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File: 1720268538792.jpg (255.78 KB, 1000x898, shaybese.jpg)

No. 2011841

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1998168

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26-year-old failing prostitute, pornsick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid-filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents’ help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:
>starts out with a spiral, as usual >>1998178
>admits she doesn't have money for rent and bills >>1998242, >>1998253
>john revealed, anons speculate her and sophie went on a trip with him >>1998389, >>1998390
>new cow photos dropped, rehashing an idea dozens of girls have done before >>1998509, >>1998606
>old tumblr was deleted, luckily the farm remembers >>1998880
>sissy inspired look, the "boyfriend" is really rubbing off on her >>1998932
>bleakness update for may >>1999167
>ill fitting, confusing, cheap black co-ord posted >>1999182
>pours sugary coffee creamer all over herself >>1999402
>still ends up heading to the east coast to visit family >>1999475
>new porn with sarah gregory, madam sarah is fully clothed while shat is naked and hogtied >>1999937, >>1999939
>our thriving queen receives a wopping tip of 80 cents >>2000457
>well meaning father buys the dehydrated bitch a water bottle >>2001079
>visits with colleen >>2002261, >>2002262, recreating a photo from tumblr >>2002263
>hypocritical shat hates on "SWers" for doing the same thing she used to do >>2002876
>posts her most confusing outfit to date >>2002902, >>2002910
>big shat didn't think she'd live til 27, needs to make big decisions about her life >>2003148
>wants to go to vegas again, baiting the shinybound scrote with velvet underwear >>2003238
>doesn't want to go back to renton, i mean seattle >>2003602
>considers quitting "sexwork" and starting some sort of sidegig >>2003882
>more rapey "fantasies" >>2004568, >>2004569
>looking forlorn on a date with a potential john >>2004931
>posts about how she definitely really actually has ehlers danlos syndrome >>2005322
>phone plan is dependent on a boyfriend yet again, she never learns >>2005694
>interview porn drops >>2006217, >>2006219
>posts her rolls in stunning HD >>2006230
>shinyscrote photos drop >>2007098, >>2007100, >>2007102
>bleakness update for june >>2009620
>new goff cheerleader video drops, marionette lines looking like crazy >>2010064
>filmed a porn with a gross black scrote >>2010292, >>2010293, >>2010314
>scrote was looking to film with BBW >>2010323
>extends her stay in vegas >>2010719
>ethical captions gross photos of her sissy boyfriend >>2011303, >>2011304
>wears baby blue after anons say its her color >>2011649
>anndd back to seattle for the end of the thread >>2011750

New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@theirlbarbie

No. 2011842

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No. 2011853

thanks op

No. 2011877

File: 1720277527099.jpeg (817.48 KB, 1242x1338, B636D31B-70D4-45F8-A2DC-A7B762…)

She looks so comical

No. 2011878

File: 1720277565804.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1689, 64605105-57E1-4CFF-B877-F821E2…)

Fat bitch can’t afford drinks and a snack

No. 2011879

File: 1720277688042.jpeg (378.53 KB, 1242x1255, A495B350-D40A-4C55-A252-51E6AF…)

Imagine being almost in your 30s with no real job education and you’re associated with grown men wearing diapers and have an ugly man in wigs living in your apartment when your gone to film retard porn

No. 2011883

Has she lost weight or is it just angles?

No. 2011884

Angles and filters. She was fat as fuck in the latest MV video.

No. 2011886

i'm dying at her literally begging in the gate with no life in her eyes

No. 2011910

File: 1720282148083.png (Spoiler Image,738.83 KB, 960x540, pork_joint.png)

More images from her shoot with the shiny scrote.

No. 2011911

Begging Shayna to not be so fucking vexed by the appearance of literally any other non-ugly woman on her social media so she can get styling inspiration from normal women her own age. Her styling makes my teeth clench. The effects of having no ordinary female friends is fucking her up.

No. 2011912

File: 1720282341553.mp4 (Spoiler Image,7.64 MB, 1280x720, Dollys ShinyBound Debut Shinyb…)

Here's the preview video
She just gets hog tied while making pig noises.
I was able to rip it but it doesn't have sound

No. 2011927

File: 1720283445528.jpg (216 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20240706-172854.jpg)

>18 & 19 years old
I think the Shiny Bound scrote needs a trip to Specsavers. She has such a mature face, even when she actually was 18-19 she looked years older

No. 2011935

further confirmation that moids who say stupid and pedophilic shit online have their entire worldview informed by porn. imagine how many women in porn are advertising themselves as "barely legal" when they're well into legal years on top of living a lifestyle that wreaks havoc on the psyche and body. now "18 and 19 year olds" in porn look "too old" to them

No. 2011940

eugh, how many others have drooled and gotten their fluids all over that carpet and why do i feel it's never been cleaned

No. 2011991

There's studies about how bad financial stress is for people. She has to beg for money every single time she does something unless she's with someone who's going to pay for it instead. No wonder she looks old and dead inside.

No. 2012034

Can't wait for her to get her get home, make a depressed tweet, make a tweet about money being scary. Make a tweet about crying, make a tweet about crying & not being able to put on make up for a prostitution date. Then announcing in a few days she's going to Vegas/somewhere else again.
It's funny, she has all these AMAZING relationships at home that she doesn't want to leave, but she leaves her animals/Ellen/Femboy almost every other week and never wants to come home. I'm waiting for the "Moving to Vegas" Scamfund announcement. Moving isn't going to change anything Shayna.
You'll just be depressed with less stable relationships/fucking different randos every other day, and get into more drama.

No. 2012065

File: 1720302719221.jpeg (375.27 KB, 711x640, 2865E862-8DF2-4AAB-9A0E-45192A…)

That outfit does NOT fit her kek her thighs are bursting out of those stockings. The bar is so low nonnas thought she looked decent

No. 2012066

File: 1720302880982.jpeg (33.3 KB, 180x180, 5471ABD9-8DD7-43FB-BF43-D1054B…)

Her face is so punchable. Those bangs make her look extra retarded. I’ve never seen a woman with bangs like hers KEK

No. 2012071

She does look better because at least her waist is contained.

No. 2012084

She boarded the airplane looking like that?! Jfc. I’d assume she was a crackhead if I saw her in the wild looking like this.

No. 2012085

More like they directed her attention to the adjustable AC fan directly over her head lol

No. 2012086

Those stockings look like they're about to tear at any moment. She grew out of one-size-fits-all elastic clothing…

No. 2012091

True. There's four levels of gunt containment plus the rope.

No. 2012097

It says a lot about how awful her usual style is that this ill-fitting 80s hooker outfit is an improvement over what she normally wears. I've never encountered a woman with such a lack of style. Even women who don't deviate from wearing jeans and t-shirts every day at least get them in the right size and not in their literal worst colour.

No. 2012254


Sex work= not even once. A lot of e-whores in particular have the same problem as shayna. They dress like trannies because that's what their coomers like, and since they have no reason to go outside, all they own is ill fitting coomer shit and no regular clothes.

No. 2012262

Shayna also has the problem that Dolly Mattel isn't just a persona that she uses for sex work, it's her entire life and identity. There aren't times where she takes a break from dressing in ill fitting ham pink outfits to be herself because she has no interests or personality outside sex work.

No. 2012293

do you think it'd be wise for her to share where she goes or if she's in a yoga class or something is farmers could potentially end up harassing her there if they find out where it is or maybe sending her pics to other people?

It's weird that she shares any relationships she's in with Twitter, even if these other people are kinksters but maybe she is smart enough to keep non SW shit out of her twitter.

No. 2012296

>maybe she is smart enough
But she isn't. She overshares and posts anything noteworthy happening in her life to twitter for coomer approval. That's one of the many reasons why she's a cow.

No. 2012308

Uh…this lady will go
>hey moids I tell I want to be raped and killed every few day, I'll be in in this town for this many days with these people!
She even does this with family/trips visit. We've known every time she has visited her parents something she should hide because she posts it. If this girl can't even shut the fuck up about her family visits which should be private I doubt she wouldn't be posting about yoga or any other retarded shit.
She just doesn't live post as much.

No. 2012312

I‘m still amazed at how this whole outfit with the ropes and everything makes it near impossible to tell what’s her front and what’s her back

No. 2012322

File: 1720373636472.jpeg (403.05 KB, 1242x877, F1A6547E-5A7E-4815-918C-70E561…)

Seethe harder washed up bitch.

No. 2012323

File: 1720373700562.jpeg (415.45 KB, 1242x1245, 889E0989-DD61-4EC3-B266-DC4F35…)

>Texan diaper boy
Her “fans” are so embarrassing they’re not even regular moids they’re diaper wearing troons or old crusty trucker men

No. 2012326

I think you need to be good at something at some point to be washed up but she’s not good at anything

No. 2012399

File: 1720388950620.jpg (401.8 KB, 1080x1104, Mu.jpg)

She needs to start a savings account instead of wasting money on makeup that looks like shit on her.

No. 2012409

she's also not popular enough to be considered for that label, nonas could use it to mean that they think that she's just no longer able to pay bills via the porn she "makes"… If you can call mostly just taking fat girl angle photos of yourself that

No. 2012431

Buy blush you lip gloss you retard

No. 2012443

I swear to god every two months when this bitch begs for makeup money there's an eyebrow pencil on the list, who uses up an eyebrow pencil that fast? Is she fucking eating it?

No. 2012462

File: 1720402943151.jpeg (457.16 KB, 1242x1000, 3D92C542-A6F0-44A7-8374-3659C2…)

She is mad she doesnt get engagement

No. 2012463

Since likes are hidden there’s probably more moids liking porn. So she’s probably mad no one likes her kek

No. 2012465

It's because you're ugly Shay. I'm sorry but it's true. She looks bent as fuck lately. She really shouldn't have chosen the path in life that relies so heavily on looks when she immediately decided to get fat and ugly.

No. 2012475

The alcoholic bloat scrotum eyes and winged eye liner combo always make it look like she's permanently squinting. If she's going to spend money on anything it should be a moisturizing eye serum.

No. 2012485

She always draws on those dark ass Sharpie brows so it's unsurprising she goes through brow pencils super fast tbh

No. 2012592

File: 1720442822654.jpeg (527.67 KB, 1170x1167, IMG_1659.jpeg)

The cope

No. 2012595

File: 1720443205866.jpeg (163.29 KB, 1170x335, IMG_0864.jpeg)

You sound like an absolute delight to be around Shay

No. 2012608

Well you look different, for one, Shat. Kek. Also did she just admit that she hasn't had any significant life experiences/personal growth since age 18?? Not the baby bimbo flex she thinks it is

No. 2012633

she's probably being dumb and trying to say that she's young at heart or something but this is just embarrassing. grasping onto the past when it wasn't even a great time screams stunted (18 for her would have been where she was desperate to establish herself as a prostituted idiot). not that I wouldn't peg her as stunted but it's still embarrassing. she was covered in acne back then, too. Why would you long for times when you looked so awkward and were even stupider than you are now?

No. 2012634

I know a boomer who constantly, like multiple times a day, every single damn day whines about shadow bans or being deboosted or x sucking ass. this is not someone who doesn't get interaction. he makes those shitty posts because he has an audience of fellow boomers who will respond to everything he says and it's so lame. tbqh I'd be jealous too. social media fucking sucks
she literally makes a stupidest fucking faces in every single thing she does. It doesn't even communicate that she's enjoying herself, it seems more like a sympathetic response or an involuntary reaction to being uncomfortable. which is weird because I don't think that's her intension. she doesn't know how to fucking behave. she acts like a narcissistic little asshole teenager at 26, it's just so uncomely.

No. 2012639

I truly can not imagine spending 25 dollars on a brow pencil while struggling to pay rent. We can't even fucking see her brows now that she wears bangs. Priorities, I guess.

No. 2012668


To be fair to fat shat, the $25 probably wouldn't have helped much because she's always behind on rent, not someone who fell on hard times this month. She'll probably be able to skate by on handouts for the rest of her pathetic life so there's no real reason for her to budget.

No. 2012669

why would he not just say the safe word? honestly disturbing

No. 2012671

inb4 the moid decides to cut ties with shay and out her as “abusive” on twitter.

No. 2012675

why is this written like a rap?

No. 2012681

"Most of my employed friends go to bed in the evening and wake up in the morning" - the horror!

No. 2012717

it’s amusing how she tries to save it with “I just love my friends and want to hang out with them all the time” when in reality the post is just her whining about how her “friends” aren’t at her beck and call 24/7. sex workers don’t want to be her friend, normal people don’t want to be her friend, random degenerates don’t want to be her friend. I truly wonder when reality will hit Shayna in the face. She’s the shitty common denominator of her trashy life.

No. 2012723

Do you guys seriously not understand that he enjoys being abused? He literally pays her to do this to him

No. 2012739

File: 1720481517066.jpg (194.64 KB, 1080x956, 384.jpg)

It must be so annoying to be her coomers seeing her expecting money all the time. Do your sad excuse of a job if you're not going to get a real one.

No. 2012750

File: 1720483261077.jpg (618.4 KB, 1080x1381, Rip.jpg)

Finally admitting defeat in Washington.

No. 2012751

File: 1720483364923.jpg (234.46 KB, 1080x774, Rip2.jpg)

Boohoo you can't afford to live above your means with a multi-room apartment in a HCOL area, with 3 animals.

No. 2012753

sowing the seeds for life in vegas era?!?!?

No. 2012754

Hahaha, she’s trying to do what she said about posts with no pictures getting more interaction.

No. 2012761

i don't believe this shit, she's fishing for engagement

No. 2012763

>please bare with me
stay in school kids

No. 2012765

Did the sissy she was living with have a falling out with her? Posting these two so close together sounds like he moved out and now she can't afford rent without his contribution

No. 2012769

she made a new face for herself for the occasion, too lmao

No. 2012773

she also forks out way to much money on unflattering foundation/setting spray/ugly pink crap.

the tinted moisturizer i use performs better than some 40-60 usd foundations i've tried in the past. cost doesn't correlate with quality or suitability.

shit at the drug store performs fine, there's constant sales and she'd be halving her bill by buying the more budget friendly options.


No. 2012782

holy shit she gave herself an entirely new face, kek

No. 2012815

wasn't it theorized (confirmed?) that she was living with ellen tho

No. 2012830

Ellen hasn't been mentioned in weeks, the only theory about her is that she's gone kek. Shayne hasn't posted a single "omg Ellen date" tweet in forever

No. 2012831

TOPKEK good! She’s a greedy fucking hog. She wouldn’t have to move necessarily if she didn’t consume all that pink Amazon garbage and mayo soaked sushi. She didn’t need an apartment with two room. She should have just gotten a one bedroom. Hell lots of families manage to live in a studio. But no Shayna had to have a pedo playroom to mimic what a pedo would have for his victim. She’s been drowning for a long time.
And it’s so funny to me how she is against “muh capitalism” because she’s poor and no one wants to pay the bitch for her flop content , but if she was making lots of money she wouldn’t be crying about it. She consumes more than the average person. Amazon purchases from slave labor. Cheap shein hauls.

No. 2012832

and of course by doing this she'll be relying entirely on her coomers and expecting them to pay for all her moving fees, which will probably not end as well as she thinks it will. she's going to be so annoying with this. all the times she's moved out it's shown how wasteful she is, because she just throws shit away for no reason. i'm placing my bets that she'll post yet another pic of a huge pink bear being thrown into a dumpster and then beg for another one kek

No. 2012834

>muh capitalism
>muh existentialism
she needs to stop

No. 2012840

Is it me or is this kind of sudden? I legit think she's coming up with a "reason" she HAS to move, to announce that she's moving to Vegas.
I know it's weird tinfoil, but what if this is for Ellen/Femboy? So when she bounces she'll be like, "I had to downgrade". She knew this was coming for a while and I do believe that tweet about her friends was set up for this.
Shayna would be panicking, she must have something lined up, she's probably going to drop Ellen/Femboy & her animals and move in with somebody in Vegas.

No. 2012844

File: 1720499490341.jpeg (220.37 KB, 1242x589, 9B9B1655-E3D5-40FD-A0E2-D05393…)

I believe it. But she probably did think she’d be getting engagement. She’s been scraping by for what seems like decades. As shown here >>2012739 none of her coomers care or want to spend money on her. She probably thought she’d get lots of support but as usual she didn’t. She lost a lot of sex worker mutuals over the years for being a flake and piece of shit. And over the whole “hitler” incident. She really screwed herself over. Pandering to a bunch of social justice retards over the internet . Abrattypixie or whatever her name was used to be her #1 guard dog. Until Shayna flaked on her in Las Vegas even though pixie was paying for her to come. Now she’s all about Las Vegas. She’s a retard

No. 2012845

File: 1720499684445.jpeg (882.97 KB, 1242x1573, 3C505BFE-2014-4941-BDAC-D50BB9…)

E begging for expensive designer shoes instead of working about her soon to be homelessness. Kek no sugar daddy wants to be seen with her or give her gifts higher than $200 so she has to pander to submissive men who also wont give her the time of day. Which is really pathetic considering moids pay people roleplaying as anime characters way more than what she’s earning

No. 2012846

File: 1720499798724.jpeg (951.59 KB, 1242x1407, 3E53B279-666A-4EFF-8BE6-9576F7…)

She’s sucking in her stomach. That shirt doesn’t fit her frankenboobs kek

No. 2012847

File: 1720499844245.jpeg (114.14 KB, 588x774, D5E38A6C-D140-4769-B956-8A7ADF…)

No. 2012848

man i wish we had kf polls right about now. i’m guessing either: she moves in with that sissy fag (god i hope not), she doubles down with with being “independent” and selects a shitty place in a shitty complex (most likely imo), she moves in with Ellen (i think that there’s a reason she hasn’t done this yet), or she swallows her pride and crawls back home to mom. i am fucking PRAYING that she isn’t stupid enough to move in with one of her clients.

No. 2012850

it is really weird. with the other places she's lived she's always had complaints that'd add up enough to make sense for her to move. she says they upped the rent and are renovating it but we all know she hasn't been able to afford rent for a loooong time plus she's been having breakdowns over money all year.. might've the green light for her to pack her shit
she probably won't be able to afford to bring her pets with her though, i hope they get a better home and she stops getting pets she can't take care of.

No. 2012852

Doesn't Ellen live with her family? She doesn't seem to be making enough as a babysitter/pimp/fat domme to live in the Seattle metro area, anyway. I am very curious to see if Shat's going to be staying in the area or not.

No. 2012861

On her apartment website, there's a 2 bedroom available for $2677 - not a burger so I'm guessing that doesn't include taxes or some shite? What a dumb ass living above her means.

No. 2012874

File: 1720512298029.jpeg (309.87 KB, 1170x1083, IMG_8915.jpeg)

sure, shaydad. this is gonna be entertaining kek.

No. 2012878

File: 1720513960601.png (484.93 KB, 990x631, sale_.png)

She's having an MV sale. So far no coomer has bought anything.

No. 2012888

Captain Enabler to the rescue. If there was ever a time to be honest with your daughter papa Shay, it’s now.

No. 2012894

All old photos, all with the same downsy facial expression. Astounding that no one is buying.

No. 2012897

she didn't post the normal birthday shit for an entire month leading up for the first time ever, she's saying she feels like a failure, she's said she's 'staying 18-21 forever' which is when she was actually making money (without having to do IRL sex work) and was thin. she's so unhappy with her life and she feels the need to hide it so much, imagine how bad she feels but just isn't live tweeting about because she's genuinely ashamed now. I predict a major meltdown and possible quitting sex work before she turns 30, maybe even before her next birthday. I could be wrong but the cracks are showing like they have never shown before. she has always talked about how successful she is for moving out at 18 and how proud she feels of herself. this is different, this seems deeper and more serious, getting pushed out of her apartment because she can't afford it is gonna be a major blow to her morale and sense of success

No. 2012899

This would be the perfect time for her to quit sex work take her dad’s offer up on community college or some sort of job he’ll probably help her get. Surely at some point doing this for no money isn’t worth it? The coomers are notorious for dropping women for younger, thinner, prettier girls.

If she had sense she would use this to just scrape together enough pennies for a flight and a bit of padding, tell her dad she’s quit that work and wants to go to school but she won’t :( not until she’s 45 and having to love with her elderly parents.(no emojis)

No. 2012909

File: 1720525847072.jpeg (109.19 KB, 1170x252, IMG_1664.jpeg)

No. 2012912

File: 1720526202239.jpeg (312.14 KB, 1170x905, IMG_1668.jpeg)

the extension of this post. kek she is full suicide bate mode over the most basic of life experiences lmfao i love it

No. 2012916

lmfao bitch pays $2500+ a month (thats $30,000 a year people) for an apartment she barely fucking utilized other than to traumatize children in the street by using a fuck machine on her balcony that faces a school. the only thing she has to show for it are two photos of an unpainted bedroom with a desk and daybed from amazon that looks exactly like her setup in Oklahoma. she deserves every bit of distress over this terrible fucking financial decision. just imagine the fucked up things she did and let have happen to her by elderly scrotes just so she could keep the illusion up that she was “successful” compared to the other struggling OF whores. anyone with a brain could see she never was able to afford the place from the start considering the walls were always barren and undecorated, all the furniture was made of plywood and on afterpay, and all she did there was lay on her folding amazon bed with no headboard and be depressed all day or be out hooking to stay afloat. good riddance to bad rubbish.

No. 2012923

It's insane because she could have saved $1000 a month by living in a 1 bed 1 bath apartment in the same building. Even then she doesn't use the provided facilities that she pays for like the gym, outdoor terrace or under cover parking.

No. 2012928

Didn't he see her diaper porn? She's probably worse than your average everyday failure in his eyes, but he's a moid so he probably just blames her mom for how bad she turned out. It'd be nice if he gave her a reality check for once in her delusional life, but he probably doesn't want to deal with the fallout and is content to butter her up with meaningless platitudes. He's already got a better wife and daughter, and his son came out fine.

No. 2012934

guess setting up shop behind the dumpster wasn't paying the bills. She's a cheap prostitute thinking she's living the Pretty Woman lifestyle. If she tries to move to Vegas she will be 100% be just your average streetwalker. Use your brain Shayna and go home to your parents.

No. 2012939

What Shay doesn’t realize is that Vegas can be just as expensive as Seattle.
Unless she ends up in a not so great area, most apts are equal to what she’s currently paying.
1b/1b close to the strip (if in an “ok” area) are equivalent to what she’s paying now. If she goes into one of the areas near UNLV (which is high drug/crime) she’d be paying just over a grand, studio or small 1b/1b. She’d be pressed even to afford the SROs (such as Siegel Suites/Budget Suites) which are close to 1300/mo but paid weekly.
Anything newer, minimum 1500/mo 1b/1b.
I’m a LV nonnie; I’ve lived here for nearly 10 years. Vegas would be a milky saga for he but she won’t last. I predict worse alcoholism at best, used up/taken advantage by her new “Vegas” friends at worst. It’s not like she can get a job waitressing, bottle service, or anything really.

No. 2012941

even if she did that—1br for $1500—she would need to be making like $4000 month to be comfortable or to even qualify, as most places require 3x rent in income. now i’m wondering who co-signed for her current apartment. ellen? dad? wonder how much she told them she makes per month? she definitely lied to whoever it was, and to her leasing office. unless dad agreed to further enable her degeneracy and cover part of her rent?

No. 2012943

Definitely ready for the new potentially homeless Shayna saga. Agree with above anons that she's been hinting at wanting a move to Vegas, but she's no chance of affording it… maybe Reno and she can become a FSSW with the other lot lizards

No. 2012948

How exciting, a new saga! I hope she will leave Ellen and the tranny behind, but I don't think she will. She wasn't very vocal about wanting to get out of the area. Maybe the trips to Vegas were an attempt to build enough business relationships there so she can move there, but I don't think that worked out in her favor. She is too reliant on the money from her local johns. And on Ellen who has basically gotten her into hooking. Plus Ellen is her uglier, fatter friend.

No. 2012956

i was wondering what happened to pixie, i looked at her twitter the other day and she had like 600-800k followers. if shayna hadn't been such a bitch she could've gotten a lot more engagement from pixie retweeting her shit
i understand why she hates her mom so much now, because she doesn't enable her and tries to actually help her. she is a failure in every way, she's facing the consequences of her being reckless and fucking everything up (again) and all she does is run to twitter to beg and seek asspats, and when that doesn't work she runs to her dad. can she ever act her age??

No. 2012959

Does anyone know when the Pixie thread was?

No. 2012960

I could not imagine being imprisoned by this amount of incompetence. You can’t even quit this pathetic shit to find a real paying job because your face and boobs have been plastered all over LC and the internet and having no-life cow tippers constantly tipping your big girl job to get you fired, so you’re stuck being a fat bitch getting made fun of until you rot from a drug overdose. This is actually a horrible fate to wish on a woman

No. 2012961

get therapy dumbass, your complete lack of accountability and terrible coping mechanisms are your fault and you need to change yourself. you only feel helpless because you refuse to do anything to actually help yourself. get sober and get therapy

No. 2012964

fr at this point she needs a mental institution. she’s so delusional and thinks that if she just convinces herself that she’s still 18 and skinny then everything will be fine. I don’t understand how someone in their late 20s is this incompetent. I want to believe she’s mentally stunted but that would just give her an excuse.

Who wants to bet she’s going to dump the dog somewhere and never speak of it?

No. 2012965

Yeah, no wonder she was trying (and failing) to act nonchalant about her birthday. It's been obvious to a while for everyone she can't afford her lifestyle (an empty apartment, alcohol, weed, and cheap cheap cheap Luna tier Shein shit). We even have anons who post her monthly expenses from what see on twitter and it's clear she can barely cover rent. That probably doesn't even cover the whole picture in terms of how much junk she buys and the debt she's in (afterpay & Klarna).

I think it's interesting we have suddenly had a decrease in Ellenposting, I wonder if Ellen is no longer supporting Shayna and they maybe had a falling out. Shayna manages to botch nearly every friendship and relationship she's in. Shatna, go home, go to a community college, and talk to a therapist and maybe even do an outpatient BPD program so you can change your behavior so you stop repelling everyone from you with your behavior.

No. 2012967

Why do people think therapy is the cure to a cow's problems. Therapy isn't going to work if someone isn't "ready" for therapy. And imo most therapists aren't really going to push back on a client's chosen lifestyle. Therapy isn't really about accountability.

No. 2012968

They wouldn’t be a cow if they told all their problems to the therapist and not the internet for one. And two, the therapist would give some advice. But I agree cows won’t change. They love attention
Shayna’s dad wouldn’t let her go homeless he says she’s not a failure and coddles her. So pathetic.

No. 2012974

How would therapists give advice? Therapists say their job isn't to give advice. Maybe they would talk about coping skills but that's about it. It just sounds like everyone who recommends therapy hasn't done so themselves.

No. 2012976

I think Ellen is still there. The last time we saw her was when she went to that kink event and anons found her in the background. She may have distanced herself from Shayna or asked Shayna not to mention her because Ellen doesn't want LC talking about her.

Shayna's dire financial situation could also be a reason as to why they don't spend as much time together. I doubt either of them can afford days out with huge restaurant meals. Before Fatty would beg her coomers to pay for it. Now her coomers aren't interested.

No. 2012977

They’d give recommendations like exercise meditation, etc Ranting to someone helps. Shayna should do it especially since no one will want to listen to her unless they’re paid kek

No. 2012978

File: 1720542958923.jpeg (Spoiler Image,879.26 KB, 1242x1562, 37A80C15-FE26-49AB-88F8-36748F…)

I wonder if Shayna celebrated Ellen’s birthday kek(spoiler this)

No. 2012984

what in the fucking potato am i looking at here?

No. 2012987

Thats why shayna can spend her whole adult trying to "prove" da haturs wrong by clinging to this job that the literal universe is telling her is WRONG for her. She knows that she has her parents who will gladly fix her life. She's a user. They are her back up plan and they know it but love her. Whats funny is I bet if her family did some shit that hurt her and she had money & fame, she'd give them her ass to kiss and brag about it to "@Daughterfucker49279DiaperDaddy" on twitter.

No. 2012997

I think one of two things will happen. Either her dad will bail her out and give her enough money for a deposit in a new place or she will go to stay with one of parents until she saves more money up. There's no way she can afford to move into a new place right now on her own. It kinda sucks that her dad enables her so much, she would've probably quit SW at this point if it wasn't for him. But because it's Shayna I can easily see her running with the money her dad gives her, getting an apartment half as cheap and prolonging the inevitable career change even further. She really is in this out of spite and won't quit because she'd have to prove her mother right and we know how much she hates her mother.

No. 2013001

What are her exact reasons for hating her mother? I know she had to take care of her brother when she was young, but they were quite close in age so I doubt it was a serious babysitting gig. I know her mother is into Trump, sounds conservative, and doesn't like it that she's a sex worker. Is that really all it takes for her to hate her mother? I sometimes am curious if there's some else or if it really is that simple.

No. 2013011

I think that it's either deal with what Shayna does and don't even try to convince her not to do it anymore, or her cut you out.
I think her dad is scared of her cutting him out and probably uses his money/enabling to "keep" shayna in contact with him. I think her mother hates this shit and is okay with Shayna throwing a fit and cutting her out. She knows she'll come back & at least one parent is keeping track of her. Thats my tinfoil anyway.

No. 2013019

She hates women unless she can get something from them, so that's probably part of her reasoning.

No. 2013033

I think she might try to move in with her “puppy sub”

No. 2013034

She probably blames her mom for her parents split. She refuses to put any negativity on her dad so it goes all to mom. We will never know for sure the reasons why. But hating other women is basically it.

No. 2013042

>bottle service
The idea of her being a bottle girl is hilarious as she has no people skills other than acting like a sped.

No. 2013046

No. 2013048

When she took a mini vacation to a psych ward she came out of it on new meds and with the revelation that she's bipolar. That's basically all they give you: diagnosis and meds. She needs to learn skills like healthy coping mechanisms, stress resilience etc. I feel like she would enjoy something like AA meetings for the community and to share her totally real stories that definitely happened.

No. 2013049

Nona, you retard. You can't add your own opinion in parentheses to the choices in a poll. The poll was a good idea, you just fucked it up.

No. 2013077

that’s all you get from inpatient stays: diagnosis and meds
you’re supposed to follow up with an actual therapist to do the real work of changing your bad habits

No. 2013082

Do you think it is strange that nobody in Shayna’s family has ever visited her in Seattle? Did they ever go see her anywhere else? I wonder if part of the appeal to the 2 bedroom place is that she could lock her porn room if she needed to be discreet or hide it

No. 2013083

That's silly tbh, her family knows she's a degenerate.

No. 2013088

her dad visited her in Seattle when she had nothing but a bare mattress on a child's daybed. after he left she said she felt gross and lame about her lifestyle and how little she had to show for herself

No. 2013089

File: 1720565071260.jpg (359.1 KB, 2048x1283, Wtf.jpg)

>my amazingly sweet puppy sub gifted me a trip 2 disneyland next month for my birthday holy shit. i’m such a lucky girl omfg !!! lov u n am so grateful for all tht u do for me @onesubbyfemboy
This 20 year old scrote has more money than Shay.

No. 2013092

i think it all stems from her mom going back to work. her parents split up not long after that. and honestly that’s a huge reason why couples split up, men hate when previously stay at home moms gain independence. her mom had no freedom for like 8 years (i think shayna said she was 8 when her mom got her job back) and then a few years later they divorce. that’s not a coincidence. i’d bet all my savings his second wife doesn’t work. and he’s brainwashed that shit into shayna. she literally cannot fathom having a job as a woman. it’s beyond her comprehension getting an actual paycheck and having a vagina.

No. 2013096

this is bleak given that she’s now begging for money to move. he could’ve been practical and given the money he used for Disney towards the move. I think her friends just actually hate her.

No. 2013108

Kek he probably was planning to go to Disney already, so he’s paying for his own hotel. And flights are cheap like $100 a person round trip for a budget airline. Disneyland tickets are ~$100. It’s cheaper to spend $250 on a trip you already wanted to go on than give her 2k in rent each month. Nice standards Shay, the guy who “loves” you so much can’t be assed to actually help you

No. 2013115

This pictures from this are going to exude extreme special needs adult.

No. 2013131

Nona, you retard. You replied to the wrong post

No. 2013135

if he enjoys it why would it cause him to leave

No. 2013139

Dude was just leaving because he doesn't live there. He's not trying to escape kek. He's just a messed up moid.

No. 2013140

I wonder if she'll try to go no-bra and pull some DDLG skit somewhere in the park. It would be hilarious if someone calls security on her and gets her thrown out or even banned.

No. 2013142

we are going to get a minnie mouse headband picture of her, in her favorite pair of too tight shorts, in a cropped shirt, her belly spilling out of it, sticking her white ridged tongue out between her dry lips and flashing her lopsided tits in a bathroom.
Probably some pictures with mascots and stories about how someone said some shit about her being a lost Bimbo Princess or something.

No. 2013147

We're 100% going to get a fake story about how a child mistaked her for a Disney princess or how a waiter in one of the restaurants was so impressed by whatever cheap Disney inspired costume she's going to wear her gave her a free cocktail

No. 2013149

File: 1720572403289.jpg (309.1 KB, 1080x1108, P.jpg)

No. 2013151

She should go to trade school. She'd fit right in with plumbers

No. 2013154

Trade school? Didn’t she just go to a high school with some graphic design jobs program but she literally didn’t use the skills at all . Kek that’s not the type of trade school they’re talking about.

No. 2013162

Vegas would only be an option if she could drive and live in the burbs. Being car-less in the USA really limits Shay to like 5 really expensive cities, and that's if she mainly does everything in her neighborhood. Ubers are too expensive to fully rely on the way she has.

No. 2013164

This is probably another reason she's so miserable, she can no longer afford to uber her flat ass around Seattle. She was also using door dash for groceries. The increasing cost of living and her declining income are preventing her from living how she wants to.

No. 2013165

Wow people had to apply to a school? How very unlike anything else you do as an adult where they can only accept so many people. Especially college which notoriously just lets people in.

No. 2013170

Vocational high school =/= trade school, Shayna. Trade school is post-secondary. You would know that if you had any education beyond barely scraping through high school. Also "when I went" kek. You have to have an actual trade to go to trade school, dumbass.

No. 2013176

And this is why you will always have a failure daughter, Shaydad. This is why your offspring will continue to film herself pretending to be a raped baby, or a raped dog in a kennel for her online degenerate pals.
She brings shame on their entire family name with her actions. And she will continue to do so while spiralling down into a worse & worse financial state. Because instead of her father offering her a much-needed grounded perspective on her bleak life choices, all he can do is re-affirm her. Because he is too much of a doormat to tell her anything she doesn't want to hear.

He deserves to have Shayna as his daughter kek. He deserves to have everyone in his life know that he enables her pedo content.

No. 2013181

I reckon the reason why he continues to indulge her is because he feels guilty/blames himself for how she turned out. He left Shat, her brother and her mother for another family. There’s no way Shayna isn’t irrevocably bitter and jealous of her hot, popular, academically successful step sister. I mean she is delusional and thinks she’s more successful than she actually is but I don’t believe that she’s not perennially seething over how step sis turned out

No. 2013182

I'm laughing she went out of her way to turn the fact she can't wear and walk with them cause she's too fat into a "sub fantasy"

No. 2013186

Yeah, at least Seattle has a leftie/alternative vibe where her obese downs syndrome appearance doesn't seem too out of place.
Las Vegas has a whole lot more REAL strippers & prostitutes. Ones who actually make an effort to look like bimbos, not just the rage against the machine commie degen kind of sex workers that hardly make money & who look gross like Shayna.
She's moving somewhere just as expensive, but where she's going to have much more competition for coombux.
Plus it's the middle of the desert. No nice forested trails for her to go to unless she gets a car & drives far away. The only thing to do outside is go to bars, casinos, strip clubs etc. She was already going crazy & gaining 10 lb/mo from the boredom of Oklahoma living. She is either going to balloon right up again, or develop a new addiction to VLTs kek. Either way, I can't wait to see how this turns out.

No. 2013188

Always kek at nonas white knighting masochistic moids 

No. 2013189

I have sympathy for women who do porn once or twice when they're in a bad financial spot & it follows them for life. But I cannot empathize at all with someone who makes pedo & bestiality content. She absolutely deserves to have that follow her around for the rest of her life.

No. 2013196

why do she can have that fleeting moment of “big perky bimbo boobs” and then proceed to not follow aftercare and have them somehow look worse?!?

she can’t afford her rent or much of anything else but wants surgery without having insurance and just expects it to happen. what a delusion she lives.

No. 2013197

Holy fuck, even the spoiler did not prepare me for that. I feel like I kind of understand why guntmonsters like Ellen are more likely to go the domme route. Realistically, the only way you're gonna get someone to spend money on… this… is to make pushy demands & refuse to take no for an answer lol

No. 2013198

Communism opposes “sex work” which is what makes Shat’s sperg about MUH CAPITALISM extra embarrassing. She really makes a compelling argument in favour of staying in school, pushing 30 and having no understanding of the world or how to navigate it as an adult is fucking bleak

No. 2013201

File: 1720586263437.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1179x1954, IMG_4905.jpeg)

She can live across from an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet and maintain her 2 bedroom lifestyle and have a pool for about $300 less than her current place.

No. 2013203

He should blame himself.
Anons have speculated for ages about why she turned out to be such a depraved failure when she has had a very normal middle class upbringing. The worst thing that she herself has ever said about her childhood is just that she was made to watch her brother sometimes (the horror). If that is seriously all that it took to put her over the edge, then yeah that was his fault. He divorced her mother because she started earning an independent income. He didn't want to give up his position of full control, so he divorced her & forced her to take on a lower COL lifestyle, which included Shayna sometimes babysitting.
Everything points to her parents' divorce (& her subsequent uwu trauma) being her dad's fault.

No. 2013205

KEK she’s only showing a $50 Disney gift card it would be funny if she misinterpreted it as her going to Disney land
I hope her boyfriend makes an excuse or cancels the trip

No. 2013206

Yes now she tries to rewrite her whorestory by saying she had a trade for graphic design and went to trade school. She literally flunked all her classes and went to detention for trying to photoshop her grades. Because her mother called and asked about it.

No. 2013207

>e begging about finances
>goes to Disneyland
She’s the epitome of white trash. Kek let’s all go to Disneyland when we beg for money on the internet. Reminds me of Honey Boo Boo’s family. How they were all bitching about Mama June spending all of their money on crack but then magically had enough for a trip.

No. 2013208

Lol so not only was she unable to pass the easiest course in the world - the one that dropouts losers use to get a quick credit - but she was so bad at graphic design that she couldn't even make a convincing shoop of a white paper with black text.

No. 2013209

Lots of onlyfans whores are pro communism and they unironically love the Soviet Union. It’s really weird and retarded.(derailing)

No. 2013211

File: 1720589632976.jpeg (730.93 KB, 1242x1757, 4C185305-14A2-42CD-9D0D-175E0B…)

Her mother called to make sure it was right. Her dad wouldn’t have cared or made the effort to because he probably lets her do whatever she wants as long as there’s no conflict. So obviously she hates the woman for reprimanding her. She wouldn’t be shitting on her mother publicly on Twitter if she was on Shayna’s side and supported her bleak life

No. 2013212

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t she just go to a public high school that had a graphic design class (that she didn’t even do well in) and not a trade school. Hence why she never got a career and had to pan handle and sexualize herself for money. Is she retarded?Why is she trying to act like she has a trade in something ?

No. 2013213

File: 1720589880707.jpeg (567.52 KB, 1242x1739, D5220CD3-0047-402F-9C27-DB7556…)

I thought the system was set up to make her fail. If she had a trade, why didn’t she just get a job to make herself more money than what she’s making. She’s such a loser

No. 2013215

File: 1720590083015.jpeg (112.36 KB, 505x673, 3A3B7421-9B6C-4168-B935-A9CEAF…)

These two freaks at Disneyland will be a sight to see. I bet you they will show up dressing in their usual outfits. Probably the same ones they’re wearing here. I bet you she’ll put him on a leash. These freaks don’t know how to behave normal in public. They think they’re superior and cool because they are “kinksters”

No. 2013218

File: 1720590504561.jpeg (382.45 KB, 1242x1228, C3AF7BD9-A7B7-4848-B5FF-AD9068…)

Damn she replaced Ellen with a sissy fetishist

No. 2013219

File: 1720590511260.jpeg (132.17 KB, 606x847, IMG_1749.jpeg)

Made me think of ERMAHGERD GERSBERMS girl

No. 2013220

i know she's never going to do it, but i will always wonder why she refuses to make a separate, private twitter to vent about her personal life. she barely gets any interaction with these posts anyway so it really doesn't make much of difference who sees it.

No. 2013225

Okay but a €50 gift card at Disney is literally nothing. That's like one meal and a stupid mouse headband Unless he's paying for the whole thing she will spend more money than she has with this stupid trip when she's already broke and poor? This is literally the worse birthday gift she could get, knowing her she will drop at least $200 on alcohol, food, and stupid cheap plastic shit, and that's being generous.

No. 2013252

nah disney has strict rules thankfully

No. 2013253

If you read the card it references him taking her to Disneyland.

No. 2013260

the disney trip is just a way for them to act out their weird pedo larp in front of unconsenting people and children. they are so trashy and creepy.

No. 2013276

>Why is she trying to act like she has a trade in something ?
Because the reality that she has wasted a decade of her life and right now she is at an even worse point than after high school is extremely sad. She's been vocal about realizing that whoring is no longer worth doing. If it helps her sleep at night to pretend to have a trade to fall back on, so be it.

No. 2013277

She does, it's just not private and she never keeps her whining contained to it for more than a few weeks. It's @ShutUpDolly.

No. 2013283

It's because you need actual friends willing to follow you privately to have a private Twitter, or else you're just tweeting into the void with no one to support your narcissism. And what Shayna wants is engagement and support, and because she doesn't have enough friends for that, she gets it from her coomers instead. Again, she has 0 "work" life balance. Her coomers are the closest things to friends she has. The only people willing to engage with her and kiss her ass.

No. 2013303

Sadly, this disconnect is not uncommon amongst the “radical” communities (ex.: “Queers for Palestine”).(derailing)

No. 2013307

and this is why bitches like shay deserve no sympathy and no chance of a normal life as a sex worker. she is an ugly stupid piece of shit that panders to literal pedophiles and gives the middle finger to her mum who actually wants the best for her (from what it seems at least). she deserves to rot in hell and become a homeless junkie

No. 2013317

why do they always have to go to family places where there'll be lots of kids around. i almost hope they try some degenerate shit and the parks staff have them kicked out or arrested for public indecency. or maybe she'll get too drunk and get kicked out anyway

No. 2013320

exactly this. she's too ugly for Vegas to do anything but give cheap bjs in a moids car

No. 2013338

I'm pretty sure that $300 less a month would not affect her situation. She would find a way to waste it on makeup she doesn't use or a filthy SheIn frock.

No. 2013354

you are retarded(infighting, report and move on)

No. 2013356

If she was prepared to move into a 1 bed apartment she could save nearly $1200 a month and live in a nicer apartment complex. The Plum Tree Park Apartments have a outdoor swimming pool, a indoor swimming pool, a hot tub and a gym. The major downside of this apartment complex is it's proximity to several restaurants but maybe having food within walking distance would motivate her to go outside and exercise.

No. 2013395

Massachusetts also recently passed a law that anyone over 25 can get an associates at a community college for free

No. 2013399

Sorry but this isn’t true at all, even most of the women in the Bunny Ranch which is supposed to be a top tier world famous ‘elite’ brothel are mostly 30+, chubby, tacky piercings and tattoos, bad home dye jobs etc. Beautiful young women don’t need to sell their ass to old men or work all night doing strip shows in Vegas anymore, women who do irl sex work are almost always at the lower end of attractiveness. Shayna looks like every other streetwalker in the US.

No. 2013433

Honestly seems like ig models have taken the "polished prostitute" trope. Then again, I don't know much about sex workers beyond what's on lolcow. Though, the places who want pretty women with nice usually fake bodies, wouldn't want shayna. She'd fit in at some strip club in a small trashy town or some hole in the wall though.

No. 2013450

Having a mental image of Shayna chicken dancing on stage in an almost empty strip club on a Wednesday afternoon

No. 2013456

File: 1720659677112.jpg (58.2 KB, 993x420, M.jpg)

This tweet was deleted.

No. 2013458

Holy shit, this sounds so self centred to be talking about your "friend" that died. Way to make it sound like they're inconveniencing you.

No. 2013461

File: 1720661866350.jpeg (294.69 KB, 1242x736, E19999F9-6793-498C-B5A7-1B2A4B…)

I know I just said it would be funny.
She always shits on higher education. Lots of people wish they had the privilege to go to college. Whenever she can to justify her “job”. Did whoring out work out for you Shaynus? You just got fatter and uglier. I hate her smug self righteous attitude. She’s so unlikable.

No. 2013466

you’re next shay

No. 2013478

That’s really pathetic that she thinks so highly of herself like she’s better than everyone from high school. That’s not saying much Shayna. You’re not a junkie just an alchy!! At least they had jobs and people actually probably cared about them

No. 2013482

The jealousy and bitterness dripping off of this tweet.

No. 2013493

most decent jobs want at least a bachelor’s degree these days, but it’s not like shayna has looked at a job posting in the past decade. if she were to apply for a job today, even at a dispensary or restaurant, her résumé would literally look like:

shayna clifford
_____ high school (graphic design) — 1.0 gpa
olive garden – ~2015–2015

and… that’s it. she lasted less than two weeks at olive garden kek. what skills could she even list? i can’t think of anything she’s good at or knows. she can’t even list “social media” like a lot of people do, because she’s clearly horrible at it. her future looks more bleak by the day.

No. 2013494

What the fuck is she talking about? She never went to trade school anyways. And it’s not like she ever plans to do anything other than being a whore. So why does she care how other people pursue their education? I wonder if she told all of this to her college educated step sister kek

No. 2013499

This is such an insane cope. Having a degree isn’t the be all and end all but it’s still better than not having any qualifications, especially in the complete absence of work experience as per Shaynus. Plus studying is fun, you’re learning things and making friends, on what planet is that bad?

No. 2013502

Ironic considering in past she would insist on being a submissive 100% of the time and wanting, but this crossdresser… seems to actually like her? Or what she does, idk how it works inside of his head.
Like, it's not a practical gift, but it's something she actually wants and it's probably the best gift she received ever since she started meeting johns in person. And he cleaned her fucking toilet.
I guess I find it interesting that a young guy spent more time, thought and maybe money on her than those "more established men" (geriatric creeps).

No. 2013503

This is what annoys me, that her parents are rich and willing to lay for her college ; so she’s part of a group of people who can go to school to actually enjoy learning some useless major. she acts like shes in the demographic that needs to use going into debt for post secondary studies as means to an end. like, shut up bitch.

No. 2013506

LOL cope and seethe

No. 2013508

(distant echo of beach boys help me rhonda)

No. 2013509

Her step sister probably complains about college being overpriced & talks it down just to be nice to Shayna.
We all know that even the easiest, lowest-tier job at McDonalds is too much for Big Shungus to handle. And she has never felt an ounce of ambition in her life. It doubtless doesn't even cross her mind that further education is a base requirement for real careers that add real value to the world that she could never hope to be good enough for (doctors, scientists, engineers etc).

No. 2013521

You dont even need extreme examples like that to make this point. Real graphic designers who went to college to get jobs such as designing the hello kitty boxes for the shitty makeup she buys and uses once and then display on her bathroom counter? The fact that she eats out at a bunch of resturants, all of which probably have atleast 1 employee with educational background in culinary arts just to become a chef to fill her fat gullet with sushi and crab boils. Even just the starting college student covering their bills with a simple barista job so she can slam 500 calorie coffees. She has no respect for all the hard work that the people did who allow her to indulge her fat lazy self.

No. 2013522

File: 1720679384387.jpeg (851.43 KB, 1228x1638, DB659032-7664-450F-A899-F1089A…)

She’s willing to put pacifiers up her nasty snatch in her pedophile bedroom and gag on plastic dildos to thousands of people than get a job.

No. 2013524

I wonder if she will ever have an original thought, or if she will spend the rest of her life defending her teenage choices. There are so many interesting things to learn about, it’s weird to be so against school without a genuine financial barrier.

No. 2013545

Her whole twitter for the past 3 days has just been cope seeth repeat, it has to be more than just her moving out of her place that has her spun like this. Maybe whatever tiny shred of her frontal lobe that she didn’t nuke with weed and booze has developed, and she’s finally realised that her parents and the farmers were right, and she’s wasted the best years of her life on her flop of a career that’s taken her nowhere.

No. 2013547

File: 1720689402924.jpg (560.17 KB, 1080x1349, Sh.jpg)

You can see the physical and mental decline in her face.

No. 2013548

File: 1720689696858.jpg (97.82 KB, 1200x1200, no_bitches.jpg)

She's back to being no bitches meme IRL

No. 2013562

I hate when porn thots put plushies in their porn videos. They don't like them cause they are cute and actually have a attachment to them, they want to pretend to be a child being raped.

No. 2013564

saying that thousands of people would watch her do anything at this point is very generous of you nona

No. 2013616

Lmao, what is this plush toy gatekeeping? They can both like them (just like you, lol) and then also be a pervert. I get that you're trying to draw a line between yourself and them, but…

No. 2013618

Nyart but there’s literally no reason to have them in your PORN VIDEOS other than to imitate a child’s bedroom.

No. 2013679

she doesn't think this says a lot about the company she kept as a high school aged stoner on tumblr before she spiraled into doing worse things like online SW and real life SW? this should be a sign to her to make something of herself and get out of her current situation. but she likely refuses to see any similarities between her and another person from her high school that died from continuing to go deeper into a rabbit hole they likely got into as a high schooler, just like her.

there's observing how college degrees aren't viewed with the worth they used to be and being upset about that, and being someone like shayna who literally could go to college debt-free and get an easy associates or bachelors but sticking her nose up in the air about how useless school is because she hates putting effort into anything and is a 27 year old with the mentality of a 12 year old that thinks she's "meant" to be famous. yes living what is considered middle class today is ridiculously expensive as is college tuition (that she would not even have to pay because her parents have kept that offer on the table) but i as well as other people i know did the typical college degree route and we're doing fine, much better than getting fat from poor coping mechanisms from having to do nasty things on camera for creepy ugly retarded moids. she must be seething that her brother and step sis did the normie college degree and are doing well kek

No. 2013709

Does anyone else think that it's weird that we haven't seen anymore pictures from the pig in the woods photo shoot she did? It was two months ago. Is she too depressed and unmotivated to edit the cottage cheese out of her ass?

No. 2013712

she's fully aware of what she's doing and accepts it completely. she has repeatedly referred to herself as a young girl and would be over the moon if a moid mistook her for a teenager. she may claim otherwise but that's just to deflect criticism.

No. 2013716

On her seeking arrangements account from a while ago she even described herself as "24 going on 13" and said that a date with her runs the risk of people questioning her legality. She definitely wants to be perceived as childlike, idk how people are able to pretend she just likes cute stuff

No. 2013717

reposting bc grammar

do you think that she's avoiding trying to appear like a child when she literally dresses up like one and wears diapers and other shit in a sexual context? she's retarded and thinks that indulging pedophiles via her degenerate videos and pictures is different from pretending to be underage. she claims to be disgusted that coomers ask her to actually pretend to be young but she's already doing that shit and it's pretty fucking bad. she's helping erode the inhibitions of pedophiles already she's just too fucking retarded to accept it.
her content uploading schedule feels like groundhog day. It's always the same chola makeup and boob pose that conceals her apple body shape and makes her look less fat.

No. 2013730

I wasn't gatekeeping, just pointing out she only puts it in her videos to act more like a child and sadly a lot of porn thot egirls do it for that reason imo. Also she literally has a pacifier in her hand and it's a ddlg video…

No. 2013739

I'm surprised Shayna hasn't picked up heroin. But I guess she is too much of a shut in to know the right people to get it.

No. 2013745

Absolutely ages ago some kinkfag friend of hers said she bragged about doing heroin but knowing Shay she probably lied to sound edgy. She's more of a pills kind imo

No. 2013765

File: 1720736688768.jpg (296.08 KB, 3840x2160, B.jpg)

Kek, trying to beat those racism allegations.

No. 2013767

File: 1720736808978.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1835, IMG_1685.jpeg)

Shayna your dog is watching and whining because you keep it locked up and neglected in your filthy hovel 24/7, it wants to go outside and get some attention from non-degenerate normal people for once

No. 2013771

I’m surprised she didn’t make up some story about walking around naked while they were painting or them peeping in her apartment

No. 2013777

I’m saying she’s posting it for thousands to see (potentially) like literally anyone can stumble on her degenerate porn videos. Not that a thousand would care kek
She’s never beating the Nazi allegations kek I wonder if they’ll be drama about Shayna filming with a POC despite her “racist past”

No. 2013779

What's b/g supposed to mean?

No. 2013781

File: 1720740195495.jpeg (412.8 KB, 1242x1311, 8B15344F-0104-4DCF-A57E-AE9A32…)

Kek Shayna’s feeling sad. And trying to pass off her depression as quirky. Gypsy lookalike agrees

No. 2013782

When was the racist stuff?(lurk more)

No. 2013783

tbf I don't think anyone cares about those nazi allegations since real nazis repopulated twitter. and she never was a nazi, she was an edgy dumbass.

No. 2013784

File: 1720740246996.png (Spoiler Image,3.06 MB, 1242x2208, 0B4D28C1-8802-450B-90AC-6B5734…)

Shayhog 1/2

No. 2013785

File: 1720740269766.png (Spoiler Image,3.18 MB, 1242x2208, 7AC775BC-4422-4268-AA46-617A8D…)


No. 2013788

File: 1720740440392.jpeg (286.44 KB, 709x810, 623F6C75-B958-4083-9B3A-25537A…)

I can’t believe Shaynus chose the monk bangs/turd braids combo she looks hideous

No. 2013792

boy/girl iirc

No. 2013797

does this mean she caught feelings for this guy >>2013788?

No. 2013798

Is this her first BBC porn?

No. 2013800

I'm pretty sure it is, yeah

No. 2013801

Honestly she should just start doing cuck themed shit. There’s a big market for it especially on Reddit and Shaynus looks like a 40 year old married woman anyway so she could fit the role of a bored cheating housewife pretty well.

No. 2013803

Probably the fittest man she's been with.

No. 2013805

Kek he's pulling on her throat and still can't contain her extra chins. How embarrassing.

No. 2013808

File: 1720744083243.jpeg (274.44 KB, 1242x761, 2786016D-538D-4099-849A-504464…)

Her fan base:

No. 2013809

god her boob job is so bad.. why is one boob sliding down like that..

No. 2013813

She let strange men bind her tits with rope, dragged them on the ground, refused to wear her supportive garments whil healing.

No. 2013816

The bikini top tan line really ties in her whole white trash look.

No. 2013818

File: 1720746292617.jpeg (343.28 KB, 991x562, 6969654C-FA5B-4F72-8E64-323064…)

He looks Downsy

No. 2013819

>to thousands of people
she wishes, she's lucky if 10 moids are actually genuinely interested in the garbage she makes

No. 2013820

File: 1720746344663.jpeg (219.96 KB, 620x526, CDEE4BD4-E5E2-4830-BADD-7FBAA0…)

It’s sad how she has to roleplay having a boyfriend for porn videos

No. 2013822

File: 1720746690465.jpeg (526.18 KB, 1163x652, 9EA1F551-9D8F-4842-9551-F4E87A…)

Wide load

No. 2013823

File: 1720746757661.jpeg (Spoiler Image,399.42 KB, 813x628, 27C30254-97AA-420C-83C2-65533F…)

The shadows are making her feet look dirty. She would rather have unprotected sex with moids than go to (free) college

No. 2013824

How does she expect to be seen as a kawaii smol irl loli uwu when she looks massive even next to a big buff man? no wonder only the femboy scrote and this >>2013808 degen seem to care about her

No. 2013828

File: 1720747674357.png (Spoiler Image,507.17 KB, 1169x590, bbw-debut.png)

The BIG SHAYNUS in her BBW/interracial debut

No. 2013829

I wonder if her sissytroon is more sinister than we think and he's been persuading her to do more b/g work, there's a weird crossover with sissy/cuck/racial cucking stuff and she's never shown an interest in working with black guys before. He gets her tickets to disney and stuff but imo there's no such thing as a male sub and they just persuade you to do things to get them off while pretending the woman is truly domming them

No. 2013831

He’s gobbling up that cottage cheese discharge.

No. 2013832

>quite literally dumpster diving on shaynas rancid muff

I like how you’re more outraged about the fact the guy she’s fucking in this video is black than everything else wrong with this woman

No. 2013833

Well at least she’s not rolling on her back on her daybed using her lawnmower vibe and pretending to orgasm. But she’s going to get something from these moids. She’s really letting these scrotes fuck her bareback

No. 2013834

Not sure where you got outrage from in my post, it's just not something she's done before at a time where she's doing more prostitution in general and it's a fact white men see black men as more ruinous to a woman hence the popularity of them in cuck content

No. 2013835

File: 1720748478664.png (Spoiler Image,747.1 KB, 1323x578, low-lights.png)

Notable moments
Her shorts are ready to burst
He eats out her boil covered snatch
She sucks his dick
Reverse cowgirl while her fat rolls wobble and she makes sped faces
Lays there like a mentally disabled adult

No. 2013836

I don't think she ever fucked someone who preferred fat women before, holy shit, that was more obscene than usual lmfao

No. 2013839

She just keeps getting bigger and bigger

No. 2013840

and there it is
this is your niche, shayna
you are the fat old white woman now lmfao

No. 2013842

File: 1720748932355.jpeg (184.14 KB, 1242x434, 2CDA468B-E16D-428F-8195-0F9264…)

Her description is bad

No. 2013843

File: 1720748985801.jpeg (286.48 KB, 2715x1033, IMG_2312.jpeg)

She’s starting to look like morbidly obese Lena Dunham.
At this point she might as well just get to 300lbs through eating her favorite slop and go full SSBBW. At least there’s a pretty big market for super obese women porn and it would allow Shayna to be as disgusting and lazy as she wants.

No. 2013844

Literally who cares she’s been fucking kendoll, soy salvatore and hell even Fupa on camera before she even met the sissy moid. He’s not convincing her to do these things. She’s doing them herself and has been
Its the same thing she has been doing. Anon was being overly dramatic.
Her pretending to be a child and making pedo porn is way worse

No. 2013845

Holy shit kek they look like twins

No. 2013859

Might be the most convincing picture I have seen supporting the Poland syndrome back transfer surgery thing. Why else would it look like that?
Also this guy has a bunch of cotton glued to his wall

No. 2013861

she can't stop herself from talking like an imbecile. idk what socmedia fad makes these idiots behave like this, but it needs to die

No. 2013863

why are her feet always filthy? ew

No. 2013864

File: 1720752058203.png (678.72 KB, 425x842, ew.png)

good catch

No. 2013867

do you think a few community college classes would have helped not write so many run on sentences, nonnas?

she should take em now, tbh

No. 2013868

She’s not as huge as she was during her Yaniv era in Fuplahoma but she wasn’t making degenerate content with other degenerates back then so we never saw this kind of candid material from her. She must have been even bigger than we thought

No. 2013870

The absolute grime build up on that couch

No. 2013871

i get that she always looks huge next to the other Strictmoor whores. but how does she always look huge next to men too?!

No. 2013875

I know that realistically Shay is like 5'7 but sometimes I really wonder if she's a giantess irl because the way she's the same height as most men she's seen with is just too much

No. 2013876

Dude. I can hear the pleather squeaking from here. She really fucked herself over gaining weight, I was always a bit suspicious of the Poland syndrome tinfoil but this confirms it for me. Plus her boob job looks fucking awful. I knew getting a lift and implants in one surgery would end up bad, but this is worse than pre-op.

No. 2013878

I don't understand why she didn't just get a lift on that one boob that was droopy to make it symmetrical with the necrotit

No. 2013885

Yeah, I get it. I think it's because men tend to be im the background and it creates that effect. I think the most realistic size difference is shown when they're side by side >>2013785 and there he looks visibly larger.

No. 2013888

that implant is trying to escape containment. jelly and jam forever

No. 2013890

Didn't she get the floppy tit surgically lifted? Or was it just an implant? Either way, she's got walleyed tits again and it hasn't even been a year out from her surgery.

No. 2013891

She had to replace her implant. Implants need to be replaced after a certain amount of time. Reread the boob saga. She got an implant at a young age because she didn’t want to be known as the one boobed wonder.

No. 2013892

Her boobs were uneven due to her getting fucking obese and out growing the implant. And her nipple got larger than her fake boob.

No. 2013894

The way her stomach looks when she’s on top of him and he’s shoving her fat up is wild. I would be so embarrassed to look like this in a video whilst pretending to be a bimbo baby or whatever the fuck.

She really needs to just start doing granny porn or retire forever

No. 2013898

Wow her boobs look awful. That left one is just sliding down again. Also kek at her being the same size as that moid.

No. 2013906

LMAO stop!

No. 2013942

File: 1720773639496.jpeg (386.49 KB, 1242x1307, 2EE7FD37-6BB0-449F-8318-5E743C…)

shes heading near thirty and she’s still trying to be edgy. And she’s low key seething over engagement farming because she gets none

No. 2013943

I never believed that she wasn't already in her 30's/near 40's but then I saw her graduation info. this is what years of AIDS ridden jizz on your face does to your appearance girls

No. 2013963

I find it so weird she's not freaking the fuck out daily about having to move. I have a feelings he's moving in with someone or is she just ignoring it until the last minute? Talking about movies, going to Disney, she hasn't even announced any prostitution dates. Or maybe she's learning some restraint finally?

No. 2013964

she had one implant (nectrotit) and one natural breast. the saggy one did not have an implant. AYRT are asking why she had an implant put into both breasts rather than just replacing the necrotit's implant and lifting the other one to match it without an implant. I'm not a surgeon so I don't know but you're not fully understanding them

No. 2013968

She doesn't look like she had a boob job at all at this point. I beg people are surprised when she says she has one and thinks she's been botched not that she has a condition. Then again, I feel like she tells some people. Probably the women she works with for sympathy.

No. 2013984

did the dude really cum in her? shayna black baby single mom saga when ….

No. 2014004

Her dad probably gave her money when she called him

No. 2014031

she thinks this is a brag but it's not true crime media that has desensitized her, it's her lifestyle. i imagine when you have made content that imitates CSAM for years and sexually interact with degenerate creeps for a living you probably aren't as disturbed by works of fiction as the average filmgoer. some of the moids she lets into her home are more horrifying than a horror movie villain.

No. 2014032

She's probably numbing herself with weed and alcohol.

No. 2014051

She's definitely gotten bigger since moving back to Seattle

No. 2014056

her dads clearly covering everything nona $$$

No. 2014058

this would actually make sense if he co-signed the lease that he’s cleaning up her mess. he probably told to just save her money for first/last at whatever new place she goes to and he’ll finish paying however long she has left there in rent. tinfoil, of course.

No. 2014059

File: 1720807338145.jpeg (Spoiler Image,746.98 KB, 4000x4000, IMG_1695.jpeg)

shayna once again doesnt prep and leaves chunks of her yeast everywhere

No. 2014062

I cannot believe she pays that much in rent. You’re supposed to pay 30% of your income in rent. I’ve heard of people spending more than that (like 50-60%) but I think her income doesn’t even cover that and that’s why she had to start prostituting. To prostitute yourself to afford excessive rent is absolutely insane, she could have gotten a roommate or downsized years ago and then she wouldn’t have found herself in this predicament. She could have even moved into a 1br or studio in the same complex if she likes it that much.

No. 2014063

sorry but you need to prep your pussy for porn too?

No. 2014082


At the very least you should shower and get your yeast infection under control

No. 2014083

Unironically I’d imagine yes, you should

No. 2014094

it’s kind of crazy that this man clearly takes better care of his skin than Shayna, self proclaimed spoiled bimbo. he at least looks like he washes his ass and genital area, and his skin is clear and smooth. Shayna should take some tips.

No. 2014099

Noo it's her girl cum nonna

No. 2014182

No one can convince me the bangs are not a clip on. They're clearly a different color and tone than the rest of her head, and they haven't changed in length or shape since their debut. We all know Shayna doesn't have the money or executive function for regular trims

No. 2014183

Why the fuck is she so pink? Why is she always PINK?
>the women she works with
I think I recall Vivi bringing it up during that whole fiasco like sixty threads back.

No. 2014186

She's pink because she's a fatty and getting fucked on a couch is probably very exerting for her

No. 2014187

I think so too. Those bangs are thick AF and her hair is thin. When she had the coke can bangs in the past they were nowhere near this thick.
Those thick helmet-like bangs look very mismatched with those thin turd braids

No. 2014195

lets see if this dude ever associates with her again after getting slimed by yeast.

No. 2014196

shes getting really flabby, like the way her skin is dimpling and wrinkling and foldering weird in this trailer looks like the skin of a woman mid 30-40s

No. 2014197

How is it that she got implants and a lift only a year ago but the normal boob is already back to drooping like it did before? I know she didn't take care of her new boobs properly but it literally looks like no surgery happened at all and they just got bigger because she gained weight. The necrotit still looks stiff and dead and the other tit looks like a natural floppy tit

No. 2014200

File: 1720832443423.png (235.63 KB, 532x357, hairrr.png)

i think she is putting fake bangs under her real hair. like she put them on, then pull her real hair over topped and then trimmed her hair to blend it all together. would explain why theyre so fucking thick, sometimes look like a different colour, but you cant see whatevers attaching them

No. 2014201

File: 1720832642403.jpg (545.52 KB, 1536x2048, JOWEL QUEEN.jpg)

new pic. god she looks miserable. she constantly has that bloated, miserable look on her face lately. and the jowels/lack of chin are shocking.

No. 2014203

There’s so many things wrong with this photo but the loose thread on the back of that skirt is sending me

No. 2014204

Kek she’s doing the PixiTeri face.

I zoomed in to see said string but all I see is a tampon string(?) between her ass cheeks.

No. 2014213

oh my god good eye anon shes definitely wearing no panties and has a tampon string poking out there!!! imagine she leaks and bleeds on whatever shes sitting on ewwww

No. 2014214

Did she really go out somewhere in public
with those chicken cutlets hank hill ass cheeks hanging out? I mean I know she did but kek wow

No. 2014218

you can tell she wearing a thong/panties under the skirt, so its probably just string hanging off her raggedy ass panties but i wouldnt put it past shayna to post a pic with her tampon string visible lol

No. 2014221

it’s like she’s wearing a bump-it in the wrong place. very 2000’s of her.

No. 2014228

does she really think this is a seductive facial expression? she has the face that you make when you’re in total darkness and someone suddenly switches on the big light

No. 2014234

my god. how does she manage to make every single picture a new contender for the worst photo of her ever taken?

No. 2014245

Thinking back to that one anon who saw her somewhere and said that she looks relatively normal in public, KEK right

No. 2014253

Girl needs a lip flip desperately.

No. 2014260

I think that's just her hair texture, nonna. Why are you so obsessed with her having fake bangs as if she even needs them? that shit would be uncomfortable as hell and it would not add anything to her look. If she used fake bangs she would buy some that would clip over her hair and not give herself the dumb coke bangs to begin with.

No. 2014263

No, she doesn't. She needs to de-bloat her face by quitting booze in a medical setting. Even women like shaznus shouldn't feel pressured to go under the knife for looks only.

No. 2014264

It doesn't look like unraveled lace or random thread. It could be a tampon but I personally don't wear thongs (anything riding up my butt crack would drive me insane) is it not normal to have string hanging out? especially on those stringy thongs?

No. 2014266

It bottomed out as she didnt let her body heal and form scar tissue to keep the implant in place before ditching her bra and letting strange men pull at them

No. 2014289

Lip flip is just done with Botox but I get what you mean

No. 2014298

File: 1720847621639.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x1920, FunPic_20240712_220629561.jpg)

Yeah im not either anon but i agree that its her real hair. I went through the last thread and out of all the pictures she had posted of herself (wether they were old reposts or not) there was four where she didnt have her bangs in the funky front facing style. And some of which you can see them swiped off to the side. Fake bangs dont really let you swoop. And she may be dumb but i think if they were fake and didnt want them for a day she would unclip them, not side sweep them.
Yes its super ugly and yes she is dumb enough to do it to her real hair and convince herself it looks. good.

No. 2014300

Those faces she makes makes her look uglier. She has no lips and a huge fat flabby chin. And her nose dropping over the mouth tape

No. 2014305

Late but her hair looks like a dirty mop, or like mold

No. 2014323

Your "reee women shouldn't feel pressured into getting plastic surgery"-take is kind of funny considering Shayna literally portrays herself as bimbo, barbie, dumb fuckdoll etc. The mindset you're wanting to shield her from is her entire identity and brand.

No. 2014325

File: 1720858593189.png (443.47 KB, 564x638, ugly-10.png)

Her face looks like it's melting.

No. 2014327

I know she's trying for bimbo, but those fake boobs she claims to enjoy so much make her look matronly with her weight.

No. 2014328

"Girls" is timeless and great. Hate to see Dunham Dworkinmode, but at least she's also talented.(derailing)

No. 2014343

I'm not stripping her of anything, she's stripping herself of that identity. Surgeries are not necessary to "be a bimbo", and there's many things she could be doing that she isn't doing. Changes which would make her look like one but aren't permanent or risky.

No. 2014355

She's in her Pillsbury doughboy era for the last few years but whenever she does this expression you can see the same evil grandma face she had when she was skinny.

No. 2014371

holy shit she succeeds with getting uglier and uglier by the day

No. 2014388

File: 1720891708647.jpg (240.39 KB, 1080x782, V.jpg)

So spoiled that she has to move out of an apartment she can't afford.

No. 2014419

Nah being spoiled would be having one of these moids you are fucking for mall trips, to pay your rent so you can stay in your apartment. I also believe he stays with her.
She probably called his bitch ass to help her with her shit & she's acting like he lives somewhere else and drove just to help with bags. I think he does so much for her because he's living with her rent-free and all he has to do is clean, watch her animals and whatever bullshit.

No. 2014421

Nothing says "trans women are women" like asking a tranny to carry things for you

No. 2014426

I have to say this: She's consistent about styling her bangs. They pretty much always look freshly done. Hideous, but done. I did not think she had it in her to be so consistent about something that takes some effort and when she first cut them I saw months of awkward growing out bangs clipped to the side in her future. Maybe that's what her dad meant when he said she's not a failure.

No. 2014427

I'm convinced they are, even when she pushes her hair back she doesn't have thick pieces of hair sticking up or slid to the side. They are thin, like her old real bangs used to be. This is a clip in bang mixd with real hair.

No. 2014431

she's still accepting shopping sprees as payment from johns when she's on the brink of homelessness…

No. 2014439

i dont think the sissy claims to be trans. hes a cishet (or bi?) man who goes by he/him pronouns. he's just a femboy/sissy which is a different thing. a troon is still a troon tho.

No. 2014448

What kind of crusty women do you know? Most women in their 30s and 40s don’t have skin like that. You’re either sixteen or a moid. Can’t wait till you age! Your misogyny is showing.(scrotefoiling)

No. 2014485

File: 1720913997405.jpg (178.27 KB, 1031x637, shangs.jpg)

you were right in your initial thought, she does not have it in her. it's a clip in. that's why it always looks exactly the same. picrel for comparison of when she was actually styling her own bangs

No. 2014498

I think the tinfoil that it is real hair brushed over a clip in is the most plausible, based on how they look.

No. 2014500

This then and now image is fucking brutal.

No. 2014513

It’s hard to compare, I have never seen anyone have bangs cut so thinly along the forehead as she did when younger. She should have 2x the thickness now because it is cut further back and incorporates more hair.
Shayna is bad at things, it would be obvious if it was a clip in. Someone would be able to zoom into some picture and prove it

No. 2014525

It’s really interesting to me how she gained a lot of weight between those two pictures but her face didn’t change that much. Her face barely became “softer” with the weight gain.

No. 2014527

She has very harsh features, she'd probably need to blow up to Hamberlynn Reid level for her face to soften out

No. 2014534

The clip-in bang tinfoil is retarded. Clip ins are very very obvious, the hair all comes from one central point rather than being spread across the forehead and there wouldn’t be a visible scalp part line like you can see in photos where she’s not wearing a headband. She’s too retarded to actually blend a hairpiece well enough that anyone would have to speculate about it being fake or not, we have seen what her wig application looks like.

She just has terrible bangs and doesn’t know how to type them other than to shellac them down with hairspray.

No. 2014546

that doesn't mean its a good thing. or that it would make a difference. she spent months hyping up her "bimbo" boob job and it made no difference. boobs jobs are invasive and as bimbo as it gets, she bragged and all coomers didn't care. shes a literal prostitute now. shes broke for real now and barely paying rent. she tweets how over this she is too. her bimbo "brand" should be the last of her worries. lip filler ain't doing shit.
when she was skinnier she at least kept the fake barbie blonde and pink shit >>2014485 if she didn't get filler then (nonas also told her) shes never doing it now that shes too high and tired to give a fuck. back then she had disposable income and kinda cared about a brand and even then she never did it.

No. 2014547

I'm with you
The only thing that kinda makes me almost believe the tinfoil is that those bangs look clean and not the usual shay greasy, bangs get greasy fast and it shows badly

No. 2014553

Yeah but she wouldn’t wash a hairpiece if she won’t even wash the hair growing out of her head. Remember her Ariana Grande ponytail in Fuplahoma?

No. 2014572

imagine the money she would earn if she were "the one boob wonder"

No. 2014579

Not even spoiled. The vile scrote creature is doing this for his own lifestyle and sexual pleasure not purely for her. But I suppose this distinction doesn't even register to shayne who must be genuinely mentally delayed. The fact people here cry about her not taking a free ride to college when she wasn't even smart enough for high school, is hilarious.

No. 2014593

She looks like Trump

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