alive with content. Im crying rn, because it's scary but also reassuring to kno who is doing it & it's not a large group of miserable people, but 3 or 4 ppl dedicated to hating me

I think Shayna still thinks everyone in default loves her or views her how she views herself. So thats why she goes, "they find/edit pictures of me to convince themselves I'm ugly" or talks about shit, in a way where she's confused why she's not liked on lolcow. She legit thinks its impossible and we're brainwashing ourselves to dislike her or are all sex workers/weirdos who have a bone to pick with shayna for being more successful or some racism from her teen years,
Not saying their aren't those type here

No. 1827114

Is it weird that I believe with this person's admittance, shat will try to figure out who it is.. Block a shit ton of people.. Make a huge spectacle about how this person was such a burden on her career, and that now she can finally get to her full potential??
Only to literally fall off into the void of sw kek

I feel like this site is the reasoning behind people watching/searching for Shat, and if that stops, she surely doesn't make enough of an impact to keep customers coming back. For crying out loud she's lost every single online coomer and is prostituting herself out to make rent and buy cat food.

No. 1827119

But she's mostly right. What you're saying is right for at least 80% of the posters ITT and a higher percentage for dedicated posters that try very hard to keep the convo and updates flowing. It isnt normal, yes you can argue that there are casual posters who just like the train wreck because there are, but the posters that have made her an icon and staple on here are not casual posters. No, I don't think mentally stable women want to gawk at the same woman's pussy for years.

No. 1827120

KEKKKK what a bunch of bullshit. She thinks she’s 60% of the comments and that the threads will die without her autism?

No. 1827125

File: 1684083758271.jpg (167.6 KB, 963x1578, Shaynasbestie.jpg)

I don't follow this thread(because porn makes me uncomfy) but I saw this while scrolling /ot/ so shayna might be right about having a stalker, one anon admitted to being that very stalker.
Sage cuz this isn't milk.

No. 1827128

I didn't say she's wrong I do sympathize with Shayna in that she's not the only person doing what she does and she attracted some weird ass people, like the person from HS dedicated to not only speaking on her but trying to directly interfer. I do think in a way thats why she's so baffled. "I'm doing these gross things but I'm not the only one". I still can't even say what draws people to shay vs. other sex workers. Other then the fact she has a well off family but chooses this life.

No. 1827129

If this isn't a lie, that means this singular woman has been staring into shaynas pussy angry as fuck she won't reconnect with her. Oddly enough it wouldn't be surprising given the sheer popularity of this thread even though a lot of 'real' anons don't have invested interest in niche sex workers or any sex workers really. This thread is kept alive by camgirls and fascinated IRLS.

No. 1827136

I'm the anon you're replying to and yeah I agree. I've seen this thread so many times but each time I leave feeling bad for Shayna and too disgusted to read. Most posters seem to be vendettafags and possible sex workers who hate her.

No. 1827140

I sincerely doubt one anon makes 60% of the posts about Shayna. I believe that anon was being dramatic. They probably are heavily in this thread.
Well you should'nt. You can be disgusted by vendetta fags but Shayna is legit a shitty selfish hypocritical person.She doesn't want your sympathy.

No. 1827147

File: 1684087084071.gif (4 MB, 480x272, 30FF1823-170D-44EB-A072-0674BB…)

This screengrab cracks me up she probably thought it looked hot but it looks goofy

No. 1827168

kinda arrogant of that anon to assume responsibility for 60% of milk in the threads when anyone can see for themselves how many people are watching the trainwreck of shay whenever she's live on cam or there is a poll that involves her. personally i wish all the schizo ass posters like her, vivi and the bikini barista would just talk to a therapist instead. the only people keeping tabs on shay should be those of us who choose to do it out of boredom while shitting on the toilet, because that's what shat deserves.

No. 1827169

This face reminds me of Jenna Marbles when she does her "32yr old ladyyy~" bit

No. 1827202

Trust me, she deserves this amount of ridicule, and so much worse. Have you forgotten that she, for nothing more than the fleeting attention of gross scrotes, posts sexual fantasies about drugging and raping children? Never feel bad for Shayna.

No. 1827205


Sometimes anons get weirdly suspicious about the Shay thread being highly composed of SWers or vendetta-chans but… the whole point of this site is to make fun of cows and Shay is one of the ultimates. I don't have any relation to kink, SW, etc. but I just find other people's trainwrecks fun. I'm assuming 90% of us are just here to laugh at a deluded creep like every other thread.

No. 1827232

File: 1684100302014.jpeg (225.5 KB, 1170x1632, IMG_2304.jpeg)

No. 1827233

File: 1684100472981.jpeg (93.6 KB, 1170x1016, IMG_2307.jpeg)

No. 1827235

File: 1684100531724.jpeg (90.7 KB, 1170x649, IMG_2306.jpeg)

Okay Shay

No. 1827253

It's not supposed to be #135, the last thread was supposed to be #133 but the other anon who made that thread made a typo in the title you dumb fucks. Check the other fucking threads before that and you'll see that I'm right.
> I have personal beef with you for questioning if attached picrel was "too pornographic" for a thread pic. kek what? peak autism, would have a been a great pic. Thread pic now though is still funny though so I won't complain too hard about it. It's a jump scare on its own kek
Someone complained about the last thread pic for "beastiality", do you really think radfem anons wouldn't complain if there's jizz on her face? You underestimate the pearl clutching that happens. Also just a suggestion, if you have "beef" with me as the anon who made the thread and asked for input from other anons then get a fucking job and/or actual problems in your life.
Btw I've now decided that I will do my best in making all of the future threads just to spite the thread nazis who want a full week and a peer review committee to produce the ~perfect~ thread. Maybe I'll turn off my spellcheck and get drunk before writing them!(infighting)

No. 1827255

Ignore the spergs. It's more important that a thread is made for discussion and milk than the OP being innate perfection. I appreciate every shaytist that creates threads. Even if the OP is slightly flawed, it doesn't matter because there's going to be a new thread soon enough.

No. 1827257

File: 1684101718141.gif (3.16 MB, 498x280, crcrcringe.gif)

No. 1827262

Thanks anon, I'm just going to report them for minimodding and derailing/infighting because it shits up every fucking thread. Anons need to stop being so hostile to genuine anons itt or else the milk posters like myself are going to stop contributing.

No. 1827291

Maybe a queen of the sludge swamp.

No. 1827293

Idk how many anons are usually posting in Shay threads but yeah for them to say theyre 60% of the posts kinda sounds ridiculous. And adding that the threads will die without their contribution is kinda delusional autism. Even if theyre being truthful and they might even be the OF, snap, and whatever anon… her twitter is the main thing that gets posted and its public rn (plus other anons follow it) idk that was a retarded post to make an good riddance. Weird af they wanted to reconnect with her and feel so compelled to watch her all this time.

No. 1827297

Squidward is that you?!

No. 1827304

She’ll be back nonnie. That level of autism can’t quit cold turkey. She’s most likely lurking for our responses already

No. 1827305

File: 1684109505085.jpeg (98.6 KB, 1170x783, IMG_2312.jpeg)

Shay you admitted to liking incest porn

No. 1827307

Call out the scrote that said he brought his daughter a camera to film porn and creeped on her, one of your paypigs, Grayhairnotold.
Also, if a woman made the tweet Baldi Gaysics (Kendall) made she'd make 45 tweets whining about it.
The Clermont are gross, but so is Shayna. In fact i find her grosser. At least the Clermont are making money and getting attention for their degen ways. Shayna is doing disgusting things with disgusting men to stay off the streets. She acts like she's so above certain things and she's making grand statements but if her dumb ass had a sister that'd do that shit, they'd do the same no question especially if she could get scrote attention/ money from it.

No. 1827310

does shayna even like disney though? or barbie for that matter? she pretends to like all these girly and childish things but i don't think she even tries to demonstrate a passing knowledge on this stuff. this has bothered me for a while, even though i know it's autistic as hell to pick at.

No. 1827317

She only likes moana and monsters inc gifs

No. 1827321

tbh I think I hate him the most out of all the shaymen

No. 1827323

File: 1684112539269.jpg (104.74 KB, 1280x800, yolo.jpg)

It makes more sense to me than anything else that it would take a dedicated vendetta-chan to keep some completely irrelevant literallywho's thread alive for five years
I can absolutely imagine the type of former horsegirl who would furiously gaze into the taint of her ex-high school friend for half a decade and post 10,000 unflattering screenshots of her sharting herself

No. 1827328

No, it is #135. The link to #133 is below.
The link in the description is wrong.

Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. I really do appreciate you taking the time to make the thread.

No. 1827332

No. 1827333

you're way too far gone for that now, nona

No. 1827340

I love how I found this monstrosity Google searching Jonny Craig. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.
And yeah she definitely can. I started with her thread like two before she moved to Oklahoma. She had some cute clothes from thrift stores, but that would actually require her leaving her apartment to get them. And no offense, but there's never cute clothes in the XL section unless they are hoodies.

No. 1827341

I've seen Shayna's threads for ages but I didn't start following her until relatively recently like last year. Tbh I think she is only interesting to me now because she is so fat and unsuccessful. I'm guessing when she was skinnier more of her posters were other SWers(no1currs)

No. 1827348

File: 1684116609830.jpeg (177.66 KB, 1170x1516, IMG_2365.jpeg)

off topic but she’s probably trying to gain attention from this tweet that’s been going around

No. 1827352

The fact that she says she likes incest porn (nonrelated people larping as related) doesn't really mean anything, she's a coomer above all; she's faking liking incest porn anyway if she's so easily grossed out by IRL incest (which she apparently gets off too).
>inb4 'porn is not real life!' from her

No. 1827362

She deleted the tweet about the twins

No. 1827370

She knows she’d be dragged for that and accused of racism.

No. 1827373

lol I kind of wish she kept it up for that.

No. 1827374

Nonnie….those clermont bitches have eaten each other out. Like full on lesbian sex with their twin. Shayna is nasty af but that is a whole 'nother level. At most, the three of those whores are equally disgusting.

No. 1827375

i..i had no idea. i only heard of weird kiss pictures.

No. 1827378

Ayrt lol, its cool. Honestly I figured, I thought it was just bait too until I read through the QTs on twitter…never again.

No. 1827387

File: 1684124917024.jpeg (49.24 KB, 750x657, B5844036-4320-4F88-BE6E-B46216…)

Damn get a job!

No. 1827388

File: 1684125002025.jpeg (435.86 KB, 2047x1473, 13CA80FE-672D-4718-B6F4-15FFA2…)

No. 1827389

File: 1684125081759.jpeg (59.73 KB, 750x673, 841DCF52-5580-459F-8458-AAAF86…)

> white rice with butter

No. 1827390

Jesus why do these bitches smoke weed if it makes them sick for days at a time??? Stop fucking smoking weed then

No. 1827399

>as a kid I may not have considered that hot or romantic
Geez I wonder why.

No. 1827407

>Litterbox in the living room.
You can see it by the cats head. This bitch is so nasty. Put that shit in the bathroom

No. 1827412

Litter box where?

No. 1827414

ntayrt, the pink box on the floor in front of the cat's head.

No. 1827431

nta but I've read people discussing the Clermonts elsewhere and apparently this is shockingly common behaviour for swers. Does anyone else remember when that awful stripper artist famous on Instagram did a poll that thousands of people answered and one of the questions ("is it ok to do stuff with your sister for sex work?") and like 70% of the people who answered agreed. That is the level of depraved OnlyFans girls are on now

No. 1827456

Miss Paytas is guitly of this too.

No. 1827466

She's not even a girl that some scrote meets IRL and tries to court and is excited to possibly get a chance to sleep with. She thinks she cares about her john's pleasure and wants to please them, but if they don't bust immediately and she has to put effort into it, she gets low to high-key irritated.

No. 1827469

Because she wants to remind everyone she did ballet as a child.

No. 1827470

So she just body-checks..

No. 1827476

that blurring on her forehead reminds me of those japanese doughnutheads

No. 1827487

and dowagers hump

No. 1827552

This is a retarded reach. No, she poses her foot up like that because she's fat and retarded, and thinks it will give her some semblance of shape. I absolutely love how she had the dogs out in full view, though, in a dirty public bathroom. She looks like she's been camping for about four days straight.

No. 1827573

>>1827469 the fuck does this have to do with ballet?

No. 1827613

Ntayrt. But i think that nonny is referencing how she used to say "…i was a ballerina until i was…" whenever anyone asked about her arched feet or flexability. Lol its old shayhead shit.

No. 1827653

She looks so much like a fat Rhea Perlman.

No. 1827693

Lol wtf would she even buy at Costco apart from maybe pet food, toilet paper and a giant pack of sugary drinks/wine.

No. 1827707

File: 1684164968271.jpg (178.48 KB, 1200x1200, 17572438343710.jpg)

No. 1827712

>>1827693 family sized portions of frozen and pre made food

No. 1827726

Rephrase your question as “why do junkies keep doing heroin if it makes them sick?” and there you will find your answer

No. 1827758

I get your point about addictive behavior but marijuana doesn't cause near-immediate withdrawal like heroin. Heroin users become violently ill if they don't do the drug, Shay's dumb ass gets violently ill if she does do the drug. So it's somehow even more retarded. Shayna always finds a way to make everything a little bit more retarded. A sprinkle more retardation. A dash.


>the term: Shayhead
Wow I love it here

No. 1827775

They're depressed sex workers who use weed to numb that part of their brain that's screaming at them to quit

No. 1827783

I hope she scoops that sumbitch at least once a day.

No. 1827808

File: 1684177020019.jpeg (95.6 KB, 1170x705, IMG_2316.jpeg)

No. 1827817

I think we all know that her story of being in “ballet” is fucking lies right? We’ve all seen her dance and how retarded she moves. She stomps when she walks on cam. Please tell me no one believes the ballet thing.

No. 1827822

File: 1684178388067.jpeg (86.02 KB, 750x1070, 0DDAC685-D225-48EB-AC0C-DC8DDE…)

No. 1827823

File: 1684178462803.jpeg (97.78 KB, 750x1077, D61DA33C-A580-4DB4-81B1-23A856…)

The original tweet they were responding to, I hate these types of women so much.

No. 1827826

Shayna why didn't you call out kendall (baldi Gaysics) for calling out sex workers who share pointless shit on their account? For once she's boldly @ing someone but it's probably only because she's apart of an dogpiling of an smaller account. Funny how she didn't bitch out about Baldi's tweet not even subbing him

No. 1827837

File: 1684182362116.png (154.23 KB, 864x1096, Screenshot_20230515-132610.png)

This idiot is one to talk. She literally responds to the spongebob twitter all the time

No. 1827848

File: 1684183822468.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.31 KB, 1005x1005, FwJYMhoaEAAjlwn.jpg)

Her upper arm is as wide as her head now oof

No. 1827859

File: 1684184933187.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 113.01 KB, 750x1118, CE0FCC7C-32FB-44A5-BDCF-62B141…)

No. 1827876

no, they're the bitchtits of a fat little boy

No. 1827879

What a perfectly objective way to speak of mothers on the day they are to be celebrated for their sacrafice and for risking their lives for the future.

No. 1827881

I wonder if moids can tell the difference between this picture and Jonathan Yaniv's moobs. My guess is no, they would probably jack off to both photos.

No. 1827882

No one ever believed it. Its another "…and everyone clapped" stories. Kek

No. 1827884

yuck, she’s gotten so massive that her tits look smaller than usual

No. 1827888

>she's mostly right
Anon I guarantee you the people she subjects to her sped fashion style do not love her. They probably wrinkle their noses at her stench and share a story about how a rancid-ass creep in pink came into their lives that day.
Imagine selling yourself for groceries when your family offered a free college education.

No. 1827889

>she's mostly right
Anon I guarantee you the people she subjects to her sped fashion style do not love her. They probably wrinkle their noses at her stench and share a story about how a rancid-ass creep in pink came into their lives that day.
Imagine selling yourself for groceries when your family offered a free college education.

No. 1827895

so, like, she wants to have sex with Crack Cobain? am I reading that right?

No. 1827898

I'd never shame a normal woman for the size of her breasts but this combo is just weird. Doesn't mommy milkers refer to larger breasts? I thought that was the whole point. Why would she post a photo where her breasts look smaller than usual.

No. 1827913

if we're to believe her supposed puking, it does sound as though she's accidentally smoked herself into hyperemesis
would also make a lot of sense considering she's mixing with benzos and alcohol, she pretty much followed the recipe for giving yourself throw-up-disease to a T lol, if she were to stop smoking cold turkey at this point, she would puke to death
detoxing is going to be quite a process at this stage, never mind recovery

No. 1827914

>>1827898 my tinfoil: she posts a pic of tits looking smaller than usual combo'd with the retarded band aid on the nose which is pedo-y. She is hoping for someone to respond something like: "omg no you look 13 you got too small tits to be milkers, you look like a child go grab your sippy cup".
If this was not the response she was hoping for she would have chosen a more mommy milkers themed pic. AND like the dude asked for would have included vein-chan. /end scene

No. 1827915

huh, yeah, she sure did skip an opportunity to flash her giant necrotic spider vein

No. 1827918

File: 1684191900089.jpeg (203.53 KB, 1170x1702, IMG_2317.jpeg)

No. 1827923

jesus christ I just got the scariest mental image of those two porkin the pig together; fingers crossed for next thread kek

No. 1827926

File: 1684192868287.png (41.08 KB, 492x885, Screenshot 2023-05-15 192200.p…)

did anyone post this? she was fighting with a coomer on her "findom" account

No. 1827928

i'm not in the kink community but i don't understand the difference between wanting to be dominated and wanting to serve a domme. unless she's saying that these guys want to be submissive but don't want to pay a findom which like… yeah, that makes sense?

No. 1827935

File: 1684194753980.jpeg (85.38 KB, 750x1012, 5DBBBB92-400A-4D7E-B74B-61AB43…)

she looks fucking 45

No. 1827936

Seems to me that what she’s saying is that some guys want the domme to do all the work (topping, sissification, whatever) but none of service actions (I vaguely know some dominatrices and they’ll have subs do stuff like serve them coffee, clean their house, top up their car with gas etc)

What he’s saying is that before subs could find dommes that would do it without any money involved. But there’s always been some gender unbalance, there are obviously way more dom guys than women, so if you’re going to have a ton of online demand you might as well monetise that, especially with money apps like cash app.

To sum it up, Shayna is mad that coomers are lazy and entitled, entitled lazy coomer is mad that dommes are not willing to entertain him for free

No. 1827941

>Shayna makes a tweets saying her brain is croweded with negative thoughts
>has gotten into multiple slap fights with random people
It never fails, when she's miserable she goes out of her way to be extra bitchy indirectly or directly to people on twitter. Not that I care she's screaming at scrotes but it's hilarous.

No. 1827942

What I don't get about Shayna is she'll take pictures hiding her belly rolls, but then go out in public with super tight clothes showing off her rolls. Kek, like why do you care more about scrotes knowing you have belly fats and lopsided tits when you won't fix it and you barely look better hiding it, but don't care about how you are preceived in public?
Like they don't care you have a belly or lopsided tits, those who do silently leave.

No. 1827946

You’re right, she’s the spitting image of my friends midwestern trash 50 year old mother with bleached hair who has a smoking problem in pics like these, like what the fuck are those squinty eyes for. Beach Barbie kek she looks like she wears fuzzy pajama pants to Walmart.

No. 1827947

I don’t think she even notices these things until she reads here. She has zero self awareness and no self-consciousness until it’s something that farmers point out. A lot of anons including myself are really confused how she manages to have little genuine insecurity and self-awareness since life is hard to girls/women and society nitpicks us incessantly. I’d say that I’m jealous but it’s also probably why she overshares everything to the internet and is a lolcow.

No. 1827953

And she's too dumb to realize that she's proving that persons point, along with all the other OF whores replying.

No. 1827955

Her shit is so frizzy. I beg of you, please take care of your hair and not straighten the shit out of it.

No. 1827960

And that's with the extreme skin smoothing filter

No. 1827961

I think she covers up so we don’t comment on her porkification not because she feels any real shame(1) because if she did, as you said, she wouldn’t walk around in public like she does. (1) I think she hates how she looks but not enough to snap her out of her substance-aided delusions. It’s more like glimpses of hatred that she further numbs.

No. 1827962

File: 1684197927412.jpeg (167.38 KB, 1170x1731, IMG_2326.jpeg)

No. 1827964

Her nails are like a quarter inch thick. Fire your tech dumbass. No way these are $200.

No. 1827965

File: 1684198357937.jpeg (62.08 KB, 684x687, 2B184F00-6DA4-4A40-85E8-5CC768…)

This dress makes her look like a huge cardboard box kek. Ugly bitch

No. 1827966

I kind of get what she’s saying. When guys are “submissive” they are usually actually completely selfish and just want a fetish fulfilled and it’s all about them, they are the passive one, etc. She’s still being bitchy though, and picking a fight with this rando for no reason

No. 1827967

it's been said already but what the fuck are those thick ass nails? yikes

also kitschy weed strains are dumb

No. 1827968

File: 1684198475107.jpeg (165 KB, 908x2016, 79E5528E-A73D-4E0F-B0DB-4B477A…)

No. 1827969

Does Shayna need glasses? I always see her squinting even in camshows. She'll be typing and squinting.

No. 1827970

File: 1684198553849.jpeg (63.8 KB, 888x662, 943C1A2E-698A-4FED-95D6-63BD65…)

>I’m Barbie

No. 1827971

No she just has small beady rat eyes

No. 1827972

File: 1684198788411.jpeg (160.72 KB, 908x2016, D1207BAE-25BD-4DB8-B049-D22E5C…)

Women in fetish are usually so fucking hideous kek

No. 1827982

She’s 100% correct and that scrote is being a whiny shit, but she loses for engaging with him in the first place. Scrotes deserve to be ignored.

No. 1827983

Repulsive, and always smelly/shady looking too

No. 1827984

She could easily have taken a ballet class or 2 as a child. There are no barriers of entry for recreational classes, as long as you can pay for them. She probably never did it competitively or anything like that.

No. 1827988

I hope everyone remembers this pedo goes to the hospital constantly because she's a sad, pathetic alcoholic…not because she has some incredibly rare bad reaction to weed. We should put that debate to rest.

No. 1827989

Her shoes are too big for her feet. Much Barbie

No. 1827990

How dirty she does herself makes me so confused and weirdly sad at the same time. Sad cuz it’s like “do you not notice??” And confused cuz “how do you not notice?”. How does she not notice that this makes her look so wide. I think the pigtail extensions have just made her look wider than ever.
>>1827942 if anything the things she does makes it more obvious. Even if she’s not 100% insecure as she deludes herself as much as she can. She is insecure in another way. She doesn’t like what she sees but doesn’t care to change. She’s also lazy as fuck. Changing the ways she dresses to be flattering + buying different clothes sizes + losing weight she just gained = too hard. She doesn’t dress for her body size but the body size she DID have. She doesn’t dress for the build she has (fridge af) which somehow makes it worse now that she is bigger. The tight stuff also doesn’t help. Its interesting to see.

No. 1827992

File: 1684202161384.jpg (77.44 KB, 1002x502, Thinspo.jpg)

Her weight is really out of control. I never considered her BBW until now.

No. 1827993

sagefag, forgot to mention this is only a 4 year difference.

No. 1827995

Shes at the point of no return. Honestly sad she's trying to hard to push her chest together to form tits but it just looks like saggy skin flaps.

No. 1827996

Andy Milonakis lookin' ass on the left

No. 1827997

Jesus, her “peak” look is so past her now unless she sticks to a cal deficit and working out but she can’t even do that. Just taking money out of her savings to buy clothes because she’s gotten so fat. I would feel bad but she is such an unlikable and bitchy person. She did this to herself

No. 1828012

File: 1684203977267.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.51 KB, 1079x2130, Screenshot_20230515_192553_Sam…)

Good god those nails are nightmare fuel
Spoilerd because yikes

No. 1828017

is she at the uggos convention?

No. 1828023

She's not at a level of drunkard that needs to go to the hospital ever. Maybe it's cos she won't drink water so she waltzes into ER saying "just hook it to my veins!"
I think they do but she's suffering from sweaty feet so her feet are slipping down on a river of sweat #bimbo

No. 1828034

Sage for unrelated but I was lurking Shay’s IG and went to this kink lady’s page out of curiosity and the husband of a girl I know follows her and I just want to kms knowing I’m loosely associated with that degen moid

No. 1828052

Your comment made me think of this thread for a Shay Thread in the shayzone, post there if you need to nona

No. 1828064

She claims to be a bimbo, sexy baby whatever the fuck but she never asks for high end lingerie. Honey Birdette for example goes into some large sizes she’d be an XL,XXL and they go up to 40G in cups sizing, so she’d definitely be able to find something. She’s never begged for a $400 set just cheap AliExpress hauls. You’d figure being showered in expensive lingerie would make her feel sexy and powerful

No. 1828080

she looks like she's about to sneeze kek

No. 1828086

File: 1684214513371.png (Spoiler Image, 848.34 KB, 750x1334, 433DDEBD-C908-435B-8384-4965D6…)

not to nitpick but her boob looks so lumpy and scary

No. 1828087

her findom act annoys me so much.
as if the person being paid to act out the fantasy of some bottom feeder scrote isn’t the one truly being dominated and humilated.
just because you’re calling him a pig and insulting him doesn’t mean he isn’t the one holding the power over you. he’s literally paying u to do what he wants. i kinda think that’s actually part of the fantasy for these weirdos.
trick women into thinking it’s some empowered boss bitch in charge role and the man is under your command. when really he’s just managed to convince a women to do what he wants and dehumanize herself for his money. and gets off on that messed up power dynamic.

No. 1828088

Is this just cellulite or is it a result of the implant? Not trying to blog but I don’t recall my own boobs doing this when I was fatter so I lean towards the latter.
You might be right but you think she cares about being degraded by moids or holding power over them? She just wants money and this findom act is the easiest way to e-beg online. She degrades herself regularly calling herself a bimbo, then blocks and tries to tweet at women that their feminism is fake or whatever for excluding sex worker bimbos. I honestly hate this woman so much that I would actually laugh and rejoice if moids managed to scam her.

No. 1828089

File: 1684215000639.jpeg (53.22 KB, 700x438, DED8EFB9-297D-4DDB-BCE5-7C3B47…)

Just like the two ugly step sisters. Witch noses.

No. 1828093

I can already tell what this retarded plot is like and that she says "you want ME to do WHAT??"

No. 1828127

I showed this to my Nigel and he said “this is like Roald Dahl’s The Witches. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had square feet.”

No. 1828129

No one cares about your nigels opinion.

No. 1828133

File: 1684222782501.png (15.03 KB, 720x647, 1526131553876.png)

stay winning shay

No. 1828134

Shut up, it’s funny(it's true; no1curr)

No. 1828152

NTA, it's not funny and no one cares.

No. 1828166

I’m assuming you’re the same anon from the last few threads that mentions her ‘Nigel’ because I doubt there’s more than one Australianon in here gleefully showing Shay pictures to her scrote.

No. 1828169

I’m an Australian but I’m not nigelnona

No. 1828185

I'm assuming you're new because Nigel is a board term and you don't seem to know how to sage

You could have made the same joke without telling everyone your boyfriend said it, because that's a blog and nobody cares you have one

No. 1828186

All the comments about her honker must finally be getting to her because she is really just slapping that band-aid on with every outfit.

No. 1828188

>Nigel is a board term
So we have more than one anon in here who shows her guy pictures of Shay? Weird.

No. 1828189

I beg you to integrate

No. 1828190

I beg you to stop mini-modding over a simple sage mistake.

No. 1828192

Over the years her nails never looked professionally done they always looked like shit

No. 1828206

Stop infighting. Blogging and Nigelposting is covered by the rules.
>1. Doing any of the following warrants a ban for derailing:
>1.1 Do not blogpost. Blogposting means sharing your personal experience, perspective, or anecdote in a way that’s not directly relevant to the discussion.
If you see it, report it and move on. It's best not to engage with rule-breaking posts. We get to reports as soon as we can. Thank you!

No. 1828228


idk why y'all keep mentioning this. Men who can get pussy without having to pay are going to be repulsed by Shayna. She caters to the very bottom of the barrel, even most scrotes would call her ugly and gross because she's fat in all the wrong places.(continuing infighting)

No. 1828229

This thread is like Groundhog Day I swear people nitpick and repost the same pictures we’ve all seen and talked about for practically months now(continuing infighting)

No. 1828233

Can someone spoon feed me I’m too retarded to be this degenerate what exactly is the difference between findom and femdom? I don’t speak coomer sorry(you can use google)

No. 1828243

Findom= service top who makes it blatant she's only in it for your money and won't even talk to you without some form of payment. Less likely to peg scrotes. The kink is around a man being financially dominated by a woman.

Femdom= service top who is more likely to peg scrotes. Hits them with riding crops and wears kinky leather outfits. She's also only in it for the money but she makes it less blatant. The kink is around a man being dominated sexually/physically by a woman.

No. 1828246

Femdom is female domination and findom is financial domination. When Shay asks for ‘reimbursement’ or demands tribute she thinks that men are sending her money because they get off on having their wallets drained by someone they think is above them (as opposed to the bleak reality of them just throwing a few bucks at a pitiful beggar…).
Findom is a subgenre, basically.

No. 1828269

Yup. All findom is femdom, but not all femdom is findom.

No. 1828274

Man, we pull out pics from when she was super skinny and just started SW. the difference between skinny fat shayna from 4 years ago to now is the more jarring. Not sure how. It just is.

No. 1828289

No. 1828336

File: 1684257139304.jpeg (73.28 KB, 750x810, CA4DEA03-E6C7-4409-8994-D9C016…)

nobody wants ugly pedo pandering onlyfats commenting on their posts

No. 1828341

She wants to be a victim so damn bad. The whole point of having a sw Twitter is supposed to be advertising for your onlyfats and interacting with your coomers. This is why she can't pay bills, she's off getting fat arguing on spongebob twitter and tweeting about her 'bad brain day' like these perverts give a fuck. Women and girls being trafficked get killed everyday while forced into sex work and this hog porksweats over meanie tweets

No. 1828348

Then get a non-sex work account you fat retard. Her brain is so rotted from porn, weed, alcohol and the processed shit that she eats, that she can't understand why people don't want to interact with someone when it means that free asshole pics are few clicks away.

No. 1828374

File: 1684260619404.png (16.66 KB, 503x495, Screenshot 2023-05-16 141133.p…)

No. 1828375

File: 1684260640668.png (4.88 KB, 497x177, Screenshot 2023-05-16 141054.p…)

No. 1828384

This is kind of a blog, sorry, but I randomly got blocked by Shayna for telling someone else that the people who don't 'respect' them are not radfems but the men who consume their content and that we don't have to do anything to 'degrade' these women considering that they are choosing to degrade themselves online for men's enjoyment, not feminists. I didn't even interact with Shayna, she just blocked me because she saw what I said to some other kink degen woman.
Have any other women with feminist tweets been blocked by her? I want to repeat that I did not interact with her (not cowtipping!) but she saw my tweets and got triggered by them enough to block. She and the women like her are such traitors and every day I become more convinced that feminism cannot include women who are actively trying to fuck over the rest of us.

No. 1828396

File: 1684262159771.jpeg (87.45 KB, 1170x897, IMG_2358.jpeg)

No. 1828401

File: 1684262678912.jpeg (36.33 KB, 500x492, 90c0fb38be6e182e85a4d9498eb8f3…)

proud of you nonny, being a radfem on the degenerate hell hole Twitter isn't easy

and she is giving other e-prostitutes advice on findom lmao

nonnies, do you remember when she advertised her porn under a tweet about a dead boy and got called out for it? not that long ago lol, no self reflection

No. 1828414

And so would your belly and back rolls and ass acne. Loves it!

No. 1828424

>waaah waaaah ppl dont want 2 interact w/ blatantly obvious whore accounts dis iz so unfair 2 us hard working bimbos uwu
this is why you need a fucking sfw account to rant on, instead of using your official porn account to blog about your boring personal life and shitty takes shaynus. nobody wants to be subjected to your gaping asshole because you want to retweet spongebob memes on your sex work account, or try to insert yourself in a conversation between normal, non degenerated people, because you don’t see the problem in plastering your tits and ass on the same page you also beg for shaykels and vent like it’s your diary. your coomers are not your friends. people on the internet don’t give a fuck about your feelings.
she’s so fucking dense it’s astounding

No. 1828430

I literally DO NOT understand why this bitch is like this. She's so attention-starved that she can't fathom for even a minute making a normal ass twitter where whores and coomers don't kiss her ass all the time. She could make it about literally anything else, go join sanrio pink RT twitter and blogpost and reply to people there instead of commenting on spongebob tweets where minors can misclick and accidentally see her whole asshole. She is absolutely terrible at separating work from play but is hellbent on reminding people that this is her totally "Real Job" and "livelihood".

No. 1828436

File: 1684266468040.jpeg (75.07 KB, 750x734, 70DDF1BD-120C-478A-86C5-4A9ABD…)

No. 1828437

Its almost like if you had a real job you wouldn't have to worry about this sort of shit.

No. 1828438

She stretched the waffling (or whatever that shit is) so much you can see the outline of her nipples. Shay, please just get a large.
Yes, because coomers love to see your back fat squished into the shape of a heart.

No. 1828442

Sober Shay sighting! Tinfoil but is it possible that this is because she knows that she's on the path to being a street hooker with an alcohol/drug addiction? It's going to happen within the next 2 years max.

No. 1828446

No, she's just pissing and moaning because she doesn't have a reliable stream of disposable income to buy more cheap chinese shit for her hovel.

No. 1828447

File: 1684268390746.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 104.89 KB, 750x970, BBBC3BB8-B9E2-441D-8565-BF2FE1…)

how cheap is that per video? is she doing this for pennies? she's worthless

No. 1828448

>worth over $1000
Something is only worth what people are prepared to pay. If no one is buying at $1000, it's not worth that amount. She's now selling herself for $0.35 a video.

No. 1828449

File: 1684268872251.jpg (8.19 KB, 474x103, bleak.JPG)

No. 1828451

Only BW ain't nothing beautiful about her

No. 1828458

Nonners, we’ve done it before, I know, but as it’s three weeks and counting, please make your surgery predictions.

Imagine, she could be a check out girl with a nice life. I’m not even joking.

No. 1828459


No. 1828460

>please make your surgery predictions.
Asshole related, probably haemorrhoids or anal fissure.

No. 1828461

Shay that’s so weird because literally a few days ago you were tweeting about how perfect your life is and how happy you are. We all have financial stresses and we could use an extra 60k a year or whatever it is that you think will make you happy. The difference between you and everyone else is everyone else actually does something about their financial woes, even if it’s something as simple as not ubering everywhere and occasionally not ordering doordash. It’s wild! Best of luck to you babe~

No. 1828462

Ayrt my money is on zombietitrefresh

No. 1828465

My bet is zombie tit, that shit been looking nasty as fuck these days. Like extra lumpy and infected

No. 1828475

Everyone is feeling the post effects of Covid and the recession. I know many people with well paying real jobs who have to cut back on expenses. Shayna is just too stupid and in her own bubble to realize the rising costs of living are contributing to her current situation. We’re no longer living in the times where a fat whore can afford a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment on her onlyfans (kek). She probably honestly isnt earning too much less than she’s used to, shes just freaking out because the dollars she makes humiliating herself and tarnishing her family name arent able to stretch as far as she used to. She was content with her bleak life because she could still afford her vices, but her ridiculous, beyond-her-means living expenses are probably really killing her right now. An unemployed chick has no reason to be living in an apartment that big and trying to support three animals on top of herself. Somethings gotta give. She doesnt even use that apartment fully. Never has people over, doesnt decorate, doesnt cook there, doesnt seem to do much there but sleep, smoke weed and take a few pics every few days. She mostly just rots on her bed or couch and is terminally online.

No. 1828478

Zombie tit!
I think that's why she's been begging so much lately and trying to scrape up 4K last minute.
If she's getting zombie tit fixed I reckon it would cost around 4-5k, a set of implants costs 8-10k.

No. 1828485

File: 1684273737913.png (47.35 KB, 1222x795, Shayna Has Poland Syndrom.png)

Uhh… hey guys found something interesting. You know how there's a plausible theory that Shayna's necrotit is due to having Poland Syndrome? Guess where the Centre for Rare Disease is located who researches Poland Syndrome? Massachusetts. They actually put out the top article on Google about the disease. You really can't convince me anymore she doesn't have it.

No. 1828487

File: 1684273893500.jpg (29.57 KB, 327x673, 1665279589904.jpg)

Picrel attached to people new to this theory. It causes children to not develop in certain areas like the fingers, or the chest cavity. Other people with disease have had the same issue as Shayna where no pec muscle develops. So they do the work in the picture to fix it and even things out, and essentially the child/young adult gets a breast implant. This would explain Shayna telling people back in the day she had a rare disease, and also her telling people she has a fake boob. Would explain why you can see the veins in her boob cause the pec implant is pushing her pec muscle out more so veins are exposed. And now maybe the pec implant or the boob implant is failing and she needs to go to this special hospital because it related to Poland Syndrome?(medfagging)

No. 1828490

I usually scream no medfagging but I think you may be right

No. 1828493

File: 1684274229504.png (Spoiler Image, 719.71 KB, 1170x753, Shaynas Chicken Wing.png)

You can also see on Shayna's back where they took the donor tissue. She's always had this weird divet in her back but its more obvious after she's gained weight.

No. 1828494

If she's getting her breast fixed maybe she'll get both? Get the implant removed maybe they'll left the second one and add a implants? Otherwise slapping one bigger implant isn't going to make it look better. Her breasts are shaped completely differently

No. 1828498

I could see her convincing her dad to pay for the regular sagging tit to get it fixed at the same time 100%. I have a hard time believing Shayna wouldn't be twisting around to make her look good if she was actually getting new boobs. And playing it off like a sugar daddy paid for implants when she actually just has some rare tit disorder. So still not totally sold. Her not doing anal anymore is a big red flag that cant be ignored.

No. 1828499

I could see her convincing her dad to pay for the regular sagging tit to get it fixed at the same time 100%. I have a hard time believing Shayna wouldn't be twisting around to make her look good if she was actually getting new boobs. And playing it off like a sugar daddy paid for implants when she actually just has some rare tit disorder. So still not totally sold. Her not doing anal anymore is a big red flag that cant be ignored.

No. 1828501

Also why did she pretend to need to pay for this surgery? If it is something she was born with and she got a implant as a teen/kid I'm sure her parents would help with that.

No. 1828503

No. 1828504

Hasn't she done anal sense though? Used buttplugs?

No. 1828511


I buy that she's got a fake tit but I'm unsure about the skin graft. She would've still been very small when the original implant was installed to match the other side of her chest, which wasn't busty. Her back as far as surface pigmentation and texture is concerned doesn't really show signs its been operated on. The skin rippling near the armpit in >>1828493 could be explained by a capsular contracture hardening the nearby necroplant

No. 1828534

File: 1684277888359.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 252x200, ewshaynus.gif)

Nevermind, you're right. I forgot about the winking anus vid. So then my vote goes to necrotit surgery.

No. 1828541

As gross as her asshole is, it's really not more damaged than the asshole of the average person who has a few hemorrhoids and fissures for whatever reason. Unpopular opinion I know, but those are basically just outpatient surgery issues if that. The way she bears down on it makes it look way worse than it is (aka like a fucking Sarlacc pit), I'll give her that.

No. 1828548

File: 1684280137935.jpeg (183.92 KB, 1170x1357, IMG_2362.jpeg)

It’s gotta be her tit

No. 1828549

My small tinfoil here is that insurance IS paying for it. And that’s why she needed the $4k- to pay for the other one so she’s not still lopsided.

No. 1828550

I will be 100% shocked if it's not necrotit
Whatever is happening whether it's implant replacement or completely removed it's obviously gonna look very different, she can't not mention it when her "job" is showing titties and genitals

No. 1828551

The big reveal is gonna be like when the fupa tinfoilers found out they were right all along, I can't wait

No. 1828552

>>1828493 I snooped the old threads and this pic >>438713 makes it pretty obvious there's a chunk missing on the right. One of the first pics in the first thread also shows a clear chunk missing.

No. 1828555

>>1828548 Very interested to see if she does this. Gonna have to see to believe. All the titfoiling and asshole debates may be put to rest. >>1828551 that was the best day of my life as a farm ngl

No. 1828557

File: 1684281810740.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.41 KB, 750x1107, 33D3DB7A-697D-4EF2-A7B1-E4E742…)

why is she like this? does she have to be naked outside on her balcony in an apartment complex?? those blankets don't even go all the way down.

No. 1828558

File: 1684282141892.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.23 KB, 750x929, D90E3B11-6AB0-4F1B-A03D-0933E2…)

this was up for a few minutes

No. 1828559

File: 1684282729756.jpeg (238.22 KB, 1170x1471, IMG_2363.jpeg)

No. 1828561

File: 1684282843131.jpeg (300.27 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_2364.jpeg)

No. 1828563

> she has my standards for future partners so high
KEK way to say that despite all that Ellen does, she’s not your one and only or “forever”. How fucking hilarious. I hope Ellen notices that.

No. 1828566

if she’s getting tit surgery, she’s not getting both done, otherwise she’d just spin this as baby bimbo boob job. it’s gotta be something gross tbh

No. 1828567

Ugh these two are nasty

No. 1828569

I think it’s the butt bc it sounds like a problem she developed the rough sex work and thus the need for solidarity

No. 1828570

I meant “through sex work” (why can I delete messages anymore?)

No. 1828571

File: 1684283684667.jpg (56.13 KB, 501x1084, Doordashedflowers.jpg)

I'm cackling at those cheap flowers

No. 1828573

Something "valued" at $1000 being sold for 90% off doesn't happen unless its absolutely trashed and lost nearly all its worth. Which I guess is fitting. But it's still wild of her to act like her vid catalog is worth that.

No. 1828578

Wow, let's men treat her so fucking shitty and she knows it. All Ellen does is be a fucking friend/doormat aka what shayna actually wants from a scrote. Beneath all the kink ddlg, it all is her wanting someone to just care for her and stick around even if she's imperfect, selfish and mentally ill. Ellen can do that because she's her friend and equally lonely, plus whatever fucked up extra bond they have.
Yet, shayna will never truly appreciate that disgusting pacifier stealer because she doesn't have a dick. She cant just be her sex worker friend, no the relationship has to be fake sexual for shayna to even allow it. Ellen has to be her gf, not her best friend.

No. 1828579

It's her tit and what's funny, is if she makes a video explaining her situation she could probably go viral because this is something a lot of women can relate too. Maybe sole don't have it as extreme as Shayna but a lot of women have small differences. I guess that's why, for some reason she's embrassed of this flaw, when she literally shows her tits every fucking day. I don't get what's to be embrassed about. She's a literal sex worker.
Even if I try to be sympathize I can't. Does she think nobody noticed it??

No. 1828581

Kwk everything Ellen does shayna thinks,
>omfg imagine if someone I actually was in love with did this? This let's me know they love me!!
Kek, thanks for pointing it out because that's something to say.

No. 1828582

File: 1684284949663.jpeg (31.72 KB, 750x370, 844FCF71-5328-47D8-8059-0DB32D…)

she's policing people like crazy on that post. she must be so lonely and bored all the time.

No. 1828590

Aw leftover from Mother’s Day, so sweet

No. 1828596

Just want to say, I hope shayna knows how much attention/sympathy and possibly simp bucks she get by making a video/tweet on her situation. If it's not an asshole surgery, or something super gross. I'm not just saying this because I'm nosy and want to know of my years of tit foil is real. She could make that her new thing to grift off of, if she has Poland syndrome she could claim she's on of the first sex workers to bring attention to it or some shit. Kek

No. 1828637

Giant kek at her covering up the slats on her balcony, she's finally more cognizant of cowtippers.

No. 1828642

Between >>1827837 and >>1828336 Shay is a more convincing DID case than Pixielocks kek

No. 1828647

the way she posted a screenshot to her echo chamber instead of daring to qrt / reply to the original tweet

No. 1828657

damn, i was hoping it'd be rhino

No. 1828664

I think she’d talk about it if it were even remotely related to her breast. Necrotit looks painful because of weight gain, probably IS painful which is why she told that lovinglypooh guy to not slap it, but there isn’t a chance insurance is biting at the bit to cover an implant replacement, or that she/her family has done the legwork to have it covered. It has to be something about neglecting care for her ass or vagina- I used to agree with the nona above who said her ass is honestly prob not that much worse than anyone else who’s had bad hygiene or hemorrhoids. I think she’s contemplating making a video because it’s about “the demands put on sex workers to dry fuck/present an image/be turned on and ready all the time” that’s being fed into by her sanctimonious mood stemming from money in hand for fucking dudes to buy paper towels at Costco. Plus, don’t forget she bragged about fupa fucking her with no lube for years, and only recently started bringing up lube. Plus mayochup. If she makes a video, she also gets to talk about how abusive fupa was.

No. 1828673

File: 1684295516153.jpeg (102.04 KB, 933x708, 302AB6D5-9D80-4560-86A7-0AA39E…)

Time is a flat circle

No. 1828689

I still think it's her breasts. I cannot imagine Shayna making a video about the "Demands put on sex workers" thats not calling out other women, not the customers expecting them to do these acts for their money aka moids. Plus her whole thing is making herself hurt for scrotes.
I think it's her breast. She constantly poses to hide the difference, she only brought the difference up ONCE while she happily told a story about the turkey baster making her asshole bleed, or about how fat/tight her vagina is.
My tinfoil is that she's getting the implant removed/replaced and she knows her breast will look different. She's afriad of how it'd turn out and if she can just pretend that it's normal. Or maybe her plan was to come back after and make the video.
What surgeries could she get on her ass or pussy? Is she prolasping? I don't know.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think it has to do with her genitals, she is always showing them and shoving shit inside of them. She would'nt sexualize getting a boob job for ONE breast.
There's no way to sexualize it, I think thats why she's nervous, she's only getting ONE fixxed.
Surgery on breast is something a lot of sex workers deal with, rather if it's from regular breast implants or whatever. She even said her mother thought someting was wrong with her breast veins as a child. To me it all points to the breast implant.

No. 1828690

lmfao the way that she talks as if being an e-whore is akin being a notable public figure or a role model

No. 1828691

>the decade old blanket that is the colour of accumulated dead grey skin cells & dust when the sun shines on it

No. 1828693

>doordash flowers
LMFAO. What a cursed world we live in.

No. 1828703

Tranny flag pattern leggings

No. 1828713

File: 1684301945463.png (24.86 KB, 864x583, Screenshot_20230516-213749~2.p…)

She deleted this, probably because of how pathetic it is kek

No. 1828716

did she lurk? an anon said this exact thing kek

No. 1828722

she couldn't get a beat up car when she was skinny, 19 years old and living with fupa… like if you werent making that type of money from whoring when you were popular how the fuck are you going to do it now?
does womack look like pink tesla money to you?

No. 1828726

The only “daddy” who would have ever bought her a car is her actual father kek. Moids are not only notoriously selfish and manipulative but also the ones she attracts are mentally retarded hillbillies living under the federal poverty line.

No. 1828727

Uterus or ovaries related surgery.

No. 1828752

she wants to be an ewhore influencer so bad kek

No. 1828758

I agree with you. It has to be her tit. Why would she go all the way back to Boston for ass surgery? My tinfoil is she's going back to the same doctor that did the surgery on her tit back in the day.

No. 1828762

This. She wants to be someone like Anna Paul. Too bad she's an ugly degen retard with no likeable qualities.

No. 1828780

I’ve said this before too. I hate that Anna Paul is an ewhore because she seems so sweet, like she’d make a fortune without onlydegenerates. Meanwhile Big Shaynus shows the world her all her holes and she’s still failing at literally everything. Except being delusional, she’s excelling at that

No. 1828826

gtfo with this bullshit. ewhores are ewhores

No. 1828831

Any woman who resorts to onlyfans to make "fast cash" doesn't have the brain power to get rich any other way. Selling your body is the lowest tier way to get money and if that's your first choice you don't have the effort or dedication it takes to be an actual rich person/celebrity.

No. 1828898

>Imagine, she could be a check out girl with a nice life. I’m not even joking.
>Nice life
Amazingly low standards

No. 1828929

I think being a cashier would honestly be a step up for shayna. Way less degrading than her current "job"

No. 1828936

File: 1684332107617.jpeg (79.58 KB, 956x640, 9EB11221-7CC1-4449-BB83-0F8060…)

Maybe because you’re fucking annoying and try to promote your ugly nudes to random people on Twitter. This is the reason these memes were created

No. 1828937

she would never because then she'd be absolutely lonely as shit, but Shayna needs to give those animals up to a shelter and move into a studio apartment. She doesn't do shit with her two bedroom apartment. Or, give the animals up for adoption, e-beg for enough money to hire a maid to deep clean that pig-stye and try and rope some young dummy into being her roommate.

No. 1828938

>I think it's her breast. She constantly poses to hide the difference, she only brought the difference up ONCE while she happily told a story about the turkey baster making her asshole bleed, or about how fat/tight her vagina is.

wrong, she has talked about the necrotit several times before, including when she at least claimed to like her weird boob and said the veins look like 'lightning'

No. 1828939

I thought they were both poly lol. Ellen is also probably also looking for a man, and if she manages to find one before Shayna does shell probably drop her kek

No. 1828940

>op is a minor uwu
>replies to tweet on her porn account
She’s so retarded

No. 1828941

File: 1684333075080.jpeg (174.58 KB, 1242x1727, 41242CED-CECF-4D10-A6B4-976352…)

She’s so annoying with this post. Trying so hard to go viral with other sex workers

No. 1828942

>makes pedo pandering porn
>sees tweet by minor
>rts a minor sex worker to her 40k followers who are pedos

Honestly I think she only even replied because she's jealous she isn't a minor anymore.

No. 1828943

File: 1684333208725.jpeg (147.27 KB, 1242x1254, 4AF8C8CB-88E7-4529-B695-F5E87E…)

She barely got any interaction anyways kek

No. 1828944

File: 1684333268411.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 157.39 KB, 1242x1353, C2C383CA-1495-48B8-9478-595B0A…)

Of course she posts her busted asshole as a reply to her own tweet. She’s such a loser

No. 1828945

File: 1684333346669.jpeg (72.98 KB, 1242x825, 9A761193-D458-4C3D-832F-C9390D…)

Josh topkek is so retarded kek

No. 1828946

File: 1684333390177.png (Spoiler Image, 821.79 KB, 1242x2208, 6FA210B7-3F0B-43CF-AD21-201DB9…)

No. 1828947

File: 1684333477061.jpeg (179.57 KB, 1242x1741, 89CD8BBD-2CEF-44E1-94E0-559238…)

No. 1828950

spoiler this pls

No. 1828952

File: 1684334144892.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.83 KB, 1242x919, F3C0DC99-FD13-43D6-BB05-57BB62…)

Worlds smallest buttcrack

No. 1828955

Still can’t believe she fumbled Okietwister Jason Womack kek. How do you lose him of all people?

No. 1828956

kek I absolutely forgot she rents a 2 bedroom, she's an absolute idiot, she thinks hicklahoma money will stand the test of Washington state inflated ass prices.

No. 1828963

She talked about her veins, she only made one comment about the size difference. When her weight gain picked up and her breast started looking inflamed and lopsided she only mentioned it being lopsided once and barely speaks on the veins. In fact she edits them out at times

No. 1828973

File: 1684335999603.png (Spoiler Image, 152.52 KB, 1024x576, lipedema.png)

Her ass and thighs are not normal, even for someone who is approaching obesity. Tinfoil but I'm calling it now that she's at the start of lipedema. It would explain her horrific fat distribution.(medfagging)

No. 1829015

Its funny because it used to seem like she purposely edited the viens to be more apparent. She used to act like she loved it and it made her ~not like other girls~
But now that shes fat and the implant is deteriorating shes just got frankentits and I guess thats not as cute as "lightning titty"

No. 1829020

File: 1684341155896.jpeg (96.67 KB, 750x673, C163389D-D5B4-402D-AA85-052346…)

No. 1829022

File: 1684341183703.jpeg (36.21 KB, 750x673, 03D5D51E-E47F-4CC1-84C0-89153A…)

No. 1829034

>in her feminine energy
you have to go back

No. 1829035

The very few degenerates who wank to her content do not want to think of her, or any other sex worker, as human. They don't want her to "humanize" herself, wtf.

No. 1829040

File: 1684341959137.jpeg (72.47 KB, 750x818, 58FE5C65-F578-4089-B675-984A40…)

what does this even mean? why would submissive guys care about shayna submitting to someone. kink people are so weird

No. 1829041

File: 1684342003530.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 5351D141-9E1F-4EF1-A450-C898A6…)

No. 1829049

This actually made me jump. I thought it was some AI generated shit.

No. 1829064

Ik rent takes up a paycheck but I also wonder if her habits of eating out are also contributing to it? For how little financial security she has, she does not behave like someone who is aware of it and trying to budget appropriately. no1curr but I had more money than her in picrel when I was making like $1k a month at a GRA position in grad school and living at home and yet she really sells her soul for this? Sad.

No. 1829069

This actually seems pretty fun

No. 1829072

File: 1684344605708.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 163.07 KB, 1170x1571, 40948DF1-246B-4524-B862-713E6E…)

No. 1829076

I hope she gets bit by a tick and dies(a-log)

No. 1829085

I would genuinely be so fascinated to see what she sees in the mirror

No. 1829099

It really did not take long for her true motives to show regarding this. Exposing a minor to her pedo audience, pointing out that they are a minor and then hijacking their post for attention, I mean come on Shayna. How transparently vile can you get. Get the fuck off kids twitter pages, that includes their hello kitty and SpongeBob accounts you pedo. I love how this whole thread forgot about her "domming" diaper Dan and sending texts telling him he could "cum in his diaper for mommy" or whatever rancid shit when debating her pedophilic tendancies and then she shamelessly does shit like this.

No. 1829116

Because normal functioning human beings don't want or need to be subjected to disgusting, fat sex workers and also don't like sex work bullshit in general.

No. 1829118

File: 1684350183916.jpeg (78.67 KB, 933x834, 1574577737719.jpeg)

janny, jfc

No. 1829121

Samefag but also meant to put sex workers can't even make "normal conversation" on regular posts without blasting their degeneracy and "follow me for 18+ fetish content" etc on just a normal post or tagging someone like "I need this daddy" on simple things like a picture of food or a Starbucks drink. They can't separate separate themselves from their nasty kinks and fetishes, it's no wonder people can't stand them. I can't see how people get by their day by begging and asking strangers for money, it's insane.

No. 1829123

File: 1684350647494.jpeg (82.45 KB, 750x1016, CD15FB3E-6D9B-4BD1-A52E-3F3F20…)

ugly fat cryptid spotted in target childrens toy aisle

No. 1829124

Thanks, i'm really glad i got to see shayna's fucking orangutan nipples on the first page

No. 1829128

I would send her $25 if I knew for a fact she was going to use it to buy a fitted bra that would cover her nipples up and then actually wear it every day, Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 1829133

At this point her body is so fucked and has been needing the surgery for a while it's not even worth debating tbh she's just killing herself daily but most likely the dead titty KEK or hopefully some gastric surgery or something, anything will do her better than what she has been doing.

No. 1829168

I know you guys are riding on the tit surgery, but I have a feeling it could be anal warts for hpv or an anal hemorrhoid, or even a breasts cyst which is common and also involves surgery, and she’s making a big deal out of it as a grift. As a former online sex worker I know her grift game well, half of the things she asks for money for barely exist. That’s why she had the same problems bi-annually that require pity money, she know the moids have amnesia.

No. 1829175

kek did u get that surgery? she’s just using it to beg for money, it’s never been serious with this gorilla and her tit is clearly expired.

No. 1829193

Her grift is obvious to everyone and no one wants to hear about you being a whore. If she had anal warts we would’ve seen them but it is possible she has precancerous cells in her cervix and is referring to treatment for that as surgery.

No. 1829195

>>1829193 I think she would be begging hard if she had cancer, sympathy donations. Would not keep that secret. If she was having a tit surgery she would also be going on about how bimbo she is finally getting (two) breast implants, she would be over the moon and non stop talking about it.
100% its something embarrassing she does not like.

No. 1829197

File: 1684355695063.jpeg (159.4 KB, 1170x1268, IMG_2377.jpeg)

No. 1829199

Yeah yeah I get it, didn’t want to point that out but everyone just seems so shocked every time something like this happens and there’s crazy speculation; but we should all just automatically assume grift at this point.

No. 1829200

File: 1684355798372.jpeg (359.37 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2378.jpeg)

No. 1829202

NTA but precancerous cells and cancer are two very different things. Precancerous cells don't pose an active risk and are pretty common in women who don't get vaccinated against HPV especially. The treatment is an outpatient appointment which is no different than a regular gynecology visit, where they remove a very small piece of tissue and you're basically in and out. It would take YEARS of not catching these cells for them to turn actively cancerous and become harmful, which is one of many reasons she should be taking herself to a gynecologist regularly.

No. 1829203

>wild fable

Just shop at thrift stores at this point shay it’s filled with your outdated tastes

No. 1829216

pardon my lack of knowledge about whoredom but shouldn't she be "charging" or whatever she is doing in the thousands? $183 may get you a decent pair of shoes. Is she supposed to be or at least allure to being "expensive"?

No. 1829222

OT but the HPV vaccine is garbage and I know 3 women who had the vaccine and still wound up with precancerous cells. Every girl I knew got the vaccines when they came out. One is my sister so I know she hasn’t had a ton of sexual partners. She wanted to know if she had a strain she was supposed to be protected against but the pathology lab refused to tell her which seemed really suspicious.
I said precancerous, not actually cancer and a lot of people assume that anyone who contracts HPV is a turbowhore who deserves it so I can see why she’d be hesitant to mention it. I’m really not tied to any theory about her surgery because she’s dramatic and an unreliable narrator. It could be some major surgery or a simple procedure.(medfagging)

No. 1829255

Bold of her to repost that after the amerifat backlash she got before kek

No. 1829275

>goes to the toy aisle in a tank top that shows her nipples, something she has done many times on purpose

No. 1829286

Over 50 dollars in skincare she’ll never use kek

No. 1829290

Careful not to rub the salt in the wound kek, she's probably still malding over womack cutting her off.
>I'm so stressed over my finances!
>spends so much fucking money all the time.

No. 1829295

It would get the same treatment as that cursed leopard print bra. Worn every goddamn day, likely until it fell apart.

No. 1829302

No. 1829306

there’s nothing bimbo about having a frankentitty tbh

No. 1829313

File: 1684371329210.jpeg (44.7 KB, 750x596, 4FDC68C6-4587-4A5A-9961-C04D5D…)

No. 1829321

Kek, I was actually thinking about opening an account and upload her clips. I would take the money to donate to a local CSA organization I love/care about. I’ll look into it before she does.

No. 1829328

File: 1684373382541.png (9.45 KB, 864x244, Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 9.30.…)

she did mention she was "getting new boobs" while on cam, fwiw

No. 1829330

Can you link to these posts?

No. 1829339

Nm I found It, what's funny is I watched that camshow and I don't remember anything about that.

No. 1829376

Holy shit that bitch wore this into the store and walked around like that. She's such a piece of shit that needs all eyes on her. It's a slip that goes under a dress or a nightgown. She pissed me off with this one exposing everyone including children to this shit. Fuck u shayna you are not hot.

No. 1829379

Wearing clothing that shows nipple outlines isn't sexual harassment any more than wearing yoga pants that have a camel toe is. She doesn't live in Saudi Arabia lmao.(ok but sage your shit)

No. 1829380

The idea that kids are traumatized by a nipple outline is genuinely insane when 9/10 are on social media seeing actual genitals. Boobs aren't sexual harassment.

No. 1829384

Ntayrt but it’s still trashy. I’ve seen a lot of sex worker attention seekers post videos of going into public stores or parks and then flashing where anyone could see. It’s weird to be such an exhibitionist among the regular public, it’s not sexual harassment to wear a trashy ugly top with no bra but it is nasty, especially when you’re in the toy section taking pictures for a porn account.

No. 1829386

Comparing not wearing a bra under your dress to flashing someone in public is braindead.

About 80% of women wearing any given dress don't wear a bra under it, it's more comfortable. This is a dumb as fuck thing to complain about.

No. 1829398

The issue is shayna does it in a sexualising, exhibitionist manner. She's directly working against women who try to say nipples shouldn't be sexual because she treats every outing as a chance to make fetish content. Children won't be scarred by seeing her nips but it's disgusting of her to purposefully wear sheer tops and no bra in an attempt to take sexual photos in public no matter the context.

Also lrn2sage

No. 1829401

that would be pretty nice pls do.

No. 1829409

File: 1684388291479.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 217.67 KB, 1152x2048, CC6BAD91-ED26-4185-9A9E-E8E298…)

From Twitter…she looks plastered and sweaty

No. 1829411

those tweets have mostly stan twitter teenagers scrolling through the quotes and she decides to post her porn there. nobody on a tweet that’s directed to gay teens is buying your porn

No. 1829412

Ugly colors on that Squishmallow but it's a Squishmallow so it makes sense.

No. 1829433

exactly this. She’s been to the airport in this same outfit and gleefully tweets about how “old women with their husbands are giving me judgy looks teehee I’m such a slutty bimbo uwu.” She knows what she’s doing. The only constant choice Shay can make it trying to sexualize herself however she can in public.

No. 1829457

>>1829306 jesus christ, obviously she would get the frankentit redone, probably not much can be done though.

No. 1829461

Nonnie you need to upload ID + address details to upload on that site. You would also need Shayna's ID and maybe also a contract with her permission to release the videos.

It's not like pornhub or whatever where anyone could upload videos (thankfully!!)

No. 1829520

>implying people would buy her videos to begin with
The whole reason she's prostituting irl is that her porn isn't selling, why would you think there would be any money to give to charity kek

No. 1829521

File: 1684415808943.jpg (77.46 KB, 715x441, Tumblr_l_259673295378336.jpg)

Kind of a nitpick but somehow her use of suckling instead of sucking is one of the more offensive choices she's made. I don't know how someone could spend so much time on moid infested porn twitter without learning how to write at least a little erotically. Fucking degen

No. 1829551

Thank you for saying that I was also grossed out by it. It’s a word that immediately connects in my mind to breastfeeding. Anons who predict she’ll get into nasty mommy dom shit the older and fatter she gets are probably right.

No. 1829623

Literally nobody outside of lolcow knows who this slut is. when you search her name all the suggestions for the search are her lolcow thread numbers. shes 100x less milky than belle delphine, an actual cow but somehow yall r on thread 134. all u do is nitpick her porn and irrelevant tweets that have 0 milk. belle wk mods if ur going to lock the belle thread lock this even shitter one too or unloc the thread. ofc u wont tho ull just redtext and ignore my completely valid point(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1829638

File: 1684431852137.png (231.63 KB, 2757x1221, las ropas de la torta.png)

the >bimbo clothes she bought. I couldnt find the 3rd wild fable item but I imagine it's what she has on in >>1829409 since the fabric looks about target quality

No. 1829640

How in the fuck is Belle Delphine milkier than Shayna like at all. Belle never had a Fupagate/Vivigate. Nice retarded derail.
I cannot believe she wants to be reimbursed for these trailer trash clothes.

No. 1829672

>Slim fit
Shaynus plz

Bellefag go home. Shayna is milky in the way Chris Chan is. Laughing at fat retards is one of the internet's favorite past times. Sorry belle fucked off and just does regular non milky whoring but Shayna doesn't have the range.

No. 1829686


I agree, for some reason they act like belle is an off limits topic here when she's just as milky as shay if not more. And for some reason they moved the discussion to the cam girl thread and not the costhot thread. The cam girl thread has been only about pumpy sabrina lottie and that one cat faced megan who seldomly gets talked about there. Have you seen belles kiddie porn room?? It's way worse than shaynas kiddie porn room. She also posts during active outbreaks like shayna used to. I don't understand why they locked belles thread and not the jvlog thread which is 1000x more cancerous.

>>1829672 belle literally did Chris chan porn

Anyway I'll take my ban(jfc take it to meta)

No. 1829689

don't forget DawnGate. Wild how many falling outs she had with people and it never really caught on

No. 1829698

File: 1684434461578.jpeg (60.14 KB, 750x681, EEFD3409-72C9-48AE-BF8C-567F61…)


No. 1829699

Ffs that ham color is fucking awful on her and I don’t know why she insists on wearing it. If she wants to wear pink she should try a more vibrant shade that doesn’t make her look so porky

No. 1829705

File: 1684434676686.jpeg (21.36 KB, 750x183, D58D6254-1060-4C5B-A591-703E62…)

she deleted this. who do you think she's subtweeting now

No. 1829706

File: 1684434738247.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.68 MB, 296x170, 1677438314227.gif)

Not to fall for bait but comparing Shayna to more successful online prostitutes is dumb because Shayna is funny as hell without trying because of how retarded she is. If you look at Shaytards' origin stories in /shay/ you'll see the majority are women with no ties to the sex industry who found her on lolcow kek. The only people who follow Belle Delphine are frustrated incel coomers and other e-girl/e-prostitutes. I am proud to be a Shaytard–Belle's threadposters probably wish that Belle was this hilarious to watch.

No. 1829738

Me looking at the bathroom mirror six drinks in at a party

No. 1829777

no one really gives a shit about an adult lying and saying they're younger but still an adults age outside of the coomers that fall for it. We hate you because you larp as a "bratty teenager" and sexualize childhood.

No. 1829818

File: 1684439890741.jpeg (221.47 KB, 1170x1526, D8D023BC-5391-4BD7-BC47-9AA0DC…)

No. 1829823

File: 1684440051348.jpeg (40.08 KB, 1170x329, 7E453CB4-A837-434D-8F7B-FCD9E7…)

No. 1829831

I wasn’t comparing the two, I meant sex workers like shayna will wear trashy revealing clothes in public knowing they’ll take photos/videos purposefully to post on their porn account. It’s not similar to a normal woman who wears a top without a bra under, in that case there’s no ulterior motive of showing their bodies to moids online.

No. 1829833

Lmao every time I see her do this retarded sw version of Chris Chan dancing I lose my mind it is so goddamn funny especially her tiny cottage cheese cheeks

No. 1829851

it's crazy she's gonna be 26 idk something has to change

No. 1829867

Does she ever relax her forehead muscles????

No. 1829871

She’s gonna be 300lbs before 30 mark my words kek

No. 1829880

I still cannot believe she dances like this on cam. The hopping makes her look like an uncoordinated seven-year-old "dancing" at some distant relative's wedding.

No. 1829943

File: 1684447300135.jpeg (74.78 KB, 1170x587, IMG_2402.jpeg)

“Agreed.” Shay you call yourself a bratty teen and baby all the time

No. 1829948

her greaser combover kek

No. 1829952

Looks like an actual troll

No. 1829959

doesn't this ugly woman have porn tagged with the word "teen" right now? Wasn't the porn with that ugly scrote tagged "teen" on his website? Didn't she say
>25 going on 13
>It'll make people question the legality of our relationship!!
and I can swear she's used the teen tag before. She's so hypocritical and retarded.

No. 1829968

She does and she has, guaranteed she’s just salty because she can’t pass for a teen anymore (she can’t even pass for her real age anymore kek)

No. 1829970

File: 1684449403488.jpeg (123.45 KB, 750x1093, A007D6A6-755D-4D35-A10E-334598…)

ewww the wording on this is so pedo and creepy. she's dripping with grease

No. 1829980

It's funny that the uglier and older she gets, the more she leans into the dominant stuff. She knows she can't get general """normie""" coomers anymore. (unfortuantely, the implication that she has to be literally younger is kinda gross though.)

No. 1829996

If she controlled anyone's diet they would very quickly succumb to malnutrition, I swear. The bitch probably hasn't touched any literal fruit in over 2 years and the closest to vegetables is French fries or maybe a bowl of ranch salad dressing sparingly topped with bits of actual salad greens.

No. 1829998

A 25 year old shouldn't be this worn out

No. 1830000

File: 1684451606628.jpg (42.01 KB, 600x600, Shaynafarley.jpg)

She looks like Chris Farley's son

No. 1830001

The fact she's not on clips4sale already is astounding - it's a WAY better fit for her than manyvids. She'd probably triple her income tbh, they love weird kink shit over there.

No. 1830003

right? she could literally make more money as a waitress and keep banging old fat moids in the parking lot too. win-win.

No. 1830005

why is this dumb bitch always bombarding nonconsenting scrollers with her stank holes

No. 1830013

File: 1684454154754.png (6.04 KB, 497x232, Screenshot 2023-05-18 195636.p…)

No. 1830014

No one bc absolutely no normal OR degenerate will work with her, which is the biggest L anyone could take. Someone wanting and going out of their way to work with her!? it has never happened before tbh she'd be boasting about it for days on end if someone gave her the slightest glance or a petty tweet. She's too lazy to work alone yet with somebody else? Get real

No. 1830021

ur filename kek

No. 1830022

I know of 30,40,50+ women with less wrinkles and I'm not even just saying this to dunk on Shay. She's so fucked psychically, mentally, emotionally, etc. Cue Led Zeppelin ~nobodys fault but mine~ that's her anthem since she's a dad rock bimbo girly

No. 1830023

You called it anon

No. 1830030

would benefit tremendously from cheap head&shoulders and zest soap.

No. 1830053

Need the full sized picture to fully appreciate the crust and spots
She must use so much foundation just on those eye bags, they look cakeddd

No. 1830055

File: 1684458181650.jpg (522.8 KB, 1536x2048, 20230519_020031.jpg)

Oops, forgot the damn pic

No. 1830062

Her eyes genuinely unnerve me and never more so than when she does this troon smirk face. They’re so dark and so small and beady and ringed with wrinkles far beyond her years. She gives me the same vibe that convicted child killers do with those eyes kek

No. 1830085

File: 1684461984560.jpeg (132.99 KB, 1170x1584, IMG_2404.jpeg)

No. 1830090

>Sugar Daddy N
Is that a typo or is she giving them different names?If so,sometimes I wonder does Shayna truly do things for Lolcow's sake or is she deluded enough to think that people are REALLY keeping track of her life outside of here.
You don't need to give them nick names

No. 1830093

Is she too dumb to realise that tweeting about her new sugar daddy will end badly?

Her other 'sugar daddy' coomers always reel in how much they spend on her after their degeneracy gets posted here with their names. Yet she still posts every inch of her life online. She seriously cares more about likes on tweets than keeping her only sources of income around. Truly brain-dead behaviour.

No. 1830095


She's always given them different names. I think 'N' is the new sugar daddy she met (and fucked) a few weeks ago. She did a birthday tweet for him and he responded, someone posted it the other day.

No. 1830108

File: 1684464673243.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 182.08 KB, 828x1453, IMG_1609.jpeg)

This is the moid she called “dad” and wished happy birthday to, he seems genuinely retarded (no surprises there, of course)

No. 1830109

Me too, they’re so hideous, I can’t think of another person I’ve ever seen with such nasty little black butthole eyes

No. 1830125

Damn she's wearing child labor clothes

No. 1830129

Seattle was covered in a layer of smoke today?

No. 1830137

this moid is married to Sarah Gregory if i’m not wrong

No. 1830138

this moid is married to Sarah Gregory if i’m not wrong

No. 1830158

File: 1684472357559.png (693.69 KB, 864x1180, Screenshot_20230518-215917.png)

No. 1830160

Her lips are always crunchy like what the fuck

No. 1830161

File: 1684472674151.png (32.68 KB, 864x596, Screenshot_20230518-215631~2.p…)

No. 1830162

Now this is rich KEK I wonder what made her even consider it.

No. 1830167

KEK weed isn't crack shayna relax

No. 1830168

It has to be the weird ass “sugar” dad, or the other irl jhon’s she’s fucking.

No. 1830174

this or she found out she’s whoring just to support her addictions

No. 1830175

Even if she did quit weed she'd just start drinking more then she already drinks, which will make her bloat up and blow up quicker. She's not going to replace smoking weed with anything postitive.
It'll just be another way to cope when things get bad, maybe cigerettes hopefully nothing harder. It's probably going to be Alcohol or…if she's given some strong medications after her surgery…then it could be that. Not wishing that on her but holy shit, she needs a therapist. Just someone she can speak too that won't sugarcoat her life.

No. 1830176

She already does mushrooms so I don’t think she could just go for something like cigarettes.

No. 1830181

So she doesn't realize she's addicted to weed and an alcoholic

No. 1830182

oh but anon you ~can't get addicted to weed!!~

No. 1830189

File: 1684479572446.jpeg (32.59 KB, 750x473, 85F6F73A-C598-41D0-BF73-9F2F0D…)

No. 1830194

the jokes write themselves

No. 1830215

So… Everyone who saw them there and read these tweets will know he is a man who pays for sex. Very professional and discreet Shayna, way to keep the customers’ identities safe. I wonder if they know she’s live tweeting their location with the customer’s initials? Not that I give a shit about the wellbeing of a scrote that pays for sex from an obese drug addled woman acting like a baby, but jesus christ she’s dumb

No. 1830236

File: 1684490759190.jpg (198.05 KB, 1080x1920, 9732170734920_n.jpg)

I know the bar is low but at least she is wearing somewhat decent clothes. The purse looks nice compared to the tacky toddler crap she usually has. Those nails are so gross though. And the fungal acne anon probably has something to say about Shayna's forehead.

No. 1830244

Holy mother of god the GREASE. Yet another picture you can smell, she’s so grimy and disgusting. I hate her beady black eyes so much, they really accentuate that massive witch beak and non-existent crusty lips. Ugly pedo hog.

No. 1830259

Her skin texture is repulsive

No. 1830280

Her big witch’s nose has the boil to match now kek

No. 1830295

>somewhat decent clothes
>cheap plastic purse, flimsy looking dress that looks like what you find for 5-10$ in the casual dress section of aliexpress
Jfc the bar is in hell indeed. She certainly thinks she looks high end tho, as delusional as she is

No. 1830323

I don’t get why her hair never looks clean. Does she not wash it? Does she not know about dry shampoo? It’s so nasty I can’t help but nitpick…

No. 1830340

please don’t tell her about dry shampoo, she’ll go even longer between hose downs

No. 1830361

If she attempted dry shampoo she'd use so much that it would like like clumps of dandruff kek

No. 1830376


She under washes because she still has no idea how to handle her natural texture so she can't get it wet without heat styling it, an effort that probably leaves her winded

No. 1830378

KEK the image of her huffing and puffing after using her flat iron is killing me thanks nonna

No. 1830385

i think it's a combination of her not washing it properly and her dark roots/light ends contrast making her look extra greasy (imo).

No. 1830391

I wanna strip off that two inches of day old makeup, wipe her down with acne pads to burn away all the grease, and give her a damn Carmex, she looks like she rolled out of bed after a 4 day bender. Oh my god bitch take a shower and wash your fucking hair

No. 1830397

File: 1684510594481.jpeg (86.25 KB, 828x951, 02DC49BB-7C62-4A1E-B0CB-25EC24…)

>0 will power

No. 1830399

all of those things together cost a total of 5 bucks. I think she means white claws not white rice

No. 1830403

She means white rice because she eats white rice when she supposedly feels like shit
Straight up butter sounds like a shit idea for an upset stomach but whatever.
Why can’t she just admit she will never stop being addicted to something? Either the mushrooms, the weed or the alcohol, she will never stop because I can’t even imagine being sober and living a life as bleak™ As hers.

No. 1830415

>Either the mushrooms, the weed or the alcohol
I'd also argue that she's addicted to eating shit processed food.

No. 1830417

File: 1684512158153.png (94.69 KB, 863x843, Screenshot_20230519-090150.png)

No. 1830421

fatty should've learned by now that tweeting things into reality isn't a thing. get your ass up and do something, lard ass. i am also pretty sure her drinking habits factor into the constant nausea but whatever

No. 1830423

she can't even smile anymore, it'd be sad if she didn't deserve the misery she's bringing on herself. But at the very least I wish she'd was her greasy hair and body before posting these sad ass pictures. No wonder she doesn't have a lot of clients and has to resort to the mommy fetish. She looks like a former crack addict trying to get clean so she can back custody of her children.

No. 1830432

I don't even understand this. She smokes to avoid nausea but then throws up uncontrollably if she smokes too much? I've never heard of either of these things happening with weed, wtf is wrong with her?

No. 1830433

She looks like an ogre

No. 1830440

genuinely, ween yourself off like you would with pills or anything else, just use a little less and a little less each day

No. 1830448

File: 1684516913993.jpeg (140.43 KB, 1242x1585, 97730336-789A-4FF0-870F-7FBFC5…)

No. 1830453

File: 1684517054931.jpeg (201.53 KB, 1242x1621, C5AAD700-DAA0-4228-ACC1-C96EAA…)

She keeps posting that old ass firework video and still getting crumbs of engagement. Her entire internet career is so embarrassing

No. 1830466

I dont understand posting that you're a ~prostitute~ and thinking its cool and fun and casual.
If sugaring is your lifestyle and you're actually making hella bank and expensive gifts and trips and things then maybe.
But I swear Shay does it because she's lonely and out of options. These dates give her a taste of a relationship she craves to have with a Fupa. She also needs money and is willing to take cheap offers and low tier things.

No. 1830474

it's giving corpse that has started decomposing x

No. 1830483

Girl needs to cut out weed, booze, nasty delivery food, sex work/prostitution, her sugar "dads" and Ellen the degenerate. And she would STILL BE MISERABLE.

No. 1830494

Her “career” is all she has. Without posting about SW, she’d have nothing to tweet about and tweeting is her only form of socializing. Even with the pandemic, it blows my mind that she hasn’t made any friends in Washington other than Ellen, if Ellen could even be considered a friend.

No. 1830503

It raises the question of does Ellen have friends? If she does why hasn't she introduced them to Shayna? It's weird.

No. 1830512

“Sugaring” is a meme. It’s not a thing. No serious prostituted woman entertains such an idea. Only low iq young girls think just dating can get them luxury cars. Be real.

No. 1830516

File: 1684522815185.jpg (736.84 KB, 480x270, eknXRBa.jpg)

No. 1830518

She probably feels nauseous because she eats 4000 calories a day then tops it off with drinking a bottle of wine to "relax". Every single day. She'd stop feeling sick if she stopped overfilling her stomach and drinking a week's work of alcohol every two days

No. 1830522

I’m sure we’d have heard about it if she did. Which raises two questions. One, that Ellen doesn’t have any friends. Two, that Ellen is too embarrassed by Shay to bring any of her friends around. Either seem equally as likely. Ellen strikes me as an annoying board game type of poly person and all of her poly friends (in my experience in Seattle, poly people only seem to be friends with other poly people) are probably hella cringe and woke and awkward but still would be weirded out by Shays awkwardness and annoying behaviors. Or maybe Ellen is aware of that time that Shay got too drunk in public and embarrassed Fupaul, and knows it could happen again and just doesn’t want to deal with it.

Either way, what a dismal existence.

No. 1830531

Ellen has very low self esteem and is legit the kind of woman who I truly believe would take part/allow/ignore abuse towards women/girls if she's in love. I believe a lot of the people shayna first started selling herself too were people Ellen hooked her up with. Ellen is probably lying jealous of shayna, but also thinks because she's fat ugly and considers herself old (she's not), she can guide Shayna and get attention for having having 25 year old friend.
I thi think now that shayna is getting bigger, it'd not impressive to flaunt her friendship. I still believe shayna is a pill popper and Ellen deals with the dealer. I believe Ellen us an low self esteem woman living through shayna until she finds a scrote that will deal with her long term

No. 1830549

This is spookily uncanny

No. 1830551

It absolutely is a thing. It’s not dignified in any way, and certainly not as glamorous and fun as the internet makes it seem, but there are absolutely women who manipulate men into spending money on them and giving them allowances in exchange for sex and company. The difference between them and Shay is they’re discreet about it and have something to offer old scrotes other than torn buttholes and assne.

No. 1830566

>spending money on them and giving them allowances in exchange for sex and company
Yeah it’s called prostitution. “Sugaring” is literally just branding to groom retarded teens.

No. 1830591

She probably has to quit smoking for the surgery and recovery. I’m sure whoever she’s staying with isn’t going to let her smoke. But alcohol probably plays a huge part in why she feels like shit.

No. 1830602

File: 1684531614908.jpeg (32.55 KB, 703x382, CCDA46CB-31E3-4901-928F-4387C1…)

>>1830448 God damn so fucking ugly

No. 1830608

File: 1684532502555.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.85 KB, 828x1151, A40A51CA-8F72-475A-88D2-4AE5B9…)

New shamus pedo fantasy dropped. The trailer is up on her Twitter if you hate yourself.

No. 1830613

Wtf is “adultbaby” a “map”s type term what is this idiot doing

No. 1830616

Her ideas get more retarded and weird every time, I swear.

I also think shes waited til last minute but is supposed to quit for or because of the surgery situation. She's trying to pretend it's because she wants to and blame all her problems on weed.
She has always said she's allergic or whatever to weed but only the last year or so has this puking herself to the er thing come up.
I think theres several reasons she holds on to weed. She's always retarded and not serious about quitting it though. Like isnt this attempt to quit number 3 or 4 just within a year? You dont quit cold turkey. You just do less and less.
I swear she's making another excuse to not work. Funny how she's so stressed about her income and that she'll be unable to work during and post surgery for a bit, but then takes days off now to "quit weed cold"

No. 1830618

she should wean herself off alcohol first. better to smoke than drink

No. 1830619

Samefag but also if she is actually allergic to weed, thats definitely part of her feeling nauseous and shitty all the time, but drinking daily and nightly irritates your stomach and makes you feel sick. As well as the garbo and amount of food she consumes.
Id also add her alleged constant nausea and anxiety and shit is also probably her guilty conscience and stress and ick from the disgusting degenerate life she leads. And she pushes all that down with the numbing of weed and booze and potentially pills.

No. 1830620

crab eyes strike again

No. 1830622

Kek this seems like a true story. Except she forgot the part where they ghost her because all they wanted was to coom and literally not deal with an below average gross real life woman child to do so.

No. 1830623

I wonder how many hours of the day she spends sober? Eveeytike she live blogs she always speaks on having to drink/smoke before working

No. 1830628

File: 1684535170945.png (66.12 KB, 1079x681, Screenshot_20230519-182609.png)

made it 7 hours

No. 1830630

>white rice and gatorade
Bitch ever had broccoli? or a banana? Or even just water?

No. 1830633

she's treating this like heroin withdrawals KEK she's beyond repair

No. 1830635

Why does it sound like this is what happened with her and Shane kek

No. 1830638

She must have some coomer who's been tipping her for this today. It's so sad to do a failure update less than 12 hours later lmao, she didn't even try

No. 1830643

I was thinking the emergency 'please like me, don't leave me!!' BJ is probably what she was going for in that god awful video a few weeks back

No wonder these moids ditch her after, it's fucking terrifying and she can't even suck dick to begin with. Even in her own porn scripts she has to trick men into staying kek

No. 1830657

Saging for late tin foil but heavy weed usage prior to anesthesia make for a huge increase in likelihood of negative effects from anaesthesia drugs and post surgical recovery. Some surgery recommends stopping or heavily reducing your intake 6-8 weeks prior. Going cold turkey is definitely related to her surgery

No. 1830665

did she do her makeup on ig live today?

No. 1830683

what about water.. or better yet, just letting yourself puke?

No. 1830686

File: 1684539771998.jpeg (95.82 KB, 750x1075, 85770B67-82AD-4140-B536-CBB934…)

everything about this plus the part on the wig is making me lol

No. 1830690

File: 1684540263280.gif (986.38 KB, 250x250, 1515924029992.gif)

oh shay

No. 1830706

recycling years old content to place on MV

Never change, Shay

No. 1830720

I mean has she ever considered that it's weed and alcohol mixing that is most problematic?
Usually a person is more of a drinker or a smoker. They famously don't mix well. That's when you start barfing.

No. 1830738

there are very few studies on cannabinoid hyperemesis but the ones I read say that it's the excess of THC in the body that causes very intense vomiting episodes that can lead to complications such as not being able to ingest anything, including water (which leads to dehydration). It's not a rare condition, but it usually only happens to hardcore weed addicts. The solution is to smoke less for a few days (stop if possible) and hot baths alleviate the symptoms. No wonder she never gets better since she never takes a shower.

No. 1830746

I kind of get it, if I had to choose this is probably her best photoshoot, which isn’t saying much. But I’m also biased as I do enjoy fairies.

No. 1830750

This. Sugaring is just prostitution but with "Girlfriend Experience" attached to it as an additional perk for the John. This and the kind of payment the girl gets (possibly gifts, trips, ect instead of just straight money) is the only difference and it's so small it literally doesn't matter. It's a meme.

No. 1830752

so I went on that site she shot for in Vegas and weirdly enough she’s just…not on there anymore. idk what happened but she’s not anywhere on that site.

No. 1830755

Our good ol shat was probably removed by the scrote cause she wasn't bringing in dhit and didn't want to have to deal with her anymore

No. 1830756

She’s already said before she’s going to quit weed because of her sickness and then eventually stopped posting progress and showed herself smoking on a cam show if I recall kek she’s just lazy, plans the same shit and fails or gives up multiple times

No. 1830757

File: 1684551272519.jpeg (44.62 KB, 587x579, 3972409B-91CF-43F8-B86B-0DFDB0…)

She’s still following Scott on Twitter, I wonder if she asked him to take it down because his scrotes are the ones reuploading it to other sites?

No. 1830773

i just scrolled embarrassingly far back on his twitter and i saw no trace of Shatna. did he delete all the tweets involving her too? i wonder what happened kek

No. 1830776

Very weird has he done this before? Did shayna tell him to delete it? She hasn't even deleted videos of her vagina covered in flaming boils. I wonder what happened?

No. 1830779

If this helps, it would be around the videos shown in this screencap >>1820867

No. 1830780

If this helps, it would be around the videos shown in this screencap >>1820867

No. 1830781

I wonder if she still has the videos etc on her OF? (I can’t look now but will later if nobody has)

No. 1830782

I wonder if she still has the videos etc on her OF? (I can’t look now but will later if nobody has)

No. 1830784

File: 1684556069128.bmp (Spoiler Image, 3.44 MB, 1204x1000, Shayna Dropped on Head.bmp)

Definitely appears as if it has been removed. Picrel for proof. Unless she just got removed from the front page. He has a spot on their page where you can rate the girls, and her rating was going down a lot after the video got posted.>>1830780

No. 1830785

File: 1684556260581.png (4.41 KB, 578x265, dead 2 the world.png)

Direct link to Shayna's page on BigGulpGirls confirmed to be down.

No. 1830786

the tweet of him saying she looks sexy is still up >>1830158 i dont think there's any beef, i think she's embarrassed over how bad of a scene it is.

No. 1830787

File: 1684556545465.png (Spoiler Image, 101.2 KB, 562x548, dollys done.png)

dolly got fired

No. 1830788

it's still up on her manyvids

No. 1830790

File: 1684556784396.png (7.79 KB, 608x485, dingy Dolly.png)

She still is selling it on her OF.

No. 1830852

Wouldn’t doubt that he got a cease and desist from Mattel because her “stage name” is infringing on their copyright in some way and also wildly inappropriate because it’s a children’s toy brand

No. 1830874

KEK at 'Skinny Minnie' being the next Barbie video to replace Shat's

No. 1830877

>>1830852 Nah, but the moids on his page complained about shayna so I would just assume he removed them because they didn't like it, simple. He is trying to make money so listening to coomers is important.

No. 1830879

>>1830852 Nah, but the moids on his page complained about shayna so I would just assume he removed them because they didn't like it, simple. He is trying to make money so listening to coomers is important.

No. 1830899

File: 1684581007918.jpeg (54.55 KB, 750x419, 71C215BF-6C73-42B2-AD77-50C2E7…)

i guess nobody wants to jerk off to this

No. 1830919

What did they complain about?

No. 1830924

He just commented on this tweet 1 day ago, hmmmm

No. 1830928

Nona I bet you're right! Especially with the Barbie movie coming out, that's almost certainly what happened.

I think you solved it!

No. 1830936

This is a really cute theory but it’s super unlikely. Mattel doesn’t give a shit about something like this, there’s been “Barbie” pornstars for years.

No. 1830949

Then why did he put her name as just “Bimbo Model” originally when he puts all the other models’ names for their coming soon promos, and why does he specifically avoid the Barbie branding on his cheap sets by putting “Boobie” on the box instead? It likely was a combo of her choosing the Boobie box set and having the name Dolly Mattel. If she would’ve just done the retarded roller girl set it likely would still be up. And idk what you’re talking about but Mattel is notoriously litigious in defending the Barbie brand. They’ve also sued a porn website before (second link)

No. 1830990

Do you remember what they said? Bc When I looked at the degen website while the video was up, there were two comments that weren’t directed at Shayna. One Saying she was cute or something and the other one was a guy complaining that the moid jacked off to finish but it didn’t seem Shaynus specific. The Twitter comments were also relatively positive. I didn’t screenshot bc it was typical porn moid comments but I’m regretting it now.

No. 1830991

Quit drinking you alcholic moron

No. 1830992

Did she drink today? That's all withdrawal from no alcohol. She really is a dumbass

No. 1830997

File: 1684594625688.jpeg (118.63 KB, 1170x1215, 57D2F34F-41C1-4C63-88CB-F22A5A…)

No. 1831022


Mmmm dolly nobody serves bloated starfish with the snaggletooth grin like u do, when you whip off your stained ham colored clothes to reveal that lumpy diaper and dog hair particles fly across the screen I immediately bust. You bring me closer to God!!!

No. 1831045

I’m not sold on this. Editing her name everywhere on the site to be ‘dolly M.’ would’ve been easier in that case, rather than take down something they invested money on. That is, unless that video wasn’t actually giving them any them profits, and/or was only giving them trouble (a soured relationship between the two, for example).
I still think it’s something personal between them.

No. 1831057

So basically every "b/g" video she did ended up being a mega flop and stained her already busted image since none of those 3 bottom of the barrel dusty scrotes seem to want anything to do with her afterwards. The fact that she actually paid out of pocket to fly her own dumpy ass out for it to consistently turn to shit has to be so embarrassing.

No. 1831066

i'm open to being proven wrong on this but i don't think that's why the video was taken down. if they were coming after the name, a) shayna would be the one being sent a cease and desist (although the scrote would be too to be fair) and b) they would just change the name, not take the video down altogether. likely the scrote took it down because it was doing poorly and reflecting badly on his brand. source: am in law school but not an expert in copyright so i may be wrong kek. but i really don't think that's why.

No. 1831068

also sorry to double post but i think the reason why he didn't have her name in it originally, then added it, then removed the video is because he knew shay had a bad rep and didnt want her name on his site. then she asked him to add it, he did, the video performed like shit and he cut his losses and just got rid of it.

No. 1831113

also were all the other girls as terrible at her? i think she got deleted because she was shit at her “job”

No. 1831126

File: 1684610123128.jpeg (189.98 KB, 1170x1146, EC2692FB-9C70-484D-BB6A-2941DC…)

No. 1831133

Is this about that dude raking the video down? Also everyday it's something, if every single relationship in your life except for the one with your thristy lonely ugly fat friend Ellen,is drama or a problem…maybe you are the issue?
Unless someone acts like Ellen her not so smart caretaker, the never stay friends for long. Its only when she doesn't interact at all does she keep long time "frens". People like Pixie who stopped interacting with her much.

No. 1831139

Yes, Shay, it's everybody else that's the problem. Just ask Dawn, Vivi, and Pixie.

No. 1831140

I wonder if she has had a disagreement with Kiki Cali over the Big Gulp moid.

No. 1831148

Anyone notice if she unfollowed anyone special to see who she's whining about?

No. 1831149

Not really. Shays video kind of stood out with the commitment to the plot, her weird mannerisms and keeping her clothes on to hide her body. The other videos were standard degen blowjob porn. He even has other fatties on who go full nude so Shaynus was just an insecure cow.

But tbh I didn’t see comments that were critical of her specifically while it was up.

No. 1831155

They are cannabis withdrawal symptoms too. Just look at the quitting weed thread on /shay/

No. 1831156

bratty pixie or that kiki girl haven't liked this post, shayna loves to subtweet so i think it's about either of them

No. 1831158

sage and ot; Never forget that this moid is a walking biohazard and has actively declared and is enacting biological warfare against low-income women

No. 1831167

Could it be because he is registered as a business or something? As opposed to Shaynus

No. 1831175


"Bought them things" "spoke highly of them" oh shay, she makes it so obvious how transactional she considers everything while bitching she hates it when others do the same, never pausing to reflect on why she's incapable of maintaining even one functional platonic relationship with a sane person. Never trust a hoe with no friends.

No. 1831188

Shayna probably thought her whole life if she was ever in dire straights she could easily make bank selling herself FSSW but now she's facing the reality that even after giving it all out she isn't living the dream life she wanted. Sad. bleak. Sex work isn't real work. So glad I never bought into that empowerment shit and became a Shayna.

No. 1831192

File: 1684618151907.jpeg (56.41 KB, 932x784, 1CB9FF9A-9B36-4A92-9E59-678EB6…)

It’s giving the ‘crazy lady obsessed with fame’ from requiem for a dream. Can’t remember the characters name

No. 1831193

People are way over thinking this. The most likely scenario is Shayna asked him to take it down. It wasn't a high selling vid so the guy did it for her. Whatever money he was gonna make off it probably was within the first 24-48 hours. And like I said before in these threads, it's EXTREMELY common for shady porn producers like this to be the ones who actually sold the video (for cheap) to scumbags who released it everywhere free. All these people care about is new content for their wankers. The STD ridden scrote got to fuck Shayna free, make money off her, and then got to play the "hero" for taking the video down when she got cold feet about it. And Shayna is probably stupid enough to go back to him for whatever handful of sheckles he gave her (im personally in the belief she did not profit from this encounter but its just a tinfoil)

No. 1831194

It better not be. Not to defend a whore, but it seems like this Kiki girl was actually giving way more into the relationship than Shayna was giving her. Kiki introduced to her to the scrote which allowed Shayna to film her first real pro scene in years, She set up and advertised more paying work for the future collab, and she made Shayna a banner and marketing material, which - while it was fucking god awful - is more effort than Shayna has ever put into another female in the space.

No. 1831196

Shayna likes to pretend to be a whore, but whenever she meets a real working girl she gets intimidated and creates drama with them to end the relationship.

No. 1831197

It also doesn't make any sense to complete take down the content over a "cease and desist" when he could have easily just taken 2 seconds to change her name on the site from "dolly mattel" to "dolly".

No. 1831200

For all the times ewhores have tried to out her as a nazi, not a single one of them ever pointed out Shaynas use of the word "fren" (fascist rightwing ethno nationalist). It's a pretty well known joke among rw moids and I cringe seeing her use it

No. 1831222

it's common "heckin pupper" speak to use "frens". that's a bit of a reach

No. 1831225

I feel like if it was because her name and copyright she would have said that. Or I guess she might want to be quiet to not draw attention to her other uses of Dolly Mattel

No. 1831226

Remember when she said she was thinking of changing her pornstar name on cam? I wonder if it’s also due to the Mattel copyright kek.

No. 1831228

Kek nonnie

No. 1831232

File: 1684624595252.png (398.85 KB, 444x1418, Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 5.50.…)

Someone posted this in shay, but it'd 100% her breast. I'm convinced. Also it's funny every story of her standing up for herself or others involved a girl being the bad guy. Also the infamous story of her standing up for some scrote because he asked a girl to follow him and she said no. Even then she was a pick me.

No. 1831237

For sure. No wonder she has decided from her surgery then on to parade her boobs at the family dinner table, kid toy section in stores, airports, porn, everywhere. Because she had a deformity.

No. 1831244

But how does this story end

No. 1831249

And it's why she's not Flaunting it as getting a boob job, because it's something she's insecure about, I also think she never thought it'd be something she had to deal with. Now I wonder if she's really embrassed because it may be possible her
>weight gain
>smoking/coughing fits/throwing up
May have causs smire issues and that's why her breast implants needs to be changed earlier or something.

No. 1831252

File: 1684628856515.jpg (83.96 KB, 528x937, Screenshot_20230520-202642_Chr…)

She claims she made the girl piss herself, what probably happened is Shayna probably showed up with multiple girls, waiting until the girl was alone and the pressed her
Mind you this situation started because shayna decided to defend some scrote.
It's just like what she does on Twitter, I assume this girl was probably already disliked or not that popular so shayna decided to come at her.
Just like she will directly agrue with people on Twitter with no following, scrotes she does not care about or join dogpiles.
From what I take shayna was always attention hungry but became a bully in defending herself

No. 1831258

> karma will come back to get them
I wonder if she anticipates her karma for pandering to pedophiles, making baby rape porn and kidnap rape porn, and not reporting the pedos who contact her asking to pretend she’s underaged?

No. 1831260

Also nonas the vintage milk thread in shay has an archive that's pretty interesting to look at. There's a lot I didn't see or remember. So anyone wanting to discuss or discover old milk to speak on in retrospective here's the link-

No. 1831285

no, even if she isn't registered as a business she's using the name to profit off of. businesses want to be aggressive when protecting their copyright, so if they found some porn studio with an actress using their name, they wouldn't just send a cease and desist to the studio. shayna profits off of the name more frequently and i'm sure she would change it ASAP if she was told to. and like >>1831197 said, they could easily take her name out of the title and keep the video. i just don't think it's copyright.

No. 1831290

I wonder what it was

No. 1831307

It’s truly amazing how Shaymu manages to burn EVERY SINGLE BRIDGE, both professionally and personally. Most people would realise that they’re the common denominator and maybe try to figure out why but with her it’s always a “them” problem, it’s never her. Her lack of self-awareness is a marvel.

No. 1831336

Kiki Cali liked the tweet so I think it might be about Scott Hancock or her just rehashing some old drama because she has nothing else in her life aside from drinking, weed, and her sex work career. Regardless I am dying to know what went down with Scott.

No. 1831341

File: 1684643557532.jpeg (67.73 KB, 750x969, 1F9D25D2-73E4-4AFA-AF53-812598…)

Samefag but Scott was allegedly hinting/suggesting her to come back for his “Ice Cream Set” on May 2nd in picrel so as terrible as big Shaynus was in the video, she couldn’t have really horrified him that much?

No. 1831348

Could it be about that black girl she went to fetcon with?

No. 1831428

i think you're probably right on this one, my personal tinfoil is that she's just manic and sperging cause she's trying to detox and can't handle it.

No. 1831493

"My deformities" and "staring at my chest…"
Okay yeah. She either has that syndrome people talk about where one side doesnt develope right, or she could just have a small tit and big tit. (Had a friend like that)

I hope she spills the beans on what her surgery is about and what shes so ~self conscious~ of. Lol

No. 1831496

File: 1684675675824.jpg (154.97 KB, 1080x1280, TakingLs.jpg)

All the L's Shayna has had and they pick this one to post.

No. 1831598

It's quite sad that this Twitter account consists solely of retarded misogynistic moids who hate online prostitutes but consume porn anyway. Also the posts that gather the most likes are the ones where girls are crying/complaining about getting abused. I will never understand why women with rich parents like Shayna get into this shit.

No. 1831623

Ngl it was kinda funny

No. 1831652

"My deformities" and "staring at my chest…"
Okay yeah. She either has that syndrome people talk about where one side doesnt develope right, or she could just have a small tit and big tit. (Had a friend like that)

I hope she spills the beans on what her surgery is about and what shes so ~self conscious~ of. Lol

No. 1831655

Has shayna ever complained about the L account. I saw a few comments saying she's fat basically, and at least two saying it's creepy she does the little girl thing/she's gone downhill and is still doing the little girl thing. I imagine if those scrotes knew that shayna turned down paid paid college, that'd probably be the most popular post.

No. 1831673

File: 1684692005666.png (126.17 KB, 545x492, 69930481-7516-4DD7-9066-C0E986…)

Here is a better picture of the spot they grafted the fat from. After her saying this >>1831252 I find it strange people doubt her Poland syndrome. She hit puberty and only one tit grew due to her Poland Syndrome affecting her chest cavity. So she got the surgery here done at a young age >>1828487 and the graft from the back is seen in picrel. Now shes going back to Mass to get her necro tit looked at and possibly “fixed”.

No. 1831675

File: 1684692114318.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 240.78 KB, 1039x1536, 49EC75E4-6632-4759-9F5C-56BBC9…)

samefag. but i found it interesting looking back to find her mt rainier chicken wing pic - you can actually see she photoshopped the fat graph dent out of the other photos that would have shown it. you can tell by her tumblr post its something shes ashamed and embarassed by so naturally shes trying to hide it in the picrel

No. 1831677

File: 1684692148096.jpeg (111.48 KB, 724x1734, 0C631F65-7B1A-47EA-A3B6-11F719…)

Scrote comments that aren’t from her coomers are unintentionally hilarious and brutal. The moids think she’s obese and/or inbred/retarded. I wonder if she’ll see this or if she has that account blocked kek.

No. 1831692

File: 1684694593704.jpeg (85.04 KB, 750x919, 1E9FBF0A-45BD-4FB9-B916-D679E9…)


No. 1831695

File: 1684694936146.jpeg (73.19 KB, 750x719, C0C9ED6D-9BFE-4BC2-83AB-8C578C…)

SA but the only 2 retweets on that are from actual pedophile Mike Slack and Shayna Clifford herself.

No. 1831707

This is why she has so few coomers. There's too many fat ugly women doing the bimbo DDLG pedo shit and not enough sick fucks that are into it. She would get more custom by doing normal porn where she looks and acts like an adult.

No. 1831710

This sounds like a story taken out of Mike Slack’s autobiography.

No. 1831713

File: 1684698409503.jpeg (79.5 KB, 750x992, E2549E8C-77D7-4BE4-8D12-E0043C…)

This is from a few days ago.

No. 1831714

File: 1684698541931.jpeg (65.52 KB, 750x700, B7BD0814-5637-49A9-8CF2-9616B6…)

No. 1831718

File: 1684699192927.jpeg (20.65 KB, 750x253, 5C649E11-1A1E-420F-B3D7-A4AD96…)

No. 1831719

I wonder what the milk will be like when she stops churning out bad content. Has she ever stopped making content for that long? I've been following since thread 60 and I can't recall.

No. 1831720

Why does it matter? Worry about yourself weirdo

No. 1831723

Even these coombrained idiots seem to get it. Not only are Shayna's followers coomers but they all must have some mental disability to want to give her money.

No. 1831726

File: 1684699886155.jpeg (47.71 KB, 750x659, ACEF31FA-7076-4CD7-9CC5-679183…)

D e l u s i o n a l

No. 1831733

Men are brutal. I mean lolcor is mean too but men's comments are on another level (not just these but also the comments on her older porn vids that were posted here).

No. 1831734

There is no way this bitch isn't mentally handicapped. She has no self awareness whatsoever

No. 1831735

File: 1684700333365.png (116.98 KB, 750x659, sleeping-shat.png)

No. 1831736

Knowing this woman/being her friend sounds fucking exhausting.

No. 1831744

exactly, coomers get off on corrupting young girls so if she didn't post her ruptured asshole and yeasty pussy every other tweet she could actually play into the fantasy of having a moid get her to do something "fucked up" for him without her specifically advertising shes a bottom of the barrel nickle whore.

No. 1831746

one month of dried milk is gonna be rough in the threads

No. 1831747

I have no idea how this site works but I’ve lurked for a long time. I went to school with her and i don’t know why she claims to have been bullied. She was a more popular but annoying girl. She was always inappropriately outspoken. Often kicked out of class for being loud, rude etc.

No. 1831749

She was always way too cool for everyone and if you weren’t one of her “friends” or in her clique then she was always rude to you and mean

No. 1831750

Cool! What was the chest thing that made her insecure? Tell us more about Shatna, please.

No. 1831751

Please tell us more, what else did she do?

No. 1831752

I literally have no idea. She used to get in trouble all the time for not wearing a bra. Like seriously all the time she was getting dress coded and sent home/told to change.

No. 1831753

Have you got any funny stories?

No. 1831754

Unfortunately no; she was always an emotional wreck. Wasn’t one to try and hang out with her. There was always drama surrounding her.

No. 1831755

File: 1684703167669.jpeg (120.69 KB, 1170x1051, IMG_2462.jpeg)

No. 1831757

What was her boy craziness like? If you were a witness.

No. 1831758


Did she had many friends? And was she dating?

No. 1831759

What a first world problem.

No. 1831763

I do not recall her ever having a boyfriend. I don’t know if she dated or not. None that I ever met/heard of

No. 1831764

So people stared at her because she was wearing inappropriate clothes? Do you remember if someone started any rumors about her? Like she claims on tumblr.

No. 1831766

She had like 4 friends

No. 1831769

type "sage" in the email field before you post a new reply please, it will keep the thread from being bumped to the top of the catalogue for these 5 word replies(ok but why arent you saged too this isnt milk dentbrain chan)

No. 1831779

Hi thank you I’m sorry I’m dumb

No. 1831790

how did you find this thread/what led you to start lurking and following shayna?

No. 1831791

I was going through my old year book when I was in college and home on break. Was wondering what she was up to and went to find her on social media with no luck other than a very old fb profile. Stumbled across her twitter next and was totally dumbfounded but not surprised. But then as I followed her I saw how vile and dark she is. It’s so absolutely disgusting to see what kind of shit that she is so hypocritical about. Her whole life is so sad. She’s always been attention seeking and I always thought it was just her personality but she’s obviously fucking sick. I found these threads when trying to put pieces together on of this was really the same person or not. She was always a wannabe hippie pot head. For a short period of time she would put beeswax or something in her hair to make it look “dreaded”. After sophomore year she went for the more “hardcore/goth” look.

No. 1831792

File: 1684705382889.jpeg (1.56 MB, 3478x1993, D4C5BE6B-6A9C-4FF7-9F40-E0AD7B…)

No. 1831793

watches AHS coven once

No. 1831794

holy shit

No. 1831795

KEKKK thank you based yearbook anon

No. 1831796

File: 1684705675892.jpg (382.42 KB, 2000x2000, glassofmilk.jpg)

I love these threads.

>design and visual communications

fucking kek

No. 1831797

File: 1684705809458.jpeg (593.27 KB, 1737x1904, 6ACABCF3-EB59-40B9-AC1F-92DE82…)

But wait there’s more; what she wore to prom and was voted loudest female in our class.

No. 1831798

File: 1684705840957.jpeg (698.21 KB, 1859x1835, 28DDD5E2-B475-4E39-AB5E-5980F6…)

So fucking cringe

No. 1831800

>wearing shein-tier clothes to prom
dear god, thank you for the milk anon but i'm so sorry you had to deal with her irl

No. 1831803

Idk if that even counts as a compliment or a straight up being told she’s annoying af. Weird to see her with hair that is healthy looking and curly tho.
>>1831752 won’t wear a bra to high school… won’t wear a bra to family gatherings… won’t wear a bra to the air port… thinks she’s special for it. Still.

No. 1831804

File: 1684706096965.jpeg (453.97 KB, 1294x1610, 397E048F-F40B-441A-907A-8918A1…)

I don’t know how she graduated tbh. She was always getting in trouble for drug related nonsense, skipping class, tardiness, not coming to school period. She spoke very very poorly of those who were going to college; like down on them for pursuing higher education. I do not feel bad at all for her in any way shape or form. And have no problem sharing shit about her past/personal life. She’s is absolutely vile. She hung out with skanks and junkies. The girl she is posing with is dead now from an OD and another girl from a previous photo is also dead from the same thing/same drug.

No. 1831805

She took it as a compliment. Boasted about it and thought it was a huge accomplishment. Idk how to sage this or if it needs to be saged or whatever the term is

No. 1831807

File: 1684706294363.gif (479.01 KB, 499x239, R7O1.gif)

ILU yearbook nona! I knew Shayna would wear something like this to prom. She is not like other girls after all.

No. 1831809

I’ve stayed silent long enough. The content she creates is for pedophiles. She is scum of the actual earth for enabling those types of people. Alienating herself from her family; cutting ties with what little friends she had here on the east coast. Not being genuine with the people who were nice to here and wanted to be her friend. Fake as fuck always. She’s a chameleon; constantly changing shape and face to fit in with those around her/ whatever will give her a shred of attention.

No. 1831813

Please vent as much as you need, we want to know as much as possible.

No. 1831815

do you know any other people on the east coast who are or were in Shayna's circle who are aware of what she's doing now? or did everyone just forget about her?

No. 1831817

File: 1684707334766.jpeg (76.94 KB, 1170x617, IMG_2470.jpeg)

You would know about Trash Shay

No. 1831818

Tell us about her history with drugs. What drugs did she take? Also, did you know her step sister? If so what was their relationship like?

No. 1831821

Did she have a deformity that people would bully her for that was noticeably visable?Like she said on tumblr?

No. 1831822

Mushrooms, Molly, weed. There was these gummies floating around that some idiot had made back when none of us knew the power of concentrates due to how newly exposed we all were to them. She defended very strongly a girl who claimed to have had “seizures” from said gummies but who knows they always thought they could hang tough with acid, pills etc. I didn’t even know she had a step sister. I doubt anyone from this area knows what she’s up to now. Colleen was close to her and she seems to be doing well in a rural state. Her other friends are dead and others I’m not sure of.

No. 1831823

No she looked fucking normal. Had no problem showing off her body. Tank tops, crop tops. No bra. Short shorts

No. 1831824

I’m telling you no one ever bullied her or made fun of her. If anything she was a bully with how she had no filter etc. had no problem making people feel like shit

No. 1831825

>she would put beeswax or something in her hair to make it look “dreaded”
This is the funniest shit I've heard of this hog KEK

No. 1831827

Shayna should move to a literal actual farm to roll freely in the mud and distract her from making pedo porn, it would do her wonders.

No. 1831830

What is she even talking about? There’s plenty of msg filled cheap Asian food you can get in Seattle

No. 1831831

File: 1684708781426.png (67.14 KB, 720x1246, Screenshot_20230521-153849-027…)

By any chance do you know who this could possibly be? She said she knew Shayna and was/is obsessed with her.

No. 1831833

What did she say about those who were going to college and why it was a bad choice? Did she make it known what her plan was after high school? Yearbook Nona did you know that her mom offered to pay for her to attend any college/program she wants if she quits porn and she scoffed at it? That offer is still on the table too as far as we know.

No. 1831834

File: 1684709292783.jpeg (84.88 KB, 1170x1042, 4EC4369B-6F65-4A41-9C5C-43C97D…)

I love seeing this retard sell herself for less than minimum wage. One week of GFE for 275 dollars. You could make double that working full time for a week while making Washington’s minimum wage

No. 1831835

I do not know who that is, I racked my brain trying to think of who it might be. Could be any of the sluts she hung out with who didn’t die from dope. They all never left our home town and became baby mommas
She scoffed at the idea of college because of how much money it would cost. Also probably the amount of work it would have taken to graduate. She was always doing bare minimum. Argued with teachers about completing assignments. Even in art class she would pawn her work off to other students. Always taking the easy way out

No. 1831836

My gosh she couldn't even be bothered to do an art class assignment, bleak.

No. 1831838

How come Shayna never got into heroin when so many of her friends used it? And did she ever seem autistic in school

No. 1831841

What would she say?

No. 1831843

Are you surprised to see where Shayna is now?

No. 1831844

Not surprised that she needed up on the porn industry, surprised she is in the genre she chooses to be in. It’s disgusting. I’m sure she didn’t get into heroin because her parents have a shit about her unlike some of our peers who came from really bad places. The highschool we went to had many sending towns. Most of which were not as nice as Marlborough where we grew up

No. 1831845

No not autistic. Just weird and unusually attention seeking

No. 1831856

Had anyone else from her hs ever commented on her? Also thanks

No. 1831858

have you sent anyone else that knew her this thread or told them about it? i feel like a lot of her old classmates hate her or forgot about her

No. 1831859

Not that I know of, like I said she had a small circle of friends that I did not belong to and most of them are dead. I just looked to see if her old fb is there still and it’s not but there’s a weird obviously fake one up. It’s fairly comical that someone would chose to impersonate her to bash what appears to be another sex working. Anyone know anything about this?(i deleted it for you please try not to do that again)

No. 1831861

Nona, you probably still have time to delete this. Your profile picture is showing.

No. 1831862

oh yikes lmfao

No. 1831867

Too late I downloaded it kek

No. 1831869

Oh great(sage your shit)

No. 1831871

I doubt that it poses any threat. All the Shayhog is capable of these days is impotently whining to her disgusting coomers on twitter.

No. 1831873

Just change your profile picture.

No. 1831874


No. 1831876

I literally can’t. It says something about a password being incorrect. I don’t know how any of this works. Sorry to ruin the vibes

No. 1831879

It's ok anon. The site software doesn't always work as intended. The admins are planning on replacing it.

No. 1831881

even if you click delete and don't mess with the password field?

No. 1831882

You’re not ruining the vibes, don’t let >>1831874 get under your skin. Change your profile picture and it should help you “hide” a bit better. If it’s any consolation, the picture is rather small.

No. 1831883

File: 1684713959598.jpeg (135.09 KB, 1170x975, IMG_2473.jpeg)

No. 1831884

change your profile pic and nuke the one in the screenshot babe

No. 1831886

Yeah still no. Oh well. Hopefully it all works out(sage your shit)

No. 1831889

Have you seen Shayna’s shrine >>>/shay/ ? If so, what did you think of it?

No. 1831891

It cracks me up every time I check on it periodically. Like wow(sage your shit)

No. 1831894

Don’t fret, no one here is mad at you but Shayna definitely reads these threads and might recognize you. Not like she’s a threat or anything so I don’t think you need to worry.

No. 1831902

Not sure how often she frequents fb anyways. We’ll see. I don’t follow her on anything. Doubt she remembers I exist at all(sage your shit)

No. 1831903

sad seeing her so young and full of relative potential, before she became an alcoholic and blew out her asshole

No. 1831904

She deserves everything that happens to her. Some people are just a pos no matter what.

No. 1831927

oh shit is that jess in the background of the first pic?

No. 1831936

still crazy she didnt just go for the hippie stoner aesthetic that fit her and she could have made money getting stoned and eating on cam and kept her following, what a retarded bitch

No. 1831975

Jesus christ, over fifteen fucking times a day. Gross.

No. 1831997

by 15 times she means 15 weed cigarettes or 15 puffs? because if it is the former how the fuck is she affording rent?

No. 1832005

Anyone else find it strange that yearbook anon is mysteriously speaking up barely even what, a week after we had someone claim to read the threads that knew her in school? I bet it's the same person and she found the yearbook while going through shaytard withdrawals and decided to post about it.

No. 1832008

Idk if it is just me but this is maybe the only picture I have ever seen of her that I thought she looks “pretty” in, or at least like a normal person. I know she’s a kid and I’m not trying to be weird. But just everything posted online is so posed or without a genuine expression, and now she’s fat and ruined her face and appearance. This looks like a person who is normal enough that you wouldn’t do a double take

No. 1832012

I don’t think that original anon who admitted being obsessive could have withheld the urge to post this stuff for years. I think it’s a new person

No. 1832014

Not just you. It's just a huge difference from what we see now. She has friends, she's out of the house doing something, she's posing without the intent to look sexy, she looks like she's having fun. She looks normal. She was never going to be a beauty queen but here she looks like an average young woman with a whole life ahead of her. It would be sad if she didn't deserve every bit of what she has.

No. 1832015

Stalker anon said she was never coming back and probably just didn't want to be made fun of for returning kek. It would be easy to pretend not to know how to sage

No. 1832024

This genuinely makes me sad, Hair was thick, she looked full of life. Shit. Wow.

No. 1832028

She's probably talking about bowls, nonna.

No. 1832033

But showing your Facebook profile picture is really amateur. But you are right that the timing is suspicious

No. 1832035

Assuming she sleeps roughly 8 hours, she would be smoking 15+ times in her 16 awake hours.

Are there any weed anons who could translate how much this would cost daily (I know she didn’t say how much she is smoking each tome, but any estimates on price?)

No. 1832037

damn thats some instant karma for ya. that profile pic is super recognizable. hope you didnt have that picture up long on your facebook because net crawlers will have already linked it to your name/profile forever when they google you. also kek at people telling her to nuke her fucking wedding photo. you dun fucked up nona. not that it really matters but it will probably be easy to shayna to figure out who you are. she lurks frequently.

No. 1832040

There are all averages but:

- Weed usually sold by the Eighth (3.5 grams)
- Eighth of weed is Seattle is $28
- $8 per gram
- Bowl of weed is usually a quarter gram
- 15 bowls a day x 0.25 = 3.75 grams a day
- 3.75 grams a x $8 per gram = $30 a day

So on average, her addiction costs her $210 a week or $840 a month. I think this is just another sign she’s doing bad financially. I think if money wasnt an issue she wouldnt be cutting back.

No. 1832041

Add in Shayna buying “fancy strains” and dumb shit like weed cereals, and other edibles to show off at the dispensary. And Id say when Shayna feels comfortable with her money shes probably averaging $1000 a month on weed alone.

No. 1832042

This person didn’t really do anything embarrassing, I don’t see any reason people should be looking her up. I guess Shayna could I.D her but regardless this person doesn’t have anything to be worried about, because they didn’t do anything?

No. 1832043

Yeah ngl, I'm sad from this, lol.

No. 1832045

apologies to the nona bringing in minor milk, shouldn't have been banned/red texted, that was mb. the ban has been removed, and I removed the photo with your pfp posted. Please don't report people bringing new content like this if it's unsaged. In the future, please type 'sage' without the '' in the email field when posting to not bump the thread to the first page.

No. 1832046

I never said people were going to look her up. I don’t think they posted enough info for a random nona to find them. I said posting her profile picture in the threads will make it a lot easier for SHAYNA to find her regardless if she nukes her profile picture (changing it the same day milk spilled will be another obvious giveaway). Shayna would have every reason to look into why some random she knows IRL is posting screenshots of her underage from her yearbook. I like the milk but shits kinda creepy NGL and I’d probably be embarrassed if Shayna called me out over it. Shayna has the high ground here.

No. 1832048

oh boo. the farms suck these days.

No. 1832051

autism detected. who fuckin cares enough to track down a random anon who forgot to crop out her profile pic. this thread is about shayna

No. 1832052

Wait Mod… so you’re willing to remove pictures from the threads when some dumbass nona forgets to remove her profile picture yet you’ll leave up this post >>1782702
which has Shayna’s current full address up (this is called doxxing incase you didnt know and is illegal) for 2 months now? And may I remind you people used that dox from this website to send nudes to her landlords and almost get her evicted? Oh but no, lets protect the random nona who posted underage pics of Shayna from their yearbook. Wouldnt wanna spoil the milk yall. Make it make sense.

No. 1832056

Almost get her evicted? Wasn’t Shayna bragging about how much her landlord loved her and how supportive they were of her e-whoring? Who the fuck cares

No. 1832057

File: 1684736866167.png (115.33 KB, 566x563, Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 12.2…)

why do you keep making emphasis on the fact she was underage in those pics??? shayna was already a tumblr influencer at that age. the pics posted were the exact same shit she posted to her tumblr. shayna literally did whoring shit underage… nona is not the creep because she posted yearbook pics. the luna slater threads have random yearbook photos all the time to make fun of her. shayna posts throwbacks to her underage tumblr shit all the time too.
it's not like we don't know she looked like that, nonas posts comparison pics of that all the time. lurk more because the pics posted are no different than her shay-gnar photos

No. 1832059

That poster is not a regular user of this website and was bringing milk. I don’t see anything wrong with the farmhand being courteous towards her. Doxing is not illegal, retard.

No. 1832060

Still baffling that she can afford to pay rent for a $2k+ a month apartment

No. 1832079

aah like those pipe things? okay so I guess a tea spoon of weed x 15 isn't a lot.

No. 1832081

samefag never mind, a tea spoon of weed seems pretty expensive.

No. 1832083

no need to bring the twitterfag lingo

No. 1832104

Bizarre that yearbook anons profile pic screenshot got deleted when I've been lurking threads for years and this happens all the time and it's never been deleted before. Random people constantly post their profile pics by mistake across various threads. Why was this anon given special treatment?

No. 1832112

To not scare the milk away, perhaps? The context of other anons leaving their profile pics up is different.

No. 1832117

Do you want the milk or not, omg?

No. 1832120


A teaspoon? Quit being a dork

15 bowls a day is a lot and her bong is fucking filthy from what I remember seeing

No. 1832121

Yeah I’m not stalker anon. I would never let a person like shayna live in my head rent free like that nor would I ever try to reconnect with a pedophile especially if I was “having a baby” I will likely never post here again because I clearly do not know what I’m doing and am not cut out to be using the internet like this. I lurk every so often for the laughs. Thank you farmhand for fixing my mistake

No. 1832123

With some one who caters to pedophiles*

No. 1832124

Thanks for the milk! I knew Shayna was telling fabricated sob stories about her past. She likes to play the victim card a lot despite being privileged.

So, any high school reunions coming up?

No. 1832128

there is a bug where one cant delete posts now bc the passwords changes even if you use the same browser, that might be why? Happened to me in a different thread

No. 1832134

Thank you, yearbook-Chan for the fresh milk. The photos are depressing considering her life choices, does anyone else in the community you lived in know about Shays current life choices? I apologize on behalf of the weirdly displaced anger anon. >>1832037 I never understand the Nonas that cry for milk then get upset when it arrives.

No. 1832135

I’m not sure to be honest. When I brought it up in conversation to a younger sibling of mine who went to the same school but a grade below us they expressed that they did know and was disgusted by her content and that their friend group knew about it as well. From what I can tell their friend groups thought it was comical and unsurprising.
Not sure if any reunions. I have no desire to go. Our vocational school was a breeding ground for losers and mean girls. I’m lucky I left for college and never came back

No. 1832136

So you've seen her boils?

No. 1832137

Oh yeah. Wicked gross. I can’t imagine how embarrassing it must be to know that your classmates have seen your blown out junk

No. 1832138

This pleases me. Thank you for your contribution.

No. 1832140

Did her teeth shift? They were never perfect but her HS show a more even looking smile with a wider palette. Or is it just the fat?

No. 1832141

She’s always had fucked up teeth

No. 1832143

I agree. People who go to vocational schools are trashy af. Only losers don’t go to college(derailing)

No. 1832145

Welcome back, trashyanon

No. 1832146

That's a reach. People don't need college to be successful, and it doesn't make anyone a loser. Grow up anon

No. 1832147

Ah the sweet sweet autism that only shayna's threads contain. The college nonna was obviously baiting.

No. 1832168

Weak bait, your microplastic rants were much better 2/10

No. 1832205

Idk a lot of times someone who knows a cow irl shows up they turn out to be an even milkier cow

No. 1832207

This is exactly why I think it shouldn't be deleted. Also imagine the milk if shayna was able to recognise them kek

No. 1832228

Well it’s deleted so you unhinged nonas can make up whatever theories you want about the highschool anon! Just do it in /shay/ and not here because the majority of us would rather not scare away someone bringing milk.

No. 1832229

Spergs like you are the reason we never get any new milk. Quit trying to make cows out of every new anon that comes by.
>Imagine the milk
All that would happen is Shayna would whine about high school bullies and stalkers to her five cookers and we'd lose an ACTUAL source. This happens every damn time someone that recognises her from school comes here.

No. 1832252

I am 100 percent scared now

No. 1832253

She’s been awfully quiet the last 24 hours. I wonder if it’s because of the withdrawals?

No. 1832257

Guessing she’s pretty scared and anxious. Not necessarily just about the surgery itself but it’s gonna take awhile to heal and there goes her source of income for a whole month or more. That on top of not being able to smoke or drink pre surgery.

No. 1832312

File: 1684779477689.png (11.31 KB, 774x233, Capture.PNG)

and then everyone clapped

No. 1832319


nice one shay, as a single female living alone while conducting illegal business out of her apartment you totally want to create friction between yourself and the men who frequent the building with nothing to lose

No. 1832321

File: 1684780427380.jpeg (97.38 KB, 1170x634, IMG_2502.jpeg)

Always gotta make something about you, huh Shay? And what about when you were being abusive to Fupa while you were drunk?

No. 1832323

File: 1684780501217.jpeg (71.9 KB, 1170x876, IMG_2503.jpeg)

Why not tell the building manager Shay so they can try to help?

No. 1832326

I can’t with this fucking bitch. “abuse me daddy!!!!” “no wait not like that, that’s abusive!!! internet, can u believe this man ABUSED me? pls buy me a cheemsburger to make me feel better”

No. 1832327

Dude is she retarded? "Next time I see my neighbor, whose obviously in an abusive situation, I'm gonna make a point to embarrass her about her shitty dog partner instead of offering her support" kween of feminism and uplifting other women, Shayna.

No. 1832332

Nta but it was fun while it lasted. I hate that a few retards itt have to ruin this for everyone. They sound like the same anons who alleged during the Ireland trip that Shay's stepsister was an anachan thot and they felt so bad for poor, dumpy Ratna. I wish jannies would do something about milk obstruction nonas. Everyone else isn't allowed to have fun because a few freaks itt identify with Shay.

Shit that never happened.

No. 1832334

Why wouldn't she just fucking call the police

No. 1832341

Idk if it happened but if it did it contradicts this >>1831726 lol

No. 1832342

because it never happened and she wants to seem like a savior. if it did happen imagine being shayna's neighbor and having your abuse aired out on her sex work twitter account

No. 1832344

File: 1684781344790.jpeg (91.62 KB, 750x1334, 8B23CED8-77B0-4BFD-9478-7D1464…)

it sounds like she wants you to leave"


No. 1832351

>idk if it happened
You must be a newfag. She constantly makes up stories like this and nothing she says is true. This is just one of the more surprising ones.

No. 1832352

“hey i know you’re dealing with an abusive situation and under a great deal of stress but i just want you to know that your abusive partner hit on me.” shut the fuck up, shay.

No. 1832356

So instead if calling the police. Shayna directly involved herself in this and plans on telling an obviously abused woman that her scrote flirts with her. Does she think that will help? And if she doesn't leave that scrote then shayna will be like
>I told her he flirted with me a she stayed, wow!
Then posting this online, she does not know what situation this woman is dealing with. She could be making it worse. Then comparing a woman being screamed at whole a baby cries, to her and fupaul is sick.
Shayna admitted multiple times she wanted him to be nice when she was mean, they were probably screaming at eachother like the shitty people they are. Even if this is fake it's a new low for shayna

No. 1832357

Also she lives alone. What if she tells the lady and she tells her scrote and he tries to harm her? She really isn't thinking this through

No. 1832358

Why would he act like he knows you shayna?

No. 1832361

I know she makes shit up but none of us can prove it. We can't say 100% that we know.

No. 1832362

Tbh the police can be detrimental in these situations, I think if she really wanted to help she’d offer the woman and her baby a place to stay until they can find a women’s shelter or DV org that will help her get a different place from the scrote. Maybe arrange an “accidental” death for the scrote KEK.

No. 1832363

File: 1684783161461.jpeg (69.31 KB, 1170x555, IMG_2505.jpeg)

No. 1832364

If he’s “been hitting on her for months” why hasn’t she ever brought it up before?

No. 1832365


No. 1832372

Nonnas imagine being an abused woman and some weird neighbour comes over after hearing a fight. You're thankful…until she invites you into her disgusting pet hair and door dash trash apartment. Thr neighbor then leads you and your baby into her kiddie rape porn room, kicking used, dog chewed diodes off the floor as she goes. You lie on the bed with your baby and your offered a once-pink, stained blanket with stars on it to cover up with.

Would truly be the lowers point of life by far.

No. 1832385

I wonder if it's the same guy from this post >>1738424. Maybe not but maybe cause why wouldn't she post about this dude flirting with her before? She posted about someone ordering water from McDonald's once she posts about every little thing.

No. 1832392

thank u for the milk, you are a good sport and a cutie ♥

No. 1832401

Fuck off whiteknight

No. 1832402

>That poster is not a regular user of this website
you literally can only know that if you're a janny
>I don’t see anything wrong with the farmhand being courteous
lmfao stfu janny
the fucking courteous lolcow janny, that's fucking hilarious, guess not every mistake is forever huh?(take it to /meta/)

No. 1832404

This is such a good point she would have mentioned him if the pos glanced her way

No. 1832405

Yeah shayna this totally isn’t something you made up that coincides with your weird “stealing daddy” fantasies

No. 1832408

underrated comment

No. 1832414

oh my god are you still going on with this? what’ll shut you up, janny re-posting it?

No. 1832417

first time I've posted in the thread today actually, but congrats on further sharting up the thread with me, stupid

No. 1832420

They're not the only one. Random people accidentally post their profile pics all the time and this is the first time I've seen it deleted, yet other stuff is still up in past threads.

No. 1832422

No. 1832423

File: 1684789069124.jpeg (148.44 KB, 1170x922, F482247D-8B3C-4A12-94EA-E384FC…)

No. 1832425

you don’t get involved in a DV situation like that, you fucking retard. all Shatna did was make it worse for that woman now. I bet that poor woman got beaten within an inch of her life after Shat intervened.

No. 1832444

My sides oh wow this got me

No. 1832464

Also are we supposed to believe the same woman who claims they want to die over twitter drama, jumps out the car because a disagreement with her mom and 90% of the time subs other sex workers because she's afraid of directly confronting them, heard her neighbor being screamed at and decided too go over there and say something?
Yeah, I doubt it. She had a breakdown over a scrote yelling at her over Ellen scraping his car.
Shayna probably heard some shit but didn't say anything then made a story up.
It's not like her neighbor will see it. I'm supposed to believe shayna clifford would put herself in harms way because of a woman?
Yeah, whatever shayna. Thanks for spewing some woman's personal buiness online, knowing that your real name.is connected to your threads.
What if you are putting this woman and child in more danger?

No. 1832474

File: 1684793478760.jpeg (78.81 KB, 1170x580, IMG_2508.jpeg)

No. 1832503

You’re good anon! Don’t worry much. I’d just advice you to remember 1. Write the word Sage in the email field before posting, and 2. Double check the images you post, if you ever chose to again. Thank you for the milk!

No. 1832506

and maybe there isn't a woman and a child, maybe it's all in her head to get some credit for being a "strong woman". She has been whining about her withdrawal symptoms for days now, do we really believe that she left her flat to help another human?

No. 1832511

What happened to "minding her own business"? >>1831726

No. 1832537

Retarded self projection.
Her dumbass is okay with polyamory because her "partners" are ugly 3/10s that rarely get anyone but she keeps them around for all the Dollar General handouts in exchange for them getting an easy to reach fill of musty fat girl sex because it's better than nothing.

I'm chuckling at the fact that Shayna realistically has never even made Ellen cum, yet ole Dresel still splurges on $14 pharmacy flowers and shitty free admission days at the local aquarium.

…but we already know all this.

No. 1832544

File: 1684801069379.jpeg (53.03 KB, 1170x762, IMG_2511.jpeg)

No. 1832548

That sounds like a nightmare. Imagine how easy it would be for moids to traffic women or to abuse them with such a service.
This idiot really throws the most retarded ideas that her high ass Can think of in order to go viral.

No. 1832551

not to mention the liabilities for the homeowners. my god, the cleaning fee alone.

No. 1832559

File: 1684803462153.jpeg (89.12 KB, 1170x1002, IMG_2510.jpeg)

No. 1832562

Why the fuck is she in “pain” from quitting weed? Nausea I understand. But she’s doing too much.

No. 1832563

Do people have their names attached under the doorbells in US? Even if not I’m sure Shay makes noise while filming, reeks of weed and alcohol and her retarded animals bark and meow anxiously. There must be some gossip or suspicion among her neighbors. Simple google search for “shayna sex worker” reveals her threads. Way to play a SJW when your name attached to a pedo porn. I doubt she knocked on her neighbor door, maybe she was annoyed and banged on the wall and yelled “can you stop the noise pweeeeze?!” And heard the scrote yelling “look what you’ve done!”

No. 1832567

yeah they’re called roadside motels where you can rent a prostitute and buy drugs.

No. 1832568

File: 1684804013938.jpeg (175.79 KB, 1170x1422, IMG_2516.jpeg)

Oh so we’re still blaming the meds Shay?

No. 1832570

I’ve never seen names on doorbells but I’ve never lived in an apartment. In some areas people put the residents names on their mailboxes but Shayna probably has a community mailbox instead of a private one.

No. 1832576

Why is she acting like her drinking, eating and snack drawer didn't cause the extreme weight gain? Not for ONE mintue can she take responsibility. Also her metabolism she didn't stop eating how she did when she was thin and bragging, then she started drinking more. That's why you are so big now. She's going to be 300 pounds still blaming anti depressants and fupual for her weight gain.
Nothing is ever her fault or in her control. She just started getting fat and it didn't stop.

No. 1832593

Nona my sides kek, when I get a chance I’ll make a photoshopped pick of someone being tucked in by shat with Dildoes on the floor and post into /shay/
Ew. I can’t imagine the actual kinks terfs having to deal with these fucking pedopandering low lives. Imagine being actually into the kink shit but having these OF hoes hijacking your convention. I feel like a majority of the attendees aren’t into that DDLG bullshit.

No. 1832594

I was just going to say in someone's car. She isn't worth the money for a room.

No. 1832595

File: 1684807978441.jpeg (103.67 KB, 750x975, 17C84320-0465-4C1C-94BA-3F2C28…)

AKA no one wants you or fat ass ellen. who would want to date to dumpy, lonely women who act like retarded babies

No. 1832610

I think the mod deleted it because the site has been glitching and didn’t allow for that nona to delete it herself, seeing as she tried. In the past, when working, others failed to delete their post within the 30 min cutoff. I think this is a heavily modded thread so luck would have it that a mod decided to be nice since, once again, the site has been glitching/double posting, etc.

No. 1832611

hilarious that she says this like a couple months after the Shane saga. you weren't that satisfied when you were having a mental breakdown bc a guy didn't text you back right away.

No. 1832618

Or it could be just a childish abusive scrote with anger issues who doesn’t know how to deal with a screaming infant… they are a dime a dozen. With a baby in the apartment, cheating is probably the last thing that woman is thinking about.
No way Shayna knocked on their door, if she did then she’s even stupider than I thought. If this entire situation even happened. That is not the way to de-escalate a domestic violence situation.

No. 1832827

File: 1684849214077.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 142.34 KB, 1170x1572, 40447078-E002-4CA5-8E86-A1F0CD…)


No. 1832846

Ignoring the absolutely vile face she’s pulling here, those god damn nails are absolutely horrendous! The colour is disgusting I can’t believe she paid for them.

No. 1832847

Ugliest cryptid I’ve ever seen.

No. 1832858

It's giving bubonic plague rat
>felt cute, might wipe out 14th century europe later

No. 1832869

That’s right shayna really emphasize those nasolabial folds

No. 1832870

She doesn’t even take her meds anymore so what’s up with the recent gain then?

No. 1832871

Shayna you fat slob, antidepressants alone can’t make you gain weight. only FOOD can make you gain weight.

I hate this shit, it discourages people from getting help

No. 1832874

Shayna you fat slob, antidepressants alone can’t make you gain weight. only FOOD can make you gain weight.

I hate this shit, it discourages people from getting help

No. 1832893

>telling me how pretty my body is & how much better i look than i used 2


No. 1832906

What the fuck is this face, kek. It's like that cop in Scary Movie that had the hat that got progressively larger - her AGP is migrating to the side of her face until it falls right off.

No. 1832912

Lmao underrated post

No. 1832913

File: 1684863280154.jpeg (113.25 KB, 1170x1257, IMG_2521.jpeg)

And this is why you are always in debt Shay

No. 1832916

If she's so worried about being out of work for a month, why the fuck is she buying more pink crap? $88??? Are you forreal?

No. 1832918

The absolute state of her skin is wiiiild.
She’s looking like the meth heads who hang around the gas stations looking for cigarette butts to smoke on kek

No. 1832919

This might be the ugliest pic I've seen of her yet

No. 1832920

File: 1684864215226.jpeg (91.77 KB, 1170x1117, IMG_2522.jpeg)

No. 1832932

well beyond the point, but god damn that bag looks so fucking shitty and cheap I thought it was a bootleg, tf sanrio?

No. 1832934

How is she not embarrassed to be seen like this? She can't even take an additional 2 seconds to cover her zits after filtering her skin into oblivion??

No. 1832943

No wonder she's always nauseous and sick… Who the fuck needs coffee and ~breffast~ that often if they can't afford it? And she's already so fat. Jesus, I don't even drink coffee and rarely eat in the morning but fuckin hell. She needs some self control or to stop showing how broke she is.

No. 1832947

And you know she's getting the sugary shit,and for "breffast" something with no nutritional value. Big Shay can't even make some instant (black) coffee with honey or brown sugar and a bowl of musli…

No. 1832954

Nonna you made me chortle

No. 1832962

File: 1684868656110.jpeg (35.28 KB, 750x584, F19C273E-DCD4-4D9F-8B0B-4B63E0…)

anyone want to take one for the team and watch this?

No. 1832963

It's probably French toast or pancakes drenched in whipped cream, butter and syrup,too. And her coffee with about 5 creamers and sugar,whipped cream, caramel as well I'm assuming. She's so gross.

No. 1832965

>air bnb for sex workers
…like a hotel? kek

No. 1832968

she deleted the tweet, she said she should wait until the weekend when more people are around. she won't do it anyway.

No. 1832978

What’s stopping her from doing it on both days, how lazy can one bitch get

No. 1832979

She didn’t do it. Fat pig doesn’t go through with anything

No. 1832989

File: 1684873671662.png (291.03 KB, 750x1334, 07663B88-579B-418A-8ED3-D8CB55…)

she's live kek

No. 1832991

ah i’m so stupid i almost joined before i saw that it shows who’s watching

No. 1832993

her face is so yellow compared to the rest of her kek

No. 1832996

File: 1684874248559.png (278.69 KB, 750x1334, E478FFFA-3689-4BE4-BB89-B28CD2…)

everytime she leans into the camera you can hear her fat girl breathing

No. 1832998

File: 1684874378581.png (322.26 KB, 750x1334, C1778C49-8695-4E3C-B1C9-47F2FE…)

No. 1833000

Kek somebody please record this for archival purposes if possible, would love to see this mess in motion.

No. 1833002

Im currently recording my phone with my webcam. Where do upload this crap when the show is over nonas? Thanks in advance.

No. 1833003

File: 1684874716989.png (331.28 KB, 750x1334, A1A536A2-1CAA-4E71-812B-859E01…)

she's so crusty

No. 1833004

Most anons either convert to .webm's and upload in multiple parts or make a burner Dropbox account with a publicly viewable link, check meta if you need more assistance

No. 1833005

Who would take makeup notes from diabetus mattel?

No. 1833006

So far she's not saying anything milky or interesting. She's commenting on dad rock playing in the background, vaguely explaining how to apply fake eyelashes, talking about the weather and how the weather was back home. she wants to badly to be an influencer but has absolutely nothing interesting to say. Also wasn't she supposed to be quitting weed? She's toking from her vape every 2 minutes.

No. 1833007

jesus her skin is so crusty, the foundation around her nose, her lips being dry.. she looks so dehydrated. Looks like she doesn't use any lotions or serums what soever.

No. 1833008

She vapes too? Damn. It's like she can't exist sober.

No. 1833009

its hilarious how she cant breathe through her nose. anytime she cant mouth breathe, she loudly tries to suck air through her nose but it sounds congested.

No. 1833011

she is looking really rough and dehydrated

No. 1833013

she blocked me, probably will block some other nonas as well

No. 1833014

File: 1684875446317.png (331.57 KB, 750x1334, A461A3DD-1EDE-43E0-A42D-418358…)

she's a huge bitch

No. 1833015

Kek was there a reason? Did your account look fake / like a bot or stalker account?

No. 1833016

File: 1684875503443.jpg (190.02 KB, 1440x1920, shay.jpg)

No. 1833017

File: 1684875553289.jpg (155.67 KB, 1080x1907, lol.jpg)

No. 1833018

File: 1684875586166.jpg (183.26 KB, 1080x1923, babybimbo.jpg)

No. 1833019

File: 1684875632335.jpg (191 KB, 1080x1913, shay.jpg)

No. 1833020

File: 1684875653462.jpg (166.75 KB, 1080x1920, shay2.jpg)

No. 1833021

Holy fuck Shay invest in some retinol damn.

No. 1833024

No. 1833026

from the photos shown thats a nicotine vape, is she actually hitting a dab pen? can anynonny tell me?

No. 1833027

File: 1684876172526.png (365.88 KB, 750x1334, F509AB15-CE17-446B-8468-A78F7E…)

halloween mask

No. 1833028

she’s one of those girls who cannot fathom having a pink undertone, so they constantly buy yellow and warm tone foundations.

No. 1833029

File: 1684876300460.jpg (23.82 KB, 450x543, RuffPup.jpg)

lmao loving these HD caps, thanks nonnie

No. 1833030

Wow she looks rough. Not saying looking 30+ is bad or anything, but she definitely looks older than she is.

No. 1833031

the sunken in eyebags really add to the look

No. 1833032

File: 1684876555945.png (331.84 KB, 750x1334, 094C66F8-43B7-4759-9C5C-4E6A51…)

she didn't use a single product on her lips at all. they look so dry and gross

No. 1833033

>my professor loved my presentation on you

what the ever living fuck

No. 1833034

And then she touched her dog and cat and started picking her nose with those awful nails.

No. 1833035

File: 1684876734439.png (319.68 KB, 750x1334, 145A52CF-C32C-4BC8-B066-4455D1…)

yellow teeth

No. 1833037

File: 1684876823637.jpg (198.14 KB, 1080x1721, 20230523_231125.jpg)

>retard dog comes begging to be let out
>the ogre tries to put a bow on her head instead of meeting her basic needs
>Noodle wants none of it and tries to push the ogre's clawed hand away
>Shayna proceeds to confuse the dog further by rapidly switching the bow from side to side of her head
No Shayna, your dog doesn't want the bow or to shake your dirty clawed hand. She wants to be let out.

No. 1833038

File: 1684876842816.jpeg (59.09 KB, 828x1338, 874DBE03-3C3F-47D8-A892-2E076A…)

Honestly nonnie, with her cough, lung issues and complaints, skin complexion, etc.
Going to 97% guarantee its a nicotine vape.

No. 1833039

File: 1684876892703.jpg (25.85 KB, 430x499, 20230523_232242.jpg)

Free her

No. 1833042


No. 1833043

File: 1684876970568.jpg (214.46 KB, 1080x1877, 20230523_231136.jpg)

No. 1833046

File: 1684877054632.png (298.76 KB, 750x1334, 03DEF2B1-771D-4D22-928F-3C71A8…)

do you think she's got some kind of thyroid issues? her neck was looking fat

No. 1833047

I think a big thing with stoners is they know any lip product they put on is just gonna rub off as soon as they hit the vape/joint/bong so after a while they just give up and it stops becoming routine look after their lips or put on product unless taking a picture. Her crusty lips are the sacrifice she makes to be able to smoke 24/7

No. 1833049

probably swollen from all the sodium she eats and 0 water she drinks

No. 1833050

the nicotine vape is probably why she feels so sick and nauseous quitting weed, along with the alcohol abuse. like yea quitting weed is gonna make you sick but so will vaping.

No. 1833052

I wonder in her minds eye what does these Bow hairstyles look like for her? Does she really think she looks like a cutesy barbie bimbo? Or they make her look young? I never get the attraction she has to slapping these bows on her head in these dog hairstyles. I really wonder of some people think she's mentally delayed or giggle internally.

No. 1833053

File: 1684877250957.jpg (15.89 KB, 357x346, Screenshot_20230523_222324.jpg)

The thumbnail Instagram chose is fucking foul lmao

No. 1833056

File: 1684877353122.png (346.39 KB, 750x1334, 3D59055B-8BC4-44A0-8D44-E6DC93…)

here's a SS of that person talking about their presentation on shayna

No. 1833059

File: 1684877517947.jpeg (101.66 KB, 750x944, F99AA264-5BF3-43BD-876D-BCB924…)

No. 1833066

NTYRT, but there is definitely a difference between posting photos Shayna released herself when she was underaged versus posting unseen photos of her during highschool she never made public. I can see how some anons think it's creepy.

No. 1833067

I wonder if that tard came to any of her threads for research on the presentation. Imagine lolcow on the works cited kek

No. 1833068

File: 1684878350013.png (350.74 KB, 750x1334, 20323919-5D21-423F-8B11-028B42…)

I just watched the end of her live and she’s wearing a different tank top here, I’m confused kek

No. 1833070

File: 1684878461426.png (344.72 KB, 750x1334, E038F9C2-A29F-459F-95D7-6DBF39…)

No. 1833074

File: 1684878767350.png (399.46 KB, 750x1334, 9E8BBD3C-4743-40F8-8C37-E29367…)

No. 1833076

File: 1684878837400.png (377.5 KB, 750x1334, 219D9E33-7F23-4EB0-B434-4D912A…)

No. 1833077

File: 1684878898863.jpeg (128.89 KB, 750x1334, F7569B32-7403-4020-8134-B30496…)

No. 1833080

She's feeling so high on the minimal IGlive attention right now that she'll come lurk with her smug hog face wondering what the "haters" have to say about her wholesomely amazing super engaging and unique makeup vlog just to see her crusty stills. Then she'll go crying to twitter about how everyone is out to get her and she's just a little dumb bimbo spreading positivism and victim-hood. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1833081

File: 1684879640904.jpeg (68.75 KB, 750x805, 08970E4F-760F-43A0-BA37-7E25E9…)

get ready ladies

No. 1833085

Locking it in, Breast implant replacement.

No. 1833090

Cant wait to see the title “im getting surgery”
And it just explains how as a sex worker, shes been made to ruin her body and now she has to have her anus fixed and thats somehow why she isnt “buttstuff barbie” anymore kek

No. 1833092

A part of me has been convinced that it’s tit surgery because of the dedicated necrotit nonas and their evidence, but a small voice keeps echoing “but the mayochup” and I need to listen to her. I trust my gut even when Shat probably shouldn’t trust hers

No. 1833095

Couldnt figure this shit out cause the files were so big. Only place I figure out where to upload was filebin. You should be able to click the files and instantly watch without downloading.



No. 1833096

thank you for your service nonny

No. 1833099

File: 1684881093472.png (159.33 KB, 659x689, ruff.png)

Not a flattering angle for our girl.

No. 1833104

please tell me you edited this screencap nona

No. 1833118

File: 1684882290568.jpg (59.13 KB, 509x907, noted.jpg)

Two interesting things overheard:

1. Shayna says she is an expert at picking off her own fake nails and will pick them all off if one breaks
2. Shayna says she was traumatized by girls on Tumblr saying she had ramen noodle hair.

No. 1833119

I swear I remember someone doing a class presentation on her in the past but I can’t remember when. I’m pretty sure she was interviewed for it or something but I can’t remember the point of the presentation.

No. 1833127

thank you to the nonas who captured the live, but I wonder how many people she went through and blocked. Feels like a honeypot. If Shayna knows about the threads, why would she do a grwm knowing that most of the farmers are other women for any other reason? is shay really that stupid? she really has a humiliation fetish?

No. 1833128

Nona are you new? Shayna knows that nonas are watching. She just has to keep going. I think her biggest issues with her doing lives, is she expects an certain number/amount of attention and when she doesn't get that she feels she "Fails".
I don't even think she cares if Farmers watch as long as they don't say crazy shit.